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File: 1697342097170.jpeg (117.46 KB, 720x697, 1A0D4801-73D3-4132-A41D-8F4247…)

No. 1726988

Whoops nona, we each made a new thread at the same time, and then deleted them at the same time.


No. 1726992

File: 1697342169353.png (303.42 KB, 1075x519, dumbasses.PNG)

Battle of the dumbasses

No. 1726995

The threadpics line up too, kek

No. 1726996

File: 1697342482318.jpg (25.48 KB, 548x559, images.jpg)

It was a cute pic just posted a minute after

No. 1726998

Post your cat picture nonna

No. 1726999

File: 1697342833173.jpeg (72.94 KB, 497x513, 10CF248C-82F7-44B8-A2D5-77822A…)

No. 1727016

File: 1697345319863.png (563.06 KB, 1116x745, he eatin'.png)

What's the taste tho

No. 1727017

Thank you it's cute

No. 1727020

Get a life grl

No. 1727025

The floor's got repolished and mopped today so I didn't realize they would be as slippery as when they were pre mopped so I slipped and basically bounced down the stairs and my mom was scared shitless.

I was fine though, just in a bit of shock.

No. 1727026

>Implying anyone on lolcow has a life
Pot meet kettle.

No. 1727029

That's some looney tunes shit lmfao

No. 1727032

It really was kek, especially since I was basically bouncing down on my ass.
Then after I reached the landing area (inbetween the lower set of stairs) I slipped again and it happened again.
Funniest part is both times I was holding onto the railing but it was just that slippery lmao.

No. 1727050

File: 1697347828783.jpeg (687.23 KB, 1179x1162, IMG_4619.jpeg)

How I sleep after a horror movie.

No. 1727051

Cute art

No. 1727055

File: 1697348324687.jpeg (393.96 KB, 1179x1218, IMG_4632.jpeg)

Photobucket emailed me. Honestly surprised photobucket is still alive. No I don’t care about those photos I was 15 years old it’s probably all sfw bl stuff — or more likely like 3 photos I sent my mom considering this was sent to an email that’s still active lol

No. 1727057

Now I wanna see the photos goddamn

No. 1727058

honey bbq

that reminds me of when I was in middle school and my mom caught me hoarding kaitoxlen art on photobucket kek. I started crying and said my friend forced me to do it.

No. 1727060

I wish I could find it but months ago I saw a reel (probably on instagram) of a black woman expressing playful outrage at blonde white women for daring to wear the color baby blue (the joke being that they look so incredible in it), and the comments were packed with women saying stuff like "desi women in orange" "black women in pink" "native women in teal" "east asian women in earth tones" basically every variation of woman had another woman ravenously going to bat for her. I couldn't find a single moid comment (rare on instagram), just women propping each other up. Wish I'd saved screenshots or saved the reel.

No. 1727074

File: 1697352817047.jpg (57.8 KB, 423x500, mama mia.jpg)

>tried to download mayro wonder 3 times
>none would open on my switch
>didn't notice the option to disable the anime boob lady on awoo installer until the third one

No. 1727084

File: 1697354815126.jpg (126.76 KB, 1170x1168, 20231015_032121.jpg)

I love well adjusted bad bitches

No. 1727090

File: 1697355527753.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1877, IMG_5893.jpeg)

I really would fucking cunt punt a girl if I saw her on the street with a full shitbag. Go to the bathroom and empty it out. Disgusting…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1727092

>a logging a disabled woman
Omg where did these incels come from? Genuinely get some help.

No. 1727094

No you wouldn't. Stop talking like a faggot her stoma would leak all over you and you'd deserve it

No. 1727095

I’m a physically disabled woman myself (in a drastically different way) and that’s why I feel completely comfortable saying that there’s no excuse to walk around with your diaper full. Have your caretaker help you fucking change it. Doesn’t make me an incel to know that literal physical shit sloshing around is gross and so so unreasonable.

No. 1727099

File: 1697355865927.jpeg (65.58 KB, 700x394, IMG_5902.jpeg)

I’ll wear a nice oversized pair of butchering galoshes. How bout that.

No. 1727100

Girl shut the fuck up, you aren't even capable of cunt punting her.

No. 1727102

Why is it so full though. I confused it for a bloated stomach before I read the post. That is nasty.

No. 1727103

File: 1697355979572.jpg (289.97 KB, 1295x1668, hawking-intel1.jpg)

>I really would fucking cunt punt her

No. 1727104

I might not have a leg to cunt punt her with, but I have multiple canes!

No. 1727105

>I'm a physically disabled WOMAN myself
Being a "trans woman" doesn't make you a physically disabled woman, brad.

No. 1727107

just remembered this mfer cheated on his wife when he was all decrepit and fucked up

No. 1727108

I'm sure you do Alice

No. 1727109

Half assed responses are not going to magic eraser away my XX chromosomes and female reproductive organs. Her diaper is full, someone should change it. End of story.

No. 1727110

How can you cheat on your wife like that? Morse code?

No. 1727111

He did?:

No. 1727112

How is that even possible. Fucking retards is a crime.

No. 1727113

You expected us to care.

No. 1727114

Are you the ballerina cow that got her legs cut off? She had a shit obsession

No. 1727116

I’ll walk to Georgia right now and shove my foot between her legs, I’ll record the whole thing so you can watch it.

No. 1727117

>you expected us to care that her diaper is full
No i came to the dumbass shit thread to post about this rightfully so. Nobody asked for your emotional support.

No. 1727119

I'm not going to listen to someone violent and too retarded to even act out their violent ideations

No. 1727120

he moved his eyes to type in a computer that was connected to a siri voice. it was with his nurse. even potato men manage to cheat ffs

No. 1727121

You can't even walk

No. 1727122

What did he say? Please jerk me off maam? Like sorry it doesn't count as cheating to me

No. 1727124

I said I’m disabled in a different way that doesn’t mean I’m a paraplegic kek. Other nonnies are just making jokes about Kelly

No. 1727125

Well it's obvious you're mentally disabled, yeah

No. 1727126

I wonder why the nurse even fucked him.
Kek! If that legless moid tried to hurt and woman, he'd go down in one punch.

No. 1727127

they got married and all. he left his first wife for her.

No. 1727128

Men are the last people to think to change a full ostomy bag, actually.

No. 1727130

File: 1697356996743.jpg (171.12 KB, 1080x1440, 20231015_040258.jpg)

He is living his dreams

No. 1727133

So the answer is money.
Men have osteomy bags as well, retard. Looks like your disability isn't only physical.

No. 1727134

Ewwwww her bulge

No. 1727136

Men are still more retarded than women so they probably neglect them more. If you try to argue with that you’re just gonna be barking at the wall

No. 1727137

File: 1697357331307.jpg (135.79 KB, 1169x1415, 20231015_032405.jpg)


No. 1727138

Gross that’s drake? He’s fat now

No. 1727139

You're literally disabled and complaining about another woman with a disability and expected us to yaaasss with you.

No. 1727140

I didn’t expect anyone to even respond all I said was I wanna cunt punt her shit bag because ew. You could’ve chosen to mind your own business but you got so offended on behalf of diarrhea buldge…

No. 1727143

You're delusional enough to assume that anons not being agreeable means they are angry. It's always the most incapable people fantasizing about violence against other women lol

No. 1727149

File: 1697358197378.png (367.87 KB, 576x672, Internet-famous-people-in-real…)

Internet violent people in real life

No. 1727151

If you think I’m legless that just means you’ll expect it less when my big toenail slices your urethra open. Don’t try me

No. 1727153

It’s 2 am so you expect me to get on a flight to this woman’s house so I can go berate her into emptying her shit bag

No. 1727154

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAJJAHAHAHAJJAJAJA like I feel sorry for you that your only semblance of control and power is making weird quirky threats to women online

No. 1727156

You're going to spend the rest of your life sitting in that spot fantasizing about the harm you wish to do to others because of how powerless you feel in your own body. Maybe you should choose a different form of overcompensating.

No. 1727158

Do you have 2 legs or just one

No. 1727160

The 35 letter long “haha” was much worse than me saying that she needs to change her diaper. It’s not a threat to say “well I have legs, so”

No. 1727161

4. I have too many. That’s my damage

No. 1727162

Not going to take anything you say seriously. It's like a chihuahua yapping

No. 1727163

>I’m so ignoring you right now that’s why I’m responding to each post you make
At least put some effort in and actually ignore me

No. 1727165

I know your heart is beating fast and this is the most adrenaline you've felt since you had to struggle to move from the couch to the toilet seat

No. 1727168

All I said is that she needs to empty her diaper and should get a swift kick to the crotch for walking around in public with a visible shit bulge. If you enjoy seeing women walking around in public like that then go have barbaric thoughts somewhere else

No. 1727169

No. 1727173

i hate security moids. i’ve had two very specific experiences with security moids since moving to paris that make me anxious now whenever i go into a store to go shopping. first was this racist dude who, for whatever reason, decided i was stealing groceries and claimed i couldn’t come into the store with my whole foods bag because reasons. he kept trying to go through my purse and it got so bad, i had to contact the us embassy and my uni to let them know they were stopping me at the door, even though the dumb dumbs watched me bag my groceries. he never bothered me again after that but it really freaked me out that he had the whole store convinced i was stealing because of some weird ass bias.

second experience, another grocery store in a different arrondissement (i live in the 7th now). i was having issues scanning some stuff at self checkout and here come this creepy security moid with all the pervy vibes. of course when i don’t like someone i shut down and refuse to speak and now he’s getting all agitated because i am irritated and anxious and do not like the vibe he is giving off. like either help me or get the fuck on bruh so i can go home. then he’s asking me if i speak french while breathing down my neck with his nasty stale breath which is making me even more pissed off than i already was. then he acted all offended when i told him to leave me alone and let me go to les caisses to finish my shit.

fucking moids.

No. 1727175

an ostomy bag isn't a diaper anon. retardation doesn't count as a physical disability jsyk

No. 1727190

You're disabled but you don't know what a colostomy bag is? Do you have a diaper fetish?

No. 1727192

Genuine question, how is that different from walking around with full bowels? Do colostomy bags smell? I am a dumbass and I have shit questions

No. 1727202

a colostomy bag is a bag full of shit
Walking around being kind of bloated is not the same as walking around with a bag of shit that you could easily change or empty into the toilet. It doesn’t emit a scent, but it’s very noticeable and distasteful. It’s not a qUiRkY!1 disabled girl trait like this weird influencer is trying to make it look like. If you shit in a bag and carried it around on your shoulder would that be considered acceptable?

No. 1727204

Oh my fucking lord. It’s not a diaper, but diapers hold shit the exact same way this little bag attached to her insides does. Therefore they essentially function the same and she can open up that little access port to empty out the bag.

No. 1727209

Well judging from the screenshot, she was getting out of a car and probably referencing times like long car rides or whatever else where she has to walk around with it before she can empty it. Idk and I don't have the stupidty to be reactive to content that is meant to evoke reaction from me.

No. 1727217

>I don’t react to anything ever
Ok enjoy dying from Alzheimer’s

No. 1727221

File: 1697365463949.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1362, RDT_20231014_21140568426872783…)

No. 1727231

Is this AI? Why does the meat(?) in the back look like that? Ew.

No. 1727308

>I would cunt punch a girl
So are men just allowed to brazenly post here and a-log women now?

No. 1727340

File: 1697378998026.jpeg (787.73 KB, 1284x850, IMG_0842.jpeg)

I love Lynja so much.. I watched her latest short and it seems her cancer is back and she is very very weak. I cried a bit.

No. 1727363

Why are people always talking about yaoi all the sudden? I know it’s always been kinda popular here but I’m seeing stuff about yaoi in like every thread now.

No. 1727364

baiters looking to cause infights

No. 1727366

Cause this site is dead and it just happens that half or moreof the current population are fujos

No. 1727372

What is wrong with my boyfriend?
>going to a wedding two hours away
>a day before he said he is going to take ham and cheese sandwiches to eat before the wedding
>be me
>think it's just some hawaiian bread and sandwich meat/cheese sliders
>day of wedding
>like 20 minutes before ceremony
>he pulls out a plastic baggie
>inside are three cold ham/cheese quesadillas
>cold and hard
>he tells me he made them three fucking days ago
I should have beat his ass for even thinking I'd eat that shit in the first place. Bitch.

No. 1727377

Is he broke?
Why is he making you eat stale kids food instead of taking you out or at least having the decency to stop for fast food? He sounds like an idiot.
Reminds me of how I had to tell my ex to wear some nice clothes to my cousin's wedding, but on the morning of getting ready he had brought black work pants with holes in the legs.
Don't take this behavior too lightly anon. It seems dumb but if he cannot pull it together for a fucking wedding just imagine how he's gonna let you down for future events too.

No. 1727384

KEK that's totally me because I don't care enough about food to put in effort except I'm not retarded enough to offer that to someone else.

No. 1727388

so often i see posts where i want to simply say you should smack your boyfriend. what the hell is this kek?

No. 1727392

I dont get it, why not just have a snack at home before going? Do weddings over there not serve food?

No. 1727393

just got accused of being a moid for the first time after browsing for 4 years. this feels like a rite of passage

No. 1727394

Only time I got accused of being a moid when I told a really stupid/dirty joke about family guy

No. 1727396

I've been accused a couple of times but I don't really remember why, I just disagreed with someone on something random

No. 1727403

he's based

No. 1727412

I got accused of being a tranny once for thinking Goldberg (the wrestler) is hot in the unconventional male attractions thread lmao I can’t help what I like

No. 1727415

had to google who that was but i support you and your beefcake husband

No. 1727428

Punting is kicking

No. 1727429

I was going to have lunch with my mom and grandma(its mothers day here) but i bailed out because i fucking hate people taking photos of me and i just know my grandma will spend the entire time trying to take photos. I am sad i missed on free food though.

No. 1727433

I'm pretty sure it's like the same anon that keeps posting it repeatedly.

No. 1727436

I know that I've been accused of being a male multiple times, but I don't remember when most of them were or what they were about

No. 1727438

I was snoring so fucking hard earlier anons. I was like half awake and I thought I had a bunch of mucus in my throat that was refusing to go down, so in my head I was just making multiple attempts to suck it down and I could hear myself snoring so LOUD! Then I woke up long enough to turn my head and then I realized that not only was there no mucus in my throat, I was snoring. That's embarrassing as hell.

No. 1727441

I get accused of it all the time for not just eating the shit you fuckers try to throw at me

No. 1727443

And? Doesn't change how disturbing it is.

No. 1727446

Me wanting to fuck the Joker is actually an expression of feeling trapped in my own life with the pressures and constraints of my daily responsibilities and my hatred for my very rigid job that feels like a prison. Through my crush I am seeking a sense of freedom and autonomy that is lacking in my own day-to-day existence.

No. 1727447

You should self respect

No. 1727448

*reflect, but still somewhat accurate

No. 1727454

This is how the local schizos sound to me

No. 1727459

yes queen live your truth

No. 1727463

What shit?

No. 1727465

Don’t care it’s what she gets for having a full shit bag, if I know better than to walk around like that so does she we’ve already had this conversation

No. 1727469

I got accused of being a man just for being skinny and not having sex

No. 1727474

No. 1727490

>It's what she gets
Wanting to commit random acts of violence against women for doing things that will not affect you, and mildly peeve you at worse is far more disgusting. Even more disgusting that you believe she deserves it. You might as well transition now if you're going to act like such a scrote. 41% while you're at it.

No. 1727491

You know that's not the whole reason, trannyhands.

No. 1727493

you've been arguing about some lady's colostomy bag for nine hours. go change your diaper before you get a rash goodness me.

No. 1727502

if this is who i think it is, it's because you said women who get abortions are whores

No. 1727516

And for being insufferable

No. 1727529

File: 1697388129640.png (498.83 KB, 963x575, plushie.PNG)

I just came across these Plushie Dreadfuls, and tbh I don't get it. Some have pretty cool designs (There's one called Sleep Paralysis rabbit that's levitating) but some of them are kind of ugly. And who wants a plushy to remind them of their mental disorders.

No. 1727532

File: 1697388166765.png (297.39 KB, 945x322, bunny.PNG)

And yes there is a tranny rabbit

No. 1727538

File: 1697388329071.jpg (759.46 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20230923-102149_Gal…)

Not this shit again.

No. 1727545

Samefag again, but also the OCD plush just fucking sucks cause it doesn't look anything like how OCD feels at all

No. 1727549

An anon in consoom thread was asking if she should buy one of them. I wonder what taste the bunny she posted was

No. 1727555

i bet the autism one

No. 1727557

i will complain i get so many ads for this and it annoys me. yes i'm mentally ill and an autist but i don't want one!

No. 1727561

I got accused of being a moid for liking ham n cheese roll up sandwiches

No. 1727562

Now that you mention it, I looked back and I remember that! It was the Love bunny. I actually think I told anon to get it.

No. 1727563

it is so funny to me that you have a pic of that anons hand saved for a reply like this

No. 1727565

File: 1697389086968.jpg (645.85 KB, 2048x1520, 004632.jpg)

the love one is pretty cute but I only spend money on weeb plushies

No. 1727569

Dug it up for all the newnonnies to be able to see this part of lolcow history.
But yeah I wouldn't have sent it if she still didn't keep namefagging and bringing up her own incidents.

No. 1727571

File: 1697389239122.png (71.48 KB, 239x297, cow.PNG)

They even have a plushie for the worst mental disorder of all: Lolcow

No. 1727573

Lovebunny is cute.

No. 1727575

you could do so much with some of these, but this is lazy as fuck

No. 1727577

'trannyhands' or whatever anons called her at the time kek, is still here I think, I remember she replied to some other anon posting that pic not that long ago

No. 1727580

File: 1697389515993.jpeg (37.6 KB, 474x496, OIP.jpeg)

This is just a remake of those emo plushies. Zoomers do not have one original thing, it's so so sad.

No. 1727582

what was the name of the ones that were skeletons? those were cute as fuck, always wanted the bat

No. 1727586

File: 1697389744484.png (729.93 KB, 1000x1000, strawberry.png)

They do have some that are quite cute, I really like this strawberry bunny. But I agree that most of them are low-effort, or look like they did put in effort but it ended up poorly designed.
Anyway sorry if it looks like I'm advertising anons. I'm interested in this stuff because I've been wanting to make my own plushies plus it's not like there's anything else going on in this thread
American McGee made these kek, he's nowhere near a zoomer.

