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File: 1691162910099.jpeg (107.24 KB, 1125x1955, IMG_6735.jpeg)

No. 304747

>Previous three threads:
Carve A V Edition >>294375
Doxing And Stabbing Zaddy Edition >>286668
DID edition >>275598

Venus Angelic Summary:
>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up has-been Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore (because they are now divorced after she cheated on him with her zaddy ken who she started seeing in 2018, she broke up with her zaddy this year though). Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month, thotting on OnlyFans or threatening suicide.

Recent milk:
Going through a boring repetitive cycle of suicide baiting , abusing perscription drugs, glamorizing her alcoholism and rotting teeth, claiming she will get help and for people to subscribe to her OF.

Most recent milk:
Venus promoting anorexia to her insta followers >>294381 , >>296874 , >>299211
Venus still drinking despite saying she would be sober pt1 >>294473 , >>294484 , >>294496 , >>294509
Venus thinks she may be a ''read deal alcoholic'' >>294626
Venus angelic drunken video message >>294643 , >>294644
Venus alchohol pt2 >>295012 , >>295015
Ken possibly wants to get back with Venus >>295066
Extremely cringe painful to watch Venus dance video >>295430
Thousand yard stare >>295557
Weaboo venus says she doesn't know evangelist >>295563 , >>295578
Venus manic post e-begging for ppl to sub to her OF >>295763
Ken posting Venus on his insta… >>296001 , >>296002 , >>296110 , >>296175
Venus ''im taking a break from social media''one hundredth post >>296250 , >>296259
>>296794 Venus now lying and trying to deny the ''Carve a V'' story she made despite many of her fans seeing that, now she is trying to gaslight her own fans telling something they saw her post was false.
Alleged private messages of Fukaeri saying Venus was asking her for money >>297157 , >>297158 , >>297165
Burn book >>298662
Venus has a new boyfriend >>298675
Venus only sleeps 3-5 hours >>298800 , >>298801
Venus getting drunk at a bar at 5 AM >>298809
Venus possibly doing OF in a taxi >>299084
Venus cant remember a pic she took because she works hard and not because is blackout drunk >>299090
Venus deletes weird posts telling her minor followers what would they do if she was their horny older alcoholic sister >>299435
Lmao venus claims she is working at a ''prestigious animation school'' >>301253
Venus is now on bad terms with one of her top simps David >>301462 , >>301465 , >>301502 , >>301504
Venus suicide baiting >>301671 , >>301674
Is this what Venus draws at her prestigious school KEK >>301869
Venus's friend Fukaeri dies, ken likes the post stating fukaeris death >>302438
lengthy post to promote her OF >>303514
Venus suicide baiting >>304124

No. 304748

No. 304749

File: 1691164346749.jpeg (370.84 KB, 1101x1639, 1D0BD1EE-F9BA-4FD4-8456-1F5C02…)

She’s back planted in Manaki’s apartment. Yes, the poor fool took her in. Again.

No. 304751

File: 1691164362764.png (285.4 KB, 762x721, Penus.png)

Ah our poor attention seeking Benus didn't know where else to go and read about herself since kiwifarms is down & hidden and there hasn't been a new lc thread about her in almost two weeks so she resorted to lurking in her subReddit to get her fix.
desperate times call for desperate measures.

No. 304753

File: 1691164515725.jpeg (146.47 KB, 1078x1944, B552DFCF-5ABA-452A-B286-1DD0AF…)

And she’s feeling pleased with herself about it. “Powerful” even.

No. 304765

She's just upset because she can't convince people she didn't do or say things when she clearly did.

Her gasslighting her audiance and living about her actions didn't help and it's great to see her being called out for her fake dumb ass so called girl boss video delusional behavior she claims never happened.
It's litterly her admitting to everyone she knows what's she's doing and will force everyone to eat her cake of bullshit.

Her fake cluelessness is a laugh and she can't stand the fact she can't convince people she any different.

Poor venus wants attention so badly from anywhere and anything no matter what.

No. 304770

How can you tell?

No. 304774

Thanks for the new thread nonette !

No. 304775

File: 1691224233827.png (36.8 KB, 713x436, venus boobjob.png)

No. 304776

How do you know it's not just an old pic?

No. 304779

Boob jobs are so bad for your body.. i really hope she doesn't

No. 304781

Honestly, she just needs corrective surgery for the asymmetry. Her one normal boob is a already a nice size.

No. 304786

God she is completely brain dead. She has learned nothing.
She barely commits to anything and thinks she can finesse some hundreds from fans by offering to become a ‘bimbo’?? She’s forgetting her only appeal was looking petite and cute.

No. 304789

Because she knows scrotes will pay for stuff like that or at least some will. I don't know how you can give them the benefit of the doubt. They pay for overly exaggerated and obvious photoshoppers like Evie, at least Venus is showing off her real body for the most part in her porn. Just really hope she doesn't get a boob job. Knowing her luck, she's going to end up having her body rejecting them.

No. 304790

her latest trick: promising she'll become a thot if you give her money, when we damn well know its another scam (unless youre one of the few of the retarded anons who take a known liar's word too seriously)

No. 304794

The splotchy wall covering and the purple curtain. It’s her old room.

I guess it could be an old pic but I don’t think so. I think she’s run back her safe place at Manaki’s.

No. 304806

Tsk tsk Venus. You smoke, you drink, you take heavy prescription meds including uppers, and you’re bad at taking care of yourself. She really thinks she’d even heal well with her lifestyle the healing would make it look botched even if she got a good surgeon. Stupid stupid stupid

No. 304816

File: 1691300280276.jpg (913.27 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20230806_004016_Chr…)

No. 304817

File: 1691300344282.jpg (396.53 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230806_004106_Chr…)

No. 304826

Margo said Venus killed manaki and she stole his laptop and gave it to her friend YouStoleMyApricot. That girl is the one who claimed Manaki was alive. And is the only “proof” we have of Manaki being alive. I believe Margo that she killed him. Seriously.(imageboard)

No. 304834

File: 1691325258014.jpg (258.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230806_073600_Chr…)

No. 304835

File: 1691325285751.jpg (254.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230806_073611_Chr…)

No. 304836

File: 1691325317999.jpg (564.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230806_073618_Chr…)

No. 304839

Please tell me why so many anons in this thread believe a word margo says. She is a literal lifestyle scammer, she lies as easily as breathing and this has been proved by her own posts over and over again. Venus learned every manipulation tactic she knows from Margo, and she will still never compare to the textbook narc that Margo is.
I don't know what level of unmedicated vendetta against Venus you would need to have to EVER believe a word Margo says, but maybe it's time to take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror because Venus is an annoying, suicide baiting drunk mess, and that's all she is. The tinfoiling she's a murderer and Margo was right all along is unhinged and retarded. Manaki is a smelly neet, not an influencer. If Venus killed someone she would've immediately been caught. Japanese police would obviously blame the mentally ill alcoholic foreigner wife
>tldr if you believe a word margo says you are retarded

No. 304844

Timeline nona was right….she's back on her bs.nobody cares now penus you've used that excuse too many times..how the hell do people still follow her

No. 304847

Go talk about her in her thread or post caps.

No. 304848

File: 1691334894268.jpg (967.81 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20230806_101717_Chr…)

No. 304851

To be fair what venus did would have anyone believe she may have done something to Manaki, so this isnt a case of margo lying but more of a misunderstanding. For anyone who doesn't know why Margo says this its because Venus sent her a mail asking Margo to help her in court and get cinically diagnosed so Margo freaked out and thought it had something to do with Manaki.

I remember seeing it in one of the threads here but I don't remember which one it is but I know it was in the old ones.(imageboard)

No. 304857

marge is literally psychotic

No. 304861

“Forced disability” my ass. She applied for it and spent years going through the process to score those monthly checks.

“don’t care about the monies” lol again. Her lying ass.

No. 304867

Venus is disgusting her and her sheep "fans" aren't smart enough to see it. Pathetic as always weenus!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304871

>> Venus sent her a mail asking Margo to help her in court and get cinically diagnosed
I’m convinced this was Venus starting the process to get on Disability. Like I said, she was working on this for years.

No. 304875

Margo can't keep her story straight. The details change every time she brings up these allegations.

>Mikan Mandarin got Manaki's laptop

>Apricot got Manaki's laptop.
>Venus needed the court documents for insanity defense for murder trial. She spent 1 month in asylum for murdering Manaki.
>Venus needed the documents for defamation case. She called the wrong person a pedofile and got sued.

