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No. 1712166

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

previous thread: >>>/ot/1693548

No. 1712168

previous thread hit max posts 5 days ago and i didn't see a new one in the catalog so here goes

No. 1712248

I don't understand why some women have so much against fat women. Men and anas I get, but I ultimately don't care about their opinion. But what do normal straight women stand to gain from bullying a lady who is fat? If you're a pick me, you should be glad. If you're not a pick me, why care and not just let a bitch be fat? And don't tell me this is a popular opinion when we're on lolcow.farm.

No. 1712250

File: 1696180820134.jpeg (177.11 KB, 1500x1500, 343B0068-6599-4206-867C-A1553D…)

I stay away from women who are super into their looks(fake lashes, surgeries and getting their hair and nails done all the time). The super dolled up women like pic related. Those kind of women usually do look down on women who don’t do all that and see them as lazy. No hun I’m not lazy I’m poor and I tried to be friends with a girl with a similar aesthetic and she would always shade women who don’t do that stuff.

No. 1712255

I'm kinda bored so I'm gonna give my 2 cents on that. But I personally dislike both fat men and women. They take too much space on public transport, they stink because of their skin flaps, they don't feel cold so they make the AC as cold as possible killing us normal sized people with cold temperatures, they have difficulties walking and block the way when walking in front of a person, they just look legitimately disgusting and are hard to look at without feeling sick, they complain about how oppressed they are because of their fatness since no one finds them attractive but it's their fault for looking unnatural, they're lazy and neglectful of themselves which made them fat to begin with and aren't suitable for serious relationships that they feel so entitled to. That's all I can think of right now. I don't care about someone being fat as long as they don't bitch about it and how unfair they are treated, but I'll always silently judge them for being an eyesore and lazy. Ofcourse I don't hold that judgment against people with genuine illness causing them to be fat, especially if they're trying to lose weight. But the ones who are fat by choice don't have the right to complain. Also again, it's unnatural to be fat or to be anaroxic at that, the natural state of the human body is to be fit, and I hate how being either extreme is seen as a norm because of modern society and how being fit can be looked down upon sometimes (i.e. people saying it's fatphobic or so stressful and causing them mental illness like anaroxia or body dysmorphia when it's their faults for looking at it negatively), being fat is dangerous on one's health and is sort of self-harm just as much as anaroxia is, and I don't understand why being fat is excused or sympathized with more than anaroxia, but I'm guessing it's because it's easier for the average person to slip into the former than the latter, so ofcourse they'd defend it so they don't get ridiculed later on when they finally become fat. Saying "just let people be fat/anaroxic!" creates a lazy ugly unhealthy society, and I'm sure it's not in our best interest for thag to happen. Plus it kinda says a lot about a person's discipline and will power of they let themselves go in either extreme or if they are normal and fit. It's just a more out together person's thing to be fit, while messy people who are better to avoid are either fat or anaroxic. But that's my two cents on it, feel free to disagree.

No. 1712258

This is how I feel about it. People only give a fuck when its someone they want to degrade

No. 1712260

I dont think she's talking about morbidly obese people who act as public biohazard when they don't practice hygeine

No. 1712266

I don’t feel bad for people who whine about not getting enough tips because they’re complacent in keeping the rich richer just for their little 6 dollar tip. I never eat out unless someone else is paying because I don’t wanna give you cunts shit.

No. 1712269

Oh? What other kind of fat people is there? A chubby person is ok I guess but they're still chubby for similar reasons as a morbidly obese one, just less intense. I'm assuming op is American since they have an obesity epidemic there and being fat is a norm and the average, so that's why she thinks it's weird that people would dislike it.

No. 1712281

I am not American and your explanation doesn't make sense.
>A chubby person is ok I guess but they're still chubby for similar reasons as a morbidly obese one, just less intense
How can you know? In your first post you say you don't judge those who have hormonal or health issues but it's not like you can know who is sick or postpartum and who is just "lazy", according to you. Which means you do judge everyone.

No. 1712283

File: 1696183780794.jpg (80.76 KB, 616x606, n1SuJCp.jpg)

i like participating in fandome discusssions (on lc and elsewhere) but i sometimes feel like i'm the only one who really doesn't caare about shipping. i mostly read/write gen fics or ones where the pairings are not the focus of the sotory. but almost every discussion of fandom revolves around shipping.
then again i don't care much romance as a genre so there's that

No. 1712284

What are they supposed to do, realistically? What if that's the only job they can find at the moment? I did hear of some wait staff not wanting to be paid hourly because they make more in tips though so I guess it depends on where they're from. I only tip 15% since I don't ask for much service.

No. 1712300

Fair point, but most fat people I come across aren't married or dating so it's probably not post portum, while hormonal issues where I live causes lots of girls to be extremely thin and sickly rather than fat due to our ethnicity and genetics, usually obesity is caused by diet where I'm from so I apply that to other countries and ethnicities subconsciously.

No. 1712399

It’s really not hard to make friends as an adult if you live in a populated enough area and actually put the effort in.

No. 1712403

I think a big part of it is just to learn to enjoy (or try to force yourself to be comfortable with) the small and simple interactions of day to day life. Yes, that neighbor that is always in your business is annoying but she's a lonely old woman and chatting her lightly while you escape through your front door will help you socially. Just being casually pleasant and friendly (but detached!) helps ease your overall tension anyways. We get so in our heads and don't realize how unapproachable we appear. You don't have to be Snow White and you don't have to be friendly to everyone, but life really does change when you start treating people like actual members of your community instead of pests or obstacles.

No. 1712409

So-called goth clothing looks tacky as shit and is usually low quality, the best way to look alternative is to wer plain black clothes and accessorize to the extreme.

No. 1712490

>the natural state of the human body is to be fit
What does "fit" mean to you ? different types of activity result in different specialized bodies/muscle development and usually that doesn't look like a decorative gym rat. There isn't one "natural state".

>being fit can be looked down upon

It's literally the beauty standard. It's pathetic if terminally online seething fatties are all it takes to make you sperg out like this. Body positivity has always been a larp, literally no one actually thinks good of fat people outside of their hugboxes. The idea that fit people are shunned by current culture is just the moid equivalent of pickmes who think they're oppressed for wearing makeup and being "feminine".

The fat people debate is so tiring, it's either mindless landwhale advocacy or pretentious retards who act like everyone owes them beauty and think real farmers look like soviet propaganda posters. It's like gender, it wouldn't even be a problem if people just went outside.

I don't give a rat's ass about ships either. I just don't see what's so exciting or why it's so important that people go to e-war over them. I can tell when two characters would go well with each other but idk what state of mind you have to be in to straight up fawn over it to the point of making torrents of fan content about them

No. 1712508

i don't like flavorful food

No. 1712519

this place fucking sucks ass now i miss when it was for real weird ass bitches who grew up shitposting on 4chan and not the current population of wine moms from KF and tumblr

No. 1712525

I hate them so much.

No. 1712535

same they really ruined this place and then they get on a high horse about it too and call you a pickme/nlog. like you have the entire rest of the internet and you had to come here and woobify this place too? theres no place left for girls who really don't fit in. i gave up on shitcord servers too because theres always one or two 30+ fat women who condescend and then start drama about you behind your back because you said a slur or something

No. 1712547


>theres no place left for girls who really don't fit in

i have nowhere left to go

No. 1712574

>white zoomers mad that it isn’t the early 2000s and they can’t spam pictures of dead black people, call people retarded and be a bitch online without being canceled

Sorry you were just born in the wrong decade hun

No. 1712577

I feel like there’s a lot of conclusions you jumped to there you can’t even make fun of Croatians or British people without being banned for racebait

No. 1712583

hella schizo reply ill just assume youre trolling or just fat and old

No. 1712590

You’re wasting your youth and being thin complaining because you have no where that you fit in. Are you actually even attractive for you age if this is an issue for you?

No. 1712591

For you age*

No. 1712594

???? are you ok?

No. 1712595

I was kidding but usually when zoomers are complaining about pc culture they’re usually just mad that they can’t pretty much be a mean ass bully online like teens back in the day could

No. 1712597

dumbass thats wrong too

No. 1712598

Are you ok? You’re the one who doesn’t fit anywhere.

No. 1712600

the meanest bullies online are the ones who pretend to be virtuous morality police and are 9 out of 10 times fat millenial women

No. 1712603

projection. i can fit into my pants just fine unlike you

No. 1712609

Because we grew up during those times and we learned being edgy isn’t fun or cute. People who acted like that grow up to be like Kiki kannibal.

No. 1712618

And I still have friends, hobbies, a partner and a place where I fit in unlike you. Love being a fat old hag.

No. 1712623

you missed the point. you haven't learned shit because you just turned into bigger bullies with a crusade boner. shitposts and slurs are less harmful than assuming horrible shit about someone because they made a joke that offended you and then doing character assassination. real karen shit

No. 1712626

got secondhand embarrassment from reading this massive cope lmao

No. 1712630

You can't seem to get enough of it since you're still here, shitting yourself over millennials. If you don't like it go play Roblox or something.

No. 1712631

If you’re triggered by people talking shit about you because you said a slur you wouldn’t have survived early 2000s internet. You’d end up groomed and cutting yourself within a month kek you zoomers wish for things you don’t really want.

No. 1712638

do you lose the ability to read properly when you go past age 35? your entire point is moot anyways when you're on an imageboard trying to tone police people. you didn't grow up on these places and larping like some AllStarOldfag at your big age is just sad
i like to post my lukewarm takes on here and watch you guys rage so hard until you have to wipe the sweat under your fatrolls again

No. 1712640

It’s not women in their 30s raging about those posts it’s dumb zoomers like yourself

No. 1712642

you are currently raging at me mam

No. 1712658

I think a lot of zoomers confuse disagreement with anger, especially by older people. Those mean old hags probably didn’t even do anything that bad to you but because they disagreed with your joke and didn’t find it funny you took at as them bullying you and trying to tarnish your reputation.

No. 1712662

they tried to dox me, spread a rumor im a pedophile, stalked people close to me to gather info and then made a bunch of insane comments about my looks which just sounded kind of bitter and sad. was pretty unhinged if you ask me

No. 1712669

not to mention the amount of times millenial fat women from KF have stolen mine and my friends pictures to catfish younger guys with. like you ladies have brainworms

No. 1712673

Who are you…?

No. 1712676

To be fair if you did something people didn’t like 14+ years ago that’s what would’ve happened to you dealing with that crowd….That’s just the risk you take dealing with people who go on places like discord, 4chan, lolcow and kiwi farms etc. stop trying to hangout with losers and get normie friends while you’re still young.

No. 1712679

you keep assuming me much younger than i actually am and then proceed to condescend about things you know nothing about. i was on the internet 14 years ago dw

No. 1712685

What are you like 22? Hangout with normie college people and stop trying to fit in with people on lolcow, discord etc. yeah of course you got doxxed when you pissed people off because that’s what people who go on sites like this are known to do lmao

No. 1712691

no. i also didn't get doxed, you guys are actually really dumb and bad at this despite all the internet tough gal bluster. i wouldn't mind any sort of true things being said, it's the annoying lying and stealing of your identity when they can't actually find anything bad about you. like you don't even have to do anything wrong, it's enough to be younger and thin and they'll hate you and desperately look for a reason for others to hate you too because they are incredibly lonely people ontop of being pickmes who think they fit into the edgy club but cry about racism on an ib lol

No. 1712694

If you’re older than the age of 25 you’re not far off from 30. The way you’re acting makes it seem like you’re a teen-early 20s.

No. 1712695

that's nice

No. 1712744

File: 1696197264792.jpg (76.63 KB, 540x508, 155.jpg)

..what does any of this have to do with lc? did you get a thread on here or what?

No. 1712748

how would i get a thread when they couldn't find anything and then made up some nonsensical lies. it has to do with LC because they were both staff and frequent posters on here

No. 1712750

nah i'm under 30 and these ladies are 35-40 and also fat and ugly so the hag levels aren't equal though it's telling that you want them to be lol so insecure

No. 1712752

>it has to do with LC because they were both staff and frequent posters on here

No. 1712754

no thank you. i'm not into starting a take your meds schizo 2 hour thread spam followed by gore and a bunch of hideous blaine pics

No. 1712755


No. 1712759

File: 1696197776250.png (220.93 KB, 467x338, 9o8ej7buia451.png)


No. 1712760

go be autistic somewhere else

No. 1712762

ok starts passionately making out with you

No. 1712765

dead meme

No. 1712767

No. 1712768

Piggybacking off your post, even though I'm skelly myself (not due to any EDs though) I'm starting to find the anachans more annoying than fatties because their hate for fats gets way too autistic at times. It's a weird strong hatred even when the fatty they're talking about (some celebrities, screencaps of random women on social media, etc) isn't doing anything milky or interesting at all. While the fatty chans generally mind their own business or at least keep things brief. I also suspect the lack of food is effecting their mood thus the aggressive behavior.

No. 1712772

File: 1696198232872.jpg (57.18 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

>they were both staff and frequent posters on here

No. 1712773

this was true for lolcow in like what 2019 maybe? now both this place and cc are full of bitter fat women who can not shut the fuck up about rattle rattle and their huge tits or whatever. theyre two sides of the same coin and both are annoying as fuck but at least anachans have the whole illness thing as an excuse

No. 1712775

thats why i didnt elaborate. its mostly for them to read and not for any curious onlookers

No. 1712780


No. 1712782

right? like ships spice up a story but they're not the be all end all. i like interesting plotline and i like discussing individual character. i'm not against a well-handled ship fic but i dinnt get why 95% of fan discussion revolves around shipping

No. 1712796


No. 1712800

no but lol at them doing it to more than one person

No. 1712806

File: 1696199936068.png (300.22 KB, 375x619, death.png)

I only hate them when they think they're oppressed for being fat or when they actively make feeder content because slowly killing yourself for a moid's fetish is pathetic. I will always hate fat moids more though. Losing weight is so easy for them, they don't deal with pregnancy or birthcontrol, so they have no excuse.

No. 1712947

I literally never see anyone post about rattling unless it's in response to someone bone rattling. Or about "huge tits", big boobs doesn't even mean that someone is fat.

No. 1712998

The only women who can make good mothers are very strong a dominate women with high confidence levels. Naive Low self esteem women just end up putting their kids in situations where they will be abused or sexually assaulted at some point. Dumbo women shouldn’t be allowed to be parents.

No. 1713002

I’m honestly a little jealous cause they let themselves go and they just run around and carry on, I would kms if I were fat. But I see them eating McDonald’s and fast food all the time and I wish I were that reckless

No. 1713022

dominating mothers are not great either, though yes it's better women have confidence and self-esteem so they don't try to live through children. do you know what it means to be dominating? that's not going to result in a healthy parent-child relationship.

No. 1713068

I believe that if a woman is talking about how much she hates fat people (or anas) she is mentally ill. The only people who seriously hate fatties (and anas) are people who have an unhealthy relationship with their body and food. Normal people with a healthy body image will generally not pay much attention to the bodies of people around them as we are busy not obsessing over the size of strangers. Sure it's gross when you're behind an unclean morbidly obese person in line but it's not an everyday occurrence. I will admit the fat activist crowd is disgusting for promoting obesity because it destroys ones mental and physical health. On a side note I think the one of the reasons fat activism caught on like it did is because the skeleton thin bodies of anorexic women is unnerving on a primal level for all but anas, whereas Americans in particular have a general problem with being overweight (thicc) already + there is a large/growing fetish market for fatties of all obesity sizes.

No. 1713147

idk what the other posts are about and think having some morals is fine, but I agree there's a tumblr vibe at times whenever anons respond to an innocuous post with exaggerated sarcasm and passive aggressiveness for no reason.

No. 1713157

this or anyone who rips apart average bodies. this includes fattys claiming women with D cups are flat chested or anas who think any woman who looks like a woman is a disgusting lardass who binge eats pizza daily

No. 1713162

File: 1696223977246.jpg (26.06 KB, 265x393, oiib.JPG)

hello newfag here can anyone show me around?
teach me the lingo and unwritten rules and what you guys usually post about?(shitposting)

No. 1713164

nta but some moid on CC kept spamming his macromastia fetish for years (I assume leaked over to lolcow as well??) they claimed to be a woman who has an L cup with a healthy BMI or something and would sperg about small boobed women all day while insisting the chestlets are the real villains

No. 1713178

NTA but doesn't sound like anyone I've seen on lc. Even the worst, most spergest boob infights didn't have anyone that weird.

No. 1713186

I can't think of much on lolcow except people insisting JJJ boobs in a skelly body is perfectly natural and obtainable, but it was all over CC in 2019 and so. The worst ones are the moids that would say women are pickmes for getting breast reduction and that they should just be happy with themselves and not do anything to fix chronic pain and joint problems having extremely large boobs would cause. I'll try to dig up the threads

No. 1713190

No. 1713229

Big nipples on women are based and lovely though. Larger nipples are par for the course on large breasts. Only a pornsick male or a corrupted brainwashed addled pornsick het woman would consider large breasts and small nippes a good combination, or even a combination at all if you've seen enough variations of womans breasts. Bodies are different and the more larger the breast the larger the size in general, the more fat, the larger the ducts. Of course the nipples/areola are going to be bigger if the ducts are bigger too.

No. 1713265

File: 1696232157602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.54 KB, 800x800, 48619df4.jpg)

People get too use to seeing bodies that are perfectly angled, edited and if not then plastic surgery. I remember how many moids were crying about how disappointed they are to see Sydney Sweeneys boobs like?? Yes that's what big boobs look like when they don't have a bag of saline shoved in them or in a bra.

No. 1713273

Having morals is good and not every imageboard is the same.

No. 1713292

Samefag but it's also kind of fucked up when people put aside their morals for money if they're already rich.

No. 1713313

Discharge is so fucking annoying, especially if you go commando. I guess these are problems brought on by myself but my discharge gets all over my thighs and makes my chaffing painful and gives me rashes

No. 1713316

Being a good mom is just something you either have or you don't. You don't have to be extremely dominant or stern or even confident but you have to be strong enough to be able to leave situations that can harm your child. Confident women can also be neglectful without realizing it because of the dunning kruger effect and you never actually see flaws in your parenting and therefore won't fix them

No. 1713332

As someone who is like that and always in full glam, I've never heard anything like that from other women with high-maintenance looks. I've heard far more shit coming from makeup-free low maintenance women. A classic and super common neg being "Wow, that must've taken you so long to do".

No. 1713335

File: 1696242402264.jpg (31.07 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It also depends on the kid. It's easy to be a good mom to a kid who is naturally obedient and well-behaved. If you are unfortunate enough to have an aggressive moidlet who throws tantrums to get what he wants, no amount of "good" parenting will be enough.
I also don't believe that it's all nurture and no nature. All kids would be irreparably fucked up in that case because most parents just can't teach everything, and it doesn't explain how babies who can't even speak already have personalities of their own.

No. 1713340

I am not like that but my bestie is. She's not mean at all but she has some ex-friends who are. She stopped hanging out with them because she said they were mocking everybody's looks in front of them, in Russian so they couldn't understand. Mean girls come in all shapes and sizes, it's just insecurity. No need to deflect on women who don't wear makeup or vice versa.

No. 1713352

Someday these girls will shit talk someone who speaks Russian and will get the ass kicking of a lifetime.

No. 1713392

After seeing some recent weird and aggressive replies across several threads and that post about cerebmin in /meta/ i think this is the ashley sperg

No. 1713408

i wish 2X was visible again, i want to see more anons tell stories about troons they've met irl so i can laugh at them

No. 1713414

hard disagree the girls i knew with dominating moms turned out the biggest cunts and they now have terrible relationships with their moms and run to abusive moids for validation. meanwhile the moms who were friendly but stepped in when needed like a normal person produced normal kids to adults

No. 1713417

It's not worth it considering what happened last time

No. 1713446

>what does "fit" mean to you?
Having normal fat percentages and muscle definition, or being slim at least.
>it's literally the beauty standard
For a reason. And yet it isn't the norm. Plus women who work out are accused of being pickmes as well for daring to care about their health and for doing a "masculine" activity, i.e. working out. And any woman with muscles is considered "mannish" and undesirable or lesbian. Tribal people who are isolated from modern society have defined muscles and never have any fat members because they have a proper natural diet and level of activity, unlike the modern human living in a city. With all the technology and science available to us no one has an excuse to not take care of their health and work out and eat properly, the guides to that are a click away. Some people are just lazy and they never wanna admit it or be called out for it. I'd take a gym rat woman (or man) over a fat one any time, at least they're trying to emulate what living in nature used to be like. Ofcourse this doesn't include the ones on steroids and ones with no carbs no fat diet who do the whole cutting thing to show as much muscle as possible, or the bulking people either because they raise their fat percentage above normal.

No. 1713449

>Plus women who work out are accused of being pickmes as well for daring to care about their health and for doing a "masculine" activity, i.e. working out.
Sometimes I wonder if any of you live in the real world.

No. 1713450

Was this entire interaction dropped in a time machine from "Rwar I am Teh epic dinosaur >_^!!" 2010 pre zoomer days?

No. 1713458

>women who work out are accused of being pickmes as well for daring to care about their health and for doing a "masculine" activity, i.e. working out.
where do you live and who are you talking to? that's just bizarre.

No. 1713484

"content creators" aren't creating anything and it isn't a real job so they shouldn't get shit from anyone. they're literally just people online like everyone else.

No. 1713493

It’s true, like, what are they even actually “creating”? Is reading a bit more about a hobby, engaging in that hobby and giving a few tips that you can find with a single google search, truly considered as creating something?

No. 1713532

no it isn't. it's all derivative bullshit, and even when they have interesting info or takes or whatever, your personal opinions and experiences isn't valuable to anyone, at least not more valuable than any other rando's. even the influencers who are also in some legit profession often just bastardize said profession in their "content". for example lawyers who make true crime videos lol.

No. 1713564

I don't really see it as an issue considering it's not like their viewers have to pay them. As long as it's not coming out of my pocket, I say give them all the money kek.

No. 1713571

There are two kinds of people who are content creators: those who produce useless online garbage and don't have a real name for their occupation because producing useless online garbage isn't a real occupation and people who could actually be called real things like writer or artist (varying degrees of quality) but are lumped with the first group just because they are on the internet. But grouping them together is kinda like grouping together a band and a rambling old scrote just because they are both in a public square.

No. 1713587

in the case of like youtubers but also other social media influencers you're always paying them indirectly through adsense and/or sponsorships unless you use an adblocker and skip all the promotions (which i don't even think can be done in apps).

anyway part of what bothers me is the way a lot of them are trying to legitimize their "jobs" and also when they're pressuring their retarded simps into subscribing and whatever by going "haha okay so anyway guyss thanks for watching aaand if you liked this video please consider subscribing because this is literally how i pay my bills and get to eat… okay baiii" as if they just performed some service they deserve to get paid for, when it's literally their own lazy, fame hungry asses choosing to waste time posting online instead of getting an actual job. it's just ebegging. same goes for online "artists" on twitter and tumblr who act like people are denying them their livelihoods by not commissioning them or sharing their stuff everywhere kek

No. 1713636

You are not oppressed for wearing eyeshadow

No. 1713640

>No need to deflect on women who don't wear makeup
Nta but sharing your own experience isn't deflecting

No. 1713690

i'd do that, can't stand выберименяшек

No. 1713812

I’m never being an organ donor, mainly from hearing the ways bodies are used for unnecessary weird shit nowadays in medical experiments. It’s hilarious and frightening the amount of seething people have at the mere idea someone will choose to not be an organ donor. Saying “well you’re dead so it doesn’t matter! You’re a piece of shit for not potentially saving someone’s life!” and then also shit like “if I’m dead idc what they do with me” and list degrading inappropriate things. I actually do care about myself and even if I’m dead I want my lifeless body to be treated with some respect and not cut up to give to another person or shot out of a cannon for science. People seething that I don’t serve others via giving my body when I’m gone is plain aggressive and disturbing.

No. 1713829

I don't necessarily disagree with the notion that a woman can't really be considered a feminist if she's in a relationship with a man. Same thing as me not taking black activists who date white people seriously.

I understand both sides of the argument but at this point if you're laying with the average moid every night while complaining about their nasty ways, I automatically just write you off as an attention whore or something. Especially if you're the radical type online but go home to be mistreated by your unicorn Nigel.

No. 1713830

I'd wager it's the opposite, because often enough those moms turn into tiger moms who trample their kids personalities to the ground before they turn 13.

No. 1713833

I've said the same thing and now I aren't eligible to donate shit and even then people act so insufferable over my dead body? Yeah I don't want to be some detached head used by plastic surgeons in training or a loose limb used for poking practise or have my tissues being used for some other weird shit, it's rarely some "my heart will save a child", and like, yeah I won't know what is going on once I'm dead but it's still mine as of right now and I don't want to be cut into pieces and somehow that is so beyond selfish of me. Others can do whatever the fuck with their corpses but it's weird to get angry over me saying what I do not wish to be done with mine.

No. 1713834

The "well you're dead so it doesn't matter" argument is not even always true. Except if the person is brain dead (so no consciousness there anymore), they have to harvest the organs out of the donors before he/she flatlines so the organs don't start failing.
Which is to me just the worst fucking situation I wanna imagine anyone in, like the clinic takes your autonomy from you to declare that you're not going to make it, whatever brought you to the ER in the first place, and then the moment you have a donor card, it feels like it's about the same as an DNR (do not resuscitate) and I find that absolutely fucked up.
At the very least, if there was a card "willing to give body to science", because there are some people who are willing, I'd accept that shit.

And the one thing that perturbs me the most is the aftermath of the body emptied of whatever got donated, when the family want a burial with a wake etc. Like I can't imagine having your loved one in the coffin and with sunken eyelids in the eyesockets because the eyes were donated, or the burial clothes fitting loosely cuz there are no more organs in the upper body, it makes me feel icky.

No. 1713861

File: 1696280667656.jpeg (405.73 KB, 1500x2076, IMG_2722.jpeg)

Large beds are so overrated. You know your room could be so much cuter and less cramped, moving is easier, and bedding less expensive if you would stick with a twin or twinXL. But noooo every motherfuck gotta have a queen or king size bed that leaves small and awkward dimension spaces rendering the entire rest of the room useless.

No. 1713866

Me and my bf each have a queen size bed to ourselves, they’re pushed together kek. I do agree with your points tho, I miss my childhood bedroom.

