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File: 1689254617197.png (12.32 MB, 3648x3072, lolita threadpic 16.png)

No. 303212

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

Melissa / NLO member (Instagram(s): _seraphonline, melomelo1013, Twitter: _mly1013, Blogspot: neverlace)
has a huge hypocritical meltdown on her blog over hatestalking making the community unsafe for minors while also admitting in the comments she and her pals (some of them minors) befriended known pedophile sainte, doesn’t see the irony of her discord vendetta hatestalking document that she made and kept updated plus spammed in the threads constantly
follows alt-right/woman hating account >>300233
publicly claims to be not wearing lolita anymore (yet still posts lolita coords on her twitter regularly) >>300911

Frilledcriminal / Sacramaneto disaster (Youtube: frilledcriminal, Instagram: frilledcriminal)
makes sad youtube room tour of her living in filth in a garage as her bedroom – hoarding cardboard boxes, underwear hanging from the ceiling, appears to be very dusty >>299276 >>299371

Toast / Toastchan / Lolicon loving degenerate (Instagram: toastchaaan, Tiktok: toastchaaan)
recently moved into an apartment in japan and showed videos of it decorated with loli wall scrolls, clothes and junk thrown everywhere >>299405

Isha / Incel loving edgelord / Unhinged e-beggar (Instagram(s): victorianmaid3n, momokopilled, stupidfakecel9, stupidfakecel10, fed_chan, Lacemarket: roundmidnite, Reddit: cloudfest)
has an edgy autsitic incel e-boyfriend that she likely met on 4chan >>299703 >>299704
runs an edgy incel-pandering meme account where she does things like idolize school shooters plus mass shooters, makes light of rape (rape jokes), uses racial slurs, and brags about getting creepy men to buy her dresses >>299706 >>299707 >>299709 >>299711 >>299713 >>299716 >>299778 >>299827
at one point was running many different accounts – half of them pandering to incels >>299729
begging for 4chan incels to buy her stuff, implied she might have been sexting them or pretending to e-date them in exchange >>299839 >>299844
larping as having purchased a gun (which are expensive and she is not old enough to buy one) while simultaneously begging for money from creepy internet strangers >>299846
wants to pretend to e-date incels in exchange for cheap discord nitro >>299849
negotiating with creepers on /r9k/ to buy her a dress that both she and the incels like >>299858
planning on meeting up with her edgelord loser e-bf in a different country despite only dating him for a month >>299884
her boyfriend is an /r9k/ poster that refers to her by racial slurs >>300000 >>300008
oldish milk: kicked nat from babylita server about a year ago for being a meanie terf, is now friends with nat and larps as being a misandrist despite pandering to incel men and having a racist 4chan bf >>300092 >>300202
freaking out on lacemarket, refusing to sell to people because she claims they’re involved in online harassment yet has sold to them before without issue >>300212 >>300215
after attempting to do some damage control, announces she is leaving lolita >>300502
ghosting sellers on lacemarket after agreeing to a price >>301365

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / NLO leader (Instagram: faithful.mew, repent.repent.repent.repent, Blogspot: basednlaced)
follows the same alt-right/woman hating account as melissa >>300234
repeatedly posts absolutely cringeworthy boomer tradtard gun/gun range photos showing off her bad makeup and haircut >>300450

Andrea Nicole Baker / Mandrea / Disgusting pedophile and sissy fetishist (Instagram: andreanicolebaker, Blogspot: littlemissandrea-joanne)
an open pedophile and fetishist who includes photos of real children in his pedo erotica blog >>301192
more of his pedo and sissy erotica from his blogspot >>>>301297
some proof mandrea is lying about not being a pedo/fetishist >>302542 >>302545

Other milk:
embarrassingly awful and low effort lolita zine was created (frilly freedom zine) – features frilledcriminal, lilac scented, and some other cows >>301150
lilac scented constantly makes things up, appeared on a dating show and lies on there too >>301237
LOC/NLO member caught self-posting on /cgl/ and has previously schizoed out and accused some random lolita of stalking her for simply viewing her story >>301643 >>301846
lala land goes on a massive spergout defending mandrea the pedophile, has no real defenses of his pedophilia/sissy garbage and just keeps repeating over and over that he is nice/her friend so therefor he is not a pedo >>302522 >>302523
r/lolita allows fetish freak to post in the subreddit >>302298 >>302300 >>302306
the now deleted bows confession is exposed for using the same email as the frills.alert vendetta account >>302332
ita lacemarket scammer overcharging for a shitty taobao dress, gets called out and gets defensive >>302738
bodyline scalper gets called out >>302872 >>302893
ita has massive spergout in a mentoring server, upset she cannot afford brand, bawwwwwing about lolita being an elitist/classist fashion >>302908
Lady Sloth, an indie brand known for being beloved by fat itas, is no longer selling lolita >>299642

No. 303224

Thank you for being brave and making the thread sis. Good writeup.

No. 303226

>Lady Sloth closing
Also Violent Fane did but not sure if any caps were posted here.

No. 303229

appreciate the effort OP but why is everything in the threadpic so squished? you got Isha and FC looking like slenderman

No. 303232

OK so if Isha and Melissa left lolita, who else did? There has to be a reason they rebranded to NLO and what it stands for.

No. 303243

this write up is awful. missed tons of milk. not even remotely funny or entertaining.(infighting)

No. 303244


Are you fucking retarded? You think this is good. It's trash. Y'all obviously have shit taste and no standards and it really fucking shows. Don't encourage this junk. What an absolute cope. Try harder OP or let someone with talent do it. I'm so sick of fucking newfags shitting up these threads.

No. 303245

threadpic isnt even interesting. nothing worth looking at. no jokes. no memes. just pics capped from the thread arranged incoherently.

No. 303247

You had a week to make your own. Get over it.(infighting)

No. 303248

Then you guys do it next time. No one else stepped up including you.

It was said New Lolita Order iirc

No. 303249

File: 1689290315401.png (981.28 KB, 1169x2088, IMG_1965.png)

One of the discord cows is having a meltdown
Maybe being a mean girl is the reason no one likes u?

No. 303250

Her friends are mean girls too, maybe she feels othered because she's fat

No. 303251

Maybe no one likes you because you go on social media and complain about them. I imagine the same people she's talking about are also reading this shit. Go to your friends directly and talk about how you are feeling don't make some public passive aggressive attempt for sympathy. No wonder these girls fail at every attempt to make genuine connections with people.

No. 303252

You can tell OP thoughtlessly slapped it together in a mad rush before NLO stole the narrative. At least NLO makes an effort with the picture and the writeup ends up hilarious.

No. 303253

This isn't a public post so yes it's one of her "friends" posting it here. Can't blame them for being passive aggressive if she is too. Shit friends

No. 303254

looks like shes right and her friends dont like her considering this is a friends only post and a friend posted it here

No. 303256

Wow that’s nasty to leak

No. 303258

anon is right >>303251 if she talks with them like normal people instead of her posting dirty laundry for everyone to see they could probably work things out

its kinda sad fr tho

>makes post complaining abbout and ridiculing her friends

>friends post to lcfs to ridicule her
>will probably post to shame her friends for posting her here
>they post her here again

seems like a vicious cycle caused by her inability to directly deal with her problems

No. 303259

I dunno man. She says she's a 'good friend'. But she doesn't seem like all that good of a friend making posts like this about the people she calls her friends.

No. 303260

I almost feel bad for her but people who run in the mean girl groups always end up on the chopping block sooner or later.
>Alyssa having private gc messages leaked
>Lara having private pics leaked
>Liv having close friend story leaked
>Alys no context having her pic leaked
>the #seagull chat leaked (multiple times too)
I'm sure I'm missing more. The community is small and filled with mentally ill women of course backstabbing like this happens. Get over it or get out.

No. 303261

i want to feel bad for her to, but its just kind of hard to at this point

No. 303262

>>303249 self fulfilling prophecy kek

No. 303263

Why do I feel like whoever leaked must be in with loc/whatever their going by now
Wonder what happened that made her post this

No. 303264

Kaye is LOC/NLO???

No. 303265

Not everyone you dislike is friends with LCO stop being schizo. Only celestial would know who posted it so unless she gets mad enough to say who it is publically we'll never know. There's a friends symbol >>303249 on here so guessing it's someone she's been friends with from 2012 confirming she is indeed disliked.

No. 303266

Same. It's still kind of fucked up someone leaked this from her friends posts.

No. 303272

this is what happens when your main friend group are lolitas.

it's like too many of you treat this as a lifestyle, now, so you treat being an asshole as a lifestyle too and are surprised that it doesn't do much for you.

No. 303273

also it seems to have been coming for a while because someone was posting pics of her bad hair dye job and a photo of her wearing the same shirt thats quoted on her facebook. guess she's seen the post here because her facebook is now gone.

No. 303274

File: 1689304482136.jpg (35.73 KB, 1080x455, Screenshot_Twitter.jpg)

Also correct me if I'm wrong but isn't she one of the girls who went to the other farms to try to doxx Ryundenki? Her twitter is still active and ironically she's following the Drop Kiwifarms account. Sage for not really milk

No. 303276

does someone know her ig or other handles that can reach out to her? like an actual friend of hers or acquaintance who cares?

No. 303277

I hate to see her leave the fashion. If all our cows leave then all the milk runs dry. And all the cows keep leavin.

No. 303278

I feel bad for her. even if she tried to dox Ryudenki. her “friend” group came together around superficial online interactions, a lot of which would’ve been related to lolcows and bullying. no one with a satisfying irl life would spend the time on discord required to get access to #seagull. I hope her real friends reach out to her. she could really need help.

No. 303279

To get into #seagull you needed like 6 months, 1200 posts, I forget specifics and I don't care to go check. It's not that hard to do, a lot of them are professionals and still managed to get in. She said herself she has no friends though. When you're 30+ its hard to maintain friendships so i see why shes still with the same group even if they hate jer. She has a partner though it's not like she's alone.

No. 303280

Minor correction, but that wasn't the case before. It was an open channel with no post requirement until the leaks started happening.

No. 303282

I tried to be friends with her a couple years ago. All she does is shit talk other people with you to make herself feel special but in reality she's shit talking you at the same time. Of course people don't like her. Everything is just being mean as if she doesn't think people will turn on her. She still does the same shit to this day and takes no accountability.

No. 303283

Wow that makes the person who leaked the logs even more unhinged

No. 303284

Any proof of your claim?

No. 303286

Not really, there were dozens of leaks before the entire log was dropped. People saw through their shit from the get-go.

No. 303287

Sure but it was more passive-aggressive "alluding to" on cgl (as evidenced by Lala sperging out immediately after these) rather than actual chatlogs being released publicly.

No. 303288

The milk is so dry and the cows keep leaving or privating this is the worst summer.

No. 303291

This. When there were caps posted to cgl it was always just one off screen shots of a current conversation, not 5 years worth of chat. I'm so sick of talking about these cunts. We get it, they're two faced gossipy bitches, what else is new?

No. 303292

Me too nonna. They are so boring even their actual milk was boring in my opinion.

No. 303293

Then find some other milk to post or dotn come here? This is new milk >>303249 which is why they're being talked about again. Kaye @experiencingwhimsy @batiatte @twinklebatdesigns is fat, ita, ugly as sin inside and out, and has a superiority complex, and was one of the worst ones in that chat. I don't even need proof to believe >>303282 this claim.

No. 303294

Which one is she in the logs?

No. 303295

Celestial something, check past threads OPs

No. 303299

Sorry for not milk but who runs lacemarket/circlly? Why is it down at least once a month? Are they not paying their bills?

No. 303304

The admins abandonned ship. There were rumors of one being arrested for shoplifting. This was Logseux all over again.

No. 303306

LM has been constantly under cyber attack after cyber attack for the last while. Some UK poorfag anon has a serious vendetta and has been really causing a lot problems for the site recently.

No. 303307

Probably NLO DDOSing it(tinfoil)

No. 303309

who from nlo is in the uk?

No. 303310

File: 1689368097397.png (754.7 KB, 2497x910, NWT.png)

Never trust a NWOT listing

No. 303312

LOL she even raised the price!

No. 303313

ofc she's fat

No. 303326

wtf is wrong with people? clearly they don't remember the egl_comm_sales days. Nobody is going to make another LM if it goes down and it's far better than all other current alternatives. Retards

No. 303332

I know this is a joke, but it got me wondering if maybe it's actually pedo Sainte. He can use a VPN and he's tech savvy. He's also pissed that LM banned him and he was raging about suing them.

No. 303335

File: 1689388902631.png (27.8 KB, 323x398, sainte.png)

He still uses LM, they never banned him because they don't have power too.

https://egl.circlly.com/users/Suuushi he got feedback left on 07/07/23

I forget his other account if some nonny can check. Speaking of him why is he still allowed in egl servers anyway especially as "lolibrary assistant"?

No. 303341

his other lacemarket, the one that was almost banned for him harassing people, was alchemy and gold. what server is he in besides the loc/nlo one? he's blacklisted from most lolita discords due to his pedo and harasser behavior

No. 303342

File: 1689395172376.png (245.84 KB, 1292x686, sainte1.png)

You can't ban people from LM, that's its biggest flaw since the admin left it. Suuushi has a verified paypal account so mods know its him but still approved it. This is why you see people with 3+ negative feedback still using the site despite that being ground for bans.

No. 303343

someone has to be fixing the site when it goes down, paying the server bills, recruiting new mods, etc which is usually what the admin does - maybe the admin is around and is doing the bare minimum? does anyone know anything about the admin or around when it was that they supposedly left? it's kind of sketchy that there's no way for scammers and harassers to get banned from the site

No. 303345

File: 1689400368376.png (108.87 KB, 985x1105, retardjannies.png)

Wow you really can't post shit over on /cgl/ anymore huh?

No. 303399

All of those posts are cancer and I do not see anything of value lost.

No. 303400

The jannies are trannies Thats why there are so many coomer threads on cgl It's a ghost of its former self

No. 303421

damn drop it already dude. it's like you are so chronically online between those posts on cgl and lolcow that you're still brooding about those posts a whole fucking year later

No. 303423

File: 1689529331113.jpg (165.91 KB, 1080x1347, Roastchan.jpg)

If your chat logs got dropped exposing years of mean girl behavior from you you'd still be upset too.

In other news, Toast finally got her wish come true! She got street snapped!

No. 303435

She looks cute at least

No. 303439

are you seeing the shoes and the choker?

No. 303442

She didn't used to be this ita a few years ago. What drives some lolitas to worsen with time?

No. 303443

Adding aesthetics that aren't 100% because that's exactly what Japanese lolitas do.

No. 303452


No. 303453

Isn’t that a male?

No. 303463

No. 303464

so she finally got her street snap that she faked having a life threatening disease to scam gofundme money for a fake surgery that she could use to move to nippon and frantically walk the streets night and day desperately until she got her photo taken for a street snap

congrats toast

No. 303465

I know this dress is Alice and the Pirates, but if it isn't the ugliest, most Taobao looking, cheap Chinese garbage, idolcore burando that I have have ever seen.

No. 303468

Not even ugly women deserve to be compared to troons. You know she's a bio woman.

No. 303472

That’s actually a bio woman? Assume it was a the He/she/they from back in the day Bay Area comm

No. 303473

Yes it's a biological woman. Someone mentioned before she has veneers so she just looks uncanny.

No. 303478

Her coords aren’t that great. She mentioned in her comments that she is a English teacher in Japan, but her Japanese isn’t that good on her Instagram stories.

No. 303481


Who the fuck cares? They've quit wearing lolita and left the community years ago. He literally doesn't do anything other than collect pieces these days so why does it bother you so much, like who gives a fuck?

No. 303482

he is still using the lolita threads on /cgl/ and constantly trying to insert himself into the community. clearly he did not quit, it would be great if he did though since there would be one less demented pedophile cow to worry about.

No. 303484

He posts pics wearing lolita too, he self-posted one here a few months ago flipping us off kek. He also suckered someone a while back in the draw thread on cgl to draw him but you could tell by the hands it was a man (him)

No. 303485

he is constantly lurking in this thread to ban evade and shit it up with his incel drivel. more recently he posted a weird creepy loli meme he made about one of the girls from his former comm but thankfully the farmhands got rid of it quickly.

No. 303487

He obsesses over/harasses every girl who catches onto his antics and stops being his friend. We all saw it happen with Momo for months

No. 303488

wtf is this coord? she didnt always dress so bad. desperate for that snap i guess.

No. 303491

It reads as a "Riding the last relevancy wave for black little mermaid" coord

No. 303492

They probably get bored of doing things right tbh

No. 303493

He called momo a bitch for leaving him

No. 303495

Caps? Where?

No. 303498

File: 1689644778863.jpg (19.92 KB, 1080x350, Sainte.jpg)

Sorry to samefag but also as long as people keep selling to him and being his friend he will keep plaguing the community, it doesn't matter if he wears it daily or not. Some retard just sold to him again…

No. 303500

>keeps plaguing the community.

Where's your logic in your statement? How exactly is he an issue if he doesn't wear the fashion anymore and isn't apart of any community?

Explain yourself otherwise this Sainte person is just living rent free in your heads and it's come to be obvious now that only a handful of girls that hate him.

No. 303501

He can still buy shit directly from brands or on the JP/CN secondhand market. He won’t magically go away even if every single LM seller ignores him/refuses to sell to him. Talking about him incentives him to come around and shit up the threads. Just ignore him.

No. 303502

A) He actively wears the fashion
B) Works for Lolibrary, friends with multiple lolitas on discord, IG, and facebook and looks for more on the friend finder thread all the time
C) Shit posting and self posting here and /cgl/ constantly
D) Harassing members of the community when they don't want to date him
Just because he's not harassing you specifically doesn't mean he's not a stain on the community. Another handmaiden letting a pedophile fetishist run free though I guess. You'd fit right in with Lala.

No. 303503

looks like you ticked off a pedo-enabling reddit spacing whiteknight kek. unfortunately as >>303501 said refusing to sell to him won't do anything. he's already blacklisted from his local comms and most lolita online spaces. best we can do is keep providing caps of any future pedo shit, misogyny, and harassment that he posts so it can continue being documented and serve as a warning for uninformed lolitas to block and avoid him.
everything else you said is correct except for the fact he does not work for lolibrary, it's a volunteer-run nonprofit iirc plus anyone can make contributions there. I don't think the lolibrary admin can even afford to hire employees.

No. 303504

Adding to what this person said, some people might not want to refuse a sale to him out of fear of retaliation/online harassment. Sainte is openly unhinged when things don’t go his way, I can only imagine how it would go for someone telling him no. Probably easier to just send the invoice and pray that he doesn’t blow up than it is to refuse a sale and end up being cyber stalked by him for years.

No. 303505

Honestly I'd rather he harass me and leave neg feedback that I can get mods to change then give him my full real name and address.

No. 303506

OR maybe not all lolitas care about retarded imageboard drama

No. 303507

You don't even have to put your full name, some people use nicknames when sending out items and you can use your work address
or a different address.

No. 303508

Unfortunately PayPal makes you pay with your real name. But if you're the seller it doesn't show your address to the buyer so at least he won't have that.

No. 303527

Oh look yet another person in LOC/NLO that "left lolita" so we're not allowed to talk about them.

No. 303530

File: 1689689631971.jpg (577.16 KB, 2250x1482, Pink_Beret_Collage3.jpg)

Is the pink beret girl from the Capitol Hill Riots a lolita or just a generic weeb? She looks familiar to me but definitely not from my comm. She didn't riot in full lolita.

No. 303538

can we have more context? where did you find the clip and what makes you think she’s a lolita?

No. 303547

The LOC Derangement Syndrome itt is getting so old. You're part of the reason all the cows are leaving or privating.
She's wearing normie clothes wdym "She didn't riot in full lolita."? None of it is lolita.

No. 303548

File: 1689701214056.jpg (168.39 KB, 1080x1941, Pink.jpg)

Samefag but this took 2 seconds retard. She's from CA and was already charged. The article says 2 exes reported who she is which is more proof men will do anything they can to harm women.


No. 303562

>more proof men will do anything they can to harm women

Yeah god forbid a woman do anything*

*riot and try to stage a violent coup of the US government

Take your meds lady.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 303564

If you're close enough to someone to date them you already know they're a terrorist waiting to happen. Did you read the article? One of the men asked her if she was on the no-fly list yet. They know who and what she is. Funny they didn't feel the need to report her until they were exes. Not saying it's ok to be a Nazi just pointing out that the Y chromosome is a defect. Stop caping for men, they can all 3 be shitty people.

No. 303574

Thought crimes get you canceled not jailed. If she hadn't made threats or taken action there is nothing to report. Don't let your hatered of men get in the way of common sense. People were asked to help identify rioters, he did as asked. He followed the rules, she didn't. The only person who hurt her is herself and she most likely was aware of the risk. Maybe try to not negate her own agency.

No. 303577

Yeah I'm sure the scrotes were just true patriots trying to protect the American people and had 0 self interest in reporting her. All I see are men getting revenge on a woman they can't control anymore.

No. 303579

>more proof men will do anything they can to harm women
Identifying a criminal is "harming women" now? You better be trolling. Not getting special treatment when committing a crime is what equality looks like.

No. 303581

The hat and cutsew screamed part-time lolita to me. But fair enough. Probably just a weeb then, unless someone from a CA comm recognizes her.

No. 303584

based. i want to be her friend.

No. 303585

>uses 'bio woman' unironically

No. 303586

Accurate kekekekek

No. 303588

Kawaii culture is huge now, even normies buy cute clothes now who otherwise don't know anything about it. That's why scalping cheap jfashion works. Just say it's from Japan and people pay $$ for it.

No. 303595

you're severely mentally ill but I expect no less from a grown up woman that dresses up like children

No. 303596


oh the poor nazi girl being reported by her meanie exes :(((((((:(((((()

No. 303608

Reading Mein Kampf probably isn't reason alone to think someone is a neo-Nazi as there are plenty of scholarly reasons to look through what is essentially a dictator's manifesto.

But "think horse, not zebra" in the context of being a Troomper and hating immigrants and being into alt-right politics.