I'm trying to understand Margo's train of thought here.
1)Venus+Manaki are last seen together on Venus' insta pictures taken in Swedish convention.
2)Manaki deletes his public social media accounts.
→ Venus murdered Manaki in some Swedish forest, took his laptop, and just left him there.
Makes sense? No?

No. 304880

Oh anon I think you misunderstood me , I do agree. With you but what I mean is that I can see why someone dramatic which is in this case Margo might have thought it was something serious when Venus send her a email asking Margo to help her get diagnosed with something in court. And the email was confirmed by venus herself since when that all went down I remember venus saying something how Margo was posting their private email conversations online. Either way to people like you and me who are not dramatic we can see the reason why Venus wanted to get diagnosed by the government is so she can get on disability and it worked for her I guess since she is now on disability paychecks. I guess her income is now disability paychecks and whatever money she gets from selling herself on pater (escorting) and onlyfans.

No. 304882

you are absolutely right about Margo and there's no way a suspicious murder would not make Japanese news, especially if a foreigner could have been involved. Venus didn't murder anyone, she isn't smart enough to cover it up or have an alibi if she did, she doesn't have any physical strength to overpower him, etc. etc. Yes weak people might kill someone in their sleep or with poison but then you have a whole crime scene and evidence to dispose of.

Margo is not only a narcissist, she has a flair for the dramatic. I'd more sooner believe Margo killed him and tried to frame her alcoholic sex worker daughter. Margo needs a psych program and Venus needs rehab + therapy.

No. 304887

Suicide bait again. Nice.

No. 304889

She is not going to stop doing cringe shit like this isn’t she. Literally clown

No. 304893

I said threads ago some people in this thread will cap for Margo just to hate on Venus but this is bordering schizophrenic tinfoil levels. Nonna please do some self reflecting if you're going to believe in Margo.

No. 304895

you need to find a different hobby than indulging in whatever shit margo is spewing. the bitch is literally psycho and a known liar. why are venus' thread full of retarded anons

No. 304912

I have no proof because I didn't screenshot it before it was deleted, (There was no new thread at the time so I didn't bother) But she posted a photo showing her legs covered in bruises and the caption was some gobbledygook saying something along the lines of "I've been so drugged out on anti psychotics that I don't know how I got all these bruises."

No. 304913

File: 1691433907045.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1336, zulp4kbal4gb1.png)

Someone on reddit posted the image but no caption

No. 304917

Instead of cutting, she might be hitting herself. This isn't just stumbling. This is erratic.

No. 304918

I'm more inclined to believe that she's just drunk falling. Unless she's hitting herself while intoxicated.

Also forgot to sage with the bruises pic, my bad

No. 304920

I'm always confused by her patchy legs. It looks like she shaves randomly without looking at her legs. And she'll dress up and go out looking like that.

No. 305224

File: 1691446492942.jpg (480.1 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20230807_181645_Dis…)

Here is the caption for the deleted bruse photo.

No. 305226

>Reddit told me that’s too much!
It’s a pretty normal daily dose for someone who has a high tolerance to medications

No. 305227

That is a taxi, right? Don't they have those seat cover things? Looks like a suitcase beside her.

No. 305229

She should go to Daiso and get a calculator so she can finally figure out how much she overdoses every day.(learn to sage)

No. 305234

Yeah, bruises happen to drunks. They (you) get them from drunkenly stumbling around, bumping into things and falling down, dumbass.

No. 305260

27mg is a normal dose of Concerta. They come in 18,27,36,54 with the dose range itself being between 18 and 72mc daily. But hurr durr reddit says its high so it must be true. She's so fucking thick.

No. 305265

lol please. While I don't believe she killed him, Venus is way worse than and more manipulative than Margo.

Exactly. She's just once again being a manipulative scumbag. She also doesn't deserve mental illness disability when she's fucked up due to prescription shopping and abusing medication. I also believe despite her drinking issues, she actually is capable of holding down a job if she truly wanted, but she's made it crystal clear from her teenage years she doesn't want to work and wishes to be pampered. It's absolutely disgusting that she leeches the system, leeched Mana, leeched Ken, when other people with similar issues never qualify for disabilty. I know a mentally ill Japanese national who didn't get it, but we have this scumbag Asian fetishizing weeb abusing the system. And her meds and acting extra unhinged online. Probably to secure that free disability bag. Then she likes to feign humility that "it's not about the money! I'm not a victim" etc. Actions speak louder than her empty, manipulative words.

No. 305267

I honestly hope her simps are not braindead enough. She's a worse scammer than Margo. One of them did call her post a scam so there's hope. Venus is like ninja kitty who keeps scamming her audience of money and living off it, yet never going to see doctors and whining all day making excuses.

No. 305268

She won't. It's a scam. She doesn't want the money for a boob job, nor does a boob job require 10k.

No. 305281

Anon are you smoking crack? What retarded vendetta do you have against venus to forget the lifetime long insanity quest margo has?
Venus just ebegs and ruins her own life kek unless you're a newfag I don't get it

No. 305287

Nta but you sound more like a new fag and a venus simp. "Kek"

No. 305303

You can't get a boob job in a normal hospital unless you are healthy, it's invasive surgery with a long recovery time, so even if she gets the money she wont be able to do it with her fucked up liver and stimulant overdosing. Unless she finds some quack back alley doctor again, like she did with her failed intestinal removal surgery.(sage your shit)

No. 305319

>> Venus just ebegs and ruins her own life
Wrong. She’s ruined Manaki’s life, for years. This whole “she’s only hurting herself” argument is b.s. She’s a toxic bloodsucking drunken leech.

No. 305328

poor makaki! his dancing-on-webcam-for-salarymen child bride didn't turn out to be well adjusted as an adult, that's real out of nowhere bad luck!

No. 305333

In a taxi, with a suitcase, all bruised up and prior to this was posting stories on the outskirts of town pretending like it was "where she wanted to be." Looks like we're back to the couch surfing part of the cycle.
We've been through this before. Mana wanted a animu waifu IRL because he was a dumb horny moid. Venus wanted a visa that required the bare min qualifications to get because she's a lazy bitch. Mutually exploitive relationship where both parties were at guilt. It both blew up in their faces. Venus is just higher up on the trash tier because she cheated multiple times and still trashed talked him; despite him taking her in after Ken got his dick went enough times to be done with her. Every time Ken tossed her to the side, she ran back to Mana. She bites the hand that feeds her as far as giving her a place to stay goes. Miss "gurl bo$$" shoulda took her OF thot money and rented a place if Mana was sooooo toxic and as bad as she claims.

No. 305339

Stop defending manaki, seriously. There's nothing Venus can do that makes the creep look better than her.

No. 305344

Lol for all we know manaki could be weird as shit jerking off to his hutao body pillow in his own princess room. He's never had a sincere or large online presence (clearly never wanted one since his is gone) and Venus is terminally oversharing/exaggerating/slandering online. Who the fuck knows anything about manaki besides being a doormat.

No. 305351

For real, Manaki always gave me huge coomer vibes. We've seen him show off his "waifu" figurines he probably spends all his time playing videogames and masturbating like most Japanese males.

No. 305353

He admitted to watching her and wanting to marry her since she was 13. Dude isn't a good guy.

No. 305362

nta but they say both suck. only saying Venus is more stupid because she could not go back to him, but the dumbass idiot still does. why? most likely because making her life better so that she wouldn’t need to relay on him would be too much effort.
both of them suck and neither of them should be defended if neither tries to better themselves.

No. 305370

its that time again where venus ghosts for a few days, so the retarded anons come out of the words to rehash old shit and tinfoil. why they choose to do this instead of finding another hobby, the world may never know.(infighting)

No. 305393

Actually learn how to read and comprehend retard. At no point was I defending him. Quit sperging about Mana. Like I said he already got what he deserved for being a creepy, incel, neck beard, loser weeb moid. But no amount of him being a creepy moid erases the fact that Venus is a manipulative, lazy, spoiled, entitled whore that used his dumb ass for a visa. Just accept she wasn't taking advantage of already.(infighting)

No. 305583

File: 1691847667988.jpg (604.62 KB, 1080x2248, IMG_20230803_221019.jpg)


Same caption but before/after edit. There is additional text added in the end.

No. 305584

File: 1691847773615.jpg (1009.41 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-08-12-15-19-50…)

Similar photo but not exactly the same.(sage your shit)

No. 305585

File: 1691847905556.jpg (810.44 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-08-12-15-19-55…)

Don't you think something's… Changed? Is it the moment of realisation and beginning of redemption?! Or am I naive?

