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File: 1662745188604.png (973.36 KB, 1160x598, blairenazikek(1).png)

No. 1643629

Blaire White | Robbie White #4 - Ganz Schnell, Pull The Ladder Up Edition

>Soon to be 27-year-old edgelord troon, never grew out of his anti-SJW phase from 4 years ago that most of his friends from back then have abandoned
>Got his fame from bashing causes such as feminism and Black Lives Matter on YT and sucking /pol/ chaser dick
>Constantly makes fun of other people for being fat/ugly despite looking like a male neanderthal and having his weight constantly fluctuate
>Once claimed he has never been rejected by anyone in his life and can get any guy he wants but has a fat, balding alcoholic fiance
>Is incredibly dull and braindead, seemingly has no interests or talents other than talking shit which is why his content is so shit
>Circlejerks retarded, uneducated opinions with other cows like shoe0nhead and Kalvin Garrah
>Apparently has a drinking problem

Updates from the Past 2 Years
>Sided with J-Star during dramageddon and called James Charles a predator
>Came out against Shane for damage control calling him a predator during his downfall >>1001778
>Moved to Texas from LA in order to pander to his alt-right supporters even more >>1029456
>Made a misinformed video claiming that a trans woman was competing in women’s power lifting leagues, but turns out the troon he was talking about only competes against men (not that he deserves a pat on the back for that) >>1046995 >>1059622
>Huge fall out ensues, he makes a twitter and youtube apology >>1059624 >>1059626
>Someone catches that he actually did know that the athlete only competed against men, and just wanted to dunk on him for attention >>1059845
>Robert makes a shitty apology video, and after D’Angelo Wallace makes a call out video on him, it leads to him losing 100k followers at the time (dipping below a million ) >>1074357 >>1055542
>Joins in on the anti-mask movement
>Tries to come at Halsey for protesting without a mask as a “owned liberal” moment, but it heavily backfires and he deletes his tweets >>1052389 >>1052392
>Mannish Body is still Manly >>1107441 >>1209391

Recent Events
>Met up with Joe Rogan >>1389328
>Highly speculated that he might have broken up with Joey, they are rarely seen together and rob has removed their engagement ring
>Can be seen with a person named michael quite often >>1453835
>Hangs out with Tillian from Dance Gavin Dance (who was also recently called out for predatory behavior) >>1459574
>Still hanging out with the Kancelled Kweer Klub >>1605810

Nonna’s mention some interesting theories about how he might be attempting to “pull the ladder up” behind him, which is why he wants younger kids to stop transitioning despite the fact that he states he would’ve done it as a child if given the opportunity.

SNAPCHAT: imblairewhite
TikTok: imblairewhite

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#2 >>>/snow/665451
#3 >>>/snow/>>996474

No. 1643635

ofc i fucked up the link to last thread


No. 1643657

Can't believe Robbie's been soon to be 27 in the last 2 years. How does he do it?

No. 1643672

ty for using my shoop as a thread picture.

tbh i been having a shitty day and this cheered me up

No. 1643686

im glad! i hope u dont mind i added some stuff kek.

kek oops, i made this in a rush.

NOTE: Robbie is currently 28 YEARS OLD, and the SJW phase was 6 YEARS ago

No. 1643748

Not at all! I love it when people get creative!

No. 1643755

Yes. His mother is Hispanic.

No. 1643794

I don't really follow the robbie threads but the op collage is funny af, especially the bigfoot wanted poster. robbie is proof that sasquatch is real. anyway thank you for the keks and hope your day gets better

No. 1643886

I thought so. I don’t get why he would ~ally with this type then. There are racist Latinos but they usually don’t support straight up Nazi rhetoric

No. 1643887

Huh, I always thought there was something about his face, like he looks "white" but not fully white. Thanks for the confirmation.
The Alt-Right/Lite is full of grifting pee oh sees like Robbie, including fellow Mexican Nick Fuentes. It's not like alt-righters have any competence or actual standards, hence why they're so easy to manipulate.

No. 1644154

>racist Latinos usually don't support Nazi rhetoric
You'd be surprised at the lengths self hating Latinos will go to be seen as more white

No. 1644190

South American streets are littered with nazi graffiti

No. 1644461

exactly, the alt right may primarily be white but it honestly takes all types. many people are willing to sell out their own community. it’s funny how many of them only realize when it’s too late that they’re very disposable.

tinfoil: i think if more legislation comes with restricting access to hormones/surgery via insurance coverage, robby might get quiet, since it’s his own party kek. he makes decent money right now, but it’s not overflowing. he’s definitely the breadwinner between him and joey too.. if hormones receive zero insurance coverage, it’ll skyrocket in prices.

he may have already gotten the surgeries he’s wanted, but he made the dumb move of moving to texas which is a state that is already trying to restrict e-shots or testosterone blockers. am i understanding that correctly? correct me if i’m wrong

No. 1644833

>state that is already trying to restrict e-shots or testosterone blockers
robbie doesn't want those to be available to children, which is probably one of the few things i can agree with him on

No. 1644956

This is so accurate anon

No. 1645184

File: 1662885678113.png (206.76 KB, 287x326, A77C9859-15BD-47CE-88D3-D35595…)

He’s so gross

No. 1645276

File: 1662902065882.png (115.01 KB, 236x210, troon reaction.png)

No. 1645327

stalin actually gulaged engineers, doctors, and many members of the intelligentsia, which is why modern russia has a brain drain and is composed of subhumans.

No. 1645371

File: 1662912428410.jpg (183.11 KB, 1808x1130, DHGag1yXoAE6fj9.jpg)

trust me, hitler wouldn't want these mutt american retards either.
in fact, hitler hated america with a passion.

No. 1645377

hitler clearly the superior chad phenotype himself

No. 1645500

doughy ass moid who was historically a lolcow, but nooo retards will still spew "muh superior genetics".

No. 1645506

ayrt, oh i know, i agree, but i thought there are certain bills pushing to allow insurances to wholesale label it as not medically necessary regardless of age (as like a commerce privilege or something), which would be hilarious to see robby piss his pants about if so

No. 1645513

File: 1662919601511.jpeg (222.57 KB, 1242x950, 2DCF9460-B844-46D9-9F1E-A23D62…)

sage for derail, but sadly hitler did in fact love the USA, and many Americans loved him up until pearl harbor. Charles Lindbergh, arguably america’s first “celebrity” was an open hitler supporter and ppl loved it. lol he murdered his own kids because he had defects, he wasn’t kidnapped. They’d have massive nazi parades for Charles and hitler in NYC.

i remember i saw a video of robby interviewing his mom and she was like so sad about his political takes / online jokes. Despite having a mother, a fucking woman and her side of the family be his main familial support, he is still chasing after the support of his Father’s side (the conservative alt right side) for approval, despite them hating him for trooning out.

it’s so fucking sad that even when all you have left is the support of a sweet loving mom who only wants you to lead with kindness, you pay her back with all of this shit.

picrel: the title is clickbait btw

No. 1645631

Because Rob is still male to the fucking bone. As a male, all he seeks is approval from other males. He couldn’t give a fuck about his own mother. She needs to let go but I get that’s near impossible when she loves him so much

No. 1645753

Didn’t really watch the video just wanted to see if he’s wearing the ring. He isn’t. Also holy flood lights and 5 inch makeup.

No. 1645822

cp below

No. 1645834

File: 1662942224834.png (152.88 KB, 507x493, cute!.PNG)

Bump, don't scroll. CP being spammed.

No. 1645932

don’t want to derail too much here, but those are quotes from him at the end of his regime. The Prussian Memorandum, AKA the foundational text for proposed (and practiced) nazi legal systems, champions the the united states racial legal system as a paramount example. Ofc germany soured on the US near the end of the war kek. But 1933 and forward, they loved the US.

yeah they’re both definitely broken up KEK, robby has waaay too much pride to actually admit to it. i wonder how he’ll announce?? tbh i’m surprised joey hasn’t said anything.

if robby was the one to break up, i think it would’ve been joey blabbering about it on social media.

No. 1646012

I’m more surprised that people thought Blaire was anything else. Looks very Latino to me.

No. 1646116

NTA but the states supplied Hitler with the concept of eugenics because they were already doing it before his regime with people like the Asian immigrants that were horribly mistreated. That anon isn’t wrong. Hitler changed after the states came out against him but at the beginning of the war there was a 40% chance the states would have sided with him. Keep in mind the concentration camps weren’t found till the end. No one knew exactly what he was doing.

No. 1646133

same anon, but in what way am I saying that I think thats a good thing?? kek it’s just history, obviously not pro nazi as i shit in robby. concurring with what >>1646116 said, we had eugenics professors doing tours in germany (same with british ones) because of the proliferation of aryan supremacy ideology. germany didn’t just make it up solo.

nitpick, but the hair crisis with him is reaching an all time high.

No. 1646150

Fair enough.

No. 1646806

no way is this fucker 27! at least when women lie about their age they do the skincare to make it believable jfc

No. 1646811

Eh it's believable. But also remember that taking HRT for prolonged years can really age a person prematurely and he's been on it for years now so it's not surprising why he looks older than he actually is

No. 1647031

or he just has really shitty genetics

No. 1647145

He just turned 28 but I assumed he was in his 30s. I think his outdated fashion style contributes to him looking older too

No. 1647177


correction to his age was made here >>1643686

No. 1647178

his style is permanently stuck in 2013 beauty influencer aesthetics.

No. 1647268

>one year in the twink death grave

No. 1647404

he wears like kardashian makeup so i thought he was around 36

No. 1648101

He’s 29 as today is his birthday.

No. 1648224

>two years in the twink death grave

No. 1650374

i wonder why robby doesn’t pick up the fact that pick me women like jaclyn glenn and shuwu only like him because they see all transwomen as men secretly. i’ve noticed that pick-me-vaush-watching girls all love transwomen but have nothing to say about transmen. it’s very obvious

funny enough, i think hontra has picked up on it and that’s why he doesn’t interact with the sort

No. 1650386

File: 1663589727993.jpeg (272.89 KB, 1233x1934, A4255FD5-4399-4A9F-BD85-B06D97…)

just saw this on twitter. it doesn’t look fake either, that bio would be making fun of robby if it really was a spoof account, but it honestly sounds like something he would say.

joey break up confirmation is approaching

No. 1650390

Shoe0nhead has that ftm friend, and Robbie collabs with that not like other trannies ftm Kalvin Garrah

No. 1650394


Shoe is a troon?

