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File: 1531764174327.jpg (656.06 KB, 1539x1344, nemu.jpg)

No. 638289

Christy Lynn Walker is a 26-years-old Tumblr artist and 4chan tripfag obsessed with putting underage characters and characters from children's media in graphic, disturbing, and often sexual drawings and fantasies. They usually involve vomit, radiation poisoning, and scat, all of which she very vocally fetishizes. >>>/snow/636919

Her MO includes grooming teens (for example urging a 14yo to get her nipples pierced), encroaching on children's spaces like the Fairy Oddparents wikia, where she linked her fetish deviantART page, and calling herself a "nice lady!!" and "mama" whenever she can. As if that wasn't bad enough, she also used to be a substitute teacher. Despite desperately wanting children, she has decided not to have them because she knows what she would inevitably do to them. At some point, she decided that she had a sex addiction and renounced porn altogether, harassing others for drawing or enjoying porn while she kept fulfilling her weird-ass fetishes.

The first thread started on /ot/ and was intended for reminiscing about a *~harmless and kooky and really nice!!~* artist, which was then moved to /snow/ and almost immediately suffered an influx of whiteknights and ex-friends coming to relay their witness accounts.

She's known to excuse her degeneracy paraphilia with tales of child sexual abuse at the hands of her father, though former friends have spoken out in the last thread and it was implied that she admitted to lying about it.

Some of the fetishes she has claimed to have acted out irl:
>stuffing vomit up her vagina or having her vagina used as a barf bag
>a threesome with her boyfriend and their dakimakura involving decapitation
>wrapping pizza in saran wrap to stuff it up her vagina
>shitting in a bathtub with her bf to engage in scatplay and eating it

Upon getting called out for her freakish behavior and her thread making the rounds on Twitter where she's currently most active, she has gone into full damage control mode by disabling social media accounts and announcing to get mental help for the umpteenth time, so remember not to post links without archiving them first via screenshots, archive.is or the wayback machine.

She has an obsession with fucking "fat and ugly" (her words) incels which includes her older boyfriend whom she cheated on with the help of a GoFundMe campaign under the guise of getting away from their abusive relationship. Her boyfriend David Hoernlen himself has come into the last thread to speak at length about their tumultuous life and has all but confirmed that she's a manipulative psycho and compulsive liar. >>>/snow/636932

In the midst of his mental gymnastics to defend and enable her, he managed to let her legal name slip. >>>/snow/637098 He also confirmed that she may or may not have shat and vomited in tupperware boxes for herself to eat. >>>/snow/637067

Known usernames:

Social media and other links: (some defunct)
http://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/User:Malfunction54 changed to:
https://twitter.com/M0MS_SPAGHETTI (David/boyfriend)

No. 638291

>He also confirmed that she may or may not have shat and vomited in tupperware boxes for herself to eat

What a wild thread that was, may the bountiful milk continue to flow

No. 638294

the vineshroom link isn't her its someone who breifly copied her art style

No. 638295

I removed the link from OP's post.

No. 638300

Important to note as well: She announced on Twitter that David had consented to an open relationship and he revealed that the conversation never actually happened and she was cheating on him
(archived in the last thread)

No. 638303

perhaps we will be blessed with nemu herself coming to defend herself?

No. 638306

Sorry to come on again about the videos lol. Anyone have them from last thread? They were take down

No. 638308

In the future, use http://keepvid.com/

No. 638309

Also ex-friends of hers are giving their stories with her and reaffirming everything said here. One of the most helpful so far is from Xan, someone who was VERY close to her (they were friends for several years and Nemu talked about her all the time) has detailed exactly what has done to her and others

Nemu will appear here sooner or later with an post almost identical to what David wrote. She'll probably end her's with "I'm leaving the internet forever guys" and then make a new twitter to continue posting what she loves to post as she's done the past THREE times she "left the internet"

I have them. Where should I upload?

No. 638310

File: 1531765342520.png (4.1 KB, 630x73, Nemu.png)

I got followed by a twitter account claiming nemu is a pedophile just yesterday

No. 638312

I think an anon in last thread archived them but they weren't particularly milky. The most milky part was Nemu casually rubbing sandpaper on her bf's back.

Weird how Nemu even harrassed her friends into taking down ENTIRE convention vlogs just because she appeared in them and it got posted here. Says a lot about how manipulative and controlling she is, she wants to try and run away so badly.

No. 638315

yeah there wasn't much milk, was just more about seeing how Crindy is in real life compared to the voice/persona she puts out online

No. 638318

File: 1531765643398.png (12.72 KB, 633x157, oh dear.png)

whoever is running this is linking the lolcow thread

No. 638319

For what purpose?

No. 638320

Most of this twitter's following are people who are somehow linked to nemu, if they spread the lolcow thread, they're seeing it too, which is why you see so many white knights here.

No. 638321


they seem to be convinced she's a pedophile because she drew cartoon porn pretty weak reasoning

No. 638322

which orbiter are you? if you think the only evidence of Nemu having attraction to children is what she's drawn you need to read the last thread

No. 638323

File: 1531765888631.png (437.78 KB, 582x1043, screencapture-twitter-mommyxan…)

More details from Xan

No. 638324

File: 1531765893571.png (5.55 KB, 339x286, bio.png)

also just adding that a link to lolcow is in their bio

No. 638325


Im referring to what they're posting on the twitter account

No. 638326

your point being????

No. 638327

No. 638330


it's most likely why there were so many whiteknights in the last thread

No. 638336

I feel really shitty about the comments made about Chom's appearance in the last thread. It's obvious he checked out the thread but was upset at the comments made.

I myself made an unkind comment but it mostly came from the kind of person I thought he was. I really believed he was essentially a male Nemu. If that is wrong Chom (which is looks like it is) I am honestly sorry.

(If anyone is curious, Chom is who Nemu used the GoFundMe money to meet and seems to be yet another victim of hers)

No. 638337

Before we post more of xan/their partner's testimony why are we relying on an ABDL fetish artist for more info about this? Was that discussed and I just happened to miss it?

No. 638338

The twitter account followed everyone who was following Holden’s krocodilekore account, which is why so many people in her circle of friends found out about this and came here.

No. 638339

Xan was best friends with Nemu for a long time. Her being an ABDL artist or whatever doesn't change how Nemu treated her. If anything it shows how quickly Nemu will change on people who appear to have a lot in common with her. Go read the last thread. Xan was incredibly close to Nemu for a long time.

No. 638341

You beat me to answer that but yeah, that fetish artist dated nemu's best friend for a couple years now so they were there when shit went down between the both of them.

No. 638343

They most likely brought us David, which was a glorious 3 hour show. And Mara shared their story to them.

No. 638348

File: 1531766992638.jpg (62.86 KB, 674x680, Db07Ua5U8AI9a4l.jpg)

Not exactly the most relevant or interesting thing, but did anyone upload this drawing of hers yet?
orbiters might pull the "grasping at straws" shit but I still find it disturbing that she draws herself so childlike here.

No. 638349

Pretty sure she WAS a child when she drew this. A lot of art she drew as a kid featured the red hair, which is what she had a child/teen.

No. 638350


Age regression? Maybe not in her case, knowing her history, but in general it might be a reason

No. 638352

fair enough. still gives me the creeps regardless

No. 638356

Not sure if she talked about it outside of her priv, but did anyone catch how much she called herself aromantic? How the fuck does that work if she's getting married?

No. 638359

yeah she wrote "hates romance" on her meet the artist card but visibly grabs David and smooches him for no reason in one of the vlogs. everything about her is fictional

No. 638360

I think that we really need to get Chom in here to tell his story to clear the suspicions that anons had of him.

Chom if you are in here, clear your name somewhere that Nemu can't erase it. Judging by her boyfriends comments she is denying that anything happened between you two and effectively trying to erase your existence in her life.

No. 638363

I would still really like to see these, I wasn’t able to watch them last thread.

No. 638371

if there's a recommended place to upload them I can fire them up again

No. 638372

No. 638373

Chom is currently in the process of summarizing his side of the story, he said it might take a few

No. 638376

File: 1531769076819.jpg (129.73 KB, 700x392, image.jpg)

No. 638377

Keep Vid only lets you capture a video not upload it

No. 638378

I just remembered a story where Christy said that she was/is terrified of going pee in a public restroom and she had to go really, really bad once but couldn’t make herself go in the restroom so she ended up pissing herself in the middle of a market.

No. 638380

sounds like another fictional story that fits her fetishes

No. 638381

Didn’t Christ say she has like a deathly fear of something that she couldnt tell anyone about? and she had a friend that would fuck with her about it? I remember her being really upset about it on tumblr

No. 638382

Pretty sure it was what someone talked about in the other thread, the deathly fear being pencils.

No. 638384

hmm… streamable? liveleak?

No. 638385

If he's smart (which he isn't) he'll stay away because oh man does he deserve a thread of his own.

No. 638386

I don't agree at all

I'll check streamable

No. 638389

Kek, next thread if it ever happens should have a stock photo of pencils included in the collage

No. 638391

i remember there being one time where Christy had asked if she could identify as queer not because she is bi, but because she had those weird fetishes. so much for being a smart, high iq lady uwu

No. 638393

Seriously, the literal neckbeards like him need to stay in their smelly little twitter anime porn communities. Non-degenerate male posters aren't even allowed on here.

No. 638394

Here's one of the vlogs, its from AWA 2017

I had to shave a minute off the end as this site only lets you upload up to 10m

No. 638395

I have a hunch you're an orbiter trying to deter him from sharing his side of the story

No. 638397

File: 1531770375708.jpg (45.95 KB, 577x448, v_EvsR0i.jpg)

No. 638402

Has she ever been attracted to a real life woman and not a cartoon drawing?

No. 638403


"ew the straights eww
i'm a nice queer lady"

No. 638404

yeah, no, considering her intense ocd and phobias i wouldn't doubt if it was true. she's said that she carries a spare pair of panties in her purse because she's so scared of people knowing that she goes to the bathroom, and would rather just piss herself than let anyone see her go into a restroom.

there was one time when her bf had friends over and she was so stressed out because they would see her go to the bathroom that david had to take her there himself while assuring her everything was ok and nobody cared if she had to use the toilet.

iirc this phobia wasn't about being shy, or nervous about people hearing her pee, it was just the fact that people would see that she went to the bathroom and had to pee like everyone else? it's so weird considering she's so open about eating vomit and shit and ripping huge farts

on the subject of farts, david had a raging fart fetish and every time she'd let one rip she'd do a cutesy 'oh my gosh who did that it wasn't me' thing to get him riled up. it was like an every day thing for her.

piggybacking off of that, she and david also did poop fetish stuff daily. not necessarily eating or playing with scat, but every time one of them went poop they'd berate the other. 'oh that's so stinky, you're such a filthy girl, look at this cute girl taking such a big smelly dump' etc etc. and she liked to sit on his lap while he took a dump.

No. 638405

He's not going to post, I'm relaying the message here via screenshot.

Yeah odd since David posting here didn't have anybody saying things similar to this.

No. 638406

god damn it.
he should still post tho. xan has her own questionable past and anons still found her testimony very valid.

No. 638407

not really. she's pretty much only been attracted to cartoon women, never once seen her gush over a real woman before.

No. 638408

Nice try at derailing. Chom, these are just the brainwashed followers she has trying to deflect from the real story coming out. Tell your side and let the truth be known.

No. 638409

They have always been the sister, mother, or (more recently) the wife of her crushes

No. 638411

New users need to read our rules.

- don't attempt to scare away milk
- don't use this thread like a chatroom; don't doublepost, you can delete comments for 30 minutes and re-post with your addition
- stop derailing the thread by arguing about who's the bigger degenerate
- archive and backup content before it's deleted

No. 638418

I remember her saying on Tumblr that the reason she likes female characters like Mr. Crocker's mom, Olimar's wife, Torbjörn's wife etc is because she has huge mommy issues. Her fantasies of her female waifus are sometimes sexual but mostly tend to be of them caring for her.

While she's open to her mom about her fictional crushes, she felt awkward/don't talk about her female waifus because if her mom asked her "why do you like her?" her only response would be "because they're the mother figure I never had".

This is all from memory, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 638426

she did say she was into BBWs and gushed about how hot and pretty xan was, but i think that's the extent of it.
she wasn't into women puking at all. when i followed her i thought that was pretty strange, since her 'soul was literally vomit' and it was a huge lifestyle fetish thing for her.

a bit more on the puking thing since i don't think the details of it were fully talked about.
-it wasn't just a gross kink, it was a full blown exclusive paraphilia. she went to a sex therapist for a while and she was diagnosed with exclusive emetophilia. she absolutely could not get off without fantasizing about puke.
-for her and her boyfriend's health, they only did puke play about once a month. she didn't want to upset his stomach, and she didn't want to get any infections.
-she believes she was wired from the start to be a puke fetishist, which i don't doubt. she'd play educational video games and read books about the human body and would focus on the gastrointestinal parts. when she read harry potter as a kid, she was really into the scene where ron barfed slugs. her book was permanently broken at the spine to open up to that page because she read it so many times
-the favorite vomit she had ever eaten was after her boyfriend ate a bunch of ice cream and fruit. the worst vomit was the aftermath of an all you can eat buffet. she still ate it, though. she ate david's super spicy filipino food vomit too.

i feel so weird that i remember all of this stuff. i followed her for years and i'd check her tumblr daily just because i was so fascinated by her bizarre life. i wanted to be her so friend so badly so i could get a deeper insight into her life. she was a regular subject i'd talk about with friends, like in the way chris chan is. she was the weird puke fetish girl who is actually pretty nice and had a cute art style, so people weren't disgusted by the puke stuff. fun conversation starter with other people who were into lolcows.

No. 638427

>-the favorite vomit she had ever eaten was after her boyfriend ate a bunch of ice cream and fruit. the worst vomit was the aftermath of an all you can eat buffet. she still ate it, though. she ate david's super spicy filipino food vomit too.

jesus christ

No. 638428

I'm not that fat cretin or a derailer, I was one of the first ones shitting on her. Wtf is with this paranoia?

No. 638431

Christy was also on neopets within the past year or so, but I can't for the life of me remember what her username on there is. I want to know if her profile on there talks about what a nice lady she is.

No. 638445

Someone should make a meme called "nice lady starter pack", with pictures of her and her drawings

No. 638453

Went looking out of curiosity myself and tried all the usernames listed above. The only thing I managed to find that is somewhat odd is an account under the name "ppauly" with a pet named "_chomchom_96".

No. 638454

Wow it’s like you took the words out of my mouth but I managed to actually befriend her.

No. 638460

i've found some posts on kiwifarms that linked to this thread, it's going viral

No. 638461

Unfortunately that’s not her, I remember her neopets were wearing a ton of clothes, and she had at least one of them painted with a baby paintbrush that, obviously, made them a baby form of the neopet.

No. 638463

>I managed to actually befriend her

did she share anything interesting? what was she like? how much of this stuff is true? spill that tea

No. 638464

Nice Lady™

No. 638466

Christy has wiped all the dms she sent from miserymire and castlecrush. She's working overtime in hiding her secrets.

No. 638469

Is there any way to see another users friend list? I found gabu(piinkhamster)'s account since she's posted photos of her pets a few times.

No. 638471


But if she deleted the conversations from her inbox, it doesn't mean they're deleted from the other person's inbox too

No. 638473

If anyone has DMs with her, check your email account, you probably have everything in your inbox. Unless disabled, Twitter sends you an email with the content of every DM.

No. 638474

Well I dont have anything juicy or shocking. I had followed her and befriended her because I was so curious about her and she seemed interesting. I genuinely hope it’s true, but I was becoming convinced that she genuinely regretted everything she had done and wanted to be a better person. She was beginning to post a lot less shocking/attention seeking content as well any kinks besides her pregnancy one (which she claims is super vanilla but idk about that lol). I was really proud to see this healthier and happier Christy. But of course this resulted in her losing a lot of her original friends who were still invested in porn and posted it blatantly because that was obviously going to clash with her new outlook. I hope she continues to get healthier.

No. 638478

not defending her or anything but isn't the reason why she does not want to have children irl is because she found out she may develop postpartum schizophrenia or something like that. i remember her mentioning it but then again, i wonder how much of that is just a cover up.

No. 638482

File: 1531777749182.jpg (182.73 KB, 1212x1061, 18-07-16-16-46-53-224_deco~01.…)

Here's a list of her orbiters, given from an ex-friend of Nemu's

No. 638483

God her dumb writing style sounds a lot like June’s obnoxious fake uwu talk

No. 638484

recently i remember her saying something about her physically not being able to because of her vagina or something.

i don't think there is a way. I know that Christy had posted images of her neopets account on her instagram so unless someone somehow archived that or screenshotted her stuff then i guess we'll never know.

No. 638485

why is some of it censored?

No. 638486

correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure moth and krystal aren't friends or involved with christy anymore, they fell out ages ago for reasons i forgot.

No. 638489

Same here, but did you not see her constant thirstposting about inspector gadget? I remember she took it far enough that she posted about how she wanted to lick dirt off of his shoes. There were cracks in the facade but didn't want to believe she hadn't gotten any better.

No. 638493

iirc after nemu’s tumblr exodus she fell out with krystal for bitching at her about drawing baby pokemon porn and claiming she (he?) was a pedo. which krystal did draw, but it’s pretty hypocritical and funny lol. gotta virtue signal that you’re toooooootally not a pedo.

No. 638498

The person who sent me the list doesn't want be harassed so I censored defining things in case some are lurking.

No. 638501

Krystal and Furret definitely have their own fair share of fucked up aspects, but that's really hilarious to know about Nemu there.

No. 638523

File: 1531781672046.png (180.06 KB, 588x1004, JfG2vS4.png)

What's up with the replies to this account?

>abusive tweet

Her orbiters are just as bad as her.

No. 638524

Don't forget the dominatrix porn of the Bob's burgers girl and his kin Mr.Frond. That's something I would gladly forget.

No. 638527

File: 1531781804615.jpeg (315.43 KB, 750x991, 04D5BCAA-40FC-4584-A54F-2C524A…)

To add: it’s fucked up how krystal has some professional success considering the babyfur/pedo shit they’ve drawn. i remember the pokemon porn was of their boyfriend moth’s rape fursona sticking its dick in a crib and making the pokemon suck him off. spoilering because it’s sick and uncomfortable but i really wish people were more aware of how fucking creepy she and her boyfriend are. reminds me a lot of pk.

here’s some old nemu art that’s been deleted to stay on topic. sorry about the repost i fucked up the file lol

No. 638529

krystal has been a hypocritical fuck since their late teens. their orbiters like to claim they grew up and changed but they just got better at hiding their nasty under their saccharine online persona.

i remember they used two deviantart accounts with one pretending to be her bf 'austin' and krystal would act cutesy while 'austin' would troll and harass people they'd befriend. years later on their tumblr days krystal would admit to being austin but that they were also proud of the harassment they caused. they cleared out 'austin' though so you can't find much of receipts there (account name was xxescapedvulpinexx or somethin)

No. 638531

Anybody got links or screenshots of these drawings?

No. 638539

Cinnamon changed their @ to gloamgarden

I don't know why, hardly anyone has talked about her here

No. 638540

I jumped ship on that account as soon as I saw the dominatrix porn and he wiped it/shut it up soon after because multiple people were publicly discussing it. The early years Tumblr orbiters and enablers were the worst by far.

No. 638544

Xyla's tripfagging in the old thread right now lol

No. 638549

Lol if people are going to want to dig into shit on Furret or whoever else then make a new thread, unless it's directly related to Nemufail.

No. 638553

they probably knew the second shit hit the fan with Christy that they were going to follow

Also: Xyla, you saw how David went down when he started posting here. You wanna follow in his footsteps? At least post in the new thread

No. 638554

Does anyone have Nemu's real birthday? I'm curious about something

No. 638557

Feb. 10, 1992

No. 638558

There's a screenshot of a tweet where she says its her birthday but David is forcing sex on her, the date might be on that

No. 638583

I do believe that Nemu is "sick and can't help her behaviour" to some degree but in the exact same way as all the other pedophiles. This is how she defends herself and it's exactly how every pedophile or pedophile defender defends pedophiles.

No. 638591

That was about her boyfriend's birthday.

No. 638611

Ok so I used the birth date to find her chart, since I didn't have the birth time we don't know the ascendant, but the general placements must be accurate. The chart only highlights what was said in this thread, the sexual abuse might be true lol. I'll try to find info about the more specific stuff like pedophilia and the vomit fetish

Mars in Capricorn
- "With Mars in Capricorn, there is generally a powerful need to stay in control."

Moon square Saturn:
- "The opposition especially tends to attract wayward and irresponsible partners that they have to parent OR conversely, these subjects can attract older and parental mates that take on all the responsibility."

Sun square Pluto:
-  "They experience a simultaneous urge to express themselves and to hide themselves. They struggle with a deep need to control themselves and life itself. "
- "fear of losing control, and this might stem from some traumatic event in childhood, or the childhood might have been crisis-ridden or emotionally-charged in general."
- "They need to be careful, however, to avoid reading negative or dark things into situations or people. They need to know that if their tendency is to hunt for dark “truths” rather than unbiased truths, this is a self-destructive behavior that stems from fear."
- "manipulative tactics to get their way, or attempting to control others through subversive tactics"
- might attract manipulative, possessive, or jealous people into their lives. With the square, there is more of a tendency to attract dangerous or upsetting situations in the life. "

Chiron in Leo:
- "addiction to drama and intensity; romance/love addiction"
- "constituently seeking attention for recognition sometimes only disconnects them more from their true selves and creates over time, even more frustration"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 638613

please dont

No. 638615

What the hell is this

No. 638620

Lmao this is one of the more embarrassing things posted itt so far

No. 638622

Posts like these should be saged as they add nothing to the thread.

No. 638623

xyla that you

No. 638627

Take the natal chart reading down too if you only want things that "add" to the thread. Shit like this makes me wonder how many of these anons are just coming in from tumblr. Feels Bad

No. 638629

The user has already been banned. Nothing is being "taken down", one user deleted their own comment. Sage your post too next time and read the rules and usage guide like all newfags should. (Yes, that includes you)

No. 638632

I have a feeling the farmhands are gonna have their work cut out for them on this one with the thread being linked to all her orbiters on twitter

No. 638646

File: 1531788295574.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.61 KB, 774x1033, w.jpg)

Can we get back to posting actual milk? Especially anons who have or can find her old posts. We need to archive everything with how desperate she is to take it all down.

No. 638651

File: 1531788673840.png (2.16 MB, 1425x1989, Screenshot_2018-07-16-09-30-40…)

My sides are fucking hurting who in the fresh hell relies on these

No. 638672

File: 1531790354025.jpeg (63.6 KB, 396x485, BEA339AD-FE4D-4AFD-9B5C-F2EAB8…)

art she posted fairly recently on her public twitter of a children’s cartoon character holding a sex toy

No. 638683

Xan & Mara unfollowed the account posting crispys receipts

No. 638684

They both mentionned not wanting to be involved with her at all, for good reasons.

No. 638685

drdala was also called out a few years ago for dating an underage girl. Birds of a feather and all that

No. 638688

Is she supposed to be liquid shitting or bleeding from her vagina?

No. 638689

There's a thread for Nemu in proving grounds on KiwiFarms. We're bound to get some videos.

No. 638691

it's period blood

No. 638702

Understandable tbh as the main point of the account is to share the bad shit Christy had done. I’m sure they don’t want to be reminded of that any longer

No. 638796

File: 1531801475573.png (230.54 KB, 1313x833, chom.png)

Here is Chom's side of the story.

