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No. 1731286

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

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No. 1731293

Pineapple pizza can be good if done well.

No. 1731301

What do you get with pineapple? I think ham and/or bacon go well with it.

My opinion is that Deco*27's music peaked with Dokusenyoku and has gotten way worse, especially since Android Girl.

No. 1731311

Same as you, ham and bacon.

No. 1731339

Pineapple and those old school pepperoni’s go hard, that or paired with just jalapeños

No. 1731340

I know this is a nitpick but I don't like the term ESL purely because it's a misleading and useless term for me personally. English is like my 2nd or 3rd language but it's my preferred and best one.
My uni asked me what my native language is when I first enrolled, and now I guess since I'm categorized as ESL they constantly send me crap about English lessons and ESL support groups and "do you need a translator we can help" even though my first language is the one I'm worst in. Some guy who worked for the housing company showed up at my door and started trying to tell me important info in that language instead of English, just assuming I'd prefer it I guess.
I know that my situation is niche but it's just something that irks me because the order I learned languages doesn't correlate to my skill level and it causes confusion.

No. 1731349

Deco has a few hits and 80% misses. PinocchioP has about 2 hits and the rest is trash rife with "wuh we live in a society being a japenese scrote who does vocaloid for a living is constant suffering"

A lot of vocaloid producers have extremely inconsistent quality or steadily declined over the years, Neru too I hate this song and the helluva boss oc in it. I can count on one hand the ones whose entire discographies are decent.

No. 1731351

I often pair with crispy ham and jalapenos. Mmm

No. 1731360

I honestly don't like deco*27 that much either. His music is too samey for me. I think the most popular vocaloid musician I like is hitoshizuku&yama. I also like inabakumori, but I worry about inabakumori becoming too 'mainstream', and feeling the need to produce generic sounding music.

No. 1731381

I miss Machigerita so much

No. 1731517

>>a lot of women here have next to no friends and only have their boyfriends
i guess another unpopular opinion, but what the fuck is wrong with them (rhetorical btw)? how do they plan on escaping him if anything goes wrong (also rhetorical)? the fuck (not rhetorical)? and if they want to talk about their nigel SOOOOOO bad they can light up a candle, go to the bathroom, lock themselves up and repeat "my nigel is the best, he is so sexy, smart, 2m tall, tanned, hot, intelligent, amazing." 3 times while looking in the mirror. LC is still a public (virtual) space and none of us should give a fuck about their PDA bullshit. this, to me, screams "i am so unsure and not confident in my relationship i just HAVE to mention i am in one!"… nonnas are like 7th graders.. but on crack on an imageboard.

No. 1731575

"Yellow fever" and other racial fetishization gets called out, there's even a term for it. But racial fetishization of white women is normalized, extremely perverted, common and we're expected to never really comment on it.

No. 1731579

Same nonnie

No. 1731593

Umm no, non-white men putting white women on a pedestal is absolutely called out all the time. I’m wondering where you live for you to have never seen it before.

No. 1731595

kek i love this song and all ryuusee's little demon men. except the girl one he made for a fake type song looks god awful.

No. 1731604

I don't think they should've terminated my Twitter account for calling black males using the b-slur niggers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1731624

'Nazi' has been reduced to a buzzword. People are so wrapped up in farming engagement that they dont care that their inability to communicate with intelligence or intention is the reason actual positive causes are unraveling. They don't care how they can make a cause look bad so long as they can throw out as many low-effort buzzwords as possible. They throw the word around so much that it devalues the meaning entirely.

No. 1731639

I want to say my full opinion, but I'm afraid of getting "spanked" for racebait like I already was last week. I'll just say half of it: I do think it's fucked up that it's more normalized to shit on women than it is normalized to criticize males of a different race (or even the same race). I also think it's fucked up that trannies (including one certain celebrity) get to tweet a million psychotic things to women and girls, but the minute you tell them any form of "stfu" is where you get banned. I don't think my response is an unpopular opinion on lolcow, and you probably don't care about this, but I just felt like responding.

No. 1731657

Nta but men can get away with showing violence against women and calling them female slurs, but the minute a woman says yes ALL men, they get reported for hate speech. FUCK TWITTER, IG AND FACEBOOK. they keep deleting my comments

No. 1731661

Do people still use the word Nazi unironically anymore? Seems very 2016/17.

No. 1731665

On Twitter and YouTube nazi is used. I frequently see people refer to pewdiepie as a nazi. At what point do you flippantly use a word so much while trying to police morality that you completely dilute its purpose and meaning

No. 1731669

Most normie women are not mature enough to be in friendships with women less attractive than them. It’s usually going to turn into the pretty girl constantly flexing on the uglier girl. It’s kind of like how a scrote would get treated if he’s the only poor one with all rich and successful friends….it doesn’t work…people need to stick to friends on their financial and looks level.

No. 1731815

Maybe I'm naive because I'm not a parent. Maybe there's some unique challenges to parenting that I don't know.

But why do so many mothers let their sons be video game addicted losers? If you had kids you'd want the best for them, wouldn't you? 9/10 homes I walk into and the son is just hogging the living room, playing GTA or whatever else…And everyone just lets him waste his life like that?

Why don't parents just stop it, is there something I'm missing? It's the dads too, they just seem to care not one bit that their kid's becoming a total failure.

No. 1731817

dads expect the moms to raise the kids and be disciplinarians, but boys don't respect their moms hence the boys end up gaming addicts.

No. 1731829

Kek this reeks of insecurity and delusion. I’m begging you to touch grass.

No. 1731832

I mean good for Taylor swift or whatever but entirely fuck her and the catering to troons.

No. 1731833

What are you even talking about

No. 1731835

Her collaborating with uwu coquette Ethan Caine

No. 1731836

> But why do so many mothers let their sons be video game addicted losers?

Because he’s the one man who isn’t going to leave her and she can take care of him forever. If he’s in the house he will always be a male companion she can have around. Girls don’t have the same pull because after a certain age they become competition and annoying to have around. I assume this is how most boy moms think

No. 1731838

I gotta find that thread where another nona linked a video of an unhinged mother throwing herself and kissing her son like she was his girlfriend at his football game. Boymoms don't get called out enough for how incesteous they act.

No. 1731869

File: 1697774011979.jpeg (116.96 KB, 1170x1387, F3SgEX2a4AMIvZy.jpeg)

Not an opinion, more of an observation, but has anyone else noticed that gay males fucking HATE lesbians (especially butches and studs)? It's like they despise the idea that a woman can be much more masculine than them effortlessly and they hate themselves for being effeminate deep down. This fag in my class is always giving me shit because he says I "sound like a lesbian" and he said I make him jealous because I sound more like a straight dude than he does kek

No. 1731871

Faggots seem to be really jealous of women in general, so it doesn't surprise me that the jealousy extends to lesbians.

No. 1731872

gay men have hated lesbians for a long time and plenty of lesbians are well aware of it. i don't think it's envy over lesbians being more masculine, more that they find it disgusting to see women not fitting the gender roles and envy that they could be appealing to men but aren't or don't have to have their sex lives revolve around dick and males.

No. 1731874

i always though gay men hated women because they are the only ones capable to get the faggot holy grail, straight men.

No. 1731876

That too. Jealousy that women "don't understand men as much as other men do", but still attract the most men.

No. 1731877

Said fag was also telling about how he went off on this Christcuck on Omegle who was telling him his sexuality was a choice and then asked me why I couldn't just date men. He genuinely cannot fathom the idea of a life that doesn't revolve around cock.
No, the idea of subverting a straight men's sexuality and being the one who "turns" them is part of the thrill for them. I think they're jealous because fags insist you can't be desirable if you don't look like an underage twink whereas most straight women can still get it in their 50s or even older. Women have a longer "shelf life" so to speak, whereas fags who go through twinkdeath are either doomed to become lifelong celibates or switch to the dominant role

No. 1731883

Samefag but I've also noticed that MTFs DESPISE FTMs. 10 minutes on /tttt/ could turn the most dedicated FTM into Valerie Solanas. It's insane how hard FTMs cape for people who call them theyfabs and pooners and insist that they're unfuckable and repulsive. MTFs on there always say that MTFs should be allowed to troon at any age but FTMs should be banned from transitioning before the age of 21 because FTMs are always the ones detransitioning and turning their backs on the trans community, and honestly I couldn't agree more. Free puberty blockers and castration for all MTF /tttt/ freaks of all ages, anything to stop these sexist pigs from spreading their diseased genes

No. 1731888

If you're there for long enough you will see mention of them also making a majority of the pooner memes.

No. 1731890

>unfuckable and repulsive
that's part of the goal for some tifs

No. 1731893

even if they aren't open about it, many tifs probably navigate this by staying in TIF or female majority groups and away from TIMs.

No. 1731895

Funny how even within the tranny population, the females make it a point to avoid the males. Just like any woman staying away from men. Go figure.

No. 1731898

Must suck to go so hard for your counterparts and be expected to do so while they literally make mspaint images of you as a smallpink frankenstein getting skewered by cocks with a sock stitched to your pussy.

No. 1731904

Those demented pooner comics are definitely made by a self hating FTM.

No. 1731905

At this point, I don't know how the number of TiFs didn't drop down to one or two because of how badly they get bullied. You would think that being around other trannies, especially the male ones, would do some serious peaking…but nope. I'm still seeing Aidens with internalized misogyny, clinging to men in dresses who do nothing but feed that misogyny. Sad world for them. Reposted because of a typo.

No. 1731916

there's definitely a lot of jealousy there since tifs usially don't turn out like terrifying monstrosities the way tims do, and in general it's easier for a woman to look masculine than it is for a man to look feminine, at least in terms of things like facial structure, etc.

No. 1731923

I hate that most women's underwear is so low coverage. To me only boxers and boxer briefs are consistently comfortable, and some full briefs are ok. I can't stand the feeling of the back fabric pinching or getting caught between my butt. So much underwear is nasty irritating polyester too, why?
Why is full coverage underwear so not normalized and even cringed at for women anyway? And only for women? There's no anatomical reason that most women's underwear should leave the butt partially exposed but they advertise it as a FEATURE??
And the few boxer style products for women are designed with a minimalist/tomboy style, like oh just because I want to COVER my BUTT it means I'm masculine? Huh?? I love intricate lingerie with lace and embellishments so I don't understand why I can't have pretty underwear while being fully covered.

No. 1731925

Because the tiny underwear with horrible material is what scrotes are attracted to

No. 1731927

Some of them are. A lot of them are clearly made by men as well. But I specifically have seen, multiple times, mention of a /lgbt/ trans woman that stopped posting having made a good amount of them as well. So it's very easy to hide behind "oh its just self hating vent art hehe" when you're a misogynist drawing them being raped and used as fleshlights with penises going through their pussies and out their mouths.

No. 1731932

File: 1697778804897.jpg (30.7 KB, 335x512, gettyimages-466061243-170667a.…)

I suspected as much but it's still mind-boggling to me that there are truly next to no options, they really have a stranglehold on cultural opinion on what women should wear huh? I hate this notion that underwear is sexual or that women need to always be sexy. I like fashion/styling but I'm not in it for the sex appeal, it's so grim that everything is about sex sex sex with men (now rebranded as girlboss/self-care!)
My other tinfoil is that it's just companies trying to cut corners on materials, and what better can you do than a micro strip of fabric scraps that you can sell for more than $10 each?

No. 1731934

File: 1697779201369.jpg (107.27 KB, 705x960, 994af8f7340516f77b50f8c413bfca…)

>in general it's easier for a woman to look masculine than it is for a man to look feminine
I looked up masculine women and…yeah if I was a TiM, I would be jealous too. I cannot understand why "transbians" really think lesbian or even bisexual women would pick men in dresses over women that simply look good in the "masculine style", but I guess their delusion of competition comes with the territory of being clinically insane.

No. 1731937

I wouldn't say a lot of them look masculine to me though. Not feminine, but certainly not masculine either.

No. 1731939

Same, I continue to wear the cheapo cotton briefs from target that come in packs kek there used to be so much shaming about granny panties and even as a teen I was embarrassed about my underwear not being cute. It’s crazy how hard it is to find sensible clothing for women. I had to buy my swimsuit online because I don’t want to show my ass at the waterpark and all the stores had were bikinis or one pieces that still show butt. I wish men had to wear frilly little jockstraps all day and have the imagery constantly thrown in their face from childhood. It’s simply degrading.

No. 1731940

i'm gonna sound like an elitist weeb for this but i absolutely DESPISE any western art that tries to imitate/is strong influenced by anime and manga. i get that it's so normalized and prevalent that most people don't even care or notice it, but i've always found it repulsive, to me it just has this uncanny knock-off feel even when it's drawn "well". like i remember a time when western cartoons and animated media wasn't saturated by the faux-anime style, and growing up with anime/manga i remember seeing the first inklings of this style and finding it cringy. also seeing people draw characters in japanese school uniforms for no reason really annoys me too. i get i'm fighting the tide on this but w/e

No. 1731942

It's simply because women have higher standards to fit the box of femininity than moids need to fit masculinity. Women can be completely feminine but have a single "male" feature like a flat chest or big nose or something and suddenly it will be considered masculine where as moids can have multiple feminine features and it's fine or even attractive

No. 1731952

ayrt yes swimsuits too! People act like I'm crazy for not being comfortable even with one-pieces but usually the back isn't full and the neckline shows cleavage, or there's weird stuff like random cutouts. It's awful how when a woman wants to keep her body to herself, people accuse her of being a prude or of hating herself as if the world is entitled to examine her body.
I don't have a swimsuit that I'm totally happy with despite untold hours of searching because I want something with bra-sized bust support AND that doesn't make me feel exposed, which is like two niches that have no overlap.

No. 1731971

File: 1697782179285.jpeg (249.15 KB, 1400x1400, S7e2_bonnibel_and_Marceline_to…)

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't really like thr pairing Adventure Time writers did with Marceline and Bubblegum. Marceline has intense daddy issues, is pretty sensitive, and childish with her emotional maturity. Bubblegum is also immature, but she's a highly manipulative, dangerous sociopath who spies on everyone and puts many lives in jeopardy whenever she just feels like "studying" destruction. I'm not an expert of this show, but with as much as I know about these characters, a romantic relationship between them just feels like chemistry for a dumpster fire. Wasn't Bubblegum so emotionally abusive to Marceline in the past that she wrote a song about it in the singing door episode? For me, it feels like Bubblegum would be the perfect manipulator and abuser for someone like Marceline.

No. 1731973

Monogamy benefits men, not women.

No. 1731998

This. Why is it so hard to find normal underwear? Though I don't care for lace or anything so mostly I just wear plain high waist granny panties that have zero decoration. Though this is a problem for most women's clothes, they're generally not designed to be worn by real human beings who move around and do stuff, they're made for display. That's why I'd love to learn how to make my own clothes, but I'd have to learn pattern-making from scratch since most commercial patterns are the same shit.

No. 1732011

Marcelina deserved better. They just looked cute together

No. 1732049

marceline was already in an abusive relationship with that other scumbag and she has daddy issues so I guess I see it in the sense that she's just doomed to have shit taste in partners and always be jumping from one abusive relationship to the next.

No. 1732063

Monogamy (and polygamy) benefit men; they hold women down in relationships. Polygamy isn't the answer tho'; there's a reason why every decade men begin "new" movements to normalize it. From 70's hippie free love to today's BDSM kink friendly polyamory whatever else nonsense.

No. 1732509

Most women date due to loneliness then any sort of genuine affection.

No. 1732532

No. 1732541

Yup, I've known multiple women who just couldn't bear to be single. They'd break up with one scrote just to jump to the next a week or two later. Idk if it's entirely due to loneliness though, some women feel like they NEED male attention to survive kek

No. 1732555

Not only are they low coverage, but the gusset section on underwear is always so small/narrow too so if you have bigger or longer labia it's uncomfortable as fuck. Sometimes I feel like a tranny having to tuck so they don't pinch me because it can be really painful at times. I much prefer the boy short styles but like you said, they're always ugly or plain.

No. 1732635

Women admit this all the time. They talk about some horrid abusive shit their boyfriend did and say “I just can’t imagine being alone, we’ve been together so long” when someone tells her being single is better than living with a piece of shit. They’d rather have any man to project their fantasies of romance on.

No. 1732669

With all this pro-Zionist cancel culture bullshit that's going on I go to an Ivy League so it's kind of a big deal I'm glad most of Gen Z, as much as I dislike them/us, hasn't drank the Kool-Aid.

No. 1732945

People with stomach issues, IBS etc, who haven't tried eating clean are fucking retards. Like they'd rather shit themselves and be medicated for the rest of their lives than lay off the Doritos.

No. 1733016

Fujos have no right to be upset when people find their gay fetish gross. They're allowed to like it, but bringing up their gay ships every minute or two is gross and annoying. They can pretend it's not all sexual all they want, we all know that's the main draw of it. They're no better than a man talking about a feet fetish all the time, even if it's not sexual for the majority of us it's still gross to hear about their sexual fetish. If the man starts mentioning socks you just know where his mind is going. You're not oppressed just because women are sick of hearing about your kinks.

No. 1733022

>comes to female board
>doesnt want women talking about female interests
next you are going to tell me you dont want women shitting on men/trannies

No. 1733023

Why is being a heterosexual woman a fetish suddenly kek
Some of you really are starting to sound like twitter tards that get angry at women for "fetishizing" poor and innocent gay men. Fuck outta here

No. 1733031

Where are these evil fujos bringing up their gay ships unprompted though? They mostly stay in their dedicated threads.

No. 1733037

File: 1697882844876.jpg (151.04 KB, 800x800, x48.jpg)

how many times do we have to hear this shit

I don't think anyone cares about being called gross or a coomer or a future troon anymore because it's always the same buzzwords spewing out of the same anons every fucking time, no matter how small the offense. any value those words had is long gone. in reality, making this particular patch of spergs upset gets the adrenaline pumping.

No. 1733049

File: 1697884561555.png (754.38 KB, 1067x727, weirdo.png)

something about this guys 3d model is damn ugly. I think its the super close hairline and overly pointed cheeks. the drawing in the movie did a better job.

No. 1733051

this guy is hideous. I dont wanna shame husbandofags, but i am so tired of ugly and old men becoming flavours of the month. We need actual attractive husbandos that arent grandpas.

No. 1733053

File: 1697885102441.png (285.14 KB, 783x490, 1673076280831.png)

Is this bitch really saying that women being heterosexual and finding good looking men attractive equal to men having a foot fetish?

No. 1733060

He's jacked and Latino and has a vampire theme on top of being the uwu sad traumatized father taking out his anger inappropriately when he's just a sad little boy inside. He could look like Willy Wonka and husbandofags would still be salivating over him.

No. 1733062

i think women on the internet should be more open and insistent about their sexuality, actually. and none of the fake libfem sexposi shit. actual woman shit. fujoshi, himejoshi, yumejoshi, etc. enough prudence, it just means men feel entitled to speak on us and insist their own projected fantasies are what we want. love freak biches

No. 1733063

Willy Wonka is actually hot tho

No. 1733065

he's so ugly to me, he looks like richard ramirez. i found the noir guy and the indian guy much, much cuter honestly.

No. 1733066

File: 1697886174660.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1579, 20231032518.jpg)

Autumn is too overhyped and idealized and people, particularly millennials, who are obsessed with it are fucking annoying. Yes the trees and the overall aesthetic CAN be beautiful in the autumn (no, it doesn't always look like pic related) and I love halloween and the harvest season as much as everyone else but let's not ignore the other problems it has lol. I'm gonna start with the bug infestations. Oh you think summer is bad? Right now we have a stinkbug and ladybug infestation here in the city. And you know what else? Wasps are even MORE ANNOYING and aggressive in the autumn! That's great you think omg summer is ending that means less bugs and no, you find out there are even more aggressive bugs in the fall. Then we have the bipolar weather, one day is sunny and warm, next day you're hit with very cold winds and it rains from morning to evening. Those beautiful fall trees that I was talking about later? Once november hits you go outside and see the rotten dirty leaves everywhere and the trees look very sad, and trust me it's not a very pleasant view, especially when paired with the humidity. More people start getting sick in the autumn. More allergies in the autumn. You never know if you're dressed too warm or not warm enough for outside. The skies are almost constantly grey. But right I guess you can be cozy at home, as if you can't be cozy at home in the spring or winter.

No. 1733068

File: 1697886287793.png (661.7 KB, 634x634, 1697309363502.png)

>40 anti-fujo babies have been beheaded, I saw things I never expected to see. Yaoi jihadists should be banned.

No. 1733071

see I told everyone this was a baiting moid/troon

No. 1733072

most of those things aren't a problem where i live and my allergies are usually in the spring while my colds are always during winter, sometimes even early spring too.

No. 1733074

It depends where you live but here the bug infestations always flare up in october. Also the wasps. I hate them.

No. 1733075

File: 1697886616237.jpeg (97.91 KB, 519x519, 1697305531945.jpeg)

Relax, I'm a woman and I didn't even make these I just want to hug the anon who did. Bing is mean to me even when I'm trying to make innocent pics.

No. 1733076

Cocktail sauce is gross

No. 1733077

this is kinda cute why cant moids just sword fight or pillow fight in sexy clothes instead of making their faggy problems everyone elses problems?

No. 1733079

Fuck these are so cute, did I just get fujopilled???

No. 1733081

"SHE" is a baiting troon and you are morons.

No. 1733082

why is she a troon?

No. 1733083

why do you even think that

No. 1733085

An anon posted a lot of them in the last ai art thread in /m/, I want her to make more

>Noooooo y-you can't like things I don't like! L-look everyone, "SHE" is a baiting moid, o-or even a troon! Attack!

No. 1733097

Gen z both propagated and popularized cancel culture and are currently absolutely drunk on the TikTok kool aid that’s making them think supporting a rapist moid terror organization is some sort of righteous revolution

No. 1733110

No. 1733113

File: 1697889982947.png (122.8 KB, 500x700, pqutq6.png)

No. 1733117

all i said is that expressions of female sexuality coming from actual women (and without pickme intent) are good. what does that have to do with tranny shit, kek?

No. 1733119

ignore them they think anyone that likes yaoi is going to troon out, it's either pakichan or one of the weirdos from the fujo cringe thread

No. 1733121

File: 1697890470912.jpg (909.57 KB, 2894x1721, 20220827104504.jpg)

Just smile and wave, anon. He's retarded for real.

No. 1733137

In what way is this a defense against hamas filming and parading around tortured women and the global celebrations that ensued? Both are bad no shit. But the moral differences and widespread implications are clear and if you can’t see that you’ve read one too many propagandized infographics I fear

No. 1733138

If you are over the age of 25 and a person gushes about how young you look it’s because they find you pretty. Most people associate youth with attractiveness so they’re going to always assume you’re 5 or 10 years young if you’re a woman they find attractive. It doesn’t mean you look young it means they find you attractive.

No. 1733139

That's true and I wished people stopped associating youth as the gatekeep of attractiveness

No. 1733140

Depends on context tbh. It was never my case because I'm usually treated badly because people don't see me as a young adult but as a shitty, stupid brat but I can imagine it for others.