No. 1727589


No. 1727592

File: 1697389952979.jpg (69.46 KB, 800x640, Kc5y4g.jpg)


No. 1727595

The autism and asthma ones are actually cute to me, how cringe would it be to get one or both kek

No. 1727597

those are really cute, i miss oldschool emo aesthetic so much

No. 1727604

These plushies are made by emo night millennials trying to relive their pimply tumblr glory days

No. 1727610

In the context of plushes representing mental disorders having a trans rabbit seems pretty fitting. It makes even more sense when you consider the person behind these plushes backstory.

No. 1727612

it's kinda sad most of his fanbase nowadays are trannies

No. 1727616

This is even more pathetic tbh but it makes sense.

No. 1727618

It is isn't it? I wonder how he feels about.

No. 1727627

File: 1697390809853.jpg (469.44 KB, 639x669, d3fn4y3-42f8e035-7f57-45b6-afb…)

Same nonnas, it was tacky but in an endearing way.

No. 1727651

Oh my god, Monday starts in only 10 hours. I need to start being productive now!

No. 1727657

The anxiety bunny is pretty cute and I'd say on theme. I agree that the OCD bunny is lame, literally an emo bunny that other nonas brought up with nothing to convey OCD

No. 1727669

File: 1697393353897.jpg (384.21 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20231015_210432_Chr…)

omg nonas curse you for reminding me about skeleanimals. I was an 11yo easteuro poorfag when they were at their peak and could only dream about one. Went to their site and they also sell weirdly named (unlicensed?) Sans Undertale.

No. 1727679

my husband

No. 1727687

When you see how glasses are made it makes no sense that it takes like 2 weeks to get new ones

No. 1727693

>text my grandmother to ask her something
>she just replies with "Okay thumbs up emoji"
Please just answer the question grandma…

No. 1727695

and a different nonny's father

No. 1727696

File: 1697395411630.webm (4.69 MB, 1024x576, chainsau man.webm)

Poolitics in my country are something else. They are comparing one of the candidates to pochita. I hate this country nonnies.

No. 1727698

No. 1727700

goth and ouchie are the cutest

No. 1727712

File: 1697396308970.jpg (134.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I have the Cheerios version of Ride Wit Me by Nelly stuck in my head for some reason. Ayyy must be the honeyyy!

No. 1727714

File: 1697396373800.jpg (77.67 KB, 1024x1024, bee.jpg)

Samefag, Funko Pop will make a figurine with the most soulless eyes for literally anything.

No. 1727721

He looks like he's about to murder me with that honey stick

No. 1727729

i get so fucking angry when i see people with huge collections of these things. i know theyre happy, but oh my god, why fucking funko pops? theyre so horrifying and ugly, why not collect better shit like anime figures, gundam mechs, dolls, fucking anything else? at least some of those things are mildly respectable

No. 1727730

Kinda want to learn playing harp but I don't think I have the patience to get through the initial boring stage when you can't really play anything interesting. Also I'm sure taking lessons is expensive.

No. 1727731

Be like me and collect bones.

No. 1727736

File: 1697397775927.jpeg (47.89 KB, 280x217, 1692911689253.jpeg)

I watched the first 2 Friday 13th and killer klowns from outer space with my friend and i can't believe he got startled several times. I am never going to stop bullying his ass over getting scared at movies from the 80s

No. 1727739

Watch Terrorvision and Critters next, he might shit his pants.

No. 1727741

I still get nervous about calling to make a doctor's appointment as if all they ask you isn't your name and the time you want to come in

No. 1727751

File: 1697399085373.jpg (194.87 KB, 976x549, _123728546_mediaitem123728543.…)

You know, I never cared much for this anons skinny hands because I have a similar unfortunate case of manhands but the nails… The nails are killing me. Why are the tops colored so weirdly? Why are they so bendy, curved and thick looking, almost like overgrown hooves? What's going on with the weird square shape? Why are the nail beds a different color? I have so many questions

No. 1727753

File: 1697399114883.jpeg (67.59 KB, 680x624, 1695319595867.jpeg)

neat i just got a commission, not a shit ton of money but enough to start saving while i work on other projects

No. 1727762

My cat is so stupid, she farted and then growled at the noise lmfao

No. 1727765

File: 1697400212152.jpg (43.57 KB, 800x800, Cat-Doctor-Costume-Main.jpg)

I'm watching surgery videos on youtube and being a doctor seems easy as fuck. I think I'm gonna go to med school like right now.

No. 1727769

I have a friend who wanted to become a Lawyer cause she played Ace Attorney a lot, and now some prosecutor, so anything's possible.

No. 1727770

Does working with organs and human body not scare you?

No. 1727789

Kek I love that for her.

No. 1727790

Pfftt, no! All you have to do in surgery is cut a few things, burn a few things, sew a few things, and make sure you use fancy terms that you don't really understand for all of it.

No. 1727816

File: 1697404072231.jpg (354.17 KB, 828x731, 1678704209110531.jpg)

I want to go to a therapist and i have no money fuuuuckkkkk

No. 1727817

It really is that easy. The hard part is just memorizing everyone all at once while in med school. You should go for it.

No. 1727818

How to medicate lolcow

No. 1727829

If you live in America, call 211. It's a non-profit that helps you find the services you need in your community. They're really under used because no one knows about them.

No. 1727830

OP makes me crave pizza

No. 1727831

And a crow/raven friend

No. 1727833

makes sad that i did irreparable damage to my hair, i used to be told i had really nice hair before

No. 1727855

sadly i am not from the USA

No. 1727857

Same, my hair used to be shiny and bouncy 2 months ago, now it looks so dry and lifeless

No. 1727867

nothing good to cook so i guess its tuna and spaghetti nigth again, sigh

No. 1727868

Mix the tuna with mayo and fry the patties

No. 1727869

there are no patties by spaghetti i mean the white noodles

No. 1727877

my youtube randomly switches language recommendations and for once its on german.

No. 1727882

When I want to talk about trannies in public I call them Optimus Prime or Decepticons (because transformers). I'd use Megatron too but I think that one's too obvious.

No. 1727898

There was a time when I'd get asian ads, I'm not even sure what country, I guess Vietnam but not sure

No. 1727900

I just chewed the hell out of that little part on pen caps that you use to attach it to paper

No. 1727902

I wish we could go back to a pre social media world

No. 1727903

You're brilliant

No. 1727909

My favourite cow deleted all his stuff out of literal nowhere, 800 autistic drawings of muscle women farting went poof

No. 1727912

File: 1697412401533.jpeg (45.87 KB, 604x700, 67618D11-A8B3-4CC2-8D0B-F4D548…)

Good luck nona if you decide to pursue that! I’m impressed that something like that looks doable to you.

I’m squeamish and have shaky hands unfortunately, so being a doctor/surgeon is a big nope for me.

No. 1727913

File: 1697412440734.jpg (19.93 KB, 300x269, 1645450259207.jpg)

I think i am developing a muscle growth fetish, god help me

No. 1727915

File: 1697412466133.gif (3.62 MB, 640x360, headbang-party.gif)


No. 1727918

I'm scared to ask but how did this happen to you?

No. 1727920

Thats not the worst fetish to have tbh. A lot of people are into muscles.

No. 1727933

Ermmm this is kinda rude to post when a nonner in the stupid questions thread just cut her hand off while cooking

No. 1727941

Remind me to make an optometrist appointment tomorrow morning guys

No. 1727989

Don't worry nonita it's just some weird shit my three year old says. She came up to me and pantomimed chopping off my hand then tossing it somewhere, while saying "I chopped off your hand, and now I put it in the pasta." Then ran away giggling hysterically. Have no idea where that shit came from but I gave it a heavy metal vibe in my head and now it's stuck in there. Hope muscle nonna is gonna be okay kek.

No. 1727991

File: 1697417400132.jpg (142.36 KB, 1024x707, gentlemen_prefer_bodybuilders_…)

I fell into a rabbit hole of some literal autist drawing muscle shit. At first i was just laughing at him as one does when they find a funny cow, but then he started posting about his redhead muscle woman oc that was always being bullied by a manlet nerd guy oc, and it started to awaken something in me, first ironically, but then i actually started drawing those ocs, one because i love bratty nerds and two because i needed to practice muscles, and it went from just redrawing the shitty chris chan doodles to drawing the nerd brat oc getting fucked by the enlarged clit of the muscle woman. So i guess i irony poisoned myself into liking muscle women and enlarged clitoris. the nerd and the muscle women are the ones at the bottom

No. 1727996

i would but i lost my glasses months ago and no nonny came over to help me find them and I STILL cant see

No. 1728000

This screams larp.

No. 1728002

AYRT thanks for sharing, that's interesting. By virtue of it being a coomer scrote you shouldn't show him your redraws but if I knew someone was drawing fanart of my autistic fetish I'd be flattered. The nerd is definitely the least repugnant looking man in your picrel.

No. 1728020

Caroline Ellison looks like if a political cartoonist tried to draw me uglier

No. 1728027

Can you post the redraws? I’m curious

(not the porn stuff tho)

No. 1728029

I'm almost positive it was. By disability they meant neetbux.

No. 1728042

File: 1697419775389.jpeg (3.07 MB, 3264x2448, 3A44DA2B-49E6-4BF9-80BC-F98866…)

Taki plate

No. 1728050

No. 1728052

Ugh I want some

No. 1728054


No. 1728058

File: 1697420638067.jpeg (3.24 MB, 3264x2448, 44F17D85-ADC2-4B00-B4FC-52E4F3…)

Open your mouth

No. 1728059

aaa (sound of opening mouth)

No. 1728063

i get second hand embarrassment from nonas who think everyone they don't like is the same person. so many times i've been accused of being someone completely random… why.

No. 1728068

STOP FLIRTING you're making me feel like a voyeur!!!

No. 1728073

File: 1697421620781.jpg (55.19 KB, 894x899, 61mItpJdv3L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I opened my Himi gouache palette for the first time in over a year, maybe even over 2 at this point, rehydrated it and oh my god it smells like fucking ranch. I don't see any mold though.

No. 1728074

File: 1697421624556.gif (4.4 MB, 498x340, 9b62dc8b28a85ea72dd273c8261864…)

based paper plate

No. 1728082

Thank you

No. 1728083

No. 1728087

File: 1697422395739.jpg (36.37 KB, 564x554, how close i needed to be to my…)

We can go get new glasses together nonna, it'll be like a double date but at the doctor's instead.

No. 1728089

After watching a few more videos, I don't even think I need to go to med school anymore. I basically just did five years of a residency on Youtube. Did you guys see that recent story of that guy who has no law degree who won 26 cases? That's gonna be me but as a doctor instead.

No. 1728092

File: 1697422745997.jpg (127.95 KB, 916x1357, 20231015_215716.jpg)

Tell me this doesn't look delicious. Forbidden gushers

No. 1728094

reading this as a muscular redheaded woman… i mean i guess at least i'm somebodies type? kek?

No. 1728096

File: 1697423097577.jpg (223.65 KB, 1080x1172, 1665623350875.jpg)

okay, i will go… but you have to hold my hand or i absolutely will get lost

No. 1728098

Need to work on my internalized misogyny because any time I pass a vid from the Taylor swift eras tour theater premiere I can't help but think I know it smells tart in there

No. 1728099

This packaging makes me want to paint even though I never do if

No. 1728105

File: 1697423550464.jpg (115.57 KB, 675x1200, paint.jpg)

You're not the only one lol. I think the packaging in why they even got so popular, because tbh the paints aren't that amazing (they're definitely not bad though, I'd probably buy more if I ever use up my current palette). Simple but effective, I guess. And the paints are very smooth and pretty looking when you first open it.

No. 1728111

File: 1697423724711.jpg (35.21 KB, 564x564, 196790243d2bf12306fed6a7f2f690…)

Does anyone own a jellycat? I hear the quality is really good and I'm half tempted to get one for Christmas.

No. 1728124

I made the most delicious batch of kimchi jigae I've ever attempted with two jars of napa kimchi and one jar of year old fermented kimchi. I am so fucking proud of myself.

No. 1728125

i don't have one but if you do get one, act fast cause i hear they sell out quickly

No. 1728128

File: 1697425140096.jpg (123.62 KB, 1600x1600, 61l0jpXjcBL.jpg)

Not to be that person but if you search up different variations of plastic compacts and compact cases or storage, you can get a similar (although not perfect) vibe and make your own custom paint pallet if you don't want to buy it at that price point or waste Gouche. Another cool thing to do would be repurpose the sleek looking compact pill cases all over Amazon to store whatever quality paints you want. A cool project would be supporting custom paint maker small business or get your tried favorites and relocating them in your own chose variety.

No. 1728131

File: 1697425713949.jpg (69.75 KB, 1500x1454, 61vSQHCHDFL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 1728132

swifties are not my sisters

No. 1728136

I have the tan bunny one, it's very cute and soft

No. 1728142

No. 1728148

File: 1697426884590.jpeg (126.63 KB, 750x559, IMG_2798.jpeg)

No. 1728149

Why you hating

No. 1728153

And last ones but I think these stackable cases are also convenient and great for paint, you can get them logoless

This is divided into two folds and looks cute

These are thinner and have that sleek pollypocket look without a logo and a strap for carryon, another good for watercolors

And these are double-tiered stationary boxes in the matte look with pretty colors

No. 1728188

File: 1697430869029.jpeg (59.29 KB, 749x523, BC466AD6-EEEE-409C-A192-2EC8BB…)

No. 1728198

File: 1697431815229.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_n2x2w7Fo9O1rghrc…)

No. 1728199

File: 1697431820443.jpg (143.19 KB, 1462x888, OcUZCDD0eMGjPp3d.jpg_large.jpg)

There is unironically no greater feeling than getting a moid to write an essay tier reply and reply back with "tldr". I know it's bad but it gives me a thrill like no other.

No. 1728205

File: 1697431985187.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.25 KB, 198x198, images.jpg)

this is fucked up

No. 1728206

this makes me cackle without fail every time I see it, ty nona

No. 1728208

Dumbass braindead takes on my vents

No. 1728210

Hawking chan?

No. 1728214

Meds, now

No. 1728218

File: 1697432552437.gif (624.68 KB, 320x240, bed slappa.gif)

let's kick it up a notch

No. 1728223

Yeah, you.

No. 1728224

File: 1697432687751.gif (1.12 MB, 566x225, tumblr_366c5e1b6e06ca930bebb85…)

No. 1728227

looks exhausting tbh

No. 1728228

File: 1697432904617.gif (281.7 KB, 220x164, come-here-kitten-come-here-now…)

No. 1728230

Nobody knows what you are even talking about are you ok

No. 1728233

No. 1728237

File: 1697433749046.gif (1.02 MB, 320x240, 7Nub.gif)

No. 1728239

Please stop

No. 1728240

File: 1697434207151.jpg (61.28 KB, 634x810, 20230918_022929.jpg)

that ones not even wearing shoes

No. 1728241

File: 1697434207484.gif (91.89 KB, 200x120, f99065e67461d83c97cc79659f5962…)

No. 1728242

File: 1697434283803.jpg (1.27 MB, 1125x1401, RDT_20231016_01313336606338282…)

Could you imagine

No. 1728243

I only go out with OMEGA males

No. 1728246

it’s always funny to me how normies think i am weird because i am quiet and don’t really bother people much, but i think they’re weird and annoying for all the strange and obnoxious things they do on the daily. it’s my first time living in an apartment and the strangest people in the buildings are three moids.

one lives directly across from me in building b. when i first moved in, i had my curtains open to let in the summer light and i guess he was staring into my room, so i would see him literally run whenever i would get out of bed or go into my kitchen. yes, the nigga would literally run when he saw me walking in my own flat. then he would stand on his balcony and pretend he wasn’t staring at me, so i started closing my blinds as i don’t have much of a view anyway and he was annoying me. i guess that hurt his feelings as right after he started going out with his friends and not coming home on the weekend.

the next weird moid is some stuck up gay prick on the first floor. when i first moved in back in august, he went on a 2 week attention whore spree, inviting women over to his flat every night so they could gossip insanely loud and smoke cigarettes till 3 am. eventually someone cussed him out, so now whenever you walk through the courtyard past his flat, he rolls his eyes from his window like we are all in on a conspiracy to wreck his fun. he also got mad/jelly with me because i pet his dog who was sunbathing and got up to lick me when i walked past.

last moid lives above me. he gets up at odd hours and often leaves for whatever he does with what sounds like a rolling suitcase of gear so i assume he works at a club or something. he’s been driving me nuts as when he’s not out, he’s doing weird shit like making repetitive noises, walking back and forth for hours, or dropping shit at 2 am. it sounded like he broke something his apartment, so of course he has to fix it, loudly, all night until the sun starts to come up. thank god he didn’t have a drill and that the walls here are well insulated, but surely he knows the majority of people are sleeping? and like a week back he had some girl over to have loud, obnoxious sex all night till she snuck out sunday morning.

No. 1728252

I want to scream and shout and let it all out

No. 1728266

I can’t believe there are people seriously saying that Princess Peach is ‘too masculine’. I want off this ride.

No. 1728269

I'm so annoyed because I keep setting alarms that somehow turn themselves off

No. 1728284

new arias lore just dropped lets go

No. 1728290

File: 1697439327832.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1993x1125, IMG_5631.jpeg)

What the fuck, Japan?

No. 1728314

Ever watched a Korean drama? They beating on bitches out there

No. 1728359

so true

No. 1728431

why is he throwing up in the end? vomit fetish?
faggot stuff, exactly what's going to happen in this homo frat bro picture

No. 1728530

File: 1697467371262.png (1.38 MB, 800x800, amigurumi.png)

I've been watching crochet market vlogs just out of curiosity, and I swear most of the things that people sell are just different variations of these plushies. There's no shame in it cause I know these are quick to make and they are all popular for a reason, but damn how many people need to sell amigurumi bees and cows

No. 1728533

He's doing that "omg I can't believe I just did that" fake embarrassed thing

No. 1728537

imagine what

No. 1728539

KEK same nonnie, this or other short non-replies.

No. 1728544

kekekek he's so scrawny you could snap him like a toothpick

No. 1728550

did anyone actually find this 14yo boy larping as christian grey attractive in tumblr or did they mock him relentlessly

No. 1728551

the smell? yeah, sweaty balls

No. 1728554

File: 1697468665844.png (345.07 KB, 1268x548, Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 11.02…)

ok which one of you bongononas started a psychopop band called COWZ?

