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No. 914105

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/909346
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Greg/Gregory Daniel/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and YouTube subsequently demonetised his channel. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson/Lucas Jackson is a transtrender who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onision's abuse.


>Onision and Lainey are sued by Regina for sex trafficking and child pornography >>909349 >>909350
>Larger media outlets start reporting about the lawsuit because it involves YouTube and Google >>909458
>Makes an apology video saying he regrets being too honest/truthful and hurting people's feelings >>909620
>Discord moles reveal that Onision is depressed and thinks the lawsuit is a money grab >>909760
>Greg begins deleting any video, tweet or blog where he said Sarah raped him >>909762
>Onision says he's leaving the internet forever >>909803 >>909804
>Bigger YouTubers start making videos about the lawsuit >>909854 >>910586 >>910673 >>911457
>Greg tries to reenlist with the Air Force, they deny him >>909932
>One of Regina's lawyers is interviewed by Chris Hansen >>909952
>A news station in Florida interviews Regina and Onision, he sounds terrified >>910207 >>910223
>Greg tries to hide from the process server and avoid the summons >>910311 >>910786
>Sarah files a civil lawsuit against Greg and Lainey for sex trafficking and rape >>910703 >>910723
>Onision dumps his forum and leaves his remaining fans high and dry >>910853 >>910854
>Begs his fans to dig up evidence that could prove his innocence >>911140
>The Onions are finally served summons for both lawsuits >>911758
>Greg hires a "slip & fall" shyster and a lawyer who specializes in dog law >>912574 >>912645
>Attempts to get both lawsuits dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, improper venue >>912644 >>913492
>Both lawyers violate the judge's protective order by revealing Sarah's full name >>912815 >>913152
>Townsfolk in Puyallup discover Greg is doing DoorDash to survive >>913283 >>913392

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable and avoiding bans, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg.
- Do not post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not link directly to any Onision uploads.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.
- Do not liveblog streams.
- No nitpicking.

No. 914106

Good thread OP

No. 914163

I know it's already said on the thread but again, please report the bait. Do NOT respond. Even responding will result in a ban.

No. 914172

Waiting for updates on the suit has to be the most riveting thing that's happened this year… sigh. That's kinda sad.

No. 914223

File: 1683683811470.png (43.98 KB, 796x784, Capture5923_0934.PNG)

>Mr Jackson
Looks like Lainey is still pretending to be a HS boy. Her affidavit to dismiss uses male pronouns and the notary public requires a drivers license so I guess she's changed her sex on that too.

No. 914232

Lmao the two faggot Jacksons. Omg. James and Lucas Jackson. Greg's got a husband called Lucas kek

No. 914234

Gurgles completely stunted Taylor's growth. That said, she's such a covert narc that I wouldn't be surprised if ended up at "Lucas" anyway.

No. 914241

Too bad that's as far as she'll go with her "transition". She doesn't have the balls (kek) to actually start hormone therapy or get surgery nor does she want to do that since she knows very well she'll regret it, so James Jackson is still married to a woman with boobs and vagina, and that's literally all he cares about.

No. 914243

File: 1683757133019.jpg (81.24 KB, 945x365, 824661.jpg)

What Greg cares about is finding someone younger that doesn't have tits that look like two tennis balls in a pair of tube socks because Lainey breast fed her two kids way too long trying keep her weight down. And her vagina is so blown out that it has fused with her anus and is now a giant sloppy hole.

No. 914251

No. 914260

File: 1683808335384.jpg (126.26 KB, 1778x999, hmmmmm_delicious.jpg)

remember how Greg had Sarah eat that shit out?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914261

so when greg is putting his parsnip in laineys gooch its neither anal nor vaginal dude, its any which way but loose

No. 914263

File: 1683813345747.jpg (225.53 KB, 1200x628, 7-Warning-Signs-1.jpg)

No. 914269

No. 914272

Then stop posting roast beef scrote memes idiot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914278

NTA but it's onion lore when his first wife called Taylors vagina an Arbys #2 or whatever the number is.

No. 914281

Tbh that’s something a jilted ex-wife would say about someone’s current wife, regardless of the circumstances.

No. 914288

Kys retard(alogging)

No. 914290

If someone's current wife was flashing said roast beef vagina to teenagers on the internet. It was funny.(stop)

No. 914293

File: 1683853503621.jpeg (144.72 KB, 1400x1050, IMG_5417.jpeg)

Not really, it just came off as petty and totes relatable. Way to own them, onion’s exes! Also, Skye was asshurt and ragedquit sticking up for Sarah because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight. Yeah the onions are far from innocent and really hope they finally get their comeuppance but none of his exes are little saints either yet some simps here like to pretend otherwise.

>inb4 scrote

No. 914298


No one is saying any of the exes are saints. Except for kids, there is no such thing as a perfect victim. Anyone who thinks there is is a lazy retard.

Just because Gurgles exes think thoughts, feel emotions and perform actions does take away from the reality that James Jackson is an abusive, irredeemable piece of shit.

No. 914300

>roast beef vagina
go back

No. 914306

You're right, I bet he hates her for "letting herself go" during pregnancy (when she was pregnant with Clot he made a video shitting on women with stretch marks and that video definitely was about Taylor since she got a ton of stretch marks on her stomach during that pregnancy, and he used to taunt her about her pouch too, just a few examples). But for him saggy tits and a cloaca are still better than no tits and an enlarged clitoris that would resemblance his own cock except maybe bigger.

No. 914311

nta but I always thought his aggressive shitting on women's appearances had some weird closeted gay undertones to it

No. 914315

Could be that too, but I think it was just his way of bitching about Taylor indirectly.
In that video he kept blaming women who got stretch marks during pregnancy because they didn't use cocoa butter to prevent them, the retard doesn't know stretch marks are entirely genetics and cocoa butter won't prevent them. Anyway, in one of Taylor's videos she admitted she didn't use cocoa butter during pregnancy cause she was lazy and that's why she got stretch marks, so that video he made 100% was an indirect jab at her for not taking care of her body and letting it get "destroyed". He made many, MANY indirect attacks towards her, for example when he went on a retarded tirade against coffee drinkers on Twitter and called them drug addicts, he was talking about her.

No. 914321

it's his pathetic MO, he always does the same pattern of getting whoever he's currently fucking to shit all over the last poor woman he fucked. He did a similar thing with Shiloh when they were still together making fun of one of his ex-partners (can't remember if it was his first wife or what) vagina by calling it dirty (calling it "dirty house" or some dumb thing, its all so incredibly immature and stunted its hard to remember). No matter how many partners he has he still acts like an incel constantly. I guess its a state of mind lol.

No. 914348


that was adreinne, another woman that onision raped, the same women that greg cried when she refused to give him a blow job after he asked her "suck me?"

No. 914353

Jesus, I'd forgotten about the whole "suk mi" thing. I guess my mind blocked it, lol(blogposting)

No. 914414

File: 1684253630459.jpeg (254.05 KB, 1125x1660, IMG_5426.jpeg)

Speaking of Shiloh, she’s officially too old for Grease now and is fat again. Oh and given her most recent pictures, she’s larping as a bum now.

No. 914427

File: 1684272212661.jpg (111.79 KB, 1200x629, ye.jpg)

I get why you're saying that and sure, its always fun to poke fun of Shiloh, yet part of me can't help but wonder if she's fat because she's been abused by Greg. its like you know, shes trying everything in her power with weird crazy getups just to try and look as unappealing as possible. Its almost like Bjork levels weird. Mind you, Bjork does that because an obsessed stalker tried to kill her and she was never the same again.
I'm not saying this is the case but between the freaky outfits, her trying to be a lesbian and being fat I wonder if its because of that. If even just on a subliminal deeply subconscious level. Again though that being said, sure its shiloh and lord knows i've ridiculed her enough myself.
I don't know, what do you guys think? I'm interested in hearing your opinion.

No. 914432

I’m not the anon you were replying to, and even though your thoughts sound nice and romanticism level poetic, I hate to break it to you, but Shiloh was always fat and sex- (porn-) obsessed, far before she’s ever met Grease.
Moreover, they’ve met for the first time in person because she was at the weight-loss camp arranged by her label. And quitting said camp and telling everyone to take a hike and let her fuck Grease in peace is what made her lose the contract with said label, contrary to what she’s trying to make everyone believe now. The ones who remember, remember.
So no, Anon, don’t do Bjork so dirty. But you’re a kind soul for giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 914433

She was so stupid for quitting music for Grugly, she was signed to Universal Records HQ and in the process of breaking into the American music charts. At this time if she never let Greg came into her life; she would’ve been pretty well known internationally, given Avril Lavigne a run for her money as the next ‘punk princess’ and would’ve had a PR relationship with ducking Justin Bieber by now.

How much y’all wanna bet Greg partially made her quit music cold turkey after jamming with her male band members that weren’t him? He was at the Edmonton concert as well.

No. 914434

I like her song "Can't hold on" and I tried to explain it to you autists before but the lyrics are so eerily prophetic for what was about to happen to her with Greg when that song was made. But people always barely pay attention to what other people say so usually shit like this goes unnoticed. Seriously though, look at the lyrics, listen to that song. Its, well, eerie.
The rest of her music is all shit btw, specially since she started blackfishing. Then again, all celebs blackfish these days so I can't blame a girl for trying.
I get what you mean but I think Greg also contributed a lot in to the fucking of her up.

No. 914435

The video too by the way, I forgot to add, but look at the video. Again strangely prophetic, its like seeing Greg stand there in the hoodie and all his sheepish fans at the time dressed like him terrorizing her.
anyway, maybe I have too much imagination, but thats what I see when I watch that video.

No. 914459

Just like Footface would most likely be a surgeon now, since her rich lawyer dad was going to pay for her college education, but Grease ruined that all too. Now all she has is a shitty useless psychology degree and can't even get a job without getting fired shortly after because of her reputation.

No. 914460

I’m sorry she was your ex’s mistress but she was still a kid, a dumb kid.(derailing)

No. 914462

File: 1684359547861.gif (1.12 MB, 454x498, confused-meme.gif)

My what now? Run that one by me again because i'm so confused right now.
Greg.. is my ex? wait.. what?

No. 914487

I think the other farmer was just trying to do a lame "hi cow"

No. 914505

Exactly. Such wasted opportunities, award-worthy. And I will agree with you too >>914434 re "Can’t Hold On" vs her other music – but the earlier stuff was carefully tailored toward a specific (kid) audience, and actively pushed everywhere by a powerful team behind her, and it worked regardless. "Can’t Hold On" was meant to be sort of a beginning of a new era for her, so obviously it stood out as a better, more mature sound.

Grease definitely did contribute to her quitting, he definitely was yes-manning to the idea. After all, he is a known control freak and narc. However,
a) much like Foot, she targeted Grease herself, and much of the initiative for them ever getting together came actually from her (even though Grease should’ve obviously known better not to get involved with minors, nor engage in adultery);
b) back then the roles were slightly reversed compared to Foot’s case – Grease wasn’t as confident yet AND, much like Taylor, he actually used to brag a lot that he has a ~famous singer girlfriend~. So, initially, he actually liked that she was signed and an active artist – in his head, it brought more attention to himself.

So, yes, he did play a part inevitably, but still the biggest part of her quitting was still entirely her own impulse decision. By that time she already had too much of an inflated ego – convinced she’s not just the next Avril, but basically Beyoncé – a talent that big she can do it on her own, she doesn’t need the label. But evidently, she’s nothing without the label. And ultimately it was all down to that dumb story with the camp. She needed to lose weight for the tour, but she didn’t want to, you know, train all day and put in the work to complete all the other necessary steps, she just kept cutting slack and running away to fuck Grease (cause that was her priority and obsession), despite them telling her to stick to the program or else. If she had any sense of responsibility and common sense, she may have well kept her contract well into their relationship, to the least. And also, btw, at the time she was also becoming increasingly more interested in becoming a YouTuber herself, so that obviously contributed to her decision-making too.

No. 914526

File: 1684499877031.jpg (81.3 KB, 1280x704, sheisslow.jpg)

The problem with Scheißlo is that she lacks discipline. Sure, Greg is scum and he fucked Scheißlo up, but she played her part in this too. Her record label was very specific that they wanted to send her to fat camp so she could stop being a chubby little midget. Thats in investment, they need to make that money back, she failed them all by going to screw some guy from the internet
And even without a label she lacks that discipline because she changes her name like it means something, then goes blackfishing and tries mumbling her lines like Billie Eyelash does since its easier then it doesn't go anywhere so she decides to become a lesbian and shack up with some bulldyke somewhere to eat pussy, ding-dongs and ho-ho's to get fat. She only does the first part of whatever and never finishes what she starts and thats not how you become famous. Her father would be very disappointed in his little Scheißlo and then i'm not even starting about the escort hooker thing she did.

No. 914533

File: 1684516076378.jpeg (105.2 KB, 1125x735, IMG_5429.jpeg)

Greg and Skye were the Kennedy’s while Shiloh was Marilyn or if we take the Clinton route, Shiloh was Monica Lewinsky.(derailing)

No. 914534

They all wish. They're more like Chicken Andy and Alice from IP2 and Shiloh being Goocheese at best.

No. 914556

File: 1684589108719.jpg (225.65 KB, 1717x1271, MIA2.jpg)

Bottom line there's still people missing from this party.
Shiloh, the mother goose who was gonna keep the girls together, yet instead tried to get all the attention and argue with them instead.
Billie, who's laptop is still missing too. please, God, no don't argue. this isn't about Hansen I don't give a shit about Hansen.
Skye, possibly she could shed more light on Greg and his behavior, shit we didn't know about.
Adrienne, I still feel she was actually raped.
Lainey, whats it gonna take for her to finally realize that she can be out there living a semi-normal life without Greg?
Don't argue. Don't even try and pretend this party wouldn't be much better with all of them here.
Arguing gets us nowhere.

No. 914559

There's some retard with a hate boner for Skye who thinks anyone who says something bad about the other whores aka "victims" is her. I bet it's the same person who got her panties in a twist because of a joke Skye made about Taylor's blown out pussy.

No. 914561

"Skye was asshurt and ragedquit sticking up for Sarah because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight"

Well it seems she made right choice to step down since Shitloh started behaving like a clown and was hurting the other victims in the process, even Sarah and the other girls stopped associating with Shitloh and apparently they all hate her now, besides maybe Regina who is also a clown

No. 914562

I remember Shitloh was all protective about "muh sisters" but then went and did that documentary behind their backs and without even discussing it with them beforehand, and when she received backlash for it she scribbled something on her door and pretended Billie sent someone to her house to threaten her, just to make Billie look bad. Shitloh is a whole mess.

No. 914563

I had totally forgotten about the door scribbling. Her doing things like that shows how mentally unstable she really is. Her dad shoulda taught her right I mean don't just say you're gonna do something, but actually do it. She coulda kept them together or at least tried to, they really shoulda done this entire thing together. The more the merrier. Had the all gone to the cops together and brought that laptop way back in the day both Greg and Lainey woulda been in prison already.

No. 914566

nta but why are you defending Skye when she was just as bad as the rest of them? And calling the victims “whores”? Seriously? We get that Gregma’s concubines aren’t innocent and neither is his oldest as her whiteknights like to believe.

Skye knew he had a thing for Alicia, tried to assault her while she was drunk yet she stood by and willingly married him. It was only after Greg divorced her, she took Alicia’s side and called him out on it years later. One thing Lucas and her SpongeBob grandma titties did right was protecting her younger sister from Grease, even if it was very fucked up how she did it when she still had some of her humanity left.

No. 914568

Where did I defend her, I just pointed out your obvious hate boner for her. You think only Skye has bad things to say about that munchausen by proxy having ass who stole a baby's photo to pretend it was her own dead fetus?

No. 914569

I think everyone are equally shitty people and that’s just what I want to point out. I have no preference for any of Greg’s bitches but one has to admit, the Arby’s comment is pretty gross and not witty.

No. 914589

Why? It was such a MEME here that some time ago the thread was even called that:
It was in relation to Lainey sending shall we say "compromising pictures" to then underage Sarah.

No. 914601

I think it's more gross to steal a premature baby's photo who was at the hospital hooked to a bunch of tubes, post said photo on Facebook and say that baby is the fetus that rotted inside your body, if that fetus rotting story is even true in the first place. Also it's weird how after her infant daughter died she went running to twitter to announce her death to a bunch of strangers online looking for sympathy, I honestly wouldn't put it past her to have pulled a Marybeth Tinning on her daughter judging by her past behavior.

No. 914603

Yeah cause only old people hear about old murder cases, it's not like in the internet, television and books we hear about stuff that happened decades ago too. I guess everyone who references Jack the Ripper must be over 200 years old, retard.

No. 914614

I'm actually a few months younger than your precious untouchable little Shitloh, if I'm an old grandmother then so is she, don't insult precious Shitloh like that!(derailing)

No. 914675

I’m surprised none of the video compilations where Gregma treats his ladies like shit didn’t feature this one. I honestly thought that “Greg never changed” statement was being over-the-top but holy shit, poor Skye just sits there and takes it.

No. 914697


greg is a piece of shit but this is a video played by characters. It's not real. Are you really that autistic that you can't tell the difference? I really wish autists were banned from the internet.

No. 914707

File: 1684879125942.jpg (103.82 KB, 2500x1250, sheisslo.jpg)

In any other youtubers case i'd tell you you're right, but in Greg's case I'd say the lines where often very blurred with that.

No. 914714

File: 1684884515526.png (10.96 KB, 1600x96, 194.png)

Nov 1, 2024 Ocala, Florida. Mark your calendars.

No. 914716

ooo jury trial. can his broke ass even afford a plane ticket to Florida?

No. 914721

File: 1684887880596.png (361.52 KB, 1203x806, Capture00264511.PNG)

>Discovery due by 4/29/2024
This should be a tasty appetizer before the main entrée in November. We may get some new information that Regina's lawyers were waiting to release as a "gotcha" and Greg may start dumping everything he has as a last ditch effort hoping something sticks.

I love that this will be looming over Greg and Lainey's heads for a year and a half. Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop. The anticipation and dread of an upcoming court date is worse than the actual punishment sometimes. Next up is the trial date for Sarah's case in Michigan.

I hope we get photos and videos. I will die if Lainey shows up in a little boy suit.

No. 914734


if this is timed right this trial might end almost exactly around his birthday and the anniversary where he almost an herod. This is toooooo poetic.

No. 914735

Betting he'll try to flee the country or pull some other BS to avoid the trial.

No. 914738

On the upside, Lainey may finally get a vacation trip!

No. 914739

No. 914767

Did we ever confirm he has a tiny peepee when he decided to show off that sexy vegetarian body of his via onlyfans? I feel like laffing today

No. 914777

File: 1684975263093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.18 KB, 1124x1479, Onisions f'ed up Penis Taken F…)


Keep in mind greg has small hands. But enjoy.(spoiler that shit and sage it)

No. 914778

No. 914781


My thoughts was as follows. Herpes - check. Short / thin penis - check. Pearly penile papules - check. Penis head smaller then shaft - check. A super fucked up circumcision - check.

Yes, greg checks all the box's to qualify for a fucked up penis award(sage your shit)

No. 914784

So it’s less than half a hotdog with a turtleneck? Adrienne was just being nice kek

No. 914792

File: 1685006504515.jpeg (558.16 KB, 1170x1607, IMG_4793.jpeg)

Lainey is looking rough lol

No. 914793

File: 1685006533742.jpeg (328.29 KB, 1170x1601, IMG_4794.jpeg)

No. 914796

Jesus is she on testosterone

No. 914797

yikes the balding

No. 914798

Do testosterone injections cause puffy face and widows peak hairline?

No. 914799

It’s so ugly.

No. 914800

File: 1685023796324.jpeg (59.41 KB, 1125x747, IMG_5444.jpeg)

Nta but I dunno, she looks more manly than usual, is onion man gonna be really okay with fucking a man with a vag? We know he once fucked a baldy yet she was still feminine underneath but this is next level.

What I imagine she’ll look like

No. 914801

While her sisters look happy and glowing, the smile never reaches Taylor's eyes. She really doesn't want to be there. She knows how bad she looks compared to her sisters.

If Taylor had wised up sooner and got the fuck away from Grugly, I'd feel bad for her. I think most of us loved and obsessed over the wrong person at one time and made mistakes. Greg has clearly beaten Taylor the fuck down.

But…I don't feel sorry for her. I'm more concerned for her kids.

No. 914805

She looks like one of those dumb bulldykes you see in prison taking hormones. I don't even understand why Greg is still with her other than it being an issue of who will snitch on who first.
They're stuck with each other at least until that trial comes, wonderful, really. those two deserve each other.

No. 914806

Kek, are you kidding? After playing around and experimenting with different ways to abuse, torture and brainwash his previous SO's, Taylor is Greg's masterpiece. Of course he'd want to keep his best work around, even if he doesn't have much use for it anymore.

No. 914807


I am just wondering if she'll have her mind blown when they put her in a female prison instead of a male prison. because in prison you go where whats hanging between your legs says you go.

No. 914809

File: 1685032058576.jpg (9.03 KB, 281x179, download.jpg)

Why can't this dumb slut grow a beard like other proper female inmates? Can't she do anything right? This would really piss me off if I were Greg.
Is that that one skankasaurus who once defended Greg on a live stream? I forgot the names of the players but it was one of Lainey's sister furiously defending Greg and then this appointed moderator on cam wearing a baseball hat was poking fun of her and asking her to say "cash me outside" like Danielle Brigoli (whom at the time was relatively new and a bit of a MEME)
How do these family functions even work I wonder, "hey taylor, I mean kai, i mean lucas, I mean whatever, we seen your documentary with Greg! So cool!"
Seriously Lainey, grow a beard.

No. 914810

File: 1685032122556.webm (1.25 MB, 320x240, 441c1f534.webm)

If Lainey is on hormones I hope she's doing the same cringey "proof of transition" videos her little fakeboi friend was uploading when they flew her out to live with them in the cowbarn.

Of course it would be a shame if those videos of Lainey somehow got leaked.

No. 914811

File: 1685032235702.jpg (96.21 KB, 1280x719, napoleondynamite_1280_2.jpg)

What look was said (sad) friend going for I wonder, Napoleon Dynamite in Blades of Glory?

No. 914812

File: 1685032463828.jpg (35.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Come to think of it it kinda looks like Napoleon Dynamite on the bottom yet his friend Pablo on the top. So you have Napoleon Dynamite transitioning in to Pablo. Thats amazing I never seen anything like it. Bravo!

No. 914816

>>914792 >>914793

looks like some new tattoos. looks like something written below her right knee, the moth, and that arm band.(sage your shit)

No. 914819

File: 1685041099275.jpeg (71.99 KB, 460x750, IMG_5445.jpeg)

We need to update the before and after pics

No. 914829

File: 1685061094822.jpg (64.12 KB, 460x750, The Onision Effect.jpg)

No. 914830

Doesn’t Billie have a tattoo similar to the one on laineys thigh? Flowers with a honeycomb pattern in the background or am I misremembering?

No. 914834

Damn, her sisters look SO CUTE, beautiful, shining from within, bubbly, and genuinely happy. Like, it’s so heart-warming just looking at them, at their joy, and I don’t even know them as people.
Foot, on the other hand, looks like a haggard try-hard wannabe butch, you know the one’s that actually simply the "not like the other girls" "I kissed a girl and I liked it" type. Pathetic, miserable Mr. Repzion with a vag.

No. 914835

File: 1685070176121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.12 KB, 677x671, ESUC6Y7XkAEtRUU.jpg)

Yes you're right.
The skinwalking continues to this day.

No. 914836

Samefagging, and you know, this could’ve been her in these photos. Glowing, stunning, graceful young somewhat alt girl, celebrating a milestone with her sisters, going to shows with her bffs to see her favourite bands play live, sing her heart out, be silly, live laugh love, and study towards becoming an orthopaedic surgeon like she always wanted to.

How much of a narc does one have to be, that it’s so much easier to flush one’s entire life and its prospects down the toilet, become an absolute degenerate paedo with all your dirt and retardation widely broadcasted, than simply admit that everyone else was right and "told her so" when they warned her against getting involved with Grease? An ego bigger than the universe itself.

No. 914837

Did Greg go with her? I thought that he forbade her from seeing her family without him or something like that? I can’t imagine they aren’t trying to get Lainey away from him with everything happening now, I’m assuming they know the end is coming and she and the kids will need support. Can you imagine someone like Greg showing up to your graduation party and just being a creepy cloud the entire time, while your sister laughs it off as if you aren’t aware of the years of abuse she, your niece, and nephew have been subjected to now that it’s being covered by everyone? Sorry for all of the hypotheticals, Lainey seemingly still riding for Greg defies all logic, it makes me feel insane

No. 914839

File: 1685090387888.jpg (134.05 KB, 2000x1270, barry-keoghan-1.jpg)

She looks like this guy

No. 914840

they have been separated. they don't live together anymore so i'm assuming she went alone.

No. 914843

I swear I’ve been reading along with his drama for years but I must’ve missed this- do you know roughly which thread talks about this or can you link me to any details? Sorry to ask for spoonfeeding, I just do not remember this at all

No. 914850

If they was both served at the 8702 address, that would mean they are still together.

No. 914851

Is it too much to ask whoever makes the new threads to use a pic that's not Onision's face? It's like seeing a tumor every time I open the page.

No. 914852

File: 1685113164375.jpeg (127.25 KB, 828x1599, BFF's 4 lyfe...jpeg)

Jeez she really let herself go. Looks like her friendship with Chris "the FBI is investigating Onision 2019" Hansen worked out well for her.

No. 914853


Why are we back to talking about side character's in the Onision story? Next I bet someone is going mention Gene. Please don't do that. You know how psycho Gene is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914854

File: 1685115605518.png (71 KB, 358x404, trans fem UwU.png)

Lainey was never appealing so I don't see a difference. She only larps as a dude because she hates her body after having two kids. Angelina Jolie lobbed off her milkers and got new ones after having 3 kids (claiming she did it to prevent breast cancer kek). Lainey would've done the same if Greg would've paid for it but she couldn't so instead she pretends to live as a man because she couldn't deal with what happens after the milk dries up.

No. 914855

Both she and Hansen did publicly say there was an FBI investigation - Shiloh mentioned it in an old patreon video. Greg likes to twist that around saying the FBI found him innocent when they actually did fuck all. Why say the FBI was involved when it never happened?

No. 914859


And yet, not one person called the FBI and confirmed it either way? Interesting that anyone would take a side in that situation.(sage your shit)

No. 914863

File: 1685127659841.png (985.75 KB, 1235x807, 6758_665_76.png)

I agree she hates her body. She doesn't want her breasts removed because she's trans and feels she was suppose to be born male. She wants them removed because they look gross after breast feeding for so long.
I also think that her trying to look like a boy is her way of giving up. She tried for so many years to look and act like the type of girl Greg was sexually attracted to by dying her hair, getting tattoo's, dressing and acting like these teenage alt girls and failing miserably. If she cant be Greg's sexy little alt girl then she'll remove herself from the race and be a boy instead.

No. 914869

Thats because nothing regarding this is known or confirmed. And if it is I second this by asking for sauce.
I wonder if she does it to be as unattractive as possible for Greg. We all know from Shiloh that Greg pretty much wants sex 18 times a day and he's against abortions, so if she accidentally gets knocked up (again) he'd force her to have another kid.
That may also be her reason for grooming kids for Greg, just so Greg doesn't need to fuck her.

No. 914870

Anything but a divorce.

No. 914875

>because Shiloh hogged up the spotlight
In fairness to Skye, no one with a shred of self respect or human dignity would want to share a room or anything else with Shiloh. Not a fan of Skye either but Shiloh really stands out with her past antics. I recall there was something about the Discovery+ documentary and Shiloh being the only one of the girls who knew it was happening initially (for obvious reasons >>914852). The other girls didn't find out till well after the deal with Discovery had been made.

No. 914876

>weird anyone would bring up Onision adjacent bullshit here
Ok, call them and let us know what they say champ. While you're at it I'm sure you can find Hansen's twitter and the number to Shiloh's trailer park >>914414 and ask them why they lied about Greg being investigated by the FBI. Good luck!

No. 914877


So has anyone gotten w-2's or any form of proof anyone was paid? Or is that just some shit greg said and tried to get people to believe? Because it doesnt even sound remotely true. Like its just another in a long line of lies greg has told?

