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File: 1715662968792.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x2018, IMG_0844.jpeg)

No. 1994237

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dimes Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Milk from the last thread (#48: >>>/snow/1966502)

Dasha tries her usual “laugh hysterically at anything a man says” routine in an awkward episode of whatever pedophile Sam Hyde's show is called now

NYT throwing shade at Elena Velez's show platforming the freaks in this scene

Tariq Nasheed roasting Anna for 15 minutes

Aimee and Pariah troon's "movie" about their agp is up

BAPthots shilling a memecoin with Milady hangerons

Muskrat funding hideous BAP dickrider BAS's wrongful termination lawsuit which she's using to boost her own shitcoin with some mouthbreather, a whore, and while backed by indian pedophile roshit's network spirituality bullshit

Radfem Hitler's real name is leaked

Some "RW extremist dravidian" who is new in the scene's association with a startup company

Anna in some anti woke panel debating with a Feminist professor , Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker also in attendance

Anna showing support for Harvey Weinstein

Honor Levy recently released her shitty book hence the shitty threadpic

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No. 1994246

dasha is starring in a Celine song film, I wonder if it will be a bigger part than her 5 second role in bad behavior lmao

No. 1994253

File: 1715673884228.png (92.56 KB, 817x380, 876543454.png)

Now that's a hot take

No. 1994258

How does she not see how badly she is telling on herself with these posts? Like girl I'm sorry you're a vacuous headed and hearted individual who had everything handed to her on a plate and yet is STILL so dissatisfied with her life, but there's no need to project that realization this hard it's really embarrassing.

No. 1994259

Pathetic projection

No. 1994268

File: 1715680292153.png (35.91 KB, 597x863, AnnaAndTheTroons.png)

Anna is starring in a troon propaganda movie with famed lolcow 'Bianna' Wu.
This is the second kiwi farms lolcow tier troon that has entered the scene after the cro magnon weeb one that lives in Japan.

Very cool Anna….

No. 1994296

What in the world? Red Scare / Gamergate crossover is a new low

No. 1994298

Same anon, but I assume the point here is that the Dimes Square people are bringing Brianna Wu on camera in the hope that he'll give them enough rope to hang him with. His KF thread has plenty of details.

No. 1994307

File: 1715693618745.jpeg (708.93 KB, 1073x1921, kmxky2ugh50d1.jpeg)

Looking alright(whiteknighting/a random selfie is not milk)

No. 1994320

this isn’t a documentary and producers don’t go on camera—they just give money or do logistics
dimes square loves their pet transes

No. 1994323

I thought it said a Celine Dion film first time I saw the news.

No. 1994338

File: 1715701692918.jpg (178.98 KB, 1080x1080, niccollo.jpg)

Its his real photo possibly.Compare the hair with his other photo taken on Anna's birthday. I think he feels bold enough when he is in his fifties retired in croatia to dox himself. He also deleted salo forum for the same reason that he sees an opportunity in this new post-cancel era.

No. 1994340

It is incredible that this guy is in his fifties yet tweets like a juvenile.

No. 1994346

File: 1715703275654.jpeg (239.32 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1198.jpeg)

The thread was nonexistent when I saw this. When and why did this crossover happen?

No. 1994353

She must have grown up with a woman hating mom like Anna did

No. 1994362

Another bit role. She isn’t leading lady material and never will be

No. 1994365

Why is the rs subreddit so autistic? The asian woman obsession and 'ironic' complaining about whatever mundane task they're doing gives the impression they're all twelve year olds.

No. 1994379

Why aren't Anna and Dasha protesting for Palestine?

No. 1994387

File: 1715715257204.jpeg (302.58 KB, 1125x1387, IMG_3717.jpeg)

Chris Evans and Dakota Johnson play main roles, guess we were all wrong and Dasha is on her way to Hollywood stardom.

No. 1994388

Anna is getting hammered by the dissident twitter for promoting Pariah the doll over RW events/magazines.
Dasha literally went private because of it.LOL.

No. 1994413

File: 1715720084381.jpg (301.74 KB, 1200x675, GMg7bdHbMAIBxrO.jpg)

For some reason Nic Pizzolatto, writer of True Detective, is into the Red Scare scene. He follows Anna, large Jack, but not Dasha. Jack is interviewing him at this event.
She went private a few days before that because she's praying A24 doesn't look too much into her online presence.

No. 1994430

File: 1715723664167.png (1.03 MB, 1123x988, grosstroon.png)

Yes, it's been glorious to watch. Anna's been getting it from all sides, right wingers, long time RS 'post left' listeners, the subreddit etc. Literally no one likes this disgusting troon, and hates Anna constantly pushing him onto people.

You wonder what on earth she was thinking falling into the clutches of a troon so long after everyone else realized what a bunch of gross dangerous pervs/narc they are.

Then again Anna is at heart still a provincial suburban middle class basic liberal, no matter what her various delusional larps she puts forward try to convince people otherwise. Of course someone like that would still be squeeing over the 'stunning and brave trans woman' in 2024. Even most mainstream Dems have moved on.

No. 1994473

Derp I missed that Wu was a producer
This makes even less sense now, unless it's that they're milking him for money like with the Urbit guys

No. 1994512

Is it just public knowledge that Brianna is trans at this point? I saw a bunch of low-tier twitter troons threatening to "out" him, followed by a bunch of people saying they already know/knew.(sage your shit)

No. 1994514

File: 1715748647494.jpeg (96.81 KB, 1024x683, IMG_8250.jpeg)

Not to be flip nona but one look at that gawping 6’3 Jughead is all you need to know he’s trans. Has their been a formal expose? I don’t know, but that’s a man, baby.

No. 1994561

He’s a legacy cow on kiwifarms and an elder tranny from the gamer gate era with clout and money through his marriage to an old asian chaser, hence his last name “wu”. His deadname is John walker flynt. He attempted to run for office as a democrat and funds lots of shit in his little cabal with Liz fong jones, clymer, keffals, and probably zoey zephyr. Claire penis was caught plotting to destroy some other trannies e-begging operation in his group chat a few threads back when the targeted troon faked his suicide, so no petty grievance is too small for this crew, hilarious that they think it’s other trannies who are the problem. I cannot wait for this disaster to unfold.

No. 1994566

how is she only 30? also wondering wtf the context is here. great picture tbh

No. 1994586

hopefully we can get back to discussing the actual post-left scene and not third and fourth-degree hangers on

sovereign house (the place where a lot of the thiel/right-wing downtown scene events are hosted) had an event where she gave a speech

No. 1994632

File: 1715786911489.jpeg (435.21 KB, 1147x1820, D8D4F04B-74AF-4AD6-9EA8-490E7B…)

Good god they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel

No one cares about your Catholic conversion you busted middle aged egirl

No. 1994684

File: 1715795692371.jpeg (499.24 KB, 828x1427, IMG_7624.jpeg)

No. 1994695

Was Brace there with other leftcows or doing an episode about it or did it simply double as a CIA op meetup event lol? Just never expected to see them together in a photo.

No. 1994729

File: 1715809011976.png (28.88 KB, 907x165, mm.png)

Funny thing is, mommy milkers herself is a low iq convert to MAGAism. She came to US in 2011 aged 19 married some loser to get greencard and citizenship, divorced him one she got her residency permit. bleached her hair blonde, started speaking in fake american accent, spounts race realist talking points and clearly believes in white supremacist ideas. She is a "striver" as she likes to call others but even more retarded cause she fully embraced being MAGAtard.

No. 1994731

File: 1715809210123.png (32.98 KB, 903x168, milkers.png)

Milkers and her podcast host vernica are outright deranged.Complete brain damage case.

No. 1994732

File: 1715809428991.png (135.26 KB, 901x873, bimbo.png)

Bimbo is just a manic episode away from posting nude again.I am actually surprised that @bronzeageshawty hasn't posted any nudes.

No. 1994742

File: 1715811998726.png (178.82 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20240515_172500_Kiw…)

Is she vaguing Anna the pervert troon lover? I would love to see those 2 retards go at each other.

No. 1994745


She's been dancing around it for the last 48 hours, you can see she's itching to get stuck in but doesn't want to burn her last bit of good will with Anna/the scene and lose her podcast $$$ she does with Anna's friends.
She's ripped into the other 'aimee' troon before quite a lot, all that mysteriously stopped abruptly. Presumably orders came down from above.

Also fucking lol at Aimee Therese "it's in another country, I don't want to stick my nose in, it would be inappropriate"….

