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File: 1643491632841.jpeg (171.29 KB, 399x564, A8C992BD-4CEA-4F55-A4E4-3F9A6A…)

No. 195505

This thread is for discussion of any cosplay communities/fandoms/trends you find embarrassing or cringe outside of your average costhotery. Any talk of Patreon, Onlyfans, or generally skimpy cosplays should be taken to the Costhot thread. Every few months a new insufferable fandom or trend pops up and overtakes the cosplay landscape — let’s talk about some of the ongoing ones.

Current fandom examples:
>Genshin Impact
>My Hero Academia/BNHA

Current trend examples:
>cosplay tiktoks with bad lip syncing or shitty dancing
>paper wigs
>cosplayers covering themselves in glue and rolling around in garbage
>wigs so crimped they look deep fried
>drag style makeup for every character

Previous thread:

Costhot thread:

No. 195533

Every time aliexpress gets an order for another mass-produced low quality genshit impact cosplay an angel loses it's wings.

No. 195568

File: 1643517439119.jpeg (272.44 KB, 743x926, 1F94791B-BC21-445A-8239-2A4F2A…)

I hate this crimping fad that umbra has started. Sure it adds volume but at what cost

No. 195569

Holy shit not only is that texture bad, but also who tf leaves all that lace on their wig? How stupid do you have to be

No. 195575

Imagine taking inspiration from umbrans work. It all looks like helmets, not hair

No. 195580

Contrary to what most cosplayers/drag queens do, anon, you aren’t suppose to cut your lace super super close esp on complicated hairlines. Tho this is also wrong they should have left it in the middle for more secure/flat ware

No. 195582

Nonnie it looks like shit. But have fun with that really obvious line going across your forehead that you keep trying to convince yourself looks fine

No. 195675

Just say you don't know anything about lace wigs. Drag queens do have excess like this in big heavy wigs. This is basic shit they even teach you in drama class because you need more security when the hairline is receded. You just add more makeup or learn to blend well.

No. 195682

File: 1643566010915.png (1.93 MB, 956x1264, Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 17.53…)

Thats not even scrapping the surface of the barrel with the crimped wigs that are seen on the regular. The technique isn't bad in it's self but it's not being taught or done properly. Crimping adds volume and should be combed out and covered with a layer of uncrimped hair and not crispy from hairspray or heat.

There isn't much quality control in this age of cosplay especially with zoomer cosplayers and even costhots. Theres more emphasis on 'being creative/differet' and all cosplay being valid than doing things properly.

No. 195727

is it weird that i kinda like this makeup as its own thing lol… but yeah wtf that wig is a nightmare. at least umbran's don't look frizzy like this.

but meh, "quality control in cosplay" has always been dicey, there's always been cringe low effort messy cosplay en masse, it's not really a "kids these days" kinda thing, the current bad cosplay trends are just a different flavor than the bad cosplay of previous eras. i do feel like nowadays a lot of the "good" cosplayers on tiktok aren't anywhere near the level of the good cosplayers of the 2010s though, a lot of the cosplayers tiktok worships are just in cheap lazy shit with some random edgy accessories and flashy makeup thrown in, so yeah i get what you're saying.

No. 195872

This is sad because the girl is clearly skilled at makeup but she chose such a cringy look. And the wig is awful.

No. 195922

Is this the same girl who shoots in her garage with clown hammers?

No. 195926

This picture makes me want to take 37 showers

No. 195951

Right?! She seriously looks so dirty. She looks like she would be a strong contributor to con funk

No. 197619

File: 1645020205415.png (317.61 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220216-085611~2.p…)

Squeakadeeks/Squeakadeekn guilting his followers into being his therapist. How can he not find a single counseling service to talk to? There's dozens.

No. 198140

Please stfu they're a CSA and even with family support that shit is hard to recover from

No. 198145

Then they need a therapist or friends to confide in, not pity points from the internet. Asking your followers to hugbox you or you'll kill yourself is mega cringe.

No. 198168

There a difference between pity points and wanting to vent and if you consider places like Better Help good, get yourself help. Surviors talk about this shit sometimes because they feel isolated and it fucks with how you interact. A lot of people feel safer having these situation breakdowns as a way to help get out of their own head. Nothing about her post is crying for internet clout. You're fucking stupid, anon.

No. 198191

This is a cringe thread. You're taking this very personally.

No. 198231

No, your vendetta is just shit. This ain't it, anon.

No. 199303

Cosplay in general is just cringe as fuck. Not to mention their very egocentric traits.

>lives in fantasy world that supports their delusions

>needs constant praise and attention
>absurdly high sense of self-importance/entitlement

No. 199316

Wow. Just like every hobby or job that involves looks and being popular to get things. At least give us milk and not your garbage 2 cents.

No. 199375

Aliexpress is good enough quality imo
who cares

No. 199376

Dont care plus im sure hes lying for attention lmfao everyone claims csa nowadays kek

No. 199382

Depending on where you buy from aliexpress can have nice quality. But there are always going to be cosplayers who reee if you don’t make everything 100% from scratch

No. 199405

Anon, take your vendetta and just go.

No. 200898

File: 1647209384516.jpeg (294.96 KB, 750x1043, 8B163A9B-EA71-4316-A615-C81106…)

Even Yaya Han is doing a bad job with the crimping

No. 200915

She's never been particularly good at a lot of cosplay related shit, but god forbid you said that back in the day and people called you vendetta-chan. She just knew who to schmooze, how to buy likes, and how to inflate her tits, but in person she always looked like a thai ladyboy and the quality of her costumes are shit. Its like people forgot what a fucking mess her burlesque snow white was without all the photoshop and strategic lighting.

No. 200923

I think it's a bit of a stretch to word it like that because back when she rose to her original 'fame' was before instagram was even a thing and facebook was young. Her weird 2010's ego came from that. Not to say every cosplayer was ugly but tbh I feel like most early 200s 'big name' cosplayers werent lookers to begin with.

The issue comes from since then she's milked being a 'veteran big name cosplayer' to filth and having such a huge ego that she tried to make that 'Heroes of Cosplay' show make her seem like she was the best most famous cosplayer ever when her relevancy was already fading heavily at that point.

No. 200930

Yaya didn’t style the wig so judge the commissioner instead(sage)

No. 200981

To be fair, she was one of the “big name” cosplayers back when there were very few. Before social media, you got famous by working cosplay.com, which she did, so you would get featured on the site that all the cosplayers were on. I’ve never seen her stuff in person so I can’t say how it looks without photoshop, but back in the day I don’t think she made her own costumes. At least that was the general word around the cosplay community

No. 200983

To be honest, I think it kind of works for her. If someone like Moo or Umbran wore it, it wouldn't look that good, but the crimping suits her and doesn't stand out the same way that umbran's non-moving helmets look. The side bangs look terrible, but this wig isn't on Yaya at least. I think she used Wisperia one time, which she should go back to.

She should have the ego she has though, tbh. She's helped mainstream cosplay, has actually put in the work to have her own line collab for fabrics, buttons, other odds and ins. She started really early with ears and worked that out of her garage. Like, Yaya is one of the very few cosplayers with skills and who's put in real work, that I say deserve to be considered a real celebrity. Costumers like her are well known within that realm outside of cosplay and it shows with people she's worked with. Now you have people posing nude, throwing on a wig, and just getting surgery for money. Yaya did look a little unfortunate in the chest area for a lot of the characters she wanted to cosplay. I don't considering a breast augmentation to be an issue either. She does good work too. Her, Nigri, and Kamui even though I know they can be argued, but compared to a lot of thots now, these three have completely gone the opposite direction with the fact that they actually still make their stuff. I just feel like unless it's builders like CBC or other.. names, idk right now, most cosplayers are so lazy now. Like look at >>195682 jesus

No. 200991

Nigri was the one who started the costhot bs we have to deal with now. She got implants, sometimes threw on a wig, posed in her underwear, and called it cosplay. That and the possibly rigged contest is how she got famous. She still does all that. She hasn't even remotely gone in the opposite direction.

No. 200992

Yes, but she actually builds stuff too. She isn't the same as someone like Momokun or Lori. She isn't a basic thot and hasn't really been one even though she kept with the same schtick. She's good at what she does, then you have sloppy seconds like Sushimonster and StellaLewds.

No. 200994

She's always been a basic thot and has lied about making her stuff for years.

No. 200995

Anon she has posted so many videos over the years at this point, that the making her it herself thing should be clear. She does make her stuff or a good chunk of it now, ryan helps. Thats not a big deal. She learned how to do stuff. Thats a massive step up from clown cosplayers. Compare any of Momokun's made outfits for her to Jessica's outfits of the same cosplays. There's a big difference between Jessica's thottery compared to a lot of other costhots. She mainstreamed it and she is still one of the better ones out there with quality and consistancy.

No. 200996

Nigri's claim to fame was all on her ex boyfriend making her big builds. The majority of her old big builds that got her famous were not made by her. I used to be a fan of how dedicated she was to her exercise regime and fan interaction. Even though she's always been busted in the makeup department, she had fun shoots with good production quality. At this point, her body and shoots are mostly photoshop and do not reflect many real crafting abilities of her own.

No. 200997

File: 1647245734390.png (768.57 KB, 672x836, hoeno.png)

Anon Jessica has no talent even if she makes her own stuff now. At least with Yaya and Kamui you can recognize what they're cosplaying and see the quality. This is supposed to be a tauntaun.

No. 201025

Also called a gijinka. Pokemon sluts have done this for years.

No. 201038

Anon, I don't know why you're caping so hard for the bitch who got bolt ons before the other thots came along. Yaya is no prize in any realm and was always a poor man's Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Cosmetic surgery isn't necessary to be a cosplayer, but Yaya and the other thots made that into a pre requisite.

No. 201040

Seems like a reach to say every thot gets tits because of money. Yaya was flat as a board.

No. 201042


Yaya got her tits way before selling nudes of yourself on the internet was even possible, let alone a career. She got them because she was a stripper at the time.

No. 201070

Other great builders exist but it's next to impossible to become popular unless you're also showing some skin. Kinpatsucosplay is amazingly talented but gave herself a huge leg up by picking cosplays with sexy appeal

No. 201080

OP here and the anons you keep calling vendetta on aren't me. You're really devoted to stanning for Squeakadeeks, huh? Are you a friend or just a big fan?

No. 201109

Then it's not because of cosplay, it's because she hated her body in an industry she worked in which is known for paying more well endowed women. And again, flat as a board. A lot of people feel good when they cosplay, actually looking good in it and filling it out, is probably something that was a nice bonus for her tits, but she did not set that bar. That was Jessica and simps and the fact that normies infultrated cons that have more of these girls attention. We slowly moved on to booth babes without booths.

No. 201157

She absolutely did set that bar because Nigri was up her ass and they're still good friends. Nigri was also not well endowed and got bolt ons. I don't know if this thread was infiltrated by scrotes or old tripfags from 2013 /cgl/, but it was definitely a turning point in the scene and it was several factors. Neither yaya or nigri are innocent.

No. 201158

It’s all these new cosplayers who started cosplaying in the mid 2010’s when you could buy an entire cosplay off of taobao with no work whatsoever and get your ass kissed if you’re cute. They weren’t around before Yaya or Nigri had implants, and only know them as costhots. Nigiri…meh, she’s a thot but she’s making some stuff. Good on her for making millions off s rites even if she isn’t really talented. Yaya though, she put in the work, she built her brand and was able to get deals for her patterns, fabrics and notions. Even if you want to argue that she’s a thot, she’s done quite a bit for the community as a whole if only that there are now cosplay specific patterns for things like schoolgirl outfits that had to be Frankensteined before

No. 201209

No, you just never grew out of hating implants like a child. I don't gaf is someone has fake tits in cosplay, for the most part its how characters are drawn, but discrediting Yaya for literally helping make cosplay mainstream and outside of sword vendors that existed for props, she went out of her way to try to make accessories, that weren't just Party City cat ears, for the general con scene. Even Jessica puts in work and has for about 10 years now. At some point you gotta stop moving the goal post and realize that there are higher teir thots with real work. At least Jessica isn't just wearing lingerie anymore, she actually makes her stuff interesting and has done a lot of canon work too. You must mostly sound mad about cosplayers who put their sexuality on display, but your going after the wrong thots. Even these girls quality far outweigh basic costhots.

No. 201228

Just to add, thots like CosplayDeviants getting the massive attention it did, headlines at certain conventions, real porn hoes like Envyus, Momokun, Chell, Stephanie Michelle, Succubus and Bunny.. There are legit girls to blame for the sexualization normalization of the modern cosplay girl, not Jessica or Yaya. They have their niches but I would never compare Jessica to a CD. Those girls were infiltrating cons, Tumblr, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter.. They made cosplay the sexualized market it is.

No. 201232

Ah yes, basic ears and wings which existed prior to her and then she sent c&d to other vendors who made shit long before her. You a friend or just a massive fan?

No. 201238

Who? Who had the better mass marketing and was able to use connections for the reach her merch got? The types of fabric ears sold on Etsy weren't even around at the time. No one is being a fan by saying facts. Just say you hate women using sex to make money, but Yaya didn't do that. That's more Jessica. Yaya was massively late to the game with her boudoir stuff.

No. 201239

File: 1647368124783.jpg (456.51 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20220315-111433_Fir…)

And she won the lawsuit because they stole her design to create their own molds. They even admitted it.

No. 201375

I know it's a national pastime for old cosplayers to shit on Yaya, but come on. I remember this rumor too that Yaya was going after poor widdle artist alley artists, but the actual case was about stealing product and molds like >>201239 said. We aren't in 2008 anymore, you can easily find the facts now.

No. 203074

Lol have you seen yaya’s patterns? They’ve clearly been made for people with bolt ons like her. You’d still have to do some Frankensteining if you get her patterns and have normal body measurements

No. 203079

File: 1648184914945.jpg (42.56 KB, 425x610, 81j32zCdYfL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Ntayrt but I've made her bunny suit pattern for misses size 18, which should be a 40-inch bust. the finished garment for a D-cup has a 45-inch bust! It's really off their standard measurements and it makes me wonder how nobody at McCall's caught it.

No. 203506

Most people already alter patterns.

No. 203945

Five inches of ease on a bunny suit is ridiculous though.

No. 203947

considering how most people who would be making a bunny suit, outside of cosplay, would pad their bras to begin with, maybe pad your own or take it in. It's not that big an issue. You see someone on the front with a massive chest size outside normal women and you don't think twice about it maybe being a larger size? do you do the same with plus size specific patterns? lol

No. 203954

A cup size is roughly an inch difference. Who do you know that's padding a D cup five cup sizes up? The model on the package wearing one size doesn't mean anything when the pattern has multiple sizes. Do you not buy clothes because the model wears a different size than you?

No. 204033


Can you show the measurements since you clearly have them and post to everyone ITT what the sizes are on the actual pattern in her design? I would love, love, love to see exactly this 5" change because not a single damn person has said anything in all these years that I've seen these patterns available. You would think it would've been known already if she patterns catered to her tits and not just her being on the cover and editing her own pattern. I've typed in all sorts of renditions of "big" "too big" "bunny suit bust" and none of the reviews for this suit have any complaints about this random massive edit she has in this pattern because it doesn't exist. If you're going to talk out your ass to try and throw some vendetta at her, at least don't make shit up.

No. 204060

File: 1648593177609.png (163.76 KB, 1156x452, bunnysuitpatternsizing.png)

It's not vendetta to point out the pattern company fucked up. Their size chart says a size 18 is a 40 inch bust but the D cup on the pattern is 45. Even the A/B cup is 3 inches bigger. You even see multiple women here saying the size chart is off: https://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/78744
Now stop shitting up the thread with your wking.

No. 204062

Is this the front vs the back of the package?

No. 204063

Back of the pattern vs the company's size chart

No. 204078

File: 1648600721932.png (59.8 KB, 624x556, yaya.png)

Yaya's said she's had to alter her own commercial bodysuit pattern before to fit her because of McCall's. And multiple people had the same problem with the bodysuit pattern having too much ease: https://thegeekyseamstress.com/2015/10/16/pattern-review-m7217/
McCall's dropped the ball on sizing with her patterns just deal with it.

No. 204081

Then it's their fault and not yaya's? So why is anon sperging so hard about how it is only her fault? This pattern has been out for years anyway? Seems like such a nitpick vendetta to only now bring it up when CGL has talked about this 3 years ago.

No. 204122

Are you retarded? I've been pointing out that the pattern is fucked and only that. It's a problem with the patterns she made but McCall's should've fixed it before putting them out. It's not vendetta to point out that her patterns have major issues

No. 209263


McCall's adds five inches of ease to literally every pattern. Same with the other big pattern companies. Only scrubs use back of the envelope sizing, it's never actually correct.

Yaya gave them patterns and they fucked them up because they don't understand the market and how corsets are supposed to work. Andrea Schewe talks about the pattern companies fucking with her designs all the time, too, this isn't a Yaya thing.

No. 209264

File: 1650972197000.png (1.06 MB, 1079x1243, Screenshot_20220426-071625.png)

is anybody else annoyed by this chick? she made such a big deal out of becoming a professional cosplayer even though she doesn't make real costumes and now is begging on Kofi because she didn't have a business plan.

No. 209278

File: 1650980213494.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20220426-092858~2.p…)

God yes. Lizard Leigh was already intolerable from their constant shilling of this Steven Universe transformation dress. Its now worse since they've made a huge deal about becoming a pRoFeSSiONaL cosplayer. Most of their videos are fake shocked Pikachu faces, begging for Kofi donations or gender zoomer content like pic related.

No. 209323

So anons just posted her for vendetta purposes then. What a fucking waste.

No. 209397

Lol well if she’s not making money from it, she’s not really a professional cosplayer is she?
I wish all these clout chasers would realize that the people making money from cosplay are either selling something (books, tutorials, patterns etc.), selling nudes, doing commissions or they’re one of the few people that’s famous enough to do constant appearances (Yaya, Kamui etc. although most of them have other revenue streams as well). You’re not owed a career in your hobby just because you want it, either figure out a way to make something people want to spend money on or get a job like the rest of society. Liz probably thought sooner genderspecials would give her money for existing

No. 210141

File: 1651340554853.png (530.46 KB, 582x595, Untitled.png)

Because you want craftsmanship advice from someone whose wig looks like this

No. 210146

Can't even be assed to wear dark skin tights so that she won't chaffe after a few hours. She's dumb AF. Most bare legged cosplayers do that so that it smoothes out the legs.

No. 210175

>that makeup
Whaltena out here. i swear she does the absolute bare minimum.

No. 210176

>from someone who looks like this
Cosplay really has gone down in the last 10 years.

No. 210200

How can you be in the hobby for this long and not watch a single YouTube tutorial on wig styling?

Also why tf does her skin look so oily? I could maybe understand looking like that at the end of the day, but this is very clearly a photo taken in the hotel room right before heading to the con floor

No. 210203

If fatties breath they sweatin

No. 240259

File: 1660616971571.png (1.63 MB, 720x1280, shoopinghoe.png)

shooping queen

No. 240260

File: 1660617014532.jpg (148.42 KB, 1080x1066, ew.jpg)

landwhale lel(newfag)

No. 240262

File: 1660617136533.png (627.79 KB, 573x672, Screenshot 2022-08-14 003336.p…)

No. 240266

Nice vendetta, newfag.

No. 240276

File: 1660620115982.png (752.43 KB, 521x932, kotorifail.png)

No. 240819

File: 1660842583415.jpg (6.05 MB, 4096x7287, GridArt_20220818_125919006.jpg)

Kamui Cosplay is butting heads with her followers and 3D modeler Dangerous Ladies. She purchased a DL hairpin model for her sponsored Genshin Impact build, but then strongly implied that her husband made it from scratch. Numerous people in the original post asked who modeled the hairpin or recognized it as a DL build, but Kamui didn't reply to any of them.

Pic related is DL finally subtweeting her after she and friends yet again credited the hairpin to Benni. Kamui shifted the blame to a friend, blamed everyone's poor English, and then credited on a single post. This week on multiple posts she's back to removing credit and claiming she self-built the entire cosplay herself.

