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File: 1615353942473.jpg (601.29 KB, 1080x1080, Amnesia Mishkali Thread.jpg)

No. 140824

Mishkali (Nikki) and her fiance Svatti (Rae) are cosplayers, youtubers, and tik tokers who typically make content on anime, manga, disney movies, and general pop culture. They reportedly support themselves from patreon and youtube alone. Nikki has over 400k followers on youtube, but only gets decent traction on their My Hero Academia content.

Nikki has been suspected of lying about a severe brain injury recently, which has allegedly made her lose all of her memories from the past 3-7 years. She apparently forgot her name, her fiance, her dogs, her job, past and current friendships, her entire college experience, and any of her own content/interests.

She now goes by "L" which was the last character she cosplayed before "losing" her memories.

Condensed milk/order of events
>On November 24th, 2020, Rae tweeted that Nikki lost her memories so they’d be rewatching Full Metal Alchemist and doing a live-reaction thread.
>On November 25th, Rae announced via a twitter thread that she accidentally hit Nikki on the head with her trunk door, and gave her “retrograde amnesia.”
>Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion and she either spent a night or went home the same day.
>Rae announced the same day that doctors have declared her physically fine and to have no brain damage.
>By November 28th, Nikki was already using tik tok to discuss her amnesia
>On December 1st, 2020, less than a week after losing memories, Nikki posted a 6 part tik tok series as a Q&A on her amnesia.
>On February 3rd, 2021, Nikki posts a “I have amnesia” vlog where it shows the first (same) night she’s back home, and Rae tours her through the house, which comes off as completely staged and fake. She asks questions like “Do we have children?”
>On February 12th, Rae said in a youtube video that Nikki never even passed out or lost consciousness.
>In the same video, Nikki apparently also mentions that she forgot her own name but regained memory of it.
>February 17th, they both posted a video on Nikki's channel where they stated that they wanted to make “Amnesiac” content because they believe it’s a rare opportunity.
>She now wants to go by L (a Death Note character she cosplays often)
>Claims she sometimes thinks her fiance Rae is "Light Yagami," because of previous “cosplay memories”
>Is now reinventing her identity because she feels like she doesn't know who she is anymore.
>Is now “pronoun indifferent”
>They have made four videos on the topic of having amnesia.
>People are starting to question the validity of it in their own joint fan community, so Nikki took to twitter to “dispel” rumors.

Some things about Nikki
>25 years old
>Has a design/Art degree
>Diagnosed with autism
>Had a falling out behind the scene with one of their MHA cosplayer friends but no details were posted
>Adopted from Russia
>Possibly wealthy parents, both her and her fiance live in a large house with an income that doesn’t match
>Says she has been on cognitive rest from screens, but the timeline of her likes/interactions on social media says otherwise

Some things about Rae
>23 years old
>Couple cosplays with Nikki
>Has been absolutely giddy about the circumstances regarding amnesia
>immediately started vlogging in the aftermath
>has shown zero remorse or sadness about accidentally making her fiance lose 7 years??
>First order of business the day after was rewatching old anime instead of alerting friends/family (some found out via twitter)

Links/Social Media

Nikki's new “L” identity twitter

Youtube Channels:
Mishkalli: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXNUGDZjNzsX2yvmYArMOw
Svatti: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChSBBUcQEA8-88iAeeCZWMw

Tik Tok:
Mishkali: https://www.tiktok.com/@mishkalii?lang=en

Amnesia Videos
“I Have Retrograde Amnesia” Vlog

"I Forgot My GF Tag"

"I Have Retrograde Amnesia | GRWM"

"Updates and What to Expect"


this topic might lead to some medfaggotry, so I’ll let mods decide if it’s ok to list a link/summary on what retrograde amnesia is/isn’t.

No. 140825

File: 1615354003033.png (71.72 KB, 635x659, Svatti first mention.PNG)

Rae's first mention of the amnesia

No. 140826

File: 1615354035501.png (75.5 KB, 617x728, Svatti announcement 1.PNG)

No. 140827

File: 1615354139939.png (93.89 KB, 597x730, Svatti announcement 2.PNG)

No. 140828

File: 1615354316996.png (29.52 KB, 604x293, Svatti announcement 3.PNG)

No. 140829

File: 1615354596328.png (60.81 KB, 600x598, im not lying!.PNG)

and is now relapsing into her ED again because she "forgot" her recovery

No. 140832

>Priority #1 after a life changing experience: Liveblog watching an anime for notes.

This is so painfully fake it hurts. Sounds like they were hard up for viewership since bnha isn't taking in the views as much anymore.

No. 140834

they had been getting harassed for more mha content when they announced all of this shit, and nikki had lost interest. Also svatti was the main attraction for mha.

No. 140839

>Sounds like they were hard up for viewership

This. I hadn’t even heard of them until all this happened and then Twitter started recommending their amnesia tweets to me. I just don’t get how within hours of doing something like that to her, before they even know if she’s medically okay, she would be making public jokes about it. Then live-blogging her watching anime instead of seeking out a neurology specialist? This shit just doesn’t sit right

No. 140848

>It's honestly kinda fun XD
This whole thing reads like a Wattpad fanfiction. The least they could do is have convincing emotional reactions.

No. 140850

File: 1615389120249.png (49.37 KB, 1032x427, 7778ddud.png)

Samefagging to add,
If this was all a ploy to cash in on the Death Note fandom resurgance… I have no words.

No. 140852

Incase people are trying to find when Svatti said nikki never even passed out, and starts getting into other cringey/fake parts, it's at the 3:59 minute mark on this video


No. 140853

File: 1615390457510.png (30.28 KB, 601x314, svatti5.PNG)

it gets worse

No. 140857

whoops forgot to embed

No. 140859

File: 1615392336639.png (247.4 KB, 608x525, Lpfplol.PNG)

don't mean to keep samefagging/adding to the thread, but there's just a lot of shit showing their asses.

>I have chosen to have an eating disorder

cannot tell if this is a typo.

No. 140860

This is the part makes it obvious that she's lying and I don't see why people aren't calling her on it more.

Even if her last memory was of cosplaying L, her memory should be of cosplaying the character. Cosplaying. Amnesia doesn't alter your old memories. Why would she suddenly think that she IS L or confuse her gf with Light when she had no 2013 "memories" of living her life as this fictional character? This is some dumb ass movie bullshit.

No. 140861

File: 1615393129070.png (18.52 KB, 586x153, itsaspectrum!.PNG)

like I said before I don't wanna medfag, but the uwu mental-health-is-quirky crowd seems to think smacking the word "spectrum" onto something suddenly means that there aren't any hard fast rules in medicine.

No nikki, you cannot forget 7 years of your life and not even pass out. And immediately post onto your social media the next day.

Also after rewatching the "I have amnesia | GRWM" video, I'm realizing now that the "house tour" amnesia vlog was the same day of the incident and they hadn't gone to the ER yet…so literally vlogging WAS the first priority.

No. 140865

File: 1615396485055.png (60.48 KB, 595x542, hallmarkmovie.PNG)

same ayrt, adding on. It smells of some dumbass movie shit because she really wants it to be. this was posted three days after the incident

No. 140874

I hate how this implies they went shopping in Death Note cosplay.

No. 140885

Thanks again for compiling this, anon! More people should realize how full of bs their entire spiel is.

No. 140888

File: 1615409323786.png (960.24 KB, 2480x1347, mishkali.png)

Her amnesia GRWM video popped up on my recommended. The format in which they decided to elaborate on the matter was suspicious enough, but on top of that they seem like complete scammers. Nikki especially. Must be the greasy bangs.

I don't have any milk per sé, just a couple money hungry tweets from Nikki. Waiting for the autistic cosplay content on onlyfans.

No. 140891

This is hilarious. Thanks for setting up the thread Anon, I was curious when it was mention in one of the other cosplay threads.

This is the kind of crazy fake cosplay stunt that someone would have pulled in like 2010. It's great to see this sort of lying/roleplaying sort of thing is still going on to this day and age.

I wonder how long they'll try and pull this off before they come up with another crazy sort of story to fall behind.

No. 140897

I was so confused to see that they had been playing up this charade for months now and that they haven't had a thread yet.

This is for sure circa 2009-2010 antics, and the weirdest part is that they haven't gotten much pushback?? The fact that they are saying people are accusing them of lying is at least an indicator that there is some, but I can't find it in comments sections. They must be deleting shit.

No. 140901

File: 1615416835739.png (280.15 KB, 608x633, mha content no more.PNG)

money must be drying up because they pulled this stuff right after they were attempting to shift to Deathnote content, and they were getting annoyed by MHA content requests.

Their typical video gets 20-50k views while their MHA videos get hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Just search terming MHA and her twitter, you can see so many tweets of her getting pissed that people want more mha.

No. 140907

making a correction to what I wrote in the order of events, and confirming what I said here >>140861 :

The Amnesia vlog/house tour IS the day nikki hit her head and she had *not* actually been to the hospital yet

No. 140975

File: 1615496226235.png (55.88 KB, 618x544, in25yEars.PNG)

no problem!

forgot to add the rest of this twitter thread. It just keeps sounding more mentally ill.

No. 141283

File: 1615722286104.png (371.2 KB, 584x522, mish.png)

So after watching the amnesia GRWM Youtube keeps pushing her GRWM videos in my feed and good god is she a munchy. I skipped through the video because now way in hell am I listening to her blabber on about her period while doing her makeup for 20 minutes. This video is about endometriosis, and evidently she had a hystorectomy because of it? I've heard of only a few cases where the condition led to a hystorectomy. She also says that her ovaries and fallopian tubes are still there. I'm not a doctor but seems like bullshit to me.

She also mentioned being homeschooled, which explains a lot.

No. 141284

File: 1615722337953.png (94.91 KB, 1202x316, mish2.png)

Our amnesiatic, autistic, endometric cosplay kween

No. 141287

File: 1615735310853.png (108.73 KB, 528x280, Untitled.png)

there's several types of hysterectomy's, she's probably describing a partial one.

that being said, I HIGHLY doubt she's had one because of endo. They won't usually do it for that. That and she's so young, they'd go out of their way to make sure she kept it.

No. 141288

Very intrigued to see a thread on these two after I saw the amnesia vlog because it kept showing up in my recommended. Maybe it's just me but that was my first impression of her and the way she interacted with someone she for all intents and purposes had never met before came off as rather rude and arrogant. It also kind of rubbed me the wrong way that the she went straight into talking about how ugly one of the dogs was despite supposedly "meeting" them for the first time.

No. 141300

If there’s no reason to remove the fallopian tubes, they will usually be left in because they help with hormonal balance. That being said, I still highly doubt she had a hysterectomy done. Doctors are extremely misogynistic and will do everything to keep your baby factory open. You could be rolling on the ground in pain, screaming for them to take out your uterus and they’d be like “nah.”

I know several people irl and online with endo and out of all of them, only one has had a hysterectomy. In her case, the endo was extremely advanced, she was in almost constant pain, and she was also in her mid to late 30s by the time a doctor agreed to take it (it really only even happened then because she would have died otherwise)

No. 141354

Yea her having it done so young is likely BS, my mom was only allowed to have it cause she's in her 50s with multiple kids already. She was even told that if she was younger without kids they wouldn't have agreed to the removal despite the intense pain.

No. 141375

File: 1615804327252.png (1.44 MB, 736x1090, mish3.png)

Spoiled milk, but I didn't know that Nikki was originally known as RetardedJackSparrow (still visible on her Youtube link in her Twitter bio). Wonder how she hasn't gotten cancelled for it by her sjw extremist follower base.

No. 141390

File: 1615825772975.jpeg (206.45 KB, 1170x551, F63C384F-172D-469E-90C0-9D37DD…)

You’d think she would make a new link for her YouTube channel this looks so bad in her bio

No. 141426

I noticed that and I’m so confused her fans haven’t gotten pissed yet

Not gonna lie I kinda believe the autism, because faking amnesia is preying autistic, also she was diagnosed as a kid.

No. 141427

File: 1615840518594.jpeg (168.05 KB, 1242x927, 858DFFD3-B84E-44E3-997D-844669…)

>If I named myself after a death note character

She is cosplaying the character that is now literally her name. She didn’t choose Elle, but she chose “L”

She has to think people are dumb to not see the link

No. 141447

makes me wonder if they delete negative comments and comb through everything. But this is next level cringe weeb behavior right here. That and it isn't just faking amnesia, it's faking amnesia and larping around as anime bishies

No. 141448

File: 1615850645856.png (19.34 KB, 537x171, theincharacterpfp.PNG)

it's sooo strange to think that a person's first thought while being in a home she doesn't remember is "haha this dog is ugly"

Even if she wants to use the "I was disoriented" excuse, she still has been overall jovial about this, especially rae.
Also she says in her "I have amnesia grwm" video that she knew that she couldn't remember anything, and that she was "analyzing" everyone to see how to act??? Like as if it's a fucking jason bourne movie lol

Them both having their profile pictures as death note characters is killing me. The proof is right there.

No. 141482

>>141300 & basically everyone else.

Your healthcare system must suck.
I had a hysterectomy due to endo - it wasn’t severe but the pain was pretty intense, they took everything but my ovaries - they’re what cause the hormonal imbalance when removed and is the only reason they kept mine - being in my late 20s and hitting menopause doesn’t sound fun, neither does HRT to try and counteract that.

Not saying that this girl isn’t full of shit, but it’s actually pretty common. It’s just not a topic people often discuss because you go through so many emotions after having it done - loss of baby factory makes some women feel less .. valuable I guess.

No. 141498


Agreeing with what >>141482. Nikki is a munchie in her own right about a lot of things, but this might not be one of them. She mentioned in a patreon vlog (I'll try to get it on here later) that she was getting a pregnancy test removed from her hospital bill's itemized list because they took it from her blood and they didn't ask her if she could get pregnant. That seems like a bit too in depth of a lie to off-hand mention in a vlog.

No. 141501

File: 1615908360861.png (17.75 KB, 536x154, fat2.PNG)

I've been combing through/search terming twitter and comment sections, and other things when they post, and I have never ever seen anyone refer to Nikki as being fat. She is literally thin and petite with an ED. And sure she might be getting DMs but I just don't buy it.

She started to push this idea that people were calling her fat in the MHA cosplay vids, after they started doing really well. And Rae was the cosplayer everyone was there to see..

No. 141505

File: 1615909006774.png (186.39 KB, 555x371, oldmeme.PNG)

Last thing for now, but also she keeps retweeting and liking memes that are dated during the time she "lost her memories"

No. 142100

File: 1616393628229.png (27.54 KB, 1057x164, youtubecomments1.png)

sa. Found youtube comments from a few days ago combatting her, and she's now saying she had previous head conditions? She's never claimed this before.

I didn't post the person she was responding to because I smell cowtipping, but if y'all want to find it, it's at the end of her comment section on the video "I Forgot My GF GF Tag"

No. 142112

She is such an idiot. Why hasn't she mentioned any of the previous damage in her videos about the amnesia? It would garner more sympathy than just a mysterious car door concussion.

No. 142168

File: 1616447740679.jpeg (315.79 KB, 1242x1354, 4DD1FBEF-5DAC-4139-AD1F-23791B…)

might be cow-tipping but they made some decent points that aren’t in this thread so I think it’s worth it. Also she replied more

No. 142169

File: 1616448002207.jpeg (259.58 KB, 1242x1010, EB4E980F-21B9-4BE2-AC8A-C8B3A3…)

adding nikki’s response after. also noticed that all of the comments that are confused or questioning are at the bottom of the comment section, these were posted only a few days ago?

No. 142171

File: 1616448234569.jpeg (218.3 KB, 1242x941, 23D2DF31-EE8A-4FA3-8948-7549A2…)

Aren’t hospitals super liable for discharging potentially serious injuries without insisting they stay? Knowing her she absolutely would have stayed, and she said in her vlog that she’s lucky to have good insurance from her dad .

A hospital wouldn’t let someone with a chopped off leg go home even if the person insisted, because they’d essentially be assisting in suicide.

No. 142174

File: 1616449170369.png (9.17 MB, 1242x2208, 02AC986E-5608-4E9D-8499-DF8B4D…)

she has multiple videos talking about her medical conditions and never mentioned head injuries in any.. Clearly a quick lie lol

Hope I’m not flooding but i can’t believe more people aren’t on this, I really hope more people look at her and rachel. Rachel in particular kinda seems like a driving force from what I’ve watched. Also her tiktok is a treasure trove, check the caption

No. 142198

This is so ridiculous. Just days after losing several years of memories she's back to creating modern tik tok memes? She really thinks she can have it both ways…

No. 142199


An American hospital can and will keep you if you have major head trauma. The only way they would let her out was if they determined she was capable of intelligently and knowingly signing paperwork that released her on her own reconnaissance . This is why if someone has you committed for suicidal ideation you can't chose to leave but if you check yourself in you can.