No. 1650418

I don't think he's under the impression that anyone sees him as a woman. His whole yt persona revolves around being candid about who he is.

No. 1650547

I have always assumed they've seen him more like a gay best friend rather then an actual female friend

No. 1650724

learn to read

No. 1650860

robby hanging with garrah isn't so strange, he always tries to find other troons to solidify his message passively.]

however the way shoe and jaclyn speak about transmen versus transwomen is so different. their look of male troons is emphatic and fan behavior, while transmen it's out of obligation.

why else are all the NLOG tankie twitterfags in love with TiMs? very red scare.

No. 1650952

imagine thinking your average nazi is a skinhead caricature in 2022

No. 1651125

Agreed, at least Cletus here looks like he socializes. Most modern nazis are pale skinny tech nerds or literal children who watch too much reactionary youtube shit

No. 1651239


No. 1651246

Imagine not saging to reply to something offtopic from 9 days ago.

No. 1651443

File: 1663643452126.png (253.38 KB, 462x616, Blaire_White_2.png)

I was always assumed he was Italian or something, but half Mexican also fits, he's very naturally swarthy and does look like a LatAM tranny

No. 1651581

Same, especially with ShoeOnHead. I didn't know much about Jaclyn but with Shoe, definitely as she seems like that person who mostly hung around gay guys.

With how she tried to cozy up to Hontra a a year or two ago, yes lol.

Yeah same. But back in the day I thought Blaire was full on white because of how pale he would make his skin look in his videos and I'm talking around 2015 when he was filming in I think his college dorm and would be blasting hella light in his face. He didn't take all that many pictures of himself back them neither so I just went with what I saw lol.

He3 does look more Mexcian in recent years though.

No. 1652432

File: 1663716547964.jpeg (178.45 KB, 745x753, 31ED3C0D-22DA-46D1-9567-7DA374…)

He always looked part Hispanic.

No. 1652439

File: 1663716887336.jpeg (207.42 KB, 1500x1500, 4AE3E78D-3137-4754-BC53-D2AC1B…)

His boobs be like

No. 1652480

He looks very Spanish (as in, from Spain) to me. There is a sort of longer face phenotype that exists in Hispanics there that I can see in him. Doesn't look Mexican to me really.

No. 1652525

just turned on the latest pod episode…..omg his VOICE…my throat is sore just listening to it. every other sentence his voice just strains and trails off. this is just so uncanny.

and michael malice again?

No. 1652530

Don't insult nilla wafers like that anon, wtf

No. 1652534


if not fake, it must be very recent because there's no blue verified checkmark (yet?) unless it's on purpose

No. 1652538

There's gotta be something more with him and Michael, unless it's just Michael trying to promote himself and his books

No. 1652562


they call each other 'mom' and 'dad' and that little guy JC is their 'son'. i know that's a common cutesy thing friends do but idk he seems like a chaser. joey must've had another drunken episode/cheated.

No. 1652766

No. 1652786

he looks admixed. indigenous south Americans look east Asian and his eye shape kinda looks like one you'd see among Hispanic people - actual Spaniards have zero wast Asian admixture and you you don't see that eye shape among them, usually.

No. 1652908

File: 1663738171305.jpeg (217.81 KB, 1440x1440, 26Gv0Wg.jpeg)

I don't see it anon, his eye shape looks normal to me. Most of my family is spanish and not all of us have deep set eyes. Bobby just looks like white man when you take off the self tanner. He could have amerindian DNA, but it’s not more than 10%. Mexicans usually have short, round heads (see Nick Fuentes).

Pre-ffs he is not the stereotype of the mediterranean, but I've definitely seen plenty of guys with his phenotype around. I know a gay man from southern France who looks scary similar to Bobby.

No. 1652968

I hate when some of you start sperging about pretentious shit like this. Nobody cares what they look like to you, stop being a freak and studying peoples features to categorize in different ethnicities you sound like a scrote

No. 1652974


Agreed, you blokes are fucking weird. What is “normal” eyes ya freak?

No. 1652986

By normal I mean non-asian, i did not intend any offense. It is still absurd to say he has eyes of "indigenous south American".

No. 1653000


He’s got the same almond shaped eyes in the younger photos and now, he just does winged eyeliner now. Who curr???

No. 1653227

He should have just stayed a fag

No. 1653242

He’s had so much shitty plastic surgery and before that and now uses so much make up and camera tricks you won’t get much from your weird analysis

No. 1653625

File: 1663796989185.jpeg (66.61 KB, 454x670, 4666B542-A1F1-45FB-8BF0-F5B00B…)

Blaire’s genetics

No. 1653627

File: 1663797029081.jpeg (75.41 KB, 453x725, A3AE8796-1929-46AA-8EEA-DEB6E1…)

No. 1653643

and why does this matter?

No. 1653780

Because he's a nazi, or well he's trying to be because his boyfriend is a skinhead.

No. 1653829


He sounds like Michael Jackson !

No. 1653835

The race spergs itt are weird, Latin/Hispanic people are very diverse, he looks like a regular white amerimoid

No. 1653861

He looks so much like Honter.

No. 1653898

He looks more like Onision TBH

No. 1653928

this, why doesn’t anyone know the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality? many people are considered white mexicans. it’s not that deep

No. 1654738

Exactly. At this point it's pointless to bring up his looks when it comes to the more unimportant details like what race he is or isn't. The only thing that will bring things to light is if we ever get more candids of him taken out in the wild.

No. 1658899

File: 1664232775173.jpeg (217.75 KB, 461x618, 0C54D00D-A7B1-40FD-B4C2-B14E4E…)

Ugh disgusting

No. 1658920

The way he had to bring himself to cry was comical. Robert is such a bad actor. And this whole flip on transition is weird. Before he said people needed to be medically trans and now he’s saying the opposite. He really is trying to be the only trans

No. 1658939

his face looks better here than it does irl

No. 1660446

You know it amazes me how square his head shape looks even with the FFS. Either it didn't do jack shit at all from the start or it's him aging and the man DNA in progress.

No. 1661155

File: 1664404197387.jpeg (968.69 KB, 960x1636, 131683E2-F777-448D-B4D3-190CB1…)


No. 1661202

Man, Robby photoshopped the fuck out of that one. His face actually looks like it was drawn on.

No. 1661234

File: 1664410087432.jpeg (274.65 KB, 1176x1312, 1664404197387-gigapixel-standa…)

First off, stop being a bitch. It doesn't suit you. Second off are you fucking serious right now? Here I enlarged it for you. It looks like Robby fucking rubbed his entire fucking face out and then repainted it in MSPaint.
And wife? I'm not a lesbian thank you very much. Fuck yourself.

No. 1661375

Blaine Wide

No. 1661712

Can this be his new nickname?

No. 1666763

So a few days ago my friend who is one of the girls who believes that"True trans" is a thing and that she really only thinks gay men like Robbie here can be women which obviously I find ridiculous, she mentioned to me that Blaire is "truly trans" because he respects women's boundaries by not using our spaces but I have to call BS on that.

I can't explain it but I honestly don't believe that this is true and I have a good feeling that Blaire actually does use women only spaces. I remember a few years back it was shown that Blaire actually uses the women only TRA line in the airport and gets pat down by women but if he really wasn't using women only spaces, he would be using the men's line.

I'm curious what you all think. Do you think that Blaire uses women only spaces?

No. 1667572

Yes he does. He made a video of him using the men’s restroom and getting kicked out to prove he’s not supposed to use the men’s or some shit

No. 1667721

Oh yeah, I forgot about that video! I actually heard that the real reason he got kicked out of there was because he was trying to film in there and it was a violation of the restaurant's policy. So it didn't prove shit but he tried to spin it as a "Teehee see guys? I look too much like LAYDEE to use the men's restroom"

No. 1667781

Typical degenerate retard behavior trying to record in a bathroom. Where people are trying to, ya know, pee in peace?

No. 1667975

File: 1664998885585.jpeg (859.88 KB, 960x1630, 1777A887-B765-4846-8C78-5AB4BA…)


No. 1668077

FR kek

No. 1668079

>"Blaire straight look"

The fuck is he talking about? And holy mother, this man can't go a day without using his filter huh?

No. 1674742

File: 1665698882683.jpeg (241.32 KB, 507x438, BC759C2E-C3F3-4A84-984E-F94308…)

So gross

No. 1674792

He looks like a fucking chimpanzee

No. 1674943

he's such a vapid, annoying gay with male fucking proportions and a passing face. of course the men see your hair and like women's clothes and assume that you're a woman…

but you're still a feminine man

No. 1674965

Passing face??? Bs!!!!! He looks like a MAN!!!!(learn2sage)

No. 1674988

>passing face


No. 1675031

he absolutely does not have a passing face. there’s a reason he never pulls his hair up. his jaw and face shape are so masculine that he needs long hair to hide them.

No. 1675086

Are you a moid?

No. 1675381

File: 1665771111240.jpeg (447.84 KB, 960x1133, 4804198B-9896-4DAD-876F-1345EC…)

The butt pads

No. 1675485

So his bellybutton is where the belt is cutting into his gut and the crotch of the pants is like a foot below that. Even accounting for his penis, that seems like waaaay too much space. Is he just built weird or do his clothes not fit?

No. 1675564

He lacks female curves same as any other scrote, hence why female clothes look ridiculous on a man and used to be a common subject of ridicule.

No. 1675662

Yikes, dragqueen faggot vibes.

No. 1676184

This >>1675564 It's because he doesn't have a female body, even the skinniest woman has slight curvature because we have cervixes, men don't have that which is why figure forming clothes designed for the female body don't look good on men. And it's only exacerbated when these men wear fake butt & hip pads.

