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File: 1696192042230.png (797.22 KB, 1283x968, 1676546940954.png)

No. 1712524

Off-topic random shit thread but the only rule is DO NOT TALK ABOUT MOIDS. Doesn't matter if it's men you hate, men you love, men you are attracted to, men you aren't attracted to, men you personally know, men you don't personally know, men that literally just exist, husbandos, yaoi, bara, het ships, nonexistent men, hypothetical men, men's opinions, none of these things are allowed ITT. No pictures of moids (including animated moids) allowed either. This also includes trannies since they are men. If an anon mentions males ITT do not respond, just report.
>But why?
It's exhausting and annoying to see anons talking about nothing but moids over and over.
>Isn't this thread redundant?
If only.
>But what about-
Real life animals are fine but otherwise just follow the Rule of thumb: if you have to ask then it most likely belongs elsewhere so don't even bother.

No. 1712532

the thread image kitty looks so much like my kitty, just bigger. she's such a sweet little baby, right now she's laying on her cat tree wagging her bushy lil tail, i love her so much

No. 1712534

The cat in picrel is a tortoiseshell, and I figured that I'd ask: is it true that those cats have bad attitudes? I also catch people saying that about orange cats.

No. 1712551

mine doesn't, she's very sweet. she's also smarter and more careful than my other cat (who loves to bite toes and eat plastic). i honestly think people just point out regular cat behavior that cats regardless of their color might show and attribute it to being orange or a tortie or whatever. so of course there's going to be countless people who have an orange cat who behaves like a cat and will go "typical orange cat behavior".
correct me if i'm wrong though, i'm no cat psychologist

No. 1712625

why is fast food so damn yummy

No. 1712645


No. 1712783

I'm eating some fried chicken right now. It's so good and crispy and hot. I'm only really mostly eating the skin though.

No. 1712790

There's some "discourse" on twitter right now because apparently some Waffle House employees are asking for $25/hr minimum wage and people don't feel they deserve it. It did kind of make me think about all the conversations about "tipping culture" and people saying that employees should just be paid more instead of asking people to tip. If they did actually get paid more, would people be alright with that.

Anyway, you know how you're not supposed to wear someone else's prescription glasses because it can fuck your eyes up? If you put prescription glasses on an animal would it mess them up too? Why don't more pets wear glasses? I'm sure some of them have bad vision.
Yeah I'm reposting it in this thread, I need to know if animals can wear glasses

No. 1712794

File: 1696199420534.jpeg (35.73 KB, 736x697, 4CFDB264-A70E-479A-968E-5256D8…)

I just had some sushi and it was delicious, I should buy more arizona tea, I love it, but it’s more calories, so I will keep it like this, as just a treat from time to time.

No. 1712840

Creating a new e-mail account made me realize that my birthdate has been January 1st, 1980 since I was thirteen

No. 1712845

I like this thread let it stay!

No. 1712849

delete this thread at once or im never coming back

No. 1712862

Ok bye.

No. 1712882

i lied. fat.

No. 1712894

File: 1696203051949.png (194.61 KB, 498x500, IMG_7399.png)

good thread op

No. 1712897

File: 1696203066983.jpg (58.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1635736253623.jpg)

Is there anything more painful than getting your favorite good ol' reliable sweatpants out of the wash and suddenly the elastic makes that crackling sound?

No. 1712900

I am replacing this dumb macbook with a regular laptop. Worst mistake of my life buying this crap when you can't even game on it or do ANYTHING since most stuff is made for windows only
I'm so glad I mentally healed from being an applecuck NPC who buys whatever is popular but I still want to strangle my 18 year old self for buying this shitty macbook

No. 1712904

rip in peace. it happened to my fave pleated skirt recently and i feel your pain

No. 1712906

Finding your pants on the ground and thinking it just flew from the clothesline but then seeing a huge ass hole which is the perfect size of your dogs mouth.

No. 1712913

lol you said ass hole

No. 1712922

Kekk well you get what I mean

No. 1712932

File: 1696204633606.png (1.1 MB, 2330x1864, IMG_5154.png)

I can mildly understand why bad things are happening to me because I probably do have bad karma stocked up. And jupiter retrograde while having a jupiter dominant chart is unspeakable

No. 1712937

that's just some bullshit you believe in to cope with your poor life choice. maybe if you are more rational life will be easier.

No. 1712938

File: 1696205082533.jpg (35.38 KB, 445x541, psg b&b.jpg)

No. 1712945

I’m a YouTuber I don’t make vlogs I just upload random silly shit I edited, I wanna make a video but I have no idea what to make.I have a couple hundy subs, I wonder if any farmers are subscribed to me, I wanna make meaningful content but I feel like it’s very contrived and I don’t have enough poise to make something that has artistic merit my most popular video is of a lolcow and it got popular on shorts of all things

No. 1712949

hmm whats the channel name

No. 1712951

lmao bald ass head

No. 1712953

>this is just going to be a shitpost thread #24359 that's why it's a shit thread

No. 1712957

me when the lolcow mole sylvanian

No. 1712959

cry about it retard

No. 1712962

i like being retarded and i like to cry. try harder fucker

No. 1712963

it has no males and is therefore superior to most threads.

No. 1712965

File: 1696207127096.gif (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 275x155, 1692104422993.gif)


No. 1712967

all kpop b*ys are TIFs so they are allowed

No. 1712969

File: 1696207268289.jpg (72.98 KB, 600x485, Perhaps-3847875210.jpg)

No. 1712989

Penis and Butthole

No. 1713047

ackchually thread doesn’t pass cuz we’re unnamed

No. 1713052

what are you talking about, we have nonna, nonita, nonny, and nonnacita here.

No. 1713054

Waffle House employees go through hell and back, especially at night shift. It's the literal Roman Coliseum in there, fighting off weirdos, meth heads, and every level of human-trash while prepping food. They deserve $25/hr

No. 1713056

My name is Nonnatella

No. 1713060

Maybe you're un-named, but I'm Nonabell.

No. 1713062

Please dont forget about nonners, nonichika, and nonya.

No. 1713067

I’m excited about having pancakes for breakfast, but I want nutella as well, but I can’t buy nutella because I’m on a diet because of my possible diabetes. Life is pain and suffering, I will daydream about going to the beach to ease the pain.

No. 1713073

nonushka reporting in

No. 1713078

otis is a tif. he's allowed here.

No. 1713081

nice thread op

No. 1713099

How did you find my cat?!

No. 1713112

that is an a+ cat. congratulations

No. 1713125

I've shat in the mundane thread.
I've shat in the retarded thread.
I've shat in the absolutely retarded thread.
I've even shat in the frog thread.
And now here I am, on the toilet in a new thread.

No. 1713131

i excluded them on purpose to cause drama and infighting. teehee

No. 1713136

No one asked you.

No. 1713141

File: 1696222062885.gif (2.01 MB, 498x432, 885BC76D-E6D4-4FC1-8100-6757FF…)

My name is Ana Minous

No. 1713144

File: 1696222326390.jpeg (129.39 KB, 1192x1125, 0C00D092-957A-4262-AE0C-A9B984…)

Top surgery in the barnyard (hacking off her udders.)

No. 1713145

Masturbate instead of eating sweets it helps

No. 1713203

What do you hate most abt your job

No. 1713210

Nothing is better than sugar except more sugar

No. 1713231

Ugh true

No. 1713242

File: 1696230111436.png (11.5 MB, 1923x3000, IMG_7591.png)

i wanna visit chongqing

No. 1713271

as someone who has lived in both big cities and small towns, I prefer living in a small town for several practical reasons (cheaper rents, less dangerous) but damn I love the bustling vibe of big cities, they never stop. I'm a night person so all the city lights are so cool and entrancing. been playing cyberpunk lately and living vicariously through V.

No. 1713279

Going through a female friend breakup so I downloaded tiktok not to have to cope with my feelings and damn the people on that app are so retarded. But I can't stop because if I do I have to think about Her. Nonitas please advise on better coping mechanisms

No. 1713288

Only way to get over things like that it to fully process them. Finding things to distract yourself from thinking about it just delays you from recovering. I find that journaling and writing letters or messages (that you’ll never send) can be cathartic. But TikTok is not the answer.

No. 1713373

I love the OP picture. I scrolled past it like 5 times before I read the title tho

No. 1713390

Associating personalities with fur colours/patterns is cat astrology. My tortie is a nasty little lady who lives and acts on her own terms, but I've seen many, many, sweet ones. Orange cats are trending right now, anything said about them is just regurgitated viral crap

No. 1713401

You speak the truth.

No. 1713508

File: 1696256546584.jpeg (254.2 KB, 1170x1569, girlboss2.jpeg)

MY THESIS GOT ACCEPTED i'm going to get a phd but the report asked for revisions which i really don't want to do AAAAaa

No. 1713509

What is it about? Or is the thesis about something specific

No. 1713513

It's about a language (not gonna say which because I'm one of the approx. five people specializing in it globally)

No. 1713520

File: 1696257525872.jpg (232.36 KB, 1000x750, various-egyptian-hieroglyphs-o…)

you wasting your time getting a phd in ancient emojis?

No. 1713523

Ignoring the retards above me. I think that's an interesting topic, I live in a small country and have read thesis in which I think is similar too yours but I can be wrong as there can be many different approches and topics based on thr subject. Hope you manage your endeaover with minimal revisions.

No. 1713528

I’m jealous, nonnie! I wish I had studied languages instead of pedagogy, forever crying and biting a napkin.

No. 1713530

yeah, and I'm getting paid 3k a month for it
thanks for the encouragement, I'll schedule a meeting with my supervisors and discuss the revisions together, I think I just need to decompress for a sec. Also fucking funny that there's an immediate flock of retards seething when a woman achieves her dream. Cope.

No. 1713531

Tbh, I think it’s some retard just being aggro to everyone on /ot/ probably some lost cow.

No. 1713536

File: 1696258138220.jpeg (32.98 KB, 720x720, F58ED6BF-F8C5-4818-A42D-8AA8B1…)


No. 1713538

it's Dr. Cringe, mind you.

No. 1713540

i have to finish this stupid assignment that's due tomorrow. it's not even that bad, it's just that the professor made it so that you have to format your answers in bullet points/a table. okay, not a big deal, except the questions are written like essay questions? like she wrote the questions so that each has several smaller parts that need to be answered with reference to the earlier parts. i hate shit like that, just let me write an essay or a short answer!

No. 1713541

I’m addicted to chocolate covered pretzels and if I become obese due to it then so be it

No. 1713543

If you're the schizo from /meta/ please take my advice from there

No. 1713546

Awwww, that's nice

No. 1713547

Okay so if I become MORBIDLY obese due to consuming hundreds of chocolate covered pretzels everyday then I accept my fate

No. 1713550

Glad we’re on the same page

No. 1713553

nta but kek what is your problem

No. 1713556

File: 1696258703984.jpg (46.36 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1217342484-612x612…)

God I miss my cats. I let them live with my mom because her place is bigger and she can afford their vet treatments until I'm back on my feet. But I miss their purring and meows. I miss sleeping with them.

No. 1713557

Safe travels
Someone who needs to take their meds, they've been doing this for hours

No. 1713558

this is amazing. you're dr. nona now.

No. 1713559

It's some /meta/ sperg who thinks everyone is admin, who apparently stole her photos

No. 1713560

I’m going to need to invest in an extra large casket at this rate, maybe even get a leg amputated

No. 1713561

I'm think the "ancient emojis" anon was just joking

No. 1713565

NTA, but you don't have life do you? Ah yes I remember, your a NEET with nothing better to do with your life execpt instigating petty infights and shit-stirring whenever it catches your fancy. I was the one calling you an ignoramus and left you to stew in as you are a pathetic fool that believes that every anon you dislike is the same one.

No. 1713567

Why is everyone on this site so annoying lately. what happened

No. 1713568

File: 1696259042094.jpg (171.2 KB, 1327x1327, BeginnerDanceClassesAerialSilk…)

i love my aerial silks class everyone there is a smart woman. there's one mom with a degree in early childhood education, a surgeon, a girl getting her masters is epidemiology, me (law student), and the teacher is a lawyer. aerial silks is for smart cool women only. AND next week we start learning drops.

No. 1713576

I haven’t lost weight in so many years that now that I’m actually losing weight it feels weird kek, now I can lay on my back and only see a small belly when I look down, it’s kind of nice, I also don’t feel like all of my organs are spilling out whenever I lay sideways.

No. 1713584

cause it's the same faggot

No. 1713585

I'm looking for low carb bread so I can still enjoy sandwiches, and the options kinda suck. Most of it is white bread. I'm just gonna try Dave's Killer Bread and hope it's good, if not I'm just sticking to salads.

No. 1713595

>The Waffle House Index is a metric named after the ubiquitous Southern US restaurant chain Waffle House known for its 24-hour, 365-day service. Since this restaurant always remains open, it has given rise to an informal but useful metric to determine the severity of a storm and the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery.[1][2] It was coined by former administrator Craig Fugate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).[3] The metric is unofficially[1][4] used by FEMA to inform disaster response.[5][6]

They deserve $100/hr, because this is insane

No. 1713604

Beyonce's tour film is gonna be in theaters and I really wanna go see it, but also the theater's definitely going to be like a concert itself when the songs come on and idk if my introvert ass is ready for that kek. I might not even be able to get a seat…

No. 1713609

I love that! Sounds like so much fun too

No. 1713611

Shut up stop talking about fatties none of us here are fat and we never will be.

No. 1713626

Can confirm. I used to live in a coastal town and one time during a hurricane, Waffle House was the ONLY place open that sold food. The power kept going out and the wind/rain was so intense that windows were shattering, but it was business as usual.

Seems like everyone I know has at least one crazy Waffle House story.

No. 1713644

Late night while I was trying to fall asleep, I started thinking about rats or mice being in my house and literally freaked the fuck out. Sleepiness does crazy things to the brain

No. 1713661

Pretty sure that means if anons want to talk about their male pets then it's fine. But If I want to talk about Clifford the big red dog, I guess I can't do that.

No. 1713685

this one is specifically in place so we can talk about male frogs, male frogs are the ones that go croak and ribbit

No. 1713702

congrats! i bow down to you. if you're willing to share, i'm interested in hearing your process of getting a phd (why you chose to study what you did, what made you want to get a phd) and why you specialized in that language.

No. 1713704

I'm aware that there's a rule about going into threads to complain but I just want to let you know that your doing this wrong. This trope is a criticism of media that centers on needless male discussion by female characters. Its not an idiotic game of tag between women, in fact this trope mainly exists to criticise male writers portrayal of women in media. The reason it exists in the first place is because of many writers inability to frame women as anything more than airheads who obsess over males and you're certainly proving the point of the trope with this thread. Also nice tortie.

No. 1713714

File: 1696268518886.jpeg (44.16 KB, 564x312, 9582FDCD-9C14-4233-BA38-63F4B8…)

We will never retvrn, anyone who tries to do this style will always be just copying something genuine instead of just choosing something they like.

No. 1713716

houses used to look so cozy before now they are cold and boring, once i move i will have wooden walls like in the 70s

No. 1713726

I like avocado bathrooms. We used to have an avocado toilet, basin and one of those inbuilt into walls soap holder things, I miss them.

No. 1713729

If wood wasn’t such a hassle to maintain I would love to have wooden floors again. I honestly wish I could have a house that looks like the tacky mess I made in animal crossing, I just keep daydreaming about it being real and me living in that cozy home.

No. 1713730

This thread made me realise that since I work in engineering a lot of my days dont pass Bechdel test. Depressing but fortunately Im going to see a group of my friends this weekend. I appreciate them a lot and it is going to be a fun time.

No. 1713746

Love the thread topic, definitely something this site could benefit from.
Today I tried chocolate oat milk and it was really good but I still got the shits. Beginning to think I'm not lactose intolerant and that my stomach just sucks generally.

No. 1713771

Nonnies how would you paint the rest of your house if one of your bedrooms had a really dark color? Don’t want to make the whole house dark but does just one dark room look retarded or is it ok??

No. 1713775

Oat milk is rough on stomachs. Changing brands helped, oatley tastes really good but having a whole cup or latte with it several times a week is too much. I had to switch to using walnut and macadamia at home and only oat while at cafes or as a special treat. Walnut and macadamia are the best tasting plant mills besides oat, I’ve tried them all kek.

No. 1713785

nona you might have ibs. any serving of oatmilk over 1/2 cup is high FODMAP and a lot of artificial sweeteners are also triggers. i thought i was lactose intolerant too but it turned out to be ibs, kind of sucks but once you know what your triggers are you can avoid them. google what foods are high FODMAP and see if cutting them out or having smaller servings makes your symptoms go away.

No. 1713820

File: 1696277017454.jpg (53.96 KB, 600x600, tomato.jpg)

I am watching a mukbang and today I learned that British people call cherry tomatoes "jelly bean" tomatoes. Very cute
Also, I don't think tomatoes should have an e in it.

No. 1713826

Speaking of tomatoes, I bought black Krim tomatoes 50% off in an organic produce shop this weekend. They were so tasty that I ate all of em less than two hours after purchasing em, with just a bit of salt. They were a bit sweet, it was the best.
I'm never going to buy tomatoes to eat raw/in salads in a normie supermarket after that revelation.

No. 1713828


No. 1713832

It has been such a long time since I last ate cherry tomatoes, I'd kill for some

No. 1713847

Those are grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are properly round and not shaped like a jelly bean. Grape tomatoes taste way better and sweeter too imo

No. 1713851

Oh my fucking god nona I made this pic, I'm so so happy that someone thought it was funny enough to save kek

No. 1713857

File: 1696280494449.jpg (213.16 KB, 1386x1386, jagaimo.jpg)

I bought some Missha sheet masks blind because I like their sunscreen but now I'm looking up reviews and except for exactly one, every single thread has everyone saying the Missha ones are some of the worst masks they've tried, and now I'm sad lol. also lowkey annoyed how you can't look up sheet masks without every comment writing some novel-length preface of omaigush i know they're so wasteful and i feel terrible and i'm the worst human on this earth (that i am single-handedly going to kill because of my inacceptable behaviour) and–

No. 1713897

this is what ive always wanted on this site dawg

No. 1713899

peanut butter and american cheese sandwich, lightly grilled, with a pickle a glass of apple juice and vodka on the side

No. 1713915

Maybe to you, but those are definitely cherry tomatos in my book

No. 1713972

I'm currently trying to make drop biscuits that I completely eyeballed the ingredients to. I hope it comes out good, for baked goods I can eyeball sugar cookies and have them come out perfectly everytime but that's about it.

No. 1713982

Samefag, the biscuits are done and they are so freaking good. So oniony and salty.

No. 1713995

please tell me you bought the potato one

No. 1714000

I wish; Potato, Rice, Red Ginseng and Shea Butter were the only ones from those pictured not available.

No. 1714012

kek. i love unhinged posts made by nonknees.

No. 1714014

wtf is an avocado bathroom?

No. 1714015

is this whole thread going to be about boring shit like food

No. 1714017

What do you want it to be about

No. 1714020

what do you think about first thing in the morning when you wake up? i ususally have to piss really bad

No. 1714022

File: 1696293153755.jpeg (702.92 KB, 1170x974, IMG_5202.jpeg)

No. 1714023

File: 1696293158386.png (173.5 KB, 720x421, 1695628856944.png)

well spice it up nona

No. 1714024

I’m in the mood for dark chocolate but I’m literally broke and have $0.00 in my bank account rn.

No. 1714025

I’m truly an NFJ but I have no idea if i’m ENFJ or INFJ because I’ve taken the test so many times and it’s always one or the other. I enjoy being social but I am bad at actually doing it in practice

No. 1714035

Enfj scare me lmao please don't read my mind

No. 1714037

that's why i said it dumbass.

No. 1714058

If you think that test says anything about you then for sure you are not ENFJ, INFJ or any of the shit that has been told to you. You do see that your answers are biased, right? That your opinion of how you feel is incomplete because you don't really know yourself and are not able to really see yourself, right? And then people think they are the super logical full of wisdom archetypes… yeah you must be.

No. 1714062

Has any nonna gotten so crazy about gatekeeping the things you like that you get literally triggered by people who likes the same things as you because they like it like retards?

No. 1714074

Nta, ignoring your combative tone, you kinda have a point, yet I think both outer perception and self perception are important, you're giving others perception of self a higher value than one's perception, as if people can't access their own strengths and tendencies

No. 1714075

Yes. My interests stay terminally online because surface level normies irl don't get it. It's a lonely road being this autistic.