No. 240856

It's worse cuz Kamui had initially tagged DL on her story back when she started the hairpin. I saw it on DL's story because she reposts everyone's stories who tag her company. To roll that back and pretend that she didn't have any outside help is entirely on purpose. Does Kamui have proof she or her husband modeled the rest of the accessories? The hairpin file is only sold as part of a full accessory set.

No. 240922

Easy solution, she posts the side to side 3D print files. I'm going to assume DL has it set in place that you can't edit her model from download. DL uses .stl and not .obj for a lot of her files. .stl makes it easy to edit in any program, and you can resave or rename it to edit it. It could just be a coincidence that she bought it in case her husband couldn't have created a proper file, but we won't know otherwise. Maybe if they could show author information through the properties, but DL would need to get their hands on Kamui's file to prove that. Her husband and her have made 3D files before too, so that's not out of the ordinary. I've seen cosplayers commission stuff and then wind up having to make their own because it just didn't work out.

No. 241050

There isn't a question of wherher she's using the DL model. Kamui said she's using it right in the tweets and credited her in a single post after the call out. But now she's back to glossing over the fact like she made everything herself.

No. 241055

If she already credited her then DL needs to just shut up. no one is going to tag everything they post, especially on Twitter which has a small field for tagging. DL just sounds greedy. Sure as hell not tagging more than once if I used someone's model or cosplay they made me. There's no reason to announce it every single time. On Instagram it's easier to tag, but DL just doesn't sound satisfied enough because she wants Kamui's clout. I'm with Kamui on this one. She tagged the girl and credited her. Posting photos otherwise doesn't need more clarification every single time. It's beggy.

No. 241074

Stop wking. She credited two other cosplayers for helping her make other pieces multiple times and conveniently forgot to credit the person who made her accessories until called out and then shoved them under the tags where no one pays attention. The other two cosplayers are credited front and center.

No. 241075

I'm not whiteknighting. Pick your panties up and calm down. DL sounds beggy. End of story. kamui did credit her, just not as much as she wanted which is shitty behavior of someone who gives out mass models. She needs to go after every single person then, but she doesn't. She goes after Kamui because she's a name. She got her credit. Bitch needs to stfu already and stop trying to start drama with Kamui. If she didn't give credit at all, I would understand and be on DL's side, but the other girls aren't even tagged in her REEL either. They are all tagged under the actual photo post.

IF anons don't know, the >>240819 is a screencap of a REEL on Instagram. No one was tagged in it and 'self made' still can count as her not buying pieces like pre-made cosplayers do. DL sounds like she's taking the 'all self made' when she did still have to make DL's model from the download. She made the model, but bitch didn't fucking MAKE it, Kamui did.

No. 241078

Did you even read the tweets? Not only is dl clearly not talking about that specific reel because these tweets are from July, she didn't "go after" Kamui. People were tagging dl and messaging her about it because credit was being given to Benni when it was obvious to many people who made the models. Kamui admits she didn't credit dl at all originally.

No. 241130

tbh, aside from all the 3D fuss, you would think someone that is paid to make a cosplay would take the time to work on their skills to make themselves a relatively easy wig

No. 241131


Kamui has a habit of not linking or promoting any cosplayers who are a threat to her or a similar size to her. She got called out for the credit once and is now throwing a tantrum on Twitter about people calling her out for doing it again

No. 241133

and it's not like kamui & co don't know how to 3d model, they could have done their models themselves but they bought them from DL to win time for a paid gig, which is wrong at so many levels lmao

No. 241135

File: 1660917403831.png (384.58 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095518.png)

A new thread where she threw a fit and promptly deleted it when she wasn't getting her ass kissed

No. 241137

File: 1660917430488.png (434.32 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095522.png)

No. 241138

File: 1660917492718.png (455.05 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095525.png)

Throwing your husband under the bus for cosplay game…

No. 241139

File: 1660917564806.png (342.47 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095524.png)

Real mature

No. 241140

File: 1660917587894.png (304.32 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095520.png)

No. 241141

File: 1660917671759.png (951.52 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095531.png)

Her build video shows Benni at the computer messing around with the file. It obviously implies he did the modeling. But taking a model and letting your thousands of followers think you make it is no different than using a recipe?

No. 241142

File: 1660917730612.png (481.51 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220819_095529.png)

Fame Hungry thots defending each other as usual

No. 241146

No. 241154

Why sage? It's all milk

No. 241156

Etiquette is to Sage everything after the first unsaged milk image drop

No. 241157

this is extra funny to me because kamui used to throw fits about people not crediting her for her techniques/books/tutorials (worbla over foam at the time, not that original) and claimed she popularized it and that other's shouldn't make books based on the same techniques because they were knocking her off, yet went on to make books about making eva foam cosplays despite being friends with punished props aka the people who made the very popular foam smith series of books years before

kamui has a clear pattern of wanting all the credit for herself and none for others.

No. 241159

File: 1660921502409.png (605.79 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4681.png)

apparently the sword modeler has conditions that you can't use his model for commerical work. which a paid commission for a game company is.

No. 241160

File: 1660921529318.png (443.29 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4683.png)

No. 241167

She's also been downplaying for years and years that her husband makes half of all her costumes for her lol

No. 241179

They mean to resell. Not personal cosplay because someone hired you.

No. 241185

No they don't. It says 'Cannot be used for any commercial purpose', not 'Cannot resell'. Kamui is literally advertising for Genshin Impact in exchange for cash (and I assume they will be using those videos for marketing) and also getting monetization from all the videos of her 'making' the sword. Why do you keep defending her?

No. 241188

She could've saved herself the stress and drama by just crediting DL from the get go. Kamui isn't dumb, she knew if she didn't say where the files were bought from and heavily implied Benni did all 3D related work that people would assume Benni modeled them himself. Rules aren't different for her at all.

No. 241194

File: 1660926514051.jpg (140.5 KB, 508x505, credit.jpg)

Samefag but personally I don't like that she shoved the credits she was forced to add under the hashtags. Everyone knows no one reads that shit. She could've added it up with her friends' credits but it looks like she's trying to hide it.

No. 241195

Commercial purposes means selling it, anon.. they don't mean you can't be in commercials or promo stuff. NTA you're talking about either? Trying to explain what sellers mean by this. They mean it specifically for reselling as you can mass manufacture their model like this.

Straight from the definition of what it means: "Non-commercial means you can't sell it, but you can 3D print it for personal use."

No. 241198

I honestly think crediting paid 3D models is kind of stupid. 3D modeling isn't niche anymore, there's more than 1 person who has that hairpin model anyway. This just seems like the new "I painted the wings, credit me" like in 2005 when cosplayers were foaming about shit like this. At some point people need to realize that certain generic things, don't need tagging. Wigs, I get. That's a commission, but the 3D sculpt it up for anyone to use, especially if you aren't selling it, it's like going to the store and buying something yourself. You aren't going to credit the person who made the outfit 24/7. It honestly feels like a grab to modelers to beg for credit when you are the one who has to print it, sand it, prep it, paint it. It's not the same as a commission and doesn't deserve to be acknowledged the same as one either.

No. 241200

So you think that Disney could print the sword and use it in a movie without credit, because that isn't a "commercial" purpose according to your interpretation? Anon, come on. They chose the restricted TOS for a reason instead of a more open one.

No. 241204

Actually, yes. They aren't printing the model and reselling it, it's a prop. Even if it's in a film, doesn't mean the people watching are suddenly going to get that prop in their hands too. Disney actually has done this before and they have open source models too. The point is not trying to sell it like how Disney sells hats or like how Mcdonald's has those toys in their bags. Even just reselling the model. Otherwise, you'd have a lot of 3D modeler lawsuits, anon. Commercial only means mass manufacturing for sale of your own benefit. It being a prop isn't the same lol

No. 241205

File: 1660927436398.jpg (3.8 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20220819_124009284.jpg)

It's not just a lack of credit, despite never crediting the sword modeler a single time until the Twitter call outs. Her posts are purposefully misleading and imply that they modeled it themselves. Pic related is her showing a paper mockup of the sword and many shots of Benni "working" in the 3d modeling software.

No. 241207

Yeah, again, why don't they just show their OG files compared to the ones they bought?

No. 241208

Dangerous Ladies is a business. She sells these models that she made from scratch. Just because you paint something doesn't mean you made it. It's like altering a cosplay smaller and then saying you made it just because of that. Benni did finishing work.

The og files are the files they bought. They didn't model anything.

No. 241209


Nobody would have cared if she wasn't deliberately being shady when asked. People use DL models constantly without credit and she doesn't care. This all started when somebody asked Kamui who did the sword and that third person she has working for her said it was Benny. Then DL subtweeted and Kamui got shit until she fixed it.

Now, weeks later, she does the same thing - posts that say "all hand made" and showing videos of Benny in blender. Anyone who sees that video is going to assume Benny made the model from scratch.

There's a difference between not crediting and implying you deserve the credit.

No. 241213

>Do I have to give them free promotion?

What an asshole thing to say as someone who claims to do "so much" for the cosplay community. It's all about money with her, isn't it?

No. 241216

it says right at the top of the t&c's not on that screenshot, 'may not be used for any commercial, promotional, advertising or merchandising use' but WK harder i guess

No. 241223

I literally don't know how to explain it to you even more dumbed down.

No. 241230

There's more than one anon replying to you, but you just sound obtuse at this point. It says NO ADVERTISING USE and all of her posts are tagged sponsored/ads. Every aspect of what she's been doing is wrong and she knows it.

No. 241231

Nta but kamui getting paid to make the cosplay means its being used for commercial use

No. 241233

File: 1660930770541.png (77.95 KB, 878x785, commerical only.png)

Except her's say commercial only. That doesn't include editorial, or advertising.. Etc. She specifically labels her models for reproduction purposes only.

No. 241236

Samefag, but I just realized she is ALLOWING commercial use as well. So, the model can be used for anything as commercial is the only thing stated, but you can bypass that even as long as you keep paying for a model for each reporduction.

Is DL kind of stupid?

No. 241239

File: 1660931140051.png (110.1 KB, 1244x571, just checked.png)

Checked the pin specifically that is being argued about and she has the exact same thing under here. She isn't limiting the uses and is allowing copies as long as you pay for each print you are selling.

No. 241243

Holy shit im sorry but you are dumb anon. Editorial and advertising work is what "commercial use" refers to. That IS commercial use.

No. 241244

there's more than one modeller here. Dangerous Ladies is fine with promotional content use. The sword modeller is not, and that was used way more prolifically in the adverts. More to the point kamui has been outright lying and saying she made everything, not just not crediting

No. 241249

It's not though. Editorial is literally the absolute opposite of commercial, anon. Kek

No. 241265

It makes sense that people are pissed; Kamui could have just apologized and said that she’ll do better, and people would have gotten over it. The bump in reach from being tagged by a cosplayer as big as Kamui could be huge; she’s one of the most well known cosplayers out there. It was about seeming like she and Benni do everything from scratch when no one would have held it against her for buying models to save time. She fucked up, got caught and she’s not handling it gracefully.

No. 241269

File: 1660935779820.png (275.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220819-083217.png)

More very mature responses from Kamui. You'd think it's be easier to just say "sorry I'll be better at crediting".

No. 241431

“Do i have to credit the literal factory mass producing a pair of shoes i modified the same way im being asked to credit an independent 3D modeler who did majority of the leg work for accuracy that i only added some cheap LED’s and sanded the model after a 3D printing machine did all of the actual creating?”
Cosplayers just become more conceited as time goes on, they always love making it seem like its only them and their nigel working hard but its based off of work from several other people that get left uncredited until they feel like it or someone asks a question like “how did you model x?”
Using blender and creating your own models isnt even difficult in 2022, so when you make the choice to use someone elses work even if you paid for it, crediting is the least you can do when your whole career and social media feeds are “mUh hAnD mAdE cOsshuPlAys”
The picture with her scrote sitting with the model open on blender is especially egregious and obvious.

No. 241448

she's just a crazy old woman now. she needs to just find another job or do something else. kamui isnt even relevant anymore

No. 241450

yeah, wow. this is extremely misleading. they didnt make the sword. why cant they just admit they didnt make the model and bought it from someone else in this post? cosplayers are all drama hags now, it's insane.

No. 241471

File: 1661004928558.png (819.28 KB, 934x1080, Screenshot_20220820-101156~2.p…)

Kamui has been like this for years so I'm glad this 'kind and quirky cosplayer who makes everything herself' front is finally falling apart. She only cares about making money from cosplay and doesn't even cosplay to cons any longer. She even made a horrible Buy My Books Dress to wear as a guest for when people come to see her.

No. 241475

It's funny she even gets hired for professional cosplay stuff in the first place because she has always been sooooo damn ugly

No. 241476

Incorrect and you're stupid as hell. Commercial use refers to any situation where the person hired is getting paid to preform a promotional job, as kamui is doing. Editorial is commercial use.

No. 241503

Considering she’s getting hired for stuff where they need the costume made, it makes sense. Why hire a separate model to wear the costume when she’ll wear it? She’s mainly getting paid to make the costumes, and honestly they do stand up well enough that her face doesn’t matter as much.
If you look at the people who make costumes (and do it well enough to get paid for it), most of them are not model pretty. Most of them are older (late 20’s and up). Younger cosplayers are more likely to buy costumes since it’s so accessible now. I honestly hate how much cosplay has turned into a beauty contest because of social media; it’s supposed to be fun and I wish people cared about craftsmanship more.
TLDR: Kamui may be shitty and not gorgeous but her costumes are very well done (though in large part by her husband).

No. 241509

Anon, look it up. Just fucking Google "Is editorial work different from commercial work". It's the first fucking answer.

No. 241510

>Whenever a photo is used to SELL something, it's commercial use. And whenever it illustrates an article in a newspaper, magazine, or textbook, it's editorial use. Can be used to sell or advertise a product, service, or brand. Need signed model or property releases if there are people or property in the photo.

In her case, it's editorial.

No. 241511

Might wanna make that less obvious Theo.
Doesn't Kamui also despise sewing? Swear I remember that from an earlier post

No. 241512

How much longer until this insufferable bitch keeps get paid gigs? her cosplays arent even good. her husband is doing most of the work. I'd be embarrassed if i were her.

No. 241513

Yeah, she doesn't like sewing and doesn't consider herself that much a seamstress, just enough to make what she needs, but she prefers armor work.

No. 241523

not directly related but i hate cosplay bitches that brags about not liking sewing and prefering armor coz it's "ssssooo badasss". it's just a "i'm not like other girls that likes girly things" move to please gamer incels

No. 241543

That shirt, how do people stand her

No. 241545

Probably until someone better comes along (in Europe for ones that are specifically there) or she decides to stop taking them. Unless she gets canceled and loses her following companies will still use her because she’s well known and has huge reach. Which is what these companies are looking for.

No. 241547

A lot of cosplayers find creating builds easier than sewing. A lot don't even sew because the fanbase has gotten so big and companies can make things for cosplayers now. The whole community has changed, but there's nothing wrong with bragging that you do builds better than sewing. Seamstresses do the same because they aren't good at fabricating props.

No. 241550

File: 1661021297557.jpeg (123.09 KB, 1170x880, 924C3C96-50B5-4A0B-84D1-6A9B52…)

from yesterday. Kamui really was trying every defense under the sun including “I’m too popular to credit people”

No. 241556

That was already posted. >>241138 and way to crop out the timestamp on purpose.

No. 241574

a friend of mine was judged by her at a contest, and kamui outright said as feedback they wouldnt ever win with a sewn costume, and should add some LEDs

No. 241576

I said it was from yesterday and the threads had already been deleted by Kamui so I am working with other people’s SS, no need to tinfoil

No. 241595

Not Theo, I downloaded that screengrab from a mutual discord group.

No. 241805

lol don't take it personally ? There is a difference between highlighting your expertise and reminding everyone when you can that you don't like sewing like a Mary-Sue who fancy fencing over embroidery

No. 245654

File: 1662498191474.jpg (300.93 KB, 2048x1462, 305515822_6158589554151722_219…)

I'm surprised nobody's mentioning the World Cosplay Summit drama.
The summary:
WCS, for the first time ever, held a competition outside of Japan, this weekend at a convention called Gamers8.
All the contestants were invite only from previous WCS alumni. 39 countries total.
Problem is, the contest was held in Saudi Arabia, with it all being funded by the Saudi government, including the $100k prize pool. The board members of the con are the Saudi royal family.
Cosplay community is pissed because these cosplayers have chosen to go to a country that's awful for human rights.
Gets milkier because lots of the competitors went over the heads of their country's wcs organisation, and said yes independently, even when their country had directly told WCS no.
Trans cosplayers were banned from entering, so some people went without their previous cosplay partners and found someone new. No crossplay was allowed for men, but women dressing as men was fine. All female cosplayers had to be covered to the neck. Lots of fighting on twitter about whether its ok that these cosplayers went or not.

No. 245659

No thots and no troons? Nice, it's like it's getting back to the roots of real cosplay rather than the shadow of its former self. People whining about the human rights must not know how sexist and homophobic Japan itself is.

No. 245661

this honestly sounds like it would be a good time. the fat toga is hilarious though

No. 245666

anon japan reformed and allows troons and gay marriage now. also wcs is a joke. people in the community don't take cosplay contests seriously to begin with.

No. 245779

This doesn’t sound like an official WCS event, as the official contest was 2 months ago. This sounds like a contest for the con that wanted to have high level international competition so they invited WCS alumni. I doubt WCS would allow people to just pick a new partner to compete with because they’ve always required the team to win preliminaries to go to the finals.
Also, most of the world isn’t nearly as woke as the US. A huge number of countries would have teams who would jump at the chance to do this competition. The fact that women had to be fully covered was probably more of a deterrent to teams than Saudi politics.

No. 245857


I am an alumni myself and this is official, but yeah, looks like a scuffed situation. Distanced myself from this event and cosplay after I competed due to how ugly a lot of this kind of thing and the people can get.

In order to make things happen if Saudi Arabia bans some cosplayers, I can totally see WCS bending their usual rules in order to make it possible for a country to still send a team. This isn't unheard of to me. It was even possible in case of emergency when I competed.

There is an article linking this Gamers8 event with the official WCS organization if you search online. You can also see it posted about on official WCS channels like their Instagram.

No. 245915

File: 1662564138037.png (1008.97 KB, 697x918, wcs.PNG)

Yeah if you go to their Facebook it's all over the page. They're pushing the event hard, presumably because the Saudi govt gave them an obscene amount of cash to do it.

Gamers8, the con it's being held at, is one of those propaganda events the Saudis are using to rehab the country's image to the rest of the world and make it attractive for business and tourism, similar to F1 and LIV Golf, except in the latter's case even multi-millionaire athletes turned down the money on ethical grounds. The $100k prize pool didn't get announced until after the teams agreed to go so basically all these cosplayers who decided to attend agreed to be Saudi propaganda for cosplay clout and a free vacation.

No. 245920

I can see why they did it. All that money and no one wants to travel to their elaborate theme parks or stadiums.

No. 246493

Which cosplayers actually went?(sage your shit)

No. 247732

I heard the team from Mexico has a gay man on it and he says that he can hide his gay for the week during WCS. What a joke that shit is

No. 247762

I mean, WCS has never been a truly equal competition. I’m not sure how it works in other countries, but in the US it’s pretty limited to only people who are either wealthy or plan for it for years. You have to have the disposable income to make several high level costumes (since besides your competition costume you have to have different ones for the parade and different events) and then to travel to Anime Expo to compete, which is not a cheap convention unless you are local. And you have to be able to take time off from work to go to Japan for finals. Honestly, the only US representatives that I found to be impressive were when JHart went (I can’t remember who his partner was). They had a bunch of past competitors’ costumes at AX one year and none of them really impressed me; some were mediocre enough that I was genuinely surprised. But considering that most high level competitive cosplayers would rather work towards competitions that have cash prizes (even though a lot of them are somewhat rigged), WCS is limited to people who want to do it for the experience, have the disposable income to be able to make the costumes and go to AX, and have a close enough relationship with another cosplayer to want to work together on it.