No. 1676186

So I'm curious. You know how the stereotype with TIMs is that they tend to dress in super sexualized ways because of their fetish for femininity. Does Blaire also fit the stereotype?
I notice that he tends to wear a lot of bra tops and just overall low-cut tops to show off his moob implants but then I feel like I can't really say for sure because lots of women in LA dress like this so I wonder if it's really fair to make this claim when it comes to men like blaire.

No. 1676204

He just thinks it’s what men find attractive. He dresses entirely for male validation.

No. 1676428

Right I get that. So would it be fair to say that Blaire has a "sexualized" fashion-sense and fits the stereotype of a TIM?

No. 1685186

File: 1666785475873.jpg (2.2 MB, 1816x3152, bler.jpg)

>Does Blaire also fit the stereotype?
Not sure what else you were expecting.

No. 1685190

File: 1666786316132.jpeg (52.29 KB, 512x598, images (4).jpeg)

The chimp philtrum…

No. 1685848

Holy fuck anon, is that a recent pic of him?

No. 1686057

pretty recent yes, from his instagram

i know right?

No. 1687273

Eh it's not recent, I took a scroll through his Instagram aand thankfully he really doesn't have a ton of pics so you can easily scroll to the beginning of his post in like 10 seconds. That was taken back in 2015 so nah, it's old. But as we all know, he loves to heavily photo edit his pictures these dys and he more than likely still looks like this only with different makeup style.

No. 1692221

File: 1667439588173.jpeg (218.41 KB, 960x1687, F255B66B-50C8-4AD1-A090-2FE794…)

And this is with the makeup and filter AND still looks like an ape

No. 1692262

This image is pretty scary

No. 1692279

He fr looked less manly before all the surgeries, including the boob job. Yeesh

No. 1692289

Tbf that was 10 years ago. He's almost 30 now and twink death is hitting him hard. But the botched plastic surgery isn't helping him either.

No. 1692378

File: 1667459778421.jpg (2.88 MB, 1652x2048, Picsart_22-11-03_03-14-21-086.…)

She's next in line for Elon cuz he is gonna get bored bc he's allready done everything

No. 1693396

Elon can find a younger better looking tranny that Blaire kek

No. 1693827

File: 1667595298999.png (782.37 KB, 931x1024, Pelvis_male_vs_female_2-931x10…)

I love how aware he is of nature yet he still hasn't learned how to properly wear hip pads after all these years lol
He should ask his drag queen chaser boyfriend for some tips but I think he's avoiding wearing his hip pads properly because it involves him having to wear layers of tights until it's smoothed out and he seems to associate showing his bare legs as the sole way to make them look sexy when ironically his legs would benefit from hiding behind some tights. He's probably awkwardly stuffing them in his boxers and calling it a day

No. 1696046

Yeah it's been like what? 4 or 5 years now and he still wears hip pads incorrectly and ineffectively which just make hid body look like a deformed cartoon drawing. I think you're assumption o why he doesn't do it properly is correct as he wants to show off his "shapely" bare legs in his mini sirts and shorts but doesn't realize (or maybe doesn't care) that if he wears the hip pads the way he does, they loo off putting.

No. 1698916

File: 1668343842993.png (278.53 KB, 892x704, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 12-47…)

No. 1700116

Such horrible lip filler migration.

No. 1701691

Robbie was on the Tim Pool podcast, main highlight is the discussion about the Dylan Ulta Beauty drama.

Gotta love how he talks about dylan pushing sexist stereotypes meanwhile Robbie bases his whole look on bimbo early 2000s.

No. 1703173

File: 1668810973356.jpg (33.14 KB, 599x626, ae0ee790f336747a3c128bcfde0152…)

>Blaire says Dylan is pushing sexist stereotypes while Robbie is doing the same thing

Like is he really that non-self aware? It's so funny he is but not surprising. Again, it's why he doesn't have these kind of talks with women who aren't handmaidens because he knows they would call his ass out and he'd look like a clown while it happens.

No. 1704861

>snake oil
>plastic barbie doll
>dead inside

No. 1718748

tranny being sued by other tranny

No. 1718808

as much as I dislike Robbie, he's not an actual rapist and confirmed child groomer like Eli

No. 1726933

Hasn’t been confirmed YET but the amount of projection makes me think otherwise. I don’t think he would be doing so much if he him self wasn’t a groomer/pedo.. it’s the same thing with the trans thing he try’s to throw everyone under the bus and that makes him a “real trans” and is called “she/her” by all the republicans. That’s his reason for that. So think what’s the reason for his “anti groomer” thing? Kinda makes it seem like he must be one of the worst ones..

No. 1726934

File: 1670995648396.jpeg (1.07 MB, 960x1653, CDA3D8E1-0706-49A2-9B43-2DC2E2…)

No. 1726964

Maybe he does it for clout or to feel self-righteous. Your tinfoil is extreme tbh

No. 1727349

Hmm sorry anon but I have to agree wit h>>1726964 that your theory seems a little out there. I do get where you're coming from because sometimes people who protest the most are doing the same things as those they call out but in the 5+ years Blaire has been on YouTube nothing pedo/groomer has come out or even been hinted at. The most we know is that Blaire is a grifting narcissist who calls out other troons to get the "true trans" status that he gets from the conservatives when deep down these people think he's ridiculous as well but need a token tranny to not appear bigoted.

Oh and we've seen that Blaire hardly does any research on his topics and only parrots what other bigger channels are saying only in a troon voice. Or when he lied about that other Troon who he said was competing in women's sports when the guy actually wasn't and instead of apologize for getting it wrong, he went into hiding for about a week or two until the backlash died down and went back to posting as per usual.

It's the main reason why he avoids making content about "Terfs" because he knows they will clap back with a vengeance kek.

No. 1727893

File: 1671107318707.jpeg (689.58 KB, 960x1282, 9DD102B7-A178-4C28-B378-B3742B…)

No. 1728427

yikes, that top's dimensions can barely contain his shoulders.

No. 1729682

I think this is highly unlikely. I mean Robbie doesn't do anything with kids in his videos or trying to appeal to kids. It would surprise me a lot if Robbie turned out to be a pedo.

Very interesting, can't wait to see what happens next.

No. 1732647

My nigga wiill bust his shirt the moment he relaxes those heckin’ linebackers

No. 1742173

Question to the anons here. Do you consider Blaire a TRA? I've heard mixed things on whether he's a TRA or not and the biggest reason I've hear why he is is that even though he's not directly harassing women, he still is expecting people to see him as a woman even though he is a man.

No. 1742675

File: 1673528979305.jpeg (225.54 KB, 952x956, D1395CBC-E716-4735-B09C-2A4BF8…)

your filler isn’t looking too good robbie boy

No. 1742764

File: 1673536692519.jpeg (561.37 KB, 960x850, 8F32461A-4DA0-40D7-9760-04B147…)

Do they ever look good? He always looks a mess(nitpicking)

No. 1742779

That, and he whines about muh terfs on twittee

No. 1742930

kek at his big ass man fingers making his nails look like little retractable claws

No. 1742934

They’re stained too ew

Why do trannies always look so gross and unwashed

No. 1742944


Wait dues he really? That's interesting because it feels like he avoids the word "Terf" on his channel, in fact out of all the YouTube troons, he's the only who doesn't seem to mention "terfs" at all on his channel. If you don't mind anon, what has he said about "terfs"? And is it a frequent thing he does or only from time to time?

No. 1743418

Anyone find it hilarious that he’s dragging James Charles for being a “gay man with a straight man fetish” despite that being exactly what he is? Like how can you not see this Robert)

No. 1743505

I just listened to one of his podcasts in the background and I swear those lip fillers and FFS have given him some sort of strange speech impediment- sounds like he's constantly slurping up his spit and talking in a pronounced slur.

No. 1743528

File: 1673595548889.jpg (74.5 KB, 750x341, relaxed-kitten-in-grass-e16119…)

Porn bump

No. 1743592


No. 1743622

Because they lack any self-awareness and are too lazy to even consider basic hygiene? Kinda goes hand in hand with sissy/wimpy men in general tbh

No. 1749451

File: 1674295576243.jpeg (1.03 MB, 960x1835, E371A558-6E23-4051-98BC-FA5437…)

Robert looking like a man

No. 1749621

What happened to his finance? Is he dating that middle aged chaser dude?

No. 1750129

He believes he is "true trans" and has some type of "womanly soul" and is therefore not actually a gay man. He believes in brain sex and you can see he was surprised when Debra Soh told him that the brain scans of all tested TIMs for "brain differences" was just the same stuff they found in homosexual men lol.

No. 1759876

File: 1675398363052.jpeg (1.22 MB, 960x1734, FBB1C97A-1E77-48B1-9618-6719D0…)

No. 1760003

this is something I actually like about Blaire. stand your ground

No. 1760093

File: 1675435017724.jpeg (852.3 KB, 960x1310, E990E06C-8F34-4A09-8E9F-93FB57…)

Robert Ryan White really thinking he did something with this(emoji)

No. 1762811

File: 1675757366246.jpeg (388.99 KB, 960x1534, 58E80829-A55F-4B6A-840B-D72F9F…)


No. 1763179

I wonder what he'd say if someone asked him why anyone should think he is anymore valid in his "identity" over someone like Riley J Dennis

No. 1763491

Exactly!! This is a good question

No. 1763497

Kek @ the huge gap between his fake tits

No. 1763501

File: 1675825659584.jpeg (108.21 KB, 337x406, BB2FDDAD-8A5E-40FE-AB19-2677A9…)

Bump gross shit

No. 1763504

Robbie! Your left boob has escaped!

No. 1763593

File: 1675843625620.jpeg (544.44 KB, 1257x960, B40642B8-2F60-44CC-B54C-7CBCCD…)

So Robert Ryan White never washes his hands ?

No. 1763664

So you've never used fake tan before? This isn't milk.

No. 1763704

26:14 he talks about how he has a concerned fan talking about his surgeries.
One minute later he's like "my lips are normal now" lmfao he's in such denial. 'i don't think they look crazy" it's not about the looks, it's the speech. His muscles aren't tight anymore, talking is so difficult for him.