Her fiance has no legal power to do it and they wouldn't allow her it if she had no idea who/where/when she was. She lost 7 years, meaning she would fail a basic cognition test which asks what year it is. Her doctor would be committing medical malpractice letting am amnesiac just go like that. If she did leave of her own reconnaissance somehow (like the her 7 years ago knows how to press for the right to be released and would really cause issues for staff) she would not only know the term for leaving against doctor's orders, but she would also be making a major mistake that would follow her medically for the rest of her life insurance wise.

No. 142205

Christ. You can tell she's milking the amnesia thing by even saying that in the caption. Could have just left a normal description but she is loving this attention. Faking major head injuries is gross and anons are right, she should be getting more shit for this.

No. 142232

interestingly enough, she said in her GRWM video that she only remembered that it was "2020"

Very fucking convenient.

No. 142236

File: 1616517552388.png (11.67 KB, 526x103, ok2012.PNG)

I am starting to get the vibe that she is using this amnesia shit to age herself down. What's with the terminology here? It's almost like she's a teen in the mid 2010s… oh wait, that would be exactly 7 years ago. She's 25 now.

Also she has stopped referring to Rae as her fiance, and seems to be using girlfriend/boyfriend to refer to Rae. Cause you know, she forgot the engagement.. This could also be a way to have grounds for a break up in the future. Also Rae is NOT trans, she is a slightly butch girl, so Idk why nikki keeps calling her "boyfriend"…

I'm almost pissed rae is in all of this shit because rae actually is hot with a talent for cosplay.

No. 142289

I think the motive is attention, simple as. There's literally nothing to hint at pretending to be younger in the tweet you capped or in her public communication on social media.

Also, Rae isn't that hot and cosplay isn't a talent. whereas patternmaking, sewing, makeup and grooming are.

No. 142314

maybe it was a nitpick, but I was referring to the use of the word "smutty" I just haven't met someone in their mid 20s using such a dated word.

ok if you don't find rae hot then that's your opinion? I think she is, and liking her cosplay is subjective.

I think she then claimed that she had some tik toks saved from before the "incident." But it doesn't make sense because why would that even be a priority?? like nikki, if you really lost your memory, maybe go to therapy? call your parents? get offline??

No. 142454

File: 1616629357875.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, 9012E199-DF33-4281-B035-B16063…)

she’s been posting a lot of artistic Tik toks with music that came out 7ish years ago (marina and the diamonds FROOT album and Lana del rey stuff). She is definitely trying to come off as 7 years younger (mentally)

check this caption

No. 142547

File: 1616693346900.jpeg (125.59 KB, 1242x759, E729A771-E402-4068-9068-C69226…)

I feel like they’re gonna speed up to her remembering everything. Or, she gets “hit” on the head again and suddenly remembers the last 7 years lol

No. 142548

File: 1616693495334.jpeg (223.96 KB, 1242x1398, 143F58E1-AB6D-4CEB-960F-09E3D8…)

Tweeting this on her main acct? Is she not embarrassed? I’m not for always making adults turn their personal spaces into pure kid friendly spaces, but her audience is mostly made up of teens …

No. 142598

Even if she didn’t have teens following her, that’s still an extremely cringy thing to post on main

No. 142623

you would've thought she forgot the mandalorian too, huh

No. 143239

File: 1617146960244.png (420.32 KB, 569x478, Mudstreak.PNG)

sage for being off topic, but I can't believe she cosplays for a living and nikki continues to have mud streaks for contours. She already has a super horse face, and L has a V shaped face so I don't get why she's even going in this direction.

No. 143242

That's actually a good point because I'm pretty sure the elmo meme it's based off is maybe 4 years old itself so how would she know it's context or meaning?

No. 143255

File: 1617152494197.png (20.99 KB, 663x139, doctorsdontcareiguess.PNG)

I am not including the person's reply because they're definitely being really suspect for talking to her about stuff from this thread, but her response here really shows what >>142199 is talking about in regards to the healthcare system. There's no way they'd let a 7 year memory loss amnesiac out after a few hours

She has NO clue what severe amnesia actually entails

No. 143257

File: 1617153852020.png (351.25 KB, 742x490, Screenshot (931).png)

Good points. I initially wasn't going to post this because I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she picked up on some modern lingo in the few months since her accident, but it also struck me as discordant with her amnesia that she used the term "fit" to refer to her birthday outfit. Didn't that only come into popular use a year or two ago?

It's not completely unbelievable but it is a bit odd for her to be so quickly and casually "with the times" and all the nuance that entails.

No. 143258

no, it's been around for awhile

No. 143260

Is that supposed to be L? It looks nothing like him. I thought she was trying to be Matsuda.

No. 143319

File: 1617212935118.png (11.2 KB, 517x105, here we go.PNG)

I agree with >>143258

unfortunately yes, it's embarrassing seeing the difference in cosplay accuracy between her and rae. But rae also just has a better suited face for it.

>pic attached

And here we go with the fake boi/enBy journey! The name change to "L" being because of her favorite boy character is just undeniable at this point.

No. 143631

File: 1617432678183.png (47.58 KB, 742x378, swanhouse.PNG)

so they're spending hundreds (maybe even more??) to fly to the pacific northwest a year from now, to do a deathnote/twilight skit??? There was a twilight nostalgia resurgence on like tik tok and twitter earlier in the pandemic, but that wave completely ended… They are severely behind the trends

No. 143634

File: 1617435491995.jpeg (261.64 KB, 750x1059, 86BA28AD-B687-406B-84C6-6817BB…)

I don’t think they’re doing this to be trendy, I think this is them frivolously living out their middle school fantasy

I looked into it and apparently the house is an Airbnb. Reading the description, the owner typically requires a two night minimum. And while this screenshot says $379, the description says $450 for Friday/Saturday bookings so depending on what days of the week they booked, they may have spent $750-$900 minimum to book the house

No. 143635

File: 1617437906676.png (23.31 KB, 740x217, healthcare.PNG)

true, but what's weird is the fact that they're living out their middle school fantasy to double as making cosplay content that will then pay* when that's definitely not gonna happen. Her next few tweets are followed by her complaining about not having enough money for insurance?? spending 750-900 when you're about to be completely uninsured soon is mighty steep (she's aging out of her parents plan)

No. 143879

File: 1617599051902.jpeg (123.75 KB, 1242x572, D927C204-E88F-456C-B613-499952…)

they appear to be oh so traumatized at losing nearly a decade of memories…

No. 143927

You'd think they'd be smart enough to at least watch a few documentaries on amnesia to get their basic knowledge down. Neither has a fucking clue the trauma of memory loss and it shows badly. People lose it from just losing days let alone 7 whole years.

No. 143941

This. I think the most bizarre thing to me is how blasé they were about picking up their relationship. I'm no expert on amnesia but I imagine most people would either be devastated to have lost all their shared memories with their loved one or uncomfortable to be thrust into a relationship/living situation with a virtual stranger (not to mention the feelings of pressure, guilt, resentment, etc. that can potentially stem from that) but of course these two just treat it like a casual bit of fun.

No. 144017

that's what's killing me the most, like you'd think they would have read at least ONE medical journal on the topic? One of the first videos that are recommended on the topic of amnesia is a Crash Course Science video that covers some of the very very basics, but I can already tell this is what they most likely watched.

Forgetting years worth of people, places, things, entire events, is rare. People usually forget shit like how to type quickly, how to get to school, a buildings layout that they once knew quite well. But forgetting your fiance was seriously the move she decided to make?

I can't quite tell if this is an orchestrated effort, or if nikki started pretending and Rachel is rolling with it? I am leaning toward the latter, because it really does tie in with typical middle school chuunibyou/weeb actions.

No. 144036

I'm wondering how long the "USA healthcare won't help me" plot will last since it's easily debunked by >>143635 of her being still on her parents plan during her 'accident' Plus head injuries are monitored if there's even a chance of injury to the brain, let alone 7 year memory loss. Let's hope one of their fans has medical professional parents and asks them, the blowout after will be the stuff of cosplay cringe hall of fame. Maybe even above the homestucker who tried dying her skin with a sharpie bath.

No. 144046

File: 1617741728764.jpeg (213.5 KB, 1242x1713, 3B1C582E-8C13-47A5-824D-783FE2…)

>chuunibyo antics

It only gets worse. They are both really getting into their deathnote identity crises.

Adding more pics

No. 144047

File: 1617741974305.jpeg (200.31 KB, 1242x1265, 1262922F-4FA5-4BA4-B0F5-092B37…)

Followed by this.

Rachel truly didn’t seem like she’d be on the non-binary train, when she’s been comfortable being feminine outside of (and inside of) cosplay up until now. They are all one step away from kinning.

Also something to point out, there’s an entire AMNESIA Arc in deathnote…. it’s caused by supernatural circumstances, and not a bump on the head, but still. Way too much of a coincidence.

No. 144105

I completely forgot about that part in Deathnote, that's a great point.

At this point they're just LARPing. I guarantee there will be a new saga in this whole thing, likely when they want to jump fandom to something else.

No. 144326

File: 1617892048924.png (63.04 KB, 797x608, patreonpost.PNG)

following up on the "amnesiac content" because it looks like they're finally bringing their big audience grab into the mix. post attached is from their patreon. This is just full on larping

also erin is their third wheel assistant

No. 144328

Sorry to bring back a dead topic, but she’s definitely shown her Hysterectomy scar before in a vlog, I’m combing through to find it but she might have made it patreon exclusive.

No. 144612

The funniest thing is he doesn't even have amnesia, just the parts with the deathnote. He had Ryuk take it back to throw L off his case and save Misa because her shinigami told him she'd kill him herself if he didn't save her. He remembers everything outside of his part as the killer.

No. 144632

Nikki is LARPing as L though, not Light (the guy who willingly gets partial "amnesia"). They're still LARPers for sure but this is a weird point.

No. 144660


I think it’s more about how the “amnesia” in deathnote was probably a point of inspiration/influence for Nikki and Rae, because they were rewatching the series + cosplaying for days at a time before the incident occurred.
It’s just too much of a coincidence in some ways, even if the characters don’t match.

No. 144673

Im willing to bet they stole it from some amnesiac!L AU fanfic.

No. 144898

New Nikki video just dropped and it continues to stay weird.

Some key points, not necessarily in order

>nikki's real name isn't even nikki, and actually changed it to nikki years ago due to a main character in a book she read in middle school when she wanted to "reinvent herself"

>says this time it's totally different and she is definitely NOT changing her name to L because of deathnote
>says she even dislikes L and he's her least fave character
>only does deathnote cosplays because rae loves it
>she has premonition dreams, and one dream recently had a book with the name "L" on it with her last name.
>says she is now going through another identity crisis with losing her memory
>felt pressure about the relationship she had with rae, so now they're not on an engaged status but just "dating"
>says she is pronoun indifferent and feels that she is non-binary/androgynous
>does not want to transition, however wants to remove breats because her chest causes her dysmorphia
>says she feels mentally like a teen because her mind is still in 2013, and does not feel like an "adult"
>plans on telling her parents that she wants to go by L and only L

What's wild about all of this is that she A) admits to having named herself after a favorite character in the past and B) is trying to say she in fact hates L and she is definitely not changing her name to him now. Even though she's been cosplaying him for more than four months straight, and is already planning on multiple other skits???? All of which are not bringing in as much money as their MHA content. Sure jan.

No. 144921

File: 1618179555377.jpeg (114.36 KB, 1242x689, A147364D-4406-4506-B0EA-1B0A3B…)


>I have body dysmorphia but not facial dysmorphia, I know I’m conventionally attractive.

Yeah I don’t think so. I’m sorry but her bang situation is really not suiting her horse face and jutted chin

No. 144922

ngl she kinda just has an unfortunate face. She looks nice with a middle part and embracing her natural lines/elongated face and headshape, but the hime bangs are so not suited, and weirdly ages her. Makes her look like a 35 year kpop fan


last thing I wanna tack on and say is that this >>142236 is confirmed by this video. She does think she's "mentally" a teenager.

No. 144928

I think she's kind of cute but her gummy smile is unfortunate. That combined with her slightly discoloured teeth and greasy looking bangs give her a rather unkempt appearance imo.

No. 144987

The only real issue is the gummy smile. Though I wouldn't also call her "conventionally attractive". She's just very normal looking. Not ugly but not girl next door either. The Korean hairstyle doesn't work for her either. Something shorter would be better.
TBI are weird and can seem inconsistent and come with weird personality changes like impulsiveness so I don't know what to say about that assuming her injury was real.
Whether or not she's lying about amnesia, naming yourself after an anime character is peak cringe. Especially one like L. Very narc like.

No. 145126

File: 1618323881097.jpeg (191.83 KB, 1212x1183, 48FDA3DC-22B4-4F22-9E9A-5DE1C7…)

Her amnesia story immediately became a lie when Rae’s first reaction to nikki waking up (not even after a hospital visit, this was two hours after the incident) was to vlog her getting an “amnesia” house tour. No one can tell me any of that is real if she seriously lost 7 years.

Yeah I honestly would say she just doesn’t have the face for cosplay in particular, and it really brings out her worst features.

No. 145400

File: 1618481754987.jpeg (304.81 KB, 1242x1714, F817EE1E-AB4E-4C82-BA50-E5248F…)

More “I’m mentally a teenager now” fodder

No. 145403

File: 1618482358872.jpeg (175.28 KB, 1242x971, 3FB56FFA-DE34-443A-9212-FA8A15…)


Adding on an off topic interesting note I heard in their mha GRWM video: nikki had to look up age of consent laws after she hooked up with Rae (rae was 17 and she was 20). I don’t have much thoughts concerning it because I guess it’s not a huge gap, but I definitely wasn’t into high schoolers when I was in the middle of college. Also she knew her age beforehand and rae was trying to keep it a secret. Rae reeeally looked young at the time, ngl. Look up their first gf tag video

No. 145423

God this is getting so cringe and everyday it looks more and more like they’re larping

Yeah I don’t see their age gap as an issue now, but a 20 year old hooking up with a high schooler is a little strange

No. 145430

File: 1618497825865.png (761.48 KB, 876x548, rae.PNG)

learn 2 sage fr*end

I think if they had even met when rae was out of high school it would have been pretty normal, but yeah when I was 20 I definitely thought high schoolers were kids. Photo ref of Rae at 18 on the left

No. 145435

Agreed that their gap isn't that big of a deal now, but what a weird way of framing it. Like, why even admit to having to look up the age of consent? Do they think it's cute or quirky?

No. 145456

More corrections to the thread head due to new info:

>Nikki does not have a design degree from her expensive school, she dropped out

>The incident occurred Nov 24th, the amnesia house tour was also made the 24th, and they went to the hospital on the 25th.
>Doctors have suggested she go to general therapy, and she currently has not

No. 146237

"Amnesiac cosplay content" has been posted on patreon. The video is a My Hero Academia sketch and it involves deku (played by of course nikki) losing the last 7 years of his life, and reverting to the age of a 7 year old. Immediately afterwards, he wants to throw bakugou a birthday party because it's the only thing he remembers..

You know, for someone who supposedly lost 7 years of her life, she really doesn't seem to be traumatized in the slightest when recreating a parody experience of it. You'd think they would at least pretend to be sad to get sympathy points, but no they're all so giddy.

No. 146238

File: 1619029401361.jpg (98.14 KB, 1034x621, dekuamnesia.JPG)

oh dropped the pic

No. 146245

it's honestly hilarious how little effort she's putting in this lie and how many are lapping it up. Like it's a symptom of dementia and as someone who works in elderly care. She really has no concept of the absolute struggle memory loss is. Even just small details like room layout is devastating to someone, and she's over here playing off 7 years like it's just a quirky flaw.

No. 146258

That makeup is so bad and the wig just looks like green napoleon dynamite hair

Yeah it’s beyond me how anyone can believe them at this point. I know people react to things in different ways, but this is getting ridiculous. Their story makes no sense and the way they treat amnesia like it isn’t a big deal is unbelievable

No. 146260

They're banking on their fans not knowing what memory loss is and rely on their knowledge of it from popular media.
blogpost whatever but I've actually lost memory from a head injury and it's nothing like this, it's not some fucking funny little adventure they depict it as. But it's their hugbox that lap it up like devoted little fans.

It's just awful and not even a good like like you've both pointed out. It's just like some shitty 3-star fanfic.

No. 146263

And since people don't know anything about memory loss, when they get bored with this act they'll probably pull an "oh she suddenly just remembered everything!" and people will buy it.

No. 146288

the youtube comment responses she posted (>>143255) is a clear example that much like nikki and rae's audience, they're relying on pop culture references to what amnesia is like to pass this off. Not to be repetitive, but they seriously think memory loss from brain trauma is this intangible metaphysical outcome, rather than a real reaction to physical damage.

She's already stated in one of her amnesia vids that she's gonna be slowly "regaining" memories "everyday" so that's absolutely what will happen.

No. 147931

File: 1619763692276.jpeg (305.28 KB, 1242x1754, 89F3646D-4A1B-424E-A4BE-8C10BB…)

Second pic following.

All of this because she’s kinning a deathnote character?