No. 303609

File: 1689779504806.png (410.66 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20230719-080808.png)

Forgot my image.

No. 303618

File: 1689787763649.jpg (136.04 KB, 1080x435, Yisadefect.jpg)

You left off the part he thinks it's funny and is some defining moment in his dating life.

No. 303627

File: 1689791757391.png (23.34 KB, 582x246, voldie.png)

Back on topic of lolita, guess we're having this convo again.

No. 303629

i read karl marx's communist manifesto, but i still only ever get called a nazi :((:()

No. 303632

>>303618 >Bitter moid gets pleasure and enjoyment by acting out revenge on his ex. Why am I not surprised?

No. 303633

what fb group was this in?

No. 303634

Ayrt, Rufflechat under the "Lolita Hills You'll Die On" chat.

No. 303674

When I agree but I hate the person saying it

Did Voldemort ever stop being a fat attention whore victim or did she just go do it in places I'm not a part of?

No. 303677

well she finally stopped namefagging on cgl anyway, does that count? as you see she's still posting cringe takes and being fat and ita

No. 303774

if my ex was arrested for doing basically domestic terrorism the last thing I would be is bitter. its something I would tell enthusiastically to my friends because my ex would be a nazi piece of shit cunt. stop defending a terrorist just because she is ~~*skinny and kawaii*~~

No. 303782

she isn't even cute or skinny, looks haggard and average weight her skin is so sallow

No. 303785

I fell for this person's bait too nonna, just don't give them attention. The neo nazi girl isn't even a lolita.

No. 303880

File: 1690065321239.png (71.44 KB, 1037x535, catcy.png)

Catcy (tartan.rin now ivory.frill) is being discussed on /cgl/ for being a scalper. Actually an example of it too, buying with explicit intent to jack up the price and resell, lying about selling things being NWT that she's actually worn before, and lying to sellers too. Be careful buying and selling to her.


No. 303885

She was from the discord logs too, another reason to be cautious about interacting with her.

No. 303887

She was going around saying that the logs wasn’t her

No. 303888

Imo we should only avoid buying/selling to the ones doxxing or the troons. The others are just gossipy bitches which really aren't any better than anyone else posting here. But yeah with a history of scalping and lying about item condition, that's a valid reason to avoid.

No. 303889

She was at a swap meet in Dallas last month. Thank god someone else bought the stuff she was interested in. And the part about
>She showed up to a swap meet at a con, told some girl an item was her DD to get a discount, and then scalped it on LM the next day.
100% true and she has no shame about doing.

No. 303890

Kek she scammed sainte. That’s extremely based of her

No. 303891

Who wants to give their name and address listed on PayPal to discord chans if you buy from them? It’s a no for me.

No. 303892

Let’s not forgot how she hosted a comm swap meet at her apartment. The scalper will do anything for a quick buck.

No. 303893

How's that any different than buying from anyone else who gossips?

No. 303894

Maybe it isn't, she put her name on her gossiping, tolerated doxxing and other things going on in that server, and got caught publicly, so anyone can identify her and choose to avoid her. Plus she's still a scalper and a scammer.

No. 303895

Dropped my reply, my bad

No. 303896

>tolerated doxxing
This is disingenuous. Only a few were in the chat okay with and egging on the doxxing. Not everyone goes back and reads chat logs they were offline for.

No. 303900

She's still a scalper and a liar who tries to manipulate people's emotions at swap meets to get a discount on stock for her lacemarket storefront. You can't get mad at someone choosing not to support scummy behavior by not buying.

No. 303901

Now she's derailing the secondhand thread to try to get it nuked. If a new one has to be made someone should just use proof pics of her scalping.

No. 303902

Surprised jannies there haven't nuked it already for vendetta

No. 303903

If they did that they'd nuke it for vendetta when people post about any other LM users. That's the whole point of the thread. She's making it worse by continuing to wk herself. I would have still bought from her before seeing her explode in defense of her own scalping but now I won't, she's clearly unhinged.

No. 303905

Where are you getting this information from nonny?

No. 303906

No offense nonny but that's cute you thought someone from TX wasn't unhinged lol

No. 303907

Dozens of lolitas go to cons and swaps, they've probably witnessed it in person. The evidence of her doing it blatantly online suggests it's true.

No. 303908

I’m not denying or disagreeing with that, people just like to come to the farms to lie about being present at cons and lying about what happens there just to start drama and infighting. Unless supposed seller comes forward idk how much merit there is to what >>303889 is saying

No. 303909

Dallas Lolitas are known to have issues but from what is being shared it might be true.

No. 303910

I have proof of her lying about the condition of her hair clips. I saved her coord wearing them when she put it on IG before it was deleted because I thought it was cute. I know she's lying about at least one of her items being NWT, so now I suspect all of them, and believe the lying to get discounts or at least flipping stuff immediately, since it so clearly aligns with her other scalper behavior.

No. 303911

Then post it, this is an image board.

No. 303912

File: 1690084427826.jpeg (128.57 KB, 828x601, Apartment swap meet.jpeg)

The shitty apartment swap meet she hosted.

No. 303913

Scamming people in your comm. This has to be a new low for lolitas. I thought Hamikami bear was the worst of Lolitas.

No. 303914

Isha degrading herself and begging incels for money goes down in the lolita history of the biggest L. Scamming a pedo man is a win-win, imo. I’m not surprised that Texas is filled with scammers. It’s always Texas in this matter.

No. 303915

By that logic Isha is a winner for scamming Sainte too. I'd say giving your legal name and address to him is a lose-lose personally

No. 303917

File: 1690087013977.jpg (834.14 KB, 1564x1564, Catcy_Lying-Proof.jpg)

No. 303918

kek how did this even work? did she take the tags off to wear the ribbons then put them back on after, or are the tags hidden behind the ribbons in the picture?
it's too bad when cute girls with good coords behave like this

No. 303919

She had the nerve to claim they've never been worn in the listing description too

No. 303920

File: 1690097620955.jpg (233.21 KB, 645x645, 20230410_160429.jpg)

Looks like she just clipped the ribbons onto the tag, picrel is from its listing. Also wow $10 shipping for them?


No. 303995

I know she bought them and wore them because she swiped it from another comm member who wanted them. Not terrible just rude. She's a known scammer in my comm and comes to swap meets specifically to guilt you into charging her less or complaining about fake damage later to get you to refund her then has absolutely no shame in listing those things for twice as much as original asking price the next day. Wish I had that confidence.

No. 303997

File: 1690165238009.png (338.07 KB, 949x1046, 1690075032723442.png)

I wonder if she's trying to pay off her student loans or somethin, it seems pretty dire especially when you're holding swap meets at your personal apt and only itas show up >>303912. I'm guessing the Austin comm knows her repuatation already so no one showed up. Pic unrelated, just more proof off cgl of the scalping

No. 304005

File: 1690172655542.jpeg (141.77 KB, 828x274, IMG_7413.jpeg)

Drama against comm mod. Looks like catcy and the Austin been talking shit about one another.


No. 304007

File: 1690172888715.jpeg (256.69 KB, 536x698, IMG_7414.jpeg)

The Austin Texas mod was shit talking about the scammer at her swap meet. Olive is the one behind posting and unveiling the scammer in her comm.

No. 304008

What a coincidence that she posted those tweets on the same day. She must really hate catcy showing up to swap meets.

No. 304010

Honestly based of Olive to out her scamming. I had a bad experience with Catcy where we agreed on a price for something and when I invoiced her for item price + shipping, she tried to say I was scamming her for charging shipping which was like $5. I canceled the sale after that because she was already lowballing. Now I know it's because she was trying to turn around and scalp it. Things aren't looking good for Catcy @ivory.frill. Scalping, vendetta posting, and a #seagull too…

No. 304011

File: 1690174305976.jpeg (68.73 KB, 828x627, Drama.jpeg)

Catcy will guilt trip you to feel bad when it’s her way of manipulating. All she just cares about is money and taking advantage of fashion newfags. At con swap meets she can be unhinged

Not surprised that the Texlitas and mods are drama driven. What’s the deal with Texlitas being so ego centered and feel the need to post catty disses.

No. 304012

File: 1690175359407.jpg (509.85 KB, 682x1285, IMG_7921.jpg)

So what’s the deal with her?

No. 304013

She just went private, Nonny. It wasn’t the self-posting and baiting on cgl that made her realize her trace with scammer Chan.

No. 304017

File: 1690183063976.jpg (640.12 KB, 2880x2880, Olive.jpg)

Catherine / catcy / ivory.frill is definitely targeting Olive for posting her. I'm mobilefagging so can't make a collage but check the archive link >>304005. Attached pics were posted then a third of olive. OP said they're off twitter and she 'used niche tags' but the third one was only tagged #eglfashion #lolitafashion, which of those is niche exactly? Since she's private I can't see what these 2 were tagged but so far it looks sussy

No. 304024

This. I know someone who got fucked over by catcy/ivory.frill too. Catcy bought a dress with known damages for pretty cheap, then less than a day later claimed it was damaged more than she thought even though she already inspected it herself in person before buying, then pressured the girl to refund her, and proceeded to repair the dress and sell it for double or more what she would have paid if she hadn't guilted the seller into a refund.
She's always posting her scalped listings in her comm's discord, asking when and where the next swap is, and literally only cares about who the next sucker will be. EVERYONE knows she's like this so I don't even think the mod is the one who outed her for scamming on cgl in the first place, just people who are jaded from the repeated sob stories and lies.

No. 304032

File: 1690202044702.jpg (350.27 KB, 1440x1440, 1690189582805457.jpg)

unrelated but why do COF let these types of creatures slide just to delete later when they inevitably find dirt on them?

No. 304033

Those two spend way too much time on the ita thread and secretly hate each other at meetups. Last thread, someone decided to post some models out of nowhere, with one of them being Catcy as a target. It makes sense because both the mod and Catcy were there at this convention, and Olive was posting about how she hates scalpers around the same time. 

No. 304035

If she's got a history of this why doesn't Olive confer with other mods to ban her? At least from swap meets cause I genuinely feel bad for any newbs who get scammed. It's bad enough she'll keep doing this online. Btw her depop: tartanrin and mercari is uumber.

Handmaidens and scared to be labeled twansphobic.

No. 304039

She was kind of low key rude to me at the con as well as the designer. I was trying to make conversation how I was excited to model too and she was so bland to me.

No. 304040

it's not hard to slap on a cheap shitty wig over your bald head holy shit. what's the point in going out in an ott coord like this if you're just gonna showcase your disgusting male baldness

No. 304041

>what's the point in going out in an ott coord like this if you're just gonna showcase your disgusting male baldness
I kind of think it's the point. Like Dr Love and his gross beard. It has to be a humiliation fetish or something.

No. 304046

Ott Coord…?? There's one lolita item here

No. 304049

She appears to have been removed from the comm. I’m still friends with her, but it no longer shows she’s in the group. She made it awkward for everyone at the swap meets.

No. 304055

Good riddance. Mods are based for banning her.

No. 304059

Tinfoiling; The mod created samefagging schizo drama to have a reason to ban catcy.

No. 304060

Scamming comm members is more than a good enough reason, mods wouldn't need to invent one to ban her.

No. 304061

I’m pretty sure 6+ public incidents of scalping and at least two attempts to scam plus whatever she’s done in her comm discord warrants a ban.

No. 304067

It's pretty pathetic mods didn't ban her or warn her sooner. What good are mods if they just subtweet on twitter about their problems?

No. 304069

This guy is a pedo and got arrested at colossalcon last year.

No. 304070

Mods knew if they're subtweeting about it, but so many others knew about it in real life already because people warn each other verbally, so they could have seen it as an issue resolving itself. Scalping sucks and I could be wrong, but it usually isn't treated as bannable from what I've seen in the past, just something people avoid you for, and rightfully so. If she got banned it was probably for evidence that she was the one who posted her own mod, or if it really was the scalping that caught her the ban, maybe it's because the LM and eBay listing were finally hard public proof of things people had been discussing for over a year already, since many of her other scalped items were purchased IRL from swaps and not as traceable.

No. 304072

Personally I find scalping more egregious than posting someone but I understand what you mean. Since there's been no announcement it's more likely she just left of her own accord. I wonder if she'll drive the ~3 hrs to DFW comm to scalp now?

Also sorry to ask for another ~list~ but do we have one of the usual LM scalpers? I want to ask my comm mods to put out an announcement so people are at least informed.

No. 304079

Dallas comm will still report her. One of the models there if not Olivia was posting her

No. 304083

File: 1690235122512.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1532, shehulk.jpg)

Frilled Criminal is being absolutely insane yet again trying to be the savior of all burando-wearing lolitas even though she owns Bodyline and cheap taobao herself: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvEIXJugA76/?igshid=Y2I2MzMwZWM3ZA==
The comments are pretty wild and even though the person she's arguing with is probably nuts too, she's right kek. She's so allergic to just making her content and always invites this kind of drama any time she gets a chance. Does she not realize that the type of videos she makes don't appeal to lolitas?

No. 304084

File: 1690236339797.png (1.74 MB, 952x1236, retard.png)

Could be a place to farm ita thread content….if any of them even wore lolita to begin with. Attached is one she's arguing with
>white woman
>ghetto baby

No. 304087

Was the Austin Texas mod, Olivia, at Akon? I don’t recall seeing her there

No. 304088

This dumb fatty acting as if Aliexpress shopfronts aren’t run by the exact same people running taobao stores

No. 304101

What is up with the Texas girls thinking it’s one person vendetta posting other members? The same accusations happened with Momo, Toast, Birds Symphonia, Liv and now this girl. I made a comment about how one of them looked bland in the ita thread then was blamed for being a local comm member who was vendetta posting. It’s unhinged.

No. 304104

Texlita drama is at the center of everything now. This is a domino effect where the suspected person gets posted and their cow behavior gets exposed. All are just dramawhores in general.

No. 304105

Scammers and scalpers list 

Catcy, @Ivory.frills and @tartan.rin 
Lacemarket : Catcy
Would attend swap meets and haggle with people for a lower price only to resell it on lacemarket much higher. Would make people at swap meets uncomfortable and lie to buyers about dress conditions. 
>>303880 caps starts here

Toastchannn: Instagram and Twitter: @toastchannn 
Used Gofundme to scam people out of hundreds of dollars by creating a false medical emergency and using the funds to fly to Japan fleeing the country.
>>252115 caps starts here

Toycyborg, aka Vince, KSK staff @vingarlimon old @ToycyborgScammed a moid (@therealdrlove) out of dresses by promising to alter them for him. They never responded to the claims and left Lolita Fashion only to work for Houston shop Kuroshiro Kawaii, which is now closed for good.

Caps starts here

Hamikami bear, Zoeosaki, Zoe
zoeosaki/Hamikami_bear (Anachan)
Instagram : Fantasayelephant
Lacemarket users :
Lou-ann rabiniaux to outbid bid
Attempted to sell a dress accidentally sent to her and was called out by the owner of the missing dress.
>>151379 Caps starts here

No. 304112

>>Another lolita posting the same low-effort DAE FAST FASHION BAD content as everyone else because it gets easy views

This is what constitutes for milk nowadays? Are the 40 year old cokewhores who kicked her out of their comm still lurking on her account for any shred of drama they can get?

No. 304117

File: 1690278602408.jpg (648.35 KB, 2933x1698, caps.jpg)

It's fair game because it's milk when every other 2-bit influencer does it. Is there a reason she's exempt? Anyway, it's ironic that Frilled Criminal wants to fight someone who has a pro-ED page when her friend Seraphserenade looks like a walking skeleton. She should get her friend a burger before getting on a moral high horse kek

No. 304135

So do we want people to not shame others who are buying replicas and AliExpress coords? And I think it’s fair game to make fun of someone who talks about fishing laxatives out of a toilet.

No. 304138

she looks rough for 19. i honestly thought she was in her late 20s. yikes.(sage your shit)

No. 304141

File: 1690294024370.jpeg (415.77 KB, 1284x1396, 2B03B0EF-8E2F-409F-810D-4ACD43…)

A lot of comments are gone 4 hours later. I don’t see the pro ED page but her friend being skinny is not the same as running a page that promotes eating disorders.

No. 304142

File: 1690294975437.jpeg (223.98 KB, 720x1222, 0DC72598-2262-4859-BF38-22994C…)

Saged because not super milky

No. 304147

File: 1690297470282.jpeg (2.58 MB, 2051x10794, 02427F8C-EDF9-45BC-B02F-AAE2CC…)

Noticed people talking about her and wanted to share some of her snarky comments that I came across lol somehow she thinks having just under 2k follows makes her able to dunk on other users for having less… pretty entertaining comment section

No. 304150

I'd have thought there would be more support for someone calling out itas purchasing shit from AliExpress. Even some of the "taobao" stuff on there are replicas. It's just not a good place to buy from, even DevilInspired is a better choice, at least you know it's the actual taobao brand.

Her attitude is shit and she's unfunny, but she has a point, if you're living on food stamps then Lolita is not a priority for you.

No. 304153

Take this girl to the e-whore thread or something, she's not a lolita.

No. 304156

I think it’s just her insufferable attitude and the fact that her content comes across as a bit judgemental due to this, also her trying to act like she has clout/the final say because she has 1800 follows and supposedly modelled for two of the top brands as she says. She just seems a bit full of herself esp considering her age.

No. 304158

I think it's amusing that this thread oscillates between talking about pedos, scammers, incels, etc, and then someone telling people to… not buy lolita on aliexpress

No. 304159

Any caps of discussions about this?

No. 304160

Nah Frilled is 100% right but the way she does it is what's annoying, it does give superiority complex. Any time a wannabe lolita influencer puts out not to buy replicas and cheap dresses the Lolitas At Heart come out to whine. At this point they have to do it to start comment section fights so the algorithm favors the post.

No. 304161

I don’t care for frill but she’s right. Poorfags are so fucking annoying and I know the people bitching at her probably don’t even wear lolita.

No. 304163

Goddamn I hate this attitude that poor people should never have anything nice or get to do anything fun. Obviously her income qualifies her for SNAP. Whatever she's spending on lolita comes from saving up and/or selling other items. There's nothing wrong with her doing that. Just as an example, let's say she has an extra $40 a week to save. Why should she have to spend that on food just because she's low income enough to get SNAP benefits? It should be her choice on what to do with it if she has a little extra money each week, and if she wants to save it for something she enjoys, fucking let her. It's not like she's committing fraud.

No. 304165

No one said poor people can’t spend their money on whatever stupid shit they want. The problem is using being poor as an excuse to put on a pastel-colored trash bag from AliExpress and call it a coord.

No. 304166

We all start somewhere but she's delusional if she's ignoring the fact that some of her taobao stuff is just AliExpress resellers. She isn't wrong about buying fake goods, but when she acts this mean to her broke followers it comes off as egotistical which is rich considering her coords and regular slap fights in her comments.

No. 304172

I think it's amusing that frilledcriminal is the only cow thats gets whiteknighted like this. Last thread someone said it's fine for her to be unemployed because she doesn't have a car despite owning thousands in lolita.

No. 304177

She's not the only one to get WKed here, it happens a lot, not everyone agrees with everyone, lolitas are not a monolith.

No. 304192

AYRT: Agreed. But Frilled wasn't the one doing that, she was criticizing others for doing it. I was responding to the idea that she shouldn't be able to buy lolita at all bc she was using SNAP. She mostly has brand but saves up for it and/or sells things. But hey maybe I misunderstood. It happens.

No. 304193

I feel like the idea that she has thousands in lolita is wrong, at least based on her coords and the rack she showed in her (garage) room tour. It wasn't a very big collection and it seems like a lot of the brand she owns isn't in great condition. It always looks kinda faded and old in her pics.

No. 304197

Cue the whiteknights

Iirc she’s spent thousands on it and spent $800 on a shitty old AP dress at one point. I’ve seen her sell dresses she bought for $300 for less than half the price. She’s so bad with money and has no savings whatsoever which makes her tiktok preaching even more embarassing.

No. 304214

All she is doing here is cultivating the mean bitchy stuck up Lolita persona it’s not good for her ‘sweets loving’ angelic pretty image lol

No. 304216

Honestly I don’t think beefing with poor kids on the internet is going to fix the child labour crisis, maybe do some real activism FrilledCriminal and get down from your high horse for a start.

No. 304221

Frilled is the poor kid on the internet kek.

Isn't seraphserenade a major SJW? Why are they uwu bodyshaming the egirl? "Go eat a burger." Meanwhile it looks like Frilled has been scarfing your meals.

No. 304224

Yes but she totally ‘literally’ doesn’t give a shit about ppls opinions didn’t you hear? Literally doesn’t care guys. Doesn’t care so much that she only has slap fights with half the comment section and not the entirety of it she’s just above that.

No. 304244

File: 1690384383510.png (322.84 KB, 828x751, Rin name .png)

Speaking of Austin mod she really hates the name Rin. Tartan.rin now ivory.frills and
Catcy on lacemarket. Is Texas just filled with bitches in every way?

No. 304245

I’m close with the moderator and have known her for years. She shit talks about everyone, and I mean comms and starting drama purposefully. There are a few others that are involved, but I’m not outing myself to their bullying games and what dirt they’ve been hiding. Olivia, I just know you're a shady bitch.

No. 304259

The tweet was made on August 2022
You’re telling me Austin mod Olivia has had a personal beef with scammer Chan Tartan Rin for over a year. Then she posted catty tweets over the comm member she hates and posted the model's last thread out of nowhere. What’s in the Texas waters? They seem to not get over themselves.

No. 304261

Sound like the Sacramento mods took advice from her.

No. 304265

>every white girls lolita personal
Who does she think she is

No. 304266

Rin/Catherine's Instagram is @ivory.frill, there is no 's' at the end.

No. 304268

>frilled is the poor kid
She’s a 19 year old grown ass woman gloating about bullying 13 and 14 year old children online. Instead of ignoring them and beefing with the other poorfag adults in her comment section, she starts punching down. Frilled is fully capable of getting a job, unlike a literal child, but she places them on the same level as her. Absolutely insane behavior.

No. 304269

Ayrt and for the record I agree with you, just making a jab at her saying "well I'm on food stamps too!" and living with her parents like a literal kid.