No. 305586

File: 1691847978083.jpg (671.92 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-08-12-15-20-01…)

No. 305596

she's always been fairly self aware but self awareness alone doesn't take you very far when it comes to breaking out of established behavorial patterns. i don't think she'll ever get out of her spirals unless she makes some major lifestyle changes (e.g. hanging up the e-girl thing and getting a real offline job and hobbies). and i don't know if she even wants that or is ready for it.

No. 305601

Venus is just worn out whore desperately trying to stay relevant. Such a sad pathetic life keep digging that hole weenus!(sage your shit)

No. 305637

when she has short stints of sobriety, she is incredibly self-aware, but this never lasts because she always relapses.

No. 305649

>Is it the moment of realisation and beginning of redemption?!
Do you see the thread's title? The cycle? People who haven't seen at least 3 turns of the cycle shouldn't be allowed to post. This is 100% phase whatever in the cycle that has been going for over 10 years. Literally dozens of times we have seen this exact 'realization' before
>and beginning of redemption?!
sus tbh

No. 305653

Sounds like she wants her reddit and other forums invaded by her retarded ass fans. She's prob big mad ppl saying she homeless lol.(sage your shit)

No. 305660


I complete agree with this. I don’t think she will ever get better because she is so reliant on her fan base to support her bad decisions and behavior. I wouldn’t even call them fans as they don’t support her well-being, more like people who are entertained that her life is an absolute shithole. Unfortunate that she doesn’t realize that and thinks she still has genuine fans.

Her shit may be cute and kawaii at a young age, but people at her age bracket are mostly accomplished in life and emotionally stable. She’s also in a country where society thinks you’re a failure if you are not married in your 20s. How can she not be self aware? That’s why she drinks everyday.

No. 305699

I haven't seen anyone blindly defending Peenus from the evil people on the reddit thread yet. Venus just wants to be the victim again and people to say nice things about her. It's not working (except in her instagram comments but atp it's hopeless).

But what is it about the reddit that makes her so "sad about the haterz"? Venus has always known about (and lurked) her pull and lolcow threads. So what's the big deal? lol

No. 305733

i think thats whats really going on. Notice how she pathetically worded her post like shes trying her best and ppl are being mean sadface. There is not even a hint of her taking any responsibility, just your usual drunk sadpost from our resident terminally online neet. its riddled with jealousy of other people, namedropping reddit so the fagelics can wk, broadcasting shes a complete social retard from being online for over a decade, and fishing for sympathy yet again.
youre fucking naive. go read the past 3-5 threads before commenting again.

No. 305855

she’s devolving.

No. 305876

Is there a general thread for weebs in 2023 Japan?

No. 305970

Will Venus ever go to jail or get kicked out of japan?(sage your shit)

No. 306041

Wow, this thread is full of butthurt jealous weebs.(derailing)

No. 306042

No one is jealous of beenus, whiteknight.(both of you are derailing just report and move on)

No. 306043

File: 1692624442480.jpg (137.07 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_2023-08-21-09-06-04…)

Yea jealous of this prematurely aged alkie and her Margo-face. would never want to live in shitty Japan or anywhere in Asia for that matter so what does she have to be jealous of

She changed her insta bio to call herself cute and tiny, fucking delusional LOL

No. 306044

Been wondering if she ever attempted going on fully-monitored rehab for her drug and alcohol addictions, mental therapy can't help enough with her addictions but still help with her other mental issues (claimed did, bpd and adhd) and releasing all trauma. Woman seriously needs heavy monitoring by whoever works in a rehab center more than just a 3-month stay at a psych ward.

I've seen people on Instagram with worse addict issues than she's having now and document their journeys to becoming 100% clean and this woman is living a limbo for like 5 years now bruh. Can't say much on her fate.(sage your shit)

No. 306064

Always the bitches that are above average height with larger builds calling themselves “tiny” kek

No. 306073

Isn't she only abt 5'5"? That's only abt average height for a european woman. Many, specially nordic, much taller than that. Though she's in Japan, surrounded by women who are mostly little shortarses so compared to them…! Though why the hell would any grown woman want to be "tiny"? Its very weird. Unless she wants to appeal to pedoes, which I didn't used to really think she did, but starting to wonder.

No. 306075

Because being "uwu so smol" is deemed cute/must protect/throw your money at because of the Belle Daph syndrome.

No. 306078

Men hypersexualize petiteness in all ages of women. 5'5" is still short, anon. Average for women in JP is 5'3". Also she's belittling herself in the new op she made herself too and it honestly comes off as a "im a speck in the universe" and less "im uwu smol" only.

No. 306079

she is actually like 5'7 or 5'8. The first time her height stood out to me, was when she modeled for Bodyline back in the day. Everything she wore was several inches above her knees. I just double checked, and Bodyline had put her height as 166cm, which is obviously a lie along with the other measurements they give.

No. 306081

File: 1692686713075.jpeg (914.18 KB, 971x1193, IMG_0549.jpeg)

Think she herself said she was 5’7 once idk where.

No. 306082

I quickly googled Mikan's height and apparently she's 5'3" just for reference

No. 306085

I met Venus at the meet and greet she did in sweden before she went fully off the rails i've even got photos with her and she looks about my height, I'm 167cm so I think it's pretty accurate

No. 306086

what happened to mikan, didn't she use to have a thread herself?(derailing + spoonfeeding request)

No. 306087

She's too slow for a thread anymore. She fits in the /w/ UK weeb thread where other slow cows go to rot >>>/w/214515

No. 306091

File: 1692705249869.jpg (90.08 KB, 700x1050, 19ce3e2eb66ba02aa3490e21e6ab0e…)

Considering the Japanese models are 10cms shorter than her, I don't think the skirts being shorter on her means she's 6 foot, she's a normal european height

No. 306264

5'5" is literally taller than the average woman by an inch. It's nowhere close to "short", especially not in Japan where she lives(derailing)

No. 306270

Hardly tall though by anyone's standards. And when you talk about "average", it depends which country. It's likely below average for Scandinavian women.(derailing)

No. 306329

It's not.(derailing)

No. 306352

File: 1693105154616.jpg (96.6 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_20230827-035612.jpg)

Not sure why you think most women are dwarves. Aversge height of European women: 5'6".(derailing about height)

No. 306359

File: 1693131920756.jpeg (271.58 KB, 1169x1555, 20343B80-A7AE-42AB-BA27-DE3F3B…)

Check-mate insecure tall anon. Venus is tall. 5’7” is definitely tall for a women. Accept it.(heightsperging is getting out of hand)

No. 306360

What is it with you retards and height? Who cares JFC. Stop infighting and wasting posts. This will be the only time I say shit about it.

No. 306371

You sound very very cringe

No. 306386

They do. And no doubt insecure about being an insignificant little shortarse. If Venus really is 5'7" then she needs to be as she has tendency to run to flab and if shorter she'd just look dumpy and doughy, at least a little bit of height would offset that. 5'7" is a nice height for a woman, I'm only 5'6" the usual average and wish I had an extra inch, Venus is lucky in that respect, sad for Adian women that so many of them are midgets. At least the men are a nice height and usually just right so Venus wouldnt have to put up with men towering over her.(stop heightsperging)

No. 306392

5'6' isn't "average" height, anon. You have been in like the last 5 threads pushing this retarded bullshit. 5'3-5'4 is average for a caucasian female. 5'7 or 170 cm would be considered somewhat tall for a woman. There are pictures Venus took with other people where they comment and how tall Venus is and I think even Venus herself reposted someones post calling her tall. So you can stop already.(stop heightsperging)

No. 306413

File: 1693238585588.jpg (66.33 KB, 1063x641, IMG_20230828_010614.jpg)

Buying followers or did someone make a tragic video about her again?

No. 306414

File: 1693238657629.jpeg (263.7 KB, 1086x1128, 9DD1745A-4C5D-4F63-BB80-928792…)

Posting about “muh skills and “being creative.” Translation: I’m on welfare so I can sit on my ass all day coloring in my colorbooks like a 6-year old.

Still harboring delusions about ‘muh art’ and how creative she is, such an artiste, just like mommy.

No. 306415

File: 1693238713872.jpeg (267.97 KB, 1074x1492, 52DBC60C-4256-416E-BED4-A88508…)

the full post.

