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File: 1697557176463.jpg (68.52 KB, 471x651, images-2.jpg)

No. 1729517

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself, feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1729522

File: 1697557504844.jpg (48.14 KB, 460x667, 1697557241545.jpg)

No. 1729526

dear god, this is sad

No. 1729619

squishmallows are so fucking ugly, and I don't get why people are so obsessed with them.

No. 1730522

Is it worth the consoomerism thread to have a stocked shelf of various teas and spices for every type of cravings? I do try to use up the spices cuz I love trying new recipes to use the spices/herbs I have, and tea blends/sorts especially when the cold season arrives. But because I have so much, I couldn't consume or use all of it on the daily.

No. 1730560

No way nonna, I think having spices is neat. I always like having spices needed for my food, I'm from latin america and we love our spices. Please don't feel so bad about it, spices don't really expire and as long as you use them then tats great!

No. 1730566

I don't think that counts as consoomerism but if it is that's the least worst consoomerism I can think of lol. Enjoy your teas

No. 1730572

the tea hording can veer into it, but if it is something you will use up and not waste it's fine. my family has a bunch of speciality teas they bought for years but never drank. for spices no unless you buy so much shit you'll never ever use.

No. 1730581

I think a general rule for tea is use up one box before replacing it. If you end up disliking it then give it to family or friend.

No. 1730617

It happens, I used to have a lot of tea as well. I'd just buy some to try, end up not liking it or forgetting about it, or just not feel like drinking tea after a period of drinking it a lot. I don't think it's consoomerism, necessarily, since you can use it up surprisingly quickly.

No. 1730648

Watching this at the moment. Did you know fall officially ends December 21st?

No. 1730649

Idk why I'm on a fall pumpkin spice consumerism video mood btw

No. 1730651

And this one just goes over the history of spices (and colonization)

No. 1730656

Bonus one though not that relevant, just want to share it because I also watched it right now. Title was misleading but oh well. I didn't realize how much pumpkin spice flavored shit is out there

No. 1730729

I know it's a gimmick but when the pumpkin spice variant hits I will always go for it. Pumpkin and cinnamon is so yummy

No. 1730849

imo anything you hoard and don't use counts as mindless consoommerism. so as long as you eventually use them all it's harmless.

No. 1730984

I'm actually glad that my country has imported the pumpkin spice obsession and Halloween from the USA. Otherwise they would have started selling Christmas shit in October. Actually, they still do…
Christmas consumerism is my least favourite, because the holiday is a few days in december, but it's been stretched to months. It makes me so sick of it.

No. 1731002

Do people thirst over pbg on /g/? I remember mystery.jpg said he was cute one time in her post history here

No. 1731055

I used to have a crush on him when I was younger. He looks like shaggy

No. 1731065

I've always liked him too lol.

No. 1731102

They’re basically funko pops for women. A lot of adult collectors just hoard them because they enjoy the dopamine bump they get from a successful ‘hunt’. I mean on one hand I guess it’s cheaper than drugs but on the other hand they are just cluttering their houses and eventually adding more trash to the world.

No. 1731163

Nona, I have at least 15 different teas in my house rn. Because I like different blends for different moods/seasons/times of day. It's worth it if you drink it! I drink from 1 to 4 cups every day and the variety really makes it special. Certain tea for cold days, certain for warm, strong black in the morning, soothing herbal in the evening. Or even pairing tea to my meals like wine! Classic black is good with sweets, berry tea goes nice with red meat, green (particularly sencha) for rice and seafood!
What bothers me about my tea consumption is that my favourite brand that has all my favourite blends with no viable replacements uses foil packets for every teabag. Teabags are already wasteful, but because I like to switch it up through the day, they're the only solution for me. But the foil drives me nuts. It's not even metal, it's plastic, like a chip bag.

No. 1731165

Samefag, but it's only wasteful if the tea is out there in the open, losing flavour and gathering moisture and you don't drink it.
I sometimes get teas I don't like, but my solution is whenever I ship packages or give gifts, include some of my unused teas as a freebie, because I love the idea of the recipient just curling up with a warm mug for my sake (it's not that the teas I don't like are any bad, just turn out to be not my taste)

No. 1731176

Get loose tea leaves and a tea infuser in stainless steel. Almost every stores selling loose tea leaves will ask you how much of it you want and you can use your own container if you ask nicely. So you can try different teas and it tastes so much better. Don't go to brand stores, there are stores selling different brands, they are often cheaper. And when you do find a tea that you love, you can get it for cheaper on the internet. Just stay away from overpriced "healthy" tea and tea infuser made out of plastic.

No. 1731179

The ones I drink are pretty inexpensive and are in almost every supermarket(expensive compared to generic supermarket tea, inexpensive compared to loose-leaf from multibrand tea shops, at least in my country). Brewing loose leaf is frankly too time-consuming often for me. I get loose-leaf sencha and red tea (I am very particular about those for some reason), but that supermarket brand just has everything I like and it's decent quality and convenient, because I am almost always in a fucking rush. They STARTED to offer teas in paper packaging with a recyclable box with no extra wrapping and I REALLY wish they'd do it for all of their teas already.
Basically it may be I am lazy and it's all my own damn fault.

No. 1731299

File: 1697740497906.png (142.23 KB, 321x517, carbonara tshirt.png)

I am so glad i dont have money and live in a country with srong limitations to imports, otherwise i would be such a consoomer i love scrolling aliexpress and looking at all the stuff i could buy

No. 1731320

I try to brew only loose tea for myself (tea is all I drink besides water), but some of my favorites still come in plastic or foil bags, and I get a lot of tea bags as gifts from well-meaning friends and relatives. The foil and plastic still bothers me, but honestly, when I walk outside and see a trash can full to bursting with people’s Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts cups, I feel a little less bad given that a single tea wrapper is still way less plastic than most single use drinks.
I got some mini washi tins that fit in my purse recently and I love to travel with them, I use one for paper filter bags and one for whatever loose tea I’m into. Maybe it’s smug, but I really do love bringing tea with me places. I never say anything about it because I know I'll sound like an ass, but I do enjoy sipping on my cozy thermos of my favorite cheap organic green tea while my friends wait in line for nine dollar seasonal latte abominations.

No. 1733209

Capy-chan why aren't you on discord anymore?

No. 1733235

I feel that. Places like Dunkin’ and Starbucks are such a scam and their drinks taste so bad. I just hate how coffee shops are one of the few places you can hang out with other adults that doesn’t involve alcohol because I hate shelling out money for their overpriced drinks.

No. 1733459

Nonnas, does anyone have any advice to prevent the inner thigh area of pants from wearing out or how to mend them or something. Like I’m even open to fabric recommendations so I can make my own durable pants to wear around the house during winter.

No. 1733588

Anything made out of polyester or other synthetic fibers is going to tear at this place. Cotton is super durable and there are so many different types of fabric made out of it.

No. 1733598

The only thing I can think of is patching them out whenever they wear out. I'm poor and that's what I do with my pants or leggings. Ngl I even have gone out with my leggings all worn out in the middle (I'm sorry my thighs touch a lot). I wear them until there's no more options than throwing them out, and then I cut out the good parts where the fabric is still usable to patch future pants and leggings. Works with jeans too but it's more noticeable.

No. 1733618

Thanks for the advice! I feel like everything is a polyester blend nowadays but I’ll try looking for something that is 100% cotton.

Honestly if it was almost any other area I would be fine patching it or even just leaving it alone but I really don’t want to draw attention to my crotch.

No. 1733935

i was busy with irl stuffy sorry i am back if you want to chat

No. 1734209

File: 1697978603894.png (47.54 KB, 600x670, weird-spotify-playlists20.png)

I hate everything that's based on subscriptions. I hate the idea that you're paying for something that could be easily taken away from you for example Netflix pulling shows or Spotify randomly removing shit from their platform.
I prefer to buy stuff on like physical versions like music, movies or games but if a game it's only available digitally or stuff like music or movies, I straight up pirate it. No reason for me to waste money monthly/annually for a service that could take away my favourite stuff just because it feels like it and the thought of losing my games because I don't have space on my console and the store might close down makes my blood boil, plus I want to be free to access my shit without limits/ads/internet anywhere and whenever.
I have a hard drive full of of stuff that I pirated 10+ years ago, like anime, shows, games and music and once I tried to pay like 1€ for a movie on youtube. The movie is gone, it was a matter of 2-3 years. BUT I PAID FOR IT GODDAMN.
I get that these sub-loving brainlets love the thoughts of paying "a little" for a shitton of shows but these people are the first to have a rage fit if netflix announces that they're gonna remove or cancel X show because reasons. Even if I pay a DVD like what, 10€, I know that movie is gonna be with me till I die and if you want to pay even less, just wait until it hits the thrift store shelves, same thing with games or music.

If something doesn't have a physical release, please pirate everything nonnies. Paying Netflix doesn't even support actors kek it's truly the shit.

No. 1734242

Subscriptions are the worst! Agree with the pirating bit for big companies but I’m still going to either buy indie stuff if I want it or just not have it. I want to support people actually giving a fuck and making something new and interesting for the world rather than support the mindless drudge big companies keep putting out.

No. 1734251

Ntm on spotify, its so easy to pirate premium and it lets me put my old mp3s in my spotity playlists. Movie ones I agree with though.

No. 1734253

>pirate premium
wait what, really? how does that work?

No. 1734256

ayrt and yes I forgot to say that I only pirate stuff if that stuff it's on a major streaming platform, I don't pirate indie stuff, I'm not that scummy but if an artist has physical zines/cds/stuff I always buy them so I can have the copy.
My personal rule is that if I really like a show I pirate it and then buy the dvds/blu rays.
Hell I would rather watch it on tv, with a physical release I can pop the phys support anytime but if I have a busy period at work I may pay like 3-4 months of netflix and I won't end up watching shit. Hate that.

No. 1734257

How do you pirate premium? I want to get all my old songs off. I already had a few vanish from my playlist

No. 1734261

It's like Youtube Vanced/Revanced, not so much pirating as it is a modded version of the app that removes ads and has additional features created by the mod community. I used Spotify Dogfood for it for years but it's super dated and my friend made fun of me for using prehistoric Spotify like the ultimate poorfag, so I found an updated one called Spotify X and I love it. It doesn't work on Apple devices because they're cucked.

No. 1734268

File: 1697983520105.png (Spoiler Image,549.48 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20231022_090349_Spo…)

(And yes it has all the features of premium, not just mod features)

Only problem is that sometimes you still get those popups when you first open the app offering you premium discounts but they're just a minor annoyance

No. 1734322

fwiw I own one big squishmallow that I got as a present and its pretty comfy to use as a pillow. I can see the appeal of owning one or two big ones as pillows, but not >>1729522 this lunacy. The Dory looks mentally challenged.

No. 1734342

I got a big squishmallow as a gift and I honestly don’t know what to do with it. It feels nice and everything but it just takes up too much space. I don’t understand people who have giant hordes of them. >>1729522 makes me feel so claustrophobic

No. 1734468

yeah I only listen to spotify on browser with ublock installed so that I can skip all the ads for free. i pirate all my movies and series too because awful people probably made them anyway

No. 1735031

Do you have to pay for it or something? How long have you used it?

No. 1735267

File: 1698034871821.png (996.98 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.png)

Do any of you nonnas know of Japanese lingerie brands that sell cutesy stuff? All the brands I've found are either very basic, or trying too hard to be sexy. I want something I can relax around the house in, but still look cute and sensual.

No. 1735342

Stop being such a consoomer nona.

No. 1735406

Underwear thread in /g/

No. 1735596

You can be cute and sensual in normal underwear by just existing. You don't need to make the imaginary man in your head want to fuck you, it's okay to just be. Also that underwear is uncomfortable polyester garbage that will give you UTIs.

No. 1735739

bless you nonny, spotify is the only subscription i pay for now so i'll have to give this a try

No. 1735804

I have one small sized squishmallow and they're super nice to squeeze because of how soft and marshmallowy they are. I can see the appeal of owning like 3, max 5 if you're a kid. But not the amount that collectors have. Haven't had the opportunity to check out the bigger ones but rule of thumb 3 is more than enough

No. 1735809

No, it's completely free. You just download it on their github, exactly the same as YT ReVanced. I used spotify dogfood from 2017 until I switched to X a year or so ago. Dogfood APKs still work to this day afaik but the version of spotify it's based on is old as dirt and it stopped receiving updates in like… 2018.

No. 1735816

Really don’t recommend the bigger ones but I guess the smaller ones do feel nice? I don’t know, I still just can’t get over how ugly and soulless they look. It’s a same because again they do feel nice.

No. 1735845

File: 1698075844931.jpeg (85.93 KB, 400x401, 523F7BF1-3AA3-49FD-9A77-3E895A…)

>You don't need to make the imaginary man in your head want to fuck you, it's okay to just be.

No. 1736579

No. 1736927

Every time i've bought one of these style of bras from a Japanese brand (both cheap and pricey), they've turned out uncomfortable and scratchy as fuck. Would not recommend them for lounging around the house, or even at all honestly.

No. 1736983

I’ve about had it with certain Etsy sellers. You know the ones. They feel too safe in their compulsion to rip you off and not send what was advertised. Bought some food items for myself, as gifts (def my bad, I have my suspicions on their ingredient list authenticity) from a seller and they sent me similar looking products to the ones I ordered but no fucking cigar. Opened a case after two weeks of waiting when they suggested replacements and Etsy told me to send it back on my dime. Fine heavy package but fine I bought a label then Etsy refunded before I shipped out. I voided it. Then a week later that same seller finally emailed me a shipping label. I don’t even want their shit anymore but feeling pretty petty and wanna give it all away now. Upon checking their neg feedback every single one matched my experience. Why waste everybody’s time

No. 1737062

I'm boycotting Etsy for a variety of reasons. They have gone full consoomerisms by allowing resellers of cheap Chinese crap that's neither handmade nor vintage. They also refuse to sell radfem/gc items but happily allows TRA items with threatening messages about terves.

No. 1737067

I've noticed lately a lot of stuff are dropshipping Chinese crap. It sucks because Etsy was exclusively for handmade and indie stuff and now they have to compete with sweatshop retailers and many will probably close business. Just great.

No. 1737266

they're all shit quality sweaty polyester crap that only fits flatties. don't waste your money

No. 1737290

Etsy is just the new ebay nowadays. It's shein quality crap everywhere. Stores that actually seem to believably make their stuff are rare, I honestly wish people close to me sold handmade things but I haven't found a single person from my city.

No. 1737349

File: 1698158336465.png (426.31 KB, 1280x720, Approfondimento-Crunchyroll-1.…)

On this list, fuck Crunchyroll.
They lure you in with "high quality! Immediate subs! Simulcast!" when in reality not only they are shit at subbing anime (they often "clean out" a machine translated text), you only pay crunchyroll. They often hide themselves as a way to stop piracy but they suck out all of the profit to pay like what, 3-4 subbers? Their profit goes to their weeaboo office and rent, they give like 2-3 cents per episode to the actual animation studios. It's always morally correct to pirate anime.
"B-but with p-piracy, anime wont survive!!!"
It survived for 30 years, with a lot of shows going way far the canonical 12-24 episodes per season without the streaming services boom, the quality actually decreased lately because animators can't just do like one ep/week but they have to animate whole 12eps batches so people can speedrun the whole thing on fucking netflix or crunchyroll and make content about it the day 0 it gets out.
Please, do not pay for anime unless it's physical releases, because the actual studio doesn't get shit, what actually matters it's the physical sale, the streaming services don't count, in fact you're only fattening their money hungry bellies. Fuck Disney+ and fuck ShittyRoll. Also buy the manga if you can.

No. 1737655

File: 1698171877838.jpg (851.5 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_3be535ce931b6a81a4f2307…)

Anybody else collect vintage novelty stuff?
I've been collecting these ceramic kitchen jars with faces on them for the past few years and have a small curated assortment on display in my dining room. I found out about these from the blog ShiftyThrifting and was immediately charmed, although I'm not sure why, their weird expressions amuse me greatly. Most were made in mid-century England but I've found ones from Japan and America too. Picrel is a "beet poot and friends moodboard" from the blog (I have three of the jars featured here). I like that they're hand-painted and unique (the glaze is too heavy over the lettering on some jars, hence "beet poot" instead of beet root), and that just adds to the charm for me.

No. 1737660

Wow, what a throwback. I remember those jars from that tumblr blog too!

No. 1737663

Etsy has been extremely hit or miss for years now. I got scammed on what was supposed to be a handmade item for my wedding and that was over 5 years ago this point. Either its not actually handmade, handmade very poorly, or just some other scam, I don't shop there if I can help it now. I do buy digital stickers though for my Goodnotes and haven't run into any issues with digital downloads yet.

No. 1737665

I saw this on the front page and thought it was a Google Captcha

No. 1737767

Nonas I'm ashamed but I'm addicted to a certain online secondhand shop. I buy too much because it's fun to browse and so cheap. When I get the items there is something wrong with many of them because of bad quality control. So I return them but then I come back and browse and buy too much shit again. Has anyone else had an addiction to a certain site/store and managed to quit? I'm thinking of blocking it but site blockers can be disabled…which I might do when the shopping demon enters me.

No. 1737902

Delete the app from your phone (if it has an app, I don't actually know what site you're talking about) and use a site blocker, and make sure you have a different activity to do to occupy yourself with. Even though you can turn it off, it still helps, because just that little reminder can be enough. I managed to squash the time wasting window shopping bug I had for a while by blocking the main sites I visit and genuinely just finding something else to do until I could be more normal about it. I still visit them sometimes though, I have a bad habit of browsing when I'm bored.

No. 1738071

I collect these too! I have the Onions, Pickled Onions, and Celery ones from this pic (2, 4 and 5). I first got into them after my grandmother gave me a few, and I've since been hunting them in charity shops. I love them, they're just so strange.

No. 1738454

Thank you nona. Scrolling because I'm bored or upset is the big problem, it leads to buying things. What have you replaced it with?

No. 1738471

rolling for my weird kitchen jar

No. 1738485

File: 1698223193595.jpg (193.65 KB, 1000x685, DSC_0390a.jpg)

sorry nonnie but they look like face urns lol
though they're definitely cuter

No. 1738513

I love the lil Cheezy guy he looks so happy being cheesy

No. 1738538

1st cucumber could be a reaction pic. 2nd cucumber looks like he stuffed a cucumber horizontally in his mouth. Garlic is so smug, like yeah, I stink, what of it! Cheezy is me when i eat cheese. What is 7?
These are so cute.

No. 1738562

pretty sure 7 is swedish or w.e for beetroot

No. 1738610

Yes, it says rödbeta.

No. 1738862

File: 1698257191159.jpg (1.24 MB, 1185x1575, roll for weird kitchen jar.jpg)

I added a few of my faves to roll for your weird kitchen jar!

Nice! I have the onions and celery too, and a similar variation of the pickled onions. They must be easier to find if you're in the UK. I have to buy them off ebay and etsy from overseas. The shipping is expensive enough to limit my consooming to a modest amount.
I love cheezy guy too and want to add him to my collection.

No. 1738876

Hope I get Onions or Cheezy. Btw, why is pork drippings a cow?

No. 1738877

Oh, I got the sassy pears! They look like they're singing.

No. 1738883

File: 1698258514484.jpg (125.22 KB, 944x695, Gloucester_Old_Spot_by_John_Mi…)

Nta but it's a pig with black spots. The breed name is Gloucestershire Old Spots, or GOS for short. Look at this charming painting of it from Wikipedia.

No. 1738917


No. 1738925

I love him

No. 1739043

This thing looks like it carried the continents on its porky shoulders when the earth was young and primordial

No. 1739890

Here's the method I use for my mom.
You find some nice fabric that is the same colour as the pants (I use t-shirt fabric for summer pants and fleece for wintery pants) and you get the same colour thread.
Then you cut out what is basically a pad with bigger wings (sorry for the imagery) and you sew it zig-zagging the stitch across the entire patch (not actual zig-zag stitch, just the straight one in a pattern over the entire patch), the IMPORTANT part is that you sew the patch on the inside of the pants. You put it on the inside and just stitch it on like that. With a similar colour it helps the worn-out transparency really well and it's barely even noticeable unless you spread your legs and someone stares at your crotch intently.

No. 1739901

Seconding, this is what I do aswell

No. 1740833

lol I have to try this out, ahem "blessed be, vessel spirits, how will my paper for the presentation turn out?"

No. 1740835

No. 1751766

Why is it so hard to find a decent winter jacket for women that will actually keep you warm? I stg it’s like they want us to freeze our tits off.

No. 1751791


No. 1752089

I couldnt even get to the consooming part because of all those quirky video edits on her talking. Feels like I permanently broke my brain and can no longer process information outside of tiktok.

No. 1752816

The first one looks like it needs to be cuddled. I love him

No. 1752819

Why do you want to be sensual lounging around the house? Male fantasies, male fantasie–

No. 1753733

I feel like I went overboard this year, I have a full time job and got promoted but I live with my parents and don't pay rent so I got myself a PS5 and some video games, I got myself a new phone in January after some piece of shit assaulted me and stole the one I had before and my current one is more expensive, I traveled to Japan for three weeks and wouldn't hesitate to pay more for the sake of convenience (like doing the Osaka-Kyoto round trip by shinkansen for a few minutes instead of one or two hours with the cheap and slow train), I order food pretty often.

But at the same time I cope by thinking about how much money I've saved even after treating myself to nice things and how I used a shit ton of vouchers and gift cards I got from selling a lot of second hand books and video games for all of this and how the yen is way weaker than the euro.

No. 1753738

I hate squishmallows they aren't even cute they're so soulless I genuinely don't get the people that spend a fortune collecting every new identical squishmallow that comes out

No. 1753777

Yeah you should stop spending money for awhile and save up to buy a house or rent an apartment. Stop being a leech to your parents now that you found a job.

No. 1753781

I'd slow down the spending, living for free with your parents is a luxury you should maximize considering the shitty housing market imo. Ordering food is something you can comfortably skip while the saved money adds up quickly.

No. 1753787

Not sure where OP is but I feel like they’re in that awkward position where they make enough for small fun things but not nearly enough to realistically buy a house any time soon. With that said they definitely should be saving for emergencies like if parents kick them out or if parents fall sick and need help or something.

No. 1753789

It’s the same with funkos. People just buy them to flex on other people in the hobby.

No. 1753791

Buying a house in entirely impossible, be realistic. I've checked that with my banker who told me I have a lot of money for someone my age who's single and he told me to consider buying but the interest rates at the time were way too high. Right now if I have to buy a place I would have to go to the countryside but then I would have no job opportunity whatsoever, but the interest rates will probably get lower soon according to some estimates, it depends on a lot of things and on some law where I leave that forces landlords to do construction work to make their places less polluting so they will all try to get rid of their 2nd, 3rd, etc. houses for cheap to avoid paying for construction work and repair.

>Stop being a leech to your parents now that you found a job.

My parents don't want me to leave. They're begging me to stay. I haven't found a place yet because rent has been way too high and my salary was shit until I got promoted last month and even when I was younger they ruined many opportunities that could have changed my life for the best just so I wouldn't get enough money to leave when rent prices were still normal.

>they’re in that awkward position where they make enough for small fun things but not nearly enough to realistically buy a house any time soon.
That's exactly it. All my friends and coworkers are like this for now, the economy is too fucked, salaries tend to not be adjusted to make inflation less terrible.

No. 1753799

Just enjoy it then, nonna. If your parents are fine with it, if you're saving money and still have enough to enjoy luxuries and traveling now in your youth, why the hell not. This is literally the best time for it.

No. 1753802

This. Like obviously don’t buy a horde of useless shit but definitely go on those trips and enjoy your life while you still can. Consoomerism is buying useless shit for the sake of buying useless shit. Everything you bought sounds like things you actually use on a near daily basis.

No. 1753908

I'm like you tbh. I just got my first 'real' job and make $80k but I live at home and can't stop buying stupid crap and going places. I'm mostly addicted to concerts though. My parents also don't want me to leave though and I enjoy being here. I'm the type of person who would go crazy being alone all the time. They're always like we wish your brother still lived here.

No. 1754332

Are you in Australia?

No. 1754460

Not at all. Is there a similar law that forces landlords to renovate their apartments if the apartments consume too much energy there?

No. 1755792

It’s hilarious how actual brands have worse quality than some fast fashion shit you can get at a fraction of the cost. I’ve been stealing my husbands old clothes ever since I gained weight because everything is overpriced and shitty now.

No. 1755990

I ordered a $200 dry clean only jacket to replace my old everyday one and it came with tons of loose threads. I was so pissed kek.

No. 1757741

mad because your parents dont care enough to support you in adulthood, huh?

No. 1757938

Right? It doesn’t help that brick and mortar stores are woefully under stocked so shopping in person to see the quality is a bust too. I wish thrifting was an option still but their prices are stupid high too!

No. 1757956

I could never get into the thrifting scene because every shop I visited was just dusty men's suit jackets and disgusting costume-tier garments. Also absolutely nothing was in my size, most of it was plus sizes and I'm short enough that it's hard buying from normal stores. There is no cute vintage stuff it's all like a polyester Halloween getup or prom dress that someone dumped in 2017.

No. 1757998

What? It's common courtesy to become independent when you are able to. My parents didn't mind me staying with them either, I don't think many of them want to kick their kids in general unless they're ass, but I rented an apartament once I got a stable job.