No. 247857

Well a contest is not about equality lol. This contest tho is so shady from the beginning, there is absolutely no information about who is going, what they going to wear and why they were choosen. I don't even know the people who represented my country LMAO. In the end, absolutely NO hype from the public. No one in the cosplay community celebrated the winners or any team, its so funny. Proof you can't buy a public's hype with shiny LEDs on stage and cash money. Especially if you ban LGBT lmao. But I must admit that I am kinda surprised in a good way that female cosplayers didn't have to alter their costumes too much. Where I first heard about a cosplay venue in Saudi Arabia, I really thought that every female cosplayer would have to cover from the feet to the head and wear ugly skin spandex on their arms and legs. I guess they allow it because it's a private venue ? Like, Saudi is not the same shit as Qatar or Dubai.

No. 247891

well to be exact crossplay for women was OK, but under conditions. except they didn't specify those conditions. same for the skin showing, they forbid "too sexy" cosplay but didn't specify what made a cosplay "too sexy" for them. imagine going to a cosplay contest and having to be validated by morality police before entering the stage

No. 247910

File: 1662987239096.jpg (1.38 MB, 4096x3398, GridArt_20220912_084918438~2.j…)

So Kamui publicly says she dislikes sewing and then chooses to depict seamstresses like hobgoblins in her latest lolquirky video.

No. 247952

She's making fun of cosplayers and how they basically isolate when working on stuff, same way artists hiss as a joke to the sun entering a room in the same types of videos.

No. 248026

She has such an ugly rat like face. It’s really tragic.

No. 248055

Did you watch the video? She's not saying that at all. She's saying that cosplayers are actually ugly and gross when they aren't taking photos.

No. 248070

She's a cosplayer. There's nothing in this about it being about seamstresses only because now even you've dumbed it down to being about cosplaying in general just like I did >>247952 You don't need to try and force milk, anon.

No. 248253

She's not making fun of herself, she's trying to make more "relatable" content while being completely tone deaf. This is the same person who publicly brags about making $100,000 a month but then turns around to post TikToks about how she's so poor because she spends all her money on fabric. Kamui is barely a cosplayer at this point, she's a content machine.

No. 248333

nonnie, I get that her "relatable funny skits" are annoying, but every cosplayer I know made this joke at least once, usually as a responce to "how go I get a cosplay gf"

No. 248338

you interrupted milk about a dictatorship using cosplay for their international image just to say a notoriously not funny social media cosplayer is not funny on tiktok lmao but ok

No. 248358

You clearly didn't look at the images close enough. The female cosplayers were wearing Spandex skin colour shirts to cover their arms and shoulders

No. 248384

How do you interrupt week old milk that's getting a comment per day?

The idea behind the general thread was good but it's useless and dead when every single post ends up with infighting.

No. 248393

The Monster hunter girl and the pokemon jessie seems so have black sleeves and suit but the sailor moon and the doremi girls look like they don't. It's hard to say given the fact we can't see the costumes properly since there was no live to see the contest or any official pictures showing the teams. Wonder why, lol.

No. 248741

I couldn't care less about this event, but at least it is stirring some entertaining drama in the german cosplay communitiy.

No. 249074

Can you elaborate? I only follow a couple German cosplayers so I mostly just see the aftermath of the drama or responses rather than what the community at large thinks. I've seen many responses about WCS speculations, so I've gotten curious.

No. 249479

the german team who went (rainbowriders) posted a statement , were they bent over backwards to justify their participation, including personal drama with the former german WCS organizers. I knew both are infantile idiots and their dumb self rightous statement confirmed it.
If you know german, heres their blogentry:

No. 249562

quite like the UAE team in the comments defending it by saying in saudi women have more rights than men actually

No. 249574

Are people really stupid enough to think Saudi women have any rights at all? they still believe in arranged marriages and honor killings.

No. 249677

it's UAE. Lions will defend leopards.

No. 249687

they choose to do HETALIA out of everything ? wow idk if I'm more impressed by the decision of trying to push the boundaries of the contest' rules or the sheer courage it takes to cosplay Hetalia on stage in year 2022.
But all that drama is quite interesting I must say. People in the West kinda forgets sometimes that there are countries where you can go to jail for a cosplay performance.(learn2sage)

No. 249727

anon, hetalia recently got new media.

No. 257365

File: 1665442770885.png (1.18 MB, 1396x2032, sry for shit cap.png)

Saya scarlet, a russian cosplayer known for cosplaying Hatsune Miku, went on twitter complaining about western accusations of rascism. She only released the tweets in (poor) Japanese so pardon the shit-tier translation.

No. 257377

I mean, it’s a little retarded to only tweet in Japanese when she’s Russian. But the girl leaving the comments is also retarded because no one gives a shit if you wear makeup with traditional Japanese clothes….. has this bitch never heard of gyaru? They wear tons of makeup with kimono. And I don’t know how having chains on her nails is disrespectful.
Russian cosplayers do dumb shit like blackface and then complain about getting shit on, but this girl doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong. The retard on tik tok is cringier than her.

No. 257390

Hard agree. We've got a new influx of tiktok kiddies thanks to the Jill thread.

No. 257488

they've been posting sjw shit itt for months now though.

No. 257504

I'd believe it, we are on /w/ Afterall.

No. 258466

Anyone who complains about how makeup can change how you look, need serious help. She doesn't look asian and I don't see how even with makeup or editing she does either. There's so much more to it than just changing your eye shape and if both types of races can get surgery to get what the other has, why should it be an issue? if she was changing her skin color, that would be way different, but all sorts of races are able to be born with mono or double lids. This isn't only an Asian trait, and I'm so embarrassed by how the US tryhard squad does this shit. It's makeup. If you can't tell it's makeup, you're an absolute idiot.

No. 263900

File: 1667516361948.jpg (427.89 KB, 1450x1247, cheekylilvideo.jpg)

Amazonian Cos - a UK cosplayer so obnoxious and self-loving that Twitter suspended her - just won the Cosplay Crown and will not shut up about it. This is noteworthy because she has become even more vocal about her opinions as an authority on all things cosplay. It's more noteworthy because she's been called out in the past for fibbing about how much of this Sansa Stark cosplay she actually made herself. She took to Twitch a few months ago to complain that this was just her "haters" talking and it was fine that her stepfather heavily assisted in making the breastplate (the most impressive part of the cosplay) because it was too dangerous or she was unqualified. You can see him in the background of videos working on pieces by himself while she's elsewhere, grinding and firing it in other videos. It's unlikely she admitted this level of assistance to the judges considering how much she brags about this piece and how much she pushed back when people said she got too much help

Her new unsuspended Twitter is Megabethbob but she will tweet drama and immediately delete it if anyone gives her heat. Recent deleted hot takes include how she will run cosplay contests better than anyone else, Americans are ruining cosplay contests, and House of the Dragon plagerised their costumes from larpers.

No. 263955

File: 1667528693075.jpg (683.49 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20221103_192214.jpg)

She won back in MAY unless she won again recently. And other entrants might have had help. Theres no rules about having help. Everyone had the opportunity to have help to make their cosplays. Big name designers have teams in reality outside of cosplay. I don't understand this elitism that everything must be done by the wearer only. Fucking tired of this community. You're all just toddlers.

No. 263970

I mean I agree that it shouldn't matter if you get a little help. But Crown is like BIG THING for crafters so it's more of a morality thing that someone won without making the biggest part of a costume themselves. She could have chosen a material she's "qualified" to operate the machinery for but she chose something that she knew she couldn't do herself, and then won the biggest crafting competition out there. Doesn't give a good look.

No. 263971

Can we prove that every single person but her had no help whatsoever? Otherwise this just sounds like people nitpicking because she won. Acting as if people aren't allowed to brag about winning something so big when anon's keep mentioning how big of an event it was seems really stupid in my opinion. That's bragging rights for a reason.

No. 263976

The final was last week, you bozo. She qualified as the UK rep in May.

The way I see it half the problem is how much she praises her own work while putting down others. If she was a nicer person nobody would care but Amazonian has a bad rap for a reason.

No. 263977

>Big name designers have teams in reality outside of cosplay. I don't understand this elitism that everything must be done by the wearer only

It's a solo contest. Everyone knows you are supposed to disclose during judging if you didn't make a piece yourself. That is not just etiquette, it's in the rules.

No. 263978

Also those are the Masquerade rules, not the Crown (totally different contest that does not allow groups)

No. 263980

Both contests said help was fine, but you can't outsource and have a cosplay made for you.

No. 264013

You can't have help and then claim you made the whole thing yourself, which is what Beth has been bragging about except when cornered. That defeats the entire point of a skill contest and is called cheating.

No. 264022

I don’t know if I’d call it the biggest part of the costume. The rest of the costume is very nice and there’s a lot of detailed embroidery and the crown is sculpted and casted. If she patterned and cut out the metal and then someone else did the welding with her direction I don’t think that’s too awful if she told them that. I’ve done some work with metal for jewelry making and doing the cutting and polishing is a lot of work, more so than soldering/welding.
I don’t know anything about her as a person so she might be a giant bitch and she might have lied. But it’s overall a very nice costume.

No. 264037

When you're not outsourcing, yeah you can. Have you never entered contests?

No. 264041

She IS outsourcing the construction if she can't operate the machinery.

There's a big difference between a friend helping hold something and someone makes it for you while you're hands off. If she disclosed this to the judges that would be one thing, but she's been bragging nonstop about the metalworking difficulty and how hard she worked alone. This is no different from getting a 3d model from someone else and claiming you made it all because you printed it.

No. 264050

That happens all the time? A guy who won the costume contest at Dragon Con with a Buzz Lightyear costume was very open that he got the print files from a friend. Did he tell the judges? Who knows.
Costume contests almost always have some people who somehow win high prizes despite having seemingly mediocre costumes. Unless contests start releasing score sheets after the fact, we’ll never know why these people win.

No. 264108

>"Everyone probably cheats I bet, so it's okay"

Spoken like someone who doesn't care about cosplay competitions. You may not personally care about this scene, but an annoying cow with cheating evidence is still milky. Why shout it down?

No. 264183


May was the qualifier, she won the championship this weekend. The crown is a big deal for craft cosplayers and cheating is equally a big deal. You obviously don't care about contests or you'd know how qualifiers work.

Go back to the costhit thread if you don't see how cheating at the international championship is milky

No. 264196

She isn't outsourcing. She lives with them. Wtf is your damage. Did you lose and you're salty or something?

No. 264214

I can tell you that as a tog at MCM her name is mud. She was openly demanding togs photograph her. Even whilst in the middle of other shoots. And she was shouting in the nearby tescos to the poor cashier that she won the contest. No one else in the shop gave a shit or even heard of her before that.

Cosplayers are bitchy by default but they usually at least try to hide it. This bitch was screaming at people in public in full view of everyone. Clear mental issues.

No. 264216

I didn’t say I don’t care, but we also don’t know that she cheated. She may have been perfectly honest with the judges about what she did and didn’t do, but WE DON’T KNOW. Unless a judge comes out and says what they were told, we won’t know. If she’s posting about it publicly, it’s likely she was honest, because most competitions will absolutely revoke an award if they find out that rules were broken. Her stepdad welding the metal together because she wasn’t able to safely use that equipment would fall under help, not outsourcing. And if she made everything else on her costume independently, which it appears that she did, the judges may have still deemed it as being the best entry, even taking into account that she got help on it.
If there’s more information, please share it, but right now I don’t see any blatant cheating. If you have proof of it, email the organizers and tell them so she gets her award revoked. But right now, it just comes across as people being bitter that she won and pointing out that she admitted she got help with one aspect of one piece of the costume, with no evidence that she did not tell the judges this.

No. 264243

File: 1667605944705.png (675.74 KB, 595x845, Screenshot-20220908T012925Z-00…)


She may have been honest but this is a pretty cunty reply. Imagine your twitter name is just WORLD CHAMPION.

No. 264245

File: 1667606408456.png (362.12 KB, 597x713, Screenshot-20221104Y55925E-001…)


Lol okay I don't care if she cheated or not. This is the dumbest accusation ever. Bernadette based her red dress on historical garments, she didn't invent princess sleeves and a front opening.

No. 264248

File: 1667607727475.jpg (5.27 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20221104_201737629.jpg)

This is why most crafters don't like her. She picks fights all the time because she lives up her own arse regarding that Sansa dress. She often accuses other Sansa cosplayers of plagerising her if their leaf embroidery looks too similar to her own (pic related is a call out, with the actual Game of Thrones show dress they're both recreating on the right)

Behavior like that is why brushing her blacksmithing help under the rug is relevant.

No. 264254

the cosplay contest scene is getting crazy those days. I feel like there is a new "WORLD CHAMPION !!!" of cosplay every two weeks, so every title just seems to fall flat every time…I mean it's literally a minor international competition and almost all the contestants are from the UK ?? WORLD champion ???

At the end of the day you're just a big fish in a small pond lmao

No. 264271

The only truly international competition is WCS really because they have representatives from most countries and pay for them to travel to the finals while pretty much every other competition requires you to pay your own way. Which ends up limiting who can afford to travel internationally to compete for something that, if there’s a cash prize, usually won’t even pay for the supplies for the costume itself, let alone travel.
The problem with cosplay competitions is that it’s very subjective on a lot of things; while some construction is objectively better than others, it becomes very hard to compare sewn costumes to armor costumes, as well as people who took creative liberties as opposed to a straight replica. And a lot of judges give higher scores to their friends.

No. 264273


Before the pandemic the Crown also paid your way to go to the final. In 2019 and 2020 there were a lot more countries sending people.

No. 264293

If she copied the OG dress why the fuck is she whining about someone copying her? She copied the og so it's literally the same no matter who is doing it. She needs to chill the fuck out.

WCS also puts less stock in the crafting and more in the performance. It's only gotten so popular because cosplayers are weebs who want to brag about going to glorious Japan. Not to say it isn't a good competition if that's what you're after, though, just that it matters less if you do your own welding or whatever versus a competition like Crown.

No. 264294

I agree that WCS is far less craftsmanship focused (I was actually shocked at how bad some of the costumes looked when some were on display at AX one year), my point is just that it’s probably the best as far as an actual international competition with lots of countries. Above someone said that the Crown competition used to provide travel for finalists from other countries, although I’m not sure how many countries had representation as I’m not familiar with that competition

No. 264358

only one contestant was from the uk, the others were all from other countries

No. 264817

go home newfag or lurk more(blatant newfaggotry)

No. 264825


No. 264981

she won because black smithing is new. the same way a quick change won a comp then all entries had quick changes. same for smoke and LEDs and 3d printing and worbla.

she had a gimmick. metal work will be the next big thing for a year, she’ll screech about being copied then the next thing will come along and she’ll fade back into starting fights with randoms on twitter.

No. 264990

By that logic why didn't the guy who got 3rd win then? He had way more metalwork than 1st place. I agree it's a new shiny skill not many people do, but its only one part of the whole costume and performance

No. 265000

Because it's not a blacksmithing competition. If that is all he can do, that sucks. He needs more skills in his wheelhouse. But blacksmiting+, that's more impressive.

No. 265217

Wait, they do not provide this anymore? I wonder if our qualifier con covered the expenses for this years candidate then. Paying for your own travel and stay in this case is ridiculous.
Not sure if it's only my country, but Crown (back when it was Eurocosplay) was a pretty big deal and I think most of the euro countries were represented

No. 265365

This year did cover everyone's travel and hotel. Next year's has halved everyone's prize money, but is also covering the travel and hotel for your handler which is a fair trade in my opinion

No. 265575

File: 1668318372792.jpg (486.86 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20221112_214540.jpg)

Anyone know what's up? Comments weren't much help either. Shocking coming from this con.

No. 265584

No one has any fucking clue, I'm staff and there was ZERO heads up that this was being posted and they usually give us notice in our Discord before stuff gets published. I don't get it, if it happened last year why wasn't it dealt with then? Why relitigate it an entire year later? Baffling decision but then again the con's been kind of a disaster so I guess it's not too out of line with how the weekend's been going.

No. 265594

I went to a Japanese grocery store today to pick up some energy drinks and didn't expect there to be a Japanese festival. Cosplayers took the immediate chance to attend in costume. I was pulling up to the parking lot and saw 2B hanging out next to Crash Bandicoot while since nerd in a Uchiha clan cloak watches from the distance. Some Genshin Impact characters were also exciting the rotating sushi bar restaurant next door. Going inside, the Pocky was all gone, people were trying so hard to be in character while talking with their friends, it was a hoot.

No. 265595

Apparently some girl who goes by jeniipur is claiming she was denied entry after registration closed last year because she's Asian and that hr hasn't responded to her emails but is also gaslighting her somehow. She says her statement is on her account but her account is private so that's what I'm getting from comments.

No. 265616

Post caps. No1currs about your made up story.

No. 265624

What is going on with this con? I'm pretty sure it was this con, but I saw on tiktok that they gave all the vendor's resin teeth with their welcome packets?

No. 265629

It's part of a Tradition and they were fake teeth and only 2 bags actually had them. 2019 was a worm in a string. 2020 was a joke about bees on the packet and had fake bees too. The joke this time, if you are an avid congoer, especially since AA is known to have these artists travel to multiple cons for a living, was the Katsucon Gaylord incident. It was a reference to that, but I guess some people are more scared of fake teeth than fake bees. Personally would've thought it was funny. Some people are just sensitive.

No. 265652

Ya, I looked at the Instagram posts and she seems a little unhinged. She just keeps commenting on unrelated stuff calling them racist, and when asked what she’s referring to, tells people to DM her instead of just making her Instagram public and making a post with the information on it. It sucks if true, but since there’s no real info it’s pretty confusing, and people seem more upset about the fact that people were waiting in 5 hour lines in the rain this year than something that happened last year.

No. 265853

It's still too niche for most people to really even get or care about.
2 bags with teeth in them…how is anyone supposed to get it was connected to that.

No. 266377

The Gaylord incident was not niche lol

No. 266570

It clearly was, seeing as the people who reacted to the teeth thing had no idea what it was about. And the person who did it had to explain themselves.

No. 266571

Oldfag cosplayers understood and I only heard about it in passing to this and got a flashback. No1currs the 2 people didn't get it out of 100s who possibly would. The issue about the teeth this time wasn't even that big compared. If it weren't for lolcow, I wouldn't have even known lol

No. 266579

this was artist alley though, not every artist cosplays let alone knows about it some stupid prank all the way on the east coast. it's fucking weird

No. 266944

I'm just embarrassed people acted scared of 2 bags. Its fake teeth. If it were more bags it would make sense but only 2 seems like someone snuck in real teeth. They act like a virus was out in their bags

No. 266953

You're embarrassed? What's exactly embarrassing you.
The reaction felt more confused then scared by the people at that AA. It was a bad joke that didn't land.

No. 278619

File: 1674656280757.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230125_091414.jpg)

this is some of the dumbest shit i've seen in a while. she doesn't even mention a contract, just "putting things on the dress" whatever the fuck that means. and not to mention dress rental is often extremely costly, with a lot of money spent on repairs and cleanings. plus, the cosplay itself doesn't look that good. cosplay sales groups are among the cringest parts of the community by far. they're a gold mine for bad cosplay photos and generally embarrassing behavior.

No. 278621

She means putting airtags on the dress to track it if it gets stolen. Pointless anyway since knowing where something went doesn't mean you'l get it back, just ask the thousands of people who've told police the location of stolen phones etc and were told "good luck, we can't do anything"

No. 278623

like i said, contract. also i figured that, just commenting on her wording and those tags can be easily removed or deactivated.

No. 278628

Say who this is, why is the info cut off?

No. 278638

In the same vein why is renting cosplays such a big thing now? Because "fast fashion"? I'm not gonna wear a cosplay 80 people have worn, sweated in, and torn apart. It's so fucking annoying seeing sales groups flooded with rental posts, especially when they're only 1/3 in English with no details/sizes/prices and just a stock photo.

That's a ridiculous price, too. I could buy my own custom-made Aurora dress for $300 and wear it all I want, not just for three days and then have to worry about making sure it's clean and nothing is broken or torn in order to send it back to someone.