No. 638806

>she cheated on both me and her bf, lied about her bf raping her so she could secretly visit and "take my virginity" then tell her friends to block me when she got bored of me, freaked out when i liked fictional women even though she was in sexual relationships with three different real life men
>but she's really nice i swear

No. 638817

File: 1531802925366.png (736.41 KB, 587x788, ronstop.PNG)

Nemu's NeoPets story about Ron Stoppable

No. 638826

yeah miels a fucken creep. chokin on holden dick on twitter rn

No. 638842

Yes, she constantly would try to start drama on /cgl/ there's others in the first thread who recall her being on 4chan

No. 638843

If I'm not mistaken it was previously stated that she used to be active on /cgl/

No. 638845

>she's really nice when she's not being a lying, cheating whore, which is all the time

No. 638849

Hunter locked down her @ and changed her tumblr to r0manticshaker. Expect others Christy knew to act the same if they get questioned and don't want to talk anymore.

No. 638855

whoever this is stop trying to tip the fucking cow, it's cringy and fucks up with the milk

No. 638869

Thread is dying

Is this already over?

No. 638870

it's the middle of the night in the US, give it time

No. 638876

Nah its been slow all day, think its dead

No. 638877

File: 1531810900781.png (727.93 KB, 634x899, bydavid.PNG)

lmao I found this article David wrote in college about furries. He used a photo of Christy, which Jenelle took.

No. 638878

File: 1531811028173.png (42.76 KB, 658x329, comment.PNG)

And someone decided to comment about the photo, too

No. 638879

I mean, I feel like there's only so much to dig up until the milk runs dry due to Christy leaving social media, but I imagine she'll return eventually

No. 638884

yeah, we just have to wait for her to get out of the hospital (or wherever she is if she's pretending she's in the hospital) and fall back into her usual ways

No. 638898

File: 1531813745987.png (Spoiler Image,512.26 KB, 437x1225, homura.png)

Pornographic drawing of Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She's believed to be 14 years old.

No. 638899

File: 1531814002266.png (Spoiler Image,56.65 KB, 454x285, toadally.PNG)

No. 638900

damn, I actually really love that headpiece

No. 638903

File: 1531814405725.png (94.85 KB, 497x524, nemu makeup.PNG)

Nemu's favorite makeups!

No. 638908

I’ll have to find the screenshot on my old laptop tomorrow, but she had a bingo square with fetishes and I distinctly remember one being ‘giving birth while receiving anal sex’.

No. 638912

He seems like he's still under her manipulation spell, despite her revoking him from her life and pretending he doesn't exist. But this was a really helpful insight and I don't think bad of him at all, he's just another of Nemu's victims. I hope he can build a better life away from her now.

David needs to see this and see if he can STILL be in denial about her sexual relationship with Chom.

No. 638913

File: 1531816949646.png (68.52 KB, 1128x745, fopwikiedits.png)

I compiled a few of the more outstanding edits Nemu made to her Fairly Oddparents wiki profile page

No. 638916

iirc she mentioned on her blog that the paint she used for one of these monstrosities (they were a set, not just a one-off art piece) had her own menstrual blood mixed in with it. she also did the same thing with strawberry jam for a different piece. these were shown off in galleries. very sanitary!

No. 638918

are you going to call all those japanese doujinshi artists pedos too? shes gross but this is such a weak point, what are you, tumblr?

No. 638921

i posted this on kiwi already but might as well here too

Some more of her urls were m-iroslava and pook-san (cosplay blog that she closed down quickly).

She most likely has Slovakian roots and definitely speaks the language to some degree.

I think she also had a phobia of ovens along with pencils, she mentioned how it was impacting her fast-food job.

She posted videos of her eating vomit.

She's drawn porn of both Flora and Amelia from Professor Layton, both which are clearly stated as underage. One is 14 and the other 16, if I remember correctly.

During her student days, she has masturbated while sitting at a table in the university library. When an acquaintance of mine called her out on how appalling it was, she said it was fine because she's a cute girl. I might be able to get screenshots of that conversation.

She definitely had a radiation poisoning fetish, which she explained as being fascinated by the extreme influence something invisible to our eyes can have on us. I distinctly remember how she described how erotic it was to imagine
Aloysius O'Hare from Lorax getting really sick from radiation poisoning and puking up his own internal organs as she cares for him until his death.

During her worst period, which coincided with waifuing O'Hare and Mr Crocker, she vividly described her snuff fantasies of
absorbing them into her body in an act of ultimate possession.

No. 638923

>During her student days, she has masturbated while sitting at a table in the university library. When an acquaintance of mine called her out on how appalling it was, she said it was fine because she's a cute girl. I might be able to get screenshots of that conversation.

I'm fucking rolling, what a goddamn loon
hopefully you can get those caps

No. 638926

Are you the same girl from Twitter who whiteknighted Shadman, then backpedaled? Yes, doujinshi artists who draw lolicon are generally pedophiles pandering to a pedophile audience.
Stop trying to convince everyone that you masturbating to the idea of children is okay. Just keep your shit out of our faces (something Nemu has failed to do) and know your place.

No. 638927

File: 1531819406903.png (175.16 KB, 420x350, kiss1_by_mintypuke-d94t893.png)

No. 638928

File: 1531819513113.png (231.9 KB, 481x590, tiedupscrooge.png)

No. 638929

File: 1531819616995.png (378.63 KB, 1007x793, commission__ichimatsu_by_minty…)

she was an osomatsu fan at some point too

No. 638932

Drawings like this make me sad, she's such a talented artist. If only she could have kept her fucked up shit and her personal and online life separated.

No. 638934

File: 1531820057907.jpg (271.16 KB, 1024x731, day_of_the_tentacle__harold_by…)

No. 638935

Yes. Yes they are pedophiles. Shit, lots of them straight up claim it. Also Homura is an especially loli-looking character. It's not like she's one of those anime tittymonsters who are still somehow a high schooler.

Face it the person you orbit is a pedo.

No. 638937

What is this Slovakia thing. "Christy Walker" doesn't sound especially ethnic.

No. 638939

File: 1531820267404.png (197.97 KB, 600x650, resizedimnottransparent_by_lov…)

I wonder who this drawing is about

No. 638941

lmao okay wow there is power tripping colonialism ideology being pushed around here,
1. im not defending her
2. other art she drew were for childrens cartoons, madoka is for adults.
3. anime/cartoons is an apples/oranges comparison. by going off age alone then by your logic kanna from dragon maid would be okay in your eyes because shes thousands of years old? no its still gross
4. depiction of loli is gross but homura looks like an adult in that image

No. 638943

>colonialism ideology
I'm fucking screaming.
>"Not liking pedophilia?? RACISM. BEGONE COLONIZER!"
As someone born and raised in a country that was actually colonized (hint: Japan was never colonized by the west, and lolicon is not some traditional, sacred aspect of its culture just because greasy, child-predating neckbeards beat off to it, you fucking sperg), go back to Tumblr.

No. 638945

>1. im not defending her
Ok Xyla
>2. other art she drew were for childrens cartoons, madoka is for adults.
Sexualizing a child character from a cartoon targeted at people in their late teens to early adulthood is still sexualizing a child character. You tried.
>3. anime/cartoons is an apples/oranges comparison.
Nope, it's really not.
>by going off age alone then by your logic kanna from dragon maid would be okay in your eyes because shes thousands of years old? no its still gross
This isn't anyone's logic but actual lolicons/pedophiles (eg you). Kanna is depicted as a child and her personality is based off actual human children's. Dragon Maid itself is gross, pedo-tier shit if you've ever looked at the manga, or observed scenes like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B_Szfgp3sE&feature=youtu.be
>4. depiction of loli is gross but homura looks like an adult in that image
This is your only non-idiotic argument, and even then, nowhere has Nemu stated that's meant to be an adult version of Homura.
Seriously, fuck off, orbiter. Pedophilia is pedophilia.

No. 638946

>She looks like an adult
I swear you orbiters are excusing your attraction to teens by saying they're adults or have never been in the proximity of another human in 5 years.

No. 638959

the dude she was trying to sext must have been that dude she was playing games with on steam. Christy basically admitted to Chom she was using David for somewhere to live. god damn. it's so sad that people will still call her a nice person while detailing how sociopathic she is

No. 638962

I know there's loads of people online who love underage character hentai and doujins but what sets Nemu a part is she sought out and bullied those people while she herself was enjoying it. Nemu also joined communities full of mostly young kids. There's a lot of things that set Nemu a part

No. 638964

from a user on kiwifarms who made a drive of nemu's art

(it is able to be public edited right now)

No. 638970

another point with this:
The fact Nemu told Chom that David raped her means Nemu was NOT living an "online fantasy life" as she was telling REAL offline people in her REAL life the same info

No. 638972

File: 1531827504095.png (Spoiler Image,328.07 KB, 397x625, tumblr_nhnz4vTfhr1rksd3yo1_500…)

found this, i think it's a character from the wolf among us

No. 638974

That's Bloody Mary the edgy final boss from TWAU. Nemu had a thing for her for a little bit. Weird considering she doesn't really fit any of Nemu's waifu criteria. I'm assuming the fat fucks fucking her ass are the Tweedle brothers.

No. 638975

File: 1531828046527.png (8.55 KB, 505x91, bdee4ac2997a12c7d19fffa6c3b53a…)

No. 638976

yeah it is, the brothers were a waifu at one point for her.

No. 639004

Oh for fuck's sake. Really? Anal sex while giving birth?

I don't know why out of all this madness - eating her own vomit and shit, rubbing one out to images of radiation poisoning, the relentless attraction to children, the vomit in her vagina - this one was finally a bridge too far. But here we are.

And later today I am sure someone will pop over here and tell us another fetish of hers that will be just as WTF.
Christy really is the grossest person ever. She's even grosser than Nick Bates and that trans boy who killed all the neighborhood animals for craft projects.

No. 639011

File: 1531833643541.png (3.11 KB, 498x61, osomatsu.png)

i noticed an osomatsu plush in her ebay sales history yesterday.

true. she was making false rape allegations about real people, to real people, and neither chom nor david seem to particularly care about this.

No. 639016

one of the fantasies that she was called out on was being banged while holding a newborn baby. some gross 'come on daddy fuck me! but be careful and quiet, we can't wake the baby!' thing.

yeah she's into todomatsu. saging because i'm really into osomatsu personally, but i thought the show would be softcore porn to her to her since they're all cartoony neet virgins. she likes todomatsu because he's the least popular in the fandom though.

No. 639024

either Nemu lied about rape or David is guilty and is silencing his victim

No. 639026

Oh shit yeah she was ADAMANT on anal sex during childbirth and had blogged a lot on ways she could make that happen. She wanted to orgasm while birthing. It's so gross that she's thinking about cumming when there's a baby like, literally right there

No. 639027

Nemu is an unreliable narrator. Anything from 2+ years ago without receipts is up to guessing because of how warped her view of reality is. She already admitted she consented to sex when she really didn't want it. I have no idea at this point what is and isn't true but I suspect she just created this insane drama in her head and everyone nodded along.

No. 639029

Excuse the fuck out of me, trans boy who killed neighborhood animals? He's in prison now, right?

No. 639034


She most definitely isn’t Slovakian, and whatever phrases she uses are more than likely memorized from a translator. She used to blurt out random Japanese as well (yeah, cringey af), but she can far from speak it.

No. 639040


What if this is all just an elaborate ruse made by her to further that confusion

No. 639046

i think at this point it's more likely that she's just THAT deluded

No. 639056


The allegations were false? When was that proven? If they believe the allegations were true, then why would they question it?

No. 639057

The few things she wrote in slovak made actually sense and were without any error. You would write them exactly like she did, but it's hard to tell. Still doubt she's Slovak.

No. 639058


>>three different real life men

Where is the third? That just seems like 2 men and then there were suspicions about her hiding things from them

No. 639063

vouching this for the things she wrote in slovak during less public chats too

No. 639065

I honestly am not convinced the allegations are false. if Nemu was lying about this then she managed to keep a consistent story for several years about his behaviour.

Evidence the rape allegations could be true:
-Nemu kept up a consistent story for several years with extremely precise details
-David's own mother was hesitant to let her grand kid (some sort of tiny kid relation) visit them
-Nemu told her irl friends that it happened, taking a huge risk that one could contact the police
-The only person who has claimed the to be false is the accused, who was revealed to be lying about other things in his statements as well as changing stories

Reasons the allegations could be false:
-The accused denied the allegations
-The accused says that the life Nemu put online was completely fictional and this includes the allegations
-Nemu has been proven to lie about many things, for example, David agreeing to an open relationship

It really is up in the air right now where the truth actually lies imo

No. 639066

the dude she played games online with up until recently

No. 639071

When? Ive never anything about this. Chom and steam guy could be the same person for all we know

No. 639073

she posted about the gamer guy on her art twitter (mentioned him in her journal a lot) and this was long after chom and her fell out

No. 639076


Got any images or links? Didnt know she had a journal

No. 639079

didn't david essentially admit to having unconsented sex with her here tho? >>637098

No. 639082

should be on the archive of her art twitter

yeah, I really think there's more truth to what Nemu said than David would want us to believe

No. 639090

anyone know who this is referencing to? super interested

No. 639092

Checked the archive, saw nothing about a gamer guy

Wonder if theres more people she tried to play the "i love ugly guys" trick on?

No. 639115

Is this about that korean guy she played OW with?

No. 639125

Korean guy?

If hes fat, sounds like her style

No. 639142

p. sure they're referring to joji


and no, they're not in jail

No. 639146

um no, that's not possible bc neo blocks you from writing your pw /neofag here

No. 639170

i used to watch wordgirl when i was younger…this shit is so weird to me

No. 639192

Of all the hundred things wrong with her behavior, her weirdo fetish art really shouldn't even be a problem. A lot of it is pretty tame despite having characters from kids cartoons. Even the pros working on those kids cartoons have been known to draw porn of it. Its literally just a cartoon.

I wanna hear more dirt on her shitty irl behavior because that's the real good content here rn. Anyone whose followed her in the past has seen all this art already.

Being a racist ugly friend hoarder and essentially bullying everyone you know into liking you, cheating on your boyfriend under the guise of escaping abuse, and everything that happened to Xan (which abdl stuff is weird I guess but doesn't devalue that Xan is a good person and has so fucking moved on from all this) I'm sure there HAS to be more accounts of christy doing wild shit

No. 639195

Needs confirmation as I dont have screenshots but I also remember her posting on Twitter about how she "never actually liked vomit and only posted about it for shock value and attention"

She also posted about having "hot privileged" and saying she could get away with all the shit she's into because shes a "cute" girl

No. 639197

Via the account of an ex friend, despite christy being friends with people who draw lolicon and shotacon Christy bullied a friend who had posted aged up art of dipper. Christy rallied everyone they knew together to shun this person and bully them out of their friend group as if their friend group is an exclusive club that relies on christy's approval to stay a part of

No. 639205

i'm interested in the irl milk as well. does she still attend cons? surely some confags have run into her at one point or another.

No. 639206

>never actually liked vomit
so hard to believe after david's accounts honestly. maybe just trying to make herself seem less fucked up?

No. 639210

Ran into her at momocon in the artist alley while she was wearing the "all might got me pregnant sweater"

We arent mutuals or anything so I didnt bother approaching her but she was with Jelly and David so she's DEFINITELY still attending cons and buying merch from artists

No. 639224

>Weird fetish art
>Obession with self inserts
>Attraction to underaged characters
>Nasty attitude towards anybody who calls her out

All Christy needs is to commit commission fraud and kill some animals and she'll basically be this generation's Zeriara.

No. 639229

this is going to sound crazy but I think her saying she "only liked vomit for shock value" WAS the shock value

Like it was far more shocking for her to say she DIDN'T like vomit. I really believe she does love vomit and when people get tolerant of it she gave them a ~twist~

No. 639239

as someone who is totally disgusted by vomit and goes to any lengths possible not to vomit under any circumstances (probably happens less than once a year for me tbh), i can't imagine someone who ISN'T into it being able to put hours of work into art depicting it graphically.

No. 639303


I remember her saying she didnt like to vomit herself, because of how she sounded, not that she didnt like vomit

No. 639304

What was she like when you saw her?

No. 639307

i kinda agree that her art shouldnt be a problem. like it's gross, but it's her kink and if she chooses to draw art of it, so be it. where it becomes unacceptable is when you draw an underage character. you can say that they've been aged up, but most of the time, people will not see them that way. im so confused as to why she is attracted to the characters and people she's attracted to. why unpopular characters? i guess it could be because she can be like 'uwu im different! nice adult queer lady who likes unpopular character' but it's so confusing. she gets so into these characters she'll jack off to em. i just don't understand. i understand her mommy thing but i don't believe it's entirely non-sexual. she said she sees them taking care if her, but she also said she wants to sleep with crocker's mom. but when it comes to the male characters she's attracted to, i dont get it. i know she likes sorta coward, ugly, virgin type characters so maybe she likes to in control? she likes to know she's better and more experienced than they are sexually and socially? i don't understand her appeal to then besides that aspect. there's nothing physically attractive about them. maybe someone has some insight as to why she's attracted to the characters she is? i know about that stuff with her dad in her childhood, but i'd love to hear if anyone has any insight as to why she's attracted to people she is and why she has the kinks she does.

No. 639378

It’s not just that she’s drawing it, there’s minors around her that are her “friends” that see it. It’s innapropriate and predatory to post those things when you know minors will see it.

No. 639383

minors will see her art regardless, artists can't really stop children from stumbling upon their art. the issue is she befriends minors and talks to them about fetish stuff

No. 639386

it’s also key to note how much she used to talk to minors about it.

No. 639388

I know that it's been said before, but I want to confirm what all other people that used to know her said.
I think she is a pedophile or at least has pedophilic tendencies. I used to know her from tumblr.
When I first began talking to her I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. That was when she used the URL ocdmrcrocker. She seemed very "wacky" and I knew about her obsession with Mr. Crocker (it was him at the time) and didn't know about her porn blog so I didn't think much of her weird behavior. I was underage at this time and was incredibly fascinated by her bizarre life.
When I found out about her NSFW art (I vividly remember pictures of Aloysius O'Hare shitting in a seifuku I think? And lots of lots of vomit art with Toad and underage characters) I was shocked and appalled. How could anyone post stuff like this and expect support for it?
She encouraged me to look at porn, the stuff she drew and share sexual fantasies with her. I was a minor and she was ~*an adult lady*~.
I became scared and blocked her, stopped talking to her. A few months later she was gone from tumblr - she claimed it was due to porn addiction and the likes but I honestly just think she was scared. And after hearing all of the shit that's been posted in this thread, I think there were many more cases like this.
She is in no way going to ever better her ways. She's been "off the internet" for the past 5 years or so and she always comes back and returns to what she'd done before. Sick.

No. 639390

I remember her saying she was attracted to the reaction of people knowing what she got off to was gross. She admitted vomit and shit tasted nasty, but the nastiness is what got her off.
She posted videos of her eating vomit and shit back on Tumblr, we saw those substances enter her mouth.

No. 639393


The thing is everyone says she USED to talk with minors. Theres been lots of talk of her staying away from minors and even before her tumblr was deleted she would adamantly tell people she didnt want to give anymore sexual advice.

No. 639407

Every once in a while on her Twitter she would say to unfollow her if you were under 18 because somehow a minor slipped through her locked account. I'm pretty sure one just got too noticeably close for her friends to see and she wanted to clear that assumption.

No. 639411

Did she know you were a minor when you were talking to her? Any receipts from these conversations?

No. 639415

what does it matter? used to, still does, it's still fucked up and people should be aware of it.

No. 639417

She definitely knew about my age but she did not know my real name, location, etc. and that is why I think she was so "secure" in talking to me. Just speculation though.
No, sadly I didn't think much of her behavior back then. Left tumblr behind ages ago. Had I known that she'd continue with this I would've definitely archived everything.

No. 639420


Sure. But it seems to be what a lot of people here are harping on, when there hasnt been anything incriminating. Conjecture, conjecture.

Im more interested in hearing about her manipulation problems and cheating on the man she just got engaged with. And she said she was aromantic

No. 639421

i'm sorry but i have zero sympathy for pedophiles, people with pedophilic tendencies and pedo sympathizers. past and present.

No. 639425

the only reason she stopped was because she was driven away by them. she continued doing everything on twitter as normal. she has shown no intention of changing or improving herself

No. 639426

Lmao stop trying to make Hunter seem like a Christy orbiter. She was a minor when she became friends with Christy and knows how fucked up her and her friends are. Leave her out of this and stop harassing her for speaking out.

No. 639434


She talked to minors on Twitter? Wasnt her account locked most of the time after tumblr?

Also there has been evidence of her improving her overly sexual behavior. Maybe not a drastic change, but she did change a lot

No. 639440


I've seen enough from the last thread to know she talked to minors about gross shit on Tumblr, but I haven't seen or been able to find any twitter caps. Until either side finds something concrete, I'm more interested in the art and hilarious b-grade Cheaters escapades.

No. 639448

She only stopped giving sexual advice because she said it made her uncomfortable and she would become too invested in people’s problems, it had nothing to do with minors being present.

No. 639481

according to who? nemu herself?

No. 639485

File: 1531863698589.png (Spoiler Image,378.84 KB, 412x803, boyss.PNG)

>this exact expression on boys is all i ever fap to

No. 639488

File: 1531863813938.png (Spoiler Image,163.19 KB, 424x470, boys.PNG)

>this is how i like my boys

No. 639491

there was one time nemu posted a picture of her fisting herself and one of her flashing her stink ditch in a changing room, i have the pics but not sure if anyone wants to see them lol. she posted them fully well knowing minors followed her too

No. 639492

post away, just spoiler with a disclaimer lmao
was this on twitter or tumblr?

No. 639494

File: 1531864662770.png (70.64 KB, 456x810, tumblr_now2exp4qq1sn2e0ko1_540…)

Someonelse's old screen taken from tumblr. Why would her mother go through her trash?

One thing i'm very interested in is her fear of pencils and ovens, it's a very specific and odd thing to be afraid of and even weirder she chose careers where show would have to work with said objetcs. Does anyone know why?

No. 639496

File: 1531865024216.png (7.15 KB, 482x119, homo.PNG)

nemu being uncomfortable with gay people lol

No. 639511

File: 1531866598858.png (Spoiler Image,226.55 KB, 500x608, tumblr_lxh3b0ogYV1r1k53vo1_r1_…)

found more art

No. 639512

File: 1531866680682.png (Spoiler Image,378.02 KB, 406x586, tumblr_m82jjkPFp61ro8ahdo1_500…)

No. 639513

File: 1531866729926.png (Spoiler Image,120.59 KB, 500x722, tumblr_ly2wv9tyUR1r1k53vo1_500…)

No. 639514

File: 1531866775288.png (Spoiler Image,144.54 KB, 500x327, tumblr_maghtuITs31ro8ahdo1_500…)

No. 639515

File: 1531866840782.png (Spoiler Image,210.08 KB, 500x481, tumblr_ma7l0oXoDd1ro8ahdo1_500…)

No. 639518

File: 1531866921364.png (168.06 KB, 479x856, SOHOT.PNG)

nemu believes she's every girl with a bob and blunt bangs

No. 639519

still waiting on these.