No. 147932

File: 1619763774717.jpeg (497.15 KB, 1242x1842, F641ED1E-FE45-41F6-882E-92D34D…)

No. 147946

File: 1619770452976.jpg (74.31 KB, 835x637, Helicopter.JPG)

they actually spent hundreds (thousand?) of dollars to do a deathnote skit… and nikki's side twitter name a play on a deathnote character's name. Yep, she reaaaally hates L is only doing it for rae

No. 148065

Can you imagine the cringe her family feels. Seriously who 'doesn't mean' to change their name. She meant to and wanted fan asspats for her family rightfully being like what the fuck at her.

No. 148080

I don’t know what internalizing a panic attack means and I’ve been hospitalized a few times

No. 148320

She seems to want the deadname trans experience but she doesn't want to actually be called trans (which fair enough, she's just an nlog).

Because in what world does a new chosen name mean your old name makes you physically sick to hear it?? And the name nikki was already a fake name. I wanna know what her legal name is, but can't seem to find much

No. 148513

File: 1620080877840.jpg (100.94 KB, 774x426, brokenfam.JPG)

she is now no contact with her family, this is a response to a patron telling their own story.

She literally changed her name to a Deathnote character and now she won't speak to the parents she had a decent enough relationship with not long ago.

No. 153874

Some of you are a bit off about retrograde amnesia, so I wanted to chime in if that’s okay. One of you claimed someone with amnesia would need to learn to speak again, which is false. Language is stored in a different part of the brain. I hope this is okay. My English isn’t the best so I’m sorry if this makes no sense. Some of you are not educated enough to be discussing this without hurting others.

No. 153877

Learn how to fucking sage, and you sound like either one of them or a fan.
Nobody said amnesia = relearning how to speak. Severe retrograde amnesia (up to 7 years of loss) is just never isolated, it’s paired with anterograde, speech loss, and sometimes refined mobility loss. Amnesia is for sure weird, but her situation is straight out of fiction.

Waking up after losing seven years of your life and doing a house tour on camera is just munchie galore.

No. 153904

File: 1622587190894.jpeg (309.98 KB, 1242x1717, 3E93036E-087B-4587-8297-B53814…)

Her fans definitely found the thread, she posted a video

No. 153906

No. 153908

File: 1622588548593.jpg (48.99 KB, 837x183, okchilde.jpg)

Her fans.

No. 153914


Summary for those who don’t wanna watch, sorry if this is long

> says she wants to address the rumors of people not believing her

> says she does in fact have it
> She apologizes for how she’s been handling it and how she’s been conducting herself
> Says she’s on the spectrum and that she has never met the expectations of how people expect her to behave
> Says the reason why the amnesia content has seemed super upbeat is because she doesn’t wanna show the negative
> Says she didn’t wanna trigger people with the real side of amnesia
> Says she has actually been assaulted and that people didn’t believe her then
> Blah blah trauma
> Says she was probably withholding stuff from the actual incident when she was with Rae
> Says she “likely did pass out” when rae went into the shower, which is when she realized she didn’t know who the people she was around were.
> Says she decided to just be rational and try to “roll” with the situation, despite not feeling comfortable.
> Says she tried to retain normalcy to not disrupt rae’s life.

> Said she has now realized that she was avoiding the fact that her and Rae are no longer dating, due to the fact that she really doesn’t know Rae.

> Says they still have sexual chemistry and are good friends

> Says she would love to just have her own apartment and figure things out on her own
> Says she doesn’t remember making the choices of wanting to be with Rae
> Says she still has not regained most of her memories
> this isn’t the life she wanted, and the last thing she remembers is going to college for film and ditching cosplay due to drama from the black butler fandom
> blah blah panic attacks
> says through metaphysical healing she’s l realized that she shouldn’t have pretended it was a hallmark movie
> says she was nearly suicidal before the accident and thinks her memory loss is connected to it, and wonders if PTSD is connected
>rinse repeat

She not so subtly tries to address shit that’s been mentioned in the thread, like getting modern trends or relearning new software/apps so quickly, but she doesn’t say much on it. She also mentioned that she remembered some things closer to the accident (lol that’s especially not how that works)

you were right anon that this was a reinvent herself/break up with Rae move

No. 153916

The comments on this video are ALL sympathetic asspats too… She's lucky her fans are so stupid I guess…

No. 153922

It’s like all of her fans find it totally believable that she has literally assumed the name of the character she was cosplaying around the incident, and that she did a home tour an hour after “forgetting everything”

Totally normal guys. Oh it’s also interesting how it’s her doctors that keep bringing up the mental health possibility rather than blunt force trauma amnesia.

No. 153964

Bless you for the recap. My adhd ass saw that 30 min time stamp and checked out

Anyway this is completely unsurprising. It seems anytime they see someone poke a hole in their story, they rush and give some half-assed answer

No. 153969

File: 1622614070579.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, BD7DA47C-204F-47CD-A550-95F003…)

Her apologizing about how fake it all seemed and even saying “it’s not a hallmark movie, we shouldn’t pretend like it is” is such an obvious way to give themselves more wiggle room.

Same with the “I probably passed out” when in the Amnesia GRWM video her AND Rae said she didn’t pass out at all. Now it’s, “I passed out when she went into the shower, probably,” when even Rae said she took Nikki to the bed…?

Most of the damning comments came from Rae, I’m wondering if it lead to a fight? Rae didn’t post anything in support of the YouTube vid/tweet.

she did in fact pay lc a visit, pic related

No. 153986

This patreon post explains the loser who tried to defend her earlier in forum before… I wouldn't be surprised if more of her idiots come trying to share their professional medical inputs now

No. 154018

Lmao bitch no one ends up here accidentally

No. 154187

File: 1622731609069.jpeg (403.55 KB, 1242x1652, 0CDC0E80-97EA-41F4-BAFE-A523AC…)

You know this whole lie could’ve been a blip in the ocean if she had just said she regained her memories. It would have obviously been an over exaggeration, but at least it’d be somewhat more plausible (still not how it works). Oh and that “metaphysical healing through crystals” is helping her with her amnesia lel.

Leaving your hobby that has a lot of fans that stresses you out, and leaving your significant other who does well in that area and who also you collab with, because you suddenly forgot it all… might convenient way to start over. She was expressing stress/lack of interest in cosplay even before the “incident”

No. 155185

called from the beginning that this whole "amnesia" thing was a ploy to leave rachel. take a look at some of their recent (before amnesia) joint videos. nikki looks annoyed more often than not.

No. 155187

File: 1623269959714.jpg (602.63 KB, 1079x1176, Screenshot_20210609-161938_Twi…)

Saying that she wants her own apartment and doesn't feel romantically attracted to Rae anymore, yet taking Rae as her date to an old high school gathering the day before..seems weird. Almost feels like Nikki is leading Rae on.

No. 155527

If it's true, why doesn't she just post the records from her diagnosis to prove it?

Breaking up with her gf, getting tons of attention on her content, and "raising money for the medical bills" through donations over this makes it seem like a huge scam. Even if none of those things happened, her behavior does not make sense for someone who lost seven years of memories and her ~ amnesia ~ content looks like such a gimmick for views.

Not to armchair but she just comes across as on the spectrum and not wanting to take any responsibility for her own life.

No. 155544

as someone who used to watch nikki/like her content, i know that she tends to use being on the spectrum and having mental illness as an excuse not to take responsibility. going through her twitter literally makes me cringe in the way that she's desperately trying to seem like she's actually reverted back to her teenage self. at first, i thought rae was in on the whole thing, but at this point, i don't think she is. i think maybe rae has been suspicious from the start but willing to go along with it because of all the viewers it could possibly bring in. only now, she's actually impacted by it (her girlfriend of however many years has broken up with her), and if you've noticed, rae has been VERY quiet about the amnesia thing on social media for a while now.

No. 155589

File: 1623480343270.jpg (151.12 KB, 1418x800, 1516067105800.jpg)

The insane blurry filter they used makes them look like picrel kek

No. 155631

File: 1623527943969.jpeg (315.7 KB, 1242x1637, A01B1807-33D6-4DCC-8575-6AA16B…)

Rae has been responding weekly and not really liking nikkis tweets like she use to. She’s definitely heartbroken at having her fiancé break up with her. The amnesia larping isn’t fun anymore I see.

See pic, but the way she said “expecting moves to be made” like Rae is some kind of creep just doesn’t sit well

Did she say in the video that she is raising money for medical costs? Her dad originally agreed to pay for it, wonder if he stepped out because of the name change stuff lol.

No. 155664

yes, this is definitely not fun and games for rae anymore. i think she knows nikki well, and she knew nothing good would come out of calling her a liar, so she played along. she found it fun at first, but not anymore. i feel bad for her. i'm sure she never guessed nikki would take things this far.

and i'm assuming nikki has made up with her family because she posted an old picture from a family vacation to twitter and said she couldn't wait to go with her family again (or something to that nature). her family is DEFINITELY rich rich (adopting her, paying for her extensive surgeries and college education), so there is so reason to me why she would need to raise money for medical expenses. seems suspicious.

No. 155669

>Did she say in the video that she is raising money for medical costs?

It's in one of their vlogs, they thank everyone for donations for the medical bills. I'll try to find it but going through their shitty daily life vlogs with monotone horse face takes a lot out of me.

No. 155705

Meant to say weakly*
>tinfoiling incoming
My thoughts exactly, funny thing is that I think Rae would technically have the most proof/validity to blow it all wide open, but a lot of people fall for nikki’s “uwu gentle and small” act so Rae could just be portrayed as a big mean butch. Suddenly it’ll be “she gave me amnesia and can’t deal with the guilt.”
But their core viewer ship from MHA is deeply just interested in Rae’s bakugou, so who knows

No. 155723

I used to be a fan of Nikki and couple of years ago before I grew out of her content. At first when I heard of this whole amnesia thing, I was sympathetic. I watched her amnesia content and the sympathy turned to anger when I noticed the lies and inconsistencies and stuff that does not happen with amnesia much of which is mentioned in this thread.

The biggest thing that bugs me, and it has mentioned but I want to talk about it more is why isn't Nikki in therapy. Not even just with the amnesia (which if she did have it would be a big enough reason to get therapy), but she has all of these other mental health problems. She claims to have anxiety, depression, autism, body dysmorphia, and ED, PTSD, and probably more that I can't remember. She should be in therapy. Why isn't she?

The thing is, also, that she was in therapy just over a year ago. Her and Rae had a roommate and photographer named Kenny. Kenny brought weed into the house which apparently is a trigger for Nikki's PTSD that he knew about. Nikki and Rae kicked Kenny out of the house because of it which is understandable. At this time, Nikki had a Patreon only live stream where she brought up that her and her therapist talked about the whole Kenny situation. She was in therapy then, why isn't she in therapy now. I guess she could say that it's because she got kicked off of her dad's insurance, but that still does not check out for me. Nikki apparently was able to take over Kenny's half of the rent for a while when he moved out and before Erin moved in. Their rent could not be cheap. It is probably over $700 for each of them per mouth assuming that they all pay equally (and I may be underestimating with the cost). If she can take on an extra over $700 in rent, then there is no reason that she cannot pay for health insurance. If she can't pay for health insurance than maybe she should stop blowing her money on rocks and redesigning her already perfectly fine house, and new clothes which she has plenty of. There is no reason that Nikki cannot pay for health insurance that has mental health services covered. The whole not being able to afford health insurance thing is a bit suspensions for me anyway, but sticking to the therapy thing, I think the only reason that she is not in therapy is that her therapist would be able to call her out on her bullshit with the amnesia. You cannot convince me that between YouTube, Twitch, SuperChats, Only Fans, Merch, Sponsors, and maybe her family helping a little bit if needed that she cannot afford health insurance or in the very least some therapy.

I hope that all made since, I have dyslexia and autism, both of which make it very hard to get thoughts down on paper sometimes.

No. 155726


learn to sage.

On the kenny situation, do people know which livestream it is? Or around which month/year? Been trying to find more stuff on it

No. 155727

first correction is wrong, can't remember when she said she left school, but turns out she did finish it in the end.

No. 155731

There is a Patreon only weekly vlog called "REAL TALK (no tea no shade)" where she gives the complete update on the Kenny situation last year.

The live stream is called "A Live Fashion roast" and she starts talking about Kenny around 2:45:47 and is also only on Patreon.

No. 155738

i've been saying this! therapy is sometimes as cheap as $30/hr so you're telling me Nikki can't afford weekly sessions?

it's totally just because she would get called out- plain and simple. or forced to try and get better.

No. 155739

Fucking sage your posts, also post the patreon shit and don't just pull it out of your ass

No. 155740

How about you act like people here are people and not be a demanding bitch.

No. 155745

Also, I am here to talk about Nikki and her faking amnesia, not about Kenny. I only brought up Kenny because of the therapy thing. I am not going to share something that is under a pay wall that has nothing to do with her amnesia. If you want to see it, get on her Patreon.

No. 155746

Nayrt but the entire point of this website is to post milk. If you aren’t going to provide proof of what you’re claiming then fuck off.

And again sage your fucking posts if you aren’t bringing anything new to the table

No. 155749

Then I guess I'm not welcome here because I not going to do either of those things.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 155750

bruh we're all here to just talk shit and put our brains together to collect evidence. brainstorming with each other isn't a bad thing, and you could learn to be fucking nice about it. don't know why you're so in your feelings about people who don't "sage their posts" whatever the fuck that even means. get over yourself :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 155753

File: 1623630872811.jpg (279 KB, 1080x1080, SpendyAmnesiac.jpg)

Until mods clear newfags, here's something at least decently interesting. So nikki, erin (their live in assistant who definitely is not in love with one of them) and rae go either crystal, vintage furniture, or clothing shopping every week. Like every week. Crystals are not cheap, not by a long shot. They spend easily a few hundred dollars on crystals or decor a week just based on their weekly vlogs. They bought like over 20 crystals in just one haul. Nikki says its part of her "metaphysical healing."

This is just a fraction of what I could screencap of the shopping trips they take. Most of this is in the same month and a half. The medical bill total after insurance is around $1500, which looks like she probably could have managed without e-begging. Nikki also bought Fear of God Lounge wear for over $200, and another black set.

No. 155754

File: 1623630965312.jpg (11.71 KB, 357x168, medical bill.JPG)

The medical bill breakdown is included in her "Rat Beginnings: Weekly vlog" on the L channel

No. 155791

Nikki already has a slight resemblance to lainey, so I’m not surprised that she said very proudly that she bought her Fear of God lounge wear from the kids section.

“I’m a kids size 14” you mean adult women’s small?? Congrats, you spent 200- 300 bucks on kids clothes

No. 155828

File: 1623714639059.jpg (55.77 KB, 767x453, 600 patrons.JPG)

Just watched the video on why kenny isn't working with them anymore, and she states that she reached 600 patrons, but now she's around 400. So they lost almost 200ish hundred patrons in a year, sheesh. I also can't help but think how shitty it is that she's airing out her friend/coworker drama when her fans were also fans of his separately. He definitely shouldn't have brought weed in a house if that was a no go, but I want to hear his side

Kenny helped produce most of their big money grabs like the MHA skits

No. 155857

Ouch they lost a third of their patrons in a year. But I guess it shouldn’t be surprising considering the pandemic.

Was Kenny getting paid/compensated in anyway for the content he produced for them?

No. 155896

Nikki has 447 patreons right now. Let's assume all of them pay for the $2 tier (though I'm sure there are some weirdos that pay for the more expensive ones), that means she'd be making $894 a month from patreon alone.

that's obviously not including what she makes from tiktok, youtube, merch selling, and paid promotions. Assuming that she DID get kicked off of her father's insurance/her family isn't paying for her medical expenses, a $1,434 hospital bill still doesn't warrant her having to ask for donations from her fans.

Wonder if there's a way to do the math and get a rough estimate on how much she makes from cosplay monthly . I'll see what else I can find.( Emoji; no integration)

No. 155899

Okay, same anon as before. I did some research, and here are the ESTIMATES I came up with:

Patreon: Assuming all of her 447 followers have the second, $2 tier, she would be making $894/per month for that.
YouTube: Google says that YouTubers typically make $3-5 per every 1,000 views, but only get about 68% of that. Nikki's lastest video (The truth about my amnesia) has 55,000 views. Assuming she only posts one video a month that gets around 55,000 views, she would be making $1,246/per month.
Tiktok: I used an online calculator for this one because I couldn't figure out how to calculate it. I entered her username, follower amount, like amount, and number of videos, and it came out to about $579-868/per month.
Merch: I SUPER lowballed her merch. She uses the website, "Spreadshirt," which only takes about 20% from its users. Assuming she sells $200 of merch a month, she'd be making $160.
Instagram: I also used a calculator for this one. Entered Nikki's username, and got $358-597/per POST. She usually posts 3 times a month.

TOTAL: $3,971-4,959.

Note: I underestimated everything, did not account for her posting 2+ videos monthly on Youtube (which she has done before), and didn't add in what she makes from her Onlyfans.

Her and Rae most likely split the bills. She makes MORE than enough to cover medical expenses, assuming she even has any to begin with.

