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No. 235564

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start percieving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's headcannons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

Previous thread:

No. 236179

File: 1662319199716.jpeg (522.48 KB, 1148x1733, EE71E078-1B48-453B-87DD-E389C7…)

is this thread dead
guilty gear already has two troons too many. besides isn’t it gay erasure or whatever to make venom a straight woman? kek

No. 236209

At first I thought it was weird they'd pick Venom but I guess his taste in men is relatable to fakebois kek

The weird obsession over fictional character genitals is getting so creepy though.

No. 236338

File: 1662368047405.jpg (21.9 KB, 580x387, a-flying-derby-match-reveals-m…)

Hunter from the Owl House gets hc'd as trans a lot for some reason

No. 236343

Don't know this kid but I'm guessing it's because he looks like an "uwu garbage goblin rat boy"

No. 236432

Seriously? There's already two canon genderspecials in the show who are already important to the plot, what more do they want?

No. 236447

Don't get me wrong, but I could care less, the whole show is pandering to people with their sexual tisms.

No. 236452

File: 1662413872446.jpeg (433.82 KB, 1431x2048, F97105BA-89B2-4038-AE1C-EFF163…)

every goddamn jojo character it seems.

No. 236453

The implication that Jolyne is a limpdick scrote with a crossdressing fetish makes me want to fucking alog.

No. 236463

My guess is that they are holding each other's flags. So Jolyne would be a lesbian and Anasui is trans

No. 236472

File: 1662417457228.jpg (1.51 MB, 1732x2900, 1662417346105.jpg)

gross. hate it. jolyne is my fave jojo and she is gorgeous. ugly themlets/aidens cant handle pretty girls.

No. 236483

The author is such a misogynistic faggot I wouldn't be surprised if he retconned Jolyne as a trap. And didn't Anasui kill and dismember his ex gf? Definitely tranny behavior, Im with the gendies on this one.

No. 236489

>The author is such a misogynistic
Faggot I can see, but elaborate.

No. 236533

Jojo is clearly misogynistic, I don’t understand how there are so many female fans of the show.

No. 236536

nta but how's it misogynistic? maybe I'm dense but I don't see how aside from the rare coomer/fanservice moments with female characters
is there something else I'm missing?

No. 236566

ngl anasui would be the one character where i kinda agree with the troon headcanons, he's an annoying psychopath

No. 236583

For that big pickme energy which is how I learned about jojo sadly

No. 236624

Understandable reaction.
I want ora ora ora this abomination.
Yep, she is fucking gorgeous.

No. 236634

>jojo is a pickme thing
fuck are you on? I find its popularity with moids more jarring than anything, back when the pt 4 anime first came out I didn't know anyone who liked it but girls. then when it gained more traction with moids, particularly those on reddit, they ree'd how faggy looking men wearing high fashion and making gay sex jokes is ackshyually for boys only and all the stinky femoids need to keep their paws off. liking it after that still doesn't make it a pickme thing, it's a fun series with interesting designs and has always had a ton of appeal to women.

No. 236640

Early jojo times a girl who watched anime was pickme behavior
I don't make the rules I just lived through it nonna

No. 236645

What. Are you the anon who first called jojo's author misogynist? Because liking jojo being a pick me thing wouldn't make him a misogynist even if that were true, which is not. Saying liking any anime at all was pick me behavior is even more nonsensical, I dunno if you're just trolling.

No. 236651

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a huge Jojo fan and so is Shoko Nakagawa who wants Jotaro to spit on her lol.

No. 236656


KPP is a literal child predator who is openly a pedophile for ypung boys so I wouldn't count her as a good female example, nonna.

No. 236659

You literally have no idea what you are even talking about kek. Early jojo fandom was mostly women and men didnt belong in these circles (really most men only got into the series after the memes blew up like the other nonna mentioned). I cant help but think for that reason youre a retarded scrote or just a zoomer who doesnt really know how things were before the anime aired and got mad that people started enjoying a thing

No. 236673

Women have always liked JoJo, even before it became popular in the west. See the yume who became a meme because she cried when Straizo was killed and the fujos making doujinshi like CLAMP. You can't call a woman a pickme just because she likes JoJo, though if she only likes it because of the "MANime" shit that Western weeb moids forced (mostly in the early Western JoJo fandom, in the 00s and early 10's) I could probably see her being a pickme. But after the anime, JoJo has proved to be naturally popular with women in the west as well ("natural" in the sense that they don't watch/read it just because moids like it/for male attention)

No. 236674

No? If you’re talking about that boy, amerifags took the translation seriously when she was joking to a huge fan of hers

No. 236676

Is there any other human being more based than Shokotan? I think not.

No. 236677

That would be someone who wants to spit on Jotaro.

No. 236680

Who cares, let kpp be based in peace

No. 236688

File: 1662495716796.jpeg (728.37 KB, 1170x1214, 33973576-68D9-49CF-AE53-B56304…)

can we stop the jojo derail sperg already
i think jenny was already discussed in the last thread but i wasn’t aware that the shitty ewan mcgregor robot had enough fan presence for troon headcanons

No. 236695

Yeah they headcanon both as trans for some fucking reason. In the case of the robot that isn't jenny, they do it because they offer him female clothes and he declines. That's all.

No. 236701

>The fact that they're both trans
I hate this shit genderspecials do where they just state something like this with absolutely no context and you're supposed to immediately get it somehow
It's like they just state any character is a troon just because they exist regardless of whether they're male or female or gender non-conforming or not. I'm sick and tired of it. What if they're just male and female and there's no gender shit involved? Wouldn't that be easier and less exhausting to keep track of?

No. 236711

I see this shit everywhere. They want trans representation, but also according to them any character is trans just because they said so.

No. 236731

kek gendies are truly mentally handicapped, why do they care so much about assigning a gender identity to a fictional mass of talking metal and bolts

No. 236820

Lmao, they’re taking that little joke in the movie when the parents were building him and forgot to put a “screw/dick” on him too serious.

No. 236965

>Has a vagina.

Oh fuck off. I'm gonna guess this retard who posted that is not a Guilty Gear veteran if he seriously doesn't know that venom IS a man and a gay man at that. Yes it would be gay erasure if they changed Venom into a woman.

I feel like the reason why this happens so much these days is because ohof porn-obsessed people have been in the last 2 decades. Rule 34 especially, I'm sure it has given porn brain-rot to people to where they think about a fictional characters genitals.

I agree with you. I took one look at Owl House and knew it was gonna pull some gendertard bullshit and low and behold, majority of the fanbase are these gender nutters. So honestly they can have that shit, it was made to cater to them clearly.

Something something tRaNsPhObIc. REEEE. Kek

No. 236970

They're fucking robots…. And I mean, they were clearly designs to be a specific ssex so why are these psychos really putting all that much thought into it? Let alone the fact that they are fucking robots and can't procreate.