No. 639522

File: 1531867257232.png (15.69 KB, 507x201, 98y7.png)

i really doubt this happened

No. 639526

File: 1531867608437.png (18.87 KB, 517x424, cb5af7df581fb000f904668ca590cc…)

didn't find the whole pic but she gives you an idea of what's going on

No. 639534

>>639526 isnt madotsuki a child?

No. 639549

File: 1531869074493.png (Spoiler Image,88.57 KB, 514x298, 455.png)

same case with this, cant find the whole pic since she deleted it from imageshack

No. 639556

File: 1531869380164.png (Spoiler Image,118.07 KB, 400x550, tumblr_mj0lu7vNXe1qbf2rfo4_400…)

No. 639557

File: 1531869532995.png (Spoiler Image,335.53 KB, 413x619, 78u8yh.png)

her boyfriend came on this just like the poster?

No. 639558

File: 1531869570467.png (333.4 KB, 739x467, tumblr_mz6ji37qPk1sm1433o2_128…)

No. 639560

File: 1531869598124.png (42.58 KB, 488x128, monoku.PNG)

No. 639562

File: 1531869630837.png (54.99 KB, 516x149, dagan.PNG)

No. 639567

Sage for no milk, but does anyone remember Zeriara or 666hailsatanlol666 as she was later known on tumblr? There are so many similarities between the two from the army of self-insert characters to bizarre fetish porn of underage characters, and both were probably active around the same time and Zer was known to seek attention from popular artists who were involved in her interests. I have to wonder if they were ever friends or crossed paths. Zer’s style even went through a phase of looking very similar to Nemu’s a few years back, and seeing as she is known for lifting styles / ideas it seems super likely. Sorry if this is stupid and irrelevant, but both of them are pretty fascinating and the similarities are hard to ignore.

No. 639575

searches for nemu's urls doesn't bring back any results on her blog

No. 639597

File: 1531871829829.png (104.08 KB, 500x522, 1519711289334.png)


Zer was more of an unlovable edgelord back then and also mainly habituated furry-based sites (before she got banned from all of them lmao). She's also older than Nemu by almost a decade, I think. I highly doubt the two of them ever crossed paths before.

I'm also pretty sure Zer would just give Nemu a ton of flack for her disgusting fetishes and draw sub-par hate art for her behind her back, if they ever attempted to be friends.

No. 639614

Is that the bouncer from the Studio Killers music video? She really does seem to go out of her way to make porn of the most obscure characters.

What do you mean, anon. It's perfectly normal for people to share videos like "2 girls 1 cup" at regular family gatherings.

No. 639635

I was thinking more tumblr-era Zer if you were around for that. Nemu would have fit right into the little self-insert clique she had going at the time from 2012-15 (most of which were also significantly younger than Zer), but I digress. I just thought the two had a lot of similarities. Either way, everything that’s come to light about Nemu just in these two threads is absolutely wild.

No. 639640

i just remembered i have a fanfiction she commissioned about eating the lorax guy's shit. i was asked not to share it with anyone by the author, but i've long since stopped talking to them.
if there's any interest, i'll share it anyway.

No. 639641

i'm interested, anon

No. 639642

alright, here it fucking comes.

Aloysius O'Hare has a coded sort of language, truths and lies and seduction all dripping off of his honeyed tongue. He's so easy to trust, so shrewd and yet so slick. For example, very early on, when he was less bloated on his own power and thus much more afraid of scandals, he referred to your vacation getaways to luxury hotels as "conferences with other companies." He even had names made up for the companies, like AAA (Aldous Aqua Association), Soylent Inc, and Oceania Weather.
Now, the public knows what he does. He takes you to the fanciest, most expensive hotel he can find, and he fucks you senseless. It's something that occasionally makes the news, some little gossipy piece discussing your relationship, and he doesn't mind. He likes everyone to know that you're his.
The hotel is in Thneedville, one you've been to before, and there's not much difference really between your room and this hotel, but it shows off his status. Besides, his room is all gold and white, and this room is pale blue, with soft, glowing lights and a circular featherbed with silk sheets.
He looks at you, and you never thought that someone could stare at you so dominantly while being so short, yet he gazes at you, as if sizing you up even though he knows that he could take you down.
"So, Princess, do you know what I want to do with you?"
"No, I don't!"
"I hope you're ready for this," he says unpacking, his suitcase.
The first thing he pulls out makes your throat go dry, it's a blue and white marbled dildo, smooth and reminiscent of a cloudy sky in the summer. But it's strange, it's small. He would never use something small when he knows you can take his entire arm.
It all makes sense with the second item he pulls out of the suitcase.
A harness, made of blue synthetic fibres.
You make an unflattering wheezing noise, and he chuckles, laying them on the bed.
"Ah, but not yet, Princess. I can't take that just yet."
He grips your shirt, pulling you down to mash his lips against yours awkwardly. Despite his puffery, he kisses like a clumsy teenage boy. It's wet, and awkward, but you love him for it.
"I ate dinner in my office before we left, but you haven't eaten anything tonight, have you?"
"No, sweetie."
"Well, I'm not ordering room service. I brought something for you."
You tent your fingers and bite your lip as he pulls a some more things out of the suitcase.
A cute pink box and fancy little silver spoon.

No. 639643

You whimper, and he begins undressing, nonchalantly letting his jacket fall to the floor, and tossing his shirt on top of it. His nipples are cute and pink and puffy, but you only suck them when he tells you to.
He unbuttons his pants, steps out of everything, and kicks the clothes aside. He's fully naked, and you wonder if you should also undress, but before you can ask, he looks at you and says "Get down, I want you to watch."
You nod enthusiastically, brushing your hair out of your eyes and kneeling on the carpet in front of him. He turns his back to you, squatting over the box.
He spreads his ass cheeks with his hands, and you squirm a little, seeing his tight, firmly shut asshole, and realizing that you're going to get to fuck that later, you're so excited.
The head of the first turd peeks out, and he tenses a little, making a small and unbearably sexy grunt. With a push, it slides out slowly, bit by bit, solid and a healthy russet colour. The room is permeated with the scent of it, and you take a long, deep breath, staying focused on what's going on with O'Hare.
He pushes out another, smaller piece and you gulp as you see his asshole flicker slightly, and then open only the tiniest bit, like the aperture of a camera, as he lets loose a long, high-pitched fart.
The room stinks by now and you love it. The final piece is a slightly lighter colour than the rest, interestingly enough, and long and thin and comes out quickly. He stays still for a moment, and then stands up and turns towards you, grinning.
You nod frantically, but he pushes the box to the side and lies down on his back, legs spread.
"That's the entree, you have to eat the appetizer first! He punctuates this by patting his ass.
You get the rather unsubtle hint and move to lie down on your stomach, head up against him and hands on his tiny thighs, and when you start licking he moans a ragged moan.
You ever-so-carefully tongue the creases, the little folds of skin, devotedly getting every molecule of O'Hare's shit out, and then dip just the tip of your tongue inside to sweep the area. He tenses, twitches, growls and sighs, and you can hear him stroking his cock above you.
When the whole area is sparkling clean and you pull away, he abruptly scoots backwards and lunges towards the box. With two or three more quick pumps of his cock, he gasps loudly and spurts cum onto his own shit, frosting it.
"So, you sick little pup," he says, accentuating the last word sharply. "Are you hungry?"
"Yes, yes, I'm starving!" Drool is running down your chin.
"And, my awful little girl," he says, "do you love me?"
You nod, and you want so desperately to show how much you love him.
He picks up the box and scoops up a spoonful. "Then open up that pretty whore mouth of yours."
Your jaw practically drops open, and he feeds you a spoonful. The cum on top is salty, and the shit underneath is bitter, but the satisfaction it gives you to eat what is his makes it taste like custard and caramel. You open your mouth again, and he gives you bit, after bit, after bit. It's like rich chocolate, sweet cream and buttery toffee to your brain, even though you know that what you are eating is bitter, and salty, and otherwise mostly flavorless. But your thighs are shaking ever so slightly, and he's panting.
"Want some more? You greedy slut, not just greedy for cock but greedy to eat up my shit!" He gives you more, and you swallow it down.
"Hmm," he says, looking into the box. "None left. You really ate it all?"
"Yes, I'll eat anything if it comes from you, Aloysius."
"What a bad girl you are!" He peers down at the carpet. "You're so wet, just from eating my shit. You're a depraved fucking slut."
"Yes, I am."

No. 639644

"So, you sick whore, want to do what we came here to do?"
You undress, put on the strap-on, fitting the dildo in, and he swaggers towards the bed and showily gestures to the bed with both arms, like someone would when showing off a new car.
You get on the bed, helping him up, and he puts his hand on your stomach, pushing you to lie down on your back. He lubricates it for you, and kicks the suitcase off of the bed so you can spread out fully. You're digging your fingertips into the blanket, and he stands above the tip of the strap-on. Finally, he carefully, ever-so-slowly lowers himself onto it, getting just the tip into his virgin asshole.
He winces slightly in discomfort, but sits still for a while, letting himself absorb the sensation before lowering himself further, bit by bit. His eyes are shut tight, and he's sweating, but finally his ass is flush against your hips. He opens his eyes, and lifts himself up again, carefully. Soon enough he has a steady rhythm going, and he's so damn sexy to watch, blushing with his teeth gritted.
You buck your hips up, and he has to grip your sides for balance.
"You look like you're about to come! And you don't even have anything in that greedy pussy of yours!"
"Fuck, ff-Aloysius, you're so sexy like that!"
He shoves himself down, his cock sliding along your belly. "Say my name again."

"The whole thing."
"Aloysius Remington O'Hare, oh my God."
He's right, you feel like you're about to come from nothing but the sight of him, and you can't come until he tells you. He'll punish you for it. You reach for his thick cock,
and begin jerking it off quickly and frantically. He moans hoarsely, grinding down against you.
"Yeah, stroke me just like that, fuck, how many dicks have you handled in your life? You were just born to be a little fucking whore, weren't you?"
He glares down at you and you gulp, answer "Yes, I'm a bad girl."
"Mm-hmm, and you're my bad girl, and my bad girl comes when Daddy tells her to."
"Do you mean…?" you say, tense, shaky and half-gasped.
"Come for Daddy."
He moves his hips in a way that pushes the base just right against your clit and you choke back a groan, coming under him and squeezing his cock as you get swept away on the waves of your orgasm.
He sucks in a breath and then lets out a shuddery, throaty moan, and you can feel his warm cum splatter onto your twitching stomach. You manage to open his eyes just enough to see his face, twisted with pleasure, and it's so sexy that you feel like you're about to die.
He sits there for a while, riding out the aftershocks after pulling himself up and off of you.
"Don't wash it off just yet," he mutters, lying down next to you and stroking your face. He doesn't kiss you, for obvious reasons. You both catch your breath, and he eventually picks himself up and beckons you to come with him to the bathroom for round #2.

and that's the end of it. i need a shower.

No. 639648

No. 639658

I've always pictured Madotsuki as a young adult, since she lives in her own apartment. There is no canonical age for her though.

No. 639661


So what caused Nemu to go back into hiding this time anyway? I know she did so before because of someone accusing her of being a pedophile on tumblr, she hid a couple times on twitter to keep it close knit with her friend circle, but all of a sudden this thread about her explodes and she admits herself to the hospital?

Whats the story?

No. 639671

I'm assuming its over the callout page on twitter @CwippyDippy calling her a child predator who followed all her art twitter followers to spread the word. This thread as well as Xan and her partner calling her out probably helped with that too.

No. 639673

File: 1531875959617.png (417.38 KB, 698x431, manga.png)

She looks very young in the manga tbh. Especially compared to other character. Reference the right image here for example.

No. 639678

That matsudoki pic is one of the earliest online ones she's made and the manga came out in 2013. Its the ice climbers thing again–no stated age at onset so she just assumed they were adults.

No. 639689

Okay? But for the other anon's reference, it does appear that she is a child.

Really, I don't see why you are trying to pass this off as "she didn't know she was a child character" anyway. She's drawn a ton of porn of characters who are confirmed children, so who cares if she "wasn't sure" about a few of them. She's drawn heaps of cartoon cp regardless.

No. 639716

I'll post them in the morning, they're on my old computer. if i find any others i'll post those two, she's posted her tits plenty times too iirc

No. 639734

thought it was worth mentioning but nemu has also worked at steak n shake and bojangles

No. 639743

File: 1531881118155.jpg (27.63 KB, 640x625, 20597054_10203513155747722_914…)


i hope the author was paid well

No. 639744

does anybody have screenshots of her tweets of when she said she had a sexual abuser working with her at the school she was subbing at? She said he one time walked into her class and tried flirting with her in front of the kids and other times she said he would purposely walk down the hallway she was teaching to intimate her.

No. 639757

How is it that nobody else has any of these pics?

No. 639765

they were mostly posted on her private twitter but some were from tumblr, which she very quickly removed after they got some attention

No. 639781


That page started claiming she manipulated people recently and they retaliated, which led to the creation of that twitter page and the blow up of this thread and having David come defend her, which is uncommon for him

No. 639802

her deviantart (love-ribbon) has been deactivated. not sure when she did it but i checked a minute ago to unfollow it and it’s gone.

No. 639805

this probably the first piece of porn made by her that isn't too fucking weird…..

No. 639814

Would anyone be interested in anecdotal information I remember from following her/being casual friends with her for years? I don't have proof or anything so I didn't want to post if that's not allowed. Found out about this thread when the twitter account linking lolcow followed me.

No. 639816

out of curiosity did the author share it with you in a haha look how fucked up this is way

No. 639818

I would be interested!

To contribute I remember her telling a story about how her and her coworkers were hanging out in the back of the restaurant and then they started showing each other their tits and wow omg her coworkers loooover how boobs omg they were so great. Idk it sounds like something that could be real but….. why would people just take their boobs out at work and compare.

No. 639823

File: 1531888447035.png (416.62 KB, 576x721, humminah_by_mintypuke-daj9725.…)

This is a really weird, probably pointless remark, but does anyone remember her pictures of this girl? There are two things that bother me. First, as far as I know this character was made to ship her with Mr. Crocker in canon, but Nemu didn't seem to be jelly as she always is, in fact she claimed she loves her. Second, which bugs me even more, does anyone remember her self-insert drawing with this girl and a dumbass statement like "my oc sometimes is a lesbian" or something similar, I clearly remember her using the word "lesbian" there. What kind of a sane bisexual pulls this? Is she really bi is what I'm trying to ask, or is it another part of her fake Internet sona?

No. 639826

File: 1531888563020.jpg (83.34 KB, 640x640, 531f30733fcc6.jpg)


I was more friends with Bitsy, who's mentioned earlier in this thread, but there was overlap between Nemu and I and I talked to her on multiple occasions about personal things because of her "Mama Nemu" personality. I always thought she was a great person and looking back at it now with this lens of information makes me feel sick to my stomach. For reference, I was around 14-16 years old, and she would have been around 20 if I'm doing my math right.

- she worked at some fast food place at one point, I'm pretty sure it was a chicken place and she talked about their biscuts a lot
- she LOVED ghouls from Fallout bc of that whole radiation fetish she had, specifically I think the one from Fallout 3 that works in Megaton
- Before the chicken job she went to school somewhere that allowed her to have a little space for her art and she would paint these big tapestries of herself I guess, a lot of them vomiting.
- She runs/is involved with an Overwatch LGBT discord as of like.. the past few months. She's obsessed with Torbjorn/his wife.
- I talked to her about my personal health issues because they seemed to be similar to hers, and my issues with obsession (I have OCD and she's… obsessive?). She did give me good advice but she also talked shit immediately after through passive aggressive public posts, saying that people take advantage of her "Mama Nemu" personality by exploiting her for help. (She offered to be a listening ear to me).
- I do remember her talking to me about Bad Dragon dildos when I was probably 15, offered to sell me one. I WISH I had that proof still but I don't.
- She'd talk about her physical therapy and how her boyfriend would pressure her into anal sex because she couldn't do vaginal, she would go back and forth between trashing him and praising him. I think I remember her claiming that he was in one of the photos of that guy posing with buttcracks at a Magic tournament. I attached one of the photos, idk if that's her fiance or not but it's the series of photos she mentioned.

I followed her on Twitter after she left tumblr and I remember that I was really scared and worried about her, but now I just feel disgusted and ashamed that I was ever associated with her. Sorry if this was a little rambly or some points have already been covered, but I couldn't stomach the entire thread. Just wanted to share my experience with her. If anyone has questions please let me know.

No. 639829

Yes she worked at Bojangles and after that she worked at Steak N Shake. She said her manager at Steak N Shake was Lane McCray, the male lead from the 90s eurodance group La Bouche, which surprisingly was one of the true things she told.

No. 639839

I don’t know if this has been mentioned but Nemu is also the name of the main girl from Euphoria, a hentai that specializes in scat and gore porn.
Wouldn’t be surprised if she used for that, along with the slave/incest girl from bleach

No. 639840

hey, i'm another one of those (former) minors she had no problem talking with. no screencaps as it was years ago on a skype account i don't have anymore, sorry.

i was 14-15 when i knew nemu, right after something traumatic happened to me. because of that, i was especially vulnerable and nemu definitely influenced me in ways that were very unhealthy. i regret ever meeting her. i don't know if i can call what she did to me grooming, but if it's not that then i don't have any other explanation other than that she must be very, very stupid.

i remember when i followed her, she followed me back, saying she was happy to see another pink blog that liked professor layton. i was happy to be acknowledged, and at some point we became friends, talking about professor layton, sharing artwork, stuff like that. at one point in a conversation, she asked how old i was. i told her the truth, which was 15 at the time, and she responded with something along the lines of "oh, good," though i am paraphrasing since it was so long ago. i was a little weirded out by it, and asked her why, and she said something like (again, paraphrasing) that she just assumed i was 15 and it would have been weird if i was actually like, 20+ or something. i didn't think much of it and i still don't know if that's important. i guess it highlights that she knew i was a minor, and that even if i didn't tell her how old i was, she could tell by how i acted.

anyways, we talked about kink and sexual stuff from time to time. once, she asked me if i was into vomit. i truthfully said no, and when i asked why, she told me that i was basically a "mini-nemu." and the part that gets me the most, is that at the time, i was FLATTERED! i remember following that up with something along the lines of "well, i don't know if i'm NOT into it, i mean i've never explored it or tried it haha" because i wanted her to think i was cool. i was so dumb.

this is something i'm still conflicted about, but i once posted on tumblr that it would be easier if i just had friends that would model for me for figure drawings. nemu responded, saying she'd send me some pictures over skype. when i posted the response thanking her, she asked me to delete the post, since she didn't want people thinking she'd send nudes to just anyone. i believe she sent me two or three naked photos of herself, in innocent poses. i didn't think then that it was anything inappropriate, and i'm still not sure if i do, to be honest. after reading these threads on her, i'm really doubting how much of her "nice and helpful lady" persona was real, if any was at all.

i don't remember why i unfollowed her, but she stuck around in my mind for a long time. at some point, though i had moved blogs a couple of times for unrelated reasons, i got an email saying she had followed me. i freaked out, checked my follower list, and she wasn't following me. i can only conclude that she was looking at my blog for reasons unknown, and accidentally followed me.

it wasn't until maybe two or three years later that i realized how she had affected me. and it wasn't until i read these threads that i actually got angry about it. i'm also angry at myself, because when i found her on deviantart after she got ran off of tumblr, i really thought she had changed, and that everything she'd done had been a very, very stupid mistake caused by her untreated mental health and tragic past. i felt sympathy for her. i mean, i was cringy and obnoxiously into the misguided sex-positive scene on tumblr too. but i was 15, dealing with some fucked up shit, and nemu was 20. i grew out of it, she clearly has not.

a while ago i archived the professor layton section on paheal. i can't find the original image i was searching for (a lot of the images on older pages don't load on the wayback machine), but i found these two: https://imgur.com/a/Q4DN8SK

first pic is flora, obviously a child. the second is an npc from the first game, named adrea, who doesn't have an age stated anywhere, and i guess looks old enough, but here it is just in case. her official game description also refers to her as a "girl" while a character that is obviously an adult is called a "lady." again, nothing definite, just mentioning it. actually, the picture i was originally looking for was of adrea and another npc from the same game named lucy, who are stated to be good friends. lucy is obviously a child. the picture itself was just them naked, i believe it was a commission for someone else.

reading these threads, recognizing names, and remembering that i saw a lot of this stuff first-hand has been a trip to say the least. so that's all i got. peace

No. 639846

wow okay i didn't even realize how long that had gotten, sorry for all that text.

you/your story sounds exactly like me at the time, it's freaky. i'm sorry you went through that as well. it seems more young people fell for her "mama nemu" shtick than i thought.

No. 639850

I was about to post the same thing. I hope you're doing well and sorry that you had to experience it too. I know for sure that I had a group of friends that talked to her decently regularly, and that was just my small side of tumblr. It makes me sick how many kids she's probably manipulated, both online and potentially in person if she was working with kids. :/

No. 639851


I think you both have a right to be angry about what happened. I don't know if you followed her twitter, but people like you were the #1 thing she was afraid of doing: perpetuating what had been done to her in the name of "lol sex positivity no kinkshaming." It wasn't your fault and you weren't stupid. You were kids. So far no irl minor interactions are recorded which is pretty much the only good thing i can tell you about this whole situation.

No. 639855

Honestly i'm hoping at least someone saved the tweets and photos of those kids she subbed holding her rat plush. that'll just be the final nail in the coffin.

No. 639856


Thank you. I did follow her twitter and things just.. didn't click for me until I read this. I'll keep an eye on this thread and Kiwifarms for updates every now and then, but that's all the Nemu I can handle for now lmao. Thank you everyone for gathering this all together.

No. 639857

File: 1531893571328.png (33.6 KB, 196x197, 1519748418699.png)

I used to be mutuals with this chick on Tumblr for a couple years, but I've known about her since she was known only as Olimarpuke-Chan. She was pretty harmless in the beginning but she didn't treat her body well at all. She drew images describing how she often vomited so hard her eye/face vessels ruptured. There are (or were) photos she took of Captain Olimar and Shacho from Pikmin in bowls filled with vomit, too.

At some point I guess she fell in love with a guy who was a tripfag on 4chan with that name Captain Olimar. He turned out to be a fucking cunt who probably warped young Nemu's mind or something. I vaguely remember her explaining what happened on tumblr.

I initially followed her for her art style and the weird sense of humor that laced the majority of her posts. I also reading her ramblings about whatever obscure ass character made her taco tingle that week and found them strangely engrossing. She just seemed so candid and open about sharing everything (maybe WAY too much than she should have), and that's what I started liking about her too.

Later on I saw her giving sexual advice to preteens, which made me uncomfortable. She started getting worse as time progressed with her obsessiveness and how wrapped up she would get in fictional characters. She was seeing a therapist at this time, but I honestly think they were doing more harm than good by telling her that this behavior was okay and it was fine to shelter herself with these characters as a coping mechanism.

No. 639860

OH FUCK thank you for the olimarpuke-chan name. i had the name at the tip of my tongue ever since the beginning of this thread

No. 639865

So is Christy bulimic then? She seems to have always stayed rather thin, even recently, despite her long-term live-in boyfriend being quite fat. She claimed to not enjoy herself throwing up, and had him throw up for her, but she's stayed very thin and he's stayed very fat?

Maybe I'm just tinfoiling here, but you would think someone would put on some kind of weight when going from puking all of the time to not.