No. 1758002

There were so many plus size stuff back when I thrifted but most of it was simple enough to alter to fit me. Now the majority of stuff in thrift stores near me are stuff literally from Shein that is priced higher than on their actual website

No. 1758039

I couldn't get a stable job until the second half of 2020, and at that point with the lockdown and then the curfew I couldn't even visit apartments until inflation got even worse. And all of this is partial my parents' fault. I didn't mean that my parents don't mind me staying. I mean that they actively don't want to let me get my own place at all. I couldn't even go abroad on an exchange program in uni even though they promised they would financially help me to reward me for being the first getting my high school diploma because "what if something happened to you though? what if you t-talk to b-boys when not with us?" which snowballed into me not getting the internship I needed to graduate until it was too late because nobody wanted someone with a boring resume like mine so I was held back a year just for that, and I graduated just a few months before covid, and my first stable job barely paid above minimum wage. Now that I think about it I'd say them not making me pay rent is the very least they could do for ruining my career prospects for the rest of my life just because they feared I would lose my virginity and eat pork as soon as I left.

No. 1758043

>it's common courtesy
I'm not joking when I say I feel sorry you have that mindset.

No. 1758051

It's pretty common, or at least used to be. My parents were told to get out at 18, and my parents pretty much expected me and my brother to do the same post highschool. Suffice to say we were not getting along when I moved out at 22, my mom thought it was ridiculous I was still there even though they had plenty of money and room for me - it was 1000% the principle to my mom. Many of my friends dealt with similar expectations. I'm mid 30s with friends mid 30s to 40s, so I truly believe the whole "stay forever" thing is a recent development.

No. 1758060

Why, having your own place is great and isn't like you cut off contact with your family once you settle down, I still visit them nearly every sunday. I don't know why is everyone pressed about that, I said when you're able to not that you must leave your childhood home the second you turn 18.

No. 1758069

Kicking your kids out at 18 is more of a cultural thing, especially in the US. If you look at a lot of other cultures it's very common to have 3 generation households and to stay with your parents until you get married. Right now it's becoming more common to stay with your parents in the US because no one can afford to move out anymore.

No. 1758166

I have the money but my parents get so sad when I talk about moving out and it's nice to come home to people and food idk. I know people w shit parents wanna leave as fast as possible but seeing my parents every day brings me joy

No. 1758179

I came from a kicked out at 18 kind of household and I definitely am a bit jealous of my friends who get to be 26 year old neets living with mommy kek. At the same time though I'd feel really guilty leeching off my parents for that long even if they wanted me to stay home

No. 1758245

How did you save up enough money to move out at 18?

No. 1758276

I didn't lol I was living out my car, showering at the gym and working delivery apps for a bit until I met someone I could split rent with. It's expected to move out at 18 where I live because the usual path is straight to university and living in a dorm, but I got cold feet signing myself up for a fat student loan debt. My brother is turning 18 in a few months and I've already told him he can live with me for a while since he's not going to uni either

No. 1758286

How did you manage to own a car so young?

No. 1758312

sorry for filling this thread with my off-topic blog, this is my last post on it. My parents went 50/50 with me for it for my 16th birthday. This was back when $5000 could get you a decent used car. I worked part-time and did neighbors' lawns from when I was 14 to pay for the car and gas.

No. 1758323

This is crazy to me because where I live just getting your driver licence is expensive (you need to have done at least 20h of driving lessons before the test and almost everyone fails it the first time which means paying more than 20h of lessons) and each hour is very expensive and you can't get jobs that easily if you're not 18 yet. I couldn't afford getting a driver licence at all at that age and now that I'm 29 and could easily afford it I'm not even considering it because I can keep using public transport, I feel like it's too "late" to really benefit from it. And yes cars are expensive too, insurance and gas as well, it's only useful if you need it for work or if you're in a small town here.

No. 1758343

Based and wholesome

Thrifting varies wildly depending on the area, I've been to areas where everything is beat up cheap and old, and then in wealthier areas the thrift stores are full of fantastic solid wood furniture, nice vintage clothes, good glassware. but the quality overall has definitely dropped since the depop Era, I remember thrifting in high-school when it wasn't that popular and finding some genuinely amazing stuff. Now there's so many resellers… luckily I live in an old people area so the thrift stores aren't as picked out and have some great items

No. 1758378

Where I live you have to do driving hours too but driving around with your parents count. Also there's no public transport so everyone rushed to get their license the day they turn 16 because it's literally the only way to get around unless you can get your parents to drive you kek

No. 1758907

this is certainly not a thing at least in non-western countries. where i come from most parents are okay with letting their kids stay until they get married, although a lot of people live in dorms or rent during college/uni so they don't spend that much time at home

No. 1758940

me too. I'd rather pay off my mum's mortgage than someone elses. we hang out, cook for each other, otherwise leave each other to our own devices. I've lived with roommates up until now and I'd never go back tbh. I like knowing my cute mum is home safe and cosy and I can keep an eye on her in this weird neighbourhood. I also like baking for her or just doing upkeep around the house for her. all that goodness and love goes toward the person who sacrificed so much just to give me a good life, I'd always rather my efforts went towards her than anything or anyone else in the world.
it's really helped curb the spending habits too cause I like to save a bit and treat her as a surprise or at least have something put away if something goes wrong with the house.
the whole "you're ____ and live with parents?!" is so antiquated and yeah consoomery. community and family matters more, I don't need trinkets. shame it took me so long to realize.
tl;dr invest in your mum not funkos

No. 1758958

The whole move out when you’re legally an adult thing is rooted in the individualism present in western society. It’s so consumerist to waste money on your own little place that you never get to actually enjoy because of all the extra hours you have to work to afford it. At the same time your parents are probably living in multi room houses where half the rooms are empty and wasted but they can’t really afford to sell and move out with how bad the housing market is.

No. 1758960

ayrt exactly. culturally my families would live with grandparents even but in like two generations it all fell apart for the western "individualist" ideal. like it's pathetic if you don't abandon your family instantly as soon as you can, regardless of all the sacrifices they made to get you where you are? makes me incredibly sick and sad it's not only expected but young people in shit situations would rather be poor and room-sharing with randoms than face the "stigma" of living with family when family is what matters in the end.

No. 1758997

It’s completely stupid as well because you’re leaving your parents to fend for themselves. Like people rather have their parents be stuck in nursing homes and have them sign away everything of value their parents have rather than just live with them. I mean I understand moving out if your parents are abusive or something but otherwise multigenerational households should be the norm.

No. 1759006

I have had my driving license for 9 years now, and the biggest benefit I have is ability to be spontaneous with day trips. I can just go "It's Saturday, I have no plans, weather is nice, I've never been to X", and just go there. It's not for everyone, but owning your own vehicle has benefits beyond commuting to work.

No. 1759034

livin' the life nonnie. i love my mother very much and would gladly take her in and take care of her, but my violent SF and neet drug addict sister would come with the package. i'm definitely willing to take in my partner's family though when they retire. grandmas being lonely and children coming back from school to an empty home is so sad.

No. 1759211

File: 1699459056915.jpg (97.36 KB, 760x460, stuben_arlbergpass_bohringer_2…)

I wonder if you live in the same country as I do, if you do: convince a friend to let you drive around with their car and a learners plate, it removes the pressure of having to pay more for lessons and you get more practice in.
My driving teacher was trying to get me to pay for more lessons too, but I ended up just practicing more and passed the practical exam the first time around. I get that you don't need a car where you're at right now, but having a drivers licence is just one of those things that's generally useful to have, especially in emergencies. Driving someone to an appointment or to the hospital, transporting heavy things, moving, getting somewhere fast, getting somewhere in a storm, visiting a place with bad public transportation, transporting a pet ect.

No. 1764223

what in the cheap aliexpress garbage?

No. 1764303

Looks like petrified wood

No. 1764404

Parents who force their children into such predicaments are pure evil. Never understood why such people have children if they ultimately don't care about them becoming successful adults.

No. 1765954

these scoop videos are so fascinating to me. they're worse than haul videos but at the same time i wish they were haul videos because you can get all of this for cheap from aliexpress/wish. instead people pay like one hundred bucks for someone to give them their aliexpress haul at random.

No. 1766018

I spent the duration of this video getting more and more confused and horrified at the volume of weird useless junk that this person apparently paid for. What the hell can you do with so many damn fuzzy keychains? The content of it makes me think it's aimed toward young teens, but the way she was talking gave me the impression this "big order" was pretty expensive.

No. 1766023

This has to be for a party or something like that. I really have a hard time believing anyone would buy that much random shit.

No. 1766024

Does gen z not know how to shop outside shein? Like you said this is all bulk ordering from aliexpress ect. I mean good for them for milking them of their allowance I guess.

No. 1766026

>this "big order" was pretty expensive
i checked her website. one of those kawaii scoops (like in the video) is 32 dollars, or 42 dollars if you want it to be filmed. idk if the person who ordered this paid the film fee once or eight times, but if we assume that she paid once it's 266 dollars for all the junk in the video. if she paid the fee 8 times it's 336 dollars. this is especially painful because all this junk in the video is maybe 100 dollars max from aliexpress.

someone in the comments said that the scoops are great for those little goodie bags you give out at kids birthday parties. but if that's the case you might as well buy all this stuff yourself from the local dollar store instead of ordering it from some tiktok "small business".

No. 1766028

It’s honestly really fucking smart though, using the gacha-like system to make them hope to get expensive shit and then making them pay for the experience to get recorded and published. I should do this KEK.

No. 1766081

Such pointless waste. I guess at least when they're doing an AliExpress haul they're choosing the things they want so it'll maybe get used. These random assortments of bullshit are so wasteful. Especially when you're getting multiple of the same little cheap plastic trinket

No. 1766119

seems like those "egg opening" videos for kids or whatever where someone opens stuff to reveal toys inside, but yeah, for teen girls who want a bunch of random accessories

No. 1766121

anon i used to think like you but i'd honestly kill myself if i had to go back to living with parents, even if i have to pay much more money i am completely mentally at peace living on my own.

No. 1766125

don't pretend to be stupid. there's a difference between always having lived with your parents and having lived by yourself and then having to move back in with your parents.

No. 1766128

uhh, so you're saying that once people move out and see how great it is, then it's obvious they'd never want to move back in with their parents as opposed to being ignorant of how great it is where of course they'd continue to just live with their parents?
doesn't help your argument

No. 1766131

uhh, you sound jealous that some people have parents who don't kick them out at age 18 because of some school of hard knocks shit.

No. 1766133

i feel like i lost braincells watching this

No. 1766148

I think people really overlook that multigenerational homes are also a contribution to keeping women down in many ways.

No. 1766163

i didn’t get kicked out at 18 lol. i moved out on my own at 25. i still hang out with my parents too, i just don’t want to live with them. are you gonna respond to what i said or are you just a jobless loser trying to move goalposts?

No. 1766179

yes, i'm sick of the romanticization of multigenerational homes. the nuclear family system has its issues, but more scrotes in a house = more work for women, more males surveilling women, and more chances for girls to be sexually abused.

No. 1766210

cool, i moved out at 25 too and i still don't have a weird hateboner for people who live with their parents for longer. there's nothing wrong with saving money on rent when everyone is an adult with a job.(infighting)

No. 1766245

you're projecting so hard, i don't have a "hateboner" lol you're the one saying it's fucked up for people to move out from their parents place. weirdo.(infighting)

No. 1768180

less sperging about how appropriate it is to move out young, more consoom videos

No. 1768187

No. 1768193

No. 1768195

why the fuck does she need five of everything??

i don't even get the video, like what's the point of making a mini coffee?

No. 1768251

actually I need the mini coffee setup immediately
the point is to drink a cute little mini coffee!!

No. 1768274

Is that a shot of some vanilla liqueur? I get wanting to only drink a sip of coffee, but adding alcohol is just very weird, specially if you’re traveling which according to her it’s “sooper practical while traveling!!11!”

No. 1768294

No, it's just a flavoring. I have a couple of them myself, but not the cheap garbage brands she's drinking.

No. 1768296

I mean I think stuff like this is cute but I would never actually want it in everyday life? I guess I just feel the same way about a lot of aesthetic things in general.

No. 1768297

wtf is with the people in videos like these (such as those pantry/fridge reorganisation and restocking ones) feeling like they need a supermarket in their house? i'm usually not the sort of person to see something and have thoughts like look at all the waste and see something's destiny as horrible landfill, but man, the products and behaviour behind these videos gets to me. i'm sure these ladies could also be lovely people, but man does this also scream high-maintenance to me (probs not the right word but they stress me out just watching kek). maybe because it's still clutter despite being highly organised?

No. 1768324

>be me
>grown-ass adult
>stick plastic junk on appliances instead of verbally telling you that the ice machine needs to be refilled
>this is the height of communication

No. 1768327

This is a nitpick bc there's infinitely more retarted shit in the same video but I never understood those dirty/clean dishwasher magnets just empty the clean dishes it takes 2 minutes tops

No. 1768448

Idk, I don't have any of those appliances but if I was to have them, I would like to have those stickers because I'm legit forgetful and have adhd

No. 1768453

This is stupid… Just make normal sized coffee

No. 1768457

Anon pls post more I like it when you post

No. 1768463

sorry nonnas, i still can't get over the stupidity of scoop orders… retardation warning for annoying asmr sounds. this person is selling randomized self defense items.

No. 1768469

>retardation warning for annoying asmr sounds
Isn't ASMR supposed to sound good, you know, relaxing? Because the noises in that video are really annoying.

No. 1768472

this is enjoyable to zoomers. my cousin is 15 and the 3 years spent inside due to the pandemic destroyed her. she can't interact with the outside world at all because she's constantly understimulated, and even when she watches videos like that, she needs the shitty noises for it to feel stimulating enough. she and other kids like her are the reason why people narrate funny reddit posts over footage of minecraft platform jumping.

No. 1768473

I feel like this is probably all dropshipped cheap AliExpress shit anyways and if you tried using half these things for self defense they'd just break instantly

No. 1768486

How’s the pompom gonna defend her

No. 1768488

>she and other kids like her are the reason why people narrate funny reddit posts over footage of minecraft platform jumping.
iirc this type of videos existed before covid. I've seen some where it's an AI narrating these reddit posts before the pandemic at least. This is so weird to me. But at the same time kids were raised on ipads for years before the pandemic happened so while it's not the only cause I can believe it contributed to kids watching weird shit online just for the sake of it.

No. 1768493

It creates distraction

No. 1768495

Man, the kids raised on ipads are growing too fast. I'm getting concerned.

No. 1768502

Yeah my little sister is going to be 20 and if it weren't for my sisters and I being taught how to use the internet and how dangerous it can be before she was even born she would have been an even worse ipad baby than she already is. My stupid mother wouldn't stop giving her smartphones instead of normal phones even though I gave her my normal phone after I replaced it to make sure she wouldn't be watching retarded videos all the time or talking to pedophiles. At least she was only really watching shitty One Direction music videos.

No. 1768505

I want to scream. This is so wasteful. I'm not a climate activist but it makes me so angry. I know that big companies are to blame for most of the pollution but goddess. Those people disgust me. This is so wrong on so many levels. Between that and people buying shits on Temu or Shein, the future feels so bleak.

No. 1768507

My aunt is 50+, christian, and had my cousin at 40something. My cousin clearly has ADHD and does bad at school because my aunt can't stop giving her the phone and iPad. She has been in danger before when playing Roblox. But nothing stops my aunt, she's a shit mother. I try not to get too involved because I really dislike my aunt and if I was to do something, my cousin is too retarded to understand and my aunt is too insane and will treat me like shit. So I try not to think too hard about it. I can already see the signs of shit going bad in the future though.

No. 1769318

what is that accent i cant understand what the fuck she is saying

No. 1769321

this is downright depressing the fact they have to do kawiwi pink cat self defense items for women

No. 1769325

Why would you buy 15 random pieces of junk, why not just pick the ones you actually want? Most of these are in hideous colors too.

No. 1769349

Yep, all this shit is cheap trash and the tiny little pen and key knives are a straight up joke when I see them touted as self defense. Glorified nail files, really wtf is a teenage girl going to do with that? It’s so despicable to me how this shit is marketed and sold by appealing to fear and then making it cutesy and aesthetic, all for junk that will amount to your own harm in a real situation. Go to any tactical gear store and get good pepper spray, that’s all you fucking need but god forbid it’s not encrusted with plastic shiny bedazzles that probably fuck up the grip. uwu gotta be cute and girly while fending off the creeps!! Girl power is a high profit margin!

No. 1769400

Girl bosses who sell "self defense items" and its breakable Chinese drop shipping trash belong in hell

No. 1769426

Those cheap pepper spray things are a safety hazard. My friend gave me one to walk home with once, and I asked if I could do a test squirt. It literally comes out like silly string, not a spray. I thought it was defective but turns out all the cheap ones are like that, I'm not sure what you're supposed to do get the string in their eyes? Thank God I used it, not knowing and then trying to use it in a self defense scenario would be a nightmare. Best it can provide is intimidation maybe

No. 1769432

What was the name of the woman who started this and got rich off of it? She was pretty but I think she was a horrible person icr. Like she would just buy horrible defective "self defense" items for super cheap and paste really terrible art on it

No. 1769450

>Go to any tactical gear store and get good pepper spray
Target sells pepper spray in the home section, for anyone that doesn’t want to interact with annoying moids

No. 1769453

the one who had a thread on here you mean? Alythuh

No. 1769460

Oh right. Forgot about her. I don't know much about it but I remember people saying she supported a pretty bad guy in the Phillipines and all her stuff was dangerous. I just scrolled her socials and some of her stuff is super cute! She'd be best sticking to home goods and trinkets, I hope she's moved away from the "safety and self defense" products. Good for her if she has

No. 1769467

Samefag she makes kawaii stunguns? Kind of weird and wonder if they really work but other than that good for her for character growth I guess

No. 1769492

File: 1699878087606.jpg (58.04 KB, 894x845, 71SN-LhQC8L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I'm tired of Funko Pops.
It's not because they're ugly or cheap, to me is a bigger problem: at least where I live in Europe, they FLOODED comic shops. Even Funko Pops who aren't from comics/shows. Let's start by saying that I'm a weeaboo since the eraly 2000s so comic shops were my safe place and they were only about comics, the shelves got replaced by Funko Pops and the comics got put on piles on the ground and this is because funko collectors are cultish, lunatics fuckers who check every dent and every minor thing on the boxes and wont buy a 15usd figurine if the box is ruined, so the comic shop owners had to replace and rethink all of their spaces in favour of this plastic shit. Comics and mangas are much more delicate than them, if we're talking about it, and they put on the fucking ground, they also lowered the standards for the figurines and they're seen as an investiment, the average collector thinks like "Oh yes if I can keep this in pristine condition I can sell it for a fuckton of money later!"
Not even funko fans like funkos, they're playing an elaborate buck game.
I'm sad because during these years, the concept of "nerds" has been reshaped, from being an actual nerd with niche interest to everything that right now is classified as entertainment. People are calling themselves nerds just because they binge watch Netflix shit. Call me immature, a gatekeeper, an austitic, don't care, I don't like seeing people bitching about the condition of funko pops, which are kept in boxes anyway, complaining about minor misprints, meanwhile I have to fetch my stuff from the floor, in the same store and I pay more than them.
I wish Funko would open their own Funko Stores, they have the money for that, and leave our fucking spaces alone, I weep everytime I enter a videogame/comic store and I see the walls and walls of funko pops and squishmallows and loungefly shit….we needed to gatekeep more.
I don't buy from them. Even if it's difficult, if I see that a comic shop sells Funko, I do not buy anything. I know that without them they would close down, but they need to do better and not get fucked in the ass by the new, american, consoomeristic shit.

No. 1769562

i agree. eurofag here too and it's incredible how much vomic shops have been ruined by these shits. instead iof actual comic books and merch it's literal walls of these soulless shits. so much retail space that could have been devoted to better stuff.

No. 1769667

minus all of the unnecessary junk that will sit in a landfill for eons, another insidious thing about videos like this is that is feels like a low-key advertisement for the products she showed off for a few seconds like the calculator and phone stand so people will go to her amazon storefront and buy them from there. i hate the amount of shilling that goes on on tiktok and social media in general, you know these people don't use this shit they just want to make money off gullible idiots kek

No. 1769683

It’s low hanging fruit but you’re right. I know nerd hobbies are based on consuming media but I still despise that every single gamestop now has more shitty merch than actual video games. I don’t shop there for other reasons (retarded clerks constantly trying to push preorders and dlc on me. Why the hell would I buy dlc at the game store when I could just download it straight to my console??) whenever I walk past one I see that huge funko wall and it makes me unreasonably mad too

No. 1769684

File: 1699892138760.jpeg (92.51 KB, 815x1000, IMG_1947.jpeg)

i feel the same, where i live too these soulless things took over so many nerdy stores and it’s horrible. i hate western merchandise like funkos and the stuff they sell at hot topic. the t-shirts are ugly pngs slapped on the tee for a quick cash grab. i heard they have even been stealing art. atleast try to design something fun and cute, they have the revenue for it but never do.
on the topic of this, i feel like yootooz are the next funkos. they are literally the same shit repackaged, ugly vinyl figures mass produced and look the same. kek at picrel

No. 1769685

That is so hideous oh my god

No. 1769695

File: 1699892975881.jpg (164.28 KB, 1181x950, waht.jpg)

There's something about western-made anime merch that seems uncanny to me. I don't know if I fried my brain too much around anime when I was a kid but I can instantly see when something is designed in the west and tries to mimic the "kawaii" style, it always comes off as weird because it's a different type of thing and it clashes terrible with the classic, comic book looking of the west, so the final design it's terrible. That being said, I don't get why someone would want a Miku thing from an american company, just buy a figure or a plush that's actually designed/made in japan, most of the times it's also cheaper with a better quality…


No. 1769710

File: 1699893804736.jpeg (52.84 KB, 600x600, IMG_1952.jpeg)

it looks like the plushes are trying to come off like the sega ones but it doesn’t work because they are actually cute and not freaky looking. the uwu mouth throws me off so bad oh my god. they horribly failed at trying to make it cute. and the jenny x hatsune miku collab makes me so sad, i can see actual cute merch coming out of this collab. if only it wasn’t youtooz and handled by a japanese company. like you said they are so much better quality and designed nicer. i wish there were more imports of anime stuff than companies trying to make their own shit because it sucks

No. 1769715

File: 1699894214317.jpeg (32.58 KB, 487x629, IMG_4413.jpeg)

I’m the same, I’ve been able to tell if someone was Western designed since I was a kid too. Always something off. Not just chibis and merch but fanart too. It’s harder to tell with the latter nowadays though.

No. 1769717

File: 1699894492429.jpg (26.94 KB, 640x439, 0c308ade83eb9bf6ae652904631429…)

Made me think of picrel.
japanese merch has usually minimalistic faces and that's what makes it cute, western merch looks like shit because they think "oh anime means whacky expressions and style!" and they overdue it, completely missing the point that yes, anime is very stylized but only in specific contexts. Hell, even Squishmallows are cuter than this. "Let's just put a big smile and ^_^, anime works like this!" and it's so pathetic looking because you don't need to be a weeb to understand this, you just need to look at anime for what, 2-3 hours? It's a very simple style and yet these companies fail horribly,as I said it's pathetic.

No. 1769719

File: 1699894580861.jpg (64.12 KB, 1200x511, capped4.jpg)

Their SpyXFamily shit is also horrible. Looking like deviantart fanarts when kids start to learn by copying manga expressions.

No. 1769721

I always hated companies that fill the box up with confetti

No. 1769729

No. 1769732

Everything looks so cheap and tacky.

No. 1769736

>all that plastic
I feel like I'm getting cancer just by watching this.

No. 1769744

i don't mind wanting only pink items but replacing perfectly good items for "cuter" versions is… weird. i hope she didn't throw the older ones away and instead gave them to a friend or family member.

No. 1769768

what the fuck is the little thing on the back with a butterfly on it please tell me its not a clunky piece of shit whose only fuction is showing shitty aesthetic graphics

No. 1769792

The tea bag inside the strainer instead of just straight tea leaves is making me so annoyed

No. 1769801

cannot imagine my entire personality be buying carcinogenic junk from amazon/temu/shein kek

No. 1769822

it's a divoom speaker. you can connect it to your phone using bluetooth to play music, use it as an alarm clock, play some games, or to make and display graphics i have one that was a gift and think it's cute but i mainly use it as a digital clock or as a white noise machine when i'm trying to fall asleep

No. 1769827

File: 1699899174831.jpg (394.85 KB, 1439x1482, Screenshot_20231113_121109_Fir…)

If you wanna have a kawaii kitchen you don't need pink utensils in every drawer. Pink utensils dipped in sauce or stew looks really unappetizing and makes me imagine the smell of burnt plastic.

No. 1769862

File: 1699900481107.gif (4.49 MB, 320x250, set_lamautin.gif)

now kawaii stun guns is a thing I could support

No. 1769890

the laughing and high fives kek

No. 1770010

Tiktok is a consumerist hellscape and I can see zoomers as a generation overall being huge wasteful mindless consoomers from videos like this popularizing buying shit for no reason besides durrrr me like color!! All the mismatched pink color tools are tacky as fuck all together and seem like a desperate way to prove your cuteness and femininity by making every possible thing in your house pink. Like how every e-girl has the same pink chair and cat ear headphones. This trend is soulless and void of any personal taste. Just fucking buy nice quality shit and leave it at that, your fucking ice cream scoop doesn’t have to be representative of your personal style.

No. 1770029

I need this to be real.

No. 1770154

I see some millenials my age too who have the problem but zoomers are especially warped into believing that self identity can be expressed through aesthetic. Zoomers are hyper individualistic and think self-expression is something you buy and wear rather than do, like the only way to truly be yourself is by buying the preppy dark bimbo core set from dolls kill, then putting a bunch of shit on your face because make up is also the only way to "self express". Mf, write a poem or something

No. 1770159

most zoomers don’t have money to be doing this. the ones making the videos are getting money (or going into debt trying to) but i know a lot of older millenials/young gen x in their 40s who buy a bunch of bs from tiktok and amazon because of marketing, because they’re usually old enough to have stable jobs and no student debt. the difference is they don’t post it online

No. 1770195

This is like what the stereotypical wasteful character in a cartoon does.