No. 236976

I won't rewatch that dogshit moid show just to give a comprehensive list of all the misogynistic moments but nearly every woman in that show is there to be beaten, humiliated or just plain useless. They never have personalities and aren't even allowed to be boring poorly written sidecharacters, most of the time they just make cameos to get humiliated by the scrotastic cast and then it's over.
Jolyne got to have a part of her own but that faggot Araki still had to make her misogynistic daddy tag along and make it all about him again. I know it just sounds like im describing regular anime misogyny, but imo it really is much worse in Jojo. I mean, there's literally a serial killer character that gets turned on from committing femicide, chopping women's hands off and using them to wipe his ass. Characters will randomly have unnecessary backstories where they killed and dismembered their ex gfs like with Anasui. Random scenes of women getting beaten or raped as a backstory or during exposition. It's really fucking vile and to top it all of this constantly gets recommended when people ask for anime with less misogyny just because there's some fags with boob windows kek. Honestly, just stick to watching regular yaoi. It'll have a better plot anyway.
None of those anons are me but women definitely just like this show because it's endless yaoi and they ignore all the shit plot and the shit characters by just making their own headcanons. Seriously, the fanon version of these characters and the show in general makes it seem actually tolerable.

No. 236985

You’re an idiot and nothing you said is even true.

No. 236995

Tbh the Owl House’s lore seemed interesting for a kid’s show but the artstyle was a red flag. Glad to see I was proved right.
I don’t want to derail this thread again but did you even watch JJBA? Yes it can be misogynistic but not exploitive as other genre staples like Berserk.

No. 237011

Sure there is sexism in jojo but this comment is just bullshit.

No. 237049

Did you really just say the fanon versions of jojo characters are better? What are you on? The modern western jojo fan makes them insufferable and I am a modern western jojo fan. JJBA is best if you don’t even interact with the fandom.

No. 237095

File: 1662596818030.gif (2.48 MB, 640x480, eced92f62c262fae54581c26037242…)

How can robots be trans if they're sexless? We only "assign" genders to robots as a sort of personification. The concept of gender is a human construct, so if an entity has no sex traits, its "gender" is just us attributing female characteristics to it.

An episode of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones tackled this whole concept 20 years ago. While Jones is called "he," as a robot he's not subject to sex stereotypes, so the girls and boys fight over who gets to claim him as their own. In the end, he basically arrives at the conclusion that he doesn't need to fit into human gender stereotypes.

I guess I can kind of understand why troons identify with Jenny. They're perverts obsessed with teenage girls, for one, and Jenny is a "manufactured girl." But the show is about how being a robot makes Jenny an outcast, and how she learns to embrace the thing that makes her different. That's not an experience unique to the LGBT. Kids are "othered" for many reasons, including disabilities, income, culture, religion, race, etc. Self-acceptence in the face of bullying is an extremely common theme for a kids' show to have.

No. 237099

I always felt like this robot jones cartoon wasn't about "omg he's nonbinary/trans!!!111!!" but how dumb human gender stereotypes are. That's what I took out of it as a kid. Both sides are equally stupid, just be yourself. Unfortunately the gendertard movement works in backwards ways and they literally think girls should be girly and boys should be boyish. Stupid as fuck if you ask me

No. 237100

it is gay erasure, but for these idiots that just means a win for the trans community. It's idiotic.

No. 237252

One of my favourite scenes in the series is when Dio forcibly kisses Erina and when she falls down and starts washing her mouth with dirt water to humiliate Dio in front of his friends. It was so rare to see female characters get back at their assaulters, especially in 80s when phantom blood was released. And it was cleverly done too. She got beaten for it but never backed down and stayed the logical and collected person in the scene while Dio got emotional and started to moid rage. I love it. Jojo has bunch of shit writing and this is very well understood by most fans. But gems like that is why people love the series.
Western jojofags are cancer, but i find it curious that almost all of the tranny headcanon fans always gravitate towards latter parts. Parts 1-2 especially i remember clearly never having this problem. I guess when jojo became a meme the wokies also found the series along with men kek. I really miss the early fujo and yume days.

No. 237349

File: 1662662507298.jpg (235.55 KB, 1938x2076, 0af.jpg)


No. 237350

>>237349 It breaks my heart whenever i see a skinny men character because i just know a good chunk of the fans gonna headcanon him as trans, same goes to tall women. I'm sick of people headcanoning Caitlyn as trans,let tall women be women dammit!

No. 237360

Looks and acts like my Czech cousin tbh nonnies, feels weird. Thank god he's not so sickly anymore, once he nearly dropped dead in my arms. Yes, this is a puzzling feeling indeed.

No. 237646

>I feel like the reason why this happens so much these days is because ohof porn-obsessed people have been in the last 2 decades. Rule 34 especially, I'm sure it has given porn brain-rot to people to where they think about a fictional characters genitals.
Sage for slight derail, but I think you're right. Don't get me wrong, I love fanart smut as long as it's with adults and consensual and kept far away from people who aren't into that, but rule 34 went from being an observation to an actual rule people try to enforce. It gets kind of sickening how people literally race each other to be the first to draw porn of something, even if the media isn't released yet. A lot of moids and pickme women who do it treat it like a form of "territory marking".

And I think it ties into the trans thing, since a decade ago I had (former) fandom friends who were borderline porn addicts and would get *bored by seeing "normal" bodies. Seeing a female character with a vagina or a male with a penis got less novel, but switching it up was new and interesting. I used to not care about it since it's fiction, but instead of just seen as a genital swapping kink it's treated as some biological identity.

No. 237652

slightly off-topic but i refuse to believe most people actually get off to most rule 34, a HUGE chunk of it just strikes me as pure shock value

No. 237656

Yeah, that's why I see it as a form of "territory marking", I know every time there's a new Pokemon or some other series (which has grosser implications since it's a kid's media) people race to "be the first", and even drawing something gross and half-assed is seen as "winning".

I think a lot of it is gross and shocking too, but whenever I try to search for normal fanart of my favorites, I usually see the porn stuff and trans shit at the same times, and sometimes it's said to be commissioned. So some people do like it, but they tend to have low standards due to being addicted and wanting something shiny and new to fap to and move on from.

No. 237667

I used to be a huge jojofag and still like some things about it, but you're right. Jojo fans admit that it has absolutely shit writing, but it's hard for them to admit that it has a lot of sexist tropes as well. Also Araki is just obsessed with putting weird sexual references in the story.
>i find it curious that almost all of the tranny headcanon fans always gravitate towards latter parts. Parts 1-2 especially i remember clearly never having this problem.
Probably because they're the least popular parts (out of the ones with anime adaptations at least) and are more in line with conventional shounen manga of the era so it wasn't as ""queer"" as later parts.