No. 1713869

nta but donating your body to science =/= being an organ donor. organ donors don't have organs used for practice for doctors.

No. 1713870

I see you, and I raise you having actual weeaboo tatami mats in my bedroom with a futon bed that I can roll away to make a lot more space in my bedroom, and having less back problems from sleeping on the mats.

No. 1713882

I got a double bed for my tiny room after sleeping in a queen for most of my life, it's genuinely too small. Like my feet hang over the edge in many positions and I'm 5'7. Widthwise it's more than enough, I only use half of the bed. I don't have sex but if I ever do I'll need to use my sofa bed.

No. 1714047

My biggest issue with this mindset is that it's on the same level as incels who villianize women for being humans with feelings of attraction, love and lust. I feel like it's more productive to teach women how to have a healthy relationship with men instead of just shitting on them for having love at all.

No. 1714061

I use adblock, but either way watching an ad or scrolling through someone's instagram feed and seeing a sponsored ost still isn't money coming out of my pocket, so

No. 1714082

If someone is a bad bitch, their name being a state or country really amplifies it. Like a bad bitch named like China or Dallas or something is a legacy name imo. Not a Vermont but an India or maybe even an Austin

No. 1714100

anon half of those are cities not states kek. and Austin is only given to males

No. 1714112

I'm aware, I didn't think it was worth clarifying. A Virginia isn't a bad bitch but a Dakota is.

No. 1714134

File: 1696300413524.png (443.46 KB, 520x519, 1671585893581.png)

Fellatio is stupid to me. The point is to put your lips and suck on the penis, but without your teeth getting on it at all. But that's the problem. Not letting your teeth touch the penis is a challenge because it's not like a pill you can easily put in your mouth and not get your teeth on. A blowjob is like telling someone to put a corn dog in their mouth but to NOT let their teeth touch the corn dog at all. How is that supposed to be easy when the corn dog is taking up so much space? You can imagine how practically impossible that is already. How did such a stupid practice get more popular than objectively better things like cunnilingus?

No. 1714140

this shouldnt be unpopular moids dont even hide they do not wipe their penises after they pee

No. 1714150

Oral sex on a penis is weird. Why do you have to open your whole mouth for a meat tube

No. 1714176

You have to make sure he's clean, then slice them into bite size pieces and thoroughly chew

No. 1714178

File: 1696302521393.png (60.98 KB, 500x500, 0002413143115.png)

Why not just use one of these bad boys

No. 1714181

That works too, just depends on what texture you're into

No. 1714182

i like the taste

No. 1714194

what does it taste like

No. 1714195

I believe you. I will not believe that a male is heterosexual if the act of smooching a vagina is that repulsive to him.

No. 1714201

thank you for sharing this with us

No. 1714205

Eating fresh discharge is fine but waiting for it to dehydrate and turn into discharge jerky is just to much.

No. 1714225

quit talking to yourself komadea

No. 1714226

Horrible time to have eyes

No. 1714274

Whoever is talking about eating discharge please stop, I'm begging you, we have rights too

No. 1714285

File: 1696310951717.png (404.28 KB, 630x450, 3rJZDaI3kJaAYT9G_o1.png)

I don't know what to call this because it was around right before "aesthetic" became a thing but I love the late 2000s girly blogspot vibe. I guess some very early Tumblr blogs looked like this too. It was images of carousels, macarons, baby pink bows, photos of flowers, random obsession with the eiffel tower. There was something very comforting about it. It was such a cheesy girly vibe and I love it but I never see that "aesthetic" anywhere anymore. I guess it's too simple and dated for people nowadays. Or maybe it could be compared to the pinterest pink christmas obsession just without all the shitty instagram photos since Flickr was all the rage back then and film was still somewhat alive.

No. 1714312

>but in reality women like that would get more respect because they are fuckable to men
late as fuck but this isn't true at all, those women you listed get mocked by plenty of men. then there's the way MTS was treated after that shooting incident. even attractive women who aren't mocked are still degraded in other ways, men won't respect women regardless of what we do.

No. 1714497

The term 'shitbeast' and people who use it irradiate a special kind of autistic seething I can't describe but find really funny to laugh at.

No. 1714584

Formula doesnt compare to breast milk. Obviously fed baby>dead baby, but it doesnt even come close to being as healthy. Wet nursing and milk banks should be more common.

No. 1714668

File: 1696350525965.jpeg (48.89 KB, 401x396, 4D694AA8-813C-4A4E-81A8-FF1B1C…)

Finn and Jake were assholes, Jake wasn’t too much of an asshole in some episodes, but Finn was always obnoxious as fuck, specially when he tried to be all cool and deep. Actually, the best episodes are those where Finn and Jake are either barely around, where they barely speak or where they just aren’t around.

No. 1714679

That episode when Finn went to the movies with Marceline annoyed me, because the first half of the episode was Finn thinking he was entitled to Princess Bubblegum's time and accusing her of not liking him after Bubblegum explicitly explained that she was just busy.

No. 1714705

File: 1696352027266.png (54.25 KB, 255x238, 1693644734185.png)

>milk banks

No. 1714711

I think the series even purposely portrayed Finn as an asshole at some points. Mainly in relation to women. It kind of makes sense since he was like 12-16 through the series, so yeah he would be a little jackass. Flame princess ark made me want to punch my TV

No. 1714717

Yeah, fair. But I still don't buy that your Nigel is the only perfect man available, and that he'd be comfortable and happy in a relationship in which a woman is a hardcore TERF tier feminist that believes sex is oppressive by nature. Or if you believe in sexual liberation/sex work is real feminism, etc. Your core values don't align and activism calls for sacrifices. I'm not implying that a woman who likes to think of herself as a feminist because she's pro -choice needs to go break up with her boyfriend, but I do think if you're willing to go full dworkin, having a boyfriend/husband makes me take you far less seriously. and yes I'm aware she had a husband

No. 1714721

>not supporting milk banks

No. 1714728

me too queen

No. 1714743

Men who like DDLG are pedophiles

No. 1714759

>Wet nursing and milk banks should be more common.
pls God no because it's just going to end up like surrogacy, low-income women will be literal moo cows for rich cunts who don't want the hassle of breastfeeding. YES I know that currently milk banks run off donor milk from mom's who have extra but non-coerced donor milk is obviously going to be in short supply, high demand for milk banks = Ukrainian women becoming dairy cows.

No. 1714852

This is not an unpopular opinion. I'll rase the stakes.. women who perform DD/LG are also pedos.

No. 1714866

It depends on the thread sometimes. Whenever some cow is criticized for making content for these sick fucks hordes of retards (but it could be one idk) flock in to claim that no true pedo would enjoy such a thing, it always happens over any discussion about belle or shat.

No. 1714877

They're fellow DD/LG losers trying to deflect and feel better about being degenerates. Normal adults aren't getting off to a grown woman shitting herself in a diaper and sucking on a pacifier. Only those who are too afraid of going to jail for raping actual babies like that shit. Everyone who isn't a degenerate can see that clearly.

No. 1714898

tiktokers have great taste in music, sadly

No. 1714904

File: 1696363018595.jpeg (70.23 KB, 500x625, E1DC73CE-D697-4CFE-90D0-2B9312…)

This shade of red looks good in literally no one

No. 1714907

Every single Elvis Costello song Ive heard has been annoying or boring as shit and I don’t get why he’s so popular

No. 1714930

What about the cover of the Burt Bacharach song I'll never fall in love again in the second Austin Powers movie? That one wasn't half bad (cuz obviously Burt Bacharach is dope).

No. 1714946

I got so many compliments with that hair color tho lol. It doesn't work for pale skin most times, I'll give you that

No. 1714973

The idea of men paying for things is more to make men happy than women. Most women when we were young and naive didn’t mind paying for our cute bfs stuff, bills, gifts etc but then you find out that he secretly hates you for it. Men feel insecure when women pay for their shit or see the woman as desperate but they won’t admit that. I’m sure most women wouldn’t mind paying half or being the bread winner but most of us know how evil and childish men act when you put them in that role.

No. 1715013

Most of the child hate now a days comes from a place of jealousy. Gen z has an obsession with being children forever so they are envious of actual kids….that’s why they wanna push so hard for 25 to be the age of consent etc

No. 1715020

fr, go on reddit and you'll see people complaining about movie theatres being full of children… when they go see the latest kids' movie.

No. 1715026

Agreed, but I think more millenial are child haters. Look at r/childfree spergs from Reddit who think it's cool to call children "cum pets". They usually consider zoomies children and hate them, too.

No. 1715032

Hot girls can pull off anything sorry if you don't know

No. 1715034

It's the new pissbaby, another word only used by autists who spent hours on tumlbr every day

No. 1715035

Millennials hate children because they grew up through two economic recessions and can’t afford anything

No. 1715038

I have never heard shitbeast before, what does it mean?

No. 1715043

If someone uses it, I know to disregard anything else they say, kek.

No. 1715052

Based. The entire show sucked because of these 2 and all their dedicated plot points, whether the silly or the serious. Only good episodes were fiona and cake, simon, marceline (without jake and finn or with them in the background), and some lore episodes here and there were the best. Anything else sucked.

No. 1715059

File: 1696373789213.jpg (293.86 KB, 960x540, dsmGaKWMeHXe9QuJtq_ys30PNfTGnM…)

Sometimes they like the same stuff I like, sometimes they like the worst earrape sounding shit ever. Depends on the niche tiktok part that made the song trendy. But they always have surface level liking of it though and only know hits and never dig deeper when it comes to bands, groups or artists. And they LOVE singles. They'll never make an album trendy.

No. 1715061

I agree. I'd always pay for my stuff myself because I don't like the feeling of owing someone something. And I know men think you owe them sex if they pay for you on a date, so paying for your thing revokes their "you owe me" card.

No. 1715170

File: 1696382111416.webm (288.55 KB, 370x440, Disgustingageplayer.webm)

dropped my vid but basically DD/LG people and ageplayers are disgusting. Thinking this is a harmless coping mechanism is retarded.

No. 1715182

I have no sympathy for moid celebrities that get beat by their wives or whatever. Majority of these moids are simped over insanely by women who would kill for them. Alt singers like Andy biersack, Evan Peters, etc they could've easily found whatever cute gothy woman was in their fandom but majority of the time it's Stacy's which is why theyre willing to deal with abuse for them. It's not even remotely comparable to when celebrity women have abusive relationships because typically moids will take away their money and everything and most men arent willing to save a woman from an abusive relationship like women are to men

No. 1715183

I have kids and this makes me wanna puke. Sometimes I'll find pages to what I think are dedicated to kids things and it turned out to be ddlg pedo shit. I'm glad I don't allow my kids on the internet because who knows what will happen to kids that run into that

No. 1715201

File: 1696384221042.jpeg (59.69 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg)

A lot of people hate this version of Dante. But I personally think he's hot.

No. 1715203

he looks like every gay porn twink ever

No. 1715207

Well now I get why I like him, kek.

No. 1715249

You dont know what a twink is

No. 1715258

it's a twink, i used to watch a shit ton of twink porn and they all looked like this. modern twinks all have that average face with buzzcut and skinny lean body. i prefeer pre 2010s twinks, emos preferably.

No. 1715274

He looks like a typical fuvk boy and acted like one too. OG (and only ) Dante liked pizza snd strawberry parfaits. This Garystu likes alcohol and cursing unironically. He was the directors self insert.

No. 1715282

File: 1696390826903.jpg (101.22 KB, 750x1350, 485c407df0a2c2e6fae664652184e3…)

That literally isn't even a twink you're just retarded

No. 1715284

it liteally is, ask the gay scrotes from the celebricows thread and they will tell you it's a twink

No. 1715286

File: 1696391090176.gif (530.39 KB, 275x269, 1653883116215.gif)

>gay scrotes posting here shamelessly

No. 1715287

it's a pretty open secret sadly

No. 1715288

Sorry girl you are on your own. That isn't a twink kek are you one of those fat tumblr girls who call all men twinks

No. 1715291

go to any gay porn site and search twink they all look like that. the good old days of pretty twinks is long gone, now all twinks are skinny jocks with bad haircuts

No. 1715295

Flashing your fujoshi degree like it's a badge

No. 1715297

i wear my badge with honor

No. 1715298

kek twinks aren't that tall nor gritty looking. sometimes fags are wrong.

No. 1715299

Fags wouldn't call that a twink she's just a fujo. He's literally got masc shoulders and demeanor

No. 1715303

twinks arent feminine they are just youthful looking

No. 1715304

You're trying to analyze what im saying and flash your Fujo License but thats literally not a twink bitch. You sound smelly.

No. 1715305

nta but that character doesn't look youthful either. he has literally zero twink requirements, he's not even that skinny.

No. 1715315

She's of those girls that call everyone and their moms twinks. I bet she calls jerma a twink.

No. 1715317

>enter confessions thread
>they're talking about jerma
>enter unpopular opinions thread
>they're talking about jerma
Jerma takeover?!

No. 1715319

Thank god for the bechdel thread

No. 1715321

Okay here's an unpopular opinion about Jerma. I don't find him that physically attractive, and I don't like it when people compare how Michael Afton would look IRL to Jerma.

No. 1715324

I think anyone who assumed Michael Afton would look like a hot anime boy(let alone regular white guy jerma) were dumb as hell

No. 1715326

File: 1696393799816.jpg (45.86 KB, 622x699, vinicianart-FOIS2LPXMBc1afJ.jp…)

Please nona. Please tell me what you'd imagine Michael Afton to look like. I really wanna know your take.

No. 1715329

File: 1696393995430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.81 KB, 162x312, porple.jpg)

No. 1715330

I feel so bad for him because now he has to babysit an entire army of autistic women

No. 1715333

File: 1696394238727.png (163.13 KB, 620x916, 1517025538938(1).png)

I meant BEFORE he got scooped but…that'll do, nona. That'll do.

No. 1715376

i hate any content related to flying. specifically anything that is someone complaining about their flight experience and how it was sooo bad. like if someone hit the back of their seat/got a better seat/ weren’t using headphones or whatever dumbass mundane scenario they feel the need to record. why do these types of videos and posts get so much attention?? i truly don’t understand.

No. 1715436

I truly hate men if that is considered "disappointing" boobs. You literally cant exist as a human if you're a woman. You have to be a inhumane fantasy that doesn't exist. Her boobs are literally perfect and I wish I could trade. I swear I fucking hate moids so much. Women don't even fuss over the shape and appearance or even the size of mens dick as much as men will degrade and destroy a woman's body for being human.

I'm so sick of women being nice to men. We need to treat them like shit. Tired of being empathic for these subhumans.

No. 1715445

i love full size beds they're just the right size. more room than a twin and wider for my random sleep movement. doesn't take up much space since all i have is a dresser plus bed in my room.

No. 1715448

Gay porn is the only category that features consistently young pretty males. A lot of women watch gay porn, that doesn't make them fujos you fucking retard

No. 1715452

The men who said that about her specifically are full of shit and they know it. Yes men are generally overly picky and shallow but the guys who neg and complain about obviously beautiful women are a loud minority who still jerk off to said women and are trying to cope with the fact that they have zero chance. Nobody should ever take them seriously

No. 1715455

is gerard way the only former emo who married an alt girl? although she's another can of worms from what i've heard and he's the submissive one

No. 1715465

Men will never look in thr mirror. I don't wear makeup and am planning to leave my job. An old ass man came in talking about old cars and trying to compare them to women who domt wear makeup I hope he dies a lonely death soon. Why do they even have these invaluable opinions? I can live my life without men but they keep mocking women

No. 1715466

I don’t mind gay men adopting girls. I’ve met gay men with daughters and they do a good job raising them but I don’t trust the ones who want to adopt boys only.

No. 1715529

I thought the general consensus was that he looks like a foot and anons that find him attractive are aware of their peculiar tastes

No. 1715847

the wannabe anorexic girls who make instagram reels and tiktok’s crying about how miserable they are are so annoying. Like ok, you wanna eat? Go eat? Like go have something to eat? You can eat something without magically becoming fat, and they know this very well, they just desire attention from their perpetuela state of “victimhood” which they entirely impose upon themselves by being scared of cheetos.

No. 1715950

Wait why what happened?

No. 1715991

Programming SHOULD be a girls' club. I hate every scrote in the industry so fucking much. Women initially dominated that field, then it was marketed to scrotes as "cool", now they are invading programming jobs in masses and it's a sausage fest. Why do they do this? You're a man. Go fix a car or something. Go die in war. Programming is basically a desk job. It's extremely feminine. It's comfortable. You get to work from a computer. I think programming is too good to not be a female-only privilege. I know all of these scrotes who are programmers are just getting fatter and fatter, jerking off to some degenerate shit every day. Scrotes biologically are not meant to be sedentary or asocial, they should move around or they'll become obese and creepy, while women can function just fine with a lifestyle like that. Scrotes + more than 2 hours of internet usage a day is never a good combination. It's no wonder that so many male programmers are porn addicted trannies. If they were real men they'd contribute something to the world that isn't pushing some buttons on a keyboard. Get the fuck out of the programming field. You aren't us.

No. 1716028

As a software engineer, let the men have programming. It's too autistic and annoying for me to deal with it. I want to make the actual designs and infrastructure of software and you know, ENGINEER it like my title indicates. But nooooo I gotta use junit4 to test a method that returns the result of 2+3=5 that takes 10000000 lines of code to do so. Fuck programming.
Html and gui design are fun though, they can stay. I'll leave the retarded abstract probability and algorithm shit to the autistic males.

No. 1716037

Attention is a dopamine currency

No. 1716116

File: 1696464543508.jpeg (299.73 KB, 517x727, 6AC93962-7972-4E04-A37B-AA9E26…)


No. 1716152

File: 1696467183801.png (380.53 KB, 700x814, 1691558591505.png)

No. 1716161

File: 1696467527849.jpg (129.92 KB, 500x371, bluecluesfuckyou.jpg)

Correct me if this is actually a popular opinion, but scrotes who cheat on their wives should not be able to see their children AT ALL until they are eighteen and willing to meet their cheating manwhore sperm donor. Scrotes should not be able to see any of their children they cheat, ESPECIALLY if his wife or girlfriend was pregnant while he cheated. Moids and libfems whine left and right about "oh no not enough males get to see the children they dont deserve", but I completely disagree. Males are not hated enough for when they destroy family dynamics. You wanna backstab your own fucking wife and take a big fat shit on the family she made for YOU? You don't get to see your offspring at all. Goodbye.

No. 1716162

I really hate the karen hair meme, it is a cute hairstyle but scrotes have to have an excuse to shame and shit on women they don't like.

No. 1716166

for a period of time in 2013-2016 everyone depicted medic tf2 as a twink. now everyone draws him bara.

No. 1716167

kek, don't feel too bad, sometimes he dates the army he created, such as now

No. 1716172

to be honest radio, radio sounds really ahead of its time but his voice sounds like it belongs in smash mouth

No. 1716175

The issue is that bara and twink is being used so loosely that there is no point in using them as markers anymore, no offense but a lot of you call any man who is white and isn't fat a twink. It reminds me of how I saw a random woman referring to Link Neal the decrepit cockatiel from good mythical morning as a twink the other day

No. 1716181

fucking geez. those aren't even big nipples, they're proportional. only a gay scrote would be repulsed by that.

No. 1716184

kek, on the note of link from gmm, i thought he was the dad in the barbie movie at the end

No. 1716242

I think they should be allowed to see their kids if they are good fathers. When you decide to date or marry scrotes it should be expected that they will eventually cheat. That’s just the risk you take when marrying and breeding with scrotes but that’s the risk you took, the kids shouldn’t have to suffer because you were dumb enough to trust a scrote.

No. 1716254

God, imagine giving moids a get out of jail free card like that… they'd cheat solely to avoid having to do any childcare. Plenty of divorced mothers talk about how much easier life is when they share custody, because she gets an actual break from childrearing. Cheating is not a danger to the kids, his 'punishment' can be sharing the domestic load equally.

No. 1716256

File: 1696472426403.jpeg (67.3 KB, 851x837, 1673918965186.jpeg)

>When you decide to date or marry scrotes it should be expected that they will eventually cheat.
What the fuck is this shit? Should be expected just because they're scrotes?? Come the fuck on, scrotes are still adults and it's still their responsibility to act like it and to respect their goddamn wives. And now you're using that to justify piece of shit scrotes of still seeing the kids they didn't respect enough to not cheat on their mom??? I'm tempted to believe what you're saying is a five piece combo bait. You're using the same logic for when lesbians bully heterosexual women for getting tricked and abused by scrotes because "hurr durr they're males so you should have known he was gonna be a piece of shit to you from the start". FUCK the concept of cheating scrotes seeing their kids. They. do not. deserve their kids.

No. 1716258

You do realize child support payments still exist for scrotes who can't see their kids, right?

No. 1716264

i think it's either bait or one of those blackpillers that escaped from the hidden board

No. 1716265

Yes in a ideal world scrotes are adults who can be responsible and respectful but unfortunately we live in real life and in real life most scrotes don’t care about any of that when they’re trying to get their dick wet or an ego boost. When you marry men and have babies with them that’s the risk you take because statistics have shown you that they’re more likely to cheat during pregnancy or when you’re sick yet you think you’re special and feel it wont happen to you. Once you have kids it’s not about you anymore, you can’t used kids as pawns to get revenge.

No. 1716298

Yes but child support payments aren't typically enough for mothers to ship their kids off to someone else's house for a week or weekends or whatever. And that's if he actually pays, which many don't.

You're making the mistake of believing men when they baww about not being able to see their kids. Not having to look after kids is a reward and advantage for most of them, even if they pay child support. They only start missing their kids when they want to look like good fathers to their new gfs. Ultimately the mother's judgement and the kid's wellbeing should be the most important thing, not a blanket rule that is more about punishing a cheater than coming up with a practical solution that actually helps the mother and kids.

No. 1716335

Andrew Tate tier logic

No. 1716350

Do you realize child support isn't the same as actually taking care of a child?

No. 1716394

File: 1696479190185.jpeg (24.34 KB, 209x275, IMG_1768.jpeg)

“Neetbux” should only be allowed for people learning disabilities (adhd/autism) and not for lazy depressed moids

No. 1716409

File: 1696479979101.jpg (82.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Men with meatball eyes are discosting

No. 1716412

child support is not nearly enough to pay for child care + expenses. median child support in the US is like 300 usd.

No. 1716422

i hate this fucking ugly gross retard, i had to come here to say this when i saw him on the front page. he is ugly and not funny and has a super offputting gross vibe

No. 1716425

I dont understand why he's popular every single thing about him is gwoss

No. 1716426

i don't think this is unpopular, most men who are considered attractive have small eyes

No. 1716427

where I live basically if you're a moid and are a NEET they give you autism bux as long as you pretend you're some kind of depression patient. my Nigel played WoW with several of these types and most of them are in autism bux payrolls. meanwhile I have ADHD and the unemployment office is implying I am too functional to request tism bux. it's not fucking fair.

No. 1716429

Whenever I see men try to bug out their eyes like Troye Sivan it's like… we can all tell. Relax. You look like you're about to shit yourself straining your eye muscles. You are not kawaii animu girl.

No. 1716430

People with ADHD and autism can still get a job like the rest of us, with the exception of autists who are so low functioning they won't ever live independently anyway.

People with actual physical disabilities and serious chronic illnesses are the ones who deserve neetbux, and even then a lot of them should WFH if they can.

No. 1716439

Uncircumcised dick feels way better than circumcised

No. 1716442

File: 1696480979648.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1098x1689, IMG_5250.jpeg)

Quinceanera fashion is the ugliest shit I have ever seen in my life. 15 is not the age of womanhood, either.

No. 1716447

just because you can use words and wipe your own doesn't mean you can hold a job like a normal person. most ADHD people have issues concentrating in an open office (most offices are like that) or simply can't hold routines well. autistic people might have issues communicating work things or understanding nuances. those are simply examples and there are several issues NTs will never get. on the top of that, employers hate disabled people but are forced to employ us due disability quotas and will do no effort to help disabled people to adapt better and will pray you have a meltdown so they have a reason to fire you. I've been fired twice just for saying I have ADHD, one of the employers implied I was a drug user for taking meds. a lot of people who take meds are outright considered drug users and are forced to take drug tests. those are just examples I can remember on the top of my head though. if you go on r/autism or ADHD almost everyday there is someone complaining they got fired due their disability. it's really hard building a career like that. I would love to be able to work though. depending on someone even if it's our welfare state fucking sucks.

No. 1716455

cmon ladies just take one tiny lil baby step further and accept that universal basic income benefits everybody and it's ok if the NTs get some bux too since it means more people who need it would get support

No. 1716460

this but only for women

No. 1716535

unemployed scrotes are a danger to society though.

No. 1716554

unemployed scrotes get addicted to porn, drugs, or simply leech off people in their lives in several ways. the amount of unemployed scrotes that play videogames and masturbate to porn 24/7 while their mothers cook, clean and do their laundry I've met is immense. meanwhile women who are unemployed typically have a reason like they have to care for their family, do housework, care for kids or elders, are disabled, etc. women who just want to do nothing and leech are rarer. men will literally lollygag 24/7 if left unattended.

No. 1716607

Almond milk in coffee sucks, making a cup of hot/cold chocolate with almond milk is weird af in taste.

A hint of almond milk however in Earl grey tea, not half bad.

No. 1716609

based, i prefer coconut milk in hot drinks over almond/soy/etc

No. 1716646

File: 1696486568917.jpeg (10.91 KB, 275x275, 1635466965162.jpeg)

No. 1716664

If you’re NT and on neetbux you’re just lazy, especially if you’re a man.

No. 1716683

This + they spread misogyny on the internet all day and gather up multiple children to groom on the internet. They love piggy backing off of accomplishments of other men while they can barely work a basic low skill job

No. 1716685

Almond milk tastes like dieting and misery in hot coffee, it's always soy milk for me and normal milk in tea.

Almond milk in iced lattes is good but maybe because coffee shops use sweetened versions of it.

No. 1716735

I've tested almost every alternatives (except hemp milk - yes, I was surprised to see that in the store kek) and if I have to choose a prefered one, it would be coconut and rice milk both together.

