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No. 1744398

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1727146

No. 1744412

File: 1698656896896.jpeg (36.37 KB, 536x507, IMG_0921.jpeg)

Kek Alice Oseman is getting cancelled for being a Zionist because she called the situation in Gaza a conflict and not a genocide back in 2015 and was happy that Heartstopper got a translation in Hebrew in 2020. It’s retarded but she reaps what she sows for pandering to the worst type of audience.

No. 1744415

>We have a country to set free
least self-important twitter activist

No. 1744419

I don't speak japanese, but do japanese artists give a fuck about these type of stuff? the only one I know of, it's the westaboo mangaka of witch hat atelier

No. 1744424

File: 1698657901233.jpeg (212.2 KB, 750x369, IMG_0922.jpeg)

There’s also the ”my tweets are literally keeping people alive” activists.

No. 1744425

The term zionist is as useful as facist/nazi/racist now. Even using the name Israel instead of occupied Palestine or whatever means that person a zionist even if it's more likely that they're simply clueless about the Israel/Palestine situation. Same shit happened in 2021 when most of the 15 year old armchair activists didn't even know about the issue until that year either.

None of the Japanese artists I follow have tweeted about it, even the ones that regularly post non-art tweets and interact with English speakers. Every single translated tweet was about other stuff.

>the only one I know of, it's the westaboo mangaka of witch hat atelier

It's cringe how people use the WHA mangaka as their token native Japanese person for whatever politics they want to push when she's not the standard and clearly "Westernized".

No. 1744428

Yeah I saw people calling out Neil Gaiman for saying that he supports the existence of Israel and Palestine because that’s ”too neutral” now. What is he supposed to say? Do these retards genuinely believe that this situation will be solved by just completely getting rid of the state of Israel?

No. 1744429

You are an account dedicated to shipping a lesbian ship from a CW show that has been off the air for 7 years. You do not get to talk about geipolitics. Obviously, people should care and try something, but do not retweet crimes against humanity on that account.

No. 1744430

someone on the twitter hate thread said people are drawing genshin characters with free palestine shirts kek

No. 1744433

choose your fighter: abbystea russian military childe fanart vs. free palestine protesting genshin fanart

No. 1744434

hello fellow hlm nonnie

No. 1744472

I'm petty but who the fuck wants to read an essay about Palestine and Israel by the author of gentrified BL? Does she have a geopolitics background she ditched for fujobucks?

No. 1744473

Samefag but I guess it must have been an assignment thing from uni or school

No. 1744479

File: 1698665077412.jpeg (230.93 KB, 750x510, IMG_0924.jpeg)

Seems like people are already getting tired of the whole activism thing and now realize they actually just want to go back posting Genshin porn.

No. 1744526

I saw that too, linked alongside a thread railing on the author of the Percy Jackson books for some blog post he made that incorrectly acknowledged the situation or some shit. They were also mad that he was wasting time writing books and promoting his most recent novel or something instead of idk saving Palestine. They were also being snide about the rest of the twitter fandom not doing enough, either– aren't the Percy Jackson books for like 13 year olds? What're they gonna do? kek

I can't imagine going about my day with a brain like these people's, it sounds so tiring and messy

No. 1744559

I am so glad I quit Twitter. What the fuck are average western civilians supposed to do about what's going on in Palestine (for those who don't have family there)? Like I'm sorry, I do care about politics and current events but I know that I only have so much power as one person. I remember when the protests during lockdown were going on I donated to funds in private, but does that not count because I didn't virtue signal about it? What does purposely triggering my own PTSD by constantly looking at photos of war and genocide I have no power in stopping is going to help? You can say that's a matter of privilege, and I agree. But basically everyone in the west is privileged to some degree. It's a privilege to sit on your phone doomscrolling and browbeating others to do the same. Whatever happened to "stay in your lane" being SJW 101?

They only care about having the most radical points of views, not anything feasible in real life. I don't support Israel but it's not going away for the same reason America won't be dissolved, I always thought a two-state solution was probably the most realistic outcome even if it isn't fair.

No. 1744578

I honestly think the best thing the west can do right now is shut up and go back to fandom tweeting. No matter what 'side' you're on everything on social and mainstream media is propaganda. Nothing on social media is organic, nothing is grassroots, if a tweet was actually radical it would be immediately removed from Twitter. If you are participating in a political movement on social media it is 99.9% likely to be astroturfing. Pro-Hamas accounts are probably Isreali psyops, pro-Isreali accounts are probably Hamas psyops, the situation is much more complicated than "if we get #IsrealSucks trending Palestine will be free!!".

Peak western exceptionalism is thinking that you as a random middle-class American are going to "set Palestine free" by scolding other middle-class Americans on Twitter. You are trying to extinguish a fire by throwing gasoline on it just shut up.

No. 1744586

>No matter what 'side' you're on everything on social and mainstream media is propaganda. Nothing on social media is organic, nothing is grassroots, if a tweet was actually radical it would be immediately removed from Twitter. If you are participating in a political movement on social media it is 99.9% likely to be astroturfing.
>Peak western exceptionalism is thinking that you as a random middle-class American are going to "set Palestine free" by scolding other middle-class Americans on Twitter. You are trying to extinguish a fire by throwing gasoline on it just shut up.
I've lost faith in the modern left because they think everything can be done online, and on public social media at that. I wonder what the socialist activists who went on strike and did protests decades ago would think about the keyboard warriors that post anime porn with #FreePalestine #ACAB #BLM in their bios. I get not everyone can do real activism and praxis, but slacktivism isn't any better.

No. 1744591

File: 1698678040261.jpeg (134.15 KB, 827x1507, IMG_0925.jpeg)

No nonna, we need more theybie zoomers with ”typing quirks” to have their say about this issue

No. 1744597

File: 1698678203039.jpg (3.13 MB, 3974x3056, HG.jpg)

Okay, so I understand that wokeness didn't kill comics. But there can still be some level of equality control. Take this Jadzia Axelrod, for example. This is a troon writing the HawkGirl comics, but the title character barely shows up and is only used as a mouthpiece for the author. His original characters (all lesbians) are the real protagonists and are "effortlessly badass" and "super cool". I know Hawk Girl isn't the most popular character, but this man is using her to publish his own power fantasies in every issue.

No. 1744625

that purple creature design is heinous, genuinely one of the worst designs i have ever seen

No. 1744638

It was said in the previous thread that this is an extension of the US cultural wars due to the US government traditionally having supplied Israel with weaponry and looked the other way when they slaughtered civilians of Palestine. So it's not just about the Gaza situation but also an anglocentric conflict, a lot of these people have no idea what the Gaza situation is about and how it came to be because it's a really complex and messy issue with a lot of gray areas but people often oversimplify it. My sympathies are with Palestine and I truly think Israel is committing a genocide, but the "STOP RETWEETING FANDOM STUFF WHEN PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING" comes off as ridiculously performative. Everyone in the world has seen the horrible photos of the bombings and every normal person thinks war is bad, but did you put your life completely on hold for 21 months and counting when Russia attacked Ukraine from three directions?

No. 1744641

not all of this fandom activism stuff is american or western exceptionalism or whatever. the cringe fandom activism >>1743886 from the last thread for eaxmple was from an algerian muslim. many of the fandom accounts tweeting about palestine in between anime and gacha pulls have indonesian, malaysian, etc., flags in their bios.

No. 1744648

>but did you put your life completely on hold for 21 months and counting when Russia attacked Ukraine from three directions
KEK absolutely none of them care about Ukraine anymore, now it's onto the next thing to virtue signal about. Then they have the audacity to say "don't turn it into a trend!!" about Palestine even though they're the ones who hop from issue to issue so they can show their mutuals how woke they are by retweeting the same regurgitated info and graphics while doing nothing of substance to actually help. It's hilarious how performative these people are, like go donate some money to a charity or doctors without borders or something. That would be doing more than 90% of people browbeating others over this situation

No. 1744653

That maybe be the case, but as stated in the previous thread none of these people represent the average opinion of their own country, they are cultural westerners not living in the west.

No. 1744657

lmao do you really think the average majority of opinion in most Muslim countries is to support Israel or something? And it's only "cultural westerner" muslims that support Palestine?

No. 1744658

Pro-Palestine movements have always been fueled by Russia because of their history with Soviet Union and because it decreases political stabilization in the West, and obviously Russia also promotes anti-Ukraine stances. Back in 2014 it was the mostly leftists in Europe who were calling Ukrainians Nazis and saw Russians as the victim in Crimea, most of them changed their opinion after the current war but you still have the whole anti-Nato sentiment which is behind it. Basically your average leftist in Europe is a pro-Palestine/anti-Israel queer trans rights activist.

I don't think most people outside post-Soviet countries and Russia's neighbors genuinely cared about the whole thing, Ukrainians turned out to be too racist and normal middle class people so it's not so hip and cool to support them.

No. 1744667

>none of them care about Ukraine anymore, now it's onto the next thing
NTAYRT, but I remember that day this whole Israel/Hamas thing started blowing up and I immediately thought "Uh oh Ukraine, America's main side chick needs her money now, you ain't getting shit anymore." and it's been true. Ukraine might have fallen off the face of the earth for all MSM cares. I can't find the article, but it was rumored that Zelenskyy was in despair the day Israel was attacked and he said "They're going to forget about us."

No. 1744676

You can see of them try to show their activism isn't performative by retweeting about the genocide in Sudan but it's obvious they're all just doing this because their mutuals are. None of them are tweeting about the Sudan stuff beyond a single retweet, most of these people would've never looked into Israel/Palestine if there wasn't any prompting, and no one tweets about Ukraine anymore even though the war is still ongoing (but they all justify this by saying Ukrainians are white so it's more important to spread awareness about POC). It's BLM era 2.0, I tolerated it back then but I think I'm done with actively engaging with these types of Twittards.

No. 1744724

Exactly, they wouldn't give a shit about Sudan if the Israel/Palestine war wasn't the hot thing to tweet about so they're just doing an encore performance after their usual "BOYCOTT XYZ!!!" posts.
>I tolerated it back then but I think I'm done with actively engaging with these types of Twittards.
Same, once you take a step back you realize how fake it all is and it's more so a matter of keeping up appearances so they don't get called out than actually caring about the people suffering you can't unsee it. I remember during the last BLM era you'd have people trying to bring attention to other issues in other parts of the globe (believe there was flooding in SEA at the time) and most of them would just ignore it. It's pathetic and a waste of time, I just donate quietly and continue on with my life knowing I've done more than the most vocal armchair activists kek

No. 1744725

>algerian muslim
At least most Algerians have supported Palestine for decades so it makes sense. But Algerians are a minority online.

No. 1744845

they support Palestine of course, I meant they aren't fandom obsessed retards who try to fuse trendy politics with their interests

No. 1744858

Well, this has been a thing forever. When I was in University activists in my country used to complain about how both wider Muslim world and Westerners only cared about Palestine, acknowledging their suffering but also pointing that they were also facing similarly bad circumstances, but because they were in land that wasn't as culturally or ideologically important, it wasn't a world issue.

No. 1745016

Kek, we truly do live in the dumbest timeline.

No. 1745485

honestly i love watching terminally online narcissistic cancer shooting themselves in the foot because they can't keep their mouth shut. nepobabies getting tossed out with the trash, because they didn't have the smarts to back up their easy silver platter success. make room for the rest of us. i hope voicing your opinion on current thing was worth it. reminds me of the roman empire when people were fighting wars and killing each other over sports teams.

No. 1746700

>His original characters (all lesbians)
Aside from this looking dated, fake progressive and yet still male-like and porny, males shouldn't be allowed to make lesbian fiction period. What a horrific timeline to exist in.

No. 1746744

This same thing happened with BLM in 2020 kek. "How dare you tweet about anything that isn't [thing]?!"

No. 1747035

Another anon on the art salt thread was talking about fanzines and how half of them are scams. What's your experience either buying or participating in fanzines?

No. 1747037

I just one in one small con once, it was a bunch of pretty illustrations but only original content. I never see myself pay for a fanzine in advance because of the recent scams going on and from what I've seen, they're zines that are trying way too hard to look professional with a bunch of different artists who treat it like an actual job, and it seems like it's always a bit expensive considering it's a bunch of characters they don't even own so they shouldn't profit from it. Fanzines should be treated like hobbies. The only times I considered buying zines online were cases when the artists are Spanish so shipping costs would have been dirt cheap but I was a broke student so I didn't dare make unnecessary purchases yet back then. They were just compilations of the artists' fanarts of games and characters I like so they were much more reasonable projects than the usual 30 artists per zine making one illustration and half of them are beyond incompetent. If they reprint them at some point I'll buy them though.

No. 1747127

Modern fanzines aren't zines, they're fancy anthologies. Zines were black & white brochures you could print at the local library for one dollar, not full color books that cost over 20 bucks. Nerds can't be trusted with money and once there's too much money involved, it will go down to shit.

No. 1747364

So far I've been lucky in that the few fanzines I've bought, they actually followed through on sending them and not running away with the money. They're usually kind of disappointing once I get them and hand and start looking through them though. It seems like they pick a couple of actually talented artists to sell the zine and use their art for the marketing and then the rest of the artists chosen are shitty so I don't buy them anymore. What good is a booklet where I only want to look at a few pieces of art out of the whole thing? The only exception I've made is for this one zine where they were somehow able to get my favourite Korean and Japanese artists along with a couple western artists who all do amazing artwork for a ship I like. Still waiting for them to start shipping the books though so we'll see if I end up getting scammed kek. Otherwise the only zines I'd buy are ones that are only done by one artist so I know I'll like everything in it.

No. 1747478

For people who buy fanzines, do you read the fics included with them? I mostly assumed people just bought it for the art and other goodies if they have any (like how some have charms/stickers/etc.)

No. 1747679

File: 1698866342402.jpg (334.9 KB, 1121x1426, 3VNFKk8pes.jpg)

Repeating this from another thread, In all of Fandom spaces, the demographic that I hate more then any other group and I personally find the most nefarious are Transbians. Unlike other fandom groups, they are fully aware of their intentions but barely mask it under a veneer of progressiveness. Anyone who dares to question or challenge them risks being labeled as bigoted or transphobic. See even the most extreme man-hating lesbian radical feminists don't dislike straight men as much as "transbians" In Fandom spaces, they harbor an intense disdain towards straight men, specifically those deemed attractive to women. Their contempt stems from their own insecurities, as they have never been considered attractive themselves. Lily Orchard, Eldena Doubleca5t and magdalene visaggio all exhibit similar patterns, wherein they usually just ignore m/m relationships, whine and raged against m/f ships and excessively fetishized f/f
I remember in his Harry Potter video Lily Orchard talked a few times about how Hermione and Luna should have ended up together and then shared a fan fiction from one of his friend, of Harry discovering he's a trans-girl (and lesbian).
They'll always find a way to mask their disdain for attractive males, hiding behind some woke excuse or another. they claim, 'I can't stand this character because he's a cis hetero straight white male, and you're all bigots for finding him attractive' And even if that character happens to be non-white, they'll say, 'I still dislike this character because he's just a cis hetero male enforcing patriarchy, and somehow you're all bigots for being attracted to him.'

No. 1747686

>The only exception I've made is for this one zine where they were somehow able to get my favourite Korean and Japanese artists along with a couple western artists who all do amazing artwork for a ship I like
Oh god, you reminded me of an ex friend who managed to somehow trick Japanese artists into letting her do art for a doujinshi they were doing of a popular FF ship that I won't name. It wasn't just an anthology of separate artworks, each artist made a short comic in black and white, and she was so proud of herself, she showed us her copy and all the artists were very competent, and then… her art looked like some primary school kid's doodles with Japanese dialogs she got from google translate. I was so embarrassed for her. She had fun at least, so I guess there's that, but one of the Japanese artists sent her a copy for free and must have spent a lot of money just for that.

No. 1747694

File: 1698867757964.png (261.58 KB, 833x465, cringe.png)

i think all thembies are like this, not only trannies. izzy also complained in her tumblr sexy man video that women who like tumblr sexymen are bigoted problematic racist straight womyn blah blah tipical gendie bable complaining about women while ignoring men boycotting videogames because the women dont look like sexdolls

No. 1747711

why would you blame the fans and not the writers for making le evil male the most interesting and compelling character they act like fiction is real life

No. 1747735

its the same discourse as ''ummm okay enough yaoi what about LESBIAN SHIPS'' written by either a straight girl or troon.

No. 1747753

I view this as more of an obligation rather than genuine hatred. It seems like they feel compelled to make a comment about attractive men are "problematic", even though they don't fully comprehend the reasons behind it. However, there is no genuine hatred involved unlike with the transbians.

No. 1747791

tumblr sexymen are and always have been for aidens who would ree if you call them straight women, but it's clearly written she/they wuhluhwuhs who would ree if you call their mtf bfs a straight men. ouroboros moment?

how is this even an argument. they prefer male characters because they're attracted to men. they're not forcing themselves to like men the way some girls force themselves to like women to look cool for social media. is that who this is supposed to be for? a callout to the women who thirst over men that while pretending to be lesbians…? this bullshit is why those "male lesbian" memes and using female pronouns for male characters started. just be straight and accept that sometimes, most times, it is a phase.

No. 1747796

Does anyone else find interacting with Twitter fandoms borderline suicide-inducing? I don't mean to sound quirky but I'm too used to imageboard culture that I can barely stand anything else anymore, even the atmosphere of edgy Twitter proshippers is a lot different than the average 4chan degenerate. The discussion of my interests on boards sucks though or is practically non-existent. I'm at my wits' end.

No. 1747891

Women aren't allowed to enjoy things I guess

No. 1747948

File: 1698876968205.png (427.27 KB, 872x644, whatevenisthis.png)

>skinny white anime boy
This barely looks human to begin with, much less an anime boy. The part that she talks about
>tumblr was choosing to popularize the same attractive skinny white dudes
is confusing, wasn't the whole joke about tumblr sexy men that they were not attractive to begin with? Most of them look fucking weird and cartoonish.

No. 1747971

>weird and cartoonish
The demographic of women who are churning out fan blog content of this guy today is the same demographic who were on deviantart making horny drawings of Scar from The Lion King tbh the fact tumbler sexy men are humanoid is a significant improvement over Spirit the literal horse who was nerd girl heart throb for a long time

No. 1747973

god yes, something about the way they type and sense of humor is aggravating, i can't look past it despite having similar interests.
>The discussion of my interests on boards sucks though or is practically non-existent. I'm at my wits' end.
i relate to this part as well. i saw like maybe one or two nonnas who had the same taste but they never returned again. it doesn't help that some of the series i'm into ended decades ago.

No. 1747981

I understand how you feel nonna. Twitter makes me paranoid with how fast cliques turn on each other. It's like people are more interested in getting views/attention and starting retarded arguments instead of shitposting, everyone's a drama hound. I miss making online friends over common interests now it feels like every post is being screencapped for an eventual callout because oh shit you didn't tranny pander hard enough or said something slightly too edgy. Fandom climate is rough these days.

No. 1747986

>something about the way they type and sense of humor is aggravating
I agree. It goes beyond politics and troon worshipping for me, almost everything is ear-grating. Maybe I'm just some weird elitist but 75% of the stuff people post on their comes off as performative like what other anons mentioned about old man yaoi, toxic yuri, how some proshippers are overly edgy to show how counterculture or whatever they are, headcanoning m/f ships to f/f and other things. It all seems very showy to me. While there are people like this on imageboards it's not as incentivized since everyone is anonymous and there's not really much reputation or image people have to uphold.

No. 1747987

Transbians are the ones perpetuating the "not having big booba waifus is LITERALLY misogynistic and lesbophobic!!!!!!!" narrative, all the time. In gacha games with a male and female audience like Genshin Impact and Star Rail I swear to god if that one sperg starts shit now they always kick up a stink about a new attractive male character being released and throw a shitfit telling women to go play other games, just like the dudebros they are under that greasy overgrown hair. They always spin it around arguing how the female characters running in a bathsuit with heels are "actually created for lesbians" like "her"self so that even bringing up the point about objectification and aggressive sexualization of women gets silenced immediately because CatGirlGameDev (She/Her) calls you out for "repressing female sexuality". Absolute clowns. And the worst thing is that all these naïve 15-16-year old rudefem polilez babies that are 2 years away from dating a Nigel pick up this rhetoric and run with it.

Actually, no, the worst and bleakest thing is that so many people see the lesbian flag and she/her pronouns and assume that this person is an adult lesbian woman cooming to momma milkers and demanding more and then run around telling everyone that lesbians who are caping for this coomershit and that it's the lesbians who these obviously male-pandering caricatures of women are made for. A true fandom blackpilling moment.

No. 1747992

You feel comfortable around 4chan degenerates??

No. 1748006

I guess it depends on the type. I'm a fujo so I usually stick to stuff adjacent to that, I'm not willingly looking for scrotes' 2D waifu coomposts. But I do find watching anons slinging slurs at each other more bearable than Twitter SJWs crying -phobic and running people off the site all the time.

Exactly this, no one minds their own business anymore. A fandom I was in had almost weekly drama over blockable shit and it wasn't even a big fandom like Genshin. It was like being stuck in a time-loop because people would argue over the same things every time, one of my mutuals was being called out monthly by the same group of people.

No. 1748013

>called out monthly
That has to be so demoralizing. Might delete my account in the new year because the idea of some shithead trying to doxx me over liking the wrong manga or something is a real fear at this point kek. If there's a thread here for your special interest keep bumping it (or make one), I hope you find likeminded posters eventually.

No. 1748016

It's not even about "tranny pandering" or something like that. Let's be real, unless you're being genuinely bigoted nobody really gets mad about petty shit like that. Sometimes you get the autist with a Furry making a callout post obviously taking something you said out of context and twisting around just to create controversy and net more attention, but generally It's always used as a weapon to attack someone you have a more nefarious reason to dislike like interpersonal drama or them being a part of a clique you want gone. You can be as clean as the perfect fandom saint can only be but if you piss off the wrong nutjob they'll throw anything at the wall to assassinate you, just out of spite and their own incompetence in handling their emotions and coping with their grudge. What I personally fear the most is some unhinged bitch from my past surfacing unprompted with Discord DMs of me saying something potentially problematic in what I assumed was trusted company and twists everything around with half-baked drama making me public enemy number one when I barely even remember their name. Like you can get cancelled for using the word "retard" now when in 2016 everyone was using it everywhere and that wasn't even a long time ago. People just go straight to public lynching instead of addressing personal things privately first because such behavior has been so normalized in the past years.

No. 1748024

Whenever a theybie posts something like in your picrel I feel like deep down they're talking to themselves and are projecting really aggressively and/or lash out at other women for not holding their hand through their own internalized misogyny. If you try to identify out of misogyny and sexism by declaring yourself to be a non-woman, you lose all your rights to complain about women not being hyped enough for female characters. Live as you preach.

No. 1748103

Two different types of terminally online, but the imageboard one won't try to tar and feather you alive for everyone in your fandom to see if you like the wrong ship or series. Not even aligned with any of this proshipper or anti bullshit and both on Twitter always feel a second away from doxxing each other

No. 1748481

They've also completely polluted femslash/yuri/anime/game fandoms with how they try to skinwalk SJWs but reframe it to suit their narrative. EX: Normally big titty ecchi anime that fetishizes lesbians would be deemed problematic and sexist in normal standards, but they like it and find it validating so criticizing it is "lesbophobic" to them and "transphobic" if you think it's suspicious if an "AMAB" likes it (because maybe they're a translesbian egg who hasn't realized their gender yet!).

I don't know how many other FE anons are in this thread, but the whole discourse about Fates and the Soleil character was kickstarted by some pedophile horsefaced transbian claiming an out-of-context fan translation was literal "conversion therapy"; It was badly written/OOC on male!Corrin's end and Soleil is a unfunny parody of the S Class trope, but it's so weird how he was claiming to be against the game for feminist reasons but stanned anime that was just as problematic like Valkyrie Drive and sexualized underage Love Live characters. Not to mention the whole scenario of that support conversation is a trancel's wet dream, so why was he railing against it?

>Actually, no, the worst and bleakest thing is that so many people see the lesbian flag and she/her pronouns and assume that this person is an adult lesbian woman cooming to momma milkers and demanding more and then run around telling everyone that lesbians who are caping for this coomershit and that it's the lesbians who these obviously male-pandering caricatures of women are made for.
It's their fellow straight men who buy it too. I used to be in those fandoms and I left the moment I realized any self-proclaimed "lesbian" also into the same ships/characters is male 80% of the time is what made me leave Twitter entirely.

No. 1748495

As someone else said, they just want a world of ugly men and trannies getting with attractive women.

No. 1748554

The funniest part in that whole Swedish autistic tranny debacle is that it made the localizers so worried about FE Fates being too problematic for the West thay they butchered the entire game just in case and not just Soleil, and when asked if he were actually interested in Fates or even FE in general he said he had absolutely no intention to play the game regardless of alleged lesbophobia… The entire game became an incoherent mess because of a diagnosed retard who isn't part of the audience. No wonder fandoms in general are so cancerous.

No. 1748585

File: 1698922789180.jpg (250.38 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_20231102-061224_1.j…)

Not my moots retweeting about "#FreePalestine children in Gaza are dying right now, so talk about it or you're literally a Zionist." With a silly fandom call out post about an edgelord fujo tif in between. Yeah she's unhingedfor showed her genitals in stream but I can't believe they're even focusing on shit like picrel.
Callout document in thread.

No. 1748603

>comparing being trans to being black
this person sounds like a self-victimizing tranny who'd do the same to someone else. it's troon/theybie cannibalism lol

No. 1748668

File: 1698928998202.png (34.79 KB, 742x249, 000.PNG)

What the fuck is this? Kek this is so pathetic, I'll never understand how these situations come to be. Just leave the discord if you feel mistreated. And OP sounds so annoying, I hate this kind of person that acts all kind while being so gleeful about getting to talk about other people's bad experiences. All the Trigun fans I've talked to have been like this, there would be a conversation about some media they've never even seen and they'd go "Didn't one of the actors say something racist? Let me find the screenshot" with such unbridled joy

No. 1748671

File: 1698929485812.png (394.75 KB, 757x660, Illustration.png)

this girl gets that many likes with that art? damn and i am grinding like a loser to make good art

No. 1748675

i am going to start posting my art on twitter to speedrun a google doc

No. 1748676

300 likes is nothing

No. 1748677

Literally the only claim worth addressing in this entire schizo word salad is using the N word repeatedly and even that one is put under "has a weird kink" so that's some prioritizing right there.

Generally speaking people taking their fandom discord drama to Twitter is so fucking cowardly and stupid I hate that it's become such a norm. You know these people stood there saying nothing when the situation was ongoing and instead gather screenshots to post later giving people no chance to talk it out with them or defend themselves. I remember when a bitch like this tried to start shit about a discord I was in making these inflammatory accusations of bigotry (at a majority female server with a strong feminist leaning) and nobody even knew who the fuck she was and had no idea what she was talking about because it was some lurker who never spoke up ever despite making a snarky comment once in the past, but thankfully it never went anywhere since the dumbass only had like 2 followers to begin with. Seriously, unless laws were broken you should just talk like fucking adults instead of going on social media to hire a personal army. Like all of the screenshots in this stupid document are complete nothing burger toppings about some friend group's personal relationship drama, who seriously gives a fuck about this?

No. 1748680

i dont use twitter at most i get an angry (you) telling me to kms on /ic/

No. 1748702

Kek I feel that

No. 1748711

Exactly, it's so insane that they expect anyone to seriously care about any of this and that they start it off by saying that these people "hold power in the fandom" when the most popular one only has 3000 followers. These people just have no control over their real lives, so they can't make a hard stance when someone upsets them online. All they can do is talk to their other friends in private and continue gossiping until someone else speaks up on twitter. So the entire world can be made aware of the evil persons and hold them accountable of course, whatever that means.

No. 1748752

File: 1698935871056.png (55.37 KB, 480x278, CFFd7sR.png)

Most of the screenshots compiled are either edgy jokes (who cares) or the writers overexaggerating things to be problematic when they're not (who cares). People calling themselves victims and saying they were abused over this are literally hysterical. Do people just see TW: muh racism, muh transphobia and retweet with no thought put into it?

No. 1748834

File: 1698940446225.png (68.58 KB, 820x159, i1qm24E.png)

Yeah a lot of those screenshots are just "look at this bitch eating crackers" level petty discord gossip, the "racist comparing being black to being trans" part the callout is really hyping up was literally picrel kek. I had no idea the nuTrigun had such a cancerous fandom when the original is mostly beloved by older millenials nearing their 40's like myself, giving Vash a k-pop hairstyle was a life-altering mistake. How are these kids ever going to make it in the workforce where they have to tolerate other people with their flaws and confront them like adults in order to gain a living genuinely worries me.

No. 1748856

I will never look at nuTrigun, no matter how many nonnies here swear it's fine, I refuse to engage in it. I have so many moots that keep talking about Vash's literal vagina, I am absolutely repused by the very IP now.

No. 1748867

the microsecond they make a nu-hellsing i am going to riot, i dont wanna hear about alucards vegana and integra's ''girldick'' these retards ruin everything

No. 1748883

You're right, most of the 'tumblr sexymen' are all some flavour of non-human and cartoonish (actually, are any of them not cartoons/from western media?)– the only times they're 'skinny white anime boys' tends to be when people make humanisations/gijinka art of them (and even then, I've seen shitflinging about how so-and-so's depiction is bad because white/pretty but some other person's is the superior choice because non-white/ugly). I remember watching infighting about that go down when I was a kid over Bill Cipher kek, tumblr went nuts for that little triangle.

I don't see why people get so twisted over women going for what is essentially an edgy manic pixie dream girl of a male character– I don't have a horse in this race, but I can understand why women might gravitate towards husbandos that are very animated/expressive and often some level of loser or dork while still having power. Makes them 'dangerous' and fun but also 'safe', as they're kinda pathetic and also lack a lot of traditionally threatening masculine traits (both physically and behaviour-wise). Or, y'know, these ladies are just just monsterfuckers, either/or.

Idk, I think this trend/phenomena is an interesting part of current fandom behaviour, especially with how creators seem to be trying to cater to the niche, with varied levels of success, and how fights and discourse can be started over what are barely even fanon depictions of these characters.

No. 1748921

they will either turn integra into a man or an uwu-ified anime girl because god forbid actual badass women exist.

No. 1748976

>when asked if he were actually interested in Fates or even FE in general he said he had absolutely no intention to play the game regardless of alleged lesbophobia
I was super into FE when that "callout post" dropped, and even when I was memeing myself into being a TRA I raised an eyebrow to why some transbian is raising hell about this (Tumblr was full of cotton ceiling shit even back then) and when I skimmed his archive, he barely posted anything about FE in general (IIRC just fanart of Tharja from Awakening like a typical male coomer). Nearly all of my mutuals back then were SJWs who didn't even care about FE started railing against the game, but when Persona 5 (which is arguably equally problematic as modern Fire Emblem) was out they rushed to buy it. They can't even think for themselves.

>The entire game became an incoherent mess because of a diagnosed retard who isn't part of the audience. No wonder fandoms in general are so cancerous.

