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No. 914105

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/909346
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Greg/Gregory Daniel/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and YouTube subsequently demonetised his channel. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson/Lucas Jackson is a transtrender who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onision's abuse.


>Onision and Lainey are sued by Regina for sex trafficking and child pornography >>909349 >>909350
>Larger media outlets start reporting about the lawsuit because it involves YouTube and Google >>909458
>Makes an apology video saying he regrets being too honest/truthful and hurting people's feelings >>909620
>Discord moles reveal that Onision is depressed and thinks the lawsuit is a money grab >>909760
>Greg begins deleting any video, tweet or blog where he said Sarah raped him >>909762
>Onision says he's leaving the internet forever >>909803 >>909804
>Bigger YouTubers start making videos about the lawsuit >>909854 >>910586 >>910673 >>911457
>Greg tries to reenlist with the Air Force, they deny him >>909932
>One of Regina's lawyers is interviewed by Chris Hansen >>909952
>A news station in Florida interviews Regina and Onision, he sounds terrified >>910207 >>910223
>Greg tries to hide from the process server and avoid the summons >>910311 >>910786
>Sarah files a civil lawsuit against Greg and Lainey for sex trafficking and rape >>910703 >>910723
>Onision dumps his forum and leaves his remaining fans high and dry >>910853 >>910854
>Begs his fans to dig up evidence that could prove his innocence >>911140
>The Onions are finally served summons for both lawsuits >>911758
>Greg hires a "slip & fall" shyster and a lawyer who specializes in dog law >>912574 >>912645
>Attempts to get both lawsuits dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, improper venue >>912644 >>913492
>Both lawyers violate the judge's protective order by revealing Sarah's full name >>912815 >>913152
>Townsfolk in Puyallup discover Greg is doing DoorDash to survive >>913283 >>913392

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable and avoiding bans, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg.
- Do not post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not link directly to any Onision uploads.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.
- Do not liveblog streams.
- No nitpicking.

No. 914106

Good thread OP

No. 914163

I know it's already said on the thread but again, please report the bait. Do NOT respond. Even responding will result in a ban.

No. 914172

Waiting for updates on the suit has to be the most riveting thing that's happened this year… sigh. That's kinda sad.

No. 914223

File: 1683683811470.png (43.98 KB, 796x784, Capture5923_0934.PNG)

>Mr Jackson
Looks like Lainey is still pretending to be a HS boy. Her affidavit to dismiss uses male pronouns and the notary public requires a drivers license so I guess she's changed her sex on that too.

No. 914232

Lmao the two faggot Jacksons. Omg. James and Lucas Jackson. Greg's got a husband called Lucas kek

No. 914234

Gurgles completely stunted Taylor's growth. That said, she's such a covert narc that I wouldn't be surprised if ended up at "Lucas" anyway.

No. 914241

Too bad that's as far as she'll go with her "transition". She doesn't have the balls (kek) to actually start hormone therapy or get surgery nor does she want to do that since she knows very well she'll regret it, so James Jackson is still married to a woman with boobs and vagina, and that's literally all he cares about.

No. 914243

File: 1683757133019.jpg (81.24 KB, 945x365, 824661.jpg)

What Greg cares about is finding someone younger that doesn't have tits that look like two tennis balls in a pair of tube socks because Lainey breast fed her two kids way too long trying keep her weight down. And her vagina is so blown out that it has fused with her anus and is now a giant sloppy hole.

No. 914251

No. 914260

File: 1683808335384.jpg (126.26 KB, 1778x999, hmmmmm_delicious.jpg)

remember how Greg had Sarah eat that shit out?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914261

so when greg is putting his parsnip in laineys gooch its neither anal nor vaginal dude, its any which way but loose

No. 914263

File: 1683813345747.jpg (225.53 KB, 1200x628, 7-Warning-Signs-1.jpg)

No. 914269

No. 914272

Then stop posting roast beef scrote memes idiot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914278

NTA but it's onion lore when his first wife called Taylors vagina an Arbys #2 or whatever the number is.

No. 914281

Tbh that’s something a jilted ex-wife would say about someone’s current wife, regardless of the circumstances.

No. 914288

Kys retard(alogging)

No. 914290

If someone's current wife was flashing said roast beef vagina to teenagers on the internet. It was funny.(stop)

No. 914293

File: 1683853503621.jpeg (144.72 KB, 1400x1050, IMG_5417.jpeg)

Not really, it just came off as petty and totes relatable. Way to own them, onion’s exes! Also, Skye was asshurt and ragedquit sticking up for Sarah because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight. Yeah the onions are far from innocent and really hope they finally get their comeuppance but none of his exes are little saints either yet some simps here like to pretend otherwise.

>inb4 scrote

No. 914298


No one is saying any of the exes are saints. Except for kids, there is no such thing as a perfect victim. Anyone who thinks there is is a lazy retard.

Just because Gurgles exes think thoughts, feel emotions and perform actions does take away from the reality that James Jackson is an abusive, irredeemable piece of shit.

No. 914300

>roast beef vagina
go back

No. 914306

You're right, I bet he hates her for "letting herself go" during pregnancy (when she was pregnant with Clot he made a video shitting on women with stretch marks and that video definitely was about Taylor since she got a ton of stretch marks on her stomach during that pregnancy, and he used to taunt her about her pouch too, just a few examples). But for him saggy tits and a cloaca are still better than no tits and an enlarged clitoris that would resemblance his own cock except maybe bigger.

No. 914311

nta but I always thought his aggressive shitting on women's appearances had some weird closeted gay undertones to it

No. 914315

Could be that too, but I think it was just his way of bitching about Taylor indirectly.
In that video he kept blaming women who got stretch marks during pregnancy because they didn't use cocoa butter to prevent them, the retard doesn't know stretch marks are entirely genetics and cocoa butter won't prevent them. Anyway, in one of Taylor's videos she admitted she didn't use cocoa butter during pregnancy cause she was lazy and that's why she got stretch marks, so that video he made 100% was an indirect jab at her for not taking care of her body and letting it get "destroyed". He made many, MANY indirect attacks towards her, for example when he went on a retarded tirade against coffee drinkers on Twitter and called them drug addicts, he was talking about her.

No. 914321

it's his pathetic MO, he always does the same pattern of getting whoever he's currently fucking to shit all over the last poor woman he fucked. He did a similar thing with Shiloh when they were still together making fun of one of his ex-partners (can't remember if it was his first wife or what) vagina by calling it dirty (calling it "dirty house" or some dumb thing, its all so incredibly immature and stunted its hard to remember). No matter how many partners he has he still acts like an incel constantly. I guess its a state of mind lol.

No. 914348


that was adreinne, another woman that onision raped, the same women that greg cried when she refused to give him a blow job after he asked her "suck me?"

No. 914353

Jesus, I'd forgotten about the whole "suk mi" thing. I guess my mind blocked it, lol(blogposting)

No. 914414

File: 1684253630459.jpeg (254.05 KB, 1125x1660, IMG_5426.jpeg)

Speaking of Shiloh, she’s officially too old for Grease now and is fat again. Oh and given her most recent pictures, she’s larping as a bum now.

No. 914427

File: 1684272212661.jpg (111.79 KB, 1200x629, ye.jpg)

I get why you're saying that and sure, its always fun to poke fun of Shiloh, yet part of me can't help but wonder if she's fat because she's been abused by Greg. its like you know, shes trying everything in her power with weird crazy getups just to try and look as unappealing as possible. Its almost like Bjork levels weird. Mind you, Bjork does that because an obsessed stalker tried to kill her and she was never the same again.
I'm not saying this is the case but between the freaky outfits, her trying to be a lesbian and being fat I wonder if its because of that. If even just on a subliminal deeply subconscious level. Again though that being said, sure its shiloh and lord knows i've ridiculed her enough myself.
I don't know, what do you guys think? I'm interested in hearing your opinion.

No. 914432

I’m not the anon you were replying to, and even though your thoughts sound nice and romanticism level poetic, I hate to break it to you, but Shiloh was always fat and sex- (porn-) obsessed, far before she’s ever met Grease.
Moreover, they’ve met for the first time in person because she was at the weight-loss camp arranged by her label. And quitting said camp and telling everyone to take a hike and let her fuck Grease in peace is what made her lose the contract with said label, contrary to what she’s trying to make everyone believe now. The ones who remember, remember.
So no, Anon, don’t do Bjork so dirty. But you’re a kind soul for giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 914433

She was so stupid for quitting music for Grugly, she was signed to Universal Records HQ and in the process of breaking into the American music charts. At this time if she never let Greg came into her life; she would’ve been pretty well known internationally, given Avril Lavigne a run for her money as the next ‘punk princess’ and would’ve had a PR relationship with ducking Justin Bieber by now.

How much y’all wanna bet Greg partially made her quit music cold turkey after jamming with her male band members that weren’t him? He was at the Edmonton concert as well.

No. 914434

I like her song "Can't hold on" and I tried to explain it to you autists before but the lyrics are so eerily prophetic for what was about to happen to her with Greg when that song was made. But people always barely pay attention to what other people say so usually shit like this goes unnoticed. Seriously though, look at the lyrics, listen to that song. Its, well, eerie.
The rest of her music is all shit btw, specially since she started blackfishing. Then again, all celebs blackfish these days so I can't blame a girl for trying.
I get what you mean but I think Greg also contributed a lot in to the fucking of her up.

No. 914435

The video too by the way, I forgot to add, but look at the video. Again strangely prophetic, its like seeing Greg stand there in the hoodie and all his sheepish fans at the time dressed like him terrorizing her.
anyway, maybe I have too much imagination, but thats what I see when I watch that video.

No. 914459

Just like Footface would most likely be a surgeon now, since her rich lawyer dad was going to pay for her college education, but Grease ruined that all too. Now all she has is a shitty useless psychology degree and can't even get a job without getting fired shortly after because of her reputation.

No. 914460

I’m sorry she was your ex’s mistress but she was still a kid, a dumb kid.(derailing)

No. 914462

File: 1684359547861.gif (1.12 MB, 454x498, confused-meme.gif)

My what now? Run that one by me again because i'm so confused right now.
Greg.. is my ex? wait.. what?

No. 914487

I think the other farmer was just trying to do a lame "hi cow"

No. 914505

Exactly. Such wasted opportunities, award-worthy. And I will agree with you too >>914434 re "Can’t Hold On" vs her other music – but the earlier stuff was carefully tailored toward a specific (kid) audience, and actively pushed everywhere by a powerful team behind her, and it worked regardless. "Can’t Hold On" was meant to be sort of a beginning of a new era for her, so obviously it stood out as a better, more mature sound.

