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File: 1662074352194.jpg (143.76 KB, 894x894, naoto.jpg)

No. 235564

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start percieving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's headcannons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

Previous thread:

No. 236179

File: 1662319199716.jpeg (522.48 KB, 1148x1733, EE71E078-1B48-453B-87DD-E389C7…)

is this thread dead
guilty gear already has two troons too many. besides isn’t it gay erasure or whatever to make venom a straight woman? kek

No. 236209

At first I thought it was weird they'd pick Venom but I guess his taste in men is relatable to fakebois kek

The weird obsession over fictional character genitals is getting so creepy though.

No. 236338

File: 1662368047405.jpg (21.9 KB, 580x387, a-flying-derby-match-reveals-m…)

Hunter from the Owl House gets hc'd as trans a lot for some reason

No. 236343

Don't know this kid but I'm guessing it's because he looks like an "uwu garbage goblin rat boy"

No. 236432

Seriously? There's already two canon genderspecials in the show who are already important to the plot, what more do they want?

No. 236447

Don't get me wrong, but I could care less, the whole show is pandering to people with their sexual tisms.

No. 236453

The implication that Jolyne is a limpdick scrote with a crossdressing fetish makes me want to fucking alog.

No. 236463

My guess is that they are holding each other's flags. So Jolyne would be a lesbian and Anasui is trans

No. 236472

File: 1662417457228.jpg (1.51 MB, 1732x2900, 1662417346105.jpg)

gross. hate it. jolyne is my fave jojo and she is gorgeous. ugly themlets/aidens cant handle pretty girls.

No. 236483

The author is such a misogynistic faggot I wouldn't be surprised if he retconned Jolyne as a trap. And didn't Anasui kill and dismember his ex gf? Definitely tranny behavior, Im with the gendies on this one.

No. 236489

>The author is such a misogynistic
Faggot I can see, but elaborate.

No. 236533

Jojo is clearly misogynistic, I don’t understand how there are so many female fans of the show.

No. 236536

nta but how's it misogynistic? maybe I'm dense but I don't see how aside from the rare coomer/fanservice moments with female characters
is there something else I'm missing?

No. 236566

ngl anasui would be the one character where i kinda agree with the troon headcanons, he's an annoying psychopath

No. 236583

For that big pickme energy which is how I learned about jojo sadly

No. 236624

Understandable reaction.
I want ora ora ora this abomination.
Yep, she is fucking gorgeous.

No. 236634

>jojo is a pickme thing
fuck are you on? I find its popularity with moids more jarring than anything, back when the pt 4 anime first came out I didn't know anyone who liked it but girls. then when it gained more traction with moids, particularly those on reddit, they ree'd how faggy looking men wearing high fashion and making gay sex jokes is ackshyually for boys only and all the stinky femoids need to keep their paws off. liking it after that still doesn't make it a pickme thing, it's a fun series with interesting designs and has always had a ton of appeal to women.

No. 236640

Early jojo times a girl who watched anime was pickme behavior
I don't make the rules I just lived through it nonna

No. 236645

What. Are you the anon who first called jojo's author misogynist? Because liking jojo being a pick me thing wouldn't make him a misogynist even if that were true, which is not. Saying liking any anime at all was pick me behavior is even more nonsensical, I dunno if you're just trolling.

No. 236656


KPP is a literal child predator who is openly a pedophile for ypung boys so I wouldn't count her as a good female example, nonna.

No. 236659

You literally have no idea what you are even talking about kek. Early jojo fandom was mostly women and men didnt belong in these circles (really most men only got into the series after the memes blew up like the other nonna mentioned). I cant help but think for that reason youre a retarded scrote or just a zoomer who doesnt really know how things were before the anime aired and got mad that people started enjoying a thing

No. 236673

Women have always liked JoJo, even before it became popular in the west. See the yume who became a meme because she cried when Straizo was killed and the fujos making doujinshi like CLAMP. You can't call a woman a pickme just because she likes JoJo, though if she only likes it because of the "MANime" shit that Western weeb moids forced (mostly in the early Western JoJo fandom, in the 00s and early 10's) I could probably see her being a pickme. But after the anime, JoJo has proved to be naturally popular with women in the west as well ("natural" in the sense that they don't watch/read it just because moids like it/for male attention)

No. 236674

No? If you’re talking about that boy, amerifags took the translation seriously when she was joking to a huge fan of hers

No. 236676

Is there any other human being more based than Shokotan? I think not.

No. 236677

That would be someone who wants to spit on Jotaro.

No. 236680

Who cares, let kpp be based in peace

No. 236688

File: 1662495716796.jpeg (728.37 KB, 1170x1214, 33973576-68D9-49CF-AE53-B56304…)

can we stop the jojo derail sperg already
i think jenny was already discussed in the last thread but i wasn’t aware that the shitty ewan mcgregor robot had enough fan presence for troon headcanons

No. 236695

Yeah they headcanon both as trans for some fucking reason. In the case of the robot that isn't jenny, they do it because they offer him female clothes and he declines. That's all.

No. 236701

>The fact that they're both trans
I hate this shit genderspecials do where they just state something like this with absolutely no context and you're supposed to immediately get it somehow
It's like they just state any character is a troon just because they exist regardless of whether they're male or female or gender non-conforming or not. I'm sick and tired of it. What if they're just male and female and there's no gender shit involved? Wouldn't that be easier and less exhausting to keep track of?

No. 236711

I see this shit everywhere. They want trans representation, but also according to them any character is trans just because they said so.

No. 236731

kek gendies are truly mentally handicapped, why do they care so much about assigning a gender identity to a fictional mass of talking metal and bolts

No. 236820

Lmao, they’re taking that little joke in the movie when the parents were building him and forgot to put a “screw/dick” on him too serious.

No. 236965

>Has a vagina.

Oh fuck off. I'm gonna guess this retard who posted that is not a Guilty Gear veteran if he seriously doesn't know that venom IS a man and a gay man at that. Yes it would be gay erasure if they changed Venom into a woman.

I feel like the reason why this happens so much these days is because ohof porn-obsessed people have been in the last 2 decades. Rule 34 especially, I'm sure it has given porn brain-rot to people to where they think about a fictional characters genitals.

I agree with you. I took one look at Owl House and knew it was gonna pull some gendertard bullshit and low and behold, majority of the fanbase are these gender nutters. So honestly they can have that shit, it was made to cater to them clearly.

Something something tRaNsPhObIc. REEEE. Kek

No. 236970

They're fucking robots…. And I mean, they were clearly designs to be a specific ssex so why are these psychos really putting all that much thought into it? Let alone the fact that they are fucking robots and can't procreate.

No. 236976

I won't rewatch that dogshit moid show just to give a comprehensive list of all the misogynistic moments but nearly every woman in that show is there to be beaten, humiliated or just plain useless. They never have personalities and aren't even allowed to be boring poorly written sidecharacters, most of the time they just make cameos to get humiliated by the scrotastic cast and then it's over.
Jolyne got to have a part of her own but that faggot Araki still had to make her misogynistic daddy tag along and make it all about him again. I know it just sounds like im describing regular anime misogyny, but imo it really is much worse in Jojo. I mean, there's literally a serial killer character that gets turned on from committing femicide, chopping women's hands off and using them to wipe his ass. Characters will randomly have unnecessary backstories where they killed and dismembered their ex gfs like with Anasui. Random scenes of women getting beaten or raped as a backstory or during exposition. It's really fucking vile and to top it all of this constantly gets recommended when people ask for anime with less misogyny just because there's some fags with boob windows kek. Honestly, just stick to watching regular yaoi. It'll have a better plot anyway.
None of those anons are me but women definitely just like this show because it's endless yaoi and they ignore all the shit plot and the shit characters by just making their own headcanons. Seriously, the fanon version of these characters and the show in general makes it seem actually tolerable.

No. 236985

You’re an idiot and nothing you said is even true.

No. 236995

Tbh the Owl House’s lore seemed interesting for a kid’s show but the artstyle was a red flag. Glad to see I was proved right.
I don’t want to derail this thread again but did you even watch JJBA? Yes it can be misogynistic but not exploitive as other genre staples like Berserk.

No. 237011

Sure there is sexism in jojo but this comment is just bullshit.

No. 237049

Did you really just say the fanon versions of jojo characters are better? What are you on? The modern western jojo fan makes them insufferable and I am a modern western jojo fan. JJBA is best if you don’t even interact with the fandom.

No. 237095

File: 1662596818030.gif (2.48 MB, 640x480, eced92f62c262fae54581c26037242…)

How can robots be trans if they're sexless? We only "assign" genders to robots as a sort of personification. The concept of gender is a human construct, so if an entity has no sex traits, its "gender" is just us attributing female characteristics to it.

An episode of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones tackled this whole concept 20 years ago. While Jones is called "he," as a robot he's not subject to sex stereotypes, so the girls and boys fight over who gets to claim him as their own. In the end, he basically arrives at the conclusion that he doesn't need to fit into human gender stereotypes.

I guess I can kind of understand why troons identify with Jenny. They're perverts obsessed with teenage girls, for one, and Jenny is a "manufactured girl." But the show is about how being a robot makes Jenny an outcast, and how she learns to embrace the thing that makes her different. That's not an experience unique to the LGBT. Kids are "othered" for many reasons, including disabilities, income, culture, religion, race, etc. Self-acceptence in the face of bullying is an extremely common theme for a kids' show to have.

No. 237099

I always felt like this robot jones cartoon wasn't about "omg he's nonbinary/trans!!!111!!" but how dumb human gender stereotypes are. That's what I took out of it as a kid. Both sides are equally stupid, just be yourself. Unfortunately the gendertard movement works in backwards ways and they literally think girls should be girly and boys should be boyish. Stupid as fuck if you ask me

No. 237100

it is gay erasure, but for these idiots that just means a win for the trans community. It's idiotic.

No. 237252

One of my favourite scenes in the series is when Dio forcibly kisses Erina and when she falls down and starts washing her mouth with dirt water to humiliate Dio in front of his friends. It was so rare to see female characters get back at their assaulters, especially in 80s when phantom blood was released. And it was cleverly done too. She got beaten for it but never backed down and stayed the logical and collected person in the scene while Dio got emotional and started to moid rage. I love it. Jojo has bunch of shit writing and this is very well understood by most fans. But gems like that is why people love the series.
Western jojofags are cancer, but i find it curious that almost all of the tranny headcanon fans always gravitate towards latter parts. Parts 1-2 especially i remember clearly never having this problem. I guess when jojo became a meme the wokies also found the series along with men kek. I really miss the early fujo and yume days.

No. 237349

File: 1662662507298.jpg (235.55 KB, 1938x2076, 0af.jpg)


No. 237350

>>237349 It breaks my heart whenever i see a skinny men character because i just know a good chunk of the fans gonna headcanon him as trans, same goes to tall women. I'm sick of people headcanoning Caitlyn as trans,let tall women be women dammit!

No. 237360

Looks and acts like my Czech cousin tbh nonnies, feels weird. Thank god he's not so sickly anymore, once he nearly dropped dead in my arms. Yes, this is a puzzling feeling indeed.

No. 237646

>I feel like the reason why this happens so much these days is because ohof porn-obsessed people have been in the last 2 decades. Rule 34 especially, I'm sure it has given porn brain-rot to people to where they think about a fictional characters genitals.
Sage for slight derail, but I think you're right. Don't get me wrong, I love fanart smut as long as it's with adults and consensual and kept far away from people who aren't into that, but rule 34 went from being an observation to an actual rule people try to enforce. It gets kind of sickening how people literally race each other to be the first to draw porn of something, even if the media isn't released yet. A lot of moids and pickme women who do it treat it like a form of "territory marking".

And I think it ties into the trans thing, since a decade ago I had (former) fandom friends who were borderline porn addicts and would get *bored by seeing "normal" bodies. Seeing a female character with a vagina or a male with a penis got less novel, but switching it up was new and interesting. I used to not care about it since it's fiction, but instead of just seen as a genital swapping kink it's treated as some biological identity.

No. 237652

slightly off-topic but i refuse to believe most people actually get off to most rule 34, a HUGE chunk of it just strikes me as pure shock value

No. 237656

Yeah, that's why I see it as a form of "territory marking", I know every time there's a new Pokemon or some other series (which has grosser implications since it's a kid's media) people race to "be the first", and even drawing something gross and half-assed is seen as "winning".

I think a lot of it is gross and shocking too, but whenever I try to search for normal fanart of my favorites, I usually see the porn stuff and trans shit at the same times, and sometimes it's said to be commissioned. So some people do like it, but they tend to have low standards due to being addicted and wanting something shiny and new to fap to and move on from.

No. 237667

I used to be a huge jojofag and still like some things about it, but you're right. Jojo fans admit that it has absolutely shit writing, but it's hard for them to admit that it has a lot of sexist tropes as well. Also Araki is just obsessed with putting weird sexual references in the story.
>i find it curious that almost all of the tranny headcanon fans always gravitate towards latter parts. Parts 1-2 especially i remember clearly never having this problem.
Probably because they're the least popular parts (out of the ones with anime adaptations at least) and are more in line with conventional shounen manga of the era so it wasn't as ""queer"" as later parts.

No. 237692

you are an idiot

No. 238520

File: 1663026065622.png (352.92 KB, 582x453, fnaf_mangle_fanart.png)

Not even Fnaf is safe.

No. 238552

why would fnaf of all things be safe… one of the OG troon fandoms

No. 238565

is this just a western fanbase thing? i have seen slightly similar things on eastern fandoms, like molding the personality of a characters based only on headcanons, like in touhou, but i wonder if japanese people also believe Miku is trans or similar stuff

No. 238568

yes because trans is a social contagion among the autistic and mentally unwell

No. 238585

nta, not that particular art itself but rather that that character is constantly troonified, iirc even the creator sort of confirmed him as nonbinary at some point?
i've had the misfortune to find both futa and cuntboy fetish porn but at least everyone acknowledges it as non-canon fetish porn instead of insisting the characters are actual trannies

No. 238635

File: 1663067598099.png (89.67 KB, 175x258, 314274594148211.png)

I love the plankton colony girl but big chunk of fandom now of course considers her a NB themlet despite her using a feminine pronoun. I'm sure we owe it a lot to netflix translation team for insisting to use "they" every time someone refers to her.

No. 238645

they because she's actually multiple planktons?

No. 238647

Sure is, but she's not referring to herself as plural, but singular feminine. Making it they is translator's interpretation

No. 238666

its so funny to me when nonhuman characters get transed. why would a robot or a monster or an angel or whatever be trans, it has no gender, it can be whatever it wants.

No. 238684

actually that's the reasoning why they get trooned

No. 238685

File: 1663076753992.png (1.25 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220912-132248.png)

The custom she is calling kweer uwu is incest btw

No. 238687


No. 238689

the writers obviously meant it in the traditional sense (strange, odd) but it does say a lot that the kweers interpret it like this

No. 238738

Derail but when will this franchise die. Peak degen moid fantasy.

No. 238765

It's one of the OG zoomer trans fandom. I have a younger sister and her friends on Discord were autistic girls into stuff like FNAF and Youtubers and most of them became TIFs in one way or another.

Not really. It's mostly a western thing pushed by bored white people (and bored middle class POC - I have never met a poor POC who cared about this shit). There are some "genderless" characters in anime and games but it's usually used as a synonym for androgyny. "X-gender" is the equivalent on nonbinary and there's one mangaka (a woman, of course) who identifies as it but it isn't really mainstream.

No. 238768

wasn't there also an "x-gender" guy whp chopped off his balls and cooked them and ate them as "rejection of gender"

No. 238845

File: 1663110427773.png (434.98 KB, 540x680, 508714.png)

This one's next level, because they're not just making everybody trans and black, they're also insinuating that their headcanon is "correct" and that the fucking source material they're making fanart of is whitewashing. Unreal. And of course everybody in the notes is jerking themselves off about how woke and enlightened this is. How??? It's literally just a retarded teenager virtue signalling about how her headcanons are ~real~ and the fucking author's interpretation of his own goddamn characters is whitewashing.

I hate the Homestuck fandom. It's 70% to blame for the trend of fanart turning into a competition to see who can have the wokest headcanons. I saw that garbage in the homestuck fandom long before I saw it anywhere else. Fuck Hussie for enabling this nonsense with his "aracial" crap. No content creator should ever capitulate to the demands of wokescolds, because they'll call you a bigot and insult your art regardless of how much you cater to them.

Having headcanons is one thing. Insisting that your headcanons are canon and screeching at everyone who disagrees is fucking mental illness. I've seen people get shit for drawing John as a boy and for drawing the kids white as if those interpretations are less legitimate than having everyone be trans and black. Apparently headcanons are just a platform for virtue-signalling now, and not just something people do for fun. You must demonstrate your moral purity by posting diverse fanart, or face the judgement of losers on Twitter.

No. 238865

Matt Smith is revolting

No. 238988

She is multiple planktons, so I'd get it if people who knew that referred to her as "they," even though I'd know it's still NB pandering. But it's completely immersion breaking when a random-ass villain who knows nothing about her refers to this obviously female person as "they".

Like sorry, prisoners and prison guards that have been magically enraged and are actively attempting to beat everyone they see to death are not going to correctly assume and respect your pronouns.

No. 239121

File: 1663164468108.png (103.96 KB, 640x419, AF91268F-FE8F-4B33-8D97-78F792…)

I hope the next DLC character is a TERF

No. 239130

Embarrassing as fuck. I feel so bad for all the anons who are into Guilty Gear right now.

No. 239132

i dont like the transwashing or racebaiting but i think the idea that homestuck is a kind of mythology of “real people” and that details were lost along the way is cool as shit. i don’t think it’s really insisting that it’s canon, just an interesting take on etymology.

No. 239146

File: 1663168647682.png (152.18 KB, 450x450, FJ8majkakAATQCr.png)

Indeed this sucks balls. Why can't Bridget just be an effeminate guy like he always was? I hate how much they're bowing to the troons for money, essentially. I'm a really hardcore GG fan too, have lots of merch/doujins and this really saddens me.
Honestly for once I'm glad my son Bedman is kill because now they can't troon him out for being a manlet with pink accents.

No. 239151

File: 1663169326882.jpeg (338.99 KB, 2064x600, 4EB398EB-0671-4E31-AAFE-7E2D08…)

I’m sorry, nonnie.

No. 239153

You don't deserve this. I don't get why so many video game studios, localizers and marketers stopped having integrity and decided to pander to retards who don't even spend money on their products at the risk of pushing away their loyal fanbase.

No. 239222

does anyone know how japanese players are reacting to this? most seem to not like troons so I'd imagine not well

No. 239223

File: 1663181426375.jpeg (162.4 KB, 1170x1600, ADAB3FEC-5CE9-497D-A21B-EC9985…)

porn addict-on-porn addict violence

No. 239235

>living as manly man too hard, therefore he is a girl
>Finally broke my delusions, time to come out as… Even more delusional !
These self-acceptance narratives are getting so dumb. He can just accept himself as who he actually is, a feminine boy.

No. 239369

File: 1663206392643.jpeg (294.74 KB, 1124x1299, FF345C40-3D71-4D84-9D4C-0768D0…)

the hideous new protag looks more like the french/american flag but alright

No. 239375

File: 1663206772228.jpg (339.11 KB, 1600x3434, remy-3so.jpg)

I live in constant fear that they're going to put my boy Remy in a new street fighter game and troon him out like they did to Testament

No. 239401

File: 1663210985378.jpeg (896.12 KB, 1170x1821, 67428D44-BC7A-46AC-B041-357DD5…)

Nah, Capcom isn’t into tranny pandering (Poison’s only a man in the NA localization) Remy trooning out would make sense since he’s an incest freak
Kek I wonder if they’ll make ABA an FtM since she’s grimy with chest bandages and stitches

No. 239425

It's not a bad concept, but they don't use it to explore anything beyond their faggoty Tumblr headcanons, so it's wasted. I've seen fanworks that explore the same idea with way more nuance and creativity than just "what if Homestuck was unreliably narrated and all the characters were actually trans, kweer, black and disabled uwu."

If you're impressed by that, it's a reflection of how anaemic your own literary diet is. A lot of these tards couldn't even be assed to actually read Homestuck, so it doesn't shock me that they haven't read any actual books that tackle the issue of how idolization distorts the identities of those subject to it, or how real people are falsely mythologized.

No. 239426

The cognitive dissonance of this shit is just mind boggling to me. At this point, people have just been convinced that regression is actually progress. People are giving so much weight to the idea that stereotypes equal gender that they're now advocating for the idea that anyone who deviates from those stereotypes must be twans or non-binary. They're just fucking clothes, you idiots. A man doesn't cease to be a man just because he dyed his hair pink.

No. 239427

I'm not a huge SF fan but I remember my brother having Street Fighter 3rd Strike and I played a little of it and I thought Remy was so cool looking. I get your fear anon because he's one of the most prominent feminine looking characters in the series and I can see them trooning him out for woke points.

>Remy = Incest
Wat? lol For real??

>ABA trooning as an FTM

I can see this happening unfortunately. The FTM troons and enbies more than likely don't know about this character, she hasn't been in any of the games during the 2010s era so those freakshows are more than likely not aware she exists (yet…) and I fear that once she makes her return, they'll be all over her. I mean that's what happened with Testament because before he came back in Strive, none of these gender tards knew he existed and then as soon as he comes back after a 10+ year hiatus, they swooped in.

No. 239429

You're not alone anon, you're among fellow fans here who totally feel you on this. It's fucking awful how these gender tards put so much stock into what a person wears thinking that if one is gender nonconforming, they are automatically tRaNs or nOnBiNaRy, it's fucking regressive bullshit.

Just know that you're not alone in this frustration and that most of us remember that Bridget was a boy and fuck this, he's still a man now just like Testament. Because transgenderism is not real. We know it, the devs know it, and even the nutters themselves know it.

No. 239449

please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't understand why you all are so distraught over this, your acting acting like some slight effeminate pretty boy was trans'd, Bridget was always trap coomerbait, nothing about him indicated that he was male, all his attacks were sexualized and he was always drawn as a girl, I dislike him being transwashed on principle but I can't imagine being personally attached to a pedobait trap character

No. 239467

Nah, she's a girl so they'll just give her more cleavage and change her face.

I'm surprised TIFs aren't latching onto Sin actually, or even Zappa

The thing is, since they have no problem making sudden design changes out of nowhere, they could have redesigned him to be more like an actual effeminate boy and not over-sexualized pedobait, but they just made him worse

No. 239472

I'm guessing it's a matter of making an established character OOC more than anything to do with design. It'd be like if Naoto from P4 showed up in a Persona sequel as an NPC and said to the new cast that she's a FTM who just got top surgery because that's how she's perceived by some fake fans despite her development in P4 being about how she's ok with being a girl and she shouldn't be ashamed of it because of her sexist coworkers.

No. 239476

I already stated that, I dislike him being transwahsed on principle, but some of you all are acting you had this deep attachment to Bridget, with way you reaction

No. 239478

I only played some Guilty Gear game a few times on the DS long ago so I'm only guessing how the anons who are actual fans of the series think about it. My example with Naoto isn't to show that they might dislike it just out of principle. Making an established character OOC in a new entry to appeal to fake fans sucks on its own, it's basically the equivalent of spitting on the established, loyal fanbase that support the devs, and it's disrespectful to anyone who actually care about characters and their development, even just a little. Still using Naoto as an example: that's why non mentally ill people hate it when people headcanon Naoto as trans but don't give a shit that Erika is MTF in Catherine and Catherine Fullbody, it's a matter of consistent writing even if it's usually not that important in fighting games.

No. 239485

Funnily enough I was reading this guy's profile on TVtropes yesterday, and they listed his pronouns as he/him. Is the pronoun shit canon now, too?

No. 239488

Are trannies trying to claim bright red/blue as "their" colors now or something? Wasn't it enough with claiming pastel pink/blue?

No. 239497

Nta but his dead sister was preserved in a block of ice and has to eventually move on and get rid of the ice block to face the future. His whole thing is that he's holding onto an ancient grudge so I interpreted that as being unable to let go of the past and holding onto grief instead of the interpretation that he wanted to fuck her though…

No. 239504

so their gender is "trans" instead of just "male" or "female"??

No. 239505

oh same

No. 239559

I'll only forgive this if he detransitions in the next game or DLC. (AKA not likely but it would be funny as a troll move)

Western FE fans were going to do it regardless, but red/white/blue isn't even the "trans colors", she looks like a Pepsi gijinka.

Poison was always a transwoman, but the JP/NA version flip-flops on getting the dick chop surgery or not. Ironically, Posion is a more realistic portrayal since they're a prostitute and appear to only be into men, which is most transwomen in non-western countries.

No. 239564

Ah okay thanks for the clear up anon. Yeah no, that doesn't sound like incest at all to me, I think it's just normal sibling love in the familial sense.

No. 239568

This. Bridget may have been a tad sexualized, there's not doubt about it but it's not different than the usual sexualized female characters in media who happen to have interesting backstories like Ivy from Soul Calibur. Sexualized to hell character she is but her backstory is actually interesting despite the coom-fueled design. In X-2 which was Bridget's debut, his whole premise was trying to find self-acceptance for himself as a man on his terms and it was interesting. So to see them actually troon him out defeated the whole purpose of what his character was about and that's what's upsetting.

And some of us were just naively expecting better from devs to not make such stupid changes.

No. 239572

>"He tried to live as a man

How do you "live as a man"? See this is part of why troon ideology is so retarded because it's built on stereotypes.

>"courageous choice by staying true to HIS own feelings

Yeah except he didn't do that. If he "stayed true" to his own feelings, he wouldn't have trooned out and continued to own that he is a man, just a different kind of man.

>Poison was always a transwoman, but the JP/NA version flip-flops on getting the dick chop surgery or not. Ironically, Posion is a more realistic portrayal since they're a prostitute and appear to only be into men, which is most transwomen in non-western countries.


Just call his what he is anon, he's a man regardless if he got the penis inversion kek.

Anyway I think the confusion also comes from how the developers intended him to be a woman at first but changed it because at the time it would've seen as bad to put a woman in a fighting game as it coul be misconstrued as violence against women or something like that. So they just went with the troon option so it would be seen as less offensive. In a way it's funny because reading between the line, by their logic that just reinforces that Poison is a man kek.

And I agree with you that he's a great representation of troons. Prostitute and ridiculously sexualized outfit that no sane woman would ever wear while making all kinds of sexual innuendos from time to time, he's perfect for them.

No. 239590

AYRT I'm just not comfortable using he or she. It's a fictional character, It's not like I'm going to get screamed at by a dyed hair NEET on Twitter for "misgendering", and I don't think surgery changes sex anyway.

>Anyway I think the confusion also comes from how the developers intended him to be a woman at first but changed it because at the time it would've seen as bad to put a woman in a fighting game as it coul be misconstrued as violence against women or something like that. So they just went with the troon option so it would be seen as less offensive. In a way it's funny because reading between the line, by their logic that just reinforces that Poison is a man kek.

I do think the story behind Poison is funny, because it was an American playtester that said that having a videogame with female enemies that you could punch (Final Fight was a beat-em-up) would offend feminists, and the Japanese devs responded that it's fine because they're not women, they're transvestites. (Although I think Poison's friend Roxy who is a palette swap is an actual woman, but she gets transed by association) It's funny how a lot of this stuff is Western-centric. Obviously "wokeness" exists in other countries but if you try to talk about the trans topic to someone not from here they'll think you mean gay crossdressers and not straight people trying to be gay.

No. 239594

They transitioned from No Sex to Female and Male apparently kek

No. 239595

>detransitions in the next game or DLC
Kek imagine if it’s a time skip. He hits puberty, realizes he can no longer pass as a girl and detransitions or joins the 41%

No. 239597

basically yes lol their reasoning is that robots are not "assigned genders at birth" therefore any gender they identify as would make them troons because they go from nothing to something

No. 239600

this is literally what they did with Connor from DBH lol

No. 239611

I’m sorry nonna but the way you described this made me think of it like an episode of Hoarders where he’s like “nooooo not my dead sister ice block!!!” And they make him throw it away.

No. 239657

I'm fucking cackling anon

No. 240658

File: 1663696143164.jpeg (119.3 KB, 802x996, 9BD58D74-1FDA-4485-8886-70B59D…)

A few days ago twitter was having a spergout on shiver’s gender. She was confirmed female by nintendo of america (she uses both masculine and feminine forms of address in japan). Of course this led to accusations of transphobia and censorship.

No. 240674

I don’t understand, she isn’t even that androgynous looking.. I dig her design so much but what is it that makes her “non-binary”.. is it the chest wrappings? I’m pretty sure those are like an archaic bra? I never did but I still don’t get begendereds on shit like this.