No. 306417

File: 1693238794503.jpeg (273 KB, 1458x1364, 75E03F0D-49CB-4A44-A151-60B809…)

Why her fingernails are always so dirty and grimy is beyond me.

No. 306423

She looks demented

No. 306424

Says the high school dropout.

No. 306425

Bought followers, that isn't natural growth especially after how much she bled followers.

No. 306430

Margaret Palermo unprivated all her old videos on YouTube if she's even still relevant, posting this here because nobody ever made a new thread for Marg. lot'a of her old videos talking about Venus running away are back up..

No. 306468

File: 1693281602295.jpeg (320.27 KB, 1170x1695, 2A457731-0833-4725-8B04-88E1FB…)

off topic and OLD screenshot but i cant believe it’s been 8 years since venus married manaki lol she really has been stuck in a boring repetitive cycle for so long

No. 306470

If all she really wanted was to live in Japan why didn’t she stay with this guy?

No. 306471

I honestly think her mom helped coherse her until marriage. He creeped on her since she was a minor and her mom was abusive. It was a ticket for them both and I think Venus caught on real quick Margo's plan.

No. 306473

>>the fact that I'm not hot
Megakek, it’s about time she realizes it.
…holy fuck. If you love yourself even one tiny bit, don't post such pictures.

No. 306491

A brazilian channel made a video about her so i guess it could be(sage your shit)

No. 306522

>>My skills are breathing and blinking

She’s so boring. She can’t even think of anything to say about herself, because her life is just whoring and spending money, so she just lists a bunch of vague things that most people do and makes out that that makes her special and nerdy.

I’m also wondering why she’s dressed like that, and what “FCC” stands for (on the sign). The Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi? Doing her weird Catholic larp again, I see.

No. 306563

File: 1693359807523.jpeg (75.65 KB, 787x758, 1E10B67C-B4AA-47EA-B219-1916EF…)

Why are her eyes like that?? She looks like a sleep paralysis demon. And grimy and dirty on top of that.

No. 306571

shes a hollow person whose entire life is spent being validated by others so she legit has no real personality or hobby. she thrives off likes and controversy, take those two things away and shes a boring bland nobody

No. 306592

She's so boring that anons lose their shit when she hasn't posted for 2 days kek

No. 306665

She really thinks her skills are ….writing?
Most of the time she has problems writing coherent sentences.

No. 306674

So are her and Ken done for good finally ?

No. 306675

She ran back to mana as usual, so I don't doubt they're done, she just went to her safety net.

No. 306678

Where proof??

No. 306687

It was literally posted.

No. 306697

Probably because she's been taught to not write in her native language for so long online since interacting in english was important to margo and she doesn't seem like she was ever taught English writing properly. We already know she was never really given proper English speaking courses either. Mixing words in your non-native language is the last thing anons should nitpick.

No. 306762

Just "mixing words" is NOT her problem. As a nativ German (= Austrian = Swiss) speaker I can assure you that English and German sentence structure is basically the same. But Venus just writes whole sentences that do not make any sense. So no, this has nothing to do with English not being her native language. It probably has everything to do with her brain being messed up by all her alcohol/drug abuse.

No. 306763

Nona, she doesn't have the ESL problem of mixing words in a sentence, she cannot speak anything but broken Japanese or properly write in any language to save her life.

No. 306770

begone, moid

No. 306787



No. 306789

NTA but there's literally 0 wrong with saying female outside of twitter rage culture. You should point out the actual retarded logic in that post.
She had something going in her "doll" era, but threw that away pretty quickly.

No. 306812

Ok incel

No. 306834

theres no hard proof. we assume shes back at manaki because thats what shes always done when theres a fallout with ken since she doesnt have family in japan, otherwise she'd be homeless.
and this is because she doesnt care to, paired with being drunk all the time. if she put in effort into improving her language skills we'd see improvement, but she uses all that energy for shitposting, alcohol and fishing for comments.

No. 306966

No she doesn't, dumb cunt. Asymmetry is obviously normal, so there's nothing to "correct".(sage your shit)

No. 307002

Sounds like another porn brainwashed scrote.
Tell me you've never seen real naked women without telling me you've never seen real naked women.

No. 307040

File: 1693937224929.png (370.56 KB, 864x1249, Screenshots_2023.png)


This comment says otherwise. I am aware that it's old and probably spoken about. But she could be lying idk.

No. 307046

Tell me you've got ugly tits without telling me you've got ugly tits.(infighting)

No. 307054

If you're referring to this post >>304749 it's already been stated as speculation and not proof here >>304794
The response clearly states "I think she's run back" and "it could be an old pic". If she's back that could result in full fat cream so I want 100% proof and I'm waiting patiently for that proof, if it exists.

No. 307067

You say that like Venus isn't trying to market her body as a sexual object. If you're going to flaunt yourself as an e-prostitute then you lose the right to privacy, respect, and people not commenting on your body. She doesn't have porn tits she has average imperfect breasts. If she wants to continue pursuing this porn "career" then yeah, she probably should get plastic surgery. If she wasn't broadcasting her naked body on the internet then I would agree it would be inappropriate to judge her appearance.

No. 307075

People like are retarded and deserve to die. One body part is usually bigger than the other but it's not ugly, fucking moron. You're definitely the type to get plastic surgery, obviously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307078

Respect is not tied to a body,nonna. Nobody cares if you respect naked women or not, get lost

No. 307103

I’m not that same anon who said that, but if you don’t like what I say, simply ignore it and move on.

No. 307137

>unsaged newfaggotry
>ignore and move on
is the summer almost over? kek

No. 307151

Yes this shit was addressed several threads ago. I'm not going to dig it up because you can go find it yourself. But the YouTube channel that random moron found was not Manaki, and no, he didn't already get remarried. He doesn't have a public internet presence anymore, and it was so obviously Venus running his accounts when he did. If Venus is posting pics in the bedroom with purple curtains again, then yeah thats his apartment. He has never fully cut her off and likely never will

No. 307169

Since you don’t know how to act like an adult, I’ll lead you the way by ignoring your retarded ass. Filthy nigger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307211

File: 1694129241736.jpg (349.07 KB, 827x1432, IMG_4063.jpg)

Her psuedo-philosopher phase continues. "#dontdoit :(( but also make sure to carve a V for veenus."(:(()

No. 307256

Yet no comment when her friend killed herself/was threatening to kill herself. And now we're supposed to believe that she wholeheartedly cares about this topic?

No. 307261

Not to wk but whether or not fukaeri actually killed herself is pretty ambiguous. She suicide baited for attention constantly. I wouldn't make a post about an IG follower that may or may not be alive either.

No. 307262

£10 says that was generated by AI kek

No. 307266

Friends that actually care always post whether they did or not, especially if a supposed friend disappears after pretty much saying they'll kill themselves. She doesn't give a shit about anyone unless you're giving her money.

No. 307337

Seriously venus if your gonna kill yourself stop baiting and do it! The world is better without you! Carve a deep V for yourself!(a-logging)

No. 307384

The ":((" was obviously meant to mock Venus so I don't get why the retard mod banned this person?(because emojis aren't allowed read the rules newfag)

No. 307385

It's against the rules to use emoticons lol

No. 307391

this post could possibly about her friend? it doesnt have to be blatantly mentioning her. but other than that I hope were not entering a pseudo intellectual phase

No. 307408

That’s pretty fucked up… hope things get better for you damn

No. 307411

Her not posting about it could be a sense of privacy and respect for the family. Can we move on about her not saying anything about it? It's not her business to bring attention to someone's suicide. This is such stupid tinfoil.

No. 307414

It's still against the rules, even in that context.

No. 307478

Don't worry for my tits they are perfect to my man. Worry for the fact you'll never ever touch some, scrote.
Their life-long virginity is enough as a punishment, anon.
I feel like it's about Fukaeri too. Can't convince myself she offed herself though.(weird tit blog)

No. 307513

Same. I can’t stand fake bitches who lie about committing suicide 24/7. She needs to hurry up.(unsaged alogging)

No. 307551

Lost my sympathy for her long ago especially when she admitted she was suicide baiting. An offense for all those who're truly suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies.