No. 1763982

my sides

holy fuck, his lips! I see he's insecure about his male philtrum. Robbie is such a clear example that transitioning is not helping with body image issues. He's constantly touching and tossing his hair and he would 100% go crazy without lip fillers and all the make up.
>I haven't touched my face in a year
wow, impressive kek.
Also all in all a very passive aggressive way of responding.

No. 1764394

Im not good at this. But if my clock is telling time right, then that girl he is with is biological. And wow… she is SO much more beautiful than that freak in every way. And i bet this fucking sick tranny says mysoginistic shit like "omg, im so much hotter than my cis friends omg sucks own dick" ugh fucking hate trannys. And then im sure his handmaiden friend turns around and acknowledges him and agrees. "Omg yeah ive just never been good at makeup or fashion your so pretty robbie!" Handmaidens get your fucking head out of the punch bowl and look around!!

Either way. You will never be a real woman, sir.

No. 1764396

Well i will say, atleast he doesnt live in fucking squalor like most other trannys. Still will never be a woman though. You can mimick women down to every last stereotype but all you do is make yourself into a charicature of women. Immitation is ugly, be yourself.

No. 1765178

I'm not sure about the woman in the video but I guarantee Jaclyn Glenn was probably like that. I'm not sure if they're still friends but I wouldn't be surprised if she kissed his ass and would indulge his narcissism.

No. 1766023

so blaire white isn't his real name
i wonder what it is.

No. 1766040

Both people left and right from Blaire are biological women. I'm sure he feels so womanly being next to a gender nonconforming lesbian even though she is infinitely more feminine.

Jaclyn is such an extreme example of a handmaiden going out of her way to validate this man. I watched some of their videos and she was 100% like that, also using self-deprecating language about herself to make him feel better. She even made a video with him where they asked random people on the street who's the TIM as if that wasn't obvious. Very awkward when some of them lied to not hurt his feelings kek.
I hope she lost interest in being such a handmaiden now that she's a mother but I don't keep up with her. They also live in different states as far as I know so he probably has to find other handmaidens for validation.

No. 1766051

Of course blaire isn't his real name silly, he's trans
His real name is literally Robert lol

No. 1766449

yes but troons can change their name legally and you'd think the faggot had done that, lol(sage your shit)

No. 1766634

I actually do remember that social experiment video they did. That's what made me believe that Jaclyn must be an annoying handmaiden who would kiss any troons ass to be "progressive" or "cool". The self-deprecating comments she made towards herself in that video was so pathetic and it was clear that a good few of the people they questioned knew that Jaclyn was the woman but they indulged Blaire as to not appear "tRaNsPhObIc". I mean how could they not? Even if some people are just that bad at clocking a troon's face, especially when standing next to a woman, his voice gives it away as he talks lie a flamboyant campy gay man.

I agree, I hope that ever since she became a mother, she developed some more self-respect.

No. 1768536

File: 1676459099005.jpeg (467.41 KB, 960x1583, 4FFD1BBB-F795-49DE-8C2A-AE64CF…)

The butt pad looks ridiculous

No. 1768663

lol is this his gym trainer or boyfriend? What happened to his chaser husband? I'm sorry but no shame and YES men should shamed for taking sexy pictures where they stand over another scrote in drag like it's some kind of "I'm a big man". No you are just the bigger man. Kek. Something about this is so funny.
>Manly man Ryback motherfucker standing trying to look cool and tough
>Fake ass pad, botched faced tranny kneeling under him trying to look feminine, small and sexy

No. 1769361

I know right, it's comical. This picture explains what toxic masculinity does to society.
Tbh I don't think him and the tranny chaser are still together. He hasn't been on his social media in months, so either he doesn't want to be in public or they broke up in private.

No. 1770108


Blaire did a live a few months ago and someone asked him if he and Joey are still together to which he said "Joey is my person and I'm his person" he didn't "say" they split, but he also didn't deny it either.

No. 1770121

I find it really funny there are real women go to the gym to lose weight that's mostly on their butt and thighs, and then there's Blaine wearing butt pads at the gym.

No. 1770235

Everyday he looks more and more like a Neanderthal.

No. 1770250

kek he's already so short, the moid standing behind him is likely a total midget

No. 1770838

File: 1676704924545.jpeg (380.64 KB, 960x1604, 126BB474-5B43-4020-ADAE-896A5C…)

No. 1770839

Wtf?? So who would actually date him then? A republican/conservative/Christian ?? How much dose he have to hate himself to want to date someone who would have to be closeted?
And then what he’s saying Joey is not a liberal? Haha

No. 1771061

FR, the only men who would openly date a troon would be a liberal. If we're talking actual Conservatives who are not gay or bi? He'd be out of luck since those men wouldn't want his man ass. And even if he were to get with a conservative man who was on the DL, I don't think he'd be able to do that long-term, being treated as some dirty fetish secret. He's delusional.

No. 1771244

Despite all the surgery, make up and editing, Blaire has MORE issues dating a conserative man then he would as a normal gay feminine scrote. Simply because even if Liberal men suck troon dick, a LOT of them aren't actually sucking it, would'nt actually date a troon. It's all talk. At best some may fuck one, but you don't see 95% of liberal scrotes with their troon girlfriends.
I see a LOT of openly degenerate left wing/centrists scrotes who date troons though. These types however, don't hide their coomers the others DO.
Plenty of conserative scrotes have in roundabout ways admitted attraction to Blaire. Thats why he's always the one they bring out, they want to fuck him and/or think he's attractive (or better looking then most troons). It's just troons are still scrotes dirty little secrets to a lot of men.
Unless it's a openly gay/bisexual conserative he's not going to get the "Straight right wing" guy he wants. If he does, it'll be someone very gay like Nick Fuentes or someone everyone already clocked as a dick gobbler. I find it funny that despite making himself into what he feels would attract scrotes, no matter how many surgeries a lot of these troons are stuck with clearly gay/bisexual/degenerate men in dead in relationships. They never have kids or do anything. It never seems stable.
It's not even like a normal gay relationship. It's weird.
Blaire could date a liberal scrote but he'd be like that artist scrote who dates a troon, and whines because everyone calls him gay. Or that one from oneyplays who I hear is a out and proud degenerate. They'll openly fetishize him and not for passing but having a dick and being their "Dick Girl".
He's not going to get that strong straight seeming relationship, he had that with his finace but I still think that scrote is ashamed of Blaire and will leave him for a more passing younger troon with maybe a working/bigger dick.

No. 1771394

Yep all of this. Blaire has gone the extra mile to try to "pass" with the surgeries, botox, lip fillers, and a wardrobe that consists of "slut-chique" style clothes but even with all that, conservative men still don't want him. At most for the DL closeted bisexual/homosexual ones, they'll only see him good for a pump and dump.

I remember in one of Blaire's video where he was talking about dating as a troon on his "Blaire Black" channel and he said that he never understood why fellow troons felt like they need to force guys to date them and then said that what he gets in his DMs, is proof that you don't need to do that as there "plenty of men that go for them". But it's pretty obvious that even he knows that the DMs he get which are definitely usually sexual most of the time, he knows that these men would not have an actual relationship with him and just want to fuck him and that be it.

I like that you pointed out that if he ever did get with a conservative gay/bisexual, it would more than likely be a Nick Fuentes type, I can see that for sure and I don't think Blaire finds that attractive, I feel like he's more attracted to rugged looking guys that look like his (ex?)fiance. But they seem to be a needle in a haystack for troons.

Blaire could date a liberal scrote but he'd be like that artist scrote who dates a troon, and whines because everyone calls him gay.

>Blaire could date a liberal scrote but he'd be like that artist scrote who dates a troon, and whines because everyone calls him gay.

This is why I don't understand why gay men think living and date as a troon is any better than just being their true selves which are effeminate gay men. At least with authentic gay relationships, they know what they are and don't whine about stuff like that. I just don't get it because it sounds like a headache to deal with to me.

No. 1771410

File: 1676774827785.jpeg (955.35 KB, 960x1669, 7D20E8A4-285A-4AAA-8558-31D7D4…)

No. 1771411

Looking like an actual ape. For real though Robert Ryan white should audition for a Planet Of The Apes reboot.

No. 1771886

I can see Robert dating a self hating conservative tif to play as a “straight couple” but that would last less than a year because Robert hates women

No. 1771933

That would be fucking hilarious if he did that but I doubt he would because he knows he's a gay man and doesn't want to be anywhere near TIf for non-financial reasons.

No. 1772223

> an openly gay/bisexual conservative
NTA, but everywhere outside of Burgerland, an "openly gay / bisexual conservative" or simply a "gay conservative" for that matter, is an oxymoron, and therefore doesn’t exist.
There are of course fake conservative politicians that have their fetishist boy-toys on the dl, but the keyword here is "fake". Otherwise, there is no such thing. So to a non-amerifag, it comes off quite anecdotical for Robert to be having these types of conversations >>1770838 in the first place.
Otherwise, I fully agree with everything you Nonnas said.

No. 1772317

AYRT Right Blaire being a conservative is fucking hilarity and an oxymoron in and of itself because Conservatism doesn't support trans ideology and would prefer to do away with it because it goes against traditionalism. They only put up with Blaire as a get out of jail card and example to show that they aren't "tranpshobic".

But you know that when it really comes down to it, they'll eventually drop Blaire once they get the political power they want. But Pick-Me Blaire doesn't seem to understand that because of his own self-hatred towards himself and that is why it's amusing to see him be a pick-me to conservative men who mostly view him as a joke on the inside.

No. 1774587

his hands are brown lol. he's not wrong in this video though.

No. 1774635

No, in my eurofag country there are quite a few high profile conservative gay politicians. In germany, one of the most prominent far right politicians is openly lesbian.

No. 1774641

nta but I don't understand these people, how do they justify that behavior? Is it some sort of "homosexuality exists in nature" argument for them?