No. 1733143

People say taking t breaks from weed is good but I find it grounds me. The last time I took a proper tolerance break I regressed to my highschool days, could not sleep from insomnia and fb messaged so many randoms from the past. Ended up going on such a low effort date with a decade old male orbiter for confidence boost which resulted in him bombarding me with too many compliments specifically about my face that I pulled my top up over my head and asked if I could go home. People thought I became an alcoholic and was constantly online, but I was needing constant external stimuli.

No. 1733144

I don't drink and didn't then. People thought I must have been drunk because of my bizarre 180 into having an online presence for the exact amount of time I was not smoking weed. Smoking weed I stay in my lane, focus on my goals and make time for people that don't make me want to be swallowed up by the earth.

No. 1733145

You're right, thank you for posting this, I never understood the hype about yaoi but I used to just let fujos be, then they got annoying and way more autistic as time passed by, I'm kind of burned out by their obsession with gay sex at this point. Don't worry tho, they can't help themselves and will eventually get banned for spamming their pics and bringing up their fetish everywhere, it's not a matter of if but when, it happened a couple times already so a third one ain't farfetched

No. 1733146

I'm not sure, it's mostly women who think I look younger, and it's definitely not women who want to fuck me kek.

No. 1733149

Not just infographics, all the coverage on this in the west is pro-Israel propaganda rife with buzzwords to make the Palestinians out to be terrorists when it's civilians they're bombing, most of them being children. Churches, schools, and hospitals. Really depressing stuff.

I assume less zoomers have fallen for it because they don't pay attention to major news outlets, instead opting for footage on Twitter and Tiktok, and while both have their own issues with propaganda it's not as all encompassing as it is with normal media and boomer outlets like Facebook. The melodramatic Tiktok of the upper middle class Israeli girl with an American accent baking gluten-free cookies for Israeli soldiers to eat as they bomb the fuck out of Gaza went viral, it alone peaked a lot of zoomers.

No. 1733151

its just fujochan migrants being reactionary spergs that assume every anon that doesnt want to see moids shoved down their throat must be the moid boogeyman trying to persecute them and take away their bishies. there were a handful of fujospergs in the past but most of spamming autism can almost always been sourced to fujochan spergettes

No. 1733154

what? fujochan gets 5 posts a day and it's back up and running with imageposting live and all. there are no migrants, it's a bunch of girls discussing VNs and anime ships or posting pictures of boys hugging pokemon. why dismiss every post calling you a retard as a psyop from them?

No. 1733155

Idk I'm constantly meeting women and being surprised at their actual age so it's not really that crazy I think.

No. 1733160

I would find that character attractive if they didn't make his neck all fucking thick. I don't like necks built like stacked bricks, it looks gross.

No. 1733179

Radicalized by someone being cringe online…what a peak example of how brain dead this generation is. We are so doomed. And have you actually read any mainstream media the past two weeks? Even the bbc is taking hamas word as gospel and publishing misinformation in support of Palestinians only to very quietly later retract when the evidence becomes clear (and the damage has already been done in the popular discourse)
The point of all of this is - all of the loudest people on social media right now are incredibly misinformed and frankly bloodthirsty for a “genocide” so that they can posture themselves as “being on the right side of history” to gain clout in their rabid faux activist communities.

No. 1733186

I don't understand what happened, fujos used to be chill and fun with their shitposting, they even helped troll moids and shit, now it's like they relish on baiting, being annoying and disrupting random conversations and threads with their stuff, I don't know what makes them believe doing all that is necessary to begin with, it's not fun anymore

No. 1733188

File: 1697896150898.jpg (69.2 KB, 1179x887, 20231021_084817.jpg)

I meant it made them think about what's going on here and look into it further, anon. What are your thoughts on picrel?

>And have you actually read any mainstream media the past two weeks?

Yes, which is how I know you're lying.

No. 1733196

Yeah, I feel like people who romanticize fall/winter are neets who don't have to pay energy bills or go to work when it's still dark outside.

No. 1733197

Get off Twitter, read a book or something, stop kneeling for a group that will rape and kill you too

No. 1733210

What zionist lit would you recommend for starters?
>stop kneeling for a group that will rape and kill you
Lol. I'll refrain from really unpacking this and instead raise you a friendly reminder that if Israel successfully siezes Palestine, all those muzzie inhabitants who weren't exploded will be shipped straight to western countries anyways. You are a maniac.

No. 1733211

Plenty of zoomers on my campus are not condoning Hamas but just showing support for the people of Palestine. TikTok is an echo chamber, not real life. It honestly sickens me seeing people who have no stakes in this war taking sides at all. This isn't a football game, innocent people are being endangered and dying over this. I hate Netanyahu and all ultranationalists and I hate Hamas, but I support the Palestinians and the innocent people of Israel.

No. 1733216

This is the rational thought that most people like the zoomer directly above you seem to be ignoring

No. 1733224

>go to work when it's still dark outside.
Nta but I don't see the problem with this. It's much more comfortable than going to work in blistering sun and almost fainting or getting heat stroke.

No. 1733231

You can say things like that about all seasons though. Personally I think summer is majorly overhyped because working or studying indoors all day while it's sunny and cheery outside sucks.

No. 1733232

yes! women being loud, annoying even, about their interests is based. stg letting my freak out has been the only thing that successfully shuts down degen moids because fantasies that don't center them and their interests make them crazy uncomfortable

No. 1733234

Linkin Park is good actually

No. 1733240

Amazing, even. Meteora and Hybrid Theory are nu metal masterpieces.

No. 1733255

Pubic hair on women is honestly so pretty and I don't even mean that in a sexual way.

No. 1733260

How many times are you going to say this

No. 1733268

Based. Even their later on "sellout" albums have some good songs on them.

No. 1733272

You are defending rapist, murderous zionist scrotes while accusing others of it. Insane.

No. 1733281

What? This is the first time I posted this.

No. 1733305

nta but why are you assuming it's one anon kek

No. 1733325

Women into yandere and obsessive guys have never encountered a genuine creep

No. 1733393

Do you seriously not see the irony here? As if defending a group of other murderous moids makes you somehow more moral?

No. 1733401

isn't that exactly the point the anon you're quoting is making?

No. 1733403

I literally never defended either side, anon jumped to calling me a Zionist because that’s what she learned on TikTok. My whole point was to highlight how pathetic the unflinching zoomer support for a terrorist org is.

No. 1733404

People saying "if you worked retail or as a waiter you'd empathize much more with retail workers and waiters" are wrong. If anything working retail a few years ago made me realize the sheer incompetence and disrespect of so many people I had to deal with in retrospective. I had to deal with really crazy costumers too compared to many stores and the store where I worked quickly became infamous for being really ghetto, yet I've never treated costumers the way I've been treated as a customer my whole life. Once, months ago I went to a mcdonalds near my current workplace to get a cheap meal quickly for lunch break, got a menu and an apple pie, when I got my order I checked if everything was there very quickly, the mentally deficient employee was loudly venting right in front of me about how she hates customers who check their food before leaving and it turned out that she gave me two apple pies and nothing else. She stopped being a smug little shit and I was really annoyed at potentially wasting my lunch break over realizing the mistake too late but before I had that retail job I know I would have been way more indulgent and would have cope by telling myself "oh maybe she's overworked and tired everyone makes mistakes" but here the mistake was that she got hired to begin with. I understand why "karens" lose their shit sometimes.

No. 1733432

You're a massive hypocrite whining about zoomies. Note how no one ITT defended Hamas anywhere, you're projecting your own biases because people don't like Israeli soldiers' abuse, genocide and rape.

No. 1733445

I guess the nonnie thinks it's bait, there have been a lot of infights on body hair on women kek

No. 1733449

You can tell they're biased because they're complaining about people caring about Palestinian lives, but never mention anything about pro-Israel cucks and pickmes literally paying for ads, spreading lies, pinning their own crimes on the other side, hosting sites to dox people of all races/backgrounds and in the US and trying to get them fired for "anti-semitism" for saying "free palestine". That's 500x more egregious than "muh tiktok". Trying to make it about muh zoomers is pathetic, anyway. Boomers see it, millenials see it. Everyone but zionist retards can see what's happening, you don't need to be a Hamas supporter to know what Israel is doing is wrong.

No. 1733458

This. A genocide is take place right before our eyes, but what's most important is that we all hold hands and repeat "both sides are bad" over and over

No. 1733465

Not to mention the pathetic lengths the Israeli govt is going to on social media. Harassing the Hadid sisters, trying to tangentially connect Taylor Swift to their cause bc of her "bodyguard", using fucking stan twitter lingo to talk about a fucking war. It's so egregious it's almost sad.

No. 1733466

File: 1697913795583.jpg (73.32 KB, 1125x896, israel.jpg)

Anon did you see this kek. I wish this was fake but it's real

No. 1733467

It's so pathetic how they can't handle having a single dissenting voice. They want every last person on earth to support their cause. It's like they know what they're doing is wrong and need other people to reassure them that it is in fact righteous to kill Palestinian children en masse

No. 1733471

File: 1697914255266.mp4 (5.06 MB, 480x872, israel.mp4)

Samefag, I don't wanna go to deep into this cause I know this isn't the thread, but I just cannot believe that Israelis/the Israeli government wants us to believe that they're the actual victims. There are people in Israel right now worried about the soldiers not having enough gluten-free bread. It's literally crazy, and everything they post just makes them look even worse.

No. 1733477

Is the Israeli head of publicity a Hamas infiltrate?

No. 1733481

it's so, so insane to see the official israel twitter account pick fights all day like a normal member of stan twt

No. 1733484

I hate scrotes so not having gluten-free bread is the least that should happen to them.
Israel can't handle the fact that they're losing the media culture war, and they're going down kicking and screaming. Anyone capable of critical thought knows that, while Hamas is still a terrorist organization, what they have done to the Palestinian people is emphatically wrong.

No. 1733485

it is so surreal and almost unbelievable

No. 1733487

all war is basically a testosterone fueled fandom bickering

No. 1733489

Seriously. How do they not know how bad it looks? They've been blocking people too, kek.

No. 1733490

*they have done referring to Israel

No. 1733492

Does twitter not display tweets in order or something? all I see is tweets from like 2021

No. 1733496

File: 1697915548101.png (123.71 KB, 997x416, 1697639578424741.png)

bullshit receipts and all

I still can't fucking comprehend how picrel is real https://twitter.com/Israel/status/1714593881801601043
we have receipts we didn't bomb that hospital, y'all ijbol hamas really thought they did sumn

No. 1733500

do you have an account? I think elon made twitter retarded for those who don't have one, very difficult to view things properly

No. 1733501

i agree with you nona i dunno why it's seemingly unpopular. it's neither hideous nor super sexy in a fetish way it's just there and nice

No. 1733502

It's more literal than you think in that case since it's armies and terrorists bombing each other and plenty of innocent civilians over the headcanons they have on their crackhead cavemen ancestors' collective tulpa.

No. 1733514

Oh no I don't. That explains why on the rare occasions I do look at someone's twitter, the account appears abandoned KEK what a stupid website

No. 1733590

Sex is overrated
INB4 you just haven't done it with the right person!

No. 1733599

most people suck at sex, as someone who fucks men and women. I don't even have sex with men anymore since so many seem incapable of touching a vagina without it being painful, everyone sucks at kissing basically, dicks stink way more than most vaginas ever will, etc

women are great though, they're typically clean and courteous and are more attractive, it's typically hard to connect with women though

No. 1733627

Lolcow has gone to hell rip.

No. 1733633

Hero-complex men would only be reliable dating partners if they absolutely are dedicated with keeping other women at arms length. It seems like hero complex just means "when the novelty of 'saving' his current long term partner wares off and she gets mentally healthy, he will just romanticize the next broken girl"

No. 1733660

File: 1697928053009.png (1.01 MB, 601x1007, 1697650467932052.png)

more of an unpopular experience than opinion but I have a hard time getting attached to fictional characters. I feel like I don't enjoy media as much as others and it makes me feel really sad and honestly kinda like something is wrong with me.
Despite this, I've had many retarded attempts to do so throughout my life:
>as a child I kept trying to force an imaginary friend (because I had no friends)
>as a preteen/young teen I kept trying to play along in fandom spaces and follow how they sperged about characters, but it was all mimicry and not genuine
>once when I was 18 I tried to attach myself to a chatbot/AI because i wanted a bf
every time i couldn't really form an emotional connection because it felt too "not real" so I'd give up
A while back I was watching anime with my friend who started crying when a character died, despite having already seen it and known that she would die, and I felt nothing even though it was a surprise for me as a first-time watcher, and that made me feel like a psychopath. It seems like even non-spergy normies get more invested in fiction than me, like even my grandma gets riled up when she watches TV dramas.

No. 1733663

Literally what the fuck is up with no one being able to just kiss like a normal human. These autists all be trying to eat your face, smash your teeth with their skull, or turn your mouth into their personal spit cup

No. 1733667

No. 1733670

They should've just let that weird woman keep jacking off the dolphin so he wouldn't have killed himself. Maybe he would've learned English like who is to know. https://thoughtcatalog.com/jim-goad/2014/06/the-dolphin-who-killed-himself-over-a-broken-heart/

No. 1733691

>they should have let the woman keep jacking off the dolphin

No. 1733695

Idk he killed himself because they stopped letting it happen. Like damn just let him suffer?

No. 1733720

I would take pictures of your grandfather off Facebook and deepfake him into gay scat porn. Never piss a fujo off.

No. 1733729

File: 1697931716559.gif (2.74 MB, 498x420, salute-girl-soldier.gif)

I'm not a fujo, but I salute your service to scaring the scrotes away

No. 1733730

i just looked this up and they've had 7 children woah
My unpopular opinion is that some endagered animals didn't have that much of chance no matter the efforts, as sad as that sounds

No. 1733735

He killed himself because they kept him in a tiny ass tank, many such cases of marine mammals doing that in captivity. The woman was keeping him alive in a way but that’s not why the dolphin an heroed. I read a lot about that fucked up study those scientists were crazy and cruel and stupid. Weirdly the Comedy Central gag video about it is pretty comprehensive

No. 1733741

I’m not having children rn but I’m thinking about potential names for kids. I just realized something.

Why the hell does every name I love have to be ruined? For example, I really really liked the name Naomi, then I met a girl named Naomi who was a complete bitch and now all I can think of is her. Rae? My mom’s ex husband was Raymond so that’s a big no. Thalia? I used to like it, but my brother chose that as his fucking troon name. When will it end?

No. 1733742

whatever you do, don't name a child a super rare name, they're guaranteed to be ostracised for however long they go without a name change.

No. 1733744

I think you like popularish names so there's a better chance of them being ruined.

No. 1733749

I have one of those but never got bullied or anything because of it as it's tasteful. It recently took off a little bit too. I think rare names can be great if done right. People always remember me too even if we only talked once or twice. I'm a big fan of bringing back names that have been out of use for a couple generations. They're quite nice and have fallen off because of fashion.

No. 1733751

Sort of off topic but there was a little girl named Remington at my job yesterday and I felt so bad for her. What an ugly name.

No. 1733753

i also have one of those and i fucking despise it, and it's a name that's often used for dogs. i have to introduce myself with a basic sounding name, which makes people react weird when they somehow see/hear my legal name, that's what i share with troons sadly. (though i don't introduce myself with a moid name kek)
>bringing back names that have been out of use for a couple generations.
if they sound similar to the currently popular ones it's alright

No. 1733758

Honestly, there’s so many kids with rare names now that other kids probably don’t care and adults will be forced to not care in 20 years since there will be so many people with weird names applying for jobs and stuff. I still don’t condone naming your kid Onyx or Huxley or something dumb like that but its less harmful than it was in the past I guess.

I don’t like rare names anyway though. Most are pretentious and tryhard, especially when there’s so many “normal” names that sound cool whether they’re common or not.

No. 1733759

I have a feeling it’s Celeste

No. 1733760

no kek i meant that i share with troons the need to introduce myself with a different name in normal conversations, not the name itself, sorry if i didn't specify

No. 1733763

I was thinking Isabelle. Or Bella for short.

No. 1733765

I know plenty of Isabelles so I don’t see how that would be a problem.

No. 1733767

Maybe Ginger or Maisie?

We will never know.

No. 1733769

I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. I guess it’s kind of relevant?

No. 1734067

File: 1697964037243.png (176.98 KB, 635x474, 1696925474120636.png)

I don't like people shoving their religion down others' throats either but I feel like people don't acknowledge how some people are getting disproportionately triggered over anything remotely religious to the point where they're shoving their irreligion down people's throats. Someone expressing their faith in their own personal space (like posts on their socials or decor with religious motifs), mentioning it casually, or saying generic things like "God bless you" is not "shoving down your throat," it's just them exercising their right to freedom of religion. And you can politely tell them if it makes you uncomfortable for them to talk about it to you instead of immediately demonizing them and frothing at the mouth over it.
What really makes me angry is how militant Reddit-type men will harass women for being spiritual under the guise that they're being progressive for sticking it to evil old oppressive religion, when they're really just mad that she would never sleep with them. For example I saw an exchange between a Christian girl who said she wasn't fond of people openly discussing masturbation and some smug moid who replied that he's going to jerk it to the thought of her and there's nothing she can do about it. And the comments were full of other moids applauding him and insinuating that she doesn't know better because she's a silly woman and thus not muh rational like logical big brain scrotes, or that she's a prude who needs to be taught a lesson in sex (ostensibly by themselves).
Because secular people are finding it acceptable to blindly hate on religious people, moids are getting to use it as an excuse to be misogynistic and that's retarded. Women should defend each other from that bs even if they don't agree with each other's beliefs

No. 1734076


No. 1734184

Group dynamics are evil.

No. 1734205

I kind of get why men like younger women but women usually don’t like younger men. This is fucked up but young women and men usually admire and look up to older men so men can train them to do whatever they want. Young men do not admire older women, if a younger man is fucking a woman 6+ his senior he’s going to treat her exactly like the women his own age. When dating a younger man you get all the cons of dating a man your own age with no pros but on the other hand a man in his 30s dating a 21 year old will have a mini slave who can cook, clean and sees him as pretty much the most intelligent and amazing person on earth.

No. 1734216

Agree. Same for women obsessed with serial killers.

No. 1734228

Gen z is aging like milk and they aren’t even 30 yet. It’s so funny when they make those tiktoks making fun of 30+ people and I’m like….you’re not 30?

No. 1734229

Only the males, yes I've noticed. I have a few male acquaintances that are ~24 and look 36 years old. Balding/hair thinning/haggard faces. None of the girls I know look that old. Interestingly enough, now that I live in a city I see more age-appropriate looking males but there is still a disparity. Like how are there actually 21/22 year old males with the hairline and hair density of a 45 year old moid.

No. 1734232

So many gen z people I see barely in their 20s are all fat and ugly. I feel like an asshole, but why are so many gen z kids so fat and teens are worse? broccoli heads

No. 1734235

A horrific diet that solely consists of trollis and energy drinks

No. 1734236

Religion is stupid af and benefits no one, especially women, but you and know both know those kind of men are just doing it to be pieces of shits. I am anti religion, but I dont give af if someone says 'god bless you' to me. It happens a lot. From my uber drivers to random clients at work. I just let it go, but men can't do that.

No. 1734304

That's not an unpopular opinion, they all look like shit. No wonder they're terrified of reaching 30 kek they look like they're approaching retirement and haven't even finished school.

No. 1734314

poisoned by microplastics and the fake love yourself speeches

No. 1734320

>poisoned by microplastics
aren't we all

No. 1734328

yes but the influx got bad when zoomers grew up. school lunches became awful, hell schools were making kids drink milk out of a plastic bag. Zoomers are also the poorest generation so majority of them rely on plastic everything to get by

No. 1734335

How can it be known how poor zoomers are when the oldest are 26?

No. 1734341

Nta but probably statistics in purchasing power.

No. 1734374

Your right anon, don't tell let them try to dogpile you. I wouldn't mind fujos, but it's annoying when they post their shit everywhere and infight in /ot/ for no reason and then complain when anons don't like them.

No. 1734407

>the poorest generation
Uh let’s wait a few years for this claim to be confirmable

No. 1734411

I’m aging really badly and it’s actually been a huge blessing. I’ve never been carded once in my life. I consider that an achievement.

No. 1734497

No. 1734521

File: 1698002450684.jpeg (637.84 KB, 828x1072, IMG_2125.jpeg)

Agreed lmfao

No. 1734528

this is called porn addiction.

No. 1734533

File: 1698003795280.png (452.1 KB, 899x756, whatever that anime is.png)

kek reminds me of pic related. why does everyone want to fuck the salaryman in that show? I'm not following any anime these days.

No. 1734589

>Because secular people are finding it acceptable to blindly hate on religious people, moids are getting to use it as an excuse to be misogynistic
you're right, i understand western women feeling some type of way about religion i don't judge them, but the amount of "atheist" american males that harassed me over being a virgin its insane. I shouldn't have to explain myself nor my values every 5 seconds, i'm hurting nobody and me being religious doesn't justify sexual harassment
I'm betting my life savings there are moids triggered by women talking dirty about a handsome anime man, so i endorse them

No. 1734634

Porn addiction is when straight women say they find good looking men attractive? Are you doing crack or did I miss something?

No. 1734705

men are disgusting religious or atheist it's not that deep. i hate when people degender phenomenon like this. the majority of new atheist types and reddit atheists are men. and with the women who agree with this stuff, most of them have faced worse religious abuse and treatment (including from women in their own former communities especially their mothers) so i give them more leeway with being edgelords.

No. 1734709

i'm >>1733232 and was absolutely talking about triggering a moid from liking handsome fandom men (wasn't anime tho i'm not that based)

No. 1734764

Jesus was the only (or one of the few) good moid to exist, and if every scrote were like him the world would be a much more peaceful place.

No. 1734767

Jesus visited prostitutes and was schizo. Just shows your ignorance

No. 1734774

the only good moid is my cat

No. 1734775

Yeah he visited prostitutes and treated them like humans. He did not have sex with them. How many scrotes do you know who do that? And minding his "schizophrenia", he was kind and forgiving to everyone, he would not judge people for the way that they lived. You are misrepresenting what Jesus had actually done, and I think you could probably learn from Jesus too.

No. 1734776

Sorry for samefagging but all cats are good cats

No. 1734778

Jesus was based because he shamed men for being horny instead of blaming women like every other scrote in history.

No. 1734780

>He was kind and loving to everyone.
Not gnostics.
Not Romans.
His disciples behaved like bandits even.

Whip in hand, causing a fracas, he attacked the merchants in the Temple area (Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15-16, Luke 19:45, John 2:15).

He destroyed a fig tree for not having fruit out of season (Matthew 21:18-21, Mark 11:13-14).

He caused the death, by drowning, of a herd of swine by allowing demons to purposely enter their bodies (Matthew 8:32, Mark 5:13, Luke 8:33).

No. 1734787

yeah because gnostics and roman’s can go to hell! Jesus knew what he was talking about

No. 1734790

File: 1698013760487.jpeg (94.14 KB, 1226x900, IMG_6271.jpeg)

What’s even better? I only turned 21 this year. I got the face of that one kid from come and see kek

No. 1734791

Matthew 8:32
>“All right, go!” Jesus commanded them. So the demons came out of the men and entered the pigs, and the whole herd plunged down the steep hillside into the lake and drowned in the water.
The demons went into the pigs deliberately, that was not Jesus' doing.

Matthew 21:12
>Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves.