No. 278641

This. $300 for 3 days? Which is basically a fri-sun con weekend. she's insane. Gen z might be braindead enough to bite though, especially those with richer parents.

No. 278647

didn't mean to cut it off! i think my phone auto-cropped the cap. name is tiffany white.

No. 278662

They are comparing prices to renting authentic theatrical gowns that people wear to costume gallas. Like.. no. Unless you're a real seamstress, everything made perfectly, absolutely $300 is too much. The only cosplayer I can see having people spend that money to rent on is Yaya Han and that's because she actually can sew.

No. 278666

it's also a huge hassle to rent out clothing at all, even for large companies let alone one cosplayer. and what happens if the dress is trashed? it's like people don't think about what work actually goes into doing this stuff. she seems like she's trying to make a quick buck, like anons said, it's be $300-$500 to get a nice custom one.

No. 280317

File: 1675625807225.jpeg (160.42 KB, 749x1046, 4983ED3E-CE2D-40DF-BD69-0AED1B…)

Everything about this cosplay is cringe

No. 280524

did anything ever come from this? I feel like most people forgot it existed. kek

No. 284029

File: 1677696439744.jpeg (167.43 KB, 750x865, A9795EB2-7C06-4C36-9B63-8B52FE…)

Yaya Han stepping away from the shady ass cosplay contest but not saying how much a scam the contest was. The fine print for the contest said that you lose the rights to all photos submitted. That supposedly the contest is for charity

No. 284050

It's not her place to start a fight with the con.

No. 284056

she should still atleast explain why. she can call them out.

No. 284084

Why? Pulling out is enough.

No. 284111

she should explain because it clarifies things for her fans. she markets herself as a celebrity not a low level cosplayer.

No. 284123

If she denounces it, she could be sued.

No. 284128

no she couldn't.

No. 284164

[link redacted]

No. 284168

NTA but yes she can. She clearly signed a contract with them months ago but was dragging her feet about announcing the contest, considering the con was advertising using her image back in 2022. Plenty of partnership contracts include language about what presenting the company in a positive light or what you're allowed to say. They've let her off the hook with the photoshoot but if she violates a contract that's still in place, they can take her to court.

No. 284171

It's called defamation without proof

No. 284178

the contract is void if the agreement is voided. she clearly didn't pull out until they voided the agreement otherwise she would have breached the contract.
that's not what defamation is.

No. 284179

oops dropped my sage.

No. 284222

Anon, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know if her contract was even voided. Leaving doesn't automatically void a contract. You baby cosplayers are morons.

No. 284229

File: 1677804654498.jpeg (249.89 KB, 828x824, B1A22C3C-D728-4DC6-968D-E3C32D…)

Someone sounds angry

No. 284234

Yeah, people are harping on her like idiots thinking she should speak out when its not her damn place to do it. The cosplay sjw scene is fucking trash. They don't use their brains. Same fucking reason she CAN'T speak out about it. A contract doesn't magically dissolve if you leave/separate from an event.

No. 284442

This. I don't give a rat's ass about Yaya but legitimately what can she do? We know that she knows it was a scam but she has a public image to uphold, and publicly shitting on a legitimate business (as fucky as it is) that she had a contract with is not it for her brand. Ragging on her for not saying anything does nothing except make those people look like dumbasses.

No. 284446

These people don't think of legalities and think in anime logic.

No. 289246


No. 289286

It’s an erotica book. Calm down
They’re not even cosplaying they’re LARPing

No. 289372

It's not a bad idea, given they're all ero-cosplayers and make a living off of looking like this. The book is a good idea, I haven't really seen anyone try something like this before. It'll probably do well and they'll come out with more series. Shame the majority of these books will be bought by moids whose moms unfortunately stumble across this fairy-tale-looking book with the pages stuck together when cleaning their disgusting slob rooms.

No. 289490

You must be extremely new to the scene if cosbooks are new to you and no one has ever done them apparently. There so many cosplayers with series books or character only books. A group isn't new either.

No. 290142

Just discovered the horror that is seeu and what’s even more scary is the 1.1 million followers she has AND how grown ass men insist she’s just using makeup when you’d have to be blind not to see that she’s so far edited she ain’t even a person anymore

No. 290363


There's enough plastic in the ocean already.

No. 290373



No. 291143

Post your image and proof or gtfo

No. 293301

Shameless self promotion

No. 293462

Are you that blind to shitposts? That's obviously not her posting here.

No. 294295

File: 1682460458298.jpeg (327.63 KB, 1152x2048, Ful1s9XaEAEzkLO.jpeg)

Creature(this isn't milk)

No. 294298

What's your obsession with this cosplayer? You keep posting the most milkless shit of her.

No. 294305

Your vendetta for this girl is so embarrassing.

No. 294307

Is it actually a vendettachan? Because I assumed it was anon posting a troon lmao

No. 294309

No they've been trying to just shitpost her for years, they usually go to /snow/ to spam her somewhere too, been confirmed with filenames. They just think she's ugly and throws fits about it. Nonna is just jealous for some reason.

No. 298298

File: 1685235284839.jpg (770.85 KB, 2221x3945, ghouluke.jpg)

So we post bad cosplay here?

No. 302763

File: 1688543260901.png (1.78 MB, 1918x1012, jessica.png)

Jessica Nigri got a fat comment on her tiktok and she's very upset about it. Problem is, if you go to the account who left this comment then you can see Jessica's instagram account is linked as the owner of the account. She forgot to remove it before leaving herself the fat comment. Tons of comments are pointing it out. Kinda funny how hard someone is trying to stay relevant.

No. 302775

It look like she deleted it. I went searching for the account and comments. Shame

No. 302793

Yeah yesterday Jessica’s Instagram account was linked in the Instagram area on the “hater” tiktok account. In order to get your Instagram linked there she had to verify it on her Insta (via login/password) so she fucked up. She has been doing lots of fitness stuff on onlyfans so I guess she wanted to brag about her body by leaving herself a hate comment so everyone would go “omg you’re not fat. You’re so skinny and fit”

No. 302809

My only issue is, where's the proof she owned the account? You can't look at tiktok and see who owns what accounts. That's not how that works. Same with Instagram. You can see who has shared followers, but you can't see who has multiple accounts, so how the hell did someone find this out? Even the comments don't have any proof besides people just claiming it's true.

Where's the post showing she owns the other account?

No. 302810


She either just deleted this because I was just looking for comments and it stalled and now it's gone, or she's privating it and deleting comments.

No. 302834

Her Instagram was linked via the Instagram part (not a regular link). In order to do this, you have to log into Instagram (with your password) to connect it to your tiktok page. For the “hate” account to do this they would have had to have her Instagram password. So it’s most likely it’s an account that she made and didn’t realize she connected the two. Instead of a hacker. Her video is now privated and so is the fake account. I imagine she did this to promote her newest “workout body” vid on onlyfans

No. 303289

would someone please make a new manaknight thread? i would make one but i don't want to screw up the first post. so much milk missed

No. 303377

I’ll try to make time to make a new one tonight. I’ve been off of lolcow for like two months because I was busy with life stuff. I was catching up on his thread and was kinda surprised that it’s been maxed for like two weeks now with no new thread. I hope people have been saving up screenshots

No. 303390

Just posted the new manaknight thread >>303389

No. 306622

Has anyone seen the drama around photographer Geekstrong aka Ruy Arenas? Sounds like he violated a lot of cosplayers. Candylion Cosplay, Bri Solo, ArmoredHeartCosplay, Rolyat, zoogirlq, etc have came out about it. Sounds like he did something super serious. One of them posted about gathering more info to sue him and put him in jail.(post milk)

No. 306646

File: 1693443102479.png (722.77 KB, 1129x1514, Untitled2.png)

Geekstrong info

No. 306647

File: 1693443139291.jpg (314.12 KB, 1079x1915, Screenshot_20230830_160312_Ins…)

candylion talking about photographer geekstrong

No. 306648

File: 1693443185298.jpg (164.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230830-003521_Ins…)

armoredheart talking about geekstrong

No. 306694

Is this some small time cosplayer drama? Never heard of these people before. Also do they have any proof of lies being spread, like DMs from people this photographer reached out to about these rumors?

No. 306710

File: 1693507215898.jpg (264.01 KB, 845x1119, IMG_0687.jpg)

More Geekstrong abuse accusations from cosplayers

No. 306711

File: 1693507309285.jpg (375.89 KB, 1148x1735, IMG_0686.jpg)

More Geekstrong abuse accusations from cosplayers

No. 306712

File: 1693507657048.jpg (199.24 KB, 1079x1915, Screenshot_20230830_160259_Ins…)

More Geekstrong abuse accusations from cosplayers

No. 306717

Are these people serious? Are there any more legit accusations? Because calling someone chunky is not abuse (maybe if it’s a partner or something as part of other things, but this doesn’t seem to be that). Are zoomers so sensitive that telling someone they look chunky in a pose or costume is abuse to them? Ya it’s a dick move but abuse? No.

No. 306745

Yeah, nta, but none of this screams "abusive". These are nobodies too. Seems like drama for the sake of clout. I smell some selfposting..

No. 306816

god i hate trannies(learn to sage)

No. 306855

Sorry for no screenshots as the posts are usually on stories: Kamil did an AMA on IG and someone asked did she really adopt kaddi cosplay and she said that they did and she was their adopted daughter… They have been posting about this for a few months but this is the first time someone's questioned it directly, why would they do that? Can you adopt someone and then just leave the country? They didn't even mention her until a few months back when she came out of nowhere as their adopted daughter(screenshots still needed)

No. 306856

Kamui* sorry(delete and repost instead of posting again to correct yourself)

No. 306862

They didn't adopt her. It's just a gimmick to claim here as their adoptive daughter to seem warm, bubbly and relatable (could also be to drive social media traffic on both account). Kaddi is a grown ass adult anon.

No. 306875

Which is what I thought too but I don't know why she would reply to "did you honestly adopt her" with yes if she was just trying to be funny

No. 306933

Kamui's humor has always been awkward.

No. 306999

Anon this is equivalent to telling someone you're their sister. Have you really never used or seen adults or anyone ever joke about wanting someone to adopt you. They know it's not real, you assuming it is, is so embarrassing for you.

No. 308160

File: 1695265263719.mp4 (3.01 MB, 576x1024, Download.mp4)

has anyone come across this ethot before? she apparently is live on tiktok like every single day, clearly sexualising herself and then complaining about all the 'weirdos' commenting(needs milk + links)

No. 308162

>fully clothed

Provide proof.

No. 308169

its either a vendetta or self post because she is the most average cosplayer on tiktok from a quick skim of her page

No. 309066

File: 1696370986050.jpg (218.2 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20231003_180524_Ins…)

I know we cannot escape sponsorship cosplayers, but who the hell is the core audience for these ads?
>Cosplayers! Buy this shitty gaming laptop!
>Gamers! Buy this shitty gaming laptop!

No. 309205

File: 1696542934429.jpeg (2.22 MB, 3353x1468, IMG_2686.jpeg)

There’s no new HimeAhri thread so posting here.
Himeahri Skyleigh is back on the ebegging grind by asking people to donate to her gofundme or buy her ridiculously overpriced blurry photoshopped to hell and back photosets + fan service packages so she can continue her weeb wannabe influencer lifestyle. It’s pretty ridiculous how she chalks it up to: I was abused horribly so I can’t work and inflation is at an all time high! I have jaw muscle pain! I have impacted wisdom teeth! Pls donate! She’s 25/26, it’s time to get a job like everyone else.

No. 309206

File: 1696543008739.jpeg (285.28 KB, 828x1473, IMG_2681.jpeg)

And she’s still with the mexscrote

No. 309207

This vendetta is so boring lol

No. 309218

That was quick what happened to sperging about people not donating to the Armenian genocide?

No. 309538

Do you search lolcow for her 24/7, skyanon?
I’m surprised people keep falling for her bs, I bet she ebegs her neckbeard simps via dm as well.
She has always appeared desperate to me, even back in her momo days. That’s why she doesn’t gain popularity, that and she refuses to do anything other than uwulewd photosets.
The only way your simps will fund your lifestyle is if you get your bits out Sky, that or you do a job like a normal person kek.

No. 309541

wtf is up with the jellybeans
and wtf does she mean business advice?!!! lol

No. 309625

her trying to look japanese is still the funniest thing

No. 309643

File: 1697123606832.jpeg (178.29 KB, 828x1384, IMG_3005.jpeg)

I feel like Skyleigh is trying too hard to come off as a kind and good person. She wants people to think she has no uwu food and is struggling to eat >>309205 but she’s uwu willing to give a hello fresh meal to one of her followers. If she was really struggling she would get her ass up and work ~quote from her idol Kim K~. I had a coworker who came to work the next day after her dad died and she didn’t even attend his funeral cause she had bills and rent to pay, she couldn’t afford to not be at work for a day. Now that’s truly someone in a hard situation who fking needs help. If Miss Skyleigh Renee had absolutely no choice she’d be working a job already instead of trying to organize a fundraiser/gofundme for the hundredth time.

No. 309654

So same grift as always not necessarily anything new she's doing right? She's just a sugar baby basically

No. 309685

Struggling financially and traumatized to the point of being unable to work, but can afford lip fillers and can go out in public with greasy ass boyfriend. What an absolute leech.

No. 309697

She’s just lazy as hell, her excuses are so boring. Pretty embarrassing to be 26 and have no education and work experience other than working at Panera 10 years ago for a week.

No. 309884

File: 1697377958091.jpg (3.47 MB, 4096x4096, myra.jpg)

This week in cosplay contest drama: New York Comic Con happened this weekend. Myratheoncosplay / Myratheon Cosplay didn't win and is showing her ass on Instagram.

No. 309894

It's always the rhinestone cosplayers.

No. 309916

File: 1697405362713.jpg (3.59 MB, 4096x4096, crybaby.jpg)

Another poor sport pissbaby who's angry his lumpy box didn't win at NYCC. This one is Superior_eagleye . Never heard of him before but he's trying to start a #justiceformimic hashtag.

No. 309917

The cosplay space is so saturated. These kids need to stop thinking that they are the only ones who know how to big build.

No. 309922


Didn't she win best in show at CTcon in that? And then went shopping for more prizes at NYCC? Sketchy.

No. 309923

Not a costumer nor have experience but those rhinestones are so distracting…no wonder she didn't win.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 309925

File: 1697411493574.jpg (304.13 KB, 1488x2640, kiwxta9i1lc51.jpg)

I think another current fandom example that should be included is Hazbin/Helluva Boss,especially with Hazbin coming next year.
Shit character design=shit cosplay that cannot be pulled off in real life no matter how accurate your cosplay is.seriously none of these Helluva/Hazbin cosplays look good.lots of these give uncanny valley vibes and not in good way either

No. 309926

File: 1697411559200.jpg (149.29 KB, 843x1024, FSaE2ckXIAI3nkr.jpg)

No. 309927

File: 1697411672748.jpg (89.01 KB, 774x1032, charlie_cosplay_by_auress_dffp…)

No. 309929

This is really good though. Not sure why you posted this one with the others. The show isn't bad and it's nowhere near as bad as Homestuck. this just screams "I don't like how popular it is because even bad cosplayers try cosplaying from it".

No. 309932

Are you joking? His teeth look like candy corn,the wig looks like origami and the suit looks like it came from Temu.

No. 309933

The character has yellow, sharp teeth? The hair is also ridiculous, so this is a good take on it. Might want to learn2sage.

No. 309938


The person who won can sew circles around this girl, and probably around 99% of cosplayers who still make their own costumes. She needs to get good and stop whining.

No. 309940

Okay but that Thor is actual shit and I'm aghast she placed

No. 309942

Did she do all her own leather work and staining and heavy needlework on real leather? It seems she did. It's not just fully made of worbla and basic fabrics. This is why cosplays like that will always get more recognition than just strictly >>309916 on the left. Yes that's a lot of building, but it doesn't show as much as mixing it with fabric cosplay too.

No. 309945

Of course you see nothing wrong with it,you have shit taste to begin with.nowhere near as bad as Homestuck?have you been living under a rock?it's worse than Homestuck at this point it's Homestuck 2.0

No. 309948

File: 1697430251489.jpg (1.32 MB, 4000x6000, e10lz17w2aj81.jpg)

Horrifying,how bad can your cosplay possibly be when it looks like Ai made it?the neck tho

No. 309949

Sage your shit

No. 309952

File: 1697431745026.jpg (73.05 KB, 772x1035, alastor_hazbin_hotel_cosplay__…)

>Shit character design=shit cosplay that cannot be pulled off in real life no matter how accurate your cosplay is.
all these alastor cosplays will look shit no matter what. and then you have less experienced cosplayers trying to pull off the designs too. unfortunate

No. 309955

File: 1697432029426.jpg (110.74 KB, 741x1280, f556cwlitod41.jpg)

ironically, only hazbin character that can be pulled off is charlie in her regular outfit. still the facepaint is fucked on a lot of them + white face with butter teeth is a recipe for disaster picrel

No. 309966

File: 1697441769517.jpg (2.13 MB, 1438x1799, Screenshot_20231016_033252.jpg)

People keep mentioning him in the comments but it's so clear how many people don't realize what cosplay contests are judged on. He has a big build based on Popular Thing so it should win, completely ignoring the quality. It's all glued down, sloppily painted props and paper - the actual boxes still have the exposed bottom texture of the foam mats. What a baby.

No. 309967

Exactly. Just like a basic sewing outfit, no matter how accurate, will not beat someone who actually used different sewing techniques.

No. 309968

not even just that, it just doesn't look good at all. maybe in 2009, but that armor looks like literal clay among all the other issues.

No. 309976

When will these people learn the revolutionary concept of bitching to their friends in private. When you post stuff like this you are practically begging to be nitpicked and laughed at.

No. 309984

File: 1697471041305.png (718 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231016-114227.png)


Anyone who's anyone in the competition scene is posting about sportsmanship and whatever and she continues to throw a fit.

No. 309985

File: 1697472771147.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3331x1479, IMG_3248.jpeg)

It's so cringe how himeahri thinks constantly posting about weeb shit and Japanese food makes her Japanese and people will believe it.
>My dad would love this
I bet her non Japanese, non Asian, all American white father doesn't even know wtf Godzilla is.

No. 309986

She looks like that one employee at GameStop who never grew out of her slice of life anime Phase. Like she has a Totoro sleeve and plays DND with her polycule once a month

No. 309994

>I bet her non Japanese, non Asian, all American white father doesn't even know wtf Godzilla is.
What a weird thing to fixate on and assume lol

No. 309995

File: 1697476915538.jpeg (217.21 KB, 828x1118, IMG_3250.jpeg)

Hmm I wonder why did you deleted your original comment. The himeahri wks are so pathetic.(infighting)

No. 310003

I deleted it because your comment would only make sense if Godzilla wasn't a pop culture icon and I didn't want to infight over it. Just seemed arbitrary to focus on her dad like that. Not sure why you think that's wking, but the screenshot you shared should be clue enough that you're just looking to infight.

No. 310006

Are you new to the himeahri lore? Or are you a follower that believes her white father is actually Japanese? Literally everything she posts online references the non existent Japanese heritage she claims to have.

No. 310009

Uhh anon, old white guys definitely know Godzilla. It was a huge popular thing in their time lol. We all know she skinwalks being part Asian, but this is reaching.

No. 310010

File: 1697486715567.png (820.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231016-160228.png)

Myratheon Cosplay desperately trying to backtrack

No. 310013

>we are all nerds in costumes
The same crap repeated by every single cosplayer who gets called out. You are not all just nerds. You are people with a hobby, regardless of the type of hobby, and some of you are pathetic, shitty, entitled pricks. That's it. Has nothing to do with you all being nerdy and silly and goofy. If you're a terrible person, you could be nerdy for cooking for all I care. I hate this fake community stuff when you personal actions have nothing to do with the community.

No. 310014

not even an apology to the judges or contestants, just a "yeah that was cringe of me lulz". you're not an asshole when you lose, you're just an asshole.