No. 1774718

File: 1677118339898.jpeg (980.89 KB, 960x1638, EA05C9E1-2E90-49F8-BDA7-B7E658…)

Robert Ryan white had never stopped messing with that mug. This is from his Instagram today

No. 1774719

No you can’t be an atheist and believe in god lol. These fools just claim to be “conservative” so that they can be acknowledged by the opposing side(sage your shit)

No. 1774748

Probably to offset his huge ass lips he got fucked up. Forever a patient.

No. 1774795

That looks like TMJ botox to atrophy over active jaw muscles. People regularly get this for issues with teeth clenching, grinding and headaches. For a troon it would have the benefit of slimming his face so he doesn't have bulging muscles like brad pit. Which is assuming is his reasoning.

No. 1774806

Is it a good idea to get injected when your skin is covered in makeup and the grime that it collects? I would think you'd have to show up clean faced so they can at the very least swab the injection site. Guess Robbie can't do that though cause regardless of his surgeries they're less than useless without makeup on top trying to alter his face shape more than FFS botched up his nose.

Also I know this is the trap all troons seem to fall into but what's the point in altering your face to "pass" when your body still exists? Sure if you only look at yourself in the selfie camera you won't see the rest but Robbie tries showcasing his whole body often and is explicitly trying to catch closeted men who would use the "it's actually straight if he's got implants and I'm not the one being pegged" excuse.
It won't do much but I always wondered if he was just always too broke to get fat transfers or something to help his tragic figure. Or if he copes with his body by ignoring it since he won't even put in the effort to try and get a halfway decent gay moid butt through working out.

No. 1774860

Kek. He keeps focusing on detrans women and saying how severe testosterone is. Blogpost, but as a detrans woman who’s known several others in person, we never look like TIMs or moids. It’s annoying as fuck to hear a man with bolt ons acting like I don’t look the exact same even after years of T, because it made him, a man, look like a man. I used to like his podcasts occasionally because of how he focused on detransitioners, but it’s clear he prefers talking about how horrible testosterone is. Sick of TIM’s using women as pawns no matter where they stand in the fight against gender ideology.

No. 1774861

You bring up a good point highlighting how lazy he really is when it comes to working out. I remember he showed himself in a gym on an elliptical machine which shows he goes to the gym and it brings me to wonder why he just doesn't do workouts to build his butt instead of using those ridiculously comical hip pads. Is he that lazy to not just do squats and hip thrusts? Kek

No. 1775080

because I still think it bothers them how much T actually does to a woman vs. how much Troonjuice does to men. Hear me out, in a way, it's like jealously. Like he has to STILL have mad fucking surgeries, get all thats shit plumped in his face, edit every single picture, make sure his videos are filtered, and everything else to look sorta kinda maybe like a woman and even if irl you do think he's a woman, he looks like a botched older woman.
Sure IG girls do that kind of maintence but to enhance (or what they think enhancing is) already female features.
TIFS don't have to get their fucking jaws enlarged. If they are serious, they'll get their breast removed sure, but a lot of them already have extreme results from T anyway. Where as a scrote even the ones who trans as a child, still have to maintain all that shit.
Where a lot of women on T are sometimes stuck with long term effects from it. Scrotes who don't have a lot of surgery, can simply take off the fucking wig, kek.
Even if they do have surgery, just take out the boobs, because their breasts are useless male breasts anyway. Who cares if they look funny? If they kept their dick, then they are good. Even if they got facial work, they'd just look like a botched gay scrote.
I'm rambling but to me, it's soooo easier to focus on the many women who deal with lifechanging shit, then the few men, who are stuck with troonholes. I can think of very few Transwomen who "Detrans" who've had the full troonpackage including the snip.
It's more easier to find women to pretend to care about who are struggling, then troon men who simply cannot go back to looking like a scrote with very little effort, because 98% of them never passed as women at all. Some tifs at best pass for short gay seeming scrotes at worst, just butch lesbians, regardless they look better then tims. Not that it matters.

No. 1775082

I know this is weird, but why does he work out anyway? Kek, it's only going to make him look more mascline. He's not going to look like a hot ass actual woman who cares for her body and is buff. It's going to make his scrote features he barely hides well with surgery, make up and hair stick out more.
I'm not shitting on him for working out, kek. I'm just saying. Also what hell is his life. Even if he still has his penis, he still has to do all this upkeep. Nobody talks about how these scrotes literally have to reshape their house face to MAYBE look like a woman. It's fucking freaky to me how much scrotes to just look like drag queens, because regardless they can't change their wide ass scrote portions, just add hips/ass/tits, which only make them stick out more.

No. 1775173

Actually I think you provided a possible explanation why he does the bare minimum at the gym by only doing cardio. He probably knows that if the does weight training, it'll make his body look more obviously male (granted with his square shape, that's already happening anyway) and he wants to look like a dainty bimbo so he avoids weights.

I agree though, it must be exhausting to have to reform your face with drag makeup which just makes you look like a drag queen anyway without the filters but you know, troons don't really have the best self-perception.

No. 1776863

File: 1677374530275.jpeg (149.45 KB, 724x1072, F5B39C74-302F-4318-A78C-762374…)

Why is Robert Ryan white looking so hard? Like his body is looking like it’s Rock hard lol

No. 1777305

god, those hilariously oversized feet kill me every time he tries to thirst trap

No. 1777590

File: 1677406683655.jpeg (898.4 KB, 960x1341, E638F8B1-E8BB-4356-BFBA-BC0B8A…)

Why do they look like clown shoes lol

No. 1778236

File: 1677486999669.jpeg (936.59 KB, 960x1672, 942FD255-6754-4553-BD7D-7E425C…)

Dose Robert Ryan white think this makes him look tough?

No. 1778927


You gotta love the obvious filtered/edited waist area he gave himself when his candid photos show he has the figure of a refrigerator. Well a man can dream right?

>Clown shoes

Yeah it's so unnerving when he posts pics like this and it highlights how big his feet are, especially when he edits his body frame. You would think he would size down his feet but I'm guessing it's difficult to do that.

No. 1779038

File: 1677576019705.jpeg (312.08 KB, 960x1690, CE844E4F-4426-45A1-85B6-C853F2…)

I bet this makes him SO hard lol like to him people calling him a hobbit makes him feel more fem

No. 1779103

File: 1677583807678.jpeg (1.06 MB, 960x1666, AF2D9615-A19E-4B22-814F-49C190…)

Not Robert Ryan White taking about narcissism lol

No. 1779480

Oh please. Troons are the last ones who should be trying to one-up each other when calling out narcissism when that is a trait that is found in all troons. Part of being a troon is having so much focus on oneself.

No. 1781302

On primetimestein
He’s was calling blaire so pretty and that he could never tell blaire was trans and the other lady in the show was saying the same thing

No. 1781337

File: 1677813533342.jpeg (137.31 KB, 1080x1080, FqGJCx7XoAEQ40L.jpeg)

No. 1781356

Someone tweet this to him please

No. 1781360

5’4” is average woman height in US so you’re not short for a woman. So the people who are commenting on you being short see you as a man kek

No. 1781444

It's so annoying how these people really think he looks like how he does in his videos with the heavy editing. Do these people not understand that he uses a recording filter to make him look the way he does?
It really makes me wonder how people would see him if he ever went on live TV with no filters or camera tricks and if they'd be saying the same thing.

No. 1781497

Ooo that Robert White he sure is something.(sage your shit)

No. 1782396

They do know that! They only say that to kiss Robert’s ass because he helps them talk shit about trans people. I just think it’s annoying that they don’t tell him the truth like that blonde lady that told him to grow his mustache and stop calling himself a she.
But this guy in his show was such a cuck for Robert that it was sad. AND now even with filters and all that bs Robert’s face is looking hella weird. Almost like he’s wearing a mask.(sage your shit)

No. 1782922

File: 1678004126807.jpeg (1.11 MB, 960x1470, 9BE95142-2D92-4707-A136-180F66…)

Thinking he’s some hot shit lol

No. 1782925

kek at his clompers being bigger or just as big as all these taller men surrounding him. clown feet in a clown world

No. 1783024

File: 1678030372962.jpeg (1.25 MB, 960x1583, 4A0F1FC3-EE72-47CA-8392-9150F6…)

A real clown

No. 1783041

Kek at him having to always pose on the floor or sitting because he knows he makes the average man look like a TiF with how manly and tall he is.
Like the dude behind him has more curves than what he can add with shape wear.

No. 1783104

“I’m not a man, therefore my gun must be PINK!”

No. 1783118

kek he's about to dislocate his hip with it popped out like that

No. 1783256

It's Rebecca.
My only proof is "dude trust me" so I'll kindly sage but he'd posted a screencap to his Facebook fan page years and years ago laughing at a message from someone he knew and he forgot to filter out "Rebecca" as that person he knew referred to him as.

No. 1783393

Kek, I love how everytime I come across this thread, I always see Blaire with a bunch of men, but never women. I guess it's easier to pass posing in front of scrotes versus hanging with a bunch of actual women.

No. 1783473

The narcissism

>I broke the Internet teehee

>no one just has a sense on humor
>laughs at his own tired joke
>if you don’t want to see me in a bikini go to Saudi Arabia
>whines about men talking about his appearance, proceeds to tell a woman critizing him she looks like shit and that he’s hotter than her
>everyone else holds their politicsl views because they want to belong in a group, except ME of course
>I am one of the biggest right wing content creators on the planet
Some crazy tranny sent him a message telling he wants to peel the skin off him, that was creepy

No. 1783477

File: 1678088549325.jpeg (29.92 KB, 400x333, F8EB52E8-3DFF-4463-9E21-E2F7CB…)

cp bump

No. 1783518

Robert doesn't get threats from the right because he kisses their ass nonstop

No. 1783528

File: 1678099822890.jpg (13.34 KB, 375x375, 1483572367015.jpg)

Just another day of Robert calling women less attractive than him, even though this is his 'natural' state. I wonder how many of his faggot chasers would still want to fuck him if he looked like this(probably a lot).

No. 1783530

He had that "cute twink" energy before he trooned out… I thought gay dudes loved that shit? He looks infinitely better as a feminine man than he does as a botched woman. I'm suddenly really confused on why he did this to himself kek.

