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File: 1698446404774.png (1.87 MB, 1620x936, clownshit.png)

No. 921722

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>916503
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@peachygirlmomo
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last Thread:
>tried to claim Ozy was abusive and that she's happy she's out of the relationship, may or may not have gone to court about it
>attended AX and EVO
>grew some sad looking shrooms
>spent a stupid amount of money on some art simply because it makes an appearance in Makima's house
>got a "brand deal" with a shitty low budget porn game
>she and her cronies tried to cancel SquareNoodles, and despite being a predictably insufferable smug bitch about it the whole time never really showed any solid evidence of Square doing anything heinous like she claimed
>Square may or may not be collecting evidence to sue her
>let a guy cum in her eyes
>tried to once again rewrite her history claiming that she's always proudly done porn and that her POV Wicke shoot "shook the cosplay community"
>did some gross Mcmilf porn, ate cum fries
>went to Disney World, looked extremely rough
>evidently hanging out with Kevin again
>didn't actually say much, but still of course sided with SSSniperwolf after Lia doxxed jacksfilms, also attended her birthday party
>went on multiple antisemitic rants that spanned multiple days
>during said rants she showed uncensored photos of decapitated children on her Instagram stories like a psychopath
>bought a bunch of cheap costumes from amazon and miccostumes
>caught in the wild by anon on her way to Japan
>flew economy on a cheap airline, and was incredibly meek and insecure looking, ruining any image she's tried to cultivate of being a confident bad bitch online
>is apparently back with Ozy yet again after crying about how abusive he was

No. 921723

File: 1698447003948.png (6.32 KB, 572x86, thegiftofprophecy.png)

Sage for no contribution, but I was scrolling the previous thread as a refresher and just wanted to quickly shout out this anon for making such an accurate prediction about recent events lol. I know she'd been skirting around outright antisemitism even before this, but it still made me chuckle.

No. 921724

SO FAST! Thank you, anon, for your contribution! Can't wait for a fresh thread for all the fresh Japan milk.

No. 921725

she’s not in japan retards

No. 921726

lolcow is borderline delusional when they are taking pics of random big ass white fucking cock women in japan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921727

OK Ozy, enjoy fucking your prize hog.(hi cow)

No. 921728

She posted stories that she's there lol keep up

No. 921729

Kek, does this mean theylurk?
Anyway, hope the nonny who took the pics is still anonymous!

No. 921730

File: 1698453206675.png (337.94 KB, 467x838, moodayone.png)

lol… lmao

No. 921731

Lol, she looks like she hasn't showered since the airport. Her hair was that kind of "I've just been throwing this up without brushing" chronically knotty/ frizzy. Her hair was as busted as the rest of her tbh.
I'm still here lol. We'll see if she's mooing around Shibuya tonight. Look out for the jiangshi and you might find me Moo… or it might be one of the 100 other girls who bought this costume.

No. 921732

She's been lurking for years, namely her threads and the threads of her calves and enemies. Who can forget when she waddled in here on thread one and oinked about how her 'cheap spandex suit' made her more famous than us poor nonitas ever will be?

No. 921735

File: 1698455860526.png (8.04 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7141.png)

Mimsy is with them

No. 921736

i'm not the least bit surprised she's with her, birds of a feather flock together after all. It'll be interesting to see if maddies with them too, or if she's been given the boot

No. 921737

I didn't see Maddie at the airport. There was another girl I thought was with them, but I wasn't sure and didn't pay that much attention, who was likely Mimsy. Moo probably flew budget because it's the only way to afford paying for her cronies anymore lol

No. 921740

Gaza is currently getting nuked off the map and she's vacationing in the glorious motherland. The trip has probably been booked ahead of the time but the timing is hilarious

No. 921742

At least this trip saves people from seeing her constantly repost photos of dead children. But seriously, not a peep out of her right now especially is very telling.

No. 921745

The Gaza rants are just her usual performative nonsense(learn to sage)

No. 921746

I know we say this all the time but my God that nose is fucking awful. I would be embarrassed taking any sort of profile picture with that snout. yuck

No. 921747

File: 1698494506432.jpg (288.9 KB, 1290x2293, 395514015_1558845898254433_912…)

Well, we know who she'll be dressed as on Halloween.

No. 921749

Of course she went to Shibuya even though the mayor is begging people not to so much that they put up fences around the whole Hachiko statue area this weekend. She's exactly that kind of disrespectful American. Look at the tags for Halloween in both English and Japanese tomorrow and there's a good chance we'll get some great candids again

No. 921756

Imagine she gets arrested in this? She is known to not follow rules or listen to any one with words of wisdom. It would be funny and great milk.

No. 921767

I fully expect her to make a complete ass of herself like she always does at public events. She can’t help but act like an obnoxious American tourist who thinks she can get away with whatever she wants. The second someone tries to to tell her what to do she’ll immediately pull the sexism/racism card.

No. 921776

Sorry but they’re not arresting people unless they’re breaking the actual law. The “halloween is cancelled” in Shibuya is a temporary ordinance they put up this year because of a host of different reasons (last year’s itaewon incident, a return to accepting international tourism, an increase of nuisance streamers, an increase of people drinking on the street and littering/becoming public nuisances). They are stopping some people at some stations if they wear a costume- I know this because I have idiot friends who still choose to go out to Shibuya for halloween. They’ll apparently make you remove your costume or cover up before you go through the ticket gate. And patrol groups going out confronting groups on the streets of specifically Shibuya ward that will make you pour out alcoholic beverages after 6pm. They also stop sales of alcohol from conbini and other shops (I believe bars and restaurants are exempt) after 6pm. This is somewhat “big” news here and has been covered by most news outlets in Kanto.

despite this, there are still a lot of people (foreign AND Japanese) out wearing costumes around Shibuya. It’s definitely not as many as previous years and it definitely doesn’t look as fun, BUT, people are out celebrating Halloween in Shibuya. I do think Moo will go out and I do hope we get candids of her but there’s just so many people in Shibuya it’s not a guarantee by any means.

No. 921782

File: 1698546863658.png (Spoiler Image,456.05 KB, 485x617, Untitled.png)

I see she's trotting out her cow girl "oc" again(spoiler needed)

No. 921786


Figures a female incel like her would be into the “Women are braindead useless cum dumps who only exist meant to service men” Asanagi doujins.

No. 921788

I personally don't even think she likes them. She's only "into" the most degrading type of porn because she thinks guys like it. Guess it works, as her paypigs are all putrid incels.

No. 921798

She really thinks she looks like this illustration too, 100%.

No. 921799

File: 1698600170880.png (337.8 KB, 639x713, Screenshot_20231028-175030~2.p…)

Moo could be a spokes person for ads like this. Her recent candids are hilarious(Off topic)

No. 921800

File: 1698604966940.png (495.69 KB, 474x584, sweatinjapan.png)

How can she wear this in Tokyo? She must be absolutely drenched in sweat. Even right now, it's still hot and humid as shit. Can only imagine the stank.

No. 921802

I'm really hoping she took all these pics the same day. If not it implies she didn't shower or change her outfit for two to three days. Seeing how she looks greasy and unwashed even with filters, it seems like the latter. Why is she like this if there are rumors she stinks?

No. 921803

We know she barely showers and will wear the same outfits for weeks at a time.

No. 921804

She didn't shower the day of or before her flight too. So it's actually worse than that.
Then she gets upset why the only man she can pull is Ozy who is only following her around for money. You know she's seething she can't pull gym bros or cosplay himbos. Like seriously Moo, men will fuck a dead body if it smells good enough… then again, the corpse will keep their mouth shut.

No. 921806

Or she has a bunch of the same outfits and took a shower between. Such a weird tinfoil. We already know she has a hunch of bland althetic black clothes.

No. 921807

>Literally tons of threads proving her hygiene is bad
Why do mooriah knights come out the woodwork whenever she's put on blast?

No. 921809

That's not what whiteknighting is.

No. 921811

>Clothes, hair and skin progressively getting more filthy by the day. Moo in the past admitting to showering only a couple times a week at best.

Yes, what a wild tinfoil

No. 921839

File: 1698636596919.jpg (586.46 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231029_202943_Ins…)

The last time Moo was in Japan, he did an extensive set with Bishoujomom lol

No. 921842

Remember girlies, this is a 26in waist and 40in hips.

No. 921844

File: 1698641476383.jpeg (411.27 KB, 750x991, IMG_1093.jpeg)

Holy fuck, her face looks beyond botched.

No. 921848

Everything in Japan (seats, doorways, chairs) are SO much smaller. It’s a wonder how she fits anywhere, and it’s making laugh to think of her trying to squeeze her lardass anywhere

No. 921855

you just know the only reason she wears those long ass fake nails is to make her fat fingers look thinner

No. 921859

File: 1698683327940.png (296.29 KB, 357x615, lolabuserex.png)

getting nice and cozy with your abusive ex, eh Moo?

No. 921860

She's literally trying to use him to look smaller and more dainty tho. The posing to make her hands look smaller is so funny

No. 921863

It's funny how she's never gonna post him and show his face on Insta again. He also isn't posting anything on social media. True love, y'all.

No. 921865


It’s because she’d look real stupid crawling back to him after publicly calling him basically a limp dick loser who is afraid to even speak her name after how much she “broke” him and showed him what a weak willed man he was for beating on her and being generally “abusive” towards her. People who knew them and saw them together would talk about how they would regularly be screaming at each other and getting into fights that would last all night. Not but months later here she is on an expensive vacation with him after claiming how much she didn’t need him. If she ever showed her face with him again it would be over for her.

No. 921880

God imagine all the infighting and speculation over this pic if she didn't get caught with him on day 0. She's still trying to hide it out of shame like >>921865 said and probably holding onto his phone so he can't post. But came here so fast to try to say those pics of her in the same shit shes wearing in the pics she posted herself weren't her, kek

No. 921882

File: 1698754992808.jpg (262 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20231031-132233_Ins…)

No. 921884

File: 1698755607561.jpg (607.69 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231031_073126_Ins…)

Homie looked like he was really struggling with her lard ass

No. 921889

god her massive body makes her head look tiny kek

No. 921890

wtf is even the point of this?

No. 921900

Bursting at the seams like a Christmas ham. Lovely.

No. 921903

This looks so weird and stupid I can’t stop laughing. It looks like gross bad fetish art, you know the kind, where they’re all huge and cartoonishly fat. I guess that’s her audience now.

No. 921906

File: 1698771137651.png (252.97 KB, 476x611, rolls.png)

lol how big her rolls are here

No. 921908

The hyper use of facetune here is so weird to look at.

No. 921909

File: 1698773035603.jpg (474.8 KB, 1079x1752, Screenshot_20231031_102329_X.j…)

The way she's just spinning and barely off the ground unlike his other models, moo is too fat for this, no wonder she chickened out last time, she hated her body even more.

No. 921910

Couldn’t she at least take off the jacket? I bet it’s too hot and it would be even harder to tie up her body.

No. 921911

That would explain her random tweet about shibari riggers prior to the trip. She was likely asking around, and was told she was too heavy for it

No. 921917


I am sure there is a Joke in there about hanging cows and being halal or something.

No. 921919


If I were one of those riggers I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep myself from laughing at her the whole time. She looks so damn fat and pathetic. And was likely told a thousand times that she was too fat for it, but being who she is she just forced her way into anyways. If she winds up getting hurt it’s no one’s fault but her own. Like seriously, who the duck would find this even remotely “sexy”?

No. 921921

You can TELL he didnt really want to tie her. I can't find a single other rig as simple as hers on his IG even in his tagged other than literal demonstrations

No. 921931

I know moids will jerk off to anything, but "fat girl in a trench coat suspended in a garage" probably isn't in the top searched.

No. 921942


The guy has tied models bigger than her though, he knows how to tie fatties. Probably turned off by her stink and won't go higher since she hasn't done suspension before.

No. 921946

File: 1698801715705.jpg (Spoiler Image,286.47 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20231031_182011_Chr…)

This is so unflattering. Moo didn't go in 2019 because she'd be compared to her duo set costar, Bishoujomom, who also came her out for inappropriate behavior with others. She worked with him first and Moo's lard ass didn't want to be compared. Haven't seen any other cosplayers work with him specifically.

No. 921954

File: 1698807352561.jpeg (899.5 KB, 894x1242, IMG_2136.jpeg)

No. 921967

Why does her shooping look exceptionally bad here…

No. 921971

Did her mmallad insta go down again or is it just me?

No. 921972

She has a habit of deactivating her Insta whenever shes in Japan, but it's very much up.

No. 921978

File: 1698853249619.jpg (641.43 KB, 1079x1877, Screenshot_20231101_084113_Ins…)

No it's active

No. 921982

File: 1698854636159.png (710.58 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20231101-120150~2.p…)

I know some screenshots of this vid have already been posted but damn. I couldn't believe she posted this bc of how lumpy she looks

No. 921983

File: 1698854690521.png (25.37 KB, 1080x223, Screenshot_20231101-120229~2.p…)

Also this comment she must've missed under her shibari video… I know she will delete it as soon as she finds it though.

No. 921984

Really emphasizes her pot belly she tried to lipo away and suck in constantly.

No. 921985

File: 1698855286523.jpeg (603.92 KB, 828x740, D59444C2-E4D0-4E20-B0A4-E264BD…)

Om sorry. I couldn’t resist.

No. 921992

Who is fully clothed with a trench coat while doing shibari?
It's like she though the clothes would hide her chub. Plus, isn't it harder to rig her like that? Just a huge waste of time for everyone involved

No. 921994

How much did she spend on traveling and photoshoot outfits? She should of “practiced” with closer rope artists and played with concepts. You’re right, its embarrassing to see how much she half asses any concept.

No. 921995

holy fuck for as much as she peddles dieting and fitness and getting lipo she’s fucking huge

No. 921997

I don't think the man could have done something intricate like this because Moo is so insistant on being fully clothed to hide her fat. He could only do the most basic job and must have been annoyed

I will admit, I think it's halarious he decided to hog tie her. Very appropriate symbolism

No. 921998

Nice of the rigger to red line Moo for us like that, no MS Paint required.

No. 922002

File: 1698866467810.jpg (56.3 KB, 410x747, Makima_black_dress.jpg)

For a lot of people, fully suited up Makima is sexy, but for shibari? She could've worn the black gown that she's seen in and it would let her cover up still. She's so pathetic and desperate these days.

No. 922022

Its a complete waste to have done this in this cosplay. It looks terrible. Any kind of lingerie thing would have been better but I guess she was worried about her rolls being accentuated lol

No. 922025

So is she supposed to be some kind of bondage model now? Looks more like a suspended sack of shit with a wig on. Is it really possible for someone to find this erotic

No. 922029

Really. I'm not much of a shibari person but I would actually describe most of his work as beautiful, all of those complex knots. And she gets something a first timer could learn on youtube?

No. 922031

she looks like kris jenner lol
she looks so botched.

oh my god the fupa bulge

what did she mean by “concept” like she really took 4 years to come up with…. this?

No. 922032

File: 1698898496390.png (379.91 KB, 814x497, nose.png)

What is she doing to her nose?

No. 922036

The fact that she’s back to editing her nose instead of getting a revision and that she didn’t do a round of lipo (or not enough of it) before her Japan trip tells me she’s finally done burning through her money and the tap is running dry. Dollar store Mariah is going to be even funnier than nouveau rich Mariah. Countdown to her selling her McMansion at a loss under some stupid excuse like “actually too much space gives me anxiety guys”.

No. 922037

That's not necessarily true. Especially with her almost 5k Patreon followers alone. She is making money. She probably didn't want more surgery.

No. 922041

where are you getting this number from? Its nowhere on her patreon

No. 922045

anon probably pulled it out of moo's ass when she was licking it. the fact that she said moo doesn't want more surgery and would rather have a fat gut us enough not to even engage with them.

No. 922060

I can't go back now because I figured someone else would post it, but she posted that count on her insta. This doesn't even include onlyfans and fansly, many vids, whayever else she gets money. The tinfoil about her being broke is so rancid. Wait unit she's actually broke instead of tinfoiling over it. We already know every cow with surgeries still edit the hell out of themselves. A revision wouldn't matter, she'd still edit herself to fit whatever cows she's comparing herself to.

No. 922063

I am inclined to believe she's at least on the decline, you forget she has a studio she's wasting money on every month and a drug-addicted fuckbuddy that is in serious debt. She's also been resorting to grosser shit to keep the incel money flowing.

She isn't flexing nearly as much as she used to either, Moo is a Gold Star Narcissist who lives off of attention on social media after all, so her not doing so is strange for her. I don't think the cow is about to be on the streets, but she's not as well off as she was before.

No. 922064

Tbh she seems to have been trying to change her public appearance for over a year, peace and love except for all the headless babies she's posted. She's also been flexing this whole time in Japan, so not sure what anons means, like not going to Gucci and filming it? She does other stupid shit to flex she has money and I wouldn't take that cheap flight as a hint she's on the decline either. Moo is a cheapass, look at the cosplays she's bought. She's always been grubby the same way she always flexes.

No. 922069

File: 1698952947080.jpeg (114.7 KB, 828x1323, IMG_2447.jpeg)

I got you, Nonnie.

No. 922070

Yooo, thank you. I didn't save it because I'm just used to other anons being the image posters.

No. 922072

what are you even going on about, anon, lmfao

No. 922073

Whenever Moo gets put on blast notice how someone just HAPPENS to come by to defend her?(infighting/tinfoiling)

No. 922074

ntayrt but to be fair it was less of a defence and more of a speculation. Saying moo probably doesn't want more surgery isn't a compliment nor is it an insult, just a baseless opinion. funny comment tho

No. 922082

>creating cosplay

No. 922084

I wasn't even defending her. That's such a reach.

No. 922102

this thread is so shit, imagine stalking a stranger at an airport in japan that isn’t even moo and not getting any milk from this. lame(sage)

No. 922103


>isn't even moo

>not getting any milk

you're either retarded or this is bait

No. 922104

File: 1699020447354.jpg (669.66 KB, 1050x1623, Screenshot_20231103_070616_X.j…)

Got some natives telling Moo to fuck off. Idk what she's talking about either, it was mostly foreigners in shibuya dressed up and just in the streets. Cosplaying/dressed up locals were in lines at vars, not fucking around in the street and loitering.

No. 922105

It's ozy/moo, they been here since she got caught at the airport kek
Yeah they aren't too happy.

No. 922107

Moo and her crew were 100% hoping there would be people breaking the rules, in Japan, like in America. I doubt she loitered for 2hrs then went and got undressed. She couldn't even take good photos or t with good lighting because cops are everywhere. Foreigners are going to get the place locked down again because the public is tired of these idiots. I hope its true she went away after a while, but probably because cops told her to keep moving. There were a bunch of white tourists livestreaming Halloween night and the only other people fucking around in costumes were more foreigners, while locals never stopped like they are supposed to.

No. 922108

File: 1699025724964.png (557.25 KB, 946x839, Untitled.png)

She can't help but snap back at them, before getting politely insulted. Bless you random Japanese netizen.

No. 922109

Lmao, I love they even call out her google translate usage.

No. 922110

Square was totally right about her being a disrespectful tourist. Not that that's surprising. She romanticizes and fetishizes Japan to such a gross degree. So of course when she dreamt up this scenario of cosplaying in Shibuya on Halloween she was so married to it she just had to even though it's against the rules. She just has to get her way because she's such an entitled cunt.

No. 922113

Where are the thousands moo???.We all know you're fat enough to hide quite a few people, but not thousands. Your own picture is calling you a liar. Dumb bitch.

No. 922114

File: 1699030374281.png (302.36 KB, 353x562, sweetromance.png)

Ahh such sweet romance: not being able to show the face of the boyfriend you're breadcrumbing because you publicly humiliated and lambasted him for being a limp dick abuser. I hope the lawyer fees were worth it, lol. Also, >>922102
hi again Ozy.(hi cow)

No. 922115

File: 1699030542701.png (96.91 KB, 517x530, lyingwhore.png)

Hmm I wonder what your relationship is like then?

No. 922116

ozzy is a "content creator" with less followers than literal nobodies have on social media. retweeting tate and other simialr misogenists. moo really is a "boss ass bitch" dating a hvm, isn't she

No. 922117

File: 1699031182138.png (154 KB, 529x389, ozysmom2.png)

In case anyone wants to actually doubt that it's Ozy with Moo in Japan, here's Ozy's mom posting about it.

No. 922118

File: 1699031256776.png (494.3 KB, 523x496, ozysmom1.png)

>>922117 I wonder what your mom thinks of you dating the biggest whore ever who publicly humiliated you all over social media, Petey.(don't post family)

No. 922119

caught at the airport looking busted with the ex she talked shit about, can't even do the boyfriend breadcrumbs because his cover is blown, definitely got shoved along on halloween if this was the best pic she got, now getting told off by japanese people instead of fawned over… this has been a terrible trip for her, hasn't it?

No. 922120

Kek, so Moo may as well just admit it's him. I mean we all knew, but she really tried to hide him.

No. 922130

She blew alot of money for all of that kek, such karma!