No. 1716809

File: 1696513575148.jpeg (464.72 KB, 1019x1438, IMG_5256.jpeg)

She looks like one of those belligerent special ed students that’s always wringing his hands and rocking back and forth

No. 1716867

If you wanna make architectural code decisions you’re going to need more than just html and UI design skills nonnie. Sorry your code sucks and you need an unnecessary number of lines of code to write unit tests. Maybe you should have studied those autistic algorithms more.

No. 1716983

No way, walnut and macadamia all the way

No. 1716994

Damn nonnie I couldn't agree more. That forced ass smile. Still can't believe they nominated her for an oscar (guess I can cause hollywoods shit but ya)

No. 1717054

File: 1696525270271.jpeg (19.81 KB, 285x214, IMG_5272.jpeg)

No. 1717062

File: 1696525563681.jpg (22.18 KB, 564x522, teardrop.jpg)

I'm so sick of almond milk hate

No. 1717109

File: 1696527960623.png (304.43 KB, 357x412, nutwater.png)

Is that really an unpopular opinion?

I hate all nut "milks" and hope Big Dairy succeeds in banning them from using that name. Nut "milk" peddlers should call it what it really is: nut water.

No. 1717135

Pasteurized milk is honestly so gross. Raw milk from cute well loved cows is the best

No. 1717140

You do realize the horrific hypocrisy of your statement

No. 1717143

i hope natural selection gets you anon

No. 1717157

raw milk is good but not so good that it's worth shitting yourself to death for

No. 1717268

>t. rightoid moid
should have gone all out and told us cow milk is gross and the only milk you drink is your own breast milk

No. 1717275

There hasn't been a single death related to raw milk in over a decade. I've seen people give it to their newborns for years and they're fine. I've been drinking it for years and I'm fine. If you test correctly the idea that you'll just magically burst into flames over drinking raw milk is laughable

No. 1717278

Literally only because of the amount of humiliating nude scenes in the movie. They're not even flattering. Not to mention the nude child scene at the beginning of blonde it's no wonder Hollywood elite pedos love blonde so much

No. 1717287

Disney should stop trying to make animated movies and just make stage plays for broadway and such, maybe record them and put them on their platform. It’s obvious that their animation has been dead for decades already and that they just want to make people dance and sing along to their songs that, honestly? Are quite nice and catchy.

No. 1717291

File: 1696543003916.png (334.28 KB, 620x674, ruffled-charro-quinceanera-dre…)

Duh, it's the natural state and shape of a dick, which the vagina is designed to be pleasured by.

Had to google what's that but it looks pretty to me. Or is there another version of it?

No. 1717293

Most plant based milks taste like shit unfortunately. But so does cow milk. It's just that cow milk is more salvageable. I like vanilla flavored soy milk though. I remember trying almon milk unsweetened and it was too bitter and gave me diarrhea, I don't recommend it kek.

No. 1717298

File: 1696543500671.jpg (283.54 KB, 1067x1200, DaBkCefXcAEDJn2.jpg)

i like 90s-00s videogame graphics better. i don't play games anymore because they don't make any that look good to me.

No. 1717300

gritty realism killed videogames just like it killed animation

No. 1717301

I'm still studying but my university is retarded and they only teach us too little and ask us to go and look it up ourselves on google and youtube as if that's a legitimate replacement for college education. They refuse to work with us in labs or help us at anything and say it's our responsibility to learn coding from scratch and its basics, so we end with lots of shortcomings and not on the level of knowledge they expect us to do. And I refuse to learn on my own, since software engineering is about ENGINEERING and modeling the structures of software, not coding. Coding is computer scientists and AI engineers work, that's why the best doctors at it in my university are from these majors. All my software engineering doctors don't know how to write a single line of code but expect me to do so without guidance or education. I also did take an algorithms course last year but it was useless, especially the lab work which they expected us to do in one hour and submit it but the absolute retard of a lecturer I had didn't actually know how to write code and wanted us to turn pseudocode and some extra instructions to java code without any explanation how but didn't let us google it either??? The only thing I know how to code so far is for/while loops, if statements/switch cases, classes, gui oriented stuff (the best), and print/read related statements, oh and system.exit. but that's about it, and only in java as well since every other language isn't given any importance.

No. 1717302

Wizard101 maybe

No. 1717331

NTA but you need to know how things work in practice in order to engineer them. You can't just become a software architect telling people to do this and that without having any idea of how to do them in practice, that's literally how Elon Musk does things and look how Twitter is doing now. I'm a senior software engineer who's been doing this for many years and even then I don't always feel confident enough to work on a full architecture of a software by myself because the more you know about them the more you realize how little you actually know about them.

>Coding is computer scientists and AI engineers work

Software engineering is a branch of computer science. Yeah compsci people are more focused on the more scientific side but you've completely gotten the wrong idea if you think software engineers don't code. What do you think software developing is? It's about planning, yes, but also practical application i.e. coding.

>All my software engineering doctors don't know how to write a single line of code

You mean they don't know the syntax which is something even senior developers have to google all the time. They still know the patterns and models of how programming works. If you take the short cut and just start smashing blocks together without knowing how they actually work beyond the abstraction you're going to come across fatal mistakes eventually, brought upon by ignorance. If you want to work in software engineering then you need to swallow your pride and learn the fundamentals or it'll cost you dearly in the long run. The tools we are are changing at such a fast pace and are always developing and if you have no idea of their purpose then it'll get harder and harder to keep up.

No. 1717351

Ayrt. And I see what you mean, but I prefer the management, architecture, and requirements engineering/business analysis part of software engineering and I want to avoid coding as much as possible because it gets too frustrating real quick. But I did enroll in a course for java clean code stuff and software construction on redhat, as well as taking a course about it in university. I do take it seriously and try to learn but running into obstacles over and over and never finding a solution or an explanation of how to do it correctly makes me despise programming. Nobody ever guides me through it for me to know what to do so I just always end up dropping it. But the things I prefer about software engineering that I mentioned above come naturally to me and I got A+ in all courses related to them. I do get A+ or B+ in programming related courses, except Algorithms (but because I missed a deadline of an assignment with 5 scores) but I didn't work on the codes myself and had to copy ones from private tutors online because of the tight time margin, but I did have a desire to do it from scratch. I also had a data structures course but we weren't allowed to write codes so I ended up not learning anything valuable from it. On the bright side I got accepted into a free courses platform with an accredited certificate so I'll try to study more java and some other languages on it to add it to my CV. Can you recommend any free resources you know of so I can make my programming skills better? I struggle with coming up with a logical flow for a code to solve a problem to begin with, and if it isn't an example I've seen/learned before I can't do it. I need someone to tell me what to do all the time and I hate it. But I can memorize the code lines and syntaxes since our midterms and finals required us to write it on paper with no computers, so I can actually remember a syntax of any language as long as I practice it all the time.

No. 1717511

Your wish already happened where I'm living nonna. Brands have to call it a "drink" here, using the English word for it too because it's more hip kek.

No. 1717568

File: 1696563150155.jpeg (84.98 KB, 1024x576, IMG_9635.jpeg)

i know it got terrible reviews and i understand the criticisms completely, but i think mona lisa smile could have been a masterpiece of a film if it hadn’t been written and directed by scrotes. between the casting and the main idea of the plot, they could have had something really interesting and meaningful from a female perspective (and there were glimpses of it throughout the film). but i feel like you’re left with the stench of male influence by the end. i will never not be pissed off that Julia Stiles’ character didn’t go to law school

No. 1717580

I like body hair on girls, but not in a feminist or a fetish way. I just think it's nice the same way a cute haircut or pretty long eyelashes are, I don't get all the hate for it? I rarely do but when I see girls that visibly don't shave, I feel like they're prettier for it.
Extreme hairiness or unkempt body hair is still unpleasant however. Actually, I don't get why people don't give men a hard time, considering how many men are ridiculously hairy.

No. 1717583

we need to revive the hidden boards i feel lonely being the only one using them

No. 1717600

spiderverse would be cliche boring shit without the god-tier animation and art direction

No. 1717602

Hard agree, I used to think penises were way smaller/thinner and I've thought it was dumb and makes no sense logistically ever since I saw one in person.
statements like these are amusing to me because my nigel is autistic about wiping after peeing for some reason and rants exactly like this about his friends not wiping. He spends like a solid 1-2 minutes just standing in the bathroom wiping, it's weird

No. 1717608

>it's weird
nah, every male should do that. most scrotes are fuckin' nasty and have piss encrusted dicks

No. 1717612

So hes autistic and doesn't want piss bleeding into his drawers from his urethra, not the weirdest or worst thing a man could do

No. 1717653

It’s extremely petty of me but I’m tired of only lesbians getting “masculine” woman representation. It’s rare enough I can find a fictional female character who is actually cool, strong, imposing, and basically just like me fr. 95% of the time she’s a lesbian. Jesus I just want to see a big powerful woman with a boytoy sidepiece. I’m prepared for disappointment every time I see a female character who actually appeals to me, and I’m always disappointed. Lesbians are getting scraps and I’m trying to get a little crumb off of those scraps. Yes it’s selfish of me but I swear up and down dominant heterosexual women are an oppressed minority. I don’t count normal femdom crap where a conventionally sexy dominatrix acts like a mommy to some unremarkable, middling scrote self insert. I want a fictional female character with my based womanly sensibilities who also likes men. Is that too much to ask? Please. Please.

No. 1717655

It's funny because historically it's the opposite for representing femme men–oh he's femme but he likes gorls!! Like the Japanese trap ~juxtaposition~ trope. Meanwhile, any sort of vaguely non-femme woman in media is shoehorned as a lesbian no matter what. Plenty of athletic and masculine women are straight, have children, are married to men and they still get immediately clocked as gay. I think it has to do with the male inability to understand anything outside of their coom as well as lesbians craving representation that isn't just like Ellen Degen and Rosie O Donnell.

No. 1717666

I dislike traps and femboys. I don’t think a man (let’s be honest here, a boy) should be feminine to the point of being mistaken for a woman. It’s not fantasy that appeals to women, not me. It’s always agps who “like girls” and go on to become transbians if they aren’t already. All of this just feels like scrote pandering crap, and in some ways even the “butch” lesbians characters are. Men are perfectly happy letting “masculine” women get paired with other women. They can’t conceive of masculine women getting paired with men.
On the same note, all the cute guys in media I like are either gay or pushed by fandoms into being interpreted as gay. People see a picture of a hot guy and make comments like “oh he’s so not straight” like!?!? I can’t have anything. All of the girls who I identify with are made to be lesbians all the men I’m attracted to are made to be gay.
Why can’t we have heterosexuality be based for once? I’m just fucking saying!!

No. 1717668

File: 1696576515138.jpg (609.46 KB, 1280x1280, 1583935340068.jpg)

Holy shit are you me? i remember watching the tangled show and amphibia(i am an adult just autistic pls dont ban jannies) and being dissapointed at sasha being bisexual and cassandra being headcanon as lesbian just because she doesnt like men. Pretty much all the female characters i liked as a kid(pearl, applejack/rd, marceline, clawdeen, harley/ivy) are also lesbians. I still like the characters, obviously, but god would it kill western cartoons to make a straight tomboy for once? the new new PPG reboot is probably going to retcon buttercup as a lesbian too, she's the only tomboy left. It's such a cancer to be a GNC straight woman because your two options for 'representation' are lesbians and coombait by moids. It sends a really weird message and it doesnt surprise me so many women troon out, it's basically impossible to see a GNC woman in media that isnt a lesbian or male gaze.

No. 1717684

Femboy and trap has definitely become an annoying terminology that was once semi obscure but coomers have memed it to be centerstage in online spaces. In reality, it's completely unobtainable for most men and unsustainable for the ones who do achieve it, and the only way to maintain it is through HRT or blockers. It's also misery. You just starve and spend all your time hypergrooming, it really does destroy the brain after time. I think the only people who like it are bipedos and girls who have read too much degen manga. There is nothing normal about having an ED to be hairless and small so you can be sexually consumed lol it's no diff than coquettes. And the men you like are viewed as gay because they actually groom and view themselves through the lens of sexualization and put forth effort to be desirable, there is a nuance to it that straight men often lack because they're clinically retarded. Gay men are retarded to but when they find their niche they generally do it well (as a generalization, this isnt praise either just acknowledgement of handsome men who know how to take care of themselves).

No. 1717685

Men are so fucking stupid that they genuinely believe it's impossible to be fatigued by conforming to femininity and hypergrooming that any hint of "gnc" (such a stupid term) automatically makes you a closeted lesbian in their eyes. Even gay men think like that, you aren't trying to femmaxx therefore you're in the closet because you're not being subservient to the male gaze. I swear coom makes them mentally deficient.

No. 1717689

File: 1696581961087.jpeg (767.56 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_3724.jpeg)

Eyelash extensions look stupid and awful 99% of the time

No. 1717698

I just want to see a fictional couple with a big strong lady and a man who isn’t as big and strong. No male goonshit. No leatherqueens, no hyper muscle mommies, no beta self-inserts, no programmer sock femboys,
What I want seems impossible. Hardly anyone else except the based nonnies here seem to agree with me.

No. 1717704

File: 1696584537913.jpeg (49.36 KB, 396x390, IMG_0020.jpeg)

Didn’t they retcon Phil and Lil’s mom to be lesbian in the new series?

No. 1717705

I love them but I can’t cum to fucking rugrats characters oh my god. I want him to be sexy.

Just another example of het queen erasure….

No. 1717724

No. 1717725

File: 1696586734508.jpg (89.32 KB, 960x960, 12998668_10154153654310746_886…)

They look stupid and are hell in terms of maintenance. Lash extensions collect dust and makeup so you have to brush them out daily, since you can't wash them like you would the rest of the face.
I imagine lash techs go for this overly dense, fake look because the extensions look rough as hell once a good chunk of them is gone. It's such a waste of money though, not to mention ~ the microplastics ~

No. 1717729

False lashes will go out of style soon. The big ones look awful on most people so it’s just a matter of time.

No. 1717793

I think 30s she be consider middle age and retirement age because 30s-40s are probably going to be the last time you’re healthy enough and young enough to actually enjoy being retired

No. 1717797

Should be*

No. 1717803

we would have no doctors

No. 1717811

I think adulthood should start at 33

No. 1717816

If your genes are that shit you'll be middle aged by 25, why wait? Can't be me though, my grandparents are healthy and well in their late 80s because my family isn't inbred.

No. 1717818

Im sure you’re grandparents aren’t in their 80s traveling the world etc. the reason why retirement age is after 40s is because they’re starting to become too old to be useful in the work place. Most people start having health issues in their 50s and die around the 70s-80s range.

No. 1717820

nta just adding on to the convo. my whole life I've thought it was such a ripoff how society tells you to work your whole life and save up for retirement so you can "enjoy yourself" when you're old and dying. that's a cynical way to look at it and I'd probably feel better about it if we all had actual pensions or a social net that supported us after we were done contributing to society and got too old to help out anymore; but that's not really how it is, it feels more like getting used up and thrown out.

No. 1717839

That makes me wonder why not just use the regular ones you can take and pull out yourself?

No. 1718213

Unless you're at a known attraction where people there know they're likely to be in the background of photos, it's extremely rude to take pictures with random people in it.
For instance, if you want to take a photo with your friend, do it against a wall. If you're taking a selfie at the bar or something, don't take one where random people drinking in the background. At its worst, someone I know does street 'photography,' which involves basically creepshotting people going about their daily lives. I imagine they wouldn't be happy if someone photos of them ordering a hot dog and posting it on social media without their permission.
I acknowledge that I probably feel this way due to latent autism or something, because everyone I know seems to be fine with taking photos of random people and uploading them to social media.

No. 1718357

As a lesbian myself I’m honestly so tired of the lesbians on this site complaining about “bihets” and shit. It’s gotten to the point where they seem entitled, like an ugly moid screeching about how he can’t find a date or a “tradwife”. Idk if it’s just one anon over and over, but its happened a lot.

Also, people are going to get mad at me, but

Yeah I hate trannies yada yada but I feel like not dating someone based solely on the fact they support trannyism is kind of shallow, especially considering some people are pressured into holding those beliefs and would otherwise be neutral on the issue. Obviously, if they’re really devout and post about it constantly (or are a gendie themselves) that should be avoided, but the issue of trannyism is something so trivial compared to having a good relationship with someone. I feel like neither side of the issue is ready to hear that though.

No. 1718373

i don't really talk about them here so it's not me posting constantly about them but bihets are annoying not because they won't date me but because they act like they should be treated like fellow lesbians and then talk about men constantly

No. 1718378

No. 1718400

>Yeah I hate trannies yada yada but I feel like not dating someone based solely on the fact they support trannyism is kind of shallow
How is it shallow? Not wanting to date someone you have conflicting political beliefs with is perfectly reasonable.

No. 1718517

it’s not shallow at all to be attracted to vagina and not want to have sex with a dick, actually, you retarded idiot

No. 1718521

my biggest bone to pick is when radfems want to say women should expect abuse and rape simply for dating men. at that point you might as well subscribe to andrew tates shit

No. 1718576

This and those who congratulate themselves for being smarter than everyone else for never dating men. Great cope virgins but most girls/women have dated boys/men and guess what? You aren't a better person because you weren't abused by a man. Stop comparing yourself to victims of abuse, it's gross.

No. 1718961

I literally never said that

No. 1719037

>not dating someone based solely on the fact they support trannyism is kind of shallow
Supporting MtF troons in any form is misogyny. It's not shallow to want to date someone who values women, and doesn't think that an AGP retard who gets hard while wearing panties is a woman.

No. 1719075

thats because almond milk is more so almond water. the conistency is rarely milky. I suggest oat milk its the superior of the nondairy milks IMO.

No. 1719129

sage but my god I miss this time period so much

No. 1719523

Horse riding should be considered animal abuse. I don't care if the rich horse people on ranches think that it's a ~bonding experience~ and according to them the horse feels a ~special connection~, the thing looks miserable. Horses aren't made to carry people on their back and jump/run around, the leashes and metal pieces inside it's mouth are painful and annoying, your retarded ass kicking it in the sides to direct the horse is unbearable and it drooling, foaming at the mouth and its eyes rolling backwards aren't about the horse feeling your energy and trusting you or that kind of bullshit. Just say you feel the need to control a huge animal because of ego reasons and to do so you have to abuse it and "break it in".

No. 1719537

I get horse riding for ranchers and other rural folk, but I never understood horse riding for rich folk. Like most of the recreational horse riders over here don't have their own stable, they board their horse somewhere else and "visit" them occasionally. Makes me feel so bad for the horses because the stable workers probably can't exercise every horse as much as they need and the horses sure asf aren't "bonding" with their owners in such short bursts of time.

No. 1719553

Celebrity gossip is like the most boring gossip ever and I consider people who are really into it as intellectually challenged. There's literally nothing interesting about out of touch famous people saying stupid shit, broke mentally ill washed-ups getting drunk and wrecking their life or nepo babies posting badly photoshopped instagram selfies. The only "celebrity gossip" I'm interested in is something that actually affects everyone like politicians but I couldn't be less interested in Hollywood divorces, plastic surgery deformities or rehab fails.

No. 1719583

Youre right and you should say it louder. I immediately lose respect if I meet someone who claims to be an ethical vegan while also doing horse riding or keeping a large dog in a small city apartment.

No. 1719587

File: 1696772598510.jpg (505.63 KB, 1080x2130, IMG_20231008_163624.jpg)

This recent attack against Israeli civilians totally changed my point of view. "Palestine" has never been a legitimate state and needs to be destroyed. Palestinian men are uncivilized animals looking for little girls to rape and they need to go extinct. I'm sick of my retarded 'neutral' country and now I hope Israel destroys that shithole.

No. 1719599

You’re right, I think horses also shouldn’t be used for work and I look down on people that uses them, either in farms or in big cities (which is the foulest). Because unless you’re living in a very small town in Africa, I’m pretty sure anyone with a farm that produces shit enough to buy a horse and the shit that a horse needs, can afford a nice car that can carry the shit that a horse can carry or even more.
Plus horse rides around cities/parks are retarded, just use your goddamn feet to walk around you fatass.
And I honestly think horses should be considered pets like dogs or cats, you wouldn’t get on the back of a dog or a cat, but people still loves them, even the huge ass dogs that spend their days just sleeping on a comfy bed, eating and shitting. Why can’t horses get that treatment too?

No. 1719642

I don’t understand why women get upset when being told if you deal with men you should expect abuse, shitty treatment etc. no one is saying you deserve to be treated badly, we said you should expect it but women always take being told to use precautions with men as people are saying they deserve to be treated badly.

No. 1719671

like Israel is any better. I hope they completely destroy each other tbh.

No. 1719701


No. 1719789

Have Palestinian women and girls not been going through the same thing though? Not saying either is right (I'm not invested in the war, I live too far away to care), I just don't really understand this perspective cause I got the impression women in Palestine were also being brutalized and killed.

No. 1719797

lol. actually hilarious, keep it up

No. 1719800

File: 1696788875683.jpg (249.46 KB, 1920x1280, 12e87822236d136304e2e482014003…)

The skincare industry is a scam, all most people will need is a cleanser and maybe a moisturizer. I saw a video named 'simple skincare routine' that contained 6 products kek. I do feel kind of bad for women who wear foundation, get acne and have to cover it up with more though.

No. 1719809

why do you say its a scam? curious cuz i was gonna buy from them, at least the lip stuff

No. 1719811

I use about 6-7 products but I could tell you the actual (not just purported) benefits I got from each one, I agree that a lot of people are being duped into going way overboard however. I'm not sure anyone is benefiting from a 20 step routine or from $100 luxury moisturizer over something under $20.

No. 1719817

Oh I didn't mean Glossier in particular, just liked the image kek. Maybe their products are as good as people say but idk, I've been using a 2,50 euro cleanser for years and it has worked wonders for me and my friends as well. I meant more the overconsumption part like in the picture, I doubt 30 (overpriced) products will be good for you.
What do you use/what benefits? Genuinely curious nonnie

No. 1719820

The only product that truly helped me with my acne was Retin A.

No. 1719831

The clean girl shit is absolutely a scam meant to sell you more products and like you said all you need is a cleanser and a moisturizer that fit your skin type. Any effects these 10-step routines have are coincidental.

No. 1719837

I hate whenever they’re like “omg do and so is such a queen” they don’t even know you exist and they have people to do everything for them and wait hand and foot on them. I hate celebrities

No. 1719846

>2,50 euro cleanser
share plz

No. 1719900

Nta but depending on your skin you can benefit from stuff other than basic moisturizer. If you have eczema you might need a special super strong moisturizer with healing ingredients like cica. If you want to fade marks you might want a retinol or some kind of acid. I think a lot of people fall into the rabbit hole at first because there’s a lot of options and you don’t know what ingredients do and don’t work for you until you try it.

No. 1719905

File: 1696798028966.jpg (22.98 KB, 600x600, good stuff.jpg)

It's only available in the Netherlands or Belgium, sorry nonna! But it's picrel, kruidvat (home brand) tea tree cleanser.

No. 1720136

I feel like bad art blogs/threads should focus more on professionals and big companies that push out bad art more than people who are just drawing as a hobbyist, most of the time it's children's art that is posted on those threads and it's boring to look at.

No. 1720353

File: 1696825786632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 2414x3010, H5868-L323139056_original.jpg)

A lot of lingerie is straight up unflattering. Even on women with naturally nice bodies, those hideous fucking slip dresses that can make even Kim k look flat, the weird lace cut on camis/slips/etc that either make you look like you have no boobs at all or makes them look saggy. The only reason why vintage things get praised so much is simply because of the old picture style filter. If women like bettie page, Marilyn Monroe, etc existed today they wouldn't be able to remotely compete with the main celebrities being shilled at pretty, people would probably just assume they're failed onlyfans girls or something and they'd just get buried on twitter. that's not to say they're not beautiful, I think they're more attractive than the celebrities today but unless you have loads of plastic surgery you will be considered ugly. Fake boobs and fake nose is the bare minimum now to be attractive

Even anons act like this. If a celebrity is pretty without having fake everything anons will think they're average looking or obtainable. It just feels like a weird dystopia where all the "pretty" girls have to get dangerous operations to look the way they do. It's also a way to keep poor/non obedient women out of modeling since majority of girls will never make it now unless you have PS or are a nepo baby. The women that are being shilled as eternal beauty goddesses back then would be forgotten today

No. 1720384

This but any body type really. I had more women call me fat when I was bordering underweight than men. I had more women make weird comments about my boobs/butt being too small than men.

No. 1720433

Take a guess where I'm located kek, thanks!

No. 1720463

2nd anon
>kose softymo oil cleanser (good for removing makeup and sunscreen quickly at night)
>any regular gel cleanser, I'm not picky but I prefer viscous ones
>cosrx bha blackhead power liquid (really noticeably helps with acne, I break out when I stop using it and have very little acne with it)
>G9 white in milk toner (honestly just feels good and refreshing in the morning, skin feels plump after using)
>haruharu wonder black rice unscented moisturizer (good basic non-sticky moisturizer)
>biore watery essence sunscreen (great non-greasy sunscreen that absorbs fast with no white cast)
I'm currently also using a vitamin C serum and a retinoid cream but I got those for free and wouldn't really consider them part of my routine. I don't think I will continue using them when they're empty, they don't have huge effects. The serum seems to slowly lighten dark undereyes and it feels nice, but it's expensive at $30.
You don't need a complicated routine but I think sunscreen is good for mostly everyone that goes outside, UV damage can cause a lot of damage over time for both looks and health. Habitual use is better than any other anti-aging product. For someone who wants a simple routine I'd suggest any basic cleanser + any basic moisturizer + an Asian sunscreen (they are more advanced and lightweight than Western products)

No. 1720532

relevant to this thread: I feel like people will call it narcissism or arrogance but I feel like a lot of everyday girls I see, yes myself included, are better looking than many celebs and models that get lauded because I don't find the plastic surgery + overdone makeup look to be beautiful at all. A prime example is the buccal fat removal thing. I'm also not impressed with how famous women are mostly liked for sex appeal, I really prefer cute/pretty looks and I don't like the constant sexualization. And maybe it's cliche but I think it reflects way better on a girl if she's healthy and happy than if she's getting cut up and injected with weird stuff while under horrible pressure and scrutiny. A lot of celebs just look tortured to me.