No. 1728556

I bet most of them don't make a living off it.

No. 1728557


No. 1728559

the cow is the only one i like

No. 1728562

I honestly think they are farmers but like the annoying type that grew up on tumblr (no offense, you know who you are)

No. 1728563


No. 1728565

I had a twinkie recently and DAMN it was sweet. It was sweeter than pure sugar

No. 1728566

Eh, crocheters can make decent money from markets but I don't think anyone is trying to make it a sole source of income.

No. 1728580

I’ve seen more than a few lc users in the wild with she/they in the bio as they sperg about “moids” on their TL. Like what is the reasoning? Just newfags?

No. 1728581

File: 1697470617833.png (650.54 KB, 841x482, eoulf.png)

i am going to sexualise every single of these members, thanks riot!

No. 1728585

they look gross, male coomers get the thicc loli vampire and we get this shit? i cant believe they dared to shill 2 baras to us

No. 1728588

The fact that big boobs give women back pain is interesting when you consider that a big butt wouldn't give someone like, pelvic pain

No. 1728591

Big butts have muscle, boobs aren’t muscle

No. 1728592

I think I put “it/that” in a bio once but as a joke. “They” is also funny to me because it doesn’t mean anything especially next to “she” lol

No. 1728593

They all look like faggots

No. 1728594

Do video game companies HAVE to include a bearded black male in every game they make? He's so ugly and looks retarded. MORE BARELY LEGAL LONG HAIR CHADS and LESS PETTY CRIMINALS! NOW!(racebait)

No. 1728596

File: 1697471747646.jpeg (496.58 KB, 1170x1169, IMG_3551.jpeg)

Nonas that had one of those password journals, what was your password? Mine was purple kek (sorry for bad pic but this is the only pic I could find of the one I had)

No. 1728597

>petty criminal
? That character isn't a criminal

No. 1728601

Magic power

No. 1728603

No. 1728605

Kek nice anon, were you a horse girl?

No. 1728607

I won’t fall for your analogue data mining

No. 1728608

The blue haired one is the only one that isn't a completely lost cause

No. 1728619


No. 1728630

he actually does look like the chad meme, shows that men dont know what women truly like

No. 1728654

Today as a woman at work was making smalltalk with me I noticed a wasp slowly walking across the top of her head. She was wearing a headscarf so she must not have felt anything. Eventually though, the wasp reached her forehead. Upon noticing it she completely freaked out and in the process of screaming and swatting at it her forehead ended up getting stung.
Ever since, I've been wondering why the fuck I didn't say anything when I saw there was a wasp there. Why didn't I warn her? Is it because I assumed the wasp would just fly off in a second without doing anything? Because I didn't want her to freak out and possibly anger it? Or because I just wondered how the situation would play itself out?
I genuinely don't know. I feel really bad about it though.

No. 1728658

Ooohh, that makes sense. You're really intelligent anon.

No. 1728664

ESG scores for the dev or video game company affect everything from advertising to investors to retail/online sales so it’s more or less mandatory. It’s the reason the new AC has a black samurai as the playable character, because it would otherwise fail to meet DEI standards which will result in a lower ESG score. Investors start pulling out if it’s below 70.

No. 1728740

Unironically thinking on picking up scamming because I am so tired of everything and I want easy money.

No. 1728772

Is it poisonous or something?

No. 1728774

File: 1697481755998.jpg (163.53 KB, 614x539, excited.jpg)

Just discovered 2 cute boys in my nihongo class. Time to look cute every Monday evening

No. 1728780

I thought that was a tif?

No. 1728781

Hannah Montana

No. 1728791

>red haired guy
>black guy
>pink haired guy
>white haired guy
>green haired guy
pass he looks like a teen

No. 1728793

horrible taste, why are you simping for postwall moids

No. 1728794

I'm sorry I like grown men nona…

No. 1728795


No. 1728798

you like grandpas

No. 1728800

the vriska one is the only one that's not completely ugly (but still kind of ugly)

No. 1728816

the only attractive one is the green haired one, he looks adorable

No. 1728824

i wanna start a twitter where i larp as furry tranny femboy grifter

No. 1728837

the ideal man to anons itt

No. 1728845

When will this man be a bannable offense

No. 1728846

i live for this gif to be reposted. if gifs could be redtexted i would use this like nonny

No. 1728849

The concept of training bras is actually incredibly strange because you don't need to be "trained" to wear a bra. There's no reason for them to exist. Yes that post in the movie room thread had me thinking about this

No. 1728850

i need a new man in my life who has terrible luck with women and who i can use emotionally. i deserve it as a treat.

No. 1728851

girls need to be groomed into believing their bodies need to be hidden and females are sex objects, and it's because boys and men are disgusting and harass female children.

No. 1728852

didnt see the gif was it the dog again

No. 1728857

I'm gonna start telling people I'm 25 so they treat me with more leeway

No. 1728858

Also weird to me that anyone wears a bra if they have a cup titties, or at least weird if they’re wearing ones with underwire

No. 1728859

No. 1728865

when i was in the 6th grade other kids gave me so much shit for not wearing a bra even though i didn't need one yet, it was so weird. they acted like i was diseased and a few of them started calling me a skank

No. 1728871

I think that's just to cover their nipples, although if my boobs were that small I would probably just wear covers or an underlayer. Bras aren't really worth it if you don't actually need one to look presentable, imo.

No. 1728872

i was around that age too when classmates brought it up and asked why i wasn't wearing one, it's deeply humiliating. now i avoid wearing them and wear tank tops instead.

No. 1728874

Yet everyday men are out unashamed with their nipples protruding. Very very disrespectful.

No. 1728876

Anyone else just hates those foam thing bras? I dunno what to call them. But they never ever fit well, I dunno if it suits breats larger than my own better or if the entire thing is a scam.

No. 1728879

File: 1697488285760.jpeg (930.94 KB, 1179x1693, IMG_4669.jpeg)

Thank you for reminding me

No. 1728881

Yeah I end up removing them typically.

No. 1728889

No new vent thread yet so I'm venting here man, why is my coworker so bad at her job? She's been working here for longer than I've been alive and still does the dumbest shit. Like why would you change the email address important, time-sensitive documents are sent to so you're the only one who gets them when you know other people need access to them??? God damn, it's mind boggling how much stress she causes with her idiocy

No. 1728892

I’d like to see a movie about rational witches or vampires, not as cartoonish villains, but people who egotistically choose to commit atrocities to obtain power or longevity and have to live with their actions, with varying degrees of guilt or lack thereof

No. 1728895

Honestly I wish everyone covered their nips

No. 1728907

I don't sorry

In other news, there's a chocolate being boycotted for "political reasons" in my country and I hope they are successful so I can buy some chocolate on sale

No. 1728914

No. 1728919

which chocolate, also which country?

No. 1728922

I like during the summer when I saw some boys' nipples OUT in front of me. At least they were handsome, but I was staring at boytits and his girlfriend was right there- whoops. Both pair of nipples were erect and a dark pink. Males are such whores.

No. 1728923

Posting again to say this was indoors.

No. 1728925

iirc the new castlevania has a vampire named Olrox who mainly used his power to possibly stop his land from being conquered and people being killed. he also refused to follow the goddess vampire that wanted to conquer the north american land.
i just wear a nude bralette cause depending on the shirt its sheer enough to see my whole areola. not comfortable with some scrote staring straight into my boobs even if they are smaller. also helps at the gym when running and i have some boob pain from my period.

No. 1728927

If you do, scam big companies.

No. 1728929

I wear those every day, with the exception of a couple of sports bras, though training bras ar more light and comfortable. I didn't even know that's what they were called. Anyway as others pointed out it's for the nips and it just feels better to have them snug rather than loose and about, unless it's a hot summer day. Also my nips get really irritated if i have layers on and no bra. And I don't wear regular bras cause theyre annoying. The training one I barely feel I have on, but still does what I need it to, so hard disagree on them not needing to exist, but maybe a rebrand would be more appropriate. For reference I do have small boobs so I don't need crazy support.

No. 1728936

You probably have bralettes

No. 1728940

File: 1697492513177.jpg (50.27 KB, 736x736, 079a380f39bff07a0b3ac1f06c0611…)

Bis and Brazil. They hired an obnoxious ugly YouTube scrote who is against the previous president to advertise for them and the president supporters did not like it.

No. 1728942

You could be right, in my language there's no differentiation between the two. There's a few words for bra and then just one of the lightweight kind.

No. 1728943

File: 1697493082314.png (255.75 KB, 1753x890, anons beautiful art.png)

I'm laughing more than I should at this

No. 1728946

Why do I always remember that I can just stop eating something AFTER I'm finished with it or almost finished? It's literally like I'm like "wow that really sucked and was unsatisfying…wait, why did I keep eating it then?". Man consumption was simutanousesly the worst and best thing that God gave us.

No. 1728948

>Man consumption was simutanousesly the worst and best thing that God gave us.
Oops, there should be a comma after man

No. 1728949

Consuming men is actually my God-given right.

No. 1728951

i lost it at "the dude from yuyu hakusho you know which one"

No. 1728953

oh nonnies

No. 1728954

This is gross as fuck but I've been waiting for my period it hasn't come yet but I have hemorrhoids and my ass is bleeding. Wrong bleeding I want.

No. 1728972

i hate having adhd AND being ESL. what is it called when someone has a go to modus operandus? like an artist that has his way to draw, fuck

No. 1728976

File: 1697495763632.png (221.62 KB, 767x764, h7A511322.png)

I'm an OH nonny…..

No. 1728977

I and many others mocked it relentlessly but there was an alarming amount of girls?women? who caused us to do so because they would reblog it with shit like "unffff". This was the most cursed time on the internet, I felt like I was going crazy because it was so normal to see shit like lip_bite.gif, low-tier daddy Dom, ugly malnourished men, bulging veins etc. I hated it all and trolled it endlessly because it made me mald

No. 1728984

File: 1697496131655.jpg (Spoiler Image,251.02 KB, 2048x1536, 20231013_042142.jpg)

Anon, are you okay? You passed out in the Starbucks line

No. 1728986

I can smell this

No. 1728987

File: 1697496289632.jpg (93.03 KB, 1058x1058, EEDA2vaX4AEd6BO.jpg)

My best friends little sister had one of these and she stole our fruit snacks and hid them in there so he got a rock and we beat it open and not only were our fruit snacks inside but there were like these torn out pages from a specific issue of Playboy and she drew cat ears and manga eyes over the naked models like they were anime characters

No. 1728998

I bet she is a fellow farmer nowadays

No. 1728999


No. 1729002

The one boy with his tit out

No. 1729007

File: 1697497453605.jpg (92.52 KB, 1159x1248, bSi098Iplm.jpg)

No. 1729012

File: 1697497900622.jpg (131.09 KB, 1159x1248, 1697497453605.jpg)

No. 1729026

File: 1697498529841.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1179x1835, IMG_1322.jpeg)

No. 1729035

She is a drug addict and has been in and out of jail last I heard but that was years ago, she gives more mumsnet vibes

No. 1729036

Wtf is this

No. 1729042

dont be rude

No. 1729045

File: 1697499721556.jpg (11.8 KB, 266x255, Hello Kitty Goth Vibes.jpg)

I hate having hair full-time. I'm trying so hard to fight back the urge to shave my hair again and just wear wigs. Maybe I'll do it once I get some nicer wigs. Also My electric clippers are broken so I would have to cut it down and then shave with a regular razor.

No. 1729053

Greta Zuckerberg

No. 1729054

a Stacy

No. 1729063

I'm scare

No. 1729078

File: 1697501520167.gif (2.84 MB, 498x484, pomni-the-amazing-digital-circ…)

Can't stop thingken of her…

No. 1729079

yassified putin?

No. 1729083

Who's this? I see it everywhere

No. 1729084

File: 1697501831334.jpg (499.66 KB, 2448x3264, 0eeoekckp6q31.jpg)

Found this randomly at reddit, it's making me kek so hard

No. 1729085

just saw it for the first time today! She's so so cute

No. 1729086

File: 1697502276269.jpg (60.55 KB, 1200x1200, s-l1200.jpg)

I just want to hug her til her eyes pop out like those weird rubber toys you get at Claire's

No. 1729098

File: 1697503678907.gif (1.33 MB, 426x240, pomni-the-amazing-digital-circ…)

This is exactly how I feel about her
Pomni from The Amazing Digital Circus

No. 1729105

Watched the pilot, she is so fucking cute but I don't like the majority of the other cast members…
Jax is trying waaay too hard to be a tumblr sexyman and I'm just like 'show me more of Pomni!'

No. 1729108

>The Amazing Digital Circus
Is it a cartoon?

No. 1729110

No. 1729115

I like the whole cast but I am definitely fixated on Pomni the most

No. 1729116

can someone tell me wtf the thing at around 2:00 is?
>shows weird looking purple pump
>"you dont know what this is but your child probably does"
>demonstrates pumping it into a vodka bottle
>it creates pressure and a little bit of vapour
>"tell me what this smells like"
>"yep… it's vodka"
>"so your child could do this and literally be undetected"

why would they want to smell vodka undetected? do they think they could possibly smell enough vodka to get drunk? wouldn't you have to consume the same amount of vapour as you would have to drink, meaning the bottle would get emptier anyway?? has anyone ever used the vodka vapourizer IRL?

No. 1729124

File: 1697505997928.jpg (92.02 KB, 500x688, 1683763097011995.jpg)

downloading stable diffussion to run some gay ops

No. 1729132

It’s made by a troon just to give you a warning

No. 1729143

File: 1697507534257.jpg (165.2 KB, 1186x1500, Tumblr_l_43034826925301.jpg)

hang on… is that a heckin borzoino

No. 1729146

Is anyone else finding the meltdowns in the shay thread absolutely hysterical?

No. 1729147

Has there really been no grimes musk thread in over a week? That surprises me for some reason given how zealous they are in there

No. 1729150

Don’t care, it was fun

No. 1729151

File: 1697508361150.jpg (49.85 KB, 736x736, Vintage Hand Painted Woman Cle…)

I've been hand-washing my clothes for over a year, and I'm just now realizing how nice it would be to get a washing board. It's really tough to actually thoroughly clean and scrub your clothes by hand. I guess I never thought of a wash board because they're so antiquated. There are some nice-looking plastic ones online that even have soap holders.

No. 1729191

i wasn't hungry three hours ago but i stayed up too late and want food now… hungy

No. 1729194

File: 1697513599467.jpg (111.54 KB, 736x1104, Egg Salad Recipe.jpg)

I need an egg salad sandwich, but with only the yolk. The white kinda ruins it.

No. 1729198

File: 1697514101397.jpg (27.59 KB, 455x455, 1697031154760.jpg)

Has anyone befriended someone from the friend finder thread and became close without having much interests in common? I wanted to add someone who I thought was interesting but I'm not sure if they'd take interest in talking to me, I'm so bad at making friends when it's kind of forced

No. 1729199

why did you post this now i'm really hungy

No. 1729205

worth a shot, though after about a year i only regularly ish talk to like one person from that thread. expect most people to chat for about a week before one of you loses intrest.

No. 1729210

Can someone PLEEEASEE link me the pic of that grown ass hairy man cosplaying as Olivia Rodrigo on twitter with the stickers on his face and the wheres my fucking teenage dream caption

No. 1729223

File: 1697517203507.gif (1.6 MB, 500x318, surprised-dad-face.gif)

me watching the manager favorites fight today and the one i like telling the one i hate that she is going home early

No. 1729235

File: 1697518903932.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, laughs.png)

a character on aichat warned me to not go into the woods and when I asked why, it started telling me a story about it got kidnapped and fucked (raped?) by bigfoot who wanted to 'love' him

No. 1729236

File: 1697519436660.jpg (653.7 KB, 1440x888, CustardBunBun_Proof.jpg)

I'm a bit embarrassed because I'm a slow reader. I've been a slow reader my whole life, I got put in remedial English in elementary school and I have dyslexia. It sucks because I love reading a lot and I love stories. Anyways, being slow's not gonna stop me from reading but still. I wish I was faster. I could read even more, then.

No. 1729241

had a dream my husband cheated and basically invaded everyone on his phone, I even changed his "my eyes only" snapchat code just to find literally nothing there. He has an Iphone what are expert mode snooping?

No. 1729243

Holy FUCK. New Sheena Ringo!

No. 1729245

larping as a tranny online is kinda satisfying, i can make retarded questions without thinking ''ugh some scrote is going to think i am another dumb woman that knows nothing'' instead i just make troons look bad

No. 1729247

It's learning from you

No. 1729256

File: 1697521264563.jpg (128.76 KB, 720x807, 1697464448067.jpg)

Trannies actually act like this, so good job at replicating their behaviour

No. 1729263

Yes, but it requires that both sides actually put in the effort.

No. 1729271

and how much physical flaws you can get away with that women get ripped apart far. if you have hideous saggy sock boobs its "wow they look just like a cis womans", if they have an ass that isn't 180 degrees flat they get crowned as thicc baddies with ideal bodies. and its perfectly fine if they're botched bc they totally ~needed~ 3 nose jobs,a kpop jaw and bella hadid eye lift

No. 1729279

Not to be crass but I just had such a devastating toilet experience that I’m just kinda walking around with the phone in my hands because my ass hurts too much to sit down. I’m never eating burek again

No. 1729282

I added someone from there yesterday, and that person has been online from time to time since but not responding to my message for some reason, idk if she's just busy or what, I guess I'm just going to wait for her reply

No. 1729283

Kek, he was fucking malding in picrel. YWNBAW cain.

No. 1729288

>eww pubic hair is so undelicate
>men don't want to f you HA get owned!
kek what a coombrained male view. Absolutely seething that a woman in her natural state is more feminine than a man with 200 artificial modifications

No. 1729293

nta but for years I've added someone from time to time.. that basically always happens. nonnies really nice on here but one on one it's really tough to get anything through the brick walls that people have built up. it gets really rough and feels like you gotta interview people and parrot their interests or else you're not interesting enough. be ready for disappointment

No. 1729301

>starts randomly going on about genitalia out of nowhere
Kek the Y never fails to make itself known.

No. 1729303

God fucking damnit, I'm in a train to get back home to eastern Germany after a long weekend with my best friend in western Germany, and there's an old men's group in the wagon drinking beer at 10:30AM. Don't let them stop where I'm from.