No. 304270

The living with her parents thing is honestly the most forgivable in this economy but arguing with kids after making a ragebait post is cringey

No. 304276

>living with her parents
especially considering the cost of living where she's at

No. 304284

Are we really surprised? She needs to worry about herself and stop being a drama obsessed. I was on her side with the whole catcy shit, but my god she’s unhinged too.

No. 304285

It's weird you have this anon because her account is still private and there's no lock symbol by her name which means this was taken before she privated. Did you take this when it was open to post it 3 days later or were you holding onto this even longer? Ask me how I know you're from TX lol

No. 304287

Exactly! It's so dumb of her to try flexing on this kid when she's an adult who chooses to not have a job. I feel bad for her parents letting her stay in her home and supporting a fat piece of shit NEET who would rather make TikToks instead of finding work or finishing school.

No. 304288

She said right here she has a job >>304117

No. 304293

Maybe the anon is following her? Olivia and catcy made themselves the face of drama in the Austin comm. so maybe everyone is lurking

No. 304296

[tiktok has entered the chat]
You must be 18 to post here.

No. 304297

For those unfamiliar with Twitter even if you follow the person if their account is private, a lock icon will show beside their name. This was definitely taken before she privated. Guessing by Catherine herself or this girl >>304245

No. 304299

Is Olivia and catcy in the room right now? Go log off and touch grass.

Kek. It’s always the itas staring shit with the TikTok fags.

No. 304301

>Is Olivia and catcy in the room right now?
Considering how obsessed they are with one another: yes

No. 304308

You can read comments and view profiles on tiktok without making an account. And a different anon took screencaps of frilledcriminal embarrassing herself and fighting with children >>304147

Last thread anons said she was unemployed. Good for her for making some progress.

No. 304322

She's said for a while she works minimum wage iirc, I don't know where people are getting she is a NEET just because she's a dusty garage dweller. She has a job and should use that money for transportation to recycle the trash in her living space and get a vacuum.

No. 304328

In the tik tok comments above she claimed to be on food stamps tho

No. 304336

catcy isn’t even white kek

wasn’t olive’s twitter public before this all went down? it’s quite ballsy to regularly shittalk your comm members on a public account

No. 304339

you can do both, they give you an amount based on your income, family size and living situation

No. 304342

Catcy is white what are you talking about? But Rin makes sense for a pseudonym for her since it's in her name "cathRINe"

IT does seem a theme that oak.glitter/leavesandlace and whatever other Sac mod plus Olive all shit talk on twatter of all places. Why air your dirty laundry out publicly like that and for little to no engagement?

No. 304343

>shit talk
"Scalpers and scammers suck" isn't shit talk. Those are just the truth. Most lolitas have openly said as much on social media if they discuss the community at all.

No. 304345

nayrt but she is very obviously half white and half east asian

No. 304350

For real. I wonder why she's being wk'd when she's a verified scalper. Its OK just because her comm mod hates her? What logic is that?

Sounds like another cherokee princess. I bought from her before too and her last name is a common white name.

No. 304351

As far as you can tell from these tweets, the comm mod doesn't even hate her, scalper-chan just took an ambiguous tweet about common nicknames way too personally and went on an unhinged rampage trying to draw attention to and "punish" a single person when her scamming was discussed, as if she's the only one who could have made the numerous posts corroborating the scalping and manipulative behavior. Anyone with eyes and a LM account knew.

No. 304355

File: 1690495244300.png (1.52 MB, 1290x2373, IMG_8367~2.png)

She posted a follow up. She's absolutely correct that lolita is not a necessity to live, but look at the way she lives in total squalor just to be a princess. Her message is fair but I don't want to hear it from her lol

No. 304356

File: 1690495956384.jpeg (118.99 KB, 828x835, What is her race.jpeg)

She looks part Asian. If olive brain is trying to say only a specific race can have a name then that just makes her look like an idiot.

No. 304359

File: 1690497810893.jpeg (18.81 KB, 234x416, 93DF83A8-04AF-490C-A2A4-73A6CE…)

Post a more accurate photo

No. 304360

She posted another rage bait video after that one too I think she’s now desperately fishing for the engagement the initial rage bait got her , embarrassing

No. 304361

She's definitely not part Asian, she's told people her ethnicity before and she never mentioned Asian. Rin as a name choice for white girls in lolita has happened before with more well known people like Kate/girlyhoot who also goes by Rin now, so that tweet was clearly not singling this literal who out specifically, just noting a clear trend. It's a frequent nickname for girls named Katherine or some variation to feel cute and weeby by picking something that sounds like it could be Japanese. That combined with RinRin Doll already being a popular lolita model's name.

No. 304362

She looks Hispanic to me

No. 304364

She looks white but it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with a white girl calling herself Rin. That’s nothing compared to scalping and literal scamming

No. 304368

This. It's in her name so honestly for her it makes sense nut someone like K8 calling her self that feels like a they/them girl calling herself Aiden

No. 304369

>trying to say only a specific race can have a name then that just makes her look like an idiot.
Whatever you say Tsuki Hime Oppai Chan (Caucasian)

No. 304371

Love the milk is so dry we've stooped to discussing handsome squidward's race and name, a Trump-skin-toned woman venting on social media, and a teenager we all agree with but just don't want to admit she's right because she's fat and greasy.

No. 304376

Not to defend k8 but Kate is short for Katherine, it's the same reasoning for both.

No. 304377

Interesting the only cow you only spoke positively about was frilledcriminal, the ebegging leech. She should also give tips on how to gofundme your medical and living expenses so you can spend your minimum wage paycheck on lolita, just like she did!

No. 304380

nayrt but kek you have to be a sacramento mod with the way you're straight foaming at the mouth about that gofundme she made 6+ months ago

No. 304382

You don’t have to be in the same comm to point out a cow’s antics, and I’m not even in a comm.

No. 304383

File: 1690525137237.jpeg (28.99 KB, 180x320, 1AD330C0-AD9F-4424-9BD7-FA4856…)

Handsome squirdward changing the topic to names so people won’t dig up her purchase and sales history lolol

No. 304388

Ayrt and I'm directly restating what >>304355 and others upthread said. Making a GoFraudMe months ago isn't relevant to her current 'milk'
I imagine that the only reason they dropped price for her at swap meets was out of fear
>Mfw K8/girlytoot's name is so ingrained in my mind as that that I never realized her name is Katherine lol

No. 304396

Doesn’t change the fact that she has slap fights with children over her ragebaiting on TikTok. that’s the milk, not her stance on AliExpress

No. 304398

She eats provolone, what do you expect?

No. 304400

It’s still not funny the fifth time you post it

No. 304411

File: 1690589428066.jpeg (23.14 KB, 260x275, 1685598471649.jpeg)


No. 304448

Dude shut the fuck up(infighting)

No. 304540

File: 1690839873072.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1170x2108, IMG_0850.jpeg)

How long is she going to keep milking this?

No. 304559

File: 1690890218978.jpeg (3.32 MB, 2732x1960, D32B4D91-A51E-4460-B076-F032BB…)

I’m guessing she will keep doing it until she gets those sweet sweet views again cuz she’s irrelevant and can barely get 700 with her content despite her follower count being over double that. My guess is that people are sick of seeing her absolutely STUFF herself into her crinkly AngelicPretty dresses for her videos, so ill fitting but I guess we can all dream.

No. 304560

File: 1690890725697.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1449x1383, A64952AD-080F-4195-9384-A2B635…)

Ita monster trying to become a Lolita embassador on tiktok, funny.

No. 304564

She should sell the pieces that don't fit and use it to buy ones that do. She fits OPs while being tall so her measurements aren't hambeast levels, if she wore things that flattered her she wouldn't look as fat.

No. 304579

Getting rid of the scary lighting, poor quality video, and learning to do makeup would help too

No. 304591

File: 1690914044651.jpeg (100.59 KB, 2239x159, DBC573A0-F216-454A-B10B-E24DFB…)

Yeah and tidy up behind her like not leaving random crap and crusty flip flops on the floor. & but anon what abt all her super legit experience modelling with the best brands, they love her crusty makeup and wig.

No. 304592

Would anyone want it after she stretched it like that? I bet it has an unwashable sweaty musk to it too.

No. 304604

If you can launder out cigarette stench I'm sure BO can be removed. If there is damage she can just price accordingly though, it's brand, someone will buy it.

No. 304607

According to the official measurements CDC stretches up to 80 cm waist and 100 cm bust. She’s easily 90 cm waist 110 cm bust minimum. That dress is screaming for help

No. 304611

Nitpicking I know but what is the point in her having those ita cat ears directly in front of her bow? Shitty coord

No. 304614

File: 1690924378185.jpeg (558.44 KB, 2106x2136, 2F694682-F79A-4B4E-9165-F65F03…)

My guess is that this is going to be her new formula for generating views.

No. 304626

I mean she did literally model for meta twice I think

No. 304628

Yeah, at a convention kek. She's overselling what's basically a volunteer position that everyone gets into.

No. 304630

I mean they get to choose their models.

No. 304634

This doesn’t mean anything because brands take whoever they can get at convention fashion shows. If the measurements you provided fall within their limits and they can’t get anyone better, you’re in. I honestly can’t do hair and makeup for shit but was able to model for several different brands over the years as long as I agreed to plop a wig on.

No. 304644

Wow it was a convention show? She’s talking like she was directly affiliated with/ hired by the brand as a model. She needs to check her ego before someone else does.

No. 304664

Lmfao nonna please, why would Meta or any other brand hire a nobody westerner?

No. 304689


saying you modeled for a brand when you just volunteer walked the shitty runway at an anime convention is the oldest boast in the book lolitas use.

No. 304694

Since meta started sending their plus size samples for con fashion shows, they also pick chunkier models(sage)

No. 304702

it's true, everyone they picked this year at my local con was fat kek.

No. 304707

File: 1691081441763.jpeg (176.43 KB, 414x497, 75AAC7D5-CEA7-4AC7-86C8-0669D9…)

I don’t think this was what they had in mind when doing that.

No. 304712

She lowkey look like Lizzo.

No. 304716

Anon put your glasses on, what the fuck are you talking about

No. 304725

Imagine seething this hard over a fat nobody 19 year old living in a dusty garage.

No. 304732

I don’t think anyone is really seething. I like watching her insane antics, she kind of reminds me of Shayna if she wasn’t an Onlyfans thot.

No. 304743

Yeah, more like laughing at her expense rather than seething. This is a gossip board for entertainment purposes after all.

No. 304750

Ew OK, let's not relate her to a pedo please.

No. 304766

File: 1691202356559.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x1909, F1D8B080-001C-4938-BF74-037962…)

looks like frilled’s crusade has inspired the other zoomers. denouncing replicas in full bodyline is hilarious kek

No. 304777

Do replicas even get produced anymore? I haven't seen a print replica in like a decade, since China started their own brands. Are people just mad about design replicas?

No. 304782

>Marie Antoinette
>wearing bodyline
Is this a troll post lol how can she be saying this while dressed like that.

No. 304785

I was just thinking this too! She and Shayna both peaked in high school, if at all, and constantly think they are the shit despite being over 200 lbs and wearing ill-fitting pink clothing all while living in an absolute hovel. Pretty sad how they both are so young yet never seem like they will get better or learn.

No. 304787

Oh god I noticed this, considered unfollowing. Most people just want wholesome egl content to rage bait and superiority issues.
I don’t even know who these posts are aimed at half the time like e-girls who aren’t actually invested in the fashion? Or 12 year olds who don’t have income beyond allowances? Either way it isn’t rlly the slam dunk they think it is…

No. 304788

Ew the fabric stretched over her underarm fat and cutting into her all over makes me feel ill. Poor dress.

No. 304827

Who is this? Mimi Maru?

No. 304914

>Ravage their pitchforks
Huh?? She should have probably googled before using a word she wasn't familiar with.

No. 305363

File: 1691612714742.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3465x2526, 3098BF0D-4946-469D-BAF5-79354F…)

So no one ever questioned why fatsuewho has a giant framed poster of a loli rape film?

No. 305373

It's sussy you even know what that poster is of.

No. 305375

it's fairly well known since content creators on youtube use it for "shock value" (which is all it really is) nonnie

No. 305382

Yeah I’ve watched a several anime and manga videos and blogs that include it as one of the worst movies ever. Looked familiar so I looked it up to confirm. I’ve never actually watched it and iirc it’s banned in my country
Using it in a video is one thing but purchasing a giant framed poster for it is disgusting, Lolitas already do everything to separate ourselves from lolicons(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 305391

Predator and pedos list

No. 305402

Having a poster is now qualifying grounds for being a pedophile ?

No. 305404

The art is also interesting, but I don't see how that makes her a pedo or a predator. You're reaching with that. She might just like fucked up stuff and that's honestly fine. Also, the movie isn't only about that, it's about chronicling the terrible life she has. That's just what everyone focuses on.

No. 305407

zoomers are not capable of critical thought.

No. 305415

This doesn't center on rape, it's an interesting and tragic film with incredible art. I'm not defending this fat ita but it's really a stretch to call her a pedophile for liking a movie that happens to have a rape in it. Newfag and desperate for milk behavior.

No. 305429

You can’t be serious. Is this the same Lolcow that posted isha for catfishing men on soc and posting an Elliot Rodgers meme? I agree with isha getting posted but you guys can’t seriously say “isha supports the murder of women by posting an incel murderer” and “su is totally innocent after watching, buying and display material of CHILD RAPE” it’s not just an edgy rape film it’s a 12 yo and I can’t believe y’all are defending animated cp

No. 305435

I'll be honest: the difference is we don't like Isha while Catysuewho may be fat but she's one of the few well dressed whales. ETA that Toast, Sainte, and babyduckenema all also only like "drawn cp", Lor too even if she wasn't added to that list. If we were only going off people who genuinely bring it into real life it would only be Mandrea and Beckattack

No. 305437

Sainte has explicitly talked about having crushes on real 16 year old girls. Iirc there are facebook screenshots a few threads back. He is a pedophile and belongs in the same category as Andrea and pedo enabler Beck.

No. 305438

AYRT, ugh thanks for the reminder, I genuinely forgot and wish I had kept forgetting. You're right though so yes Sainte, Mandrea, Beck.

No. 305439

Can you add Rambo brite on there too, nonny? He’s in the Florida comm and just like Andrea he’s praised by the local comm mods

No. 305440

Isha was deep in the incel threads sending them nudes and degrading herself to disgusting rape fetish scrotes for brand $

No. 305444

Iirc the screenshot from her ig said the she was sending them fake nudes so at least there was no actual cp involved. Still gross but id say su and every other lolicon should still be reprimanded as bad as she was

No. 305445

File: 1691691431921.png (294.43 KB, 1188x239, Screenshot_3.png)

Wondering if it's her husband's because the first time it appears in her feed is her announcement that they bought a house together. Before the background change it was all kpop boy posters. Sage for speculation

No. 305449

We know she didn't send real nudes but she joked about it which is still gross… She's wrong for that like any of the others trying to play it off as jokes (Sainte and Beck come to mind.)

Sorry for spoonfeed but does anyone remember who it was that had liked furry diaper porn on their lolita account? I think watchdog posted them but I don't think it ever got posted here. Maybe it's just another likegate issue but anyone liking diaper porn is highly suspect imho.

No. 305450

Wasn’t that gtfomyegl?

No. 305451

This is her husband btw. I wonder why she never tags or involves him in her page when she does other people, In that case it’s safe to assume she engages in some sort of ddlg because obviously her husband is a lolicon and probably gets off to her coords(posting family)

No. 305452

or because not everyone wants to involve their family who doesn't wear jfashion in their jfashion account?

No. 305454

File: 1691694702124.jpeg (419.33 KB, 595x1057, 839EF3C6-116A-47A5-B76D-9072F3…)

It was a personal account long before it was an egl account. She was a failed makeup Influencer that posted every bit of her personal life. Also she was a broke Mac mall employee so I can safely assume she only married this disgusting neck beard for money lol. Who else to fund her Lolita wardrobe than a gross lolicon who gets off to it

No. 305455

What a reach. Is the milk that dry?

No. 305456

How is speculating that it might not belong to her a reach exactly?

No. 305459

how can this bitch talk so much trash when she looks like/is built like a linebacker tranny? like honestly. what's the point of lolita if you're fat.

No. 305462

It does make more sense it would belong to a scrote vs a woman. But that room is very feminine for it to randomly have her husband's property in it.

No. 305466

Nonna I know Isha was your bestie but she didn't just post Elliott Rodgers memes she literally glorified and fetishized school shooters, especially incel ones, and also whored herself out to soc incels with legally murky pics (if not outright cp) in exchange for brand money. That is definitely much more milky than a poster of a movie that has content you don't like as part of the plot. Do you also think people with Barbie posters are into dollification fetishes? Retard.

No. 305467

Speaking of isha does she turn 18 this month? She can stop with the crying that a minor shouldn’t be a cow.

No. 305469

You guys seem to miss the point that this is a child rape movie? Is daisy’s destruction just shock value too? There’s no difference between drawn and real cp! The consumers are all the same. When did this board become a bunch of pedophiles.
Also not WKing isha im pointing out how dumb you all are for canceling one and WKing the other

No. 305471

Go away sainte

No. 305472

One of these is lines on paper. The other one tortured and actual real life toddler.
Both lolicon and cp are gross, but you're a retard or a troll if you say there's no difference. One is definitely much worse than the other.

No. 305473

This is literal proship arguments that lolicons on Twitter use btw (most of which watch ai cp! And drawn hentai of infants, not just toddlers!)

No. 305475

I would argue that most horror fans are against murder and torture but still enjoy the media. Not all works of fiction are supposed to be pc/unproblematic.

No. 305477

Imagine thinking fictional characters are anywhere near the same as an actual child who has to grow up with that enduring and extreme amount of trauma. Daisy's destruction is one of the most reprehensible CSEM pieces out there according the the FBI. It is not the same and you know it. I agree that lolicon is disgusting and people who like it are pedophiles. But stop saying there's "no difference" between the two.(derailing)

No. 305484

Which one of these is you? >>305391

No. 305487

Seriously anon. Why do you know so much about these disturbing films

No. 305488

It's been on the news since pedo scrote Josh Duggar got caught with it. I read an article when he got arrested and it went into short detail of what it was, the FBI agent on the case for him is the one who called it the worst thing he's ever come across. I promise it not as deep as you think it is.(no1curr)

No. 305490

Samefag, but I promise you we're on the same side that the people who like lolicon are pedophiles are are disgusting pornsick degenerates. I just hate people who think actual children being harmed in horrific ways is on the same as level as cartoons. I am not defending lolicon or people who like it in the least.

No. 305500

Go back to twitter

No. 305503

Nta but it is the same people consuming lolicon/shota that consume cp, maybe not for normies as much as the terminally online but there's a reason it hails from JP where pedophilia has been historically common.(racebaiting)

No. 305511

nowadays lcf is full of desperate zoomers who think they fit in, but all they are doing is contorting culture and sounding like idiots

No. 305513

no, I love horror because I dream of torturing lolitas on the daily.

I hope some lolita tries to cancel me just because I want to kill and torture her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 305523

The movie is not using child abuse for "shock value", it's a tragic backstory to the character. Now if you wanna talk about how having every female character's tragic backstory be rape is shlock and sometimes used to disguise the directors thinly veiled fantasy, we cna do that. But deliberately misinterpreting and exaggerating the content of something to make it more cancellable is zoomer idiocy. A movie is not equivalent to hurtcore darkweb shit.

No. 305524

>it is the same people consuming lolicon/shota that consume cp
It's really not, CP is extremely difficult to find by comparison, and very often requires 24/7 dedication and a network of pedo acquaintances as the websites have to go offline and new ones pop up constantly to evade surveillance. Your average coomer beating it to loli on twitter or gelbooru is satisfied enough with what he can find and is probably not going to go through the trouble, and the knowledge that a real child was harmed is extremely important for CP pedos, which cartoons completely lack. Lolifags are still pedos by definition, but I doubt the venn diagram intersection between the two types is very large. See: https://www.geekslop.com/technology-articles/computers-programming/hacking-and-security-technology-articles/2015/14-days-running-a-secret-dark-web-pedophile-honeypot-and-why-i-now-think-tor-is-the-devil(this is an imageboard)

No. 305536

Psycho-analyzing a random girl’s room on the internet isn’t going to end child exploitation like you think it’s going to. If you actually care about victims, go donate or volunteer at an organization that helps victims and helps law enforcement catch the people who are making and distributing cp. Calling random people on lolcow pedos isn’t going to shit

No. 305541

When is the community going to stop enabling people like sainte? People like isha sells and interacts with him all the time.

No. 305549

Discordgate brought in all the newfag zoomers and the board is worse for it.

No. 305550

Let’s let the pedo be a pedo! Yeah ok, why don’t you let the FBI analyze your hard drive since you want to WK virtual cp so much

No. 305553

>The movie is not using child abuse for "shock value"
Are you unfamiliar with the term shock value? The movie is filled with it. That's why it has rape, pedophilia, gore, and animal abuse.
I don't think she's a pedo for having a poster of the movie but it's strange. A lot of you wouldn't have this same reaction if she were a moid.

No. 305555

This 100%, if she was a scrote we'd be crucifing her

No. 305556

Could be she is as dumb as most anime normies and didn't even know what it was and found it at a convention and just thought it looked cool because unless you knew what it was from, this just looks like a cool poster. It's not this deep.

No. 305569

The rape and abuse is shown in the animation and the manga though. It’s not hinted in the backstory.

No. 305573

V obviously her/her friends/fellow pedos WKing this in here. It's gross she has that poster and if it's her husband's then it's even worse. Must not be anything better to do in Kansas than watch animated cp I guess.

No. 305579

Twitterfags have to be legitimately broken to be so emotionally detached to even make that statement. As if the suffering of lines on paper (although disgusting) is equivalent to that of a real child.

No. 305581

Fattychans stay losing kek

No. 305624

haven’t seen it but imo what matters more than depicting rape and abuse is how it’s depicted. Akira contains body horror and sexual assault but it’s considered one of the greatest anime movies of all time. Same with NGE, and no one calls Shinji jacking off on Asuka “child porn” because it’s not shown in a pornographic way that the viewer is supposed to jack off to. many lolitas love NGE and might even go as far as to have posters and merch of it in their rooms, should we call them pedos too?