No. 922132

Thousands? That place is fucking empty. Not surprised she's a disrespectful foreigner in a country that she "loves". Idiotic bitch.

No. 922138

He sent his own mom pictures of the scenery and none with him actually in them. Moo is probably breathing down his neck not allowing him to take any pictures of himself, not even for his mom? Must be having lots of fun on vacation, spending the whole time babysitting his social media.

No. 922144

They deserve each other lol

No. 922149


Marvin was completely right about her being an obnoxious, disrespectful tourist. She can’t help but make a complete ass of herself in public and she is quick to snap back at anyone attempting to call her out. Good on the Japanese citizen for calling out her shitty Google translate usage as well lol. So much for her being a “totally legit manga translator my dude”.

No. 922153

File: 1699086826120.jpg (479.45 KB, 1536x2048, 20231104_033255.jpg)

Can you imagine how stupid she probably looked trying to get the perfect angled selfie so she doesn't look like a whale? What a sad life she lives.

No. 922154

i swear this is an old photo from her last trip. Either that or i'm losing my mind

No. 922156

ur comment just proves she hasn’t rlly lost any discernible weight bc she is still just as fat as she was years ago

No. 922157

it really doesn't help that she wears basically the same thing all day, every day

No. 922159

File: 1699099931342.png (2.96 MB, 1452x932, zerochange.png)

she hasn't change one bit in the last four or so years

No. 922160

I'm always so viscerally grossed out by her side profile with those bulging, droopy eyes and hog snout, it's so uncanny. She looks like a fucking demon.

No. 922163

What gets me is that because shes wearing these compression leggings you can see by the bumpy creasing under her asscheeks that shes flexing to make that saggy behind seem in any way like it has some tone/definition to it.
Mariah you have the body of an average obese individual but with the fat sucked out of your sides, give it up or atleast tone your back because its giving you donkey kong proportions.

No. 922172


She’s delusional because she thinks that because gets the fat sucked out her sides that it doesn’t make her obese. Yet the rest of her body is a dead giveaway of what size she really is. She stupidly keeps trying to convince everyone that it’s all muscle and that the reason she is so big is because her dad was a body builder. When anyone with eyes can see that she is just fat. She is flexing so hard to try to like she has some semblance of an ass yet other photos of her have shown she is flat as a board. She just lives one sad miserable existence after another, but she thinks she’s “winning at life”.

Funny how she used to say “Fat girls with big boobs don’t count”, well the same goes for the lower half Moo. Just because you are as wide a refrigerator, doesn’t mean you have an ass”.

No. 922173

The edit to make her hips not look like they have hip dips is so bad. You can see the edit and attempt at a round hip. Trying so hard to make her square Hank Hill ass look appealing. Moo isn't fooling anyone but moids.

No. 922174


For a whale that claims she a muscle mommy that totally works out, that ass is looking real small and flat.

No. 922175

I forgot that this retard is an actual andrew tate fan lmfao how pathetic

No. 922176

Wait, so the only person willing to go to Japan with her was Ozzy? Is no one else there with her? Yikes
Moo seriously has no respect for herself if she's willing to take an autistic Andrew Tate wannabe. Then again all male escorts, gym bros and cos dudes know her bs by now and won't even get near her.

No. 922177

File: 1699113654029.jpg (544.04 KB, 1080x1347, 20231105_045915.jpg)

Mimsys there too, and her editing is just as delusional.

No. 922178

>Wait, so the only person willing to go to Japan with her was Ozzy? Is no one else there with her? Yikes
No. She met up with others, she just wanted to go with her boyfriend.

No. 922179

File: 1699113890264.jpg (631.1 KB, 1073x1324, 20231105_050244.jpg)

I also want to include this, because that pose makes me laugh. It looks so forced and Unnatural

No. 922180

Nice ethottery at a family park.

No. 922185

Why do these give me uncanny valley vibes

No. 922186

Mimzy and Aly is there too. They need a costumer and wig maker on the fly, so they brought Aly specifically. She's also the fattest of the friend group now, so she's not competition for Moo, so she probably feels comfortable to have Aly have her measurements.

No. 922190

The Facetune on this image makes her face look CGI compared to the rest of the image. So uncanny

No. 922194

If you look at her left side under her arm you can see where she shopped her stomach despite already contorting her torso to make her waist smaller, sucking in her stomach, and pushing her shoulder blades back, you can also see the top of her waist trainer on her back. With this much effort it would be worth it to actually just work our or eat less.
She photo shops her waist smaller, her hips bigger, removed her whole right arm, and for some reason the way she holds her head makes it look pasted on. I know it isn't, but the body language is weird. She also has a really long neck that is fairly wide for how long it is. And that nose job is awful.

No. 922201

File: 1699127516071.jpeg (167.34 KB, 1638x2048, F-FIgOkakAAf-8c.jpeg)

This just gets worse and worse. She's wearing articles of clothing that don't fit in the first place, but the added shibari just screams a tied up ham.

No. 922202


The fact that she is trying to hide how fat she is by wearing clothes only makes it more obvious. This was just a bad idea all around.

No. 922206

the outside is a reflection of the inside,
it’s because she is a hog demon.

No. 922207

File: 1699131161074.jpeg (21.9 KB, 188x243, D1E4FA1B-B63B-4FBE-83EA-22D1D8…)

Careful, the demon is watching….(non contribution)

No. 922208

These pants may as well be painted on her. Its like she’s naked. Which is gross and trashy to wear in public.

No. 922209


She is no doubt hoping to rope her some desperate, gaijin hunting, Japanese fuckboi. Act and dress as trashy as possible and hope some desperate simp takes the bait.

No. 922212

Too bad for Moo Japanese men hate fatties and they're looking for the blondes. I'm sure most people don't know what they're looking at when they see Moo

No. 922216

Japanese men are known as gaijin hunters and it doesn't matter if they're fat or not, as long as they're cute. Moo is not cute.

No. 922228

File: 1699155224920.jpg (1.98 MB, 2157x1549, shutterstock-editorial-5886046…)

I hate this fuckin outfit. Why this?

No. 922229

Kek! Brava nonna

No. 922230


Topkek, next thread pic for sure

No. 922233

Were you not here for her last Japan trip? She failed to get laid even with tinder.

No. 922240

Why would she go on tinder if she got a man slave that she can exploit and have sex with.

No. 922241

Because it was before she had a boyfriend.
I know precisely what I said, it just reinforces the fact that even people who would fuck anything would pass on Moo says a lot.

No. 922242

You know Moo doesn't want Ozy. He's only around because he can dip it in. No one wants a cheating, fugly, autistic, Andrew Tate loving pay by the minute boyfriend. The moment she can grab anyone else she will.
The problem with Moo is she's basically catfishing with the photos she posts online. Her personality isn't reedeming either. She's offensive to all the senses. Her looks, smell, voice and personality are that of a Dark Souls boss.

Hua, guess they do deserve each other.

No. 922251

holy shit the size of that fupa

No. 922285

I'm pretty sure that's her work out lines. Moo's too in shape to have a fupa.

No. 922292

it honestly looks like a dick, and now I can't unsee it

No. 922293

Why does she always have greasy hair, every photo I’ve seen she looks like she hasn’t washed it in 3 months

No. 922295

That's not Moo, but it's confirmed she doesn't wash or even brush her hair herself and at one point she had a hairdresser (the infamous frogdresser) in her entourage, but since Moo's a nasty vile person of course she didn't stick around long.

No. 922299

File: 1699277204409.jpg (34.53 KB, 894x894, 51MUYCoG oL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

her spherical fupa reminds me of the bulge from the chad memes

No. 922302

File: 1699282190901.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1290x1624, IMG_0158.jpeg)

I want to know what drives her to post these sort of pictures.

No. 922305

she thinks she looks good here
she has lost her marbles

No. 922306

This is giving serious Michael Jackson vibes… is that what she's going for now?

No. 922307


Because she has deluded herself into thinking she’s gods gift to men everywhere and looks good no matter what.

No. 922308

No. 922310

Are her eyes becoming droopier with time or am I just confused by all her shoops? I usually don’t want to nitpick anyone’s face but I find hers even more odd looking than her lumpy body. Especially the odd shape of her eyes.

No. 922314

File: 1699297871368.jpg (175.92 KB, 1290x2293, 399603884_726273562680726_6974…)

Joking story about roleplaying when they heard a girl scream at their onsen only to turn around and act like she was actually concerned and shaken in a later story.

No. 922315

File: 1699297917186.jpg (291.78 KB, 1290x2293, 399407157_372498131871010_6724…)

No. 922316

File: 1699298500005.gif (973.62 KB, 245x137, tumblr_inline_n3jla9XYz51rro7a…)

No. 922319


Bitch always has to act like she is some kind of god damn superhero whenever she is out the country. It’s just like when she was in Peru and claimed to have ran down a guy for multiple city blocks after having her phone “stolen”. And when she finally caught him everyone cheered and clapped for her. Does she think because no one knows her that she can invent these retarded stories where she is someone’s savior?

Also probably realized how shitty she looked making jokes about someone potentially being in danger so now she has to pretend like she was concerned the whole time.

No. 922327

Haunted onsen, Moo, really? Like in almost every single anime ever made? …this bitch is too much. Even her lies are boring, cliche and unimaginative.

No. 922329

That's still one of my favorite of Moo's lies. Unless she's rolling downhill like a bowling ball, she's not going to catch up to anyone running.

No. 922330

Damn, even her eye is trying to leave her smelly ass.

No. 922364

She looks like a man in this

No. 922368

Normal people do not roleplay scooby-fucking-doo when they hear someone screaming for help. They call the police and maybe then go look if they can help. Mariah is so weird with her stories.

No. 922369

Even in Japan which can be weird at times about this kind of thing, they do just this. Moo always has to try to be "SOMETHING"

No. 922385

I would post screenshots here but it would be way too many for something that isn't even milk. She has been posting so much food and sugary drinks every single day in Japan it's insane. I understand trying new things when you travel and maybe indulging a bit more than usual on vacation, but I swear to God she is posting 5 meals a day and 4 sugary drinks. I cannot imagine ingesting that much shit in my body, I would be so bloated at all times. and she just posted being proud that she walked 13,000 steps. That is honestly not a lot at all, especially if you're walking everywhere in a city. I don't drive and normally I walk that much or more than that on a simple day. It really shows me how little movement she must get in her daily life.(if it's not worth posting a collage or example of then it's not worth posting)

No. 922401

nobody cares how you eat or how much you walk.

No. 922408

life is a great when a childless 30 year old thot is making millions being a freak show of nature, spreading her clam to shrimp dicks and able to go to all the asian countries to act like a spaz while we’re all poor radfem trash with jobs that won’t pay close to what she gets every day in an hour(ok)

No. 922434

you're right, I was in Japan in September and averaged 25k steps per day. 13k steps is what a normal person does who isn't out in a big city. But given how trashy her diet is at home I wouldn't be surprised if she still managed to lose a pound or two, kek

No. 922442

looks like someone touched a nerve, calm down sis
also learn to sage

No. 922443

hilarious that you scream about no milk and can't even sage your own non-milk shitposts

No. 922449

remember when lolcow was not a jealousy hate site and a gossip page filled with single no egg wizardchan cat women several years ago? pepperidge farms remembers everything. manifesting somebody makes a better site than the farms and lolcow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 922450

You don't have to visit japan to know 12-15k steps is normal no matter what part of the world you live in. That's an hour walk.

As for the food binge I understand why Moo is eating like 5 meals a day. It's that stupid rumor that you can eat whatever you want in Japan and not gain weight because the food is magical and healthy. Then you get fatties wondering how they gained weight during vacation in magical nippon. 5000 calories is still 5000 calories.

No. 922452

For no reason what so ever I'm glad that Moo is physically abusive to a certain autistic moid. Can't wait for her to dump him for the 100th time while he begs for cash.

No. 922474

File: 1699497140579.png (295.25 KB, 745x437, ozyintokyo.png)


No. 922498

>12-15k steps is an hour’s walk
12,000 steps is five miles/eight kilometers
you cannot walk that in one hour

No. 922502

I do that in less than two hours at a slow pace. But going back on point, Moo is barely doing minimum step requirements and she thinks that's a note worthy achievement to post. It's always a bit funny to point out because Moo wants to pretend she's a fit gym bunny but proves she never had a routine in a decade.

No. 922519

Ozy's mom removed like, any mention of him from her FB, so it's pretty obvious that he's here lurking.

No. 922537

Can you leave family alone? This isn't a thread about ozy.

No. 922543

Kek hi -redacted-
>Not a thread about Ozy
>Literally Mooriah's BF
>Literally posts here to brag/shit talk and says he did as such on FB and Twitter
>Milk relating to Mooriah comes from him as well
>Confirmation of Moo heading to/in Japan because of Ozy and Fam.
Idk, sounds related.(hi -redacted cow's name-)

No. 922564

Read the rules, leave family out of it. We don't need updates on what his or her family are doing or saying.

No. 922589

The number of autists, possible cows and white knights that show up every single time Moo's sighted irl is so wild to me. It's always when candids are posted or she's out at a con. How miserable must your life be to constantly lurk and derail threads.(lurking and derailing)

No. 922590

This is why it's obvious
Even though all that was posted was confirmation regarding Airport anon's post.

No. 922611

Talking about Oz is fair game. He isn't family, he's paid cock and also a public figure because Moo scared off most of the male population. Moo claims to be a strong boss babe while "dating" an autistic Andrew Tate wannabe. He flashes her cash and pretends he got rich on his own.
That and we all know if it was up to Moo she would date anyone else. More importantly she wants a muscle bro or a cosplay daddy. Not whatever the fuck Oz is.
The more funny thing is he thought he could make money doing an only fans like Moo touching his vienna sausage

No. 922635

Anons are referring to bringing up his family or posting about his family, obviously.

No. 922639

Which no one has, aside confirmation (which are within the rules because it's related.)

No. 922648

we didn't need confirmation, we knew he was in japan already

No. 922649

Not everyone lurked his socials, especially as this is a thread about mooriah and people who only come here seen someone being retarded after she got caught at the airport, with a guy no less that she's been trying to hide who it is, and we were given confirmation. It's not that deep.

No. 922650

Anons posted his mom's facebook.

No. 922651

No I didn't, I blocked out her name.

No. 922656

It's like when Moo's sister gave info forever ago
It was just to prove that she did take her "abusive" ex to Japan. Good job on blocking out her name anon

No. 922683

To be clear, blocking out names AND photos is required for screenshots of posts made by family members or other social contacts, and these kinds of posts should only be made if it's good milk.

No. 922711

File: 1699893036180.png (3.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7341.png)

in other news, Moo is once again unhinged and crying “Muh people!!!”

Funny I remember her radio silence during most BLM movements. She wants to be a POC so bad.

No. 922712

if u read this i need u to understand, you are a white woman regardless of blood mariah, u will never b arab or arab passing in ur life quit fiending for poc points off of other ppls suffering.(fan letter)

No. 922713

Easy for Moo to be saying this shit from the comfort of her McMansion while not actually doing anything except surfing Twitter and reposting caps from there (with the occasional dead baby pic tossed in for good measure). Maybe your friends are tired of hearing you aggressively screech about shit you clearly know nothing about.

No. 922714

File: 1699898259497.jpg (197.77 KB, 1290x2293, 401670483_1065855301431288_486…)


No. 922715

I see moo is upset she was caught with her oh so abusive ex in Japan so now she's trying to shift narratives back to something she pretends to cares about.

No. 922716

Moo is acting like this conflict isn't delicate. It's not black and white

No. 922724

Says Mariah, the hero of minorities with a blue lives matter lunchbox.

No. 922729

> Someone screamed for help, and we all went lololol just like Scooby Doo, am I right?

No. 922732

>genocide of my people
Who is her people here, exactly? Is she just straight up pretending to be Palestinian now? Or does she believe Lebanon and Israel taking the occasional potshot at the border is genocide.

No. 922735

I'm going to assume when she says "my people" she's referring to muslims, despite the fact she never actually practices it and just rolls it out when its convenient for her

No. 922746

I'm going to assume that's what she's on about. Doesn't matter. She's just going to dirty delete when she realizes noone cares

No. 922751

this is absolutely rich coming from the linebacker shouldered bitch who makes her money off of sweaty disgusting cumbrains that think she's white.

No. 922782

File: 1700005140284.jpeg (286.23 KB, 1365x2048, F-5yN2uWUAES_Ma.jpeg)

I don't know what's worse. The sagging droopy boobs, or how her face looks like it's melting away…

No. 922793

and the fake ass lazy miccostumes dress. bitch probably spent her monthly funds on japan and couldn’t get someone to help manufacture a costume for her

No. 922813



>clear bra strap unedited
>folds unedited

She thought this was good to post?(sage your shit)

No. 922818

I know we aint supposed to nitpick her tits but this position is so great because it really gives you a clear view that she doesn't actually have big breasts; they're just saggy, pathetic deflated pancakes. I'm surprised her midsection isn't heavily edited to hell and back to avoid that.(titpicking)

No. 922821

There’s pictures of her with a cross and a fake tan where she looked like she could be on jersey shore. She used to call herself Italian then switched to Muslim when it became trendy. I’m pretty sure her family is Lebanese Christian but I could be wrong.

No. 922824

You're right anon
She's just white with a little spice. But she wants that POC card to be a racist ass

No. 922828

Mona would have been a good character to get a custom corset made for.

No. 922842

Her proportions have developed into giving her that amputee/dwarf look again. And she looks cross-eyed. Top tier quality, Moo; never change.

No. 922875

File: 1700147403059.jpg (539.71 KB, 1290x2293, 403306092_228324340269487_1663…)

No. 922876

Moo, you cant polish a turd….

No. 922877

This is so fucking hysterical. You can tell she realized she looks like shit and is aging like milk. Betcha she only does this once or twice and then is gonna binge and piss and whine that it isnt a quick fix like her lipo that she definitely cant afford anymore.

No. 922879

.. you could just brush and floss to prevent morning breath,also breathing in general, due to the nose and mouth using the same airway, doesn't prevent the air from contaminating your mouth.. Wtf woowoo shit is she on? She's such a dumbass.

No. 922880

If you're worried about morning breath, have you considered brushing your teeth?
This just reminds me so much of Patrick Batemans beauty regime in American Psycho

No. 922883

Samefag because I don't want to reply to OP again, but those are stints in her nose, did she seriously get a second nose job or is she trying to pass this sock hugging crap as a non-invasive saveall for a nosejob longevity?

No. 922884

Moo, we just saw one of your candids looking like your 50 with sagging jowels and wrinkles.

I think she did get touch ups and she's pretending it's a common beauty routine. Looks like she got some fat sucked out of her jaw and neck again

No. 922885

Lmfao that's a lot of effort and discomfort that clearly isn't working as intended, seeing as she still looks 15 years older than she is. She's so fucking stupid. It's so easy to separate Moo from her money I swear, if she hadn't gone down the costhot route she would have 100% joined an MLM by now.

No. 922886

>don't let your nose job go to waste ladies
She got botched and has a Kevin Bacon nose and thinks she can tell other people what to do.

No. 922887

Probably! She'd never admit that she wasted 30k the first time by needing a revision. Not for her perfect kawaii anime nose! Not when it was supposed to be a specialized procedure with a super secret technique this dude cooked up that was supposed to be a one and done affair that didn't cause any bruising or anything. Kek she got fucking scammed and she knows it.

No. 922888

I guess we will know when she starts bruising or she stop taking selfies for a few days

No. 922889

She snores because her fatass has apnea.

No. 922891

i hope this idiot knows mouth taping can kill you. she probably has apnea like anon said and if so this will actually kill her from suffocation. instead of buying cheap tiktok trendy tape she should go to the dr and find out why she's snoring.

No. 922892

That on top of stints in your nose and your nose taped and swollen? I guarantee she took the mouth part off overnight at some point.

No. 922893

i certainly hope so but she's not going to believe it's bad for you if she bought it in the first place.

No. 922899

She's the exact demographic target for these fake beauty gimmicks

No. 922904

the fact most women can do next to none of that at her age and be 10x more beautiful makes u wonder how she even makes money off of her appearance… who’s buying her OF???

No. 922907

Men who also buy in to women who have a 2" waist edit.

No. 922908

Putting on my tinfoil hat, but she's either hiding freshly done work (before bruising sets in), or preparing for work done, so she can claim "Nuh-uh, guys! I always sleep in bandages and shit, see!?"

No. 922913

Anyone know how long she'll stay in Japan? Sorry if it's been mentioned before(learn2sage)

No. 922921

File: 1700185988122.png (30.54 KB, 584x347, Untitled.png)

could twitter finally be cracking down on bots now?
fairly certain she's back in the US now.

No. 922922

Yes they've been clapping bots left and right lately, all ethots have been complaining about shit engagement and stagnated/declined follower count.

No. 922924

Theyve been doing that but theres specifically a thot bot issue.

