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File: 1690839704388.jpg (15.61 KB, 510x288, REEE.jpg)

No. 1650373

Last thread: >>>/ot/1538063

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.
>Don't forget to copy paste the OP onto the new thread.

No. 1650374

You know what? I won't congratulate you either. You don't deserve it. You know that congratulating me months ago would've been the nice thing to do but you chose not to and acted oblivious even though you knew. You want me out of you life? Fine, so be it. Can't believe I was so stupid and I can't believe that are so selfish.

No. 1650394

Stupid fucking autist moid. Take your apology and shove it up your ass and learn some self control. Sorry I didn't fuck you, get the fuck over it

No. 1650427

You're the reason the house is hot, not me! I did not like the way you accused me of using appliances making the a/c struggle when I took today off just to start cooking/meal prep/cleaning starting wayyy early this morning, before the temps got too hot and the a/c struggled, trying to make sure you had food to eat this week in a clean environment….I hadnt used any appliances in literal hours because I planned ahead and busted ass. You on the other hand refuse to rehang the solar curtains you promised well over a year ago, that you swore you would clean because your cat fucked em up (still dirty otherwise I would hang them myself), and wont let me close the curtains in several areas of the house even though it is 90 degrees by the window indoors due to the sun because your cat wants to look out (which she is perfectly capable of sneaking behind the curtain to sit). You also wont let me prop your door open just enough for cat traffic even though the sun beats on your room making that part of the house hotter, small crack equals less heat seeping to the rest of the house. You want the door open all the way allowing the heat to spread. That, I dont understand, since you wfh in the front office and there is literally no one back there except cats going in and out. Dumb.

No. 1650431

God I hate men. No I will not magically acclimate to the fucking tropics when I have a disorder that makes my body unable to regulate its own temperature. Maybe if you'd listened to me a YEAR ago when I said I didn't want to come here, this wouldn't be happening. Or if you'd fixed the air conditioning in my unit. But noo, of course not, it's always on me to just suck it up, even if I faint or throw up from heat exhaustion. I need to get the fuck out of here.

No. 1650440

My whole life I've been told that my problems are not real. my whole life I've been harassed. My whole life I've been isolated for things that other people recieve empathy for I. Am dying and my rage is at the limit because of the extreme mental damage and the lack of. Empathy society has inflicted into. Me. Every little person and I have nobody to depend on and I am too sick to depend upon myself. I just have nobody in my life and I have placed tremendous amounts of effort into. All. Of. My interactions. People assist each other all the time but not with me. I am not part of society and I am being treated like a freak and isolated by everyone. When I talk about how deprived my life is with someone they don't even listen to my fucking words they act like I am trying to take away from their suffering. It is horrible being degraded this way and I cannot stand it anymore. I know I will kill myself soon but I wonder why this has been my fate I'm a smart person and I had ambitions which I will never achieve. I wish someone would hold me and love me and never let me go, then I wouldn't die

No. 1650451

Sorry didn't mean to reply and I don't wanna delete my bad nonners

No. 1650484

I believe that you believe that.

No. 1650617

I lied about changing it, btw. I was just seeing if you were stalking me still, weirdo.

No. 1650618

I believe that you believe that.

No. 1650625

Don't have to say anything. Keep insisting upon yourself creep.

No. 1650662

Whyyyy do you enjoy trying to catapult boulders out of an extremely fragile glass house

No. 1650668

I can't decide whether I support him or not, one day I'm practically ready to jump off a bridge for him and the next I'm purposely getting in his way
as much as I wish I was normal and could have normal fun I honestly I just like the drama, I like seeing this train get wrecked

No. 1650729

I don't think my friend realizes just how much she talks about herself. Maybe she has autism.

No. 1650865

File: 1690893534103.jpg (103.48 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

>Be me 17
>Get attacked by a pitbull, killed my chihuahua and tore apart my face
>Go to college get good degree in tech
>Plan was to build up some cash then give it to my sister and neck myself
>She does the same course I did and gets scouted by Microsoft for an internship
I'm not mad but I feel like deflated? I think I'm just gonna send my cash to a fox rescuse I like on Youtube

No. 1650894

My trust will never come back, because of you. You singlehandedly reduced to particles the last bit of trust i had in people, and i hope the consequences crush your heart the same way your actions crushed mine. You can ignore me as much as you want and even pretend i don't exist, but i will always live in misery, while you will go on and live your life surrounded by people who will just coddle you and console you. If i kill myself don't act fucking surprised.

No. 1650899

Don't send money to save a fox, if that's what you're thinking of. they're not a rescue, they purchase their foxes (often at premium prices) and further fund the fur trade.(vain bitch)

No. 1650902

That was the plan. I guess at least they buy foxes that would normally be turned into fur? Do you have any other recs? I was thinking the ISPCA but they seem dodgy too.

No. 1650951

Why not give the money to some women’s shelter?(vain bitch)

No. 1650959

You can search "animal welfare" or whatever you want on Charity Navigator to find some information about reputable organizations

No. 1650962

Foxes > Humans(vain weirdo)

No. 1650982

That seems to be mostly US based and I'm Irish so nothing here appeared there. I did Google the ISPCA a bit and they seem on the level, so it's them or a local pound.

No. 1650998

And with that money, they’ll keep expanding their business and breeding more foxes: half to turn into fur, and half to sell to naive people who think they’re lessening their suffering. You’re a good person, though. There are other ways you can make an impact.
Nonhuman animals>human animals. As much as I advocate for us women even they participate in stuff like crush fetish and child abuse. Not being born human is a different kind of hell and I comment anon’s heart.(vain bitch)

No. 1651003

Get off your fucking phone and do something productive. Make dinner, clean something, wash the baby’s cloth nappies, just do SOMETHING that helps with my load. Go to the shop and buy me a snack that I actually want instead of the same thing you’ve been buying for weeks now. You are the most useless human being and I regret having a child with you. I don’t regret the baby, just YOU.

No. 1651079

File: 1690909754428.png (1.11 MB, 600x844, Megg-and-Mogg-Amsterdam-cover.…)

Any nonas in Megg, Mogg and Owl? I think it does depression pretty accurate.

No. 1651187

Nta but while it's true that at the end of the day they fund the fur farm business, they often claim to purchase injured foxes (and a lot of them do have injuries) or foxes with undesirable mutations in their coat or health, which are things a breeder would want to get rid of. I still wouldn't give them money though, despite their fun and cute videos they feel fishy sometimes. Iirc they also trained a deaf dog with a shock collar before and I'm not sure if that's the best way to train a dog, even if it's deaf.

No. 1651328

I really want you to know how pathetic, fat, unattractive and lazy you are. It's actually mind blowing you're 10 years younger than me and have absolutely no stamina, even when I had stitches and was recovering from a surgery I had to still slow to your pace to walk a few hundred yards. You think you're hot shit and sexy because men can smell and see the desperation hanging out of you. You are so completely fucked up looking too, you eyes are almost upside down and you've literally pierced all the ugly parts of you that draws even more attention. I can't believe the amount of excuses you make to not do your job or essentially anything. You're 24 and still talk about how a nightmare can be debilitating and fuck up your whole day. You make up bullshit reasons to secure every holiday when you never work hard and owe your teammates a little reprise from carrying you. To think i missed out on Christmas because you made up some shit that your mum can't cope at Christmas because of a stillborn more than 20 years ago and she needs you. You didn't go fucking home you tried and failed to get laid meanwhile I got roped into doing your shifts. I did those shifts the year before and also was recovering myself from surgery that December. I hadn't saw my family at that point in months and was outspoken about how much I was looking forward to and cherish the family time. I didn't get that. My step dad won't be here this Christmas. I want to tar and feather you and get everyone to tell you to your face what they say the days you aren't at work you ugly fat slut. You don't even have a 90% success rate probably closer to 30% and you literally work with factory men. I fucking hate the sight of you

No. 1651345

why are you supporting troons?(vain bitch)

No. 1651352

i got all hype and for what just to be stood up like a loser lmao i can't even be mad.

No. 1651392

Do not kill yourself for someone who deserves to die.(vain bitch)

No. 1651394

Congratulations, you are so unique so special so different so not like other girls that you've even bent over backwards, jumped through hoops, lied for, and helped men abuse them!! Here's your honorary trophy!! Be a man then since you worship them and believe anything they say so fucking bad. Women like you are beyond horrible.

No. 1651467

Literally everytime you upload a selfie ( - why do you take so many by the way?) everyone at work talks about how much it doesn't look like you. Even that stupid moid with a girlfriend you hate told you he didn't recognise your picture from your fb friend request and clearly didn't even bother to learn your name. Yet you still tell us all how you message him so much that his gf messaged you asking who you were and if that's normal. No it's not normal. I have never had a woman message me about talking to her boyfriend because I don't act like a desperate bitch. I don't know if you don't wear make up at work so you can pretend you just look different done up. I mean that's what you rationalised to us about your fb photos. Not the fact you edit yourself about 4 dress sizes smaller and change your entire face. You're just so hot and alluring away from public eyes and make other women jealous you exist!

No. 1651524

I fear my younger brother wants to kill me and I am trapped with him so when he snaps I don't think there is anything I can do. At this point it's just a waiting game. I'm scared,I don't want to become another statistic but I know it's likely. When he was little he crawled into my bed and tried to strangle me because he thought it'd be funny,he's thrown cans at my head, full, heavy ass cans. Now he's stronger than me, he's 20. Everything triggers him, everything I could do pisses him off, me talking on the phone pisses him off. Me being in my room and sleeping too long pisses him off. He pushes me around and is only stopped by my dad from actually hitting me or beating me up. I lock myself in my room when my dad is gone. I stay there without going for food or the bathroom until he gets back. Recently he threatened to stab me while holding a kitchen knife. I ran into my room and he was banging on the door. I have no friends, no family that will take me in, I'm too poor to leave, I don't have any money and no car, no employers even look my way. I'm scared because I genuinely think I'll die while I'm young. I'm sad cause a lot of this is out of my control. I live my life in fear. I'm constantly anxious,my heart is constantly racing. I don't know if I should just become homeless,but is that any safer? I thought about buying a tent with some of the little money I have and taking residence in a tent city if it meant I could be a little bit safer. But I don't know if that's the right thing to do, will homelessness ruin my life? I don't know. I have dreams, I want a successful life just like everyone else. So I tried to do a GoFundMe to help me get a van or something, so maybe I could sleep in it and look for work until I could rent a proper apartment but people reacted negatively, telling me that he's younger so I shouldn't be afraid of him, even when I tell people all of the stuff he does and the threats he makes and how mentally unwell he seems they say he's young and just hormonal and that I should man up because I'm the older sister. I hate e-begging just as much as the next guy but HES 6'1! I don't stand a chance! I'm so scared, my dad, he gets scared of my brother's behavior too and tries to make him see a psychiatrist but he always drops it if my brother acts normal for a couple of days. I just don't know what I can do. I'm a loser neet (not by choice) still working on getting my high school diploma. I'm starting to worry my life isn't worth saving maybe that's why things are playing out the way they are. Ever since that knife thing I've been so on edge, but he apologized to me so my dad has of course dropped it once again. I remember one time my little brother was upset I sat on what he considers to be his spot on the couch. He started racing towards me, my dad had to pry him away and drag him outside and he started punching the walls until his knuckles bled. That's the first time my dad got scared and worried he needed therapy. I stayed in my room with my door locked for the rest of the day, at night he knocked on my door and then he left because I didn't open the door. I live in a horror movie. I'm scared. I can't exaggerate how scared I am. What am I supposed to do?

No. 1651531

File: 1690948834410.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x281, 1683995314837.jpeg)

I don't want to go to this stupid convention. You've gone to one every single weekend for the past three months. Every single hangout is compromised by *I have to work on my wiiig~* and if you dont get enough pictures you pout like a child. Grow up. Vanity and pageantry can only get you so far if you're actually trying to find footing in the cosplay industry. You know what really helps you make the connections that you're so depeserate for? Kindness. Try treating people with respect, you competitive fool. It's dress-up games.

No. 1651580

I have had an off and on crush on the same man for half my life and we just hooked up again for the first time in years less than a month ago and he has since gone completely silent and I am playing it cool but my heart is miserable, completely crushed.

No. 1651604

File: 1690953421650.jpg (121.6 KB, 632x316, wide.jpg)

I made fun of this slut like a year ago but I turned into her clown ass. I feel some pain in my heart about the mess I've made for myself with my horny antics. I'm such a dingbat

No. 1651720

I hate that I'm seeing my favourite streamer turn into a coomtoid I hate it. Sucking up to coomer moids for the lulz I hate it then you wonder why the fuck does your female audience leaves. God I hate it for once I thought I found a streamer I could watch without being bombarded by coom memes fuck this.im so tired of this shit

No. 1651954

You just won't grow up, will you? You see other people's suffering as a form of entertainment, it's disgusting. You embarrass me, I don't even know if it's on purpose or you're that autistic. We were good for each other as kids but I cannot go on like this, I have tolerated so much shit but I have fucking had it.

No. 1652123

moid that said he loves me says nothing on my birthday, when previously multiple times brought up something special he was going to have sent to me by my birthday. last talked a few days prior for him to send me his stupid music project. his birthday is exactly 2 weeks from mine, easy to remember. I never want to have sex again.

No. 1652140

He didn't talk to me even once today. Fuck, this hurts. I thought I was taking it the break well but I'm miserable. He was all I had for fucks sake.

No. 1652156

File: 1691015590651.jpeg (27.14 KB, 525x373, Fw4AZmlagAAMiiC.jpeg)

Stfu. You don't even know how to wish death upon your worst enemies.

No. 1652161

You talk too much, your jokes are not funny and I don't give a shit about your boyfriend.

No. 1652164

File: 1691018068064.jpg (112.02 KB, 1125x990, EBAAiQ9WsAAI3lZ.jpg)

No. 1652165

Why are abusers always referring to the people they've hurt as their "enemies" absolutely delusional

No. 1652172

this is the second time ive seen this, what does it even mean(vain bitch)

No. 1652181

I think it means the difference in skin colour between left girl's face and hand/wrist is as drastic as the difference between right girl's nail/sleeve and skintone. That's the first I've seen this so I could be talking out of my ass.

No. 1652199

No, it's literally just a screenshot of an ~aesthetic~ list thread that underneath the unrelated baddie pinterest images had comebacks that were meant to be insulting that were actually retarded and juvenile. ~shady asf comebacks~.

No. 1652222

File: 1691022756734.gif (838.24 KB, 350x250, img.gif)

I wanted to use the vent thread so bad and actually receive a response but now I can't because ro-tard is hogging up all the attention

No. 1652251


No. 1652420

An antagonist victimizing themselves in order to try to socially justify their actions and pretending to be antagonize themselves, how shocking

No. 1652426

A mere decade away from being a senior HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

No. 1652490

Oh my god, you psychotic fucking cunt. If you think I'm Satan or whatever then just STAY AWAY FROM ME. How is that impossible for you and your coterie to grasp? Either say something to my face or just fuck off, enough with the passive aggressive bullshit. You're 40 fucking years old, act like it.

No. 1652523

Maybe if you wouldn't blame me for everything give me unempathetic responses and literally feel the need and desire to reply to everythinf that I say and give me useless advice like "get a job" while entirely ignoring the stuff that is going on for me. Maybe if you wouldn't fucking antagonize me and answer my posts with the most horrible fucking shit and blaming me for my abuse like everyone else. Maybe in that case I wouldn't clog up the fucking thread because it is fucking tiring having your problems dismissed and literally being blamed for abuse and having to stand up for yourself. Maybe if you didn't feel the need to blame me for the shit I have been through. Maybe then I would shut up. I need a place to fucking express my thoughts my friends say it IS TOO MUCH but I had to listen to them whine for years about their BPD, trauma, Uwu their NARC PARENTS and this entire time I never said anything about my own fucking problems but when I literally after 13 years of repressing my problems when I talk about what I AM going through you tell me I am trauma dumping and IT IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. WOW I LOVE HAVING SUPPORT AND I LOVE IT WHEN OTHERS CARE ABOUT ME

No. 1652732

You care so much about shit you shouldn't care about and then you tell me to also care about shit I shouldn't care about. Bitch get a job or something. You have too much time on your hands.

No. 1652821

File: 1691083546798.jpeg (50.42 KB, 500x373, IMG_9200.jpeg)

I really wish I weren't here rn

No. 1652923


No. 1652943

Damn when was the last time you took a shower? Or do you actually care about hygiene and just naturally smell terrible everyday? If so, then why do you have stinky genetics? what did your ancestors fucking do? I need answers and you need a lake of perfume to bath in.

No. 1653144

My god, you bitches are so annoying!

No. 1653157

I'm not forgetting what you did.. Don't you dare try and dismiss it too, or else I'll be absolutely angry.

No. 1653244

Called yourself k fed… a senior fucking citizen HAHAHBABSBSBVSBSBS

No. 1653661

File: 1691157925580.jpeg (194.89 KB, 828x474, IMG_3403.jpeg)


No. 1653979

File: 1691177255832.jpg (48.02 KB, 313x500, gayass.jpg)


No. 1654227

File: 1691197908406.jpg (14.92 KB, 236x325, 3f7d1da8459b8704418516d1ba9eb5…)

I shouldn't come to lc when i'm feeling down
nonnas turn me into a clown
I lie in bed with a frown
I'll never show my face in town

No. 1654229

Also I want to saw off my clit. I hate myself so much. I ruin everything by being horny.

No. 1654301

Eww haha

No. 1654637


No. 1655396

File: 1691282397126.png (801.42 KB, 640x951, 1689443167132952.png)

Love you, see you soon

No. 1655428

File: 1691287571308.jpeg (36.38 KB, 735x392, IMG_9267.jpeg)

i want someone to love me

but i can't even handle myself
i don't love myself

how can anyone else

No. 1655475

(wrong thread)

No. 1655487

File: 1691296290715.jpeg (90.14 KB, 750x750, IMG_1147.jpeg)

Moved in with my abusive mother again out of lack of other options, I’m ditching the faint idea I’ve had of university too, I know I won’t be able to take living with her for a long time so I’ll work a year or two and try to move westward. I know it’s stupid and I don’t have a lot of connections and I will be taking the biggest gamble of my life but I have to get out of my dead end shithole country. There are easier ways to get out, sure, but not so much when your family doesn’t care for you and you’re also working class. This scares me a lot but it’s also my only option in a way, I wish life was fair and suffering was compensated, because I’d pe sitting on the biggest pile of money around if it was. I hope to look at this post a few years from now and acknowledge that luck was on my side for once that’s all.

No. 1655518

File: 1691301962517.jpg (174.95 KB, 1330x1163, 1690665456251027.jpg)

Today fucking sucked. I visited the apartment that I'm trying to sublease because my apartment complex fucking sucks and my door was unlocked from the complex moving new furniture into units. My few cleaning supplies were thrown outside (I cleaned up the place real nice for the new person) and there was trash on top of it, including two used condoms. I walk inside to a fucking disaster zone with dust, dirt, and food trash. The toilet had piss all over the seat and the floor and the floor had skidmarks from someone stepping and sliding in the piss. Now I'm at the 24 hour emergency vet because one of our cats cut themselves real bad and was bleeding like crazy. As far as I know, she's stable because everyone keeps saying she's "spicy" ie coherent and fussy. That means little hurt and she's not losing so much blood that she's losing consciousness or anything, which is wonderful news. Her blood is literally all over the house, though. Poor baby. My nigel is trying to clean the carpet with our spot cleaner while I'm at the emergency vet. It's past midnight and my bed isn't made yet and I'm absolutely going to need to help get the blood out of the carpet when I get home since the place is a rental. We ate at a chinese buffet for dinner too and that shit has some heavy misery shit like it's cursed or something. We gave it a second try after eating there once years ago and that building drains our energy like that new age shit. I want to cry and release but the vet clinic has a fucking camera facing me and I don't want to cry in front of them. I'm just so fucking tired.

No. 1655932

Please don't leave me you are everything I have

No. 1655936

If I could bash your face in without going to jail, I would.

No. 1655959

HOW COME AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES ABOUT THAT? I refuse to believe it. Fuck you all who don't see what I see. Are you all blind? Am I fucking crazy? What the fuck is going on in this community? Open your goddamn eyes, you idiots. Stop praising this shit. Stop endorsing this shit.

No. 1656280

Just leave me aloneeeeeee. We aren't a match. I'm retarded.

No. 1656291

You are less retard than you think. I can tell.(vain bitch)

No. 1656461

Insane haha

No. 1656464

I love how you've been so spoiled and sheltered your whole life that even the slightest, most mundane amount of 'adversity' that challenges your delusional little bubble brings out what a violent socio you are underneath the act

No. 1656554

It's crazy how you continue to be an abuser and a liar because you have nothing else to grasp at. You are out of your mind and I can't wait HAHAHHAHAHAHHAY

No. 1656642

File: 1691387880285.jpeg (22.39 KB, 500x282, 1675831212790.jpeg)

At least I've kind of accepted now that there are some things that I'll never have, still doesn't stop me from wanting them though

No. 1656971

stay away from me, you delusional holy rolling stalker bitch. i don't care who you want to stalk obsessively next just make it NOT ME, you stupid cunt.

No. 1657142

I am so tired. Why can't we just give it a try? You can't convince me that you don't care after all of this. Don't be so fucking stubborn.

No. 1657376

If only you didn’t always see the worst in people if only you didn’t think everyone hated you if only you would go outside and enjoy life we could have gone to Mexico like we planned and eaten tacos and visited the Aztec temples like you always wanted… we could have seen Japan together, seen the nature in Romania or lived happily ever after in Florida at the beach. Why do you fight about dirty spoons and why do you never pick up your socks? You’re impossible and you will never understand that the thing making us all so unhappy is you. Why do you need validation so badly? Why does everyone have to approve of everything all the time? I will never forget when you joked and smiled and said ulala baby that’s so hot. We will never get that back huh? All of it gone because you can’t love yourself… all of it gone because you can’t forget because you can’t move on. So sluggish from you and your watchful eye on everything our family does.. everything torn apart because of your mental illness. You see an enemy in everyone but really you just need to take your medication and feel our love again… maybe the trip to turkey will help

No. 1657382

File: 1691453688170.jpg (91.96 KB, 1024x1023, 1691302692199802.jpg)

It isnt even pot and kettle, it's pot and also pot again but pretending to be kettle. You're fucking out of your mind.

No. 1657386

Look at you getting angry at the prospect of being treated the way you have treated. lol.

No. 1657479

I never used to understand why people would take their lives over money troubles, but I do now, which adds guilt to the incredible stress of everything, but what can you do, I guess. I mean, die, but.

No. 1657827

I'm just so tired. This hurts so bad. It was such a slap in the face. What did I ever do to deserve this??

No. 1657905

I hate beautiful women and how oblivious they are.

No. 1657913

Stop spending so much money on your cats you stupid bitch. Fifteen thousand dollars is too much money to deplete your savings and put the rest on a high interest credit card just to get your cat chemo when you only make $30,000 per year. Look at him, he's fucking miserable and you likely only increased his life by another four years at most. You forced something to live only to watch it endlessly suffer all because you can't make logical decisions.
I need you to understand that you are not doing this for your cats, you are doing this because you think your personal happiness is more important than an animal that you supposedly love. If you actually cared for and loved your cats, you would rehome the one that continuously beats up and fight with the cancer one all day. Yet when I told you that's the right thing to do, you told me that I should never say that and that discussion is off the table. SELFISH. Stop torturing animals to fulfill your fetish of being loved. I would respect you more if you claimed that animal's lives and happiness don't matter and you were doing this purely out of selfish reasons rather than this charade of pretending to care.

No. 1657915

We are sharing a con room this weekend, do you think you can ignore me the entire time? Say something you dumb bitch. You're not going to prevent me from doing the things I wanna do.

No. 1657921

I want my fucking money already, I’m being polite and shit, telling you to not worry about it, but inside I’m freaking out because I need the money to buy some medicine and some clothes because I got the amazing idea of throwing out a bunch of shit that was damaged and fucked up.
I’m so hungry too.

No. 1658806

You are such a rude retard and I honestly don't understand why everyone else keeps telling me that you're such a good guy even though you treat me like trash. Is it because I trigger something in you? You can't even make up your fucking mind.

No. 1659067

Damn can't you cooperate in a fucking game? We both want that thing, I already told you that once I'm done helping you, you'll have to help me back so we can get that achievement, but you fucking left me. You left me after I helped you, no in fact, I even had to explain to you because you had no fucking idea how to play this game and you STILL left me. I know it's a game, but it's still an awfully selfish thing to do, especially since you sent me the friend request and asked for help to begin with. I'm glad I don't know you in real life, I just wish I had never known you in the game either. I thought I finally found someone who only cares about playing the game and won't message me everyday to vent about their relationship problems, turns out even those people were a thousand times better than you. before a vain bitch (who's always lurking in this thread for some reason, just like a baiting moid) replies to my post to mock me for ranting about a shitty player in a shitty game, bitch that's the reason I posted it here rather than in the vent thread where anons are often talking about actual problems in their lives, I know my problem is small but I still want to rant

No. 1659303

I fucking hate you you're a terrible boss, a terrible person. You stroll in everyday with the most clownish villain smile and a fake ass attitude building yourself up. But you can't even juggle tasks while expecting us to uphold high expectations not even the owner set that YOU set. you could never walk a mile in our shoes. you set some of us up for failure expecting the people we work with to hate us due to all the struggling but somehow we still end up on top more likeable than you. you wanted at least 3 of us to fail. set the schedule so we may not even be able to pay our bills properly while over staffing in our slow season. all the shit you put us through you should've been fired ON THE SPOT! FUCK YOUR 2 WEEK GRACE PERIOD! I don't know how it took the retarded owner 2 years of your shit to find out how god awful you are at your easy job. everyone has an actual role and all you had to do is oversee us, help us occasionally, but you couldn't even fucking do that. Instead I get people telling me they're so sorry when I'm obviously at my limit of how many customers I can deal with, without support. Even your daughter is just as useless as you but even worse we can't talk shit when she's around. if your hours had suddenly been cut as you do to us, thanks to your firing, that would've been actually just. but nope of course we can't have some evening out. hope whoever employs you next fucks you over just as bad.

No. 1659309

I remember what vile shit you said about your gf, you're just in it for the money and one day I will message her and it's all over for you. Nasty, poor bitch.

No. 1659344

It's funny that you still use the term slav as a vague adjective, really harkens back to your past of being a creepy 4chins incel

No. 1659574

Man I hate Reddit. Most redditors are fucking retarded. All I said was that using "they/them" isn't a common thing in most games with character customisation and I get downvoted by woke shitlibs who got triggered over something as mundane as that. Like I never played a game that isn't ultrawoke use "they/them" for everyone.

No. 1659584

my brain always hurting and the more I think a bout it the more it hurts

No. 1659676

Why are you doing this to me?????????? What did I ever do to you????

No. 1660453

My grandpa tried to kill himself today. He shot himself in the face twice. It didnt kill him. Im sitting here, eating a fruit cup while waiting on my vehicle to be done with a service so I can drive a long distance to see him in the hospital (if he does manage to stay alive til I get there) and to comfort my mother who is likely to lose a father, and my grandma who is likely to lose her husband. There is cheerful unassuming music here, and most people are just existing. I told an old man cashier I appreciated him with more authenticity than normal. He is old, too. Every day lives end and begin, and and it mostly goes unnoticed. I hope my grandpa passes, it is what he wants. His note referenced the sheer physical pain he is in. He has not been able to partake in conversations or many activities for years at this point due to mobility issues and hearing loss. He wasnt happy and couldnt hide it in recent years. His physical pain is unimaginable day to day and that is what he cited as to why he chose death. I wish we had MAID here. He didnt die despite pitting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger twice. In about 15 minutes I will walk back to the tire shop, pay for the service and thank the man working, and go home. Then, I go, and try rehearse how to grieve with my family without losing it myself in my head over and over for 5 hours while I travel. I may bring cleaning supplies and scrub the back yard so no one else has to, and so my grandma doesnt see it.

No. 1660455

Anon, there are no words. I’m still so sorry you and your family have to go through this. I’m sorry your grandfather felt cornered to this decision. I’ll be thinking of you and him tonight. You’re a good considerate person of your family and they’re fortunate to have you around. You can and will get through this.

No. 1660459

That is awful, nona but I join in on you hoping he passes and isn't in pain anymore, that is such an impossible situation for you all. It almost feels insulting, yet comforting and kinda absurd how the world around you dares to move on along even with these things going on, massive things. Have a safe drive and remember to take care, so sorry you are in this situation.

No. 1660465

I'm so sorry anon I know words won't help but fuck life isn't fair…

No. 1660467

File: 1691706810236.jpg (69.58 KB, 860x1200, hug.jpg)

I know we're not supposed to say anything, but I'm so fucking sorry anon. That's absolutely horrible. I hope he's able to pass on and that he isn't currently in any pain or confusion. You're a really good granddaughter.

No. 1660769

I still don't understand how we went from me being the first and last thing on your mind in the morning and at night to you just tossing me aside like garbage.

No. 1660790

I'd rather feel numb

No. 1660814


No. 1660818

also your reasoning doesnt make sense to me. what is the difference between fucking somebody and dating them? how were you okay fucking me for a year but the idea of dating me because i was dating a guy who claimed to be your friend (but had absolutely nothing nice to say to you. Rightfully, because you are the cause of all your own problems). Just say its because your friends dislike me. Men need to start admitting that they are whipped by thier friends.

I also wish i called the cops when you took that condom off. I know you would've done real well in jail. I know you would kill yourself if you ended up there.

No. 1661047

Neighbor, who had been home all day, saw her walk out and get her DD panda and take her kid out and everything, can't be bothered to walk 3 feet to take her stupid fucking clothes OUT OF THE DRYER IN THE COMMON SPACE because she's fucking lazy. I had clothes sitting in the washer, IN THE HEAT, for 8hrs before she finally got her dryer clothes. I was furious, still furious. I even say outside with dryer balls in my hand, on my phone, being patient as hell while she walked outside SEVERAL TIMES. If you're home, be considerate, and get your shit! She had the closest unit to the damn laundry room!! It's a 45 minute cycle by default. CHECK 45 MINUTES FROM THEN,LADY!!

This was all yesterday and Im still fuming. It's such bullshit. Idc if you have a kid, FOLD IT LATER THEN BUT TAKE IT OUT OF THE FUCKING DRYER! Not like they were HOT when you finally grabbed them 8hrs later, but I had to do a second wash cycle that I had no reason to even have to do. I don't have a clothes line or anywhere to dry these either because the one fucking dyer on our property to use for 4 houses! I broke down in tears with how frustrated I was yesterday. I couldn't even do anything because i had to sit around babysitting the laundry room so that I wasn't an inconsiderate asshole and could rotate my stuff asap.