No. 305626

nta but I've read that suehiro maruo book and it's not pornographic at all, you're supposed to feel bad for midori.

No. 305630

No, we just know it's not animated CP because we're not uncultured retards. Shoujo Tsubaki literally has a live action adaptation with Risa Nakamura (who modeled for lolita magazines before Larme btw) as the lead. How about you open a GLB or Kera someday maybe and actually bother reading the art-related parts and see if it's all uwu kawaii unproblematic anime pictures. If you don't like dark or angura art stuff then stay the fuck out of the subcultures related to them or at least shut up. Not to mention Trevor Brown made the cover of GLB and has brand collabs for fuck's sake. It's always been a subculture for edgelords, cope. I don't give two shits about this girl but come on, complaining that lolitas are doing lolita things is just stupid.(derailing)

No. 305640

Sick of moids

No. 305655

File: 1691897224338.jpg (263.86 KB, 3464x3464, Catcy Scalping Again.jpg)

Catcy back at it again with the reselling.

No. 305675

sick of retarded zoomers that arrived yesterday and go on a crusade to cancel everyone(infighting, just report them and move on)

No. 305676

File: 1691932646678.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1841, 1A7E9F93-4D1C-4CCB-9FA6-064B2F…)

That’s a bit scummy, bet they’re the same kind of person who resells crusty bodyline for $70
Also idk if I’m just nitpicking but I’ve seen two of these today when scrolling and whilst yes it’s cool to make your own accessories… WHY use the tackiest nastiest scratchy net lace?? It’s like $4 a yard of nice lace on Etsy.

No. 305682

Too bad they don't try going to normie swapmeets because you're able to finesse so easy from normies almost double the cost or even inflate it. Do these lolitas even make money off of the resell sites when it's old shit like this? You can easily pawn it off on some sucker at an animecon.

No. 305688

With that 6 hours you could have been working minimum wage and still had enough to buy a secondhand brand one wtf is this

No. 305691

File: 1691949235275.jpeg (299.7 KB, 1123x1629, 76BDF735-DD9E-4A24-A0CE-FBB258…)

She paired it with btssb also…

No. 305700

What im most mad about is the white "sitches", like did she just not bother to get red thread? is she going for some specific "homemade" look?
I dont get it, it just makes it look so unbelievably cheap and tacky.

No. 305701

some rando's noob sewing attempt is milk now?

No. 305702

It's saged, if you don't like it then add some real "milk"(infighting)

No. 305704

What is olive up to?

No. 305705

File: 1691981862561.jpeg (95.83 KB, 828x841, IMG_8063.jpeg)

Deleting tweets and talking about scalper Catherine doxing her which never happened KEK

No. 305706

File: 1691981981211.jpeg (39.72 KB, 828x253, IMG_8059.jpeg)

No. 305707

File: 1691982453904.jpeg (79.94 KB, 828x363, IMG_8060.jpeg)

she’s referring to the college Catherine attends Catherine.

No. 305708

Can an anon confirm? To be fair, Olive seems to be the type to schizopost on Twitter and LCF. Catherine had it coming by being a scammer, but the whole drama seems to have been pushed by Olive posting about her out of the blue and sharing her dislike of her on Twitter.

No. 305710

I can say Rin posted about going to UT. Without doxxing, caps will be dropped. I think this whole thing is just silly and Olive should just sit down and not post about her publicly. Now it’s starting to make sense who was causing drama last thread at that Dallas convention.

No. 305711

File: 1691985178368.jpeg (149.67 KB, 828x331, Screenshot 2023_08_13.jpeg)

Here she says she’s attending UT. Don’t know why olive have a huge fit when she sees UT Lolitas. I think it’s unfair that she holds this huge grudge on UT students because of Rin.

No. 305714

Who is averysmallwish? Her profile is private. Also how is Olive doxxed? Nothing here was private, it was things she posted herself to her twitter. Inb4 Catherine starts claiming she's doxxed now too since her school was outed as if it's not in her social media bio kek. Newsflash, if it's publically available information or something you made public yourself then it's no longer doxxing!

No. 305715

File: 1691994055893.jpeg (224.96 KB, 828x438, IMG_8072.jpeg)

Deleted tweets from Olivia crying vendetta by money hungry Chan.

No. 305716

What’s the deal with people saying they’ve been doxxed for sympathy points when they weren’t doxxed? It’s kind of a slap in the face to people who have been doxxed and harassed before. I’m not sure what she thinks doxxing is, but posting someone to the ita thread is not doxxing. This is embarrassing for the both of them. 

No. 305721

I remember Catcy having UT in her instagram bio but she removed it. I was also one of the original anons who posted caps of her lacemarket scalping, and I live nowhere near Texas.

No. 305723

File: 1692021277147.jpeg (2.07 MB, 4096x4096, IMG_8080.jpeg)

Avery is a Dallas lolita judging by her tweets. She was also posted a few thread’s earlier with the Sacramento drama and mods shit talking other comms. >>283040

No. 305724

File: 1692021396590.jpeg (106.92 KB, 828x761, IMG_8076.jpeg)

Searched her account and she’s always in drama with drama cows

No. 305725

File: 1692021645973.jpeg (108.92 KB, 828x555, IMG_8079.jpeg)

Makes me wonder if olive is apart of the drama with Dallas after posting scamita for modeling. Can the anon who knows her spill any caps?

No. 305726

File: 1692022462259.png (719.88 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20230814-091507.png)

Why was this person user name erased out of this screen shot? Who is this? Any one know?

No. 305727

These tweets are from 2014 and 2015 anon.

No. 305729

Loctards doesn’t care about dates

No. 305732

File: 1692031077093.png (11.85 KB, 522x118, olivebakes.png)

Who got banned here, Catherine/Catcy?

Pic attached, something tells me the "weird pick me mean girl discord" here is referrring to discordgate.

No. 305734

File: 1692032032809.png (30.88 KB, 530x338, SpeedoMeganes.png)

Samefag but adding another screenshot. I wonder why SpeedoMeganes name is being censored too. If this is about Catcy >>305705 I wonder if pic attached is too.

No. 305737

>this response
you have no power. you're on a anonymous cyberbullying board going about morality to potentially nonlolitas who have drives full of CP

No. 305738

>is not doxxing.
it's like admitting guilt that you go on 4chan and calling attention to it accidentally, because your friend/s outed you. that's why she's calling it doxxing.

No. 305740

Catcy was banned. Here’s more proof >>304049

No. 305741

What was dox again??

No. 305745

IIRC it was the same with Sacramento, a bunch of mods claiming Frilled "doxxed" them by using a screenshot of their Discord handles in a Tiktok. Must be a common drama-queen cow tactic kek

No. 305746

that makes it sound like she just left after she realized a mod or mods had it out for her. the austin comm banning catherine without notice to the rest of the comm seems really power trippy and if they didn't warn people she's a scalper then they're putting the other members in danger of being taken advantage of by her

No. 305750

Is this the Dallas mod?

No. 305756

We can all just stop talking about him. They aren't even active in the community and fashion anymore.

No. 305760

What are you talking about, he is still buying on LM >>303498 and is in at least the lolibrary server as posted >>303335 as of a month ago. If he is buying pieces and in a community discord then he did not "leave the fashion"

No. 305761

he still posts in lolita threads on /cgl/ too, that gross pedo will never leave lolitas alone unfortunately

No. 305766

he posted in f.f thread on /cgl/ a few weeks ago, he's active.

No. 305780

This was from 2014. But hey, they’re still bitches considering how there’s always drama and most cows are from Dallas.

No. 305817

notice how since isha and melissa/loc crew took a step back how quiet the thread is now. how odd

No. 305822

>this thread is quiet
I'll never understand you zoomers thinking this thread needs posted in 24/7. The community is small and the threads used to move a lot slower than they do now. You're part of the problem shitting the board up with non-milk like this stupid poster fight >>305363

No. 305824

They spent all of their time creating bait with the fatty and Austin Texas mod for banning catcy. No one would dig up so much information as the loc being bored and wanting to create drama.

No. 305825

Yea there's a reason Catcy who was part of discordgate keeps getting brought up. I don't even think it was Olive posting Catcy but LOC/NLO trying to frame her. NLO has a lot of people from TX so they knew Olive and Catcy don't like each other and tried to cause more drama between them to get Catcy banned from her comm. Are they planned to post every time Catcy scalps an item like here >>305655 as if it's milk?

No. 305831

This isn’t the first time a scalper gets posted, and it won’t be the last. No one is framing you, you’re genuinely a shitty money hungry bitch who plagues the market. Pretending scamming isn’t milk is a cope to try and dig you out of your shit hole.
>catcy took UT out of her bio after it was posted it
Hmm seems like someone sure is on here a lot

No. 305832

This is stupid tinfoiling. Olive, for a while, has been posting catcy on her Twitter for being a weirdo in her comm. Olive is a drama-hungry bitch that had it after the scammer and wanted to get her banned from the Austin, Texas, lolita community for over a while now. To plant this on Loc is another desperate attempt by Olive and her drama circle to deflect the shitty mess they made. Clearly, the Texas moderator is the one being dramatic and accusing Catcy of doxxing when it could've been a troll or Olive self-posting herself to add fuel to the fire of framing Catcy and getting her exiled from the Austin lolita community.

No. 305836

Are we seriously going to believe she was doxxed? This seems like a planted woe is me: I'm being targeted.

No. 305839

Screencapping tweets isn't doxxing. She should probably stay private if she's worried about it.
No one needed to make anything up to exile Catcy. Based on her behavior at meets I would hazard a guess that everyone found her fake and annoying. She was always trying to shill her scalped brand, haggle, and straight-faced lie while wearing head to toe gothic and classic coords that some sugary sweet Meta or AP print was her DD just so she could cop it for a discount and resell it kek. She also brought her normie jeans and t-shirt boyfriend to a big meet, literally a meme at this point of cardinal lolita sins. He took up seats from comm members, then Catcy acted mad when the girls doing the raffle didn't let her win a second raffle prize in his name after he had already left the meet early.

No. 305840

No none of us believe it. Doxxed her where? It wasn't here or KF so where did it happen Olive? Is the doxx in the room with us?

No. 305841

Tea? What else did catcy’s/ ivory.frill boyfriend do

No. 305842

That's all the tea besides the public knowledge like scalping and probably posting the mod. The most annoying thing about her IRL behavior is the obsession with reselling. If you complimented an item she was wearing she'd immediately say she was thinking of selling it anyway and ask if you want to buy it, claiming fit or it not being her style as the reason, even though she clearly liked and fit it well enough to wear it and post pics.

No. 305846

So it's not just buyers remorse, she is really just trying to make a buck off people huh?

No. 305890

Has she been banned from other comms for this behavior? Sorry you had a terrible interaction with them.

No. 305961

File: 1692474011132.png (5.6 MB, 3276x2368, angelicbabyshop.png)

Sage for old but I was browsing jfashion tags on depop and came across an ita–went to see their other coords and was disgusted to find out they're a little and make 'adult deco pacifers' for other littes. They had drama when they sent the wrong order and it freaked the buyer out. Anyone in NJ comm know who she is?

No. 305962

File: 1692474138329.png (1.51 MB, 941x1160, angelicbaby.shop.png)

Example of what she sells/tags on her instagram

No. 305991

File: 1692549801107.png (1.71 MB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20230820-094341.png)

She might actually be in Newark, California in the Bay Area

No. 305994

File: 1692551958669.jpg (476.26 KB, 1074x1791, Nooooo.jpg)

WTAF right on her page!?

No. 306000

File: 1692556272644.jpg (1.44 MB, 4284x1732, kinks.jpg)

The full highlight.

No. 306001

File: 1692556374543.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 4250x2124, following.jpg)

Her following, spoiler for lewds.

No. 306002

File: 1692556457247.jpg (Spoiler Image,510.21 KB, 2154x1240, sample.jpg)

I don't understand why she freely advertises this right beside her lolita page. Doesn't whatever SF comm she's in see this?

No. 306005

People need to bring back keeping their own secrets.

No. 306006

fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 306007

File: 1692567181961.gif (980.54 KB, 227x275, 1664637562864.gif)

How is this not a MtF

No. 306008

the fat dispo makes me think of Cushing's syndrome

No. 306010

According to the hashtags, it's actually a ftm but they definitely look like a mtf instead. I guess that might've been their goal?

No. 306014

Not to defend a ddlgfag but there are multiple pacifiers and blatant fetishwear in her depop reviews and listings. It’s not exactly hidden. The buyer was probably another ddlger looking for an excuse to keep the items.

No. 306019

Yeah, they look like tuna melt. The fridge figure flatters no one.

No. 306036


Pronouns say he/him so probably an ugly woman who's convinced she's a boyli. She's just extremely unfortunately built.

No. 306038

Judging off the kinks and following she also fetishizes herself being "trans" so she's probably internalized that she looks like a man. Looks like she has some type of genetic disorder that's for sure.

No. 306047

bay area lolitas are too busy requiring and checking vax records for community events rather than vetting for what really matters (perverts)

No. 306048

hope they remove her, anyone know her LM? looks like she has some brand, not trying to buy any that's been used for abdl.

No. 306076

I can’t remember if it was here or cgl but someone did post about this person within the last year saying their account was full of red flags.

No. 306100

Exactly, keep these perverts out of our community and away from our wardrobes, it actually saddens me that vintage brand has the possibility of landing in some freak’s closet such as this

No. 306122

File: 1692763571417.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1179x2144, IMG_1691.jpeg)

These diy Lolita’s actually need to be put down like sick animals. I was appalled by the comments praising this garbage made by some South Park fujoshit ita. I swear tiktok and Reddit is like a breeding ground for itas.(calm down, learn to sage, post links)

No. 306124

>the small bow slapped on the head
>the eye makeup
>can't tell if it's the blurriness but what the fuck is that blouse

No. 306131

I dunno, the SF comm narrowly missed having a big antivaxxer ita join. I’m okay with the precautions.

No. 306143

Sounds juicy, got any deets?

No. 306147

This is why you shouldn't leave a plastic doll in direct sunlight

No. 306152

she is learning how to sew unlike your lazy ass so take a seat. if you've been into lolita for this long you should know how to give her tips to improve.(infighting)

No. 306169

do you know what her discord name is?(learn to sage)

No. 306227

She finally detox off the C?(sage your shit)

No. 306243

File: 1692993568017.jpg (97.6 KB, 1079x839, android_20230823_150021.jpg)

a comm member showed me these caps that are being passed around of a convo confronting the atl mods and their tolerance for predatory pedophile men is atrocious "iTs jUsT KinK iTs JuSt a fEtiSh" fucking inexcusable

No. 306244

File: 1692993672906.jpg (64.83 KB, 1079x669, android_20230823_150112.jpg)

only 2 of the 4 atl mods even bothered to reply to her concerns

Cheyenne Skirvin
Kia Spearman
Arene Holme
Becky Cozart Higgins

No. 306245

dafaq is wrong with people

No. 306246

absolutely vile responses

No. 306247

So Kia and Cheyenne say fetishizing lolita and small children aren't bannable offenses because the minors parents are there?

No. 306248

Samefag but did Arlene or Becky reply at all? There's no caps for them so it's a little f'd up to put their names on that if they didn't agree.

No. 306256

>>306244 bishes really be cappin hard for pedotroomers

No. 306257

File: 1693001948859.png (116.98 KB, 453x363, image-5.png)

>Andrea is not active
>Andrea made an event LAST MONTH

From Atlanta comm fb group. Can she gaslight her own concerned comm members any harder? These mods are foul.

No. 306258

what are the bannable offenses in the atl comm? surely being a pedo is one of them???

No. 306260

$10 says messaging the mods about this is a bannable offense

No. 306261

NTA but it got locked down because these convos are going around? Instead of kicking a pedophile out they shut down a whole comm?

No. 306265

These stupid retards actually think being a sissy isn't bannable? What is the point of having mods then? Just let all the creepy sissies in

No. 306266

Using the wrong pronouns is bannable but literally getting off to children is fine!

No. 306267

Not just a sissy, a pedophile. Using actual photos of real children in their fetish

No. 306269

I know it's in the OP but just reposting so people realize what these 2 "mods" are sticking up for. (Repost for broken links)

Andrea Nicole Baker / Mandrea / Disgusting pedophile and sissy fetishist (Instagram: andreanicolebaker, Blogspot: littlemissandrea-joanne)
an open pedophile and fetishist who includes photos of real children in his pedo erotica blog >>301192
more of his pedo and sissy erotica from his blogspot >>301297
some proof mandrea is lying about not being a pedo/fetishist >>302542

No. 306272

File: 1693015626904.jpg (810.77 KB, 2296x2081, 1687376326213.jpg)

not the same nonny and sage for old milk

but here is more of what the atl mods are sticking up for in case a nonna needs to be spoonfed. the ddlg pedo blog with child photos and fantasies of little child girls and pee fetish. picrel from previous thread that includes disturbing caps from his blog


No. 306273

File: 1693016553259.jpg (506.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230825_153045.jpg)


>hes not active

>most recent photos from the atl group include him
>photos from july 15
>kia says hes not active

these are your mods atl these are the scumbags in charge of who has access to minors and other vulnerable women and THIS >>306272 is who they give access to

No. 306274

Corredt me if im wrong but aren't Sophie and Rambo Brite also predators? Birds of a feather

No. 306275

File: 1693017000672.jpg (286.31 KB, 1564x1564, another_predator_in_atlantacom…)

>>306272 Andrea's followers including Rambo Brite… oh that's a funny coincidence… look who Atlanta Comm's newest members include. I'm not even surprised by this to be honest.

No. 306277

genuinely horrid, what the fuck happened to this fashion? pedos and fetishists used to be hated and instantly banned but now there's women disgusting enough to vehemently defend them.
idk about sophie but rambo brite is a known creepy fetishist
caps from an old thread of him following a bunch of fetish tags

No. 306282

These retards actually think this hulking man is a woman, so it somehow makes his pedophilia and autogynephilia fine. They probably get off to appearing woke enough to let a troon in. Hilarious that the one they've let in is a literal pedophile and sissy with proof

No. 306284

Man or woman it really shouldn't matter. If you're a pedophile fetishist you really don't need access to a whole trove of kids names and other PII online and free reign around them irl

No. 306285

Right, surely a carefully written "no pedo" policy would do away with these people? Like surely a pedophile is unwelcome in any community regardless of their gender identity? If any member is found to have content associated with pedophilia they will be removed from the group like how hard is it?!

No. 306288

>other members have lives outside of lolita fashion
>literally pedo shit while (poorly) wearing the fashion
>we cant ban someone based on discomfort
>even if your discomfort is a result of their pedophilia and sexual attraction to children while being given full access to minors

No. 306290


Realistically speaking most women don't have have sexual fetishes that are so depraved to involve children. That there should be a great indicator that this absolute man is not anything remotely at all like a woman.

No. 306293

is atl comm actually locked down over these leaks of the careless mods? yet not even the slightest concern over the fucking pedophile? can someone confirm atl is locked down over this. what a shit show.

No. 306296

Yeah that rule is bullshit, nobody checks or cares about minors coming to meets in atl
Saying this as someone who met mandrea as a minor in atl with no parents at the event
(YEARS ago, I’m an adult now)

No. 306301

Nobody thinks of this guy as a woman. They think of him as a super special man who deserves special privileges. I’m not in Atlanta but in my comm, girls and women get banned for mixing kink and lolita (even in private) because if someone associates the fashion with sex then they are involving every other lolita they interact with at meet-ups in their sex life without consent. But if it’s an “amab” he can get away with anything because bla bla gender expression bla bla stigma bla bla we must be kind and welcoming and open minded uwuwuwuwu
If anyone saw these creepy men as women they’d be iced out and mocked, if not outright banned, but because they’re special men we’re expected to hold their hands and consider their feelings. And if a woman accused him of being inappropriate with her, she’s assumed to be a lying bigot.

No. 306305

The Atlanta mods took notes from the Sacramento and Texas mods. They don’t care about actual predators entering a comm and rather start drama with the minors. Look what happened to Nat, she was labeled a transphobe after calling a hairy bearded scrote in a dress a sex pest weirdo. Can we shame the mods faces that are defending these sick predators?

No. 306306

I hope the mods don’t ban her after sharing those conversation. Would hate for her to be removed from the comm after rejoining.

No. 306312

She probably left because of Mandrea, she's not the only one who purposefully avoids him in the comm.

No. 306313

Hanging out with a pedo is acceptable if your parents are there. Okay. Are they making sure parents know about is sexual depravity that involves children?

No. 306315

Mandrea also brings creepy old men to lolita meets and it's clearly fine by mods, Cheyenne is in this pic and she uploaded it too. "It's someone's ex" but hasn't Mandrea been married to the same man for years suppoesedly? Site is bugged when posting pics so I'll repost later, here it is for now (pls no ban for link farmhands): https://imgur.com/a/iTIipmC

Sophie isn't a predator himself, you recognize the name because he is the owner of EGL Predator Alert but allowing predators in the group.

No. 306317

since the troon movement grew being a sissy is fine as long as the scrote says it identifies as a woman

No. 306324

So this disgusting freak who posted children on his fetish blog gets a pass?? Mods are apart of pizzagate

No. 306330

File: 1693083088951.jpeg (174.14 KB, 828x590, Atlanta comm predator.jpeg)

There’s literal children at the meetups. Andrea posted minors on his blog and yet gets to be around kids? This is disgusting. What happens to mods saying minors aren’t allowed at meets or is that with parental supervision? Can the Atlanta mods just ban the fucking pedo already

No. 306331

What are the mods even getting out of defending an actual dangerous pedo so hard and allowing him to stay where he has access to young women and even children. Why even risk something like this when there's definite proof? Is he funding meets? Paying them off? Completely inexcusable either way, but I can't understand why

No. 306332

File: 1693084687996.png (194.51 KB, 764x406, AEzcQHZ.png)

posting image from this link since bug is cleared

No. 306333

can we just ban the mods already? im so sick of being forced to interact and play nice with these disgusting pedos. the fact there are literal children at this meet with a proven pedophile is beyond reprehensible.