No. 237692

you are an idiot

No. 238520

File: 1663026065622.png (352.92 KB, 582x453, fnaf_mangle_fanart.png)

Not even Fnaf is safe.

No. 238552

why would fnaf of all things be safe… one of the OG troon fandoms

No. 238565

is this just a western fanbase thing? i have seen slightly similar things on eastern fandoms, like molding the personality of a characters based only on headcanons, like in touhou, but i wonder if japanese people also believe Miku is trans or similar stuff

No. 238568

yes because trans is a social contagion among the autistic and mentally unwell

No. 238585

nta, not that particular art itself but rather that that character is constantly troonified, iirc even the creator sort of confirmed him as nonbinary at some point?
i've had the misfortune to find both futa and cuntboy fetish porn but at least everyone acknowledges it as non-canon fetish porn instead of insisting the characters are actual trannies

No. 238635

File: 1663067598099.png (89.67 KB, 175x258, 314274594148211.png)

I love the plankton colony girl but big chunk of fandom now of course considers her a NB themlet despite her using a feminine pronoun. I'm sure we owe it a lot to netflix translation team for insisting to use "they" every time someone refers to her.

No. 238645

they because she's actually multiple planktons?

No. 238647

Sure is, but she's not referring to herself as plural, but singular feminine. Making it they is translator's interpretation

No. 238666

its so funny to me when nonhuman characters get transed. why would a robot or a monster or an angel or whatever be trans, it has no gender, it can be whatever it wants.

No. 238684

actually that's the reasoning why they get trooned

No. 238685

File: 1663076753992.png (1.25 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220912-132248.png)

The custom she is calling kweer uwu is incest btw

No. 238687


No. 238689

the writers obviously meant it in the traditional sense (strange, odd) but it does say a lot that the kweers interpret it like this

No. 238738

Derail but when will this franchise die. Peak degen moid fantasy.

No. 238765

It's one of the OG zoomer trans fandom. I have a younger sister and her friends on Discord were autistic girls into stuff like FNAF and Youtubers and most of them became TIFs in one way or another.

Not really. It's mostly a western thing pushed by bored white people (and bored middle class POC - I have never met a poor POC who cared about this shit). There are some "genderless" characters in anime and games but it's usually used as a synonym for androgyny. "X-gender" is the equivalent on nonbinary and there's one mangaka (a woman, of course) who identifies as it but it isn't really mainstream.

No. 238768

wasn't there also an "x-gender" guy whp chopped off his balls and cooked them and ate them as "rejection of gender"

No. 238845

File: 1663110427773.png (434.98 KB, 540x680, 508714.png)

This one's next level, because they're not just making everybody trans and black, they're also insinuating that their headcanon is "correct" and that the fucking source material they're making fanart of is whitewashing. Unreal. And of course everybody in the notes is jerking themselves off about how woke and enlightened this is. How??? It's literally just a retarded teenager virtue signalling about how her headcanons are ~real~ and the fucking author's interpretation of his own goddamn characters is whitewashing.

I hate the Homestuck fandom. It's 70% to blame for the trend of fanart turning into a competition to see who can have the wokest headcanons. I saw that garbage in the homestuck fandom long before I saw it anywhere else. Fuck Hussie for enabling this nonsense with his "aracial" crap. No content creator should ever capitulate to the demands of wokescolds, because they'll call you a bigot and insult your art regardless of how much you cater to them.

Having headcanons is one thing. Insisting that your headcanons are canon and screeching at everyone who disagrees is fucking mental illness. I've seen people get shit for drawing John as a boy and for drawing the kids white as if those interpretations are less legitimate than having everyone be trans and black. Apparently headcanons are just a platform for virtue-signalling now, and not just something people do for fun. You must demonstrate your moral purity by posting diverse fanart, or face the judgement of losers on Twitter.

No. 238865

Matt Smith is revolting

No. 238988

She is multiple planktons, so I'd get it if people who knew that referred to her as "they," even though I'd know it's still NB pandering. But it's completely immersion breaking when a random-ass villain who knows nothing about her refers to this obviously female person as "they".

Like sorry, prisoners and prison guards that have been magically enraged and are actively attempting to beat everyone they see to death are not going to correctly assume and respect your pronouns.

No. 239121

File: 1663164468108.png (103.96 KB, 640x419, AF91268F-FE8F-4B33-8D97-78F792…)

I hope the next DLC character is a TERF

No. 239129

File: 1663166287433.png (277.5 KB, 1280x1367, 1B8080C0-0A38-476D-852C-A0043B…)

Never forget this legendary homestuck page. He basically made fun of his fans by making them Caucasian.

No. 239130

Embarrassing as fuck. I feel so bad for all the anons who are into Guilty Gear right now.

No. 239132

i dont like the transwashing or racebaiting but i think the idea that homestuck is a kind of mythology of “real people” and that details were lost along the way is cool as shit. i don’t think it’s really insisting that it’s canon, just an interesting take on etymology.

No. 239146

File: 1663168647682.png (152.18 KB, 450x450, FJ8majkakAATQCr.png)

Indeed this sucks balls. Why can't Bridget just be an effeminate guy like he always was? I hate how much they're bowing to the troons for money, essentially. I'm a really hardcore GG fan too, have lots of merch/doujins and this really saddens me.
Honestly for once I'm glad my son Bedman is kill because now they can't troon him out for being a manlet with pink accents.

No. 239151

File: 1663169326882.jpeg (338.99 KB, 2064x600, 4EB398EB-0671-4E31-AAFE-7E2D08…)

I’m sorry, nonnie.

No. 239153

You don't deserve this. I don't get why so many video game studios, localizers and marketers stopped having integrity and decided to pander to retards who don't even spend money on their products at the risk of pushing away their loyal fanbase.

No. 239222

does anyone know how japanese players are reacting to this? most seem to not like troons so I'd imagine not well

No. 239223

File: 1663181426375.jpeg (162.4 KB, 1170x1600, ADAB3FEC-5CE9-497D-A21B-EC9985…)

porn addict-on-porn addict violence

No. 239235

>living as manly man too hard, therefore he is a girl
>Finally broke my delusions, time to come out as… Even more delusional !
These self-acceptance narratives are getting so dumb. He can just accept himself as who he actually is, a feminine boy.

No. 239369

File: 1663206392643.jpeg (294.74 KB, 1124x1299, FF345C40-3D71-4D84-9D4C-0768D0…)

the hideous new protag looks more like the french/american flag but alright

No. 239375

File: 1663206772228.jpg (339.11 KB, 1600x3434, remy-3so.jpg)

I live in constant fear that they're going to put my boy Remy in a new street fighter game and troon him out like they did to Testament

No. 239401

File: 1663210985378.jpeg (896.12 KB, 1170x1821, 67428D44-BC7A-46AC-B041-357DD5…)

Nah, Capcom isn’t into tranny pandering (Poison’s only a man in the NA localization) Remy trooning out would make sense since he’s an incest freak
Kek I wonder if they’ll make ABA an FtM since she’s grimy with chest bandages and stitches

No. 239425

It's not a bad concept, but they don't use it to explore anything beyond their faggoty Tumblr headcanons, so it's wasted. I've seen fanworks that explore the same idea with way more nuance and creativity than just "what if Homestuck was unreliably narrated and all the characters were actually trans, kweer, black and disabled uwu."