No. 1783534

this just seems like you're trying to find things to be mad about. I watched this podcast and I agree with her. check out 1:04:17 until the end, she's right.
and yeah I say she because I don't feel disrespected by her. she's trying to blend in and not beg for acceptance, she know's she's a mentally ill man with something wrong. I respect that. also, like I said, I agree with her. if I met her IRL I wouldn't say he, that would just be unnecessary. feels so weird being so terfy and giving a tranny (hsts, not troon/AGP) a pass but she's fighting harder for women than most fucking people I know.
I know, it's a gay male. it's a gay mentally ill male who has some really good points.

No. 1783540

A lot guys like him become trannies because they aren’t attracted to gay men and want a straight man. They want to be wanted by straight guys in the way that women are, so they troon out thinking they will be what a straight guy wants. What they don’t understand though is that no matter how they look, straight men will never want them because sexual attraction is a biological reaction and even the best passing tranny (which admittedly he is due to staged angles and editing software) will not trigger that reaction in a straight man in real life because the man will always register that something is off. The best a tranny man can hope for is a closeted homophobic gay man who will play a role. Robbie knows that deep down, that’s why he won’t get his dick chopped off.

No. 1783545

scene Onision

No. 1783547

>she's fighting harder for women than most fucking people I know
KEK where??take meds asap

No. 1783548

Ngl the level of unaware self projection from tifs in these threads is hilarious and obvious.

No. 1783550

babe I live in Australia, we're 2nd worse to canada for the troon shit here. I mean what I say.
thanks for reminding me about the meds though genuinely unironically. sorry to disagree with you but…I disagree.

No. 1783554

White knighting Blake sounds like fun, I agree with >>1783550 she does do more for women's rights than anyone else. You're just a lil jelly Kelly is all.

No. 1783901

Pretty much. Kisses their asses by being the token troon to give them the okay to mock and make fun of other troons, never criticize any controversial stuff on the right, make sure to avoid content that would put his "identity as a trans-woman" into question, and remember to make fun at the ridiculousness of non-binary. That's pretty much how he operates.

No. 1783905

>fights for women

He really doesn't though. He calls women "terfs" when they don't believe in trans period, he has remained silent on when TRAs assault women at protests, doesn't speak on how wrong it is for women who get fired for speaking out against trans,…

So no anon, he really isn't fighting for women, he's fighting for himself to be seen as the special troon who should be given a pass and be seen as that which he is not.

No. 1784190

You’re a part of the problem. Men can’t earn their way into being called she and her. Why are you here if you think they can?

No. 1785017

That's an interesting name, wonder what made him pick it. Not a typical Troon name, even for HSTSs. Unless he wanted his new name to share the first letter of his old one and "Roberta" was too laughable even for "Blaire White/Black"
It's pretty clear he transed out cause his dad or grandpa didn't accept him as a gay guy. He said as much a while back (or at least brought up the lack of acceptance and doesn't seem to be able to link the two things). It probably didn't help he's one of those gays who prefers straight guys (or at least non femme closeted bisexuals) and bought the idea that surgeries would attract them to him. His chaser fiancé he claimed was straight helped the delusion of his appearance too
Genuinely where do you see Blaire fighting for women's rights? They're the og MAGA tranny fighting for trans rights and conservative talking points and simply pushing against the tucutes on the left because he knows they'll dick him over. He wants to go back to being medicalized and allowed entrance into women's spaces, that's not fighting for women and the moment self dx is no longer a thing he would go back to supporting the religious and conservative right of America as he has no stake in women's rights nor does he even like feminists as he constantly says. This is the guy who chickened out on talking with Magdalene Burns until she was dead but happy to be perved on and used by Alex Chaser Jones

No. 1785038

Even if he DID fight for women, he’s an ugly fat faggot and deserves to be bullied for it.

No. 1785791

>It's pretty clear he transed out cause his dad or grandpa didn't accept him as a gay guy. He said as much a while back (or at least brought up the lack of acceptance and doesn't seem to be able to link the two things). It probably didn't help he's one of those gays who prefers straight guys (or at least non femme closeted bisexuals) and bought the idea that surgeries would attract them to him. His chaser fiancé he claimed was straight helped the delusion of his appearance too

You sound like another person who watched Blaire White back in his early days and if so, do you remember his Christmas livestream in I think 2015 or 2016 when he got drunk and emotional. It was there where he mentioned how his grandfather and father didn't accept him "when" he was a gay boy but he also shared a story of how he was treated by his ex-boyfriend before he got with Joey and how the guy was so in the closet to the point where he literally had Blaire hide in his dorm closet a few times when the ex's parents came for random surprise visits.

No. 1786727

>wonder what made him pick it
Robert to Rebecca seems like an easy transition.
Not only that, but he has a long history of bullying women(female) for their appearances to.

No. 1790161

File: 1679055037916.jpeg (106.01 KB, 1129x960, F1020841-2348-403F-9F05-A8FD7A…)

So I saw this ben cooper fella that dose look JUST like Ben Shapiro wearing a wig. But then in some angles is looking like Blair white BUT with a bigger Adam’s apple lol

No. 1790179

I vaguely remember yeah, he used to get drunk and sad a lot didn't he? If the Christmas livestream is still up might be worth going through for old milk and to archive stuff. He's keeping more private now but it's pretty clear he's just another sad case of trans conversion.

No. 1790191

As annoying as Brett is she's obviously a real woman. Also, that's not an Adam's apple. It's just the angle

No. 1790273

AYRT and yeah he used to livestream every Saturday and would go for hours and be drinking but that Christmas one was one of the ones that stuck with me the most because of what he admitted in it.

Unfortunately I could never find any archives of it. He used to keep his livestreams on his channel but he deleted them which sucks because there was so much old milk in them. In any case though, it's awesome to come across another person who remembers it because everyone else I've run into either wasn't around back during his anti-sjw days or if they were, they didn't see the livestreams.

No. 1790434

File: 1679092647449.jpeg (17.05 KB, 241x209, 82EE8CCF-761A-4FC9-A901-63542F…)

No. 1790486

His head isnt square, its long and horsey

No. 1790489

Why did you badly edit this then try to pass it off as unedited? Lol

No. 1790502

seems like editchan has been making her rounds in threads other than belle delphines for months now. kek

No. 1790577

Are you retarded or a moid? If you can't tell between a woman from a bad angle vs a male maybe you should try to get a diagnosis for autism.

No. 1795654

File: 1679858359163.png (366.42 KB, 2271x978, 2023-03-26 21_19_13-AsPowerBar…)

do y'all mean this livestream (he starts around 4:30, 4:35 talking about the relationship with his dad/dads side of family)?: https://www.veed.io/view/43698f1e-38c5-4463-81ad-4a95db85dd91?sharingWidget=true&panel=share

if not, i have recorded all of them. any website i can just upload them anonymously?

No. 1795922

No. 1796881

>"If I have no makeup on and look like trash, that's why"

Don't worry, the beauty filter still masks your obvious male face. Anyway AYRT and YES! That was the one! I'm so surprised someone actually archived this because I couldn't find it for years until now. Thank you so much anon, I knew this wasn't some fever dream though I guess I got the livestremas mixed up because he wasn't drunk here and that must've been another time.

>They accept my gay uncle but not me

If the uncle isn't a feminine/flamboyant gay man who dresses in a feminine way, that can only give more insight into why the traditionalist Christian family of his would sooner accept them over "faggotron" because even before he deluded himself into thinking he is a woman, he dressed pretty effeminate what with the whole Jeffree Star aesthetic he was going for at the time.

But no seriously, thanks anon. This is why I was totally convinced his family was the (main) reason why he trooned TF out and a part of me does feel bad for him but only a small degree because he's still a misogynist for some of the shit he's said about women and I can't respect that.

No. 1796890

>"If I have no makeup on and look like trash, that's why"

Don't worry, the beauty filter still masks your obvious male face. Anyway AYRT and YES! That was the one! I'm so surprised someone actually archived this because I couldn't find it for years until now. Thank you so much anon, I knew this wasn't some fever dream though I guess I got the livestremas mixed up because he wasn't drunk here and that must've been another time.

>They accept my gay uncle but not me

If the uncle isn't a feminine/flamboyant gay man who dresses in a feminine way, that can only give more insight into why the traditionalist Christian family of his would sooner accept them over "faggotron" because even before he deluded himself into thinking he is a woman, he dressed pretty effeminate what with the whole Jeffree Star aesthetic he was going for at the time.

But no seriously, thanks anon. This is why I was totally convinced his family was the (main) reason why he trooned TF out and a part of me does feel bad for him but only a small degree because he's still a misogynist for some of the shit he's said about women and I can't respect that.

No. 1803175

File: 1680779388789.jpeg (238.18 KB, 960x1593, 0128ECFA-5C84-4A9E-82A0-7D122E…)

Now he felt a blow after Bens anti trans owning guns lol

No. 1803180

Even as a thumbnail this guy is forever clockable. Bobble head looking ass

No. 1803281

Is his head so big because he takes pictures from a higher point to look shorter? I know males have bigger heads but I always thought they looked smaller in proportion to their large bodies.

No. 1804124

Ever since Rucka Rucka became a faggot he just isn't funny anymore. He also had Onision in one of his videos, of all people.
I saw that and its hilarious. His latest video is almost like a parody of himself, one the one hand he feels that constant need to shit where he lives, on the other he can't help but disagree with Ben Shapiro. Which is it, Robbie?
This is how this shit works, Robbie, in for a dime, in for a dollar. Its funny how he calls himself mentally ill in the same video he says he wants his guns. Can't have it both ways, Robbie, you monkey faced retard.

No. 1804480

I'm not watching that video because I can't stand listening to his voice but lol at him admitting to being mentally ill and still owning gums, he's really not as clever as he thinks he is.
So was the gist of this video that he thinks it's stupid to want to ban gun ownership even though mentally sick people can still purchase them?

No. 1804644

His voice dose sound more annoying than usual. Either he’s older and it’s hard to fake it or he did something but he sounds like a straight up fag lol

No. 1804744

What I don't get is his constant obsessive compulsive need to shit in his own backyard. Anything even remotely negative about his fellow transies and he'll make a video about it. Its almost as if Robbie reads the news paper going "A-HA!" and then enjoying that shit. Now he's even willing to say he's mentally ill same as the rest of them. Is Robbie a masochist? Inquiring minds wanna know.