No. 1661779

Thinking of you how you referred to detachment from your abuse as toxic positivity HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH hopefully it's slow and painful, god knows you deserve it for all you've done

No. 1661829

Obsessed in the way that only ends in your own ruin bestieeee

No. 1662598

I will never forgive myself if things between us don't work out. They better work out.

No. 1662641

I should have posted here instead. It's a bit disconcerting to know you've clearly read all of my responses where I repeatedly stated that I am literally unable to do what you're demanding of me, yet you're ignoring that and accusing me of being complicit in keeping this horrible situation hidden.

I'm wondering if you've been betrayed or hurt in a situation similar to this, and you're using me as an outlet for your anger because the misogynistic vitriol you're directing my way is giving me that vibe. I know I fucked up, if I could fix things or reverse time to prevent it from happening, I would. Currently, all I can do is apologise for the part I played in this mess and hope for the best (for her).

No. 1662662

Why the fuck do male runners need to pass you so fucking closely!! There's so much room!!! Stay back you ugly spandex wearing dickbag!

No. 1662843

Genuinely fucking evil. Oh my god

No. 1662989

Why is it still so funny that you tried likening a creepy perma gincel a decade away from being a senior citizen that literally no one is or was ever actually attracted to beyond the facade as rose from 90 day fiance. You are not rose bitch LOL.

No. 1662992

Like there is throwing stones in glass houses. And then there's pretending someone is throwing stones into your glass house, repeatedly, when it's just you standing outside. And doing the same thing to everyone else. Just making sure to do yours at the same time so you can cry victim and continue to hurt whoever you want without any conscience.

No. 1662993

I should have been harsher to you after everything you did and have done, coward. I hope that you never truly move on, and that the secret you harbour about what happened will come to light someday. Part of me hopes you will break and be audacious enough to try and reach out again so I can tell you what I truly think, but you won't. You got extremely lucky after the shit you pulled, and you're sly enough to not want to wreck things. At least I learned a lasting lesson from all of this.

No. 1662996

Imagine taking money for sexual favors of a married man and not telling his wife afterwards because you still hope you can continue prostitution for him. I'd kill myself if I was as pathetic as you

No. 1662997

You keep posting about this man like… werent you the one who slept with him(vain bitch)

No. 1663276

I'll be starting my clinical placements soon and it's in a speciality that I struggle with/don't enjoy, so I'm a bit worried. Hoping I'll have a nice educator; the ones I had at my last placement were lovely. It's only for 6 weeks, but I know from my first placement that those weeks can drag if you absolutely hate going in every day. I'm just grateful this one is more local, so the commute there and back won't be rough.

I really hope my one after this will be neuro, or something that is in an inpatient capacity. I'm still not keen on the outpatient setting - patient-wise, it's too high-turnover for me. The pressure to make every consultation perfect is higher because sometimes people can go weeks between appointments, so I don't want to waste their time because I'm anxious, particularly if their presentation is complex.

I'm still not sure if this is what I want to do forever once I graduate; I find it interesting but the morale for working in healthcare is so low atm . I'm learning programming on-and-off as a fallback just in case I change my mind about working in this field.

No. 1663556

I am so fucking hurt and I just don't understand why this is messing me up so much and why I can't just move on. I'm tired of the constant chest pain.

No. 1663623

i hate that the only place i can find women similar to me is a gossip imageboard infested with terfs

No. 1663629

>infested with terfs
LMAO(vain bitch)

No. 1663638

That one retard who went on /lgbt/ to complain about anons not coddling her ftm delusions and saying she hates all terfs because they tell her she will never be a man is unironically probably the most feminine anon on this site.

No. 1663646

I miss you, it’s been almost a year and I still want you to come back. I’m pretending like I’m moving on but I can’t bring myself to find someone new. I feel like they can’t compete with you. You were everything I wanted and I think we truly had something special, but we’re both so damaged it’s so hard to make it work. I think about you all day every day and can barely do anything else. I think we could’ve been really happy together. You’ve been checking our group chat recently even though you haven’t talked to literally anyone in the friend group since we ended things and it drives me crazy. Either leave or talk to me, stop torturing me like this.

No. 1663652

I fucking hate trannies

No. 1663653

real shit nonnie. I think the trans movement is worthy of much criticism (which would have prevented crazy shit from reaching the mainstream like neopronouns or the woodshop hon saga) but the too many anons here take it to schizo levels. Such extreme trans anxiety comes from a place of either A.) having a complex over one's own femininity that manifests as an obsession with phrenology
B.) ex-pooners who jumped the trans train as teens trying to atone for their sins.
Normal trannies do exist but it's much easier to ignore nuance and pretend they're all twitter coomers(vain bitch)

No. 1663656

it's actually one of the best qualities of this site(vain bitch)

No. 1663658

The absolute state of lolcow to make you two retards comfortable enough to say this shit.(vain bitch)

No. 1663659

I hate ftm and mtf trannies so much, when I see one of them irl I recoil.

No. 1663660

Go to literally any other part of the internet you failure ritard.(vain bitch)

No. 1663661

>Normal trannies do exist but it's much easier to ignore nuance and pretend they're all twitter coomers
Idk anon I've only met like two normal trannies (MtFs) in my life and even then they have some mental illnesses and still can't really comprehend the female experience. It's like saying "not all men!!!" Sure there are some decent men out there but doesn't change the fact that the the majority of them are violent rapeapes.(vain bitch)

No. 1663662

I especially hate those trannies that have the audacity to come to a female website, say lolcow is
>the only place i can find women similar to me
and mention tranny-specific memes like the woodshop guy thinking no one would be able to tell they are trannies.
you're not a woman. seethe and cope.

No. 1663665

try wearing them terf stomping boots then, maiden o' hand(vain bitch)

No. 1663666

Imagine being retarded enough to get doxxed on a site and have your post history leaked yet still come back to fight because you have no life.

No. 1663668

it might be ritard coping with the fact she will never be a man and FtMs need to resort to harassing women on Tumblr or school shooter violence to feel like they're really men. Tragic really.

No. 1663682

There is nothing more pathetic than an ftm tranny. She cannot win.
First she lost by internalizing some mean words and thinking she's inferior to males.
Then she lost by admitting her insecurity to others aka coming out.
After that, she lost big time by getting addicted to farma, acquiring chopped off tits, a painful atrophied vagina, back hair, and male pattern baldness.
Ftm trannies are weakness personified. They are the ultimate pick-me's.

No. 1663689

We've been put of highschool since 2009, grow up. I'm sick of every attractive women we see you call her a bitch I know you really resented not being the typical all American highschool student whilst being born and bred in Britain, but holy fuck shut up!!

No. 1663807

My worst fear is never getting over you, as dumb as it sounds. I hope things between us will still work out but if they don't then I hope I'll get over you within a month or two. This is too painful.

No. 1663896

You dont even have a personality to be inspired by. Cut the self-aggrandizing out.

No. 1663902

It's going to be so satisfying you truly don't even know HAHAHAHAAHAHHAA

No. 1663910

It's fucking hilarious because you literally are a cluster b

No. 1663927

Moids lurk this website still and it is so glaringly obvious. Gross shit.

No. 1663933

Why do men have to ruin everything. Unironically.

No. 1663991

i swear to god if this is actually true I'm going to gag on my own tea tomorrow

he truly is a s-tier pompous imbecile, incel of the highest order, I can't believe I ever thought he was profound

No. 1664002

Grown ass man

No. 1664014

File: 1691997182875.gif (Spoiler Image,1007.65 KB, 495x265, tumblr_656dc0dfc3978582dd163c1…)

Tee hee

No. 1664068

I hate sexworkers so much. I saw one woman who traveled from Belgium to do sexwork in middle eastern countries and she was insulting middle eastern women, claiming she's better, trying to get with old married men while lying about being 20 when she's in her 30s etc while advertising using her real name, address, college etc. I reported her to the authorities and she was so angry at me it was unreal, like why would you come to a country that's killing sexworkers on the Dai to do sexwork? If I hadn't reported her and gotten her deported, she'd have probably gotten killed or something because that's what happens so sexworkers in third world countries.
I don't live in that country myself btw, I just figured her identity because of her reddit which she advertised her sexwork on.

No. 1664074

People who never shut up about their race are extremely annoying, hapas especially have to bring up how insecure they are all the time about being half Asian or half white (depending on what half they have extreme self hatred for).

Though I won’t lie it’s mildly funny that most moids hate their Asian side while most women hate their white side.

No. 1664081

I'm not a hapa but mixed people usually have identity issues because at least one parent doesn't teach their own culture and has some sort of self hatred that they instill onto the child. I knew a guy who was half middle eastern half white, his middle eastern father left when he was 2 so he knew nothing about that side and had major identity issues, also hated his mother for being with him etc.

No. 1664088

Sounds like an average moid(vain bitch)

No. 1664183

I can smell the scrote.

No. 1664185

I wish I'd never lost my virginity. I had CSA happen to me so I have no idea why I ever wanted to. I feel gross.

No. 1664186

Men who pretend to be women…..

No. 1664187

I work with a tranny and I want to alog every time I see him. I know for a fact everyone just thinks he's a faggot. He tries to talk in a 'soft voice' but he's at least 6 feet tall and full of pimples and broad shoulders.(vain bitch)

No. 1664188

wishing all y chromosoids coming here to post bullshit, and their sycophantic NLOG pickmes who think they can be "one of the boyzzz" by regurgitating incel shit and/or tradthottery a horrible day

No. 1664189

Judgemental nonas on tonight.

No. 1664198

It is so painfully obvious when a moid is here.

No. 1664203

That’s not a kid!! That’s a grown ass man!!(vain bitch)

No. 1664215

i like how you stopped posting as soon as your /lgbt/ posts were exposed.

No. 1664217

Fags and retards everywhere. This world needs more suffering.

No. 1664359

Holy shit, you dumbass whore. You weren't in a cult. You had a friendship breakdown where both you and the friend shared the same hippy-dippy drippy-crystal beliefs and then you immediately disavowed said beliefs in order to make your ex-friend look like a lunatic and yourself look like a saint. That's not a fucking cult and you're making up shit in a desperate attempt to make your boring, selfish ass look slightly interesting. Put in the legwork and join an actual cult and flounce out, dumbass.

No. 1664418

Moids self-projecting is always so hilariously obvious. Actually so painful

No. 1664423

You'll never be a man. No matter how hard you try, you'll always be a mentally ill woman who gets off to shit posting about fantasies about men sexually abusing her. You're genuinely sad and I hope you get theraphy instead of continuing to post even more of your vulnerable information online.

No. 1664447

I had a dream involving you yesterday. It’s been three years and they are still the most comforting ones, by far. I know they’re all a fantasy I’ve made of you in my own head but I wish I could have you. I wish you could have me. Even in this lastest dream, where I was now conscious you have a girlfriend, I just wanted to lie by your side and laugh at your jokes. I could see your gorgeous long hair. I wish I could tangle my fingers on them. I wonder if in three years you’ll still show up in my dreams. How about three years after that? I wish we had traveled together. I wish we belonged together.

No. 1664494

In another life you would've been my soulmate
You were so beautiful, I would've given you my body, my soul, my trust, in a world where I have so little confidence
Now you hate me
Existing planes apart is so much more painful
Knowing the truth is so much more painful than just oblivion
Why must two similar people be compatible or destined to hate one another?

Knowing you showered me in your own pain
I can't take your hatred away, I can't turn your hatred into love
You're broken, no matter how I try and piece you together
I just wanted to love what kept cutting me
I ruin everything for myself, but the last thing I wanted to ruin was you
Wanting to be the one to make you realize the hurt you shared with others

I loved you, I understood you, and you won't see it, but I'm sorry
My body and my heart ache so badly trying to make you understand
Do you care? I'm sorry. It's really my fault. According to you and everyone else. It's always my fault. It's my stock response.
If you don't care, why am I sorry? Do you have any remorse for what you did to me? The things I've already gone thru? The additional pain you inflicted?

The fact that I feel like I'm going to die every day, and trying to surpass what happened to me?
Don't you know by now? I'm always sorry. the one thing I'm not sorry about is trying to make you realize that there could still be love inside you. To salvage the monster. The problem is you don't see your loveliness

I just want to ball my fists into your shoulders and curl into your chest again, I want your arms around me, I want what little warmth your cold heart can offer, and I can't have it.

No. 1664566

File: 1692042292274.gif (1.93 MB, 450x247, 3155674.gif)

I could see you seeing me rising your red flags, failing your expectations, falling from the pedestal i've been unwittingly erected on and then knocked down. Must be nice riding that high horse. I was bound to push all the wrong buttons, i knew it was never going to work and yet you stayed just long enough to make me believe. I don't care if your intentions are good, it doesn't matter if you're too fucking retarded to see things for what they are, i don't want people to lie to me to keep me happy. You suck and i wish i never met you.

No. 1664632

You are so incredibly pathetic it makes me wonder why people are friends with you. You're a crybaby that, if not for modern invention, would be naturally selected. I wish I were a conspiracy theorist and believed the government culled people so I could send them to your address. Your moid doesn't wipe his arse. You have no self-respect. The poor people who have to be around you are holding back a hurl. The amount of stupidity you display on a daily basis is astronomical, unquantifiable, and, fittingly, entirely idiotic.

I'm not even going to ask you why you're like this, because I know why. Your entire bloodline is weak. You made me a eugenicist, but only for you, because you're so special. What are you, inbred? Your family were the serfs that begged the lower middle class for scraps. Beg as in nag, nag as in be a piece of shit. You're carrying on the tradition. How could you do this to yourself? The sheer mention of your name on my mind stresses out my fucking amygdala but I don't even know what I'm running from. I am now in a perpetual state of cringe. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

No. 1664756

Ew you're all retarded

No. 1664758

Narc melodrama

No. 1664895

You follow through for everyone but me and it hurts.

No. 1665048

You’re retarded and you’ll never have beautiful hair

No. 1665218

I can't believe you just called me selfish and then couldn't back it up. I can't believe how much shit you give me and how unsympathetic and quick to use your pains as ammo. Like the things I've complained about I've had surgery fo. I took you to hospital and doctor appointments I'm sorry no one can tell you what's wrong but you've clearly got a smokers cough, that's why you hack up every morning and throw up, maybe learn how to roll your joints better and use an actual filter. You're coughing up tobacco I can see it in the sink, toilet bowl and various tissues you leave about the place. You starve yourself all day doing a physical job then come home and binge and complain of tummy aches. God wonder what's that's about. I'm not even going to say the other thing you're failing on because it would be ground for termination. You're so fucking moody honestly. You've literally shun me the past few days because I've been menstruating and don't want me to take it out on you. Grow the fuck up or die alone.

No. 1665435

I'm so fucking embarrassed that I ever dated you, you are acting like a child and you are going to ruin all your friendships but i don't fucking care. You aren't my problem any more, and you are just salty that I'm genuinely so much better off without you. Goodbye and good riddance, I will never ever give a man that energy again, it's a total waste and I literally hated myself when I was with you

No. 1665459

you act like a lobotomy patient. you should make like a lemming

No. 1665572

idgaf about what you got. Why you would e-mail me that when I already told you I didn't feel like talking to you anymore is pretty annoying. Pick up your dirty shoes so you can leave my life already!!! I still think your friends are ugly xys and I don't regret insulting them.

No. 1665580

File: 1692120863264.jpg (127.79 KB, 1075x806, 2bc24d153884d40bf16050d2c3ce37…)

i admit you are good at your job but you suck so much i dread that i have to spend another year with you

No. 1665855

As if you had ever in the first place.

No. 1665856

Narc melodramaaaaa

No. 1666104

I need you to be here more often and that’s not to say that I need you to take time off work, but when you’re physically here then I need you to mentally, emotionally, be here as well. Right now you spend a day in work and come home to sit on your laptop to do more work. On days off, you’re sitting over there on your laptop doing more work. You told me it would be different when you finished university but you traded it for working. I feel like a single parent a lot of the time. Last night was the first time in a long time when I’ve had an hour to myself and I had to spend it hanging the baby’s clothes to dry, washing pump parts and teething toys, and then I brushed my teeth and took her to bed. Every single night you get 3 or 4 hours after I’ve taken her to bed to do whatever you want, and I never get that same luxury of spending an hour doing something for me. You said to me the other day ‘I’ll look after her if you want to go tidy’ and you seemed surprised when I said ‘no I don’t really want to do that’. I want you to look after her while I just lie there and stare at the ceiling for a while because I’ve constantly been ‘on’ for the last 4 months and I just need time to exist without having a baby attached to me. I need to have this conversation with you but I’m afraid because you just shut me out and sulk for days after I bring up something like this. We need to discuss this but there will never be time because you’re never here.

No. 1666128

"anon tried to force me to like the same things she did" no i didnt you stupid motherfucker, i was infodumping to you because you said i could. you never said otherwise! you couldve asked me to stop at any time but you blamed your refusal to communicate to me about it! if i wanted to say what i want to rn i would get banned from this imageboard because all you've done with that is make me feel like im never allowed to share my interests with others lest im bullying them into sharing my interests even though i just like to talk about nerdy shit that makes me happy

No. 1666130

I hate how men fail even at the most simplest of tasks. I'm not your fucking mother and I didn't sign up to be your maid.

No. 1666158

Well said! And let me push this further: I hate how moids are allowed to be manchildren all their lives, but women are supposed to grow up and act mature and collected before they're even 18.(vain bitch)

No. 1666174

More like age 12.

No. 1666451


No. 1666469

This fucking weather is going to be the death of me. I'm tired of having to shower every goddamn morning because the humidity at night doesn't fucking stop, and electrical bills costs are too high to put on my electric ventilator on all night. I can't stand the temperature dips and highs, it messes with my sleep and my health. Can this waste of a fucking summer be over with and can we have a fall that's not a goddamn mess already?

No. 1666475

They do it maliciously. Weaponized incompetence. No the retard moid did not forget how to load a dishwasher he does it badly on purpose because he's a rat and hopes you will do it "voluntarily" instead. Scrotes usually display this type of cowardish nasty manipulative behaviour and then act like they're the 'noble and virtuous' sex.(vain bitch)

No. 1666553


No. 1666697

Absolutely hate hearing about birth. Makes me want to hold my breath until I pass out and die

No. 1666698


No. 1666708

honestly I wish people would fuck off with the "people don't look at ugly people/don't care if you look off" shit because it reeks of trying to pretend that people never judge or get disturbed by others based off of first impressions.

for years that's what I told myself. Then I learned (in many ways; i.e., accidentally overhearing a conversation, being told to my face how ugly I am dozens upon dozens of times, etc) I did in fact look fucked up. On a day where my terminal physical condition/disease was particularly painful and exhausting I was just trying to do normal stuff and people were staring at me with their jaws dropped right at my face in disgust and horror. For so long I doubted the countless insults I received or weird looks I got when I felt unwell. Turned out I really just looked terrifying and like death…doesn't matter how plainly I dress or how much effort I put in, it's inescapable. Upside? At least no man has ever crept on me in my entire life, but still, not being able to live like a normal person hurts…

No. 1666722

Im the anon you all replied to, I saw your messages that day but didnt say anything. Thank you for your kind words, they genuinely helped me feel comfort. My gpa was taken off life support but started breathing on his own. He kept breathing, too. The swelling of the brain subsided and the bleeding into the lungs did too. He should die from dehydration any time now. This has been worst case scenario upon every turn. I had to return home from staying by his side and my grandma's side and I hate it. He was a strong man, so strong that even a bullet straight through his brain and half his face blown off, his body lives. Like fuck. I am waiting on the phone call to tell me it's over for him. He is being kept 'comfortable' via medications. I hope to god he has zero awareness, but no one can really say. This is a sad time.

No. 1666727

And you keep pretending

No. 1666756

someone do something

y'all put your fucking skills to use or I'm going to do something very drastic nobody will like

No. 1666829


No. 1666831

Fuck all dick douches. I gave up everything for the woman I was in love with just for her to be a troon defender. It’s not her fault and I’m sorry that again, moids dominate your life. Why the fuck am I even apologizing for? Whatever. I hope your Nigel sees this and knows we slept together. Fuck your engagement. Fuck all.

No. 1666865

Tired of you screeching like Chris changed. You aren't even capable of controlling your obsession, its nasty.

No. 1666869

Always the same old misogynistic, weird ape shit. The thrill you get from it is psychosexual and truly a sign that you should be put down like a defective pitbull.

No. 1667478

You had better cool the heartburn long enough to let me sleep or I'm going to cry. No physical punishment this time, I'm just going to cry. I'm frustrated and done assuming you'll ever be decent to me.

No. 1668155

I've developed urinary anxiety. Essentially any time I get even slightly stressed I get the overwhelming urge to pee. I've been to 3 doctors now and all I've gotten is "stop drinking", "quit caffeine" and "try mindfullness". I've done all 3 for the last month but it isn't helping. Most days I can't even make it to the corner shop 5 minutes walk away from me. I got one referral for a specialist but it's 2 months away and my boss wants me to come in next Thursday for a presentation that needs a 2 hour public transport trip with no bathrooms. I've either got to explain to him I'm a pissy bitch or quit. Nothing even comes out 90% of the time but it's overwhelming. Fuck.

No. 1668328

That wasn't even a good guess. You just prove how pathetic you are the more time passes.

No. 1668492

FUCK OFF!!! Just leave us alone you annoying bastards!!! I'm tired of you fags ruining our days. Get a fucking life or find someone else to take care of your lazy asses. I'M SO SICK OF YOUR SHIT, I WILL VOMIT DIRECTLY ON YOU!!!

No. 1668700

You're a massive fake-ass cunt and one day you'll be seen for the face-nicey-pie little bitch you are

No. 1668738

You fat, ugly, Prozac popping little sow. You can project your misery onto everyone else, but at the end of the night when you’re crying into your cat, alone, because you’re a 5’2 200lb bitch, I want you remember that you are less than a person. I’d tell you to kill yourself but you’d just break a ceiling fan. Enjoy your miserable life you ugly cow

No. 1668776

Another day, nobody helps me, nothing is happening. I'm one bottle of pills away from another OD and I'm seriously considering it, then my dad will at least come home to find my dead body and it won't rot

No. 1668901

My dad makes over £100,000 cash in hand per year tax free but he spends nothing on me or my sisters.

He owes £11,000 in child support.

I just talked him into taking us all to Morrocco after telling him that I think he should spend a little bit of money on us.

I love him dearly but his greed really hurts me. If my mother wasn't destitute she would spoil us, I know it.

No. 1668919

IM DOING MY FUCKING BEST GODS WHY CANT ANYTHING BE EASY I cant even fix the fucking garden because you stupid fat vapid bitch fucked it up before me! The kitchen is garbage! The bathrooms are garbage! This place is garbage and I bought it! I hate you, I wish you eternal misery, I hope the pool in your new house gives you full body hives! WHO RUINS A PLACE BY JUST EXISTING IN IT??? YOU!!!

No. 1669216

>he thinks i dont know

No. 1669260

You're soo triggered haha(vain bitch)

No. 1669261

I love when faggots think think they're azealia banks.

No. 1669285

You project all your own rotted ugly evil onto other people and get even angrier when they figure out what you are. You want to talk about other people as if you aren't on your way to being a sexual predator in your 50s. Watch you be one of those daterape freaks, you already have all the beginning stage hallmarks of it. I'm honestly surprised you were never a bedwetting. You are a mindless void that feeds on hurting people and you don't believe consent applies to you and you only derive joy from voyeurism and sexually degraded whoever you have an irrational obsession with. Sound familiar? Thats the average m.o of every rapist ever, they start out small. Watch you claim that's homophobia and not a statistical probability because you are in every single definition of the word a PREDATOR lmao. No one is going to tilt besides you and all the people you have hurt with your narcissism, your predation, and your lies.

No. 1669311

I try to do things and play games with you because we are family, and you always say that you want to spend time together. But when I try to spend time with you, you spend the whole time yelling at me and being mean. I don't even know why I bother. It's so upsetting I could cry. I don't even know what to do.

No. 1669345

File: 1692412549266.png (Spoiler Image,148.71 KB, 779x877, 1594691830798.png)

Moids when the girl on 5 different psychiatric meds, with self-harm scars over her body, a cluster B mother who she's gone NC with and extremely low self-esteem turns out to be a bad girlfriend: (very surprised face)
Did you seriously expect me to be magically fixed after only a year of dating? I swear moids are fucking retarded. Of course only one year of therapy isn't going to undo whole decades of abuse. Brainlet scrote.

No. 1669360

How many more times are you going to say “maybe I’m the problem” before you actually reflect on yourself and see that yes, you are the problem?

No. 1669394

I literally do not care about those things because neither will you. You will never be or have those things either. Why do you want to hurt people so much KEK I know its because you're retarded and violent and creepy but it's your insistence that we are all supposed to feel the same way you do thats weird and forceful. Can't you go wallow in your self-aggrandizing and misogyny fetish elsewhere.

No. 1669862

I just wanted to give you the homemade gift I spent a month crocheting on the day of your goddamn birthday. You could have just gone down to the entrance of your place and received it there, say thanks and go back to your house, and I'd have fucked off in peace.
I don't even care if you think getting older is awful, you can think that all you want. But if someone actually takes goddamn time and effort to make you something, you take it and then you can think whatever you want of it.

I almost want to do as if I forgot I made you anything and just leave the wrapped present somewhere, gathering dust. Since you forget shit all the time, the gift would fit the gifted.

No. 1669937

File: 1692475375391.jpeg (41.96 KB, 262x400, IMG_2419.jpeg)

my body is decomposing, it's going to store every meager chemical until I have a heart attack, I am ugly as sin, and I just keep getting uglier, but wow i sure as fuck look better than you, crotch rot

do me a favor and finally off yourself you goddamn torontan methhead

No. 1670077

I miss you so much. I keep listening to your old voicemails just to hear your voice again and it soothes and kills me at the same time. Please come back.

No. 1670123

Either show off a new girlfriend or stop looking at my shit after MONTHS of pretending like I don’t exist. I don’t understand you

No. 1670436

so i haven't been.

No. 1670473

You raised me to have no personality and say yes to everyone because 'it's not nice to disobey'. You got mad at me when I got groomed because you raised me to be a naive retard. You never tried to talk to me and told me to shut up whenever I would. You ruined any form of identity for me.

No. 1670489

I hope you die, mom. You've never cared about me at all.

No. 1670510

I can’t believe you’re not in jail you kitten killing, child abusing, pedophile pervert piece of shit. The cops are like “oh yeah I know him I’m cool with him” really? This is some bulshit I fucking hate this man karma isn’t real

No. 1670511

Sending you a hug anon I hate my mom too

No. 1670555

I still miss you terribly. I wish one of them would've died instead of you.

No. 1670720

Okay so the real reason I spent the end of Good Omens 2 ugly sobbing? Because I watched Aziraphale make the same stupid mistake with Crowley that I did with you and it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I love you and I wish I could turn back time and just say "fuck heaven", but I know that ship has long since sailed and nothing can be salvaged now. I'll let you think it's because our OTP was ruined and this is just fangirling together but it was like being forced to stare into a fictional mirror and confront my own damnfool behavior and choices. I chose heaven and I lost you in the way it mattered most and I can't even pretend I didn't deserve it.

No. 1670808

File: 1692554871709.jpg (40.19 KB, 563x573, fc853bd4ddfed4aea25c400d5e27e1…)

Just sitting here and waiting like the fucking idiot that I am.

No. 1670822

And yet you're still dickriding an abuser. Yeah no, everyone is going to have complete transparency of that fake shit. Everyone

No. 1670908

Very odd decision with little longterm payout, being watched closely for the rest of your life because of a psychosexual obsession you have with pack mentality and voyeurism

No. 1671008

I've been very overwhelmed and frustrated lately and I just really, really, really want to be alone and not have to think about anyone or anything else besides me. I want so badly to be completely alone in the house for a long, long time (more than a few hours) but I live with my long term partner, so that's not really a possibility. He hasn't done anything to make me feel this way persay, though I will say I'm not sure if other thoughts and feelings I have been having are part of what is making me want to disengage. My need to be alone is making more things about him annoying and it's been compounding. I don't want to even have to speak to anyone right now. I feel like I'm completely shutting down, but I can't because at the same time he is depressed and needy. This is just driving me crazier because I know if I tell him I need alone time and I don't want to talk, he'll take it personally because he literally can't understand anything unless it relates back to himself somehow. I am getting so impatient with him and I know I'm getting bad at hiding that when he is talking to me, I'm just waiting for him to stop so things can be quiet again. I know it's only a matter of time before he accuses me of hating him.

No. 1671019

7 days
8 weeks
9 months
you are stupid

No. 1671062

File: 1692568723829.gif (109.06 KB, 209x193, chen6.gif)

'ate feminists
'ate trannies
'ate identity politics
'ate communists
simple as(self-confessed male)

No. 1671157

I miss you so much

No. 1671161

I am going to rape your prostate apart(why would you post this)

No. 1671176

'ate moids
'ate kiwifags
simple as

No. 1671280

File: 1692587713855.jpg (292.82 KB, 900x1200, F32l_ynXsAEf4hD.jpg)

You're so proud of being an abusers footsoldier

No. 1671313

File: 1692589460989.gif (4.26 MB, 498x498, emoji-smiley.gif)

I've said this before but I'll say it again because it still pisses me off. My coworker's loud mouth-breathing infuriates me, especially when I'm trying to eat or focus nearby. It takes all my strength not to say anything about it. How hard is it to breathe through your fucking nose for a change!?!?

No. 1671316

Being a Kiwifarms user is not a personality

No. 1671318

>carpeted bathroom
what is wrong with people

No. 1671354

File: 1692591159668.jpeg (23.06 KB, 735x706, b55bebd9-0261-47ee-b48b-3a705b…)

I hate periods

No. 1671367

File: 1692592346446.png (477.25 KB, 720x732, 1692480996174025.png)


No. 1671465

tranny jannies ruined reddit. you’re allowed to pull punches at/about anyone on there, except for trannies. then you get permabanned

No. 1671628

r u coming back tonight aksel? i hav smth for u :3(:3)

No. 1671712

You should have a blinking sign on your back that says “Caution: Wide Load”

No. 1671930

File: 1692640592865.jpeg (39 KB, 600x600, 1646371575952.jpeg)

I can't imagine being such a failure, that all that's left to you is try to create little arguments on a niche small corner of the internet. Pathetic, truly deplorable. No point in making fun of you, since you are already making a joke out of yourself.