No. 307733

File: 1694653925980.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x2600, Screenshot_20230913_221405_Ins…)

No. 307734

and now she says that didn't happen

No. 307735

File: 1694658914490.png (416.07 KB, 640x1136, 4B186152-6212-4781-A531-B2A713…)

Anyone who believes anything she says at this point deserves this shit

No. 307741

She never jumped in front of a moving bus and she definitely didn't jump off a 4 storey apartment. She just magically always survives these things unscathed. What a load of bullshit. She's just a loser who thinks it's cool and "jirai" to be sad. That it makes her special and quirky. At this point she can fuck off with this bullshit. She's an insult to anyone actually struggling with suicidal tendencies as most people don't romanticize it or run to social media to "brag" about it.

No. 307742

"throw myself off to the street willingly" translates to "I had no man to exploit for money/a place to stay and couldn't exploit fukaeri for that 2k I wanted to pay rent that Ken was no longer paying for me and welfare that I'm also exploiting wasn't enough to cover my bills." She did not willingly choose to live on the street.

No. 307743

I bet her idea of "homeless" was lie in a field drunk for one night and now she embellishes that experience. She really is beyond fake and aggrandizes or entirely makes up all her experiences and twists her whole existence. Such a nasty human being.

No. 307745

next up, hospital trip for free shelter and drugs.

No. 307747

File: 1694669491506.jpeg (223.22 KB, 828x1381, IMG_1569.jpeg)

alright see you later

No. 307755

If she actually gets deported outta her Glorious Nippon, that would be hilarious. But she lies so much about everything she just might be saying she's leaving to get attention.

No. 307756

God she’s a fucking joke. As if anyone cares or believes her anymore. Her followers aren’t going to bankroll her alcoholism, she’s that desperate.

No. 307760

You seriously think her brainless sheep followers will call her out?? They didn't even call her out when she made her sick pedo posts she deleted!

No. 307768

File: 1694710254485.png (2.13 MB, 1652x2064, 55744665.png)

Another version of her post where she claims to have a fractured spine.

No. 307771

Never change Venus. Please continue suicide baiting, blaming every one else for your problems, and lash out when you don't have money for alcohol. lmao fucking loser

No. 307786

Maybe Venus saw that there recently was a fundraising party for that ninjacatgirl who apparently has some kind of medical condition with her spine and now wants also some cash for her "fractured spine".
And lol at her "I'll never do a gofundme!!" bullshit. How many times has she already asked people if they'd give her money via gofundme (for her therapy snacks or something).

No. 307818

>I jumped off an apartment building
Good, do a fucking flip next time too. How does this lying cunt still have people defending her

No. 307827

File: 1694779689077.jpg (426.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230915_071053_Ins…)

No. 307828

File: 1694779723332.jpg (423.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230915_071103_Ins…)

No. 307829

File: 1694779761680.jpeg (704.98 KB, 1170x1960, IMG_0922.jpeg)

Let’s pretend I have visions when I ‘don’t take my meds’ aka, I took all my meds recreationally/can’t afford more and got blackout drunk.
Who actually are these posts for? Surely none of her followers actually do anything. I’d be so embarrassed to behave like that.

No. 307839

I’d be so embarrassed too. How does she not feel embarrassed herself??? She’s making everyone embarrassed on her behalf.

No. 307842

Weenus is so pathetic. Trying so hard to stay "famous" when she's a disgusting alcoholic drug addicted child predator. How is she not on a list??

No. 307851

looks like she couldnt take staying off instagram for long, so she grabbing for attention the way she always does: suicide bait then get shitfaced.

No. 307879

She’s about to turn 27 damn years old and she’s still mentally an emo teenager. Wet brain behavior. She’ll still be pulling the same stunts a year from now, two years etc. because she’s forever stuck at that stage (and she doesn’t have to be a grown-up now that she’s secured those Japanese disability payments so she can continue to indulge herself ad infinitum.)

No. 307880

File: 1694830386355.png (5.23 MB, 750x1334, 7A52CED0-29E3-405A-A290-EBA875…)

No. 307881


Her ghetto ass caused property damage.

No. 307884

Kek so she did property damage to fake her story or found some broken section of a random building to snap it because those bar certainly would have pierced some part of her at even the lower speed she'd be going from 4 stories up.

No. 307885

Three parallel bars, bottom one bent way down, middle one bent somewhat, top one hardly bent. Bushes intact. And story post saying “that didn’t happen.” And is a compulsive liar.
>” why don’t they believe me?”

No. 307898

it took me a while to figure out what I'm supposed to be looking at. i immediately ignored the 3 random bars because it just doesnt make sense, when the balcony is undamaged. try harder next time venus

No. 307899

Let’s see the back brace then Venus…

Jumping from the fourth floor of a building is no joke. If she is telling the truth (she’s not) then she is very lucky that she didn’t end up paralyzed.

What a terrible thing to lie about.

No. 307903

How can she be actually 'homeless'? Wasnt it pointed out on here that she's back at Manaki's?

No. 307906

> club 27

lol to be part of the club you'd have to be famous and talented Venus, dying isn't enough

No. 307908

Looks like she was in rehab last at the very least. But she most definitely got kicked out of the "house she brought." She's self delete bating again so that's a sign she's out on the street. Pretty sure she bates whenever she wants Mana or Ken to take her back in at this point.(newfag)

No. 307950

File: 1694945645724.png (2.18 MB, 864x1587, 19372.png)

hide top teeth "smile"

No. 307951

well, she doesnt look like she's got a fractured spine in that selfie(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 307952

She looks like a fish fresh out of water. Damp and slimy, bulging eyes, puckered lips…That is one ugly trout

No. 307953

Why is she always wearing ugly ass outfits ???(dumbass unsaged nitpick)

No. 307957

File: 1694961782236.png (62.07 KB, 1229x376, VenusComments.PNG)

This YouTuber talked about Venus here:


I strongly suggest reading the comments as well, it's hilarious that people still think she's an innocent doll.(learn2embed)

No. 307960

>she seems to be dOiNg BeTtEr
Better than what? She could not be any worse without authorities intervening for public safety

No. 307968

Got that chronic hard-core alcoholic day one of attempted sobriety look. Anyone that knows an alcoholic knows the look.

This will last a day or two before she goes back on another bender. These people bring nothing but misery to anyone unfortunate enough to be in their lives.

No. 307969

I can't with the suicide baiting

Bitch should just die already(alogging)

No. 307972

It's hard to feel any empathy for a person that rolls around in dog shit while complaining that they smell like dog shit.

No. 308042

File: 1695147369968.jpg (80.19 KB, 1053x648, IMG_20230919_201802.jpg)

No. 308071

what do you think this shows? Look at the axis

No. 308084

You're comparing 100-300 people. That's not what buying looks like.

No. 308173

Is there anyone who thinks Fattkaeri actually offed herself? Remember how her insta bio changed (the link tree got removed) and then comments on her suicide post kept becoming limited and then unlimited again. Fatty is still alive right ?(derailing, this is a venus thread. also learn to sage)

No. 308182

File: 1695305628337.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230921_091302_Chr…)

No. 308197

File: 1695311171916.jpg (256.87 KB, 827x1410, IMG_4131.jpg)

How old is this photo anyway? Either she's been wearing the same fucking outfit in every photo since August, or she's in too decrepit and unwashed a state that she can't even post her usual greasy filtered selfie.

No. 308201

File: 1695312056913.jpeg (152.35 KB, 1125x596, IMG_9626.jpeg)

No. 308203

Kek, does she not know what a major part of her back is….

No. 308221


Tell me you're dumb without telling me you're dumb.(sage your shit)

No. 308227

Yeah, she'll "try" to get the medical reports, just be patient…in other words she will never show proof, she just can't stop making shit up

No. 308233

Says the tard who doesn't know how to sage.

No. 308242

What was the “that didn’t happen” post referring to, if she’s just continuing this lie anyway?

No. 308245

This is so funny to me. A fractured back is the same thing as a fractured spine. You would think she would use Google before she makes up these lousy lies.

No. 308248

Tinfoil but it really seems more and more like she does NOT have eternal permission to stay in Japan and she is close to being booted out. When all else fails and you’re out of time, the last possible reprieve is hospitalization.
This “throwing herself off a building” is like “getting hit by a bus” (scraped up hand). She hurts herself, not nearly as dramatically as she claims, and goes to the hospital. Or gets herself into a mental ward. She does it for the instant extension of several months.
She always goes to the hospital around the same time she has been talking about leaving Japan, going on vacations, etc. Wanting to set up a “my choice to leave” storyline in advance in case she has to.
Getting hospitalized on purpose is kind of nuts but to be fair if they say you have to leave, but you don’t have the money to travel or a place to go, the only other possibility is getting arrested for overstay.