No. 310015

>I lost, so I'm quitting, boo hoo.
Ftfy. Is it so hard to not be a fuckhead about cosplay contests? Just go back to your room and whine to your roommates instead of making an ass of yourself on social media.

No. 310016

Lol at least she’s attempting to backpedal. The dude who built the bookshelf just deleted all his posts that made it clear he thinks he was robbed. It’s clear he’s one of those guys who thinks “big and visually good looking from 20 feet away is best” while failing to realize that craftsmanship judges will nitpick EVERYTHING… they’re going to look inside and look at things that no one else will see to see how clean it is because if they’re on the fence between 2 competitors, they’re going to pick the one that has an inside that looks as good as the outside. If it’s true that there were visible spots where the foam was unfinished, then he had no chance.
I’m tired of people thinking that any armor, no matter how ill fitting and finished, is better than needlework. The winner has been working on that costume for literally years because it’s entirely embroidered and beaded by hand. Including the linings.
Anyway, Trinity Blood was is only really impressive if it’s absolutely perfect, which it very rarely is. It’s like Sakizou costumes: if they proportions or craftsmanship aren’t immaculate, it looks like a gilded turd.

No. 310018


She probably thought that mimic dude took all the heat off her. Pathetic she is crying about not winning in that costume when there's questions about whether she even made it

No. 310019

Damn, there’s questions as to whether she actually made it? Is there a reason for that or just because she doesn’t have any progress posted on her Instagram?

No. 310026

File: 1697493443014.jpeg (574.19 KB, 1079x1751, 9CF91A00-918E-4670-B3DD-4BF8A6…)

I’m no expert at sewing (would never claim to be either) but whilst it’s impressive in the amount of effort it would’ve taken , even her yellow arm band thing is clearly messy. Some of the lace appliqués look like they’re half falling off too

Half the problem seems to be cosplayers make costumes for the sole purpose of winning these days. It’s not ‘I spent hours making this costume to perfection because I love the character and want to show my hard work’ it’s ‘okay this is an obnoxiously detailed build I might have a chance at winning with’. Cringe af unless you’re in the WCS

No. 310028

this shit has so much cheap lace and rhinestones that it looks like a sarah spaceman cosplay

No. 310029

She commissioned pieces of the costume. Myra is well known around here for both drama and scamming via cosplay commissions. This is the third contest she entered the trinity blood cosplay in and the second time she lost.

No. 310036


Considering she didn't have a build book with any proof of construction until NYCC, the first loss might have been DQ

No. 310038

i hate how much you're right. half the people i talk to at cons, bought cosplay or not, just do not care about the source medium at all. not even basic stuff, like i'm not trying to have a nerd debate with everyone but they dont even seem excited about whatever they do enjoy from whatever part of the anime or game is that they're in.

most of my instagram feed is people planning costumes years in advance, based purely on the complexity of the design and not much else. maybe i just have a lot of different interests but even if they only cosplay from a couple shows, i don't get the sense that they're big fans.

No. 310039

As someone who adores Trinity Blood and could write a dissertation on the series and costume design alone, this hurts me terribly. She couldn't cut that beading away from the base tulle to applique to the skirt? The rhinestones on the armor are godawful and obviously were added because she thought "judges love shinies." I can tell the fit on the bodice is terrible even with her arm covering her body, and she doesn't even look like she can stand or move properly, on top of if it's true that she commissioned parts of it. Like if I didn't know skill levels as low as Megu were accepted, I'd be surprised she was chosen to compete in the first place.

No. 310040

It’s true sadly. Idc normally if people buy their cosplays but at least with made ones they’re better quality/the person has at least gone to the effort of doing it themselves.

Another thing I hate is low effort meme cosplays m4stiff that go viral for no other reason than it being ‘so funny XDD’ of because the cosplayer is hot

Especially when people make multiple it seems so wasteful, it’s obvious they won’t even be worn to a con/for more than a few shitty photos

No. 310041

File: 1697507207845.png (3.45 MB, 1000x1529, 193980.png)

Also she's probably not winning because, yes Trinity blood is hell because the outfits are often drawn differently but her costume is still inaccurate. I cant find a single image where Seth's hat has yellow gems, only red ones. She also added yellow gems in certain places where its just supposed to be a gold dome shape. Also Seth's torso armor wraps around the whole front half of her torso, not just sitting in the middle front.

Note: I attached this image because it shows seth's colors. the lace sleeves are accurate to one of her in-chapter manga appearances

What's worse is that the last time she wore it, it didnt have the rhinestones and looked way better.

No. 310046

I'm so glad other TB fans are calling this shit. Her costume is so inaccurate. I've seen better TB cosplays at its peak in 2006-2008

No. 310049

Are people online doing it in comments or just anons here though?

No. 310052

File: 1697518762881.jpg (2.5 MB, 4096x4096, woof.jpg)

She just doesn't know when to quit.

Girl, why are you still trying to justify your bad behavior when you act like this at every contest? Who's going to believe you didn't mean to be a bitch all those times, you've just got anxiety/exhaustion/insert excuse?

Not directly on her IG. I haven't seen anything outside of subtweets and stories.

No. 310053

So mostly just here. I don't see much on twitter either. I wouldn't say people are calling her out about the inaccuracy. Her cosplay is actually pretty nice, but the fact that hot glue and not fabric glue was used and some unfinished edges and out of place stones.. She won't win with that. That looks way better than a basic cosplay, but acting like a child when you don't even see your own flaws is embarrassing.

No. 310056

I’ve seen a ton of cosplayers posting stories about being a sore loser. I think it’s mostly directed at the bookshelf dude because he literally trying to start a hashtag about being robbed. He deleted everything but it’s been seen by everyone and passed around. He’ll be lucky to get a spot in any big competition again unless it’s just first come first served. Which high level competitions usually aren’t; they’re based on the quality/level of the costume. But he’s made it clear he’s a piss poor sport and people don’t want to deal with that.
I think this girl saw Trinity Blood as being a costume that easily wins contests. Which was true… in 2006. When there was no worbla, Eva foam wasn’t common to be used, quality materials were harder to find etc. these days it’s just not as impressive. Especially if she commissioned parts of it. The costume is impressive for a novice, decent for a journeyman and meh for masters. She was on the low end of the skill level even entering this contest.

No. 310057

That's why the leatherwork won second and I don't think she realizes that. Full agree, anon. There's working with fabric and then there's working with uncommon fabrics and having to have tools to use those fabrics that isn't just a needle and thread or some crochet needles. Imprinting, bronzing, aging, the needlework alone for the leather straps. This is like when Sarah didn't understand how Thor or Game of Thrones won for the outside of the US competition. More work goes into these than just using based tape and some wig styling.

No. 310065


Not to craftsperg but leather is really hard to do neatly. It requires a lot of equipment and time investment into technique and is a low forgiveness material. The Thor looks great and definitely deserved her place.

No. 310067

I disagree because, sure, craftsmanship, but it doesn't look good. The colors themselves don't mesh (and I'll admit that Thor's design is a nightmare in the wrong lighting), and even if the crafting is good, the cosplay isn't fun to look at. There's nothing new or ingenuitive or inspired. Plenty of people have just made a cosplay and tossed it up there and won before. I get the craftsmanship argument, but these contests have multiple angles are grading. This one really pales in comparison to the other two from an aesthetic standpoint

No. 310072

The judging criteria for this contest is literally online, and it's widely known that NYCC and the crown are judged almost solely on craftsmanship and difficulty. You don't get points for "prettiness" or "I liked the source design more." That's called judging bias.

>Plenty of people have just made a cosplay and tossed it up there and won before

Source? This is one of the biggest contests in the country. Which of the past winners do you think just slapped something together?

No. 310074

Some contests may value aesthetics over craftsmanship, but not this one. The judging criteria is literally 30% accuracy or design interpretation (in the case of original designs like the third place black lagoon design) and 70% craftsmanship. So the Thor was literally only judged on how close her costume matches the film costume, and how well it was constructed.
Also, yes, some people enter a contest with something “thrown together” and win, but this isn’t one of those contests. You have to submit progress pictures or pictures of the finished costume to even be considered, and it’s one of the highest level contests in the country since it’s a regional qualifier for Crown Championship of Cosplay. The winner of those finals competes in the international contest. So no, no one is throwing things together and winning this contest.

No. 310078

You need to post what you're talking about. You're saying the winners had a worse cosplay because.. you personally said so? You need to post caps of what you're even talking about. Who at NYCC has won based on just looks because that hasn't happened. Were you in the contest or something because you're being vague, but shitting on the winners without examples.

No. 310087

Also, it honestly doesn't matter if she did something new or ingenious, her costume is crafted impeccably. Having flawless crafting will always win over more but messier techniques. Completely mastering a skill will be more impressive than being just good at everything, especially if there's still room for improvement on even just one aspect.

No. 310189

File: 1697721042616.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1290x1542, IMG_1082.jpeg)

Cosplay Ethot Hailey Brewer or @Hauntedhostess

>Got famous on Tik Tok for her “Queer” Velma cosplay

>Complains her videos get shadowbanned on tik tok but posts suggestive/softcore content
>Her job is cosplay but says she is “just playing dress up”
>Doesn’t attend many cons due to “anxiety”
>Has Onlyfans, charges $10 a month says “no fully nudity” meaning no nipples and has additional PPV of her masturbating in cosplay but doesn’t show it, only shows top of her body

No. 310196

She's sexualizing tinkerbell? I hate thots so much

No. 310211

Faeries aren't even real.. how is sexualizing this an issue? Lol

What's her milk exactly, that she has an onlyfans?

No. 310224

File: 1697737612921.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1290x2027, IMG_1087.jpeg)


>“Tik Tok keeps shadow banning my videos” The videos she’s posts
(sage your shit)

No. 310234

Can you at least post where she's complaining about shadowbanning?

No. 310247

>>Faeries aren't even real.. how is sexualizing this an issue? Lol
tinkerbelle is well known pixie in the Peter pan story. Sexualizing children's media is disgusting. She would have been a random fairy or pixie, but she chose Tinkerbelle.>>310189

No. 310294

Did you miss the Costhot thread?


No. 310320

She was sexualized from the get-go, nonna. It's tinkerbell lol Her whole thing was vain sexuality and jealousy.

No. 310376

Be careful not to choke yourself on those clutched pearls, nonna.

No. 310380

File: 1697832873672.jpg (100.17 KB, 855x934, 14nj-pre.jpg)

>Sexualizing children's media is disgusting
While I agree with the general sentiment, this character was heavy sexualized in canon lol. That's the case for many classic Disney characters. Probably wouldn't fly today but was typical back then.

No. 310384

IIRC she was based on Marilyn Monroe. Most early Disney had weird stuff like that meant for adults to enjoy while kids missed some subtext and just watched the story.

No. 310655

Costhot board is full
Can someone make a new one

No. 311407

Tell me about it. There is some tea brewed. Lol.

No. 311969

File: 1699475287399.jpg (2.56 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-11-08_15-23-38-971.…)

HimeAhri/Skyleigh getting mad/insulting bc a follower noticed and called out her literal e-begging childish behavior

No. 311970

File: 1699475321609.jpg (505.1 KB, 1080x2088, Screenshot_20231108_141549_Ins…)


No. 311972

Tbf she has a point. She begs, yeah, but scrotes willingly give her money. Also I wouldn't think of onlyfans sub begging as the same as looking for donations.

No. 311985

They're both deranged. Retard with parasocal relationship and other retard who thinks anyone cares to read her unhinged rant.

No. 312040

She should have just ignored him. Instead she's trying to prove that she's getting her life together to a total stranger who probably doesnt give a shit and thinks her melty is funny. In a week she will beg for more money. Lol.

No. 312189

Skyleigh always begs for everyone to pay for all of her expenses, whether it be for food, therapy, weeb shit, etc. With all that effort she puts into this bullshit she could have used it to get a damn job.
Kek she was always desperate to show everyone that she’s got shit going on and her life is put “together” but we all know the truth. I like how her scrotes and fanthots are waking up to her bullshit and lies.

No. 312827

File: 1700508941971.jpg (2.73 MB, 4096x4096, myrayikes.jpg)


Guess who's back?

Only one month later and Myratheon Cosplay / Myratheoncosplay is complaining again about losing with her terrible Trinity Blood cosplay. This is the fourth contest she's entered it in. So much for "contests aren't for me anymore"?

No. 312842

File: 1700522113714.png (10.53 KB, 413x113, image-1.png)

This has been one hell of a saga to follow. She's gotten three awards for this same costume, all major despite ANYC's contest stating explicitly that sandbagging is not allowed and entering a costume that has won a major award is also forbidden.
>Fan Expo 2022 (best needlework)
>Connecticon 2023 (best in show)
>ANYC (runner-up advanced)
And then has the audacity go on a campaign to make excuses for why she could have possibly been allowed to re-enter this costume and pretend it's not about her. And all of this for a cosplay she didn't even make half of. I'm surprised after her NYCC response she managed to slip through the cracks to still compete at ANYC.

No. 312844

File: 1700529205572.jpg (70.13 KB, 956x493, Etsy.jpg)

Adding some milk, she's banned from Etsy. This person mentions she's a scammer.

No. 312846

File: 1700533575458.png (1.71 MB, 3264x771, photographer.png)

https://twitter.com/FairyTaleCos/status/1554530303871426560 also scam with photography. here's a shitty collage. sage for recent image milk

No. 312851

Thank you for this collage. Not only was she unresponsive, she really edited those photos badly and removed the person's mole? Scummy

No. 312855

Yeah. I think that alone should ban her from competitions to be honest

No. 312874

She was probably already signed up for ANYC when NYCC happened, so it was too late. She will likely have issues getting into contests in the future that aren’t first come first served due to being so outspoken about being butthurt about not winning, but that’s not something that would get someone pulled from a contest.
If it’s truly against the rules to enter in a costume that has won before, she might get her award revoked if it gets back to the judges. But it’s more likely that people will just remember and won’t respect her.

No. 312881

I'm inclined to agree with you; to add, ANYC acceptances went out a good two weeks after NYCC, and their process includes asking for social media to inspect who actually makes their stuff and is more likely to follow through with the contest. I will say though that she backtracked pretty quickly after NYCC and never actually posted her previous wins to her feed (only via stories and FB posts) so yeah, I do agree with the doubt she would have been kicked from ANYC based on that. Can only hope she's barred from competing in most regards after this stunt, though.

No. 312910

She won’t be “banned”, you’d have to do something really blatant like enter a costume you didn’t make (like completely, not parts). It’s more like, if there’s a contest where they pick the best applicants to actually compete (which is the case with most big craftsmanship based contests), the judges will probably not pick her if they know her history, even if she’s good enough to make the contest. She’ll just get told she didn’t make the cut, even if she would have otherwise. If it’s a first come first served contest, she might make it if they actually go by the order, but if there’s a few spots and more people than that and she’s towards the end of the line? I could see them bumping her out of the actual lineup if it wouldn’t be obvious that she was bumped (and there are a lot of contests that fill up in minutes so it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious. Although if it’s open for days and she entered right away, she’d probably be ok since it would be hard to explain it away).
Basically, if people running the contests know who she is (which they likely do in her area/region), she’ll have a much harder time getting a spot than if she had just kept her mouth shut and been gracious. No one likes to lose, many of us haven’t placed as well as we thought we should have in contests, but we smile, either don’t mention it on socials or talk about how supportive everyone was/kind everyone was/amazing the winners were and bitch about it to trusted friends only. People don’t quickly forget when you have a reputation for being a sore loser.

No. 312914

Funny thing is she won Runner up Advanced and that wasn’t good enough for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 313687

File: 1701276011904.png (1.13 MB, 720x986, Screenshot_20231129-173759-827…)

Oh no.
Love Live cosplay often looks bad but going out like this is kinda bizzare.

No. 313693

Troons stop being absolutely disgusting challenge level: impossible

No. 313718

Took me a minute to figure out the girl on the left didn't have a giant open wound on her leg but in fact it was the elastic for her suspenders that came loose (girl on right has the same in white)

Right looks pretty cute but it may just be in comparison to the other one, she looks half undressed with the visible pantyhose/shapewear at the waist and upper thighs
(also troons? >>313693 )

No. 313730

File: 1701292107721.png (1.13 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231129-220812.png)

I don't think she's a troon but definitely delusional

No. 313867

File: 1701396612713.jpg (276 KB, 720x1267, Screenshot_20231201_130113_Ins…)

She's not much of a cow anymore but this made me kek. While ebegging for wisdom tooth removal she just had to slip in that they said she's smol (doubt) and that's why they're impacted. I hope she realises that most people's wisdom teeth are like this and that she isn't particularly small when this surgery is medically necessary for the majority of the population.

No. 313880

That is a 15 year old.(learn to sage)

No. 313882

Most people don't have all 4 compact wisdom teeth and some people do have smaller jaws and thus smaller mouths. Overcrowding happens because of it. Honestly from get looks she doesn't have a mouth like Jessica Nigri or like Aerosmith for sure. It's possible it is because she has a smaller mouth.

No. 313883

nta but I think anon was pointing out her phrasing as if it's because she's a smol loli that this happened when, as you said most/many people have wisdom teeth issues.

No. 313901

4 wisdom teeth is the most common and 90% of people have at the very least one impacted tooth (to give you a rough estimation of how often it occurs). It's not really rare or special to need all of them removed, although I agree she definitely doesn't look like Steven Tyler KEK! Just speaking from experience in the inudstry it's not remarkable or out of the ordinary so it's pretty unlikely you'd go out of your way to tell a patient how ~small~ they are because of it.

No. 313912

More likely what happened is it was an offhand comment like "because your mouth is small there's less room for them to move in" and not a "omg you're so tiny of course your dainty little jaw, which is just as smol as your entire loli body, doesn't have room for all these big bad teeth!"

All four of mine were impacted exactly like this and it's not fun, but it's not some miracle that her mouth has no room for them to grow.

No. 313915

Nice Google search.

Yeah, the dentist probably explained her mouth is small and she's just using her usual phrasing because its convenient, but it doesn't negate its truth that her mouth can be small which is how this happens. Same with me anon, all 4, but after braces when they realized straightening everything made less room. I wonder if she's getting them out so she can get braces tbh.

No. 313917

Without knowing anything about these two left looks like your typical really fat AGP troon. I see my mistake assuming >>313730 is the same person. I can 100% believe the girl on the right only took a photo with the thing on the left to look better in comparison.

No. 313929

File: 1701448388938.jpg (246.4 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20231201_112928_Ins…)

The influx of fast fashion cosplayers crying over their 300 likes on the gram. The entitlement is entertaining.

No. 313930

>she’s not a cow anymore
Lmao how? She’s transracial Japanese and went as far to photoshop her fucking DNA TEST. Not to mention she is constantly lying and begging people to give her money because her grown ass does not want a job. Skyleigh Himeahri is literally sick in the head.

No. 313946

It is the same person, the one in black outfit and the one in glasses. If she's 15, I'm surprised tho, that's how old you look when you are this fat.(learn to sage)

No. 313949

Time out… she photoshopped a dna test?

No. 313950

Go to her old threads. There's no reason to derail about year old milk here.

No. 313954

Himeahri is a white as bread gal from Florida who lied about being Japanese, Korean then back to Japanese for like 10 years (she’s another Oli London/Rachel Dolezal). She got cancelled after ppl who knew her in irl confirmed she’s just white + ppl finding out abt her bullshit. A year later she comes back as a normal white person but went back to lying a year later cuz she missed the attention she got from other weebs wishing they were asian. She photoshopped her DNA test to say Japanese so she can continue cosplaying as a fake uwu asian and act like a living asian stereotype. She also posted blurred images of a dark as fuck man claiming he was her Japanese father when her real father is just another white guy lol. Homegirl has many threads here.