No. 914878


I wasn't volunteering to do it meatwad. I was asking if anyone had, which the answer would be no. Therefor taking sides on that particular issue shows how unintelligent you are, like you dropped out with a 2.19 GPA or something.(sage your shit)

No. 914879

ofc you have no evidence to the contrary. If a criminal investigation had happened Onision wouldn't be facing a civil suit rn. You seem to dislike anyone pointing out that Shiloh and Hansen lied, why take sides anon?

No. 914880


But do you have evidence contrary to my contrary? (to which i have not even stated yet) Go ahead sparky, explain your position to me.(sage your shit)

No. 914881

File: 1685138294812.jpeg (249.68 KB, 1125x2325, 1610731650011.jpeg)

Where's the evidence for Shiloh and Hansen's claim from like three years ago now that an FBI investigation into Onision happened? There is none. Cry about it.
>If a criminal investigation had happened Onision wouldn't be facing a civil suit
Not complicated.

Hansen also lied about delivering Sarah's laptop to the FBI - how could FBI do an investigation without the evidence? Sarah had to deliver it herself and Greg likes to spin that one too. Anyway there's plenty evidence showing how much Shiloh and Hansen lied which I'd post more of but you can look for the rest yourself since you obvs care so much. Toodles.

No. 914883

Yeah if Sarah delivered it herself it looks like her laptop's been sitting in an evidence room collecting dust lol. You'd have to have a room temperature IQ to think the FBI did any investigation because if that were the case they would've taken action awhile ago + there would be no need for a civil suit.

No. 914885


Bahaha, screen shots can be faked, come up with some real evidence junior. What you don't have anything but screen shots and hearsay? Yea, that seems about right.(sage your autism)

No. 914898


holy shit im not even joking I thought the picture of lainey was a picture of greg. that's how ugly lainey is

No. 914901

File: 1685177543741.png (16.33 KB, 661x330, 8551384.PNG)

Unless something holds it up it will end exactly one day before his birthday.

No. 914914

Hey shitfaggot Gregene, how is your butt ugly footface bulldyke larper of a wife?
still throwing kiddo's out the window?(triple samefag)

No. 914942

File: 1685254029770.png (18.22 KB, 676x335, 96876611.PNG)

Imagining Daniel sitting in the gallery for the whole 10 days has me laughing.
I hope that Greg and Rep lock eyes and Greg freaks out
>Your honor I respectfully request a mistrial because the man who I had take to court for a protective order along with Chris Hansen is sitting behind me. Also I would like for it to be put in the court record that he's an alleged rapist. My good friend Billy the Fridge spoke to an anonymous woman who made a strange face when his name was brought up which obviously means that Daniel Sulzbach raped her.

One good thing about this tweet is now we know we'll get audio/video/photos of the whole trial instead of just a couple of candid shots of Greg standing awkwardly in an elevator.

No. 914954

Oh hell yes please let this happen. That would be frosty, full fat creamy milk right there.

No. 914972

I know she probably got these before they separated but she had to have seen this sinking ship a mile away. Is Greg gonna have to pay child support? I wonder Who initiated the separation? So many questions.

No. 915061

so do we think greg settles or is it gonna go to full trial?

No. 915080

I mean repzion is ok with bestiality and used to run a tumblr where he threatened to kill himself to get nudes from girls

No. 915087

sauce? never heard about either of those before

No. 915089

File: 1685588745705.jpg (137.6 KB, 1022x708, lameysulzbach.jpg)

Ikr? Though constantly acting as if he were morally superior to most people. Or that he even cared for a second about underage / barely legal girls being groomed online. Just another opportunity to self-insert, and potentially one-up Onion, cause it's a race with these two.

He should take it as a compliment though, that all these years Grease's been moulding his footwife into Repzion's twin (picrel)

No. 915093


soo does lainey look like a teenage boy or does repizon look like a girl

No. 915095


Yes(sage your shit, Gene)

No. 915098

Heavens to Betsy, Greg is sleeping with Repzion!

No. 915100

File: 1685625476753.jpg (385.85 KB, 1603x1894, RepziLain.jpg)

Both also have a thing for tardo camera angles which made this a tad more challenging to make but holy shit you can't unsee it.
Greg is fucking Repzion.(autism editing and samefagging)

No. 915110

Congrats on transitioning!

No. 915117

File: 1685664808614.png (499.74 KB, 460x750, riplaineybot.png)

(sage your fanart)

No. 915144

Atleast use the new pics of Lainey

No. 915191

I only saw it briefly but it seemed like a screenshot claiming gene bought a big $30k RV to travel back and forth from Michigan and Florida to attend the onion court dates?

No. 915203

anon posted a screencap and it was deleted, whats going on?

No. 915205

It was deleted because it had doxx in it. You people are stupid.

No. 915212

Nice self own Greg/Gene. Both have now doxxed people. Not the same person though.
Yes, everyone is stupid excpet for you, the doxxer.

No. 915214

Which one? That autist has dozens. Did he actually dox someone in his profile? What a moron. Just block and report.

No. 915216

I saw the post, there were no dox

No. 915219

Let's not. Only a turbo autist would engage in that trash.

No. 915220

This thread is one turbo autist samefagging and a few farmers passing through. Can't wait for the actual milk to flow so we can get back to quality farmer contribution rather than Gene and his stilted speech-to-text retardism.
>onision is a mod
Jesus the cope with this retard.

No. 915225

Nobody asked and nobody cares. Come back with actual milk, this is irrelevant twitter shit, stop posting it.

No. 915228

stop responding to bait/derailing. People responding will also be banned.

No. 915286

First, why are people spuring on innocent people that only have the misfortune of being related to predator greg?

Second, I really wish anytime someone ever mentions gene again just gets straight up banned. I really wish you autistic retards would stfu about him

No. 915289

The only one mentioning gene is gene himself. We have been banning and deleting his posts for a while now(and will continue to do that) so if any of you wonder why some posts are missing, that's why. Just report and ignore.

No. 915312

>First, why are people spuring on innocent people that only have the misfortune of being related to predator greg?
If you have to ask that question here you haven't been paying attention. Its called guilt by association and in Greg's case its like his scumbag aura. Everybody involved with Greg in any capacity be it dating Greg, being married to him, being a "hater", trying to bring him down, whatever they're all scumbags. Each and every one of them.
If you haven't figured that out by now you never will.
Edit: Just explaining it more because I can already see the stupid questions / comments:
Be it people that are for or against Greg it doesn't matter, they're all scum. They all have their own agenda.

No. 915322

Stop a-logging. Onion's sister is sensible enough to not interact with him.(sage your shit)

No. 915323


Don't care, I'm doing it anyway.(sage your autism)

No. 915350

You do realize she would defend Greg on live streams furiously right?

No. 915363

ntayrt but was that before or after he aired her dirty laundry?

No. 915400

That's Lainey's sister.

No. 915420

Oh, I thought you were talking about Joanna

No. 915430

When the whole "a-logging Onion's sister" discussion was brought up by this anon >>915322 I assumed they meant Christina, Greg's oldest sister. That week someone had made a fake Twitter profile that gave Christina's full name, her job title and place of business along with her home address. Anytime Onision's name was mentioned this fake profile bot would spam them with information on the two federal cases against Greg. The fake profile also started tweeting Christina's followers with implied self nudes.

Tbh out of all of Greg's family Christina seems like the only one who knew how creepy Greg was from the start. The way Greg tells it, Christina was a "stuck up snob" that didn't want to hang out with him when they were kids and once she moved out of the family house she had no interest in socializing with Greg or having him around her husband or kids.

No. 915431

She's always seemed the most distant from him. Even in his book he hardly mentions her at all except when he wants to claim his dad is a pedo. I don't even think I've seen her in some of the oldest videos that have his family in them.

Good on her, at least she ended up dodging a bullet by keeping the hell away from her family.

No. 915432

File: 1686350618518.png (96.1 KB, 592x612, 5768999.PNG)

And what did Lauren get for defending Greg and Lainey? Once she moved in as their live in babysitter & maid Greg told her that the agreed upon pay was going to be cut in half because he wasn't making as much money now that his views were tanking. Greg clashed with her constantly and aired her private life on social media. And I'm sure she had to endure similar creepy behavior that Sarah, Maya and Madison have mentioned before like "accidental" touching and rubbing of their breasts and ass. Plus the infamous hugs while he has an erection.

I never understood why they got into such a huge argument because Lauren said she missed her old bf and his donkey dick. Why would Greg care unless he felt she was insulting him by making a passive aggressive dig at how small his dick is. Onision assumed that Lainey had told Lauren he had a oddly shaped below average penis and Greg was overly sensitive about any penis size talk in the house.

No. 915458

File: 1686400704463.jpg (9.9 KB, 540x540, spade.jpg)

Lets call it as it is here, if Lauren lived there Greg either fucked her or tried to fuck her. The fact that she defended Greg so adamantly adds an extra onion layer of suspiciousness to the entire thing. Add to that that Greg was so upset over her mentioning an actual adult sized penis she once fucked and you get a nice potpourri of greasiness only the grease household can deliver.
What I also find odd and see nobody talk about is watch this video:
Now this video also has Sarah in her Billie skinwalking phase in it, and she's also defending the Greases. I know its probably been mentioned before but I find it very odd.
People that have lived in the Grease house are always very vague and suspicious. God only knows what the fuck really goes on in there.
Yeah, Greg's scummy aura, guilt by association etc. they're all fucked in the head if you ask me, every single one of them.

No. 915569


>Yeah, Greg's scummy aura, guilt by association etc. they're all fucked in the head if you ask me, every single one of them.

It ain't a matter of "birds of a feather". Greg's choice of girls was never an accident. However, fucked in the head the girls ever were, Greg is far worse.

No. 915579

Well yeah but I thought that was obvious, much like his choice in girls: young, dumb, easy and with daddy issues.

No. 915620

File: 1686786864233.jpeg (78.62 KB, 810x734, 1a.jpeg)

Onision tried to tell the Judge he wasnt doing what she told him to do until she ruled on his motion to dismiss.

No. 915621

File: 1686786990240.jpeg (49.15 KB, 796x724, 1a.jpeg)

lolz, She told him to fuck off and do what she said, and totally ignored him about the dismissal. (I wonder if he has figured out yet that nothing he does will stop what is going to happen to him.

No. 915628

KEKKKKK He's whinging and sobbing as we post here nonnas, the meanie judge won't roll over and do as he wants!!

No. 915638

He gets angry whenever someone talks about stuff like this because of how insecure he is about his own dick. He once raged at and banned a girl from his Discord for talking about how much she liked big dick. He compared it to a guy saying something like that about a girl’s boobs. He was so mad, lol.

No. 915663

File: 1686898111530.webm (3.13 MB, blasianbannedonisiondiscord.we…)

That reminds me of the time Blasian Coffey got banned because Greg misheard/misinterpreted a conversation she was having with a friend in discord. She was casually discussing that Anti-O had always said Greg had a micropenis but now that his Onlyfans photos had leaked they switched to saying Onision has an ugly dick. Blasian was defending him, She was a die hard fan second only to McRetard. Hell I'm sure she would of helped Onision & Kai groom kids if she had been allowed to stick around longer. But all Greg heard was "Onision's dick is ugly" and he immediately banned Blasian and started listing all the things that were wrong with her.
>she had been an Anti-O spy all these years
>she was leaking and pirating his OnlyFans nudes
>Blasian was sexually harassing him
>she was going to run to Chris Hansen and expose him as a racist
>Blasian was sexually harassing Kai

I'm sure if his Discord tirade had gone on any longer he would of accused Blasian of raping him and Kai with her words. He goes into this kind of blind rage when he thinks someone is insulting his penis. It's fucking weird.

No. 915670

>saying Onision has an ugly dick.
Imagine being that narcissistic. Greg is. People just have to tell him he's perfect in each and every way or he can't handle it.

No. 915674

Wait so there are onion nudes?

No. 915689


Aw, that drawing is too adorable to be used as an insult.

No. 915690

Sorta insane that a guy this insecure had a stint on onlyfans lol.

No. 915692

File: 1686951005307.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.46 KB, 1078x1350, preview.jpg)


What do you expect? Only fuck boi beta bitch males do shit like this for onlyfans shekels.

No. 915693

I think most men are to be exploited, barring a few loyal decent ones. It's nice to see he knew his place.(sage your shit)

No. 915695

Please fucking spoiler this shit, I need to go pour a litre of clorox on my eyes now

No. 915696

File: 1686951353564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.94 KB, 1500x844, 11.jpg)

But why is his dick so short? And why is the head half as big as the shaft? No wonder he is a pedophile, he couldn't satisfy a real woman.

No. 915697

Kek why is he literally 3.5 inches.

No. 915698

spoiler this shit

No. 915699

File: 1686951446784.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.89 KB, 345x200, tiny dick.jpg)

OMG. he should be arrested. A grown man touching a little boys penis.(spoiler NSFW content)

No. 915703

Do us all a favor and spoiler that shit. Have it for your personal use all you like but do us that favor.

No. 915704


Only use is to show how pathetic his penis is. Unless you might have another use for it.

No. 915706

Unaesthetic, skinny fat "VEGETARIAN BODAAAYYYYY".
And this dude used to rate girls regarding their appearance. Who* were totally out of his league btw.

No. 915708

KEK it's not even a baby carrot!! It's like HALF a baby carrot! No wonder the greaseball is so insecure.
Do you think foot pegs him with a dildo replica of his own tiny shrimp member? I bet she does.

No. 915713

Why are his inner thighs so dark and dirty-looking?

No. 915714

File: 1686991227727.jpg (103.42 KB, 640x1000, Fq6fVvTXsA.jpg)

On the rare occasion that Greg does shower he's probably one of those men who thinks the soapy water running off his upper body and down his legs is the same as actually washing them with soap.

No. 915716

That's the thing. He "showers" every day. By "showers", I mean he stands under the nozzle masturbating for three hours. AJ said he uses up all the hot water like this.

No. 915744

I found some links to the federal cases against Onision and his wife. Thought I would be helpful and share them. Regina: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66795626/alonso-v-google-llc/ Sarah: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66931660/unknown-party-v-google-llc/

If you save these links you can check up on the cases anytime free of charge.

No. 915749

Kek. Exactly. I have nothing to say about his penis, because a lot of dudes have short penises and he can't help it. But his vegan body is fucking saggy and gross. A healthy man, who ate right and worked out would, even if they were fatter would have a sexier body. He's grossly old looking. And with Greg's ego, you know he's not only short dicked, he's BAD AT SEX. But, I mean, he was always ugly with filters. Just typical male delusion.

This isn't an odd tactic. A lot of attorneys try to stop document production, or discovery until the Motion to Dimiss is heard because it's a lot of attorney fees for a case that might be dismissed. Although a Status Report isn't totally labor intensive like Discovery. It's just setting deadlines. If anything, Greg's attorney is trying to save him money which is a sign of an ethical attorney. Funny the judge said fuck the up and wants the case moving despite his motion to dismiss. It's a bad sign that she isn't taking his motion to dismiss seriously and will probably rule against them.

No. 915754

If any nonnas want to hunt this shit down, feel free cuz I ain't doing it. But I have seen the ones of Ogreasion fucking sex dolls and flesh lights. His "O" face is pure nightmare fuel.

No. 915766

>>914105 lol does anyone remember the picture where he photoshopped the shaft but left his teeny tiny little testes unedited?? he got soooo mad over that being pointed out, after he had stuffed all those socks in his panties for years. Good times. The internet never forgets, Greg!

I miss the whole-fat buttermilk cream Onision days, I pretty much got tired of looking at his peenor and stopped even hate-watching. Glad to see he's got everything he deserves, and more.

No. 915792

He really thought he was gonna show Billie and all the haters what they were missing out on. He really, really thought he was going to entice another girl to "collaborate" with him. I don't think it's a matter of he wouldn't fuck Taylor on camera (because there wouldn't have been anyone else he could ask). I guarantee she fully shut that idea down. She's been humiliated enough.

No. 915795

File: 1687136266953.png (177.22 KB, 368x411, hqdefault12.PNG)

There was the Playmate Tessi collab rumors. If you don't know who that is do a quick search and you'll figure out why this team up would have been hilarious. I've watched a few of Tessi's streams and she acts like she legitimately has some kind of undiagnosed mental illness. Wild mood swings, throwing things around, hurting herself, abusing her cat, attacking her fans. Some anons thought it was someone impersonating Tessi and contacting Greg to set up an OF collab, similar to the PETA troll when Greg thought he was going to make bank being sponsored by PETA. They strung him along for weeks and finally revealed the joke in a Skype call with a giant "CUCK" sign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YrXL0xyJbI

I think Greg took the bait because there was a Mr Odd in Tessi's streams a few times asking a lot of questions and acting sus. His desperation to gain a successful OnlyFans career and have established models begging to fuck him clouded his judgement. I'm sure that it was all a catfish to screw with Greg but I was praying for it be real. As much as Greg likes to say all his ex's have borderline personality disorder, he hasn't had to deal with a truly crazy person setting their sights on him. I could see him and Tessi doing the OnlyFans collab, her freaking out, then making Greg her new obsession and going full on Swim Fan. Screaming and crying outside his home at all hours of the night. poisoning his pets, kidnapping his kids, trying to murder Lainey and finally burning his house down.

No. 915798

has greg been on discord or anything or is he finally MIA? Do you think with a legal case pending he can keep his mouth shut for an entire year? I mean he's been called a rapist in open court now, so maybe he's finally learned he can't gaslight people anymore?

No. 915799

File: 1687147951142.jpg (19.03 KB, 991x197, 167909434653866.jpg)

>last tweet on Feb 13
>last YT video on Feb 13
>last Forum blog/post on March 5
>last discord message on March 17

The March 17th discord message was a members only thank you he gave because Kaitlind bought him two movies and a game. If the anon that has access to members only messages is still around maybe she could let us know if he's still chatting up his last 5 fans and asking them to dig up "text based" evidence for his trial.

I look at his March 5th blog as his final social media post. So that means he's been gone over 3 months without using his Onision profiles. But I'm positive that he still uses the many sockpuppets he's created over the years. Greg is addicted to SM and every time he's left the internet "forever" its taken just a few weeks (sometimes days) for his return. These sockpuppets on Twitter and Reddit rage against Sarah, Regina and the rest of the girls. Always careful to begin their rant with
>now I'm not a fan of Onision's, he's a scumbag narcissist…. but
and then they ramble on about Sarah being a druggie liar, and Regina looking like a big nosed clown who Greg never met IRL. Totally not obvious.

Id give Greg kudos for staying off the internet for so long but the only reason Greg stopped using his Onision profiles is because the slip & fall shyster and dog lawyer ordered him to stop because it would only make things worse and warned him that they would be monitoring all his sm to make sure he doesn't sneak back on. Tbh Greg hasn't really left the internet, he's just lurking on his sockpuppets trying to change everyone's mind with the "truth & facts" and a dash of character assassination mixed in.

No. 915800

File: 1687148771827.png (73.49 KB, 637x491, 7856744.PNG)

From Reginas case. Do any lawanons know what this mediation may consist of? The hilaryhighpa website talks about using Zoom meetings but I'm assuming that was mostly during the Covid restrictions. Would Greg and Lainey have to travel to attend? I know it isn't something the public could sit in on but Id love to be a fly on the wall for this. I understand mediation when it comes to money or property but how do you mediate when its a sexual assault case?

No. 915802

File: 1687152004195.jpeg (68.36 KB, 642x727, 1a.jpeg)

1st page

No. 915803

File: 1687152073584.jpeg (31.4 KB, 642x650, 1a.jpeg)

2nd page

No. 915810

no fucking WAY! How disgusting! And I cannot imagine how someone fixated on physical appearance like grug has reacted to this… he's got to miserable to be seen anywhere near what lainy has transformed into… holy shit. transformers engage.(sage your shit)

No. 915815

A lot of mediations and court proceedings are telephonic or zoom. A mediation is all part of the pre-trial process and prescribed. It's just part of the checklist, where courts want you to try and figure out a settlement before more costly trial proceedings happen like discovery. They're going to talk about settlement in this. What Regina is alleging and asking for is way off of what Greg can afford and what google/youtube is willing to pay. It's a waste of time, but court mandated.

No. 915834

If you enjoyed Strange Aeons book review you might like Alizee's take on it. Its super long (3 hours) I like to put it on while I'm doing house work.

No. 915844

I have a dumb question about this but I don't know anything about the law. Since he is broke now, what happens when he loses the case? They can't garnish him since he has no income now,right? Can they sell his house and take the money or how does that work?

No. 915846

File: 1687225404301.png (10.39 KB, 711x227, Capture560044.PNG)

It depends on the state. They will garnish Greg and Laineys paycheck until its fully paid off and in some states they can take his property. He owns the cowbarn so its a viable asset they could force him to sell.
Having to pay Skye every month for those few years made him crazy. Can you imagine having to pay Regina and Sarah for decades is going to do to him.

No. 915847

File: 1687226115955.jpg (54.02 KB, 776x643, download (2).jpg)

>he has no income now,right?
They're not living hand to mouth quite yet but onision didn't do much saving so they aren't going to live off a nest egg he has sitting in a bank. Onision is doing Door Dash to make ends meet. That gives you an idea on how bad it is for the Jacksons. Even though its a pittance they will garnish whatever he makes doing food delivery.

No. 915848

He will have three years of home equity. It depends how much equity he has. If exemption is less than the home equity, the judge can place a lien to force a sale and equity surplus is fair game then. If it’s not then they cannot be forced to sell their home. I think the homestead exemption would be $55,000 for them but I’m not sure? I think their income comes into play.

No. 915849

That just looks like a bad photoshop job, though.

No. 915850

File: 1687228310559.png (6.09 KB, 500x300, 2vf953.png)

oh nonnie you're adorable

No. 915856

learn to sage, it has been how long now?
10/10 definitely not a Photoshop.
Him having to pay any woman any money is going to kill him, I can only imagine the tard rage coming from him when/if it does happen. We all know it was Laineyboy who was fucking with Sarah/Regina over text etc, and now old greggy has to pay the piper? pottery in motion.

No. 915866

File: 1687275391504.gif (3.16 MB, 200x200, FEF97265-ABFB-4F8E-9897-AD18D0…)


No. 915868

Greg has been setting up for a bus to throw Lainey under for a very long time. I would love to hear her side of things. We all know what she did was at least partly at Greg's behest and partly to have a meatsheild/ego booster for herself. It's kinda like how some kids who are being SA'd at home will bring "friends" home.

No. 915869

I have access. He’s not.

No. 915901

KEK. truly pottery in motion. ty nonna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915904

>reaction image
>fake news
any particular reason the mods are letting this thread go to shit? i thought we got rid of the scrotes.
shit looks like an amusement park for autistic children.(take it to meta)

No. 915912

stop responding to bait/obvious personalityfagging. Please just report and move on. Responding to obvious bait will also get you banned.

No. 916148

File: 1687910031138.jpg (151.29 KB, 1375x588, download (4).jpg)

Omission's long time nemesis just posted this and I'm positive Greg is chomping at the bit wanting to give his 2 cents. The last time Daniel started a GoFundMe was to help with the legal costs after Greg took him to court. Onision spent 3 weeks tweeting and making multiple videos telling his fans that Rep was stealing their money and using it for non court related expenses. I'm sure Greg is frustrated that his lawyers wont let him tweet or make videos until the 2 trials are over but I have a feeling he may peek his head out for this one. It might not be on a verified account but Id keep an eye out for suspicious sockpuppets whining about "the grift."

No. 916174

I hope anyone considering donating to this faggot thinks twice and gives to a women’s shelter instead. you’re on youtube and onlyfans and whatever else, pay your own legal fees, retard

No. 916227

This used to be an open directory:
That i had access to and very unfortunately I didn't back it up. But it had tons of evidence, even video evidence, of Repzion and Maya doxxing and terrorizing people, and laughing about it.
Just sayin'.

No. 916264

File: 1688216697876.jpg (78.3 KB, 1526x318, Evidence2.jpg)

Take it to meta so you can get banned btw.
You truly are the most pathetic person i have ever seen (most pitiful mod too), the most petty, I'd say you even have Greg beat in terms of pettiness. At least Greg will debate a "hater" and let them have their say.(autism)

No. 916269

"greg will debate a 'hater' and let them have their say" tell us you are new without telling us you are this new. He has never wanted a fair debate, he mutes, blocks or talks over everyone he ever 'debates'.

No. 916275

Entirely not the point, but whatever. Keep crying in META, it will get you banned, the mod here doesn't handle criticism very well and doesn't want her boss to find out how shit she is at her job.
I see they're doing a great job getting rid of you.(ban evasion)

No. 916303

Like I said, petty.(ban evading again)

No. 916307

When Greg and Taylor kill themselves, what names do you think will be on their graves?(shitposting)

No. 916311

huswife and little bitch?(shitposting, newfagottry)

No. 916315

Retard.(pointless infighting)

No. 916322

next time try replying to your original post, newbie.
absolutely nobody cares. Move on, bring in new info.(pointless infighting)

No. 916344

File: 1688446578944.jpg (456.28 KB, 1080x1930, IMG_20230704_075634.jpg)

Update on the Sarah case.

No. 916345

Onion man better save up his DoorDash bucks for those out-of-state trials. I wonder if he can keep his mouth shut within a year without intimidating/talking shit about his former pleasure squad members?

No. 916346

No. 916352

Omg, they are Alex Jones-ing him?! I didn't realize this. This is hilarious. He's going to end up on the streets.

No. 916355


After the previous seizure of retardedness, this update is like downpour during a drought. Thanks, nonny.

No. 916359

>Jury Trial set for 11/1/2024 in Ocala Florida

>jury trial set for 9/30/2024 Lansing Michigan

So Sarah gets the first bite of the onion? I thought that since Regina filed first her trial would start before Sarah's. Plus it made sense when lawanons said that bringing Regina's case first which had the lesser counts
>coercion and enticement
>sex trafficking
>possession and distribution of child pornography
would be like a practice run for Sarah's case which had the more serious counts
>coercion and enticement
>sex trafficking
>criminal sexual assault
They'd get an idea of what works and what doesn't in Regina's case, fine tune everything and hit Greg harder during Sarah's trial.

No. 916360

different states have different court backlogs
states don’t coordinate small civil cases with each other

No. 916377

At this point, does he have anything to take? His house is heavily mortgaged, I think. And he pissed away his youtube bux long ago.
Also, pardon my retardation but why did it take so long to get to this stage with the courts? All that pissing around with boomer Hansen instead seems like a stupid move.

No. 916378


sarah is claim in official court documents, under oath and penalty of perjury, that greg raped her. This is a big deal. There is a very high chance this could lead to criminal charges. Gregs abusive history is well documented, he's in big trouble.

No. 916380

The short answer is they will garnish Greg and Lainey's wages for decades.

But tbh I don't think these civil cases are the endgame. Lawanon stated it clearly and concisely after we found out about the second lawsuit.
>civil lawsuit = discovery / discovery = fodder for criminal investigation
Regina and Sarah have two large law firms working on this. Marsh Law Firm & The Haba Law Firm both specialize in sexual abuse, child pornography and human trafficking. This is just the first act in a greasy tragedy.

No. 916389

File: 1688626038624.jpeg (109.33 KB, 828x437, IMG_1772.jpeg)

I don’t know what the original source for this is but kek if true (and not surprising in the slightest)

No. 916390

Seems like a move out of Kevin Spacey's playbook.

No. 916392

That just adds to my confusion though. She could've pressed those charges years ago and had the laptop for evidence. THEN gone after him with a civil suit. Instead, so much evidence is contaminated or lost and he's even poorer than he was.

No. 916393

I don't think they really care about the money, but about holding him accountable for his pissy behavior. He spent hundreds of videos talking about how he's always right, winning and how illegal things that other people do. If he loses, it's going to utterly destroy his ego and I can't wait.

No. 916435

If they didn’t care about the money, they wouldn’t have gone for that Discovery+ cashgrab, broadcasting their degeneracy in exchange for a nice paycheck, and went straight to court.

No. 916437


What is really funny is Onision thinks he funded Chris Hansens career. No Onision is just another in a LOOONG list of pedophiles Hansen has exposed. Onision is a nothing loser, who will always be a pathetic loser.(sage your shit)

No. 916466


evidence is not "contaminated" you need to drop this e-drama youtube bullshit. Gregs abusive behavior is well documented. There are multiple women alleging his rapey and creepy behavior. We dont need the laptop to know lainey sent nudes to underage girls. We dont need the laptop to prove that greg raped sarah. The laptop isn't fucking important.