Grease definitely did contribute to her quitting, he definitely was yes-manning to the idea. After all, he is a known control freak and narc. However,
a) much like Foot, she targeted Grease herself, and much of the initiative for them ever getting together came actually from her (even though Grease should’ve obviously known better not to get involved with minors, nor engage in adultery);
b) back then the roles were slightly reversed compared to Foot’s case – Grease wasn’t as confident yet AND, much like Taylor, he actually used to brag a lot that he has a ~famous singer girlfriend~. So, initially, he actually liked that she was signed and an active artist – in his head, it brought more attention to himself.

So, yes, he did play a part inevitably, but still the biggest part of her quitting was still entirely her own impulse decision. By that time she already had too much of an inflated ego – convinced she’s not just the next Avril, but basically Beyoncé – a talent that big she can do it on her own, she doesn’t need the label. But evidently, she’s nothing without the label. And ultimately it was all down to that dumb story with the camp. She needed to lose weight for the tour, but she didn’t want to, you know, train all day and put in the work to complete all the other necessary steps, she just kept cutting slack and running away to fuck Grease (cause that was her priority and obsession), despite them telling her to stick to the program or else. If she had any sense of responsibility and common sense, she may have well kept her contract well into their relationship, to the least. And also, btw, at the time she was also becoming increasingly more interested in becoming a YouTuber herself, so that obviously contributed to her decision-making too.

No. 914526

File: 1684499877031.jpg (81.3 KB, 1280x704, sheisslow.jpg)

The problem with Scheißlo is that she lacks discipline. Sure, Greg is scum and he fucked Scheißlo up, but she played her part in this too. Her record label was very specific that they wanted to send her to fat camp so she could stop being a chubby little midget. Thats in investment, they need to make that money back, she failed them all by going to screw some guy from the internet
And even without a label she lacks that discipline because she changes her name like it means something, then goes blackfishing and tries mumbling her lines like Billie Eyelash does since its easier then it doesn't go anywhere so she decides to become a lesbian and shack up with some bulldyke somewhere to eat pussy, ding-dongs and ho-ho's to get fat. She only does the first part of whatever and never finishes what she starts and thats not how you become famous. Her father would be very disappointed in his little Scheißlo and then i'm not even starting about the escort hooker thing she did.

No. 914533

File: 1684516076378.jpeg (105.2 KB, 1125x735, IMG_5429.jpeg)

Greg and Skye were the Kennedy’s while Shiloh was Marilyn or if we take the Clinton route, Shiloh was Monica Lewinsky.(derailing)

No. 914534

They all wish. They're more like Chicken Andy and Alice from IP2 and Shiloh being Goocheese at best.

No. 914556

File: 1684589108719.jpg (225.65 KB, 1717x1271, MIA2.jpg)

Bottom line there's still people missing from this party.
Shiloh, the mother goose who was gonna keep the girls together, yet instead tried to get all the attention and argue with them instead.
Billie, who's laptop is still missing too. please, God, no don't argue. this isn't about Hansen I don't give a shit about Hansen.
Skye, possibly she could shed more light on Greg and his behavior, shit we didn't know about.
Adrienne, I still feel she was actually raped.
Lainey, whats it gonna take for her to finally realize that she can be out there living a semi-normal life without Greg?
Don't argue. Don't even try and pretend this party wouldn't be much better with all of them here.
Arguing gets us nowhere.

No. 914559

There's some retard with a hate boner for Skye who thinks anyone who says something bad about the other whores aka "victims" is her. I bet it's the same person who got her panties in a twist because of a joke Skye made about Taylor's blown out pussy.

No. 914561

"Skye was asshurt and ragedquit sticking up for Sarah because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight"

Well it seems she made right choice to step down since Shitloh started behaving like a clown and was hurting the other victims in the process, even Sarah and the other girls stopped associating with Shitloh and apparently they all hate her now, besides maybe Regina who is also a clown

No. 914562

I remember Shitloh was all protective about "muh sisters" but then went and did that documentary behind their backs and without even discussing it with them beforehand, and when she received backlash for it she scribbled something on her door and pretended Billie sent someone to her house to threaten her, just to make Billie look bad. Shitloh is a whole mess.

No. 914563

I had totally forgotten about the door scribbling. Her doing things like that shows how mentally unstable she really is. Her dad shoulda taught her right I mean don't just say you're gonna do something, but actually do it. She coulda kept them together or at least tried to, they really shoulda done this entire thing together. The more the merrier. Had the all gone to the cops together and brought that laptop way back in the day both Greg and Lainey woulda been in prison already.

No. 914566

nta but why are you defending Skye when she was just as bad as the rest of them? And calling the victims “whores”? Seriously? We get that Gregma’s concubines aren’t innocent and neither is his oldest as her whiteknights like to believe.

Skye knew he had a thing for Alicia, tried to assault her while she was drunk yet she stood by and willingly married him. It was only after Greg divorced her, she took Alicia’s side and called him out on it years later. One thing Lucas and her SpongeBob grandma titties did right was protecting her younger sister from Grease, even if it was very fucked up how she did it when she still had some of her humanity left.

No. 914568

Where did I defend her, I just pointed out your obvious hate boner for her. You think only Skye has bad things to say about that munchausen by proxy having ass who stole a baby's photo to pretend it was her own dead fetus?

No. 914569

I think everyone are equally shitty people and that’s just what I want to point out. I have no preference for any of Greg’s bitches but one has to admit, the Arby’s comment is pretty gross and not witty.

No. 914589

Why? It was such a MEME here that some time ago the thread was even called that:
It was in relation to Lainey sending shall we say "compromising pictures" to then underage Sarah.

No. 914601

I think it's more gross to steal a premature baby's photo who was at the hospital hooked to a bunch of tubes, post said photo on Facebook and say that baby is the fetus that rotted inside your body, if that fetus rotting story is even true in the first place. Also it's weird how after her infant daughter died she went running to twitter to announce her death to a bunch of strangers online looking for sympathy, I honestly wouldn't put it past her to have pulled a Marybeth Tinning on her daughter judging by her past behavior.

No. 914603

Yeah cause only old people hear about old murder cases, it's not like in the internet, television and books we hear about stuff that happened decades ago too. I guess everyone who references Jack the Ripper must be over 200 years old, retard.

No. 914614

I'm actually a few months younger than your precious untouchable little Shitloh, if I'm an old grandmother then so is she, don't insult precious Shitloh like that!(derailing)

No. 914675

I’m surprised none of the video compilations where Gregma treats his ladies like shit didn’t feature this one. I honestly thought that “Greg never changed” statement was being over-the-top but holy shit, poor Skye just sits there and takes it.

No. 914697


greg is a piece of shit but this is a video played by characters. It's not real. Are you really that autistic that you can't tell the difference? I really wish autists were banned from the internet.

No. 914707

File: 1684879125942.jpg (103.82 KB, 2500x1250, sheisslo.jpg)

In any other youtubers case i'd tell you you're right, but in Greg's case I'd say the lines where often very blurred with that.

No. 914714

File: 1684884515526.png (10.96 KB, 1600x96, 194.png)

Nov 1, 2024 Ocala, Florida. Mark your calendars.

No. 914716

ooo jury trial. can his broke ass even afford a plane ticket to Florida?

No. 914721

File: 1684887880596.png (361.52 KB, 1203x806, Capture00264511.PNG)

>Discovery due by 4/29/2024
This should be a tasty appetizer before the main entrée in November. We may get some new information that Regina's lawyers were waiting to release as a "gotcha" and Greg may start dumping everything he has as a last ditch effort hoping something sticks.

I love that this will be looming over Greg and Lainey's heads for a year and a half. Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop. The anticipation and dread of an upcoming court date is worse than the actual punishment sometimes. Next up is the trial date for Sarah's case in Michigan.

I hope we get photos and videos. I will die if Lainey shows up in a little boy suit.

No. 914734


if this is timed right this trial might end almost exactly around his birthday and the anniversary where he almost an herod. This is toooooo poetic.

No. 914735

Betting he'll try to flee the country or pull some other BS to avoid the trial.

No. 914738

On the upside, Lainey may finally get a vacation trip!

No. 914739

No. 914767

Did we ever confirm he has a tiny peepee when he decided to show off that sexy vegetarian body of his via onlyfans? I feel like laffing today

No. 914777

File: 1684975263093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.18 KB, 1124x1479, Onisions f'ed up Penis Taken F…)


Keep in mind greg has small hands. But enjoy.(spoiler that shit and sage it)

No. 914778

No. 914781


My thoughts was as follows. Herpes - check. Short / thin penis - check. Pearly penile papules - check. Penis head smaller then shaft - check. A super fucked up circumcision - check.

Yes, greg checks all the box's to qualify for a fucked up penis award(sage your shit)

No. 914784

So it’s less than half a hotdog with a turtleneck? Adrienne was just being nice kek

No. 914792

File: 1685006504515.jpeg (558.16 KB, 1170x1607, IMG_4793.jpeg)

Lainey is looking rough lol

No. 914793

File: 1685006533742.jpeg (328.29 KB, 1170x1601, IMG_4794.jpeg)

No. 914796

Jesus is she on testosterone

No. 914797

yikes the balding

No. 914798

Do testosterone injections cause puffy face and widows peak hairline?

No. 914799

It’s so ugly.

No. 914800

File: 1685023796324.jpeg (59.41 KB, 1125x747, IMG_5444.jpeg)

Nta but I dunno, she looks more manly than usual, is onion man gonna be really okay with fucking a man with a vag? We know he once fucked a baldy yet she was still feminine underneath but this is next level.

What I imagine she’ll look like

No. 914801

While her sisters look happy and glowing, the smile never reaches Taylor's eyes. She really doesn't want to be there. She knows how bad she looks compared to her sisters.

If Taylor had wised up sooner and got the fuck away from Grugly, I'd feel bad for her. I think most of us loved and obsessed over the wrong person at one time and made mistakes. Greg has clearly beaten Taylor the fuck down.

But…I don't feel sorry for her. I'm more concerned for her kids.

No. 914805

She looks like one of those dumb bulldykes you see in prison taking hormones. I don't even understand why Greg is still with her other than it being an issue of who will snitch on who first.
They're stuck with each other at least until that trial comes, wonderful, really. those two deserve each other.

No. 914806

Kek, are you kidding? After playing around and experimenting with different ways to abuse, torture and brainwash his previous SO's, Taylor is Greg's masterpiece. Of course he'd want to keep his best work around, even if he doesn't have much use for it anymore.

No. 914807


I am just wondering if she'll have her mind blown when they put her in a female prison instead of a male prison. because in prison you go where whats hanging between your legs says you go.