No. 1804873

I feel like it's because he's getting older and it's getting harder to sound the way he used to. I mean he still sounded like a flamboyant gay man even back then anyway but you know, troons gonna troon.

It's pretty obvious that the reason why he shines attention on other troons when they do or say messed up stuff, he's trying to win brownine points from conservatives and people who otherwise think trans is load of bullshit. He thinks that if he speaks common sense, that'll make him the exception and should be viewed as a "true trans" and ergo, a woman in his delusional big head.

Look at what people say in his comments kissing and gassing his ass up that only inflates his already sizeable ego. It's a high for him to get the constant asspats for calling out other troons. But notice how he never really makes commentary on people like Matt Walsh or Kellie-Jay Keen, the two public figures who would never bend for troons even if the troon was calling out another one.

No. 1804904

Because he's desperate to be the one good troon and get validation for shitting on other troons

No. 1804939

The pickme of troons

No. 1807677

This is so trashy, can't believe he doesn't ever stop with this shit

I have to admit his voice doesn't annoy me as much as most other tim's voices because to me it doesn't sound fake. He just sounds like a gay dude (which he is) and he doesn't have this creepy exaggerated fake woman-imitating voice that others (especially agps) have. I'd have to watch some of his older videos for comparison to see if he changed the way he talks.

I really wonder when his delusion finally falls apart. Probably when he's older and long forgotten. He always tries to come off as the reasonable tranny because he can admit that he's biologically male and that he has a mental illness but going on the way he does with the hormones and fillers and extreme makeup, always being so selfconscious about his looks is so self-destructive, there has to come a breaking point. Imagine him being 60, he can't rely on looking like a pornified caricature of a woman forever. He'll probably end up like these plastic surgery addicts that look like cat people because he never got to the core of his problems but bought into transition. What a sad existence.

No. 1809122

havent heard of blaire white since 2018. how relevant is blaire in 2023?

No. 1809290

Its very weird, I mean other trannies are trying their darnedest to have their fetish be normalized by society and here Robbie is putting every troon that did anything wrong under the microscope making shit so much worse. Of course any group of people has their bad apples, but usually the other people in said group aren't trying to magnify this to make their own group look worse than the others.
Then again, Robbie is nothing if not confused. He hasn't even gotten rid of mr. winky yet, while the very troons he's accusing of being "fake troons" like Jonathan Yaniv, ADF and others actually have.
Now if you ask me a dude actually having their dingus cut off to me sounds way more committed than a troon not doing that.

No. 1810243

can't believe i agree with ben shapiro lmao

No. 1810549

trans-apiro(sage your shit)

No. 1810598

I wonder if this faggot will detransition one day. Everything in his life is so performative it must've been really exhausting. From fake feminine mannerisms to sticking to very limited outdated makeup looks and hairstyles just to look less creepy. Nothing about him gives off that effortless feminine vibe "trutrans" are supposed to have, huh. Jeffree Star looking ass.
I can't disagree with most of his points on the LGBTQABCDEFGH+++ community but the bar is really low. His audience should stop applauding him for saying obvious shit like "yeah, drug queens should not preform for children". Duh.

No. 1810631

I thought this too. He would THRIVE is he detransitioned and would have found a husband by now if he didn't troon out. It's probably a case of sunken cost at this point and probably with most trans people who keep up the facade despite not being happy. The thing is, he is an attention whore. There would be no better way for him to get more attention like detransitioning and ironically a lot of the right wing people who hated him will actually like him. He really has less to gain by remaining trans at this point.

No. 1811387

Honestly I feel like Robbie is gonna see this lie through for a long time. The only way I see him coming back to reality and accepting himself for what he really is is when he starts losing attention as he gets older and a new young Troon takes his place. That or if he realizes that dating as a troon is seriously fucked when he realizes that many guys don't actually want to have a relationship with him an just want to fuck him.

But like >>1810598 said, Blaire is an attention whore and a narcissist and he gets off on all the praise he gets from his ass kissers who comment how "beautiful" and "passing" he is and this is what makes it likely he won't be stopping anytime soon..

No. 1812141

Almost feel bad for him, these troons really age like dogs.(sage your shit)

No. 1812612

File: 1682072440251.jpeg (106.5 KB, 960x1186, 5C614936-4B22-4BAC-8C20-9C349C…)

Hmm well, well well.. looks like his mug dose not lie but we all knew he has autism

No. 1812615

File: 1682072658333.jpeg (170.09 KB, 960x1434, 3474D57B-35FA-4E86-8587-449B8E…)

No. 1812616

File: 1682072780213.jpeg (107.45 KB, 960x1511, 963F8AD8-61EF-4D37-96C3-3302AC…)

He thinks he’s going to marry a republican/conservative though

No. 1812619

This is so funny, conservatives either think he's a degen like the rest of the lgbt or they're tranny chasers who wouldn't go out with him in public

No. 1812625


Blaire is engaged.

No. 1812627


No. 1812666

Let us know when he is actually MARRIED.

No. 1812677

robbie has been engaged for 5 years now kek

No. 1812719

kek, he must be taking those tests for a reason. Nobody just randomly does psych tests without some suspicions after age 12.
If he does have it damn is he a stereotype. HSTS and autistic from a homophobic family where he couldn't prove himself to his male family members. The autism making it easier to come to the solution of transitioning instead of accepting boys can be gay and girly
Are they even still together though? The relationship kinda slowly dissapeared from the public eye after that video where they admitted joey became violent when drunk and we've seen Blaire with any man but him since then.

No. 1812767

Well? When's the marriage? Isn't that when you get engaged, when you have plans to marry?

No. 1812925

File: 1682120242517.jpg (78.79 KB, 1278x719, fuglyrobbay.jpg)

I've never thought about that one, you think he'd really do that? I'm not saying he wouldn't, I'm really wondering if he would. I honestly never thought about it. I think it would be hilarious if he would transition. It is a fact that he never got rid of mr. winkey..

No. 1813114

Such fake boobs.

No. 1814184

File: 1682327588313.jpg (84.92 KB, 1194x811, ungh.jpg)

of course he has to shit on Mr. Beast his friend coming out as trans.
I just wonder.. does Robbie have any friends left in the LGBT community, or is everybody just out for his blood now?

No. 1814186

samefag but he also raises the argument that if you get married as a man you must stay a man no matter what because you "made that holy vow" and shit. so you just have to stay miserable as a man, even if you find out later in life you're trans. wow, robbie, just wow.
what about husbands or wives that just get divorced because they're sick of the sight of eachother? or what about husbands or wives who find out later in life that they're gay?
no no you have to rather stay miserable for the rest of your life and life with resentment just for the sake of marital vows and / or kids.

just wow, robbie. ok. yeah thats healthy. good job, robbie. keep catering to the right, you dick.

No. 1815044

He's just a grifting opportunist. I'm sure he has some other troon friends in the "LGBT" community who are just like him but don't do videos. That or he is content with the chasers and occasional handmaiden or two.

And of course he would stick his Michael Jackson-tier nose into this "drama" since Mr Beast is one of the most vastly popular channels on YouTube at this time and you know, gotta get that money honey.

No. 1815157

>He's just a grifting opportunist.
And a really bitchy, naggy, whiny know it all. He seems to be stuck in that 90s era where it was "cool" to be a bitchy vindictive cynical sarcastic homosexual. Newsflash: It was never cool. Plus it won't make you any friends. I really wonder what the consensus is about Robbie in the gay community. I'm thinking either they don't give a shit, or they genuinely dislike him. Or a little bit of both. Specifically his last video rubbed me the wrong way. His whole attitude is fucked, and he's acting like some sort of a gate keeper. With him as the know-it-all end-all king of all troons. Only he is a real troon, and only for troons with clout is he willing to at least act like they're fellow troons, like Buck Angel. I'm sure if Buck didn't have some clout he'd shit on him too. You know he would. He's a total fucking asshole.
In my opinion Robbie has been shitting where he eats for the longest time, and pretty sure once the novelty of him wears off he's gonna end up completely alone.

No. 1815417

>I really wonder what the consensus is about Robbie in the gay community. I'm thinking either they don't give a shit, or they genuinely dislike him. Or a little bit of both.

That's a very good question. I feel like the consensus may be mixed but tbh, I can't recall hearing any gay YouTubers mentioning Blaire outside of Arielle Scarcella and she idiotically believes in "true trans".

>And a really bitchy, naggy, whiny know it all. He seems to be stuck in that 90s era where it was "cool" to be a bitchy vindictive cynical sarcastic homosexual. Newsflash: It was never cool. Plus it won't make you any friends.

For real. He tries so hard to get in with the conservatives and the truth is that they will never accept him like he desperately hopes they will. They deep down think he is mentally fucked effeminate gay freakshow of a man but they're just playing nice now until the the world goes back to normal and stops blindly supporting the ideology. It's already pretty telling that he can't maintain friendships with other troons because he can't handle sharing the possibility of playing second fiddle.

And you're right, it's so hilarious how he thinks he can gatekeep who is "true trans" and it's pure projection on his part because irl he doesn't "pass" at all (none of them do).

No. 1815449

>For real. He tries so hard to get in with the conservatives and the truth is that they will never accept him like he desperately hopes they will.
Here's the real irony in that: Robbie is trying to desperately be accepted by the alt right, the alt right (some of them, because its not like he's big in the alt right movement) uses Robbie to "prove" that they "aren't transphobic" and have "one of those freaks in their midst, agreeing with them."
> they're just playing nice now until the the world goes back to normal and stops blindly supporting the ideology.
I suspect you're right, yes.
>It's already pretty telling that he can't maintain friendships with other troons because he can't handle sharing the possibility of playing second fiddle.
True, I think he has this constant need to be "special" and be "the only real tranny" out there. On the other hand I suspect he's actually also a self-hating tranny. He hates parts of himself he sees in other trannies.
I also think he's jealous or scared of some of them who did actually have the surgery to get mr. happy removed and a stink ditch installed.
Robbie is too scared to do that.
>And you're right, it's so hilarious how he thinks he can gatekeep who is "true trans" and it's pure projection on his part because irl he doesn't "pass" at all (none of them do).
Thats again very ironic, because to me nothing says dedication more than for a guy to have their dick cut off for something they believe in. So i'd say whoever Robbie argues or ridiculed that did get their dick cut off, Robbie already lost that argument by default, considering they're way more dedicated to being a troon than Robbie.