No. 308250

Anyone with a brain knows she's only on a visa and she's meeting 0 requirements unless she has a secret job (or teaching english LMAO) no one knows about, this is why she always runs back to mana and refuse to officially end the marriage on paper because then she FOR SURE is out. But yes, it's not strange for someone to hurt themselves so they can stay in a country.

No. 308263

I think so too, especially since she's been talking about "fleeing the country" aka being booted. All of this could be for visa extension. I think she also romanticizes suicide and thus embellishes things. She's one of those people who are too scared to go through with suicide and/or doesn't even want to die, but just pretends because she romanticizes it/to be more jirai/special, is having stress due to visa issues or for visa extention.

No. 308264

She's literally writing a fan fiction. I'm so tragic. I want to die sooooo bad. But, I CAN'T. Jumping in front of moving buses, cutting myself, drinking and even jumping off 4 storeys and I'm still ALIVE. Now I have visions and will tell you all about the meaning of life in cringy my space-esque posts. This moron clearly romanticizes suicide and wasn't she earlier talking about how fake she is, how much of an ego she has and how she wanted to write horror stories and stuff? This post and all her "suicide" posts are either fake or embellishments, she NEVER genuinely attempted something she knew would kill her (as that would be incredibly easy if she REALLY wanted to). She's just as fake as ever, playing a persona, except she feigning self-awareness and authenticity to her audience. She thinks she's such a creative and talented writer, but she's just cringe and see-through.

No. 308266

It would also explain a lot if she got herself into a psych ward by playing up mental health issues, and they gave her meds she didn’t actually need. She already had an alcohol problem but it went to a whole different level with the meds.

No. 308267

Yeah, she likes to verbalize "I'm not a victim alot", probably after lurking her threads, but actions speak louder than words.And she's aware of ninjacatgirl, as she responded to someone asking her to donate. No one should donate to that scammer though. They are exploiting donators.

No. 308269

This is so true. Reminds me of Eugenia Cooney. I notice a lot of people who don't work and just "work" on social media seem to be mentally stunted. They're all coddled and never really grow up. Wonder what they'll be like when middle aged and people are less sympathetic.

No. 308272

File: 1695341233372.jpeg (151.59 KB, 1170x1570, 8382DF51-0F1C-4E8B-826D-9BC83D…)

She once blamed her fans for making it impossible to have a full recovery because they wouldn’t care enough to donate to a gofundme

No. 308291

Question - how long would the extension be? About 3 months? Because that’s a really good point, and I want to see if it correlates with her past “suicide attempts”.

No. 308293

It would be up to the immigration officials at the time but extensions are usually in increments of 3 months for some reason.

No. 308295

File: 1695386786785.jpeg (380.9 KB, 1169x2279, IMG_9101.jpeg)

Same repetitive Ken slander

No. 308296

File: 1695386854518.jpeg (450.69 KB, 1170x2294, IMG_9102.jpeg)

Ken recent posts since will be deleted, like always

No. 308297

File: 1695386904841.jpeg (220.41 KB, 1170x2288, IMG_9104.jpeg)

No. 308299

It’s only slander if it’s not true

No. 308301

It's not slander, beenus whiteknight.

No. 308302

File: 1695390989290.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_20230922-095538.png)

No. 308303

she is now doing a Q&A on Instagram about ken.

No. 308304

Youre right on that, I meant as like hes back to the true shitposting about peenus

No. 308305

No no, bad use of English thats it. I’m all for the trues about her lmaoo.
Also just saw the recent post >>308302
Just posted all that drama for attention, this threat title is just right for her then(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308306

Why reposting his account to draw attention to her most hideous pictures.

No. 308307

Oh she's going at it
Just as I thought she's getting better and maybe healing (how silly of me), she leaks her number and talks shit about Ken again.

No. 308310

Makes sense, also you gotta edit your icon out.

No. 308312

Thanks, I'm an idiot!

No. 308313

i see. so she got bored, got drunk, suicidebaited her followers, then bothered ken for money. she found out about him posting somehow (either herself or a follower told her), then pretended she accidentally posted shit under his acct so her fans think its all lies

No. 308331

My guess based on history and ‘Ken’ posting she asked him for money (Fukaeri or whatever said the same thing)- she tried to wheedle her way back into his life, he told her to fuck off (again,) she made some threats to him (like she’s done before,) he lashes out on his dormant IG account, she weaponizes her IG followers against him (again.) Same old same old. They deserve each other, they’re equally sleazy and slimy.

No. 308332

File: 1695405320274.jpeg (174.52 KB, 815x817, E7AAAF88-5D4A-40BB-BE40-D451C9…)

I do like how he posts unfiltered photos of her greasy blobby face though.

No. 308333

This is actually quite deep. And well written too. She appears to have valid episodes of insight. No one totally overcomes difficulties straightaway. It can take a long time. With some people not until they're really old. I'm not white knighting, just pointing something out here.

No. 308334

>Hardcore whiteknights
>I'm not white knighting

No. 308335

People talk about her being booted out, but where to? They'd have to have somewhere to send her. Surely she's lived in Japan long enough for it to be considered her home?

No. 308337

>No one totally overcomes difficulties straightaway. It can take a long time. With some people not until they're really old. I'm not white knighting, just pointing something out here.

This I agree with, but apparently alogging is perfectly acceptable here and reasonable observations are verboten. If you're not down with the constant circlejerking then you're obviously a stupid WK or a moid.

No. 308338

They don’t care where you go. It’s not their problem. If you overstay, they will arrest you, hold you as long as they want, then deport you to your home country, the one your passport is from. It’s harsh but that’s the world.

No. 308352

>> actually quite deep.
Lol. Word salad trying to sound ‘deep.’ Like her mother, she has delusions about her superior intellect and devastating wit.

No. 308353

File: 1695416956804.jpeg (118.91 KB, 817x1328, 71204D75-47FA-4F71-B73D-9234B8…)

>> doing a Q&A on Instagram about ken.
It’s all deleted now.
Here it is if you missed it.

No. 308354

File: 1695417053821.jpeg (114.53 KB, 813x1327, AB15B719-113C-4395-8F25-7A84CC…)


No. 308356

File: 1695417168237.jpeg (153.05 KB, 812x1407, 15000E92-E34A-472E-B8C1-E065BE…)

We’ve all seen his dick, Venus. You posted videos of it on your Twitter account.

No. 308358



No. 308359

File: 1695417342206.jpeg (257.74 KB, 799x1413, 9C1F2F8B-C4AE-4CE5-AF74-07A071…)

4/8 She carved his name into her arm and posted pics of it but he’s the one who is “obsessed” with her.

No. 308360

File: 1695417438867.jpeg (95.62 KB, 818x1321, 99A0DBF8-A35B-4840-BFAE-5E24F3…)

She’s suing him? lol

No. 308361


"Alcoholics are egomaniacs with an inferiority complex - they get upset, are dramatic and need constant stimuli. And validation."

That's a weird way of self-reporting Benus-chan, lmfao.

No. 308362

File: 1695417553662.jpeg (110.21 KB, 796x1436, 3ECE9EE5-019F-4CC3-80D9-8359A2…)

Don’t know what this is supposed to mean

No. 308365

File: 1695417702619.jpeg (98.06 KB, 809x1419, CF5E7AF8-A637-4E7C-A444-608632…)

99% this is (another) lie.

No. 308366

She doesn’t “know” anyone. She barely pokes her nose out of her room (whatever room she’s currently planted herself in.)

No. 308367

File: 1695417907382.jpeg (130.13 KB, 802x1404, 623700A4-7CA5-4940-90DC-D8F634…)

The denial and projection is stunning. Total wet-brained logic.

No. 308368


Fuck is wrong with you? Weirdo.(samefagging retard who also doesn't know how to sage)

No. 308369

File: 1695418787440.png (146.16 KB, 640x1136, DE54F645-8289-4442-8516-2C9509…)

There was this one too. Simple double standard looks like but kinda hard to tell exactly what she means as usual

No. 308374

Venoos can't even pay her rent, how the fuck is she gonna pay the lawyer? kek

No. 308375

translation: she others him for food and money (and booze)

No. 308378

here we go with god again lol

No. 308379

Ken is the energy she deserves. He comes through with some milk and the unedited photos. As suspected this recent self delete bait was to try and get money from Ken. I think she might actually be homeless lol. She seems to do this when she has absolutely no where to go.