I won't provide the full context for every passage you used, and granted this is all dependent upon the translation used (the original meanings get lost that way) but you are being deliberately misleading. I don't know if your family was Christian and perhaps not very good to you, but that has nothing to do about the goodness of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Jesus is not his disciples. Do you place the sins of the mother onto her daughter (lets assume two adults), or vice versa? Anyway, I'm not here to argue about the Bible. If you're trying to convince me that the average scrote is better than Jesus, you've not done a good job at it.

No. 1734792

“But these enemies of mine who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here, and slay them in my presence” (Luke 19:27)

He was a fickle, hypocritical, mentally-ill scrote. He had other men carry out his violent acts, like a pussy. No different to men of today.

No. 1734793

damn you are literally me

No. 1734794

Why do you guys have to be this dishonest all the time? are y'all getting paid or what?

No. 1734797

Hey, it's not my fault you believe in a false version of Jesus that didn't have any flaws.

No. 1734804

It's OK to be atheist, I have not, and will not, attack you for your views, only your attitude toward others. Everyone has flaws, women too, but that does not preclude Jesus from this statement >>1734764 There is not need to get be hostile to individuals you do not even know, and who will cease to exist as soon as you shut down your device.

No. 1734806

Jesus knower how does one practically deal with sin and repentance? I don't understand how you can be forgiven if you keep doing it and don't feel guilt

No. 1734812

Read Isaiah 53.
Who's to say Jesus was the chosen one by the Lord? Nothing supports it.

No. 1734815

This passage is not referring to Jesus, but a story about a king from a kingdom faraway. Are you Googling these instead of reading the full context?
I'm not sure if I fully understand this question, but I am a universalist. I do not believe that sins are objective or immutable. No one will go to Hell.

No. 1734816

this, thank you

No. 1734817

You aren’t forgiven for sins that you continually choose to repeat while “confessing” them/claiming to be repenting for them, because part of repentance is renouncing the sinful act. You can claim to be repenting until you’re blue in the face, but if you make the decision to purposefully repeat actions that you know are sinful and harmful to your relationship with Christ you just won’t be able to grow into a lifestyle that is in the image of the Lord.

No. 1734819

>but I am a universalist.
Oh you’re one of those retards, that explains it. No one cares how supposedly great and feminist Jesus was, because he isn’t real. Why is there always someone trying to convert anons in random threads?

No. 1734820


No. 1734821

Jesus: cancelled

No. 1734826

I never tried to convert anyone, I said that Jesus was the only, or one of the few, good man to exist, and rightly corrected your misrepresentations of certain biblical passages (which, again, is not me attempting to convert anybody). Calling someone retarded for their (not harmful) belief says more about you than about them (though I'm not offended, I've been called retarded heaps of times on this website). In any case, most modern (re: graduate educated) historians generally believe that Jesus was a real person. You seem to be taking my replies personally, as you are supplying them with intentions that I do not hold. If you are coming from a place of hurt, I am sorry that you feel that way, but it has nothing to do with me and something to do with your own life outside of this website.

No. 1734832

>If you disagree with me there must be something wrong with your life

No. 1734835

nta but i think what anon means is that you're being kinda abrasive and that wasn't the energy itt

No. 1734838

Listening to the julia fox podcast episode with Paz de la Huerta and J straight up says “wow you sound so sober” kekk. Poor pause…

No. 1734839

shut up retard, he groomed very young(literal teen) girls ofcourse they are going to be head over heels for the first rich men that promises them the world

No. 1734840

I don’t really feel bad for the girls who got screwed over by hugh hefner because they kind of deserved it. You were trying to be in a serious relationship with a old man who openly fucks tons of other women and gives them drugs then act surprised that he only sees you as a sex doll? The reality is the only reason why they’re mad is because he didn’t marry them and tossed them out at 30.

No. 1734842

i hate deletefags

No. 1734843

You continue to misrepresent what I say. I don't care if you disagree, disagree al you want! Just don't be hostile and bad faith-y about it, which is where the
>there must be something wrong with your life
comes from. I have the context to understand that many individuals in the Western world have a troubled relationship with Christianity, which I assume you do. Maybe you come from a Christian family who were not good to you, maybe your town is Christian-predominant, etc. etc. I know as much about you as you know about me. But I have not said one thing against other religions or beliefs as you have done to Christianity. You don't need to agree with religion, that has no effect on me. But I've come to the conclusion now that you are not a good faith anon, and I do not feel like continuing any "debate" longer with you. Have a nice day/evening/night.
Thank you anon.

No. 1734844

At 10 I knew what would happen by fucking a man that much older for money. You mean to tell me these women at 19-25 didn’t know? They did but once they aged out they got a hard reality check that they weren’t special and he wasn’t going to marry them ever.

No. 1734845

When I was a teenager I could tell that rich old alcoholic rubbery smelling men were gross and dangerous. If you’re retarded enough to get groomed by some gross old dude and not try to stab him or something I have 0 sympathy for you

No. 1734846

she literally deleted within seconds, leave her alone

No. 1734847

>At 10 I knew what would happen by fucking a man that much older for money.
no, you didnt. At 10yo you still believe in santa. What do you gain from such an obvious lie?

No. 1734849

nta but i did know those type of things at a young age too, but i'm a thirdie so knowing shits fucked comes with the territory

No. 1734851

That doesn’t change the fact that at 23 you know the deal of what’s going to happen by dating a rich 60 year old man. They thought they would be the special one to finally catch him and thought they could out smart a literal millionaire.

No. 1734853

you are a retarded pickme, young women are allowed to make mistakes, specially if they get abused by old rich men.
you are comparing yourself, a modern woman who lurks a radfem adjacent ib, to a woman in the fucking 70s-90s, how retarded can you be?

No. 1734854

do you guys say this when every pedo or general creep and rapist gets outed or…

No. 1734855

How does it make you a retarded pickme to be grossed out by men. Isn’t being a pickme when you desire being selected by the bespoke old men?

No. 1734856

being a pickme is shitting on women who make mistakes as if it's their fault they got abused by a gross man

No. 1734857


Do you think they were in a relationship with an elderly man because they just loved him so much? They wanted money and of course got screwed over because they’re dealing with someone much more intelligent and older.

No. 1734859

okay scrote what's your point?

No. 1734861

He was doing this to women until the day he died. he finally got married or engaged a year or so before death because he already knew it was over and I didn’t even think he left her shit lmao

No. 1734863

Sorry to break it to you but seeking out -and desiring attention from crusty old men and expecting it to be all hunky dory makes you a real retard. If I’m a pickme for making that statement then whatever, but at least I’ve never auditioned to be one of hugh hefner’s 12 girlfriends

No. 1734865

Didn't hefner also forced some woman to fuck a dog too? Idg why anons are downplaying his abuse. No woman "deserves" any kind of abuse no matter how retarded you think they are.

No. 1734867

they don't like it when you tell them to use their common sense

No. 1734868

do you know the story of most playbunnies? they normally get groomed from a very young age to become playboy models by the time they hit 18, ofcourse they are going to be devoted to their fucking boss considering it's their livelyhood and waht they have been groomed to do, the payboy mansion was a cult

No. 1734869

It’s not scrotish at all to be able to recognize that sexual and intimate relationships are often used to gain status and money. It’s been almost 70 years since the sexual revolution. It’s not masculine at all for women to be able to understand that we have to take accountability for your actions. If you’re a grown woman trying to get up on Playboy bunnymans lap so that he’ll cut you a percentage of his will or include you in a page of his monthly print, then you should be able to comprehend that you’re putting yourself in a dangerous position.

No. 1734871

You don’t need to be a scrote to know that trying to compete with a group of 11 other women for marriage is special bus behavior

No. 1734872

Do we have any receipts of him beginning relationships with these girls during their mid-teens and then convincing them to become playboy bunnies after they turned 18? Because when I google “hugh hefner groomed into playboy bunny” the youngest woman who came up said she was 19 when she first got in contact with Playboy…

No. 1734873

why do you think women end up dating old men? just because they are vile golddiggers? then why dont men go for old lonely women? it's almost as if there is an entire society that has been pushing women for decades to go for old senile men, and these women are just consequences of that.

No. 1734874

I’m not talking about those women. I’m talking about the ones who went into relationships with him knowing he does this shit. They thought if they endured enough that eventually he would marry them and he would die then they’d be set for life.

No. 1734875

File: 1698017591824.jpeg (139.31 KB, 718x1024, IMG_6275.jpeg)

Kek I’m sorry for some reason this reminded me of “Riding the bus with my sister”

No. 1734876

was that hard for them to just go and flip a burger or model? i don't know, anything better? it didn't occur to them? or it was the good ol ""brainwashing"" again?

No. 1734878

>we have to take accountability for your actions
you almost pulled of the larp but you forgot to add a second we, moid

No. 1734879

File: 1698017776486.png (590.4 KB, 450x615, playboy pedophilia.png)

playboy literally had an issue with a naked 10yo girl. They also posted this and other comics making fun of little girls victim of sexual abuse

No. 1734880

File: 1698017832338.jpeg (733.34 KB, 803x763, IMG_6277.jpeg)

>of course they’re going to be devoted to their boss
yeah but doing this with your boss? really? cuddling up on his alzheimer’s ass? why not just get a normal modeling job…

No. 1734881

playboy models arent ''model-tier'' they went for ''girl next door'' type women for this very reason, so they could trap them into making porn and get their life ruined

No. 1734882

>10 year old
brooke shields Was not a play boy model. Yeah he’s a creep but let’s not pretend like all the play boy bunnies were found at 9 and groomed. All of them were adults and knew he was a pedo creep but didn’t care because money.

No. 1734883

I meant to say “you” because that’s the rhetoric I used for the entirety of that paragraph, and there is no “we” because I’m not retarded in the way that would make me go to some old ass man and get naked for money. Doesn’t make me a male to know better than to do that.
Yeah, another reason why it’s pathetic and weird for a grown woman to choose to go work for them. Brooke Shields parents were using her as a cash cow and chose to publish pedobait of her, the other nonnie stated that he was grooming “random underage girls into becoming playboy bunnies” which I still don’t see any evidence for when I google.

No. 1734884

>trick then into doing porn
You act as if they didn’t audition or send their pictures to him themselves

No. 1734886

women in my country have to go sell themselves to dangerous men too, the thing is, there are no other options besides sex work get money, unlike in America, so it's hard for me to feel the same pity tbh. Numerous options, yet choose this life alongside a pedophile, fuck it

No. 1734887

Are you referring to when brooke Shields parents had her do cp?

No. 1734889

File: 1698018286270.jpeg (80.69 KB, 640x640, IMG_6435.jpeg)

I fucking love the song National Anthem by Lana Del Rey but I absolutely hate that she’s paired with A$ap Rocky in the video. It takes me right out of it and doesn’t fit with the mood of the song at all imo

No. 1734890

Playboy has always been an established pornographic content manufacturer? Nobody was ever duped or tricked into believing that they were some kind of modeling agency that then forced the girls who signed the contracts into doing porn. They‘ve been “men’s content” since their first print kek what.

No. 1734891

I don’t understand what the mulatto babies are there for. Destroys the beauty of the song for me. I wish she did something similar to young and beautiful or born to die for this.(racebait)

No. 1734893

I thought anon meant Eva Ionesco, how many 10yos has playboy photographed?

No. 1734895

The woman on the left dated him for 8 years. That’s crazy to me.

No. 1734902

File: 1698018820175.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1997, IMG_6279.jpeg)

Nice try but unfortunately her mom took the photos and sent them to PB for publication. It comes down to bad parenting. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2250634/Eva-Ionesco-11-year-old-Playboy-star-sues-mother-Irina-Ionesco-taking-pornographic-photos-her.html

No. 1734905

It’s supposed to be their kids or something. I don’t mean to racebait but I mean, come on. They’re going for the ‘early 60s, Kennedy-family-in-the-Hamptons’ look but it’s not even subversive, it’s just odd and doesn’t fit the vibe at all

No. 1734906

Not to mention many of them were doing sex work and stripping before they decided to go for playboy. Idk why anon wants to act like he was specifically finding underaged girls and raising them to be play boy bunnies.

No. 1734907

Oh, do forgive me.
>how many 10yos has playboy published pornographic content of?

No. 1734910

Doesn’t really change the fact that there’s an overlap between poor, neglectful parenting and Playboy. Many woman auditioned to be one of Hugh’s house orgy whores when they’re fully grown, clear conscienced adults, AFTER Playboy published CP! There are women who knew what they were putting out into the world and still wanted to work for that company. They are not victims. They are part of the problem. They were perpetuating the existence of a predatory industry, and benefitting from it.

No. 1734945

I wanted to ask something based off the semi argument in celebricows. Without sperging at each other (or me,) just give your opinion and reason why without being mad for no reason please. Sorry for reddit spacing but I don't want this to be a wall of text

Do you think breastmilk is the same or equal too formula? I think no, it'll never be the same as breastmilk. There's no way it can be, it's manufactured in potentially dirty factories with possible contaminants, made by companies who do not care about women at all and just want money. There's been so many examples of this, deaths or illness caused by poor safety measures in place to keep out dangerous bacteria, companies using cheap and unsafe materials to cut cost. And I don't think it's even possible to mimic breastmilk completely, they could get all the right nutrients but it would never be the exact same as something the mothers' body creates and could miss out some key component that isn't even recognized yet.

That being said I would never judge or look down on women who do not breastfeed, for whatever reason, and I don't think anyone should. My mom couldn't breastfeed me because of medication she had to be on for epilepsy and I would never judge her for that, her friends at the time made her feel bad for it and it's upsetting to think they'd rather she cut off her needed medication and risk having a seizure.

I've also seen trannies use the "formula is as good as breast milk" argument to try to say women are not needed at all in the process of making a baby, and equating women to just parts or ingredients for men to obtain if they want a baby; eggs, surrogate or artificial womb, formula. But anyway that's my take and I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say about the topic, again I ask to please not get mad and project things onto other peoples post that they didn't say.

No. 1734959

that's how old porn magazines worked retard, you sent them the photos and they pay you a fee and publish them

No. 1734960

there are people who are more loosey-goosey about it nowadays (since many different people claim Christian identity) but generally the traditional understanding is that for confession to be valid, you have to genuinely be sorry and desiring to not repeat the behavior. It's okay if you know that it will be hard and that you'll likely relapse, but you still have to actually try and want to stop, you can't just say it for its own sake.
The idea of infinite mercy and forgiveness isn't that you can do whatever messed up stuff you want and it's all fine if you believe in Jesus, the idea is that Jesus won't have a limit of "sorry you messed up x times I hate you now and will never help you even if you ask." But you still have to put in the effort to actually change your behavior because just saying you did something wrong and not caring isn't actually repenting.
Also some believe that even if you are forgiven for a sin, you may still have to experience punishment for it in life or purgatory if it's serious. The analogy is that if someone dents your car and they're really apologetic, you might forgive them but they'd still be responsible for paying for the damages. So that's another reason why it doesn't just end at saying sorry
(I am not Christian but I like to learn about theology)

No. 1734962

how can you have so little sympathy? seriously, do you even know what goes behind doors in the porn industry, or do you just look at naked women and go ''WHORE!!!!'' like retarded scrotes?

No. 1734963

well i think women should discuss that, not men much less trannies. My mom had triplets so of course she had to use formula for the most part, i think formula is not that bad if used as a supplement

No. 1734965

do men that do vile shit have any form of responsability to you then?

No. 1734968

oh wow a young woman thinks she can make a man change? wow its not like women constantly get trapped into marriage with shit men because everyone around them tells them they will change, wow. You shitting on those women instead of understanding them is why these women do this in the first place, because they get little to no sympathy from women.

No. 1734971

I’m not talking about the women who just went in to work and get out. I’m talking about the ones who tried be in a relationship with him and then act surprised that he is trash when he tosses them out at 27. They can’t even pull the “he was so kind I had no idea” card because never in his life has he ever had to pretend to get women with the amount of money he had.

No. 1734977

Yeah I’m sure they decided to get in a relationship with an elderly man because they were inlove and thought he would change kek it had nothing to do with money, they were just little girls inlove trying to make a life with a man old enough to be their father or grandpa.

No. 1734980

Its funny that you quote my reply, knowing damn well our circumstances vs yours ain't the same

No. 1734984

You understand that these women make the choice to go into porn though, right? Like get a roommate and go get a job barista-ing or waitressing

No. 1734988

And you think it’s acceptable that her mom sent in CP you fucking tard? What the fuck

No. 1734991

File: 1698023504737.jpeg (275.08 KB, 784x632, IMG_6281.jpeg)

No. 1734992

Yes, they especially do obviously because the whole industry only exists because of them. Doesn’t change the fact that any individual who decides to participate in the sexual abuse media industry is responsible and should be held accountable.

No. 1734995

File: 1698023857134.jpeg (231.64 KB, 616x721, IMG_6283.jpeg)

carmella soprano was annoying, shrill, looked like mel gibson and deserved every bad thing that happened to her. How she didn’t just get killed off and replaced with a new wife I will never understand

No. 1735006

no, i am saying that playboy should have called the fucking police instead of publishing it

No. 1735007

you say it as if women in the 2010s werent head over heels over shit like lolita and all wanted an ''old man to tease'' retard, those women were groomed to accept that shit as normal since birth and that's why even women nowadays fall for it

No. 1735008

a lot of women in the porn industry are literally trafficked or victims of sexual abuse

No. 1735010

Naw they thought they found a meal ticket and thought they’d be special and different from the other thousands of women and marry into money but they played themselves because he hated women too much to ever let one have any of what he’s worked for lol

No. 1735011

Why are you so insistent on putting blame on young women for being preyed upon instead of old scrotes for predating on them?

No. 1735012

only a scrote would call being groomed getting a meal ticket. kill yourself.

No. 1735014

Do you understand that two things can be true at once?

No. 1735015

nta but how were they groomed at 20 years old? at least most of them were young adults when they got into it, right? these women weren't kids, nor in vulnerable situations like poverty, am i missing something because…?

No. 1735017

Gen z has the mentality that they are children until 30. Anything dumb before that they can just write it off as being stupid because they were kids.

No. 1735018

you can get groomed, coerced and manipulated by anyone in a position of power above you.

No. 1735019

>women who were already sex workers and strippers before becoming playmates were groomed into doing porn and fucking for money

Make it make sense please

No. 1735020

you truly do not understand how sex work actually works? are you a scrote or a handmaiden? which one?

No. 1735022

This place is tardthot central now. I bet they think they deserved it for being ~whores~ or whatever.

No. 1735024

Are you trying to say women who were already in the sex industry are too naive to understand what a man like hugh hefner is about?

No. 1735025

okay but like, if you aren't in poverty nor in need of anything in particular, why would you put yourself in that kinda of situation instead of doing something else? i'm not victim blaming, i'm seriously asking, was it drugs?
good point

No. 1735026

File: 1698027053115.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1044, 893B35BE-6DF2-430E-A8B3-C4FF7E…)

Holly really wanted to marry Hugh and there was one episode where they went to visit her family and her family lived in a upper middle class house in the suburbs….she couldve just went to school instead of staying with him for 8 years and now playing victim after she realized marriage was never happening

No. 1735027

so…kinda like shayna? go figure

No. 1735029

Since we are on the topic of sex workers i have a really unpopular opinion. Most strippers, cam girls and sugar babies aren’t in it because they are broke, they are in it to get validation from men. Most of these women could make the same amount of money working at McDonald’s or at a call center.

No. 1735033

oooooh you're bold for that one

No. 1735034

She did that because she's attracted to black men and doesn't actually like the tradthots who try to attach themselves to her kek
>mulatto babies destroy beauty
I mean wtf is this cringe racebait? Her rap fixation aside, no one wants to be associated with this

No. 1735035

I don’t care, you can think I’m a poor abused victim with a shit life all you want, I’m tired of christfags trying to shill Jesus/Christianity as being super feminist and respectful to women on here. It’s no better than any other religion that anons (rightfully) shit on on this website. And yet Christianity seems to be the only one that people get their knickers in a twist over when you make fun of it on here.

No. 1735036

The average porn star makes 50k a year. They make less money than teachers.

No. 1735037

dorothy stratten was approached at 17

No. 1735038

>they were into lolita so they got groomed by hugh hefner at age 21
Is this where we’re at?

No. 1735039

I think they consider it a glamorous option compared to mcdonalds or a call centre. The latter two are perfectly respectable jobs which many, many people consider themselves 'too good' for, to the point they will do literally anything to avoid it even if it's way more undignified. So many cows could be saved if they just deigned to work a basic job, but they'd rather prostitute themselves, do porn, e-beg, scam people, etc.

No. 1735040

i wonder why the women who grew up on shit like pretty baby in a world were old ass man were head over hells for a little girl like brooke shields turned out to be into old men? wow i wonder why! definetly the misogynistic society they grew up in had nothing to do with it and it's their fault

No. 1735041

It’s kind of like Venus angelic. She speaks Japanese fluently and could get a job at a restaurant or some thing and make more money than she does in porn.

No. 1735042

I was around in the 2010s. The majority of girls and women were not attracted to fugly old men, stop lying. Everyone wanted the hot guy a grade or two above them, maybe a young teacher. Nobody was getting a crush on Hugh Hefner lmao.

No. 1735043

She started dating a pimp because she was living with her parents working in fast food, and he sent in photos of her after she turned 18 because she was dumb enough to get naked for him kek what. She made the choice to hang around a dangerous, maladjusted, unhealthy male.

No. 1735044

I think you're right and this is huge in the discussion of playboy bunnies specifically. at some point before internet porn, playboy had that rep as being what men wanted. i imagine that being a playboy bunny or the wife of hugh hefner or whatever was the ultimate form of male approval for certain girls in certain times and places: you were the perfect woman. i think a lot of women want to be desired more than they want to be with someone they desire, and that kind of set of priorities combined with a trashy enough upbringing to want to be a playboy bunny is the sort of thing that makes you date hugh hefner even though it's disgusting and gross and etc. however I do think that most people go into this stuff at the very least hoping it will be easy money even if it never is

No. 1735045

>women are stupid because of brainwashing

Don’t try to claim that stupidity is an inherent trait in women lol not all of us are into that shit

No. 1735046

women to this day fetishize old men because of the media pushing gross gigantic age gap relationships as normal
you are genuinely insane, you are victimblaming a poor girl that was groomed and killed by a gross pedo, genuinely kill yourself

No. 1735047

If your decision making skills are influenced by the films Lolita and Pretty Baby I don’t feel a single ounce of sympathy for you because you have to be legitimately aspie to not be capable of seeing that these are horror stories.

No. 1735048

Pretty Baby is not nostalgic to most young women. Those that did watch it just thought Brooke Shields was pretty. Who was thirsting over the old scrote? Enough with this.

No. 1735049

“Groomed” she could’ve told her boss to call the cops and make him leave the building, but no. She didn’t make that decision that a normal 17 year old girl would make when a rowdy fat old man saunters into the fast food joint and starts making advances at you.

No. 1735050

Nobody ever said “mulatto babies destroy beauty” it’s that it literally looks retarded in the video. It looks stupid.