If you're impressed by that, it's a reflection of how anaemic your own literary diet is. A lot of these tards couldn't even be assed to actually read Homestuck, so it doesn't shock me that they haven't read any actual books that tackle the issue of how idolization distorts the identities of those subject to it, or how real people are falsely mythologized.

No. 239426

The cognitive dissonance of this shit is just mind boggling to me. At this point, people have just been convinced that regression is actually progress. People are giving so much weight to the idea that stereotypes equal gender that they're now advocating for the idea that anyone who deviates from those stereotypes must be twans or non-binary. They're just fucking clothes, you idiots. A man doesn't cease to be a man just because he dyed his hair pink.

No. 239427

I'm not a huge SF fan but I remember my brother having Street Fighter 3rd Strike and I played a little of it and I thought Remy was so cool looking. I get your fear anon because he's one of the most prominent feminine looking characters in the series and I can see them trooning him out for woke points.

>Remy = Incest
Wat? lol For real??

>ABA trooning as an FTM

I can see this happening unfortunately. The FTM troons and enbies more than likely don't know about this character, she hasn't been in any of the games during the 2010s era so those freakshows are more than likely not aware she exists (yet…) and I fear that once she makes her return, they'll be all over her. I mean that's what happened with Testament because before he came back in Strive, none of these gender tards knew he existed and then as soon as he comes back after a 10+ year hiatus, they swooped in.

No. 239429

You're not alone anon, you're among fellow fans here who totally feel you on this. It's fucking awful how these gender tards put so much stock into what a person wears thinking that if one is gender nonconforming, they are automatically tRaNs or nOnBiNaRy, it's fucking regressive bullshit.

Just know that you're not alone in this frustration and that most of us remember that Bridget was a boy and fuck this, he's still a man now just like Testament. Because transgenderism is not real. We know it, the devs know it, and even the nutters themselves know it.

No. 239449

please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't understand why you all are so distraught over this, your acting acting like some slight effeminate pretty boy was trans'd, Bridget was always trap coomerbait, nothing about him indicated that he was male, all his attacks were sexualized and he was always drawn as a girl, I dislike him being transwashed on principle but I can't imagine being personally attached to a pedobait trap character

No. 239467

Nah, she's a girl so they'll just give her more cleavage and change her face.

I'm surprised TIFs aren't latching onto Sin actually, or even Zappa

The thing is, since they have no problem making sudden design changes out of nowhere, they could have redesigned him to be more like an actual effeminate boy and not over-sexualized pedobait, but they just made him worse

No. 239472

I'm guessing it's a matter of making an established character OOC more than anything to do with design. It'd be like if Naoto from P4 showed up in a Persona sequel as an NPC and said to the new cast that she's a FTM who just got top surgery because that's how she's perceived by some fake fans despite her development in P4 being about how she's ok with being a girl and she shouldn't be ashamed of it because of her sexist coworkers.

No. 239476

I already stated that, I dislike him being transwahsed on principle, but some of you all are acting you had this deep attachment to Bridget, with way you reaction

No. 239478

I only played some Guilty Gear game a few times on the DS long ago so I'm only guessing how the anons who are actual fans of the series think about it. My example with Naoto isn't to show that they might dislike it just out of principle. Making an established character OOC in a new entry to appeal to fake fans sucks on its own, it's basically the equivalent of spitting on the established, loyal fanbase that support the devs, and it's disrespectful to anyone who actually care about characters and their development, even just a little. Still using Naoto as an example: that's why non mentally ill people hate it when people headcanon Naoto as trans but don't give a shit that Erika is MTF in Catherine and Catherine Fullbody, it's a matter of consistent writing even if it's usually not that important in fighting games.

No. 239485

Funnily enough I was reading this guy's profile on TVtropes yesterday, and they listed his pronouns as he/him. Is the pronoun shit canon now, too?

No. 239488

Are trannies trying to claim bright red/blue as "their" colors now or something? Wasn't it enough with claiming pastel pink/blue?

No. 239497

Nta but his dead sister was preserved in a block of ice and has to eventually move on and get rid of the ice block to face the future. His whole thing is that he's holding onto an ancient grudge so I interpreted that as being unable to let go of the past and holding onto grief instead of the interpretation that he wanted to fuck her though…

No. 239504

so their gender is "trans" instead of just "male" or "female"??

No. 239505

oh same

No. 239559

I'll only forgive this if he detransitions in the next game or DLC. (AKA not likely but it would be funny as a troll move)

Western FE fans were going to do it regardless, but red/white/blue isn't even the "trans colors", she looks like a Pepsi gijinka.

Poison was always a transwoman, but the JP/NA version flip-flops on getting the dick chop surgery or not. Ironically, Posion is a more realistic portrayal since they're a prostitute and appear to only be into men, which is most transwomen in non-western countries.

No. 239564

Ah okay thanks for the clear up anon. Yeah no, that doesn't sound like incest at all to me, I think it's just normal sibling love in the familial sense.

No. 239568

This. Bridget may have been a tad sexualized, there's not doubt about it but it's not different than the usual sexualized female characters in media who happen to have interesting backstories like Ivy from Soul Calibur. Sexualized to hell character she is but her backstory is actually interesting despite the coom-fueled design. In X-2 which was Bridget's debut, his whole premise was trying to find self-acceptance for himself as a man on his terms and it was interesting. So to see them actually troon him out defeated the whole purpose of what his character was about and that's what's upsetting.

And some of us were just naively expecting better from devs to not make such stupid changes.

No. 239572

>"He tried to live as a man

How do you "live as a man"? See this is part of why troon ideology is so retarded because it's built on stereotypes.

>"courageous choice by staying true to HIS own feelings

Yeah except he didn't do that. If he "stayed true" to his own feelings, he wouldn't have trooned out and continued to own that he is a man, just a different kind of man.

>Poison was always a transwoman, but the JP/NA version flip-flops on getting the dick chop surgery or not. Ironically, Posion is a more realistic portrayal since they're a prostitute and appear to only be into men, which is most transwomen in non-western countries.


Just call his what he is anon, he's a man regardless if he got the penis inversion kek.

Anyway I think the confusion also comes from how the developers intended him to be a woman at first but changed it because at the time it would've seen as bad to put a woman in a fighting game as it coul be misconstrued as violence against women or something like that. So they just went with the troon option so it would be seen as less offensive. In a way it's funny because reading between the line, by their logic that just reinforces that Poison is a man kek.