No. 1770205

The biggest consoomers of our time are probably boomers or gen x/old millennials. Anyone younger can't really afford to consoom, even if they still live with their parents. (They don't work at jobs that pay enough)

No. 1770213

Obviously she's just doing it for the video, but the idea of someone taking all this bullshit with them to just leave the house is fucking hilarious.

No. 1770222

I love the bedazzled eye drops

No. 1770227

She's got bedazzled vaseline too

No. 1770236

Thank you nonnie who's posting all these consoom tiktoks I love watching these in horror. I love you. Muah

No. 1770241

I kind of get some of the stuff, like the hygiene products because what if you shit outside and don’t want to just wipe with toilet paper? And the toothbrush makes sense too, also the makeup if you really want to keep it neat at work since in most places you’re expected to wear it.
I don’t get the perfume though, unless you stink and sweat a lot and even then it’s better to just call it a day and go back home to take a shower, specially since it’s a perfume and not a toilet water thing.

No. 1770247

the only thing I hate is the knock-off gucci bag

No. 1770249

I still don't get it, all I need when I go out is my phone and wallet.

No. 1770251

I guess she likes louis vuitton more
This type of designer stuff is honestly hideous to me.

No. 1770258

Really? I feel like only moids have that privilege

No. 1770266

I- what. I hate this anon why did you post it KEK

No. 1770268

samefag there's so much going on so fast, some bag don't even fit inside her amazon compressed cardboard displayer thing, I truly hate this video

No. 1770293

File: 1699918100321.jpeg (14.32 KB, 433x450, peter.jpeg)

begone consoomer

No. 1770308

You can smell the overwhelming smell of the shittiest plastic you’ve ever held in your hands.

No. 1770318

>she has an entire fucking room of plastic travel sized crap

No. 1770323

This bitch has never travelled. She just bought all this shit for no reason.

No. 1770324

I saw red, nonnie. What a raging idiot. Just use looseleaf, it's higher quality and stop wasting plastic!

No. 1770339

Sorry for blogposting but I just want to share that I read a book about hoarding called “Stuff” by Randy Frost and Gail Steketee. It’s pretty damn good but it also mentions a PBS special from the nineties called Affluenza. I think the term has changed a bit since then but it focuses on consumerism and overconsumption. The website is from 1998 but it’s still up, which is kind of neat to see:

The doc itself is here, I’m going to watch it sometime

No. 1770347

you don't need it stop using words without understanding their meaning you sound like a brainless bimbo in a teen movie. Hope you're embarrassed. So sick of idiots invading your consoomerism free spaces you act like a troon
wtf is kawaii about any of that ? is it because it's pastel ? 3 nail brushes ? straight to landfill

No. 1770352

This bitch is the final boss of tiktok consoomerism I swear. She's a self-confessed spending/shopping addict, and apparently she's in therapy for it but does a $500 haul several times a week. She got herself into debt buying plastic crap when she already has enough plastic crap to make a new island in the middle of the ocean.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that got annoyed about that kek. Loose leaf tea tastes better and imo it lasts longer. I buy a 250g bag of my favourite loose leaf and store it in an airtight tin and it lasts me for months. Also, why would you buy a tea strainer if you use tea bags? How pointless.

No. 1770354

Stuff is such a fun read, the chapter about animal hoarding includes description of an animal hoarding cult run by a psychiatrist. Highly recommend!

No. 1770355

I glanced at her other videos and even though there is some evidence she lives there, it reminds me so much like one of those staged Chinese "houses" where they use all the different gadgets before their husband comes home from 20y abroad or whatever. (actually I miss those vids.)

Could it all be an elaborate set for selling this shit?

No. 1770357

They may have less spending money but that just means they buy cheap shit off of shein and Amazon knockoffs. Most of my peers don’t care to budget, they just see something they like and buy it because their brains are fried and they think it’s self care. And yes they do go into debt for it because a lot of them are already in debt one way or another. That’s honestly how I feel too but I blow my money on vacations instead of products.

No. 1770358

She's "decluttering" but what good is that when you only get rid of a couple of items and then buy five more the very next day? OT for this thread but she also overshares to the extreme. Her daughter is in a full body cast at the moment after having surgery on her hips, and she keeps filming her for no reason during haul videos or whatever. I feel bad for her daughter.

No. 1770362

she probably lives in a mansion anyways but that is such a weird way to waste a closet. just fold them and stuff them in a bin (or on the floor if it's clean)

No. 1770363

I feel like LOL dolls started this whole "unboxing experience" for toys. The toy itself is boring and honestly ugly but the point is to unwrap single use plastic. This whole plastic oven is going straight to the trash, it's too small for a kid to use and way too big for dolls. And it cost like 40 bucks wtf

No. 1770369

as someone with taste and culinary knowledge (i'm french) this hurts. This bat bottle opener is shit

No. 1770371

File: 1699921413199.jpg (29.37 KB, 564x542, ebff871cb21efe5c208b7f1ed74416…)


No. 1770379

>I need the q-tips because my eyes never stop crying
Bitch I would cry too if I was poisoning the oceans and killing fish with all this plastic one-time use shit

No. 1770389

Sorry to make another post, but has to be the least economical garlic crusher i have ever seen in my whole entire life, it's actually embarrassing to try to shill it. Serving it on those shitty baby plates was the icing on top.
Going with an all pink theme is not inherently bad, but that would have meant waiting around for the right items to show up, not exactly in line with the instant gratification these people crave when they waste their money on things they don't need.
I'm irritated by how much space that funkos take up as well as the fact that they literally just make them of the most random characters for the most normie shows as seen in your pic. They have to be sitting on the shelves for months. That's space that could have been used to display actually nice figures or more comics preferably. I've never seen anyone ever buy or browse the funk section in my life, i'm convinced it's just a small minority single handedly keeping them in business.

No. 1770401

Did she pronounce dough as "DAUgh" or am I going insane

No. 1770405

Ive seen this woman a few times with food videos, and something about her irritates me bad. I think it's the facial expressions and fake happiness

No. 1770449

Kek I tried looking it up online but I couldn’t find any info about it. Absolutely insane that someone could buy a seven story building and just use it to hoard hundreds of cats

No. 1770568

I went into the gamestop I grew up going to for the first time in probably 12 years last month with my mom while we were waiting for our takeout order in the chinese place in the same plaza. I was genuinely shocked at how sad it is in there, literal t-shirt racks and walls of shit with a small emphasis on video games.

sage for blogpost

No. 1770618

I think since I grew up around this it has come back from being cringe into being kinda, oddly charming? But yeah western anime merch is weird.

No. 1770623

They have funko pop stores and I’ve been to one (wanted to see the horrors in person). Word on the street is the company is losing a shit ton of money because the collector bubble burst.

No. 1770778

imagine going to all that trouble and expense instead of just buying a lit display cabinet for your tacky bags. i think i would scream if i had to routinely charge and set up that many things just for a display (also hope she's just one of those tv in every room people, because if i walked into my friend's living room and saw that i'd have to say something)

do they want to make their houses look like a shop because of associating the endorphin rush from making a purchase to the aesthetic?

No. 1770804

Funniest part is the pink cases in the beginning are basically just pencil cases from the dollar store. She also claims she needs wipes because her pussy is "marinating" on the plane which if your pussy stinks just from sitting for a few hours then she needs to head to the doctor, not use baby wipes.

No. 1770880

i hate women who make pink their whole personality. They are like the female version of men who have roman statues pfp

No. 1770888

whats the vaseline for, why does everything have to be embeddded in cheap dollar store bling blings what is this tacky shit

No. 1770895

The trashiest yet glamorous form of camp

No. 1770902

It's a grift

No. 1770922

imagine if men cared this much about their smell

No. 1770968

Reminds me of this woman I saw awhile back who redid her kitchen as a pink and baby blue contact paper mess even though they definitely had money. She has this giant stainless steel fridge and just used wall paint to make it pink. Truly one of the worst things I’d ever seen kek. They’re too cheap and tacky to shill out the money to make something actually cute so they just waste hundreds on ugly Amazon shit, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1771116

that has powerful kelly eden energy kek. just got a whiff of spray paint and dirty feet in here

No. 1771162

She's trying really hard to be like Bella Poarch

No. 1771259

It's wild how no one has a personality anyone. My friend is in her 50s and she has the cutest personal kitchen. She loves the color mint, so her coffee maker and bowls are mint and white,but this was like 15 years ago and she doesnt use social media much. She thrifted to get them or went to various shops. I wish more people would just do what makes them happy without competition. I've seen every single egirl/gamer thot with those pink ear phones since they all buy from amazon. The same shit. Amazon and tik tok has teamed up to ruin women's personalities and it's really sad.

No. 1771265

There was a small comic and anime shop where I live and 10+ years ago it never had funko pops. Now it's half the merchandise. I'm so sick of seeing those black eyed soulless figures. I judge anyone who owns funkopops.

No. 1771270

No, women do this all the time when they arent brain dead and think they need makeup to exist. Makeup isnt mandatory unless you live in a shit hole country like Japan.

No. 1771314

File: 1699975541734.png (383.97 KB, 494x492, loikloikl.png)

When you were growing up, did you feel like a lot more adults had collections? I remember going to my friend's house and her mom had a cow room (which was her office but it had a bunch of cow knick knacks and cow wallpaper) and my other friend's house had a frog themed bathroom. But neither of them were from the packages you can just buy on amazon now, but instead were individual pieces, usually thrifted. Now everyone just buys the pre made sets and it looks really cheap and tacky.

No. 1771325

I love the cow themed room

No. 1771334

I think so. My favorite thing as a kid growing up in the 90s was going to various school friend's houses and seeing how they were decorated. Every single person's house had a different theme. I grew up in a diverse black and hispanic city area and it always made me happy to see how the kitchens and living rooms were themed based on different personalities.

No. 1771460

my friend's mom has guinea pig and she is so devoted to decorating her massive cage. i think the last time she installed hot pink leopard print everywhere. that guinea pig lives a better live with a more curated apartment than anyone i know.

No. 1771585

That's lovely anon!

No. 1771587

i want a guinea pig so i can do that

No. 1771701

Would anyone be interested in an opposite thread? Like, one about de cluttering and having less stuff?

No. 1771711

Pretty sure there's already a minimalism thread

No. 1771715

Samefag, hear it is. I think decluttering and reducing how much stuff you own falls under this >>>/ot/1243596

No. 1771900

Like I got that she was going for a cutesy 50’s/bakery vibe but it was just horrible. The kitchen itself was nice but she was just slapping chunky paint on to expensive cabinets. She did a scallop trim on the fridge too and it was awful kek. These people don’t know how to style anything and just pick our any cheap crap that’s in the right color. Why not just get a white fridge? It harmonizes a lot better than stainless steel but it’s not overwhelming the space.

No. 1771956

IMO it kicked into high gear with Big Bang Theory and lootcrate. That's when people first started buying a whole ass personality in a literal box. There was always shit like Hot Topic, but people then were still picking things to their own taste. The fake nerd shit was the first time people were just indiscriminately paying money for completely random things they didn't even care about, but they were supposed to shove all that random shit on a bookshelf and have it look like they had been collecting nerd shit for 30+ years. But it never looked "real" back then, because nobody actually collected like that before lootcrate came along.

No. 1772120

>Lootcrate's fault
I believe it

No. 1772122

I'm interested in an opposite thread but in the sense of looking at nonnies big collections of fun stuff

No. 1772674

I would argue it goes even further than that. The thing is that modern society kinda encourages people to squeeze into one of the preset personalities rather than develop one themselves. Modern technology just kicked this into overdrive because now you can share and compare every facet of your life with everyone else in the world. Like it used to be that if you were ‘goth’ or something you had maybe 1-2 peers to compare yourself to and you had to figure out what ‘goth’ meant to you personally. Now you just go on tiktok or something and just buy the fast fashion replicas of what all the other ‘goths’ online are wearing without actually doing any thinking for yourself.

No. 1772678

with your example, I also feel that it requires too much self-reflection and being openly genuine about a core interest/facet of your personality etc, which means putting yourself out there in a way that a lot of people would find too daunting when they could instead don a safe, pre-packaged one that a large number of people have also latched on to, with no threat of gatekeeping (at least not like older versions of the same subcultures had).

No. 1772692

True. It really is a shame that this consumerist mindset really took away the meaning of these subcultures. The purpose of these ‘identities’ were so you could interact with other people who shared the same genuine interest you did. Now anyone can just purchase a superficial version for $$ and not put any effort into actually learning or growing as a person.

No. 1772702

That's why normies need to gtfo

No. 1773233

File: 1700084389524.webm (6.57 MB, 828x1332, bk1692306967.webm)

I hate this trend of eating shitty food off of kawiwi lead filled aliexpress dishes that plagues the app. Wtf is even the point, giving yourself more dishes to wash?

No. 1773239

File: 1700084621444.webm (6.11 MB, 828x1432, autism692306781.webm)


No. 1773240

I doubt these girls wash dishes. I can see them being the type that just rinses shit out in the sink for ten seconds, and then when it gets to grimey they throw em out because they only cost like 6 bucks on AliExpress anyways

No. 1773247

Unless you live in a tiny studio idk why they always eat full meals at their desk.
We're all on our screens 24/7 so it's worth using the table/chair/counter space you paid for and maybe get some fresh air by a window or something.

It just reminds me of when I went full bedroom hermit mode and would feel like shit all the time

No. 1773249

an "aesthetic" meal of entirely beige foods without nutrition, produce, or fiber. Disgusting.

No. 1773265

That food looks repulsive, is this how burger king is?

No. 1773269

I think it might be out of habit? It's a bad habit of mine that started after doing it only once or twice when I really wanted to watch a stream but was also super hungry. thank you for this comment nonnie, i was about to make dinner and eat in front of my computer but i'm going to actually eat at my table tonight

No. 1773278

File: 1700086658380.jpg (42.61 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

Nonnies is it bad that I'm kind of jealous of these type of girls? The aesthetic ones who like kpop and decorate their room in pink Sanrio. I'm the opposite of that and I blame myself for not being good enough like them, like I'm missing out of something. I'm really not like that and yet I feel retarded for not being it

No. 1773298

Ngl anon I think the aesthetic is kinda ugly and there are plenty of other ways of making your setup looking cute and ~aesthetic~ .
What I hate the most about all these rooms is that they all have the exact same things in it and it’s hard to tell them apart.

No. 1773386

You're not retarded for feeling a bit of FOMO about this sort of stuff, in some ways it is posted as being 'aspirational' content to show off someone else's life. Also they display a level of personal and financial freedom that some viewers might lack and envy– I don't want a lurid pink sanrio hellscape room or my home to be set up like a department store, but I would like to live on my own and be free to unleash my own aesthetics and interests as I see fit (terrariums and planted aquariums are my thing, for example).
(off-topic to your post, but I'm so tired of the 'bisexual lighting' (as a lot of people call it) like in your picrel that everyone has now if they do video content)

also why do all the women in these videos have those gaudy nails? I get that some people like them for whatever reason, but it's interesting that it seems to be a trend across the clips posted

No. 1773394

This is consoomerism we’re talking about, of course all the food’s ultra processed and fake too.

No. 1773487

Honestly the gross burger king doesn't bother me as much how in most of these eating off aliexpress plates videos they're eating random pink japanese shit. It's always pink Japanese gummies and strawberry ramune

No. 1773621

File: 1700110571836.jpeg (30.16 KB, 450x450, shopping (1).jpeg)

Somebody posted about this thing a few days ago, but it must have been deleted. I thought it was just a shittier EZ Bake oven, but it's a 1 foot tall plastic oven capsule for a blind box toy. The kit comes with a wad of play doh and a mold, and makes an animal-shaped bun to stick in the oven, then it heats and drops the plush out of a trap door, and dumps the play doh somewhere. It doesn't say whether there's an electric heating element or it uses Hot Hands tech. Just so fucking wasteful all around.

EZ Bake is fucking terrible, too. Never get one for a kid, it's the worst gift. An adult has to watch the kid like a hawk, it's a fire hazard, they can still get burned, it's a PITA to clean, and no parent in the history of mankind has ever bought the refill cake mixes, so you're paying $40 for 4 shitty cupcakes. And then the thing will just sit around in a closet for years being a sad reminder of pure disappointment and learned helplessness.

No. 1773764

>And then the thing will just sit around in a closet for years being a sad reminder of pure disappointment and learned helplessness.
kek. My mom got me one in the 2000s and that's exactly how it went.

No. 1773915

>wanting to buy a personality on aliexpress
why would you want that… these women suck ass and set back girls for years. Why develop a personality, with tastes, skills and hobbies when you can just consoom? it's like a moid feeling jealous of the gamer bro types who have a NASA pc only to play fornite while drinking monster.

No. 1774084

One annoying thing that I've noticed about video social media is how most women will affect the exact same personalities and quirks as other more famous women on social media. So they post themselves buying the exact same things, while pretending to be the exact same women. It's creepy and off putting. And I wasn't even thinking of ethots when I wrote that. But they do the same exact shit too.

No. 1774218

File: 1700139332862.jpeg (62.72 KB, 519x591, IMG_5029.jpeg)

I’ve been thinking about this pos all day. It makes me think of this similar wasteful ugly plastic thing called a Wuv Luv I wanted soooo bad as a kid. I speedran it to get the baby to pop out as fast as possible then remember thinking “that’s it?” and never played with it afterwards. Thankfully I don’t remember having toys I didn’t like or play with other than this, and it made me realize even as a kid that expensive gimmick toys are terrible. I will never ever get my kids ugly Walmart plastic shit like this.

No. 1774221

they trooned the grimmace?

No. 1774230

We can't have plastic straws but I'm 100% sure kids toys produce more total plastic waste. A lot of these new toys come with a ton of single use plastic meant to be thrown away. But of course there are no campaigns against this because no company wants parents to stop consuming their shitty plastic toys.
Like this shit, you're meant to pull out all the plastic hair to reveal the same doll in a new color.

No. 1774234

lol dolls create so much fucking garbage. I think they ''fixed'' it now by making the baggies more recycable friend, but the very first wave of those shitty toys were bags and bags of plastic garbage.

No. 1774238

It's not bust the bags though, so many of the toys themsleves are made of plastic and polyester fibres

No. 1774249

oh yeah, that too. LOL are fucking hideous, so i dont imagine anyone collecting them like how some people collect vintage toys. They are just too ugly and tacky.

No. 1774274

God this toy looks awful, you have to spend all that time ripping out the hair just for it to be uglier than how it started out. Not to mention there isn't even enough hair on it to fill the packaging out to make a second toy so you know everyone is just going to throw it out. What a waste of resources and money kek

No. 1774298

they all have that same shitty pixel decoration from amazon. i don't want to go all NLOG, but why are so many TikTok people almost made in a factory? it's like every part of their personality or taste was influenced by what's popular on TikTok or Pinterest. These people just googled kawaii room decor and bought cheap plastic shit off of amazon

No. 1774302

because they have no personality anon, it's the female version of moids who have a neon red/green gaming set up and a minibar with nothing but monster energy drinks.

No. 1774308

File: 1700145835569.jpg (207.99 KB, 900x600, 1212121212121.jpg)

>how I sleep knowing there is an island composed entirely of plastic waste three times the size of France floating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, while millions of parents will be purchasing more crap like this for their ungrateful kids yet again this christmas

No. 1774316

it really does seem like they shit these people out of a factory somewhere kek they all have the same items, same fake nails, use the same music for their videos, etc. it's really bizarre, sometimes I wonder if these people are even into anime/manga besides whatever flavour of the month thing is popular and genshin i know it's a chinese game but it's popular with weebs or care about japanese culture beyond "uguuuu kawaii pastel pink sanrio" junk

No. 1774320

doesn't really make me rage or anything but I'm a bit upset thinking about how all the food is probably ice cold by the time they finish filming

No. 1774321

some child is gonna do this to their hamster, this seems like a dangerous toy lol

No. 1774326

yeah I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it really does seem like an just an external aesthetic to these people. i don't even think they watch anime, it's all a performance. also all of the food is just mcdonalds or disgusting sugary crap with hello kitty on it. i don't even think the non-lardasses eat the candy bowls after filming
reminds me of the whole ""animecore"" figure trend during lockdown. they all hunted down the same figures, as if they needed other people on TikTok to label something as ""animecore"" first in order to like it.

No. 1774328

That's super interesting, but it should be a medical device only. For those girls who compulsively pull their hair out, you could wean them from self harm by using this before getting them to stop altogether. However, if a kid does something like this and receives dopamine from it, she's going to fix that pathway in her brain and encourage self harm through plucking.

No. 1774351

I’m not sure if it’s a Covid thing but I’ve noticed a lot more kids are prone to repetitive motions suck as picking at their skin or rocking now. Maybe that’s why fidget toys are so popular now? Like every kid I know has one of those weird pop it bubble boards or some other form of fidget tool.

No. 1774361

That's super interesting. Your desire to fit in was stronger than your brain's reward pathways for picking. Your brain's MRI must be fascinating for addiction experts.

No. 1774363

Children are definitely different now. I've heard that the three major suspects were pollution, carbon dioxide levels, and iPad babies.

No. 1774366

Not fit in cause I was 5 when this exchange happened because I remember that it happened before primary school. I was probably scared my mother wouldn't like me anymore if I kept going so I just stopped. Trichotillomania is common though, think it's 1/10 people although it's less severe for most pickers.

No. 1774412

Genshit is really the most consumeristic and stupidest game ever. It's so fucking stupid to get into it, it's like listening to kpop or watching one piece. Plastic garbage

No. 1774418

It's because they get to have nice flashy girly things while being normies, and I'm stuck being poor, unfeminine, tomboyish. It feels as if I'm missing out.

No. 1774423

no, you arent. stop being retarded

No. 1774529

turns out this woman from this video is also in therapy for her shopping addiction and her content is both therapy positivity, trusting the process, decluttering and massive shopping hauls. the comments are only praising her and those who criticize her for shopping so much are just dumb haters, according to her fans. no new vid because fsr i can't link tiktoks anymore.

No. 1774577

I had one of them and too many babies. They were my favourite toys for a long time. I was into weird little creatures so they hit the pot like furbies.

No. 1774615

File: 1700161732097.jpeg (190.33 KB, 1200x1498, IMG_0441.jpeg)

Can confirm on boomers being money wasters. The one at my job has a Xmas tree in every room of her house and changes the “theme” every year.

No. 1774666

>it's like every part of their personality or taste was influenced by what's popular on TikTok or Pinterest.

That’s because it is. I’m surprised at how many people are so eager to buy everything they see other people have. It’s so exhausting seeing the same people do the exact same thing with the exact same things. Plastic garbage and cheap low quality clothes from Ali, showcasing your living area filled with said garbage and shit food on some chinese app for strangers to watch. How do you live like this?

No. 1775127

How did you have one mom and many babies? Did they sell the babies separately?

No. 1775448

Disney adults are peak consoomers. I don’t understand why they spend so much on Disney when they could go almost anywhere else for that cost

No. 1775468

I went to the store the other day and was so disgusted by the Christmas decorations. They sell these giant bins of color coded ball ornaments so you can instantly decorate your tree. No! Christmas tree ornaments just be individually bought because they speak to you, hand made by an incompetent child, or inherited from someone. Your tree should not match at all and every ornament should be a cherished memory. I do love the aesthetic of the tree you posted though.

No. 1775472

I feel like a way to curb plastic waste would be to start strictly regulating children's toys. Could you imagine how many dubious Chinese trinkets would be curbed if we straight up started saying no? There is no reason for all of this shit and most of it ends up in the trash. We need to go back to toys being limited.

No. 1775473

whats the appeal of these things? i am not american but they look retarded and have no practical use. I would beat someone if i saw them wearing those.

No. 1775488

That stuff kinda makes me sad too. My parents would let me and my brother pick out an ornament each year and would gift each other one so we could slowly build the tree up as a family. We still do it every year even though we're all adults now, can't imagine stopping just to put up a tree with cohesive theming that we throw out in a year or two for a different style.

No. 1775495

big fans of disney parks will custom make ears and wear them into the theme parks. the ears all probably cost $60-100+ each

No. 1775496

I think children have always been like that, restless and curious and wanting to see how things they interact with will react. I'm a hag and I remember driving my grandma insane because I would keep plucking leaves from the plants in her garden. Children wanting to play the exact same game or hear the exact same story over and over again has been a common complaint amongst parents since I can remember parents complaining too, I think the toy industry just found a way to capitalize on age old tendencies. Plants in the garden are free, the fidget toy isn't.

No. 1775504

the worst plastic offenders are packaging and one-use products. yes toys like these are bad but you seem unaware of the worst offenders.

No. 1775507

It's terrible and wasteful to sell a toy deliberately for that purpose.
But I had a bad habit of picking the hair off my stuffed animals and rubbing it into little balls with my fingers when I was a kid, picked a whole oscar the grouch stuffed toy bald..

No. 1775511

I'm completely aware, I just dont think kids should be drooling and chewing on all of this plastic garbage and it would be an easy excuse to cobble together a law that bans the use of most plastics and synthetics for toys. After that comes homeward and cutlery. Westerners need to grow accustomed to not having all this garbage at disposal.

No. 1775513

I mean we had both. There were the generic ornaments that decorated the tree and then there were the special ornaments we added to each year.

No. 1775534

oh we have generic decorations too, but mostly for the house and yard because it doesn't matter so much if they get knocked off and broken or something. Also I understand that a lot of the generic decorations/sets are aimed at people who might be setting up a tree of their own for the first time, not just the people who like to do a new elaborate decoration scheme each christmas only to throw it out afterwards, so I don't think they're bad by default, sorry.