No. 1729305

File: 1697531513223.jpg (61.3 KB, 760x394, IMG_20231016_182946.jpg)

Relevant once again

No. 1729306

Post their photos here so I can deepfake them into gay scat porn. I will always have your back no matter what

No. 1729324

Nona, why do you have gay scat porn saved..

No. 1729326

They stopped before my hometown, but thanks nonna. Now the second wtf moment in the train was in the washroom. I wanted to wash my hands, I got sprayed with soap on my hoodie and then the sensor for the water to activate just wasn't working (I went to another washroom after that, and same thing happened). I had to "wash" my hands with the droplets of water in the sink, couldn't rinse, had to wipe the soap from my hands with paper towels.
I spent 75€ on this train ride, except for the fact I'll be home before 6pm, it's a bit or a piss take, pun intended.

No. 1729331

File: 1697538784239.png (Spoiler Image,615.63 KB, 1080x954, I'm in a dd/dd relationship an…)

No. 1729334

The "coarse hairs on your pussy and asshole" was wild. I actually do not think having coarse hair on your asshole is actually that common, even for men lol.

No. 1729341

File: 1697540722682.jpg (106.57 KB, 1200x800, baldurs_gate_3_astarion_vampir…)

it seems that skipping my meds makes me irritable but i still want to punch this guy

No. 1729345

File: 1697541545310.gif (1002.54 KB, 400x333, 3adc28c90625b243a8a91551e46b3e…)

Why? Why not fuck him? And then kick him in the balls and punch him

No. 1729347

i just dont like him

No. 1729360

why am i so stupid aaaah I neglected to take my iron supplements regularly for like 2 weeka and now I'm feeling tired and blah

No. 1729362

I wanted to get one too and I thought it'd be easy to find an old sturdy one at a thrift store or flea market but no. It's for my grandmother with dementia who won't recognize a new plastic one.

Why are you hand washing your clothes?

No. 1729412

he's annoying as fuck and I've never seen anyone thirst over him who wasn't a former superwholocktard

No. 1729413

is that actually ethel cain or is it just one of his fans?

No. 1729445

File: 1697551887056.jpg (163.5 KB, 1406x1605, Fnw9jf3aUAA4Xc4.jpg_large.jpg)

Would anyone else be interested in a TADC thread if I created one in /m/? I want to post about Pomni without shitting up this thread every day

No. 1729447

No, it's actually him kek. He dirty deleted this but proceeded to go on several other rants related to this post trying to cover his ass

No. 1729448

no, since i dont think its that big enough to be talked about? like only the pilots out? wait until it becomes a full fledged story

No. 1729450

yet another reason to hate that fag. I don't even like ND but it's disgusting that he's shamelessly skinwalking her and making it further for the sole reason that he's a tranny and gets shit handed to him.

No. 1729452

if im not transphobic i will literally die, my insides contain a bomb that will literally explode if i am not literally transphobic, like literally die of an literal explosion

No. 1729453


No. 1729462

File: 1697553805732.jpg (63.76 KB, 736x868, Tiny cat amigurumi collectible…)

When I'm very low motivation and can't get anything done, I pretend that I'm a single mom that needs to provide for her kids and I get to working immediately.

No. 1729469

I do not give a single shit anon I want to talk about Pomni

No. 1729474

A single mom who works two jobs who loves her kids and never stops!

No. 1729475

A single mom who works two jobs who loves her kids and never stops!

No. 1729487

So cuteee I'm imagining those two little kittens being your bbys and it's adorable, also I think that's a cool strategy tbh

No. 1729489

Do it I need to know more about this thing

No. 1729490

You could and it would be a good place to share fanart but otherwise I don’t think there’s a whole lot to say lol

No. 1729491

there's a clown/jester thread on /m/

No. 1729493

File: 1697555786742.jpeg (367.39 KB, 750x1147, IMG_2806.jpeg)

>skin care can only do so much, just get laser it’s quick and easy

No. 1729500

nta but isn't that thread for imagedumping?

No. 1729508

I didn't like this series, it feels like an unholy fusion between Poppe and several other tired tumblr concepts, specially that dumbass Jax character I literally cringed when he appeared on screen and the fact he's voice by Angel dust's voice actor ain't helping

No. 1729514

eating hummus on the spoon. my sweet hummy nom nom someone needs to create savory ice cream…

No. 1729516

I thought that's what op wanted to do. there isn't much else to really say about the show that wasn't already said in /snow/

No. 1729518

>savory ice cream
Cream cheese

No. 1729525

File: 1697557909255.png (902.49 KB, 730x904, superraedizzle.png)

DrawingWiffWaffles hasn't uploaded a thing in 6 months and I really wonder if she's alright. I love her videos for the BG noise and she seems like such a sweetie. Also, I've been reading old art salt threads and something about them was so fun even though it was just talking about art-tubers. They don't feel the same anymore.

No. 1729547

It exists

No. 1729549

After the raids the entire website
just doesn't feel as fun anymore, there's some sparks here and there but a lot of the fun anons went away

No. 1729561

what are the chances she just moved on to something better and more stable? Getting a few hundred k views per video can't have been that profiteable.

No. 1729568

It's possible, but I believe she has a health condition that prevents her from working regular jobs.

No. 1729570

It's not because of raids, everyone knows farmers left after the Shaymin fiasco and after gossip videos linked lolcow and the zoomers took over.

No. 1729574

File: 1697562564201.jpg (25.07 KB, 563x344, cat.jpg)

When I turn on the A/C heat for the first time in months and it smells like a fire it had that fishy electrical fire smell one time

No. 1729581

I made the mistake of going on reddit to ask for advice on my shroom bags and some scrote tried to say they were all contaminated and that I should throw them all away. I almost believed him until I had the bag assessed by one of my friends who does her own flushes who said it looks just fine and on track. Men will really bend over backwards to try to make women feel dumb and take any opportunity to be like “dumb cunt you’re doing this wrong” when you’re literally doing everything right. I need to have a genocide.

No. 1729590

File: 1697563384796.jpeg (31.41 KB, 460x434, IMG_5007.jpeg)

I did that this morning and it set off my smoke detector.

No. 1729592

>zoomers took over
I'm a zoomer and I've been here since 2015/16, stfu oldfag millennial, go be a Disney adult, wear clothes with a galaxy print on them, and call every dog you see a pupper

No. 1729593

>I've been here since 2015/16
That just means your an oldfag too.

No. 1729594

Nta but that clearly wasn't aimed at integrated zoomers dumbass

No. 1729595

Yeah but at least I'm not a millennial

No. 1729596

frfr! slay kween that post was fire! nocap

No. 1729602

I just saw what's going on with Shayna, and Shayfags potentially being what could put this site in danger of actually going kaput seems so predictable kekkk of course that won't actually happen though

No. 1729603

Are you sure you’re an oldfag you seem too autistic

No. 1729604

File: 1697564024138.png (21.71 KB, 1290x128, admin.PNG)

I reposted and forgot the photo, fuck

No. 1729605

I hope by raids you mean the swarms of idiots brought in by the creepshow debacle and general twitterfication. the board culture did a 180 and everyone fun did leave. the shaymin shitshow didn't help but the decline predates it by years.

No. 1729606

I would wager that most oldfags are autistic because only autists could tolerate coming to this site year after year

No. 1729614

Hey some of us are just retarded

No. 1729623

I thought being an oldfag just meant you were old. Am i actually wrong

No. 1729625

For their own sake and all of ours I hope they eventually do just take the site offline and leave it down kek. Shayfags would literally jump off a bridge…

No. 1729626

Oldfag is a term used to describe a person who has been using a website for a long time, it doesn't have to do with age

No. 1729627

yes, retard. oldfag v newfag is related to how long you've been doing something, in our case using lolcow.

No. 1729629

Don't be mean to her

No. 1729636

File: 1697566433062.gif (1.57 MB, 498x278, fly-spray-bug-spray.gif)

No. 1729637

I wish misfortune and disease on both of you

No. 1729638

No nonna, an oldfag is just someone who's been here for a long time. I have seen some anons (semi-wrongly) use it to refer to their age though, which is probably why you're confused.

No. 1729640

No one asked for your opinion, hater!

No. 1729641

Samefag, I think it's just wrong, not semi-wrong. No one here would call themselves a youngfag, so it doesn't quite make sense to call yourself an oldfag. And never call yourself old.

No. 1729648

When I got my first pair of glasses, my grandma gave me a glasses case (she didn't like the little flimsy case they gave me) and I lost it and I'm still in despair over it. I genuinely have no real idea where they could be. I don't even think she knows I don't have it anymore

No. 1729650

It's either a oldfag, a lurker or a newfag. Age doesn't come into it. How long have you been here, experiance on how an imageboard works and posting etiquette and finally wheather or not you read the rules or not when posting.

No. 1729653

Why are Shayna's threads in /snow/ and not /pt/?

No. 1729657

because she unironically isn't milky enough to warrant the move. never has been.

No. 1729668

I'm going out with a poly couple I'm gonna try and steal the gf cuz she's cute

No. 1729669

>going out with a poly couple because you think the woman is cute
you have zero standards, have fun playing tabletop games with Redditors

No. 1729674

My standards aren't that low I'll leave if they pull out secret hitler

No. 1729679

I wasn't a superwholocktard, I actually hated both fandoms, and I'm lusting after him

No. 1729683

I truly don't understand everyone's thirst over him. He's extremely faggy

No. 1729703

I hate that the term "safe horny" was coined by like super degen furries because it's so accurate

No. 1729706

everything about you disgusts me

No. 1729737

What's safe horny?

No. 1729743

File: 1697574855515.jpeg (25.88 KB, 739x415, images (3).jpeg)

My country's sensationalist jurnos talking about third world war while being on the other side of the planet from Europe and the middle east

No. 1729761

>reeeee you have pussy hair
Well yeah I'm a fucking adult I would hope so. Also hairy pussy is beautiful and natural

No. 1729764

is this recent? inshallah it will get my mutuals to stop reblogging him, i hate that faggot so much.

No. 1729768

first day of saul goodmaxxing, learning how to use SD so i can shit commissions faster

No. 1729774

File: 1697576614056.png (185.46 KB, 417x626, sexyvampire100realnofake.png)

He looks OLD, HAGGARD and like my 50yo AUNTIE!! His skin has seen better centuries it looks dry as fuck!! bring back sexy, eternally beautiful vampires, this is a disgrace!!

No. 1729785

i think you can mod him not sure

No. 1729790

Every character in this game is so fucking ugly.

No. 1729791

File: 1697578081508.jpg (160.46 KB, 2008x1203, Capture.JPG)

its true you can make him handsom

No. 1729798

yeah it's from oct 15th, there was more in celebricows >>>/ot/1728500
was posted and deleted in like an hour. then ethel posted absolute walls of text trying to "clarify" do damage control.

No. 1729814

File: 1697579340937.jpg (134.09 KB, 1084x1203, Capture.JPG)

No. 1729828

Yess, look on in fear as I, the exchange student, is added to your group project. You fear free riders but I fear bad grades, soon we will be able to coexist, do not be afraid.

No. 1729830

Thank you! Retards are creaming their pants over Astarion, but he is so ugly to me. I took him off my party immediately. And i hate his faggy voice.

No. 1729831

late but thank you for posting this, this is so interesting. it makes my blood boil seeing the email where he describes how in love he is with her and how he might have won the "wife lotto" then hearing his friends talk about how he told them she was a stalker, what the fuck. you KNOW that's how he was talking to her in private too, telling her they would get married and he loved her, while at the same time humiliating her to everyone else.

No. 1729834

Holy shit discussing any kind of politics in /ot/ should be banned, I constantly see so many bad takes that it causes me brain damage. It really shows that many anons here are uneducated mentally ill drugged out NEETs who have no comprehension of how the society or even the world around them works and have complete black and white thinking.

No. 1729835

File: 1697580590229.jpeg (272.68 KB, 900x1310, 30D16234-8D3C-4E9B-98E6-297B7F…)

Homie is literally just a horny Fenris OOC twilight vampire crossover

No. 1729837

unironically the hottest out of all the other versions but i have a fetish so i'm biased

No. 1729839

Fr, jokerstarion could get it

No. 1729844

File: 1697581544568.jpg (53.09 KB, 563x863, chichi1.jpg)

my friend told me her bf had a really bad gambling problem and i keep getting recommended gambling reels on instagram, like jokes about gambling and stuff, so i sent her one and told her she should send it to him. now i think she's mad at me even though i apologized and she said she isn't. in my defence it was pretty funny. and we make dark jokes all the time so i didn't foresee it being actually offensive. tbh i don't know what's going on with her boyfriend. they've been dating for almost 4 months and she recently let it slip that he has never said "i love you" even though she's said it to him. also, she plans to marry him and wants to live with him as the main provider, but i don't think he feels the same way about her… he called her and told her they were moving too fast. i don't know he's a nice guy but uh i think he's going to dump her and i'm already scared of the emotional fallout. i also keep trying to tell her that planning on being a trophy wife is not an actual plan for your life (especially when the person you're planning on being trophy-wifed to doesn't know that's your plan) and now that i know he was addicted to cocaine and gambling it's uh. anyway i think the gambling meme might have triggered her because subconsciously she also realizes that this is not a relationship that's going to last.

No. 1729846

File: 1697581672054.jpg (504.1 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_2023-10-18-00-27-06…)

normal brain: comparing astarion to other vampires in vidya and saying he's too old or too faggy
galaxy brain: understanding that astarion is just AU preminger bitten by a vampire
When will you finally get it? I feel like only kids who loved preminger get the appeal

No. 1729847

my cat smells like poo

No. 1729852

They’ve been posting clips of I think Ai singing his song in vampire man’s voice and I don’t get it

No. 1729853

wash your pussy nonna

No. 1729854

Clean her litter more often? she’s probably stepping in her poo

No. 1729855

another proof we tomboys are superior

No. 1729856

it's made of poo

No. 1729857

File: 1697582402816.jpg (35.74 KB, 400x300, 1696301073256761.jpg)

Someone made a lora of my niche husbando, i am going to make so much porn.

No. 1729859

What's a lora?

No. 1729861

It's like a pointer trained on certain data for AI. You can train them on styles or characters and it makes it easier to tell the AI what you want to make.

No. 1729862

File: 1697582993623.png (84.13 KB, 236x238, Preminger-standing-tall.jpeg.p…)

Preminger is easily hotter and more charismatic pffft

No. 1729867

Could always try audiobooks to make it faster.

No. 1729871

I love baby powder smell…. might unironically try this

No. 1729872

Ohhhh I need to make one for my husbando. Thanks for replying nonna! Where can I make one for free?

No. 1729875

I stumbled upon a Russian male cosplayer who cosplays Leon and other hot male characters popular with women. Saved some of his pictures off instagram already. He's ugly and bland without all the makeup and outfits but he knows the best makeup and angles to make himself look hot.

No. 1729876

You have to post it anon

No. 1729881

oh yeah i know who you are talking about, he's a butterface

No. 1729882

File: 1697586920711.jpg (767.94 KB, 2160x3840, 20231018_025513.jpg)

Ok but don't booly me if you don't like it.

No. 1729883

no idea, check civitai maybe they have it

No. 1729884

Yeah I discovered him because he posted some of his cosplay on a subreddit I frequent for a show I like and decided to check his insta.

No. 1729885


No. 1729887

File: 1697587375752.png (144.75 KB, 500x500, sheeeeeeet-pepe.png)


No. 1729890

A-anon this is very good haha you should post more haha

No. 1729893

more now pleAASE

No. 1729895

It was all of it together, you can't pretend that the tranny posting gore and gross shit wasn't part of it. It was just a chain of unfortunate events.

No. 1729896

sorry I'm dumb but who's ND

No. 1729902

File: 1697588954797.jpg (849.73 KB, 2160x3840, 20231018_032752.jpg)

Here's more Leon as you asked. His insta if you want more:https://www.instagram.com/graysonfinofficial He posts some extra weird stuff from time to time but overall his cosplay is nice. He does genshin impact stuff too. I don't play it but I like the pictures he took kek, might post them later if you want to.

No. 1729904

Stupid fuckass wig

No. 1729905

File: 1697589299522.jpg (357.05 KB, 2000x1333, wacom.jpg)

My entire world shattered when I got my first drawing tablet and realized how difficult it actually is to draw without a screen. Drawing with a no-screen tablet is actually an entire skill on it's own. And then years later I made the same mistake and bought another one kekk.

No. 1729906

Hes ugly for one, and two fuck that ugly ass bird shit colored Link from GMM bouffant on top of his head

No. 1729908

guessing nicole dollanganger

No. 1729909

You're obviously extremely close in age to millennials if you were posting here in 2015. A majority of the previous posters are on the younger spectrum of millennial anyways.

No. 1729910

>get prescribed 900mg a day of anxiety meds
>damn thats a lot
>look up medication
>its seizure meds that make you so tired you can't think
It's over for me

No. 1729911

I don't find it that hard, I think i would feel uncomfortable drawing on a screen tablet because my hand would get in the way

No. 1729918

Is Meadow a good name for a main character of a book? I also want it to function as the title. The character’s mom has munchausens by proxy and I want the name to kind of out there as a reflection of how she sees the world as an “im so special” competition. But at the same time, it kind of sounds tryhard/mary suish when you don’t consider the context. I’ve also heard its a character from the sopranos. The book will be a drama.

im actually 60% into a book im already writing but im not feeling too good about it rn kek, so im taking a break and trying something new

No. 1729927

holy shit how are male gay scrotes so good at making AI porn in comparison to their straight counterparts, they are like the leyendeckers of AI.

No. 1729931

File: 1697590920562.jpg (629.54 KB, 640x912, Bargain_Korean_Drama-p1.jpg)

Bargain is an extremely good show imo, I really liked it and im excited for a season 2.

No. 1729932

this, especially that hideous red woman

safe horny is when groups of people (or really just women because men dgaf unless they're trying to show their female followers what a good noodle they are so they can groom them) glom onto haggard old people in order to fantasize as loud as they want without getting called problematic, creepy, a pedo, and whatever else by faggots on twitter. visibly old men are the "safest" demographic to sexualize, bonus points for racial diversity. the forced "mommy step on me" posts you see whenever they see a female character who looks 30+ also falls into the safe horny category, all female ones have innate bonus points too for reminding those around you that you were supposed to be bisexual.