No. 155902

File: 1623769702389.jpg (995.9 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-15-11.07.54.jpg)

Not sure if this is just Nikki's face, but how she looks when Rae is talking is so unsettling. She just looks bored, or like she's annoyed. Definitely not how you might look at someone you've supposedly "just" started dating due to your amnesia.

No. 155926

For the last time, sage your posts people.

As for the estimates, she probably makes even more via patreon since there must be at least a few higher tier patrons. I know Nikki and Rae would say that they spend a lot of money on cosplay skit supplies etc, but they’ve been reusing the same cosplays (and not improving on them) and they’ve only done one large skit recently.

They do pay Erin (their editor/assistant) so there’s that, but I have a feeling she’d accept dirt as payment, she comes off as obsessed with them.

Also I’m 100% sure her parents would cover her expenses if she asked, so there’s that

No. 155927

Kenny was getting paid, and tbh I wonder if they have repaid him or continued to pay him for the Adsense on those videos, because if not that’s beyond shitty. He also designed some of the wigs which I think they kept?

No. 155931

File: 1623780310610.jpeg (408.41 KB, 1242x1751, 7C047FFD-35FF-4BA0-8C24-CB46ED…)

Interestingly enough, Rae is still following Kenny, so maybe it was more of a Nikki hate train.

She said that Kenny said that he didn’t know weed wasn’t allowed, but she says he’s lying.

I’m gonna dig, but I could’ve sworn Nikki said she smoked weed after college

No. 155957

Does anyone have any information on Erin? I haven't watched many of their new videos so I don't know much about her. I'm curious as to how she got roped into being Nikki's lapdog, and if she's made any comments on the "amnesia" thing.

PS/ I was the anon who did the funds calculations; I didn't know how to sage but I think I figured it out? Please tell me if I'm not doing it right

No. 156495

File: 1624073313012.jpeg (243.57 KB, 1242x1304, 5B67A6C0-3C02-4D78-A02A-790AEC…)

Can’t believe she’s going to meet people she knows in real life from cons and play up the fact that she doesn’t remember them. They’re gonna vlog the con when it happens so I’ll have the popcorn ready.

I think she has a private Twitter but I’ll have to look. I know she did move in right after Kenny was on his way out (and yes you did it right anon)

No. 156636

Considering Katsucon is one of the biggest east coast conventions, I expect she'll see a LOT of cosplayers she's collabed with before. Wonder what they'll say about her "memory loss."

Hell, I went to Katsucon a few years ago. Might go again in 2022 just for laughs. No way Nikki is gonna be able to keep up this charade for that long.

No. 156681

File: 1624209287908.jpeg (517.11 KB, 1242x2141, C08D41F1-CE6F-4EFA-917F-923A75…)

A lot of them are also munchy/troon adjacent so they’ve been eating it up on social media.

What I can’t stop laughing about is how this whole amnesia bit + kicking Kenny to the curb has not only made them lose a huge amount of patrons, but also her tik tok views/likes are dwindling. All because Nikki wants to move away from doing the stuff that actually paid the bills.

I just think it’s weird that rae doesn’t have her own patreon/focuses on building her brand. She is the better cosplayer and actually seems to want to do the things that pay well. Nikki has stated that the mishkali channel/patreon are a part of her “business” and others involved are just employees.

pic shows how many views/likes they use to average in 2019-2020

No. 156682

File: 1624209344466.jpeg (281.2 KB, 1242x1507, 6D54ECAE-8DB5-4156-92CF-F3B982…)

compared to now

No. 156698

Christ that’s a huge drop. And I agree about Rae, but I feel like it’s going to take her awhile to stand on her own two feet. Right now she’s probably still hoping they’ll get back together but doesn’t want to push anything

No. 156707

rae is very much so in the desperate-to-get-back-together stage, while Nikki seems checked out. Rae is definitely cowish for tagging along in all of this, but I have more sympathy for her to some extent. I can tell Nikki has her wrapped around her finger. Also wasn't this Rae’s first “real” love? She’s been with Nikki since she was 17.

Hope Nikki does get that apartment and attempts to continue the channel without Rae, only for her to lose the rest of her patrons. It’d be pretty delicious

No. 156729

I truly do not see Nikki doing well if she moves out and attempts to make money without Rae. But the thing is, Nikki most likely knows that Rae brings in a shit ton of viewers. She'll probably want to collab with Rae frequently even if she moves out and gets her own apartment, simply to keep the money coming in.

And I don't see Rae standing up to her anytime soon. Being with someone since the age of 17 takes a huge emotional toll. It'll probably be a long time before Rae is over Nikki, and it'll be even worse considering she's still hopelessly in love with her.

Really feel bad for Rae at this point. I just want Nikki to get called out on her shit. Someone has to know she's making all of this up.

No. 156860

I met Rae at a con one time and she was really nice. Nikki was probably there too, but she wasn't socializing that I can remember. Never could get into their vlogs because even before the amnesia shit it was mostly 'go to a con for one hour until Nikki starts complaining about everything and they leave'. I guess a lot of con vloggers are like that, but it doesn't make it any less annoying? I don't think she even likes cosplay, just likes attention.

No. 156865

I think Nikki likes pretending to be other people because she tends to take on their personalities– hence the name change to her most frequently cosplayed Death Note character. Honestly, she complains about something for an obscene amount of time in every video she uploads.

Most of her fanbase consists of 16 year olds who want to be her because they have a crush on Rae, probably. I totally wish someone who could obtain proof of Nikki lying would come forward. I'm ready for her to get called out.

No. 156906

It’s weird thinking about how no one knows her real first name. The name “Nikki” is literally just a different character she larped as a kid. It’s all she’s ever done, larp.

No. 156981

File: 1624412050083.jpg (457.26 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210622-213151_Pic…)

You know, for someone who supposedly doesn't remember Rae being her girlfriend and wants to move out, get her own apartment, and has ended the relationship, Nikki looks awfully touchy-feely. These photos were from 4 days ago, Rae's Instagram. If you've just broken up with your longterm partner, wouldn't it be respectful to give them space to grieve?

Something about this just feels so wrong knowing that Rae is still in love with her but Nikki wants to move on.

No. 157015

File: 1624452613005.jpeg (234.12 KB, 1242x1283, 59C80DA6-9C00-4AB4-AF73-7F8EA2…)

It gets even worse. She literally just enjoys the feeling of being pinned after, even at Rae’s expense.

No. 157035

Yes, it's so obvious that Nikki just likes the attention. Planning wedding shoots (even for cosplay) with your ex of a handful of years knowing she's still in love with you is so, so insensitive.

And of course Rae will never deny her, because she wants her back so badly.

No. 157068

File: 1624478472282.png (270.47 KB, 2466x1276, 48393745.png)

Ok so this is bugging me alot. I looked around and found she has a square space for her film/writing. it has her last name and what year she graduated. Looked up to see if there is some sort of list of names of graduates, there is. Her full name is Krista Nicole Ludowese, i'm guessing it was easier to go by a character's name when its the same as your middle

here's a link to her square space

No. 157080


how long ago did you find the site? it's private now.

No. 157081


Same as >>157080 but thanks to your info I saw she directed a short film in 2018 about a woman who gets a head injury and develops amnesia. I guess the research on that came in handy?


No. 157083

File: 1624492541449.jpg (34.9 KB, 795x407, Bingolinkedin.JPG)

this is definitely her, it's her name listed on Linked-in (just the middle and last). It has her info linked. Nice find anon.

No. 157084

File: 1624492708458.jpg (51.7 KB, 428x603, holy shit amnesia writer.JPG)

holy SHIT, she was the main writer..

No. 157085

Yep. Rachel worked on the project as the editor and producer too.

No. 157087

File: 1624493377634.jpg (621.94 KB, 2560x1920, crew1.jpg)

I didn't even check to realize her and rachel literally are the head producer/directors involved. Wow. This is the milkiest it's been in a minute.

Also check out the set, camera equipment, and effort gone into this only to barely get 300 views… THREE hundred. Her parents must be funding this right???

No. 157089

File: 1624493670382.jpg (352.28 KB, 1512x2016, crew2.jpg)


meant to reply to >>157085 not my own.

here's another pic showing the scene. Yeah, this is a HUGE project that probably took months of preparation, including getting really into amnesia I guess. This was only 2ish years ago.

Sorry if flooding, this is just kind of the final peg. It's so obviously all a lie it's creepy

No. 157090

not trying to scare milk away, but make sure in the future that you log out and make sure access is public if for some reason you have private access. Also screen cap instead of links in the future.

No. 157112

Holy shit way to go anons. Finally some undeniable evidence that Nikki/L is just a pile of bullshit walking around in a skin suit. This has just been one big larp for her that she’s been planning for years in a way. Rae’s involvement in the film project makes it clear she knew this was a load of crap too, but probably went along with it all out of love or loyalty.

There’s also the fact that neither one of them has mentioned this huge “coincidence” on Twitter or in videos. Nikki could try to claim she doesn’t remember making the film, but Rae can’t make the same excuse. There’s no way she wouldn’t have said something, so they’re clearly trying to hide this from their fan base.

No. 157120

I was just thinking that. Any sympathy I had for Rae is starting to die now. Like this was all part of her quirky vision too, which makes sense as to why she was so gung-ho about it. Lol and Nikki is definitely blaming her for the attention I bet, she’s already said in her video address this thread about how it was “wrong” of them to make it out as being a hallmark movie and live tweeting about it (meaning “I’m sorry for what Rae said” because that’s what Rae said/did)

No. 157127

Holy shit– this is huge! Someone has got to call her out with this. If people knew about the film they directed/wrote, it would made them MUCH less likely to support her.

No. 157176

File: 1624571628382.png (1.16 MB, 1496x1936, 7756754.png)

wtf she has to be checking this page because it was not private when I found it earlier that day my bad. Here are the only screenshots I took, honestly wasn't much on there besides cringe writing. Bottom is her "normal" facebook that she was so freaked out about "accidentally" changing the name of

No. 157182

File: 1624574264136.jpg (527.24 KB, 2721x3521, 68766567.jpg)

So here are a few things i've combined together. I don't think its her parents paying for this I think its the girl Morgan, if you see she's worked super close with both Nikki and Rachel. Pretty much everything Nikki has worked on besides her senior thesis (which Morgan starred in) has been somehow linked to this girl.MG entertainment the production company that makes all these is managed by Morgan's mom it seems. But the status says forfeited existence, which google says it means the company didn't pay it's tax returns. Not sure what that means for the company but

Here's my question, I listed Nikki's IMBd credits and there are projects for this year/next that she is currently supposedly working on? With amnesia? With having a super hard time using screens? And it can be assumed if she is still working on these films she's getting paid, so why the fuck is she complaining about insurance?

No. 157190

Nikki and co are most definitely keeping tabs on this thread now that she said they found it (especially Erin) so it’s no surprise she would private stuff as soon as it was shared.

And whoa nice finds, this is definitely a rich parent propping up their kid for a potential acting career. And somehow Nikki and rae got hired. Like that one buy-in “record label” that would make music videos for kids if the parents paid for it (Rebecca black is the most notable case).

No. 157226

File: 1624596481424.jpeg (586.41 KB, 1242x1942, C99792B3-1B87-4D1D-A2BD-4A7266…)

sa, and yeah Morgan has a full on momager that just lies about all of her credentials, the articles are kind of hard to read because they’re so embarrassing. Her mom and dad are lead surgeons at a hospital apparently, hence why they can afford a full freelance cinematography group, actors, directors, etc. I can’t believe she just thought she could live out a concept she wrote about barely two years ago??

Here’s a link to the full thing

No. 157228

Is this not a lonelygirl15 situation? I want to say no, but do you think there's any chance Nikki comes out with 'surprise! this was all a marketing gimmick!!'

Even if that was the case, I think it would still be a little fucked up to appropriate a condition like amnesia that's pretty rare, not to mention life-ruining for a lot of people.

No. 157229

File: 1624600730703.png (67.61 KB, 1610x226, 7676567.png)

eh i'm gonna go with no on that, they've played it up so much especially Nikki and attacking people who didn't believe her. I feel like she wouldn't want this movie to take off cause it would definitely highlight just how obvious her lies are but oh god how funny it would be if it does get made

Reading through that article I notice that Rachel is doing all the commenting. Gotta think that this is damaging Nikki's ego to get a four year film degree from a fancy art school and all it amounts to is working right alongside a literal child who has just as much if not more say over these projects

No. 157262

Gonna agree with >>157229 because she’s already made tearful vlogs talking about how depressed she is not “remembering anything” and her fans have been asspatting hard and talking about trauma left and right.

Maybe there is still a sliver of sympathy I have for Rae, if only because she is definitely not in control emotionally, and strikes me as either naive or a little dumb. She was excited to larp as well but things are getting realer then she probably anticipated.

No. 157263


Video from an official news station on Morgan, featuring a lot of photos of Nikki. Doesn’t have much new info, but helps to solidify and backup claims

No. 157264

File: 1624638919111.jpeg (153.52 KB, 750x910, 97A07A52-24B3-4674-A47E-6549C0…)

I find it very interesting that Nikki hasn’t posted about her non-cosplay short films since 2017

No. 157274

File: 1624643007116.jpeg (173.74 KB, 1100x1304, 65C61F0F-1F82-40C4-B146-59ED05…)

I’m trying hard to find it but I saw a behind the scenes vlog she posted concerning “Switch” so she has talked about it casually on her channel.

However the “girl disappearing” short film is super hard to find, I can’t seem to find any info on what it’s even about, but I suspect it’s might be tied into her current lies too. I noticed something about the leads name lol

No. 157325

Managed to track it down on the producer's Vimeo https://vimeo.com/219307093

No. 157397

File: 1624718987989.png (6.78 MB, 1242x2208, C6F70045-7F0F-4108-B029-378F25…)

anons we’ve been on an absolute roll, this is too good. I’m just surprised she hasn’t made any more posts on patreon or twitter about the thread. Either she’s being disciplined and not looking or Erin is keeping up with it because someone made the websites private mighty fast (like within three hours of the link being posted)

This is a nitpick, but I think what I finally realize is wrong with her face is how she’s been doing her eyebrows, they’re miles a part?? I think she’s been getting a lot of inspo from dior and gucci models and you kinda need a non-horse face to pull this look off.

No. 157595

File: 1624829563039.jpg (468.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210627-173036_Twi…)

For someone who has been cosplaying as long as she has, Nikki sure still can't do her makeup. She claims that it's something she "forgot" how to do because of amnesia (see: her girlfriend tag amnesia version with rachel) but I think she's just saying that to excuse how bad she is.

No. 157610

File: 1624834275769.jpeg (41.7 KB, 589x320, 0054D313-9BCA-4FE5-8CD0-2ADC5A…)

did she seriously say that? I must have missed it, and lol that’s hilarious because that’s not how muscle memory works. It’s been like half a year or more by now, you’d think she’d relearn or have Rachel help?

But after just a cursory glance she’s never been able to do her eye makeup. Pic is from like 3 years ago

No. 157619

yes! i believe it was in that video. rae said something about how nikki's getting better at makeup now that she's "remembering how to do it." but no surprise; her makeup has always been bad. her deku cosplay is horrendous (mostly because of the contour).

No. 157621

I’m guessing that’s supposed to be facial hair or something(?) but it just looks like she has stretch marks on her face

No. 157711

File: 1624915089829.jpeg (237.77 KB, 1446x828, EED790CF-D3DA-46DB-9358-67756E…)

I’ll try to save and post a vid here if anyone is interested but here’s a summary of the juicy bits from her recent patreon only vlog. Most of it was just dicking around besides these points

> says she’s still dealing with everything and it’s been settling in more so right now

> shes been feeling very tired and scattered
> wants to redecorate but knows it’s not a good financial decision
> says to imagine what it would be like if your 17 year old self suddenly had access to all the things they’d want from having their own money, and she says that’s what it feels like.

Another confirmation that she thinks she’s mentally a teen, even though with her claims of losing 5-7 years of memories she would technically be mentally 19-20? She’s 26 now. Is this her excuse for spending a few hundred bucks every week on retail therapy?

> says she’s getting to know Rae and that she likes it, and that it’s been fun

> says she’s technically broken up with her and that it’s still strange
> she says they’re “mutually grieving” each other and that’s it’s bizarre to think about
> says they’ve been genuinely becoming friends again
> says she needs to work on herself more before committing to a relationship, but that she also feels like they’re still pretty much dating and that it’s really confusing

Pic attached is unrelated, just an funny/ugly angle from her attempt at a look book

No. 157794

Honestly, I hate to say this again, but this whole thing is just Nikki not wanting to take responsibility as an adult anymore. She wants to revert back to her teen years so badly.

And if she wanted it to truly be over with Rae because she claims she's not ready for a relationship, it would be very easy to just set up boundaries and stop hanging all over Rae in their livestreams. I mean, she claims she doesn't remember her well/doesn't have romantic feelings for her, right? So why is it hard for her to just take a step back.

Again, more excuses from her,and because her fans eat it up, she doesn't feel pressured to come clean anymore. Don't think we'll see her suddenly "regain her memories," anytime soon, if at all.