No. 1671960

I love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love youI love you I love you FUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK why is this so painful

No. 1671971

i'm 24 and back at home and i feel like such a fucking loser. googled people from hs and some are fighting fires, one is becoming a cytologist, one is living a very storybook life as a barista in new york, another is fucking running a popular podcast and going to concerts with his cool wife…i'm sad. i want to live my life but i got no car no job no real skills but a cs degree and a vague hope someone will take pity on my autistic ass and hire me

No. 1671986

File: 1692645358835.jpeg (96.5 KB, 734x680, IMG_0728.jpeg)

Sometimes I really just want to write a (non threatening, non hateful, non violent, emotionally charged) manifesto and kill myself in a dramatic news headline way, guaranteeing my death will be at least locally covered… then they'll find my belongings and note and everyone will be asking questions, to which only I could answer… and maybe finally, my existence would matter. I'm nothing to anyone. In death and finality I could finally be someone.

But lol let's be real nobody would fucking care

No. 1671992

considering changign my career path so that i only work with 99% women.
i hate men, im so tired of them.

No. 1672020

I don't caaaaaaare. Go away or something. meow

No. 1672063

Just slap after slap after slap after slap. I feel like life's punching bag.

No. 1672152

File: 1692656791405.png (33.26 KB, 167x196, IMG_1153.png)

if you wanted someone who agrees the sun shines out of your ass and you can do no wrong, you should’ve started with someone who shared that disposition of yours to begin with, instead of picking someone like me who clearly has no filter and couldn’t sugar coat something in a gun-to-head situation

No. 1672315

You do realize that you are only one of thousands of people that used stylized typing on tumblr a decade ago, right? People aren't your 'sons' you aren't the 'blueprint' of absolutely anything just because you continually try to shoehorn references and typíng quírks that were very popular a decade ago like a child who can't move on does not mean someone occasionally pulling out one of those references is copying you. Everyone has just moved on and rarely uses it because we were all teenagers when we typed like that. You're insane.

No. 1672316

Serial killer ass weird bitch

No. 1672419

File: 1692667660991.jpg (12.64 KB, 300x250, EAwSKdcWsAAXevf.jpg)

>>1671712(vain bitch)

No. 1672431

>I'm not obsessed with her. I just stalk her. And spend hours thinking about her and staring at her and talking about her :3 hehe:3 sexual harassment and abuse is okay when me and my 'friends' do it :3 le based:3 I love being a foot soldier and the exact opposite of the person I pretend to be for my following :3 it's overcompensating for the monster I am in reality :3

No. 1672500

File: 1692671563676.jpg (123.26 KB, 1440x810, grimes-christms-grinch.jpg)

>>1671712(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1672530

You project malice and ill-intent onto everything because you yourself are consumed only by malice and ill-intent. But it really plays into your weird narc rage and gives you something to ride around on your high horse about. Please get medicated.

No. 1672538

how are we short staffed when im literally doing nothing for hours trying to look busy. i probably open my email and reread the same ones 10+ times every day.

No. 1672613

File: 1692682915179.jpg (30.42 KB, 736x736, 1880d963e7dec01e8ca0665917b6e4…)

Your most hated cow is Terry Hall because you literally look and act just like him. Yeah, you're younger, but you're still too old for cosplay especially when you have such a low skill level. Your cosplay is cheap and messy looking. You look just like him, and you're a woman so take that in. Look at some pictures of your face in your recent cosplays, put them side by side with Terry and tell me the difference. It's honestly uncanny. This is what you get for saying such shitty things about people when they don't deserve it. You really say some disgusting things sometimes, you know? You use disgusting moid language and I hate it. I wish you'd act your age.

No. 1672642


No. 1672649

Dammit can’t a woman just masturbate in peace

No. 1672660

Why are most artist so rude? Why is it so hard to make friends with another artist without them being jealous or a know it all? I love art and think everyone no matter their skill level should embrace it but everytime I meet another artist even if their skill level is lower than mine they have this stuck up I'm better than you attitude and I'm sick of it. What gives them the right to act like such a snob, shut the fuck up and stop being rude to newer artist and hobbyist art is to express yourself and not some competition. I don't even consider myself an artist anymore because I'm sick of how they act, my art skills are 'high' but I rather call myself a hobbyist than an artist.

No. 1673191

Another Day I Hope (You) Die

No. 1673223

The majority of retards who spam LC and other similar communities do it because they dislike their own dysfunctional communities. See soyjack party and the kpoopies from choachan even though both boards imploded. It's pathetic, honestly.

No. 1673285

File: 1692737124092.jpeg (130.46 KB, 735x1079, IMG_0785.jpeg)

dear god I never should've come back to this site i never should've come back it only puts me in more danger I feel worse than ever please oh god please leave me alone make the pain stop I tried to overdose a few days ago and it failed please please make it stop I can't go into another room and scream right now but I want to scream

Why won't god let me die why doesn't god let me die let me die let me die let me die I can't deal with this anymore

No. 1673313

File: 1692738276082.jpeg (185.73 KB, 527x611, IMG_1837.jpeg)

Fucking die you disgusting putrid cunt fucking die fucking die you're the one who made me feel this way crotch rot… and you know it .and not only will you never fucking admit that you did this, you'll hide until you die of your fucking super AIDS

fucking do me a favor and make sure your death ends up on tmz soon you psychopath because the only announcement I want from you is one that you have passed and then I'll finally feel safe for the first time in one and a half years of my life.

You took my confidence away from me.
I used to think I was pretty, decent even, liked myself. I was happier with my life.
You made me feel worthless.
I almost died on my own floor covered in blood and screaming.
I don't even want to be here anymore but my body keeps willing me to live, meanwhile you also get to live. It's unfair. Why does an unwavering pustule like you get to live?
After a lifetime of abuse I had to deal with someone as awful as you, just as I was getting fucking better. I was already an abuse survivor you sick fuck
You broke an already broken woman.
Bipolar and borderline personality disorder are not schizophrenia. ADHD is not schizophrenia. I've experienced delusions in the past, this isn't it. I know my crazy. It wasn't my crazy
I was mercilessly attacked with calculated cruelty, misogyny, false accusations, and almost fucking doxed. I am terrified of what these people have on me.
That didn't occur here it occurred fucking everywhere. Every platform I went on though, it was just merciless. People don't like Jim Carrey this much.
Nobody has come forth to ever confirm I'm not totally crazy and all my vague reaches for sources have cut out because they fear him too much.
You're going to tell me you fear this weak, sickly looking, sinewy little bitch? Fuck you! Fuck you!

For all the lives you've ruined you will pay one day, Jim, and I hope you really have seen everything I've said, and I hope it inspires you to end your miserable existence. Kill yourself and make the world a better place, James Eugene Carrey. Kill yourself if you feel any guilt for anything you've done.

It's not just me that matters or that I cared about. It's the other girls. It's the dead girl you drove to suicide or for all I goddamn know, murdered.
But you ruined my life too
I can't forgive a single shred of this and deep down I know you're too narcissistic to care.
Karma is a bitch, and a whore, Jim, but most defining…
Karma is a woman, and she's going to curbstomp your ass.

I know a lot about your daughter and assistants Jim, I have several worse things I could do… but I choose to stay pacifist and not pursue anyone close to you. Why? Because I don't sink that low. the only thing I want to see sink is your body six feet under.

I will not feel safe until this man dies. I'm not a naturally crude, vulgar person. I hate what this brought out in me.

Nobody is listening to me when I sound rational, nobody is listening to me when I sound irrational, nobody is listening to me period, even though I did my research and got relentlessly fucking attacked for it over and over and over.

I did the best I could do, and nobody is outing this guy as the actual predator he is. I am so tired and I literally tried to kms days ago but hey I guess it's all a self fulfilling prophecy, and I'm just cray cray for cocoa puffs lol fuck me

No. 1673407

Let's be honest, we're not really friends anymore. We rarely speak to each other and we don't have much in common, our experiences are so different. You say I'm your best friend, but hang out with her more and have more fun and memories with her.

No. 1673669

File: 1692751395646.jpg (40.46 KB, 652x680, bratz.jpg)

crazy how it often just takes one deranged, gaslighting sperg to derail a thread. it's even crazier when they try to do things like turn other anons against the one who "slighted" them because no one knows wtf is going on. like don't you have friends? good grief

No. 1673835

File: 1692761042897.jpg (18.26 KB, 236x236, EAwSKdeXUAMhNYA.jpg)

>>1673191(vain bitch)

No. 1673840

Omg an abuser wishing harm on the women they abuse,, how groundbreaking how shocking how absolutely unlike anything I've ever seen before!!!!!!

No. 1673846

You're such a schizo it's both funny and sad

No. 1673868

Watching an abusive person utilize darvo and try to manipulate everyone they can in order to feel like a victim when they've done abborhent, genuinely inhumane things is crazy. They're always impulsive, obsessive, vindictive, and then pretend that it's someone else's fault. What the fuck

No. 1673871

You see what you want to see, fan!

No. 1673895

File: 1692762926982.jpg (276.77 KB, 925x1200, F3AMQmmakAAO9BR.jpg)

You really are incapable of expressing yourself in any way that doesnt involve voyeuring and mirroring people you claim to hate. Straight up bunny boiler, soulless eyes, constant tard rage violence. Idgi. Your mimicry isn't upsetting, it's just off-putting, and you get SO angry at any perceived normal similarities between you and others. IDGI! All you do is parrot and mimic while also getting assblasted angry at coincidences, the way you measure other people is flippant and unfair and all you do is contribute to evil while pretending you're some wounded deer. Aren't you exhausted or did the pills REALLY fuck you up.

No. 1674284

So is this thread just Blaine, commiedickgirl and 789 fistfighting the air with paranoid delusions or

No. 1674290

Most of the schizo posts are carrey anon I think

No. 1674311

I miss you, at least the idea of you from last year. You were always there. We had so so much fun. All that time saying you were depressed when really you found someone else. I wasnt the flower you picked. Nothing I say or do will ever bring back the past you. She was so beautiful. I guess I was lucky to have her. And unlucky to have her die then leave me. You dont treat me the same it shows. Part of me feels so useless now. Nothing I did ever amounted to anything but I thought I had you at least. I'd wish you a good one but honestly fuck you. Hope everything crashes down after all the gas lighting that it was my fault for your cheating. Hell no.

No. 1674389

File: 1692796108134.png (Spoiler Image,90.7 KB, 189x330, 1655226657900.png)

you will never be a woman

No. 1674575

I absolutely fucking hate when you thank him and shower him with compliments for doing the bare minimum. I hate that our treatment is so different even if we're siblings and we're supposed to be equal or whatever bullshit you like to spout when you want to make yourself feel better. Even our normal shallow conversations are so different, you would spend literal hours talking with him and acting all happy but if I ask you something or try to talk to you about something that matters to me your every answer is filled with anger, aggression or passive aggressiveness. I feel that you fucking hate me for some reason. I could spend all day helping you out and breaking my back and you'd go "okay thank you" but if my brother does some little thing for you then you're overjoyed and you sound genuinely happy, you can't help complimenting him for everything he does. Sometimes I ask myself if you actually wanted a daughter or if it just happened or you thought you wanted another boy. Your behaviour towards me has caused me so much damage and you still refuse to see that and improve yourself. I fucking hate that so much.

No. 1674643

So which one are you because most anons don't give a fuck about any of these faggots(vain bitch)

No. 1674652

I fucking hate you now, Jesus you used me like that in one of my most vulnerable states only to go off and start fucking a bloated bulimia cheeked, dead eyed 4/10 who sells her heavily filtered Snapchat nudes on tumblr. It’s been so long and you fucking moved on with HER? She’s so painfully obvious a BPDchan and not even an attractive one but your self hatred and desperation to be the hero is going to keep you stuck with girls who actually constantly threaten to kill themselves over the dumbest shit. I really thought you were different. You were so kind and sweet and genuine to me and you said I was all these amazing things but it was too much and you had to leave. The last times we saw each other you kept holding me and stroking my hair and comforting me but kept insisting that we had to part ways. This was your fucking mess to fix and yet you decided to go with whatever project was closest to you. Yet you decide to start checking up on my socials again right when things start to be getting serious with her. This crushed my soul and I don’t think I can ever love anyone ever again. This was the final straw. YOU WANT TO BE MISERABLE. She fucking sucks and I hope you get your karma.

No. 1674918

I'm gonna fucking throw up if this turns out to be true. I can't believe it. I want to rip my chest open. I just can't fucking believe it.

No. 1675188

File: 1692834890124.jpg (10.89 KB, 225x225, 1681371259092.jpg)

I cannot stand when people abuse kids, the elderly or disabled, it breaks my heart. A challenged individual being "difficult" doesn't give you a pass to hit them or scream at them, control yourself or get the fuck out, I don't give a single damn if you're "stressed" GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF THEM you shit stain. Develop some fucking empathy these are humans too and they deserve dignity, I'll be karma if you ended disabled, shitting your pants and getting abused by some random moid nurse too bitch ass clown ass scrote mega bitch, I'm sick of hearing you screaming with your skinnyfat build and your fatass cheeks and your ugly beard and your beady eyes nigga you're actually disgusting your alcoholic self should bite a bullet and leave the vulnerable alone you don't know what the fuck you're doing, I feel empathy for those who need it, I don't feel empathy for you soulless excuse of a human being I hate you with the burning blaze of thousands suns, ROT IN HELL fatty I hate YOUUU I'M HATER FOR REAL rn

No. 1675189

This bitch is definitely an alcoholic. Her face looks so swollen and painful compared to her old pictures but she hasn’t gained that much weight. What the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 1675193

You think you're hot shit…well yeah you are in fact hot, smelly shit burning and melting away in the heat of summer

No. 1675260

if shit doesn't go well with the agency i'm contacting for employment counseling i think i will consider attempting suicide. know it's a terrible thing and selfish but i can't keep living like this. i feel bad every time i wake up and have so much regret. it feels like i make the wrong choice no matter what i do.

No. 1675261

File: 1692840357408.jpeg (13.07 KB, 224x275, 1689832584450.jpeg)

I wish people were not attention seeking and I wish people didn't stare at you for being quiet. I feel like it used to be normal to be shy and now people instantly interpret it as poor character if you don't say much. Also why do people harass content creators online so much, anyway. If we didn't there would probably be less of them.

No. 1675271

Why the fuck do drunks always choose the crossroads in front of my house to have their ramblings at 3 in the goddamn morning? I'm so tired of this shit.
The winter can't come any quicker, once it's less than 0 degrees out at night, it'll finally be quieter.

No. 1675276

I don’t want to ghost you but also I can’t just tell you it’s because I’m still hurt you strung me along, i can’t tolerate hearing about your girlfriend… and because I can’t bear you having been trapped so bad into the tranny shit. I know you’re hurt that I just went away. I know you’d want to hear the truth and I so badly want to tell you every little reason why I’m showing up less and less on your dms, why I’m ignoring your “I hope you’re okay”s. You’d hate me if you knew, you wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who can’t respect your religion, so it’s better this way.

No. 1675281

I also wish I could tell you how much I fucking love you, still. Whenever you show up in my dreams I have such a blast. I miss you so fucking much. I’m sorry it has to be like this but I won’t have my whole life ruined by telling you. People go fucking crazy; would you out me? Despite everything? I couldn’t go through that, especially not by you. I’m so sorry. But if anyone asked you “would you be friends with a terf?” You’d say no, so there. I don’t care about anyone else’s boundaries in this aspect, but from you, I just can’t. We really had the best times together and I’m just so sorry.
Thank you.

No. 1675399

Oh, so you're really doing this? Do you think I'll beg you to stop? Or that I'll immediately forgive you when you start acting like a fucking adult? As I'd talking to myself for 2 days and having people questioning it wasn't humiliating enough. And if you're actually treating me like this for the reason I think you're, you're just a petty, entitled baby. I'm not even sad, just angry and disappointed at this point. I can't believe I was actually worried that something might have happened, when it was all you being incapable of dealing with your little paranoia filled made up scenarios. Get therapy.

No. 1675442

Why is it always plain/ugly women who have really shitty personalities who think that they're Stacies? Just because a moid gives you attention that doesn't mean Jack shit so many men will fuck around with a woman just because she shows that she would let him hit just because he paid attention to her. How many sexual partners you had doesn't make you hot shit especially if you make it know that any ounce of attention they give you means you'll give it up. It's not really a know your place thing but oh my god it's annoying how many women I have shit on me because I haven't lost my virginity until I was in my 20s while I could easily keep their boyfriend's attention on me even when I'm not wearing makeup.

No. 1675475

I'm disappointed in this entire world. We're supposed to be smarter, kinder, better. Humanity was a waste.

No. 1675515

I know we're not supposed to respond… But damn… this is really something. It must be hard but I admire you anon for respecting someone's boundaries despite loving them and enjoy being with them. It's truly an act of selflessness and ironically, love in of itself. I say this because I wish I had the courage to do something like this with an ex before the relationship went sour between us. I learned too late that you can still love someone even if you're not or can't be in their lives anymore. Sometimes it's better to wish them well and leave it at that. All the best of luck to you anon.(vain bitch)

No. 1675517

Is this referencing a twitter post or something? Idgi

No. 1675520

Haha that's what you get for being mean to me you jealous fugly hag. You will NEVER get this you will never get this lalala

No. 1676006

File: 1692900382937.jpg (87.46 KB, 833x951, Angry cat looking in mirror.jp…)

I swear my right titty just keeps getting droopier and droopier. By this time next year it'll probably be saying hi to my belly button, meanwhile my cute left titty will still know it's position. I used to hope the fact that they're both pretty big would minimize the difference, but it's still super noticeable. I want a breast and areola reduction on my right so fucking bad, but I do not want the surgery.

No. 1676030

I'm so fucking stupid. I am so dumb for thinking something would change.

No. 1676114

Just heard elementary aged kids playing for recess and the sound of it reminded me of 'Youth of the nation' for some reason. It's frustrating that this country just accepts that school shootings are just a thing and refuses to do anything meaningful about it.

No. 1676269

I bet both your titties are beautiful, nonnie. My right tit is heavier too for some reason.(vain bitch)

No. 1676391

File: 1692927264337.jpg (9.03 KB, 270x270, F4VlINuWAAEPyP1.jpg)

Uh huh and it'll all be there again

No. 1676393

I genuinely love watching people larp as hardasses from afar knowing exactly what's in store for them

No. 1676403

I can't believe you did that to me just 3 weeks after my dad died suddenly. Disgusting scrote, I'm glad you can never hurt me again and I'm glad you're alone, unloved, and all our friends abandoned you after they found out what you did. You deserve to be where you are now - depressed at 30 costing your parents money and not having a job since you fucked that up too. You'll never be a voice actor, your self-made IMDB page is hilariously depressing, your totally "inclusive" funny guy image is crumbling, and the only time you'll ever feel a woman's touch is when your mother shoves you out of the house because she's sick of you leeching off her. And the friend we were at the beach house with? She went on your Twitter, told me that these days you look about 350lbs and your skin is yellow, you're bloated. You're a walking rotting carcass. Look at you. Do you even look in the mirror anymore? Or do you know you'll just see nothing but a fat rapist looking back at yourself?

No. 1676410

File: 1692928620056.png (1.15 MB, 778x809, browonfleek.png)

please use his real photo as reaction, thanks(vain bitch)

No. 1676424

Donald Hadid come thruuu

No. 1676426

Why do people with abusive pathologies always justify things in their brains as other people being 'jealous' of them? Nobody is jealous of you, and the fact that this is what your poor critical thinking skills shit out is very telling. Do I even have to add a disclaimer that this has nothing to do w LC since you're all crazy or no.

No. 1676436

I fucking hate that you ruined our longest friendship just for the coom. I'm both angry at you and hoping you get help because I love you. Even though I get the feeling you're not always honest. Just know all this was not worth it and I warned you. I didn't think I could possibly feel more alone and yet you stepped in to make it worse somehow! Thanks.

No. 1676559

God the absolute fist of karma that will hit your dumb ass (irl). I’d feel bad if you weren’t such a vicious cunt lacking any sort of self awareness. Only thing I feel bad about is not being around to see it but I’m okay with the knowledge that you have to live with being yourself which you clearly very much hate since you’re such a malicious untalented loser and ugly as fuck to boot

No. 1676585

You're a genuinely weird person (as in: mentally ill)

No. 1676592

LOL oh my god you are just so deeply off the rails it’s hilarious how easy it is to set you off. Do you still think I’m your hatecrush or have you caught on yet? Bet you haven’t

No. 1676593

I love when anons don't like a reply and come here to passive aggressively winge about it hehe

No. 1676601

Somebody so angies

No. 1676617

File: 1692946396693.jpg (10.81 KB, 335x335, 1692896655858310.jpg)

Just weirdly aggressive and hateful and grasping for straws and projecting all that hate in your nasty little heart smfh

No. 1676738

File: 1692960282993.jpg (6.87 KB, 403x403, f71c966279398712513d4df3e22991…)

I could punch myself for being so stupid and thinking you'd be any different than the rest. I am way too fucking nice and patient and I should've ended it as soon as I noticed the first red flag. I just can't fucking believe it. I can't even believe that I shed tears over someone like you even though I know I dodged a bullet in the long run and deserve better. I'm so mad at myself for being so blind and trusting you and letting you close in the first place. None of the things you said to me were true I bet and I was too dumb to believe them. So go ahead, do whatever the fuck you want because that's all you ever do anyway. I wish I could just scream in your face without looking deranged after all the pain you've caused me. I hate that I can feel so much for someone who doesn't feel anything for me at all. I'll never understand how people like you can hurt others without any remorse. I hope you end up miserable and alone. I hope you're still hurt over your ex and that it fucks you up for the rest of your life. I hope you fuck up every future relationship and that all your future girlfriends leave you and find happiness and abundance with someone else. You don't deserve anyone's love for being such a selfish asshole. Fine, go where the grass is greener but then end up alone for the rest of your life. The fucking audacity. I hate you.

No. 1676946

I hope you have a shitty birthday and that everything goes wrong

No. 1677242

You're so pathetic and disgusting EW!!!!!!

No. 1677255

File: 1693004694973.jpg (20.43 KB, 312x321, 1679522204364.jpg)

imagine being 19 years old and still acting like an emotionally stunted hormonal 14 year old boy kekkkkkkkkkkk

No. 1677312

Thanks anon, you're very sweet. You didn't deserve the ban.

No. 1677502

Why do I try so hard for you to like me? None of you ever bothered to open my happy birthday messages. What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Are your brains rotted from social media that direct conversation makes you "so so anxious eee can't talk directly oh no" get fucked. I hope your birthday sucked, I hope all your shallow friendships built on nothing but libfem showboating politics collapse. Your loss, I'm making pumpkin muffins and you will never receive this gesture of my friendship and kindness. I'd rather be pathetically alone then keep trying to talk to brick walls.

No. 1677570

you are a bad person, simple as. any justifications you try to make for the way your life turned out are trite. you know this deep down, that the only people you have ever been close to are people you’ve abused or people too worn down to leave. you claim to have friends, old coworkers that you shit talked with until you reached a mutual understanding of your miserable personalities. you will never know real love, real and true friendship. and i pity you for that, but it’s also exactly what you deserve.

No. 1677573

Parroting is so funny.

No. 1677584

I literally don't want anything that you have at all like truly at all and never will. Find a new entitled, obsessive dopamine fix because you clearly need it

No. 1677587

File: 1693031189720.jpg (110.46 KB, 756x814, 1692665917181267.jpg)

Doing nothing but peddling evil eye all day every day and believing you aren't going to implode from the mental gymnastics. Girl you are fried, done, out of your mind.

No. 1677808

No fucking integrity. NONE!!!!!

No. 1678404

Probably because it's just you trying to satirize what is already satire and not even in a way that's funnier than the satire, just weirdly crude to the point of sexual degradation toward women. Like ok.

No. 1678420

You delete everything so quickly kek but they're all saved for the base fact that the manipulative lying is going to look very nice juxtaposed with the truth that is in fact the opposite of what you keep trying to claim in an offhand way. So weird how intensely invested you are.

No. 1679136

Kek you look like shit in the pic that she posted. I can't believe I wasted my time on you. I hope you have a terrible day today.

No. 1679356

I can't get over it that you didn't remember my bd. You said you'll always be my friend but I guess that was also another lie. You were only friends with me because you thought you can't find anyone else interested in you and as soon as you started making more money I was too poor and ugly and stupid and brown for you. The saddest thing is that I genuinely liked you

No. 1679730

File: 1693176115342.jpeg (322.85 KB, 828x608, IMG_5950.jpeg)

Its so funny I have upset this moron from my former employment to the point she has asked mutuals for my social media. She skin walked me my whole employment there and is desperate to keep up with me despite the fact I haven't spoke to her in a year.
I dont have social media; I am too busy living my life to curate it on a feed for you to stalk, sorry! She actually thinks I blocked her and thats why she cant find me…”even on my finsta i cant find her”…. You are 40, you freak!
If you invested a fraction of this effort into self care, you wouldn't be a landwhale. Absolutely pathetic.
Man oh man, just hearing about it secondhand is so embarrassing. Bitch move on. Sorry your Ugly retarded husband had a crush on me, Im sorry no one likes working with you. Stop asking people about me, and focus on YOU. Cant change the fact your dented fat frog face will forever be awful, but you could work on that psycho personality.
I pity your children. I pity your coworkers. You and Ariana McMillan are birds of a feather. You need t h e r a p y

No. 1679733

Jesus Christ my mom is so fucking annoying lately.
Basically she's obsessed with getting new shit (while not understanding that even if it's free/cheap and small it still adds up and is random clutter we don't need in the house or is for random projects she's never going to start/finish) and basically every few days turns the house into a obstacle course, for several months we had an unusable living/dinning room because she had to get a new table but no one wanted the old one (till someone finally took it) but then shortly after she decided she has to repaint the kitchen cabinets, and then the stairs, the fireplace and now the entire floor so the lower part of our house is like completely unusable.
This is all while our basement has been a disaster for like over two years (to which 99% of it is either stuff I can't lift or stuff that isn't mine so obviously I'm not going to touch) so if I'm ever looking for something down there it's basically impossible to find (I'm still missing a bunch of shit because of this).
Most of the time I just stay in my room and put up with it silently but if I EVER complain she's either like 'I DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MYSELF TO YOU' or 'YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING' or 'YOU'RE ACTING JUST LIKE YOUR ABUSIVE FATHER'
I mean obviously living with my mom is better than living with my dad (who is an abusive shithead who wouldn't take me anyway) but it's so frustrating lately. I don't even think the shit she's decided to change looks any better on top of that.

Just desperately needed to get this off my chest out of frustration, she's yelling at me again over annoying crap.

No. 1679746

you bought two sleeves of bottom barrel horrible cookies last week and i had 2 cookies and nobody else had any, you went back to the store today and got THREE MORE SLEEVES OF COOKIES. what is wrong with you? genuinely did you fall and hit your head? why did you not buy us any food or make lunch/breakfast when i was growing up because "food isn't important to [you]" and now you're hoarding all this fucking food and not eating it? i don't want it, i don't eat this unhealthy shit, fuck off holy mother of god.

No. 1679852

I’m never going to another wedding again. People are selfish for having children right now. I want to die fuck all.

No. 1679944

i should had said no. dont think i can deal with all the complaining and the narcissism…

No. 1680408

A year or more of studying abroad at a language school in Japan would be wasted on you. Even with the strong dollar right now, you wouldn't be able to manage living costs and tuition. Your favorite streamers might be living it up, but they tend to have extra financial support from family, they're not regulars working 9-5 for minimum wage. You have neither the passion nor the aptitude to learn the language effectively; even after 3 years you can barely string a basic sentence together and your intonation is atrocious. You seem to think it'd be one long vacation where you'll make a ton of friends and everyone will find you to be the charming foreigner of the week, but you're one of the ones who would end up burned, disappointed, and lonely because you can't read subtlety or social cues whatsoever. You assume and assert things through the lens of American culture and expect others to adapt to it instead of the other way around. You'd have a better time at studying abroad in Mexico where the culture is more expressive, friendly, and open with strangers.

No. 1680546

why do creepy old men always want to talk to me in public???? today at the coffee shop this annoying loud dude who wasn’t even in line was just talking to the baristas about bullshit and wouldn’t move then tried talking to me even tho I was with my bf. he said something about my hair which was fucking weird. like dude fuck off. later we heard these other ladies complaining about him as they left. also i’m low key pissed at my coffee shop for not like immediately 86ing this dude who was obviously bothering everyone around him or telling him to gtfo of the way for ppl. he was legit harassing like everyone in line with his bullshit. i walk home whatever over it but then like 2 hours later i go grocery shopping by myself and some rando old nasty dude starts telling a joke about vegetarians while eating popcorn from the bag when I’m in the produce isle??? where the fuck did you roll in from dude? did you even buy that?? omg get the fuck out of my face. i might lose my shit the next time this situation happens tbh. fuck off. there are so many annoying burnout druggie/drunk dudes that just take up everyone else’s time and energy with their dumb shit. i can’t stand these fucks.

No. 1680552

Until you get your own life together, you have no business getting back into dating. You can't be struggling with finances, medical bills, health treatments, and a BPD failson while being severely overweight, jobless, and disabled/wheelchair bound. It's not that you don't deserve love, but you have a track record of choosing shitty partners, and as it is, you have nothing to offer men other than someone to take advantage of because you're extremely vulnerable as a middle aged disabled woman struggling with her mental health. Even without those things, men and the current dating world are shit and I wouldn't trust 90% of them farther than I could throw them. If i'm getting fit, you start feeling bad and comparing yourself to me, and I guess the same applies to my love life. You have no idea what i've been through, how my self esteem was shattered, the time that I lost searching for answers, the trauma, nor the resulting depression i've been struggling with for nearly five years; it's a miracle that I could find someone as exemplary, compassionate, intelligent, supportive and loving as I have who understands me and sees the beauty in me when others have treated me as less after what happened. I'm not with this person because I needed "someone, just anyone" by my side like you might. It's somehow insulting. I'm not competing with you, so please don't make shit weird by doing this every time.

No. 1680555

File: 1693246052614.jpeg (34.66 KB, 948x711, IMG_7463.jpeg)

I'm not your fucking complaints department just because I'm your only friend. Fuck almighty you went from being fun to being a depressed heap of shit in a fucking split second and I am not a fucking therapist. We had one small thing in common and now you're so far up my ass I'd have to get you surgically removed. You constantly chase away people by being so fucking annoying and needy and whiny and you're aware of it because you made me promise not to do the same. Maybe stop acting like the type of person people would cut their own leg off to escape from! You are your own biggest problem, and until you change your lifestyle and attitude you will continue to be alone. If I'm being honest with you, I'm trying not to pull away in disgust only because you'd probably pull one of those attempts at suicide that amount to nothing and I don't want to fucking hear it. I'm just hoping you meet a new "favorite person" so I can fuck off forever without guilt. I regret meeting you and being kind to you when every single person who knew you better than me had blocked you. I hate online friendships and I regret allowing you to feel comfortable enough with me to bitch and moan. I don't do it to you because my life isn't a heap of shit that I cry to people about. Grow up!