No. 639867

File: 1531894748435.png (Spoiler Image,165.72 KB, 443x518, enoch_puke_by_mintypuke-d5uho6…)

not exactly the most interesting shit but i found some off porn she drew back when that was the tumblr flavor. dumping it.

No. 639868

File: 1531894771835.png (Spoiler Image,141.06 KB, 503x656, 5ee7d4cc54bf25775bf6861ba37f4f…)

No. 639870

File: 1531894805165.png (Spoiler Image,142.56 KB, 604x434, 7db56c92404f9eb8292797d369a9b9…)

No. 639871

File: 1531894833899.png (Spoiler Image,163.14 KB, 357x576, 0719e3219a63e964555cf49c141aac…)

No. 639872

File: 1531894852627.png (Spoiler Image,22.54 KB, 221x194, 4755b53f973c7912883f75d36b94ae…)

No. 639873


If i recall correctly she had a scare with kidney failure or something like that. That was part of the "can't have a baby" thing because she thought her body literally couldn't do it. Then when her mental health plummeted she was afraid she would hurt herself of the kid because she'd have to be off meds. Which actually explains the pregnancy fetish. Her fucked up body and fucked up head make having a kid virtually impossible so she lives it out in fiction.

No. 639874

She also supposedly drinks a lot of Dr. Pepper every single day without fail, so you would think she would maybe gain some weight from that and the unhealthy eating habits, I remember reading something about her not really eating well and David was trying to help her eat healthier foods at some point.

No. 639875

File: 1531895042962.png (370.62 KB, 597x390, 8960dce9a331544c75bf1721720dbe…)

Her old Pikmin OC's name was Holden.

No. 639876

File: 1531895349966.png (36.21 KB, 699x299, a7d0d7f913d2c7a298d5e28d22f956…)

at the middle right bottom reads
>the whole school knew i wanted to fuck little boys
jesus christ, nemu

No. 639880

speaking of, i remember she had a self-insert that the game's actual creator drew art of. it was yet another NICE LADY mamma with blunt bangs, but as a crocodile.
i can't find any pictures, but i know it's out there somewhere.

No. 639882

File: 1531895761402.png (93.67 KB, 546x505, off_oc_mommy_monster_by_mintyp…)

here it is

No. 639884

Putting my experience here, as this thread opened my eyes. When I was 14 I found Nemu through her OFF porn. I interacted with it and drew fanart of her self-inset for the game which she also interacted with. We became mutuals for a bit but she ended up unfollowing since I posted a fandom she didn't like. Not because I was a teenager interacting with and talking about NSFW material with her in an obvious way.

I also want to point out that one of her defenders on twitter (Ginger chick with self inserts) is a close friend of Zeriara, since I saw people mentioning Zer and Nemu's defenders but no one realising that.

No. 639886

File: 1531896085257.jpeg (69.14 KB, 504x861, 0C7FDE0C-F1A6-4336-AE43-F48544…)

the other minors’ stories in this thread are basically exactly what happened to me. i wouldn’t call what she did predatory but she absolutely was grooming children even if it wasn’t an outright conscious effort. if anything that makes her more dangerous, imo. the bitch is wack and forces people into her distorted reality by acting fake cute and happy and ready to solve every problem that’s ever existed. of course she just happened to surround herself with children and stunted adults that still acted like children that would never try to do anything but enable her. she’s textbook manipulative and toxic and if you haven’t snapped out of her spell yet she has you where she wants you.

pic is porn of the day of the tentacle guy she posted to twit

No. 639895

yes but i don't know how you can just write something like that and not be kinda fucked up yourself. it's part of why we stopped talking

No. 639910

oh shit, that brings me back.

No. 639912

File: 1531900848230.jpg (35.46 KB, 500x667, tumblr_maogo5ruOe1ro8ahdo1_500…)

Nemu cosplaying as Professor Layton

No. 639944

i'm amazed and mad, the ippycake ebay account posted in the previous thread is mine (though my mistake, since i obvs did get the username from one of her old ones just cos i thought it sounded cute, look where this got me)

on that note, i followed her for years, up til the last second of, well, all this stuff
and i think a lot of people feel the same as me, that this is a person who we saw as one way and now, it's like I don't exactly know what to think… just goes to show you, that when you have a community presence, you effect more people than you know (even those you've never personally spoken to)

idk I have some thoughts and internal conflict going on, i'm gonna keep following this thread and see where it goes

No. 639953

Sorry about that, I noticed uncommon things between the two accounts by comparing the feedback comments lol earlier last night. Well, I'm glad you were able to see the terrible things she's done and disconnected yourself from that. A lot of us understand the feeling.

No. 639957

File: 1531912977467.png (498.3 KB, 500x597, tumblr_mckm09nb891ro8ahdo1_500…)

No. 639958

File: 1531913009230.jpg (234.88 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mmvma1Mx7F1roxyv6o1_128…)

No. 639959

File: 1531913084613.jpg (298.79 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_mkjtb8Gtve1r582e8o3_128…)

No. 639962

File: 1531913297620.png (25.55 KB, 496x243, 2be404.png)

No. 639975

Oh God I just remembered she posted voice clips she made for her OFF character and they all sounded like she was choking on a Dr. Pepper.

No. 639980

I believe her 4chan ex was a guy called Matt Gill, username being thursdaypostal. he may be still active online through that username but i wonder if he'd be willing to talk?

No. 639982

File: 1531916559985.png (79.68 KB, 1158x296, Screenshot_2018-07-18-07-21-29…)

It's insane how specific your guess was

No. 640001

there's a user "Captain Olimar" posting in the kiwi thread. hmm.

No. 640007

I love how the Kiwi Captain Olimar HAD to write about her being bangable. Extremely tinfoil going on… and they've been checking the thread as of a few minutes ago.

No. 640012

File: 1531920552818.png (4.46 KB, 267x111, new phone who this.PNG)

hey guys it's the kiwi who made the art google drive. well.. someone deleted the nsfw folder from the drive but i am not a fool and backed it up so it is still there so. nice try :^)

No. 640018

Did you backup the underage characters folder too? That one's missing from what I saw

No. 640020

Don't leave it open again. Maybe make a second drive for new submissions.

No. 640023

File: 1531922108848.jpg (59.98 KB, 436x611, IMG_20180716_183323.jpg)

No. 640033

she has fetal alcohol synrome, right? her face is so wonky

No. 640047

I was thinking the exact same thing I know someone who has FAS and they have the same exact nose/lip area shape

No. 640049

She barely ate. She would go days without eating and lived off energy drinks and the occasional dollar menu snack because she was either working or drawing or jacking off. Then when she quit her job David refused to buy her food

No. 640065

her parents were alcoholics so it wouldn't surprise me

No. 640066

she looks like suzy berhow, wow

No. 640088

i honestly doubt the pedophilia in her ever went away. i mean, here she even ADMITS herself she wanted to fuck little boys. she may have been younger then but honestly, does stuff like that really go away? once a pedo always a pedo, right?

No. 640093

File: 1531929124582.png (402.72 KB, 602x644, 1b47bb03cb6e668330df85b2ada662…)

I don't have much else to add to the Captain Olimar/Matt tangent of Nemu's story, other than this drawing she made for him that I found. His tripfag code is written on Olimar's spacesuit.

No. 640095

Is this guy with the beard from 4chan who sexually abused her? She would talk about him time to time claiming thats why she was not attracted to men with beards.

No. 640097

is there any way to dig up stuff from her 4chan days? all i could find was her showing off her pauly dakimakura in a thread

No. 640103

maybe try the desuarchive search?
disregard the fact that it's set to 'r9k.' You can change which board you want to search and you can search through multiple. Maybe we can try her different names and if anyone remembers any specific posts she made (like key words) maybe something will show up

No. 640108

If anyone is wondering what happened to the Pauly dakimakura:

Nemu would snuggle with it all the time. David hated this. One night David lost it and tore the dakimakura to shreds. I remember she posted a photo of the shredded Pauly. I was genuinely upset for her as it was obvious Pauly was a coping mechanism. There is no way in hell Nemu ripped up that daki herself. David will never convince me that he didn't do it.

No. 640110

She was active on /cgl/, so I suggest using this. First thread had a link to a thread about her, and IIRC she posted in it herself.

No. 640122

File: 1531932239891.jpg (232.27 KB, 574x688, 1405777547506.jpg)

Here's a thread she posted in 2014: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/7695194
bonus vintage nemu

No. 640133

The Tumblr stuff has been laughworthy but this just is just sad. I never understood how someone could subject themself to strangers hurtling abuse at them for the crumbs of praise they get.

No. 640137

I'm guessing this was before she knew how to properly wash her ass in the shower?

No. 640146

low hanging fruit but she looks like she's wearing someone elses skin and every picture of her face hits uncanny valley for me

No. 640148

The fabric printing is so cool. It is so sad this girl is so sick in the head and wasted her talents being obsessed with her gross fetishes.

No. 640155

agreed. she had a lot of talent and promise and threw it all away for her fetishes.

No. 640156


>>they dont draw things i like so they waste their talent

Not defending her, but this argument has always been stupid

No. 640158

can you link the Pauly daki thread?

No. 640159

if she's drawing pedophilic images… then yeah it's being wasted. the point i'm trying to make is not that i dislike the subject matter, it's that a lot of subject matter is fucking disgusting and deplorable on multiple levels.

No. 640164


>>your opinions

Its ok. You dont have to like the subject matter, but i dont believe you have the room to be acting like someone is deplorable for drawing a cartoon character vomiting or having sex. Its not that bad

No. 640166

if they are underage cartoon characters it's still disgusting and wrong. i'm not going to argue with a pedo sympathizer.

No. 640168

sage your pedo defense or go back to your private twitter account to whine about it

No. 640172


>>pedo defense

I just imagine you people screaming and mashing huge red cartoon button labeled "pedophile" lmfao

No. 640180

I definitely have vivid memories of her linking to that thread. It's funny most of this stuff we're finding she's done is way under 5 years ago.

Learn to fuckin green text orbiter

No. 640183

Once she got out college – cheating on her boyfriend was notably the worst of it. Pretty sure the O'Hare stuff fell right smack dab in the middle of that. I remember she worked like 5am -11pm to go to school and work full time and not owe money and TBH that ruined her. She just crashed and burned after that, it was pretty spectacular to witness.

No. 640184


>>green text

That was easy. Sorry but im no orbiter, since ive been blocked

No. 640187


come on nigga, plz

No. 640191

Stop samefagging and shitting up the thread. You’re making it obvious who you are since you can’t even green text, it’s pathetic

No. 640193

Listen, there are thousands of people who draw porn of underage anime characters etc on the internet. Some people see this the same as 3d porn, others see it as fantasy. No matter what side you come down on though, Nemu went BEYOND just drawing and actively targeted fandoms with actual real children active in them to try and get close. To say what Nemu has done was "just drawings" is undermining everything else she did, the porn drawings only make up a piece of it

No. 640196

it's possible that nemu might actually be maybe just a little bit gross perhaps.

No. 640202

>there are thousands of people who draw porn of underage anime characters etc on the internet
how does this change anything

No. 640203

read the rest of their fucking post before you respond

No. 640211

christy walker? more like crusty lmao

No. 640214

They only read what they want to hear, they're in denial because she's such a Nice Lady! who let little old grandpas get treated first because they're having a "horrible heat wave!" in the middle of the night, which is bull. The high on 7/15 in Clarksville was 82°F and had a low of 71° going into 7/16.

No. 640215

hey samefag here

i would but alas someone came in (no clue who i was. my post has the name and idk who it is so ?) and deleted the nsfw folder. posting it here would be helpful either since i have been pulling art for here. my un is in the farms thread if you wanna reach on to me on kiwi also.

yet, who ever the anon that really helped me out on it was. thank u…
its there. i forgot that i didnt mess with it's settings yet and its on private in the mean time.

No. 640216

File: 1531940484162.jpg (65.42 KB, 500x500, 749d003a-8553-4d8c-a454-264b3b…)

a relic from the wreck-it raph phase

No. 640217

I personally prefer Christy Chan.

No. 640224

File: 1531940680947.png (198.92 KB, 500x379, e8c1ea01-b131-4cec-bbbc-2cd66b…)

her lillith cosplay from nge (i think i recall her saying this was her most favorite, special cosplay to her?)

No. 640227

lmao, it fits like a glove

No. 640229

File: 1531940747301.jpg (44.38 KB, 400x400, tumblr_ner9ooNmiz1sm1433o1_400…)

No. 640234

File: 1531940839691.jpg (42.68 KB, 640x480, TtsO0lj.jpg)

No. 640238

File: 1531940875999.jpg (938.86 KB, 1280x954, tumblr_miyrje4ObV1ro8ahdo1_128…)

her therac 25 fetish art ( i believe this was a school assignment?)

No. 640239

No. 640240


Where is the proof she continued to visit cartoon fan sites to pursue children specifically? People keep saying this but never have actual proof of it. For all we know, she's the same as any other person in a fandom for cartoons.

She made the mistake of giving sexual and inappropriate advice to minors and later stopped, thats basically all you pedophile whistle blowers have to go on and its getting really old.

The other side of this story is she is manipulative of people around her, and suspect of wanting to make up her own drama to gain sympathy.

Also cheating on her dumb bf and getting caught is way more entertaining.

No. 640242

If I can recall, Christy can't make cosplays for shit. Everything she cosplays is 100% made by David.

Any actual effort she does in making her cosplays is buying premade stuff online like that D.Va bodysuit.

No. 640244

File: 1531941139934.jpg (166.22 KB, 428x800, 8ffb6e4a-1f69-4dfd-b1b9-eccf9f…)

nemu christy feets

No. 640246

File: 1531941210222.png (500.47 KB, 500x707, 49ab50aa-5606-4c70-867b-21e2a7…)

her work in her school's paper (i think this is the one that won her that award?)

No. 640248

File: 1531941271456.png (436.89 KB, 500x464, 63c22a55-b80c-4f17-9a82-f625e8…)

playing out fetishes with jenelle (?) in cosplay of underaged girls

No. 640249

File: 1531941330957.png (Spoiler Image,212.11 KB, 490x676, 1178262 - nemu_(artist) off su…)

OFF pee porn

No. 640250

Pretty sure this is her friend Nina as Madoka

No. 640255

File: 1531941482018.png (Spoiler Image,130.56 KB, 341x556, tumblr_inline_n5m4q4ybKR1speh1…)

onceler pee porn

No. 640256

ahh okay, my mistake

No. 640258

File: 1531941627309.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.25 KB, 250x338, tumblr_mx78xbeger1sm1433o1_250…)

egg laying stuff she drew in class iirc

No. 640260

File: 1531941748232.png (Spoiler Image,110.56 KB, 255x507, tumblr_mb1jmzERYq1ro8ahdo1_400…)

i remember her kinda mentioning that she had a very very traumatic experience with her childhood cat dying that very much shaped her? does anyone remember the story?

No. 640261

Her FoP wiki page has come up several times.

The reason pedo shit keeps coming up is because of her hypocrisy. During her anti-porn tirade she accused several people of being pedophiles for liking adult characters with "young" features

No. 640262

File: 1531941829933.png (Spoiler Image,323.25 KB, 430x534, tumblr_m5pdutUfTD1qkpphbo1_500…)

very very explicit professor layton guro

No. 640264

File: 1531941967469.png (Spoiler Image,398.27 KB, 500x357, tumblr_inline_n71vd17ThH1speh1…)

she had fantasies of ohare snorting cocaine off her "lily white ass" as she said

No. 640265

Don't forget her bringing her rat toy she did sexual things with to the elementary school she subbed. This is more than just online.

No. 640267

File: 1531942039163.jpg (72.15 KB, 762x548, DJBNcdaXcAANGiB.jpg)

what's the story behind her and cement trucks? i remember her mentioning it a few times

No. 640271

File: 1531942198749.png (Spoiler Image,309.2 KB, 314x548, tumblr_inline_n799t61o2y1speh1…)

ohare snake fucking

No. 640272

way too skinny to be Jen

No. 640273

File: 1531942250241.jpg (167.97 KB, 420x526, tumblr_inline_mxbhieQAkT1speh1…)

masturbating with vidya

No. 640274

The toy rat was never confirmed to have ever been used sexually, so that's all speculation.

No. 640275

File: 1531942314119.jpg (36.61 KB, 434x720, FB_IMG_1473534405568.jpg)

a classic!!

No. 640276

weird dissolving stuff she was into (i think this started in the ohare phase, but i might be wrong)

No. 640278


nemu posted porn on mii verse. thats sooooo not a pedo thing to do you guys!!!1!11

No. 640282

It's one of the obsessions she's had. Same with fossils, radiation, other stuff I've forgotten. I wouldn't go so far as to call them "special interests" but it's the closest explanation to it.

No. 640285

File: 1531942576050.jpg (46.99 KB, 491x671, DJBSvipWsAE4YE6.jpg)

sorry meant to attatch this to it

No. 640286

After this photo she took at photo of her vaginal juices on the screen

No. 640288

It is Jen but its an old photo

No. 640290

File: 1531942745718.png (529.5 KB, 672x900, Screen shot 2016-10-23 at 10.1…)

a classic pt. 2!

No. 640293

that's not nemu that's someone else

No. 640296

File: 1531942847567.jpg (29.04 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1473534622976.jpg)

No. 640297

I’m p sure it’s her other friend she cosplayed Madoka with

No. 640303

That's literally not her art. Also nice to know that former orbiter is still disgusting.

No. 640305

File: 1531943184687.jpg (110.9 KB, 575x856, UEmo5S5S.jpg)

Nemu did cosplay Madoka with Jen as this is on Jen's instagram

No. 640306

File: 1531943213132.jpg (233.32 KB, 937x1200, DJFmQUVXgAAtGKf.jpg)

colection of self inserts thru the years

No. 640307

File: 1531943238815.jpg (286.23 KB, 937x1200, DJFmQzWWAAQa0bN.jpg)

self inserts pt. 2

No. 640309

File: 1531943289836.jpg (65.74 KB, 720x719, FB_IMG_1473534510142.jpg)

back when xan was bffs with them ):

No. 640310

File: 1531943321571.png (Spoiler Image,118.27 KB, 484x402, e5b7.png)

the link's art it's not hers for sure but i think she drew this

No. 640312

that neck always looked insanely long to me

No. 640315

She’s has another friend she did Madoka with. Can’t remember her tumblr name tho it was awhile ago

No. 640316

File: 1531943457516.png (290.46 KB, 329x636, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 5.15…)

No. 640317

that was on the private messaging service on 3ds, not Miiverse

No. 640324

File: 1531943624366.jpg (61.74 KB, 720x519, FB_IMG_1473534743218.jpg)

i remember jen, antonina, and krista were the main 3 (aside from xan)

No. 640326

Nina is witchhearted, she now goes by heartofqlass

No. 640328

I’m not trying to say that it didn’t happen because maybe it did, but it’s never been explicitly stated she had done sexual things with the rat stuffed animal. Someone on last thread just said that they wouldn’t doubt if she DID do things with it.

No. 640329

File: 1531943782876.jpg (65.93 KB, 577x724, 75ViF71i.jpg)

No. 640331

File: 1531943846469.png (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 1024x1024, tumblr_ng8va3pcY61sm1433o1_r1_…)

even homestarrunner isn't safe

No. 640332

>bought himself

what a spoiled, entitled fucking bitch

No. 640335

i'm the person who shared that tweet. there is A LOT more to the story.

David instructed Christy to quit her job. He told her he would look after her, pay all the bills, etc as he had just got a high paying graphic design job. After she quit he refused to buy her food or pay her bills.

No. 640336

File: 1531943953275.jpg (114.05 KB, 768x768, tumblr_navdo2erWs1sm1433o1_128…)

she had a weird deoxys phase too one time

No. 640338

File: 1531943990616.jpg (255.85 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nau37gUQzh1sm1433o4_128…)

No. 640339

File: 1531944089431.jpg (92.99 KB, 500x553, tumblr_inline_nau2qmKsMz1speh1…)

No. 640340

File: 1531944111523.jpg (78.96 KB, 577x742, IXjHSMLI.jpg)

I absolutely believe posts like this about David are real. She kept this up for years, told her rl friends about it and the stories were always consistent with each other.

No. 640341

File: 1531944186356.png (138.4 KB, 394x424, tumblr_inline_ng77txp9Rr1speh1…)

No. 640343

File: 1531944234467.png (358.64 KB, 291x463, tumblr_inline_n7vgkjs8uR1speh1…)

No. 640344

look at how fucking crusty that wand is jfc

No. 640345

File: 1531944396772.png (Spoiler Image,560.76 KB, 406x568, tumblr_inline_n7998kZryD1speh1…)

No. 640346

File: 1531944420309.png (Spoiler Image,103.55 KB, 456x358, tumblr_inline_nfsd45hgeO1speh1…)

No. 640348

File: 1531944455329.png (90.8 KB, 459x492, tumblr_inline_nfvc6tzr2l1speh1…)

No. 640350

File: 1531944511850.png (Spoiler Image,245.16 KB, 341x638, tumblr_inline_n51i5kZTHw1speh1…)

more ohare poopy

No. 640351

File: 1531944537852.jpg (155.91 KB, 576x1024, tumblr_nx3tveHdiY1ql2y73o1_128…)


No. 640352

File: 1531944561343.png (154.7 KB, 301x460, tumblr_n50v1okFzc1sm1433o1_r1_…)

No. 640354

File: 1531944587120.png (Spoiler Image,12.31 KB, 289x327, tumblr_n5rfbxUZUT1sm1433o1_r2_…)

mediogre schlong

No. 640355

File: 1531944689295.png (Spoiler Image,175.5 KB, 666x510, KGFE7eQ.png)

No. 640356

File: 1531944697773.png (89.27 KB, 524x791, reactions.PNG)

The funny thing is she got her job at the hotel a week or so before posting this.

No. 640357

File: 1531944732408.png (Spoiler Image,296.55 KB, 991x988, tumblr_nb8r4cRSQi1sm1433o1_r2_…)

some more TWAU work

No. 640359

Idk I think she's in the right to be fucked off about that. The reason she even had to go back to work was because he wouldn't feed her. HE was the one who asked HER not to work then never actually paid for shit

No. 640360

not denying she was fucked up but man i feel bad for xan. imagine being cut off from your closest friends because your boyfriend is unstable instead of having them support you.

she would’ve been a lot prettier than nemu if she were less overweight, imo.

No. 640361

File: 1531944949781.png (107.69 KB, 418x393, tumblr_md7ihhAa461ro8ahdo1_500…)

No. 640362

i'm trying to find a nice picture she drew of olimar's wife being pregnant. It wasn't fetishy at all and was actually rather sweet. If a kind anon out there can help, I'd really appreciate it.

No. 640364

^basically a lotta this, yeah
even with her weight, you could tell xan had a very nice face

No. 640366

File: 1531945060784.jpg (68.31 KB, 600x707, dead_to_me_2_by_love_ribbon-db…)

the other xan/dead to me drawing

No. 640367

File: 1531945139646.jpg (78.86 KB, 561x800, 0149790713df3e68e98eaac4b42a1f…)

not pregnant but here's her oc and another pikmin character

No. 640369

File: 1531945197850.png (24.93 KB, 391x387, tumblr_inline_ngtrhnoSXC1speh1…)

mlp pukey pie

No. 640372

File: 1531945364653.png (Spoiler Image,161.07 KB, 331x448, tumblr_n5ckqeKoJD1sm1433o1_r2_…)

the mom from the lorax; she really loves mamas huh

No. 640373

I know it’s been said, but it really is a shame she’s such an awful person. Her art is legitimately good, and she experiments with different styles really well. her character design is neat too despite it all being different versions of her.
She could really go far in the industry if she wasn’t such a detestable human being.
She would be good with children’s cartoons, but she should NOT be trusted with that kind of thing.