So why now? Well first sarah is a couple years older, a couple years wiser. Greg tried to gaslight the entire internet that sarah "raped him" through "sexual extortion"

Sarah also had to save up money or find someone to represent her legally, all as an early 20 year old. Do you know how hard it is as a 20 year old that barely knows jackshit about the world to go find attorneys that can represent you in a federal case? Where does one even start? Then you have to build the case behind the scenes, convince everyone you are serious and you have something tangible, and you probably also let greg put his foot in his mouth for a year or so just to make your case even stronger. There are a lot of reasons why it's been a couple of years.

No. 916467


hi greg. the only one that calls the discovery+ thing a cashgrab is greg, and that is you. super obvious.(hi cow)

No. 916470

File: 1688776564772.png (418.81 KB, 1079x728, extortion.PNG)

>probably also let greg put his foot in his mouth for a year or so just to make their case even stronger

I think this is a big part of why they waited, at least for the defamation count. Around December 2021 their lawyers told him to take down anything that defamed Sarah & Regina. The way Greg tells the story he told them he had spoken to a lawyer and what they were asking him to do was a "cashgrab" and once Sarah's lawyers heard he had spoken to a lawyer they got scared and no longer wanted to speak to him. Greg thought he had found some silver bullet against litigation. He tells them he spoke to a lawyer and they leave him alone. But in reality once he told them he had a lawyer they could no longer speak to him directly and would have to do any kind of correspondence though Greg's lawyer. Onision thought he was free and clear because they didn't contact him again. They let him cook for over 430 days, letting him dig that "I was raped by Sarah" hole even deeper before they filed the two federal lawsuits. I can only imagine the evidence they have gathered during this past year.

>the only one that calls the discovery+ thing a cashgrab is greg

I would never do a (hi cow) call out like that but you are correct Greg does like using that term. Plus he's the only person I know that always writes it out as one word "cashgrab" instead of two(proper) as you can see in the picrel video description.

No. 916590

File: 1688942271897.jpg (244.42 KB, 720x887, 20230710_000044.jpg)

If I had a euro for every time a lolcow fucked their own mother, I'd have €2 and tbh I would rather be in debt than have that €2

No. 916595

This is gross and I hope it's a shit post. Was his mom's Tumblr ever discussed? She's got some weird ass skits.

No. 916596

File: 1688947078187.jpg (378.53 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20230709_165733_Tum…)

No. 916597

File: 1688947180731.jpg (325.96 KB, 1080x2234, Screenshot_20230709_165709_Tum…)

No. 916598

Don’t remember if it was here or kiwi farms but someone fucking called it that onion will troon out when shit hit the fan.

No. 916599

File: 1688949953121.png (312.67 KB, 832x562, 6756711.PNG)

Is FPS Diesel talking about a recent video? Because this video >>916596 >>916597 is over 9 years old and the link is dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FOJ4EPACfg
I kind of remember this skit and it reminded me of Fred, if he tried to have awkward sex with his patchouli smelling hippie mom.(learn2embed)

No. 916601

File: 1688957182424.jpg (79.59 KB, 605x590, IUJ8_76GYGht_543F.jpg)

I was hoping for Greg to go down this road but it doesn't really look like his mom. The hands look feminine.

No. 916611

That looks like a troon, why else would someone blacken out the bottom third of the picture?
Also, that is clearly a woman's hand with golden nails.

No. 916625

File: 1689030561133.png (104.98 KB, 644x352, pimeyes-png.png)

You're right it's not his mom, it's a random pornstar.

despite the unfortunate surname, it's a real woman.

No. 916626

Because it's porn, way to assume it's a tranny.

No. 916653

kiwi farms is down, does anyone have a screenshot of the kf post talking about how onision completely ignores his daughter and it's theorised he does this so she develops a attention starved codependent attachment to him when older so he can groom?

No. 916655


if you really want to fuck with Onision @elohelbemad1 on twitter is the sock he uses

No. 916657

File: 1689177249971.jpeg (127.51 KB, 720x1600, 19EFD035-87F8-41C1-987D-83F5C3…)

It’s true. He has two. @elohelbemad and @elohelbemad1

No. 916659

Nobody cares about your retarded twitter slap fight. Take it back there and stay.
That always smelled of a fake story. Too on the nose for me.

No. 916662


Like your opinions matter da fuck out of here.

No. 916665

Then why did you delete all the tweets from today? It’s okay, all of them have been screenshot.

No. 916680

She always makes me laugh when she roasts Greg.

No. 916683

Damn, shouldn’t he be laying low for awhile? He’s only increasing the ammo for the courts to use against him and I’m here for it!

No. 916687

Conspiracyfag cancer like this has always been one of the worst parts of onion threads.

No. 916730

Not in support of conspiracyfag, but tbf Grease is so deranged I wouldn’t put it past him that the "cancer" of such kind has crossed his mind at some point, kek.
Not alluding to it actually being the case, but you know what I mean. His brain is so fucked, nothing would be too surprising at this point. I wish there were a way to keep those poor unfortunate kids away from him.

No. 916734

File: 1689315983508.png (61.22 KB, 809x518, covert.PNG)

That reminded me of a thread I saw on r/Onision. Having their daughter laying next to them and their son leaning on their bed while they fuck is weird and gross. And it sounds like this is not an isolated incident. Greg and Lainey want to normalize their kids being around and watching adults having sex. You can only imagine why they're trying to make this seem like typical behavior between adults and children.

The replies to the OP bring up Onision making those graphic sado-sexual tweets when his daughter was in the hospital. Why does Greg make some strange connection with the injury of his daughter and violent sexual fantasies? Also they talk about him not changing Madison's baby daughters diaper. He's a father of two, changing a diaper should be as routine as a feeding or cleaning up spit-up. But Greg makes changing a diaper into some creepy sexual perversion. Did he not want to change it because he was worried he wouldn't be able to control himself and touch the little girl inappropriately? Why was he worried that Madison would automatically think he was molesting her baby while changing the diaper? It's suspect that his mind goes there first and sexualizes an infant.

As for the "Conspiracyfag cancer" and tinfoiling. I agree that it derails the thread when its over the top. But how many people(I was one of them) thought anons were crazy to think Greg would ever fuck Sarah. He treated her like shit, told her and his fans how ugly and awkward she was, I was sure there was no way he would find her attractive. But that conspiracy/tinfoil ended up being true. Greg's options became limited when they could no longer bring in cute manic pixie alt girls. So he started looking at someone that was already in the household and that he had influence over. Sarah was the easy target at the time. Who's going to be the easy target in the future? I'm afraid for those still in that home.

No. 917181

>redd*t screenshot

No. 917182

What happened to those weird ass posts saying Onision owned lolcow? I didn't click the link.

No. 917194

File: 1690401418589.jpg (119.82 KB, 800x800, SadTrombone.jpg)

That is a Google Transparency Report for a Copyright Owner's delisting request.

It does NOT specify that Onion owns this website. It specifies that Onion, as the copyright owner of some unknown piece of media which was uploaded here, had, on December 23rd 2020, put in a request to have it delisted from google's search results.

It indicates that 0% of the requested URLs were delisted, and that no action was taken.

No. 917196

File: 1690403835317.png (87.64 KB, 1099x1009, LumenDetails.png)



Checking the Lumen Notice indicates that the Delisting Request was for some OnlyFans images. https://lumendatabase.org/notices/22588657

No. 917197

that was probably gene being the usual useless faggot

No. 917252

where's that video of him cumming?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917254


You mean the video where he is jacking his pathetic little dick off? And lets it just fall onto his carpet is his fucking nasty ass house?

No. 917273

yes, that one(sage your shit)

No. 917279

Aww he’s mad! Post more ugly dick pics. We ain’t going nowhere, onionboi.

No. 917362

Regina wished Greg would fuck her. She's way too fat and ugly. Definitely not his type. I hope Sarah takes Greg and Lainey to the cleaners.

No. 917476


Now how is he gonna fuck anything but an underage teen with that small pathetic dick? Stop playing.(sage your shit)

No. 917737

File: 1691442948012.png (54.16 KB, 700x454, 657222937_466_099.PNG)

The lead singer of Lost Prophets, Ian Watkins has been all over the news today because he was stabbed in jail and probably wont survive. I was reading a few articles about him and so much reminded me of Onision. I was disappointed that even in jail, convicted of horrendous crimes and losing his looks there's still women who will gravitate to these predators.

There was one sentence that stopped me in my tracks. As Watkins had started to groom this new victim he asked her what she would do if her daughter walked in on her having sex. Is this a common predator tactic? It reminded me so much of what Greg and Lainey did to Sarah. It wasn't just talk with those two. Greg & Lainey physically had their kids in the same bed as they had sex and wanted Sarah to join in and be okay with it.(derailing)

No. 917874

A new cliff notes video of Onision lore for the novice. A nice refresher for the oldfags before the first glass of milk flows in April >>914721
The commentator mentions that its been 5 months since Onision has been heard from. Who knew that all it would take is being sued for sex trafficking, rape, and child porn for Greg to go quiet for almost half a year.

No. 917889

Watch him ban both of us.

No. 917896

Nice job proving their point by banning them. Now ban me.

No. 917902

who cares? it's derailing and not about the rape onion so it gets banned

No. 917907

>thread is dead
>nona posts something VERY related to onion and sages it since it's not milk
>mod bans her for derailing
mods are retarded, and i do not care about you banning me. i will not take it to /meta/, because it shouldn't be needed. put on your big girl pants and admit you were wrong. tall order, i know.

No. 917911

As the above poster pointed out. People are getting banned even after posting things related to Onision and saging. So, bullshit. And I know you’re gonna ban me for this post.

No. 917922

File: 1691828089788.png (452.75 KB, 2122x1040, Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 17.16…)

in non retard posting news, onion showed signed of life by changing his twitter username to Onision (RIP) and the title and description of his last video. he is fuckin ITCHING to post again, it must be killing him

No. 917924

>Onision is gone now, but by thousands, he will be remembered for his hundreds of songs, animal/human rights campaigns & countless shared laughs with his fans.
Come on Greg. You know damn well no one thinks that when they hear the name Onision. Anytime I see someone using the name Onision online its just shorthand for pedophile sexual predator groomer. The same way people talk about R. Kelly and Jared Fogle.

>campaigning for infant rights

What the fuck is that? If you cared so much for infants you wouldn't let them fall out of second story window or lay in bed with you while you fuck your ugly man-wife.

No. 917926

imagine being this mad on an anonymous image board.
He will never return, finally he seems to be getting the message that his career is as dead as his future opportunities.

No. 917931

“In non-retard posting news” then you post a screenshot of the onion retard posting this retarded shit, lol.

No. 917933

He posted that he’s making a comeback and the the lawsuits started coming out, making him look like the clown he is. So he was forced to leave. He’s the biggest clown on the internet.

No. 917934

Because like the moron he is, he thought his victims weren’t going to fight back and he thought he could control them.

No. 917943

by “infant rights” he means his circumcision sperg. it’s hilarious that he called it “infant rights” though, kek
if he actually cared about “infant rights” he would realize that their only right is to grow up loved, safe, and happy. and that means talking to them, changing their diapers, not having sex while they’re in the same bed as you, making sure they’re in an environment where people aren’t screaming at each other, and making sure their siblings aren’t beating them up.

What he means is “baby boy penis rights” because he’s only capable of empathizing on topics that he’s personally invested in

No. 917946

I fuckin love when he writes about himself in 3rd person. Could make a literal bingo list. Hit on all the same beats as always.
>circumcision/infant rights
>fans thank me for anti self harm videos
>muh videos against anorexia
>genuine, honest and true
>"outspoken" by millions of haters
>dark comedy
>songs/many works (surprised he didn't mention his ~books~ here too)

No. 917953

File: 1691893610218.png (80.86 KB, 948x447, 8122023_6572.PNG)

Did the same thing to his IG just a little more concise. We all know the only reason he's been MIA is because his dog law attorney told him to stfu. But Greg's oppositional defiant disorder kicks in and he has to find a work around. Since his lawyer didn't clearly state he couldn't redo his video descriptions that's his way to weasel back online. Onision just cant help himself. He has to defy anyone he thinks is in some kind of authority role. I hope he keeps this up when the judges start telling him what he can and cannot do during the trials and he tries to play word games with them.

Does anyone think he's suicide baiting with all the "RIP" chatter? Or trying to get the commentary fags to talk about him and worry that he's died. It just feels a bit like the "Lil Tay found dead" hoax earlier this week.

No. 917956


He's just going for the Donald Trump route and just keep on talking despite being on trial. Won't be long till a gag order will take place.

No. 917967

this is so fucking ridiculous
he wrote his own obituary like he was some kind of Nobel Peace Prize winner

No. 917968

File: 1691949751295.png (331.94 KB, 685x506, banner (1).PNG)

his new banner has me rolling

No. 917969

Part of me thinks it’s ragebait on his part. Jokes on him because I already know what to expect from him, so it doesn’t even surprise me.

No. 917970

File: 1691949809749.png (1.17 MB, 979x677, banner (2).PNG)

No. 917971

File: 1691949991300.webm (518.29 KB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1691949992637.webm)

Its so hilarious so when this announcement didn't work out he's back to suicide baiting with shitty AI generated "art".
No one is falling for it, everybody knows he's way too selfish and narcissistic to ever commit suicide. Plus he's way too much of a pussy.

No. 917972

Its shitty AI generated art.
Apple btw. hence why its extra shitty.

No. 917973

oh and before you say : "it was just the character Onision thats dead, u guyz!" and try and start under another name it isn't going to work. For the same reasons. You're way too narcissistic and even if you try someone out there will recognize you and expose your new shit wherever and whatever it is.
The internet is on to your shit, Greg, and will always be on to your shit. There's no escaping it, its all over for you. Besides, God only knows what will happen to you with these trials coming up. You're pretty much fucked, Greg.
Suicide would be a good, viable option were you not such a pussy.
oh, eh "in minecraft", of course. wink wink

No. 917974

File: 1691951526648.png (34.75 KB, 618x293, 262586_RC2UFJ.png)

Greg on one of his socks trying to get a low tier commentary channel to cover "The Death of Onision"

No. 917975

Like I said here, buddy:
The world is on to Gregs shit.
The only one not realizing that is Greg.

No. 917976

My thoughts exactly.

No. 917977

Because he’s not smart enough to do anything better nor has any talent to. Plus he’s probably too lazy.

No. 917978

File: 1691952204390.jpg (48.29 KB, 448x428, massivefaggot.jpg)

..and then followed by the inevitable back paddling while at the same time pretending to be some sort of super genius that "fooled us all."

No. 917979

Heres the thing:
The world gave him a chance, and youtube paid him millions. He coulda easily been retired now and living a life of luxury had he played his cards right. Instead he fucked it all up. How many real artists with actual talent pray for a chance like the one he had? And they never get that chance. He fucked it all up, and he can blame Sarah, Shiloh, Hansen he can blame the entire planet for it but he's the one that fucked it all up.

No. 917980

Yep. We know what to expect from him, lol.

No. 917981

Just imagine what he could have been by now would he have stuck with everything. He woulda served his full time in the Airforce and getting good benefits from that, living with his ex wife Skye and having kids that didn't fall out of windows and no brain damage, and having millions in the bank. He coulda grown with his audience same as other youtubers did and he coulda just quit already. The world and his fans would only have had fond memories of him.
But he didn't do that. He fucked everything up. Good job, Greg. Go cry some more about your own mistakes and blaming others.

No. 917982

It’s what happens when shitty people become rich and achieve any level of fame. They do shitty (major understatement in this case) things and abuse their power.

No. 917983

exactly, its a lot like people like Austin Jones and the like. its like that saying about Icarus flying too close to the sun and so his wings get burned off. i personally believe he wanted to use Shiloh too to further "his own music career" (delusions, his "music" sucks ass). When you look at all the things hes said and done he's a user, always grifting on other people and using them. Its all he does, its all he does, he has no talent.
With the tosh.O and Shane thing he was very lucky and some of the fans stuck and became his fans, whatever that means, but that too he fucked up.
One thing above all: He will never ever learn from it, he's unable to. He's a true narcissist, nothing is ever his fault.

No. 917984

Is he pretending he's died? Lol he's so emo. Is he 40 now

No. 917985

He made this announcement some time ago:
Saying he was "coming back". My guess is that backfired in his stupid face tremendously. So now he's spergin' out pretending he an hero'd.
My prediction is he will back paddle from that and be like "oh i'm such a great actor, i made you all believe i committed suicide, while I told you guyz i was doing a comeback".
Watch my prediction come true because there's no way in hell someone as egocentric, weak willed and narcissistic would ever harm himself.

No. 917986

Agreed with all of this. And as for what you said about Shiloh, I believe it’s the same reason he got involved with Adrienne.

No. 917987

I never thought about that, but now that you mention it that does make a lot of sense. He's probably a lot more psychopathic than people give him credit for. Meaning he's conniving and self serving, and has these little deluded plans hoping to further himself. Like I said, grifting. He's like a parasite, attaching himself to a healthy host until they're used up and then he moves on to the next, and the next, and the next.
But not anymore, people are on to his shit and he's a pariah now. Hell, even IP2 did not want him, and if you know anything about IP2 you would see just how bad that is. Its like getting rejected for a big trash heap full of chemical waste and piss.

No. 917995

I hope some concern trolls call in for a welfare check on Greg and they 5150 his stupid attention seeking old man ass.

No. 918004

File: 1691969374253.png (157.44 KB, 538x503, 867334.PNG)

His 3 main channels now have the same RIP pfp and graveyard banner. Is he slowly going through all his online profiles and doing this?

No. 918014

>women's rights
No comment
>grew up on the farm
He's always been, and always will be, a white trash redneck. It's interesting that he's back to square one, basically. He reminds me of people who win the lottery and spend all the money in a few years, then they're back to being poor.

No. 918031

Hasn't Greg once admitted that he got turned on by his mom giving him a nude massage?

No. 918033

He’s the perfect example of “fuck around and find out”.

No. 918037

my recollection is that he said his mom gave him nude massages, he got turned on by hearing her have sex and calling out her boyfriend’s name (also Greg), and that he wanted to have sex with his stepmother and his sisters-in-law (both Skye’s and Foot’s sisters).

No. 918039

File: 1692049674091.gif (2.73 MB, 333x187, gif-2-3778a9e550.gif)

This whole Rest In Peace Onision thing reminds me of those pet owners who act like they had a heart attack to see how their pet will react. Greg played dead and no one gave a fuck and started mocking him.

No. 918041

i remember whenever his mom was in his youtube vids they made painfully weird sexual innuendos the entire time as well (although that might be on greg for never being able to not think about the coom)

No. 918042

dont forget he tried to make out with his cousin while she was sleeping
his excuse for what was essentially sexual assault of this young girl was "boys will be boys, I was a dumb teenager who couldn't control my hormones"

No. 918047

File: 1692056055490.jpg (32.1 KB, 482x360, images.jpg)

"Someone" is still trying to get the commentary community to cover Onisions "death" and none of them care.
One good thing has come from this. Greg gets a peek at what will happen when he actually dies and the type of obit he will receive. I have a feeling his death will be covered a little like Pee Wee Herman's. At first people spoke about his tv shows, movies and comedy career. But it soon devolved into conversations about his arrest and conviction for jerking off in a porno theater and years later having federal charges for possession of child porn.

No. 918048

No one is falling for it, but this is still true.

No. 918062

This is something that annoys me about him (and coomers as a whole). He has the excuse that lacks basic self-control, but wants to be seen as a 200 IQ genius at the same time. Pick one.

No. 918069


If Greg being a massive fucking attention whore who shits himself on camera for one extra view wasn't enough of an indicator this is all bullshit, then him updating every social media he has to be like "Greg ded" is the biggest giveaway. Because who in their right mind would log into every single account a family member owns to tell the world they're dead? He's such an idiot he doesn't realise no one gives two shits about social media accounts never mind the insane amount greg owns. He doesn't know how actual people behave and it's hilarious he always exposes how incompetent at everything he is. He can't even die properly.

No. 918072

kek this is exactly what I expect him to do

Nah he used that situation as an excuse why it was okay for him to give Billaaay a nude massage because his mom once gave him a nude massage so by his logic that's what everyone does and can totally be platonic.

No. 918073

Greedy commentators care about one thing and one thing only: Money for throw pillows and cheap wine. And where talking about Greg used to get you some views, today it doesn't. No one cares. Just go ahead and ask any room full of zoomers if they've heard of Onision and maybe one of them will say "Isn't he that pedophile? Well, I've heard of him I think but I never seen anything by him." if you're lucky that is, because most younger generations don't know who the hell he is, nor do they care.

No. 918076

Not only that, but on his website through the Spaces app, if you go to his profile it either says he’s online or has been only hours ago. That’s proof right there, lol. But even without that it’s so painfully obvious he didn’t die that you would have to be unbelievably stupid to fall for it.

No. 918122

I'm ready to bet money on that whenever he realises nobody buys that he's dead he'll resort to something like "Onision the CHARACTER died. You're dumb to think that I really died".

No. 918123

Haven’t checked this thread in 2 years and as soon as I come back I learn Greg is faking his death. Lmao. Never change, Gregory.

No. 918124

Not a single person cares or is talking about it except us kek. Nobody bothered reporting the rumors. It’s so over for Gregcels.

No. 918125

I know, I thought the same thing. No one actually believes he’s dead though.

No. 918127

File: 1692277946737.png (227.9 KB, 596x414, 593234.PNG)

Even if we gave Greg the benefit of the doubt and this was just him killing off the Onision character. it doesn't matter. He wants some kind of control and desperately needs to be able to say "I stepped away from the Onision character and that's why it died." No Greg, Onision died a long time ago. And it was the public that killed it. The Onision name is now synonymous with pedophilia and grooming. I see it all the time on sm. The word Onision is used like an adjective when describing someone acting in a gross predatory manner or some type of pedo behavior. Even Gregs look with his cromag brow, giant head and desperate to be young again emo hair automatically brings up thoughts of men who like to touch children.
It brings me such joy knowing that the only thing Greg can do now is play around with profile pics and video descriptions because his lawyers told him to shut the fuck up. Greg at one time had the biggest and loudest bullhorn on the YT platform. Now he's left muttering under his breath while everyone ignores him.

No. 918515

File: 1693022755994.png (271.08 KB, 626x429, 8_25_2023_657411.PNG)

I'm not sure if this is just a joke. It seems plausible. The actor looks creepy enough to play Onision. I checked his IMDB for upcoming projects and see nothing about a biopic.
I cant see the general public giving a fuck about Greg anymore. So why would any studio fund this. Maybe when the 2 trials happen and are concluded there will be a bigger spotlight on him and Lainey, especially since this will be a litmus test for people trying to sue Google and YouTube over the use/abuse of their platforms by predators.
I can see Greg ranting about them casting this weird fucker to play him instead of Ian Somerhalder.

No. 918518

>onision bio pic
>played by simon from alvin and the chipmunks

No. 918520

File: 1693030481207.jpg (339.95 KB, 2275x749, grubler_98364.jpg)

Rumored lead in Onision biopic then a banana themed photo shoot.
Would be a crazy coincidence.(retarded bait)

No. 918524

File: 1693049515917.jpg (103.59 KB, 1024x761, getty_rumple_buttercup.jpg)

Those photos are from 2019, and were to do with his published book, "Rumple Buttercup, a Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself".

This image is from a book signing he did in 2019. Note the banana on the head of the character, in costume and on the cover.

No. 918537

I don’t believe it without a valid source. How would they know that? There would have to be source.

No. 918544

It's almost as if someone found an old photo of a celebrity with a banana, and decided to construct a new onion narrative around it …

No. 918560

File: 1693145987595.jpg (25.6 KB, 572x608, greg.jpg)

No. 918573

What is this? You can’t just post something without context.(sage your shit)

No. 918574

Ugly handwriting.

No. 918575

Who’s house is this?

No. 918581

it's a meme you dumbasses. sage your posts.(sage your posts.)

No. 918650

No, it’s not.

No. 918666

Of course it is. It's clearly a reference to the banana biopic nonsense, and the distinct possibility that it was posted by an encephalitic idiot.

Personally, I got a chuckle out of it, and agree with what it says.

Now, did the waterbrain post the banana biopic stuff here?

I don't know. But I wouldn't bet against it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918692

I get that, I’m just wondering what the origin of it is.

No. 918890

FYI, Repzion follows the @elohelbemad1 account and he’s the only follower of that account. https://twitter.com/elohelbemad1?s=21&t=2CBPFUupIK-XCaFzkRadng(nobody cares)

No. 918971

Surely it's because you made an unsaged post about repzion following a possible sock or parody account? It's not milk. Bumped the thread for nothing really.

No. 918981

Why would Repzion follow a parody account you fucking idiot? And the only one who follows them at that.

No. 918991

918981 I'm going to have to agree with you in this matter or better yet let's go through behaviors this "parody" account has been shown to exhibit that all but prove it to be a Greg sock account. And I got almost all of this just from actually looking through what he posted as replies. For starters trying to paint anyone that's against him as equally as bad if not worse than him I saw this in him trying to paint someone on Twitter who all I care to say about who they were was they had two figurines as their PFP as a pedophile for a joke they made almost two three months ago. Secondly is them obsessively screenshotting anything a person posts that he thinks can be used against someone. Again look through the replies of the account I noted to see this behavior in action. Finally what comes to mind is his general trying to turn anything no matter how innocent it may be into a sexual gotcha moment or just a gotcha moment period against someone. Again the account I noted earlier has shown evidence of this that dates back at least 4 months. So with that being said if this is a parody account why do they have at least three similar actions to what we’ve publicly seen Greg do?(newfaggotry)

No. 919101

>>918991 to add to the sheer absurdity of trying to claim two seperate people just happen to show similar common behaviors; the odds of that actually being possible is 1/4,022,655,738.5 or if you need that in word form since I know this site has a reputation for not having the smartest user base. That is: one in four-billion twenty-two-million six-hundred and sixty-five thousand seven-hundred and thirty-eight, and a half.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919109

Sarah was 18 and a half when he fucked her with his wife. Turns out she was only 4 days past 18.
Oh and their foster daughter(rehashing old milk with nothing new to add)

No. 919110

Would you care to elaborate?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919111

oh christ, not this asshole again(don't take the bait)

No. 919112

Would you care to eleborate good sir or madam?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919116

Anon you're blind. Repzion doesn't look like a foot. If I had time to shoop I'd paste his goofy boyscout face over a light bulb. He doesn't look like this anymore either apparently. He was somewhat attractive back then, unlike Lainey who's always looked like Shane Dawson met a steamroller.(offtopic & nitpicking without milk)

No. 919118

File: 1694407076673.jpg (61.31 KB, 584x1200, in the hospital with his daugh…)

>Having their daughter laying next to them and their son leaning on their bed while they fuck
Greg told a story about his mother fucking a guy (also named greg) really loudly for months, she would scream his name. At one point Greg yelled "we can all hear you!", and it stopped. He also told stories of his mother giving him nude massages? There's definitely a strong case for covert incest - history repeats unfortunately. In old videos Greg referred to Sarah as being "like a sister/foster daughter", that is before she turned 18.
>Onision making those graphic sado-sexual tweets when his daughter was in the hospital.
Never forgot picrel. Years later it's still at best extremely bizarre that he'd tweet this while in the hospital with his badly injured daughter who allegedly fell out of a window. Lainey's a shit mother for not ditching Greg after that.

No. 919154

Thread locked due to lack of current milk. If something noteworthy occurs, email admin@lolcow.farm to get approval for your new thread OP.

No. 920331

File: 1696411201838.jpg (189.11 KB, 960x776, 978-86--28.jpg)

Onision has uploaded a 3 hour documentary to his main channel. The same video has been chopped up and put on his Twitter and IG. If he could of just waited a few days he would of gone a full 7 months being offline (if you don't count him changing his old video descriptions and RIP Onision pfp stunt)

I skipped around the video and watched a total of 20 minutes. There's no new information or "receipts" from Greg. Its just the same old rehash of "I was raped" "Shiloh, Regina and Sarah are liars" "I was falsely prosecuted/cancelled" I did enjoy the different Text to Speech programs he used. I think I heard Obama a few times.

No. 920332

File: 1696411936142.png (25.16 KB, 751x267, _465_3345A32.PNG)

in related news his lawyer in the Sarah lawsuit has asked to be withdrawn.
There is a motion hearing about this next Wednesday and both Greg and Lainey are required to attend. I'm unsure if that means they're going to have to fly out to Michigan or this will be a Zoom meeting. I hope Sarah's lawyers bring a copy of this new video to the meeting to strengthen the defamation part of her lawsuit.