No. 914809

File: 1685032058576.jpg (9.03 KB, 281x179, download.jpg)

Why can't this dumb slut grow a beard like other proper female inmates? Can't she do anything right? This would really piss me off if I were Greg.
Is that that one skankasaurus who once defended Greg on a live stream? I forgot the names of the players but it was one of Lainey's sister furiously defending Greg and then this appointed moderator on cam wearing a baseball hat was poking fun of her and asking her to say "cash me outside" like Danielle Brigoli (whom at the time was relatively new and a bit of a MEME)
How do these family functions even work I wonder, "hey taylor, I mean kai, i mean lucas, I mean whatever, we seen your documentary with Greg! So cool!"
Seriously Lainey, grow a beard.

No. 914810

File: 1685032122556.webm (1.25 MB, 320x240, 441c1f534.webm)

If Lainey is on hormones I hope she's doing the same cringey "proof of transition" videos her little fakeboi friend was uploading when they flew her out to live with them in the cowbarn.

Of course it would be a shame if those videos of Lainey somehow got leaked.

No. 914811

File: 1685032235702.jpg (96.21 KB, 1280x719, napoleondynamite_1280_2.jpg)

What look was said (sad) friend going for I wonder, Napoleon Dynamite in Blades of Glory?

No. 914812

File: 1685032463828.jpg (35.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Come to think of it it kinda looks like Napoleon Dynamite on the bottom yet his friend Pablo on the top. So you have Napoleon Dynamite transitioning in to Pablo. Thats amazing I never seen anything like it. Bravo!

No. 914816

>>914792 >>914793

looks like some new tattoos. looks like something written below her right knee, the moth, and that arm band.(sage your shit)

No. 914819

File: 1685041099275.jpeg (71.99 KB, 460x750, IMG_5445.jpeg)

We need to update the before and after pics

No. 914829

File: 1685061094822.jpg (64.12 KB, 460x750, The Onision Effect.jpg)

No. 914830

Doesn’t Billie have a tattoo similar to the one on laineys thigh? Flowers with a honeycomb pattern in the background or am I misremembering?

No. 914834

Damn, her sisters look SO CUTE, beautiful, shining from within, bubbly, and genuinely happy. Like, it’s so heart-warming just looking at them, at their joy, and I don’t even know them as people.
Foot, on the other hand, looks like a haggard try-hard wannabe butch, you know the one’s that actually simply the "not like the other girls" "I kissed a girl and I liked it" type. Pathetic, miserable Mr. Repzion with a vag.

No. 914835

File: 1685070176121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.12 KB, 677x671, ESUC6Y7XkAEtRUU.jpg)

Yes you're right.
The skinwalking continues to this day.

No. 914836

Samefagging, and you know, this could’ve been her in these photos. Glowing, stunning, graceful young somewhat alt girl, celebrating a milestone with her sisters, going to shows with her bffs to see her favourite bands play live, sing her heart out, be silly, live laugh love, and study towards becoming an orthopaedic surgeon like she always wanted to.

How much of a narc does one have to be, that it’s so much easier to flush one’s entire life and its prospects down the toilet, become an absolute degenerate paedo with all your dirt and retardation widely broadcasted, than simply admit that everyone else was right and "told her so" when they warned her against getting involved with Grease? An ego bigger than the universe itself.

No. 914837

Did Greg go with her? I thought that he forbade her from seeing her family without him or something like that? I can’t imagine they aren’t trying to get Lainey away from him with everything happening now, I’m assuming they know the end is coming and she and the kids will need support. Can you imagine someone like Greg showing up to your graduation party and just being a creepy cloud the entire time, while your sister laughs it off as if you aren’t aware of the years of abuse she, your niece, and nephew have been subjected to now that it’s being covered by everyone? Sorry for all of the hypotheticals, Lainey seemingly still riding for Greg defies all logic, it makes me feel insane

No. 914839

File: 1685090387888.jpg (134.05 KB, 2000x1270, barry-keoghan-1.jpg)

She looks like this guy

No. 914840

they have been separated. they don't live together anymore so i'm assuming she went alone.

No. 914843

I swear I’ve been reading along with his drama for years but I must’ve missed this- do you know roughly which thread talks about this or can you link me to any details? Sorry to ask for spoonfeeding, I just do not remember this at all

No. 914850

If they was both served at the 8702 address, that would mean they are still together.

No. 914851

Is it too much to ask whoever makes the new threads to use a pic that's not Onision's face? It's like seeing a tumor every time I open the page.

No. 914852

File: 1685113164375.jpeg (127.25 KB, 828x1599, BFF's 4 lyfe...jpeg)

Jeez she really let herself go. Looks like her friendship with Chris "the FBI is investigating Onision 2019" Hansen worked out well for her.

No. 914853


Why are we back to talking about side character's in the Onision story? Next I bet someone is going mention Gene. Please don't do that. You know how psycho Gene is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914854

File: 1685115605518.png (71 KB, 358x404, trans fem UwU.png)

Lainey was never appealing so I don't see a difference. She only larps as a dude because she hates her body after having two kids. Angelina Jolie lobbed off her milkers and got new ones after having 3 kids (claiming she did it to prevent breast cancer kek). Lainey would've done the same if Greg would've paid for it but she couldn't so instead she pretends to live as a man because she couldn't deal with what happens after the milk dries up.

No. 914855

Both she and Hansen did publicly say there was an FBI investigation - Shiloh mentioned it in an old patreon video. Greg likes to twist that around saying the FBI found him innocent when they actually did fuck all. Why say the FBI was involved when it never happened?

No. 914859


And yet, not one person called the FBI and confirmed it either way? Interesting that anyone would take a side in that situation.(sage your shit)

No. 914863

File: 1685127659841.png (985.75 KB, 1235x807, 6758_665_76.png)

I agree she hates her body. She doesn't want her breasts removed because she's trans and feels she was suppose to be born male. She wants them removed because they look gross after breast feeding for so long.
I also think that her trying to look like a boy is her way of giving up. She tried for so many years to look and act like the type of girl Greg was sexually attracted to by dying her hair, getting tattoo's, dressing and acting like these teenage alt girls and failing miserably. If she cant be Greg's sexy little alt girl then she'll remove herself from the race and be a boy instead.

No. 914869

Thats because nothing regarding this is known or confirmed. And if it is I second this by asking for sauce.
I wonder if she does it to be as unattractive as possible for Greg. We all know from Shiloh that Greg pretty much wants sex 18 times a day and he's against abortions, so if she accidentally gets knocked up (again) he'd force her to have another kid.
That may also be her reason for grooming kids for Greg, just so Greg doesn't need to fuck her.

No. 914870

Anything but a divorce.

No. 914875

>because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight
In fairness to Skye, no one with a shred of self respect or human dignity would want to share a room or anything else with Shiloh. Not a fan of Skye either but Shiloh really stands out with her past antics. I recall there was something about the Discovery+ documentary and Shiloh being the only one of the girls who knew it was happening initially (for obvious reasons >>914852). The other girls didn't find out till well after the deal with Discovery had been made.

No. 914876

>weird anyone would bring up Onision adjacent bullshit here
Ok, call them and let us know what they say champ. While you're at it I'm sure you can find Hansen's twitter and the number to Shiloh's trailer park >>914414 and ask them why they lied about Greg being investigated by the FBI. Good luck!

No. 914877


So has anyone gotten w-2's or any form of proof anyone was paid? Or is that just some shit greg said and tried to get people to believe? Because it doesnt even sound remotely true. Like its just another in a long line of lies greg has told?

No. 914878


I wasn't volunteering to do it meatwad. I was asking if anyone had, which the answer would be no. Therefor taking sides on that particular issue shows how unintelligent you are, like you dropped out with a 2.19 GPA or something.(sage your shit)

No. 914879

ofc you have no evidence to the contrary. If a criminal investigation had happened Onision wouldn't be facing a civil suit rn. You seem to dislike anyone pointing out that Shiloh and Hansen lied, why take sides anon?

No. 914880


But do you have evidence contrary to my contrary? (to which i have not even stated yet) Go ahead sparky, explain your position to me.(sage your shit)

No. 914881

File: 1685138294812.jpeg (249.68 KB, 1125x2325, 1610731650011.jpeg)

Where's the evidence for Shiloh and Hansen's claim from like three years ago now that an FBI investigation into Onision happened? There is none. Cry about it.
>If a criminal investigation had happened Onision wouldn't be facing a civil suit
Not complicated.

Hansen also lied about delivering Sarah's laptop to the FBI - how could FBI do an investigation without the evidence? Sarah had to deliver it herself and Greg likes to spin that one too. Anyway there's plenty evidence showing how much Shiloh and Hansen lied which I'd post more of but you can look for the rest yourself since you obvs care so much. Toodles.

No. 914883

Yeah if Sarah delivered it herself it looks like her laptop's been sitting in an evidence room collecting dust lol. You'd have to have a room temperature IQ to think the FBI did any investigation because if that were the case they would've taken action awhile ago + there would be no need for a civil suit.

No. 914885


Bahaha, screen shots can be faked, come up with some real evidence junior. What you don't have anything but screen shots and hearsay? Yea, that seems about right.(sage your autism)

No. 914898


holy shit im not even joking I thought the picture of lainey was a picture of greg. that's how ugly lainey is

No. 914901

File: 1685177543741.png (16.33 KB, 661x330, 8551384.PNG)

Unless something holds it up it will end exactly one day before his birthday.

No. 914914

Hey shitfaggot Gregene, how is your butt ugly footface bulldyke larper of a wife?
still throwing kiddo's out the window?(triple samefag)

No. 914942

File: 1685254029770.png (18.22 KB, 676x335, 96876611.PNG)

Imagining Daniel sitting in the gallery for the whole 10 days has me laughing.
I hope that Greg and Rep lock eyes and Greg freaks out
>Your honor I respectfully request a mistrial because the man who I had take to court for a protective order along with Chris Hansen is sitting behind me. Also I would like for it to be put in the court record that he's an alleged rapist. My good friend Billy the Fridge spoke to an anonymous woman who made a strange face when his name was brought up which obviously means that Daniel Sulzbach raped her.

One good thing about this tweet is now we know we'll get audio/video/photos of the whole trial instead of just a couple of candid shots of Greg standing awkwardly in an elevator.

No. 914954

Oh hell yes please let this happen. That would be frosty, full fat creamy milk right there.

No. 914972

I know she probably got these before they separated but she had to have seen this sinking ship a mile away. Is Greg gonna have to pay child support? I wonder Who initiated the separation? So many questions.

No. 915061

so do we think greg settles or is it gonna go to full trial?

No. 915080

I mean repzion is ok with bestiality and used to run a tumblr where he threatened to kill himself to get nudes from girls

No. 915087

sauce? never heard about either of those before

No. 915089

File: 1685588745705.jpg (137.6 KB, 1022x708, lameysulzbach.jpg)

Ikr? Though constantly acting as if he were morally superior to most people. Or that he even cared for a second about underage / barely legal girls being groomed online. Just another opportunity to self-insert, and potentially one-up Onion, cause it's a race with these two.