And I agree with you that he's a great representation of troons. Prostitute and ridiculously sexualized outfit that no sane woman would ever wear while making all kinds of sexual innuendos from time to time, he's perfect for them.

No. 239590

AYRT I'm just not comfortable using he or she. It's a fictional character, It's not like I'm going to get screamed at by a dyed hair NEET on Twitter for "misgendering", and I don't think surgery changes sex anyway.

>Anyway I think the confusion also comes from how the developers intended him to be a woman at first but changed it because at the time it would've seen as bad to put a woman in a fighting game as it coul be misconstrued as violence against women or something like that. So they just went with the troon option so it would be seen as less offensive. In a way it's funny because reading between the line, by their logic that just reinforces that Poison is a man kek.

I do think the story behind Poison is funny, because it was an American playtester that said that having a videogame with female enemies that you could punch (Final Fight was a beat-em-up) would offend feminists, and the Japanese devs responded that it's fine because they're not women, they're transvestites. (Although I think Poison's friend Roxy who is a palette swap is an actual woman, but she gets transed by association) It's funny how a lot of this stuff is Western-centric. Obviously "wokeness" exists in other countries but if you try to talk about the trans topic to someone not from here they'll think you mean gay crossdressers and not straight people trying to be gay.

No. 239594

They transitioned from No Sex to Female and Male apparently kek

No. 239595

>detransitions in the next game or DLC
Kek imagine if it’s a time skip. He hits puberty, realizes he can no longer pass as a girl and detransitions or joins the 41%

No. 239597

basically yes lol their reasoning is that robots are not "assigned genders at birth" therefore any gender they identify as would make them troons because they go from nothing to something

No. 239600

this is literally what they did with Connor from DBH lol

No. 239611

I’m sorry nonna but the way you described this made me think of it like an episode of Hoarders where he’s like “nooooo not my dead sister ice block!!!” And they make him throw it away.

No. 239657

I'm fucking cackling anon

No. 240658

File: 1663696143164.jpeg (119.3 KB, 802x996, 9BD58D74-1FDA-4485-8886-70B59D…)

A few days ago twitter was having a spergout on shiver’s gender. She was confirmed female by nintendo of america (she uses both masculine and feminine forms of address in japan). Of course this led to accusations of transphobia and censorship.

No. 240674

I don’t understand, she isn’t even that androgynous looking.. I dig her design so much but what is it that makes her “non-binary”.. is it the chest wrappings? I’m pretty sure those are like an archaic bra? I never did but I still don’t get begendereds on shit like this.

No. 240736

Anything that isn't hyperfeminine is considered "trans" or "non-binary" by gendies.
And yes, that's just sarashi, plenty of Japanese characters wear it and it's not some gender thing.

No. 240755

This is a great example of anglophones not understanding Japanese. While some words, like "boku" and "ore" have masculine connotations, they're not exclusive to one gender or the other the way pronouns are in English. "Boku" is used by tomboyish women and women working in male dominated settings (some female politicians use boku for instance.) Watashi is typically used by women, but also by either gender when trying to be humble or polite.

It's obviously a female character. Let's not apply American gender-woo to a completely different language and culture.

No. 240761

people assumed shiver was non-binary was because official descriptions of her never included any pronouns.

No. 241360

Don't know if this is relevant enough, but as someone who wants to create her own series, how can I prevent transwashing of my own work? I know I can't stop it completely, but I'm willing to do whatever I can to nullify it as much as possible. I'm afraid simply stating my characters bio sex is not enough, and was wondering if there's a trick to it.

No. 241491

There's no real way to avoid it. Maybe try making the male characters older and masculine? Let them have hobbies that are not as relatable to young nerdy people? Like they could like sports and outdoorsy stuff rather than art and video games? Maybe have well-rounded extroverted characters rather than introverted "woah he's literally me" characters.

No. 241498

nah sporty masculine characters also get transwashed a lot

No. 241499

No, actually ore is exclusively used by men, it's not like boku

No. 241500

Try and avoid anime art styles that attracts trannys like a fly to a light. Avoid having characters that pander to coomers. Maybe if you can learn another language that’s hard to learn and only release it in that language? Like Arabic, russian, or Chinese. That’s the only ways I see you avoiding shit like that.

No. 241503

I wonder if they would go so far as to transwash a male character that has fathered a child with his penis.

No. 241504


Same fag but if you go with the hard language route and the series is picked up by a company try and see if you can pull a Nintendo and copyright any fan translations to English. Honestly don’t know exactly just throwing ideas you can try.

No. 241512

File: 1663924529921.jpg (31.94 KB, 735x603, 57e8bcd08d3b7a7cf631b06e49f3a3…)

I don't know if there's an specific way to truly nullify it, but if it works as a comfort I don't expect the whole troon movement to make it farther than a few years from now. That's kinda what helps me with the fear of getting my own characters transwashed; the current support trannies are getting will die down more sooner than later but right now it's just a momentary issue.

No. 241517

File: 1663926189924.png (615.17 KB, 559x957, Miriam-Turning_Red.png)

i'm surprised she wasn't posted yet

No. 241519

every character in that film was badly designed though

No. 241527

This isn't the bad character design thread, but I had to double check kek.

No. 241539

shit guess I misinterpreted, but why her specifically, she was equally bland as the rest of her friends

No. 241552

>looks at Team Fortress 2
>looks at Metal Gear
>looks at Ryu Ga Gotoku
Nope, not even that would work.

No. 241553

every character will get transwashed if that's what the audience wants, you can't avoid it

No. 241554

File: 1663933760430.jpg (45.86 KB, 500x500, artworks-uZKE9QD39Vz3qaoV-Q3z5…)

they sure do. well he never literally got to become a biological father but he has indeed successfully impregnated at least one woman. female characters who have literally been pregnant on screen get transwashed too, go figure.

No. 241556

iirc pixar posting casting calls looking for a TIM teenager voice actor for an upcoming unspecified movie and people assumed this was the character because her head is not as round as the other girls' so she must be the token troon i guess

No. 241557

Thanks so much guys, I hope if I ever get a fandom it'll be you guys. Fights break out here from time to time, but this is still the chillest part of the internet I've ever been on. Must be all the women here.

No. 241562

that's so dumb, she's a typical tomboy

No. 241563

I'm also creating my own series and I plan on only ever mentioning "sex" instead of "gender" (in character profiles and such) to signal that I don't agree with troon shit. If I feel particularly chaotic when I write the final script I might make one of my characters make an offhand gender critical comment, though I worry that might just embolden gendies to transwash my characters just to spite me.
If my series becomes popular with the Twitter/Tumblr crowd they will definitely transwash one of my characters who is the "literally me" kind of soft boy that AAP Aidens try to be (and that's my type unfortunately). Even if I stated publicly that he's a biological male and not trans they will do whatever they want with him. So I can just pray for a bigger normal, sane female audience than a TIF audience so the tranny shit is easily avoidable.