No. 920333

Is the bottom middle Lainey messaging Sarah?
What an actual piece of shit.

No. 920337

It's Shiloh

No. 920361

File: 1696447177738.png (734.27 KB, 2025x655, SC1003.PNG)

I can understand your confusion. Greg's documentary plays out like a fever dream. He doesn't follow any kind of timeline. He'll be talking about Regina and the current lawsuit, then it will jump to video of Shiloh saying she's going to kill herself and frame him for it, then without warning he's showing texts between Sarah and Lainey about some "black guy" who assaulted her. The proof he tries to show of his innocence or that the women are liars is super confusing. Greg will put up a video clip, text conversation or some kind of "receipt" and then have an annoying TTS speaking over it talking about something totally unrelated to what's on the screen. Plus there will be walls of text on top of the "receipt" because Greg needed to add more information to it while he was editing the video. It reminds me of someone who is having a manic episode trying to tell a story and its all over the place and makes no sense.


I love that Greg thinks that little banner he slapped on the top is going to keep him out of legal jeopardy.

No. 920362

I'm pretty sure Sarah has actual proof that Footface sent her those photos of her saggy veiny tits and pussy, and that she (Sarah) didn't steal them from Foot's computer like Grease accused her of doing throughout the video. Sarah showed the messages with timestamps to Edwin and Edwin showed them to Deorio who posted them on twitter and confirmed the nudes were sent by Foot to Sarah via message. It's gonna be so easy for Sarah to win this case.

No. 920364

So in other words Greg is just being retarded and incoherent. Another day that ends in y.
Most people already know Shiloh is a shitty person but even shitty people can be victims.
He really thinks he’s like Johnny Depp. He doesn’t have the money, power or charisma to pull off the media circus Johnny did.

No. 920368

I don't know what he's trying to accomplish with this "documentary" he's just repeating the same crap he's been saying for 4 years, there's nothing new. The only thing it will do is piss off his lawyers, he's so fucking retarded.

No. 920387

File: 1696467678565.png (439.4 KB, 1489x431, Case 1 23-cv-00223.PNG)

>Defendants have advised that they do not possess the resources to pay their attorney fees
>the Defendants currently have an outstanding balance owed to Legal Counsel and have indicated that they are not able to pay the balance owed

So now we know why the lawyer bailed. Greg ran out of money and has a balance he can't pay. How soon until we hear about the Florida shyster dumping Onision too?

No. 920397

So I’ve been doing a bit of snooping and I’m curious if the onions attended Joe (lame’s stepbrother) and joe’s wife Hannah’s wedding in summer 2021. Can’t find pictures but it looks like there were a lot of people in attendance. But did the onions go? Or is lane’s family totally disowned them completely(learn2sage)

No. 920403

Imagine how fucking stupid one must be to be making millions just a few years ago and now be completely broke. I bet he's regretting wasting all that money on useless crap, getting caught destroying wetlands and committing tax fraud. How Footface the spoiled rich daddy's princess and gold-digger who bragged about marrying a "celebrity" is still with this broke loser is beyond me, but then again her life is already destroyed and he probably got tons of dirt on her so she might as well stay with him.

No. 920405

So what are his options? This isn't a criminal trial so he's not getting counsel for free. If Greg puts on that goofy suit and tries to be his own lawyer I'm going to die.

No. 920407

Considering that Lainey claimed he sexually assaulted her as a child in her draw my life video, I doubt she was invited lmao
She was at her younger sister’s graduation a few months ago so they clearly believe Lainey did nothing wrong

No. 920443

Taylor Elaine should just ask her rich daddy to pay for the lawyer. But since Will hates Greg he will probably say no.

No. 920452

I sincerely hope this is the outcome as that would be some of the greatest milk ever to have flowed.
I guarantee you onion already harassed Foot into trying and they got denied kek.

No. 920459

The cool toned mid 2000s filter on Skye’s pictures always immediately sends me into a weird nostalgia trip. She was so pretty and had a lucky escape.

No. 920480

I still wonder what Foot and her family had to give or threaten Grugly with in order to make him STFU about Foot for this long. "Purple Carrot" had plenty to say about her at the other farms, but there's no way to know for sure any of that was true.

No. 920486

My question is if he's gonna defend both himself and Footface, cause I doubt that coward would ever try to defend herself in a trial and she'd just be crying in a corner sitting with her knees up to her chest. Speaking of chest, I wonder if Sarah's lawyers are gonna show the photos of Foot's saggy udders that she sent to underage Sarah, since they count as evidence the judge and jury must see them I suppose. If that happens imagine all the crying about "muh dysphoria" kek.

No. 920487

on the youtube comments greg was saying it took him a week to do his 3 hr video, so he was working on that before his lawyers took off. Seems he was already planning on going against their advice or ditching them. He literally has no conception of self interest, it's like once he's done with the lawyers he's off the leash.

No. 920493

File: 1696642414718.png (220.22 KB, 726x369, IMG_20616 (1).png)

There was something in the motion to withdraw that may give insight to Onision's future game plan.
>7. The Jackson defendants are patiently waiting this courts ruling on their motion to dismiss

This is the same thing Greg did with the IRS fiasco and wetlands saga, ignore the problem and it will go away. If you don't hear back, it means it fixed itself and you don't have to worry. It didn't work out that way. He ended up paying over half a million dollars in back taxes, interest and fines to the IRS and almost lost his house because Pierce County put a lien on the property and would not allow them to sell their home until they completed the required wetland repairs and installed a fence.

I assume Greg had his lawyer file the motion to dismiss and then stopped paying. Now he's going to sit back and wait without legal representation hoping the court will reject Sarah's case and the Onions will walk away free and clear. Fingers crossed that he pulls a Ted Bundy and tries to play lawyer for himself and Lainey.

No. 920494

Will he succeed though? I hope discovery starts soon.

No. 920495

In an interview he did with DeOrio he admitted Lame indeed sent the nudes to Sarah, but said it was an "accident" because she had a nipslip and didn't notice her tit was out when she took the pic (and he also tried to justify sending nudes to minors because… nude beaches exist). Now he's saying Sarah stole the photos from Lame's computer, so which is it? He can't even keep his lies straight, I hope that interview is still up on YouTube and Sarah's lawyers use it against them, that interview is a goldmine of incriminating stuff against him and Lame.

No. 920496

Remind us of the Purple Carrot saga on kf? I vaguely remember that gurg made a sock account and it was definitely him because of a screenshot he posted and something about a profile picture being cropped a certain way or whatever. Idr exactly, it was years ago.

No. 920498

File: 1696647669207.png (41.08 KB, 1082x216, 0895_090123.PNG)

Sarah's lawyer made a request for discovery yesterday. I'm not savvy on legal jargon so I looked up the meanings.
>initial disclosures provide a description of the evidence you currently have in your possession to support your claims, including a list of your potential witnesses and a list of documents that support your claims and defenses
>request for production is a discovery device used to gain access to documents, electronic data, and physical items held by an opposing party in a legal matter.

The "proof of service" must mean that Greg already received the request by certified mail or commercial courier and signed for it. So the balls in his court. Onision either hires cheaper counsel or he starts playing lawyer.

No. 920506

File: 1696681286275.jpeg (67.32 KB, 1242x635, BA1274E9-B141-44FE-92FD-88BCAC…)

Man’s is talking about himself from a third person view, is he trying to ‘kill’ the Onision persona or something?

No. 920514


maybe he was trying to post on an alt and fucked up

speaking of killing himself though, be on the lookout for early november, he always want to do it around his birthday, maybe the dropping of the lawyers and his spergy youtube vid are signs hes checked out

No. 920515

File: 1696696841380.jpeg (355.62 KB, 1242x1751, 2C395C9B-16D7-462D-A534-416190…)

No comment.

No. 920529

He should go for november 9, same day as lowtax

No. 920542

Retard is almost 40 and is still acting like a 14 year old emo character from a wattpad fanfiction. This is embarrassing.

No. 920543

He thinks that just because his lawyer bailed he's free to post whatever he wants slandering his victims. He forgot Sarah still has lawyers and they're keeping an eye on everything he posts to use against him in court. All I can say is I'm glad this retard keeps digging his hole even deeper and he's gonna get buttfucked in court along with his ugly manwife.

No. 920559

Maybe he's trying to hide behind the Onision character just in case his latest slander spree gets brought up in court and he can say "it wasn't me, it was my character" as a defense. He's dumb enough to think that would work

No. 920571

Unfortunately, she didn’t escape Greasy’s nasty bent duck. They’re all tainted!

No. 920624

File: 1696812103735.png (367.61 KB, 1259x509, B59913-CAB-49E-866-D7D947.PNG)

@oniondrama posted any new info and ss found in the 3 hour video. Something they found was very interesting. It seems that Lainey was acting buddy buddy with Sarah immediately after Sarah filed her lawsuit. Pretending to still be Sarah's friend to gets clues about what her lawyers were doing. What a sneaky shit thing to do.

No. 920625

File: 1696812297932.png (1000.72 KB, 1577x566, D94E213-CAAB-4A9E-8A66.PNG)

Sarah's lawsuit was filed 3/2 and this conversation happened 3/12. I believe each time Lainey talked to Sarah she would write up a summary for their lawyer. Lainey was desperately trying to get Sarah to drop the lawsuit and asking her lawyer dad to help talk Sarah out of it. These conversations were just a way to dig up dirt on Sarah and then pass it on to their lawyers.
>driving drunk, getting into an accident with no seatbelt
>smokes joints while driving
>guy accused her of giving him an STD
>she's done LSD and cocaine
>she drank tequila while underage at parties her mom had with college guys
>fantasizes about becoming a serial killer of men

I hope Sarah knows she was being deceived and anything she said to Lainey was being written down and given to their lawyers.

No. 920627

Sarah, you dumbass. Did she honestly believed footwife had forgiven her when that was far from the truth? I hope she goes scorched earth with the lawsuit if she still hasn’t dropped it yet.

No. 920634

She really is a dumbass. After everything that they did to her and are still doing to her, why would she even give them any of her time outside of the lawsuit? Here's to hoping that she'll keep fighting for herself.

No. 920638

The only thing magical about Grugly's dick is it's ability to just suck the IQ out of a girl.

No. 920656

This is the whole "She had sex with 20 people so how can she be raped" thing all over again.

Along with attempting to assassinate her character to make her seem unreliable, this could also be an attempt at just spiteful tit-for-tat getting these things into the public record. In her day-to-day life, this wouldn't really affect her, I imagine. However, if she is ever in a situation where she has to go to court again, it may.

But I am not a lawyer and this is just speculation on my part.

No. 920657

She'd go back in a heartbeat to have anal with Grease and eat Footface's sour pussy discharge, I've been saying it for years and her whiteknights always denied it, but it looks like it's true. I hope this idiot learns she can never trust Footface, Foot will betray anyone to please her Grease Lord since she puts him above anyone else.

No. 920659

>Lainey and Sarah are talking about mundane shit like laundry
>she’s clearly not traumatized!
Never change Gregory.

I’m genuinely hoping that she’s just feeding them fake information but at the same time, Sarah is weak-willed, especially when Lainey is involved. Those two clearly still have their claws sunk into her and it’s sad to see.

No. 920666

My question is, did Sarah's alcoholic mother drink tons of alcohol when she was pregnant with her? Because it sure looks like it.
She knows very well the pedo couple loves to collect vulnerable information about their victims to use against them, and what does she do? Gives them tons of vulnerable information. I don't understand what went through this dumbass head, she should have learned after Onion exposed to thousands of people that she got raped by a black guy to never share anything personal with them ever again.

No. 920671

Grug and Lame's house was and probably still is swarming with flies because neither of them ever clean anything. Of course Lame cannot understand the concept of cleaning out a fucking lint catcher in a dryer.

No. 920673

File: 1696894727334.jpg (127.97 KB, 1079x475, fannielaw.jpg)

The requests for discovery from Sarah's lawyers are not going to stop so Onision needs to answer. Either he does the work himself or gets legal aid that is offered to low-income families. I hope he reaches out to Vincent Nicotra's sister Frannie. He's emailed her before about Regina and Sarah. She reminds me of the female version of My Cousin Vinny.

No. 920677

You guys are forgetting the funniest part. Greg will be communicating with lawyers himself. That is so god damn funny to me. Lawyers are used to pro se bizzaros, but too bad we can't get any of that milk. Imagine the seething paragraphs that are ignored by Sarah's attorneys? Not only that, but I can think of a 1000 things that's going to piss off the judge when Greg decides to play his usual retard games. Greg's Motion to Dismiss is based on Venue and Jurisdiction, but that was already settled in Regina's case. The court ordered it to be heard in Northern California. That's why you read the terms and conditions that you click on, kids. Google and Youtube makes you agree that if a court case arises, it will be heard in THEIR jurisdiction. I don't see Sarah's case ruling differently. So at this point, Greg's Motion to Dismiss is moot.

No. 920681

File: 1696901079197.png (6.22 KB, 637x151, Capture alonso v google.PNG)

>Google and Youtube makes you agree that if a court case arises, it will be heard in THEIR jurisdiction
I was wondering why the venue changed without no real pushback from Regina's lawyers.

No. 920682

Isn't Sarah studying to become a doctor or something like that though? Those admission could harm her future job opportunities if they become too public and tied to her name (Grease has doxxed her before so her full name isn't a secret). Her lawyers should do something about it before it's too late.

No. 920683

There was. Regina's lawyers opposed it, but the judge granted Youtube's motion to change venue. Greg's lawyer also fought it and wanted it moved to Washington, but Greg also agreed to the terms and conditions.

No. 920687

Nta but I don't know what she's studying, I'm curious too.

No. 920690

File: 1696906734158.jpeg (143.93 KB, 723x809, IMG_017461.jpeg)

Greg's lawyer for Sarah's lawsuit submitted evidence that had Sarah's unredacted name on it. >>912815
His lawyer for Regina's case filed a disclosure statement that identified Sarah's name. >>913152
In both instances they were in contempt of court and almost got fined.

Greg has video clips in his docu that show Sarah's face and her name. Along with him making defamatory statements that she is a rapist. Id hope the judge would have something to say about this since she okayed the request that Sarah cannot be identified.

No. 920693

I think I remember her saying she was going to med school around the time she started exposing the onions.

No. 920701

File: 1696925483319.jpeg (66.38 KB, 828x235, IMG_2431.jpeg)

He uploaded yet another song, seems like shit’s finally going down for the first time in 7 months.

No. 920705

What a fucking dipshit. This whole situation is pure clownshoes. The only reason I can see Sarah "confiding" in Foot is because she still sees her as a victim of onion as well. Pretty sure that's not the case anymore. I'm honestly shocked that Foot isn't trying to distance herself from onion and realizing what a dumb sack of shit he is. She will stay by his side until the bitter end. Wow. That is so fucked.

No. 920706

It was always obvious that she would never dump him. She even said at one point that she loved him more than her own children.

No. 920707

Ngl, I took that with a grain of salt. He says that same shit and I suppose even I, deep down, wanted to believe she was simply regurgitating his BS to stay in his good graces. Clearly there is no redeeming factor or quality to the Foot, and I'm a little embarrassed I ever held a sliver of hope for her. She gets what she deserves. If the kids get taken from them that would be for the best.

No. 920717

Tbf, Foot is a victim of Onion's abuse. It just so happens she's a dipshit narcissist in her own right. Maybe Sarah will finally see it, maybe she won't.

No. 920723

I’m sorry, but even if she didn’t participate in the grooming, I almost feel like her staying with Greg for as long as he’s willing to stay with her (which could be until death), she deserves it.

No. 920724

Another reason why she deserves what she gets from staying with him. But her kids don’t.

No. 920725

Greg himself is most likely a victim of his own parents (specifically his mother). He’s still a piece of shit.

No. 920729

That's also true. For me, it's a matter of trying not to fall into the "perfect victim" trap whenever Grugly's history of abusive behavior comes up. Footface and Shiloh have both been called out for their bullshit and rightfully so. Grug's isn't any less of a monster just because his victims are narcissistic retards, too.

No. 920730

Homolkai enjoyed abusing those girls as much as Grease did. She hates any woman who is prettier and younger than her because she's insecure, and she felt powerful by playing with them like her little toys and then throwing them in the lions cage to be abused by her greasy husband. Anyone remembers when she made a joke about having Sarah's "undying love" in a video? Homolkai knew exactly what she was doing and she did those things by her own choice.

No. 920737

She also either isn't in therapy for this shit or has the shittiest therapist ever. So many people telling her to stay away and she can clearly ignore Greg. But one word from the Foot and she's back to licking toes. Like the other anon said, I hope she was faking all of this and just trying to get more info out of them like they were to her.

Good to see that even after going completely broke and literally selling his ass for money, he's still doing the same ol' boring shit that he did when he did have money. He truly is his own worst enemy.

No. 920744

can he do a flip? a flip would be fun

No. 920750

>But one word from the Foot and she's back to licking toes.
That's the part I genuinely don't get. As off-putting as he is, Onion has to have some narc charm irl by the sheer number of people he managed to lure to the swamp or kept as paypigs. But Foot is just…there. She looks average, she's not charming or particularily nice, and her whole personality is being *~lgbt~*. She's treated Sarah like shit probably as much as Onion did. Where's this attraction coming from? Also that one transguy who had a gf or something and still pined after married-with-children Foot. Just why.

No. 920755

What I wanna know is how gurg got so many people to "fall" for him.

No. 920758

Once Greg reached his late twenties he had trouble getting people to fall for him. Each new girl was tricked into thinking it was going to be a relationship with Lainey, then Greg snakes his way in. Billie, Maya, Sarah.
Same story with the girls he attempted to get into the house and it never got that far. Haylee, Madison, Ginger Beck, Vix, Jessica. They all wanted a relationship with Lainey and Greg pushed for it so he could get in on it too.

It still doesn't explain what attraction Lainey has that brings them in. I don't see it myself. Maybe it was sour grapes but that Jessica girl had a funny take on it. When asked on her YouNow stream why she pined after Lainey she couldn't answer. Looking back on it all Jessica said "Kai has the personality of wet cardboard."

No. 920760

I don’t get it either, at all.

No. 920761

Grease was constantly pimping Footface out by advertising her as being poly and interested in dating girls, so those needy girls saw a chance to be with a YouTube "celebrity" and became interested. Anyone with a decent following will have desperate fangirls throwing themselves at them.

No. 920763

Foot is basically Onion's bottom bitch.

No. 920773

Bs, she was jealous as hell anytime another women came near grug he just deluded her into thinking it was her choice, when he did fuck them though she got mad af

No. 920781


think about this for a second. Sarahs mom was so neglectful she literally signed away her parental rights over to a couple of youtubers she never met before. Sarah talks about how as a preteen her mom and her would be doing shots with men over their place.

Compared to that? Lainey might have seemed an upgrade.

Sarah has never had a normal life. She has no clue what normal even is. She grew up with lainey and greg from like 14 years old.

This is why lainey and greg are so sick, they manipulated her, took advantage of her, and raped her. I really worry for her future

No. 920809

File: 1697128302039.png (137.88 KB, 661x266, Screenshot 2023-10-12 183141.p…)

He's been more active ever since he uploaded his 3 hour documentary, he uploaded another song and seemingly reuploaded some old video.

No. 920814

File: 1697145623873.png (22.05 KB, 634x217, 0672134.PNG)

Sarah's case has been moved to California also.

No. 920815

Exactly this. Sarah has been abused from the beginning by her own mother. She knows NOTHING else. Her best bet is to follow her lawyers advice implicitly and stop talking to the onions. Also she needs therapy if she hasn't sought it out already. Hearing that her mother let her take shots as a preteen… fucking hell. I hope none of those worthless moids harmed her, and that she didn't sustain brain damage.

No. 920818

File: 1697156382067.png (148.67 KB, 1195x729, vomit.PNG)

He's spamming nonsense replies to random tweets. Its in the hundreds now. I don't understand what he's attempting to do. Is he trying to drown out the usual "Onision is a pedo groomer" tweets that show up if you search his name? Toby Turner does the same thing and I've found out that he does it because he makes money per tweet engagement. I cant see Greg making any cash because he gets low engagement, no likes and the only replies to his tweets are people calling him a pedophile. Notice the blue check mark. No money for his lawyer but he has $8 for Elon.

No. 920825

>he replied to an account named WomenPostingLs
All these threads are basically "Onision Posting Ls."

No. 920827

He couldn’t make it any more obvious how much he hates women.

No. 920848

File: 1697244037158.png (353.71 KB, 1080x896, LucasJacksonPreviousNameInfo.p…)

Not sure if this is common knowledge but Onision and Lucas owned a house in Puyallup, WA:
6803 133rd Street Ct E, Puyallup, WA 98373
The address was attached to Taylor Elaine Avaroe's legal name (Lucas).

No. 920855

File: 1697247961850.png (240.71 KB, 1885x797, OnisionandLucasFirstPuyallupHo…)

Peirce County's Assessor Treasurer states they owned it from 27th December 2016 to 28th June 2017 (6 months and 1 day).

No. 920856

File: 1697250316764.png (855.83 KB, 592x797, recording house.PNG)

That's the "recording house" that Greg sold when the IRS tax thing happened. The larger photos is from a Zillow virtual tour of that address, and the smaller inset photos are from a 10 Things I Hate About Americans he did with Billy the Fridge in that house. Greg and Lainey never lived in that home. Anons found it suspect that he had an empty house he would hide out in for hours and tell Lainey he was doing "collabs" and skits.

There was a discussion about it in the last thread. >>913326

Greg has only owned 5 houses that I know of (not including the places he rented in Albuquerque while trying to keep close to Lainey) The house he gave his mother, the McMansion, the Recording house, the Swamp Shack and now the Cow Barn.

No. 920862

Is that the same house where he recorded that creepy video of Billie and Foot pretending they wanted to kiss each other in late 2015?

No. 920888

I'm surprise this retard didn't fly to some 3rd world country in Asia to run away from the accusations like other cowards like Durianrider and Sv3rige did (for context, Durianrider is a rapist, Sv3rige paid someone to throw acid at his ex girlfriend's face). I guess he's too broke to fly to Asia?

No. 920896

Am I out of the loop or did we not know Taylor/Lainey/Lucas has had top surgery already? It was revealed in the documentary he put out (man, I hope he keeps posting full chats/texts).

I’m so glad he’s back on his old bullshit. Lucas has succeeded in keeping him quiet and listening to lawyers’ advice for too long.

No. 920897

Samefagging but also lol that he used different voiceover voices when doing the documentary so it sounds like multiple people support him rather than just him talking about himself in the third person.

No. 920898

Grugly find a way if he really wanted to. He's just too lazy, racist and xenophobic. He's lived in or near larger cities, but can't be bothered with going beyond shitty fast-food restaurants amd Target. Billie and Allyah both said they didn't really get to go anywhere or do anything until they finally escaped the McMansion.

No. 920926

If that's true, I wish I was a fly on the wall to see how Grease is dealing with not having her "pair of boobs in the picture" kek

No. 920929

>Lucas has had top surgery already

I only watched a total of 30 minutes, skipping around. Can you give a timestamp of where its said she had surgery.
Its hard to believe she did it because for one Greg doesn't want to lose his floppy playthings and second Lainey's a coward. She couldn't even get her wisdom teeth removed. She was afraid of the surgery and pain afterwards. I cant see her getting a double mastectomy.

No. 920930

I can't see Grease still being attracted to her if she really chopped her tits off. He was barely attracted to her when she still looked like a regular woman, and now she's looking like this >>914792, a swollen faced fugly mess, and without tits? He must be seething that the once slightly cute girl he married became this.

No. 920934

35:14 is when it shows up in a Snapchat text between Taylor and Sarah and they talk about it more after that.

I’m surprised they took it that far and got it to be honest. I really hope they were sure about it because it is such a permanent change.

I don’t think Greg is attracted to people that actually don’t present female in a physical way, I think he can go along with pronouns or dressing a certain way so I’m sure that has added additional pressure to the situation.

No. 920937

Who is this “they” you speak of? We don’t respect troon pronouns here, twitterfag.

No. 920942

Lmao, okay. I’m guessing you understood I meant Taylor though. You don’t have to work yourself up over nothing.(go back to twitter)

No. 920951

File: 1697438557366.png (904.97 KB, 1479x608, TOP SURGERY COMP.png)

I slowed down that part and you're right. Lainey had top surgery. She talks about her surgeon taking off 5lbs of breast tissue. She was intubated and fully sedated for the surgery. Her recovery after getting her wisdom teeth out was worse than her top surgery.

No. 920952

File: 1697438657393.png (583.1 KB, 932x607, LAINEYS ON T.png)

Lainey is also getting Testosterone injections. Sarah talks about a male friend and how weird he is and wonders if testosterone makes men that way. Lainey says she was weird even before (taking testosterone) Lainey says since she's been taking testosterone she's been getting more UTIs.

No. 920953

File: 1697439808739.png (685.42 KB, 811x607, LAINEY PASSES (2).png)

This isn't really milk but I found it funny. Lainey's IUD got lodge up in her uterus and her doctors had to get it out. She says they were so uncomfortable because she passes as a male now. The doctors were confused that such a manly man has a vagina.

If those photos that were posted 4 months ago are Lainey post top surgery and on T she does not pass as male. At best she looks like an ugly Chapstick lesbian.

No. 920958

bet her low-rent ana ass loved that kek
and now greg gets a woman with the appearance of "underdeveloped breasts". hope this curbs his child-chasing but doubt
wonder if she's microdosing herself or on a proper dosage now

No. 920959

Oh man, it takes a lot of self-hatred as a woman to chop your own tits off, Grugly must’ve done a huge number on her. I wonder what his feelings are when fucking a ‘man’?

No. 920961

She doesn't look like a man when naked I'm sure. This anon hit the nail on the head >>920958
Kai probably looks like a prepubescent girl with a chubby cheeked fat face from the T shots. I'm sure Onision lives out one of his many loli-hentai fantasies when fucking her.

No. 920990

i think lainey looks like repzion and greg is probably hate fucking her now

No. 920991

If she's on T, that's crazy because it's made her look more feminine. Her face used to be kind of drained but it's looking fat here. How unfortunate.

No. 921008

Lol so Taylor is officially a mutilated Frankenstein's monster (that's how Onion called the trans women who get top surgery). He has said he can't get a boner when he sees a boob scar too, so their sex life (if it still exists) must be absolutely miserable now. Couldn't happen to a nicer perverted shallow misogynist.

No. 921012

The absolute irony that Footface wanted to look like a cute boy and thought she'd look super hot if she transitioned, yet she looks much worse as a "guy" than she ever did as a woman. That's the karma you get for being a groomer who helps your ugly ass husband abuse young vulnerable girls I guess.

No. 921013

Samefag, she looks like Haley Joel Osment now, and I mean the ugly adult he turned out to be and not the cute kid he was in the Sixth Sense. All that effort to end up looking like that… I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't a groomer/abuse enabler but oh well.

No. 921027

Sure doctors in Washington of all places would be uncomfortable about seeing a "man" with a vagina kek, Washington is one of the states that's most accepting of trangenders, this bitch thinks she's in Texas or something? Or that she's so speshul she's the first and only "guy passing" person with a vagina those Washington doctors ever saw in their life? The delusion is strong. She just assumed the doctors were uncomfortable without any confirmation they actually were, because she's delusional.

No. 921028

File: 1697492934890.png (344.14 KB, 358x636, 978003344.PNG)

The testosterone has caused her more frequent UTI's and instead of a GigaChad chiseled jawline she looks like a Melvin moon face. If karmas a real thing then her transition is only going to get worse. I've heard horror stories about some FtM on T. Their voice changes but doesn't fully deepen. They're stuck in this pubescent stage where its always cracking and sounds weird as fuck. Course patchy hair growing on their ass, back and shoulders. Clitoral priapism (enlarged clit that is constantly engorged and painful) Hair thinning or full on baldness. Lainey already had a bad receding hairline. I hope someone takes pictures of the Onions this upcoming September at Sarah's trial. I want to see what kind of mess Lainey becomes.

No. 921029

I doubt someone on T would look like a prepubescent girl. Deeper mainlier voice, enlarged clitoris (I bet Greasy is jealous), body hair growing everywhere, and I mean everywhere, amongst other things. Her ass and back must be hairy af now, and hairy ass and back aren't very prepubescent girl like.