No. 1729937

imho it would definitely be an appropriate name for the sort of character you're describing. i could definitely see a munchie mim naming her daughter that

No. 1729943

The anon who told me to drink more water to fix my constipation kind of saved my life. Yeah I'm peeing every two second but my poops are getting smoother. I've also started kegeling. My excretory system loves me right now.

No. 1729945

Thanks to the anons who comforted me when I said I relapsed. I feel a lot better now.
What a hussy.

No. 1729954

File: 1697594733737.jpg (101.79 KB, 700x700, cinder-toffee-sweets_1.jpg)

cinder toffee has the texture of eating dry wall, and i love every second of it.

No. 1729962

File: 1697595383974.jpg (6.55 KB, 163x309, iphone-case.jpg)

I was looking through Amazon for phone cases and found this??? ? I have so many questions kekkkk

No. 1729972

You’re welcome. Sorry about all the pissing, necessary evil.

No. 1729981

i've been doing this for decades and never became less constipated, only got the piss effect

No. 1729989

File: 1697598648534.gif (11.32 MB, 638x586, cow-wash-the-cow-wash.gif)

I'm pregnant, I hate my nigel and love him. I wanna bump the no-nos but the thought of him touching me makes me wanna barf and screech angrily.

No. 1729993

Bloke phone innit

No. 1729997

File: 1697600422998.png (445.37 KB, 736x1070, Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 8.39.…)

I always ask myself "who the fuck is buying this??" when looking at phone cases kek they're so weird

No. 1730001

what the fuck?

No. 1730004

Feeling extra retarded lately

No. 1730010

File: 1697602946098.gif (568.41 KB, 498x280, community-hairflip.gif)


No. 1730011

in a good or bad way

No. 1730015

File: 1697604017628.jpg (138.6 KB, 1000x667, atlasnewborn-19wm.jpg)

Ugh I am so tired of being confused for a 2 month old baby. People always come up to me and ask to hold me and go goo goo gaga at me. Moms even say me that I look younger than their 2 hour old baby. I know I am so youthful and neotonous but I am so tired of this guys I can't help that I look like so young. Pic rel looks similar to me but I look slightly younger (yes I look that young!!!)

No. 1730018

Fuck off newfag

No. 1730021

wrinkled hag that looks over 25

No. 1730025

kek i often wonder how the grown women who supposedly get mistaken for teenagers (and even middle schoolers too apparently) always flock to sites like this and reddit but you never see them irl

No. 1730026

spoiler that shit

No. 1730030

goo goo gaga lookin ass

No. 1730034

Ugh don't you just hate how JEALOUS everyone is too?

No. 1730035

some of them almost seem to brag about it which is weird

No. 1730036

I put a slice of cheese on my coffee and I'm watching it In the microwave as I type

No. 1730037

What type of cheese?

No. 1730038

Yellow American cheese from walmart

No. 1730039

File: 1697607589840.jpg (47.72 KB, 512x512, 007a19497d5d84e20085460dfff2fa…)

No. 1730040

I took a picture but my fat ass thumb is in the way. Should've took more before I dumped it. I'm kinda shake.
Update it burnt around the edges and didn't melt properly tasted horrible. Back to the lab

No. 1730086

eat more fiber. legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables etc

No. 1730132

File: 1697622019444.jpeg (14.13 KB, 200x200, 1669739184307.jpeg)

Whoa mama

No. 1730154

it hurts me when people shit on my husband

No. 1730163

Did you drop the o at the end?

No. 1730166

are any of your ad blockers still working for YouTube? it won't even let me X out now

No. 1730167

Good lord please hold me for I am about to goon

No. 1730169

I can't even play videos now, even though I have turned it off

No. 1730171

File: 1697628222066.jpg (28.24 KB, 564x664, cat.jpg)

I followed a method on reddit to get the popups to go away. It's working for now but I've seen people say it stopped working.

No. 1730177

I wonder if there's a tampermonkey script for this. Someone go find out pls

No. 1730178

My husbando is commonly shipped with another dude from his series, and sometimes I see those shippers and think that's how non-husbandofags must see me. I just saw someone say they have "married couple body language" and they were just standing next to each other. I don't dislike the ship/shippers or anything though, but I do see the delusion.

No. 1730181

Anon just scroll up

No. 1730182

YT helping me get rid of my addiction.

No. 1730185

File: 1697629681053.jpg (465.25 KB, 1080x1957, Screenshot_20231018_112319_Red…)

This was very hard.

No. 1730186

At work again, for the upteenth time with tourists:
"Them. - We booked a guided tour.
Me. - Yes. Do you already have the tickets or do you need to pick them up and pay?
Them. - I don't know that."
It's your goddamn money and your goddamn reservation, I don't have access to your emails or bank accounts.
If I did I wouldn't be sitting at a 40-50h/week job, herp derp.

No. 1730189

I feel you nonna, I can't even search for content of my husbando without this one ship of him coming up in almost every single post. I don't mind delulu shippers for the most part either tbh I like to ship characters as well, I just can't stand when people bastardize his entire character and turn him into a collection of fandom tropes for the sake of a ship. For the most part, husbandofags enjoy their guys as is and love the characters the way they were written instead of making them into some tumblr blorbo kek

No. 1730190

Well I didn't feel like doing that. Thanks though.

No. 1730198

Somehow bent one little pin in the charging port of my bluetooth speaker and now it's useless. I hate being too clumsy to own electronics.
And I hate how easily it is to just break the charging port even though everything else probably works fine…

No. 1730201

He's real to me…

No. 1730217

I love remembering lumendatabase exists and checking complaints against the site but it's always Lillie jean trying to get shit taken down kek.

No. 1730233

I do this regularly kek it's so much fun once you've dug through the catch-all camgirl claims

No. 1730244

File: 1697637396225.png (643.99 KB, 546x597, 1697011830104.png)

I share a special bond with whoever keeps reposting this goddamn gazelle.

No. 1730250

There was a weird one concerning projared kek, I barely keep up with him. It's normally cam girl though you are right

No. 1730285

I wonder if that anon posting random takes from radblr is still around. I'm sad she got called out for it, I liked reading farmers opinions on them, some of them were good discussions.

No. 1730340

Nonnies I found a really cool old declaration pamphlet online, it's ultimately useless but it comes with a badge as well that I won't wear but it can go with some other cool pins I've displayed. Buy or not buy?

No. 1730383

me too let's be friendss

No. 1730386

No. 1730387

why is ohio a meme? i am not from the USA

No. 1730388

Aah, same anon. I don't mind them either but it is kind of weird see some people turn my husbando into a small cute shy twink uwu or whatever. He's literally a grown man.

No. 1730391

wy is everyone simping for this dumpy guy? he doesnt even have a good ass, he should do sit ups

No. 1730392

i don't know why and i am from ohio

No. 1730394

Will do I told my dad and he got excited about it so I can't let him down now kek

No. 1730400

if you can(and want) please post after it arrives, i am super curious

No. 1730406

does anyone have savings, if so how much(if you wnna tell), and what are you saving for? i used to waste all my commission money on food and garbage, now i started saving. I have measly 150 usd in savings, but i am planning to save everything from now on.

No. 1730412

My savings usually go to vet care and house/vehicle repairs

No. 1730425

Close to 20k. I've been saving since graduating high school. Bought a house two years ago and had enough for a down payment. Now, it's nice to have a safety net in case anything happens.

No. 1730426

I am guessing it's because in reality there is nothing in Ohio

No. 1730427

Wow anon you're so not like other nonnas simping for a hot guy

No. 1730432

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

No. 1730434

File: 1697652841161.jpg (27.94 KB, 519x519, gay cat.jpg)

Anons, I'm thinking about hypotheticals to procrastinate on actually important things again. How would you feel/react if you had a child and they decided to troon out?

For me, if I had a daughter (not going to speak on sons because I don't want one), I think I would feel guilty because I probably messed up in my parenting somewhere. I don't think I would outright be like "you're not a man!" because that's a recipe for getting your kid to hate you, but I think I would try to look at whatever caused her to troon out in the first place and improve from there. I think most FTMs do it because of some insecurity (sexuality, appearance, whatever) so I think I would try to subtly push her in the right direction to improve her confidence and hope she grows out of it. No hormones though.

No. 1730435

File: 1697652922224.jpg (53.86 KB, 526x526, Leon.jpg)

Oh I've heard of him. He's the famous tied up Leon kek Pretty sure hes a fag
Has decent photos though

No. 1730442

nonna i am in ohio now so am i nothing?

No. 1730449

Teach them from a young age that the things they do don’t define their gender, as in:
> you’re a girl who likes to play with trucks
> you’re a boy that likes playing dress up
I wouldn’t pathologise or astrologise their every behavior into boy and girl, just into “that’s what people do”. Obviously biological realities would inform certain information but not interests/toys.
That said if my kid did come to me with the “I’m trans” claim my reaction would depend on their age. If they were under 11 I’d find the source and keep reiterating that the things they like and people they admire don’t dictate their gender. When I found the source I’d remove its influence.
If they were over 11 I’d find the source again, they’d have a dumb phone and no access to unsupervised internet so it’d have to be a person, but outwardly I’d be really blasé about it and grey rock. I’d ask them a lot of questions and challenge their understanding and highlight magical thinking/circular logic/cognitive dissonance. I wouldn’t change their name or “respect” their pronouns, I live in reality thanks. Depending on how bad it got I’d pull them out of school or play the game with them like: “No sweetie mummy isn’t a bigot, I’m a counter gender which means in order to feel close to my gender feelings I have to gender others in relation to how they make me view my gender. It’s ok you’re still ignorant to what it means to be trans, you’ll learn as you grow up.”
No hormones or surgery, information on the realities of these experimentations and the realities faced by women (non of this “women live on easy mode” bs)/realities of being a women (non of this “women haven’t done anything for civilization” bs either). Then I’d fill their days with activities so they didn’t have time to navel gaze, if you can remunerate on your gender and what it means to like the color pink you can do the dishes at the same bloody time.

No. 1730456

it's basically like your kid is joining a cult. and current norms really do encourage kids to distrust and get ready to cut off their "transphobic" parents. if my child was underage when they id as trans, i'd talk to them about the medical risks and that the "science" has always been sexist and homophobic, also note the amount of groomers and sex pests who are "transwomen". that might seem like too much but i don't care, i've read enough about women getting preyed on and raped by transwomen. i would not let them medically transition if underage but as an adult ultimately it's their choice. i wouldn't pay for it though it's a cosmetic procedure.

No. 1730457

File: 1697654871848.gif (183.55 KB, 220x122, kim-possible.gif)

I would throw everything I can at her.
>comfort her every single day that she's beautiful the way she is: as a girl who'll grow into a beautiful woman
>explain to her that her gender does not mean personality, and that she doesn't have to be a boy to have a nonstereotypical personality
>emphasize the difference between the two sexes, and make it clear that she is a female who could never be a boy, but that it's okay because there's nothing wrong with being a girl
>bring her to therapy so she can learn self-love from a therapist that WONT groom or encourage any tranny shit
>explain to her the dangers of males, hopefully discouraging her from wanting to associate with such an atrocious group of people
>explain to her the dangers of hoping on destructive chemical treatments and surgery that'll never leave you the same, even if you try to get your body back the way it was
>remind her everyday that she is loved by her mother, and by everyone else in her family for the perfect girl she is
>limit and monitor her internet activity
>pay attention to who her friends are so I can forbid her from seeing any "trans kids"
>consider enrolling her into an all-girls school that bans "trans kids"

No. 1730469

It’s very embarrassing to see so many anons jumping on the digital circus show when I know visiting family at Christmas all the gen alphas will be blasting shitty music video edits of it on their switches and receiving 5000 variants of jax plushies to put next to their ten million fnaf bears

No. 1730487

File: 1697657728635.png (194.25 KB, 420x420, Png.png)

Why does sugar free redbull taste how the weird incense section at the gas station smells?

No. 1730493

I liked the pilot but I'll stay the fuck away from the fandom, I won't even dare look its way

No. 1730495

Cuz it yucky

No. 1730543

Yeah I wish I hadn't been weak and bought the damn thing.

No. 1730548

File: 1697661307560.jpeg (717.26 KB, 3464x3464, 28A8206E-2A42-444C-83AC-DD239E…)

A rat

No. 1730550

I'm seriously considering getting a dumb phone once I'm out of uni

No. 1730556

the front page of uquiz is highly concentrated zoomer retardation

No. 1730565

he's not hot, i just have higher standars than male thot

No. 1730568

File: 1697662891694.jpg (488.02 KB, 1079x1961, Screenshot_20231018_170132_Chr…)

Dear God you're right

No. 1730575

that's such an ableist thing to call a phone, just because it didn't go to uni like you do? sick nona

No. 1730583

Op anon, we're just having silly fun, it's the dumbass thread after all. But do enlighten us with your very hot non thotty men though, they better be eye candy or else…..

No. 1730598

I agree but he should do squats and go on a diet and do cardio. He’s posing and his arm muscles aren’t even popping, he probably looks totally flabbed when he’s relaxed. And you can see the cottage cheese he photoshopped away on his inner thighs. Do better boythotty cosplayers

No. 1730599

File: 1697664227144.jpg (191.45 KB, 1338x2048, 20231018_153245.jpg)


No. 1730602

He has the exact same ass PT had at her peak fitness

No. 1730618

I don't know if I'll remember to post but this guy from the FDJ (GDR soviet youth party) received a medal for his activism and it comes with a pamphlet on the things he did/signatures and the medal. The guy who's selling it also sells some GDR newspapers so I'm very excited! I'm not a communist but soviet dictatorship is so fascinating to me, and German I can actually somewhat understand kek.

No. 1730625

File: 1697665197966.jpg (50.53 KB, 512x640, download (2).jpg)

The place that did my car repairs put a little tag on my keys for identification, and I still have it on there. I feel like one of those people that keep their hospital band on days after they got out the hospital. I'll take it off once I finally get new keychains.

No. 1730631

I knew it kek. Live your truth I guess, while I'll keep looking at thotty men.

No. 1730635

File: 1697666114843.jpg (164.55 KB, 2126x1536, 20231018_123713.jpg)

dropped my nta bingbong

No. 1730637

File: 1697666371742.gif (6.45 MB, 528x342, regis.gif)

regice looks a little down today. why don't you tell him he has the best pokemon cry to cheer him up, anon?

No. 1730653

European adapter-lookin ass

No. 1730668

Oops, oh well

No. 1730672

I would do the same

No. 1730674

true, he has the best pokemon registeel next to him.

No. 1730676

use fireblast

No. 1730710

I should go put some chicken in the oven so I can have something to eat once I'm done working, but I'm too lazy. I have some really yum parmesan garlic sauce from walmart that I want to make wings with.

No. 1730726

Sometimes I read posts and think "wow, anons are so intelligent and bright" and then other times "wow, anons are one step up from basement dwellers"

No. 1730727

The triangle and cow bell sounds in Yeah by Usher and Adore by Ariana Grande respectively are both so loud and it's ruining my enjoyment of both

No. 1730733

File: 1697672116789.png (318.57 KB, 957x1706, IMG_8699.png)

Fate as a series is just MCU for porn addicts but I’m obsessed with this fucking creature. I know nothing about her other than memes of her being a fucking gremlin. And the style she’s drawn in is so goofy I can’t hate her. I only hate moids making porn and unfunny stuff with her

No. 1730751

It’s such a cute design.

No. 1730766

File: 1697675321963.jpg (63.28 KB, 666x500, 1224_900.jpg)

No. 1730785

File: 1697677800071.png (217.57 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20231018-210334~2.p…)

Someone on twitter drew this to make fun of a vtuber who is obsessed with rule 34 jokes.

No. 1730789

They need to make Fate but for women

No. 1730790

File: 1697678157877.jpg (28.53 KB, 360x360, spaghetti.jpg)

The above post has me so curious, anons have you ever seen something you posted on a different social medial site posted here? No need for details obviously but I know there have to be some cases of this.
Sidenote, I remember that one anon that said she was the girl in picrel. I don't think I believed it but funny nonetheless.

No. 1730794

The best of trolls could only aspire to be this incredible

No. 1730795

She was trolling

No. 1730796

No. 1730797

retarded, moids always make fun of women who make the same jokes as them, then go and laugh their ass off at idubbbz.

No. 1730801

Can you say the ABCs backwards? I can't.

No. 1730804

Also I miss livejournal — I lost my password I’m mad

No. 1730805

nonnies in the lolcow in thread are already killing me

No. 1730806

Which vtuber?

No. 1730807

It would take me like a full minute but yes I could

No. 1730808

Fate isn’t for women?

No. 1730813

Fuck you

No. 1730815

You will never see a good looking straight man cosplay Leon

No. 1730827

I actually think he can do no wrong and his intense mood swings on set were a result of his extreme dietary shifts. I unironically stan for several reasons.

No. 1730831

File: 1697682481606.png (40.75 KB, 784x512, stop.PNG)

God. I hate this era.

No. 1730836

Seriously thinking of starting a whatsapp love scam on facebook using AI…

No. 1730840

This video is making me believe in audio brainwashing

No. 1730843

I fucking hate this shit and I tried the reddit "fix" for it and didn't work for shit. Anyway, what would you call this era nonnie?

No. 1730844

He's so off key lmao. But "fighi'ing" made me laugh

No. 1730854

Technological Corporate Oversaturation

No. 1730866

File: 1697685879770.jpeg (12.93 KB, 237x275, old man sphinx.jpeg)

to the nona who posted picrel thank you i am laughing my ass off

No. 1730869

File: 1697686908121.jpeg (895.42 KB, 1242x1153, IMG_8710.jpeg)


The cats instagram is @donsphynxofsweden and the cats name is Freja. She looks like that all the time

No. 1730873

File: 1697687343663.jpg (28.5 KB, 536x533, freja.jpg)

holy shit i love her

No. 1730875

File: 1697687496080.jpeg (793.51 KB, 1242x1092, IMG_8712.jpeg)


I have a soft spot for bald cats they’re ugly but in a cute way

No. 1730887

oh my god what a beautiful creature. such a interesting expression on her face. i'm seeing a mix of judgement/disappointment/disgust.

No. 1730891

I would kick a vaby

No. 1730898

File: 1697692098490.jpg (147.01 KB, 1280x1280, 0a49af7a4d8bd084e61604d93d2f2e…)

You look like a baby? What, you have dwarfism? Kek, have fun Esther.

No. 1730901

Nauseating. Fawning over these abominations is as bad as those women that obsess over mutant inbred pugs.