No. 241577

I advise you to not make your series blatantly anti-troon because as you said, troons are extremely spiteful and can be a headache to deal with. I think it's better to leave some stuff ambiguous enough so you can fly under the radar. The less attention you get from them, the better

No. 241599

Honestly, I don't think there's absolutely no way to prevent it. I think showing a character as a baby with male/female genitals is enough to seriously deject these people. Troons absolutely take it very hard whenever someone breaks them out of their fantasy. They might try their hardest to push past the canon but they know the truth, and probably don't want a bunch of comments on their work saying shit like "but this character can't be trans because of that one scene we all saw". Also, a lot of the characters people have posted here were written by people who didn't know they'd have to consider transwashing of their work, so to be fair there's no explicit proof they're not trans. Even for characters like Gwyndolin, the writers still could've had a scene where he gets defensive when someone calls him a woman, but they didn't, so he's troonifiyed. There ARE things you can do as a writer.

No. 241600

Honestly at this point the best you can do is absolutely refuse to acknowledge fandom transwashing while crypto-terfing. If anyone asks just play dumb.

No. 241603

Don't you think the creators of most of the characters in this thread do just that? I'm just saying we don't need to be so quick to give up when I'm sure at least trying would amount to something.

No. 241606

>making the male characters older and masculine
just say you hate women and go

No. 241607

No. 241609

No. 241658

File: 1663954932686.jpg (326.2 KB, 1080x1094, IMG_20220923_124103.jpg)

And people still headcanon him as trans even in the comments kek

No. 241672

Troons are homophobes. They love homophobe characters.

No. 241678

You can't really avoid it. Making only characters that stick to strict gender norms or making your work less accessible to potential fans isn't worth it, you'll just end up dumbing down your work or getting less recognition than you deserve. Troon headcanons are basically an extension of rule 34 at this point. Every other creator with a decent fanbase has to deal with people who will draw or write weird shit about their characters. Just keep the distance and don't engage with them. Tranny pandering is bound to age poorly.

Also I think we need more good, complex GNC characters that aren't huge stereotypes or kids. We need to make it sound like a cooler club than the pronons clique.

No. 241689

File: 1663960214999.png (133.41 KB, 475x475, 700.png)

Any character with blue and pink color scheme

No. 241694

Yeah, this. You can't avoid people who have retarded ideas about your work so create what you want.

No. 241701

File: 1663961478859.jpg (187.48 KB, 2390x1617, 2993174__source needed_safe_ar…)

Trixie from mlp gets transwashed all the time, reason being cuz the creator said in concept art she was designed to be a stallion at first and that later changed, plus one time the creator was shitposting on Twitter saying one character from season 1 was trans. Also troons like to say the eyes and horn she had in the first few seasons were closer to the stallion flash puppets than the mare ones, which is funny cuz apparently their evidence is that she doesn't pass kek, tho Trixie would be a great trans representation seeing as:
>she's full of herself and super arrogant
>doesn't really have a real job
>she tried to kill herself one time

It's a shame, it's a cute colour scheme but it's been ruined for me because of that ugly flag.

No. 241707

File: 1663962383652.gif (61.79 KB, 348x322, 1655508756730.gif)

the trans season 1 character is probably this abomination kek

No. 241709

You mean Rarity's masseur not Rarity herself, right?

No. 241711

No. 241750


off topic but I hate it when gen z kids start spazzing the fuck out when a character says something like "faggot". How the hell are you gonna function in the real world when this word is used all the time? kek

No. 241758

>Also I think we need more good, complex GNC characters that aren't huge stereotypes or kids. We need to make it sound like a cooler club than the pronons clique.
you make a great point. perhaps the best way to avoid tranny headcanons is not to bash them, but to make the characters clearly comfortable with their biological sex and proud of being GNC. the trannies might even accuse each other of being homophobic or disrespecting the characters' identity for transing them against their will kek

since the troon flag colors were actually taken from pedophile symbols it's even worse when those characters are "claimed" by trannies

No. 241761

fr “fag”/“faggot” is part of my everyday vocabulary. “bitch” is a slur too but nobody bats an eye at it.

No. 241857

yes please we need more proper GNC characters! every character who doesn't fit the mold gets transwashed…

No. 241863

File: 1664018235578.jpg (226.52 KB, 1024x1229, dylan_fuentes_dead_rising.jpg)

Dylan Fuentes from Dead Rising 3, he's supposed to be an insane sexual sadistic pervert

No. 241864

and this is how he is in the game

No. 241866

Ok, I'm laughing at the idea of a tif trying to pull that.

No. 241870

>Fag is part of my everyday vocabulary
Where do you live where people don't mind? I've seen people get in trouble for saying it IRL.

No. 241874

File: 1664024259833.jpeg (946.81 KB, 1924x2048, 9B0F8D3F-CFC8-4A4A-8342-FDCB59…)

i'm going to puke

No. 241875


No. 241877

File: 1664024512678.jpeg (49.92 KB, 765x576, B545E976-D379-4D3F-9541-0A724E…)

Fight me

No. 241880

Just be in a more ghetto, low income area. People tend to be openly homophobic in those kinds of places.

No. 241893

OT but why does this show has so many fujos when the characters are ugly as hell?

No. 241897

File: 1664033548362.png (136.82 KB, 355x444, A83F0955-BEFF-4CBB-9BC5-64BBC8…)

Well see when you're a real finest metalheads enjoyer like me this show is an absolute delight. Come on look at this eye candy !

No. 241898

this is why we love jesse pinkman, fuck those male fags!!!

No. 241904

File: 1664035669411.png (27.27 KB, 500x313, 2688109380_7aa42e1ca0-16639715…)

No. 241940

I have yet to understand why aidens headcanon Pickles as trans, I know it's mostly cuz he's a manlet but we see him as a kid in the show at one point and he was always a boy. Did they forgot about that?

No. 241948

File: 1664046152032.jpeg (17.29 KB, 236x202, 509A9C1B-0006-447A-AD93-845B93…)

nonnie please

No. 242001

File: 1664055949693.jpg (72.91 KB, 581x594, 30d2adc7f81c191759790283b37cb4…)

Not that mad about this one because I hate this character but the amount of people I've seen calling her a she/they

No. 242006

I wonder if I don't interact enough with others or if it's because of the spaces I frequent or the series I like but so far no character I care about got transwashed I think.
I generally don't like it if fans headcanon something that directly contradicts canon. In the case of transwashing it does for me, because a trans character wouldn't call themselves a he if it was a transwoman or she if they were a transman. So if someone pretends they are the opposite gender it's literally misgendering to me.

No. 242013

tbh she does give me she/they vibes (derogatory)

No. 242015

Probably because Pickles was the one who had the typical angsty childhood and hates his parents, especially his father, and was actually attractive in his youth.