I hate how you can't say the localization of Fates was awful without being accused of being an Otaku Gamergate guy who thought Soleil's characterization or the weird jailbait shit was good. Half of the voice cast was awful and despite being a "sanitized" version, it butchered the actual bisexual characters and took away their sympathetic aspects. The S support between Niles and male Corrin and Rhajat and female Corrin was completely different. So both the English and Japanese versions of the game are homophobic, go figure. I almost don't want to play modern games anymore, anything released after 2016 has been tainted by the culture war.

No. 1749056

I'm not into FE but it has one of worst localizations from what I've ever seen. The newest game was straight up rewriting anything that could be potentially "controversial" like stuff relating to gender and even a conversation that was kinda gay. Really strange to see people defend the translations just because it get rids of dating a 13 year old when some of the lines are completely different from JP to EN.

No. 1749102

The absolute worst part is that they blatantly flaunt their fetish, without any consequences whatsoever. It genuinely fills with me with rage to see these utterly unlikable Incels effortlessly dominating fandom sapces. And yeah there is an overwhelming, poorly disguised contempt towards preety/attractive men, with either a desire to humiliate or feminize them in some twisted way.

No. 1749151

>and even a conversation that was kinda gay.
I watched the gay supports that were censored (there's technically multiple, since like Three Houses there's a character that's flirty regardless if your character is male or female) and it's typical how moids write this off as a matter of "go woke go broke" when the truth is "wokeness" is kind of conservative at the end of the day. It just plays things safe to make the most money (aka Capitalism).

>Really strange to see people defend the translations just because it get rids of dating a 13 year old when some of the lines are completely different from JP to EN.

Censorship always goes for things that are initially agreeable to most people first. I'm personally not sad about pedo-adjacent shit in a mainstream game being gone but I don't understand why there can't be more nuance. Just because one "bad" thing was removed doesn't make the things that weren't remotely offensive being changed "good". Are people too scared to have "moderate/in-between" opinions besides "this is wholly good" and "this is completely bad" nowadays?

No. 1749176

Meh I don't give a shit if you can can date preteens in Engage because I assume it's made for a younger audience than Fates and Three Houses and personally if I were a teenager and played Awakening and Fates I most likely would have picked the younger husbandos. You can guess someone's age range depending on if their husbandos are Leo or Takumi, or Ryoma or Xander in Fates after all.

No. 1749179

I get what you mean. Personally I'm a no censorship at all person, just because whiners on Twitter dislike something in fiction doesn't mean localizers should have free reign to remove it. People have been "critically consuming" media with problematic content for years now, Tumblrites complaining and raging on their blogs for a week but continuing to post about said media anyway is nothing new. Plus the gross stuff is still in the original game and you're still paying those "weirdos", so I don't see what going ham with censorship achieves.

No. 1749186

I know nonnies are going to jump me for accepting any form of transgenders but this is why I pretty much only support trans people who were attracted to the same gender they were born as then later transitioned as opposed to… this. and yaoi loving aidens. I feel like ‘straight’ trans people have been around for decades minding their own business, it’s only these types who have grown exponentially with the rise of the internet, lest I remind you all that’s its now impossible to transverse shipping twitter without encountering 4/5 profiles with he/him and ‘queer’ BL fan in bio.

No. 1749190

Good point, it's a T-rated game so obviously there's going to be just as many 13-17 year olds playing as there are 20+. I feel like that's one thing fandom discourse over games with dating sim elements seem to forget. For other games I've seen Twitter whiners say "it's so creepy how you can romance either 16 or 25 year olds!" - God forbid there are multiple options so a player want to romance a character closer to their real life age?

>Plus the gross stuff is still in the original game and you're still paying those "weirdos", so I don't see what going ham with censorship achieves.
Also true. The Fire Emblem fandom is hypocritical because they love going after fanartists who draw incest/age gap/etc. even though the canon itself has that. Play a different game if you don't want to be in a fandom that will naturally gravitate towards ship dynamics like that.

Self-hating gay people trying to become straight are nowhere near the same or as bad as self-hating straight (or bisexual) people trying to become gay. A lot of HSTS are often sexist (especially the men) or annoying but they're mainly hurting themselves at the end of the day.

No. 1749192

Based on my own experiences, even the HSTS in nerdy fandoms are transbians similar to the "gay" Aidens who are just lesbians with extra steps (i.e. two FTMs) in that they only date other transbians and larp as a lesbian couple. So that just clumps them in to the same crowd demanding more sexualization of female characters that they can skinwalk. Like not once in my life have I actually met a weeb HSTS who was into actual men and not just groomed into another incel discord tranny cult.

No. 1749193

I feel similarly, though I still take issue when SSA trans people claim they're the other sex. If they just called themselves GNC males/females or adopted "trans X" as a 3rd category I wouldn't care that much. A lot of HSTS TIMs are still misogynistic (many say they're better at being women than natal females & other stuff) but they're still better than OSA TIMs/TIFs on average. The majority of the pushback against trans stuff in the past years is due to transbians/AGPs tbh, back when TIMs were just seen as overly effeminate gay men no one really gave a shit.

No. 1749196

You can always talk about your interests here anon, even if no one cares. I have extremely niche interests here and there and tried to write or post about it on /m/ and /g/ (for husbandofagging) and I actually got one anon interested and it made me happy. I'm sure someone will see a post of yours one day and reply to it either in interest and curiosity or because they know the things you like. Give it a shot! Even if no one replies you can still do it for fun just to get the ideas off your chest, but if it's TOO obscure be careful to not end up personalityfagging/imagefagging.

No. 1749204

I have no issue with that either but unfortunately the LGBT community doesn't accept any kind of criticism to trans anything. Like you can't even say some people are not really trans and just fetishists you're being a truscum transphobe everyone is valid uwu. Even if some gender specialists have analyzed even people like Ted Kaczynski claiming to be transgender at some point and all his writings pointed towards him being fetishistic/misogynistic and not actually transgender. The community is littered with people like that and nobody wants to talk about it because you're automatically attacked if you do. It's literally impossible to advocate for LGBT rights anymore because it's all being lumped with genderspecial pornsick retards who have no business actually taking hormones and actually just need to drink water, eat vegetables, get a good haircut and clean clothes and get off the internet.

No. 1749213

It's probably because gatekeeping has gone down in US in the last decade. I see UK troons bitch about the waiting list, but in America anyone can swing into a Planned Parenthood and get hormones if they want. In the 90s-00s you had to basically LARP as another gender for years before you were allowed to do anything medical and you needed surgery to have your documents changed. (Obviously sex change isn't possible and SRS is horrific, but it weeded people out from trying.)

I'm in the LGB camp now because the T community is broken and won't separate HSTS and GNC people who drank the Koolaid but are otherwise harmless from the predators using self-ID, but trans was really not nearly as much of a problem when it was seen as some kind of mental/medical condition only 0.001% of people had, instead of something anyone can be if they want. I didn't even know what a detransitioner was until more of them started speaking out.

No. 1749225

in my country you actually need sex change to change your sex ID and troons cry about it endlessly, but isn't changing your sex your final goal? if it's not, why are you LARPing the opposite sex even. the chillest transgender people I've met are unironically the ones that want to go all the way in, because they know their head is fucked up and want to get rid of the wrong gender genitalia.

No. 1749255

File: 1698959359120.jpeg (75.05 KB, 340x342, IMG_2267.jpeg)

Music fandoms are one of the worst groups on twitter. Imagine your whole family dies in a car crash and you wake up to people mad at you because you didn’t stream a song

No. 1749261

File: 1698959610642.jpeg (97.28 KB, 827x955, IMG_2268.jpeg)

No. 1749264

k-pop fandom is not something we are equipped to discuss here that is a different beast altogether. something i was really surprised about during my stan days is that kpop twt has a pretty sizable number of terfs compared to other fandom spaces. kpop twt is where i first got peaked lol

No. 1749269

>something i was really surprised about during my stan days is that kpop twt has a pretty sizable number of terfs compared to other fandom spaces
That's interesting, do you happen to know why?

No. 1749270

>something i was really surprised about during my stan days is that kpop twt has a pretty sizable number of terfs compared to other fandom spaces.
Does anyone have any ideas about why this is? I remember a lot of radfem accounts with kpop pfps as far back as 2020. Basically never came across an anime branch of radfems on Twitter until recently with the new wave of radfem fujos (not sure if anyone else is familiar with that circle).

No. 1749273

south korea is a virulently misogynistic society and also has some of best terfs/feminist movements as well, and i think some of the less braindead koreaboo girls eventually pick up on this after some time consuming korean media. clear path to terfdom after that

No. 1749275

i mean it isn’t really just k-pop twitter. a lot of music twitter has that mentality. i see taylor swift/nicki minaj fans say the same bullshit, it is that fandom “you MUST buy everything this celebrity/franchise releases or else you’re a fake fan!!” mentality.

No. 1749283

NTA but plenty of kpop stans are also unhinged polilezzies which is like a requirement for radblr so there's your correlation. A lot of them are also pretty racist and homophobic which aligns with the post-right wing gendercrit movement so I'm not at all surprised at this revelation. And before anyone comes at me, k-pop was banned on this site for a reason and choachan was notorious for being extraordinarily demented posters. And no, I'm not caping for trannies either.

No. 1749304

As someone who’s never been particularly deep in K-pop this seems like a batshit insane echo chamber. Do they have any clue how crazy they sound?

No. 1749313

I wonder if corporate partners and advertisers value kpop less if they know a major number of their streams are basically fake and brute forced via insane teenagers.

No. 1749321

radfem fujos?

No. 1749324

i followed some back when i still had a twitter. they're more of the blackpilled variety than radfems. kinda batshit but its twitter so..

No. 1749326

>an edgy manic pixie dream girl of a male character
Damn, you really described them perfectly. I never liked or disliked any of the tumblr sexy men, but you made them make more sense now. I can understand some of the appeal, but they were still a bit too autistic for my own taste. Whatever their reasons for liking them, the way people over analyze and judge every single thing women like as some big issue was really something I saw more with tumblr. It eventually leaked everywhere else, but I feel tumblr had a holier than thou attitude and it was constantly policing the smallest things.

No. 1749327

Male idols are considered as an alternative to male celebrities. They are supposed to look beautiful for women, not men. They have fake personalities and are supposed to act as the perfect boyfriend. So a lot of K-pop fans are just girls/women who realized that men who are supposed to be beautiful and charming in their own country are just ugly and vile. Also female idols are abused by men all the time for almost nothing, like having hair too short or not wearing enough makeup. One famous female idol who died from a suicide had to deal with fans hating her for reading feminist books and not wearing a bra. All of that makes girls and young women more likely to see men's hypocrisy.

No. 1749335

File: 1698963227721.png (298.49 KB, 1083x428, blinks.png)

I think she's referring to girlgroup stans who unironically believe that supporting a brand filled with plastic Idiots and buying their merch somehow support any sort of feminism. It's kinda fascinating how many of them genuinely think that women who sacrifice their entire identity and even their own bodies to become an idol would possess even the most basic feminist qualities or attributes. It's basically cope and or a extreme denial of reality.

No. 1749338

Well this is also a problem because you get cases like elliot page who is obviously just a poor traumatized lesbian larping as a man to feel something. Also broken lesbian relationships because one of them decided to chop off her tits. But on the side of moids, "straight" TIMs don't bother me much, they usually they mind their business, they're way fewer in number and don't pose a threat to women. They only care about sucking dick anyway.

No. 1749343

im the anon who brought up kpop terfs. this exists but isn't what im referring to. you'd have to go on twitter to see what i mean not YT. they're kpop girlies who get peaked and post terf talking points stuff in the middle of their normal kpop sperging. they'll sometimes call themselves femcels or fujos as well depending on the account. they're closely connected to radblr

No. 1749345

I know they exist but I come across those types a lot less in radtwit, so I'm not gonna comment on them, but on other hand there will almost always be some zoomer girlgroup stan in a radtwit or radblr discussion.

No. 1749417

File: 1698968632950.jpg (344.27 KB, 631x935, Screenshot_20231103-074403.jpg)

Kek like this one?

No. 1749459

That post was unironically one of the funniest things to come out of radblr. A+ shitposting.

No. 1749468

kek can anyone find the full post?

No. 1749494

it's more of a crazy internet thing than a terf thing. It's like they agree with the fandom on everything but gender and get kicked out and then become more radicalized in whatever else. Honestly, I wish people were normal.

No. 1749497

PJO is getting cancelled now because the author is allegedly a zionist. Still not at "you're literally genociding trans people if you watch Harry Potter" levels though, most fans are just saying to pirate/boycott the upcoming series. Wonder if people are going to do the retroactive "it was always bad/racist/etc. the whole time" thing.

No. 1749498

holy shit

No. 1749501

i hate people that pull that “i always knew __ was bad!1!1!” stunt whenever something like this happens. who is going to tell them nobody cares and they should just boycott and speak out. the i always hated this thing act felt like humble bragging.

No. 1749509

No. 1749512

people have been doing this with tlou since the neil druckmann stuff came out. i don't see why this posturing is necessary in the first place when it's possible to recognize that a show/movie/game is good while the creator is a pos simultaneously. or they only choose to callout said media for being "__phobic/ist" when something happens and were conveniently ignoring it beforehand (wouldn't really say people are "ignoring" but they just start making shit up about why x is problematic). it's like people can't comprehend anything beyond "this person is bad so everything from them must be bad too"

No. 1749516

I hope people are finally learning their lesson not to pander to terminally online wokies by now.

No. 1749524

No. 1749549

> ‘Terminally online wokies’
Average lolcow user with 0 intelligence or prioritisation of real life issues. One author got cancelled over troons and the other is getting cancelled for supporting an ongoing genocide. I can get that twittards are being annoyingly performative and will probably go back to reading his novels in a month anyway but you sound even more fucking retarded with this ‘woke liberals crying over ethic cleansing lol’ rhetoric, my god. Have some self-awareness.

No. 1749562

boomers will call anything woke

No. 1749599

isn't the author's wife Jewish?

No. 1749673

File: 1698997326075.jpg (198.57 KB, 1080x911, 1607395693722.jpg)

>Just cast a skinny 5'0 he/him-woman as a character who is supposed to have the physique of an Olympic gymnast
The absolute fucking delusion.

No. 1749675

File: 1698997364695.png (1.6 MB, 735x1366, tumblr_fbc7a7c9dcc5f8b9a575bd0…)

This is the character they want her to play btw.

No. 1749682

Except he doesn't? Iirc he made a blogpost talking about the situation, acknowledged that it's a genocide and ended by saying he doesn't pick a side and that death in general is bad. How does that mean he supports it? It's insane to me how bad faith supposed fans are being

No. 1749710

Honestly this, some anons on this site are just against anything "wokies" support just out of principle even if it was a valid issue to be for. It's so childish and petty.

No. 1749738

A ton of them are genuinely delusional headcanoning these Korean idols as based lesbian radfem queens for some reason, I've seen a lot of K-pop stans in all seriousness arguing that this woman dancing in heels starving herself and getting copious amounts of plastic surgery is actually a radical feminist activist and dating their group's other female idols. K-pop brain poisoning is something else.

No. 1749764

File: 1699011811760.jpeg (172.52 KB, 1170x1440, F99RATnXQAEvbff.jpeg)

>neil druckmann
My knowledge on tlou is minimal but I lurked a little on twitter and everyone is calling this guy a zionist because of what he said in pic related. The things he mentioned in the interview seem reasonable enough to me. I looked up Ramallah lynching - an incident in which a Palestinian mob, who were angered by the killings of over 100 Palestinians in the preceding 2 weeks - proceeded to brutally kill and tear apart the bodies of 2 random Israeli soldiers who had accidentally entered Ramallah. You can also see the photos of the mob holding the organs of the soldiers on the net. Feeling resentment over something so inhumane and barbaric doesn't exactly make him a zionist imo.

No. 1749796

File: 1699015334756.jpg (48.24 KB, 640x613, d9p762f83xw71.jpg)

The weirdest part for me is how they're in a one-sided war with boygroup stans (both fujos and yumes), even though boygroup stans don't even think about them. It's genuinely one of the most bizarre internet conflicts I have ever come across, it's literally picrel.

No. 1749830

They really think the real world is like California or Twitter and think repeating Republican talking points is the real counterculture when it isn't.

No. 1749847

this site is encroached by tradthots and moids from 4chan and other unsavory places. read everything with a grain of salt and if it looks retarded/baity, just report it.

No. 1749852

trannies better not ruin the only beefcake who's appealing to women

No. 1749942

File: 1699027211516.png (740.02 KB, 1180x617, kekstina aguilera.png)

never let it be said that handmaidens don't have a sense of humor

No. 1749952

File: 1699027534778.jpg (33.56 KB, 225x350, 304983.jpg)

Every time I see her I feel so sorry for her but at the same time kind of want to laugh because she genuinely looks like the world's most perfect Shinji Ikari cosplay and I can't unsee it

No. 1749954

What do you mean, she looks exactly like him. Perfect cast, they should do it and maybe cast a hulking tim to be the love interest.

No. 1749956

I just can't stop giggling over how absurd she would look. I would laugh uncontrollably when she started talking because it just would be so damn funny without really trying.
Oh god, imagine the attempt at doing a sultry feminine voice.

No. 1749957

dunno if this fits this thread, but being in a fandom in current year tumblr is unbearable. i now understand people who said stuff like "fandom ruins the experience for me" years ago

i've been more of a lurker and occasional fanedit/gif/meme poster in fandoms over the years and didn't really interact with the people themselves. i've also been a kpop stan when it started getting popular and while fanservice in kpop was always a thing, people's reactions were obviously cringe and delusional but to a way smaller extend. idk if it was because i was younger, but the cringe was way more bearable and i could just ignore it most of the time.

i've been following two tags of artists(a solo artist and a band) who realised that fujopandering was good for engagement and business and seem to deliberately have such interactions that are gay and shit. whenever the solo artist and the singer of the band do gay shit(and esp the solo artist himself), he/they end up trending on tumblr for at least a few hours because fans are so brainrotten they go full fujo and make cringe posts,"jokes" etc. it's too difficult to ignore since the tags are infested with this shit. i use tumblr tags to get news for artists and stuff i like since i don't use social media, but the fujocoomer rot is so unbearable that i stoped following the solo artist even though im generally a fan of his stuff. the annoying thing is that he has gone the "sex sells" route and does ridiculous stuff(that is on brand but still) that has put me off so much he became totally unlikable to me. this way of staying relevant is just sad and the worst thing is that the fans eat it up JUST LIKE THAT. i've observed the fandoms and the majority are over 18,sometimes even in their 30s, "asexuals"(while expressing themselves more sexually than me kek) and "non-binaries" aka quirky women.

i just wish fyeah blogs were still a thing so i could keep up with mY bLoRbOs in piece without commentary like "IM SO NORMAL ABOUT HIM" "HE IS SUCH BABYGIRL" and all that

for those who give a a shit, the artist is kaarija and the band is joker out. yes im a eurofag

sage for random fandom rant

No. 1749960

Post your hand

No. 1750045

File: 1699032071317.jpg (23.09 KB, 300x383, Käärijä_(2023).jpg)

women horny post about this?

No. 1750049

NTA and I haven't been in the unconventional male attractions thread since forever, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that face plastered all over it, kek.

No. 1750050

File: 1699032254265.jpg (66.72 KB, 770x771, b67af1a26b512accf9673e6950b931…)

u have no fucking ideai have

they have also hornyposted about this dude he gaybaited with on a song

No. 1750053

Where have you been during eurovision season?

No. 1750078

3dpd nonas please get better taste, it literally hurts to see this

No. 1750085

this confirms my theory that being a straight woman is some sort of curse, and i say this as a fellow straight woman. i wish i was a lesbian

No. 1750087

When straight women say that though, it really pisses off lesbians.

No. 1750088

while I get you but let's trade, you get the chipped tooth from being beaten up in elementary school for being a lesbian (how the fuck did they know before I did)(derail, infighting)

No. 1750101

i used to be bullied for being autistic(diagnosed) so it wouldnt really change my childhood.

No. 1750127

File: 1699037664363.png (442.29 KB, 755x1031, IMG_5291.png)

>a mod (Sanzu) saying the N slur several times
no…he would never say that….

No. 1750139

I have a broken tooth since kindergarten because I was bullied for not being white, what the fuck would that change for me? I was also hanging out with lesbians and bi girls in high schools because we had the same hobbies so again, that wouldn't change shit in my specific case. I'm not free to date who I want safely because I could get honor killed if my family knew as well. Being a straight or a gay woman sucks in general it seems.(derail, infighting)

No. 1750143

The internet is forever, just remember that nona. Their content and faces will be around a lot longer than their relevance.
This is one step away from the shit you see in pyramid schemes/MLMs, tbf with these superior critical thinking skills that's probably where all the K-pop zoomers will end up anyway.

No. 1750353

Then what's the point of wanting to be a lesbian if things won't be any difference? Lesbians still live in the same society everyone else does, even if you were attracted to women it won't ward ugly men off you. Sometimes I wish I could trade sexualities with you all.(derail, infighting)

No. 1750372

its like you dont get the point. imagine being straight, imagine the sex you are attracted to also being your biggest predator, also imagine that the average straight moid is balding and fat by 21 and that most married women are unhappy and overworked, it's literally a curse. Now also imagine that other straight women lust after uggos like >>1750045 furthering fuelling ugly male's egos. It's hell. I have choosen the path of wizardom, but so many straight women who suffer from loneliness end up in terrible situations because their innate biology tells them they have to find men attractive. The vent thread is filled by depressed lonely straight girls who get cheated and abused by their moids.(derail, infighting)

No. 1751801

I didn't knew Druckmann was Jewish trough now I understand why you can shoot or damage that synagogue in the game despite all the other horrible shit you can do.

No. 1751806

Anyone have pictures of her just before trooning out? It really look like she aged a lot after that.

No. 1752694

>The vent thread is filled by depressed lonely straight girls who get cheated and abused by their moids.

Retardation. I can't imagine justifying your own misery in this way and venting about it further mentally exhausting other women, bleak.

No. 1754554

File: 1699221835936.gif (102.32 KB, 498x278, banging-head-against-wall.gif)

I honestly feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because, on one hand, I don't believe in unnecessary censorship that alters the true essence or intent of a piece of media. On the other hand, the only people who are "on my side" are porn addicts, coomers and fetishists who think not seeing near naked women wearing fetish armor is literal oppression. I don't want to support or endorse either side.

No. 1754561

Do you like JRPG by any chance?

No. 1755748

File: 1699289036510.jpg (238.11 KB, 1080x1089, v9h931es7xi71.jpg)

I have to ask, why does it seem like everyone started hating Lin-Manuel Miranda? Like, I was never a fan of him, but it seems out of nowhere people started hating on him all of a sudden in these past few years.

No. 1755767

The first hate-wave for him started in 2015-2017ish because of the musical Hamilton. It's set around the American Revolution so people basically said he was glorifying slaveowners and stuff like that. Not sure if there's any new stuff or if it's all from that, I think people just find him cringey in general too. A lot of it is probably bandwagoning these days because I rarely see people bring up the Hamilton stuff anymore.

No. 1755779

His contribution in Disney is created musical cancer. No Encanto's music was not good no matter how many people shill the Bruno song

No. 1755785

It's a combination of his bad Disney Music in the 2020's and a cultural shift, the Obama-era left-wing optimism is all but dead with zoomers.

No. 1755786

This is why I think we need to slowly get off social media because conversations about these topics turn so black-and-white. A Tweet character limit is going to get into the nuance of these things. I remember a decade ago I would have discussions about topics like this on well-moderated forums and a lot of them turned out reasonable, because people were able to say their piece and give their whole perspective without someone taking an out of context point to make false accusations. It feels like people have gotten more extreme with social media.

No. 1755806

he can't write songs for shit and it's infecting nu-Disney

No. 1757811

File: 1699375173151.png (1.08 MB, 882x1000, kKCw9ET.png)

Christ, so much of modern media is pretentious tumblrite power fantasies.

No. 1757986

File: 1699384167348.jpg (381.66 KB, 1290x1935, F96OhNBXoAADBUp.jpg)

These are the top "reader insert" characters on a03

>#9-Suga at 2383

>#8-Sam Winchester at 2386
>#7-Batkagou Katsuki at 2715
>#6-Jungkook at 2863
>#5-Steve Rogers at 3660
>#4-Sans at 3773
>#3-Loki at 3819
>#2-Dean Winchester at 4187
>#1-Bucky Barnes at 6661

No. 1757991

File: 1699384360627.png (41.21 KB, 502x135, Screenshots_2023-04-03-19-32-3…)

>women and teenagers STILL want to fuck the fat skeleton from uttertail

No. 1758013

This collage made me cringe out of my body and remember being on tumblr circa 2013 waaughhhhh

No. 1758100

>i just wish fyeah blogs were still a thing
me too. granted i do use terms like blorbo and stuff like "im normal about him" kek but fandom blogs have become so exhausting. im not even referring to the discourse (though that's exhausting too) but i feel like most fandom bloggers are trying way too hard to put on a cool persona. Either they have to portray themselves as the most mentally ill, or the most enlightened because they read poatmodern theory

No. 1758105

it wouldve been fine if it weren't for the kpop lizard scrotes

No. 1758108

>fat skeleton

No. 1758122

File: 1699390108084.jpg (16.27 KB, 220x294, Sans_undertale.jpg)

He looks fat as hell, and his manlet height only helps make him look fat even though he's a skeleton. Reposted for dumb typo.

No. 1758885

Not my taste but good taste all around. I expected more Snape, but I guess that's old school now

No. 1758972

I think I first saw this phenomenon with discourse around Hunter in the Owl House fandom on Tumblr (yeah, I know). Hunter is a very cliché angsty character who is introduced as a villain and then joins the good guys when he realizes that the forces he works for are actually evil. He's fine and was very popular among self-shippers, but I noticed that there was a trend of posts not just saying that he's a badly written character (which I agree with), but that he was a bigot and liking him was evil and bigoted. It was really, really bizarre, but upon looking up most of those posts, I found that they were almost always by "transwomen" as well. Then there's two-hour video by an "agender" dude on how and why Hunter is horrible, and you are a horrible sexist person if you happen to like him.

No. 1759530

As someone who plays otome games, I find myself very tired of the various they/thems, trans, aros, etc. that find themselves in my fandom. Anyone can play otome, yet what gets me is the argument that a genre specifically centered around women romancing men needs to cater to their needs. No, I don't agree that we should have more trans representation or female LIs or BL content and I don't care if that makes me sound problematic. There's already various games and communities for those so why can't you just go there? Otome outside of Japan are rare enough despite the growth we're seeing with some titles in the west and our community is a fairly niche space as it is, yet I'm also just tired of women spaces in general being treated as the "trashcans" for failed genders and sexualities to congregate. They can't just integrate normally and leave everyone the fuck alone. They have to bring their baggage with them and expect us to conform. And the misogyny is weird, too.

No. 1759557

One of my friends is into otome and this is one of her biggest complaints. Why do these people even expect trans and whatever representation from female targeted games sims? The thing is there are Western dating sims/visual novels with that shit but everyone knows the art and/or writing sucks ass so they want to push it onto Asian devs because they're the only ones making decent content. The people wanting trans rep in Nu Carnival (BL game) are even more annoying because 18+ BL games that aren't bara are basically non-existent. As if anyone wants to see a tranny with tit scars engaging in PiV sex when they play a yaoi game. Het yumes are not retarded enough to complain about the lack of wamen in nucarni, they just stick to their own stuff but troons have to force their garbage everywhere.

No. 1759581

File: 1699473099054.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

I am so tired of women always having to be the ones to give up their space for the autistic needs of others. Even in escapism we are always the punching bag of everyone else. Moid are allowed to have their drama free art/fandom spaces, but good luck finding a female art/fandom space in the west that isnt invaded and overrun with trannies/gendies/retards. I put women in big letters in my art account just so i could signal other women in my niche hobby that i am not a troon, and even then the troons of twitter ask my fucking pronouns. It's so annoying. All i want is a drama free art/fandom community.

No. 1759642

Why are most "big" proshipper accounts on twitter tifs and self proclaimed "fudanshis", all somehow into anime. Is there a link between being a weeb and being obnoxious on twitter?

No. 1759649

Weebs are obnoxious by nature, if they make anime their whole personality, they will do the same for drama

No. 1759664

What fandom and art do moids have aside from porn of random characters?

No. 1759681

Anyone who has a stance either way on pro/anti is a terminally online werb

No. 1759683

all fandoms

No. 1759694

I know people on this site have a hard on for hating kpop guys and i'm not even a kpopfag myself, but you're honestly trying to tell me a young, fit, guy like jungkook is ugly compared to the washed up, middle aged, balding men in the same collage? be serious kek

No. 1759748

That's very true. Western visual novels tend to be trash not only for the writing, but for the diversity that borders on the line of offensive. Plus, the art tends to be ugly as shit because they're so focused on making realistic body types that they forget that we also have to want to date them, too. I'm a yumejoshi, so I tend to stick to otome communities, but I do play BL games occasionally (a hot man being ravaged is a hot man being ravaged, regardless of whose on top/bottom imo). It's funny you mentioned Nu Carnival because I actually downloaded it in the past after seeing a few posts on Tumblr and enjoyed it, but I never engaged in the fandom there because it's fucking trash lol.
Men get to have their spaces because unlike women, men don't have to worry about being harassed or threatened. Ive noticed the difference in reactions, and men, for the most part, can speak their minds and are very adamant in telling these people to get the fuck out when any one of them come in with their bullshit. They feel safer to spread their shit in female spaces because they know they won't get pushback from us.

No. 1759940

You phrased the way men get to have their way in the fan/artsphere but we can't in one I haven't really been able to, thank you nonna

No. 1759945

Tumblr is an absolute cesspool filled with retards trying to "out queer" each other, witnessing this trainwreck is one of the most unbearable experiences I've ever had. If I have to see one more retard calling herself a fagdyke boygirl or whatever when she's literally just a quirky straight woman with dyed hair I will kill myself. Male gamers in the 2000s using faggot as an everyday insult was less cringe than these gendies using it as some badge of honor when they're heterosexuals that have nothing better to do with their lives other than LARP as homosexuals. Praying the pendulum swings back soon and everyone realizes how ridiculous all these people are.

No. 1759955

I used to never understand fans who would project themselves onto characters even when the characters had nothing to do with them whether it was their sexuality, diabilities, and general life struggles etc. but I am currently undergoing an ADHD diagnosis and my god I am addicted to projecting onto my favourite characters, it's extremely comforting and I finally understand why people do it (as long as you don't shove your headcanons down other people's throats)

No. 1760070

I agree with you, but I think there's a problem with women trying to be uber accepting– I remember not too long ago women online being much more happy to gatekeep, push back, or be otherwise disagreeable within fandom spaces, but then the narrative of fandoms being these magical, super-accepting places for the socially disenfranchised to flourish really started taking hold (while at the same time the gendie/idpol/sjw shit was also gaining momentum). There was also the push for fandom to be a form of activism, which I think was at least partly motivated by women's tendency to try to (often academically) justify anything 'subversive' that they enjoy, instead of just enjoying it (easy example would be stuff like slash shipping being billed as gay rights activism, instead of just romance/porn a woman might enjoy). You can also add in how it became trendy to have nerdy interests, which brought a lot of, I guess, normie women into fandom spaces who didn't get the culture or just didn't care, but wanted to play social games and used social justice as a cudgel to get their way. I don't think any of this is all that new btw, but it's all become so excessive, as >>1759945 said.