No. 922933

Good idea, nonita. I don’t know how on earth she’d afford it, but maybe she swung by South Korea and got some work done

No. 922938

Ok Moo, how many Palestinians are interested in Irish independence or other “white” people problems? She’s so fucking annoying. She’s always racesperging when it’s convenient for her, but isn’t she almost always going after white dudes to fuck too?

No. 922974


and not the world of warcraft kind of thotbot, either kek

No. 923002

File: 1700276291590.jpg (816.63 KB, 1290x2293, 403779614_200042883073252_1538…)

No. 923006

what the fuck is she even trying to say here?

No. 923007

Wasn't she a big AOT fan? Or at least when she could sell her crap?(sage)

No. 923008

she was indeed. even cosplayed the female titan, and i think mikasa too

No. 923009

So what is she doing other than posting dead childred? I don't see her donating her time or money to the cause. She just seems so bored and starved for any attention

No. 923010

That's about as far as Moo's "activism" has ever gone, historically.

No. 923033

“Be real silent” shut up moo. You’re not going to bully/shame/convince anyone into doing anything.(sage your shit)

No. 923044

Wouldn’t sleeping in her makeup negate literally basically everything she’s doing here.

No. 923060

>i hope this idiot knows mouth taping can kill you.
Oh nooo, what a loss to the world.

Intelligence isn't something that she has or will ever possess.

No. 923102

lol this bitch is so self-righteous. she can always just buy a plane ticket with her neetbux fund and go to gaza herself instead of this armchair activist guilt fest, but of course she'd much rather blame others for doing nothing from the comfort of her smelly ass house… while also doing nothing.

fuck all is the answer to that. she wants to feel big and woker-than-thou whenever she has the means to and this is just the trending thing for her right now. she doesn't give a fuck about dead kids LOL.

No. 923119

File: 1700424521892.jpg (265.31 KB, 1079x1647, Screenshot_20231119_120756_Ins…)

Saw this coming a mile away.

No. 923120

Mariah Mallad jacks off to images of dead kids.(retard b8)

No. 923121

File: 1700425259584.png (198.54 KB, 441x536, hamas.png)

She's also successfully brainwashed Ozy. (In the video that chick says, oh so smugly, and in a very Mariah-esque manner, "I support Hamas! I'm very proud of my people.")

No. 923123

Looks like she's trying to farm people's information and IDs again kek

No. 923124

Also because she got a botched nosejob.

No. 923130

and yet, the studios website is still broken

No. 923140

Supporting Israel isn't being brainwashed though? With the insurmountable blatant proof that they constantly lie? This is quite literally the only thing moo is correct about, as she should like the majority of the world is.(derailing)

No. 923145

When she first 'opened' her studio she bragged about how it's a safe,
clean, female only environment. Can't brag about that anymore, can you Moo? Nobody wants to use your personal porn den.

No. 923152

neither the government of Israel nor Hamas are “the good guys,” this is not complicated(derailing)

No. 923153

Lol okay then, educate us, because no country are "the good guys", you literally have to pick sides.

No. 923154

You’re actually under no obligation to pick a side in the centuries long Jew-Muslim blood feud.

No. 923155

They aren't supporting Israel, they are supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization.

No. 923157

File: 1700503279784.jpg (332.83 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20231120-115923_Ins…)

New cheap genshin cosplay

No. 923159

File: 1700503315124.jpg (760.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20231120-115838_Ins…)

Also fucked up photoshopping on her ham legs

No. 923160

File: 1700503341522.jpg (277.08 KB, 1080x2012, Screenshot_20231120-115856_Ins…)

No. 923161

The editing is so bad. Moo is never going to find and editor like Marvin again for her body.

No. 923165

Imagine proudly calling yourself a thicc milf in your mid 20s. FUCKING BLEAK.

No. 923166

She's such a pig.

No. 923167

This idiot merged her thighs together.

No. 923169

Oof. Down syndrome level sex appeal.

No. 923170

It looks like she is using Procreate on her iPad to “Photoshop”. You can tell because there are parts of her leg that are unblended lol(sage your shit)

No. 923177

She's not using procreate. Sage your shit.

No. 923178

You know this how, sperg?

No. 923180

Anon is right, there are countless programs to edit that are better than procreate, and this person should have saged. Move on.

No. 923191


She is just laying a path to becoming a GILF at 38…

No. 923193

38 is being awfully generous, anon.

No. 923206

She spent alot in japan, time to charge people for just standing in her "studio"

No. 923210

File: 1700582642604.png (579.07 KB, 593x874, Untitled.png)

why am i not the least bit surprised she shot porn in japan. I wonder if she's going to try claim it as "work expenses" on her taxes

No. 923212

She fucked Ozzy in an Onsen..? She really does have 0 respect whereever she goes.

No. 923213

File: 1700583079102.png (116.39 KB, 341x542, bread.png)

Breadcrumbing boyfriend.

No. 923227

I guess making up a story about Scooby-Doo hijinks in the onsen was a desperate attempt to make this whole venture a little less sad eh? Too bad everything Moo oinks about is ridiculous bullshit.

No. 923267

jfc she's just so huge

No. 923269

You're just a horny scrote, she's not desirable.

No. 923272

You are more pathetic than moo.

No. 923273

You know darn well it's a lumpy, disfigured mess from her lack of self control and abuse of cosmetic procedures due to zero tolerance of delayed gratification.

No. 923310


Tone deaf when there’s people she’s supporting sleeping in refugee camps, if at all.(learn to sage)

No. 923317

>neither the government of Israel nor Hamas are “the good guys,” this is not complicated
you're right that it's not complicated, but Hamas are 'the good guys' 100%. their every act of resistance is justified and the Israelis deserve anything they get
>ham legs
I realize this board is mostly women, but you should understand that moids do gaze upon thicc legs such as these with lust. now don't get me wrong, I hate this bitch for chopping her tits off, but she would have been extremely attractive had she not done that. she does still look pretty good, which is lucky for her because most tit-chopping victims are vomit-inducing above the waist.
yeah and many men like that, it's called thicc
>saggy droopy boobs
they're big, so they sag. most men love big boobs. fuck I can't with this board lmao why did I come here, I enjoy a bit of Kiwifarms but this is just a bunch of flat chested Beckys seething over some e-thot having more masturbating simps than them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923321


at least sage if you're gonna be retarded. back on topic pls

No. 923378

that's almost certainly a "ryokan" with a private "hot spring" (regular bath decorated to look like one) in the most expensive room. the sliding glass doors in the background of one of the pictures look like they go into a room. someone with more autism than me can probably find the exact room. so either all the onsen bs is made up entirely, or she went to a public onsen at some point too (unlikely).

No. 923386

honestly this could be anywhere. that's known in english as an open air bath, which is just a bath with access to the outdoors. that one looks like it's constructed to look like a hot spring and could possibly have access to a hot spring water, but i am doubtful. judging from the pictures it looks kind of cheap to be based on my personal experience going off of the temperature meter and condition of the walls. also god moo has no fucking idea how to frame photos, there's towels and clothes just tossed around in the bg. why does she always do this?

No. 923403

File: 1700840754014.jpg (814.73 KB, 1002x1746, Screenshot_20231124_074630_Chr…)

No. 923404

idk why she covering his face, everyone knows its ozy.

No. 923405

lol these fucking retards are really back together. This should be fun. Months more milk ahead.

No. 923406

Who else will fuck her if not a Dollar Tree giggalo? Literally the only white bitch to not get laid in Japan. Let that sink in. Fucking Gaijin hunters have a weight limit apparently, kek.

No. 923407

>Fucking Gaijin hunters have a weight limit apparently, kek.
They do not. She's just that insufferable.

No. 923411

I find it funny she keeps cosplaying women that are attracted to teens and kids. Literally worst wifu who has a relationship with her kid brother. Did she not read the manga?

Agreed. Moo is just offensive to all the senses.

No. 923414

Probably not, but we all know about her proclivities towards straight shota and being a ~thicc milf~.

No. 923419

File: 1700879971569.png (21.53 KB, 587x257, Untitled.png)

yeah, sure. and then everybody clapped afterwards.
Who is she trying to impress with this blatant lie? Since when did she both care about the homeless, and have leftover food to share?

No. 923427

File: 1700885466129.jpeg (875.97 KB, 891x1590, IMG_2282.jpeg)

Her lies are always so fucking hilarious. She’s sick and donated her nasty ass food? Sure Moo.

No. 923428

To add, who the hell wants Moo's half eaten food. This didn't happen, but if it did she just threw a pizza crust at a homeless guy and ran.

No. 923429

Love when people have to tell everyone whenever they do something good. Gave away food? Better post about it on twitter! She even needed to clarify that she ran in the middle of the night to get forks. Such a good soul.

No. 923433

its techinically against the law too, you can't serve preconsumed food to other people, even if you didn't eat that food specifically. I highly doubt she kept it warm like it's supposed to. Wait until she bring out her bullshit "I KNOW SERVESAFE I WORKED AT STARBUCKS" crap. It's over a day old now because I thought nonnas were going to show her and her sister cooking dinner yesterday to the thread because I was too busy, but there was no flexing on any of this crap she says she did. Doesn't matter if you served them the food you didn't touch, if wasn't kept safe and warm most likely, and you need to make an entire different batch to serve people will by law, you can't just give them random leftovers.

Moo is so full of shit AND she did this to them while she was sick knowing fully well that she was sick yesterday. What a bitch.

No. 923439

saw it, didn't think it was particularly worth sharing at the time though. hindsights 20/20 i guess

No. 923440

I bet you think it's against the law to give leftovers to neighbors.

No. 923442

Nonnie, shut up. People know Mooriah is everything but charitable.

No. 923452

Imagine being above safe food serving, and who knows if moo or her gross bf taste tested with the same spoons they were making the food with? Don't defend her and her shitty decisions.

No. 923454

Moo giving food to the homeless is just like her bs story that someone stole her phone and she ran two city blocks and beat the shit out of a grown man to get it back while everyone clapped.

That and it's the worst lie yet because there is no such thing as leftovers when Moo is around. I'm not fat shaming, she's a binge eater. Give food to the homeless, it's good. But don't give them your nasty leftovers knowing you're sick. Got that spit and virus all over that food.

No. 923455

Exactly and we all know Moo is trying out the food as she cooks it with the same utensils. Especially given this was at her family so the initial thought is not to care, but then to turn around and serve that to other people? Anon claiming giving leftovers to the neighbors is fine, but giving leftovers to anyone when you are knowingly sick and cooked the food? There's absolutely no excuse and is a big tipper on Moo lying about this whole thing.

No. 923461

File: 1700946615044.png (2.37 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7409.png)

my favorite thing yesterday was her “fuck your thanksgiving my people are being genocided” and then turning around and celebrating thanksgiving while completely ignoring the fact its also tied to genocide as well.

No. 923474

muh people muh people!

Moo, you're of fucking white Christian Lebanese descent, and roughly just half that or less to boot. You've never been devout, you've never actually done anything truly charitable for anyone even the idiots kissing your ass, you're just plain sad.

You just shot gross ass porn in Japan of all places and now you're back on this shit? Good lord, I just can't with this dumb heifer sometimes.

No. 923476

Moo… you celebrated it whole heartedly, bought expensive shit for it for no reason..

No. 923477

And what about the Israeli children hamas kidnapped?
I'm baffled as to why she keeps posting this stuff. What is she trying to get out of it?

No. 923484

Moo never celebrating any Muslim holidays and been celebrating Christmas every year.
Watch her shit on people celebrating Christmas this year and she's going to celebrate it all Christmas

People holding up flags during the Macy's day parade did more than Moo but she was Mooing around celebrating Thanksgiving with her Christain family. Girl stfu. Her Italian phase was less irritable

No. 923497


I don't think anyone can answer that anon, not even moomoo herself.

No. 923500

"your people" would literally stone you to death you dumb (literal) whore

No. 923503

I'm sorry, didn't she just celebrate Thanksgiving? And tie in a whole "I'm a saint helping the homeless" run?

No. 923505

File: 1701011385737.png (2.2 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7432.png)

Moo “it isn’t political, its about humanitarian efforts” Mallad.

Its so amazing to me that she hasn’t even involved herself in any protests or anything. She cares so much about trying to be a POC and play the victim here but she has so much white privilege and refuses to even do the bare minimum.

No. 923506

File: 1701011785398.jpeg (234.79 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_4553.jpeg)

same fag but i also wanted to point out how she finds it acceptable to boycott starbucks but when she was called out for supporting Blue Lives Matter and other shady organizations/companies, her reply was “i’m sure a lot of companies do shitty things but i’m not gonna bother looking into it bc it doesn’t affect me in anyway bc i’m lazy”

No. 923507

Nope. She donated money to cats, that's it.

No. 923514

The way she's holding up her turkey neck fat.

No. 923515

Where was moo when "HER PEOPLE" hijacked a plane and flew it into those towers? Bombed the african embassy, kidnapped those girls and sold them into sex slavery, beheaded young women for daring to escape abusive homes? OOOHHHHH THAT'S RIGHT, SHE WAS STUFFING HER FAT ASS, AS PER USUAL.
It's a good thing literally noone gives a fuck about her, otherwise she would cry.(derailing retard)

No. 923517

Moo, if you were sat in a room with "your people" they'd likely find you as much as an insufferable retard as we do and ask you to leave.

No. 923518

No, they'd most likely bury her up to her neck and stone her. Especially since she does porn.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923526

Her playing fake hero while doing glamour shots reminds me how she tried to gain attention off the Vegas shootings
Saying "her city" while in a cheap blackcat spandex suit. Everyone was pissed she was trying to get attention off of death. Now here she is again, doing the same thing

Way to show zero growth Moo.

No. 923527

File: 1701045052131.jpeg (118.67 KB, 1152x2048, F_4K07zbUAA-6LL.jpeg)

Lol the filter job on her chin makes me laugh. You can see the black line. She is fooling no one.

No. 923528

That is a good milky mistake, it's been a while since blatant editing errors have been visually obvious on her photos. Editing, of course, but fucking up and dragging the cursor? She's going to be paranoid and checking everything she's recently sent out most likely

No. 923529

Why would she share this photo of herself? She looks especially botched here. That bespoke $30K nose job was so worth it for us to laugh at, thanks Moo!

No. 923530

She tried to slant her nose her nose bridge here too. Its all fucked up and super uneven by her eye. Probably thought moving it too much where the eye is would be obvious, but then we got that dotted line lol

No. 923541

I am so confused how she makes money. Do people really buy this kind of thing? Who is this for? She is just hanging there nonsexually like a christmas ham.

No. 923549

It's not that people buys this, she baits and switches a lot and a lot of her income comes from just people being subbed on onlyfans/patreon. Easiest example: Just because I pay $5/month on Disney+ mean I'm getting what I paid for or offered anything I want.

No. 923552

File: 1701098713852.jpg (567.96 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20231127_072501_Ins…)

Just wanted to point out she saw the thread and edited it out of her insta story lol but left up the marked up one on twitter, probably out of embarrassment if she deleted it and reuploaded it.

No. 923593

Kek she still has a rocky slope for a nose and no chin because it's blending into the body builder neck she gave herself. This is one of her worst in a while. Didn't think she'd get even more lazy than she already is.

No. 923609

A-log as hell, but: I hated this bitch so much already, but now I truly loathe her. She's GLEEFULLY posting constant photos of dead children on her instagram stories. Every fucking day. That means she's willfully going out there looking for them, looking at them, and reposting them. You can't tell me she isn't getting off on all this. She's LOVING it. I don't buy for one second that it's causing her any pain or that she even gives a flying fuck about what's happening in Gaza. She's not donating money, she's never been there, she's not impacted at all. She's at home doing her 25 step skincare routine, getting lipo, and sucking off her limp dick abusive boyfriend that SHE took to court and publicly humiliated for her own self satisfaction.

Fuck you Moo. I truly and honestly hope you get yours, you are the biggest piece of scum on this whole fucking site, and EVERYBODY knows it.

No. 923610

File: 1701193731289.png (123.35 KB, 866x217, retard.png)

Meanwhile, this fucking retard. She's not gonna marry you, bro. She literally pressed charges against you.

No. 923611

She looks like that fat tiffycooks bitch more and more everyday. Its kinda eerie how they both speak with the same grating voice, too.

No. 923618

File: 1701201008126.jpg (153.19 KB, 802x942, deletthsi.jpg)

god, if you peel back a little bit of the filter and zoom in, her face is fucking busted. n a s o l a b i a l f o l d s aside, her eyes are just wrapped in wrinkles. she looks like some old telenovela actress trying to botox herself into her debut day face. flipping it really shows off how horribly scream mask shaped her face ended up by a combination of botching and editing. genuinely, how can someone spend so much money on skincare and supplements and be this fucking wrinkly?

(mods please don't call this fanart, i didnt make her uglier, she just looks like that naturally)

No. 923637

File: 1701215744952.jpeg (869.51 KB, 1179x1834, IMG_4883.jpeg)

I’m sorry, but what?

No. 923643

>fleshlight pro
I wonder if they're gonna go for authenticy and imitate her stench as closely as possible.

No. 923645

File: 1701220686256.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x1727, IMG_0551.jpeg)

I guess this is common for semi-popular ethots.
Comes with free hot dog water scented lube.

No. 923649

No. 923652

>>923637 who the hell asked for this?

No. 923654

"I don't have to take my clothes off to get attention"

No. 923660

wait, why do i remember her posting about getting her vag casted for something like this? it had to have been 2 years ago when she was still out there posting about her bleached asshole.

No. 923672

What even is this pose though. Sultry gallbladder attack ?

No. 923689

serving that I need life alert! realness lmfao

No. 923692

No, that's different. A cast is the vulva bit and clit. And all that. They don't put anything inside you to cast, its dangerous and extremely unhygienic. Its most likely a random design inside, just like with all onaholes.

No. 923731

In my experience as a sales person in a sex shop a lot of “celebrity casting” arent really them usually. A lot of toys i looked at looks like the same damned vag mold as every other one. But men are too dumb to realize that. So yeah its probably going to be some random mold they have and not really her. Lol.

No. 923732

File: 1701359938823.jpg (518.48 KB, 1440x2307, 1609107355969.jpg)

Nona you unlocked a memory for me, so I had to go back and check. Almost 3 years ago she posted this that never amounted to anything.

No. 923733

That's nice and all anon, but we aren't talking about random women with random fronts slapped on to the toys. Like >>923732 is showing, we already know Moo was doing casting stuff of her vulva. The inside is the part that's not going to matter.

No. 923735

gross it would be like the inside of a school bus

No. 923736

Do you have any idea what you're talking about? This isn't the inside of her vagina, you don't take molds of that.

No. 923777

File: 1701403821270.png (381.29 KB, 489x742, datchin.png)

She's gotta be high as hell, right? Why the fuck would you post this?

No. 923779

she thinks she looks good with no makeup and sharpie brows but she doesn't when she's using filter religiously instead

No. 923780

File: 1701405219655.jpg (328.51 KB, 1079x1880, Screenshot_20231130_203431_Ins…)

Saying she just got back from Japan and now leaving again

No. 923781

>says japan isn't cool anymore once she learned what we all know: politics are bad and gender equality is bad
>says her and "her girls" want to go all good South Korea for facials which means surgeries most likely too
>says she isn't as obsessed with japan anymore now that it's going to be her 6th trip

No. 923783

ok but what's with her talking about having a kid in Japan and then moving back after 2 years? Harder to move there as a couple?

No. 923784

Koreaboo arc? Please I wanna see her become the no 1 BTS stan.
Knowing her tho she'd say she's been into kpop for ages and is a cassiopeia.

No. 923786

I'm all for this because kpop fans are unhinged and will definitely come after her.

No. 923792

Because some of Martin's girls just did Korea?(sage your shit)

No. 923794

Korean surgery arc, here we come!

No. 923795

Basically, Japan had enough of her and most travelers shit, so now it's "not cool". Yet everyone who respects the culture and country seem to still be having a good time lmao. She most definitely wants to go to S korea for surgery.

No. 923797


More likely that Japan is sick of her and other nuisance streamers like her that go there and make an ass of themselves by being rude and disrespectful. Easy money says she was likely told off somewhere for being loud and obnoxious or was being rude to the staff and tried to play the racism/sexism card to no avail. Funny how everyone else who comes here and respects the culture and country still manage to have a great time. Yet her loud fat ass comes here thinking she can do whatever the fuck she wants and now suddenly she isn’t having a good time.

Pathetic of her to try to act like she is “so above it all” and “Japan isn’t all that great anyways” when it’s clear she is trying to save face. But hey, I guess it will be one less rude, obnoxious insufferable tourist to have to deal with from now on.

No. 923801

It's kinda weird she hasn't fully become a koreaboo yet since she loves fetishizing asian men and also loves skincare consoomerism.

No. 923802

File: 1701442917264.png (18.77 KB, 559x275, Untitled.png)

don't get your hopes yet up yet, apparently she's going back again soon.

No. 923804

No, highly doubt it's from that. She passed it as if it wasn't so magical the last 2 times because she already gone and her weeb shit obsession about it has passed

No. 923807

You have to know how Mooriah talks, it's exactly as that anon said.