No. 1994756

not sure if other leftcows were there but it was a random event; usually when other leftcows go to events at this place it gets out/gets advertised that way
source: i was invited to this but ended up not going

No. 1994772

File: 1715820092073.jpeg (831.59 KB, 2160x1350, IMG_6907.jpeg)

Not my type

No. 1994784

File: 1715822344380.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.04 KB, 1125x616, GNqOuBDXIAA4q_A.jpg)

lomez was doxxed and revealed to be a jew, like everyone else in the BAP sphere.
>Moraga is the same northern California town where Keeperman was raised, according to the 2022 parental obituary, and is also where Keeperman celebrated his bar mitzvah in 1996, according to a contemporaneous issue of the Jewish News of Northern California.
see attached image. just in!

No. 1994909

What's that super aggressive blur around her lower stomach, did she gain weight?

No. 1994923

he’s not her type because he’s a brown lebo mongrel

No. 1994935

It was very apparent how many of them were jewish based on their collective reactions to the palestine conflict but it's always nice to get the confirmation.
It's just daily wire for right wingers who think they're above daily wire.

No. 1995012

I also specifically remember her making fun of the Twitter tradcaths for having Pariah the Tr00n as one of their people and now they're besties. Wish I had receipts but I think her account from back then got suspended

No. 1995015

same nonna, she used to really hate troons and AGPs a few years ago, and post a lot of truths about them. I think she seems to have realized this particular troon was her best 'in' to Anna and the 'dimes sq' scene and shamelessly about faced.

No. 1995017

File: 1715894934870.jpeg (226.83 KB, 1280x960, IMG_7878.jpeg)

No. 1995030

File: 1715898935652.jpg (117.2 KB, 1024x615, married a whale.jpg)

lmao @ the heifer at far left (diana fleischman) being married to anti-fat tweet dude. and RIP whatever's left of anna's reputation as a cool person.

No. 1995060

Jack did the same thing

No. 1995232

It’s so funny how she’s gatekeeping the populist right with this arbitrary dividing line of Bernie 2016 vs Bernie 2020
Anna’s lip fillers are crazy. The lesbian is gorgeous

No. 1995320

I’m sure that’s him. In his redscare episode, Anna said that he looked a bit like Morrissey (nice sly gay dig) and judging by those caterpillars…

No. 1995349

File: 1715986878670.png (1.81 MB, 1895x1023, fatty.png)

Can someone explain me who this bitch is? She's on a podcast with that weird alien finn wolfhard looking troon that BAP sphere is all up in arms about, and she's also been on Sam Hyde's livestreams. I know Sam and Nick Rochefort have hung out with Dimes Square types before.



No. 1995356

isn't she one of the tradcath egirl summit girl ?

No. 1995382

File: 1715991875623.png (1.09 MB, 1471x2604, Screenshot.png)

No. 1995385

thx(sage your shit)

No. 1995387

File: 1715992256459.jpeg (377.31 KB, 1242x516, IMG_0978.jpeg)

Her name is Alessandra Nielsen and she was a kaliacc groupie since before it was a thing in 2019, she used to dickride @bpd_god as in the little indian pedophile rohit who once made a viral post about how low IQ egirls dont even understand his posts but still flock to him or something along those lines and she had like 69IQ or some shit in her bio for the longest time following that and would orbit him. She served as the face for one of their crypto scams yayo coin before becoming a "remilia employee" which showed in her linkedin profile last i checked. She's half brazilian or something and her thing is just being a retarded bimbo

No. 1995470

No. 1995485

I was going to say that, from his tweets and even his writing I thought at oldest he would be in his late 30s, just a bit immature. Mad, seeing as he regularly freaks out when people give him the slightest pushback against his lukewarm and unimpressive takes. What was the logic in deleting Salo, cleaning up his image (as if that matters)?
Is he actually a fruit?

No. 1995677

File: 1716066073175.png (64.11 KB, 762x517, -0987654356.png)

She always comes off so desperate, so pick-me

No. 1995679

File: 1716066444994.png (52.55 KB, 844x290, 6756434567.png)

Um, did you not also get divorced at 22?

No. 1995705

With all the Web 1.0 Gen X failmales in this scene, I'm amazed Brian "PLEASUREMAN" Uecker hasn't tried to make a comeback as a Substacker

No. 1995736

Yep. She still gives dating and relationship advice for some reason.

No. 1995751

This is an adult woman doing 2010s style "lolz I am SOooO0Ooo random!!" shit.

No. 1995752

File: 1716079167122.png (1023.81 KB, 941x1434, Screenshot_20240517_205710_Kiw…)

jfc look at this fucking fatty. He looks very down syndrome in this pic too.

No. 1995762

clown show full of clowns

No. 1995809

I get why he kisses Anna’s ass and pretends to be okay with her troon faghag. Jack is probably making more money than he has in a while.
I wonder what Anna thinks about ppl like Catherine jardinsecret888 and Monica mommy milkers making their own podcast, pretending like ppl are independently interested in their thoughts just viewing them as an extension of RSP. FWIW she associates with a lot of people — maybe too many

No. 1995853

File: 1716116035650.png (92.6 KB, 791x454, 876567.png)

Are Dasha and BAP actually dating irl, not heard this from anywhere else and imagine he's not inclined to date women

No. 1995854

File: 1716116085349.png (341.39 KB, 838x788, 908765456.png)

rant continued

No. 1995881

because the pro palestine protests as cringe and grifty as they are would require some actual work on their part.

No. 1995888

> America's avant-garde

No. 1995895

Kek was Pariah really featured in Men's World?

No. 1995912

Like an obese Charlie Kirk.

No. 1995930

Old but Peter Vack has meltdown after being heckled. We all knew he was a freak asshole after that Crumps article but woooow


No. 1995937

File: 1716138436108.png (496.75 KB, 858x656, 58FED74A-3DE6-48A3-A4DB-54A277…)

yep. some of the rw guys are accusing one of their own of "sneaking" the pic into the mag on purpose. it does seem like Raw Egg Nationalist, the head of the mag, wasn't aware the photo was of a troon and just thought it was aesthetic

No. 1995985

File: 1716154656836.jpeg (107.68 KB, 960x639, 07B89EB4-ACCD-4920-9056-D39CC9…)

Dasha spotted filming Celine Song's new movie with Dakota Johnson as reports come in that the producers are so impressed with her dailies they're rewriting her character into a main role on equal footing with Dakota's. Lolcowsisters…our response?

No. 1995993

kek, that's happening for sure

No. 1995994

Pig snouts are trending

No. 1995997

You know, when most of Dasha’s face is covered by a fence, she almost looks as good as Florence Pugh.

No. 1996012

File: 1716159046691.jpg (138.92 KB, 769x1025, media_GN-Tq2xWwAAkAAu.jpg)

I've seen this image and yours posted together at times

No. 1996013

Perfect ragebait pic for right wing incels(sage your shit)

No. 1996022

No. That person is a retard trying to pretend they have some gay inner gossip

No. 1996023

How would that enrage them? It's a tr00n with a gayn1gger. It's such a well established trope that n1ggers are gay that teenagers have an entire meme subculture based around it. It's called "thugposting".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1996037

File: 1716165574249.png (191.11 KB, 1396x274, Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 8.26…)

any year now..

No. 1996038

we all know how she got this roll

No. 1996047

She's become like the right-wing version of Peter Soeller: correct read of the vibes, but she gets so many little facts wrong that it's easy to dismiss her as a crank.

No. 1996079

Dasha looks quite beautiful with a fence covering half her face.

No. 1996107

File: 1716187621376.jpeg (637.2 KB, 968x3407, 8CF7CCD1-7DD4-452C-AF0F-DE2B85…)

adding to this from the last thread since radfem hitler was doxed and anons were talking about her being a richard spencer groupie but no one mentioned how she went on podcasts with him and hosted a segment under the moniker holly himmler, she took over for another white supremacist groupie who went by kimmy goebbels. her intention actually was never to dox and expose them but its just the impression she left after throwing herself at and mingling with so many alt right moids to gain prominence within their sphere

No. 1996109

File: 1716188968056.gif (5.01 MB, 500x614, B8E7FADA-80CD-4782-8543-7C5C02…)

>holly himmler
>kimmy goebbels
These people are so unserious lmao

No. 1996193

BAP isn't even currently living in the US

No. 1996270

I believe he’s in Brazil, using the money he’s made from his book to sleep with mixed race male escorts

No. 1996272

File: 1716239020511.jpeg (694.44 KB, 1170x2010, IMG_9070.jpeg)

Do they just go into a trance when they start to type out their takes, and forget that they’re childless unmarried women of about 40 themselves?