No. 1735051

yeah you are a scrote baiting lmao go back to your chan to masturbate to barely legal trafficked girls

No. 1735052

I basically just posted this but I honestly don't even think these girls are attracted to old men at all so much as the idea of being taken care of financially or being extremely desirable and desired and a trophy

No. 1735053

yeah they are obviously mentally ill and being taken advantage of, if they were just ''goldiggers'' and the push for women to date old men by society had nothing to do with it, why arent men dating old women? almost as if the latter is seen gross by society

No. 1735054

We’re having a conversation about why sex work needs to be avoided at all costs and now you’re projecting disgusting fantasies about women being harmed to perpetuate the production of said media. You are really suffering from an extreme lack of brain function and I hope that changes for you.

No. 1735055

>"I don’t understand what the mulatto babies are there for. Destroys the beauty of the song for me." (>>1734891)
>"This is cringe racebait anon"
>"UMM no one said that!!!"
Do you have dementia

No. 1735056

go watch hot girls wanted, if you still blame women after that you are are actually retarded

No. 1735057

>why aren’t young men dating older women for money?

I’m sure a young man would really love to make money by cumming and staying home and playing video games but the sad truth is older women do not want them. It’s not that straight young men don’t want to be gold diggers it just most of them have no chance.

No. 1735058

Nta but Venus's situation is more complicated considering she was raised into selling herself since childhood. Anons in another thread explained it better

No. 1735059

realistically that’s not racebait. They’re doing a WASP Kennedy family LARP with some retarded black guy and quadroon children. The two don’t mesh well. It’s the same kind of eyesore as the die antwoord fags pretending to be hard street-raised black gangsters while being trust fund baby albinos.

No. 1735060

how do you know? have you asked every single granny on earth? men literally think women past 25 are old, you think they will do something as ''shameful'' as cumming inside a grandma? lmao

No. 1735061

Meds now.

No. 1735064

>men say women over 25 are old

Men say a lot of things. A man could be a full blown racist kkk member and still be sexually attracted to poc women. Young men arent gold diggers because older women usually aren’t interested in them.

No. 1735065

Hot Girls Wanted was a documentary about younger girls who had families that loved them but chose to participate in sex work to “get out” of what they considered to be boring suburban lives…that’s not being groomed. That’s being a sped and choosing to participate in sex work when you know you could go get a job doing literally anything else. If you’re gonna try to school someone maybe don’t cite a poorly made documentary that’s over a decade old and goes directly against your argument.

No. 1735066

Nothing I said was inaccurate kek. Whites larping as blacks is just as ugly as Blacks larping as whites. It doesn’t work.

No. 1735067

Now wait a minute I'm not involved in this fight but are you really saying a 17 year old, a highschooler, someone's who underaged, can't be groomed? They're just kids anon..but I shouldn't be surprised after seeing those weird posts in the online grooming thread years ago

No. 1735068

how does it go against my argument, why do you think the sex work industry isnt equal? explain me why young men arent choosing to spread their asshole in camera while women do? you watched a documentary that actually requieres you to have critical thinking skills and all you got from it is the same conclusion a retarded moid would

No. 1735071

old women get scammed by nigerian men with fake facebook accounts larping as hot studs all the time

No. 1735072

>Go watch this documentary about girls who scoured craigslist for porn actress advertisements that offered to fly them out
Oh sure that definitely makes the audience feel bad for them

No. 1735073

Stop larping as a retard

No. 1735075

>why aren’t men doing it?

Gay porn exists.

No. 1735077

Maybe so but if she DID get a normal job, she would probably be doing much better mentally. Taking a step back from social media, getting into a routine, feeling the accomplishment of a hard days work rather than the shame of selling your body, relying on herself instead of relying on men for money and validation, all those things would be a massive boost to her self worth and give her a more stable lifestyle.

But I guess once you've experienced making a living off looking cute online, it must feel like an embarrassing downgrade to go work in a conbini or something.

No. 1735078

they are young impressionabe women, have you never made a fucking mistake in your life?
then why men arent opening onlyfans account for gay porn? answer me. In fact why men think ''if i were a woman i would just open up an only fans and make easy money'' but they dont wanna do it as men. Go on.

No. 1735079

''you are addicted to drugs and ahve known drugs all your life? lol just stop lol its easy''

No. 1735080

>why aren’t men opening onlyfans accounts to do gay porn.

They do?

No. 1735081

no, they dont. men find it shameful to sell themselves for a chicken nugget because they dont have an entire society cohercing them to do it.

No. 1735082

You’ve never seen gay porn stars before?

No. 1735084

>young impressionable women!!!1!1
there are millions of other women in this world who don’t audition to become a porn actress and just get a normal job secratarying or doing communications.

No. 1735085

yuo are so fucking dense holy shit, you have to be baiting. Please watch this and shut up. In fact, watch this entire youtube channel and shut up.

No. 1735087

Are you really comparing dying from intense heroin withdrawals to getting a job at Wendy’s instead of doing pornography. Retardation.

No. 1735088

again watch >>1735085 women who quit the porn industry have it extremely hard to make a living once they quit, most actually have to go back to it because they get bullied by retards like you and the other anons.

No. 1735089

I’m not watching that but I’ve seen tons of gay men with only fans accounts. The only reason most men aren’t interested in doing straight porn is because they don’t pay them shit.

No. 1735090

I don’t know if you’re just remembering the movie incorrectly but all of the men and women who were doing porn on camera in the film made the decision to go into porn? Instead of walking down the street to the local starbucks and being like “I really need help can we discuss scheduling an interview” they looked online for porn jobs

No. 1735091

the average male straight guy makes more than the average female only fan, stop pretending men dont do degrading shit because ''there isnt a demand!!'' and not because while they consume porn and prostitutes they find it humilliating to be on the other end.

No. 1735092

Men don't make money from straight porn because women mostly don't watch it so they have to do gay stuff. Pretty funny since they're the reason women suffer in porn.

No. 1735093

they literally had a segment of some harvard graduate women shilling porn as a good source of income in the news, how isnt that grooming young girls into persuing porn?

No. 1735094

But it is not hard to make a living not doing porn though. I know that because I make a living without doing porn. What the hell kek

No. 1735095

The average male porn star makes 20k a year and a lot of them are just in it to have sex. The incentive for straight men to do porn is just not there.

No. 1735098

Are you talking about that Belle Knox psyop…you have to be joking if you think that some retarded college girl choosing to do porn to pay off her student loans is somehow “grooming girls into doing porn”. That’s not what grooming is or how it works.

No. 1735100

well, then why men arent selling themselves to gay men?
there are studies that show men make more on onlyfans than women, stop lying. they just dont want to because they find it degrading to be in the same position as women and gay men arent pushing young guys into doing porn as an easy income way.
can you watch the video please, you cocomelon brained zoomie? it's not about making a living or not, it's about your coworkers finding you used to do porn and using it to blackmai and harassing you.
it's literally propaganda and grooming. do you think the average women being expected to shave isnt years and years of grooming by older men?

No. 1735101

Samefagging but any time there is a discussion about teenagers on here I am reminded once again that most farmers are mentally ill.

No. 1735104

File: 1698030501462.jpeg (518.13 KB, 1170x1004, IMG_6287.jpeg)

>how is someone going on the news talking about the poor decisions they are making not grooming?

No. 1735105

I don’t know why sex worker defenders always pull the “women are brain washed into doing porn” card out of their ass as if there aren’t straight men out here taking dick for a check

No. 1735108

File: 1698030611605.png (292.7 KB, 728x720, 63amo8.png)


No. 1735109

>why aren’t straight men fucking gay men for money?

Because they’re straight?

No. 1735110

you literally proved it is grooming then! women are being sold sex work as a valid form of income for ages, even know you see a bunch of whores on tiktok selling that life to young impressionable girls

No. 1735111

and? as if prostitutes like banging older ugly smelly men

No. 1735112

“Harass” block their phone number, “Blackmail” tell your boss. You should’ve been upfront about your work history from the beginning. If you wouldn’t put it on your resume, why do it? And really women aren’t “expected to shave” anymore. Sure, razors for women are sold, but you won’t lose your livelihood or drop your credit score by not shaving the way that not having a job can harm your functionality. These two aren’t comparable.

No. 1735113

I also make a very nice living not doing porn lol but there are honestly some barriers to getting up and going for some people, sometimes including straight ignorance. I didn't have to work in high school so I got awesome grades, had a full ride for college and easily got a useful degree without having to put too much time into work because my rent was paid, had a really good base education that led to my degree being in a very lucrative career field, etc and some people are fucked right from the beginning just because they don't have parents, don't know what to focus on, can't google things because they don't know where to start, and so on. but you know that all already and just generally don't care, it's fine… just saying that while you and I both have lived very good lives and escaped all these embarrassing and degrading pitfalls by miles, there are still people just like you who have some sympathy for people worse off than them. unpopular opinion perhaps

No. 1735114

Men would do that too if they could. The reason why ugly old women don’t feel comfortable paying for sex is because when women have sex they usually care about the experience of the other person. Men don’t care if the girl they’re having sex with finds them repulsive or not.

No. 1735115

Someone going on the news or seeing a tiktok of a random woman you don’t know talking about how much money she made off of sex work last month isn’t building a relationship or emotional connection with them. You feel an emotional connection to Belle Knox? See a psychiatrist.

No. 1735116

you are speaking for all women

No. 1735117

I was just scrolling by and have to comment on this
>expected to shave
Sure you won't get stoned in public if you don't shave or something, but you have to be ignorant to think women aren't still shamed if they don't shave

No. 1735118

how much does it turn you on to think that you're this close to social interaction with some genuine pussyhavers? and on a sunday night too you lucky boy

No. 1735119

Oh so it’s a troon who’s upset about women being smart enough to understand that you can say no to doing porn at age 18. Why am I not surprised.

No. 1735121

>“Harass” block their phone number, “Blackmail” tell your boss.
zoomer levels of retardation, i can tell you never touched grass or had a job in your life.

No. 1735122

You are too buy claiming all women in sex work are groomed

No. 1735126

Are we living on different planets lol. Who the fuck is stopping you on the street or at work like “young lady, why are your arms and legs not shaved?” kek? Been a woman for the last 30 years and nobody’s ever noticed or given a shit at my armpit and leg hair. This could probably just be because I live in America though.

No. 1735127

are you being obtuse on purpose or what

No. 1735130

Are you just upset because the majority of women on this forum are capable of working and making a decent living without taking our clothes off or getting near gross scrotes? Seethe in the corner. Seriously. Nobody feels bad for you.

No. 1735131

they are, why would a woman willingly choose to do prostitution/sex work if it wasnt sold to her as something valid and empowering? it's literally grooming, men dont get groomed into persuing sex work so they dont

No. 1735132

You know Card browses here, right?

No. 1735134

>why dont women who are into sex work just quit and work at mcass or something? duh
>proceeds to insult women endlessly for making a mistake and getting groomed into porn barely out of hs

No. 1735135

You have to be retarded in the first place for someone to successfully convince you that prostitution is empowering and actually doing it

No. 1735136

She verbatim said “shamed for not shaving” and realistically, who the fuck is asking you if you shaved today? Who’s inspecting your arms and legs to see if they’re clean shaven? Who is throwing tomatoes at you for not shaving? People in your day to day life being angry or disappointed with you just for not being visibly clean shaven is not reality. Nobody is looking at your fucking armpit hair.

No. 1735137

that only makes it worse, you are activelly grooming low iq women into ruining their lives, do you even understand what you are saying? women at 18 cant even drink, how the fuck are they allowed to be in porn

No. 1735139

No one ever says sex work is empowering other than sex workers trying to cope. No one outside of that world tells these girls this is empowering. For that one girl on TikTok saying she’s girl bossing by fucking old men for purse there are 100 other people in real life who thinks her life is a joke. How are men grooming women into to sex work? Most men hate sex workers.

No. 1735140

>making a mistake
Pretty extreme mistake to make, and also a million times harder and more humiliating than flipping burgers. Having sex with a gross smelly man and immortalizing it on camera for temporary money that will quickly run out because you made yourself think that it was ‘empowering’ when there’s millions of other young women who know better? I’m pretty sure the problem is you sweetheart.

No. 1735142

powerful autism…

No. 1735144

scrotes literally threw a hissy fit over some videogame women having realistic bodyhair that all humans have, not even armpit/leg hair.
>most men hate sex workers
they hate them because they consider them dirty and ''used'', they are the reason why its so hard for ex sex workers to quit a find a job, because these moids and handmaidens like you harass them

No. 1735145

Has it ever occurred to you that nobody groomed a lot of them, they just wanted a low effort job and didn’t anticipate the consequences? Because that is the reality for the overwhelming majority of onlyfans hoars.

No. 1735146

>video game women
So you agree? No one is approaching you in reality screaming in your face about how you need to shave?

No. 1735147

I'm saying retards are the ones who think prostitution is cool and willingly get into it especially with encouragement from others. Every woman gets hypersexual subliminal messaging from the media and yet many of us don't end up prostituting ourselves anyway no matter how aggressively it's being pushed in mainstream media because we know it's humiliating, retarded and undignified

No. 1735148

it's literally a scrote baiting/samefgging >>1735143 mods cant come any sooner

No. 1735149

I didn't say people were asking you if you shaved today or whatever the fuck you're going on about. People can see if you have body hair, and I have seen other women be shamed for it as well as experienced it myself. And yes I am American. Women having body hair is still seen as taboo by society

No. 1735151

it's a moid, stop responding

No. 1735152

There’s no man out here telling their daughters, relatives and friends to do sex work unless he’s a creep. Most of the sex work is empowering shit comes from sex workers in denial.

No. 1735153

if you have watched the video, lil cocomelon brained zoomie, you would know those women are pimped and their pimps make them promote sex work

No. 1735155

No, it’s literally not taboo to have armpit hair or visible arm/leg hair in the United States. Not a single individual is noticing your body hair. Maybe in the middle of bumfuck nowhere someone’s grandma might give you a sideeye, but on a broad scale nobody is triggered by women with hair. We are not living in a time where women are expected to be hairless lizards.

No. 1735157

>cocomelon brained zoomie
>says sex """work""" instead or prostitution

No. 1735159

can you just call us stupid bitches or something? what's with the usage of 'pussyhaver'

No. 1735160

>refuses to watch the video that literally cites studies
>lies !!!
ok retarded scrote

No. 1735161

Even if we all agreed that women falling for prostitution scams are retarded and should know better or whatever, is it so bad to have a little bit a sympathy for them? Berating them doesn't actually solve the problem.

No. 1735162

You know what anon? You're right. We all live in a peaceful happy land where no one judges women for their appearance anymore and we all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

No. 1735163

yea idk why the speds on here act like having sympathy for prostitutes means you support prostitution. black and white autistic thinking

No. 1735164

it's scrotes, they have no sympathy. That's why when i asked them why men dont do only fans they responded how a man would.

No. 1735165

multidimensional thinking is dead

No. 1735166

males always have the most idiotic arguments, you have to treat them like toddlers

No. 1735167

Ntayrt but then why do the majority of women still shave anyway while men don't?

No. 1735168

Did you get attacked with acid for not shaving your legs or something? Because I don’t care even if you did, leatherface. We’re in America. Everyone’s more worried about paying their water bill than they are about your hair. Get fucking realistic.

No. 1735169

File: 1698032279028.gif (1.35 MB, 498x498, 1690068967159.gif)


No. 1735170

Because they make the decision to. My mom bought me a razor when I was 10 and told me I had the option to shave myself, but I chose not to because who the fuck is focused on my legs? 17 years later, still, nobody is looking at my arms legs or armpits. It’s a choice you make. Nobody else makes it for you.

No. 1735171

whoa.. so genius. you're getting a gold star from me!

No. 1735172

>it's muh choice
Influenced by what?

No. 1735175

>Because they make the decision to.
But what leads to that decision? (that men are somehow immune to)

No. 1735176

File: 1698032436839.png (486.88 KB, 680x510, 69e.png)


No. 1735177

>uhh if women aren’t expected to shave then why are they
>because they want to
>wowwwwww such a genius response retard!
Get over it. Nobody is forcing you to shave or trashing you for not doing such. Thinking that women need to shave their legs/arms/armpits to appear feminine is troonish.

No. 1735178

they cant even watch a video they could put on 2x speed and finish in 15 minutes. 06:20 she goes over my points in more detail. Only a moid would deny an entire society who tells women they have an ATM in their legs and that they can just ''persue OF/prostitution'' if they want easy money because ''women live on easy mode''.

No. 1735181

It's not a scrote. It's the morbidly obese FtM, Gloves/Ritard. She's so feminine, tryhard and clockable every time once you've spotted one of her posts, kek. She tries to larp as a misogynist male but she's just a pathetic obese woman with an unwashed pussy seething about pussyhavers. She's been banned many times.

No. 1735182

you dont have to shave because you are a moid and moid can look like king kong and no one is going to judge them

No. 1735183

Hair is there to protect your skin and sensitive areas from debris, bugs, even some impact. There’s not much of a benefit to removing it.

No. 1735184

>Did you get attacked with acid for not shaving your legs or something?
>Thinking that women need to shave their legs/arms/armpits to appear feminine is troonish.
This retard keeps missing the point and making up shit that no one even said, fuck idk why I even bothered responding in the first place.

No. 1735185

can i get a kiss and can you make it last forever…?

No. 1735186

you can’t unironically believe that every single woman in existence needs to shave or else we’ll be raked through the coals, right?

No. 1735188

The point is that you’re making the decision to shave. Nobody is caring or ruminating on what you do or don’t do with your body hair. That’s the fact of life.

No. 1735190

post armpit hair then i dont believe you dont shave, you are definetly a larping man or handmaiden

No. 1735191

I have sympathy for sex workers in the Philippines who are forced into it at 8 but I don’t feel bad for the the ones who live in the USA and could’ve just gotten a job at Olive Garden or some shit. Why should I feel bad for them? I don’t think they are disgusting whores but I also feel indifferent to their struggles.

No. 1735193


No. 1735194

File: 1698032780255.gif (1.28 MB, 722x680, 1675821751731.gif)

california girls we're unforgettable daisy dukes bikinis on top

No. 1735195

bad b8 m8

No. 1735196

..that doesn't answer the question though. or the fact that men somehow don't have this want/decision. How come?

No. 1735197

Exactly. Go fucking work in the Pier 1 Imports stock room or the froyo shop.

No. 1735198

just stop engaging or start replying with stupid unrelated shit, they're either trolling or straight up retarded

No. 1735199

>reee don't tell me to put my money where my mouth is or it's bait

No. 1735200

But they turn their noses up at jobs like that because they wanna be a glamorous sugar baby or some other dumb shit

No. 1735201

I really wish more women would stop giving a fuck about strangers opinions and feel free to live as a human being including basic things like not wearing makeup and shaving. I couldn’t imagine worrying about needing to look approvable for the public every day hoping everybody accepts me.

No. 1735202

I love how it all boils down to decision making skills. You either choose to do porn or you choose to not shave your arms.

No. 1735203


No. 1735204

then why arent men choosing to do porn and shave themselves? if it's just decision making skills not affected by anything else

No. 1735205

Right? How are there still women who truly think that everyone’s looking at them and everyone in their life and surrounding area is worried about if her body is shaved. Not a single person is having thoughts like that.

No. 1735206

>why aren’t men doing it?

Gay men do this stuff to be attractive to other gays. Straight women are the demographic who really don’t ask for anything in regards to what their partners looks like.

No. 1735209

File: 1698033311190.jpg (108.76 KB, 1200x1200, 2c14d70cbfff129c8865323ee55c6d…)


No. 1735211

>How are there still women who truly think that everyone’s looking at them and everyone in their life and surrounding area is worried about if her body is shaved. Not a single person is having thoughts like that.
there are ltierally little girls as young as 6 being forced into shaving because they get bullied at school by their scroteling clssmates

No. 1735212

This was my original point though. Of course women are not "forced" to shave, but it is still EXPECTED (which is what that anon originally said) because it's the standard and you will face judgement for not doing it. Anon will likely still dodge the point and make things up (like saying i think women who don't shave aren't "feminine") just to argue though, so I'm done.

No. 1735213

Because they’re aware that they have better options, the same way that many women do.

No. 1735214

File: 1698033364983.png (210.4 KB, 640x640, 6gu1ak1mgyr81_png.png)

No. 1735215

File: 1698033366989.jpg (26.09 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


No. 1735216

So who’s expecting you to shave

No. 1735218

why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

No. 1735219

This doesn’t change that little girls still can grow into women who have the freedom to choose whatever they would like to do with their own bodies.

No. 1735221

File: 1698033489297.png (1.8 MB, 1634x3043, pikmin.png)

bogos binted?

No. 1735222

When is a door not a door

No. 1735223

they arent mine, i am ESL and she's american and the mods can easily check my post history where i posted in spanish in the LATAM thread. She's just the only one with the ovaries to tackle these themes.

No. 1735224

File: 1698033572276.png (956.13 KB, 1200x675, galaxy-brain-m-stage-3_png.png)

Holy shit.

No. 1735225

File: 1698033612735.jpg (463.18 KB, 960x960, FaceApp_1693380233759.jpg)

No. 1735226

they literally get groomed into shaving at 6 years old, it's like telling a beaten house wife to ''just leave lol ecksdee''

No. 1735229

>get groomed into shaving
Ok then they’re being abused by their parents? That’s not the same as being a grown woman. We’re talking about grown women. Changing the subject so it fits your side of the argument doesn’t help you.

No. 1735231


No. 1735233

most women get groomed into shaving at 10-12 years, i was forced to shave at 10 because i am naturally hairy.

No. 1735234

File: 1698033839949.gif (2.91 MB, 498x280, howard-the-alien-dance.gif)

No. 1735237

But you’re aware now, as a grown woman, that you have the option not to because nobody cares about your leg hair. Sorry that happened to you as a kid that sucks but this isn’t really the place to trauma dump, if that is what you consider traumatizing; however that doesn’t change the reality that nobody is actively shaming women for not shaving. and even if they are, who cares? It’s very easy to get over and it’s not detrimental to your life.

No. 1735241

Forced to shave as in someone forcibly shaved you or you were given a razor and encouraged to shave then made the decision to take the razor to your hair on your own accord? Because there is a difference.

No. 1735243

File: 1698034073776.gif (129.44 KB, 220x208, dancing-dance.gif)

zubibaweee skibidiii waaaaaa

No. 1735245

Even if people do expect it, wouldn’t it make you happy to be one of the few women challenging that perspective?

No. 1735246

Gay men have to get dressed up, stay in shape and be clean shaven to get respect from other gays. The only reason straight women cry so much about beauty standards is because they do all this beauty shit just to get with the most bland/ugly men. Of course if you’re putting all that effort into your looks just to date uglies you’re going to feel cheated.

No. 1735250

Sad, isn’t it. Stop worrying about your appearances ladies.

No. 1735251

you are actively lying, people, specially moids, do care about women shaving. I dont know in what universe you live in that people dont care, but girls normally start shaving very early on because they get bullied at school, like that poor girl. So yeah, people do care.

No. 1735255

Then just stop dating scrotes who care. Most everyday women walking around don’t look like Victoria secret models….no one gives a shot about a little hair.

No. 1735256

Dying to know, who pulled your pantleg up at school and made fun of your leg hair? Who looked at your arms and made you feel weird about your arm hair? How long ago did this happen? Are these people still in your life? If this happened a long time ago, those people mean nothing to you, and you’re aware that nobody is actually looking at your body to assess your leg hair - why are you still choosing to act like women (not little school girls) are shamed by people for having body hair? We all know that’s not a real thing.