No. 1680577

I've asked you not to spend money you don't have on us, your adult children, but you always seem to have something to prove by going overboard with expensive gifts. I've tried making an Amazon list of affordable gifts that you can choose from if you so insist, and once again you put my efforts to waste and buy L a $1200 tablet on a payment plan complete with streaming services that he didn't need, because he already had those.
Everyone else stuck with relatively inexpensive gifts and he was happy with that and there was no need to show up and show out like you did. So my next order of business was to help you get the return started so you could get your money back, and all you had to do was ship the item back or have them come pick the package up.

A month passes, and I find you still did absolutely nothing and are insisting on gifting him the tablet anyway, which makes it seem like you're pointlessly insistent and stubborn and purposefully didn't take any action after the trouble I went through. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night because when you're careless, you leave other people to pick up your slack, and I can't afford to bail you out of your financial troubles which makes me feel extremely guilty as the eldest child. I understand that your lackadaisical attitude that "everything will turn out alright" is partially due to being an escapist coping mechanism because it seems that the only other option for you is to fall into a deep doomer depression about the state of the world, but you need to be more responsible. It wasn't that long ago earlier this year when you were convinced that the world as you knew it was ending and you were drowning in bills you couldn't pay. You've crawled up from the bottom many times due to the kindness of others and some luck but in this current economic climate the chances that you become homeless and lose social welfare benefits are pretty dire, and you may not be helped out so easily as you once were. I never want you to be in that position.

No. 1680591

It's not about chasing pipe dreams, enjoying hyperfixations, or perusing my creativity, deep down I never really liked some of you. Wish I realized this sooner.

No. 1681070

full on sobbing in my pillow about stupid small shit like a site I like having problems, someone who I barely know and have never personally talked to having a hard time financially, a random stranger being an asshole to me. Embarrassing

No. 1681165

File: 1693281764800.jpg (24.48 KB, 500x374, 2b72ee60f0bc8c02682eca1c55a70a…)

You like to speak big about supporting GNC people, but the moment a girl looks a bit strange or in an unflattering cherry picked angle, you are the first one to go about how the western tranny wokies are winning and we need to return to gender roles (B-but on a women-friendly way, you guys). Don't pretend that I don't understand what you are trying to say just because you are hidding it behind fancy schmancy terms. Even if it's a joke, it's creepy, it's unpleasent, just accept you find some girls ugly instead of trying to pretend everyone is against you by not being molded to your personal likings. You aren't helping feminism by putting every middly unique looking woman into the "gendie" label. That's why they stopped sharing their characters with you.

No. 1681183

File: 1693284743298.jpg (55.67 KB, 1200x675, E8q_ozyVgAIHmHG.jpg)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

No. 1681199

Idk why you keep doing that and how you aren't embarassed about it.

No. 1681205

.. .—-. – / … .-.. . . .–. -.–

No. 1681527

I hate you. I hope you get some karma and she cheats on you too. It is what you deserve.

No. 1681580

File: 1693319151167.gif (1.36 MB, 498x278, thistimesamillion.gif)

Cringe as it is, I love being in an LDR. The only thing I miss is being able to beat up nigel when he acts like a retarded scrote.

No. 1681595

Bitch I don't "get" leeway. Folks cut me slack because I keep my word every time and when I can't do something I tell someone beforehand. If I'm gone and nobody knows why, they know something's wrong because I ain't like that. You fucking sleep through promises on the reg and wonder why nobody believes you when you have a legit reason for not showing up. Burn people enough times and they're gonna spray you with the hose when your ass comes near.

No. 1681946

Maybe I should be more direct with people. Even if it gets me in trouble…

No. 1681951

My nigel is pretty great. Really. But fuck I wish he could understand how to see when something is dirty, and then also understand that means he should probably clean it up. Acting like using a roomba is a one hour chore, all you gotta do is look around to make sure it wont eat anything, pick up those things off the floor if it will, and press a button bro literally thats all it takes 5 minutes max please bro please

No. 1682145

sorry that you're such a fucking slut

No. 1682196

File: 1693368934727.png (36.81 KB, 459x541, 1677369979775.png)

>muh headcanons are real because I'm blind and can't read!
I stg lolcor has gotten more schizo in the past 2 weeks, and I'm not just referring to schizo saturday

No. 1682203

I will dox the fuck out of you, you holy-rolling creepy little bitch. give me one good fucking reason and everyone at your workplace will know who you are and see your petty shit, you 40-year-old child. keep fucking pushing me, i fucking DARE you.

No. 1682224

You're a nasty vile person and the fact you had the audacity to gaslight her about your cheating by shitting on mascs makes you even a more abhorrent person. You're an abuser, plain and simple. I pray that she never justifies somebody putting her hands on her like that again, the way you continuously did, scumbag. I hope you cry every night about the bridges you burned because you absolutely deserve to wallow in the consequences of your own actions.

No. 1682432

I hope preferring your shopping addiction and ugly fat husband before your own daughter will come in handy for you when you're doomed to rot alone on a piss stained bed of a nursing home.

No. 1682518

I’m so glad I had great sex with him this past weekend. He was beyond belief. 10/10 Scandinavian model looks and made me feel incredible. I’m sick of you feeling sorry for yourself and moping around. You’re 40 years old, short, with greasy hair and no money. Yes I’m gonna fly to Sweden and spend the weekend with the hottest man I’ve ever seen, you’re not my boyfriend and you can cope all you want. You know what I like about him besides his looks? His positive attitude. What a breathe of fresh air compared to your horrible negativity you let stain everything around you. I like being happy and surrounding myself with others who feel the same. You do fucking nothing about your depression and refuse therapy, I care less and less every time and I’m prioritizing my own self and going to stop worrying every time you want to suicide bait or throw a pity party. I don’t fucking care. You’re a grown man, I’m not your girlfriend, cope and seethe over swede chad- I’ll do it again too.

No. 1682618

Bitch if you have something to say then fucking say it. Enough with your little meetings, you don't need eight of us to sit in a circle and listen to you say passive-aggressive, obviously targeted bullshit because you're too much of a coward to "lose face" by disciplining us when we fuck up. You are the ONLY person in this workplace who so desperately needs to be handled with kid gloves. Why do you think every single person here chooses to go to any other manager before you when they have an issue? You're reactive and defensive about shit that has nothing to do with you, you target random employees for inscrutable reasons that only exist in your mind, and you barely know how to fucking DO anything anyway. It sucks because I think if you didn't have that facade of authority and power on all the time, you'd probably be pretty fun to hang out and talk with. We have similar interests and goofy senses of humor. I actually enjoy you sometimes, damn it. I just don't respond to passive-aggression on principle, and that's the only way you know how to communicate, so our whole working relationship is just projection that I don't have the energy to pick apart and work around. I come in, I do my job, I get paid to do just that. So if you think I'm playing dumb with you, I definitely am. If you'd like to have an honest conversation, you can correct us upfront like all of the other managers. But keep bringing in the whole department for "meetings" instead of doing your job and you'll never stop being a laughingstock.

No. 1682929

I'm going to flip a fucking table if you slept through the time we were supposed to hang but miraculously wake up just in time for work.

No. 1682930

You are mentally unwell.

No. 1683047

File: 1693446157838.jpg (19.6 KB, 300x300, 1693276270326.jpg)

Just delusional, sick, entitled, obsessed

No. 1683060

You are so over the top critical and catty about everyone else's looks while also looking like dogshit only with a flat stomach. Your attempt at being Regina George is only highlighting how deeply unwell you are!!

No. 1683070

Are you fucking her or not? Are you fucking anyone or not? Just get it over with so I can finally let go

No. 1683176

I love how your answer to your unfair delusional double standards being questioned or challenged in any way just results in more misogyny and outright hatred, you're like a child and you likely will never grow up and remain this evil and stagnant forever

No. 1683427

I hate you so much you lying down syndrome face bitch enjoy your rapist boyfriend and I hope you feel happy in the knowledge that you were picked, yeah picked by literally a fat illiterate rapist retard. All your friends hate you only keep you around because watching your pathetic relationship makes them feel better about their own life. you know deep down that I’m telling the truth and you don’t have the guts to admit it to yourself because that would mean admitting that you’re an awful person who chose a rapist over her friend. There is nothing unique or interesting about you and you’re a complete airhead retard.

No. 1683553

Well if you believe that all women are just as smart as you, then yes, I agree, men truly are better than women! Luckily, in this reality, you are retarded and most women are not. Wow, you are really dumb, no wonder you can't make female friends, really no surprise there. You're a narc, a pickme and a moron, I guess everyone really was right about you, damn.

No. 1683600

You celebrating seeing your stinky longterm LDR BF and not even in person is so sad and pathetic. We were all there for you physically when you were at your lowest and he hasn't even bothered to see you for over a decade. I feel insane seeing you so happy and starting the cycle over again for the 100th time. You never learn. He's stringing you along sis.

No. 1683943

Just mental unwellness all over the place

No. 1684275

File: 1693570718977.jpeg (22.08 KB, 640x520, EfE0F0JXoAM43YS.jpeg)

c'mon call me back i REALLY want this job c'm on call me back call me back c'mon

No. 1684336

Kek what a dumb bitch. You were so eager to let everyone know what a "great" person you are and managed to dox yourself to your 800 followers lmaoooooooo. You wouldn't give your address to a rando on the street so how is this any different? What is it with these idiots not caring about their own safety????

No. 1684368

Leaving you will be a relief.
I cant stand how fucking stupid you are

No. 1684385

I find you really immature at times and it's difficult for me to look past it now that I've experienced something opposite to that, even if that was never going to last. I feel bad because I don't want to regard or treat you like a rebound, but I'm still in a emotional weird spot about him even if no one else knows what happened. So, I feel like entertaining anything relationship-wise wouldn't be sincere from me, rn. I need time to think about things. If we can go back to how things used to be and you can demonstrate real change, great. I just don't know. We'll see when I finally visit you next year.

No. 1684394

idk if I can even get it off my chest I cant stop crying

No. 1684699

File: 1693603511419.jpg (404.12 KB, 788x1200, 1689384567445503.jpg)

If people just get together out of convenience, compatibility, fear of being alone, or just settle -then does true love really exists?

No. 1684702

I loved you so much and how badly you've treated me and you cheating on me made any semblance of light inside of me go out.

I'm not pretty, I'm horrible disgusting and ugly and I can no longer sustain a connection with anyone ever again.

I'm not really anything or anyone anymore.

No. 1684713

please kill me already

No. 1684826

Are you with her? Why do you want her in your life and not me?

No. 1684849

File: 1693614929587.jpeg (87.63 KB, 750x750, 1690544321737.jpeg)

are you genuinely that fucking stupid. are you for real. i am going to kill you. theres no fucking way

No. 1684854

File: 1693615315392.jpg (90.12 KB, 900x600, lorena-bobbitt.jpg)

Forever and ever

No. 1684901

You even curate your fake ass staged 'vulnerability'ewww

No. 1685043

Imagine being dumped and instead of moving on like a reasonable adult you had to do this childish revenge scheme on your ex like a sore loser. Is your tantrum over yet you big manbaby. Boo fucking hoo how will your ego ever recover

No. 1685531

I could cheat I really could. If the world wasn't so rooted in reality I could have my cake and eat it too or whatever the fuck but I won't but I'll think about this forever

No. 1685641

I don't know whose dick you must've sucked to get that position, but you need to be fired ASAP. You're completely incompetent, and that's saying something, because it's not like your job is rocket science. Just a useless person all around.

No. 1685649

Mucho feministo.

No. 1685656

A big reason why I hate this place is bc of people like you. Nothing gets taken seriously, any "work" done by someone from here is barebones, shoddy garbage. You're happy to make people look like shit, because at least that's the job done for the day. Choke. I'm not kidding. That really fucked me up when I saw it for a day or two, but now I'm just tired of this place. Someone who actually knows what they're doing would've said "Nope, this is inaccurate" and just redone it. You are a lazy retard, so you didn't. It's just a day ending in "y" for you, but it's my personal documentation, linked to me for life. Kill yourself.

No. 1685659

Fuck you why won’t you respond to me anymore you bitch, I actually liked you and loved talking to you. I’ll never do online friends again.

No. 1685673

You know what? I'm just gonna say it. You're a whore. There's no reason to choose a profile pic of you with your ass cheeks hanging out. You complain about moids? Lmao why give them this shit then? Pathethic. Moids don't respect women in general but the guys who you're attracting with this shit will respect you even less than nothing.

No. 1685805

Lallalallalaalallla so obsessed lallalaa

No. 1685809

Why do you do that? Just when it seems like you can't reach a new low, you do.

No. 1685860

File: 1693707020909.gif (2.51 MB, 640x628, 1693242427548108.gif)

Oh yeah, I definitely believe that you believe that. Fucking lol

No. 1685925

File: 1693714658691.jpeg (100.28 KB, 976x1091, 1658966795218.jpeg)

every day i have to deal with the most emotionally unstable, retarded moids who act like fucking chimps. i cant wait to get away from them.

No. 1686077

You’re so fake, you don’t care about friendship or showing support you just want everyone to pay attention to you, listen to you talk about your problems, and feel sorry for you no matter how much of your problems are your own fault. You can’t spare a moment to show support when someone actually needs it because you can’t care about anything other than yourself and your drama filled life

No. 1686279

Abloobloo my skin is itchy and I dislike moisture and I am so uncomfortable in my own skin and I can't stand having streaky, greasy hair for even one day SHUT UP you are not a fucking scented candle. Go outside. Get dirt on your fingers. Be sweaty. Smell bad. Who the fuck cares, you weren't meant to rot indoors all day.

No. 1686321

Why did you say you were gonna call me and then don't? You said you'd call me on saturday and it's sunday now and still nothing but I see that you are/were online. Seriously fuck you. Just tell me how things went….

No. 1686689

Honestly gonna kms if this doesn't work out

No. 1686706

God I hate stinky smelly bitches

No. 1686710

I hate toxic positivity. No, things are not "fine" and shit won't just get better by taking a bath or reading a book. Do you not understand what's it like to be haunted by these thoughts 24/7? Every goddammn second??? Clearly you don't. It shows that you've never had a serious struggle in your life and that's why you keep talking out of your ass. I hate all of you.

No. 1686712

No one told you reading a book or taking a bath would cure your depression vent chan.(vain bitch)

No. 1686742

Please don't leave me

No. 1686832

Actually yeah, we do. Of course we understand it. Sorry we don't want to writhe around in misery and self indulgence forever. Your pain is no worse than ours, we are just tired of being black clouds raining on e everybody else and voids that suck out every bit of enjoyment that exists around us. We are tired of projecting our hurt onto everyone else and seeing everyone else doing the same thing, so we choose to use it as a glimmer and attempt to 'fake it until we make it' instead of stewing in abject loneliness and hurt.

No. 1686841

Jfc let me just rant in peace here. What about ">don't respond to other people vents" do you not understand? I came here to vent into the void about a personal issue that I had with some friends. This is about none of you so stop acting like anyone asked you for your two cents.

No. 1686865

Hehe(stop it)

No. 1686939

I would never cheat because it goes against everything I believe in. I'm talking about love

No. 1686958

It hurts me to remember that the only reason my parents had me was so they could get a grandchild out of me, and the only reason my husband wants to be with me is so he can have a child. It makes me want to end my life and the more time I spend being asked about it and having the topic thrown at me, I feel like I have no other choice but to end it. They’ll get over it.

No. 1686959

Nice attempt at deleting your misbehavior, lmao. Screenshots and saves exist, you fake-innocent little angel. You're on record as the whiny little lying butthurt shit-starter you are, live with it, you slippery little eel.

No. 1686968

My mood's never been in flux like this before. I'm on my period, but I mostly just get pain and GI issues so this is new for me. It sucks because I've been more wistful/sad about missing him, even though remaining friends would never work; he demonstrated that he's incapable of that because he would always push things or feel tempted to. Emotional affairs are hell, and I will never get involved in one again. If I could go back in time I'd have immediately cut contact once boundaries were crossed.

No. 1686986

Mentally unwell all over the place mhm

No. 1686992

You keep proving that you're abusive and retarded idk why you persevere. I think you have brain damage of some sort. You're like an ostrich that thinks putting your head in the sand means people don't know and can't see what you're doing. All the fake shit you churn out and the fanfic you craft really has you thinking you're God hahshhshs

No. 1686999

I MISS SHMEGEH AND I MISS THE MILK. Even all her weird friends like Haku who changed named and gender. I miss it all so much. Her thin body was captivating and her weird ass weaboo y2k obsession was relatable. I loved her hair color and style. She started to look stank after a while I guess she had an adderall and alcohol addiction but before it spiraled and got obnoxious it was such a fun iconic era. :(

No. 1687002

God the way grown ass faggots talk about young women's bodies is so creepy. But I guess when you're lifeless untalented and the most skilled thing you can do is give yourself an enema, there really isn't anything else for you to do to make yourself feel something

No. 1687009

You are not smart

No. 1687231

Will she give me bad news?

No. 1687299

Getting fucked over by a moid is one thing..but getting fucked over by a moid AND your best friend because she thought it'd be a good idea not to tell me to "spare" me the disappointment is another. You should know me by now. I value honesty more than anything, yet you chose not to tell me anything for days and just prolonged my pain. I just can't believe it. You're both such fucking cowards and then you even have the guts to ask me if I'm mad. Am I mad? No. I'm absolutely livid. You didn't want to hurt my feelings? HOW? How did you think this was going to play out? There's probably even more shit you chose not to tell me so instead you just said "but I don't remember much tbh or sth.." like you always do. So fucking weak. Okay fine. Both of you won't ever hear from me again since you clearly don't give a shit about me.

No. 1687482

File: 1693844769700.png (156.02 KB, 602x350, Perspective 1-2-3.png)

Your family is super disappointed in the two of you. Your nonagenarian mother/in-law said that she wishes you at least waited until she died first and your sped daughter keeps asking everyone if she did something bad to chase you away. Their friends say what you're doing is wrong, and your friends don't seem to want to talk to you anymore. How the heck did you fall out with B and K? They're the sweetest people alive! All B wants to do is make everyone tasty food and K is just trying to survive for as long as she can. I miss them so much but I'm scared they won't want to see me because of whatever the hell you did to chase them off. Grandma says you're millionaires now, and that's cool for you. I hope it's enough money to buy your souls back. I'd genuinely sell mine just for a chance that you become the decent people you were a quarter century ago. Now I understand why I was your moral pillar for so long, because you were losing your morality while I grew into mine. I hate it. I miss the people you were. I was never supposed to be better than you and I don't want to be better than you! I just want you back.

No. 1687635

File: 1693853829046.png (144.58 KB, 352x338, Screenshot 2023-09-05 063428.p…)

This is high-school tier retardation but I got dragged into it trying to be a good friend and offering comfort to the girl and help/advice to the guy. I was put into an uncomfortable position against my own fucking will and now as my part in it ended, all I feel is guilt. Just needa get it off my chest.

I offered a friend comfort while she was going through a hard time and very drunk but she never said why and I never pushed for details- I didn't want to be involved in the first place, just looking out for a friend. The next day she told me how they're taking a break because she is "young and wants to live her life" and that's understandable. She also told me the reason for her nervousness was because she while drunk she was flirting with another male friend, a.k.a the "competition" and then not long after the story changes to how her boyfriend exploded, is (1.blackmailing her with her dirty laundry, is going through schizo/bipolar tantrums, is trying to manipulate her, begging for her back because "she owes him", how he's a dirty pedophile) and all that. Giving me out of context screenshots. Let me know that they have this baby girl/daddy thing going on and that it's only because of him, (2.it makes her uncomfortable and makes her gag). I just compared him to my ex-boyfriend with what she was telling me and no side from the boyfriend, told her what she'd want to hear, and I just continued offering her advice and comfort. The next day the bf bought her online game currency and she told me how her and the competition who keeps chasing her were (3.having a shopping spree with her bf's money and how she finds this dude hot, how if he came to her state she would be overwhelmed, how her bf is a cuck and she knows he doesn't want his circle to be calling him a cuck etc.) This male friend is feeding her all this shit about how her bf is a manipulative, scheming bastard and she buys it because she's well… mentally ill, and naive. :(

The bf the next day decides to open up to me as he knows I'm the only other person who is aware of all the shit going on between them, and he gives me his side of the story. It turns out their daddy/babygirl thing was brought on by HER, how she keeps it up, how she's just emotionally immature and how she's the one who keeps begging for him. Gives me all this substantial proof and in return I just provide him with 1.) and 2.)- things that came from her herself. Turns out she is a giant BPDchan and lied through her teeth about most of it. He confronts her with the information I provided, blows up at the both of us… (4.continues to lie about him having a schizo meltdown and how she didn't want him to know because he'd go crazy) even though he is talking to me as he usually would through all of this. I don't tell her what I told him that SHE said but she is under the impression I told him everything. She feels betrayed, understandably- cus I told her I wouldn't tell anyone and this is WHY I feel so guilty. I made a decision that shouldn't have been mine to make, but what I did tell him is what I thought he deserved to know and honestly? She would have never told him this bullshit herself.

Common with a BPDchan would be needing to have a target when feeling under threat, obviously this confrontation has had her on edge for the past 3-4 days and she says "I fucked everything up" and thinks I'm trying to steal her boyfriend and how I just want another (aforementioned ex-boyfriend) which is a lie that fucking… hurts alot. That relationship was my most traumatic one and it's a knife stab to have that used against me.
I don't hate her though… I just, feel pity for her. I love her, she's my friend and I know what she's going through as I used to be in her boat and want the best for both of my friends who are deeply in love with each-other. If I had let him know about 3.) or 4.), I think that would have really derailed their relationship, but I didn't want that. I just want them to be happy. I only believe her boyfriend more as he has proved alot, this situation has put him in a helpless corner but even after this big fuck up from her end he still wants her to be happy, he loves her so much and thinks the world of her and I don't want to take that from them.

The bf knows how I feel and tries to reassure me that it's not my fault which is a kind gesture but I can't help but feel a heavy sense of dread and for her benefit, I decided to distance myself from her and not give her leeway to contact me anymore.

>help friend
>get involved
>help friend
>get hurt in the end

No. 1687754

I wish I knew how to communicate to my nigel that no, I am not asking him to relieve me of more domestic duties, but that I want us to tackle problems together instead of him just waiting for instructions from me. No matter how I phrase it, the end is 'well let me know when you can tell me what I need to do' but that shit doesnt help at all when I am so overwhelmed with trying to manage our finances I have no answers and I just want help coming up with the solution. We keep getting more and more separated instead of working together- and it's lonely over here. I am not asking him to relieve me of cooking duties/each of us fend for ourselves, I am asking to share the burden of making some of our meals. 'I can fend for myself. Dont worry about cooking for me' doesnt exactly help lessen the amount of cooking I need to do anyway, just doubles the dishes and reduces the (already very low) amount of times we eat together. I wish we could share the burden of…anything? Instead it seems to be 'you do that, I do this, holler when something goes wrong' which only kind of works when it comes to chores and not much else. We live separate lives and I miss him so much. There is no time we share anymore. Our schedules are so different and our lifestyles so different we can't even share the same room, we dont even share a bed. We dont have any massive issues, as in no fighting regularly and our life goals align very nicely…its just that I am so, so lonely, and feel so lost in the direction I am supposed to go in with our relationship. Nothing I can say seems to communicate that I long for us to work together, instead of next to each other.

No. 1687829

File: 1693871186349.jpg (147.53 KB, 1200x675, d333c696162fd0404030d4c84466b9…)

You really do just make up literally everything like… woah

No. 1687834

It could be RIGHT in front of your face and you would still deny it. You would still make up some elaborate fic that paints yourself as some unsuspecting victim. Serial killer behaviors bestie. Dont you have some fake unsentproject posts to write up?

No. 1687857

there really is no threshold for your bitterness and need to see the absolute most negative in the objects of your obsession. the only people who are mad and malding and seething are you and yours. consuming yourselves and destroying your future for a bizarre and elaborate lie.

No. 1688048

kekkk pretending to be aloof like you aren't the most obsessive and stupid of everyone involved.

No. 1688097

You're a retarded attention whore and you don't even realize it. There is a reason you can't keep friends for longer than 2 years, and no it's not all uwu their fault, stupid bitch.

No. 1688123

your fragile ego is bigger than your cellulite ass. hope you hurry up and get fucked. no one gives a shit that you live on your own to throw away money. should've stayed living with your parents you stupid bitch.
and you, hope you continue to stagnate into obscurity. i cant believe that i invested so much time into you. all those lessons fell on deaf ears. you are such a regret. you threw away everything for some ugly gendie bitch. have fun self hating.

No. 1688240

I'm so pissed. Thanks for wasting my time you asshole.

No. 1688583

Wish certain people would stop inserting themselves into conversations that don't affect them, it's getting really boring.

No. 1688586

The more average you are as a girl makes you more annoying in public places when you're surrounded by equally plain friends. Why are 5 plain Jane's blocking the entirety of the snack ailse and talking so loudly with those fake voices retards use when they think others are enjoying listening to them. I'm not. I'm fed up and you non chalantly kicked the basket about instead of lifting it is making you look more fat unfit and annoying holy fuck

No. 1688783

It's just a song you stupid bitch

No. 1688889

The dental dam joke was hilarious and in itself highlighted your massive delusions. Nobody wanted to fuck you. That was the closest you ever got to younger, moderately attractive men and you will never get that again. You did all of that in support of a lie, an insidious and dark one at that, and you inserted yourself into willing abuse and extreme sexual voyeurism and harassment because you were a lonely old autistic fat fuck and now the entirety of your life moving forward is altered because of it. You're lucky none of us have spammed it all to your employer, your 'friends'(two of them know and only stick around to screenrecord and keep an eye on you), and everyone else you will ever attempt to manipulate into seeing you as a victim. You are fucked up and you are being humored at armslength with mostly disgust because now everyone is forced to keep it up because they're afraid of what will happen if they let your autism loose. There are thousands of hours in that now, never forget that. What you did to that girl is not going to go away. Nobody was or ever will be in love with you, and the continuance was only because more was needed from you in order to ensure that your 'friends' will be legally punished to the fullest ability. Being a pawn and a pest and a creep was the greatest thing to happen to you because you yourself have only been bullied your entire life. Make sure to get very comfortable so that when everything is ripped away and you are exposed for who and what you are, it hurts even more. The fact that you aren't completely disgusted with yourself really speaks to just how mentally ill you are with no sign of reform. Between you and me, though, we also now its particularly bad for you given just exactly the nasty things you've been doing online the last 12 years or so. They might not know about that, but we do, and so do a couple of your 'friends'. There is no anger, there was never any love or infatuation other than what was evidently manufactured for you, and there is and only ever was revulsion.

No. 1688898

File: 1693964659842.gif (795.47 KB, 275x189, 1693960643181.gif)

The projection remains fucking hysterical. Rose? Bitch you are literally picrel. You are nearly a senior. You are 5 years away from incontinence. You are worse than anyone you have ever tried to Regina George. The fact that having even a glimmer of proximity to younger guys online suddenly shot your delusional ego into orbit was laughable at best.

No. 1688911

“My husband literally reads me Dworkin as I blow him”
Shut up shut up shut the fuck up you fucking retard shut UP

No. 1688923


No. 1688932

I'm not going to pretend you're a genius or savant just because you're an abusive freak with resolve and obsession.

No. 1689084

File: 1693988684472.jpg (35.39 KB, 711x596, needy-kitten_mateer007_iStock_…)

I'm sick and fucking tired of having to hide my opinions and suck up to misogynists and trannies to get somewhere in life. Fuck this world for forcing me to be fake, my honesty is one of my very few good traits and i keep being punished for it! And also fuck my father for ditching me over money and trying to make me a "kill or be killed" type asshole like him, idgaf that it "gets me nowhere", let people not be assholes!

No. 1689099

fuck my retarded coworker who after 2.5 years fucks up on simplest tasks but everyone coddles him and loves him because he is a little moidy who knows how to suck up to bosses

No. 1689302

File: 1694014368503.jpg (23.02 KB, 351x415, Upset but cute dog.jpg)

I tried to speak to my mother again. Same shit as it was before. Still too worried about other people with no self reflection. Still always ranting about how she has to do this and that and how she's sooooo stressed . Still a complete disregard for my feelings or anything going on in my life. Still instigating arguments. Still obsessed with my father who has a family with a different woman. Same ol' shit. Going back to being blocked.

No. 1689560

For fucks sake it feels like someone crushed my back right behind my heart and my arm aches. Let me fucking sleep or I'm going to send you to the hospital.

No. 1689566

Oh fuck me I washed my armpit and nearly passed out and it feels like Satan is gripping my veins fuck fuck never mind I need the hospital.

No. 1689667

Good job tricking me now you get to feel like the chased one and ignore me and larp you're a stud. Heehaw heehaw that's me the jackass

No. 1689683

Do you ever actually spend time with her when she's home from work, or do you just play videogames all day like you did before? When my friend said to me that they seemed more like roommates than a couple, that shit stuck out to me. I wish I was a fly on the wall because their dynamic perplexed me back then, and that's been increased twofold in the wake of what's happened.

No. 1689717

Damn you made all that shit up too omg this isnt even an AU anymore its a fairytale of its own.

No. 1689814

You know that he’s stated he hates being targeted by fans (romantically/sexually), right? You salivate over him and call him the love of your life, but the sad thing is you actually believe it. The way you desperately claw for clout and attention from him is pathetic. Anyone with a brain can see that your fanart is digitized with very little actual drawing skill from you. You just tweak some things here and there in an attempt to make it look more authentic.

I’m half-convinced you low key have a personality disorder because the way you copy the traits of other BNF (big name fans) is creepy. You try hard to be better than them at whatever their contribution to the fan community is such as translation or art, and you even plagiarize others’ tweets/comments acting like they’re YOUR intellectual property, nearly word for word. If that’s not some cluster b bullshit, I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s easy to brag about blowing thousands on merch, travel, tickets and superchats constantly when you don’t even pay rent or bills. I honestly hope your country’s currency value depreciates and inflation knocks you down several pegs because you need to keep yourself in check. You pretend to like and be knowledgeable about whatever he likes, you even pretend you knew and cared about a fellow musician that was a mentor to him who passed away recently, all hoping that he would notice your tweet. You had to make the death about YOU, because it’s SO important that we get your input when you had hardly listened to a song of said artist before. That kind of cheap, attention seeking dishonesty is revolting and you will NEVER sleep with him, no matter how many concerts you attend trying to get noticed, because he keeps a solid boundary between himself and mentally ill parasocial losers like you.