No. 1775548

To add to that, plastic toys are quite literally useless, while some forms of plastic packaging are actually functional and it would be difficult to replace them with other materials that will keep the product fresh and intact and not destroy the environment even more than plastic. If kids were encouraged to use a little imagination they wouldn't even care for plastic crap. Saying this as somebody who unironically played with pine cones as a kid even when I had a tamagochi (we made "irl tamagochi" out of a pine cone and a few sticks because we got tired of the real tamagochi dying all the time kek)

No. 1775613

I've always been jealous of girls with amazing bedrooms tbh as well. All my life living with my parents house i have never had a choice as to how i can style my room, as well as having to share a room with my siblings for a good part of my childhood. My dad has full control over what my room looks like. The only opportunity i'll ever be able to pick what i like is when i move out.

No. 1775697

I genuinely don't understand why there are so many Christmas decorations for sale every single year. Do people throw them out every single year and get new ones? Do they rotate them? I can't imagine why there is such a huge market, it's not as if they would naturally break a lot and they're only used once a year. My family has had the same decorations for many decades and they're fine.

No. 1775734

Fuck the ears, I want to know the name of that cabinet and where I can get it

No. 1775795

File: 1700245573043.jpg (37.57 KB, 656x231, 43bi15s.jpg)

She said in the comments of the video it is IKEA's PAX wardrobe. The pull out trays likely also come from there.

No. 1775914

disney as an entity is just for NPC’s with money to spend

No. 1775919

I'm really not against people going to Disney Parks, be it adults or children, because I know it must be a fun thing to do once every few years and there's a lot of artistry behind the rides with imagineers like Marc Davis who was a very famous classic disney animator and whatnot. But. I hate this type of consumerist disney adult so much. They don't give a shit. They just go there every few months to buy Disney merch. Boring. I get it of you want to do the ear thing while you're in the park, like, once. But having a fucking collection of them, buying them online, scalping them, this shit is nuts

No. 1775927

I would understand if they want to do it for their grandsons or something but honestly it's such a superficial consumeristic thing to do, to just buy everything or rent it. My aunt rents her tree every year because she can't bother decorating with her daughter. The tree has no meaning anymore, it's all about having a place to out the presents now. I'm sad that it just became this thing for show, I even wonder if these people do it just to compete with each other.

No. 1775934

Can confirm the trays are from the same PAX line. Those PAX closets are basically customiseable with different elements. Shitty thin wood tho.

No. 1775935

Adding to this. Decorating the tree was supposed to be a family thing and there's a lot of special ornaments with personal meaning, and it was supposed to be colorful and full of joy. Buying premade plastic thing has no meaning, it's just quicker, no memories attached, no hassle for them I guess. That's why they can just change the theme every year and buy more things.

No. 1775998

I used to live in Orange County, CA where Disneyland is and the adults there would go absolutely nuts getting passes and going every day, which included eating there and shopping there every day. It's an entire lifestyle for these people (they even hook up there lol). You'd think the fact that they go there nearly every single day would temper this madness but it doesn't.

No. 1776040

So sickening to see so many of these things at once. I'll let having one to two pairs is fine if you're at Disney World on vacation but owning all these fucking ears is useless.

No. 1776047

Don't feel bad about wanting a Wuv Luv, Anonchan. I asked my mom for toys like that and she always said either "We can't afford that" or "I don't want you to have it".

No. 1776121

Everyone and their grandma is trying to become an influencer on Tiktok. Can't have shitty old family heirlooms getting in the way of the aesthetic, you'll never get followers if you have a shred of personality!
Also I'm aware that ornaments break or get lost over time especially if you move a lot and that the point of those ball ornaments is to basically pad out the tree. But the price for ornaments nowadays is insane, and all the ones that aren't plain color coded balls are ~lel kwerky~ and fugly. I don't want to spend my money on a badly airbrushed bedazzled hot dog ornament. I've never met anyone who buys those ornaments or seen anyone use them online. Somehow they're still everywhere and getting uglier each year.

No. 1776229

Most of them aren't official disney products, she either made them or bought them from someone else who makes them. It's slightly worse imo.

No. 1776344

it's dumb because they literally serve no purpose outside the park.

No. 1776562

File: 1700292051445.jpg (830.85 KB, 3084x1791, don-quijote-muji-haul-japan-20…)

I just checked the asian beauty subreddit after someone made a post about Chinese indie makeup and the amount of consoomerism gave me a headache. I understand that many people have had good results using asian/korean skincare products but the amount of posts with hauls containing more than 6 products is weird. The korean skincare industry really popularised over-indulgence with the "10 step Korean skincare routine" and the sheer amount of toners, serums, lotions, essences and tonics is nauseating. Especially coming from the euro skincare subreddit, it gave me a huge whiplash.

No. 1776568

this is how you get acne. also that over hyped C serum gave me acne, it only works for fading fresh small injuries that could be scars.

No. 1776571

File: 1700293359004.png (601.09 KB, 853x480, phibes-00550.png)

>all the ones that aren't plain color coded balls are ~lel kwerky~ and fugly
I know what you mean. I had the replace my mini tree ornaments this year, I went to Walmart a few days ago, and almost half the mini assortments on the shelf had decapitated unicorn head shapes in them. That has nothing to do with Christmas, and surely the unicorn fad is dead by now. And all I could think of is the unicorn head murder from Dr. Phibes.
I would never buy skincare from a Chinese brand, or any dinky 3rd world nation without consumer protection. They're bad about putting mercury and other toxic metals into skin lightening creams.

No. 1776572

File: 1700293514047.jpg (89.12 KB, 667x1000, d60d0c2d86ac4707b307fa4447c051…)

>I'm stuck being poor, unfeminine, tomboyish. It feels as if I'm missing out.

Nonie please, I understand completely where you're coming from because I was in the EXACT sams position as you. I saw all these videos and photos of girls have these incredible bright pink pastel rooms and desktops, with lots of anime figures, sanrio, pretty and cute PC accessories and the whole razer pink keyboard, mouse and headset and it always made me feel like I wasn't girly and feminine enough. It made me look down on myself and consider myself less of a feminine girl because I had none of that, nor the money to buy it.
Please remember that these people post their rooms online as a way to showcase an abstract "ideal", heavily influenced by trends and indulged in mindless consumerism. You do NOT need a ton of plastic crap to be feminine or have a girly room. You can make a beautiful living space for yourself that will make you feel way more fulfilled if you take your time and realise all the crap we see online isn't an accurate view of reality, our perception has been skewed by social media as it has become a space for people to one-up eachother or to circlejerk.
If you feel like you want to make your room more girly and on a budget, you can always look for some pastel duvets, cheap fairy lights, some art prints, plushies, even a cute tapestry to hang on your wall. I used to go gather flowers bouquets and tape them on my wall to make a cute flower collage. Take it step by step and give your own spin to your room. I promise you you're more than worthy to have a beautiful room, you are girly enough and no amount of cheap AliExpress tat will take that away from you. Don't let consumerism and over glorifying of an internet microtrend to define you so harshly.

No. 1776579

I agree that less is more but tbh that japanese C serum healed my acne scars better than anything else kek

No. 1776587

The Christmas stuff is the one that gets me, they didn't even wait til after Halloween like usual for all the crap to flood into the shops this year. They are even selling Christmas food right now, I saw Christmas cakes the other day that expire before December, let alone Christmas day. It's nuts.

And Halloween stuff is still trying to be flogged at half price, which will likely be dumped eventually from noone buying it.

We have one goofy orange dinosaur bauble on our tree just cos when I first saw it it just spoke to me but he's been on our tree for like 10 years now. I wouldn't buy stupid ones every year.

No. 1776599

I used to be on that sub but I had to stop because it was getting ridiculous. People were throwing out their entire skincare just to buy new skincare even though they didn't even know yet if the new skincare would work for them. Buying entire "hauls", irritating their skin to shit cos they didn't bother introduce slowly then asking what MORE products they needed to fix everything. And yeah I'll be that sperg about sheet masks. Single use skincare should be banned.

Why the fuck would you put Chinese makeup on your face idk. I suspect half the reason why these people don't just go to a local makeup counter/shop is the pretty packaging of some of the Asian brands.

No. 1776603

I picked up some useful tips from the sub but yeah the consoomerism is unbearable, people just buy for the sake of buying. But I think lot of skincare subs are like that? The obsession over looks goes really far too, I mean I also would like to avoid blemishes or wrinkles but people on Reddit act like your value as a woman is just extinguished if you get a single wrinkle. It makes me sad because I'm genuinely interested in skincare from a scientific approach, but all the subs are full of people who are neurotic about it and acting like you NEED to be getting tretinoin and botox.
I wish it were possible to just have a chill group swapping tips, but instead it's people who blow all their money on 50 bottles that take up all the space.

No. 1776609

it healed some surgery cuts i had but really fucked up my face with more bumps when i bought it for hyperpigmentation. wish it worked out for me tbh but something else did.

No. 1776642

I bought Ikea's Blåhaj for my 2-year-old nephew as a present and this person commented how it's "for trans girls" and joked about my nephew's transness. I don't know that just made me so sad that tranny consoomers turned an innocent baby toy into their fetish thing.

No. 1776666

Ouch, my endocrine system

I stopped going on because it gave me a pathological fear of the sun. I just use biore face wash and eucarin as moisturizer, mineral sunscreen. Works fine, I'm convinced half the products are a waste of money. I still don't know what aha does and why I bought so much of it

No. 1776685

I'm a few days late to the children's toy talk but it's insane how every popular kids toy is a blind box now. Literally everything is about gaining the most money even from 5 year olds

No. 1776773

Being honest I don't see them too different from tradding cards or stickers albums. They always have sold us overpriced gatcha shit, but now it's objects rather than drawings. The stickers packs were very costy as well and after a while you only would get repeats.

No. 1777535

Yeah, but we also had normal popular toys back then. It's all blind box shit now for the most part

No. 1777644

File: 1700368606957.png (11.4 MB, 3024x4032, dogroom.png)

This is a room I would've loved as like a 7 year old but I don't understand why an adult would want this. In another image she mentioned that her entire collection takes up 3 rooms in her house….

No. 1777689

who the hell did they get to design these anyway, some how-to-draw-anime kid from deviantart? not only are the proportions way off, i can tell they just used black on multiply to do the shadows. ugh

No. 1777931

usually I hate hoards but I'm a spongebobfag and this room kinda hit it for me. I wouldn't get dumb shit like cereal boxes or extremely ugly figures just because I'm a fan, but I like lots of the stuff he has. I'd never have a room dedicated to nickelodeon/spongebob but at least there are people out there with a higher autistic fixation than me kek.

I found this video because I saw a new loungefly bag and two yootooz I'm very tempted to get and fell into a rabbit hole. I'll probably get over it but I'm really considering the yootooz. My country doesn't have as much merch as-let's say-the US which gives me a bit of fomo

No. 1777932

diddler room

No. 1777935

All his set ups are pretty terrible, they're good 'anti room inspo' though.

No. 1777944

NO NONNIE DONT DO THIS. Like I'm a big fan of OG spongebob and I would love having a little corner. This is cringe but he is sort of my comfort character

Holy shit he has more rooms like this? Had no idea I only watched the spongebob one. Having one room is autistic enough but MORE? wow

No. 1777960

File: 1700387838186.jpg (92.91 KB, 480x360, ao99ml91ohkz.jpg)

Samefag I finished the spongebob room video and in the end he got an actual nickelodeon sign the company used at some point. I know his collection is a flex but this…

No. 1777968

Having a room only dedicated to a hobby is seen as frivolous in Europe. Americans are insane. I'm 100% blaming you all for climate change.

No. 1777971

I feel like I'm missing out when my gen x parents bought a house for less than 50,000 when the average house price is near 1 million in my country now, but each to their own.

No. 1777976

I'm european kek and yes it is frivolous. And that's why I said "small corner" it's not like I would dedicate a room to anything. I actually contribute to this thread with tiktoks and seeing people buying cheap shit and flaunting it makes me sick. Spongebob is just my weakness but I would never go to this length. I'm really careful with what I buy

No. 1778055

I think Christmas decorations are probably extremely cheap from Chinese manufacturers, and then stores can mark them way up. Because Dollar Tree has decorations, and then regular stores will have the same quality of cheap decorations at 2x the quantity, for 4x the price.

No. 1778208

I have a beautifully realistic shark stuffed animal that I hide because of how strong the tranny/shark correlation is.

No. 1778328

What the fuck. How online has that person to be for that be his first thought? I'm aware sharks and frogs are something these people like, but it's so weird that their fetish is the only thing they can comment about it.

No. 1778383

TUH-WENTY THOUSAND!!?? I… This is so depressing. I'd treat my family to a nice vacation for that amount and still have money left over, whereas this dude spends it all on plastic junk that will only depreciate. it is soulless. You could have so many cool life experiences with this kind of money and yet he fuels his comsooming addiction. Baffling. Sorry for the rant.

No. 1778396

File: 1700409710989.jpeg (13.07 KB, 300x249, Otytyty.jpeg)

brb, have to go to set up a sniper corner in the children's section to protect the Ikea sharks from degenerates

No. 1778628

Please don't nonny. I love sharks too, sharks have existed for millenia before trannies, love your shark and don't hide it

No. 1778632

Wtf, block that retard immediately. Why the fuck is a degenerate like that commenting this shit under kids toys. I'm creeped out honestly. Their comment had nothing to do with your post.

No. 1778747

To be fair I doubt it's actually worth 20 thousand.

No. 1779085

Oof I have a hobby room. Granted my hobby room is for sewing and other crafts but it’s still a hobby room. To be fair though, I’m glad I turned it into a hobby room I actually use rather than make it into a weird guest room.

No. 1779108

I also have a hobby room that I use for crafts, and I have bookshelves in there. I think there's a difference between a room that serves a purpose for actual proactive hobbies and a room where you just shove all your ugly plastic shit. I'm European and yes it's not as common here as it is in America, but I know quite a few people who have rooms for their sewing or crafting.

No. 1779162

Not even exaggerating at all, acne cosmetica is a legit thing. I got it when i was heavy in my korean skincare phase and tried out some snail products from cosrx. I see asian beauty as a classic example of how having too much options is a terrible thing, that's probably why they purposely make it so cheap and go all out at making the products aesthetic looking.

No. 1779209

Do Euros really think this shit isn’t an extremely rare thing in America…

No. 1779249

You got acne from too much k skin care?

No. 1779250

That kind of hobby room is fine me thinks.

No. 1779520

File: 1700458319459.jpeg (102.31 KB, 1290x1218, IMG_1009.jpeg)

I remember when it was mostly a thing on tumblr where people posted the sharks in funny and creative settings, then troons started treating it as ”trans culture”.

No. 1779622

Sharks have existed before trees, and greenland sharks can live for 500 years. Meanwhile troonism is a flash in the pan. Don't let troonism destroy things for you.

No. 1779685

No, anons are just stupid.

No. 1779799

No, but I don't doubt that it cost 20 grand. The catch 'em all mentality of autistic moids has led to retarded levels of scalping even for merch that isn't hard to find for way cheaper. They're the idiots who exclusively buy those overpriced RARE!!!!! NEW IN BOX ULTRA RARE VINTAGE OLD EXCLUSIVE ANTIQUE JAPAN USA TOY BRAND NEW VINTAGE RETRO NARUTO POKEMON GOKU ANIME CARTOON Y2K 1990S 2000S 2010S GENUINE FREE SHIPPING listings.

No. 1779801

I’m upgrading our apartment next January where we plan on turning the 2nd bedroom into an office/hobby room. Right now our desks and his guitars take up the living room/kitchen and it’s painful when my husband is in his work calls. Sometimes space is needed to have a healthy relationship and you’re not frivolous or a consoomer.

No. 1780383

some candle retardation

No. 1780390

this woman really is a consoomer of everything… if it exists, she consooms.

No. 1780392

ofc she also consooms these retarded stanley cups and its knockoffs.

No. 1780402

there is something about pink that just attracts the worst consoomers. You will never see consoomer women into green or blue or orange, they gravitate to pink like flies to shit. That color is evil.

No. 1780403

>coomsooms anything under the sun
>uses "bitch" like a comma
>ugly fake nails
>the nastiest wood cabinets I've seen in a while
who is this person kek at some point I believe the things she buys are her only personality god

No. 1780418

i think a lot of these consoomer women are libfems at best and fall right into the "makeup/plastic surgery/fake lashes/fake nails is empowering/self care" trap so they consoom pink shit like crazy because hyperfemininity is empowering and feminist and there are sooo many icky butch tomboys out there (aka regular women who don't spend their entire money on these things) who demonize the poor hyperfeminine women, wahhh.

she was featured here a few times already so low hanging fruit i guess kek but she's a shopaholic for reals. she posts therapy shit about trusting the process mixed with a ton of hauls. her fans eat it up and act like she's making sooo much process even though she's constantly going back to square one by buying so much garbage.

No. 1780423

all this in just 3 years?

No. 1780426

i bet she hasnt read most of those

No. 1780462

File: 1700518061376.png (427.44 KB, 440x501, ugly moid.png)

How come consoomer women always have boyfriends/husbands that look like this? Always with the receding hairlines and terrible beards. I'm surprised he's not fat.

No. 1780464

i hate that this phenotype of men is so common now. Balding with short hair and ugly beard and either morbidly obese or railthin. I wish i could go back to the 70s

No. 1780481

That's just how men look after hitting the wall.

No. 1780498

"I exist, therefore I consoom" -René Put It All In DeCartes

No. 1780528

The funniest thing is that she posts all the time about having problems in her relationship and how upset she is about it. Just fucking leave him kek he's ugly and he's causing you stress. What's the point in fighting to keep him around?

No. 1780769

I 100% have seen consoomer women who are into green. Like have you not seen all those mushroom nature girls who have fake plants and plastic shit all over their rooms?

No. 1780779

File: 1700532398471.gif (1.24 MB, 498x284, IMG_7866.gif)

>i’m just trying to do what he put me here to do
Pop out babies for some guy who doesn’t like you?

No. 1780785

File: 1700533280848.gif (6.14 MB, 640x640, dancing-while-crying-dancing-c…)

she's not ok, she looks like this to me

No. 1780793

I think it's called the "sunken cost" problem. She probably invested so much time and effort into her relationship with the scrote that even when she knows he's "in the fritz", she can't bring herself to break up and move on because the realization that she wasted her time will kick into full gear of regret.

No. 1780794

The older I get the more I’m convinced people live their entire lives on autopilot. No one knows themselves so they just jump headfirst into whatever is easiest for them without ever fucking thinking.

No. 1780815

For some toys, there's sort of a "code" for parents to know which toy is in the box. For example, the outer packaging being a different color. Not all companies do this, but the ones that do certainly save parents and kids from disappointment.
I was in high school when K-beauty started gaining popularity (I'm mid-twenties now) and I remember buying so many products to get "perfect, bright, glowy skin". In hindsight my skin was fine, but like other nonnas have mentioned, my skin started getting acne from using all the products. I bought what was hyped up and what looked cute. So many people go on about how Korean beauty is "better" and "more advanced", however sooo much of it is full of irritating ingredients like fragrance or ferments that can cause even more problems. I still use some things, but it's not the be-all-end-all of skincare like some of these fanatics think.

No. 1780927

moid take

No. 1780966

maybe this is the wrong thread but, I have two miku figurines that I bought cheap and don’t really want them. Yea yea i need to stop buying ., but anyway, I was trying to see if there is someplace that I can donate them to? Like someone who likes miku? Or will just be me encouraging consoom lol. Anywya I’ve checked my local SA and took a look at their Angels list hoping on the rare chance maybe a girl listed miku as a wish, I didnt but I did find one for sailormoon. Is there any place where I might find soemthing similar?

No. 1780986

I used to be a beauty consoomer and that was one of the worst consooming habits because i ended UP throwing alluring of it out because the skin care destroyed my skin barrier and male my skin worse and the shitload of hair creams/treatments/shampoos/conditioner that i bought ended up irritating my scalp, damaging m hair and causing hair loss.

I also have chemical-traction alopecia now so that sucks. The scarred follicles did not regrow. Thankfully i have thick hair follicles so the lack of hair is not that noticiable. It's ironic because the reason why i started consooming hair care in the first place was because i wanted my hair too grow faster or for my hair to be more manageable because everyone kept telling me how my naturally frizzy hair looked unkempt.

No. 1781018

send them to me

No. 1781020

looks like you're fishing for asspats. mercari, ebay, goodwill, use google

No. 1781054

Nah she's right, it's too much manga for 3 years. Or maybe I just have a problem reading manga myself (as in, it's boring) and can't imagine others torturing themselves like that.

No. 1781058

That has been my beef with the AsianBeauty sub since 2016. I used to be very active there and it's always been new releases, hauls and questions from people who don't know how to read. Every other comment has been the same "omg my wallet" "omg NEED" for almost a decade, just a different hype product each month. Etude and Biore sunscreen used to be it, then Papa Recipe masks, now it's just Rom&nd and Round Lab.
I got into many internet fights because people bought too much stuff that inevitably expired and I called them wasteful. They always say the same thing "let people have fun". No. Suffer.

No. 1781059

Most of them are insane or fakebois though

No. 1781068

>i think a lot of these consoomer women are libfems at best and fall right into the "makeup/plastic surgery/fake lashes/fake nails is empowering/self care" trap so they consoom pink shit like crazy because hyperfemininity is empowering and feminist and there are sooo many icky butch tomboys out there (aka regular women who don't spend their entire money on these things) who demonize the poor hyperfeminine women, wahhh.

This, basically
I'm tomboyish and I like pink, but could never imagine myself consuming pink shit like they do. It's fine in a sweater or a pencil case, it's insane when they surround themselves with pink shit 24/7 all around their house and work space. To each their own I guess, but I feel like these girls are never satisfied and need to make everything pink. Consooming obsessively with the goal of hyperfemininity is so dumb

Honestly I wish more things came in orange, it's a nice color.

No. 1781073

What's the reason behind having so many cups? I live in a desert and agree that having metal drinking vessels is super cool cause it keeps your ice water as cold as possible. But that's too many. I would limit myself to a max of 4-5 because yeah they're useful and maybe if someone comes over I would like to give them a nice sip of chilled water. But these people buy them just for themselves right? Then what's the point?

No. 1781076

Anime is such a normie consoom hobby now

No. 1781102

Anime really is the cheapest way to build a quirky personality for those normies who are desperate to stick out. Whenever I see the kind of anime and manga normies are into I immediately know. I will always stay away from those people.

No. 1781146

Still women though

If they're prize figures, just sell them for like $10 each or bring them to your local goodwill. If they're scales, sell them for $70-90 each.

No. 1781158

Jealous of how many candles she has, I love candles so much. Wish I could afford to keep one burning constantly. Won't storing them all together mix their scents though?

No. 1781159

they always collect the figures from mascots too. It's always sonico and Miku and some famous popular anime. My least favourite type of ironic weeb consoomer are the animecore fags who buy loli figurines because of the aesthetic but proclaim lolicon is cp and pedophilia. I have seen some of these girls with actual figurines from comic lo(a pedo loli magazine) being ''antis'', so they are either just consooming for the thrill or think they are the exception to the rule.

No. 1781212

asspats?? jeez
Well I really want to donate them to someone who would enjoy them, don’t really wanna sell them. Thanks anyway

No. 1781252

>everyone kept telling me how my naturally frizzy hair looked unkempt
So true. Hair products are also shilled, especially when it comes to frizzy hair.
>Buy all these products and follow this method to have frizz-free hair!
>You actually have wavy/curly hair, buy all of these products to define it!
>Frizzy hair is unkept and ugly, don’t you want sleek and smooth hair?
It gets as bad as those 10-step skincare routines. I’ve learned to live with it and if I feel like having smoother hair, I’ll just straighten it. It’s too much effort and money to try to “control” my hair texture. Also I’m kinda lazy kek.

No. 1781273

nta but ugh I hate the curly girl shilling. I have undeniably straight hair (1B) but people would still pipe up to tinfoil about "maybe your hair is secretly wavy and just hasn't been able to express it because blah blah" it was impossible to get any good advice because people are autistically focused on curl pattern

No. 1781278

I'm confused, she picked out certain beads but not all of the beads that would make up more product?

No. 1781290

File: 1700575372024.jpg (443.05 KB, 768x1800, bag.jpg)

I saw these bags posted in another thread and now I want to buy something dirt cheap to mimic it

No. 1781298

And you want us to stop you from doing it?

No. 1781300

yes tell me not to

No. 1781306

those are ugly

No. 1781307

something compulsory like that, especially dirt cheap, is going to look bad and likely be ruined in no time. do you even need an extra bag? probably not i know it

No. 1781308

you should ask if people correlate sharks to trans people because they are both predators

No. 1781309

squishmallows are fucking ugly. They are either too overdesigned or too simple and look like colored eggs.

No. 1781313

File: 1700576267097.jpg (71.33 KB, 900x900, woolite.jpg)

>Your hair isn't able to express its secret self!
>mfw your hair is a undercover agent and other agents are trying to extract her safely

No. 1781314

I know collecting objects is obvious consoomerism but what about people who travel a lot? they usually use the excuse it's about the experiences but 99% of the time people go on trips to see the same popular spots everybody goes to, eat food and shop. these kind of people also like looking down on people who have other hobbies as if buying a plane ticket and buying things on another country isn't as consoomerist. not to mention they like shitting on people who buy things because they're polluting the planet but your plane fuel isn't? lol

No. 1781317

I'm sorry but how in the bejeweled jesus christ figurine in a consoomer tiktok you fried your hair with chemicals? I bleach my hair every few months and I never had that but now I'm paranoid.

No. 1781320

there is nothing wrong with seeing popular spots and eating food from the country.

No. 1781322

I think at that point, if you're considering experiences consumerism, you might as well consider absolutely everything consumerism. That there is no experience you can have as a human that isn't being judged.