No. 921045

tbh the best he could hope for is going to korea again since he had experience there, but he'd be back in an instant because back then he was on an army base and pre-veganism so he could eat the food. If you read his hilarious blog posts from that time he'd never manage to survive outside of an american culture that mostly ignores what others do vs the collectivist shaming you can get from asian cultures. He might try for a place with low age of consent laws but he couldn't survive in the slums of a 3rd world country even for free rape.
if she's microdosing like girls in her genderspecial groups tend to do (cause they wanna look like anime/high school boys) she isn't going to get the extreme hair growth which is why I wonder if she's doing it because she was always avoiding going on full t since she knew she didn't want to be a real man (and used her perpetual breasfeeding as an excuse) and looks like she's barely touched the stuff beyond getting the bad skin. Though microdosing can result in big changes too if you're unlucky or can't figure your way around bootlegging your meds. If that happens then that'll probably mark the end of the relationship because even if lainey stops cold turkey, it's too late.
Until then her and greg are going to enjoy her drying up pussy (a favourite of greg's, wonder if she'll avoid lube to keep him happy), newfound shortcuts to "losing adult female (post-partum) weight" like breasts and even thighs if she can swing the insurance, and other fun effects all while ignoring their special needs, injured daughter and aggressive moidlet and still looking for child victims

No. 921059

"Ryan" must have given Footface a big incentive to transition, I bet Grease is regretting letting that ugly wet rat live with them.

No. 921062

it can have weird effects. like 'pan' girls who preferred girls changing to extremely horny and craving dick (not carrots) so if she's lucky she'll dump grug for a chad who's into zippertits

No. 921090

Higher testosterone does increase libido… Onion's half a hot dog won't be enough to satisfy her, not to mention he's so sloppy at sex and refuses to give her oral.

No. 921101

File: 1697596358046.png (48.34 KB, 722x414, 789675465_6575.PNG)

>a party has not consented to the jurisdiction of a Magistrate Judge
After Regina's case was moved to California they requested that both parties file a consent or declination to proceed before a magistrate judge. It doesn't specify who didn't file but I cant see the two law firms working for Regina dropping the ball like that. This may be a sign that Greg's lawyer has jumped ship too. If Onision couldn't pay the Michigan lawyer I doubt he has the cash to pay the Florida one. I'm paying close attention for a withdrawal motion by Steven Meyer

>The assigned judge participates in the Cameras in the Courtroom Pilot Project.

This is the best news ever. I hope Onision and Kai are required to be physically present and not through video conference. I read up a little on the program and it doesn't seem to be a live streaming set up but you can watch the recorded video.
>After a proceeding is video recorded, it will be made available to the public on the U.S. Courts Cameras in Courts web page (USCourts.gov). Videos will be made available as soon as possible, but the Court cannot provide exact dates or guarantee quality.

No. 921161

I wouldn’t put it past him to lie about that for some reason. Just saying. Why does he consider that relevant enough to put in his “documentary”?

No. 921163

I’m cackling. She looks like Repizion in this photo. I’m sorry.

No. 921168

>I'm just really prone to UTIs
All Onions partners are apparently, his exes said in a group chat that they all had an UTI after they fucked him, I wonder why?

No. 921169

File: 1697679679095.jpg (92.83 KB, 500x559, 20231018_160253.jpg)

What Onision put in his documentary was him quickly scrolling thru Kai and Sarah's messages. His reason for showing that was to "prove" that Sarah was not traumatized because why would a victim have friendly conversations with her abuser. What he didn't expect was farmers would slow down the video and examine each message.

What I wonder is did Onision put Kai's personal info out on purpose. Did he want the "hate blogs" to know about her chopping off her tits and shooting up testosterone to shame her? At first I thought it was just a mistake. He's scrolling though the messages so fast he didn't actually see what the texts contain. But no, when he edited the video he took the time to blur out photos of troy sitting between Kai and Sarah, and Sarah holding an eight month old Cloey.

Onision saw Kai talking about her top surgery and taking T and left it in and didn't blur it on purpose. I'm sure if Kai confronted Onision about him exposing her like this he would say it was an accident. But how does he explain the blurred photos. He had time to censor those.

No. 921171

> What I wonder is did Onision put Kai's personal info out on purpose.

I think he did too. I think he’s constantly trying to cut her down. The entire sleeping with Sarah thing was the same thing in my opinion. I’m sure he wanted to sleep with someone younger and new but I think what bothered him most was that Sarah was a true support for Lainey. He destroyed their friendship and made it all about himself. In the documentary he put out he says she’s “bragging” about sleeping with a married man and homewrecking but all she was tweeting about was the fact they slept together, not a brag just a fact. He also kept saying that “he thought Sarah was there for lainey even all she ever really wanted was him.” That isn’t true but he loves to make it about himself and keep lainey down and isolated. I wouldn’t be surprised if him showing the tweets is another way to damage the relationship they have even after all the chaos. If they were able to remain friends, him showing that he has access to the text and and is willing to publicly show them would hurt the relationship.

I think he doesn’t feel comfortable in how much control he has over lainey even though it’s a lot and feel like he really needs to cut her down to keep her under his thumb.

I still don’t know why he hasn’t fully turned on her and tried to pin everything on her and cut himself loose. It’s not loyalty that’s keeping him there so what is it.

No. 921172

Is this @ from Twitter? If not, which platform did you get this from?

No. 921173

Oh yeah, he did that on purpose.

No. 921183

>His reason for showing that was to "prove" that Sarah was not traumatized because why would a victim have friendly conversations with her abuser.
This can be used against him, too. If Sarah raped both of them like he said, why was Kai talking to her rapist?

No. 921184

Didn’t think about that, did he? lmfao

No. 921189

File: 1697714707100.png (10.7 KB, 650x296, 85612.PNG)

Now we know why he cant pay his lawyers.
Greg and Lainey filed for bankruptcy 3 days after their MI lawyer requested to be withdrawn.

No. 921191

Can anyone break down how this affect the lawsuit? Does it protect assets from loss in a lawsuit?

No. 921218

in general, personal injury (including emotional injury) lawsuits aren’t automatically stayed by bankruptcy, but it would depend a lot on the way in which the lawsuit was filed (what specific torts were cited, etc.)
it will likely make it harder for any winner of a judgment to collect—courts prioritize debts in bankruptcies

No. 921231

>can afford top surgery and T shots
>can afford plane tickets to New Mexico
>somehow can’t afford to pay for flights to go to court nor can they pay their lawyers

No. 921232

Mr 2.1 GPA didn't think about that lmao. Fucking dumbass.

No. 921233

The couple who scammed the IRS of half a million dollars is lying about their finances? What a shock. Wouldn't it be considered fraud if they are found to be lying?

No. 921254

I bet they're lying about not being able to pay their debts and are also lying about their assets, and that's a crime. I believe they're broke compared to the life they used to have before, but if they're so broke to the point of filling for bankruptcy then how is Foot affording all these things, plus she got a bunch new tattoos judging by the photos that were posted a few months ago. She clearly has money to spend on useless crap.

Turns out bankrupcy fraud is indeed a federal crime and can end up in a prison sentence, Onion and Foot better watch out. What if this is the thing that finally sends them to prison?

No. 921287

>It’s not loyalty that’s keeping him there so what is it.
The fear of being alone. The fear of Lainey completely turning on him, burying him under the likely mountain of evidence she might have against him. Gurg is frightfully codependent and cannot function as a single man. He needs to have a woman under his control, an outlet for his sexual frustration and he knows that once she's gone, there likely will not be another. Not now. Better to have the Foot than nothing at all.

No. 921292

I hope it does, if this is true. Hope this was all worth it, losers.

No. 921293

I think they are both codependent.

No. 921300

Bankruptcy Paralegal here, it is absolutely a crime. If they get caught hiding assets, it is federal jail time.

If they filed they would be assigned Trustees who comb through taxes, bank statements, paystubs, deeds and titles looking for anything they can sell to pay off the debts.

Onion owns his home outright and would immediately be disqualified from filing as a chapter 7, he would have to be a chapter 13 and would be stuck paying back most of his debts.

Judgements that come from cases like this (restitution) are not typically dischargeable so filing would be pointless anyway as he would owe the money regardless.

He would only fuck himself more when he inevitably tries to get one over on the bankruptcy courts.

No. 921302

A similar situation happened with Repzion. Daniel sued Maya for assault, defamation and civil conspiracy and a week later she filed for bankruptcy. Turns out that one of her friends who's the typical "My dads a lawyer and he said…" suggested it was the easiest way out of the lawsuit because when you file for bankruptcy it pauses any civil lawsuits against you.

I hope Greg is getting the same shit legal advise from a friend or family member who thinks they're a lawyer because they took paralegal online courses 10 years ago. Or did Lainey's dad who's a lawyer in Albuquerque give Greg bad legal advise to fuck him over and make Lainey leave Greg and move back with her family.

No. 921320

>I still don’t know why he hasn’t fully turned on her and tried to pin everything on her and cut himself loose. It’s not loyalty that’s keeping him there so what is it.
Lainey's lawyer dad and family will probably offer to step in and help her if she leaves him for good. She's still on good terms with them.

No. 921339

She never will. She's in too deep, he has way too much dirt on her and she knows he will use it the way he has with everyone else. If anyone leaves it will be him.

No. 921340

Greg loves to play word games or work the situation with technicalities.

-Promising not to have sex with Sarah while Lainey visits family in NM. Then fucking Sarah in the ass because he says Lainey only meant "traditional vaginal intercourse."
-Saying he would stop making videos about Eugenia and starting right back up a month later with the excuse "Stop doesn't mean stop forever, when you come to a stop sign do you sit there for the rest of your life?"
-And of course the infamous "Id never do anything with Billie that I wouldn't do with a friend."

He gets a rush doing what he wants by playing games and never having any real consequences. I hope he continues this behavior during the bankruptcy and federal lawsuits. It'll be ironic if he ends up in prison not because he's a sexual predator but because he got "Al Caponed."

No. 921343

File: 1697905009636.png (199.05 KB, 316x754, 6758494662.PNG)

Onision is commenting with a repost of his docu tweet to anyone that replies to him or uses his name in their tweet. I've counted over 120 of same repetitive repost in the last 13 hours. Here's hoping Twitter suspends him for spam.

No. 921347

I have always hoped she'd just do things to turn him off and away, classic strategy

No. 921350

Every time i see that ugly motherfucker's face i feel disgusted to the bone.He's such a dark bottomless hole of a human being and a horrible person.I hope him and his doormat get what's coming to them.

No. 921357

His defense is gonna be like "no one told me I wasn't supposed to lie about my assets, therefore it's not my fault I lied. Someone should have told me I wasn't supposed to lie, so it's their fault and not mine!" just like he tried to blame turbotax for him committing tax fraud kek

No. 921363

I hope Sarah's lawyers use the Jacksfilms/Sssniperwolf situation in their favor, there's now concrete proof YouTube protects disgusting people who harm others as long as they bring money. Sssniperwolf doxxed Jacksfilms and the only thing YouTube did was temporarily demoniteze her, many other creators had their channel straight up deleted for much less.
Onion's channel is completely dead now but YouTube still runs ads on his I'm a banana video and is still making money from it, even though Onion is demonitized (so the money goes 100% to YouTube).

No. 921368

And there are reasons he won’t leave her as well.

No. 921384

File: 1697976224566.png (1.03 MB, 1353x844, Screenshot 2023-10-22 140210.p…)

Grease has been continuing the seemingly recurring cycle of saying "goodbye", coming back and then reuploading old videos.

No. 921386

I cant figure out why he does this every time he gets wrapped up in some controversy. My three guesses are
Flooding YT with videos so any searches of his name will bring up his videos instead of expose videos.
Its a way of thumbing his nose at who ever is his current archenemy.
Editing and uploading videos is all he knows. Its a way of self-soothing while his world is burning.

No. 921392

I don't really understand the psychology behind being trans, but I honestly wonder if she might not be trans if Grog hadn't degraded her for years on the basis of her being a woman.

No. 921394

That bitch is broken beyond repair from being with that scrote from such a young age he destroyed every ounce of self esteem she ever had no amount of therapy would help her no wonder she trooned out

No. 921395

Yeah… If you browse the fakebois thread, so many of them troon out in an attempt to escape misogyny. Kai is no different.

No. 921398

It's also because of her desire for not being like "other girls". She's a basic privileged white girl who hated being basic do she created these identities to feel special. She reminds me of that chick from the Hamilton fandom who claimed she was a chinese victim of sex traffic who had aids, turns out she was just some white american college student kek. Footface was also a heavy Tumblr user and it's pretty common for Tumblr girls to pretend they're these super oppressed individuals for sympathy and attention when in reality they live the most comfortable life possible.

No. 921403

Why this retard even bothers? All the money is going to YouTube anyway since he's demonetized, so good job giving more money to YouTube, I guess? This narcissist can't help but keep showing his ugly mug for no reason other than to have a sense of importance.

No. 921404

You might be on to something..

No. 921410

I only came back because I saw him posting random inflammatory bullshit on Twitter and replying with his stupid "documentary", has anyone mirrored it anywhere yet?(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 921519

Alimony, has a bang maid slave, plus he can cheat all he wants. No reason to leave.

No. 921533

I still can’t believe Lainey trooned out. I mean, we all knew her genderspecialness was an act for muh oppreshun points and would never go as far as chopping off her tits and using T but she did, she really mutilated her body and became a ‘real’ boi.

No. 921550

File: 1698221710750.png (42.6 KB, 769x268, 10242023_675634.PNG)

Ill bet Greg had his Florida lawyer file this motion and then he's going to stop paying him and we'll see another withdrawal request from Meyer.
This seems like the worst stalling tactic you can think of. The lawsuits aren't going to disappear. Its just going to pause for a bit and then start right back up again.

No. 921591

My tinfoil is that Grease has been whispering in Foot's ears and consistently pushing her to actually trooning out not only as a form of control, a way to degrade and punish her, to make sure she'll never have a chance to run away and expose him; but also deep down inside he still hopes he can come back to the "good old days" of luring young girls in. He screwed up his own image, but perhaps, in his mind, he thinks if he transformed Foot enough to resemble an actual boy (good luck with that), then the "mistake" of the past can be "fixed" this time round – it won't be girls interested in a relationship with another girl anymore falling for Foot, and then being weirded out once Grease wants to step in, but girls interested in a boy, so straight girls. And, perhaps, in his head, he feels he has better chances that way kek.
Just a tinfoil, not intended to derail.

No. 921599

And it can send them to prison if they get caught committing bankruptcy fraud, so Grease better think twice before he tries to hide assets. He should have learned by know he's too dumb to try to outsmart the law after the wetlands and the IRS fiascos happened, but we know Grease never learns.

No. 921630

this sheisse thread been opened again?


No. 921634

I’m not sure how he could be pushing her. Definitely wouldn’t put it passed him though. I also don’t know how it would keep her from running away and exposing him.

No. 921643

Not the same anon you're replying to, but Grease has a fetish for degrading and defeminizing women. And
I can see him doing it to stop other men from finding Taylor attractive ever again, ruining the chances of her having future relationships with other men in case they divorce and making her feel even more dependent on him. Back when he was dating Billie he made her stop wearing makeup and made her wear only ugly loose clothes because he didn't want other men to find her attractive. I think Skye said something about him not allowing her to wear certain clothes that made her look attractive to other men too.

No. 921651

File: 1698364880916.jpeg (262.67 KB, 1135x705, IMG_363871.jpeg)

I came across the NDA that Sarah had to sign. I don't think I've seen it in any previous thread and there were questions about it in the last thread so I thought Id post it for posterity. Its nothing special. Seems to be something you can dl from Google.

No. 921665

because he’s been up to a fuckton of shenanigans including firing his lawyers and filing for bankruptcy

No. 921667

He didn’t fire them, they withdrew.

No. 921708

being fired by his lawyers

No. 921715

Sounds like his lawyers dumped him, which, by Onion logic, means he was dishonest and is a bad person and is 100% in the wrong.

No. 921718

kek. now he has to make it appear that he was the one who dumped his lawyers all along

No. 921720

>Grease has a fetish for degrading and defeminizing women.
He made Shiloh shave her head to make her look ugly.I really can't understand for the life of me why this worthless sociopathic male was able to trick so many women into being with him and made one actually mutilate herself 3 times 2 by pregnancy 1 by trooning out.It's so fucking sad how some girls have their self esteem so low.

No. 921757

Dunno if that makes any sense given that Sarah talked about how he would degrade Foot by saying they're not a real boy constantly.

No. 921789

You're thinking way too much like a normal, non-abusive person. The entire point is to degrade Foot. The insults and arguments don't have to make sense as long as the victim is kept off balance and insecure.

No. 921796

File: 1698595682863.webm (2.99 MB, 320x180, lainey rationalizing abuse (1)…)

>as long as the victim is kept off balance and insecure.
and rationalizing the abuse so she thinks she deserves it for some reason.

No. 921856

>I really can't understand for the life of me why this worthless sociopathic male was able to trick so many women
it's easy, he doesn't target women, he targets mentaly ill teenagers. a mentally sane grown adult woman would not be interested in grease
>made one actually mutilate herself 3 times 2 by pregnancy 1 by trooning out
lainey pursued him and her parents failed her by allowing her to meet up greg, marry him, stay with him… now she is as bad as him, so no need to pity her. she deserves what she got

No. 921872

That was more him mocking her constantly crying. He doesn't even believe biological women can be men in general, so the point of that comment was just to mock her.

No. 921918

File: 1698777348967.png (28.86 KB, 414x377, 95641120.PNG)

He's now replying to the trolls because no one else is paying attention to him. Why is he deadnaming his spouse while trying to defend her? Does he think no one knows she changed it to Lucas and he's still trying to keep it hush hush.

No. 921935

She was 17 when they first met up in person, correct?

No. 921945

What the fuck is this retard even talking about? Nothing vindicated Footface, and I hope those photos of her saggy tits and pussy that she sent to a child get shown to everyone in court during the trial.

No. 921957

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w1tBS1p4SrQHXFlJyu4wFXFlUdhmZ46ARlLFaOrzYtE This is the Police Report from when he fucked a 16 year old I think Shiloh, in that hotel room.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921958

That's right. When we were first learning about her, she kinda came off as bitchy and self-absorbed. She thought she basically won the lottery by having this famous youtuber wanting to get with her. Almost any 17 year old would think that. Of course she got a big head about it. Maybe she could have grown out of that bitchiness had she never gotten with Grugly, but we'll never know now.

What's not in dispute is that Grug is definitely the very worst thing to ever happen to her.

No. 922089

File: 1698978835837.jpg (40.46 KB, 1015x263, onision.JPG)

still going

No. 922137

Cool story bro. That doesn't change the fact that your ugly manwife sent nudes to a minor (which you admitted she did it in an interview btw) and both of you are gonna get buttfucked in court for that reason alone. I cannot wait.

No. 922141

File: 1699064365547.png (249.54 KB, 611x649, 786940454.PNG)

I feel he's going to continue this behavior until the day of the trial. There's no lawyer to tell him he's shooting himself in the foot and he thinks there will be no repercussions. Every tweet and video is just another bit of evidence for Sarah's lawyers. Personally I hope he keeps going and gets worse some how.

Its funny that every new incarnation of Greg's "evidence" is dumbed down each time because no one is watching his 3 hour video or reading his 8 paragraph blog so he thinks if can edit it down so people will finally read or watch and believe him.

No. 922142

File: 1699064492671.jpg (412.03 KB, 1768x1438, F-DZAd3WQAAkea_.jpg)

No. 922143

File: 1699064591254.jpg (169.72 KB, 1094x940, F-DZBXEXsAAXX8h.jpg)

No. 922150

I read somewhere the trial is gonna be livestreamed, is that right? Imagine if Sarah's lawyers show the photos of Footface's saggy former tits and hanging pussy lips to the camera, that would be hilarious. Inb4 "Lucas is crying"

No. 922151

File: 1699074163302.png (651.75 KB, 1272x544, Capture11032023_73688.PNG)

Not livestreamed but it will be recorded and the video can be viewed on the U.S. Courts Cameras in Courts web page (USCourts.gov).
ss to the right is an example of one of the court videos on that page.

No. 922152

still using the word 'literal' too much kek seeth harder pedo faggot

No. 922155

>the bottom left tweet
Poor Sarah. She didn't deserve any of that awful stuff.

No. 922236

He's so fucking delusional. He can write paragraphs upon paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, even release a multivolume book series, where he endlessly uses his "under penalty of perjury" logic, but there isn't one person on earth that will ever truly believe his story. That once Foot (or "Kai" like he freudian-slipped it with the "" kek) was away, he, a 33 yo married man, who is physically almost twice as big as petite Sarah, stuck a penis in the arse of a 18 yo 'foster daughter' of his, despite her vocally being in pain, and it all somehow counts as "Sarah raped me". Like are you THAT retarded?
If he really wanted to somehow defame Sarah, or make it out that the allegations she's made against them are somehow fabricated, there's plenty of ways he could've done that, but he chose to construct THIS? Honestly, rot in a ditch for all you've done, karma's already played hard on you, and hopefully, it all will go downhill from here.

No. 922250

File: 1699217032617.png (406.33 KB, 441x765, onisionspeaks.PNG)

His Speaks channel is now the "I hate Shiloh, my dad and Hansen" channel. Onision has uploaded over 30 videos in just 6 hours.

No. 922264

File: 1699230496421.png (139.65 KB, 466x780, onisiontwitter.PNG)

I understand now. All the videos were uploaded to his Speaks channel so he could easily attach then to his tweet sperg this morning & afternoon.

40 tweets and counting.

No. 922278

it's "roll clip" not "role clip" he is such a retard(sage)

No. 922280

But Mr. 2.1 GPA has a high IQ, you guys. That random internet IQ test told him so, and everyone knows random internet IQ tests are super trustworthy /s

No. 922294

New TT video. No Onision clips because Greg will obviously claim it. If you're in need of a quick rundown of basic Onision lore then this is worth a watch.

No. 922301

Please leave that shit on reddit.
He probably determined his "high" IQ from one of those mobile game advertisements. "If YOU can solve THIS PUZZLE in SIXTY SECONDS you have GENIUS IQ!!"
So glad his lawyer dumped him, the flow of insanity has been priceless.

No. 922303

Ugh, watched the entire video and for the most part, this dude sucks jootube cock(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 922304

Poor nothing. She was a mini-Lainey and bought into it wholeheartedly. She almost had her own thread at one point.

No. 922311

File: 1699290559669.gif (164.18 KB, 250x230, beatdeadhorse.gif)

Johnny come lately self promoting newfag horse shit.

No. 922331

Exactly, she was making fun of Billie on twitter when Grease and Footface were humiliating Billie publicly. Then she became bffs with Billie (while still having conversations with Footface secretly on Snapchat), this bitch is fake as hell

No. 922349

File: 1699330534156.png (332.01 KB, 572x508, 4376500.PNG)

Another documentary. This one is only an hour. He must of forgot a few things when he made that 3 hour one.

No. 922352

File: 1699332084163.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2013x1125, IMG_5648.jpeg)

>she thought she basically won the lottery by having this famous youtuber wanting to get with her.
She continued to carry that smugness and gloat until she yeeted herself offline after the nudes revelations came to out. OT but I got into North Korean lore, learned about the Kim family and watched a few propaganda films without subtitles so I had to pay attention to body language and surroundings to understand a bit better. Kim’s wife reminded me of Lainey: whenever she showed up, she always had a smug look on her face like in pic related, or sometimes with a sense of entitlement as if saying she’s ‘won’ this fine hunk of a man. When not gloating, she could be seen genuinely giving him fuck me eyes ew

Like Lainey, she met and married this dude (under the insistence of his old man) while still a minor and Kim was already a grown ass man, gladly become his personal incubator right away, bringing to life multiple crotchfruit in the following years. However, big difference is Big Kim actually loves her back and puts her on a pedestal over his crackhead sister.

No. 922354

File: 1699333086544.png (234.56 KB, 1197x951, 0894323.PNG)

Todays Twitter spergout wasn't as bad. Only 15 tweets this time. But each one has a video attached with paragraph after paragraph of the same shit he's been spewing the past few years. Is this how he spends his days at home? The most satisfying part is no one is paying attention. His view for each tweet is in the low hundreds and if he's lucky they get 3 likes.

What happened that caused this reaction. Greg will have a public freak out and months later we find out something happened behind the scenes that caused it. Like that 3 hour docu. It took a week for us to find out that the reason he flipped out was because his lawyers dumped him and he had to file for bankruptcy. I hope the cause for this sperg is milky.

No. 922356

Maybe his daughter fell off the window again

No. 922357

File: 1699338821660.jpg (30.87 KB, 460x464, aWEz9EK_460s.jpg)

When his kids fall out of windows he makes creepy sado-sexual tweets that imply he wants to do really fucked up things to them.
Its what all fathers do while killing time in the ER waiting room waiting on their kids MRI results.

No. 922360

File: 1699343692195.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 235.44 KB, 1641x707, IMG_0176.jpeg)

Greg's most recent replies. He must be going crazy with the lack of boobs in that house now. But its okay Kai, I'm sure he loves your new zippertits and hairy back.

No. 922362

Kek he’s openly emotional cheating on his manwife

No. 922363

File: 1699349708949.png (229.2 KB, 1066x1070, 20231007-021442-470.png)

speaking of emotional cheating

One of the few people liking and replying positively to Gregs tweets is this girl. She's been hanging around since 2021. I assumed it was the usual fangirl parasocial relationship. Fully one sided and Onision didn't even know she existed. But now he's been liking more than a few of her cringey uwu tweets to him. Isn't this how Lainey and Shiloh started with Greg? Id love to see what his DM's look like. Nina meets all the criteria. She's an obsessed fan, tweets at him constantly. Onision can do no wrong in her eyes and the most important requirement, she's 17 (and a half) I fear this could be the beginning of a new "homewrecker" saga. Hopefully this is another Sam or Vix and Greg unwittingly lets a spy into his life who strings him along and then exposes him.

No. 922376

I see he's using Eugenia Cooney's image again, or should I say abusing? What the fuck does she even have to do with this? She didn't rape any kids.

No. 922377

File: 1699367944267.jpg (73.61 KB, 700x841, onisiondeathnote.jpg)

Onision pretty much destroys any woman he comes in to contact with. Even when they get out of it they're never the same again. Just look at Shiloh yeah i know she's a cunt, but lets just look past that for a second she had a promising career and he destroyed that. I always tend to think he wanted to use her to "break trough" in the music industry and when that didn't work out he demolished her. Same reason he wanted Adrienne, because her dad is the lead singer of Ministry. never mind that it would have never worked anyway because his music is shit, same as his comedy and everything else he does. he's like a parasite attaching himself to a healthy host to ride along as long as he can. same as he did with shane, tosh.0, cyr, anyone.
he has no talent so he piggyback rides on other people and destroys and slanders people in the process.

No. 922378

kinda hoping he'll be catfished this time around.

No. 922379

Oooh! Are we getting a new mistress?

No. 922387

Lmfaoooooo Imagine being married to this sad pathetic excuse of a human being Lainey is such a doormat.I can almost feel bad for her.

No. 922388

he's straight up using her pic as a click bait kek he's shameless

No. 922389

Tinfoil time: I still want to know what Greg was threatened with to make him stop spreading Taylor's business around for everyone to see. That man never missed an opportunity to degrade and humiliate her publicly. It can't be that he's simply too busy targeting Sarah.

Whatever it is, it wouldn't make Taylor look good, but it digs a far deeper hole for Greg than it does for her.

No. 922394

Uh oh, Footface better be counting her days. She's probably already used to being cucked, but then again the T shots will make her more violent than ever and I have a feeling she'll do a lot more than just sit in a corner crying while Grease fucks his mistress asshole this time. Eventually we'll see in the news: "trangender man kills husband and his mistress in a violent rage after seeing them having junk to rear on his favorite chair"

No. 922398

He sounds like those clueless old men who keep replying to young women photos with disgusting comments thinking it will make them have a chance to fuck them. That's embarrassing, Tranney must be really proud of marrying this embarrassing retard who not only doesn't respect her but also does shit like this openly on twitter for everyone to see lol

No. 922400


why is greg talking about adrienne? I dont remember that from the original documentary run. Are they making a new episode talking to her? Cause that will be AWESOME

No. 922404

Even though I mostly agree with your point, it's important to note that Shiloh destroyed her promising career herself, Grease had nothing to do with that. She started living with Grease as the result of her failure, not the other way around. She later tried to reinvent history in that discovery documentary to play the victim in that aspect, however it's not how things were.
But it is undoubtedly true that he further destroyed her as a person and helped eliminate all the tiny remaining chances to somewhat resurrect her career later in life.