No. 1996277

how tf does "blank slatism" make it impossible to crank out kids? Every time I go to the grocery store there's some breeder there with 5 kids trailing along, it certainly didn't stop them. I swear to god these people have had second gen AI implanted in their brains, just pumping out nonsense peppered with keywords.

No. 1996284

Ah, so he's formally joined the GOP then

No. 1996298

the full Greenwald

No. 1996299

look, most women who want to get married and have kids do so
at some point the pickmes have to realize there’s a reason they’re not getting picked and it’s not “other women too liberated”

No. 1996319

Getting married and having kids isn’t some great accomplishment unless you are in love and have a helpful husband. Guess what, most married women don’t have that anymore

No. 1996331

File: 1716252443695.png (51.94 KB, 795x233, 543454.png)

Quintessential cope

No. 1996472

anti "blank slatism" is the new talking point for these idiots since they are all shilling Sailers book, so they will shoehorn it into every stupid post they make. ofc none of them would ever sit their infant in front of an iPad all day and let determinism take its course, so its all cope

No. 1996521

The worst part about this delayed marriage and kids trend is that since many people have dated or fucked before, they think they’re experts on fixing this issue. Despite being middle aged and unmarried and posting about their sex life on Twitter.
Things broke very recently— just looking at my normal 40-55 year old coworkers with partners and kids. Whatever millennials annd gen z are facing isn’t the outcome of blank statism

No. 1996524

I don't like to call stuff "word salad" because it's most often just someone using "difficult" words, which is at worst pretentious, but… god damn that's some real word salad, chicken breast and caesar dressing on top.

No. 1996538

File: 1716311699470.jpeg (307.91 KB, 640x831, C88CB55E-1010-47DD-85C8-35B9BB…)

Sean Baker's Anora has debuted to rave reviews at Cannes, eliciting uproarious laughter throughout and garnering a ten-minute standing ovation! Particular praise is being levied on Ivy Wolk, who, judging by initial twitter reactions and letterboxd reviews, is the breakout star of the film and likely the whole festival! Anora has immediately become the favorite for the Palme d'or, and Ivy a serious contender for Best Actress!

No. 1996540

Didn’t read but none of the males are attractive. Won’t be watching anytime soon.

No. 1996548

File: 1716313822957.jpeg (358.65 KB, 1170x2120, IMG_0922.jpeg)

Why does she post like an Onlyfans woman? When she claims to have a BF? (Very recent, she tweeted for years about being single).

No. 1996593

File: 1716320108065.jpeg (191.97 KB, 633x592, 399416F9-4704-461A-974A-3DDFEA…)

Bimbo's in the new KIRAC.
I don't know too much about this crew, are they basically the Dutch version of Red Scare? (Started off as dirtbag/edgelord left branded, then collaborated with so many right-wingers they "ironically" slipped into becoming artfag reactionaries)?

No. 1996595

Awesome more romanticizing sex work propaganda

No. 1996605

File: 1716322746888.jpg (102.04 KB, 804x610, mil.jpg)

the only reason Mommy Milkers managed to get residency in US because she married a "passport bro" LOL.I am pretty sure every man she's been involved with was an uggo.She's a peasant but somehow has deluded herself into thinking she has some "aristrocratic soul".

No. 1996618

I hear Ivy already has Oscar buzz

No. 1996619

honestly do it, she needs to be taken down a peg

No. 1996630

They are an extremely mentally disturbed group of people.The guy who runs the show is a Moroccan Dutch man who acts as a “pimp” for a middle class “leftist” Dutch girl named Jini who has decided to do porn (she has an OF) and berates her on camera while filming her having sex. There’s one episode were he attempts to force her into having sex with a Belgian incel and in another episode, she has sex with a man in front of an art class at some Belgian art school.

The best episode is when she invites over a right wing Dutch man and gets him to strip but refuses to have sex with him because he got her a cheap gift. The right wing man is humiliated and cries and begs KIRAC to not release the video but they insist they will release it despite him having a panic attack and saying he wants to die. It was a semi big deal and the man has basically retired as a result.

No. 1996665

What's the point of subscribing to their Patreon when the Vimeo link is right there, am I missing something?

>Thats the chick from Quentin "My Wife is Asian" Bookclub's video
Does anyone know the video he's talking about? Quentin is a weird guy (videoing himself beating off with the homeless) so it could be very funny

No. 1996695

Jesus Christ, don’t bother to astroturf these people’s shit over here, nobody on lolcow wants to see this

No. 1996712

Is the right wing guy Houllebecq?

No. 1996715

Kek, KIRAC makes short films not a lazy podcast

No. 1996729

I'd rather listen to almost any podcast over whatever the fuck that video is with a bunch of fat face ugly men sitting at a restaurant talking about nothing for 30+ minutes.

No. 1996743

Sid Lukkassen. Unknown outside of NL.

No. 1996770

Almost half an hour of ugly cretins talking with not even 2 minutes worth of mild titillation? Who pays for this dreck

No. 1996776

oh em gee it's recursive! like a book about a writer! has this been done before?

No. 1996809

File: 1716401615120.png (876.06 KB, 640x1136, E05E157E-8071-48F4-AD25-26B22A…)

Did Dasha's boobs get bigger?

No. 1996824

They look bigger, but everyone's breasts look bigger at that angle. I wouldn't think anything of it yet.

No. 1996830

Is it true that Anna and Dasha iced out Monica/MochaK?

No. 1996844

BU Sandra is just briefly featured, but they narrate grooming her to do cam work, and even to lure some guy in. This shit would be straight illegal in many countries.

No. 1996849

Mommy Milkers seems to have deactivated her account. does anyone know what happened?

No. 1996851

File: 1716412339030.jpg (53.94 KB, 681x1148, @SnakeSkin_J.jpg)

basil (@neobactrian) has been dunking on anna so her creepiest reply guy (@SnakeSkin_J) is now aggressively trying to dox him.

No. 1996852

basil is a real piece of shit.He deserves doxing.

No. 1996853

File: 1716412754371.jpg (164.58 KB, 1284x1525, GOL-Bt0WUAAVSQ-.jpg)

No. 1996854

are you @SnakeSkin_J?

No. 1996856

Cowl neck tops just make it look like that

No. 1996864

File: 1716414902494.png (79.88 KB, 808x538, hrn.png)

insufferable.Clearly mental case.

No. 1996871

I think you may be overexaggerating

No. 1996880

Padded bras will do that

No. 1996886

hi aimee.

No. 1996911

this whole thing is very odd. pariah has never pushed trans issues and is very honest about what he is. it's crazy that RW twitter tards expect Anna to completely disassociate herself from one of her friends because racist incels don't like them.

No. 1996928

File: 1716437015705.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.49 KB, 998x1472, GOIw7LfXQAAWl23.jpg)

No. 1996929

No. 1996935

Basil was doxxed years ago and he should take a break from lurking here

No. 1996936

Basil is such a hideous fat faggot. I just learned about him and I already hate him slightly more than the Jack paul blart fatso which I didn't think would be possible

No. 1996937

The last thread should've mentioned that her names spelled Aliceea

No. 1996938

Who is he?

No. 1996941

No one in this scene has less to say than her

No. 1996959

Is this related to the Sonic Youth film she was to do? That’s the guitarist’s son…

No. 1996964

Is RW twitter annoyed at Anna (someone who is only tangentially connected to their scene) or at all RWers that a seemingly letting him into their sphere

No. 1996972

It's purely inter-homosexual competition. Manly fags hate the feminine ones, especially if they look 'younger'. Basil is a gay obese south asian and probably resents Pariah since he's less desirable to the elusive 'straight man who might want to fuck another man'

No. 1996993

The what now?

No. 1997082

i have to aggregate reviews of this shit for my job and i don't think i've seen her (your?) name mentioned once

No. 1997160

they regard the bap network as controlled opposition who don't challenge the current moral paradigm besides inconsequential sailer tier 'blacks are dumb' takes

No. 1997162


where's the lie fam ;)(unsaged emoticon)

No. 1997170

In addition to that, I gather that Basil is just resentful of all Anna and Dasha hanger-ons because he was kicked out of their group chats

No. 1997177

He so desperately wants clout its embarassing

No. 1997184

No. 1997189

File: 1716515175278.jpg (207.56 KB, 636x944, icarus.jpg)

Looks like Anna, fat Jack, and filthy Armenian are at this thing with Blumenthal and Aaron Mate. Seems like a strange group of people to get together. I hope fat Jack tries to debate Blumenthal about Israel. Despite what you think about him, he would butcher Estee Lardass in a debate.