No. 1714076

I avoid talking about my husbando in here because I know several retards here use that damned Tumblr shithole and I don't want my man to end there just to get passed around like all the others, I'd kill myself

No. 1714078

File: 1696296515660.jpg (45.71 KB, 682x890, cat.jpg)

No. 1714079

Sorry, i didn't mean to be combative, i'm a retard. I'm not even talking about others opinions, but about the materiality of your acts, the reactions/feelings you THINK you are going to have are corrupted by your own stereothype of yourself, and by your own desires. So, when you see a question like "do you feel superior to others" you may think you feel superior to others, but your actions are going to be inverse to that, showing that in reality you feel inferior, or some variety of not being what you think you are. Also, even your thoughts and choices are influenced by how you really are, they don't express your true self but are the expression of a true… higher self? Does it make sense

No. 1714083

Eltingville Club became popular with twitterfaggots due to a meme and i have been seething ever since, i hate it so much

No. 1714103

Yes yes yes, i'm so paranoid about this shit i feel physical pain when people like the same things as me, how dare they say they like the same thing i like if they haven't done anything to make it special, haven't added special meaning to that thing? At this point i have simply accepted that whenever you like something that is in the internet and has views on youtube or whenever it's, it's going to be famous at fucking tiktok at some moment. And don't think that tiktok is just people coming and soon going alway, some of the annoying ass kids come and put retarded meaning into the thing you once loved so much and loved for years and years without needing it to get famous for you to understand. They create their idiot vision for something that once was sacred for you and now the thing you like has any type of connection with gender shit, or any of their superficial stupid teen shit that makes me puke whenever i see. I'll never, never talk about what i love, specially online and in any big social media. I just know people are going to copy me because no one is able to curate their own personalities, they have to steal it from someone who's truly creative and unique.

Someday i'll have a fucking heart attack when see someone talking about (redacted)

No. 1714116

She's so real for this
Getting real farmer vibes from some of her videos tbh

No. 1714117

If I didn’t know better I would think you’re someone I used to be best friends with because you sound EXACTLY like her. She only begrudgingly told me her favorite childhood book’s title after hyping it up and then wouldn’t let me talk to her about it after I’d read it?

No. 1714120

you know what? i generally hate ads but the google pixel and iphone ones are kind of cute. I like that they're friends who are kind of catty to each other

No. 1714122

This has to be autism or something. I feel like people only get this retarded about gatekeeping their interests if they have this belief that their media interests are some kind of substitute for personality and so they feel threatened when others like it because zomg now they're not some uber special media consuming ubermensch kek.

No. 1714124

yeah the insistence that other people checking out something she's interested in are "stealing her unique personality" comes off weird as fuck. personally i've always found a lot of value in having common intrests with people, and it's all the more rewarding when i'm the one who introduces them to something they really love

No. 1714126

nta but the day my husbando gets trooned out is the day female elliot rodger is born

No. 1714129

Can you read the rules of this thread again you tismo bitch?

No. 1714130

don't talk about moids, how hard is that

No. 1714133

You know what I really really want? Garlic bread, tomorrow I will have garlic toasts with ham.

No. 1714136

i cant tell which thread is which anymore there are like 4 thread to talk about random bullshit i hate this site

No. 1714138

File: 1696300662696.jpg (80.81 KB, 720x540, 1.jpg)

can we talk about croque m*nsieurs in this thread or nah

No. 1714142

I would perfectly share/love to talk about something i love with someone i like/love. I have asked my boyfriend to read the book that is sacred to me at this point and i love to see people who i respect liking what i like (in the right way).

I wish it was autism because atleast i would have an excuse for that, but i'm not autistic in any way. I DO believe though that my interests are a substitute to my personality and tbh i have no idea what exactly is a personality. I see things in collections and those collections are formed by interests. I do feel super threatened but i will just assume you don't get it because your interests are bland… i'm so sorry you don't curate your likings perfectly so that mainstream things don't corrupt your personality and turn you into a boring person.

I also find value, but only if the other person is someone who truly respects what i like, or else i feel hate and would hurt the person. BTW, it's not only about consuming, only consuming is ridiculous, it's about finding the proper deep meaning that should be found. If the person is the type of retard who sees an interesting female character and says "She's so strange and disgusting ugh" or reads a book and finds it disturbing instead of finding interesting/beautiful/connected to you… yeah, i will find this person ridiculous.

No. 1714145

I feel like there are some names you cannot have unless you're old. Like there are no baby Phyliss' or young Maude's. They just spawn in the earth as old ladies who like knitting and feeding birds at the park.

No. 1714146

puts peanut butter

No. 1714149

not all of my hobbies are IP's, nona. obviously i won't be able to convince you that i'm interesting so I'm not going to try but people can find interesting things within their hobbies outside of just consuming media.

No. 1714152

i want to try pickle juice and vodka so bad but my stomach is fucked up

No. 1714153

Read the rules of the thread again. I hope your fugly boyfriend kills himself btw.

No. 1714156

File: 1696301570386.png (240.45 KB, 325x533, 1643607533111.png)

is this how the threads are going to be now? split between two dead uninteresting generals because some spergs couldnt ignore fujos sperging for a few hours? this site is so fucking boring. I am tempted to go back to 4chan, at least more interesting things happen there. If i wanted to hear people talk about the shit they ate i would download instagram.

No. 1714158

I also have interesting things inside of my hobbies and most of the time i'm not consuming media but making personal projects. However, your media consumption dictates many things about what you find beatiful, desirable, interesting… I was just kidding, you must be a very interesting person.

The topic is not the person in question and 99% of my message was about other thing. If you are going to poop all over yourself because of a word then at least let me eat all that hot poopy poop.

No. 1714159

File: 1696301679480.jpeg (150.34 KB, 1242x748, 5379CD53-C20F-4835-B6C9-1363B3…)

stabs you

No. 1714160

ok bye then

No. 1714161

It's literally the second sentence in your original post. I hope he loses his job and hair and has a testicle torsion.

No. 1714164


No. 1714167

This thread isn't even about fujos, if you use this site you know some of us just got tired of they-who-must-not-be-named being a constant topic. Just hide the thread.

No. 1714168

honestly. i've muted all the threads about them and the site is way quieter because of it

No. 1714169

do you know why that is? same reason why trannies are so hated here, there is nowhere else to sperg about that as a female. you can sperg all over the internet about the food you ate or the boring mundane shit you did today. this site has been so boring since the normalfaggots invaded, there truly is no place for non-normalfag women left.

No. 1714172

Tard rage in full effect. Your interests are retarded and cannot hide the fact you have 0 defining personality.

No. 1714185

Nah you are the one who must like One Piece, Stranger things, listens to Deftones and Mitski and has never felt any true connection to what you like. My interests are superb, perfect, deep, beautiful, complex, and yours are incomplete and simply based in what you like to watch other than true effort to develop something interesting about yourself. You must watch anime and like aesthetics like cottagecore, coquette or any of that shit created by someone who had personality when you are unable to tell me any movie, book, music, manga or anime that is not famous (it makes no difference if it's famous for being underground in any way… if there's people talking about it you are just another normie).

Talk about jealously towards a unique woman.

No. 1714191

Is this a copypasta?

No. 1714193

Just the truth.

No. 1714196

then enlighten us nona. what is this fantastic personality you've gained by watching tv/playing video games?

No. 1714197

how embarrassing for you

No. 1714203

I don't play video games nor watch tv. I will never talk about what i like, as i said before. Imagine being copied by an anime-of-the-season watcher…

Your disgust towards me just shows you are unable to relate to me. A win for me.

No. 1714204

I don't watch anime lol

No. 1714208

Even worse, you must watch series and movies like Avengers and Scott Pilgrim… or… omg! You must watch Tarantino!!!!

If you are so interesting then prove it…

No. 1714209

She talks like a retard, bestie

No. 1714211

Must be lonely being so much better than everyone else. I hope that gets better for you soon.

No. 1714218

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time, well done

No. 1714219

Yes, it's. I'm so sorry i said you were interesting and all those things. You are a real human being just like me and you must have your suffering and things you love that are as important as mine. I was just excited and ended up being rude. Please excuse my behaviour. Do you forgive me?

No. 1714220

I like watching my cats play with each other, I spend a lot of time working with my hands and creating things, especially if they're odd animal sculptures. I find intrinsic value in these things and i think the little things are interesting. I won't bore you about my search for good materials because again, what's interesting to me won't be interesting to you. Look, I get it, marvel fans and funko pop buyers are cringe but the members of a small imageboard are least likely to be your enemy here.

No. 1714224

Actually i find your interests to have a lot of value and to be very adorable. I wouldn't say interesting because it's not MY thing, but i think you are based for being interested and loving what you love.

My enemies are all over the place, though.

No. 1714227

omg nonna please tell us more about your animal sculptures, that sounds super cute! what's your fave medium to work with?

No. 1714232

File: 1696304293930.png (4.3 MB, 1568x1416, hugag.png)

crochet, I say sculptures and not plush because they're never very soft and when i say plush people generally think of le kawaii chibi frog or whatever, and while i have mostly been following other people's patterns, I think I'll soon have exhausted all of the ones i'm interested in making from the designers who design for a high enough skill ceiling. I think i've got a decent enough grasp of shaping techniques to attempt to design things on my own now, but the tedious trial and error i'll have to work through is a bit daunting. I'm no good at character design and most animals have already been done, but I recently heard of these american folklore monsters called "fearsome critters" i want to try designing. picrel is one i'd like to make first.

No. 1714236

your picrel makes them look so silly and their ears are adorable, but i'd probably shit my britches if i saw one in the woods. you have based folklore taste!
you could probably get away with a moose crochet pattern but swap a duck bill for the upper lip? idk how to crochet, can you mix and match pattern pieces like you can with sewing?

No. 1714238

File: 1696305115959.png (806.39 KB, 1024x768, deer fell on ice.png)

perhaps, but you'd have to adjust them quite a bit towards the parts you join to keep them 'compatible'. I've got ideas for the beak and ears, but I think getting it to actually stand will be difficult. it'll be pretty densely stuffed and i'll need to find a way to put wires in the legs to make it stand. Just putting wires in only the legs would result in picrel so i'd need the wires to connect to each other, imagine those things they put in pizza boxes but very long legs.

No. 1714243

I haven't read a book that wasn't famous in years, probably over a decade even

No. 1714263

Calm down relax negative nelly

No. 1714278

>She talks like a retard
So, then just like a real farmer.

No. 1714279

The failed normies drove away the interesting autismos and cows now we stuck with their boringness

No. 1714313

Not to be a Debbie downer but fuck I really have no friends

No. 1714419

I keep seeing this thread because of the pic and I want that cat. I already have a similar tortie and she only has attitude because she cannot be around other cats, so I am her playmate and I have to give her attention 1000% of the time. She also doesn’t like sitting on your lap, but wants pets. Sort of like pet-me-with-your-eyes or I’ll cut you. She’s only affectionate when she’s been outside for ages and thinks I’ve abandoned her.
Me either anon, don’t dwell on it because that makes it worse

No. 1714450

>failed normies
That's me but I promise I dont bully the other autists. I mean, maybe a little.

No. 1714469

I just recovered from a really bad cold and now I feel like I can return to the land of the living. I've gotten sick and/or injured a lot this semester but I'm still hanging on. Now that I'm better, I wanna get back to work on my digital clock I'm making. It's my first big electronics project. I also wanna practice some coding. I've gotten really into this Pokemon soul silver ROM hack while I was sick too. So many things I can do all of a sudden it's overwhelming, but I'm just glad I'm better now. My cats were both super affectionate and noisy this morning. I guess the first thing on my list is to clean up my gross sick nest I made over the weekend. That's such an underrated part of recovery; cleaning up and having a neat hygienic space again. Anyways, cool thread OP I like it.

No. 1714470

From now on we will be enforcing the thread rules with temp bans

No. 1714557

No. 1714569

can anyone in here help me write my term paper? i have about 5 days left and am only 1/3 done. i feel so dumb for picking a theme that's boring to me, now i have to read a bunch of boring old literature, i'd rather pluck my eyes out.
if anyone could sit next to me and make sure i don't procrastinate and play neopets instead i'd be very thankful

No. 1714576

I got COVID again and feel like a retard. I spent the last month extremely stressed out over things I couldn’t control and barely ate. Eating junk doesn’t make me feel amazing but I still get less sick than when I eat under my daily calories. I like healthy foods but it’s so hard to eat enough of them sometimes.

No. 1714581


No. 1714586


No. 1714587

File: 1696345566316.gif (11.17 MB, 498x498, cat-angry.gif)

No. 1714600

Someone post this in the copypasta thread please

No. 1714606

You are 100% correct

No. 1714612

Here's a better picture of a normies quirky girl:
Drinks boba tea
Plays genshin
Watches Ghibli movies
Eats instant noodles or Asian market stuff
Thinks mochi is the best dessert
Loves matcha
Likes cottagecore
Is extremely boring

No. 1714615

someone already did dumbass. (i mean it lovingly)

No. 1714620

That’s not what you said about her to me yesterday…

No. 1714627

yesterday was a different day. mind your own damn business.

No. 1714641

Uniquefag is kinda funny I hope she sticks around

No. 1714649

Is it even necessary to enforce rules when there is no real thread topic to begin with except "don't talk about x"? We already have 5+ generals for talk about random shit.

No. 1714654

some of us are happy to have a moid free thread that's all. i for one think it's a great idea

No. 1714672

You can have that in any thread if you just scroll past things you don't like. I don't like/care about some topics either, yet you don't see me making a dozen threads where anything goes except what I don't want to read. It doesn't help that CC had a thread just like this and guess who inhabited it quickly.

No. 1714675

Boohoo party pooper

No. 1714712

you broke the rule!!!

No. 1714714

take your own advice and just hide the thread if you don't like it instead of shitting it up.

No. 1714725

File: 1696352742311.jpeg (78.74 KB, 1024x645, IMG_6185.jpeg)

I tasted durian cake for the first time, absolutely awful

No. 1714727

It looks like poop tbh

No. 1714729

Poop in plastic

No. 1714730

File: 1696353168507.png (621.02 KB, 850x796, 1681514712085.png)

Hopefully someone already posted this in the original LC screengrabs thread

No. 1714732

this is literally just a weeb/koreaboo starter pack

No. 1714758

File: 1696355036284.jpeg (373.61 KB, 985x576, IMG_5210.jpeg)

Tell me a secret… and I’ll tell one of mines :P(:P)

No. 1714789

I love this new trend of posts getting redtexted but not receiving an actual ban it’s fun

No. 1714798

I'm eating a bagel dog rn it's sooo yummy even though its bad for me. I'm supposed to be working on a unity project for class but I'm lazy. also, recently, I read a manga called mieruko-chan and it was great.

No. 1714812

Currently packing for a week of vacation, flight is long af which is excruciating for me so I bought a butt pillow hoping it serves me well. I get so nervous preparing for a trip but I actually love the journey of rushing through airports and seeing the sights in the meantime. Now to decide on what music to download.

No. 1714870

I feel like i spend more time downloading shit on my phone to prepare for a trip than I spend actually packing, lol

No. 1714881

I forgot to add kpop

No. 1714893

bringing a pillow is life saving. i use mine on the small of my back. i also had a small blanket that you could wrap around your dhoulders and it held in place with a button, it was great

No. 1714924

Maude Apatow

No. 1714948

I wear the same 4 shirts every week for work and I think I'm sick of them but I dont know if it's wasteful to pick up different ones at a thrift store

No. 1714950

Lmao I'm the same but no I don't think it's wasteful to do that even if you weren't sick of them, it's nice to have some extra shirts so you don't have to stress about having clean ones.

No. 1714974

It's not wasteful if you're putting them to good use. My personal rule is as long as you do your best to "make sure it won't end up in a landfill one day"

No. 1715057

Holy shit I think I saw a woman on Bumble that I could really connect with. I can't relate to many people, but she's into engineering, likes video games, is pretty. I sent her a comment on her profile. Hopefully she reciprocates. I might've gotten very lucky. Fingers crossed that this goes well.

No. 1715071

I was gonna make a shitty joke but saw what thread this was whoops. So instead, Good luck nonna! Hope she likes you too!

No. 1715081

File: 1696375071433.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1437, meshidemon1.png)

What are some of your favorite female comic/manga artists? Mine is picrel

No. 1715111

What’s the artist’s name nonna?

No. 1715123

nta but had to look her up lol

No. 1715135

NTA but it’s Ryoko Kui

No. 1715145

>posting a drawing of a male goat

You’re on thin ice anon

No. 1715146

File: 1696379978999.png (2.02 MB, 1362x1190, Falin_New_Form_Chapter_37.png)

She is Ryoko Kui. The screenshot is from her manga Dungeon Meshi, if you are wondering. I really like her character design

Oh god I thought it didn't extend to monsters/animals. Here's a female monster then

No. 1715148

Why is it called cake. That looks nothing like cake

No. 1715159

Maude Apatow feels like a boomer who was thrust from the past into a zoomer world

No. 1715160

You’re the one for me fatty. You’re the one I really love.

No. 1715180

I dunno I like calling things cake that have no business being cake just like midwesterners will call the most eldritch of abominations a salad. I like bastardizing culinary words. I don't know why but I think I was just born to ruin everything food related in every conceivable way. It's nothing personal.

No. 1715220

I stole something from the grocery store again today. I can't deny that there's a massive rush I get from doing it and getting away with it right under their noses, but I probably shouldn't keep doing it kek.

No. 1715301

Lolcow is just twitterfag general now.

No. 1715306


No. 1715311

I hear your voice. It’s like an angel sighing.

No. 1715313

No. 1715320

>>1715311 i think i read that in a fic once

No. 1715323

I tried to use bumble bff for like a week and almost everyone would ghost within the messaging timeframe and I only ever matched with other quirky/alt/mentally ill girls rather than the prettier normie types even though I thought I could branch out so I got embarrassed and haven’t opened it in months kek I just want to meet and talk to people irl

No. 1715365

I'm still gonna hold out hope that I might be able to match with a nerd woman like me. It'd be really nice, so I guess it's just going to be an occasional thing I check up on. I guess it's healthy to have some optimism. Unfortunately, a lot of nerdy women are also kinda nutters. I wonder if that says something about me. I try to keep my head screwed on straight nonetheless.

No. 1715477

File: 1696420662936.jpeg (84.82 KB, 835x835, From the vault_ Micro-monsters…)

Post odd images. They don't have to be real, but looking real is preferred

I will try to be that change

No. 1715493

Booger eating is my main hobbie. I LOVE booger eating. My boogers are delicious, now they are coming with blood and i also love the taste of my blood so it's perfect.

No. 1715500

File: 1696423817096.mp4 (9.58 MB, 1202x720, 8boc1y5DpjE2tx94.mp4)

there's this edgy girl in my uni group that i think is the real deal i'm a zoomer so it's hard to come by non posers i heard her ringtone and it was a metal song i couldn't make out. she has the whole garb on and piercings, you don't really see much of that anymore in my muslim country albeit one of the less conservative, in the least enforcing city, and it didn't look to me like she was wearing anything from aliexpress or similar sites. i feel like such an autistic loser ( and i am ) because i don't know how to approach her so for the time being i'll just middle school my way into getting her attention and watch her from distance. she's so cool i got nervous when she sat near me kek. i'm so immature and retarded and you can really tell even through text. i wanted to tell her about a week ago that i thought her hair and outfit were cool but i was too nervous so i just stood there frozen but thankfully not anywhere near her and she never caught me preparing myself looking like vidrel so whew kek. i'm such a stunted sperg but hopefully one day i'll be able to talk to her

No. 1715501

doublepost but yes i realize my creepiness

No. 1715508

pls ban this post too jannies

No. 1715509

At LEAST it's not the discharge-eating nonas.

No. 1715511

You're implying there's multiple?

No. 1715515

they're all in the unpopular opinions thread. i choose to believe it's ko-chan samefagging tho.

No. 1715518

>she isn't discharge, scab, dead skin, booger, eye booger, and cum-pilled

No. 1715544

Not the cum or discharge, but the other things are so good to eat. I love the texture, how it's kinda sticky and slimy when it gets wet but also crunchy. And the taste is always interest.

Stop malding and eat some boogers, nonna. It's going to help you calm down.

No. 1715613

File: 1696431980875.jpg (120.95 KB, 417x640, 9780241307397.jpg)

I've been reading a lot lately and Anna Kavan and Leonora Carrington have been inspos for me lately. Both were probably crazy, having had stints in the institution and I relate to Kavan's drug use and her inability to seemingly like anyone and everything. Her book Ice really made me feel seen in it's weird dreary emptiness and obsession. I wanna read more by her but the libraries don't have any of other her books.

No. 1715623

Leonora Carrington is my favorite author! And artist. It's on my bucketlist to go to Mexico and see her studio and the former-prison-turned-museum featuring her sculptures and other art. Her book about being institutionalized is amazing, people call it speculative fiction or surrealist writing or "semi" autobiographical but I think of it more like it's literally just her experience.
I've never heard of Anna Kavan, I will have to check her out!

No. 1715641

File: 1696433825524.jpg (11.67 KB, 256x256, radfem.jpg)

No. 1715656

File: 1696435171308.gif (2.41 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

>repeatedly talk about insecurity to my best friend
>she tells me she doesnt want to talk about it
>i feel hurt
>act a bit passive aggressive and end convo
>bring up the topic again later
>she tells me it's not that she doesn't care
>tells me she thinks i'm pretty and so does everyone else
>it hurts her to listen to me talk bad about myself
>thats why she didnt want to talk about it
>tells me its 100% mental and she hates knowing i feel bad about myself

i love my best friend so much ♥

No. 1715683

What does boba even taste like
>t. live under a rock

No. 1715685

WOW i would never have believed that and 100% would have thought she was lying to try trick me into not talking anymore about it and also she hated me and deep inside found me inferior to her and ridiculous for feeling sad.