No. 1730902

Looks like it's about to train Luke Skywalker on Dagobah

No. 1730910

ahem. So I did a pretty funny sketch to post it on one local ib: reasons was - honorary-nostalgic (I was posting drawings on that ib several years ago) and to kinda say hi to a couple of artists occasionally posting there, who I am mutual on socials with
the new mod appears to be an incel attention whore, so he got triggered of god knows what and deleted post then banned ip
(also tried to post funny drawing maybe year ago and got deleted for whatever reasons and never came back to this day - cow mod wasn't there yet, iirc, so is being schizo required for mods or)
but what's the funniest - last conversation in the thread was about artists going away and never coming back, because they are not welcome there, kek
so of course making a moid go triggy is funny n shit, but still I am gigasalty of making a mistake of trying (even if it was a sketch - even a bit counts!) for a loser to janny My Precious Gift out (ah, yes, that art thread was also full of porn - so, apparently, this is what allowed instead, typical moid)

No. 1730924

File: 1697696588140.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, lordgivemestrength.jpeg)

I want to log off and go masturbate so badly, but I agreed to be part of this online ttrpg group and can't leave the call

No. 1730929

File: 1697697430281.jpg (18.27 KB, 473x574, 1623034845454.jpg)

I organized my clothes, I even folded them. It's not the neatest but now my closet is not a complete mess.

No. 1730942

File: 1697699076118.jpg (35.83 KB, 570x524, D3GESSVX0AAj64a.jpg)

Why does everyone say you shouldn't drive with platforms? Sure, it's a little more uncomfortable, but there's not really a big difference between it and driving with normal shoes.

No. 1730957

That girl who took a one way ticket to japan and never came back was definitely a farmer

No. 1731066

Why not now?

No. 1731089

I'm starting to believe the reason for me not being able to slav squat despite trying and practicing for years is because I've got too long femurs.

No. 1731103

File: 1697723894366.png (25.64 KB, 642x705, feelsguy.png)

I have leftover rice and I want to make fried rice so bad but I don't want to disturb my mom

No. 1731125

It's something about feeling the pedal correctly. I think heels are worse, but in general women should always have a pair of flats or sneakers in the car for driving.

No. 1731258

I've been wearing mostly metal and rock band shirts since middle school and have never gotten "name 5 songs". I go to a lot of shows too. I know theyre out there but where are they kek. Is it because im an autist?

No. 1731262

This reminded me: when I was a kid my teenage sister told me it was illegal to drive with bare feet and I believed her for like 4 years until one day she took of her sandals while driving and I yelled at her and she was so confused like she didn’t even remember telling me that and couldn’t believe I believed her

No. 1731270

File: 1697738453495.png (29.11 KB, 300x250, HiFln2f.png)

I wish there was a list of gc/radfem/non-handmaiden female animu artists that take commissions. I don't want to give my hard earned cash to troons

No. 1731279

Well after 6 years of being offered 3 months of premium for free, they've FINALLY downgraded to just 2 months of premium for free! In 12 years they'll learn I won't take their offer!

No. 1731289

what makes you say that? are you talking about sky?

No. 1731312

If you're wearing underground stuff then no one knows what it is to say anything to you lel. And if it's super underground people will just understand that you know your shit anyway, especially at a show. Tbh this was probably more of a problem in the past since people talk to strangers a lot less now in general and dogging on a woman for wearing a band tee is some old man shit

No. 1731316

they don't make vampires like this anymore

No. 1731323

Middle class people are weird. Stop asking me what my favorite Trader Joe’s snacks are I’ve never been

No. 1731324

ok poor

No. 1731325

KEK nonny

No. 1731327

Have any of you gotten ads on social media for a place called Gothe Residence for the Arts or something like that? Some people are raising funds to re-build a Victorian castle into an artist residency for gothic/dark people, and I love the idea but I can already tell that this is going to end terribly wrong kek.

No. 1731329

Nope, but sounds like something that'd have a /snow/ thread

No. 1731334

Dance Moms is such a cinematic masterpiece and the joy it brings me from watching it is indescribable. It's so overdramatic for no reason. I truly love this show

No. 1731335

File: 1697742875791.jpg (112.1 KB, 564x640, FwUhQejXsAcYedh.jpg)

This may be the most important thing I am writing to my nonnies….The spiritual and occult reasons you should not argue with ugly men, especially on Twitter!!!

Man is the seeker and woman is the sought. Your feminine life force is gold!!! Ur conversation, your company, it all has worth!! Your interactions with him, (even and especially!) arguments, fill the void in his soul that craves the company and conversation of women, and


Now with his charged up battery, he will be empowered to hurt u and ur sisters in this world!!! stop it!!! U are being an unpaid geisha entertaining the worlds worst ugliest men!!


For every interaction you have with a man you need to be asking yourself what purpose does the serve in my life?! Is this charging or draining my feminine soul?

Men you interact with outside of practical daily IRL interactions like work and the grocery store should be offering you wealth, handsome beauty and devotion, family protection, etc

Save your life force for yourself, the elevation of your own life and the collective sisterhood!

Arguing with ugly men hurts us all!!

No. 1731337

Just found out about them today, but I'll keep you updated nonnys<3.

I wouldn't let a man protect my family for shit lmfao. I never understood this feminine energy stuff, sounds like tradwifey shit with extra steps to me.

No. 1731338

Honestly, yeah. A lot of women and girls would be way less stressed if they treated men and boys like the NPCs they are.

No. 1731341

Tradwife tards ruined the movement. Being in touch with divine feminine is supposed to mean you just ignore males unless they add value to your life. You focus on yourself. That's it.

Tradwife types just use it to be better pickmes and it irks my soul

No. 1731346

Kek but I feel really bad for the kids. Have you tried the back to the barre podcast?

No. 1731348


No. 1731352

>you just ignore males unless they add value to your life
no males add value to anyones lives kek

No. 1731388

Idk if any other anons are using this method but I'll share anyway in case anyone is: this stopped working for me just now (they blocked the video), but all I had to do was turn off my adblock, refresh, turn it back on, refresh again and it's working again. I didn't want to turn off my adblock cause youtube can probably see and will keep cracking down if they see people are willing to turn it off, but I didn't really have any other choice. I'm sure UBlock will find a fix around it soon, hopefully. There are some other fixes on the youtube subreddit but honestly I'm not interested in trying them right now.

No. 1731395

File: 1697747486899.jpg (55.97 KB, 431x576, 10 Chicken Costumes to Get the…)

Yesterday I was cooking, I think it was boiled eggs but I can't remember, and put a pot lid on the stovetop and I guess the steam/heat made it start sliding across the stovetop by itself. Creepy. Haunted eggs.

No. 1731397

I'm worried they block it on an account basis, because I can watch vids no problem in an incognito window while I get everything blocked when I'm logged in lol

No. 1731416

Disagree, my husband is my best friend and he makes me very happy!

No. 1731419

File: 1697749236560.jpg (96.44 KB, 736x1030, Berry Custard Pastries with It…)

About to make custard for the first time because I really want to eat the puff pastry I have in my freezer, but I have no fruit and custard is the only thing I can think to make with what I have

No. 1731483

Its a mix between more known and lesser known stuff. I think the most popular shirt I have is a Slayer one. I do have a lot of tour shirts, ones from like ten years ago and stuff so that might be it too. It's strange though because I always see women online talking about running into "name 5 songs" guys

No. 1731502

Custard is easy to make if you know how to temper the eggs. but fyi you can use puff pastry to make spanakopita

No. 1731508

Can't believe it's just before Halloween and not a single channel is playing Scary Movie.

No. 1731519

They used to do such great commercials

No. 1731527

Faggots favorite form of insult to women are "[derogatory adjective] little [patronizing term]"
>you're just dumpy little you!!!11
Fucking lol

No. 1731542

i wish i was born to a rich family, life isn't fair.

No. 1731563

File: 1697755785937.jpg (179.76 KB, 1000x1341, 1615117853380.jpg)

I had a fun date with the poly couple
In a way I feel like Katie from Letterkenny with two bfs though

No. 1731564

*I'd prefer

No. 1731569

This would be based if the guy on the right wasn't chubby.

No. 1731574

rattle rattle

No. 1731580

kek disliking chubby men isn't an ana thing

No. 1731586

Weird ass bitch

No. 1731589

File: 1697757678153.jpg (93.76 KB, 736x1104, The Very Best Banana Pudding E…)

Idk how to temper eggs but I just eyeballed it and it came out pretty delicious, except it does have clumps because I was trying to multitask while it was heating up and didn't stir it the entire time. Anyway, It's really good with the puff pastry and custard is surprising delicious. Now that I think about it, this may be my first time really having custard. I think I'll use it next time I make banana pudding. I think I'll freeze the leftover custard cause I make way too much.

Anyway, I'm also cooking some chicken to make garlic parm wings right now. I got a lot of work that I was really stressed about done today, and it feels good to end the day with a good meal.

No. 1731596

>all I see is skinny-fat at best.

No. 1731602

everyone jumping on this anon's ass but not the weird polyfag (wasn't even m/m/f if >>1729668 is anything to go by)

No. 1731605

I don't think anon is trying to become a part of a polycule, she just wants the girlfriend

No. 1731609

Why are anons in the fandom thread always fighting? Every time I scroll by I never see them just politely discussing something.

No. 1731613

Its fandom-related, of course they're fighting, it would be weirder if they weren't
why is everyone getting pissy at you? the guy is kinda chubby, not very fit, just normal

No. 1731616

nah, he's pure lard, i agree with her. man should go on a diet, he's got a good 5 kg to lose

No. 1731621

brave browser blocks youtube ads

No. 1731625

imagine being so insecure about being fat you're willing to defend a lil chubby moid

No. 1731626

Weird ass bitch

No. 1731627

File: 1697759460008.jpg (113.18 KB, 990x990, 1569094897426.jpg)

eat a sandwich

No. 1731630

File: 1697759621724.jpg (58.95 KB, 602x375, main-qimg-9461eb078be2351b1195…)

Hate a man who bugs his eyes out because he thinks it makes him look kawaii so much. You don't look cute you look like you have thyroid disease. You look like SpongeBob. You look stupid.

No. 1731632

File: 1697759725099.jpeg (10.19 KB, 227x225, 69690355-205f-4eb4-8a81-3f751b…)

Lately I've been feeling even sadder than usual and I don't even know why.. like I've always been one dumb sad bitch, but now I don't even want to listen to music which isn't normal for me - I've always loved listening to music, music helped me cope with so much, I'm getting concerned kind of

No. 1731633

nta but you don't have to be insecure about yourself in order to bodyshame men

No. 1731640

File: 1697759997924.png (32.07 KB, 1787x161, smol.png)

Different anon but these replies are so weird cause actual ana chans tend to prefer chubby guys sometimes

No. 1731656

I'm literally dinning some enchiladas rn, i'm overweight myself but i don't mind, not to the point of defending dumpy men

No. 1731659

kek proof the ones shaming the fat piece of lard scrote aren't insecure anas themselves, so any snarky "eat a sammich" replies are misdirected
how can you be so brainwashed and still be on lolcow? shouldn't the constant stream of pop-radfeminism rhetoric influence you in some way?

No. 1731664

so you're binging while you have distorted views about someone else's body to deflect on the fact you're overweight? just go to therapy nonny
yeah like ana-chans never bodyshame anyone kek

No. 1731666

All of you need to shut the fuck up you belong in a gulag for participating in such retarded b8ings

No. 1731671

>someone else's body
men ain't human, if other women insult moids i don't give a shit, i would mind if it was girl tho

No. 1731672

god i wish that were me

No. 1731673

Catty ass little man lol

No. 1731675

File: 1697761333328.png (651.52 KB, 545x1078, dumbass.png)

Anons really spent almost an hour defending this…

No. 1731680

Is that the Leon cosplayer? I haven't been paying attention

No. 1731681

Male on the right is a sausage roll

No. 1731682

Three anons making 1-3 posts each over the course of an hour is nothing to write home about and is just part of conversing on an image board you stupid retard

No. 1731683

File: 1697761664279.jpg (173.54 KB, 1200x800, EPzb_KMXsAE96eB.jpg)

No. 1731684

This looks like a 16 year old. Some of you are losers in a way that is beyond embarassing for you.

No. 1731685

It's male

No. 1731688

I retract my previous statement shes a baddie of highest degree

No. 1731690

Minors are minors regardless of gender you freak kek

No. 1731695

He chubby

No. 1731697

So…do you got proof or are you just pulling shit out of your ass in a desperate attempt to defend him?

No. 1731698

Nonas give me a reason to live

No. 1731701

petting kittens and puppies

No. 1731703

well, a few years ago a chinese man came up with a brilliant grifting scheme to milk cash from western paypigs, and genshin was born. it's all been downhill after that.

No. 1731707

File: 1697762322754.jpg (186.04 KB, 560x880, fnf-poster-64643a920d591-1.jpg)

You need to watch picrel, get a meal at your faveourite resturant afterwards and give your honest review of it in the movie thread in /m/. I'll be waiting for your review.

No. 1731709

File: 1697762342028.png (104.66 KB, 275x230, 122.png)

No. 1731710

It's just the pose and angle but I wouldn't expect women who haven't seen the light of day in a year and smell like the bottom of a wet popeyes bag to understand something that trivial and obvious

No. 1731711

I'm hyped for this

No. 1731713

File: 1697762388564.jpg (21.81 KB, 299x299, FdN2l2GWQAE8jCk.jpg)

No. 1731714

I haven't been interested in FNAF since like the 4th or 5th game, but I honestly think I will tune back in and watch let's plays just so i can see the movie

No. 1731717

File: 1697762494234.png (508.96 KB, 580x580, bimboland.png)

I've been playing bimboland and I get a little happy seeing new users cause it's kind of dead. Like lolcow, it's seems that they have limited staff and older users dropping like flies so you see a lot of the same users over and over.

No. 1731721

what does he look like at other angles

No. 1731722

File: 1697762775228.jpg (61.91 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1731726

why are you going this hard for chubby boi? is he your lil bro?

No. 1731727

Why did you post the uncropped version crop it back

No. 1731731

This movie looks like such lazy trash I can’t believe zoomers continue to lose their shit about this franchise. I went to see a movie where the trailer played for this and the girls next to me literally squealed kek I don’t get it.

No. 1731733

she's literally me everyday in this god forsaken site

No. 1731734

Idk im willing to give it a chance.

No. 1731735

on what planet is he 16 years old? he looks mid 20s

No. 1731736

It's just a silly movie. On par of mininons and whatever

No. 1731737

Hmmmm beginning to think some of you are disturbingly mentally ill

No. 1731742

anon you're the one who keeps insisting some random guy is ackshually a minor for absolutely no reason

No. 1731743

He does look like a chubby minor

No. 1731745

You are genuinely mentally unwell

Literally. Either these are teens posting or some actual freaks.

No. 1731748

File: 1697764386493.gif (2.17 MB, 640x320, cry-baby.gif)

No. 1731749

there are moids in their 20s and even 30s who look like him, maybe you're a teen yourself and you don't interact with many moids past their 20s

No. 1731751

You WISH. This entire board is constantly lamenting on the fact that men in their 20s and 30s don't look like this.

No. 1731752

i wish i wasnt dumb as shit

No. 1731753

I can't decide if I wanna eat this spicy sausage with leftover beans in pasta sauce or with veggie gyoza and green beans.

No. 1731758

Is this guy your husbando or what

No. 1731765

maybe the nonitas saying that live in backwards countries where moids don't take care of themselves/live in tiny towns with the same problem?
i've been there, lived in a small town and that was the case, but since i moved i've seen more pretty boys that aren't minors. of course they're a minority, but things certainly changed for the better and there's more eyecandy due to better living standards, especially in the city center.

No. 1731767

I think you're just mad you're being told you're sharing a picture of an underage boy tbh

No. 1731769

I'm not the one who originally posted it, it was >>1731563. You seem mad at people calling him chubby though and idgi

No. 1731772

kek this is so funny, why are you batting so hard for some random emo boy

No. 1731773

I am not mad at all. There are multiple anons itt. I am simply telling you its a minor.

No. 1731774

What is this from?

No. 1731784

File: 1697766434293.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.05 KB, 638x479, Tumblr_l_615027112306634.jpg)

should male titties be perky or should the nipples be looking down in shame?

No. 1731785

perky, and the moid in your pic should shave

No. 1731788

File: 1697766682497.gif (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 640x640, 1694183862240937.gif)

It's normal for pecs to point down, the pectoral muscle gains volume in a way that sits above not below. It isnt normal for anyone's nipples to point up.

No. 1731791

I looked at a picture of my foodbusando and kissed the screen.

No. 1731792

File: 1697766961074.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.33 KB, 1920x2560, Tumblr_l_614632173253138.jpg)

I mean I have a little hair on my boobs tragically so I don't mind when a man does unless it's abundant like gorilla

but it isn't normal for a man to not be ugly either

No. 1731793

who is Food Busando?

No. 1731795

File: 1697767059053.png (23.73 KB, 1200x750, FwukHfzaEAARQSX.png)

His neck

No. 1731796

>I mean I have a little hair on my boobs tragically
that's ok because you're not a moid, tbh moids with hair on their chests look like tifs on too much testosterone and tifs are off-putting due to their mental illness

No. 1731797

File: 1697767128109.png (1.11 MB, 865x744, ai nontented.png)

Tag yourself i'm cheeno

No. 1731800

k obviously

No. 1731802

No. 1731803

I pick Patse

No. 1731804

File: 1697767336885.gif (79.82 KB, 250x157, GrippingCanineAustraliancattle…)

No. 1731805

I wanted paste but since someone picked paste I'll pick malde

shout out to jnig, haven't heard from her in a while!

No. 1731807

Food character husbando

No. 1731810

I’m Dis Close to getting a husbando body pillow

No. 1731820

I wish I could watch that circus show I keep seeing around but it scares me too much. I can watch a pig get slaughtered and butchered into all the cuts for a deli but creepy 3D animation is enough to put me down for the count. Truly, I am a pussy shit.

No. 1731821

I love Costa Rica!

No. 1731827

No retards, I was saying you nonas give me a reason to live

No. 1731845

File: 1697772144286.jpg (302.45 KB, 1080x1315, 20231019_231841.jpg)

You can only select one

No. 1731847

I'll take the top middle.