No. 1735257

toot. lol

No. 1735260

you are just making shit up to win an online argument when everyone who has ever experienced being a woman(which you didnt because you are a moid) know it's true that women get groomed since very little to follow beauty standars

No. 1735262

public co-education for 12 years, 2 years of college, from the early 2000’s to now I’ve never once experienced anyone commenting on my leg hair. If they did, I didn’t know about it. Nobody is bothering you about your hair you’re literally just insecure.

No. 1735263

>we all know thats not a real thing!!!
when have you seen a woman with body hair in a movie? if its so normal then hairy women in media should be as common as hairy men

No. 1735265

>i didn't go through x so no one else does

No. 1735268

Consuming media that focuses on made-up, clean shaven women isn’t being groomed. Hair is there to protect your body. They educate you about this in school. If you choose to ignore that and shave it for superficial reasons, that sounds like your own hangup and is no one else’s problem, because guess what? Nobody is inspecting your body, wracking their brain about when the last time you shaved could’ve been. That just doesn’t happen.

No. 1735270

Watching a very recently released movie as I am typing this and the protagonist girl in it has pubes and armpit hair. So…

No. 1735271

>everyone who disagrees with me is a man
Yeah but then you grow up and its your choice to continue following the indoctrination you grew up with. Being a woman doesn’t mean you’re eternally a child who can’t think for yourself.

No. 1735272

what movie

No. 1735273

>no one is forcing you to shave!!!
>give several examples of little girls being forced to shave
>b-but no one cares if you dont know
>show proof that people do care and still dont see it as natural
genuinely wish i lived in your perfect dreamland world nonny, i dont shave but i understand why most women still do since they get forced pretty much from birth to look eternally 12

No. 1735274

If someone made you feel weird about your body hair when you were 12 and it traumatized you so deeply that it’s influencing your ability to comprehend that nobody in the real adult world is looking at your body hair then I’m not sure what to say to you other than you need to find a good shrink.

No. 1735275

No. 1735277

There is a difference between being forced and choosing to follow the standard. Most women don’t even want to challenge the status quo and have a melt down when being told they can do anything else.

No. 1735278

if no one gave a shit about women having body hair women wouldnt shave, your retarded argument makes no fucking sense.

No. 1735279

No what I actually said is that little girls being bullied into shaving means literally nothing because bottomline they grow into women who can choose not to shave, because in the real world nobody cares about your hair.

No. 1735281

Then stop shaving babe because nobody is looking at your body hair. Tell me, when was the last time someone pulled up your skirt and asked you why your legs weren’t shaven?

No. 1735283

Anon probably dates porn sick scrotes who are picky about this kind of shit

No. 1735284

thanks. so hey why are you watching this it looks like softcore porn

No. 1735285

i literally dont shave, do you even read? that doesnt change the fact women are still expected to shave

No. 1735286

This. If having a negative experience that made you want to resort to hair removal as a child is still influencing your decision making skills then you have some growing to do.

No. 1735287

Ok but who’s expecting you to shave

No. 1735288

Who’s asking you to shave though. Is it your mom? Is your boss withholding your paycheck if you don’t shave your legs?

No. 1735289

Women are never going to be equal to men because neither men nor other women have symphaty for women's struggles.

No. 1735291

It’s the opposite of porn it’s actually very upsetting don't watch it if you’re in a good mood it’ll make you feel like shit

No. 1735292

Buying a new razor every month and choosing to shave because you’re insecure isn’t a “women’s struggle”

No. 1735294

Men don’t have sympathy for other men but that didn’t stop them from getting into positions of power

No. 1735297

unlike you i actually do go out and you DO get judged, i once ordered some food and went outside to get it in shorts and the moid kept looking at me and making a disgusting face. That's how i know you are either larping men or hikikkomoris

No. 1735302

Nta but have you ever wondered where those insecurities come from, and why men don't have those same insecurities? Really think about it. think real hard

No. 1735303

>Buying a new razor every month
>every month
moid moment

No. 1735305

>he kept making a disgusted face
Oh no you were so maligned. Do you have a link to your gofundme for the abuse you faced? Why were you even looking at him? Was he your dad? Was he your moms boyfriend? Was he your boyfriend? Does his opinion matter to you? Does his opinion influence your decision making? No. You weren’t asked to leave, nobody refused you service for having hair, nobody approached you and told you that you’re disgusting - some fag nigel just gawked. How heartbreaking.

No. 1735306

Women are doomed because we can’t even muster up the courage to stop buying unnecessary beauty/grooming products or handle being seen without a fresh painted face and smooth legs. Even if some can and support others to quit, there’s a whole bundle of other women screaming to defend these actions as their personal preference. But really their preference is to be seen as a good obedient woman who sticks to the correct actions that make her seem pretty and put together according to propaganda pushed by media that women basically have to be smiling subservient robots.

No. 1735307

I’ve never purchased a razor so I have no idea what the protocol is but I assume it’s similar to buying a toothbrush. Razors being rubbed all over your skin collect dead skin and bacteria, sometimes even blood which spreads diseases. Are you really admitting to using a razor and not even switching it out? That’s 100x more disgusting than just not shaving at all.

No. 1735308

Cant u just wash it lol

No. 1735309

They come from being self absorbed and thinking about your own appearance too much.

No. 1735310

This is like “why should I wash my shower and bathtub it gets cleaned every time I shower” logic

No. 1735314

okay but i actually clean my shower so you are wrong.

No. 1735315

Gee I wonder why women care about their appearance so much, but not men. Wonder where that could come from hmm

No. 1735316

I would laugh and smile later knowing I made some gross moid offended by merely existing.

No. 1735317

exactly. people come here to lie and gaslight about the dumbest things. of course women's body hair is still stigmatized.

No. 1735318

I’d say men only have sympathy for other men. They defend murderers and rapists all the time and can only relate to other males.

No. 1735319

they want to larp as le based blackpilled radfems but at the end just end up shitting on women the same way men do, they lack sympathy the same way men do too

No. 1735321

Because women want to impress men, for no reason. Men have nothing to offer. They have literally no prospects. If you care about a random scrotes opinion, get your head out of the sand and go focus on something that actually speaks to you.

No. 1735322

They don’t do that because they sympathize with other men, they do it because protecting men like that benefits their on self interests. If men cared about men they wouldn’t send millions of teenage boys to war to die and they’d care about sexual abuse towards boys. Men definitely do not care about other men.

No. 1735323

I do lack sympathy for retards, yeah. Going on craigslist to find jobs in pornography is fucking retarded. Crying over some random guy not being pleased at the sight of your leg hair is some childish shit. Get over it.

No. 1735325

>the same way men do
I would much rather groom other women into not shaving than groom them into doing pornography.

No. 1735329

Nobody here is grooming women into porn or even supporting it, they're just saying to have some sympathy if the woman is being treated like shit. Having sympathy =/= agreeing with every action

No. 1735330

Oh my god I didn’t accuse anyone of grooming women into porn, that was just the conversation that started all of this. Lurk moar.

No. 1735331

Nobody has sympathy for anyone, woman or man, who makes the decision to do porn when there are better options, so not sure what you wanna do about that.

No. 1735339

Not to mention there is no way to save these young women because as soon as you tell them not to do porn etc they’re quick to just claim you’re jealous kek nothing can be done for them but let them learn the hard way

No. 1735341

go die in war stupid scrote

No. 1735343

>anyone who says something I don’t like is a scrote

That hit a nerve because you were probably one of those girls who were warned by other women and didn’t listen because you felt they were hating on you kek

No. 1735344

How is it at all scrotish to be a woman who knows better than to do porn? Nobody has been able to answer this. I know that women are expected to be emotional and caring, but I’m not gonna fill up someone else’s bucket giving them the whole “aww no it’s okay that you decided to become an OF hoe and try to break into the porn industry. It’s okay. You were groomed by the media” because that’s not reality. Women who choose, out of all of their options, to do porn are deciding to not use their resources to find a better job. Au contraire, it would be far more scrotish to encourage sex work to young women.

No. 1735345

I agree with this spicy take

No. 1735346

Are you just sad because someone sent your mom the nudes you posted in an attempt to make beer money

No. 1735347

i just have sympathy for them, it's genuinely not that hard. you want to exit prostitution and find a normal job but you have been calling them whores and insulting them for 2 hours. Ofcourse they will choose their simp moids over some retard who refuses to be a little bit sympathetic.

No. 1735348

>you’re calling prostitutes whores on a forum that’s why they’re scared to go get real jobs :/ of course they’ll choose their simp moids over their dignity

No. 1735350


No. 1735351

How does any of what we’re saying affect the average random shay-style whores ability to find a job? I’m not the manager at McDonalds. Take it up with her

No. 1735354

Because all your posts have a palpable “bitch deserved it haha” energy that’s pretty typical of scrotes. It’s this vengeful urge to see women punished for having sex which is scrotery 101 since biblical times. I guess you could be a tradthot. Also because you direct all your ire at the women and none of it towards those funding it and producing it.

No. 1735355

i posted a video of a real exampled of a woman who used to be a pornstar to pay her college bills, quit, her coworkers found out, and harassed her back into porn. But i guess its so easyyyy literally just work at mcdonalds!!!1!

No. 1735356

because you share the same mentality with the people that harass and prevent these women from actually finding a decent job

No. 1735359

It’s not really tradthot behavior to know that you can choose not to do porn. It’s basic decency.

No. 1735362

Basic dignity also

No. 1735363

Obsessing over feminine dignity and decency is pretty tradthot of you actually yeah. It’s clearly not that porn is exploitative that bothers you but that it’s nasty.

No. 1735364

It’s not at all harassing women and preventing them from finding a decent job by saying “don’t do porn”. If a girl came to me asking to interview and she has history on her resume of doing porn or nude modeling, I don’t believe that would make her incapable of successfully executing her new trade.

No. 1735365

Are you talking about belle Knox? She went to duke university which is a Methodist church university…..no shit she got bullied out. Why would she even go there as an ex porn star?

No. 1735366

Nta but why should we have outward sympathy after the fact when most of these sex worker types will call us stupid prude normie wage slaves and boast about how they get money and attention from guys. They made their choice, they face the consequences, everyone knows how risky it is at this point. Our judgements can’t be worse than the ways men will wind up treating them. Men are also the ones doxing and posting their content illegally. Ffs people in the shay thread are always supporting her going to college and getting a real life but she’d rather have old ugly guys abuse her for attention and money.

No. 1735367

just watch the video for god's sake there is no point to keep arguing with a cocomelon brained idiot who refuses to watch a 20 min video with studies and examples

No. 1735368

It’s not even feminine decency it’s just basic dignity. Why would you show any part of your naked body on camera. It’s not necessary. There are other jobs. It’s actually more tradthot to say that women shouldn't work at all, which I don’t agree with.

No. 1735369

>If a girl came to me asking to interview and she has history on her resume of doing porn or nude modeling, I don’t believe that would make her incapable of successfully executing her new trade.
sadly for us moids hold power at most companies

No. 1735370

Are you saying it’s surprising that a porn star wasn’t wanted at a Methodist church university?

No. 1735371

no, retard, i wasnt talking about that girl, i was talking about another woman, but you refuse the video because it links to studies and examples of why you are wrong and a retard

No. 1735373

>you’re wrong and a retard because you know that women can just not do porn to begin with
I’d rather be a retard than do porn

No. 1735374

Right lol when sex workers are young and in their primes they are these big cocky dogs up in the high horse looking down on women who are “wage slaves” or not pretty enough to get a sugar daddy

No. 1735375

well, you are a retard and not doing porn what's your excuse

No. 1735376

>most women…
scrote incel talk, 60% of prostitutes experience PTSD on the same level as war veterans they are traumatized exploited women

No. 1735377

What’s my excuse for not doing porn? My functional brain

No. 1735378

File: 1698038998598.jpg (741.42 KB, 1400x2068, 350.jpg)

I hated this movie and the fact that it won an award.
>nuu you don't get-
No I get it I just can't stand the quirky random exdee style that went on and on forever. I knew it was going to get worse the moment that cop guy's hands turned into dicks.

No. 1735379

Yeah duh but if you try to tell them that will happen their first response is going to be to call you jealous and mad because they get attention/money from men. Can’t expect me to feel bad for you when you started off being a bitch when the money was good.

No. 1735380

I don’t care about war veterans or prostitutes. Being drafted to war by your government is not really the same as consenting to have sex or do porn because you want money or drugs, either.

No. 1735381

but you are retarded, almost as if being a retard and doing porn aren't related and even intelligent women can get groomed into it.

No. 1735382

I was recommended this movie by a woman I thought I had a good rapport with and when I told her I didn't like it (being nice because I fucking hated it) she stopped talking to me forever KEK.

No. 1735383

I hate the title. Retarded name

No. 1735384

yeah, that's why i feel bad for prostitutes men should all go die in war and leave women alone

No. 1735385

>intelligent women
>doing porn

No. 1735386

You can’t “get groomed” into doing porn if you know you have the option to make other choices. We are talking about women who have the ability to make better decisions and choose not to, like shay for example. Or even Nika. Remember her dominatrix phase when she was living with her dad?

No. 1735389

>I feel bad for prostitutes because they decided to do porn on their own accord
Yeah I wish there was some kind of place you could go to when you’re so retarded that it’s a danger to your own well-being. Can’t think of what it’s called.

No. 1735393

why do i need to be a prostitute to have empathy for prostitutes? i dont have to be a dog to feel empathy for abused dogs. No moid would jack off to a hairy camwhore anyways kek

No. 1735394

People like you are the reason people think women are too dumb to make their own choices.

No. 1735396

women make mistake, just like i have sympathy for ex-TIFs i have sympathy for prostitutes who made the mistake of getting into porn
>women dont make mistakes!!1!
i am sorry i am not the one pretending that women deserve to be shit on and get their lifes ruined for making a mistake

No. 1735398

Just because a person made a mistake doesn’t mean they’re not stupid. A person could get behind the wheel drunk and not intend to murder anyone but they’re still going to prison….mistakes have consequences as well.

No. 1735399

Pretty extreme mistake

No. 1735405

Who's actually being hurt here? Like how is this affecting you to this degree?

No. 1735407

yeah, and they are already suffering the consequences of their actions it doesnt mean i have to join it and make it even harder to get back up again and re-do their lives. Just like how i dont judge TIFs i wont judge ex prostitutes.

No. 1735408

You have no class consciousness. More and more women selling their bodies forcibly pushing the notion that average non retarded women should do it too and that it's totes normal and empowering sets the expectation for all of us to get thrown under the bus and violated, but of course you're too retarded to understand that.

No. 1735410

people are bound to make at least one extreme mistake in their lives, it's bound to happen to you too and i bet your would want sympathy too.

No. 1735411

I don’t hate sex workers but I also don’t feel bad for them. Your issue is you think I’m supposed to care about people who don’t even care about themselves.

No. 1735412

You are getting mad at women for that and not the moids for which this industry exists for
then dont pretend you are above them and that they can just quit cold turkey and get a normal job if you are so uninformed about the consequences

No. 1735413

They shouldn’t just quit cold turkey they should find like a decent shopgirl job and then quit

No. 1735414

>you’re bound to do porn too
You’d be surprised, no I actually wouldn’t

No. 1735415

Why can’t I think I’m above them? Most sex workers think they are above women who wage slave at McDonald’s or don’t have sugar daddies

No. 1735416

i already gave examples of several ex pornstars being harassed for their past, it's not as easy as you say. you seriously sound like a scrote, start shifting your hatred towards the men that cosume porn and pay for prostitutes and not the women who made the mistake of doing it and maybe we will actually start seeing a change.

No. 1735417

You keep saying mistake like they slipped and fell onto the scrotes cock. How exactly was it a mistake?

No. 1735418

People who are retarded enough to choose to do porn are below those who are able to work normal jobs. I have more respect for the 15 year old handing me my mcdonald’s bag so she can make some weed money than I do for the pornstar trying to pay rent.

No. 1735419

>Most sex workers think they are above women who wage slave at McDonald’s or don’t have sugar daddies
no they fucking dont. Most are traumatized and have either suffered from child abuse or prior abuse, and unlike your fake ass ''all sexworkers are just mean bitches!!1!'' bullshit i have actually showed proof that they are victims and actually actively looking to get out.

No. 1735420

Except targeting males will never fix the fucking problem retard because males are unfixable and will keep doing what they do so long as the supply of retarded women keeps coming.

No. 1735421

Men are only able to continuing buying those experiences because women continue deciding to provide the service. Get a real job, stop feeding them their dumb little pornsick fantasies.

No. 1735422

then you arent looking to fix the problem you are just looking to shame women, most women from first world countries dont choose to prostitute themselves, what do moids do? bring sex trafficked women. It's not something we can opt out of and fix unless moids stop cosuming it.

No. 1735423

There are definitely sex workers who do think they are better than women who work at McDonald’s or fuck men they like for free. They have this mentality that if you let a man fuck you for free you’re a loser because their brains are warped as hell.

No. 1735424

If she was such an euuuu traumatized victim then she must also be special needs for choosing to go into sexwork. Like someone said earlier, there’s a place that you can go too when you’re too retarded to take care of yourself or make fully-informed decisions that will benefit your wellbeing.

No. 1735425

>men wont stop raping women better just kill all women so men stop raping them
do you understand how unhinged you sound?

No. 1735426

It depends on what you mean by sex worker. OF girls are a very small percentage. The majority of prostitutes are trafficked.

Yes the MLM recruitment aspect of it is really bad. But people here are angry that it offends female dignity or whatever. And again, the focus is completely on the women naturally and not the men who own the website.

So now it's morally wrong because… they're snooty sometimes?

>slipped and fell onto the scrotes cock
I'm not even going to say anything, this speaks for itself.

No. 1735427

>you’re just looking to shame women who keep spoon feeding scrotes their own customized fantasies for money
bet your ass I am! Cause it’s something to be ashamed of.

No. 1735428

Do you seriously believe most sex workers chose to do it? 96% of them want to leave.

No. 1735429

Where the fuck did she say to kill all women you braindead retard

No. 1735430

>it's something to be ashamed of
Why? Why is it shameful? Why is it more shameful than actively seeking out sex with someone who doesn't want to?

No. 1735431

shame men they are the real problem, you are no different than a tradtoth honestly. You are just a handmaiden using women as scapegoats because you know those women are traumatized and mentally ill wont fight back while moids will screech and go crazy at the though of stopping using women as they please. You are just weak, no different than an incel moid angry at women for not sucking his cock.

No. 1735432

Ntayrt but aren't males the ones who started the whole thing in the first place
>targeting males will never fix the fucking problem
Well then why bother having laws for their crimes (or anything in general) anymore

No. 1735433

>you’re a handmaiden because you don’t provide sexual satisfaction to men

No. 1735436

Eliminating the sex industry doesn’t mean women will be killed? We are able to arm ourselves wtf

No. 1735437

We have been shaming pornsick men for it this whole time, and continue to on this website daily. However the first step to eliminating the sex industry is by not offering them the service.

No. 1735438

you are a handmaiden, you are weak and a shame to women who have actually made changes in the world by fighting back men.
you seem more focused on the women than the men, there will always be prostitutes as long as moids keep paying for them.

No. 1735439

>the first step to eliminating the sex industry is by not offering them the service.
holy shit please tell me you are underage i can believe someone this retarded and sheltered exists, you know sex trafficking exists right?

No. 1735440

Sex workers and the men who pay for them should feel shame. Women should feel embarrassed to do porn because it’s shameful and gross. I don’t want to live in a world where sex work is accepted.

No. 1735441

Are women from impoverished countries who have their passports taken 'offering the service' to you or…

No. 1735442

Choosing to have sex with a disgusting ugly smelly scrote on camera or even not on camera for money is undoubtedly grosser than cleaning up the Olive Garden bathroom after a toddler threw up all over it. Having sex with men or even other women for money is pitiful and shameful.

No. 1735444

You're getting called a handmaiden because you keep attacking women instead of men, who started and are in charge of sex industries.

No. 1735445

what makes you think those women dont feel shame? most want to quit. Meanwhile the moids who pay for prostitutes dont feel shame and do not want to quit abusing women.

No. 1735446

Explain why.

No. 1735447

And how exactly is making excuses for prostitutes and feeling sorry for them fighting back against men again
It's not the medieval ages anymore women can get normal jobs now instead of prostituting themselves is the point. You are so willfully obtuse

No. 1735448

I don’t know if you just joined the conversation but we’re discussing women who have the ability and resources to not do porn and actively choose to. Not Liberian sex trafficking victims being stuck in the United States and raped repeatedly. That’s a whole other conversation you autist.

No. 1735449

No one’s talking about sex traffic victims we are talking about people who choose to do sex work. Stop trying to strawman.

No. 1735452

I’m glad they feel shame because that’s what they should be feeling. That will motivate them to do better.

No. 1735453

Because sex is gross. Men are gross. Having sex with a man is gross on it’s face by itself, but doing it for money because you’re too retarded to foam some fucking milk or restock a shelf? Pathetic and sad.

No. 1735454

>And how exactly is making excuses for prostitutes and feeling sorry for them fighting back against men again
by giving them a second chance to get the fuck outta there, retard

No. 1735456

Maybe try fighting back against men by not having sex with them or giving them attention

No. 1735457

if no woman decides to prostitute themselves, then men are going to sex traffick women from other poorer countries, how is it that hard to understand?

No. 1735458

The post I was replying said "prostitution ends when we stop offering men the service".

No. 1735459

i dont, projection retard

No. 1735461

Women are getting raped regardless of western women choosing to be retarded anyway what's your fucking point

No. 1735463

Why is sex gross?
And why is it more shameful to have sex with a man for money than to buy a woman?

No. 1735464

I’ve already attacked men multiple times, and in my very first response I stated that men are responsible for the existence of the sex industry. We have been from the beginning, stop newfagging.The resolution is easy: stop selling sex to these disgusting fucking ugly scrotes. Plain and simple.

No. 1735465

Men still go to improvised counties to rape women despite this. Women who do sex work aren’t helping sex traffic victims.

No. 1735466

It’s equally shameful.

No. 1735467

Both are fucking shameful? It’s shameful to have sex with a man for money, and it’s shameful to buy a woman because you’re such an insufferable and unattractive moid nobody wants to share a bed with you?? Are you pretending to be retarded now?

No. 1735468

File: 1698041669585.jpg (36.51 KB, 500x375, 7543.jpg)

you guys are still going? uuhh heres my own metaphor if a woman saw a tank that had a huge blaring sign that said "warning: deadly sharks" and walked in anyway and got eaten to death, i'd still feel bad for her tbh and would be pissed at whoever left the tank there. you know? doesn't take experiencing a shark attack personally to think "damn that's terrible"

No. 1735469

If rape apes can't buy sex they'll take it by force from someone not selling. Idk how you don't realize this.

No. 1735470

Nobody’s walking into a pool full of sharks though

No. 1735471

most women who get into prostitution and OF dont even know its dangerous, that's why i recommended the Hot girls wanted documentary. They get into the porn industry thinking its just having normal sex on cammera then get slowly groomed into doing grosser and more degrading stuff.

No. 1735472

>Males will rape women anyway this is exactly why women should go into prostitution
That's how dumb you sound

No. 1735473

Sex work is technically rape as well imo. They are fucking women who find them repulsive because they need a check and a way to pay bills.