No. 1720565

I saw someone in the vent thread basically admonishing their friend for being in an abusive relationship, literally acting like a victim of this friend. She said something like “you choose to put yourself through this by staying with him so it’s your fault as well but mostly his and now I have to cut you off for my mental health bla bla bla” these people should just admit they’re emotionally barren victim blaming misogynist cunts. I know sometimes women in abusive relationships get battered wife syndrome and end up dragging everyone else into their abusers web including their own children, and that isn’t acceptable, but it’s like every time a woman is abused there’s some evil cunt sneering “well this is what you get for dating men!” Fuck off. Men can and should behave themselves, and if they don’t, they should be severely punished. Why would we punish them if this is the way they are? It’s like trying to make a lion a vegan. Men are people and people are capable of not raping and killing. When they do so it’s out of selfishness and entitlement.

No. 1720574

i think its simply the fact celebrities tend to look better on camera than irl. Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen irl look like dog shit on camera, not even mentioning how the majority of women have very little tome and money to even get the treatments, makeup, hair, clothes, etc most celebrities do

No. 1720578

that anon was likely the resident moid who puts down women in abusive relationships. he also got a bunch of anons to claim a woman whos husband beat her into a miscarriage was a moid larping their abuse fetish

No. 1720581

I don’t think that’s true. This post was definitely written by a female “radfem”.

No. 1720604

scrotes/troons pose as radfems to do this. I've seen this do this on tiktok when women talk about their abusive relationship they say that the woman shouldve expected it for dating a man in the first place. never seen an actual woman do this

No. 1720609

>never seen an actual woman do this
blackpill-chans/political lesbians exist, sadly

No. 1720638

women sell their own daughters. women kill each other just to keep their scrote happy (Karla holmoka raped and killed her own sister to keep her bf happy) . Women hold their daughters down while their genitals are mutilated. Women do all sorts of evil shit to each other and they’re certainly not larping scrotes. You all love swallowing Blackpills all day but that’s the one singular one that you refuse to swallow no matter what. Women are not always your friends and they’re not always good and benevolent people.

No. 1720641

We've reached a point where nlogs and pickmes don't recognize male bait and want to pin it on le ebil schizo wominz

No. 1720642


No. 1720643

The skin care industry is largely a scam. There are a few active ingredients that have been proven to work for certain conditions, the rest is snake oil. Some conditions that skincare is supposed to remedy are exacerbated by make-up and skincare, so it becomes a self-sustained loop of buying products to mend your face, when you could just do less. We are capable of living without applying skincare products, similarly to other animals. As an example, the Amish have been shown to have excellent skin health and skin microbiome despite living like they’re from four centuries ago. I say this as someone who has a minimalist skin care routine myself (cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen). I think with a modern lifestyle it’s hard to completely forego skincare, but we could definitely do with less. Skin care is a multibillion dollar industry that’s still growing. This level of consoomerism is terrible for the environment and by large an unnecessary expense for those who use it (the majority being women).

No. 1720645

So why is it so hard to believe that a woman can have a fucked up, emotionally hollow opinion like that?

No. 1720651


No. 1720658

You left capslock on.

No. 1720661

I know males regularly larp here you fucking blithering retard, that doesn’t mean that it’s always them. Plus it’s never as much as you make out.

No. 1720664

Agreed, nona. Giving people advice on what precautions to take and victim-blaming are not the same thing. Nothing can 100% protect someone from being victimized by a scrote, but there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of it happening, and I think that's information a lot of women would like to have.

No. 1720691

Nirvana and whiner 90s grunge sucks

No. 1720693

>Women are not always your friends and they’re not always good and benevolent people.
Oh nonnie you can't say that here, this is wrong think!1!1!1!1!1!

No. 1720710

>it's never as much as you make out
Oh you newfags really truly are just stupid like irrefutable so

No. 1720716

NTA but the farmhands have stated before that many (not all tho) moid reports are inaccurate and how it's often just retarded trad women.

No. 1720722

The jannies arent even reputable anymore, a majority of the users VPN hop (I know because I see all of the bans), and there's been avid rumors about a couple of the staff members being men. Many of us have been on imageboards for a decade or more. We have seen them spam cp daily, post graphic sexual fantasies about rape and abuse, creepshot photos and hidden camera screengrabs, bragging about pretending to be women, 'raiding' lc and sharing their screens on discord (like the fake ass eating nudes on shay), etc. I dont give a fuck if I or someone else calls some stupid trad bitch a man, they might as well be since they want to dickride them so badly. Let them dogpile a shitty pickme as much as they want, why do you give a shit.
>b-but women can be just as bad as men
And statistically, they rarely ever are. Read the news stories that fuck with you thread and tell me women are just as bad as men. Boo hoo you get called a man on a board that is supposed to be a pocket away from these other retarded male-centric, male-worshiping spaces. It doesn't matter, I hope all of them get ran off by spergs since they want to play bangmaid Olympics so freaking bad.

No. 1720729

True. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
Got dry skin because of cold weather? Moisturize.
Got dark circles? Bitch you know you don't sleep enough, no product will fix that just go to bed earlier.
Acne? See a doctor to clear it.
No person on earth needs a skin care routine for more than a short period to fix a specific problem. Wear sunscreen if you actually want "good" skin, it's the only thing that works by preventing damage (not fixing it).

No. 1720731

Haha, small world nonna, enjoy!

No. 1720766

>Acne? See a doctor to clear it.
I tried a bunch of products for my acne that didn't work. Then I spoke to a doctor about it and that fixed my problem lol.
The fact that 90% of skin care is marketed towards women is telling. Why aren't men expected to use 647383 skin products but women are neglecting themselves if they don't?

No. 1720771

Literally. No skincare worked until I used spiro. Plus it helps balance mood and everything

No. 1720786

But does spiro cure non hormonal acne too? I feel like I need the constant use of salicylic acid

No. 1720792

Is it fungal acne? Because there are prescription creams for that, I feel like most OTC wouldn't do much for fungal acne

No. 1720805

that one person being flogged by on twitter for saying it's boring to browse the artist alley at cons nowadays because the only merch being sold is of flavour of the month shit like genshin impact is so right KEK the wave of butthurt, shitty artists acting personally attacked is only proving their point.

like i get that they need to make money, but it's also fair for customers to point out that if they only draw flavour of the month shit they don't even care about it comes across as cash grabby and soulless lol

No. 1720811

Its not fungal! I guess I'm not sure if it's hormonal or not because I never get it on my face, just on my underboobs and legs, it's like clogged pores no matter how much I clean but like I said salycilic acid helps. Maybe I should go on spiro?

No. 1720820

File: 1696853962342.jpg (364.77 KB, 1183x1182, [19-07-06] 1147439819351441408…)

I have always envied how a lot of japanese artists sell original stuff over fanart merch

No. 1720827

She’s right and she should say it.

No. 1720859

How do you know it's not fungal? It definitely sounds more like infection than a hormone problem. Try an antifungal cream.

No. 1720872

are you sure it's acne and not keratosis pilaris?

No. 1720881

I don't use Twitter so I dunno the context but I relate, went to a con this year hoping to buy unique stuff and came out finding zero things I'm interested in. There was like one artist who actually produced high effort original work and not just fanart, and most fanart wasn't for anything older than a couple years so I was pretty out of the loop. The only IP I really knew well was Star Wars but the artists were selling weird shipping stuff like pins saying "Reylo <3" in cutesy text rather than anything cool.

No. 1720891

I love seeing cult classic merch at AAs, and love seeing people’s oc content. I swear I will always buy it when I see it (well, if it’s well made).

No. 1720892

File: 1696858389280.jpeg (227.9 KB, 750x966, IMG_2758.jpeg)

Christian girl autumn is cuter than all these y2k weeb coquette cores people are into lately

No. 1720895

>women are evil by enabling men to be evil
so what you’re telling me is that men are still the problem here?

No. 1720899

I feel this.
Also, the other issue is that while yeah, you can see the artists’ skills in their fanart of random characters, and you can follow them and stuff, you will have to commission the artist in order to see something original and you will have to pay the fee for getting a commission, which is a pain in the ass because the idea of also selling in a con is selling stuff at a price that’s affordable to let others show off your stuff.
So at a con people should sell stuff at, idk, 20 dollars, but the commissions will be 30 or 40 or even 50 dollars because it’s a special piece made for the customer.
But why would I take the time to dig through a bunch of characters I don’t care or know about, if I can just not even go in there.
And this is everywhere, in my country it’s so boring nowadays to go to a con because people only sell merch of flavor of the month bullshit, there’s like 4 actual artists trying to sell their shit, and neckbeard-kei accessories.

No. 1720908

you might have either keratosis pillaris or hidratenitis suppurativa (aka acne inversa). to which I say, I'm fucking sorry. I have HS and it has no cure, the only thing I do is take antibiotics once an year or so.

No. 1720910


No. 1720914

people hate it because they have never known being that cozy or groomed

No. 1720938

Muslims are mostly horrible people and I'd gladly press a button that kills all Muslims if only my family survives.(racebait)

No. 1720970

I think you should post this on Reddit or Twitter, I would love to see the shitstorm.

No. 1720973

I agree (watch us get banned for racebaiting over an opinion about a religious group)

No. 1721004

The attractiveness scale really shouldn’t just be 1-10. There are way too many factors that are involved in beauty. It should be like 1-15

No. 1721008

the fact that in the dumbass shit thread someone got banned for racebaiting…about a fictional character that doesn’t exist…kek the state of this website

No. 1721044


No. 1721064

Yeah perfect if you want to be molested and then treated like a subhuman.

No. 1721065

terrible disguised bait kek

No. 1721085

In your tiny, tiny mind, this somehow means those women aren’t entirely responsible. They are. Any woman who harms her own daughter or sister for the sexual gratification of a moid is as bad as a rapist and should be burned alive.

No. 1721108

Justpearlythingz receives way too much empathy. People saying shit like "I feel bad for her because of her low self esteem problems!" and "I want to take her shopping to help her figure out fashion!". I don't care about her personal issues and wish nothing but the worst things to happen to her.

No. 1721120

Agreed, imo women should be more hostile to women willing to dump other women under the bus. A lot of pickme women are fine being pickmes because the negative response from other women isn’t enough to outweight the attention from men. Meanwhile even the “best” of men are not going to stick up for women in male only company because other men won’t tolerate it

No. 1721123

Ok I don’t want this to sound like bait because of the indiacel here, but I genuinely think short men are more handsome than tall ones, all other things equal.
Take the exact same guy and make him like, 5’4, and I’d be more attracted to him. I just think they look cuter. Stockier, thicker, more throwable. When I see a cute manlet I just want to manhandle him.

No. 1721128

What I’m saying is, if you take moids out of the picture, most of the evil women do isn’t going to exist anymore. Men are endemically evil, women aren’t (and I’m speaking in broad generalizations here). Men murder, rape, kill, abuse, etc. because they are personally gratified by it. Women enablers are brainwashed by men.
Of course they are wrong and deserve punishment but I do not think they are on the same level as men, or “just as bad”. We should address their capacity for deference to an absurd degree, or address whatever circumstances led them into believing they should aid male degeneracy. You can’t just say “women are just as bad” as if they are driving these crimes to happen for themselves.

No. 1721163

>but I do not think they are on the same level as men, or “just as bad”
Nta but if a woman sets another woman/girl up to be harmed by a man or harms them for a man, then they are just as bad. Especially if it's their daughter or sister. Idk how we're supposed to excuse that stuff just because they're women when they're harming other women.

No. 1721165

How is she not already getting shat on left and right by moids for being ugly and old?

No. 1721167

Got short guys are so cute, and it’s always funny and adorable when they almost run into tall or average guys who lean over them kek

No. 1721170

I agree but the problem is short men are just so insufferable. I hate the way so many do the theatrical showman schtick in group settings, as if it's overcompensating for their height.

And it's only if they're short and skinny ones that look good, the burly ones just look like oversized meatballs.

No. 1721253

An Indian man wrote this

No. 1721260

ewwww are you dumb deaf and blind?

No. 1721689

There are too many straight men. In the ideal world, The percentage of straight moids (including "transbian" TIMs) in the general population would be switched with the percentage of lesbians and bi women who actually date women.

No. 1721692

only if the quality increases otherwise you are destroying all straight nonnas

No. 1721693

There's too many bi men if anything. We need more actual straight ones.

No. 1721697

there are too many men in general

No. 1721698

Wrong. All men are gay.

No. 1721700

I wish.

No. 1721701

I watched the H3H3 debate. Ethan Klein sympathized with her for hating herself after she left in one of the after shows and that really annoyed me.

No. 1721707

all men are bi whores, you leave a man 5 seconds without pussy and next to another man and they turn prison gay

No. 1721736

Most men love women but they will fuck anything. They aren't bi. They are rapists.

No. 1721751

Hole or polesexual

No. 1721756

>Most men love women
idk they don't really act like they do. where's that article screencap about men being emotionally homosexual or something like that because they put each other first, that sums it up

No. 1721776

fucking the ass of a man makes you bisexual, it doesnt matter if you lubed it before or not

No. 1721966

Incels and the like should be treated like women were during the witch trials. Things need shook up to fix the moral fibre of society. Male psychosis needs to be addressed and treated in medieval ways, its the human way it could humble and humanise them. Please

No. 1721998

>if you take moids out of the picture, most of the evil women do isn’t going to exist anymore

If you take kids out of the picture, most of the child molesting pedophiles do isn’t going to exist anymore.
If you take money out of the picture, most of the slaughtering the cartels do isn’t going to happen anymore

No. 1722004

They’re not brainwashed they just don’t care and are desperate for a piece of dick. This is why people think women are retards because we go around claiming the evil women didn’t know anymore better they’re just silly dumb women who can’t think and they’re like 45. I would never sell my kids or relative out for some dick because I’m not a sociopath who only cares about cooming.

No. 1722005

where are the women serial killers kidnapping and raping kids or torturing moids then you retard

No. 1722006

Samefag but women also abuse and beat their kids without the influence of a man. Plenty of anons here have been horrifically abused by their mothers or other women as children. There are women who beat the living shut into their kids. In my country a 16 month old baby girl was beaten to death by her mothers female partner. They were two lesbians, no man influenced them. It’s far less likely to be sexual abuse but it’s still devastating. Women are also capable of being evil because we are complex human beings.

No. 1722007

Smells like reddit and unwashed ass in here

No. 1722008

There are women killers but they usually target people closest to them. Especially children and vulnerable people in their care. They are also far rarer than male killers of course. Female serial killers usually take the form of Lucy Letby or Dorothea Punte.

No. 1722009

What “smells like Reddit” is when the entire site is a one sided echo chamber. Admitting that women can also fuck you up and kill you and bring about your downfall is simply common sense.

No. 1722012

>if you say you wouldn’t go on a murder spree and sexually abuse your own kids because your bf told you to that means you’re a male

Just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean we all are. Male influence is not an excuse. Even if a woman was influenced by her bf or husband she’s still trash and needs to be locked away forever with him.

No. 1722014

People (men) who cry "echo chamber" when they get any pushback for refusing to read the room and having a one-sided "debate" with themselves come off just like redditors yeah

No. 1722015

>read the room
>unpopular opinions thread

No. 1722016

Samefag, you’re not even pushing back. You’re just lazily and predictably accusing me of being a man to shut down any debate.

No. 1722017

You just said it was the entire site, which is it? Anyway calm the fuck down and stop spamming

No. 1722019

Im perfectly calm anon. You, not so much.

No. 1722020

still, there isnt a female jeffrey dahmer, women are just built different, less retarded for once. also lucy letby did it to impress a moid

No. 1722023

Nta but while there aren’t many female serial killers I think female evil shows itself in different ways because men and women just aren’t the same. Lucy letby was able to kill and sexually assault kids because she was a sociopath who only cared about her own wants. Women can be dangerous when money and men are in the picture. They might not just straight up murder you and sell you out for fun but they will if they get some cash out of it or a man to like them more. Female evil is not usually senseless like male evil, we usually do it to gain something out of the deal.

No. 1722026

the fuck, lucy letby didnt sexually assault any kids what are you on

No. 1722029

She was able to watch children be sexually assaulted and lure them in because she didn’t care and only cared in that moment how these children (who are objects in her eyes) could gain her something. She’s still very mentally ill and dangerous, even if she never met that man she probably still would’ve ended up the kind of woman who lets her kids get molested behind closed doors so she can keep her man. Most mentally sane people couldn’t stand being around child abuse and murder even if we aren’t the ones doing it.

No. 1722031

Are you the same anon who gets triggered when nonnas post jodi memes?

No. 1722032

Lucy letby didn’t sexually assault or even lure in kids. She was a nurse in a hospital for premature babies and she killed them. Are you thinking of someone else? Myra Hindley?

No. 1722033

No, I’m a big fan of Jodi Arias. And Aileen Wuornes.

No. 1722038

File: 1696938066911.jpeg (50.49 KB, 714x531, 1668952814946.jpeg)


No. 1722042

Women say men cheat on pretty women because they’re insecure but I don’t think that’s the reason. I think they cheat because they just get bored of the pretty shiny object. Since men don’t really see women as human but just objects, think of it this way….if you get a new tv it’s going to be so amazing and great at first but eventually it just because a regular item in your house. Yeah at first men chase these super beautiful women because they don’t really know them and are placing them on a pedestal but once he sees her sick, on her days when she’s nagging at him to do the dishes etc he starts to see she’s just some regular human and gets bored especially if he has the money to easily replace women when he feels like it.

No. 1722044

It just becomes*

No. 1722045

It's insecurity or immaturity. Either way they're not willing to drop the girl that gives them status.

No. 1722050

More like they don’t want to give up the free chef, therapist and maid so it’s just easier to cheat when the boredom sets in. I think women try to give these deep reasons for why men cheat to make themselves feel better but in reality it’s most just boredom and being self absorbed.

No. 1722061

How simple minded. Not every relationship exists on the basis of the woman doing all the chores and cooking it's definitely never been an arrangement in any of my relationships.

Plus I doubt the dude cheating is attempting any emotional or therapeutic conversations with hid partner since he doesn't respect her. The logic ain't logicing.

Men put status on the type of woman they can pull and parade around. Where do you think the concept of trophy wives come from? A lot of men see success in earning money and having a wife. They hide infidelity for selfish reasons so the pretty wife won't leave them.

No. 1722062

Yeah exactly they want the status of having a pretty wife and then they get bored because they picked someone only because they were hot and to show off to other scrotes. It’s not because they are insecure it’s just they got the new shiney object everyone wanted and realized it’s the same as the Walmart object at the end of the day and got bored of it. It’s not about them having low self esteem they just wanted their dick in someone new. Women claiming they got cheated on because their man was an “insecure little boy who can’t handle a baddie” are just coping.

No. 1722064

Being a hardcore fan of something makes you enjoy that specific thing far less than a casual fan. I recently watched the latest Saw movie as someone who enjoyed some of the first ones when they came out, and I joined some online spaces dedicated to talking about the movie and was met with walls of complains and nitpickery from people who proudly claimed they had watched the movies several times over and even seen this one a few times in the cinema already. I see this kind of behaviour from fans of other types of media as well and whenever people ask they why they keep watching/reading/playing if they hate it so much, the answer is always "I don't hate it, I complain because I love the concept and want it to be good!". It's so boring.

No. 1722082

Bojack Horseman sucks and it's overrated
>horrible style and animation
>all characters minus princess caroline suck
>only carried by its tryhard 2deep4u sad stories
>cant decide whetever to be lolsorandum funny or 2deep4u
>waaaay too long
>the furry/human shit makes no sense
>bojack is painfully unlikable as a protagonist and not funny,witty or interesting enough to compensate
It just plain sucks and i am tired of it being hailed as the best adult animated series when venture bros, f is for family and moral orel dealt with trauma and deep topics much better and are actually hilarious shows

No. 1722089

I think it's keratosis pilaris, it looks like it. I'll try looking into it, thank you anons!

No. 1722094

they arent flawed characters, they are downright badly written ones, they go peepee poopoo lolsorandum joke then switch to being depressing and ''realistic'' the shift in tone makes no sense. Todd is the worst one, he has waaaay too much screen time for a gag character, same as the dog guy.

No. 1722099

I absolutely hated dog guy, so obnoxious

No. 1722107

If I were conventionally attractive and more outgoing I would for sure be dating men 21-24 in my 30s but unlike scrotes I actually care if the men I date find me attractive and I don’t wanna pay for dick

No. 1722110

you sound pathetic

No. 1722116

Another unpopular opinion is I think most attractive and normal women got the chance to experience love with attractive young guy when they were young so they got it out of their system and can now accept their life of sleeping with guys for cash and personality once they hit 30+ but I spent my youth never getting the chance to date or be wanted so that dream of being with the really handsome popular guy is still there. It sucks to leap from never dating to have to go right into dating balding, hairy men with beer bellies. I think if I had a normal youth I would’ve been able to develop normally and not have this attraction to younger guys.

No. 1722118

Your bitterness is a bigger problem than your attraction to young men

No. 1722119

What’s bitter about what I said?

No. 1722121

You are attracted to younger guys because males hit the wall at 25- on a good day. Some males hit the wall at 20. Some males never are attractive because they choose to play vidya on their asses all day everyday, get fat, and masturbate until all their hair falls out.

No. 1722123

I definitely would prefer a man in his early 20s but I’ve accepted it’s not going to happen and it would never work unless the dynamic between us was really abusive and I don’t wanna abuse them

No. 1722125

It doesn't have to be abusive; explain?

No. 1722126

most women are average and dating average looking men. men put less effort into their appearance and styling and on average look worse than women. even while young plenty of average and pretty women date and partner with ugly or average men because they care about personality and finding a serious life partner, or are being abused and groomed by their scrote.

No. 1722127

I don’t want to be mean and manipulative to try to control a young scrote or have to pay for his attention.

No. 1722129

you are gonna end up doing the same for an old scrote who's bald, fat and smelly all men are the same

No. 1722130

…then don't be mean or manipulative? just date like normal? why is this impossible for you?

No. 1722132

True but if I pulled it on a young scrote he can just pull out the grooming card and I look like the bad guy to everyone else. With a guy my age it would just look like I’m a boss babe or some shit.

No. 1722133

From what I’ve noticed that you have to be manipulative and shitty towards men because that’s what they’re doing most of the time but I am older and smarter that a younger scrote so his tricks won’t work on me and when I win at the toxic game I’ll get called a groomer

No. 1722135

no people will just say you're a "cougar", most people don't believe that a young man can be groomed by a woman if you're both adults. that's just something crazy online people say, in real life it's apparent that a handsome man is still physically larger and stronger than you even if he's only 20. he can't really call "grooming" on you – grooming him to do what, get his dick wet??

No. 1722141

How would you even manipulate men? What is there to manipulate?

No. 1722144

god i both loved and hated that show. princess caroline's story was masterfully done and i don't think modern live action shows would be able to go as hard as they did with her story, they got away with a lot of real human emotion behind that animated pink talking cat. that scene where she's drunk out of her mind and told her faggot mouse boyfriend about her miscarriage hit hard. diane by comparison got completely shafted and her "lolol just take the pills and all the very real problems in your life are suddenly nbd" arc sucked. bojack was good the less it focused on him and his problems.

No. 1722152

I’m not sure if it’s unpopular outside of fandom but movies are pretty much always better without the deleted scenes

No. 1722156

I agree. I liked Beatrice though, her story is kinda relatable and her backstory was the only good thing from the show.

No. 1722157

I personally hated Diane on top of the dog and Toad the quirky asexual. She barely had any legitimate struggles that no one goes through but her and she was being extra dramatic about it all and how much she's suffering when she's literally hanging out with celebrities and was married to the dog. I don't care for her arch or the way it ended at all.

No. 1722164

Beatrice and Sara Lynn were the only good things about this show. What a shock the female characters with real struggles women go through are more interesting than the millionaire deadbeat horse alcoholic…
I can't even remember her story arc, I only remember she got fat at the end because of the meds lmao

No. 1722254

Most of the anorexics who are skeleton tier end up that way because they're coping with not being pretty. A lot of them aren't pretty in the face, even at a healthy weight. Being a skeleton is the only way they can get attention and not be an invisible gray mouse. Same goes for a lot of the anas who are just skinny too and not full on skellies.

No. 1722273

This post is what spending too much time in /w/ does to a motherfucker

No. 1722278

Instead of starving for years to become "delicate" (see: flat untoned grandma body) many of them would be better off getting a nose job and some tittays. But that would require getting a job and they don't want to do that.

No. 1722281

You’re just as mentally ill as they are.

No. 1722303

ok boomer

No. 1722312

This is unironically true. Especially for girls who gain lots of weight in their face quick. I always feel sympathy though- if your face only looks more acceptable when you're deeply underweight, what do you do? I see why people fall so deep into their disorders, especially given that they often get special treatment bc of it

No. 1722352

I'm glad I found one of the few short men who isn't insecure about it. He's 5'4 and is super qt. I don't like taller men because they are too lanky and that makes their body proportions look weird. Tall women are graceful, while tall men just look… off. Not to mention, I'm short too, and a huge height difference makes it hard to kiss and hug each other.

No. 1722354

The vast majority anorexics are teenage girls or young adult women still in education, what job? At best people their age work a part time job.

No. 1722402

I'm sorry?maybe if you exclusively know spoonies kek. Most anorexics have jobs if not two

No. 1722409

I love manlets too they are cute and being the taller one is based. Only beta females want to be tiny compared to their moid.

No. 1722473

File: 1696974212738.jpg (71.53 KB, 564x563, tiresome.jpg)

Cillian Murphy is straight. Not looking like a slob doesn't mean he "looks gay". If these retards keep clogging up celebricows with this bullshit every single fucking day I'm going to find this man and fuck him myself.

No. 1722480

The gay theories in that thread ate the most boring shit. It's not even "gay moids online claim to have slept with him/he's frequently seen in these gay clubs", it's "this manwhore has a bit of an homosexual aura"

No. 1722511

There has been an uptick in ftms. They're trying to stealth it out and pretend they aren't, but if you go through the dumbass shit thread from the last month or so, it's obvious. All they talk about is yaoi, not being like other girls, being too edgy for LC, the male body being superior to the female body, how they have "male pattern" mental illness. Its like the personification of the pooner meme, all they want to talk about is men being gaysexyaoixd.

No. 1722514

get us the full frontal shot we were denied in oppenheimer

No. 1722516

I feel like his dick is 4.7 max and that he dribbles instead of spurts

No. 1722524

have you ever heard him express himself in his own personality and not acting? he is unmistakably faggy i dont know what to tell you

No. 1722529

You are genuinely such an embarrassment.