No. 1731848

no keroppi one? top cinnamoroll then
no that is MINE i took it already i just reposted to correct a typo. but i guess we can cut it in half

No. 1731849

I want the Kirby cake.

No. 1731851

File: 1697772499506.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.87 KB, 320x515, preview.jpg)

As long as you're not kirbynon

No. 1731852

Okay okay we can share it

No. 1731853

By any chance, is this scrote gay?

No. 1731854

Actually vomitted in my mouth a little, what the fuck is the matter with you? Who keeps a moid fucking a cake on their harddrive?

No. 1731855

File: 1697772753099.jpg (172.97 KB, 1280x1280, 20231019_233211.jpg)

I have solved the matter with HR. Here is yours.

No. 1731856

>pagayn tattoo
>website url with "boys"
probably yes
thank you nonita, i can finally have a froggy one. keroppi best sanrio character btw. >>1731852 you can have the whole of it i don't want cinnamoroll anymore i have my husbando

No. 1731857

I'm gonna be basic and pick Hello Kitty, but I really love the last cake that looks like a brown Pochacco and Cinnamoroll crossover

No. 1731858

File: 1697772987476.jpg (41.58 KB, 320x362, 1697772144286.jpg)

Sweet, thanks

No. 1731859

Nani that's just pochacco. And be belongs to me. I should have concealed his identity before I posted for his own safety.

No. 1731861

File: 1697773446114.jpeg (163.55 KB, 540x960, 0e7b65e1d24e495a860eebe443486f…)

Looked him up.
>bio says he's "straight"
Males don't even understand themselves. They'll do cowboy buttsex with other moids, kiss them, and do group masturbation and still deny that they're huge fags. I said it before and I'll say it again: there is nothing more gay than a "straight" man and his "buddies".

No. 1731862

File: 1697773485931.jpg (57.84 KB, 736x736, pochacco bouquet.jpg)

Oh, I didn't recognize him cause of the ears. Have this nonnie.

No. 1731863

>the most homosexual body possible
he's probably lying for fetish points, gay moids eat that shit up

No. 1731867

>gay moids eat that shit up
Why though?

No. 1731868

for the same reason trannies love the idea of "converting lesbians", something to do with "conquering" a person

No. 1731870

he looks like the scrote I pretended to be

No. 1731891

Thank you so much

No. 1731894

Straight men do make a lot of gay pandering fetish videos (fucking various foods and objects) because it does generate good money but also on the other side of the coin gay men will say they're straight or bisexual for attention because a lot of gays are just as retarded as any straight man and flatter themselves into the fantasy that they're good enough to turn a straight man gay.

No. 1731896

Girl what

No. 1731908

So gay males are so desperate and needy for truly heterosexual men to turn into faggots for them, that they'll larp as straight men who "turned gay" in order to self soothe and feed their own fantasy? Holy moly shit, that is hilariously sad.

No. 1731910

just share it with her you greedy ass bithc

No. 1731912

File: 1697776805689.jpg (66.29 KB, 500x332, pass-the-blunt.jpg)

She already has her keroppi cake so it's already been settled. Calm down and hit this to soothe those nerves

No. 1731914

File: 1697776939279.png (652.55 KB, 775x558, not nice.png)

Started reading ever17 today, only really care for hog chan thus far
I think I just generally like the cold bitch girl in VNs.

No. 1731945

File: 1697780520454.gif (251.24 KB, 444x332, 1669182569132.gif)

someone sent me 23 bucks on accident, i am going to buy my cat so much shit lol

No. 1731970

This is 6 hours late but no, it's not. It's some emo guy from some weird image upthread

No. 1731972

artists who seem ok on their art blog but have a discourse twitter where they a-log JKR make me want to vom. i would rather pay a farmer for art no matter how schizo she is over a "dni if" tumblr enby.

No. 1731975

kek wish I could shill my shit but the way I "signal" others I'm not a troon/queer/whatever is just by following JKR on twitter. I don't know if there's a better way tho

No. 1731976

I gave up on bimboland when tifs were trying their best to take over.
Did you ever participate in pbfc? I managed to win once!

No. 1731979

actual sex sucks. i’m going back to being a sexless loser who exclusively fantasizes about anime characters since that was clearly the best lifestyle for me. sorry to all of the sexhavers here but this shite is not for me

No. 1731995

File: 1697785862713.jpg (67.77 KB, 613x746, 1653209356279.jpg)

Good luck, hope your cat enjoys!

No. 1732013

pretty sure it’s just a few anons kek

No. 1732015

how’s the site dead. explain

No. 1732016

A couple of transplants that came recently are incapable of talking about anything else

No. 1732018

No. 1732022


No. 1732023

File: 1697790216069.jpeg (41.66 KB, 390x310, F11AB39C-4B55-4440-BB76-DD82EA…)

>r9k user from detroit or something idk

No. 1732033

calm down lol by that she meant the twitterfags/unintegrated zoomers

No. 1732035

kek I suggest you read the rules&lurk moar + what other nonnies said, oldfag means a person who has been using a website (in general imageboards/forums) for a long time. ever been on 4chan?

No. 1732038

can we go back pls…

No. 1732043

File: 1697793308842.jpeg (2.31 KB, 135x130, 1669467889705.jpeg)

Whats better to get for my cat, new toy or tons of yummy snacks?

No. 1732057

snacks. cats will literally play with a string or a dust particle, not worth it to get them toys.

No. 1732065

I fucking hate Funko Pops, the most soulless consoomerism shit ever invented.

No. 1732092

Gee, I wonder who is going to be Disney’s next first gay character ever in this new movie.

No. 1732113

File: 1697803962797.gif (3.1 MB, 498x280, eat shit youtube.gif)

Me changing youtube.com to yewtu.be in the url and bypassing the adblock blocker updating uBo doesn't do anything for me.

No. 1732117

has it started completely blocking you from the site? for me it just loads the x button for like 5secs and then I can watch again, but I'm sure it will block me completely soon. does that yewtube site really work? i haven't heard about it before. at least vanced and youtube++ both for for me, for now.

No. 1732123

It's completely blocking me as of today, but it can only block you on YouTube itself, so if you watch some linked video on reddit or tumblr for example, all works fine. Incognito works, too for now?. I have no problems with yewtube, it's one of those sites that always got linked when someone wanted to link a video without giving the uploader views. You can only watch up to 720p though, and no thumbnails. Comments work fine, too.

No. 1732126

once it started showing those pop-ups i logged out real quick. has it banned your account too?

No. 1732131

Nah, my account exists just fine and I can search everything, load playlists, visit channels etc the only thing I'm blocked from is watching videos. I'm just worried that, since it seems to be blocked on an account basis, I won't be able to watch anything normally even after uBlock Origin manages to resolve everything lol.

No. 1732138

that would be the shittiest move of the century for google. like block you until you pay for premium? i doubt it, i'm sure once it can't tell you're blocking the ads, it will go back to normal. you could test it by logging in a browser without an adblocker, but i'd just wait it out. man, first unity with their shitty runtime free this year, now google, and elon musk is also testing making twitter completely paid. internet is getting worse by the day

No. 1732166

File: 1697808985904.jpg (153.27 KB, 800x600, R.jpg)

I love older women, I think they are so beautiful, the lines and wrinkles are a symbol of wisdom. There is an old lady who goes to my AA meetings and she was wearing a lovely outfit and I complimented her, I said she looked beautiful today. She seemed so taken aback and that made me sad. I'm going to compliment more older ladies!!

No. 1732168

File: 1697809056351.gif (515.45 KB, 245x276, 1697392865045150.gif)

ReVanced sisters are we still in it?

No. 1732251

File: 1697814783775.jpg (226.53 KB, 900x900, karen.jpg)

I've been obsessed with Karen Puzzles videos so I've finally opened and started a puzzle that someone gave to me almost a year ago. I literally woke up and immediately started working on it for like an hour kek. I haven't done one since I was a child.
I did participate one time! I didn't do the last PBFC, but I'm planning to enter the next one.

No. 1732252

She's so endearing in her autism, kinda makes me wish I were friends with her but she's too good for me

No. 1732259

>have bad thought about girldick photo i've seen today
>ahh thank god it's not real
>think real hard

No. 1732260

Do you think it’s wrong to break up with someone due to unresolved trauma? Briefly, my gf had an extremely abusive and traumatic childhood, she has only discussed it vaguely with me later in the relationship when it would come up due to it repeatedly manifesting in some confusing/unexpected way. She is deeply affected by it and struggling day to day with things but has no interest in seeking any kind of help at this time. Over time it has started to feel like more than I can face, and it has taken a toll due to how much impact it has on a lot of elements of things with us but that she is unable to talk about it in any way really. It’s my first relationship and I just feel so out of my depth and burnt out. I don’t fault her for not wanting to talk about it or feeling ready to work on it, but I feel like she is not in a place where the relationship can be sustained in a healthy way. She has a major fear of abandonment and I know if she thought it would affect me staying she would seek help for my sake but I really don’t want her to do that bc I feel like it should be on her own terms and when she’s actually ready. Do you think it is unfair for me to end things? I feel awful because none of it is her fault and she’s such an amazing person who hasn’t done anything wrong, but it’s getting to the point where it’s feeling like something I am just unable to cope with

No. 1732262

>Do you think it’s wrong to break up with someone due to unresolved trauma.
You can break up with anyone for any reason.

No. 1732263

Sometimes I look at manga panels and literally cannot tell at all what's supposed to be happening in the scene and it makes me feel retarded. Picrel isn't from an actual manga (it was just on my IG feed), but it's in the style so I'm using it as example. Literally what is happening here?

No. 1732264

File: 1697815781452.png (309.33 KB, 900x935, don't be rude.png)

Nonnies, how did you not recognise her??
That's true, she keeps kalm.

No. 1732265

Wait, you guys have just been arguing about Genshin Impact the entire time? Come on anons…

No. 1732268

felatio is happening nonna. we can see the back of the person in the front who is bent over and sucking off a moid who is on his back, his legs are in the air - his right leg is framing the picture on the left and then his left foot can be seen in the top right area. there's like a hat? floating in the air? the anatomy is terrible.

No. 1732271

File: 1697816188286.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.39 KB, 1080x810, instagram.jpg)

Oh my gosh, sorry. Reposting again but spoilered. I see an ass facing us and I see the foot at the top but I just do not see a dick being sucked or any sex happening. I did do some investigation in the comment section and apparently the character is Caine from The Amazing Digital Circus…which is literally a pair of dentures with eyeballs. The person who I got this from is into tumblr sexymen though so it makes sense, they have a lot of Spamton art.

No. 1732280

File: 1697816567544.png (Spoiler Image,509.79 KB, 922x450, image (2).png)

Samefag, this is the second photo and I can clearly see the fellatio here. But that first pic just makes no sense. Anyway, how is a pair of teeth supposed to suck dick? I had to include a pic of the character cause I don't understand how people want to fuck that.

No. 1732281

Are you sure that's yaoi? Looks like he's performing cunnilingus

No. 1732282

I looked again and I definitely thought the tongue was a penis

No. 1732283

Kek insane stuff
Looks so for me too, but i saw a dick at first too on the second pic, but there's none

No. 1732290

Tagging myself here but it's relevant >>1730493

No. 1732299

original interpreter here, yeah i definitely mistook the censoring of the tongue for a dick. and let me parrot what >>1732290 said

No. 1732307

File: 1697818955902.gif (1.3 MB, 244x134, whatstherealme.gif)

So far I've met three women who said the very first thing they do is automatically assign an animal to a persons face, but with none I was close enough to ask what animal I am. Just what am I, anons?

No. 1732315

That’s weird as hell. I’ve never met anyone who does that.

No. 1732320

I miss high school, no worries about impressing anyone because you're just a stupid ass kid. So much free time and only worrying about minor things, life was good.
Don't worry about it nonna they sound weird as hell

No. 1732323

That's actually somewhat common in Asia, my grandmother does the same thing.

No. 1732326

File: 1697820769748.jpg (662.42 KB, 1200x673, pngtree-black-pug-with-big-eye…)

Well, I look like a pug, what animal resembles you nonnas?

No. 1732328

I'm >>1732323 if it makes you feel any better, my grandmother said that I'm a black cat, my younger brother is a white wolf, my younger sister is an orange cat and my eldest brother is a bull.

No. 1732331

i only do this occasionally, but usually notice when someone looks rodent like. maybe you're too human looking.

No. 1732332

I get fennec foxes lol

No. 1732333

Interesting, my apologies I had never heard of that. I look like a cow because of my eyes.

No. 1732345

aww i had a teacher who looks like a pug! he wasn't conventionally attractive but i always thought it made him look kind of endearing

No. 1732357

File: 1697823165270.jpg (45.39 KB, 564x564, 85aab2bd271c3ef3b2a894dbccdde2…)

what has been your favourite thread pic of ANY thread across all board of all time? Mine was that mtf one where it is some sort of classroom or something and there is a big masculine tranny with red lipstick and a girl is pulling a weird face in the background I think unintentionally but I just randomly thought about it and I can't stop laughing. so that is mine, what is yours?

No. 1732375

Shayna one with anon post "the look your dog gives you after throwing up on the couch"

No. 1732390

File: 1697825386274.png (606.49 KB, 488x486, 1673472509850.png)

say what you will about shaytists, but they always make the best thread pics KEK there are so many good ones it's hard to choose

No. 1732393

File: 1697825553676.jpg (177.01 KB, 1280x1256, gcsc9vg5a1j61.jpg)

He is to me what that faggy vampire elf guy is for everyone else…

No. 1732396

File: 1697825936336.png (Spoiler Image,65.11 KB, 208x217, 7675057569565543525.png)

wait is this not a dick? what is it?

No. 1732408

I think it's like a sweat cloud/puff?? You see them in R18 art and doujin a lot to show that the characters are getting all hot and heavy kek

No. 1732414

he's also really hot to me and more my type than astarion, but then a nonny shared some line of his where he talks about being a polyfag which instantly put me off him

No. 1732416

File: 1697827302789.jpg (106.54 KB, 975x966, 1672119429702.jpg)

got 23usd sent to me out of nowhere, used 16 on 7kg of cat food and need to use the rest now, what should i use it for, groceries or order mcdonalds. I live in a third world country and the currency is going to devalue by 20% by sunday.

No. 1732418

Groceries seems smarter


No. 1732424


No. 1732429

groceries first, and if you have anything leftover then you can get mcdonalds

No. 1732432

File: 1697828419571.gif (2.71 MB, 498x494, cat-staring-at-camera-fr.gif)

kot. probably because of my roundish features and resting tism face.

No. 1732446

File: 1697829349356.png (31.92 KB, 624x416, argie.png)

i realized i could have ordered the same amount of cat food for less rip, anyways ended up ordering KFC because its probably the last time i will be able to order it with the absolute state of the economy.

No. 1732454

quien te mando 23usd y porque

No. 1732470

ni idea lol solo spawneo en mi cuenta de la nada, un amigo dijo que podia ser un plan o algo asi pero no se, creo que fue un mogolico que se equivoco de usuario. Also, no eran 23 usd, si no 23k pesos. Nos van a mandar a pasturear nonny…hablemos en inglich.

No. 1732473

File: 1697830521602.jpeg (72.42 KB, 736x670, 972EE83B-9930-4823-A741-8B1B65…)

Quiero saber también kek.
Necesito que me den más de 23 dólares de repente.

No. 1732475

That’s so cool though, I would appreciate something like that kek.

No. 1732477

now I feel like making an Argentinian thread even though we're probably only like 3 gatas locas lol

No. 1732478

que pelutuda esta situacion (no hablo argentino)

No. 1732514

I made a LATAM thread years ago but it never picked up, i would love for it to become active again nonny!! lets sperg about the elections and other stuff, i am so nervous about it lol

No. 1732529

File: 1697833592577.png (942.76 KB, 978x944, CD337245-1ABF-43C1-ACEC-480AF8…)

Just woke up from my masturbation nap. FUCK i love him

No. 1732544

File: 1697834514866.jpeg (3.86 MB, 4032x3024, E7F0778E-B07F-4D3F-8C66-9C0863…)

I’m playing a random dress up flash game and one of the clothing options is a unilever branded shirt topkek

No. 1732548

Puzzles are actually so fucking hard to do wtf

No. 1732557

File: 1697835135790.jpg (15.66 KB, 564x594, cats.jpg)

I actually already have the palette, but thanks for your suggestions nonna

No. 1732560

File: 1697835292844.jpeg (44.95 KB, 955x476, 1EB6E66F-E1E7-4C45-ADA1-8FF23A…)

i have a bulldog face and i'd look really cool in a mugshot

No. 1732567

File: 1697835495354.jpg (294.65 KB, 564x873, tibetan-fox1.jpg)

No. 1732568

this song goes hard

No. 1732583

File: 1697836432758.jpeg (60.85 KB, 612x408, IMG_6180.jpeg)

Me n my ginger daughters kek

No. 1732595

honestly one of his best songs

No. 1732601

Kek anon

No. 1732607

File: 1697837977528.jpg (26.91 KB, 520x520, 598f0d833a6efbe2a30e9b9c0bfa45…)

sea otter or hognose snake

No. 1732618

File: 1697838714283.png (357.61 KB, 500x500, australianbluetreefrog.png)

i had someone tell me i look like a tree frog once, not in a bad way though

No. 1732645

File: 1697840790419.png (1.18 MB, 928x960, blue bonnet.png)

Learning how to make my own butter and only buying actual cream butter really made me hate a lot of the butter that you see in stores. Most of it is margarine, which I knew before but now it really makes me upset. They're very intentional about their packaging so people think it's butter and grab it without thinking twice. Most don't say what it really is on the front of the package, and if they do it's in really tiny text. Margarine is useful for it's own things (real butter burns kinda easily), but they know people wouldn't buy it if they were like, this a stick of oil. And it's always the cheapest option too, a poor family isn't going to buy the real butter $3+ when the margarine is $1. American food companies are attacking the bodies of poor people who don't know any better because it's the norm and they have more to be worried about. So much deception.

No. 1732653

How could that ever be in a bad way, tree frogs are gorgeous

No. 1732656

File: 1697842041604.png (1.55 MB, 830x1250, Screen Shot 2023-10-20 at 3.46…)

The Unpopular Opinions threadpic makes me feel funny

No. 1732657

>>1732645. I can't stand that tub margarine spreadable shit. Especially the low fat ones that are half water. Margarine spreads are sick, evil, man made horrors, abhorrent twisted mockeries of gods divine creation (butter). It's cheaper but it's nasty, and little me used to think that's what butter was.