No. 1715686

>t. is not an stinky ugly fat american

No. 1715690

I tried it once and the balls were super firm and not really pleasant, but maybe I didn't get a good one

No. 1715695

Super sweet with gross slimey balls. Not my cup of tea.

No. 1715699

I want to share my music but, at the slim chance it goes viral, I don't want my life to get outta control, I dislike attention but I want to be able to share my work without feeling anxious, just vibe with fans and shit. I'm not being pretentious, I don't think my music is that good, but everything could happen in the internet specially if you're a woman, nowadays it kinda feels like success is laced with a big dose of downsides

No. 1715777

Have you ever put milk into your tea (black tea, preferably)? That's all it is. Otherwise the taste is controlled by whatever flavor is used, like matcha or taro (my favorite, which I would describe as something similar to a sweet potato). The boba pearls themselves are typically squishy but firm. It has a very mild taste, almost flavorless, and one which is not particularly strange, but I am not sure what to compare it to. They're made of tapioca, if you know what that tastes like.

No. 1715798

No. 1715811

File: 1696445398497.gif (257.33 KB, 300x225, Azu_Party_Hard.gif)

>at least more interesting things happen there
let's make things interesting here too then
i have figurines with all the azumanga daioh characters (including duplicates, even truplicates) and because there's no space for them to be placed anywhere i put them in my bed and i sleep on the ground
no wonder i'm getting back pains in the last 5 months
no sage cause im a badass

No. 1715819

my ex-friend used to lick her period blood because her [REDACTED] told her to. i dont know why she told me this randomly while i was taking a piss

No. 1715820

It comes in a bunch of different flavors so it depends on what kind you buy. It's like sweetened fruity milk, and then the balls are either kind of squishy hard and you chew them up, or they're popping boba which is a easily popped ball filled with liquid jello.

No. 1715824

Why not just gig in the local scenes? It's a good way to keep it lowkey, you're more likely to make fans who are also your friends, and you can set up smaller tour gigs to satiate the travel bug. I've known plenty of successful local bands who don't have a big social media presence. I'm an artist myself and make a livable wage selling artwork in the area vs. trying to maintain a large social media persona. I feel like I have more down to earth clients who genuinely appreciate my work and investing in the local scenes builds local culture.

I know it's a meme by now, but social media had a part in ruining the music/art scenes and our overdependence as a platform to get our creative efforts out there. If it's not even about money for you than I'd give it a heavy consideration. I don't know what kind of music you do but if you live in a relatively populated city there will likely be a venue for you.

No. 1715830

samefag, but as far as anxiety goes, it'll never go away if you let it consume you. I'm one of the most anxiety ridden people I've met and it prevented me for years of putting my stuff out there. When I finally did, it wasn't that bad and it was axtually pretty fun. All the self-respect I didn't have for myself came almost instantly and it still effects me. If it is that bad, maybe just start burning stuff to cds and leaving them around at venue bars, somebody will listen to it. I know it's old school but it's more charming then listening to someone's soundcloud or bandcamp.

No. 1715840


No. 1715861

sounds like a great way to get iron poisoning

No. 1715864

I appreciate your tips anon, but there's no local irl scene and I cannot book nothing because I'm poor and live in a shithole were the music industry (and everything) is taken by drug cartels. Posting stuff online it's my only bet if I don't want to get trafficked by a "local" label ceo or "manager"

No. 1715881

That's too bad, sorry my advice is pretty much large city/us/western centric. This is why I miss the old style of web that was based around smaller more intimate crowds of passionate people dedicated to their hobbies. I know people are trying to revive it and since it's like that now, it still relatively lowkey. Coding a simple site isn't too hard to learn.

No. 1716087

Why would you reply this to her positive post? Some of you show your ass too much omg

No. 1716099

good boba places let you decide he aamount of sugar and ice.
not all boba places are equal, may of hem jsut use shitty artificially flavoured syrup or powdered suff.
drinks from places tthat uses real milk, fresh fruit, actual cocoa powder etc is a whole other league

No. 1716135

It's like the lolcow equivalent of those people who comment about their abusive parents under fathers/mothers day posts, kek.

No. 1716160

No. 1716180

mentally its already the weekend for me but im not going to take any edibles cause i told myself I'd give myself a week off them

No. 1716193

>can't post what you want in the random shit thread
???? what about what i replied? it was what i first thought when i saw the post. super happy she was able to feel happy, what is my post going to do with her? beat her? make her depressed? it's a fucking anonymous imageboard, go to twitter if you want people to be clean and positive all the time girl

No. 1716207

I like to cut off slices of the thick skin on my heels and eat them.

No. 1716213

Trimmed my bush and the thing in the toilet looked like one of them Gremlins balls.

No. 1716214

You are so selfish and completely unable to socialize with other people that you're doubling down on being rude phew the autism

No. 1716216

I want to like Taylor swift but she can't sing

No. 1716219

File: 1696471020187.gif (2.93 MB, 498x280, 1695805325954.gif)

Halloween has truly arrived early itt

No. 1716226

i don't believe you and i think you're the same troll posting about eating hardened discharge and boogers yesterday

No. 1716227

I haven’t done that but when I was a young girl I took a thick thread and a regular needle and made embroidery patterns on my heel skin. Never felt a thing because it was all calluous. I would look at the patterns and be proud then rip it out, no pain. I haven’t done it since I was a kid because I don’t have thick skin from running around barefoot anymore but I think about it all the time, it was the best.

No. 1716228

this one i do believe

No. 1716230

She was just “thinking” (posting) out loud, honestly I thought the same thing.

No. 1716232

what does it taste like? i used to enjoy cutting my callouses too, never ate them because they didnt look tasty enough

No. 1716235

I was not rude. I did not curse anyone nor talked anything bad about her friend or her. WHAT in my post is going to make her sad? I didn't even expected her to reply because most people don't. I did not asked for empathy, i need no one's empathy. I posted something that i thought. If that makes me autistic then give me my sunflower necklace so i can get my accomodations

No. 1716236

I was not rude. I did not curse anyone nor talked anything bad about her friend or her. WHAT in my post is going to make her sad? I didn't even expected her to reply because most people don't. I did not asked for empathy, i need no one's empathy. I posted something that i thought. If that makes me autistic then give me my sunflower necklace so i can get my accomodations

No. 1716237

Anon it's considered rude to do a negative blogpost as a reply to someone's sweet and positive story. Please just take the L and move on.

No. 1716239

File: 1696471860881.jpg (501.65 KB, 1200x1200, 250pcs-Glass-Head-Pins-Multico…)

Omg you just reminded me that everyone in my woodshop class would take the multicolored pins (there were tons) and stick them into the skin of the palms of their hands to make designs. I would just look them like theyre crazy because wtf

No. 1716241

File: 1696471959967.jpeg (2.83 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_9766.jpeg)

Is sunflower necklace an autistic symbol? I haven’t heard that before.
I don’t have a necklace but here’s a sunflower from my yard as a thread contribution

No. 1716243

This is why you have no friends and people don't reply to you

And that's never been socially acceptable in any capacity. When someone on your fb makes a post saying "I love my mom" you don't just reply saying "well my mom died" please learn some social norms

No. 1716244

Well, if i was rude then i'm sorry, i didn't had the intentions so i was not expecting her to feel bad.

No. 1716245

omg i would take those and pierce them through a thin layer of skin on my thumb and just be entertained by it staying on

No. 1716246

NTA I don’t think that applies on anonymous imageboards you guys need to lighten up and let the anonymous thoughts pour in

No. 1716247

This isn’t Facebook, dumb dumb.

No. 1716249

Cracking up because of the sheer amount of young high schoolers that would just be standing there waiting for bell putting fuckass stigmatas on themselves. You're unlocking how this one guy would line all down his thumb in patterns based on pin color.

No. 1716250

No she was being retarded and annoying. Stop coddling grown women.

No. 1716252

sorry nona i'll have to ding you for losing the thread game

No. 1716253

No, you need to integrate, sister.

No. 1716260

Honestly, go fuck yourself. You are the one coming here crying your whole ass out because an anonymous made a comment. If you are so sensitive, please stick to tumblr, twitter, or facebook. You are on a imageboard based on shit talking strange people, what do you want? Do you want people to be super gentle, kind and respect your pronouns? LMAO girl are you going to ask the mods to ban me too for being rude? Are you going to cancel me on twitter too? Am i too toxic, baby? You go on calling people retarded and shit while you try to make your kindness policing because i commented something negative below someone's post. If she wanted so much positivity, why not post in a thread about positivity, then? If you want so much kindness and politeness, GO TO TUMBLR. It's going to be even better because you can block people there. Retard. You are a annoying ass bitch that thinks she's the most intelligent and superior being in this world. Go protect people inside your mom's fucking ass, you piece of shit. I'll be sure to comment many rude things in people's posts from now on, mentally delayed whore.

No. 1716261

Integrating would be not making that reply in the first place sped

No. 1716263

>mentally delayed whore
You are literally mentally delayed. I can almost smell you. Your best friend hates you btw.

No. 1716266

Awww what a darling bee! Thanks nonna, your sunflowers are precious.

No. 1716268

Yes bitch, i am very triggered, it's me who's making posts crying because of a negative post LMAOOOO alright. You are very retarded and i hope someone kills you very cruelly. Ugly disgusting stinky hoe keep crying about rudeness on LOLCOW.FARM, KEK everyone is so moved by your morals!!!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1716269

jesus fucking christ are you having fun? is this fun for you?

No. 1716272

You're the cow that keeps on giving

No. 1716273

Everyone at facebooks loves you, beautiful princess, please go there and have lots of funs being kind and adorable and peaceful…

BTW you shouldn't be ableist! Everyone at tumblr will cancel you for being super toxic

No. 1716276

bring back the uniqueness girl from the other day she was way more fun to talk to

No. 1716277

I don't give a shit, retarded bitch is cursing me even after i say sorry for a stupid ass situation so it may at least curse this gaping butthole whore to her 20th generation

No. 1716278

You're Chris chan

No. 1716279

okay, but why?

No. 1716280

nonnie nooo

No. 1716281

TIL some of you are genuinely mentally retarded like it isnt a joke, you need a handler

No. 1716282

Because it gives me lots of pleasure to curse someone who has been rude to me when i was trying to be polite.

No. 1716283

every time my expectations get too high for people on this site i remember i'm on an imageboard specifically for weird outcast women and i adjust my expectations

No. 1716285

You're breaching your house arrears obligations Christine

No. 1716286

I'm scared mom can you come pick me up theyre eating eachothers scabs

No. 1716288

in what fucking way does she talk like chris

No. 1716289

That’s what I was trying to say when I defended her. Yeah it’s weird but that’s what this place is for, like just observe and let live

No. 1716290

but why tho?

No. 1716292

hm i do love scabs

No. 1716293

kek nonas complained about wanting weird autistic anons back instead of icky normies, well this is what you get

No. 1716295

Nom num num

No. 1716296

i'm the OP, yes it was kind of rude. the implication when you post something like that in response to a positive story is either 1. "you should feel bad for me because you have it good and i have it bad" or 2. "you actually don't have it good and if you had more self awareness you would know you were being made fun of." but tbh, if you just meant it as a random comment, it's fine. i don't feel hurt by your post, more just confused. i hope you will have a best friend some day that you can trust completely, having a friend like that is honestly like having a soul mate. also, your sunflower lanyard comment made me kek.

No. 1716299

Kek I'm not complaining, in fact I'm entertained, thank you very much. Keep the autism coming nonnas

No. 1716300

bless you and your bestie nonna, you both sound wonderful!

No. 1716301

Wholesome post, 10/10 sisterhood

No. 1716302

got my cat a little mouse toy that makes noise when it's interacted with and it sounds like a tiny car alarm

No. 1716305

No. 1716306

File: 1696473841923.gif (486.89 KB, 280x220, ee4.gif)

Where did all the weird women go?! I swear this place is INFESTED with normies!!! Where are my weirdos, my weird gals at?

Today I followed the caaayutest racoon, I trailed him about six blocks approximately before I stumbled upon a JACKPOT–the best dumpster dive loot I had in awhile. I rely on raccoons to outsource the nicknacks I use for my kawaii deco phone cases beeteedubz ;p

After bringing home my AWESOME le lootz I got distracted by the SHINIEST trinket that caught my eye on the ground, I was sooo excited thinking it was a disposed heroin needle I could pilfer for my Saw II-inspired suit jacket look ive been working on, but it was actually a vial of urine oh noes. I thought about incorporating it into this mantle piece my bf has been spending hours on, it's taxidermy. Hehe just kidding!! I don't haz boyfriend, it is MY taxidermy mantle piece ::D. Sorry I so randoms. Did I mention that I caught the racoon using a series of traps I made with knitting yarn and now he works for me part time finding treasures for my etsy shop?

It's so hard for the REAL weird quirked up girlies like me. I went and bought a sammich from my fav shop before going home. Preps stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.

No. 1716307

No. 1716308

pls don't the thread will get boring again

No. 1716311

>anon asks "but why tho"
>"That's it. I'm killing myself"
uh, that escalated quickly. hope things get better for you nonna, you gotta be in a dark place to want to off yourself over an imageboard

No. 1716313

Who's the autist spamming Chris Chan gifs?

No. 1716314

You're coming too. I am forcibly decapitation you with a spork with googly eyes on it. Heres weird bitches for you, annoying cunt

No. 1716315

>the person making fun of me is the real autist
You have no self awareness, do you?

No. 1716316

Girl… i can't even kill myself in peace… stop impersonating me. I am in fact a unique woman and you are never going to be able to be unique as me.

No. 1716317

File: 1696474321030.png (61.65 KB, 500x707, satanwhy.png)

only if you ask nicely lovely nonita
>Preps stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.
enoby has entered the chat

No. 1716320

Ummm actually thatsss my unique and own writing. I wrote that. She stole it from me. The more uu know!!!

No. 1716327

Unique content do not steal

No. 1716340

Preps plagiarized me. I put my slit wrists up at them.

No. 1716343

File: 1696475650510.jpg (20.34 KB, 512x512, IMG-20230915-WA0000.jpg)

It really do be like that tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1716817

babe me too! i use that little cheese slicer tool for your feet and just enjoy a little snack while watching tv

No. 1716885

File: 1696516190692.jpg (140.71 KB, 1200x866, Free_Children_with_Safety_Pins…)

we would do that but with safety pins, bonus points if you could get the safety pin closed without it breaking the skin and falling off

No. 1716891

so how many of you are on prEp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1716935

Really? None of you? Some of you should consider it those nigels sound fruitie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1716984

this is making the memories flood back

No. 1716987

File: 1696520917115.jpeg (625.56 KB, 750x921, IMG_1167.jpeg)


No. 1716990

i like this cat good job.

No. 1716991

anyways, it's my birthday today! I'm 23!

No. 1716993

Happy birthday nonnie!

No. 1717001

Happy birthday nonabelle!!

No. 1717007

File: 1696522364115.jpg (178.73 KB, 735x1058, 846e26eee8b4401643b02303ec3580…)

Enjoy your day nonnie!

No. 1717009

File: 1696522979524.jpg (151.62 KB, 620x930, 43523a0feef95fa7f16e9b6a8b8d60…)

Hope you have a good day nonatella!

No. 1717027

More and more close to the day of your death

No. 1717038

File: 1696524546820.jpeg (38.17 KB, 613x381, IMG_1170.jpeg)


No. 1717057

Happy birthday nona!!

No. 1717113

Why was >>1717038 banned kek

No. 1717114

I suppose it's cus of the random men in the pic kekkk(read the rules, queen)

No. 1717115

I didn’t even see them kek

No. 1717117

23 birthday happy? anyways, it's your

No. 1717119

I hope its a joke red-post.

No. 1717127

i love willow smith’s music

No. 1717145

File: 1696531511862.png (673.8 KB, 736x616, 24-7-for-real-v0-zcozyk12l8sb1…)

Look at my Stacy brain

No. 1717149

File: 1696531859518.png (548.15 KB, 764x959, Ber_a14_デフォ2.png)

I will ask this again, does anyone have the version of that pic but with Umineko characters? It's a women only picture

No. 1717152

File: 1696532044431.jpg (236.67 KB, 1080x1920, 348975463_2239768496229626_800…)

she's so cool

No. 1717159

No. 1717171

I'm starting to think the future is predetermined, nonnas. Not in the way that some higher being has decided all of our actions for us, but rather that we are living our life as a point on a line and we cannot stray from that line, no matter how hard we try. All of our efforts to change what is essentially our destiny is just a part of that destiny.
I keep having dreams that show me seconds of the future, I never know when they'll actually take place, but they always do happen. I've always been told it's dejavu, but I don't think that's right. Dejavu is for when you feel like you've been here before when you really and truly haven't been there before, but every time I get it, I saw it in a dream in the past.
It just makes me think of a video I saw when I was younger where it talked about the 4th dimension being time, and I know most people think of 4D objects as shapes like the tesseract/hyper cube and it's normal for it to intersect itself when projected in 3D/2D space and still be considered a real "shape". It's making me begin to think that every time I experience one of these dreams, I'm living through one of those intersections in time.
I do believe we still have agency, and our actions are our own, but we are locked into whatever timeline that we're in. Maybe that timeline isn't the most linear thing out here. Maybe it's not even a line.

No. 1717172

This might be the funniest and retardest ban I've ever got

No. 1717183

i like this thread lol

No. 1717209

Is it stuff that’s gonna happen to you in particular? Or is it events?

No. 1717226

makes sense, everything always turns back to me being alone and suicidal, i believe you nona

No. 1717236

The dreams are always centered around what I'm doing and feeling at the moment, like I'm walking down a specific isle of a walmart that I've never been to before, maybe driving down a road I use frequently and I see a gas station that previously had plenty of business getting torn down. They're always things that I see through my own eyes and it can vary from mundane things to realizations that I failed at giving myself a good chance at a stable life.
I always find myself in the exact same train of thought, word for word, emotion for emotion, in the dream that I do when I finally get to that point in time.

I'm sorry you're going through that nona, I hope you find happiness in the future.

No. 1717250

I like your post numbers

No. 1717254

I think this helps prove she’s right

No. 1717347

File: 1696547408124.jpeg (246.56 KB, 655x652, IMG_5024.jpeg)

Ok listen everyone I just saw this fucking mom with her 2 kids run over one of her kids with the stroller on the street. Like, hard. He fell down and she just steamrolled over his ass and kept walking for a split second until he let out this like blood curdling scream? This is what having a babies (plural) in college does to you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1717672

This post failed the bechdel test. You know why.

No. 1717677

Beckys ass is soooooooo fat omg and her nasolabial folds are out of control ewwww

No. 1717739

i want a serial killer 70s basement

No. 1717743

File: 1696588318062.jpg (136.96 KB, 564x747, ccf2bb05c2b018f11accadeee241c7…)

I used to post in the minimalism threads, but now I've embraced my true taste: Historical maximalism. If my home ends up like the combination of a Victorian upperclass lady's parlour and a deranged witch's cottage I've achieved my goal. I've already cluttered up my bedroom with medieval artwork and I've never been happier. Fuck white and sterile interiors! I've had enough. Retvrn to tradition. (Deleted and changed pic because there might have been in a you know what in one of the portraits)

No. 1717745

What do they look like?

No. 1717752

i imagine wood walls and weird flower pattern sofas with plastic sofa covers so the blood is easier to clean

No. 1717766

God that is so my dream. My grandmother’s apartment was decorated like that, she had an ancient roman urn and some pottery from china which of course was so distant and exotic when her mother bought it. And plants. It’s so much more relaxing and human than minimalism that seems designed for bugs to live in, rather than people

No. 1717772

I'd love a maximilist home if I had a maid dusting and cleaning it.

No. 1717773

This has happened to me too but I always convince myself it's dejavu and now that I drink every day I simply do not remember my dreams. But you seem more powerful than me and more at peace with the concept of non-linear time so I'm happy for you. Nice post numbers by the way.

No. 1717775

curio cabinets and barrister bookcases are great for keeping dust off your stuff if you have a lot of stuff. but I don't know how people keep carpets and cushions clean in their plush and elaborate home decor, especially if you have pets you basically have to turn your house inside out every couple weeks to shake out the fur.

No. 1717779

File: 1696592337901.jpg (83.22 KB, 564x706, victoriancats.jpg)

>she had an ancient roman urn
That's so cool! Imagine owning something so old. Talk about vintage.
One word: Vacuum. I don't have pets though. I can imagine cats loving an environment like that, and having fun ruining it.

No. 1717836

happy birthday! mine's tomorrow! libras are the best.

No. 1717837

Nta but I love libras too! Scorpio here

No. 1717955

That's my jam. You want to see a house that will knock your socks off?
I wish I knew the woman who owns it, I want to to talk to her and find out what she's like.

No. 1717966

nta but holy shit that price. a house of that age and condition would go for quadruple the price in my country. is it worth all the gov surveillance for life just to immigrate to america.. thinking about it

No. 1717980

that looks nice as hell and not a bad price at all

No. 1717983

This looks just like a place where a bunch of Agatha Christie characters would meet up and murder would happen.