No. 306334

>>306332 bruh aint even dressed up they letting any gross old man in wtf

No. 306336

File: 1693086060493.png (1.23 MB, 1059x1024, pedo apologists.png)

Kia Spearman of Atlanta Georgia and Cheyenne Skirvin of Atlanta Georgia are pedophile apologists and deserve to be named & shamed

No. 306339

They put women and children at risk in favor of making sure a PEDOPHILIC PREDATORY MAN doesn't get his feefees hurt. They have no regard for the safety of women and children. Real feminist of them.

No. 306340

It’s always the work itas. What else do they got besides being fat, woke and ugly.

No. 306341

Them people are the worst

No. 306342

>entire front row is itas except far right
>strawberry shortcake cosplayer
someone please get random muumuu lady and her family out of there, she must have no idea how cursed this is

No. 306345

it’s been awhile since I lived in Atlanta but iirc he’s been in the community for over a decade with these same mods, and I think he was in charge of some of the fashion tracks at a local convention several years ago

No. 306346

slightly off topic but Andrea makes me very uncomfortable whenever he shows up to meets. I've been in the ATL community for awhile now, and he just gives off extremely gross/creepy vibes. I don't feel safe around him and also don't understand why Kia doesn't get why he makes us feel that way. It's a hard subject to bring up without being called transphobic…

No. 306347

I think more people need to come forward and speak up. Has the mods said anything publicly or anyone else in the comm acknowledged this milk?

No. 306348

I think at this point it's straight up retardation on their part because it's pretty easy to discern between a trans woman and a sissy 99% of the time. Even if you can tell they're trans, they're usually still putting in effort to present as women (growing their hair long, plastic surgery, hormones, etc) vs sissies who just throw on a party city wig and an Amazon dress but still look like 60 year old men.

No. 306349

On the part of the ATL mods, I meant. I think I forgot which message I was replying to OTL

No. 306353

Wait, the Sacramento shitshow wasn't about predators, was it? I don't recall that

No. 306358

Andrea has breast implants and spends plenty of money on his wardrobe. He probably hasn’t had facial surgery because there’s not much they can realistically do for a mug like that.
I keep seeing lolitas make this argument, that true, non-creepy transwomen spend money and effort and creepy fetishists are always cheap, but that isn’t true at all in my experience. I’ve seen plenty of sissies wear brand (AP and Meta mostly) and the most unhinged creep my comm’s ever had, who wrote really disgusting sexual fanfiction about comm members and threatened to murder a mod who asked him to tone it down, was “true trans” with hormones and surgery and all the official papers. Furry fetishists spend thousands of dollars on their fursuits and some men choose their whole career path based on it giving them access to potential victims. So what is a few thousand dollars on a brand wardrobe if it gives them access to a whole comm of girls to prey on? They can always sell it off later if it doesn’t work out. Why not get breast implants if it’s covered by insurance and it allows them to live out their fetish in public full time, with nobody allowed to do anything about it?
The most surefire sign of a sissy fetishist is his own behaviour. If he acts like a sissy fetishist then he is a sissy fetishist. If anything, the really dedicated ones are more disturbing than the dabblers.

No. 306362

There is no such thing as a trans woman, a man in a dress is a man in a dress, regardless of how he identifies or what drugs he takes. All men who identify as women are doing so for sexual reasons, some are just better at hiding it than others. The heterosexual men who identify as women are doing so because they want to become the slutty goth mommy dom baby bimbo uguu kawaii waifu of their dreams, and because wearing women’s clothing makes their dick hard. The homosexual men who identify as women are doing so because their internalized homophobia makes them ashamed to like dick as a man, so they attempt to become a woman to feel less guilty about sex with men.

No. 306364

No and neither was any TX drama so idek what nonny is on about unless she means power hungry mods generally not doing their job

No. 306366

based and truthpilled

No. 306404

Don’t forget Florida and Seattle mods

No. 306428

what did Florida mods do and which comm? there's multiple comms in FL

No. 306433

Pretty sure anon was referring to the power hungry mods part

No. 306442

File: 1693259293625.jpeg (18.95 KB, 222x400, Rambo brite 2017 .jpeg)

Rambo brite dude shows up to meets in south Florida Tampa area. He been showing up to comm events for years. It was a fever dream when him and deedeezeta showed up to cakes & coutures. Still can’t believe the mods banned ddz before him. The comm has some notable shitshow drama cows but the mods letting a score take his joy in his sick fetish is downright disgusting.

Don’t believe me?

Him in lovelylors 2017 video at 6:20

No. 306443

File: 1693259415835.png (787.17 KB, 720x960, Rambo brite .png)

And what is so funny is the mods has downplayed people’s concerns too. I’m shocked that him and Andrea gets a pass.

No. 306444

Central Florida lolita society is just mods allowing in men to comm to meets

No. 306446

File: 1693262156229.png (919.09 KB, 768x802, mandrea.png)

Kekk went to see who the mods are in the central FL comm and 2 things. 1, I found this pic of Mandrea saying Central Florida Lolita Society was his comm in at least June 2017. Interesting him and Rambo are real life fetishists allowed in both Central Florida Lolita Society and the Atlanta Lolita Community >>306275

No. 306447

File: 1693262294318.png (133 KB, 1460x738, Screenshot_20230828_115645_Dis…)

2, this girl's name rung a bell for me. Turns out she was one of the ones leaving fake reviews for Kuroshiro Kawaii after LOC/NLO trolled them. They really are all just troon simps, it's kind of amazing how much they will pander to mentally ill coomer brained scrotes.

No. 306448

Saw this on the front page thinking it’s take me to the mtf thread, truly clockable even as a tiny thumbnail.

No. 306453

Is madalyn and Courtney the Florida mods that allowed in Rambo brite and banned ddz?? The sudden fake reviews could mean so. I just find it so funny that these reviews immediately flooded in after Loc crew visited kuroshiro kawaii

No. 306456

File: 1693267638974.jpg (183.94 KB, 960x944, 340624784_552699683654230_6042…)

>10 months ago
DDZ was probably banned years ago and those reviews aren't new. Courtney Bemis follows KSK so she probably saw they had DDZ posted and recognized her, she might have even been the person who told them who she was (just tinfoiling here)

Madalyn Duncan is relation of Alyssa Duncan/birds_symphonia and is in the DFW comm not CFLS. I don't think she's related to any of this besides being another troon simp. But many lolitas are and it's not really milk unless they let actual predators like Matt Drury of Florida and Andrea Nicole Baker of Atlanta, Georgia into their community

No. 306457

Enablers are just as bad as the moids. Imagine harassing a minor that was uncomfortable and get racially harassed by ksk shop troon scammers.

No. 306458

Was this Melissa saying the Poc loc was being watched while shopping?

No. 306459

Ok but Madalyn probably didn't know anything about people being harassed, she doesn't seem involved which is all I'm saying. KSK had to have asked people to leave reviews. On their google review page there's 2, 1 star reviews then 5, 5 star reviews all dated at 10 months so they were all one after another. The other reviews are 1-3 years old

No. 306461

Shop staff cried for help after boogy man loc “harassed” them. This is so stupid and it’s bad for business to fake positive reviews.

No. 306462

Ok. But why did the loc crew get posted immediately after stopping by? They did nothing wrong and was treated poorly. The ksk Shop crew and their orbit fags was being unhinged and some of them decided to boost their shitty business on Google review. And the Florida mod has a huge vendetta on ddz

No. 306463

>And the Florida mod has a huge vendetta on ddz
I mean don't we all? It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of this is interconnected, we're a really small community, it's not that hard to figure out who is pulling certain strings. This just shows a pattern of behavior on the FL and GA comm mods that crimes real women get the ban hammer while men are free to do as they please as long as they're wearing a dress! I wish we'd go back to gatekeeping these freaks, the time of comms is dead thanks to them.

No. 306492

File: 1693319487153.png (2.51 MB, 1288x2292, fiance arc.png)

Not sure if anyone cares, but Frilled Criminal got engaged. She didn't post it on her own account though which is why I'm unsure about if she's actually engaged or not. His post linked here https://www.instagram.com/p/Cwarc8bxse3/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== and pic he posted of them. The guy gives me school shooter vibes and something feels off about the timing of her doing this when her financial state is so bad.

No. 306494

Shes the one living in garages? Hopefully he can help her get out of that situation and make her happy anon. Maybe she’ll grown and be less depressed which she’s clearly suffering bad from. It’s very messed up that you would stalk her SO page to post her engagement with her announcing it herself first. That’s fucked up

No. 306497

File: 1693320831859.jpeg (12.18 KB, 220x275, Jabba the hutts.jpeg)

Someone save the cat

No. 306498

She’s very young and already going through it. The troubles with sac egl mods and the living situation have been bad. I wouldn’t recommend marriage yet, but this is her life, and maybe she’ll adult up a bit because marriage is a lot. I'm not sure why you would take away her special moment and not allow her to announce her engagement herself first. I get that she’s a cow, but boundaries, man.

No. 306499

I see the Sacramento mods are being unhinged again

No. 306500

She did announce it on her stories. She posted a photo of her ring when it happened. But she hasnt publically posted to her feed so it looks like the guy is more excited than she is. Maybe she was put into a situation where she has no choice but to say yes?(unsaged / this is an imageboard)

No. 306501

It's funny we're calling someone unhinged for posting info about a cow on this site of all places. No one is stealing her thunder. If it's really her moment, then why didn't she personally post about it? He clearly felt happy enough to post it so why is the girl who lives to overshare not saying anything?

No. 306502

Like most people they wait a few days to announce the engagement news to their family and friends.

No. 306503

Why do sweets always have ugly boyfriends?

No. 306504

I get posting about when she does things worthy of being a cow, but this isn’t milk or drama and just feels gross. She hasn’t done anything wrong here.

No. 306506

Someone told her. She just rushed to announce it. It just popped up on my feed. But she didn’t share a photo of the ring. Does anyone have a screenshot of it?

No. 306507

Post caps newfag

No. 306508

File: 1693325230211.jpeg (266.66 KB, 828x467, Ring.jpeg)

The ring

No. 306509

newfags posting this non milk thinking it’s the greatest drama

No. 306516

Honestly, that ring looks like a cheap gumball machine ring. I feel a little bad for her since that ring doesn't indicate that her bf has taste or money. I wonder how she'll pay for the wedding.

No. 306517

File: 1693331638696.png (378.5 KB, 632x610, tryharder.png)

That's not her ring, some tard is trolling.

No. 306524

I feel stupid for falling for it, thanks for clearing that up. I do still want to know what the ring looks like. I've seen enough proposals on Instagram to know that it's common practice to post pics of the ring with the announcement.

No. 306528

multiple far less milky lolitas have been posted here and made fun of for dating ugly boyfriends or having lolita weddings. why are you whiteknighting her of all people?

No. 306529

Nta but there's been a lot of WKing lately. It will probably improve with school starting back since the zoomers will be busy

No. 306536

pretty much all lolitas are ugly, including the goths. no one has cute bfs, only cute gfs in this community

No. 306538

Sage for asking for info and not providing it but does anyone know what the deal is with the arizona comm lately?? I got booted from the discord and the owner zoe said I'm not welcome at the community events anymore but afaik she isn't in the fb community and can't make those calls… I just want to make sure before Saboten Con this weekend, I was planning on going to the tp but not trying to get humiliated or walked out.

No. 306539

It’s because all of her friends are farm users. Hopefully she moves out of the garage after getting married.

No. 306541

It’s sad that she was placed in a garage. Maybe they can move something affordable or a trailer park which is better than a garage.

No. 306545

Not to head into tinfoil territory but I feel like her old comm is just pushing the narrative that she's cow-worthy because none of what I've seen outside of the Sacramento comm drama is all that interesting. She comes off as an immature clout-chaser at worst but you have to wonder how much of this comes from the 30-something mods of her ex-comm who were hellbent on bullying some autistic teenager.

No. 306546

Buying =/= active
He's left the scene many years ago.

No. 306548

Immature clout chaser is enough for me. Her old comm can do whatever they want but I think the amount of people following her downward spiral on here exceed the amount of active comm members. I don't personally know most of the people mentioned here and neither do the rest of us but we're all still watching. Maybe you should stop whiteknighting her and just admit that enough of us find her strange and want to see what happens.

No. 306549

There's also alot of general shit stirrers who when someone gets posted they will begin to troll, wk, post non-milk, bring up old topics, etc, anything to make the cow or their haters look even more unhinged. Half the time it's probably not people from her comm but just other lolitas trying to cause milk. I think alot more people come here, even non-lolitas, than some of you realize.

No. 306550

I agree. I don't necessarily wish her ill, she's just so hungry for efame that I'm curious how she'll react to how people actually receive her content. Her stuff is grimy and she's trying be be the lolita representative none of us voted for. I'm down to watch but I'm not gonna stoke the dumpster fire.

No. 306555

You’re not the only one who feels this way. I try to avoid Andrea

No. 306561

This is true. We haven't had a horrorcow since Channel and it's a nice distraction from Mandrea. Sometimes I just want to follow someone being delusional online and not only talk about downright predators. Frilled Criminal is the right amount of not self aware and also obnoxious to post about. Did you forget about how she's trying to be the "NO TAOBAO" lolita on Tiktok even though she buys and owns non-brand pieces?

No. 306574

So many comms are so overrun by handmaidens that you, as a women, will get banned for misgendering a creepy AGP/sissy fetishist man much faster than said man will get banned for actually acting creepy. Transgenderism really is a magic bullet for creepy men to act disgusting, enter women’s spaces, and prey on vulnerable young girls.

No. 306586

It's so unfair that the feelings of a creepy sex pest are given priority over yours. I am in ATL area, too, I wish we could meet up and complain about troons together.

No. 306597

ATL, you need to start a new comm. Someone should post this publicly in your comm with a link to the new fetishist free comm.

No. 306602

Not all lolitas thanks. There are cute Lolitas just not a lot of them.

No. 306605

This. It's crazy to me that anyone who speaks up about the elephant in the room is painted as a transphobe.

No. 306613

If the loc was really malicious after their bad experience, then they would’ve left negative reviews to trigger the positive reviews. The loc is always painted as the problem when it’s just immature idiots that can’t get over DDZ and people supporting her. Melissa was only trying to prove how they got posted after their stop, and reviews started to roll in because the evil loc went by to shop and support a business that's lgbtq+ owned. The owner and the people in the reviews seem to be behind the loc posting.

No. 306620

File: 1693420606826.png (502.57 KB, 1366x634, Car repossessions .png)

Courtney should worry about paying her car payments than worrying about deedeezeta and caping so hard for gross men in dresses.

No. 306621

Bitch just sell your brand.

No. 306629


She definitely knew she was behind on payments kek.

No. 306633

File: 1693423754249.png (50.98 KB, 528x684, credit.png)

It's embarrassing when lolitas make a GFM. Especially if she has bad credit and hasn't paid her car payment in 3 months why is she spending money on a frivolous hobby? And $1,800/3 is $600, how expensive is her car payment??

No. 306635

It's more likely the intrest from poor credit. She's probably paying over 600 a month on a used car. With this repo, hew…

No. 306637

File: 1693425163752.jpeg (351.17 KB, 828x1095, Money begging .jpeg)

The begging don’t stop. Maybe mandrea should lend some money to her.

No. 306638

Part of me feels for her if she needs surgery and she's having financial issues but also yeah she should just sell some lolita. Even normie clothes and items can be sold on Depop, FB Marketplace, eBay, etc.

No. 306649

Her credit score has to be bad with how horrible she manages her money. To constantly be begging and not have $20 to her name? Sad

No. 306651

ultimate poorfag behavior

No. 306656

Don’t they sent her letters of unpaid car payments? This is a joke

No. 306701

Exactly? Like selling a couple of dresses could knock out some of these bills. Sucks, but begging like this for these amounts is making me feel second-hand embarrassment. Speaking as someone who went through a rough period once and sold a bunch of brand to deal. I’d even ask my parents for help before asking friends and strangers.

No. 306713

the way that you went straight to lcf to ask this, instead of asking around your comm, tells you everything you need to know. i definitely wouldn’t show up to the tea party after announcing my booting on lolcow of all places

No. 306727

I wasn't booted from the comm, moron. I was booted from someone's unrelated discord server. Zoe (owner of the discord) was saying that yaoi of fictional characters was exactly the same as child porn and I told her I disagreed and that its disrespectful for actual CSA survivors to equate the two. She deleted my replies and me and told me I wasn't welcome at meets. I'm still in the comm but she used to be a mod so I feel weird asking the mod team if thats true or not.

No. 306728

File: 1693521681472.jpg (2.51 MB, 1200x7227, MTXX_PT20230831_154237302.jpg)

Some posts that were scrubbed off cgl.

No. 306729

Peeped at the google reviewers and they all ugly or itas.

No. 306730

Who cares if they transphobic. And you’re disgusting if you read, write, think, or draw cp. no excuse

No. 306732

You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 306736

Hayli sounds based. Yes it's still cp and illegal in many areas, unfortunately not the USA though

No. 306740

LoC is painted as the bad guy because they have pyschopathic members that stir drama and love attention.(sage your shit)

No. 306742

What are you talking about? Most of them left lolita

No. 306743

nta but no, they have not. the only one who did is isha who sold off her wardrobe. would love to see proof that the others sold off their wardrobes if they truly left too.

No. 306744

>most of them
>2 have
That's not even half let alone most. It'd be nice if they did though

No. 306757

File: 1693574370162.png (691.84 KB, 1427x1849, moreghosting.png)

Looking at her LM she only sold a few main pieces and ghosted several buyers. She definitely is just hiding out trying to escape scrutiny.

No. 306761

File: 1693578587842.png (1013.57 KB, 1440x1608, Isha_LM.png)

she made a new one kek

No. 306764

No. 306765

She’s not even a veteran lolita

No. 306766

So isha ghosted her buyers and made a new Lacemarket account to buy shit? Why did she make a huge leaving lolita announcement on her sales only to ghost the buyers and keep the dresses?

No. 306767

because she hoped we wouldn't talk about her if she did

No. 306781

Remember when people used to actually get banned for backing out of 4 sales and for excess negative feedback

No. 306782

To >>306538
just reach out to the mods, Z isn’t on the mod team anymore. she can’t say or do anything about banning people from community events(learn to sage)

No. 306788


Z got banned from the fb comm jsyk(sage your shit)

No. 306791

Oh well in that case fuck her. I'll have a good time at the tea party and maybe her ass will get walked out instead. Thanks anon.

No. 306810

Kek! I guess the other mods couldn’t stand her after taking over the mod position.

No. 306825

What was she banned for?

No. 306827

don’t gatekeep your drama nonnies, what are their FB names and socials

No. 306828

File: 1693676707006.png (393.24 KB, 1465x1024, theythem rage.png)

A they/them ita raging over the Meta set like usual. Found it laughable LanaTheLlama is sticking up for it since she told Kaneko they can starve at the beginning of the Russian-Ukraine war >>>/w/198921 but then again she is German kek. (Not that she isn't wrong)

No. 306831

File: 1693677236239.png (80.29 KB, 1408x428, Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 18.48…)

lol you beat me to it. my favorite part is how she flip flops between 'please censor this banal ass green jacket from my sensitive jewish eyes' and 'censoring the word Nazi is offensive' ma'am you have to choose one
and besides, she wouldn't have even known it was tHe NAzI sEt from just the jacket unless she'd seen the dumb tiktok videos about how it's problematic.

No. 306835

can we please segregate from lolitas who act like this? >>305630 said it best: lolita is a fashion for edgelords. if you don't like it, please leave the fashion or kindly avert your eyes and shut up.

No. 306846

File: 1693708828298.png (341.25 KB, 480x759, isha.PNG)

Yea, Isha didn't leave lolita. She lied about leaving and just sold off some of her sweet stuff. She's on Tiktok as @victorianmaid3n trying to start over and attention whore again.

No. 306847

File: 1693710213549.jpeg (228.64 KB, 828x1424, IMG_1508.jpeg)

kek wow you nonas are right, she even has a coord posting ig account and is still e-dating that ugly 4chan scrote who referred to her as a racial slur. looks like she's trying to get into gyaru now too

No. 306848

She stills look like Jafar

No. 306849

>Chris chan of lolita fashion
I wouldn’t compare myself to chris chan. Why is she so in love with ugly and disgusting men.

No. 306857

File: 1693730211608.jpeg (438.96 KB, 816x961, Isha.jpeg)

Anon, I cannot unsee it. She looks very similar to him(sage your shit)

No. 306868

it is actually illegal in the US, and has carried up to 10 years prison time. section 1466A title 18. written cp isn't illegal, but "cartoons and drawings" explicitely are.

No. 306869

buying nazi sets is embarrassing as hell, and it's even more embarrassing how you jumped to mock some jew and WK for buttcape before they even got posted here.

you can argue about "aesthetic" all you want, but no one is going to respect BC or anyone in this comment thread after this.

No. 306872

personally i wouldn’t wear d walkure myself but you have to remember it was released 13 years ago when the edgelordery of the average internet user was much higher. and if we’re really going to bring identity categories into this, isn’t buttcape more oppressed in the current year by being Asian and trans than this keke girl

No. 306879

File: 1693763885079.jpg (52.04 KB, 600x700, toteshitler.jpg)

Weak b8

No. 306891

not in this context, no. an asian touting nazi shit is not more oppressed than a jew complaining about nazi shit.

the "it was a different time" excuse also doesn't really fly when the set was apparently unpopular enough to be removed entirely from the english website.

it's really cringe behavior to see from someone who advertises themselves as a lolita ambassador (i mean, her site is full of "list of minority owned owned brands!" virtue signalling anyway, so this really makes her look like a hypocrite). i wouldn't want to be associated with this.

No. 306894

Race is not the only factor. Queer people were actually killed in the Holocaust too. That was almost a hundred years ago but the genocide against trans people has been kicked back into gear in the UK and the US, a country that refused to take in holocaust reguees btw, and we really do not have time to ignore it. It was insensitive for Stephano to buy the set but 13 years later as a queer person they have all the right to sell it.