No. 640375

File: 1531945422877.png (Spoiler Image,88.34 KB, 315x452, tumblr_n29f8gKvtU1sm1433o1_400…)

more moms

No. 640382

talking about sex with minors isn’t just a “mistake.” do you realize how hypocritical you sound? especially when she has a legacy of sexualizing characters that either appear underage (her manchild fetish), are dubiously underaged, or are actually underaged. she damaged a lot of impressionable minors and that’s not a “mistake” you can just take back. please have some empathy for the people she groomed.

No. 640390


How is that not a "mistake"? Especially when she attempted to stop interacting with those minors on such a personal level?

Im sorry(not sorry) your victim mentality isnt being pleased by my words, but youre really reaching at this point.

No. 640397

Sorry, that's not the one I'm looking for. I think she only uploaded it onto tumblr, so it might be lost forever. :(

No. 640400


At this point it seems like outside Nemu's problems with attention and her obnoxious friend group, David is the real asshole. Of course its her fault for staying, and that makes her just as bad for trying to gain sympathy

No. 640401

File: 1531946725891.png (71.08 KB, 521x567, it'sokshe'ssickguys.PNG)

She got in trouble quite a few times when she subbed, but it's OK guys, she's sick!

No. 640406

File: 1531946966397.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, jfc.jpg)

quiet everyone, a pedophile is talking. let's all listen carefully and respond thoughtfully to what they have to say.

jesus fucking christ, this place sometimes.

No. 640410

she’s shown time and time again she can’t keep it in her pants and plenty of minors have “slipped through” after she made huge gestures about not wanting to talk to them in any form. still, i’m not saying she’s continuing to do this at this very moment because i have no evidence for that. i am saying she should be held accountable, though, and it deserves to be spread, especially when plenty of people who interacted with her as minors are stepping forward and sharing the damaging impression she gave them.

sending porn to a minor /is/ illegal, though i’m definitely not saying she should be actually charged with anything lol. just let her be called the fuck out and made an example of so this shit isn’t okay anymore. there are plenty of creepy fandom moms just like who she was still out there and they all deserve to be held accountable whether they’re still continuing their behavior or not. sorry about the essay, but yeah people deserve to know about her past behavior, no matter how much she’s “”changed.”
it says a lot that you’d stand in for a sex pervert instead of the kids she impacted. it’s disgusting even if she was just trying to spread sex positivity, uwu.

No. 640415

Sage for not contributing, but did you follow her up to when she just wiped? Even when I left a year or so ago, she was already saying exactly what you are. That she fucked up and was directly responsible for fucking up people like you who looked up to her and trusted her. You have no obligation to forgive or ignore her, but she knows and admits that what you're saying is true. There's no contest on this. What you're saying is right and she agrees.
So maybe use this thread to blow off some steam and rip on her but after that…get some help, man. I'm not saying this dismissively. You guys were legit hurt by this and you're gonna need help working through it.
I'll delete this in a bit, just wanted to say I see you guys and I'm kinda worried for you.

No. 640421


>>minors have slipped through

What are you referring to? Tumblr? Minors talking to her on a website that made it difficult to keep other users away is a bad example.

Twitter is different if her accounts were locked and she kept around people she KNEW well before were minors. There is also the chance those minors never said anything to her when she announced she no longer wanted to keep them around her social media just so they could fly under the radar.

The point is there are way too many factors that throw a wrench into her continuing her grooming.

Sorry you guys are scarred for life by her stupid behavior, but this pedo shit isnt funny or interesting, its just pathetic

No. 640426

my guy, you didn't even sage lol, but christy explains herself time and time again for fucking up and revealing she's not actually getting any better. that's her manipulation tactic. she does this every 3-5 months explaining how she's getting better and whatever just happened during the time of her writing was a slip up. she's made like 5 deviant art journals trying to excuse her behavior in the past 3 years.
the thing that fucks us up is people still believing in her bullshit excuses.

No. 640436

There were literally people in this thread talking about their experiences with her and how she went out of her way to explicitly talk to them about sex, her fetishes, and send them nudes.

">>I'm not defending her I'm just making sure everyone knows she's not a child predator because it's boring and unimportant cmon guys just talk about her totally normal vomit art instead."

No. 640440

she groomed people in the past, and we have no way to know if she continued after her tumblr. she also said she regrets what she did, and we have no way of knowing that either.

considering she has been a threat to children in the past, i'm not going to give her the benefit of the doubt regarding ANYTHING in the future. if you fuck up like that once, you deserve to have the consequences follow you afterwards. that's all there is to it.

No. 640443


she literally spoke to me, a 15 year old at the time, about bad dragon dildos and offered to sell me one. when i was 15.

she groomed me.

No. 640444

She admits, verbatim, "The whole school knew i wanted to fuck little boys"
This is something she has only RECENTLY started trying to cover up, and only as damage control. If no one had said anything about it, they'd let her keep openly talking about wanting to fuck pure little virgin boys & posting lolicon ""For coping reasons"". Fuck off already

No. 640459

Sorry but I’ve never seen her explicitly state what exactly she did that was wrong. She would always just say ooh I’m sorry im getting help I’m getting help what I’ve done isn’t good I’m so sorry. What did you do Christy? From what I’ve seen she never stated it, and I’ve been following her on tumblr and Twitter for years.

No. 640475

i remember her saying it had something to do with her dad, like he abused the childhood cat etc. specifically remember her saying he used to piss on the cat and laugh

No. 640519

"Nemu I don't feel so good…"

No. 640522

You need to sage image dumps. Only leave sage out for the first and last images.

No. 640599


Yeah we get it

So have you got anything new to say?

No. 640607

File: 1531962464041.jpg (67.34 KB, 400x494, not_your_____by_love_ribbon-dc…)

i'm pretty sure she made this artwork in response to getting fired as a sub

No. 640612

File: 1531962608619.png (104.92 KB, 484x550, randomjapanese.png)

this is some poorly written japanese that i think translates to "I'm bad, Ginko-san"

No. 640641

I think this thread has died since all its been is art spam and armchair chris hansens

No. 640642

there's only so much puke in the pussy before it all dribbles out

No. 640645


Actually it's more like "I feel sick" in this context, and it's grammatically correct unless you meant badly handwritten, although IMO it's not so bad in that aspect either.

No. 640647

It's fine actually. Translates to "I don't feel well", essentially.

No. 640661

Is there a date when it was posted?

No. 640680

So where are the nudes?

No. 640683

File: 1531966605248.png (307.88 KB, 1440x1887, Screenshot_2018-07-18-21-11-10…)

March 7 of this year. Guess not, the SJW freakout was on March 16. She had it coming.

No. 640686

File: 1531966814555.png (426.13 KB, 552x526, 4eea.png)

did she sell this? first time i see it

No. 640706

i have some on an old skype account, i managed to remember the login info.

problem is, it's been years since then, so she's no longer a contact of mine (though i can see her in the chat history) and have moved computers. after some googling the only recovery methods i could find depend on you having the same computer, so i assume it's impossible to recover those messages. but just in case, anyone know of a way?

No. 640710

Oh god what the fuck is that explaination? She's equating biracial kids to tentacle monsters?

No. 640729

I hope thats not true, about the kitty, cos that just made me so sad to read ):

No. 640731

This alone serves as proof that she should never reproduce lol. Gross tentacle breastfeeding fetish shit as ~positivity~ for her half dirty brown asian babies someone else will corrupt uwu

No. 640733

I laughed harder than i meant to LmaoO(sage posts like this)

No. 640734

It was either that or it died in a not-so-great way and she was confronted with the body and teased by her dad. Something about the body specifically. Either way it was traumatizing.

No. 640740


Think this might be about me(chom) lol. This is around when she started acting like i was manipulating and trying to "take advantage" of her because i was wondering why tf she was avoiding me

No. 640744

oh yeah you
she said you were "mean and scary" to her in overwatch or something
care to elaborate on the nemu experience?

No. 640747


Also a month before we shortly "made up" again and then she went ghost on me because she could t communicate and i got really sick of it and told her, so she said i had lashing out problems. I felt i was rightfully pissed because of her terrible way of communicating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 640749

Hey chom didnt your friends say some fucked up stuff or something on overwatch and you bitched at her for getting offended

No. 640770

File: 1531972939400.png (41.13 KB, 222x230, 4226.png)

Ooh we got a rat up in here!

No. 640810


Sorry im at work so i cant check on this a ton rn

Im kind of an irate gamer sometimes, but i would usually shit talk others in chat. She would tell me to "be nice".

There was one time we argued after playing OW because we played with a couple of my friends and she got upset over something they said(not to her or about her) and i wasnt all that bothered. But that was over a year ago.

Recently i cant recall ever being mean and nasty to her while we played, i actually reassured her a lot when she got self conscious in the game, because she had bad experiences in the past with TF2 and some other guy she played with years ago. Way before me.

Anyway as an experience…she was fun to hang out with, we had a lot of fun. Usually we would play games, we used to watch movies and cartoons but it really got rare late last year.

She did have a lot of red flags that i kept wondering about about but ignored because i thought it was just shit to work on in our relationship.

No. 640814


Basically, but i honestly dont even remember what they said, i remember it sparking a massive argument that ended up with her hanging that shit over my head for a long time.
I remember feeling fuckin butt clench anxiety over how over reactive she got. I raised my voice to her after she compared David's job to mine, obviously trying to insult me and i let her know that wasn't cool and she began bawling really hard.

No. 640821


Also i say she is fun, nice and etc. She is sometimes, but after that argument we had i felt scared to criticize anything she'd say for fear of her flipping out on me and i forced myself to live with that, because when i dont try to discuss serious shit with her, it was a great time being friends with her and talking about our usual jokes n shit.

No. 640822

I mean, the art is sort of cute if you ignore the crap message.

Groomed you for what?

No. 640833

File: 1531976721947.png (Spoiler Image,106.89 KB, 540x671, tumblr_n7rvag2olF1s6k853o1_540…)

commissioned porn of her snakesona

No. 640837


I honestly feel like a moron for sticking around so long, but because of how close we got and how much i thought we loved each other i was trying to accept her. I realize a lot of shit going on between us was unhealthy, we even discussed it some, she talked like she wanted to work on it, but that art earlier just confirms something snapped in her to just act like i was a nobody to her.

No. 640838

Christy was a 20 year old trying to sell a 15 year old her used dildos. Do you not see anything wrong with that?

No. 640858

What is this?? What's even happening here

No. 640861


Actually this all reminds me. During our last few months where she would ghost me for weeks at a time she said she may have breast cancer? Does anyone know if that ended up developing? Also apparently she stopped seeing her therapist, anyone know why?

Im curious because its pretty much icing on the shit cake lol

No. 640868

She said she had some sort of cyst. I was looking at her replies around February and March 2017 and a few people were talking about that, I think she just wanted to scare some people because she never talked about it ever again iirc.

No. 640872


It wasn't anything serious and to my knowledge she was seeing the therapist up until she nuked.

No. 640883



Her cyst was brought up to me early 2018, i assume that was a typo?

Anyway, i got worried about her probably having cancer, for nothing i guess.

No. 640904

I'm not defending this bitch I'm just saying that you're all pedos no matter how much you deny that your chinese cartoons don't count lol.

No. 640952

disembodied arm fisting the snake?

No. 640980

Some people in this thread will jump through all kinds of hoops to defend this vile woman.
Many anons - including me - have told you of our experiences; that she sent nudes to minors and talked about sex, fetishes, genital piercings and all those kind of things with underage CHILDREN. She's admitted to "wanting to fuck little boys". What is there to defend?
She's always told her orbiters that she's changed and a completely different person, especially after her deleting her tumblr, but what has really changed? Nothing. She's still nothing but an abominable wreck with pedophilic tendencies.

No. 641010

File: 1532006109291.png (101.07 KB, 500x571, sicklevi.png)

A sick Levi from Attack on Titan she drew

No. 641013

File: 1532006686657.jpg (17.68 KB, 570x159, LankyKong.JPG)

Christy wanting to fuck Lanky Kong, a fucking ape, apparently.

No. 641153

has anyone managed to get ahold of her minion porn/drawings? i remember when she made a minionsona, bought a minion backpack and took it places. wouldn't be surprised if she did things to it

No. 641155

Maybe she saw herself in Mary’s character? Like it was a self-incert for her.

No. 641173

Have you considered that the people in this thread are actually against both?

No. 641188

File: 1532020680723.jpeg (Spoiler Image,44.39 KB, 376x480, minionemu.jpeg)

No. 641190

She's losing more and more followers on twitter. Down to 240. The majority of them must be her loyal followers.

No. 641195

What was the count originally? I don't frequent Twitter.

No. 641201

File: 1532021444890.png (877.81 KB, 1434x1637, Screenshot_2018-07-13-19-05-32…)

293 was last I checked.

No. 641210

so are we ever gonna see those nudes, or are they lost to the sands of time

No. 641216

unfortunately, they're lost. there's no way to recover my chat history without the computer i messaged her on. i'm going to try and see if my old computer is laying around somewhere at my parent's house, but don't get your hopes up

No. 641223


Its annoying following someone that goes into purge fits so often

No. 641225

Either that or she may be soft blocking people to weed out her "enemies", besides the people she is pissing off of course.

I hear she is beginning to block random friends because she is paranoid theyre against her

No. 641227

Where did this info come from

No. 641231


A hunch, considering a mutual friend made this tweet yesterday

No. 641232

File: 1532023766341.jpg (442.68 KB, 1050x1418, SmartSelect_20180719-110727_Tw…)

No. 641233

anyone have her on twitter right now? i'm really interested in what she's been posting during this. i thought she went inpatient.

No. 641238

can you ask your friend if they saw any of her tweets before being blocked?

No. 641241


Already asked before this tweet happened, its how they found out im sure.

No. 641243

File: 1532025052826.png (332.18 KB, 919x521, krocodilekore2348.PNG)

Isn't her twitter locked down?
Just checked, this is what it looks like for me.

No. 641247

I have a bunch of them. But I've decided not to share them as I don't see what they could contribute to the thread. I suggest anyone else who has nudes also refrain from posting as it will turn this thread to shit with everyone nitpicking her imo

No. 641263

For what reason have you saved a bunch of her nudes? I'm not attacking you; I'm just genuinely curious.

No. 641264

Archival purposes. I archived a lot of what she did. But now that it's time to share I'm not sure it was even worth archiving.

No. 641265

in her teenage years she had some obsession with 9 volt iirc, a literal child character. not something a teenager should be attracted to if you ask me

No. 641266

I guess im not the only one, which i guess isnt all that surprising. I agree though, i would rather not post them

No. 641274

you, of all people, absolutely should not post her nudes. you'd eat shit for that forever and rightly so.

No. 641277

are any of them noteworthy? as in, her doing something weird or cringy in them? you could censor her out if that's the case. i know she did a lot of weird stuff with toys of her favorite characters…

No. 641281

Didnt plan on it. I expected at some point itd come up tho.

Anyway yeah, I dont want to humiliate her, just get called on her bullshit

No. 641282

idgaf about her nudes, i want to see proof of her eating vomit/shit

No. 641283

i'm pretty sure at one point she for a very short time posted nudes that she sent to chom on her private twitter :/ she'd brag about how she was doing that and david not knowing.

No. 641287


Im more interested in knowing if her and David are fighting now that he fucked up so hard AND that its been confirmed she cheated on him and bragged about it.

No. 641291

I'll describe the more interesting ones:

-Licking a sprite of the fat skeleton from Undertale as she holds it between her tits
-Showing off Lisa Frank stickers on her nipples
-Pulling up her skirt to show her vagina in a public place
-Photo of her genitals after using a pussy pump (it's extremely disturbing)
-Photo of her kneeling with a dog collar on with King Candy posing in the background

That's pretty much it. Afik she was never nude in the vomit eating photos/videos. I'm probably going to delete the nude photos as there really is no purpose in having them and I'd be disappointed if anyone else shared them here. I only archived them as I was on "archive everything" mode for her for quite a while.

No. 641293

If you're gonna describe them you might as well post them. Either way stop bumping the thread with bait if you're not sharing the goods.

No. 641294

Seriously what’s the point of describing them if you won’t post them. But does she have tentacles in her pussy or not

No. 641296

i recall her saying she doesn't like to vomit herself, but one time when she was sick, she vomited up some medicine she took. not wanting to waste it, she said she ate the vomit. i want to say it was birth control, since that causes nausea and is a little pricey so i can see her not wanting to waste it. i could be wrong about the kind of medicine though.

i may be a little fuzzy on this one, but i think this was a separate instance: she posted a photo of her vomit in a bowl. i think her king candy toy was in it? i remember her pointing out that she doesn't like to vomit but did so on this occasion because she wanted to play with some.

i'm very curious on this as well. was she lying about this?

No. 641297

Are you a guy she attempted to cheat with as well or some underaged girl?

That aside, I find it hard to believe she wasn't posting nudes publicly, either on her tumblr or maybe anon on /soc/ or something if she was just tossing them out for free like this.

No. 641298

No vagina tentacles from what I saw

No. 641299

There's really no reason not to just post them. Maybe put them in the Google Drive if you're worried the thread will just go left.

No. 641300

I'll share the ones that were posted publicly

No. 641306

File: 1532029074668.jpg (75.2 KB, 577x732, O9_A28Zq.jpg)

No. 641307


Its just what she called the extra skin from her VV. Its not actual tentacles.

No. 641308

File: 1532029085846.jpg (47.15 KB, 577x451, 70uQraG-.jpg)

No. 641311

File: 1532029174279.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 1531932239423.jpg)

No. 641315

Posts like this should be saged.

No. 641328

so…. her labia??

No. 641333

obviously she doesn't have actual tentacles in/on her vagina. i think people are asking if it actually did look like she had tentacles down there

No. 641336

Vulvodynia has nothing to do with “extra skin” around the vagina.

No. 641338


No it didnt. Her vaginal opening had a bit of extra skin, remnants of her hymen.



No. 641344

>remnants of her hymen

Did she tell you that or did you learn sex ed from watching hentai?

No. 641347

Okay, she obviously had a roastie.

No. 641352

File: 1532031613211.jpg (Spoiler Image,104 KB, 638x479, anatomyof-female-genital-tract…)

Image of RL vaginas. If you google search images of hymen breaks or vaginal openings, it's usually a pretty clean hole, but she might have some extra skin there (I do too, it's not a gaping hole). I don't know what causes this but it's some sort of tissue I guess.

You sound confused/retarded, it seems like Chom is talking about inside. Not the lips.

No. 641353

Sometimes pieces of the hymen do remain inside a vagina and cause pain during sex. They aren’t like, peeking out through the opening though which makes any statement of “extra skin on her vagina” very unbelievable.

No. 641355

File: 1532031888252.jpg (Spoiler Image,778.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180719-132419_Chr…)


You guys are morons



Youre wrong. Google search it

No. 641392

File: 1532034467030.png (338.62 KB, 1440x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-19-16-05-17…)

I know the tweet was deleted but her friend replying "That's how mormons do it!" lines up so well because that anti-porn website was coincidentally mormon based.

No. 641496

File: 1532038731301.jpg (73.51 KB, 599x700, cOOL NICE LADY.jpg)

Here is Nemu's Nice Lady! bingo card

No. 641519

Christy confirmed for giving the worst head ever

No. 641534

File: 1532039683635.png (4.31 KB, 468x96, MISANDRY.PNG)

Seeing comments from Nemu that she'd never say today are hilarious

No. 641541

File: 1532040264826.png (1.99 KB, 173x95, drag.PNG)

No. 641548

File: 1532040648116.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, what is this shit.jpg)

Letting it leak all over her drawing tablet is was phases me the most

No. 641549

Not that weird but what does freak me out about this is she’s having it cum onto her drawing tablet. Why would you have it get fake cum all over your tablet……..

No. 641588

File: 1532042491094.png (32.27 KB, 681x132, plstag triggers.PNG)

Nemu: please tag triggers i have a phobia of pencils
Also Nemu: Hi! Vomit isn't actually NSFW so I'm not gonna tag it as mature. People vomit all the time actually so please leave me alone!

No. 641596


That was about some tweet about "your past traumas happened for a reason", i saw it the other day. Not related at all, but i getcha

No. 641605

File: 1532043147968.png (338.73 KB, 519x690, old blog.PNG)

I found an older blog from 2015 calling her out.

No. 641620

oh my god the voice she's doing sounds painful for her to do. how the fuck did she think it sounded cute to talk like that? thinking of how her real voice sounded in those vlogs then comparing it to this…

No. 641628

has anyone also realized she has lied about her engagement…. she has, years ago, said that her and her bf were gonna get married "very soon", has posted pictures of her engagement ring in the past/ talked about how she'd flaunt her ring at bars and stuff so that people wouldn't hit on her- yet she posted a few weeks ago on twitter, 'just engaged, 9 years overdue'

No. 641635

File: 1532044821579.png (803.35 KB, 557x634, davidcry.PNG)

My bad about thinking Nemu was obsessed with Mac Tonight. It was David. Apparently he cried when he saw Mac Tonight in Chicago.

No. 641639

File: 1532045015744.png (Spoiler Image,299.13 KB, 393x611, 5dc00907a777e24d8be24143167ae0…)

she was selling this dildo

also, i saw that she sold at least one dildo, it was a red one from the other dildo post she made

No. 641640

>that's the love of my life
but has no problem lying and cheating on him with people she met over the internet

No. 641664

Another video of Nemu using her fake high voice


No. 641670

File: 1532046233667.png (50.42 KB, 251x255, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.20…)


No. 641687

File: 1532046625764.jpg (72.39 KB, 500x535, 64279711-2bb0-4339-b560-25530f…)

does anyone remember that nemu said (the "first time they were ""engaged""""") they were gonna have their transformers at the front of the reception at their upcoming wedding

No. 641692

File: 1532046813736.png (530.01 KB, 601x601, Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.2…)

accidental harold cosplay

No. 641695

the amount of porn she drew of herself getting dp'd by that pokemon absolutely ruined it for me

No. 641715

File: 1532047645528.png (Spoiler Image,255.48 KB, 540x698, tumblr_n7rq5j4PXH1s6k853o1_540…)

apparently this was a 3 part commission, that one is 2/3

this is 1/3

No. 641716

File: 1532047685844.png (Spoiler Image,91.8 KB, 500x457, tumblr_n7x172uYOg1s6k853o1_500…)

No. 641729


What makes this even better(worse) is she was telling me all through our relationship, she didnt want to get married or at least for a very long time, because of how much pressure it puts on her when she is "aromantic by nature". Its also the excuse she gave me back in january, that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with anyone(even David she said herself) but then proceeds to get engaged a couple months later to him!!

No. 641731

someone provide please

No. 641732

What the hell was his reasoning behind asking her to quit her job so that he could take care of her and then refusing to pay her bills or even buy her food? Did anyone else see or witness this or do we only have her word on it because it doesn't even make sense.

It would be one thing if he decided to be very controlling as to how much money he gave her or permitted her to spend. That happens and it's a dick move but it's definitely something seen in men who are domineering or afraid their women will leave them. Limit their resources and you have more control.

But to ask her to quit her job then refuse to even buy her food? Even with the most irrational man, this makes no sense. If she submitted to this she would starve and if she didn't she'd need to get another job and they'd be back where they started before she quit. So what was the point of doing it?