No. 1997214


You know she insisted on them putting that in there.
Amazing how she is still getting away with this shit, it's pathetic.
Be interesting to see how Michael Tracey reacts to her meeting her irl nowadays, he's also from NJ.

No. 1997225

Did they have a falling out?

No. 1997328

File: 1716536591543.png (9.84 KB, 500x245, Screenshot.png)

No. 1997386

No. 1997423

lmao what is this? she would have been like 13-14 years old.

No. 1997457

File: 1716588281522.jpeg (780.37 KB, 1170x1676, IMG_7620.jpeg)

What’s her deal right now

No. 1997459

File: 1716588559885.jpeg (591.48 KB, 1170x1258, IMG_7621.jpeg)

Does anyone have the tiktok?

No. 1997460

She's been pretty open about engaging in cybersex as a terminally online teen since the start of the pod tbf

No. 1997461

See -> >>1997184

I believe the original TikTok has been deleted

No. 1997501

he takes HRT and wears women's clothes therefore he is a tranny, it's simple as that. why would rightwingers want to be associated with one of their ilk and why are you whiteknighting him while no one is even discussing him ITT?

No. 1997563

File: 1716628306304.png (15.01 KB, 779x158, Zrzut ekranu 2024-05-25 111011…)

so does she have a major role or just a bit part? lol

No. 1997602

>a woman in a clearly desperate time of need
Oh boo fucking hoo. She got turned away from a movie premiere. Somebody call the UN

No. 1997606

File: 1716647528857.png (88.96 KB, 810x613, 5675455465.png)

He's losing it

No. 1997607

File: 1716647581865.png (69.98 KB, 814x499, 76565.png)

This was the preamble

No. 1997630

File: 1716663448056.mp4 (4.87 MB, 1080x1920, m2-res_1920p.mp4)

No. 1997632

Why did she expect to be let in? She’s not even wearing shoes. Retard.

No. 1997635

Didn't she spell her name Nekrassova back then?

No. 1997648

File: 1716668560214.jpg (83.28 KB, 950x1438, soldo.jpg)

matches this, i think.

No. 1997656

>pleure en anglais

No. 1997714

File: 1716683470879.png (445.97 KB, 748x1015, Screenshot.png)

Aimee is just straight up posting CP now.

No. 1997715

File: 1716684194122.jpg (7.17 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

i can understand his frustration. these old heads built their platform for 20 years on niche message boards, going all in on rebranding racism as cool and edgy, only to be torn to shreds moments after their first brush with the mainstream - not by the left/libs they've spent their entire adult lives railing against, but by the twitch hitler their shitposting inadvertently (yet inevitably) gave birth to. why? because they're not racist enough

No. 1997716

File: 1716684440366.jpeg (249.24 KB, 640x601, 4D0D1CDB-BBEB-4A91-94AD-B51C74…)

What did Sean Baker mean by this

No. 1997725

She is just the worst, how can someone be this much of a pick me. pushing 40 and still begging for tiny scraps from her following of right wing men. So sad lol

No. 1997736

This is really disturbing……….She’s also literally fighting no one. Like she’s back to arguing with herself

No. 1997846

File: 1716737055218.jpg (46.28 KB, 454x640, fbf.jpg)

Twitter is all he got in his life, you take that away and this 50 yr old creep would go insane.This dipshit was trying to flirt with a married women(Catherine @jardinesecret888) on twitter.I think he is truly delusioned to realy think that any e-girl will ever give his old ass a chance.He even failed to get Bimbo romantically interested in her when she visited croation & Bosnia and this is the same girl who got involved with a married old uggo.

No. 1997849

What even was/is his real job? I remember ages ago some thread where he was expounding about how the expansion of nuclear power is totally impossible and said he had experience in the matter, be it in the energy sector in general or nuclear in particular. Salo (lol deleted like a coward) was seemingly only a hobby, and I'm not sure about the current state of the weekly current affairs newsletter he was doing to desperately try and go "legit"

No. 1997857

he probably banged BU, i'd guess.

No. 1997861

running Salo was close to a full time job forhim and his brother.whatever he does/did was either trivial or some shady work.probably involved dealing within croatia & herzegovina.does anyone know his real name? the fact that he charges for his substack means he is not affluent.

No. 1997862

according to bimbo, if we are to beleive her, she hasn't been romantically involved with anyone since her "scandal" in UK where she exposed a married guy sleeping with her publicly in front of his wife/girlfriend.I think this happened around july/august last year.Since then she has been burning up her savings and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

No. 1997869

I thought he was gay?
Excuse my ignorance but how on earth is a niche forum a full time job for 2 people? He has posted some family homes pictures from decades ago and they seem to have been of moderate means, and he larped as a cigarette smuggler so maybe a relation did do some smuggling during the lean years

No. 1997873

>where she exposed a married guy sleeping with her publicly in front of his wife/girlfriend
Literally why? Just for content? Because she didn't know she was the other woman? Because she's mental?

No. 1997879

any details on the guy?

No. 1997887


you can start here,this is also the start of bimbo & mommy milkers public feud >>1884622

to answer your question
>Literally why? Just for content? Because she didn't know she was the other woman? Because she's mental?

She felt humiliated that the she never got promoted from side chick to girlfriend.she was secretly hoping that the guy would leave his girlfriend for her.This is not the first time bimbo got involved with someone who was not single. first she cheated on her husband with another guy who himself was married.
Now back to the UK scandal, because sheis delusional enough to thinks of herself as some kind of avant-garde artist,she tried to capitalize on this situation by trying to turn it into performance art.

No. 1997889

He sounds gay and is not in any relatioship with a women and was never married.Don't know what to make of this.
Salo forum was big with many members and moderating it takes a lot of effort.It wasn't just some side project.

No. 1997971

I know his first name is Darko

No. 1997972

>at least I look beautiful

No. 1998012

I hear that more than a few times now M Crumps has pulled out his phone at a party to show someone a tweet, only for the tab to be open to the lolicon hentai he was viewing earlier…

No. 1998065

Did the Salon forum bring money in? If not why would he work full time on it? It hardly counts as a job of it's not earning you any money.

No. 1998102


> If not why would he work full time on it?

This has less to do with money more to do with ideology. The content of that forum was so vile that it was never monetizable.Just because it was not his full time job doesn't mean he didn't spend considerable effort on it.Also it was not just him, his bother was the other moderator.

I think he coasted by his father's wealth/asset for most of his youth and middle age to not take career seriously which in turn gave him enough time to post and curate massive racists threads on his forum.

No. 1998107

Any clue on what his father did? Can't imagine a Croatian father raising a Canadian jannie would particularly be proud

No. 1998113

>CRINGE: Elderly jewish man Niccolo Soldo CREEPS OUT Anna and DASHA on Red Scare podcast with BIZARRE sexual advances!
>"I've heard about Dasha's bodycount, and she's just giggled after Anna complemented my blue eyes . . . maybe I really do have a shot with her, could I get away with asking 'wanna fuck' and playing it off as a joke if she turns me down?"

No. 1998125

Closeted gay activities

No. 1998129

Anna and Dasha associating themselves and outright hanging out with creeps like Niccolo soldo further reenforces their bad reputation.

No. 1998130

His Croatian father was a blue collar worker who managed to get into some construction business in Canada.It doesn't matter what his father wanted his son's to be, they turned out fascist freaks.

No. 1998132

Honest question, but have the girls ever had a good reputation?

No. 1998133

Well from what Nicky has posted in the past, the whole family seems to have had (and almost certainly still do) Ustashe leanings. But then he freakouts when people take such ideology to its logical conclusion, berating them for wanting to deport all African Americans to Liberia, or not wanting to venerate Mugabe instead of Ian Smith, or being critical of the EU. His ideology is an semi edgy mess, unable to commit to the bit or be acceptable within polite society.

No. 1998135

They have a good reputation right now. Anna is serving on prestigious political discussion panels and Dasha is starring in A24 movies opposite A-listers. Nobody cares if they interviewed some canceled faggot on their little podcast, this isn't 2018 anymore.

No. 1998139

File: 1716845122744.jpg (167.21 KB, 1080x1080, Fh4NDQSWIAE63oC (1).jpg)

Have you heard of these clowns? I'm thinking they might deserve their own thread at some point. It's only a matter of time until something fucked up happens like Simone birthing a kid with low functioning autism.