No. 1781325

you can use objects to have experiences too but you don't see anyone wondering that itt

No. 1781326

you cant tell me going to the same popular spots as everyone and eating the same shit as everyone is not a type of consoomerism, sorry

No. 1781327

I guess all those weebs who hop on a plane to eat ramen and buy figurines in Akiba are not consoomers because they get to experience glorious Nippon kek

No. 1781330

if i am going to italy i am going to see the tower of pisa, what kind of logic is this

No. 1781342

I'm an eurofag and I keked so hard when I met a random american woman and she was like "my dream is to travel to Bali". Wow that is such a unique idea and totally not something you want to do because every single american influencer does it lmao. I hate people who make their whole personality traveling to the top 10 most liked instragram destinations.

No. 1781351

these people act like their shit smells better because they're not buying things everyone is buying and instead saving pennies to travel to some cliche location they most likely would find in their country or continent for cheaper but it's not that popular place you know. and buy overpriced tourist trap shit. not gonna even mention trust fund babies and influencers who travel several times an year.
if you're going to italy (or elsewhere) once or twice in your lifetime this is not about you

No. 1781356

Because consoom tiktoks made people think they needed to buy super expensive haircare brands like Olaplex to get nice hair. The problem is that their products are pretty strong and easy to misuse so there are plenty of anecdotes online of people damaging their hair by using said products. There's even a lawsuit against them right now because "customers have suffered from hair loss, bald spots, blisters, and scalp injuries" so it's definitely possible to damage your scalp/hair by using certain products.

No. 1781363

I'm too poor to afford regular olaplex usage so I'm safe kek I've only used it once or twice in my lifetime when I had breakage

No. 1781364

>uh actshually sweatie, you spending time with your family on Christmas is consoomerism because you are consooming food and you are consooming electricity to heat your house so don't act like your shit dont stink
Come off it mate. You're derailing the thread and you know it.

No. 1781366

dont act like people who travel several times an year to take pictures dont exist, influencers, nepo babies, etc. traveling as consoomerism is a huge market even if you dont know anyone in your social circle doing it (I guess you're either poor or american). if you want to nitpick how much these people exist, normal people dont buy hoards of whatever the people posted in the webms itt either.(infighting)

No. 1781370

That wasn't what the post you responded to was about. You're jousting at windmills because you want to be mad. Good luck with that.

No. 1781371

sorry you got called out on your traveling hobby.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1781397

nta but you really are so annoying.

Plastic shit sitting around creates waste. Yeah you will say “muh jet fuel” but at least people will remember a vacation more than whichever funko pops they had in 10 years.

No. 1781400

idk what to tell if you dont see a market of something not being able to be considered consoomerism as well, is it because you find it fulfilling? collecting can be fulfilling for some people but we still shit on it itt. if you feel called out just cope I guess.

No. 1781408

>Plastic shit sitting around creates waste
did you know plastic you buy abroad is also plastic waste? amazing, I know.

No. 1781412

File: 1700580185102.jpg (37.95 KB, 645x109, sooo sustainable and ecofriend…)

I understand what you mean, it definitely comes off as throwing money around as a way to substitute having a personality. I don't give a rat's ass about the normies who take a family trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, I'm thinking of the holier than thou, rich white Westerners who constantly go on overpriced vacations and have the most vapid, tourist-trap experiences and then act like they're so enlightened. So many of them have a white savior complex when they go to non-European countries, and it's especially annoying when their cute little touristy attractions come at the expense of the marginalized people they claim to care so much about. See: all the Hawaiian natives begging tourists not to come, but people care more about pretty beach photos for Instagram.

No. 1781413

Woah every person who travels to popular places buys whole rooms of plastic shit on vacation? That’s crazy

No. 1781417

that's exactly what I'm talking about. thanks for articulating it more properly.
I don't think every person who buys things online is a hoarder like the people posted itt either so you can calm down.

No. 1781422

Then why would you even bring up plastic bought abroad. A single plastic knick knack is the same as a plastic funko pop. But we’re not talking about single funko pops, we’re talking about consoomers.

No. 1781423

That's literally what she's claiming and now she's mad that people are telling her that's not what actually happens. Can you imagine her world? Sorry Jane Doe, I know you wanted to see the Sistine chapel, but someone already looked at it this year. Instead, we have mud puddle #74592 in Scotland, or tree #4147353 in Albania available for viewing. Which would you like to pick for your once every two year vacation?

No. 1781439

sorry you got called out on going abroad and buying a suitcase of shit kek if you're not doing that then why are you mad? I'm clearly not talking about people who buy a random souvenir.

No. 1781443

Not the original anon, I'm the one who mentioned Hawaii, but I think the focus on "consoomer" tourists isn't about the people who go to timeless historical and cultural landmarks like the Sistine Chapel, but more about the types of tourists who flood destinations that become trendy overnight due to TikTok and other social media. It's like this anon said >>1781342 with the American woman who wanted to see Bali, we all know that woman and 90% of the other tourists going there have zero interest in the local culture and history and just want to mindlessly go and shit up the place, completely fucking over the local residents so they can spend the entire vacation on their phone making sure that all their followers know how cool and well traveled they are.

No. 1781444

>travel a lot
>travel a lot
>travel a lot
your proletarian ass is not traveling a lot if you go abroad one time every few years. stfu and stop derailing.

No. 1781447

funny how the weebs who collect anime garbage or the makeup/fashion girlies didnt feel like shitting up the thread trying to defend themselves but the instagram photo of sunset number 239837 posters are seething.

No. 1781449

you sound jealous. i bet you never stepped a foot outside your shithole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1781451

you're so wrong it's hilarious but I will let you think whatever you want.

No. 1781453


No. 1781455

I feel like another type of travel consoomer are the ones that insist on going to these hyped up destinations or places like Disneyland every year but can't actually afford it and create debt and/or stress for themselves trying to keep up appearances for social media. Basically like temu and amazon addicts who max out credit cards but with this it's people who take out loans and what not just to go on a trip not sure if that counts as consoom or just being retarded though kek

No. 1781456

>Derails the thread
>Gets mad because thread is now derailed
So you're a consoomer and you're complaining that people are consooming in the same way as you? What is even going on in this thread?

No. 1781460

My hair went from straight to wavy once I started using conditioner regularly and stopped obsessively brushing. My mom killed my hair texture and color very young when she tried and tried to do the stupid ponytail hairstyle with a lot of gel on me (like Jojo Siwa ish I guess). I don't put any other product on anymore except for shampoo and conditioner obviously. Would buy something without salt and shit in it but that's expensive where I live so whatever. Also I'm not white so maybe that's why.

No. 1781461

yeah, anon correlating people travelling to new countries to eat their food as consooming is retarded. Real consoomers go to japan and instead of eating authentic japanese ramen they go to mcdonalds and disneyland. Maxmoefoe's japan vlogs are an excellent example because he went to japan just to visit japanese disneyland, eat in mcdonalds, and buy shit in akihabara. He's such a disgusting consoomer i hate him so much.

No. 1781462

I agree with you and that was basically my initial point but the people who travel for whatever reasons they have to think I'm calling them out. I'm interested in cultural tourism but most normies obviously are not going to non european countries to understand their culture, they're going there to party, buy a lot of shit and get plastered. then when they go to european countries, they only go to the Sistine Chapel whatever important spot they know and don't even try to see anything much else either, let alone even leave the capital.

No. 1781463

Donate them to me

No. 1781464

I don’t do that and I’m not mad, I’m simply sitting on a bus replying on lolcow, coming home from the thing I like to do which is go to concerts but I guess thats consooming to you since I do it a lot huh.
You can read those women’s minds? I don’t know anything about Bali but could it be possible they just want to go to an exotic beach

replying on lolcow(replying on lolcow)

No. 1781465

Nah, if you said going to Disneyland a lot is consoom then everyone would pat themselves on the back for being so different and totally agree. Experience stuff can definitely be consoom driven.

No. 1781466

Why would they mix? The scent is in the parafin

No. 1781467

To be fair I can buy cheap used manga on amazon, eBay or 2nd and Charles. I collect out of print manga too and can find stuff I like pretty cheap

No. 1781469

if you dont give a shit about consooming and dont want to criticise it why the fuck are you even doing in this thread?
disney oriented everything seems very consoomer aligned but disney adults who go to disneyland several times an year are out of their minds.

No. 1781471

Nta but I think serial concert goers are a bit consoomy. I only don’t think so if you are really into making music as a hobby or profession.

No. 1781473

>Real consoomers go to japan and instead of eating authentic japanese ramen
nta but I heard most weebs who go to japan inevitably end up eating at some ramen shop which is basically japanese mcdonalds in terms of quality and quantity of restaurants and act like they're so refined eating authentic japanese cuisine.

No. 1781474

Granted, I watched this without sound, but it cracked me up when she zoomed into the little cartoons at the bottom of the thin cutting mats. I imagined she was saying how cute they were or something. Whenever people buy shit for that reason, a little cartoon slapped on to the lowest quality option possible, all I can do is laugh. Like really? That’s all it takes to part you with your money? You see a little line art cupcake and forget you don’t need that thing, you have other options at home, there are higher quality items you could buy? For anons wondering, thick wood boards are the best cutting surface imo. I bought some 1/2 inch thick bamboo cutting boards and they snapped in half after a few months, go for an inch or two thickness.

No. 1781476

Why? It’s fun. The community is fun, the atmosphere, talking to everyone fan and band afterwards, and of course hearing LIVE music. Idk what we are supposed to spend money on if simple experiences are consoom.

replying on lolcow >>1781471

No. 1781477

Sorry about that extra sentence that’s so annoying, I can’t see it in my reply box

No. 1781478

NTA but idk, plastic is plastic even if it's just sitting in a factory ready to be shipped. There's so much plastic shit already produced and it keeps pulling up no matter where it sits or where it is from. If you travel and want a souvenir, buy locally made pieces, made of wood, natural fivers, or clay. It's better that way and it helps the local economy too

No. 1781486

If youre serious I would absolutely consider giving them to you but I also understand this is a terrible idea

No. 1781488

NTA but the only concerts that seem consoomy to me are the super commercialized ones that have expensive tickets and push you to buy lots of merch. Kpoppies and Swifties I'm looking at you.

No. 1781489

The cutting mats were the worst kek. I would buy 3 cutting boards myself, one for meat, one for veggies, and one for my partner to help me cook kek

No. 1781490

I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as other stuff, unless you’re using it to have content for social media. If you always post it on insta or wherever then consoom level jumps up immediately.

But culture around music in general is really consoomy. a lot of people constantly consume music to the point of minor dysfunction or to cope. A lot of people spend tons of money on paraphernalia or shit like record players and records just for the aesthetic. And for these people what bands you are into often dictates what clothes and other shit you consoom in order to look cool and “different”

No. 1781493

This. You can't say that seeing the mountain goats is the same as going to a BTS concert

No. 1781496

Basically anything that scrotes can well ackshully no true female fan you about is usually consumerist

No. 1781497

Nah, it's not macdonald level quality. I'd say it's like going to Mexico and eating at a family taco place. It's just local quick to eat food. Doesn't make it a fast food chain.

No. 1781498

File: 1700583125382.png (252.42 KB, 750x448, sdsdsddR.png)

I went with my friend to Disney Sea when we were in Japan and it was the biggest waste of 9,800 yen I've ever spent. They had the ride queues on an app, which didn't even work that well because we had bad signal, the food was shit, and all the gift shops had were those Duffy and Friends plushies. ALL of the stores. I thought Disney Sea was supposed to be like Epcot but Epcot is 100x better than this. At least they have country-appropriate food and shop junk. At Disney Sea, it didn't matter if you went to the Arabian Coast or somewhere else, all you could get was flavored themed popcorn (incredibly boring and overpriced) and Duffy stuff. Trash.
So TL;DR: I judge everyone that goes to Japan and its Disney parks. It's ass. Peak consoom.

No. 1781502

Idk it seems like you went there specifically to shop, honestly that's how your post sounds like.

No. 1781504

nta but kek ramen isn't even japanese (is chinese) even if it is ingrained in jap culture. they'll get a more *~authentic real japan~* meal eating grilled fish at a random market

No. 1781508

If you really want to, leave your discord or email on the friend finder thread! I've been looking for new penpals and I would love to send you something too in return nonny. Or if you're not sure just don't add your address, but I have no problem giving you mine, I have friends from here that I've given my address to before

No. 1781513

Some tacos also have Arabian influence in them and yet we integrated them into our culture, some stuff might have an origin in another country but then morph into their own thing. I'm not saying you're wrong or that I think highly of ramen (kek I don't, Japanese food in general doesn't look that tasty or special to me) but stuff like that happens across cultures all the time, it's normal.

No. 1781517

You say that but Mcdonalds is different in every country and I miss eating their chicken teriyaki sandwich. Don't even get me started on KFC, it's shit in my country, it's great in Japan and friends who are from the islands near the US told me it's way better in their own region. Tokyo Disney Sea is meh though. It looks different from Paris but not enough to justify its price imo.

No. 1781522

>Instead, we have mud puddle #74592 in Scotland, or tree #4147353 in Albania available for viewing. Which would you like to pick for your once every two year vacation?

No. 1781531

The themeing in Disney Sea got a lot of budget and is considered one of the best in the world though, hard to see for people who don't care and even if I don't have real interest in Disney parks I can see the difference. Paris is supposed to be just a copy of the US parks but Disney Sea is completely unique. Dunno, to each their own, it's not like I'll get to be in a park anytime soon

No. 1781535

they got normal burgers though, they are such retards kek

No. 1781547

File: 1700584698369.jpg (112.09 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20231122-033728_Chr…)

Nonnas I cannot help but love Wedgwood Christmas ornaments. They're so beautiful but I could never pay that for a single thing let alone a ball to sit on a tree for at most 2 months

No. 1781555

I'll let you have just one. Promise me you won't hoard then though

No. 1781564

File: 1700585085197.jpg (60.44 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20231120-145608_Fac…)

I don't think I could decide which one to get, they are all so beautiful

No. 1781565

if you buy it i will go to your house and drop it

No. 1781567

Go for the one that you can store the best without any part breaking, and that way it'll last longer

No. 1781573

Yeah this one might break easier and I think it would be harder to read when actually put on the tree since branches might be poking through or partly over it and it would look so busy

No. 1781581

She made some great progress! Then she put them all back KEK. A lot of the decluttering tiktoks are done strangely, like plucking out what you don’t want and then shutting the drawer. Everything should get taken out, you should pick your favorite 5-10, then challenge yourself to let go of a few more from those favorites. That’s where the hard work is.

No. 1781584

File: 1700585472588.jpg (96.5 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20231120-145434_Fac…)

You're meant to talk me out of it not into it!
I would fight to the death over my $80 Christmas ornament

Look it's a teapot how cute is it

No. 1781598

Idk, those decluttering videos I'm like… you already bought them, either give them away for free to your niece or something or keep them for later. For me, decluttering that type of plastic stuff feels as if it's gonna end up in a landfill, so it depends on how responsible she is when it comes to giving away stuff. I hate when stuff like that gets wasted

No. 1781600

this is super cute, but I would go for >>1781547 instead because it looks more traditional and christmas-like

No. 1781603

jesus christ, why are they so expensive?

No. 1781610

You're right, if I were to get one it would be that one
Wedgwood stuff is expensive, its porcelain and a name brand. I wish there was a knock off version, if it was $20 I would probably get all of them honestly

No. 1781612

I would go with this one because you could use it all the year. It would look cute on a decorative tree branch. Also please, check if you can find it second hand. Paying that much for a single ornament is insane.

No. 1781615

Yeah you don’t need to “challenge” yourself to get rid of things you already bought and like. Just stop buying stuff. Decluttering culture has become peak consoomerism

No. 1781623

Yeah, decluttering was supposed to be the opposite, but it feels as if people only do it to consoom more nowadays

No. 1781637

NTA but ah that makes sense. Porcelain is a bitch and deforms 60% of the time when your fire it, so for every perfect ornament there must be 7 that have defects.

No. 1781639

I actually just looked into getting a cookie roller and rolling out oven baked clay to make some more "nice" flat ornaments. Probably wont bother this year but maybe next year I could do it as a project.
I like making stuff lol

No. 1781652

I liked the theme but I already did the attractions in Paris and the ones that were unique to this park didn't seem as intense. And the queues were long too. I assume someone used to either Paris or one of the parks in the US won't be interested in the entire Tokyo Disney Sea park. I didn't go to Disneyland Tokyo because I was told it was even more similar.

No. 1781656

I love this one so much.

No. 1781664

won't be AS interested, my bad I typed to fast. If it's Disney adults they'll love it though.

No. 1781673

This is cute
Simbad has amazing animatronic work though, and that's unique to the Disney Sea park. Not everything has to be a thrill ride, that's the difference between a theme park and an amusement park. A lot of the rides are improved from the originals, the comparisons look nice to me. I don't think most people care about this and only go to parks to consoom though. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't care either, I just think there's merit behind the people who worked on the rides. I don't care about the souvenirs or food much, I don't even like Disney as much as other people do to begin with kek.

No. 1781674

fuck I already love jasperware stuff (have a few pieces that I inherited) but this is so cute! (the others too, and the teacup & saucer that matches the teapot)
guess I know how I'm decorating when I'm a millionaire kek

No. 1781703

Disney Tokyo and Disneysea were fun for a day but I wouldnt go again. The themeing is nice and it was comfy. I would much rather go to the Japanese parks than the ones in the states tho

No. 1781707

Let's all agree that Sanrio Puroland is super boring though, the only ride they have is fine but then everything else is zzzzzz

No. 1781742

No, I was there mostly for the rides and because I thought it would be like Epcot with a vaguely international theme. I just thought it was weird that in all of the geographically themed sections all they had were the same types of food and same types of merchandise. People rave about Japanese Disneyland but it's nothing to write home about. That's what I'm talking about: instead of going to cool theme parks like Fuji-Q Highland, these boring weebs go to yet another American institution that they have in the states. They just go 'cause it's Disney, not that it's an actually interesting park.

No. 1781743

>I would much rather go to the Japanese parks than the ones in the states tho
>only fun for a day
What kind of weeb cope is this

No. 1781826

File: 1700594447776.mp4 (5.15 MB, 406x720, raedizzle.mp4)

I know SuperRaeDizzle had a snow thread at one point in time and she hasn't changed at all since then. It's almost impressive how stagnant her art has been for so many years, and she's still as bad a consoomer as ever. I know influencers get sent a lot of supplies as well, but young artists follow in their footsteps and end up with these massive collections of things they never use.

There's something that bothers me more about art supply hoarding when it's hundreds of low quality, dollar store tier paints. Spend a week learning basic colour mixing and get a set of twelve or less high quality paints and you'll have most of the paint you'll ever need.

No. 1781831

what's more cringe and weeby, going to the same amusement park several days in a row or just enjoying it for one day?

No. 1781842

Is this a recent piece? If so thats unfortunate…

No. 1781849

I agree completely. I used to buy the 50 cent apple paints because I didn't feel bad messing up with them but as I got better and they ran out, I replaced them with much nicer quality paints and now everything takes up so much less room.
Also, her result is a has already been done before low quality uninspired mess. Why would you brag about that?

No. 1781866

since book consoomerism is always a big topic in this thread

No. 1781875

the result is hideous, i have seen moriah elizabeth make less tacky stuff

No. 1781885

I'm glad that she saw the errors of her consoomer ways, but has she never heard of a library? Digital copies?

No. 1781901

None of these books even look good or memorable on her shelf tbh even for YA

No. 1781903

It's SO ugly and badly made, kek, straight out a wine and sip class

No. 1781908

That's where the ~content creator~ part comes in, can't look like a real booktokker without a wall of books behind you.

No. 1781912

>I just thought it was weird that in all of the geographically themed sections all they had were the same types of food and same types of merchandise.
Who cares unless your goal is to consoom

No. 1781918

Wtf is up with TikTok and this annoying every sentence starts inaudible and crescendos really loud shit

No. 1781937

Part of being a Booktok influencer is about making unboxing videos

No. 1781939

this is true insofar that content on booktok doesn't really take off if the book in the video is a library book. i saw a video about this a few months ago and the person who explained this said that as soon as there is a library sticker on the spine, the video barely gets any engagement. something similar happens with e-books. even if the person in question holds up their e-reader when talking about the book, it doesn't get much engagement. it's all about owning the book.

No. 1781942

File: 1700597378160.jpg (1.55 MB, 2909x5780, supplywaste.jpg)

That video is a couple years old, so not super recent. But in case you were worried she'd become better (either better at art or better at consuming less supplies)… Don't worry, these are all from the past year.

No. 1781946

>1.3M views on the kiddie art set
Everyone knows those supplies are shit just meant to fuel kids imagination, that’s why they’re so cheap. How the fuck is a review of that interesting enough that millions of people want to watch it?

No. 1781952

i hate how western art youtube is all about consoooming, it's so tiring. They are always shit artists too, and refuse to learn. The only fun art youtube channel i enjoyed ended up being run by a korean girl that got cancelled for pushing a girl into suicide and stopped uploading.

No. 1781958

I did the whole "read 100+ books in a year" thing a couple years ago and it's put me off reading that much ever again. I used to finish multiple books a week to keep up with all of the hyped releases on booktube (book youtube) and it was kinda miserable when so many of them were just mediocre to bad and I paid money for them kek. Now I only read a couple a month but I still feel like I'm inadequate as a reader mind you I've read almost 50 books this year because of how much reading as been commodified and turned into a sport to brag about. People care less about the quality and more about how fast they can get through a book to say they read it and so they can add the book to their "read" shelf on Goodreads and other apps. This is why I feel like there's been such a rise in shitty romantasy type books being published and kindle unlimited indie books getting popular. They're like junk food—they're quick to consume and gives the person consuming them instant gratification.

No. 1781962

It's probably actual kids watching. I could imagine there are many preteens who'd want to know what cheap sets are worth asking their parents for

No. 1781964

Sorry to samefag but I ran a bookstagram account for a while and it's true, if I posted a photo of an eARC on my kindle the engagement would be so much worse than my photos with actual books. This is also why people value physical ARC's over eARC's and are willing to spend $$$ on hyped upcoming releases since it's something you can show off vs a file on your device despite them both being early copies of a book.

No. 1781969

>The only fun art youtube channel i enjoyed ended up being run by a korean girl that got cancelled for pushing a girl into suicide and stopped uploading.
kek what? You have to post the channel and more deets on this now

No. 1781970

i miss her even if she's a bully schizo there is no other channel like it

No. 1781976

I know people will disagree with me, but I specialized in printing and I really appreciate having books physically. I don't have a big collection nor I would plan to show it off online. It's also easier for me to read, I have ADHD and being able to touch the book actually helps me. But that's just me. I just think buying books is not inherently consumeristic, showing them off online is. Could also just find them at a library tbh

No. 1781978

Cute! Where I can find her drama? Why is she a schizo?

No. 1781985

File: 1700599080270.jpg (55.07 KB, 928x333, threesibo.jpg)

It was discussed a while ago in the artsalt thread. I wonder if she resurfaced under a new pseudonym, they were saying she was a south park fanartist larping as a japanese artist now.

No. 1781989

I know we're in the consumer thread, and it's filled with tiktok stuff, but it never even crossed my mind that people would be using books to show off and gain influencer points instead of just reading for pleasure or knowledge. Tiktok is such a foreign ecosystem to me.

No. 1781994

Damn that's crazy

No. 1782007

consoom badly written fantasy books you don't like, get excited for more badly written fantasy books you won't like

No. 1782012

I prefer reading books physically as well and also have a big collection so I can't really judge others' book buying habits kek. The only thing that irks me is more so the general behaviour of people who make book content and how it's almost seen as shameful to take your time and read less, but better quality books.

No. 1782016

>people would be using books to show off and gain influencer points instead of just reading for pleasure
This is exactly why certain editions and early copies of books are so sought after, people want them so they can have bragging rights and post photos where they'll get dozens of jealous people in the replies (which also boosts their engagement) even if they don't care about the book itself KEK. Sounds retarded but it's true, in the book collecting community people will jump through hoops and spend months to years tracking down certain editions just so they can say they own them.

No. 1782017

File: 1700600127376.jpg (118.11 KB, 649x800, Guitar-Play-Hatsune-Miku-Vocal…)

Pls respond lol

No. 1782061

Sell them scapled up to a tiktok animecore I'd say price them at least a 100. Go make that cash nonnie and good luck on your non consoom lifestyle

No. 1782150

I just spent 45€ in a philosophical book I am yet too uninitiated to understand. There are only a couple of rare editions of that book in my native language and the last one has already sold out so I decided to buy a used copy (that is actually new) in case they completely vanish from the market. The price I've payed is actually not very different from what it costed brand new but I am nevertheless ashamed. It's the Red Book by Jung but I will read it only after I'm familiar with his work. And I can resell it if don't like it, the demand is still pretty high.

No. 1782312

Jung is worth it. I also think that sounds like a great goal to work towards, because now you have a tangible reason/time you'll read it. It's different to consoomers just leaving books unread on the shelf. If anything it's the sort of thing I'd recommend to break the habit of not reading books, having things you want to actually discover.

No. 1782342

That should be a nice book to flip through just due to artwork alone. A pretty good addition to one's collection imo.

No. 1782407

I can't imagine why any adult would buy the same colors in multiple Walmart and Dollar Tree acrylic paints. That stuff is shit. The only reasons to buy them are kids, home decorating crafts, or some kind of disposable prop. It's horrible to work with, and the results won't last.
It's so pointless to buy shit tons of manga just to read them once, and leave them on a shelf forever. There's no way to buy that many books that fast, and really appreciate them. Assuming any of it is actually decent and not just last year's flavor of the month crap.