No. 923813

Will be curious to see if Ozy will be with her this time.

No. 923815

>had to fly budget airline with a seat width only the size of one hamhock
>got busted looking busted with abusive ex at airport
>cry on lolcow trying to deny it, not believed whatsoever
>only one bottom tier friend would go, probably because it's being at least partly paid for, abandoned by all the prior BFFs like maddie
>unwashed stories of the same things she's trundled around before
>desperately trying to keep ozy out of frame to hide who he is, ineffective because cover is blown, but still can't outright own up to it and be spared the heat from her big talk prior
>sad in-motion photo from halloween night because cops kept it moving
>hated on by japanese twitter users for it, but not in a way that can get fun controversy attention
>tied up in unflattering cosplay, mocked for looking like a ham
>did onsen porn shoot #59, no one cared
>everyone just focused on how busted she is, 0 jealousy for anything she's doing anymore
>lolcow definitely cared more about this than anyone else did

hmm wonder why she found this trip underwhelming

No. 923817

He's her editor and cameraman.

No. 923860

Oh great, more trussed ham photos. Well worth flying to Japan for, Moo.

No. 923880

File: 1701536425490.jpg (297.42 KB, 1290x2293, 407451743_311786598336521_8238…)

Well, this is a new one…

No. 923881

Her ego since getting back on twitter is ridiculous. Tbh, some ugly coomer would probably do this. She's testing to see how much free shit and publicity she can get, just mentioning before anons tinfoil this is because she's broke.

No. 923882

So she can't afford it? What a poor ass bitch! Kek

No. 923883

She can, she just wants a simp to buy it for her kek. Mooriah, I know you're lurking, buy it yourself OR GET YOUR BOYFRIEND OZY TO BUY IT.

No. 923885

File: 1701539512062.jpg (221.09 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20231202_115149_Chr…)

It appears that someone has taken up her offer…

No. 923887

Just a bot/spam account.

No. 923890

Bots don't reply like that. A lot of scrotes have non-profile accounts so that their S/O don't see an image and go looking for whatever porn twitter they are using to interact with thots.

No. 923893


See that moo is taking a page out of Shaynas book huh.

No. 923904

You mean all thots do this. Shayna isn't even the first. Moo has more frequent milk than she ever will.

No. 923907

This is fucking pathetic. I'm sad for both of them.

No. 923924

I thought she’s scared of men? Now she wants to rob them too? I’ll bet she’ll be too lazy to give him the videos and she’ll come up with so many excuses of why she’s not giving him what he wants.

No. 923932

File: 1701584300513.jpg (615.52 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20231202_221620_X.j…)

Moo is making some real dumbass takes about ai. Probably because she hasn't had to compete with her own deep fakes, yet. Tons of artists calling her out in the comments. She said she's not bothered by it because it's a consumer issue, not an ai issue. When the point is that it is all trained on stolen art from said possible consumers. She's so braindead. Its revolting.
Pro-trump/coup/gun/neo-nazis/ai whatever else she is. She's just milky in so many foul ways.

No. 923933

File: 1701584366600.jpg (584.8 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20231202_222001_X.j…)

She's so conceited

No. 923937

I love how she posts some super ridiculous bedtime routine earlier, but is now up at 12 a.m. arguing with internet strangers. Her spiral into obscurity is making me laugh.

No. 923946

File: 1701611700315.png (45.95 KB, 597x426, momo.png)

Firstly, good to know she admits to what she is.
>treating woman to high value
yeaahh, i'm not so sure about that one bud. Funny how she'll say that and preach about islam, but yet never wear a hijab herself

No. 923950

I think sometimes she chooses the obvious controversial opinion/side of things just to garner negative attention, she isn't very informed and it's very apparent that she doesn't really care about these topics

No. 923957

File: 1701622124232.jpg (270.54 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20231203_084648_Ins…)

Sure thing Moo, whatever you say

No. 923959

>treating woman to high value
Where is she even getting these ideas from? She doesn't exactly fullfil the qualifications of muslim female dress and behaviour either…

No. 923972

Watch her put up a tree and Christmas decorations. I haven't seen a single Muslim or Palestine "decoration" in her house ever.
Infact, her and her family only celebrate the typical Christain holidays. She's so deep into this persona ever since she found out her dad can speak a lil Arabic.

It's something I noticed about Moo. She HATES her dad but she wants to be a female version of him so bad. He was a body builder, she's a bodybuilder, he knows a bit about Muslmin and Arabic, she's actually Muslim since birth and came out the womb wearing a hijab dispite earlier pics of Moo wearing a Christain cross claiming she's Italian.

No. 923981

>I'm an internet whore
Weirdly honest about what she does for money for once

No. 923986

>$12 ugly polyester made in China flag
Moo I’m literally begging you to put your money where your mouth is and do something meaningful with your money if you truly care that much. It’s satirical at this point.

No. 924017

You can tell when she really doesn't care about something when she buys the cheapest shit she could possibly get her hands on. How much do you want to bet she didn't even buy this and just took an amazon screenshot for this post? If she did buy it, taking bets that it will never be ironed.

No. 924018

Nta, but 100% bet she bought it. She's an impulsive idiot who does this shit to try and bother people, but it only ever makes her look like the bothered one. Also, the US/Pal flag seems pretty dumb IMO, considering the US gov isn't supporting Pal.

No. 924029


is she considering it a christmas decoration because of the tree on the flag? can this please be considered cultural (mis)appropriation or something for her to consider it a christmas decoration. please let someone take it too seriously and get mad at her about it

No. 924036

File: 1701729706514.jpg (388.08 KB, 1080x1323, 20231205_113944.jpg)

Don't worry she has an explanation.
It's a "precaution". Against what? I don't know. Last I checked it wasn't illegal to fly foreign flags in the US

No. 924039

Isn’t the flag she’s showing a Lebanon/Palestine flag?

No. 924047

File: 1701739150736.jpeg (489.95 KB, 1243x1590, IMG_2362.jpeg)

Nta but she posted her ("classy") Amazon order which contains one.

No. 924048

All this just seems like her trying to project herself as the victim in some fucked up way.
"MY people are being attacked, Me I'm being attacked, what about ME?!"
There's something about murder where Moo has to somehow be the victim despite having literally no relation to the situation. Reminds me of when Demi Lovato made herself the victim and claimed an icecream shop triggered her ED. Literally Moo is just bored

No. 924049

as if the gestapo are gonna come try and take her flag and she’ll get to be like “checkmate it’s also the US flag :)”

No. 924050

It's funny that those flags are likely sewn by Uyghur Muslim slaves in China. So some oppression is okay, as long as it's for virtue signaling your dislike of oppression.

No. 924051

Mostly irrelevant because she already proved she'll shove anything in there given that she fucks randos unprotected but this is a reminder you you nonnies: ordering sex toys on Amazon is a recipe for an infection. There is no quality control or guarantee that they are telling the truth about materials. Even if you order from a legit brand you have no guarantee you will actually receive a product from that brand and not a knock off.

No. 924056

The way she thought this would make for a "good" post concerns me. Not only do I not even care about all the flags Momo bought but the tacky ass dildo that is the most annoying.
What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 924066

Very true as I learned that the hard way 10 plus years ago when ordering vibrators from ebay. Get ready for posts where she complains about UTI.

No. 924072

Anon, I think you did something wrong, tbh.

No. 924074

Nah, buying sex toys on amazon is tacky af.

No. 924075

This is what happens when you literally can't operate without a crumb of attention. She's starving in every sense except physically.

No. 924077

Anon said ebay, not amazon. Thats what I'm referring to. I'd trust Amazon over ebay used toys.

No. 924078

File: 1701804347320.jpg (405.05 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20231205_112626_X.j…)

Moo mentioning her rolls and fupa we all saw in her Makina photos

No. 924084

She gained weight during the holidays over the last 6 years lmfao

No. 924090

momokun is so boring and childless, sperging about palestine and israel will not warrant you more simps.(childless sperging)

No. 924094

lol we’ve seen that photo of you on the Stairmaster Moo, where you were leaning on it to scroll your phone.

No. 924097

File: 1701818433716.png (20.86 KB, 454x149, ozyloser.png)

Hey mod, considering this is what her retard boyfriend appears to agree with, I think the "childless" comment is valid.

No. 924110

The comment screams moid and should be banned. No women on this site use childless as an insult to a cow.

No. 924123

It's funny because Moo has similar moid thoughts like this too
"Big boobs don't count if you're fat"
"If you're skinny or flat you're not a real woman"

No. 924132

Can you find something recent then at least? Not old ass shit? That had nothing to su with a moid screeching about childless women.

No. 924137

I mean Moo was talking about having a kid in the recent insta stories about "not loving Japan so muhc anymore" from the other night. It's clearly on her mind.

No. 924139

Uh, where? I'm the anon who posted the recap. She said nothing about children.

No. 924140

Yes she did, she said something about "maybe it would be better to have a kid there and come back after 2 years" and "it's harder to move there as a couple, they accept single people because they want you to procreate with the locals." SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

No. 924145

Because they prioritize families and have incentives for it. That doesn't mean she is actually thinking of having a kid. The tinfoils some of you come up with are crazy. I did not even once get an idea she wants to have a kid from that comment. The rest of her spiel was about how single people aren't prioritized or cared about as much there, not about her seriously needing a kid. She went on about misogyny and women's rights unless you have a kid.

No. 924173


Exactly. What she means is she wants to continue to hoe around as much as she wants without their society looking down on her. She seems to have realized that her trying to move their as an unmarried, childless trashy girl who’s sole means of making income is doing Z-grade porn doesn’t look good on her visa application. Which is why she is so pissy that they are more welcoming to women with established families and more steady means of income. Her whole “women’s rights” spiel is “I should be able to go there and be as much of a whore as I want with no societal repercussions.”

No. 924194

its not even holidays YET

No. 924196

Shes mentioning the holidays from the last 6 years

No. 924205

to add to this convo, doesn't Moo get a bunch of Liposuction every Holiday season? Didn't she mention going to the stair master? I think we can agree that every time she mentions working out it's just more lipo.

Can this girl just put the fork down? I'll never understand binge eaters.

No. 924211

why does people not hate on childless moo for not having kids but shoeonhead(retard)

No. 924213

moo doesn’t pretend to be trad

No. 924219

the lipo won't suck away all the visceral fat she no doubt has going on from her awful diet.
she's a heart attack on legs. Fursuit legs at that.

No. 924222

do we know the location of her studio yet or no

No. 924223

It was pinpointed and even pictures of it taken on the outside, yes. But jannies consider it doxxing/stalking.

No. 924224

Which is dumb. A public business isn't doxxing.

No. 924225

It's in older threads.

No. 924232

Yeah, it is a public business indeed. Maybe it’s because she treats it as her own personal studio that they think that. Considering "business" is abysmal there lol.

No. 924328

File: 1702231413376.jpeg (804.96 KB, 930x1295, BD05B06D-7AA0-41E1-8BDA-93AF6B…)

the subtlety of the peach(travelling to a cows business is unhinged)

No. 924339

Fucking stalker, wtf anon. I hope she has cameras. Some of you are unhinged AF.

No. 924344

>Posting public picture = stalking

No. 924347

Driving to find photos of where a cow lives or does business is weird as hell. This doesn't even add milk. Just shows some vegas anon is crazy.

No. 924349

It's a picture of a public business. It's answering a question if anyone has seen it before. You're acting like it's a picture of their house, calmdown whiteknight.

No. 924350

ntayrt, but it's a pretty big leap to assume they went in person to take this photo. it's much more likely from google maps or something. do you think everyone who posted pictures of shayna's apartment actually broke into her patio?

No. 924353

You're retarded if you think she lives there, anon, stfu
I'm curious how this business actually performs considering we've seen very few customers on the promo page

No. 924357

Highly doubt it's from Google, especially the ratio and filename. You have to drive out of your way to get to those outlets too. If this was from Google, we'd have way more photos already, no way there only be a single one.

No. 924358

I just looked up her studio address on Google and this picture is not from there. There are also no reverse image search results for this image (which you can all check yourselves).

No. 924361

I want milk as much as the next anon, but going to her business is strange. You can't even go in and you don't just randomly walk to these outlets either. Looks after hours too because it's night.

No. 924371

I'm pretty sure most Google photos are taken during the day. I don't know what time her studio closes but to me it just seems like anon went there under the guide of nighttime.

It's unhinged to go to the business of an lolcow you follow on a Chinese underwater animation forum to take a picture for anon appreciation tbh.

No. 924373

You're assuming this person doesn't drive past the business for a daily commute. It isn't outlandish for them to consistently be in the same area. It's near the airport, after all.

No. 924374

Anon, you know that's not what happened.

No. 924378

thank you crazynon for giving us absolutely nothing, it was not worth the effort and gives us an even worse name

No. 924380

given the picture with the farmer boys logo reflection off the window and airport being stated in previous threads it’s safe to assume this would be the location(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924381

so i guess the answer is yes then, we do know where her studio is LOL

No. 924382

It's literally seconds off a main road, nonna's making out like anon drove miles out the way to take this photo are exaggerating a bit

No. 924384

this is the location. The peach is visible on the door window on Street View on Google Maps.

No. 924386

This is getting out of hand.

No. 924406

The same way JacksFilms was, but you have to go out of your way to find it and post it. She, personally, does not promote where it is located. Knock it off.

No. 924407

Stop whiteknighting.(read the rules)

No. 924412

File: 1702330050733.jpeg (820.27 KB, 3264x1958, IMG_2407.jpeg)

Can we go back to laughing at her shit wigs and cosplays now?

No. 924413

Pomni…. Woof. Shes really just grasping onto whats popular huh lmfao.

Moo… men like pomni because shes small and cute. You are large and horrendous and offensive to all five senses. 6 if you count mediums who read your mind and go “all i hear is a pig squealing in an empty hallway”

No. 924418

File: 1702337067809.jpg (233.83 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20231211_152013_Ins…)

Moo renting out her studio for low budget films now?

No. 924419

Oh you are definitely on her security cameras, weird stalker anon

No. 924423

File: 1702345764327.png (689.21 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20231211-165152.png)

Didn't she get banned from twitch then made a new account because she was promoting her porn links all over

No. 924426

File: 1702349694134.png (34.5 KB, 603x417, school.png)

She's starting her school larp once again
no, she's still got a twitch. she was talking about starting streaming months ago, but nothing ever came of it.

No. 924427

And here I thought her studio was supposed to secure her future lol.

No. 924428

NURSING?! Guess the mean girl to nurse pipeline is real. I cannot imagine someone so full of shit/herself truly being able to empathize and care for vulnerable people.

No. 924429

nursing is a high stress job and it's easier to suck your soul out with a dildo.

No. 924433

She made a new twitch, didn't she?

No. 924437

In ideal circumstances, this would be a solid opportunity for her to quietly pivot into a normal career and evaporate completely from the internet, but the damage to her image is too profound. Not to mention her constant need for online attention. I don't see this going anywhere.

No. 924439

This nursing lie is crazy. Which one of her friends is going to be a nurse. Not one of her fake classes was anything healthy related. Or does she feel insecure about being a dumb porn thot who barely graduated highschool

No. 924440

isn't that one of the stereotypical careers that strippers go into after retiring? real estate or nursing, lol. either way, she'll get fired for taking the grossest nudes you've ever seen in her workplace's bathroom if she ever gets that far.

No. 924442

I remember her posting about her sister being an aesthetics nurse. Maybe she’s probably going to try and copy that.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 924444

She ain't even going to make it to the high-stress part once she realizes that it requires you to stand or walk most the day.

No. 924446

Imagine moo wiping anyones ass when she can barely reach her own.

No. 924459

File: 1702395104196.jpg (266.46 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20231212_072836_Chr…)

So moo days she's going back to get an associates in nursing, but like.. she can't do much with that. She really can't do more schooling? She's that lazy that she going to do the bare minimum. It's going to have to be her family that hires her because just Google alone brings up her sexual harassment situations. No one wants to hire a molester.

No. 924463

No. 924468

Ayy what happened to our double major in business and linguistics with a side of theater, Mooriah? Or that time you were totes in school to become a pharmacist? Or that you're a bad bitch in real estate? I love it when she can't even pretend to follow her old lies anymore so she has to shit out new ones.

You mean like the time you got ousted on TikTok for doing the same damn thing at teens and tweens, Moo?

No. 924505

This is such a bad take. How can she even say this when her own Twitch lists her porn twitter in her bio where the first link is her OF. Twitch, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter allow anyone over the age of 13 to create an account, so I don't get why she thinks sites like Twitch are the only ones where teenagers are exposed to lewd content, like any of her other platforms are better? Braindead.

No. 924543

The role being described in the screenshot you posted is that of a “nurses assistant” or a CNA. If this cow is claiming she’s planning on getting an associates in nursing, she’s likely talking about an Associate’s Degree, which would allow her to be an RN if she was able to pass the boards after graduating. Associates programs are usually 2-year degrees vs. Bachelor Degrees which are 4-year degrees (in the states)

No. 924549

File: 1702458415930.jpg (195.63 KB, 1080x637, 20231213_220501.jpg)

Guess she'll be back in Japan, and/or Korea. Hope she gets plastic surgery while she's there and ends up even more botched
Don't forget artist and translator

No. 924551

i like that she literally is going back to flex on people and being pressured to go. hee bank account must be mental gymnastics

No. 924558

Soo uuh… how much you wanna bet when she attends in person classes she tries to pull off those ever so classy “sexual thing in public” stunt videoss and then gets kicked out of school.

No. 924564

imagining moo waddling in to assist someone with their medical treatment is hysterical, she can’t even work out regularly and would be morbidly obese if she wasn’t sucking out all the fat cells she can afford multiple times a year. i wonder what anime character she’s trying to skin walk that inspired this idea. my bet is we’re going to see Takano posting again soon

No. 924565

I think Moo is just going to fake going to collage. She's just going to take a picture of a med book she found. You don't take random college courses unless you plan on working in that field. Moo is a lazy thot.
Though the thought of her trying to care for patients while waddling and struggling to breathe is funny

No. 924571

Anon shes not going to be flashing her tits at school. Jfc.

No. 924572

She doesn't even believe in medication or that depression/adhd is real and some people need meds for those. She's also antivax, so how the hell is she going to be a nurse? She needs to be vaxxed for the job and only got vaxxed due to con requirements.

No. 924573

>"Moo wouldn't flash her tits or get naked on a boat or park where kids are present"
She immediately does that. Catch up on your moo history, that anon isn't far off it's something she'd pull.

No. 924575

I've been here since thread 3. I know her history. She hasn't done this at school. She's not going to be dumb enough to fucking do that at school and risk getting kicked out due to anons most likely going out of their way to email the administration the second she posts about nudity in school. At least use your brain when you tinfoil.

No. 924576

>She's not going to be dumb enough to fucking do that at school and risk getting kicked out
>At least use your brain
This is my point, nonnie, she is dumb enough to think she's above the rules. No one is saying she'll walk in front of class and do it.

No. 924577

Your wishful thinking is beyond help.

No. 924580

Her flashing in public is common knowledge. Also Moo physically didn't go to college in her porn era. Hell, if I remember she never finished college, just pretended. When called out she flashed a highschool text book and claimed online theater class. Either way, if she's actually going to college next year she's def going to be making porn on campus and sexually assaulting people lol(tinfoiling)

No. 924581

Talking about a school. I don't care about her porn voyeurism. It hasn't happened, saying it definitely will is stupid.

No. 924588

the most unhealthy hog studying health sciences is just… so hilarious to me

No. 924589

go back

No. 924639

>writing perverted fanfics about moo attending school
Moid behavior.

No. 924651

She’s not doing nursing. For nursing you need a nursing degree to take the test to get your licensure, you can’t do that with a health science degree. If she were doing something like CNA or med assistant she wouldn’t even need the degree, she could just go to a certification program. With a health science associates that would be more along the lines of becoming a technician or working a desk job at a medical company unless she decides to go back to school to get her bachelors.

No. 924656

I was thinking it was going to go towards working in a botox clinic.

No. 924681

I just watched her porn and holy fuck her body is disgusting without clothes. who finds this woman attractive? I have low af standards too, but jfc her fat gross ass and gross tits(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924742

It ain’t a fanfic if you know how and where pay pig dependent cam whores make content.

No. 924747

I was thinking that, too. She wants to be a nurse for a plastic surgeon.

No. 924761

File: 1702680072841.jpg (289.06 KB, 1290x2293, 1000012109.jpg)

No. 924762

Jfc, how insufferable. Funny how she hasn't posted about what SHE'S doing to help the situation outside of buying a made in China flag off Amazon.

No. 924767

File: 1702688794665.jpeg (402.49 KB, 1290x969, 8823BADD-2BE9-47B3-8096-7926D1…)

She’s screeching about it daily to her coomer moids. I’m sure everyone will holds hands soon and say sorry.

No. 924774

She's not even antivax if she took the shot to go to a con…she is too retarded to even be antivax

No. 924845

File: 1702779250900.jpeg (248.99 KB, 828x891, CD908BE9-BCAA-42BD-9ADD-167208…)

Moo’s main IG is disabled again.