No. 1815452

File: 1682499546848.jpg (129.45 KB, 636x1372, PoorRobbay.jpg)

Poor Robbie..

No. 1815757

File: 1682540605721.jpeg (186.88 KB, 960x1072, E40800CB-A03C-4EBA-BFE9-06128D…)

Just look at Robert’s mug eek. And why dose he keep claiming to a midget when the other trans are just as tall as him and they have 4 inch heels?

No. 1815759

Zoom into Robert. He’s aging so tragically

No. 1815770

File: 1682541775453.jpeg (124.68 KB, 960x675, E8D7E893-680C-420B-AB71-CD5135…)

No. 1815820

it's crazy how feminine chaser type men look

No. 1815833

the poorly placed hip pad, the bulging calf muscle, the cavernous fake boobs. At least the troon next to him knows how to dress to camouflage a lot of his male features. Still looks like a drag queen though.

No. 1815839

File: 1682547218990.png (185.89 KB, 685x911, height.png)

judging by the fact that they placed buck in front to look even taller and that robert is bending his knees to look shorter. Definitely doesn't look like a massive difference between their height.

No. 1815969

File: 1682561404416.png (781.75 KB, 851x645, Screenshot 2023-04-26 7.01.39 …)

Sooooo…have they? Alex has been caught looking at trans porn before. kek

No. 1815982

"SimpCast Reacts to Blaire White Twitter Attacks! Chrissie Mayr, Brittany Venti, Anna, Ariadna, Keanu"

No. 1816000

Adam is so gross. Did anyone catch that interview with him talking about how disgusting he finds eating pussy. Now he's spending time with people like Robbie. Makes sense.

No. 1816007

he's def an extremely online brain broken scrote, it wouldn't surprise me if he's porn sick as well and the "demonic" shit he's always going on about is what he indulges in himself

No. 1816040

That fuckin footballer leg though. Shoulda went on the pitch instead of dresses tbh. What a waste.

No. 1816086

Any man who refuses to eat pussy is a faggot and unfit to reproduce. Makes sense that he would be orbiting the aids-ridden bobblehead.

No. 1816097

>Here's the real irony in that: Robbie is trying to desperately be accepted by the alt right, the alt right (some of them, because its not like he's big in the alt right movement) uses Robbie to "prove" that they "aren't transphobic" and have "one of those freaks in their midst, agreeing with them."

Exactly, he's just he token tranny to these people and as public opinion on troons turns, they'll drop him like a hot potato as usefulness will be no longer needed.

>I also think he's jealous or scared of some of them who did actually have the surgery to get mr. happy removed and a stink ditch installed.

I agree in your thoughts that he more than likely fears other troons, namely the ones who got the stink-ditch because if "gender dysphoria" is that apt for validating troon, he's not as committed as the ones who got their cocks chopped off and it's like, why should anyone think he is above it all when he hasn't done the same?

No. 1816100

It's sad that the women discussing his thirst trap pictures don't pick up that he hella edits his photos and that in IRL he has the body of refrigerator.

No. 1816112

File: 1682586358393.png (369.11 KB, 450x507, Screenshot 2023-04-26 7.14.32 …)

Standing next to Venti…

No. 1816134

I was literally just about to edit that text over this group photo >>1815770
Lol great minds

No. 1816139

File: 1682590626042.jpg (197.05 KB, 955x1200, FQeXZhoWYAE1UTV.jpg)

Holy shit they totally fucked

No. 1816151

Blair is just proof that conservatives scrotes biggest issue is troons don't "pass" as bimbo women. If they all looked like Blaire (who still looks like a scrote but has tits, long hair and over filled lips) then they'd have zero issue with Dylan Mulvaney of he tried harder and wasn't so ugly. They'd be like,
>honestly kids shouldn't Trans out BUT if it makes them look more female then…
Or only be against Trans kids and would be telling women to "get better" at sports and how we are jealous that troons look better/are better then we are. They'd probably be the leading voices of TRAs.
Only coomers hang with transsexuals and bring bring on their platforms. I'm sorry but it's true. No straight man is sane and into troons or supports them.

Every single one I've seen has done so because they find some troons attractive or they hated women, or all of the above while also being abusive, mentally ill,angry and a coomer.
I can't believe in 2023 people (scrotes) still trot out Blaire or even Buck Angels, you'd think they'd gotten better looking Trans who can "pass" so they can use or fuck them.

No. 1816166

>I agree in your thoughts that he more than likely fears other troons, namely the ones who got the stink-ditch because if "gender dysphoria" is that apt for validating troon, he's not as committed as the ones who got their cocks chopped off and it's like, why should anyone think he is above it all when he hasn't done the same?
Exactly. Its not like its a contest I mean they should all do whatever, but since Robbie actually does make it a sort of contest to prove he's top tranny while still having his wee wee dangling between his ugly mannish legs. Its odd.
Also I dunno why, and I don't wanna be "that person" but something tells me Robbie reads / posts here occasionally.


No. 1816447

Did Venti or Blaire try filtering their faces or is this just unfocused blur? Hard to tell. Anyway is he trying to showcase how "smol" he is compared to women because if so, I mean Venti is wearing platforms kek. And I just have the sneaking suspicion that Blaire tries bend his legs a bit to appear shorter.

No. 1816450

I mean at this point should we even question or be surprised if he has? For all we know maybe Blaire is secretly hooking up with him and plans to leave Joey for him since Alex Jones is much more notable online and I wouldn't put it past Blaire being an essential "star"fucker and I use that term in the loosest way possible describing Alex Jones of all people.

No. 1816455

Right but Blaire will always act like he's above it all. It's gonna take a lot to bring him back to reality.

No. 1816474

well yeah, thats what i suspect but i don't wanna go "hi cow"
in any case they are definitely photoshopped just the shoulders alone will tell you that. and the one with insane tinfoil alex jones looks so shopped its comical.
you can also tell by the unnatural smoothing in the face etc and by cutting edges like legs and such.

No. 1816520

imagine going through all that surgery and work to bag this actual warthog made of blistering sausage instead of being like a house hunting twink twin power couple. hsts fags are crazy and most likely want to reenact their childhood sexual assaults forever

No. 1816560

File: 1682638473116.png (69.78 KB, 407x406, Screenshot 2023-04-27 4.30.08 …)


No. 1817074

I think Robbie is venting his sexual fantasies about Alex Jones here.
Rob, Alex doesn't have his money no more ever since his Sandy Hook fiasco. You do realize that, right?
Plus Alex Jones is extremely homophobic, it just wouldn't work. At least not publicly.

No. 1822836

File: 1683519981994.jpeg (218.58 KB, 960x1604, 4155FA78-67B8-415D-A952-44243A…)

He said no makeup but he’s is wearing makeup and the photoshop is hilarious

No. 1822838

Yea I’m sure Alex jones fucked Robert

No. 1822871

>Alex Jones is extremely homophobic
He has been caught looking at tranny porn.

No. 1822992

thinks we can't clock makeup, male behaviour. it's all clockable m8

No. 1825628

I wish Robert wore his greasy,ratchet extention nest in a high ponytail. But we all know he won't because his hair has to frame his face and quarterback broad shoulders. Atleast we have his botched, hulk hogan boob job to laugh at. Seriously sue your surgeon, his body proportions are worse than a mexican or russian grandma's. Seriously >>1816560 hsi implants are migrating to his armpits.

No. 1825743

File: 1683895980008.jpeg (102.09 KB, 649x1361, 1E6FB69D-23FE-4038-93BB-E0D624…)


He this he has great tits though lol

No. 1827385

File: 1684124446473.jpeg (120.58 KB, 677x1389, C99DA371-127D-4FDD-AEE4-C49E58…)

Why dose he look like he’s wearing a mask ?(sage your shit)

No. 1827415

because he’s botched as fuck

No. 1827591

File: 1684154566805.jpeg (83.31 KB, 601x1319, 9ABF87AB-8AD8-4045-8F50-2344F0…)


YES he’s botched but what happened more recently? The bottom pic is the more recent and he looks to be wearing a mask. Or do males face grow larger and longer as they age ?

No. 1827752

His midface looks like it got longer

No. 1827762

It's called fillers. He's hitting twink death and losing fat in his face making him look male, so he combats it by getting fillers which make him look more unnaturally plastic.

No. 1828201

File: 1684241141978.jpeg (103.14 KB, 1457x828, DC410325-0C6B-4661-811C-87F786…)

Bobby is really happy another plastic surgery nightmare HSTS is a fan of his. How sweet.

No. 1828275

File: 1684250646701.jpg (85.85 KB, 892x864, thumbnail.jpg)

Not milk, just made me laugh.

No. 1828646

Why do they both look so similar? Lol(sage your shit)

No. 1830286

caught being the operative word here.(sage your shit)

No. 1830663

File: 1684537486197.jpeg (179.56 KB, 787x1406, 638B860C-475C-4ED6-9D79-BACA2C…)

This fool trying to look cute.

No. 1830698

does he wear a wig?

No. 1830959

he's always sucking on a straw like that.
wonder if robbie has some sort of daddy related oral fixation.

No. 1830960

File: 1684589477618.jpg (50.29 KB, 640x645, EOlA-73XUAs8BU7.jpg)

Also reminds me a lot of Chris-chan's drinking straw of fail. I'm sure they're related.

No. 1831274

Yea he’s been wearing wigs

No. 1834491

File: 1685053600037.jpeg (55.25 KB, 729x1107, 4ABDB1AA-8CA1-476C-B2A9-075AE0…)

You can’t say this doesn’t look like Robert(sage your autism)

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