No. 1782413

one of the best things i've done regarding reading as a hobby is deleting my goodreads account. i wasnt going to because I was afraid of forgetting the titles/authors of books but I bought a small notebook and I write the title, author, and date I completed it along with an entry about how I liked it or if I didn't at all. Getting rid of a rating system (1-5 stars) and not feeling guilty about dropping books I already marked as reading on goodreads helped me really enjoy it again as a hobby and helped me weed out garbage i felt i had to read but didnt really want to.

sage for blogpost

No. 1782455

I only have Goodreads to track what books I want to read. I never rate anything nor I add dates or scores to the books I read. I like using it this way.

No. 1782482

This picture reminds me of something I sold on ebay years ago. I found one of these Disney bears at a thrift store and it was pink. Not the girl bear, but an early version of this toy line before it was officially named Duffy, or whatever it is, and someone paid $430 for it after a bidding war with someone else. Insanity.

No. 1782488

This is pretty, it reminds me of Incolay stone

No. 1782578

This post reminds me of PULL

No. 1782635

Yeah DisneySea is overrated as fuck. 2.5 hour lines for rides only a child would be enchanted by yet most of the park is teenagers in matching outfits taking pictures of each other.

Japanese people are the biggest consoomers and least sustainable on the planet I swear. Endless anime and character goods being landfilled. The omiyage culture where you have to buy boxes of individually wrapped snacks for your coworkers whenever you go out of town. So much shit that only exists so that you can take a picture of it and post it online.

No. 1782684

Jesus I've seen the exact people you mention. I got a video on instagram from an animecore page that bought a loli figure (with even the pedo fetish tropes like randoseru, the flute) and then was shocked to find out you could undress it or came with gross parts or something when it came home, I can't quite remember. Then she made a whole video about it about how lolicon is disgusting. You bought a lolicon figure, what were you expecting? Don't listings and reviews online feature all aspects of figures? I'm not buying that she didn't know, a lot of vocal "antis" or whatever are creeps trying to save face.

No. 1782693

They are so naive. These are the retards who say “don’t lewd the dragon loli” about Kanna from Dragon Maid, as if that wasn’t the entire purpose behind her creation. Anime is almost always for moids and therefore almost never wholesome. Kid character in all girl cast show? Come the fuck on.

No. 1782728

the whole book influencer scene is honestly cancerous, detrimental to reading and insanely consumerist. I've gone through periods where I can easily read 20 books a month, and one of the most exciting things to do when I'm on a reading streak is to browse libraries and see what they have and try to spot something new. I might later buy a book I first found at the library, but only if I really liked it and could see myself reading it again.

No. 1782753

i love finding books to read by checking out what strangers read in public, like on public transport. they also love telling you what they're reading and i never had an unpleasant interaction when i had to ask them directly (i usually peek at the pages and then google the characters' names or something like that). it just sucks that lately 90% of young women read colleen hoover books and similar so it has gotten more difficult to find exciting new books to check out.

No. 1782770

File: 1700645682318.jpg (230.92 KB, 680x1024, janebirkin.jpg)

Recently I've fallen into a (hand)bag rabbit hole. I've bought like 10 bags in the span of what…3 months? I always cycle between various hyperfixations, I'm lucky to have a small shred of self control and don't get myself into debt buying things I can't afford. But I'm wondering if there's a way to curb my next consoom hyperfixation because I'm tired of all the stuff I'm accumulutating. The stationary and fountain pen phases weren't so bad, but properly storing all the bags I got is a pain kek

At least get a Birkin replica that doesn't look like cheap Aliepxress kek

I love how Jane Birkin looks lugging around her bag!

No. 1783217

I feel like the concept of decluttering, to a lot of people, means that you get rid of things you're not using currently, which is weird to me as someone who is definitely not rich but also not completely poor I buy things with an intent to use immediately but keep in mind I will use it later if I need it. my thought process is that if I have something I will keep it because I might need someday so throwing away feels pointless unless I already have something that serves that function. like for example I was watching a random person decluttering on Youtube and she threw away a recipe book and said if she ever needs she will repurchase which is even more wasteful than buying it to begin with. so in a way I think my tendency to actually keep things saves me money but it's not hoarding per se because I keep my resources in check and nothing is going unused or have many of the same object. years ago (even before the decluttering trend was a thing, like 2013) I went through a throwing everything away phase because I was moving elsewhere and I wish I kept more things as I find myself rebuying them because I need them.
what I'm trying to say is that if you have a couple of things you use rarely but still save it, don't feel bad for having a small hoard because rebuying things you previously decluttered is even more wasteful. I think a lot of influencers declutter so they can buy more, it's not like they want to live a life with less objects, they're just going to replace them. which to me, feels hypocritical. to me, the point of decluttering is slowing down and/or halting purchases, instead of getting rid of things you already own.

No. 1783226

Anime going mainstream(esp on netflix) was a huge mistake. I miss the days of being a cringe weeb. now everyone openly likes anime.

No. 1783248

If it’s authentic you can sell it for 70-100 plus shipping on eBay, if it’s fake just throw it out.

No. 1783254

Welcome to the club. I've bought and sold at least 100 bags since 2020. Owned about 300 in my lifetime. I'm finally done since I'm back to liking practical Kipling bags. of which I bought 4 in the past month kek

No. 1783255

>I've bought and sold at least 100 bags since 2020
Can I borrow some money anon?

No. 1783324

>I was watching a random person decluttering on Youtube and she threw away a recipe book and said if she ever needs she will repurchase which is even more wasteful than buying it to begin with
Yeah wtf? You're supposed to keep that book then. That's extremely dumb

No. 1783335

Do you think I could have your credit card information, please? Card number, expiry date and security code. That's all I need. Thanks.

I feel like some people declutter to justify buying even more. Some people also think that minimalist is throwing away almost everything they own. And finally some people have heard of Marie Kondo but have never read the part when she advices keeping useful things and what's unwanted for a moment to truly know if it's fine to part away with it.

No. 1783341

File: 1700683715016.jpg (529.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231123-070801_Chr…)

I cannot believe people would pay $250 for this. My poor Wedgwood ornament

No. 1783347

Looks like someone's toddler got their hands on a beautiful ornament

No. 1783367

I can relate, I go into these phases of buying a certain category of things. Books, shoes, perfume, jewelry, etc. I’ve never gone in debt to buy things though and I can at least store it in one place. After watching this woman >>1780390 I’ve realized that I never want to take it this far and I’m going to try to curb the habit.
That shade and opacity of yellow makes me think someone popped a zit and it splattered all over that ornament. I had to say it kek

No. 1783382

Make it yourself but with paper mache

No. 1783390

This looks awful. I like this brand's hats but even then i would never pay that much and just make it myself. Wedgewood doesnt deserve this.

No. 1783396

Most baffling collab I've seen. What's the demographic overlap between hype beast fashion and fine porcelain wares?

No. 1783438

Don't forget giving her the zip code too.

No. 1783482

Yeah, there's definitely a weird competitive vibe among those people. It goes around in phases too, one minute you throw out anything that's old, then it's cool to thrift so you throw out anything from Ikea, then it's cool to be money savvy so you throw out anything expensive, then it's cool to wear logos so you throw out anything that's not tacky… and so on. It's the same mentality as those moids who post their meal replacement hauls on reddit because they need asspats for cutting out all the 'unneccesary' aspects of food, living on ground-up nutrient pills with the bare minimum calories and moisture to keep them alive. Both the men and women thrive on being attention-seeking NLOGs, they wouldn't give a shit about having only one pair of socks at a time if they didn't get showered with praise from other attention-starved autists.

No. 1783510

It's all just a trap to consoom more. So weird

No. 1783517

>It's the same mentality as those moids who post their meal replacement hauls on reddit because they need asspats for cutting out all the 'unneccesary' aspects of food, living on ground-up nutrient pills with the bare minimum calories and moisture to keep them alive.
That's just going to make their liver and kidneys sick kek. What a weird way to get anorexic

No. 1784227

>back to liking practical Kipling bags
Kek same. After purchasing a Fendi Peekaboo, some Bottega bags, and a few Chanel bags, I find myself bored of luxury bags and always reach for something more practical.

No. 1784885

Worse than the ornaments is the teaware in the same collection. Beautiful pieces of jasperware underneath garish scribbles, such an odd direction to go for.

No. 1785139

Luxury bags are such a consoomer thing to own.

No. 1785149

Kipling bags are so ugly, they don't even seem that functional, the pockets are stupidly big and clunky for such a tiny bag. Soccer mom type of shit. You can get a better, prettier, more functional bag without having to rely on a popular brand name everywhere else. It's just the fact that it's Kipling the reason why you want them. In the end your habits of consumerism haven't changed, they just were replaced by a different thing.

No. 1785150

File: 1700748152541.jpeg (42.36 KB, 549x549, IMG_2129.jpeg)

Counterpoint: moky

No. 1785155

Ok he can stay.

No. 1785159

>After purchasing a Fendi Peekaboo, some Bottega bags, and a few Chanel bags, I find myself bored of luxury bags
Don't care, this sounds like a brag and buying luxury bags is stupid

No. 1785192

Kipling monkeys had such a chokehold on me as a kid. I would buy bags or pencil cases from them just for it.

No. 1785206

This reply totally changed the direction it was originally supposed to be about, but here we be:
I just tried finding a recent letter sent to the NYT from a woman who felt guilty after her MIL gifted them a super expensive bag (because they accrue thousands of dollars value and I was going to reply about how this is like maximalist consooming) and using the search engine wound up leading to a bunch of obvious shill articles for brands or articles filled with Amazon affiliate links. It’s so tiresome that EVERY form of media is so hyper focused on consuming. I tried reading an article by Vogue about alcohol consumption going down, figuring it’d be about socioeconomic changes or some shit and it was just about the writer and her friends trying different brands of faux alcoholic drinks. I never thought how thankful I’d be of this site because it’s not coated in ads and I can reply to actual humans that give opinions instead of hollow paragraphs to buy more stuff.

No. 1785217

Something I recently realized is I'm not only tired of being constantly slammed by ads but also the ads are never stuff I want to know about. The other day I went on a small town's local newspaper website without my ad blocker and it only had one ad per page at the very bottom, and the ads were only for local businesses. It was so refreshing to see an ad and think, oh, that's a good idea for a mother's day gift. I'll keep that local shop (which is run by my sister's friend's mother) in mind when I want to buy a bouquet for my grandmother.

No. 1785262

My Kipling backpack is stupid and chunky but it's hands down the most practical one, so despite having much more stylish bags my Kipling gets the most use. Just wish it had the cute monke and not a metal one ugh!!!

No. 1785385

I love them for their pockets. I carry a lot of stuff, which I don't think is the trend anymore. I can't stand tiny, fit-nothing bags. Also free cute keychain? win/win

No. 1785450

File: 1700764562249.jpg (50.02 KB, 450x600, images-1.jpg)

Ok you win. I LOVE Moky now.

No. 1786138

Be careful drinking that you aren't drinking too much tea. Tea can inhibit your iron absorption and can lead to anaemia. My friend became anaemic from drinking too much green tea each day.

No. 1786142

WTF today I learned I shouldn't drink so much green tea?

No. 1786144

>I never thought how thankful I’d be of this site because it’s not coated in ads and I can reply to actual humans that give opinions instead of hollow paragraphs to buy more stuff.
I feel you so much nonnie, you and the nona who replied to you. I'm especially fatigued by youtube…don't even get video ads and yet youtubers I (for the most part) know and love and then I have to see them come out with videos where the topic they're focusing on is clearly meant to just be a tie-in to the main sponsor of the video, or they find some other way to shill. It's all so exhausting.

No. 1786163

File: 1700790907614.jpg (7.5 KB, 311x162, BF2023.jpg)

I hate Black Friday. No, I'm not going to spend all day in a too crowded mall just to buy crap (that's probably all made in China or India) that's now on sale. I hate that consumerism.

No. 1786230

People still go out and go to stores for black Friday deals? I thought all the deals were online too. Well, then again, people who don't have the brain to critically think and compare prices and buy online would be outside…

No. 1786233

Yeah I get 3 Big Macs for the price of one every black friday

No. 1786234

Boomers and bargain hunters mostly

No. 1786431

black friday deals are often the same or worse than random sales throughout the year, people are stupid

No. 1786457

why are there so many troons in the kewpie community?

No. 1786458

the mayonnaise?

No. 1786514

No lmao there are toys based off the little baby mascot

Post caps/deets? Im very curious as I usually only see men collecting anime figures and shit like transformers, I’ve only ever seen young zoomer girls collecting these lately. It’s funny because I remember them being big when I was a teen on tumblr.

No. 1786523

There was def some Reddit meme about troons liking mayonnaise after estrogen or something I’ve seen before. Maybe it’s that.

No. 1786531

If I see an ad, it has the opposite effect on me, I go out of my way to never purchase that thing, because ads irritate me so much. I can't be the only one.

No. 1786572

Probably because
>I’m a girl now I need to collect things girls collect

No. 1786575

I want to hope that most people stopped caring about Black Friday but the companies continue to push it anyway. Earlier this week I had a bunch of emails for early sales and gimmicks like “oh here’s our sale code because it was leaked on social media teehee”

When I was a kid/teen it was such a big deal to go out early on Friday to shop, and then retailers started pushing it with the after-Thanksgiving opening hours. Now everyone is so financially strained it just needs to die. It’s terrible knowing that some people will just get credit cards for this season because they think they need to get gifts and don’t have money

No. 1786578

Sounds fishy. Asian people drink green tea day and night and they're not anaemic. I for one will not give up my grass water. You can take it from my cold grave's casket.

No. 1786580

Can we start a rumor that you can make homemade estrogen with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar? No wonder business jumped on trannies, they truly are the perfect consumer.

No. 1786587

Okay, we don’t know if OP’s friend is a vegetarian or doesn’t eat a lot of food with iron in it. There can be a correlation of causes

No. 1786597

Tbh it’s complicated, I used to drink green tea instead of water while I was trying to learn to drink only water, all I did was win an appointment with a cardiologist because my heart rate was all fucked up. I stopped drinking green tea after that.

No. 1786598

Is this real? I have diagnosed iron anemia and doctors can't find the cause and drink a lot of tea, but theh never asked me about drinking tea. Although the leaflet that comes with my iron supplements does say not to take it with tea or coffee now that I think about it.

No. 1786602

>while I was trying to learn to drink only water
are you retarded

No. 1786613

I've met multiple people who claim they don't like the taste of water and only ever drink sweet tea, pop, coffee, etc. It's retarded but at least anon was making an effort kek

No. 1786621

I was 18 years old of course I was retarded.

No. 1786627

Do you live in the US?

No. 1786632

i would expect this of a six year old, not an adult wtf kek

No. 1786634

No, I'm from Canada. I also know people who just never drink water unless it's really hot out, idk what's wrong with these weirdos

No. 1786640

Some people just don’t even drink water like ever, like the consoomers that only drink monster energy drinks.

No. 1786705

please tiktok anon come back i dont want to make a tiktok account

No. 1786724

our favorite consoomer who's in therapy for her shopping addiction is at it again

No. 1786733

She paid $500 for a basket of crap that would cost maybe $150 in most parts of Asia

No. 1786734

my god, they should ban her from the store but she's single-handly paying the wages of all the employees

No. 1786748

>spending 500 dollars at once on fucking junk
Is this extent of consoomer behavior classified as a mental disorder? This feels like a mental disorder.

No. 1786753

I wandered into one of these shops since it was new in the area. The place had a really weird vibe, it's shit to medium quality childrens stuff, but there were only adults in there. Buying $500 worth of stuff there sounds mental.

No. 1786764

Ignoring the consoom aspect here, could someone explain why the items in the video appeal to adults at all? Like, I get maybe having a cute figure or similar knick-knack on your desk or whatever, but I don't understand the soft toys/pillows or plastic cups and other stuff (I get that this woman was buying gifts for a kid as well, but I see adults buy this stuff for themselves too and fill their houses with it). I'm not trying to judge, I just genuinely don't get the disney or kawaii home aesthetic thing. Maybe I'm just boring lol

No. 1786770

Same reason why Disney-adults are a thing; really childish tastes.

No. 1786772

The stupid round plushies also suck so bad. I don't understand the squishmallow-esque appeal, they're all stupid low quality and not cute.

No. 1786788

simple as then, kek

You've reminded me, another kind of merch I really don't see the appeal in are those tsum tsum things. They're like log-shaped, soft funkos imo and very few characters translate well into the style (tbh I understand figures more than plushies as merch in general, but that's probably just because my favourite characters never translate well into one lol).

Sometimes it feels like if something is simply branded as 'cute' it's enough for some people. Feels like a similar mindset to the 'it pink so must buy' earlier in the thread

No. 1786805

File: 1700848082878.jpg (160.19 KB, 520x520, 7415076-00_A.jpg)

Sorry for the post deletion, my eyes somehow skipped the part where you already mentioned tsum tsums and I thought you wanted to know the name of them. I agree with you, they're basically just Disney's pillowpets.

No. 1786819

kek sorry for deleting my own reply (said I knew a girl at uni who had a tsum tsum pyramid taking up a wall of her apartment)


wow, I haven't heard of those in years lol

No. 1786851

I don't get it either, the mega consumers always seem to go for some kind of childish merch or plastic crap I would have only been interested in as a kid. I feel like there's some kind of unresolved infancy wound thing going on

No. 1787036

File: 1700862286635.jpeg (312.3 KB, 828x913, IMG_5174.jpeg)

nonnies the consoom almost got me. christmas is peak consoomerism time and i'm weak for gingerbread motifs, but I don't need ANY more stuffed animals and despite how cute and soft it is i know once the christmas season is over i won't want it in my house. i can just enjoy the image and maybe doodle a few little gingerbread kitties so i can just enjoy the idea of it.

No. 1787048

I thought it’s pickles

No. 1787049

You could get a really cute, limbed, non-rotund plushie and support all kinds of artists for the same price. This sux.

No. 1787057

AYRT, maybe I should clarify, I didn't buy it but I was tempted. I'm gonna use the gingerbread kitty idea for art inspiration instead!

No. 1787077

you need better reading comprehension

No. 1787096

I do actually. It was a general comment while we are on the topic of these ugly plushie-imposters

No. 1787143

Kek I was going to sew a gingerbread kitty plush for December so thank you for justifying my idea at least.

No. 1787193

No. 1787200

>I'm extremely attached to this basket
It's… $5 of junk. This poor woman.

No. 1787214

I used to have a Kylo Ren tsum tsum (I'm a Driverfag and got it as a gift kek) and the material was so uncomfortable. It was too itchy to cuddle with and it pilled really easily. They seem very low quality.

The way she attaches sentimental value to the most basic plastic crap is concerning. We all have things that we have emotional attachment to, but it's normally heirlooms, special gifts, or hand-me-downs. I think she has trauma surrounding her daughter's health that she maybe hasn't properly addressed in her therapy, because she keeps a lot of stuff that reminds her of her daughter, or has her daughter's name on it. The stuff her daughter is going through is awful, and I can't imagine how she feels watching her baby go through that, but her consoomerism is getting worse, not better. I'm one of the original anons that posted her here and I'd like to see her heal.

No. 1787228

I'm so sorry to hear that. If that's the case, her consumerism is understandable since she probably feels powerless to make her baby feel better. Has she mentioned what her daughter is going through?

No. 1787230

this felt more like a tour than a decluttering.

No. 1787233

She had double hip surgery and was in a full-body cast for a little while and currently can't walk. It's very sad. She's definitely always been a mega consumer, but I feel it's been exacerbated by what she's going through. Especially if she's having problems with her moid at the same time.

No. 1787235

These people severely frustrate me, but I think I understand them. They're bending themselves into pretzels trying to fit in with males, because overt pedoshit is about 90% of new anime and new anime merchandise. It's better to just give up. I have a few figurines from 10+ years ago, there was a brief era where they were making affordable merchandise for older, non-pedo series, but it looks like all the companies just gave up, and it's modern or nothing. And if it's modern, it's probably laser focused on sexual shit.

No. 1787240

Samefag because I have a strange fascination with this woman, this is from April 2022. No one needs $1100 worth of Amazon shit, especially all in one go.

No. 1787242

isnt she from america? how does she have money to afford the health care of her daughter and all this garbage?

No. 1787249

File: 1700872284633.png (43.23 KB, 650x285, 12957392.png)

What a horrible moid.

No. 1787257

Idk she needs to get a grip if for her daughters sake because she's a hoarder and none of that is necessary. The thousands of dollars she spends each month on garbage could go in her daughter's college fund. Addiction or not its a stupid one and she has a family.

No. 1787301

Credit card debt probably.

No. 1787313

I agree. She should save and invest at least some of the extra money for college. Even if the girl makes it to adulthood non-disabled, the US is a failed state, it will be either worse or MUCH WORSE in 15 years. Even if her daughter gets and education, she'll have to spend a decade scrounging for a real job. Health insurance will probably be $1000/month. Imagine doing that while knowing your mom spent $1000 on junk every month.

No. 1787370

It's ridiculous to baby her or feel sorry for her for spending thousands of dollars a week, it's no wonder her marriage is "complicated".

No. 1787373

not that anyone cares but I still have my Stitch Tsum Tsum and his tummy is great for cleaning off my ipad screen, which is what I primarily browse lolcow on. they're stitched well and the fabric washes easily too.

No. 1787385

please share the gingerbread cats you draw, that's a nice solution. I would be tempted to buy this one too. but I already have 1 squishmellow and don't need more. my little sister's residence has been completely taken over by squishmellows and giant teddy bears. these days I limit myself to ones that I really like the design or can appreciate the craftsmanship of.

No. 1787474

This is one of the few times where I'll side with the scrote. If either parent loses a job, they will all just be fucked. And I bet they're paying for a storage unit already, because look at all that useless shit.

No. 1787482

>I forgot I even owned this
Not remembering or thinking about something and not using it ever is a sign that thing is unnecessary and should probably not be a keep.

No. 1787486

>This CUTE ass little pumpkin
Kek, got me with that twist.

No. 1787536

KEK seriously hate this type of video where people are like "omg so cute love it, ok next item anyway"

No. 1787539

Honestly don't know, isn't it supposed to just be some baby angel doll? why do they flock to shit like that?

No. 1787541

wtf is a boo basket???

No. 1787542


No. 1787545

You're officially forgiven for having a tsumtsum

No. 1787551

I don't have any specific ones but it's typically in the group chats. I also know a trans tiktoker who is always being posted in /snow/ has a kewpie collection. Sux bc I actually liked kewpies

No. 1787583

An excuse to spend more money on stupid shit

I'm honestly surprised to see anons calling him names when the reason their marriage suffers is likely because he's going into debt supporting her thousands-a-month garbage habit all the while collecting medical debt from their daughters complications. She clearly has no intention of stopping, the problem in this situation is her and she shouldn't be coddled or enabled. This is genuinely pathetic, especially considering her daughter's health concerns, and instead of acknowledging how horrible and selfish this behavior is, some anons are saying "aw well gee it's a coping mechanism because of what her daughter went through". Nah this woman needs a reality check to slap her in the face this is vile. She is pushing them so far beyond their means.

No. 1787588

File: 1700890396128.jpeg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, a5ab2d07-3a2a-4c1d-a87a-c4b718…)

Because Halloween didn't give you enough ways to blow money on worthless 1-use shit.

The worse the American economy gets, the more disposable and over packaged garbage people buy. It's depressing. Take the kids to a fall festival or something.

No. 1787592

>It's likely because she's forcing them into debt
How is it likely? The guy could be an abusive piece of shit or abandoned the family because of the effort it would take to take care of a child with health complications. In no way is one more likely than the other. He married her when she was a consoomer, it's probably because of one of the reasons I listed since she has apparently always been like this according to anon >>1787233 and therefore he married her when he knew she spent a stupid amount of money on frivolous things. She is a retarded consoomer, but it does not mean the ex is not also potentially an asshole.

No. 1787604

idk why anons are being so harsh on this woman, there are thousands of tiktok amazon shein temu whatever consoomers who dont have a toddler who's likely going to die young or suffer greatly in life from no fault of the mom

No. 1787610

What's wrong with her toddler?

No. 1787620

read what >>1787233 said. i don’t know much about this lady but i assume the kid is fucked up if she had double leg surgery

No. 1787636

If he were abusive, do you really think she'd be out buying thousands worth of garbage please get real

No. 1787697

I mean… Im not using caping for moids but i feel like the most likely scenario is he's leaving because his wife has a severe shopping/hoarding addiction and probably a shit ton of credit card debt. I can't really blame him I wouldn't stay in that either

This also tho. In the video she's carrying her kid around and cuddling her, sharing smoothies, she seems like a decent and caring mom. It sounds like she's still paying for the kids treatment too

No. 1787716

I did and assumed she just had an accident or something, terrible but something she can recover from. But apparently she's dying? If the child had some minor (comparatively) health issues I think the shopping addiction is just a bullshit excuse, it's far more depressing and even understandable if her child is dying and she uses shopping to spoil her and cope.

It's not contradictory, people are abusive in different ways.

No. 1787793

>An abusive man can't date a consoomer nor vice versa
What even is this logic? They are no longer together and abusers do not display their abusive behaviour initially. Not even saying the ex is abusive, just giving an example of a common separation scenario other than the one you tried to posit as the truth. Are you mad because it was pointed out the ex would've known she was a consumer pre-marriage/relationship so it's probably not her consoomer-y behaviour that caused the separation?

No. 1787794

He would've known she had an addiction before marriage/children unless it was a one night stand.

No. 1787806

Samefag, not to mention supplying the addicted is a method abusers commonly use to keep their victim with them (actual drugs, sugar daddies do it via consoomer goods/wealth). Just saying the 'obviously they broke up because she's a consoomer reeee' response is retarded and they probably knew she had a problem before getting involved, and it could've been anything like cheating, abuse, shitty child abandonment when things got hard, etc. 'It's complicated' doesn't really imply it.