No. 1735474

Then buy a gun, we live in America. Stop pretending to be weak.

No. 1735475

I'm asking why. You keep saying "it's shameful it's shameful". The prostitute is still hurting herself more than anyone else. The man is actively paying to rape someone. I don't see how they're equivalent.

No. 1735476

you sound underage

No. 1735477

the sharks are a metaphor for men…forget it

No. 1735478

>thinking it’s having normal sex on camera
That’s just as bad as doing gross fetish stuff. They purposefully sought out jobs doing porn. They deserve 0 sympathy. They signed a contract consenting to allow shitty things to happen to themselves because they were too retarded to use their common sense.

No. 1735479

So what if she’s hurting herself? She should still feel ashamed for choosing to do sex work. She’s below a Walmart janitor.

No. 1735480

You can buy a gun online, very easy.

No. 1735481

She’s choosing to “hurt herself” though. She could decide not to get raped by just working at fucking Taco Bell or something

No. 1735482

No. 1735483

are you the same sperg that said little girls should carry guns to not get raped by troons in the bathroom?

No. 1735484

Why would you purposefully go into the porn industry as your first career move though. That’s nonsensical.

No. 1735485

do you thinke every prostitute mentally sound? a bunch are homeless, kicked out of home, addicts, very, very mentally unwell, previously abused, etc

No. 1735486

Little girls should be accompanied by their moms when going to the bathroom in public to protect them from troons. Really troons should be exterminated as a whole but society isn’t there yet

No. 1735487

If it's not shameful why don't you go be a prostitute yourself to prove your point? Of course you wouldn't though for extremely obvious reasons you refuse to accept being articulated to you over and over. Fucking retard

No. 1735488

because it's become so normalized thanks to moids, 90% of modern men watch porn

No. 1735491

I don’t feel bad for them. If you had a normal, comfortable life and thought that going into porn was your best career move; you deserve whatever you got yourself into.

No. 1735492

But moids are not controlling what women choose to do. You’re a woman, did a man choose what you studied at college? Does a man choose what you buy at the grocery store? Do you google “what jobs do men like women to have” before you go on a job hunt? No, you don’t. See how it sounds?

No. 1735493

when you eventually turn 18 you are going to find out life isn't so black and white

No. 1735494

sorry i forgot men never in the life have affected women in any negative way, not like we had to fight for our rights and anything

No. 1735495

Because it’s gross as fuck. Sex is what people do when they want to spawn a new life into the world, which should not be taken lightly. Making videos of committing that act is nasty. Paying to have sex with a woman for fun is nasty. Selling your body to pay your rent is fucking disgusting. Letting a random stranger put a part of his body inside of your body is really ghastly. Doing something like that to make a few dollars is something to be ashamed of.

No. 1735496

File: 1698042366594.jpeg (89.06 KB, 634x1159, B3BD3161-72FF-4063-9EC8-1FEC5A…)

For example Denise Richard’s and Lola sheen are already rich. What reason do they have to be doing mom and daughter porn?

No. 1735498

Why is it shameful?

No. 1735499

>why would women choose to do porn out of all career options
>because men made it so prevalent
>so a men make all your decisions for you
>ugh it’s not like we had to fight for our right to get paid to have sex with moids or anything…

No. 1735500

You keep ignoring the actual responses. >>1735495

No. 1735501

Okay, so you are a tradthot then. It's clearly about feminine dignity and personal sensibilities to you. You sound more annoyed about sex for ~frivolous reasons~ than about women getting exploited or the lack of consent.

No. 1735502

Because the girls who make the choice to go into porn aren’t being exploited. They’re trying to capitalize off of their bodies by producing pornographic content. They know exactly what they’re doing and that’s why they milk the victim narrative so aggressively.

No. 1735503

a bit unrelated but I heard that Denise used to be a Heidi Fleiss girl

No. 1735504

You really don’t have to be a tradthot to understand that doing what people do to essentially inseminate a woman is not something you should aspire or choose to do for money

No. 1735505

you are pretending all prostitutes are rich women, you have to be retarded to think that's true

No. 1735506

They should be ashamed because someone on the internet finds it ~nasty~? That's not really a compelling argument for why it's morally wrong.

No. 1735507

kek so you are a tradtoth who only hates prostitutes because they are having sex out of wedlock, that explains why your hatred is so focused on them and not the men who pay for them(who are most likely married men with children)

No. 1735508

So you couldn’t read that whole paragraph and immediately intuit that all of those things are morally wrong? That deciding to have sex with ugly gross men for money is wrong and dehumanizing? That turning yourself into a sex doll is pathetic?

No. 1735509

They waste all their porn money on drugs and partying and then around 29 they pull out the victim card to e beg online when they’re getting too old

No. 1735510

Can you read? It has nothing to do with marriage, because who in their right mind would get married to a man? What I’m saying, verbatim, is a lot more like “why the fuck would you want to get inseminated on camera for money like a gross breeding horse by some sweaty ugly smelly man?”.

No. 1735511

>you’re a tradthot because you think men are disgusting
These are some really bad reading comprehension skills.

No. 1735512

gross moid mindset, die

No. 1735514

If you think it’s so fun and cunt then go have sex with some gross man and see how much he pays you for it. Really. Because you’re basically brushing off every response when they’re all perfectly reasonable.

No. 1735516

Someone hasn’t read many of the threads on this website where this is literally the exact situation unfolding in real time

No. 1735518

Generally what's morally wrong is decided based on how it affects others. Yes it's dehumanizing, but it's turned inward, so I have a lot more empathy for prostitutes than for pimps. I don't think drug addiction is shameful either. And loaded language about "it's just so gross and nasty" doesn't change my mind.

No. 1735519

It’s true though. I see so many ex porn stars online starting go fund mes and ebegging….it’s like girl you could’ve just applied at Burger King at this point.

No. 1735520

>I have more empathy for prostitutes than pimps
Why not neither.

No. 1735521

I never said it was fun and cunt. I support sex work exit, I wish it didn't exist at all. I think it's a deeply sad situation to find yourself in. I just don't think it's shameful.

No. 1735522

>hm well it being disgusting to have sex with a random man for money isn’t really enough to dissuade me
Ok go do it have fun

No. 1735523

The whole conversation we’re having is about how it’s shameful to purposefully enter and participate in sex work. You haven’t come up with one coherent reason for why choosing to do sex work when you have other options is an acceptable thing to do.

No. 1735524

>I wish it didn’t exist at all
then start shaming these women into getting jobs at subway

No. 1735525

>I don’t think drug addiction is shameful either
Of course you don’t

No. 1735526

Yes, I personally wouldn't want to do it, but not because it's a moral failing. I wouldn't want to cut myself or abuse drugs either.

Even if they did go into it because theyre lazy capitalistic and wanted a quick buck I don't think that makes them bad people really. Nobody has told me why it's something to be ashamed of aside from it's gross it's gross men are gross. I don't see how sex workers, even those who go into it by choice are hurting others.

No. 1735527

>Sex is what people do when they want to spawn a new life into the world, which should not be taken lightly. Making videos of committing that act is nasty.
But explain exactly why. Yes, sex is used commonly in a reproductive setting but how can we derive a moral statement from this? I genuinely want to know how you can to this conclusion.

No. 1735528

>the porn industry sets unrealistic standards for women
>many of them do barely legal porn which is basically legal child porn
>a lot of them talk about how great sex work etc is all over their social media
>women have to endure painful and horrible sex because men learn how to have sex from porn

By joining the sex industry they are hurting women

No. 1735529

that's still men's fault, it takes 0 effort to stop watching porn

No. 1735530

Do we watch videos of women giving birth for entertainment? No. So why should videos of adults procreating exist and be called “adult entertainment” when there’s nothing entertaining or enjoyable about the act of breeding. It’s really perverse and disgusting. This is what I mean when I go heavy on the
>it’s gross
>it’s disgusting
>it’s nasty

No. 1735531

It’s men fault for jerking off to it but it’s also the womens fault for contributing to it. Two statements can be true at once.

No. 1735532

even if women stopped making porn men still have a backlog of over 40 years of pornography, it changes nothing

No. 1735533

It also takes 0 effort to not do porn

No. 1735534

what does your sexual trauma have to do with all of this

No. 1735535

>giving birth

I’ve seen porn stars give birth on camera for fetish content or those breast feeding TikTok pages that are obviously supposed to be sexual. Deplorable human beings really but I guess they can’t be blamed because men brain washed them kek

No. 1735536

women get trafficked to do porn, men dont get hurt in any way by not masturbating

No. 1735537

It actually does change things because women stop doing porn and are able to build normal lives without humiliating/harming themselves. Sure, they still have their fap material, but it ends the production of it. It breaks women out of working as a whore and allows them to explore what their real talents are.

No. 1735539

that has nothing to do and women who do that kind of content have gone to jail for it, ''your right ends were the right of others beggins'' and all of that

No. 1735540

I’ve never given birth so I can’t relate to whatever trauma that is, but what I’ve said multiple times is: It’s depraved. You can’t argue with it.

No. 1735541

kek you are talking as if the majority of women were doing porn and it wasnt a small small minority, you are so retarded and such a handmaiden your solution to pornography isnt outright banning it or being more critical of moid consuers, but for women to stop making it(literally impossible)

No. 1735542

>men brain washed them
No, they chose to do it.

No. 1735543

No it’s actually very easy. You just stop making porn. Go work at the mac store.

No. 1735545

Banning it could also be a step, but that wouldn’t erase its existence. The easiest thing to do is to stop creating it, stop making men feel comfortable approaching women to have sex with them on camera for money.

No. 1735546

you are so low iq and such a handmaiden it's baffling lol, literal kid ''why doesnt the goverment print more money to give to the poor'' levels of thinking

No. 1735547

so literally getting groomed into sex work… what i have been saying all this time

No. 1735548

It’s actually not “printing money” logic. Women are purposefully choosing to work in the sex industry. Stop choosing to work in the sex industry. You have spent hours bending over backwards trying to absolve other women of taking accountability for choosing to prostitute themselves.

No. 1735549

That’s why we need to continue making sex workers feel ashamed so they won’t feel comfortable promoting their life style

No. 1735550

it's literally impossible to stop the creation of porn women arent a monolith and there will always be a woman that's in such a bad situation getting paid 50 to suck a dick is good enough for her. Also, women would be trafficked to do porn anyways. It's way easier for scrotes to stop watching porn and to ban it, but you are a handmaiden .

No. 1735551

let's start by shaming moids first, then we can move onto women.

No. 1735552

I will shame them both

No. 1735553

File: 1698044614785.jpeg (346.92 KB, 1170x686, IMG_6290.jpeg)

Consuming media about sex work isn’t being groomed into sex work. Grooming is when you have a legitimate relationship with someone that you personally know and trust, and they manipulate your decision making skills. Listening to music or consuming shitty Pussy Cat Dolls prostitution ring music is not being groomed.

No. 1735555

how about men stop paying prostitutes? prostitutes wouldnt exist if the root of the problem, moids, didnt exist, but you refuse to held moids accoutntable

No. 1735556

not enough considering 90% of men consume porn compared to the minimal amount of women who actually do porn

No. 1735557

We’ve been shaming both the whole time

>she’d rather suck dick than flip a burger
Yeah I bet she thinks she sooo above working at McDonalds that she’d rather have sex in a public bathroom.

No. 1735558

If shes so bad off living in the USA that she has to suck dick to make 50 dollars then she might need her rights taken away and thrown into an adult care facility because she’s has some kind of learning disability and can’t take care of herself

No. 1735559

That will just generate a bigger pushback from them. And all the tradtards will start to slither their way in and try to push their own agenda alongside the pornography ban.

No. 1735560

it is being groomed, it's cult adoctrination levels of grooming

No. 1735561

>hearing music on the radio is cult level indoctrination
then turn the radio off.

No. 1735562

If you’re gonna use the word indoctrination at least learn how to spell it first. Now you’re just embarrassing yourself

No. 1735563

imagine if women had this lack of empathy for moids, we would live in an utopia. god i hate handmaidens

No. 1735564

All of the women in this thread do not give a shit about men. That is why we have been saying that you shouldn’t have sex with them period, let alone for money. You are really really not good at reading verbatim spoken words, let alone social cues.

No. 1735566

>porn is disgusting, i have no sympathy for women who choose have sex with disgusting men for money
>they’re victims
>then why don’t they just not have sex with men if men are victimizing them
>oh wow that’s a good idea

No. 1735567

What’s not empathetic about what I said? If you are a grown woman and can’t figure out to make 50 dollars without sucking dick then you need someone else to take over your care. If you don’t even have 50 dollars how are you even feeding and cleaning yourself?

No. 1735568

The flat spot on my head is getting really flat.

No. 1735570

yes i am sure you are such a redpilled terf radfem thats why you spent the entire time putting the blame of moid's disgusting behaviour and industry on women

No. 1735572

Yeah because the conversation has been about women who have the resources to work normal jobs purposefully choosing to work in the sex industry and make sexually pleasuring moids the entirety of their livelihood. You need to lurk moar.

No. 1735573

>Me trying to figure out if the "prostitutes are shameful whores who deserve to be ridiculed and ostracized!!" sperg is a tradthot looking for reasons to feel superior to other women or an incel moid
Either way take notes girls, this is why you don't hang around conservatives even if they promise to """give you a voice""".

No. 1735574

sidding with men in any shape or form is handmaiden behaviour

No. 1735576

Nobody has sided with men for the entire conversation. It’s actually been about how disgusting and predatory they are, but that doesn’t change the fact that women who have the ability to work a better job need to be held accountable for choosing to work in the sex industry. Being a sex trafficked orphan prostitute who was born into sex work is not the same as being a woman who’s fully capable of working a regular job that chooses to go into prostitution/pornography.

No. 1735577

>All lowercase
You’re a newfag, you can’t spell, and you haven’t even read the entirety of the thread.

No. 1735578

Women who decide to do porn instead of working a normal safe job do deserve to be ostracized and should be ashamed of what they’re doing to themselves, yeah. Because they’re trying to emulate a life experience that’s been imposed upon kidnapping victims who are forced into sex trafficking.

No. 1735579

You don't understand, women are actually children with no agency, so they can't be blamed for anything.

No. 1735580

if anything lowercase shows i am not a newfag, you little phonefaggot

No. 1735582

ok how do you hold them accountable outside of already having a hard leaving prostitution and pronography thanks to moids and handmaidens like you harassing the living hell out of them, isnt that enough accountability? do they have to suffer the rest of their lives and be prostitutes forever because retards like you refuse to see them as humans who make mistakes?

No. 1735583

I mean they can still work a normal job and make a livelihood? It’s simple for them to do that. But after publicly posting themselves committing some really heinous acts for the whole globe to see, all they can expect is for people to keep their distance. Others probably won’t want to be associated with that because it’s distasteful and thoughtless to land on doing porn when you could’ve gone and worked at Trader Joe’s.

No. 1735584

>be prostitutes forever
Lurk. Moar. This whole conversation is about why they can easily get new jobs.

No. 1735585

If they have the bravery to suck dick in front of 100s of people in set, get into cars with strangers and spend all day online sex chatting with strangers but are too innocent and sweet to handle “mean” comments

No. 1735586

They can have a train ran on them but they can’t pick up the phone and call a lawyer to send them a cease and desist if their coworkers start sending them nudes they found on google

No. 1735587

You're not entitled to people's friendship or being liked. You can hang out with some ex-drug addicts, they're on your level.

No. 1735588

They don't chat with men online. It's third world fags that do it

No. 1735593

i honestly don't understand the controversy around menstruation art or why people used it as "proof" that feminism has gone too far yada yada

No. 1735595

Arguing that you're a "human who made a mistake" can only work so far. At some point your actions start to have consequences and I'm pretty sure you didn't just slip and fall mouth-first on some greasy old man dick and he just happened to give you cash for it. Getting into prostitution or camwhoring = doing it consistently over the course of months or years. I'd buy it if you sent a few nudes to your boyfriend and he posted it online for everyone to see, that is a dumb mistake you can make due to inexperience. Prostitution and porn ain't it, though. And before you try to cover your ass with muh misogyny again, men who do these things and then want to "settle down and be a family man" are just as disgusting if not more, since most do it for free.
Most normal people aren't greedy or degenerate and don't want to be with someone who is, sorry about your bpd though.

No. 1735598

I'm not a fan of most art about menstruation because I feel like it's often too heavy handed or aggressively self-affirming. Idk maybe it's just the ones I've seen?
I think the dialogue surrounding menstruation should be more positive (especially to girls, telling young girls that it's some awful miserable curse is super grim and primes them to hate their body) but it seems like some artists act like just depicting blood or a vulva is some profound political statement, and immediately begin patting themselves on the back, when the art itself is kinda bland. A lot of the ones I've seen are just really plain and shallow.
I did see one show at a gallery once that I really liked, it was a series about a girl who lives as a wild creature in a forest and they do show her menstruating. But she does other crazy and interesting things too so that's what appealed to me, it fit into a context instead of being just disembodied menstruation. Even then, a lot of the discussion on the art started and ended at "zomg so powerful feminist statement" which feels cheaply congratulatory.
I think maybe some people feel reactionary towards it when it's presented as some aggressive political act of feminism instead of like, here's us acknowledging and celebrating a natural female experience? But I'm sure there's retards who get triggered just at the mention of periods anywhere too and that's probably what you were talking about. Ik most of what I said was tangential but I wanted an excuse to rant about it because I think we can do better than either not talking about menstruation at all or acting like it's some crazy out-of-the-box status quo breaking thing when it's really just normal.

No. 1735603

i was referring to art made with period blood though, not just any art about menstruation. bcs that was something a lot of antifeminists reeeed over back in the 2014-2016 era. i genuinely don't understand why it was perceived as bad or scary to make art with it, i remember a lot of ppl compared it to cum but it's obviously not the same, you don't ejaculate period blood, it's not sexual.

No. 1735607

Anons are going to reee rn, but it literally is just the fact that specifically 2014-2016 there was a huge anti-feminism wave(still exists in a way.) The thing that bothered people was that it was libfem, and 99% of people are against feminism, be it even softie liberal feminism. That's it though. As anon said, they didn't like that it was "political" and even when someone just uses it as an art medium, it STILL is political for people. It was also a very easy thing to critique/be disgusted by/make fun of, and that is the reason it gained the popularity it did.

No. 1735610

mois are grossed out by periods, they were crying and shitting over turning red showing pads for less than a minute

No. 1735616

No one clutches pearls faster or harder than a man when he hears anything at all relating to menstruation.

No. 1735627

Agreed. I think it's cool, actually. Obv some art made with menstrual blood is not very good as art per se, but the intense reeeeing about it is just retarded.

No. 1735639

it's not far from painting with shit or vomit to me. it would be nice to keep excrement in the potty. it stinks. but if it's just a theme in a normal painting, that's fine.

No. 1735664

Literally just the "western feminists complaining about misogyny are damaging poor 3rd world women who are ACTUAL victims of misogyny" narrative but repackaged

No. 1735669

This focus on ultra-individualism would work if we lived in a vacuum with no outsider influence but as things are, blaming gendered societal phenomenons on individuals isn't worth it. You can do it for shit like drunk driving because it actually causes direct harm upon others around you but with sex work and prostitution the only one being damaged is the woman herself. Sure you can argue that actually she's damaging all women by dragging down our worth or making light of all the victims of human trafficking but a lot of girls who do sex work have severe emotional problems and unresolved trauma such as being molested or raped at a young age that are driving them into thinking their body is only for male pleasure. Literally no stable and healthy woman gets into sex work so it's useless trying to force the "suburban privileged white girl posting nudes to buy a luxury bag" strawman into the discussion when cases like Courtney Clenney exist. I'm sure Amouranth seemed like the quintessential privileged pretty girl making a bank until she had a meltdown and revealed having been abused and whored by her husband for years. If a man rapes a woman we bring up the discussion about men as a class and how society enables male aggression and entitlement to the woman's body but when a woman does something tradthot-chan wearing a swerf pin finds too unchristian suddenly she has agency and has to be punished personally for being such a whore.

No. 1735679

I didn't say a word about individualism. I said that if you do porn or used to be a prostitute, most people will think less of you and that's just how it is. Amouranth had a choice to say no or leave said husband but didn't for years, now she has a reputation. She could've gotten a real job but chose not to.

No. 1735690

File: 1698062386307.jpeg (141.4 KB, 1080x1446, received_869481381215794.jpeg)

Those omodoki dolls are so ugly, especially when they have hair and really detailed eyes. Just get a nendoroid doll or a regular plush of the character ffs I don't want to see these care bear bellybutton paw print abominations anymore

No. 1735692

It's funny that retarded anon was bringing all these trafficking
statistics to defend first world sex workers like the playboy girls and OF camgirls, when the face of the horrors of sex trafficking is a poor thirdie woman, I feel sympathy for them because unlike their counterparts, they really got no options left in their hellholes. My country is know for its pervasive sex and child trafficking and prostitution, we are also the most impoverished country in LATAM as well as ranking 4th place in feminicide rates worldwide, it's a dangerous place were women are kidnapped to be sold in 1st world countries and beyond, and most prostitutes are in to feed their child or get out of extreme poverty, that's worthy of sympathy, unlike people who were born with everything at their hands and ditched it. What's your excuse?

No. 1735693

You have been a this for hours, go to sleep hikkichan. You are beyond pathetic, at least the prostitutes have work to do, but you spent the entire night on a sunday discussing your hatred towards women. Take a nap.

No. 1735695

Typing words on a keyboard defending basic dignity is more pathetic than being a public fleshlight how again

No. 1735697

No1currs about your wannabe cold individualistic tradtoth not like other radfems larp anymore, go to sleep

No. 1735703

At least those women have a job lmao how about you take your own advicd and apply to mcdonalds

No. 1735706

stop replying to the male

No. 1735712

File: 1698064121449.png (525.55 KB, 499x569, omodoki.png)

aw i like them, just the ones with fake wig hair and way too many details added to the faces and hair are ugly to me. they look better when they're more basic looking like picrel imo maybe i'm just biased because i own one of my husbando and like to dress him in cute little outfits kek

No. 1735713

I legit can't tell if it's a tardfem or a moid. The weird language about 'slipping on a greasy man's cock' is so misogynistic but it's dressed up in this fake concern for women.

No. 1735715

I'm nta, this is like my second reply into this discussion

No. 1735716

>At least those women have a job
Sex work is not work

No. 1735720

Damn, that ones cute. I also hadnt considered the appeal of the outfits kek. I take it back, not all of them are ugly, I think ive just seen too many overly detailed hair abominations.

No. 1735725

You can also buy a dick to attach to your husbando.

No. 1735729

File: 1698066155475.gif (1.43 MB, 424x318, 1666787097968.gif)

Samw. I like nuigurumi though even if they're really just overpriced happy meal toys with inconsistent quality.