I generally hang out in art/fandom circles that are either mixed or majority male where the women involved are chill and fun to be around, and can both give and take criticism. People have to be allowed to be wrong, too, can't always be bending over backwards to validate someone before disagreeing with them or proving them incorrect. It's so tiring and false. Finding new female friends with similar interests outside of these established groups is so fucking hard though and I hate it

No. 1760126

Not saying you're like this, but the self projection fans are the reason why so many fandoms suffer from the most horrendous takes concerning characters. There are too many people who start their character analysis with "I had this personal experience and that's why character A is bad" all the time on Tumblr and think that's a valid form of criticism.

No. 1760148

File: 1699496032375.webm (1.84 MB, 360x640, tumblr_rgltjxCHuN1zbwgjo.webm)

I think I found a more appropriate example.

No. 1760177

i would love to know what female-only communities in japan are.

No. 1760189

Yaoi/BL spaces? TIFs exist but they don't have a troon epidemic as much as the anglosphere does

No. 1760273

troon epidemic is just a few years away in japan. they already have x-gender bullshit (mostly females) as well as a crazy number of coomer moids who will troon out as well eventually

No. 1760346

Yeah I'm anticipating it now but it seems slow so maybe there's hope. I've already been seeing some GL mangaka with she/her in their bios and even one with she/they who has a they/them character (not even labelled x-gender but literally has they/them stated in her character description) but I'm praying this just stays a westaboo thing and not something that infects all of Japanese fandom lol.

No. 1760457

how can you be a ''feminist'' if you worship women who get pressured into mutilation and extreme weight loss to appeal to their coomer moid fans

No. 1760470

File: 1699505712197.jpg (70.56 KB, 1555x1037, [23-03-31] 1641651608240132097…)

this reminds me the other day i found out a japanese artist i like is a TIF. Super weird for a japanese artist to be so open about themselves normally they discourage talking about their beliefs/opinions, but at least it didnt affect her art. I hope it doesnt become a trend

No. 1760471

The creator for one of the yuri anime airing this year is an MtF troon. Grim.

No. 1760489

There's also tranny shit in the novels.

No. 1760498

Women need to gatekeep again. I'm exhausted with the whole inclusiveness they are obsessed with. Not everyone needs to be included. Why can't trannies and gendies start their own club? Why are they always shoving themselves into Women only spaces? I really wish more women would stop accepting men and tifs.

No. 1760533

They know that the Industry is fucked up, but they genuinely believe that by supporting girl groups(by buying merch and promoting them) will help them succeed, its blind celebrity worship justified through hobbyism.

No. 1760784

I tried watching this and it really feels like it should've spent another year in the writing room.

No. 1762735

Freud was the one who gave meaning to that word, "projection". He claimed that people tend to project because they have a trait or desire that is too difficult to acknowledge so rather than confronting it, they cast it away and onto someone else. Projection shouldn't be confused with pattern recognition and especially recognition of traits one has that can be seen in others. In fact people who project are probably not good at pattern recognition because the concept of projection is illogical so it's purely coincidencal if the projection itself is "accurate". Pattern recognition needs attentiveness, meanwhile projection requires a degree of dissociation or denial of specific aspects of social reality. It is a form of distortion in which information that is actually about oneself is incorrectly attributed to another person. Sometimes it's a defense mechanism, other times simply an error. And it makes sense how people with disabilities, mental illnesses (TIFs), problems in life are the ones who self-project.

No. 1763306

Somewhat related but does anyone else also have a hard time finding video essays about your favorite niche internet media that AREN'T voiced by some nasally tranny?

It seems as though every time I go deep-diving on a topic or see a recommended video on my feed about an obscure interest, nearly 99 percent of the time it starts out with that disgusting nails on a chalkboard ass congested shrill from years worth of half-assing voice training. I searching to see if anyone had written or made a video about this one untranslated denpa/guro eroge that I was fascinated with, and the only video about it is subject of one of the worst tranny voiced I've ever heard. It's gotten bad enough to the point where I have to cross my fingers every time I open a link and I'm actually relived when I hear the average monotone moid voice.

If anyone can recommend any youtuber video essayists who are either obviously men or are women who aren't condescending and shitlib-pozzed, I would highly appreciate it.

No. 1763309

i wish i could shill my channel here kek

No. 1763336

Which denpa/guro eroge? Now I'm curious…
I liked Bowl of Lentils' video about the history ofLeaf, creators of ToHeart, and also enjoyed the other ones related to eroge/galge.

No. 1763475

I also really like that video. The eroge I'm refering to is Sayonara wo Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~, a fair warning, it is quite graphic and disturbing in nature yet also quite fascinating in its whole presentation, truly nothing like it out there.

As for other obscure eroge/vn youtubers I also enjoy, I found BaseSk8er recently and while his voiceover isn't the greatest his subject matter and editing is entertaining as all hell.

No. 1763559

File: 1699589050748.png (396.75 KB, 604x647, Screenshot.png)

Marvel and it's consequences.

No. 1763575

atrocity guide is excellent, and one of the few women doing video essays that aren't just sitting in front of the camera and talking.

No. 1763740

Thanks for replying! I'm aware of SayoOshi, I want to play it one day even if I already spoiled myself years ago kek. I love the OP theme, one of my favorite songs from an eroge.
And thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a watch.
Like you said, it's really sad searching and finding youtubers that cover interesting topics and hearing the typical troon voice/mannerisms. Even worse, I imagine, would be a creator whose work/style you like and bam! he/she suddenly troons out.

No. 1763747

no offense to you guys, but are you really complaining about there being too many troons in the genre of hentai game retrospectives? kek

No. 1763757

Seconded! I've rewatched all her videos so many times. My favorites are the one about the Immortalists, the Breatharianism one and the "acclaimed south korean director/actress couple gets kidnapped to make movies for North Korea's leader" one, but all of her videos are a nice watch.

Kek you're right nonnie, but I still want to complain.

No. 1763813

File: 1699599520206.png (733.88 KB, 605x1749, Taigen.png)

So, Blue Eye Samurai is a fairly mediocre show with a crappy romance. I feel it could have been great, but the famdom discussions on Twitter and Tumblr is not even focused on that. Almost all of it is focused on how the MC is a gay transman because she disguises herself as a man in an ultra-misogynistic society, and how the love interest is gay/bi because he finds himself falling in love with the MC despite believing she's a man.

No. 1764060

File: 1699605943911.jpg (71.38 KB, 512x598, tumblr_2f7421f016adfc7c1f87fe5…)

The funny thing is, if her character had actually been a "cis man" in the show they would have been like oh I headcanon her as a trans woman uwu. I think it's hilarious how many fakebois are seething about a female character being female.

No. 1764401

File: 1699633937215.png (1.12 MB, 1075x1409, Screenshot.png)

oH God, No.

No. 1764409

i dont understand why so many of these retards are obsessed with characters being fags

No. 1764797

File: 1699648494949.png (559.05 KB, 600x797, VeHSZa.png)

Why can't fandom be just picrel?

No. 1764799

because the internet going mainstream ruined everything forever

No. 1764803

Yeah Disney is over. I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist until they start getting their shit together in a few decades and make decent movies again.

No. 1764837

File: 1699650509956.jpeg (92.56 KB, 828x717, IMG_4654.jpeg)

I don’t get why some people can’t admire male characters the way they are instead of projecting femininity onto them. I could care less if someone calls their fave “babygirl” but people who headcanon them as women/go out of their way to feminize them will always be strange to me.

No. 1764877

They want femdom but have no idea how to express their feelings, they can't imagine a man being submissive

No. 1764915

I think it's much simpler, they are just "boring" straight women who want regular non-kinky sex, but they have to communicate it in a queer way to justify it. it's just fandom twitter brain-rot.

No. 1764949

It's even simpler than that. Women can't have their own sexual fantasies. Same reason why they all identify as gay. Only men can desire. Women are made to be desired. Well that's what they think. Misogyny is natural to them, so they don't see it.

No. 1764998

Slight derail but this reminded me how "asexual" stuff plagued fandom even before trans did. IDC about the debate if being asexual is possible, but it was always weird to me how some of the most perverted shippers/roleplayers in my fandoms swore up and down they were asexual and there was no contradiction between those things. At least the prude asexuals who dislike porn were consistent, but on the other end I see "you can be asexual and lust after fictional characters/read or write smut!!!" as if that makes any sense. I also never understood "aromantics" who are into canon media where romance is centric (ex. dating sims) but complain about it, or they try to give ships the "just friends/queerplatonic" treatment.

No. 1765019

Honestly I think the "aromantics" who religiously play dating sims are either 3DPD or overdosed on fantasies and fictional romance so their standards irl got fucked up.

No. 1765021

What do you think about the toothpaste hair tumblr asexual from way back when? She was into vore but tried saying it wasn't sexual

No. 1765036

how old is this?

No. 1765038

> Women can't have their own sexual fantasies. Same reason why they all identify as gay. Only men can desire.
this honestly makes so much sense. But it's weird because it's something ''new'', i dont remember horny women in the 00s being like this, they just loved their husbandos as men.

No. 1765041

> At least the prude asexuals who dislike porn were consistent, but on the other end I see "you can be asexual and lust after fictional characters/read or write smut!!!"
its a pathetic way to cope with being a virgin nerd

No. 1765043

its because society has actually gotten more misogynistic over the last 10 years or so, not less. and trannyism is making gender roles even more restricted than they were in the 00s

No. 1765045

>But it's weird because it's something ''new'', i dont remember horny women in the 00s being like this, they just loved their husbandos as men.
It's a mix of the feminization/"babygirlification" trend and how pozzed fandom is nowadays. A lot of these people based their personalities on hating men and straight people for the past 5+ years so fangirling over their husbandos normally is shameful and "too heterosexual" for them. They have to queerify it in some way which is why you have so many people straight up calling male characters women now.

No. 1765048

that's so sad, someone tell twitterfag women they can be misandrist and lust after 2D drawings

No. 1765061

It really does feel that way. I'm desisted and even though my identity was influenced by the sexism/homophobia in the 00s, there was still more room to be GNC or an "atypical" woman back then. That's why I did, it was just a matter of finding other women like me, and there were plenty. I had TIFs in my art/fandom circles, but they were an outlier. Now it's the other way around.

No. 1765241

The way people (women) infantilize men now, especially men they refer to as ~zesty~, is ridiculous. Like baby that is a GROWN MAN. You're making yourself look embarassing.

No. 1765419

This might seem like a tinfoil but this is an unironic psy-op, so that women and teenage girls are less cautious around middle aged (creepy) men.

No. 1765444

File: 1699678267550.jpg (620.4 KB, 1664x623, galpals-.jpg)

Based. I've been wondering how many aroace women would just be straight if we just normalized being misandrists more. Picrel makes me wonder if she just wants great female friend to be around with and maybe media failed to give us non toxic female friendship models lel.

No. 1765455

>sapphic aroace
words mean nothing

No. 1765461

This is literally just called having a best friend what

No. 1765463

Why do spicy straight kweers overcomplicate things for themselves and then whine about identity and label issues? You literally made the problem. I believe aromantic and asexual people can exist (not the I'm asexual and horny 24/7 and have sex all the time ones) but the "aroace lesbian" waxing about muh queerplatonic relationship types are severely retarded. Assuming the aroace thing is true what even makes these people lesbians or gay in the first place? Finding women good looking doesn't mean you're attracted to them. There's nothing wrong or special about being disinterested in romantic relationships and only wanting females as close friends but these people need to label everything because being volcel isn't cool enough or something.

No. 1765475

File: 1699679023536.png (373.31 KB, 494x532, Qvou7HC.png)

I really don't understand how someone can consume a series that is intended for Japanese young boys and then be surprised when the characters are depicted with the fantasy of young boys, such as being big and strong.

No. 1765487

"Aroace lesbian/bisexual/gay/whatever" is either someone deep in the closet and doesn't want to unpack that, or boring people just throwing together labels to make them sound interesting and shoehorn themselves in a community.

No. 1765490

File: 1699679866337.png (214.26 KB, 825x440, labels are for soup cans.png)

i hate these people so much. Labels are for soup cans.

No. 1765495

Kek what a throwback

No. 1765597

It isn't new at all. Sexualised men have been branded as gay for a long time. Think about sexy calendars, yaoi, buff men, K-pop idols or men just caring about how they look. We have been calling those things gay for a long time. The difference is that now some girls and women refuse to identify as submissive. But since they see being submissive as natural for women, it must mean that they are secretly closer to men, gay men for refusing to imagine themselves as submissive. That's why every yaoi fans is into that shit, they can imagine themselves as equal with men. Even if they identify with the one getting penetrated, they identify with a man, who isn't naturally submissive, so it's for them. It's like men into BDSM, they know that even if they are shortly abused, they still hold power over women.

No. 1765607

more like men have been calling them gay for too long i defended believers in the 2010s and i am proud of that

No. 1765613

>That's why every yaoi fans is into that shit, they can imagine themselves as equal with men.
not every yaoi fan is a self inserter. I am not a fujo anymore but when i was at age 12-14 i liked yaoi because it was the only type of media with cute submissive men, in contrast to shoujo/romance for women were the men was always an angsty abusive faggot.

No. 1765616

No. 1765634

You are so strong nonna.
That's exactly what I'm trying to say. It's easier to enjoy yaoi as a girl or woman because it's two men. I'm not blaming 12 years old you. It's bleak how women are more comfortable imagining a gay relationship than allowing themselves to lust after a man as a woman. And that's because women are expected to be submissive. Creating or even enjoying girls or women being active in a relationship is still not the norm.

No. 1765644

It's women's ''fault'' too, if we see it that way. More women could make strong, dominant female main characters and cute, non asshole male love interests, but they obviously don't want to. And i can't force them, even if it sucks and it pains me that trash like 50 shades is what normies consider the female kinky fantasy now.

No. 1765659

Tbf the women who want submissive men have always been a minority. I wish they'd at least make a dominant man who isn't abusive but our society also primes women for abuse from birth. No wonder they learn to romanticize what the world has told them what they're destined for

No. 1765669

>Tbf the women who want submissive men have always been a minority.
yeah, that's why i have learned to accept it and draw/write for myself, even if it's only for me and small minority of women. It sucks.

No. 1765675

It'd be cool if "submissive" men weren't spending four hours a day dedicated to their porn addiction, they're no different than the others lol

No. 1765699

No matter how hard /g/ tries to deny it, irl or fiction, dominant male submissive female wins the popular vote by a landslide with women. There are more men into femdom than women. If you want to see a man beat up with snot and tears running down his face, odds are you're a fujo. Women are subconsciously more intimidatated by dominant men than dominant women for obvious reasons, which means it's not just more realistic but more fulfilling(?) to see these men suffer at the hands of other men rather than forced role reversal. It's never about self inserting unless there's an Aiden in the mix who wants an overly feminized bottom with a top harem who she HCs to act like otome love interests.

No. 1765705

i live in pain for that reason. yaoi doesnt full-fill me anymore, so i am left with my own drawings and imagination.

No. 1765719

Pretty much this. A while ago the fujoanons in the /m/ thread polled whether they prefer their favorite boy to top or bottom and most people preferred him to bottom. BL is really the only place to see men genuinely at the physical and emotional mercy of another person, in terms of romance/sex at least.

No. 1765743

I think the reason why women are also repulsed by submissive men is because sexuality is still geared towards men and in their pleasure and view. Submissive men are actually not submissive at all because they expect you to please them or be sexy for them while they do nothing. Many sub men are also bisexual and closeted and want women to peg them or eat their assholes.
Both dom and sub men are disgusting in their own ways and are coomers who are only after their own coom and have very fucked up views about women.

No. 1765755


No. 1765767

Sorry but it's just so hilarious to imagine that these people are so alienated from the concept of "friends" they need to put some bullshit label on it.

No. 1765999

They don't understand that fictional boys are drawn more feminine because they are young and don't have yet the more masculine features that adult males have.

No. 1766027

gotta love the accusations of toxic masculinity and misogyny (?) towards depicting adult!Deku as being super buff with a shorter haircut, as if he couldn't possibly look like that while also retaining his personality and core traits… wouldn't that be actual toxic masculinity or whatever? That only idk, feminine twinks can act like him? I gave up on MHA years ago, but Deku was always drawn very muscular, just more so in that wiry way an extremely athletic teenager might be (as were a lot of the teen cast) rather than jacked like the adult characters, and haircuts are a common way of showing the passage of time or growth in character design, with short, neat hair = maturity (generally).

I'm so tired of people bitching because the creators of media didn't use their psychic prowess to reach into their specific mind to learn the true version of their works and cater to them. It's not even childish, it's just pathetic and self-absorbed.

No. 1766038

>Women are subconsciously more intimidated by dominant men than dominant women for obvious reasons, which means it's not just more realistic but more fulfilling(?) to see these men suffer at the hands of other men rather than forced role reversal
Fulfilling? Nah, fuck that, i want to beat moids myself, plus is fiction, i can easily just insert in a OP female character

No. 1766041

okay? but It's still another male character fucking a "male" character

No. 1766049

back to your containment

No. 1766070

Stuff like this only feeds into my belief that fandoms just hate women or maybe it's just that a lot of women in fandom seem to hate themselves. It seems they only like femininity when its applied to a male character, while female characters are only acceptable if they can somehow make them less feminine. Expressing femininity as a woman is mocked, while it's praised on men. Then have the audacity to equate it to "feminism." You giving a shit about women only when they're in proximity to men/maleness/masculinity is not "woke." It's weird.

If there's one thing I can admire about fujos it's the fact they deliberately ignore both canon and reality for their own means. If it's so "painful" being a woman, then what's stopping these people from creating what they feel is the "ideal" woman without all the added trauma? People find self inserting, OCs, or yumes to be cringe, but I don't find it anymore cringe than the self hatred that inevitably leads to hating women and the argument of wanting to skinwalk or live vicariously through a man because you're traumatized over having a vagina.

No. 1766086

It's always funny to see the Zoomer/Gen Alpha MOGAI types yearn for the 00s scene/emo culture when back then we would've thought their obsession with labeling every facet of themselves is retarded. At least the emo kids I knew in high school grew out of it (or kept their interests but went about it in a more mature way), meanwhile everyone I knew who fell into the gender cult in the 2010s is still in it.

No. 1766092

>Expressing femininity as a woman is mocked, while it's praised on men.
kek are you that anon that complained about Peach having an angry face in the box art cover?

No. 1766104

I don't think she's the same anon, but anyways, she's right tho

No. 1766130

File: 1699721020484.jpeg (165.01 KB, 736x1062, pickme autist.jpeg)

how? ''femininity'' is a made up concept made by moids, that's why only men and their pickmes throw a tantrum party every time a female character gets ''masculinized''.

No. 1766143

I noticed women in fandom don't feel comfortable with femininity nowadays, that much is true and is an observable phenomena. They think men being feminine in any way is cool (wearing makeup, etc) because they're men, but is not cool in women because its seen as basic or even regressive

No. 1766152

make up isnt femininity, you thinking it is it's the reason why zoomers are so backwards and think they are men from not wearing make up and sundresses

No. 1766154


No. 1766155

No. Besides, that has nothing to do with my point.

No. 1766162

yes it does, pickmes made such a fuss over peach's expression being changed because they felt their precious ''femininity'' insulted.

No. 1766165

Thank you for at least grasping the point of my post.

Cool. Still not my point.

No. 1766169

ok then what's your point? and give examples

No. 1766174

Nah. I don't beleive you genuinely care to have that discussion.

No. 1766183

I am interested, I want to know your definition of femininity.

No. 1766188

then enlighten us, i know you want to, tell us your definition of femininity and let's see if we can be on the same page

No. 1766191

My hot take is that femininity and masculinity are both stupid concepts

No. 1766195

> tell us your definition of femininity
it's a made up bullshit word by moids that changes it definition depending on the culture. you can ask a moid in the middle east what femininity is and he will tell you its when a woman is modest and fully covered and takes care of him and their children, ask a western moid and they will tell you its full face caked in make up, revealing outfits and blonder hair. Perpetuating the use of it only hurts women.

No. 1766196

Okay? it's made up, we get it, but what does that have to do with anything we were talking about?

No. 1766198

because you were complaining women demonize ''feminine'' characters

No. 1766201

I wouldn't say "demonize", nobody said that, it just seen as lame i guess, to be feminine as a woman without added lgbtq+ stuff

No. 1766203

Women have every right to be uncomfortable with femininity because it's a restrictive gender role defined by moids and not innate, but I do think it's hypocritical when it's celebrated when men do it (either IRL men or fictional characters).

No. 1766208

The outrage about "feminine" women being hated in fandom is the same outrage that makes people think they're oppressed for shipping M/F. You're in the niche fandom bubble where straight shipping and "normal" women aren't really cared about because the people who dominate the space (nerd girls, gays, other outcasts) aren't the type to care about these things, it's a highly skewed sample. Turn off the computer and go outside, suddenly feminine women, masculine men, amd heterosexuality are the majority again and no one is bullying them for these traits. Who would've thought?

No. 1766222

women constantly faced with strict, sexist beauty standards have started to get tired of seeing these traditionally feminine aesthetics even in the escapist media they consume, wonder why that could be! this says a lot about modern women, if only we could go back to when everyone wanted to be the girl from tangled. I love gender roles.

No. 1766224

feminine characters in fandom mean fully pink generic princess with the personality of wet cardboard. I have seen retards try to argue that usagi is a tomboy even though she fits all the stereotypical criteria of femininity.

No. 1766230

Yeah. Any woman who isn't a vapid bimbo who only cares about her looks and getting picked is pushed into the "masculine" category. No wonder so many girls troon out when this is the message society sends about what it is to be a woman

No. 1766231

I actually have criticisms about performative femininity with that anon. Plenty of forms of femininity is very limiting to what a woman can be. I'm also not saying heteros are opressed but, lmao, you do know that there are nerdy geeky heteros too. I would not be able to be in the same "fandom" as someone who reads Harlequin pocketbooks or something.

No. 1766235

I don't think femininity is condemned by society but the thing about it being hated in women in online fandom spaces is sort of true. It's not seen subversive or queer enough by TRAs unless it's TIMs looking like a bimbofied caricature of a woman. But these people don't really care much for GNC/masculine women either, femininity is basically only celebrated in men which is why you see so many women start trooning out but still retain their femininity/look female. There are a lot of examples of gayden "femboy" that only felt comfortable being feminine after trooning out and also those nonbinary TIFs that keep their "pre-transition" appearance and go on about "what I look like with he/him in my bio". These people only embrace femininity and looking female if they slap they/them or he/they on their bios and they project this onto fictional characters.

No. 1766239

Yes, people have a problem with women themselves, not femininity

No. 1766243

File: 1699726676813.jpeg (75.85 KB, 446x687, images (1).jpeg)

Some anons mentioned how female weeb culture was way more openly sexual towards men back in 2000s or so. And right now depictions like pic rel feel so rare kek. I've seen a few kinda recent ones from italian comic artists for some reason. If anyone knows more horny hettie girl rep, I'd like to know.

No. 1766247

Ok fine. When I wrote my post, I was being deliberately vauge on what femininity and masculinity meant due to what I feel are complex topics. I believe that both are social constructs and that trying to adhear to either is contributing to a lot of our issues as a society, yet I was only trying to explain a phenomenon that I witness in fandom where female characters can't just be women without having themselves changed in some way to fit fandoms never ending obsession with centering men and shoving them out of the picture. I don't agree with the other anon about it being merely makeup etc. and that image of Peach isn't something I consider an issue and a weird argument in general. Maybe I should've used different terms or not at all, in that case. It wasn't my intention to imply or even suggest…any of this other stuff you all are saying.

No. 1766248

What's considered "GNC" now was considered basic femininity decades ago. Women who do non-actions like not wearing makeup and dressing comfortably are considered "masculine" somehow. I only wear a little bit of makeup and T-shirts and jeans, no dresses or skirts, that's considered "GNC" even though I look like a woman in every other way.

>But these people don't really care much for GNC/masculine women either, femininity is basically only celebrated in men which is why you see so many women start trooning out but still retain their femininity/look female.
This one artist I used to be mutuals with a decade ago went from being a "cis" woman, to a TIF who identified as a man, to a "nonbinary" TIF who presents as a hyperfeminine woman and draws "he/him" characters with boobs and vaginas. GNC women are pushed to identify as men or agendered for not being feminine, but feminine women who do these things also are encouraged to do that because it's subversive. It's a weird obsession with labels over actions. Using different pronouns or a label somehow nullifies that you're behaving the same way women are expected to act.

No. 1766262

If you don't like those type of characters just…ignore them? i don't know

No. 1766264

I think, in the context of fandom nonsense, it's less about celebrating 'feminine' traits in male characters or the feminisation headcanon thing, and more about being 'subversive' instead of 'boring' (especially when it comes to het shit, but slash is normal now so gotta jazz that up too I guess), and also to mask interest in things that might get you ridiculed by using woke/social justice shit to deflect criticism. These same things are also used to socially beat other women in-line within fandom spaces, so it's no wonder it's become their tool of defense, too.

I'm probably going to get flak for this, but a lot of women, especially in fandom spaces, have been immersed in media (either fan content or published things like YA) that is intended for female self-insertion, and I think that too much of that content (along with broader social trends that are outside of this thread's scope) leads to a lot of people who are self-absorbed/have stunted empathy that can't engage with media without forcing it to relate back to them directly– I think one of the reasons why these women dislike female characters so much is that they don't want to be confronted with a story about a woman different from them in any potent way, they just want a sufficiently blank skin to crawl into to imagine themselves pawing at a pretty boy. Which should be fine or whatever, but we're talking extremes here. I've noticed a similar trend in men who only like the most bland of isekai MCs and rage at anything that has more depth or a stronger personality, so this isn't just 'women enjoy things and that means bad' situation. I think this >>1762735 was also a pretty interesting point as well. None of this is new, but I can't be the only one to have noticed an uptick in y/n x character content in recent years, and I've never liked the ethos behind writing female MCs when it comes to female dominated genres/niches of fiction. I'm also biased because I don't want to ~relate~ to characters or see me represented in them, I want to understand and maybe sympathise with them, so I don't get this stuff at all kek

Sorry for the ramble, I'll leave it at a lot of fandom ladies being unable/unwilling to divorce themselves from the media they consume and only mostly tolerate female characters that are meant for self-inserting/are very vague and easy to warp, and see more fully-realised female characters as idk an obstacle or threat to… something. Not sure what, I'm sure it varies, but they do not like them all the same and will either ignore, shift attention away from/'neuter' them, or outright bash them.

No. 1766281

NTA but the same can be said for people online complaining about "masculine" female characters (which aren't even that common)

No. 1766298

What always got on my nerves was when the "fandom feminists" (usually lib/choicefems) always praised female characters who were "badass and feminine", but I can't think of any female character in mainstream media that isn't any more masculine than a tomboy. The vast majority of female characters are some form of feminine in some way. I don't necessarily mind that but "badass and feminine" is the norm and I'd like some variety.

No. 1766300

Yeah, isekai self-insertion genre has not only increased for males, it's also increased for females with all the "reincarnated as the villainess" stories that keep growing in number. More and more people are consuming media only for wish-fulfillment, which isn't bad by itself, but it's worrying when people do not want to hear stories about anyone other than themselves. It's pretty sad, I think it fucks with people's ability to empathize.

No. 1766493

File: 1699745222778.jpg (433.44 KB, 720x1079, Picsart_23-11-12_00-10-24-163.…)

The baldur's gate fandom has such an annoying population of moralfags that whiteknight for this twink it's actually unreal. I always was irritated with people treating fictional characters like they're real with actual feelings that could be harmed but with Astarion it's insanely prevalent to the point it's very hard to find content of him that isn't super vanilla. You'd assume that wouldn't be the case since half the man's appeal is how pretty and tragic he is, but god forbid you actually enjoy him for that fact and explore it in your art and writing, or twink protective services will be knocking down your twitter DMs telling you to kill yourself. There's just this everpresent feeling in the fandom space that you're not allowed to touch him in any way deemed unwholesome, more than any other fan community I've been in. There's barely any nsfw of him either because people breathe down your neck if you dare sexualize him, and it sucks because he's quite literally the perfect archetype of the cute sad boy you wanna hit with a brick

No. 1766509

His only appeal is being an ugly old angsty man and we know what kind of people that attracts. Twitter gendies dont want the old man blorbo they were psyoped to like threatened in any way.

No. 1766528

he's old and ugly

No. 1766530

Yeah he's expired but you can tell he used to be one. Let's settle on twas

No. 1766558

he's not a twink the definition of twink is young looking man stop trying to call ugly men think to psyop women into liking post wall men

No. 1766560

A scrawny old man is not a twink lol

No. 1766573

File: 1699748803973.jpg (10.1 KB, 400x400, d599f39b117bdabb63fae42e83e948…)

You people are fucking cooking me

No. 1766575

He should be a character that I'd like, but the more I learn about the BG3 fandom the less I want to play it. It doesn't help that he's kind of a Fenris knockoff (who is already kind of a knockoff) when it's a knockoff Bioware title. My favourite fandom antic is when fans latch onto a character and assign the most tonally inappropriate traits/archetype and then police everybody else. Fanon is a scourge

No. 1766579

i am sorry anon but the old man propaganda has gone too far

No. 1766582

File: 1699749219845.jpg (292.65 KB, 1916x1080, peekaboo.jpg)

No. 1766583


No. 1766585

Even if he was younger he’d still be built like a fridge and have that big ass head so I wouldn’t consider him a twink past or present

No. 1766592

People are calling this guy a twink? At most he's just an effeminate gay

No. 1766645

his arms made me crave hotdogs

No. 1766764

File: 1699755302727.jpg (107.01 KB, 736x1436, 34fb542d5ddba97141351814444fcc…)

REEEEEEEE listen I love astarion as a character and YEAH I get it that he's important to some SA victims and it's easy to project onto him if you were abused I get that I get that. But fuck. Moids literally sexualize underage fictional girls all the time and draw disgusting porn with them and literally nobody cares. Fuck, men online don't even care about REAL women being abused, not to mention fictional ones. Meanwhile women all over the internet police other women about their "treatment" of a fictional adult male character. Jesus christ really????? If men gave only an ounce of the fucks that women give about male feelings, maybe the world wouldn't be so fucked up. But they don't. Men will literally never care about women, their lives and their feelings. It's so laughable to me. This is NOT the thing they should be giving that amount of energy and attention for…

No. 1766773

They'll call anything a twink because they're retarded and don't actually know anything about the term. They just think they sound cute using gay terminology incorrectly kek

No. 1766776

someone sexually assualted that thing? lmao

No. 1766777

File: 1699755535367.jpg (15.27 KB, 890x534, 1800.jpg)

This post made me picrel

No. 1766781

He is old and has the stupidest lesbian wig I've ever seen

No. 1766806

File: 1699755964776.gif (3.75 MB, 540x450, Tumblr_l_15212766428290.gif)

Fuck Asta and his insufferable fans. At first I was attracted to him but now I'm so over him and I even started to see him as ugly, I also want to hate him just out of spite for his retarded fans. Gale is better anyway

No. 1766810

This ftm old woman who's body has been ravished by testosterone is not attractive in my opinion.