No. 1689881

I really, really deeply regret I didn't leave you to die. My life would be so much nicer now. If the past years have taught me anything, it's that you don't deserve my forgiveness or mercy.

No. 1690084

Really hope you suffer as much as possible for leaving me like this. You deserve it ♥

No. 1690092

hate having a big chest i look like a barrel in dresses that are straight down

No. 1690155

i just got some closure about something from years ago that was still plaguing me as an adult.
it came in the weirdest form, too. i don't really want to go into detail but i used to have a very obsessive and unhealthy crush on a girl when i was in high school. even though i lost my feelings for her, i still felt like i could never quite get her out of my head. worrying about what would happen if i ever saw her again, her being in my dreams, stuff like that.
i googled her as i tend to do every couple of months, and for the first time in years of sporadic internet stalking, the first result was something honestly really funny. shes taking part in this thing and she shot a promo video for it, and for the first time in years i watched this girl who i used to be obsessed with just talking about this thing. and im like 'huh good for her'. she's changed so much. & i don't hate her or anything, im glad she's having fun. i feel like a weights been lifted off my weird obsessive shoulders somehow. all these years wasting thoughts on someone who's out there living her best life. im not bitter though. just… kind of relieved, i suppose

No. 1690166

I hope we meet again soon. I want to fuck you over so badly.

No. 1690174

Your ex-girlfriend was based for bleeding you dry for convention money. If I had half the self respect she did, I'd do similar because being with you is just not worth it.

No. 1690180

I hope the lab nurse misses your vein tomorrow. Thrice.

No. 1690186

You are so desperate for male attention it's pathetic. You're just an attention seeking TIF, desperate for any kind of sexual attention from moids and it's laughable. You're not "one of the guys who guys can bang" you're a pick-me nlog who justifies moids abusing women because you're so desperate for them to think you're cool. And calling your own mother a whore because she got a boyfriend and you didn't is weird as fuck and stinks of jealousy. I cannot wait until the day someone beats your vile misogynistic ass because for justifying rape culture and abuse because you deserve it for all the misery and pain you've caused the women in your life. Fuck off gayden

No. 1690197

Five minutes turned to fifteen, then thirty, then forty-five. Give an inch and you'll take every fucking mile. Sarcastically can't fucking wait for when it's been two or six hours before your dumb ass washes back up on the phone lines like nothing happened. I bet you'll have another sob story about how the phone company fucked you over and how you had to yell at some Indian dude for hours or how it's not fair you were just too tired to stay up talking with your sick girlfriend. Lord grant me the will to treat you with the same disregard and lack of respect you show me because God fucking knows I won't do it on my own merit.

No. 1690220

lol what the fuck are you ever even talking about

No. 1690224

i want to hurt you. if i knew it would turn out like this i'd hurt you even more and wouldn't feel so sorry in the moment. i want to see you suffer. i hope you're fucking going insane from all the pain and hurt. please, just let me see it, i want to see, show me how much of an agony you're in right now. i hope i was the worst person you've ever met in your pathetic life. you deserve it. and you honestly deserve even more. pathetic fucking scrote.

No. 1690268

You're just like the rest eugh. Digusting coomer.

No. 1690435

You are supposed to be there for me. We are both stressed out, but you played video games all day, while I had actual shit to do. And now, that I just want some attention and care, kind words and support, you flip out on me because you are too tired now for me. And you decided to play with AI bots instead of giving me any comfort. The more you are like that, the more I feel disgust towards you. I'm not the only one in this. I still love you, but the way you act is extremely immature and inconsiderate, I feel like a reddit woman whining about her tranny husband sometimes, but you are not a man. We should work together and support each other, but you make me waste my energy to try to convince you to do things for our relationship, meanwhile I already took the most of the workload. If you don't need it all, why did you waste so many years of my life? It's like all you need is an AI bot for real, and you don't need me physically. It hurts, because I really do need you and it feels so perfect when we are together. But online all you do is rant and whine about video games, you have no life, and it feels as you are actually proud of being a college drop-out. You don't even work. Why are you the person who has so many qualities that I need in a partner and, at the same time, has one of the worst qualities that are so hard to deal with.

No. 1690457

You’re not making this very fun for me, you realize. Affairs are (usually?) supposed to be mutually beneficial for both parties, but you haven’t given me anything yet except one false promise, which is the same shit you told me two years ago that I’m sure you’ve forgotten about. I’ve tried giving you the benefit of the doubt since you obviously have a whole family and a demanding job. It’s not that I want you to leave your wife right away and move here, I just wanted a crumb of emotional connection with you. It feels, on my side of things, like you only talk to me at all because you know I’ll send you nudes. That’s why I cut contact with you last time, it felt like you were leading me on. There are zero sparks on my end at this point and I think it would be better if we just stopped. I’ve tried to be as upfront as possible with you, but you haven’t done the same for me. If you didn’t want there to be any emotions involved, you should’ve just told me that. Don’t you think I can find a plethora of men to do that with here? I’m tired of playing a one-sided game.

Anons, I’m never fucking with a married moid again.

No. 1690513

Married men who cheat are already emotionally constipated; that's why they decide to have affairs instead of communicating with their partners about their issues or idk, actually grow a pair and end things. Expecting him to change or be different just because he's involved with you was the first mistake; this is ingrained behaviour. Speaking from experience, if you wanted a real, lasting emotional connection with him, he would've needed to be in the process of separating from his spouse with no chance of reconciliation first. These men are selfish and would rather keep their spouses trapped in marriages they can't even be bothered to remain faithful in than do the right thing.

If he can get sexual gratification from you whilst continuing to maintain the status quo of his personal life, why would he do anything to disrupt that balance? Him giving you things wouldn't have made a difference, either, trust me. Get rid - it's never worth it.

No. 1690534

I would give both my brothers to bring my sister back

No. 1690549

I need all the strength in the world not to kms this year. I'm convined I've hit rock bottom and I can't deal with this pain anymore.

No. 1690581

>I'm convinced I've hit rock bottom
Such optimism, that's the spirit!(vain bitch)

No. 1690616

I know you’re right, anon. I got bamboozled by his words at first and have been hanging on to that high ever since, I guess. Despite the fact that he’s become extremely uncommunicative “because of” his “job.” I stopped talking to him a while back and should’ve never answered his subsequent messages again. Mostly, I think I wanted him for his money since he makes a lot, but I also knew his wife would get a lot in the divorce (they have two kids, poor girls.) Rest assured, I’ll never make this mistake again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1690620

I just submitted a GP request for an ADHD assessment and can't stop thinking about the various ways I can get owned and disregarded when they phone or text me back to discuss it. Hoping I can actually finally get some help but don't have high hopes. It's meant to be a 2+ year wait anyway so the worst that can happen is the status quo continues. Still, wish I hadn't procrastinated filling out the form for the past two years… would have had it done by now.

No. 1690631

You are and will always be just a old ugly fatass autistic scrote and your whole effort to larp as some "uguu anime girl" is the most pathetic shit I've ever seen in my life. I've never hated someone as much as you and I can only wish you have blood clots and a botched, rotten troongina full of flesh-eatings maggots and then 41% yourself upon realizing that you destroyed your (already shitty) life and health just for the cooming and internet woke points. You will never be a woman, let alone a lesbian. Kill yourself.

No. 1690674

You're in for a wait nona. I was put on it a year and a half ago and haven't heard back since. They told me it was a 2.5 year wait then, so I can only imagine how much it has exploded since the tiktok ADHD trend kicked off. Good luck though. It's not nice feeling the way we do.

No. 1690682

Yeah, really kicking myself for not filing for it ages ago, but even if I don't get it until I'm 30, at least I started the process. Hope you get called for it soon anon, but sure the continuous funding cuts haven't really improved the ability of the system to expedite things… You probably know already but the ADHDUK subreddit seems pretty decent with waiting times for various major areas, although most seem to go private.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1690698

Feeling this sooo hard scrolling through the angry gf alog spam in here rn

No. 1691026

I actually don't touch reddit. I know it can be useful but I'm generally very done with that website. I'm 30+ and have been chasing a diagnosis for 4 years in total now. Country is a shambles and sadly can't afford to go private, so we may as well just stick it out and hope we don't completely lose our heads.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1691383

So now you're desperately trying to one-up me in terms of looks because you see me as somewhat of a threat or an obstacle in the way of you getting that sweet sweet parasocial validation via getting noticed by sempai kek. You're not subtle at all. I'm not in competition with you and don't really care to be a desperate parasocial loser like you are, but if you're going to make a thing out of it, I might as well show you that you can't have your way and one-up everyone in everything all the time. You'd do better to keep your face hidden because you reek of tryhard desperation as always. He's still not going to pick you (or anyone for that matter), so sit tf down.

No. 1691640

Genuinely horrific color scheme bestie. It definitely illustrates how strong and passionate your one-sided obsession continues to be tho

No. 1691642

This is pure schizophrenia

No. 1691743

I still love you so much and I will let you know this ♥

No. 1691975

So what I’m hearing is that other people also consistently get annoyed by you and it’s not just me being irritable. You’re genuinely ruining my experience and I wish you would go away, you make posting not fun anymore. Everything was perfect before you showed up, felt like we had all settled in, everything was so cozy and chill. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1691990

It's amazing how you can continue to insert yourself CONSTANTLY into things that don't concern you, where you don't belong, and try to warp everything around you and lie and try to privately incite drama that shouldn't exist and doesnt exist outside of you trying to create it. It's evident that this is the only way you can feel like you have control, it's crazy how you somehow think you're going to become a microinfluencer or something with all these skeletons building up in your closet. You are so manipulative and creepy that even the way you look wont be able to protect you from the consequences of your actions much longer. You really are a very sad person.

No. 1692220

You're literally creating your own problems by overthinking everything and thinking you're some kind of main character of the world. Just accept the fact that you're just as insignificant as everyone else and stop being so miserable all the time, it's getting fucking annoying.

No. 1692417

Genuinely contemplating being an aloof bitch when you two get back. "Oh, sorry. I'm busy and can't hang out this week. Next week isn't looking good either." We both know I'm a hikki so you'll know that I'm lying just to avoid seeing your alky asses. Maybe, just maybe, I'll invite you to one of my trips and you can try to make amends that way. But you've never been willing to slow down and exist in my world despite forcing me to keep up with yours my whole life, so I doubt you're going to want to do that. Even though it would be fun. You'll drive for days if you're going away from us, but you won't let me drive you around for four hours to show you the parts of our own fucking home you haven't seen. I don't know why I even try. I just miss you so much even though you're awful people who don't deserve it.

No. 1692739

I hope you get long CoVid on your trip and miss every single live on the tour.

No. 1692854

Literally just ad libbing shit and victim blaming. I hope it's horrible tbh, you deserve it.

No. 1692862

File: 1694314489622.jpg (48.87 KB, 620x414, the-loved-ones02-620x414.jpg)

Like you think you're him

No. 1692863

File: 1694314546802.jpg (8.62 KB, 275x184, images.jpg)

But you're literally this bitch. Floor it, reverse, floor it, reverse.

No. 1692879

I'd start working on being a little more embarassed about what you keep doing if I were you.

No. 1693439

You are such a loser oh my goddddddd hahahahaha

No. 1693463

You can’t even hold the baby for a measly 30 minute nap while I try and tidy this pig sty of a house??????? Suck it up, grow a pair of balls, and just carry her and support her nap. I do it for literally the entire day when you aren’t here, so I’m sure you can handle one nap.

No. 1693610

Feels strange befriending this dude online who happens to be a close friend of my ex-boyfriend who resides 2 cities away. Like, that relationship was a bust thanks to me and I swore to never get romantically involved with another person again so that's why it feels so strange. Granted, I don't have a crush on his friend… (and it helps that this dude is gay… lol) but he's very… pleasant, warm, really lovely soul and oddly very fatherly…
Like, this dude and my ex-boyfriend are both hardened and thickskinned thanks to their upbringings but where they differ is that my ex was a depressed smoker and an alcoholic and the friend is just a guy trying to live a simple healthy life with his cat. Comparison is the theft of joy, both of them are lovely moids but the contrast is… sharp. He's so kind and patient, reminds me of an old friend hell even the interests are similar.

No. 1693812

physically REMOVE me

No. 1693836

I just don't get you. Have fun dying alone, I guess.

No. 1693928

Ewww leave women alone you freak

No. 1694042

Do they know that you imitate the pictures that were stolen from a 15 year old girl oop

No. 1694052

Do I really need to remind you that you are a grown man who has spent the last three years catering to incels while sharing, dissecting, referencing, and imitating photos of a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL. Stolen and re-used, and then regurgitated by a man pushing 30 and his incel besties. You don't feel really, really weird about that?

No. 1694227

File: 1694415535574.jpg (165.76 KB, 1080x1112, tuasjr371cb61.jpg)

I think ur ugly/srs

No. 1694546

Why do you always pick fights just say your feelings calmly or don't speak. Sometimes you're not meshing well together for some time and it stabilizes, not everything needs to be overanalyzed and picked apart. Especially if you're playing the blame game.

No. 1694561

This is directed to my old manager and colleague:

Thank you for your woeful incompetence in your roles that I a less experienced but more qualified person had to shoulder the brunt of all your lackluster decisions by being over worked to the point of a hospital admission and having to eventually quit because absolutely far too much was expected of me. You both promised me the Christmas period off due to the hard work, recent health issues and the fact I did all the unwanted shifts the year before. I quit in May and a week later my step father got diagnosed with cancer. Its September and he is having palliative care at home and most likely won't see the end of the month. The two of you guilted and hounded me to cover shifts/work and that you'd owe me. Two lazy inept bitches. I won't even mention how many workers have messaged me since leaving to complain about you both. Don't hire your fucking friends and let them show you up for being unwilling and unable to manage a team. Saying how I should have your job and the atmosphere since. We still live nearby if i see you I will not be biting my tongue. Can't believe when I came back early from my operation and still had healing and stitches to take out you still had the gall to push work on to me. I will never get over after being literally bed ridden for a week and returning to work I had to keep waiting for you to catch up to me while walking and doing our physical jobs. You're literally 10 years younger than me and you're such a lazy fat bitch. You went and cried to your best mate manager bitch about how you desperately need Christmas off for a family emergency and I had to work your fucking shifts. The family emergency was your mum miscarried 4 years before you were born and Christmas is a tough time for her? I missed out on actual real family time because you're such a lazy fat bitch you wouldn't work like you said you would and when i saw you after the new year when you came back and asked how your hometown was for Christmas you told me you didn't go. Get heart disease you fat fuck

No. 1694564

Overwhelmed overwhelmed Overwhelmed overwhelmed Overwhelmed overwhelmed Overwhelmed overwhelmed yep

No. 1694576

If you get high enough and are familiar enough with kuwtk as a series and watch it again through the lens of them being high paid escorts, you'll literally see them hinting as such various times throughout the episodes in weird ways. Pimp mama kris pimped out Scott too after his parents died. I worry about the kids and how kris describes everyone as delicious these days.

No. 1694753

I hate everything.

No. 1694853

File: 1694478873953.jpg (39.98 KB, 735x490, 0ec2916fc52ed20475eee84a617bf5…)

Yeah, I definitely believe that you believe that.

No. 1694884

Noise is the theory and violence is the practice, never heard of danger music? Kek

No. 1694984

You're such a weird coomer freak that you can't imagine platonic friendships exist that don't involve your bizarre spergy innaccurate sexuality tinfoils, you're like the equivalent of Gaylor conspiracists except you are just a retard that projects your own dumb lack of life experience or real social exposure in REAL life onto other people online. You want everyone to be exactly how you've made them up in the creepy little fanfic in your head, you have no empathy or ability to truly pathologize anyone because you view everything through the lens of a self-involved moron with bpd and autism and whatever other psychopathy. Had you really an enjoyable life, none of this would be your source of enjoyment.

No. 1695025

you're a piece of shit. you're useless, a liar, retarded, and unattractive. hope you never amount to anything within your life. fuck you!

No. 1695036


No. 1695222

File: 1694527268119.jpg (25.58 KB, 516x477, x4vq0cg3.jpg)

Yeah, I thought we were good friends, but I got injured because of you. Because of your need of virtue signalling, because you needed to show what a good girl you are, but not actually dealing with the problem. I'm still recovering even after a year, but at least you've got your likes and comments! I hope you're enjoing your precious scrotes attention, starving yourself even more for the sake of paedopandering and looking psychotic with clownish e-girl makeup

No. 1695265

You're an nlog pickme and that puzzle wasn't meant for you. But I guess yay you for feeling intellectually superior to an actual retard who was just happy to be included.

No. 1695698

Why are you so damn confusing?? What the fuck do you actually want??? Can you open your mouth for once you grown toddler???

No. 1695817

fats and faggots malding

No. 1695826

File: 1694548923687.gif (1.35 MB, 346x261, 1679862803936.gif)

im just being a shithead on purpose now

No. 1695834

what do they call those cubes where you have to match the shapes to the right holes? thats the puzzle difficulty

No. 1695864

File: 1694551887797.jpg (147.69 KB, 1600x1600, 71REVMwPqJL.jpg)

These? Shape sorters.

No. 1696102

Are you anons 14 years old omgg some of these are so cringe(vain bitch)

No. 1696105

File: 1694560676065.jpg (81.48 KB, 1300x1300, 61qRdL8wdiL._SL1300_.jpg)

No. 1696172

yes do you want to add me on discord

No. 1696215

Yes Bryan said you're a stupid whore btw

No. 1696230

Oh shit, I'm sorry for replying anon. I could've sworn this was "help me find" thread

No. 1696241

i'm gonna die soon, i'm gonna fucking die soon, i am not going to make it, why do i feel so shitty why do i feel this at all

No. 1696260

You made your bed, now lie in it. You've done enough damage to my life already it's not my job to come pick up the pieces. If anyone's crazy here it's you.

No. 1696265

File: 1694574556530.jpg (28.32 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

I wanna spend money. I'm tired of holding myself back and not spend on something I want and just stand still, watching the cash I got at work devalue each day it goes by.
I'm tired of investing money on myself. Whatever I do it will never bring me love nor friends, neither peace.
I wanna spend money. Its meaningless to keep in frozen the bank. I got no home to call my own, I have little control of my life other than what I buy. Others own me and I feel endless guilt for not serving them.
I'm so tired. I just wanna spend on a Kuromi plush. Is that too much to ask?

No. 1696290

File: 1694577446336.jpg (77.2 KB, 680x822, 9b2-1.jpg)

Do you perhaps have BPD? Don't buy shit just because it has Sanrio characters in it. Worst waste of money ever

No. 1696292

File: 1694577778051.jpeg (105.64 KB, 1383x778, 6377391B-280A-4996-807A-3E9C65…)

Hope you’re not fucking her cause’ she got those Nixon jowls.

No. 1696294

No I got no BPD, only depression.
I love Sanrio stuff since childhood, but never was able to get more than a few stickers bc parents didn't spend on toys.
Now that I can spend my own money, don't you think it'll be reasonable to buy a Kuromi plush?

No. 1696297

Saw this image on the front page. You have no idea how relieved I am that it didn't take me to the unconventional attractions thread in /g/ when I clicked on it.(vain bitch)

No. 1696299

Hate that bippies have stolen Kuromi. It's just a little demon rabbit who is cute, fuck you. If grandma's allowed to like Hummels, I'm allowed to like Sanrio.

No. 1696310

But whats the reason behind bpd retards using Kuromi as their symbol?
I only see Kuromi as the classic anime mascot for goth teens from the 2000s(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696323

Bitch you are retarded frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 1696327

I hope you do get cervical cancer like you fear, would be funny to watch you have to deal with a real genuine struggle for once in your privileged life. Holier-than-thou-ass bitch.

No. 1696328

Professor didn't let me in class because I was late for ten minutes, now I don't have anything to do for two hours.

No. 1696329

I swear to fucking God you genuinely deserve to have this bounced back on you just for saying this about someone you insufferable cunt. Nobody wants to see you shout your Bpd narc curses. Fuck off and learn some shame you miserable wretch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696334

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1696335

I dont give a fuck im tired of watching cringe 19 year old bpdfags cry about men who will never love them and curse women with cancer itt. Bitch you're a COW

No. 1696337

File: 1694581593525.gif (121.12 KB, 220x220, IMG_0754.gif)

No. 1696342

I'm ready to take my ban but hard agree. There's so many insane cow-like posts here kek they belong in the "cow yourself" thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696345

Nope. Buy something useful instead.
What in the zoomer tikTok twitter speak did I just read?

No. 1696346

What in the fuck, why would you wish cervical cancer on another woman. There's no reason to go to this extreme. Get help(vain bitch)

No. 1696355

Start wishing for prostate cancer and stage 5 colon cancer instead, more useful

No. 1696379

File: 1694587314822.jpg (46.35 KB, 319x318, 01.jpg)

No. 1696473

that's not nice!

No. 1696510

faggots calling women pickmes or saying they look camp or whatever else as if they aren't grown ass men larping as women online so edgy straight guys will pick them. you're so uggo not even grindr faggots reply to you so you gotta do all dis topkek
funniest was this ugly mid 40s looking melting beaner making commentary about womens looks like the seething faggot jealousy is apparent and youd sell your mom for a popper.
bolting all closets shut from now on

No. 1696529

Yes but only for all males and trannies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696530

you know a lot of women with prostates?

No. 1696534

Yep nope you've reached the maximum allowed amount of bodily noises for the day. I'm going to get punchy if I hear another gurgle. And shut up about how much radiation burns suck, you wouldn't have any if you just kept your clothes on.

No. 1696551

Your mom

No. 1696552

>t. Chernobyl survivors(addicted to infighting ITT)

No. 1696585

stop prostate milking my mom

No. 1696600

No! She asked me to!

No. 1697020

I love you.

No. 1697035

Really fucking annoyed about finally making a thread on a shit cow (took me YEARS to work up courage) I just get shit for it and accused of being the Cow self posting, and they lock the thread so no one can comment, then say my thread is shitty and boring and telling me how bad I am at so and so
I really don't see anyone forbid anyone else from talking or making threads on specific cows other then this
Feels like I hit a soft spot or somethin lol(athena-chan still at it)

No. 1697044

Cows moo
Moids die
Goddess laughs

No. 1697075

you REALLY should be sorry for this, and you better be, before it's too late.

No. 1697110

you will, indeed, suffer for this

No. 1697114

you will, indeed, lick my taint.

No. 1697115


No. 1697116


No. 1697141

Why won’t you come back

No. 1697204

You will indeed, die in seven days.

No. 1697211

wow i get it now this thread is the well samara lives in

No. 1697251

i am taking a break!

No. 1697267

It's where I throw all the bpdfags when everyone tires of their manipulation and mind games(vain bitch)

No. 1697289

You keep doing this stupid shit. Sometimes I just wish I could disappear for a couple of months.
Maybe you should move, actually.

No. 1697293

the person i had a genuine connection w/ = i can't speak to anymore.

why tf didn't you listen to me and get personal + marital therapy earlier? if you'd done that, then maybe you wouldn't have caught feelings for me, and we could've remained friends.

No. 1697380

File: 1694657623731.jpg (38.37 KB, 1131x1100, Fyk_NbSXwAETFZ_.jpg)

I'm gonna have felt like a different person every day for almost 10 years now. Society has failed me, when all I ever wanted was a friend I could be happy dying for, and her for me. If I reveal my everything to them nothing will ever be the same, at least my paranoia is good for one thing. A lot of times I think I was born to be hated. But I know I was born to be loved, forced to endure hatred, and be hated when demanding to be loved. Such is life as the ocd paranoiac weird woman who just needs real, true female support to shine.

No. 1697402

Some of you are so scary and not in a flattering way

No. 1697408

File: 1694658580287.jpg (24.39 KB, 640x858, 1690776384122420.jpg)

Your desperation so palpable

No. 1697415

File: 1694658864362.jpg (75 KB, 886x494, FmDyqfYXkAAskskksa7.jpg)

Ruining your whole life hehe

No. 1697420

lol calm down

No. 1697428

Ah yes, you and your army of literal incels and sex offenders, so cvnty mawmass

No. 1697435

babe you have schizophrenia there is no incel army

No. 1697440

This isnt about you you stupid vain bitch

No. 1697442

i never said it was babe youre just being schizophrenic again(infighting vain bitch)

No. 1697443

You're clearly the schizo one this has nothing to do with LC wtf(report and move on)

No. 1697446

ok fat

No. 1697448

no more pavlov(ian conditioning)

No. 1697450

You're mentally retarded and if lucky a car will grab you by the balding crown and drag you 100 feet into a river or something kek.

No. 1697456

Bisous Ugly

No. 1697461

what does that mean

No. 1697555

One day you will regret all you’ve done and said and I’ll be like muahahahahah

Also period shits feel like giving birth

No. 1697586

File: 1694663457988.jpg (55.96 KB, 570x788, il_570xN.1612372117_n9z0.jpg)

This is where documentation of your period shits should go wrdgaf

No. 1697593

How about you type it all out, this isn’t twitter take your dumbass acronyms somewhere else chile(vain bitch)

No. 1697612

I've been feeling so terribly lonely with you being busier than usual, enough to want to cry. Being a normally independent and somewhat indifferent person to absences, it's such an unfamiliar and painful feeling. I miss watching documentaries with you or idly playing games for an hour or two on the weekend. Being long distance, we already can't see each other often, but it's not that I need just somebody or anybody, I need you here specifically. I pretended to be supportive and happy for you on the phone about the things you have going on such as your new job and time consuming endeavors; I know it's mainly so you can save up more money so we can see each other more often and eventually move in together elsewhere, but this talk of living a simple lifestyle in the countryside doesn't appeal much to me. You always seem to get swept up in and easily influenced by whatever your current experiences are, thinking of how you feel in the short term about something and making long term choices based on it. In that way, you're still inexperienced or naïve about life.

No. 1697680

she wants to share a kiss

No. 1697789

I love you.

No. 1697920

I think you are a fucking loser and I am done spending anymore energy on you. Im not berating your existence by challenging your retarded ass logic. I cant believe I thought you would actually change. Pathetic.

No. 1697950

File: 1694703671907.jpg (13.35 KB, 300x450, magni.jpg)

Sorry for our relationship mostly being me using you to explore my own mental illness by exploring yours. It was interesting having a bit of a folie à deux but it eventually had to come to an end. While you made me more insane, I feel like It's helped me to uncover the reasons why I was insane enough to be with you in the first place. Now I can detangle things better in my psyche instead of living in a constant state of chaotic confusion of why I do the things I do.

No. 1698008

I'm sorry I tried to kill myself in front of you. And self-harmed in front of you. And accused you of every infidelity under the sun when you really were, apparently, just depressed. But I was literally never like this with anyone else, not remotely, I would say you "bring it out" of me but I don't think anything like this even was in me before you. Maybe I just considered everyone I was with before as disposable, and you I want to keep, and I'm terrified of being treated the way I treated them. I'd add "but surely other people aren't as bad as me…" but that would be stupid and dramatic, other people are often as bad as me, and worse, it was precisely their mistreatment that made me like this. I'm really committed to making this work, though, so I'm sorry and I will try to trust you. At this point I just might as well.

No. 1698287

You're the biggest pain in the ass I've ever met and I am counting down the days until I never have to see you again. If we didn't have mutual friends I'd probably have cut you off already. You're a selfish piece of shit so wrapped up in your own problems - which, by the way, are all entirely of your own creation - that you can't even pretend to give a crap about anyone else, despite you "loving me" so much. I'm not flattered by your being borderline obsessed with me (borderline being the operative word), I'm creeped out and I always have been, and I'm sick of you sulking like a fucking child when I point it out. You need to grow the fuck up, you're 33 years old and you cannot spend the rest of your life being carted around like a fucking sped because you find everything "scary". Being mental doesn't mean you get to live as a child forever. I'm sick of hearing about how your family and that dumb fuck of a "best friend" - who probably only keeps you around because you let him piss on you during sex - enable you, and you can fuck off if you expect me to do the same. Just fuck off in general.

No. 1698379

I know you stupid cliquey fuckwads are going to screw me over again and I'm mostly angry at myself for even caring, but fuck the lot of you all the same, I hope you all contract the worst case of gastroenteritis you've ever had in your lives. Get your shit together or pack your dumbfuck project in, jesus christ

No. 1698382

They don't know about it, and likely never will, but you do. How you live with yourself idk.

No. 1698466

File: 1694745472087.png (1.53 MB, 850x850, i cant.png)


No. 1698530


No. 1698594

how can a grown ass man be such a sperg lmao

No. 1698602

Moid removal

No. 1698609

XY autism is incurable(vain bitch)

No. 1698619

ill keep quiet about it because its funny btw but you should drop that shit between us im ober it

No. 1698702

he was gonna stay up all night man he was so excited whyd you do him like this

No. 1698809

You make no sense…so was that it? Are you just going to disappear again?

No. 1698816

Can you PLEASE stop dragging people much younger than you into your shit, to bathe out your stupid fucking messes? Stop fucking gossiping it is literally what has gotten you to this point. Just log the fuck off oh my god just talk to someone irl or someone you actually know instead of random strangers online who you then tell everyone about publicly. Your paranoia is destroying everything around you you dumbass

No. 1698824

vent thread full so this is going here.
this pisses me off to no end, imagine you just pumped out a massive lump of human through a tiny orifice, then realising YOUR and your newborn childs nurses are tending to your passed out husband who couldnt handle seeing a vagina get stretched. get so fucked, i should be the one passed out you absolute piece of shit

No. 1698847

I literally never ever liked you, it was obvious to me from the start how much of a liar you were and a few others were clued in on that as well. I didn't even fucking try to hide it! I hated you and your dumbass hanger-on friends and I'd frequently tell them and you so. Why the fuck were you so desperate for my fucking approval while also being seethingly jealous of me and spreading vile shit about me behind my back? You're a massively narcissistic asshole, you're almost 20 years older than me and I managed to say shit to your face, true shit, while you lied and sucked up to me and pretended to be my friend as a different personality designed to be more agreeable with me. Not even that worked, I never fucking talked to you so then you tried to manipulate my best friend. You wrote me nasty shit about how I should starve myself but you want to cry about your stupid fucking eating disorder when you're 200lbs. Fuck off, you're fucking vile and I feel sorry for whatever retards you have convinced you're a victim this time

No. 1698858

I gave you so many chances to correct me with the truth too. Like way too many really and you just kept throwing other people under the bus gleefully to save your own skin. People whose asshole you were up so damn far, swearing you care about them, only to then do that shit. It's pathetic, you aren't a good fucking person. We can all see that and that's why nobody who knows you for longer than a year feels sorry for you

No. 1698897

And we're back here again. You wonder why I'm awful to you, and it's because you do the same thing every goddamned day. When you manage a month without lying, maybe then I'll treat you with something approaching human decency, but not a second prior.