No. 240736

Anything that isn't hyperfeminine is considered "trans" or "non-binary" by gendies.
And yes, that's just sarashi, plenty of Japanese characters wear it and it's not some gender thing.

No. 240755

This is a great example of anglophones not understanding Japanese. While some words, like "boku" and "ore" have masculine connotations, they're not exclusive to one gender or the other the way pronouns are in English. "Boku" is used by tomboyish women and women working in male dominated settings (some female politicians use boku for instance.) Watashi is typically used by women, but also by either gender when trying to be humble or polite.

It's obviously a female character. Let's not apply American gender-woo to a completely different language and culture.

No. 240761

people assumed shiver was non-binary was because official descriptions of her never included any pronouns.

No. 241360

Don't know if this is relevant enough, but as someone who wants to create her own series, how can I prevent transwashing of my own work? I know I can't stop it completely, but I'm willing to do whatever I can to nullify it as much as possible. I'm afraid simply stating my characters bio sex is not enough, and was wondering if there's a trick to it.

No. 241491

There's no real way to avoid it. Maybe try making the male characters older and masculine? Let them have hobbies that are not as relatable to young nerdy people? Like they could like sports and outdoorsy stuff rather than art and video games? Maybe have well-rounded extroverted characters rather than introverted "woah he's literally me" characters.

No. 241498

nah sporty masculine characters also get transwashed a lot

No. 241499

No, actually ore is exclusively used by men, it's not like boku

No. 241500

Try and avoid anime art styles that attracts trannys like a fly to a light. Avoid having characters that pander to coomers. Maybe if you can learn another language that’s hard to learn and only release it in that language? Like Arabic, russian, or Chinese. That’s the only ways I see you avoiding shit like that.

No. 241503

I wonder if they would go so far as to transwash a male character that has fathered a child with his penis.

No. 241504


Same fag but if you go with the hard language route and the series is picked up by a company try and see if you can pull a Nintendo and copyright any fan translations to English. Honestly don’t know exactly just throwing ideas you can try.

No. 241512

File: 1663924529921.jpg (31.94 KB, 735x603, 57e8bcd08d3b7a7cf631b06e49f3a3…)

I don't know if there's an specific way to truly nullify it, but if it works as a comfort I don't expect the whole troon movement to make it farther than a few years from now. That's kinda what helps me with the fear of getting my own characters transwashed; the current support trannies are getting will die down more sooner than later but right now it's just a momentary issue.

No. 241517

File: 1663926189924.png (615.17 KB, 559x957, Miriam-Turning_Red.png)

i'm surprised she wasn't posted yet

No. 241519

every character in that film was badly designed though

No. 241527

This isn't the bad character design thread, but I had to double check kek.

No. 241539

shit guess I misinterpreted, but why her specifically, she was equally bland as the rest of her friends

No. 241552

>looks at Team Fortress 2
>looks at Metal Gear
>looks at Ryu Ga Gotoku
Nope, not even that would work.

No. 241553

every character will get transwashed if that's what the audience wants, you can't avoid it

No. 241554

File: 1663933760430.jpg (45.86 KB, 500x500, artworks-uZKE9QD39Vz3qaoV-Q3z5…)

they sure do. well he never literally got to become a biological father but he has indeed successfully impregnated at least one woman. female characters who have literally been pregnant on screen get transwashed too, go figure.

No. 241556

iirc pixar posting casting calls looking for a TIM teenager voice actor for an upcoming unspecified movie and people assumed this was the character because her head is not as round as the other girls' so she must be the token troon i guess

No. 241557

Thanks so much guys, I hope if I ever get a fandom it'll be you guys. Fights break out here from time to time, but this is still the chillest part of the internet I've ever been on. Must be all the women here.

No. 241562

that's so dumb, she's a typical tomboy

No. 241563

I'm also creating my own series and I plan on only ever mentioning "sex" instead of "gender" (in character profiles and such) to signal that I don't agree with troon shit. If I feel particularly chaotic when I write the final script I might make one of my characters make an offhand gender critical comment, though I worry that might just embolden gendies to transwash my characters just to spite me.
If my series becomes popular with the Twitter/Tumblr crowd they will definitely transwash one of my characters who is the "literally me" kind of soft boy that AAP Aidens try to be (and that's my type unfortunately). Even if I stated publicly that he's a biological male and not trans they will do whatever they want with him. So I can just pray for a bigger normal, sane female audience than a TIF audience so the tranny shit is easily avoidable.

No. 241577

I advise you to not make your series blatantly anti-troon because as you said, troons are extremely spiteful and can be a headache to deal with. I think it's better to leave some stuff ambiguous enough so you can fly under the radar. The less attention you get from them, the better

No. 241599

Honestly, I don't think there's absolutely no way to prevent it. I think showing a character as a baby with male/female genitals is enough to seriously deject these people. Troons absolutely take it very hard whenever someone breaks them out of their fantasy. They might try their hardest to push past the canon but they know the truth, and probably don't want a bunch of comments on their work saying shit like "but this character can't be trans because of that one scene we all saw". Also, a lot of the characters people have posted here were written by people who didn't know they'd have to consider transwashing of their work, so to be fair there's no explicit proof they're not trans. Even for characters like Gwyndolin, the writers still could've had a scene where he gets defensive when someone calls him a woman, but they didn't, so he's troonifiyed. There ARE things you can do as a writer.

No. 241600

Honestly at this point the best you can do is absolutely refuse to acknowledge fandom transwashing while crypto-terfing. If anyone asks just play dumb.

No. 241603

Don't you think the creators of most of the characters in this thread do just that? I'm just saying we don't need to be so quick to give up when I'm sure at least trying would amount to something.

No. 241606

>making the male characters older and masculine
just say you hate women and go

No. 241607

No. 241609

No. 241658

File: 1663954932686.jpg (326.2 KB, 1080x1094, IMG_20220923_124103.jpg)

And people still headcanon him as trans even in the comments kek

No. 241672

Troons are homophobes. They love homophobe characters.

No. 241678

You can't really avoid it. Making only characters that stick to strict gender norms or making your work less accessible to potential fans isn't worth it, you'll just end up dumbing down your work or getting less recognition than you deserve. Troon headcanons are basically an extension of rule 34 at this point. Every other creator with a decent fanbase has to deal with people who will draw or write weird shit about their characters. Just keep the distance and don't engage with them. Tranny pandering is bound to age poorly.

Also I think we need more good, complex GNC characters that aren't huge stereotypes or kids. We need to make it sound like a cooler club than the pronons clique.

No. 241689

File: 1663960214999.png (133.41 KB, 475x475, 700.png)

Any character with blue and pink color scheme

No. 241694

Yeah, this. You can't avoid people who have retarded ideas about your work so create what you want.

No. 241701

File: 1663961478859.jpg (187.48 KB, 2390x1617, 2993174__source needed_safe_ar…)

Trixie from mlp gets transwashed all the time, reason being cuz the creator said in concept art she was designed to be a stallion at first and that later changed, plus one time the creator was shitposting on Twitter saying one character from season 1 was trans. Also troons like to say the eyes and horn she had in the first few seasons were closer to the stallion flash puppets than the mare ones, which is funny cuz apparently their evidence is that she doesn't pass kek, tho Trixie would be a great trans representation seeing as:
>she's full of herself and super arrogant
>doesn't really have a real job
>she tried to kill herself one time

It's a shame, it's a cute colour scheme but it's been ruined for me because of that ugly flag.

No. 241707

File: 1663962383652.gif (61.79 KB, 348x322, 1655508756730.gif)

the trans season 1 character is probably this abomination kek

No. 241709

You mean Rarity's masseur not Rarity herself, right?

No. 241711

No. 241750


off topic but I hate it when gen z kids start spazzing the fuck out when a character says something like "faggot". How the hell are you gonna function in the real world when this word is used all the time? kek

No. 241758

>Also I think we need more good, complex GNC characters that aren't huge stereotypes or kids. We need to make it sound like a cooler club than the pronons clique.
you make a great point. perhaps the best way to avoid tranny headcanons is not to bash them, but to make the characters clearly comfortable with their biological sex and proud of being GNC. the trannies might even accuse each other of being homophobic or disrespecting the characters' identity for transing them against their will kek

since the troon flag colors were actually taken from pedophile symbols it's even worse when those characters are "claimed" by trannies

No. 241761

fr “fag”/“faggot” is part of my everyday vocabulary. “bitch” is a slur too but nobody bats an eye at it.

No. 241857

yes please we need more proper GNC characters! every character who doesn't fit the mold gets transwashed…

No. 241863

File: 1664018235578.jpg (226.52 KB, 1024x1229, dylan_fuentes_dead_rising.jpg)

Dylan Fuentes from Dead Rising 3, he's supposed to be an insane sexual sadistic pervert

No. 241864

and this is how he is in the game

No. 241866

Ok, I'm laughing at the idea of a tif trying to pull that.

No. 241870

>Fag is part of my everyday vocabulary
Where do you live where people don't mind? I've seen people get in trouble for saying it IRL.

No. 241874

File: 1664024259833.jpeg (946.81 KB, 1924x2048, 9B0F8D3F-CFC8-4A4A-8342-FDCB59…)

i'm going to puke

No. 241875


No. 241877

File: 1664024512678.jpeg (49.92 KB, 765x576, B545E976-D379-4D3F-9541-0A724E…)

Fight me

No. 241880

Just be in a more ghetto, low income area. People tend to be openly homophobic in those kinds of places.

No. 241893

OT but why does this show has so many fujos when the characters are ugly as hell?

No. 241897

File: 1664033548362.png (136.82 KB, 355x444, A83F0955-BEFF-4CBB-9BC5-64BBC8…)

Well see when you're a real finest metalheads enjoyer like me this show is an absolute delight. Come on look at this eye candy !

No. 241898

this is why we love jesse pinkman, fuck those male fags!!!

No. 241904

File: 1664035669411.png (27.27 KB, 500x313, 2688109380_7aa42e1ca0-16639715…)

No. 241940

I have yet to understand why aidens headcanon Pickles as trans, I know it's mostly cuz he's a manlet but we see him as a kid in the show at one point and he was always a boy. Did they forgot about that?

No. 241948

File: 1664046152032.jpeg (17.29 KB, 236x202, 509A9C1B-0006-447A-AD93-845B93…)

nonnie please

No. 242001

File: 1664055949693.jpg (72.91 KB, 581x594, 30d2adc7f81c191759790283b37cb4…)

Not that mad about this one because I hate this character but the amount of people I've seen calling her a she/they

No. 242006

I wonder if I don't interact enough with others or if it's because of the spaces I frequent or the series I like but so far no character I care about got transwashed I think.
I generally don't like it if fans headcanon something that directly contradicts canon. In the case of transwashing it does for me, because a trans character wouldn't call themselves a he if it was a transwoman or she if they were a transman. So if someone pretends they are the opposite gender it's literally misgendering to me.

No. 242013

tbh she does give me she/they vibes (derogatory)

No. 242015

Probably because Pickles was the one who had the typical angsty childhood and hates his parents, especially his father, and was actually attractive in his youth.

No. 242025

File: 1664060687974.gif (588.95 KB, 500x278, download (4).gif)

Same with Toki though

No. 242026

They can take her

No. 242027

Pickles is American and had the average suburban life, which most of these embies/tifs are. While Toki worked to the bone in a remote Norwegian farm. They can't relate to actual work or exercise

No. 242029

Just seems like bad taste tbh, but what do you expect from tifs

No. 242037

File: 1664063289791.jpeg (257.16 KB, 750x717, DCCF1CB7-3D25-49E8-B75C-796354…)

He’s a manlet in conflit whit his parents and also this joke was happen

No. 242039

No. 242069

I remember when there was an episode calling Toki a pre op tranny kek

No. 242122

Maybe have a strong emphasis on a straight pairing? A couple months ago, I checked through the Spy x Family fics on AO3 and was surprised to see absolutely no trans fics. Maybe Spy x Family is simply too normie for trans stuff? I have no idea why trans headcanons seem rare in the fandom.

No. 242126

i think it's because spy x family goes too much in the other direction, super normie and conventional straight couple that even your grandma would enjoy kek

No. 242141

SxF is the most normie anime right now. Literally. Its manga has its own shelf in our local bookstore. Insane.

No. 242229

>Homophobic character hc'd as trans because he is homophobic
True mask off moment kek

No. 242273

File: 1664131242497.png (134.37 KB, 853x1000, Zero01.png)

Fuck Anthony Burch for real

No. 242309

Why fuck anthony burch, did he say anything on Zero's gender? From what i've seen he's still considered male in the fandom

No. 242311

at some point he said that Zer0 is actually nonbinary they/them and being called a he in Tales was a mistake. fortunately 3 and most of the fandom still call him a he but then you have that annoying part of the fandom that clings to Burch's words and will shart if you call Zer0 a he.

No. 242340

Imagine paying attention to anything him or his equally-retarded sister say

No. 242345

File: 1664143746152.png (419.29 KB, 1024x550, Screen_Shot_2020-04-28_at_12.2…)

can't you people just be normal about things

No. 242657

File: 1664226869435.jpeg (698.42 KB, 1170x1433, 361F0801-808F-4108-B7B3-CF687F…)

why do so many agps project onto alisaie and aidens project onto alphinaud??? sus cause they’re supposed to be children.

No. 242665

Kids? The girl has tits, they can’t be that young?

No. 242670

They're definitely adults as of now, were something like 15 in the beginning of the game. But even then their personalities were very mature.

No. 242676

Not any specific character but I see lots of westerners completely randomly and without explanation just starting to call male characters "she".
Peak cringe when they even do that when they talk to the writer of the comic, or someone involved with the cartoon or anime they talk about. It feels like legit provocation and of course everybody just answers and ignores is because you know it would cause an uproar and people would call you transphobic if you said anything.

I just don't get why it's happening so often and randomly. I even see it with typically masculine characters, like some scrawny samurais like Cyclonus or just random buff anime characters or sniper dudes from games.
People will draw them normally but just say "she" or call them lesbians while shipping two male characters. I always 'never mind' my way out of this instead of liking or reblogging the artworks like I usually do because I don't know how to feel about this or how crazy/normal the artists are.

No. 242740

Maybe I'm on the right side of this fandom but I never see people troon out the ladies of Arcane as much (I've only seen one fakeboi Vi and yeah the aidens went to Viktor like flies to shit). Perhaps the way to tone down the trannyifction in fandoms is to have women who are proudly GNC. You'd think Sevika would get the MTF treatment (idk I've never seen it) but it's likely bad optics to have your MTF get their ass beat on the regular.

No. 242743

they’re 15 iirc

No. 242756

You'd think they'd realize Scott Cawthon is a serious Christian and wouldn't put trans degeneracy in his work and switching Foxy and Mangle's pronouns every other was a joke making fun of the fandom's obsession with gender. But that's too smart for these people.

No. 242764

File: 1664248989549.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 4D254982-BBC9-404B-B381-D969D2…)

Saw someone say that Louise belcher is “trans coded” whatever the fuck that means. I love her character since I was a tomboy growing up. Still kind of am! I relate to her so much from childhood.

No. 242797

Is it true that male characters get transwashed more than female characters?

No. 242800

oh most definitely, other then maybe coomerbait "trap" character, you'll find transwashing is mostly done to male characters

No. 242811

>A literal child
>s-she must be a tranny!
god i hate trannies.

No. 243143

File: 1664347161458.jpg (46.58 KB, 666x1000, pete-burns-1d909ecb31242d84750…)

From what I've observed, men definitely get transed more though women are catching up in recent years. It's mainly because there is hardly any out and proud feminine men in the real world who are confident enough to tell people off who try to trans them. The only person who sorta did this was the late Pete Burns (The "You Spin me Right Round" guy). He was very androgynous in the 80s and he stayed that way till he died looking even more feminine as time went on and despite the horrible plastic surgery, he never called himself trans.

But besides him I mean.. Can you think of any men like him who are not calling themselves trans or enbie? Exactly.

No. 243144

I must admit I like her style and I liked her character when I was a teenager but there's no denying that she probably would be calling herself nonbinary to cement the whole "Not like other girls" crap lol.

No. 243363

File: 1664424108257.png (1.07 MB, 1280x1111, tumblr_38856aaf44c045f2c4179b8…)

The photos are tiny but this is effectively a common transwashed character list in the same vein as that bracket with Reigen that was popular on Twitter recently.

No. 243576

Cloud too??? Kill yourself

No. 243604


No. 243608

Is that starscream? I s2g if it is I have an inside joke that just became a looooot funnier.

No. 243609

I bet it's because shes a blue dog that is female.

No. 243614

File: 1664508568358.gif (1.3 MB, 480x243, main-qimg-2a800cbfffa21e48f6be…)

Apparently if a man is feminine, it means he either has a vagina or wants one. That blatant reinforcement of outdated gender stereotypes is considered "liberal" now. Fucking horseshoe theory.

At least they're not going after Kurama, because they're all retarded zoomers who ignore any old anime that isn't NGE or Sailor Moon.

She's a fucking dog, too. Like not anthro at all, just a somewhat smart dog. Do they think regular ass animals can be trans?

No. 243615

not my girl iris…

No. 243616

File: 1664509379878.jpeg (25.34 KB, 739x415, images (9).jpeg)

It's not that far fetched, I guess.

No. 243617

File: 1664509584886.jpeg (87.92 KB, 1080x987, F9665AFC-3522-4F61-B378-A5B31C…)


No. 243619

What a shitty chart and makes no sense at all. I was expecting trap/femboy characters but not a single one is on here. Guess they're already trans. I hate them too btw.

No. 243623

Why hasn't anyone answered me yet? Okay I am just assuming it's starscream and that just makes sense as he has an obvious crush on Megatron that he cannot work out in a healthy way.

No. 243624

If a piece of media is popular among autistic people, the "sexyman" and "waifu" characters are going to be headcanoned as trans by Aidens and AGPs respectively. I'm not super familiar with transformers, but it seems to me like Starscream is the "sexyman" of that IP, like Sans is to Undertale, or Dave to Homestuck.

No. 243629

Honestly, I feel like the male characters that get transwashed are the ones most popular among women.

No. 243630

Lmao, that's literally what I initially typed. I originally phrased it as "In fandoms with a lot of autistic people, the male characters most popular with women tend to get trooned," but I changed it to Aidens because I didn't want to imply that all autistic women headcanon their husbandos as trans. In reality, trans headcanons are a very niche thing that only get a lot of attention because of how loud and terminally online troons are.

In fact, if you're a fan of something that's sufficiently "problematic" or un-trendy, you'll see very few Aidens shitting up the fanart tags, if any at all. I've yet to see any zippertit fanart of Vampire Chronicles, for instance (though I'm sure it exists.)

No. 243649

File: 1664529055002.jpg (60.83 KB, 650x650, yumeno_kyusaku_14337.jpg)

the debate about his gender is headache-inducing

No. 243672

They were 16 at the start of ARR, and "roughly" a year has passed, with the two of them mentally having been 2 years in the First.
I also wanna say that I knew girls who got massive breasts at 11, so that doesn't really indicate age.

No. 243715

What's the inside joke nonnie?

No. 243738

I think it's literally just
>I think am trans
>I like this character
>therefore, I want this character to be trans too
They have to slap the trans label onto everything they like or every character they somewhat relate to or selfinsert into because they cannot relate to non-trannies.
Starscream is headcanoned as transtransformer by a good bunch of his fans, sadly. They believe him to be Megatron's battered housewife and project their shit into him so he must be trans.
Sadly recently I realised that another one of my favs is randomly seen as trans by some. The bad thing is that it's a bot version from IDW who is rarely ever getting any fics at all and now half or more of them are then written by a person that calls him "they". Besides of the transwashing itself I simply get annoyed seeing that pronoun in a story. It's confusing and annoying. It's something else if you say it because you don't know the gender of some twitter user you talk about, but it's grating as shit in a fanfic.

No. 243818

That this could also be in the terrible character designs thread

No. 243846

>because they cannot relate to non-trannies.
Personally I think they just want validation, and/or since they believe that their personality means they're trans (as they've learned from other people) they believe that characters that remind them of themselves are also trans because they genuinely believe it

No. 244216

File: 1664712169181.png (Spoiler Image,3.48 MB, 1741x2340, Ilustración-sin-título (19) (C…)

I got into WHA atelier and I swear to god a good 50% of the fics is trans shit. I'm not sure. It's because they are both slender, non masculine men?

Spoiler for disgusting NFSW shit but that's the stuff I found out on AO3 when looking for this

No. 244220

wtf is wha

No. 244224

NTA, but Witch Hat Atelier (she wrote atelier twice tho lol)

No. 244237

I'm afraid the writer herself is pro-tranny

No. 244300

How do you know?

No. 244302

I don't know why but most of the art I find for them is western and very terrible.
I can't wait for the anime to air and Japanese or normal western fans to get into it and draw them properly. Think one of the latest chapters even had canon gay guys, I don't want one of the few series with proper fujo bait characters to be invaded by ID tumblr.

No. 244318

aidens see a slighty feminine man and troon them out to self insert lmao

No. 244320

The fans for this series usually also change their skin colors for some reason.

No. 244456

File: 1664782423513.jpg (42.28 KB, 490x680, FGqKvF-WQAg9rTo.jpg)

So far there are zero trannies in the manga

For some reason this series attracted a lot of tumblr type who can black and trans washing some characters despite them being white as sheet.

No. 244466

Anons, the Persona 4 Golden port on the Switch will be released soon. The "Naoto is a fakeboi" discourse will come back and invade social media. I wish people would stop being retards when it comes to Kanji and Naoto, they're terf icons and don't deserve this from American autists with no reading comprehension.

No. 244471

what do you expect from the average persona fan nonny? to be clear im a fan too but it's not like the games are doing themselves any favours to dispel this shit lmao. can't wait for the specific brand of autism that comes from people who have only played p5 going on to play the other games in the series

No. 244474

I don't know, I never see this retardation from the Japanese or European fans and I stopped interacting with the Megaten fandom online so I forgot how stupid the discourse could get until I saw a transbian on twitter complaining about Kanji's arc not being about his sexual orientation.

No. 244476

ayrt and youre right, kanji doesn't deserve it honestly. neither does naoto. you cant win with the fans – on one hand you get the waifufags wanting to fuck rise making jokes about the narukami harem, and on the other its aidens making the most retarded trans/gay headcanons (despite the fact the games continue to make homophobic jokes at the expense of characters like kanji and yusuke, but people are happy to ignore that ig)

No. 244502

I find the waifufags easier to ignore. They're annoying but they just mind their own business most of the time nowadays. At worse they'll post their opinion about Yu being a slut or Adachi was based but even then you have to look for it nowadays. Meanwhile the aidens and trannies don't play the game, read badly written TVTropes pages or AO3 fanfic made by autists, are shocked that the game isn't like their theories and fics, and then whine when Rin isn't a tranny like them in Catherine Fullbody but a cute looking self-aware gay man and they post everywhere all the time.

No. 244510

What's with these people and their hate for cis gay men? I swear they also get mad at 13S

No. 244511

Just say gay men, Tifs aren't men and will never be men. But to answer your question, it's possibly just basic homophobia.

No. 244514

Im not from the US and fans are like that over here too, the whole tranny thing arrived later but it's going strong. Maybe because lots of them speak in english on social media you didnt notice they werent from the us, but I follow people from my country and they still argue about it. Maybe theyre a little more chill, but unfortunately all the US trash eventually reaches the rest of the world.
Luckily japanese fans are normal, 90% of my persona follows are jp artists. I follow this one woman who adores naoto & she cosplays as her and draws her almost daily, I love her energy. She made a poll the other day about the sex of her followers & got excited there were other women following her too, it was cute to watch.

No. 244517

Well the most I can think it's trans korean Oli London, I hope he's helping peaking ppl

No. 244522

Iris AITSF??? I havent played AiNi yet, but what does she have that could remotely make someone think of her as trans? There are even baby pics of her in-game… Is because she plays minecraft and has cat ears headphones?

No. 244526

Given how brain dead people can be, it might be just because whe wears blue and pink clothes and she streams not!Minecraft playthroughs for her job.

No. 244685

Ugh this. If you even dare to use these two colors with white, get ready to be horded with annoying "TRANS RIGHTS!" and "Is this character trans?" comments

No. 244812

Sorry if this sounds like autistic venting, but I recently saw a fan of a series I like getting angry over one artist genderbending a guy from a fujo pairing. Both are canonically male (and look like it) and are hinted being into each other. I don't like genderbending either, the problem here is that she mentioned right afterwards that "I draw [character] with tits and hips but like in a transmasc way".

So.. she is literally genderbending him too but calls it "trans". It pisses me off that such people cannot just admit what they like. Just say that you like straight ships, holy hell.

I still don't like genderbending but everybody should draw what they enjoy, I would never badmouth artists that do this but what I can't stand is this sanctimonious attitude. "Fuck people that turn gay ship straight! Btw. here is my fanart: male/female. Footnote: don't call the woman woman you shitlords, this is a GAY pairing!1"

No. 244828

>Then again I am a clown so I cannot take things too seriously, I just hope it doesn't get too overwhelming and ruins your hobby.
No don't worry. I am friends with people that have the opposite taste in a lot of things. My problem was just the hypocrisy certain trans fans have. To stir up hate against artists that genderbend because genderbending is evil while claiming that their own genderbending is moral is just such an extreme form of a lack of self-awareness. Maybe that genderbending artist was also head-canoning the dude as transman.

In the end I have at least learned what kind of excuse I could bring up if people ever accused me of a silimar thing lol

No. 244865

this looks nothing like qifrey just make an oc at this point

No. 244871

It's the natural next step from randomly claiming a character is trans as if it were a fact, without any evidence or even without explaining the reasoning behind it.
>People will draw them normally but just say "she" or call them lesbians while shipping two male characters
I think that's extremely fucked up tbh. It's like a reflection of what's going on in their real world, where men are just claiming to be the opposite gender to force themselves into women's spaces or onto women (like calling themselves lesbians) and girls are rejecting womanhood and mutilating their bodies because they don't like to perform femininity. It's ok to feel outraged at that sort of gender bullshit anon.

No. 244996

File: 1664982215631.png (55.47 KB, 860x659, 135-1357060_buttercup-powerpuf…)

Buttercup headcanoned as growing up to become an aiden is one of the most common and also infuriating transwashings IMO.

No. 245114

Eugh I hate this lol Buttercup was my favorite PPG growing up and I've seen a bit of this in recent times and fuck no to all that. I've also seen them saying this for the villain HIM being trans because of course they would.

No. 245633

Clown on clown violence

No. 245681

No. 246314

Has the general concept of "headcanon" shifted onto mostly gender/sexuality ones?
I run one of these Daily [character] accounts on twitter and awhile ago another one of these asked us if we had any headcanon for our account character. Before checking the other replies, I sent mine (a silly one about how my chara interacts with others) and was surprised at how all the headcanons posted but mine were about gender (and some about their sexuality) instead of anything else about the character.
Most of the people running these accounts on the fandom are like 16 (despite the games being rated M kek) so I'm not that surprised, but it seems there has been a shift on how people analyze characters? Outside that small question, I see people often reducing headcanons to gender and such.

It's pretty sad to see, no wonder people keep misinterpreting media when all they do is to use characters as a way to project all their snowflake trends and nothing more. It's pretty hard to discuss media with people online nowadays.

No. 246316

kek what series and character?

No. 246322

Persona, I'm a image bot. Dont want to say the exact acc since that's agaisnt the rules, but if you have been around /m/ /g/ lately it's probably obvious who my character/acc is.

No. 246323

A headcanon was always when you had an idea about a character, story or setting that's not canon but that doesn't contradict the character, story or setting. Nowadays you're right, there's a shift, it's all about gender, sex or race and almost everything that's posted directly contradicts what's going on or even the message of the story.

Since you're talking about Persona, I'd say an actual headcanon would be if you think Yosuke is bi and into Yu because it's not canon but was going to be and the hints are still there, something retarded would be thinking that Naoto is a fakeboi when her arc ends with Naoto saying to herself YWNBAM and saying that sexism and workplace discrimination is bad. You must see some crazy shit everyday because of your account kek.

No. 246324

My account isn't about P4, so luckly I'm free of that. I didn't like that game much anyways (good concept bad execution imo) so I just blacklisted words related to it & only follow japanese artists kek. I wonder how people manage to get the energy to keep arguing about it so many years later… I wonder if we will get new drama now that 3-5 are getting ports.