He should take it as a compliment though, that all these years Grease's been moulding his footwife into Repzion's twin (picrel)

No. 915093


soo does lainey look like a teenage boy or does repizon look like a girl

No. 915095


Yes(sage your shit, Gene)

No. 915098

Heavens to Betsy, Greg is sleeping with Repzion!

No. 915100

File: 1685625476753.jpg (385.85 KB, 1603x1894, RepziLain.jpg)

Both also have a thing for tardo camera angles which made this a tad more challenging to make but holy shit you can't unsee it.
Greg is fucking Repzion.(autism editing and samefagging)

No. 915110

Congrats on transitioning!

No. 915117

File: 1685664808614.png (499.74 KB, 460x750, riplaineybot.png)

(sage your fanart)

No. 915144

Atleast use the new pics of Lainey

No. 915191

I only saw it briefly but it seemed like a screenshot claiming gene bought a big $30k RV to travel back and forth from Michigan and Florida to attend the onion court dates?

No. 915203

anon posted a screencap and it was deleted, whats going on?

No. 915205

It was deleted because it had doxx in it. You people are stupid.

No. 915212

Nice self own Greg/Gene. Both have now doxxed people. Not the same person though.
Yes, everyone is stupid excpet for you, the doxxer.

No. 915214

Which one? That autist has dozens. Did he actually dox someone in his profile? What a moron. Just block and report.

No. 915216

I saw the post, there were no dox

No. 915219

Let's not. Only a turbo autist would engage in that trash.

No. 915220

This thread is one turbo autist samefagging and a few farmers passing through. Can't wait for the actual milk to flow so we can get back to quality farmer contribution rather than Gene and his stilted speech-to-text retardism.
>onision is a mod
Jesus the cope with this retard.

No. 915225

Nobody asked and nobody cares. Come back with actual milk, this is irrelevant twitter shit, stop posting it.

No. 915228

stop responding to bait/derailing. People responding will also be banned.

No. 915286

First, why are people spuring on innocent people that only have the misfortune of being related to predator greg?

Second, I really wish anytime someone ever mentions gene again just gets straight up banned. I really wish you autistic retards would stfu about him

No. 915289

The only one mentioning gene is gene himself. We have been banning and deleting his posts for a while now(and will continue to do that) so if any of you wonder why some posts are missing, that's why. Just report and ignore.

No. 915312

>First, why are people spuring on innocent people that only have the misfortune of being related to predator greg?
If you have to ask that question here you haven't been paying attention. Its called guilt by association and in Greg's case its like his scumbag aura. Everybody involved with Greg in any capacity be it dating Greg, being married to him, being a "hater", trying to bring him down, whatever they're all scumbags. Each and every one of them.
If you haven't figured that out by now you never will.
Edit: Just explaining it more because I can already see the stupid questions / comments:
Be it people that are for or against Greg it doesn't matter, they're all scum. They all have their own agenda.

No. 915322

Stop a-logging. Onion's sister is sensible enough to not interact with him.(sage your shit)

No. 915323


Don't care, I'm doing it anyway.(sage your autism)

No. 915350

You do realize she would defend Greg on live streams furiously right?

No. 915363

ntayrt but was that before or after he aired her dirty laundry?

No. 915400

That's Lainey's sister.

No. 915420

Oh, I thought you were talking about Joanna

No. 915430

When the whole "a-logging Onion's sister" discussion was brought up by this anon >>915322 I assumed they meant Christina, Greg's oldest sister. That week someone had made a fake Twitter profile that gave Christina's full name, her job title and place of business along with her home address. Anytime Onision's name was mentioned this fake profile bot would spam them with information on the two federal cases against Greg. The fake profile also started tweeting Christina's followers with implied self nudes.

Tbh out of all of Greg's family Christina seems like the only one who knew how creepy Greg was from the start. The way Greg tells it, Christina was a "stuck up snob" that didn't want to hang out with him when they were kids and once she moved out of the family house she had no interest in socializing with Greg or having him around her husband or kids.

No. 915431

She's always seemed the most distant from him. Even in his book he hardly mentions her at all except when he wants to claim his dad is a pedo. I don't even think I've seen her in some of the oldest videos that have his family in them.

Good on her, at least she ended up dodging a bullet by keeping the hell away from her family.

No. 915432

File: 1686350618518.png (96.1 KB, 592x612, 5768999.PNG)

And what did Lauren get for defending Greg and Lainey? Once she moved in as their live in babysitter & maid Greg told her that the agreed upon pay was going to be cut in half because he wasn't making as much money now that his views were tanking. Greg clashed with her constantly and aired her private life on social media. And I'm sure she had to endure similar creepy behavior that Sarah, Maya and Madison have mentioned before like "accidental" touching and rubbing of their breasts and ass. Plus the infamous hugs while he has an erection.

I never understood why they got into such a huge argument because Lauren said she missed her old bf and his donkey dick. Why would Greg care unless he felt she was insulting him by making a passive aggressive dig at how small his dick is. Onision assumed that Lainey had told Lauren he had a oddly shaped below average penis and Greg was overly sensitive about any penis size talk in the house.

No. 915458

File: 1686400704463.jpg (9.9 KB, 540x540, spade.jpg)

Lets call it as it is here, if Lauren lived there Greg either fucked her or tried to fuck her. The fact that she defended Greg so adamantly adds an extra onion layer of suspiciousness to the entire thing. Add to that that Greg was so upset over her mentioning an actual adult sized penis she once fucked and you get a nice potpourri of greasiness only the grease household can deliver.
What I also find odd and see nobody talk about is watch this video:
Now this video also has Sarah in her Billie skinwalking phase in it, and she's also defending the Greases. I know its probably been mentioned before but I find it very odd.
People that have lived in the Grease house are always very vague and suspicious. God only knows what the fuck really goes on in there.
Yeah, Greg's scummy aura, guilt by association etc. they're all fucked in the head if you ask me, every single one of them.

No. 915569


>Yeah, Greg's scummy aura, guilt by association etc. they're all fucked in the head if you ask me, every single one of them.

It ain't a matter of "birds of a feather". Greg's choice of girls was never an accident. However, fucked in the head the girls ever were, Greg is far worse.

No. 915579

Well yeah but I thought that was obvious, much like his choice in girls: young, dumb, easy and with daddy issues.

No. 915620

File: 1686786864233.jpeg (78.62 KB, 810x734, 1a.jpeg)

Onision tried to tell the Judge he wasnt doing what she told him to do until she ruled on his motion to dismiss.

No. 915621

File: 1686786990240.jpeg (49.15 KB, 796x724, 1a.jpeg)

lolz, She told him to fuck off and do what she said, and totally ignored him about the dismissal. (I wonder if he has figured out yet that nothing he does will stop what is going to happen to him.

No. 915628

KEKKKKK He's whinging and sobbing as we post here nonnas, the meanie judge won't roll over and do as he wants!!

No. 915638

He gets angry whenever someone talks about stuff like this because of how insecure he is about his own dick. He once raged at and banned a girl from his Discord for talking about how much she liked big dick. He compared it to a guy saying something like that about a girl’s boobs. He was so mad, lol.

No. 915663

File: 1686898111530.webm (3.13 MB, blasianbannedonisiondiscord.we…)

That reminds me of the time Blasian Coffey got banned because Greg misheard/misinterpreted a conversation she was having with a friend in discord. She was casually discussing that Anti-O had always said Greg had a micropenis but now that his Onlyfans photos had leaked they switched to saying Onision has an ugly dick. Blasian was defending him, She was a die hard fan second only to McRetard. Hell I'm sure she would of helped Onision & Kai groom kids if she had been allowed to stick around longer. But all Greg heard was "Onision's dick is ugly" and he immediately banned Blasian and started listing all the things that were wrong with her.
>she had been an Anti-O spy all these years
>she was leaking and pirating his OnlyFans nudes
>Blasian was sexually harassing him
>she was going to run to Chris Hansen and expose him as a racist
>Blasian was sexually harassing Kai

I'm sure if his Discord tirade had gone on any longer he would of accused Blasian of raping him and Kai with her words. He goes into this kind of blind rage when he thinks someone is insulting his penis. It's fucking weird.

No. 915670

>saying Onision has an ugly dick.
Imagine being that narcissistic. Greg is. People just have to tell him he's perfect in each and every way or he can't handle it.

No. 915674

Wait so there are onion nudes?

No. 915689


Aw, that drawing is too adorable to be used as an insult.

No. 915690

Sorta insane that a guy this insecure had a stint on onlyfans lol.

No. 915692

File: 1686951005307.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.46 KB, 1078x1350, preview.jpg)


What do you expect? Only fuck boi beta bitch males do shit like this for onlyfans shekels.

No. 915693

I think most men are to be exploited, barring a few loyal decent ones. It's nice to see he knew his place.(sage your shit)

No. 915695

Please fucking spoiler this shit, I need to go pour a litre of clorox on my eyes now

No. 915696

File: 1686951353564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.94 KB, 1500x844, 11.jpg)

But why is his dick so short? And why is the head half as big as the shaft? No wonder he is a pedophile, he couldn't satisfy a real woman.

No. 915697

Kek why is he literally 3.5 inches.

No. 915698

spoiler this shit

No. 915699

File: 1686951446784.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.89 KB, 345x200, tiny dick.jpg)

OMG. he should be arrested. A grown man touching a little boys penis.(spoiler NSFW content)

No. 915703

Do us all a favor and spoiler that shit. Have it for your personal use all you like but do us that favor.

No. 915704


Only use is to show how pathetic his penis is. Unless you might have another use for it.

No. 915706

Unaesthetic, skinny fat "VEGETARIAN BODAAAYYYYY".
And this dude used to rate girls regarding their appearance. Who* were totally out of his league btw.

No. 915708

KEK it's not even a baby carrot!! It's like HALF a baby carrot! No wonder the greaseball is so insecure.
Do you think foot pegs him with a dildo replica of his own tiny shrimp member? I bet she does.

No. 915713

Why are his inner thighs so dark and dirty-looking?

No. 915714

File: 1686991227727.jpg (103.42 KB, 640x1000, Fq6fVvTXsA.jpg)

On the rare occasion that Greg does shower he's probably one of those men who thinks the soapy water running off his upper body and down his legs is the same as actually washing them with soap.

No. 915716

That's the thing. He "showers" every day. By "showers", I mean he stands under the nozzle masturbating for three hours. AJ said he uses up all the hot water like this.