No. 1787936

the way she says that "x goes in the gianna pile" makes me so mad because it reminds me of my mom who would constantly unload shit in my room just because she decided it's mine now. like collecting all her stupid tabloid magazines and then putting them on my desk because the top most magazine in the pile was one of the teen girl mags i used to read at the time.

No. 1787940

at this point this woman could have an entire thread kek

No. 1787967

This is so ugly

No. 1787970

TikTok anon please post more but no gamer girl / egirl / Sanrio aesthetic this time please, I find the other vids more entertaining

No. 1787992

I recently watched some videos relating to the subject as I wanted to feel less cluttered in my small living space, but man the vibes on almost all of them were beyond off.
There was this one girl, fieldnotes something, that talked about minimalism and decluttering and everything, about how experiences are important and all that. This was, and I shit you not, while she got the magical opportunity to just kinda.. vibe on a boat with some randos that follow her on youtube for months on end? That was the moment it really hit me that these people often life in a reality beyond my own. Absolutely none of them seem to have any normal jobs too.

No. 1788000

>bubblegum pink christmas tree overloaded on one side with ornaments leaving the back comically empty, conveniently positioned in frame to hide mountains of shit thrown on the floor just beyond her cutesy filming space
How is this not satire, nonas

No. 1788005

fyi there are actually several different anons posting these vids kek. here's a collection i just find weird and unnecessary.

No. 1788012

No. 1788013

What makes people collect stuff like used cans? I get wanting to recycle a can or two because of the pretty design, so you turn it into something else like a cup to put your pens and pencils in or something more creative than that, but just putting the can somewhere after you drink the liquid? Specially in a country where you can easily go to any store and buy it again? It’s just bizarre to me, even as someone that has a hard time finding special snacks or drinks.

No. 1788036

>What makes people collect stuff like used cans?
In some countries you can deposit them to get back money that you paid extra when buying the drink, its a humiliation ritual some governments do.

No. 1788037

I'm far from a skincare scholar, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like a lot of the times that I see vids like this one the person's skin/face looks like they would benefit more from better diet, drinking, and sleeping habits than a bunch of topical products. I'm sure some of them are great, but as was discussed earlier about the Korean skincare community, too many products at once can fuck up your skin.

(they also remind me of being a little kid and making 'potions' out of random stuff in the bathroom sink/backyard kek)

No. 1788045

>humiliation ritual
are you dumb? it's so the material can be recycled for new bottles and cans.

No. 1788046

I think a part of it is to show off how much you've drunk, depending on if there's a weird meme/subculture surrounding it. Guys in their early alcohol-drinking years (especially when living alone/in a male-only sharehouse) and Gamers seem particularly susceptible to it, making walls/pyramids/wizard sticks out of beer or energy drink cans respectively. I can understand the beer one a bit more than the energy drink collectors, but both are trashy and juvenile habits lol

No. 1788063

It's just to encourage recycling and it works pretty well considering our streets aren't littered with trash.

No. 1788065

In some places you get money back for them, but they're usually in a bag and put away somewhere in their kitchen rather than thrown around like this.
>humiliation ritual
Speak for yourself. You get money back for all bottles and cans, not just alcohol, so no, unless you consider sparkling water and smoothies embarrassing.

No. 1788070

While it's true some countries do that, this
is obviously just showing off how much she drinks because it's "cool" kek. Teens and students usually do this but grow out of it as adults

No. 1788071

Don't you know what sarcasm is, are you stupid or just american? Its an inferior system. My country only recently adopted the deposit system and only because a local oligarch greased up some politicians, we had a choice between that or an automated robot recycling that wouldn't force people to horde garbage at their homes and would be able to recycle a much wider spectrum of materials.

No. 1788075

In my country they just added to the price of the product so we don't really get anything for our labor. They probably did the same in yours, because why would anyone give something for free.

No. 1788081

Yes that's the whole point, you pay a few cents extra to ensure people bring them back in. You're benefitting from it because it keeps trash out of public spaces and nature. It doesn't even take effort to collect and temporarily store a few cans and bottles either.

No. 1788083

I thought this was a scrote thing, keeping empty cans. Even then it's usually interesting ones or glass liquor bottles never seen a monster wall. When I was a kid in middle school we kept our monster tabs on a chain as a flex but that was the extent

No. 1788084

Of course she's Bri'ish. Look at the color difference between her bare skin and her pfp. Her skin looks so nice it's sad to see it slathered in burnt cookie bronzer.

No. 1788105

It's sadly more common than you think

No. 1788109

What's the point of this? Will she sell the aluminum later or?

No. 1788122

Post more egirl trash i love it

No. 1788126

How much do they give you per can in your country?

No. 1788128

This anon can’t shop at an Aldi

No. 1788129

How did you know?

No. 1788374

File: 1700941686675.jpeg (1005.02 KB, 1170x2263, IMG_8054.jpeg)

mouthwash auto dispensars are a thing now. Mouthwash is already a consoomer item as it is just swish with hot water and salt like everyone else

No. 1788376

As long as it isn't pink kawaii sanrio

No. 1788393

File: 1700943240541.png (308.1 KB, 500x628, 1688581072515.png)

Nona, I am the ayrt and I DO have anaemia.
I drunk a lot of tea for almost all my life (I am slavic and the do that shit) and I have also had anaemia for almost all of my life.
When it was particularly bad I had to take supplements and I remember being gutted you can't drink tea with them. But at the time I thought it only messes with the iron pills.
I need to do more research now. But who am I kidding, I can never give up tea.

No. 1788400

Daaamn nta but I suspect I might have anaemia too, and I'm also slavic and addicted to green tea!

No. 1788737

She's definitely mentioned having a storage unit in the past. Unfortunately I can't find where she mentioned it so I'm dropping this video as compensation.
The way it's all arranged by colour looks so bizarre. Like it's all staged for a catalogue or something.

No. 1788740

No. 1788757

I love when people get diagnosed on here. Anonymous crowd sourcing medical care.

No. 1788774

You must not have very much experience with the world. There are people who go their whole childhood never driving water because of careless parents.

No. 1788781

I went through a lot of her videos and she admits to possibly having BPD and seems to change her relationship status every fucking week. Most of the time he’s her boyfriend, sometimes he’s her fiancé, and sometimes he barley seems to be around. She also said that her child isn’t his and has a lot of baby daddy drama apparently. Usually the types that stick with cluster b bitches aren’t prizes themselves but she has a lot of fucking issues.

No. 1788812

i know your breath stinks

No. 1788816

Yeah, she's totally being battered and abused as she fills their house with tons of hoarder crap to the point nothing fits

No. 1788819

Nta but doubtful, she's right. Mouthwash especially anything with alcohol just strips your mouth and teeth and can lead to oral cancer. If you brush your teeth, floss, and salt water rinse there is no reason for that.

No. 1788832

the gucci bling bling crocs made me laugh out loud, i would bully someone if she went out with those

No. 1788923

I feel guilty whenever I spend money on something just for myself and watching people like this kinda makes me feel better about myself kek

No. 1788935

you dont need mouthwash if you brush 2x a day, floss after eating, and stay hydrated. if you still do after doing all that you may have other health issues like sleep apnea/mouth breathing that causes dry mouth

No. 1788978

I would rob her house and she would nothing lmao

No. 1789013

Nonna, I hope you aren’t serious.

No. 1789022

I'm not a consoomer and I don't buy anything for myself except for food and other necessities, but i love getting my mom gifts. I seemingly have no price limit on what i will spend on something that will make her happy. I wanted to get her more for christmas, but I have to make sure I'm getting a matching amount for my dad, and i don't wanna spend a ton of money on him. Instead i get her little things throughout the year.

No. 1789033

Calm down sperg. No one said she was being abused, just that no one knows what the cause of the relationship dissolving was and was retarded to pretend they did,

No. 1789046

>Buys a card holder she admitted she doesn't need
>Re purchased a hairclip she already had but gave away
>Boring af haul
Girl. Why.

No. 1789048

She seems fun, who cares about the boyfriend lmao

No. 1789078

nta but I think even with "automated robot recycling" you'd have to sort your trash instead of just tossing it all in the same pile. I'm pretty content with the system here and as a student I could make up to 100 euros a month just by collecting bottles off the streets and the university library.

No. 1789101

It's hardly "decluttering" if you keep majority of them. She said "sell" like for 3 pairs.

No. 1789104

They always say they're decluttering but only sell or give away a couple things, it's funny.

No. 1789112

File: 1700985688586.jpg (432.72 KB, 518x812, tt66.jpg)

I've been following this woman's decluttering videos and it's not going well. For every 3-5 items she's going to sell she buys 5 items more. Not to mention keeping empty Starbucks cups which is literal trash. At least she admits she has a problem but most of her followers are people with shopping addiction who followed her for her decluttering videos and at this point her content is just haul videos.

No. 1789119

Kek, she didn't really get rid of a lot. Who needs 50 pairs of crocs? Just keep 1-3 depending on how often you use them.

No. 1789126

>I forgot I had these

No. 1789130

ot, but I forgot about this girl kek, i hope she's okay now

No. 1789138

nta but
>you must be sheltered because you could figure out how to use a tap as a child
I get that there are shitty parents out there but c'mon kek

No. 1789218

File: 1700999070609.webm (17.21 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_730473357211029020…)

she sells all this stuff(which i know lots of it is sent to her)just to fill her room with more shit i know it

No. 1789219

This is genuinely sad and unnerving at the same time. I can't fathom having to keep doing this on repeat. That's such a large haul and for what? Things she doesn't even need. It's just maintaining a hoarder house at this point.

No. 1789250

Based on the brands/releases this looks like a fairly recent hoard but I can't imagine trying to navigate this in a year or two without knowing what's expired and crusty. Makeup hoarding is truly the worst to me, a palette can last like two years of daily wear, a lip product can last at least month even if youre one of the people who excessively reapply every few hours. The products people hoard are usually barely different shades. It's truly just the epitome of waste to me.

No. 1789262

>hoards upon hoards of stuff on ugly mismatched furniture
Everytime kek

No. 1789267

These kind of videos are always so frustrating and you know they're just doing it to show their garbage off. I remember there was a lolita fashion youtuber who'd do that frequently, with 20+ minute videos where she'd go through like 50 dresses and decide to sell 3 kek.

No. 1789274

Shopaholics who follow her must be doing super bad too because the way she declutters is disastrous, honestly feel like she's encouraging them to buy more

No. 1789276

Her room gives me anxiety. I hate when people keep so much shit on top of their furniture, hoarder behavior. It's not even pretty to look like, she just wants to have every cabinet full

No. 1789280

This much stuff and how messy she lets her vanity get with it is giving me hives kek- put things away as you go, christ! And I'm not saying it's actually dirty, but so many small items everywhere just makes a room feel grungy to me (the lighting is not helping either, I feel like I'm looking at some makeup goblin's trinket cave). Also it's maddening that some drawers are neat and organised and others just get shit tossed in them.

No. 1789286

I wonder if people like this realise they're surrounded by plastic, plastic plastic plastic plastic PLASTIC

No. 1789290

When the next asteroid hits the plastic will be melted all over their body and they'll be encapsulated in it like a mosquito inside an amber, preserving them for the next gen of intelligent creatures that will discover them and be baffled by how much plastic they all got

No. 1789312

Wow, nonnie, this is vividly disturbing yet beautiful. You’re a good writer.

No. 1789313

imagine consooming febreze.

No. 1789317

Thank you. That's the sweetest thing I've heard all week

No. 1789318

Febreeze collection??? Lol wtf

No. 1789320

Sorry I just noticed she said
>Bought this because Tana Mongeu influenced me
But why. Why would you follow her advice

No. 1789333

Maybe she has very stinky poops.

No. 1789344

uh, I think you mean 'dookie' anon. there is no poop in the pink plastic house.

No. 1789365

More fake food in cheap plastic little girl garbage. Do people even live in these rooms?

No. 1789373

Is Sanrio the god of ultimate nothing mascots? It's like a sleeper agent that parts mentally ill girls from their money. Also
With the loudest crunchiest most overblown annoying noises

No. 1789381

>pokemon collection
>worth more than your house

No. 1789382

>a library of skincare products
>60% of which will probably expire before she even has time to use them all
>has to stir and mix the products like a science experiment
Consoomers really know how to turn anything into an Olympic sport, even at just washing your face

No. 1789396

Why is it always beige fast food. Wouldn't something like fruit and tea look more aesthetically pleasing in these containers?

No. 1789399

Holy shit I was thinking the same thing. Like they bust out these Hello Kitty silverware utensils, plates, and fancy wine cups just to eat something like a Dairy Queen combo. Like, just eat it straight from the box KEK

No. 1789401

It pisses me off so much. If you’re going to go into debt for your collection at least make the display look nice kek

No. 1789419

The simplest answer is probably that they have shit taste or associate food like this with being a kid and therefore cute (iirc there was some kidcore meme about Happy Meals at some point?). There's also the angle of making junk food look more ~aesthetic~ by changing its presentation (side note but the way you plate food, even shitty MickyD's, can really elevate a meal and how satisfied it makes you feel, so there's that too). The people super into all this pink cutesy crap have very childish tastes and habits that they can now express freely due to being some level of independent, and I wouldn't be surprised if they either grew up in an environment that stifled or indulged these things.

Beige junk food can also come across as 'golden' with the right filter, especially next to all those pastel pinks, so it it probably is visually appealing to people who aren't thinking about it. The same could be achieved with nice pastries though and probably look better, if a bowl of lush fruit is too adult and responsible for this crowd.

(I am no doubt giving way too much credit here kek)

No. 1789421

Even unhealthy shit can look good. I once had a brownie with some wild berries and the mix of dark brown with the colorful reds looked amazing. I guess people just don't want to spent more than $2 on a meal since they have to record their alliexpress sanrio ware every day for their tiktok.

No. 1789541

A filet o fish? Really now? If you want to go to mcdonalds at least order something else. And she should have bought a grocery store cola bottle or can it's less expensive and tastier than fast food soda.

No. 1789579

If i wasn't a NEET third worlder i would be a giga consoomer not gonna lie

No. 1789594

Omg i lobe American culture and cuisine

No. 1789671

>2 minutes in it's still going.

No. 1789676

>You get money back for all bottles and cans, not just alcohol
Depends where you live, sadly. It's not like that here

No. 1789717

File: 1701031832275.webm (7.23 MB, 360x640, 要记住呀,怎么舒服怎么来,无论是生活还是爱情 vlog日常.…)

I love those chinese apartment videos. I know it's also consoomerism or rather thinly veiled advertising but it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing (and entertaining) than the tiktoks posted upthread. Somehow those (usually american) women all love tacky hot pink and shit like they're 2000s Paris or Jersey Shore lol

No. 1789719

File: 1701031904637.png (473.53 KB, 750x800, 0ca6315ef260a1c3b10b3a2e1f69d6…)

i hate that consoomerism has gotten so bad that people think if you like that thing you just have an entire collection of the thing. pic related, i love pompompurin but i'm also a 31 year old woman with a full time job and i don't wanna run around like a tiktok zoomer who just spent her allowance on aliexpress plastic shit. so the only pompompurin stuff i own is a card holder that is currently not in use because my monthly train ticket switched to digital only. i found out about the purin nendo so i caved and preordered it. i'm super excited for it but i made the mistake of telling my zoomer coworker about it. she's now bombarding me with pompompurin stuff - most of it from aliexpress, by the looks of it - which is cute but also i'm not interested in buying every single thing just because a mascot i like is on it? i told her that i'm selective about the stuff i buy because of the aforementioned reasons but she thinks it's weird and replied "b-b-but you LIKE purin so much!" sigh.

No. 1789734

pure white padded asylum room houses are as neurosis inducing to me as those pink sanrio houses

No. 1789736

Her house doesn't look lived in at all. Probably true considering the crazy hours the chinese tend to work

No. 1789742

same, i enjoy keroppi and if i need some supply and i can get it with a keroppi stamped on it to spice up my depressing life i will, but i would never collect keroppi merch to the point everything in my house is keroppi themed and i need to consoom everything keroppi related, i would probably kerope myself if i ever reach that point

No. 1789748

kek if this is too plain white for you, you should see my completely empty af shithole

No. 1789752

>I would probably kerope myself if i ever reach that point
Beautiful phrasing, nona. Made me smile.

No. 1789757

Glow recipe is the ultimate skincare brand for people who literally only need soap and sunscreen and never get a pimple. I hate that a part of me looked at this video thought omg it's not that bad

No. 1789759

anon my sides kek now i'm sad i can't make a cool pun with purin's name.

No. 1789777

I thought that too kek. At least it's not as bad as some of the other makeup/skin care hoarding ones we've seen.

No. 1789822

File: 1701036151411.jpg (198.69 KB, 750x1322, mh autist.jpg)

I'm in a Monster High group and I swear a lot of people in this community are some of the most retarded and delusional consoomers out there.

Saw this trade post for a doll set that is 2x the value of this one AND her box is damaged, the op was literally screaming at people in comments for asking if she would add money to the trade or just sell it and put the money towards the dolls she actually wants.

Then they added this edit as if we should all pity her and happily accept her scam offer because muh disability. If you're disabled, on fixed income, and can't even afford to pay your bills maybe don't buy overpriced plastic toys in the first place? JFC

No. 1789833

Why the fuck is she reselling dolls instead of going on disability

No. 1789936

What I never understand about these >>1789250 videos of rooms with a thousand little bottles on display is how in the world is not everything covered in dust, do they give everything a wipe before recording or you just can't see that much detail through the camera? Because we know damn well that half of those products just sit untouched their shelves for months.

I like the ones where the husband texts his lazy wife saying he's coming home earlier than planned and she has to clean the whole apartment in under 5 minutes but she manages to save the day with the help of all of her taobao cleaning gadgets.

No. 1789959

Sad beige apartments for sad beige factory workers

No. 1789997

>can't keep purin myself through this shit

No. 1790167

nayrt but if youre on disability you cant work/make income otherwise you get kicked off. theres a threshold but if you work at all it makes it harder to get approved/eaier to gte kicked off

No. 1790178

not everyone in china is a factory worker, dumbass burger

it's probably a display apartment/house not her real one. i've seen influencers/youtubers do this, even ones who do stuff like cooking

No. 1790616

>what is a joke

No. 1790728

tap water is unsafe to drink in plenty of places retard

No. 1790761

>how in the world is not everything covered in dust,
It's my theory that these people either secretly store most of their hoard in boxes, or only take videos after manic cleaning and/or when the hoard is at its peak condition. And we don't see when they skip cleaning the rest of the house to clean the hoard room instead.

No. 1790940

nta and you're not wrong, but i don't think water quality was what those anons were discussing kek

on the topic of water and consooming though, people who exclusively drink those imported, premium bottled waters irritate me. have a coworker like that and she's also a massive litterer as well, which doesn't help my opinion of it.

No. 1791054

The only thing I'm jealous of here is her big windows and the view. She could have a meth couch in there and it would still be apartment goals.

No. 1791732

More TikToks or webms please. I don't have the clock app(zoomer lingo newfag)

No. 1791737

Fuck off omg stop posting "post more" every other day

No. 1791743

Then post more so I can shut up, duh

No. 1791747

Chill out and contribute. Who cares.

No. 1791755

No. Contribute yourself and stop demanding other people do it for you.

No. 1791780

I literally don't have any social media nonny, they're cancer. I come to lolcow for this reason(constant spoonfeeding requests)

No. 1791818

im anemic as well and this is true. tea, coffee and cocoa inhibit plant-based (non-heme) sources of iron. if you're vegan/vegetarian or otherwise only getting non-heme iron you need to be mindful of this. the iron absorption inhibition rates are extremely depressing and the effect takes hours to degrade. also, don't forget to consume vitamin c with your iron to increase absorption!!

with heme iron, you only need to worry about calcium blocking your intake.

No. 1791888

fr request nonnie, it has become obnoxious. I don't mind contributing among the rest of the tiktok nonnas but it's not like we are your servants.
>I literally don't have any social media nonny, they're cancer.
you can literally search shit like "kawaii unboxing" like vidrel and get similar results until one of us posts something. Stop asking every two days

No. 1791900

Seems like the cocomelon zoomies need someone to jingle some keys in front of their face
You know you can browse most sm sites without an account?

No. 1792016

Some people are slow and demanding, and they don't think things through properly. She didn't even ask in a more polite manner. Just bumping with nothing to contribute. Embarrassing.

No. 1792049

You're not thinking like a child. If not given any guidance, do you think a kid is going to drink a soda or tap water? You have to teach them about long term health effects or else they become adults who have to discover that stuff on their own.

No. 1792367

File: 1701202281735.gif (1.84 MB, 220x391, keys.gif)

>I don't have the clock app
and yet you seem addicted to it.

No. 1792391

pink has to be the most consoomeristic color on earth. Reminds me to a video of shoe where a woman was complaining that a pink ''for girl's'' razor was more expensive than the common blue one for men even though it was the same razor, and she responded by saying ''well the pink one is cuter and some women want the pink uguu razor uwu''.

No. 1792522

TikTok started sending me dumpster diver consoomer (aka hoarder) videos. I try to skip them so they stop, just for my blood pressure.
"This is brand new."
No, it's not. The plastic is yellowed, even if it still has the packaging on it.
"These are still good."
Except it's a cheap walmart decorative item from 1996 and visibly dirty.
"This is soooo nice."
They say this every time they find busted up modern plated metal decorative dishes with the plating destroyed. Unless you have an electroplating set in your garage, it's just trash unless you take it to the scrap yard.

No. 1792536

I will never feel bad about buying something frivolous for myself 1-3 times a year again. i cannot imagine some of the credit card debt these women have

No. 1792556

okay ngl the phone case for the foldable samsung is really cute. I like that it looks like a fliphone. However, like everything in this video it's too much. They over-design everything in this video to the point that even the pastels look overwhelming.

No. 1792739

When I come across these videos, I can't help but wonder how they can handle all this junk. Looking at this girl's video list, there's so many different Sanrio characters and aesthetics. Do they just hoard all the X character items away in a box when they buy a new haul of Sanrio character #10 for their desk and room? Sell it?

No. 1792752

Fuuuuuuuuck. I'd heard that TikTok was making dumpster diving trendy, but I wasn't sure I believed it. There is literally nothing in my life that TikTok has not ruined or significantly worsened.

No. 1792843

Post vids?

No. 1792952

I have seen every single one of these items on Temu. The "phoenix" prize is an .89 necklace. The spoons actually cost more than anything in the haul.

No. 1793529

i stumbled over this channel recently and the comments got me wondering if her dumpster dives are actually real or if she's planting items.

No. 1793539

obviously fake, like gee how lucky of this person to find all of these expensive goodies completely undamaged and neatly piled together in one bag! who would of thought employees would be careless enough to throw out this stuff! also sorry to bag sperg but that was a coach outlet bag, the tags on the bags always have overinflated prices so it's not even a $275 bag kek

No. 1793598

That's not even close to how places throw stuff out, little gets actually gets removed from the shelf because stores will just clearance it until it sells. If it's returns or unsold stock they can't sell even after clearance, they tally it up and ship it back to the manufacturer to get a slight refund. If they did throw it out like this (which they don't) they would be in bundles of old skincare together in a bag, not a curated collection of purses, skincare, candles, and clothes. Tj maxx is also 50% kids toys, homegoods, and and cookware, and that stuff is the stuff less likely to be sold. where the hell is that? You're telling me they threw out a coach bag without even putting a clearance sticker on it? Also most businesses chain their dumpsters, the store I worked at did that even though all we were throwing out was old product displays, there wasn't actually anything valuable in there

No. 1793601

agreed nona I go to TKMaxx a lot and I can count on my hand the times where I've geniunely found a high value item at an insane price.
Plus I got talking to one of the cashiers one time and the employees get first claim on anything before it hits shelves kek

No. 1793635

someone said books are becoming the new fast fashion on booktok and i think they are right.

No. 1793654

>enemies to lovers
>slow burn
>one bed trope

I'm so thanksful i hate every single one of these trope because you see it everywhere now, how is it a selling point when every y/a novel is exatly that ?

No. 1793660

I can't hate book consoomerism, I just can't. I'd so much rather have people collect stacks upon stacks of paper than fabric or plastic. I'm fine with it.

No. 1793667

literally looks like there was a pre-made cart on a website with every popular booktok book ever in it and she hit checkout kek, absolutely insane that people have no interest in actually exploring books besides whatever slop tiktok shows them. the only good thing here is that at least the books will hopefully be donated or passed along to someone else once they decide reading isn't trendy anymore

No. 1793670

i agree its better than plastic shit but like these girls need to fucking stop reading slop. these books have the same educational and cultural value as a fast-food restaurant menu

No. 1793674

samefag but actually a fast-food restaurant menu would be better to read since its not warping their perceptions of romance

No. 1793682

my coworker is like that. she only reads those romantasy books that are basically just sex scene after sex scene about abo fairies with magic powers who can shapeshift into wolves or something. surely acotar or the cruel prince or fourth wing aren't gonna be the downfall of our society, but it's noticeable when someone consumes ONLY the literary equivalent of a mcdonalds meal. they are incapable of engaging with more complex texts and immediately drop books that require them to engage more than two brain cells while reading because the book doesn't spoonfeed everything to them. what baffles me the most is that they don't get tired of reading the same non-plot over and over again. we talk about books sometimes and my coworker is genuinely confused how mine and our 3rd coworker's tastes are so diverse. but she sees this as a weakness because she is true to her taste and we are just flip flopping around between genres and languages, according to her. at least she's in her sparkle emoji, dark fantasy romantasy era, sparkle emoji, kek.