No. 1766840

kek holy shit you are so right

No. 1766856

File: 1699756534098.jpg (150.19 KB, 1170x1710, akfrm8a4lo3b1.jpg)

That's Link from good mythical morning, a male lesbian.

No. 1766870

repulsive spoiler please

No. 1766873

When did he start going gray? And what's with the thirst trap angle

No. 1766911

I had such a crush on him when they first started YouTube kek.

No. 1766942

Yeah me

No. 1766950

you could have done better

No. 1766965

File: 1699758084667.jpg (67.11 KB, 735x536, f87c85ab411db9b3fa8b995345bbb0…)

You guys are mean

No. 1766981

God his lace is showing and his brow microblading is DUSTY and you can see his kryolan TV paint stick in shade 00 oxidizing

No. 1766997

he got raped? by what, like, a man and before he turned old? and the fanbase is so cucked they'd rather whiteknight him than encourage art depicting that? how did we fall so far

No. 1767032

His master basically forced him to whore himself and seduce people who would later become his victims

No. 1767037

His master must have also forced him to get those uglass brow tattoos

No. 1767043

All men are whores this isn't even traumatizing for them. The average man would prostitute himself for free if he could

No. 1767044

If theyre bottoming yeah its traumatizing

No. 1767050

He's ugly too

No. 1767075

I'm supposed to be doing work but I keep thinking of these posts and laughing

No. 1767123

File: 1699760800359.jpg (33.88 KB, 720x778, 9560ecf3f9892ffb62b5daa37f37ff…)


No. 1767149

what a fatty

No. 1767220

File: 1699762067616.jpg (97.6 KB, 736x758, a5e602eede53ba4d461a5803c08da4…)

well at least he looks masculine, he's autistic, nerdy, he likes cats and it's heavily implied he's great at giving oral. That's all I need

No. 1767250

Billy Ray Cyrus ass install. Achey Breaky Heart unit.

No. 1767330

I get you, none of this would happen to a female character with the same background, it only happens with him because Astarion attracts the same women who were previously discussed itt. I can't tell if they need to feel special and superior for pretending to see him beyond some pixels on a screen or if they are genuinely autistic. Either way, insufferable and makes it another fandom impossible to be part of.
Their moralism is fake and dumb. If someone puts Astarion in skimpy underwear or asks you to join him in a a orgy with the drows, ascends him or whatever they deem bad? "You are so evil! How dare you?!" but when Astarion lures in children for Cazador, laughs at people dying, suffering or being tortured then "Ooh poor baby, he is traumatized he doesn't know better!" kek. By liking Astarion they need to automatically ignore his immorality, but they police everyone in the fandom, it's so funny to me.

No. 1767464

I think these people can't separate themselves from characters they like/relate to/insert into/or even just feel compassion towards so any unkindness or 'nasty' act depicted happening to the character registers as a personal affront. Particularly large and rabid fandoms with this mindset also often adhere to 'good endings only', such as when people used to get a lot of hate for either doing in a let's play or just admitting to having done a 'no mercy' run in Undertale. Hell, they probably still do. It circles back to the discussion of too much projection and self-insertion to media, they can't handle anything grim or stressful happening to their little blorbos (ugh) who are an extension of themselves and wildly divergent from canon due to the prevalence of headcanons/fanon. There's also an activism angle to characters like Astarion specifically because of the SA element, which causes people to attack anyone interested in playing around with those concepts or just being horny, as if failing to do so is failing to be a good ally to SA survivors or is, again, an attack on them personally. Not a healthy way to be kek.

I hope you find a niche merrily creating the Astarion content you're after, BG3's fandom has honestly made the whole thing repellent to me so i can imagine it's pretty rough to already be into it. I'm so glad that the characters I'm currently fixating on are either such unlikable cunts that no one cares how they're treated in fandom or are from media with microfandoms of chill people that can't spiral the way that large and fervent fandoms can.

No. 1767543

This and people taking what you do in fiction as activism and what you'd do irl or w/e. If you find a character who is an SA victim sexy and make porn of them then that MUST indicate how you'd treat real life victims too. They think all of your tastes and interests in fiction 100% map on with what you do irl. It's like a remix of "don't shit on a random person for being fat because it can harm someone you know who is fat" but retarded because they're extending that thought process to fictional characters.

No. 1767544

Metalheads constantly accusing everyone who shows even the slightest interest in their genre "posers"

No. 1767630

It's really annoying because you can't criticise or explore anything interesting without some fuckwit barrelling in to complain about it, let alone there being a wrong way to be horny for some adult character or other. It also feels a bit weird to essentially imply that SA = a person can now never be sexual again otherwise they'll idk wither and die. Perpetual victim shit, no thanks. Depicting characters failing to get past their issues and suffering is not morally wrong or bad or whatever they say either, in fiction it's just interesting.

The whole 'you can't enjoy something in fiction without condoning it irl!!1!!' crap is so tiring, especially since so many of these people froth over fantastical media with concepts that would be a reach to apply (even allegorically) to real life situations, so you'd think they'd have a better grasp on this shit but no, they do not.

No. 1767698

That seems so tamed compared to what actual SA victims irl go through, which can be much more violent and traumatizing. What the fuck are his fans even complaining about

No. 1767773

this isn't true. all men secretly love taking dick

No. 1767919

>'good endings only'
Yes, this is annoying, specially when it comes to BG3 fandom, I won't derail the thread by getting into details, but the whole concept behind the game is roleplaying. If someone wants to explore a bad character and a bad ending, what's the big issue? They are already in the game. Maybe I am looking back with rose-tinted glasses, but I don't remember the fandom being this moralistic back with game like mass effect and dragon age origins, I feel people understood it's just a game and when you picked evil options you were just… playing a fucking game and having fun with exploring the narrative.
I genuinely feel this. I want to explore a dark narrative with the character, but I know I would be crucified by these people. To be honest the SA survivor thing feels like those instances where they try to win the discussion with victim points, as a SA survivor myself, I can't even say I want to bully the pixels on my screen before being accused of being "insensitive and tone deaf".
nta but in case this isn't bait, he does get physically and emotionally tortured in some extreme ways for centuries.

No. 1768021

one of the ayrt, but yeah I think I started seeing more of this behaviour in roleplaying games with Dragon Age Inquisition, I remember seeing posts about how 'if you like Bad Character and don't stop them or dare side with them to see what happens, then you are a Bad Person'. I was never into those games so I only saw this in passing, so I could be wrong though. I also remember some nonsense about joining the wrong factions (or being horny for its leader) for one of the Fallouts, but that was back when people were more likely to push back instead of fold and cater to these people so it wasn't as bad.

It really sucks that this stuff does come down to victim points and also encourages/demands people to admit something extremely personal just to be 'allowed' to make content or discuss things the way that they like (and even then it won't be enough and I've seen people get their SA used against them or told they deserved it because they drew something risqué of some freak's Precious. Vile). Hope you're doing okay though.

No. 1768158

File: 1699784366381.png (307.18 KB, 616x627, F9KNxyWawAAFW3P.png)

pro-shippers are absolute morons.

No. 1768161

File: 1699785103424.png (55.6 KB, 380x466, Leyley.png)

This game was absolutely made by a scrote and he projects into Andrew. All the other characters are women except the villain who we are supposed to hate, very sexualized (Andrew looks normal as child, while Ashley is "pedobait", she could have been drawn normally but she's drawn in a childlike way that scrotes specifically find appealing), Andrew doesn't look like his father while Ashley and her mother are identical, plus you know how weird scrotes' fetishes are.

No. 1768167

Samefag, most antishippers are sensitive crybabies and proshippers are depraved coomers, non-internet-poisoned people and those who can understand nuance would definitely lean on the proshipper side but wouldn't call themselves either of these dumbass things

No. 1768168

don't really care about this game either way, especially since there are way worse VN-style games out there and this one is just popular to yell about, but I am pretty over the desire to be spoonfed morals in media that so many people have now. Media literacy is in the fucking toilet with how many people cannot even comprehend simple things such as 'protagonist' (or main character) not meaning the same as 'hero/heroine'– one is a label for who is leading and our point of view in a story, while the other is often the same but also intended as an ideal to aspire to. Any character can be a protagonist, regardless of flaws/actions/morals, but not every protagonist is a heroic character.

No. 1768181

I think what >>1766264 said might be one of the causes of this. People want to be spoonfed morals in media because they're unable to realize it's not real. Well they do realize it's not real, but… Even if they understand a story is a story (unless someone is completely delusional and most fandom participants are only a little bit so they don't actually confuse stories with reality) they still relate to it and anthropomorphise it so they don't want to see immoral things in it. They emphasize more with fiction than reality. It's like people who emphasize more with toys than people. Also certain fandoms attract autistics and mentally ill people, so even if someone isn't one of those things they will try to act like the people surrounding them to fit in. In the real world if you're being weird towards someone they'll tell you to cut it off, but a fictional character won't, so they project onto the fictional character. Also participating in fandom for many of them is political, so they actually think being immoral in fandom matters as much as being immoral irl.

No. 1768185

File: 1699787955721.jpg (18.27 KB, 473x574, 1623034845454.jpg)

>non-internet-poisoned people and those who can understand nuance would definitely lean on the proshipper

No. 1768207

Yeah a lot of normies like shit with age gaps and incest but they'd probably be disgusted with more taboo shit

No. 1768222

kek those were both me, but yeah I agree with your points too. Ive also noticed that some people try to inhabit as many 'correct' (usually popular in the right way) fandoms as possible, even if they don't actually like the media it involves all that much, which I think plays into what you said about people acting like those around them to fit in, which causes them to clash with actual fans. The fandom as political activism crowd will never cease to baffle me though, you can enjoy one thing without relating it to another and you don't need to elevate your interest in anime or a pretty boy or whatever by adding politics.

nta but i think a lot of normal people, when told the basic idea of what pro and anti ship stuff is, would side with the pro just because on paper it sounds like mashing whatever adult characters you like together because it's just a bit of fun or interesting, and most well-adjusted people wouldn't jump to pedo shit (for example) being part of that unless prompted to. That's my guess for what anon was getting at, anyway. Plus a lot of the dynamics/tropes antis complain about are common in general, romance, and thriller fiction, especially anything marketed as being dark or intense, so plenty of normies might already be familiar with them and not care.

No. 1768267

I completely disagree kek. It's edgy yumefujo from 2012-2014 tumblr all over, from the art to the "humor" to the blood/incest. Also, that character does not resemble "pedobait" in any way. Either way, though, the whole thing is shit.

No. 1768278

Its so obviously drawn by a edgy woman who wishes she was Ashley.

No. 1768319


No. 1768454

File: 1699812210769.png (910.21 KB, 645x1546, SH_719.png)

I have never understood this mentality, cause never of these people ever actually watch these diverse movies they always push for

No. 1768474

I personally don't care about racebending and only take issue if it's done for woke points instead of some fun thing (like Brandy's Cinderella) but these people's obsession with it is just lame as fuck. Especially with how defensive they are over it because people can't possibly take issue with racebending unless they're evil white supremacists. The Disney remakes are garbage either way and making new characters that are POC will always be more meaningful than the raceswapping shit, it just comes across as settling for hand-me-down scraps.

No. 1768573

>It also feels a bit weird to essentially imply that SA = a person can now never be sexual again otherwise they'll idk wither and die
This is something that always bugged me too. I know it's just fiction and people will have different interpretations, but the way people infantilize characters that are canonically SA victims and headcanon them as "asexual" or incapable of having sexual relationships anymore feels the same as how GNC characters get headcanoned as trans.

It kind of scares me how so many of these people need their hand held and have media tell them the "problematic" things happening are bad. It's like they don't know how to tell right from wrong otherwise. I've watched movies and listened to music by sexist artists that "glorify" things or handle topics like abuse in ways that weren't tasteful, and I still knew they were wrong even if that media said otherwise. If looking at that coomer incest games suddenly makes you think incest is good instead of going "that's gross and the creator is a pervert", it says more about them and who raised them honestly.

No. 1768624

No. 1768683

ngl i thought the guy had a ponytail and liked him

No. 1768753

Nta but there was a long argument about this game and the creator's sex last thread

No. 1768785

If some of you are also creatives that specifically do fanart from time to time, how do you avoid these kind of topics on social media? It seems even when I do nothing but post I get some insane comment like "uh you do know x character did y, right?" by some teenage gendie

No. 1768794

I don't know about the "lean on proshipper" part but I definitely agree that the whole black and white thinking is ridiculous. not every probleematic thing is equal to each other. I feel sorry for every 14 year old thinking she has to side with lolicon moids just because she ships two characters that the fanbase has deemed "like family" even if they're not actually related
>normies liking incest
only if they're not blood related sadly

No. 1768907

Used to make fanart for a decently sized fandom with gendie wokescolds and the best thing you can do is to ignore these people. Don't make a statement about it, apologize, or bother defending yourself, just don't acknowledge those replies whatsoever. I'd preemptively block/mute those kinds of people so they wouldn't start shit with me besides complaining about being blocked. Unless you're in a very gendie or "anti" heavy fandom most people won't care so you don't need bring attention to someone being weird in the comments (they usually won't push for you to reply anyway because they're too pussy say anything more beyond a single tweet). I never brought up trans or political stuff, once you do it sets a precedent and people expect you to be open to those conversations or tweet about it. Also I would just avoid following or being mutuals with those types of people but depending on your fandom it might be hard, mine was kind of split between two groups of hardcore gendies who'd complain about problematic stuff 24/7 and normal people that just post ships/art with no politics so I mostly stuck with the latter.

No. 1769185

I have a zoomer audience, but I guess I'm lucky enough to not get those comments ever. But my audience is split between either being zoomers or being other eastern artists, so you would assume it's completely polarizing kek. But for me comments like that or discourse is easily avoidable

No. 1769187

if these people read lolita they would shit themselves and cancell nabokov for ''glorifying'' pedophilia. They are incapable of understanding anything on a deep, non-literal level.

No. 1769190

File: 1699848395582.jpg (266.96 KB, 922x691, 62249893_p35.jpg)

I hate how artists jump from fandom to fandom in the span of a month nowadays. The don't like the source material and are just hoping on trends to garner likes and hopefully sell their shitty merch/patreon. That's why these people art is always soulless pinup or ooc meme shit. I respect japanese/asian artists because they like things with a genuine passion, and it's nice to see their art even if you aren't into the media itself, you can tell the artist actually cares about what they are drawing and didnt just jump on a trend. Pic rel has been drawing EEnE fanart daily since 2015 and i find it really cute and miles more interesting to follow than artist that draws only popular shit with 0 personality.

No. 1769203

I remember seeing a take that media literacy has gotten so bad that people will think Lolita is promoting pedophilia, but Euphoria isn't. That's really how it is nowadays.

No. 1769232

File: 1699852671865.jpg (731.86 KB, 2323x1815, 01ljYlZd7qBFJ.jpg)

This is the manuscript wishlist of a literary agent. The current literary market is gatekept by a03 using who are also terminally online twitter users.

No. 1769236

File: 1699852794893.jpg (919.57 KB, 2872x1826, 02wVXgDZ5hYRIX8s.jpg)

No. 1769241

Not a single fucking actual book listed here. She wants people to write an anime/video game in novel form. No interest in the craft of writing

No. 1769242

This is so unprofessional.
>dark academia, but replace "academia" with e-sports or tabletop gaming

No. 1769243

>friendship is magic
lmao imagine having a brony as your agent

No. 1769246

It's actually an anime trope "the power of friendship"

No. 1769249

that's even cringier. I cannot imagine someone who liked such a shitty run of the mill anime like Demon Slayer being a good agent/writter themselves.

No. 1769251

This is due to the unironic twitter-fication of media, There's an entire website for this - mswishlist.com. It collates hashtagged tweets from agents telling what they want. And it shows that (the twitter using subset) now ignores entire swaths of the market and are instead focusing on a handful of a03 fanfic writers.

No. 1769271

i am dumbfounded. she's like a professional 12 year-old in 2010

No. 1769278

This has to be a joke, right?

No. 1769294

>The current literary market is gatekept by a03 using who are also terminally online twitter users.
More context? What is a "literary agent"

No. 1769307

It's so deep within nu-fandoms that you see it happen even on Lolcow all the time. People genuinely lack media literacy so bad they only make a very surface level interpretation and run with it. Let's plays and commentary videos have made it so that people will only take some entertaining youtuber's purposefully bombastic opinion (that they took from someone else) as truth and don't want to experience the source by themselves. They watch a video telling them how to feel about something, for example Lolita, and then screech and yell about it glorifying pedophilia despite never turning a page in that book by themselves. Worst part is, they refuse to change their opinion because that would mean they would out themselves as losers who don't actually process what they read so they go full overdrive accusing you of being this and that to make you get off their case.

I'm speechless. She mentions violent uprising and political complexity being one of the inspiring traits in works that influence them but then demand fluff pieces about muh found families and enemies to lovers doing heists by the power of friendship. YA is just synonymous with amateur writing relying on tropes to lure in the readers.

No. 1769322

ntayrt but in Burgerland and the English speaking world in general afaik you need an agent who will try and "sell" your book to publishers instead of sending your manuscript to a publisher directly. It's retarded but due to the size of the market I guess it's necessary there.

No. 1769327

> DO NOT SEND: Military Science Fiction
> Fullmetal Alchemist
So Military Fantasy is fine?

No. 1769338

File: 1699865407662.jpg (189.25 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20231113_090834_Chr…)

>I know it's just fiction and people will have different interpretations, but the way people infantilize characters that are canonically SA victims and headcanon them as "asexual" or incapable of having sexual relationships anymore feels the same as how GNC characters get headcanoned as trans.

Tying into the broader conversation of self-insertion and projecting into media being encouraged nowadays, is that really surprising? Because a significant part of women and girls who troon out do so because they are traumatized by the fact of being female, in many cases due to sexual assault as a teenager or child. They troon, but they are still sexually traumatized and due to being chronically online fall easily into escapism, adopting labels like "aroace sapphic" and living through fictional characters on which they project their total lack of sexual desire onto.

Seeing someone else sexualize their blorbo is actually re-traumatizing for them because the blorbo is them.

No. 1769344

When people like this ask for political complexity or uprisings, they don't want anything with depth or nuance or creativity, they want another Hunger Games, with all that fluff padding out the majority of the novel like any YA that advertises itself as anything actually interesting. People praise Hunger Games like it's not just a serviceable baby's first rebels vs oppressive government story suitable for a thirteen year olds, and it's influence on YA as a whole is still very present– just now combined with other big series too to make the thinly veiled romance books that the category has become.

Your comment on how shit like lets plays (and commentary vids, but them in particular) effect people's perception and understanding of media is something that really ticks me off, mostly because games are usually played during their most crucial weeks of sale and the way many streamers play them is detrimental to anything that isn't a straightforward pvp fps (eg rushing through and talking over everything, not reading lore/skipping cutscenes and then complaining that they don't know what's going on, having the observational skills of a spoon). Capital-G Gamers have to be one of the worst audiences as well, I've been in chat with people playing a game who've told me they refuse to touch the in-game lore we just unlocked or discuss it until they go watch some youtuber's explanation video, chirst.

Fullmetal Alchemist is fine because it's about brothers and ~found family~! cool magic! a cute boy with a cool jacket! state alchemists aren't basically cops/special forces, i swear! or some shit, whereas Military Sci-fi is a stodgy genre with too many moving parts and is probably fascist or involves nationalism/patriotism so it's not okay. Military sci-fi obviously only appeals to men, whereas shounen… wait.
(a legitimate reason could be that sci-fi literature is kinda struggling at the moment, unless it's YA jane austen in space or some shit/very normie-friendly/barely sci-fi, so working on publishing anything on the hard scale of sci-fi and within a niche genre might be beyond this agent's scope)

No. 1769350

It's weird that at some point we crossed that line of making all fiction's sole purpose to be escapism and wish fulfillment, not people expressing themselves, telling stories they came up with, creating entire worlds, exploring new ideas etc. Now people can't imagine enjoying entertainment without either a parasocial relationship with the entertainer or self-insertation. If the fiction challenges them, they get upset. If the fiction breaks their own headcanon of blorbo they made up, it's a personal catastrophe because blorbo has to line up with what they want. I get getting upset at an author ruining an enjoyable character by bad narrative decisions but if your interpretation was based on thin air to begin with then it's all on you.

>rushing through and talking over everything, not reading lore/skipping cutscenes and then complaining that they don't know what's going on
Shit like this is so normalized it makes me insane. People skip cutscenes and dialogue just to rush through the game as fast as they can't without really processing the information because "it's boring" an then get mad at the "bad writing" because they weren't paying attention themselves and now have no idea what's happening. Everything has to come in form of an affirmative youtube/tik tok video with flashy effects, funny meymeys and jumpcuts or their brain shuts off.

No. 1769351

File: 1699867664601.jpg (974.41 KB, 2457x1938, c3K3uLqxm1eJ63.jpg)

It's bizarre and shows complete media illiteracy. It's like she empathizes, she doesn't want novellas or military science fiction. Instead, but asks for seires with the same "vibes" "black mirror" and series like Gundam.

No. 1769353

also It's strange how all the books she mentions about 'BIPOC' non-western setting are written by Westerners who barely understand their own cultures and couldn't be bothered to do any proper research. I've read the Jasmine Throne and it was just mediocre. The supposed 'Indian' setting was nothing more than a vague aesthetic, and the same can be said for Iron widow, It's nothing but generic sci-fi fan-fiction with a few poorly executed Chinese elements and some random terminology.

No. 1769569

Stop with the dumbass adaptions and make something new with a black person

No. 1769656

embarrassing that the fantasy examples she picked are are all terrible, milquetoast books that no one cares about. no wonder the SFF genre is so shit nowadays if people like this with awful taste push what gets published.
>written by Westerners who barely understand their own cultures and couldn't be bothered to do any proper research
it's because people like this agent can't handle anything too complex or else they just give up on it after 20 pages because "it's too dense" kek people won't even read books over 300 pages anymore because it's too much effort, so expecting them to read translated works or anything that isn't westernized to death is too big an ask

No. 1770054

File: 1699906508720.png (395.83 KB, 1037x665, JM.png)

I'm fascinated by people who are obsessed with less popular fandoms or ships that have long lost their relevance. A few days ago, I came across a twitter with a user whose account was dedicated to being a fan of Regina Mills/The Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time. I scrolled through their posts, which consisted of pictures, gifs of the character or actress, and even some rare fan art all in the year of 2023, these posts received a few likes and retweets, but nothing more than a few dozen. It amazes me how someone can care so deeply about a show or ship that ended years ago, had mediocre quality, and made no significant cultural impact. It reminded me of this fan-site I came across a few years back, dedicated to an actresses who was popular in the 1960's, to the point they would feature any mentions of her in media

No. 1770209

All art holds beauty and value to someone. Even if a piece of art is old or made no cultural impact, it could be very meaningful to some people. I enjoy seeing people show their passion for obscure media.

No. 1770234

I find these fandom people so much more interesting and "cooler" than the ones who keep hopping different trends every few months. I'm usually someone who is into something for a few years at least, I've never been able to keep up with how everyone else jumps to the new trend every few months or even weeks.

No. 1770341

Nonnas I've really hit my breaking limit with fandom. I'm not sure whether I should've posted this in the vent thread but holy shit the autistic people I have to tardwrangle is driving me to the brink. The other night I snapped because I'm taking a break from fandom (reasons undisclosed for not doxing) but somehow one of them found my main blog and has sent over 15 messages I've ignored and I had to tell them politely to leave me alone, but just doing that gives me anxiety because the fucking lot of them throw tantrums when I draw one measly boundary. Literally what is the point. I want to post my fanfics but if I have any personality whatsoever they get butthurt at me and upset I don't want to be their friend and just want to talk about the media at hand so then I'm the fandom bitch.
It doesn't help that I don't want to hurt people's feelings, I had to convince myself 'the lolcow nonnies would tell them to fuck off and be ashamed of you if you didn't' to go through with it at all. It's possibly the dumbest fandom I've ever spent time in but it seems like most fandoms are this bleak with the most socially inept retards populating them. Holy fuck.

No. 1770359

>somehow one of them found my main blog and has sent over 15 messages
Social media has made people way too comfortable with acting insane towards people and not getting punched in the face for it.

No. 1770381

>It amazes me how someone can care so deeply about a show or ship that ended years ago, had mediocre quality, and made no significant cultural impact.
I feel called out kek (not with this series but some others)

No. 1770614

repost that astarion picture NAO

No. 1770616

Kek @ picrel

No. 1770617

File: 1699928674102.png (61.35 KB, 328x328, my-astarion-fanart-v0-3wwzampx…)

Astarion's case proves to me that I must be a contrarian by nature or something. When the game came out and I had absolutely zero idea about his fanbase; what people think of him; haven't read any comments about him and his voice actor etc., I loved him and I loved his VA. Now, having interacted with his fanbase, his VA's fanbase and all that cringe, I honestly began to hate his character, his virtue signalling VA, his snowflake fans, just everything. I don't even feel physically attracted to him anymore which is so funny because I remember writing on lolcow like 2 months ago how much he ticks all boxes for me and how perfect he is. It's amazing how much a fandom can affect not only my perspective but also my fucking libido. I almost can't believe it.
>but when Astarion lures in children for Cazador, laughs at people dying, suffering or being tortured then "Ooh poor baby, he is traumatized he doesn't know better!"
Ackshually he was conditioned to be like this for 200 years uwu and he hates helping weak slaves because he himself was a weak slave and nobody helped him back then so he's just bitter now uwu and if you still don't sympathize with him you just don't get his character (even if you're perfectly able to describe the psychological mechanisms behind his behavior while still not liking him) and you're victim blaming uwu. Even his voice actor is implying that you don't get his character if you ascend him. Bitch????? Maybe people just want to explore other scenarios out of pure curiosity, like how the writers handle his character if you ascend him etc.? Not everything is about hurting your self insert just because you happened to project onto him. These people are fucking 30-40 years old. They're older than me. And they act like fucking babies. I'm actually autistic and even I don't present this level of cringe regarding my favorite characters. Now I regret I'm not a streamer, I would be shitty to Astarion just to trigger those retards

No. 1770619

i love these people. i hate trendhoppers so much

No. 1770660

I get you, but I can't stand letting fandoms have priority hold over the text. No matter where you go now, a majority of media is dictated by idiot committee applying a select few of acceptable archetypal palettes. The way I view it, it's less that Astarion is the problem (his VA is kind of annoying though) and more the baggage that loud and stupid fandom drags to the table. People like you who actually care about the story are worthwhile having around to challenge it. I get the contrarian thing though, but sometimes there is a correlation of a bad fandom with a bad text (Marvel, Homestuck). In that case my issue is still the latter.
I didn't think of it that way, but you're right, the general cultural shift is probably a part of it too. I just can't understand how you wouldn't get the message after not responding once or twice. And this isn't even a moid I'm talking about, but they also pull similar shit. I actually feel insane having to tell people to please stop being weird and rude, why do you not have basic decency. It's baffling.

No. 1770679

Astarion being hot is some propaganda or psyop or something, that old wrinkly liver spotted faggot is anything but hot

No. 1770766

it literally is. It was made by a tumblrite that was psyoped by 2010s ddlG/coquette/old man yaoi shit

No. 1770872

File: 1699935965910.jpeg (42.82 KB, 557x550, images (21).jpeg)

Reminded me of this tweet

No. 1770920

I'm so sorry this happened to you, nonna. Not sure of the platform, but if this is Tumblr, is it not possible to IP block a user?

No. 1771035

>old man yaoi shit
No it has to be a superwholock girl who would spam "OMG MY OVARIES EXPLODED, I CAN'T" everytime she reblogged gifs of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

No. 1771102

You would love tv tropes. It’s a fun time waster.

No. 1771117

File: 1699958446046.png (918.46 KB, 597x2143, fujimbo.png)

Why do Twitter handmaidens and trannies keep defending the fanservice scenes in CSM like their life depends on it? I have never seen any other male mangaka who gets dickridden to this extent and it is genuinely funny to me.
>Fujimoto puts a color spread of Quanxi scissoring her girlfriends
>"OMG he did it for the lesbians"
>He dedicates one whole chapter to Power acting like a retarded babygirl, taking a bath with Denji and eventually leglocking him and sucking his blood
>"This is peak sibling behaviour and only porn addicts will find this scene sexual"
>Makima who is the control devil needs to resort to sexual manipulation to groom Denji
>"This scene is super pivotal to the story and it establishes Makima as a predatory groomer"
>Asa - a "femcel" who is shown to have crippling anxiety in social situations - nonchalantly strips down to her underwear to fight off a devil
>"The way he draws teenage girls bodies is sooo realistic and this scene is supposed to make you uncomfortable - it is not remotely sexual!!"
>He drew Asa and Yoru in a bunny suit and cheongsam respectively in the volume extras
>"Asa's bunny suit isn't sexual at all - it is totally something that an actual teen girl would wear!!1"
The list is endless - he stripped down Quanxi and Reze in their volume covers and battle scenes while Denji only lost his shirt, he had another adult woman grab Denji's dick in part 2 and very much every other woman in his story is super sexualized but Fujimoto fangirls are always ready with some 3deep5u explanation for why he draws such scenes.
Also funny how he claims to like irrational and dominant women but not even a single female character in his story is allowed to be stronger than his self-insert. His older works like Imouto no Ane, Fire Punch are even more gross when it comes to the way he treats his female characters. Bar for male mangaka is so low that women on Twitter unironically see Fujimoto as some groundbreaking, revolutionary feminist and perhaps the only mangaka who is capable of writing male/female romance(Asaden), lesbians(Quanxi), trannies(Togata), etc etc

No. 1771122

Wait, are they not having sex in your picrel?

No. 1771124

cause they have to justify liking it in someway, due to the insane standards they set for themselves. like I remember on twitter people finally started bringing up Stephen King's creepy childsex gangbang after he made some pro-Israeli statement, only when he had the wrong political opinion, then your work is problematic.

No. 1771125

Nope, she offers Denji her blood as a reward for looking after her but for some reason, she needs to leglock him in a missionary position while he sucks her blood. Twitterfags view this as a uwu wholesome found family scene and definitely not something that the mangaka drew to cater to his target audience - that is scrotes who read shounen jump.

No. 1771129

Can't speak for CSM but tbh this is pretty typical fan behaviour– you can never just like something and admit to it containing unsavoury things at the same time, apparently, instead you have to justify it by claiming things like depth or a higher artistic purpose for those things' existence. I feel like I see slightly less of this from male fans these days (some still do, obviously, and some male fandoms are so up their own asses about how no it's totally art and intellectual, you just don't get it you pleb), and I think that has to do with 'nerd' stuff and being in a fandom having much less stigma/being more normal now than it did in say the 2000s where I remember seeing a lot more of this from guys. Women, on the other hand, looked like they were heading the same way, but have back-tracked and can now be way worse with the need to justify their interests as being anything but base or simple enjoyment. You gotta rewrite the media you love so that the fandom police won't come beat down your door. Also feels like a lot of younger female shounen fans struggle with not being the target audience for the things they love, and I wonder if part of that is because markets for media like animation are now more general audience cartoons & female audience cartoons, rather than the older male audience cartoons & female audience cartoons. Just a thought.