Sorry, this has been bothering me. It just sounds so dumb and unlikely.

No. 641743

that's why i keep questioning the validity of the entire story, tbh I don't know w h a t to think!

No. 641769

Since i was talking to her during this time, even i dont remember exactly why she was scarcely getting food or why he was slacking with helping her.

There were a couple times where i offered to send her money for groceries. She didnt always accept it. I just remember being pissed at David when she told me about her not having food. I even urged her to get some kind of food and id want to help teach her how to cook over Skype, since apparently she didnt know how to cook ANYTHING at all and was embarrassed.

No. 641773

Here is the story as I remember it:

Nemu was really, really struggling at her job as a fry cook. She was crying at work constantly and begin to disassociate at work and hurt herself because of it etc. David got a new, high paying job as a graphic designer for some company. So he told her to quit her job so she could focus on her mental health and attend therapy as much as she required. So Nemu quit her job. But David wanted to show off his new income. He bought new laptops, new PS4s and a new car. But the problem was his pay wasn't high ENOUGH to pay for these things AND for someone else's bills. I guess David realised he'd rather have PS4s and cars rather than support his partner. So he told her he wouldn't pay for her bills or food after all as he didn't have any money after buying all this pointless shit. I believe Nemu was telling the truth. Look at how David was in the last thread. He's clearly a fucking idiot and doesn't truly care for Nemu's well being (he both doxed her and focused any blame on him onto her EXTREMELY quickly after entering the thread.) Nemu mentioned before that he has Asian parents who put A LOT of value on looking rich and successful. I'm sure David asked Nemu to stop working because it made him look like a big man who can afford a housewife, and it wasn't until after he got one he realised he couldn't afford it.

No. 641777


I even remember times where she said Jenelle came over and tried to get David to stop fucking around and buy her food. Like it was pitiful how often Christy would tell me she didnt eat anything for a day because she didnt have anything to eat or didnt know what to do with what they did have.

No. 641800

File: 1532050370043.png (3.44 KB, 509x61, ththappened.PNG)

Another story of Nemu being hit on

No. 641814

No. 641859

Not the same pokemon but I found this

No. 641860

File: 1532053663594.png (Spoiler Image,14.07 KB, 501x709, stop.png)

Sorry, meant to attach this

No. 641862

i love honedge and what is this

No. 641899

File: 1532056001516.jpg (133.21 KB, 500x375, a83e9ddf-fed5-455d-8aaa-dc798f…)

christy's waifu collage in her childhood bedroom

No. 641916

why does everyone keep calling them waifus when they're all men outside of like one? shouldn't it be "husbandos"?

No. 641917

i think it's only cos nemu called them all waifus, even tho they're all technically husbandos

No. 641918

I remember her being pretty anti shippy so i’m kinda shocked to see that she had ganondorf/link on there besides the fact that it’s a creepy ship

No. 641919

i have this very vague recollection of an old nemu story- didn't she have a boyfriend in high school who looked like link with fluoride spotty teeth who was like really really nice and sweet? am i remembering this right or was it all some made up memory in my head lmao

No. 641930

no thats true, wasn't that also the one she dumped because he got a tattoo of a nes controller or something?

No. 641931

Oh fuck I remember seeing it lmao the coord connected to his bellybutton it was fucking awful. Let me see if I can find it.

No. 641938

who the fuck is the real person toward the top right

No. 641949

>posted 8 hours ago
>no nudes to be found

These posters are just BSing

No. 641971

I find it ironic that Butch Hartman is getting called on his manipulative bullshit meanwhile a FOP super fan is also getting called her manipulative bullshit

No. 641973

i wonder what butch would say about nemu

No. 641976

File: 1532060566217.png (256.53 KB, 400x769, fop_sketches_1_by_mintypuke-d9…)

that reminds me, another example of nemu playing out her fetish in a pedo-manner….. her FOP character is (described by her) a 'creepy janitor lady' who likes cleaning up the puke
at the school
children's puke

No. 641986

File: 1532061285096.png (Spoiler Image,752.93 KB, 1180x1080, lemonadeslime.png)

nanacomic is at the same level as nemu. she draws a fuckton of shotacon and some loli. Her nsfw tumblr and twitters are "lemonadeslime"

Idk why she thinks she's above Nemu lol

No. 641990

how do you claim to be better than someone who you do the exact same things as i'm

No. 641992

Well to be fair she chose the janitor thing because her mom was a janitor

No. 641995

i guess, it's just the fact that she's touching the puke (main fetish source) of children in dimmsdale, rubs me the wrong way when i think about it hard enough ;\

No. 641997

I feel so gross. I once had a discussion with her on Twitter about janitors cleaning up puke with applewood chips because I worked as one for a while and I completely forgot at that moment she was only talking about puke because she sees it sexually. That's the thing about her, she covers up the most disgusting parts of her fetishes by just hinting at it subtly, but makes the main focus her husbando she finds hot.

No. 642017


Oh boy its this shit again. Got proof how nanacomic is a shitty liar or child predator? If not, give that bullshit a rest already

No. 642019

are blind or stupid or both? the screencap is right there.

No. 642026




No. 642027


Im pretty sure youre blind and stupid because that screencap proves neither of those things.

Drawing fuckin cartoon characters =/= child predator or manipulative liar

No. 642029


GUYS haven't we had this debate like five times on here ffs

No. 642030

lmfao "muh lolicon"

No. 642038

Thanks, anon. This helps me understand. It was less a concerted and/or stupid effort to control her than a financial miscalculation by an asshole who put impressing his family over keeping his promises to his girlfriend. Thanks to also to >>641769 for verifying that this may have happened.

This really is the most disgusting thread on the farms right now. I've felt nauseated reading it. Perhaps going hungry wasn't such a bad thing for a womanchild who brags about masturbating to images of people dying from radiation poisoning or who gives advice on sex or genital piercings to minors. Don't want her to starve or die but maybe she deserves a bit of discomfort.

No. 642050

It's pretty striking how much more relatively normal this batch of husbandos is compared to her later ones. Obviously a few of them are a little perplexing or concerning but for the most part it's adult humanoid men with normal proportions who aren't outrageously ugly, as opposed to the ugliest/oldest/fattest/tiniest/least human character she can find for any show.

I've seen plenty of husbando girls with the same ratio of weird/understandable crushes as this. It's also mostly from media aimed at teens and adults as opposed to elementary school children, even though she was younger here. Interesting considering her go to explanation is muh childhood coping mechanism

No. 642054


I think the "ugliest" character thing is a front. Just to stand out more. Kind of a hipster version of the husbando fangirl. Which is funny that she makes fun of others for being hipsters too

No. 642055

suck a nigga dick

No. 642059

File: 1532065519739.jpg (342.04 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nbvn43QrxQ1sm1433o2_128…)

probably high school binder

No. 642060

File: 1532065540383.jpg (300.16 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nbvn43QrxQ1sm1433o1_128…)

No. 642063

File: 1532065656693.png (Spoiler Image,250.43 KB, 500x581, tumblr_inline_ngcuskCTxV1speh1…)

oh, yeah, some more snakesona weirdness for the drive(spoiler images like this)

No. 642064

Some more nemu stories, cos i just keep remembering so many of them now that this discourse has started up: she was volunteering for the salvation army as one of those bell ringers during the holidays, collecting money, and this man gives her like 40$ but puts it in her hand- she assumes it's for HER, so after her shift is over, she goes out and buys a huge dildo with the money

No. 642065

Hipster is right, she literally sounds and acts like Ellen Page in Juno rather than a clumsy kawaii nice lady

No. 642067

File: 1532065902528.png (251.12 KB, 500x647, tumblr_inline_ngcshy1pJi1speh1…)

No. 642068

File: 1532065945611.jpg (49.62 KB, 1152x1152, FB_IMG_1531918398520.jpg)

This is what her ex, Captain Olimar looks like now lol

No. 642069

the guy who made her hate beards?

No. 642070


It may seem like a stretch but at this point i think she adopted the Mikan Tsumiki personality a bit, since she WAS danganronpa fan.

Knowing her personally, she was also a fan of Celeste Ludenberg, which is… also ironic

No. 642073

File: 1532066237198.jpg (26.95 KB, 471x714, FB_IMG_1531918558820.jpg)

Yep, his beard used to be to his bellybutton

No. 642074

Likely, since she mentioned she takes in fragments of her favorite characters personalities into her own. I recall most notably she mentioned Might Guy and that he was why she wanted to become a teacher I think. Never heard her mention Mikan though.

No. 642075


>beard down to his bellybutton

This guys beard is gross, ill give her that

No. 642076

Holy shit he turned into a total soyboy since then wtf happened

No. 642077

i don't remember her either, i just remember all the celeste/hifumi, cos they basically mirrored dave and herself

No. 642078

its redundant at this point, but she pulled the same shit with me when i was 15-16. her "mama nemu" appeal made it really easy to talk to her. i absolutely think she groomed kids to draw her fetish shit so she'd notice them. gross.

No. 642079


Mikan is very "uwu so delicate, i mean no harm" then turns out to be highly sadistic. It fits at this point

No. 642080

i cant find the caps, but she also had ruby from steven universe as a waifu and drew at least one really disturbing picture of her absorbing ruby

No. 642081


I remember that, but i remember her drawing a picture of her slime/gemsona fucking Ruby

No. 642083

Does anyone know where her new BFF Jenelle is in all this? I would have thought she'd be smart enough to see through the bullshit but maybe she's just brushing it aside and enabling them

No. 642089

She's brushing it off like nothing. She's currently on vacation with her sister, but she liked a tweet from Polterheiist about keeping Nemu safe from harassment.

No. 642098

it's nobody, it's a printout of a popular reaction image from like 2009

No. 642104

File: 1532068349927.jpg (354.73 KB, 680x765, tumblr_mm0wn4UaFe1ro8ahdo1_128…)

so, people have been sharing who were close to her, but i wanna share about my experience and how this has, maybe moreso than it should, messed me up a bit

So, i've suffered from bpd before, one of the symptoms being that you kind of make the personalities of others a part of your own- obviously it leads to loads of internal conflict and struggle, that's not the point here anyway
I first found out about nemu when i was browsing yume nikki r34, cos i liked masada a lot, and thought her art was unique and cool. followed for the art, stayed for the quirky nice sweet lady (as i'm sure many of us did)

Now, because of my tendency to shape my entire being off somebody i admire, someone who i think has their shit together more than me (wow, this girl is the same age as me, yet is going to school all on her own after getting kicked out of home, pays her bills, has a put together life while still being her funny, weird self and doesn't let that stop her from being herself!!), i wanted to be just like her. Art was a passion of mine forever, and when i found her work, i knew i wanted to emulate hers. I just wanted to BE her, because that's the unfortunate way my brain worked back then.

Now, i have always had my share of weird paraphilias, even as a young girl, and those were never things i saw as problems, instead, i embraced them, because she taught us all it was okay. Actually, it was probably BECAUSE i saw a person i loved so much enjoy/portray these fetishes, a lot of them became my own- again, the bpd is kind of at fault here for me, i believe-
no, I'm not saying that she made me have weird fetishes, and I'm sure a lot of the issues i have regarding my sexual preferences are my own, but it all just made me okay with it at the time. To the point where i would inappropriately do things like her, such as express unorthodox fantasies to people who had no business hearing of them- "normies" i guess for lack of a better word

the times she left the internet, i was devastated. what was i to do? i depended on this person to keep showing me how to shape my entire self, and here she was gone, would i ever see her again? when she'd come back on tumblr, I was so happy, finally, my guidepost to how i want to see myself and my life has returned! then she hit her ocdmrcrocker phase and went sjw and (having gone thru a phase like that myself and recognizing how atrocious of a person it made me) I wasn't sure how to feel about this woman who had so drastically changed. Suddenly, she was making me feel awful about myself by speaking out against the very things she had done and taught me to be.
I keep bringing up the bpd, because it really messes with your identity when you emulate others to this degree. imagine only knowing that you want to BE this person, and then this person telling you thatnow, all of that, everything is wrong.

Now, since then, I have gotten professional help and I am so so much better with these things, but I still followed her on the internet, purely for her art. I felt uncomfortable with who she had become as a person (Imagine that, uncomfortable when she ISN'T lewding little boys from vidya, what a trip)

Some of the things i saw her post recently on krocodilekore/kerozeene started not making sense- for example, i mentioned in here earlier about how she just got engaged, but i vividly remember them being engaged back in maybe the angrypauly days. I brushed it off as, oh, maybe they were unengaged for a while, got reengaged, etc.
But then i started thinking of so many other inconsistencies, so many times she would say things that contradicted previous stories (as many have posted in this and the other nemu forum)

Then all this discourse happened.

I don't know, i think what I'm trying to say here is that, imagine the person you looked up to the most for such a huge part of your life, the person who's life you used to want, the person who inspired your fasion/artistic/music choices…suddenly you're reading things in a forum about her that show just what a messed up person they truly are (messed up going beyond barf in her pussy; in a way, the /really/ sick shit she did doesn't even involve what kinds of substances she interacted with sexually), i mean the grooming/the insane inappropriateness of how she demonstrates her sexuality, things like that.

It actually took me a whole day to stop denying things, that's how bad it was starting to mess me up. But y'know what, maybe I needed this. Cos, in the end, the important thing is that a person who does some very concerning things gets called out, but for anyone like me who was trapped under her 'mama nemu' spell and were maybe caught up in the life of some internet person who made us feel some type of way, maybe we need to be snapped out of that and start to recognize that, hey, this is why you're supposed to be your own person.

I'm not sure if this is contributing much, maybe not many people had an experience like mine, but maybe someone did and can relate to me, because unfortunately, this has been on my mind the last couple of days much more than I wish it was.

Again, I wanna stress that I am very much healthier now and have been for a few years, so this isn't the sort of thing I would lose sleep over anymore, but I hope i conveyed why it's still as upsetting to me right now as it is.

I said once before on here, just goes to show that when you have a community presence, you have NO idea what the things that you do affect other people, even if you've never spoken to them before.(blogposting)

No. 642105

wouldn't be surprised if she had a popular reaction image from like 2009 as a waifu, lmaoO

No. 642106

if anyone has, please post- i only remember the one drawing of her gemsona that's in the self insert compilation (it's a little nitpicky and dumb, but it hella bothered me that she was disregarding so many rules of steven universe gem lore to accommodate for her fetishes; i think i'll get over it though :P )

No. 642109

cool story bro

No. 642110

i'm op and i say oof

No. 642111

Woah you described my experience about her as well. I have pretty bad bpd that is not being treated in anyway and this stuff is… I don’t know how to feel about it. I understand she’s a horrible person but I keep feeling that pull to be her. Granted I never lusted after little boys/underage characters, but it just feels weird. So much of me is her now and I feel lost and also very sad but disgusted, all at the same time. Weird.

No. 642112

on that note, who else remembers the story where her parents kicked her out of the house at 16 for finding her stash of vomit stuff on her computer

No. 642114

File: 1532069101198.png (18.34 KB, 581x413, cuddlefuddle_by_mintypuke-d522…)

not glad that someone else feels this way, but it's kind of a relief to know I'm not alone here. you described the parts about parts of yourself being lost now, and i 100% get it.

i think us mama nemu victims need a fucking recovery group or some shit lmaoo

No. 642139

Maybe not a group with all of you in it, maybe you do. Anyway, the point is you guys need help, dont focus on her problems, focus on your own from now on.

Im not one of those that have BPD and were affected like you, but her behaviour has caused a lot of harm for many and thats why this backlash is happening. She keeps saying she goes to therapy and gets help, but there is so much about her that is unhealthy that it will be years and years of dramatic change for her to get straight.

Honestly she may never change even

No. 642142

I definitely agree, the ones who came out of this the worst are people like her friends who she's personally affected, and those minors who she has groomed and exposed to sexually. A few who were younger at the time have spoken out, but I'm 100% certain there's many more who have encountered her in an impressionable state and have probably been affected by it in their adult lives/as they got older.

She's said she's been a victim of sexual abuse as a younger person, and I feel like she has been self aware enough of all this to know better.

No. 642143

also, as for the dramatic change, I'm not saying this mass callout is the solution (like she's been called out before, sure, but idk if it's been to this degree) but she has old friends talking about it publicly, I hope to god this is a first step for her :\

No. 642146


I dont claim to know much about Schizotypal Personality, but her disconnection from reality may be part of that issue. Still she often is cognitive enough to know she is causing a lot of problems.

Why do i think that? Because she will end up apologizing, she will get very depressed, and she claims to feel guilty. However she is also a coward. She would rather ignore that guilt until it no longer hurts

No. 642152

File: 1532073181334.jpeg (89.02 KB, 753x568, 5005D501-FBCA-4D8D-8371-0320E5…)

just wanted to say i had a very similar experience and thanks for sharing all of that. best wishes anon

No. 642162

I think this is the thing people need to realize that is/was so dangerous about Nemu's presence in the community. Because reading your story I was nodding along going, "yes I had the exact same experience." The fact there's been about ten people in this thread alone come forward with such damaged effects of her normalization of things that should NEVER be normalized shows how dangerous she is. I think people still teeter back and forth whether or not she's worth the discussion now but I think that's exactly what she wants. Her entire persona was vulnerability and relatablness and whether or not she realized it she inappropriately interacted and groomed countless people. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience anon.

Also I recall when she went all anti-sex that she made a huge rant blaming 4chan and being raised on 4chan and wanting to be a big titty anime girl and that's why she was so messed up and did everything bad she did. (maybe someone can get the screens they were on her art twit) But thinking back that sounds like a crock of shit.

No. 642180

the kiwi user who is the one making the drive. their un is berserkerarmor i think

No. 642187


lol, these are actually me. wow, i remember making those posts, too. i was and still am shocked over nemu and everything about her. those posts were the start of a couple of years of following her stuff. needless to say, she is a complete nutcase. i actually feel pretty sorry for her, i think she's pretty far gone at this point.

No. 642201

Do not derail the thread or armchair. See the rules under blogging.

No. 642203


I dont think putting some blame on 4chan and similar boards is entirely unfound. Those boards created some fucked up mindsets all for the sake of laughs, and an abused kid like her was ripe for the picking to be influenced by the nature of the community. That doesnt excuse bad behaviour, but its not only her fault.

Anyway i think its better to get the message across that her current method of coping isnt helping her actual problems right now

No. 642231

It might have had some influence but I don't think the website itself is to blame. I've browsed 4chan every day since I was literally 12 and I'm not fucked up. It's her personal situation and personality combined with the hostile imageboard culture. I do think her BPD plays a part in absorbing the 4chan usage as a part of her persona.

No. 642258

If she has bpd as David said, absolutely

No. 642266

Why does she think she's cute? She looks like someone who vomits everyday (haggard af) and has beady little eyes with a huge nose.

No. 642269

It's not hard to think you're cute when you go out of your way to surround yourself with fat, ugly people.

No. 642284

She looks soooo much like June/Shoe when she is wearing this wig. They both have the weirdly long philtrums.

No. 642286

She is cute compared to pretty much everyone else who has her personality and fetishes

No. 642288

random recollections i have from following her years ago. these are from my memory so the details may not be exact but i believe they’re all true, or that nemu presented it that way.


iirc this was the name of a side tumblr blog (or a similar name) she made when she felt she couldn’t share certain kinks on her main tumblr. yes apparently nemu felt that feces was ok for her main blog but other things weren’t. this blog had an entirely black and white layout and contained lots of reblogs of abandoned, decaying, and otherwise derelict buildings. she explained here that her “destroyed buildings” fetish had something to do with the fact that they were tainted or badly damaged, which turned her on.
she would also post nudes of herself on this blog as if she were taking them for her “fictional others”. they were not very graphic and it was really one of the less cringey things she would do.
i also remember that she made a post one time on that side blog where she did something pretty out of character, at least from what i knew of her, which was actually engage in some self reflection about one of her fetishes (i followed her mostly in the worst of her acting out and before she began “recovery”.) she wrote a post about her mother’s suicide attempt and what she had witnessed and went into detail about how her mom had vomited all over herself from trying to overdose and nemu, who was young (a toddler i think? a child?) at the time, was trying to comfort her without understanding what had happened. it was a horrifying account of just one incident in a fucked up childhood and it still unsettles me to think about the scene she described. but knowing that story filled in a piece of the puzzle about why she’s the way that she is, and how some of her unusual sexual deviancies might have formed. i am not here to armchair anything, but clearly the memory was/is very vivid for her.

>nemu and vomiting

one thing i remember is nemu saying more than once that she did not often engage in vomiting herself not because of a lack of interest, but because the act was physically painful and uncomfortable for her. she said vomiting would cause blood vessels to blow in her face and give her headaches, really bad side effects, etc. i found it strange that she made it seem like she rarely vomited due to this, but that she also talked about wild vomit sex scenarios she had or wanted to participate in. i think with most nemu related things the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

>nemu and accountability

i’ve seen comments here and on kiwi farms about how everyone is so surprised that nemu was able to be a teacher and do all the things she did on the internet, and how they were shocked she could get hired, etc.
you severely underestimate nemu’s ability to repress information. she is adept at reinventing herself, and despite having images of herself linked to a long internet history, up until david said her full name, the VAST majority of nemu’s tumblr followers had no idea what even just her real first name was, let alone her bf’s name or where she worked. nemu was actually very diligent about separating her online activities from her real life, and the fact that she went YEARS online without something like this happening is proof of that. it also helped that for most of her time on tumblr she had plenty of friends who were almost just as attentive about her privacy. to find information on nemu back then, you really really had to dig.

No. 642294

continued. to clarify on the david thing, i mean that up until he wrote “christy walker” in the last thread, you would not be able to find even the smallest link between that name and the online persona of nemu. it was honestly unlikely to have ever come up in this thread if he hadn’t LITERALLY doxed her. i don’t know what he was thinking when he did that. all of that work nemu did for years to keep her name private for the sake of her career and schooling, and now it is gone and can never be undone because of the man she has spent the last decade with and is now engaged to. wew lad, if i had a fiancé do something like that to me i think i’d be searching the deep web for a hitman right about now.

i have a bunch of other random nemu factoids and stuff floating around in my head but i’ll return to this thread later.

No. 642326

I'd agree that tumblr was something of a walled garden, but she was sloppy on other social media platforms and her friends were even sloppier. Prior to her most recent blanking spree, there were more than enough dots to connect. Some of us wanted to watch the shitshow, not chase her off the internet.

That said, David sure is a moron.

No. 642330

oh, i agree, some sleuthing would have enabled interested parties to figure it out back then, but all i’m saying is that there were no real, direct connections between “christy walker” and “nemu” that would come up on a quick google search by, for example, a possible employer. but now there will be.
hope you have a way to make that one up to her, david.