No. 246326

Headcanons in fandom have gotten lazy as fuck these days, but not only that, it also seems like zoomers have completely changed the meaning of "headcanon", because it used to be pretty clear that a headcanon is a small idea you have about a character that does not clash with what's canon, and basically just fills in the blanks left by the author, like what's their favorite ice cream flavor or what their previous relationships were like. you know, things that are usually not known by the audience. but now headcanon basically means "my own version of this character" which is changing them completely or changing some big part of their identity from what's already canon to what you would like them to be.
for example you can imagine what majima's dick looks like, that's a headcanon. but having a "trans headcanon" about him being a tif is incompatible with what's already established, that he impregnated a woman, so that's not a headcanon, at that point you're changing the character, not adding to what we know about him. And some genderspecials don't even call it a headcanon, they just state it as a fact. they're fucking delusional

No. 246337

the funny thing about yakuza tif headcanons is that a huge percent of the characters have spent time in prison and/or have been seen as young boys. does Japan even allow TIFs in men's prisons? they definitely do not troon kids now, let alone back in the 70s-80s.

No. 246348

We're absolutely getting new drama. People will play and be shocked that the game isn't like they thought based on tvtropes and ao3 gay fics. And I used P4 examples but I've seen stupid shit for all the games too.

No. 246362

File: 1665505573231.jpg (39.93 KB, 736x736, a7f0da6334b7c52c9ce9c92f797026…)

Cream Unicorn Cookie has been a male character since he first showed up in OvenBreak, but in his Kingdom debut he was turn into a they/them Non Binary after everyone kept mistaking him for a girl. I'm assuming the VA had to do with it, since he is a youtuber for what I understand. Devsisters announced a spanish Twitter account and probably a dub for the game; and people are already asking for special pronouns for the genderless characters.

I'm scared nonnas, I don't want to hear that "elle" bs like in Law and Order.

No. 246383

If P1 gets a proper remake, I can already see them trooning out Ayase, Brown, and Reiji in their "headcanons"

No. 246428

File: 1665513796474.jpg (222.8 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20221011_123928.jpg)

I'm also a little scared the fandom in Spanish is losing its mind just like the Americans. But for me the only true canon will be the korean wiki, anyone who tries to correct me on pronouns or stupid gender I'll show this
(and i really wait the korean wiki dont change that)

No. 246431


No. 246436

Oh P1 remake, how much I desire you…. My favorite persona game along with 3.
I think Yukino would be the most possible contender for transwashing since she's already tomboy-ish. People just love to see female characters that don't dress like a Barbie princess and go "that's because she's a man actually".
Yukino/Ayase got a pretty fun dynamic (fun fact: according to the P1 book, Yukino is the only person who enjoys being together with Ayase), I can already see people calling them t4t transbians…

No. 246439

Nonna pls

No. 246442

File: 1665518289038.png (83.77 KB, 209x210, V2hqdui.png)

never forget transracial mark

No. 246447

The korean side of the fandom appears to be the safest place for now, the spanish side is already catching up with a lot of the insanity. If the translators really are going for the most neutral option, I only hope they only call the characters by name instead of that special pronouns thing.

No. 246543

Holy shit I just looked up headcanons on Tiktok and you're right. Literally all of the headcanons revolve around race/sexuality/gender. Fucking weird.

No. 247023

File: 1665630595154.jpg (61.06 KB, 604x604, Gordon_Freeman_(Template).jpg)

Gordon Freeman… omg, Gordon. Aidens latched onto that game after that shitty machinima or what the fuck it was about Benrey and now the fandom is full of Aidens who headcanon Gordon as a tranny. A good portion of fanfics is him being a troon. I honestly don't get this one since they also headcanon Gordon as uwu soft bean boi. I know he is a blank slate character and you can imagine him as you like, but does this man strike you as soft and feminine? Gordon is definitely not as manly as, say, Duke or Sam, since he is just some nerd, but he is definitely not an aiden. Not only that, but he is always a non-verbal autist now. Fuck that.
This one is the most glaring example for me, since as I said, Gordon is the least "manly man" out of all classic FPS heroes, so obviously if his not a stereotype of toxic masculinity, he supposed to be a tranny. This sounds very sexist.
Also, since Alyx is a tomboy, obviously she is a tranny too now. Again, you can't break gender stereotypes without being a gernderspecial.

No. 247034

i miss when the female fandom of videogames targetted at men was based fujos and not these special need aideens

No. 247036

The way Twisted Wonderland transhits get around the MC being canonically male by using waifish nonbinary self-inserts drives me insane.

No. 247039

and if anything describes their personality/behaviour/interests in any way it's still related to gender, sexuality or mental illness

No. 247041

where do you think the special need aydens came from ?

No. 247042

Doomguy also gets trooned out too but also because John Romero himself is a tranny simp. Also yeah, I hate what HLVRAI did to the Half-Life fandom, most of those underage fakebois don't even play the games. That being said, even while being probably the least stereotypically "manly" out of the classic FPS protagonists I still can't imagine Gordon looking like the stereotypical wimpy nerd like some people headcanon him as. Or looking like Walter White, seriously are moids that faceblind? Glasses and a goatee on a white man do not Gordon Freeman make.
The not so based and actually cringe fujos who fell for the "STOP FETISHIZING GAY MEN!!" meme.

No. 247044

all fujos are just potential aydens

No. 247046

not this shit again

No. 247051

literally fuck off

No. 247056

Aydens are yumes who got too far into self-insert shipping, not fujos.

No. 247058

Basically this, and they're battling over which headcanon is the "correct" one to be assumed by everyone in the entire fandom. It's not enough that they have an interpretation that's very rigid and based on your own subjective wishes, you need to stop anyone who might like the opposite.

>Cute boy characters get turned into themlets and trannies after overseas developer crumb under American pressure
Genuinely makes me want to punch holes in the wall. I've always loved cute effeminate male characters but now I'm way too afraid of getting attached to them because you never know when the localization team decides to troon them out, like how the fuck is this being done to GNC characters not seen as regressive as hell?

No. 247062

not this other shit again

No. 247063

No, I'm a proud terf: trans exclusionary radical fujoshi.

No. 247065

being a ''cis'' fujo nowadays makes you braver than any soldier

No. 247071

Wtf based

No. 247092

From misogyny and the "queer" pro-tranny agenda. Stop blaming teen girls for being raised to hate themselves.

They're not even headcanons, they're basically just AUs. AU where everyone is a different race and/or sex than the canon one, alternate versions of the characters. I don't know why the fuck they can't just call it that. Maybe they'd think it'd be offensive in some way kek.
>I've always loved cute effeminate male characters but now I'm way too afraid of getting attached to them
Maybe not the beste example, but, when Rainbow Quartz 2.0 was revealed in Steven Universe (yeah I like him, what of it), a character that has a male voice, it surprised me how they made him a "he" instead of a "they" like the gendies wanted, unlike the Amethyst/Steven fusion whose name I can't be bothered to remember.

No. 247100

File: 1665649001854.png (1.04 MB, 1360x768, unknown-5.png)

Sorry nonna, but the Spanish translation came out already and they used bullshit made up gender neutral terms that most people don't use. The translation in general is pretty bad, it's like Google translated or something and uses the English one as a base rather than the Korean one.
They also did a French translation which is also a Latin language and they didn't use gender neutral bullshit so I dunno what the fuck they were thinking.

No. 247104

wtf is this shit, why are americans trying to push their first world problems onto us

No. 247107

UNE TIBURONE… Literally couldnt read past that, Im glad that when I used to play only the english version was available.
Wouldnt be impressed if its actually mostly machine translation sadly lots of games do that instead of hiring actual translators.

No. 247108

according to the SU wiki Rainbow Quartz 2.0 is a "they/he"

No. 247110

gaydens are a fucktarded hybrid of fujo and yume having the worst traits of both groups

No. 247112

File: 1665650797935.png (434.23 KB, 719x1183, Screenshot_20221013-023620_Chr…)

I CAN'T EVEN READ THIS SHIT. Maybe I'm high on copium, but it's just a beta for now, maybe they'll fix it later on, I really hope so because reading sentences like that for every themlet-washed character sounds like a pain.

Oh god, I just made a Twitter account to follow the updates and the first thing I see is that people are now bitching about how the Choco Brute isn't a MtF in this update, because he was vagely interested in femenine stuff last time he appeared in the story. I'm so mad nonnies.

No. 247116

It's funny how in 2008 Naoto and Kanji's arcs seemed a little over the top but now trans shit is so wide spread that they actually seem like groundbreaking stories with powerful, unique messages about being true to yourself and not obeying peer pressure because muh gender roles. I love these terf icons.

No. 247119

>une tiburone
kek what is this, Italian?

No. 247121

At least be grateful they used e and not x

No. 247122


No. 247154

MC isn't canon male though, it's left ambiguous to satisfy both the fujo and yume sides

No. 247192

Why is there so much general autism with fucking Cookie Run of all fandoms?

No. 247197

Probably a combination of free & cute phone game, making a huge chunk of the userbase to be 12-17yos, and then devs pandering to minorities. Mix all of that and you get something that will attract the most terminally online people like moths to light.

No. 247219


No. 247221

File: 1665690816429.jpg (56.78 KB, 500x500, chewy-chocolate-cookies-8-500x…)

making a literal cookie brown is minority pandering I guess

No. 247230

Sorry I was refering to gendies and such, I should've worded it differently.

No. 247372

I'm pretty sure the pronoun stuff had to do with Mangle being a broken mess in general, she's just a bunch of robot parts jumbled together.

No. 247375

I know at least 2 fujos that trooned out, so somewhat true.

No. 247462

Yeah now that you say it.
Even as a teen everybody I saw that was into a character just considered them (usually him) gay because they wanted to ship, they barely talked about this, since the shipping was the whole premise and theme of their fanart, so the headcanons they discussed were usually about chemistries or arguments with other characters or issues they have. I mean stuff like "he is the controlling type who cleans his room two times a day". Or episodes from the characters' pasts that are based on hints the canon has given us.

It makes me sad to see that all people can headcanon these days is gender stuff and maybe some mental illnesses. None of them are even embedded into a meaningful context of the canon story, people just list that mental shit and do nothing with it and all they draw and write are coffee shop AUs with characters and a world that bear no similarities to the canon anymore.

It reminds me how much worse drawing request threads have gotten too. Once fans were coming up with cool shit like possible situations that might have happened at some point (like "Draw him shooting an emeny to save [name of his underling], to show that he actually cares." for a leader character who fought in a war in the past) or it was funny jokes.

Now 99% of the requests are just "draw this character with the clothes of this other character from another series".
I once drew pics for such threads but lost the will to even browse them a long time ago since people are devoid of good ideas nowadays.

No. 247466

Offtopic but that looks so delicious holy shit

No. 247472

True, fujo shippers who were too adamant on their fave being gay were a bit annoying before but gendies really sucked the fun out of fandom entirely. They just project who they are/what they like on the character without having any canon elements that would justify it and the character is all washed down and reduced to a shitty self-insert.

No. 247485

Might be off topic, I want this out and I dunno where else to vent about this. I’m so sick and tired of genderspecials whining about genderbends always using that same excuse that it enforces what man and a women should look like. My god rule63 and trans hc can coexist just suck it up. So stupid.

No. 247486

Why can't they just leave Toy Foxy alone! Scott just uses him to troll the fans, there's no reason why he'd have a super speschul identity different from the other toy animatronics.

No. 247572

Their lack of self-awareness is astounding. Gender is literally the same thing. Their tranny beliefs are literally based on the same concept as traditional sex roles and reinforces it.

I also remembered that genderbend fanart of Dream Daddy that got a lot of hate because the goth TIF character got depicted as a woman (a real one or trans? idk, no one even considered it). Even before I became fully gender critical I was extremely confused as to why that was so offensive. 1. Can't you just imagine that if a TIF was genderbent, it would be a TIM? 2. If you don't think it's a TIM; if trans men are real men aren't you being "transphobic" by implying that it's wrong for a genderflipped transman to be depicted as a bio woman?
I don't see the problem or how genderbends are incompatible with trans shit either. Gendies are so stupid and just looking for things to be offended at. Or rather we all know that genderswaps offend them because they remind them that they'll never be the opposite sex.

No. 247582

Gendies are even more adamant of their faves being "gay" (or "queer" or "not cishet") it's insane, if they ship a het ship they need to add several disclaimers how the characters are totally bi and/or trans (no cishets allowed!!!) yet headcanoning a m/m ship as both bisexual for some reason is seen as massively homophobic. Seems like one bi man shipped with a gay man is fine but two bi men is "problematic", yet also turning a gay ship into a straight ship having a woman with pronouns and zippertits is also not just fine but encouraged. Back in the day most shippers whether het or fujo or himejo didn't even give sexual orientation a thought, sure you had the occasional "NOOOO HE'S NOT GAY" vs "NOOOO HE'S GAY" slapfights but to most people the characters were just into each other with little to no mention of other characters, unless it was specifically multishipping.

No. 247584

Fujos are just yumes in denial. Shipping in general is usually just people projecting themselves onto one of the characters tbh

No. 247585

Relating is different from self-inserting. I relate to at least one of the dudes I ship, but first of all not everybody does this and secondly I hate yume stuff because it forces in shitty OCs into a story that do not belong to the world I am into and do not act like the other characters, so it's a huge turn off to me. And series that are made to be yume from the get go never work for me. The feMCs are soulless tools, similar to how male MCs in generic harems are always shit as well.
Another reason is that het pairings usually suck ass due to the huge difference between the characters. I would enjoy way more het if there was a spicy chemistry between the woman and the man that isn't based on one of them being the loser and the other one the femme fatale or playboy.
Gay ships are superior because it's stuff like love between two knights, soldiers or even enemies that fight with similar weapons, have around the same strength and are both adamantly dedicated to a goal, so they are on equal footing. In case of enemies seeing their goal related fanatism turning into obsession for the guy that tries to stop them is spicy and simply interesting. You almost never ever get this for f/m characters.

No. 247586

not you again.

No. 247588

File: 1665830829456.jpg (35.85 KB, 564x564, APPEARANCE-Hange-Zoe-Aot.jpg)

No. 247590


No. 247592

I meant "yume" meaning someone who self-inserts or projects onto a character in order to imagine they're with their husbando, which all shippers do. I'm not heavily invested into this subculture but I'd say the line between "relating" with a character and self-inserting onto a character is thin and arbitrary, and you seem to understand that most female MCs are to self-insert with so I don't understand how you couldn't see that fujos very often self-insert as one half of their otp as well. A whole paragraph sperging about the difference between fictional gay and het ships wasn't needed
?? I've never once spoken about this topic besides now

No. 247595

>that most female MCs are to self-insert with so I don't understand how you couldn't see that fujos very often self-insert as one half of their otp as well
I technically don't disagree with you but the key words are "are made to self-insert". A character is always bad if they are meant to be that and the good thing about gay ships is that they are usually not written as a proxy for the reader, which is why they are good. So yeah, I don't really disagree. Just saying that gay/fujo shows and yume shows are two different things, not that the self-insertion/relation part the audience does was fundamentally different.
Personally I cannot even be fan of a character if I don't understand and relate to them. It's like being a fan of a stranger, there is no emotional connection. It has a downside though, it makes the huge majority of characters unapproachable since I could never relate to anime school kids on principle or any of the quirky -dere characters that flood the industry, even for both genders.

No. 247598

apologies if you're really a different person but we literally had this argument on the fujo thread the other day. you have to understand that to some people, the line between relating and self-inserting is a lot more clear-cut than it is for you, especially given that you're not heavily invested into the subculture by your own words.

No. 247600

Cute, who is this?

No. 247601

People on this site sure love to argue about literally everything even remotely related to fujoshis, don't they? It's gotten really old, and I think Schizo Tranny is involved in at least 30% of these arguments.

What is it about this particular topic that brings out the sperg in people? I just can't figure it out.

No. 247602

Hange from Attack on Titan.

No. 247603

>I technically don't disagree with you but the key words are "are made to self-insert". A character is always bad if they are meant to be that
Okay but… I wasn't talking about what makes characters good, I was talking about audience reactions to a character and how shipping culture relates to that. Fujos and yumes are both attracted to a character, but the fujo reaction to that is to pair him up with another male character and use that male character as a proxy for themselves, whereas the yume reaction is to insert themselves to literally be with their husbando without having to use a proxy. Het shippers do this too by self-inserting as an already existing female character, but girls are less likely to self-insert as an already existing female character because they view them as "competition," instead preferring to just ship them with a man or themselves. But I'm saying it all stems from the same desire to "be" with a certain character. This all explains the strong overlap between fujos and yumes which, when paired with gender ideology, is largely responsible for creating the Aiden phenomenon.

No. 247605

Okay, I didn’t even know there was a fujo thread so sorry? It just seems obvious to me that a combination of fujo culture and yume culture is related to Aiden-ism

No. 247606

i don't disagree that a combination of fujo and yume traits is what makes aidens, but self-inserting isn't something all fujos do? some of us aren't even into men but ok

No. 247607

I think all shipping is lowkey a form of self-inserting, whether you want to separate it from that by calling it "relating" or not is purely semantics.

No. 247627

aidens only gravitate to m/m because they really hate women, they want to self insert but not onto female characters (canon or oc) because they just really hate women that much. they're also the ones who seethe the most over het ships rather than just blacklist and ignore because they just hate women. some of them might very shallowly pretend to be into f/f to deflect the accusations of misogyny but you can see they actually really hate women and only ship them with each other to keep those "gross" women away from the "precious husbandos". that's why they're even aidens in the first place, because they hate women and everything about their behaviour shows that.

No. 247628

File: 1665838036303.jpg (81.26 KB, 675x1080, John Seed.jpg)

I don't know how in the fuck but he is.

No. 247651

Yeah, not only do they hate other women (even fictional women) but they hate being women themselves, hence why they troon out. It's sad

No. 247660

Not really, it just has a really autistic fanbase like Sonic, My Little Pony etc… The whole gender sperging started recently, back then everyone just saw The Mangle as a female and the pronouns as a joke.

No. 247666

I agree but honestly I am afraid talking about it here because I hate how manyassociate this with trans shit nowadays. People on this board here claim to hate gender politics and I believe it, but they do the same as the idiots on 4chan who consider absolutely everything not 100% gender stereotypical a sign of a trans mindset.
To me a woman who can relate to male characters and befriend men is just a normal person, but to terminally online people this is obviously a sign that she must be trans or an aiden or whatever the fuck they are called now. I mean I also relate to literal alien characters like some Turians or skeletons and wraiths but I swear I am not a ghost or believe to be an alien trapped in the body of a human. Although there is indeed a skeleton trapped in my human body.

No. 247667

>there is indeed a skeleton trapped in my human body

No. 247749

The FNAF fanbase also tends to have teenagers, young adults, and immature grown adults, AKA the prime demographics for ROGD trans trending.

No. 247794

Is there any theory on why these aidens hate women so much?

No. 247800

>aidens only gravitate to m/m because they really hate women
This. It's neither fujos' or yumes' fault and I wish people here would stop blaming troonism on gay shipping or the desire to self-insert. The problem is that these girls hate themselves and other women.
You don't need a "theory" to explain that, you just need to look at your own experiences as a woman. Unfortunately not every woman can learn to cope with how the world hates us and treats us for having been born female, and some girls end up hating society's concept of "woman" so much that they would rather try to become men.

No. 247819

nta but idk anon… fujoism can dovetail with hating other women, so can yumeism with their NLOG self insert fanfics but fujos definitely harbor a hateful attitude towards women in general more. just look how many of them trash female characters for "getting in the way" of their ship

No. 247826

honestly i don't even see much of that anymore, yes it used to be very common years ago but it seems most of the fujos who did that are aidens now which only confirms the points stated above

No. 247828

it depends what fandoms you're in but i see a lot of it still, it's just better disguised because they know how misogynist it sounds but still harbor the same feelings so either they keep it to the DMs or they hide behind shipping female characters in f/f ships only to get them out of the way for their main m/m ship like >>247627 said

No. 247835

are you implying that fujos shipping f/f characters alongside our m/m ships is woman hating behavior now…….

No. 247836

ofc no, i'm talking about specific people who only pay lip service to f/f but obviously don't care nearly as much about f/f ships as they actually care about m/m. this is not about those who are genuinely invested in both.

No. 247839

no, i'm talking about when fujos pretend to be into f/f ships by shoving female characters together just to get them out of the way for their actual m/m ship. it's obvious they don't actually care about the f/f ships and only "ship" to prove they don't actually hate the female characters which is obvious from the very little content they ever make of their f/f "ship". this is such a common occurrence multiple anons have remarked about it.
um i just saw your reply and i want the nonny i'm replying to right now to know this isn't me, it's probably the nonny i tagged kek

No. 247840

idk about your fandoms but i don't really see regular fujos doing this, mostly gayaboo aidens often talking big about "mlm/wlw solidarity" but it's usually obvious virtue signaling. ime regular fujos nowadays just keep to their m/m ships and barely bother with female characters unless they genuinely like those characters, not to bash them or performatively gush over them for brownie points. one of the silver linings of aidenism infecting fandoms is that it's actually easier to find the obnoxious fuckheads from the start, pronouns in bio are already a good sign that person is not worth engaging with too much.

No. 247841

i'm this anon >>247839 and i've been involved in fandoms since 2010 before troonism was big, fujos still did this "shipping f/f to ward off accusations of misogyny" thing. sure aidens might virtue signal more but i'm pretty sure it's been a thing for a much longer time

No. 247842

yeah and most of those who did that back then are aidens now

No. 247843

i mean to be fair why does it HAVE to be misogyny if you just don't ship female characters

No. 247844

it's not inherently, actually it's more honest when fans just like what they like without putting on some front to look progressive. you can enjoy your m/m ships and there is nothing wrong with that, it's just that some really do hate women so they feel the need to overcompensate to pretend they do not. if you just are yourself and like what you actually like it's not a problem, if you only like m/m that's fine, if you genuinely like both m/m and f/f that's also good, it's just the overcompensating virtue signaling that sucks.

No. 247845

ftr this also applies to those het shippers who pretend to care about gay ships so they're not accused of homophobia. honesty is the best policy, not overcompensation.

No. 247847

okay… even if that is true, they're still women and still fujos no matter what they have to say about it so it still applies. and i've seen non-troon fujos do this too even in our year 2022

No. 247848

it isn't, just don't pretend that you like f/f ships, it comes off as overcompensating and tryhard like >>247844 said

No. 247927

File: 1665953583497.jpeg (108.99 KB, 683x851, 31E812F6-F28E-4C7F-B3E4-25C21C…)

I know it’s my fault for lurking the (Allah forgive me for uttering these words) TF2 fandom on tumblr, but there’s so many posts like this it’s bizarre. the other mercs get depicted as fakebois a lot which is to be expected, but it’s like they all arbitrarily decided Spy is a transwoman for some reason. why?? is it because he’s a deadbeat dad?

No. 248036

more likely the age old "faggy frenchman" stereotype

No. 248048

Yeah but he's specifically portrayed as a transbian

No. 248049

yeah because subconsciously even the most handmaiden-y aiden seens transbians as somewhat effeminate men

No. 248296

No. 248297

NTA but that stands for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Look it up.

No. 248363

Ok, i looked it up and she's right.

No. 248382

Lol this reminds me of the time somebody said a piece of Mike from Stranger Things fanart "had she/her energy". I asked what does that mean in an innocent non-terfy way, but I never got a response.
It comes from the same people who think he's in a """lesbian""" relationship with Eleven too.

No. 248385

I honestly see way more yuri fans losing their shit over male characters than fujos. Most fujos I see are cool with female characters. I mean insanely popular fujo series like TaB has a married MC. His wife is dead, but it's still proof that he is bi at best and that he still loves her. I never see fujos getting mad at women, living ones or dead ones. Honestly I rather witnessed this with yumes a few times (but rarely). I am not sure what people exactly yuri fans are, if it's women that seethe if they see a male character or if it's brain damaged otaku that are disgusted of themselves.

No. 248394

It might be that we talk about different kinds of people but what I witness a lot are fujos that ship f/f to avoid attacks from wokeoids that accuse them of fetishising gay men. They usually claim to love f/f ships and maybe retweet art but never make any themselves. I don't have a problem with it and I don't think they do it to get the women out of the way and they aren't even in the way of m/m ships in the fandom I am in right now, but I think it's sad that people have to fake shit out of fear.

If you look at Asian artists you will most likely notice that they don't do it, because they don't have this aggressive fanbase the west has. In the west "good" fujos will attack other fujos and call them homophobic for liking gay ships. They usually also pretend to be trans for the same reason. So I wouldn't wonder if some of the trans fujos you see were actually just scared people that want to get off to gay guys in peace. I am not defending it and I generally think you should never give people that attack you for your hobbies any power, but I am not surprised that there are many that are afraid of accusations.

No. 248415

Unfortunately, you're right on the money, anon. For every piece of slash fanart I draw, I try to draw one art with only women in it as a counterbalance so I don't get screeched at for being a fujoshi. Also I don't want to forget how to draw women.

Retards probably still think I'm an evil fag fetishist though, they just don't have the gall to say it to my face.

No. 248455

Hate this. I can't see any fanart of my husbando without a trans flag and endless nonsense about him being le nonbinary icon that is just trying his best u guise!! Nobody in the entire show deserves such a pure neurodivergent angel like him!11

If these fans make any content of him, its so idealized its very clear they're just writing a self insert and not the actual character.

Honesty, yuri fans are based for this. There's too much blowing air up the asses of male characters, ex. omg he a scrunkly cinnamon roll smol bean poor little meow meow bla bla bla. Its nice to see the idealized men get shit on for once and for fans to support based ships with no obnoxious hyped up anime moids in them!

No. 248503

I mean, there's definitely a subset of fujoshis who dislike female characters for "getting in the way," but they're typically really young or extremely autistic (like, moreso than fujos normally are.) It's also something that was a lot more common in the 2000s DeviantArt days, and not so much anymore.

Most of the fujo doujins I've read in recent years just depict the female secondary characters as being friends with the lead. Sometimes they're wingmen or even fujoshis themselves. For instance, back when I was into BNHA, the Kiribaku doujins I read often depicted Mina Ashido as a fujoshi, lmao.

No. 248674

File: 1666193203388.png (3.87 KB, 408x55, p.png)

I'm looking thru a RP blog (I don't RP, but I really like the way these people edit pics/themes and sometimes they got nice headcanons) guidelines/characters and of course trans stuff invaded this space too.
Thinking about this is futile because it doesn't make sense, but I can't wrap my head about the differentce about these two labels (for reference, the 2 characters are female).
Gendies say nonbinary people are trans by deafult, so why did is one "trans nb" and the other just "nb?" What even is nonbinary female if nonbinary means they're neither male or female? Is "trans nb female" a guy who thinks is a woman ("trans female") but then decided to slap a nonbinary label for points & "nb female" just a normal woman?
I'm legitimately curious about it because not even gendies understand what their own labels/gender means and it's so fun to watch them confused when asked, but if you dare to ask any clarification you will get called terf and/or don't give any explanation at all because as I said, not even themselves are aware of what they're saying kek.

No. 248678

It has been discussed to death in places like the /2X/ board

No. 248706

>le nonbinary icon that is just trying his best u guise
>Nobody in the entire show deserves such a pure neurodivergent angel like him
Funniest when fans say shit like this about characters who canonically are objectively not saints at best or absolutely horrible people at worst.

No. 248907

Internet rule: the cuter and more wholesome the source material, the more retarded and batshit the fandom will be

No. 248965

File: 1666252371484.png (31.77 KB, 948x393, Little women.png)

I'm so tired.

No. 248966

at least it has a lot of downvotes, which is surprising considering its reddit kek

No. 249008

Lmao some people just like witnessing love happen in front of them when there's so much hatred in the world. It's really not that deep and you sound kinda bitter.

No. 249023

The problem is that I believe that the true reason for all call outs out there are actually either 1. earlier private disagreements one party cannot get over (a lot of people that get bullied were former online friends of the bullies) or 2.) simply just enviousness. This is why most call outs are made against artists, usually talented artists, and not normal posters even if they have a large follower number. The accusers are also usually artists but bad ones.

This does NOT mean that you are a bad artist if you avoided drama so far. But I noticed that envy is often partly responsible for the hate some people spew. I saw some of them in discords (before they banned me because I disagreed at least) and whenever they started a call out they always had to mention how many "likes" the other artist had and how their followers must be "yes-men" or brainwashed etc. Basically, everybody that loves other people's art does it for an evil reason. And of course they accused the others of homophobia and similar shit, because it's the easiest way to sow distrust and others will distance themselves from the artists because they don't want to be suspected of being homophobic either.

I noticed that it also happens a LOT with fanzines. Seriously if you start a fanzine event please be careful whom to choose for mod positions and make your reasoning for choosing artists as vague as possible because a lot of hateful shits I have seen bullied people as a form of revenge because they weren't chosen as contributors for a fanzine or because they were mods and tried to play the CEO.