No. 1732658

It baffles me what the same person will be and not be embarrassed of.

No. 1732689

Now I’m hungry

No. 1732690

Babies are demonic

No. 1732692

File: 1697844788354.jpg (167.05 KB, 1125x1338, lion.jpg)

Babies must be so irritated with how people can just pick them up and carry them every and anywhere

No. 1732696

i love lions so much…

No. 1732701

File: 1697845431761.jpg (56.54 KB, 640x800, backless dress.jpg)

I am about to watch What a Way to Go, and fashion really hasn't changed that much. It is interesting to see this kind of stuff in old films (like that BDSM chandelier in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) because people always preach that women were purer back then. If a woman wore this dress now-a-days she would certainly be called trashy and a slut, although I'm sure people did say that about this woman back then.

No. 1732703

Sorry for being horny but she has a beautiful body.

No. 1732706

File: 1697845789606.jpg (47.73 KB, 564x541, aaf5eb767adc58f84973e41902f719…)

Who else remembers lolcor bebe

No. 1732707

No. 1732708

File: 1697845872597.gif (8.56 MB, 540x400, solomon and sheba.gif)

Samefag, also this sheer dress.
She does!

No. 1732709

Lolcor bebe!!!!!

No. 1732710

Edith Head design's are timeless.

No. 1732717

Ew did they remove one of her ribs? Did she spend her life tightlacing what the fuck? I really hope she’s just wearing a secret corset in this pic

No. 1732719

File: 1697847010980.jpg (27.99 KB, 600x400, close-up-of-deer-fawn-head-eng…)

friend said i look resemble a deer, but only the ones with these types of noses

No. 1732761

Why do women have a much better taste in other women? It's so weird to see how natural goddess tier women get worshipped by other women but you ask a moid what his ideal is and he will pull up a disgusting plastic hentai figure

No. 1732765

File: 1697849504498.jpg (110.59 KB, 563x761, 6359612f6fcbbd32e533493982e433…)


No. 1732777

That’s kind of retarded to say when she was a thot actress for moidal appeal in moid made movies

No. 1732780

File: 1697850154427.jpg (12.16 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Shoebills are such interesting creatures, they look so animated

No. 1732785

They scare me

No. 1732792

Ayrt and probably being grounded. When you're a woman you know what women loom like and how their bodies work, because you have a similar one, so it's easy to spot natural beauty from plastic surgery or edited stuff and appreciate it. Also gayness. I don't think a straight woman would appreciate a woman's body until she learns the details of it and develop a specific type (or types), but a gay one would. So add that to being a woman and boom you get great taste in women. Moids on the other hand don't know any of this and are barely attracted to women anywyas, they're mostly secretly gay.

No. 1732810

nta but genuinely curious, is that actress's body actually natural? i've never seen anyone with a waist so tiny..

No. 1732812

I've a small waist but hers looks…weird, like, the transition between waist and hips its so sudden, it doesn't look right

No. 1732817

Kek what are you guys talking about, her waist looks fine. Women did wear shapewear during that time so it's probably making it a little smaller, but it's not some insanely tiny waist. Plus we're seeing her from the back so the angle is probably helping

No. 1732820

File: 1697853032782.jpg (13.41 KB, 216x234, images1.jpg)

I think anon was talking about the lady in this >>1732708 not >>1732701. Second actress is beautiful but definitely looks like she squashed her rib cage with tightlacing.

No. 1732821

Midwestern emo Arthur theme song

No. 1732822

should i put my KFC leftovers in the oven or is microwaving enough? what tastes better?

No. 1732824

Oh well yeah, idk how anons can't tell it's just a corset

No. 1732825

This is actually really nice and hilarious. Now I'm imagining a what-if where the show was more angsty kek

No. 1732827

Cook it in a skillet. Pizza is also better reheated that way.

No. 1732828

I mean this gif >>1732708, but you could be right, she's probably does have a small waist to begin with but wearing shapewear to enhance it

No. 1732829

File: 1697853346587.jpg (199.75 KB, 500x305, pink bentley.jpg)

The costume design during this era of Hollywood was very fun. I keep hoping that some filmmaker will bring back this style of movies.

No. 1732830

how? just throw it in with some oil?

No. 1732832

Samefag but look at these costumes from Ziegfeld Follies!

No. 1732833

It’s already oily just put it in a preheated skilled at a low or medium low heat and turn it a few times and be a little patient so the heat goes all the way through. Microwave is okay too, don’t overthink it. I’d be eating that shit cold with some sauce to be honest.

No. 1732835

Very pretty I like it.

No. 1732840

i will try that, thanks

No. 1732841

File: 1697854173644.jpeg (111.08 KB, 736x935, IMG_6387.jpeg)

Agreed. The details, the designs and the flourish the gowns had from that era is unmatched. One of my favorites is Adrian Greenburg.

No. 1732843

File: 1697854363306.jpg (115.98 KB, 778x1024, FuzoYETWYAEMRa_.jpg)

samefag but my favorite work of hers was in the film The Ten Commandments. Even the men looked good.

No. 1732849

Years ago I think I forgot to flush the worst mixture of diarrhea and period blood before I took a shower and my roommate asked me about it and ever since then I have to check that I flushed the toilet at least twice even when i’m alone.

No. 1732855

File: 1697855882548.jpg (115.82 KB, 1120x826, right-in-front-of-my-salad.jpg)

posts like these belong in the confessions thread

No. 1732857

One time when I was younger I left some period blood on the toilet seat and I got called out for it. It was embarrassing and so now I'm always careful to inspect the seat when I'm on my period.

No. 1732953

File: 1697869550727.jpg (126.6 KB, 1125x1220, FskXNnOWYAAn8ZE.jpg)

Imagine dying and your child writes an article claiming your "queer" somehow?

No. 1732956

I hate TQQIA+ people so fucking much.

No. 1732961

He picked a very weird way of saying he shouldn't have been born I guess.

No. 1732968

>In the midst of a slow and tumultuous mid-pandemic break-up with my partner, there was an evening when I couldn’t take it any more and had to get out. I ended up at my mum’s house, a few miles away. I got there around midnight, in a state. My mum – who has never been much of a drinker – acknowledged the seriousness of the situation by rummaging in an obscure drawer before offering some unidentifiable brown liquor from a dusty bottle. And so, we sat in silence, until eventually she said: “I hate to ask you this, but… do you still have sexual desire?” I said “Yes”, and she shivered with relief. “Oh thank GOD,” she said. Why did she ask? “Well, I’ve never told you this before, but your father was asexual. We made you, and then… nothing. I was worried you might be… the same as your father.”
>My dad was a lovely man. He died in 2014. He was quiet, kind, and exceptionally easy-going. Nobody had a bad word to say about him. Having battled cancer for years, he miraculously held out just long enough to meet his first grandchild before he passed. I wanted to become a dad because I felt like I’d learnt from the best. Regrettably, though, I’m not as easy-going as him: the fact that someone I love felt unable to discuss his orientation and keep his sexuality a secret for his entire life has slowly made me furious with the world in the years since I found out.
>It’s funny thinking about my old man – an F1 fan in ironed jeans – existing in an LGBT+ context. It’s also frustrating that there’s anything funny about it in the first place. Do a Google News search for “LGBT” and words like “controversy”, “debate”, “protests” and “row” seem to permanently attach themselves like parasites. And yet there’s something comic about confronting the self-styled “culture warriors” out there – people hell-bent on stopping discussions of sexuality – with a grey-haired white guy from Essex with an Autosport subscription and a habit of tucking his T-shirt into his Y-fronts. A guy who demographically looks exactly like them, yet on the inside had a complexity that would take them 1,000 years to grapple with. This is what people who actively try to stifle any discussion of gender or sexuality forget: they think they’re talking in the abstract, without realising that their best mate might be asexual, their daughter might be a lesbian, their young cousin might be a “they”.
>Through the prism of my dad and his asexuality, I’ve worried that the battle to promote LGBT+ rights has too often been synonymous with people who are young, trendy and effing cool – three things he was effing not. With regard to asexuality especially, people often realise their orientation much later in life than is the case with other sexualities. That view was upended last year, though, when I went to Margate Pride, which was easily the best Pride event in the country, but also had real, genuine asexual representation that was magic to see. In particular an almost angelic young couple, one wearing a T-shirt saying “I ☆ my asexual girlfriend”, the other’s declaring “I ☆ asexual representation”. It blew my mind, and made me imagine how much my dad would have benefited from small acts of visibility like this in his lifetime.

Jesus Fucking Christ

No. 1732971

File: 1697871923849.png (2.15 MB, 1170x1170, IMG_6382.png)

No. 1732975

only tangentially related but i unironically think my dad has autism. my mom and i both think that if he was born nowadays in a western country he'd get diagnosed as some flavor of atypical real fast. he's still alive but he doesn't really know what autism is and i don't think it matters to tell him anymore because he's retired and is free to be weird full-time without being bothered

No. 1732982


No. 1732985

File: 1697874526478.jpg (60.97 KB, 768x1024, 1697691017483272.jpg)

Women have got to stop giving gratuitous insincere compliments all of the time just because they are socialized to patronize. Men believe that shit is real and get mad when they find out it isnt. Literally just modern MySpace type shit.

No. 1732987

That man was gay and tired smh

No. 1732996

I think when he gets back from his overseas bachelors party he’s gonna dump me . I’m pretty right about these kinds of things and I think he’s gonna realize during the trip that he needs to start settling down (he’s SE asian and older, not by a horrible amt). I really enjoy what I have with him though, boyfriend/girlfriend shit is really easy for me to overthink and over complicate and I like kind of having him at an arms length from everything else in my life. But he said he misses me and it’s the first time he’s ever said that when he’s out of town lawl . I like this thread because I know some of the shit i spout is dumb af and I like the feeling of screaming into a void.

No. 1733010

File: 1697878322372.mp4 (905.47 KB, 720x720, sealfanatics-21-10-2023-0001.m…)

I can just squish their faces with telekinesis!

No. 1733011

i only got the equivalent of a glass of coke left but i dont wanna drink it even though i am craving it because i am saving it for my kfc leftovers…i dont know why i crave coke so much, i drink water 99% of the time

No. 1733039

My menstruation has stopped. My hormones are stabilising. I am again liking what I see in the mirror. The insecurity is gone. Vengeance will be mine.

No. 1733057

>My menstruation has stopped
>My hormones are stabilising

No. 1733111

I think she means her period ended for the month kek

No. 1733178

But if I don't kiss everybodys ass all time what will I do if someone reacts with negativity what if the world explodes and I get beaten to death with rocks

No. 1733190

File: 1697896249424.jpeg (281.41 KB, 1200x930, 5F0870AE-A0C1-4501-A2F6-A6B81E…)

this or meerkats

No. 1733213

kek flash games never disappoint. how’s it called?

No. 1733249

File: 1697900168017.jpg (36.12 KB, 800x569, cT0jN.jpg)

i haven't washed my car since april. i mean why do it when there's nature's own carwash system built in place already? yeah, yeah i know, i'm going, in like 5mins…

No. 1733250

acid sewer rain gets the job done

No. 1733252

eeexactly, see, this nonny gets it

No. 1733256

File: 1697900755505.jpeg (74.69 KB, 750x712, 764302E9-E120-4C59-919E-A1BC1F…)

I want to play Ensemble Stars just for the cute boys but this stupid fucking government bans everything Chinese-related!!!!

No. 1733259

Use vpn

No. 1733276

on phone??!?!?!?!?how

No. 1733278

if your father came across you consuming media with a male-male relationship erotic or just slightly intimate, would you rather he be more mad over the same-sex relationship aspect or over you consuming media that depicts men in a lewd way?

No. 1733282

nta but the google play store or apple store has some

No. 1733298

If he's just like "stop looking at porn, you degenerate" that's fine, shouldn't have been consuming it somewhere I could be seen. If he's offended it's homoerotic, that's pretty gay of him and I'd be mad. (Plus I read all my dad's pornos and there was plenty of gay shit in there so he'd be a hypocrite.)

No. 1733301

How did you come up with this question? He should ignore it and move on.

No. 1733306

Why is everyone I know having drama with their friends? Like all at the same time but not in the same friend group, weird

No. 1733311

i feel a similar way rn because of that priest from Fleabag, i just don't understand, what is hot about him? for every reel simping over him, for every comment calling him hot or "daddy", i feel a bit more insane for finding him very severely average if not downright ugly.

No. 1733316

Man I’m so sorry, that’s a horrible feeling. Honestly though based on your description of him I think you’re better off. But I hope everything goes smoothly nona

No. 1733318

I remembered a YouTuber I loved to watch as a teen and looked through her channel for a bit just now, and hearing her voice made me so nostalgic lol. I'm still sad she just stopped uploading some day five years ago, she's uploaded three videos since with the last one being from two years ago, too.

No. 1733322

Who was it?

No. 1733324

PrettyGrumpyBear, I mostly watched her YanSim videos lol

No. 1733327

Maybe she hates yandev now lol

No. 1733332

Maybe, but she played other games too, so I feel like that wouldn't be the reason to chuck the whole channel. Some comments said she's simply too busy with her actual job now, so I guess it's just that.

No. 1733334

Did anyone else have a fake birthday and year they used to use to be over 18 when signing up?
Just 2000 is fine now…

No. 1733337

i used to pick my older sisters birthday when a website made me be specific, otherwise i just picked 1900 or 1980. I still do that sometimes, I'm not giving a website my real birthday no way

No. 1733339

Miley Cyrus' lol. Nowadays I just use 01-01-1900

No. 1733342

lol yes 1-1-1990

No. 1733347

i knew most people were using 1-1 so i used valentine's day 1990 lol

No. 1733349

File: 1697907421632.jpg (102.71 KB, 746x870, image (1).jpg)

yt has been recommending me odd things lately, almost makes up for the stupid adblock stuff

No. 1733350

if I used 1980 and you used 1990 does that mean I'm ten years older than you? are you nonas 20-24?

No. 1733352

Miley Cyrus, yes, 22.

No. 1733353

I get like 5 view videos of someone being like 'me and my friends at the beach'. I did see one that was just like 'apology to my homie', one view multiple days old.

No. 1733355

i was scrolling thru my erotica folder with my back to the door of my room and considered if my father saw what i was doing, what would he be more mad about?

No. 1733356

The older version of my dad would probably beat me up over either, but the current version won't even understand what's going on and would just give me a slap on the wrist then go back to watching young girl on tiktok dancing in skimpy outfits

No. 1733358

just saw this and thought "dang, I'm old" and then remembered I'm also 22. hate being retarded.

No. 1733359

My father's a) too blind to see what I'm looking at and b) genuinely doesn't give a shit about what I do as long as long as I stay out of his way so he wouldn't give a shit either way.

No. 1733361

File: 1697908230967.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, 1651092554353.jpg)

That discord nona I added from the friend finder thread a week ago still hasn't given me any response, idk if my message came off as too insipid maybe .. I am so bored nonnies, I just want someone to talk with

No. 1733364

Not necessarily, I used 1990 and I'm 26. I think I just never came across a website that required me to be 18+ until I was like 12 or 13.

No. 1733372

I still use a fake birthday because giving websites your real birthday is a terrible idea. Jan 1 1970 FTW

No. 1733373

27, 1990 is just easier to remember

No. 1733374

agree, i have a whole internet identity at this point including fake several fake names, depending on what nationality i want to be

No. 1733382

File: 1697909351948.jpg (16.79 KB, 316x304, Ehxbejnyje.jpg)

Ayo wtf

No. 1733454

OH MY GOD I just saw someone's pussy holding onto a piece of paper on the front page

No. 1733455

Samefag, of course it was fucking shaynafags!

No. 1733457

KEK it is from the shayna thread

No. 1733460

> someone's pussy holding onto a piece of paper
kek I'm sorry that made me laugh so much

No. 1733488

is your phone background just solid purple, nona

No. 1733498

I wanna go to a fancy butcher shop, buy lobsters and just keep them as pets. Are lobsters nice?
I keep getting a video 'how to make a sandwich' with 4 views recommended to me kek

No. 1733505

File: 1697916316088.jpeg (67.46 KB, 736x933, Dante and Virgil by William-Ad…)

thoughts on cannibalism/consumption as a metaphor for love and lust?

No. 1733511

No. 1733512

idk your question but the pic is hawt, and the devil in the background could make for an excellent reaction pic

No. 1733515

Works in old stories or paintings, I feel like if I'd read it on Wattpadd kek I'd just think the person has some issues. The painting you posted is nice imo but mostly because it's well done. I guess if it's done in a 'tasteful' way (no more nasty details than needed) it can be good. The lyrics of Dead girl by Acid Bath are an example even though it's still kinda edgy.

No. 1733529

Its gradient purple
So many purple backgrounds are ugly so…

No. 1733533

File: 1697918546289.png (159.05 KB, 492x377, SINISTER.png)

No. 1733541

the painting of all time

No. 1733550

>t. arnie hammer

No. 1733561

God, I'm almost out of money. If I wasn't such a wuss and didn't have any morals I could be love scamming so many men now kek. I have to put wasting my time reading moid romance manga to some use right?

No. 1733570

grrr I hate this painting because everyone thinks dante and vergil are the ones in the middle!
But to answer your question, I don't think it's bad, it's just really corny. And I've seen a bunch of tweets about how romantic it is and how its queercoded so now I don't ever want to hear about it again

No. 1733571

cannibalism: melodramatic in a tacky juvenile way and between interview with the vampire and yellowjackets and a bunch of other stuff, way overplayed right now. if there's potential, then it's just not being executed right. and I say that as someone who loves eating pussy so you know people are going ott. consumption as metaphor (in a transference sort of way) is great though

No. 1733573

I'm baking chicken with mustard on it and I can smell the mustard and it smells so good and I'm so hungry

No. 1733581

It just got a pc release if you struggle to get it working on phones.
Gameplay is a little worse but if you're in it for the boys anyway, nbd.
Good luck nonnie! Play some Valkyrie for me.

No. 1733582

File: 1697922958906.jpg (103.26 KB, 372x527, cursed tomb.jpg)

New expansion for my autistic card game of choice coming soon. Too bad only Polish scrotes play it.

No. 1733587

File: 1697923829095.jpg (62.28 KB, 540x540, 484720682.jpg)

Hope you nonnies are having a good day, mwah