No. 158015

I feel like the original plan was for her to magically get all of her memories again once it's been milked, but now the benefits are too great and the stakes are too high.

No. 158033

That's not what that means. She's referring to how people love getting pissed that adults buy stuff for 'teens', but that's because financially teens don't have the luxury or parents don't have the money, to buy what she is able to afford right now. Its like anons saying adults can't own plushies when honestly, yeah they can. Sorry that 13 year old can't buy this $200 Snorlax.

No. 158109

Ok as it seems like another nikki fan has made it to the thread, let me break it down and give the actual script.

after she mentions that rae said no on spending more money, nikki went on to say:

“I cannot make that expense make sense, because I’ve just been going a little crazy lately. Just in general. Just cause like, I don’t know guys, I think like the best way to describe it is like, like how this whole thing has been going down, is to imagine if your 17 year old self had access to the stuff that you have now, like in your 20s, like how I am now. Yeah I’ve just got all this business stuff going on, and yeah. Before doing another room make over I gotta finish the ones I’m doing right now.”

What part of that isn’t her saying she’s mentally like a 17 year old with a 26 year olds bank account? Also, she’s talking about spending money on furniture, so how is that like an adult getting shamed for buying stuff teens like? Last time I checked furniture isn’t a big teen item. She’s talking about being able to spend in the way her young self always wanted to.

No. 158212

File: 1625156922492.jpeg (151.41 KB, 1242x989, F62596A5-D160-432D-B7DD-99A670…)

I thought she said she wasn’t trans? the troon army might come at her for dealing with “self hate” because she doesn’t identify as trans but still calls herself non-binary, and now claims to have gender dysphoria?

She literally dresses femininely all the time

No. 158215

File: 1625157116684.jpeg (371.01 KB, 1242x1386, E87042B2-5D3B-45B8-BA33-1CA393…)

No. 158238

File: 1625162355325.jpeg (396.5 KB, 1242x1548, CF34E526-EEA4-4AC5-B4B5-C10BBD…)

SA, pic related.
This is definitely a very masculine and SO not feminine look!!!1 lel

No. 158240

oh my god. this is just so sick. she ONLY dresses feminine out of cosplay (besides maybe some pantsuits)?? no way she's talking about gender dysphoria…honestly it's people like her that make the trans community look bad

No. 158256

the trans community makes the trans community look bad

No. 158279

sorry but wtf does her tweet here even mean?

No. 158286

>I'm a straight girl who likes wearing girly clothing but with a "political" spin.

No. 158303

Those bangs are looking janky as hell

No. 158348

I think she was trying to imply that she had a slightly country look going on, but even with the full jacket in view it had no resemblance to something Texas like? They’re both in Dallas I believe

No. 158388

>mainly wears super feminine clothing, makeup, and hair styles
>hangs out in just her bra and sometimes just bra and panties in almost every vlog / clothing try-on video

No. 159788

Anybody else notice how on patreon she has postponed nearly every scheduled weekly task? And she just dipped below 400 patrons. I’ll try to post caps later. She is
officially down almost half their patrons compared to early last year and late 2019.
There’s no way Erin is actually getting paid enough

No. 159833

Probably cause she is tired of keeping up with it all. She likely wants to reset to her life before Rachel and her met.

No. 162130

File: 1626577794989.jpeg (320.92 KB, 1242x1580, EF429778-159D-4B3B-8B2A-787571…)

Imagine starting this many new cosplays when you haven’t even managed to learn how to get all of your hair into the wig.

One thing I’ve noticed about cowish cosplayers that still can’t do makeup or hair, is that they’re so in it for the attention that they quickly want to slap shit together for literally the speed of posting a selfie within the day. Because putting time and effort into it would mean you actually care about it outside of getting asspats. How do you possibly do your makeup for 4-5 years and still never learn how to do eyeliner? Sage for sperging

No. 162146

With all the new cosplays she's consistently buying for plus the wedding shoots she's been talking about, I wonder how much money she's spending. She's definitely making less than she had been considering her views on YT are much lower these days and she has way fewer patreon members. Wonder how she can still feel comfortable splurging. PS; using a different IP because I got banned for a post I never made?? Website glitch..

No. 162211

File: 1626619680282.jpeg (328.51 KB, 1152x1630, 95C56A52-A8E7-496E-945D-140285…)

If anyone caught her stream from last night, Nikki looked absolutely bored and miserable because she wasn’t the center of attention, also her cosplay sucked compared to rae’s. Her wig was just the one she wears for L. Looks nothing like kid Loki.
I sense new apartment or official no-contact with Rae incoming.

lol maybe best to not admit to ban evading even if it wasn’t correct. Also a note, if you want to directly respond to someone’s post, click their No. after the post date. read rules/info

No. 162229

Did she glue her nostrils shut

No. 162449

>>162211 i noticed that her cosplay was sort of blah. i didn't catch the livestream but i did go on her Twitter so see what she posted. she always tweets pictures saying she had so much fun, but during the actual livestreams she seems miserable. not sure how/when but i definitely sense a new apartment coming.

No. 162805


I know I'm 4 months late but this thread caught my eye because I wanted to see the absolute hilarity of faking amnesia and, wow.
I hit the back of my head slipping on a pool locker room floor, I had amnesia for about 32 hours and my memory hasn't been the same since.
And that was minor.
It should also be noted… (haven't read through the full thread yet so feel free to tell me to fuck off) … that amnesia isn't just black space it's more like being in a dream state with limited cognition (especially immediately after injury) and you end up in memory loops where you fixate on one thing for several hours, like asking the same question unrelentingly.
It's also strange to observe your own body because it feels like you're in a suit. I remember seeing my outfit and liking it so much I wished it was actually mine. Mild Amnesia logic is like way-too-stoned logic in ways.
It was two weeks before I could leave bed again and resume any kind of education.
Anyhow, I'm sure all that is available online I just don't know any irl folks who have gone through it so I figured I'd offer my shit tier personal experience in contrast to this larp taking place.

No. 162940

It’s beyond rare for her to have the outcome of a concussion like she claims, and yes much of what you’ve said has been echoed in other ways but it definitely all helps show that Nikki just spewing medical fiction.

And not to beat a dead horse, but my god she directed and wrote a film about a girl having amnesia … and she’s not mentioned a single word on follow ups with her doctor and what they say about all of it

No. 163708

File: 1627081832351.jpeg (559.04 KB, 1536x2048, DEAD6E39-C06A-4930-B8EE-F1B34C…)

This is literally her full time “job” and she couldn’t muster up the effort to use liner and double check that her lip coverage isn’t off ?

No. 163714

File: 1627082807017.jpeg (288.29 KB, 1242x2208, E5C99CDF-284E-45B3-BED3-58F431…)

sage for nitpick but this is killing me

Also, she posted on her official YouTube page her reacting to MHA S1EP1, and she seems positively uninterested and putting on airs.

No. 164332

File: 1627354365639.jpg (1.01 MB, 1079x2039, Screenshot_20210726-224659_Twi…)

What is going on with her wig here?? /Sage of course

Also, a run-down of her newest MHA reaction video:
–trying too hard to be funny
–trying too hard to pretend like she doesn't like/love the show as much as she "used" to
–bad acting overall

Nothing important happened in the video. Just Nikki being Nikki with the humor of a 15 year old, and her friends playing along. Lucky for her her fanbase is mostly 13-15 year olds. They don't see through her bad acting.

No. 164518

They are huge assholes I know them personally and Kenny as well
Don't believe anything Nikki says ever lmao

No. 164524

>What is going on with her wig here??
1. It’s clearly a really cheap, shitty wig
2. She bought the wig from a black wig store, so the lace is way darker than her skin tone
3. She cut the lace straight across in a semi-circle like a complete fucking dumbass, so it left a hard line on her forehead

Anyone who has any experience with lace fronts knows that you cut the lace as close as possible to the wig fibers, so it’ll blend nicely and look like a natural hairline. It’s ridiculous that she cosplays for a living when she does amateur crap like this and thinks it looks good

No. 164525

As soon as I saw it I knew it was from a black wig store lel. Why she didn’t return it or bleach the lace? Who knows. And funny enough, black lace front wigs are usually better quality, yet hers still looks frizzy and fried. This is what cosplaying for over 6 years has gotten her, while her cosplay friends uptown cosplay and bukkitbrown have actually progressed in wig making (although they’re all still cringey and cowish as well).

She’s definitely pretending to not like it, which I suspect is either her trying to depart from it entirely or trying to hammer home her amnesia story. Or both.

No. 164526

Either learn to sage or spill more milk. Did they lie about why they kicked out Kenny?

No. 164537

I don't have any more "milk" or I would say more, I'm not that close to them or to the situation but when I read they have been saying they kicked him out it pissed me off and I decided to post because wow if anybody ever deserves to be on this website it's those two especially nikki, anybody who isnt clout chasing or 12 realizes how bs everything she says/does is

No. 164544

They rented the house altogether and were all 3 on the lease, but Nikki had ‘needs’ that apparently were more important than Kenny’s. Kenny was smoking in the back yard or in his car. He didn’t smoke it in the house, but I heard Nikki didn’t like the fact that he was bringing into the house. I know Kenny smoked because of anxiety so I don’t see why Nikki got the say over Kenny. Ultimately, that was Kenny’s safe place and only place he could smoke and it seems pretty fucked up that Nikki and Rae shamed him into moving out. He up and left and thats when Erin took his place.

No. 164545

Sorry, meant to reply to this.

No. 164553

nicki said she had a “triggering” situation regarding weed in college and now she can’t smell it, and sure that could be true but how convenient was it that she already had somebody lined up for the lease when Kenny left? It seems like she didn’t have a problem with it until she needed another room for someone else.

No. 164605

File: 1627450475314.jpg (501.83 KB, 1079x1431, Screenshot_20210728-013131_Twi…)

not new info by any means, but it's weird to me how and when nikki chooses she isn't okay with something. she's stated before that she doesn't like weed, she has PTSD because of it, she doesn't like people who are dependent on it, etc.– but headcanons characters who are potheads and openly jokes about it.

one might say that her only problem is smelling it, but if kenny was smoking outside and she wasn't even smelling it, what was the point in shaming him into moving out?

i believe she just wants things done her way like a petulant child. there was probably something more going on with her and kenny and nikki used the weed as an excuse.

No. 164606

She didn’t have Erin lined up, but it was a couple months after he left that she moved in. Or at least a month. Also, the reason why she has PTSD over weed is because her and her ex smoked it once and then he proceeded to take advantage over her. I’m understand having a traumatic experience, but Kenny, (AKA anyone) shouldn’t have to walk on glass because Nikki is unable to cope.

No. 164607

File: 1627450667845.jpg (162.91 KB, 1352x760, 20210728_013640.jpg)

sage for being nitpicky but why does she talk/type like a 15 year old from tumblr? she posted this in march of this year. is this her "pretending" she has reverted back to a 17 year old's mindset, or has she always talked/typed like this?

No. 164608

Glad you mention this, anon. Indeed there was more going on with Kenny. One being that they were taking advantage of him in a subtle, but not so subtle way. This was achieved by shaming him for not having a ‘real job’ followed by how dirty his room always was. I think the dude was depressed and of course he was! He lived with Nikki! But because Nikki relied on him for his camera and his, (honest to god) amount of time he put into her projects, she shamed him to try to get him to do what she wanted.

Another thing that I think even another anon brought up previously in this threat is that Nikki hates when the attention of her channel is diverted from her. Kenny was pretty hilarious to MANY of her viewers and we all know what happens to those who steal the spotlight from her.

Haha, but anon, Nikki likes playing a child.

No. 164609

I think its because she gets more attention when she acts like this. She doesn’t act like a child away from the camera and one on one with people

No. 164610

>>164608 just a question— if you know all of this about nikki/kenny, why haven't you stepped up about it online (not trying to be mean, just genuinely asking)? i'm sure speaking up about it would really put a dent in nikki's followers count, but i guess you'd have to be prepared for the hate her fans would send your way.

just a general question for anyone who might know the answer: has kenny ever spoken up about what happened with nikki?

No. 164613

The truth is, it doesn’t make a lick of a difference if all I’m doing is shaming her. She is going to have to realize this for herself. Besides, she technically ‘forgot’ me, am i right? She would act like she doesn’t even know who tf I am. Either way, that shit show is something I’m staying away from. I’m glad she doesn’t remember me.

No. 164614

Had Nikki ever mentioned this thread before? I know it was said that she might have eluded to it in a past video, but I want to know if she's really looked through it. It's the third thing that comes up when you search 'Mishkali Amnesia' and the fourth thing that comes up when you search 'Mishkali' on Google. Seems it would be getting a lot of traction.

No. 164615

Yea she knows about it

No. 164619

I'm guessing this experience is according to her. Because according to her, everything traumatic that could ever befall a person has happened to her…

No. 164620

I think two things can be definitely true. Weed might trigger her, it’s not uncommon, but she definitely exaggerated it when it suited her. And a person moving in within a month is practically lined up. Erin had to be ready to pack, get tickets or drive, and quit whatever she was doing work or school wise.

(Off topic, but does anyone know erin’s age? She comes off as extremely young.)

I can say that a lot of people genuinely liked Kenny’s involvement in the skits and he actually made them tolerable (or at least well made). Rae and Nikki have been operating on 2012 tumblr humor for far too long. Even rae’s Twitter handle is a dated joke.

No. 164625

File: 1627458212444.jpeg (206.29 KB, 1242x930, B154E828-8822-48FE-8A65-AEF8FC…)

same anon. I guess I spoke too soon, because Rae’s Twitter title name changed and it hasn’t been anything else besides that moon moon joke for months, and I could’ve swore I saw it as that same name earlier. so they’re probably looking at the thread again.

No. 164727

File: 1627490266707.jpeg (286.8 KB, 1242x1740, CA3003F7-58B6-47D3-B3B8-907225…)

Cannot stop laughing at the fact that nikki was apparently inspired by her friend bukkitbrown (pic related) to do this cosplay.. it’s laughable in comparison.

Rae didn’t even retweet Nikki’s cosplay, but she sure did retweet bukkit’s kek

No. 164774

tbh she should be shamed. It’d do her good. And if people found out she built up her audience with the labor of someone else and then never compensated them once, people would side with Kenny. It’s financial and labor abuse. She pocketed someone else’s work, doesn’t matter if there wasn’t an agreement, it’s weird that she even thought it was ok for there to be no agreement in the first place. And tbh her audience would definitely find it offensive that she did that to the only trans roommate.

No. 164791

i hope people DO find out. Kenny was a hit with the audience so they deserve to know he WASNT getting paid and was being treated like shit. makes you think.. if shes pocketing someone else’s money without telling anyone, what else could she be doing? (like lying about amnesia)

No. 164862

friend of kenny's here! reading this thread makes my blood boil. for anyone concerned, he's doing well and has friends who love and support him.

i'm not interested in talking shit about appearances or making fun of wigs. the issue here is these two people are scamming their supporters and used my friend. something felt immediately off when I saw the tiktoks and insta posts. who forgets their life and IMMEDIATELY uses that for content? esp content romanticizing the health condition? the whole thing feels off and even if it IS true, nikki very much did not have amnesia when she treated kenny the way she did. my boy is incredible at what he does and I'm not surprised their content is suffering without him. you reap what you sow and you chased off an incredible editor who's very professional and dedicated to his work. that's my two cents. peace y'all

No. 164871

I've not spoken up because that's not my place, that's kennys. and that's only if he wants to and up to now i just followed his lead on that. But this thread got to me and I kinda had to post

Everything I know about those two is bad. They have no redeeming qualities. Kenny wasnt kicked out, in my opinion. It's more like he escaped. or to be more blithe, got free from an abusive living situation

No. 164968

File: 1627592533139.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20210729-164920_Ins…)

Not sure if anyone saw this– July 22nd, Nikki posted on her personal Instagram that her and Rae went on a date. But didn't she just recently say she was gonna move out and get her own apartment, and that her and Rae were just friends now? Feeling bad for Rae. Seems more and more everyday like she's just being dragged around and led on because Nikki knows she'll lose a chunk of her own following if she dumps Rae completely.

No. 164971

File: 1627593203801.jpg (569.46 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20210729-171036_Twi…)

>>164727 Rae finally retweeted Nikki's Miss Minutes cosplay. Only AFTER it was mentioned in this thread. Hm..

No. 165000

She said she “wanted” to do those things, but then has said in recent vlogs that she is pretty much dating Rae now because they act coupley. She literally just wants to recreate the dating/early days period of their relationship because Rae is doing more of the leg work in this dynamic. She gets allll the attention. She can pretend she doesn’t know Rae, while Rae is still completely in love with her.

No. 165001

>>165000 yes, you're totally right. i had no idea she had changed her mind about dating rae. i imagine as long as nikki is receiving attention and living out this weird, tragic romance she'll stick around. now sure what will happen when the "newness" wears off for her

No. 165020

File: 1627623582260.jpeg (128.21 KB, 1242x694, 4DF5CD99-EB34-4C49-A384-AD9DFD…)

New vlog on her patreon, here’s a summary of the only juicy parts.