No. 1998146

wanting children cuz they're a "pathway to immortality" is beyond insulting. imagine being those children and your parents say that about you. like that is one of the reasons you exist. that is beyond me that they had the audacity to say that
>"Every decision the Collinses make is backed by data. 'Nominative determinism is a heavily studied field,' Malcolm tells me, when I ask about his children’s names. 'Girls that have gender neutral names are more likely to have higher paying careers and get Stem degrees.'"
..what the fuck? i understand there is some truth to nominative determinism but you're playing god at this point. how about you just choose a name that you think is nice and let the child figure out what they want to be, rather than attempting to plan out their whole life?? these parents aren't actually thinking about their children, they're thinking about what they want their children to do and how they're going to continue their legacy. this is fucked up

No. 1998149

>"He has two siblings; his younger brother, also a pronatalist, is 'in a competition' with him to have as many children as possible."
having children as a competition? that's how you view them?? and of course its a man talking while a woman is pushing out these children for him, just for him to say it's a competition with his brother. moids gonna moid

No. 1998150

File: 1716850416801.png (875.34 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20240527-174733~2.p…)

Every decision they make is backed by data like, checks notes wanting to have like, 6 more "superior" children with his rancid 38 year old sperm? To save the world ?? Enjoy the autism! Also,they just hit one of their kids on the face in a restaurant in front of a journalist, then argued that it was totes cool, because it was "to save their life, because they were jarring the table which could have killed everyone sitting at it". Also, anyone who criticizes them for this is racist.

No. 1998151

File: 1716850901061.png (243.65 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20240527-174823~2.p…)

Animal parenting models. It's all based on the most rigorous of science.

No. 1998157

>science-based parenting
>PLAN on multiple c-sections until Mom’s uterus ruptures in the best-case scenario
>worst case scenario, she dies on the table leaving multiple children without a mother and with a father that hits them
>give their autist uberchildren unlimited ipad time and deliberately keep them from public education

No. 1998158

Much better than a parent saying they regret having their kids. Dumb bitches who got pregnant too young by a shit guy often say this

No. 1998163

They done gentrified child abuse

No. 1998165

File: 1716854666692.jpeg (218.75 KB, 826x696, IMG_0656.jpeg)

but this part has to be trolling

No. 1998170


This is the nerdy Varg and Marie, maybe their broods can marry each other

No. 1998172

Are they connected to this scene at all or are these threads just twitter main character of the day general now

No. 1998187

That’s one of the main reasons people have/had children

No. 1998192

ayrt and i do agree that there is a part in having children that does relieve a human bc their genes are being carried out. i prbly should've specified it was more so the wording and the emphasis this couple put on the reason that ticked me off. saying "pathway to immortality" out loud sounds like they were thinking more about themselves when deciding to have children than thinking about the actual children themselves

No. 1998200

Yeah what’s the connection?
KEK literally.

No. 1998221

I remember them being discussed various threads ago, why are you digging them back up?

No. 1998222

>38 years old sperm
That's beyond disgusting, moids should be castrated at 35

No. 1998224

Maybe they'd be more at home in the Aella or Grimes and Musk thread, but the pronatalist movement is heavily connected to the lesswrong "rationalists" and twitter "postrationalists" who are all vaguely related to Yarvin and the thielverse that sometimes appear ITT. They probably have lowbie accounts on "that part of twitter" and are prolific posters in some of their forums or subreddits. Definitely Scott Alexander fans.

No. 1998267

3 kids at 36? Really pushing the pronatalism boat out there, pair of geriatric bores

No. 1998279


"…"small-souled bugman" implies that the person has been cut off from their cultural roots, and totally subsumed into consumerist neoliberal hive. they are totally lack any sort of sympathy for their ancestors folkways, higher spirituality, or passion. if they do engage in activities that are somewhat human, they still are heavily tinged by global capitalism. if they are a sportsfan, they will participate heavily in fantasy sports(which is obsessed with statistics, 'scientific' analysis of performance). if they exercise, it will be all cardio, and tracked by fitbit and then uploaded to faceberg. tastes in food, art, music, movies are predetermined by review aggregator sites like yelp, metacritic or rotten tomatoes. political views only appeal to them if they seem 'rational,' and derived from the sort of conventional wisdom, economics influenced worldview seen in works like 'moneyball', nate silver's 538 blog, and 'freakonomics.'….(derailing)

No. 1998415

Doesn’t he date trannies? The homosexuality is barely fig leafed

No. 1998451

So Peter Vack's Sillyboy book is coming out soon I guess, presumably to the same kind of reception as Honor Levy's except not even under a major publisher so maybe actually even worse. I can't find it now but one of the reviews on the back side of the cover was by Dasha of all people I think. This all seems to be on about the same level of competence and seriousness as that noagency publication, I guess there's not much need to hide how fundamentally unserious/unprofessional it all is. Wondering if his mom will be at the book signing too.

No. 1998462


Your gaydar is not good. Whatever his other faults, the guy is straight as can be.

No. 1998494

They look like cloned versions of each other.

No. 1998503

File: 1716941156393.jpeg (405.61 KB, 1170x1517, IMG_8008.jpeg)

The Collinses did an event at Sovereign House before


No. 1998525

File: 1716944195494.jpeg (175.12 KB, 676x1057, 755522BF-0AE7-417D-9F79-9AC84E…)

and here’s Malcolm Collins sucking off Yarvin in his Substack

No. 1998596

File: 1716969361042.png (241.67 KB, 720x582, 1000003104.png)

lmao he deleted the review

No. 1998605

Uhhh holy shit? Was Ivy lurking this thread and alerted him to it? Would be a shame if this got Streisand effect'd. Could be career-ending stuff!

No. 1998623

I’m sorry but why do the ugliest couples insist on having dozens of children? We don’t need more uggos

No. 1998628

File: 1716984597948.jpeg (388.2 KB, 640x1043, 2BCDA549-ACB6-4056-91EA-0F1FC7…)

I should've archived it before he deleted, but luckily google's webcache for the film's review page still had it

No. 1998648

File: 1716990871989.png (234.81 KB, 452x851, Screenshot.png)

So Niccollo has now tried and spectacularly failed getting with Bimbo,Anna, Dasha, Catherine and Magdalene.
When will he realize that he is not the cool guy he imagines himself to be but even the pick-me egirls on the right find him creepy.
He is just embarrassing himself.

No. 1998681

File: 1717001323429.png (716.26 KB, 708x832, ytueifhgidjskfnkds.png)

dasha's new boyfriend?

No. 1998687

full white t undershirt prolly fat

No. 1998700

File: 1717004352955.png (95.72 KB, 1206x430, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 13.38…)

maddie being a cringe pervy sperg rumors confirmed

No. 1998702

Is that Dave Longstreth???

No. 1998714

she’s looking wizened. the tights + orthopedic shoes look isn’t helping

No. 1998753

RFH follows that account, as do some other familiar names kek

No. 1998763

File: 1717018025976.jpg (183.41 KB, 1170x2080, anna repost on IG.jpg)

anna's latest IG story. when she's not posting photos of her kid, she's endorsing criticism of those protesting the massacre of children. it's just so cringe, right? what a cunt. note also that she always expresses her views through retweeting (etc.) the posts of others so she can dodge accountability. the smol bean shtick never ends with this bitch.

No. 1998767

File: 1717018691705.png (1.91 MB, 1100x1478, tweet_1795819467055976938_2024…)

exhibit B

No. 1998768

File: 1717019117570.jpeg (930.13 KB, 1170x1661, IMG_1605.jpeg)


They have also been in the news recently because the dad hit his two year old in the face, and their defense was, “It’s racist if you criticize us.” I wish I was bullshitting.

>>In the story, the journalist Jenny Kleeman described Malcolm Collins slapping one of his toddlers in public after the child "knocked the table with his foot and caused it to teeter, to almost topple."

>>"Immediately — like a reflex — Malcolm hits him in the face," Kleeman wrote. "It is not a heavy blow, but it is a slap with the palm of his hand direct to his two-year-old son's face that's firm enough for me to hear on my voice recorder when I play it back later. And Malcolm has done it in the middle of a public place, in front of a journalist, who he knows is recording everything."

>>We are kind of shocked by the racism threaded throughout this recent controversy. It is pretty well-documented that African Americans and other minority groups practice corporal punishment much more than other groups," Simone Collins said via email, linking to a CNN article from 2011 describing research in which most respondents, regardless of race or ethnicity, said they'd spanked their children.