No. 308382

File: 1695427830066.jpg (251.64 KB, 1080x2138, Screenshot_20230922_190830_Chr…)

No. 308390

Omg this bitch…. she only deleted it because Ken fought back via doxing her and threating to go to the police, not because she's trying to "get right with God".

No. 308411

Guess the college student she stranded in her apartment one night bounced and was never to be seen again. She hasn’t mentioned him in forever. Why does Venus think she can act like a psycho and Ken not fight back against her? She isn’t cute nobody is going to let bullshit like that slide especially if you present yourself as a greasy drunken mess of a person. Take some fucking pride in yourself Venus.

No. 308412

File: 1695449708377.jpg (165.65 KB, 1080x1497, Cringe.jpg)

the contradiction, the projection, and the attention.

No. 308413

instead of mocking you, because we were all in your shoes once, let me just inform you that every few months or so, Venus 'writes' (or uploads) something like this, giving brand new people a sense that she 'recognized' something that was shallow/self-defeating about her behaviour which you've been watching. However, it's somewhere between completely fake, or true but lasting usually less than one day. You will see her
>write about her realization that being authentic is what matters
>by end of week scam fans with a fake nintendo switch giveaway
>write about her realization that moderation is what matters
>next day post about an idea to start get into hard drugs
>write about a realization that modesty is what matters
>1 week later start onlyfans/start sucking dick on camera etc
>stab boyfriend
etc etc. The cycle of fake 'insight' or ten-second-long self awareness, or more likely just """self-aware""" themed creative writing posts for social media sake, has played probably, not exaggerating, 20 times

No. 308414

Way more than 20 cycles. She seems to like getting people to encourage her and give her advice, then have some big “fuck you” moment where she publicly binges or does something crazy. It seems like she convinces herself they were trying to control her. Pretty easy to see why but I won’t armchair it out.
But yeah her followers who fall for it are just enabling the next relapse

No. 308419

She's probably harassing/threatening/baiting him obsessively. Maybe she shows up to his home or work to cause problems. Remember, she stabbed him. He should block her, but it's not that easy to remove a nutjob from your life. He shouldn't engage and just sue her instead of post about it because he's just stooping to her level. But it's good drama so whatever. Also she deserves it given she started posting about him first and doxxed him way back. You reap what you sow. It baffles me how many people think Ken isn't allowed to call her out on her bullshit or harassment. You can't just exploit and manipulate and harass someone and they just have to be silent about it.

Kek it's not "deep" at all. Surface level "pseudo-awareness" written as if from a 12 year old. She likes to pretend she's profound and a skilled writer, and yeah, if you think that's "deep", you are a white-knight.

No. 308420

She is literally projecting so damn hard here. She described herself.

No. 308421

Says the narc who has a hate book

No. 308422

You misunderstood what I said because I agree with you. It’s ridiculous that she thinks Ken isn’t allowed to fight back against her ugly ass.(sage your shit)

No. 308426

It is literally just a e-girl thing. Momokun is exactly the same, when these two in particular fuck up or do vile shit, they think they should be untouchable.

No. 308467

don't forget realted picrel from may, the way she replies means she knows its his account. around this time she was claiming he was harassing her. now shes claiming its her acct. dumb cunt desverves him because shes vile and stupid.

No. 308472

File: 1695524335113.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 3D832FB6-9B51-4A3D-ADED-86D4E2…)

samefag, pic didn't load

No. 308478


No. 308506

File: 1695565587407.jpeg (652.4 KB, 1125x1817, IMG_9694.jpeg)

From Reddit. “I never lie” How’s your broken back?

No. 308508

Here’s a tip Venus - Only liars say that they never lie.

No. 308509

>”I can’t go outside because people recognize me”
Alright that’s funny. First one of her jokes that wasn’t terrible

No. 308511

the locals probably recognize her as that unwashed alcoholic foreigner, not as some celebrity kek

No. 308525

Exactly what I thought after I posted that. Either she’s the neighborhood menace and everyone gives her dirty looks, or she finally got in real trouble and the cops are looking for her.

No. 308530

>"It hurts when you're hurting"
How profound.

No. 308540

She's gonna open that gofundme soon, since her onlyfans didn't work.

No. 308541

Why doesn't she just become an AV and do porn? The sex industry is huge in Japan and I'm sure she can make millions as a gaijin porn actress in japanese videos.(why don't you learn to sage?)

No. 308544

>Why doesn't she just become an AV and do porn?
She's foreign. She can't enter the AV market easily and even then she's unkempt, unwashed, greasy and terrible at b/g content. Her Onlyfans and Manyvids proves this, she also can't stick to one thing for long as, again, proven by her onlyfans.
>I'm sure she can make millions as a gaijin porn actress in japanese videos.
While they do try trapping gaijns into porn, she's not young enough nor attractive enough.

No. 308546

I thought she “dreamed of prostituting herself since she was a child”?? This is the life she chose for herself, instead of going to school and getting a normie job. And next post will be something like “I’m okay guize! Just a widdle oopsie! Just needed more strong zero, I love whoring really!”


No. 308569

Don't forget the drug use too. Japan is a collectivist society that takes birds of a feather to the next level. Knowing Venus she probably openly associated with other known lowlife druggy losers in the community at some point. I know Marg is to be taken with a grain of salt, but when she alleged Venus was using speed, she said Venus also got banned from a bar in Kabukicho for trying to pick up Johns and being an overall sloptard mess. I would imagine she's a drunken, tweaked out nusicance to her community.

No. 308571

She has no charisma, poor self maintenance, a shit ton of drama behind her, she's a drugged out alcoholic. She could never build a proper following and also why would a gaijin fetishist invest in a girl who tries so hard to look japanese and hardly has any of the features that are fetishized in white girls ?

It works for June Lovejoy because she can read the room, market herself, form proper connections with others and act out a persona that she knows moids love. Venus can't do either of these things and is a pain to be around in general. It's too late for her to get an AV career. The only things within her reach is bottom of the barrel shit.

No. 308576

Agreed. I would also add that this means a scheduled work, it means she will really have to work and not do whatever she does rn, and Venus is just too lazy to work on some kind of schedule, its too 'normal' work for her to handle.

No. 308586

if you read the previous threads you would know why.

No. 308592

Why is she asking someone to dm her with details of what fetishes they think Ken might have??? Is it because she wants something that might give her some ideas for her onlyfans? maybe because she lacks imagination or has run out of ideas? It just seems like a strange thing to ask someone to message her about.

No. 308596

I interpreted it as her trying to sound edgy and funny for liking fetishes while simultaneously shaming her ex for the same thing

No. 308597

She just wants to shame him and slander him over social, that's the only reason to ask. She doesn't care for her OF, she shows up one day to pretend she's active to justify people charging for it so no one can seek refunds for subbing to a dead account.

No. 308629

tf is that massive bruise on her upper arm?? Sustain that whilst plunging to her death? Kek

No. 308637

can’t believe she went back to Mana’s house again

No. 308656

It's believable, she won't officiate the divorce so she has his place as safety and the only reason she's still able to be in Japan.

No. 308669

How long would someone have to stay married before they'd have permanent residant status even if divorced? I thought it was about five years? She's obviously been there longer than that.

No. 308670

It takes a long time because she doesn't do anything, no job, nothing to contribute to society so she's still very much on a visa.It takes 10-12 years.

No. 308706


No. 308709

They don’t just give it to you automatically no matter how many years. You have to apply, fill out paperwork, pay the fees, have your taxes in order, and do interviews. She probably didn’t do it. Her spouse visa would have been valid until she divorced. She probably just relied on having that the whole time and didn’t go for permanent residency or citizenship.

No. 308710

Did the ugly greasy mess actually get divorced or nahhhhhhhhh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308711

It seemed like she did but if she’s back there now, then probably not. Unless he would really take her back in even after a divorce

No. 308715

There's no evidence that she did, some anons have just randomly assumed it. It's doubtful because she probs would've been deported by now if it was true, as she doesn't have a job nor does she go to school or… do anything at all so there's no other type of visa she could get. Plus last time she had a full on breakdown (earlier this year or late last year?) she talked about Mana's family saving her and supporting her. There's no reason they would do that if she was completely out of the family.

No. 308727

When the fuck did she say that ? Are you just making shit up ? I haven’t seen her mention his family in years. And yes, idk why some idiot anons randomly chose to say she got divorced as if it’s a fact when not once has that been proven. And is highly unlikely due to her not getting booted out the country yet. Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(unsaged autism likeeeeeeeeeee.........)