No. 924850

File: 1702783725674.jpg (227.26 KB, 1080x1845, 1000012131.jpg)

She looks so frumpy and her face looks so sweaty and aged.

No. 924854

How fucking high was she when she did this?

No. 924860

That midsection is so blurred

No. 924861

File: 1702789292221.jpg (502.86 KB, 1079x1766, 1000004918.jpg)

Double posting, but this has gotta be a part of the next thread photo

No. 924866

File: 1702793347840.png (143.06 KB, 644x310, IMG_6707.png)

Haven't looked in a moo thread in a while. Clicking on this one and being shown this image nearly gave me cardiac arrest. Pomni?!?!?? Putting aside her sexualizing this pedo coombait character….She really doesn't even try to embody the characters she cosplays at all huh? Just strikes her dumb braindead "sexy" pose.

No. 924869

God I'd be mortified if a pic like this of me ended up online. Immense shock she allowed this to be posted.

No. 924871

OF COURSE this bitch hops on this FOTM character, and her whiteknights were just trying to act like she doesn't do this shit.

No. 924874

she looks like a toddler. who told her this was a good look?

No. 924875

No one. No one ever tells her anything she does looks good.

No. 924878

I bet she’s really missing that Umbra person who used to be her wig slave.

No. 924890

this is embarrassing lmao

No. 924899

Whatever happened to maddie anyway. One day she's just seemingly vanished, I wonder what the reason was.

No. 924900

Like most people in mooriah's life when they have a falling out, they're vibing in their own corner til mooriah cattle calls and collides with them trying to bring them down again.

No. 924902

She looks like a sped in this fit lmfao.

No. 924905

File: 1702837539591.png (1.97 MB, 1294x2049, POMNII.png)

For those who don't keep up with the latest coomer trends, this is what this character is supposed to look like.

No. 924908

how the hell did she look at this picture and think she looks normal, let alone remotely sexy? this goes far past the point of delusion. her expression, the thumb neck, the wig that looks like it’s about to fall off her head and isn’t cut remotely close to the character she’s portraying. she had to have been on something posting these, this is shayna levels of embarrassing.

No. 924909

This cosplay is to Pomni what PT’s daily cosplay is to Roxas. My god

No. 924915

The colors are so off.

No. 924925

File: 1702857856411.jpeg (866.94 KB, 1170x1450, 98BE7E46-FEA7-49C2-9160-0FC208…)

when ur OF is dropping sales bc newer younger women r getting the subs and u actually gotta get a career

No. 924927

Skibidi toilet cosplay when? The bar is subterranean.

No. 924941

It could just be me, but I'm seeing a lot of these e-thots having their subscriber numbers tank. Ones that had 2k subs are now at 500.
Moo never stated her sub numbers. But being that she's one of the top feeder fetish girls, I imagine she was above the 10k mark.
I just speculate because she said she was going to get the mommy makeover this year and it never happened. And now it's nurse ratchet time? Something is fishy.

No. 924943

It's been talked about, Meta/Twitter(X) has been purging fake engagement.

No. 924945

A-are those colors just photoshopped? Like the hat and middle seam are just blurred into oblivion that it just lookes like the outfit was one color and they just added the other via Photoshop.

No. 924958

Omfg I think you're right?? The stripes are painted on. There's no seams in between them. That is so insane

No. 924959

She doesn't do feeder fetish material.

No. 924960

She literally would let you request fetish content in her customs. Whether she actually delivers it or not is a different story.

No. 924961

File: 1702915545521.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2316, 1000004923.jpg)

They aren't painted on. At least try to find other photos besides the one anon posted where she edited her body.

No. 924963

File: 1702915668119.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x2316, 1000004924.jpg)

We haven't even seen the bikini one yet

No. 924965

You don't do mukbangs to be a feeder fetish girl. Watching them get bigger is the fetish. Jfc children on this site anymore.

No. 924966

Huh wild, so she just edited the actual picture of it so much that the stripes don't look sewn. It genuinely looks so much better laid out on the floor lol

No. 924969

No, I think it was just usual editing and everything around it just gets fucked up in the process so then they have to edit more of her to fix those edit mishaps. Also the quality of the photo looks like shit too, so that might add to it.

No. 924971

just noticed how tiny the hat and it’s makin me laugh

No. 924980

File: 1702932072997.png (613.7 KB, 493x822, back.png)

Looks like she's already back from the second Japan trip? Was that even a week this time? Wonder if they never even made it.

No. 924993

Please god, no.

No. 925024

Ew. Why tf would you even cosplay Pomni like that in the first place? Who is jacking off to this shit?

No. 925025

File: 1702949263379.jpg (226.82 KB, 1080x1919, 1000012160.jpg)

Edit: Sorry, had to crop something so reposting.

She looks like a legit chunky baby.

No. 925026

File: 1702950186211.jpg (92.33 KB, 718x1024, 1000012161.jpg)

I thought the front was bad, but just makes it soooo worse…

No. 925027

Love the warping on the walls

No. 925029

Lumpy, dumpy fat midget proportions.

No. 925034

She seen it's the coomer FOTM and trying to as usual get people interested in her, but mooriah fails to understand coomers need to already be attracted to you to care about you hopping on fotm trains.

No. 925048

Like does she not realize people can see the pixelation around her body??

No. 925049

File: 1702961330239.jpg (746.1 KB, 1054x2192, 1000004928.jpg)

That sharpie brow and wig shadow makes her look like she has the longest manliest eyebrow. This is such a bad wig.

No. 925051

looking at the hat more, i think it was made the right size to sit down further on her head like pomni’s does, but she’s so retarded and made the biggest wig helmet that it physically doesn’t fit anymore. so now it’s safety pinned on it something.

No. 925084

Imagining that there's hip bones under there somewhere is pretty wild. Fitness queen!

No. 925094

File: 1703004507309.jpg (77.6 KB, 1080x423, 1000004935.jpg)

Account is back

No. 925096

File: 1703004661764.jpg (622.05 KB, 1049x1610, 1000004937.jpg)

You mean after harassing someone on facebook about their fursuit? Someone should repost that, i don't have it.

No. 925097

Didnt she try to get into the furry spaces before or is this old?

No. 925098

NTA, it's new. One of the first things she posted when she reactivated her account. She tried before, they weren't having her shit, they won't have her shit now.

No. 925099

Her main is still down, anon.

No. 925105

File: 1703013004124.jpg (595.86 KB, 1080x1888, 1000004941.jpg)

You must be blocked

No. 925106

mariahmallad is her main, are you new? You’re showing her other side account.

No. 925107

That's the account Moo was talking about, that was verified and was recently taken down. >>924845 She wasn't referring to her mariahmallad account anon. That account has been nuked for a long time.

No. 925108

You know she's dumb because she thinks if she just edits the waist no one will be able to tell she's fat af.
"I'm not fat, my waist is actually 22 inches"

Never posts furry art or knows none of the fandom favorites. It's so transparent she just wants to cover her whole body because she's to lazy to edit it.

No. 925111

Except her posting >>924412 was just over a week ago. A week isn’t “a long time” anon.

No. 925113

It was down for like 2 days 2 days ago.

No. 925114

File: 1703015043815.jpeg (111.75 KB, 828x1223, 1E2839E1-2CA2-4BC9-B365-CC479D…)

Checked on multiple accounts. Still looks down to me.

No. 925115

The other one was gone too for a few days. Jfc, who cares? One of them came back up.

No. 925126

File: 1703022737124.jpg (374.38 KB, 1604x1014, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.30…)

i refuse to believe this is supposed to be the same character

No. 925135

File: 1703030528816.jpg (493.9 KB, 1080x1790, 1000012176.jpg)

She looks bored, lumpy, and like she hates that she's doing this all.

No. 925136

That and she's so late to the craze. At least with the McDonalds one she was on time.
I'm surprised she left the JJK craze so soon. Hell even Blue eyed Samurai would probably get her more coomers than Pomni

No. 925137

She's not really "late". A bunch of cosplayers are only now starting to do Poni because at first is was hated so much online and then the porn community started making porn of it and now it's reach "GOAT COSPLAY" status to all these thots. Moo's right in the middle.

No. 925161

maddie was fucking insane and basically claimed to be in love with moo tho. she didn't even need moo for money.

No. 925186

File: 1703092082247.jpg (50.86 KB, 1080x233, 1000004949.jpg)

It's back

No. 925187

File: 1703092116429.jpg (790.62 KB, 1080x1693, 1000004951.jpg)

No. 925189

File: 1703093047579.png (454.7 KB, 1546x822, moo.png)

did she really pay one of these totes legit "support" guys upwards of $1.5k. I almost can't believe shes that dumb

No. 925190

It's also against ToS, so good job mooriah circumventing a ban and publicizing it.

No. 925191

This sounds like they just contacted someone they know on the inside and said "yo, reactivate this account" and then charging for it. This is reportable, tbh.

No. 925199

Oh yeah, didn’t moo bread crumb her with a total legit lesbian relationship? Lol

No. 925200

regardless how anyone feels about her it’s nice to see maddie knowing her worth and getting out of the mariah situation.

No. 925204

Yes Moo please drop thousands of bucks on a fursuit during your latest manic episode, something that takes months-years to complete that you will no longer want and regret purchasing by the time it's actually finished.

No. 925234


Knowing furries if she were to go with a popular maker she'd be on that queue for years only to have it become a putrid STD carpet thatll be covered in mystery stains in less than 2 months.

No. 925243

At least she'll save on the bottom of the suit, she can just use her own fursuit legs and wear leggings, it'll be the same

No. 925251

Aly is going to make it like everything moo does now

No. 925253

File: 1703134485695.jpg (432.37 KB, 1079x1928, 1000004959.jpg)

She's also getting other people to do wigs

No. 925295

That's nothing new. She's commissioned wigs before. I think it was Rentchan that did her Baiken wig too. I assume Moo is ass chapped that her live-in wig slave is gone, tried to style some wigs like Maddie did, very much failed, and is back to outsourcing.

No. 925326

We were talking about maddie. I posted this to show anons she's 100% not using her anymore.

No. 925377

Right? If she owns a pair of fleece-lined leggings, she can just wear them inside out and she’s halfway there.

No. 925388

File: 1703214929528.jpeg (430.29 KB, 828x1453, 6134F20C-197F-4060-89FD-F70F04…)

No. 925398

Her anti vax ass not realizing eating garlic bread isn't going to help.

No. 925404

It'd be funny if she said that, but no

No. 925417

>mouth breather arc
as if someone of your size isn't already a mouth breather
garlic is good for you, its just not some magic cure-all like moo things it is. Maybe she needs to eat some sauerkraut too, since she believes that was some magical cure-all

No. 925477

the botched nosejob probably ain't helping you, moo. It's almost as if removing half your nose bridge could come back to bite you in the ass someday.

You just know she has sleep apnea low key. Might partially explain why she always has those massive dark eyebags under her eyes too.

No. 925522

File: 1703380612961.jpg (301.6 KB, 1152x2048, 1000012245.jpg)

No. 925530

>Tattoo: many
She has like, what, 5? Also, it's always so jarring to be reminded that she's still in her 20's. She's aging in dog years at this point.

No. 925541

i feel bad for any children she might have. also those shorts look like they are really cutting off circulation

No. 925545

Dont be shy moo, put your weight too.

Also i feel like she’s gonna try to get herself knocked up? Likes whats gonna get her out of cosplaying porn and still get her attention and money? If she babytraps a man.

No. 925546

File: 1703424254156.png (12.31 KB, 595x141, hotdog.png)

well, at-least she won't smell like hotdog water for a change

No. 925548

That's a terrible tinfoil

Perfumes like how men use axe instead of showing?

No. 925549

She's currently dating Ozy again, that's the only guy she can "babytrap" if at all.

No. 925555

eh, I think it's a totally legit tinfoil actually. I think the kids thing is on her mind. I think she'll try to babytrap Ozy.

No. 925571

>safe to save
She’s almost Pumpy level w that peas in a pond KEK

No. 925616

Her lumpy arm is sending me. That's a terrible editing job, this is on purpose right?

No. 925631

If this is for a dating app you know she's pissed she only has Ozy irl. All her male friends left her. If she finds any other guy she's baby trapping him, not Oz

No. 925632

Thats what im saying. Idk i feel like she desperately finding a way out of cosplaying porn, with the ehile going back to school stunt. And you know she probably thinks shes close to hitting “the wall”

No. 925636

it's for an Instagram add-yours-and-share thing that's going around, fellow cow Park Avenue Pinup just did one too: >>>/snow/1944965

No. 925660

Such underrated comment!

No. 925694

File: 1703556689822.webm (Spoiler Image,8.82 MB, 1280x720, 2023-12-22.webm)

She forgot to edit out her giving Ozy camera instructions in her Pomni video

No. 925698


Bleak as fuck.

No. 925699

You sure this wasn't posted as a bts thing? I'd assume the video would be longer I'd this was kept in the final.

No. 925700

Dead inside and out, what a total queen. The coomers that keep her afloat fully deserve the slop she shits out for them.

No. 925704

Really enjoy the siren ambience in the background. Really ties the hostage tape vibes together

No. 925708

It’s right in the middle of the video and it cuts to another scene after that so it appears to be purposely left in.

No. 925709

This is so bizarre and uncomfy. You can tell she’s miserable.

No. 925722

File: 1703622929923.jpeg (794.5 KB, 828x1447, 3F942B32-BDA8-4791-859E-7CF0E0…)

So much for not celebrating Christmas because Gaza kids and whatever. She really can’t help telling on herself.

No. 925723

Kek it's always so funny whenever she forgets about her Muslim larp. Jesus truly is her homeboy

No. 925725

I can't find it but a few years ago Moo did a clap back to someone saying Muslim is her race, not her religion. Why she doesn't celebrate Muslim holidays and more Christian ones
This made her look dumb so she's pretty vauge. All we know is her ancestors are Lebenese/Italian. Which funny enough, are mostly Christian people. She's white with a little bit of spice

No. 925727

I just don't understand why Moo just doesn't tell the truth? That she's Christian Lebenese/Italian.
I guess it'll just make her look like a biggoted idiot if her diluted Muslim roots was centuries ago and she's been spouting some racist ass shit through the years.
But Jesus is def her homeboy

No. 925752

File: 1703641507365.png (3.03 MB, 4000x5500, F26CFBB3-9050-429A-92B0-7CCCCA…)

No milk but have a doodle

No. 925772

I hate this thread

No. 925782


The. Fucking. Stench.

No. 925786

You captured her smelly essence so well!

No. 925788

She should stick to bath and body works. Aren’t we in a recession? She should be saving her money.
Really captured her well if I feel disgusted looking at it.

No. 925792

This also confirms that her new school larp is directly inspired by her sister. No friends to try and one-up anymore so time to flex some more on her family, I guess!

No. 925798

She said that already and not in a vague Christmas photo that has no context about it.

No. 925832

It's always Moo being jealous that other people around her are doing better in life so she has to pretend to take their life. She choose the porn thot life.

No. 925835

She sure did, and if she thinks she's going to get a job as a nurse, let alone accepted into a program, with her porn being literally the first thing that comes up when you google her name, as well as all of the sexual assault/harassment accusations and then all of the online drama on top of her racist history and shit opinions she's posted publicly all over, she's got a reality check incoming. Maybe she'll get into school, probably won't graduate, but if she managed to she'll never get hired anywhere. Healthcare cares a lot about their image, I've known nurses who got fired for less severe online activity than porn and all of her drama. She's pretty much ruined her own opportunities to be taken seriously or professionally.

No. 925836

She's not going to school, her sister is going in the spring. It was like when she said she was going to school to be a pharmacist when Vamps did.
She's jealous of educated people because she barely graduated high school and is a collage drop out. Hell, she couldn't even make it at starbucks.

Bet cha she's going to borrow her sisters books and take pics of her work and pretend she did it.

No. 925841

She said she is, so at least wait to call her out on her bullshit instead of using old milk to justify it.

No. 925844

why would you post this??

No. 925913

off topic but since starbucks was mentioned she said she was a black apron but sold the black apron after quitting LOL

No. 925919

Bitch was never and had never had a black apron. When she was hired they still had smelling tests for coffee notes and it was a few months long program with a presentation at the end. She's a fucking liar. She didn't work at starbucks long enough. Also they'd embroider her apron, so if they didn't, also another clue.

No. 925920

File: 1703909443064.jpg (423.33 KB, 1080x1562, 1000005066.jpg)

Poor cat, it's one of her newer ones too, so this is just bad luck for the cat and not Moo's fault. Probably why she's been quiet.

No. 925927


that's so unfortunate. i couldn't care less about moo, but i hope her cat gets better soon

No. 925943

File: 1703981927395.jpg (955.95 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20231230-191500_Ins…)

I don't own a cat let alone one that has been sick, but looking at this from an outside perspective doesn't this seem a little much? It almost comes off as performative to go on and on about how you're going to cook quail egg and exotic meats for your sickly cat. I get that he's not in the best shape and if there's one thing that seems to at least be true about Moo is that she cares for the cats she owns at LEAST enough to do shit like build them a wall in the kitchen so they can dust everything in fur, pay for expensive vet visits, and prepare them expensive recovery meals, but I'm sure there was cheaper and more time effective alternatives than this.(not milk)

No. 925945

She feeds all of them like this (raw) because she’s a retard and will believe and buy literally any Instagram ad or TikTok shill. That said it seems like her cat may be dying, so plenty of pet owners let their end of life pets eat whatever they want. May as well.

No. 925949

If it's all the cat will eat, I mean I guess, but that's a recipe for diarrhea at best, Salmonellosis +/- sepsis at worst.(sage)

No. 925950

Nonna, that's fine for cats.

No. 925953

File: 1704027008507.jpeg (156.8 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_2782.jpeg)

$1200 for her crappy Melony costume

No. 925954

Seriously? It’s fucking gym shorts over leggings and a sweater. All irreversibly stretched out.

No. 925955

Castle Corsetry changed names to get away from the stench attached to them huh?

Too bad Lauren St. Laurent wholly approves of ripping off other designers and defending Momokun!

No. 925971

A literal "who?" at this point. Nobody is going to buy that cosplay for even $120.

No. 925977

there's better looking costumes on amazon for like 50 bucks

No. 925983

She's not even including the wig for 1200? Is it possible that's near the price she paid? If so she got completely ripped off. Also would explain the defending, I'd defend the moron willing to throw a thousand dollars on cheap costumes made for her. I'm actually hoping we get fur suit Moo era now, they charge ridiculous prices.

No. 925984

i don’t get the point of selling these without the wigs. what is she keeping the wig for?

No. 925985

Knowing Moo she probably tore it off after the costume and tossed it to the side and it's a mess.

No. 925991

I highly doubt she’d even get past the TEAS or HESI or whatever is required for programs in her area. She can cheat her way through prereqs maybe but not for an actual proctored exam. She can’t even remember the bullshit she claims half the time, let alone material for an exam.

No. 925992

Tinfoil, but maybe Maddie kept the wig (or saved it from Moo's floor as anon said). Otherwise, I don't see why Moo wouldn't include with the cosplay.

No. 925995

File: 1704127881441.jpg (261.2 KB, 1080x1798, 1000005967.jpg)

Look at moo's depop. The wig already sold separately. For 250 kek

No. 925996

Momokunpeachy is banned/disabled right now. Her accounts keep going from banned to not banned more frequently now. I'd screencap, but there's nothing to cap since its unsearchable.

No. 925998


Didn't she used to claim she had "crazy" measurements and was every costume maker's worst nightmare? Why would she think anyone would pay for it when they'd have to supposedly make so many altercations because "muh curves"?

No. 926016

File: 1704159781719.jpeg (617.23 KB, 1170x845, IMG_7749.jpeg)

good to see she’s sucking elon’s dick still

No. 926021

Why would she get a tesla? These aren't even cool anymore even among obnoxious rich people. Most of the cars just got recalled for killing people too

No. 926022

File: 1704168912789.jpg (297.87 KB, 1290x2293, 1000012377.jpg)

Yet she's worried about the vet bill. Right…

No. 926023

File: 1704169054456.jpg (275.46 KB, 1290x2293, 1000012378.jpg)

Are you sure you cut them off or did they cut you off? Her ego is just as big as she is.

No. 926025

I know it's a little off topic, but it was a digital recall. They didn't actually have to take cars into the shops and the ones that did just did a wired upgrade/update. They are, however, terrible cars. Moo has no taste so she covers it up with shiny garbage.

She said it was like 6k, but then thanked her fans for being able to easily afford it.

No. 926028

Doesn’t bat an eye at impulse buying a garbage car for clout but a vet bill gives her pause? Priorities.

No. 926033

When you let people use your studio and they STILL won't hang out with you!

No. 926035

Just like you cut Ozy off, right Moo?

No. 926037

File: 1704188226604.png (433.86 KB, 1208x1080, Untitled.png)

Unlike you, people go to the gym to actually work out and better themselves, not be degenerate porn brains. Sidenote, her likes are an absolute cesspit of hentai with just a touch of simping for palestine

No. 926038

File: 1704195240079.png (234.51 KB, 583x766, moo.png)

gotta love how she'll start arguments over pretty much anything these days.