>Nikki hasn’t vlogged in awhile due to her being busy and also personal stuff

>She says it’s too private to discuss any further than that.
>A lot of the stuff about her “amnesia” has really been “hitting” and she’s getting help and working through it (whatever that means)
>Says that if she’s being honest, from what she can remember last (5-7 years ago) she was done with cosplay due to the black butler fandom drama, so doing stuff now is hard because she’s not as in it
>Says there are things that she wants to do and make now, and feels frustrated that she can’t explore this “new” world of hers.

Ok I seriously want to know more about the black butler drama now, anyone have any inklings? She’s referred to it multiple times now.

No. 165171

>>165020 Not sure if this is what the "drama" is, but back in the day Nikki was known to make shippy videos/shoots involving two Black Butler characters. The fandom was really divided about this ship because Ciel (who Nikki cosplayed often) was a 14 year old boy, and the character he was shipped with (Sebastian) was over a hundred.

I never really watched the show but I remember many people being upset with how many Ciel/Sebastian shippers there were in the BB fandom. Nikki probably got a lot of hate for her shippy photoshoots and videos.

And– if anyone here has ever watched Black Butler or even seen a clip, it's really easy to tell that Ciel is like 14. Like he very much sounds/looks like a child. Very weird to me that people shipped him with a grown man and justified it by saying Sebastian wasn't actually human.

In her GRWM Black Butler / Why I Quit video, she said that the big reason that she quit was because anytime she posted anything other than BB cosplay, people would bully her in the comments and say that they wanted more BB from her. She said it hurt her feelings as an artist and creator. I imagine she also got some heated backlash for her shippy stuff, but I don't know. She has a lot of private BB videos on youtube, so I can't find any of the shippy videos besides the Canon/Fanon.

Wasn't sure whether to sage or not. Did it just incase.

No. 165288

File: 1627741054408.jpeg (295.09 KB, 1242x1737, 7E10FE5E-E33E-4CCB-8EFA-11821B…)

I think black butler fans are kinda sick to not think it’s just straight up pedophilia to imagine Sebastian and Ciel fucking. Ciel isn’t even 14 for the first few seasons, he’s 12. And he really really looks like he’s 10-11, so there’s no excuse. Rae and Nikki were labeled “pro-shippers” by the younger anime/cosplay community. Shockingly, kids are making their own boundaries within the hellscapes that are cons and online spaces. Some kids make puritanical over reaches, but in general they share some fair critiques on the over sexualization of teens, and cosplayers like Rae and Nikki are getting heat for it. How many fujo bait cosplayers over the age of 18 do you see anymore?

Rae made a long notes app essay addressing some of it, and I was agreeing with a lot of what was said up until this point. A community giving autonomy of consent to a minor is how predators thrive? Because most minors will say yes to a grown ass adult against their own wishes. Its not a consent issue it’s a manipulation issue. It’s true there isn’t a magical cut off that makes someone truly mentally an adult, but I think leaving the onus on the older party is still safer.

What a weird work around instead of just addressing why she ships a 12 year old and an adult kek

No. 165289

File: 1627741084921.jpeg (506.79 KB, 1242x1717, E710123C-E526-4B2B-B8DB-2EB673…)

The original tweet

No. 165360

Wast Rae 17 when she and Nikki (21 I think) first hooked up? Nikki made a joke about having to check age of consent laws

No. 165423

learn to sage, and yes she was 17 while nikki was 20. Rae even hid her age initially.

No. 165432

so essentially, nikki got stroppy and wanted to give up cosplay because her audience got upset when she shipped a small child with an immortal demon? Like that's…her audience's fault? But her audience enjoying her cosplays and asking for more is stressful and…also her audience's fault? why the hell does this entitled girl cosplay at all if she doesn't like any kind of reaction and isn't even good at it?

No. 165437

She keeps saying that she’s pissed about her audience only liking one thing, but her content is literally fanfiction fuel and tropey sexual innuendos. Of course that’s all people are going to want. She tried to diversify with an audience (a young one at that) that isn’t looking for any other content, which is her own fault. And funny enough, she always folds. She’s been making My Hero Academia and Black Butler content lately, even after saying she hates the demands for it and doesn’t wanna do it.

She doesn’t quite diversify fast enough since her cosplay materials and methods don’t last (i.e. wigs, makeup style consistency, clothes) nor does she improve on them. The gap between her and her pro cosplay friends shows why she still uses yaoi skits as her crutch.

No. 165441

Something that’s been bothering me about this, is that i checked high and low to see if anyone had accused her of faking back in February, and I couldn’t find anything. She does push negative comments on her YouTube channel to the bottom, but I was checking shit like a hawk and saw nothing. No one on Twitter said anything either, no amount of term searching could be found. None of her patrons either (not that they would) Same with Instagram comments.

It’s just like when she said everyone was calling her fat in her cosplays when she’s literally small/average. I feel like she creates a person to get mad at before it ever happens so she can get ahead of it or seek sympathy. In this case, she ended up getting exactly what she asked for I guess lel.

No. 165445


nikki has always been like this unfortunately. i won't lie; i used to be a fan of hers. but after listening to her complain about cosplaying, accuse people of calling her fat, and just overall being ungrateful for all that she has, i became annoyed with her, and suspected her of lying about the supposed "hate" she was getting.

i've checked her youtube comments, instagram comments, done extensive twitter searching. etc. and have seen NOTHING of anyone calling her fat or insulting her at all really.

she is just a sympathy-seeker and always has been. if anyone can find any of the "fat" comments she's always talking about, please post screenshots here. i've yet to see any.

No. 165448

so just a little update, i found a website that allows you to search a Youtube channel's video comments by keyword. I searched her Mishkali channel for the word 'fat' and i saw NO comments calling her fat. usually they were just quotes from things said in a video by nikki. but i didn't see a single comment of any of her videos calling her fat.

No. 165563

File: 1627829271321.jpeg (289.61 KB, 1242x1522, DA7DEAEA-D82D-4E59-9C61-34A81C…)

I can’t see anything on tik tok either in regards to her being called fat or being too pale. I think the pale thing though is because her camera exposure setting is way too high with the ring light. Like yes, you’re pale, but we can’t see your nose which isn’t your complexions fault it’s the shitty camera work. This entire list is just shit she thinks about, not what people were actually saying at the time. I searched everywhere AT the time she claimed it was happening. Tbh I made the thread to find the people she was literally talking about in regards to her amnesia being faked because it did seem like she was lying. All of this just get out of MHA..

No. 165564

File: 1627829353535.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, 17C2DA17-333A-480C-96B2-29150D…)

Pic related to pale comments

No. 165743

this picture activated my flight or fight response

No. 165845

kek maybe this was the one thing she wasn’t lying about, she does look like a nightmare.

But yeah tbh most people weren’t willing to actually question whether or not it was real, but everyone was thinking it. Her own fake accusations of people commenting on it when they really weren’t is what spearheaded this level of interest lol. Did it to herself

No. 166963

File: 1628565561136.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2048x2189, FE324EC3-F354-4CB4-B43C-56B8AB…)

Her content seems to get getting more and more childish. Makes me wonder if she really is faking it more than ever cause it pays the bills and not because she actually wants to be making content like this anymore. She probably wishes she could grow away from all this and make content that she actually wants to make, but sadly for her thats not why anyone watches her. They mostly watch her for her MHA content, but I think the other part is her and Rae and I feel like once that ship sinks, Nikki will sink too.

No. 167070

Nikki’s content is 2010 type Fujo bait except her and her friends have been doing it well into adulthood. It’s kinda strange seeing some people still in this phase. I mean seriously.. deathnote and black butler yahoo cosplay?!? Past 2014?

Also nikki is a unique cow in the sense that she’s watching this thread and actually taking advice kek, she changed her hair to her ginger look and is growing out her bangs.

No. 167103

just some experience as someone who used to watch nikki/rae on a regular basis;

when i was a teenager, i loved their content. i thought their personal videos (like grwm, girlfriend tags, etc) were cute. i didn't pay too much attention to their cosplay skits after a while because they got old very fast. but– from the very beginning, nikki has always seemed much younger than she actually is. she has always rejected responsibility. i think, as you've all said, she's using the amnesia thing to really "revert" back to her teenage self.

unfortunately, there's always going to be a market for the yaoi shit that she's known for. there are always gonna be 13/14 year olds who like watching those cringe videos. but with nikki trying to cosplay old things– black butler, death note, etc– she's not going to get the views that she used to. her income is inevitably going to decrease even more than it has been. and she will end up just like all the other mediocre cosplayers who have fallen off.

her BEST chance at getting past this, and i mean her BEST, is admitting her lies. if she came clean, she'd lose a lot of fans most likely, but at the very least she could start from scratch. make the cosplays she wants to make, and stop having to come up with all of these creative lies to cover her ass. the truth is gonna come out eventually, or her fans/other cosplayers are gonna start thinking that her '17 again' act is annoying.

sage for no new info. i just really don't see how she's gonna get out of this unscathed. soo many people are already suspicious, including fellow cosplayers.

No. 167106

File: 1628651593625.jpg (429.1 KB, 1536x2048, 20210810_230708.jpg)

i know this is edited a bit with the beauty cam she uses, but with no eye makeup, and no greasy bangs, she looks INFINITELY better than she did before. if she would just stop overlining her lips and put on some gloss, that would take her up soo many levels. as awkward/weird as her face is at certain angles, i think she has the potential to be pretty (like she is here tbh), but she doesn't see that. she genuinely needs therapy, and i think she would strongly benefit from going. a lot of what she says/does just screams mental illness.

not saying she shouldn't be held responsible, because she definitely should. but i truly think if she just stopped with the lies that EVERYONE sees through, she would just feel so relieved, and she could start over.

i don't think she's a good person. but i think she deserves another chance. but the longer her amnesia charade goes on for, the less likely people are to forgive.

No. 167165

>including fellow cosplayers

That’s new info to me, anymore deets or clues as to who?

No. 167166

It’s amazing how much better a person looks when they style themselves to their given features rather than a Japanese hime cut. She’s definitely lurking here, because she even filled in her brows lel

No. 167191

>>167165 i just find it really interesting that she hasn't really been interacting with old cosplay friends on social media like she used to do in the past. one could blame it on the pandemic, but even in the middle of covid, she and rae were talking to people like akrcosplay on twitter, someone who they've cosplayed with before in the past. but those interactions stopped last year, around the time nikki developed "amnesia."

maybe it's just coincidence. not sure.

No. 167217

nah they were talking a week or two ago, check their latest interactions. I think if there are a lot of cosplayers who nikki isn't interacting with, it's probably because she sent out a mass text or rae did to friends telling them that she doesn't remember any of them. Kinda hard to make conversation when the entire friendship is erased (how convenient)

No. 167384

She sure seems conflicted about the reverting back thing though. Reason why I think this is because on her personal insta account, she often posts content that highly differs from her other accounts. I feel like what she posts on her personal insta is who she truly wishes to be seen as and thats why she has the account in the first place. I feel like the ‘reverting back’ is more like a facade because while she acts like a child in many regards, she certainly doesn’t want to be one or be seen that way in real life. It sounds like she is having a MAJOR identity crisis. Every day it’s something else. I get trying to find yourself, but don’t lie to everyone, even yourself to get there.

As long as she is making content for 13/14 year olds, she is always going to be catering to them so she can make a living and it’s easy to lie to teenagers online. I mean look at J. Star. So I figure as long as the lie still works, she will keep it up. Therefore when she pops online with some drastic change, she can say it’s because of her amnesia.

No. 167385

I honestly think people calling her ugly make no sense. She has problems, but ugly isn’t one of them. Everyone takes bad photos. Like go into your phone and tell me you ain’t ugly from time to time. I was not expecting the amount of comments calling her ugly whilst posting the worst possible photos of her. And yea sage because I know this is just opinion, but I find it cow-ish to call her ugly. Her actions, hell yes.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but Nikki would be far too fragile to tell the world she is a liar. She would say she has another disease and she’d end up right back here again. Idk maybe she’ll prove us all wrong.

No. 167415

this is an anonymous board made to make fun of cows who lie, cheat, and steal pathetically on the internet all for attention. Get with the program or leave.

That’s true, the content that actually gets marketed to her young audience is showing herself to be younger and cosplaying old trends/shows, but then her new post-amnesia alt Twitter and insta is just all aesthetics, fashion, and mature content. Tbh I think she knows that she’s out growing her old hobbies that pay the bills, but what can she do? They pay the bills.
I liked Rae and felt sympathetic for her (at first) but she’s really childish for her age too. And it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down anytime soon in terms of cosplay.

No. 167424

I wouldn't say she's 'ugly', but I don't think she's pretty either. Plain, if a little gaunt looking, at best, and she doesn't have the face shape for some of the cosplay she attempts (like Deku). But what really gets me is the way she says that she KNOWS she's 'conventionally attractive', as though that's just a fact. she says she has body dysmorphia, and that makes her see things in the mirror that aren't true, but she's aware of the real truth - that she's conventionally good looking, and to me that just smacks of thinly veiled narcissism. it's like SHE thinks she's all that, but nobody would ever comment about her supposed good looks because she's actually very plain, so she invents or exaggerates insecurities and criticisms from others about her looks, just to make her fans scramble to give her the compliments she thinks she deserves.

No. 167514

That is exactly it. Like she’s not ugly ugly, she’s just average and can clean up ok. Nothing wrong with it, most people are like that. But when average looking people are narcissists, they know they can only get over the top compliments and praise by talking about how sOOo many people call them fat and ugly.. when really nobody does.

No. 167551

File: 1628905142063.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210813-213659_Ins…)

like in my personal opinion, this is a great picture of her! very simple makeup, nice lighting. i think the thing about nikki that makes her unlikable is her narcissism. it's like she's always overcompensating for something (well, trying to at least), and i think she just comes off as very immature. at the end of the day, do i think she deserves a second chance? yes. but the longer she waits to reveal the truth, the less likely people are to forgive.

No. 167553

>>167551 if mod is able to delete this post, would really appreciate it. didn't crop it well enough and it has personal information in the screenshot. it's saying my password isn't correct and i can't delete it for some reason. sigh. thanks!

No. 168077

File: 1629206578345.jpeg (259.23 KB, 1242x1596, AEE9AACC-C14B-4AF0-9D10-DA20C8…)

“Cognitive rest” as Nicki continues to tweet, retweet, and like posts on Twitter lol.

No. 168358

File: 1629347429764.jpeg (456.55 KB, 1242x1999, 96C6CBA7-3BE2-4F9F-B758-88E787…)

wanted to wait a bit before posting to see if she ever did log off but no, she never stopped using social media ever since she’s said she’d be on “cognitive rest.” You can see that she’s been liking tweets today, yesterday, and the day before. How is a stream screen intensive, but scrolling through Twitter isn’t?

The money is decent enough to keep a patreon going, but it’s pretty obvious she’s letting it go to shit intentionally.

No. 168371

I like when anons balls up the cropping, I always zoom into the display pic to see some board members in the wild

No. 168372

not even roasting you for posting yourself, just letting you know your pfp looks like your holding a big turd

No. 168799

File: 1629590882354.jpeg (250.39 KB, 1242x850, ADE95095-392C-493A-A3E7-60DB9E…)

Is it just me or has she been borderline posting thinspo on her alt? It’s aesthetic photos that really make sure to show thigh size. Also she apparently wants to lose weight

No. 168800

File: 1629591012235.jpeg (85.09 KB, 1242x418, A2C1251B-3612-428F-A5B6-92ABAE…)

pic related to weight comment.

Maybe it wasn’t a typo when she said “I have chosen to have an eating disorder”

No. 169876

File: 1630214099853.png (715.31 KB, 1366x768, mush.png)

why does she do this to her cheekbones for every single cosplay? it looks so bad. she's cosplaying meryl streep, meryl streep doesn't have dark, unblended streaks on the sides of her face in that movie.

No. 169997

she actually has the perfect face for this and didn’t need drag makeup to pull it off.

What’s worse about this whole video is that she’s doing an improvised critique of the outfits from demon slayer, and doing a terrible job of it. A script should have been made because these zingers are so bad.

No. 170699

File: 1630724655512.jpeg (209.93 KB, 1241x1518, 8888655E-9AB2-4B5A-8736-4544B2…)

Can’t upload the vid rn, but please go and watch this video on nikki’s Twitter, it’s too fucking funny. Rae’s scream is like Kermit the frog yelling lel.

It’s interesting how no matter how much they both complain about people demanding canon vs fanon videos, they always end up making one. They’re dragging along the same viral video format they made like five years ago. They say they want adult fans and want to make adult/artsy content, but they’re still pulling out puppets for the kiddy pool.

No. 171040

File: 1630964842594.jpg (254.51 KB, 1024x576, L-Death-note.jpg)


imagine saying this when matsuyama kenichi already played a great live-action L. he was so popular there were several sequels and pohotobooks. if anyone is the real life L, it's him.

No. 171052

Yeah, she's super delusional. Kenichi was a great L and no one even cares about the american death note on netflix. Even for the bad memes

No. 171059


I thought for sure that she was a big enough DN fan to realize that the Japanese LA was actually really well received (even had RHCP on the soundtrack).