No. 308733

File: 1695808938265.jpeg (91.52 KB, 720x1276, 1681655464519.jpeg)

5 months ago, in her stories.

No. 308734

Considering adult adoptions due to marriages are still quite common in Japan, there maybe some truth in the "Mana's parents adopted her" tinfoil. I mean, it would account for why she's still in contact with Mana's mom despite saying she was getting a divorce. Granted she wasn't lying about this to begin with.

No. 308735

They don’t deport you the moment your divorce goes through. If she started her divorce when she was “engaged” to Ken, it would take awhile to actually process it, and then she’d have some kind of leeway until she had to get a different visa or leave. Her “I might go traveling soon and do a travel blog” or “I’m going to flee the country” followed by getting herself admitted for something or other matches up. The only thing that makes it unclear is that she is still in touch with mana and his family. And whatever she says about that isn’t more reliable than anything else she says.

No. 308738

shes either on a visa or not and is an illegal alien

No. 308773

>> she talked about Mana's family saving her and supporting her.
One phone call and one proposed visit (which could be a lie like all the other lies she’s been caught in) does not = “saving and supporting her.”

No. 308789

There is a 6 month grace period (more if you have a child with a JP national) to change visas post Japanese divorce. I'm also starting to wonder how many of these rehab& mental hospital check ins are just her way of delaying the process, whether it be for divorce or deportation. She also hasn't been as active lately. Usually when she's officially back at Manas, she starts posting frequently from her room there as well as a few YT videos get filmed. She's having prolonged periods of not being chronically online so I think she's in the transient phase of the cycle. But all this talk about travel, taking in Japan out her bio , and fleeing the country is sus.

No. 308817

i’m speechless. i’m the same age as venus and i can’t imagine so royally fucking up your life. even reading this thread makes me feel nauseous. she’s beyond cringe. was she this brain dead before the alcoholism and drug use? she must be retarded. yeah, just speechless(we literally don't care)

No. 308821

She was already a manipulative narcissist but the retardation came from the alcohol and drug use. It didn’t have to turn out like this.

No. 308823

She reminds me of that documentary The Great Happiness Space. You see these nasty parasite men leaching off of sex workers. Getting these girls so drunk that they are incoherent and unable to stand. That was venus. She fell into that world quite willingly because male attention. I am not sorry for her, she could have done much better than this.
Have you ever listened to a host? They are so cringy and superficial. They're like… drunk himbos… You have to be so self loathing to think that a Japanese host is a fuckable option. Then again, I'm not seeking male approval.(wrong thread)

No. 308851

>> Getting these girls so drunk that they are incoherent
Nobody is “getting her drunk.” She gets herself drunk and has been getting herself drunk for years, without anyone’s help.

No. 308871

Not just attention from men but money. She was still hanging with Ella Frey and Taylor R (both of whom had sugar daddies) around the time she started cheating on Mana with Ken. She wanted to flex and flaunt just like all the other white gaijin hoes who whored themselves out to nasty rich old men with weird ass fetishes. I'll say it a million times. All she had to do was keep pretending to like Manaki and she could be leaving a life near identical to Mikan. She was already doing that before the cheating. Mana went out and worked while she sat on her ass all day and essential did nothing but run around treating Japan like her weeb playground. Yea she wasn't living like Taylor R, but pre cheating on Mana, she did have a lot of nice things, Mana took her places, she always had nice, expensive lolita dresses, hair&nails stayed getting done, had a shit ton of expensive weeb shit etc. She had it easy but completely nuked it by being a vapid, greedy, materialistic hoe.(lamenting)

No. 308879

are u retarded?? or are you 12? The f*ck is this obsession in telling women to stay in unhappy relationships coming from?? you must be a child to really think it is better to stay with someone you dont love, in the same house every friggin day of your life. Stop telling venus she should have stayed with him. Plus this is also about mana who deserves to be with someone who actually wants to be with him. Jesus krist, is this forum full of teenage girls??

No. 308880


No. 308881

NTA but you would have a better point if she cared at all about love and wasn’t looking for a man to take care of her. That’s literally all she wants. She just thought she could move up but she fucked up.
She cannot take care of herself and is now looking for anyone who will and lets herself be abused and humiliated in exchange so which do you think was better?
True about him deserving a nicer partner though, not that she agrees or cares.

No. 308900

like her life is any better now kek

No. 308910

You are clearly retarded and new here if you can't grasp the fact that Venus was using Mana for a visa lol. That or a lost WK fag."stay in unhappy relationship" lmao. Relationship are transactional for Venus. Whether it be friendships or men she's fucking. That's it. She's was never with Mana for love or happiness. Same with Ken. So she could a stayed with Mana for the stability which enabled her to live nicely, or you have what she got with Ken, drugs, porn, bouts of rehabs and homelessness.

No. 308915

>Jesus krist
What even kek

No. 308954

This doesn't make any sense. As a woman, she is already "adopted" into the family through marriage. The type of adoption you're thinking of usually just occurs when a bride's family "adopts" her husband and gives him their name. But a woman marrying a man takes his name by default so there's no need

No. 308970


They don't take the name by default. You have to agree to it and sign papers regarding it. It's not something that just happens when you marry.

No. 308971

Yes that figures I guess. She's so lazy I can't see her taking the time to bother doing much of the official stuff she needs to be doing to stay in the country without having to rely on another person to prop her up.

No. 308972

If they're divorced though, wouldn't that invalidate her visa? even if he did take her back, if they were no longer married, how could she stay in the country?

No. 308973

If it was true what she said years ago about his parents adopting her, would that still be the case even if she divorced Mana? It would still apply if she'd been adopted officially by someone in UK but dont know about other countries laws re adoption.

No. 308974

It does technically, especially as she's unemployed. This is Why she refuses to make it official.

No. 308977

It always struck to me as part of her lies and very a weird one too because mukoyoushi is only practiced on men and only if the woman's family is of much higher socioeconimical status than the man, this way the family name and business can be inherited.

No. 308979

You say this as if she lived a better life now. One thing is to cry on a pissed bed and another is to cry on a clean one. She picked the former because she can't think straight and make smart decisions. It's not like Mana was hitting her.

No. 309012

Can we not tinfoil? We don't know her visa status, posting online and living in japan might be enough of a job by their standards as long as she pays taxes. There's so much wrong info on this thread from people who think a Google search about visas is enough to know the actual ways visas work. This is going nowhere.

No. 309069

As if Venus actually pays her taxes kek

No. 309073

We literally can't prove that either.

No. 309074

You literally can.

No. 309076

Please do us all a favor and post screenshots and proof that she has evaded paying any taxes.

No. 309082

Bitch can’t even brush her hair, teeth, or dress herself, but she’s out here paying nippon taxes ?? Yeah okkkkkkkkkkk

No. 309092

Seriously. She couldn't even pay rent for that house she was staying in. And anons are dumb enough to think this bitch pays her taxes? Peak retardation.

No. 309098

Some of us live in or have lived in Japan. You are right about the people who think a google search will tell them all the requirements, when it is actually decided on a case by case basis. But everything that was said about needing to jump through hoops and do everything right and present yourself nicely was absolutely true.

What it comes down to is if she’s still married, she’s fine, if not, she’s freaking out about her visa. The only proof you need that she didn’t get it all sorted is to look through this thread and past threads and see she’s incapable of that.

No. 309099

>Can we not tinfoil? We don't know her visa status
It's easy to figure out when you've lived in Japan rather than just visited it. I've lived there for more than 10 years, Venus is an open book online so unless she has a double life NONE of us know about, her visa status is definitely pretty obviously tied to being with Mana, thus an official divorce would void it. Japan's visa requirements are pretty straight forward, none of which she meets, again, unless she has a life none of us knows.

No. 309118

There are plenty of illegal immigrants everywhere… she doesn't matter enough for immigration to pick her up, or she hasn't pissed off a resident enough to report her enough. So legal or not, it's a moot point.

No. 309131

No one is saying she already overstayed, unless it just happened and that’s why she is laying low. If she does overstay yes they will arrest her. It’s not a western country where they don’t care. And she relies on welfare (could have lied about that too though) and she won’t be able to go to the doctor/hospital for anything and won’t be able to get her meds. She’d be totally screwed. So yes if she is not able to stay permanently, then at this moment she is running out of time and has no options besides another hospitalization maybe or getting someone to marry her.

No. 309132

Please, i want Margo immigration jail 2: electric boogaloo

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