No. 1722558

File: 1696982513396.jpg (253.39 KB, 1440x642, Screenshot_20231011_030207_Sam…)

Fair but I think Eugenia Cooney was pretty at a normal weight. Now she looks horrifying.

No. 1722562

Oh my god she’s stunning!? Damn.

No. 1722563

case in point: jeanette mccurdy

No. 1722569

I think she was still anorexic in the before. She was really pretty though and I remember everyone thought that was finally gonna be the turning point for her, super sad to look at now.

No. 1722594

Millennial and Gen z mothers are going to screw up their kids by posting all their personal information and embarrassing moments online. This will be what Gen alpha hates their parents for.

No. 1722661

File: 1696995148986.jpeg (587.9 KB, 1170x972, IMG_5678.jpeg)

Annoyed she deleted this I watched it whenever I needed my spirits lifted

No. 1722662

I’ve already seen all of my classmates children from the moment after their birth to the constant posts about their struggle as a mother of a parent with autism or shaken baby syndrome or FAS. The children are just going to get worse and worse with each generation

No. 1722664

Well yeah usually it’s based around some kind of physical insecurity and that could also directly correlate to their face, if not the entirety of their body. Nice going sherlock holmes big discovery

No. 1722676

What about anorexics who first develop the illness pre-puberty?

No. 1722701

Incredibly late response but yes. I remember a Nona getting irrationally angry about board culture and when other Nonas tried pointing out that lolcow originated from 4chan (/cgl/ to stamina Rose then lolcow)

No. 1722721

Most nose jobs end up looking weird and the person doesn't look much better or about the same. Marketing makes the photos look better.

No. 1722729

It originated from /cgl/, a mainly female-centric board. Nuance is important. We as people have also evolved from not washing our hands and shitting in the street, doesn't mean we have to constantly tell people "BUT YOU USED TO SHIT OUT THE WINDOW" whenever someone tells you to act like a civilized person and use the damn bathroom. We aren't and never were poltards, kiwifags.

No. 1722739

"apple" body shape, not "pear"- if gaining weight makes you look like Dr. Robotnik due to crap genes, eg fat arms, gut, no ass- you best believe you're gonna try to avoid it. add in some other trauma and girls go overboard.

No. 1722744

That just seems like it would lead to plastic surgery addiction.

No. 1722747

And Lolcow/Staminarose diverted from 4chan pre-culture wars era i.e. 2014-ish. Back then goobergoot was just happening and there wasn't such a huge concentration of actual white supremacists on the site. 4chan used to be quite left/liberal leaning back in the day before all the far right grifters made it their home and people trying to paint it as some place of white supremacy when in they literally hunted down cat killers and did other vigilante ops (either failed or successful) to punish those who abused people weaker than them are either newfags or intentionally gaslighting.

No. 1722749

i really wish all the newfags like you who have never step foot into an imageboard outside of lc would fuck off back to twitter. Genuinely dont understand the point of coming to an imageboard with imageboard culture then shit on it, you have the entire internet to talk about boring stuff and spread your unfunny safe humor for toddlers, why come to lc for that? This site used to be so funny a few years ago. I remember i stopped using 4chan and fully switched here because, outside of the /pol/faggotry, 4chan was invaded by the 14yos spreading peepoo cum reddit humor trying really hard to become screencap material, now the same is happening here, but with tumblr lolsurandom quirky humor. The day i saw the cringe hamster larper i knew this board was over.

No. 1722754

bitch, where do you think the 2010s 4chan weirdos went to? I am almost 32, do you think I'm going to do the weird egirl shtick forever? people fucking grow up, just because I'm a wine aunt now doesn't mean I wasn't there when shit was going down.

No. 1722755

>wine aunt
weird larp

No. 1722756

Lol, lmao even. What do you even consider "imageboard culture"? Being an insufferable asshole instigating infights at every chance while making le epic troll face? Because OS-tans and happy negro were such edgy imageboard meymeys, cockmongler is a based SJW twitterfag destroyer. Imageboards have always revolved around lolsorandumb humor and even the borzoi meme here evolved years ago during the time you're claiming "the board was still funny". If anything this site is being taken down the drain by racist scrotes bleeding over from other sites and mentally ill kiwiNLOGs and tiktok bitches living out their mean girl era to cope with the bullying they withstood in high school. Let the anons have their dumb fucking hamster larps.

No. 1722759

are you the sperg that got angry at the azumanga daioh ching chong joke? that joke isnt even ''edgy'', that's why it was so obvious twitter/tumblr newfags were the ones being offended over it.

No. 1722760

HAHAHAHA I'm an oldfag you dumb bitch. We aren't little 20 year old edgefags like the majority of you are. So sorry we don't want to see 4chan vomit or act like it should be encouraged. Wah wah wah this is an offshot, guess what else was posted on 4chan? Cp, gore, hidden camera creepshots, threads of editing female friends and family members onto porn. 4chan is far too vast and has too many subboards to cry about how we shouldn't have a standard of humanity just because le 4chins.

No. 1722761

There are at least 2 of us right now, and from the looks of it we are both actually oldfags. Die on the hill, we aren't going to stop talking about it.

No. 1722762

you are getting angry at a stupid azumanga daioh edit, if that's edgy to you then i dont understand how you supposed ''oldfags'' managed to survive through old-school internet. I wasn't even banned for racebait, so even the tranny jannies understood it was a dumb reference and not some edgy 4chin white supremacist scrote humor as you are trying to argue it is.

No. 1722764

I am not angry. What are you even talking about at this point? Taking out your valuable insights and opinions into a snarky little quip at me like I must be the person that needs to hear it? I don't care.

No. 1722765

I literally have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 1722767

you know it's really easy to tell when someone is a phonefag, right? i dont believe for a second any of you are '''''oldfags'''''

No. 1722770

Your schizophrenia is not my problem.

No. 1722772

It's 2023. This means nothing. Stay stuck in the past acting like a miserable elitist faggot trying to lecture a dying, shitty imageboard if that makes you happy

No. 1722773

sure sure i will believe you, you're a totes oldfag and definetly not a phonefag

No. 1722775

Mental illness

No. 1722776

the only ones going on sperg rants and ruining this ''dying shitty imageboard'' are people like you that want to sanitize everything and strip it of it's culture. Genuinely why not go back to twitter/tumblr if this imageboard is so shitty and dying? i bet you LOVE to say tranny and faggot and other edgy words, but god forbid anyone else makes an edgy joke because that makes them a 4chin poltard scrote.

No. 1722779

Muh 4chins

No. 1722781

I dont think you know what you're talking about at all. Idk what to even say to you because you're insane.

No. 1722787

You sound like the incels who complain they have never dated in high school and want to date minors at 30 years old. Just the female version of them.

No. 1722791

Nah she's right, why can you say "tranny" or "moid" but other words are off-limits?

No. 1722792

You wouldn't have this problem unless you were gross looking, so

No. 1722793

Racebait attracts the worst kind of posters imaginable and you're really going to pull the "why can't I say it" card?

No. 1722803

Is it really abnormal/pedophilia to find 21-24 year olds attractive? When I look at tv shows that’s the age group most sexualized for women. Most of the actresses, pop stars and hyper sexualized rappers are in that age group.

No. 1722806

When you say "younger guys" the assumption is normally under 21 for most people I think.

No. 1722807

shitting on trannies and faggots also attract poltards whats your point? should we ban all meanie words

No. 1722819

You really are trying to justify raceb8 okay fuck off now

No. 1722828

Most people who are upset that race baiting isnt allowed on lolcow because of the “culture” are silly. You could go on 4chan to enjoy racist jokes etc….Oh you want it here because you know if you go back to 4chan you’re going to end up groomed by a scrote again or spammed with porn all day so you want to enjoy being racist where you’re safe.

No. 1722831

no one is defending that, it's against the rules for a reason, i am just saying that the excuse of ''we cant do that or we will attract x group of people'' is retarded when we already say tranny and faggot

No. 1722835

File: 1697012143653.png (127.92 KB, 581x443, ching chong.png)

>newfags think picrel is racebait
but saying tranny faggot is ok, that definetly wont attract edgy 4chan/kiwifags

No. 1722849

I do not care about this stupid meme and no, it isnt the same. No false equivalence is going to change that allowing actual racebait and the normalization of racial slurs is always going to attract the absolute lowest most bottom feeding individuals because they don't have many spaces they are free to spam racial slurs on. Move on.

No. 1722856

I've been on lolcow pre 2013 in my early 20s. 4chan was a scumfest as early as 2009 what is this revisionist bullshit. Fuck gay 4chan image culture perpetrated by faggots this is lolcow, it's not the same. KF is also full of overly autistic faggots that constantly over explain basic concepts no one cares about

No. 1722857

no one, absolutely no one, was defending racebait though.

No. 1722858

The fact that anons are still seething about hamster shitposts is so funny kek. And you guys say you want this site to be less serious and more shitposting.

No. 1722860

the hamsterfag got banned for a reason, avatarfagging is annoying

No. 1722862

No they didn't, what are you talking about?

No. 1722863

I enjoy love bombing men who are indifferent/nonchalant types until they really have gotten used to all the attention and praise and then I get bored

No. 1722891

No. 1722893

I keep watching the loudest people be flagrantly wrong on here and just pull shit from their ass and I don't even bother correcting it anymore. Why should I. They're lying for a reason and that reason is mental illness.

No. 1722950

No harm but there's nothing to correct.

No. 1722951

doing god's work

No. 1722965

lolcow wasn't a site in 2013 you gross liar.

No. 1722975

File: 1697018945691.jpg (81.01 KB, 1080x643, 909.jpg)

I think their definition of "shitposting" is just plain old bigotry like yelling jewniggerfaggotchink over and over again just for the sake of being edgy and "trolling" people, not pointless and/or snarky funnyposting.

No. 1722978

the shlop thing is funny because the OP did it for fun and not to be a board micro celebrity/namefag larping as a hamster for weeks then getting angry and pissy when someone calls your hamster autism annoying is extremely autistic. the raccoon sperg did the same, posted something most than likely expecting to be screencaped and posted into the funny caps thread and when anons called her out for being annoying she got all pissy and defensive

No. 1722983

don't you get it anon? rayciss bad word ha ha! big no no word iz funneh xd!

No. 1722984

Can't believe hamster anon still gets talked about. She wasn't shitposting, she was fishing for attention. No one ever brings up the fact that she did her shitposting in the most obnoxious way possible by hijacking a new thread and making 12 out of the 20 posts in that thread. Then the thread died and the anon who made it didn't even get to enjoy it. If she had done her hamposting in the shitposting threads, no one would have cared.

No. 1722988

Why do you have to “call people out” for making dumb unfunny posts about raccoons? Can’t you just ignore it and go about your day? Don’t you think it reflects somewhat poorly on you?

No. 1722989

but anon she was a wholesome chungus shiddposter sounds like you are seething

No. 1722990

File: 1697019896350.jpeg (40.69 KB, 415x739, 1.jpeg)

This faggot doesn't pass or look feminine. Chasers only think he "passes" because he dresses like a pornstar and they think women = pornstars they see online

No. 1722992

welcome to imageboard culture faggot when people can and will tell you you are retarded unfunny tryhard

No. 1722993

It didn't feel so wholesome when the anon who made the thread was hoping for sincere engagement with her thread and instead gets someone spamming it with hammy larps anon. 12 out of 20 posts.

No. 1722994

All of this baby screaming and tantruming because you can’t say the N word.

No. 1722995

it was never about racebaiting, but yeah sure go ahead think whatever makes you happy

No. 1722996

You're so cool and witty with your ad hominem

No. 1722998

Yes it was. You were crying and pissing about the fact that you can say faggot but not other words and how you can’t make edgy jokes. We all know what that means.

No. 1722999

he relies on angles, makeup and filters which is enough to fool coomers but i cant see him being able to keep his act for much longer since its obvious that he is gonna age badly. the wall is coming for him.

No. 1723002

I think you're just baiting to be honesssttttt because you can't be that dense

No. 1723005

Dense? It’s right there. We can all read what you said.

No. 1723006

I ain't even that anon wise guy

No. 1723007

you should learn how to read, because i never advocated for saying the nword or racebait. I just said that its dumb to be a moralfag over what anons post because ''it will attract moids11!1!'' when this board openly encourages the use of words moids love like faggot and tranny.

No. 1723011

NTA but we can all read between the lines.

No. 1723013

I feel like it was, billiegate happened in like 2014 and there was onision threads well before then

No. 1723016

it started in 2014

No. 1723017

File: 1697021300910.png (14.86 KB, 427x280, 4chan.png)

the fuck are you on about? do you also not know that even 4chan has an antiracebait rule? i even said that 14yo edgylarpers that spam the nword are what ruined 4chan

No. 1723018

nta my ass

No. 1723019

Oh dear a few months out then. All the other shit is correct, lolcow was never intended to mirror the faggots at 4chan or KF

No. 1723021

so sensitive

No. 1723022

it was made to bully the female equivalent of chris chan, they didnt even have the no male rule back then

No. 1723023

Yea so sensitive, not at all like this anon >>1722893 taking such an affront. I-I- muh-culture, you don't even deserve my knowledge! I!

No. 1723024

look at you go, golly

No. 1723026

It had to be specifically implemented because male posters couldn't match the lolcow culture that was different to the faggots on 4chan and KF

No. 1723047

NTA but really now, who uses phones to browse lolcow or any other imgb, altchans or forums
>”dying, shitty imageboard”
may i ask why do you think that?

No. 1723052

i do so immediately upon waking up, in order to deluge my brain with bullshit

No. 1723057

I rarely use my PC and I don't use it for shitposting. So, me lol

No. 1723061

How do you tell when’s someone’s using their phone?

No. 1723074

I've always been a phone poster, baby

No. 1723081

File: 1697027442877.jpg (36.07 KB, 680x500, edcbe3701b9f21139142518dde76a5…)

>really now, who uses phones to browse lolcow

>mfw typing this on my phone as I take my morning dookie

No. 1723084

This is probably not unpopular here. But women need to start taking accountability when they stay with or have kids with shitty men. Like no shit it's not these women's fault the men are shitty, and yes some are extremely manipulative and abusive, and some women can't leave, but most people understand in those cases and while it's not the woman's fault her man is a cunt I'm not talking about those cases.
To give an example recently I saw someone talking about how she had a baby to a man who gave her a fake name, changed his phone number and ghosted her after they agreed to have a baby together. Everyone was going on about how you can't blame her and it's not her fault but there's no way in hell you were with someone long enough for the baby talk, let alone believe any of his bullshit if you never once saw some type of document including email or text or at the very least were not in earshot when someone else called them their real name. And having a baby with someone yet only having one type of contact with them? Is it her fault the baby daddy is a deadbeat ghoster? No but you have to be a fucking idiot to get into that situation and WILLINGLY plan a baby with him. Another thing is women will talk about, in person and online like "hey everyone my man refuses to wash his ass, is a porn addict, cheated 50 times and is a genuine retard" and then make 100 excuses to why she loves him and has to stay because who else would wash his shit covered sheets? After being warned and warned these women willingly marry and have kids with these men and then act shocked when he's a deadbeat man-child. But then it's taboo to ask these women what they genuinely expected.
I have genuine sympathy of victims in abusive relationships but I'm sick of people treating women like dumb children when they willingly stay with pieces of shit, especially if he showed he was a cunt from the moment they met. It comes to a point where personal responsibility for putting yourself in those situations, especially if a child has to suffer the consequences

No. 1723093

>muh accountability
>muh dumb children
>muh personal responsibility
of course bringing a child into a situation like that is idiotic but you underestimate how far men will go in pretending to be decent until they get what they want + how much women are pressured to lower their standards and settle down to have kids

No. 1723096

post something from your phone then post again from your pc and you will realize

No. 1723098

computers are superior

No. 1723099

Yeah but I’m on my work computer all day and I’ll be damned if I ever get caught browsing lolcow on there.

No. 1723105

The ones that solely PC post really tell on themselves how much time a day they dedicate to sitting at a computer desk. I'm out and about in the shit world and like to be able to post on lolcow like how someone might post on twitter

No. 1723106

phonefagging is the worst thing that happened to the internet.

No. 1723108

I can touch grass and post on my phone though

No. 1723112

I think that defeats the purpose of touching grass

No. 1723115

some of us are lucky and our bosses don't care about what we do on our personal computers, we get paid to browse lolcow at work. PC posters aren't all NEETS like you think kek

No. 1723116

you are the living embodiment of those boomer phonebad memes

No. 1723117

sorry to samefag this was meant for >>1723105

No. 1723119

Then no need to take such offence?

No. 1723135

Health at any size is a lie. If you are obese you are at risk of weight related complications. If you are underweight you are at risk of weight related complications. You're just ugly and delusional, and grabbing onto a cute wee mantra to justify your poor diet and exercise choices.

No. 1723137

how is this an unpopular opinion?

No. 1723138

you people always say itʼs only about health but immediately bring up appearance too. but hey at least youʼre more honest than others.

No. 1723141

Average nonfit hands typed this. You'll look better either chubby or thin long as you exercise, if anything average weight people can look just as dumps as skelly or fatties if they don't exercise

No. 1723142

It has nothing to do with being ugly, weirdo

No. 1723146

Where in the post did anon say anything about bot exercising?

No. 1723169

Me, I’m a strong dominant woman with high confidence levels.

No. 1723179

>for weeks
I'm pretty sure it was like 1 day those hamster posts were made, maybe 2. Then it stopped cause anons were infighting in multiple threads about it.
There were a bunch of posts made in that thread after the whole hamster debacle though. Most new threads just die because enough anons aren't interested, but I doubt anons aren't posting in it just because some anon made hamster LARP posts a year ago. I don't even think it was 12 posts. Sorry to WK the hamster-anon, I just don't understand why the whole situation was so serious and offensive that it's still being brought up like a year later.

No. 1723180

Lmao no I'm not, I literally addressed manipulative men and the fact I'm clearly talking about the situations were the men make absolutely no effect to hide how much of a dick they are in relationships were the woman has the full ability to leave. A situation where the man pretended to be decent is a completely different. I thought I repeated the point that I was not talking about those situations where I thought it may of been a bit much but yet somehow someone STILL manages to completely mis. You really think that when a woman is very literally speaking about or writing out about how her man shits the bed and rolls in it + can't even remember her Birthday he is some sort of master manipulator? When she herself is the one saying it? Take my example with the man lying about his name, you really think he had an actual plan when lying about a name and telling someone "yeah I'll totally stay for a baby" was enough? Most men are dumbasses and can't even think that far. Most of them are shitty manipulators who see themselves as Patrick Bateman and then their tactic is negging or some shit. May of been understandable if it was a one night stand accident but she literally admitted and I quote "we planned this baby together".

I do agree with you that women are pressured to lower their standards though, have seen more and more women starting to speak up about it so hopefully it will catch on more. I'm genuinely glad to see more and more women pointing out men's bullshit. I'm nowhere near immune to actual manipulation and abuse, yet I've had men try this shit on me, it doesn't work because again most men are pure retards.

No. 1723186

Samefag but all I'm trying to say is that anons complain that lolcow needs dumb shitposts, but you're all so combative and take this site so serious that stuff like that runs the risk of making some anon angry. The aggressiveness that a lot of anons have is one of the many things that ran off a lot of anons and made this site change so much, and also why we have a lot less openly interesting or "weird" anons.

No. 1723191

I have my own unpopular opinion related to this: twitter users are better at spotting a joke than farmers.

No. 1723194

It's pretty much a given being on one of these forums and not something to take serious but it's always funny and slightly concerning how quick farmers are to go into attack mode. Not even jokes someone could just say they prefer a certain type of cheese and que 50 replies. We all know what twitter uses can be like so I can't say much on them.

No. 1723215

Farmers struggle to spot even hyperbolic shit, I don't think it's even a matter of literal autism, just the combative attitude clouding their judgment. I actually do think that, albeit all their faults, twitter users are more likely to see when a joke is a joke, if it's not something they consider a no no, and banter back. Stuff that if it were on tv would be called too on the nose, goes over the head of people here. But yeah, the most non controversial shit will start infights too.

No. 1723229

Most of the time I think it's just that websites like this tend to attract people who are used to having to defend themselves, put up walls and show a "tough" attitude to the point they go apeshit over nothing. We all know that person where you ask how their day was and you get a bitchy response back for no reason, aka the person always ready for an attack. Not going to lie at times I enjoy it because I appreciate a space where women don't have to coddle others feelings, but some anons absolutely misread things and go on autistic rants taking shitposting seriously.

No. 1723231

Samefag meant to sage previous reply

No. 1723240

it's easy to take everything as a joke when you're living in the circus

No. 1723276

Which I am

No. 1723282

Love how anons say you're opinion isn't unpopular then get upset at it for involving looks kek. But I agree with you. Working out brings a person's best look along with a healthy diet.

No. 1723295

Anons mad at this for bringing up looks but it's true, being fat or underweight tends to make people look ugly. People can say it has nothing to do with looks but sometimes looks are a result of health. People can bullshit all they want

No. 1723301

Anon, you don't need to sage in ot

No. 1723388

Blair from gossip girl is autistic

No. 1723515

Sponsorships are more annoying than ads

No. 1723534

This is true. My mind instantly shuts off when they start doing that NPC voice

No. 1723543

She was my favorite character and I'm pretty sure I'm an autist.

No. 1723558

Same but like if I had a computer I would browse lc on there

No. 1723561

get the sponsorblock extension for youtube, i've got it to automatically skip ad segments and its made my youtube experience so much better. you can also set it to auto-skip (or have a button pop up to skip) user-submitted filler moments, intros, outros, and other stuff like that. it's so great https://sponsor.ajay.app/

No. 1723566

File: 1697061430660.png (2.33 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2673.png)

Pointless uggo nitpick but I’m tired of 'girlhood core' being referred to the same ultrafeminine three female characters and movies (Jennifer’s Body, Black Swan and Cassie from Euphoria or some other shit). It’s not that interesting or relatable if you grew up as genuinely unattractive or fucked up girl (I’m not necessarily talking about the themes, but general sense of aesthetic and perception). I need more movies about disgusting and truly disturbing women ig.

No. 1723571

It's not that these girls even relate to these movies most of the time, rather they want to larp as the main characters for being "hot but broken baddies" and meme themselves into these ideas of being unhinged broken women that look beautiful and desirable anyway

No. 1723574

File: 1697062216346.png (470.75 KB, 602x452, IMG_8361.png)

Agree wholeheartedly
I have two things I really want to see more of
>unhinged women that aren't sexy femme fatales, see: kathy bates in misery
>ugly and/or nerdy girls that are still feminine
it's like you have to have your femininity taken away from you if you aren't attractive. it sucks! where are the unattractive horse girls in my media?

No. 1723588

unhinged and broken but pretty is such a bullshit trope. people were telling me I'm attractive and some even wanted to hire me for a model agency but because I always looked poor and unhinged and had no social skills nobody wanted to actually befriend me or help me and boys didn't hit on me so I grew up to be a socially inept broke adult in a dead end job kek. If you're truly fucked up being attractive won't do shit

No. 1723589

Most teen girls are approached to "model".

No. 1723593

My wife and I are irl Gretchen and Spinelli ily for posting them kek also I AGREE WITH WANTING MORE KATHY BATES IN MISERY TYPE FEMALE CHARACTERS. Just watched that the other day, she is unreal.

No. 1723613

that is fucking adorable anon, keep it real

No. 1723616

I'm pmsing but I actually teared up a little thinking of you and your wife being like gretchen and spinelli

No. 1723707

From what I’ve seen most men aren’t very good at pretending to be decent at all. Most of them have no idea when they’re a piece of shit. Pretending would take self awareness which most of them lack. Unpopular opinion but most women know when a man won’t make a good dad but they ignore it because they are lonely or don’t really care. Most people who have kids don’t really think of their childrens future or wellbeing since they just seeing making babies as just something they were gonna do anyway.

No. 1723717

If any group actually wanted to make political change in the US in a radical way on a large scale they should be infiltrating and “befriending” the police force. The ACAB stuff works against this and neuters movements that have big ambitions. Would put in tinfoil thread but I think it’s fine here since it’s a matter of history that getting the military/cops on your side works, they’re just people and can be swayed and it has a big impact since they work as a group/“brotherhood” in a way that other professions don’t.

No. 1723729

I kind of would prefer being a young pretty boy over a pretty girl if I had the choice. Being a pretty girl just seems like a life time of getting used and abused and tossed out but as a pretty boy I could have a harem of pick mes paying my bills and I could do whatever I want. I could be the most vile person and still find at least 2 or 3 pick mes to pay for all my stuff.

No. 1723736

Very few men are capable of being subtle enough to hide any of their douchebagery. Ignoring it is one thing but then they tend beg for sympathy when it turns out their man who made no attempt at hiding he's a douche turns out to be a douche. At least some women have genuine excuses.

No. 1723748

File: 1697082263498.png (53.27 KB, 2000x1000, IMG_5703.png)

The Judy Garland 80 cigarettes diet sounds effective and honestly not that bad if you’re an adult. Obviously doing this to a developing child is wrong but a 25 year old would be just perfectly fine

No. 1723751

I always get so confused when I see the term douche used as an insult because I imagine like an actual douche inside the vagina and then washing it out and not just like…anything else

No. 1723752

Yeah, give it a try then. Smoking 80 cigarettes a day for who knows how long depending on how much weight you want to lose, is totally healthy and won’t fuck up your life in the long run.

No. 1723757

every time someone talks about using cigs to lose weight, I just think about all the fat bastard chain smokers out there and laugh

No. 1723776

I’m a diehard chain smoker and I’ve been 97 lbs for the last 4 years i’m not sure if the two have anything to do with each other though

No. 1723777

I’m not saying it’s “totally healthy” I’m saying it’s not that bad and you probably could survive just fine off a few bowls of chicken soup and cigarettes daily

No. 1723783

Just get a liraglutide prescription, cigarettes are used to suppress hunger anyways, may as well get something that’s less likely to make you develop cancer, fuck up your teeth, mouth, tongue and throat, fuck up your house and cars, and will be actually cheaper than 4 boxes of cigarettes a day in a month.

No. 1723793

What? No. Get the fuck out of here you’re insane.