No. 922405

When he first met her in person and fucked her in a hotel room she was still signed with a big label, wasn't she? That was when her label was trying to make her lose weight and look less like a fat gremlin, so I guess they still had hopes she'd be a big star at that point because why else would they pressure her to lose weight and be more physically appealing to the public?

No. 922413

Exactly. And after that incident the label was pissed and told her to stick to her contract obligations, get back to the camp, work on the programme, and not run away from the site again, and especially not for such endeavours. Not only was she not following through with the obligations (she didn't care to put in the work to lose weight either), but it was a bad look and bad press, and the label understandably wanted nothing to do with this. They've made it clear that there will be serious repercussions if she doesn't comply. And at the time, the success has already gotten to her head, she thought of herself as some kind of Avril 2.0, or idk Beyoncé of Hottopic music, that she didn't need anyone, and no one's gonna tell her what to do (similarly to Grease, she's had problems with authority). So she basically told them to piss off and left to fuck Grease 10 times a day. And the label dropped her. Little did she expect, she was a nobody without the label.

Equally, by that time, she has grown an interest in starting youtube herself (she's already made sporadic lol-s0-randum-style videos before they met with Grease), so it was kinda 'natural' to move into that direction once she was dropped, but she's always thought that "wait wait wait I'll take off again in a bit" kek similarly to how Fake Munro is now. But we all know how this turned out to be.

So, she ruined her career entirely due to her own doing and poor life choices. Grease would've loved to be linked to an active signed artist, remember how he used to boat that she's a singer and "more popular" than him in the very first days? Just like Foot was obsessed with her "famous boyfriend" agenda. Who btw, also destroyed all her future prospects simply to shag this worthless piece of shit.

No. 922429

ngl i hope she beats tf out of him while high on rage ape hormone kek

No. 922430

File: 1699430614235.webm (9.58 MB, 320x180, Onision talks Harley Quinn.web…)

>i wish i was ur harley quinn ily

I promise you Nina, you DO NOT want to be Onisions Harley Quinn.

No. 922432

God, the amount of girls this grown ass man claims to be abused by is hilarious. I cannot wait for him to be laughed out of court while crying that he is such a victim of all these girls. Waaa. Fucking baby, what a joke.

No. 922433

Samefag but how can he seriously think anyone will believe that every single girl accusing him of abuse actually abused him. What a coincidence, no conspiracy. Everyone is definitely out to get him. Actually the wetlands abused him too. They were also in on it.

No. 922456

>I still want to know what Greg was threatened with to make him stop spreading Taylor's business around for everyone to see.
Her family has to be involved somehow imo. Maybe legal action, or if her family is supporting them, then stopping that. Personal tinfoil is him digging up his exes without a reason is also displaced anger at anything that might be going on between him and Lainey. And passive aggressive shit like >>922360

No. 922458

Good point, Nona. But then again, wouldn't Foot's family tell him to stfu altogether and not dig his own grave further with all this ludicrous bs he's released these past days? It's all working against both him and Foot, her dad can't be not aware of that, can he?

No. 922462

>Personal tinfoil is him digging up his exes without a reason is also displaced anger at anything that might be going on between him and Lainey. And passive aggressive shit like >>922360

I agree with this tinfoil, I think something definetely went down between them. Also the fact Footface chopped her fun bags off and has a hairy ass now is making him despise her even more than he already did before. He probably screams at her constantly for destroying her body further and making it unattractive for him. He can't get a boner when he sees tit scars! Or body hair!

No. 922470

he is trying to make it look like he finds women over 18 attractive

No. 922476

>And passive aggressive shit like >>922360

I'll admit that was my first thought, anon. It's kinda funny because he's not normally that subtle.

No. 922478

Samefag, but Grug got the wife he fully fucking deserves. Making yourself as unfuckable as possible instead of just divorcing and getting lawyer dad to force your scumbag ex-husband to sign an agreement to STFU or be in a hole so deep he'll never climb out is mental illness, but this fine.

No. 922497

and isn't it funny how all these women look like real women, not wannabe scrotes weirdos. big hips, big tits.
lil guy must be miserable with that skinny tiny teabag titted mutant lol. good.

No. 922523

File: 1699567976699.png (96.07 KB, 601x1075, 90775122.PNG)

Has he figured out that he's screaming into the void? No amount video clips or tweets are changing peoples minds. The name "Onision" is synonymous with pedophilia and grooming now.
This was his last tweet for today so lets see if he just starts back up again tomorrow.

Its been awhile since I've actually laughed out loud while reading something but that last line was so Trumpesque.
>incredibly good and innocent spouse.

No. 922524


…the other day when trump was saying he wasn't calling chris christie a fat pig, he was just responding to the crowd, it reminded me of Onision and how the body rating videos weren't what HE wanted to do, they were a response to what people on the FORUM wanted.

ladies, he needs 110 body rating videos. give him a break

No. 922529

This is so dramatic, he acts as if he was beaten up or something like that. But the "horrible shit" he is referring to is just mean comments on the internet.
Get over it.

No. 922530

Kek, I remember the AJ voicemails and the last one Grease's voice was really high-pitched when he was upset over getting ignored. That's the voice I read that tweet in.

No. 922535

Trump lives rent-free in your heads, huh?(derailing)

No. 922540

kek at
>The online mob supported someone worse than Amber Heard
And after all these years he's still talking about himself in third person, some things never change.
Jesus, he is so obsessed. He needs to be put in a mental hospital. Apparently he still has way too much time to be able to write this much about the same shit he's been talking about for years.
He always digs up old stories to prove a point (in his head). Remember the events with my ex that happened 15 years ago that I told 500,000 times already? She admitted she lied and apologized to me and later wanted to be friends again AFTER I DUMPED HER, see? Onision was right all along!!!1
>Footface chopped her fun bags off and has a hairy ass now
Is this confirmed?

No. 922541

Blah blah blah cry more old man. But save some tears for the trial dates.

No. 922542

File: 1699576132888.jpg (69.28 KB, 608x472, 1651791243996274192.jpg)

I don't think Greg gets physically accosted when out in public but I've seen tweets from people who live in Puyallup and when Greg does go out in public he has to deal with teenagers laughing and giggling at him. Employees covertly trying to get video of him. Some of the braver ones will follow him around and talk shit. Even the older residents (especially in Gig Harbor) know who he is and think he's a piece of shit. I cant even imagine how scared he must be every time he leaves the house. Total strangers hate him and the crazier ones just might do something physical one day.

No. 922544

confirmation was the leaked messages that Onision forgot to blur or edit out in one of his videos trying to prove Sarah was not traumatized because she was still friendly and messaging Kia weeks after the lawsuits were filed. Kai talks about her top surgery and taking testosterone. >>920951 >>920952

This got me thinking. Greg might try to use her transition as an Onision style defense. "Your honor as you can clearly see my husband Lucas does not have breasts so how did he send topless photos to Sarah?"

No. 922581

I laughed so hard I managed to hurt myself. Wow well done dipshit, you're an idiot.
I hope to God he pulls this dumb shit and the judge beats him bloody with the book for it kek

No. 922584

The narc rage is delicious. Greg's "evidence" is just taking someone's words and twisting them so far out of context that they fall apart.

Classic abuser/Cluster B tactics: None of the arguments actually have to make sense. Being nonsensical, loud and circular is fine. It's not about "winning". It's about wearing the other person down into submission.

I really hope Greg faces a judge who knows how to handle this type of asshole.

No. 922596

I haven't followed this faggot's drama from the beginning but how fucking retarded do you have to be to expect people to believe that the 14 year old girl you fostered as a fucking 30 somthing grown ass man then FUCKED while your partner was absent is the one who raped and abused you ? lmao i hope he kills himself.

No. 922597

File: 1699638764143.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 446.51 KB, 1009x1315, IMG_9778.jpeg)

I was checking his likes and its all just big titted asians with a few milfs sprinkles in. These are just the past 3 days. How heart broken must Lainey be. None of these girls look like her.

I scrolled back to Dec, Jan and Feb and this is a new thing. Back then his likes were stupid Family Guy & Rick and Morty memes, and Marvel tweets. I wonder if he's liking all these busty girls as a passive aggressive dig at Lainey and her mutilated chest.

No. 922599

He's trying to prove that he isn't a pedo kek your relationship history says otherwise grease

No. 922600

Those women are thin too they just happen to have curves unlike his doormat kek

No. 922601

Greg's standards don't seem to be based on reality and changes depending on how "locked down" his partner is. I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor mutilated herself simply to escape being jackhammered eight times a day. I wonder if it worked.

No. 922602


Samefag. Regardless of how much of hate Taylor deserves (and let's be real, she deserves quite a bit now), Greg put her and every single one of his exes in an unwinnable situation as far as meeting beauty standards.

No. 922605

Or he's desperate for some tits since Foot cut hers off and there isn't "another pair of boobs in the picture" at the moment, he was going to use Sarah's candy tits to replace Foot's saggy ones but Sarah is gone for good so no tits for Onion. He must be climbing up the walls wanting to grab some tits but having just scar tissue grab kek

No. 922606

File: 1699643452839.jpg (156.27 KB, 899x745, 20231110_123547.jpg)

He could of thrown Tranney a bone and liked a few photos of her celeb lookalikes.

No. 922609

Fuck, this is hilarious. She thought she was going to look like a 90s teen heartthrob if she transitioned, instead she looks like a bloated faced young Woody Allen. At this point she should go back to being a woman, at least as a woman she was just average looking instead of straight up hideous like she is now.

No. 922612


That is the face of a woman who has found her tolerable level of permanent unhappiness.

No. 922625

Being with Onision deteriorates women's looks more than doing meth.

No. 922626

File: 1699661970207.png (206.05 KB, 599x833, Capture019665.PNG)

I checked up on his twitter to see if we get a dozen more videos and walls of all caps text but he hasn't tweeted since yesterdays flip out >>922523

I thought perhaps he had some kind of epiphany that he's fighting a losing battle and needed to step away from Twitter for awhile. Nope. Turns out he switched to a sockpuppet acct to whine about Sarah. He seriously can't stay offline.

No. 922632

Anyone know where I can find a mirror of the livestream he did earlier this year? He argued with BigMoneyOnision and someone else from Twitter in it.

No. 922634

BMO comes on at 17:43 The girl after ruins Onision too.
Talking about how neglectful of parent he is seems to touch a nerve.

No. 922637

Thank you!!!

No. 922640

>I thought perhaps he had some kind of epiphany that he's fighting a losing battle

Topkek. Bloated sacks of Cluster B's like Grugly never,ever learn. He is the pigeon you were warned never to play chess with.

It's also fucking hilarious how he's using terms like "know how to sage" to try to hide who he really is as if anyone who.posts here would talk that way outside the site. Fucking retard.

No. 922641

Nta, but speaking of Cluster Bs: do you guys think he has NPD or BPD?

No. 922643

ngl i kinda feel bad for her she's a pick me who enabled her pedo ugly ass husband but what happened to her is just fucking tragic.She was 17 when he groomed her.>>922641 He 100% has a severe case of NPD

No. 922666

No. 922669

I think I've got a theory as to why he's liking so much Ai art and just generally sexual posts on his main Twitter. My theory is it causes him to get recommended more art to Jack his pathetic dick off to, as when I looked under the comments of what he was liking there were pornbots amongst them, but that makes me wonder why not be liking Lolicon? Since isn't it alleged in an interview he would Jack off to that?(learn2integrate)

No. 922670

NPD and with a generous dollop of ODD.

No. 922693

But he's totally gay and is totally attracted to his amazing "husband" lmao. Seriously, I hope he doesn't end up raping another woman because his ugly mutilated wife doesn't give him a boner anymore. He was already desperate to fuck other women even when she still had her pair of boobs in the picture, imagine how much more desperate he is now.

No. 922703

it's weird cause he was planning to trans billie too, force her to shave her head and dye it green. I guess his fetish is to destroy a girl's beauty and delete her womanhood, trash her and exchange her for a new girl. it's as close as he can get to being Ted Bundy

No. 922707

Grease is a sociopath narc he can't handle having a woman he fucked be able to get with someone else that's why he manipulates them into destroying their beauty.

No. 922717

As long as his dick isn't touching or being touched by another person, he can jerk off until he forms scabs and dies of dehydration for all I care. For all my dislike and disrespect for Taylor, I honestly hope she's escaped that hell.

No. 922719

At least Mr. Bundy didn’t graduate with a 2.1 gpa lmao

No. 922744

File: 1699940005425.jpeg (284.37 KB, 1164x1237, IMG_0133.jpeg)

Guess who’s attacking his opponents lawyer in the same manner as Alex Jones did with his own trial? That’s a winning strategy at best!!

No. 922745

kek i used to think nothing will come out of this lawsuit but grease is shooting himself in the foot even further and digging his own grave with this.He's going to be torn to shreds.

No. 922759

What date is greg going to court with Sarah?(lurk more)

No. 922760

He keeps taking the "use it against me" bait. He honest to God believes he can twist anything and everything his exes say and he's not going to come off like a retarded alien mimicking human speech to communicate with a slug thinking that's a human.

No. 922763

I think it's more of a degradation fetish. He was still obsessed with Billie years after the breakup but he already tried to ruin her beauty when they were still in a relationship.

No. 922765

Sarah’s lawyer is very pretty and youthful, I wonder if that rustled his jimmies

No. 922766

Samefag, didn’t realize the pictures are two separate lawyers but the point still stands; they’re good looking and we all know how Gregma feels when a pretty woman who has her shit together opposes him.

No. 922769

you know greg is super serial whenever he's talking in the turd person.

No. 922770

File: 1699986635946.jpg (33.8 KB, 750x705, fat_cunt.jpg)

I have a feeling Greg is just gonna do this till the end of his days, proclaim his "innocence" trough stupid "infographics" and shitty videos, and in the meantime never ever get laid ever again.
So win or lose this case, its a win / win situation for society. He'll be an old man making those stupid infographics while jerking it to shitty harem anime.
gg Greg. keep up the good work, you clown.

No. 922791

I feel like if she would have just been a "masc lesbian" she would have been better off. But she committed to the bit.(sage)

No. 922794

That reminds me of when he made that house tour video to prove he didn't commit tax fraud and paint the IRS as mean bullies who were going after an innocent man, that didn't work very well for him did it? He still got fucked in the ass by the IRS and was forced to pay half a million dollars. He should have learned by now that making shitty videos painting himself as innocent doesn't work.

No. 922797

File: 1700012501808.png (23.69 KB, 686x300, 78112.PNG)

Why isn't he going after the male lawyers?
James R Marsh and Robert Yancey Lewis are also part of Sarah and Reginas team yet Greg wont talk about them.
Robert Yancey Lewis isn't shown on the parties list but there's a notice of appearance since the trial was moved to Calif.

No. 922811

Because he's a misogynist

No. 922830

This just confirms to me that he’s afraid of grown men. I guess he sees all women as weaker than him. He’s too much of a coward to take on a man.

No. 922843

File: 1700092705844.png (Spoiler Image, 649.6 KB, 1164x343, onisionreposts.PNG)

He's gone from liking to outright reposting the same type of women on his Twitter.
When you check his page all you see is big tits and rant videos against Sarah's lawyers.
These reposts are 100% taunting Kai. Just liking them was too subtle and wasn't doing the job so he had to fill up his page with them.

No. 922845

KEK she deserves it for being a smug brat, for what she's put her supposed "friends" through, and most importantly – for the kind of life she's subjected her kids to, especially her daughter. When she had ALL the chances in the world to give them a normal, safe, and happy environment to grow up in.

No. 922851

File: 1700100401324.mp4 (2.21 MB, 854x480, reconsidering-our-future-toget…)

Greg knows how easy it is to push her buttons especially if its a girl that's more attractive. They were redoing their future board and she saw something she didn't like. She immediately tears it off, crumples it up and throws it away.
>I'm taking this off because its triggering me, because its girls and I don't like that.

No. 922861

Their marriage is happier than ever I see, kek.
I wonder if he forces Footface to put some fake big cosplay tits from AliExpress on when he wants to fuck her?

No. 922862

File: 1700109011549.jpg (74.6 KB, 620x523, minxcharacter.jpg)

The sad thing is he has THREE pairs of fake boobs (different cup sizes.) So yeah, I'm sure he has her put on the rubber tits and a blue wig before he gathers the kids around to watch him jackrabbit mommy for 2 minutes.

No. 922873

My theory is Lainey broke up with him.
All of this would have put enormous pressure on their relationship with them both playing the blame game.
“If you never invited Sarah into the home; this wouldn’t have happened”
“ if you just kept your baby carrot in your pants, none of this would have happened”
I can fully see them ripping into each other daily about it.

When Greg did that stream earlier in the year, people kept calling him a terrible parent and he said “who should be watching the child? the person working the full time job at home creating content? Or the home maker”.
Clearly trying to shift all the blame onto lainey, seemingly not giving a crap that he just threw the one last person he has left completely under the bus simply to cater to a troll. What an idiot.

Greg was an obedient little boy shutting up for a good number of months there, but then something seemingly happened and he decided to suddenly not pay the lawyer and break all the legal advice telling him to not post anything online.

I truly believe that was the final straw for lainey and she is threatening separation and or withholding sex or something, and that’s why Greg’s publicly liking all the thirst traps on twitter to try to make her jealous.

No. 922894

Says a lot about him that he enjoys torturing his wife like that.

No. 922895

BigMoneyOnision was right. Greg has no excuse. He’s just using the “I’m too busy working” thing because it’s convenient and is 99% likely bullshit and/or an exaggeration of how much or hard he was “working”. It’s not hard to simply keep an eye on your kids and make sure the windows are closed and locked at the very LEAST. And you can still “work” on your shitty YouTube videos at the same time. He has absolutely no excuse and neither does Lainey.

No. 922903

No she didn't break up with him and she never will. That doormat didn't break up with him even after he confessed he fucked Sarah in the ass while she was in New Mexico and wrote creepy sexual tweets about their own daughter. Yes their marriage is miserable but it always was, this is nothing new. If anything they're just throwing tantrums at each other because they ruined each other's lives, but she will never leave.

No. 922912

This, and even after he (almost) left her for Billie she accepted him back.

No. 922916

File: 1700182148945.png (133.78 KB, 597x1081, 11162023_111327.PNG)

He's really leaning into the "Sarah's lawyers committed perjury" defense. I wonder if Greg truly believes he can walk into the courtroom and show his little videos to the judge and say that the case must be dismissed because the lawyers lied under oath.

We got three tweets today. Each with multiple paragraphs and a 6 minute video tagged on each one for good measure. This was the best one. The ALL CAPS cracks me up.

No. 922923

>emery time

No. 922931

File: 1700195155072.webm (1.51 MB, PerjuryPerjuryPerjury.webm)

Did he just learn the definition of perjury? I remember when Hezzy walked him through what a straw man fallacy was and he used it over and over for months until it lost all meaning.
He seems to be going over the legal documents on a daily basis. I hope this means he's really going to be his own lawyer and is trying to figure out a defense.

No. 922934

>picture is of women doing yoga

Hmmm my mind went to Sarah doing yoga and Greg hitting on her

No. 922944

>I hope this means he's really going to be his own lawyer and is trying to figure out a defense
It's going to be a shitshow lmao. Photos of him in a backwards bullet proof vest, sunglasses and beanie incoming

No. 922948

File: 1700223870617.png (161.47 KB, 1527x721, James Jackson Lucas Jackson (2…)

>Objection to Confirmation of Ch 13 Plan
Looks like their Chapter 13 bankruptcy is being denied. I looked up common reasons for an objection. Does he have too many assets to be considered for bankruptcy? Is his current income so low that they dont believe he'll be able to pay back his debt in a timely manner?

>the numbers dont add up.

>debtor has not been fully forthcoming about his or her financial situation
If they're allowing Greg to calculate things and write up the plan I totally believe he's fudging the numbers just like he did with the IRS and he got caught again.

No. 922955

I feel this time is a little different though. At the point of billiegate, greg still had internet fame, assets and big yt bucks coming in.
Of course she would want to hold onto her prize.
Now; he’s demonetised, looks like Frankenstein got dipped in boiling toffee, broke, and everyone thinks he’s a pedo. There’s not one single thing to hold onto or fight for anymore. He’s an embarrassing loser, she could still have a chance at some sort of redemption if she actually left.

If anything he’s probably holding onto her for dear life because if she leaves, he’s going to lose at least half of what little he has left.
He probably wouldn’t even have a shack to bring fatherless teens back to if lainey really does leave.

I know for a fact lainey would want legal representation and lainey would want greg to follow legal advice to shut the hell up and not potentially incriminate themselves further.

Lainey is potentially in way more shlt than Greg if she really did send nudes to minors. It’s not uncommon for civil cases like this to open the door to a criminal case if successful. Them not having legal representation because Greg is too cheap, is truly one of the stupidest and reckless things greg has ever done and I’m sure lainey knows that.

I don’t think they’re on speaking terms. I believe she’s furious that he refused to pay the lawyer, and now even worse, his little bankruptcy loophole has also backfired.
It would explain why he returned to the internet against all legal advice, and refused to pay the lawyer, liking all those big tiddy girls on twitter, etc.
I know she probably won’t actually leave the house with the kids for good, but they’re definitely having major fights right now in my opinion, and I really think everything greg is doing is to spite her.
I could completely see his waterbrain logic blaming her for all this.

No. 922956

cant wait for him to find out that perjury sanctions are at the discretion of the judge. And/or filing deliberately misleading bankruptcy documents to the court also counts as perjury. Its extremely unlikely, but if he gets in trouble for lying in his bankruptcy filing, but no sanctions for Sarah's lawyer, he will go apeshit.

Lainey doesn't deserve sympathy but she's been groomed to never leave. She doesn't realize she has all the leverage in the relationship now, and there's nobody who could convince her of that. He probably threatens to take her kids away, or some other abusive tactic.

Greg knows all her dirty secrets, just as much as she knows his. If she left, he would air all sorts of dirty laundry. When his first wife Skye left, there weren't children involved (nor did she send nudes to minors) and he still harassed/defamed her for several years after the divorce was finalized. He refused to pay alimony or give her any of her property back, Lainey knows if she leaves Greg then she will not receive any support for her children and Greg will try his best to fuck her over in court. We all know Greg's a retard and would ultimately lose but she's deeply entrenched in his life and she can't make a clean break, she would just become the target of his ire instead of Sarah.

No. 922967

He's done way fucking worse than cheating on her by liking these posts.He's a monster. But for real he's 100% doing it to make her miserable notice how all those women look super womanly? he's liking the extreme opposite of her out of pure spite.We all know he's a fucking pedo and likes young underage girls not fully grown women.Greg, if you're reading this then go kill yourself.

No. 922978

Most likely, yes. Greg is uneducated and doesn’t read. He failed all his classes in high school. He most likely just learned this because of the situation he’s in.

No. 922979

That’s exactly what he’s doing.

No. 922980

I knew he was going to lie about his assets, dumbass really thinks he's smarter than everyone else and won't get caught despite being proven otherwise several times. Hope he keeps lying and ends up in prison for bankruptcy fraud.

>Does he have too many assets to be considered for bankruptcy? Is his current income so low that they dont believe he'll be able to pay back his debt in a timely manner?

I think they have more assets than he claimed, because if they were so poor then how does Footface still has money to burn on ugly new tattoos and go on trips to New Mexico?

No. 922985

How ironic. He’s always screaming about honest when he’s the opposite of honest..

No. 923016

File: 1700299694743.jpeg (261.4 KB, 759x589, IMG_0673.jpeg)

Sarah's case is getting a new hearing date because it was moved to California. There will be a Case Management Conference on January 26th. I may be reading this wrong but I think the public will be allowed to join the Zoom conference call.
>This proceeding will be held via a Zoom webinar. Webinar Access: All counsel, members of the public, and media may access the webinar information at [LINK:https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/vc]
We wont be allowed to screenshot or record but they don't say anything about live commentary.

No. 923018

I remember just before the Sarah publicly revealed she slept with grugly, lainey and Greg were doing podcasts. I specifically remember in one of the podcasts them joking about “whales who tried to homewreck but Greg didn’t let them” or something to that effect.

Does anyone know if those podcasts have been reuploaded anywhere? I’ve watched a few reuploads on YouTube but they’re definitely not the one I’m remembering..
if that was a reference to Sarah, it kinda ruins Greg’s defence that he was so scared of Sarah “ruining his life” .. why would he poke the bear like that then?

No. 923019

I remember he made an analogy about sleeping with a hippopotamus, and I think he was talking about Sarah there too. I think it was in that future board video.

No. 923038

It's so easy to call Grug an idiot when he tries to be cute about tormenting his victims. But it's even easier to underestimate how manipulative he can be. He got his dick wet with Sarah and still openly treated her like shit.

No. 923054

Now he's sleeping with a multilated, bloated Woody Allen lookalike (if he even still sleeps with her) karma is beautiful kek

No. 923074

Even better karma still if he's not getting any of that either.

No. 923078

File: 1700357472788.mp4 (633.07 KB, 640x360, Sarah Could See Jail for Perju…)

A new one and a half hour "documentary." He's still on this perjury kick. Skipped around and of course there's nothing new. I was hoping he'd share texts we never saw but its all old receipts. He must be spending all day doing commentary for these videos. At the end you can hear his voice is fucked.

No. 923082

His voice must be fucked from screaming at Footface also, his passive aggressive big boobied women tweets are an indication things aren't going so well between them.

No. 923084

He stopped using that god awful text-to-speech program that had Obama telling us how innocent Onision is. It must be straining his voice to run commentary for a hour+ video(s) And if the final video is an hour long or 3 hours long can you imagine how long he had to record for and talk?

No. 923095


why is he retweeting ai generated coomer shit

No. 923096

I'm sure it's because he loves to argue the dumb technicalities, if Lainey gets upset because he's obviously being passive aggressive about her chest, he can use this argument:
>omg how insecure you are to get jealous of a literal drawing!!

No. 923097

File: 1700389900453.png (35.77 KB, 617x389, 67453212344.PNG)

I thought maybe it was just some troll replying to Greg to kill himself but it may be something better. Hear me out. Greg likes to blow things out of proportion and twist things so he looks like the ultimate victim. When YouTube took away his partnership he told people that YT was trying to murder him and his family. His convoluted way of telling the story was that since TY Adsense was his only major income he was not going to be able to pay for food or shelter for him and his family. And without food & shelter they will die. So technically YouTube was killing him and his family. YouTube committed murder. What if Sarah's lawyers contacted him recently because of the slanderous shit he's saying about them and they threatened to sue him for 500,000 dollars and if they take half a million from Greg he wont be able buy food or pay his mortgage and that means he will die. So the lawyers are threatening his life. Greg is one of the few people I know that warps and distorts things like this. If Im wrong I hope we get some kind of legal response from those two ladies after all the bullshit he's been slinging.

No. 923100

He's not lying, he's just twisting the truth lmao. I wonder why he didn't post any screenshots or evidence of this supposed threat? Maybe because it's bullshit?

No. 923101

If the lawyers don't use his unhinged smearing posts against him and sue him then they're fucking retarded.This pathetic excuse of a human did the same thing to all his exes even tho he was the one who abused them he went on rants defaming them online and harassing them.
>Sarah is a criminal
KEK he's such a delusional piece of shit it's rich coming out of a pedo groomer who adopted a kid then raped them and flew another one to a state where he can fuck them.I hope he kills himself.

No. 923105

If it's a "crime" then go to the cops instead of crying about it on twitter, you annoying crybaby bitch. And I hope whoever made that "threat" goes forward with it.

No. 923110

Kek. He also reasoned in the past that if you don't go to the cops when a crime was committed against you, then the crime did not happen. Slosh harder, Onion.

No. 923112

This is close to what voice sounded like in the final voice-mail to AJ. He definitely sounds more exhausted here, though. I love it.

No. 923126

He also never went to the cops about Sarah "raping" him and Footface, so by own his logic she never raped them.

No. 923132

File: 1700445120045.gif (1.95 MB, 360x270, goof.gif)

he's gonna report them all to the cyberpolice

No. 923138

Consequences will never be the same!

No. 923173

File: 1700525955925.png (69.87 KB, 472x475, 20231120-178540-182.png)

Confirmed. One of the lawyers is threatening to sue Greg.