No. 1718725

it's my birthday and my best friend is door dashing me sushi and dumplings then i'm going to drive back to my parents and see my dog and cat yay yay yippee

No. 1718728

so many october birthdays – me too! (not today but soon)

No. 1718729

it's only that cheap because it's in an extremely rural area with no jobs, trust me you don't want to live in franklin, pa

No. 1718769

For sure. It would be good for a wfh situation. It’s pretty close to a big national forest too which is nice, that area has good wild blackberry picking

No. 1718789

This is so cool, happy birthday!!

No. 1718790

Happy early birthday!

No. 1718800

File: 1696695070262.jpg (130.07 KB, 1214x1165, happi.jpg)

thank you

No. 1718806

happy early birthday, me too !!! we're twinning sisters !!!

No. 1718850

Being a nutritious vegetarian is prob the cheapest diet. Eggs 80 cents a dozen

No. 1718860

So lucky nonna, in my country egg is super expensive

No. 1718864

>this thread just feels right
good work nonnas

my mother keeps apologising for talking about her feelings. the world is so, so hard on mothers it makes me want to do crime

No. 1718865

how expensive is a few living chicken

No. 1718887

If you have space, chickens are cheap and low-maintenance pets to keep. You can feed them just about any kitchen scraps or weeds you find outside.

Watch me say this to someone who lives in a tiny shoebox studio appartment but it's just a suggestion, I think a lot of people are underutilizing self-sufficient opportunities even if they don't live on a farm.

No. 1718893

How do I find lcf users in my state/area without browsing the forum at a cafe or something? I feel like when I get work done in public I usually end up browsing this forum when I need a mental break. I just want female friendship.

No. 1718910

host something in the the moovie room

No. 1718913

the urge to make likeminded friends from here vs the paranoia of meeting an actual schizo eats at me every day.

No. 1718916

I have never used the moovie room. Tell me more, please.
Yes! This is my exact problem. I just really want to see if there are any farmers in my state at all. I just don't know how to do it.

No. 1718917

i have considered posting on the friend finder thread before but lolcow's userbase kinda scares me ngl

No. 1718944

Understandable. I read the tinfoil thread once and sobered me right up re: wanting a farmer friend.

No. 1718960

File: 1696708233394.jpeg (86.58 KB, 735x490, CBC4DF53-C383-4DD6-83B3-F82942…)


No. 1718964

Which animal species do you think has the coolest females?

No. 1718971

I know there are a few anons here who live in my state, but I feel like they'd hate me.

No. 1718985

File: 1696709994382.jpeg (115.92 KB, 512x683, C8BD204D-2ECB-4B75-B981-8CBA5D…)

These female, asexually reproducing lizards that like to fuck each other anyway for some reason

No. 1718993

File: 1696710303815.jpg (215.32 KB, 900x600, wildlife-color-kenya-amboseli-…)

Those lizards are amazing.
I like elephants myself. Their groups are always led by older females - matriarchs.

No. 1718996

Praying mantis

No. 1719000

you host a moovie or show or youtube music videos and it's pretty chill, post a notice in advance and then be on time. every tuesday is tunesday and outside that it's pretty open right now.

No. 1719001

File: 1696710975351.jpg (45.1 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-902643812-612x612.…)


No. 1719005

She's got some lipstick on her nose

No. 1719009

love her lipstain

No. 1719014

this, or just join whenever someones hosting

No. 1719018

I know because I posted a picture of a man I apologize I didn’t consider that

No. 1719021

Nonna you gonna get banned again for you know what

No. 1719022

battlestation thread? what do you nonnitas say

No. 1719030

That you're not checking the catalogue

No. 1719031

We have one already >>>/m/216287

No. 1719043

yes thats what i was talking about. we shall revive it again

No. 1719052

i'd be ok with her being weird as long as she's the same kind of weird as me… is there such a thing as high functioning weirdos on this website? normie passing weirdos?

No. 1719179

same except all the infights in the dumbass shit threads, get it off your chest, and celebricows

No. 1719852

No. 1719864

Which movie is this nonooz?

No. 1719870

Repulsion 1965

No. 1719947

File: 1696801130852.jpg (194.87 KB, 1000x1484, squash-chart.jpg)

i'll admit. i'm scared to try pumpkin spice drinks. do they taste at all like squash (pumpkins) or is it something else that they're calling "pumpkin"?

No. 1719950

pumpkin spice stuff tastes more like the spices used than the pumpkin. so it's this nice little blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and sometimes allspice. it's nice and toasty without too overpowering squash taste

No. 1719953

It's not pumpkin flavored, it's spices you use in a pumpkin pie

No. 1719958

It's something completely different. It's much closer to the taste of cinnamon than pumpkin.

No. 1720924

perfectly puts an apprehension i've had about making new friends into words. I don't have a ton of common ground with normies despite being able to chat with them, so I vaguely daydream about befriending other imageboard girls, but I know I'm looking at a thin line between quirky/niche and unhinged.
I do wonder if I've ever met a farmer but I dunno how you'd come to this understanding in a subtle way. I know some communities develop commonly known codes to identify each other irl (e.g. Tumblr has one) which simultaneously sounds incredibly foolish and kinda intriguing.

No. 1720941

File: 1696860168332.png (3.09 MB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.png)

the flavor is actually the spices typically used in pumpkin pie not pumpkin itself. it is mostly a sugary sweet syrup but it is 2% pumpkin

No. 1720955

starbucks is highly overpriced garbage. their entire business model relies on people being lazy and dumb. then again a lot of business rely on people being those two things but starbucks is blatantly overpriced. it's one of those things that almost makes me agree with boomers telling millennials to stop wasting money on coffee. +5 dollars on coffee in this economy is absolutely retarded.

No. 1720956

coffee businesses always do well because caffeine is addictive

No. 1720966

thermo bottles cost like 15-20$ and hold over a liter of coffee which you can take with you anywhere provided you make coffee every morning and wash the bottle sometimes so it doesnt get funky. it's pure laziness.

No. 1720968

Someone needs to explain to me the difference between pumpkin and squash. Or is it the same thing?

Btw I grew red kuri in my garden this year because it's hyped up to be delicious and ngl I thought it tasted the same as my Pink Jumbo Banana

No. 1720979

Pumpkin is a type of squash, but it tastes different since there are different varieties of squash.

No. 1720980

File: 1696861900770.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1179x1490, IMG_4447.jpeg)

It’s all winter squash even pumpkins. Pumpkin is just a sub-type of squash. The pumpkin in canned pumpkin and a lot of pumpkin food/drink actually looks like this, it’s called a Dickinson pumpkin.

No. 1720982

Kuri is delicious but I also grew it this year and it didn’t turn out that good, must be my soil

No. 1721071

Ah I see, I didn't realize squash is used to refer to the entire pumpkin family, now the distinction between summer and winter squash makes sense lol

I grow them on poor sandy soil so maybe that's it

No. 1721136

File: 1696877199675.jpg (2.04 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-autumn-fall-leaves…)

Thank you nonnies. I decided to go and buy one just to taste. I can't even taste the pumpkin, it just tastes like spices and milk.

No. 1721175

winter squash are hungry babies they need rich soil to grow deliciously

No. 1721179

I mean I give them plenty of fertilizer and compost and they all grow to the size that's right for their variety, so idk.

No. 1721235

i like the word "squash".

No. 1721249

REAL TALK: I heard 4chan has had meetups can we have a lolcow convention I wanna interact in person with the other nonnies..

No. 1721270

I would rather we have a sing along thread where everyone sings a chosen song and someone edits it so it's layered like we're in unison I'm sorry I cannot post 4chan examples because they include Y chromosome singing

No. 1721289

Idk, some of you bitches are funny and some of you need to be fitted for a strappy jacket, yesterday. Don’t know if I’d want to roll that dice by meeting in person.

No. 1721302

no anons will bully me until i kermit

No. 1721308

File: 1696891091096.jpg (61.98 KB, 749x467, theme-pe11.jpg)

I'll protect you from the /snow/flakes

No. 1721309

I once offered to drive a nona to her abortion because her scrotes were scroting but she didn’t take me up on it. Otherwise I’m happy to leave you all online. if one of you was in a bad situation I’d literally let you sleep at my house though. That’s our relationship.

No. 1721450

late but I actually met a friend off bumble bff and we bonded over our love of lolcows and amber lynn reid. I would say there's certain "signals" some women give off in their profile that tells me they're the certain kinda sperg for me, but it is rare.

No. 1721679

File: 1696913036788.jpg (110.89 KB, 800x681, woe is me.jpg)


No. 1721685

File: 1696913233357.jpeg (2.96 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4476.jpeg)

No. 1721688

File: 1696913258574.jpg (87.19 KB, 700x500, woe is me but in pink.jpg)


No. 1721705

can someone do a rainbow one

No. 1721712

File: 1696915826979.jpg (99.3 KB, 700x500, woe is me psychedelic.jpg)

Here you go, nonny.

No. 1721718


No. 1721958

I'd make bracelets to hand out, but I know some of you would break them in front of me.

No. 1722169

lolcow.farm otakon 2023? i'm in

No. 1722171

seconded, that'll be way too fucking hilarious

No. 1722173

How I feel while on shrooms

No. 1722186

it's so cute thank you nonny

No. 1722191

My cat would rather cuddle with my mom than cuddle with me. She's really soft and affectionate and she's like a little angel. Rubbing her tummy is like heaven for me. She lets me cuddle with her but I have to come up to her room and she won't get into bed with me except for rare occasions. She loves to cuddle with my mom and stare at the TV. I'm sad that I can't sleep with her in my bed, but I'm going to be positive about this situation. I'm glad my mom has such a lovely cat to cuddle and watch garbage K-dramas with. I know she deserves her more than me because she works so hard.

No. 1722503

This would be great, I'd be a little nervous to have so many nonnies' voices out there though.

No. 1723704

I love her

No. 1724618

i'd do anything for a mall pretzel with some "cheese" sauce right now.

No. 1724843

Goddamnit nonna I just stopped thinking about that like a few days ago, reconciling that I’ll never step foot in the mall to get one, and now I’m thinking about it again…maybe I’ll buy a Bavarian beast at the grocery store and make some homemade beer cheese heh.

No. 1725232

File: 1697219868789.jpg (174.17 KB, 1351x790, 1697217242064474.jpg)

I finally found the picture I was looking for, had to go to 4ch*n unfortunately. Thanks anyone who asked

No. 1725235

No. 1725293

We need a farmer version of this. We could have all the board personfications in it.

No. 1725301

File: 1697223675232.jpeg (313.7 KB, 1366x996, boardtans.jpeg)

Anyone else saved any boardtans? I could have sworn there were more drawings of them.

No. 1725318

There was a bunch dumped in a meta thread for fanart

No. 1725321

/m/‘s husbando is hot.(do not talk about moids)

No. 1725332

File: 1697225718158.jpg (23.06 KB, 647x572, Fy68zlHWAAUaIGB.jpg)

It's kind of bittersweet having drawings you know aren't publicly presentable, but you still kind of like, because you didn't think you'd even make it that far. Is "privately impressive, publicly mediocre" a thing?
I hope I get to the point where I can proudly show off my drawings soon.

No. 1725334

File: 1697225924922.png (189.63 KB, 531x470, transparent version for u.png)

No. 1725335

Aww shit, I didn't notice what was on the pillow. I'll take my ban but it wasn't on purpose.

No. 1725336

That's just genderbent Elsie though so technically it's still a girl.

No. 1725337

I think it's worth showing nonnie, no matter how mediocre you think it is, it's still nice to draw and I would love to see your drawings

No. 1725344


I'm too shy, but ty nonny

No. 1725868

Do you want to be attacked by trannies? I don't.

No. 1725872

B* is going to show up with an ak47 and an ideation so… no.

No. 1726310

/cgl/ used to have seagull meetups (lolita/cosplay) but it wasn't just women

No. 1726323

What are you up to this weekend nonnies? I'm thinking of baking an apple pie.

No. 1726325

Apple pie is great! I'm thinking of sleeping the weekend off.

No. 1726326

Pumpkin carving/baking get-together with my wife’s extended fam! Very stoked, the vibes are always so good. Am going to drink HOT CIDER.

No. 1726327

I've never had hot cider before. Does it taste like mulled wine?

No. 1726333

Well, I cracked my tooth pretty ugly so first I have to get that fixed. I'll probably need a crown or cap, so today I'm just hoping they'll give me a temporary covering so I can still go outside without looking like a peasant. If they do, I'll be running around the city with my friends at some nerd Halloween party tonight.

No. 1726345

I stretched my eyes, and as it's my eyes it's obviously analogous, but somehow my right eye feels more stretched than my left one, and the left side of my head is also the only side I have a headache on.

No. 1726348

Yes kinda! The tartness and the sweetness and the spices all come together so nicely, and i find it soothing on the throat as well. Super festive for fall. I like it with lots of spices and a cinnamon stick for festivity (and more spice kek)!

No. 1726369

Sounds really nice, I gotta try to make it someday!

No. 1726392

today i went to the farmers market and got a fresh sprig of catnip to see if my cats would even like it. They didn't but it was cute to watch them curiously batting it around.

No. 1726429

File: 1697301914797.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1086x1850, IMG_5858.jpeg)

why do Gen Alpha kids insist on being as ugly as possible

No. 1726435

It may need to be dried. My cats didnt touch my plant until I accidentally killed it

No. 1726461

Try crushing/rolling some leaves between your fingers to release the oils. Makes it smell more.

No. 1726494

Gen Alpha? That girl looks like a 13 year old at least, is that Gen Alpha already?

No. 1726496

That’s kind of based tbh, I’m sick of people trying to be flawless 24/7, let us be ugly too.

No. 1726502

File: 1697306474302.jpg (61.33 KB, 735x734, 2032cb9485d8e076bc478fd228e2fb…)

i like it, its ""giving"" junji ito vibes

No. 1726504

>why are teenagers going through puberty and learning to apply makeup ugly
go outside

No. 1726512

When I was a young teen I bought the lightest available foundation which was still way too dark and orange for my pale skin and I didn't realize. Even worse I only applied it to my forehead (acne area) to save money, you can imagine what that would've looked like. My friends were too nice to tell me so I only realized when I got into a fight with someone and they pointed out my orange forehead kekkkk. Oh and the eyeliner I only applied to the outer half of my eyelid!

Anyway point is you experiment and (eventually) learn when you're just starting out with makeup, that's not a gen Alpha thing.

No. 1726513

She's a teenager anon, why should we shame her for how she puts on makeup? It doesn't have to be flawless.

No. 1726514

oh they smelled it alright, but they seemed a little repulsed by it lol

No. 1726528

If lolcow ever gets a merch shop it should be called the "farmers market"

No. 1726553

I get to petsit my best friend's rabbit next week im so hyped. That bunny is going to get so pampered and loved

No. 1726589

My joint smells like eggs. Ovum

No. 1726646

No. 1726649

I mean it’s called “crying woman makeup” you emotional freaks why are you applauding this

No. 1726670

Applauding? Those posts are saying the makeup is sbit because it's done by an inexperienced teen

No. 1726682

No. 1726718

The makeup isn’t shit because it’s done by an inexperienced teen, you special needs ass nigga. It is a makeup tutorial for “crying woman makeup”.(calm down)

No. 1726720

??? maybe not every single person here is caught up on what random new middle schooler makeup trends are "called". why would we even know that, are you a child yourself or some kind of creep?

No. 1726728

i'm sorry for saying this anon was underage or a creep over her calling other anons "emotional freaks" for not knowing where/what that screenshot was from. it was out of line.

No. 1726729

It has to be some weird bait tbh.

No. 1726730

Nta how was anyone here supposed to know that kek you didn't provide any context

No. 1726731

File: 1697320315846.jpg (45.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>look it up
>it's actually a thing
oh hell no

No. 1726769

You want lolcow of all places to pearl clutch at angsty alt teens?

No. 1726799

Kek it’s not a big deal

No. 1726825

I was 95% sure I had purple lights for halloween but no I must've thrown them out last year when they no longer worked. Now I'm sitting here thinking do I buy some or put up some white boring lights that will sit on my porch all year.

No. 1726846

Because they're kids playing on tiktok

No. 1726984

How do I ask someone who I don't want to see anymore to give me back a piece of art I gave them so I can destroy said art ? It's an ugly piece

No. 1727004

I swear I saw this in another thread.

Idk. Do you know anyone who’s still actively talking to them but also dislikes them?

No. 1727005

File: 1697344521808.png (7.81 MB, 4000x2250, 20231011_163135.png)

i want a kitty like the one in op pic, but i think my kitties are nice too. picrel, sleepy one is called burrito and the fluffy one is called $22.50. literally. i fulfilled my dream from febuary to name any cat that i own a price, specifically twenty two dollars and fifty cents. it's a good conversation starter lol

No. 1727014

Why can’t you use purple lights year round? Now I’m thinking of buying my own

No. 1727019

Posted it on th dumbass one but it got locked

No. 1727021

Soooo cuuteeee do you always call 22 by their own name?

No. 1727041

aha yes, anytime i call out for her, feed her or play/rest with her i call her by the full. like… cmere twenty two fifty or i love you twenty two fiddyyyy~ (if i'm not calling her baby of course) family that see her usually just call her taco to match with burrito and for them it's less effort haha

No. 1727045

File: 1697347242753.png (4.8 MB, 2072x1788, 8b24d56aaa8afc45b6c0df201da833…)

Favorite witch by the way? I'm partial to Ange myself, but I also really like Eva and Erika.

No. 1727083

This looks like failed "e-girl makeup" to me. But in general kids don't have very good makeup skills yet.

No. 1727174

I'm so glad social media wasn't a big thing when I first started doing makeup. Or being a young teen in general. Really feel for today's kids who think they need to share their cringe life and get all sorts of online responses for it when they haven't developed a thick skin yet.

No. 1727191

For me it's Erika all the way

No. 1727254

Very good

If I ever saw someone in lolcow merch I wouldn't even make eye contact with them

No. 1727321

File: 1697377193897.jpeg (109.31 KB, 773x922, FA9oZ2eUUAYUqLZ.jpeg)

back to playing LOL after 3 year long hiatus and i've decided to play female characters only so now i'm playing Syndra, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and i have been doing much better than those years ago when i played different adc/midliners.. picrel is my favorite Caitlyn skin i got for free she's so adorable and makes the game worth playing (i say this as i plan on quitting in a week because LOL is boring kek)

No. 1727334

File: 1697378361529.jpeg (8.14 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

You should've said so initially retard and even then I'm still right because crying makeup can be done with skills. Like it or not that girl still didn't apply her makeup with any skill.

No. 1727776

agreed and agreed

No. 1728009

Why are we arguing about teens on their most used platform? Aren't we all of age

No. 1728172


No. 1728253

File: 1697435625671.jpg (751.93 KB, 4609x3073, types-of-bubble-tea-766451-her…)

How popular is bubble tea/milk tea in your area? In my city it's very popular and we have like 4-5 cafes along basically the same street near my home. My friend from a different state visited and was astonished because she never heard of it and we found that it's like a 2 hour drive to the closest store that offers it from her home, so she can't get it despite now loving it.
At my previous city it was kinda niche but there were still multiple options, the average person has probably never had it but has likely heard of it.

No. 1728260

ten years ago I had never heard of it and the only reason I discovered it is an expat friend from thailand showed me the one single bubble tea cafe which was literally in the middle of Chinatown in London. After that I took people there all the time thinking it was really exotic and strange but it's popularity grew so quickly and there were even English run chains popping up everywhere. By now there's one in every decent sized town in England it's amazing how popular it got. The English ones suck though they don't know what they're doing.

No. 1728278

we have one boba shop in town and its always packed

No. 1728318

It's very popular where I live, especially with teens, you can find it in many places. I don't get the hype though. A super sweet drink with some slimey balls ? No, give me ordinary green tea.

No. 1728340

I don't like the standard tapioca boba and never get it but I like the crystal boba (chewy but not sticky/dense; like a piece of fruit) and the popping boba (pops in your mouth to release juice), not sure if they are commonly offered elsewhere. Most stores here let you customize the sugar level so I get it halved.
Often I get ones without bubbles entirely, I just like dairy stuff a lot

No. 1728378

I guess theres one on every other intersection in my town. One town south also has the highest rated ones in a cluster. They get more sparse in our main city though. I'm not a fan and opt for a small batch ice cream place across the street from our closest boba shop.

No. 1728380

File: 1697447029229.gif (100.95 KB, 283x376, birthdayyyy.gif)

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NONETTESSSSS will you celebrate with me i give you all cupcakes and a cup of a flavored milkshake tailored to your possible intolerances (my intuition lets me know which) and later we can get pizza if you want or pasta

No. 1728385

File: 1697447832139.jpg (35.72 KB, 300x300, indigo-rose.jpg)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNIEPOO thanks for being born, and for letting us share this special day with you. I would love some pizza and intolerance-acceptable milkshakes. Any big plans for the day?

No. 1728386

File: 1697447913883.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1235x1258, IMG_5751.jpeg)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day is fun and you eat something yummy!!!!