No. 1771131

>unless it's YA jane austen in space or some shit/very normie-friendly/barely sci-fi,
kek I know exactly who you're talking about. Alexa Donne is such a bland bitch.

No. 1771134

Not very familiar with this guy but I assume people just say that shit because they think drawing women with normal proportions and not with huge ass and titties makes all of this not fanservice. They think a female character prancing around in her underwear isn't pure fanservice just because her breasts are small and she's not wearing some runway Victoria's fashion lingerie, I guess it's too subtle for them?

No. 1771138

Ironic weebs are genuinely the worst thing that happened to anime. They are incapable of understanding anime/manga beyond their westernized perspective of it, which often leads to shit like onimai and dragon maid being held as representation for the LGBTWTFBBQ+ community, when the intention of the author was always fetish fuel. Makes me laugh when twitter trannies try to use pedo maid as good representation of lesbian relationship and mother/daughter relationships. How can they have this level of cognitive dissonance? are they so illiterate they cant comprehend even the most generic of shonen shit mangas?

No. 1771139

>whoever sexualizes this gets their teeth ripped out one by one
why the fuck are zoomies so aggressive its a shitty manga calm down

No. 1771149

lmao, wasn't expecting anyone to get that one. youtuber books fascinate me with how shit they are

No. 1771151

it feels like an even dumber version of those quirky and over-complicated threats and insults tumblr (and reddit, but more so tumblr) really liked years ago. Still prefer dealing with that to seeing BARK BARK ARF WOOF replies to my posts and realising they're not even from furries, but regular twitter teens…

No. 1771155

File: 1699963720776.png (458.34 KB, 800x450, Raymond.png)

No. 1771159

was being an artist in the DA era this fucking awful? i know there was drama before too, but most of what i have read was just kids stealing art and tracing, not this unhinged autistic stuff

No. 1771168

This isn't really a troon thing, a lot of CSM fans are just genuinely braindead and for whatever reason put Fujimoto on a pedastal and think he's not like other shounen mangaka. I'm a fan of his work too but they view every single element through a deep philosophical lens and believe he's above basic anime tropes/fanservice. Every sane person recognizes that Asa stripped down scene as fanservice but CSM fans will find a way to wax poetic about it. But in general, I'm seeing this kind of incessant defending grow even among shounen dudebros who wouldn't have even cared about fanservice 5+ years ago, it's really weird. Like they'll fight over "YOUR mangaka is a pedophile but mine isn't! screenshot of bnha fanservice scene" "ackshully your mangaka is a pedophile too *insert screenshot of orihime with her boobs out" "well at least my mangaka isn't oda (one piece) who got 2 pedophiles (kenshin/toriko) back into the industry" shit - that is a normal conversation between shounen moids on Twitter these days. More specifically the "normie" shounenhead types though.

No. 1771180

This is something that genuinely mystifies me. CSM is generic edgy coomershit for teenage boys yet people pretzel themselves into believing that it's Super Deep and Not Just Author's Thinly Disguised Fetishes. What the fuck is it that makes people whiteknight it to the point they embarrass themselves like this when anywhere else in history would this be labeled as exactly what it is? It's hypersexualized women fighting for a teenage self insert hero's dick. Yet you're supposed to act like Fujimoto is the wokest man in Japan. I don't even care if they like it because it's none of my business but a spade should be called a spade. I've never seen shit like this, usually even the fans just go "yeah it's fanservice, it is what it is" but CSM stans would rather be nailed to the cross than admit it. Why?

Also kek @ them acting as if Power and Denji are a "healthy couple". I swear either the bar for these people is in hell or they will accept anything if they can look at it and say "he/she's just like me fr".

This. It's like treading water trying to explain to these stupid fucks that just maybe the author included a superficial oversexualized lesbian relationship because he can coom to it and not as a shout out to all the WLWs of the world.

No. 1771187

>Denji and Power are a Healthy Couple
KEK what? I thought the idea of Power was that Denji could have a resemblance of a family with Aki and Power, which means both of them act like siblings to Denji.
I’m sure the author isn’t trying to do anything deep, and that he’s just baiting random possible couples with Denji for the sake of creating porn of the characters, but Denji is so unlovable in the story, that it almost makes you believe that the author is trying to show that maybe all you need is a family and friends instead of a romantic relationship if you’re an immature manchild that got too traumatized to the point of being numb.

No. 1771190

>Yet you're supposed to act like Fujimoto is the wokest man in Japan
This is solely because of Quan Xi and her orgy which people see as lesbian rep uwu and not coomershit, because CSM has decently written female characters (though the standard for shounen isn't that high in the first place), and because he recommended a BL manga by one of his editors. Westoids can't parse anything without filtering it through a Western political lens so all 3 of these combined mean that he MUST be an LGBTIAQYZNS+ feminist ally like them. Ikuhara fans do the same thing because Utena has feminist commentary and he's made gay characters (RGU/Sarazanmai/etc.), even though he's stated himself that he wouldn't call himself a feminist. Most mangaka aren't any more left than being a basic liberal but if there's even a shred of SJWism then Twittards will assume those mangaka hold the exact same views as them and project it onto their work.

No. 1771192

it's funny though because pretty much all mangakas are prololi and other anime degeneracy. It kinda scares me that zoomers pretend life doesnt exist outside of twitter.

No. 1771200

Yeah they all ignore this though. Berserk's mangaka drew a whole thing defending loli and the artist for Oshi no Ko made an incest-baiting tweet and there were some English fans that were genuinely surprised and mad over it. The proship/anti shit is dumb but if people were honest with themselves 99% of Japanese mangaka (and JPN otaku in general) would be in the proship camp. It's funny to see anime fans on Twitter harass artists over some age gap yaoi fanart but then read stuff by mangaka who write the same thing.

No. 1771202

The BL thing is so funny, cause both Yaoi and hentai artists both agree against censorship laws and it's about preserving their ability to make smut.

No. 1771203

Yeah, that's what's so funny. They love anime because the morally correct media they themselves make is shit, even though anime has everything they hate and mangakas are very pro-ship and i would even say conservative-leaning.

No. 1771209

They're compensating because irl they would cry and piss in their pants if someone told them hello.

No. 1771243

Blog, but I'm one of those people you're talking about (except the obscure content I like is good kek). People generally find it interesting/quirky, but sometimes I do feel a veneer of disrespect in my interactions with others, especially if the characters you like best are unpopular even within the fandom compared to the ones that are typically more acceptable for obsessing over (male, more easily palatable, etc). There's barely any content so I have to make my own, but it doesn't get much traction either (and people can get weird with you in the comments) so I've been really just making it for myself for a while now instead of posting because I feel extremely self-conscious over making most of the content. A lot of the time I wish that my brain had laser focused on some more popular character(s), just because my faves could be getting loads of fanart instead of maybe one piece every month if I'm lucky kek. People mostly just mention my favorite characters to hate on them so it's a bit disheartening at times, but oh well. I love my problematic women too much.

No. 1771252

is the series you like, ever super popular.

No. 1771272

Ayrt, not the ones I had in mind while writing my post, but I do have some popular interests and blorbos, it's a good taste of normiedom. The funny thing is that I paradoxically end up making even less content for those because "if I don't somebody else will anyway so why put in the effort" so I end up channeling my energy into drawing my glup shittos instead.

No. 1771287

I havent played this game, but are all the men ugly like this? Wtf is wrong with straight women

No. 1771385

File: 1699979833564.png (350.35 KB, 651x657, 1685719189261.png)

Least misogynistic Helluva Boss fan

No. 1771417

>These people are fucking 30-40 years old. They're older than me. And they act like fucking babies.
This is what gets me about a lot of neo-fandom stuff and why I left Twitter and don't bother with most Discord servers that aren't run by someone I know. I'm early 30s and unfamiliar with a lot of pre-social media fandom culture but it's shocking how so much of the worst trends and discourse originated from people past their 20s. One of my fandoms has a personal lolcow who has a reputation since the Livejournal era and she's 40 now. She's been in this scene since she was 16 and still acts like that on Tumblr. A lot of the most immature shit like poor media literacy and anti discourse is pushed by 18-24 year olds, but I'm convinced everyone older than that got it from the "old guard" who are 40+ now.

No. 1771464

File: 1699984754881.jpg (77.24 KB, 506x900, 6a511c08218c3aa5095d66be26bf29…)

I'm bi but I only care for fictional scrotes and excuse me Gale is hot

No. 1771485

Whenever people talk about CSM it’s always about the female characters never about the story lol. You won’t see the same thing when it comes to One piece, JJK, AOT and other popular shonen. Even the male characters must be soulless because I never see female fans raving about them

No. 1771524

Kek that's why I never tried it. I dislike western fantasy in general, but the ugly graphics just make it worse. Realistic 3D shit will literally never look good and I never understood why moids obsess over it

No. 1771527

>It's funny to see anime fans on Twitter harass artists over some age gap yaoi fanart but then read stuff by mangaka who write the same thing.
Remember, it's only a problem when women do it. The same people who hated fujos for making feminine ukes are the same people who now praise men for making femboys and traps.

No. 1771539

Ikuhara is possibly the only scrote I can admit to be able to create great stories for girls and women (his desperate waifufagging for Rei in Sailor Moon did ruin her character completely though) because at least he was interested in portraying them as complex characters with their own stories without male dick sucking and his directing has a very creative and whimsical style but Fujimoto does none of that. His female writing is tropey and revolves around cooming, I don't understand how people fawn over the female characters in CSM so much. Who the fuck memed everyone into thinking Makima is a based girlboss because she's the dommy mommy of the season? And I don't even mind CSM being stupid scrote shit because I read edgy garbage like that as my guilty pleasure but I treat it as such, it's so fucking obviously meant for his own self-indulgence of being a cool bounty hunter but also a babied little poor boy at the same time and people should stop pretending otherwise.

No. 1771551


NAYRT but CSM is such a coomer fest that there's barely any male character worth a damn. It's actually a pretty funny case of a shounen jump series having an almost reverse effect on fujos, whose drive is essentially a cast of well written male characters interacting with each other, a trait almost inherent to shounens since they're all mysoginistic garbage (see: Naruto, MHA, JJK).

Usually this would fuel fujoshi en masse (and it has with most FOTM series) but in the case of CSM it conspiciouly hasn't. I've seen people try with Aki/Angel but that's such a low-tier, oncelercest desperation ship that you can immediately tell it's cause they had no choice kek. Even Denji seems to be too repulsive to ship with Aki.

The recent isekai trend of shounens which are essentially harems of females (+1 femboy) definitely has a fujo-warding effect that I've noticed. CSM is just a harem masquerading as something else so it's no surprise it fits the bill. Curiously this caused some fujo shippers to become hetshippers in this case.

No. 1771564

File: 1699991874271.png (644.32 KB, 485x540, Solas.png)

Can't forget that the last game where the BG3 target audience got to fuck some low-poly 3D men was Dragon Age Inquisition in 2014, where pic rel was the hottest husbando of the year.

By comparising to Solas these new crusty middle aged men might as well be Adonis.

No. 1771565

>that face
its so hard being a woman

No. 1771570

File: 1699992518234.jpg (199.57 KB, 1920x1080, Resident-Evil-3-Classic-Carlos…)

>Japanese current-gen game tries to make the characters look as realistic as possible with face scanning and mocap
>the guys looks good most of the time, maybe a little bit uncanny valley if we're talking about some PS4 games
>Western current-gen game tries to make the characters look as realistic as possible with face scanning and mocap
>the men look like shit or like the typical 2012 era tumblr husbando, which means they look like shit but in a specific way
Someone please explain that shit to me. How does Capcom manage to make Leon, Carlos, Dante, etc. look so fuckable but Western devs give us… that?

No. 1771573

File: 1699992740964.png (557.32 KB, 544x680, Cullen_Profile_2a.png)

Cullen was normal looking though

No. 1771574

This reminds me of when Kill la kill used to be popular some western fans kept trying to claim it was pro communist and pro lgbtjhvrrwsdfg+. The supposed lesbian rep they made a huge deal over was literally just the last few seconds of the show when the bowlcut girl asked the MC out on a date, that's it kek.

No. 1771578

Mark Zuckerberg

No. 1771579

Maybe I'm too much of an otome/2Dfag but this is why I could never get behind these 3D western games with dating sim elements, the characters are too weird looking for me to think of that way. And even then, >>1771570 is right. It's always the 3D western games that do this. I'm not into moids but I 100% get the appeal of Dante and Leon, but almost all of the men and women in Bioware games or BG3 are too uncanny valley for me.

No. 1771580

File: 1699993168825.jpg (155.83 KB, 693x720, maxresdefault (4) (5).jpg)

Really, nothing has changed. I liked old 2D men so I like them all (except Solas) but really, put Cullen next to Astarion and tell me which one is more attractive. A real question because I can't tell. They are both simulataneously switching between ugly and hot like a kaleidoscope.

No. 1771582

>How does Capcom manage to make Leon, Carlos, Dante, etc. look so fuckable but Western devs give us… that?
Because the western male game devs refuse to model male characters that women would find appealing because reeeee vidya is for boys only no girls allowed handsome men are fags reeee.

No. 1771584

I'd wager it's Japan's strict beauty standards that also affect moids. By contrast western moids are held to absolutely no standards so it trickles into video games, but the japanese ones who aren't coomer NEET otaku all have 12 step skincare routines and shave their entire body.

No. 1771586

File: 1699993368035.jpg (392.74 KB, 1344x2101, Fygv_rmXsAImOky.jpg)

You're right, I never got why people like any characters in CSM besides looks. They are all shells for telling the story and nothing else. The second part has somewhat better characterization and made Denji x Yoshida possible though kek

No. 1771594

I'm not a manga/anime person, but I started CSM because the female characters were allowed to be fucked up and to terrible things and I'm enjoying it for the most part, it's refreshing to see women being able to go wild instead of being UwU moeblobs or polite wives

No. 1771597

different cultural standards maybe?

No. 1771600

File: 1699994230280.jpeg (197.21 KB, 1658x1050, IMG_3577.jpeg)

STG after he posted about reading Sleeping Dead this guy is just leafing through BL manga to add a bunch of bait

No. 1771602

>They are both simulataneously switching between ugly and hot like a kaleidoscope.
kek I did say once that this vampire or elf guy either looks good or really ugly depeding on the screenshots I saw and anons started debating over how hot or ugly he truly is. I guess I get the appeal in theory but in practice… no, I think I would have been all over him if he were in a JRPG with less realistic graphics.

>because reeeee vidya is for boys only no girls allowed handsome men are fags reeee.
Fuck you're onto something. Reminds me of JRPG's reputation in the West, especially Final Fantasy, for having "whiny, faggot protagonists" just because the male main characters aren't unga bunga muscular tards and act like human beings. And Square-Enix listened to these people so much they changed the original Nier's protagonist so he'd be an albino gorilla looking middle aged man instead of a pretty young male adult. I'll never forgive them for this but now that the remaster is out maybe I'll finally give this game a try. In Japan a lot of games are marketed towards everyone while the West was always like "reeee girls don't play games!!1!", to then make games bland, shittier and uglier in the 2010s because "oh no, we could have had more consoomers if we didn't do this shitty marketing tactic back in the 90s and 2000s, time for muh inclusivity now!!!" I'll never forget MGS being marketed for boys back then while Kojima was actively trying to pander to girls and women but making Snake have a fat ass and giving us Raiden, which resulted in Western guys calling MGS2 and Raiden gay. Megami Tensei is more popular with women than men in Japan and ads reflect that, and Atlus hired a lot of women recently for that reason but in the West you wouldn't know that.

No. 1771619

Fujimoto is such a coomer hentai addicted hack but even he couldn't resist the fujobucks kek. Or maybe it was his editor. The Japanese industry has been pandering to fujoshi for a long time cause they spend a lot more money on one single series than their moid counterparts who have 15780 identical self-insert stories to choose from. Hilariously it's the same principle as the Steven Moffat "queerbaiting Sherlock" discourse of the 2012s (which did have truth to it).

No. 1771623

File: 1699995583570.png (174.7 KB, 594x580, md6sOQx.png)

so do twitter south park fans just. not. watch the show?

No. 1771627

I wouldn't be surprised if they just interacted with the "fandom" and called themselves fans as a result. I've seen many people saying you can be a fan of a video game despite never playing the game because playthroughs exist on youtube and twitch, and because you can just check tvtropes for the story. So nothing surprises me anymore.

No. 1771631

The new zoomer South Park fans probably just watch Tiktok clips aside from the Craig and Tweek episodes.

No. 1771634

I can get it for games because playthroughs exist, but you still have to at least watch the playthrough to be a fan. For shows, literally all of them get pirated and posted online its so easy to watch them. How are you a fan of something you never interacted with?

No. 1771636

This is why we need to gatekeep fandoms

No. 1771637

Yeah, that shit pisses me off. people who watch playthrough and call themselves gamers or fans of them game are just kinda not it.

No. 1771641

I think it's understandable for games like VNs for someone to watch a playthrough since 95% of the game is just reading anyway

No. 1771644

>but you still have to at least watch the playthrough to be a fan
Yeah but no. It only works for visual novels, maybe including some of them with the occasional puzzles and minigames but nothing else. If you watch a playthrough you aren't experience the gameplay, you're not doing shit, and many streamers suck ass at games and miss a lot of side quests or items or optional cutscenes. Even then, I've seen plenty of zoomers claiming to be hardcore Ace Attorney fans but not even knowing what's going on in their alleged favorite series of games even though it's explicit canon things that have a huge impact on the whole story. In a visual novel. I still can't get over them missing that Mia/Lana is not canon, that they never, ever interact on-screen, that Lana's case was added in 2005 in the DS remake/port of the first GBA game, and that Diego/Mia is so canon that if that weren't the case the entire third game wouldn't have happened. They always think the most OOC shit about the main characters of the games it's insane. And again, it's a VN with one ending and maybe a few bad ends here and there if you manage to get a game over in the last cases.

No. 1771662

Some videogame canons I'm only familiar with is due to watching LPs/walkthroughs, because I don't have time to play every game that piques my interest when I'm an adult with a job. But I've never called myself a fan of that game or recommended them to play it because I haven't.

That's so crazy. I'm awful at video games and I got into Ace Attorney in 2007 because it was a super simple visual novel and portable to boot. I'm guilty of missing canon details often due to memory, but Mia/Lana was literally implied via one line and like you said, Mia/Diego was basically canon enough to be a major part of the third game's events. I can't imagine only being into the "fandom" version of a series via memes and fanfics.

No. 1771664

I mean, I feel like you can be a "fan" of a game you never actually played but watched walkthroughs and wiki'd your way through, but you wouldn't have remotely the same experience as someone who's actually played the game. You don't need to play a game to be able to tell if you like it or not, so if you watched a walkthrough of like idk, Catherine, but you can't afford the game or don't have the time to play it yourself, is it really that wrong to say you're a fan of what you did get to experience in the game? Personally I wouldn't go into the Cathrine fandom and act like an expert if all I did was watch playthroughs and read it's fan wiki, but I'd argue someone doing all that even without playing the game at the very least has enough interest in it to call themselves a fan.

i do think it's ridiculous overall to call yourself a fan and run a fan account and make fan art if you never actually got any first hand experience with the media, though

No. 1771673

Idk, I feel like he can appreciate the art of it

No. 1771682

They don't. Teenagers on tiktok and twitter very rarely watch, read or play anything they claim to be a fan of because that would be weird and creepy and gatekeep-ey to actually expect people to familiarize themselves with the source material. They're in it just for the fandom experience and honest to god get mad at the show breaking their own headcanon they created based on blorbo's fandom portrayal.

No. 1771687

I can get making fanart and writing fics for things you've only watched instead of played - it can still be in-character/canon compliant that way, but not being a real authority on the subject.

No. 1771689

>don't have the time to play it yourself
You could have picked better examples, Catherine and Catherine Fullbody are pretty short if you only do a few endings here and there. And honestly even then, sure the story is pretty good and you could experience it with a playthrough but you can't call yourself a fan if you don't go through the puzzles yourself. It's a puzzle game after all. I'd say the same thing about Ghost Trick, the story is a masterpiece, one of the best ones I've experienced but it's still a puzzle game and the satisfaction of solving all the puzzles elevates the story.

No. 1771696

Yeah, I could have but I was at work and couldn't really think of any puzzle games lol, but you get my point right? I think you can be a fan of game you only have second hand experience with, but not someone that should be looked as as knowledgeable about said game. Like , you can be a casual fan.

No. 1771697

There's a spectrum to this. If you only watch stream compilations of some retarded gamerbro screeching and yelling and making stupid cutaway jokes and funny ha ha edits then yeah you don't get to experience the game the way it's meant to be and you likely don't understand what it's about. But if you watch 100% completion playthroughs with no commentary, you can be immersed into the action and plot quite well without actually holding the controller yourself because you still experience the plot, the mechanics and the visual and auditory design. I wouldn't listen to someone's opinion on Cuphead as a game if they just watched a playthrough because there's like two lines of plot to the entire thing but for example watching someone play through a plot heavy JRPG gives you the ability to actually discuss what happens in the game since the combat system is often a secondary part of it. I'm not saying it's exactly the same as actually playing the game because it's not, but I'm fine with people doing it because sometimes you just don't want to shill out 70 dollars for a new game or spend tens of hours of your limited free time on it. I understand some people just not having that much interest in video game mechanics but still being invested in the plot.

No. 1771707

Yes, and oftentimes it's because they like an aesthetic surrounding the media or really just the way the characters look. But once they are familiar with a media they become insane gatekeepers themselves, does anyone remember when any artist who made spiderverse fanart got bullied for even the slightest deviation from the source

No. 1771710

I miss when people who liked characters and ships for their aesthetics while having no interest in the source material were a minority.

No. 1771712

The problem is instead of playing a game all the way through because you want to, people are suffering from FOMO and have to consume as much game media as possible, so they watch streamers and LPs and claim to be into those fandoms.

>adult with a job

Yes, that's most of us here. Games are expensive. most people are adults with jobs who play them. It took me a few weeks to go through FF16, but I'm glad i did. It's a whole different experience playing the game yourself. It always is. I'm tired of a lot of fake gamers who claim to like this and that fandom without ever picking up a controller or mouse/keyboard btw not trying to argue with you. so i apologize if i came off odd because of text.

No. 1771719

It's so sad that this idiot probably considers herself highly educated, intelligent, and sophisticated, but she works exclusively with shitty fanfics of children's shows with all the names changed. Because writing a plot, adult characters with complex lives, and any actual world building is just too much effort to read, let alone write.

No. 1771725

No I get you point, I mostly disagree with you but I definitely see where you're coming from.

>It took me a few weeks to go through FF16, but I'm glad i did
Same. I'm busy and tired so I only played during the weekend, and it as very different from watching other people playing very badly or skipping a lot of quests and dialogs or listening to the English dub that changes a lot of details that end up making some scenes nonsensical like, idk, Dion suddenly becoming the emperor as soon as his father dies in English and in none of the other languages which changes his motivations for executing his little brother a lot. I'm very picky because I lack the free time needed to really get into a lot of video games, and because of university and then work I still have a backlog with some games I bought a few years ago for the 3DS. But you don't see me calling myself a Bravely Default fan for just playing the demo and having a copy of the game I barely touched just because I know I'll love it because of the job system inspired by FF3 and FF5.

No. 1771729

What's crazy is that a lot of very active fanartists I follow have admitted to never playing the game or watching the show they are drawing for. Some of them I would've never expected, but I guess it makes sense. With how much they make they probably don't have time to focus on the source material that much and fans eat everything up regardless. It's enough to find a character cute, read their summary and decide if they'd be the florist or the tattoo shop owner in your cutesy au. If it's some gachashit like genshin there's not much personality to misportray anyway

No. 1771760

I cannot stand the new silent hill 'fans'. I don't mind if they watch a gameplay because the controls are a bit wonky and outdated, but so many are obsessed over heather or pyramid head and that's it. For the longest time I could not understand the new obsession over James of all characters and later realized it's because of dbd.

No. 1771779

Anyone else run into people who cry about biphobia when someone says they don't like M/F ships? I don't even understand the thought process for it especially when the characters people are talking about don't have canon sexualities. Like what does you headcanoning these two characters as bisexual have to do with me and how is this supposed to change that the nature of the relationship itself is het? These people are so afraid of having straight ships because they've convinced themselves het is inherently boring so they have to label characters as nonbinary xe/he asexual lesbians to cope. I have M/F ships but don't do this retarded shit and don't care if people hate M/F and only like gay pairings. Twitter shippers nowadays are genuinely insane and are addicted into turning any preference/dislike into a moral wrong. If you told fandom people in 2013-2015 that saying you don't like het would get you biphobia/transphobia accusations they would laugh at you.

No. 1771787

Yes. But instead of people being "afraid of shipping het ships", it's the new go-to gotcha from people who just genuinely don't like gay ships be it m/m or f/f often due to homophobia they're either conscious of or not. If there's a character that shares great chemistry with another of the same sex and they work as a couple you get called biphobic for shipping exclusively them instead of a m/f ship. It's beyond ridiculous and on par of unironic accusations of heterophobia. Might as well put a "straight pride" badge on your profile.

No. 1771841

One of my fandoms used to constantly pull the "it's not a het ship if I say both characters are bi" card even though "het" is referring to the relationship, not the sexualities. I've had to walk on eggshells and call het "M/F" or "M/W" to avoid accusations of biphobia. In other fandoms I've seen people get defensive when someone complains about a canon bisexual only having straight relationships in-canon too or their same-sex attraction just being a footnote. They see it as an attack on their real life relationships or preferences, when half of the time it's criticizing the writer's biphobia/homophobia. I'm fine with bisexual characters and have plenty of bisexual headcanons, but god forbid I as a lesbian who tends to mostly only like F/F and sometimes M/M want to focus on same-sex attraction/relationships. It all comes down to tunnel vision to the point they forget heterosexuality/opposite-sex relationships are the default in real life unless you live in San Francisco or wherever.

No. 1771851

Same. It tickles the schadenfreuden to see how bad they really are as writers. The amount of advice given is proportional to how bad their work is

No. 1771963

File: 1700019984415.png (288.37 KB, 431x446, vVate.png)

I remember reading a Tumblr post about why Japanese content tends to be more "creative" than Western. It stated that the Japanese have a broader culture of reading classic literature and are also more open to watching documentaries. Interestingly, documentaries are commonly watched in Japan almost daily. Could these two factors really be the reasons behind it?

No. 1771964

do you have a link to the post.. im curious now

No. 1771975

i don't believe that's the main driver. i would assume it's due to the workaholic culture where people heavily devote themselves to their craft, lower cost of living, and then due to healthier and more robust creative industries.

No. 1771998

they have been psyoped by ugly man propaganda

No. 1772016

where is that from? looks cute

No. 1772035

i dont think they are more creative, they just have more creative liberty and the anime industry is way more open to experimentation than the western industry.

No. 1772037

File: 1700023960865.png (54.17 KB, 871x333, tumblr husbandofags are wild.p…)

The hilarity of gatekeeping husbandos by race aside…
who the fuck is hobie anyway?

No. 1772039

the annoying british punk from spiderverse. Worst husbando but the second most shilled.

No. 1772043

also hilarious because he was dating gwen, a white woman

No. 1772047

It's the easiest show watch, it's airing on Comedy Central 24/7, platformed on several streaming sites and even shared for free on the official website. Zoomers just aren't able to watch a 25-minute episode anymore despite being constantly online.

No. 1772051

not only that, but it's also episodic and has no complex lore. Japanese women loved south park because it was basically a CBDCT show.

No. 1772058

I honestly think that's cope, other then depictions of sex there really aren't many restrictions in western media, look at the Harley Quinn show, it talks about politics, sex and has swearing every episode, it changes characters drastically to conform with the writer's politics, if that's not "creative liberty" I don't know what is.

No. 1772063

Holy shit kekkkkkk

No. 1772064

that's not creative liberty, it's literally the opposite.

No. 1772066

How? they basically get to do whatever they want with a source IP.

No. 1772068

All modern studios are trying to push agendas these days. Always shoving troons in, racebending existing characters, other crap. No one is allowed to just tell a story anymore

No. 1772070

>with a source IP.
there you go

No. 1772086

>it changes characters drastically to conform with the writer's politics
Is that really creative liberty, or is it only allowed because it's rehasing an established franchise and to push an agenda? I notice the main creative issue in western media is actually the "brand/IP loyalty" and focusing more on what sells than what would be a good story. That's why there's so many reboots of the same shit and little original content.

No. 1772094

I am so sick and tired of remakes and reboots, it is such an obvious creatively bankrupt cashgrab but normies keep eating up, giving them billions and encouraging them to keep churning out slop. I am so fucking tired, genuinely what happened in the west to completely destroy artistry in entertainment so fast? I can't figure it out for the life of me

No. 1772098

File: 1700025527063.webm (4 MB, 854x480, hidamari sketch.webm)

creative liberty in japan means taking a 4koma cgdct manga and giving it an unique art direction like with Hidamari Sketch. I dont know what that anon is drinking.

No. 1772104

I'm not a communist or whatever but in America at least I notice media has just become increasingly more corporate and for-profit in the last decade. They just want to superficially pay lip service to social issues using characters people already like because it plays it safe. When I was a kid/teen I would see a lot of shows that were really interesting and creative but short lived just as much as I saw bad shows that didn't last, but that's apparently too risky to try now.

No. 1772105

File: 1700025722704.jpg (488.79 KB, 1018x1405, 1923_lyendecker_indianwithcamp…)

if you want to develop depression at record speed remember that American artists used to draw like this a century ago

No. 1772116

File: 1700026282059.jpeg (164.17 KB, 1170x596, 0E415289-09EA-44F9-AB37-8B79F1…)

new genshin discourse just dropped. people were genuinely mad over this tweet with some even calling op a terf/accusing her of hating trans headcanons

No. 1772118

Genshinfags should just drop dead, specially the normies who also listen to kpoop.

No. 1772123

It goes beyond Genshin sadly, for some reason preety long haired(usually young) male characters are called "Lesbians"

No. 1772124

Infuriating tbh.

No. 1772130

if the people doing this were making r63 content i honestly wouldn't care but it's not even that and instead headcanoning characters as "transfem lesbians" because genderbends are considered transphobic now

No. 1772132

File: 1700026913644.jpg (160.19 KB, 1920x1080, f88uj3e6fafb1.jpg)

>I'm not a communist or whatever but in America at least I notice media has just become increasingly more corporate and for-profit in the last decade. They just want to superficially pay lip service to social issues using characters people already like because it plays it safe. When I was a kid/teen I would see a lot of shows that were really interesting and creative but short lived just as much as I saw bad shows that didn't last, but that's apparently too risky to try now.
I know exactly what you're talking about. This weird liberal corporate PMC-guided form of "anti-racism" which requires making these very awkward-sounding declarations to be considered non-racist, non-transphobic, non-right-wing. 99% of non-white people are frankly weirded out by this behavior, except those in the Professional Managerial class. For example, picrel was from the Harley Quinn show in Batman's cave and not presented as a Joke.