No. 923179

Why does he sound so weird in this one? Is he crying or running his voice through AI or something?
Absolutely beautiful. He's starting shit with the one type of person who has the ability, means and knowledge to actually bite back and bring consequences: a lawyer. Magnificent. I hope he'll keep up his crusade against her so we can get some funny happenings.

No. 923181

I reckon he’s run his voice through a voice filter because his water brain logic probably thinks it leaves reasonable doubt where if he does say anything that ends up being incriminating/not matching up with what he says in court, he can be like “that’s not my voice. Listen to it. That’s not me!”
I had the same theory about when he started posting again just using the robot voice. It leaves a small window of doubt, but not really because they can just subpoena his data anyway to confirm or deny, even if he’s using a VPN there’s still other identifiers considering YouTube is also a defendant, I’m sure they’d happily throw him under the bus with his own data.

I was wondering if the lawyers would care or if they’d just roll their eyes at his 400 views per video.
I bet he wishes he had an audience now. I doubt many people would be that threatened by 400 people seeing his water-brain ranting especially when 398 of them are antiO and the other 2 are Greg and Kai .

No. 923183

File: 1700535492079.png (397.32 KB, 586x446, sarahperjuryjail.PNG)

He just changed the thumbnail to his latest documentary. He's trying so hard and failing. 2000 views in 2 days with 2 million subscribers.

No. 923186

Fuck yes.Keep digging your own grave grease with that defamation.Notice how he only went after the female lawyers? Also imagine being so luch of narc you think you could win against a lawyer in court.

No. 923187

Why aren't twitter fags spaming his account with replies of his ugly ass nudes and telling him to kill himself ?

No. 923188

File: 1700554380415.webm (1015.23 KB, UNTLD video - (2).webm)

>>923179 >>923181
>Why does he sound so weird in this one?
>I reckon he’s run his voice through a voice filter

It's not a filter. He's no longer using text to speech programs. Greg's doing all the commentary himself. I did a quick sample of the Sarah Could See Jail for Perjury video. In the beginning he sounds normal. He's manic and fast talking. By the end he's tired, slowed down and his voice is hoarse. He speaks for the whole hour and a half video and is fucking up his voice. Who knows how many hours he had to talk before he got it edited down.

No. 923189

File: 1700555820411.jpeg (115.68 KB, 597x743, IMG_2209.jpeg)

Because he's become that irrelevant. He tried getting some traction by replying to MrBeast today. Even if all the replies had been insults he would of loved the negative attention. But all he got was 5 likes, zero reposts and only 1 reply from that creepy 17 year old girl who has some sketchy relationship going on with him.

No. 923192

Instead of shutting the fuck up cause he's broke, he doubles down. Stupidity and narcissism is ruining his life more than "those evil ladies" ever could in his delulu land. I hope the lawyer does sue him.

No. 923201

I know. He hates women so much it's infuriating.

No. 923207

So this is the "life threat" and "crime" he was talking about? Lol this guy is such a bitch.

No. 923216

File: 1700585632697.jpg (120.86 KB, 1069x557, Screenshot_20231121_085041_Goo…)

He's really speedrunning what's left of his pathetic life into the ground, kek. What a dumbass to go after a specific lawyer, let alone one who has experience putting people like Greg away.

No. 923218

I hope he gets his ass handed to him in court by that stacy career woman kek it would be satisfying to see him face a confident real woman that actually has her shit together he could never survive that cause he always went after mentally ill pick me teens.She would destroy him.

No. 923220

I hope that fuels Lisa Haba to go after them criminally instead of just civil and get Footface in prison for sending nudes to a child, because I'm pretty sure that's against the law

No. 923223

Omfg this is too rich, get him Lisa. Nail his greasy pedo ass to the wall. If we get epic sperging and lawsuits this milkmas from Onion that will be so satisfying.

No. 923225

Grugly sure loves that AI to generate shit, doesn't he? talentless prick. >>923173 Going after the lawyers is the best idea he's ever had. I love that the lawyers are women too. I hope they will tear the ass out of Greg legally.
Its like he's begging these people to end it all for him, he's definitely asking for it.
Great! He should keep that up.

No. 923254

I think one of the reasons he's sperging so much lately is because Footface just turned 29, which means she's almost 30, which means she's way past his preferred age range. He's stuck with an ugly, mutilated and "old" manwife, that must be making him lose his mind.

No. 923258

He should go back to making content on OF. Surely someone will give him a nickel for pictures of his butthole. How else is he going to afford to pay the settlement?

No. 923276

ayrt KEK that would be hysterical and nauseating.
As a 29 year old going on 30, there's (typically, clearly not for Grug) some serious mental and emotional growth you do during these years. Particularly as a woman and a mother. You start seeing things for what they truly are while getting tired of bullshit. Your tolerance for shitty treatment and immaturity starts to tank,so I'm hoping right now in the cow casa ol' Foot is getting fed up. She sees Grug for who he is and maybe, just maybe, we'll get a divorce announcement for milkmas as well. If not then she is literally the dumbest sack of barely sentient tissues on this planet.

No. 923326

Where's Footface threatening him with divorce to make him shut the fuck up and stop making things worse? I guess she either gave up and knows they're fucked anyway or he knows her divorce threats are empty

No. 923328

Grug has known that her divorce threats are empty since Billiegate. He was willing to leave her and the kids but Billie said "no thanks."

No. 923340

File: 1700744789992.jpg (164.71 KB, 593x1447, onision.jpg)

I have a PACER account and was able to view the filing for the objection. The Summary of Assets document is also available with nothing redacted but I'm not sure how I should post it; it's 37 pages and I don't want to flood the thread with screencaps. There is definitely some potential milk in it though.

No. 923341

Could you share it on Dropbox? (or another cloud site)

No. 923342

No. 923345

Thank you for your service

Quick overview for those who don’t have time to read the papers right now

•Lainey has a job at what appears to be some sort of job network agency / resource management
•Greg doesn’t have a job (aside from his self employment/ “business”)
[if he was DoorDashing wouldn’t that come under self employment anyway? I guess the rumours could still be true]

•Greg’s “business” raked in around 18k from Jan 1st 2023 to October 17th 2023

•Laineys job raked in around 25k in the same period.

•They transferred their house into a trust fund naming their children as beneficiaries in oct 2020 (what happened during this period for them to try to protect their assets?)

•They still have around 280k in cash, majority is held in Greg’s business accounts for some reason (does he think that will protect him in a divorce?)

•Greg is receiving VA disability and also states one of the debtors is a student who occasionally also receives money from the GI bill. (Follow up paperwork says greg but I can’t imagine him studying so maybe it’s kai?)

•Their combined monthly income is around 6k (approx 3k each.)
•Greg getting approx 1.5k from his business, and 1.5k from VA disability
•lainey is getting the other approx 3k

•They claim their expenses are only approx $500 per month less than their combined income

•Their house is worth approx 530k and they owe approx 300k

•Greg still has the Tesla series 3 valued at 19k
Lainey has a Toyota Corolla valued at 16k

•They paid $5,000 to an attorney to file for bankruptcy.

No. 923346

It does work, great job anon.

No. 923348

>Greg is receiving VA disability
wtf? is that legal? is he scamming the government?

>a student who occasionally also receives money from the GI bill

Greg was doing online courses at some local college. Its in an earlier thread Id have to search which one. Some guys girlfriend was in the same class and he outed Greg.

So if you don't count the disability benefits Greg makes 18,000 dollars a year? Ouch.

No. 923354

>VA disability tugboat
What’s his disability, being retarded or having a water brain?

No. 923358

He used to claim is "depression" is a disability, so maybe that.

No. 923360

>•Lainey has a job at what appears to be some sort of job network agency / resource management
>•Greg doesn’t have a job

So Foot really is the "man" in the house kek

No. 923362

He has 280k and filed for bankrupcy ? is that legal

No. 923372

>Tesla series 3 valued at 19k
Lainey has a Toyota Corolla valued at 16k
Kinda random but, uh, how? Arent teslas rather expensive? Did gurg fuck his car up too much? Also lol at claiming bankruptcy with 280k in the bank

No. 923373

I hope they grill his ass for attempting bankruptcy fraud. I wonder if Sarah's lawyers could do something about it, after all this is more proof Grease is dishonest and a liar

No. 923379


>Also lol at claiming bankruptcy with 280k in the bank

greg really does think he is the smartest person in the room. He's so retarded he doesn't know how retarded he is. He really thought he outsmarted the courts on this one. lol

No. 923380

Man, now I wanna find the video back when he bought the tesla to see what year and model it is. All I remember is that he was so happy getting the car that he was humping it.

No. 923383

So Footface married a rich famous YouTuber to end up having to work to support him while he stays at home all day jerking off and making useless videos that no one watches lmao, talk about a failed gold-digger. I hope she's proud of her life choices.

No. 923384

I googled Tesla series 3 and this came up:

Currently, the Rear-Wheel Drive trim of the Tesla Model 3 starts at an MSRP of $38,990 with zero upgrades, not including any taxes, destination, or other fees.

So I’m guessing he just halved the amount of the cheapest model to get the approx current market value.
Whether or not he actually had the cheapest model is another story.

I wonder if filing for bankruptcy was even worth it. For a start, looks like the creditors have an issue with the house being in a trust so it may not even go through. He’s already spent 5k on the filing and probably going to cost much more to get through the hurdles they have come back and requested.

What does he even gain from this? Only some assets are even exempt if the bankruptcy claim is successful.

In doing so, he’s doxxed his spouses workplace, and revealed to Sarah and Regina they still have like 280k cash and let the antiOs know he’s on VA disability payments.

Isn’t va disability for injuries sustained during service? I thought he never went to into combat, I thought he said he was bored guarding a plane for many hours in a row, that he later said he started having sexual thoughts about because he had nothing else to do or focus on(retarded spacing, still using emojis)

No. 923387

He probably thought filing for bankruptcy would make Sarah unable to collect any money from him in case she wins the lawsuit. I'm glad it was declined and he ended up doxxing himself and the Foot for nothing

No. 923388

You can get VA disability support from something as simple as chronic back issues from the rucksack humping during PT (running with a very heavy load on your back for all your gear and shit for miles and miles) so it's not that weird he's getting money

No. 923393

It’s not that weird, but the antiOs will probably make some phone calls and try to get his payments cut and I wouldn’t even be surprised if they try to get Kai fired too.

It’s just potentially asking for a lot of trouble, and for what? To try to squirm out of paying Sarah and Regina? They were probably going to fold as soon as YouTube offered them something anyway .. but now that Greg’s slandering them again, they may very well NOT settle, just to spite greg.

I thought your primary residence was excluded from being garnished by the courts anyway? Wouldn’t they have just been better off dumping all the money into their mortgage?
I have no idea how the law works on that side of the world though.. maybe it’s different over there.

No. 923396

kinda hoping she'll fall in love with someone else at said job and leave grugly's worthless ass. that would be hilarious.

No. 923410

Now that Grease is no longer a famous YouTuber who looks like an emo teen boy, that's possible. But I have no hope for that doormat

No. 923418


"Business bankruptcy is a legal process initiated when a business cannot repay its outstanding debts or obligations."

If your business expenses are higher than your business income/net worth and have no plan or possibility to turn that around you're bankrupt. Business ownership and personal ownership are two separate things. Here it depends on what statute you have whether or not your personal worth can be taken for your business bankruptcy.

No. 923421

It seems they already caught him lying about his additional income through the GI bill lmao, imagine if he ends up in prison for this, bankruptcy fraud is a very serious crime. Also he committed perjury by lying, after he yapped so much about Sarah committing perjury (take a shot every time he says that word) that's extremely ironic. I hope Sarah's lawyers are taking a close look at his failed bankruptcy fraud attempt and use it against him.

No. 923423

Lainey's job at Resource Management, Inc. is located in Salt Lake City Utah. Did she move out?

No. 923424

>It’s just potentially asking for a lot of trouble, and for what? To try to squirm out of paying Sarah and Regina?

It worked the last time he pulled this stunt. Skye should have gotten a much larger alimony check, but Greg fudged everything to make look like he had less than he did (which Skye helped him earn).

No. 923430

The address is for the company's corporate home office. They have a few branches in Washington state but given the nature of the business (administrative/HR) she's probably working remotely.

No. 923431

File: 1700886805140.png (258.75 KB, 669x653, 8451220.PNG)

You're right I just checked their satellite offices. The office in Washington is 30 miles away from their home in Puyallup. Its probably remote work. I cant see her leaving Cloey alone with Greg for 8+ hours a day.

No. 923434

>I cant see her leaving Cloey alone with Greg for 8+ hours a day.
Really, you can't? You're putting way too much faith into Homolkai.

No. 923435

The document states they still live together

No. 923441

Greg should get a load of this:

"If someone is found to have hidden assets during the bankruptcy process, it can have serious legal consequences. This is considered bankruptcy fraud, and it is a federal offense. Consequences for hiding assets during bankruptcy can include:

Denial of Discharge: The court may deny the discharge of debts, meaning the individual would still be responsible for repaying all of their debts.

Criminal Charges: Bankruptcy fraud is a criminal offense, and individuals found guilty may face fines and imprisonment.

Asset Forfeiture: The hidden assets may be seized and used to repay creditors.

Perjury Charges: Providing false information under oath during bankruptcy proceedings can lead to perjury charges."

Hiding funds from the bankruptcy people is actual perjury. Ironic isn't it?

No. 923456

If he’s getting around 1.5k I’d wager to guess he’s at 50% VA disability and is claiming everyone in the house as a dependent. All of this tax free for being a huge crybaby

No. 923457

So this self employment “business” Greg created is called Nesiamotu, Inc. Does he just clump all monies he makes into this? Like the money he gets copyrighting videos, DoorDash, OnlyFans. I know he doesn't make much on OF but there was a period a few years ago a bunch of models were getting in trouble with the IRS for not claiming income.

No. 923483

If I'm not mistaken he created this shell company with the same lawyer who represented him in the IRS fiasco. There was a lot of talk about him using it for money laundering and/or to hide his assets from the IRS (isn't that illegal?) He's definetely doing something shady with it and it should be investigated.

No. 923509

File: 1701016671877.jpg (56.83 KB, 762x644, tumblr_inline_p319udGdir1uxe0j…)

>can't afford lawyer
>attacks accusers lawyers
boy that judge gonna crucify Greg.

No. 923536

File: 1701084450683.png (35.77 KB, 597x355, 67241233.PNG)

He went from dozens of videos and tweets a day to absolute silence for seven days. Fingers crossed that he got a cease and desist letter from Sarah's lawyers.

No. 923537

Or he’s just bracing for the impact from the bankruptcy papers leaking. Wonder if drama has already started

No. 923572

I bet he's shitting his pants kek

No. 923601

File: 1701171141094.jpeg (46.09 KB, 613x309, 549ED1D916.jpeg)

This may explain why he's been so quiet the past week. He's busy moving money around, hiding assets and being an all around shady fuck as he tries for a second time to get his bankruptcy plan confirmed.

No. 923604

So basically, Grugly's plan is to exhaust people into giving him his way, like he always does.

No. 923612

With lawyers he's wrong. Never pick a fight with a demon much bigger than you. I'm sure the lawyers only regret is that they didn't meet and he didn't do this 10 years ago when he was a millionaire. Then they coulda stripped him for all he's worth.

No. 923626

I dunno. He more or less broke the law destroying an eco system and got away with far more than everyone thought he would. That's because he dragged the process out so much the authorities wanted to be done with him.

No. 923646

File: 1701222715640.png (200.66 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3026.png)

Looks like Greg is back to his old tricks

No. 923647

This is an obvious troll. If you go onto the persons twitter, they have another account where they're talking about loving and missing greg. They're full of shit. They could post the screenshots but instead they're just tagging Jaclyn and Billy the fridge. Use a bit of critical thinking.

No. 923648


Not only is this an obvious troll, I seriously doubt that this is even one of Nina’s current accounts. You’ve been harassing her and her friends, nonstop, for weeks on your Twitter account @audito60028. Crop your profile picture off of the post next time.

No. 923671

File: 1701273452712.png (4.9 MB, 1630x1250, wetlands restoration2.png)

He did drag out the process when he destroyed the wetlands but eventually Pierce County got him to comply. They put a lean on Greg's house and when he was trying to sell it the sale stalled. Pierce County wanted 3 things. A split rail fence installed to keep anyone from treading on the wetlands again. New saplings & plants planted that they approved of and signs showing where the wetlands border begins. Greg thought he could get away with buying flowers and grass sod. He didn't hear back from then so he thought he was in the clear. That is until he started the sale of his house. Now tbh I think the relator is the one who did all the work putting up the fence, planting the new trees and making those laughable poster board signs. But all that cash spent came out of the money Greg was going to get from the sale. So it still hit him in the wallet. Greg will cut off his nose to spite his face. He probably still thinks he's right after losing all that money to Pierce County.

You are right that Onisions default plan is to drag things out hoping its forgotten or the person gets so fed up they're happy with whatever they can get. You'd think he learned with the IRS and Wetlands fiasco. The government gets what it wants even it it takes years. He's up for a rude awakening if he tries that shit during these two lawsuits and attempted bankruptcy.

No. 923697

With the wetland restoration they probably hand-waved the bullshit signs through because getting rid of him was ultimately the best thing for the wetland. The new owners will be left alone for that split rail fence to slowly rot away.

No. 923742

they let him off the hook with those wetlands way too easy. same with the IRS. thats the thing about lolcows though, they often tend to get away with doing stupid shit.

No. 923744

And CPS did nothing after those 2 retards let their daughter fall of the window and get brain damage. Some people get their kids taken away for much less.

No. 923752

definitely, i seen IP2 streamers lose their kids over far less.

No. 923753

I wonder if Taylor's rich lawyer daddy plays some strings behind the scenes to get his daughter out of trouble.

No. 923756

Sorry I'm late on this but I think the student could be tuition for the private school his kids attend.

No. 923808

Didn't Retard McAsshole go back to school some time ago? I bet that fat melonhead dropped out already and they're still paying tuition for it.

No. 923818

File: 1701459033328.png (1.13 MB, 1373x524, 7456578978.PNG)

Two years ago he signed up for online classes at Pierce College Puyallup for digital design. Someone was in the same class and leaked information about it plus farmers noticed he was uploading these odd tutorial videos which were most likely course projects. I'm certain he quit after a few months.

No. 923824

well you know Greg is super serial when he's wearing his wedding anniversary suit from 19 years ago!

No. 923828

PS I searched my ass off I seen that picture a 1000 times where Greg had the really short buzzcut sorta hair with that same suit as here: >>923818 when they had a shitty at home wedding anniversary.
I hope someone knows what i'm talking about so they can post it. I'm a 100% sure its the same stupid suit. or rather a vest with that same stupid blouse and tie. shits old as dirt.

No. 923862

File: 1701499013407.png (516.21 KB, 789x720, IMG_4627.png)

No. 923867

so sweet you actually found it for her, but after sifting through the onion files are you okay? kek nonas always come through, weaponised autism is just one facet of female beauty and intelligence

No. 923875

Yes!! thats the one! thank you!

Its so worth it, he looks like a toddler who's dressed to be the flowergirl at some aunts wedding. The too short arms, scrawny body and bulbous big watermelon head and look on his face like he just sharted his batman underoos make this picture almost Ripley's believe-it-or-not worthy.

No. 923895

His little t-rex arms always make me lol. What an ugly manlet

No. 923903

He expresses himself the way a 13 year old does.

No. 923905

File: 1701555913694.png (345.95 KB, 1534x759, gregstinks.png)

from the other farms, I felt this is significant.

No. 923908

How are they making a combined 18k a year total AND a combined 6k a month total? Thats 72k.poor by Washington standards, tbs… but not 18k. The moids at Kiwi sure are dumb.

No. 923910

They may have fucked up the numbers. The only way you get 18,000 a year is by counting Greg's "business" income only. He gets 1.5K a month from Nesiamotu, Inc

What I don't understand is when you look at "Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims" there is the IRS and Pierce County Assessor. Does he still owe because of his IRS fuck up and the wetlands destruction?

No. 923916

Them drag queen eyebrows kek. And this ugly thing had the nerve to make videos shitting on women's looks.

No. 923936


This explains why better that I can, but the short answer is yes.

"An unsecured claim is a payment request made to the bankruptcy court by a creditor who doesn't have the right to sell property to satisfy the underlying debt. Credit card companies, medical providers, and utility companies often file unsecured claims."

>They transferred their house into a trust fund naming their children as beneficiaries in oct 2020 (what happened during this period for them to try to protect their assets?)

The fact that he still owes the IRS and Pierce County money is what happened. He wanted to prevent a lien being put on his house.

No. 923939

File: 1701595809109.png (230.61 KB, 1076x582, 2023-12-01.png)

This is the most cursed image of him by far he looks staright out of a horror movie you can sense his narc sociopath aura

No. 923949

This yeeyee ass haircut never fails to make me laugh
Funny (not really) how we only found out about C falling because of a wellness check that was called on Lainey because Greg’s weird ass abusive tweets.

No. 923967

File: 1701624907854.jpg (2.88 MB, 2051x2513, gregtheshitbirdfaker.jpg)

Here comes Greg the shitbird with his fake 1000 yard stare..

No. 923970

Namefaggers Give me unsettling demonic vibes

No. 923971

it's funny how he's posting pics of him in his manly military uniforms as if there aren't pics of him shoving a dildo up his ass like the faggot he truly is kek

No. 923974

God, he has to be a contributing factor to the lame ass panic cards the military now has.

No. 923978

It must be a very manly dildo. Kek

No. 923982

Well I mean he's trying to cosplay like he was some sort of a marine, while he's afraid to box some pansy like FPS Diesel.
Or how about when he wouldn't come out of his house because geriatric reporter Chris Hansen was there?
Who's he trying to fool, really?

No. 923987

Should’ve been sent to Iraq or awol’ed to North Korea when he had the chance.

No. 924002

actually to my horrifying recollection it was pathetically thin kek. He threw the last of his dignity back then for effectively a beginner's pegging toy

No. 924032

Were the pictures of him with the dildo actually inside him? I remember some photos and a shower video he took that looked purposely angled to look like he's taking it up the ass but nothing's actually visible. Not that it matter cause he's still a disgusting retard, but the thought of him having to grift his male paypigs on OF was kinda funny.

No. 924034

Greg's supposed to be a man and he's taking naked pictures of his asshole with a dildo pretending that its in there? i honestly don't know whats worse. Its both faggy and bad and he needs to find Jesus like his daddy did.
sarcasm / figuratively that Jesus part.

No. 924042

>pretending that its in there
Full disclosure I actually don't remember this 100% so it's possible he does have some damning "dildo in ass" evidence out there, and maybe more knowledgeable anons will be able to comment, but I remember out of a whole bunch of his OF leaks I've seen, there just wasn't anything of him with something unequivocably up his ass. It's faggy and bad either way lol.

No. 924045

IIRC you could see the dildo slipping out of his asshole in the video.

No. 924055

Oh, no no, anon. The tip barely breached. Note how he never took any direct-angled videos or stills of penetrating himself. The videos he did of himself sucking on dildos were even more hilarious. He almost couldn't bring himself to do it even when he put honey on them.

He really, truly believed he was going to give Billie the what-for and find another ignorant young woman to "collaborate" with.

No. 924058

I think he did find some woman to collab, but Footface threatened to divorce him if he did. I bet he regrets not doing it, now he knows that doormat will never divorce him and he can do literally whatever he wants.

No. 924061

>onision putting honey on a dildo and sucking it
That truly makes me feel sick to my stomach. How the mighty have fallen.

No. 924062

File: 1701773349369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.67 KB, 300x168, téléchargement.jpg)

No. 924067

I call bullshit. Gurg already knew he could ignore Lame's boundaries. He's done it throughout their whole relationship. If anyone said yes before, I guarantee they were the ones who backed out. He couldn't even get any takers on just his ugly baby carrot and nothing else in the shot.

No. 924069

Why am I living in a timeline where we are actively discussing if Greg James Jackson a.k.a. Onision took a dildo up his ass or was faking it….

No. 924086

We’re living in the same timeline where a mentally retarded man shoved a medallion up his ass and drank orange soda with his own spunk. This is nothing!

No. 924093

File: 1701815349996.png (24.4 KB, 718x379, 86721.PNG)

Greg has revised his bankruptcy schedule.
Schedule D (Creditors Holding Secured Claims)
Schedule E (Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims)
Schedule F (Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims)
I'm curious what the new financial portfolio looks like side by side to the one that was rejected. We all know he fudged the numbers. Here's hoping the kind anon who had a Pacer account lets us take a peek at the new paperwork. Thanks in advance.

No. 924099

I was morbidly curious and it's actually crazy how easy it is to access his weird gay porn. Just type "Onision Porn" in google and it's all there…

Tinfoil: Does anyone think Onision doing OnlyFans and porn had anything to do with Billie? I feel like maybe Billie had some insecurities with her nudes being out there so Onision thought that if he also had his nudes out there he thought they'd have this "shared experience" to bond over?

No. 924124

I think it's more likely he was thinking he would be more successful at porn than billie cause I'm pretty sure she had started her onlyfans by this point

No. 924127

It didn't have anything to do with Billie, it had everything to do with Billie, and trying to impose on her and making her feel uncomfortable. I'm also sure he thought other onlyfans whores would lay at his feet begging him to "collab" fuck with him. That didn't happen though, he had about 3 demented gays sub to him, or something.
Thats what a narcissist does when they get rejected, they will make sure you are punished for that for the rest of your life.

No. 924135

And one of those "demented gays" subbed strictly for the purpose of leaking pics of Grug's ugly dick on KF.

No. 924138

He also wanted to degrade Sarah with the dildo in the shower thing, he said they first time they did anal was in the shower.

No. 924141

File: 1701889892723.jpg (86.34 KB, 813x604, no.jpg)

The cease and desist letter Onision sent to KF was precious. The response was curt and satisfying.

No. 924146

so that means only two demented gays where actually somewhat attracted to Greg. the third one was a troll.
it seems whatever Greg does he just can't win, not even when he puts dildo's up his ass.
thats a very weird flex and also a very meta way to try and get to someone. I doubt Sarah even noticed nor cared.
what a dumb shit. while Null doesn't even dislikes Greg he can't even get him to remove his stupid shit.

No. 924150

He added everyone who he fucked over to the case!

Chris Hansen
Daniel Sulzbach (Mr. Repzion
Jaclyn Glenn
Richie Geise (Social Repose)
Shane Yaw (Dawson)

His attorney is actually retarded or he lied to them to get everyone added. There is no way an actual attorney would fuck up this badly.

NOBODY he added is suing him and there is no claim for him to pay them through his case. I am windblown how badly he fucked this up.

I can't post it because he literally has all of their addresses attached to them.

My only guess is he is trying to scare them by letting them know he knows where they live or try to dissuade them from suing him?

No. 924152

He has also yet to add an amount owed on his IRS and Pierce County debt.

This is definitely a stalling tactic, it is going to get thrown out with 0 debt listed.

No. 924160

He added them to the "Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims"? That makes no sense. Did he bypass the lawyer and do this himself?

Could he of added them to his bankruptcy because he was pissed that his financials got revealed and its been spreading on Twitter and he's hoping that if this new revised bankruptcy plan gets leaked to the public that all his enemies will have their addresses leaked. Its a petty thing to do but that's the only explanation I can come up with. Knowing Greg's history I don't put it past him to do this.
Or its his way of keeping the new Ch 13 Plan under wraps. No one will leak this new plan because it will dox these innocent players.

I agree that its not a good idea posting these new papers. I don't care about these peoples dox. But can you tell us if there are any new revisions or additions to his plan? Thanks for taking the time to look through this dumpster fire.

No. 924164

What a retard, I hope this sends him straight to prison for perjury. None of those people are asking for his money, so putting their names in the document is perjury.

No. 924165

>No one will leak this new plan because it will dox these innocent players.
He has to know someone can censor the addresses and leak the documents without the addresses being visible to the public, I mean, it's not something super difficult to do. I don't think that's the reason why he did it

No. 924167

Since he has an attorney it would have to be filed by them. I will look but PACER shows who filed it and if it was filed from his lawyers office it will cite him as the source.

No. 924168

File: 1701911253419.jpg (772.34 KB, 1080x2340, 1000008037.jpg)

His lawyer filed it. I bet he added them so they get notified of him filing to keep them from coming after him? The court will notify them by mail that they are listed in his case.

No. 924169

This has to raise a red flag to the judge presiding over this.
So if I file bankruptcy I just name every single person I've ever had interactions with JUST IN CASE they want to sue me some time in the future. This is hilarious.