No. 242025

File: 1664060687974.gif (588.95 KB, 500x278, download (4).gif)

Same with Toki though

No. 242026

They can take her

No. 242027

Pickles is American and had the average suburban life, which most of these embies/tifs are. While Toki worked to the bone in a remote Norwegian farm. They can't relate to actual work or exercise

No. 242029

Just seems like bad taste tbh, but what do you expect from tifs

No. 242037

File: 1664063289791.jpeg (257.16 KB, 750x717, DCCF1CB7-3D25-49E8-B75C-796354…)

He’s a manlet in conflit whit his parents and also this joke was happen

No. 242039

No. 242069

I remember when there was an episode calling Toki a pre op tranny kek

No. 242122

Maybe have a strong emphasis on a straight pairing? A couple months ago, I checked through the Spy x Family fics on AO3 and was surprised to see absolutely no trans fics. Maybe Spy x Family is simply too normie for trans stuff? I have no idea why trans headcanons seem rare in the fandom.

No. 242126

i think it's because spy x family goes too much in the other direction, super normie and conventional straight couple that even your grandma would enjoy kek

No. 242141

SxF is the most normie anime right now. Literally. Its manga has its own shelf in our local bookstore. Insane.

No. 242229

>Homophobic character hc'd as trans because he is homophobic
True mask off moment kek

No. 242273

File: 1664131242497.png (134.37 KB, 853x1000, Zero01.png)

Fuck Anthony Burch for real

No. 242309

Why fuck anthony burch, did he say anything on Zero's gender? From what i've seen he's still considered male in the fandom

No. 242311

at some point he said that Zer0 is actually nonbinary they/them and being called a he in Tales was a mistake. fortunately 3 and most of the fandom still call him a he but then you have that annoying part of the fandom that clings to Burch's words and will shart if you call Zer0 a he.

No. 242340

Imagine paying attention to anything him or his equally-retarded sister say

No. 242345

File: 1664143746152.png (419.29 KB, 1024x550, Screen_Shot_2020-04-28_at_12.2…)

can't you people just be normal about things

No. 242657

File: 1664226869435.jpeg (698.42 KB, 1170x1433, 361F0801-808F-4108-B7B3-CF687F…)

why do so many agps project onto alisaie and aidens project onto alphinaud??? sus cause they’re supposed to be children.

No. 242665

Kids? The girl has tits, they can’t be that young?

No. 242670

They're definitely adults as of now, were something like 15 in the beginning of the game. But even then their personalities were very mature.

No. 242676

Not any specific character but I see lots of westerners completely randomly and without explanation just starting to call male characters "she".
Peak cringe when they even do that when they talk to the writer of the comic, or someone involved with the cartoon or anime they talk about. It feels like legit provocation and of course everybody just answers and ignores is because you know it would cause an uproar and people would call you transphobic if you said anything.

I just don't get why it's happening so often and randomly. I even see it with typically masculine characters, like some scrawny samurais like Cyclonus or just random buff anime characters or sniper dudes from games.
People will draw them normally but just say "she" or call them lesbians while shipping two male characters. I always 'never mind' my way out of this instead of liking or reblogging the artworks like I usually do because I don't know how to feel about this or how crazy/normal the artists are.

No. 242740

Maybe I'm on the right side of this fandom but I never see people troon out the ladies of Arcane as much (I've only seen one fakeboi Vi and yeah the aidens went to Viktor like flies to shit). Perhaps the way to tone down the trannyifction in fandoms is to have women who are proudly GNC. You'd think Sevika would get the MTF treatment (idk I've never seen it) but it's likely bad optics to have your MTF get their ass beat on the regular.

No. 242743

they’re 15 iirc

No. 242756

You'd think they'd realize Scott Cawthon is a serious Christian and wouldn't put trans degeneracy in his work and switching Foxy and Mangle's pronouns every other was a joke making fun of the fandom's obsession with gender. But that's too smart for these people.

No. 242764

File: 1664248989549.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 4D254982-BBC9-404B-B381-D969D2…)

Saw someone say that Louise belcher is “trans coded” whatever the fuck that means. I love her character since I was a tomboy growing up. Still kind of am! I relate to her so much from childhood.

No. 242797

Is it true that male characters get transwashed more than female characters?

No. 242800

oh most definitely, other then maybe coomerbait "trap" character, you'll find transwashing is mostly done to male characters

No. 242811

>A literal child
>s-she must be a tranny!
god i hate trannies.

No. 243143

File: 1664347161458.jpg (46.58 KB, 666x1000, pete-burns-1d909ecb31242d84750…)

From what I've observed, men definitely get transed more though women are catching up in recent years. It's mainly because there is hardly any out and proud feminine men in the real world who are confident enough to tell people off who try to trans them. The only person who sorta did this was the late Pete Burns (The "You Spin me Right Round" guy). He was very androgynous in the 80s and he stayed that way till he died looking even more feminine as time went on and despite the horrible plastic surgery, he never called himself trans.

But besides him I mean.. Can you think of any men like him who are not calling themselves trans or enbie? Exactly.

No. 243144

I must admit I like her style and I liked her character when I was a teenager but there's no denying that she probably would be calling herself nonbinary to cement the whole "Not like other girls" crap lol.

No. 243363

File: 1664424108257.png (1.07 MB, 1280x1111, tumblr_38856aaf44c045f2c4179b8…)

The photos are tiny but this is effectively a common transwashed character list in the same vein as that bracket with Reigen that was popular on Twitter recently.

No. 243576

Cloud too??? Kill yourself

No. 243604


No. 243608

Is that starscream? I s2g if it is I have an inside joke that just became a looooot funnier.

No. 243609

I bet it's because shes a blue dog that is female.

No. 243614

File: 1664508568358.gif (1.3 MB, 480x243, main-qimg-2a800cbfffa21e48f6be…)

Apparently if a man is feminine, it means he either has a vagina or wants one. That blatant reinforcement of outdated gender stereotypes is considered "liberal" now. Fucking horseshoe theory.

At least they're not going after Kurama, because they're all retarded zoomers who ignore any old anime that isn't NGE or Sailor Moon.

She's a fucking dog, too. Like not anthro at all, just a somewhat smart dog. Do they think regular ass animals can be trans?

No. 243615

not my girl iris…

No. 243616

File: 1664509379878.jpeg (25.34 KB, 739x415, images (9).jpeg)

It's not that far fetched, I guess.

No. 243617

File: 1664509584886.jpeg (87.92 KB, 1080x987, F9665AFC-3522-4F61-B378-A5B31C…)


No. 243619

What a shitty chart and makes no sense at all. I was expecting trap/femboy characters but not a single one is on here. Guess they're already trans. I hate them too btw.