No. 249051

>gets turned on by being infantilized

Sounds like a tranny to me alright

No. 250439

File: 1666712381026.png (436.36 KB, 620x914, my image bot is the only norma…)

Not mad at this since it's just a silly gimmick and easily avoidable, but not even image bots are free of this.
I wish people could simply let their accounts run & only tweet for discussions around whatever their source material is, I love image bots but I keep unfollowing them because they always bring their politics onto the bot and/or re-tweet irl happenings, donations and such

No. 250455

For the life of me I'll never get why trannies need to shove their ugly flag on literally everything in their life, gay people don't do that. I need that it's most of the time the only thing they have in their life, but still.

No. 250551

File: 1666737304611.jpeg (119.56 KB, 1200x675, 900CC6B2-60C7-4878-B415-721BDC…)

apparently she’s a trans icon?

and I know her design is scrote bait too but i can’t help but love her nonnies. short hair beyo best tho.

No. 250554

I've not seen people say that she is trans, rather pro trans rights instead, but given the delusion of people I wouldn't be surprised if the former happens. I don't think her design is scrote bait though, she was designed by a woman and I like the emphasis on style & fashion.

No. 250636

something something some tranny pornstar cosplayed her which means she's trans?

No. 250641

>gender envy figures
what the fuck, they enjoy making themselves suffer?

No. 250846

>Designed by a woman

While this is true anon, you have to remember that she wasn't created by a woman. The artist who designed her was merely commissioned to bring this character to fruition by a man. Do you really think a woman would create a game where the goal is to get her naked while performing her spells?

Now don't get me wrong, I have likeness for Baynoetta too because gratuitous sexualization aside, the way she is handled is undeniably fun and lowkey confident. She has an engaging character and is not oozing sex-kitten vibes in her interactions, just a posh English woman.

As for will she become fodder for troons? Hard to say. I remember thinking that Samus Aran wouldn't be trooned but yet I came across some who said she's a"transwoman" so nothing surprises me these days when it comes to these delusional people.

No. 250902

She was commisioned to design a modern female witch who uses 4 guns, so I would say she created Bayo, not Kamiya. Choices of style, hair, and most of the whole look comes from her. Hellena Taylor created the tone and speech style of Bayonetta. Even if she is written by a man, I personally do not attribute the character to a man. Women brought her to life.

No. 251025

That's a fair perspective and I can respect that. But it's just the sexual moments with the character that makes me feel like it was Kamiya's "vision" more so than the artist.

No. 251106

Samus gets trooned by the fandom because of some joke some guy on the dev team made decades ago that western fans misunderstood and of course good old troomer wishful thinking.

No. 251110

iirc Kamiya told Shimazaki to just create a sexy looking witch with glasses and a look that's modern enough for the setting and she created like 50 different designs for that because she had a bubch of ideas. The next inputs from Kamiya were after he chose one of the designs and saw that it was hard to keep up with what's going on on-screen during gameplay so she gave her an open back outfit to make her easily visible when several enemies are on-screen and moving fast and the original idea of having her long hair untied is only used for boss battles.

No. 252436

I didn't know all that so that's cool to learn but then what about her going full nude? What was that all about? lol

No. 253981

File: 1667861903199.jpg (134.05 KB, 1068x980, photo_2022-11-07_23-57-11.jpg)

Just why. I don't understand why so many people want to put vaginas on men???

No. 253993

why is it always transmasc hinata. and theyre always obsessed with him having a pussy i stg. haikyuus the worst for this shit in fanfics, i can't think of any other fandom where i got jumpscared by surprise hinata pussy midway through a fic so many times

No. 254066

Not sure if it's transifying but it annoys me that there are so many fans that will randomly decide that two male gay characters are lesbians.
What's the point? Plus, m/m is so much rarer than lesbians in media, why feel the need to do this? What makes it worse is that they never draw them well but turn the characters into those woke tumblr designs, you know what I mean.
It's the same people that post the malewife/girlboss meme that I also don't understand but kinda hate and otherwise they do fluff AUs.

They are usually shilling themselves hard too, so you will meet them in every fandom related discord and place you can imagine and they draw rather badly and fast so they will flood all art chans you monitor. I never talk to them so not sure if they headcanon the characters as trans or if they just turn everyone they like who isn't a villain into a woman on principle. I see it a lot in the Jojo and Transformers fandom, among others.

No. 254068

>m/m is so much rarer than lesbians

No. 254072

they like doing this with leon kennedy too lol

No. 254078

>Two gay male characters are lesbian

What the fuck? This is a thing?? See this is why I miss the 2000s sometimes because as cringe as some fandoms were back then, they were nothing compared to what we see nowadays. At worst, you just had to deal with obsessive shippers.

No. 254079

I feel like the reason this happens with characters like Leon is because these troon girls imprint on these popular male characters who are popular and attractive and it's what they want to look like themselves but realistically never will.

No. 254089

It could be genderbending but not sure. They just call male characters they like "she" or call them lesbians if they are a gay ship without elaborating on it. They also have tons of gender flags in their bio so personally I doubt it's just genderbending for fun and they usually make the designs uglier too, so I smell tumblr culture. But not sure.

One really bizarre case was when one of these people talked to an official comic writer on twitter once and asked something about the (male) main character, but called him "she". More than once, so it wasn't a typo. The poor writer probably felt awkward, but dude just answered the questions.
No idea if it's some sort of provocation against official writers ("my headcanon is the true canon") or if they are secondary fans that only learned from the series through transwashers and don't even know the canon genders of the characters.

Should have elaborated. Not in general if you count yaoi and such, but the pairings I was thinking of were surprise male gays from non-romance cartoons and comics, they aren't as common as lesbians. I like canon lesbians by the way, but that's not my point. I don't like random gender changes by fans and transwashing. Especially because they change their personalities too to accommodate their super healthy lgbt+ narrative.

No. 254094

Oh yeah I wasn't contending that point I've seen people genderbend men into lesbians because "there are no interesting female characters" and it's just fucking weird to me lol. Why not just make ocs at that point

No. 254165

File: 1668067274109.jpeg (136.81 KB, 850x850, 2785D090-9390-457B-8314-5CB3EE…)

He’s a schizophrenic eunuch, not a tranny.
Easy mistake though to be fair.

No. 254169

No anon this one is literally a tranny

No. 254181

really late but what is yume? i googled it but still have no idea

No. 254182


No. 254183

short for yumejoshi aka self-shipper

No. 254184

thanks nonnies

No. 254282

Yasu’s a eunuch, he was literally thrown off a cliff and gaslit by everyone around him into believing he was a woman, had Yasu been raised male and decided to start identifying as a woman I’d agree that they’re a tranny though.

No. 254585

Explain Lion's response to Will asking if they're a boy or a girl then

No. 255099

File: 1668466877422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,476.73 KB, 2048x1325, Fc-iBS4X0AAkbua.jpeg)

what the fuck…. if I had to see this so do you

No. 255245

File: 1668540094124.jpg (593.54 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20221115_131932.jpg)

it's starting already i fucking hate trannies

No. 255248

I don't get it. Is it some colors? I don't know these flags.
Please tell me it's a girl though that design is cute.

No. 255250

It's her pokemon in combination with her looks.
Trannies have Sylveon as a dog whistle.

No. 255255

File: 1668542872255.jpg (94.11 KB, 1107x1477, IMG_20221112_100305.jpg)


No. 255266

Who is that?

No. 255271

Now I get it. Man that are some mental gymnastics imo
Isn't that just because "male" fashion shows less skin? Nobody ever commented on my looks as long as I live because I always preferred comfy stuff like hoodies (not heavy though underweight but that's usually considered ugly too).

No. 255352

Sylveon: >>241689 (baby pink/white/baby blue are the colors on the troon flag)
Penny: >>226690 (her hoodie and hair color attracted the troons like flies to shit because she resembles a stereotypical TIF)

No. 255462

I genuinely believe that a lot of tranny fags are people who want to force in het pairings where the best chemistries are all m/m or w/w. I have never or very rarely ever seen people headcanoning a character from a popular het ship trans, it always happens with gay ships.

No. 255471

I usually see lots of m/f ships being called trans4trans, non binary or any other thing by genderspecials. It seems they always have to make the ship ~queer~ in some way order for it to be ok or cool. I also see lots of "they're het but in a gay way" tweets, whatever that means.
It's so annoying, I usually dont like m/f ships because the dynamics are boring often, but right now my favorite ship is a het one and people keep calling the girl "non binary".

But honestly, no ship is inmune to transwashing. No matter if it's gay or straight, gender headcanons is all modern fandom does. I guess what you see depends on the series/game you're talking about.

No. 255475

File: 1668618424337.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080, image-26.png)

Tomboy who secretly likes girly things but feels too ashamed to engage in them or wear typical feminine clothing because she was bullied as a child for looking boyish and being flat chested, so surely she must actually be a guy. I hate these backwards people. They don't realize they're exactly the same as the people who caused her insecurities.

No. 255497

It's terrible because the anti-tranny faction is already calling every woman that isn't some slightly-overweight megatits with blonde hair and fat lips tranny these days but the pro-tranny faction also assumes that everybody is a tranny so I am pretty sure if I would ever post a photo of my myself online everybody would assume I was one too.

Shit literally went a full circle and every slightly androgynous woman or tomboy (be it real or 2D) cannot be a woman anymore nowadays because there is only one very specific way a woman can look and dress like.

No. 255514

notice how in either case the ships become (or stay) a biological female and a biological male, you pretty much never see TIM/male or TIF/female ships

No. 255526

they don't understand that it's actually pretty common for women to struggle with their feminity because of how society perceives us, it's not a tranny thing at all…

No. 255606

File: 1668648864589.jpg (291.5 KB, 720x730, Screenshot_20221117_062753.jpg)

fuck off!

No. 255610

It only further confirms to me that 90% or more of the people that talk about this all day are actually way more normal and boring than they think they are and they're just terminally online to the point at which every tumblr trend gets to their head. The whole ID stuff seems to be an attempt of making themselves more interesting or something.

No. 255698

File: 1668666780797.png (13.75 KB, 600x500, THESE LESBIANS NEED AT LEAST O…)

If you ship anything same-sex, trying to browse the AO3 tag for it is a nightmare, especially in fandoms infested with trannies like picrel. You have to exclude all of the variation of trannyshit, and sometimes you still end up opening fics with troonshit. These asshats truly can't fathom the idea of a relationship that doesn't have one penis and one vagina, and they're getting away with it under the guise of wokeness.

Tags I typically have to exclude:
>Trans character
>Trans male character
>Trans female character
>Non-binary character
>Trans (character A)
>Trans (character B)
And I have to type all that shit in before I exclude the other shit I hate, like coffeeshop AUs and A/B/O.

No. 255700

How… the place that the main angels stayed at were only for women, young girls and the exception of young boys since they took care of them since the other place couldn't take care of them since they literally lived in a abandoned construction lot. Missing the whole point of the show and instead focusing on things that aren't there. Truly showing their mentally illness

No. 255774

its become trendy to NOT tag trans characters in some fandoms so i'll be reading a M/M fanfic and suddenly one of them has a vagina. i fucking hate this reality.

No. 255777

The AO3 Enhancements browser extension is great for this. It's a bit depressing to see a whole page of stuff get nuked because it has troonshit or ABO or scat but it saves you from having to exclude a million tags.

No. 255803

I wonder if it's suppressed/hidden conservative ideals that forbid them from allowing let alone enjoying gay ships or if they have to self-insert hard and need to turn one of the characters into their own gender to be able to enjoy a story or chemistry.

No. 255839

they excuse this by saying that "cis characters don't need to be tagged so why should trans characters!! normalize trans bodies cis is not the default!!" which shows how insane and really needing to go outside they are. no shit normal people are going to expect to see dicks on males and pussies on females and hardly any trannies pass in real life anyway.

No. 255845

I cannot describe how much I hate the m/m vagina jumpscare. Thank god I still see it tagged so I can avoid it, but it ruins the entire fic. Dunno why a man with a vagina is so revolting to me, but it's such a gross-out. Maybe if they stop tagging it and someone wanted to complain, they could lie and say that vaginas are a "trigger" for them or something so it needs to be tagged. Thing is, I like a vagina when it's on an actual woman and not mutated by testosterone. Grotesque.

No. 255848

what aspect of haibane renmei is remotely trans???

No. 255850

>they could lie and say that vaginas are a "trigger" for them or something so it needs to be tagged
nah unfortunately nowadays not even pretending to be a TIF and going on about "muh dysfurria" helps, in that case they just call those self-haters and tell them to "get over their internalized transphobia"

No. 255859

Not porn related but I really have issues and literally cannot read anything where they "they" a character.
Even if the gender stays the same. I might be retarded but it's incredibly hard to read for me especially if I know what character it is. Even if the writing was perfect besides this and if they characters were otherwise the same as in canon it fucks with my brain seeing "they" and "them" in every sentence that mentions dunno Kakyoin or Optimus Prime and it sounds so damn silly.

No. 255892

Honestly, I really don't like it when a f/f fic changes a female character into non-binary. I feel like it takes away from the fact that she's a woman who likes other women.

No. 255893

This is another issue. Strangely as others have said like >>255514 it always happens with gay ships.
It doesn't sound logical to me. If they cared about minorities why taking away the gay ships of all things that are already rare and not use non-binary characters and such to spicy up generic het ships instead?
I was in a fandom in which 80% of the fans shipped the most painfully het ship and I saw the fics since I was in a discord with them. This stuff never happened with that pairing, it was always people writing for the few rare gay f/f and m/m ships that shoved it in, sometimes it was even the same people that write the het ship (and actually write that as het, never changing the gender).

No. 255934

No. 255944

lmao is that fucking winston from ow

No. 256027

Very late to the topic, but as someone who has a modestly popular series with a largely teenage audience, the only character that hasn't been spammed with trans headcannons is the unquestionably misogynistic scrote. Really, it seems like the only way to prevent it is to have the characters do or say "problematic" shit enough times to make the trannies not want to associate with them. But unless you want to have a cast full of unlikeable assholes, get ready to have every single heroine that's not 100% gender-conforming or is above 170 cm tall get claimed as an mtf or a they/thembie. It's a nightmare.
sage for blogging

No. 256112

Unfortunately you're right so the best bet is to just try to ignore perusing too much on social media on media that you like that are toon magnets.

No. 256154

File: 1668827920790.jpg (86.94 KB, 835x460, wtf.jpg)

TIFs pick the weirdest fucking characters to trannify

No. 256163

I never realised this but lol this must be the reason for why none of the shit I am into gets transwashed. They are all war criminals, dictators, insane (but kinda cute) or literally brain-damaged (still loving Tsurumi, though).

But this only proves to me that it's all about "brands". It's not about the character displaying any traits that might be considered "trans" or the story or anything, it's all an aggressive form of OC self-advertising. Just like a company that wouldn't put ads on a website with nsfw content these people would never transify a "problematic" character, because they cannot use them as advertisement.

No. 256389

File: 1668912941169.jpg (31.48 KB, 400x400, gjn1zk0W_400x400.jpg)

I've seen him drawn with chest scars way too many times.

No. 256390

samefag but I noticed aidens are obsessed over male miqo'tes, my tinfoil is because they are the shorter males in the game (excluding lalas).

No. 256440

The other day someone uploaded the first new fic in months for a rarepair that I love and it was actually good and didn't contain any blatant troonism, but then the author's note at the bottom said "[character] is trans because i said so" which retroactively ruined the fic for me

I wonder if or when this will all blow over. It really saps the fun out of fandom for me, especially since I seem drawn to media with fandoms that are 95% gender people.

No. 257067

i'm not sure that's enough. the cast of always sunny is full of unlikable assholes, and charlie has said the n word on multiple occasions, but the fanbase is still full of people who troon all of them out anyway.

No. 258175

File: 1669497337139.jpg (209.25 KB, 1281x1489, d37f978458e64076f32de28ca8317b…)

Lars was prpbably the first one i saw TIFs latch onto en masse. Dipper Pines is another one

No. 258176

File: 1669497434838.jpg (146.69 KB, 540x461, Tumblr_l_305746582661490.jpg)

Also Samus is apparently "canonically trans" because nintendo had originally planned for her to be male but changed their mind last minute

No. 258178

I've met a few tifs that called themselves lars and no one can convince me it wasn't because of this character. I dunno how these people have no shame.

No. 258317

File: 1669524798881.jpg (172.49 KB, 1920x1080, pokemon-scarlet-violet-elite-f…)

Of course it's only her though and not Grusha or Atticus or Ortega. I hate the state of fandom.

No. 258318

People think she's a closeted FtM, or she should have been FtM/FtNB? If so, god forbid a woman wears suspenders…

No. 258543

File: 1669585731794.jpg (768.13 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_2022-11-27-22-23-13…)

I just want this nightmare to be over

No. 258544

I said it before but I hate this regressive attitude so much. Woman is a tough, muscled fighter? She must be TRAAAAAANNNNSSSSS

No. 258550


No. 258553

It's a BB meme aka kid named finger

No. 258555

do tranners even like these characters? they remove them so far from the source material i have to wonder

No. 258602

Ok yeah I had enough of these woketards. I’m usually tolerable to these weirdos but this is it for me straight up blocking if I see this shit on my tl. No matter how a women present herself she is never gonna be enough to these losers unless they transfy her.

No. 258611

File: 1669595523963.jpg (48.59 KB, 304x669, 351616.JPG)

I would love to know. I have zero connections to these parts of the fandoms so I don't know how they think or what they say in their private discords and such.
I would be interested actually, for psychological reasons.

No. 258639

I think they enjoy the fandom and its version of these characters more than the characters as they're written in the source material. There are definitely characters who I think were improved by fan content, particularly villains or supporting characters who were somewhat two-dimensional in the source material. But that's more of a general writing thing. I don't think characters are ever improved by people just piling woke headcanons on them. For instance, I can see how making a villain more nuanced and sympathetic expands on the source material. Headcanoning a character as trans/black/disabled/etc? Not so much.

No. 258651

>even the trooniest of troons are straight for makima

No. 258659

I hate this with every fiber of my being.

No. 258796

>quanxi, a woman whose introductory panel is her literally having a lesbian orgy with her four girlfriends
its like they cant think about lesbian relationships without compulsively needing to add a penis in there somewhere

No. 258952

Would it be cringe and bad if I put cis women or just women in my bio? I want to scare away these trannies

No. 258953

something funny i noticed is that ftms always headcanon lain as ftm and mtfs always headcanon lain as mtf

No. 258957

God this, let me tell you I already met a few people who were fan of certain fandom versions of characters and actually dropped the official cartoon/manga/comic and left the fandom they were so hyped about after they delved into canon territory because they realised, big surprise, that fanon and canon are two different things.
Maybe we only had less than half of the transwashing if people were forced to engage with the canon series before being allowed to call themselves fans of it.

No. 258958

Honestly it seems like they always latch together and won't follow you anyway if you don't trannyfy characters. I draw fanart for a bunch of popular fandoms and have yet to see anybody with a trans/xir bio talking to me or reblogging my stuff.

It's usually artists from Asia that engage and to a lesser degree western artists and a few fans that talk about canon all day and don't care about OCs and headcanons.
If I go to these people's accounts all they reblog is usually other shitty art with flags and over-weighted transified versions of characters.

No. 258983

File: 1669686247656.png (881.35 KB, 828x1293, Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 5.33.…)

I think Shu has it the worse when it comes trans debate than Arashi. Everything about pic is so funny but op is right Shu is a man.

No. 258984

File: 1669686462686.png (428.74 KB, 828x1157, copiumbrainrot.png)

Someone even drew art for op. Totally normal and not obsessive behavior.

No. 258985

can you translate what does this even mean?

No. 258990

Why all their art looks so fucking ugly

No. 259124

I’m already exhausted over Arashi. But can they please leave my man Shu alone??? This post doesn’t make sense wtf.

No. 259139

File: 1669744571194.gif (544.48 KB, 498x298, 2d-gorillaz.gif)

I swear I can't go anywhere nowadays without gendies screeching about how 2D from Gorillaz is trans or they're gonna "steal his gender" because he's an ever so slightly effeminate man who wears pink sometimes, is more recently drawn with long eyelashes and paints his nails.

No. 259140

same anon, here's him with the aforementioned features.

No. 259141

File: 1669744787217.jpg (1011.86 KB, 3378x4096, CwbMZyJWQAER94r.jpg)

same anon again, I am so fucking retarded I forgot to attach the image kek

No. 259163

Is this some circular bio trans male shit à la Kikomi?

No. 259660

Ugh just like when "Tranz" video came out, so many snowflakes on Tumblr were saying "I'm so glad Gorillaz came out as Trans uwu"

No. 262656

File: 1670712736107.jpg (213.69 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20221210_234948.jpg)

Soap?? Fucking SOAP of all people???

No. 262667

not to be a "muh realism" sperg but does the British Army even allow troons to serve?

No. 262786

File: 1670772682632.jpg (112.13 KB, 1024x768, 20221211_092927.jpg)

I liked this ship picture (because it's femboy x tomboy which is absolutely rare) only to learn OP ""headcanons"" Rika as a they/them and Grusha as a……fucking "transfer lesbian". How do I make OP kill herself

No. 262789

File: 1670774331590.png (137.15 KB, 449x708, character-penny-detail.png)

i feel like its the same artist who i was greatly disappointed with on twt. iirc there were comments underneath the post of fans, who weren't aware of the artist's headcanons, who were told to use they/them and she/her pronouns when discussing about rika and grusha for the fanart because of the obv headcanon.

not like the post has that kind of disclaimer or anything but it sours my mood when people were told to play along other people's headcanons.

penny is sadly a victim of the tranification as well, not like she has a chance considering her design, and even her story, can easily be projected by fakebois who look like her irl and think they're now the epitome of softboi masculinity.

No. 262819

>femboy x tomboy which is absolutely rare
Femboyfag scrotes love that kind of ship though. It's not that uncommon but sadly it's mostly coomer shit bordering on troonshit.

No. 262826

>filter out troon tags
>click on a promising-sounding fic
>"He could feel his pussy getting wet"
Goddamn let me fujo in peace
I wonder if making a fakeboi Ao3 account and commenting on these with "please tag your trans hcs reading about a vagina unexpectedly can really trigger me on bad dysphoria days :(" would make people stop with the surprise puss

No. 262827

no, it would not, see >>255850

No. 262877

do it anyway to fuel their infighting.

No. 262937

File: 1670809739417.png (1.24 MB, 993x1080, yTDGBFBC5RF7tiiJKSzHAY~2.png)

Taion from Xenoblade 3. Any character that looks like him is cursed to be transwashed I think.

This happens in my boring lily vanilly het fics too I'm so tired. You'd think even thinking about writing M/F would make them go catatonic but alas

No. 262962

You could do the opposite thing and ask people to tag it because "omg I was looking through the trans [character] tag forever trying to find this fic!!" That way they take it as a compliment and are more obliged to actually tag it.

No. 262983

File: 1670831538493.jpg (35.97 KB, 487x612, istockphoto-164394138-612x612.…)

Good idea! You can say something like "as a trans person looking for representation can you please tag it so other trans people can find it more easily? thank you"

No. 262994

Both Taion and Eunie get trannified.
Oh the girl is the more aggressive one of the couple? They must be T4T, how progressive.

No. 263032

You’re a genius.

No. 263396

Yeah, but its undeniable that lots of moids tried to become her.,,

No. 263416

File: 1671002524836.jpg (436 KB, 2000x1752, w0fcdn48we2a1.jpg)

The fact that none of you posted him is absolutely insane to me for some reason

No. 263433

even moids call this one a tranny, it's rough

No. 263509

I’ve never understood it. She’s not even a likeable character. Never got why the mc scrote was so obsessed with her.

No. 263512

because he's an even less likeable scrote.

No. 263519

fuck offfffffff god trannies ruin everything

No. 265032

>read fic where the main character "uses he/she/they pronouns"
>the author just straight up uses a different pronoun to refer to the character every time, leading to different pronouns for the same character in the same sentence
Surely even gender havers find this basically unreadable…?

No. 265416

File: 1672259439982.jpg (145.24 KB, 583x780, brain rot.jpg)

absolute mental illness

No. 265420

No… not my favourite anime

No. 265428

Kirby doesn't even make sense, Kirby has no gender so there's no way Kirby would be a troon. How dare they.

No. 265433

The only characters here who could actually be trans are Birdo and Bowsette(who isn't even a canon Nintendo character), the rest are completely baseless.

No. 265460

I have never seen that take for those FE characters. Putting Edelgard there in particular feels like blasphemy.

No. 265461

Why are Edelgard and Tharja included? Tharja doesn’t make sense because she canonically has at least one biological child.

No. 265462

no gender counts as "agender" therefore "nonbinary" therefore still "trans" to these buffoons

No. 265483

how the hell can pokemon be troons? they are basically just animals and are identified by their sex

No. 265489

How fucking DARE they?

No. 265521

For Sylveon it's because it has 75% chances of being male (like eevee and all it's evolutions) despite its girly design (despite a shit ton of real species having way more flamboyant males, especially birds). As for Marill it's because the proportion of males and females found in the wild isn't the same as for it's pre evolution so troons joked about how they're transitionning when they evolve into marill (the exact same azurill will always have the same gender once they evolve though when it comes to gameplay). Pikachu is because of the anime and how Ash's pikachu crossdressed once for a very specific purpose by tapping yellow cardboard to its tail to make it look like a heart because that's how female pikachu look. tldr; it's autism.

No. 265528

File: 1672312765881.png (17.65 KB, 653x189, Captura.png)

There was a glitch that made some female Azurill turn male upon evolving due to the gender ratio difference between the two species. It actually happened to me once, I always make my teams female-only and then I noticed one of my girls turned into a fakeboi and had to exile her kek.

I don't know much about programming, but it doesn't really make sense since just like you said, pokemon are supposed to maintain their nickname, gender, nature etc after evolving, but I guess that's how glitches work. At least it finally got fixed on the 3DS + later games, the Marril line peaked.

No. 265529

File: 1672312866784.jpeg (390.6 KB, 1183x2048, ACABC6C0-1B0A-4A93-A4EB-BBFAEE…)

No. 265530

I hate this because it makes me imagine Sonic with boobies

No. 265533

File: 1672313379117.jpeg (46.06 KB, 600x510, 06BFF887-6B2B-4A55-86CB-C1DD13…)

No. 265540

No wonder he got them removed.

No. 265568

Tharja and Edelgard are both canonically, definitely female since they're able to have children(the former has one guaranteed daughter, the latter can have kids in at least one of her endings). Nothing about them says "trans" either, aside from appealing to them by both being waifus obsessed with the player character for no reason. What is the reasoning here

No. 265594

File: 1672345337212.jpg (277.4 KB, 1440x1440, 1672329095159653.jpg)

aidens who don't even bother to actually transition have discovered femboys/traps/otokonoko/whatever and it's making me seethe. "ohh as a gnc male it makes me happy to see men that look like me… :)" then you check their profile and it's a he/they retard. yeah, retard, of course this impossible type of guy who looks exactly like a woman is reminiscent of you, a woman.

…also i don't want to double post, but fate's mordred, and really any female character whose gripes over being considered a "woman" are entirely because they come from a time period where women couldn't be kings and etc., are always considered transmasc. always. no thinking it through, no considering the plot, gendies just see a girl say "don't call me a girl!" and think "ohhh she must want to be a man/nonbinary :)"

it's so boring. it's so boring to see a character at odds with the roles their sex demands they preform and wipe it all away with a trans narrative. just kill yourself already PLEASE 41%

No. 265595

>For Sylveon it's because it has 75% chances of being male (
sylveon's also tranny colors. pale pink/white/pale blue

No. 265598

They kept slapping him in the face while he was Going Fast.

No. 265602

Kek no way, I love Marill so I often try to have one in my teams and it never happened to me. I was saying this based on what I've seen online and I never heard about that glitch before.

That's what I mean by girly design. I'm sure it's designed that way to look cutesy and girly to sell cute toys to girls and it just
happens that trannies love using these colors for their shitty flag. What you quoted doesn't make sense without the second half of that sentence.

Lord have mercy, autists should not be legally allowed to have anything to do with cute children games' franchises.

No. 265603

File: 1672348595296.jpg (99.51 KB, 1024x768, 1647896726325.jpg)

I wanted to joke about how Edelgard forces her own soldiers and civilians to transform into hideous, mindless, raging beasts as weapons of war without their consent in all the routes except Crimson Flower and it's close enough to transitioning but my actual guess is that she's a kawaii uguu bisexual anime girl and trannies love her for that.

No. 265607

Azumarill is a really solid fairy sweeper/wall breaker. When it has Huge Power and knows Belly Drum, it's a force to be reckoned with.

No. 265608

Azumarill could be the shittiest of shitmons and I'd still use her tbh.