No. 171118

>"Hire me, a horse faced white girl to be a Japanese man."

There's a reason Netflix didn't call.

No. 171150

I didn't know of her before the amnesia vlog, so I have to ask: has her makeup always been this bad? In all the cosplay photos posted itt she has used a warm tone for her contour, which is obviously a huge no-no and looks like straight up shit. I find it hard to believe that she would have even a modest following with her lacking skills.

No. 171209

correction that he is actually mixed, but still she can’t escape the horseface.

Always. It’s actually quite hard to find someone who has been doing makeup since they were in high school and who still can’t do their eyeliner. Like it’s a skill that really comes along with experience, which really shows how much she’s rushing it.

No. 174568

File: 1632773572438.jpg (542.11 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20210927-160739_Twi…)

I don't keep up with Nikki's tiktok, but as far as her cosplay & personal twitters go, she hasn't been talking much about the amnesia thing. Is it possible she's trying to distance herself from it?

Also, I'm so confused about her relationship with Rae. Is she just trying to pretend like she never said she wanted to break up/move out?

No. 175004

File: 1632975247746.jpeg (119.2 KB, 1242x841, 701CDAA4-5E89-4358-A8D8-DAEF75…)

Oh absolutely, just as I read your post I noticed this tweet. It went from “amnesia symptoms” to “concussion symptoms.”

That change in verbiage is very intentional.

No. 175014

>>175004 okay i was wondering if anyone else noticed. it's definitely intentional. i'm looking for her to never mention again tbh

No. 175022

Too many people with even basic medical knowledge was probably asking questions she didn't have answers for. Plus you have anons here pointing out her bull. It's a pretty dead thread but anyone looking around surely will find and see what a absolute cow she is for even pulling it. I'm surprised she's even still trying any semblance on a head injury after what a shit show it's been.

No. 175066

So in the end everything was faked and she can go back to her "normal" life.
What a jackass.

No. 175108

>>175022 i agree. i think SO many people were pointing out flaws with her medical synopsis, and so now she's trying to wiggle away from it. she seems to be going back to her normal life. things with rae seem fine, she's cosplaying again without complaining of too much "screen time," and doing photoshoots. it seems she's completely trying to put past what she did. it's insane to say but she'll actually get away with it. so sad.

i think this thread proves that she was lying. but the sad truth is no one is ever gonna confront nikki about that.

No. 175110

That's a child age fandom for you, they''ll eat up anything and forget the next moment. TBH I think Rae was getting tired of it too which spurred the I'm moving out saga until Nikki realized without Rae her stuff would get even lower interaction than it already was. She doesn't have a back up to run to so is deciding to drop it until her next big act.

No. 175152

I just can’t believe all of the late 20 some cosplay friends they have ate this shit up, but I also noticed that they never made too much of a public stunt in support of Nikki. It’s almost like their is an unspoken understanding that they tap dance to each other’s bullshit in solidarity, but not too loudly in case a real adult is nearby kek

No. 175169

Oh without a doubt everyone around them knew it was a load of horseshit. But no one's willing to risk the callout shitshow that would follow. I mean hell >>153904 she made a video calling out us and a jab at >>146245 in the tweet. After that she likely looked up actual symptoms rather than using her student film as basis and realized she was fucked with how she was going on.

No. 175598

File: 1633360046956.jpeg (299.76 KB, 1536x2048, 08C5B4D5-AE14-42BE-802C-A18748…)

lol why do they always make their assistant do these half assed cosplays. Somehow no matter who she cosplays, it just looks like her in a party city wig.

Also, holy crimson chin nikki

No. 175764

Yeah I think she’s quietly trying to distance herself from this because:
1. She realized she can’t make a living like this without Rae around
2. We found her amnesia short film which definitively proved she was larping
3. When you google her username, this thread is on the first page of results so anyone can see the evidence that she faked a traumatic brain injury

No. 181503

File: 1636638730738.jpeg (258.6 KB, 1152x2048, 08F6A9A5-8176-4B1D-97BE-E8359C…)

Nikki just posted this to her Instagram and Twitter. Allegations against a cosplayer named devinaesthetics were made, and Rae and bukkitbrown also made statements. Were they all friends with him?

Also kek near the end of nikki’s post it starts sound like “I won’t do anything but I’m here for you <3”

No. 181582

Newfag but long time lurker

Anyone else find it strange that she's collabbing with yet another cosplay group? Not sure if S1C knows about her alleged amnesia since they all come off as naive in general but I wouldn't be surprised if they believe her.

In the BTS video to the recent MHA Halloween special they're all sitting around getting tipsy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XUuxhjuuhs

24:30 Nikki's getting touchy

No. 181658

I’m assuming it’s to keep on with the MHA fandom, since that’s mostly what square one cosplay does. But nikki, and consequently rae, have not had good luck with cosplay groups at all.

No. 182499

This post is hella dead, but I do wanna put in some neutral two cents.

I have had multiple friends with endo who has gotten total uterus removal and partial. There are many types as stated in the thread. So honestly it’s not that uncommon for people with this condition.

The reason why: the scaring can lead to tumors or cancer if it’s severe enough. Or sometimes just straight up using it as an excuse to yeet the baby maker. So if anything it would be weirder if she was like “oh yeah im existing just fine with this painfully crippling condition.”

Another thing that I think needs to be considered is the fact that brain damage will change A LOT of things. It could effect gender identity, ability to recognize yourself etc etc.

So for the sake of looking at all angles, let’s look at that facts behind that.
For example, a tumor caused a man to have pedophilic tendencies because it grew on specific part of his brain related to children and sex.

Once removed he no longer showed indication of being a pedophile etc etc

I’m not gonna go into the entire psychoanalysis this guy went under, but I will say that it’s not impossible to see this change.

So what could this mean? Could they be faking it? Yeah. Could they call be telling the truth? Yeah. It’s a toss up, who can say? Anyways, just wanted to give two cents from someone who doesn’t hate or like this person. I’m just neutral but wanted to clarify this info for people who seemed to be a little misinformed on endometriosis and the likelihood of getting your uterus removed and to consider the possibility of how head trauma would change her.

No. 182531

Yeah, I don't understand why anyone is doubting that endometriosis can lead to a total or partial hysterectomy. This was offered to me, because mine is very severe, and I'm not 30 yet. I decided to wait to make the decision. I'm not interested in having kids but I don't like the idea of sudden menopause, and it won't really solve all my symptoms anyway. (I have deep infiltrating endo on my GI tract and abdominal wall)

No. 182643

File: 1637083395401.png (181.94 KB, 285x318, Stomach scar.PNG)


Read the thread, it's already been discussed that the Endo/uterus removal is true and tinfoils are just tinfoils.

These posts

Have been dunked. Let it go.
She has photos of her abdomen scar, as referenced here >>144328. Pic related for more proof.

We don't need to keep rehashing that anons were wrong on that part.

It's obvious you're either mishkali or one of her drones. Her doctor said she had "no brain damage" and she literally wrote and directed a movie with this premise like two years ago. Bumping your head and not even passing out does not make you lose 7 years of total memories. This is clearly fakery.

No. 183217

yeah, if you're gonna revive this shit at least keep up and focus on what actually makes her a cringey cow.
on top of whatever short film project she did about amnesia, she also made a 'live action anastasia' vid ffs. she's obsessed with the 'romance' of amnesia and it's painfully obvious.

tried to watch some of her recent mha cosplay. funny that she still plays the deku character exactly the same way that she did before the gentle head bump. that is to say, nothing like the personality of the character at all. it's like she can't stop her inner bitch from showing through. the whole thing was such a mess, it's difficult to believe they have any background in film production, even on an amateur level. teens make better cosplay skits…

No. 183649

File: 1637362104366.jpeg (356.48 KB, 1242x2117, AE589026-FBC5-4749-B064-FF55AA…)

Holy shit anon. I never connected the fact that her other huge live project (Anastasia) was a movie involving amnesia.

I assumed her obsession was because she was adopted from Russia, like a representation kinda thing, but she never ever talks about Russia or has shown any kind of love for Russian art/culture.

So let’s break it down.
-her short film about amnesia
-Anastasia: a princess movie about amnesia
-and her obsession with Deathnote that has multiple story lines involving memory loss.

All within 2 years of her amnesia incident. We have a full blown munchie. Pic related is from a tik tok sneak pic of her Anastasia short film. Did she even finish it??

No. 183651

File: 1637363806305.jpeg (496.83 KB, 1242x2208, AD503AA3-9C7F-4BAC-B7DB-3D005E…)

same anon, just adding that it seems her fans have noticed the similarities, and it almost comes off like they’re poking the lion with some of these comments, but don’t have the nerve to really go there.

Also, the final short film was taken down, and kenny did all of the concept photoshoots for the Kickstarter funds.

No. 183818

not sure if anyone already brought this up, she's talked about in a couple vlogs that she considers herself a novelist and has been working on a novel concept since childhood. her wattpad is public and uses the same username that she uses elsewhere, the novel she's been working on titled 'The Homunculus' is also about amnesia according to the bio. says she's had the idea since the fourth grade. https://www.wattpad.com/user/Mishkalli

No. 183840


Omg…Every major piece of creative output she's done has to do with amnesia! I imagine the chances of losing several years of memories from a head injury are already super low, but she expects people to believe that after working on more than 3 long-term projects revolving around amnesia, she's then coincidentally one of the tiny number of people that gets it? What's she on???
Her gf has to know about the novel, right? How can someone be that gullible?

No. 183896

File: 1637505737632.jpeg (272.14 KB, 1242x1048, 96968978-D70D-471B-AFA3-4DF6E9…)

Fucking kek, every chapter is riddled with spelling errors and tense issues, or ending on prepositions in a non-dialogue way. Or it just sounds terribly clunky.

>I know she likes tea and disgusts coffee

>She was staring at me again, in such an intent way, it installed a strange kind of shame.

She was 20-21 while writing this, and studying film/art in school. There are creative writers in high school that fair better. Peep this cringefest bio.

It’s not even just about probability tbh, it’s also that her symptoms and the incident are literally impossible, coupled with her amnesia obsession. I think the worst part about all of this is that for someone who was obsessed with amnesia for all of these years, she didn’t seem to know anything about it, or research any of the actual symptoms.

No. 183999

Apologies for nitpick, but it's always been a pet peeve of mine when people go on and on about how their eyes "change colour".
Girl, they're blue. Regardless of how they might be complimented or highlighted by clothing, makeup, or lighting, they're still blue. Blue eyes are pretty and lots of people wish they had them, you can be happy with that. Convincing yourself that you have magical rainbow eyes doesn't make you any more special or interesting.

No. 184008

File: 1637541150216.png (14.9 KB, 442x386, Wattpad Deleted.PNG)

She deleted her account, lol she's keeping close tabs I see.

Screenshots are forever though.

No. 184013

File: 1637543231403.png (813.95 KB, 3524x1264, mishkali amnesia story.png)

Thought she might do that. Can't save shit from wattpad apparently? So I just copy pasted screenshots of the first chapter like a techtard in case I wanted to read it later. Sounds like a laugh.

No. 184021

File: 1637546552011.jpg (262.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6260.jpg)

lma fucking o, nice anon. I have a screenshot of her written collection from that wattpad, but I didn't look into the other works sadly.

No. 184035

File: 1637553346516.jpeg (214.56 KB, 1125x1413, 1DAB2626-C95F-4EF6-9797-60ED81…)

full screenshot of the novel description now that’s it’s gone

No. 184059

suddenly deleted profiles is just more proof that you're lurking and trying to hide your ass, girl

No. 184074

File: 1637597917213.png (584.33 KB, 1078x682, nitpick.PNG)

complete fucking nitpick but what the fuck is this photo???!! I thought it was a joke reel/blooper pic but she completely meant this pose.

No. 184076

I think I can see the sort of sensual look she was going for with this posing but she really missed the mark. Her mouth in particular makes it seem like an unflattering inbetween shot.

No. 184082

ok last nitpick, but damn not ONE of her voice over tiktoks are matched up to the audio. This is something that even teens with 0 prep are capable of perfectly doing. her lazy content skills is why rae passed her in followers on multiple platforms.

I'm assuming it's her assistant who is keeping tabs, everytime nikki comes lurking she feels the need to tweet something vaguely telling.

I noticed that she took down the original "house tour" right after her concussion incident, I have it saved on my phone so I will upload later.

No. 184553

she didn't even use any of the good lyrics from that song for her caption. what a retarded bitch

No. 184640

The original amnesia house tour is finally up, had to dig through my files. if it gets taken down despite being unlisted I’ll use vimeo instead.

Some important reminders:
>This was the same day she had her incident
>She never passed out (her own words in the GRWM)
>she suffered zero abrasions/visible wounds
> doctor cleared her of any internal wounds, bleeds, or damage (as per rae’s own tweets >>140827)
>she wrote, directed, and filmed about 3-4 different projects involving amnesia leading up to this “incident”

deniers that keep coming into the thread need to quarrel about these damning facts.

No. 184654

i can't find that one where she's crying to her disbelievers about how it really is super hard to have amnesia and she only acts like it's no big deal because that's her coping mechanism so there's absolutely no way anyone could criticize her without being a mean victim shamer. Did she take that one down too?

No. 184686

She also took that down, it was on her main yt page too.

I just noticed she also took down her six part series tiktoks where she excitedly explains her amnesia predicament (like a week after the incident or something?)
She is slowly but surely trying to erase her digital footprint of having said she has amnesia. She’s not going back on it completely but it is hilarious that she might one day try to gaslight her audience. “I never said any of that and you have no proof.” lolcow is forever.

Did anybody save the full tiktoks? I have screenshots I believe with closed captioning.

No. 184795

there is no way she 'forgot' what sushi is

No. 184802

i mean it makes you wonder, was this a sudden decision she made to just have amnesia, or was she planning it? we all know she has an obsession with memory loss, so i feel like it was only a matter of time before she “made it real” y’know? theres no way she was hit hard by something and suddenly decided. it would make more sense if she kind of fantasized about having amnesia and then one day found an excuse to have it. the issue is, clearly shes not very good at pretending. just by watching that anastasia concept film its clear shes a terrible actress. kinda funny how she thinks she can fool everyone xD(newfag)

No. 184887

I'm an idiot and only posted part two, I forgot that I had the vlog made in two parts.

The first part of the green text from >>184640 is most relevant to this part 1 of the video. Part 2 does transition into the next day.

No. 186419

File: 1638980453781.jpeg (193.8 KB, 1242x821, C574B5C1-6097-4666-9308-64591A…)

Nikki has been deleting everything and lurking here (or her minion Erin), and I feel like their tweets in pic is in reference to this thread as well.

rae was referred to as a butch lesbian earlier, and we’ve been making assertions of Erin wanting in on the relationship. Idk why they’d be irritated now?

No. 186421

File: 1638980707598.jpeg (197.58 KB, 1242x1110, CAC2D497-7C5C-4A22-AF93-209B4C…)

sa, and lol I guess officially it does involve all of them. Erin (skyver on Twitter) also retweeted, and she doesn’t use Twitter with much consistency.

No. 186435

i had a feeling they'd begin lurking here more consistently, considering this thread is like the second or third thing that comes up when you search nikki's cosplay name on google. they're probably going through it bit by bit, seeing what kind of dirt we've got on them so that they can erase it from the internet. hate to break it to them, but this thread has all of the evidence, and there's no getting rid of lolcow. it's pretty funny knowing they're probably sweating about the situation. i only wish there was a way to get this thread out to her fans, and make them see the truth

No. 186437

>>186435 i created this Twitter to try and reach out to nikki's fans with the expose thread. follow if u want, or make your own accounts to spread the word. it would be helpful(don't touch the poop)

No. 186459

Are you retarded

No. 186488

for gods sake just read the rules. No cowtipping (or at least don't admit to it), and no dragging new ppl in here. Milk will run dry.

No. 186569

Wait…rachels saying shes not a lesbian now? Im confused? They haven't been private about the fact that they were dating (and boned) prior to these amnesia lies. Or is she talking gender stuff, like she doesn't ID as girl so can't be les, or something?

No. 186656


apparently she's nb.
I made the mistake of going to their twitters to find out wtf they were whinging about, and I really hope all the people kissing Nikki's ass over every vapid thing she says are at least teens. Imagine complaining that people make assumptions about your relationships when all your content literally panders to fujoshis. God, these people are so cringe. Anyone else remember when twitter didn't exist and you didn't have to know how embarrassing people were?

No. 186903

File: 1639175357871.jpg (370.44 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20211210-172659_Twi…)

nikki once again stressing that she sees erin as a sibling/friend only after we brought up erin's infatuation and obvious crush on nikki and/or rae. kinda funny how hard they're both trying to "disprove" what has been said in this thread

No. 187126

It’s very noticeable at this point how they lurk. Also what’s with Erin being a worse yet better misa cosplayer than nikki all at the same time? Her and nikki suffer from high mouth-big-chin syndrome

No. 191471

File: 1641167506150.jpeg (322.82 KB, 1226x1520, C907635E-A339-430D-99C1-1D1B10…)

It appears that scar is not from any kind of uterus removal (which I realize now would probably be an internal/vaginal operation) but it’s actually from MALS surgery. Pic related.