No. 924171


Is it possible that he's listing them because he plans on releasing a big "expose" video on them and is anticipating backlash? Or maybe because he's made videos about all of these people at some point he thinks that because his assets have been leaked, all these people MUST still be thinking about him (because everyone is always thinking about him 24/7) and now that they know he has assets they're going to try and get something out of him?

No. 924172


With luck it gets even more absurd and there's another amendment where he names EVERYONE.
Eugenia Cooney
and that mysterious "26 year old that Kai kissed once"

No. 924175

Is it possible Greg is trying to bait us? It's well-known he reads his threads. I don't know what he hopes to achieve, otherwise. The judge ain't gonna think it's cute. And I'm here for that.

No. 924179

LOL the retard is losing his mind. His lawyer is either another retard, or he's scamming Grease out of his money by telling him filling these bogus bankruptcy attempts is a good idea (Grease already paid him 5k just to file the first document)

No. 924182

File: 1701957537929.jpg (50.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>he added them to his bankruptcy because he is pissed that his financials got revealed and its been spreading on Twitter and he's hoping that if this new revised bankruptcy plan gets leaked to the public that all his enemies will have their addresses leaked.
Pretty much this.
Not the first time Greg has doxxed people. And just look at that list, thats pretty much everybody Greg hates and feels "wronged him".

No. 924184

He paid $5000?! That waterbrain is doing just fine financially if he can piss away that much just to file some bs papers.

No. 924185

No wonder he can't pay his lawyer anymore. That lawyer is about to succeed where Hansen and Sheriff wowie failed.

No. 924188

Grease's bankruptcy lawyer is the hero we needed.

No. 924204

Not Billie?

No. 924206


Right here >>924150

No. 924207

I looked up the lawyer and he specializes in creditors' rights and helps companies lift stays (allowing someone to be sued) to get their money. The attorney is from a larger firm and has no disciplinary problems on his record. It's bizarre he'd file something like this >>924168 but I'd have to see the pleadings to actually know what's going on. I don't know enough about bankruptcy to see the norm, but I have a guess. It might be entirely wrong. I'll power level a bit, so feel free to ban, mods. I'm a paralegal and work with foreclosures and areas of real estate, so while I understand legalese, I don't know shit when it comes to bankruptcy. Even attorneys are incredibly ignorant when it comes to an area of law they aren't familiar with. Everything has its form and procedure in legal proceedings. With that said, Anon says that everyone's personal information is listed? Might be entirely Greg duping the lawyer to get him updated doxx information. If this is what it is, holy shit is Greg a fucking sinister piece of shit. The attorney probably represents banks and other big companies, but as long as there isn't a conflict, he'll take on a few quick Chapter 13s to round out his case load for his Firm. Cases like Greg's are quick and easy and probably form based, where the paralegal does most of the work. Lawyer tells Greg the steps, and in some of it, Greg asks how he'll get updated information about potential creditors. Maybe the lawyer says he's able to get current addresses and numbers and Greg realizes it's a great way to fuck with people since he has nothing to do but fill his basement with cum stains. So he LIES to the attorney and gives the names. Legal databases are able to get fairly current addresses to serve paperwork on, but you have disclaimers about using it for appropriate reasons. The look up fees for all those people would be about 1k alone, not counting paralegal time ($75 per hour). Maybe Greg used some shitty online address look up himself? I mean this is the guy who served the wrong Chris Hanson so…I really don't know what this retard is capable of.

No. 924221

Without seeing any proof of the actual documents, I’m extremely reluctant to believe he’s named all those random people in the claim. It’s probably just a rumour greg started himself so he can call the anti O’s dumbasses for believing anything without proof

No. 924226

File: 1702060345121.jpg (360.45 KB, 1080x2340, 1000008060.jpg)

It's real.

No. 924227

Pacer is free to join, 10 cents a page, proof is super easy to find if you have a dollar and an internet connection.

No. 924249

Just an FYI, they do charge you per search as well. The charges can add up if you're not mindful of your browsing.

No. 924258

Sage for not exactly milk. Repzion has made a video upon receiving a notice. Greg has to be doing this for attention and this is the latest shit he's throwing at the wall. I agree with the nonny who called Greg a sinister piece of shit.

No. 924260

File: 1702092612416.jpeg (155.81 KB, 817x612, IMG_4807.jpeg)

This comment on repzions video actually helped me wrap my head around it.

So these are all the people he thought might sue him(don't use emoji/ emoticons)

No. 924261

Kek. His father and MIL are listed.

No. 924273

Kek it’s like those Batman contingency plans

No. 924274

is now really the time to make more people aware that chris hansen did a thing on him? we know him as a joke but normies still remember him as the dude who catches pedos.
I can believe this, he probably had no clue where most of them lived and I bet that bothered him so many women living a life divorced from him. Also I don't like shane, but I'm guessing he and ryland are going to have to move house now that they're doxxed cause they've got a couple of future rape babies coming
kek and rip kc

No. 924285

File: 1702135660368.png (209.49 KB, 500x413, EEt3EbbXYAEGzq0.png)

I really don't get Repzions response to Greg just sloshing again. I don't even think Repzion needs a lawyer for this, its just Greg being Greg again. You can tell Repzion is more unhinged than usual ever since he's with that old tattoo-whore. Now he wants to quit Youtube but as he can see now theres no quitting le tubes. They're not the post office, son. Youtubers die youtubing, they don't retire.

No. 924299

File: 1702159961634.gif (3.07 MB, 498x407, onision-onisionspeaks.gif)

samefag but come to think of it i bet greg is trying to claim he missed income due to the "trolling" and "stalking" of hansen, repzion, blair anyone whos ever made a video about his shenanigans.
Its not going to work
slosh, slosh

No. 924438

File: 1702360222152.png (28.58 KB, 877x417, 5647311.PNG)

December 5th he uploaded creditors and that's when we got "Onisions's Enemies List" >>924150

Its showing he uploaded more creditors today. I hope he went full retard and added even more randos >>924172

No. 924451

File: 1702384378073.png (1.06 MB, 1495x2212, 2023-12-12 13.32.46 www.cracke…)

Looks like Daniel Tosh regrets having made Greg famous.(not relevant to the cow)

No. 924638

I don't know where you got that from. I doubt Tosh remembers who Grugly is.

Speaking of, here's an oldie, but goodie: Greg seething because a more interesting guy is taking all the attention away from him.

No. 924640

Remember when Grugly demanded his bitches to wipe their ass with wet wipes or use the bathtub like a bidet but he wanted his ‘hole’ spotless; come to find out there were skid marks near his asshole in some onlyfans pics?

Good times(rehashing ancient milk)

No. 924641

File: 1702569652519.jpg (5.39 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

>I don't know where you got that from. I doubt Tosh remembers who Grugly is.
I simply refuse to believe you are this dumb. Please for the love of God tell me you're just trolling.(derailing)

No. 924649

File: 1702573272366.png (45.37 KB, 865x289, 968566.PNG)

Repzion and Social Repose seem to think the same thing. Are they just reading the paper work wrong or am I stupid? Everything I've seen in the amended schedule shows Greg and Lucas as "Debtors" and everyone else named is "Creditors" that means Greg is saying he owes (or may owe in the future because of an anticipated lawsuit) them.

No. 924678

Unlike you, I read the damn article and Grug isn't the only Schmuck Tosh.0 ever featured. I highly doubt Tosh knows or gives a shit about any of what's happened since then.(derailing)

No. 924798

I’m sure it’s the other way around but I would laugh so hard if some of the people listed think he is planning to sue them, so they file a claim against him first.

No. 924991

maybe greg's retarded and filed it backwards then sent the notices to them with what he intended? it'd make sense to see greg try and suddenly claim SR owes him money for staying at his house and for videos made on him as opposed to suddenly claiming he owes him too

No. 925090

This is grug we're dealing with here. He probably used the free chatgpt to write it for him and it contained both that he was going bankrupt and that they owed him money after he insisted it do so.

No. 925383

File: 1703209748437.png (125.58 KB, 725x369, Capture12212023754.PNG)

It's been a month since Greg has tweeted or uploaded to YT. Its obvious he got scared when Sarah's lawyer threatened to sue him for libel. He went from multiple tweets a day for weeks. 3 hour "documentaries" and chopping up those videos to upload them in 2-3 minute chunks on his TikTok, YT and Twitter to suddenly being quiet as a church mouse when the lawyer "threatened his life."

My only confusion is why he still has all those tweets and videos about her lawyers still up? When he got threatened years ago he wiped everything and then went silent. My best guess is Greg's usual logic and necessity to act like a stubborn child. Once he got threatened/served with a libel suit he stopped making statements but thinks that has nothing to do with his past tweets and videos. Keeping those tweets and videos up is his way of thumbing his nose at the lawyers but he falsely thinks it keeps him in the clear with the libel lawsuit threat.

I'm hoping Onision saw Dreams response video "The Truth" and it gives him the idea he can turn things around and redeem himself if he makes just… one… more… video about his innocence. I'm sure if he produces a 6 hour docu people will FINALLY understand that he's the victim and Sarah and all those evil women are the ones who ruined his life.

No. 925681

He really is such a little dog in spirit. He acts all tough sending his silly letters someone (or AI) made for him but then shuts up the moment he realises he's actually up against his better who has real power and slinks away with his tail between his legs. Must have been particularly scary for him to actually shut up to a woman.

No. 925732

you know what i find sad, is that even if sarah and regina win their lawsuits and greg gets the book thrown at him, he will still be proclaiming his innocence far after the fact. he will be running his mouth about the incompetence of the courts/judge/attorneys and keep shifting the blame. he will never take accountability. then he will try to bring up statistics about all the innocent people sitting in jail who also got fucked by the system. he will never learn!!

No. 925734

What you call "sad", I call "fucking awesome and hilarious". This is a cow in his death throes and I'm here for it.

No. 925744

it is sad that he will never take accountability for his actions and keep repeating his abusive behaviors regardless of what happens

No. 925833

Yeah, a narc like him will never take accountability, or feel remorse, or whatever. I think no one expects that from him. His victims probably just want to see him punished which is the most that can be done.

No. 925885

It’s disappointing, sure, but his name on the internet is now synonymous with things like “groomer” and “pedo” to the point no one is truly listening to him anymore but his desperate sycophants. He did this entirely to himself, but will go to his death bed in denial and alone, which, at least in my opinion, is a narcissist’s best punishment.

No. 925886

>will go to his death bed in denial and alone, which, at least in my opinion, is a narcissist’s best punishment.
Alone? No, he will go with Footface still attached to his hip since that doormat is worse than herpes and she refuses to leave him, which I think is an even worse punishment since it's obvious he despises her.

No. 925933

I wonder why he doesn't leave her. Is it because he prefers only to leave a relationship if he has one lined up?

No. 925938

Because he doesn't want to pay child support. Sarah said he told Footface to her face that the only reason he's still with her is because of the kids aka he doesn't wanna pay child support.

No. 926004

I hope Foot gets roidrage and dropkicks him or files for divorce. Before she stops looking boyish and turns into a balding incel. Shapeless boying/young man looks could add some sympathy infront of the court.

No. 926009

Same i hope the sociopath juice make her beat his ass

No. 926041

I don't think they'll stay together if she continues to take T and gets more manly. He loves femininity, always puts emphasis on women's looks (had the rating videos and shit, always rated feminine women the highest). He gets off on defeminising the woman but breaks up as soon as the women actually looks unattractive. I can't imagine him not getting a lover on side or not divorcing as soon as he monkey branches. I doubt he finds FtM body attractive and often there's vaginal atrophy and I doubt he'll be okay with no sex, he always was a sex pest.
He tried hard with OF to get a lover to 'collab with' and didn't succeed and then the financial and legal troubles came. As soon as he's done with the legal stuff I think he'll try to get with some younger fan or someone off Tinder or something. I give it about three years before it happens.

No. 926075

He wanted to kill himself because Skye made him pay alimony, imagine him having to pay child support for 2 brats specially now that he's more broke than he was when he was paying Skye alimony. He won't divorce the Foot until Clot turns 18 and he'll be free from having to pay child support. Hopefully Footface's ovaries will dry out because of the T shots and make it impossible for her to get pregnant with another bandaid baby to trap him for a few extra years.

No. 926173

unless of course he thinks "the haters" WANT him to divorce foot in which case we'll get another incredible anniversary video of him zooming in on sentences like "we never stopped fighting for each other" in printed Times New Roman on a strip of paper sitting in a plant bush(sage)

No. 926174

Maybe he'll try but who would date him? Does he still have those weird fans like Tamara etc.

No. 926176

She's stuck to him like glue up until this point. I can't see anything changing. She developed her whole personality around him.

No. 926210

She's a good partner for him given his situation though. Attraction aside (he can always cheat, as he's already done lol), she's the main caretaking parent for the kids, so onion is not obligated to do much. She's probably the one doing other household tasks too, like cleaning. He saves on having to pay a divorce lawyer, long term alimony and probably gets to dip into her paycheque too. Gets a willing scapegoat for the potential Sarah lawsuit. Also there's always the distant possibility she can still bring some women for him again just like back in the day. Onion fell so hard he's really not in the position, social or financial, to be choosy about her. He could've divorced her back in 2015 but not now. The only person who will openly have him now is that Whataburger paypig girl, and she doesn't have the finances to provide him anything.

No. 926219

File: 1704423315349.png (776.02 KB, 953x419, 674532133.PNG)

>she's the main caretaking parent
>She's probably the one doing other household tasks too, like cleaning
But is she really? Over the years the girls they brought in were the ones cleaning the house and babysitting the kids. Sarah was the main indentured servant but there was also her old high school friend Selena, her younger sister Lauren, Billie, Ayalla, Maya, Sam, PoopBeck, fakeboi Ryan. If you moved into their home you were obligated to do all household chores and watch their kids because they were busy being YouTube celebrities. Greg and Lainey would guilt the girls into servitude because they were living in their home rent free, not paying for utilities or food. And it wasn't just girls they had living with them that they conned into doing housework & babysitting. Madison and Jessica said that when they would visit, their friendly drop in would turn into them cleaning counters and watching the kids because Onision was editing and Lainey was busy scrolling on her phone. They did all that because Lainey and Greg dangled a poly relation as a reward.

My personal tinfoil is that they have someone living with them again taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. Maybe they snuck Ryan back in, maybe its someone new. We all know they can keep these prospective poly partners a secret (for a short time) The best example is the mysterious 26 year old that Greg started talking about when he was interviewed by those 3rd rate commentary channels. He used her as proof that he doesn't just go after teenagers. Even though she was never in a relationship with Greg and just hung out with Lainey and they kissed once. But being the narcissist he is, what's Laineys is also his. If Greg had never mentioned the 26 year old we may have never known about her. But once he teased it, LC farmers started searching and found proof of Lainey and her on dates and getting tattoos together.

Greg and Lainey are not parents or even true adults. They've lived most of their married life with some girl(s) living with them taking on the household chores and child-rearing while Greg & Lainey fucked around. Its going to be hard to break this habit. I'm sure they will fake interest in some fangirl just so she will fly up and live with them and become their slave and nanny.

No. 926229

I doubt he'd have to pay child support. He would most probably do shared parenting. He could just have a new partner who takes care of the kids like Sarah did, this is what men usually do to avoid alimony.

No. 926249

File: 1704500455021.png (458.12 KB, 600x706, 1418602045771.png)


No. 926256

File: 1704519665747.jpeg (108.93 KB, 633x461, IMG_5772.jpeg)

Greg and Laineys first court appearance is coming up soon. On February the 8th they're required to appear for their Chapter 13 bankruptcy confirmation hearing. I wasn't sure if a bankruptcy hearing was open to the public. I searched around and yes anyone can attend. I know that Repzion and some other dramatubers have hinted at traveling to California for the sex trafficking/child porn/rape/defamation trials. The Union Station Federal Courthouse is in Tacoma Washington so this would be perfect for Daniel or some other local WA YouTubers to sit in on.
I would love to see what inept disguise Greg will wear. Has he learn to wear his bulletproof vest properly? How will he interact with the judge and will he try to act up but get scolded and tuck his tail just like the Repzion/Hansen trespassing trial. Most of all I want to see what kind of train wreck Lainey has become. I'll bet you anything that she's trying to grow a beard and looks like those 13 year old boys struggling to primp and sculpt their patchy face fuzz. Her widows peak hairline was already prominent and I'm hoping that she's gained a little bald spot on the back. And if those photos of her at her sisters graduation are a sign of things to come, her heads likely become as fat as a pumpkin because of the testosterone shots.

No. 926302

Fingers crossed that these two clowns will go to prison for bankruptcy fraud

No. 926357

He is in such deep shit. I'm a bankruptcy paralegal and if he thinks the IRS was bad, he is in for a rude awakening from the Trustee. They actually have motivation to dig up assets because they get a portion of payments. So the more money they can find, the more they get. They have a monetary stake in digging through his finances and he plastered that shit all over the internet so it won't be hard to find.(sage)

No. 926468

But he doesnt seem to have assets hidden. He declared a huge amount of savings up front, he's not actually in debt and both of them have a stable income. Even if he does have stuff hidden, the basic amount he was up front with should already basically disqualify him from bankruptcy, no? Isn't the worst cade scrnario for him here that he gets told he doesn't qualify for bankruptcy, and he has to cover the legal fees of the process?

No. 926469

ot but whatever happened to his whataburger mistress? We haven’t heard of that bitch in awhile, hopefully she bailed out before shit hits the fan.(offtopic)

No. 926482

I remember he had to list his monthly expenses whenever Skye was trying to get alimony. She quit working to help build Grug's channel, so of course she was entitled to alimony. Grug did a lot, a LOT of bullshitting to get out of paying so much. I really don't think he was clever so much as lucky. Skye just wanted to be divorced and done, already. I don't blame her.

Greg's doing the same tricks he did before. He has reason to think it worked before, so why not do it again? I will be surprised if the opposition is a little more tenacious this time around.

No. 926483

He already got denied once but the retard is trying again, you think he won't lie even more this time? He already got caught lying about the additional income he gets from the GI bill >>923340

No. 926485

File: 1704961186757.png (20.41 KB, 656x312, 8561298750.PNG)

On January 2nd Regina's lawyers had an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) with Google/YouTube. Basically they sat down and tried to resolve the dispute through mediation. A week later on January 9th Regina's lawyer Lisa Haba dismissed Google & YouTube from the lawsuit. I'm not a lawfag but it sounds like YouTube settled out of court and Regina got a big enough payoff that her lawyers are willing to release YT from the lawsuit. So Regina got a big fat paycheck and now the only remaining defendants are Greg and Lainey. Her lawyers are going to dial in hard on the onions now. Greg is so fucked.

Sarah also had an ADR on the 4th with Google but I haven't seen her lawyers call for a dismissal yet. But I would expect if YouTube settled with Regina they'll do the same with Sarah in the next few days.

No. 926505

Grease was dumb enough to piss off Sarah's and Regina's lawyers so I doubt they will let him go so easily even if their clients get money from Google, also he was dumb enough to doxx himself and reveal he still has about 200k in the bank (therefore he's not as "broke" as he claimed to try to get out of paying lawyers fees + damages in case he loses the lawsuits) so the lawyers can go after that money too. He's fucked.

No. 926614

>So Regina got a big fat paycheck
>with Google/YouTube
Considering Onisions very trusty Youtube channel is still up and running, I highly doubt that.

No. 926615

Why would Reginas lawyers dismiss Youtube from the lawsuit other than they settled for a monetary amount? I dont think her lawyers would let them walk away unless they were writing Regina a check. Am I wrong?

No. 926638

They wouldn't delete a channel, especially from settling a lawsuit. That's retaliation, as they settled independently from Onion'd involvement. Onion's channel and the settlement have no connection in terms of termination. It's not like Regina can demand they delete his channel as part of the settlement, that's not how these things work.

No. 926666

cool story, bro.(infighting)

No. 926669

YouTube is still making money from his shitty banana video, simple as that. There are other predators channels that are still up just because they make YouTube money, like Sssniperwhore who asked a teenage girl to show her boobs on omegle and recorded it

No. 926692

File: 1705364778957.png (348.04 KB, 801x1081, Screenshot_2021-01-19.png)

After the Discovery documentary, YouTube was scared they would get some kind of backlash so they had to show they were doing something to fix the problem. They accused him of being a danger to children more specifically there were issues of off platform behavior concerning "child safety." So if someone is a danger to children YouTube should have banned him from their platform, removed all his channels and videos and not allow any kind of reuploads by second parties. Did they do that? No. They allowed him to keep his 3 main channels along with his video library and the ability to make new videos. All they did was remove his ability to profit from his videos. And where does all that ad money go now? Into YouTubes pocket.

YouTube will never remove Onision's videos or channels. Even if Greg was criminally convicted of raping a child and put in prison YouTube would capitalize on that in hopes people would visit his channels out of some kind of morbid curiosity and only erase Onsion from their platform once the SJW's inevitably start rallying to get him removed for good. Look how long it took them to remove Austin Jones. YouTube still makes money off Onision's infamy.

No. 926716

Sage for offtop, because I’m here for other cows and don’t know this guy much - but he looks like the main character in Serbian film. Can’t unsee it. (In case you don’t know the film, don’t look, it’s not worth it)(no1currs)

No. 926732

I'll believe it when Regina posts / tells about her having gotten a pay off by Youtube / Google, and not a minute before that.

No. 926773

File: 1705509065166.jpeg (118.38 KB, 753x353, IMG_2899.jpeg)

Looks like Greg got what he wanted. They've put a pause on Regina's lawsuit. Greg and Lainey have to file status reports on their bankruptcy every 90 days starting in April. We may get news sooner and the lawsuit may resume by February since that's when the onions have their bankruptcy confirmation hearing >>926256 I'm positive that his bankruptcy request is going to be thrown out even though he tried to inflate the amount of people trying to get money out of him (Shane, Repzion, Hansen, Social Repose) The judge is going to see his sketchy list of creditors and the amount of money he's squirreled away and deny it. Did Onision think filing for bankruptcy would make these federal lawsuits go away forever? He's only postponing the inevitable by a few months.

One interesting thing I noticed.
>the two remaining defendants, James and Lucas Jackson
The way its phrased is sounds like Greg and Lainey are the only defendants left in the lawsuit. Looks like YouTube and Google are no longer part of the lawsuit. Id love to see how angry Onision is knowing that YouTube settled with "a girl I never even talked to."

No. 926886

If Regina REALLY got paid by Google, that means she must have showed proof she got groomed by the Foot, or else Google wouldn't have accepted to pay her… I wonder if she showed Google's lawyers the nudes Footface sent her when she was still a minor. At this point hundreds of people must have seen photos of Foot's saggy tits, inb4 she starts crying about muh dysphoria kek.

No. 926899

File: 1705701776755.jpg (137.91 KB, 1024x1024, _651dc4d8-a8de-4a8e-967e-f8f06…)

pic related, about just as likely.
stop trying, both people posting here do not believe you. either show proof (and real proof with sauce, not shitty photoshops) or gtfo.

No. 926916

That's why I said "if" in the beginning of my post, learn to read.(infighting, tinfoiling)

No. 926938

yes, "if" pigs could fly, learn to read.(infighting)

No. 926939

File: 1705761516102.png (Spoiler Image, 324.94 KB, 621x587, 568333.PNG)

I was slow on the catch. Onision is back on twitter doing a QnA. Changed his header and pfp. No longer RIP either.(spoiler)

No. 926943

File: 1705765874471.jpg (279.23 KB, 1285x1293, 1675012131.jpg)

He came back to tell us he's leaving forever. Spent over 12 hours saying he's sad, no one likes him and giving subtle suicide vibes.

No. 926944

File: 1705765979491.jpg (479 KB, 1859x1103, 1675012142.jpg)

He wasn't getting much interaction on Twitter so the last few hours was him skimming through r/Onision capping posts and getting angry that strangers think they know him better than himself.

No. 926946

"a friend told him people online were talking shit about him" coward can't even admit he is terminally online and reading what people post about him all the time kek

No. 926956

Without his precious platform, he has no power from whatever fans were giving him. He'll probably be losing whatever money he has left to lawyers and the lawsuits.
All that's left is indirectly responding to the people on Reddit through Twitter, because he knows he'd be banned from the sub in a heartbeat. I doubt he'd even try to pull this with posts from here, all it would do is give us more to laugh at him for.
The death throes of the most disgusting loser on the planet, and they could not be sweeter.

No. 926988

Why is he whining that his life is over about not being famous and having no fans, 99% of people aren't famous and don't have fans. I guess his only real life goal was being a cult leader kek

No. 926992

because he knows he has no skills or knowledge of anything and can't pivot into a successful career because he is dumb and lazy, unlike those other people. catfishing children online was all he knew how to do and now that he can't do that any longer we are seeing desperate death throes of an ugly pedo cow.

No. 927025

File: 1705877727933.png (271.24 KB, 1340x507, 07854391.PNG)

I think he got a little confidence boost when he received the notice that Regina's lawsuit was "stayed and administratively closed" Knowing Greg's hatred of reading and poor comprehension he probably read "closed" and thought that the case is over and he's free and clear. He had a dopamine rush and jumped on Twitter.

He tried to argue with them on r/Onision and was quickly banned from the subreddit. The sock account he used looks like its been around a while and was used for crypto discussions 2 years ago. I wonder if that's how he's attempting to make money now.

He spent all day yesterday fighting with Reddit the only way he could. By ss their posts and using his Twitter to make counter arguments. He started right back up this morning at 8 a.m. doing the same thing till 2 p.m. He went quiet an hour ago. I'm guessing he's taking a quick loliporn jerk off break.

No. 927032

His life goal was getting endless supplies of teenage pussy

No. 927034

KEK are those his posts from a year ago on the right, trying to call out crypto scams? Was he gonna try to be one of those crypto exposers to try and redeem his career? What a pathetic waste

No. 927036

For a grandiose narc like Greg that’s a fate worse than death.

No. 927043

Apologies if this has been asked/discussed before but do we anticipate that Gronk may return to the internet through his son when he turns 13 (soon-ish?)

No. 927050

His first mistake was implying he has friends. We all know that is bullshit.

No. 927052

File: 1705943229178.jpg (498.72 KB, 1409x1008, GEdWq9xbYAAkPzm.jpg)

Still fighting with Reddit.
He tweaked the story about his daughter falling out of the window. Now he says the video he made was for the doctors benefit and not because he was afraid that someone would blame him like he feared during the Shiloh drama. And that he horny tweeted so that no one would know there had been a tragedy at home. The story seems to have changed. When he was asked about that a year ago during an interview he said he had no idea why he tweeted those things and that it must be some kind of defense mechanism when bad things happen. Your child almost dies so you automatically start tweeting out sado-sexual fantasies? Fucking creepy and gross.
Apologies for the ss size. That's how he's replying with his wall of text on twitter since he stopped paying for the checkmark.

No. 927053

File: 1705944858395.png (162.23 KB, 607x582, D66E-49F6-A702.png)

Is he saying "these famous people abused teenagers so I should be able to."
He's comparing himself to R. Kelly who married a 15 year old girl and produced child porn with underage girls he groomed. Doug Hutchison started grooming a 15 year old girl and then married her when she turned 16. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. Woody Allen groomed and then married his adopted daughter and sexually abused his 7 year old daughter Dylan. Great company.

No. 927099

File: 1705979949998.jpeg (82.4 KB, 873x609, IMG_2865.jpeg)

Onision has uploaded a new 10 minute video all about Anonymous Gene being a "Criminal Cyber Stalker." I was surprised that Onision has kept tweets, emails and text messages from Gene that go back to 2020.
He has some wild claims about Anon Gene
>He bought Sarah a house
>He is paying Lisa Haba (one Regina and Sarah's lawyers)
>Anonymous Gene is the leader of the Anti-O movement
>the only reason people call Onision a pedo is because Anon Gene is behind it
>He's in cahoots with Del Harvey, Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety
>Gene mailed flyers to all of his neighbors when he moved to his new home
and this is the best one
>Anonymous Gene is in fact Xavier Von Erck. The founder of Perverted-Justice

Onision says he has multiple sources for these conclusions but most names are censored out in the emails. I could see the name "Kelly" in one of them so I'm 100% positive that one of them is Heezy. If you've been here long enough you know her as a long time fan and lackey that did legwork for him. The only source he would outright name was Vincent Nicotra.

No. 927100

File: 1705980295711.jpg (186.17 KB, 1721x591, IMG_2866.jpg)

These are the two flyers that Onision says were mailed to his neighbors.