No. 915744

I found some links to the federal cases against Onision and his wife. Thought I would be helpful and share them. Regina: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66795626/alonso-v-google-llc/ Sarah: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66931660/unknown-party-v-google-llc/

If you save these links you can check up on the cases anytime free of charge.

No. 915749

Kek. Exactly. I have nothing to say about his penis, because a lot of dudes have short penises and he can't help it. But his vegan body is fucking saggy and gross. A healthy man, who ate right and worked out would, even if they were fatter would have a sexier body. He's grossly old looking. And with Greg's ego, you know he's not only short dicked, he's BAD AT SEX. But, I mean, he was always ugly with filters. Just typical male delusion.

This isn't an odd tactic. A lot of attorneys try to stop document production, or discovery until the Motion to Dimiss is heard because it's a lot of attorney fees for a case that might be dismissed. Although a Status Report isn't totally labor intensive like Discovery. It's just setting deadlines. If anything, Greg's attorney is trying to save him money which is a sign of an ethical attorney. Funny the judge said fuck the up and wants the case moving despite his motion to dismiss. It's a bad sign that she isn't taking his motion to dismiss seriously and will probably rule against them.

No. 915754

If any nonnas want to hunt this shit down, feel free cuz I ain't doing it. But I have seen the ones of Ogreasion fucking sex dolls and flesh lights. His "O" face is pure nightmare fuel.

No. 915766

>>914105 lol does anyone remember the picture where he photoshopped the shaft but left his teeny tiny little testes unedited?? he got soooo mad over that being pointed out, after he had stuffed all those socks in his panties for years. Good times. The internet never forgets, Greg!

I miss the whole-fat buttermilk cream Onision days, I pretty much got tired of looking at his peenor and stopped even hate-watching. Glad to see he's got everything he deserves, and more.

No. 915792

He really thought he was gonna show Billie and all the haters what they were missing out on. He really, really thought he was going to entice another girl to "collaborate" with him. I don't think it's a matter of he wouldn't fuck Taylor on camera (because there wouldn't have been anyone else he could ask). I guarantee she fully shut that idea down. She's been humiliated enough.

No. 915795

File: 1687136266953.png (177.22 KB, 368x411, hqdefault12.PNG)

There was the Playmate Tessi collab rumors. If you don't know who that is do a quick search and you'll figure out why this team up would have been hilarious. I've watched a few of Tessi's streams and she acts like she legitimately has some kind of undiagnosed mental illness. Wild mood swings, throwing things around, hurting herself, abusing her cat, attacking her fans. Some anons thought it was someone impersonating Tessi and contacting Greg to set up an OF collab, similar to the PETA troll when Greg thought he was going to make bank being sponsored by PETA. They strung him along for weeks and finally revealed the joke in a Skype call with a giant "CUCK" sign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YrXL0xyJbI

I think Greg took the bait because there was a Mr Odd in Tessi's streams a few times asking a lot of questions and acting sus. His desperation to gain a successful OnlyFans career and have established models begging to fuck him clouded his judgement. I'm sure that it was all a catfish to screw with Greg but I was praying for it be real. As much as Greg likes to say all his ex's have borderline personality disorder, he hasn't had to deal with a truly crazy person setting their sights on him. I could see him and Tessi doing the OnlyFans collab, her freaking out, then making Greg her new obsession and going full on Swim Fan. Screaming and crying outside his home at all hours of the night. poisoning his pets, kidnapping his kids, trying to murder Lainey and finally burning his house down.

No. 915798

has greg been on discord or anything or is he finally MIA? Do you think with a legal case pending he can keep his mouth shut for an entire year? I mean he's been called a rapist in open court now, so maybe he's finally learned he can't gaslight people anymore?

No. 915799

File: 1687147951142.jpg (19.03 KB, 991x197, 167909434653866.jpg)

>last tweet on Feb 13
>last YT video on Feb 13
>last Forum blog/post on March 5
>last discord message on March 17

The March 17th discord message was a members only thank you he gave because Kaitlind bought him two movies and a game. If the anon that has access to members only messages is still around maybe she could let us know if he's still chatting up his last 5 fans and asking them to dig up "text based" evidence for his trial.

I look at his March 5th blog as his final social media post. So that means he's been gone over 3 months without using his Onision profiles. But I'm positive that he still uses the many sockpuppets he's created over the years. Greg is addicted to SM and every time he's left the internet "forever" its taken just a few weeks (sometimes days) for his return. These sockpuppets on Twitter and Reddit rage against Sarah, Regina and the rest of the girls. Always careful to begin their rant with
>now I'm not a fan of Onision's, he's a scumbag narcissist…. but
and then they ramble on about Sarah being a druggie liar, and Regina looking like a big nosed clown who Greg never met IRL. Totally not obvious.

Id give Greg kudos for staying off the internet for so long but the only reason Greg stopped using his Onision profiles is because the slip & fall shyster and dog lawyer ordered him to stop because it would only make things worse and warned him that they would be monitoring all his sm to make sure he doesn't sneak back on. Tbh Greg hasn't really left the internet, he's just lurking on his sockpuppets trying to change everyone's mind with the "truth & facts" and a dash of character assassination mixed in.

No. 915800

File: 1687148771827.png (73.49 KB, 637x491, 7856744.PNG)

From Reginas case. Do any lawanons know what this mediation may consist of? The hilaryhighpa website talks about using Zoom meetings but I'm assuming that was mostly during the Covid restrictions. Would Greg and Lainey have to travel to attend? I know it isn't something the public could sit in on but Id love to be a fly on the wall for this. I understand mediation when it comes to money or property but how do you mediate when its a sexual assault case?

No. 915802

File: 1687152004195.jpeg (68.36 KB, 642x727, 1a.jpeg)

1st page

No. 915803

File: 1687152073584.jpeg (31.4 KB, 642x650, 1a.jpeg)

2nd page

No. 915810

no fucking WAY! How disgusting! And I cannot imagine how someone fixated on physical appearance like grug has reacted to this… he's got to miserable to be seen anywhere near what lainy has transformed into… holy shit. transformers engage.(sage your shit)

No. 915815

A lot of mediations and court proceedings are telephonic or zoom. A mediation is all part of the pre-trial process and prescribed. It's just part of the checklist, where courts want you to try and figure out a settlement before more costly trial proceedings happen like discovery. They're going to talk about settlement in this. What Regina is alleging and asking for is way off of what Greg can afford and what google/youtube is willing to pay. It's a waste of time, but court mandated.

No. 915834

If you enjoyed Strange Aeons book review you might like Alizee's take on it. Its super long (3 hours) I like to put it on while I'm doing house work.

No. 915844

I have a dumb question about this but I don't know anything about the law. Since he is broke now, what happens when he loses the case? They can't garnish him since he has no income now,right? Can they sell his house and take the money or how does that work?

No. 915846

File: 1687225404301.png (10.39 KB, 711x227, Capture560044.PNG)

It depends on the state. They will garnish Greg and Laineys paycheck until its fully paid off and in some states they can take his property. He owns the cowbarn so its a viable asset they could force him to sell.
Having to pay Skye every month for those few years made him crazy. Can you imagine having to pay Regina and Sarah for decades is going to do to him.

No. 915847

File: 1687226115955.jpg (54.02 KB, 776x643, download (2).jpg)

>he has no income now,right?
They're not living hand to mouth quite yet but onision didn't do much saving so they aren't going to live off a nest egg he has sitting in a bank. Onision is doing Door Dash to make ends meet. That gives you an idea on how bad it is for the Jacksons. Even though its a pittance they will garnish whatever he makes doing food delivery.

No. 915848

He will have three years of home equity. It depends how much equity he has. If exemption is less than the home equity, the judge can place a lien to force a sale and equity surplus is fair game then. If it’s not then they cannot be forced to sell their home. I think the homestead exemption would be $55,000 for them but I’m not sure? I think their income comes into play.

No. 915849

That just looks like a bad photoshop job, though.

No. 915850

File: 1687228310559.png (6.09 KB, 500x300, 2vf953.png)

oh nonnie you're adorable

No. 915856

learn to sage, it has been how long now?
10/10 definitely not a Photoshop.
Him having to pay any woman any money is going to kill him, I can only imagine the tard rage coming from him when/if it does happen. We all know it was Laineyboy who was fucking with Sarah/Regina over text etc, and now old greggy has to pay the piper? pottery in motion.

No. 915866

File: 1687275391504.gif (3.16 MB, 200x200, FEF97265-ABFB-4F8E-9897-AD18D0…)


No. 915868

Greg has been setting up for a bus to throw Lainey under for a very long time. I would love to hear her side of things. We all know what she did was at least partly at Greg's behest and partly to have a meatsheild/ego booster for herself. It's kinda like how some kids who are being SA'd at home will bring "friends" home.

No. 915869

I have access. He’s not.

No. 915901

KEK. truly pottery in motion. ty nonna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915904

>reaction image
>fake news
any particular reason the mods are letting this thread go to shit? i thought we got rid of the scrotes.
shit looks like an amusement park for autistic children.(take it to meta)

No. 915912

stop responding to bait/obvious personalityfagging. Please just report and move on. Responding to obvious bait will also get you banned.

No. 916148

File: 1687910031138.jpg (151.29 KB, 1375x588, download (4).jpg)

Omission's long time nemesis just posted this and I'm positive Greg is chomping at the bit wanting to give his 2 cents. The last time Daniel started a GoFundMe was to help with the legal costs after Greg took him to court. Onision spent 3 weeks tweeting and making multiple videos telling his fans that Rep was stealing their money and using it for non court related expenses. I'm sure Greg is frustrated that his lawyers wont let him tweet or make videos until the 2 trials are over but I have a feeling he may peek his head out for this one. It might not be on a verified account but Id keep an eye out for suspicious sockpuppets whining about "the grift."

No. 916174

I hope anyone considering donating to this faggot thinks twice and gives to a women’s shelter instead. you’re on youtube and onlyfans and whatever else, pay your own legal fees, retard

No. 916227

This used to be an open directory:
That i had access to and very unfortunately I didn't back it up. But it had tons of evidence, even video evidence, of Repzion and Maya doxxing and terrorizing people, and laughing about it.
Just sayin'.

No. 916264

File: 1688216697876.jpg (78.3 KB, 1526x318, Evidence2.jpg)

Take it to meta so you can get banned btw.
You truly are the most pathetic person i have ever seen (most pitiful mod too), the most petty, I'd say you even have Greg beat in terms of pettiness. At least Greg will debate a "hater" and let them have their say.(autism)

No. 916269

"greg will debate a 'hater' and let them have their say" tell us you are new without telling us you are this new. He has never wanted a fair debate, he mutes, blocks or talks over everyone he ever 'debates'.