No. 1729407

File: 1697548341506.gif (982.53 KB, 500x393, QDz6.gif)

What do you add to your instant ramen to make it more yummy? I add green lemon ("lime" in english I guess) and sesame oil.

No. 1729408

NTA but I love this cake so much thank you nonna for being so sweet

No. 1729414

poached egg and chewy mushrooms

No. 1729439

Chili crisp, soft egg, green onions, bean sprouts, bok choy and leftover shrimp/chicken/pork if I have it. Kimchi if I feel like it

No. 1729756

Ayrt, love you and hope you're having a wonderful week ♥

No. 1729960

>complains that the site is dead
>rarely posts
maybe i should be the change i want to see. So, what's new in your life nona? I made myself a hat recently and i've never really made clothing before.

No. 1729969

I meal prepped some bacon, egg and cheese biscuits yesterday. They’re delicious and I can just shove one in the microwave and go in the mornings.

No. 1729971

I’m job searching. Not urgently, just looking around. Thinking about getting my IUD removed, it’s mildly annoying and I can feel it too much (infrequently but still) and I want to see what all the fuss is about with being natural and having a period again and all that shit.

No. 1729990

I’ve done the same with muffins a few days ago. I know it’s not a meal persay but I live alone and I don’t wanna waste the whole dozen so I have to save the rest for later

No. 1729991

Best of luck, I haven’t had an iud but I haven’t heard fantastic things about them

No. 1730006

Which sound better. Peanut butter dark chocolate macarons or espresso dark chocolate macarons.

No. 1730007

Peanut butter dark chocolate but I’m not a fan of coffee. Are you making them? If so, would you mind sharing the recipe(s)?

No. 1730008

peanut butter dark chocolate macarons for sure

No. 1730012

Peanut butter. I drink coffee sometimes but coffee flavored stuff is weird

No. 1730048

I miss browser flash games. Fuck you Adobe.

No. 1730056

Point at him and laugh

No. 1730087

File: 1697615925754.gif (2.68 MB, 498x498, 26EC570B-AB7F-4CB6-83E4-4AF548…)


No. 1730091

not OP, thanks for the ideas lol I usually eat it simple

No. 1730096

File: 1697616641175.jpeg (136.78 KB, 700x700, E78C1CF7-4E20-4812-880D-310C36…)

Happy birthday nonnie! here’s the cake for you!

No. 1730112

Off topic and I mean this in a totally genuine and nice way but there's something about the phrase
>green lemon ("lime" in english I guess)
that is so sweet and special to me. It also unearthed my memory of a lovely girl I met who arbitrarily and enthusiastically asked me if I knew anything about orange limes, which she calls devil limes.
I always like to add eggs! If the noodle soup is really boiling hot I'll drop it in raw and it'll cook but be soft and full of soup flavor

No. 1730115

No. 1730281

Come to think of it, I have never seen any gijinka of our excommunicated sisters, Styna and Manura.

No. 1730282

Please someone make them.

No. 1730284

I'm happy my post made you happy noni

No. 1730286

I think sty would be a Stacy. Stacy, think about it…

No. 1730290

but the sty is where bad threads go to fester. not very stacy-esque

No. 1730292

That’s why it’s hidden. All stacies have a dark side

No. 1730319

File: 1697645046307.png (5.42 MB, 1920x2715, __eva_beatrice_umineko_no_naku…)

Eva is great

No. 1730385

I will def post the results and share the recipe! Thank you all for your input I’lll try my best to do good kek

No. 1730546

get this homunculus off of my screen

No. 1730549

File: 1697661443107.png (972.7 KB, 1244x895, lolcowfarm.png)

here ya go

No. 1730551

I love them all! I hope more anons also get encouraged to post their versions it would be nice to see

No. 1730662

2X is my waifu

No. 1730967

YES! Thank you nona, love this gang!

No. 1731014

I will tonight in the aggie drawing board

No. 1731016

/g/ mai waifu

No. 1731766

Elsie looks cute here but she’s not wearing her farmer clothes — overalls or any cow print — it feels off

No. 1731781

>/snow/ is a lesbian
>/ot/ looks non-pissed, friendly even

No. 1734112

there is this girl I keep thinking of. She is busy, so each minute of her free time is precious. Even when I'm stuck working for hours, I think how much harder she must be having it, I want to get closer to her but don't want, and can't force it.
Her fantasies and mine are similar yet complete each others,
she is indescribably lesbian.
We are 2 coins, mint of the same press, yet we don't shine the same, one an ore of the most far away source, one made from a silver struk for change since centuries.
Never I remember seeing such an exquisite woman, her beauty indescriptible but not dull down by a boring personality. Neither is she messy or unstable. She is seasoned in life like I am not yet, and lovers I had were not and never will be, she fought battle I never had to, from my sheer luck and basedness.
A genius womenkind will never fully know, and most will never fully understand. She is the piece of gold.

Her boldness is mouthwatering, I desire to taste her's like many flavor sucking ones try scrounge some off of me. But, their tongue burnt by the heated ruddy, rowdy, vermeil, they could only try to smother the flame, their cold menial soul too stiff yet bendable.

The difference between "them" and "us" is the awardness of our plasticity, and we struck it ourself, no welts or rivets, so we shine and shine on, their shadow bouncing off, only showing their weak spots. They want to dent and pierce us, instead of smoothing themself into shape.

Unbothered she sent me this beautiful nude of her, the rawness perceptible. I'm still shooken up by it, from the ends of her magnificient hair to the tips of her long fingers, she is breathtaking. I wanna feel every inches of her skin, with my weak licking flames, be it even one time that our fire unit. Will I be blinded by the burning bush? Maybe, yet I yearn to taste it, late at night, to feel this golden rush, maybe I'm just a fool.

Why are nonna's so hot…

No. 1735661

lolcow.farm fanfiction? I’d love to read some to be honest

No. 1735819

I wish it was fiction nonnatella…
She is so hot I would do unspeakable things with her. I don't think I'm strong willed enought to fall in love with her. But I desire her so badly, not only physically but spiritually, I want to know and understand her.

No. 1737285

bumping this thread so anons in 'things you hate' stop fighting

No. 1737293

my best friend said that "my cat is sad" poem is stupid and honestly I agree with her.

No. 1737323

Would it be okay if you posted it? I want to know if it's really stupid or if you friend is a big meanie.

No. 1737340

File: 1698157976810.jpeg (85.55 KB, 570x918, IMG_6493.jpeg)

Ntayrt but I found it lol

No. 1737343

kek it is pretty stupid, like why was the writer projecting all these emotions onto a cat?

No. 1737356

KEK okay nona that is pretty lame. It's cute that you're so sentimental but I promise if your cat was depressed it would be very obvious. Cats aren't desperate for companionship the way people are, I'm sure your kitty is overjoyed with whatever you give him but they're otherwise very much content. A depressed cat would never want to even be seen.

No. 1737373

Cats love being housecats. My first cats were strays and they were so happy to come in from the cold and get regular meals. The first time I let them come inside they curled up in front of the heater and purred for literal hours. It's a better life than being a wild animal, they only get bored if you're a shitty owner and give them 0 enrichment.

No. 1737395

Yeah exactly. My dream is to have a whole bedroom just for my two cats with a bunch of those wall mounted platforms and bridges and beds, a big playhouse type thing with tunnels in it and lots of toys. I saw one like that on YouTube where the cat has his own dashcon ball pit and I knew this is what my boys needed.

No. 1737405

im pretty sure my cat preferred being the only cat in the family before i got another

No. 1737406

This is definitely true for my oldest

No. 1737424

I think I manifested a cat. I had been lamenting how it didn't seem financially responsible to get a new cat after my childhood cat passed away and then a stray/abandoned kitten showed up on our rural street. Like stray animals aren't really a thing here yet somehow one managed to show up. And my family's taking care of it because one of them found it so I get all the enjoyment without any of the responsibility it's great kek I love cats.

No. 1737426

That's so great I am so happy for you and also the little kitten who has a new happy home

No. 1737466

aw that's so sweet, i'm kinda jealous though i always wish something like that would happen to me kek. enjoy the new kitty!

No. 1737480

thank you for posting this horrible poem it cheered me up after a bad night

No. 1738299

File: 1698207059329.jpeg (51.54 KB, 735x735, IMG_1304.jpeg)

reee i thought i had some liquorice left but i don't and now i must wait until tomorrow to buy some. this shit is my crack

No. 1738542

I have 2 boba shops within 500 meters of my house. One of them is right next to a bus station and it's impossible to miss, everyone knows about boba here. I'm thinking about getting a matcha boba with plain black tapioca pearls today.

No. 1738632

File: 1698239687230.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1048, tresleches.png)

Today is my birthday so I made a cake to share with you all! I hope you like it, ily nonas!

No. 1738656

Happy birthday. You have a birthday in October, that's pretty cool

No. 1738673

Anon its my birthday too!! Happy birthday!

No. 1738677

Happy birthday, birthday twin!

No. 1738681

Happy birthday twin! I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for the song! i bet you are so cool

No. 1738690

Happy birthday to you nonnas! The cake looks delicious.

No. 1738696

happy birthday!!!

No. 1738713

File: 1698246093004.gif (517.17 KB, 2048x2048, ocho.GIF)

¡Feliz cumpleaños Nonita! Wishing you a special day ♥

No. 1738715

File: 1698246192584.gif (74.41 KB, 480x360, ucho .GIF)

Nonita, happy birthday! Also wishing you a special day ♥

No. 1738756

Thank you sweetie pie!!!

No. 1738762

My friend just bought a "Get well soon!" card for her aunt with dementia. Should I say anything?

No. 1738767

No. 1738815

KEK yes, you should say something. i'm sure if the rest of her family sees it they'll be upset. but how does this friend not know dementia is incurable though lmao

No. 1738818

KEK that is so cute, i think you should talk to her kek

No. 1741662

DAE have certain moments in your life where you just stop to think to yourself:
>I may not fully appreciate this moment now, but some day years into the future I will look back on this time fondly or wish I could go back.
I've thought of that for things like spending time with loved ones, namely my cat as he got older. I knew my cat was getting up there in age and I didn't want to feel like I didn't spend enough time with him before he died. I'm so glad I did. I think about my mom, and my grandma whom I am both very close with. They're both on my mom's side. I wonder when my grandma will die and I wonder how I've been as a granddaughter. I talked to my mom about what her wishes are, but not in a grim way like, "before you die, is there anything you wanna do?" more just like, "what do you want me to do after I get my career off the ground?". I have many gripes with modern culture and all that, but maybe one day I'll feel nostalgic for these times so I try to put myself out there more to just live in the times now so that I can have cherished memories later on. I guess I'm thinking about the future a lot. I think the thought that slowly and steadily time is slipping away from me and one day I'll inevitably die is enough to motivate me to keep going and keep trying to achieve things right now so I can have the future I want and be proud of myself.

No. 1741678

no it's always the opposite, i realized i suffered for so long and have no idea how i survived.

No. 1741688

Please integrate and don’t bring reddit acronyms here

No. 1741690

Sometimes, yeah. I'm young and I know that's something to appreciate, and I've been thinking more about mortality. I was born later in life so the rest of my family is considerably older than me (closest in age is my sister who's 12 years older) and I never really thought about that when I was younger.

No. 1741709

integrate newfag

No. 1741978

Oh I didn't know that came from reddit I just used it because it fit. Sorry about that.

No. 1743516

gave my kitten a ping pong ball, it's been amused for hours

No. 1743538

Anyone wanna tell me about something they're working on? Are you writing something? Are you sewing something? Are you playing a game and trying to grind?

No. 1743550

I want to kill myself

No. 1743571

File: 1698605931126.jpg (7.22 KB, 167x215, uhhhhh.jpg)

That's not really what I was hoping for. You reading anything interesting? Seen a good movie?

No. 1743576

I'm writing my uni notes on my puter, what about you?

No. 1743579

I'm making some long, long overdue mood boards for anons. What do you take in uni nona?

No. 1743583

I'm taking history classes! Would you share a moodboard itt?

No. 1743587

Oooh, what's your favorite era in history to study? I'll link a few of the past ones I've made, I posted them in the retarded shitposting thread, oh shit, an entire year ago kek

No. 1743599

I guess it's ancient european history, the greeks and the romans basically
>1 year ago

No. 1743614

I'm reading obscure/avant-garde manga oneshots that were posted in the manga thread on /m/. Earlier I was watching a movie from 1977 and someone was jogging while wearing a shirt that said "JOGGING KILLS" and I really fucking want that shirt, I keep thinking about it.

No. 1743631

what movie

No. 1743657

Rabid. I stopped watching it because I got distracted so I can’t say wether it’s good or bad (probably a bit of both judging by the beginning)

No. 1743672

If you take requests, plz make me one kek I'm a leo and my fav colour is sage green ♥

No. 1743691

Added to my list nona

No. 1744333

Cool, thanks!

No. 1747152

lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon

No. 1747154

File: 1698851745306.jpeg (247.33 KB, 1500x1161, FADC9D7E-9A60-49E0-85B7-2F8F65…)

L is for the way they look like this
E is for the extraordinary sour. Taste
M is for magnificent
O is for Oh my god yummy
N is for no way this is tooogood!

No. 1748724

I know for sure at least three of you guys follow me on tumblr. The last farmhall I was in had around 120 participants iirc, so I'm taking this as a very plain basis for how many people are using this site, and this means I've got 2.5% of all farmers following me. I didn't even try with those three, but let me tell you, remaining 97.5%, I'll make you mine, too.

No. 1748897

File: 1698945437928.jpeg (7.25 MB, 1847x2500, 6CEF851D-B56A-4D42-8CB8-612D58…)

Scan from a 1998 girls magazine called SMILE. I wonder if any of these sites are still alive

No. 1748905

link to it? cute. I love magazines, it's a shame they are exctint

No. 1748963

File: 1698947270356.jpeg (1.42 MB, 994x1924, IMG_7382.jpeg)

This just unlocked a core memory for me, does anyone remember gURL.com? I used to check that website every day when I was in middle school and it made me so excited to be a teenager, lol

No. 1748979

i envy you nonny, being a teen in the late 2010s was an absolute pain, there were no countercultures and all teen media was trying to adoctrinates us by either pandering to the gendie crowd or being alt right dogwhistels. I wish i got to live as a teen pre the 2010s.

No. 1749020

File: 1698949460102.png (32.18 KB, 200x355, Pearl_page_image.png)

what happened to su is kind of a good metaphor (analog?) for what's happening to feminism. or happened
>the gems are a cool all-female race

No. 1749106

were any of these actually used?

No. 1749164

File: 1698955553268.jpg (522.38 KB, 600x801, 010.jpg)

I don't actually remember where I got that scan but it was probably here:

No. 1749181

lmfao i remember reading an article on this site that explained what an orgasm was, they compared it to a watergun pumping until there's enough pressure where u can squirt it. and there was an animated gif of a watergun. completely mindblowing to me at the time

No. 1749194

File: 1698957420659.png (749.96 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 4.36.…)

No. 1749209

kek, yes! I miss this stuff, I miss the "zine" feel of it and the whole late 90s style

No. 1749215

We used to say BMOC as in "big man on campus" lol

No. 1749253

why is that poor girl and her cat getting blasted by the orgasm watergun?? lmao

No. 1749284


No. 1749489

Thank you for sharing this website! I've spent a good hour or two perusing its content. It feels weirdly nostalgic, even though I never used it.

No. 1749526

File: 1698977925289.png (319.33 KB, 1182x356, Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 22.17…)

if you go to gurl.com now it redirects to Seventeen. I was looking up why that is (not interesting, Seventeen just bought it after it shut down so they could redirect it to them) and saw this
>it was also used in academia to study the online behavior of teenage girls.
I must see these academic papers!

No. 1759465

File: 1699467377929.gif (453.3 KB, 500x265, giphy.gif)

I wish I had more joints or bones or whatever in my foot so i could do the wave with my feet(picture of animated moid)

No. 1759467

Waking up early

No. 1759531

My cat is being so clingy today. I love her but I just want my foot back. Please Nutmeg please…..

No. 1759535

I watched the Hazbin Hotel pilot today and it was really terrible. Wow. Why is it popular?

No. 1759538

I dislocated my big toe bone and it has been the stupidest experience ever. Now that it's been done once, it happens all the time. My feet will be propped against the wall with no pain, I'll go to move them, and they'll be completely stuck in that position until I use my hands to crack the joint and the bone can slide back into place.
What's the stupidest injury you've ever had?

No. 1759543

I ended up not being able to make >>1730006
because I lost my job, I apologize for the disappointment nonnies

No. 1759544

It had seemed really promising at the time, and some people aren't willing to let it go. Her other series Helluva Boss has some good jokes and world building in the early episodes, but she's gone insane since and the newer episodes are unwatchable garbage.
I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you get responses to all your applications.

No. 1759565

File: 1699472575695.png (843.21 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20231108_144140_Duc…)

I bought a single cabbage and it's so big. Idk how I'm going to finish the whole thing. I made two cabbage soups that are completely stuffed full of cabbage (so much that it's more like a stew) and it's good, but each batch lasts me days and the cabbage literally doesn't even look smaller than it was when I got it. It's like there's infinite layers… I live alone, this is my first time cooking with cabbage and it's making me feel like I could have a food bill of like $20 a month if I centered my whole diet around cabbage.
My mom grew up really poor (under communism) and I remember she was saying that everybody ate cabbages all the time, now I understand why.

No. 1759579

how does that work calories-wise though

No. 1759588

Make sauerkraut next

No. 1759601

well i'm pretty sure they were chronically malnourished and underweight. She's told me before that meat was uncommon for them so breads and rice were probably the main calorie source.
My grandma said there was a local woman who spent all day hunting small animals which was kinda seen as deviant but they just let her be, so I guess there's people like that too
good idea

No. 1759658

Maybe try making some salads or cabbage rolls or if you aren't vegetarian/vegan?

No. 1759679

Cabbage rolls slap so hard

No. 1759744

Do you ever feel like all the beauty and vibrancy of life have left you, and you don't know where to find it again? I feel like this appreciation was gifted to me by thoughtfully reading and pondering literature and philosophy during my early college years, but after a few years post-graduation of shit work for shit pay with no end in sight, even those things don't even begin to inspire me. Like trying to eat the highest quality meal and finding it turns to ash in my mouth

No. 1759791

Maybe try to make kimchi?

No. 1759806

Idk how you got it from literature and philosophy in the first place. I only get that kind of inspiration from being in nature sitting near a fire, drinking soup and sleeping in my truck

No. 1759958

File: 1699487261806.jpeg (17.24 KB, 275x262, 1561154140673.jpeg)

Why is learning an instrument so fucking hard? I feel like a complete idiot without coordination.

No. 1760096

I posted this in the wrong thread and now I cant delete. I'm sorry mods! Just ignore me.

No. 1760377

File: 1699504072368.png (24.61 KB, 681x426, spongebob.png)

This is the silliest ban I've ever had kekk

No. 1760433

File: 1699504971871.jpg (40.08 KB, 563x489, 3618a652e4df5cef726c2f622a1694…)

you should have yass-ified sponge so it could pass the restriction. This is a hilarious ban, kek, sorry for your banishment, Zuk-nona.

No. 1760436

the mods are fucking retarded these days

No. 1760468

File: 1699505631845.gif (1.31 MB, 390x312, me.gif)

Next time I'll be sure to use Girly Teengirl instead

No. 1760481

File: 1699505980947.png (190.74 KB, 512x512, 2B2B72C9-A74F-418A-8063-27D55A…)

Mods never had picrel on a t-shirt from Wal Mart in 2005, eh?

No. 1760485

We can’t even post spongebob but its okay for f* to sperg for 10 days straight

No. 1760510

What does this mean?

No. 1760513


No. 1760515

File: 1699506634553.jpg (10.9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Ah, back when girls could play games without being second-guessed for it. Does anyone remember the Sega Channel? My parents got it as soon as it came out, and we had it till the service shut down. Good times, good times…

No. 1760525

You didn't follow the one rule of the thread.

No. 1760530

File: 1699506852267.png (Spoiler Image,308.84 KB, 418x734, 1671524298449.png)

click at your own risk

No. 1760539

Oh I thought you were censoring fucking like a retard. But you made a valid censor since /ot/ been plagued by them.

No. 1760546

Fuck you for making us look at this pic again faggot you're turrible

No. 1760559

Newfags don't read thread descriptions and get butthurt when faced with the consequences

No. 1760737

Why though

No. 1761900

who else is procrastinating

No. 1761957

Not a newfag and I know I broke a rule (accidentally obviously), I was never upset or complaining about the ban kek. I was saying silly cause it's funny and I was laughing about it. Stop being such negative Nancys.

No. 1761962

File: 1699536859674.gif (1.24 MB, 500x280, crnch .GIF)

I don’t know if you’re looking for ideas but in case you are: roasted (borderline charred) cabbage wedges are exquisite. I like them with a ginger, tahini and miso dressing.

No. 1761971

I'm waiting for the bus, and it's getting cold isn't it?

No. 1762350

This sounds so good, I'm going to buy a cabbage just to try it.

No. 1762362

File: 1699554489595.png (13.01 KB, 752x254, steps.png)

How many steps do you take a day, nonnies?