No. 265609

is shadow a terf

No. 265611

since he's a male, no he isn't really a radical feminist of any kind. but he'd actually be a very valuable ally, probably the only valuable one.

No. 265640

File: 1672370580011.png (160.51 KB, 412x561, 21F79499-21B8-4162-BC24-1D5728…)

azumarill is a really great pokemon and a terf

No. 265645

File: 1672376817089.jpg (2.25 MB, 2945x3727, 1670948045082.jpg)

the souls community is a fucking mess

No. 265698

I want to make a graphic of shadow going "you don't pass" because it would be extremely based

No. 265757

File: 1672432291504.jpg (277.94 KB, 1500x2000, Ff3wt4xX0AMoJZu.jpg)

>A bunch of people are pushing that Steven from Pokemon: Strangled Red is canonically trans with their only sources being "dude just trust me" and "the new owner of the creepypasta said so, even though I have no proof and their Twitter is privated"
Nevermind the fact that creepypastas having a "new owner" because fans didn't like the original author is a cope on the same level of "teehee Hatsune Miku made Minecraft uwu"

No. 265759

Wild to me how the only site where I see relatively consistent and reasonable dislike of Edelgard is lolcow. Back before I peaked it was like defusing a bomb anytime I mentioned disliking her.
I've never seen troons repping Edelgard, though, it was always other lesbians? I wonder what it is about radical feminism that makes the difference.

No. 265779

On FE3H thread on /v/ and /vg/ you also had anons who disliked her because her backstory isn't coherent or because her route is weird as fuck compared to the rest of the game but that's between posts where coomers post weird shit so… As for troons, I've seen some transbians sperging about Edelgard/Dorothea as a pairing but the majority of western fans are young lesbians or bi girls (who have horrible taste). I assume some of these girls are handmaidens but even then that pic still looks weird as fuck for including Edelgard.

No. 265848

Actually Kirby is referred to as "he" in canon iirc so he's a male alien. He obviously just doesn't have any genitals because it's a child-friendly franchise, but it's clear that he's referred to as a male. Troons will use any possible excuse to declare a character a genderspecial, though. And it's not like they would stop doing it even if the pink sentient ball had a human reproductive system either so trying to explain to them why they're wrong would be pointless.
Birdo is a canon tranny, sadly, although he was clearly conceived as a joke.

No. 265850

It's kinda like when trannies call clownfish or other sex-changing animal species (that are very, very distant from mammals) "trans" and use them as representation (kek) because said animals have the ability to change sex for reproductive purposes, even though troons are supposed to be special because they have a body that doesn't match their brain, etc.
Based. Aidens project their own gender ideology onto those characters because at the end of the day, they relate strongly and share the same frustrations that come from being a girl in a patriarchal world, but they come to the worst possible conclusions so they're unable to see the message in those characters' plotlines, even when it's spelled out for them.

No. 265867

> On FE3H thread on /v/ and /vg/
No one cares what those degenerates have to say.

No. 265869

I REALLY hate how nowadays you can't design a character with a baby blue, pink and white palette (which is a gorgeous combo) like sylveon without trannies thinking it panders to them

No. 265877

when the game came out I followed a lot of TRAs who said that liking her makes you a literal nazi (not exaggerating they legit said this) because her colour scheme is black and red and she is an emperor. I don't think liking her or disliking her has anything to do with gender.

No. 266026

I don't know much about her character and I've never played any FE but women who really hate Edelgard give me "female Amber Heard hater/Johnny Depp defender" vibes. I had a friend who was obsessed with FE and would never stop talking about how much she hated Edelgard and would constantly sperg about how evil and manipulative she was. Turns out she also really hated Amber Heard and defended Depp hard during the whole trial and her arguments for hating her sounded weirdly similar to me. Like idk, putting that much energy into hating a female character when you could be putting it into hating male characters who have no doubt done worse screams internalized misogyny that is likely to bleed out into real life to me.

No. 266092

File: 1672606251290.png (238.19 KB, 696x425, 21fd3fff7d8f498539a26e78396bbf…)

I love collecting old pony dolls and Star catcher is ob obviously the more transwashed because of her color palette. I miss when these colors where only the sell to girls who also liked baby blue.

No. 266097

I don't think it's that deep, just because a character is female doesn't mean you must like her or agree with her

No. 266104

File: 1672610021096.jpg (39.63 KB, 700x683, 88545600d59f5c762294ac5dbbaba6…)

>disliking a badly written character from a badly written story is the same as supporting a real, existing, living and breathing male abuser, drug addict and alcoholic with massive wealth and influence

No. 266132

I follow a pony collecting blog that calls Starcatcher "he". She probably has some kind of tism (because why else would you obsessively collect any and every MLP merch you can get your hands on, coming from a longtime MLP fan myself) but come the fuck on, she's FEMALE because all ponies in g3 are FEMALE. Fake fans think Starcatcher is a tranny horse (how is that possible, how would she transition when she has no tits to chop off kek).

No. 266157

File: 1672620540477.jpg (41.39 KB, 432x432, 4-Speed-Big-Brother-Year-5-MLP…)

I wonder when the current tranny flag will get cancelled for being created by a pedo (it won't, but I can dream.) To think, the labrys flag got cancelled just for being designed by a man. Like I get the logic of "reee only a lesbian should design the lesbian flag," but the labrys flag actually had imagery historically associated with gay women, whereas the other flags are just "lol girl is when pink." I understand taking issue with the black triangle, but at least it's not a reductive stereotype. Interesting how the ugly toothpaste gay flag is blue, the new lesbian flag is pink, and the tranny flag is blue and pink, yet these people claim to be opposed to gender stereotypes and the gender binary. Fucking riddle me that one, Batman.

It's doubly retarded too, because male ponies literally use different molds from female ones. They're called Big Brother ponies, and they have feathering around their hooves in addition to being larger (picrel). Baby Brother ponies also had feathering, and if I recall correctly, when the brought male ponies back in G4, they also all had feathering.

If she was male or even just pretending to be male, she'd have feathering, but she doesn't, so those retarded Aidens can cope.

No. 266163

Yeah she was really over hated when the game released. People would accuse you of being a fascist or fascist sympathiser just for liking her. All because she’s an Emperor and her country is called an Empire. I also remember some people using the results of a South Korean poll that asked fans to rank the fe3h characters and Edelgard was dead last, as ‘proof’ because ‘Koreans don’t like emperors, therefore she must be bad’. I think the fe3h fanbase was (and still is) really rabid, with people not being able to just like or dislike characters, they have to add in reasons as to why their opinions are morally superior. Also most people only play one route, so they get their opinions from other people or (best case scenario) skimming the wiki.

No. 266227

I think that you're overthinking it and making generalizations based on one experience.
I think it does the Amber Heard, a real person who was wronged, discredit to make parallels to how Edelgard was received. Additionally, their situations don't really have any parallels aside from being controversial women.
Staying on topic, both sides of the Edelgard debate got too serious about it lol. I dislike her because she's emblematic of the game's generally crude understanding of social, political, and economic strife. But she's also an anime girl primarily designed and written to waifubait men. It's hard to give too much energy to that without feeling silly.
Fire Emblem games generally get their stories taken a lot more seriously than they deserve, IMO. It's understandable since they're popular and use war as a backdrop, but that setting has never been written with particular nuance. It's better to focus on the appeal of the rather generically anime ensemble cast instead of focusing heavily on moral correctness.

No. 266352

File: 1672634480927.jpeg (978.94 KB, 1200x1000, EYfXRWTVAAAhPmh.jpeg)

>Wild to me how the only site where I see relatively consistent and reasonable dislike of Edelgard is lolcow.
You must not be involved in fandom spaces and other websites then because she's been hated everywhere since the game released. On the FE subreddit, 4chan, twitter, tumblr, etc. Rightfullyy so since she's a pretty contentious character. Still love her tho

No. 266361

Anon, what the hell? She's disliked because her story is poorly written and she's the antagonist in 2 out of 3 routes. The only route she's considered a protagonist is her own route, and in playing it she's only considered good because well, she says so kek. She's imperialist, killing anybody who stands in her way so she can get what she wants. I guess she sort of feels bad for it but not really, it's basically "well if they didn't go against me they would be alive". She teams up with Those Who Slither In The Dark (inadvertently gets Byleth's dad killed) and everyone just… accepts it? I played her route only, and I hated her the entire time kek.

No. 266365

Samfag as >>266361 but I forgot to mention, her ending really bothered me how it's only mentioned in text after the game that "oh she wipes out those who slither" Like… there's no story to that? Just happily ever after? Rushed as fuck.

No. 266378

Key word in my post was "consistent". I see her hated elsewhere, but it's usually heavily debated and split between her die hard fans. On lolcow, I usually just see her panned… although I'm seeing now that unanimity isn't close to the case here either.

No. 266381

File: 1672643303098.jpeg (217.63 KB, 1280x1229, D74022D7-5D5D-45A8-923C-48B229…)

>But she's also an anime girl primarily designed and written to waifubait men.
Nta and I'm not in this argument, but what are you talking about? What about this design screams "waifubait"? Looks like a pretty good character design to me.

No. 266384

Did you not play the game? Half of the time she has stupid scenes like "I-I hope sensei will notice me uwu"

No. 266385

No I didn't play the game, I just looked up the design out of curiosity since that anon said her design was waifubait.

No. 266393

For the entire game she is practically drooling over Byleth (the character you play as)

No. 266402

It's not her design that makes her waifubait, it's her behavior and her obsession with the (silent, personality-less) main character. For example she has a tragic, traumatizing backstoy that feels more like an excuse for some parts of the plot and the only way it's actually shown is if you play her route, she sees a mouse or rat somewhere in the military academy and her reaction is "kyaaa, a rat uwu I'm so scared and delicate uwu. oh no sensei saw me! baka sensei, it's not like I'm scared of a rat or anything uwu". It's soon before or after she slaughters innocent people fighting in pure self-defence from a country she's trying to evade and she blames them by saying that it's their fault, they should just surrender so she seems like a schizo at times.

No. 266404

People think she's waifubait and inconsistently written because the other three routes (where the MC doesn't side with her) show her to be more cruel but in her own route, she's shown to have a soft spot for the MC. In all fairness though, FE at this point is basically a waifu/husbando game. The other two main characters routes, Dimitri's and Claude's, are basically otome routes with Dimitri being the archetypal otome prince.

No. 266413

I found it way easier to ignore Byleth's existence in Dimitri's rute tbh.

No. 266652

File: 1672676950843.jpg (85.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I remember reading this years back, what the fuck?

To stay on topic, I don't get why I see so much of picrel.Yesterday was the character's birthday so like the little autist I am I drew fanart, and I got someone (note, I don't post in english, I do my native language) asking me in google translate french if I would edit my drawing to give him top scars. I don't get it.

No. 266673

Holy shit, what the hell? I've occasionally had people neg me in the comments/tags about making characters cis or white, but nobody has actually had the audacity to ask me to change my own drawings to fit their headcanons. That's absurdly entitled, my god.

How did you respond? In that situation, I'd probably just ghost the person.

No. 266675

I just blocked and hope it won't cause a shitfit, given the user seems to have a much larger following then I do. The worst part is that this isn't the first time someone has asked something like this, and it was only once I started using that hellhole website.

No. 266907

which website - was it twitter, tumblr, or something else? I'm guessing twitter

No. 266919

Yes, Twitter. Only website I ever had these kind of issues.

No. 267325

Been seeing the insistence that Hubert from Fire Emblem 3H is a trans woman lately. As in, not just a headcanon, but the assertion that he is actually a TiM and that there was a hidden agenda on the localization's part to erase these implications.
They can bave them, kek, but it's all so delusional.

No. 267354

>the assertion that he is actually a TiM and that there was a hidden agenda on the localization's part to erase these implications.
I hear this often when it comes to jp media. You either see a long tumblr post or twitter thread where OP says "x character is actually a trans woman in the japanese version but it got censored in the west. this character is beloved by the japanese trans community" but most of the time OP doesn't even speak japanese so the cultural implications are stuff they have taken from old anime forums and they can't back up any sources where the creators refers to the character as trans. Any proof that the character is popular amongst japanese trans people is usually just hearsay too

No. 267380

It's hilarious that they think Japanese media is somehow more progressibe than Western when most of the time what they're miscontruing as trans representation is an active mockery of them. They just fail to understand it because they lack a badic grasp of Japanese culture despite asserting their claims as Japanese truth clouded by Western conservative agendas. Embarrassing.

No. 267432

>As in, not just a headcanon… that there was a hidden agenda on the localization's part to erase these implications.
I see people do this all the time with Japanese media, they’ll claim that the official English localisation is wrong and give their alternative translation which just so happens to match up with whatever headcanon they’re pushing.

No. 267784

yeah. and if not a mockery, then it's gnc representation or an attempt at critiquing gender dynamics in japan that they ruin with troonshit.

No. 267789

What "implications" are they talking about? Nothing he does is particularly feminine, unless you count his Gerard Way-esque haircut in Three Hopes. He's just a (deliberately)creepy simp, I don't get what's trans-coded about that.
Usually it's due to their own misunderstanding of the character archetype shown, too. Also fire emblem, but Kyza(feminine gay male character, basically an okama) got they/them'd by the official gacha game and I see fans claim he's a transwoman, since he uses feminine speech patterns when gushing about his (male)crush. I wonder why Leon doesn't get them too, what with the whole "woman's heart" thing he has going on

No. 267794

File: 1673237851108.png (635.4 KB, 1280x789, tumblr_d84191ba2ed5555e75d3441…)

The TiM in question had a whole list of reasons that could only be taken seriously as headcanon, but the crux of his argument was picrel. Apparently this is proof that somebody on the writing team wrote somebody as a "closeted/in denial trans woman".
Wouldn't normally take some rando's raving seriously, but he actually got interviewed by a site and reasserted the notion there, which resulted in the idea gaining in popularity.

No. 267796

Samefag but the funniest part of this was that he claimed a couple years of transition could get Hubert looking like Sigourney Weaver, kek.

No. 267835

About Leon I think it's because FE Echoes got translated before Heroes and by 8-4 instead of Treehouse (the worst localizers between the two). 8-4 did some stupid shit in Awakening like making Henry more lulsorandum or giving Gregor a shitty russian accent for no reason whatsoever but they didn't make any of the characters too OOC as far as I know so they kept Leon as a flaming faggot who uses Japanese stock phrases to describe that he's gay. If Treehouse translated Echoes it would have been more likely that they would have turned him into a MTF.

No. 268825

File: 1673639644282.png (231.83 KB, 1433x703, 1638930148707.png)

>Complex multi-layered female character who resents the patriarchic society she lives in, said patriarchic society constantly undermines her and punishes her harder then her male counterparts
>well that proves she's clearly a transman


So yeah I got back into the GoT fandom and apparently this is a thing now, the shit smearing kweers have now decided that Cersie is a closeted transman, you have TIFs going "Cersie is clearly trans cause she had gender envy against her brother" but even an Idiot could understand she wanted to be her brother for 1)the societal benefits and 2)the physical strength of a male(Cersie has this whole thing of desiring the strength of a male warrior)
the whole fucking essay is every thing wrong queer theory, so much reaching and taking aspects of a character out of context to create their own narrative
Like Cersie is resentful for being born in a fucked up world but even she knows the problem is not her womanhood but society, She thinks men are mostly Idiots and It never once a came across in her POV's that she ever wanted to a man rather just wanted to be taken as seriously as men

also the essay also tries to use the fact Jamie and Cersei were identical twins and claim it as an example of how the "heteronormative gender binary" is made up cause they looked identical when they were pre-pubescent children and their current sex roles is only due to arbitrary choice(which in the essay's view are genitals), ignoring the fact they started developing vastly different when they were teenagers, Jamie is tall, muscular and extremely strong, It wouldn't matter if Jamie or Cersie were raised as the opposite sex cause Jamie would always end up bigger and physically stronger then his twin sister. its like these people have no understanding of how the insecurities all people have regarding their sex roles and also puberty
also last note, a big part of Cersie's character is that despite everything she did somewhat enjoy motherhood, she was happy to bear Jaime’s babies, in being a mother to them, and nursing them at her breast, I don't know how a transman or enby could relate to that

No. 268826

samefag Its interesting they took this line as a some deep comment regarding gender and that they don't give any context and seem to subtly imply that she's making this comment towards Jamie as further proof about how biological sex is somehow fake
she's saying this to Robert(who in a way the most traditionally masculine character in the series) and its both in a moment of anger and meant as an insult towards him, its just a paraphrasing way of saying "you're not a real man" in order to goad Robert to take rash actions against the Starks

No. 270588

File: 1674109545585.jpeg (50.87 KB, 540x438, I hate being alive.jpeg)

Why must they do this to her. she is transwashed so much its insane… shes the only female char in ace attorney who's like an actual protagonist too? And you're gonna say she's a man? I hate people.

No. 270597

Please do, he would totally say that.

No. 270603

I havent played ace attorney in ages, but werent these 2 characters minors? The blue girl at least

No. 270605

File: 1674121854152.jpg (161.8 KB, 1000x1000, badonka.jpg)

this woman is apparently a he because she wants to become like her deceased master or something. I don't read OP but I saw some retarded debate on facebook

No. 270608

very ot but the absolute state of modern op character designs. this belongs in the character designs you hate thread

No. 270611

Samus is the one that makes me the most mad. We're just not allowed to have cool action girls are we?

No. 270626

looks like an oc you’d find on marysuefacepalm back in the day

No. 270683

I know, right? She's a 7 foot tall Alien bounty hunter. wtf

No. 270686

athena? they can have her, she's ass

No. 270692

I like athena though, she's fun and peppy and cute.

No. 270693

yes, the blue girl is 15, and the yellow girl is 17.

No. 270695

AA5 as a whole is ass, they can have it and AA6 as well.

No. 270826

File: 1674234123691.png (286.19 KB, 598x449, icio _ Twitter.png)

Why do they always they/them any girl who doesnt wear frilly dresses, I'm so tired.

No. 270907

That's not her in-series outfit.
Anyways, Yamato has been confirmed to be a woman, although I can see why people got the wrong idea. I don't speak JP, so I'm not sure if the misleading aspects of her character were in the original or inserted by the scanlators, but she regularly asserted herself as male and was referred to by male pronouns.
The reason is because she kins some dead guy though, so yeah, either way, it was stupid and messy.

No. 272144

File: 1674959812596.png (79.55 KB, 198x290, Aura_portrait.png)

I try to not sweat it because I know every character under the sun gets transed, but when it comes to Ace Attorney, it puts a bad taste in my mouth when Aura gets headcanoned as a transwoman. Cool, let's erase yet another canon lesbian character as usual. I see people do this with Adrian Andrews too, since her name is unisex.

Hot take, but both trilogies are good, even if the original was GOAT.

No. 272148

Because then they would have to acknowledge that you can dress and act how you want while still acknowledging the reality of your birth sex. However, going against norms puts you at risk of men and societies rage at not taking on the role they try to force on you (because it is beneficial to them for you to be in this role, such as male run society says womens role is to serve men and have children so they have a miniature kingdom to rule, mitigating male violence by having it focused on this little kingdom and don't rebel against their higher on the retard male heirarchy masters who own them financially), while for men there is the obvious predatory benefit and coomer delusion angle of wanting to live like a porno and not be seen as degenerate or avoided by women while acting like a predatory degenerate. These women think adopting the idea that they are actually male solves both problems, they get to not follow social norms enforced on women to benefit men (no matter how unnatural the norm is), and at the same time think it will help them avoid mens rage at not adopting the role they have tried to force on to the woman. It's easier to do this retarded double think for them then stand up against an unfair society because of the risk of upsetting scrotes and causing a chimpout, which for the outcast ones, they also don't want because some of them are still heterosexual and seek to be seen as desirable by men. They want to have everything without giving up anything or making difficult decisions.

No. 272677

File: 1675259213176.png (232.08 KB, 1409x565, C.png)

In the past few years many AGPs/TRAs have started headcanoning princess ozma as being a trans allegory, I hate seeing it cause she's genuinely one of my favorite characters

No. 272687

So someone is arguing you can't headcanon the character as lesbian but you have to headcanon the character as trans?

No. 273254

File: 1675465223923.jpg (598.41 KB, 800x1132, ER2qM7zUUAAc-MH.jpg)

Wind Master from Heaven Official's Blessing.
That gods can take both male and female form and Wind Master takes full advantage of that doesn't mean he's trans, gender-fluid or whatever. I especially hate how the pronouns in the official translation switch between 'he' and 'she', reading becomes tiresome.

No. 274051

I hate how the English translation not only switches between using "he" and "she" for him when the Chinese print version of the novel uses only "he," but then Seven Seas added a character profile that uses he/she/they for him and words his backstory to make it sound like he suddenly stopped being a man at some point. It just encourages the western fandom has a meltdown whenever someone says he's not a TIM.

No. 274077

The west needs to stay the fuck out of chinese fandoms.

No. 274105

File: 1675799672580.png (951.1 KB, 1200x954, DuaWgb3WwAAaa_I.png)

Yeah, I was expecting professionalism from the translation, not cheap pandering, especially since the translator (Suika) worked on the now-taken-down fan translation and there was none of that cultural appropriation going there.

They do though? Nobody who cannot write Chinese posts on Chinese social media or video sites. And the Chinese fandom doesn't interact with people outside of the Great FireWall either.

I personally blame Discord. All was well and comfy, with translators and fans being too ignorant of any id-pol until [[[the usual suspects]]] started arriving in discord channels.


No. 274301

File: 1675866397131.png (Spoiler Image,143.99 KB, 766x696, retards.png)

>Guys, are we sure Kumatora is a girl??? "She" has.. OMG short hair!!! Girls don't have short hair!!
>B-but our sexism is progressive and good because we think she's trans instead of a real male!
Fuck OFF. Kumatora isn't a tranny, she's just an active, foul-mouthed teenage girl with short hair who hates being forced to wear girly clothes, which has always been a pretty common trope and the reality of a lot of girls. Being androgynous or not liking hyperfemininity does NOT automatically make any woman or girl wish to be a moid, nor does it mean she was "male all along." Especially a basic tomboy character in a 2006 Japanese video game, where there also happens to be blatant caricatures of male crossdressers/TIMs. (I also laugh at the pathetic attempts of some wokeoids to deny that the Magypsies are troon parodies by only calling them "male crossdressers" (same shit) because it'd be too unflattering a representation of TIMs. It's like that soyjak pic with the moe catgirls vs. ugly anime men in dresses.)

How can you seriously look at a character like Kumatora and reach the conclusion that it's more likely that she's "trans", "non-binary", or even "agender", than just a normal girl who rebels against a forced feminine standard (GNC)? I'd also say that those characters, one of them being a little girl, mistaking Kumatora for a boy says more about them and their own expectations of what women should be, than about Kumatora's "gender identity". The point there is that her unconventional personality and slightly unfeminine appearance make her androgynous, thus, radically different to the female stereotype everyone in Tazmily is used to, a stereotype that she dislikes being associated with. But this never leads her to reject her womanhood or to express any desire to have been born male. She just doesn't fucking like wearing girly dresses, being passive and submissive, or sexualizing herself or faking girly giggles (like at Club Titiboo). (In fact, Kumatora apparently was going to be a slightly older and much more scantily clad character in the N64 version of Mother 3, which would still be "wild" compared to the type that the average woman in Tazmily is, so it's clear that her theme in the final GBA version is "defies social expectations of her sex".) I also gotta laugh at the ridiculous implication that just because other people mistake you for a man, it means you're trans/actually a man.

But troons and their worshippers fail to see something so basic that shouldn't even be explained, or fail to take it at face value like they should, insisting that such a character must surely have been secretly written as an Aiden metaphor or something (or in the case of male characters, a TIM, like >>267794), that there's a secret hidden meaning in "subtext" or "context" that reveals their trans headcanons AUs are actually canon and said hidden meaning only really makes sense if you subscribe to this specific Western, capitalistic, post-modern, 21st century ideology known as gender theory. Any sane, normal person who doesn't care about gender indentity bullshit will see Kumatora, and other characters like her, as a tomboy.

All in all, this is, sadly, yet another case of a transwashed female character because "since she's not hyperfeminine she must not feel like a woman, and actually isn't one because I think all girls should like pink, be weak and submissive, and wear pretty dresses all the time, otherwise they're not girls". Nothing new. None of this would be so rage-inducing if it was confined to obscure Japanese fiction, but unfortunately it affects even historical figures such as Joan d'Arc (and any other female historical figure who was known to defy the oppressive sex roles imposed upon her at the time), and most importantly real girls in the present. Fucking clown world.

The bottom youtube comment in picrel is not too bad but it still irks me how they think "kinda boyish" = "non-female-presenting". "Kinda boyish" means she's not traditionally feminine, not that she's trying to pass as a male or denying she's female. Also I thought "male and female" referred to the genitals and "man and woman" to the social roles (according to troons), but apparently you're not allowed to use "female" to describe "people with vaginas" anymore, and the word is now synonymous with feminine clothing. Now anyone who wears a binder is male a choker is female and anyone who wears. These people are fucking insane.

See this is what I'm talking about when I say they read way too much into things instead of taking things at face value. Why must they insert their nonsensical, modern gender garbage into a story about a boy who's magically turned into a girl? Was that the author's intention? Did he want to comment on gender at all? Just because trannies read stuff like this in their childhood and developed an obsessive fetish out of it to the point that they, and some hack psychologists, convinced a lot of people that it's not just a fetish, doesn't mean this story has "trans undertones", that's just them forcing their delusions everywhere to feel validated.
I hope you told that poster all the reasons why that "interpretation" is retarded. Surely those who believe that bullshit also think stories about people turning or being turned into animals validate the identity of otherkin and "transspecies" retards, otherwise they'd be outed as massive hypocrites.
>He/she are just literally trans
I thought "transgender" meant a person who was born in a body of the wrong sex? So how the fuck can a child that magically changes sex multiple times be "transgender"? That's not possible in the real world. Troons are so delusional that the only way they can "prove" transgenderism is a real thing, is with random magical transformations in children's fantasy books. That's also how they prove that it's totally possible to change sex in real life kek.

No the pro-tranny (or most likely tranny as they're often the most invested in this shit) is also arguing in favour of the "lesbian undertones". Only they're not only implying that the characters are lesbians, but that one of them is a transbian.

No. 274309

She is so clearly female, I really don't get how anyone could misinterpret her so severely. Also kek the moment I met the magypsies in the game they were clearly trannies/drag queens (they are the same in Japan, no? Except they don't take the costume off?). Also one is a pedophile that rapes you in the hot springs kek.
I just can't believe tomboys don't exist anymore to these retards. And I hate the Joan of Arc reinterpretation, because there's nothing to interpret. She was a real woman. She wasn't even that masculine, she wore male clothes because she was riding a horse all day long and surrounded by men. She's not even the only woman in history to use religious visions to escape her home life. Shit sucks. There really has been a mass brainwashing since 2016(?), if not earlier, but it's not even subtle anymore.

No. 275369

File: 1676224196882.jpg (22.64 KB, 624x147, pic.jpg)

Integra from Hellsing.

Though it's an older series, so not many from the gotta-label-them-all crowd watch/read it (+ it's too violent for their snowflake hearts).

No. 275370

File: 1676224284202.jpg (1.73 MB, 2015x2800, 483796.jpg)

I get it though - a character doesn't have huge boobs and wears pants = must be trans. It's so simple.

No. 275371

File: 1676224746934.gif (49.69 KB, 314x564, -integra.gif)

honestly surprised, cause she's literally the only non-sexualized female character in the series, enjoys wearing and even uses male pronouns to assert her authority, I would have assumed her be hc'd as a TIF

No. 275374

File: 1676225373215.png (447.44 KB, 935x606, pic.png)

They do all sorts of things to her ;_;(;_;)

No. 275375

File: 1676225484869.jpg (74.95 KB, 509x339, 1665711393048.jpg)

Stop it with the emoticon

No. 275388

Why do they want her to be a trans man and not a TIF— lmao wait never mind drunk thought sorry sorry

No. 275447

>integra is a lesbian transman
kek do they realize by saying this they are admitting trans men/ftms are women?

No. 275458

Sir Intrega is so freakin hot. I had the biggest crush on her when I watched Helsing way back when.