No. 926039

She's reduced to arguing with Trump supporters to garner attention? Her twilight time of thotting is really bleak. Ozy must be a really pathetic lay if she has all this time and anger to take out on her paypig source.

No. 926047

>buys car
>first thing she thinks of is getting fucked in it and posting it online

No. 926048

Love that Moo thinks she appears powerful and intelligent here when all she comes off as is an internet addicted narc, it’s hilarious how little self awareness she has. So desperate to stay relevant but she makes an ass of herself ever time. So bored and dying for a crumb of attention she’s gotta argue with bottom of the barrel twitterfags. Girl get a hobby or go exercise…

No. 926050

It's horrible to say this, but of all the cows: I actually do hope something actually bad happens to her. I want to see someone experience some real fucking tragedy for a change.(calm down)

No. 926058

It's coming. The second half of her life, once all the paypigs eventually dry up, is going to be fucking rough. She has literally nothing else. I wouldn't be surprised if she offs herself in the end, or ODs or something. Big bad is coming for Moo, it's only a matter of time.

No. 926059

It's hard to believe that though when I just witnessed her spend almost 10k on her stupid cat, buy a brand new Tesla, and apparently spend over 1k on perfume in the last week. She has either sold off some investments, or gotten herself a special new paypig recently. I wanna see some financial ruin, please.

No. 926060

Samefag sorry but: do we have any actual proof that she actually went for that second Japan trip recently? Because things aren't adding up. She posted when she was leaving for that second trip, but not one single tidbit since.

No. 926061

File: 1704225208951.jpeg (791.39 KB, 3264x2149, IMG_2496.jpeg)

Her tweet on the bottom right might just be the new "That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get".

No. 926066

Yup she’s being very irresponsible with her materialistic purchases. It’s a matter of time before it comes crashing down and it’s hard to resell those designer goods at market value.

No. 926068

She hasn't gone yet. Idk why anons are acting like she has. She SAID she's going back after the Ozy one but hasn't yet. Just wait for milk and stop asking for proof of anything that hasn't happened yet.

She makes good money, anon. Even if its porn money. The tinfoil is bad.

No. 926071

A couple weeks ago she posted on her story acting like she was at the airport to leave for the 2nd trip. I wish I had proof.

No. 926073

I've been following her stories and haven't seen that. She either went for one day then, or not at all. Just wait until she's sperging about all these photos and the cosplays she is taking out on the town to photoshoot herself in.

No. 926101

File: 1704251277392.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1920x1080, gross.png)


Its worse in HD

No. 926106

File: 1704259114050.jpg (104.19 KB, 1000x761, Nasty_Patty_061.jpg)

>>926101(sage your shit)

No. 926108

Legit took me a minute to figure out if that's her front or back.

No. 926109

didn't even edit out her razor burns

No. 926112

inaccurate, the Nasty Patty has two buns

No. 926113

>The only way a man would be a prize is to another man
What does this even mean?

No. 926114

She's just being retarded. It's the common e-thot way of saying:
>"Unless you're tossing money at me the only attention you'll get is from other men."

No. 926115

Jesus christ she is so insufferable. Why does she act like this? It's so off-putting I can't even imagine how she has genuine fans left. She just sounds like a nasty ass bitch

No. 926119

The acne ridden flab is making me nauseous, eugh

No. 926137

The irony of her posting this, and then calling other people "dusty crusty"

No. 926146


I’d hesitate to call what she has left “fans”. The only people still remotely interested her are either simps or degenerate coomers who enjoy seeing how much further she will degrade herself. She was so prideful and adamant about never having to stoop so low as to do porn, yet now she’s selling videos of her pissing on camera and eating French fries covered in cum. Some enjoy seeing that “fall from grace” of insufferable bitches like her so to speak

No. 926147

oh my god this is her ass, I was trying to figure out what the fuck was doing on with her crotch and stomach but it's her ASS.

No. 926150

KEK thank you for this comment, I hope it’s pasted onto the next thread pic it’s so funny

No. 926151


i just wanna take a moment to thank moo for reminding me to take care of myself so i don't end up like this

No. 926160

Looks pretty damn pale too, not exactly reflecting the Arab stereotype she usually goes for

No. 926169

File: 1704342822512.jpg (460.79 KB, 1152x2048, 1000012413.jpg)

Makes me wonder how many will actually buy this…

No. 926170

These are so trashy, ngl. Men do not clean their sex toys.

No. 926179

No they don't. Whoever buys one of these they'll be yellow and crusty and nasty in a day.(learn to sage and reply to the correct post)

No. 926180

her nails are so nasty

No. 926187

I audibly laughed, thank you anon!
The last time I saw nails like that were on my 80yo great-aunt, who smoked like a fucking chimney.

No. 926188

Found the moid
Kek it's like a shitty rehash of "that cheap spandex suit got me more attention than you'll get in your entire life"
Wait, how will she use this? Or is it modeled after her vag? Help a retard understand pls

No. 926191

Op for the pregnancy tinfoil. Hypotheses about her wanting to baby trap a man doesn’t make me a man, retard.(sage your tinfoil)

No. 926192

Its just her vulva molded for the top. The rest of the fleshlifht is just random bumps and stuff.

No. 926201

I dunno why anons are surprised she's been spending a lot of money lately. Even if she isn't pulling the same numbers as before, she still has her savings. I don't think her savings will dry up until she's in her 30's unless she's really stupid.
Also she did have a period this year where she wasn't spending much. That and Moo is easy to read. If she was running out of money she would be screeching about it.

As for the car it isn't that surprising if she traded in her old car to reduce the price of the new one. More like I'm surprised fake car girlie got a tesla and not a muscle/sports car to attract the moids. Like, a tesla isn't a flex and neither is a vet bill.

No. 926202


The Pro ones are stupidly overpriced and 3 times the regular ones and just have like 1 of 3 generic textures inside.

The outside is from a photo of her not even an actual mold.

She’ll get 15% of the sales if anybody is delusional enough to get one.(learn2integrate)

No. 926204

bet it comes with hot dog flavored and scented lube to make it authentic

No. 926207

inb4 she tries to use it as a tax right off

No. 926213

>Like, a tesla isn't a flex and neither is a vet bill.

And yet she flaunts it like it is a flex.

No. 926218

I, too, would spend 10K on my 'stupid cat', simply because I care about my pets like most normal people do.
I disdain this skank as much as the next nonna, but fuck off with that bullshit.

No. 926220

the need to try to vilify fat moo for spending money on anything even living beings supersedes common sense

No. 926227

Agreed. She makes good money doing grotesque porn. Anons need to stop tinfoiling over her wallet.

No. 926235

she is being homophobic

No. 926289

Those poor white seats(sage your shit)

No. 926303

File: 1704679049516.jpg (506.59 KB, 1080x1751, 1000012486.jpg)

Ah yes. Follow Moo's logic and you're good in life.

No. 926304

Mariah the motivator?? She is so brain dead I swear, the only thing she’s motivating for is not ending up as a fat porn clown

No. 926305

she’s mad she has to pay for dick to stick around, if she was a good quality partner she’d alr have a life partner/ kids by now.

No. 926313

More like Mariah the Molester(sage your shit)

No. 926323

File: 1704735669183.jpg (160.37 KB, 1080x526, 1000012502.jpg)

No. 926325

She's not wrong. Thats more of a monster fetish thing which just devolves back into fantasy fetish.

No. 926326

Not getting into this argument, but it was perfectly accepted as being a furry when it comes to digimon and pokemon because "monster fetish" is actual monster girl line of things, e.i alarunes and the like.

No. 926342

when has mariah ever played a pokemon game

No. 926425

File: 1704854697012.png (352.48 KB, 598x765, Untitled.png)

since the other day, apparently. Not sure why she's suddenly feigning interest given that i haven't seen any major pokemon news lately (could've just missed it though), So i'd take a guess that whatever dick she's trying to chase has an interest in it

No. 926436

She was super into Guzma a few years ago. Didnt she name a cat after him or something?

No. 926438

Pokemon is super normie, this is something I'd believe she's in to. Especially when it comes to the monster fucking.

No. 926445

Yep. I love when she fixates on an anime husbando because she makes the dumbest choices, like when she painted one of her studio rooms to match that one guy from demon slayer, and her fate arc where she dropped money for a fucking mobile game account. Not to mention her ugly ass tattoos.

No. 926474

incase no one knows, evolving a haunter to a gengar takes zero effort and all you do is trade it with another player. Literally so easy but sje makes it seems hard. So no i dont believe she’s played the game. Shes just retarded.

No. 926478

When you have no friends, it is hard

No. 926490

there's an npc in the newer game that trades a haunter to you with no everstone and it evolves to gengar. no friends or effort required!

No. 926495

Well shit thats even easier!! This heifer is so massively stupid lmfao.

No. 926534

This is so retarded and I'll take my ban but in Legends Arceus if you don't have anyone to trade with, you have to grind 1000 merit points to get the item you give to Haunter to evolve it. It takes about 20 quests to get enough points. It's still not an accomplishment by any means but its not as trivial as anons are making out.

No. 926538

Be that as it may she speaks as if shes done this a dozen times over when at the same time is talking as if shes plsying Arceus for the first time. Shes retarded.

No. 926542

>picking the worst pokemon games (minus sapphire) when it takes a few quick google searches to play the older, better ones
Never change, Moo. I am surprised she isn't flexing her cash by buying the original cartridges, though.

No. 926543

knowing Moo's past behavior she didn't actually play. She was watching her friend play and she was just pigging out on the sofa behind them. Like how one of her male friends was playing wind waker and she took pics acting like it was him playing. But on his own insta he showed pics of him playing and Moo sitting on the sofa.

No. 926637

fat slob(sage your shit troll)

No. 926688

File: 1705363324825.jpg (238.21 KB, 1080x764, 1000012617.jpg)

No. 926689

Mooriah really out here calling herself out. She must be in an episode.

No. 926695


The lack of self-awareness from her is staggering. She is literally talking about her self. How many stories are there of her bullying other women cosplayers out of the industry? Destroying their props and making disparaging comments about their appearance? Not to mention all the sexual assault that she admitted to herself, the victims of which were primarily other women.

So she can absolutely go fuck off. I’m sure her comments are going to get flooded with people bringing those exact instances up and she’ll be her usual insufferable self and just deflect and respond with memes as if that wins her the argument.

No. 926699

File: 1705386250590.jpg (367.68 KB, 1080x1192, 20240116_192506.jpg)

Looks like she's seen this lol

No. 926711

Aww, did she see Mean Girls 2 and wants to conjunction it with her life? Women that can't keep women friends are almost as bad as moids.

No. 926712

all this posturing and she bought a car from a man who believes in the genocide of her people lol. this bitch is full of hot air and cheese water.

No. 926763

she contradicts herself right away
and quoting Regina George doesn't help either. But we all know our lil key board warrior is only tough online. The fastest Moo ever waddles is away from any fight or if anyone even looks at her funny.

No. 926777

She can say whatever she wants about being a tough baddie but we all see the thread pic here (and so does she lmao)

No. 926790


Exactly. The “boss bitch qween who will fuck up anyone who threatens her” snuck off to Japan with the ex that was supposedly “so abusive towards her” that she had to drag him to court and desperately tried to hide it from everyone.

She wants to try to cultivate this image of being a “big bad bitch who will fight anyone who comes at her” but she has proven time and again that she is nothing but a chickenshit coward who will do precisely fuck all the second she feels threatened.

When all the sexual assault stories about her came out, when she wasn’t busy hiding and crying in her hotel room all weekend, whenever she was caught on camera she looked like a deer caught in the headlights that was scared shitless that someone was gonna call her out or confront her.

No. 926867

File: 1705675462861.jpg (157.89 KB, 586x793, what.jpg)

what is she trying to say here?
whenever she comments on pretty much anything on twitter, it always feels like she's trying to get attention

No. 926869

Just a dumbass seeing another dumbass in the wild and Moo giving her respect because she's hot and that's it. She'll see this behavior and champion it as cool and sexy and badass but you know the only thing she's audacious enough to do is throw things and be immature at the supermarket

No. 926881

File: 1705684885274.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240119-102205.png)

They're in Japan now.

No. 926882

File: 1705684923377.png (1.5 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240119-102221.png)

No. 926898

Matching literacy levels, how cute!

No. 926919

wasn't she complaining about japan just recently?

No. 926920

File: 1705723087403.jpg (93.47 KB, 1366x2048, 1000012680.jpg)

Can she please close her mouth for one photo? She looks bored and like she hates cosplaying.

No. 926921

She thinks it looks sexy. She finally stopped the invisible hat pose, she'll stop this eventually.

No. 926930

Her filter deflated lips look so bad. She looks like a mob boss in drag.

No. 926932

File: 1705752954529.webm (2.05 MB, 480x852, mariahandpeterareawful.webm)

hi lolcow ^.^
i just want to drop this here, both of these ppl are awful
i am most definitely getting banned so if u have any questions or anything to ask me i will love to talk <3 add my telegram(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926935

Has her philtrum always been this long? Girly is gonna need a lip lift soon.

No. 926936

Some decent screencaps here. Nothing we don't already know, Mariah is pathetic. But the court affidavit of the facts is complete trash. Either wholesale fakery, or if it's real, you're submitting absolute trash as evidence. It reads like a 15 year olds burn book.

No. 926937

the michael jackson tier nosejob made it even longer

No. 926941

can u guys stop banning ppl who actually have stuff on mariah? genuinely wtf lol(take it to /meta/)

No. 926942

Back in the day a lot of nonas agreed all she needed was a lip lift to fix her turtle mouth but she instead got baboon ass fillers and that hog snout nosejob, funny how she's now back to square one.

No. 926947

they posted their own personal social media handle, they deserved it tbh

No. 926948

Who the fuck even is this? That's not Ozzy, is it?

No. 926949

bur lol let's totally go to Japan together multiple times because we totally didn't try to kill each other! These fucking goofs were fucking made for each other. They are both PSYCHO.

No. 926950

kek. buncha retards playing with guns

No. 926951

Yes it is

No. 926952

All of the farmers who called it on her accusing Ozy of raping her, we know her too well. I guess this Joey fella is the one Ozy implied is Moo's abusive sidepiece?

No. 926953

File: 1705778349739.png (128.8 KB, 1078x472, Screenshot_20240120-121636~2.p…)

So much for pure intentions.

No. 926986

File: 1705830534980.jpg (930.33 KB, 1079x1914, 1000027856.jpg)

those two truly deserve each other

No. 926989

lmao at Mariah using a squatty potty to beat Ozy up (if true). Them dating is like an infinity mirror, they're endless reflections of each other's rotten nature. Truly a destined love.

No. 927009

Can we not update randoy about ozy unless its directly moo related? This isnt a thread about her scrote, you can individually talk about her little simps on /w/ in the calve thread.

No. 927019

What a weird thing to post about like? I just bought an expensive outfit but here is a picture of me in the sun in a hobo outfit, huh?

No. 927020

please post moo related ozy content, not straight up ozy posts unrelated to her. If he's super milky you are welcome to make a thread about him. Continuing to do so will result in bans for derailing.

No. 927026

No. 927045

I wonder what her side of the story is? What could she have said to get his ass thrown in custody?

No. 927051

He already gave a lowdown on his livestream 2 threads ago. Moo will never say more than she has about it because thats her MO. He hit her, he admitted to it.

No. 927058

File: 1705955386735.png (667.52 KB, 505x819, justherandoz.png)

Getting the impression that it's just her and Ozy in Japan this time. Also I say: fuck it mods. We should be able to post about her scrote in this thread. He is absolutely relevant as he's the one doing the milking.(if its not related to Moo in some way it doesn't belong here. take your complaints to /meta/ next time)

No. 927059

Ozy's insta is gone now too.
I'll take my ban.

No. 927073

File: 1705966378613.jpg (1.07 MB, 1079x1807, 1000005201.jpg)

She bought this herself, maybe add in that context instead of vague posting Ozy have them to her.

No. 927091

File: 1705974140171.png (1.99 MB, 3848x1926, untitled.png)

kek nta but whatever you say anon. gloves look familiar? >>926986

No. 927108

They are walking together. You really think this was some surprise from ozy while she's standing there lol also that doesn't even disprove she bought them.

No. 927118

File: 1706005276438.jpg (580.88 KB, 1080x1801, 1000005206.jpg)

Was browsing her Twitter to see if there any japan milk, but instead Moo is being unhinged about liking animal porn with billie eyelash 3D'd in but fake shota bad. She keeps trying to use "mommy didn't fuck you" as an insult

No. 927120

File: 1706007537428.jpg (269.37 KB, 590x938, Untitled.jpg)

should've posted the whole thread

No. 927123

How wasteful this is going in the trash when they fly home

No. 927125

She is so fucking stupid. This is the real reason she avoids confrontations at cons, she can’t snap back to save her life let alone throw down. She still thinks she had an army of white knights to come to her aid like she did in her cheap spandex suit days. Except she’s not 19 anymore and her insults are almost as pathetic as she is. To think she is what 27? And still thinks acting like teen is funny and cute? This is why she can’t do better than ozy.

No. 927133

wtf, she posted so much demon slayer shota not even a few years ago, what a gross hypocrite

No. 927149

I was going to, but I was too tired to upload multiple caps with the flood detection, so thanks, nonny. She looks like an absolute idiot here still.I'm not going to post the video obviously, but for anons who want to know, it was a commission video of a tit-inflated Hex Maniac getting titfucked by a trainer.

No. 927232

Another AX sighting confirmed for this year(this is an imageboard, post caps if you have new info)

No. 927236

File: 1706212711342.jpeg (164.29 KB, 1170x374, IMG_7953.jpeg)

did her instas get nuked again? Also, not anon but here is confirmation about AX

No. 927254

Does it even matter what she wears or if she goes to cons anymore? It’s not like she actually goes to panels or shop. All she does is hang outside I do nothing but crappy photo shoots hide behind someone because she knows she can’t win a real fight let alone a verbal beat down. She is rude to people who actually want to take pics and then goes to her room to do porn,

Honestly think it’s sad she wastes money on going to cons she still believes she has a following and goes to flex and annoy, that’s bad enough as a teen but nearing thirty and still getting into sad beefs is fucking pathetic.

No. 927277

Her pretending to cosplay is her copium now that her whole life is porn. Not even good porn. She can't just admit she failed as a cosplayer and is now a porn thot that shoots videos on toilet kun while she pretends her pay by the minute boyfriend actually likes her.

No. 927282

She goes for scrote bucks, not for real validation from the cosplay scene. People like Stella won't even hang out with Moo at the conventions because people like Jessica attend the con. She's ghosted Moo before. No one likes her except to mooch off of her and she knows that, so she goes for the cameras. Her biggest supporters are all men, the women who cosplay mean nothing to her unless she can use them.

No. 927290

File: 1706368154911.jpg (484.42 KB, 1290x2293, 422963572_2126620221063713_730…)

No. 927297

This is so embarrassing. It didn't change the fact she was probably standing right they're when he bought them. Also she in rentals/hotels. Live flowers are an incredibly stupid idea

No. 927298

At least she's admitting she's with him finally. How embarrassing. Can't wait for the next breakdown and court case.

No. 927300

weird nitpick. flowers live like 5 days before they start looking soggy. it's not weird to buy cheap flowers for the room if you are staying somewhere for a few days, especially considering the flowers "he" is buying her. last bouquet was 4 roses alone, and this is 6 roses and a 4 random flowers thrown in. this costs less than 5 bucks, it's neither a big expense nor a big flex

No. 927302

Does Ozy even have a job or is Moo his cash cow because it would be hilarious if he bought her things on her dime.

No. 927304

No he does not have a job.
His mama must be so proud.

No. 927318

No one needs a breakdown about how long flowers last. It's dumb for moo to flex these.

No. 927323

Wish we could focus on the pathetic lovebombing that seems to work on Moo over the longevity of dead plants. The queen of non-consensual touching will forgive all for a gas station bouquet (that was likely purchased with her own money).

No. 927336

File: 1706504196104.png (408.49 KB, 1165x921, Untitled.png)

its telling that moo thinks money can buy women. Says alot to me about how she views relationships. Also lol at her calling men dusties, despite herself dating a broke ass man.

nitpick, but nami's spelling is driving me nuts

No. 927674


No. 927726

Of course she would say money is the answer to getting a girlfriend, its the only way she’s gotten a man’s attention.
Its definitely cheap marketing and male validation. Theres still plenty of moids who recognize her from the samus days and ask for photos. A few years back a friend posted their con photos and one with her, knowing nothing about the allegations and scamming.

No. 927772

Did the cow nuke her ig accounts? Or was I blocked? Either way lol. The only one I can find is her studio ig.

No. 927773

File: 1707260148406.jpeg (604.42 KB, 893x1458, IMG_2766.jpeg)

No, she’s still around and hopping the next bandwagon.