No. 1723809

You know how else you can survive? By eating a normal amount

No. 1723812

this was my diet as an anachan kek, nona you're insane pls don't do that to yourself

No. 1723836

Someone has been laying really lazy ana-chan bait all over /ot/ for a few days now and newfags keep biting.

No. 1723838

This, these women don't exist IRL but it's a power fantasy for the girls who larp as tortured souls and imagine their unhinged behavior coming off as cool, unattainable and mysterious when they're just being insufferable BPD-chans.

No. 1723845

Major issue in society when disaffected teen girls spend their entire adolescence daydreaming about being beautiful and desired instead of learning skills, seeking beneficial education, and channeling their neuroses into something they can be proud of. I know its on purpose but I hate seeing young girls still getting chokeheld by this trope. It's wasting your formative years in maladaptive misery, oftentimes they lose the best parts of their lives and don't know how to navigate adulthood outside of arrested development.

No. 1723849

File: 1697093070688.jpg (268.54 KB, 1200x1700, sangsilnoh-1681025716819992577…)

I think stuff like this, with a more cell-shaded look, looks way better than the over-rendered anime girls with a trillion values and sparkles and layer effects and colors

No. 1723851

I agree. I'm not really sure if it's an unpopular opinion, I think a lot of people are just unaware of how to describe media they enjoy but overrendered AI shit is definitely grating at people. It used to be seen as talent with a lot of Chinese artists and artists like Sakimichan, but the overabundance of it and the fact that it's too accessible will definitely cause this style to have a lot more gratitude and popularity.

No. 1723856

I like simpler art too but not this example tbh. I prefer watercolor stuff

No. 1723857

reminds me of this. I love super detailed backgrounds or filtered real photos with simple characters over it.

No. 1723864

100% true and sad. It's a huge waste to feed into the mental illness these girls have to make them believe that their self-destructive behavior makes them desirable and cool, I personally know a woman well into her 20's who's still stuck in her unstable and attention hungry e-girl era because that's just how she learned to behave after being rewarded and encouraged by more representation.

No. 1723868

It really has become a chicken or egg scenario. How do they know what kind of person they really are or would have been if they nurtured the real parts of themselves instead of the desire to be desired consuming literally all else? I always imagine a lot of their lives would be monumentally different had they not spent their whole formative years with the "never alone, man watching you through a keyhole in your own mind" thing. It feeds into the stereotype that men have of women as well. Media is really trying to re-trad everything– stay at home, wilting, overmedicated subservient woman brushing her hair one thousand times waiting on her alpha masculine woman beating husband to come home from his dropshipping job.

No. 1723872

File: 1697097519093.png (579.85 KB, 828x607, bee urself.png)

same, i just want some depressed uggo/average woman badass followed by her manic pixie dream boy, or female fight club

No. 1723873

the behind the scenes of that movie is so cursed

No. 1723882

"gay men who do not like anal" are just straight incels who started dating men out of desperation but dont actually feel attracted to men. if you are gay you HAVE TO be attracted to cock and manhole. you MUST enjoy dick in ass one way or the other. if you are not into it, i dont believe you are sincerely a faggot. i dont know why this is a hot take. i said this in a fujo space online and a bunch of fag hags started telling me anecdotes about how they knew a faggot who doesnt have anal because its too much work. assuming youre not lying, bitch you are female and this supposedly gay man was comfortable enough with you to share such intimate details about his sex life, that makes me believe it even more that hes a prison gay straight incel.
my argument is that there is no such thing as a straight man who refuses to have vaginal sex. even a lot of straight men want to fuck women in the ass. why would faggots, who are known for being hypersexual and promiscuous, and have anal as the default way to have sex, not have anal sex? especially considering there is no risk of pregnancy, etc? are you out of your mind? do you not know what men are like? yes if a man was genuinely gay he would absolutely have anal sex and yes if he doesnt do it i will think hes not really gay.

No. 1723885

what is this cope, if you suck a cock you are a faggot, are gay ''tops'' not fags to you

No. 1723889

>even a lot of straight men want to fuck women in the ass. why would faggots, who are known for being hypersexual and promiscuous, and have anal as the default way to have sex, not have anal sex?
You're forgetting the fact that men do not care about women's pain and fully expect us to accommodate their every fetish no matter how inconvenient, disgusting or uncomfortable it may be. Much of the time that's the entire appeal. So of course they don't think twice about demanding anal from women, whereas gay men might be more wary or respectful of each other. Also straight men don't want anal literally every single time, and why would they when it's nowhere near as good as vaginal sex? Gay men are going to find it equally mediocre but have to settle for bjs as a replacement.

No. 1723890

>if you are gay you HAVE TO be attracted to cock
>you MUST enjoy dick in ass one way or the other.
yes, that's what moid homosexuality is. same with straight women, you have to like penis in order to be a hetero woman

No. 1723893

if they dont get fucked in the ass or fuck men in the ass they are not gay

No. 1723894

And real lesbian sex is only penetrative sex? Oral sex and masturbation exist. Go touch some grass.

No. 1723895

I find penis disgusting but overall I find the male form very attractive and arousing. Except the penis

No. 1723896

first of all what do lesbians have to do with this topic? i never ssid that. secondly its an inaccurate comparison. the default way to have sex for heterosexuals is dick in pussy. most people would question the heterosexuality of a man who doesnt like dick in pussy. the default way to have sex for faggots is dick in ass. i question the homosexuality of fags who dont like anal. the default way to have sex for lesbians isnt penetrative sex. when its two vaginas its different

No. 1723897

Ofcourse they are still gay, you sound like a closet gay in denial. Its giving fucking trannies isnt gay even though they have a dick.

No. 1723898

Uhhh what the fuck is this cope, that's like saying "you can't be a lesbian if you don't like eating pussy" or "you can't be straight if you don't like vaginal penetration". People have different physiological reasons for not enjoying certain sexual activities and anal sex specifically requires a crazy amount of prep, is usually painful and causes microtears that are a health hazard. I swear some anons on this site have such a strange hyperfixation on anal sex between men and talking about it in detail and it weirds me out.

Yeah seriously it sounds like these people are just gay men in denial.

No. 1723899

scrotes who would fuck trannies are just desperate incels

No. 1723900

t. cuntboy enjoyer

No. 1723901

>"you can't be a lesbian if you don't like eating pussy"
>"you can't be straight if you don't like vaginal penetration"
both of these are true statements

No. 1723902

>t. a virgin

No. 1723903

Damn all the women with vaginismus have just turned lesbians

No. 1723906

Those are called "sides" and they very much don't have any interest in women. Do you want them to or something, is this a fantasy that you have? Because this is such a weird fringe thing for you to think about as deeply and schizo as you have. Idk if you remember this, but they're literally out here fucking the same hole you shit out of. OCD gays are still gays and they don't want you in any roundabout way I am sorry.

No. 1723908

Policing other peoples orientation is kinda weird. Like I get it when it is some "Im soo gay but fuck the opposite sex" case that actually doesnt make sense. But why do you care so much what two moids do in the bedroom? If you mean that there are sneaky scrotes who pose as gay to get closer to women, probably right, but I dont think you can tell it from preferences like butt sex.

No. 1723910

The site is full of fujoshis unfortunately

No. 1723912

Also a lot of times men who are molested are just as anxious and afraid about sex as women who are molested. Completely devaluing other people's world experiences so you can cobble out this shit "im 17 and snuck out of my moms house to smoke weed in this guy named Josh's basement" ramble.

No. 1723914

i dont want them. i want them to fuck men for real if they want gay points

No. 1723915

Randomly, all at once, they obsessively talk about this NLOG shit. We really have been raided by self hating crypto-tifs. They dont even realize what they obsessively want to discuss here is so freudian.

No. 1723917

You dont even realize how much of a creepy loser you come off as, do you? I bet you do want them to fuck other men kek

No. 1723919

if they want to be valid maybe they should stop pretending to be things they are not

No. 1723921

You are such a weird bitch kek

No. 1723923

They're not fujoshis, they're the ones constantly riding fujos' backs about "being so obsessed with faggots having nasty anal sex".

No. 1723924

munchausens for moids

No. 1723925


No. 1723926

No. 1723927

i am a tif for saying men who dont fuck men arent actually gay but men who dont fuck men are uwu valid and queer?

No. 1723928

You're obsessed. No normal person is crafting this shit.

No. 1723929

i don't think she wants them to have sex with her and not other moids

No. 1723931

whats wrong with this

No. 1723932

Some things are so Freudian that it's palpable. People who try to police the sexualities of others generally have something else going on, she's taking this literallywhat and trying to turn it into some real thing because she's spending a lot of time in fringe communities where she wouldn't otherwise be exposed to whatever point she's trying to sell.

No. 1723933

Male sexuality doesn't exist though, they literally fuck corpses and chicken

No. 1723934

KEK honestly this is how it comes off as, either just gay men in denial or those MLM FTMs or other equally mentally ill fringe type of women being personally insulted that there are men who don't want them. Honestly it's like what was discussed upthread, women being made to be obsessed with being desired by men.

No. 1723935

File: 1697104184052.png (176.9 KB, 680x329, 2bd.png)

No. 1723936

this isnt about me, i dont know why youre trying to make it about me. its an observation about scrotes

No. 1723939

what about what i said indicates that? youre schizophrenic

No. 1723945

I guess you could do this for a little while and not be that damaging but when you stop you would be addicted to nicotine and when you start eating again you would binge eat. It would be a lot harder situation to control than just normally eating a bit less and exercising more. And of course if you just kept going you would starve, ruin your lungs etc.

No. 1723948

File: 1697105172070.jpg (193.87 KB, 1200x757, toblerone.jpg)

toblerone SUCKS taste-wise and texture-wise it is so overrated it couldnt even make it to top 1000 of best chocolate in the world

No. 1723950

the (white) choc itself is ok but not the crunchy parts, they ruin the experience

No. 1723951

i had it once and it's the worst thing i have ever tasted

No. 1723952

facts. fuck toblerone

No. 1723953

Nta but lie lie lie

No. 1723955

It's so funny that she really wanted to talk about gay sex sooo badly that she cooked that up to put here. Like she's definitely camped out on the gaybros subreddits and 4chan tttt threads or something because there aren't any other spaces where she would be seeing such niche topics enough to decide she has an expert opinion on them. She's gonna lie her ass off but it's so obvious.

No. 1723956

File: 1697105466032.jpg (39.12 KB, 750x494, hipwee-14482861_34664314902021…)

They also changed it so there are big spaces between the "mountains" = less choc.

No. 1723961

No. 1723963

i am so tired of this economy

No. 1723966

I hate this shit so much I'm never buying this shit in my life

No. 1723972

No. 1723973

i didnt say any of that schizosis why are you trying so hard to make it about me

No. 1723976

Give it a rest, this is not the first time you’ve posted about women in abusive relationships needing to ‘take responsibility’ for being abused/having kids with a abusive boyfriend/husband. Christ it’s like this site is overrun with bots that just repeat the same few talking points over and over again.

No. 1723994

File: 1697108471102.webm (636.55 KB, 480x360, 1681263301138341.webm)

Most female characters kinda suck honestly. I think i can count with one hand the female characters i genuinely really like to the point they inspire me to draw. Leela is definetly top 3.

No. 1723995

Halloumi sucks

No. 1723999

I agree, and it's such a taboo topic to bring up especially on Lolcow and anons are going to scream and yell at you for "not looking hard enough". So many female characters have terrible writing because people are too afraid of making them compelling characters due to the belief that nobody will like it and will instead find it intimidating, so they just make them look pretty and/or leave them vague enough for female audience to self-insert into. Or in a lot of cases, they exist there as a political statement, not as fully developed characters. Leela is one of my favourites too, her character was never defined by just "being a woman", she was physically strong but she had a very human side with real emotions, she was intelligent but not a know-it-all and could also make mistakes and be goofy, she was a balanced member of the main trio but still had female-specific experiences women could relate to like dating scumbags.

If anything I feel like the writing for female characters has gotten worse in recent years. Everyone went back to being just sexy, cute, beautiful and nothing more but now it's supposed to be "empowering".

No. 1724001

This reminds me of when a woman talked about her arranged marriage where she was abused at 13 and claimed she takes 100% accountability for it and Andrew Tate fans kept egging her own for "finally being a woman responsible for her actions". That's all I can think of when that anons tries to blame women for being abused or the other anon who thought all anons in abusive relationships were males larping abuse fantasies

No. 1724005

In its most pure form christianity is unironically pro-women. Coomers, rapists, cheaters and abusive moids are constantly called out in the bible. It's a sin even if a moid thinks about a neighbour's wife. It's expected of them to cherish their wife and treat her like a queen. Jesus also saved and took care of poor prostitutes, in an era where they were treated like dirt.

No. 1724009

File: 1697109707995.jpeg (2.64 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_3781.jpeg)

I think phone screens look better with a little bezel, I really hate how those phones that are edge to edge screen look especially when the edges are curved.

No. 1724012

> it's such a taboo topic to bring up especially on Lolcow and anons are going to scream and yell at you for "not looking hard enough"
I specially left out i am a yumefujo so i dont get accussed of hating women. My favourite type of female characters are the very flawed, but realistic, and charismatic or downright unhinged women. Leela, Marie Schrader and Veronica Sawyer are my top 3. It sucks because most of the time i just end up R63fying male characters I like, like Dale Gribble, to fill the niche of female characters that are unhinged and funny or just end up making headcanons for the poorly written female characters in shows i like. I actually started drawing as a kid by making R63 art of characters i liked like bug bunny /daffy and from regular show.

No. 1724013

> Ban divorce and recommend forgiveness/"turning the other cheek" in a world where domestic violence and rape are common

LMAO, no. Jesus is just the most overrated Nigel in history, also, you cannot separate christianity from the old testament digusting shit and Paul's "women be submissive and shut up".

No. 1724019

Ah yes the whole get married off to your rapist thing if you were a virgin, very pro-women.

No. 1724022


No. 1724026

I kinda agree. I am an atheist but if I had to practice any religion, I'd pick Christianity because it's the most moral and consistent one. The philosophy of Jesus is pretty based. I even considered attending some type of Christian organization to find a man who is god-fearing so even in his subconscious he is chaste, dedicates himself to his work and studies, doesn't engage in degeneracy, doesn't watch porn, etc. I'd love to find such a unicorn, he would have to be some type of religious monk. However it will stay a dream because I think Christianity is obviously manmade and not real….

No. 1724031

Most women in the USA date shitty men because if you actually want a bf you’re going to have to cope and ignore a lot of bullshit to avoid being single. You just have to take what you can get and then when it goes to shit just play victim and rinse and repeat. Women end up in shitty relationships because a lot of us don’t have strong friendship and family bonds or the mental strength to deal with the social stigma against being single….I wish more women could just admit this instead of trying to act like they had no idea a scrote was garbage when they had kids with him or married him.

No. 1724044

None of the abrahamic religions are pro-women but I'd choose christianity over the goat fucker religion or the judaism cult. Christianity is by far the best out of them all.

No. 1724046

>I even considered attending some type of Christian organization to find a man who is god-fearing so even in his subconscious he is chaste, dedicates himself to his work and studies, doesn't engage in degeneracy, doesn't watch porn, etc
I was raised in these type of organizations and can tell you that most Christian men are literally the opposite of this, they're two-faced hypocrites who never practice what they preach

No. 1724055

>If anything I feel like the writing for female characters has gotten worse in recent years. Everyone went back to being just sexy, cute, beautiful and nothing more but now it's supposed to be "empowering".
This reminds me of how decades ago, (like around WW2 era) there were more interesting female characters taking on roles normally meant for men because the men were too busy at war. Then over time when censorship rules in media became laxed women got put into more sexualized roles.

No. 1724058

File: 1697115230874.jpg (65.1 KB, 933x798, DT3Df0eVoAAG3sY.jpg)

As an ex-Catholic who actually read the Bible, no, and you are wrong.

You will not find "good men" in any religious sect. Men use religion as justification to commit horrendous acts against women and then use an imaginary patriarch in the sky to forgive themselves of those sins.

It's a dice roll whenever you decide to let men into your life. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to ensure your decisions benefit you and that you always have the means to get out when your relationship goes south i.e. have an education, career, prenuptial, and be able to monkey branch to a new male provider

No. 1724070

>jesus also saved prostitutes
Oh so that explains why most Alt-right women are former sex workers, kek.

No. 1724074

ot, but if you, as an atheist, would have to pick a religion, why not pick buddhism that actually allows for an atheist interpretation? Saying this as a westerner who'd probably be buddhist if it wasn't such a meme for a specific type of westerners to get into buddhism.

No. 1724090

I grew up surrounded by fundies and you're right. Christian moids are extremely hypocritical and liars, and they only care about "sexual purity" for women and gays.

Implying that Christianity is not a cult and that their scrotes are not sexually degenerate too. Go back to /pol, tradthot/scrote.

No. 1724101

I mean, my problem with overly-religious people and “new converts” is that they’re often really shitty people that often use religion as a way to make themselves feel better for all the shit they did/do, it’s obnoxious tbh.
Then they adopt this religious nutjob persona that makes the non-crazy ones look retarded, and think that being the 100% number 1 religious autist will grant them the right to sit on God’s lap.

No. 1724102

or they're fresh out of AA or NA and turn into absolute hypocrite preachers

No. 1724105

Yeah I agree. They're usually shitty people who think they can overcompensate for their crimes/sins/etc. by being overly religious or switching religions so they can start from scratch.

No. 1724106

agree with this also
>girlhood core
>black swan
im also tired of the meme the "only women understand these characters" meme, where people lists characters from movies written and directed by men. I often see people do this with black swan. claiming that you need to be a mentally ill woman in order to fully understand it. It wasn't even written by a woman to.begin with

No. 1724107

The worst religious people I know are the ones who were born into the religion, cling to centuries old traditions even if they're toxic, and have an aversion to anything "new." even I haven't met new converts but I'm assuming they're more open monded.

No. 1724110

not to blog but I grew up with an anglican father/catholic mother they infought so hard me and my brother were told to figure it out for ourselves kek. 13+ years of religious schooling he's an athiest and my alco ass (I am >>1724102 for context kek) has found big boi jeebus again. oh lawd, oh LAWD

No. 1724115

I don't think anything happens after we die but if I had to believe in some type of religious afterlife concept, heaven and hell sound more fulfilling than reincarnation. The eternal rebirth loop seems torturous

No. 1724117

You sound like one of the delulu converts who overfixate on their new religion and see themselves as superior to ones born into the religion

No. 1724118

The ones born in the religion are the overly-religious freaks, the new converts are just newbies that get too hyped over thinking they will be saved or that they can’t believe they can be saved (as long as they repent and actually do shit to stop being shitty people).
Like, my issue is that those who go to church way too often are usually people that never learn, like yeah, God is very patient and shit but Jesus Christ, it wouldn’t kill them to least try to do something to change, instead of overcompensating by acting like a prophet.

No. 1724121

I feel like this is just the female equivalent of fat male nerds thinking they are literally Joker/Bateman/Ryan Gosling character. They wish they had the success, strenght or charisma of the character when actually they have just the mental illness.

No. 1724122

I'm agnostic/closer to Atheist but I always thought Paganism looked okay, but then again I admit I only know surface level about it and it seems to attract schitzos. Wouldn't trust a pagan man though seeing as somehow no matter what belief moids somehow fuck up.

I think I like that it seems more closer to nature, the "relationships" (for lack of a better word) of different Gods/Goddesses doing their own thing rather than one being who claims to see and rule all.

No. 1724123

okay, fair enough. I guess the idea of attaining nirvana just resonates with me personally retarded but I occasionally get a depressive episode of the anhedinoc type where I start thinking about offing myself because "nothing really matters" and during the last one I decided to try meditation, as in fine, nothing matters so why kms if it doesn't matter anyway, and it worked, in a way. Or at least I stopped thinking about killing myself

No. 1724129

Holy shit, this can't be real, it has to be a meme

No. 1724132

*anhedonic, I'm a retard

No. 1724133

if jesus is your husbando you can be open about it nonny

No. 1724136

It's sadly real, I have eaten both old and new ones. But I won't buy any more as they are now.

No. 1724138

>The eternal rebirth loop seems torturous
this is why i hate buddhism, no i don't want to be stuck in a reincarnation loop where i can't even remember anything from my past life and there's no way to figure out if i'm making good choices this time around

No. 1724154

Certain mental illnesses, like anxiety disorders, depression, and ADHD, can be managed or even eradicated through changing your mindset and how you think about yourself in relation to the world. People don't like hearing it because it makes you entirely responsible for controlling your thoughts and view of the world and they would rather be a victim to their circumstances.

No. 1724155

You have adhd?

No. 1724157

if only we could all be retards living in blissful ignorance

No. 1724161

Yes. I got an early diagnosis and was on meds for it for a while even. The thing about ADHD is that it really makes you feel helpless, like a retard who can't do anything right and you can't ever hope to be as functional as neurotypical people without meds and without being overwhelmed by everything constantly. It's like a life sentence to being permanently absent-minded, clumsy, and prone to making mistakes. People with ADHD often feel like something is wrong with them their entire lives and it destroys their self-esteem. And this is the part that needs to be changed. I stopped meds, made myself see my ADHD as a quirk rather than a lifetime sentence, and improved way more than I ever had on meds.

I also had a severe anxiety disorder (couldn't leave the house without feeling like I was going to faint) and depression. I've gone to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I know people will say "if you can get over all these things you didn't have them in the first place" but I genuinely struggled since I was a child. And was still struggling as a adult, until I tried to change my faulty thought patterns instead of just coping with the symptoms.

I used to think that none of this shit could be changed with meds or therapy. But those things were never a life-long solution. They were just bandaids. What happens when you can't take your meds? What if you can't afford them anymore? Many people can't even cope with the ADHD medication shortages. It's setting you up to be dependent for life.

No. 1724164

My life honestly became so much better and manageable when I adopted this mindset, although it took years and having someone challenging my bullshit, even if I was offended at the time. The issue as well is that most often people in the "don't victimize yourself" mindset have no idea how to go about it, a walk will not magically fix mental illness but it does help some.

No. 1724177

>The issue as well is that most often people in the "don't victimize yourself" mindset have no idea how to go about it, a walk will not magically fix mental illness but it does help some.
Very true, it's not a one-fix all solution for everyone. For example, exercise helped me because exercise has always been an important part of my life. Working out makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself and investing myself, which boosts my mood immensely. Many people don't have this relationship with exercise, so it mentally drains them and makes them feel beaten down. It's important for everyone to find any small thing that can generate any small amount of confidence, inner purpose, positivity, joy, anything and then build on that. It can be something simple and weird like collecting pennies. Once you have a small amount of joy in your life, it helps you build hope and confidence in yourself and makes it easier to change your thoughts about other things. This is essential because if you're depressed, you're likely numb to almost everything. It helps to ignite a small spark, and it can be anything no matter how trivial.

No. 1724180

yes thank you my neurological disorder is cured now. I can feel my frontal cortex getting bigger as I type this.

No. 1724188

I'm not a go to the gym and exercise type of person (only reason I'm fit is because my job) but getting myself to do an extra walk as much as possible did wonders for me. It has helped with my sleep, I use the time for mindful thinking, I feel more energised so on. It was hard at first but action does not come from motivation, motivations comes from action and those little achievements helped me so much to create a happier positive day.
Another thing that helps me a lot is everyday I try to set out a small accomplishment before going to work and getting that done makes me happy and makes me want to achieve more. It just sucks because anyone who is mentally ill is obviously aware of how hard it is to get into the mindset, but if you can it really can do wonders.

No. 1724189

Ffs am I the only person who mentally gets no improvement from exercising? Like, it's nice to not have a weak body and such, but mentally? No fucking difference

No. 1724194

Same. I feel nothing from achievements either.

No. 1724197

it's almost like your brain works properly and you get dopamine rewards for doing tasks and taking care of yourself as it should work on a healthy brain. not everyone is this lucky and doing anything remotely long feels like an endless task with 0 gratification because my brain is literally saying fuck you the entire time so in the end I'm just exhausted and pissed, even if the task is done. wish mindful shit would work but it never does and all it does it make me feel guilty when it doesn't, why can't my fucking shit brain do the most basic function which is reward me for doing things to stay alive?

No. 1724205

It's almost like I am diagnosed with 5 different mental disorders highly likely have 6, felt shit and suicidal for years, went to therapy from a young age, will never be "cured" but I decided to take action, stop waiting around for motivation (because that's not how motivation works) and stop seeing myself as a victim constantly . Didn't realise I posted my entire medical history on Lolcow and you were a psychology expert to determine how my brain works?

What are you on about "remotely long endless tasks?" Point out where I said you need to do long tasks.

No. 1724207

I'm annoyed there's not another celebricows thread posted. Someone asked if they should work on one so were not left in limbo and some dumbfuck said it's too soon. Went to post a news article and the thread is full.

No. 1724210

I'm kinda glad tbh it's more peaceful without it. blame the anons who won't shut up about that Antz looking fucker for 5 seconds. They need a containment thread at this point.

No. 1724223

There's an old thread for celebs you think are actually gay

No. 1724235

On the opposite side of the coin there are the girls who took the path of never worrying about romance or looking cute, which would be fine if that didn’t also expand into making sure to never get in trouble, question authority, look silly, etc and because of that ultimately not doing anything fun or rebellious thinking that it would protect you and have you set. Only to find out that you were so harsh and self hating and fearful all that time and it doesn’t matter anyway, the girls who had fun are doing just fine and you may even be getting punished for being so good. And you still have such crippling anxiety and self esteem issues you’re easy to take advantage of by perceived authority figures

No. 1724238

Nta I have BPD, ADHD, some OCD traits, anxiety, depression, and I suspect high functioning autism too

No. 1724241

just because you got diagnosed with them, it doesn't mean you have them. actually, being diagnosed with several things is an indication of not being properly diagnosed, especially when you are skipping through different therapists/psychiatrists because none of their treatments work. unless you've been extensively treated by a competent team of therapist/psychiatrist for a considerable time so they could have an accurate view of your mental health long term, I'm just talking to a narcissistic BPD taking different medications and trying to convince others anonymously that she is very functional and you only need discipline to be mentally healthy. you remind me of jillian tbh.