No. 243623

Why hasn't anyone answered me yet? Okay I am just assuming it's starscream and that just makes sense as he has an obvious crush on Megatron that he cannot work out in a healthy way.

No. 243624

If a piece of media is popular among autistic people, the "sexyman" and "waifu" characters are going to be headcanoned as trans by Aidens and AGPs respectively. I'm not super familiar with transformers, but it seems to me like Starscream is the "sexyman" of that IP, like Sans is to Undertale, or Dave to Homestuck.

No. 243629

Honestly, I feel like the male characters that get transwashed are the ones most popular among women.

No. 243630

Lmao, that's literally what I initially typed. I originally phrased it as "In fandoms with a lot of autistic people, the male characters most popular with women tend to get trooned," but I changed it to Aidens because I didn't want to imply that all autistic women headcanon their husbandos as trans. In reality, trans headcanons are a very niche thing that only get a lot of attention because of how loud and terminally online troons are.

In fact, if you're a fan of something that's sufficiently "problematic" or un-trendy, you'll see very few Aidens shitting up the fanart tags, if any at all. I've yet to see any zippertit fanart of Vampire Chronicles, for instance (though I'm sure it exists.)

No. 243649

File: 1664529055002.jpg (60.83 KB, 650x650, yumeno_kyusaku_14337.jpg)

the debate about his gender is headache-inducing

No. 243672

They were 16 at the start of ARR, and "roughly" a year has passed, with the two of them mentally having been 2 years in the First.
I also wanna say that I knew girls who got massive breasts at 11, so that doesn't really indicate age.

No. 243715

What's the inside joke nonnie?

No. 243738

I think it's literally just
>I think am trans
>I like this character
>therefore, I want this character to be trans too
They have to slap the trans label onto everything they like or every character they somewhat relate to or selfinsert into because they cannot relate to non-trannies.
Starscream is headcanoned as transtransformer by a good bunch of his fans, sadly. They believe him to be Megatron's battered housewife and project their shit into him so he must be trans.
Sadly recently I realised that another one of my favs is randomly seen as trans by some. The bad thing is that it's a bot version from IDW who is rarely ever getting any fics at all and now half or more of them are then written by a person that calls him "they". Besides of the transwashing itself I simply get annoyed seeing that pronoun in a story. It's confusing and annoying. It's something else if you say it because you don't know the gender of some twitter user you talk about, but it's grating as shit in a fanfic.

No. 243818

That this could also be in the terrible character designs thread

No. 243846

>because they cannot relate to non-trannies.
Personally I think they just want validation, and/or since they believe that their personality means they're trans (as they've learned from other people) they believe that characters that remind them of themselves are also trans because they genuinely believe it

No. 244216

File: 1664712169181.png (Spoiler Image, 3.48 MB, 1741x2340, Ilustración-sin-título (19) (C…)

I got into WHA atelier and I swear to god a good 50% of the fics is trans shit. I'm not sure. It's because they are both slender, non masculine men?

Spoiler for disgusting NFSW shit but that's the stuff I found out on AO3 when looking for this

No. 244220

wtf is wha

No. 244224

NTA, but Witch Hat Atelier (she wrote atelier twice tho lol)

No. 244237

I'm afraid the writer herself is pro-tranny

No. 244300

How do you know?

No. 244302

I don't know why but most of the art I find for them is western and very terrible.
I can't wait for the anime to air and Japanese or normal western fans to get into it and draw them properly. Think one of the latest chapters even had canon gay guys, I don't want one of the few series with proper fujo bait characters to be invaded by ID tumblr.

No. 244318

aidens see a slighty feminine man and troon them out to self insert lmao

No. 244320

The fans for this series usually also change their skin colors for some reason.

No. 244456

File: 1664782423513.jpg (42.28 KB, 490x680, FGqKvF-WQAg9rTo.jpg)

So far there are zero trannies in the manga

For some reason this series attracted a lot of tumblr type who can black and trans washing some characters despite them being white as sheet.

No. 244466

Anons, the Persona 4 Golden port on the Switch will be released soon. The "Naoto is a fakeboi" discourse will come back and invade social media. I wish people would stop being retards when it comes to Kanji and Naoto, they're terf icons and don't deserve this from American autists with no reading comprehension.

No. 244471

what do you expect from the average persona fan nonny? to be clear im a fan too but it's not like the games are doing themselves any favours to dispel this shit lmao. can't wait for the specific brand of autism that comes from people who have only played p5 going on to play the other games in the series

No. 244474

I don't know, I never see this retardation from the Japanese or European fans and I stopped interacting with the Megaten fandom online so I forgot how stupid the discourse could get until I saw a transbian on twitter complaining about Kanji's arc not being about his sexual orientation.

No. 244476

ayrt and youre right, kanji doesn't deserve it honestly. neither does naoto. you cant win with the fans – on one hand you get the waifufags wanting to fuck rise making jokes about the narukami harem, and on the other its aidens making the most retarded trans/gay headcanons (despite the fact the games continue to make homophobic jokes at the expense of characters like kanji and yusuke, but people are happy to ignore that ig)

No. 244502

I find the waifufags easier to ignore. They're annoying but they just mind their own business most of the time nowadays. At worse they'll post their opinion about Yu being a slut or Adachi was based but even then you have to look for it nowadays. Meanwhile the aidens and trannies don't play the game, read badly written TVTropes pages or AO3 fanfic made by autists, are shocked that the game isn't like their theories and fics, and then whine when Rin isn't a tranny like them in Catherine Fullbody but a cute looking self-aware gay man and they post everywhere all the time.

No. 244510

What's with these people and their hate for cis gay men? I swear they also get mad at 13S

No. 244511

Just say gay men, Tifs aren't men and will never be men. But to answer your question, it's possibly just basic homophobia.

No. 244514

Im not from the US and fans are like that over here too, the whole tranny thing arrived later but it's going strong. Maybe because lots of them speak in english on social media you didnt notice they werent from the us, but I follow people from my country and they still argue about it. Maybe theyre a little more chill, but unfortunately all the US trash eventually reaches the rest of the world.
Luckily japanese fans are normal, 90% of my persona follows are jp artists. I follow this one woman who adores naoto & she cosplays as her and draws her almost daily, I love her energy. She made a poll the other day about the sex of her followers & got excited there were other women following her too, it was cute to watch.

No. 244517

Well the most I can think it's trans korean Oli London, I hope he's helping peaking ppl

No. 244522

Iris AITSF??? I havent played AiNi yet, but what does she have that could remotely make someone think of her as trans? There are even baby pics of her in-game… Is because she plays minecraft and has cat ears headphones?

No. 244526

Given how brain dead people can be, it might be just because whe wears blue and pink clothes and she streams not!Minecraft playthroughs for her job.

No. 244685

Ugh this. If you even dare to use these two colors with white, get ready to be horded with annoying "TRANS RIGHTS!" and "Is this character trans?" comments

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