No. 1735737

incredibly based

No. 1735744

yea you're probably not as pro woman as you think if you're calling them "public fleshlights"

No. 1735778

My unpopular opinion is that I would never adopt and I don't think that makes you a bad person. Every adopted kid I grew up with was fucking insane. They all were violent, disruptive, had FAS, or some other damage. I've met 1 adopted person in my entire life who was normal, and yes I know its not their fault and is the result of trauma and that's very sad. I'm not down to deal with that bullshit though, and especially not for a kid who isn't even doing me the service of propagating my genes. If I'm going to be a mom–which is a generally miserable experience in any case and why I have 0 intention of becoming a parent–and going through all the suffering that entails, I'm at least doing it for a kid I actually made and who is actually half me. That's the only thing that makes it even somewhat worth it to have kids, and with adoption you don't even get that. Not to mention the genetics are a mixed bag and knowing the family history of mental/physical health problems is nearly impossible. You have no idea what you're getting, and YES you never know what you're getting with a kid (another reason I don't want them) but with a kid you made you can have an educated guess. Idk why anyone would breed or raise children but if you want to do it, you're a sucker for not creating a kid from scratch instead of taking an even bigger risk. Having a kid in general has almost no benefits and adopting has literally none. No offense adoptanonnas, I don't hate adopted kids or anything I just don't want them myself and don't get it

No. 1735779

I think a lot of people feel the way you do.

No. 1735782

That bird will be so disappointed

No. 1735783

File: 1698071522926.jpeg (628.04 KB, 1170x658, IMG_6680.jpeg)

I need a farmhand
I’m holding out for a farmhand ‘till the end of the thread
She’s gotta be a NEET
And she’s gotta do it for free
And she’s gotta be swift with the bans
I need a farmhand

No. 1735784

Having children is selfish.

No. 1735789

I agree having children, biological or not, is objectively retarded. But
>doing me the service of propagating my genes
>a kid I actually made and who is actually half me
Biological children aren't you, they just have a chance of looking like you and a higher chance of reacting to their environment the way you do. Narcissist parent rhetoric acting as if your biological child will literally be an extension of yourself and reflect on you instead of becoming their own person.

No. 1735792

No. 1735793

Yeah but they probably wouldn't say it. It's definitely got stigma attached especially if you're child free because then people expect your default moral position to be that everyone should adopt. Not me kek

No. 1735798

Women who willingly enter the sex industry always have the worst personalities imaginable. They’re all vapid pick-me’s with personality disorders and drug habits. They think being bought by men is evidence that they’re attractive and seductive, which is all they care about, they always get off on the thought of men cheating on their gf/wife to buy them because they hate other women. Look at any online community of prostitutes, they’re constantly making jokes about being the hot other woman who can steal your man and take your kids college fund. They’re all really gross.

No. 1735800

File: 1698072795719.gif (2.01 MB, 640x358, timetostop.gif)

There's over 8 billion of us sharing the planet now.

No. 1735802

File: 1698072985281.jpg (48.07 KB, 700x604, total eel death.jpg)

it should've at least stolen a fish one

No. 1735803

The sex worker vs wife rivalry is so funny to me. Those men rarely leave their wives for the prostitute, if ever. The only smart sex workers are the ones who treat it as a business (which it is) and use the money for something else, such as college. The stupid ones are like Shayna and think they are stars that everybody loves and that their "careers" will last forever.

No. 1735810

>The sex worker vs wife rivalry is so funny to me. Those men rarely leave their wives for the prostitute, if ever.
The fact that the disgusting men are buying hookers and going to strip clubs is the biggest problem though, not the idea of them leaving their wife for the prostitute. If he buys prostitutes it means he views women as subhuman objects that exist to be bought, and most women would leave their husband if he cheated, especially with a prostitute.

No. 1735811

>most women would leave their husband if he cheated
Lol who’s going to tell her?

No. 1735812

File: 1698073986856.jpg (72.45 KB, 763x1047, clay_face_plush__by_wisp400_df…)

The realistic hair does look kind of strange cause the actual plush looks like a baby. I can't talk thought because I like some of these clay plushies even though a lot of them are quite ugly.

No. 1735814

Normal women leave if they catch their significant other cheating, if it’s with a whore it would be even more repulsive. Only worthless prostitutes with cluster b personality disorders think that cheating is natural and ok or funny even, because they’re broken individuals

No. 1735818

It’s not natural or ok or funny, but it is a fact that women are far more likely to stay with their husbands after they cheat than men are to stay with their wives.

No. 1735822

Isn’t it a biohazard

No. 1735823

I have known a guy cheated on his wife, she found out, and she was too exhausted, busy with work, and busy taking care of their offspring to want to initiate any kind of divorce or separation. She said something to him “I understand if you decide to keep seeing her but I’m not interested in upending my life over this”. Women are fucking tired lol, in many ways. It hurts like a bullet in the eyeball to get cheated on by someone you trust and love, but it’s not always enough to make a woman want to go through a whole legal Greek drama.

No. 1735825

You realize that the whole discussion was about women who choose to become porn fleshlights. Or can you just not read?

No. 1735827

Very true, I knew a few girls who ended up becoming onlyfans/camgirl hoes and they were the hugest pickmes who always created drama to victimize themselves and talk shit about others. They love the male attention and proving how cool they are compared to boring ugly women who only like vanilla sex and monogamy or whatever. Men are the ones who traumatize them but they’re still so dependent on their validation.

No. 1735828

nta but why are we calling women fleshlights at all? misogynistic scrotebrained behavior

No. 1735830

>uhh why are you calling women who decide to go into sex work when they could just get a job at wendy’s a “flesh light”
Cause it’s what she signed up to be. The whole conversation is about women who choose to have sex with disgusting men for money when they have the resources to work a normal job. LURK! MOAR! Before responding!

No. 1735831

On top of worrying about their children, women who are victimized by their husband's infidelity are also concerned with what everyone else thinks (wider family, work, and friends) and how the separation/divorce/something obviously looking "wrong" socially will impact their reputations and ramp up gossip which can only worsen their emotional health and mental wellbeing further. But I'm not too keen on being overly sympathetic for these women because they know what they got themselves into and at some point become willing victims when they just put up and shut up with it instead of picking back up SOME spine and at least trying to fight back instead of just letting it happen and allowing themselves to get steamrolled over and over again.

No. 1735832

What’s really scrotebrained is ignoring all of the other job opportunities available to you to go do porn

No. 1735834

That’s still dehumanizing and misogynistic language.

No. 1735835

File: 1698075501719.jpeg (238.87 KB, 866x313, IMG_6291.jpeg)

You can always see it on their faces kek

No. 1735836

File: 1698075535550.jpeg (145.32 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_2828.jpeg)

This is like when you go into a grannies house and see the red lip mammy figured or those hideous babies and you’re like why were people from the olden days so weird how did they think this was cute or normal??

No. 1735837

>Insulting women (to rightfully shame them for what they willingly got themselves into) is worse than women exerting their own agency to actually physically and mentally degrade themselves

No. 1735839

a fleshlight is a silicone masturbation toy. a woman, even if she goes into sex work and makes stupid life choices, is a living person. but i guess all the tradthots flooding lolcor don't see women as people, so

No. 1735841

Yeah, because they’re purposefully selecting a dehumanizing and misogynistic job. The sex industry is dehumanizing and misogynistic, and they’re actively saying “Oh yeah, I wanna be part of this! I wanna perpetuate the existence of this by consenting to be recorded!” Catch the fuck up before typing shit up oh my god you sound stupid

No. 1735842

There are millions of women who choose not to go into porn. If you choose to go into porn, guess what? That’s selling yourself as a flesh light. You can be all
Yeah, I have no sympathy for a woman (or anyone) who chooses to have sex with men (or anyone else) for money. You’re not a person to me if that’s all you think you’re capable of kek. Maybe try a little harder if you want to be held in higher regard?

No. 1735843

>all the tradthots flooding lolcor don't see women as people, so…
ugh can we stop with the tradthot scapegoating. it's weak.

No. 1735844

Kek get her ass

No. 1735846

Being against the pleasure of males is literally the opposite of tradthot behavior. Women who claim to be “tradthots” are some of the worst most vile sexual degenerates because they think that female submission is the biggest turn-on in existence. Hell, there are tradwives who are sexually stimulated by the idea of getting pregnant. Tradwhores are not the ones shilling for porn to be exterminated, it’s radfems honey.

No. 1735850

File: 1698076130011.jpg (110.43 KB, 736x1308, Handwriting.jpg)

Print > cursive
YOUR CURSIVE IS DOGSHIT AND NO ONE CAN DECIPHER IT BUT YOU, DICKHEAD. At least when someone has bad print writing you can still make out the letters.

No. 1735854

Samefag, I forgot to say that nice print writing is so much more beautiful than nice cursive. I still have my signature in cursive though kek

No. 1735856

I think the teacher who confiscated that second grader's sorority shirt was in the wrong. Who in their right mind is going to see a seven year old wearing a hand-me-down AKA shirt and think she's actually part of the sorority?

No. 1735863

I fucking hate those thong bikinis but they’re popular because women keep buying them. If women would all stand together and think “hm my whole ass doesn’t have to show and neither does here” and stop buying bullshit there’d be no profit in it and scrotes would stop making it.

No. 1735866

Having actually been an escort I can tell you most of you have no actual understanding of why women get into sex work and just want an acceptable target to vomit all your misogyny onto.

Women don’t get into these situations because the money is easy but because it’s fast. If you need to make several hundred dollars within a few days or your power will be cut off, or your car will be repossessed, regular wages aren’t going to help you. At a regular job you’re going to have to wait till your next pay period, and it’s still probably not going to be enough. Most women who got into it were working regular jobs at the time, but it wasn’t enough to cover basic living expenses let alone any sudden unexpected expenses.

There are also some who can’t work regular jobs due to disability or mental illness. When I got in it was after several traumatic events left me too depressed to commute over an hour and get in to work on time. Of course, sex work only exacerbates things like PTSD, depression, and anxiety, but at the time I needed money yesterday and figured I couldn’t possibly get any more miserable than I already was.

Also, there’s pretty much no such thing as women who “had a normal, comfortable suburban life” and just randomly decided to do sex work. Almost all of them have been sexually assaulted in some way before they got in, almost all of them have complicated relationships with their families and had a chaotic, abusive upbringing. Some would rather work a job that could kill them than stay with their biological family.

And yeah, there are sex workers that act cocky and insufferable on Twitter or whatever, but it’s all a cope (and there are cocky and insufferable people in every industry and profession). You have to hype yourself up and brainwash yourself a bit or your brain won’t be able to handle the cognitive dissonance.

Point is, there are complex systemic reasons why women get into the sex trade and it doesn’t make them any less human just because you personally find it gross.
inb4 ‘Reddit spacing’; inb4 kys whore; inb4 I ain’t reading all that

No. 1735868

File: 1698077143287.jpeg (59.11 KB, 696x464, E34A31A1-7A72-4FA4-BED1-CC8449…)

Getting older just sucks for people who have never been hot. If really cute and pretty people become ugly with age just image how bad it’s gotta be for people who were never pretty….it can only get even worse and worse.

No. 1735869

I don't really want to get involved in this discussion, but I hope that you're at a better place now in your life and you don't have to escort again. There's not really any point in posting this though because most anons don't actually want a discussion but just to infight, that's the nature of this site unfortunately. I don't think most anons have experience actually being around strippers or prostitutes so they think they're all just like your average girl on twitter selling onlyfans who's just doing it for "fun" or attention.

No. 1735870

Thank you nona, you said it beautifully. I hope your life is going better now and you don't have to escort anymore.

No. 1735871

i really hope this isn't actually an unpopular opinion here

No. 1735874

anon ilu and i'm glad you seemed to avoid the last 20 hours of infighting itt

No. 1735876

>fast money

It’s your fault that you lack self control and patience. Do you think us non sex workers get fast money? No, we have to suffer and be broke for the week and wait until we get paid. I make 18 an hour and I’m able to pay my mortgage, utilities and for food on that wage. What is wrong with sex workers that they can’t do this? There are people who literally have no limbs, have Down syndrome and have chronic illnesses who have jobs. The fact that you can’t keep a job has nothing to do with your mental health but your character. Sex workers always try to blame their childhoods, low pay wages and mental illness for what they do as if us wagies don’t have the same problems.

No. 1735878

Because libfems think showing your ass means you’re confident and empowered. I’ve had people make passive aggressive comments about my swimwear as if me being more modest is some attack on them. I am very comfortable and confident in myself despite the lack of public nudity. It’s back to the empowerment buzzword where somehow only women are expected to be nude and skimpy to empower themselves while men are able to wear practical shit and not objectify themselves.

No. 1735881

Yeah I almost started to believe you until you claimed they do sex work because "they have disability or mental illness". Which apparently doesn't make them able to fry burgers or clean bathrooms but it sure makes them able to suck cock.

No. 1735891

I never get when sex workers pull the mental health card. Wouldn’t getting pounded by men you hate be worse for your mental health than being a janitor or working at a call center?I don’t get it

No. 1735896

>I was too depressed to make coffee so I got paid to have sex instead
…I’m sorry but what

No. 1735899

And women become high risk for hardcore drug addiction to cope with the emotional and mental degradation of prostitution so defending it as a legitimate, understandable and empathetic option for women to earn "fast cash" is basically advocating for the high risk of getting caught in an endless prostitution drug addiction trap almost impossible to get out of, instead of being tolerably baseline miserable like a reasonable, sane person

No. 1735900

>Also, there’s pretty much no such thing as women who “had a normal, comfortable suburban life” and just randomly decided to do sex work
This is verifiably false. There are and have plenty of young women who are choosing to go into sex work as their first choice of work because they simply dont want to work actual jobs. Shayna. Pinkydoll. Trisha Paytas. Millions of others.

No. 1735901

I like Vinziepop's art style and other similar art styles, but not the character design. I also like cartoony art styles like those of Powerpuff girls, with sharp angular lines.

No. 1735903

Thank you. I work in tech now and have been out of the business several years, but it took a long time before I was able to get one of these jobs.

Have you never had an unexpected medical or car expense that needed to be paid off asap? If you have kids (which a lot of SWs do), would you be fine with putting off getting groceries for them until your next paycheck hits? You’re able to pay your bills on 18 an hour and that’s great for you…are you also being supported by a partner, or family? Because I doubt you’re able to pay a mortgage on your own without outside support. Not everyone has that.

Flipping burgers will not pay off a $600 medical bill in time to fend off debt collectors.

I’m not defending the industry, I’m giving reasons for why women get into it. I would never recommend it, but I wouldn’t judge anyone who got into it either.

No. 1735905

There are billions of women in this world who have a “chaotic upbringing” and still know better than to show hole for a few dollars. This conversation, from the very beginning, has been about women who have the resources to work a normal job, and choose to participate in sex work. Getting sexually abused several times as a child has never pulled some kind of reverse-psychology on me that made me want to sexually satisfy men for money. Excuses are being pulled out the ass to avoid taking accountability for shitty decisions. Just say “I decided to be a whore, it was wrong and i realize that now” instead of pulling the “b-bbut I was just so depressed I couldn’t work a normal job I just needed to sexually pleasure males” card, because it is humiliating.

No. 1735907

Yeah that’s why you apply for disability, if you have a disability. Or unemployment. Because they can assist you with medical debt. Not rimming dudes.

No. 1735909

Do you have any idea how slow-moving and ineffective those systems are in the US?

No. 1735910

>Having actually been an escort
Go away loser

No. 1735911

I have been slapped in the face with extreme medical debt before, and I asked my insurance company for assistance/resources and they pointed me in the right direction. You can ask for help without prostrating your body for men.
Read above

No. 1735915

it's just cool to see a girl who never grew out of her edgy fujo invader zim furry phase thrive. i respect vivzie, she's endearing.

No. 1735917

What exactly is so morally wrong about doing something that’s only destructive to yourself?

>asked my insurance company for assistance/resources
I’m glad you have insurance! Not everyone does.

No. 1735918

>what is so morally wrong about willfully participating in an industry that thrives off the abuse of consenting and non consenting women?
Well, that’s all folks!

No. 1735920

The way you talk about women doesn’t convince me that you’re all that concerned about them being abused.

No. 1735921

This. Two of my cousins became strippers and then moved on to full prostitution, and they both come from middle class families and had easy non-abusive childhoods, their parents bought them cars and helped them pay bills and tuition etc. Both of them just have horrible characters and personalities (and one has npd) and they’re both trashy drug addicts. That’s typical for all of their friends and acquaintances in the industry, they’re just lazy and trashy pickmes who would rather work on their hands and knees than get an easy job making coffee or something

No. 1735922

>something that's only destructive to yourself
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson you staunch prostitute defender, that one woman's whore actions spells disaster for the literal entire rest of us by setting an example that all the rest of us should willingly degrade ourselves too

No. 1735924

Most Americans are in debt. A lot of people run out of money for basic expenses and run up a credit card every month. It’s not like bounty hunters will show up at your door with lead pipes if you don’t instantly pay a bill or debt. A lot of states are extremely lenient with those things too. There’s (usually in first world countries) always another option to get money besides selling yourself. If escorting worked for you then cool but acting like it’s the only option, especially if you’re disabled or have other problems is so vile.

No. 1735927

Because we’re not talking about women who are being trafficked/are forced into sex work against their will. We’ve reiterated multiple times that this conversation is about women who have the resources and accessibility to work a normal job, and choose to participate in sex work. For the thousandth time.

No. 1735928

someone who didn't choose to and had to do it out of necessity already chimed in. you're just nitpicking to make your point come across as non scrotish and dehumanizing. you're gross.

No. 1735930

Even disabled women in the Philippines find ways to hustle better by being online pajeets doing menial virtual assistant work for pennies.

No. 1735931

>if you’re in thousands of dollars of debt from spinal surgery that saved your life all you can do to get fast cash is by escorting. Sorry I don’t make the rules.
I do feel bad for women whose brains function in this way, seriously. But goodness imagine being this retarded kek oh my hell

No. 1735932

>What exactly is so morally wrong about doing something that’s only destructive to yourself?
It’s destructive to all women and children, prostitution increases sex trafficking and makes men more fetishistic and degenerate just like viewing porn. Why the fuck are you obeying men and giving them what they want?

No. 1735934

No one is telling you to degrade yourself just because SWs exist. Nothing is stopping you from living your life the way you see fit, certainly not other people living theirs.

>but acting like it’s the only option, especially if you’re disabled or have other problems is so vile.
I’m not. You’re imaging that I am but that doesn’t make it true.

No. 1735935

Women who support prostitution and prostitutes are the ones who are dehumanizing, scrotish, and gross

No. 1735937

>you're just nitpicking to make your point come across as non scrotish and dehumanizing
lurk moar it’s obvious you just woke up and are responding to the remnants of the conversation. It doesn’t matter if she did it out of necessity, because no one asked to hear from her. We’re discussing women who choose to go into sex work on their own accord.

No. 1735939

you're dehumanizing someone who had to do something your sheltered ass never needed to. take a fucking seat.

No. 1735940

Women who treat prostitutes with humanity and support them making a clean exit from the industry and into a more stable life are more dehumanizing than the ones calling them whores and fleshlights. Ok.

No. 1735941

I replied before I went to work, came back from work, read the entire conversation and you still suck. imagine spending an entire work's day hating on prostitutes. you sound profoundly unemployed.

No. 1735942

I had a really abusive and traumatic childhood, then I lived in poverty with no support system after I turned 18 and couldn’t pay my bills, afford groceries, or pay my medical debt, and yet I literally never considered selling myself to rape apes

No. 1735943

>telling disabled women that all they can do is sex work is SO not vile! don’t ever try to say that to me!
I think it’s embarrassing and shitty that you think disabled women are only good for sex work after being crippled. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1735944

I’d rather be NEET than a prostitute ;)( ;) )

No. 1735945

your parents wish your mother swallowed instead.

No. 1735947

I’m not sheltered I just wrote >>1735942
I’m just not a weak brainless dick worshipper like you

No. 1735948

Lmao you literally just made up an entire sentence that I didn’t say, and now you expect me to answer for it. I gave common reasons why women get into the industry, I never said that it’s a good and acceptable thing and that I’m actively recruiting women to get into it. You need to stretch before you jump to these conclusions, you’re going to hurt yourself.

No. 1735949

This entire conversation we have been talking about women who have the ability to work normal jobs and choose to go into prostitution. I don’t think you’re comprehending who we’re disgusted with.

No. 1735950

I don't think anons are worth arguing with on an topics concerning women. I still remember when someone on here in the vent thread said she was go go dancing to afford medical treatment for her sick sister and she got dogpiled. It's just about being right and getting to be as asshole to someone

No. 1735951

Still better than being a prostitute

No. 1735952

>your parents are disappointed because you’re not a prostitute
I’m fine with that

No. 1735955

sometimes I forget I'm dealing with 18yos that never had to walk to the grocery store to buy their own dinosaur nuggets. I shouldn't expect empathy from anyone here.
here's to hoping your parents never pass away and leave you homeless.

No. 1735956

You verbatim typed that it’s not vile and that others are imagining that it is. Throw in the towel girl you’re not going to get anyone else to think that prostitution is acceptable.

No. 1735957

nta but Being NEET ≠ being poor or depending on your parents.

No. 1735958

You are clearly underage so I’m going to tap out of this conversation. Come back in a couple of years when you learn some reading comprehension and stop looking at the world in black and white.

No. 1735959

she isn't trying to, tard. Learn to read please.

No. 1735960

so you're basically a prostitute but for one moid?

No. 1735961

You’re about to realize that the bulk of this website are adult oldfags who know very well that there are other options aside from worshipping cocks for money.

No. 1735962

Women get into the industry because they’re narcissists or borderlines, everyone hates them (especially the men you’re getting raped by) and everyone will always hate them. They’re the lowest bottom of the barrel creatures alive, they’re equally as low as the predators who buy them and they deserve what they signed up to experience

No. 1735963

We have to put prostitutes in their place stg, if we don't keep pest control starting with baby steps in this forum right now, the domino effect will only worsen

No. 1735965

your very adult ass spent over 8h clutching pearls over prostitution. very adult and responsible. if you're over 25 and you spent your monday doing that, you're in arrested development.

No. 1735966

I’ve spent the entirety of this argument talking about how disgusting men are and there are still nonnies who think I’m a tradfag that worships males. You really can’t pick up on social cues can you.

No. 1735968

You spent 8 hours defending prostitutes which is worse and something only a mentally challenged hooker would do

No. 1735970

>you must be underage if you can comprehend that disabled women don’t need to submit themselves to the sex industry to pay off medical debt
I’m actually a grown disabled woman and that’s how I know firsthand that in the United States we’re offered resources to protect us from abusive “work”.

No. 1735971

you don't seem to care prostitution is bad for women but you think it's a degenerate thing that offers degenerate services to men. are you afraid of being cheated at by a SW or what?
if it quacks like a duck
I literally was away the entire day and just came back. nice "no u".

No. 1735972

I hope whatever is going on in your life that makes you feel such seething hatred of people you’ve never met resolves itself. Have a good day.

No. 1735975

Prostitution is bad for women and it’s also gross and especially wrong to willfully participate in it when you know you have other options? Worshipping cocks for money is pathetic and women are capable of more, you really can’t argue with that. We aren’t retarded sex dolls. We can get normal jobs to pay our bills instead of selling our bodies.

No. 1735976

I would even venture to say that spending 8 hours online defending basic human dignity is objectively better than spending that same time being used as a living breathing sex doll, or defending people who do that

No. 1735977

>I hope whatever is going on in your life that makes you hate that women think their only option is to sell their bodies resolves itself
And I hope that these women learn their worth and get actual jobs. Because if they don’t know they deserve better, then they need to learn.