No. 1772143

File: 1700027374492.png (33.69 KB, 743x183, lmao.png)

OP seems based, lmao.

If the male characters that get headcanoned as lesbians were R63'd or headcanoned as actually women I'd be into it (some male characters I would like 5x more if they were female instead), but 9 times out of 10 it's just more annoying trans content or straight sex with pronouns slapped on.

No. 1772199

File: 1700028536647.png (79.58 KB, 1238x485, wait till she sees kurumi masa…)

(more tumblr husbandofags since I find them absolutely hilarious)

I think the whole proship vs antiship thing is retarded
but why is someone's husbando invalid if it's 'proship'?
by that logic like a good 50% (or more) of joseimuke characters are out

No. 1772382

The number of quotes kek

No. 1772411

I work with 3D and I'd say that a lot of it comes down to differences in mentality and goals. Western games tend to avoid deviating too much from the face-scanned model's features (this is also why I feel concept art can end up looking very vague in the face until a face model is chosen), for various reasons such as chasing true realism (which means keeping flaws and rough edges, then adding more such as scars to fit the character), wanting to keep an actor's face as recognisable as possible, or otherwise not wanting to 'beautify' a real person's face for whatever reason. Sometimes you also get weird hybrid faces that are a mix between the VA's and another person's face scan. I feel like Japanese devs, for example, often start with a stronger look for a character while designing them and then adjust their face-scanned meshes more to match, seeming happy to include more stylisation in their realistic works. Or just outright sculpt the face from scratch, maybe using a specific irl face model as reference, which gives you much more control (which I also prefer to do tbh). Personally I don't like face scanning or heavy mocap reliance, as it's often used as a crutch.

This isn't just a problem for male characters either, as many female characters will look a bit dumpy in the face too by the time they make it into the game, and it's not because their real life models are ugly or anything.

There's also the issue of game engines, which can have all sorts of optimisation requirements that end up fucking with how your human characters look that I will not sperg about here.

(please take everything I said here with a grain of salt though, I'm still a junior and this is mostly just based off of my observations and personal research into the industry)

No. 1772435

>unironic wokie message on batcave wall
can't even kek anymore, i simply hate this

No. 1772460

File: 1700039527770.png (43.81 KB, 1018x676, Fv1DEXIAALVfs.png)

OT, but I absolutely loathe with the American correlation of viewing welfare as socialism. It's not! In the Harley Quinn show Joker, defunds the police, provide welfare benefits, and establish community centers for criminals and that magically solves all of Gotham's problems. And the writers may believe in that, but that's not socialism at all. It's simply a well-planned, non-retarded liberalwelfare policy.

No. 1772487

Luckily think there has been a shift on how people view genderbends, I keep seeing people RT and making art of them and even gendies praise it. I usually just see them being refered as "male/fem[character" rather than genderbend, though I think the word itself isn't a problem either. Glad they're finally starting to find some common sense, I remember back in 2019 a populat acc tried to cancel me because I RT fanart of a male character woth boobs & I ignored all her "please delete that art" messages instead of doing what she told me kek

No. 1772490

i hate americans so much, they have the personality of a block of cheese

No. 1772491

Genderbends are definitely consider transphobic from what I've seen and fanartists have to spoiler/warn genderbend art, even the Japanese ones. I have no idea why.

No. 1772494

samefag but by contrast trans headcanon art gets no spoilers or warnings at all. So I have to see full on mastectomy vash pussy like it's breaking news but need to click a spoiler and be careful! that might be twansphobic art I'm retweeting if he's made a biological female.

No. 1772528

File: 1700044704246.jpg (347.69 KB, 1562x2048, E45JLm4VkAAOUZO.jpg)

it makes me kek trigun when from a somewhat obscure anime/manga normally only talked about by 30+ weebs to 15yo gendie n1 animu thanks to nutrigun. I hope they never make nu-hellsing or i will riot.

No. 1772530

So already obnoxious Neuvillette x Furina shippers need to headcanon him as a tranny to un-heterofy their hetero ship? People keep making fun of fujos but schizo hetshippers in this fandom are the biggest cows of them all, straight ships are suddenly "queer" because "I headcanon them as bisexuals/trans" and you're biphobic or transphobic if you question them or worse yet ship same sex ships because it's "exclusive" yet hetships aren't for some reason. I'm convinced it's these retards just being homophobic and slick about it seeing how like half of Furina kinnies are male troons.

No. 1772618

File: 1700051536959.jpg (20.31 KB, 360x251, F-v8YOraIAA2xdd.jpg)

No, literally no one ships that shit you have such an insane hateboner for. Neuvillette gets called lesbian by the worst subsection of delusional fujos who make shit like picrel unironically

No. 1772647

NTA but Have you really not seen all the Neuvillette/Furina shippers? Its actually pretty popular, I've even seen some fujoshi I follow ship it. Furina is too boring for me tho.

No. 1772662

I like them because they're shells for telling the story, like you said. Also I like CSM in general because it's like Tokyo Ghoul.

No. 1772671

I haven't and it's crazy that anons keep insisting it's oh so popular, but no one can bring up even one artwork as example or something. If I put their names into the twitter search I can find some pieces, but their numbers aren't even close to the ones that gay ships get. I can't even find a ship name or anything

No. 1772710

Japanese artists don't spoiler genderbends because of transphobia, they do it so people can mute the keyword if they don't like the content. It comes from a courteous intention not wokeshit

No. 1772714

NTA but it's extremely popular especially within delusional trannies and yumes who think she's just like them i.e. a useless annoying "quirky" slob but also a cute girl who gets babied around by a significantly older tard wrangler with endless patience for their BPD-chan behavior. Of course this doesn't reflect Furina's actual character at all as she's very self-sacrificing and dedicated to her duty but the Genshin fandom loves to flanderize the characters based on one trait. I don't see it because I only follow m/m and f/f artists but the moment I step outside my bubble I'm slapped in the face with it.

No. 1772769

This, I don't want to see genderbends of male characters on my feed and I appreciate Japanese artists for being courteous and actually tagging them while westerners push pornified big titty female versions of husbandos into his name tag with no warning attached and get mad at you if you tell them to tag it.

No. 1772837

"Your husbando loves you, unless you have opinions I don't like." He's not real, what if my "F/O" agrees with me.

To be fair, the conflation that basic welfare is socialism is a typical bootstraps Republican POV. It's weird to see "liberals" repeat those same talking points.

WTF are those other flags besides the lesbian flag???

No. 1772845

Right is genderfluid and left is transfem kek this info was impossible to find. There are way too many flags

No. 1772862

Why did this person give them wrinkles? Why is fandom obsessed with making attractive characters ugly?

No. 1772888

What does f/o stand for?

No. 1772897

Because they are both immortal and should be very old, but this and adding disgusting facial hair to anime men has been pissing me off forever. Everyone who proclaims loving "old man yuri" (as a enhanced form of old man yaoi which is also gross) has genuine brainworms and needs to be blocked on sight. As if there weren't enough games with ugly moids already, go play those instead

No. 1772913

Kek reminds me of my TIF cow who headcannons her FFXIV husbando as an "agender enby lesbian" because she calls herself a lesbian (despite being engaged to her highschool sweetheart moid) and she can't envision a straight ship.

No. 1772916

Genderbends became “transphobic” when more gendoids began transitioning and quietly realized that hormones and surgery don’t turn you into an attractive member of the opposite sex kek

No. 1772927

"fictional other", it's like the pretentious gendie way of saying husbando or waifu kek

No. 1772935

It was called bioessentialist too and the argument was that people were equating long hair/boobs/whatever with being a woman. Which doesn't even make sense from a logical standpoint because someone drawing Gojo with DD boobs or some shit doesn't mean women are only limited to having DD boobs, it just means that's one way to portray a woman. I've seen more genderbend art without complaints lately and some of them are GNC women so maybe the problem people had was that 99% of genderbends were basic hyperfeminine long hair big boobs stuff but they were too dumb to understand what they actually took issue with so just slapped on the transphobia label because that always works. Either way it's still retarded because people can draw whatever they want.

No. 1772944

It would be funny though to see tiktok and twitterfags do mental gymnastics over their millennium and iscariot husbandos

No. 1772952

When Tumblr was peak SJW hell there was discourse that using the words "husbando/waifu" is racist and proposed "fictional other" instead. I saw some of the OG hardcore husbandofags like Nemu use it too.

There was also the argument that "gender and sex is different" so drawing a canonically male character with long hair and big boobs doesn't say anything about the character's gender identity or whatever. I saw artists try to placate this crowd by drawing genderbends but calling them "cisswaps" or "presentation play" but of course that didn't please them because they're triggered that the fact biological sex exists.

No. 1772961

Please don't speak it into exsistence, I'm begging you. I would actually kill myself if I have to see moe-blob Integra

No. 1773062

Jinxed. It shall happen now.

No. 1773073

stylization>hyper realism
I believe that the closer something tries to look realistic, the easier it is to spot the irregualirties. You know what reality really looks like and how it behaves.

No. 1773079

I like the art in CSM but I don't feel particularly inclined to read it and the fandom makes me even less interested. But I do like the style and all the characters I've seen look nice.

No. 1773084

Why is the West so allergic to stylization? Even when we get it it's ugly/basic Disney stuff like Encanto. Not that unattractive characters shouldn't exist but Urasawa's art style is a good example of stylized but still realistic, characters that aren't attractive models but are still appealing to the eyes. I'd take Final Fantasy designs over BG3 any day, the only character I find good looking is Karlach.

No. 1773091

It's because all education regarding aesthetics rely on old masters inspired by religious imagery who were extremely autistic about replicating real life down to the smallest detail, not being creative and entertaining. Jesus wouldn't want you to prioritize characters looking good over them having 1 billion hair follicles but dead soulless eyes.

No. 1773158

You should check it out if you enjoy the art, it reads very well and the story is interesting enough. I never understood why it even got a fandom in the first place though, none of the characters are really fit to blorbofied and it seems like half the fans are just in it for gore and boobs, they don't understand the simplest themes

Yes, and since all media looks similar it becomes difficult to think of new stuff or convince execs that people will like it. Anime becoming popular has started to lead to change, but I wouldn't say it's been getting much better

No. 1773183

Does anyone else have personal fandom cows that they follow? I have one, and she hasn't done anything wrong other than just be annoying. She only posts about "old man yaoi" and is one of those art pick-me's that post herself in comparison to sexualized female designs just to say "we exist too". I've been waiting for her to fuck something up so she gets a callout but it feels like a vendetta

No. 1773230

Nayrt but I'm really interested in these supposed CSM themes, please do elaborate nonna, because when I read it I was so disgusted by the author's coomer level that the story just seemed like an afterthought to "devil that is secretly a girl that wants to fuck Denji" to me.

No. 1773243

Yeah, I still have a burner account on Twitter just to catch up on some.

No. 1773555

File: 1700106537005.png (109.99 KB, 1141x637, white husbandos living rent fr…)

I seriously can't get enough of this chick, she's fucking hilarious.

No. 1773585

This is so dumb. Literally selfship cockwatching. Posts like those aren't going to encourage anyone to genuinely yume with darker skinned characters anyway, if anyone feels guilted over it they'll just have a token black husbando and it'll be like the performative "step on me queen" womenposting while not actually caring about the character.

Semi-related but I come across a lot of TIF yumes who have female self-inserts/OCs. At least they recognize they're women at heart in some way.

No. 1773631

Stuff like this is always "damned if you do, damned if you don't". I'm sure if someone's character list had mostly non-white or dark skinned characters she would be equally suspicious.

>Posts like those aren't going to encourage anyone to genuinely yume with darker skinned characters anyway, if anyone feels guilted over it they'll just have a token black husbando and it'll be like the performative "step on me queen" womenposting while not actually caring about the character.
That's how people are with ships involving non-white characters too. I care about racism but I don't think fandom (especially in areas that heavily revolve around personal feelings/preferences like ships/yume) is the place for faux-activism like that.

No. 1773633

File: 1700111048947.jpg (108.83 KB, 938x441, pixeloo-mario.jpg)

It's the old adage sometimes less is more

No. 1773645

i dont know if this is specifically an american thing but i hate how male characters have hyperrealistic skin textures while female characters are airbrushed to perfection

No. 1773941

I was harassed for weeks on my last twitter account cause I said I don't find black and asian guys attractive. these people are insane.

No. 1773983

You have literally no reason to say that on Twitter. NO one asked you.

No. 1773988

I think it's a fine thing to say. I personally don't find slav, Mediterranean or middle eastern men attractive for example, we all have preferences.

No. 1773993

I never understand why people feel the need to share their racial preferences. Most of the time their preference doesn’t even want them so it makes it even more cringe.

No. 1773995

It was in a fandom related conversation regarding when I said I found a character ugly, and I just causally admitted it, didn't deserved to be witch hunted for that.

No. 1774002

>Most of the time their preference doesn’t even want them
A lot of men do sexually harass women of other races so this doesn't really work. I know a lot of Asian/black/brown men who sexually harassed or even attempted to rape white women because they think they're easy, I've also seen white men do the same to brown or Asian women. Let women voice out their preferences, you don't know what they're going through and they're probably not attracted to those men because they know those men are trying to fetishize or take advantage of them.

No. 1774007

People who actually get the people who they want to date do not need to broadcast their racial preferences to everyone, they just date who they want and shut up about it

No. 1774008

Sage for no screenshots of it, but there's a tweet going around of some Neuvilette/Furina account that listed all their straight ships they like and they're getting such an insane amount of hate. It's honestly disheartening to see because it was such a normal post and people are genuinely calling them homophobic for not shipping the characters with their popular gay equivalent instead.

Of course you don't deserve to be witch hunted for it, but I think even you can agree it was stupid to say in the first place.

No. 1774024

>their preference doesn’t even want them
and you would know that by their preference openly sharing their own preferences, right? kinda a retarded point to make and is just a way to imply someone is undesirable by not being of interest to an entire ethnicity/phenotype.

I don't think anyone really should be out there declaring whether they find one race or other attractive when it's probably evident from their interests and only matters to who they choose to date. I don't get why that's anyone else's business, and have seen way too many witch hunts over eg an artist gravitating towards x or y characters that share a common trait in their skin tone.

No. 1774025

It was a conversation with my mutuals, that I just don't find black and asian guys attractive, and so that's why I didn't care for a retweeting or like pics of a black/asian chracter/actor, I wasn't forcing others to agree with my preferences.

No. 1774030

I'm talking about women getting fetishized, retard. Women can state that they find different groups of men unattractive, it shouldn't offend you this much. If a group of men constantly harass a group of women, of course that group of women won't date them lmao. Are you slow?

No. 1774032

I noticed that the people who don’t really get the women or men they want are usually the loudest about their preferences. It’s just a common pattern I noticed.

No. 1774036

I know what your talking about, I see this is a lot with ugly Indian guys on twitter(and also the whole passport bros thing)

No. 1774039

I’m not offended just pointing out an observation. The people who are actually dating the men you post most likely aren’t going about talking about men they aren’t attracted to. They’re just fucking those guys and they don’t really think about it because it’s not a big deal for them.

No. 1774041

Yeah. Always going on about what skin tone they don’t like etc. yeah we get it you have a preference but does your preference want you? Kek

No. 1774044

why are there so many men bootlickers here lately

No. 1774047

Nta probably because some of you are fucking crazy and only talk about how based and blackpilled you are while shitting on women for having sex like obsessively. So once again shaming and blaming women for not doing what you want them to do, and for not being like you

No. 1774049

It’s not bootlicking it’s just an observation. You’re never going to see someone who looks like Adrianna Lima or a young brad Pitt broadcasting their racial preferences. It’s always someone ugly or average which makes it cringe.

No. 1774055

I rarely ever talked about race and racial preferences, I made one comment about not whom I'm attracted too, but men I just can't find attractive.

No. 1774057

literally no one said that, you need to integrate newfag. Bootlicking moids wont get you anywhere here.

No. 1774083

It's just a preference like any other, you usamericans are just so obssesed with race it's a taboo topic, but the rest of the world see them normally

No. 1774096

They say it all the time
>bootlicking moids
Who is even doing that, you just make up shit to screech about

No. 1774097

It's so corny to bring up. Nobody cares who you are or aren't attracted to, narcs. There is no reason to bring that up on social media at all.

No. 1774109

And? People tweet stuff that no one else cares about or what to know all the time, I don't know why is everyone pressed about her. If I'm on Twitter and see someone mentioning they want to drink breast milk I just ignore and continue scrolling.

No. 1774113

Non-whites have the same entitlement trannies do, it's not enough that they have rights, they want everyone to be attracted to them too.(racebaiting)

No. 1774115

They're not male bootlickers, they're men. A few brown men have been posting themselves in /g/ for years and they're usually the ones doing most racebaiting, usually trashing brown/black women but seething when anyone trashes them.

No. 1774116

>the women dating the men you trash
No one is dating white men with yellow fever, retard. Even then, not like Asian women saying they don't wanna date white men or white women saying they don't wanna date arab/afghan men are saying it to annoy those women's gfs.

When women talk about their preferences, we don't do it in a malicious way, we usually do so to vent. I'm half white and I had a ton of brown men only be into me because I'm "pale" and they'd lose their mind when I mentioned wanting to darken my hair when they themselves have the features they hate on women such as ugly noses, dark hair, skin, etc.

No. 1774118

>this is just men attacking women!
I highly doubt the kind of women who broadcast their racial preference would care if the man they were dating were shitting on black and Indian women so I’m not sure what this has to do with gender

No. 1774119

God I fucking hate how every topic on /ot/ gets raided with racebait shit now. Why do I even come to this website.

No. 1774120

File: 1700133170817.mp4 (4.21 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1700057385877.mp4)

Anyone remember this.

No. 1774121

>You'll never see white celebs(who only date white people) talk about their racial preferences!
Yes but they still only date white people, lmao. And a lot of celebrities are much more racist than the average anon who says (like %99 women)she isn't attracted to Indians or some other ethnicity with men who hold misogynistic values.

No. 1774123

Deku is so fucking lame, why would anybody be a fan of him?

No. 1774124

I wouldn't date afghan, arab etc. men but I also don't date white men who talk down on black or brown women. Afghan and arab men are much more violent, unattractive and misogynistic than their female counterparts so it doesn't make sense for someone to dislike brown women when the brown women can't hurt them like a brown man can(and will) hurt a woman.(race sperging)

No. 1774125

How old is this woman? at least the girls going nya nya kawaii desuu at cons in the 00s were underage

No. 1774126

So you hold these preference because you’re a feminist and brown and asian men are sexist but would you deny a guy you really liked because he finds black or asian women ugly? You probably wouldn’t which means the female empowerment angle doesn’t make any sense in this context

No. 1774130

i think i may have just died of second-hand embarrassment, thanks. what motivates this? (aside from being a sped, ofc)

People who want to self-insert or like the combination of him being non-threatening/'cute' and a power fantasy, I guess

No. 1774132

Every woman is a feminist long as they vote and work lol so this topic isn't about feminism. Yeah I won't date dangerous men from regressive cultures neither will I date neonazi white boys, stay mad about it. Love how you bring up feminism when women are just talking about normal stuff as if everything women do and prefer has to be political and we can't just refuse to date a group of people known for being abusive, unattractive, ugly, poor, etc. because we don't wanna.

No. 1774135

File: 1700133864638.jpg (84.53 KB, 736x735, 6b040a40db9c164a0751ad7f51eca6…)

>Every woman is a feminist long as they vote and work

No. 1774138

This conversation has nothing to do with gender lol I just pointed out that people who usually broadcast their racial preferences are ugly and I would know because I see men doing it towards Indian women(I am one) and they’re never attractive. It’s always the uglies who are the most loud. I’m not being anti women because I assume you’re ugly.(derailing)

No. 1774139

the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
By using those rights and living equally to men, you accept that women deserve equal rights and by definition it makes you a feminist. What else did you think feminist meant?

No. 1774141

No1currs about your ethnicity stop blog posting and being personally offended.

No. 1774142

i got a 24hr ban just from making a joke i hope all of you get permabanned from infighting and racebaiting here

No. 1774146

I’m not offended you’re offended because I said you’re ugly. Move on and stop responding.(infighting)

No. 1774148

>defending shitskin men for 3 hours
>saying you're not offended
Everyone knows you're a man, currycel. That's why you accuse women of being evil feminists when they say they dont wanna get with you. You don't even know what feminist means(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1774149

If you took my statements as defending men then that’s only because you have poor comprehension skills and that’s not a issue that I can help you with

No. 1774156

You called women ugly for not being into currycels. You're probably one of the uggo incels who only post when they get an opportunity to racebait so I'll stop replying.

No. 1774165

No that’s not what I said. I said people who broadcast their racial preferences are usually ugly meanwhile people who can actually who get people they find attractive never bring it up because fucking hot people isn’t a big deal to them. What are you mad about?

No. 1774166

He's like the perfect uke, very submissive, short and his hero costume looks like a bunny.

No. 1774171

whats the point of him being the perfect uke if the rabbid MHA gendie western fans are against lewding him

No. 1774180

nta but they only care about not lewding mha characters when it suits them, so long as the smut involves the 'correct' characters and ships they don't give a fuck

No. 1774197

it does come off as cringe and sort of desperate when someone announces their racial preferences. i can see why the OP got a negative reaction from their mutuals.

No. 1774204

NTA Someone who fights for women's liberation and rights.

No. 1774214

File: 1700138906627.png (365.56 KB, 758x697, kek what.png)

First off, i don't know anything about these characters. I randomly came across this post and it made me so confused, it reads like a bait shitpost you'd see here kek.

No. 1774226

i pray for the day fandom women obsess over actual actractive men

No. 1774227

Nta but every man is ugly to me so whatever.

No. 1774243

The Mythological Loki was a trickster God, who was a shapeshifter and took various forms(some of them women) to mess with people, in Hindu and Chinese Mythology Krishna and Sun Wu Kong (also tricksters) also shapeshift as women to fuck with demons and then kill them, so wokies have concluded all these mythological characters are gender-fluid.

No. 1774244

I weep because this is all jibberish to me and it am getting second hand embarrassment. I dont know what I'm reading.

No. 1774245

i think the first tweet is trying to say that the same people who liked a regal damaged sad boy asshole character still like those kinds of characters (not sure if I'd personally put these two in the same category but whatever), probably as some sort of dig, and then the other one is spazzing out because Loki is a shapeshifter, which in this day and age means queer gendie shit no matter how the character actually behaves in canon.

What I do know for certain is that I feel dumber for reading it.

No. 1774257

I don't read comics but I've heard that Loki from the Marvel comics was a woman just for the sake of it in some arcs or storyline and sometimes he's an adult or a teenager so maybe it's a reference to that and not to the actual myths?

No. 1774266

File: 1700142580985.jpg (243.84 KB, 976x1500, 91PPZD2ZxEL._SL1500_.jpg)

that was for a few issues but I haven't read it, I did read kid-loki(It's actually what introduced me to comics) Honestly I wish the show took the same direction and had an excuse to replace Tom Hiddleston with a younger hotter actor.

No. 1774271

nta but yeah I think he has illusion powers and uses them to do more 'shapeshifting' in the comics than the movies, which includes turning into lady loki sometimes (kid loki was a reincarnation or some shit? glad i gave up on comics years a go). I didn't watch the Loki show, but iirc they may have addressed him changing appearance in that? He also meets an AU female version of himself and there's a romance or something. Whole show sounded like a cringy mess, but I think it's where the latest crop of the Gotta Aggressively Queer Up Marvel Loki! crowd has spawned from.

No. 1774297

File: 1700145071442.png (496.06 KB, 748x710, Autism 2 Electric boogaloo.png)

Samefag but this is too funny. Oh noo not the poor tims, no longer able to trust women over… Fictional character comparisons? acting like the op hatecrimed some troon kek what a joke

No. 1774299

kek imagine being this riled over literally nothing. are all their tweets like this?

No. 1774304

File: 1700145756529.png (280.15 KB, 400x483, APReLzy.png)

This reminded me of the discourse surrounding the shipping of Lutece twins from Bioshock on Tumblr. In the game, these two are fairly important side characters, and early on most people assume that they are siblings because they look similar and refer to each other as brother and sister. However, It's later revealed they are actually the same person, with one of them being from an alternate universe and they instantly develop a liking for each other because they are the only ones who can understand their own genius. Their quirky dialogue, as well as their genuine closeness, made them very popular on Tumblr, I'd wager they were the most discussed characters in the entire game(at least on Tumblr) and they were frequently shipped together as well. And that was the first time I encountered "anti" discourse, as many argued that it was immoral to ship them because they were essentially siblings.

No. 1774344

No they don't. It's obviously somewhat stylised based on scans of models. Look at the actual models.

Also, the graphics in Japanese games are inferior, as always, but the art stylisation is better and cohesive. Older Western games did this better than any currently do.

No. 1774494

File: 1700155731950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.67 KB, 2048x2048, EAhvESzU8AAvFon.jpeg)

OT but this takes me back kek. I miss the era of Bioshock popularity on tumblr. Crazy I lived through an era where it was majoritarily normal to ship siblings, I miss it

No. 1774515

File: 1700156634468.jpg (110.26 KB, 786x800, lutece_twins_by_martychan91_d6…)

tbf, it's like they were asking for them to shipped. They had the perfect couple dynamic, playfully teasing each other but never saying anything truly hurtful. The fact that they were the same person but with different life experiences due to their sex was also intriguing, and they were subtly physical with each other.

No. 1774645

reiritsu? good taste nonna

No. 1774650

>Crazy I lived through an era where it was majoritarily normal to ship siblings
I don't like ships like that anymore but it was nice that I didn't have any risk of a callout post or being forced to explain my trauma history and IRL morals when I did in the 00s and early 10s. People knew fiction was just fiction back then and I liked it because I like messy stuff.

No. 1774655

File: 1700164215625.png (16.58 KB, 586x189, its over.png)

tweeting "you're not a lesbian if you want to fuck a man" is now a controversial enough opinion on kpop/anime twitter to warrant 1,400+ quote retweets. every response just reeks of internalized biphobia, these people sincerely believe attraction to celebrities bears no relevance to your sexuality. i have no doubt in my mind that 95% of these "lesbians" mad over this tweet will realize they're bihet and end up dating a man within the next 3 years kek

No. 1774661

Are there any funny/milky replies?

No. 1774679

File: 1700165642061.png (326.01 KB, 615x654, kekk.PNG)

They are kek. It's a mix of seething at random media or celebrity related tweets and talking about highschool bullying that she's not over yet or how much her life sucks in general. Picrel made me giggle, this is the funniest phenomenon to me. Talking about 2D characters sexually like that is almost seen as trendy or funny, but the words have literally no meaning

No. 1774691

Most "sapphics" under 25 in fandom are self-hating bi women who write off their attraction to men as "comphet" because of that stupid Google document that turned out to be written by a traumatized bi woman. I used to be really sympathetic to their internalized biphobia because trauma and societal homophobia is a bitch, but the way they try to cling onto the idea they're "lesbians with comphet" while graphically posting about wanting to suck the dicks of kpop men hurts actual lesbians just as much as they're hurting themselves.

No. 1774698

The kpop forums i go on sometimes has this issue. All of them are under 25. One says she's a lesbian but goes off how she would fuck multiple kpop idols. It feels so insulting to actual lesbians. It almost feels like they are fetishizing them.

No. 1774701

maybe im confused but i find it so odd how when bisexual women say or do the most horrifically rapey homophobic things to lesbians, people are so quick to make them out to be the victim. saying its internalized biphobia or say "its ok to be bisexual" when the one whose really hurt the most is the lesbian. if they hated being bisexual, wouldnt they go to great lengths to hide their male attraction the same way a homo does their same sex attraction? it really doesnt seem like these women hate being bisexual, they're so open and proud of sucking dick & being attracted to men. even relishing in the discomfort of lesbians.

No. 1774703

File: 1700166784946.png (594.71 KB, 600x2960, Screenshot.png)

The QRTs are something else, porn addiction mixed with extreme irony poisoning.

No. 1774719

Honestly this girl only obsessing over extremely perfected, character-playing female k-pop idols isn't much better herself. "Lesbian" K-pop fans will hate men and lust after unattainable female idols but in the end will silently start dating a Nigel down the road.

No. 1774720

the lesbian masterdoc and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

same, i've never seen a lesbian over 30 doing this. i suspect it's because older people are less terminally online and don't see this "straight = lame, queer = cool and subversive" stuff. plus by 30 most people start settling down so it's not like they're capable of larping anymore (aside from spicy straights and "lesbians" dating TIMs), by then fakebians accept they're het/bi. the majority of people in the qrts are 15-18 year olds who are too online to date or even interact with people irl so they can get away with id'ing as a lesbian because all homosexuality is to them is making "i love women" tweets

No. 1774753

>i suspect it's because older people are less terminally online and don't see this "straight = lame, queer = cool and subversive" stuff. plus by 30 most people start settling down so it's not like they're capable of larping anymore
It's also because we grew up in a homophobic era (80s/90s/00s) where being "queer" wasn't remotely cool and had to deal with the consequences. That's not to say homophobia doesn't exist anymore, but when I see teenagers and younger adults talk about how they're the only "cis" or straight person in their group, it's obvious it's a new wave of the "lesbian until graduation" trend. All these "lesbians with comphet" will be married to a man in 5-10 years.

No. 1774770

>it's obvious it's a new wave of the "lesbian until graduation" trend
stuff like this makes me sad for lesbians, like other nonnas ITT said the whole "i'm a lesbian with comphet so i can tweet about wanting to suck dick if i want" thing primarily harms lesbians, yeah it sucks and all that these bisexuals can't come to terms with their sexuality but actual lesbians are the ones that are affected by the brunt of all this. they just feed into the idea that lesbians don't really exist and they always have one exception and that men can "fix" them, just disgusting. and it's not like any of these people will apologize for the rhetoric they're spewing, they just go along with their lives as if it was nothing. if they are called out on it they won't even bother to acknowledge their lesbophobia but just self-victimize and wax about how having internalized biphobia is so difficult to deal with and they HAD to call themselves lesbians because bisexuals aren't seen as genuine kweers by the evil homos or something.

No. 1774992

I doubted I was a lesbian my whole life since I was age 16+ because the only "lesbians" I knew were like that, on top of the whole "hearts not parts" bullshit in the queer community. It's like both men and women, conservatives and liberals both don't believe lesbians exist and want us to fuck men or try to.

No. 1775015

makes it funnier that she's just lusting after a super masculine jojo roidpig

No. 1775028

He isn’t gonna be a man by the time I’m done with him is a funny thing to say though, if you divorce it from the conversation lol

No. 1775173

The one claiming straight girls type out their fantasies about female idols is funny because the most they say is "omg I'm so gay for her". meanwhile if a lesbian expresses even a 1/100th in comparison of sexual attraction to a female idol they get dogpiled by these fakebians crying about how horrible lesbians are for sexualising women (then procede to not give a fuck about moids doing worse like making deepfakes).