No. 313981

Yeah I mean she's just not really a milkable cow. She just does the same shit over and over without variation to the point it's boring a no one really cares. I did find the fact she had to let everyone one she basically got medically diagnosed small funny though.
Kek, I don't know why you think this is some kind of gotcha? I was trying to provide context for the amount of times I have personally seen this irl. Dental offices don't personally deal in statistics they just see and treat patients. And obviously, I'm not arguing that. I'm pointing out how normalised it is. The way she framed the interaction likely never happened. If you include myself 3 people in this thread have had the same treatment which is my point exactly. Also, you clearly googled too ya sperg.

No. 313986

I hate this so much.

No. 314014

File: 1701545682430.jpeg (511.67 KB, 828x1443, IMG_5675.jpeg)

Himeahri is so fking annoying, all she posts is shit like I’m such a smol uwu loli asian! Look! Someone said I’m soo smol! Wow look I’m totemo azn desu!

>it’s gonna cost thousands

>pls donate
>i’ve been working
You know that money is not going to getting her shit out. Just a couple weeks ago her follower called her out for using money meant to “move her out of a bad situation” on weeb shit. I bet her insurance or mom will pay for it and she’s lying to get donos for more cosmetic procedures or weeb shit. And what work? Ebegging for all your life necessities and leisure is not a job.

No. 314023

Its never new milk with this thot. At least post something thats not repetitive asking for donations. We know she does this monthly. Dont need to post every time she does it

No. 314036

File: 1701566865880.jpg (8.26 KB, 260x275, 1682127076674.jpg)

This is really embarrassing, but there are a lot of cosplayers that act like this nowadays. I think I used to follow this girl back in 2018 too. She literally bought an Amazon cosplay and thought that some editing and lighting would equal a huge social media surge of love. It is low effort, and her trying to justify it because she 'put on eyelashes and makeup' is weak. That's the basics of this hobby.

I don't know if this is just older cosplayers trying to cope with losing significance as our hobby becomes more saturated. What might have made a splash 10 years ago is now the norm. Before, making cosplays required out of the box thinking, crafting and skill as materials were hard to come by. Now, you can learn many skills from other cosplayers online, there are cosplay books, and materials/cosplays are more affordable and easily available. It's hard to swallow, but once you let go of ego, it makes the hobby way more enjoyable cause it's for you vs trying to validate yourself with likes from strangers on Insta.

No. 314043

Yeah it's not even a specific cosplayer anymore. It's just how it is

No. 314073

I love seeing all the retarded rinse and repeat shenanigans Skyleigh does. It's entertaining watching dumbasses fuck their lives up on purpose kek

No. 314093

But its stale and old gimmicks. Not worth posting the same thing repeatedly. You can check up on her yourself and its not even cosplay updates. She's better off in the thot general on snow.

No. 314232

Who the fuck cares? You’re not a farmhand

No. 314242

So other anons know that she doesn't have new milk, it's been the same posts about begging for 2 years.

No. 314277

this is genuinely hilarious
>it's cause i'm small they grew like this
>it's not fair
If it weren't Skyleigh, I would assume it's a lame parody of an attention-starved pickme. Thanks for posting anon.
it's not stale or old at all, this is a new grift. She definitely is on her parents' insurance and impacted wisdom teeth growing in like this are treated as medically necessary procedures. Whatever insurance she has will pay for their removal. She's not getting them removed to get braces (kek how would she even afford something elective like braces?). If that's really her xray then she needs them out because they are going to fuck up her bite.

No. 314287

You care way too much. Cows be cowing, don’t read it if you don’t like it then lol.

No. 314688

That's what I said lol It's the same song and dance, just constant reposting. She doesn't actually have milk and repeating old milk ain't it.

No. 314777

File: 1702103321795.png (509.59 KB, 945x781, 1rweh6.png)

I think Kinpatsu believes this response is a serve to the 'haters' who thought her OF/sexy content was going to flop. But I wouldn't consider follower count to equal success or respect, especially when the majority of those 'fans' are moids, other SW and bots. It's one of those quality over quantity situations. At first when she announced her decision to create an OF, it was understandable since she just got out of a long relationship and wants to explore different avenues. She promised she would keep cosplaying and updating her main account with tutorials and projects. But my main problem is with her pointing out that a year has gone by and what? She got shitty bolt ons that are way too big for her, she's engaged to a flop of a guy that seems as wishy washy and unreliable as her, and her main account has barely any activity other than to promote her online store. It's pretty clear she has no love for the hobby anymore and maybe that's a result of her ex pushing it on her as it was their main income source, but what a waste it's come to. All those years of crafting, experience, reputation (even to be included as guest judge), just to blow it off so you can post the same tired content as all the other girls in the category.

No. 314789


Looks like her ex was the one doing all the work after all

No. 314802

Your post just sounds like you're salty she actually attention from her OF and her body mods. Not sure what else you're trying to say about her post.

No. 314830

It's sad to see a woman who had a good reputation and business as a crafter abandon it because being a thot who caters to foot fetish moids is easier.
Sounds bleak as hell. If she was happy about it she wouldn't be addressing her "haters" from a year ago.

No. 314838

File: 1702170439648.jpg (12.65 KB, 236x295, f3e9f4a0dacc71524a25ff09c0d834…)

Yeah, I'm so incredibly salty, if only I had tits that looked like beaker's eyeballs maybe then I could achieve peace.

No. 314847

Not like her reputation is fucked up? Just because lolcow doesn't like her doing OF doesn't mean her reputation has suffered. In what ways has it suffered because all I see are number gains.

No. 314850

A number of crafters I know have lost respect from her, between the break up drama and the total lack of crafting content compared to porn. She's curating a new audience of simps and moids, but her former fanbase followed her for high quality crafting, not tits.

No. 314852

But her reputation itself didn't tank. Some people losing respect isn't the community as a whole. She still has most cosplayers support from the look of it, the followers haven't really changed with who was on the normal Insta to the hoe Insta.

No. 315159

File: 1702473626616.jpeg (338.72 KB, 960x1403, IMG_4402.jpeg)

Cosplayer known as sugarvail was caught stealing a pattern and reselling it as their own

No. 315168

They stole from rufflebutt cosplay? damn, I know that cosplayer has a big audience too. This bitch gonna get dragged.

No. 315171

Yet all puff sleeves are basically the same type of pattern, give or take the pattern/design of the sleeve. Cosplayers really act like they own everything. Yes ruffle had a pattern, but she also learned that from another pattern. Altering the pattern to fit their needs is exactly what ruffle did to make her pattern, so why can't another cosplayer also adjust the pattern for their own needs too? This all seems so frivolously petty.

No. 315193

i don't know a lot but i saw the patterns side by side and it is very deliberately copied. i think one justification was that one pattern had the seam allowance taken out, but it turned out both had that as an option.

No. 315236

She didn't though. some weeks ago rufflebutt made a video showing how she made the pattern, which was basically mashing together some scrap bags and things. Regardless, she made the pattern entirely on her own.(sage)

No. 315243

the one thing i took from this was her saying she stole it for financial incentives and that moneys been hard. she truly couldn't make it through the apology without tossing in something in hopes of gaining pity for herself. if moneys that tight why are you making a cosplay to begin with? this would've went on for a while had she not been caught. especially hilarious given most of her content is about crafting. makes one wonder how much of the rest of her cosplays she truly made herself as well, or just stole from other creators.

also, why are you even selling patterns when you clearly don't know how to draft patterns yourself? she seems delusional about her own skill level.

No. 315285

This girl probably has impostor syndrome so bad. Not one creative bone in her body.

No. 315288

Not me googling because I didn't realize someone besides Jessie Pridemore was using the Rufflebutt Cosplay name

No. 315313


You do realize this is about the stolen the hat pattern, right? Thats why sugar only took-down the hat reels. Its not about the puff sleeves, but a highly specific hat shape

No. 315661

She's still doing this "fuck the haters" cope. She gave up being one of the most well known international cosplayers who actually relied of craftsmanship instead of just empty sex appeal for lewd selfies, botched bolt ons and trying to convince herself that this is what she wants to do with her life. It's pretty clear that her ex was the one doing all the work for her cosplays and once he was gone she couldn't keep the hobby up anymore. Really bleak to be honest. She was 5 years too late to ride this trend too.

What cosplayers? She only associates with other sex workers now, unless by "cosplayers" you mean costhots who dress up in tacky lingerie and a wig then sure, but she used to be in the crafting scene which she has fully abandoned herself.

No. 316192

It's disingenuous to say she isn't crafting anymore. She has worked and finished multiple props after the breakup. Now that she does not have another person helping her with crafting it's just taking longer to produce.

No. 316332

File: 1703554099446.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3098x3872, D2BCF678-B171-4DF3-9A73-9DE0B2…)

Guess the backlash wasn’t enough to make Canadian cosplayer Suspicious Tumbleweed learn her lesson. She has thing for darkening her skin solely as Casca who seemingly is a POC from Berserk. You can clearly see that ST is Caucasian white af and her foundation isn’t as dark for other characters she cosplayed.(sage your shit)

No. 316336

That's not even dark..

No. 316351

Take your Twitter shit elsewhere. No one gives a fuck about this.

No. 316382

idk who this is but the cow is coming from inside the house, can't believe you did a colour swatch of a shadowed part of a person's face as proof she is darkening her skin? I hope this is a troll because I cannot see any difference in these photos.
plenty of white women tan or wear foundation a few shades darker than their skin and nobody thinks they're racefaking

(t. britbong, land of dodgy tans and mismatching foundation)

No. 316383

File: 1703621675614.jpg (75.24 KB, 735x642, 62bbddfe5136dee896b8b03eae5882…)

Samefag here's a random image for nonna who doesn't understand shadows

No. 316449

Adding to what everyone has already said, swatching a more neutral undertoned face vs a pink neck isn't the gotcha you think it is. Most makeup lines don't make many pink undertone foundations aside from a deathly pale shade, and this is often what you end up with, even if you try to color match.

No. 316453

Its not even dark either, regardless. Anon must think tanning is racebaiting too.

No. 316455

Oh my fucking god the retardation, please tell me you're trolling. That's shadows on her face and different lighting, there's even barely a difference.

No. 317400

white girls uses orange foundation, more at 4

No. 318044

I can smell the cheap polyester from here

No. 318211

File: 1705804348409.jpeg (376.73 KB, 1170x1935, IMG_2230.jpeg)

I genuinely would like to know which cosplayers who can splurge on a thousand dollar wig. What I don’t understand is the amount of praise in the comments, why normalize spending a fortune on something that you’re going to wear once or twice?(sage your shit)

No. 318219

You must not be in the cos scene or something anon because high prices, and her prices aren't even that big of a deal, have always existed with customized cosplays. Whether it's the outfit, prop, or wig. Burgerland cosplayers just like to bitch and moan constantly about price because we have so many kids in the community who don't have money like 30 year olds or costhots to drop $150 on a customer Highschool of the Dead wig.

No. 318243

While I don’t like how her wigs look (I prefer a more natural look to something that looks like a helmet), she can charge whatever she wants and it’s great that people are willing to pay it. So many people expect a custom costume/wig to cost the same as something from taobao and that’s not how it works. If people want to invest in a custom piece, they save money for it. Also, people who spend good money on custom costumes/wigs usually wear them several times. Not everyone buys new costumes for every event.

No. 318484

This creature is the living definition of autism and may very be the chosen one. Lolcow of all time. Over 10000 videos and only 40k followers, cosplays like shit, can't dance, can't sew, can't make props (one of his "shoes" for zapdos legit just had random yellow EVA foam superglued to his nasty stinky shoes. He doesn't style wig whatsoever let alone use makeup and as for his tiktoks…good lord. He's also 35 despite perpetually looking like a 55 year old man. Someone I know even managed to trick him into giving him his SSN when he pretended to be the editor of a cosplay magazine and told him he won a million dolllars and just needed to provide his SSN. The guy had a heart though and didn't do anything with it fortunately for this guy.

But yeah he's a fucking idiot.

https://www.tiktok.com/@triforcedelgeezy?_r=1&_d=e9lb70adg2212f&sec_uid=MS4wLjABAAAAJTZv-Mcr-xD-3jl7W-L8W4pBZxYAnDdUOkoHgmyZyBL0jEccu_8w5yKQaQW0yCMx&share_author_id=6743380487774422022&sharer_language=en&source=h5_m&u_code=dlilijgbe9i23m&ug_btm=b6880,b0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAnGxWoCH88bru6aj6D87aCvDG4xoCFntzmbtpkAsqoMJP6GrXLFUHKYny7gwdbEnD&utm_source=copy&social_share_type=5&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&tt_from=copy&user_id=7030734315479516165&enable_checksum=1&share_link_id=22B57775-7100-4095-B332-D7515C914393&share_app_id=1233(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318485

Forgot pic

No. 318639

File: 1706385303804.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20240127-144913~2.p…)

So what happened with Jez Roth at Anime Los Angeles? This has got to be the fifth cosplayer I've seen lately venting to social media when they lose a contest. It's crazy that some cosplayers get canceled when they cry about losing or being snubbed/rigged, but others like Jez and Sarah Spaceman just get dozens of asspats.

No. 318658

I haven't heard that name in years. It's super pathetic because it basically a bunch 30+ cosplayers who never grew out of the scene. Don't get me wrong, I'm over 30 and still do it as a hobby, but these veteran cosplayers expect people to bow down for them. This looks pretty trashy tbh

No. 318660

To be fair, it is frustrating when you make everything including undergarments (I mean hoopskirts/petticoats/corsets etc) and get beaten by someone who just bought one. But unfortunately judges often don’t give much weight to things like that, even if they’re necessary to get the correct proportions. However, this looks trashy and “rococo punk” is pretty much an oxymoron. The costumes don’t even looks good from what can be seen here. It’s hard to tell if the post is salty or just saying “we won awards in craftsmanship and performance and we made everything” in a proud way. I’m not familiar with this cosplayer.
I haven’t done the ALA masquerade for years but it used to be that judges could give as many awards as they wanted to those who had different aspects of excellence, which is actually way better for people obsessed with winning awards because you’re not limited to placing in your level and best in show.

No. 318665

It's so annoying when competitive cosplayers say "I made EVERYTHING" like everyone else that competed didn't also make their entire costumes.

No. 318668

I mean. Many people don't. That's literally the entire point of emphasizing that. The handful of cosplay contests I have seen lately had seriously questionable judging compared to years ago when craftsmanship seemed to be the biggest factor. Still being salty online like #snubbed in
is pathetic, especially from seasoned cosplayers in their 30s. The concept looks like crap but it does look decently constructed.

No. 318669

I watched this contest and this group won two major awards. He's salty he didn't win best in show.

No. 318671

Oh shit, I didn’t see that hashtag. That is tacky as hell.
Either way, the costumes don’t look good. Maybe they’re constructed decently but the designs are hideous. I could see them being passed over for best in show simply for that, or because they’re original designs rather than replica costumes; many contests aren’t big on original designs in general.

No. 318672

File: 1706471375185.jpg (620 KB, 1071x1904, 1000009055.jpg)

Yaya, this is the guadiest shit I have ever seen in my life.
There's adding details to a costume, then there is entirely disregarding how this outfit even functions for the character in the setting of the show.(nitpicking)

No. 318673

It's progress, anon. A WIP and it looks fine.

No. 318674

well that's one way to stand out from the crowd.. this would look infinitely better if Yaya chose just the gold or the white to be emphasized.

No. 318675

Your personal aesthetic clashing with Yaya's fabric choices isn't milk. Stop nitpicking.

No. 318676

File: 1706477228282.jpg (203.95 KB, 800x450, no clue whose watermark that i…)

Okay but like… that's supposed to be the outfit in picrel?

No. 318681

it's ugly, but i kinda like seeing yaya han take liberties with things since i feel like she's usually more by the book. I could be just sleeping under a rock, though. The tacky thing to me, though, is her going out of her way to promote her trims. Like, we get it. You have a fabric line. Calm down.

No. 318682

I like when people take a bor8ng design and make it look better. Yaya's take is nice. I've done this with my own costumes. She isn't straying from the design, just adding texture.

No. 318684

It looks nice. Nitpick.
>muh cosplay is gaudy
Kek, it all is!

No. 318686

This gives it more interest, personally, I like it rather than just plan cloth. Anime can't do this type of texture without using a flat image and just moving it around. It's too intricate.

No. 318688

She’s obviously using fabrics and trims from her line. I think the white is too much but it’s not too terrible and it’s a way to advertise for her.
Ninety nine percent of cosplayers just buy a costume off taobao and throw it on without even ironing it, so it’s nice to see something different.

No. 318690

File: 1706539371462.jpg (1.58 MB, 4096x4096, vegas.jpg)

According to the Jez_Roth Instagram profile he runs something called The Las Vegas School of Cosplay / GamervsTailor. His actual job is teaching how to cosplay, but he's out here acting like this when he doesn't place high enough in a contest.

No. 318692

Jez is an example of an aging cosplayer who never grew out of the con scene from his teens and 20s. He'll probably be doing this shit for a while.

No. 318714

I hope people like this never stop. It’s so entertaining

No. 318759

People sayings it's interesting?? It's way too busy. Everything clashes. It's an eyesore. The one thin black line that's crooked at the bottom of the front panel is killing me. I get she's showing off her fabrics and trim but there is a tasteful way to do that other than smashing everything together.

No. 318774

In her defense the waistline there will be covered by a belt, but I agree it's ridiculously gaudy. I haven't watched the show yet but I'm going to assume this elf chick isn't wandering the countryside in lavish gold and silks like this costume wants you to believe. If she really wanted to add texture she could have gone more utilitarian like the design is giving off, maybe a less textured or flocked brocade if she wants fancy. The trims were the worst decision, imo. They don't even match each other let alone the costume.

No. 318883

It’s so ugly. I would rather her have just made it with plain expensive fabric and just do a perfect job sewing it. That would have been more impressive and pleasing to the eye

No. 319015

Putting #snubbed after winning two awards is not a good look, im curious to see the performance(sage your shit)

No. 319034


The people who won ALA made everything themselves too. Both sets of costumes were good, I'm sure the judges were nitpicking back stage to place people.

You could tell he was pissed off when he came on stage though.

No. 319037

If you know you sound ridiculous why put the voice on in the first place kek?

No. 319039

File: 1707186857567.jpg (2.61 MB, 4096x4096, 132144651.jpg)

No. 319044

What's the milk exactly?

No. 319047

File: 1707198270560.jpeg (320.76 KB, 828x1284, IMG_3569.jpeg)

Turns out she didn’t even make the cosplay

No. 319049

Can you post the pics from the tweet and/or link the tweet

No. 319050

File: 1707203420063.jpg (125.3 KB, 1080x2022, FB_IMG_1707203333187.jpg)

Came here to post the same thing. Myra finally got caught.

No. 319051

File: 1707203732871.jpg (60.9 KB, 910x960, FB_IMG_1707203342813.jpg)

ntayrt but here's the message sent to the actual maker. The rest of the images are just of Myra in the cosplay.

No. 319053

File: 1707204400723.jpg (3.29 MB, 3072x4096, 24-02-06-02-26-40-146_deco.jpg)

She claimed that she disclosed when competing that she didn't make it, which makes zero sense since the whole point of high-level competing is making everything.

No. 319054

File: 1707204630129.jpg (925.47 KB, 1466x2400, 24-02-06-02-26-00-461_deco.jpg)

Judges are weighing in that she's lying

No. 319066

Myatheoncosplay just needs to be blacklisted at this point. She is so annoying.

No. 319091

Does anyone have candids of himeahri skyleigh’s irl white girl face? She went to Megacon the other day
Her saying she’s sick for the 1000th time to avoid doing any work or to garner sympathy(spoonfeeding request)

No. 319125

File: 1707298730819.jpg (545.45 KB, 1080x1699, 20240207_034312_X.jpg)

Myratheoncosplay has now gone private. She dropped the cosplay from her username. She is now claiming her and her friends are the victims of an online witch hunt in a Facebook post. She says she did what she did because she was being manipulated? Vague.

No. 319127

Caught with her ass out and somehow it's all someone elses falt. It would be more fitting for her to gtfo of the cosplay community, but people like this are the roaches of cosplay and always seem to manage to survive.
>I'll document everything from now on, I never enter constests anymore
I'll give it a year, and she'll try and crop back up.