No. 927774

you were blocked. Her and Ozy blocked a bunch of us during the Japan trip.

No. 927776

She should cosplay fat legbeard vr. Adam since they both suck their own dick so much.

No. 927788

I find that hilarious since I never screen grabbed she’s getting paranoid.

No. 927792

It's not like instagram tells you when someone takes a screenshot of your stories. She probably saw a suspicious account and got tired of that person looking at their stories. Thots do that when they have people who post their shit. That one friend she had who abused her dog did that with a few anons too back int he day.

No. 927799

I’m surprised that she’s not doing Charlie ever since the whole Hide Away video fiasco is all the rage now.

No. 927805

File: 1707350094702.jpg (675.06 KB, 1080x1904, 1000012984.jpg)

No. 927810


No. 927812


Lol. Talk about copium. If they had any sense, they’d drop any involvement with her entirely.

No. 927813

That's a male run and operated website, they don't give a fuck about her and her past or her bullshit. They just want to sell sex toys and get thots to show themselves naked for a cashgrab.

No. 927830

Sounds like she bungled something in the process, given the wording at the end.

No. 927850

>we´d like to use this time to make sure you are fully through registration
wtf does this mean, did she fail to get a license for something? Sounds like they pulled it back because of some issues with her?

No. 927856

sounds like she did not uphold her end of the deal. she is most likely supposed to be promoting the things so they sell a certain number of units and in order to do that she needs to take exclusive photos, set up her landing page and maybe provide drafts of posts/promo she plans to do for the company? whatever it is, she did not deliver and they refuse to launch the product without her fulfilling whatever the contract wants her to do. extremely inept of her to share their email considering it says black on white that the thing is not being launched because she fucked something up

No. 927857


Makes sense she would be quick to try and rub some sort of brand deal in people’s faces before she even properly set it up. She’s desperate to try to point to anything she can to say that she is a “successful boss bitch qween”

No. 927875

She should have stayed in college she’s clearly to stupid to read a rejection email.

No. 927961

File: 1707602529917.jpeg (535.55 KB, 828x1460, 3FE84E18-DE71-4800-B4C3-7FA8BE…)

>giant art piece
My ass. She’s just pissy it didn’t take off like she assumed it would. That was supposed to be her fallback option when the OF dollars inevitably dries up. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 927963

File: 1707602635928.jpeg (673.23 KB, 828x1469, 0F4CB8F0-6438-431D-866E-19AD75…)

No. 927971

Funny how she's realising what we all said as soon as she started this venture. It'll be a bottomless money pit.
>3-5 years
In other words, she can't end her lease early

No. 927972

Very quick to trot out the school and cosplayer LARPing again, as Moo does when she's trying to deny she's just a piece of rotten meat for rottener incels. At least she knows she's going to age/melt out of her whoring, but I'm having a chuckle at our BUSIZNASS KWEEN pretending to plan for the future beyond spreading her flat ass for photoshopping.

No. 927976

"Back into a hobby". Oh i cant wait until people tell her even moreso to stfu and take off her clothes since shes done porn now.

No. 927977

File: 1707628702311.jpg (388.67 KB, 1290x2293, 1000013019.jpg)

No. 927978

File: 1707628723009.jpg (365.46 KB, 1290x2293, 1000013020.jpg)

No. 927980

Nurses… so injections. You don't need to be a practitioner for that. Is Moo this fucking stupid, are you serious? Does she mean an anesthesiologist???

No. 927983

File: 1707637792943.jpg (238.69 KB, 1080x921, IMG_20240211_075143.jpg)

She means cosmetic

No. 927984

aside from the obvious fact she's definitely too dumb to be a doctor, thinking about her daughters makes me really sad. imagine having plastic moo as your primary caregiver and role model and probably the kind of crusty absentee porn addict that would want to marry her for a dad.

No. 927987

Lmao she really has to try and flex at all times. She’s never going to be a DOCTOR let alone a nurse or even just working the reception desk in a clinic. She should actually try to make a career for herself in the real world but we know she won’t. Blah blah. Plus there’s her real name being attached to a wealth of nasty porn.

No. 928000

Imagine the fat shaming she'd put on the kid like her dad did to her.

No. 928004

>cosmetic surgery
>"service" job
Bitch has no idea what a service job is

No. 928005

lmao i would love to see her try vet med. This field is not for the weak. She’ll dip as soon as she realizes how fucking sad and grueling it is.

No. 928017

I swear she's mentioned not wanting to do it because of the needles. I don't know what thread that would be in, but she's mentioned why she didn't want to be a vet med before.

No. 928018

Does she think people become doctors by being promoted as nurses? Or is she, at 28, talking about doing 8-12 years worth of intensive schooling? For twp separate careers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she never even did undergrad.

No. 928039

>"I'll eventually stop SW"
Girl, your real, full, legal name is plastered over every inch of the years of porn you've been doing. A name change doesn't just get rid of that. Even if she stops uploading porn that's going to follow her around forever. How can she not realize this?(sage)

No. 928040

That's what I'm wondering. Maybe a botox clinic wouldn't care because thots go to them, probably why she wants to do that, but also the fact her NAME is there. When you google her and go to the NEWS area of google, her sexual harassment is the first thing to pop up and that is just with her name. She may be able to promote her pages under google search general, but news she can't alter.

No. 928085

Moo would also beat her kids with a squatty potty then groom them to become ethots like Danielle Cohn.

No. 928093

It doesnt surprise me that shes an Adam fucker. They both hate womem.

No. 928095

Vet school hard. Its not easy peasy just because theres animals ~ uwu. Im a vet tech and i cant tell you how many girl come in thinking they’re an animal whisperer and get chomp at by dogs because theyre too in their main character era.

No. 928124

She could go by a work name I guess, tons of people do. Shut up, stop posting on the Internet, maybe get even more surgery to be less recognizable. Hire a reputation management firm, lie low. Or maybe pivot to being a madam. But I'll stop giving her free advice, her main problem is she's too stupid and lazy to commit to even being a medspa nurse.

No. 928127

I’m so here for a med school fiasco. Predicting lots of pictures of her textbooks then complete radio silence until someone reminds her (here or on her socials) that she’s supposed to LARP as a student. She will repeat that cycle a few times then will end it with a list of excuses for why she couldn’t graduate and will keep degrading herself for money despite totally passing all her exams and even getting job offers actually!!

No. 928137

>>928095 nursing is also incredibly hard considering you have to take placements to graduate in most places as far as im aware, she is not lasting a single shift nor will her sub90iq brain be able to pass a biology course

No. 928151

The "dusties" and "sprinkle sprinkle" came from a lady named Shera, went a bit viral from Instagram/tiktok, basically just shit talks broke men in general. Recently she made some attention seeking posts about how a man bought her a Starbucks as a gift and she showed it off saying " I don't follow trends or pay attention to things I can't control" obviously trying to make people angry about her views on Palestine. Moo probably missed that kek

No. 928190

Not to mention some playces have 10+ hour shifts, standing for extended periods of time. She wouldn’t last 15 minutes given how we saw her uhh… “workout” on the stairclimber at the gym.

No. 928195

KEK sorry for no contribution but "she would beat her kids with a squatty potty" is killing me

No. 928243

Moo and her are retarded. Starbucks never supported either side, it's a lot of assumptions based on politics.

No. 928279

File: 1708062101344.jpg (652.94 KB, 1079x1546, 1000005486.jpg)

The fuck is in maryland?

No. 928287

Katsucon. It's pretty much the Met Ball of cosplay conventions

No. 928297

I don't think anyone who uses Hazbin Hotel image reactions and memes should be unironically talking about having children, at all.
Also, her cope is so funny, she really thought she would be the ultimate prostitute with millions of dollars but now she's backtracking and pretending she was doing this whole posting pictures of her asshole thing for shits and giggles when it's obvious how she slowly got more and more desperate to make money.

No. 928307

“Look, baby girl, there’s some footage of your mom eating French fries covered in cum! Mommy had other jobs too, like uh … uh … ummmm…”

No. 928312

Ah, yes, the very "money money" of veterinary medicine…. where you can be 5 to 6 figures in debt and make a 1/3 of your human components.

No. 928326

I remember when she said she was secretly top 5 realtor in her area making bank. But really it was one of her family members in that field. She's only on the medical train rn because her sister is going to med school. The moment her sister gets her books and assignments Moo is going to post it like it's hers. She's upset because her whole family is proud of the sister and not her because she associated their family name with porn.

No. 928344

i’m in vet tech school rn and I can only imagine her sobbing when it comes to medical terminology. Moo thinks because she buys her cats from breeders that she knows everything there is to know. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t one of her cats supposedly get magically cured from FIV or something?

I remember someone pointing out that there is no cure for whatever it was but she absolutely insisted. This was quite some time ago though so.

No. 928345

If I'm not mistaken I believe that cat has already passed away. It isn't like the cat was "cured". More like it was being treated but still passed away anyway. Since then she got three more cats. I stopped counting the number of animals she has gotten.

Cats can kind of take care of themselves and I'm sure Moo has Oz cleaning the litter boxes now. But I'm still surprised about all those random reptiles she got last year for her to take a few pictures of and let them rot in her home. I hope she sticks to cats from now on. Most other animals require actual care and attention.

No. 928350

Has anyone even seen her at Katsucon? I haven’t spotted her.

No. 928355

She probably thought her cat was on the upswing after taking some antibiotics.

No. 928357

>I hope she sticks to cats from now on. Most other animals require actual care and attention

Cats absolutely require care and attention, nonny. I hate how she got reptiles just to kill them by neglect, but even though it seems like she truly cares about her cats she neglects them, too. The only suitable pet for her is a stuffed animal.

No. 928367

I remember a few nonnas in past threads said "Moo's home is better than cat shelters!"
Which, what a low bar. And two, Most of Moo's cats are designer cats that were def going to go to a better home. Except for the recent two she impulsed bought

No. 928386

I didn’t see her at all today, kind of relieved but also a little disappointed

No. 928498

File: 1708301360779.jpeg (176.33 KB, 828x550, IMG_3621.jpeg)

Did she bring her textbooks and study in Japan? lol

No. 928539

As a student this statement confuses me because spring semester has only been in session for 1 month at most schools.. so how has she been focused on school for 3? She's an actual retard.

No. 928542

It's because the top shareholder is a Zionist. The boycotts have greatly affected Starbucks/McDonald's etc. I just found it interesting how she hasn't seen Shera's posts belittling the cause, all while using all her little phrases and "ideas" lol

No. 928551

what happened to 3 courses in the spring semester and 4 in the summer? methinks this is mooriah-speak for either "school is hard, back to degrading myself" or "i didn't get accepted into school, back to degrading myself." she's been to japan twice in the last 3 months, and maryland just this past weekend. i'm getting deja vu from another time several years back when she claimed to be in school and still somehow traveled all the time.

No. 928553

This seems the most likely scenario. Anyone else remember the last time she was doing a school larp and tried to claim that she'd somehow talked her way into getting the syllabus early so she could get a two week head start on all of her classes?

No. 928554

She's insecure because her sister is going to med school. But according to Moo she already graduated collage years ago. Though I'm kind of laughing at her because she made it seem that showing her butthole was her greatest dream ever. Now she's ashamed of it and wants to go to school? kek, girl couldn't even handle being a barista for a month.

I jus want someone to tell her the ridiculous list of professions Moo has claimed she makes big bucks in. Long story short, she can only make bucks if she degrades herself and she's upset. No one gives a shit about her cosplay or her.

No. 928574

Isn't it nursing school judging by this >>925722 or? Not saying nursing isn't impressive but med school implies becoming a doctor to me at least.

No. 928575


Things she has claimed to be a professional at, having knowledge comparable to a professional or having skills comparable enough to a pro and having a potential career in:

- Business
- Linguistics
- Cosplay/Prop maker
- Manga translator
- Musician
- La crosse
- Real estate
- Fashion designer
- Weightlifting/fitness
- Illustrator
- Veterinarian/animal rescue

You know, it’s a good thing that hers fans are complete retards. Because no one with any common sense would believe her being an expert in anything, let alone all these subjects at once. Generally any time she tries to give her unsolicited opinion on something, she is almost always completely wrong and when confronted about it, she’ll suddenly claim to be an secret expert on it all along to try to claim some authority to speak on the matter and most importantly, to get the other person to shut up and stop making her look so bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re the top in your field with years of hands on experience, you’ll never be able to know more than she does at any given moment.

It’s like you said, she’s insecure about her sister getting into med school and actually doing something with her life instead of selling pictures of her spreading her butthole online to degenerate coomers. And just like the last time she pretended to be in school, she can’t just be a regular student who just does the work and passes the class and gets on with her life. No, she has to be the greatest student who ever lived, one that asks for the syllabus months in advance to get a head start, who stays up all night studying even while on expensive vacations. How else will she be able to dunk on anyone questioning her commitment or if she is even actually in school?

My guess is that she either completely flamed out after a couple of weeks from the work being too difficult, if she even got in that is. Or she was rejected and is trying to keep up appearances for anyone looking to ask.

No. 928577

The thing is she has a slew of pre requisite classes she would have to take in biology, English, social studies and psychology, etc. like it takes a few semesters to have all of the required credits before getting accepted into ANY nursing program. But another thing is no nursing school let alone professional job would hire her with her pussy being plastered all over the internet for anyone to Google and see. Audacity for her to even insinuate a professional career would ever be in her future after the shit she's posted online, besides just her deformed body, all of her harassment and drama. Nobody wants someone with that bad of a name to represent them, in an educational setting or a workplace. She's a literal joke.

No. 928579


Exactly. She’s a complete moron that she thinks just saying “I’m in nursing school” just suddenly means she’s in school for it now, when it’s as you said, there are a slew of pre-med classes she would have to take and pass that would take years before she could even set foot in any medical school. Real classes, not fake ones where she claims she got the syllabus and assignments months ahead of everyone else because “her professor understands that she has a very busy schedule”.

It’s just another one of her idiotic delusions, where she thinks she’s so much better than everyone that she can just skip to the head of the line because “Oh I already know all that stuff”.

No. 928583

The fact that Moo's ego was so big that she didn't use a porn name so everyone knew who she was is so stupid. She's stuck doing this until the day she dies. If she ever wants a normal job she'll have to find one that doesn't do background checks. And you odn't really want to work for companies like that.

No. 928600

I took a screencap 3 days ago but deleted it because i didn't care enough, but she got a B- in one of her classes and posted about it too her mmallad account on instagram. It's long gone now though.

No. 928623

>If she ever wants a normal job
She is far too egotistical to take an average job. Her long term plan will always be to leech off of someone.

No. 928624

well good luck with that. She's already got her own parasite. How's she gonna flip the script on the fucking loser Ozy?

No. 928626

The way she phrased it in >>927336 makes me think she is already advertising herself for one of these wealthy 35 year old moids that she can manipulate.

No. 928633

Well good luck to her. Ozy is her perfect match. Didn't Moo try to date rich and successful men in the past? I remember the pattern of them getting excited over her photos, get disgusted by her irl, fuck once and never contact her again. No gifts, don't give her any money. If anything Moo typically is the one who gives gifts and money for a chance. She should really just settle for Ozy even though there's a high chance he's in another cos thots DM's.

No. 928637

>there's a high chance he's in another cos thots DM's
She's the same as him, agreed they are perfect for each other.

No. 928644

Not to mention, no one would want medical assistance from someone who was too stupid to follow surgery aftercare and dumb enough to spread misinformation about lipo online.

No. 928675

She hit him for assuming he was fucking his ex because he still had her on instagram and in DMs but not even cheating. Can't have friends of the opposite sex around Moo. Always jealous.

No. 928717

Me and my friend were talking that Moo has seriously calmed down from her past. But then we realized that she didn't calm down, it's just she chased all her friends and groupies away. I'm still surprised she managed to chase Maddie away. I guess there really is no amount of money that would make hanging out with Moo worth it.

No. 928721

Ozy said on his stream one time that her friends hated him. I imagine her friends did not approve of her getting back with him after everything, and no duh.

No. 928725

File: 1708577038230.jpg (537.26 KB, 1079x1929, 1000005524.jpg)

>got 3 quizzes online
>had books and browsers and still missed 1 question it if every quiz
>made autistic "Nnmmmmrrrhmmmm" grabby sounds at the screen

No. 928761

I'm still pressing X to doubt. She faked going to college before. Like showing off a highschool text book and posting a fake syllabus. Her dumbass said she graduated college in linguistics but thought it meant she knows multiple languages.

She's def just shadowing her sister. She's to old for this petty lie of going to college.

No. 928766

That has to be the thickest wrist I’ve ever seen.

No. 928772

Well that sure does look like the calendar page on Canvas. Really want to know what classes she's taking.

No. 928781

File: 1708637721056.mp4 (980.15 KB, 452x854, KSiK6bn - Imgur.mp4)

Looks like she has new beef now. This time its Nimucos. Its moo almost like 30??? and she's still picking fights like she doesn't have so much shit stuck to her name. She really thinks she's holier than thou because she's for Palestine, pure ridiculousness. But its moo so we dont expect much maturity from her anyway. I hope nimucos exposes her, because last time her and her "girls" tried squarenoodles they just ended up looking stupid and humiliated on Twitter and IG.

No. 928790

Can't wait for her to lose her account because of harassment

No. 928801

Fucking hell, when I decided to see how the cows I follow are doing before heading to bed I wasn't prepared to cringe this hard.

No. 928808

File: 1708649856841.jpeg (281.26 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_4421.jpeg)

Did she delete it all already? This is all I see

No. 928811

File: 1708650490966.jpg (641.27 KB, 1080x1276, 1000013227.jpg)

Moo, you cosplayed her for Funimation as promotion, last I knew.

No. 928817

shes changed her peachygirlmomo twitter bio, now it just says lebanese with the lebanese flag. no mention of her alt account (momokunco)

>claims to be the "official" cosplayer
yet, when was the last time she even cosplayed the character? I genuinely can't recall ever seeing her as the character before either.

No. 928821

File: 1708660466155.jpg (905.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20240222_215637.jpg)

No. 928823

Oh yeah,the ugly, not at all looks like the cosplay, cosplay.

No. 928824

Pure mental illness.

No. 928827

Has she gone full schizo? That was completely unhinged, even for her.

No. 928835

File: 1708691023512.png (2.81 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9842.png)

>ratty cheap hair
>cheap aliexpress costume because momokun doesn’t make ratty, terrible cosplay clothes anymore
>her body type does not fit this cosplay at all. this is worse than pomni
>looks like a 30 year old in a costume. maybe jessica nigri can pull this off but she can’t
>why does mootard always cosplay as small, underage girls? her fat trying to not slip from this costume is giving me ptsd when she dressed as kanna/pomni
>the fact she doesn’t cosplay appropriately like she did back then (you know, not constantly cosplaying as CHILDREN) tell you a lot about momokun as a person
>the makeup is giving sea turtle
>another cheap chinese costume, for our fake mooslim kween >https://www.amazon.com/Testament-Sister-Uniform-Cosplay-Costumes/dp/B08PPC5SCL and Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! $63.94 20% Off | Anime Cos The Testament of Sister New Devil Naruse Mio Uniform Daily Cosplay Costumes Suit Sets
https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPdFlfo(sage your nitpicking)

No. 928836

Jesus Christ, the bangs on that wig! PrOfFeSsIoNaL CoSpLaYeR, what a fucking crock….

No. 928842

Idk how she managed this but this is the worst she's ever looked

No. 928843

I remember when funi posted this to their Facebook page nobody was having it. The comments were filled of people airing out her allegations kek.

No. 928846

the fucked up hair reminds me of when she tried being velma, and she took that shitty mei wig and placed it on her head

No. 928853

I wish this person would come here and spill the beans. Ozy caught cheating already maybe?

No. 928866

I appreciate the clothes being the right size, but this only shows how obese she looks. I'm pretty sure that if the Japanese moid that made that piece of shit manga saw her, he would flip and call her a whale.

No. 928871

How come there's no pics of her from this con

No. 928875

No idea. I didnt even know she went. I was there 3 days (stayed at the gaylord too) and didnt see her once, even at the gazebo. She must have been on the super down low.

No. 928880

File: 1708739525850.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, 1000013240.jpg)

Return of lip filler moo

No. 928882

either a) she never actually went or b) she spent the whole time sat in her hotel room.

No. 928884

So this is why she's going to school? So she can work for her sister's botox clinic?

No. 928885

Yup seems like it. Though, I wouldn’t trust moo with needles and I certainly wouldn’t want her near me. Hopefully it’s a short lived skin walk.

No. 928892

she's likely in community college. community colleges are super lax now, and the majority of the work is done through canvas, including tests, which are now just open book/notes/google search as many teachers dont even care anymore. cc attendance is so low post-covid, colleges cant afford to be picky about which students are cheating anymore other than outright chatbot use.
she can never keep female friends. its astounding. she always gets livid the moment they talk to anyone else as if she thinks they're only supposed to revolve their life around her or something. the "serial homie hopping" really highlights it. she cannot stand when her friends have friends other than her. possessive freak. the mention of furniture not being sacred, someone stealing something, and calling her a whore though sounds like maybe she fucked moos ugly bf or something at some point. either way, she just for the life of her can never keep friends. she wouldnt even have a relationship if she didnt have money to dangle in front of him.