>>Malcolm Collins said the criticism was "uniquely offensive" to him considering "the majority of Americans practice some form of corporal punishment, as you can see from the statistics with specifically that being the minority groups of Americans."

>>He added, "So yeah, I think it's an arguably racist position.


No. 1998772

I think Anna is a Zionist.

No. 1998773

After watching Scary, baffling she is not a troon. mannerisms vibes and voice are all troony toons

No. 1998811

No, I don't see that at all (although Dave Longstreth has also gotten fat)

No. 1998812

These people are awful, but I have to admit that this is some high-grade trolling

No. 1998816

the wife used to be “managing director” of peter thiel’s STEMcel bohemian grove conference, fwiw

No. 1998841

So? Please stop shitting up the thread with moralistic bleating about desert people ffs(racebait)

No. 1998856

waaaaa waaaaa go cry about it, she definitely is

No. 1998867

You say that like it's a bad thing though. It's one of her only correct takes.

No. 1998875


I remember when she first ingratiated herself into the Thiel zionist network, one of the first things she did was go on Eric Weinstein's podcast. Weinstein is a full bore Jewish ethno-nationalist, I don't think he was actually aware that Anna isn't actually Jewish at all, otherwise I don't think he would have had her on.
Anyway she started trying to build a rapport with him by bleating on about the 'epigenetic trauma' "our people" (lol) carry with us'. The pseudo-science theory being that a group subjected to violence or starvation leaves a genetic imprint on their DNA that they pass on to their children that influences their personality and behavior.
Obviously it's bullshit, but it perfectly mates with Anna's various absurd narcissistic victim ethno-LARPs that she's built her entire identity around.

Compare that to Anna spending the last 8 months gleefully yucking it up with the BAP zionist crew mocking terrorized and starving women and children in Gaza. Hang on Anna, these poor people being bombed and starved would have "epigetic trauma" too right as a result of this, and pass it on to their children?

And just like you say, she doesn't do it directly she's too cowardly for that. Instead you look at her likes and occasional retweets. It's all the most hateful, cruel, and sadistic jokes and memes about actually traumatized women and children from this cadre of snide, right wing neocon zionist men that she's desperate for approval from to bolster her ridiculous jewish ethno-larp.

Real nasty murderous venom and spite driven out of ethnic resentment*, but Anna is just a 'smol bean, whos actually really nice in real life and…. etc etc….'
*And the funniest thing about all this is she isn't even actually jewish anyway no matter how hard she tries to pretend.

No. 1998877

Your just staring at a bunch of pixels

No. 1998879

brilliantly put. she's just awful. hope the cunt reads this.

No. 1998888

literally thought she was a lantern-jawed 53 year old before I read the description

No. 1998897

Darko Peric allegedly (not the Serbian actor of the same name) but not sure if it completely matches as it say he's UK based rather than Toronto based https://rocketreach.co/darko-peric-email_9793998

No. 1998898

No. 1998928

Well put. I also fucking hate Weinstein, and his equally retarded brother, two worthless sacks of shit

No. 1998947

No. 1998958

File: 1717072442090.jpeg (355.26 KB, 828x837, IMG_0681.jpeg)

It was called Dialog, and she’s also running for office

No. 1999098

And Chapo picked this over their fans. Worth remembering!

No. 1999106

>literal handmaid's tale larpers commit child abuse

No. 1999122

File: 1717105007613.png (3.16 MB, 1176x1460, 434.png)

Convinced these people all know the same couple dozen other people regurgitating well worn tripe time and time again. Would be interesting if any nonas can go and see what goes on though for the schadenfreude.

No. 1999125

File: 1717105194188.png (541.58 KB, 893x732, fdgdfhgfh.png)

Mommy Milkers is so stupid.Imagine typing this out in 2024.

No. 1999136

We have crossed the Rubidon

No. 1999156

picked what nonna? I always found it strange the chapos were in the same circle as these freaks for so long
for being at the "spearhead" of "culture" its really funny this entire scene is just running the same tired game as 2015-era meme magic trump. they're almost 9 years behind the ball. yawn

No. 1999165

I remember her being summoned to the rs sub a while ago since people were making fun of her and her husband. Very strange woman. Her account on reddit is LadyTechnocracy so any nonas who want to stalk her history for the crazy shit she posts should check that out kek

No. 1999217

She’s as hysterical as the NPR libs she hates

No. 1999257

Her husband? Didn't she get divorced almost a decade ago?

No. 1999277

File: 1717157832567.webp (109.54 KB, 760x1306, IMG_8111.webp)

lurked through her reddit and it's really true that once a cow, always a cow. she made a dakimakura of herself for him (saged since it was 10 years ago)

No. 1999320

File: 1717171020679.jpeg (313.95 KB, 1037x1118, 2022-05-27-Malcolm-Collins-Giv…)

The Collinses have a school?! The Collins Institute for the Gifted kek https://collinsinstitute.org
The 'Bizarrely Authoritarian' U.S. Education System Inspired This Husband and Wife to Co-Found a 'Genius School’ for Future Entrepreneurs and Leaders https://www.entrepreneur.com/leadership/the-bizarrely-authoritarian-us-education-system/425668

No. 1999321

Do the kids get face slapped there?(sage your shit)

No. 1999323

Monica's political identity as of late seems to be that she's a metropolitan liberal woman who just happens to be openly racist, and not right wing because that's low status (her words), but she continues to support Trump. What is not low status about being a Trump supporter?

No. 1999366

absolute top kek at Dasha and Anna saying they weren't around when Seinfeld was on TV, with Anna conceding she was perhaps a clump of cells. it's in the newest episode titled "Mentally Challengeders"

No. 1999372

what? They’re both pushing 40 and Seinfeld was on TV until the late 90s…

No. 1999406

strong gimpgirl vibes

No. 1999409

Anna was 4 when it started and 13 when it ended. I don't understand pathological liars

No. 1999410

I gotta say, watching the whole Bernie postleftoid sphere be unable to simp for Hamas because they're all Jews has been incredibly satisfying. Especially the hag Anna, who used to do the whole "I want to be the little MENA girl~" routine.

No. 1999417

Does anyone have a link to this on Vimeo?(sage your shit)

No. 1999437

No. 1999461

The "project of marriage" is literally a product of proto blank slatism or outright denial of nature, if you insist on midwit categories like nature and nurture. Hence "project" and not, let's say, biological program.

What you mean to say is that you disagree with current social constructs and would like to bring the old ones back.

No. 1999473

The cornerstone of moid "thought" is the infantile intuition that (his) wants are needs and all needs must be met. Baby shits itself = you clean the shit. If Need, then Met. A moid never grows past this solipsistic mentality, evolving into a societal brood parasite with sexual urges - something as sickeningly grotesque as a baby with an erection.

Pozbrained microchimeric pickmes reason similarly, being unable to generate any idea that goes against the needs of the parasite. It simply does not compute to them that sometimes a want or a need exists specifically to be successfully countered or punished. If the male wants to mate with teenagers (or, more realistically, wants to mate with anything), it's the job of society to either permit him to do it or make it so he doesn't get the urge he's supposedly designed to get - by definition an impossibility. It also does not occur to them that there could be a multitude of responses that do not involve denying his nature - like retaliatory aggression or social stigmatization, for example. This is a line reasoning every moid understands perfectly when someone is seeking to fulfill their natural needs at his expense, especially when it's other moids.

Frankly, thots like Aimee should be bowing before every "castrating feminist" on sight for pushing the idea that "not all men are like this and pedophilia isn't normal" instead of the more logical "all men have normal red blooded urges which is why every teenage girl should shoot them on sight".

No. 1999528

kek nonna exactly. most anti"blank slate" (and it is a midwit dichotomy to begin with) thought originated with Cyril Burt who was outed and delegitimized for completely falsifying his data on twin studies. Coincidentally, Peter Thiel longtime ally Paul Graham has regularly cites Burt's "research" regularly in his writings. This has popped up in this scene through those ties as well as Scott Alexander of SSC, and Sailer being an acolyte of Burt's legacy…though he's more of an excel spreadsheet faggot and less of a researcher like Burt.