No. 1762377

Working: 10k, around 8km I know from Pokémon go. Not working, limited to low area, all depends if I'm staying home or needing to do a few things.

No. 1762379

I inadvertently take 10k because I’m a poofag who can’t spring for a car

No. 1762444

The mean girls musical needs to be canned

No. 1762611

File: 1699559278383.jpeg (43.83 KB, 683x1024, IMG_9184.jpeg)


No. 1762633

No. 1762672

British shorthairs and their little cropped ears and big eyes

No. 1773570

L8 but I'm 99% sure that DAE does not originate from Reddit.

No. 1773948


No. 1774017

No. 1774421

Is the scifi movie Annihilation good? I read that women specifically gave it good reviews and certain themes in the movie center around being a woman or are just more understandable to women. I read the books but apparently the movie is not like the books (probably a good thing, the books suffered from plot-going-nowhere-syndrome)

No. 1774434

I feel this too

No. 1774472

I really enjoyed it. I read the books after seeing the movie, and honestly, I like the movie way more. Yes it is super different, and they didn't include a lot from the books. I think it has a good ending, and I just love all of the strange things that go on.. Very unsettling.

No. 1774502

I liked the movie a lot. I read the first book after seeing the movie and I think they are different experiences, but with overarching themes. Definitely worth a watch, in my opinion.

No. 1782269

File: 1700611116541.jpg (27.24 KB, 415x739, images.jpg)

Who else likes Sylvanian families here

No. 1782374

File: 1700615420330.jpeg (1006.74 KB, 1786x1959, FBA8F5C5-1D64-44E5-AC6B-3A091C…)

these little crochet hats are fun to make

No. 1782379

File: 1700615687422.jpg (315.32 KB, 4031x1691, sylvanianfriendss.jpg)

i love them! everything about them is just the cutest

No. 1782389

No. 1782391

The grey cat reminds me of Snufkin

No. 1782401

aw look at all the babies!
y’know, you’re right. I knew this outfit reminded me of someone but couldn’t put a pin on it

No. 1782421

File: 1700618092359.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3464x3464, 30609070-254C-4F7C-80EC-6FEE36…)

I seriously want a cute set to I can play with them like when I was a kid. But tbh, I feel like the “magic” died at some point when I was 15 years old? Did anyone else just felt that too? Like as a kid I could spend the whole ass day playing with toys all by myself, but then it was like I couldn’t even force myself to sit there and play the novels I would play for hours as a kid.
Pic related is stuff from sylvanian families that I would like to own.

No. 1782422

They truly are.

No. 1782439

I know exactly what you're talking about. It's like your imagination dies. You can still daydream, but it's different.

No. 1782462

I know its cringe but let yourself play. Adults also need some sort of play, just different to when we were kids

No. 1782907

I've never seen these things but they're cute and I'm itching to get one to make tiny clothes for lol

No. 1782912

Honestly now that you're an adult you should be able to be more detailed in your play than ever before. Societal standards really don't mean shit, the magic was lost because the fear of judgement is so invasive that we even judge ourselves while alone. I agree with >>1782462, let yourself play. With a more developed mind you can create more complex characters and events, it's no different than writing a story but you're using toys like actors. There is nothing weird or wrong or cringe about wanting to enjoy your imagination and to play. If people can larp and play dnd without shame, why can't you act out a story with your nice dolls? You can customize them, build sets for them, create a whole world. We have to let ourselves be happy, regardless of the indoctrinated voice in our minds telling us we're being stupid. It's not stupid.

No. 1782922

Just get high as a kite and play. Last time I took acid I swear it felt like 2008 again for a couple of hours.

No. 1783037

LADIES! They found a possible cause for endometriosis. It might have been fusobacterium all along. Hopefully an antibiotic treatment is on the way, but it's too early to be sure. Some rare good news! The research is looking bright for the first time.

No. 1783050

Oooooo do you have more info on this? It's great news!

No. 1783051


No. 1783060

File: 1700668146854.png (256.26 KB, 720x1452, IMG_20231122_094754.png)

That's super interesting, what are the current treatments for endometriosis? Does it come back? Does it hurt? Can it be linked to cancer or HPV? Sorry I have so many questions…

No. 1783117

I want a whole room just for these toys. And yeah, i get what you mean. I still write fics and short stories, but my imagination feels different than when I was 14-15. There has to be a way to access it again.

No. 1783118

So cool to see medical advancements happen in real time

No. 1783307

So funny, just last night after I came I was thinking, "I want to know more about orgasms. How do they work? Like physiologically, what is happening to me?" This comic would have been the perfect resource, but unfortunately only 7 of 13 pages were archived in the Wayback Machine… and it stops right before the actual science! I feel a little disappointed. Would anynonny like to explain it to me personally instead, or should I take this to Stupid Questions kek

No. 1785234

File: 1700752882414.png (212.06 KB, 644x483, 48K0LWS2HZEe1dLizgtP_YTJXvG997…)

I love reading forum threads from 11 september 2001
the linkos for a somethingawful thread: https://www.truegamer.net/SA_911/911%20SATHREAD/wtc01.html

No. 1786998

yes but only on good days. Like a latte and a long walk. Kinda makes me miss 2021. I was walking almost every day

No. 1787000

i miss this kind of stuff, what i wouldn't give for late 90s websites

No. 1787017

File: 1700860228054.jpg (36.29 KB, 400x400, XiSjbpP7_400x400.jpg)

I always am. I know I have to send a letter, do some coding exercises, respond to my friend, refill my medicine but what am I doing? Being lazy here

No. 1822886

I've been thinking about getting a cat as a pet. I've never had pets outside of the usual fish when I was younger, so now that I am an adult I think I should have that experience I missed out on. Is there anything that you guys wish you knew before owning cats?

No. 1822893

I would get 2, only so they can keep eachother company. My boy really came out of his shell and is alot more social now that we have a girl. He was always snuggly but they really mesh well together I'm happy for them.
If your cat doesn't have the gene for catnip being like crack, try silver vine. Ours don't like catnip but like silver vine (still not as crackheady as other cats tho).
Get those honeycomb cardboard scratching blocks for them too, mime both love them.

No. 1822899

File: 1703172192305.png (144.97 KB, 720x1289, IMG_20231221_091929.png)

No. 1822901

File: 1703172242672.png (140.43 KB, 720x817, IMG_20231221_091953.png)

No. 1822905

does the pinkpill site even exist anymore?

No. 1822909

I wonder too, was trying to find it

No. 1822920

>no moid talk
>textual description of woman who identifies with not being able to get a man

No. 1822935

NTAYRT but I'm planning on getting a cat after the holiday break and I'm worried about my cat being lonely. I don't have enough money/room to house two cats, do cats experience loneliness and separation anxiety a lot?

No. 1822940

It doesn't say if she was rejected by a girl or a guy

No. 1822942

get a cat! or a couple! I agree with everything >>1822893 says. oh, and plastic litterboxes need to be replaced every now and then.

No. 1822952

Just remember that cats live 15-20 years and they don't like traveling (unless you acclimate them to it as kittens which is rare) so make sure you're not gonna move every couple years or lose the ability to care for them in the next 15-20 years.

No. 1822974

nta either but i think it depends on the cat. i have 2 and theyre not bonded, they just tolerate each others presence lol. i think most cats just appreciate the company of their people more than anything

No. 1822980

make sure you get a good cat tree! something nice and sturdy that they can scratch and climb on, otherwise they'll use your couch

No. 1822990

House cats (generally) do well on their own. If you happen to adopt through a shelter you'll probably even notice listings for cats who're only allowed to go to homes with no other pets.

No. 1823121

Thanks a lot nonnas! The kitty currently lives with his siblings at a farmhouse and I guess I'm worried about my small one person apartment being a downgrade for him. He would become an outdoors cat if I don't adopt him and I heard that's not ideal for cats.

No. 1823168

do it nona! i wouldn't worry too much about your apartment being small, cats dont need big spaces like dogs do as long as you give them somewhere to climb and things to play with. i lived in a 600sqf apartment for 2 years with my 2 cats (one being a former barn kitten too) and they did just fine, happy as can be!

No. 1823183

In my personal experience growing up on a farm with loads of cats, some cats stay exclusively indoors out of their own free will and others really want a garden and everything in between. But anything is better than kicking a socialized cat that's used to being fed outdoors where it has to fend for itself, that's for sure.

No. 1823216

File: 1703186907413.jpg (120.96 KB, 640x640, 19c0af80a0b92e49dca0f1feff9c37…)

Tell me what Stareew Valley mods you like anons! I finally got a new computer that is compatible with SMAPI, so I can upgrade my game. I know I'm for sure getting a mod to make the fishing bar bigger.
My other computer is old as balls so this also opens up the potential to play other games too. Exciting.

No. 1823226

Just found vidrel again. My sister and me used to watch the shit out of this, I feel like 14k of the views on it are just by us.

No. 1823765

File: 1703217475919.jpeg (1 MB, 1200x800, Molly-Yeh-in-Food-Networks-Gir…)

Does anyone else here have role model you wish you were more like? I genuinely love Molly Yeh's farm cooking show, she's always do happy and pleasant, I wish I was more like that. Is it bad to think this? Watching her really makes me want to better myself and be nicer. I just don't want to sound like a bpdfag that copies people's personalities, idk

No. 1823766

File: 1703217554955.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1399, 1699513164231.png)

No. 1823826

I have these mods
>DCBurger's High Res portraits !!!
>Canon-friendly dialogue expansion
>Hat's won't mess up hair
>Climates of Ferngill
>Cooking Skill
>Happy Birthday (player gets a birthday and gifts from NPCs)
>Seasonal Villager Outfits
which already require like 7 compatibility/middleman mods like SMAPI, Pytk, Spacecore, etc.
A lot of people like StardewValleyExpanded but I liked Ridgeside Valley more tbh - doubles the NPCs and bachelor/ettes, more recipes and unique crops, etc.
I'd love to redownload the PPJA crops/artisan products expansion mods, Artisan/Flower Valley mods, and individual character dialogue expansion mods, but past a point it's too much work manually downloading updated patches… Maybe I'll buy and keep cancelling NexusMod's subscription if I decide I want all those mods for my next playthrough

No. 1823855

Oh man, I’ve been wanting to play Stardew Valley but modding it seems super complicated

No. 1823860

there's tutorials out there, even on the Stardew wiki. it's just downloading mods and extracting them to your game folder, updating it manually can just be a headache bc there's so many. try it like 5 times and you'll find it hard to go back to pure vanilla gameplay lol

No. 1823870

No. 1824073

It's not so bad nona, you just need to install the mod manager and then you drag and drop all the mods you installed in it. There are very clear instructions if you get stuck. You can start with one or two and see how you like it

No. 1824753

File: 1703277774124.png (562.42 KB, 720x717, 6897696968.png)

Cleaning my meme folder, maybe someone will find these useful

No. 1824754

File: 1703277798827.jpg (11.13 KB, 225x224, 95895578758578785.jpg)

No. 1824810

File: 1703279964085.jpg (180.97 KB, 1242x1229, meme-dump-cya-v0-opyi7pcz9b4a1…)

No. 1824811

No. 1824821

That's why I'm cleaning my meme folder, silly.

No. 1824856

damn i wish this wasn't a reaction pic for ants because i love this. you got one in a higher res nonna?

No. 1824958

File: 1703286154327.jpeg (169.72 KB, 1242x1235, Fq7F_JYWcAIrt5g.jpeg)

ntayrt, but I found this

No. 1824969

this is perfect thank you

No. 1825085

File: 1703289814170.jpg (20.11 KB, 564x564, hola diablo.jpg)


No. 1830441

OH is the thread pic a tortie because they're all girls? Nice

No. 1830450

I’m free until January 8th no work no obligations. What should I do? Go on a trip? Learn a new skill or do some creative challenge? Get my face micro needled? Go on an internet cleanse and meditate so I’m less weird when I start my new job? Reconnect with my estranged mother? Doomscroll for 10 days straight?

No. 1830491

An internet cleanse in combination with something you enjoy doing sounds like a good idea! I'd totally go on a trip if I were you, could be a great end/start of the year.

No. 1830607

Everything except the last one. Or the last two if your mother was abusive. Enjoy your free time.

No. 1830863

Okay I’ll start planning something ASAP. Maybe I’ll go camping so there’s no internet (but it’s kinda cold might need new equipment, still I could do it)

>Or the last two if your mother was abusiv
Wow kinda tearing me up I don’t know how to answer that —it’s complicated? I think she wants to see me but I want something I don’t think is there for me. While it could be cathartic a larger part of me thinks it would be a disaster and should be avoided, but I can’t stop thinking about it

No. 1831314

Nona, if the thing you want that isn't there is something like love, care and empathy, then don't try to reconnect. Find a good, understanding therapist to speak to instead. I'm speaking from experience. Wishing you all the best.

No. 1834434

Why is this thread dead, do we truly only use LC to vent and infight?

No. 1834447

No. 1834626

File: 1703973341665.jpg (47.38 KB, 564x846, ba173c117ce3a6a0714a587d145e41…)

Post an outfit you would wear in public if it was more socially acceptable. This is mine.

No. 1835016

>socially acceptable
nonsense nona, wear it now
why bother waiting until you're a grandma to let loose and have fun? do it when you're young and enjoy this sort of thing

No. 1835063

jeans and no shirt

No. 1835270

File: 1704048673318.jpg (96.78 KB, 564x705, e73a07dba6d63ff907751a3b1d1809…)

I've been wanting a wool cape for years so maybe I will nona. Maybe I will!

No. 1835288

Am I crazy or is this decently socially acceptable? Chic dressed ladies are nothing out of the ordinary in cities.

No. 1835298

I think the hat and cape combo looks like something from Bloodborne, and might turn more than a few eyebrows.

No. 1835321

Oh you're right, tbh I immediately did away with the hat thinking no one would wear that (sorry)

No. 1835376

This is Bloodbornecore

No. 1835401

I wear an ankle-length wool cape and have gotten nothing but compliments on it. You should wear what you like, confidence is the key. Let's make capes socially acceptable again!

No. 1835426

OMG where did you buy that cape nona?

No. 1835512

Punk Rave.

No. 1835937

File: 1704103379286.png (3.14 KB, 640x480, 34-omoriup1_0041.png)

I have technically just 12 things in my room
i got rid of (almost) everything
all my digital and physical art since i was 12
all my things i thought would be cool to do but never actually touched
all the books that i don't care about and already have in pdf form
art is no longer what i believe is my identity and no one interest can be my identity
if i ever come back to it it'll be from a place of intentional expression
I am giving my wacom away to my friend for her birthday
I'm enjoying just journalling, taking long walks, meditating, learning shit i don't have attachment to & catching myself when i make mistakes
contacted all my friends to hang out after months of non(semi)-contact and 4/6 were happy about it and the 2/6 i knew were already apathetic about me which confirmed my feelings about sizing down my friends
i'm going to play board games, have some taiwanese food and sing karaoke with them next week

No. 1893670

File: 1708347120722.jpg (144.26 KB, 735x913, bf7b8b0889ce9e7dc968dcc982a38e…)

I really think having money can help you develop a personality if you use it right. With money, you can indulge in the things you like and experience more.

No. 1893680

it's true but definitely not a requirement. a lot of rich people are retarded and have no idea how to enjoy their money or even have hobbies besides things they consider hobbies (traveling or shopping for example are certified non hobbies)

No. 1893746

oh wow mods left this thread untouched, a small miracle

No. 1893787

File: 1708354330892.png (486.4 KB, 500x899, FR6t2b0VgAAgjFI.png)

i have a stupid Throne wishlist i keep for myself just to track things i like, would want to buy or want to buy again kek.
Knowing that i can't make it private bothers me but i doubt anyone would end up finding my account or be interested in it even if i see that it has some views every now and then

No. 1893829

dumbass shit… REBORN!!(wrong thread)

No. 1893855

Learn to move in silence anons! You're not supposed to say anything so they don't snipe this one too

No. 1894199

whatever happened to dumbass shit anyway? someone spoonfeed me

No. 1894202

Cerbmin accused dumbass shit posters of being unintegrated twitterfags and locked the thread during hellweek. Then after hellweek, they unlocked it and autosaged it instead so that it would get buried and eventually die off. I think that decision was retarded because it’s obvious other threads attract much worse anons than the dumbass shit thread ever did

No. 1895015

File: 1708444108245.jpeg (87.21 KB, 1005x302, IMG_6684.jpeg)

These statistics are nice to see after some anons have insisted forever that there are 100 or less users here kek

No. 1895029

Over what time period is this though?

No. 1895034

it really does not feel like there are 5k+ anons here. I wonder what % only use /snow/.
this was during hellweek

No. 1895036

>>Why are you targeting the Dumbass Shit thread specifically?
The primary issue with the Dumbass Shit Thread from our perspective is the dedicated users that it attracts who refuse to integrate when they post outside the thread. Many of the obvious instances of newfaggotry, lack of integration and bait are made by posters who have 80% of their posts in Dumbass Shit. Frequently these users continue posting like they’re in the thread when they do venture out, leading to infights/reports/complaints from other users. We don’t really feel like these specific users belong on the site (especially because they continually refuse to integrate despite warnings/bans) but they ban evade and continue to come back. Obviously not everyone who uses the thread falls into that category and we understand that many users want a place to shitpost, which is why we decided to lower the posting quality requirements in that thread and autosage it rather than remove it. If we actually wanted to kill it, we’d ban the topic/remove the thread.

>Why aren’t you closing other threads that have worse cases of infighting/bait etc.?

Dumbass Shit isn’t closed, it’s autosaged. The users can continue to make new threads as it fills up and use those threads however they like (with the exception of serious rule breaking). As for why other threads are not locked or autosaged, we have discussed as a team whether or not to close the worst offenders (e.g. Unpopular Opinions) and we’re still keeping an eye on it. We aren’t ruling out closing them in the near future if things do not improve.

I can't believe they autosaged dumbass shit but kept the number one bait and infight hotspot that is unpopular opinions around. Unbelieveable. (Don't redtext me jannies, you don't do anything with the feedback in /meta/ anyway).

No. 1895038

Oh that's really good. Actually I think /ot/ gets most traffic, if you go to the homepage, /ot/ is always like half of all posts in the latest posts section.

No. 1895058

Damn, there are way more women here than I ever thought. Half the time I feel like I'm talking to or arguing with only five other people. Then again, they say that only 1% of lurkers comment, so I'm surprised at the sheer number of women who actually visit the site.

No. 1895073

i never liked pink and im really pissed that pink is mostly used for girl stuff.

No. 1895074

its a very boring and ugly color honestly. It feels fake.

No. 1895078

File: 1708447324750.jpg (27.82 KB, 388x1000, 61G7u20rr L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

No. 1895093

I don't love pink myself but… fake?
When i see it i easily think of flesh, it reminds me of meat or lips, toe beans, stuff like that

No. 1895137

I want to buy a church in the middle of nowhere and live in it so badly. Not even a fancy traditional church or anything, it could even be a 1950s rancher-style no stained glass or anything even particularly church-y about it. After a few years of living in the city for college and work, I would love to retreat into the woods again even though I hated growing up in the middle of nowhere.

No. 1895144

I really like the colour pink (light pink the most, I don't like bright or dark pinks that much) and I feel like I don't get to have my feminist card as it were because of it

No. 1895182

used to think these videos were dumb zoomzoom nonsense but now i see the appeal. so many cute and highly curated songs and no ads hallelujah

No. 1895267

File: 1708457252390.png (5.35 KB, 700x100, nec4.png)

No. 1895277

File: 1708457762862.png (64.65 KB, 720x452, IMG_20240220_133416.png)

I wish women could be allowed to be mean and angry on the internet and post their true REAL opinion on shit without this fake possi omg besties sparkle sparkle shit. Reminds me so much of pixie locks it gives me the ick

No. 1895279

File: 1708457852964.png (39.76 KB, 720x273, IMG_20240220_133401.png)

>Omg not chill at all guys!
Stfu talk like a normal person with your real emotions or it sounds like mockery and NO One will take it seriously, complain with your freaking heart out

No. 1895314

Woahh I love this! I found this one too, I think "sped up" is funny to use instead of nightcore but I guess it looks more normie and appealing that way

No. 1895327

God I hate when women talk like this it gives me the ick

No. 1895346

oh honey

No. 1895531

I use a vpn so I see other anon’s ban reasons all the time and I hate reading some of the cowish troll posts. I just saw one written by some shota anon which disturbed me greatly. Sometimes the posts are pretty harmless and amusing though, and I have a guilty pleasure of reading the hateful seething ones from /snow/ kek

No. 1895541

Same but I honestly see a lot of… wait we can't talk about mls here. But yeah those are mostly permanent which sucks because I can't use those VPNs anymore. Its only for the spicy takes anyways

No. 1895561

These playlists are actually so cute, at first I didn't want to listen to them because I thought they would be cringe or that they would have shitty songs, but they're actually really nice and I even feel like studying, drawing and working while listening to these.
Plus the silly cats are cute, I wonder just where are they from, I want to learn how to make them.

No. 1895596

File: 1708476585776.png (38.93 KB, 520x428, GDgSBvKbMAEX6m6.png)

the cats are by ha4to on Twitter!