No. 1698905

I miss your good morning texts..

No. 1698989

Fuck this hurts

No. 1698991

I have no regrets breaking up with you all those years ago. When I first got back in touch with you, I was looking to deepen a friendship that once was a quirky little acquaintenceship sustained through journal exchanges. You almost immediately cornered me at the train station and tried to kiss me while propositioning me to be a third in your gross little throuple, despite me moving my head away from your forced kiss. At the time, I was naive and inexperienced, freshly out of a relationship, and regrettably agreed to give it a go eventually. I could hardly get the smell of french fry grease out of my favorite sweater when I woke up and moved on after meeting my true first love, whom I had hit it off with immediately. You sobbed like a whiny bitch, expecting me to feel sorry for you losing a second hole. I had realized during the relationship that I was merely there to take the pressure off of your first partner to satisfy you. A freak like you should have been happy that there was anyone at all willing to put up with you, you greedy moid. You were quite creepy looking back, and even had the gall to be openly grooming a minor while still involved with me and the first partner. It looks like she eventually wised up, too, and left your gross pedo ass. When I was being openly groped in front of everyone by an equally if not moreso creepazoid loser, you looked on in silence while I was frozen with shock, showing how much you viewed me as an object, I guess. You even accused me of cheating on you during and after the relationship after the breakup because I had caught mono (from the two of your nasty asses; I was in the fucking hospital for an unrelated surgery so how the fuck did I have time to cheat when I was with you 85% of the time??). While it's true I fell in love with someone else, I never cheated. I spent the happiest three years of my life with him, while you fumed and threw break-up spells our way (kek) foolishly thinking that I would ever come back to you. It didn't work at all, did it? Stay lonely, scrote.

No. 1699032

I love you but I wish you weren’t such a retarded coomer.

No. 1699097

Why are you hurting me like this. I just don't get you.

No. 1699170

You can't tell me that all of this was for nothing. Like absolutely not. No. It wouldn't have lasted this long otherwise.

No. 1699206

Olympic level mental gymnastics to justify what a freak you are lately.

No. 1699242

Oh the irony of you listening to the same song and probably thinking of me when you hear the lyrics. I wish things between us weren't so damn complicated.

No. 1699243

I'm about to sell out. I can't take it anymore. I'll write contemporary. I'll write gay. I'll write dark Brooklynite humor about troubled young adults who drink too much coffee and visit bookstores and have a twitter account. Just publish me for fuck's sake I was not meant to work office jobs I am too mentally ill for this.

No. 1699262

I yearn and mourn for my childhood, I should’ve enjoyed it more. I’ll never get that back. I will die never having that freedom and innocence again.

No. 1699285

I know it's a case of probably not being thorough with cutting ties everywhere, but I've unadded you myself. I really did hesitate for longer than I should've because it was a tether to you, even if we haven't spoken in weeks, even though I will never reach out first despite wanting to. I don't know why it was so hard to do something that took a literal second, but it was. I'm not going to be ashamed that it hurt me or try to bury said hurt, because if I'm actually gonna truly incorporate acceptance commitment therapy's principles into my life, I have to acknowledge and accept these feelings. I just can't let them have a hold over me, and I think keeping you added was enabling that to some degree.

This week has been so stressful for a litany of reasons beyond me still missing your presence in my life. I've been internalising a lot of my stress, and it's having adverse effects on my health. Even so, I'm doing better; the week ended on a brighter note than it began and I think that's what gave me the push to do this. It's a tiny act, inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, really, but I wouldn't have been able to do it last week. I will always care about you, and sometimes I do wish things could go back to how they were before everything became a mess, but I can't.

No. 1699308

I wish I could just tell you that I miss you. Please just let me..

No. 1699341

Something funny about abusers is that they really believe themselves to somehow be above other people despite being dogshit. They will cling to any illusion of power that they can, no matter how small. They will devote time to amplifying and transforming their lies until it becomes near-parody and their desperation and obsession is obvious. Men in general are so stupid that way, they think that they are the special exception to everything and that they will magically get away with being monsters. They think they will be able to maintain lies that they've pushed upon other people and incorporated into their entire personality because they are too selfish and self obsessed to let go or admit what they are. Its no surprise they often have a drug problem, it takes a lot to spend every day of your life just excessively lying and getting off on hurting people. Everything you hold up to them is a mirror and they'll constantly try to throw vitriol at that, too. Even if you go on male imageboards you'll notice that when they accuse others of being women, it's usually if they have morals or regard woman as actual human beings. It reminds me of that experiment where they put monkeys in a cage and they would beat eachother for trying to reach for food. Even when the population was diluted to entirely new monkeys, they still beat the shit out of eachother for reaching up for food despite there being no other punishment besides the ones they were doling out. Truly a regressive species that preens for the worst of itself and thinks being emotionally bankrupt edgefags is the epitome of cool. It really is going to be so funny watching and entire gen of men mass kill themselves out of crisis when they hit 50 and see all that they've done and how they have nothing to show for their lives except malice and pure bullshit. No family, no longterm significant others, no heirs, no legacy, no contribution to the world besides harm and obsession.

No. 1699361

Buying your girlfriend a gift is too hard but sure you can drop hundreds on some ugly ass fetish art right! The dumb fat bitch with cystic ovaries isn't even into you, she isn't gonna suck your dick no matter how much you drop on her

No. 1699363

Blaming other women for your man's inadequacies is so retarded

No. 1699369

kys moid. be grateful i'll never get a gun.

No. 1699444

Lmao oh now you're back to ignoring me? I should've never bothered. It's so obvious that you only ever reach out to me when you need something. You never cared.

No. 1699489

I am reaching my limit, wished I could just move on like I used to, but now I just have no reason to be part of anything anymore. Every time I've decided to "ignore it" I realize now I was also letting go of the feeling of wanting being part of it. The same arguments in the same loop, I'm done with it.

No. 1699491

File: 1694857625072.jpg (945.92 KB, 1170x1566, 1694709881734572.jpg)

I feel like you're retarded enough to genuinely believe that people take real offense whenever you say edgy shit for attention. Just reminding you that we aren't, we are just thinking about all the edgy shit you sperg about happens to you instead. We aren't reactionary, and you're the biggest "karen" there is and you have cock and balls. Pretty sure each and every one of us would smile if you were in the obituary tomorrow. You bank way too much on thinking you have some sort of mental superiority to those you abuse and violate when you yourself are much better off tripping face first off the edge of a cliff. You're so obsessed with claiming others don't have self awareness when you are easily one of the least self aware people alive. Please for the love of God I hope the stimulants cause you to crash into flames or something because your trajectory is literally nothing but lie after lie and accusing people of doing the things YOU yourself are doing.

No. 1699563

lol see you soon retard

No. 1699566

I can't wait for this stupid fad to be over

No. 1699575

Got the bitch that caused me a prolonged panic attack suspended off of twitter, but I found her alt just now because I keep checking if she's really gone and saw her mental breakdown from that day. She's also been posting non-stop about how awful her life is, I'm honestly so glad. I already knew that she was unhappy and depressed, it's obvious with how terminally online she is and yet it's still not enough for what she's put me through for no fucking reason. But hey, at least it's something. If possible I want her to stop being on twitter in general so I never have to see her aggressive shit takes again, even if she can't direct them against me anymore because I left my public account a while ago.

No. 1699599

>it's obvious with how terminally online she is
>literally opens with ‘got the bitch that caused me a prolonged panic attack suspended off of twitter’
>’I want her to stop being on twitter in general so I never have to see her aggressive shit takes again, even if she can't direct them against me anymore because I left my public account a while ago’
you fucking weird retarded little dork kek(STOP BEING A VAIN BITCH READ THE FUCKING OP OH MY GOD)

No. 1699600

How are you not ashamed typing this out(Vain bitch)

No. 1699613

Don’t make me tap the sign:
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1699626

we know it’s not about us. it’s about the retarded addicted to twitter, which we acknowledged. tap the sign all you want, mini-mod(vain bitch)

No. 1699631

I know you would not be acting like this if you knew the whole situation. I thought people here hated terminally online gendies and this one had it out for me over stupid ship discourse which she managed to turn into a social justice issue and from there into horrible dogpiling. She dragged me into this drama shit for no reason and I didn't want to just let it go after she called me such awful things and made people believe they were true. But I also realize what I sound like when it's this vague, that's why I told lolcow and not my friends kek

No. 1699638

It's even more pathetic with more context

No. 1699650

She made me stoop that low and I'm glad it's over and that I can return to full normalcy. But you will still be here replying to random anons, trying to make yourself feel better

No. 1699653

You had a panic attack over getting dogpiled by twitter genderfags. I think I'm good(vain bitch)

No. 1699659

Nothing like consoling your friend and he grabs your boobs. Last time I'm ever nice.

No. 1699669

A prolonged panic attack over someone being mean on twitter???? What is wrong with people….(vain bitch)

No. 1699685

I know it sounds cheesy as hell but I wish I could just take your pain away. It really hurts to see you like this.

No. 1699857

I am so tired of being unhappy with my life, but i'm also afraid of change and i dont know what to do. I have opportunities popping up but thinking of moving, finding a good home for my cat, figuring out my current lease overwhelms me so much that I too discouraged to try. I'm afraid if too much change happens I'll have a manic episode and be even more unhappy. I've been crying a lot trying to figure out what I should do.

No. 1699877

Can you PLEASE give a real sign if you’re dating him or not? Just post SOMETHING? That one post and some of the things you posted after seem like he rejected you but it’s not conclusive enough either. Make it clear bitch!

No. 1699935

girl i dont even know who he is and idk how you all came to the conclusion he is that guy because hes really not kek

No. 1699941

like at some point you're simply going to have to admit to yourself that you are an insane person with paranoid delusions and get help for that. you keep making connections where there are fucking NONE and you are as tech illiterate as my grandma. everyone around you has tried to tell you this shit but clearly in vain. just get help for it girl because you're fucking annoying and nobody is secretly after you or is running a child kidnapping ring or whatever else shit you have made up in your mind about me and others. you are fucking NUTS and the only reason people are bothering you this much is because you make it so obvious how fucking paranoid and crazy you are. just smoke some weed and calm down

No. 1699966

i have a job and im a student and this has always been the case you deranged idiot

No. 1700066

Nobody is talking about a child trafficking ring you dumb bitch. You LIE like a RUG.

No. 1700080

you keep attempting to claim the wrong shit is being pieced together or whatever to cover your ass or assign a completely different and overexaggerated meaning to what is being said about you in attempt to control the narrative or make yourself look like the stable one when you're literally just taking small sound bites and bits and pieces not meant for you at all and trying to transform it into some grand manifesto about you thats oh so cwazy. That is exactly how I know you aren't as smart as you think you are because you would have figured out exactly what happened by now instead of grasping for straws. It's just the same as you pretending it was some phishing attack, all you do is lie, 24/7 all the time and pray that all the shit you throw sticks. The illusion of instability is so easy for you to craft when you're constantly relying on the favors and trust of other people to keep your secrets. There isn't anything glamorous or cweepypasta about it, you just fucking lie because if you told the truth you would literally be exiled from modern civilization. Shut the fuck up kek.

No. 1700087

Last thing. I highly suggest you nuke every single hard drive AND all those nasty little tokens you have. You won't because you're a psychotic sped and you are incapable of applying anything conductive to your own life. You will do or say anything to hide how gross and creepy you are and you've worked really hard on trying to revamp your image and appear more aloof but none of that matters after the things you've done!! I mean you're free to keep spinning elaborate webs about it but it really is in vain because everything was set in stone already. Stop acting like people are accusing you all of anything other than what you've really done.

No. 1700097

I don’t belong anywhere. I tired of how things are. Is no one tired of how things are? I’m tired of hoping that maybe there is space for me. This hope needs to die so I can accept it and move on.

No. 1700346

I wish you kept your mouth shut you annoying brat

No. 1700351

I wish I knew who you think I am or what you think is going on. I am concerned, what hard drives? Is everything okay?

No. 1700412

Recently I made the realization that I have narc traits. I have a clusterbee diagnosis, not NPD but close enough, theres definitely a certain amount of attention and validation that I need to feel satisfied. I'm not a total sociopath, having genuine relationships that aren't based on my needs is also important to me. So Ive started targeting other narcissists by calling them out when theyre being bullies. Usually old people online, they're so nasty and so public about it, but sometimes the stars align and I get to act innocent and cloying to their faces. I love knowing that I've intercepted some other persons source of narcissistic supply. I love bullying clearly mentally unstable boomers back until they have complete breakdowns. I love making these geriatric losers sad. It's so fucking easy, it's impossible to feel guilty about it. All you have to do is be honest with them about how their behavior makes them look. They go apeshit instantly and start proving everything you say correct. Especially effective if you can bait this out in front of people they're trying to impress. Is this a particular flavor of pathetic? Yes. Does it make me deliciously satisfied when I ask Yvonne why she's being so mean to the cross stitch group, everyone gangs up on her, and she dirty deletes? Also yes.

No. 1700714

jesus fucking christ there's no good suggestion the rumors y'all are crabs in a bucket is TRUE

No. 1700751

God it feels so good to be better than you

No. 1700764

There's a grown male itt larping as a schizo woman itt everyone, just ignore it.

No. 1700767

What in the fuck are you even talking about faggot? Take your seroquel

No. 1700771

you aren't azealia banks, you are a malding grown man with a cluster b personality disorder. i hope a hemmie ruptures. you aren't even funny, just a creep. tragic.

No. 1700773

You're shite at your job and nobody likes you. All you ever do is overreact when there's nothing wrong and then underreact when there's a legitimate issue. I get that rando hospital crud is an extremo level challenge, but the least you could do is stave off some of the illness but instead you roll over like a pathetic wuss and let the damn thing steamroll me. You better kick back into shape before Friday because if you make me miss my only obligation I am going to scream and find a way to rip you apart from the inside out. Fuck. You.

No. 1700782

I hope you accidentally get knocked up from one of the multiple STD-ridden moids you're fucking and be unable to get an abortion. Are you enjoying your new sexual partner, whore?

No. 1700795

Are the Ashley orbiters/trannies back? You're not welcome here.

No. 1700859

File: 1695011712946.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, Crime Kitty.png)


No. 1700934

I genuinely loved you, you fucking scrotoid

No. 1700962

My love for you burns brighter and longer than the sun

No. 1700967

Hope you killed yourself already

No. 1700971

Wanting attention in a thread explicitly meant for not getting attention is so sad.

No. 1701003

Newsflash you fucking moron, people don't trust you because you keep doing untrustworthy shit. You're not a victim, you create all of your own problems with your lazy thoughtlessness. You're so weak that you get offended when your actions are mirrored back to you yet are convinced you're the peak of mindfulness. You're about as self aware as a fucking snail and vain enough to think think anybody wants your help solving the issues you always cause in the first place. Shut the fuck up, grow a backbone and start acting like you give a shit about your life or you'll never gain the respect you are so convinced you're entitled to.

No. 1701008

Any and all retards who have the I DONT LIKE HER SO SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT victim-blaming mentality to actual victims are horrible by default.

No. 1701013

oh my fucking god you stupid fucking cunt i cant believe you managed to get away with forcing yourself on a girl and making yourself the victim. if you were actually worth my time id wish death on you

No. 1701015

Stop making posts that are obvious response to other posts schizo faggot, you keep bumping the thread for no reason with the same parroting shit when none of these posts were about lolcow initially. Fuck off.

No. 1701112

i should have posted this rant in the vent thread because i love attention and do want anons to reply to me but i already posted the short version so i cant just unleash a random rant but heres the details

one month ago i met a moid who seemed acceptable. its been one year since my ex tried to murder me in a meth fueled car accident and this dude was the first dude ive met who i felt kind of ok with. kind of like i could love again. and he provides me everything i thought i wanted in a relationship. even though i have money and he knows that he still pays for everything, provides everything, cooks for me, bakes fucking delicious cakes for me and my friends. we smoke weed and watch the matrix and talk shit or we listen to cringe music on long car drives. hes agreeable to everything i say and if i indicate any displeasure he will just change his opinion immediately. there are no negative emotions. its like hes obsessed with me and worships me and just is amazed by my life like hes never seen the sun before. hes good looking, if i wanted to quit my job and be a house girlfriend no doubt he would want it as well because its my desire. i met his mother and she was lovely as well. i crave that maternal connection because mine died like 2 years ago now and its so empty.

its what i prayed for, did witchcraft over. my ex recently broke his arm pretty severely in a motorbike accident which i accidentally predicted while it happened. life should be good

life is never fucking good anons. his dick dont work. it works sometimes but it takes effort and some kind of energy that drains me. the fear of it not working and feeling personally attacked makes me not want to put any effort in but im so horny. i dont even really like sex or penetration, only cum from clit stuff and mostly alone. but this push and pull sexual tension bullshit of his dick just refusing to work most of the time has me fucked up.

the thing is, i get this feeling id never even make it this far into the relationship if it did work fine. like i need the dysfunction and i need to fix him. if i can just fix this one minor thing life would be perfect. its not true anons. if his dick started working fine tomorrow id get sick of it in 3 months and be onto the next numbing and terrible experience with a man.

part of me wants to get a side dick and best of both worlds the situation. part of me wants to leave. part of me just wants to get viagra and ignore any underlying issue or red flag. hes only in his mid 20's. i cannot give another overly sensual blowjob and do it doggy style everytime once a week when the perfect conditions are met. but i dont think i'll find someone quite like this again, at least not easily

No. 1701148

You're the one who potentially doxxed yourself for sympathy bait and to one-up a rando who called out your bullshit behavior on the internet, I feel bad for saying this but if something shitty happened to you as its consequence I'm looking forward to it

No. 1701151

you never remember to charge any of your devices and here we fucking are, schedules all fucked

No. 1701252

I never wanted any of this mess. I tried everything to avoid it for so many years yet in the end it's all I got

No. 1701275

File: 1695059760138.gif (969.58 KB, 500x281, rg.gif)

she is literally me

No. 1701291

I think your new guy sounds amazing. Stay with him. get him a toy. Make him eat you out. Maybe his condition is psychological?(vain bitch)

No. 1701296

stg the next time i hear a male talk about the Venus of Willendorf i'm going to shove a replica up his arse. moids don't belong in anthropology when they're barely human themselves especially since literally every one of them gets the Venus's purpose wrong.

No. 1701420


No. 1701445

Fuck it. Time for some weaponized Murphy's Law.

No. 1701583

i seriously hope its not mental. he was vegetarian for 2 years so im guessing it tanked his testosterone and that it can be fixed easily with meds or whatever. im scared to introduce my giant vibrator because it intimidates men and they think i prefer it to sex, and when hes already insecure about his ED i feel like that'd make it worse

No. 1701606

You’re an evil person but I love you and I wish you loved me, I wish I could forgive you, I wish we could’ve patched things up.
I always just wanted you to love me you never saw me as anything besides a money resource or inconvenience, I hate you and I resent you for turning me into a wimp who is scared of everything, one might think I’d have been super aggressive from being yelled at and beat in all my formative years but I am just pathetic and scared to make small talk with cashiers. these days you look ravaged by drugs.
You literally have brain damage and you screamed so much at me. Why was I the one you hated the most? Why did you never like me why did I never really like you I thought you were lazy you slept all day during my childhood and you never went to anything with our school, you never got us clothes I had to wear no bra when I was growing boobs and the teacher would yell at me I wore no socks I wore dirty clothes and had tangled hair and everyone made fun of me. You failed me in so many ways

No. 1701659

Newfags and their inability to comprehend that people lie on the internet is so funny like yeah you go get that dox troonoid

No. 1701751

Hi Mr. M. It's been nearly 15 years and I'm thinking about you. Not fondly. Do you remember all the inappropriate movies you showed in class? I still get nightmares from some of them. I also remember B. Do you remember B? Do you remember how many classes you derailed just to bully him about his diet? I wasn't a great person back then, because I somehow sided with you and just wanted him to shut up. I guess I didn't really side with you, I just thought you'd actually go back to teaching the damn class once you shut him down. But you didn't. Did you know he was being abused at home? I didn't know until Dad told me because unlike you he got to know those kids as people. I thought he was fucking annoying because I was a teen who just wanted to learn and thought he was the problem instead of you. You humiliated him in front of all of us and I hate that it took me until adulthood to realize just how immature that is. Hopefully you will never see this and if you somehow do, please gtfo and rope immediately as your moid self does not belong here, but it's early morning and I read an article about a shitty teacher and it reminded me of you. Wish I had better memories of you; you taught my favorite subject yet almost made me hate it and are the reason I know so many slurs. Not a great legacy my man. Hope you're a better person now and hope you grew out of bullying your own students. I don't think you did, but I'm going to hope hard for my own sanity.

No. 1702271

My SPLEEN is POINTY. Holy shit I am never letting people into my house ever again, the infections afterwards are not fucking worth it.

No. 1702295

All that unconsented scat commentary is securing your spot in hell. Queen of sexual harassment.

No. 1702322

You're going to be larping Mean Gurlz online for the rest of your life, not a single accolade not a positive contribution nothing but embarassing vitriol and self importance

No. 1702336

who is the weird edgy bitch again, you shit obsessed woman hating faggot?

No. 1702406

Not very smart bestie

No. 1702425

i still love you so much… please help

No. 1702429

Idk what I'm doing wrong it or why any of those people is more worthy to belong on you alls group but I'm not? Why act all friendly and ask us to hang out, why offer plans, then just show no interest once we're home? I'm just so frustrated. What am I doing wrong?

No. 1702485

I just don't fucking get you.

No. 1702507

I love you. I think of you every minute of every day.

No. 1702545

You're such an asshole. I can't believe all of this was for nothing

No. 1702557

Yeah sure, you "forgot"

No. 1702909

And yet you deliver every single time. Why is that?

No. 1703226

People act sooo bold when they don't think the horrible things they do are right on their heels

No. 1703227

It's not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, you're very comfortable with being an abysmally terrible person though. Maybe the lack of reaction should bother you more than it does, not that you're very good at picking up context clues.

No. 1703230

File: 1695280165368.jpg (24.62 KB, 480x600, 1695011478174.jpg)

Choosing to be a receptacle for an abuser makes you [shocking pause] yes, an abuser.

No. 1703236

your lack of embarrassment or self/situational awareness in such a serious and dark issue really highlights how fucking insane you are. to say the fact that you live with yourself doing what you're doing and have the empty airhead to even consider yourself some sort of internet hardass is psychotic. you have no right to comment on literally anything ever fucking lmao

No. 1703536

You can't tell me that all of this was for nothing and that we'll just part ways like that. You can't do this to me. Wtf is wrong with you

No. 1703543

I don't know if you will be reading this or not but I have only now found out what happened on here 2 years ago. I had nothing to do with any of that as I wasn't even aware this was happening. If you had just spoken to me plainly you could've avoided a lot more trouble but I do apologize for adding to it unbeknownst to me. You however did all of this stuff to me with full intent, knowledge and malice and for that you will have to face yourself one day. You threw away any sort of sympathy and dignity when you thought spreading lies so the same would happen to me was a good idea. I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with the people who hurt you, at least not knowingly. Now that you've destroyed things for me as well, are you happier? Truly?

No. 1703579

Holy fuck, I miss you.

No. 1703598

Right now I think you’re stupid and you annoy me with how you talk you take like forever to get the simplest sentence out but make it sound so convoluted just get it out already but like also stop talking to me you little fucker

No. 1703770

i just thought about larpsandtherealgirl for the first time LMAO

No. 1703772

like the name also fuck off im tired

No. 1704045

I hate you bitch
I aint never gonna stop hating you bitch

No. 1704208

just wish life was actually worth living

No. 1704314

You stupid bitch!!!! She didn't sacrifice herself she got merc'd kek! Replay the game you dipshit. It's so funny that all the new info and game news is making her fans seethe. Good! Seethe more! I hate retards and retarded fandoms so much

No. 1704355

Why the fuck should I have to pay for the pain inflicted upon me by somebody else for the rest of my life! Plus I have to pay for my own therapy and meds?! WOOOOWWW cool awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have virtually no support system and have to just raw dawg this shit!!!!! What the fuck!!!!!!!

No. 1704407

I want to be done with these placements already. I'm so close to the end. Once they're over and done with, I can graduate and actually begin my life. I want to go abroad and get away from this place. I think part of the reason why I miss him a lot is that he would offered me the means to do and have all those things unconditionally. It wasn't right because he wasn't mine to have in that capacity, but God, it was nice to be looked after, even for a little while.

Life feels so fucking heavy at times. I know this is just a rough spot, and I've been through worse, but I'm tired. I know I've been incredibly stressed because my health's taken a hit for it, which is scary. I really hope things will perk up before the year is out.

No. 1704439

Have you been fucking her? Did you fuck her? Or did you just feel sorry for her pathetic ass? She so genuinely ugly and you deserve her

No. 1704450

goddd how i hate this fucking cunt of a 'mother' i have, i hope she dies soon. she has an operation for varicose veins next year so maybe this finally will be it.

No. 1704468

I love you. I want to see you.

No. 1704494

I wish I had more love and passion inside me

No. 1704497

I have such conflicting feelings about you. On one hand, i'm disgusted by how easily influenced and misled you are by others for the sake of "living in the moment"- all the weekly clubbing and hard drugs are going to have long term negative effects on your mind and body that you're not considering now, and the new girl you've got hanging all over you is definitely fiending for a visa marriage, even though you don't realize it yet. Really gives some cluster b love bombing vibes. On the other hand, your negative qualities are some of your best. Your impulsivity makes you charming, charismatic, and fun. I miss you sharing that side with me, but I realized that you're quite shallow at the same time, and we couldn't be more different from each other in terms of personality. So is it really worth trying to stay in touch? Do you even want to hear from me after the long absence made things awkward? You didn't seem to put any effort in, even after saying nothing would change. I sensed that, and let it be for a while. I've changed, too. I want to see you, but I also don't. There's a sense of rejection, and also betrayal because you didn't keep your word at all. I wish that I didn't care and could cut off these lingering, confusing emotions that make me rewrite these unsent letters over and over, trying to reason with myself.

No. 1704514

empty threats mean nothing to me nd neither do you

No. 1704532

tall, large hands, large feet, larger than me, cuddling, sex, being bent over, sex, hands on my waists, sucking on them, kissing them, caressing my cheek, smelling like cologne and sweat, out of breath, deep inside me, plap plap plap, deep inside
I'm so horny I'm so horny I'm so horny why did I accept to babysit I wanted to spend the night fapping aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I'm so sexually frustrated I'm so sexually frustrated and horny I keep thinking about hands

No. 1704539

People become so fucking retarded over your country, I swear. The only reason you've gotten so far abroad is because weebs fetishize and idealize your nationality. They put you on a pedestal and treat you like you're golden, pay for your stuff, invite you out, they all want you around because of what your country represents to them. It's similar to pretty privilege, in that sense. They treat you like a celebrity because you're oh so novel to them, and it honestly gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1704540

Today I have wasted a lot of time watching aquarium-related videos.
While looking at aquarium videos, I started to think about possessions and hobbies that end up possessing us.

Let's say I get an aquarium. I get a medium-sized one, keep decorations to the minimum,
stick with only getting plants, and "clean up" crew. I spend a considerable chunk of my time
studying the topic, getting all kinds of supplies, setting it up, waiting for water to set, and a million other things. It went fine for the following month. Shrimps are rubbing their hands and crabs are crawling around.

At this point there is still some novelty about this new hobby, aquarium occupies free space in my room, it doesn't really bother me, but I am constantly thinking about wasted money and time. In the end, does it really improve my life? Was it more enjoyable to just watch these videos? I mean, I have gone with a pretty simple setup, which almost cleans itself. I still have to remove dead shrimp and cut plants.

At some point, my mom showed up at my apartment and started to nag me about
wasting my time on some stupid shrimp, instead of getting married and having kids.
If I did not have an aquarium she would still do that.

Another day or two passes. I come up to my aquarium and see that half of it is filled with
a cloudy mold-like substance. Most of my shrimps look dead, a single large snail is consuming a dead crab.
Some nasty hairy worms are crawling in a large group next to my automated feeder. I am already starting to think about having to clean up this mess. Do I want to start again? Will I be able to sell my setup for some money?
No, there is no way anyone will buy all of that. Who is going to buy this? It seems like today,
everyone's hobby involves just mindless media consumption, hardly anyone is interested in an aquarium.
Well, was it even worth it?

No. 1704630

Shut the fuck up schizo twittertard(vain bitch)

No. 1704632

Shock horror. A liar peddling lies to make himself look better. How inchresting

No. 1704637

File: 1695422008577.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1P4WdvIP.jpg)

Reminder that abusers love to hide in plain site and rely on the defense of others who protect them off of default, whether it be nostalgia or a false sense of friendship. Reminder that Ian Watkins laptop password was "I fuck kids". Just because you have followed someone online for years doesn't mean you know if they're a good person or not. The best liar you know is not the best liar you know.

No. 1704659

It was 3 years later and you thought I was still within your reach. You caught me on a good day and I wished you well. You begged for me back, said you still loved me and you'll be waiting. You have not changed at all. I was seeking closure and you thought I was a back up. I have not forgiven you for anything, but I don't care enough to hold a grudge. You're not worth my energy. You cheated on me a lot. You choose cocaine over me. I am not going to wait 3 years for a coke addict to have an epiphany that losing me hurts. You didn't even have an epiphany you straight up told me you lost your job. You know I'm secure, you thought you'd just pick up where you left off and I'd fund your habit. You are such a brain dead retard that you thought you did something showing up to use my recent bereavement to get an in. You have such little respect for me. You said you heard good news about me and you're happy but you choose this event to make your entrance. When you thought I'd be vulnerable. That's you all over. A slimy obnoxious twat with such a low opinion of me, that you thought I'd fall head over heels for you again. Fucking loser

No. 1704686

My god you just keep adding the most incriminating shit to the dossier. Are you sure you don't have a mental deficiency

No. 1704991

If you are ghosting me then you are doing me a massive favour. Keep it up.

No. 1705321

I’m hungry

No. 1705364

You argue with such a viciousness and vitriol over/for him like a little attack dog. Since day one you made it clear that you had your head so far up his ass sniffing last week's dinner. Dick is more important to you than your own flesh and blood, and it shows. You relate every single thing back to him in nearly every conversation, you truly don't know how to have a life outside of him, because you are the definition of co-dependency. You parrot his toxic views and I wonder how many dog biscuits you're offered for your perfect mimicry of your master. That's all you can do, and he sees how stupid and easily influenced you are by him, wanting to be lead, and he relishes it because he loves the control he has over you. I know it's partially a dumb cope because you're tall and complain that men only want to protect small and dainty women, so you turned into a total pickme handmaiden instead, laughing as you recall to "friends" about how he was blatantly watching porn on his tablet while in bed next to you. It went right over your head that it was a narcissistic power move to make you feel inferior and want to try harder to please him. He knows that I see through him, he's nothing more than a vile creature wearing a human flesh suit. You haven't seen how he's tried to subtly bully me, instigate fights between us to drive us further apart, made up outright lies about me that had you running to confront me about how "rude" I was to him, since how dare I disrespect your master by not saying hi to him when I had earphones in. I smile and fake pleasantries, but only as a way to escape his radar. I've never done a thing against him, but he hates the scant positive influence I have over you that might make you question your decisions and wake up, even though you're too far gone to save now.