No. 319140

So Sky's milk is not new and it's spoiled milk dressed up in a new outfit. No1currs.

No. 319161

There’s no way she would have gotten into the big contest at Anime NYC (Crown Championship? I can’t remember which contest it was) if she disclosed that she didn’t make the whole thing. That’s a contest where you have to submit pictures and documentation to apply to be in the contest. She’s 100% gotten caught (she didn’t think she would because it’s a Russian seamstress and it’s been several years). If she tries to enter any contests she will 100% be blacklisted.

No. 319169

Crown was at NYCC, which is the one she had the insta stories tantrum at. But as a previous crown entrant I can confirm she wouldn't have been allowed into the contest - the rules very strictly state no part of the costume may be commissioned or made by someone else

No. 319186

File: 1707394924329.jpg (2.38 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-02-08_13-22-07-442.…)

There's a big thread on twitter with all of the shit she's done (5 costumes so far bought then competed with) but turns out she's also a commission scammer herself

No. 319188

File: 1707400309970.jpg (643.27 KB, 1080x1663, Myratheon again.jpg)

Yeah that and her Etsy reviews made her get banned from some cosplay commission groups.

https://www.facebook.com/share/p/qUCsigqrouJf1XJe/?mibextid=oFDknk public group link

No. 319197

I'm looking at the bodice.. That cinderella dress doesn't look the same just because it has the same silhouette. Some of these cosplayers are sounding pretty dumb, ngl. Especially feeding someone who was sold a dress this idea that she was scammed. It also doesn't even have the curtain opening in the front of the dress. It doesn't even have the tulle on the sleeve. This Emissaryofwind is a complete idiot.

No. 319198

Anon the image there is cropped. There is another girl on the left of the face character that matches the "commission" dress perfectly.

No. 319206

My bad, I got the cons mixed up. That’s the contest I was referring to. I’ve never competed in the crown championships but everyone who knows about these big craftsmanship contests knows that you can’t enter stuff that you didn’t make yourself. “Upgrading” may be allowed in some contests, but not big ones like this.
It is possible that she purchased the fabric from Angel Secret (they do sell it, and it’s the only way to get the exact match to the parks fabric, it’s a well known fact in Disney costume circles), and the dress worn by the cosplayer doesn’t match the Angel Secret costume (it doesn’t have the sequin front panel, just a solid front panel), as well as the peplums looking bigger than the Angel Secret dress. It’s entirely possible that she asked for them to make the dress with these changes to make it less obvious, but it’s also possible that she did make it. Cinderella is pretty easy, it’s not very detailed and most people with a good grasp of dress making could make it easily. It definitely is not worth $1000 though, that price alone is pretty scammy in my opinion.

No. 319208

I went to the og and the one on the left has the tule arms too. With the slit. The dresses aren't the same cut at all just because they both look like Cinderella. The fabric is the same, but the dress is not. This is such a reach and this is fucked up to be messaging people and telling them you think they got scammed and then creating some false witch hunt. There's reasons to get on her without this fake shit. The cosplay community is no longer good and everyone likes to try and make themselves be the bettest, look-at-me, social justice warrior of the crowd. This user is a dumbass and so is the clown dressed up as Jester. These two should be embarrassed to have made these callout posts. They are filled with misinformation and information being withheld with a "Trust me bro" astrics.

No. 319209

File: 1707420673900.png (325.46 KB, 657x833, dumbass karen.png)

Adding this in, everything from this user has nothing to back it up. A bunch of "this was supposedly supposed to happen maybe it did maybe it didn't". The fuck type of reporting is this? These people don't do any research or even try. They just like the fun of harassing. It'd be one thing if all these accusations were true, but now this milk just feels so spoiled because a lot of it isn't even true, so how the hell are people suppose to trust anything?

No. 319210

If that Padme won any contest for anything I’d be shocked. It looks like trash compared to well made Padme costumes, which are few and far between because that costume is a beast. Unless it was a small local con with literally no decent entries, this would never win unless there were some sort of shenanigans

No. 319216

According to twitter she won with the padme at conneticon

No. 319225


Connecticon is a joke. Teenagers and clout chasers desperate enough to risk getting caught in a shootout in downtown Hartford.

No. 319238

File: 1707440027508.png (6.29 MB, 2400x3800, IMG_6534.png)

There is a document on this guy but I thought he should be discussed.

Chosenmii / chosenmiicosplay is a cosplayer who was recently banned from Nekocon due to humping and making out with a peach body pillow on the masquerade stage (it was not in any part of his skit during rehearsal)

https://www.instagram.com/chosenmiicosplay This is his instagram. He posts pictures of cosplayers with very inappropriate captions. He also has had others come out stating that when they deny a photo being taken, he will follow them around.

He also has a deviantart as well, with fetishizing art of women being beaten up.

The full document that has been circling around can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nIDXizmQmxHooO90VPhMuBmtYqakJ3329lnazTFVJZw/mobilebasic?fbclid=PAAaarRslc2226wM-Y1kJPEvzTyFFRurCK9HUEknS-Du9bWjh038AEmNbvkmE_aem_AV6sbgfGkUm2_gtZT5eXU9t_esYtj3n-W0Z_CiUEn2-mRERCNseZQcErBxqBHVa2sP4

No. 319243

What a nasty bitch.
>"I bought it from you, but fixed it up a little, so i wasnt lying when I entered it on cosplay competitions"
This is such a vile mentality to have. You did not make the costume.

No. 319244

Cant even see the padme in the photos. Can someone post it then

No. 319245

Kek, I'm glad he got banned. What a degenerate.

No. 319412

Fucking gross and good riddance

No. 321402

File: 1708599148121.jpg (137.45 KB, 946x2048, 1000019033.jpg)

Some interesting developments from Katsucon from someone that claims to be a mentor for up and coming professional cosplayers, despite not a single cosfamous person not following or knowing them in any capacity.

No. 321410

File: 1708622631493.jpg (987.11 KB, 1080x1850, 1000005532.jpg)

This just popped up on my fyp, who the fuck even are these people? Heres a slightly different screenshot, looks like someone named Kristin Crystal was banned?

No. 321412

Samefag, but more context:
>blah blah blah i feel sorry for MYSELF for bothering to mentor this cosplayer (I wish they'd just name drop, but the search engine luckily figured out who it was anyway)
>I am so shamed and embarrassed about what happened at Katsu
>keeps going on and on about herself and her mutuals
>I am not a miracle worker
>keeps going on…. nothing nothing nothing I WAS LOOKING FOR A SIGN
>helping said cosplayer work on their portfolio to become more known and get bigger cosplay gigs
>I didn't want to do Katsucon this year though
>there was a company that had a lot of open slots that was desperate, got the cosplayer a job doing a walker position with panel involvement
>Everything seems good, they've gone over this for over a month with this cosplayer
>cosplayer got to the con with the help of Ribbon [the tiktok video girl] and they were immediately rude to staff they arrived early, thinking they could get in a room
>cosplayer apparently kept saying "but I'm working at the convention and I work for COMPANY NAME HERE"
>made a scene in the lobby, someone from he company had to come over and calm them down and had to explain working is no different than waiting for a room like everyone else
>people employed need to have their cosplays checked out for representation before event starts
>cosplayer was supposed to go get things checked and they were extremely intoxicated and started taking their clothes off, excuse was "i thought they were going to check the cosplay on me, so I took it off", admitted to drinking and said it was a misunderstanding

>FIRST DAY OF CON: cosplayer did lines of drugs

>cosplayer cannot find panels and was sitting in a random panel apparently even after the panel was over
>someone from the company the cosplayer was supposed to be hired for finally found them, their cosplay wasn't even secure and was flashing people at the actual con by accident, but was still on drugs, so not much of an accident IMO
>cosplayer went up to people, bragged about being a professional cosplayer, rating cosplayers without asking, going up to cosplayers wearing the same outfit as her and saying how she looks better and they don't
>csoplayer was caught on video rubbing against walls and talking to it (I will be looking for that to post)
>gentalia was out apparently, cosplay pieces were missing
>Ribbon is getting calls and messages about it when she wasn't even at the con to wrangle this cosplayer. a mentor is not the same as someone in charge of you, so this cosplayer is on their own
>company decided to sever hiring ties with the intoxicated cosplayer, but allowed her to keep the badge for the weekend since the hotel is already charged and all, just can't work in their panels or booths
>the cosplayer then said "no" and asked them to take E with her, they obviously didn't and told her she needed to change into a different cosplay because the company doesn't want what she is wearing to reflect on them and they didn't want people to acknowledge the cosplay she was barely wearing was connected to them
>she changed
>went out to parties
>new cosplay wasn't even a cosplay, kept showing off a g-string and tits popping out and flashing people on purpose
>she kept going around and grabbing random men
[we sure this wasn't Moo lol]
>kept going on about how all men want this and she's a woman and they should be loving this
>she got removed and companies were talking, she's banned by at least 42 companies and cons combined now
>knows for sure they are banned from katsu [not sure about other cons, so not sure how Ribbon came up with the number and say 'countless cons']

This whole time she still never said a name.

No. 321413

File: 1708625157385.jpg (843.09 KB, 1080x1862, 1000005537.jpg)

Extra update: lots of people got video of it and are posting it online revenge porn style. That's fucked up imo. I get the cosplayer was on drugs, but that's not cool.

No. 321414


Thank you for sharing this, this came up on my FYP last night and it peaked my curiosity.

Apparently a lot went wrong at this con. People were drunk/ high throwing up everywhere. I had a few more videos on Katsu come on on my FYP after I watched this person's video

No. 321419

Who is this? Who are they even talking about?

No. 321420

I love that she didn't name a single person or company the whole time. Not to mention, there hasn't been a single video floating around on Twitter around that time and since?(sage your shit)

No. 321438

Were you even at Katsucon? I was out every night and didn't see a single person throw up in public. Lots of drunk people after 10pm, but it's a party con.

No. 321442


No no no,it just came up on my FYP and I am just an emetophobic so that makes my skin crawl.

Here is another creator saying the story about the cosplayer acting up at Katsu is a lie.

No. 321448

The con is huge and no one said what party she went to specifically

No. 321455

Need more info on if fake or not still. Im up in the air.

No. 321474


Who the fuck is paying cosplayers to be at panels? Katsucon is THE con where every fame hungry 20 year old goes to "get discovered", any company could get unpaid labor to sit pretty at their panel just by promising social media exposure. Was this a booth babe situation? It's Katsu, not NYCC, booths don't have to compete for attention because there's barely any programming happening (especially this year).

This whole situation sounds weird as fuck.


Katsu is a party con and there's always tons of drunk people at night. I didn't see any vomiting or any EMTs, it actually seemed like a really tame year this year. Were you there?

No. 321499

File: 1708794405754.jpg (867.08 KB, 1080x1834, 1000005557.jpg)

Whoever this Ribbon person is, is getting dragged. I have yet to only see higher teir cosplayers calling out the story now, people who did work at the con.

No. 321500

NTA but there was an ambulance parked at the side entrance all of saturday night, and people were getting picked up by EMT in the bathrooms a lot.

No. 321501

File: 1708794727909.jpg (473.48 KB, 1080x1843, 1000005559.jpg)

Some comments

No. 321517

I was there and someone had puked near some escalators heading down. Might have been the gazebo floor? I was looking over the railing and noticed it. It was on Saturday but I didn’t see puke anywhere else. On Sunday as I left to go get coffee in the morning I saw puke stains on trashcans.
Repost, forgot to Sage.

No. 321528

I went to the end of the Potomac ballroom area, near the rave. And someone definitely puked behind a chair there. Asshole didn't even attempt to go to the bathroom like 50 feet away

No. 321586

The more I think about this tbe more unlikely it is tbat it's cmtrue. Which how many cameras/video in a high densely packed place tHEIR is no chance in HELL now a single person encounter ENCOUNTERED this., be it firsthand, word of mouth, screenshots etc.

Just sounds like total BS.

also I've never! Heard of Ribbon. This maybe be a full blown examplle of someone who's in actual psychosis and feeds their own BS, but they're so fucked uo they really believe it.

One last time( she's nowhere "near" attractive, creative, and remarkable whatsoever to be a "pro cosplayer". This woman needs help. She probably flips burgers at burger king.(sage your shit)

No. 321590

File: 1708887685760.jpeg (325.59 KB, 740x961, CC1F7E20-9F22-46E5-BA5B-BBA80A…)

Since no one else posted them, here’s a direct link to this girl’s insta and tiktok:

She’s definitely fucking nuts. Just looking at her first few posts, she’s totally incapable of even cutting bangs on wigs. What pro cosplayer of over a decade doesn’t know how to do that? I feel like that’s one of the first things every baby cosplayer learns

No. 321594

is someone archiving all this before she DFE? Because this looks really milky. I have a huge thing to finish for tomorrow but I'm so tempted to go through all this stuff

Is she really a veteran

No. 321595

Looks like some 2010s era level of cosplay. They can't even get 100 likes on any post. Who the fuck would think of mentoring this person who doesn't have a real portfolio or skills.

No. 321598


She has her real name in her IG email and after some creeping and it seems like she may have been enlisted at some point in time but I doubt she was ever actually deployed. But everything else is definitely a big fat lie.

No. 321605

Surprising nobody, she's a fake boy with a frog voice.

No. 321609

File: 1708902588500.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20240225-180843~2.p…)


Oh wow her cosplays seem pretty basic and beginner.

No. 321628

So much for professional..

No. 321649

Can't believe she's 26 too, looks like she's pushing 40. At first I thought that made sense since she claims she was cosplaying for 10+ years. Probably smokes a lot. She's really screaming mental instability and need for validation, hence the lies.

No. 321745

File: 1709162966889.png (760.1 KB, 1739x1604, more_lying.PNG)


Her facebook was very easy to find from the info posted on her instagram, and she posted this yesterday (the fucked up email crop is her doing, not mine). Interesting that in the last ~5 days her story has changed from "I mentored this person" to "noone knows who this person is"

No. 321747

What a moron. Trying to pawn the blame off to Katsucon by making it sound like they're hiding this fake person, when all they said was that they don't record physical descriptions of every single vendor assistant. You know, since that's an insane thing to ask.

No. 321753

So she mentored someone for months and doesn't even know their name? Bullshit lol

No. 321759

File: 1709190953854.png (231.92 KB, 1549x1077, repost.png)

Reposting from Snow >>>/snow/1970975

>Jenna Lynn Meowri's follower bot provider has been going on a rampage today. Theres literally thousands of comments all over youtube/insta/twitch about how he was hired by her to add fake bot followers/views to her account over the years and the last 100,000 followers she purchased in december wasn't paid for. lol He uploaded on insta her venmo payments and her requests to add mean comments about other cosplayers/cam girls in posts. NEXT TIME: PAY YOUR BOT PROVIDER JENNA!!

>(I attached just a few of the comments he posted on youtube. Its been going all day and theres literally thousands)

No. 321770

I swear this is all 'famous' cosplayers now. She just got busted

No. 321771

Fucking hilarious. Is she poor now or something? Is that why she can’t afford her fake followers anymore?

No. 321774

Speaking of cosplay cringe, anyone noticed the new trend is Hazbin hotel?(This is an imageboard)

No. 322174

File: 1709678221586.jpg (328.53 KB, 743x1344, craycray.jpg)

This Ribbon person has a massive case of crazy eyes

No. 322177

To add to what nonna was trying to say, the Hazbin Hotel issue has been all over my cosplay feed. Mainly:
> Hazbin Hotel being an 18+ show with mature themes and content with explicit characters.
> Teens are cosplaying characters from the show, it's particularly Angel Dust that people get really uncomfortable about because the character is a porn star
> Cosplayers over 18 are issuing 'statements' that they don't want to see teenagers/minors cosplaying from Hazbin Hotel as it's disturbing to them and teens not cosplaying from HH protects underage kids from inviting themselves into adult spaces where they could be harmed

I've seen most people in my community mimic the same stand as dinobunny, and only a few that don't think it's a big deal/don't think you can stop teens from cosplaying from a show. Personally, I don't think what you cosplay is an automatic yes or no to invite into adult situations or someone taking advantage of you (a creep is going to try and take advantage of a Hazbin Hotel cosplayer no different than a Sailor Moon cosplayer). I remember back when teens were cosplaying literal hentai characters at conventions, but back then there wasn't really any conversation about what is appropriate to cosplay. But I don't think this is really going to 'help' anyone, kids/teens are still going to be able to watch the content and participate in the fandom, so I don't really get why not dressing up as the character is suddenly a whole new thing. It's coming off as 'older' cosplayers (aka 24 year olds) gatekeeping a fandom to 'protect' the innocents and feel more like righteous idols full of knowledge and wisdom

No. 322193

obviously kids are going to find hentai on the internet, but I don't think we should be welcoming children to be open about it and be part of the adult "fandom". children shouldn't be engaging with this stuff with adults, and if they're going to be reading/watching this stuff early, they still have to wait until they're above age to interact among adults with it. I personally don't see it like when an adult cosplays child characters like sailor moon considering the inevitable sexual interaction between adults and children when a child wears a sexual outfit or acts like a character meant to be adult and sexual.

No. 322195

Gen Z are truly the new Boomers lmao. Teens have always watched "inappropriate" shows and full-on porn as well. They're not 5 year olds. No one tell these precious snowflakes that teens have sex and even get pregnant too.

No. 322200

You don't have any context, clearly. The issue is that these teens are acting out sexual situations for photoshoots, you know who is shooting those? Adults. You know who is taking photos of those at cons? Adults. That's the issue. People know kids watch porn and have sex, this isn't about random moral teen curiosity.

No. 322206

I doubt average HH shoot is more sexually charged than whatever teenage yaoi cosplayer girlies have been posting online for over a decade. Not saying it should be encouraged, but I doubt they can be convinced

No. 322208

Is the right side person a troon? Never heard an actual male talk about "being triggered"

No. 322214

Neither is okay for them to be doing and posting online or doing in public at cons. It's a safety thing. They won't be convinced, but the with the increasingly obvious pedos that are online and at cons now, it's really unnerving that no one is teaching these newcomers to cosplay about basic personal safety. Some of them are making softcore porn which is the issue, doing BDMS acts with each other on screen.

No. 322226

Since when have adults been photographing teenagers' horny larp photoshoots? Cosplaying teens have always had their making out sexually charged yaoi shoots where they take the photos by themselves, in 2009 it was Hetalia, in 2012 it was Homestuck, in 2016 it was Voltron and so forth. It's been happening since the ancient times and adults have always found it cringe as fuck and kept a distance unless they're genuine pedos in which case it would happen no matter what they were cosplaying as.

No. 322241

It wasn't okay then either lol

No. 322276

Yes, they are.
There’s some evidence if you dig back on their socials, they also had a mysterious “surgery” a year or so ago.

No. 322278

File: 1709761813971.jpeg (419.86 KB, 1170x637, IMG_8536.jpeg)

Just search up “Dinograveyard trans” on X and there’s a good amount of evidence suggesting it. Looks like they were outed awhile back and decided to delete a ton of stuff regarding it.

No. 322292


I'm really surprised this has gained any traction. I was sure this would end up with all the crybaby teenagers saying since they wanted to cosplay Hazbin, it made it off limit for anyone over 18 because if minors were involved it automatically makes it predatory for non-minors to participate. To see a bunch of adults fully claim something first is refreshing even if the logic is stupid.

There's always been predators at cons. Cons now are so much safer and teens are way more aware of predators in general.

Predators search out clueless and easily manipulable kids no matter what they're cosplaying. Predators will pretend to like whatever the flavor of the day is even if it's the most G rated shit. Look at how crazy Steven Universe got.

No. 322310

File: 1709779918208.png (1013.73 KB, 990x1026, 091538.png)

This is very true. Cons are much safer now than they were before. There is much more social awareness about what is acceptable behavior and that makes it harder for creeps to succeed. Also more people having cameras/being aware to creep tactics (like guys creeping outside bathrooms or following people, con-goers staying in groups). But sadly it's now becoming normal for creeps to resort to straight up drugging people on con floors.