No. 1775211

>The one claiming straight girls type out their fantasies about female idols is funny because the most they say is "omg I'm so gay for her"
It's funny how they're trying so hard to prove other demographics do the same thing as them when they really don't. Like straight wonen saying "I'm so gay for her" is just another way of calling a woman pretty and not expressing genuine attraction, and gay men calling female popstars "mother" and saying they serve cunt is not the same as Twitter "lesbians" posting about how they want to ride a kpop moid's dick. Anyone with a brain knows that no group is writing elaborate fantasies about the sex they're not attracted to aside from these fakebians but keep coping around it. You only ever see these people use the "they're unattainble so it doesn't count" excuse too, never seen a straight woman or gay man ever utter that phrase. It's a chronically online bihet's go to excuse.

No. 1775318

>Like straight wonen saying "I'm so gay for her" is just another way of calling a woman pretty and not expressing genuine attraction, and gay men calling female popstars "mother" and saying they serve cunt is not the same as Twitter "lesbians" posting about how they want to ride a kpop moid's dick. Anyone with a brain knows that no group is writing elaborate fantasies about the sex they're not attracted to aside from these fakebians but keep coping around it.
Gay men don't talk about wanting to fuck Cher and Lady Gaga or headcanon obviously female big titty gacha characters as "gay transmascs" for the sake of saying "they won't be a woman when I'm done with them". It's so hypocritical how they pull the "celebrities don't count because they're unobtainable" when plenty of lesbian and bi women I know can name a female celebrity/singer/actor/fictional character as their personal awakening, you wouldn't say that somehow doesn't count because they could never date that actor.

No. 1775459

Yeah I know you can find a man attractive as a lesbian but feel no sexual or romantic desire towards them similar to how heterosexual women can find other women attractive in a platonic sense, but a line is crossed when you're full on posting horny yumefantasies about wanting to personally suck and ride his dick. Yeah it's a "joke" but funny how they never talk about wanting to eat a female actress pussy. Bisexuals need to stop being so insecure and start being honest about what they are, being bisexual is okay, memeing on lesbianism isn't.

No. 1775484

>'cishet' sex doesn't get her aroused
>can't imagine herself in a 'cishet sex dynamic'
>wants to suck Dio's(?) dick down like a straw
kek it's like poetry

No. 1775557

What makes me bitter is when I was younger I initially came out as bisexual, but the moment I realized I wasn't I openly apologized for perpetuating negative stereotypes about bisexuality. But these bi women don't extend the same courtesy for lesbians when they realize they're attracted to men too, they just double down on it.

No. 1775689

The whole unattainable argument makes no sense once you put the bare minimum of thought into it. It only popped up within the last few years because that garbage "lesbian" masterdoc popularized it. And it's still not even a popular stance that normies have in the first place, it's only parroted in these retarded online circles. Literally ask any normal lesbian woman if her attraction to Jodie Foster counts or not and she'd think you're crazy. People treat the masterdoc like it's the Bible as if it's not a google document made by some rando. Comphet isn't even exclusive to lesbians but applies to all women regardless of sexuality, so these fakebians saying that they have no other choice than to tweet about how they wanna suck and fuck moids because of comphet doesn't prove anything. Willingly tweeting about your hetsex fantasies isn't even comphet in the first place but these people have never read the original essay about it let alone know that Adrienne Rich wrote it. I don't entirely agree with her views because she was on some polilez stuff but none of them even bother to read the source. They just make shit up and adopt pseudointellectual language to make it seem like thinking you can be a lesbian while tweeting about cock 24/7 is a sane belief and not a pornbrained moid mindset.

No. 1775808

>Literally ask any normal lesbian woman if her attraction to Jodie Foster counts or not and she'd think you're crazy.
I think I mentioned this in the other thread but there's a similar dissonance when it comes to fictional characters. These same polilez types will talk about how characters like Shego made them realize their same-sex attraction, but when it comes to wanting to suck on some hypermasculine anime guy's dick it's "just fiction" and doesn't count (even though the fiction argument is about your IRL morals don't inherent correlate with stories).

>these people have never read the original essay about it let alone know that Adrienne Rich wrote it. I don't entirely agree with her views because she was on some polilez stuff

"Compulsory heterosexuality" and "comphet" are two different concepts at this point. I feel the same about Adrienne Rich, but that essay was one of the first second wave writing I read over a decade ago and it really made me think about the way I was before coming out and how the straight/bi women act in my life. A stopped clock is still right twice a day. I feel like the watering down of the term happened when Tumblr sapphics found out that Rich was a "TERF" so they just bastardized the concept as a way to distance themselves.

No. 1775836

So, I really don't want to seem like I'm being culturally insensitive or offensive here, but I don't understand the recent popularity of Thai media (whether they are Dramas, BL and Movies) specifically because I can't comprehend how people are able to get the past the Thai language. Like I'm someone who prefers subtitles over dubbed versions, I watch Korean, Japanese, and Chinese media without any issues. However, certain languages like Thia (and Austrian) sound too awkward to be considered international languages.

No. 1775846

Wrong thread

No. 1775879

You mean German?

No. 1775894

No, I meant Austrian.

No. 1775910

That's just your own weird hangup because you're not used to hearing it, nonna. Chinese sounds just as awkward and yet you see no problem with it.

No. 1775931

My friend is into Thai BL and she said the same thing, it's just something you get used to as you watch. I'm not into it myself but compared to other countries it has a lot more live action BL so to some fujos they might not want to miss out on a bunch of series just because of the language.

>That's just your own weird hangup because you're not used to hearing it, nonna. Chinese sounds just as awkward and yet you see no problem with it.
I have no studies on this or anything but I think certain languages mignt come off as weird-sounding at first listen to many English speakers while others don't (not that it makes those languages objectively bad sounding). Personally I never had to get used to Japanese/French/Chinese but Thai sounds odd to me. I don't know the rationale behind it, maybe it just has to do with some weird phonetics stuff or that some languages share a similar tones/flow of speech with others.

No. 1775954

>I never had to get used to Japanese/French/Chinese but Thai sounds odd to me. I don't know the rationale behind it, maybe it just has to do with some weird phonetics stuff or that some languages share a similar tones/flow of speech with others.
Linguistically, it's actually a known thing with SEA languages in general sound kind off "wierd". One of the reasons why SEA languages sound that way they do is the presence of kind of abnormal and or complex sound changes within these languages. The phonemic inventories are continually reduced by merging formerly distinct sounds into one sound. These sound changes can result in phonetic patterns that sound very unfamiliar to speakers of other languages.

No. 1775966

FUCK no! I want all the actually handsome fictional men to myself. Less drama to deal with that way.

No. 1776111

I'm not judging you or anything but consider all the art and content! Although, that is kind of a double-edged sword kek.

No. 1776252

>even the atmosphere of edgy Twitter proshippers is a lot different than the average 4chan degenerate
dear lord, they are so fucking annoying. they have the same immature holier than thou attitudes as the 14 year old antis but at the same time they want to have their cake and eat it too. they morally weaponize their opinions and think their brand of degeneracy is deep and "complex" while other degenerates who like a ship they don't or some other asinine shit like that is problematic. at least the 4chan degens know what they are and don't need to lie about it and virtue signal.

No. 1776259

No, nerdy women shipping age gap ships between adults or dubious consent or any other "controversial" female-written ship dynamics proships go on about is absolutely not "the same" as 4chan degenerates masturbating to loli rape and women being violated by men just because they love seeing creatures lower than them being abused. It's retardation to claim so even in bad faith.

No. 1776260

my personal fandom cow isn't really milky I just find her interesting. She's a russian tif who draws edgy shit like ranfren's and fnaf porn and has a weird parasocial relationship with the creator of TWF. She even drew porn of him on a couple occasions.

No. 1776262

That anon said they were the same as antis, not 4channers

No. 1776275

I never had this problem with Thai so this is just your own personal issue and not a universal thing. Any language might sound weird if you're not used to hearing it. Thai and Chinese have similar tones so you might get used to it (or not idc)

No. 1776282

Original 4chan/proship anon and yeah I meant that even though proshippers on Twitter act like they're cool edgy degenerates, they're just the reverse of antis. 4channers recognize the stuff they like is gross and don't care to appeal to SJW/woke sensibilities while many proshippers still weaponize Tumblrspeak. Ex. justifying their shota/yaoi/whatever obsessions by saying they're coping with trauma and that if you think they're weird then you're a Evangelical fascist censoring queer media. You can tell which group of degens are Tumblr refugees and which are not by how they respond to antis.

No. 1776399

The people who defend lolicon/shotacon as "queer expression" make me want to tear my hair out. Some of them are still in their rebellious teenager phase past 20. I'm sympathetic to people who are into noncon/dubcon content for trauma reasons, but at the same time they use their trauma as some trump card against any kind of criticism. SA survivors using fantasies like that as some form of self-exposure therapy is just as common as not wanting to see that fetishized period, and I've had people shove that shit in my face one too many times.

No. 1776490

>I'm sympathetic to people who are into noncon/dubcon content for trauma reasons, but at the same time they use their trauma as some trump card against any kind of criticism
Yeah it's not like something being done as a coping mechanism gives you a free pass. Some behaviours can be harmful to you and/or others. Even if it's done for coping purposes I doubt any therapist would recommend them to post about those things publicly let alone discuss it with hundreds of other people in a non-critical setting. Why not just admit to finding those tropes hot like channers do instead of trying to politicize your way through it? Those same people are fine with others engaging with noncon/age gap/problematic content without trauma reasons anyway so it's not even a relevant argument. Imo it just encourages people to lie about being molested or whatever so they have a "justified reason" to like that stuff when you should just say it doesn't matter because it's fiction and leave it at that.

No. 1776893

>Why not just admit to finding those tropes hot like channers do instead of trying to politicize your way through it? Those same people are fine with others engaging with noncon/age gap/problematic content without trauma reasons anyway so it's not even a relevant argument.
Probably since a lot of that crowd is mostly women/TIFs so they feel like they have to explain themselves, while men are allowed to just "be" that way. I notice kinksters in general are more like that too, I hate kink culture but I always had more respect for people into BDSM/DDLG/CNC/etc. who admitted it wasn't the healthiest thing but it's their sex life so your opinions don't matter, instead of pushing that it's another valid form of intimacy and you're basically an anti-gay republican if you don't like it. People can't handle one person expressing disagreement without seeing it as an attack on their freedom.

No. 1776907

Late but I hung around people who’d have these takes and when I’d share my husbandos that aren’t white or east asian they didn’t care. People like this also make their own characters that are poc sometimes but will never make them sexually attractive because it’s all for show and they’re afraid it’s fetishizing poc.

No. 1776967

It's damned if you do, damned with don't when it comes to non-white characters that aren't East Asian. If you don't find the character interesting or personally attractive enough to yume or make smut of, you're racist, but if you do then you're probably fetishizing them if you're a different race. If you don't ship the character in slash or like a slash ship in the same series with two light-skinned characters, you're racist and homophobic, but if you do ship them in slash you're ignoring that interracial het ships are important (this is an actual take I've seen). Et cetera.

No. 1776974

Speaking of which, was there any backlash to Raihan and Leon being the most popular husbandos in SWSH by far, or for being the most popular gay pairing? Since they're very obviously not white. I haven't seen shit because I played the game only after the DLC was released and I was already avoiding fandoms.

No. 1776976

I'm in a fandom that has a huge concentration of TIFs, especially in the case of particular ships or characters it seemed at least a couple years ago that every other fan was a "he/him transboy" and troonifying the characters, but recently I've noticed some of them have quietly changed their bio to "she/they" or "any pronouns" and seem to at least acknowledge they are female, even if they call themselves non-binary or some other gendie term. Maybe nature is slowly healing? I'm hoping that in a few years they'll go back to being just regular nerdy women.

No. 1776997

Its definitely possible. I also saw some "transboys" change to calling themselves "demigirls" or agender or some shit. I also used to ID as nonbinary for about 5 years just because everyone around me was a gendie and convinced me being a weird girl uncomfortable in my teenage body meant I wasn't a girl at all. I think a lot of people like me wake up after they're older and realize it's bullshit

No. 1777013

I skipped SWSH but I did see discourse criticizing people saying things like "step on me queen" about the darker skinned female characters in previous games like Candela, Shelly (ORAS), and Olivia.

I think the trans trend is going out with a bang in the next several years, both because more people are peaking and detransitioning. Not everyone can keep up the LARP, even online. I follow a ton of fandom artists regardless of opinions and I've noticed a decent amount of female artists went from being he/him transboys to diet detransitioning by using she/they they/she instead. Even the gendies in my fandoms who constantly talked about trans headcanons 24/7 in 2013-2018 don't post about it nearly as much now.

It's social contagion since most people don't sit and navel gaze about their gender until it's introduced to them. I had a nonbinary phase too because it seemed like the perfect fix for being an awkward autistic girl, but then I notice there were hardly any "cis" autistic girls in my circles anymore. It's a "minority" position you can choose to be.

No. 1777033

Not in the Pokemon fandom and this isn't about Raihan/Leon specifically, but I definitely saw discourse over people making thirst tweets or sexual content about Raihan. More or less what >>1776967 said, if you ignore a dark skinned character then you're racist but if you're openly lusting about them then there must be a racial fetishization element to it. People do this with Kaeya too. Awhile ago there was a tweet where someone edited him to be naked and it got a bunch of people mad because the editor was "fetishizing/objectifying/exotifying" him because he's tan. While ignoring how people literally do this for every Genshin male because the fans are just horny as fuck.

>I've noticed a decent amount of female artists went from being he/him transboys to diet detransitioning by using she/they they/she instead
I've seen people slowly phase out of their he/him queer trans man stuff too. Long time mutual I had for a couple years recently went back to being a normal she/her despite tweeting about how gay she was for men and that being trans is one of the best things ever. These types do it quietly and still act like detransitioners don't exist because it was actually them simply "exploring their gender identity" and not detransitioning.

>I think the trans trend is going out with a bang in the next several years, both because more people are peaking and detransitioning

Honestly I have no hope for this (though I am an extreme pessimist) because even though you see people get out of their trans phase, the majority of them don't really peak and still support troons. They just go by she/they and tweet about not gatekeeping transition even after realizing their own experiences with gender dysphoria was faulty. The trans phase just goes onto the next wave of 13-15 year olds anyway so I don't think it'll ever truly die down. Unlike alt/emo phases trans people attach themselves to a sociopolitical movement which makes it harder to push back on. The left would rather implode on itself than move back even a step on trans issues which is why you have even Instagram list neopronouns.

No. 1777047

>I did see discourse criticizing people saying things like "step on me queen" about the darker skinned female characters in previous games like Candela, Shelly (ORAS), and Olivia.
tbh I get it it was annoying as hell and very performative as opposed to these people actually having these characters as their waifus but at the same time. Did the people who complained about it realize it's partially their fault? And that if they didn't whine that dark skinned characters have less groupies then nobody would copypaste the same phrases when talking about these characters to make them shut the fuck up?

>but if you're openly lusting about them then there must be a racial fetishization element to it
kek these people think too hard about things that don't matter. Would I be racist against myself for buying and reading gay porn doujinshi of Raihan and Leon according to these idiots because Leon's skin color is close to mine? Non white men irl straight up brag when they get a white gf so if they don't mind that, why feel bad for male anime and JRPG characters of all things?

No. 1777058

As much as the "I'm a fujoshi eks dee" bandwagon annoys me sometimes I'm honestly grateful for it. It's made women feel more comfortable just being a woman and liking BL without having to claim they're nonbinary they/he's because they're afraid of get called out for fetishizing mlm. In 2018 it used to be popular to shit on fujoshis and act like they were literally oppressing gay men irl but I see those types of posts getting ratio'd now. I've only seen 14 year old South Park mlms act hysterical over women unabashedly liking yaoi and everyone just laughs at them for it. I wouldn't be surprised if the fujoshi trend has partly to do with some people dropping their he/him transmasc identities because they realize they can just be a normal fujo women instead of turning it into some grand identity. People meme about fujoism being radical feminist praxis but I haven't seen this many women embracing being women in fandom until now. I won't completely dickride fujos even being one myself but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel in yaoi circles from the TIF infestation.

No. 1777075

>Honestly I have no hope for this (though I am an extreme pessimist) because even though you see people get out of their trans phase, the majority of them don't really peak and still support troons.
>The trans phase just goes onto the next wave of 13-15 year olds anyway so I don't think it'll ever truly die down.
The thing is, I grew up a geek who was in "misfit" communities and transgender stuff always existed even back in the 00s and even 90s. I discovered labels like "neutrois" and "ze/zir" pronouns in high school, it was just really niche and even a lot of LGB people thought it was weird. Normie LGB people only nodded along with adding a T because trans was synonymous with HSTS. I only knew 3 or 4 transpeople on Livejournal, but now everyone on Tumblr and Twitter are some kind of trans. I think the best we'll get is the political activism gets more backlash, it stops being cool to support, and it'll go back to being a subculture/lifestyle only some people choose and not everyone. Most liberals probably won't jump on the anti-trans train but I notice more are waking up to the AGPs/AAPs (my normie liberal pro-gay marriage mom has), child transition, the homophobia, how transmen have replaced masculine women, but don't care about well-meaning people who are only hurting themselves. The last part sucks, but I used to be hardcore anti-religion and that has all the same parallels, a lot of atheists I knew don't care if people are Christian as long as they don't force it onto people and have religious friends they choose to not talk about their differences with.

No. 1777231

It's so hilarious having younger American women shitting on manga just because it portrays any type of of law enforcement authority positively, as somehow even foreign authors need to know and follow ACAB and are performing "copaganda" lol
I assume they'd also be the first to call the cops if a non-white man looked at them funny

No. 1777286

It's dumb because in these manga, or even in fiction in general, most of the time you won't see very realistic stuff so while the police sucks in most countries irl for many reasons it turns out that these mangaka just want to portray cops as they should be instead of how they actually are.

No. 1777445

Performative bisexuality is so lame and pointless, it exists only in internet spaces and is blatantly obvious. Just weird women making goofy OTT comments about female characters that are tryhard and empty meanwhile they'll just drool over the male characters or call the regular female characters cute.

No. 1778106

File: 1700392994178.gif (Spoiler Image,7.53 MB, 540x600, tumblr_8f5c4abb1f467fb79bfd981…)

I totally get it, I'm one of those who recently became obsessed with thai bls. 2 major factors imo is that Thailand simply is extremely beautiful, always hot and many of their actors are surprisingly handsome and a tad more "manly" than their east asian counterparts. Most thai bls are more fun/sexy or even have a thriller storyline, so I started prefering it over japanese/korean bls who are usually slow slice of life or depressive. Many also have a chill lesbian or straight side couple, so no more stereotypical evel bitch trying to get in the gays way type of shit.

About the language I felt the same at first but now it sounds completely normal to me. I also found chinese ugly and after getting used to it, I now find it nicer than korean.
Of course no series will ever meet the beauty and storyline, alongside 50 episodes of chinese dramas, but they're completely banned by the ccp now, so we sadly have to find alternatives…

No. 1778160

Nayrt but nonnie please drop your favourite Thai BLs

No. 1778345

I don't know about masculine but I like that thia actors look more natural, there's just something about how Korean male actors are made-up so perfectly that it gives an uncanny valley like effect.

No. 1778365

i think the justification "im coping with twauma using content" defense is retarded because it's impossible to prove or measure the circumstances of some random online person's irl life. ofc it can be true but it's not a good argument overall. the problem is psychotic people seeing fanfic as literal child rape. that's why the proshippers started making their viewpoints overly philosophical and psychological and hurr durr so deep. ofc you could have some personal reason to enjoy uwu problematic fiction that would make it seem more sensible to the people who crusade against said fiction, but you shouldn't need it.

No. 1778380

the pro/anti discourse is shit because the ''anti' people are always fans of something that's problematic. They arent part of the sesame street fandom they watch evangelion or other problematic media.

No. 1778384

As an oldfag fujo I find a certain fraction of those reactionary "fujoshis" ultimately detrimental to the community because you see NLOGs labeling themselves as such just to "own the SJWs", so you see people who never give a single shit about BL or m/m shipping claiming to be a "proud fujoshi" to get a reaction out of people. They're so fucking annoying for turning being an edgy contrarian their entire identity and if you tell them you don't want to hear about their shota incest rape fetish (which they don't even have but claim to to sound even edgier) at every given chance you're a snowflake who should fuck off back to the hugbox they came from. They can't even participate in the community because all they do is complain about every original BL being boring as they want everything to be smutty porn with no plot, preferably with a self-insert angle. They often act really homophobic towards same sex attracted fujos because they simply don't consider same sex attraction real and treating them with basic human decency is "being a LGBTBBQA+++ shill", for these people the entire point of "fujoism" is just gawking at attractive males with no female competition making them way more closely related to yumes like Rancefag was. The only reason they're even there is that they're just pinkpilled enough to stay out of the pornsick male spaces they grew up in but still need to get their fix of feeling superior to other women. The fujo community is so strong and has a constant stream of content being created that it attracts malevolent freeloaders like this.

No. 1778409

File: 1700410639300.jpeg (276.92 KB, 750x737, IMG_1007.jpeg)

There are so many people like this pretending to be into yuri and then they have zero standards and praise coomershit like this as ”good”. They clearly have never been intimate with another woman.

No. 1778427

Oh you've kinda sold me on this by saying it's fun/sexy stuff starring hot guys. Any recs for a beginner?

No. 1778437

How is anyone excited by this and not just confused about how the girl getting fucked doesn't even look interested and there's a third party calmly standing by a few inches away.

No. 1778447

The point of the scene is that neither of the girls are attracted to each other and feel no spark when they're kissing, but somehow people see that as "peak yuri".

No. 1778469

i hate scott pilgrim so much. I hate the style, i hate the characters, i hate the story, i have the humor. Why the fuck does everyone like this shit?

No. 1778529

Even if the Todd/Wallace scene was fanservice to throw a dog a bone I liked it more than this one honestly. It was there for a comedic tone too at least.

No. 1778599

Dullest kiss scene I’ve ever seen and uncomfortable to boot. I don’t get it all.

No. 1779300

Proshippers only started pulling out the trauma card because people made them. I used to openly talk about my age gap/incest/dubcon ships in the 00s and felt no need to share my trauma reasons for it because "ship and let ship/"don't like don't read" was the motto everyone followed, even people who were anti-problematic ships. Now Carrd culture makes you share every aspect of yourself for "accountability".

No. 1779331

File: 1700447429295.jpg (52.57 KB, 564x543, 1698695023579.jpg)

>I used to openly talk about my age gap/incest/dubcon ships in the 00s and felt no need to share my trauma reasons for it because "ship and let ship/"don't like don't read" was the motto everyone followed
Seriously. It gives second-hand embarrassment when content makers (whether artists or writers) try to make a little essay explaining why their creations soothe their childhood trauma or whatever in response to angry comments. If you're at the point where you're into the "darker side" of content and letting it "out there", you might as well just own it. Personal issues do not need to be forced out of you. I'm not a fujoshi and I aint really into yaoi shit or whatever, but it would be a sad day to watch one get bullied into chalking her interests up to trauma. Just go with the flow.

No. 1779397

only troons and "sapphics" enjoy this i'm afraid. and even the sapphics are just pretending.

No. 1779400

also i am not surprised to see the genshin girl in op's pfp. betting $100 farmer dollars that she's any pronouns

No. 1779437

File: 1700452897342.png (82.39 KB, 790x544, ugh .png)

Direct fandom sperg but the crack theory that Asuka is a lesbian annoys me so much.
She's openly homophobic and spends a large portion of the show and manga simping over Kaji (in the manga in particular, since she thinks of him during the EOE segment)
Asuka is my favorite eva character and it annoys me that tumblr people cope that she's a lesbian since it ignores a large portion of her character in order to erase her being homophobic with 'muh comphet'. Characters are allowed to do very unlikable things, doesn't mean they're less well written.

No. 1779440

>#redditdudebros don't get it
It's not that "redditdudebros" don't get it, it's that Asuka being a lesbian makes no sense. What is it with tumblrinas inventing the worst takes, but assuming you gotta be some neckbeard if you disagree kek Like no bitch, we're not dudebros, you're just a dumbass.

No. 1779449

File: 1700453243162.jpeg (655.01 KB, 1170x1509, 66E1D80E-73CB-44BF-A6E2-3E82F1…)

I feel like it's mostly troonsbians/spicy straights/bihets that like it honestly. If you look at the newer qrts more 'sapphics' are coming out and saying how they don't like it because it comes off as male gazey and that the characters have no chemistry (which was the whole point of the scene).

No. 1779453

Neckbeards don't even exist anymore, they're all troons now.

No. 1779456

File: 1700453651598.png (98.53 KB, 619x679, tranny ritsuko is hilarious to…)

For fucks sake…

No. 1779457

>spends the whole series trying to seduce kaji
>hinted at being attracted to shinji
>doesn't care about women other than her dead mom
>somehow a lesbian

Did she watch NGE with her eyes closed? You can't "comphet" away all the Kaji stuff. Worse than the Kirishima is gay coded truthers.

No. 1779461

File: 1700453900160.png (72.06 KB, 793x421, I guess they live and die by t…)

>doesn't care about women other than her dead mom
She and Hikari are friends, but that's the closest I can think of. For some reason they always ship her with Rei even though the only times they interact is when Asuka calls her a doll.
>Worse than the Kirishima is gay coded truthers
Not that into BNHA (dropped it halfway through season 2) assuming you're talking about that particular Kirishima but the only character I think is gay is Deku for Bakugo.

No. 1779463

No. 1779468

File: 1700454232103.png (605.73 KB, 616x810, LCL asuka.png)


No. 1779470

>asuka is a comphet lesbian bc she exclusively pursues older men which are the definition of unattainable person
straight women can't prefer older men anymore? someone should show her lana del ray stans and the male pedophile statistics kek. saying this about the same series that had misato kiss shinji is pretty ironic

No. 1779472

To be fair with Misato it's because she's so emotionally retarded she literally doesn't know how to connect with people outside of sex rather than actually being attracted to him, but agreed none the less.

No. 1779477

I love when Tumblrqueers make a list of all their headcanons and it's always the villains or most unlikable characters they assign "cishet" or sometimes even "cisgay" (mask off homophobia).

Has OP never been friends with straight/bi girls who have crushes on guys older than them? I swear to god this is borderline a fetish for them. I don't want to see female characters who canonically pursue men be assigned lesbians for no reason, that shit is fucking traumatizing for actual lesbians.

No. 1779480

This whole comphet thing reminds me of people in the Moral Orel fandom who are adamant on Clay being a gay man with "comphet" and not a bisexual man, despite it being very clear that he's attracted to women. Why do people like to deny the existence of bisexual men so much?

No. 1779482

I guess because people aren't really used to bisexual male characters who cheat on their wives for men? I think he is bi though since he cheated on Bloberta on their wedding day with another woman.
Clay's a shithead either way so I honestly don't think it's THAT important if he's bi or gay.

No. 1779487

Now that we're talking about Moral Orel, can somebody please explain to me how a bunch of thirteen year old gendiespecials discovered this show, and why they think the appropriate reaction is to fag everything up with all of the characters?

No. 1779490

Gonna guess they found it through South Park, which as established earlier in the thread they also haven't watched.
Also to be fair there are actually gay characters in Moral Orel anyway.

No. 1779491

>why they think the appropriate reaction is to fag everything up with all of the characters?
isn't that just their default reaction to any and all media these days?

No. 1779492

I know Clay's bi, that creepy blonde coach, and that lesbian daughter of the priest. But it's like with the tumblrina headcanons, they crank it up and with all the characters kek

No. 1779500

>they crank it up and with all the characters kek
Examples please? I don't really doubt it but I've only talked about moral orel on /co/ before gendies got into it.

No. 1779503

I'm not that involved with the fandom, but some people believe Clay is just a gay man with comphet and not the bisexual man he obviously is. Some people like to hc Orel as bi so they can ship him with Joe of all people.

No. 1779509

Headcanons like
>Bloberta being a secret lesbian
>Orel being pansexual demiboy
>that dark haired bully secretly being gay
>Christina being trans and bisexual
>that librarian bitch being a lesbian or asexual
>the priest being gay
>nurse bendy being a non-binary lesbian
>Dottie being a lesbian
>Secondopinionson being a bisexual transgender

No. 1779523

What a strange show for them to cling to. I’ve never seen it myself except for a clip of the cute butch girl in it. Didn’t it only air briefly?

No. 1779528

It aired in the early 2000s and got canceled in like 2008 for being "too dark" for Adult Swim. how the middleschool gendertards found it, I have no idea. Maybe they got lost in their parents DVDs

No. 1779538

im glad it’s at least not happening to Aquateen

No. 1779542

Well don't give them any ideas!

No. 1779615

pretty sure the scott pilgrim creator has a cucked by a lesbian fetish

No. 1779705

i am eternally angry at how moral orel became viral out of nowhere. Every youtuber and their mom that dont look at any animated show that was made prior to 2010 and not by disney was prasing it without understanding its themes.

No. 1779717

this was the worst and most retarded "yuri" scene i've ever seen in my life. just trash.

No. 1779735

File: 1700486257803.jpg (85.29 KB, 752x271, 5cas49us5d851.jpg)

How is Kaworu asexual, he's like the horniest motherfucker in the series. And of course the gay guy is "nonbinary" so that Aiden can self insert.

No. 1779740

This shit was so blatantly pornsick male lesbian fantasy coomerism yet teenage bihets are acting like it's the ultimate sapphic WLW representation moment. I genuinely almost threw up in my mouth watching it and I'm a lesbian, what an awkward and uncomfortable experience.

No. 1779773

It's so weird how these concepts get watered down. "Compulsory heterosexuality" was originally a feminist concept proposed that all women go through (even straight/bi women), I'm aware gay men in real life force themselves to be in straight relationships but IMO that's more of a matter of homophobia, since men are seen as complete people by themselves. When I watched the show I thought it was clear he was a self-hating bi man, since it's about a fundamentalist Christian community where everyone has secrets.

Moral Orel initially got popular with proto-gendies in 2011, but they didn't go all-out with the queer headcanons back then. There were just weird "transboys" who kinned Orel. Things have gotten worse with the identity obsession. Trans headcanons were a niche a decade ago in most of my fandoms.

No. 1779788


The anger over hypothetical denji x power shippers is so weird to me. People ship characters that are just good friends with each other all the time, but for some reason csm fans absolutely seethe at the thought of anyone shipping them together and will go as far as claim its the same as literal incest. If they were two guys, itd probably be the most popular ship in the series.

It sort of reminds me of the Jack x ashi drama, but at least that was more anger at the writers for forcing a clunky romance subplot into the story out of nowhere than at irrelevant twitter fanartists

No. 1779811

Everything gen z touches turns to shit

No. 1779815

File: 1700492936190.png (79.21 KB, 900x480, Screenshot.png)

This is the natural outcome of these Idiots confusing fan-fiction and the glorified erotica they consume, as being representative of any sort of literary genre. They never bother to engage with genuine works of fantasy or science fiction; instead, they consume fiction if contemporary series set in vague fantasy realmss or just read glorified smut/porn stories disguised as YA(see the works of C. S. Pacat).