No. 276226

File: 1676579686539.jpeg (300.44 KB, 1022x959, AD5F99D0-76DC-43A3-8392-640314…)


No. 276236

I have no clue about anything related to jojo aside from a reader insert fanfic with a blonde guy in a purple suit that kills you as per the comments which stated the guy acted 100% like he would in canon and the fact that old guy joe? was a massive whore. but from the discussions elsewhere it seems like he's a TIM and gets blatantly addressed with the correct pronouns, so maybe the mangaka has some plans with him to make fun of trannies? Unless of course troons get to him first and make him change it to fit their views. Also the pose in the second panel is ridiculous

No. 276244

I'm confused, the wiki plus a few other characters in the manga refer to him as male so is he canon troon or just a cosmetically altered male who still identifies as such? looks like only chapter 1 of the manga is out so I guess it's still uncertain, unless araki has stated he's supposed to be a troon? I wish jojo ended with part 8 instead of whatever this shit is kek

No. 276510

she reminds me of my abusive mom stfu women are allowed to dislike female characters without being misogynist. I Stan plenty of problematic girls but not her. sage for bullshit

No. 276913

>i've never seen him getting [chest injections]
what if the plot twist is that it's a fakeboi LARPing as a femboy? we know there are plenty of those IRL

No. 276975

It's possible the mangaka is just into "sports" The pose in the right panel is close to bodybuilding and the left is a spine and glute stretch. The injections may or may not refer to people who use synthol, hyaluronic acid or other things to make their muscles look more defined without doing the work.

No. 277660

File: 1677106991471.png (368.28 KB, 603x863, 2F6CDA3E-853E-4D7B-8662-C85619…)

intsys loves femboys, good on them.

No. 278188

femboys are really not much better, just coombait for misogynistic fags in denial. why not just gnc characters that do resemble actual gnc people instead of "draw a flat girl, call it a boy" (or the "short haired maybe sporty Cool Girls" that moids coom over as "tomboys")

No. 278306

Fuxk these retards, I'm not going to ever play FE Engage because the MC is hideous but a pretty boy liking girly fashion and still seeing himself as a guy is much more revolutionary than mentally ill trannies being enabled by everyone around them. The translators tried to reshape Forrest's personality to make him more of a brave and stunning bad bitch instead of a nice, shy and soft young man who wants to be a fashion designer in FE Fates because of how obsessed they are with trannies, it's a miracle they didn't turn the new girly male character into an actual tranny.

FE has like one girly looking guy per game, some of them fit the description you want like Libra in FE Awakening looking like a feminine grown man in a neutral male uniform for his class. Same with Lucius in FE7. It just depends on the game.

No. 278317

if this is a TiM then the irony of finally having a new female protagonist for jojo and them not wanting to be female. what a fucking world.

No. 278323

File: 1677316815357.jpg (154.12 KB, 1129x1185, EaRb3QOWAAAkSYM.jpg)

Miko from Touhou. She is based off a real-life man named Miko and trannies decided it was enough to put their greasy hands on her. It's not like every Touhou character is a girl…
It's like Fate: Grand Order characters that are female reincarnations of male figures for the sake of porn, they instantly are labeled as trans because fuck thinking

No. 278347

A friend of mine draws her a lot and one day she got a message on tumblr saying "I'm a trans girl and I'm triggered because you draw Miko too masculine uwu", she asked me if she should answer the message (to which I told her no ofc), I think that was the day the peaking seeds were sowed lol.

No. 278403

I can't wrap my head around this. what would even be the problem with drawing miko masculine…?

No. 278410

because he headcanons her as a tranny and you're supposed to draw trannies looking like either moeblobs or sexy bimbos or else it "looks like a caricature"

No. 278421

File: 1677359797300.jpg (210.94 KB, 2048x1536, 1638496899599.jpg)

>was doing some calculations on AO3 because I was bored
>look up the % of trans fics for different ships
The results I found for Arcane startled me. I found that for CaitVi, only about 2% of fics had trans stuff in them. JayVik, on the other hand, had fucking 14% of its fics with trans shit. That is absolutely insane to me. What is it about JayVik that attracts troons like crazy??

No. 278430

i think it's because a lot of those girls just self insert as Viktor. He's a smart, skinny, pretty white guy that they want to skinwalk and they want to fuck Jayce so they make Viktor female. How do you look up the % of fics? I remember most of the rwby fanfics on ao3 always making one of the girls "futa", idk if they actually use the trans tag. It was fucking annoying tho, i dont want any dicks if im going to read lesbian fanfics

No. 278439

File: 1677368465648.jpg (288.27 KB, 2048x1880, 1639602294643.jpg)

I calculated the number of trans fics for each ship by adding trans!character 1 fics + trans!character 2 fics and subtracting fics where both characters are trans from the number. I then divided the resulting number by the total number of fics for that ship and multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.

No. 278491

Why do people want to fuck Jayce, he has the personality of a boiled potato

No. 278493

File: 1677378095046.jpg (24.44 KB, 400x400, 77f8158722781bbb7c73db08db79ba…)

>Why do people want to fuck Jayce
I think those people are just horny and like a pretty face. I mean I don't see but Im a lesbian so it doesnt really matter

No. 278587

yeah in f/f fics dickwashed female characters are more likely to be called futa or g!p or a/b/o or even intersex than trans, but the end result it's all the same and just as repulsive.

No. 278605

File: 1677419955491.jpg (77.03 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353 (1).jpg)

Little dude gets transed because it's a sexless bug. Sorry, a nOnBiNaRy…

No. 278651

I've always wondered…are futa f/f fics mainly written by straight dudes?

No. 278659

yes, they also write the majority of wlw or underage girl/underage girl fics with the saying that futa isnt the same as girl penis

No. 279253

File: 1677626377008.jpeg (225.08 KB, 1199x1546, 57B57700-D4C8-42C2-AB54-F02573…)

I’m not even a ponyfag anymore but this makes me want to a-log

No. 279497

I see Griffith from Berserk get made into a FTM and it just makes no sense considering the Eclipse rape, where it actually shows he has a dick, so you can't say "oh but we never see his genitals so we don't know for SURE if he's cis or not". People just trans him because he's beautiful and androgynous. I've seen a few Griffith cosplayers on Twitter who are TIFs and it's like the only reason they cling onto Griffith is because he's effeminate so he's not hard for women to cosplay, so to speak. I swear so many TIFs latch onto effeminate or androgynous men and try to skinwalk them because they think their female features help them pass as a "femboy" (gross term I know but that's the best way to describe it). Like they know they can never pass as a masculine man so they go for feminine ones, thinking they'll pass easily.

No. 279678

>that feeling when you realise there are people who took the Berserk segments of AMV Hell seriously

No. 279680

when will TIFs learn that 2D doesn't translate to real life, no man could look like Griffith past the age of 22

No. 279705

File: 1677786883733.jpeg (726.79 KB, 1170x1158, D3A68867-D9AD-4198-AD85-D6510C…)

at least not as rampant as mtf fluttershy (and i don’t think i even have to mention trixie)

No. 279844

kek was is drawn by a tif? No way a troon would draw a trooned character in a non sexualized way.

No. 279898

miquella isn't even in the game yet but he's already getting the gwyndolin treatment kek
fucking soulstrannies

her looking like this doesn't negate the fact that she still regularly treats other women like shit and in misogynistic ways unfortunately

No. 279899

Men are the ones who troon women and fanfic is an overwhelmingly female space. Self-hating fujos and self-inserters troon out men.

No. 279900

I feel like this problem could be solved with just having rule63 or a self insert reader fic

No. 280339

File: 1678066160644.jpg (139.03 KB, 790x793, Diluc_Birthday_2022.jpg)

diluc from genshin impact

funnily enough he gets troonified both ways and they always manage to make him het. theres a gratuitous amount of cuntboy/ftm art of him when shipped with males or he gets turned into a "he/him transbian" when he's shipped with jean (female)

No. 286949

File: 1680352317850.jpg (36.75 KB, 750x443, FsihP9tWIAAM0v2.jpg)

Came to post this

It makes me irationally mad tbqh

No. 287038

File: 1680409944176.jpg (192.67 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1664292667.jpg)

Need I say more?

No. 287041

File: 1680410694323.jpg (154.51 KB, 1635x895, Untitled.jpg)

have some more ridiculous art, as if tranners could ever look like giant military guys.

No. 287074

If the Metal Gear and Yakuza fandoms taught me anything, it's that if aidens want to troon a character literally nothing will stop them, not the character being a giant, not him being showed as a young boy in flashbacks/prequels, not him being spending years in the army or men's prison, not even him getting women pregnant.

No. 287092

File: 1680438238814.jpg (203.72 KB, 970x1278, IMG_20230402_091546_801.jpg)

Any Ace Attorney fans out there? I've been in the fandom since fucking 2008 and Apollo has ben getting the transwashing for at least ten fucking years now. I remember when the first gross zippertits fanarts appeared they were niche now all you gotta do is search Apollo Justice and it will be full of this nonsense. They transwash him because he's short and does voice training kek dunno man this shit piss me off so bad ace attorney used to be a normal fandom, with some autists for sure but now it's just full of trannies and idiots who missinterpret the game. I hate how transgenderism became mainstream Man. We cant have normal fanart anymore, it's gotta have a point because the troons are being "genocided"

No. 287093

I hate these "fans" so much. And they keep making him and Klavier as OOC as possible. I miss how the fandom was like 12 years ago so much it's unreal. They're the same fan who shat in their pants when playing AA5 and seeing Robin Newman kek.

No. 287094

Yeah, I started playing AA in 2017 and became one of my favorite games (specially DGS/TGAA, I learnt how to import stuff from japan 2nd hand sites just to play them), but the fandom was already a cestpool by then. I even got called out once for sharing genderbend art kek.
90% of fandom content is either narumitsu/klapollo or trans headcanons, it's so boring out there. It's specially a shame considering how fun the cast is, but people only care about projecting onto the characters.

No. 287095

Trannys are braindead. Krauser is the pure epitome of a masculine military character.

No. 287100

They think they're being ~subversive~ by trooning such characters.

No. 287132

File: 1680460660628.jpg (62.83 KB, 563x796, a0e7d5d35c17c903377aa415b9c12b…)

Being in trigun twt is exhausting. Ofc he's being transwashed because he's not your typical rude/badass anime man and looks at Wolfwood lovingly. This happens mainly with Stampede and not Trimax.
I don't interact and directly block whoever draws or depicts him with a vagina and their poor excuse is that "Well, he's an alien, he could have whatever in between his legs!" well, at least put fucking alien genitalia, not a human vagina. TIFs love him because they can use him for self insert purposes and of course they add zipper tits to his scars, which have an important storytelling role: Vash has a lot of scars because he pays with his body all the times he tried to get close to humans. No one would realistically mutilate his breasts for muh gender nor he would hurt himself for that kind of shit. I could give actual yaoi "ukes" a pass because they're written by women for women, but Vash was written by a man who wanted a deep character and that includes having a more sensitive side too. Him being reduced to a "transmasc" makes my blood boil. God forbid a man who cries and loves another man is cis, ofc he has a vagina because if you're a man you can't cry, right? You must have been born a woman. These tifs are no better than obnoxious people that walk up to gay couples asking "who's the man/woman xDD", it's, once again, woke sexism.

No. 287136

it makes them look even more delusional tbh. nobody is impressed aside other aidens.

i can't imagine. sucks bc OG trigun was so cool and stylish, stampede has some great animation but it's so watered down it appeals to aidens. and him being a plant gives a pass for "weird alien genitals" aka pussy.

No. 287157

File: 1680474118074.jpg (64.99 KB, 1022x1229, IMG_20230402_192210_178.jpg)

KEK I forgot about Robin. For those who don't know, picrel is Robin, a girl character who pretende to be a boy because she wanted to be seen as strong. (in a reverse chihiro fujisaki like situation) During her trial, she reveals she is actually a girl and such kek her male persona was being angry all the time, very pooner of her. of course the troonies SEETHE over this and try to make her a MtF troony or bigender or some stupid shit.

I'm sorry nonnie you got into the fandom so late. It used to be so fun, people talked about the characters and the stories, not about stupid ships and how trans they are. Ace Attorney for me is the least sexy game ever I don't get why people want to talk about ships so much, everything else is much more interesting. And they make Edgeworth always soooo OOC.

No. 287158

Back then, even the ones sperging about pairings like me also talked about the actual story and characters in a more general way, and were talking about what they like and dislike about the games. Now you have underaged idiots who pretend to be super huge fans because they post their shitty OOC narumitsu fanfics based on what they read about the characters on wikipedia, and then act shocked and appalled because they just learn the next day shit that literally happen in the games like Mia and Diego being a canon couple which is one of the basis of an entire fucking game. I blocked so many people on twitter that now I can safely just follow Asian fans without being recommended OOC shit from Western "fans".

No. 287175

>2020 pandemic
>this guy at my dorm whose bedroom was next to mine makes friends on discord and keeps talking loudly all motherfucking day over vc with them
>the most disgusting, pathetic manlet I've ever seen in my entire life
>i can hear all his conversations clearly
>he mentions "maya" and some other ace attorney characters
>i leave the dorm
>months later, one of my friends from the dorm tells me that unwashed balding moid is now trans
Top kek, now I understand everything. I'm so sorry to ace attorney fans for having such a retarded fandom. Sage for blogpost.

No. 287219

Never trust (actual) male Ace Attorney fans. They're at best just annoying as fuck. Don't trust the fakebois either tbh.

No. 287465

File: 1680640826105.jpg (39.39 KB, 440x293, Rita Kanisuka.jpg)

The discussion surrounding the new Sentai's purple ranger right now is very grating. Multiple sources have called her by female Japaneae pronouns, and her own actress has described her as a heroine. Due to a couple of contradicting sources also labelling her as gender neutral, genderspecials have gone wild labelling her as trans, despite there being no solid confirmation as to what the real situation is. Many go as far as to call anybody who prefers to think of her as a GNC female a bigot.
These same people have also called the production company, Toei, cowardly and half-assed for not unambiguously declaring her transgender. This claim is in spite of Toei having made unambiguous declarations regarding three different trans characters in the past: Naki from 01, Ichika from High School Heroes, and Sonoshi from Donbrothers. If Toei intended Rita to be what troons assert her to be, they would have said something at this point.
The most likely explanation currently (the character is still recently introduced) is that she is female, but does not disclose whether she is male or female to other characters in-universe because she believes it would impact her neutrality as a judge. This much was stated by her recently stated character bio, but this as well is being taken as confirmation that she is trans by gendies.

It's just ridiculous to me. A female ranger who even wears pants as her default outfit is a rarity in Sentai (as in, it's been a decade since it last happened). I think that an expansion of how woman can look and behave should be celebrated, and yet troons cannot let anybody have an inch without declaring dissenters as bigots for relating in a different manner.
Regardless of how things pan out with the character, it feels like a very mask-off moment.
Anyways, a bonus: both of the previously stated nonbinary characters have come from notably misogynist writers. Really shows where people's priorities are.

No. 287485

kino from kino's journey. she's said to be "gender ambiguous" despite the existence of an episode that tells you she is female. why would they even write that in if she was truly meant to be "ambiguous"?

No. 287489

File: 1680654831672.png (71.55 KB, 591x455, raiden.png)

anon, the amount of ftm in the metal gear fandom depresses me. it will never make me laugh at how they try to make the buffest, most masculine characters trans. give me a fucking break. most of them are obsessed with kaz or venom, i have no idea why that could be outside of the fact that they never played any of the games besides MGSV. there are a few mtf in the fandom too, but luckily they're just autistic enough to only make video essays and analyses, easy enough to look past

i hate that they've turned a series with themes and characters that have a lot of personal meaning to me into a derivative "queer" fuck fest

sage for sperg

No. 287492

samefag, there's also a otasune fanzine about to be released that i'm interested in but i cant tell how much troon art and fanfic is going to be included and i'm not sure if i want to spend $25+ on something that might suck total fucking ass

No. 287496

Ive been a fan since the first game on ps1 and luckily avoided this. It just seems the mentally illness of tranning character is only 10 years old because I do not remember this being this bad back in 2005.

No. 287497

>he's even mistaken for a woman
Yes, the on going joke is Raiden is mistaken for a woman a lot, despite obviously being a man. He was child soldier ffs.

No. 287537

Raiden is by far the most normal straight guy in the entire franchise and has a bio kid with his wife on top of looking like he has a huge dick in MGS2, they really picked the wrong character for their delusion. His voice in the original voice acting is even deeper than Snake's and he doesn't even smoke too.

No. 287539

I feel like gendies are incapable of separating convenient parts of fiction from reality. For example, impossibly beautiful men are non-existent in real life, but in fiction anything is possible (doesn't mean it's also possible in reality). So gendies are unable to process this and think pretty anime boys must be biological women who identify as male because only women can be that pretty in real life. They accept things like gods, fantastical animals and magic existing in fiction only, but they can't accept beautiful biological males with androgynous features existing in fiction only, they MUST troon said characters because that'd make their imaginary identity seem more valid in the real world.

As for why they're so obsessed with Kaz and Venom, I literally saw some shippers on Tumblr, back when MGSV was new, admitting to not even playing the game and only reading their wiki articles to understand the ship's backstory. Those are the same kind of people who "join" fandoms just to discuss trans headcanons of every character now.

And not to mention, Raiden was made to piss off Snake fanboys. You know, the kind that feels gay when a pretty male character is on-screen or blames muh fujos for any attractive guy existing in the media they like.

No. 287543

>Raiden was made to piss off Snake fanboys
I don't think so intentionally, pretty sure he was just meant to bring in more female fans but the Snake fanboys happened to get pissed off over him because they're whiny entitled retards.
>They accept things like gods, fantastical animals and magic existing in fiction only, but they can't accept beautiful biological males with androgynous features existing in fiction only
Funny enough that's what troons argue too, that "transphobes can accept gods and magic and extremely advanced technology existing in fiction, but somehow not passing trans people!!" which okay fair, I'm not that autistically invested in "muh realism", I just hate trannies and don't want to see them kek

No. 287545

File: 1680677290027.jpg (39.12 KB, 900x506, 05694e65419f2bfd4d379124b8a779…)

Speaking of Yakuza
>tall heavy build similar to Kiryu's
>deep voice
>spent years in men's prison
>literally seen as a little boy in 0
>often headcanoned as a biological woman despite all of the above
>also is an incompetent retard that needs others to solve his problems

No. 287589

>"transphobes can accept gods and magic and extremely advanced technology existing in fiction, but somehow not passing trans people!!"
Well personally I can accept troons in fiction looking exactly as if they were born as the opposite sex, because in fiction anything is possible kek. Especially true in literature and drawings. Passing trannies are possible in fiction, still doesn't mean I accept the idea that it can happen in the real world (because it doesn't). It's about as realistic as magic, but they don't seem to get that part.

No. 287592

That's why I don't mind Erica in the Catherine games. Since the game takes place in the far future on a space colony with aliens, demons and angels interfering with humans. And even then her stinkditch isn't realistic at all according to that scene right after she hooks up with Toby kek. I like how the writers tried to make her seem like a prime suspect by tricking us that she couldn't have nightmares until you finally piece together that she's a guy like all the other victims and she's getting nightmares as punishment for tricking a normal straight guy into a relationship.

No. 287616

nayrt, but the whole point of his character is to basically mock the players that try to emulate snake and that they can never be the cool action hero they want to be

sorry, I just love talking about these games

No. 287656

> "transphobes can accept gods and magic and extremely advanced technology existing in fiction, but somehow not passing trans people!!"
Speaking of this argument, I have seen people want to troonify gods with tit-scars and everything. Retard, they're gods. If they want to transform into a man or a woman, they simple can and they'll pass 100% because they don't follow the same rules as mortals. God these people are so stupid.

No. 287670

Is this….Trans TIF Estinien pregnant with the baby of Nidhogg? So both trans AND beastiality as in he literally fucked the dragon and now is pregnant and undergoing some dragon metamorphsis. This is someone's very specific and gross kink.

No. 287671

Why did I first read this as trans TIF Einstein

No. 287673

because ~Trans Is Beautiful~ and ~Not Everyone WANTS To Be Cis Many Of Us Are PROUD OF BEING TRANS AND LOOKING TRANS~ gigacope basically

No. 287715

Yeah, a surprising amount of Troon TIFs who project onto Estinien also have a pregnancy and beastfucker fetish, yet I'm the weird one for not hating MxF fiction if it's well written

No. 287718

That's Vrtra, not that it makes any difference, maybe it's worse…

No. 288816

File: 1681151001994.jpg (239.56 KB, 1000x1000, EX-m0HLUwAAGEDA.jpg)

>transformation into a different person(and thus maybe trans)
How does that make any sense?

No. 288817

based nintendo says gender is just clothes

No. 288869

File: 1681179681692.jpeg (221.06 KB, 1080x1080, FtX_TeEXoBIuoPY.jpeg)

These 3 are getting all the TiM-types of headcanons, I hate it. Only Prune Juice gets the TiF treatment half the time because the fandom is still conflicted on what kind of tranny they want him to be.

No. 288882

And even if Sheik were male through magic, why does magically transforming into the opposite sex or disguising oneself as such automatically mean trans to these clowns? Is being mentally ill and hating your sex or being AAP/AGP the only reason a fictional character in a fantasy world could have to hide their true identity?

No. 288956

File: 1681222904173.png (318.26 KB, 695x927, jd.png)

Apparently JD from Scrubs is a tranny according to AO3

No. 289006

Literally everyone is a tranny according to AO3.

No. 290585

File: 1681836895184.png (677.1 KB, 1280x1473, vash meryl.png)

It's exhausting. It's gotten to the point where I have a visceral reaction like nausea or increased blood pressure when I see the fucking trans flag anywhere near him. Alot of these retards don't seem to grasp that he's written for the female gaze. As in, a male character, meant for female viewing pleasure. Male. Man. Hombre. None of this tranny crap. It's impossible to even look at fandom stuff without being bombarded by the trans shit. I knew they were going to swarm Vash because he's gentle and quirky and too pretty.
This ftm artist is always going on about trans rights and has made references to Vash being ftm. I think the art is good but the carefully placed tit chop scars are so off-putting.

No. 290607

>Alot of these retards don't seem to grasp that he's written for the female gaze
Honestly I think it says a lot that aidens usually latch onto the most female gazey (intentionally or not) characters, much like alices usually have typical coomer scrote taste.

No. 290769

don't the people who draw Vash with a vag just into cuntboy content? I'd figure that's a completely different thing than trans headcanoning and whatnot. I know this sounds degen of me but I've always viewed it separately from trans stuff. a bio man with a pussy has a vibe over girl on steroids and titchop scars. its the inverse of dickgirl/futa. they aren't seen as tifs/tims by most artist drawing them

No. 290774

it's tough to tell in 2023, lots of tifs call themselves cuntboys

No. 290776

File: 1681919144907.jpg (1.01 MB, 2752x4096, 31d655ed4c9b103bc7273d262085d6…)

i'm still annoyed bridget got trooned out kek; especially since his new design is actually pretty cute and modernized. i know he'll always be a guy, regardless if he now canonically has a mental illness, but i now have to separate myself from the character on social media/in the gg community so people don't get the wrong idea.

i saw someone describe it as putting tifa in a burka and it resonated. leave my nerdshit alone.

No. 290793

I've probably said this a million times but I just don't understand how anyone can be mad that Bridgett is now a troon. He was never portrayed as a GNC male character anyway, he was always a schrodinger's dick moeblob created for hentai addicted pedophiles. It's the equivalent of a Drag Queen trooning out, not a huge loss.

No. 290797

The Japanese fanartists still just draw him as a guy, it's mainly westerners that draw him troonified, most not even playing the actual game lol.
Well his story since he was first introduced was that he was raised as a girl because his village had a curse around having male twins. All of his story was about him wanting to become manlier, then the rest were cheap gags about Baiken being manly to him or Johnny almost having a nervous breakdown over being attracted to him.
In an early interview, Daisuke said something along the lines of "I thought it was funny to draw a girl and call it a boy lol". They just saw how many troons were in the western scene, then applied that to Bridget.

No. 290801

File: 1681927805773.jpg (146.05 KB, 1200x1000, Ggvxt-bridget.jpg)

the whole purpose of these characters are to be gnc to an exaggerated degree. that's why they look like "draw a girl call it a boy", but they were always confidently men and only joked about looking like girls. that's why what happened to bridget was a shame. his whole backstory was just to have an excuse to have a cute boy in a nun dress. there was multiple times he looks closer to an androgynous boy like in picrel for example. daisuke himself even wanted gim to be a guy as a shock because just having a generic cute girl would've been boring. now he's backtracked to appeal to troons. truly tragic retcon of a beloved character. oh well atleast Japanese fanartist still treat him as a boy

No. 290802

some people prefer ketchup on their steak. others want sauce. preferences are a thing

No. 290805

One of his moves was literally charging his butt at his opponents, are you gonna defend that as well.
some people are hentai addicted pedophiles, I'm not.

No. 290806

Because I want zero troons in my games. The quality of the character doesn't matter.

No. 290810

File: 1681931243957.jpg (349.69 KB, 1920x2673, t-sy-zuiezhuangbeai.jpg)

i hate what they did to testament too. i do like the new design, but it sucks that he's an enbie now. i would've been satisfied with just a re-hash of picrel and no weird gender shit.

craziest thing about it all is seeing how ferociously praised it was (and is) on social media. makes me feel incredibly gaslit, as do most things regarding the tra borg do these days.

No. 290812

File: 1681931576703.png (Spoiler Image,77.11 KB, 1783x399, Screenshot_43.png)

and yes, you have said this a million times. every time a trap is mentioned you fly into the thread and say the exact same shit you're saying now. you got red-texted twice in the gnc thread. maybe relax

No. 290817

Ignore this poster, he's a trapfag tranny.

No. 290819

The trapsperg needs to be hellbanned. No reason to seethe this hard over some girly anime boys or the fact that some women like them too, and not just pickmes trying to impress moids. Always the same tool derailing thread after thread with this garbage.

No. 290821

Yeah I can understand a woman getting attached to a trap character (even if its design is coomer) and being mad about the creator trooning him out, but going to such lengths to defend MtF traps from coombait accusations is pathetic.

No. 290829

this post >>290819 is advocating for your ban you nitwit

No. 290832

yes nonna because while I hate men who claim to be women, traps/femboys etc are a guilty pleasure of mines and wish to keep my traps as traps. It's insulting to say it's expected for them to go the troon route. Bridget is likely the only rare instance of troonwashing done officially. And no I don't care if you think this makes me sound like a scrote. ArcSys fucked up even though he still would've been popular kept as a guy

No. 290833

you know most trap characters are already essentially female.

No. 290834

>your ban
You know at least three different people agree about traps being for moids, right? I'm not the one who always says Schrodinger's dick (but yes she's spergy), that was my first post in this discussion.

No. 290836

File: 1681936403295.jpg (48.88 KB, 896x824, dae3c7c5a027acd006aff8c078815b…)

you know what, i'm starting to think you're a troon yourself. why do you think looking feminine means being "essentially" female? does your intense hatred of traps stem from them disproving your trangenderism? you can't project on them like you want to? self-hating tranny, even?

No. 290837

File: 1681936858082.gif (88.54 KB, 259x420, amane-blazblue-fan-animation.g…)

while sad, part of me is glad BlazBlue may never get a new game because after what happened to Testament and Bridget, the same could've been done with Amane. Also Testament being claimed nonbinary makes less sense to me because he's only sexless due to the affects of being turned a gear. its not some identity thing, he's just nullo

No. 290840

okay, now I know your some baiting moid(possibly a troon), I'm not the anti-trap fag but come on, you know that's not a feminine male character
it's textbook "draw a girl and call it a boy" the creator himself admitted it.

No. 290847

Seriously don't try to argue with the tranny trap poster. He also started a derailing argument about traps in the anime thread.
He's also samefagging in multiple threads, just like he's doing here.

No. 290848

File: 1681939906622.jpg (186.42 KB, 1108x1477, Yuka_Insta_300619.jpg)

Ryuji Ayukawa from Blue Period constantly gets trans accusations even though the manga outright calls him a crossdressing boy plus no where in the story does it ever indicate he hates being seen as a boy. too bad people misread parts of his story to make it seem like he has an identity crisis. the fan wiki has his gender blanked out and referred to with they/them throughout. It is incredibly ironic since he points out how other people like to jump to conclusions about him based soley off the way he likes to dress. he's bisexual yet assumed to just strictly be gay cause he crossdresses, or have people assume he wants to be a woman. there are fans who insist he's canonically transfem or nonbinary

No. 290852

File: 1681941766652.jpg (219.44 KB, 1000x1250, 99315041_p0.jpg)

i viewed yuka's arc as an identity crisis tbh, i mean he does start using feminine pronouns for a bit…it ultimately develops as you said though, he realizes there's no one way for a man to look or behave and goes back to ore. or boku, whatever it was.

the character is actually very anti-trans in that respect but tras have the reading comprehension of a lobotomized duck.

No. 290853

is he the one who spammed grell and bill cycpher a couple months back?