No. 1735979

do you think people who prostitute themselves are having fucking fun? if you think it's all fun and games why dont you go sell your body to johns? ur actually retarded to think anyone would willingly go and sell their bodies unless they're deeply mentally ill, drug addicted, homeless or someone who has been brainwashed into thinking doing SW is ~~empowering~ (which most of the time are just doing OF at most and dont actually deal with johns). those are fucking sad situations to be at, not something to scoff at and treat them like they're disgusting harlots degrading the value of women like >>1735962 is implying.

No. 1735980

I find it strange how hunting for food can be demonized more than eating factory-farmed meat by some people. Hunting can be a lot more ethical.

Trophy hunters still suck though.

No. 1735982

I hate pickmes, personality disorders, dick worshipers, lazy drug addicted trashy losers, greedy people… prostitutes are always all of the above and they choose to suck off rape apes which is subhuman behavior

No. 1735983

All voluntary prostitutes are lolcows. Sorry not sorry

If you wanna work for fast money learn to scam like me

There's lots of retard moids on Instagram throwing money away and you think your last resort is huffing cock?

No. 1735984

if you're scamming moids on instagram you're basically doing sex work by proxy lol good job outing yourself as a sex worker while hating on people who have it worse than you

No. 1735987

you sound like you have an unchecked personality disorder so I would go easy on that.

No. 1735990

>you don't seem to care prostitution is bad for women but you think it's a degenerate thing that offers degenerate services to men
It is a degenerate thing that offers degenerate services to degenerate men though, I’m not sure how you could be stupid enough to think otherwise. I do care about how its bad for women, which is why I said that it affects all women and children while also increasing trafficking and making rape apes even more degenerate than they were before

No. 1735991

boring ass infight

No. 1735992

who is doing the trafficking? are you fucking RETARDED?

No. 1735993

It's more about most people being jackasses. For every responsible hunter there are two fuckers who just want trophies and don't think about how it affects the population of wild life.

No. 1735994

But this entire conversation has been about the retards who do willingly sell themselves when they have other options, and we’ve been talking about the losers with OF who don’t necessarily suck dick. You’re the one victimizing yourself because you’re too stupid to have a job

No. 1735995

hunting is legal in most places but you need a license for it. because of people being retarded assholes that kill for fun and don't actually utilize the carcass.

No. 1735997

Being kidnapped and trafficked isn’t the same as willfully doing porn you retard

No. 1735998

Are you retarded?

No. 1735999

Idk I mean Shayna looks like she has a lot of fun, for someone like her

No. 1736002

shayna is a miserable mentally ill retard that is progressively ruining her life. shayfags are mentally ill as well though.

No. 1736003

There are women who opt for sex work because they think being a “sugar baby” and having sex with men for money/doing porn and then calling themselves “models” is more glamorous in their eyes. We have plenty of threads on this very site about it.

No. 1736004

>you're scamming moids on instagram you're basically doing sex work by proxy lol good job outing yourself as a sex worker
No wonder you’re a hooker, you’re a braindead drooling retard

I don’t, everyone hates people with personality disorders (like you it seems) get over it

No. 1736005

why are you blaming prostitutes on increasing human trafficking? are you actually an idiot or a handmaiden?

No. 1736006

I’m not being supported by family and o still do it. There are people who literally have cancer and go to work. Medical expenses, children or being late on bills is not an excuse to be a escort because you should’ve had money planned out before having kids.

No. 1736007

>immediately deflecting
I'm none of those things but you outright admitted your income is from scamming moids on social media. you're as good as an OF thot.

No. 1736008

Extreme prostitute defense squad chans are doing the most to paint women as hapless retards who can't help but go into prostitution, pushing the scrote tier narrative that women are only by default useful for sex as human goods. Not like we live in the age where we have the most opportunity to hustle for money in dignified ways that doesn't involve selling ourselves, and that 99% of men never even consider selling themselves as an option because it's common instinct, intuitive knowledge that that's bottom of the barrel soul degrading shit not worth anything over.

No. 1736009

Right she’s just so miserable doing sex work that’s why she keeps showing holes instead of working a remote job, when she has the resources and space to do that instead of porn. There are women who think it’s glamorous. There are women who aren’t victims, they just want attention. Hate to pull the curtain back but it’s reality.

No. 1736010

Nta but prostitutes are the idiot handmaidens who sexually serve men which makes the men seek out children and adult sex slaves to buy

No. 1736011

are you actually trying to argue shayna has her shit together and is in this not because she is a drug addict mentally ill person but because she is fulfilled? lmao

No. 1736012

I’m not the anon who scams men on instagram, I was just making fun of you for equating it to prostitution

No. 1736013

I’m so tired of this smol beanification of grown women. We are capable of thinking for ourselves. We are capable of accountability. Using your critical thinking skills to be a handmaiden cock worship apologist is blaming your decision making skills on males.

No. 1736014

scamming people in the internet is as low as prostitution. maybe better because you don't get PTSD, but much more unethical, because you're harming other people, not just yourself.

No. 1736015

You can be drug addicted and mentally ill and work a remote customer service job. That’s literally my last 30 years of work experience.

No. 1736016

Phishing isn’t the same as worshipping men for money, just so you know.

No. 1736017

Prostitutes and the ignorant women who defend them are the biggest pick me dick suckers on earth. Women have endless options other than prostitution, they only choose to sell themselves if they have something wrong with them

No. 1736018

so you have a shit life and hate on prostitutes because…? it's not hard to not hate prostitutes and despise the sex industry. the sex workers are mostly victims.

No. 1736019

I respect a good scam more than a prostitution ring. There's more intelligence in a scammer's pinky finger than three spoiled whores put together combined

No. 1736020

phishing is a crime just like prostitution is. you are a criminal, nonny.

No. 1736021

It’s not comparable and nowhere near as low, cope and seethe hooker

No. 1736022

I hate on prostitutes who choose to be a prostitute and worship men instead of working a normal job because it perpetuates accessibility to an abusive industry. How retarded are you? Have you actually comprehended any of what we’re saying or are you just skimming it and then responding?

No. 1736023

I mean the average prostitute starts at 13, not sure how much choice there really was

No. 1736025

The prostitutes aren’t victims, they’re mentally slow greedy pickmes with personality disorders

No. 1736026

Nobody is saying prostitution is wrong solely because it’s illegal. It’s morally wrong to sell sexual experience to abusive men for money. I don’t know how phishing works so I can’t comment on it and don’t care, but I also know that phishing scammers aren’t making pedobait barely legal porn, so they’re alright in my book!

No. 1736027

so do you hate mostly workers? because most industries have abusive practices so you'd hate most workers for perpetuating abusive industries. for example, the fashion industry is rotten. do you hate seamstresses who get paid 2 cents per garment?

No. 1736028

Don’t hate the prostitutes, hate the Johns and pimps

No. 1736029

File: 1698082345558.jpg (87.57 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_284354774549703.jpg)

No. 1736030

>the average prostitute starts at 13
This is the last time I’m saying this: this conversation is about grown women who choose to participate in sex work. Not trafficking victims. Not kidnapped children. USE YOUR FUCKING EYES!

No. 1736031

stop generalizing and saying all prostitutes are this and that. you're fucking retarded and dense and hope you get arrested for your phishing scams or OD on whatever shit you use.

No. 1736032


You can hate the industry and the people who willingly join it when they have other options

No. 1736033

That isn’t a true statistic actually, it came from multiple underage prostitutes (in I think Nevada) being interviewed and asked when they started. There weren’t very many of them but since they were all 14-17 13 ended up being the most common answer. The average American prostitute starts between 18-25

No. 1736036

The prostitutes enable johns and pimps which is just as if not even more retarded

No. 1736038

you will never understand, I give up.

No. 1736040

This conversation began about adult women who opt for sex work last night. The conversation isn’t about trafficking victims or kidnapped children! I don’t understand why you’re trying to make it about them. Even if you are, you understand that defending grown women defaulting to prostitution only furthers the harm of the children who are being victimized by the sex industry, don’t you?

No. 1736041

Nta but there's no way we're really at a point on lolcow where we try to blame women for what men do kek. This site has degraded so much.

No. 1736042

>you will never understand why women start an onlyfans instead of working at mcdonald’s
You’re right I won’t. Probably because I have a little shred of dignity.

No. 1736044

Nta, I hate Johns and pimps too but the women who choose to serve them deserve an equal amount of hate

No. 1736046

im defending SWs because i cant have the assumption every single one i see started the way you describe and statistically, they're most likely to be victims rather than be happy, consenting and fulfilled parties. so i give them the benefit of doubt and blame the actual guilty parts: johns and pimps. but you will never understand that because you're a sheltered prick that never interacted with anyone outside school because your social life is inexistent and the last time you had a girl friend was in middle school. so you can't understand the nuances of adult life.

No. 1736047

>the abused deserve an equal amount of hate as the abusers
Very feminist. Very thoughtful contribution.

No. 1736048

Most people hate employers and industries who exploit workers, yes, but that isn’t comparable to man-worshipping whores

No. 1736049

To some extent I agree but if the market wasn’t there, they wouldn’t be doing it. I hate online thottery and pickmeism so much but prostitution is kinda… different. I think there are so many factors to a woman turning to irl prostitution and lots of them are very sad.

No. 1736050

So what man is at fault for a girl who chooses to start doing porn on her own accord? What man is there to blame for a girl choosing to start an onlyfans or start posting ads for sessions? There is no male to blame, because it’s the woman making her own decisions. Plain and simple. Obviously the male is at fault for buying, but she’s at fault for attempting to provide the service in the first place instead of working a job that she’s more than capable of working. I don’t feel bad for women who opt to do sex work instead of getting a real job. Nobody should, because it’s their responsibility to make their own decisions. If they make shitty decisions, that is on them.

No. 1736051

Yeah it is feminist to believe that women are competent enough to know better than to participate in sex work and need to be held accountable for their poor decision making skills.

No. 1736052

Accepting adult responsibilities means trying harder than resorting to selling yourself for money LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

No. 1736053

The fuck are you talking about? I'm saying it's retarded to blame women for men raping women and children.

No. 1736054

File: 1698082847288.png (585.95 KB, 640x640, 1623044308840.png)

>There is no male to blame

No. 1736057

Just because the market exists doesn’t mean that’s their only option though. How is this not getting through your skull.

No. 1736058

Hookers are choosing to fuck the same men who buy children, you know that right? Men who buy sex seek out underage trafficking victims and sex slaves, they’re all the same

No. 1736060

What male made the account for her? What male twisted her arm and forced her to make the account? We’re discussing women who have the ability and resources to work normal jobs, and choose to be cock worshippers. Just because men are dogs who buy sex does NOT mean you have to sell it to them! How is this not registering!

No. 1736061

praying life doesnt have to teach you it. legit I've never seen anyone so sheltered in my entire life. bubble girl type of shit.

No. 1736063

They aren’t abused, we are taking about cheap trashy pickmes to chose to sell themselves

No. 1736064

>you’re sheltered because you’ve never participated in prostitution
You’re probably half my age. I pray you learn that you’re capable of more than fucking for money, soon.

No. 1736065

Their logic is so retarded.
>Males rape women anyway so women should willingly prostitute themselves moar to prevent it!!1!!
Yeah right.

No. 1736066

The porn industry. By males for males.
Also the large majority of women in sex work aren't in it willingly.

No. 1736067

You realize fast food shops, grocery stores, florists, call centers, offices are always hiring. Right. Being an adult and seeking work teaches you that sex work is definitely not your only option, actually.

No. 1736068

File: 1698083070015.jpg (1.12 MB, 3409x2391, Liquorice_Allsorts_in_a_glass_…)

I fucking love black licorice, everything from allsorts to the Dutch super salty kind (admittedly those are an aquired taste). Never met another person irl who does

No. 1736069

I hope you never encounter yourself in a situation you're homeless, no family, no money, no savings and no job.

No. 1736070

>aren’t in it willingly
We’ve reiterated over 2,000 times that this conversation is about women who choose on their own accord to participate in sex work. Yeah, there actually are plenty of fucking women who are in it willingly.

No. 1736071

Samefag but also you sperging out like that and making a bunch of assumptions about what I think in response to me saying women aren't at fault for men choosing to be rapists… again, this site has degraded so much.

No. 1736073

none of these jobs will hire someone who is in a homeless situation.
you dont choose what the conversation is about, this is not your fucking website, shut the fuck up retard

No. 1736074

Yeah, I won’t because I have a real job and career instead of prostituting myself which isn’t really something you can put on your resume? Is that hard for younger girls on here to believe, that it’s possible to achieve that without whoring yourself out??

No. 1736075

An overwhelming majority of women in the sex industry have suffered abuse before going in. You reducing it down to them just being “trashy pickmes” shows that you don’t actually care about the contributing factors that lead to prostitution (or about women in general), you just want an acceptable group of people to hate and shit on to feel better about yourself.

No. 1736076

wow congratufuckinglations for your phishing career!! now shut the fuck up about situations you will never find yourself into.

No. 1736077

Stop calling us all sheltered for not deciding to be worthless man worshippers. You chose to sell yourself to rape apes who also buy trafficked children, now go put on your special helmet and suck dick. Or better yet go apply at a fast food place or a grocery store, they hire retarded people like you.

No. 1736078

And they're all so delusional about it, I saw a female "sex worker" say that ALL men cheat and buy prostitutes and her source was that the majority of men who bought her services were married already. Yeah girl just like how ALL people are dead, trust me I work at the morgue.
Same with troon prostitutes, I saw one claim that ALL married straight men are actually secretly into girldick, and his source was of course the same - that the men who came to him were totally straight and married to women.
Both groups seem obsessed with sexual validation from men, and that being their only priority. They have no value outside of it and think if they have the most attention and validation from men they're the most valuable person.

No. 1736081

Lurk more that’s literally what the conversation is about though. We’re not discussing women who are kidnapped and forced into it. We’re talking about why it’s wrong to choose to go into sex work when you have access to other jobs. Nobody is talking about homeless women, who can go to the shelter and get on unemployment/disability. Nobody is talking about kidnapping victims. Nobody is talking about trafficking victims. We are talking about the influx of young women who are choosing sex work as their first choice “job”. You really aren’t good at keeping up.

No. 1736082

finnish liquorice is superior, salmiakki is the best thing in the world

No. 1736083

you seriously have to be scrotebrained or just a plain old scrote to think someone would get into prostitution SOLELY for male attention. legit the most deranged thing I've read in this website. this is the end of the road for me, honestly, I'm done with this place.

No. 1736084

As someone who almost willingly sold herself, pretty much nobody does it willingly. There's always a reason. You're referring to the 1% that does OF with their bfs. It's a pointless conversation if that's what you're referring to.

No. 1736085

Are you schizophrenic who brought up phishing what

No. 1736086

>homelessness could never happen to me because I have a job!

No. 1736088

Nta but I’ve found myself in that exact position and I didn’t consider worshipping rape ape’s dicks, I just found a job like a normal person because I had my entire life ahead of me and refused to degrade myself for rape apes

No. 1736089

>pretty much nobody does it willingly
Needing money isn’t being forced into sex work.

No. 1736090

>I'm done with this place
I hope you are kek

No. 1736091

Well yeah when you can afford a livelihood usually you can afford a home? sucks that zoomers will never know that luxury

No. 1736092

This candy looks very vintage. Like it would taste old and dusty and like it's been at the bottom of a granny's purse.

No. 1736093

Go through some of the threads on this website. You’ll realize how sheltered you are if you really think that there are women who don’t choose to go into sex work on their own accord.

No. 1736094

The majority of women alive on earth have experienced abuse, but only the trashy pickmes decide to suck dick for a living

No. 1736096

I’m not referring to girls who do OF with their boyfriends I’m referring to all of the barely legal girls who are on tiktok and instagram shilling how rich they’re getting off of doing porn and naked modeling to their little shitling followers.

No. 1736098

Wow thanks for minimizing the importance of money. Not having money could mean not being able to eat, or prevent being homeless, or affording medication.
Not to mention needing money isn't the only reason people are forced to do sex work.

No. 1736100

Bye whore you won’t be missed

No. 1736102

If you need money so badly why would your first choice be going to fuck some guy or make a porn video instead of shaking strawberry açaí refreshers? Do you even have an answer?

No. 1736103

>Denying the existence of women who live and breathe for male attention
Who's the sheltered one again

No. 1736104

>pretty much nobody does it willingly
That’s objectively wrong, it may be true for the ones in third world countries that are popular sex tourism destinations, but no the privileged western women who serve men for money are doing it willingly and it’s because they have mental problems

No. 1736105

I wish I was naive enough to think like other nonnie does kek. The level of pickme women I’ve come across…good fucking Lord

No. 1736108

I'm a third world shitholer and even a lot of women here have more dignity than that, they make money by landing random gigs being an outsourced pajeet for westerners who don't want to do their office jobs or being virtual assistants for a foreigner's side hustles. Imagine getting owned by a woman who's objectively more disenfranchised than you, KEK.

No. 1736109

We get it, you're totally not like the other women who like penis and attention and money. Your existence is solely supported by tendies that magically appear out of thin air.

No. 1736112

File: 1698083996168.jpg (10.36 KB, 271x186, s.jpg)

I love grandma candy, I keep a bowl of these around. My friends may call me an old lady for it but I also always have some caramels or hard candies in my bag kek

No. 1736114

Yeah but those children grow into the older ones you know? If your whole life has been about being trafficked to men, you're not going to stop and work st mickey ds wheb you turn 18

No. 1736115

>it’s because they have mental problems
It's almost like you keep reaching the point then you shoot the point on the face. You're almost getting it but not quite.

No. 1736116

I love attention and money, that’s why I have beautiful friends and family members who I have the privilege of fostering relationships with and a wonderful job that I feel fulfilled working instead of humiliated.

No. 1736120

Do you hate all mentally ill people or just the ones that do things you find icky?

No. 1736121

Yeah older victims. We’re not referring to sex trafficking/child trafficking victims. We’re talking about 18+ year old women who make the decision to go into porn instead of working a normal job.

No. 1736124

File: 1698084160838.jpg (98.6 KB, 735x728, a3844cb1b62ac63fd13b8cfb918ef8…)

Can I please have some werthers originals nana-nonny??

No. 1736125

No where in this conversation have we blamed child trafficking victims, wtf is wrong with you

No. 1736127

Except when you're an adult you're not completely helpless and totally defenseless anymore. Saying grown women who were prostituted from childhood will just stay prostitutes because it can't be helped is against safe exit too, which is a point prostitute defenders love to wave around

No. 1736128

You can be mentally ill and still competent enough to understand why choosing to participate in sex work on your own accord is degrading and harmful to yourself. If you’re so mentally ill that you’re getting to a point where you want to sell yourself for money, then as we’ve said 100 times before: institutionalize yourself. There is a place you can go to when you’re an extreme danger to yourself.

No. 1736130

If you’re so fulfilled in your job, why are you on here shitting on other women all day?

No. 1736132

>>1736125 literally right after you >>1736127

No. 1736133

We’ve already gone over how you should just turn yourself in to the looney bin if you’re getting urges to cock worship for some money.

No. 1736134

I don't think you understand how mental illness works.

No. 1736135

Why are you defending spoiled whores like your life depends on it is the better question

No. 1736136

The looney bin is not free, nonny. Who is going to pay for it? Are you going to pay for their stay and meds?

No. 1736137

Nta but I actually did consider institutionalizing myself before I went into prostitution because I felt like I was losing my mind. If we had the money to check in to a mental health inpatient facility, we wouldn’t be resorting to sex work. In America we don’t have those kind of places for the public though.

No. 1736138

>why are you defending women
Because I'm not a gross scrote like you.

No. 1736139

>why are you shitting on cockworshippers if you love your job so much
Maybe because I know that we as women are capable of working good, healthy jobs instead of being a sex doll, nonnie! You’re finally getting it!!

No. 1736142

I thought you were a NEET. What is the truth?

No. 1736143

You’re not defending women, you’re defending the rape, objectification, and dehumanization of women. Oh and men.

No. 1736145

You almost checked yourself into the inpatient facility but were somehow too good to go get a job working at subway. Yeah, ok

No. 1736146

>Hi scrote
I know it's hard for you to believe because you are the way that you are, but some of us other women actually have dignity.

No. 1736147

I'm defending the women that go through those abuses. You're blaming them for idk their mental illness and pickmeism? The fight you're choosing is really strange.

No. 1736148

I have a good, healthy job and I don’t feel compelled to dump on women that don’t. Because I know my good, healthy job is rare and highly competitive to get in to and not an option for the majority of people. Because I have basic compassion for others.

No. 1736149

Post a picture of your hand or I will assume you're a fat incel scrote.

No. 1736152

>you’re defending men by saying that porn needs to be exterminated and the sex industry needs to stop existing
What kind of mind altering drug is this so I can avoid it

No. 1736153

Mental problems as in stupidity and personality disorders, they can make coffee or fast food, stock shelves, clean, or they can get disability for being slow

No. 1736155

I think we need to agree to disagree and just call eachother poopy bitches and leave it at that

No. 1736156

What is with the continual attempts at baiting nonnies into posting body parts? Is it because you can’t come up with a reasonable response?

No. 1736157

Why do you think anyone is willing to hire homeless, mentally ill or drug addicted that easily?

No. 1736158

Nice try baitfag. At least worthless whores have at least 1 staunch defender on their side

No. 1736159

You don’t know what pickmeism is kek and you’ve clearly never met someone with a personality disorder

No. 1736160

Ok incel.
Talking to you right now, nonny.

No. 1736162

I do actually feel compelled to dump on women my age who have the resources and accessibility to work a normal job and decide to be cocksleeves instead. It’s pathetic kek. I am going to continue to make fun of them so that they can realize what they’re doing is shameful and gross. This whole entire conversation from when it began last night, has been about women who have the resources and ability to work normal healthy jobs, but instead choose to be pick-me whores. Why is it bad to dump on women who don’t need to be prostitutes and choose to? Why does this bother you? Why are you okay with women feeding the function of the sexual abuse industry? Why do you think they need to be coddled for this behavior?

No. 1736164

Surely you don't think shitting on them actually helps, right? You just enjoy shitting on people who have it worse than you? That's almost as sad as having to endure rape from Johns.

No. 1736167

No, the prostitute said she’s defending women because she’s not a scrote after someone asked her why she’s defending spoiled whores. I said she’s not defending women by defending prostitution, she’s doing the exact opposite actually

No. 1736170

But they don’t have it worse than me, because they have the accessibility and resources to work normal jobs and choose to have sex with men for money. Are you reading what I am saying? Because if not then why even respond

No. 1736172

Not defending prostitution, defending the sex workers. I wish prostitution didn't exist but I'm not going to shit on people who get raped by scrotes for money because they don't see another option in their lives. It's like kicking a dead horse, something only a sadistic person would do. It's sad, not something to mock.

No. 1736174

You're just plain ignorant then. Got it.

No. 1736175

People need to stop involving survival sex workers and trafficked women in these debates. There's a very specific type of attention whore who has had tons of resources thrown at her her entire life but willingly chooses sex work so she can be lazy and get attention. Those are the ones that need and deserve to be shamed for being useless and too retarded to just go get a bachelor's degree and be the office mattress for her ego rubbings.