No. 1895672

animal crossing is too cute for me, i hate it.

No. 1895678

Sometimes I think about my villagers and how I abandoned them after the pandemic and I feel sad

No. 1895712

Don't feel sad nona Isabelle is still there to watch over your island's residents. For real though ACNH was such a let down, and this is coming from an autist that had a dedicated Animal Crossing blog for 4 years in the early 2010s. It was such a downgrade from previous titles in the series in terms of long-term playability and its launch was marred by the missing content that arrived way too late. If the pandemic didn't happen, I think ACNH would have sold less copies than ACWW or maybe a bit more than ACNL.

No. 1895722

Why is it such a downgrade? I haven’t played any of the other games except for ACNL

No. 1895735

File: 1708486953380.jpg (55.89 KB, 809x647, i like the mean ones!.jpg)

So some of the positive aspects that a lot of long-time fans and myself enjoyed were the island setting of this game, it felt cool to be on a tropical island, also the island customization aspect was fun and the most customization we've ever had in an AC title, and I liked the crafting element too. IMO there were too many substantial downgrades from previous versions that soured my opinion on ACNH and those opinions are shared by a lot of long-time fans in my circle share. A few examples I can name quickly are:
>Boring villagers
Villagers are at the core of the AC experience IMO, and in ACNH they are very very boring and repetitive. In ACNH it feels like the villagers are just collectable gatcha reskins of the same character over and over again instead of unique and interesting members of a community that you are driven to interact with for the sake of fun and new dialogue. This was a problem in ACNL as well, but if you compare ACNH to any entry in the series before ACCF you'll notice that the character dialogue is very lacking. They've removed any personality from the villagers in favour of "I am so cute I am a little cat look at me being cute haha you are cute too I'm so happy being cute also you are cute too this place is so cute!" dialogue trees that repeat in on themselves. In older games, villagers could be mean, rude, hurtful, they could really sting you with their words like picrel. I find that when all the villagers ~totally love~ me from the start it's disingenuous and I don't have the drive to become friends with them like I did in older games.
>Lack of furniture
Decorating your house in AC is also a staple of the series. I was expecting ACNH to have the most furniture of any game in the series because of the switch's hardware and memory, but unfortunately Nintendo didn't really bring us that in the end. ACNH actually had less furniture than the previous installment, and we were missing a lot of staple furniture sets that were in the AC series since the first or second installment. It made decorating houses feel kind of boring and all the same-y, which was especially weird because the spinoff title Happy Home Designers was literally the AC game we got before ACNH and it was focused solely on decorating with the immense amount of furniture item choices.
>Poor launch
When the game first launched, a lot of long-time fans felt that the game seemed to be lacking a lot of elements that were cherished in prior installments. We were told Nintendo would be releasing new data in the form of updates, which I personally thought was kind of lazy. Why not delay the launch until the game is fully complete, instead of selling me something that is only 50% of what it will eventually be? I think they did this because they knew the market was perfect to launch it and it worked out for them, but because the game was so half-baked at launch a lot of people stopped playing after a few months before any major data updates because there was so little to do. Even in the final state of the game, the Nook store is only upgraded twice (in older games it could be upgraded more than 4 times), there's a lot of stores and NPCs missing from older installments, and there is a lack of clear direction. Sorry I sperged so hard on this if you can't tell I'm autisticly infatuated with the animal crossing series. I do believe that ACNL is the superior title over ACNH which sucks because I had super high hopes for an AC game on the switch, but I find that I get more drive to play on my NL town than I do with my NH town, and this is coming from someone with over 1000+ hours in ACNL and something like 200 in ACNH.

No. 1895764

sorry for sperg but I've been a huge fan since the gamecube version and hate NH with a passion
>crafting is a shitty mechanic. they really didn't need to add grinding resources and popping balloons to get basic furniture
>lack of content at launch, then slowly trickling in the bare minimum through updates
>villager dialogue continues to get more watered-down. People have been complaining about this for a long time now but they've turned the "cranky" type into a friendly old man, everyone worships you from the first time you meet, and there's a ton of dialogue repetition
tldr it just felt very half-assed and empty to me. It's missing a lot from the previous games and the new ideas they've added aren't compelling enough to make up for it. Even the island terraforming, while cool, felt like a chore because of how slow and costly it is. With all of this full customization control the player character doesn't even feel like a "villager" anymore and I think they sacrificed a lot of the charm of the game by doing this imo. Sadly since it's their best-selling game the next one will probably be a lot like this. but tbf I did sink several hundred hours into it during the pandemic like everyone else. The home design DLC is really really fun

No. 1895826

File: 1708491093905.jpeg (249.19 KB, 1024x768, B992BA14-22A7-4F1D-8A16-200811…)

I miss the old internet. I miss the old world. I really hate being an adult Zoomer

No. 1895832

I hang around on the fruitier aero subreddit and I’m astounded by how many people (kids?) don’t really have a grasp of what the style looked like. They keep spamming the sub with shitty furry drawings with aquariums or green and blue filters slapped on

No. 1895839

Interesting, thanks for explaining kek. This reminds me a bit about how I feel about BOTW and TOTK (but TOTK especially) compared to older zeldas as a long time zelda fan. Repackaged, bigger, but more shallow

No. 1895840

File: 1708491782559.jpg (87.99 KB, 800x600, PinkKittyMessenger.jpg)

I don't understand how we've regressed so far that modern apps and websites are less customizable than they were in the 2000s. Why.

No. 1895841

Because they needed to dumb the Internet down to appeal to normalfags. God I fucking hate normalfaggots

No. 1895846

Me too nonny. I miss when you could just fuck around on the internet for fun, and disagreements at most would just be people calling each other retarded. Now the internet is one giant fucking ad, everything intended to sell shit, and everybody only cares about politics and it gets shoehorned into EVERYTHING, which has lead to calling other people fascist constantly. I don't even think majority of the people saying that know the actual definition for the word kek, they just know it's something you say to someone online when you don't like their opinion.

No. 1895848

Your post reminded me of early twitter when you could choose the colours of your theme, text, and links. Why did they take that away?

No. 1895852

You both summarize it really well. I was so disappointed. It's like they took away everything and it's a shell of what it used to be. Taking away the original furnitures sets was so upsetting, I don't understand why they did that. The fact that it sold extremely well (only because of the pandemic!!) scares me that this is all it will be in the future, but who knows. I also played all of them since gamecube came out and remember just spelling a word wrong in a letter made my villagers shittalk me in response kek.

No. 1895854

Computers should have stayed a nerd thing, this stuff hardly ever required coding experience and if you were too lazy to learn you were probably busy spending time outside with friends anyway.
"Muh brand aesthetic" seems bleak but likely.

No. 1895865

Nta but I never played any until recently, put the old ones on emulators on my phone (game cube and DS I think?), absolutely loved them then tried the new one on new tech and was baffled. We've regressed.
Also, I customised the backgrounds and buttons with custom PNGs in the emulator app and it is one of the best decisions I made this year because it brings so much joy, like putting stickers on my old handheld

No. 1895896

File: 1708498838718.jpeg (39.94 KB, 750x426, 2056065B-D0B2-4A0B-B9D3-E69651…)

>floods rooms with tears

Need to bring this back kek it’s so good

No. 1895903

I felt the same about TOTK… I sunk a ton of hours into BOTW but for some reason TOTK didn't hook me. Maybe it was too similar to the previous game? Sky islands weren't that cool especially once you went to like 3 of them and realized you had seen everything the game had to offer there. Same with the underground (although I think the inverted map was a really cool gimmick)

No. 1896142

Had a discussion about backhanded compliments earlier and I've just remembered a time in highschool during the mid 2000s I had a friend tell me she loves how I can just come to school not giving a fuck about my hair. And I was like yeah haha. But I was getting beaten at home everyday and a group of girls had decided I was their target of hate for the school year. I was not thriving, i was more worried about hiding my bruises. Yet there was a weird juxtaposition in the mid 2000s. I'd be sat at lunch fretting about my school uniform and making sure no marks were visible meanwhile the emo kids were rolling up their sleeves to show their self harm scars.

No. 1896153

You used to be able to choose a background image too. I still miss that even if I stopped posting on twitter years and years ago.

No. 1896207

Ayrt yeah exactly. Even though BOTW wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted zelda to go in, I still really enjoyed it, put in tons of hours and completed it twice + the dlc. I dropped TOTK after like 50 hours because it became a chore and I’m not sure I’ll pick it up again. Maybe the overworld felt too redundant, like you said. The characters also felt way less interesting than in BOTW (I loved BOTW zelda and her character development, even though they really missed with her english VA kek). Everything I didn’t like about BOTW was intensified in TOTK and everything I liked about BOTW was repackaged but done significantly worse in TOTK. If you like crafting games, then TOTK is worth a play, I don’t think it’s a bad game or anything, but I liked the old zelda better personally

No. 1896473

I love sweet coffee so much

No. 1896506

File: 1708540089424.jpeg (426.72 KB, 1960x1960, IMG_0560.jpeg)

Same. I’m on my second cup of the day about to make the third

No. 1897778

File: 1708627975160.jpg (61.78 KB, 747x622, spicebush-swallowtail-caterpil…)

I've never understood how evolution makes animals look like other animals and things in nature. Picrel for example, how does evolution know what a snake looks like so that the caterpillar may look like a snake? How did it know to make stickbugs look like sticks? I guess it's just a case of nature doing random things and sometimes it has beneficial consequences for the animal that has evolved. Maybe I need to go back to elementary school science…

No. 1897784

It doesnt know what a snake looks like, the catapillers that are born mutated to look more snakelike just happen to scare off predators more than others, and go on to reproduce.

The thing that confuses me is how male and female evolved. How did that evolve? How the heck did two separate single cell organisms evolve to be able to reproduce sexually, one mutated into a male, the other a female, at the same time?

No. 1897814

File: 1708630030984.jpg (111.83 KB, 736x1104, 2520e5abbde4fad9f92713feeb2874…)

Crackle polish should be the next 2010s trend revival

No. 1897830

It is theorized that females came first (hence why we generally behave like more "complete" humans, and you'll see this in many animals too) and then males happened as a mutation (hence the Y gene's appearance, much smaller and kinda crooked looking). It's also a theory that the mutated male organisms started approaching the the female ones as parasites, which then evolved into some kind of "symbiotic" relationship (it's now gone back to parasitic though kek).

No. 1897832

Samefag but am I the only one who used to be absolutely obsessed with these water marble nail art videos?

No. 1897835

I was, they never worked for me either. I posted about doing crackle nails and a nona (playfully mocked me). I loved Crackle.

No. 1897852

File: 1708631622485.jpg (590.02 KB, 1603x2240, peplum.jpg)

I'd love if 2010s peplum could Coke back. I never see stuff like this in stores.

No. 1897854

Love these for how easy they were to pull off

No. 1897855

Oh my God I damn near exclusively wore these tops kek I loved this trend in high school. I think I still have some of them kicking around in the depths of my closet

No. 1897882

File: 1708633173618.jpg (50.38 KB, 458x700, 54f480dfaba2b10e95caac55df8f39…)

I'm sorry nonny but I have to respectfully disagree on the peplum tops. I did like those bodycon peplum dresses though. For me I want to see the big cardigan/skater skirt/tights outfit formula return, it was so cute and comfy

No. 1897886

File: 1708633792211.jpg (65.45 KB, 590x681, 81a73640f14e80557669e830541394…)

I love it, it's still available in my country (Essence Cracking Top Coat, if someone wants to buy it) and I thought it would make a comeback very soon, but no such luck. And honestly, I would prefer the Opi Black Spotted to be the next 2010s trend, as I never could get that one, there was never a dupe in my country and I still want it, kek.

can we do both? There a different body types that would look amazing in those styles and why not have it all? It both looks nice and comfortable, not like those trousers that will put your bottom in the centre of attention or crop tops on everyone.

No. 1897887

Aah I loved these outfits and it reminds me of lookbook, better times. Unfortunately it never looked good on me

No. 1899022

File: 1708715977857.jpg (104.1 KB, 540x810, HD-lace-wig-noglue-natural-wav…)

I had someone tell me that they could see my lace. It was meant to be a slight, but I just didn't really care. I know you can see my lace, that's cause it's a piece of fabric sitting on my head. I think social media and filters have given people unrealistic expectations when it comes to wigs. In real life, lace front wigs will never be 100% undetectable no matter how good the lace is or how well you put it on.

No. 1899037

I wear lace front wigs too, because of trichotillomania. So far nobody has been rude about it to me but I’m always so paranoid if people notice or are distracted by it

No. 1899295

This fit giving me lookbook.nu flashbacks

No. 1899296

There are very few cases in which you can't see the lace. I am glad it didn't bother you, it's such a stupid thing to point out. They act like you should carry a tiktok filter with you.

No. 1899910

i keep thinking how, if I ever became famous there'd be a bazillion gillion, like never ending rumors about my sexuality just because i never dated anyone and am reserved

No. 1901011

File: 1708863306760.jpg (87.06 KB, 700x467, 5568.jpg)

Those thrift stores and landfills might be useful if the apocalypse comes and no clothes are being produced anymore. Thanks Shein.

No. 1901012

Lookbook was great

No. 1901013

You must be dumb if you think I'm about to wear Shien after the bombs drop. Even with radioactive rain falling overhead or hoards of zombies chasing me, I still wouldn't wear the leaded clothes that Shien produced. Not only from a stylistic perspective, but from a moral perspective as well: why would I wear some old unchic girl's tossed out garbage rags?

No. 1901552

Hahaha, faggot

No. 1901847

fucking toilet flooded on a sunday night

No. 1901876

File: 1708923115506.png (941.78 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6671.png)

I wonder if there is any way/program that can give windows themes to look old, I would love that.

Reminds me when people would share what their desktop background looks on DA way back

No. 1901877

File: 1708923146579.jpeg (138.92 KB, 1000x800, IMG_6672.jpeg)

No. 1901982

I want to go back to this so bad. The old ass photoshop icon is so fucking nostalgic to me. I’ll never forget using it for the first time and being so excited to be able to make drawings like the ones I’d see on deviantart. Kek I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen that OC on deviantart before too.

No. 1902149

Does anyone remember this song from their childhood? It's pretty obscure, it's not on streaming services, there's next to no info about the artist on the internet, it's only available on youtube. I remember it exists like once a year and it always gives me major 2000s nostalgia, anime picture and all.

No. 1902154

>The old ass photoshop icon is so fucking nostalgic to me. I’ll never forget using it for the first time and being so excited to be able to make drawings like the ones I’d see on deviantart.
exactly same nonnie, i pulled up the screenshot and was hoping i'd see the icon after i saw your reply and it's extremely nostalgic. i miss it so much

this, 100% this… i think of it all the time. corporate america saw dollar signs and took over and now the internet is a morgue. i am so glad i got to experience the internet before it all went to shit, i lament the loss too often, i wish we could have oldweb back

No. 1903919

I think I honestly forgot how you order food inside of a fast food restaurant because I'm so used to using the drive through

No. 1903922

Windows feels so bloated now with software I dont fucking need and its so annoying. I updated my laptop the other day and they added some AI assistant to my taskbar. In an attempt at making things more user-friendly it just feels more and more like a pain in the ass to use

No. 1903943

The one thing I miss about living in the countryside rather than the city is drive throughs. Can’t even really drive here because parking is so expensive and scarce, I just have to walk to get my starbucks kek

No. 1904063

How did I already know what it was going to be just from the thumbnail. I used to listen to this on my MP3 player all the time in 6th and 7th grade!! Thanks for the blast from the past anon.

No. 1904089

The neocities thread looks so milky but I dont know if its worth following

No. 1904248

Changed my glasses, see everything in HD now. Am still very ugly but other people are too. Colors are great though.

No. 1904255

I’m happy for you nonna, that’s such a nice feeling. I was so sure my eyesight must have gotten worse when I went to get my eyes checked. But nope. I just have shitty blurry ass vision because of my fucking chronic illness.

No. 1904265

I thought mine had gotten worse too but nope, my glasses just were so old they stopped working. Now gotta get used to not taking them out of my face when reading. All good so far. Can't believe I missed so much just because of old ass glasses.

No. 1904283

It 100% is. There are some gud ass cows in there lel

No. 1904305

My mom and I went to the food pantry together for the first time in years. You used to have to sit in a lobby until your turn, but ever since COVID, now you line up your in your cars and don't even have to get out. We spent the first thirty minutes in boredom, leafing through old New Yorkers. But then I started to tell her some fairy tales and the time flew.

No. 1905609

Since i've read nonas talk about how unappealing ginger/light haired people's eyelashes look i feel kinda conscious about mine.
The funny part is that i have brown hair but it's just light enough that my eyelashes are also barely noticeable.
Also related but i think that arab people tend to have the prettiest eyelashes.

No. 1906884

I honestly find it very pretty, but you can change it pretty easily with some makeup if it's teally bothering you. In any case, you shouldn't overthink your appearance based on other's comments. There's always someone saying something bad about anything. I have black hair and while my eyelashes and eyebrows can be considered appealing, my body hair is way more noticeable than someone with lighter hair. I've received comments while growing up about shaving and trimming, that my blonde friend didn't. People will always point out a flaw in everything, don't let them shape how you see yourself.

No. 1906886

File: 1709248094827.gif (80.39 KB, 480x480, 84226fa88ef8901e83c0cff472765a…)

Happy leap day anons

No. 1906889

File: 1709248435703.gif (183.62 KB, 226x224, da4d6ea38c476ba6aa34d2ef39f1d8…)

Samefag, I'm realizing I should have posted a frog instead

No. 1906892

It’s a magical day!! Also time is fake.

No. 1908337

I think one of my butt cheeks is bigger than the other and I always wonder if people notice. Also I think we need a word for buttcheek that isn't butt/asscheek. It just sounds so childish and awkward.

No. 1908338

Nobody and I mean nobody gaf

No. 1908340

Ok but at least help come up with a new word for buttcheek. Gluteus maximus is too clinical.

No. 1908343


No. 1908360

The cat in the OP picture looks exactly like the cat I had to give up to the shelter because I moved countries. Sorry Olive…

No. 1908367

File: 1709345751763.jpg (54.61 KB, 669x454, elmo.jpg)

There's something comforting in the fact that the most dangerous bacterias to humans are also the most fragile and don't last long on surfaces. Like the bacteria that causes meningitis, for example. I experience OCD symptoms and it's one of the best reminders for when I get anxious

No. 1908461

File: 1709353423800.gif (262.86 KB, 220x246, kms.gif)

whenever i forget something and someone else reminds me what it was i instinctively do a retard movement like picrel out of embarrassment and i end up feeling even more embarrassed about myself, i feel so stupid, i wish i could stop that

No. 1908468

Kek do you do as an anime character?

No. 1908510

File: 1709358877114.jpg (80.1 KB, 736x1177, 1000012905.jpg)

I do anime peace sings whenever I feel miserable.

No. 1908989

File: 1709379128643.png (518.08 KB, 1298x886, synonyms.png)


No. 1909016

Someone took out my airpod to see what music I was listening to but I was just listening to an audio of distant WWII air raid sirens that I downloaded and was listening to an a loop all day. Awkward. Dunno why, but it's very calming and I've been listening to it all week kek. I have another one that's not so calming and I use that one for my morning alarm

No. 1909019

File: 1709383466761.jpeg (183.01 KB, 939x932, IMG_1791.jpeg)

You consider WWII era air raid sirens to be calming? I wish I could stroll around your mind. Fascinating.

No. 1909020

File: 1709383492237.jpg (4.85 KB, 320x180, lightingbelow-320x180.jpg)

So annoyed at myself for letting time pass me by, not doing anything. Barely doing the barest minimum to survive. If past-me saw me right now, she'd cry. I just work, come home, eat, sleep.

No. 1909026

That is so cool. Is that part of a wider interest, or do you just like how the sirens sound?

No. 1909040

Yeah, no idea why, they just sound awesome to me. Though I can't stand police / ambulance sirens, those are annoying as hell.

No. 1909049

I really like learning about WW2, I think it's very interesting. I probably got it from watching loads of movies about WW2, and even movies that aren't about WW2 at all, but just set during that time. I especially like the London Blitz and how people were trying to survive it.

Vidrel is the specific audio I have on loop.

No. 1909051

Nona is trying to desensitize herself to the air raid sirens so when the bombs start to drop she isn't overtaken by fear and panic like the normies. She will be able to safely navigate through WWIII.

No. 1909061

Aww, that sounds like a husky complaining, I love it!

No. 1911680

File: 1709584802837.jpg (43.86 KB, 480x542, 140c916607d8e571332b58d3364577…)

It's shameful to even admit this but some of the things posted in the female fantasies thread get me super hot and bothered. Not to use his name in vain but Jesus Christ.(jesus christ is a moid)

No. 1911692

Just got a bible verse over pokemon surprise trade, not sure what dratini has to do with the bible.

No. 1911695

reminds me of when a woman at my mom's bible club told her that Pokemon is evil because they symbolize Egyptian gods(?!) and my sister's bathing suit with a pikachu on it disappeared that same week so my mom took it as a sign and that was the last time we were allowed to watch pokemon.