No. 1999641

new here, is Aimee a troon?(newfag, spoonfeeding request, unsaged)

No. 1999828

KIRAC are great, though I wouldn't expect anybody that posts in this thread to get it

No. 1999837

File: 1717287320815.jpeg (86.71 KB, 828x299, IMG_0734.jpeg)

kirac loves postleft cows like jon rafman who’s appeared here several times and rsp and interviewed by dasha that’s basically kirac

No. 1999888

File: 1717298556008.jpeg (306.13 KB, 1170x2126, IMG_1191.jpeg)

Perfectly put. Despite the death of the dancehall and fewer high school sweethearts that reach marriage, there are still structures and norms in today’s dating. There are still “best ways” of doing things, of meeting people, and there are still social circles oriented around family and early marriage.
But she’d rather blame being unmarried at middle aged on this supposed blank state society. Sorry you picked wrong for 20 years and no one wanted to wife you.
To do a throwback to the “infinite scroll” substack— I’m starting to suspect she’s the one who stole BimboU’s tweets.

No. 1999889

Sorry, forgot to add she dresses like shit.

No. 1999896

File: 1717300150410.jpg (56.7 KB, 500x281, 58f82b02-0493-4aa1-b614-2ef21b…)

I can understand nerding out over your children's futures but what baffles me is how they seem to be botching everything? They seem to think letting the kids watch their iPads all day will make them good adults. Those kids are going to get exposed to elsagate stuff as toddlers.

No. 1999907

>I'm a heckin high IQ autismus, normies beware!
>attempts to solve mortality by engaging in what every biologist knows is the reason for mortality

Average reddit incellectual. All knowledge is from le ADHD scrolling through updooted headlines.

No. 1999912

So I only watched five minutes of this video but

>They think from birth to 4 years old you can't talk to a child

Are their kids weirdly slow or was I weirdly advanced? I remember being told at 2-3 years old not to do things and listening without needing boppings. I'm pretty sure even the kids who can't speak yet are supposed to understand spoken language by at least one year old? And what about teaching them to sign speak, there's four month olds who can do that. I am surprised rationalist parents aren't signmaxxing from birth, it seems like a no brainer.

>3 minutes in the dad implies that not hitting your kids causes depression

lol wat

That being said I do think the outrage over boppings is pretty goofy. Being staunchly against all forms of physical punishment is a very Western upper class city dweller mindset and if what the reporter wrote is accurate the Collins are waaaaaay more gentle than the average corporal punishment family.

No. 1999923

KIRAC are almost no different than RS and post leftcow shit. Stop trying to project anything greater to it.

No. 1999946

There's a reason why they're infertile - those conceptions are not supposed to occur. Paternally derived mutations are thought to account for around 75–80% of all de-novo mutations in humans. He doesn't have a young or attractive wife with high quality eggs to repair his rotten splurge. This man's age, on top of the fact that he's an obvious dysgenic retard to begin with, ensures that their children will have some degree of mental disability. They're also making a metric fuckton of children, yet parenting resources are finite.

Tl;dr they're birthing litters of probable genetic abominations, yet they don't even have the resources to somehow compensate by educating them better.

No. 1999963

Are you a biochemist or just do this in your spare time? Impressive either way.

No. 1999965

Need lore on this cow. Only thing I know about her is that she is Canadian and used to hangout with Bimbo IRL.She was also present in Catherine's wedding.She is clearly older than almost all other e-girls maybe apart from Anna.Like Bimbo she has white fetish.I think her name is Alexandra.

No. 1999970

bimbo seems to have given up on her substack. Milkers was right about her being unable to hold on to any job.She is just a lazy women.

No. 2000069

Political family I believe. Parents anyway.

No. 2000118

>Being staunchly against all forms of physical punishment is a very Western upper class city dweller mindset
No it's not. It's a normal mindset. And learn how to format your post, fag, you type like a redditor.
I'm sorry is Anna posting here again??? I swear to god I've heard her say this exact same thing on the pod many times. I think you listened to one too many episodes of her coping over being hit as a child. Using a twee ass word for it doesn't make it cute.

No. 2000133

File: 1717343104005.jpg (97.78 KB, 1200x812, 1-23.jpg)

It's literally an abnormal mindset, in every culture that isn't part of the modern upper class Western world hitting kids is normalized lmao.

Personally I'm against corporal punishment because it seems inefficient and probably encourages kids to be violent. Low class people tend to be more violent and I bet that has some correlation with how much they hit their kids.(derailing)

No. 2000134

Should just transition to OF already, she recently tweeted that that's basically all anyone interacts with her for

No. 2000171

I wish he would. MPC was a great site.(sage your shit)

No. 2000190

File: 1717355036320.png (124.59 KB, 799x576, mmah.png)

This is the peak of Monica's intellect.

No. 2000197

File: 1717356074526.jpg (179.11 KB, 878x806, abcd.jpg)

full grifter mode. all behind paywall. according to radfem hitler, it was recorded in person.their podcasts are nothing more than hollywood gossip.

No. 2000198

>15 years later
>still trying to figure out how to make the whole "conservative is the new punk" thing happen

No. 2000203

>Ray Peat

every time. Amerifat moment

No. 2000212

Idk maybe it’s possible upper middle class white liberals actually support some of the things they vote for.
I don’t get Audrey getting involved with sub tweets. It’s been months since the explicit blowup, stop engaging indirectly.

No. 2000239

Audrey doesn't have the guts to go after these women directly. She would always be behind screenshots or via subtweets. rarely she would gather courage to maybe target Anna.

No. 2000240

Audrey is probably more annoying than these women.Redscare groupies seems to show considerable restraint over clowning Audrey.

No. 2000251

“Educated” libtards are that way because they’re dumb and want to believe every person is equal when they’re not. Education doesn’t necessarily make someone intelligent(derailing)

No. 2000253

Medgold is a gay brown pedophile

No. 2000254

anon you’re pretty much right on those ages for receptive language development. babies and toddlers typically understand way more than they can speak. not responding/understanding when you’re being spoken to is a big red flag for autism. obv the wife is a sperg and i wouldn’t put it past the husband to be one either, i’d say there’s a very high chance their kids end up being the kind of autistic where they can’t even feed themselves. but she’s like an aspie supremacist so she probably doesn’t even believe that’s a possibility kek

No. 2000282

Yeah worst interpretation is that Audrey is a passive aggressive mean girl. Best is she is actually retarded from homeschooling and doesn’t know she’s supposed to stop sneak dissing after a conflict is done. At this point Anna is finally looking more mature.
verymoisturized sits in a cubicle at work but dresses like a hooker. She must be a recruiter or something

No. 2000342

I agree, Anna seems more mature.Audrey is a weirdo and socially maladjusted.

No. 2000347

>busted 40 year old face with terrible makeup
>the insanely wide/fat arm from bad waist shoop
>saggy grandma boobs pushed together, can’t hide the droop

No. 2000400

No. 2000443

Well that was incoherent gibberish, he really has gone downhill. Is he purposefully trying to look like shit and be weird like Sam Hyde? And she's just….there, too boring to even critique. Any idea what was censored? Dick out again?

No. 2000534

Not going to this but having been to events like these: nothing goes on. People drink and do coke and/or ket, have surface level convos, and dance or play music.

That's the worst part about stuff like this, it's not even interesting. It's just 20 year old women and 40 year old men in the same room.

No. 2000577

That’s literally all men expect from an “arts” scene

No. 2000625

Gotta love how this "don't do X because it affects your prestige in the eyes of men" pickme also believes blowjobs are not repulsive and debasing because you can imagine them as empowering on your end. All this aryan gigastacy posturing followed by admitting that it's a form of bartering peace with an unruly coom chimp. Full mask off kek.

Newsflash: however you choose to cope, the moid sees you as basically a toilet for letting him nut in your mouth, and that's exactly what he's going to communicate to his friends. There's a reason why every language contains some form of "suck my dick" or "cocksucker" as a grave insult. The last thing he thinks about is how he's so important you ebin degraded yourself to appease him. That's the only thing "transformative love" is actually transforming you into when you suck a man's waste pipe topkek

No. 2000631

Blame decades of mentally disabled moids coping online. That deformed hag fell for reddit atheism gamer tales about Logic Superpowers, which may have led her to intentionally cultivate defective traits. This is basically reverse eugenics.

Daily reminder that your autism isn't a special superpower or a glorious state of being supremely logical. Autists by definition have poor affect regulation. Autism is associated with severe oxidative stress, accelerated DNA damage and aging, nerve damage, immunological and endocrine dysregulation. The known gene markers for autism are also consistent with other states of disability, such as dyrk1a syndrome. Even a low expression of autistic traits is associated with a faster pace of senescence, so "high functioning" spergs are not exempt.

The only sped cope I agree with is the extreme male brain theory. Technically, it's an extreme gene defect reality, which does indeed make it extremely male.