No. 1793709

I don't get how people can read what is essentially the same damn book over and over again but this time it's vampire girl x werewolf guy or witch girl x witch hunter. After the first couple, you slowly realize you can predict the entire story just by reading the synopsis. Same with all of those dark romance books women froth at the mouth over. Literally the literary equivalent of watching low IQ instagram reels for hours on end kek

No. 1793731

My ex bf only cared about fantasy series. I tried to inspire him to read other stuff, but he clearly wasn’t that interested and not gonna lie, I am a bit snobbish and condescending about it which isn’t ideal when you’re in a relationship. It’s a shame because I got him into cinema and we had many good conversations about movies we saw together. His text analyzing skills were on point, so I think reading a wider variety of books could have really made him reflect on different ideas and perspectives. I finally managed to broaden his horizon a little bit when we got into listening to audiobooks together before bedtime. We would take turns choosing which book, and he was actually interested and engaged with the ones I picked. I think he still prefers fantasy to this day, but I gave it a try lol.

No. 1793795

Reading books is a hobby, if they want to chill by reading easy to digest slop then that's what they should do (assuming they read at all). I say this as someone who exclusively reads non-fiction so I have no personal bone to defend here. Consuming intellectual material isn't morally superior.

No. 1793815

Agreed anon. It's not the content that's the problem, as mentioned before books are at least not plastic. It's just consoomery because she buys so much just for the online clout of it, unless she really does read that many that fast (but unlikely). Anons really do want to pretend to be intellectuals while coming off the same as /lit scrotes who think they're better than 'normies' sometimes kek. People can have their fantasies, it's not like real people are being affected the way porn affects women irl. If she wants to read romance/fantasy, who cares. She should just do it for herself rather than internet points.

No. 1793826

But why nona?

No. 1793903

I'm sure people do occasionally find high end stuff in dumpsters, but it will be mixed in a big garbage bag of cheap damaged junk. You would only find something like that if an employee snuck something into the trash can and planned to dig it out of the dumpster later.

No. 1794053

Fellow OC nonnie. This reminded me of all the bad experiences I had going to Disneyland as a child. I remember grown adults, probably in their late 20s-early 30s, pushing me out of the way, on my 7th birthday, to get a pair of Mickey ears during the park's anniversary. My dad ended up pulling me out of the way and telling me we could buy it on the way out when the park closed. I was excited, because I wanted a hat like my dad's from when he was a kid. I watched all of the vintage Mickey Mouse Clubhouse VHS tapes and thought they were the cutest. My family was poor, it was literally the first time buying anything from the park, and the last. We only happened to be there because my mother's childhood friend was a park manager and had extra tickets. Those women, you could tell went to the park often and lived nearby…stereotypical overweight Hispanic girls with bleach blonde streaks over dark brown hair, trading pin lanyard, thick rimmed black glasses, WAY too tight yoga pants, and Starbucks in hand. You only know if you live here.

No. 1794075

>warping their perceptions of romance
This sounds like it was written by a moid who browses /r9k/. I read this exact text years ago from a man who proceeded to go into vivid detail about how he'd like to rape an underage Asian girl, no thanks to warped perceptions from porn. God forbid a woman fantasize about a werewolf dude strong enough to carry her. lmao

No. 1794076

is it consoom to buy another pair of shoes in a different color? i originally wanted a pair in one color but only black was available so i purchased them anyway. now the version i originally wanted is up for sale and i really want them. the shoes are kind of rare secondhand by the way and have a decent resale value

No. 1794094

I think its okay as long as you don't already have 30 pairs of shoes and would actually wear them.

No. 1794222

Yeah, I only ever see men try and posit that shit because they hate that free women can have any expectations for romance in the relationship.

No. 1794245

Samefag, it's the same reason men used to ree about disney movies, saying it gave women high expectations for men via expecting princess treatment (ignoring that the men saying these things were unhinged scrotes who hated women and that's why they didn't have a gf when women have the ability to reject them while still getting a house and income, as well as the fact that plenty of non-prince men get gfs, womens standards are low and really do need to be higher and can be now, and women aren't retarded children that can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality like men unless they're delusional already which is rare).

No. 1795021

How do people live with this much clashing pink, especially pastel? I get claustrophobic just looking at it, feels messy and cluttered. Not an ounce of this mass produced crap is "cute." It lacks any of the charm of original Sanrio or the eclecticness of the early 2000s when Emo/Goth/Scene was relatively trendy.
I can't imagine the shipping costs for those single serve snacks, especially the ramune. Seeing an entire box and bubble wrap for a $3 drink is maddening. Japanese snacks are usually nothing to ride home about. Processed junk is processed junk… and the sanrio~ makeup wristband she put on the boba glass that clearly didn't fit… asking to let it slip and break. You just know she took it right off after hitting the stop record button.

No. 1795151

bit of an ot but I don't use tiktok and I had to open in another tab because browser won't show the embed. The video was so long I thought I could listen to it while reading the thread but apparently it autopauses if you try to do that(?), so tiktok is forcing you to brainlessly watch the video from beginning to end and doesn't even allow you to switch tab like youtube. This just confirms me it's a hellsite.

No. 1795163

But she’s still right though. If you only consume one type of emotionally stimulating media it will warp your perception of that thing. Overconsumption of porn=warped perception of sex and love. Overconsumption of poorly written romance novels = warped perception of romance. It’s a phenomenon that can happen to anyone and be caused by almost anything. She never said that one was worse than the other, and it never had anything to do with men and women so don’t try to twist it like that.

No. 1795214

Although it's possible, it's unlikely and relatively harmless. If anything, romance in media has set some basic boundaries for me. If it were not for movies, I would not know a man should remember my anniversary and make and attempt to show appreciation through things like flowers. My father never did anything for my mother. Most men make no effort unless you present expectations first. Obviously I had no examples growing up. "Higher" (basic) expectations make men mad. Most media don't really overdue on how relationships should be at their high points, only that they're not going to be like that all the time. The fact that relationships with men rarely have high points is why women consume said media in the first place.

No. 1795653

This showed up in my recommended. If you're stressed out, how do all these ugly plastic toys make you feel better?

No. 1795663

Do these actually help anyone destress or is it just a marketing lie that buying and playing with baby toys will calm us down. Maybe one as like a desk toy. idk I feel like a hot bath and video games would be more easing than fiddling around with these.

No. 1795679

File: 1701390241277.jpeg (99.48 KB, 1284x1065, 47ECA9DF-30EA-4D93-A27E-E4D406…)

I enjoy having a couple fidget toys of different textures and types but honestly the best destresser is petting a purring kitty cat. Nearly 20 years ago before fidget toys were a consooomer marketing phenomenon my 5th grade gifted teacher had a bucket of diff fidget toys for us kids to choose from at the start of class. It seemed to help us focus on class without getting distracted (or becoming distracting to the others). I can see a teacher of younger grades having a large collection for that reason. If I had more friends that visited me I’d probably have a few more fidgets than the couple I have so I could offer them to my friends and their kids when they visit. But for personal use, selecting from such a large selection of fidgets would be stressful in itself kek.

No. 1795801

Booktok tends to really focus on the type or romance novels where it’s just 200 pages of glorified abuse though.

No. 1795809

AYRT, I don't have any problem with romance or even smut. It's the specific type of books these girls read which is basically just rape porn with an overly aggressive male and a very weak and submissive FMC. Its just an abusive relationship being shown as romantic and desirable to impressionable girls

No. 1795843

>God forbid a woman fantasize about a werewolf dude strong enough to carry her. lmao
you forgot the part in these novels where the werewolf kills all her family and beats her after a dude looks at her and it's shown to be romantic instead of abusive

No. 1795873

I can see where you're coming from nona, but I'm in the same boat of thinking it's warping women's perceptions of romance. I don't have an issue with women reading steamy wish-fulfilling fantasies about a really hot guy who falls in love with them but most of these popular books aren't just that. They're filled with abusive, rapey, manipulative men. I can't find it now, but I saw a screenshot of a tiktok book summary with about 100k likes fawning some smut book's scene involving the love interest bending the protag over a boat, forcing her head down in the water and roughly fucking her while there were sharks in the water. I won't even get started on Colleen Hoover's male love interests who would be jailed for DV if they were real.

No. 1795997

yeah, i agree. any book can be recycled, they won’t just end up on a landfill. also we need to improve this generation’s reading comprehension anyway. it’s one kind of consoomerism i don’t hate that much.

No. 1796049

Unironically I think this is the female mirror effect of the increasing early access and normalization of violent pornography that the internet has brought. Both men and women now think that sexual violence against a woman is sexy and exciting because they've been exposed to pornography since they were 7 or 8 these days. While men goon themselves into becoming violent sex offenders or trannies women are memeing themselves into jacking it to being a DV victim by a muscular werewolf fae. Dark times all around.

No. 1796058

>pretending women enjoy reading romance novels with rape and all cringey alpha shit contains hardcore rape
>thinking adults aren't allowed to read what they want because they'll think the content they're reading is real/normal/should be mimicked
>comparing novels to violent pornography as if it has the same content
>trying to pretend to be better than some random women/an intellectual
It's so disingenuous.

No. 1796067

Have you ever read any of the gravel you're defending?

No. 1796068

Have you? Don't thinks so (probably watched some sjw youtuber shitting on the books for being problematic at best). Seriously, stop derailing the consoom thread sperging about you're pet hate kek. This thread is for laughing at consoomer hoarding, not crying about women liking cringey media, newfag.

No. 1796074

I read all kind of questionable garbage from the age of 12, yet I always found porn hideous and as I grew older, my tolerance for these kind of things in fiction simmered down too. What you say may be like that in theory, but in reality women just grow out of it.

No. 1796080

it's very obviously an unhealthy cope, it's on the same level as women thinking onlyfans is empowering. It shouldnt be encouraged over ''muh fantasies'', specially since these type of books are the majority, not some super niche kink, it's the norm. It's actually impossible to find romance books with femdom or even normal healthy relationships, it's all female abuse.

No. 1796113

File: 1701425713551.jpg (521.5 KB, 1080x2080, Screenshot_20231201-111126_Tik…)

girly spent 1800 dollars and didn't even win a 2 minute long videocall

No. 1796115

I am glad my hs friends never groomed me into this mental retardation. One of them actually was lucky and won an album and meeting with one of those moids kek. Makes me laugh my poorfag friend with luck on her side got to met one of those fags and this woman didnt.USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1796133

You're probably right kek. They've been crying in multiple threads for days.

No. 1796141

There absolutely are violent sex scenes in this genre written as aspirational / desirable. It's sick and it supports the narrative that sexual violence toward women is normal and women enjoy it. No it's not the same as real porn, but take a step back and look at what you're defending simply because women are the intended audience.

No. 1796149

Forget about it anon, they are so deep in the coom it's impossible to reason with them. They will accuse you of being a man(as if men care women are memeing themselves into liking rape and abuse). They are mentally ill, as any person into enjoying/defending female abuse is.

No. 1796174

It would probably be cheaper to buy a concert ticket and VIP pass

No. 1796187

But the thrill of gacha is no longer there. We must gamble.

No. 1796205

can you all make a booktok thread or fight about weird porn in the pickme thread on 2x. hell ot could use one too. this is not related to consooming i come here to gawk at shopping addictions not think about this

No. 1796419

Late, but this was a trend some years ago on YouTube. Some people will actually dumpster dive for stuff like makeup and perfume and try to sell it for profit on eBay. It’s gross and they don’t always disclose the product is from the garbage. They claim it’s sanitized before selling, but you never know.

No. 1796427

Nta. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, it sucks this is is all being thrown out and wasted. Apparently, this girl donates what she finds. On the other hand, there’s a gross factor to this. Not sure if you should donate eyeshadow that’s been collecting bacteria in the dumpster. Seems like a health hazard to your eyes. I dunno.
It might be better for people to keep the crap they find and potentially harm themselves than risk other people’s health selling/donating.

No. 1796456

I don't understand your logic here. As long as it didn't get wet (which you could tell by discoloration), why would makeup grow bacteria by sitting in a dumpster compared to sitting in a warehouse?

No. 1796459

Anything that is sealed or can be washed should be fine.

No. 1796461

>As long as it didn't get wet
Dumpsters are outdoors so they’re prone to getting wet. Not to mention, drinks and other liquids also get thrown in there. Think.

No. 1796495

drugstore makeup in US often comes sealed in blister packs tbh

No. 1796499

In the video embedded, she was pulling out unwrapped palettes from the dumpster. No plastic to protect it. Other videos show similar. If it’s still sealed in packaging I guess you can use it if you want??

No. 1796527

I was actually just thinking about dumpster diving at the place I used to work 'cause I know there's regularly new canvases thrown out all the time. what happens is they'll be selling value packs and 1 out of 3 canvases gets damaged (like a hole ripped through it) but since they're packaged to be sold as a set of 3, 2 perfectly fine canvases get thrown in the bin. so there's a tip for any artsy anons who live near big craft stores I guess.

No. 1796604

I won one of these with my genuine favorite idol once when I bought 3 different $15 albums and got super lucky. I genuinely enjoyed it but it's so baffling to go into credit card debt or whatever over. After I won that one time I thought I could get lucky again and bought four of the same album and felt really stupid after even though I'm financially able to buy stupid stuff like that. You can't do anything with these albums, they're kinda big, and practically worthless after purchase.

Parasocial relationships are off topic but man these girls are dying to spend 2 minutes talking to a guy who's being PAID to be nice to them. Kinda sad too

No. 1796756

one of my favorite hated consoomers, she was featured in a previous thread as well. note that dead eyes and the lack of emotion in her voice while she just pulls that soy face over and over.

No. 1796794

The fidget spinners started this damn craze I swear. Fidget spinners reportedly can be helpful for some people/children who need something to fidget with but somehow they became a fad that filled the shelf of every fucking store and every classroom. I think they were probably still being marketed as a fidget device for ADHD etc, but became more of a "toy" when they got so huge. I believe the popularity of fidget spinners and the similar fidget cube conditioned so many parents and zoomers to just believe that any gimmicky toy labeled as "fidget" will help them to focus/destress/stim or whatever. Fidget items were already stereotypical for neurodivergent people and now everyone has ADHD and autism and as with everything you have to make that part of your personality so they have to have 30 fidget toys to prove they're #actuallyautistic. I wouldn't even be surprised if the literal chew toys for autists were trendy. Parents are probably just buying all these fidget toys for their iPad toddlers because the kids see it on TikTok and Youtube and they're conditioned to see all fidget toys as an easy fix for how unnaturally restless kids are now.

There were a lot of parents and teachers who hated the fidget spinners because they were obviously just a gimmick that was distracting classrooms and would all be in landfills in 2 years. So reportedly they were prohibited by a lot of teachers and even schools, like how other fad toys like silly bandz were. All this shit will too. Like, you can diy some of this stuff, put some slime or sand in a balloon and it's a stress ball. Make them out of paper like vidrel, which I find very cute, there's a nice part to alot of toy trends at least that when something is trendy creative kids make their own. The activities of making their own fidget toys seems to me like it would be miles more stimulating than just giving them cheap shein shit.

No. 1796804

When you mentioned the dead eyes and lack of emotion in her voice, I thought you might have been exaggerating or something. No, she's really that robotic. Soul death by consooming.

No. 1796808

Samefag just to add that creativity and imagination isn't dead with young zoom zooms, there's a ton of trends, which I really only know because of how they all have social media and that there's so many content creators milking them which is bleak but… at least kids making silly stuff out of paper isn't dead?

Things like
>paper squishies
>play pretend running a small business that sells candy or lipgloss
>play pretend cleaning carpets? vidrel is a parody of that kek i'm not going to link any actual kid's video but they exist
>pretending to be fairies or a fairy hunter, the fairy kids make videos where they're "flying" and it seems the fairy hunters are just trying to troll them or are little emos
>customizing cardboard boxes to use as masks for their own boxsonas
>wigs made out of construction paper or yarn for cosplay
>gachalife movies which are like modern movie star planet or goanimate movies
>diy surprise toys/blind bags, all made out of paper

Still a lot of these are consoomery and directly spawned from something trending, like that paper squishy vid in my last post is just BRANDS make toys out of brands! And the roleplaying a #bossbabe who resells cheap aliexpress crap. If some type of collection, craft, or task becomes trendy on TikTok you can just assume there's kids out there roleplaying it with intricate diy props.

No. 1796842

Even sealed makeup can be potentially unsafe. Hard to say because I don't work at the place she's dumpster diving, but sealed beauty products can be tossed because they are recalled, expired, or discretely tampered with (all unsafe). I've had to trash a ton of makeup at my work because a crackhead stole it and the cops recovered it from their crackhead van kek, we couldn't trust that it wasn't contaminated so we tossed it. Bottom line, I don't think it's worth it to dumpster dive for makeup or anything cream/powder based in general.

No. 1796856

Imagine making commercials you're not even paid or sponsored to do. Bleak.

No. 1796919

File: 1701494155608.png (1.44 MB, 1179x1454, IMG_3008.png)

I can't stand these trash babies. Most of them are ugly. Out of the 100s of designs maybe 10 are appealing. Doesn't help that they only come in blind boxes.

No. 1797027

It's so odd to me that these have been around for years and are now suddenly insanely popular when there are much cuter blind box toys to consoom. They're also hardly different enough from each other to warrant buying multiples, I don't get it at all.

No. 1797180

she's honestly so fascinating in a sad way.

No. 1797200

that tanktop looks so cheap, how do people not notice shit like this

No. 1797220

but anon, EVERYONE has it, like LITCHOORALLY every girl on her for you page, so OF COURSE she has to have it!

No. 1797292

I hate them so much! They’re literally naked babies?! I would feel too embarrassed to even have one in my home.

No. 1797324

Another one obsessed with pink.
It’s the cheap ass Amazon jewelry that irked me. You know it’s going to tarnish and break quickly. She could buy small and get something that lasts for years and looks better.

No. 1797339

the jewelry confused me honestly because you can see that she's a rich white girl in the US. she can probably afford high quality jewelry so why bother buying cheap stuff from amazon- oh wait, she gets money for advertising this garbage.

No. 1797376

i know some anons are tired of the weeb rooms but this one is on another level. There is so much shit you can't even walk around. Everything is from kids shows/ popular animes, not a ounce of originality or personality

No. 1797394

This video smells musty. Do these people actually spend time in their own rooms?
Also, I find it peculiar how there is a whole shelf for horse figures and then the rest is anime weeaboo crap.

No. 1797402

I can’t imagine trying to keep everything dusted… it would be a full time job!

No. 1797409

These are literally only popular because Japanese kek

No. 1797426

File: 1701549533661.jpg (27.1 KB, 565x156, unbelievable.jpg)

My jaw about hit the floor.

No. 1797435

So she was a covid cosoomer damn her taste is so basic tho kek

No. 1797869

They’re just kewpie dolls. But for normies, everyone I’ve known who has been into the kewpie dolls are insane but these things that are indistinguishable just have normal fans.

No. 1798914

I find her voice extremely grating. She has a faux huskyness that sounds like a middle school theater girl trying to play a male role. It's really similar to that one popular YouTuber that was posted here mixing hundreds of nailpolish bottles she PAID for.

No. 1799063

File: 1701696406834.jpg (366.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231205-000911_Fac…)

Tell me I don't need them!

No. 1799069

I cant. Im sorry.

No. 1799070

She has the inflection of Donald Trump

No. 1799075

They're so cute I need them

No. 1799078

I clicked on her video expecting to hear a weird voice box like voice, but it's completely normal. People who freak out about vocal fry are so weird and NLOG.

No. 1799083

Of course you don't. Cute though.

No. 1799093

File: 1701697900910.jpeg (240.35 KB, 1124x1678, IMG_5735.jpeg)

With the value of the yen that price is sad

No. 1799106

Even in USD it’s stupidly high.

No. 1799117

No. 1799222

File: 1701708991377.jpg (643.88 KB, 806x1673, Screenshot_20231204_115555_Sam…)

Imagine spending $600 in two days on these hideous soulless things.

No. 1799226

My secret confession is that the first time I saw a Funko Pop, it was Frodo and I thought it was pretty cute. Even now I see one occasionally and think it's cute, but the mass consumerism and sheer lack of design into any of them turns me off from ever owning one.

No. 1799229

This sounds like something someone going through a manic episode would write, which supports my hypothesis that anyone collecting shitty Funko pops is mentally ill

No. 1799258

Covid consoomers are the worst. video games and certain toys sky rocketed in prices because of bored zoomers with too much money.

No. 1799260

People who collect funko pops are truly the most basic people on the planet. $600 in two days? what a joke

No. 1799290

That's the danger of consooming cheap shit. Each one costs about the same as a fast food meal so you don't notice how much you're spending until you reach peak retardation and buy $600 worth in 2 days, but there's no saving anyone who's reached that point. I don't get why they're all still in their boxes, they're not expensive or rare, the least this dipshit could do is put some effort into displaying them.

No. 1799337

Ok this isn’t the first time I’m seeing something like this. Why are more and more things becoming cheaper in Japan compared to the US even after taking into account shipping?

No. 1799417

I am still angry nonnies made this consoomer retard into the face of the nerd thread. Consooming isnt being a nerd, he doesnt even know the shit he's consooming since he doesnt recognize most of the characters.

No. 1799422

She's orange and bleach blonde to boot.
What vocal fry? and you are projecting a lot that wasn't said.

No. 1799429

There can be some cute ones. Some. I keep one at my office as a little trinket. Most people in my workplace have one just as a small decoration to show their interest in a show/movie/game. Outside of that, I don’t understand people actually collecting these as figures when there’s so much better.
That thread is a mixed bag. Some nonas like actual nerds, and some like greasy guys wearing glasses. He’s the latter.

No. 1799435

He's sexy though
Yen devaluation

No. 1799452

Shouldn’t it be more expensive to buy it in yen then?

No. 1799465

Not if your own currency is more powerful than yen

No. 1799713

is this aliexpress or something? also how would one be able to take advantage of the yen being down? I presume there are japanese sites that ship globally but I wouldn't know them

No. 1799767

It’s Bic Camera, I searched シルバニアファミリートナカイ and the official website lists japanese stores where you can buy them.
What sucks is that while the yen is weak, import and proxy companies won’t change prices obviously, so you’re not getting as much as an advantage as you could be.
The Japanese price is the real price. It’s a Japanese company. So not only are US sellers pricing things high, they’re actually pricing it even higher because the yen exchange rate is like 2:3 now. You can find those reindeer in Japanese stores for what amounts to like $18, not $44.

No. 1799785

No, if yen goes down in value, you need to exchange less of your own currency to meet the value of 1 yen, because 1 yen is now worth less. If your own currency goes up in value, a smaller amount of it meets the value of 1 yen than it previously did. Works the other way around too, if your currency goes down in value, you now have to pay more of your own currency to meet the value of 1 yen.

No. 1799810

Zenmarket, and don't use buyee

No. 1799812

jesus christ this is so ugly imagine paying 1300 for this

No. 1799815

File: 1701760047807.png (1.07 MB, 1365x756, 1300 usd stickers.png)

thanks nonny for posting it here i realized i posted it on the wrong thread and i didnt want to double post. Here is what she got. They gave her fucking stickers for 1300 usd, disney adults are insane.

No. 1799816

Leaving the Disney shit aside, Swarovski is such a joke. Their crystals are so literally whatever. I'd rather get a "cubic zirconia" from AliExpress than waste my money on Swarovski, they're Trisha Paytas tier anyway

No. 1799820

They really think they can sell ugly "crystals" just because of the brand names attached to them huh. I'd rather buy a handmade glass ornament from Etsy instead of this cheap looking Disney Swarovski shit, it feels like a scam and I honestly feel bad for whoever wastes 1300 bucks on this shit. The ones with the printed cartoon faces on them will not survive this same christmas without a big scratch on its back, it's badly printed. Also very unfortunate that one of her ornaments was already broken to begin with, none of them look worth the price, also lmaoing at the audacity of the sellers putting blinged out stickers in there.

No. 1799823

Nonny she broke that ornament by dropping one of those heavy star ones on it. But yeah it's not anywhere near worth that price, the quality control is abysmal, and it's hardly very disney themed

No. 1799825

The jewelry they sell in Swarovski stores is often super nice and classic

No. 1799831

Post an example, because I don't see the appeal

No. 1799834

File: 1701762258283.jpeg (213.23 KB, 1133x952, 09900446-7AE7-4997-9CF6-14D668…)

I like the design of these types of bracelets (the “clasp” or lack thereof) a lot and any of their items worn a lot of the smaller crystals like picrel sparkle like crazy irl. They had some nice bangle style bracelets too.

No. 1799838

File: 1701762577417.png (428.64 KB, 720x928, IMG_20231205_014557.png)

Looks nice but they also have ratchet stuff like this

No. 1799839

I have a necklace my ex got from whatever their main store is overseas when he went. I like it but its pretty big and in your face, idk where I could possibly wear it besides out to a fancy restaurant and even then I think its too much

No. 1799841

Kek I had to rewatch this

No. 1799843

They’ve definitely always sold very tacky items (imo) along with their nicer simpler sparkly pieces. It’s a mixed bag. Old ladies on cruises like to buy the big statement pieces kek. Nonna who has the piece the ex got her, wear it out to dinner sometime who cares if it’s ostentatious (if you like it, that is). It’s fun to dress up.

No. 1799845

File: 1701762979411.png (644.96 KB, 1056x638, 8k.png)

$8000 for these putrid glasses lmao trisha

No. 1799846

I'm heading home tomorrow, I'll post a picture of it so you can see how big it is lmao

No. 1799848

Nonna please do we need to see it

No. 1799874

kek thanks for sharing the video with us, I was losing it the whole time. Love that Trisha did a little Cher Horowitz cosplay too

No. 1799892

Do you mean
Nonna please do! We need to see it!
Nonna please, do we need to see it?

No. 1799924

kek reminds me of a poster on the door of our English class that said "time to eat grandma!" Anyway, I wanna see nonnie's in your face huge necklace.

No. 1799973

>Nonna please do! We need to see it!
This one kek

No. 1799977

Why not buyee? I've only ever used