No. 1724248

There is only one church near me i went to a lot for experimental reasons kek that has the balls to take an outright anti-porn stance and they have frequent sermons about porn because the number of guys in the church who watch it. There are no god fearing men kek

Also didn’t god tell some guys to offer up their wives to be raped in order to save the town from a siege

No. 1724249

Black Swan really deserves a more academic analysis. By academic, I mean looking at what parts of Swan Lake match with certain scenes of the film, and additional folkloric themes that are never really addressed. I've read a lot on it recently after finally watching the movie over the summer and I get so annoyed with the balletfags who are offended the movie shows ballet "in a bad light" (wake up, it's a psychological horror film, not a ballet documentary) and the armchair psychologists who state the obvious. There are a few analyses that are ok but none that address Nina's sexual assaults and latent lesbianism in a nuanced way either. I find the idea that you need to be mentally ill to understand the film ludicrous, it's a fucking piece of art, not a documentary on some poor EDed schizophrenic dancer.

No. 1724250

Daughters, even.

No. 1724256

File: 1697128994844.jpeg (380.33 KB, 900x814, IMG_9741.jpeg)

Males should be forcibly lobotomized at 18 years old, so that they are no longer able to think or do anything other than be brain damaged shells who mindlessly obey women. The extremely intelligent males should be castrated instead so that their evil little minds can be used to benefit us, and before the castration their sperm should be harvested and stored for later use. The males with normal intelligence levels would be able to do menial work and labor despite being lobotomized, they just wouldn’t be able to formulate thoughts or ideas about harming women and children. Women used to get lobotomized all the time so I don’t see what the big deal is, I think it’s fair. Women could easily start lobotomizing men ourselves because it isn’t a difficult procedure.(bad bait)

No. 1724258

is there a good documentary on lobotomies?

No. 1724260

Do you also have DID/OSDD with 256 alters and each of them is a different gender?

No. 1724285

You're right. Even trauma can be overcome if you just forget about it and stop thinking about it. At least from my personal experience. Doing stuff you like and focusing on the present and sometimes the future and moving on from your last does wonders to mental health issues caused by trauma. It's kinda why I'm against therapy and all the medications they prescribe since some stuff can be overcome by just ignoring it. I think mental illness is exacerbated when people think about it and stress out about the disorder they have and keep trying to tweak everything in their lives to accommodate to it instead of powering through it and resisting it.

No. 1724288

I wonder what it’s like to be this retarded.

No. 1724290

Even retarded males can and have raped women and kids

No. 1724291

I wonder what it's like to from an actual counter argument instead of replying with a witty remark. If you have actual evidence against what I said go ahead. This is the unpopular opinion thread, if you don't like what you read on it then just don't read it.

No. 1724294

You don't have conscious control over everything in your brain. Your method doesn't work for people who have disordered thoughts/thought patterns. Some people they don't even know they're mentally ill or that their delusions are wrong, they need that feedback from someone else to get out of the loop. Would you tell someone with OCD, schizophrenia or even BPD to "just don't think bad thoughts"?

No. 1724295

I know, but they wouldn’t be normal retards, lobotomies would be more like turning them into empty zombies without thoughts or emotions

No. 1724296

So sensitive! Guess you’re not as mentally sound as you think you are.

No. 1724297

Yes how did you know nonny

No. 1724298

Ignoring it and bottling it up makes it come out in worse ways.

No. 1724308

>Even trauma can be overcome if you just forget about it and stop thinking about it.
if that's all it took to help, it probably wasn't trauma. >>1724298 is right, it's the main cause of moid suicide/chimpouts (not that i care about moids dying but the pattern is there)
i am fortune (4chan) teller and am also from r/fakedisordercringe i spot fakers instantly. you can NOT hide and you will never be valid

No. 1724315

saying someone looks easy to draw is a compliment, not an insult

No. 1724323

It's a delicate balance because you don't want to outright suppress it, but you don't want to feed into it and keep revictimizing yourself either.

No. 1724342

I’d rather be dependent on meds than have a shit job tbh. Sorry, positive thinking won’t help me retain information better.

No. 1724351

Wasn't actually Paul who wrote that but one of his disciples pretending to be him.
It's still shitty but the context there was to force a rapist to provide for a woman he raped rather than ruining her marriageability and leaving her destitute forever. The equivalent today would be forcing a man to pay financial support to a woman he raped (should be the law today imo, skim their wages directly and bleed those fuckers dry). Also that wasn't Jesus, that was a much older Israelite law.
Buddhism is extremely anti-woman. There are branches of Buddhism that believe women can't even achieve enlightenment before reincarnating as men.

No. 1724352

Skinny fat body type is attractive on women, being normal weight but still having cute chub is cute, I love skinny fat ladies

No. 1724400

That's fair, I see what you mean. But I still think the op has a point. I guess it's a matter of mental strength which can vary from a person to another.

You're the one who got so triggered by what I said you had to resort to insults and arguing without any actual discussion or rebuttal of my opinion. I bet you don't even have a single mental illness or any bad experiences, you just want to argue.

Sometimes yes, but I've seen some info about it suggesting that bottling up and becoming cold after trauma can be a healthier coping mechanism because the person can focus on other things that way rather than being busy with everything bad with their life 24/7. And the opposite coping mechanism would be a person who is too mentally and emotionally stable they get upset and cry at everything mildly infuriating. I'd take being the former over the latter since the latter sounds too crippling.

It was a terrible thing and a very unique experience to me and some specific people where I live, so it's a very uncommon experience. I can't really tell if it counts as trauma or not but I believe if it was then it got resolved on its own and I'm glad it did. I also still live in the same circumstances that caused it/where it happened so I probably got used to it after 2 decades of constant shitty circumstances and stopped caring all together, and as I said above it's a better response imo. If I wasn't this way I'd probably kill myself just like those moids you speak of, but I'm built different, though I don't think suicide is a horrible idea anyways, it can be the better option if the problems never go away.

Yes, exactly. I do get bothered by some stuff I've gone through or I'm still going through from time to time but I don't dwell on it for too long so I don't end up being dysfunctional, especially when I NEED to be functional. I can't even afford to sit around and feel sorry of myself because that will make my situation even worse, and I would probably leave it faster if I just ignore it and work towards my goals which will hopefully save me. The people who just sit around and be sorry for themselves all the time probably don't have anything to worry about, while I have to worry about dying on the hands of a cult at worst, forced marriage at best.

No. 1724425

File: 1697141934466.gif (541.17 KB, 220x179, mad-max-tom-hardy.gif)

No. 1724429

No idea who Jillian is tbh. Again didn't realize you were present throughout my medical history my bad.

Also don't care about your narc bpd friend and I don't have NPD or BPD so can't relate

No. 1724478

anon getting banned for this is unhinged woman oppression

No. 1724494

I don't believe "videogames cause violence" is as stupid a take as many people think. If you see the way males act when they're losing a game, screaming, stamping, cursing, smashing shit, punching the wall and yelling at their mother/gf for telling them to knock that shit off. It can be pretty scary and it's not even super uncommon with gaymers.

They don't cause violence behaviour necessarily but like alcohol etc they bring it out for those with a low tolerance for frustration. It's a fair conclusion to make. Men should only be allowed chill games like Animal Crossing or the Sims or something.

No. 1724495

Based and Grecianpilled

No. 1724502

A lot of men get pissy about anything not going there way like that, I'm sure if gamers were playing a game of darts and kept missing they'd get equally as upset.
So it's not really the games themselves all of the time, it's just typical moidbrain.

No. 1724509

aren't you talking about two different things though? Pretty sure the discussion around games causing violence is generally about gamers imitating violent behaviours from violent games, not gamers going apeshit out of anger because they lost some game.

No. 1724514

i do believe a lot of people (especially women) end up repressing or forgetting experiences of trauma and end up functioning fine. my sister forgot a lot of our childhood and she functions far better than i do.

No. 1724547

Atyrt, and yeah, this basically. We can't really show symptoms in peace and be mentally ill because no one will let us get the treatments we need and we will get in even more trouble for it rather than just repressing it and forgetting about it.

No. 1724549

It can work in some ways. I dont talk about it often, namely because I genuinely HATE people who try to tell people who have been through abuse to just normalize it or forgive or forget it. It isnt that easy. Personally i had to compartmentalize and pretend it never happened as the only form of going on, and it works in bouts but sometimes I am reminded and it can have pretty bad results. My main goal was to stop having nightmares, I was constantly yelling in my sleep and talking loudly and waking up crying. I eventually just started telling myself the nightmares were fake and weren't a result of things that actually happened and learning to 'control' my dreams as in wake up from them. I forced myself to be silent when I woke up and I somehow have managed to mostly carry that with me for at least a decade now, I scream or fuss occasionally but I can even wake myself up during sleep paralysis and be completely silent now. There are certain people I will never be able to see or talk to again because I know it would hurt me terribly though and it really does spoil my life in many ways that don't feel good. I will probably be avoiding it forever.

No. 1724577

Wrong thread, sweetie. Ily.

No. 1724581

I don’t mind the farmhands being ban happy and don’t understand why anons keep getting angry. There’s a constant influx of newfags who don’t want to integrate, infighting and derailing, I don’t mind seeing the constant redtext.

No. 1724600

File: 1697157913252.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.92 MB, 600x338, fist slammin thing.gif)

nayrt but I kinda feel like it is different from moid anger outbursts over a table top game or something. Video game addiction is common, gamer rage is well known and joked about, and gamers themselves have pretty hideous stereotypes for reason. I agree with nona that video games likely bring out violence in an audience of men that are already more disposed toward it, eg. addictive tendencies + impulse control issues + poor emotional regulation + seeking escapism. Men do get upset over normal competitions, but the only other truly violent ones are sports comps. You don't see moids punching walls at bowling.

Maybe they're not imitating violence in games exactly because so much is weapons based and they don't have access to them, but movement wise, I feel like you could make the argument that they reflect video game movements. Kinda like how upset soccer players angrily punt a ball or stomp/kick at the field or baseball players might swing/thwack their bats, video game guys throw/hit stuff, or scream like an animal. I have nothing to back any of this up, it just seems plausible when you see movements like in picrel (spoiler is ugly video game monster). So basically men aren't going to go around hitting people with pipes like in GTA because a) the situations in which they do that in the game aren't stress inducing and b) the probably don't have a pipe/similar object BUT they very well could be subconsciously imitating movements from stressful situations, i.e. a gamer raging from dark souls might swing at objects more than slam his fists down/punch items. Honestly if moids spend hours staring at a screen displaying repetitive movement mechanics while getting stressed out, surely some of that might be displayed?

No. 1724604

while I'm on a roll, it's even easier for me to visualize the way someone would rage over tetris than a horror game. I could see someone slamming their fists down like the downward movement in the game (can't really see throwing/punching/swinging movements). Can't think about a horror game meltdown having anything other than incoherent screaming because the repeated movements just aren't there in the same way when it's mostly jumpscares.

No. 1724608

Moids absolutely are influenced by video games to sexually harass and assault women. No one can change my mind and tbh anyone denying is delulu

No. 1724610

I just still have the feeling that protein supplements are a meme. How come people who aren't even vegetarian can't just get their protein intake through their diet?

No. 1724612

it's primarily for bodybuilder types who work out and want to build muscle. yes you can try to eat that much protein but it's hard.

No. 1724615

Yeah, I get it if it's bodybuilders (still think they are ugly and dumb), but I mean more how nowadays everyone and their mother consume protein supplements

No. 1724617

I think those people are either trying to use protein shakes for extra calories or using it as a meal supplement to lose weight rather than for the proclaimed 27g of protein
At uni a lot of students drink those because they don't wake up early enough for breakfast and it keeps hunger at bay til a proper meal at lunch

No. 1724665

Rihanna can’t sing, dance and has 0 stage presence. I don’t get the hype.

No. 1724668

Disagree on the singing and stage presence but, yeah, now that you mention it I realize she’s really not a dancer at all, she barely even dances in her videos.

No. 1724674

She can't sing but she's pretty and knows how to dress, like most pop stars. I get the impression that her cosmetics line is more successful than her music.

No. 1724675

A meme how? Like you think the protein in it is fake or inferior? Most people don't want to eat chicken breast for every meal, protein products are an easy way to up your intake with zero effort.

I love protein bars personally, they're basically chocolate bars to me except way better for my diet.

No. 1724710

Back in the day when she was new, she was dismissed as Jay-Z's side piece and industry plant because of it. Her talent show singing leaked and she got clowned for it as well as her forehead. She consistently made catchy af songs for a long enough period that she became part of millennials youth so she solidified her place as a superstar for it and had a chill enough personality to taper off her music career and not look like she pitifully fell off like Katy perry.

Personally I think her voice is prized not because of skill but because of her unique tone and Barbados vibe. I can't imagine Beyonce or whoever covering SOS for example and it sounding good.

No. 1724719

Rihanna is beautiful and everyone talks about what a great person she is and how laid back and fun she is to be around. There is room for different kinds of entertainers, not everyone needs beyonce level accolades or skill. She obviously knows she isn't the most talented musician, and of course her makeup line is more popular because she stopped making music.

No. 1724805

every character in stardew valley is awful and their designs are mediocre at best, i hate them all and don't get the hype over the game

No. 1724811

They are kind of a meme. They are UPF as fuck and made from industry by-products so it's an easy cash grab.

No. 1724821

harvest moon is better and the characters have more soul

No. 1724855

You can always mod the game to make them look cuter

No. 1724869

I think moshing is stupid, I just wanna dance and vibe at a gig without some retards bashing into me

No. 1724872

i mean the fact that ppl are affected by the media they consume is well known, that's why video games and movies have age restrictions. i think if it wasn't for all the NRA lunatics pushing the false narrative that video games cause gun violence specifically, the argument that can games can negatively affect behaviour wouldn't be so aggressively disputed.

No. 1724876

I use them when I want to eat something low in protein (like oatmeal or pancakes). It helps balance out the meal more.

No. 1724890

>You don't see moids punching walls at bowling
you should check the DV statistics on MMA and football athletes.

No. 1724896

I want to be able to stand in the middle instead of in the back where I can't see shit but noooooo mosh pits!!!!! Mosh pits and death walls are so fucking stupid

No. 1724898

don't go to a rock or metal concert if you dont wanna mosh kek alternatively just stand on the corners if you don't want to mosh either. just don't expect people to stop doing an over 30yo tradition because you don't like it. sucks to be a femlet, I guess. when I was into going to concerts I loved shoving my elbows on scrotes' faces and knowing they can't do it to me even if I'm tall enough to throw them around. one time I even broke a moid's glasses.

No. 1724900

Show one performance of her singing good and being exciting on stage

No. 1724901

mosh pits are the epitome of moid retardation

No. 1724903

use their retardation against them, you can easily kick a moid on the balls with your knee in a mosh, nobody is stopping to check someone who fell on the floor and just move around or far from them, I've gotten away with hurting moids so much on it. only once a moid purposefully hurt me and I kept hounding him for minutes until I kicked his shin as hard as I could with my steel toe boots. I don't recommend this if you're short or not stout enough to be able to push someone around though.

No. 1724905

I think feminists should’ve taken the “women and men are equal but different”route instead of “women are the same as men and we can do everything just like them” route because it just makes more sense. It makes men think it’s ok to beat the shit out of a 5’2 woman because she gave him a little slap, it makes people think stupid shit like women fighting in wars makes sense and it’s the reason most Gen z men can’t even change a tire. There is just some shit women shouldn’t be doing and there is just some shit men shouldn’t be doing.

No. 1724906

I refuse to do stereotypical moid hard work stuff because I think I deserve better. Why should a woman dirty herself anyway?

No. 1724907

only psychotic MRAs think it's okay to beat a much smaller woman in retaliation, same way you'd think about violence towards a child that slapped you, it's unbalanced. with that said, this thought is common where I live now (1st world) but not where I'm from (LATAM). when I was a kid my father beat the shit out of me because he did a humilliating joke and I slapped his face. he beat me so hard I basically fainted on my bed, nobody thought anything of it. any society that thinks it's ok beating children is also ok with men beating women.

No. 1724916

>don't go yada yada
It makes perfect sense to want to enjoy a rock/metal gig without being pushed around or squeezing yourself against the wall.

Metal is my #1 genre but EDM shows are infinitely better and more enjoyable.

No. 1724917

I kind of wish the homeless could be sent off to a camp somewhere if they are too noticeably homeless. I don’t like seeing them everyday because they make everywhere look so ugly.

No. 1724931

Why do people think something can't be retarded just because it's old

No. 1724933

You could say rehab instead of camp so you sound less genocidal kek

No. 1724935

why can't you respect something even if you don't like it?

No. 1724940

i still think about that anon that said we can both fix the homeless crisis and feed the starving at the same time

No. 1724949

Most people are homeless because they’re poor they’re homeless because they wanna get high and drunk all day

No. 1724951

Most people are homeless because there's poor systems in place. Countries with decent social security to fall back on don't have masses of homeless in the street.

No. 1724952

That’s exactly why i like it kek. My one time to shove and elbow moids as hard as i physically can. But i can understand why not everyone would be into that.

No. 1724956

it's not part of the official system, but yes a lot of the extremely poor or borderline homeless go to businesses like this that don't exist in the west. housing is overall cheaper in japan too.

No. 1724958

Japan doesn’t have good social systems for the homeless but ya still never see them anywhere. Instead of standing around they go shower at the gym or sleep at Internet cafes. Homeless people exist so much in the USA because we don’t shame them enough and make them feel bad but instead we give them too much sympathy when In reality they’re nasty and dirty and fucking up the daily scenery. We just let the homeless ruin cities in this county….look at what they’re doing to cali.

No. 1724963

Japanese people have these systems because they shame the homeless and they know no one wants to see them. In the USA we don’t think like this which is why places like that don’t exist. Instead we give the dirty nasty assholes who shit and piss on the street sympathy because they wanna smoke crack rock all day when they should be locked up in jail. Are the few cents they’re begging for on the side of the road going to help them pay for food or rent? No, because these things don’t cross their mind they’re thinking about buying crack. The kind of people who are homeless because they can’t afford housing aren’t the ones standing around making everything look ugly and being annoying….those people usually live in their cars and shower at the gym so they at least look presentable and aren’t an eye sore.

No. 1724966

90s music sucks

No. 1724998

Idk what point you're trying to make because nothing you said disproves what I said.

No. 1725004

The lack of good systems isn’t the problem. The lack of shame is. In a first world country people should feel embarrassed to take shits on the side walk and beg for money while being toothless but instead we give them sympathy and cry about mental illness.

No. 1725010

Clearly people taking shits on the side walk aren't going to give a fuck about shame. Most people shame homeless people as is, don't know why you're acting like they're worshipped.

No. 1725011

You're only right if you define the problem as homeless people being a nuisance to regular citizens going about their day, which I don't agree with. Homelessness fundamentally shouldn't be a widespead problem in wealthy nations therefore Japan's system is more or less as bad from my perspective. I'll refrain from saying "homelessness shouldn't exist at all" because some will always fall through the cracks, but when it's a widespread problem in a wealthy nations those are signs that the system is corrupted and massively failing regular citizens.

No. 1725014

Samefag your Japan comparison still makes no sense because all it proves is that homeless people have a more comfortable option available to them (hiding out in an internet cafe) as opposed to begging on the streets, which has nothing to do with feeling ashamed.

No. 1725017

They’re begging on the streets because they wanna buy drugs not because they can’t afford housing and food. Most homeless people I’ve met get food stamps so they can get food for free. People always want to blame the high cost of housing for the homelessness issue but the real problem is these nasty bums just wanna get high all day.

No. 1725074

Redtexted by a megalomaniac, again. It wasn’t bait it was just a nice daydream I thought I would share.

No. 1725083

Thank you. Most (long-term) homeless people (especially scrotes) are homeless because they're useless drug addicts who alienated any and everybody who ever tried to help them. Yes, the cost of living is ridiculous, and yes it's very easy for the average American who doesn't have 1k in savings to end up on the streets, but staying on the streets longer than like say a 1 or 2 to get back on your feet? You're most likely a drug addicted narcissist.

No. 1725084

I think you forget that those people also decide NOT to seek shelters, even free ones, that are usually opened in western countries, because 1. they don't want their shit stolen by other bums 2. they don't want to get killed or raped by other bums 3. their goddamn fucking dog(s) is/are not allowed in those shelters for sanitary reasons.

If they don't wanna go get their lives turned around (I've only have seen that happen once when working in a cheap hotel, where one homeless guy tried his best to get a job and a place to stay. One fucking time), who's going to force them, besides an authoritarian government, nobody because it infringes on human rights.

So the rest of the population have to endure, what can you fucking do.

No. 1725086

File: 1697208195795.jpeg (44.39 KB, 493x384, IMG_1292.jpeg)

No. 1725089

Don’t worry, we all agree with you

No. 1725097

Jannies skipped their dilation time just to redtext you

No. 1725102

Do we have a moid janny or what

No. 1725110

I'm pretty sure we have at least one tranny janny now.

No. 1725116

File: 1697211072530.jpg (65.06 KB, 1065x621, IMG_8060.jpg)

Message to tranny janny

No. 1725120

I disagree. Some women want to do "manly" stuff because they like it and are into it, and they shouldn't be told no just because it's "dirty manly job". Let the woman mechanics and farmers have fun, it won't end society or something. Same for men being hairdressers or fashion designers or whatever stereotypical "woman job" if they're good at it and normal about it. This line of thinking you have just prevents people from pursuing what they like. Wouldn't it be better if "male dominated" jobs weren't male dominated so women can work safely in it since there's an equal number of men and women? Won't that warrant better safety measures because women would make a significant number of workers in a field, so it will start adapting and accommodating to them? That would probably solve the whole man jobs woman jobs thing and maybe even the pay gap somehow. Dividing everything based on gender is why we needed feminism to fix things in the first place.

No. 1725123

The ban was probably for /2X/ posting outside of /2X/.

No. 1725126

Japan still has poverty but anyone poor can just live in a rundown house that costs like 5 dollars per month on rent.

No. 1725128

Is this even a rule

No. 1725130

Mosh pits sound like the perfect place to be groped how are women not worried

No. 1725134

it's near impossibe for men to be normal about women's fashion. they can design men's clothes.

No. 1725136

samefag, they can be put to work yassifying prison jumpsuits for all men

No. 1725142

Bands that typically have mosh pits will openly call somebody out if they see someone with grabby hands

No. 1725150

Not all the homeless in Japan go to internet cafes. The rest of them live in blue tarp shanties in parks

No. 1725160

File: 1697214839064.png (360.14 KB, 489x486, 0c3.png)

>I genuinely think short men are more handsome than tall ones, all other things equal.
>Take the exact same guy and make him like, 5’4, and I’d be more attracted to him.
Same here, nona
>I just think they look cuter.
>When I see a cute manlet I just want to manhandle him.
Unfortunately I will never be able to manhandle my own manlet or any guy really because I'm a 4"8 womanlet. Guess that's why the fantasy appeals to me

No. 1725177

Most women don't want to become a mechanic or construction worker. It's always gonna remain a male dominated job for a reason.

No. 1725239

I don't get the Madoka yurifags, the characters look like grade schoolers (I don't think the show is that good either).

No. 1725242

5'6''-5'10'' is peak male physique

No. 1725244

File: 1697220556978.png (36.47 KB, 720x416, IMG_20231013_120442.png)

If male fan, then assume the worst
If female fan, it's teenage autism/bpd same sex attraction fem!joker angst

No. 1725250

File: 1697220795566.jpeg (285.57 KB, 828x603, IMG_1956.jpeg)

No. 1725254

i really hate how much people ship underage females whenever they're close friends

No. 1725256

File: 1697220962883.jpg (34.79 KB, 500x350, skinny-pigs.jpg)

I thought lately about why lolcows amuse me so much, and I came to the conclusion that it stems from the same kind of loneliness and lack of real feeling that comes with forming a parasocial relationship. But instead of thinking of the content creator as my friend and liking/loving them, the parasocial relationship I form with them is based solely on hatred. These people never wronged me directly, but I still want to see them fail. I check their posts daily for my entertainment, and it gives me entertainment and satisfaction to see other nonas roast them, because they are my parasocial punching dummy. In my opinion other nonas build this kind of parasocial relationship with cows as well. But I'm open to being proven wrong.

No. 1725274

Some of us just like laughing at retards on the Internet. But I can see what you're saying being true for a lot of cows, especially in /w/ and /snow/. I find a good amount of cows to be boring and not milky but their threads get bumped constantly. And it's mainly just infighting and nitpicking from equally sad and pathetic farmers.

No. 1725277

French has never sounded romantic or sexy to me, it sounds phlegmy and gross.

No. 1725282

Nta but I think the covid period really did a number on milk. Cows aren't doing as much crazy stuff or at least posting it. It was more fun to have video content and posts rather than Twitter text screengrabs. Almost all the cows are boring to me now.

No. 1725299

No. 1725307

Idk I’ve always been a hater but I truly hate myself too, I’m just a negative Nancy and I can’t make conversation if I’m not complaining about dumb shit or gossiping. I am trying to improve upon it

No. 1725320

I'm French and I never understood why France is supposedly a romantic country, I'm neutral towards the language because it's my mother tongue but I totally agree with you. I personally hate italian because it sounds like a sleazy moid language.

No. 1725333

Facts. Italian is the sexy romance language

No. 1725340

What's your opinion on Portuguese?

No. 1725343

File: 1697226528627.gif (4.21 MB, 498x277, cat-twerk.gif)

No. 1725345

American English is the hottest. English isn't my first language and growing up watching American TV and all that I think of Americans as the worlds main characters. When I overhear American tourists near me I get a little flustered and excited like I'm standing next to a celebrity. It automatically makes them hotter. When I VC with Americans I'm secretly like wow this main character is speaking to my NPC self and I feel kinda cool. No joke. Americans = sexy

No. 1725348

No it isn’t, Italian sounds nasal as fuck.

No. 1725349

Lol i know we’re all brainwashed by american media to some extent but this is just sad, save yourself nona

No. 1725354

LMao depends on who is speaking it tbh. I also think Romanian is super beautiful to the ear. As for throatier languages my fav of those is Danish

No. 1725358

I'm embarrassed on your behalf

No. 1725360

File: 1697227681972.png (154.76 KB, 1136x902, map-regions-of-belgium-walloni…)

I think Flemish is hot actually, sounds like sexy elf gibberish language to me

No. 1725361

Uma locura

No. 1725363

Agreed it sounds like shit, still want to learn it tho

No. 1725367

Still can't take the name walloon seriously

No. 1725380

File: 1697228663145.jpg (61.14 KB, 552x559, howdy.jpg)

I'm with you nona don't listen to the haters. Regional american accents are especially the hottest, especially southern ones.