No. 290856

yeah there was a chapter where he refers to himself using "atashi" even though he normally uses ore and returns to it afterwards, but atashi isn't the same thing as "she" necessarily. there are plenty of feminine male and especially okama types that refer to themselves that way. in yuka's case it was something he forced himself to do. it annoys me weebs think japanese first person pronouns aren't equal to third person English ones, or it indicates character genders

No. 290857

File: 1681943283707.png (Spoiler Image,355.9 KB, 1791x504, Screenshot_42.png)

the irony.
very probable projection on your part. get a grip already

No. 290958

File: 1681994590643.jpg (421.49 KB, 1862x1641, 1681965963888792.jpg)

Vash is just a sad, sad case…
He's not your usual pretty anime boy, he's quite rough in appearance (talking about Trimax ofc), he's tall, very muscular, full of gross scars but has this "feminine" charm due to his long lashes, the beauty mark and the fact that his coat wraps at his waist, enhancing it, but aside from having a sweet tooth which is a female stereotype in Japan, nothing about him says Tim or butchered female. That's the whole fucking point of him, he has to contrast his brother, which is more ethereal, angelic looking but cruel. Tristamp zoomified him, putting the focus on his more gentle side (Where Trimax is goofier) and tifs swarmed him because teehee babygirl energy, fucking up his whole character just to self insert into him.
I doubt he was specifically made for female gaze but yeah he has an unique charm, tifs cling into his personality to trannify him because they have nothing else to work with. He's not a trap, nor a crossdesser, he's a gentle and quirky man and that translates to "woman" to tifs and woke artists. Sad. I agree most of the cuntboy stuff is fetish stuff but do you really think western tristamp artist will ever say that drawing pussies on him is a "fetish"? No, they say "transmasc Vash!!" and ofc being trans is not a fetish, don't be transphobic!!
Sorry I'm salty because they're butchering, quite literally, my husbando.

No. 291535

This somewhat reminds me of old pulp fantasy illustrations. For my sanity I’m gonna pretend it’s a warrior goddess and her pet dragon.
I once saw fanart of MtF Estinien grooming Alphinaud. I can’t find it now though.

No. 291659

File: 1682271483381.jpeg (152.17 KB, 1418x549, 784AA5E6-EB6D-43DA-AF37-A8EBE5…)


No. 291661

lol trannies have no language comprehension
>inb4 he spins it into "the titty skittles turned me into a bimbo and now i can't read teehee"

No. 291662

I'm definitely not 6'3 and I've never played any Metroid games, but I'm still pretty tall at 5'8 and it bugs me to see people assume that tall or muscular female characters are guys. It's just plain misogynistic and insulting.

No. 291664

It was supposed to be just a joke about nintendo games being exclusive to nintendo consoles to the point that a PS2 port would be as absurd of a suggestion as the idea of Samus being a tranny. Though on the other hand small, lithe or curvy female characters do also often get trooned. If a character has at least one tranny fan then she or he definitely has been transwashed at least once.

No. 291666

Troons are dumb and have no reading comprehension, as usual. For this specific character, I've seen that one dev made a joke long ago about how Samus was inspired by "new-halves" or about "what if she was a new-half", it was never meant to be serious and it was actually insulting towards trans people but these idiots decided to not know how to read and spread a rumor about how she was always meant to be a troon. Same shit happened with Poison in some Capcom games apparently? She's supposed to be a woman but devs made her a tranny in the US release of one game where she's an enemy because they were worried about feminist groups in the US calling them sexist for making the male playable characters beat up a female character, and making her a troon meant they wouldn't have to redo sprites to replace her with another design. All this really means is that the devs think that transwomen are men, but troons love her kek.

No. 291667

if trans women are women then why do trannies "need" trans female representation? women should be their representation already

No. 291668

>joke long ago about how Samus was inspired by "new-halves" or about "what if she was a new-half"
isn't it just >>291659 which is just a joke about nintendo games being very much exclusive to nintendo consoles, the idea of Samus being a troon is absurd as the idea of porting Metroid to Playstation basically

No. 291669

No, it was in a different interview iirc. There was no joke about the PS2 in what I read but it's been so long since I saw it.

No. 291674

I think 'crossdresser' would be a better translation for 'new half'.

No. 291678

Newhalves get surgery though (I think only boob implants?)
A crossdresser just wears the clothes

No. 291679

shemale then?

No. 291684

Yeah, probably

No. 291695

Gay dudes in Japan using atashi always gave me the vibe of gay english speaking dudes like James Charles who use "sister" and "girl" all the time.

No. 291697

>gay english speaking dudes like James Charles who use "sister" and "girl" all the time
That's exactly what they are, the Japanese equivalent of those guys.

No. 291722

I would absolutely love A/B/O if it was more like Left Hand Of Darkness and every character is technically able to get pregnant and impregnate.
Gonochorism was a mistake.

No. 291740

File: 1682304751305.jpg (28.29 KB, 640x460, 20230423_215048.jpg)

newhalf is the Japanese equivalent to "shemale". that is because they're seen as half man half woman. wo(man) from the waist up, man on the bottom. >>291666 the poison from final fight thing is confusing but kinda? she had newhalf written on one of her early concept sheets. other sources said she's whatever you want her to be

No. 291742

Kek. he's even hiding comments from other trans people talking him he's wrong and spreading misinformation, but he still insists. the cope is real

No. 291745

because deep down even they know they're not actually women. they want transwomen to represent them, not women. a transwoman is biologically male. this also explains why so many of them project onto crossdressing male characters and want to make them trans

No. 292526

I feel you anon, I feel that way about Testament even though they didn't "troon" him but they did make him "nOnBiNaRy" which is the same BS, just denouncing that he's not actually a man and I still don't accept that bullshit. Both Testament and Bridget were created as men and they always will be.

Bridget's story about trying to be masculine only to learn that he's fine just the way it is, that is what makes the troonification of him depressing because he really could've been a positive representation of a GNC male.

No. 292585

File: 1682628440787.jpeg (312.68 KB, 1170x1775, B4415F2A-C025-4C4A-9AE2-ABB30A…)


No. 292641

File: 1682651545509.jpg (80.91 KB, 821x756, whyhim.jpg)

>Love to have a dandy and fancy life-style free of fighting, something his clan is quite known for.
>Choose the way of art rather than fighting.
>Still, he's quite intelligent, can move people like puppets and hide himself with a "I don't know shit" mask.
>And even then, he's quite strong even if he doesn't use a sword/sable and he always carry a metal fan that can beat someone with.
>Is sorta common to see in some MDZS/CQL fic/fanart, he's a trans guy/non-binary sassy gay trans For the reasons I mention.

No. 292729

File: 1682687262635.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.95 KB, 1080x1149, gross.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with succession fans

No. 292732

I swear to god my straight ship isn't heteronormative, guys.

No. 292738

I'd say a good chunk are also incest shippers.

No. 292750

File: 1682696244312.jpg (131.73 KB, 720x900, 03dd867b2a396fca1067cc9f498c10…)

No. 292752

can someone explain why enstar fans insist that this guy is canonically trans?

No. 292755

he says he has the heart of a girl and wants the younger guys to call him "older sister". jp fans dont seem to take that as a tranny thing though, I guess his thing is more normal for guys to be saying there?

No. 292780

Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't he canonically trans? I believe the writer of the game originally wanted to make a canon gay idol (not in a fujobait way) that was in denial about his homosexuality, so that idol decided to "behave more feminine" and adopt female pronouns. That's a very common reason for transition aside from autogynephilia. There are tons of gay homophobic men that believe they are women because they don't want to admit they are homosexual.
I don't think Arashi is transwashed at all, because him not being able to come to terms with his homosexuality and "feminine behaviour/hobbies" are a very important part of his character.
Not saying he is a woman, btw, I'm just saying he does struggle with his identity.

No. 292794

A large portion of the JP fandom interprets him as GNC as opposed to full-on trans. His actual identity is more open to interpretation. The Western fandom's insistence on black-and-white "he has to be addressed and interpreted as a trans woman or else you're a bigot" constitutes transwashing in that regard.

No. 292795

The funniest part of this character's transwashing is when fans insist that being in ships with this guy make other characters bi instead of gay. Have you seen him? Being attracted to somebody who looks like this and has a dick does not make anybody bisexual. That's delusion on the level of NB girls in relationships with straight men insisting that their identity somehow makes their boyfriends bisexual queerios.

No. 292797

he's an okama character. if anything he's canonically homosexual, because that's how okama are stereotyped to act – e.g. always calling themselves women. that said a few jp artists have been influenced by westoids and consider him a troon

No. 292799

File: 1682706438957.png (23.3 KB, 328x534, char-bluey@2x.png)

>She has the same color of her father and she doesn't act "girly". Of course she is a MTF!!!

STFU, please STFU.

No. 292802

So anybody who shares traits with their parent must be the same sex as that parent now? kek

No. 292805

File: 1682710620343.png (61.15 KB, 860x612, 222-2220650_amazing-world-of-g…)

isn't this a common trope in a lot of cartoon animal shows?

No. 292821

That's what it gets me. Plus Bluey being a tomboy doesn't mean she wants to be a "real boy", she likes to play like a child would. She even was a "nurse" in an ep.

No. 292846

if she doesn't act girly despite being female wouldn't troons typically hc that as an ftm? by saying she doesn't act "girly" aren't they indirectly implying that they think mtfs act masculine?

No. 292856

Western fans can't help projecting their own gender stereotypes onto Chinese characters. You can tell them that NHS is a typical scholarly male character, and they'll still insist that he's actually very feminine and TIF-coded.

No. 292857

They want to be/fuck that guy so bad but they can't simply be inspired by him, they have to give him the same mental illness that they have so they can identify with him even more. It's so uselessly complicated.

No. 292858

seriously? thanks, i hate it. kendal does oddly fit the stereotype though

>middle aged male with daddy issues and inability to grasp basic social cues

No. 292875

I have seen HC from Bluey being MTF or FTM, it makes me want to yell "let her be a kid, ffs".

Sageblog I know someone that project herself over him so much, like… You know is her prompt in a kink meme because is the same thing she rambles so much for Huaisang.

Sometimes I think these fans forget that Huaisang was trickier and intelligent enough to make Lan Xichen stab Jin Guangyao by ACTING. He wouldn't be dumb enough to act… in any way they want to and think is canon.

No. 293296

File: 1682876363525.jpg (142.05 KB, 864x702, XmasLTBGnomatAdj1.jpg)

The typical trope played straight is "girls look just like mom and boys just look like dad" but in [CURRENT YEAR] any attempt to subvert this trope (because genetics really do not work like this realistically) is considered "trans representation", it's insane. The most baffling part is that for all their insistence that sexual dimorphism "literally isn't real" but a "white supremacist colonialist construct" or whatever they sure love relying on it when it comes to their trans headcanons. I guess transvestigation is woke when troons do it.

No. 293303

Maybe not with humans, but it sometimes happens with dogs and cats, like in your pic. My friend's lynx point cat had a litter recently, and all the females were lynx point like her while the males were both orange tabbies like the father. It's usually just dumb luck though. Cat genetics are so crazy, sometimes you get kittens that look nothing like the parents. Also there are colors only females can have, like calico and tortoiseshell.

No. 293306

>Cat genetics are so crazy, sometimes you get kittens that look nothing like the parents.
In cats that are allowed outside the dad is unknown in 99% of cases.

No. 293307

>sometimes happens
Sure, but not all the time. I picked this picrel because it was the first example I could think of off the top of my head, but I've seen this trope even with more humanoid species hybrids, where the sons always look like their fathers who are usually less human-like and daughters always look like their mothers who are usually more human-like if not actually human.
>Also there are colors only females can have, like calico and tortoiseshell.
When there's a male calico cat character because of the creators' ignorance on cat genetics but he's being troonwashed by fans…

No. 293311

>The most baffling part is that for all their insistence that sexual dimorphism "literally isn't real" but a "white supremacist colonialist construct"
They seem completely unaware of the racist implications of their statement. I once had a heated argument with some Fujotroon who claimed, without any sense of irony, that black and Asian people display lower levels of sexual dimorphism. It was so fucking absurd.

No. 293314

Her thought was most likely "black women are masculine" and "asian men are feminine" which is incredibly racist and ignorant, yet it's a thing a lot of troons proudly say as if it was the most progressive thing ever.

No. 293425

File: 1682909028104.jpg (164.27 KB, 1000x1485, MV5BODkxNGQ1NWYtNzg0Ny00Yjg3LT…)

>"asian men are feminine" which is incredibly racist and ignorant

See >>292641 If Asian men are not into fighting, training, "many stuff" it means they're feminine and they're mtf. Or FTM, in Mulan's case.

No. 293447

There is a 1:3 ratio of female ginger cats to males because the gene is carried in the X chromosome. If a female cat that isn't orange, but carries the gene in either one of her X chromosomes, gives birth to a male kitten, there's always a 50% chance he'll inherit her ginger gene, but if the dad is not orange, there's no way any of the female kittens will be, as they need two copies of the gene to have that coat color as opposed to just one.
That's why two cats that don't have orange hair may produce male (and only male) ginger offspring.
Understanding of basic animal genetics by both creators and troon fans would be appreciated.

That's as racist as saying all black or Asian people look the same kek. They only understand physical differences when they compare with their own race (white) which they are familiar with. So they think darker skinned women = more masculine than white women, and shorter Asian men = more feminine than white men, while being completely blind to all the actual physical differences between men and women (and individuals) of each race. It's pure racist brainrot yet they claim it's progressive.

No. 293483

File: 1682945555025.jpg (738.9 KB, 3264x3264, collage (3).jpg)

star rail has a female character with color schemes of pastel pink, pastel blue and white so ofc trannies are saying that it's a win for transgirls and etc.

No. 293484

File: 1682945594681.jpg (258.03 KB, 1280x720, WCCFhonkaistarrail3.jpg)

they also claim that she's a transbian too

No. 293500

I should have mentioned the person who said this to me was Asian American. It was one of those condescending 'white people observations' about how ugly and unevolved white people are compared to POCs, which is a viewpoint popular among wokeoids

No. 293509

>chinese game
>pro anything lgbt
lmao trannies are insane AND retarded

No. 293523

It's an ugly Vtuber-like design only a tranny could love, I thought this was going to be a bump for the bad character design thread while scrolling. Maybe you can let them keep her.

No. 293547

Is always the commie trannies that think that any communist country is open for LGBT+, no like "NaZis", but they love to ignore the horrors of the Gulab.

No. 293567

File: 1682976328967.png (103.58 KB, 651x508, Screenshot 2023-05-01 222317.p…)

Obviously it's unlikely Hoyoverse would ever be specifically pro-trans but anon… this is the company that made Honkai Impact, literally the gayest fucking gacha game in existence. At the very least, they love the 'LGB' part of the gays and keep trying to sneak lesbians past the chinese censors whenever they can I stg

No. 293568

NAYRT but there's a huge difference between a game throwing in lesbians for moid fanservice and putting in trans garbage.

No. 293570

True, of course. Also, this isn't supposed to be a rebuttal but I just feel like adding that Hoyo does a hell of a lot of implicit baiting for both gay/lesbian pairings across all their games. Take Al-Haitham and Kaveh 'roommates', or Beidou checking out Ningguang every time they're onscreen together. So idk if I'd call it JUST coomer bait. But anyway, I digress. Back to the topic of this thread…

No. 293572

>love the LGB
I wouldn't describe men cooming to yuri/lesbian porn and begrudgingly throwing in some male on male fanservice to make a buck off fujos here and there as loving support kek. I'm sure if those developers spent a few months in any western country they'd come back in programming socks and a tennis skirt ready to make the tranny headcanon dreams a reality because they're all the exact same type of male porn addict, therefore I don't care what trannies do to their characters when there's a strong case for them being their target demographic. They can all share the rope. Same goes for the shitheads running Bandai Namcoom.

No. 293586

only westerners see it as ''representation'' Japan and China see it as fanservice for coomers. It makes sense trannies are the only ones that like ''yuri''.

No. 293591

File: 1682991144135.jpg (227.64 KB, 1000x1336, xenoblade3dlc_a_04192023.jpg)

The whole thing I find annoying about this character is that she has a male counterpart in a prior game but he can be referred to as a male with he/him pronouns but yet with A, she has to be this "Agender" thing with no pronouns. And of course a certain group of xenoblade fans on twitter will find it a crime to refer to A as a woman or "she/her" pronouns. I kinda resent monolith soft for this, her design is really good, but they should have at least kept her as a woman just like her male self.

No. 293598

I haven't gotten too far into the dlc yet but does the localization they/them her or no

No. 293599

I genuinely hate the tranny projection onto Mulan with a passion. Trust troons to reappropriate something far more easily read as a push against gender roles and take it for their own fetishistic agenda. You have to have the reading comprehension of a rock to see all that plot and still view it as a trans thing. Disgusting.

No. 293600

This is fucking stupid and I'm speaking as an Asian person because a lot of my peers like to cite xyz instance of LGBT inclusion being accepted in the past but not today as being a result of white culture contaminating ours. In actuality, at least in the case of many East Asian countries, the increasingly rigid enforcement of the family unit and gender roles where things were previously more nebulous can be attributed to the rise of Confucianism. Not knowing this is truly the hallmark of somebody who is poisoned by reading stupid wokeoid shit online instead of properly making the effort to educate themselves on their cultural history. Stupid as fuck.

No. 293601

This why I couldn't get into this, so much obsession over givinghima vagina

No. 293602

They only love the L because they can jack of to shit. They'll never dare to put an actual male homosexual couple in their game.

No. 293610

I think they believe all those past anti-gender role messages in media were just "misinterpretations" of trannyism but people back then didn't realize tomboys were trannies all along

No. 293757

File: 1683066398128.png (861.77 KB, 1842x2262, Sem Título-1.png)

This has probably already been mentioned in this thread, but I think that within the Team Fortress 2 fandom there are characters that are trooned more often than others, and they are certainly: Scout, Pyro and Sniper. Of the most common headcanons I found were:

1. Scout: "gay transmasc" with ADHD possibly because he is a white guy with a self-assured but insecure Jesse Pinkman-type personality.

2. Sniper: "transmac" and Asperger/Boderline, I don't know if fakebois are that stupid but many use those comic book autopsy scars as an allegory for top surgery. (For some reason fakebois relate a lot to these two and that's why they mirror themselves in them in a somewhat retarded and shameful way)

3. Pyro: for me it's definitely the worst of the three, headcanons are like "autistic xe/zir/zhem xenogender", honestly I'd rather it when it was theorized that Pyro was female than this kind of retarded Tumblr stuff .

I don't know why there are so many fakebois obsessed with this game, I think probably because it has only male characters.

No. 293782

of course they'd go for Scout

No. 293972

File: 1683135881291.jpg (100.6 KB, 646x974, 0831fcb549b741ffc4ee622662cbc5…)

the autopsy scar thing is a (probably) a joke. I think the real origin of this connection comes from the fact he's not a 'true' Australian.

No. 294004

Man I remember the "Pyro might be a woman" days. I miss when it was just about woman gamers wanting nonsexualized characters and the joke that a lady might be the most deranged cast member of all. Now everything's about gendie bullshit.

No. 294011

File: 1683142452290.jpg (230.13 KB, 1400x1400, RE4_Leon_01.jpg)

Seen it happen to him. No character is safe.

No. 294013

It happens to any male character a tif desires.

No. 294134

Why would you make your husbando into a TiF? I can understand cosplaying him, but mutilating him into an abomination unknown to nature is gross and beyond my comprehension.

No. 294136

bc often TIFs troon out bc they feel unwanted as women, and then seeing a desired male character, want to be him too bc they want to be as desired as him(since they're not wanted as women and "men"), and troon him out for their delusions of being an attractive man.

No. 294142

There's many theories
I think it's a mix of autism, low self esteem, and believing that if you like "boy things" or relate to males you must be a male too

No. 294372

File: 1683292149852.jpeg (233.02 KB, 828x1163, IMG_4556.jpeg)

I love princess jellyfish and i hate it when they turn a gender non-confirming characters into a tranny. Kuranosuke is not trans coded nor canonically trans, he’s just a cross dresser. I hate seeing ugly TIMs on twitter claim he’s trans

No. 294374

doubt any of them read princess jellyfish tbh and just shout trans to ever panel and scenes that screenshotted and went viral on twitter.

No. 294375

but the parallel of the both being men that invade a women's only space is hilarious, they really tell on themselves.

No. 294386

This. I never found the "Pyro is a woman" theory cringe. I loved the idea that a woman was there in a non-descript suit murdering moids with and axe and fire. GOOD FOR HER.

No. 294434

NTA, it did turn me off for a while but then I realized I only found it cringe when coomers portrayed female Pyro being a typical sexy game woman fanservice character type under the suit. Or even worse, those atrocious fetish femPyro models. I love it when it's actually executed well.

No. 294450

when I was a kid "pyro is a woman theory" was my life kek, I recently redownloaded tf2 out of nostalgia and still main pyro, because I am still as deranged as I used to be ♥

No. 294528

File: 1683390081155.jpeg (343.93 KB, 1277x1613, 4EA95B54-5061-4706-8E08-16FEC1…)

enstarries are notorious for this shit, it annoys the fuck out of me when people troonify mayoi just because hes a feminine man with long hair along with other characters like hajime. i keep seeing people use she/her on him and it just makes me rage inside. they need to leave my beautiful man alone. its getting worse because happyele keeps giving him very feminine outfits like picrel and they use it as fuel for the fire though if he was a tranny i could definitely see him as an agp kek

No. 295487

It depends on the fandom. Rwby futa is 99% written by straight men. Arcane futa is 99% written by women.

No. 295504

by that you mean trannies right? women arent into futa

No. 295542

It's not referred to as Futa, It's usually termed "Alpha Female" on A03, It began with ReginaXEmma(From Once Upon a Time) but it really took off with Supergirl shipping

No. 295558

that anon said it already but futa yuri exists, usually in the context of abo
also some women are bisexual/enjoying pegging kek

No. 295585

I feel you anon, Shu is a common victim too and he’s my favorite. God forbid a man likes sewing and is a little bit of a fag.

No. 296591

File: 1684167475094.jpg (36.34 KB, 750x750, 341647558_251302050682335_5020…)

>BLuey gets mad if she's confused as a guy
>quite tomboy
>This image

No. 296630

File: 1684175383561.jpg (144.2 KB, 1200x675, N6VTM55OUBDCVHPMSTLNEMOB6I.jpg)

I remember I saw a trans porn art of them. Why would you want to make Gomez as TIF (so only women can be romantic with their partner?) and Morticia as TIM (she's a woman, she gave birth three times. She can be feminine and weird just like that).

Have anyone read the manga of Hell's paradise? I bet as soon as the anime show certain villains (if they haven't already), these people are soooooooo going to lash their trans canons over them, even if the villains are not human at all.

No. 297121

File: 1684432990599.jpeg (83.35 KB, 680x680, FwbZ0egWYAAUnoE.jpeg)

Of course it has to be Link and not Zelda.

No. 297234

I have a question for the Vash fans who keep bringing him up as a popular victim of transwashing… Doesn't Trigun have an actual troon in it? Why are people surprised that troons love troon media? I can't tell if I'm misunderstanding the situation as I don't watch/read Trigun.

No. 297297

That character is being describe as a "transvestite". I don't really remember if they keep up calling him a her, but I vividly remember that one being called a transvestite in a derogatory way (and he dies horribly), in the new anime she's an actual woman kek I guess they couldn't put up with the troon fangirling nosense that could've sparked from that so Studio Orange definitely made her a woman. The other character that can pass as vaguely troon is a gnc male creature that's not even human and this one is often referred as "he", never referred as trans or transvestite.

No. 297468

Thanks for clarifying, I keep seeing Elendira hailed as a good troon character and gassed up so much so I had no idea. The wiki lists him as such as well.

No. 297582

It's funny how it's always so obvious which characters an aiden author/artist favours just by seeing who gets transwashed and how.

No. 297635

File: 1684619602107.jpg (175.14 KB, 792x1140, c89f2e93-aa9d-46e6-be28-f1f5f8…)

The fucking irony of being called "transvestite" by the woman character and being called "it".
Anyway, calling "good troon character" is a massive cope. He's drawn clearly like a man in drag, for example Milly and Meryl have a totally different style. His figure is like how Vash would look if he wore makeup and wore ill-fitting women clothes. Hell, sometimes even Vash and his twin brother Knives are more "feminine" than Elendira. Seeing troons saying that Elendira is a good representation is telling on themselves: he's clearly a man in drag, who dies in a terrible way, his dead body then is used to taunt and emotionally black mail Vash. I wont be proud, if I was in TIMs.

No. 297637

File: 1684620599831.jpg (35.08 KB, 402x317, captured21.jpg)

Just look at this. This is Vash. His eyes are big, he's expressive, almost cute. He's more feminine than Elendira in some shots, giving off the same energy as Milly and Meryl so yeah, Nightow drew a clear man wearing women clothes when going for Elendira and troons are too stupid to realize that lol. Elendira never gets "cute" nor he's even drawm as a woman, which Nightow draws in a distinct style. Elendira is always evil, with a sinister look, highlighting his clearly male face shape.
That's a L.
Sorry I go full autistic when talking about Trigun because it's one of my all time favs and the recent anime attracted too many troons and I'm so tired of them. I wish there was a space when this shit is not condoned, because right now the only places you can discuss Trigun in are discord, tranny pandering, servers and old forum threads are dead.

No. 297638

File: 1684620988444.jpg (104.51 KB, 614x609, capture30.jpg)

Bonus: Vash being creeped out by Elendira, calling him a "he" and "it" and saying "he's dangerous, in every category you can think of." God, at this point I'm thinking that they should've kept Elendira a troon and make Vash say this but I know that in 2023 you can predict how that shit will go.

No. 297642

File: 1684622467837.jpg (149.13 KB, 960x1200, rei.jpg)

No. 297646

>who dies in a terrible way, his dead body then is used to taunt and emotionally black mail Vash. I wont be proud, if I was in TIMs.
Troons love creating martyrs for their cause, this is probably seen as a positive for them.

No. 297821

Zelda isn't immune when she's Sheik.

No. 297823

>troon him out
Tifs really love the tims dont they?

No. 298011

File: 1684779527512.jpeg (30.19 KB, 749x477, A90E2948-EAFE-420C-888F-461D5A…)

Snufkin isn’t a tranny.

No. 298109

It’s a blessing that slow damage is mostly a game only actual fujos like as opposed to normalfags, because my god Rei would be Chihiro all over again.

No. 298191

It’s unfortunate how many regular fujos support troons, tifs aren’t the only ones I’ve seen who claim that rei is "transfem" and that you should be using they pronouns when referring to him. His friends that look like tranny caricatures are supposedly great transwomen representation too kek

No. 298194

File: 1684868959864.png (45.35 KB, 749x477, A90E2948-EAFE-420C-888F-461D5A…)

No. 298259

I'm the original anon who asked about this, this is hilarious. I saw a lot of, "it's horrible that Stampede took a beautiful strong transwoman and made her into a cis child" which just proves that Stampede fans either have no reading comprehension or didn't even read the original before talking shit.

No. 298283

Many non-peaked fujos go hard for trannies and 3DPD homos to show that they're not "creepy fetishizers" but ~real LGBTQ+ allies~ it's really embarrassing.

No. 298284

This is just regular westoid anime fan behaviour. You need to stop using twitter.

No. 298296

>snufkin has a tail
so much fanart ruined by this, ofc the message as well

No. 298312

Not fixed, he still has a tail, which he doesn't have in canon!

No. 298324

File: 1684943834499.png (38.79 KB, 749x477, edit.png)

thank you for the edit!

agreed, here's an edit to fix that

No. 298336

I didn't know the tail was a fandom thing. I always thought it was a different Snufkin.


No. 298569

Why do people give him a tail, anyway? Is it like when people randomly give tails to Homestuck trolls?

No. 299197

There’s a bit more legitimacy in tailed Snufkin than tailed Homestuck trolls. The Mymble (Snufkin’s mother) and some of her other children (Snufkin’s siblings) were drawn with tails early on by the author for the first few books.

No. 299200

File: 1685241090901.jpg (129.12 KB, 850x1280, photo_2023-05-28_04-32-04.jpg)

I can't take it anymore, how did this happen?

No. 299357

Thanks to all this troonshit and babygirl adjacent shit I see with the new Trigun, I refuse to see it.

No. 299449

Please nona, watch it. Even the source doesn't like troons lol see here >>297638
Stampede fans are just massively coping.

No. 300257

File: 1685809985529.jpg (Spoiler Image,682.01 KB, 1080x7165, Screenshot_20230603_113225_Twi…)

they're already claiming Gwen Stacey.

No. 300261

Couldn't this also mean she's a transman?

No. 300263

They write this retarded shit and then cry about the movie "queerbating" kek

No. 300278

hate to say it but I think this one counts as canon. canon transwashing is even more repulsive than fanon because at least the latter can be contestable but what can you even expect from western media at this point
…what TIF willingly calls herself woman?