No. 306897

I don’t know buttcape at all but they use she/her pronouns on their website, so where are you reading that they are trans?

No. 306899

the anon you replied to is a baiting/derailing tranny, just report and ignore - farmhands will get around to banning eventually. buttcape is a woman with short hair who occasionally dresses masculine, she's not a troon.

No. 306902

she is nonbinary and has short hair. nonbinary people do not owe you androgyny for their identities to be valid.

No. 306903

so you can’t even state facts on here without being called a slur? give me your real counter argument or fuck off(are you lost?)

No. 306906


Thank you for speaking the truth anon. Some of us are actually exhausted with the bigotry on this website.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 306907

The only "bigotry" that ever bothers you handmaidens is troonery

No. 306908

Glad it’s not just me. Cis people don’t understand that we are literally being murdered on the streets out here. Naziism is still alive and well even in the lolita community.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 306909

File: 1693781205822.png (264.62 KB, 497x495, 1687884289925.png)

No. 306914

these people will use being Kweer as an excuse for antisemitism and then wonder why their kind aren't welcome on this board

No. 306916

nazis weren't fond of gay people either retard

No. 306926

just to add to >>306894 ‘s history lesson: Nazis also targeted black people, the Chinese, the roma, jehovah witnesses, and especially the disabled/ mentally ill. Basically anyone who didnt have the desirable traits and social background of the master race were targeted in one way or another.

The d walkure fight comes up every couple of threads and nothing productive ever comes from it. just people infighting

No. 306929

Keep making up history to suit your narrative!
I sure hope all you "EpIC NAZI HATERSSss" don't own a single Meta item, cringe newfags.

No. 306931

File: 1693804322487.jpeg (24.68 KB, 559x460, B6B590AF-C4B1-4284-A317-3889F7…)

jews were the primary target, and by far the most drastically affected. this is a lot of effort to WK someone who owns a nazi jacket.

No. 306939

Your basically admitting you don’t think the trans genocide is real or don’t care about it. It has already passed stage 8 and they are shutting down the tabistock clinic which is vital to the survival of so many trans youth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 306946

if I was Palestine I would buy d walkure and do a photoshoot with it kek

No. 306949

File: 1693833598609.jpeg (366.08 KB, 828x788, IMG_3683.jpeg)

I’m what world is this a nazi uniform?? Oh yes nazis sure love the fleur du lis. Dumbass trigger happy zoomers strike again.

No. 306952

A lot of whiney fags in this thread. This is the wrong place for trans acceptance and equality rants. Nobody cares about your imaginary problems outside of the internet, die walkure was a pretty good set, and most of you are probably not old enough to buy beer let alone form a coherent thought that wasn't prefabricated for you in short-form video format. I beg you to shut up about this tired ass topic and entertain yourselves by reading the thousands of other arguments people have had about this set over the past decade instead.(newfag continuing the derailing)

No. 306956

There's nothing nazi looking about this set anyways, I'm unsure why these fake apologists cry about it because we're literally are living in the 21st century like lmao.
Keep swallowing the zion pills(continued derailing & bait)

No. 306962

>This is the wrong place for trans acceptance and equality rants.
Somewhere along the line zoomers found LC and now /w/ is infected with this bs. The amount of handmaidens itt is getting alarming though not surprising when you see what lolita comms have become, ie >>306243. They should listen to their tiktok ita queens and stay off anon boards if they can't handle most of us are TERFS

No. 306964

raceb8(took the bait)

No. 306986

File: 1693879119297.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

>most of you are probably not old enough to buy a beer let alone form a coherent thought that wasn't prefabricated for you in short-form video format

No. 307037

So is it safe to guess Melissa is also full of shit about quitting as well?

No. 307041

File: 1693940627020.png (36.52 KB, 1016x124, greasewhale wears lolita often…)

yes. looks like she's just deleted her twitter so I can't post caps (it was _mly1013 - you can see lolitas responding to her deleted replies like picrel) but right before deleting twitter she was posting about a new lolita dress she purchased and would exclusively talk to other lolitas about the fashion. she definitely did not quit.

No. 307045

How old is this or where did you get it? There's not much comes up when I search that name but I'm a Twitter noob

No. 307052

just search _mly1013 in twitter and scroll a bit, it's from july or maybe june

No. 307053

what is MLY? are those her initials? Or is her name actually Emily?

No. 307055

File: 1693953441267.jpeg (70.31 KB, 632x409, Melissa .jpeg)

No. 307056

File: 1693953634088.jpeg (272.78 KB, 712x818, Melissa twitter .jpeg)

No. 307058

So she bought boho? How is that jfashion?

No. 307061

Confused, isn't she a stay at home dependa?

No. 307063

She works as a welcome committee at Walmart

No. 307064

It was on @lifelibertylolita or @_seraphonline which are deactivated/deleted so sage for no caps but she's talked about having surgery and being disabled before. On her blog there was a "50 Lolita Questions" where she said she's on disability. She probably got surgery and has to work like the rest of us now so she doesn't have time to be an edgy troll and can't afford lolita without our tax dollars.

No. 307068

File: 1693963868802.jpeg (299.72 KB, 694x1034, Furry fetish .jpeg)

I can't believe no one mentioned it yet, but does anyone else find it strange that Deedeezeta's name has Zeta in it? This is a zoophile term used by zoophiles to let others know about their zoophilia interests.  If you carefully search the term on Google, it’ll tell you what it means. Apparently a few furries has called out the term that’s in deedezeta name.

No. 307069

File: 1693965058855.jpeg (66.02 KB, 828x288, Twitter .jpeg)

This furry is the one who said it.

No. 307070

Nonna jw are you the same retard who tried to say catysuewho is a pedophile just for having an anime poster? >>305363

No. 307072

No. I am not the same. I just find it weird that she was in the whole fetish scene and does questionable stuff. She hosted a furry fetish party, so I’m guessing it’s true that she’s a Nazi furry zoophile.

No. 307080

Knew it. Furries and fetish models are the biggest degenerates

No. 307085

What is fur play?

No. 307089

She calls herself Meri chan on twitter kek she larps hard as a japanese lolita to fit in with them. But it doesn't erase the fact we know she is very much a fat white american woman named Melissa calling herself Merichan.

No. 307090

Assuming it's when you aren't a furry but they want you to dress up as an animal? Maybe she can come tell us kek. Sorry for all the links and reddit format in this post I will archive them after posting but I went down a rabbit hole after I recognized "The Castle" because that's where she wore her Nazi outfit to: https://www.tampabay.com/news/nazi-problem-at-the-castle-not-true-say-the-nightclubs-regulars/2335958/

If you type into google, castleybor.com dee dee zeta, it shows her mentions on the site. She worked as a gogo dancer, makeup artist and fashion show host there or/and for Secret Partys. Secret Partys says https://secretpartys.com/home/about-us/ says they operate from Atlanta so she might have done parties there too and maybe as a model for Communion After Dark?

http://castleybor.com/?p=2496 >>307068

None of the links with her name route anywhere still up but she even named her makeup business "ZETA Influence". Which when I google, secretpartys.com dee dee zeta, to check their mentions I saw this and I feel like it's too much of a coincidence. 1/2

No. 307091

File: 1694015114233.png (64.83 KB, 1564x729, LOCZETA.png)

2/2 Something from Library Of Congress (LOC) mentioning a Spotify copyright on "Grey Zeta Reticuli -
Espectroplasma" from 2018 but if you look on YouTube there's a video performing it in 2012 which is before or lines up with her callling her makeup business "ZETA Influence". The band Espectroplasma is 4 men so it's not hers but maybe she met them at one of these parties or something and dated one?


No. 307094

File: 1694017125444.png (1.25 MB, 1316x1896, YT.png)

Found her YT with her makeup or fashion designs, it says both but no makeup looks are posted so she deleted them? Says it was made in 2015 so plenty of time after 2011 to become obsessed with a scrote

No. 307096

File: 1694018205009.png (98.79 KB, 772x1212, Reddit.png)

No. 307101

File: 1694019191768.jpeg (Spoiler Image,771.06 KB, 743x1008, Screenshot .jpeg)

This is disgusting. Apparently she attends fetish cons(spoiler your degeneracy)

No. 307106

I realize she got paid to be there but you couldn't pay me enough to stand next to that troon, also nonna please spoiler nsfw this shows up on the front page

No. 307107

With love and light nonna… This is all super old news, like 3-4 threads back. And the zeta=zoophile thing is pure speculation and tinfoil at this point.

No. 307108

this is why i hate current day goth stuff. its all been taken over by fetishes and troons. even >>307090 has tons of events for fetishes, but like its a night club for goths or something? this was one subculture mixing that wish never happened.

No. 307109

Yes it says it's goth and industrial which for a long time have included the queer and fetish communities. The owners are Jewish lesbians if I'm reading the reddit right so it makes sense they cater to the lowest of the low. There's even an old man who shows up wearing diapers and lingerie. Suddenly Tyler's WWE outfits seem less retarded

No. 307111

>>307109 No wonder Tyler thinks her goth fits slap when comparing herself with >>307101
these sorts of troons. Ngl Deedees nazi-goth style goes hard. Its too bad she has to work with these freaks.

No. 307114

File: 1694024817920.jpg (52.1 KB, 675x227, redditkek.JPG)

reading through this thread like picrel. stale ass milk fr. how many times do we have to talk about her stupid ass nazi shit. we get it we know. old ass reddits too. this reddit comment at least made me lol.

No. 307115

File: 1694027256138.png (22.79 KB, 654x186, NLO.png)

Finding out what LOC means is milk and connection to this random Spanish-speaking band when we know they have several hispanics in their ranks is milk too, even if it's old. Until she unprivates there's no fresh milk on her and she doesn't do this anymore so we won't get new publications. All we have is old milk and I didn't see any of this posted before? Looking up what NLO could stand for one option is picrel but I've seen other people say New Lolita Order. Both fit with the alien/furry/vampire cult schtick they have going.

No. 307120

File: 1694032251809.jpg (25.29 KB, 572x178, loczetaalienconnection .JPG)

went a little further down yer rabbit hole nonna. i think yer on to something. in her video she rambles some nonsense about aliens and universes. must be a reference to this 'grey zeta reticuli'. this broad is fuggin weird mate.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi80dkGyeVw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307122

Why are you talking like that for 1, for 2, this is 5 years old, it's not milk and honestly it's beyond tired.

No. 307129

average britfag

No. 307173

File: 1694103853484.jpg (50.65 KB, 832x447, Conspiracy-Theory-Wall-832x447…)

Ok so the milk is they're obsessed with aliens? Weird but probably the most normal thing about them.

No. 307177

File: 1694107367502.jpg (130.54 KB, 801x1564, IMG_20230907_130803.jpg)

seems ive found some potential leads. since its confirmed some of them are hispanic/lantinx/south american. loc could be an alternative for los which is a spanish word. los zetas seems to be cartel related which we know has ties to drugs, illegal firearms & human trafficking. i cant help but notice the guns & puppet strings imagery. nlo reference? new lolita order?(tinfoiling)

No. 307178

File: 1694107773842.jpg (289.14 KB, 1114x978, YWNBAW.jpg)

You vendetta chans are going to spoil the milk for when they finally return and people are sick of them. Take your meds and find someone else to froth over for the time being.

In other news does anyone know why this guy keeps getting WKed all over /cgl/? Is it really self-posting like they claim or it's his friends like Andalina WKing? This isn't the first time I've seen it, he was posted to the ita thread before too saying "she" is 15. They openly state they're trans sometimes but try to hide it other times. Archive from ita thread: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/10862733#p10868105

No. 307180

>>307177 yall keep taking about hispanics but call them nazis. make it make sense.

No. 307184

File: 1694111676647.png (383.61 KB, 609x588, image-4 .png)

LOCZETAS! Looks like I've found her former sorority. There's even an MIB highlight which stands for "Men in Black". And I know there's the Will Smith movie about extraterrestrials, but the movie is based off an actual secret government agency that deals with extraterrestrial phenomenon colloquially known as the men in black. "Gray Zeta Reticuli" is all the more plausible now. Even in hiding she doesn't cover her tracks very well.(tinfoiling)

No. 307185

Anon take your meds and stop tinfoiling. I doubt this is DDZ and you're just grasping at straws and muddying the waters with your schizo posting. She's a lolcow on her own just from her own furry and fetish degeneracy.

No. 307190

I genuinely don’t know if this kid is MTF or an underweight genderspecial female like the other anon said but they are under the age limit to be discussed on this site.

No. 307197

Another schizo posting from loc?

No. 307201

File: 1694118365561.png (14.28 KB, 650x108, gendr.png)

Did you miss the point that he or someone else or elses is purposefully calling him a minor to not get posted?
Speaking of LOC, convenient only they are constantly on about mINoRS getting posted here when the "teenagers" are 18+, legal adults. If you're 16+ you can be posted here it doesn't matter if you're an uwu protected class minor.

No. 307206

It's about them, IDK if it's from them unless you're saying they're self posting intentionally stupid shit to get people to stop talking about DDZ's fetish shit. Which there was that anon before that anytime she was brought up would say increasingly absurd claims to make all the other claims seem just as dumb.

No. 307207

Did you miss the part where someone claiming to be from her comm said on cgl that she/he was 15, and no one had any evidence one way or another? She/he looks young, so ill believe it until someone provides opposing evidence.
And since when was it an LOC thing to think bullying minors is embarrassing? I hope you’re a minor too and not some 30 year old obsessing about teenagers all day. Milk a cow your own age.

No. 307217

even if trans this person looks fine tbh, big nose but most western lolitas are a little homely so they're not out of place.

No. 307218

Didn’t isha posted someone’s kid?

No. 307219

You should have included the full pic because the bone structure makes it obvious. Anons wouldn’t still be referring to him as “she” or “they” Complete and utter man hands and forearms.

No. 307222

Yes they would, most lolitas are troon lovers.

No. 307224

anon, you realize this is older goth right?

No. 307226

File: 1694135196005.png (1.79 MB, 732x1284, eternal_frill.png)

It's obvious if you see his tiktok or reels. He is probably being wking because he is nice and has many friends that are posters and is liked.

No. 307233

being nice and well liked… still doesn't negate the fact that he's a dude. just because you like someone doesn't mean you have deny reality and go along with their larp.

No. 307234

is this not an anorexic girl?

No. 307239

Likely so but some of the beefcakes in this thread have never seen a thin person before

No. 307240

His mom calls him her son on fb and has childhood photos up, not reposting here because he's not even a cow. If you hear his voice in person then it's obvious too. The real question is why radfems hate troons so vehemently yet its all they ever talk about? Lolcow is going to end up like /cgl/ where every convo devolves into troons and fats soon.

No. 307241

More like you’ve never seen a thin woman before and can’t clock an obvious male. Has little to do with weight

No. 307242

it's pretty obviously a male, just compare his face and build to the skinny gothic girl who's always posted to the ita threads, or the ana-chan who was vendetta posted here for a while (not hanikamibear). it's even more blatant when he poses next to his female friends

who cares, his whiteknights are the ones shitting up /cgl/ right now anyways. if he has no real milk people will eventually stop posting him

No. 307243

he wasn't brought up here specifically because he's a troon, he was brought up because there's speculation he selfposted on /cgl/ plus anons think he or his friends (or a combo of both) are whiteknighting him. the only trannies that get discussed here are the ones that actually do something milkworthy aside from just being a troon

No. 307289

Tbh I don’t think there’s ever been a true lolita radfem. Troon haters sure, but no one with a coherent political ideology. Radfems would probably hate hyper feminine fashion anyways.

No. 307296

How new are you? Lolita has always been about dressing for ourselves and not males nor anyone else.

No. 307313

how new are you to radical feminism? that’s exactly the kind of thing they’d call libfem retardation

No. 307344

File: 1694226132012.jpeg (325.43 KB, 580x632, 23E22803-68AB-4DBA-B71A-86AEDE…)

This is 100% a man

No. 307345

>bring up a troon once
shut up already, /cgl/ doesn’t even do that that much either. Idk why some of you are so hellbent on making a huge deal when you can easily ignore it.

No. 307379

Some lolitas love to pretend their existence is a huge feminist flex to ease their consoomer guilt

No. 307409

Alot of us are just TE lesbians and by default the lolita handmaidens add the RF to it. Forgetting you don't need to be a radfem to be disgusted by troons. Proof >>>/snow/1895295

No. 307443

File: 1694309378998.jpeg (264.35 KB, 828x1552, Isha 1.jpeg)

Isha is ranting up a sob story as if she wasn’t part of the problem.

No. 307444

File: 1694309401808.jpeg (215.69 KB, 828x1200, Isha 2.jpeg)

No. 307445

File: 1694309504589.jpeg (258.84 KB, 828x1283, Isha 3.jpeg)

No. 307446

File: 1694309586295.jpeg (189.25 KB, 828x1054, Isha 4.jpeg)

No. 307448

I read up until she said she was
What is with gen Z self diagnosing and identifying themselves as autistic or disabled when they’re not?

No. 307452

I thought the same but didn't want to come off as tinfoiling. She wears ears all the fucking time and was involved with that bdsm kitten house which has it's own creepy controversies.

No. 307454

inb4 NLO comes to sperg about posting minors

No. 307456

She turned 18 last month in august. So that sperging excuse can be thrown out the window now.

No. 307457

what a sensitive self-victimizing retard, she was never canceled. nobody was even talking about her incel pandering mass shooter idolizing shit outside of this thread except for that frills.alert honeypot account - which was only followed by a few random itas anyways kek

No. 307458

Minors was the wrong word- they freak out over any "teenager" getting posted.

No. 307460

Bet it’s Frilledcrimminal, isha’s comm members, seagulls discord, or the kuroshiro shop staff.

No. 307461

She needs to explain why she’s ghosting her buyers on lacemarket and selling to catcy. The negative feedback and running to make a new lacemarket account isn’t going to help.

No. 307462

Going to say it’s her comm because she stayed here >>307444 a few of them bashing her anonymously at meetups KEK

No. 307464

What did she expect? She call them all fat and ugly. Picking a fight with mods in their 30s is going to lead to this.

No. 307465

When or where did she call them fat and ugly? They are though iirc I can't recall all Seattle mods but most of the comm is fat

No. 307466

File: 1694318954407.jpeg (99.25 KB, 395x351, IMG_8939.jpeg)

>you can even call me a troon if you would like
Was with her until she said that. She’s so lost

No. 307467

File: 1694319538590.jpeg (257.37 KB, 633x650, Seattle mods.jpeg)

No of the mods are fat but some are indeed ugly. But don’t worry nonnas one of them is fully vaccinated

No. 307468

No. 307469

From what I can tell She’s still buying things on LM

No. 307470

File: 1694320681858.jpeg (41.01 KB, 828x185, Catcy.jpeg)

And selling to scammers

No. 307471

File: 1694320770737.png (288.93 KB, 1201x656, i.png)

A got really fat. J may have a huge nose but gothic suits her mature features, I don't think she looks bad personally

She's' only bought plain white socks (picrel) we will see if she buys anything she can't play off as wearing with gyaru or normie clothing. Since we're watching her account she is probably getting friends to buy for her- Im not convinced a random account is hers unless someone can post proof.

No. 307472

File: 1694321144386.png (244.88 KB, 1448x734, c.png)

Samefag but Isha's possible new LM is buying from Catcy. Catcy, come confirm if its Isha for us why don't you?

No. 307473

File: 1694321441043.jpeg (494.12 KB, 828x872, Catcy money grab .jpeg)

Kek! catcy bought a $20 Btssb cutsew from isha’s leaving lolita sales only for her to turn around and sell it a month later for $15 more

No. 307474

Does catcy ever leave feedback? She doesn't seem to, I wonder if it's to make her scalping harder to track

No. 307475

She did leave a feedback on isha’s page
>>307470(sage your shit)

No. 307480

that narrows it down to absolutely no one, nonnie

No. 307483

It possibly didn't look like she hoped with a coord or it served it purpose so she resold it again. That's pretty common.

No. 307496

don't know or care about isha but having catcy buy your listing, before she was outed as a reseller on /cgl/, is meaningless. there was literally no way to know or notice unless you went through all her listings.

No. 307508

These. The hate of selling to/buying from Catherine is stupid. Not everyone visits cgl or lc regularly to keep up with petty drama and there's never been any posting of people buying/selling from other known or unknown scalpers. Which there's never been a list posted until now either so how would people know?

zoeosaki/Anmitsu: chronically sells clothes marked as NWT when she actually has worn them
sunny_rnot: reseller, doxxing behaviour.
cherry_sp: reseller
rainies: reseller
kokoro: reseller
schk_ho: reseller
imyourkitty: reseller
gemgem87: reseller
tulutulu: reseller
Chanyeolexo: reseller
CiCiNel: yeah, reseller
PeachTea: the neg feedback speaks for itself
Suuushi/Alchemy and Gold: no lol

No. 307512

Imagine slipping into a pair of these enchanting used knee-high white cotton socks adorned with sissy sweet torchon lace and delicate ribbon accents. The soft, breathable cotton fabric caresses your legs with a sensual embrace. These socks rise gracefully to the knee, accentuating your legs with a touch of Victorian doll-inspired charm. However, it's the intricate torchon lace and brown dainty toes they conceal that steal the show. The lace, reminiscent of a fairytale, adds an element of elegance and femininity. Meanwhile, the satin ribbons, tied in a charming bow, evoke a sense of playful allure brolitas can only dream of. These knee-high socks are not just an accessory; they are a fashion statement that exudes sexy loli lolita coquette style fashion. Whether paired with a flirty dress or peeking out from under bloomers, these Ribbon Knee Socks (2022 2nd release) are sure to transport you into a world of toe-enducing gender euphoria.(sage your shit)

No. 307514

you left out fruitjelly

No. 307515

There's a lot missing, don't know where they got that list. What doxxing did sunny_rnot do?

No. 307517

zoeosaki is notorious for having bulimia and it's not unknown for her to purge in lolita


No. 307520

nayrt but I’ve seen this list before on someone’s LM TOS, I just can’t remember who. it’s the same exact wording and everything.