No. 1779826

At least C.S. Pacat can actually write a good story and interesting characters regardless of the erotic aspect of the Captive Prince series. Some of these new YA and adult SFF authors can't write their way out of a wet paper bag and don't care about crafting. They only get published because they themselves (gendie, token diaspora author for diversity, etc.) and their story (trope laden, glorified fanfic just with the names of the characters changed) tick off all the boxes of what publishers and agents think will sell well or get hyped on tiktok/booktok kek

No. 1779828

I hate that's made a come back and gen z are missing the point entirely. That comic was meant to be toxic. Scott is a loser. Ramona is a pick me and plays with people's emotions and manipulates them. Only person i felt bad for was Knives.

No. 1779838

Alright, gif in my last post is from Kinnporsche which is probably the most famous one, it's basically about thai mafia except everybody is gay, ripped and in way too tight suits.
Manner of Death is about a doctor moving back to the countryside and then his childhood friends start getting murdered/get roped in illegal shit, quite thrilling for a bl.
Not Me is about uni students trying to expose an evil politician, the main guy pretends to be his twin brother (who's badly injured) and then falls for one of the guys in his gang.
My Ride is very sweet and slice of life, a young doctor falls for a poor motorcycle taxi driver.
Laws of attraction is about a greedy lawyer who helps a poor karate teacher fight against a politician who killed his niece.
The recently most popular one that just finished airing is called Only Friends and it's 90% just sex scenes, with tons of cheating and betraying among slutty "friends".
I personally prefer "older" characters/actors (meaning they're late 20s instead of 20 kek), so if you like school settings you probably have way more options.

That's what I meant too. Less makeup and many are tan and you'd never see korean (and most chinese) actors with body hair or unshaven face while Mile and Apo show up hairy quite often and nobody minds.

No. 1779915

there's a nation in world of captive prince, where heterosexuality is literally illegal and outside of short state mandated flings for children, men have sex with young slave boys. if that's not coom I don't know what

No. 1780115

File: 1700504580044.jpg (1.83 MB, 3024x1136, 20190823_173326.jpg)

So? Fujopilled and based. Pacat is of the likes of Hanya Yanagihara writing to fulfill her own male suffering fetish unapologetically and I respect it. Well a bit less because she came out as a gendie, but Captive Prince is genuinely a good fantasy BL like MXTX novels if, of course, you are the target audience who reads BL.

I much prefer compulsory homosexuality twinkland to George R.R. Martin's obsession with huge dark nipples.

No. 1780230

Yea that's why I said she's a good writer despite the coomer aspects (which aren't viewed in a positive way by the main character anyway). I don't even mind it, there are so many male SFF authors that put weird fetish shit or misogyny in their books and no one bats an eye. It's only when women put similar themes in their books do people start clutching pearls kek

No. 1780832

It's not male suffering though you moron, it's the worst aspects of hetrosexuality with extra steps cause and the end result of fujoism is always weird kinks.

No. 1780842

And I support women's weird kinks, especially when they objectify males. Stay weird sisters

No. 1780843

and this is why "puriteens" exist, do you not understand you should keep your fetishes to yourself and not be a weird open addict.

No. 1780845

It's a 18+ book, if underage kids read it and get upset it's on them not the author. As long as it's properly labeled this stuff has a right to exist whether you like it or not

No. 1780847

the justified youth labeled "puriteens" aren't mad about fujos keeping their shit to themselves, they're mad at scrotes pushing male gaze crap and excessive sexual content in mainstream media. though some kids obsessed with policing media would, along with the fact it's easier to critique women's indulgent content when you can't even talk about what men watch on porn sites without getting flagged by censors.

No. 1780857

Your not keeping this shit to yourself though, fujos were in the same bed with hentai and guro artists to protest legislations that would end depictions of sexual abuse of children in doujins.

No. 1780858

speaking of puriteens it looks like made in abyss started making the rounds after some kpop group mentioned it and the kids are piling on the pedo accusations

a broken clock is still right twice a day, and for once the puriteens are actually targeting the right people. i hate to be on the same side as antis - and kpopfags at that - but when the proshipper side is unironically defending lolicon it goes to show the depths of retardation they sunk to. play stupid games, win stupid prizes! pro/anti discourse, where nuance goes to die.

this is the worst possible timeline, where women with weird or dark kinks are grouped with friggin lolicons.

based. hanya yanagihara is my idol for basically peddling her personal oc hurt/comfort fic as literary fiction. she's living her best fujo life and of course she got backlash for unabashedly indulging her male suffering fetish while scrote authors can get away with the most depraved things, irl and in fiction, and still be considered geniuses.

No. 1780860

Looked at woman up and apparently she's known for "torturing gay male characters". Okay, now I know what book I'm getting for Christmas.

No. 1780862

Unfortunately none of them are actually going to be cancelled since the diehard fans who buy albums and attend the concerts of those men will turn a blind eye to anything short of murder. It's the fans that don't care about them that are raising a stink, so no sales will be lost -> no consequences

No. 1780866

that's gross but doujins still are not mainstream media.

No. 1780875

The mangaka is definitely a creep but it's ridiculous to act like everyone who watched Made in Abyss is a literal pedophile imo. I don't think it's worth calling people out for it either. MiA was one of the most popular series in 2017 and even casuals/normies liked it because of the adventure/world-building aspects. The average viewer probably thought the pedobait and piss stuff was gross but they watched in spite of that content, not because of it.

No. 1780879

right, made in abyss in itself is a fine dark fantasy anime with decent worldbuilding and characters and obviously not everyone who enjoyed is it belongs on an fbi watchlist but its rare to see antis target legit creeps as opposed to idk, some random fujo who draws age gap ships. antis never punch up at moids, they always punch down or sideways at other women.

No. 1780880

Apparently one of the men in question owns up to volume 11 of the manga so it wasn't just enjoying a popular anime for him kek

No. 1780883

File: 1700540820170.png (109.33 KB, 601x755, puriteens.png)

The mainstream has been contaminated by perversion and sexual degeneracy from all sexual orientations, to the extent that we absolutely despise witnessing this garbage. It doesn't even contribute anything meaningful to the plot or story, it's just writers fetish.

No. 1780893

idk, i feel like gen z is paradoxically the most porn-rotted and prudish generation at once. something something about having unrestrained access to extreme shit on the web and the degeneration of social bonds due to social media/the pandemic/etc

No. 1780895

>hanya yanagihara
looked her up and Jesus Christ, this isn't male suffering, it's children being raped, is this what being a fujo is to you, getting off on child-rape and yeah if you find child-rape "hot" then you are a bad person.

No. 1780897

File: 1700541643367.jpg (12.55 KB, 400x316, homolust boy marking his terri…)

>he's like the horniest motherfucker in the series
Eh, I feel like Asuka, Shinji, Kensuke, Toji, Ritsuko and Kaji all got him beat there
but Kaworu's still a horny fuck.

No. 1780900

The mangaka's lolishota torture fetish is very obvious in the manga and I remember that back when the anime started everyone agreed on this and just accepted it. However I think most people who liked it was not about that at all but the fantasy world and mysteries behind it, but the further you read it the more you understand what the author is really into.

It's same as how Kobayashi-san's mangaka obviously has the same loli fetish and pretending that it's "uwu wholesome lesbian representation" makes you look like an idiot. If you do like that kind of thing then go ahead but don't try to make it into something more it truly is.

No. 1780905

Nta but
>When four classmates from a small Massachusetts college move to New York to make their way, they're broke, adrift, and buoyed only by their friendship and ambition. There is kind, handsome Willem, an aspiring actor; JB, a quick-witted, sometimes cruel Brooklyn-born painter seeking entry to the art world; Malcolm, a frustrated architect at a prominent firm; and withdrawn, brilliant, enigmatic Jude, who serves as their center of gravity.

>Over the decades, their relationships deepen and darken, tinged by addiction, success, and pride. Yet their greatest challenge, each comes to realize, is Jude himself, by midlife a terrifyingly talented litigator yet an increasingly broken man, his mind and body scarred by an unspeakable childhood, and haunted by what he fears is a degree of trauma that he’ll not only be unable to overcome—but that will define his life forever.

What's so uniquely evil about this? Are women not allowed to write about suffering anymore?

No. 1780911

why didn't you included the full description
>its focus to Jude, a corporate litigator whose decades-long struggle to repress a childhood of unrelenting torments — he was raised by pedophiles in a monastery, kidnapped and prostituted in motels, molested by counselors at an orphanage, kidnapped again, tortured, raped, starved, and run over with a car — ends in his suicide.
This isn't about suffering, as it is about the writers obvious perversions.

No. 1780912

File: 1700542206343.jpg (24.64 KB, 598x244, F_Zb4PcXsAAwCOx.jpg)

Also the Made in Abyss mangaka in question is the one behind this tweet.

No. 1780914

Ah so he's the one behind this annoying as fuck scrote meme. kill

No. 1780916

It's so fucking disgusting how lolicons are using memes and trying to make themselves accepted on places outside of 4chan. They're also hypocrites and whine when you call them what they are too.

No. 1780917

File: 1700542441428.jpg (525.11 KB, 1128x1600, mia.jpg)

Yeah he isn't exactly ashamed of his tendencies. In fact he even says that his "love for children" is what fuels the whole story and its characters, not sure what kind of love torture is supposed to be though. It always makes me laugh when the fans of this manga say it is some kind of dark fantasy masterpiece and deny what it's really about. I'll stick to Berserk, thanks.

No. 1780918

File: 1700542475972.png (295.82 KB, 1225x628, hanya.png)

? That's literally the full description on goodreads. I googled your greentext and it's nowhere to be found. Why lie?

No. 1780919

Samefag, nvm I found it on Vulture. Weird to accuse shit when I sent a Goodreads link and have no clue who this person is, but oh well

No. 1780921

It's a a still disgusting pedophile fetish book and the fact it got praised just proves the elites are all pedophiles.

No. 1780925

One of the one star reviews claims two of the main characters are pedophiles, but I found no other review claiming that. Only pedos I can tell are the parents of the Jude character, which isn't promoting pedophilia considering he suffers from the fact he was raised by pedos.

No. 1780929

>which isn't promoting pedophilia considering he suffers from the fact he was raised by pedos
Crazy how people will think a piece of media is glorifying a subject matter just because it's IN the media. People say they want more serious stories, but squeal to run and hide at the slightest mention of being serious being in the story.

No. 1780930

but its very clear that pedophilia is a bad thing? you have the same level of media literacy as an anti

No. 1780933

In my opinion if a woman wants to write rape porn, she can do it. I only side-eye men. We all know which sex is responsible for 99% of sex crimes anyway. Clearly it's only a fantasy for women, but men actually inflict it on others.

No. 1780934

Exactly. It's like some people have no media literacy. Writing about bad things that exist isn't the same as saying they're good.

No. 1780936

Where in the book are those themes ever glorified, though?

No. 1780942

Why do retards heavily involved in proship/anti discourse have to perceive everything through the lense of their terminally online discourse? It's so fucking autistic to think everybody is either a proshipper or an anti and must be arguing from one of those two povs.

No. 1780947

I mean look at crap like Outlander where every single major character gets raped or sexually assaulted, and it's so obvious the writer has general some non-con fetish.

>The lead female mc has been SA three times.

>The lead male mc has been SA twice.
>Their daughter was gang-raped.
>Their adopted son was a child proustite.
>Their nephew is SA once, as a teenager and later made into a sex slave by a witch.

I'm probably forgetting some, and I stopped watching after Season 5 so anything that has happened in S6 and 7 is unknown to me. But yeah.

No. 1780951

I watched it and the way the kiss was animated is so obviously fetishy scrotegaze. Even as a yuri fan it made me sick and uncomfortable. No wonder troons are all over it.

No. 1780953

based and pinkpilled. if only women would unanimously focus on calling out male degeneracy, both fictional and irl, instead of having pointless ass circular debates on whether fiction affects reality.

at the end of the day, women can tell the difference between reality and fantasy while men will always go out of their way to inflict their depravity on women. fujos writing self-indulgent whump fic aren't going got go out of their way to molest boys or kidnap men to fulfill their male suffering fetish. meanwhile, men literally have entire industries built in order to cater to their degeneracy.

No. 1780957

They won’t because like over 50% of women in fandom are now ”mlm” so you can’t say there’s a difference between scrotes and women.

No. 1780958

Nah there's definitely many delusional women who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality but even they don't do the things that men do, they usually just end up hurting themselves a la trooning out. But I agree collectively women are better at separating the two

No. 1780961

>at the end of the day, women can tell the difference between reality and fantasy
but we can't though, that's why troonism is a thing, over consumption of filth and smut will only lead to escalation and so we'll get shit like women thinking that simply cutting their hait short will magically turn them into perfect bishit men or those delusional eunuchs sisters.

No. 1780965

I fully support women being into dark shit, and I think they should start drawing and writing about males and shotas being raped by ugly bastards just to piss scrotes off.(bait)

No. 1780968

>shotas being raped
please get help and for the love of god, don't post your porn folder to try to "own" us.

No. 1780970

>Ugly bastards
Too far too far
Ugly bastard is disgusting

No. 1780971

>ugly bastards
Sounds like something a scrote would say

No. 1780973

Men get more pissed off by attractive men than they do by ugly bastards tho. That's a scrote tier fetish

No. 1780975

>ugly bastards

No. 1780976

a man dominating and penetrating a feminized males is totally an own against the scrotes and not just heterosexuality with extra steps.

No. 1780979

lol, are you seriously comparing women being duped into believing they could escape misogyny by transitioning to moids having zero regard for human life? i can only feel pity for tifs as opposed to tims, who embody all of the worst possible traits of moids.

No. 1780987

>>1780973 I guess you are right, since the ugly bastard is usually their self insert.
The best revenge is drawing female characters with hot men instead.

No. 1780990

the point was regarding being able to separate fiction from reality, and yes over consumption of any sort of material without regulation will lead to some from of dissociation.

No. 1780991

*Men with unattractive women

No. 1780994

idc about the origins but "ugly bastard" is a hilarious term

No. 1780995

No, it makes me laugh imagining men see characters that are their spitting image be unanimously agreed upon to be called "ugly bastards" by everyone kek

No. 1780996

File: 1700547231357.jpg (46.94 KB, 719x715, 3ca10df601bb1b2464ff17e3bb73af…)

could someone post that newspaper column from the 1950's or so, of an actresses complaining about how she gets set up with ugly old men and now refuses to star in a film if her leading man isn't a man closer to her own age and then some scrote replying that it's cause older male actors are simply more experienced.

No. 1781000

>He didn't peel off his pants.

No. 1781026

Outlander really is such wasted potential, but the author ruined it with her rape fetish and this fetish actively destroyed the story and narrative. here's an example from the first book, so we have this character whose an ancestor of the main character's husband and strongly resembles him (in the tv show they're played by the same actor) who rapes both the main female character and the main male character. Later, the main male character seeks revenge but the female mc makes him promise to not kill him, so he instead beats him in battle and castrates him and that ties everything up.
Then basically every subsequent book has a graphic rape scene in it. the worst one being when female mc is gangraped, and the male mc kills everyone involved, and then two have sex and so if she ends up pregnant, there's a chance he's the father.

No. 1781030

One of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I hate this motherfucker. Why couldn't he just make a cool dark fantasy manga without his pedo torture porn? Lock this bastard up. He should neved be allowed to look at a child again.

No. 1781033

>The average viewer probably thought the pedobait and piss stuff was gross but they watched in spite of that content, not because of it.
Does this also apply to people who watched that Maid Dragon shit?

No. 1781039

Yeah I would say it's even more likely for Dragon Maid since the fanservice is less explicit (compared to Made in Abyss where the characters are straight up naked sometimes) therefore the weird elements are easier to brush off. Normies that watch it are often blind to the weird lolisho scenes in the first place and don't think much about it/even realize it's lolisho fanservice. That's why you still have some people upholding it as a pure and wholesome sapphic anime.

No. 1781045

Not sure how much less explicit it needs to be when there are long scenes where two little girls are humping against each other while the other one has orgasms, one loli with massive breasts and multiple scenes with the little boy and adult woman lusting after him.

No. 1781047

And if you want to look up a male example of an author ruining his series due to this fetishes, look up Terry Goodkind. (I don't know about you, but his book 'The Sword of Truth' was strangely popular in the 90's for some reason.) However, the latter series is just him indulging in his fetishes (BDSM and rape) and objectivist political views. where there would be this great blacksmith town, until the idiot socialist king wanted to help the poor, which actually ruined the local economy. shit like that.

No. 1781050

You're underestimating how much normies are unable to read into fanservice. I after in season 2 more people started realizing it because of the loli with big boobs and futa Kobayashi episode but a lot of people had no idea when it was just season 1. At that time you had literal Tumblr SJWs who were against lolis/problematic stuff recommending it. I agree the scenes are pretty obvious but to this day you literally have people debating over whether or not the Nezuko aged up boob transformation is fanservice and people will call you a pedophile reading into it too much if you say it is.

No. 1781078

Who upholds it as a pure and wholesome sapphic anime other than trannies? I think the normies you're talking about in this case are weebs who are already used to the subtle pedophilia and misogyny in animanga so of course they wouldn't blink at it, most weebmoids enjoy it. The average non-weeb would have no idea what that anime even is since all they know is extreme normie tier anime like naruto and if you showed them it they'd think "what the fuck".

No. 1781082

This author discussion reminds me of VC Andrews, almost all her works feature toxic relationships and are filled with rape and incest but she was wheelchair bound her entire life. In one interview she claimed she had never even kissed a man and I really do wonder how far removed authors are from their own fiction.

No. 1781089

Reminds me of justpearlythings. I think it's obvious that female writers and artists indulging in degen shit (though I wouldn't call this degen compared to shit that moids put in their "literary classics") are coping with their socially stunted, awkward, introverted and often traumatized real life. This is why I can't blame women for being yumejoshi or fujoshi or whatever, most of them are some level of autistic and socially isolated (or at least used to be in order to become what they are.)

Sometimes when I come across an author with strange fixations with unhealthy sexual scenarios just makes me sad for them, like Nabokov and his books. If you read them for one second you can tell he wasn't a pedo, yet he kept writing about it through horrific lenses. Compare this to Tsukushi.

No. 1781104

I haven't read Nobakov's other works, but with Lolita, you can tell Humbert is a horrible person because we are shown it. Even in his own memoir, where he has complete control over the narrative, he can't help but be a shitty and vindictive person who makes rude and offensive comments to everyone he meets. The fact that he's lying in his own narrative is also fairly clear, like how Lo's mother dies in such an over-the-top way (where the reader can easily figure out he likely killed her)

No. 1781109

Yeah, apparently Nabokov had an uncle who likely molested young boys and wanted Nabokov to sit on his lap as well when he was little. It's likely he based Humbert Humbert as well as Kinbote, the deranged narrator of Palefire and also a pedo, off of him. In some other works he describes what he probably thinks of as "pure love" between man and woman, in which the relationship is actually quite equal at least in terms of age and intellect, I've honestly found those works really boring because the narrator always gets too sentimental about it and sees the love interest as some kind of perfect goddess kek

No. 1781126

They hated her because she told them the truth.

No. 1781127

People overall will gush over how artistic and creative Made in Abyss is and give it a TV anime and movie adaptations when it doesn't even bother to hide the author's deranged pedo fetishes anymore and the plot is literally about torturing children and subjecting them to painful body horror but then nitpick and police the fuck out of fujo fiction. But yeah can't be because MiA is made by a scrote and they get to be degenerate fucks if they just add a couple of spooky monsters for ~worldbuilding~, must be some other reason.

No. 1781131

NTA but those aren't "normies", they're literally bad faith acting coomer otakus who will blatantly claim that two little girls humping and moaning is completely innocent and ackshually it's you who's a perv for seeing anything sexual in that situation. They know it's not, they're fully aware that it's pandering for lolicons fetishes, but they act like they don't so that they can get away with enjoying the series. Normies will see shit like that and justifiably call it sick and disturbing.

No. 1781132

yeah no normie can see anything from made in abyss and not instantly get grossed out by the pedophilia

No. 1781135

File: 1700561394254.png (127.56 KB, 783x841, no more saying simp whities.pn…)

These posts genuinely get more and more hilarious everyday.

No. 1781136

Some k-pop scrotes got heat over liking it recently. And I'm glad they did!

No. 1781144

Then you have authors who did write fucked up shit and were fucked up people.
>Issac Asimov was infamous for being a serial groper and general sexual harasser/assaulter at fan conventions/
>Marion Zimmer Bradley physically and sexually abused her daughter and assisted her husband to get child victims.
>Harlan Ellison thought not a rapist had a reputation for being a violence and vindictive man who would form of personal vendettas against people who slighted him.

and there are some other cases I'm forgetting

No. 1781164

is there even a single book feauturing an actual female equivalent of the typical male pedo, aka a disgusting fat old ugly creeper? even in the few ones that come to mind like tampa the female pedo is a 20-something supermodel that all the males fawn over lmao

No. 1781170

other then that one hentai that gets posted I can't think of any depiction like that.

No. 1781174

kek what the fuck are they going to do? made in abyss is insanely popular in japan, to the point it even has a game(very few modern anime have game adaptations) and the mangaka is a meme icon.

No. 1781176

Who was it so I can point and laugh

No. 1781179

no, the original author of that tweet is dorontabi, a lolicon artist.

No. 1781180

i agree, but only if its male on male rape or female on male rape. That bitch who wrote 50 shades is as much of a rapist as men.

No. 1781194

>male on male rape
Boring, played out
>female on male rape

No. 1781218

I actually read 50 shades out of sheer curiosity, and it's surprisingly tame compared to the average a03 fic. 50 shades is a flawed erotic romance written by someone who seems unfamiliar with BDSM. It appeals to people who enjoy reading romance but may have reservations, so they seek solace in popular books. The ending was also somewhat surprising, as the characters engage in a balanced relationship dynamic with a slight element of bondage. I'm not defending it; I'm simply stating that it's much milder and less controversial than most of the crap here, maybe because it is not explicit pornography.

No. 1781219

it doesnt matter if its ''tame'' it actually lead to women dying and being abused, also bdsm is moidshit

No. 1781224

I’m sorry but the Palestinians are based! That’s literally taking justice into their own hand. They killed 100 Palestinians in 2 weeks!! 24 of which children! Can you imagine police shooting 100 unarmed people in 14 days like!? they are based you can say it’s inhumane and barbaric but so is literally terrorizing a group of people for going on a century because a magic book told you it’s your right! I don’t condone violence but I can’t imagine being at a funeral of a 17 yr old who was murdered by police and those same police (not the same guys but the uniform) show up accident or not! 1k people attended that funeral which means it was a big deal! Even the idf themselves thought those 2 guys were going there undercover! What do you think civilians would think hello!? it’s terrible what happen d but none of this would happen if the IDF stopped murdering children for throwing rocks to avenge their literal dead parents. I hate it here(learn! to ! integrate!)

No. 1781228

>That bitch who wrote 50 shades is as much of a rapist as men
Holy overreaction

No. 1781231

tons of women died thanks to 50 shades popularizing bdsm

No. 1781247

Women influence other women and also normalize this sort of shit. Just because women don't go out and abuse women physically doesn't mean they also don't play a part in all of this. If they keep it to themselves it's fine, but they never do.

No. 1781251

it would be so based if horny women normalized beating and abusing men

No. 1781265

>shippers of color
>nonblack shippers
>i'm being so fucking for real, boost and reblog this
KEK how the hell do people write this kind of stuff out and not realize how ridiculous they sound. imagine being so terminally online that girls using the word simp to describe their attraction to lines on a screen gets you seething hard enough to make an entire post trying to browbeat people for using a popular slang term that's been around since 1903

No. 1781315

Source? Would like some evidence showing this correlation please.

No. 1781321

>Women influence other women into uhh being raped
>Women normalize rape
>Women play a part in being raped by reading some books

Do you know what you sound like? Get a grip.

No. 1781343

File: 1700577658905.png (804.57 KB, 837x1128, scrotes.png)

its literally on the wikipedia page of 50 shades
>Coinciding with the release of the book and its surprising popularity, injuries related to BDSM and sex toy use spiked dramatically. In the year after the novel's publishing in 2012, injuries requiring Emergency Room visits increased by over 50% from 2010 (the year before the book was published). This is speculated to be due to people unfamiliar with both the proper use of these toys and the safe practice of bondage and other "kinky" sexual fetishes in attempting to recreate what they had read.

No. 1781350

That's like blaming the murder of John Lennon on catcher in the rye.

No. 1781355

>book normalizes female abuse under the guise of ''kink''
>injuries related to BDSM and sex toy use spike by 50% the year after the book releases
>men get lower sentences after murdering women using the book as an excuse
let me guess you think lolicon isnt pedophilia?

No. 1781369

this is so fucking retarded because it's implying it was men who read/watched 50 shades and then started choking women to death. if anything is to blame it's violent porn on the internet and the male perpetrators themselves. don't blame women for this shit.

No. 1781373

i dont blame the victims, i blame the author. Normalizing BDSM to women is fucking vile as shit, specially since there are studies that show women into BDSM are extremelly mentally ill and men can easily take advantage of them. I am all for women drawing disgusting shit as long as its not ''men beating women is so kinky tehehe'' pickme handmaiden shit.

No. 1781378

File: 1700579295248.jpeg (131.06 KB, 500x496, 158135091685442993.jpeg)

>The daily mail

No. 1781387

File: 1700579571640.jpg (13.21 KB, 128x128, 1671315062637.jpg)

I cant believe some of you are defending BDSM and 50 shades. Normalizing BDSM is fucking vile pickme behaviour.

No. 1781389

blaming men committing murder irl on the female author of trashy erotica novels is just retarded and doesn't add up. these men were unaffected by 50 shades and would've acted the same whether or not it had gained popularity. men blaming their actions on women ("she asked for it"/rough sex) was a thing before 50 shades, as you can see in the article you linked yourself it's been a rising problem ever since 2000, so before 50 shades of grey didn't even exist. learn to read.

No. 1781392

Let's roll with your hypothesis for a second:

>Woman A writes 50 shades of gray

>Woman B reads 50 shades of gray
>Woman becomes interested in trying out light BDSM and sex toys
>Woman asks moid to engage in BDSM sex like in 50 shades
>Moid agrees
>Moid chokes woman to death
>Woman is at fault, if not A then B

No. 1781395

So a woman has patriarchy based fantasies and she’s as bad as men who literally act upon them? Something something women’s words being considered as bad as men’s violence. Old school feminists were way ahead your stance decades ago.

No. 1781401

God all of you anons are falling for some really obvious bait.

No. 1781406

normalizing cruelty on women is evil, simple as that. The dudes that draw lolicon are as bad as the dudes who diddle kids. They are contributing to that degeneracy being accepted in society and its why injuries spiked after 50 shades became a best seller. The facts are literally fucking there but you refuse to see them.

No. 1781411

again, i never said the victim was at fault, do you fucking read?

No. 1781415

I don't know what nonna's original intentions were but this conversation is extremely on topic, if not the topic of the thread. The subject is whether writing "bad" fiction makes you a "bad" person, if writing about a character being raped as a child (Hanya Yanagihara) makes you as bad as a rapist, a.k.a. whether female content creators with fetishes for what could be considered degenerate shit contribute to harm IRL (fiction influences reality) or whether they don't (fiction is separate from reality). As you can see this is a subject of disagreement in this general.

No. 1781421

i normally wouldnt have a problem with women writting whatever they want(i draw fucky shit myself), but i draw the line at glorifying women getting abused. I am so tired of pickme female abuse being the only type of erotic content shilled to women too.

No. 1781433

Where do you differentiate drawing fucky shit and glorifying women being abused?

No. 1781445

drawing men getting beaten doesnt correlate to men irl getting beaten. No woman is going to go beat/abuse a man because she saw one of my drawings, because women dont abuse/rape/murder. Grooming women(the victims of most murders/domestic abuse/rape) to think BDSM(abuse) is normal and a way to spice up the bed is extremely dangerous. BDSM isnt good for women anyways, it's all about pleasing the fucking moid while he beats you and doesnt make you cum, its a low iq fetish and its no wonder extremely mentally ill women with depression/anxiety/self steem issues and BD gravitate to it.

No. 1781458

Not disagreeing with you, but let's say a woman is groomed into trying out BDSM to spice up the bed and her moid injures or kills her. Do you really believe this could have been avoided if only she hadn't asked to try it? I understand your point but you're essentially arguing that most women are so stupid that they need to be protected from themselves by being sheltered from false portrayals of what BDSM actually is. What women need protection from is the males who would have killed them one way or another.

No. 1781468

that example has nothing to do with my point because her decision wasnt encouraged by a fucking book/movie glorifying abuse and making it seem as hot and romantic. We are talking about how media normalizes abuse.

No. 1781475

>a book
why don't you focus on real problems like the porn industry? not a single man is reading nor watching 50 shades of grey and they're still raping women and children every day

No. 1781481

>they need to be protected from themselves by being sheltered from false portrayals of what BDSM actually is.
BDSM is abuse, the fact that a movie potraying women being abused reached the big screen just shows how perpetuated misogyny is. Friendly reminder the barbie movie was called ''misandrist'', but when the 50 shades movie came out everyone was defending BDSM and complaining about 50 shades, not because it potrayed abuse, but rather because abusive moids and their pickmes were calling it out for ''badly potraying bdsm''.

No. 1781484

i hate both the porn industry and the pickmes who perpetuate abuse through their shitty novels.

No. 1781487

Portraying BDSM as totes sexy and romantic is also a "false portrayal", nonnie.

No. 1781492

yeah, that's why pickme authors shouldnt be defended. they are nothing but sex traitors.

No. 1781501

Wrong. If a pickme author wants to write her self insert reincarnated as the villainess in a world where the sky is purple and BDSM is super sexy, makes her cum and regenerates her mana all it makes her is a shit writer

No. 1781506

Details? I wanna laugh

No. 1781507

50 Shades wasn't some random smutty pulp novel that less than 5000 people read, it was a cultural phenomena (possibly global, not sure how far it spread beyond the west) for months at its peak and was considered a must read– literally everyone and their mum was either reading it or talking about it at one point. Men absolutely did read it as well, whether to laugh along with those critiquing it or to see what all the 'sexy' fuss was about and get pointers because, clearly, it was what women were into (ugh). It's more retarded to think that they couldn't have possibly had an impact on people's behaviour and actions than to think they could. I hate how every time people try to talk about the rampant abuse apologism and romanticisation/sexualisation within the romance and erotica genres it gets shut down because women write and enjoy it. The violent actions of men are a problem, yes, fucking obviously, but women can also be at fault for other things at the same time (while not excusing the actions of a man) such as encouraging dangerous situations and the ignoring of red flags.

Fiction doesn't equal reality, and most people re mentally sound and intelligent enough to know this, but cast a wide enough net like media such as 50 Shades managed, and you will catch people who aren't or who are looking for something that justifies their shitty behaviour or can be used as a tool for manipulation or think that anything trendy is worth trying. 50 Shades may also seem quaint by today's standards, as many of the works its success inspired are escalations of the same core ideas, but you can't deny that it helped to revive and popularise/normalise openly reading erotic fiction.

(also I am not necessarily saying topics should be banned from fictional works, but am more frustrated that you have to walk on eggshells to even discuss this stuff because either you'll get the 'no kinkshaming!' from the retard crowd or 'but actually this other (male) thing is way worse!' response from here– and yeah, it probably is, not disagreeing, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about a lesser evil too and how it might negatively influence women as well. two things can be bad without being equally so)