No. 916275

Entirely not the point, but whatever. Keep crying in META, it will get you banned, the mod here doesn't handle criticism very well and doesn't want her boss to find out how shit she is at her job.
I see they're doing a great job getting rid of you.(ban evasion)

No. 916303

Like I said, petty.(ban evading again)

No. 916307

When Greg and Taylor kill themselves, what names do you think will be on their graves?(shitposting)

No. 916311

huswife and little bitch?(shitposting, newfagottry)

No. 916315

Retard.(pointless infighting)

No. 916322

next time try replying to your original post, newbie.
absolutely nobody cares. Move on, bring in new info.(pointless infighting)

No. 916344

File: 1688446578944.jpg (456.28 KB, 1080x1930, IMG_20230704_075634.jpg)

Update on the Sarah case.

No. 916345

Onion man better save up his DoorDash bucks for those out-of-state trials. I wonder if he can keep his mouth shut within a year without intimidating/talking shit about his former pleasure squad members?

No. 916346

No. 916352

Omg, they are Alex Jones-ing him?! I didn't realize this. This is hilarious. He's going to end up on the streets.

No. 916355


After the previous seizure of retardedness, this update is like downpour during a drought. Thanks, nonny.

No. 916359

>Jury Trial set for 11/1/2024 in Ocala Florida

>jury trial set for 9/30/2024 Lansing Michigan

So Sarah gets the first bite of the onion? I thought that since Regina filed first her trial would start before Sarah's. Plus it made sense when lawanons said that bringing Regina's case first which had the lesser counts
>coercion and enticement
>sex trafficking
>possession and distribution of child pornography
would be like a practice run for Sarah's case which had the more serious counts
>coercion and enticement
>sex trafficking
>criminal sexual assault
They'd get an idea of what works and what doesn't in Regina's case, fine tune everything and hit Greg harder during Sarah's trial.

No. 916360

different states have different court backlogs
states don’t coordinate small civil cases with each other

No. 916377

At this point, does he have anything to take? His house is heavily mortgaged, I think. And he pissed away his youtube bux long ago.
Also, pardon my retardation but why did it take so long to get to this stage with the courts? All that pissing around with boomer Hansen instead seems like a stupid move.

No. 916378


sarah is claim in official court documents, under oath and penalty of perjury, that greg raped her. This is a big deal. There is a very high chance this could lead to criminal charges. Gregs abusive history is well documented, he's in big trouble.

No. 916380

The short answer is they will garnish Greg and Lainey's wages for decades.

But tbh I don't think these civil cases are the endgame. Lawanon stated it clearly and concisely after we found out about the second lawsuit.
>civil lawsuit = discovery / discovery = fodder for criminal investigation
Regina and Sarah have two large law firms working on this. Marsh Law Firm & The Haba Law Firm both specialize in sexual abuse, child pornography and human trafficking. This is just the first act in a greasy tragedy.

No. 916389

File: 1688626038624.jpeg (109.33 KB, 828x437, IMG_1772.jpeg)

I don’t know what the original source for this is but kek if true (and not surprising in the slightest)

No. 916390

Seems like a move out of Kevin Spacey's playbook.

No. 916392

That just adds to my confusion though. She could've pressed those charges years ago and had the laptop for evidence. THEN gone after him with a civil suit. Instead, so much evidence is contaminated or lost and he's even poorer than he was.

No. 916393

I don't think they really care about the money, but about holding him accountable for his pissy behavior. He spent hundreds of videos talking about how he's always right, winning and how illegal things that other people do. If he loses, it's going to utterly destroy his ego and I can't wait.

No. 916435

If they didn’t care about the money, they wouldn’t have gone for that Discovery+ cashgrab, broadcasting their degeneracy in exchange for a nice paycheck, and went straight to court.

No. 916437


What is really funny is Onision thinks he funded Chris Hansens career. No Onision is just another in a LOOONG list of pedophiles Hansen has exposed. Onision is a nothing loser, who will always be a pathetic loser.(sage your shit)

No. 916466


evidence is not "contaminated" you need to drop this e-drama youtube bullshit. Gregs abusive behavior is well documented. There are multiple women alleging his rapey and creepy behavior. We dont need the laptop to know lainey sent nudes to underage girls. We dont need the laptop to prove that greg raped sarah. The laptop isn't fucking important.

So why now? Well first sarah is a couple years older, a couple years wiser. Greg tried to gaslight the entire internet that sarah "raped him" through "sexual extortion"

Sarah also had to save up money or find someone to represent her legally, all as an early 20 year old. Do you know how hard it is as a 20 year old that barely knows jackshit about the world to go find attorneys that can represent you in a federal case? Where does one even start? Then you have to build the case behind the scenes, convince everyone you are serious and you have something tangible, and you probably also let greg put his foot in his mouth for a year or so just to make your case even stronger. There are a lot of reasons why it's been a couple of years.

No. 916467


hi greg. the only one that calls the discovery+ thing a cashgrab is greg, and that is you. super obvious.(hi cow)

No. 916470

File: 1688776564772.png (418.81 KB, 1079x728, extortion.PNG)

>probably also let greg put his foot in his mouth for a year or so just to make their case even stronger

I think this is a big part of why they waited, at least for the defamation count. Around December 2021 their lawyers told him to take down anything that defamed Sarah & Regina. The way Greg tells the story he told them he had spoken to a lawyer and what they were asking him to do was a "cashgrab" and once Sarah's lawyers heard he had spoken to a lawyer they got scared and no longer wanted to speak to him. Greg thought he had found some silver bullet against litigation. He tells them he spoke to a lawyer and they leave him alone. But in reality once he told them he had a lawyer they could no longer speak to him directly and would have to do any kind of correspondence though Greg's lawyer. Onision thought he was free and clear because they didn't contact him again. They let him cook for over 430 days, letting him dig that "I was raped by Sarah" hole even deeper before they filed the two federal lawsuits. I can only imagine the evidence they have gathered during this past year.

>the only one that calls the discovery+ thing a cashgrab is greg

I would never do a (hi cow) call out like that but you are correct Greg does like using that term. Plus he's the only person I know that always writes it out as one word "cashgrab" instead of two(proper) as you can see in the picrel video description.

No. 916590

File: 1688942271897.jpg (244.42 KB, 720x887, 20230710_000044.jpg)

If I had a euro for every time a lolcow fucked their own mother, I'd have €2 and tbh I would rather be in debt than have that €2

No. 916595

This is gross and I hope it's a shit post. Was his mom's Tumblr ever discussed? She's got some weird ass skits.

No. 916596

File: 1688947078187.jpg (378.53 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20230709_165733_Tum…)

No. 916597

File: 1688947180731.jpg (325.96 KB, 1080x2234, Screenshot_20230709_165709_Tum…)

No. 916598

Don’t remember if it was here or kiwi farms but someone fucking called it that onion will troon out when shit hit the fan.

No. 916599

File: 1688949953121.png (312.67 KB, 832x562, 6756711.PNG)

Is FPS Diesel talking about a recent video? Because this video >>916596 >>916597 is over 9 years old and the link is dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FOJ4EPACfg
I kind of remember this skit and it reminded me of Fred, if he tried to have awkward sex with his patchouli smelling hippie mom.(learn2embed)

No. 916601

File: 1688957182424.jpg (79.59 KB, 605x590, IUJ8_76GYGht_543F.jpg)

I was hoping for Greg to go down this road but it doesn't really look like his mom. The hands look feminine.

No. 916611

That looks like a troon, why else would someone blacken out the bottom third of the picture?
Also, that is clearly a woman's hand with golden nails.

No. 916625

File: 1689030561133.png (104.98 KB, 644x352, pimeyes-png.png)

You're right it's not his mom, it's a random pornstar.

despite the unfortunate surname, it's a real woman.

No. 916626

Because it's porn, way to assume it's a tranny.

No. 916653

kiwi farms is down, does anyone have a screenshot of the kf post talking about how onision completely ignores his daughter and it's theorised he does this so she develops a attention starved codependent attachment to him when older so he can groom?

No. 916655


if you really want to fuck with Onision @elohelbemad1 on twitter is the sock he uses

No. 916657

File: 1689177249971.jpeg (127.51 KB, 720x1600, 19EFD035-87F8-41C1-987D-83F5C3…)

It’s true. He has two. @elohelbemad and @elohelbemad1

No. 916659

Nobody cares about your retarded twitter slap fight. Take it back there and stay.
That always smelled of a fake story. Too on the nose for me.

No. 916662


Like your opinions matter da fuck out of here.

No. 916665

Then why did you delete all the tweets from today? It’s okay, all of them have been screenshot.

No. 916680

She always makes me laugh when she roasts Greg.

No. 916683

Damn, shouldn’t he be laying low for awhile? He’s only increasing the ammo for the courts to use against him and I’m here for it!

No. 916687

Conspiracyfag cancer like this has always been one of the worst parts of onion threads.

No. 916730

Not in support of conspiracyfag, but tbf Grease is so deranged I wouldn’t put it past him that the "cancer" of such kind has crossed his mind at some point, kek.
Not alluding to it actually being the case, but you know what I mean. His brain is so fucked, nothing would be too surprising at this point. I wish there were a way to keep those poor unfortunate kids away from him.

No. 916734

File: 1689315983508.png (61.22 KB, 809x518, covert.PNG)

That reminded me of a thread I saw on r/Onision. Having their daughter laying next to them and their son leaning on their bed while they fuck is weird and gross. And it sounds like this is not an isolated incident. Greg and Lainey want to normalize their kids being around and watching adults having sex. You can only imagine why they're trying to make this seem like typical behavior between adults and children.

The replies to the OP bring up Onision making those graphic sado-sexual tweets when his daughter was in the hospital. Why does Greg make some strange connection with the injury of his daughter and violent sexual fantasies? Also they talk about him not changing Madison's baby daughters diaper. He's a father of two, changing a diaper should be as routine as a feeding or cleaning up spit-up. But Greg makes changing a diaper into some creepy sexual perversion. Did he not want to change it because he was worried he wouldn't be able to control himself and touch the little girl inappropriately? Why was he worried that Madison would automatically think he was molesting her baby while changing the diaper? It's suspect that his mind goes there first and sexualizes an infant.

As for the "Conspiracyfag cancer" and tinfoiling. I agree that it derails the thread when its over the top. But how many people(I was one of them) thought anons were crazy to think Greg would ever fuck Sarah. He treated her like shit, told her and his fans how ugly and awkward she was, I was sure there was no way he would find her attractive. But that conspiracy/tinfoil ended up being true. Greg's options became limited when they could no longer bring in cute manic pixie alt girls. So he started looking at someone that was already in the household and that he had influence over. Sarah was the easy target at the time. Who's going to be the easy target in the future? I'm afraid for those still in that home.