No. 1705392

Damn nonnie, this hurts. I hope she wakes up soon. I can empathize… but I lost my best friend to a scrote that sounds JUST like the one you're describing. Don't give up on her, like I did. I regret it every day.(vain bitch)

No. 1705514

There's nothing you could do to me that I can't turn around on you. You're going to regret everything you ever shared. Go on and expose me, I can't wait for you to give me a reason to go fully nuclear back on you

No. 1705711

Bitch shut the fuck UP you fucking liar.

No. 1705713


No. 1705939

Lmao you fucking retard. You write lovey lovey shit when I'm online. Then depressing shit if I'm not but you're the one who cheated and ruined everything. You want to rub it in my face and be Oh so happy with her. Yet fake being sad for my attention if I'm gone? Fuck you. You really are mentally unstable.

No. 1705962

I'm really retarded for falling for the same shit over and over again and expecting anything to change. You really don't give a fuck huh

No. 1705968

How come I’m so stupid how come I legit wanna stay with you forever when things are good but when you get mad I get that stomach sinking feeling and then I just remember you don’t see me a human deserving of respect I’m nothing to you and I have nowhere else to go and I’m so scared but I’m even more scared of how familiar I’ve become with you to the point that I catch myself planning with you ahead. You don’t love me. You’ve made my life worse in so many ways. You have wasted 4 years of my life

No. 1705969

I hate my loud ass washing machine, if I lived alone I would handwash everything.

No. 1706088

What was it all fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor??????????????

No. 1706161

I don't even recognize you anymore. You're a prime example of guys who get a little extra attention and freedom and then go completely off the rails. You aren't even pulling attractive women either, you're literally sleeping with anyone who looks at you sideways. Disgusting. Enjoy the blaring cornucopia of STDs you're collecting along the way on your world tour.

No. 1706180

Thankfully I dont have access to guns or am anywhere near running trains otherwise I would've taken my life already. shit sucks so fucking bad. I'm just tired of it all.

No. 1706216

nona you're not killing yourself. it WILL get better. it literally has to. you're getting through this and things are getting better for you. you are loved.
report in as soon as you need, we are here. you are not giving up, at least not today and definitely not tonight. you got this.(if she wanted a reply, she'd go to another thread)

No. 1706227

I’ll never forgive you.

No. 1706234

or forget. don't forget to never forget.(vain bitch)

No. 1706280

I know you want me dead.

No. 1706289

I mean nta but, it's not guaranteed that things will get better for that anon.
She owns it to herself to be on her side and try at least though, given that she likely does not want to die because of the "thankfully", she just want it to hurt less.
But I do think that there's some solace to also just accepting that life is suffering and the fact that you are in unbearable pain is not bad or your fault it's just how life is for some people given the circumstances.
Radically embrace the pain and suffering in this ride.(>Don't respond to other people's rants.)

No. 1706299

I snapped because but you were being annoying. You took an ugly photo of me and laughed after I asked you to delete it and didn’t do it, forced me look for your shorts while I was half asleep because you don’t know where you left them, accidentally broke a bowl and didn’t bother to pick up the smaller pieces off the floor. Hell yeah I told you to fuck off and leave.

No. 1706324

File: 1695582499501.jpg (104.16 KB, 1280x720, they_re friends btw.jpg)

I love my gf and I could just gush about her non-stop. I love her so much!

No. 1706438

You bragged on the tl about swapping spit with some bitch from Ukraine you picked up in a skeevy club but coulda fooled me, she looks straight outta Chernobyl with that no eyebrow having, round, lumpy head of hers reminiscent of a Cabbage Patch kid. I know meth is a hell of a drug but goddamn, have some standards, man.

No. 1706509


No. 1706515

Leave me the fuck alone and leave me out of it. All you fucking do is LIE and infantilize and attempt to shield grown men that you know are also liars. Stop trying to drag me into your stupid self-aggrandizing delusions you stupid creepy bitch

No. 1706529

File: 1695603063326.jpg (244.72 KB, 1200x1198, “Lunar Water Watcher” by Caris…)

It’s glaringly obvious, “dear”.

No. 1706545

I have seen a thousand iterations of this dumb drawing(vain bitch)

No. 1706550

You were nasty to me a few days, implying I was stupid. Now karma's hit you and you've broken your wrist, yet you still have the gall to ask me me advice about it? lmao.

No. 1706622


Fr though, hope your roof gets fucked up and insurance doesn’t cover it.

No. 1706627

File: 1695615133705.gif (490.67 KB, 220x220, mean-girls-rachel-mc-adams.gif)

You are the only person using that term, your wording and interests are all the same. I can tell it's always you, stop it.

No. 1706639

If you annoying schizo discord tweens don't stfu

No. 1706640


No. 1706644

i wish your colorblind ass a nice toaster bath

No. 1706659

would love to see rhiannon galloways posts marked

No. 1706672

literally who?(vain bitch)

No. 1706683

Literally my reaction(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1706688

ruh roh

No. 1706692

you are a creepy fat old insane woman and no matter how many lives you ruin of the women you are jealous of, your life will never be worth living. do everyone a favor and drink yourself to death already. you bully mentally ill girls 20 years younger than you, you tell them to starve and think "rattle, rattle" is funny but then you act like a SJW who isn't okay with slurs and any kind of misbehavior. you are 40 fucking years old and a closeted pedophile. your husband is piss ugly and so are you. you have ruined every space on the internet that you have touched and absolutely nobody will ever truly like or love you because you are an evil hypocrite. you know all of this and you know youre miserable and none of this will ever make you happy. please just kill yourself or die by cop once the authorities actually ask what your fat crazy ass has been doing all this time

No. 1706696

File: 1695626932189.gif (693.88 KB, 352x196, 01009BFD-698D-456D-A8F7-1100DB…)

you will always be defending a rapist

No. 1706697

oh and that girl whose life you attempted to ruin for no reason at all because she wasnt involved in whatever demons youre fighting in your head? she knows and she has reported you. as have a lot of your other victims. nobody is talking to whoever your scurry male enemies are, we all hate you independently. because YOU are the problem and nobody else. YOU are the abuser. please kill yourself

No. 1706720

nikolas parent is a rapist

No. 1706722

Who is Nikola(vain bitch)

No. 1706723

every tech dude you try to orbit will always reject you for being too fat and ugly. that's why you hate and seethe so much when you see young attractive skinny women getting the attention you so desperately want. i showed the last (or current one?) your pictures and his first reaction was "she's way too fat". your personality stinks too to be fair. i can not wait for your deserved heart attack. people will celebrate your death, nobody will mourn you. that's sad, huh?

No. 1706724

all the VPN bans on here are so funny too because it's all posts calling you out for spamming CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on here, the site you pretend to admin. funny how the spam largely stopped once people realized it's ASHLEY HUTSELL JANKOWSKI doing it and the only times you do it now is when you get triggered over someone smelling the angry drunken fat rolls and calls you out for being unfunny, old and unhinged even when you are anonymous. go to hell pedo

No. 1706725

she thinks the last girl she tried to ruin is called nikola because she's fat and retarded and can't dox

No. 1706728

Who is Nikola though

No. 1706729

You guys are really annoying and mentally ill. Try your luck again and see what happens. And it won't be a random faildox.

No. 1706730

i mean i posted his full name and identified him as a rapist and rhiannon as his defender. you girls can definitely work with that information.

No. 1706731

"see what happens" lmao okay psycho nobody is scared of you and you can screech faildox all you want, we all know it's you

No. 1706732

what the fuck are you even talking about? nobody gives a shit and i dont know who the fuck rhiannon is you old pedo lunatic. leave people the fuck alone and fix your own life you abusive piece of shit

No. 1706737

surely calling young women old will throw people off course and prevent them from googling you

No. 1706739

Now you schizos are replying to each other. Beautiful.
Nobody cares. Everyone moved on, aside from you schizos who continue to shit up the thread. I guess that livejournal was a massive flop.

No. 1706741

you have schizophrenia and they can google whatever fucking random names you throw out to distract from the fact that ASHLEY HUTSELL JANKOWKSI IS A 40 YEAR OLD PEDOPHILE WHO SPAMS IMAGEBOARDS WITH CP AND ABUSES ACTUAL YOUNG WOMEN all they like. someone else doing a bad thing doesn't take away from your horrid evil activities you fat bitch

No. 1706742

mam you have been reported to the FBI like 5 times now. i wouldn't be so smug about a livejournal some autist made lmao

No. 1706746

Again, mental illness on full display.
It has been over a month and none of you have produced receipts. You realize you're a laughingstock right?
I like how the shift went from Blaine onto Ashley. Nobody cares about either of those two faggots unless you're deeply embedded in gaeops.
>mam you have been reported to the FBI like 5 times now.
You guys have made legal threats for weeks and I will continue to laugh at your badly veiled attempts to orchestrate drama whenever someone sends me a link. I can't believe any of you tried to make me feel bad. Good luck, you all seriously need it.

No. 1706752

File: 1695632207123.png (1.3 MB, 1242x2688, 8DDC39E5-5324-4B5E-B000-47978D…)


No. 1706755

nobody gives a shit if you think im xyz and a "laughing stock" like is internet clout all you can think about? im telling you you are a pedophile who spams cp. "reciepts" have been sent to people who are investigating you. this isn't some internet slapfight this is about serious harm you have caused to multiple young women. you are a creepy fucking psychopathic pedophile and nobody wants to make a "callout" and "expose" you. i will repeat myself and shit up this site until its closed so you have less and less mentally ill girls willing to be groomed and manipulated by you, fatass ashley

No. 1706756

Is this supposed to be an own? Anyways, I don't pretend to care about random individuals being doxed. I know it's not possible to reason with the mentally disabled.

No. 1706757

i dont know who this is and nobody cares lol trying to threaten with some random ass insta like your brain is fried for real

No. 1706762

File: 1695632686958.jpeg (21.84 KB, 275x200, IMG_4829.jpeg)

No. 1706764

File: 1695632801770.gif (1.29 MB, 418x498, waiting.gif)

Implying I know who that is lol
I do neither of those things. I am not Ashley. You are mentally ill and multiple anons have noticed you and your group of retards shit up the thread like clockwork. Get a productive hobby.
>nobody wants to make a "callout" and "expose" you
Yeah, you guys got banned from fujochan and crystalcafe. Nobody cared about the livejournal. You have nothing else but to post on the site you claim to hate so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1706769

"multiple anons" girl there's like 3 people here max and even if not who the fuck CARES what anonymous people have "noticed". nobody fucking CARES you dumbass. it's pathetic how you can't imagine that people exist without needing approval of the hivemind online. you are so fucking sad. please kys pedophile ashley hutsell jankowski

No. 1706796

Initiative: It's not just a thing you roll for in D&D. Fucking show some for once in your goddamned life.

No. 1706900

ayrt, go fuck yourself you vain vent-replying bitch this aint about anything that's been going on here. my mistake for not saging, but i'm complaining about a moid in my dormitory who pressured himself on my friend then packed a huge sad because she said she just wanted to be friends the day after. some of us have lives outside of image boards

No. 1707174

please, reach out. i want to feel your warmth once again. i still care so much.

No. 1707239

I give up. I'm just going to sleep all today and let the sweet mejoshi thoughts envelop me.

No. 1707403

So you made a faildox of a random woman and now you spend all your time alogging her here? Stfu

No. 1707405

Are these all Blaine trying to deflect from his CP spam? Did he faildox some poor random woman and decide to use it to deflect from what he did? Because whoever this person is, they have chimped the fuck out and indirectly replied to posts ive made on here that have nothing to do with LC or any of these freaks, I could not possibly care less about this and was talking about my abuser and this schizo got mindbroke over it(tinfoiling/ replying to other posts)

No. 1707429

I wanna throw out my peach elf bar but I got it during a trip and it feels too sentimental to part with

No. 1707431

I sneeze-peed myself right after posting this. Maybe it’s time to get rid of it

No. 1707497

Shut the fuck up, seriously. There's a reason why your shitty age gap marriage went the way it did and why you're so miserable at your job. Might as well overwork yourself and feel proud of being treated like a welcome mat for all to wipe their filthy work boots on.

No. 1707610

Getting really sick and tired of the excessive derailing and infighting. Some of you need to buy a diary instead of arguing on here when you’re not getting attention from your friends (assuming you even have any).

No. 1707701

File: 1695715260898.jpeg (19.35 KB, 480x360, 99D11038-85B1-45EB-AC2D-24FB37…)


No. 1707888

update: i'm out and i'm eating and i'm petting cats while reading a mag. life is gud

No. 1708012


No. 1708305

Sometimes, all you have to do is wait very patiently while it's being taken care of. You might have to wait a lot longer than you could ever be comfortable with. But when someone has already deliberately hurt you beyond any fathomable threshold, all you have is time and patience for them to receive the outcome that is deserved

No. 1708328

I'm really glad we didn't fully reconnect. It's obvious you're still up to the same old shit as ever with the same problems and delusions. What we had was awesome and I will probably never have a close friendship like that again, but keeping you at an arm's length was the right decision. I don't miss your company.

No. 1708357

Intrigued and horrified to be watching you speedrun losing custody of your kids twice in a year. Godspeed soldier

No. 1708572

I don't understand how or why my breast tissue and fat seems to be shrinking, and yet my body has plenty of fat to store in my thighs, upper arms, and ass. Whether I work out or not, it seems to be happening. I've never had children and i'm nowhere near menopausal age so I don't understand why this is happening. Although, I partially think that gendie phase I went through at 16 where I haphazardly bound my chest with ace bandages for almost a full year may have damaged the tissue and could be to blame for the early loss of/shrinking of my breasts now, but it sounds crazy to try and explain and no doctor would be able to tell me anything useful since it hasn't been studied. I'd get the same one-size-fits-all canned google responses. Now I can barely fill a 34B cup bra, when I used to be a full 36C, and to be honest, it makes me feel like less of a woman. Women who manage fine with small chests tend to have other things to make up for it such as long, slender legs or an especially beautiful or cute face. It's just depressing for me.

No. 1708573

Got a massive wound on my left heel breaking in my new boots (other foot is totally fine). I'm limping around like a fucking SH nurse, going across the city to college.
Just glad to be home for today… Just finished redressing the wound.

No. 1708618

And nothing of value was lost. You were always a mediocre friend, that’s why you don’t have any of your own besides your boyfriend. You better hope that lasts forever because if it falls apart, I won’t be there to pick up the pieces like last time.

No. 1708687

Its been so hard lately. So hard. Theres a weight in my soul. The season change from summer to winter always brings a strange forlornness, like I am meant to slow down and rest like all the other bits of nature do during this time. The mismatch between unnatural societal obligations to still go to work and maintain the same routines day in and day out, not paying mind to the natural cycles of growth and rest during a year, really fucks with my mental health. This year though, death is all around me at the beginning of this changing season, and the inevitable shift in familial hierarchy has been brought on suddenly and and with much force. Everyone is lost right now. Time doesnt make sense. I was a child yesterday. I watched my mother say goodbye to her father, and parent her own mom through this time. One day I will do the same for her. That day feels closer in a way it didnt before. I am not prepared in any capacity. I dont have anything to help. Money, time, job security, and I havent even learned how to be happy when the days are cold and short. The last of the matriarchs in my families, chosen and blood, are dying too. They need help living day to day. I can get things off a shelf and help them dress. But I dont know where to go from here. My mom and dad are old now. Im scared. My mom is scared. The sun is out less and less, and the green keeps fading.

No. 1708732

I can’t do this anymore my obsession is literally killing me.

No. 1708746

It hurts so much….

No. 1708750

pls come here

No. 1708895

You forgot yourself again haha hard to larp as a badass when you're objectively pathetic and the only way you can feel better is through hurting other people

No. 1708983

You are a skinwalking, fake, self absorbed bitch. I'm glad I'm done with you, I shouldnt have wasted all this time thinking that you could grow to be decent friend.
You are the reason everyone left. You are the reason everyone hates you. It's you and your manipulative behavior.

Why should I have to lose friends just because you fucked up? Especially since you would not do the same for me. I never threatened you to take my side or even begged for it when I had my issue. But you easily casted me aside so you could hang out with "cooler" people. You spread lies about me and made me feel like shit. Too bad you couldn't stop being vile enough and fucked with the wrong person. It was just hilarious watching you get called out and watching you crumble. Funny how you thought anyone would favor you over a longer known friend.

So now that you fucked up and after everyone found out what an awful human you actually are, you start to demand my loyalty? You call me a traitor for minding my own business and not getting in your drama. Like I'm supposed to come back and defend you after you tossed me in the trash? Well guess what kiss my ass. You're nothing but a boring spicy straight bitch who needs to masquerade as a "bisexual" to get the attention men no longer give your dirty, ugly, fat ass. Idiots like you are a dime a dozen. Get it through your thick skull that lesbians are not going to worship your nasty ass, just because you are taking yet another "break from men" and that you're "rediscovering being bi so a girl can treat you right". (You literally did nothing but talk about dick… be serious) You make me sick. You made us all sick, even the fucking tim who hung around our group. You're so low, ugly, and gross that you can't even get a tranny. So fucking pathetic. I'm glad you're all alone.

No. 1709027

There's an image that is driving me crazy and I feel completely sinful thinking of all the gross thoughts in my head right now because it's making me think of someone that was close to me. I don't care to be forgiven anymore.

No. 1709043

I'm sick of you putting Europeans on a pedestal as if they're never ignorant and are more intelligent by default. Your bias shows your immaturity and a lack of life experience. You have some idealized image based on outdated stereotypes, but you've hardly travelled or spoken with those from a European country in the first place. Your fetishization of Russia is irritating, too. I'm fairly certain half of your obsession was sparked by that ethot you salivate over and now you can't stfu about how Russia is so "different, cultured, and superior".

No. 1709051

I'm sure you're busy telling everyone what a bitch I am, but i'm sick of your condescending attitude towards me, you stupid fucking bastard. You're the one who's so pathetically easily influenced and isn't firm in their beliefs where you should be, you have issues with seeing things in absolutes and it doesn't take much to sway your opinion from one end to the other. You have no idea how to moderate yourself or accept that a few good things about a shit person doesn't redeem them or vice versa. Quit trying to play Jesus and have some fucking conviction in your views from time to time. You're going to be manipulated like hell by some cluster b psycho again because you think having boundaries or being rightfully angry at them when they mistreat you makes you a bad person. You care more about morality than being correct in your judgments, and it's fucking irritating.

No. 1709128

You're not slick at all when you exclaim, "This character looks like/reminds me of you", referring to coombait characters or ethot cosplayers you're attracted to which I obviously DO NOT resemble in any way, as a way to excuse yourself for fapping to them later. I wish you'd stop telling me such obvious, transparent lies because you insult my intelligence.

No. 1709137

You make me feel like a bitch in heat and I’m not comfortable with it.

No. 1709190

Wow…really???? After all those months????? I can't believe it

No. 1709196

Fuck this hurts so bad

No. 1709389

God do I fucking feeeeel that

No. 1709391

You shouldn't have deleted that I really related to it

No. 1709395

Your music taste fucking sucks and i'm not going to waste my time clicking into your Spotify links just for it to be some basic af Japanese R&B or boring ass citypop that sounds the same as hundreds of other citypop songs out there. If you had a decent grasp on Japanese you might realize how painfully basic and droll the lyrics of the songs are, at least. It's clear that you hinge your identity on street culture but if you think "omg they're just like me fr" you really lack a thorough understanding of Japanese culture. They're not "about that life" and you can't compare the vibe to American street culture. It's funny and ironic, because you yourself are an imitator and seem to think that because you grew up poor that it makes you unofficially hood. It's so fucking cringe. Just stop it.

No. 1709406

Your imitations of British and Aussie accents are atrocious and not convincing in the least, despite your claims that legitimate British people were fooled on Omegle. Big kek at you thinking they genuinely complimented you when they said it was good. You don't understand British sarcasm at all. They were humoring you and having a laugh at your expense because you're just another painfully obtuse, tryhard American.

No. 1709418

I dont even the full context and I'm cringing with you. Americans who try to do accents just end up being super cringe. I hate hearing British accents on their own tbh, it's only worse when an American tries to imitate it.(vain bitch)

No. 1709434

I'm so sad and hurt that I can't even listen to music anymore and my parents keep yelling and slamming doors. I fucking hate it here. This is unbearable. Why does nothing ever work out for me

No. 1709490

Had a dream I got into a massive fight with two girls and ended up ripping one of the cheeks off their faces

No. 1709500

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

No. 1709554

Fat people piss me off. Even if they’re not doing anything just seeing one sends me into a rage like fuck off elsewhere. Like you could take 80 showers a day and I would still think you’re disgusting.

No. 1709609


No. 1709616

im getting tired of it all…i want to sleep

No. 1709650

please come over i need warmth

No. 1709887

Just saw a picture that reminded me of you and I hate you so much that everytime I see you post something I know that it's you because your're absolutely obnoxious and unaware of every single thing that isn't about yourself or your favorite things. I actually forgot that you had posted something recently as everytime you post one of your idiotic thought and opinion makes me exit the page as just looking at what you post drains me of my enercy, that I have to force myself to forget just so that I can continue with my day. I hate you and wish that you'd suffer even more then you do now.

No. 1710132

I want to kill myself because you don’t love me.

No. 1710142

She sounds like an autistic girlboss. Living in your head rent free, in this economy?(vain bitch)

No. 1710145

How do fat people get fat. I’m not even an anachan I just fucking have things to do and am not preoccupied eating all day so like genuinely not baiting how the fuck do burgers get up to like 800 lbs?(vain bitch)

No. 1710176

sorry for misunderstanding and not understanding everytime something goes wrong. sorry for not knowing what was going on in your life and not being able to tell you were extremely upset because we are literally miles away from each other. i cant look at your face, i cant tell when youre serious, i dont know whats happening to you in real life because we are communicating over a screen. and you gave the most vague statement about what was happening. i find this whole thing so odd because you two do things without me all the time. even right now you are. and i didnt even mean to exclude you i just went along with them because they wanted to do stuff and you chose to leave. i did think it was weird they wanted to do things so suddenly but i didnt see it as a big thing that would affect you. and no i wasnt ignoring that you existed. i was concerned but didnt want to message you because i thought you needed space. i just find this whole thing ridiculous. i know if i said this to you you would say im blaming you. im just being honest and i dont need to sugarcoat everything

No. 1710177

why do you still passively interact with me…

No. 1710181

What made me because fat is drinking alcohol(not a thread for discussion)

No. 1710248

So is that supposed to be it? No goodbye or anything??? You're just gonna leave it like that??

No. 1710314

I feel like I am bleeding out. Knowing what actually happened… its all coming together. This crime was swept under the rug, because the mess would have caused too many issues for Captain dipshit of the South Carolina police dept in <redacted>.
I hope you get whats owed to you. I hope you get 3 shots to the chest. I hope they never press charges on your murderer. I hope IA deep dives into your career and finds out how much you lied, planted evidence and stole. I hope you lose your precious pension.

Burn in hell bobby boy. I hope my brother haunts you every day of your miserable existence. You are the biggest piece of shit I have ever met. Rot.

No. 1710404

You can’t get fat from alcohol alone, it’s the food you eat when you’re drunk.(vain bitch who's doing this on purpose at this point)

No. 1710447

I don't understand why you're so avoidant of me, when you're fine hanging out with trash. I miss you and the conversations we used to have. Sometimes I still see the bright, charming person you were and that longing for your company comes back, softening the abhorrence I feel for what you have become. Why can't I just cut you off without a second thought? Why do I still consider you as a once important friend, though we haven't spoken in ages? What is it about me that makes me unworthy of your time? I know things can never go back to being as tight as they were, but i'd be happy just to be on good terms again, even if we didn't talk as much.

No. 1710452

File: 1696010120290.jpeg (42.57 KB, 612x378, 23E6D567-AA72-498B-9916-3B58A5…)

you have a fucking daughter. You have a fucking masters degree yet can’t figure out why letting males in your spaces is dangerous. You claim kill all men yet defend them when they throw on a cheap aliexpress wig . FUCK OFF

No. 1710496

Damn I think he gave you the wrong impression and made it seem like it was deeper than it is but also you’re not very pretty and seem like a dumpy alcoholic like what else do you expect? I hate that you’ve been around him recently but I think you’re just a creepy and delusional as me except at least I got to meet his family kek. You’re acting like me but I doubt he even slept with you. I know he’s a moid but there’s only so much a paper bag can do.

No. 1710540

File: 1696014837026.jpg (22.24 KB, 564x328, 24a58935c39c55c69fa0377be6a4db…)

I am so incredibly hurt and I don't know if and how I'm supposed to survive the rest of the year. It's getting colder and gloomier out and not having you with me is going to make me spiral and suicidal. I can't believe you didn't say anything since the last time we saw each other. Are you really just going to let me go like that? After all this time? Your behavior makes no sense whatsoever and I don't know if me reaching out will make me look like an idiot. Why did you tell me that I should text you last time but you didn't say anything at all after we met up two days ago? WHY????? Why can't you just honestly and openly tell me what's on your mind? I can't eat, I either stay up all night or sleep too much and I can't stop crying. Yeah, me being a depressed mess is none of your fault but why do you still keep sending me mixed signals by pulling away and then reaching out to me again? How can you say that you have feelings for me and then say and do all the stuff you've done??

No. 1710550

God you’re JUST like your judgmental churchbitch mother, you just hide it better. She was always such a cunt to my mom, incidentally. You think you’re so much better than other people, that’s why you never make any new friends. The reality is you’re just boring, sheltered, privileged, and stuck-up underneath that veneer of superficial niceness. You never gave a shit about me unless I was doing something to help you out. Anytime I tried to open up about my own life you would immediately distance yourself or make it obvious you thought I was a burden. I’m better off without you.

No. 1710603

I wish I could tell you that I love you while you hold me in your arms like you did in the past…

No. 1710649

File: 1696023096417.jpg (121.77 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

I hate myself for continueing to fantasise about a guy at work. I'm in the middle of therapy, trying to salvage my relationship, but all I can think about is how I want this colleage to fuck me until I'm cross-eyed

No. 1710667

I’m finally admitting to myself that the hypomania is just as destructive/disabling as the depression. I can’t believe it’s taken me three decades of life to realise this. I’m sad and angry that I’m going to have to commit to staying sober and probably give up dating too to have any chance of living a normal life.

No. 1710693

Everyone and their mother, including yours, is going to know what a creepy pervert you are. Yayyy

No. 1710698

Jealous of other girls for talking to men you've slept with. You barely adult bitches tell on yourself in this thread all of the time(vain bitch)

No. 1710702

Leave my mother the fuck alone and come at me yourselves you fucking bastards. You don't want to know what will happen if you bother her again.

No. 1710730

It fucking broke my heart seeing you treat my childhood home this way, forget yourself and your pathetic alcoholism, you chose to let a beautiful house that was a home for so many people get full of mice, vermin? First you drive everyone away, thinking you were so much better than us, we grew up there, that place was supposed to be a home but you made your fucking best to ruin it, first by your behaviour and eventually rotting in it, with your fucking trash and mice. I cleaned it all up, with mom and today it's lovely again and you were just a shit stain that got cleaned up like the trash you were, I hope it was painful and I hope you were scared, you'll never understand why you died alone because you were barely a human, you never saw the look on her face as she saw what the fuck you did to that place. Hell isn't hot enough, but you'll fit right in, loser.

No. 1710781

nonnas who have hate boners for random women just for being ugly are bizarre

No. 1710797

Theyre usually men

No. 1710917

I'm being reminded of the Meatball chats. I hope your misery is long and neverending.

No. 1710949

you're out of your mind like actually for thinking any of that is vague or hidden or coded omg you're retarded, doll, you're going to need an umbrella for all of the karma that is going to be raining down on you lol

No. 1711011

File: 1696042195087.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1145, 1674303275248.png)

I wish I could start a podcast and just say all the edgy stuff I want. I feel so stifled sometimes. I have no one IRL to talk shit with. I don't want to do an everything podcast, I prefer the idea of separating topics like one for serious interesting stuff, another one for edgy stuff and another one for analyzing media I like. I tried doing an audio journal but it felt weird, no one to bounce words or ideas off of.

No. 1711019

they're usually here because they like shitting on cows because they're ugly/fat/bad dressed/etc. they're a blight in this website since they provide no milk or amusement with their comments. like, yes the person we are discussing might be one of those, but that's not interesting to talk about unless you're mentally ill and like repeatingly putting other people down so you feel better about yourself.(vain bitch)

No. 1711086

my ex is such a cumbrained loser. He streamed himself watching pornography. His only personality trait is having a porn addiction. I am so ashamed i dated him and he SA'd me several times. I still have trauma over it. I hate him. He works in a school in a foreign country now teaching children. WTF.

No. 1711092

File: 1696049372424.jpg (15.02 KB, 416x401, 427.jpg)

When he gets mad at me bc i made fun of him for wanting to fuck a tiktok tranny

No. 1711099

All males who would fuck a tranny deserve to be shamed. Don't feel bad, you did the right thing.(vain bitch)

No. 1711102

oh no i didnt feel bad, i should have made fun of him more i think ♥

No. 1711128

I'm not even kidding I cannot fathom being your age and doing all of this but I guess it's the only thing distracting you from killing yourself. How are you not disgusted with yourself lmfao

No. 1711133

You got my account deleted, but I can still view your account and videos anytime on desktop without signing up, DUMBASS. Just go private atp.

No. 1711191

I sent this exact image to my delusionship yesterday. Stay out of his DMs bitch.

No. 1711216

File: 1696067423672.png (1.35 MB, 1500x1455, meds.png)

ntayrt but that's a very popular meme image(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1711220


No. 1711224

better an autist than a schizo

No. 1711233

Well..I guess that's it then. Nice to know that you had your fun and that you're able to just move on so easily…

No. 1711358

I miss you so much..can we please go back to how things used to be?

No. 1711371

Fuck it. I'm just going to ignore you and have my own fun until you come back to me and grovel. About the only thing that seems to work these days.

No. 1711372

Stop crying you vitreous fuck. I WILL give you a shiner if you don't let up.