No. 307521

Sounds like it’s Melissa’s lacemarket account. No one does these stupid lists beside her.

No. 307522

File: 1694378180681.png (230.49 KB, 1240x1239, donutdemon.png)

It's donutdemon

No. 307523

Kind of stupid to put drama on LM

No. 307533

Does anyone know what the allegations about Unicorn Princess being a thief are or what happened?

She talks about it starting at 2:19

No. 307534

No. 307538

Well it's 1:26 AM BST (UTC+1) in the UK right now and this was posted 7 hours ago so it was late for her, it wasn't her who posted it.

No. 307540

So you think it's more likely that a random person copy pasted a list from her lm terms of service here for no real reason, than it was for her to be posting here at the "late" time of… 6 PM? This girl was in the discord so I don't doubt that she was probably trying to derail when that chat leaked in here a thread or two ago anyway.

No. 307542

>How do you even know she's from the chat leak?
It was talked about for months.

No. 307553

File: 1694443728085.jpg (118.62 KB, 640x853, 1694369995220515.jpg)

continuing her downward spiral

No. 307562

this isn't milk.

No. 307563

half of this thread isn't. this has become a filler for lolita_fucks type of livejournal shit posting

No. 307567

It's some retarded n00b who is being very identifiable with a space after the file name every time >>304244 >>306442 >>306443 >>306620 >>306637 >>307055 >>307056 >>307068 >>307069 >>307101 >>307120 >>307184 >>307473

Seems to have hate boners for Catcy, maybe Olive, Rambo Brite, Courtney Bemis, Melissa, and DDZ.

No. 307570

Samefag to add based off >>306442 the poster is from southern FL which is how they know about Courtney Bemis's GFM. Courtney's IG is private and there's no GFM linked on her public FB. Probably why they have a special hatred for Rambo, Melissa, and DDZ. Maybe they got scammed by Catcy before so she keeps tabs on her sales now. Change your file naming style retard.

No. 307574

Think Florida Chan is Tiffany. She was on the whole hate boner when DDZ was posted on neorococomemes.

No. 307578

So she’s still a fatty, What else is new?

File names have been around for a long time. Are you new? Anons on CGL have thrown shade in their file names like "Tranny” to avoid catching a ban from janitors. You must be new. This thread has nothing but tinfoil newfags that have the most boring milk.

Post caps for us that’s not in the Florida comm

No. 307582

Catcy had it coming for going after the Texas moderators and not trying to WK Olive, but posting Olive to the ita thread after stalking her Twitter account, where Olive shares her dislike of Catcy scamming her comm members at swap meets. She became notorious for scamming, and most Lolitas don't like to be upcharged. To call it a hate boner is ridiculous if she’s a shitty person who made Lolitas uncomfortable at meets before her whole scamming thing got exposed.

No. 307583

nayrt but putting intentionally offensive stuff like ita.jpeg in the file name is not new but why would they put a space there everytime, it’s not the default on any operating system so it is kind of weird actually

No. 307584

>File names have been around for a long time.
The point is she's making herself identifiable on an anonymous board. The spacing started late last thread >>>/w/302065 >>>/w/302064 so it's a n00b posting stupid tinfoils and updating us every time Catcy scalps a new item. Not saying who she's posting isn't justified but it's not milk either.

No. 307588

This is not milk. Take your hate boner somewhere else.

No. 307604

Idk about the rest of them but you can't have a "hate boner" for a blatant sissy like Rambo Brite who openly followed fetish accounts. Visceral disgust is just a normal reaction and he should be hated by everyone

No. 307605

Men need to be pushed out of lolita. Both Florida and Georgia clearly don't care, so that’s why we get anons from the comm posting them to name and shame. I don't know why Sainte gets a pass whenever it’s mentioned that he's leaving Lolita when he’s obviously buying brands on his lacemarket. Any loc who says they're leaving Lolita is actively buying stuff on acemarket.

No. 307606

Lose weight fatty

No. 307608

he doesn't get a pass, he just whiteknights himself in threads a lot. most of his posts here get deleted but the farmhands occasionally miss a few. I think the loctards were trying so hard to pretend they left lolita so that they'd stop being discussed here and hide from their bad reputations as edgy shitstirring rejects

No. 307615

The only LOC who said they left was Isha and Melissa. Debatable if Lara was LOC but she's not NLO safe to say. Sainte is the only one posting himself, he does it all the time, just report for male

No. 307618

File: 1694493076193.png (514.06 KB, 644x846, creepy.png)

Anyone else see this on r/lolita and get creeped out? Pretending some random teenager is your "daughter" when your 44?

No. 307621

Nonnas did you forget already that zoeosaki/anmitsu is the girl who stole someone's clothes when her SS mailed her someone else's items by mistake, and Zoe then tried to sell the stolen goods on LM?

No. 307622

went through the post history and the one in the pic is the 44 year old according to the poster. I think it's some ageplayer scrote? idk most of the reddit posts in their history are about kpop so I really can't tell if it's an older woman with a stepdaughter or if it actually is a creepy fetish scrote

No. 307623

File: 1694495494731.jpeg (46.9 KB, 828x296, IMG_1580.jpeg)

samefag to add caps - here's the (44 year old) op saying that's them in the photo

No. 307626

What a retard kek. She suffered the consequences of her own actions and acts like it was someone else's fault for backstsbbing her. No one made you say or post those things. Maybe you shouldn't have been a disgusting incel/school shooter sympathizer and people wouldn't rightfully humiliate you for it. Falling back on "muh autism" doesn't excuse any of that

No. 307628

Zoomers think being "neurodivergent" makes you super special and that being an awkward teenager isn't normal.

Nevermind that none of them show signs of autism like avoiding normal eye contact or having developmental delays in childhood. They feel awkward meeting new people so it must be the 'tism!

Frilledcriminal is another retard who diagnosed herself as autistic despite socializing normally. She probably thinks her manic BPD oversharing is autism because it's less in vogue to just be unhinged.

No. 307630

No offense, but I think the creature pictured is the 44 year old. There's no way that's a 16 year old girl.(learn to read + learn to sage)

No. 307631

Sacramento mods staying obsessed with this teenager who hasn't been part of their comm in 6+ months at this point

No. 307649

Pretty sure it's a woman but it really doesn't matter does it? Did she just attach herself to some random teenager from her comm?

No. 307654

File: 1694534832535.jpg (86.43 KB, 574x543, Sarah bio.jpg)

Kek and just like that que NLO getting upset about "teenagers " getting posted! Frilledcriminal/Sarah is 20 according to her own bio so find a new excuse

No. 307656

It's pathetic for the Sacramento mods to keep obsessing over someone ten years younger than them regardless. Maybe if any of them had hobbies aside from sperging over Vtubers they'd have lives

No. 307657

File: 1694539572995.png (649.72 KB, 945x963, foot.png)

Some foot fetishist ita is posting on r/lolita saying no booly because she's asexual and she just likes feet because they're pretty, it's not sexual at all! (Mods just locked it lol)

https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/16fj8sg/feeling_like_a_pretty_yokai_in_my_wa_lolita_coord/, https://www.reddit.com/user/AngelicToe/

No. 307659

File: 1694540014269.png (17.63 KB, 1156x170, at.png)

Mods also deleted comments pointing out she's a fetishist, now she's commenting on a 4 month old post talking about the boolies on the sub

No. 307660

Look how gigantic the feet are. Pretty sure it's a troon.

No. 307662

genuinely wondering, where does the idea come from that it’s NLO getting upset about younger people being posted? Especially that they are wking frilledcriminal, who is a leftist and her best friend is trans, so it’s hard to believe she’s be a part of that group. I think it’s her gendie friends and 20dollarlolita wking her.

No. 307664

File: 1694543211222.jpg (259.54 KB, 1080x1712, AngelicToe4Eva.jpg)

Here she is "not involving her fetish in the fashion"

No. 307665

At least the foot fetishist didn’t go off the deep end like the idiot spouting about rule changes. Reddit is a cesspool of itas(sage your shit)

No. 307666

File: 1694543896003.png (11.79 KB, 676x124, pintuck.png)

New post on her from tapiocatsar and weeb2000 https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/16gwsxl/rule3_needs_to_be_changed/ (archived https://archive.ph/GuX4L) which when did mods changed rules to take out that you can no longer go through people's post histories and change it to harassment? Anyone got info on what pintuck means in picrel? Who is AngelicToe and what other harassment did she do?

No. 307669

In the defense of foot chan, I wouldn’t suspect she was a degen just upon scrolling. I’m guessing someone thought her username was weird and then scrolled through her post history. Reddit already sucks because you’ll get downvoted to hell for offering actual feedback for bad coordinates.

The people crying in the comments of this post >>307666 have absolutely no reading comprehension. It’s pretty common knowledge to keep your lolita accounts separate from adult content accounts. If you don’t want people discussing it or judging don’t keep them together. People are allowed to think your feet postings are gross.

No. 307672

File: 1694547381389.png (542.57 KB, 1310x1184, fansly.png)

Yeah the username is odd so you click on it and all her sw socials are right there. I prefer people not make a separate account so I can block, I wish the advice of "make a new account" wasn't given out. Coomers are too stupid to think to hide it. Even if it's not nudes she's still involving lolita as part of her fetish. Her ig is even worse where she's saying "darling-kun" and being cringe. Here's her fansly

No. 307673

File: 1694549507857.png (48.47 KB, 655x310, cgl.png)

Melissa's sperging last thread relating anons to pedophiles for "stalking teenagers" public social media >>>/w/299146 despite them being legal ADULTS, NLO has leftists and troons in it (check thread OPs), currently DDZ, Cassie, and LLL all follow Frilled. /cgl/ has been getting comments about kids being posted to the ita thread even if there's no face showing, and do you want to guess how many of NLO follow the troon getting WKed there who just so happens to be "too young to post"? >>307178 Yeah it could be Frilled/20dollarlolita WKing herself but there's a pattern and we know they come here.

No. 307675

The account pintuck is referencing is DancingToMyMelody who is an almost 40 year old male adult baby based in the UK.


No. 307683

Larasuzannne is following the autistic ita

No. 307684

File: 1694561130101.png (690.29 KB, 473x592, dtmm.png)

https://www.instagram.com/dancingtomymelody/ Thanks nonna, swear I've seen him before, maybe it was in the subreddit or ita thread.

No. 307685

Isha is an admitted lonelita (and does she even live in Sacramento?) Stop WKing and hi cowing to derail.

No. 307686

Whoops, I thought I responded to >>307628, not the one above it

No. 307688

What’s milky about this

No. 307689

Nah you’ve never even met her. Talking to her for like 5 minutes makes it abundantly obvious that she’s got autism. She’s weird as fuck.

No. 307690

wait. they have sainte whose a troon yeah but nlo has leftists in it? i thought it was a republican lolita thing so what is the point then

No. 307691

Nta but Sainte is confirmed not part of LOC-"Lolitas Of Cringe"- after Melissa admitted he's a pedo creep herself last thread. Notice all WKing him stopped unless it's him doing it himself, ie it wasn't til Melissa and Isha fake left lolita that Sainte started saying he left too. The only "troons" they have are the they/them women but check their following-they have no problem following MtFs or FtMs.

Most are admitted leftists or lolbertarians based off following/posting from when they were all public. I doubt even DDZ is a republican since LOC purposefully post inflammatory things to get attention, ie "NLO" name is obvious bait, notice after it was posted here they all immediately removed it from their bios. They think it's a game to make us look stupid but the only ones looking stupid is them. Done posting about them now because it's exactly what they want and have said so themselves.

No. 307692

it was not confirmed - melissa only said that she was no longer his friend but she didn't mention the others at all. ddz is still pals with him at the very least, I'm not sure about the rest. most of the loc losers are bible thumpers and pretty far right politically. they're the types that share similar views as incels on /r9k/ and /pol/. ddz in particular is genuinely an alt-right weirdo.

also they're upset about their bad reputation amongst lolitas despite them trying to pretend they're only trolling/attention seeking - they whiteknight each other in these threads, go after people they think "canceled" them (ie melissa with the discord seagulls and ddz with the ksk fatties), privated their social medias, deleted most posts both from their blogs and instagram, tried to larp as leaving lolita, only ever talk to jp lolitas who aren't aware of their reputation, etc. they really hate that they've all made themselves into cows and are trying to lay low so they can bury it under the rug.

No. 307693

PLEASE release the milk on Sainte and DDZ being friends still, I love that for them

No. 307695

more deets nonna? what did she say kek(sage)

No. 307696

fuck forgot to sage am i really this retarded

No. 307697

>make us look stupid
who are you referring to exactly? are you admitting that this boring sperging about "LOC" is just a little discord-chans wannabe meangirls vendetta?
Honestly move on, you are obsessed on top of being boring as fuck

nobody gives a shit about your politicoal(sage)

No. 307706

it's odd how posts similar to this one appear almost every single time the loc cows are being talked about.
despite this being a thread for discussing lolita cows which the loc are, trying to talk about them usually causes one or more of the following: whiteknighting, unsaged unintegrated retardation, derail attempts, seething over the discord seagulls or falsely accusing anons of being one of the discorders, whinging that loc is being discussed/thread policing attempts, and so on.
ironically all these types of posts do is ensure the loc cows will keep being discussed even more but maybe that's the end goal?

No. 307707

don't know why anons are so sure the only ones who post Frilled are Sac mods or vcie versa, the only ones who post LOC are discordchans or vice versa, the only ones who post DDZ are KSK or vice versa. it was just proven a random southern FL anon has been posting Catcy (discordchan) and Melissa/DDZ (LOC) ffs. other people can post about these cows too. it's hard to take anything posted here as anything more than shitposting which is unfortunate when real problems like Rambo Brite, AngelicToe, and DancingToMyMelody get posted alongside it.

No. 307715

is this considered stealing? I would think something like that is just the cost of doing business/a lesson learned by the SS. I wouldn't put my money or effort towards correcting their mistake personally.

No. 307717

>it's hard to take anything posted here as anything more than shitposting which is unfortunate when real problems like Rambo Brite, AngelicToe, and DancingToMyMelody get posted alongside it.
I totally agree with you. If at least the milk was fresh, that would be entertaining, but it feels so forced. As you said, everytime some fetishist is discussed on here, among all the boring vendetta posting, it feels like some vendetta too, and is therefore ignored.

If you don't like these "LOC" girls just ignore them, since trolls thrive on attention and the reactions they get.

No. 307718

Same with frilled. Some retard keeps hi cowing every time she's mentioned

No. 307720

Autism lowers your IQ so it makes sense that they act retarded

No. 307721

Adding on to resellers:
Li Jiawen
Zheng Tao (I think those last 2 are the same person, they always post right around the same time)

No. 307722

The SS and the lolita the package was supposed to be sent to notified Zoe of the issue, and she refused to return the items knowing it wasn't hers and that someone else was aware she had them. That's stealing. She also sperged out on cgl and her socials about it, as well as wking herself here. Check old threads for the details. The only thing that got her to return the stuff was the original lolita posting online about the issue somewhat publicly to pressure her to stop and get her listings reported and removed from LM so she couldn't sell them. Even if it's legally a grey area it's obviously messed up to do and most people at the time and probably now would still consider it stealing.

No. 307723

agreed, a 44 year old hanging out with a 16 year old 1:1 is weird as fuck.

No. 307724

it's not sexual I swear!
>linked fetlife
>linked fansly and onlyfans

No. 307725

File: 1694626995503.png (399.85 KB, 547x515, Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 1.46.…)


No. 307726

If you check her post history the 44 year old is a teacher.

No. 307727

that doesn't make it less weird.

No. 307728

File: 1694633880571.png (44.26 KB, 721x191, Untitled.png)

Yea to be clear that's why I find it worse. She lives in IL and teaches 6th grade, her first post to reddit was in r/childfree. Seems like one of those teachers who never had their own kids so they "adopt" random kids to call "theirs"

No. 307729

Girls please use your reading comprehension skills. There is no 16 year old at all, the person in the photo is the 44 year old OP roleplaying for some reason as their own 16 year old daughter. This is 100% for some creepy fetish ageplay shit. Which makes that person being a teacher even fucking WORSE.

No. 307752

r/childfree is such a misogynistic, child-hating cesspool that I would be super uncomfortable with my child’s teacher posting there. Teachers not wanting children of their own is very understandable imo (I love kids but being surrounded by them 24/7 sounds like way too much) but r/childfree is something else. On top of whatever is happening in >>307618, yeah, creepy.

No. 307761

I read it all again, what am I missing?

No. 307843

Sacramento mods didn’t want to deal with a spurge ita that loves to do embarrassing shit at meetups. Since being banned, Frill has only gotten fatter, made a dead comm, and turned into a pixieteri lolita. She came to a meet in San Francisco with her ugly boyfriend and smelled like straight up BO.

No. 307850

>inb4 you're accused of being a Sacramento comm mod

No. 307853

File: 1694801364542.jpeg (981.66 KB, 1179x1185, IMG_3098.jpeg)

This thread dry as hell now anyways here’s Some pick me ita bitch that went to my old university, she’s friends with a rapist and majority of her coords are like poorfag shit like Bodyline and garbage taobao dresses. Too poor for a usakumya too lol.

No. 307854


No. 307856

Can you add more context? I’m not sure who this is. Guessing it’s Birds Symphonia? But is this an older coord from her?

It has already been established that sainte is not associated with loc anymore. Melissa already explained that she doesn’t like him or his desperate attempt to join loc. move on

No. 307857

If you show up at a meet smelling you need to be banned.

No. 307860

Birds_symphonia is cute even if nutters, this girl doesn't look remotely like her?

No. 307861

Gross, I hadn't seen the uncensored face version of this pic.

No. 307863

File: 1694807708023.jpeg (745.48 KB, 729x1112, IMG_3102.jpeg)

I never even heard of Birds_symphonia this girl is a nobody all she has is a personal Instagram and is in the New Jersey com but does nothing and always complains how she’s a lonelita.

No. 307864

if it’s not Alyssa who is she then? this isn’t cgl so you can put her IG

No. 307865

File: 1694808464748.jpeg (83.08 KB, 368x302, IMG_3103.jpeg)

@Zoe.cough is her Instagram

No. 307866

Overall these aren't awful, she needs to invest more money. For example the cost she spent on 2 of those usakumya wannabe bags, she could have bought a legit one secondhand. Being ita isn't milky so unless you can prove she's friends with a rapist then gtfo honestly.

No. 307867

i'm confused as well after checking her IG. she's not followed by any lolitas and doesn't follow any lolitas except for mintypile. i couldn't even find a NJ comm on FB except one with 9 members. this is clearly a personal vendetta, was the "rapist" your ex boyfriend or something?

No. 307869

you’re unhinged. this isn’t the ita thread. no one cares about this literal who.

No. 307871

>is cute
No sweet lolita is cute. They’re more of obese and ugly.

No. 307873

>sweetfag hands typed this

No. 307877

Try again. More of a classic wearer that has better taste.

No. 307878

Being an ugly ita is not milk. I swear this thread gets worse every time a new one is made.

No. 307882

File: 1694831771553.jpg (557.24 KB, 1080x1509, Furry.jpg)

Sage for not rlly milk but why did she delete this so fast?

No. 307883

No one cares

No. 307886

Wdym? It was posted May 16th and it’s still up

No. 307889

File: 1694846064722.jpeg (419.61 KB, 1274x2162, 4C370701-6115-4551-852D-29C6FD…)

The ring. I feel so bad for her. It doesn’t have even a cubic zirconia

No. 307890

Did you get blocked, nonna?

No. 307892

It's hysterical how this post is phrased like she has a fanbase wondering where she is.

No. 307894

Good to know she's in college. Some people wear just bands for sensory reasons or they work with their hands or he might have felt it offensive to give her a fake diamond. I'd be embarrassed to show a fake jewel personally. Better to save for the real thing. Plain bands can also be layered with the wedding ring itself so not a bad idea. The real offense here is the sausage fingers.

No. 307901

File: 1694870307164.jpeg (87.02 KB, 828x1363, IMG_9210.jpeg)

This ring is clearly bought from kohl’s

No. 307902


Hey at least the ring fits. Kek


More like her lolcow fanbase is wondering where she is because we are thirsty for more milk

No. 307904

You people just expect everyone to have money. It’s not the best, and personally, she can always upgrade her rings later with her fiancé. As long as she’s happy with it, it shouldn’t matter. She’s most certainly not in the best financial state due to interaction around her, but it’s dumb how anons leave the highest expectations on her, especially being young. This is a dumb nitpick, imo.

No. 307907

getting the feeling frill is bored and selfposts then defends herself.

No. 307910

With soap and butter it fits.

No. 307911

Or some of us genuinely find this a dumb nitpick. If they spent money on a nice ring when she lives in a dusty garage hanging her panties from the ceiling and he drives a motorcycle, I'd rag on her.

Now this is embarrassing if true. Sterling silver is EASY less than $100. At least invest in real metal if you can't afford a real gem.

No. 307912

This is retarded. Literally every company in the world, upscale or not, makes a plain ring.

No. 307914

You would want something to last. This will easily tarnish in 6 months

No. 307915

Is kohl's the only place you shop at or something? You can get this kind of ring anywhere

No. 307916

File: 1694890652804.jpeg (722.96 KB, 828x813, 095686434567997555.jpeg)

something more milky for now. Here are the judges for a coord contest. It’s a shame that all they could find were itas. 

No. 307917

Bet this anon is a poorfag


No. 307920

I don’t watch Lor but was she busy or something? I don't know the other two "media guests" besides fluffy Jo, who’s a notorious ita. These people don't look to be that known to judge. 

No. 307922

You know it's bad when you only recognize Jo as a media guest. Seriously, whose choice was this? I'd rather not be judged by someone who doesn’t know how to balance a perfect coordinate. The girl in the middle can’t even balance her shoes or find a good blouse with that god awful AP gingham dress that nobody buys on AP official website. 

No. 307923

I don't anything about the other 2 besides they have YT channels. Plus they're black. That's probably more than enough to make them Lolita Experts(TM)

No. 307924

The one on the left isn't ita, just a nitpick and she's obese. She also seems to wear clothes her size (maybe altered) from the picture, compared to the other 2 who look like greasy andouillettes.