No. 917181

>redd*t screenshot

No. 917182

What happened to those weird ass posts saying Onision owned lolcow? I didn't click the link.

No. 917194

File: 1690401418589.jpg (119.82 KB, 800x800, SadTrombone.jpg)

That is a Google Transparency Report for a Copyright Owner's delisting request.

It does NOT specify that Onion owns this website. It specifies that Onion, as the copyright owner of some unknown piece of media which was uploaded here, had, on December 23rd 2020, put in a request to have it delisted from google's search results.

It indicates that 0% of the requested URLs were delisted, and that no action was taken.

No. 917196

File: 1690403835317.png (87.64 KB, 1099x1009, LumenDetails.png)



Checking the Lumen Notice indicates that the Delisting Request was for some OnlyFans images. https://lumendatabase.org/notices/22588657

No. 917197

that was probably gene being the usual useless faggot

No. 917252

where's that video of him cumming?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917254


You mean the video where he is jacking his pathetic little dick off? And lets it just fall onto his carpet is his fucking nasty ass house?

No. 917273

yes, that one(sage your shit)

No. 917279

Aww he’s mad! Post more ugly dick pics. We ain’t going nowhere, onionboi.

No. 917362

Regina wished Greg would fuck her. She's way too fat and ugly. Definitely not his type. I hope Sarah takes Greg and Lainey to the cleaners.

No. 917476


Now how is he gonna fuck anything but an underage teen with that small pathetic dick? Stop playing.(sage your shit)

No. 917737

File: 1691442948012.png (54.16 KB, 700x454, 657222937_466_099.PNG)

The lead singer of Lost Prophets, Ian Watkins has been all over the news today because he was stabbed in jail and probably wont survive. I was reading a few articles about him and so much reminded me of Onision. I was disappointed that even in jail, convicted of horrendous crimes and losing his looks there's still women who will gravitate to these predators.

There was one sentence that stopped me in my tracks. As Watkins had started to groom this new victim he asked her what she would do if her daughter walked in on her having sex. Is this a common predator tactic? It reminded me so much of what Greg and Lainey did to Sarah. It wasn't just talk with those two. Greg & Lainey physically had their kids in the same bed as they had sex and wanted Sarah to join in and be okay with it.(derailing)

No. 917874

A new cliff notes video of Onision lore for the novice. A nice refresher for the oldfags before the first glass of milk flows in April >>914721
The commentator mentions that its been 5 months since Onision has been heard from. Who knew that all it would take is being sued for sex trafficking, rape, and child porn for Greg to go quiet for almost half a year.

No. 917889

Watch him ban both of us.

No. 917896

Nice job proving their point by banning them. Now ban me.

No. 917902

who cares? it's derailing and not about the rape onion so it gets banned

No. 917907

>thread is dead
>nona posts something VERY related to onion and sages it since it's not milk
>mod bans her for derailing
mods are retarded, and i do not care about you banning me. i will not take it to /meta/, because it shouldn't be needed. put on your big girl pants and admit you were wrong. tall order, i know.

No. 917911

As the above poster pointed out. People are getting banned even after posting things related to Onision and saging. So, bullshit. And I know you’re gonna ban me for this post.

No. 917922

File: 1691828089788.png (452.75 KB, 2122x1040, Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 17.16…)

in non retard posting news, onion showed signed of life by changing his twitter username to Onision (RIP) and the title and description of his last video. he is fuckin ITCHING to post again, it must be killing him

No. 917924

>Onision is gone now, but by thousands, he will be remembered for his hundreds of songs, animal/human rights campaigns & countless shared laughs with his fans.
Come on Greg. You know damn well no one thinks that when they hear the name Onision. Anytime I see someone using the name Onision online its just shorthand for pedophile sexual predator groomer. The same way people talk about R. Kelly and Jared Fogle.

>campaigning for infant rights

What the fuck is that? If you cared so much for infants you wouldn't let them fall out of second story window or lay in bed with you while you fuck your ugly man-wife.

No. 917926

imagine being this mad on an anonymous image board.
He will never return, finally he seems to be getting the message that his career is as dead as his future opportunities.

No. 917931

“In non-retard posting news” then you post a screenshot of the onion retard posting this retarded shit, lol.

No. 917933

He posted that he’s making a comeback and the the lawsuits started coming out, making him look like the clown he is. So he was forced to leave. He’s the biggest clown on the internet.

No. 917934

Because like the moron he is, he thought his victims weren’t going to fight back and he thought he could control them.

No. 917943

by “infant rights” he means his circumcision sperg. it’s hilarious that he called it “infant rights” though, kek
if he actually cared about “infant rights” he would realize that their only right is to grow up loved, safe, and happy. and that means talking to them, changing their diapers, not having sex while they’re in the same bed as you, making sure they’re in an environment where people aren’t screaming at each other, and making sure their siblings aren’t beating them up.

What he means is “baby boy penis rights” because he’s only capable of empathizing on topics that he’s personally invested in

No. 917946

I fuckin love when he writes about himself in 3rd person. Could make a literal bingo list. Hit on all the same beats as always.
>circumcision/infant rights
>fans thank me for anti self harm videos
>muh videos against anorexia
>genuine, honest and true
>"outspoken" by millions of haters
>dark comedy
>songs/many works (surprised he didn't mention his ~books~ here too)

No. 917953

File: 1691893610218.png (80.86 KB, 948x447, 8122023_6572.PNG)

Did the same thing to his IG just a little more concise. We all know the only reason he's been MIA is because his dog law attorney told him to stfu. But Greg's oppositional defiant disorder kicks in and he has to find a work around. Since his lawyer didn't clearly state he couldn't redo his video descriptions that's his way to weasel back online. Onision just cant help himself. He has to defy anyone he thinks is in some kind of authority role. I hope he keeps this up when the judges start telling him what he can and cannot do during the trials and he tries to play word games with them.

Does anyone think he's suicide baiting with all the "RIP" chatter? Or trying to get the commentary fags to talk about him and worry that he's died. It just feels a bit like the "Lil Tay found dead" hoax earlier this week.

No. 917956


He's just going for the Donald Trump route and just keep on talking despite being on trial. Won't be long till a gag order will take place.

No. 917967

this is so fucking ridiculous
he wrote his own obituary like he was some kind of Nobel Peace Prize winner

No. 917968

File: 1691949751295.png (331.94 KB, 685x506, banner (1).PNG)

his new banner has me rolling

No. 917969

Part of me thinks it’s ragebait on his part. Jokes on him because I already know what to expect from him, so it doesn’t even surprise me.

No. 917970

File: 1691949809749.png (1.17 MB, 979x677, banner (2).PNG)

No. 917971

File: 1691949991300.webm (518.29 KB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1691949992637.webm)

Its so hilarious so when this announcement didn't work out he's back to suicide baiting with shitty AI generated "art".
No one is falling for it, everybody knows he's way too selfish and narcissistic to ever commit suicide. Plus he's way too much of a pussy.

No. 917972

Its shitty AI generated art.
Apple btw. hence why its extra shitty.

No. 917973

oh and before you say : "it was just the character Onision thats dead, u guyz!" and try and start under another name it isn't going to work. For the same reasons. You're way too narcissistic and even if you try someone out there will recognize you and expose your new shit wherever and whatever it is.
The internet is on to your shit, Greg, and will always be on to your shit. There's no escaping it, its all over for you. Besides, God only knows what will happen to you with these trials coming up. You're pretty much fucked, Greg.
Suicide would be a good, viable option were you not such a pussy.
oh, eh "in minecraft", of course. wink wink

No. 917974

File: 1691951526648.png (34.75 KB, 618x293, 262586_RC2UFJ.png)

Greg on one of his socks trying to get a low tier commentary channel to cover "The Death of Onision"

No. 917975

Like I said here, buddy:
The world is on to Gregs shit.
The only one not realizing that is Greg.

No. 917976

My thoughts exactly.

No. 917977

Because he’s not smart enough to do anything better nor has any talent to. Plus he’s probably too lazy.

No. 917978

File: 1691952204390.jpg (48.29 KB, 448x428, massivefaggot.jpg)

..and then followed by the inevitable back paddling while at the same time pretending to be some sort of super genius that "fooled us all."

No. 917979

Heres the thing:
The world gave him a chance, and youtube paid him millions. He coulda easily been retired now and living a life of luxury had he played his cards right. Instead he fucked it all up. How many real artists with actual talent pray for a chance like the one he had? And they never get that chance. He fucked it all up, and he can blame Sarah, Shiloh, Hansen he can blame the entire planet for it but he's the one that fucked it all up.

No. 917980

Yep. We know what to expect from him, lol.

No. 917981

Just imagine what he could have been by now would he have stuck with everything. He woulda served his full time in the Airforce and getting good benefits from that, living with his ex wife Skye and having kids that didn't fall out of windows and no brain damage, and having millions in the bank. He coulda grown with his audience same as other youtubers did and he coulda just quit already. The world and his fans would only have had fond memories of him.
But he didn't do that. He fucked everything up. Good job, Greg. Go cry some more about your own mistakes and blaming others.

No. 917982

It’s what happens when shitty people become rich and achieve any level of fame. They do shitty (major understatement in this case) things and abuse their power.

No. 917983

exactly, its a lot like people like Austin Jones and the like. its like that saying about Icarus flying too close to the sun and so his wings get burned off. i personally believe he wanted to use Shiloh too to further "his own music career" (delusions, his "music" sucks ass). When you look at all the things hes said and done he's a user, always grifting on other people and using them. Its all he does, its all he does, he has no talent.
With the tosh.O and Shane thing he was very lucky and some of the fans stuck and became his fans, whatever that means, but that too he fucked up.
One thing above all: He will never ever learn from it, he's unable to. He's a true narcissist, nothing is ever his fault.

No. 917984

Is he pretending he's died? Lol he's so emo. Is he 40 now

No. 917985

He made this announcement some time ago:
Saying he was "coming back". My guess is that backfired in his stupid face tremendously. So now he's spergin' out pretending he an hero'd.
My prediction is he will back paddle from that and be like "oh i'm such a great actor, i made you all believe i committed suicide, while I told you guyz i was doing a comeback".
Watch my prediction come true because there's no way in hell someone as egocentric, weak willed and narcissistic would ever harm himself.

No. 917986

Agreed with all of this. And as for what you said about Shiloh, I believe it’s the same reason he got involved with Adrienne.

No. 917987

I never thought about that, but now that you mention it that does make a lot of sense. He's probably a lot more psychopathic than people give him credit for. Meaning he's conniving and self serving, and has these little deluded plans hoping to further himself. Like I said, grifting. He's like a parasite, attaching himself to a healthy host until they're used up and then he moves on to the next, and the next, and the next.
But not anymore, people are on to his shit and he's a pariah now. Hell, even IP2 did not want him, and if you know anything about IP2 you would see just how bad that is. Its like getting rejected for a big trash heap full of chemical waste and piss.