No. 1711544

don't post maledom, it's retarded

No. 1711727

Like you think your behavior is cuttttteeee as fuck which is embarassing and definitely shows everyone that you are actually unironically mentally retarded. You guys are like sitting in the back of the short bus and you are proud of that fucking lol

No. 1711740

I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. Fuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkk please this has to work outtttttttttt

No. 1711761

You do realize you don't look quirky or cute or unique or funny, right? Like outside of your group of hyena loser online "friends", you are in fact a creepy bunny boiler loser with like a four foot thick crust of black miasma above you at all times. You are not a joy. You are a weird and evil pest. Don't even try to pretend that's 'abusive' to say when you are the one that's a literal abuser omg.

No. 1711945

Ewww you're like an actual sped. Holding on to every single second. Unemployed, obsessed, staring, infatuated with bated breath completely incapable of doing anything of your own accord. You think you're going to what–build a life off the back of stalking someone else? You are legit special needs atp. You feel no shame or sense of urgency to turn your life around because you are a psycho. You don't even have the capacity to fully understand how serious your actions are. You will be standing in the girl you stalks' shadow for the rest of your life and you chose that for yourself omg.

No. 1711946

Like you don't even attempt anything on your own. You just copy and mimic everyone else and hope stringing it together will make you look like a regular person who experiences emotions and has inspiration outside of this hollow copycatting. If you wanted to be intimidating you probably should have been your own person with enviable traits or qualities, not some chimeric pisspoor puppet cobbled together from the scraps you steal and the straws you grasp at. Soooo sad!!!

No. 1712070

I genuinely don't know how I'm going to survive this. I don't care about anything anymore. I feel so empty and I don't care about anyone else but you

No. 1712493

none of those posts even replied to you and how come the trannyjannys didnt shoot you in the head for being the vainest bitch in here

No. 1712498

Blaine literally replying in real time above this post DNI

No. 1712501

i know you want my ph balanced bioqueen pussy real bad but calm down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1712510

Don't you have cp to spam, narc. Nobody is going to bump this thread and alog a post from a week ago shoehorning ebil twannyjannies unless they're Voldemort namesearching

No. 1712512

i was just backreading. i dont think that dudes been around for a while now you're just kinda schizo and hysterical

No. 1712517

File: 1696191807649.gif (1.9 MB, 400x225, tumblr_o4ehkbxYNN1s9ab4to1_400…)

No. 1712659

is it true you catfished sig and pretended to be a hot young girl with tattoos

No. 1712701

Not her but it's because the posts she quoted was some insane /meta/ shizo who's been shitting up lc for the past few weeks

No. 1712818

I genuinely hate you, I think you're a narc, a massive liar and I hope you end up homeless. Fuck you for ruining this year for me.

No. 1712821

we love to see it

No. 1712830

for someone who complains about how annoying i am you sure didn't expect me to be annoying when you do some backstabbing lying cunt shit. i'll be a thorn in your side forevah

No. 1712997

Shut up lifeless faggot

No. 1713024

I just can't get over you

No. 1713053

Tell you what, buy me a PS5 and I’ll forgive you and love you again and everything can go back to the way it was. Totally will not turn around and sell you out. Swearsies.

No. 1713066

Stop responding to posts like tbeyre made for you you creepy schizo troon

No. 1713133

I hate how my heart sinks every time I see it. I just don't get you..

No. 1713139

Wow..and here I was thinking… nevermind.

No. 1713214

What? Relax, I wasn’t talking to you

No. 1713247

I'm not going to die for you, I'm not going to change for you, and I'm tired of your suffering, your infantilization towards me, your random fits of rage followed by pretending everything is fine, there's a reason why I avoid you,

whenever I think things are fine, god punishes me and reminds me of why I'm so miserable

No. 1713248

I wish I could die right now

No. 1713251

Stop acting like you are the perfect picture of morality. You will soon succumb to your inferior instincts. You cannot hide from them forever. Or will you reset yourself at the end of the week? My apologies.

No. 1713252

You look so much like aiko's mom

No. 1713278

File: 1696234562236.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, 1563480272961.gif)

There is pathetic and there is you, embarrassing.

No. 1713323

I think some people on here need to take their little anecdotes and shove them up their gash

No. 1713333

a 40 yr old married mother of two catfishing dudes in their 20s with pictures of women in their 20s now ive seen it all lmao

No. 1713339

wow what a nice day for a car accident

No. 1713463

horse mommy has had enough! too many people were laughing with and enjoying the posts of the evil meanie who is defo just super schizo and thats why i delete random numbers like 789

No. 1713465

Sometimes I want to spend more time with you because I miss the times when you were as sweet as Toriel or Moomin Mama. But then I regret it so much when I figure out we might be daughter and mom but besides that we have almost nothing in common. I still remember the stuff you did to me through the years, and the stuff you talk about, and your addiction to nicotine and food, this is boring and miserable. I can barely look on your direction because I just see you suffering and you wanting to die and abandon me while also pretending nothing is wrong is killing me inside.

No. 1713467

bitch im not elaine you weirdo but i bet you used her pics for catfishing too. isnt that why you catfished her as josh? to get all that sweet sweet anachan loot?

No. 1713468

I have nothing else in my life but you and it shows, I don't want to have to keep looking at you deteriorate and sucking my soul dry

I really don't know why you had to talk to my friends about me behind my back where I could hear you telling them how retarded I am, and I don't know why I keep needing you, and I don't know why I had to lose the only friendship that ever meant anything to me, and I don't know why everyone went away, I wish I could at least hug someone but you hate hugs and you're terrible anyway

No. 1713469

google parasocial and then google delusions(ban evading schizo shitting up the board again)

No. 1713483

>catfish kiwifarmers

No. 1713486

american politicians are so fucking old and ugly and I hate having to see them on social media, get younger ones!! what the fuck!

No. 1713499

Went to an all girls gym and it’s full of bitchy Islamic girls. I hate girls who hog the smith machine at the gym. They hog it for 40 minutes and use their phone in between sets. It’s always some bitchy middle eastern girl too. I hate them. Ugly hairy bitches. It’s way worse than a regular gym.

No. 1713507

Kpop is a disease

No. 1713601

File: 1696262110800.jpg (52.38 KB, 454x680, F6F68xVWEAAkdII.jpg)

There is something so deeply annoying about western girly girls acting they are oppressed for ;liking pink or wearing makeup. I hate how quickly any refusal to engage in femininity is seen as an NLOG. I hate how I'm expected to overcompensate in femininity just because other black people think I'm too masculine. I hate when femme lesbians complain about people treating them nicer than butch lesbians, based on femininity alone. I hate moms who force their daughters into painful stuffy clothes, burn their skin through bleaching creams, destroy their hair with perms, etc.

I don't want to force others to dress up like me, but other people love to harass me over my clothes.

No. 1713621

I want you to care about me and my pleasures. It seems like I come second and you come first, always. I am always helping you and doing things that pleasure you and you just do the bare minimum. I know you care, but I want you to care more. I feel like I have to take care of you and hold your hand, meanwhile I have so many other responsibilities to worry about. I just want to feel like a princess sometimes.

No. 1713667

On day 5 of a bender, working my way through my third bottle of Pinot Grigio. Sister's dog is barking at me like crazy. She thinks he just being random but I know he's a rescue and his previous owner was likely a fucking mess too. He's trying to warn her about me.

No. 1713688

Its time to drink water nonna and go touch grass(read the rules)

No. 1713703

i know your life has been tough, but complaining when they delete your borderline porn from instagram is so annoying. we went through so much similar, i struggled with lust and worship seeing it was freedom, but it was just demons and illusion. i hope you get help Z, nobody is going to save you but yourself. you were groomed so please stop grooming your fanbase too.

No. 1713720

I think it takes more than three bottles of wine before you can call it a bender, alchononna

No. 1713728

Third bottle today. Alcoholism ain't a competition. It's only 18:00 so I still got time to get a record.

No. 1713751

read the thread rules, Jesus christ

No. 1713756

God I’m so pathetic. Why am I doing this to myself.

No. 1713759

Omg the wait is killing me. Pleaseeeee let it work out

No. 1713969

You suck at misdirection.

No. 1714054

File: 1696295334974.png (40.28 KB, 250x250, 250px-0079Slowpoke.png)

>the anon trying to join in an on infight that ended hours ago

No. 1714105

Some of us have to sleep and work

No. 1714271

You look down on me for leaving relationships early, but your desperation to always be in one is what led you to get played by a narcissistic sociopath for six years. And what led you to hop into the next long-term relationship like six months after that ended. You’re just another side of the low self-esteem coin, you’re deathly afraid of being alone and that’s what made you cling on to Ratface McGee when he was clearly lying the entire time. Even now you’re settling for my sloppy seconds that I didn’t want. But hey at least you’re attached to a man right?

No. 1714275

You self-absorbed male. I have every reason in the world to hate men, yet none of them are good for you. Honestly, you make me believe it impossible for men to put themselves in another person's shoes.

No. 1714300

you've had your bpd posts for two days now. you're clearly not doing anything. actual retardation and attention seeking. not going to interact with it.

No. 1714324

File: 1696314305357.png (69.11 KB, 234x181, IdiotBall.png)

>me, reporting rule breaking posts and spam dozens of times
>retard jannies: duh duh durr why deednt you repirt?
kill yourselves

No. 1714339

holy shit how are you THIS dense. It's like you do the opposite of what you've been asked to do on purpose. I've never seen anybody so bad at weaponized incompetence, you just create double the work for yourself and get pissy when someone tells you you fucked up. Personally I would start trying the first time at this point. If you're doing your best and still failing this badly you might be too far gone.

No. 1714449

Can you guys just shut the fuck up holy shit. I don’t know whose lovers quarrel I got in between but I don’t give a fuck about either of you. I’m also not your wholesome mommy waifu or whatever the fuck, I’ve always been a mean two faced bitch. Cope with it and stop dragging me into your autism battles

No. 1714481

Oh and now you fell off the face of the earth? I don't get you. Did all of this mean nothing to you? Why did you tell me to reach out to you then? You make no sense. I can't tell if your "bestie" is posting these stories because of us but if she does then fuck her. I'm not the villain in this.

No. 1714484

I'm so fucking sick of your two faced lies, but what's worse is how you think you are so good at being mysterious and manipulative when majority see through it, we are just pleasant to you because we are forced to be, even your closest friend here sees through your bullshit and doesn't like you and was happy when you announced your holiday

No. 1714491

What pisses me off is that it's so obvious to everyone that we should at least try for something but you keep putting it off.

No. 1714493

Girl have some shame lol

No. 1714494

The whole attempt to yell manipulative psyop curses in here falls flat when you don’t really know the person they’re aimed at. Babe that’s not my friend and never has been

No. 1714498

File: 1696338172934.png (46.85 KB, 1088x1068, cringeeee.png)

A guy made me feel threatened this morning while I was walking my dog he saw me coming from far away did a quadruple take and like ran around the side of the building to stand on the sidewalk and leer at me as I walked past. I hate walking my dog I'm always afraid of them getting attacked and now I have to be afraid of men too

No. 1714506

Trying so hard to figure out who I am in your discord cliques hahaha good luck

No. 1714519

Aren’t you gay anyways? What do you want from me and why can’t you pick up your balls and say it to me directly you silly little loser

No. 1714541

Wow, I can't believe you'd do this to me

No. 1714544


No. 1714550

I should read thread names better

No. 1714551

I wish I could erase every memory of you

No. 1714554

Get it off your chest more like get it off my dick BITCH how are you gonna go from a 3 year trollop to catching feelings lmao

No. 1714563

You’d have to remove half of your orbiters anyways if you want me to be part of whatever it is you’re trying to do. They’re all so fucking dumb and unfunny like where did any of the charm go? The fat bitch eat it all?

No. 1714607

Racist ass janny what if I’m black and you’re white? You silenced my culture(ban evasion)

No. 1714619

Neither of us are writing any stories about you. She sucks & at least you get an occasional kek out of me

No. 1714660

I'm so fucking sick to death of people bitching about "life is pain" or so damn awful. "Waaahhhhh my knee hurts waaaahhhh I just hate existing waaaahhh I have to work waaaaahh wah wah wah" shut the fuck UP. I would KILL to have my fucking health back. I painted a tiny bathroom yesterday and now I'm in agony. Am I gonna bitch about it? No! I'm fucking grateful that my heart and joints are still very healthy in spite of RA, Sjogrens, endometriosis and IBD fucking up my life on the regular. I spend days completely wrecked by pain and fatigue, but hot damn I love the good days when they arrive. So many people in similar situations to myself just get shit done. They pick themselves up and forge ahead as best they can, and don't look back. Sure I'd kill to not have these diseases, to take it from those who also suffer, but I'm not going to get angsty and stupid about it. Why, what's the point?? Internet asspats?? Yeah a whole lot of good that'll do me. I'll stick to my monthly injections and anti-malarial meds thank you. I wish I could really say how I feel about munchies without it being alogging but I just fucking can't. I. Fucking. Hate. Munchies.

No. 1714666

i hate millennial nerds. i hate their obsession with being a uwu quirky smol bean. i hate the stupid faces they make in their selfies. like grow up you’re 32 years old, why are you sticking your tongue out and widening your eyes on a selfie?

No. 1714667

NLTOI (Not Like The Other Ills)

No. 1714681

Everything I do or am involved in at my job fucks up in some way and it is always out of my control. People’s perception of me must be like, damn that girl can’t do anything right. It’s so embarrassing and I now have 0 confidence. I was so emotional today I almost told my colleague to fuck off because I hit my peak. It wasn’t particularly their fault either so kinda glad I didn’t. I fucking hate it.
I always feel like explaining myself but today I just dgaf. You know what, I’m not helping out next time, do it your fucking self.
I’m now going to be uncooperative just because I’d rather be labelled as that than the girl who always fucks up.

No. 1714695

File: 1696351666971.jpg (192.72 KB, 1280x914, 9766-865422334-9986567.jpg)

Actually I'M the most oppressed one in the world, everyone else should shut up. This is my thread.

No. 1714699

Im not in love, though, I do wish I could ask you if you wanna date and then know each other along the way but that’s kind of not how it works but I’m mesmerized by your humor and smile and the fact that we share such niche interests. I’m way out of your league though, and I don’t know how to get closer. I’m not even in love so it’s fine.

No. 1714784

It comes in threes. I am truly the stupidest woman in the world. Everything is in question now. Why fucking now, of all times, when I already have so much on my plate? I'm so mad I woke up last night and saw what I saw. What cruel fucking timing. I've been sick all morning and I am grinding my teeth not to cry because I don't want you to know yet that I know. I guess I'll drive around while you're gone for the day because I can't stand being here. Even retail therapy feels hollow, so I guess I'll sit by the water and cry until I have to come home. I can't talk to anyone because they'll say I'm overreacting. I'm not but I'm scared I am, because then it justifies why you hid this from me. I'm just a crazy fucking bitch right? My heart hurts and my head is pounding and I wish I never woke up last night.

No. 1714844

Urging him to sell the company and retire early so you can get married and live happily ever after as inflation rises and jobs are extremely scarce in the area for the rest of us, huh. You always project YOUR wants onto others in place of actual intuition or empathy and insist it’s what they really want or need, you stupid fucking bitch. What the hell are we actually working so hard for to keep this shit running, then? It doesn’t matter, does it? Fuck you a thousand times. Like hell I’m attending your dumpster fire of a wedding now, even though I never condoned it to begin with.

No. 1714887

File: 1696361995303.png (1.21 MB, 800x1131, 1534118898.toxi_painspritzerwe…)


No. 1715079

Nobody has caught feelings for you youre just schizo

No. 1715196

Yes. You don't deserve it. Inferiority complex and impostor syndrome what? That's just your conscience and guilt. Deep down only fools or the immature are attracted to your "success," anyone else are asskissers or downright ridiculing you.

No. 1715226

File: 1696387041946.jpg (44.86 KB, 555x558, me.jpg)

Oh my god take your own damn advice. I swear you have something against me or are too far gone into your mental illness to realize what you're doing. I'm so tired of this and tired of you. You're a judgemental piece of shit. And sometimes I do feel bad for both of you but since neither of you want to seek help or stop your toxic behaviors. you deserve to live this out until you die just as miserably as you lived. Genuinely hoping she comes out better than all of us and avoids this hell. I'm unironically at my fucking limit and the next one of you who tries it I'm letting everyone know how awful you are. Maybe they're too scared to say something but I'm not and I don't care anymore. You retards are the reason everything is the way it is but of course you'll deny it and push the blame on someone else. Stop trying to control me.

No. 1715535

I can't believe it ended this way

No. 1715611

Lmao can't believe it's so easy for you to do that, you narc psycho. What a fucking asshole you are.

No. 1715626

File: 1696432699054.gif (1.67 MB, 400x202, IMG_5934.gif)

Every man who asks me “so…heh heh, are you a natural redhead?” with that smirk on his face. STOP IT I HOPE U DIE YOU FUCKING NASTY PERV. It’s blatantly obvious that I am, and it’s even more obvious you’re asking because you’re thinking about my vagina/pubes. I hate all of you so fucking much reeeeeee picrel is what I wish I could do to all of them

No. 1715659

I live in a country where 95% of people are dark haired, does that really happen that often with readheads in the west?(vain bitch)

No. 1715720

Why did this anon got banned? I'm so confused, it seemed like a rather normal question.

No. 1715724

not allowed to respond to posts itt, from the thread rules:
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1715875

Scrotes aren’t shit but you have nothing to offer either

No. 1715884

I hate how condescending you’re with me and I hate that you think you’re better than me, you don’t ever try to hide it, never did.
The truth is I’m better than you and I will probably will ever be. Your words and whatever you want to brag about don’t mean a thing after all. Don’t you ever think about why you can’t have a long relationship?
Instead of trying to sabotage everyone’s lives, you should look at your own, pathetic live. People don’t want you because you’re insufferable, an annoying bitch who thinks she’s the shit when actually no one likes you.

No. 1715904

Big talk from a girl whose only friend is her scrote! At least I’m capable of socializing with other people. You’re the one that’s always thought you were better than me and you literally just said so. I’m not surprised though, you were raised to think you were better than people that didn’t grow up with your advantages.

No. 1715915

I’ve never done anything but support you and be there for you, even when I was going through objectively worse shit of my own. I never gave you shit for falling apart after he broke up with you, I bought your art when no one was buying, I introduced you to your current guy, I took care of your cats when you were out of town. Meanwhile you couldn’t even check on me after my mom died and after I was drugged and raped. You were always putting in the bare minimum, no matter how much I gave you. Say whatever makes you feel better about what a negligent, awful friend you’ve been for the last decade but don’t ever try and make it out like I was the selfish one. I loved you, and now I hate your existence. You did this.

No. 1715942

You manipulate and hurt people all the time but then someone calls you out and you go crazy trying to defend your selfishness. If you weren’t such a bad person, you shouldn’t defend yourself so much because then it wouldn’t be true. Guess people can see your true colours after all, even when you try so much to hide it.

No. 1715956

You’re too spergy. I mean I know that’s what we’re here to do but like, shut up.

No. 1715958

I’m a bad person even though I did all those things for you? Just admit you don’t even want to entertain the idea that you were partially in the wrong here. It’s much easier to just paint me black than identify your part in things unraveling. It’s fine. I have a better best friend and a more supportive social group already. I hope you’re able to find the same one day.

No. 1715976

You are a fucking terrible manager. You pressured me into taking this job because you were stressed after stupidly giving some other girl a whole month off for a holiday instead of letting her quit and hiring someone full time to replace her. I agreed to come on part time and cover some of her shifts but now you want a holiday you want me to do two more weeks of extra double shifts after doing doubles for a whole month? Get fucked. And now you're daring to call me aggressive and trying to cut me down because I said I had plans on those days. You should've hired someone full time or more than one person instead of bludgeoning me into taking this job because you were desperate and now making me do everyone else's shit every week. I know you only hired me because you thought you could take advantage of me. Now that you're learning I won't let you you've decided to brand me as difficult and try and make me feel small. I may be inexperienced but I'm not a fucking idiot. I know when someone is trying to manipulate me.

Not to mention the countless other times you've been unprofessional. How everything is always everyone else's fault but yours despite how much you go on and on about integrity and how trustworthy you are. How you always expect everyone to forgive you and validate how great you think you are every two seconds when truth be told we all think you're a fucking stuck up bitch. We are all just agreeing with you to try and get rid of you. You call yourself a problem solver but all you do is create problems for everyone and blame everyone else for them. You slag off everyone any chance you get and then you act so kiss ass and beg us not to leave. You're so two faced. Don't think we can't see through your bullshit. And don't think that I won't leave if you keep pushing me like this. I don't need this job as much as you need me. You reek of desperation. It's pathetic. You fucking suck and I hope one day someone tells you to your face how fucking manipulative and full of shit you are. That the company is doing shit because you fucking suck at your job and you're a shitty person. In fact, I hope this whole shitty company goes under to knock you off your high horse. No one is buying our crap overpriced product anyway in this economy.

No. 1715997

I don't know how to deal with this pain. I hope it doesn't kill me

No. 1716157


No. 1716370

Wow, life is strange sometimes. Can't believe I really just saw that. Idk what it's supposed to tell me though

No. 1716457

I wish you could feel as much pain as you caused me.

No. 1716490

I can't believe you're just throwing me away like this. Did I really mean nothing to you all this time? Am I not even worth an answer? I hope one day you're gonna realize what you lost

No. 1716509

You know nothing about pain.

No. 1716578

Shut the fuck up you are such a creepy fucking loser oh my god

No. 1716914

It's just another insecure pick me being oblivious about how pissed off she sounds like and having to put down other women to feel good about herself, the bait is obvious, move on.

No. 1717089

I wish I'd never posted cringe about myself online, connected to my legal name and my career profiles. How will I ever get a job once all the harassment and bigotry comes to light and people start digging into my internet footprint. I'm done it's over

No. 1717282

Well damn. My memory got so bad that I forgot for several months that my brain is dying. Only realized just how bad it's gotten when trying to get back to my old hobby and couldn't remember any of the jargon or techniques. I did this for almost 20 years and now it's just gone. I'm going to ugly cry when I don't remember how to use my sewing machine, haven't gotten there yet but I know it will probably happen in a few years.

No. 1717369

The dumbass shit threads are becoming a shittier version of /snow/. I'd honestly rather have a billion husbando and fujo fights than all this looks and physiognomy sperging. Maybe it's time to finally graduate from lc for good or at least /ot/ specifically. It used to be the only good thread left, now even that's ruined.

No. 1717491

You never text me when you’re drunk, that would be uncouth and you’re anything but. I wish you would, though. Maybe then, I’d get to really know you. You didn’t ask, but I push you away because I’m tired of being constantly disappointed in your lack of communication. Like, why don’t you ever tell me the intimate details of your thoughts, your feelings, your past? I know the answer already, so I don’t need you to say it out loud. It’s because your feelings for me aren’t enough for you to consider me worthy. I wish I was.

No. 1717617

File: 1696568074015.jpeg (70.17 KB, 633x626, 4gAeZn2.jpeg)

And it probably has more to do with the fact that you're a genuine cesspit with no redeeming qualities, permanent neetbrain, and an inhibility to remove your fist from women's business but yeah sure whatever justifies you being a miserable creep that thinks youre above regular people even though youre just as pedestrian all of the time ig lol.

No. 1717760

I just can't fucking believe it. All for nothing.

No. 1717809

Someone was really complaining on meta about people being too mean holy fuck what has happened to this user base is this weenie hut farm now

No. 1717821

that was probably about that one infighter who kept attacking random posts and shitting up the whole board on purpose because she thought everyone was admin (who she has some weird vendetta against)

No. 1717822

*the post was probably referring to her or other infighters i mean

No. 1717825

Gib pls

No. 1717831

Apparently it's supposed to get better but it hurts more with every day that goes by. The more time goes by the more it reminds me how little you care.

No. 1717833


No. 1717878

The physical distance between us means we can't see each other often, so there's a lot more maintenance that has to occur in order to keep the relationship running smoothly. I don't ask for much of your time, maybe a few hours per week total, but I guess that re-watching an anime you just finished is more important than taking time to contact me. I'm already sad that I don't know when i'll next be able to see you physically in person, it certainly won't be this year. I feel myself tearing up. Somehow it was a lot easier to be apart before we met and spent time together in person. It's created an emptiness that only you can fill.

No. 1717901

Grrrrrr bark bark bark grrrrrrr!!!

No. 1717925

I had to clear debris from my eye AGAIN. The fuck even got in there!? I'm SO FUCKING MAD I barely had to cover it yesterday and now it's gonna be who fucking knows how many days with this stupid fucking patch. I don't want to wear it. I'm supposed to meet my family at a nice place today and it's likely one of them is going to make fun of me or act like I'm upstaging them for it. If anyone says anything I'm probably going to cry and then use that humiliation as fuel to make a cute cover for it out of scrap fabric.

No. 1717939

Repeating time after time how great you are won't make it real. You’re incapable of having a stable life because your attitude is horrible. We’re not boring, you’re a mess and at this point, it’s kind of embarrassing how much you try to cover it. It’s your parents’ fault after all.
They tried so hard to make a good one of you, you became useless. So what if you’re working 50+ hours. Do you actually think you’re special? You’re exploited, even if you get a great sum.
Do you truly think that you’re alone because no one can be at your level? It shouldn’t be that hard to meet someone great, with ambition, after all these years, but what you want is people idolising you and that is not going to happen, you came off as rude and egocentric.
You’re going to be alone with a money that you won’t be able to spend and other things that are terrible burdens and the moment you start to open your eyes, I can assure you it will be your biggest fall.

No. 1717947

It pisses me off when you say you miss me. You blew me off and stood me up so many times when we lived in the same town and after I moved you literally never texted me first. How can you possibly miss me? There's nothing to miss! I don't miss you at all. I wish we had never met.

No. 1717979

My request to join meetup groups around me have been declined, all but 1. I just made the account, brand new and it shows I have only the 1 group and havent attended any meetups yet (because I just got started obviously…) and maybe that is why? Idk. It hurt my feelings a little more than it probably should. I am trying to meet more people and make connections, why is it so hard? I feel like crying. The group declined me was one I actually was interested it. All women, all about neat adventures around town like kayaking and ax throwing. There are hundreds of members. The meetup groups around me really suck overall its all about business mlm bullshit usually… I wanted to meet more women my age and attempt to make friends or have something to do outside with other people. Was excited to stumble on that one particular group and a couple other. I dont exactly feel rejected or directly hurt, it isnt like they think I am bad or have any real notion of who I am as a person, so it I am not taking it personally… just overall I feel defeated. I promised myself I would put myself out there and at least try different things even if I dont make new friends. How can I even do that when I cant figure out how to join up with these public groups? Im just feeling lonely.

No. 1717986

Have you fully filled out your profile on Meetup nonnie? Sometimes with all-women’s groups, they want your photo and full name to confirm that you’re actually a woman and not a man trying to creep. They won’t say that’s the reason they rejected your request bc it’s not pc anymore, but it often is. I can’t think of any other reason they would reject your request, but sorry that happened!

No. 1717989

Samefag woops, forgot what thread this was

No. 1718008

Jeeez why can't people mind their business. I know some mean well but dang let me do my thing. Get a hobby

No. 1718071

Imagine being such a pathetic narc that you, as a white man, selfpost in a thread for black women and try to gaslight them.

No. 1718126

Please link the thread I could use a chuckle

No. 1718203

File: 1696630038427.jpg (82.1 KB, 780x438, intro-1659042139.jpg)

gRrRrR bArK bArK gRr

No. 1718216

File: 1696630956845.jpg (34.88 KB, 851x678, 1696607411341.jpg)

You aren't Rose bitch and you never were you're a repulsive old man and an embarrassment to your family

No. 1718221

It's called a white's tree frog

No. 1718224

Bumping the thread to be an annoying fag again ok

No. 1718291

I put my first name and uploaded a profile pic. I dont have a bio or anything. My profile pic is one of me but through distorted glass. I dont like having my face out there everywhere. I feel like you can still tell I am female though kek, but maybe that is it? I will keep trying and adding stuff.

No. 1718322

File: 1696639492510.jpg (18.4 KB, 320x320, 56ebd1f8fc860d5a1fc2c6c08b68b2…)

I just don't know what to do at this point. We've been through this many times and you make no sense. Is it over? Is it not? Will you contact me again? And if so, when? I KNOW that there's something you're not telling me or else you'd be consistent and all of this would've ended months ago. You had no issue breaking things off in such a cruel way months ago so why are you so silent now? Why did you reach out to me multiple times then? Why did you ask me how I'm doing? Why did you ask me if I'm comfortable? Why did you show interest in my work and hobbies? Why did you kiss, hold and caress me like that if apparently you don't care? I can't decide if I should just let it be or if I should tell you what a POS you are for putting me through all of this for such a long time and for what? I don't want to make it seem like I'm chasing you for an answer but I also don't want you to walk away scot-free without getting things off my chest in case we never talk or see each other again. I know you're non-confrontational and that's the reason why you never open your goddamn mouth when I ask you for an answer, so I at least want to put you through some discomfort even if you don't care about what I'm saying or don't apologize. It sucks that we couldn't talk this through like two adults and either work on it or just make a clean cut. I hate it when shit is floating in the air like that. I admit, I am delusional and don't have the guts to end it even though I probably should. I wish I could make this as hard for you as you're making it for me. I don't even know why I bother with all of this. I am truly the dumbest bitch that ever lived.

No. 1718359

File: 1696642967551.jpg (27.37 KB, 564x331, 854fbb55caef399976288ece82819e…)

Every day I get closer and closer to blocking you. You're lucky I have no one else. I have to stop the cope of thinking you're any different than any other man that has ever existed. You're not. You use me for your ego games. I'm no different from any other woman you talk to. You use all of us, maybe not for sex, but something just as bad. I knew I was stupid to feel special, especially from the likes of you. You say you will miss me if I do anything to myself, but you will get over me in a month, tops. I must be painfully female to try to find any semblance of worth in our friendship. You use me to make yourself feel smarter and more successful while acting oh-so-coy about it. These past few weeks have been bleak. I think I'm ready to give up on you. I hate that I ever saw you as attractive or worthy of my admiration. You will never be worthy of any female attention. Don't get me started on your holier-than-thou-complex. You are no better than the men you call whores. You whine about dying alone, maybe you will. And if not, you'll be some walking dildo. It will serve you right for not taking women seriously. Why should they see you as human? I seriously hope you do find a woman and she breaks your heart. Sometimes I wish that woman would be me. But you would be a fool to ever think of laying your hands on me. I wish I could tell you this now. I hope we all wake up from our loneliness and leave you. Let's face it, you can't keep up this game of being an emotional tease.

No. 1718464

I need you. Please be real this time.

No. 1718663

FFFFFFUCK! I wish I was a different perso