No. 642348

Anyone who had been following her for a long time knew her full name as she used to give away the name of the newspaper she won that award for and she was easily traceable through that. I think The few of us that did know her full name were never going to actually post it here. I couldn't believe my eyes when David posted it. At first I thought he only said it because the poster he was replying to did or something. I honestly can't believe it

No. 642349

didn't think this was particularly noteworthy, but this post makes m think it's worth mentioning. at some point she said she worked in a movie theater, and that one of her coworkers was an ex. after being told to clean up some kid's puke, the ex says "you should get nemu to do it, she loves vomit!" she made a point to mention that this upset her, because oh, her love of vomit comes from a special place of wanting to care for a sick individual… no way would she be turned on cleaning up some random kid's puke!

even at the time i thought it was weird. if that happened to me, i wouldn't post about it online. really seemed like a thinly veiled attempt to evoke sympathy, like "i'm just a nice lady that likes vomit, this guy even implying i'd like kiddie puke just because of my unconventional fetish is SO mean :("

No. 642415

that's ironic considering her FOP self insert DID like cleaning up kiddie puke

No. 642430

yeezus,i too used to follow her back when i was a minor,she really did fuck w my head under her nice uwu spell,i didnt know it was this bad.
anyways,i only have a few memories of the things she posted.one she talked about how she had a third boob removed (?) and remember her posting pics of it. another when she drew her su insert to ruby and saphire,and had a nuclear meltdown when ppl called her out,that one was hilarious

No. 642449

Her self-inserts never existed independently in the cartoon's reality. She would take parts of her life (mom was a janitor) and fit it into the world. She had that thing where she agonize over making it "plausible". As soon as she had a 1-D backstory all fantasizing was about her waifus. Pretty sure she said she had "no imagination" which is partly true since, as others have pointed out, she herself said her personality was just a pasted together amalgam of the media she liked and the places she frequented. So, 4chan directly to Tumblr. No wonder she ended up so fucked.

No. 642480

I used to be friends with Nemu. We didn't talk every single day but we talked quite often and I think that fucked me up, considering I was a minor (this would've roughly been 4 - 5 years ago, maybe a bit less, I don't remember that clearly).

As someone who didn't have a great relationship with their mom, someone like Nemu was such a draw-in with how caring and ready to give attention she was. And someone else also mentioned you get drawn in to wanting to be like her - I experienced this too but not so bad.

I think when you like her you can ignore how overtly sexual and gross she is because she is just so nice. But when you're a kid you don't realise how much of it you actually take in. I cannot vomit from having too much alcohol without thinking about Nemu, instantly. I can't have someone mention vomit, pregnancy, whatever, without thinking of it as an inherently sexual thing.

These aren't even fetishes of mine, I don't find them to be sexual or arousing. But there is a constant, persistent, association of these gross things with her. I was happy being exposed to this sort of content at first because I think people should celebrate what they're into, but I think another anon mentioned that normalisation of THESE types of kinks to THIS extent to kids does no good whatsoever.

Nemu could do so much better and could reflect real deep on how she treats others, how her public image effects others, but the fact she chooses not to and her boyfriend nor friends don't try to help her move past it either is so disappointing and degrading to people who were like this that actually bothered to try to change how they were

No. 642487

its sad but they dont really give a shit about the people they hurt, just their image. hope that someday youre able to move past her fucked up shit, anon

No. 642489

File: 1532111793295.png (71.73 KB, 616x346, huh.png)


Huh. She's also removed all the pictures of Christy from her instagram. Is she actually seeing the light, or is this merely damage control?

No. 642490

>William Murderface

Any /cgl/ fags remember that anon making a murderface itabag, they posted in the itabag thread a few times last year. I can't help but wonder if it was nemu now, not that many people can really be into him. Plus the whole planet piss thing.

No. 642492

How (in)famous was namu back on tumblr?
I used to be a lot on tumblr around the same time she was the most active (judging by the dates that has been posted here) but I never came across her art? But judging by the people here she had a big following tho.

No. 642495

she stayed pretty popular until https://youmadeabigmistakethere.tumblr.com/ and others started to call her out on her shit. even then people were vehemently defending her. she stayed quiet and only reblogged things, then shut down all together.

No. 642498

i remember her crush on pete wentz from the happy tree friends music video. i think her icon on twitter for a while was a picture of him puking

No. 642509

Does this mean she’s bailing on nemu after all this fiasco?

No. 642517

God I hope so, Jelly is actually a pretty good person. I hope she gets away from all of this.

No. 642525

i think she deleted them because christy pestered her to. i really hope she sees the light, i actually like her. she's a cutie despite being friends with the mess that is nemu

No. 642554

Jenelle's recently liked tweets are a mostly from Nemu's orbiters. Damage control.

No. 642583

File: 1532116791703.jpeg (227.52 KB, 1242x1025, FC90B418-C82E-4989-941F-E92968…)

She doesn’t mention Christy here, which I do think is kind of interesting. She obviously knows about the drama right now but you would think she would still mention her.

No. 642611

oh yeah theres no way this doesn’t confirm they’ve cut ties

No. 642630


Its REALLY suspicious because she mentions Joel, a rando OW cosplayer they both met and were friends with and also Erin, an old mutual friend, but no mention of Christy.

No. 642670

And, to add another off topic note, she’s not following Christy’s private twitter or art twitter anymore.

No. 642695

jenelle would make posts like this constantly about christy and david so it’s interesting that she excluded them during a time where they would need a lot of support. or maybe she’s just helping them lay low. very weird either way

No. 642697

I don't think Jenelle ever followed Christy's art account. Also right now no one's following Christy's private since there's 0 followers.

No. 642715

I highly doubt they've cut ties, it most likely Jen is trying to keep the heat off herself by not bringing up Christy's name

No. 642785

y'all think she'll come back? it's been radio silent which is kinda boring.

No. 642796

she'll show up again after she stops pretending to be in the hospital

No. 642798

probably not for a while. the “radio silence” isn’t much more than an extension of what nemu has already been doing for the last 3 years, which is keeping her head pretty low in fandom. tumblr nemu was the absolute milkiest nemu, and that ended in 2015. i think the most this thread will be able to do is hash out this old milk, then the thread is just going to fizzle out because all of her most interesting shit happened a long time ago. imagine how fun/hilarious this thread would have been in her heyday of wackiness.

No. 642799

Christy lives off being online. Last time she got kicked off Tumblr she made a private Twitter 4 days later.
If anything she's probably on Discord getting asspats and telling her orbiters who to block next before she comes back.

No. 642903

I feel like I've seen some of those usernames follow me recently. I need to check my email might just be paranoid

No. 642917

I haven't even said anything about Christy on my Twitter and her orbiters have been gradually blocking me

No. 642926


I imagine theyre trying to block anyone they dont already know well enough. Some really desperate damage control right now. Its sad

No. 642987

She’s probably still active on Discord as we speak, she’ll be back under a new persona within a month. It’s gonna be a lot harder to find now that Jen is pretending she doesn’t exist

No. 643040

which ones? i wanna see if i was blocked lol(sage posts like this)

No. 643048

The_Bad_Batter, misfitmiddlekid, dead80s, piinkhamster, kimispice, witchhearted, gloamgarden, bearpigman, and Jenelle

No. 643076

Sadly it might have to go radio silent in order for her to come back. She was watching this thread like a hawk. Deleting her videos and profiles as we were posting them. She must be checking obsessively.
I went to watch a video just a couple hours after it was posted in the first thread and it was already gone.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she even sent David here to try to defend her.

No. 643085

She may be watching the thread. At this point i wouldnt be surprised if she is SENDING her remaining friends to defend her, but after what David did, she probably decided to shut them up, since obviously that was a terrible idea the first time. I havent seen any actual defending of Christy SINCE he fucked up so hard last thread

No. 643087

I thought it was hilarious Polterheiist and their boyfriend deactivated their accounts because we saw that bullshit tweet of theirs "omg Holden called me and she helped out old men at the hospital I love that bitch so much!!!"
Tbh anybody else who's been defending her are people she's never talked about they're just attached to her.

No. 643091


Polterheiist….is that the gf of Nemu's friend McGama? I'm wondering because that guy was also an asshole that had a crush on Christy but then ended up getting pissed at her

No. 643105

File: 1532160837850.jpeg (570.38 KB, 1242x1251, C4306642-E8B3-45B2-84D8-B704E4…)

A tweet that Jenelle liked. Do we really think she’s just saving face?

No. 643121

No. McGama is dating history1970s. What happened between McGama and Christy? 1970s is a defender. They got their own share of problems.

No. 643133

She knows her likes are being watched. If she was sincere she’d make an outright statement about it

No. 643160

File: 1532168703673.jpg (19.49 KB, 600x429, EMGN-Belly-buttons8.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is him

No. 643179

holy fuck that's an ugly tattoo.

No. 643210

No. 643212

to be honest, 1970s is just as big of a lowcow as christy is

No. 643215

seriously she is. we were mutuals for a few months, but i had to unfollow her because she was so controlling. also the fact she felt like she had to have a say in everything just because she's dating a latino guy rubbed me the wrong way.
i always thought the cockroach thing was weird. i remember last year she tried calling out some guy because his dad was racist.

No. 643227

funny enough, i followed her back when her tumblr had a swastika in the sidebar picture. (p sure there are archives of it lol) on her old dA she would talk about how she HATED fat girls and had a fetish for nazi uniforms, now she's a communist SJW. really makes you think lmfao

No. 643239

holy shit LMAO and the funny thing is she wanted to be friends with me because she tried warning me about some guy with a race fetish. sounds like pure projection now. this is good info anon, thank you. my literal ex-sjw story is because of nemu and her orbiters. now i don't feel so insane.

No. 643277


Thats super weird, because McGama put me on his shit list after i made a stupid joke about Doug Funnie possibly being jewish. Im thinking McGama is jewish

No. 643280

If anything she probably liked this post in reference to Xan, not Nemu

No. 643308

if he is, then thats hilarious. dating a former nazi fetishist? kek

i wouldn't be surprised if she still has the same mindset but is using the commie sjw shtick to hide it.

No. 643312

Christy Lynn Walker will always hide from the net for a couple years and wait for everyone to forget the fuckery shes done and come back, hi christy. anyways i used to follow some of her friends that had there own issues(moth/famingo etc) but even they are done with her bullshit and want nothing to do w her

No. 643333

she can't last a couple of years, she can barely leave for one month. Attention from others is her life fuel

No. 643337

File: 1532190762240.png (242.13 KB, 518x361, verykookyandrandom.png)

No. 643338

File: 1532190782813.png (297 KB, 499x342, cryiing.png)

No. 643339

important note about this:
she had "cucking mama" as her public name on twitter. She would OFTEN have sexual name on Twitter. She usually had a kids cartoon set as her profile. I can't imagine the amount of children who stumbled across her profile seeing a cute cartoon only to actually read her name and bio.

No. 643340

She looks like she's being forced to act sooo quirky

Anybody else remember when Christy said she lost her virginity to a Nintendo 64 controller?

No. 643359

Not sure I'd describe a pair of Alaskan CP artists as having the moral high ground, but they have done a much better job of locking down all of the gross shit they both did. I don't know if this recently gone Nemu is the last iteration but it feels like it might be. Every time she came back it was a little less milky (except ocdmrcrocker that was a wild ride). Feels like the Nemu train is winding down. Who knows though.

No. 643362

She never wound down. She simply locked content behind private accounts. The castlecrush milk from as recently as 2016, then she moved to Miserymire where she was clearly continuing.

No. 643365

I followed the misery one until late last year. Castlecrush was the one where she had the Love Love Vacation with chom. Then she changed to miserymore. I'll give you that castlecrush was possibly on par with some of the Tumblr days, but it never hit that fever pitch. Miserymore was even less entertaining. It's just ended up being sadposting and SJW shit which is a dime a dozen. Even if she did remake I don't know I'd be interested enough to seek it out. Again, we'll see. She may go batshit after this recent round.

No. 643374

how the hell did you manage to get her to accept a follow request? whenever i tried she'd just deny it.

No. 643384

i had been a long-time follower on her Tumblr and Twitter. Never interacted much but I guess I never did anything specifically bad? I saw someone leak recent stuff from the misery account in the first thread so there were a few like me who were still hanging around.

No. 643385

She was going to become a cam girl a few years ago, she might just do that now and fly her freak flag high now that she has this under her real name

No. 643393


I doubt it at this point. When she wanted to be a cam girl, she was still really cavalier with her sexcapades.

She ended up not doing it because of how scared to be live on camera she was. So now that shes even going "all porn is bad!!!" She probably wont do sex work.

But considering the situation, who knows if thats believable anymore lol

No. 643400

last time i heard she got a job in computer tech after being fired? she also posted a list of jobs she was applying to on her krocodilekore acct

No. 643441

File: 1532200616919.png (5.17 KB, 374x125, v anti kinkshaming.PNG)

wowie zowie

No. 643442

unrelated but i wanted to tell you i really like your art and despite everything thats gone on i think youre an alright guy, sorry you got fucked over by christy.

No. 643449

File: 1532201545556.png (276 KB, 489x266, OHGOD.PNG)

No. 643496


Hi chombie

Why do you draw children getting fucked and then post in here about how bad that apparently is?

No. 643502

her twitter is private. most children wouldn’t know or care what “cucking mama” means, and none of them would be breaking down her door for access to her twitter. there are thousands of accounts with sexual display names, and sexual content is permitted by twitter’s site rules. don’t make retarded pearl-clutching posts like this. it lessens the seriousness of the other things nemu has done.

No. 643513

because he’s a degenerate waste of oxygen neckbeard.
remember that nemu was attracted to him for a reason. the fact that she treated him poorly doesn’t mean that he’s a good person.

No. 643517

Some of those artworks aren't Chom's, this is a better link http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/user_id=74088/1

No. 643573

>this is a better link
>includes even more cp and pony art

I can't tell if this is Chombie trying to cover his ass and failing or a joke

No. 643577

Its better because it only shows his art you brainlet

No. 643588

No. 643592

yikes lmao

No. 643595

File: 1532207921740.png (Spoiler Image,369.7 KB, 1421x739, Chombie-208313-Kitty_Kitty_Luy…)

lmao Christy got this one commissioned in 2013

No. 643626


I didnt post in here about "how bad that is" tho?

These whistle blower anons are really bad at this lmao

No. 643647

cho, you're not a degenerate waste of oxygen neckbeard because of hypocrisy. you're a degenerate waste of oxygen neckbeard for masturbating to and illustrating these things in the first place. hth :o)

No. 643650


Thanks anon, thats better

No. 643651

Yeah actually that sums this all up pretty nicely.

No. 643656

birds of a feather flock together

No. 643679


history1970s is now alluding to someone or a few people attacking her, lmao is that in reference to whats going on here?
either way both her and mcgama seem to attract or stay in circles with questionable people. remember olias or rotating floor?

No. 643686


No. 643689

Lmao i feel like i vaguely remember this? I do remember she said she ruined a wiimote by masturbating with it- anyone got a list of weird stuff nemuchristy has stuck in her orifices?

I remember a picture of the SpongeBob electric toothbrush she used to masturbate with since she was younger, how she lost her anal virginity with a hairbrush (iirc?)

No. 643691

hi rami

No. 643698

File: 1532215173510.png (40.69 KB, 585x457, aBaI4dM.png)

i'm starting to think its unrelated but even if it is with the timing and all its interesting that searching her handle and lolcow bring up the site

no idea who that is

No. 643699

Olias was the guy who wanted to make Neopets themed t-shirts in tribute to Trayvon Martin's death

No. 643701

sage i wish there was an olias thread he was such a weirdo

No. 643702

He also told absolutely everyone about his masturbatory habits and sent pictures of his own feces to friends.
Yet another cow related to all of this.

No. 643705

Didn't 1970s make the callout post on Olias though? And Rotating Floor seems to have disappeared. If anyone knows his current handles though feel free to post them.

No. 643706

Why do radical sjws always wanna keep receipts on everyone else but as son as someone pulls receipts on them "lmao i was in an abusive relationship at the time as a minor so what's wrong with /you/"

No. 643711

Seriously peoples entire relationships with this circle of people was abusive in itself

No. 643719


history1970s changed her url to hisstory1970s so she definitely knows about people mentioning her somewhere/here, at the very least

No. 643737

That happened over a year ago though.

No. 643738

whenever people say "hi ___" on this thread 9 times out of 10 its orbiters paranoid that their friends are talking shit about them. really shows how much trust there is between the crazies in this inner circle

No. 643740

sure it was because of an abusive relationship. even people with half a brain know fetishizing nazism (or communism lmao) is fucking gross, minor or not. she probably still holds onto that shit along with her hatred for other women but hides it by pretending to be an sjw saint lmfao

No. 643745

I'm sure you understand that those are excuses you give if you want to avoid taking responsibility or get some sort of pass on past wrongdoings

No. 643750

File: 1532219581607.png (191.35 KB, 550x705, 9089089-7897898.png)

just going through Nemu things i archived .. don't think anybody posted this one here yet

No. 643755

File: 1532219999835.jpg (59.32 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mc9ci3XSo51r6ubth.jpg)

No. 643757

I followed history1970s on twitter for a while before having to unfollow because the majority of her posts were begging for donations and crying about how she was broke yet spends her money on tamagotchis and other useless junk, she's almost comparable to chris chan.

No. 643762


Fair, haven't kept up with History at all and thought it was changed because she was being brought up here. My mistake, though

No. 643763

used to be mutuals with her years ago and would talk to me about throwing up in general, asked me to send her pictures of my vomit and basically gave me tips how to make myself throw up which contributed to me developing an ED
when i was reading earlier threads i kept being reminded of history1970s and now it makes a lot of sense that they ran in the same circles lol

No. 643764

The only people I feel sorry for are the minors who got exposed to her crazy and inappropriate sexual content. Everyone else is just one to two steps away from her in terms of how bad they are, whatever side they're on now. Reading these threads has shown me that much.

No. 643773

yep. if they were smart they'd delete everything and try to start a new, less pedophilic life, but they're just frantically stalking this site instead :^)

No. 643782

God yeah that too. They were begging for donations right after buying a new gaming chair and computer. congrats you're not actually poor, Emma you just need to learn how to finance

No. 643783

She k n e w how many of her followers were impressionable yet still did things that caused them damage in the end. She needs to publicly aknowledge that now. Not saying it'll fix anything, cos nothing really will, damage is done, but if she's not a sociopath, this should set her on the right track in truly starting her recovery

No. 643790

didnt she also offer nudes in exchange for money right after that

No. 643791

yes yes she did

No. 643796

She made foot fetish videos of herself stomping in raspberries too

No. 643807

history1970s is probably doing damage control right now

No. 643809

File: 1532223820084.png (116.29 KB, 720x1280, image.png)

Can someone do some digging on witapepsi, since she was mentioned in that history1970s tweet? All I found is she used to be mutuals with Nemu, most recent reply from November 2016. The rest is just video games, nothing super personal. And this tweet, which I think could only be in reference to this trainwreck

No. 643813

in a reply she wasn't even sure if twitter witapepsi was the same person as the one posting on lolcow

No. 643814

its the same

No. 643863

This is witapepsi, the tweet was about this whole thing. I was in here moments before David dropped my name in his… introductory letter lmao
If u want some weird fetish dirt from me all I made was some Layton tea porn in 2012 back when I first got into the friend circle on Tumblr, but that's it.
I unfollowed Christy in March the day she went SJW on the school kids lol it was too much for me

No. 643865


Who in this thread actually still follows Christy and her orbiters? Are there any updates?

Is there anyone who was a rabid follower that changed due to this drama?

No. 643870



No. 643874

LexyEevee and Glitchedpuppet

No. 643877

afaik she really was in a violent abusive relationship, but imo she never quite got rid of her misogyny and she's always reblogging the most guilt-tripping, fear-mongering, terf-threatening, thought-policing posts tumblr has to offer. you would think someone who was once an anti-feminist and nazi fetishizer, minor or otherwise, would at least have a little sympathy for people with views that aren't pure as snow tumblr approved opinions. but no, anyone who deviates deserves to be no-platformed or even beaten, except her, because she had an excuse. no one else gets one though! reminds me of nemu's attitude towards porn.

No. 643885

Tbh how does it not raise any flags to befriend someone who used to be a Nazi fetishist and now wants to be the local spokesperson for communism? Some prime example horseshoe theory going on over here.
Hist1970s actively seeks out non-whites to befriend, it's makes me skin crawl.

No. 643890

>it's makes me skin crawl.
sorry but i read that in mr.krabs voice

No. 643892

Don't give Christy any ideas anon lol

No. 643897

how much longer do you think chrisy will reply to this thread,or anywhere exposing her. she must be dying to prove everyone wrong and continue her nice facade

No. 643905

She most likely won't. I don't think she's ever been face to face with anybody because anybody who's for real spoken up about her have nothing to hide essentially and be up front about anything she'll attempt to get under their skin for.
Chrom knows who he is, Xan knows who she is, same with Mara, and anybody else who's spoken up.

The most she'll do is write a long essay about her stay in the hospital and compliment the nurses and old people and just say everything from her ocdmrcrocker blog in a different way.

No. 643913

No. 643914

Idk, but i have a feeling she really is in the hospital right now, so who knows

No. 643926


I hope its for her mental breakdown and not actually cancer…

No. 643929

when was cancer ever mentioned? what the hell lol

No. 643930

A question for the ages- if christynemu ever got cancer, do you think she'd be wet 24/7 from the radiation treatments and be happy as a clam, or

No. 643931

No. 643944

File: 1532237131975.png (Spoiler Image,949.34 KB, 750x1334, E79876AC-1265-4B11-93A8-E595B1…)

I laughed way too hard at this

Here’s some old Christy commission stuff i found while lurking sweet-bitsy’s blog so im not totally irrelevant

No. 643945

File: 1532237155286.png (770.86 KB, 750x1334, 8123CFD1-AC94-4FE6-9FB3-2432CF…)

No. 643981

The hospital is a front aided by friends. Going blackout and changing ailiases and the hospital cover is an attempt to disappear again. She's doing fine.

No. 643986


I'm inclined to believe the hospital story, if only because she's done it before and shown proof of admittance papers. She never really disappears either. I bet by the end of the week she has a new private twitter and obsessively gatekeeps it.

No. 644009

She has worked fast food and substitute teaching jobs. Where does she get the money to check herself into a hospital stay to recuperate from people talking about her on the internet?

No. 644011

David probably takes care of that

No. 644013

"Hi, I'm checking myself in to stay for a while." "Umm ok what's the issue" "I have shit and vomit fetishes and people are talking about me on the internet" "Okay sign here!"

Yeah I don't believe it.

No. 644017


You may not be in the US, but here if you need treatment, they treat you, even if you're flat-broke. That's how you end up with thousands and thousands of medical debt. So it's absolutely possible.

Nah you just say you're having a nervous breakdown and think you might hurt yourself. Those are the magic words, they'll shove you somewhere.

No. 644021

even still, her jobs can't be too thrilled about her taking all this time out to be hospitalized

No. 644023

That's interesting. I'm outside the US yes, and in a country where it would be free to do this. But you'd have to do a reasonably good job of pretending you'd hurt yourself to get in. Of course there are private places where you can pay also.

No. 644041

File: 1532258803389.png (605.91 KB, 476x794, mamnemu.PNG)

mama nemu giving advice on how not to be jealous of other people liking your fictional crush

No. 644043

File: 1532259082548.png (Spoiler Image,116.48 KB, 323x524, toaddiknpuke.png)

Toad with his dick out and puking

No. 644044

File: 1532259771964.png (721.24 KB, 519x769, bojangles.PNG)

She took her toys to work with her

No. 644045

File: 1532259943099.png (10.63 KB, 477x159, celes.PNG)

Nemu wanting to abandon everyone in her life to fuck a Monokuma plush

No. 644046

File: 1532259962224.png (549.5 KB, 516x532, comtruise.PNG)

No. 644047

File: 1532259995934.png (11.05 KB, 470x167, gob.PNG)

Who's gob?