No. 917995

I hope some concern trolls call in for a welfare check on Greg and they 5150 his stupid attention seeking old man ass.

No. 918004

File: 1691969374253.png (157.44 KB, 538x503, 867334.PNG)

His 3 main channels now have the same RIP pfp and graveyard banner. Is he slowly going through all his online profiles and doing this?

No. 918014

>women's rights
No comment
>grew up on the farm
He's always been, and always will be, a white trash redneck. It's interesting that he's back to square one, basically. He reminds me of people who win the lottery and spend all the money in a few years, then they're back to being poor.

No. 918031

Hasn't Greg once admitted that he got turned on by his mom giving him a nude massage?

No. 918033

He’s the perfect example of “fuck around and find out”.

No. 918037

my recollection is that he said his mom gave him nude massages, he got turned on by hearing her have sex and calling out her boyfriend’s name (also Greg), and that he wanted to have sex with his stepmother and his sisters-in-law (both Skye’s and Foot’s sisters).

No. 918039

File: 1692049674091.gif (2.73 MB, 333x187, gif-2-3778a9e550.gif)

This whole Rest In Peace Onision thing reminds me of those pet owners who act like they had a heart attack to see how their pet will react. Greg played dead and no one gave a fuck and started mocking him.

No. 918041

i remember whenever his mom was in his youtube vids they made painfully weird sexual innuendos the entire time as well (although that might be on greg for never being able to not think about the coom)

No. 918042

dont forget he tried to make out with his cousin while she was sleeping
his excuse for what was essentially sexual assault of this young girl was "boys will be boys, I was a dumb teenager who couldn't control my hormones"

No. 918047

File: 1692056055490.jpg (32.1 KB, 482x360, images.jpg)

"Someone" is still trying to get the commentary community to cover Onisions "death" and none of them care.
One good thing has come from this. Greg gets a peek at what will happen when he actually dies and the type of obit he will receive. I have a feeling his death will be covered a little like Pee Wee Herman's. At first people spoke about his tv shows, movies and comedy career. But it soon devolved into conversations about his arrest and conviction for jerking off in a porno theater and years later having federal charges for possession of child porn.

No. 918048

No one is falling for it, but this is still true.

No. 918062

This is something that annoys me about him (and coomers as a whole). He has the excuse that lacks basic self-control, but wants to be seen as a 200 IQ genius at the same time. Pick one.

No. 918069


If Greg being a massive fucking attention whore who shits himself on camera for one extra view wasn't enough of an indicator this is all bullshit, then him updating every social media he has to be like "Greg ded" is the biggest giveaway. Because who in their right mind would log into every single account a family member owns to tell the world they're dead? He's such an idiot he doesn't realise no one gives two shits about social media accounts never mind the insane amount greg owns. He doesn't know how actual people behave and it's hilarious he always exposes how incompetent at everything he is. He can't even die properly.

No. 918072

kek this is exactly what I expect him to do

Nah he used that situation as an excuse why it was okay for him to give Billaaay a nude massage because his mom once gave him a nude massage so by his logic that's what everyone does and can totally be platonic.

No. 918073

Greedy commentators care about one thing and one thing only: Money for throw pillows and cheap wine. And where talking about Greg used to get you some views, today it doesn't. No one cares. Just go ahead and ask any room full of zoomers if they've heard of Onision and maybe one of them will say "Isn't he that pedophile? Well, I've heard of him I think but I never seen anything by him." if you're lucky that is, because most younger generations don't know who the hell he is, nor do they care.

No. 918076

Not only that, but on his website through the Spaces app, if you go to his profile it either says he’s online or has been only hours ago. That’s proof right there, lol. But even without that it’s so painfully obvious he didn’t die that you would have to be unbelievably stupid to fall for it.

No. 918122

I'm ready to bet money on that whenever he realises nobody buys that he's dead he'll resort to something like "Onision the CHARACTER died. You're dumb to think that I really died".

No. 918123

Haven’t checked this thread in 2 years and as soon as I come back I learn Greg is faking his death. Lmao. Never change, Gregory.

No. 918124

Not a single person cares or is talking about it except us kek. Nobody bothered reporting the rumors. It’s so over for Gregcels.

No. 918125

I know, I thought the same thing. No one actually believes he’s dead though.

No. 918127

File: 1692277946737.png (227.9 KB, 596x414, 593234.PNG)

Even if we gave Greg the benefit of the doubt and this was just him killing off the Onision character. it doesn't matter. He wants some kind of control and desperately needs to be able to say "I stepped away from the Onision character and that's why it died." No Greg, Onision died a long time ago. And it was the public that killed it. The Onision name is now synonymous with pedophilia and grooming. I see it all the time on sm. The word Onision is used like an adjective when describing someone acting in a gross predatory manner or some type of pedo behavior. Even Gregs look with his cromag brow, giant head and desperate to be young again emo hair automatically brings up thoughts of men who like to touch children.
It brings me such joy knowing that the only thing Greg can do now is play around with profile pics and video descriptions because his lawyers told him to shut the fuck up. Greg at one time had the biggest and loudest bullhorn on the YT platform. Now he's left muttering under his breath while everyone ignores him.

No. 918515

File: 1693022755994.png (271.08 KB, 626x429, 8_25_2023_657411.PNG)

I'm not sure if this is just a joke. It seems plausible. The actor looks creepy enough to play Onision. I checked his IMDB for upcoming projects and see nothing about a biopic.
I cant see the general public giving a fuck about Greg anymore. So why would any studio fund this. Maybe when the 2 trials happen and are concluded there will be a bigger spotlight on him and Lainey, especially since this will be a litmus test for people trying to sue Google and YouTube over the use/abuse of their platforms by predators.
I can see Greg ranting about them casting this weird fucker to play him instead of Ian Somerhalder.

No. 918518

>onision bio pic
>played by simon from alvin and the chipmunks

No. 918520

File: 1693030481207.jpg (339.95 KB, 2275x749, grubler_98364.jpg)

Rumored lead in Onision biopic then a banana themed photo shoot.
Would be a crazy coincidence.(retarded bait)

No. 918524

File: 1693049515917.jpg (103.59 KB, 1024x761, getty_rumple_buttercup.jpg)

Those photos are from 2019, and were to do with his published book, "Rumple Buttercup, a Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself".

This image is from a book signing he did in 2019. Note the banana on the head of the character, in costume and on the cover.

No. 918537

I don’t believe it without a valid source. How would they know that? There would have to be source.

No. 918544

It's almost as if someone found an old photo of a celebrity with a banana, and decided to construct a new onion narrative around it …

No. 918560

File: 1693145987595.jpg (25.6 KB, 572x608, greg.jpg)

No. 918573

What is this? You can’t just post something without context.(sage your shit)

No. 918574

Ugly handwriting.

No. 918575

Who’s house is this?

No. 918581

it's a meme you dumbasses. sage your posts.(sage your posts.)

No. 918650

No, it’s not.

No. 918666

Of course it is. It's clearly a reference to the banana biopic nonsense, and the distinct possibility that it was posted by an encephalitic idiot.

Personally, I got a chuckle out of it, and agree with what it says.

Now, did the waterbrain post the banana biopic stuff here?

I don't know. But I wouldn't bet against it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918692

I get that, I’m just wondering what the origin of it is.

No. 918890

FYI, Repzion follows the @elohelbemad1 account and he’s the only follower of that account. https://twitter.com/elohelbemad1?s=21&t=2CBPFUupIK-XCaFzkRadng(nobody cares)

No. 918971

Surely it's because you made an unsaged post about repzion following a possible sock or parody account? It's not milk. Bumped the thread for nothing really.

No. 918981

Why would Repzion follow a parody account you fucking idiot? And the only one who follows them at that.

No. 918991

918981 I'm going to have to agree with you in this matter or better yet let's go through behaviors this "parody" account has been shown to exhibit that all but prove it to be a Greg sock account. And I got almost all of this just from actually looking through what he posted as replies. For starters trying to paint anyone that's against him as equally as bad if not worse than him I saw this in him trying to paint someone on Twitter who all I care to say about who they were was they had two figurines as their PFP as a pedophile for a joke they made almost two three months ago. Secondly is them obsessively screenshotting anything a person posts that he thinks can be used against someone. Again look through the replies of the account I noted to see this behavior in action. Finally what comes to mind is his general trying to turn anything no matter how innocent it may be into a sexual gotcha moment or just a gotcha moment period against someone. Again the account I noted earlier has shown evidence of this that dates back at least 4 months. So with that being said if this is a parody account why do they have at least three similar actions to what we’ve publicly seen Greg do?(newfaggotry)

No. 919101

>>918991 to add to the sheer absurdity of trying to claim two seperate people just happen to show similar common behaviors; the odds of that actually being possible is 1/4,022,655,738.5 or if you need that in word form since I know this site has a reputation for not having the smartest user base. That is: one in four-billion twenty-two-million six-hundred and sixty-five thousand seven-hundred and thirty-eight, and a half.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919109

Sarah was 18 and a half when he fucked her with his wife. Turns out she was only 4 days past 18.
Oh and their foster daughter(rehashing old milk with nothing new to add)

No. 919110

Would you care to elaborate?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919111

oh christ, not this asshole again(don't take the bait)

No. 919112

Would you care to eleborate good sir or madam?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919116

Anon you're blind. Repzion doesn't look like a foot. If I had time to shoop I'd paste his goofy boyscout face over a light bulb. He doesn't look like this anymore either apparently. He was somewhat attractive back then, unlike Lainey who's always looked like Shane Dawson met a steamroller.(offtopic & nitpicking without milk)

No. 919118

File: 1694407076673.jpg (61.31 KB, 584x1200, in the hospital with his daugh…)

>Having their daughter laying next to them and their son leaning on their bed while they fuck
Greg told a story about his mother fucking a guy (also named greg) really loudly for months, she would scream his name. At one point Greg yelled "we can all hear you!", and it stopped. He also told stories of his mother giving him nude massages? There's definitely a strong case for covert incest - history repeats unfortunately. In old videos Greg referred to Sarah as being "like a sister/foster daughter", that is before she turned 18.
>Onision making those graphic sado-sexual tweets when his daughter was in the hospital.
Never forgot picrel. Years later it's still at best extremely bizarre that he'd tweet this while in the hospital with his badly injured daughter who allegedly fell out of a window. Lainey's a shit mother for not ditching Greg after that.

No. 919154

Thread locked due to lack of current milk. If something noteworthy occurs, email admin@lolcow.farm to get approval for your new thread OP.

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