No. 1911697

The serpent is an evil symbol to bible schizos. At least you got a dratini. You could give it a berry to hold.

No. 1911880

File: 1709602135896.jpg (55.98 KB, 736x955, 17fd48b23392f6440a0bff8e331ddc…)

I don't understand why it's not standard for these type of bodysuits to have a clasp at the crotch area so you can easily use the restroom. It's literally the only thing stopping me from buying them.

No. 1911900

how do people use the the bathroom in these or jumpsuits? I always wondered

No. 1911901

Pull it to the side

No. 1912366

I don't get why these are even a thing. Why do they exist (I'm genuinely curious). Can't you just wear a normal top/vest/tee?? I don't get it

No. 1912378

My mom works in HR and wears them because they don't slip out of your pants and bunch up around your waist, they just stay put. It always seemed uncomfortable to me but she swears by it lol. Hers have crotch buttons though

No. 1912387

Are you nonnas too young to remember when rompers were in style? They’re a lot cuter than whatever these jumpsuits are but yeah we just yanked it to the side to pee

No. 1912394

Of course I know you can just move it over, but that's a lot less convenient and more clumsy than just a snap closure.

No. 1912402

Singing to music helps so much with depression and stress, it's hard to start but when you do it's good.

No. 1912462

I know people are super into owning businesses and "being your own boss", but honestly I like being an employee. I like the structure that jobs give me, and not having to worry about it 24/7. I don't need a ton of responsibility, just tell me what you need me to do and give me my money.

No. 1912499

File: 1709657624971.jpeg (33.15 KB, 601x258, IMG_9356.jpeg)

Same, Nonny. I love having a consistent pay cheque every month, I love having my employer pay into my pension fund as well as me, I love not having to do my own taxes (eurofag), I love having job security, I love doing my set hours a week and getting paid time off, I love having paid sick leave. There is not a single part of me that wants to be a self employed girlboss She-EO.

No. 1912505

same. don't need or want to be my own boss. most people don't really manage it well anyway. even bosses at work aren't usually their own boss. I need someone to expect things from me. as long as that exists, I don't need them to look over my shoulder, I'll do everything, they just have to exist.

No. 1912511

Same. I like working a comfy reliable office job and being done with it after 5pm.

No. 1912512

File: 1709658633562.jpeg (35.46 KB, 600x462, IMG_4731.jpeg)

I liked that too, when I had it. Then I got laid off and now I have no choice. I do not want to gaslight gatekeep girlboss, I want a steady paycheck

No. 1912600

when you have a good commute without office drama, then an office job can honestly be heavenly.
I hope you find a fulfilling career in the future nonna.

No. 1912610

we have so many good banners its insane

No. 1912613

File: 1709667419046.jpg (27.27 KB, 460x345, IMG-20220510-WA0040.jpg)

Keep snipping at my hair, I take a bit off before showering everytime, like it's getting concerning. Not like I have a lot of hair, it's a short shaggy bob… or something. It's weird. I need to let it settle before I cut it again. I have gotten compliments on my hair so I imagine it doesn't look that bad, unless it's out of pity.

No. 1912695

i don’t like how it’s so normal for parents to post videos about their minor child’s mental health struggles. Like this one young mom posted about her 12 year old who’s very obviously pretending to be a psycho because she was exposed to some kind of violent media, and instead of taking the content away from the child and disciplining her for trying to threaten others, she just sits in the corner and records her from afar. The most hands off ‘permissive’ parenting I’ve ever seen to a detriment.

No. 1912758

File: 1709676932497.jpg (11.85 KB, 288x288, image0.jpg)

I bought a new phone! And now I'm broke. But finally, a new phone after nearly a month! And I'm still broke.
Honestly the only thing I want is to get my data from my previous phone but I need to spend more money at a repair shop! And become broke again.
Aghh I'm going to sleep with my cat making herself comfy on MY pillows. She's an absolute spoilt rotten princess but I love her

No. 1912920

I wish it was more common for them to have clasps too, the pretty ones I've bought have thankfully all had buttons. Tbh I think it might be a deal breaker if one didn't and an alteration wasn't easy. I've altered a couple of simple bodysuits to give them buttons since I really like them as undershirts.
I get cold super easily so I always wear undershirts in the winter and it's nice not having to keep tucking an undershirt in if they're a bodysuit. Plus since they go all the way down, they cover the whole lower back which I love. Probably related to that I developed a love for cute shirts that tuck in and these are great for staying in place and don't tend to have obvious lines when tucked in since they're meant to be under pants.

No. 1913537

File: 1709748032805.jpg (38.55 KB, 447x403, 91dd74001ec957c03ac71239ba8f36…)

I think that people should care less about monetizing their hobbies. I'm creatively inclined so my whole life I've been bombarded with "You could sell those, you'd make a lot of money!" and other similar things. I don't get offended because I know it's a compliment, but people shouldn't care so much about making money off of everything. I love money, but it is the death of joy. I also already have a job, so I can preserve my passion for my hobbies and also afford them. Right now I've been getting people telling me I should be a nail tech (which is not easy btw).

I was gonna say that "do something you love and work will never feel like work" is a lie, but I guess it just depends on the person.

No. 1913547

I agree. I'm so tired of today's hustle culture and the need to turn everything into money to be able to afford luxuries. I understand wanting to make more money because you need it to pay bills or because you could use some more to treat yourself every once in a while but I have friends who are chasing money and it seems so alien to me.

No. 1913562

Hard agree. I used to write and draw as a hobby and it was really good for my mental health but the pressure to monetize killed it for me, like if it's not good enough to sell it's a waste of time. I'm trying to get back into it now, everything I make is cringe and terrible but I'm having lots of fun so that's okay.

No. 1913732

I bought an evil eye charm for my apartment door to protect myself. I feel schizo for it but I also just really like the design

No. 1913833

File: 1709762262855.jpg (14.75 KB, 550x542, 871f121de31681048b9c80f3c7faba…)

Sometimes I just need a break from reality and wished to be sent into some dream-like world; wandering freely without the presence of people and doing whatever you want without judgement and consequences. Somewhere to let go of my thoughts, responsibilities and escape this tiring world for a while. Things like Yume Nikki, liminal spaces and dreamcore are quite comforting and puts me at ease. Do you nonnies feel the same? Post some pics that you wish to be at and what you'd do.

No. 1913841

Anytime I've ever though to myself that someone should sell the things they create it's usually because I want to buy it with the added bonus of support a small business.

No. 1913852

File: 1709763517506.jpg (107.24 KB, 736x912, 1000013617.jpg)

I know this feel, I play Yume Nikki at least once a month because it brings me such peace, sometimes I really wish I could just live in these worlds I dream of, I don't even mind when things don't go the way I want them to go, I just enjoy everything.

No. 1913859

File: 1709764097826.jpg (119.35 KB, 768x960, bfna1iajz5w61.jpg)

I know exactly what you mean anon, sometimes I wish I could just put life on pause and go explore beautiful places with no one to bother me. My favorite are these dream pools and I've always fantasized about swimming in one all by myself.

No. 1913866

Aaa nona sometimes when I'm feeling stressed I just look at random pictures like that to calm down. Idk what it is about those liminal spaces pictured but they're just so calming.

No. 1913898

Today we had some personal trainers from a women's gym close by my university give us some free lessons, and a 50% discount to celebrate the opening of their gym. I had fun dancing and doing the exercises with one Filipina trainer, she loves BTS and played their songs and taught me her dances to it, it was very fun. I did all the exercises properly despite not working out regularly, but I did have some trouble breathing eventually. At first nobody wanted to participate and I was the only one doing the exercises with the trainers, I even wore my younger sister's school sport uniform that she doesn't need anymore, just for this little event. And so the students' activities organizer is gonna register 4 hours of volunteering using my national ID because I did that (big deal and I can add it to my CV when I'm looking for a job). When the other girls (it's a girls' only university) heard about the volunteering hours, they all joined kek. But it was fun nonetheless. The gym has an at home training and they would bring all the necessary gym gear to the customer's house to train them, which is a very tempting offer, but it's too far away from my home and I doubt they'd come, plus my mom would probably say no to it, and I wouldn't be able to afford it. But in the words of the Filipina trainer, I'll keep dancing at home while it's still cold outside.

No. 1914268

Have you ever met a farmer irl ?

No. 1914273

If any of you went missing I'd make all the troops pull out of whatever they're fighting about right now to go look for you

No. 1914282

She was fun, I hope she is doing okay

No. 1914284

A few of them in a meetup. I chickened out and abadoned that social media profile I used to contact them though

No. 1914297

I suspect I know a few people on here irl, but first rule of Girl Fight Club is you do not talk about Girl Fight Club.

No. 1914299

Ayrt and same, I suspect a long-term friend of mine is a farmer but I can’t break the anonymity barrier. Sometimes I think I recognize her in a post on ot though, lol

No. 1914302

I'm thinking of donating my kidney.

No. 1914303

My ex bestie was a farmer, sometimes I miss her but she was even crazier than me so I went no contact.

No. 1914304

I miss you bitch

No. 1914318

My cat is purring so loud now I love it. I love her so much she is so loyal and sweet. She’s intelligent and gorgeous and soft ahhh love her

No. 1914328

My period pain just woke me up in the middle of the night, I’m in a situation where I can’t get a glass of water or fix myself tea or run the shower so now I’m just awake and in pain. It hurts so so so bad, my insides feel like they’re tearing apart.

No. 1914329

I know you think you're being cute but you're acting weird

No. 1914335

No, I still have some farmer friends that I made on Lolcow years ago but we're still pretty anonymous and have never met. They're cool people but I wouldn't take the risk to befriend farmers anymore, I had to shift through a lot of crazies to find the few sane people. Whenever we're talking about the state of Lolcow people need to remember that there are a lot of genuinely mentally unwell people residing here.

Same, I'm pretty sure some of my IRL friends browse Lolcow though but like >>1914297 said you do not talk about the farms. I would not admit to browsing them and I would not ask other people if they do either. It's none of my business to be honest.

No. 1914338

Oh my god my upstairs neighbor is not seriously vacuuming at 3am while I’m lying awake in pain. What in the fucking world

No. 1914342

File: 1709799214591.jpg (34.02 KB, 564x423, 02f3a651bae445b592359c35fbe0ef…)

I have this exact kind of wanderlust too, and I often do urban exploration IRL to fulfill my needs like visiting abandoned/empty buildings or building complexes etc and just sit there for a moment enjoying the feeling of being alone and unbothered. It's one of the only things that helps my anxiety disorder and makes me tone down the constant stream of thoughts flooding inside of my head. I also play Yume Nikki for this reason and wish there were more games like it as like exploring abstract, everchanging worlds but without some shitty jumpscare horror being shoehorned in.

Like I said places like this help my anxiety because I feel like I'm often being buried alive by things constantly happening in the real world so entering a liminal space freezes everything in its place and lets me just stop for a moment to take it in. The older I get the harder I find it to find a moment just for myself because most of my headspace is dedicated to worrying about things like my job and the bills and my relationships and the health issues and just keeping life together. A space where everything is still and without pain or judgement sounds like heaven at this point.

No. 1914355

This is just autism and looking at too many liminal space images and renders

No. 1914358

I wrote something good and then got praised for it so much I legit got an emotional high that kept me up all night. I really liked getting praised so I'm going to write more but I worry that this means I'm still easily influenced despite trying to stay hard! Also the whole time I was high, my emotions kept going like 'they like my writing -> they like ME'. All this over a group of gendies, but they're all women and a solid half seem to be the autistic and actually same-sex attracted type… but they're still people who believe in stuff like "queerplatonic"

No. 1914362

My grandmother has been struggling with a health issue for a while and the doctors think they've found a solution for it. I'm really happy nonnas. She deserves the world

No. 1914387

No. I have met lc adjacent girls though, three cc posters to be more precise. None of them used lc though but they were all nice.

No. 1914524

I've met one, we went to a zoo together. If you're reading this you should get back in contact, I'm moving away soon

No. 1916015

I did! Time of my life and I’ll be seeing her again in a couple of months. I never thought I would truly become close friends with a farmer cause ngl a lot of bippies with autism here who seem nice until they aren’t but we’ve been good friends for a while now.
(Note: We both were very transparent about safety and discussed boundaries prior to the first meeting please don’t meet up with online strangers, male or female, just because they seem cool nonnas. We had also known each other for alittle under a year before meeting)

No. 1918337

I'm alright with sleeping with plushies.

No. 1918394

Same, they're so cozy and comforting.

No. 1920135

i love the idea of it, but i end up kicking them off after like an hour. I need my bed space to spread out

No. 1924240

I have a heavier feathered pillow that I like to hug. I wished I had a plushie that weighted and felt like this pillow.

No. 1924261

I got a syrian hamster, she is called quesadilla. She enjoys peanuts and scrambled egg. She is my bezzi friend

No. 1924380

tell her I love her

No. 1931780

File: 1710898604544.gif (731.65 KB, 500x269, a15a6a3a9fdd92a55d7f244a2aeb06…)

I made a TikTok account to promote my shit, and tbh it was a good idea. It's ridiculously easy and quick to get attention on there. US government have mercy please.

No. 1931809

Astrology gets on my nerves. My birth chart isn't accurate at all, because it's not real. I've put my birthday and time into many websites and it's all total shit. MBTI is better, but also bullshit. It's a good shorthand for understanding other people though, which is helpful for me.

No. 1931813

What's your sun, moon, rising, Venus and Mars please?

No. 1931814

No, I don't care about Venus, tell me mercury instead

No. 1931818

It’s just for fun anon, it’s like which Disney princess are you

No. 1931829

Ascending? Cancer
By all means. If you get it right you'll be the first ever.
I know a lot of people who take it very seriously. It's just lame to check my horoscope and almost never see something accurate. Astrology is supposed to work based on generic statements but it's always off the mark, somehow.

No. 1931837

File: 1710902215853.jpg (93.66 KB, 1024x1024, 69ce27a1dea61eb0770d02a9c00a21…)

There are things that I thought were okay back when I was a teen and now I completely despise them. One of them was kawaii fashion, because I thought it was innofensive, I was into it back then. But right now I absolutely despise it, the odd mannerisms coupled with the self infantilisation and hyper femininity grosses me out. In general people who try to act kawaii piss me off the more I grow up, it feels weird. It made me dislike the color pink too. Anyone else feels this way?

No. 1931842

Unless is a more avant garde type of jfashion or something like decora from the 00s yes, I cringe at kawaii fashion. And I despise sweet lolita. I don't hate hyperfeminity tho. But burikko is fucking ridiculous and aimed at the male gaze.

No. 1931844

Horoscopes just aren’t accurate, I believe very much in birth charts but horoscopes just suck

No. 1931857

What's wrong with sweet lolita? I like it, I think it's cute.

No. 1931876

You're Capricorn Mercury is maybe grounding your water and fire placements and you feel restricted good luck

No. 1931877

Nothing wrong with meta or baby type of sweet or more mature prints. It's the pastel vomit AP sweet type with overly kawaii prints which I despise. Ofc take it whit a grain of salt, Im biased towards gothic and classic lolita

No. 1931878

Also for horoscopes you're suppose to read your rising sign because the reading is based on the house transits

No. 1931912

>male gaze
uh oh nonny

No. 1931917

I have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 1932702

File: 1710966489923.jpeg (6.14 KB, 600x600, open-uri20211129-6729-49x5lk.j…)

Goop is such an interesting brand. They have a toy with red light therapy to tone your pelvic floor and apparently make you more horny.

No. 1932714

That sounds like bogus and placebo effect.

No. 1932719

I thought so too, but I've never researched red light therapy so I don't want to write it off

No. 1932894

File: 1710974744647.gif (405.46 KB, 960x960, 0f76ea695e159368163814b51de6a7…)

Im planning a trip and I'm nervous because I've never in my life taken public transportation, and I may end up having to. Just rural things.

No. 1932897

No, it’s easy! You can do it nona. Don’t let inexperience discourage you, everyone has a “first time” using transit. I hope you enjoy a wonderful adventure.

No. 1932903

You need a real genuine reading. I had one with an astrologer last year even though I thought astrology was a joke (my best friend paid for it and told me to go so I didn’t back out). The astrologer was a really nice lady and some of her predictions have come true. I know I sound crazy but I’m not making it up. I’m still not sure if I believe in astrology or if this is all just one weird coincidence. But she was accurate about a lot of things (about my past etc). I asked my friend if she told her about my life beforehand but she swore she hadn’t and showed me the conversation between her and the astrologer. If the rest of her predictions come true I’ll come back here and post about it.

No. 1932922

Sounds like a cool experience.

No. 1933117

Does anyone else just not wake up from alarms? It's the worst and idek how to fix it. I used to think my alarms were turning off by themselves but I think the just don't wake me up. It's strange because other, quieter things will (like my room door being opened), but not my phone or computer blaring at 6am.

No. 1933121

File: 1710989026793.jpeg (150.99 KB, 1200x1200, loud mofo.jpeg)

This happened to me too, no matter what alarm sound I'd set for my phone I used to sleep through them or wake up just enough to turn them off and fall back asleep. The only thing that worked was investing in one of those real life loud ass alarm clocks like picrel, the ones that hammer the two bells, and putting it far away from my bed so I physically had to get up every morning to turn it off.

No. 1933131

Im sold anon, I'm ordering one right now

No. 1933151

I hate the thought of resorting to something like that, though. Just painful.

No. 1933209

Does anyone else hate the month of March in particular? It has never not been my least favorite.

No. 1933228

yea, it's always the month where a bunch of bad things happen to me for no reason

No. 1933293

March is ok. I hated February this year though.

No. 1933952

January and february are worse becuase they're plain nothing-months. At least in march weather starts getting a little nicer, we're getting flowers, trees start getting green again.. march is not bad

No. 1933989

I hate march because of spring, i hate when the weather gets warm.

No. 1934004

I am so close to finishing a project and i cant muster up the strength to finish it. It's almost done. Agh.

No. 1934037

File: 1711054178199.png (137.81 KB, 628x537, a-raccoon-learning-to-crotchet…)

I'm learning to crochet but keep losing track of my stitches

No. 1934052

Yeah usually you can find them for pretty cheap, but most don't come with batteries so make sure you have those too.
I'm not trying to be mean but what is painful about using an alarm clock? Your post made me kek because of how it's worded, I don't get it.

No. 1934094

You can buy row counters

No. 1934118

File: 1711057023366.jpg (87.52 KB, 735x540, 1000017452.jpg)

I love seals. They are so so cute and one of my favorite memories from the last trip I went on was visiting a seal colony. It was so cool nonas! You got to see the little baby seals flopping about which was adorable and the mommy seals sunbathing. I love the funny noises they make and how lazy they are. It's so funny when they roll onto their backs, ugh they're so fat and cute I want to pat their tummies. Since you don't see them much in day to day life it's kind of awe inspiring to see the huge adult seals chilling on the rocks. Sometimes when I feel stressed or need to relax I put on cute seal videos on YouTube. I just love seals!!

No. 1934344

I'd just much rather wake up to a nice-sounding alarm on my phone, rather than ENK ENK ENK ENK at max volume in the morning. The analog alarm clocks like the one you posted sound almost as bad. Maybe I'm a big baby though haha.

No. 1935439

File: 1711142112193.jpg (118.97 KB, 736x847, 9f5e267e46f7cb2042096b78517433…)

I cannot identify makes and models of cars at all. If you showed me my own car in a different color, U
I probably wouldn't even recognize it. Idk how people can point at a car and be like "oh yeah that's a Toyota dirtblazer 2016" without having to actually find it on the car. It's like I have vehicular face blindness.

No. 1935474

I’ve worked in the auto industry for years and still can’t tell a lot of the time. There are so many makes and models. I think most people only realistically know a few unless it’s a specific interest. Not really too important to know unless you witness a hit and run or something anyways.

No. 1935478

I'm not feminnie but I'm not masculien either. I'm just retarded.

No. 1935639

File: 1711152358995.jpg (194.65 KB, 590x393, 118_1R3A5967.jpg)

Remote work sucks butt. I yearn for the outside. Picrel is me gazing out of my window sadly. I just need to save some money and then I'll leave. Maybe I'll go to a coffee shop, I'm sure a change of scenery would help me.

No. 1935724

I love kitties I love kitties I love kitties nothing activates my almonds more than baby kittens
I'm so happy they exist

No. 1935741

They are so fragile and pathetic I like when their ears are still tiny nubs like that. Hope they grow up strong

No. 1935854

File: 1711175055076.jpg (65.1 KB, 975x1200, Retro30StoveStraight-PinkLemon…)

It's so strange that pink is an extremely popular color while also being kind of hard to find decor and household items in pink. It really sucks as a pink lover who's decorating my home. But that's ok, even if I have to DIY some stuff I'll make it work.

No. 1935855

File: 1711175426767.jpg (135.39 KB, 1200x670, ED84VD-U0AATCqS.jpg)

Are you going for a Catwoman apartment?

No. 1935858

i wish smartphones never existed

No. 1935859

Nta but holy shit I'm not even particularly fond of pink and I want that. It's so coordinated and everything looks so cute and retro

No. 1935860

Late but holy fuck this redtext is killing me

No. 1935862

File: 1711176192963