No. 644048

File: 1532260021767.png (11.47 KB, 476x200, uhoh.PNG)

No. 644049

Fallout 3 ghoul

No. 644050

File: 1532260147083.png (23.67 KB, 501x232, bedtime.PNG)

No. 644055

File: 1532261081516.png (29.32 KB, 394x105, triforce.PNG)

Nemu used to shave her pubes into a triforce in high school

No. 644058

File: 1532261527153.png (Spoiler Image,160.33 KB, 406x547, 4chandidthis.PNG)

>4chan did this
>This single picture from DeviantArt did this
pick one Christy!

No. 644073

has she posted any more tweets? shes got to be watching this thread lol

No. 644149

There wouldn't be anything wrong with this really if she didn't both put her vaginal fluids on the toys and work with food

No. 644152

Oh my God, of course she had to also attach her gross self to G1 MLP. Disgusting

No. 644224

Interesting how deep her voice is here wow it’s almost like in every other video she’s faking it but once someone is around she can’t fake that voice!

No. 644258

File: 1532280719473.jpg (112.07 KB, 524x1006, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o1_128…)

No. 644259

File: 1532280736809.jpg (108.07 KB, 513x871, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o2_640…)

No. 644260

File: 1532280749989.jpg (77.5 KB, 478x815, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o4_640…)

No. 644262

File: 1532280781424.jpg (119.84 KB, 543x891, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o5_640…)

No. 644263

File: 1532280793880.jpg (111.73 KB, 554x1003, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o6_128…)

No. 644264

File: 1532280812731.jpg (88.66 KB, 457x742, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o7_500…)

No. 644266

File: 1532280832724.jpg (167.54 KB, 759x1013, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o8_128…)

No. 644267

File: 1532280850009.jpg (136.16 KB, 664x1022, tumblr_nnosg8AGEO1sm1433o9_128…)

No. 644273

Some of her outfits are okay but this one is just… badly trying really hard to be like Alice Glass

No. 644276

File: 1532281393087.png (593.69 KB, 369x680, teehee.PNG)


No. 644308

Somewhat OT but I remember the person who drew this. I wonder where she is now and whether anyone archived her art.

No. 644310

compare the voices in these two clips to each other. Listen to the first then the second immediately after

No. 644314

I can say that David probably wasn't lying about how much he didn't know how she acted online until recently when he got a Twitter himself.
I remember she did say he looked at her timeline from time to time, but mainly used the computer for himself and his hentai.

No. 644416

so i managed to dig up the nudes i promised to post a while ago. are they still relevent enough? should be safe to post them too - considering they were all technically posted on a public site

No. 644417

Sheesh, to be honest so many of my fashion choices throughout the years have 100% been inspired by nemu… so I guess I can't help but be a bit biased haha

No. 644419

Yall'ready KNOW we wanna see em

No. 644426

File: 1532294513174.png (6.1 KB, 571x215, OLIAS SHITS ON IPHONE.PNG)

He really is such a weirdo.

No. 644432


Her style is so… matronly. It’s like she knows the basics of how to dress for her age (i.e a young woman), but she’d rather dress like a 48 year old spinster librarian instead. She must give off really weird vibes in person, with her young looking but weird face, gangly body, and schoolmarm clothes.

No. 644433

show us the allegedly three boobed Nice Lady!

No. 644437

Post them. They are allowed here and Nemu once shared them herself anyway.

No. 644438

ot but she blasted herself off the internet as far as I know and has her own mental issues to put it shortly. (I used to be a close friend.)

No. 644440

That reminds me one of the reasons why she dresses in clothing so "modest" is because she had really bad acne scars on her shoulders. She got rid of the scars by exfoliating, which means she probably never scrubbed her body when washing it, just rubbed soap on it with her hands.

No. 644442

I need more on this Olias guy. Background story? Links?

No. 644443

Especially if she shared them publicly then post away. We need a complete archive.

No. 644452

He lived with minipete for a while, I think he also lived with History1970s and McGama too. He pretends he's vegan, but people who've hung out with him have witnessed him down a Big Mac three times a week. After 1970s wrote the callout about him he sperged online saying he was never going online again and going to spend the rest of his life eating bean sprouts.

No. 644470

Where is he now? Any links or archives of his stuff?

No. 644471

File: 1532297776284.png (Spoiler Image,410.56 KB, 662x894, 20180722_231452.png)

dump (heh) incoming

No. 644472

File: 1532297855281.png (Spoiler Image,868.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180722-231302.png)

No. 644473

File: 1532297912060.png (Spoiler Image,460.34 KB, 720x554, 20180722_231423.png)

she had a thing for sans at one point

No. 644474

Her nipple rings look so…. loose

No. 644475

File: 1532298053683.png (Spoiler Image,243.2 KB, 720x308, 20180722_231437.png)

christy showing off how far she can stick her hand in there to everyone i guess?

No. 644478

File: 1532298174865.png (358.79 KB, 720x339, 20180722_231358.png)

and that's all i could find for now, i thought i was certain i had more. anyway here's a super old pic of her drooling all over her DS. totes kawaii ^_^

No. 644480

I wonder if anyone will ever find the one with her vag fluid on the ds

No. 644482

File: 1532298376989.jpg (22.76 KB, 250x246, 2343556.jpg)

No. 644485

I hate how I have a vivid recollection of these photos.
That fucking fisting one looks so weird.

He's still online lol just changed usernames.
History1970s' callout post: https://archive.fo/Nu1EB
His recollection of living with minipete: https://archive.fo/y6wN4
His "never going online again" moment: https://archive.fo/HD8XT
Olias' twitter: https://twitter.com/Peace_Giant

And to add, History1970s is still spending money on expensive shit according to her Insta https://www.instagram.com/blattodeababy/ but it's OK though, right? She JUST got a job

No. 644487

Is this spit or something else? I'm concerned after she squirted vaginal fluid over this exact same game shot iirc

No. 644491

We need to see the horrific pussy pump photo

No. 644493

the expensive spending never stops, she posts often on twitter about buying tamagotchis and then sells them later when she runs out of cash lol

No. 644495

that always annoyed me about her. "waa im so poor buy my commissions/nudes!" then goes on to buy expensive tamagotchis (more recently tattooes). glad to hear she's finally got a job but i bet you the majority of the money she earns will go to shit she doesn't need.

No. 644505

She's extremely guilt trippy and manipulative when she wants money lol
I can't believe how she and McGama got to go to Disney World? Where'd the money come from? She goes to cons too? And also buys tons of Tamas and figures? I wish I could do that lol

No. 644506

agreed. based off her accounts it looks like the tattoo was one from a friday the 13th sale of some sort

No. 644509

Remember Xan her piercer? Not exactly the best shop in town lol.

No. 644511

they went to disney world? jesus fuck. i wish i could do that too, i sure wonder how she manages to afford trips, tamagotchis/figures and body mods while being "poor". shouldn't that money be going to food and bills?

No. 644514

i think she got her nipples done at another place unless Xan repierced them. correct me if i'm wrong but aren't they supposed to be a little roomy while it's healing? they do look a little too big tho

No. 644519

Emma must feel really powerful LARPing as a communist and stealing money from her black and brown followers she surrounds herself with

No. 644523

>searched "pauly" up
>he's a minor character
wtf? how does somebody have such an autistic desire to fuck a character that appears less than 10 minutes in the game? jesus, if you really want to bang ugly characters make sure they have some development and purpose at least.

No. 644525

That’s her whole schtick. Being obsessed with minor fat characters, and ugly fat villains.
Mainly so she can be special because she’s the only person who likes the character.
She’s been known to stop liking certain characters once they become popular.

No. 644527

>friday the 13th
surprised her disturbing fixation with the series hasn't been brought up yet

No. 644530

File: 1532302292851.jpg (59.5 KB, 500x375, 1528741809937.jpg)

I guess that's why she stopped caring about sans then. Her and DisneyFan01 would be great friends if Nemu wasn't so fucking disgusting. Both have weird fetishes for ugly and deformed evil men. At least hybristophiles want to bang the hot evil ones.

No. 644533

>correct me if i'm wrong but aren't they supposed to be a little roomy while it's healing?

No. I have both of mine done and there is not supposed to be any “roominess” in the healing hole. it’s supposed to be pieced around where the areola meets the nipple. It looks like hers were pierced around the right place (could have been a touch deeper) but wasn’t pierced through the centre. It looks like it was pierced too low and it is migrating and rejecting. That’s what my ex girlfriend’s started looking like before she had to remove them permanently.

No. 644536

does her username have something to do with the series?

No. 644539

I think so. She posts obsessively about horror movies but Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees in particular.
Sometimes to an obsessive degree where she gets catty about it to other people.

No. 644541

i do remember her saying she had to take them out at one point because they either got infected constantly or were rejecting. she got it repierced by Xan later on i believe who also did her vag piercings

No. 644551

Doesn't hissy70s have a gore fetish? Their obsession with horror films is sexual hahahaha

No. 644575

back in the day she used to post so much guro, usually with a young pretty female as the victim. a lot of it really upset me and i was shocked and kind of disgusted when she turned around and got on her soapbox about her followers posting suuuuper triggering images, when literally, some of the most disturbing and upsetting guro i've ever seen was from her blog. either take a wild guess about what might trigger your own followers, like idk, depictions of rape an violence against women maybe, or lighten up when not everyone realizes an image might need to be tagged for poor little emma's sensibilities. but once again, it's ok when she does it because muh passion for horror or muh past, but everyone else is a dirty bigot who deserves no mercy and must watch what they do and say.

No. 644594

god this callout situation was so milky on both sides. olias being exposed as a weird creepy narcissist and all his friends feebly attempting to confront him with "sry but that's not ok to say i think uwu" and then roasting the fuck out of him mercilessly without warning like a bunch of cowards. there really were no winners with that one.

No. 644597

Wow… what a bunch of smol beans kek
The people Olias talks to are clique-y people with yellow fever no wonder Emma became friends with him

No. 644601

that's the pattern I've noticed with this group of people too. every time someone in their group is found out the rest of them make public statements and drop the person publicly.
as far as I could tell she still interacted with rotating floor after the callout

No. 644603

they all just seem horrified at the thought of being seen as problematic in any way, like way beyond just a normal desire to be a good person, between constantly thought/speech policing each other, reblogging weird guilt-tripping sjws posts, and dropping any problematic friends without warning. it's just all so fucking fearful.

No. 644608

File: 1532309662166.jpeg (535.23 KB, 750x933, 2B2BB4B4-84E3-4445-AC5D-B16F42…)

No. 644609

female but uses it pronouns and is definitely not a girl

No. 644610


Its no way to live, honestly. Walking on eggshells around your friends or anyone is fucking misery

No. 644611

File: 1532309971520.jpg (211.9 KB, 1200x1200, C9fH0NIVwAAMg1j.jpg)

No. 644613

Don't flatter her. She's a fakeboi but nothing about her presentation is masculine

No. 644615

to say the least. you don't need to sacrifice that much personal freedom to be a nice compassionate person. it's really missing the point. nor should you have to feel like an awful evil person every time you fail to heed to tumblr doctrine of the week. the way they treat each other is everything wrong with sjw tumblr culture imo, especially since a lot of them are hypocrites and/or covering some really sick fetishes.

No. 644616

The girl in the green wig calls herself DJ Sailor Pluto. Anything milky with her?

No. 644619

probably, she seems like a wreak

No. 644620

oops i meant to reply to >>644610

are scoobert and emma still friends? i haven't seen them interact much since scoobert/dj sailor pluto got more focused on her public music persona

No. 644631

back when she was first getting diagnosed i was so sure her diagnosis would turn out to be autism.

No. 644637

What? Can you quit the SJW speak around here? This site is a place you can actually be a normal human being. Does the thing in that picture have a penis or not?

I’m asking because of the extremely masculine bone structure and features. If that’s a woman, she’s incredibly shockingly ugly.

No. 644641

I think she just looks like an ugly woman. She looks on par with the women where I live, but maybe I live in an area with exceptionally ugly women.

No. 644642

File: 1532312164354.jpg (101.1 KB, 420x501, fdd7a0ab-f5ca-4cae-9ad1-55df21…)

adding to theee nemu fashion dump

No. 644643

She is female, Anon meant Emma uses it pronouns and claims not to be female despite looking the way she does. definitely has a vagina and is also definitely very ugly lmao

No. 644645

File: 1532312210224.png (447.28 KB, 624x638, Screen shot 2016-11-26 at 10.3…)

No. 644646

File: 1532312257991.jpg (64.1 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mqgfqa8alO1ro8ahdo8_500…)

No. 644647

File: 1532312286989.jpg (158.82 KB, 491x681, tumblr_mqgfqa8alO1ro8ahdo6_500…)

No. 644648

calm down i wasn't using tumblr speak sincerely. she's female, like i said, but she wants people to call her it instead of she, and she regularly insists that she isn't a girl. she does not nor has ever had a penis. is that clear enough? she's just a weird looking woman with issues surrounding women and being a woman.

No. 644649

File: 1532312300907.png (910.31 KB, 720x845, 20180722_231506.png)

very ancient nemu pic with her cosplayer friend who goes way back

note the olimar and louie plushies in the background

No. 644650

File: 1532312326672.jpg (370.94 KB, 489x1024, tumblr_mqgfqa8alO1ro8ahdo4_128…)

No. 644652

File: 1532312358125.jpg (234.38 KB, 500x636, tumblr_mqgfqa8alO1ro8ahdo1_500…)

pauly closet cosplay?

No. 644655

File: 1532312478616.png (773.42 KB, 720x644, 20180722_231410.png)

No. 644656

File: 1532312490297.jpg (49.09 KB, 500x667, dc51bd22-5ec1-4047-b080-fa04b5…)

No. 644658

that wall is fucking chris chan levels of cringy

No. 644660

File: 1532313011953.png (271.28 KB, 600x656, _unfinished__totty_daddy_by_mi…)

some nemu tittymatsu

No. 644662

File: 1532313044050.png (170.42 KB, 345x459, 472a449d-3a5e-4d90-9639-30ecf6…)

No. 644663

File: 1532313083492.png (Spoiler Image,103.72 KB, 298x593, 1435504.png)

naked nemu drawing

No. 644665

File: 1532313192623.png (553.1 KB, 571x987, expression_meme_crocker_by_min…)

crocker expression meemee

No. 644666

d-does her shirt say I LOVE KAZAKHSTAN? ???

No. 644667

File: 1532313354015.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.75 KB, 790x1024, IMG_20180723_033343.jpg)

more tits. she definitely does not draw them realisticly lol

No. 644671

File: 1532313434782.jpg (48.23 KB, 738x522, IMG_20180723_033338.jpg)

her cosplay of the sorrow from MGS apparently

No. 644672

File: 1532313451468.jpg (252.71 KB, 1187x1187, DG5CMf0VoAA5mrx.jpg)

schizotypal comic pt. 1

No. 644674

File: 1532313476594.jpg (251.22 KB, 1183x1183, DG5CgUGVYAAe-vj.jpg)

No. 644675

File: 1532313494223.jpg (183.46 KB, 902x1200, DG5CibQUQAEQBTO.jpg)

No. 644677

File: 1532313575563.jpg (25.7 KB, 540x424, IMG_20180723_033330.jpg)

also if nothing what has been said in this thread been enough proof for david to believe christy cheater on him, this pic should hopefully settle it. she posted this one on twitter, there is no way this was an innocent video call lol

No. 644679

File: 1532313641171.png (184.92 KB, 411x422, tumblr_inline_n89yiszxDu1speh1…)

No. 644680

File: 1532313709814.png (Spoiler Image,146.13 KB, 482x426, tumblr_mruhbtCtRz1ro8ahdo1_r1_…)

kitty kitty luya succing o-chan's old man dick

No. 644681

File: 1532313755044.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.93 KB, 346x513, 20180723_034054.jpg)

spoiler: it's patrick stump from fob puking

No. 644682

File: 1532313760012.png (Spoiler Image,149.59 KB, 485x480, tumblr_moe42kmq5x1ro8ahdo1_r2_…)

anotha one

No. 644686

File: 1532313868699.jpg (82.06 KB, 500x375, 669a59f0-57ff-4b00-8c21-659a13…)

When she was a teacher she made this little board game for the students- they answer art history trivia and gain outfits for the paper dolls
tbh, i thought it was really really cute, wanted to share here

No. 644687

File: 1532313885448.jpg (88.45 KB, 500x647, 051adfb4-ba1a-4e42-b83a-935c61…)

No. 644688

File: 1532313906782.jpg (64.79 KB, 500x375, a33fa948-9dc4-40b3-9d82-9d8f92…)

No. 644689

File: 1532313930023.jpg (90.33 KB, 500x667, a2f623ee-9049-4bd2-beb5-386331…)

No. 644690

File: 1532313961904.jpg (75.1 KB, 500x375, ae3ce7c9-04d4-4191-bab0-aaeb84…)

No. 644691

Yes but did she rub these on her coochie first is the question.

No. 644693

the first square honestly made me think of autism, i don't mean it in a bad way or anything but for the longest time i always suspected she may be on the spectrum. prehaps she is but is hiding it with SPD? (which may be confirmed she doesn't actually have by david)

No. 644694

File: 1532314176492.png (208.66 KB, 357x447, tumblr_m9a04egDLM1ro8ahdo1_400…)

Pro gun Nemu

No. 644695

File: 1532314220849.png (Spoiler Image,220.77 KB, 500x533, tumblr_nngaduJbQy1sm1433o1_r1_…)

lapuss lazuli she drew for nina

No. 644696

File: 1532314225083.jpg (135.77 KB, 614x819, tumblr_maz52pCDEn1ro8ahdo1_640…)

Ancient Nemu drawings

No. 644697

File: 1532314268642.png (591.47 KB, 602x468, Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.55…)

safe bet she drew this for emma

No. 644698

File: 1532314285139.png (20.9 KB, 448x317, tumblr_m9unzolLLF1ro8ahdo1_500…)

NOT PUKE. Ice cream.

No. 644700

File: 1532314322621.png (187.45 KB, 630x229, New-canvas2-e1358832031502.png)

No. 644701

I recall that she also thought she had autism and seemed pretty sure of it until her psych said it was stpd and not autism

No. 644702

jesus, does she know that olaf was implied to be a pedo?

No. 644703

she did. it was a commission i think

No. 644704


autism and StPD are super, super similar but autism is a disorder people are born with and StPD is one that doesn't start developing until later (teens to early adulthood)

No. 644705

File: 1532314592125.jpg (71.15 KB, 713x828, DI6DaJlXYAAybVS.jpg)

No. 644706

File: 1532314611757.jpg (46.36 KB, 453x541, DI6DanqXkAAJe7x.jpg)

No. 644707


what are the odds that was WHY she was drawn to him in the first place

No. 644709

File: 1532314686610.jpg (166.5 KB, 900x1200, DKMfmlwVoAAINbO.jpg)

No. 644711

File: 1532314729560.jpg (124.63 KB, 900x1200, DKMfoGnVYAAiHaM.jpg)

No. 644715

ah okay, interesting. i didn't know they were similar, although christy has been showing signs for years even from when she was younger, so it makes me think there may have been a misdiagnosis but i'm not a professional.

No. 644717

interesting. anthropomorphising inanimate objects/thinking they have emotions, having imaginary friends, remembering things in cartoon vision, and feeling guilt for inappropriate things are all things that little kids do, and are quite common in little kids, but obviously if you don't grow out of it it's neurotic. it seems pretty rare to have a behavior common in children only begin in your teens but who knows and i don't want to armchair.

she kinda dresses like she's cosplaying herself kek. like she thinks of what her cartoon self-inserts would wear and then tries to make the real life version, instead of the other way around. guess it fits.

No. 644718


When she went the psych said she definitely had STPD and OCD, and the autism was a case of, if she had actually been tested as a child instead of being neglected, she very well may have been diagnosed. Now it's far too late to tell.

No. 644725

File: 1532316026009.jpg (50.79 KB, 408x782, even the noid isnt safe.jpg)

more christy art comin' right up!

No. 644726

This isn't fashion, this is her in her Steak n Shake uniform

No. 644727

File: 1532316060823.jpg (286.99 KB, 1200x1017, hallmark would be proud.jpg)

No. 644728

File: 1532316118242.png (Spoiler Image,142.44 KB, 344x587, farquass.png)

more drawn christy tiddies

No. 644729

File: 1532316184967.png (Spoiler Image,853.65 KB, 575x925, lusciousnet_1433217-five_night…)

No. 644730

File: 1532316223484.jpg (120.03 KB, 680x515, maury voice YOU ARE THE FATHER…)

No. 644731

File: 1532316296117.png (Spoiler Image,57.66 KB, 454x599, len_kagamine_by_mintypuke-d4r0…)

correct me if i'm wrong, isn't this the vocaroo anime singing boy (spoiler for barf)

No. 644732

File: 1532316367735.jpg (139.3 KB, 1200x1106, DQUSGV7XUAcPjg9.jpg)

melanie martinez sandwich girl

No. 644734

File: 1532316466602.jpg (50.18 KB, 610x497, shes pregnant.jpg)

No. 644735

File: 1532316512318.png (97.33 KB, 183x176, Screenshot.PNG)

Sorry, but can anyone ID that plush/pillow on the left?

No. 644736

File: 1532316527895.jpg (95.96 KB, 500x500, a cake for xan.jpg)

No. 644737

File: 1532316554524.jpg (Spoiler Image,251.73 KB, 704x801, A CAT IS FINE TOO.jpg)

No. 644738

File: 1532316581249.png (Spoiler Image,246.58 KB, 498x951, attack on titty.png)

spoiler for blood

No. 644739

File: 1532316601944.png (64.63 KB, 421x491, be confident.png)

No. 644740

File: 1532316622661.png (164.25 KB, 394x327, bean pole waifus.png)

No. 644742

File: 1532316655742.png (508.36 KB, 503x688, building porn.png)

her abandoned building porn story

No. 644743

File: 1532316675792.png (Spoiler Image,147.98 KB, 500x443, big o'cock.png)

No. 644744

This is a vocaloid character.

No. 644745

File: 1532316692345.png (Spoiler Image,203.27 KB, 500x420, NOBODY WILL BELIEVE ME.png)

No. 644746

File: 1532316722443.jpg (586.84 KB, 768x1024, college studio.jpg)

No. 644747

File: 1532316750626.jpg (233.26 KB, 500x626, extra panties.jpg)

No. 644748

File: 1532316796752.png (Spoiler Image,26.11 KB, 467x269, he eats the puh.png)

No. 644749

File: 1532316832314.png (38.61 KB, 392x343, hetero life partner.png)

xan and nemu when they were besties ):

No. 644750

File: 1532316863410.png (135.52 KB, 500x440, leggy.png)

No. 644752

File: 1532316892044.png (Spoiler Image,318.81 KB, 500x559, LET HIM GO.png)

No. 644753

File: 1532316923518.png (Spoiler Image,593.64 KB, 396x601, MORE.SNAKE.FUCKER.O.HARE..png)

No. 644754

File: 1532316947909.jpg (524.11 KB, 1024x731, nemu desktop.jpg)

No. 644755

File: 1532316968287.jpg (355.15 KB, 1024x768, nemu home.jpg)

No. 644756

File: 1532316990000.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.12 KB, 1280x1280, nemu vagoo.jpg)

drawing she did of her vagina

No. 644757

File: 1532317018615.png (Spoiler Image,80.48 KB, 500x199, ohare eats the booty.png)

No. 644758

File: 1532317038995.png (163.74 KB, 393x258, ohare likes big tiddy goth gfs…)