No. 928904

i don’t know what’s with this newfsg admin who got exposed to be a MAN on crystal cafe or whatever and his autistic retarded tranosphere of mods but the redtexts and bans have been too much. i’m not going to meta, i’m saying it here. you call out someone pointing out the cosplay as nitpicking??? how about you DUMBASS mods find milk(autism, not even saged )

No. 928905

you will be banned, and so will i, but you are right, and most of us agree with you. we have been saying it in /meta/ and outside of it for a while now, and it leads to nothing. they are ruining the site and they don't care. hell, i would argue it is already ruined(adding to derail)

No. 928921

I was scared her sister was going to become a plastic surgeon (I know she's relatively normal compared to Moo but still) but she's studying for an MSc in family nursing practice. I guess that's still enough to make Moo feel insecure about her achievements and has to one up her like she does all other women in her life.

No. 928926

i feel so sorry for her sister. imagine having moo as a sister, embarrasing your family and skinwalking you to the degree of stealing your accomplishments such as education acquired to post for validation on her socmedia followed by nothing by coomer moids

No. 928931

Yep it's obvious why all her female friends have dumped her over this behavior, her sister doesn't have that option, not to the same extent anyway.

No. 928933

Ah never change Momo. It’s the exact same thing you’ve done before you were canceled. I can guarantee you guys that she didn’t care if her friend was asian fishing during their friendship, it’s only if she had done something to double cross her, THEN she cares.

This is only gonna backfire on her as that person can report her for harassment.

No. 928943

She hasn't really hung out with her sister for months. But suddenly when her sister is going to school she wants to hang with her? But to get injections? And right after Moo took pictures of collage assignments and courses?
I guess I don't trust a single thing that comes out of Moo's mouth because she's a chronic liar.

No. 928945

I hope Moo is faking going to school to be a med spa tech. Because with Moo's hate for other women she would def botch people on purpose because she's petty

No. 928950

birds of a feather. Her sister once either came here or on instagram back in the day to defend Moo and tell us how Moo would NEVER degrade herself to doing porn.

Her sister may be a little more “normal” than Moo, but she deserves whatever if she works with Moo.

No. 928964

File: 1708837248264.jpg (48.94 KB, 1080x1847, 1000005563.jpg)

I think her main is down again, probably from harassing that cosplayer. I can't find it in search and not blocked.

No. 928985

File: 1708900510565.jpg (587.56 KB, 1079x1887, 1000013264.jpg)

It's indeed down again.

No. 928987

It's so creepy of how she's proud and normalizes this.

No. 928988

File: 1708918104607.jpg (43.51 KB, 735x1023, b21a1983fd4297e75264d32dff4953…)

LOLLLLL her face is so busted

No. 928996

the “anime upwards nose” was really just such a bad move that’s so sad. her old nose was cute

No. 928998

what on earth is she talking about?? nursing is completely different from being a doctor. why does she talk like this it's completely incomprehensible. being a cosmetic surgeon is completely different from being an RN and requires different schooling…

No. 928999

Imagine getting a nose job just to photoshop it to shit afterward. This cosplay looks like she got everything from Party City.

No. 929021

File: 1708991152981.jpeg (506.25 KB, 828x1460, 08CCBD35-4F3D-4F6E-AB3D-390D44…)

No. 929022

File: 1708991213978.jpeg (579.79 KB, 828x1447, 6720C82C-3D46-4258-8368-F632A4…)

No. 929024

Those who are informed, does this actually do anything, or just more of the expensive snake oil she can't get enough of?

No. 929030

potentially could be beneficial but there’s only been a few studies and in one, only half of the participants saw any results. seems like her usually half assed effort to lose weight and look normal without putting in any work.

No. 929033

It CAN, but there is no study that shows superiority in which form you get NAD.

NOW IV form is only distinct in that it is the priciest, not that it works the best or the quickest.

No. 929039

if God is good, she'll have a bad reaction to Hyaluronidase.

No. 929040

She's been going to clinics more. I think that anon was spot on with something. She's only going to school to have easier access to clinics.

Why is Moo's solution for everything is to shove a needle in, suck something out, pump something in or take drugs? Like girl, drink water, work out and eat healthy. That's literally it.(screenshots)

No. 929043

Kek again with the wooowoo stuff she could take vitamins for. Theres no IV thatll flush your system or anything. She's a fucking idiot, it makes me so mad ngl. Especially bc she will peddle this fake shit. Of course she is going to feel "healthier" after, she's getting saline with vitamins, but theraputic recreational iv therapy is not a real thing or solution. It's like a chiropractor.

No. 929044

File: 1709009263805.jpg (734.34 KB, 1079x1803, 1000005593.jpg)

Moo defending mormon tradwives because "they aren't doing harm". She knows nothing about how mormonism and scientology are basically the same in how they treat victims, how they groom children and women.. she hates wome and will only use them for clout. She's braindead to not even try to understand why people hate mormons and those who sneakily try to get others interested in religious cults. "A few in the morning" is still propaganda when you're going out of your way to video it.

No. 929046

umm homie hopping means when a girl hops from one guy to another guy in her friend group… which sounds more like she got with a guy monokun feels like she has claim over… NOT that she can’t stand when a friend has other friends. still possessive but in a different way, i guess. wonder who the homie in question is, is it ozzy?

No. 929049

I can't believe she thought she could get away with harassing other people on her main account and now her main is gone/missing/user not found which usually means it's gone-gone or until her cheating ass illegally tries to take it back.

No. 929052

She has absolutely zero tolerance for any sort of delayed gratification. One day she's going to have a bad side effect or have some procedure go terribly wrong, she's putting herself at risk every single time.

No. 929069

File: 1709048667109.jpg (602.27 KB, 1078x1916, 1000005612.jpg)

Kek moo you got saline and vitamins, everyone feels good after that. Its no 'fountain of youth' and its been like 12hrs shes so full of shit about how this actually works also her depression is magically gone?? I guess wen she told people "you don't need pills" like some delusional gym juice baby. Crazy how fatigue disappears when you are hydrated and sleep.

No. 929070

File: 1709048727325.jpg (277.49 KB, 1079x1917, 1000005613.jpg)

She's so embarrassing, her friends must have to nervous laugh and ego boost her constantly instead of pointing out the absurdity around NAD IVs.

No. 929076

Blatant advertisement for her sister's face and body tune-up clinic.

No. 929078

Imagine using your absolute whore wench of a sister to advertise your clinic.

No. 929080

Look, everyone! The face of a happy, energetic, not depressed 28 year old. Lol…

No. 929081

Is she trying to look like Joey Ramone? Does she think this look works for her?

No. 929082

Imagine thinking this looks good. Imagine thinking you're doing great in life when Ozy is your fucking partner.

No. 929083

One quick google search of "injector syd" and it shows another business that also goes by "injector syd" Also claiming to be an aesthetic nurse, like Moo's sister. Actually, just go to instagram and type in injector syd and you'll see a whole bunch of other Sydney's doing the same shit.

No. 929084

Depressed? She said depression doesn't exist. That and didn't she claim she was a boss babe living her porn dreams? Why would she be depressed?

No. 929116

File: 1709078607273.jpeg (360.15 KB, 1170x1104, IMG_8196.jpeg)

you’re right, there are lots of other syds out there but this is her sister. They’ve posted each other a bunch of times too.

No. 929133

tbf, she probably eating badly enough that she was deficient in lots of things. fast food is especially devoid of assorted trace minerals and vitamins whose deficiency is nearly identical to depression. the solution is to take a basic multivitamin with a good amount of trace minerals (or actually eat a vegetable/organ meats), not overspend on infusions that actually don't usually have that great of a selection of micronutrients. they're usually filled with the cheap blood-soluble stuff which your body is actually incapable of stocking up on like vitamin c which is pissed out within the hour (and dirt cheap, vit c is often used as a filler in supplements which is why they usually have stupid high levels). the stuff that would stay in the body fat, vitamins ADEK, can be overdosed on so they stay super stingy with them instead of doing the work to keep it safe (no need for male vs female or body mass-based infusions either if you're not getting close to any daily requirements/limits, just hook everyone up to the same stock and leave them to it), same with minerals who also have toxicity levels. plus they're pricier to include vs saline and vit c.
also in america, supplements are barely regulated at all, why trust even less regulated iv infusions when you can't even trust the stuff sold on store shelves to include the ingredients they claim? better use of her cash would be to unironically fly to canada, buy out the cheapest multivitamins from walmart knowing that what's on the bottle is actually in the pill, then enjoy the lack of depressive symptoms from actually having the nutrients required to use your brain. or shit, buy a crate of green juice powder (not the a1 crap that influencers use) and drink that daily. i would place an absolute guarantee that if an infusion helped her, this would make her feel downright manic with energy.
she should probably borrow one of her sister's bio textbooks if she's going to start on this path of looksmaxxing "health" nut, but I'm going to enjoy watching her make a fool of herself on these useless money sinks that might ironically age her further depending on the routes she goes down. she'll be her sister's best fool, I mean customer maybe sis won't let her read anything about nutrient requirements and metabolism kek

No. 929139

i thought we’re not supposed to post family?

No. 929141

Why are both of them in denial of also being Italian? You'd think with the tiktok mob wife trend at least Moo would start claiming to be the biggest Italian to ever Italian.

No. 929142

You are hilarious I want you to post just a little bit more frequently lol. And thank you for the added information about the efficacy of that iv shit, I wouldn't really have known just how basically useless it is.

No. 929152

Anons have said its saline and vitamins without the sperging over it.

No. 929156

Her sister became fair game when she called everyone retarded and swore her sister wasnt going to do nudes because she’s not disgusting, even though moo diss porn anyway.

No. 929180

File: 1709167396760.jpg (712.73 KB, 1079x1716, 1000013301.jpg)

It's back up again.

No. 929193

File: 1709181118502.jpg (121.64 KB, 1290x2293, 1000013305.jpg)


No. 929195

Probably the most I’ve learned on a PT thread, thanks anon lol

No. 929196

She really is obsessed with controlling the actions of others isn't she.

No. 929199

An ex is an ex. Its shitty, but Moo, its not high school? Who fucking cares besides your word obsession over the ex?

No. 929203

… so is the ex she’s talking about ozy? did he and nimucos get together wtf
tox refers to neurotoxin injection like botox. so she got botoxc, more injections to dissolve her lips and IV…? damn mariah

No. 929219

This is hilarious on so many levels, considering she was so desperate to fuck any of Vamps' flings (like Cuck Sensei,) amongst all of her other dick chasing of taken men.

No. 929271

Still stuck in a high school mentality at her big age

No. 929320

Boyfriend stealing validated her sex appeal not realizing it meant nothing. The cow is salty no one’s bf wants her now and needs to settle for ozy.(sage your shit)

No. 929337

It was saged shithead. What is Mariah the mod now? We have to be nice to your port widow feelings?(it wasn't saged retard. Take your newfaggotry to meta next time.)

No. 929339

Green means unsaged.

No. 929342

File: 1709429075250.jpg (528.2 KB, 1290x2293, 1000013360.jpg)

No. 929343

Just caught up on this thread and Momokun is vile as always. She loves conflict and putting people down. Also I like how her sister is more successful than Moo and makes her jealous.

No. 929344

Only toxic pick me girls would say that. Thats exactly what she is as we’ve seen with sensei, Kevin, etc. She a narcissist who doesn’t like to be competed and only pick ones who she can take advantage of. Umbran is gone, Vamps is gone, and more to come.

I wonder if something happened at Katsucon that shit went down. I don’t think she was posting pics during her time there.

No. 929347

nah, her and maddie are still close. Maddie is still making her wigs (recently Lum and Inu Yasha). I think Maddie knows what a shit stain Moo is though, so she’s choosing to pretend to distance herself away from her. The only one I think thats completely moved away from her is Vamps. They’re no longer following each other on twitter. Not sure about insta. Moo blocked me on her recent Japan trip.

No. 929354

File: 1709441100459.jpg (245.65 KB, 1080x939, 1000013362.jpg)

No. 929355

Yet its like every other fleshlight. Kek

No. 929363

File: 1709452122382.png (58.29 KB, 584x612, Untitled.png)

she might as-well just slap her name on some cheap aliexpress one and cut out the middleman.
>its a digital mold
that's not how a mold works. Also wasn't she bitching about A.I not that long ago?
>most girls are lying
pot meet kettle

No. 929364

for being a "girl's girl" she sure does shit talk women a lot.

No. 929372

With digital rendering, that is how a lot of molds work now, but you can also edit it because of that too. Its literally just the top part, the rest of the fleshlight is just random on the inside.

No. 929396

she really can't pick a lane hua? First she seems ashamed she's a sex worker so she wants to pretend to be a nurse/doctor going to collage to hide from the shame. Now shes proud of it.

No. 929400

Moo's shame has always fluctuated based on the dopamine high she gets from her bank account going up and down when it comes to her sex work. Mostly I just wanna know how much they overestimated scrotes interest in her. I fully expect a bunch of stock sitting around.

No. 929402


It’s entirely based on who she is trying to dunk on in the comments.

She either revels in being a whore and making money using her body, or she tries to act like she is some legitimate businesswoman and tries to distance herself from the very idea of what she does is porn and it’s inconsequential to all the other businesses she supposedly runs. Which can range from her still trying to pretend she is an actual cosplayer and what she is doing now, pretending that she is going to school for nursing.

You’re never going to get a straight answer from her because she’ll always be looking to one up you if she thinks you’re trying to shame her in any way.

No. 929405

I guess Mooriah hasn't fulfilled her end of the deal yet if her precious fleshlight is still delayed. What a shock! It would be hilarious though if they were only planning on shitting out like, 50 of the things though.

No. 929411

i don't think her fanbase will even want it. her old simp fanbase treated her as a waifu but her new fanbase just wants her to degrade and humiliate herself for them. you can see how she's treated by them on twitter.

No. 929414


She certainly gets into more slap fights on Twitter than she used to back in the day. In the past she had an army of simps ready to defend her anytime she got an even slightly negative comment or criticism. Nowadays she’s practically on there every other day arguing with some no name rando about some stupid bullshit no one else cares about but she wants to appear as an expert on.

No. 929416

her simps are nonexistent and her "fans" are quick to yell at her for trying to do real cosplays telling her to just get naked. i recall back in the day her simps trying to "give back" to her for being an anime waifu, those days are over

No. 929430

I hope the editor didn´t forget to add the yeast and warts she has down there

No. 929431

The fact that the release is weeks late is just fishy. I don't know what Moo didn't do for them to hold off on it but I have a feeling they're just going to bail and not to it. Which is rare because most thots have to do bare minimum to get a sex toy released.
But watch Moo pretend it was launched and not another failure

No. 929436

File: 1709673254828.jpg (113.75 KB, 1080x314, 1000005665.jpg)

Anon, it's releasing. She just did a JOI video too, wouldn't be shocked if its to promote the use since guts can use it at home.

No. 929495

Not surprised to see her using that acronym, but it's still gross and weird for someone who seems to rally behind social justice (when it suits her). Cue her old tweets with the n word resurfacing lmao.

No. 929551

What is she saying? She has a "big black cock" as a prop to teach the viewer how to "jack off (instructions)"?

No. 929566

Its a genre of porn. Go look it up. JOI videos exist for men and women.

No. 929570

I'm familiar with the genre, I more so was trying to figure out if she has a male actor or is using a dildo.

No. 929588


No. 929641

You don't normally use real people for JOI.

No. 929646

Right. So it's weird that Momo is saying she just "filmed a BBC scene". JOI vids aren't normally associated with BBC, and it's weird to call a black dildo a BBC or even try to claim BBC glory for a JOI vid.

No. 929647

File: 1710071362168.jpg (109.22 KB, 493x479, Screenshot_20240310_125142_Gal…)

I misread BBC as BBW

No. 929668

File: 1710107628174.jpg (634.11 KB, 1080x1809, 1000005711.jpg)

Moo sticking her nose into Katsuya's attention whoring self-worth posts. She really tries so hard to get people to interact with her.

No. 929670


. . . Literally who?

No. 929674

One of the first thots to capitalize on the whole costhot to porn pipeline. No in-between, just straight to it with no tease. Of course, Moo would be sucking up to her by trying to pretend she's sympathetic. Also just shows she's as clout-chasing as ever.

No. 929675

File: 1710121423209.png (Spoiler Image,498.97 KB, 651x621, moom.png)

it now shows up on Google for "momokun joi". it's a dildo, in the video she never even acknowledges it as black. And at 2:30 she says "I bet you're bigger than this dildo" (in a weird baby voice) where most bbc stuff would talk about the bbc being bigger

>p sure she's holding it backwards

>she says "pedicure" instead of manicure, then repeats manicure twice to make it not seem like a mistake
>jabba the hut posing

No. 929679

Cronenbergian levels of eldritch body horror, along with her botched face. How is she making any money from this disgusting shit? I’d love another round of her sister’s “She doesn’t do porn, she’s not disgusting” right about now.

No. 929680

She's just looking at the veiw finder/screen the whole time, not the camera lens lol Jesus come on

No. 929681

is this a late black history month gift to her black fans lol
it wouldn't be weird if she hadn't advertised it as a bbc scene specifically, joi is supposed to be aimed at the audience so unless she wanted to only cater to black audiences, i don't know why she'd say this >>929436
also her boobs look so wrong, it's like a cartoonist/mangaka drew them in the worst way

No. 929697

File: 1710197185306.jpg (Spoiler Image,361.26 KB, 1510x2048, 1000013516.jpg)

All I can say about this is yikes.

No. 929698

File: 1710197810992.jpeg (Spoiler Image,404.5 KB, 1574x2047, IMG_2901.jpeg)

It only gets worse

No. 929699

How is it possible she spends like 80% of her income on beauty and surgeries and she still looks like this with editing and filters?

She's been doing more depraved porn through the years that I don't think she has her original fanbase anymore that paid her like 20k for cosplay. She has to show her asshole to get half the cash she use to with a fraction of the attention.
Also, kek for her pretending she'll do more with her life other than cheap porn. Who's becoming a doctor Moo?

No. 929704

Is that halter broken, or could it not fit around her girth?

No. 929710

its been about a week, still no update on her fleshlight. She's also deleted this post now, so whats the bet she's either been a)dropped or b)continually failing to uphold her end of the deal?

No. 929711

File: 1710216497696.jpg (485.94 KB, 1080x1465, 1000005719.jpg)

Her posts are there, even her collab announcement one.

No. 929712

yes those ones are, but the one actually saying its coming mon/tues is gone

No. 929713

She's still doing it, anon. All the other posts would've disappeared too.

No. 929714

This is some pixyteri level posing.

No. 929721

The whole wildebeest is awful but her nose sticks out like a sore thumb. So much for muh anime waifu nose

No. 929744

File: 1710271199716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,889.98 KB, 1170x1833, IMG_8301.jpeg)

massive tin foil here but I have a feeling it has something to do with her Nimucoser ex-friend? She had a flesh light molded for her as well. Nimu ex friend is much more popular than Moo on twitter/x whatever it is.

No. 929745

Yeah there's tons of thots with these actually.. its moo saying hers is cosplay themed? Japanese swers have those alrwady on jlist.

No. 929747

File: 1710276989128.jpg (54.87 KB, 589x837, 802f91e3-4def-4f8d-8ec6-41598e…)

Ozy claiming that Moo's cat is his. I guess he's living with her.

No. 929826

what in gods name is he talking about - the newest ghibli movie im guessing?

No. 929856

File: 1710525957495.jpg (86.73 KB, 1080x266, 1000013609.jpg)

At this point, I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 929857

Like literally anyone gives a shit about this or is waiting for it.

No. 929863

File: 1710553010922.jpeg (1016.05 KB, 3264x2818, IMG_2946.jpeg)

No. 929867

Oh the irony moo… also quality where???

No. 929869

>literally milk yourself
Oh Moo…

No. 929870


Does this bitch listen to herself when she talks? Literally how many cosplays does she announce ahead of time, to the point where there are some she still hasn’t done ? How many flavor of the month characters does she try to jump on? How many characters does she try to claim to be “the definitive version” of?

Just go fuck off. She can’t go a day without these sanctimonious lectures where she tries to tell some community how to act.

No. 929873

Lol. Like those passion projects she dumped a ton of money into, and everyone was like "Who gives a shit, show us your tits!".

No. 929876

>it's okay to go slow
Says the woman who no longer has a slave brigade to mass make 5 cosplays in a month for her anymore. She knows for a fact this was never her logic.

No. 929877

File: 1710611872362.jpeg (723.46 KB, 1782x3264, IMG_2951.jpeg)

What happened to being two weeks ahead of everything, moo?

No. 929878

Every class I've ever taken has said that Wikipedia is not allowed to be a source for research. Moo is a fucking idiot. I hope she gets a dumbass grade on this or its revealed she used ChatGPT to write part of it.