Yeah they're probably marrying to save money on health insurance plans or something.

No. 307925

>isn't ita….she's just obese

this is an oxymoron kek

No. 307926

Taobao and clolita with alien makeup?

No. 307927

Jo is the only one that looks decently good here.

No. 307928

>Yeah they're probably marrying to save money on health insurance plans or something.
She's 20, you can be on your parent's health insurance until 25/26 (depends on company) and sometimes longer if you're a college student.

saxonblues89/Jherrica Johnson is also the DFW comm mod who banned Hannah/rosequartzroyalty and Liv/marshmallowghostbunny after discordgate. So a YouTube channel + comm mod probably explains why she's viewed with a position of authority.

No. 307929

Is everyone from Texas fat and hideous? Didn’t expect the mod to be one too

No. 307932

nayrt but her parents may not have health insurance either. i got the impression her family is not well off

No. 307935

This bitch has admitted to making a career out of scalping, posting a list of other scalpers doesn't make her innocent.

No. 307936


No. 307938

Obesity itself is ita

No. 307949

File: 1694939439811.jpeg (610.59 KB, 2048x2048, 7CC6BBB4-CA19-4627-8094-8D6C73…)

Fake news. She’s had that ring since 2021 . That’s her engagement ring from her ex.

No. 307956

She looks cute here, what the fuck happened???

No. 307958

wow that’s really sad. she used to be normal looking and relatively cute.

No. 307964

Hate how this fashion is full of fatties now

No. 307973

Tell you're new without telling me you're new. Lolita has always been a fat girl fashion, even before it hit the West. Pretty thin women are the exception, not the rule.

No. 307977

You sound new, there have always been fatties but not nearly to the extent there is now

No. 307978

I blame the HAES movement plus just generally it becoming more normalized/widely known in western society.

No. 307980

I guess they had no other choice and blindly picked some randos that are itas.

No. 307981

File: 1694988662338.jpeg (32.04 KB, 612x490, IMG_9272.jpeg)

They could all use a salad or two

No. 307983

Fat for asian standards, not western. Fat for asians in the 2000s is still considered thin here.

No. 307987

It's also well known that antipsychotics and other psychiatric medications cause weight gain, and we are all fucking crazy here

No. 307988

nta.. anon. you're kidding right? fatties and itas were insanely common.

No. 307991

Don’t be lazy and lose the weight

No. 307993

That’s not a common thing anon…

No. 307995

classicfags act so pretentious and yet are always the worst itas.

No. 307996

way to out yourself kek

No. 308001

this whole idea is a cope. SSRIs are said to cause weight gain because if your anxiety or depression is making you forget to eat or lose interest in eating, getting more serotonin back in your brain will fix that and make you eat normally again. if you’re already eating normally or too much and starting SSRIs make you eat even more, maybe you’re just a piggy.

No. 308007

Said a sweetfag

No. 308009

Wow, she has bloated up in the past 8 years since the last time I saw her at SJ. I'm out of the loop, but I’m hearing that she and her comm have been causing problems lately, including the ones mentioned above. I won't forget the drama of her making someone leave by misgendering them somehow, making them uncomfortable with terms that were racist.

No. 308013

Jhericca or Frilled?

No. 308016

she clearly meant frilled, who would've been 11 at the time

No. 308017

what do nonnas here think is fat for the average 5'4 american woman? Curious to hear with all that fat discussion.

No. 308018

150+ lbs

No. 308021

"Fat" for Japan is just what the average young western woman weighs now.(sage your shit)

No. 308022

Frill wouldn’t be in a lolita comm if she was 11 and she been wearing the fashion for 4 years. This might be the other person

No. 308024

File: 1695091950222.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x1421, body-mass-index-chart-28413773…)

Honestly some lolitas are so retarded I fully believe they would think she meant an 11 year old and that the child was really causing comm issues.

I think BMI is a better indicator since we all carry weight differently. Picrel feels pretty accurate

No. 308026

Ok, I'll bite. This new engagement isn't fake news and I'm going to try and reason out why for you. The posts you link show her wearing that ring from some time in 2021 to 2022 and got engaged. Then she breaks up with him at some point with him, starts dating this new guy, and has a rushed engagement probably for "influencer clout." She reuses the same ring because they are both broke as shit or it's not serious. It's fine to not spend a lot on a ring or to not buy a diamond, but at bare minimum, the ring can be special and not from a previous failed relationship. This picture with her hand is from her Youtube channel and is still up.
TL;DR: Frilled Criminal is so hungry for attention that she reused her cheap ring from her ex be engaged again for likes.

No. 308027

holy fucking shit andrea in the back looking like a troglodyte

No. 308050

antipsychotics are said to cause weight gain pretty commonly as a side effect, but i can't be sure if that's because of the medication itself or because it prevents manic episodes (during which it's common to forget to eat and remain physically active)

No. 308061

the point is that we don't even know if this is the ring

No. 308062

File: 1695178802467.jpeg (302.51 KB, 800x1129, 604B96B6-55C0-455D-94E2-503995…)

"Fat" was always thin compared to you. That's why old school skirts fit 24 inch waists

No. 308069

Let’s be real. It’s not the same ring. There’s no way it would still fit.

No. 308074

File: 1695204685453.jpg (37.3 KB, 600x315, 1553228071170_barbfb.jpg)

This is at least partially true. There are other things to consider too. Many JP women are also pretty short (even more so in the past as people trend taller over time in general). 24 inch waists on a 4'10" person will seem bigger than a 5'7" one. And the women were younger and possibly not quite done growing at the time the fashion got started and aged with it, so old sizes being smaller at first makes sense but could have still been a size that was large for a Japanese teenager, who would potentially not be done growing and could be even shorter than a 20+ year old adult woman. Some sources also say that in Japan's nutrition and health data that average weights peaked in the 90s and early 2000s while average height was even lower than the current 5'2" for women by a few inches. With many people existing on either side of that average, it stands to reason that most women and teenagers were so short back then that 24 inch waists could look fat by Japanese standards and chubby by western ones.

In your photo, at least a couple of the women's starting physique is a bit chubby looking, and they all seemed to have had a 24 inch waist to begin with, which on top left was not especially slim. It's worth noting that based on their measurements they are all somewhat pear shaped with smaller chests and bigger hips in proportion to their waists so they carry their weight differently than someone who is top heavy. That's also a diet or weight loss program ad, so the end results are obviously a little manipulated visually with photoshop or better lighting and posing to create more contrast from their starting points, and are the successful "ideal" to strive for, not where the majority of people were.

For reference on the waist size vs height thing on a white person, here's a VS model who was considered a plus sized model and supposedly had around a 24 inch waist. The different angles also show how chubby that can look from the side.

No. 308075

damn this makes me feel fat now, I didn't know my bodytype could be considered "plus size" lol…

No. 308080

Nothing wrong with being plus size, especially with modeling. A clothing companies internal size 6 is where the straight/plus line begins for runway and high fashion.

No. 308085

>straight size
Go back

No. 308095

Back where, retard?

No. 308102

This term is only used by woke tards. You won’t be hearing doctors or professionals use this term

No. 308113

You're retarded, straight sized is a widely used term used for clothing

No. 308114

>nothing wrong with being plus size
Except diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder issues, high colesterol, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea, am I right? Kek

No. 308124

Do your woke friends know you use the term retard so flippantly?

No. 308127

Because of the fat positivity movement getting mad a health and skinny people

No. 308178

File: 1695301233512.png (458.37 KB, 852x628, DTMM.PNG)

kek, die mad scrote

No. 308185

Is there proof of him being involved in DDLG? If someone has please post, he can't say it's just gossip if there's literal proof to link to.

No. 308187

>straight sized is a widely used term used for clothing
It's really not, it's only used online by woke consumers. If I told the people I know who work with producing clothes if they've heard of the term they'd have no idea it even exists. The fat positivity movement created it and chose "straight" specifically so that they as fat people can be the "queer" or "oppressed minority" opposite to the "straights".

No. 308191

the term straight size has been used for at least a decade, was coined by the fashion industry, and has nothing to do with gay people. it means "straight" as in the opposite of "curvy". please try using google instead of making whatever you feel like up

No. 308196

source? it's a woke term plus size fashion isn't curvy. and no one in the fashion industry uses it.

No. 308208

File: 1695313126129.png (44.52 KB, 738x351, diaperedforexercise.PNG)

No. 308223

Google is very much free

No. 308237

File: 1695321542830.png (29.67 KB, 318x366, archive.png)

Thanks, archives in case he tries to ever say it aint him: https://archive.ph/senm1, https://archive.ph/Kr2Iu, https://archive.ph/TexF1

No. 308249

Dying because this ageplayer called me mean and nasty. I’d love to see the lolita subreddit get completely taken down so better groups with stricter rules can take its place. That subreddit is full of itas praising other itas, and if you try to give any good advice they downvote you and call you a bully.

No. 308252

Your first mistake is using reddit at all but if you search "lolita fashion" some other groups do show that at least have rules against kink but can't say if it's enforced-


Unfortunately when you search this other stuff like "crossdressing" "femboy" "FTMfemininity" etc show up which really doesn't help the case that lolita isn't for fetishists

No. 308268

you're delusional. I work in the fashion industry, it's been a term for ages. Straight just refers to the norm. I'm not for fat positivity at all, but you're being insane.

No. 308294

Do the other search terms reflect user overlap? It wouldn’t surprise me because my comm is full of “GNC FtMs” and “afab femboys” who apparently LARP as crossdressing anime boys 24/7. I’ve been wondering how many are just stunted autists and how many have a fetish for this sort of thing.

No. 308308

Is there a way to definitively prove this is him? He’s been denying it everywhere.

No. 308311

What other tranny is there called Abby, lives in UK and conveniently after being told to make a new account they did just that and deleted his only post in r/lolita? Typing style is his too. He's a diaperfag

No. 308316

He was found out in the mentoring server where he had posted about the other interests and his age which match the reddit account.

No. 308323

He is just stupid, but his discord he was using for lolita is the same username as that reddit he posted the ddgl stuff. Not that hard to link that.

He linked himself to his other reddit on his own by bringing it up again and again.(sage your shit)

No. 308327

File: 1695404366464.png (185.17 KB, 828x468, IMG_4920.png)

Post caps fucking retards, this is an image board.

No. 308336

No. 308349


Facebook is the same name too. He really is fucking retarded.

No. 308380

This is revolting how some fucking male diaperfag is introducing themselves all innocent like "I'm 40 and wanted to try lolita" like mention you are a fucking male fetishist first

No. 308381

He's hinted at it being about fetish things many times before, he has just wised up and removed them now.

On this thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/169sxbp/forever_a_lone_lita/ - he wrote something like "what adults do outside of lolita fashion isn't their business" but unfortunately deleted the comments. So it's obvious he knows it's a kink-related issue, not a gender one, but he likes being victim.(imageboard)

No. 308383

File: 1695427904541.png (38.81 KB, 765x438, foundthedamncomment.png)

samefagging but i found the comment.

"it's just rumors"
"but what two adults do is not their business!"

No. 308384

All the negative feedback makes me happy, after Mandrea/the atlanta comm not caring it's good to see so many people push back. He's really playing up the rumor mill story but it looks like a lot of people have seen his posts and know it's the real deal. Is he removed from mentoring or do they allow perverts in there?

No. 308389

Removed from that anything near him as far as I know, pretty sure every mod in the UK knows his name and have spread it as far as possible.

No. 308392

Mentoring is the group that found this out and they are the ones who told the UK mods about it as well as fb mods. Its just reddit that hasnt done it.

No. 308395

Then why's he still allowed to post on reddit? Reddit/Mentoring are both run partially by Lalaland

No. 308397

File: 1695432617607.png (20.28 KB, 398x480, rlolita.PNG)

Says who? none of these are lala

Dont be so dumb that you believe everything posted on lc, you can look things up to verify info you know.

No. 308399

Wonder why she left the team

No. 308405

File: 1695441183541.png (13.66 KB, 320x322, Lala Land.png)

Abby MattyMoo dancingtomymelody codsworthy101 of United Kingdom got posted last thread too. Here's more of his comments from his original Reddit >>>/w/302298

She was when Matt Drury Rambo Brite of Florida was being posted >>>/w/299604 Sorry we don't all watch her as intently as you nona

No. 308409

This is proof that lolita is dying

No. 308429

wonder if she had a disagreement with the other mods about allowing fetishists. There were multiple instances in the logs of her defending this shit, including face harness-chan.

No. 308431

So did Nat finally call it quits with lolita, or did she go broke and selling her wardrobe on her lacemarket sp00py?

No. 308432

File: 1695495976343.jpeg (272.83 KB, 828x1587, Download.jpeg)

Someone is calling her out in the comments for scalping. She most likely went broke and needed money while taking notes from Catcy.

No. 308433

No, she left. Look at her feedback on leaving lolita sales. She sold AP dresses like isha did, so it might be official that they may have left for good.

No. 308434

That makes 0 sense. Lala Land supports fetishsts but so do the others because it's still allowed.

Skirt already sold.

No. 308438

It says right there in her about me that she's just leaving sweet. This was already discussed last thread.

No. 308440

File: 1695500952748.jpeg (422.62 KB, 1178x1992, IMG_3561.jpeg)

She’s really still ragging about this?

No. 308442

she's still pretending to be gyaru and no one likes her there either. why doesn't she just get off the internet so she can stop raging and get some help for her issues.

No. 308443

File: 1695502653128.jpeg (166.53 KB, 1178x934, IMG_3562.jpeg)

Imagine being this mentally derranged you get this mad over a style. if ever reached this level of mental illness I would just rather be chucked into some kind of psychiatric care.

No. 308444

Was anyone else at hellocon? The venue was so hot there were several ambulances called throughout the day cause people kept getting heat strokes lmao, what a shitshow

No. 308446

File: 1695507123132.jpeg (146.43 KB, 828x1095, Screenshot_09646.jpeg)

No, anon. Her listings has stated that she’s leaving lolita.

No. 308447

She’s still an immature 30-year-old? What has she accomplished? She thinks telling TikTok about her issues will help her, but, clearly she needs a therapist and should simply log off and stop acting embarrassing online.

No. 308449

Tinfoiling, but does anyone find it weird how she’s following frilledcrimminal and a few others? She could be the one behind some thread vendetta. It’s weird how she claims to have left lolita and how lolita triggers her, yet she still follows Lolitas and sees them the most on her feed. Like this isn’t helping her at all

No. 308452

Not wking but people often put leaving lolita like that so people know a lot is getting listed for good prices, combined shipping, etc.

No. 308453

if she's trying to escape anachans like she claims, this seems an odd choice to switch to

No. 308455

Her style isn't even coquette and a lot of coquettes have alt-right undertones now so fitting for her I guess.

Most vendetta posting of Frilled is calling her fat, why would Lara post someone and call them fat when she complains thats what happened to her?

No. 308465

Could make her feel better about herself

No. 308470

She still follows lolitas, yes. She was following me, but I got sick of her constantly bitching about Lolitas this and Lolitas that. She would still like my pictures but would still say that lolita causes her ptsd and how anachans are after her. I eventually blocked her because she didn’t even know how to handle herself and made me uncomfortable. 

No. 308474

Christ, she sounds really insufferable, you’re stronger than the us marines for dealing with her obnoxious fatty attitude on your timeline. If anything she’s gonna die of heart failure sooner than the death of lolita fashion with her pudgy ass.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 308487

Her Facebook rants are pretty cringe filled.

No. 308517

Don't be selfish, share the milk

No. 308527

File: 1695583139829.png (46.53 KB, 848x593, Screenshot_2.png)

She should've asked her about every other listing where she sells everything as she bought it for marked up prices

No. 308528

File: 1695584566169.png (17.96 KB, 596x276, 110.png)

Mabel is cringe and retarded, she touched the poo with Columbiachan too. Also Catcy has that dress listed for $110 +15 shipping but her 'work' admittedadly is only worth $106 so what is the other $4 and profit off shipping for exactly?

No. 308553

She is essentially claiming doing her laundry like anyone else would is worth charging extra, there is no logic there. It has always been common courtesy to wash your clothes before selling, but she wants to charge others for the hour it took to wait for the delicate cycle to finish.

The before and after comparison photos make her look even worse. It is kind of hard to believe it would take 2 or more hours to whip stitch a tiny seam. She also says her work is not professional but then charges for it.

No. 308559

File: 1695609387424.png (18.37 KB, 618x304, 100.png)

I'm dead now she put it down to $100

No. 308560

i have to wonder why she doesn't sell on depop or mercari or some other non-lolita platform where people don't know her or won't call her out. it's like she's asking for trouble at this point

No. 308561

She does on Mercari it's been listed here before: http://www.mercari.com/u/474738239/

No. 308582


ngl i get a schadenfreude whenever I see her IG. Her last several videos were troll/attention bait and I know she didn't handle it well lmao. Hope the efame is worth her mental health.

No. 308583

File: 1695654054463.png (282.34 KB, 686x1164, wtaf.png)

Sage for old milk but whoever said all lolitas are cringe I'm ready to admit you're right. Wtaf is this? This is from the ddlg furry girl AngryPrncess/angeleeku and linked off her LM https://luciannamarie.livejournal.com/

Why would you say how much you're into gore and being abused and also that you wish you could become obese and ugly on an account that you also say is only for buying and selling EGL? These are her only 2 posts. Makes me wonder what other cringe is on lolita LJs.

No. 308585

nah the mythological lovecraftian lolitas in the discord server tend to think this is a worthy reason to upcharge, so of course they taught this newbie to upcharge over cleaning

No. 308588

what discord server? you sound skitzo

No. 308590

The discord server whose logs got leaked. The one that included the seagulls channel which consisted of a plurality of the individuals whose actions have dominated the last few threads for a while. The one who has its members listed in every thread OP now. Only a discord-chan would not understand what someone means when referring to the discord.

No. 308594

> The one who has its members listed in every thread OP now
No one in it who wasn't a regular cow (Hannah, Liv, now Catherine for scalping) besides Lala Land have even been mentioned in an OP since thread 13.
> Only a discord-chan would not understand what someone means when referring to the discord.
Because no one but Melissa cares about the boogeyman discord anymore, it's not relevant and it not being in the OP proves it.

No. 308598

The point is that saying "what discord" makes no sense given everyone knows what anyone is talking about when they say discord.

The idea that catcy got her pricing practices from other lolitas in discord frames her actions as ignorance and newbie behavior, and is more charitable to her than she deserves. It also doesn't explain why she lists things that didn't need any repairs for double the price as soon as she recieves them.

No. 308599

sorry anon but not knowing lore makes you sound newfaggy and fucking retarded. ofc the only server anyone is referring to is the seagull one

No. 308600

>Because no one but Melissa cares about the boogeyman discord anymore, it's not relevant and it not being in the OP proves it.
how did it derail for you to plug in your hatred for Melissa? Completely irrelevant, discordfag

No. 308603

Not a discordfag just not stupid enough to think anyone else cares about it this much besides her!

No. 308606

isn’t it around the one year anniversary of the #seagull leaks? still no consensus on who did it. rest in fucking pieces. hope something equally fun happens this year, but it probably won’t since the size of the western community has shrank so much even from a year ago.

No. 308612

Or maybe they don't spend their life reading a gossip board like you do nonna

No. 308615

It wasn't the first instance of leaks just the biggest. They pruned inactive members so it was someone who posted regularly. I don't think it's coincidence a lot were never identified or got misattributed. Considering they posted Deb >>>/w/244200 and Kaye >>303249 and knightofst.lily leaked the whole user list >>>/w/252202 they can't even trust anyone who was "outed" from the chat because they're not above selfposting or posting friends. More will happen and #seagull-colonic isn't even the only chat like that

No. 308616

Because Melissa made a Google list on all of them and kept updating lists in the thread

No. 308617

They know who did it

No. 308618

It wasn't just her since there were nonnies making photo collages and posting locations. They had conflicting info so it couldn't have all been one person/group. This idea of only her disliking the discordchans is so old and reeks of them. Truth is they're universally disliked even by each other. Didn't it happen multiple times they were dissing someone in the chat without even knowing they were there reading it?

They said it was LOC but if it was they would have bragged about it imho.

No. 308620

Are we really going to bring back year old stale milk out of boredom?

No. 308621

what else is there to talk about? this is basically just a lolita gossip /gen/ anyway.

speaking of which, does anyone know who choked k8 ("rin") at that party? she posted a story about it a few days ago, but her thread is dead so asking here

No. 308622

Post caps next time faggot

No. 308623

File: 1695691364399.png (428.92 KB, 525x575, 1695608691475506.png)

>what else is there to talk about
How about yet another fetishist on r/lolita that the mods freely allow on?

No. 308624

File: 1695691499246.jpg (185.49 KB, 1080x1685, D4ndyG4mes.jpg)

Sorry for spamming but I'm mobilefagging

No. 308625

File: 1695691537514.jpg (98.27 KB, 1080x793, D4ndyG4mes-2.jpg)

No. 308628

wtf, is this person mentally handicapped? at least all the comments under the post are expressing disgust for mixing fetish shit with lolita but it's insane the mods approved the post in the first place. r/lolita truly is a cesspit.

No. 308633

This is a troon right? A man subjecting bystanders to his fetish under the guise of "innocent happiness?"

No. 308635

i have news for you about way too many female lolitas

No. 308653

The lack of punctuation, run on mememe sentences, guilt tripping and insistence that a sexual image snuck into a non sexual community is actually not sexual despite it being perceived as so certainly screams male
A woman wearing a dress is not inherently deceptive or fetishistic in the same way a troon is, you tried.

No. 308655

I think she meant that "many female lolitas" are age players, not that women wearing lolita fashion is inherently fetishistic. Honestly I would believe that many OTT sweet itas and TIFF/enby types are ddlgfags, but they have the decency to do it in private.

No. 308658

As a sweetfag, this is why I wash ANY item I buy immediately after opening.

No. 308772

Atp the only way Lara feels she can get clout is by bitching about the lolita community. She's just as bad as the people she complains about