I think if cosplayers really want to have an effect, it's going to include more than just shaming/discouraging teens out of adult fandoms. Cons might have to start implementing an age restriction to certain M+ areas or check IDs of all cosplayers and compare it to an agreed list of what cosplays are acceptable to wear since you can at least have some control of what people do at a con vs online (kinda like weapon checks). I remember there was a cosplayer who was wearing a Kill la Kill style outfit (thong bodysuit) and was a minor when she wore it. Then years later, a photographer who took a photo of her uploaded it on insta, and she called him out for sharing it since she was a minor and it showed her backside. I'm not sure if the photographer was aware of her age, because if he was that's creep behavior. But maybe if there was a rule in place that cosplayers under a certain age can't wear cosplays from certain fandoms or show more nudity, it might help with the protection aspect that is currently being discussed.(derailing)

No. 322320

They are not safe. It's even worse for safety if anything. Yes, they ban people pretty quick, but even just walking around, there is a whole thread on 4chan of upskirt hidden camera videos and just idly walking around. No one second guesses it because it's not obvious. Don't defend kids acting out adult scenes in public for these people. Same way parents shouldn't be posting their kids online.(derailing)

No. 322329

It's so true. Gen z are so annoying, it's unreal. People are still doing bunny suit cosplays and HH isnt any different. If they are stupid enough to do a sexually charged cosplay, that's on them. I'm sick of these retards acting like older gen z and millennials should be some kind of care taker for braindead young gen z at cons.

No. 322330

Cons are not safer. While we survived the glomping, the yaoi paddles and the weird Jiraiya cosplayers, now people are going to cons as a party enviroment. A lot of people are drinking heavily and taking drugs. It is a different kind of dangerous, which is what makes cons so bad now compared to 2000-2012. Katsucon was a prime example of everyone drinking and some doing drugs. Luckily I havent heard any assaults, but it was so easily to get alcohol, no matter what your age was. It's also not your fault to watch other people's kids (teens) but I can see these retards getting influence easily.(derailing)

No. 322466


Anyone who genuinely thinks cons are less safe is obviously under 25. It used to be par for the course for 15 year olds to be invited to booze and party with grown adult men and nobody blinked an eye.

The amount of low key sexual assault happening in the aughts was insane. People just didn't talk about it because this was back when the neckbeard majority would defend their fellow creeps(derailing)

No. 322489

Lol you’re definitely way younger than you’re trying to pretend to be. That or you’re socially retarded. Partying at cons has been a thing for as long as cons have existed

No. 322517

I think a lot of anon equate dealing with glomping and FREE HUG signs and paddles is something we were okay with as kids, but it was uncomfortable walking around and then you had to watch any little siblings in case some gross guy dressed as Goku with no shirt tries to run up to them and hug them without permission. Like.. They were never safe. That stuff back then and the adults perpetuating it and making it seem normalized wasn't okay either. They are less safe now due to micro cameras and how many normies know about the cosplay scene.

NTA, but I didn't read that as party cons never existed. They did, but they have branched out significantly since the cosplay scene has evolved since 2010. More cons have more after party events and it's not just stuff like Cosplay Deviant After Dark parties anymore [I don't even know if they even do those still] which only the bigger cons would host. It's just way more prevalent now.

No. 322888

>cosplay deviant afterparties
They still exist, but they're more cringe than normal afterparties or anime raves. Men only go to see the topless Deviants, most women stay the fuck away.
This is all well and good but how are you actually going to enforce it? Adults tried to keep kids out of Friday Night Funkin and failed. What's going to happen, they're going to call out a child and get cancelled for attacking a minor?

No. 326071

Late Reply, but I seen that man take pictures with kids at cons.(learn to sage)

No. 326255

…and? Taking pics with people who like their cosplay makes someone a predator now or what?

No. 326308

No, but what parent is allowing their children to take pictures with this freak.

No. 326586

Late reply, but wasnt there a sex offender at anime expo in 2021-2022 who literally took photos of parents daughters despite talking about them in a sexual way later in his logs? Men taking photos of kids is pretty weird, if it's just a normal cosplay. What a weird defense.(sage your shit)

No. 326589

Anon said he takes pics with kids, not of kids. Most likely kids who asked for a pic simply because they like his cosplay. Unless you have deets about something sinister going on.

No. 328153

File: 1718160311752.jpg (191.72 KB, 2048x1536, 09477bbb3a8cf7b6427d2b41e31f55…)

>cosplay communities/fandoms/trends you find embarrassing or cringe.

Every single one of these Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss cosplays.they all look awful and terribly cheap none of them look good.they all look like they smell like polyester and BO.

No. 328155

File: 1718160360564.jpg (40.17 KB, 540x405, tumblr_67638b995e268f9a4db5702…)

No. 328157

File: 1718160527983.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.85 KB, 405x720, oardefault.jpg)

Sleep paralysis demon

No. 328168

I haven't been here much for a few years, but when the fuck did we start calling TiFs 'he'?

No. 328191

File: 1718225287718.jpeg (Spoiler Image,369.17 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_7876.jpeg)

Kinpatsu announced she is releasing a full penetration video on OF…

How the fuck is moo still being invited to cons as a judge? She has NSFW sets of her cosplays for fucks sake.

No. 328193

at this point I'm convinced that Hazbin/Helluva Boss/anything Vivziepop is the Homestuck of the 2020s

No. 328194

Only newfags and selfposters do that.

No. 328198

>Its gonna be something very special
No you will be one out of dozens of thots now immortalized on coomers harddrives and uploaded to plenty of cloud archives debasing yourself with your whole face and name attached. She could have survived just fine doing craft content but the short lived limelight of being an e-whore was truly too tempting for her. I still cannot get over how even cosplayers who were so focused on the craft of cosplay still managed to get sucked into literal digital prostitution, this isn’t survival sw, these girls are actually so attention starved they will do anything if its popularized enough online.

No. 328203

Can't say I'm surprised about this? Nicole Marie Jean kinda started out the same way? The same speech of they want to do something different, still not a porn star but still doing it…yeah it's the same song and dance. She said she'll TRY to keep her cosplay and OF separate…sure.(sage your shit)

No. 328204

>I've ever done any porn aside from blowjobs
When your brain is fried, how is a bj not porn?
>these girls are actually so attention starved they will do anything if its popularized enough online.
Partly too is they are disconnected from reality/terminally online, so the positive reinforcement of money and moid spamming with messages and interactions means their participation is similar to addiction.

No. 328205

what money? kinpatsu is most likely buying subs to inflate her numbers. she would not entertain these moids if she was making enough without having to fully expose herself.(sage your shit)

No. 328207

How utterly disappointing. I followed her years ago because I loved her crafting content. I’m glad I don’t go on social media anymore so I didn’t have to watch her full spiral into this bs

No. 328211

Did she not learn from Belle Delphine and how downhill her “career” went after the porn?

No. 328214

absolute disappointment…I loved Kinpatsu above all because its creation content was friendly to people who are not millionaires nor do we have industrial workshops at home XD really taught that you could make great cosplays with homemade machines but it was a matter of time since that there was a scandal with her ex boyfriend and she almost lost the web domain of the page where sells patterns and books,she panicked believing that she would have to work lmao as if that were the worst thing in the universe(sage your shit/emoji)

No. 328232

File: 1718327707641.png (1.16 MB, 1029x1221, uglything.png)

Welcome Home cosplays,all of them.

No. 328233

They look like my finger after I get Cheeto dust on them

No. 328249

I have no idea what welcome home is but that looks heinous

No. 328324

File: 1718402070316.jpg (56.97 KB, 735x767, 840393a066e54087acf89651ab356e…)

No. 328325

File: 1718402111252.jpg (463.41 KB, 1365x2048, tumblr_ec9a243222e93ded075c389…)

This is worse than cringe

No. 328388

Bold of her to assume anyone wants to see her and her wrinkly dick twink make porn together.

No. 328434

They're all so awful. New homestuck?

No. 328473

This is honestly worse than homestuck imo. At least homestuck had some character designs that looked nice if they were cosplayed well. These character designs are so ugly that they’ll always look bad no matter how skilled the cosplayer is

No. 328511

They are meant to look like seseme street characters

No. 328513

File: 1718588309248.png (836.45 KB, 1043x1228, sleepparalysisdemon.png)

Those eyes though

No. 328514

Why does anyone still give a fuck about that Fandom? I thought that shit was finally forgotten.

No. 328515

Nah Hazbin is the new Homestuck. Huge groups of it all over every con

No. 328517

File: 1718591599517.jpg (58.8 KB, 755x392, static-assets-upload1392241438…)

Yeah I totally agree with you,I went to a local small con in my state and I saw 10 in a group,all of them looked so so bad especially when doing those retarded Tik Toks.

No. 328519

File: 1718591875589.jpg (258.61 KB, 1280x854, hazbin_hotel___overlords_by_mi…)

Gosh they look so goofy and terrible.the cheap face paint, Aliexpress costumes,the crusty Alastor wig kek I'm not even gonna get started on the handmade Vox head.

No. 328521

KEK everyone looks so obese.

No. 328543

gay milhouse

No. 328563

anyone has info on the blackface Hazbin Hotel cosplayer from fan expo boston this weekend? I saw a tiktok about the person and couldn't find more info on it. the character is grey but he painted himself black

No. 328572

Precisely because both series attract obnoxious retards with main character syndrome who think the louder and quirkier they are, the funnier.

No. 328588


I used to be friends with the Lucifer cosplayer and she married a groomer… this is what you’d expect from a 30 something year old who’s into HH

No. 328594

Painting yourself black is not black face. See shadow link. No one outside tik tok or twt cares

No. 328595

File: 1718670299525.jpeg (102.31 KB, 746x787, bgux77mnyy6d1.jpeg)

I don't think you can really call it "blackface" since it's not a black character and they're not trying to imitate black people either. It's just a very unfortunate choice of paint

No. 328596

You're 100 percent right. Hazbin is attracted autists and retards from all age groups. Both old and new homestuck fans. I dont get the appeal, and the character designs are hideous.

No. 328608

Kek it's just some autist.
I went to a small comic con of all things and they infiltrated that too. All crappy polyester wrinkled cosplays, with equally obnoxious behavior. Half of the cosplay contest was these weirdos walking the stage.

No. 328616

File: 1718680262280.jpg (80.86 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_c0145dd9454dc5422012818…)

Ronald McDonald's long lost sister

No. 328631

>How the fuck is moo still being invited to cons as a judge? She has NSFW sets of her cosplays for fucks sake.

IMO Kinpatsu has managed to maintain her crafter image because most people don't realize what she's doing on her second account. It's ridiculous because she barely crafts anymore while instead focusing on producing full porn like this.

No. 328634

Kinpatsu is hardly relevant to crafters now. Organizers need to pay better attention.

TLDR - It is fucking hilarious that an age restriction was placed on her Spookykins account that is damaging their reach so severely.

No. 328635

File: 1718735560063.jpg (809.78 KB, 1914x2048, tb.jpg)

I had screenshotted a few of these but didn't end up posting, its crazy how quickly she went from "getting tattoos removed for cosplay" to fully tatted up because shes trying to be her pornsick moids perfect girl. The image on the right she was fighting for her life in the comments trying to justify it without seeming like a hypocrite, I went back to get some caps and the entire post has been deleted. She also only posts about these things on her porn account really because shes trying to keep all these parts of her life separate since she knows she'll get called out for it if it ever makes it to the cosplay side.

No. 328636

The irony of removing a tattoo that says 'forget me not' kek. Hope it wasn't a memorial tat.

No. 328644

File: 1718754209756.jpg (88.94 KB, 576x1008, e8248316ab92da251ea51231abce19…)

Forgot to sage.This lousy Tik Tok skank's Pomni cosplay is so badly done she didn't even try.

No. 328648

God this is the dumbest thing she could’ve done. She’s gonna regret these so much if/when her current relationship ends

No. 328649

How's the husband a groomer if he married a 30 y/o? Or was it something he did in the past

No. 328652


It was a previous relationship. And I was technically 17 when he sent me unsolicited dick pics but that’s another story lol(post proof)

No. 328654

Anon, you need to prove this stuff.

No. 328655

No proof + "technically 17" (what does technically 17 mean?). Fake. Next.

No. 328656

File: 1718820947312.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.06 KB, 710x1186, 1718820823.265527.jpeg)


Tattoos are way less worrisome than creating porn. She’s grossly underestimating how that decision impacts her current and future relationships.

She appears to be compensating and giving credit to the latest scrote. How could their perfect relationship possibly fail?

No. 328660


It happened over a decade ago why would I keep screenshots of a guy’s penis. Also he’s a couple years older than me so he should have double checked before sending nudes to a minor

No. 328675

You said you were "technically 17", which means you were 18 but you'll try to think of any way of you being younger than that that would make sense. Did he send it 2 hours before you turned 18? If you were 17 you would have said "he did it when i was a minor". You would have never thought of writing "technically 17" lol

No. 328682

So you were 17 and he was 19? This wouldn't be considered grooming (under US law at least- Romeo&Juliet laws). What he did was definitely still gross and not okay, but it wasn't grooming. Just regular male degeneracy.

No. 328694

So you're full of shit.

My thoughts exactly. It's not grooming. Anon is trying to fan flames that don't exist

No. 328703


Yall zoomers really calling a 2 year age gap degeneracy

No. 328704

she means the the dick pics

No. 328706


Thank you! The other commenters have the literacy skills of a 5 year old kek I wasn’t the victim of grooming, however it did happen around the same time as the unsolicited nudes. Could be a simple coincidence, he was that desperate to get laid at the time(continuing to post about claims without proof)

No. 328714

Anon you need to provide some kind of proof of this. No way you didn't tell a friend in messages or something about it.

No. 328967

This girl created an only fans the day she turned 18. Sad to see this plague devastating zoomers girls. Not that e-thots didn't exist 12+ years ago but at least they werent' making much money or weren't as plentiful as nowdays

No. 328969

I'm pretty sure this guy just picked a very cheap dark Grey facepaintthat that that that makes it look Black in photos and people are demanding his head. This type of shit happened a lot back in the day with the homestuck fags. People are genuinely retarded in fandoms, I tought the hazbin fags would be a little more tolerant with politically incorrect humor, but I guess they are too terminally online for that kek

No. 329973

Oh my god, talk about a midlife crisis. She had a nasty break up with her previous moid and immediately, in a span of few years, opened an onlyfans, had a boob job and got a body full of edgy tattoos and piercings going for the full 2012 suicide girls look. I honestly feel bad for her, this sounds like bipolar behavior especially seeing how she had previously tried to get rid of her older tacky tattoos. But if this is really what she wants to do then good for her I guess but it seems so extreme.

No. 330034

not just an onlyfans, anon
she’s doing full on penetration now
oh how the mighty have fallen, she had a great career I really don’t understand how she chose this path but it's absolutely wild

No. 330039

Because her ex was doing all the hard work and she was just the pretty face. Notice how shes barely finished a costume since they broke up and everything is just a repost from before

No. 330097

When will people realize these characters are literally uncosplayable.just because you can cosplay as them doesn't mean you should.

No. 330848

File: 1720305432341.jpg (168.45 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7114.jpg)

I can't find the original images of it, but Kinpatsu had this original Gengar witch cosplay design planned, and it looks nothing like the final costume she wore except for the hat. I'm kind of shocked at how terrible it looks. Her page doesn't have any reels/images of the cosplay in progress either, I wonder if she deleted them? Or if they were just on her story?(sage your shit)

No. 330862

Try Google. It's so hot out here, this looks way more comfortable.

No. 330870

Yeah, walking around wearing only lingerie is definitely really comfortable, specially when you're basically always flashing people left and right, and using sock glue to keep the thigh highs up there. You're so right.
Plus wearing boots on warm weather is so obviously always the best idea. I don't get why this isn't considered everyday fashion! Considering it must be so, so comfortable.

No. 330882

File: 1720339437584.jpg (313.75 KB, 1080x1972, IMG_20240707_090237.jpg)

2019 hat pattern, all she can do is follow her old tutorials

No. 330916

File: 1720363822102.jpeg (724.14 KB, 1837x1837, incollage_save.jpeg)


Kinpatsu just made a fabric sleeve to cover the existing foam structure of the hat and added small accents.

The difference in quality between her crafting her own designs now and what she created with her ex is fucking ridiculous…

No. 330919

The quality is definitely noticable. That's really pathetic

No. 330920

not to mention how much she ruined her face with plastic surgery. Girl can only make like 3 expressions now

No. 330956

Is that just a black bra over a tube? What…?

No. 331006

File: 1720403831484.jpeg (186.62 KB, 697x1151, IMG_8438.jpeg)

Maybe a pleather corset inspired top? It doesn’t look like there is any boning, they just weathered the seams.

The design she shared in her stories was completely different from what she showed up in.(sage non-milk)

No. 331077

It's such a shame. I always thought her craftsmanship was top notch, but looking back at it I should've known that another female cosplayer doing sexy armor costumes producing multiple big builds a year who also has time to make tutorial videos, professional photoshoots and social media managing while still also successfully keeping her body extremely fit and skinny would have a boyfriend doing all the grunt work. Her previous fiancee outed her for hiding the amount of work he did for her costumes, didn't he? It's genuinely depressing to know that so many prolific female cosplayers are backed up by a Nigel making the impressive parts while there are a LOT of lesser known extremely talented female cosplayers who put in the work by themselves yet never get the amount of recognition people like her did.

I'm just sperging kek but that's such a downgrade. I hope making porn on the internet pays enough to help her sleep at night.

No. 331291

File: 1720548228816.jpeg (91.26 KB, 540x960, IMG_2909.jpeg)


Why would anyone want to cosplay as a literal rapist? At this rate she will have cosplayed every damn character from Hazbin Hotel and none of them looks good

No. 331332

The same reason why character in 50 Shades of Grey attract women in the books, but irl it's bad. No one is dressing up as these character to be rapist apologists or because they want to be rapists and see themselves in the character. Evil characters, in general, are fun to larp as because most people are morally good. She can't cosplay worth shit, but liking the character design is a whole different thing from wanting to cosplay him because he's a rapist specifically.

These all seem like such low effort, quickly put together, outfits though. Something you'd do for a gag party. How many years has she been cosplaying at this rate?

No. 331345

File: 1720576550972.jpg (25.17 KB, 631x410, e7b61c3f168fed7d5a64bc633cf8cb…)

Man,this is hilariously bad!can't believe she went out looking like that.zero effort whatsoever.

No. 331450

>can't believe she went out looking like that
That’s really the thing that gets me. How do you do something like this and not feel embarrassed? Are cosplayers like this completely blind to how terrible they actually look? Or are they narcissistic and think they genuinely look amazing? Do they know it’s shit and just think “fuck it, I’ll wear it anyway” ?

No. 331460

Because the cosplay community has made it an open space for all skill levels. Some people will be so proud of terrible work that they don't see how bad it is.

No. 331568

That Robin makes me feel so uncomfortable(sage your shit)

No. 331570

…it was always an open space for all skill levels. Have you never seen 90s & early 00s cosplays?

No. 331593

You're reading that as if anon only means now and you missed the point that bad work done by bad cosplayers will be seen as good work by these bad cosplayers. It's okay for them to be bad because it's expected and the only shit they get for it is usually online. They are blind to how terrible their cosplays look because they are too excited about cosplaying in general. Yes, it's always been open for all skill levels, but that is because the cosplay scene, even in the 90s anon, made it a very welcoming environment even when you have a terribly put together cosplay.

No. 331656

You're so right. Especially now a days with tons of idiots buying their cosplays and the hugbox of 'anyone can be a cosplayer.' There isnt any real critique anymore when you make your cosplay or buy it, because everyone is perfect. That's how ugly crimped wigs got to popular over the last few years despite looking hideous and stiff.

No. 331681

File: 1720838142959.mp4 (8.92 MB, 704x1280, 229071122319352.mp4)

Resident costhot Himeahri actually hit upload on this one kek. The comment section is just as cringe.

No. 331683

File: 1720838314196.jpg (111.68 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_2054729191378953.jp…)

Does she not realise most people know that Malibu just comes in large bottles?

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