I still don’t think she’s lying about the uterus removal. The way she lies about everything else has so much flare and excitement, like she’s excited about the attention. She seems to be pretty matter-of-fact about this. It’s not too common for it to be done at such a young age in the US, but she does literally look hormonally stunted. Even without the ovaries removed, hormonal imbalances are common.

No. 193366

another lesbian being tricked into special uwu gender bc i dress masculine and cosplay males therefore not a lesbian uwu

No. 194358

Just wanted to say that this has nothing to do with gender. She’s not upset with being called a lesbian because of gender stuff she’s upset because she is bisexual! She has been calling herself bisexual for a very very long time now. I don’t understand where this lesbian stuff is coming from. In their relationship video both L and Rae say they are bisexual.(ok Kyolove1234@hotmail.com)

No. 194870

I remember Svatti and co from their collab with Square One Cosplay. I know the members of S1C personally and I’m surprised they agreed to work with them despite all the drama. Unless they’re just unaware.

No. 195208

sage for unrelated, but square one cosplay has their own drama, seeing as someone from within their group deleted all of their videos and content. Youtube said it wasn't a hacker/login from a different place, but was from one of them. They got their content back, but I still wonder who did it.

nikki and rae are attempting at being smart and have barely spoken about personal stuff in their weekly vlogs in order to stop this thread from being bumped. But in turn, their content has gotten reeaaally boring and they're still losing patrons.

No. 195327

File: 1643379912212.jpg (647.54 KB, 1080x1793, IMG_20220128_161650.jpg)

So she is triggered by time travel movies now

No. 195358

holy fucking shit that’s hilarious. I always forget to check her Instagram

No. 195503

>time travel
Wtf is this supposed to mean? Is she going to start claiming she had a traumatic time travel incident now?

No. 195713

She's probably saying that because she's the only person who's ever suddenly lost multiple years of memories without even getting knocked out, it FEELS like she timetraveled, so now watching things about time travel is so relatable to her that it's triggering.

No. 195769

sage for no new info /

unless i missed something while going through this thread, what's the deal with nikki and rae's relationship? one second it was like nikki had forgotten all of her memories involving rae and they were gonna break up, and the next thing i know i'm checking their instas and they're going on vacations and horse riding dates.

was there every any explanation behind that? did nikki just totally gloss over the almost-break up like she has been with the amnesia stuff recently?

No. 195770

they’re right back to normal as it seems. Nikki and rae both wanted to portray it as a “falling in love again” hallmark movie, but after they found this thread they’ve decided to go back to normal for the most part, with some minor references to the “amnesia.”

I still think nikki was trying to maybe use it as a excuse to date other people or flirt with others, while keeping rae on a leash and then returning.

Off topic: Did anyyonne save the 6 part tik toks talking about the amnesia? I wish I saved them

No. 195815

File: 1643653519510.jpg (71.66 KB, 1080x475, 1643652615502.jpg)

I remembered the engagement video and that the next day it was announced that it was all a joke apparently Erin is going through the old vids because this popped up 2 weeks ago.

Also the hole brake up thing is weird all together because they clearly never had a problem with kissing etc. other people and Nikki even once said in one of her Katsu-con vlogs from 2019 that the two of them don’t have a problem with it so an open relationship would have been enough for Nikki probably and Rachel would have agreed as love struck as she is.

No. 196075

Something I’ve been so confused about is the engagement video. It seemed so genuinely authentic, with a huge build up. Also, idk how it could be an April fools joke when there was.. no joke. She just proposed. And none of the fans seem to think it was an April fools joke either? I kinda wonder if Rachel authentically proposed and got rejected?

No. 196091

>>196075 i actually also wondered this. i first saw the video back when i was a fan of nikki (before i realized how pretentious and fake she is) and thought that rae seemed very genuine in the video. it was to the point where i actually believed it was real until they announced it was an april fool's joke. also makes me think that it was real to rae. i have always felt like she's been more "into" the relationship than nikki.

No. 198677

File: 1645753115947.jpeg (134.38 KB, 1242x694, 412A14B3-396D-47B0-956A-6E971D…)

does anyone have a reupload of this vlog or the “amnesia girlfriend tag” she deleted off of her main channel?(necro)

No. 198784

beating myself up because I know I saved it but I might have lost it in a phone update gone wrong. I'll dig.

No. 204987

File: 1648947959967.png (87.03 KB, 549x623, weeb_chapel.PNG)

So she's apparently finally making the channel a group channel, and changing it to "Weeb Chapel."

20 bucks on this imploding. Nikki being able to call the shots in the past isn't going to jive well moving forward I bet.

Also, she has gone completely back to her MHA content, which she said she hated doing. It's like the "amnesia" never happened. Milk has been dry, but it looks like she's conceded to faking it. All amnesia content is practically swiped clean.

No. 205386

>>204987 totally agree, i think her wiping all amnesia videos and evidence is as close as we're ever gonna get to her admitting she faked it.

also: guarantee the my hero cosplays won't last more than a few months before she starts lying, saying she's getting "fat" comments about her deku cosplay again.

No. 223843

She's more active on facebook than anything now? Like a 65 year old grandma? Not sure if it's because Instagram is buggin too much or because there seems to be less 'woke fans' on there calling her out, also
Square one cosplay (Stan) made an update video that their views plummeted hence the silence lately. I think when they collabed with problematic L, they signed their career away. They had been doing fine up until then now all of Square had to get other jobs and they haven't been able to make content, which is sad. Mishkali out here ruining careers.(necro)

No. 230625

File: 1658251868254.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x2068, 770538DE-1AD5-4D2A-B203-0ACCDC…)

Name change to shake of the Amnesia past?

No. 230661

they’re all changing the channel to a group channel, so i bet this is part of the shift. but yes, definitely wanting to remove the amnesia history tied to her name as well.

which is surprising since she’s most recognizable from that name. she might lose followers

No. 230697

What happened to Kenny? I don’t see Rachel of Nikki mention them anymore.

No. 231149

learn to sage, and scroll up in the thread if you want to know

No. 231312

Learn to not be a dick(lost newfag)

No. 231315

nah, it’s annoying when people ask to be spoonfed.

No. 232321

Is it just me or does the editing style drive anyone else up the wall? Cutting out the space between every 5 words is SO jarring – especially during the ad reads
words get clipped constantly and overlap constantly it's unlistenable

No. 232664

saw her post saying she's going by vehn now in the cosplay community and her "real" name (L?) offline. i wonder if this is just another excuse to change her name and play a different personality(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 243073

File: 1661654215577.jpeg (303.56 KB, 1125x995, B4773C5F-4B57-4AC2-9936-97CBB1…)

ladies, i don’t know how we missed this.

apparently, the other big cosplay she participated in (literally right after her “amnesia”) is Princess Ai.
i wasn’t familiar with the manga’s plot, but low and behold, the character she cosplayed has amnesia!

could be wrong but i believe she’s cosplayed her in the past, and I’m certain she’s always expressed how much she likes the manga. is this 5 for 5 pieces of media she either likes or has produced that contains the trope of amnesia?

No. 243432

There's a video on her YT, it's short. "My first handmade cosplay, despite being a cosplayer for ten years." Didn't she mean, "Despite having forgotten the past ten years."? Lol she really gave it up.

No. 248165

This shit is so embarrassing.

No. 263332

Hi I watched some of the shit she made when I was like 14 back in high school. But I was talking to a high school friend and we ended up looking her up and were just like wtf is going on. Then I found this thread and was just like thank fuck im not crazy bc I swear yall there are literally no questioning comments directed at her??? tho I didn't look that hard so maybe there are?

Tbh the whole situation is kinda funny to me cause she's really revealed how stupid she is and I think she's gonna regret digging so deep into the lie. also she's an ass for all the amnesia shit cause wtf is going on.

But I thought I'd bring this up since I thought it was weird and I don't think anyone mentioned it. But yknow how she got in shit for the ciel/sebastian stuff WELLL there's also a whole bunch of videos abt FMA where they're cosplaying as roy/ed which gave off very similar vibes in a bad way um yeah… she's also deleted (or at least privatized) some of the ed/roy stuff that I remember there being so not sure if that's because it came off really bad and underage bc I do remember some pretty sexual things - anyways ed is 12 in the anime I believe which is :/

Also as someone who once watched her content I look back on it now and cringe (and also question the sanity of 14 yr old me). But at the same time it makes sense bc here was a character close to my age (ed or eren or yuri) who I could relate to and through which my desire for an older more mature man could be expressed? Also I remember having a huge crush on rae lol. Like I guess what I'm saying is that the people who watch her content are just kids who feel bad for her because of a parasocial relationship. Like it feels like she preying on that, and manipulating them in a very uncomfortable way so thats ick.

Final point I promise, but I would like to say that I was 14 when I saw her content and im now almost 20. Like now im in uni, living alone, etc. while she's still playing dress up. Which actually I dont have anything against the cosplaying itself but her most recent video is smth abt smash or pass and just wtf I know this has been established but its just weird. She obviously has issues with being an adult and doesn't want to grow up (for example being married or whatever) but I think its irresponsible of the people around her to feed into that fantasy and to manipulate literal kids because of her insecurity.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 263365

kek tbh these cows are like my babies. i care little for any other cows on /w/ or /snow/ compared to them because i genuinely think they have jillian vessey levels of entertainment with how horrible of a lie they’ve both created, people just sadly don’t know them yet. and yes, as grown ass adults they were shipping ed/roy in the most embarrassing way. ed and ciel even look like kids, this isn’t a Light and L situation who could be the same age looks wise (Light is like 17 when introduced and L is 25 i think). Now they cosplay mob psycho, aka another fandom with a huge age gap ship.

No. 280369

File: 1675642341853.jpg (369.24 KB, 1080x2055, IMG_20230206_015625.jpg)

Because I do believe that these cows have genuine potential here is some kind of milk as I will not make myself sit through the YouTube vids

>Nikki is still in the gender train now going by they/him only and wants the boob chop while being as feminine as ever

>Also has now bleached blond hair, still with the greasy bangs creating an even bigger mess on her head (pic related)
>Also no activity on her other channels even though they where doing better % wise
>Erin now is an even bigger part of the channel but seems to not really gain much popularity from the fandom as they just want Nikki/Rachel content
>Rachel seems to be slowly distancing herself (but I may be wrong) and is not attending the next cons both Nikki and Erin are going to
>The channel itself is falling apart and the only thing bring in any views are the old things like Yuri on ice and my hero academia

No. 280373

Some missing links
> Nikki's personal YouTube https://youtube.com/@LLawlisht
> Nikki's wig channel where I'm pretty sure she has breached sponsorship agreements on https://youtube.com/@wc-tutorials
> Erin's cosplay Instagram https://www.instagram.com/skyvercosplay/
> Also has a personal one but is private
> Rachel's personal Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rae_sva/feed/
> Nikki's personal Instagram https://www.instagram.com/l.lawlisht/
> Both Nikki and Erin have additional personal cosplay YouTube channels but nothing is on there

No. 280528

Erin is such a sad third wheel. Her cosplays always looks so unkempt, and it's clear she just doesn't have the look. Her best cosplay is MAYBE uraraka.
love that rachel might be distancing. even though she had a hand in the amnesia fiasco, it's clear nikki held the reigns.

No. 280537

I think she is slowly realising that the relationship is a dead end or something and that Nikki only sees her as a business tool rather then a partner.
Besides if I remember correctly Rachel used to be the bread winner work on moves or something while Nikki was trying to make her break and YouTube work. I wonder if that's still the case?

No. 281091

I really don't want to armchair, but it's so clear that she is dealing with some level of adoptee trauma, which is really really common for international adoptees (especially of eastern block countries, where the first few years of life are really food insecure/neglectful). She's discussed it in her adoption story time video. Her obsession with amnesia and having huge chunks of her life "gone" is how so many international adoptees feel when they know they have almost zero evidence of their early childhood to substantiate the lack of memories. We all usually have childhood photos to contextualize the memory loss we have, but many adoptees don't have that. And since she was from a russian orphanage, she definitely doesn't have any photos of her first 3 or so years. She did mention that she was also malnourished.

>inb4 she might be lying about that too

She definitely is eastern european in appearance, and all of her details on the adoption process lines up. Her being adopted seems to be the only really consistent thing she's described about her past in a very matter of fact way/casual way.

No. 303158

File: 1689148046679.jpg (610.69 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20230712_034847_Twi…)

sage /


No. 303161

word cannot describe my shock that this is actually saged. nice job dumbass, i guess.

No. 312302

I think it might be possible that Nikki suffered from a dissociative fugue state or something similar. Just my two cents.

No. 312409

I think you all are way too hard on these poor youtubers. None of you know what happened to her than them and their close relatives so back off. I relate to svatii becasue of her story
i have autism and was adopted too and svatti if you see this don't let these dumbass people get you down becasue all of you people out there judging them or accusing them of lying just for viewers is really messed up. You weren't there when it happened and you were not at the hospital so stop becasue you don't know what happened. and her being adopted or having autism has nothing to do with what happened and i bet rae didn't purposely hurt her and they are probally going through a lot. I am 15 and i have been watching them for years and they collab with so many people that i watch such as square one cosplay and many others so don't be so quick to judge maybe put yourself in their shoes. Svatti and Rae, I beleive you guys and I hope you guys get through this(whiteknight)

No. 312442


I agree, none of us know what really happened. The thread is kinda pointless since no one managed to prove any actual offense on their part at the end.

> Svatti and Rae, I beleive you guys

No offence, but I'll make a little correction, because you confused Svattii's nickname with L's: Svattii is actually Rachel aka Rae, and Mishkali (the one with amnesia) is Nikki aka L aka Vehn.

No. 312481

I don't think she has greasy bangs and even if she did there is no need for you to talk about her like that. Plus whatever is going on in their relationship is none of our business. Although there is another cosplay chanel I watched called littleboffin so if anyone is interested please check them out.

No. 312482

I also watch Shady Cosplay so maybe some of y'all should go watch them if you are so upset with this whole Amnesia situation that we have no proof that it didn't happen. Just an idea

No. 312483

Thank you for correcting me it was late and i was tired. ha, anyways i also want to thank you for agreeing with me because someone banned me and when i had to do the whole why I shouldn't be banned thing I just said that it happens to be my first time on here so I would appreciate it if I could be unbanned and I also put that certain people just don't like that we are speaking truth but yeah thank you for agreeing with me

No. 312488

Disconnect your router and leave your house for a few weeks.

No. 312495


No. 312501

Could you also stop putting your whole ass name in your posts? Now everyone will know where you live.

No. 312512

Hmm let me think NO

No. 312513

And my full name has nothing to do with where I live plus it is not your decision it is mine and we have cameras and my dads a cop so i don't think people would get very far(ban evading idiot )

No. 312532

So you banned me again just cause i am speaking truth??

No. 312533

SEriously ridiculous

No. 312534

and the i won't put my full name anymore person was me if you were too slow to figure that out…

No. 312536

And i noticed the only people who get banned are the one who speak the truth …
kinda convienient if i say so myself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 312541

Quit shiting up Lolcow with your turbo autism.

No. 312544

You know what BITCH you can go FUCK yourself because I may have autism but at least I am not a dumbass bitch like you and how old are you again???? ANd also let me tell you something okay little girl or little boy whoever the Fuck you are , don't fucking come at me for being autistic because autistic people are one of the kindest and smartest people out there but we can be bitches if we want so shut your fucking mouth and i hope you go to hell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 312560

KEK please post your social media accounts, I want to follow your cause, like genuinely.

No. 312568

I think you have it backwards. Lack of proof doesn't mean something definitely happened. Its the opposite.

No. 312634

File: 1700289720133.jpg (27.7 KB, 425x425, 1700083894895.jpg)

>i have autism and was adopted too

we can tell

No. 312719

what's wild is that you weren't permabanned for being 15 when being under 18 is against the rules. it's really not hard to lie about that, but you came right out with it.

No. 313785

It's been months since people stopped talking about these losers because they are so chronically boring and cringe when they're not being hilariously bad at faking medical conditions.
All you did is remind people about this thread and probably made it slightly harder for them to keep pretending the whole thing never happened. Good job.

No. 318287

File: 1705894157747.jpeg (833.38 KB, 804x1540, IMG_8269.jpeg)

Now they’ve removed any trace of it happening and are very clearly still in love with each other and jumped straight back into cosplay conventions. Not that it’s anyone’s business really.(newfaggotry)

No. 319515

so what are they now? still fiancé? i just know them from chainsaw man cosplay and i didn’t know they has this ugly background.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324476

I used to watch them and really like the bakugou burn videos but they deleted some of them. it doesn't make sense how they could be up for like 2-3 years and then randomly be deleted??

No. 324482

I guess I'm disappointed because I really do think Rae does cosplay bakugou very well. this is all very u fortunate to Me:(((:()

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