No. 1725392

That's a mexican Kirby

No. 1725401

File: 1697229932493.png (394.55 KB, 640x958, f6c.png)


No. 1725418

It sounds fucking hilarious, I love this language. I also prefer spanish from South America rather than Spain itself because of the retarded z pronunciation (and Spanish tourists are loud).

No. 1725482

did you get any other explanation in your ban message, nonna? sometimes the mod put something else unhinged in my redtexts. (there's like one thread I used to get banned in, not for breaking any actual rules, just a crazy mod)

No. 1725486

i love to hear that because when i'm sleepy or drinking i revert to my much more alabama accent

No. 1725623

it's objectively dumb to rely on a man in order to not feel alone because only a small % of relationships last for decades and are consistently happy and mutually affectionate. women vastly overestimate how much certainty the average relationship will give them. also note the research showing how men are several times more likely to abandon women with cancer, and that isn't even factoring in how many of the ones that don't tend to neglect or cheat on their dying wife. women are far more likely to stick by their dying partner than men are + care for his mental health. I know it's mostly not their fault, but I once in a while see women just…completely ignore red flags that are obvious very early on out of desperation. I knew an older woman at my job that dated a "nice" dude with a messy apartment, married him, and then he never changed. he even neglected their cat when she was away…for a weekend. a goddamned weekend. she ended up constantly venting about his behavior, but refusing to divorce him because of her fear of being alone in spite of him being a consistently terrible partner. and note that there's even more research showing that men on average get the most support from their spouse, but women don't…the implication being that many women invest heavily in their husbands yet end up seeking out other women for actual support. and throw in the study showing how women that get little emotional support from their husbands have much worse mental health than single women; the same trend wasn't at all found in men. relationships are more of a gamble than any kind of sound investment.

No. 1725627

>American English is the hottest
It sounds so bland.

No. 1725629

I prefer euro spanish to latin spanish, the lisp is cute.

No. 1725641

That would be hilarious.
Fair but it's better to have the chance always open for them if one who is into it wants to do it. I've seen some anons here who said they work in each of these fields, but they were lesbians if memory serves me.

No. 1725643

I never watched madoka and was planning to but eventually hated it and may drop the idea because it basically ruined magical girl shows discussions because it set a standard that all magical girl shows needs a dark plot twist and edgy themes to appeal to male viewers and be taken seriously. Now every magical girl show after it is either trying to do that or is criticized and hated on for not doing that. God forbid a girly magical girl show for kids has silly light hearted stuff. Just look at the hate winx club seaosns 5-8 get. And it's why the fate saga show became a thing, fortunately it failed.

No. 1725653

Wrong. It's the bel canto language and the language opera singing was based on, and opera is anything but nasal. Classical singing, which is taught to any beginner singer as a base skill, is based on opera singing because it's the healthiest style. Italian also has lots of vowels which makes it easier to flow.


No. 1725656

Singing isn’t the same as speaking, anon. Most Italians that I’ve heard so far even while I was on vacations at Italy were speaking like they all had a very stuffy nose.

No. 1725661

Side note but a lot of the anti-woman connotations the bible holds (women being made from a rib ect) are male planted intentional mistranslations. The word for rib is actually side which was to say we are on equal footing being two halves of one whole. The closest person to Jesus in the bible was a woman which is why the church tried to paint her as a prostitute when there's no evidence of that outside of her previously being a sinner (cannonically everyone except for Jesus was). Tradthots obviously latch on to the implanted misogyny because they want to get picked, not because it's historically accurate.

No. 1725666

File: 1697251509877.jpeg (60.37 KB, 502x497, D5E55458-2C00-49BA-AABD-BBCA03…)

I unironically feel like this meme whenever I just know that lots of very important texts to humanity can’t be read properly because they surely have been mistranslated for the sake of spreading ideologies that only benefit a group of people (moids).

No. 1725691

That's probably because they have lost of Ns and Ms in words. And probably have nasal vowels that are intentionally nasal but I'm not sure if that's the same as closed and open vowels. They also have this weird extra sound they describe as throaty when there's a g and l, like in sciogliero, in that case the g is silent and the l is turned into "lei". And when there's a g+n it's a "gñ". And these sounds occure in lots of Italian words which is probably where the nasality comes from. But tbf nasality exists in all languages for some reason. Something to do with resonance and speaking loudly and clearly or something.

No. 1725758

men have dog shit taste in women. ask a moid who the hottest influencers are he'll name whoever has the fakest tits tits or botched bbl. ask a woman who the hottest influencers are she will easily name women who are facially beautiful with healthy and natural bodies

No. 1725794

Jumpscares are fun and exciting and the closest movies can ever get to making me feel actually scared. Well-done jumpscares are so great with all their tension-building, misdirection, and revelation. I love jumpscares and I'm tired of pretending I don't.

No. 1725809

kek as an american this is funny to me cause we think everyone elses accents but our own are cool. we 100% think a person is more interesting with an accent unless its somewhere they hate.

No. 1725813

File: 1697264160412.jpg (7.67 KB, 250x181, 10169466_10201977968797551_213…)

I think Christianity's greatest strength and weakness is that you can create whatever meaning you want with it, it's just the exaggerated(but not unture) stories of Semitic tribal people and then the parables of Levantine carpenter, all of which have been mistranslated and interpenetrated in a thousand ways since Christianity's inception.
This is also true, in most Semitic mythology the first human being was a joint man and woman that was split into two by the Gods, despite the centuries and translations upon translations there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e our first parent was originally both male and female
God did not create mankind, he created Ha’Adam(from earth) and from Ha’Adam God made them Ish (Man) and Isha (Woman). its stupid but in a different way, you can only dismantle faith when you truly understand it.

No. 1725873

File: 1697272021652.jpeg (51.09 KB, 680x674, IMG_1537.jpeg)

No there are African religions you can follow where women dieties are heralded. Don’t be so short sighted. Christianity is a shitty ass religion that has been used to justify unspeakable acts of violence and terror. Like please. There are literal churches built on top of where slaves were being kept begging for their lives. Fuck Christianity it’s on the same par as Muslim religion if not worse in my eyes idc. It also set my people back hundreds of years. And you can’t go into any black neighborhood without seeing 400 churches 2ft away from each other. I hate Christianity and what it’s done to the black community. Shitty booty ass religion.

No. 1725874

Also what it’s doing and has done to the Filipino community but that’s their truth for them to tell. Christianity is a white supremacists religion idc

No. 1725877

I don't like either religion but Christians aren't engaging in acts of terrorism and they've not been honor killing women in my lifetime. Clearly one of the two is far less agressive, life-threatening and destructive in our modern times.

No. 1725879

Are you dumb Christian’s do that they just hide their hands by doing it in underdeveloped black and brown nations. Missionaries commit some of the most violent acts of terror and largely get away with it because of the white savior mentality. Both are cut from the same cloth of degeneracy. Sorry I live in reality and you in la la land

No. 1725883

Google Renee Bach a white woman missionary who lied about being a doctor costing hundreds of Ugandan babies their lives. I can’t even imagine the countless undocumented cases. And don’t get me started on Christianity’s father Catholicism. But yeah only Muslims are bad cuz they don’t hide their hands when they do degeneracy.

No. 1725885

Also also as if it wasn’t Christianity that was the ultimate tool that was used in subjugating women in America since Americas inception. And continues to be the catalyst for our subjugation. But Christianity is pro woman. Y’all make me laugh

No. 1725895

File: 1697274443484.jpeg (61.26 KB, 614x614, IMG_2197.jpeg)

Steven Universe is a fun, decent show. Most of the hate from 2016-2018 either outright lesbophobia (stuff like E:R’s video) or just Lily Orchard’s nitpicking/misinterpreting. Also Lapis, Jasper, peridot and pearl and cute

No. 1725899

I enjoyed my overall experience

No. 1725900

Yeah looking back on it now, all the hate was mostly lesbophobia and people felt comfortable expressing it because hating SU was trendy so they could pass off "two female characters in love??? in a KIDS' CARTOON???!!! rebecca sugar is a degenerate!!!!" as legitimate criticism.

No. 1725901

Steven Universe was cute and fun. It did pretty much everything right and got eviscerated because of it. The hate and 'discourse' was not deserved and prove that fandoms should never have any influence on the media they like.

No. 1725905

Men will use any framework imaginable to subjugate women - it's not Christianity, it's the Y chromosome

No. 1725910

I agree that christianity is yet another woman-hating religion but you can't be serious when you say it's just as bad as another religion that can't be named. No one is jailing wwomen for not having a cloth over their heads, honor killings aren't permitted, rape isn't openly encouraged (yeah I know it happens a lot because men but by the bible it's not encouraged) and at least you don't worship a literal pedophile in christianity. Overall it's A LOT less controlling and violent. If you don't want to be a christian then you can tell them to fuck off and not be a christian. You can't stop being a muslim unless you're very far away from your family and community because you will literally be raped and killed. There's a huge difference. And no the acts of terrorism in the name of fucking jesus don't happen unless it's some white supremacist racist man.

The "gl" sound is very similar to the spanish "ll" sound, but the "gl" with a hard g is also used in some words. Same with the "gn" which is a "ñ" sound. With italian you also have to keep in mind that the dialects (which are more like separate languages because they were born before the official italian language) have very different sounds, some are more nasal and some aren't. If you are towards the north you will hear a lot of open vowels, h and sh sounds. Towards the south it's more focused on ns, ms, and double consonants.

No. 1725911

That's the thing, you can create a diverse amount of meanings and interpretations with Christianity, Without Christianity you'd have to deal with Roman cult would which is a million times worse, I'm not a Christian but it goes without saying that some of frameowrk of feminism can from the faith, specifically nunneries, never before in human history was there amount of women in away and safe from men who had accesses to literacy and scientific writing.

No. 1725920

Yeah early Christianity was very popular with women, due to how bad the Roman cult and Judaism was. Two-thirds of early Christians were women. In some areas it introduced that hey, maybe sons shouldn't marry their mothers, maybe you shouldn't kill people as a sport and gamble on it etc. Also how Jesus was extremely sympathetic for the time to prostitutes, divorced women, widows, women who were caught cheating etc. Jewish women converted en masse, because Christianity didn't have the rituals surrounding menstruation and a preference of male over female children. There are more aspects like the introduction of a more equal partnership between women and men in marriage in comparison to previous iterations. All of these benefits and it being woman-led in the early stages was why Christianity was persecuted so much, until it also became more popular with men. Until then it was seen as a women's cult. When it did became more popular with men, women were also pushed out of clerical roles.

No. 1725928

File: 1697278421792.jpg (234.71 KB, 800x998, 800px-Helena_of_Constantinople…)

Christianity was very popular not only with women in general but also with slaves and lower classes. As for how it gained power, that's also easy to understand. Upper-class women raised their sons who would become governors and law-makers as Christians. The Roman emperor who legalized Christianity, his mother(Saint Helena) was a devout Christian woman. 1/10th of the Roman Empire was already Christianity before it become legalised and is spread rapidly. At that point, both the Roman Empire and Christianity underwent changes, with the latter becoming a tool for the state and taking traits of the people's that practiced that faith.

No. 1725929

Don't know if it's an unpopular opinion but I don't get why some people lose their shit over socialism so much, I've seen some so-called "apolitical" people get way more irrationally angry over it than Nazi Germany (if anything they were this close to defend far right wing opinions over "free speech uwu").

No. 1725932

Because for Americans the worst nightmare is someone they don't know surviving cancer on their dime without going bankrupt, even worse than a literal fascist government.

No. 1725933

>It did pretty much everything right
Now let's not get ahold of ourselves, the writing in the later seasons was shit

No. 1725934

because most "I don't care about politics/I'm actually center" kind of people actually lean towards right.

No. 1725935

Literally no one said "only muslims", I clearly said I like neither. But the average Christian man isn't out to rape and kill me in name of a holy war because I'm a "white western whore". When's the last time you heard about a Christian suicide bomber? When's the last time you heard about a brother honor killing his sister after she was raped? Exceptions there, Christianity as a whole is a far more peaceful religion with far fewer followers leaning to dangerous extremism than the Islam. There's a reason why countries with a Christian background generally are more peaceful and safe than countries with Islamic backgrounds.

No. 1725949

The writing turned into absolute trash though, hard to keep watching a series that was so chaotically written as SU was, at least for me that's the reason it sucked, couldn't care less about the sapphic rocks or whatever, the passing, characterization and plot twists were so awfully executed you could notice it wasn't supposed to air for that long

No. 1725959

I hate overly religious Christian, Muslim and jew women so much because you guys are both the same, praising the men of your religion and worshipping them like retards. Also most overly religious women are former sex worker, whores, drug addicts etc. people who want their subhuman choices to be forgiven randomly.

No. 1725960

I keep hearing about far right catholic extremists in my country getting arrested right before they manage to kill someone fairly often because they hate women and anyone who isn't white.

No. 1725964

Your comments sounds misogynistic, you called prostitution as subhuman choice but it's something a lot of girls are groomed or forced into, and then they are treated as subhuman by moids.

No. 1725973

No it's just the truth. Most overly religious women I know are former whores and most overly religious men I know are former fags, guess their addiction to cocks helps them bond, lol

No. 1725975

dont forget the scrotes who committed heinous crimes and try to use the fact they're overtly religious now as bargaining chip for parole.

No. 1725976

Please go to hell, pickme

No. 1725979

My favorite is when a scrote pastor admits to being a former pimp and all the pickmes in the congregation start clapping for his "amazing transformation". No stupid, he just stopped pumping sex workers and is now pimping his primarily female congregation. I don't have anything against religion and places of worship often helped their communities but the people? Fuck em

No. 1725981

Church right next to the liquor store and check cashing place. Makes you think, doesn't it?

No. 1726007

>women are in prostitution because they have an addiction to cocks
Which kind of deranged misogynistic moid have you had the bad taste of listening to and believing?

No. 1726010

File: 1697284744993.jpeg (176.1 KB, 851x805, IMG_1043.jpeg)

Did you not hear what I said Christianity hides their hand of course Christian’s aren’t going to go and bomb and rape white women in 1st world countries like I stated before they go to the underdeveloped black and brown ones. I guess you can lie to yourself and feel good about how Christianity protects only white women and was designed to exalt white women while excusing the constant and excessive rape of black women who were enslaved under the guise of it being “gods will”. Again I am talking about the bastardized religion that is AMERICAN Christianity. In which like I said they exalted white women not because they thought white women were superior or needs to be protected but because white men wanted an excuse to rape black and brown women with impunity and not let it contradict their religious doctrine stating sex is bad. Not to mention the rape of any and all barnyard animals.

I am so tired of white women putting a hierarchy on religion and always placing Christianity at the top when Christianity like I said before was is and continues to be used to subjugate all women. But feel good that your religious men allowed you guys to be nuns or whatever tf lol

No. 1726014


No. 1726028

And again it’s largely Christians who go and sign up for the military. And what do Americans largely do in the military when given the opportunity to go to underdeveloped nations? Don’t worry I’ll wait. Christianity has led to the total collapse of religions, cultures, languages etc. it’s the most destructive religion it’s just covert! WAKE TF UP

No. 1726043

Thought so.

No. 1726051

Pretty sure they're in the reddit thread demanding all women believe their husbands are cheating and abusing them and will inevitably shit their pants, and if you say otherwise you're a spoiled white girl

No. 1726074

Are you aware that most Christians in the world are from "Black" and "Brown" themselves?

No. 1726156

>Christianity is the most destructive religion and has led to the collapse of religions, cultures, languages etc.
Yeah, it's not like there's another religion that subjugated the entire middle east as well as a big portion of african countries by erasing their original faiths so they too could worship the great pedophile. It's not like there's members of said religion making up the vast majority of religious extremely violent terrorist attacks all over the world. It's not like the countries where women still struggle the most with basic human rights are the countries where said religion (which is not christianity) dominates. You're just objectively wrong. "Christianity is a white supremacist religion" it literally originated where "brown people" or whatever you like to call them live.
Also a reminder that America isn't the only country in the world.

No. 1726237

Like Andrew tate. He became religious so he expects his crimes against women to be forgiven. But yeah the women and men who took dick on the daily acting religious now aren't that harmless, they're hilarious at worst. On the other hand the small minority of men(and maybe a few women) who try to use religion as an excuse for crimes are genuinely scary.

No. 1726241

I said both male and female super religious people have questionable sexual pasts. It goes from being a whore(man or female) or being a sexworker/pimp. If they're just whores it's funny, but the men and women who used to be pimps and now act religious are scary. Before you say women can't be pimps - they can although most female sexworkers aren't pimps but prostitutes. Even an anon here said she got pimped by a woman.

No. 1726264

File: 1697290446162.jpg (67.13 KB, 385x500, 8b4bc7e1f1330f2cc5dd2b3a652071…)

I just hate Catholic school boys (graduates), I moved to an area where there are tons of them. Before I lived in an area where everyone was from public school or maybe a Quaker school. Now there are tons of Catholics and they are all demented. They all seem to have a touch of autism and a lot just come across as very gay, and a unifying factor is they all lack manners and seem very awkward around women. It isn't like the Catholic schools are segregated, they are all co-ed. I think being raised heavily religiously Catholic makes males automatically defect to other males, even theoretical ones that aren't and will never be present (God). I don't know much about the girls who go/have graduated from these schools. There's just such a big disparity between public school boys who are loud and sociable and annoying versus the Catholic school boys who are silent and dead-eyed (still talking about graduates mostly but I work somewhere where I see a lot of people including students with their parents so it's a big sample size).
>inb4 the boys were molested
Yeah I wondered that, too.
Anyway the most seemingly well-adjusted Catholic males are the ones who weren't raised strictly Catholic, went to public school, and who worship Jesus and the Mother Mary more than God. They also tend to be less super religious anyway; as in, they don't bring up God/Jesus in conversation constantly. I hate Catholics who do that it's so annoying. Also has anyone else noticed that Catholic women will throw women under the bus constantly? A man will have a rare moment where he's like 'wow men are evil' and a Catholic woman will be like 'WOMEN TOO' or 'WOMEN ARE WORSE, ACTUALLY'
I wonder if it'd be different if males worshipped angels instead and sought to be as pretty and as kind and as loving to women and children as angels are

No. 1726268

It's not the most destructive but it's definitely up there. The big three Abrahamic religions are all overall cancer in their communities

No. 1726270

When it's a woman she's called a "madame"

No. 1726278

They are both cut from the same cloth I need you to live in reality. Also the reason why Muslim terrorists get to be so extreme with impunity is because of the largely Christian west putting batteries in their backs for decades by gifting them weapons and taking out their actual good leaders who wanted actual positive change and replacing them with corrupt leaders. It’s all over Africa and the Middle East and South America. Again you only focus on the Muslims cuz it’s brown people. I said wtf I said. And you’ll never convince me otherwise. Get over it

No. 1726286

All religions suck because they all were created to subjugate women.

No. 1726294

Duh it’s literally by design they were FORCED to assimilate to Christianity or face death. Do you not know history? Lol

No. 1726295

The only books enslaved people were allowed to read was the Bible why do you think that is? Don’t worry I’ll wait!

No. 1726297

You mean all major organized religions because there are definitely some who acknowledge matriarchy and the true power of women.

No. 1726299

Yes that’s why I mentioned African religions upthread but you’re right I mean organized religion like you said. Those suck! And ruin all women’s lives

No. 1726304

Oh that was you? Nice. You're absolutely right. I consider myself spiritual and I do believe in God/ a higher power but organized religions have destroyed the women that devote themselves to it. Like I actually had to sit through sermons preached by pimps about how men want to marry a 'good church girl' when they're done with "the women of the world". Even back then I knew it was wrong and that I didn't want those guys, yet all the adults (mainly women) just ate that shit up and clapped and said "that's right pastor". Sickening.

No. 1726400

Really inserting, cause many Muslim and Indian men come across the same, a bit gay and autistic.

No. 1726402

homosociality really is gay.

No. 1726409

i like the pre timeskip art style of one piece. it's really unfortunate that oda chose coomerism, since it used to be very charming
also i watched the first episode of the netflix show and it was shit. awful pacing and acting. dont know why everyone keeps saying its 'actually pretty good'

also also mexican candy is disgusting

No. 1726415

You're a retard who can't think beyond Muslim = brown = better and Christian = white = evil. You're incredibly ignorant, you sound like your views of religions come from Twitter instead of reality. I wonder what all the women actually suffering and fearing being honor killed because of violent controlling muslims would think of you and the twitterfag crowd basically going "it's not that bad! Christianity is worse!!". What a clown.

No. 1726419

Second anon, this is fascinating to know. I'm kinda learning Italian pronunciation for songs and it's cool to know this.

No. 1726426

Straight nonnies do you cry or feel bad after you have sex with men? Because it’s not like it’s enjoyable so(chronic baiting)

No. 1726427

Nta. For me it was the weird woke air of it mixed with a slight "rahndum exdee" shit that made it impossible to watch. And the ugly art style kek. Adventure time and every show that came after it ruiend CN. Hell, I'd say even regular show did so.

No. 1726434

NTA but as a """"brown"""" woman living in one of the top 3 biggest Islamic theocracy dictatorship, fuck you. The so called brown Muslim people you're defending ruined my life. Plus they aren't even brown, you're blind.

No. 1726438

Speaking of muslims and all that, I always thought of arabs as white, I'm not entirely sure how much of an unpopular opinion that is tho.

No. 1726462

the US did fund groups like the Mujahideen because of the cold war but scrotes are scrotes, and neither leftist revolutionary types or religious fundamentalists are particularly great towards women.

No. 1726519

I said what I said. Obviously they aren’t brown just like white people aren’t white and black people aren’t black. Like please be serious. You can cry about the atrocities Muslim men inflicts on your people and I can cry about the atrocities Christian men inflicts on my people. At the end of the day both religions suck and like I said are cut from the same cloth. Christian men were literally disemboweling pregnant black women and hanging them. Throwing their babies to alligators as late as the 20th century. The only reason they stopped is because we literally had to go to war with them in order for them to. And still often times do in our own little way. I’m so tired of the hypocrisy and that’s what I’m calling out. In no way am I saying being muslim is better than Christian or vice versa they both fucking suck. I’m just tired of Christianity being heralded as this perfect religion when it was used to excuse the most heinous shit that impacted WOMEN the most. Like all religions do. Instead of saying “which religion is worse” wars we should be trying to destroy it and figure out how to get women out of it! Again Google is your friend lol.

No. 1726525

Also funny how all you got out of what i said was “hurr durr Muslims aren’t brown” grow up

No. 1726533

Half agree, I see some Arabs as white. I've learned to just ignore it when some people start insisting other people "are/aren't white". It's a total distraction and a waste of time, and they contradict themselves when it's convenient.

No. 1726548

Rich and famous people in first world countries shouldn’t complain about having anxiety or being depressed.

No. 1726575

I said that because you were accusing anons of criticizing Muslims only because they're "brown", and praising Christians because they're white. You're the one who was bringing that up as some sort of retarded convoluted defense. Own up to your dumb arguments. You only decided you actually hate Muslims too after getting called out for defending them.

No. 1726584

Depends on the region. Latvians are the closest to white passing, because of their already existing genes and probably because of French colonization probably causing French and Latvians to procreate. But gulf countries people range from white passing Bedouin who still don't look 100% white features wise but have light skin and green eyes, to brown villagers and tribes who just have swarthy skin because of being farmers, to black and asian looking ones who are descendants of immigrants and former slaves. While Yemen had some Jewish people in it so that may or may not affected the way they look, as well as having both light skinned people and brown skinned people who are farmers. In arab countries (minus the Latvians) it's more about the weather of a region and the lifestyle of the people, plus who they mixed with. Some saudi tribes have Turkish ancestry because of some war, so they have white skin, bright hair, and green/blue/gray eyes. Egyptians also range from white passing to dark skinned depending on ancestry and such. In conclusion they're all too mixed or too pure depending on region and history so it's impossible to group them. But they usually prefer going by tribes.

No. 1726597

>it's just the exaggerated(but not unture) stories of Semitic tribal people
>but not untrue
It's widely accepted that Exodus never happened

No. 1726600

eat a noodle already

No. 1726612

As a Latvian, what the fuck are you even talking about.

No. 1726616

Tf? Whoever you think I am, isn't me. I made this post from my perspective as an arab. What kind of authority do you have on this topic, Ms. American girl?

No. 1726618

Latvia? What the fuck are you talking about? Do you mean Lebanon?

No. 1726623

File: 1697313729620.jpg (601.73 KB, 3840x2160, 20231014_230146.jpg)

Why? What's confusing about what I said? Non-Latvian arabs consider Latvians to be the closest to European looks and culture wise, but ofcourse not that close. There are light skinned, green/blue/gray eyed people there with blonde or light brown hair. How isn't that white passing? Ofcourse they still have arab features to an extent and don't look 100% white, but they're close to it. Picrel is an example of it. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees colored eyes and light hair+light skin=white.

No. 1726626

Ah shit I always mix up between the two words. I meant the region of Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian, and Jordan. There's one word that refers to them but I keep forgetting it every single time and saying Latvian. The arabic word is just "northerns".

No. 1726632

File: 1697314165843.jpg (133.69 KB, 900x604, Famous Levantines.jpg)

I think she meant Levantines and she's not wrong either, it's a stereotype and a sorta truth that Levantine people are usually more of a mix of more Arab/European appearances, due to the regions history.

No. 1726640

lady gaga and billie eyelash

No. 1726642

Yes! Gotta bookmark this word so I never lose it again kek

No. 1726717

not american, stop projecting weirdo.

No. 1726725

File: 1697319933661.png (191.56 KB, 500x500, 1651191767939.png)

>Non-Latvian arabs

No. 1726733

There's no point in arguing what's white and what's not. "White" is a broad, unscientific generalization that didn't even include Italians or Irish if you go back far enough. You're better off categorizing people by their ancestral language group or haplogroup if you wanna get into semantics. At the end of the day you can consider the entirety of Arabia and Latin America white if you want to but it's not saving the world and not everyone's gonna agree with you