No. 300282

I dont think adding a poster in the bg means she’s canon trans, they hired a female voice actress to play her ffs, and the whole thing with the dad accepting his daughter can also be a metaphor for being gay or different, besides she never talks about being a woman in the movie

No. 300283

>protect trans kids
Well, guess I'm not seeing this movie.
Trannies hate it when a TIM character is voiced by an actual male, though, usually in positive depictions of TIMs they hire a female voice actor.
>the whole thing with the dad accepting his daughter can also be a metaphor for being gay or different,
That's true but trannies think the only way you can struggle with your identity and have arguments with your parents about it, trying to get them to accept you, is if you identify as another gender. They're incapable of imagining any other kind of personal struggle.

No. 300294

it's crazy how much shit changed since the original films release. I'm just gonna pirate the movie like I do most films if anything.

>I dont think adding a poster in the bg means she’s canon trans

The father had the troon flag on his coat. This shit has to be canon.

No. 300301

Sucks that Gwen is implied to be a tranny but kek that makes Miles gay as fuck.
As a counter, what tranny only has a "protect trans kids" flag? That's a libfem tranny handmaiden thing. If she was actually meant to be a tranny she would have had the regular tranny flag and they would have tried to show off a blahaj tranny shark in the background somewhere. I'm going to choose to believe that the Stacy's have a confused child relative that thinks they're the opposite sex and they're being diehard liberals about it.

No. 300318

I haven't seen the movie yet but is it wrong to assume it's because her dad doesn't know she's spiderwoman? also gwen would be a pro TR
A handmaiden now that I think about it

No. 300362

"Canonically has mental illness" is a good way to put it.

No. 300402

File: 1685874496117.jpg (20.28 KB, 590x563, ethan.jpg)

sigh…. first leon now him

No. 300403

> they hired a female voice actress to play her ffs
they always have female VA voicing TiMs lol

No. 300405

It’s so depressing that they would even hint that the only prominent female character isnt female. I’m supposed to go watch the movie soon but this kinda killed my hype

No. 300408

this is funny because I've seen people complain the a trans character should have a trans VA .

Since it isnt a TIM himself but an actual woman, it doesn't feel as authentic lol

No. 300417

File: 1685880204149.jpeg (116.75 KB, 828x1263, E35B6FFD-3364-4ED6-B84A-AA89C3…)

roman roy being a 5ft6 manlet with an implied eating disorder means tifs love claiming hil as one of their own

No. 300427

They only complain when it's "cis" men playing TIMs because "TWAW", they prefer TIMs playing TIM characters but still are perfectly fine with women playing them because it still validates that TWAW.

No. 300446

Fucking how? He literally fathered a child, this makes no sense unless they're implying Mia's actually a dude

No. 300451

actually her dad finds out shes spiderwoman and has a crisis about it, cause he’s been chasing her for the murder of peter parker
Also you could see her arc in the movie as a handmaiden who peaks lmao, if trannies can come to conclusions so can I

No. 300454

Since supporting the poor oppressed trans "women" is more progressive and more of a novelty than supporting actual women, they're choosing to represent them instead of us.
It just shows how the media never really cared about women and only about seeming like good guys to their audience.

No. 300457

File: 1685902095487.jpg (138.73 KB, 1080x1582, cbTuxqj.jpg)

Spidergwen is now "literally canonical trans"

No. 300464

Need a bold autist to start mass producing art of him detransitioned into a normal twink

It's insane how we're at the point where a tranny has been inserted into every other mainstream piece of western media lately. And it's only making normies hate them more kek My favorite part will always be when they only make tack it on as a vague irrelevant detail in order to easily censor it out for da chinx and arab releases.

No. 300465

At this point I think discussion of this movie should be moved to the Woke Media thread.
Saddest part about this is that they probably won't care about the backlash unless it comes from coomer males who fap to Gwen.

No. 300472

Literally why can't women have nice things.

No. 300474

Same. Disappointing. Western media in general has gotten so bad and if you dare speak up against it, you get labeled a homophobe, despite actual gay people being different from trannies. i hate them so much, it's unreal.

I hate America so much. As someone who grew up with comics as a kid, this is so beyond awful. I feel bad for kids growing up in today's state of madness

No. 300485

I can't even enjoy the movie anymore because of this. I already saw the "protect trans kids" poster in her room in the trailers but figured that can be ignored since itll only be on screen for a split min, but now troons are unironically claiming it as canon on twitter

No. 300488

I saw it in the theater and I didnt even see the poster or the thing on the dad’s uniform, tbh it might have been censored cause I’m in a non woke country. So she’s definitely not canon trans and those tweets from randos aren’t gonna convince me. If sony actually has the balls to state she’s a male in the movie though it’ll be a different story

No. 300504

Can't wait for this shit to age like bananas

No. 300505

Can't wait for this shit to age like bananas

No. 300523

File: 1685927550645.png (Spoiler Image,424.72 KB, 1082x472, Captura de pantalla 2023-06-04…)

I watched a pirated version of the movie and Towards the end of the movie, as gwen is having an argument with his father about being Spider-Woman, the colors change into the tranny flag. And then there's this other part during the beginning when Jessica Drew, the pregnant Spider-Woman, mentions that she and the father of the child haven't learned the baby's sex yet, to which Gwen responds, 'Can you adopt me?'. It's not outright confirmed but I think they fr made this character a troon. They're reaallly leaning into it kek.

No. 300532

Looks like bisexual lighting to me.

No. 300615

nonnie please don't start calling Gwen by "he" just because you're being persuaded by troon headcanons. also I don't know how that convo between her and Jess is proof to anything. plus the alleged flag on her dad's jacket isn't even the trans flag but part of a police badge. the bisexual lighting of her universe makes it vaguely look like it tho. if they wanted her to be trans, they would've outright said it instead of picking out tiny background details that allude to it. I really don't want another Bridget discourse 2.0 on our hands

No. 300640

Better to just accept it so it won't hurt as much later when they make the announcement nona.

No. 300804

File: 1686066411941.jpeg (26.65 KB, 678x452, images - 2023-06-06T093348.321…)

Sorry for incoming Voltron autism.
I've got a feeling they're not gonna have the balls to outright confirm it, and thus I won't take it as canon. It's 2023, if they wanted they could outright say "Yeah Gwen's a tranny", but of course they would be scared of the backlash and trannies are so retarded they will eat up any crumbles they can get.
Joaquim Dos Santos, one of the directors from the movie, was an executive producer in Voltron, and everything remotely woke in the show was almost 100% fan theories he encouraged to get a high viewership but never confirmed anything. There were were people that believed Keith was Korean and Dos Santos would always deflect the subject (even the Voltron guide book is ambiguous about it, the rest of the characters have their ethnicity stated and Keith is simply described as "human"), and so he did the same with the Klance ship.
I can see how the tranny Gwen thing could have been accidental, but they will let twitter run with this theory to get brownie points without risking angering the rest of the fans.

No. 300831

File: 1686075910443.png (3.78 KB, 2880x1728, Bisexual_Pride_Flag.svg.png)

Those colors are the bisexual flag, not the tranny flag.
If the creators made her a genderspecial themlet I'd lol just because it would piss off the AGPs.

No. 300862

File: 1686087501401.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.67 KB, 1148x1475, 20230605_075000.jpg)

lol thats why I was calling it bi lighting. also here's the apparent pride flag on her dad's coat since that other scene is being used as absolute proof. and I agree with this nonna >>300804. seeing how voltron panned out, this just feels like really well done troonbait. they'll never outright confirm it to be canon not to piss off certain fans, but still allow troon fans to dwelve into it thinking it could be true while leaving it ambiguous

No. 300905

Just got back from the theater and sorry to say, but that nona just posted a picture of the bisexual lighting (which Is in that scene, but the colours and shades of paint are always changing in the backdrop of Gwen's universe) while talking about tranny flag backdrop colours, instead of posting the tranny flag backdrop colour (which ARE Also in that scene).
For quite a few prolonged seconds at the most climactic part of Gwen's speech. It's very blatant but then once again, just colours. I almost rolled my eyes but idc because I feel they will never confirm it.

No. 300925

also just got back from watching,
honestly didn't seem that blatant imo. in Gwen's universe the colors change based off her emotions, so it's really just other TiMs that make a mountain out of a molehill about the colors. of course to THEM, they think it's a trans thing. mass majority of normies don't immediately think of them when they see pink, white, and blue color hues. the only thing that's obvious is the "protect trans kids" flag in her room that is a blink and a miss moment if you're not paying that much attention, but tbh her struggles can be relatable to all kind of people so I don't understand why make it a trans analogy specifically anyways. I wouldn't worry too much about it nonna. they're only sperging cause it's pride month and think everyone needs to pay more special attention to them this year due to alleged "genocide" happening. overall, it didn't make me enjoy the movie any less.

No. 300983

File: 1686137644129.jpg (81.98 KB, 1182x615, cap.jpg)

This is a guy in her sister's body. It's one of the main plot points in the series, this guy trying to find the doctor who did this to her sister (basically they both died as children, the sister suffered brain injuries while the brother lost half of his body so the doctor of the story transplanted his brain to her body to keep kinda both of them alive). He has frequent thoughts about this, he thinks he stole her body and has some difficulties as viewing that as his own now and often asks the other protagonist if he sees him as a guy or a girl. Guess how trannies took it, of course it's a trans allegory, right?

No. 300991

I find it so puzzling that the Danny Phantom fandom sometimes tranny-washes the main character (male) into an FTM, instead of the canonical female clone RIGHT THERE, where all her memories involve being male and even picked a male-sounding name!

No. 300996

File: 1686144029910.jpg (98.84 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20230601_193336_Chr…)

A guy not being a stereotypical dudebro makes him a troon? I can buy him being bi but him having long hair doesn't make him enby or whatever.

No. 300997

i don't want to start infighting, but doesn't that make the character technically trans? but instead of getting the sex they want it's in reverse?

No. 301001

I liked the first movie but I honestly don’t care that much that Gwen is a tranny, kind of a weird choice and I’m probably going to pirate the second film if I watch it but I feel like troonshit is in a way dying soon since it’s getting harder and harder for them to claim to be oppressed and everyone is getting more and more sick of their shit everyday.

No. 301003

Being trans or better, dysphoria is a medical condition that starts from deep within, nona, and it's a choice.
This character didn't want to swap his body nor wants to get his old one back, he's stuck in a limbo and he's trying to accept his new body (because it looks a bit different, for example the hair color is reddish when he and his sister had black hair) and accept his sister's death. He can still feel her faint memories, but his main goal is not to revert back, his goal is to find out what the fuck happened to the whole of humanity when they were killed and what is happening in the current time. He doesn't mind that body because it's a female body, he finds it weird because it's his sister's body. No tranny will tell you to accept your body, in fact, that's the basic of tranny ideology. He doesn't talk about mental disorders or anything, so let's not support trannies into thinking that being trans means not liking your body in some minor way. Unless a character talks about hormones, binding, tucking and mental disorders, they're not trans.

No. 301009

Which one ISNT at this point? There’s always some self insert tard with tranny flag profile pics with the character they want to self insert as

No. 301010

She's not even a troon, anon. Saw the movie yesterday and nowhere does it say she's a troon. The background changes to match the colors of her costume (which unfortunately happens to be troon colors) because she's having hangups about her identity as Spider-Woman and her father not listening to her. Those are generic teen vs parent conflict problems, not tranny problems.

If anything the movie has an anti-troon message given Gwen runs away from her father and her 'family of choice' are 99% bad, manipulative people and she eventually has to go back to her dad and reconcile with him. A pro-troon story would have painted the parent as completely evil for not "accepting" their child's mental illness.

No. 301019

I've seen screenshots of this anime floating around on Twitter. you would think they'd view this as a ftm thing because he says his body is female but his brain is male, but I've been seeing the opposite for some reason

No. 301022

If he was some tranny, he would bind his female body to revert back. He enjoys that body, he likes looking at "himself" in the mirror, the only bad feelings he gets it's because his face is….his sister. The anime is about rebirth and immortality and it's about achieving it via brain transplants into younger bodies and designer babies, the thing about him it's about it has been done without his consent and in an experimental way as a guinea pig. Oh well, if they want to admit they're inhumane experiments fueled by evil organization playing god, which trannies are, who I am to burst their bubbles, nonas.

No. 301027

being transgender is an identity thing thats held in the belief that everyone has an internal sense of gender identity (whatever thats duppose to men) and that it can match or misallign with birth sex. the dissociation of body and mind can lead to heavy distress which is to why some choose medical or social transition in the first place. anyone can be diagnosed with gender dysphoria but not necessarily be trans.

to go back to what your talking about, genderbend or bodyswap stuff in anime is often reffered to as TSF or "transsexual fiction". Its a fictionalized/ literal sex change thats why. 9 times out of 10, the stories revolve around a guy suddenly gaining a female body, the guys in the stories just deal with the fact that that's their life now and they can't get their og body back. once they get used to it, the thought of being male again either makes them conflicted or uncomfortable. the fact that some of those characters seem happier in their female bodies and would rather continue living on as such than go back living as males is why it's seen as trans. charcter no longer identifies with their initial body/gender = trans. it's fiction and because of that, a character can technically be considered trans even if it's sex swap done via magic/science experiment/pill/potion etc. on the other side, if they do still think of themselves as their original gender despite the physical body change, then they aren't trans

No. 301035

File: 1686159170075.jpg (12.2 KB, 271x331, JadziaDax.jpg)

No idea if there's any trekkie nonnas around here (I feel like I'm in dire need of a Star Trek thread because online Trek discussion is either moid or TIF dominated) but I really have started to dislike the character of Jadzia Dax solely because people go "she is literally a trans woman".

They use the argument that her species (weird symbiotic space worm/host) makes her a tranny because previous hosts of her symbionts were male. There's other DS9 and general Trek characters they latch onto but Jadzia is arguably one of the worst cases. I try not to be bitter about retarded fandom shit but troons in fandom really suck the joy out of some things for me.

Sadly modern Star Trek loves to please the troons and retcons the shit out of established canon to make it more tranny friendly. They actually call you transphobic if you say you don't like it, kek.

No. 301039

File: 1686159571638.jpg (156.17 KB, 1256x825, shot23.jpg)

That's the case. He's like wearing a costume he can't get out of, but yet doesn't express discomfort in his new body. She's not a girl who thinks as herself as a man, he's a boy in a girl's body because he was artificially put in. In the plot, he's glad that she saved him by sacrificing herself, yet he's sad because that means not seeing her anymore. His discomfort is in that particular feeling, it doesn't revolve their body because it's a female body. In the latest chapters, he accepts that and says "Me and my sister are okay now." Meaning that he believes that his two people, walking together. I would call them "they" because they're two.
Aside from transness not having a scientific fundamental basic because gender is not a thing, what I meant is that, at least in fiction, if a character doesn't talk about trans only things (which are hormones and stuff to bind your body) they're not trans, period. Gender dysphoria is a thing, being trans is a choice, using tranny logic that choose to alter their body, this character in particular didn't choose for themselves. Nothing makes a character trans, unless the filthy eyes of someone who projects into them.

No. 301041

Kek nonnie you are making him look too good and deep. He's the author's fetish, a siscon who masturbates to his dead sister's beat up body.
Idk why you're wasting time trying to analyse the incarnation of the author's wet dream.

No. 301042

If you don't like vegan burgers made of beef, just say it! Or better yet, just admit that you're veganphobic!

No. 301048

this, I can't take any gender swap transformation type thing as anything other than the author shoving his fetish into a story somehow. Alternatively, these types of "literally a former man in a girls body" stories sometimes give me the vibe of like, the author wanted a female protag for yuri/yuri bait purposes but found the idea of writing and empathizing with a genuinely female protagonist to be impossible for his misogynistic ass

No. 301049

File: 1686162797310.jpeg (216.82 KB, 975x1500, F7E4F2D3-BEBD-4700-8A38-7B2FEA…)

It’s not like trans people own pastel colours, but I have to mention this, I’m pretty sure gwen’s world’s colours are inspired by her comic which is mostly pink and purple and the painting style is inspired by the covers, picrel is from 2016

No. 301053

File: 1686164476808.jpg (87.67 KB, 1079x718, 99750-Kaoru-Cosplay-from-Wonde…)

Ofc, still not trans nor tranny-coded with stuff like picrel. that's the point lmao, kiruko might not be that deep but for sure she's not made for trannies and viewing her as such makes trannies look tone deaf, not that normally they aren't but they'll reach for anything huh

No. 301054

i hate these fans so much it’s so fucking unreal. aidens like huyandere or whatever the fuck her name is are making it so much worse. they’re lying about apollo’s height and saying transmasc apollo is CANON.

No. 301055

File: 1686165446281.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3000x2000, IMG_3062.jpeg)

speaking of cringe shit by the same artist

No. 301056

Oh that's really neat, I didn't know but her Earth's artstyle definitely looked like this. I thought it was partially Jojo-inspired with how everyone's color palettes shifted constantly, but this makes more sense.

No. 301057

This is the kind of art that should be ironic shitpost tier but instead they're making perfectly seriously.

No. 301064

these mfers hc jesse pinkman as an aiden whole heartily and making the entire cast troon-supporting. the show is a relic from 2008. watch modern american live action trash if you need your trans fix for fucks sake.

No. 301065

Makes absolutely no sense, but again none of them do. I feel they simply pick the character they like and try shoving them into this. I am pretty tired of seeing Leon drawn with a pussy too.

I see they got tired of bullying graha.

No. 301073

unfortunately nona thats not how it works in fiction. a character doesn't have to talk about surgeries/body modding/hrt etc to confirm theyre trans. it can be done through subtext or show not tell. a "female" character shown to have a more masculine build and talks more like a fem like a gay guy can be a giveaway. or in japanese media they may use the "male body but heart of a woman" line like with Kiku in one piece or self delcare themselves to be a girl despite being physically male like with strive Bridget. if all else fails, word of God from the creator's mouth counts as canon. also gender and sex mean the same thing. the no real scientific basis thing here is "gender identity"

No. 301074

they probably have never actually watched the cartoon

No. 301077

It doesn't escape my notice that this "representation" is easy to edit out for the Chinese market. I feel like this is just the creators trying to start online culture war drama as a means of getting free advertising. Companies have been doing that so much lately:
>Small, meaningless, hollow gesture of support for some kind of woke idpol thing
>Reactionaries online chimp out about it
>Liberals chimp out at reactionaries and buy the consoomer garbage as a "show of support"
>News outlets report on it
>Company gets a ton of free advertising after doing literally nothing
>Nothing of value is accomplished
I'm done participating in this shit. I'm just going to intentionally ignore the companies doing this shit.

No. 301078

Ok but who even is this. What series is this?

No. 301091

Kek almost nobody calls her by her canonical name "Dani", which is obviously picked to align with her cloned male memories, they instead change her name to the obviously female sounding "Ellie" or some shit. Sounds like misgendering/deadnaming to me!

No. 301103

Nona I would love a trek thread to discuss all trek related things, good or bad, especially because nutrek has attracted tifs and the most insufferable perverted tims (jessiegender.) I can't even lurk twitter for K/S because it is filled with t4t Spock and Kirk. Just because a dude has big pecs does not mean those were once boobs! I've seen people claim Seven of Nine, Data, Tuvok, Sulu, Riker, Barclay, Garak and Q be trans or nonbinary of sorts, and to be honest it is obvious they headcannon that because those characters might show the slightest bit of flamboyance. Don't they understand that in the future, gender roles will be completely ignored, so there will be no societal urge to transition if one is considered an "egg" for being too "fem" or "masc"?

No. 301107

File: 1686195081259.jpg (104.11 KB, 595x1322, FxGgSKTX0AMOjwH.jpg)

Ugh, thank you nonnie, I was just thinking about this. I don't understand why people are so determined to make her fit into a trans allegory or just label her as being trans in general when Dax is a genderless slug in a female host body.

Pic related being cherry picked and constantly used as an example of trans allyship when the Klingons spend the rest of the episode comparing Jadzia to Curzon and insulting her because she's a woman, which they view as being inferior.

Don't dislike Jadzia because the trans headcanons, dislike her because she's a bit boring and is fumbled by the writers the whole series.

No. 301114

I swear if Animorphs came out today Yeerks would get the same treatment even though they're genderless slugs stealing the bodies of often unwilling hosts.

No. 301129

I'd love to make a thread but I sadly have no idea how to or where to start. But yeah, DS9 is my favourite Trek show and the fandom spaces for it are just so saturated with tranny crap. People literally go around saying "Um, Jadzia and Bashir are canon trans," because the TiMs think a hot "girldick" alien is literally them, and the TiFs all project onto Bashir because they headcanon him as so autistic and kind, just like them!

Hilarious DS9 has one of the best trans episodes in modern Television "Profit and Lace". Quark troons out out of convenience and even gets a full sex change. Trannies hate that episode because it proves that in Star Trek a concept like "transgender" is redundant, since you can alter your body surgically any way you like anyway. Also the episode just points out how misogynistic Ferengi society is instead of affirming Quark as brave and stunning, kek. I'm sorry for your lack of K/S, nonna! I personally know some terfy/GC trek fan creators but they're all very subtle about it. Hope you can find some troon-free content!

Yeah, I actually prefer Ezri over Jadzia, because she has more of a personality in my opinion. It helps that people see her as lesbian (despite her fucking Bashir) or genderspecial (not as bad as TiM) and mostly ignore her in fan content. Aside from making her the evil Yaoi female in Garak/Bashir fics, of course.

Also now I want to muse about how the various Trek aliens would treat 21th century human tranners. Bet Klingons would call trannies honorless targs…

No. 301138

The transwashing thread on fujochan got really active in recent days:

No. 301140

No thanks.

No. 301192

File: 1686246440675.jpg (394.2 KB, 1200x630, y7ANUwY.jpg)

Hello nonnas I present to you a plausible theory that debunks the "gwen is trans" narrative and actually makes more sense in retrospect:

Earth 65 peter was trans and the flags in the stacy house honor his(/her?) memory

>gwen is confident with who she is while peter parker is bullied for unknown reasons

>peter becomes something else to escape the struggle to fit in

>Implied there was a side gwen did not know about him till later

>Lines up with gwen AND her dad having the flag to honor the loved one's memory after death (as some kind of anti-bullying message maybe? idk)

>also makes sense cause gwen in general has negative opinions on secrets like with her past friendship

The "gwen is trans" theory didn't made sense in my head cause w/ twitter's logic any story about identity is just a trans allegory. This is about her identity as a secret crime-fighter not gender dysphoria. Also if the arguing scene with her dad was supposed to be her "coming out" why wouldnt he already accept her? he proudly wears that trans flag on his uniform (and already has the flag in her ROOM). Why would she need to hide from someone who would accept her??

and plus- there was more then just pink/white/blue in that scene, it changes every shot. Dark blue and pink (more like purple tbh) are just colors representing her sadness. Pink/white/blue is also in the scene where gwen's dad thinks she murdered her peter, does that also mean some allegory too??

Also lmao @ the people being shot down on twitter who even mention this theory just cause it's not about gwen.

No. 301211

>lmao @ the people being shot down on twitter who even mention this theory just cause it's not about gwen
AGPs will never pass up on the chance to shit on fakebois and make everything about themselves.

No. 301366

File: 1686313940701.jpg (126.44 KB, 1000x1000, spiderman.jpg)

No. 301395

File: 1686330951109.png (18.82 KB, 712x625, 1686229187294.png)

YWNBAW (bump for cp)

No. 301397

that peter is so cute, is he from the new movie? i refuse to believe he's trans out of horniness

No. 301401

He's the Peter Parker from Spider-Gwen's universe.

No. 301468

This is nothing groundbreaking to say, but why the fuck is any strong, independent female character who isn't hyperfeminine or used as coomerbait nonbinary? I hate that any actual well-written female character that isn't just 'the woman' of the group or reliant on very feminine stereotypes has to be trans. People demand you use the wrong pronouns for any female character who dares to actually be a believable woman or girl. If you're reading this you probably already know the characters I'm mentioning. It's always the best characters they transwash too, and with Naoto Shirogane who is even explicitly stated and thoroughly explained to be a girl they still try to make her trans. It's absolutely ridiculous. Hange will never be a tranny. Edward from Cowboy Bebop is literally a child, so of course she's not going to act like a woman, that's completely natural.

No. 301485

File: 1686370967412.jpg (234.07 KB, 1080x1862, IMG_20230610_062352.jpg)

So Howl must be a tranny because…?

No. 301490

Been seeing tons and tons of T4T jokes about Link and Zelda. All because Zelda is tall and Link is short. These people really love their gender roles

No. 301492

Projection and pretty boy = tranny because men can't be feminine and beautiful

No. 301493

there is literally shape shifting magic in his universe so if he was a tif why wouldn't he use magic to change himself instead of mutilating his body and keeping the ugly scars?

No. 301566

I'm beginning to think they do this because they think it's quirky and unique, because why else?

No. 301570

I mean, that's pretty much obvious.

No. 301600

It's very tiring at this point

No. 301636

I agree, his design's cute wether or not hes a ftm

Probably out of depression instead of horniness

No. 301793

The meme is real!

Spider Tran, Spider Tran
does whatever a tranny can
punch a woman, rape a child
post a dick on r/dykesgonewild
Look out! Here comes the Spider Tran.

Is he 0w0, is he cute?
Posts a selfie, feeling good
Likes to touch his ladydick
don't like it? You're transphobic
Hey there, there goes the Spidertran!

With a 'kill TERFS' patch,
rotting neo-snatch,
for the twitter fight
He arrives just in time

Spidertran, spidertran
Friendly neighborhood Spidertran
calls himself a lesbian
Validation his reward
the gender deconstruction can now start
In a women's bathroom
You'll find the Spidertroon!

No. 301802

I follow her because her art is cool, but she's an aiden who self-inserts as Howl, so of course he must be mentally ill like her.

No. 301829

This isn't Kiwifarms.

No. 301831

File: 1686543246345.jpg (125.33 KB, 603x809, 47b4d424e6696a55c5a07549de1589…)

They've never read a book in their lives, so they don't understand that Link and Ganon are supposed to be like David and Goliath. The whole point is that Link is a little guy; his power comes from Farore the goddess of courage, not from his actual physical body. Many cultures have some sort of myth where triumph over adversity is represented as a small hero defeating a large enemy. There's a lot of minor dialogue in both BotW and TotK where people underestimate Link or don't believe that he's the famous hero because he's so humble and unassuming. Link is also specifically modeled after Peter Pan visually, so that's part of why he's feminine and neotenous. Not to mention that more recent Zelda games have clearly been trying to court female audiences by making Link cuter and cuter with each generation. TL;DR they have many reasons to depict Link as he is, and gender shit isn't one of them.

No. 301840

TIFs are retarded, so they would claim David or any analogue mythological character was a TIF too.

No. 301993

I just read the 70s and 80s K/S, back when autist lesbian ruled the trek fanbase.

No. 302256

File: 1686756690414.png (23.54 KB, 431x659, fanfic on wattpad.png)

Kiri was transwashed but the point is these girls are like "TMAM you cisoid!"

No. 302298

File: 1686773939319.jpg (160.98 KB, 1440x1407, image.jpg)

This isn't even a good genderswap design

No. 302304

File: 1686776819909.jpg (108.05 KB, 617x1052, 20230614_230527.jpg)

I don't even know where to begin

No. 302312

My favourite is stimmyslimick, it's like something you'd find in a children's story.

No. 302313

Least mentally ill pokemon fan kek

No. 302331

Link was also visually based on young Leonardo DiCaprio from OoT on, so they've noticed the female audience for a while now.

No. 302338

I unironically can't understand anything after "demiromantic"

No. 302373

>I am also very comfortable with my body and my femininity
Yet has to call herself a guy because she's triggered by the thought of being a girl/woman. Interesting
People like this have got to be ironic.

No. 302380

it's just a genderbend for the people who call genderbends "transphobic"

No. 302451

SA yes great write up anon. I always thought TLoZ series as a retelling of myths as opposed to the immediate now and can definitely see the David and Goliath allusion.

I also remember the devs saying that botw Link was designed with the female playerbase in mind, giving him androgynous features so we could identify with him better. Ofc TiFs hear this and think that means he's confirmed troon

No. 302463

>making male protagonists "androgynous" so we could identify with them better
I never understood this bullshit. Either make the cool protagonist female, or make him attractive to women if you still want to pander to us.

No. 302466

i hope this isn't derailing, but isn't transgenderism based in "dysphoria"? it's a mental illness right? i get that there are troons that are going off of vague gender feels but i've read enough accounts of desistors (some of which are on lc) to believe in dysphoria as a concept