No. 2000641

can any one a pirate link of BAP's interview on monica/catherine/veronica's podcast???? https://www.patreon.com/posts/powder-room-2-w-105454767

No. 2000643

File: 1717452155136.png (1.1 MB, 1174x1004, dasha insecure.png)

pregnant marilyn monroe joining dasha's list of actresses who are too fat and definitely not as hot as her

No. 2000648

I'd rather be a sphere yet gorgeous in the face than a busted receding cashew who looks like a vanity sized medium.

No. 2000662

It’s free and they’re talking about the lockdowns (still) and the supremacy of Scandinavian sperm 🙄(do not use emojis and learn to sage)

No. 2000663

How do some homely women end up with enough of an ego to constantly attack pretty women? Being aware of beauty hierarchies doesn't place one at the top of it.

No. 2000668

only 20 or so mins are free, I'm talking about the full 2 hours

No. 2000671

I'm not aware of a pirate feed for the show. No one likes it enough to steal it.
I don't know how people put up with BAP's fake accent. It's like listening to Count von Count from sesame street, but if he was an asshole.

No. 2000691

lmao dasha wishes she was as gorgeous and charismatic and Marilyn. Mega cope to hate on objectively attractive women when she herself doesn’t even have a remotely symmetrical face

No. 2000698

i go on there all of the time because it seems like one of the last places on the internet where you can just express your true opinions aside from anonymous forums. but yeah there's a lot of autistic freaks on there. they have something negative to say about literally everything lmao

No. 2000707

ex-fatty behavior

No. 2000792

It’s def 70%+ men, for some reason

No. 2000814

Drugs and constant casual sex make devastatingly plain and mid women like her feel more empowered and attractive

No. 2000820

women that anna and dasha seethe over the most are always anglo women who fit standards of american or euro beauty, reason being neither of them fit these standards, although Dasha attempted to by dying her hair blonde

No. 2000835

File: 1717493963464.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1967, C2857CEF-4ABA-46DB-A0B6-C8B91A…)

her recent struggle selfie and still had the nerve to hate on a beautiful woman

No. 2000900

The subreddit is just… reddit users. Gamers, anime nerds, online leftists.

No. 2000911

This is what passes as Dissident Right humor,in their podcast BAP joking about wanting to rape Monica and they all laugh. These guys are literally bottom of the barrel of humanity. Funny how monica think creating content like this and simultaneously tweets this >>2000190

No. 2000912

Anna and Dasha have a habit of being nasty towards beautiful women, I remember they were trash talking about Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

No. 2000914

How is monica able to hold on to her job and simultaneously fool around with her gang? No way she is paid that much to afford comfortable life and have so much free time.

No. 2000916

Same with Veronica and Catherine. What exactly do they do? Did Catherine drop-out of her phd program in UC Berkeley? Veronica was a bullshit writer, no way that pays well. Does Catherine come from a rich family?

No. 2000917

I assume you’re talking about disposable soma, but that is still just a theory isn’t it? Like you still die even if you don’t reproduce.

No. 2000932

nona we've been over this. only autistic men thought they were trashing her. they were outright saying they were jealous of her because she was incredibly hot when they saw her on Fox.

No. 2000933

Does she have one of those teenage-ifying filters on here? Sorry to use this word but we all know her desiccated cashew face is nowhere near that neotenous

No. 2000942

Antagonistic pleiotropy. Sexual reproduction can never be a path to immortality because intrinsic mortality evolved due to sexual reproduction. Like disposable soma, this notion is literally Shoah for nataloids and anti-aging techies alike. They get REALLY triggered by it (especially moids, since being a moid is highly antagonistically pleiotropic).

Disposable soma is a theory like evolution is a theory, it's observed all the time. The question is whether it's also true for humans, which seems to be the case. But humans are mammals so it's less of a "fucking and breeding literally kills you" like it is for worms and flies, and more of a "what helps you breed now will make you sick and decrepit in midlife".

No. 2000964

100% she's pedo baiting so you can hardly tell she's a sallow, rapidly aging anorexic

No. 2001050

certainly does all her selfies her skin super blurred and notice how massive her head is in that pic. she does not have a huge baby head like that irl

No. 2001062

I see now. It’s pretty intuitive to be honest, longevity wouldn’t be selected for if it doesn’t help you reproduce. Though I think she meant immortality in the “my genes will live forever” sort of way.

No. 2001063

Yes. She makes her nose and jaw smaller to appear more doll-like too

No. 2001064

File: 1717546319994.jpeg (139.32 KB, 438x471, IMG_6843.jpeg)

I never noticed how piggish her face looks in her old pfp. Oink oink

No. 2001069

>it's less of a "fucking and breeding literally kills you" like it is for worms and flies, and more of a "what helps you breed now will make you sick and decrepit in midlife"
That's just because parenting is so stressful kek

No. 2001077

File: 1717549839667.jpg (68.51 KB, 1010x397, IMG-20240604-WA0008.jpg)

sadly, poopina continues to deceive her followers. she will appear in the upcoming world peace show btw, beware of the forthcoming simping

No. 2001080

Her old thread needs to be unlocked

No. 2001097

Still looks she belongs in a cave even after a nose job. Ooga booga

No. 2001124

Her genes will only live forever if her descendants have decent fitness. She and her husband are functionally infertile. As of now, it looks like her genes will amount to "sterile nonverbal retard dead by age 3 from a germline mutation" within two generations tops. You can only use IVF to bypass poor viability so many times until it can no longer help.

No. 2001126

File: 1717561216707.jpeg (350.16 KB, 640x812, 5A722176-1DAD-4AC6-97A5-B28779…)

The Beast leaked and Dasha's one scene went viral on X (nearly 2 million views). All the replies and qt's are trashing her horrendous acting, and she replied to one critic with this… she's shook!

No. 2001131

several nosejobs

No. 2001138

Damn anon, that’s brutal. I think she just might be retarded in the spends too much time on Reddit way like Aella and not full tism. What do you think about Musk and his suspected crispr brood?

No. 2001151

Poor girl didn’t make it into the movie trailer. How much longer can she whore herself for these nothing parts?

No. 2001167

Like aella and every other ebin rationality thot, this literal horse girl has autistic traits. Unless she's carefully larping them, she's an aspie. Aspies have similar genetic issues to autismos, just more lightly expressed. Kind of like how DNA damaged sperm from old fathers doesn't always produce full 'tism, but quiet spergy incels with metabolic issues are near guaranteed. As you can probably tell from her progeroid appearance, Collins also has a million allergies and chronic conditions. Form follows function.

As for Musk, I would expect him to want to alter his subhuman genes while still pretending his kids are his. Germline editing has infinite cow potential because we don't know all the functions of every individual gene. We keep finding new ones in pathways that were thought to be fully understood. So tl;dr look at the cars Musk is building and imagine a human built by him lmai

No. 2001178

she is so ugly no wonder her kids are putrid

No. 2001223

Not to rain on your parade but it results in stronger babies, not weaker ones. Your genetics still have a ceiling of course, but they throw out the weaker embryos

No. 2001292

File: 1717599473748.png (72.2 KB, 1210x434, Screen Shot 2024-06-05 at 10.5…)

Exhibit A

What do these people get out of supporting Trump, anyway? It's not like he's done or will do anything to make America more racist or pro-white. Especially not when he's pandering to Latinos and black people

No. 2001294

If wp2 ever comes out, I hope the MDE/Sam thread is unlocked.

No. 2001345

Any woman that needs IVF to be having kids should not have them.

No. 2001363

Guess annoying people they don't like is reason enough

No. 2001381

Sorry to rain on yours, but IVF babies actually have a higher rate of birth defects.


Also, selecting an embryo that doesn't express overtly detectable retard traits doesn't mean the genes aren't there.

No. 2001474

Stop posting this literally who room temperature IQ bitch, thanks.

No. 2001478

Didn’t know women could make kids all on their own

No. 2001480

I dunno man. I’ve seen other research saying they make embryos, study them then trash the weaker ones. It’s why religious freaks don’t like IVF, they view it as abortion

No. 2001524

That's exactly what they do, but at best it rules out, like, potato tier mental disability

No. 2001528

Embryos are screened for fitness in IVF by slicing off a piece and testing the genes, and only viable embryos will be implanted. There is a 1% higher rate of birth defects when doing IVF, but it’s impossible to know if that’s from IVF process because the type of people doing IVF in the first place have some genetic/health issue hence them needing IVF. Honestly amazing the birth defect rate isn’t higher considering that

No. 2001539

File: 1717652151905.jpg (208.15 KB, 1280x849, 1668140-800w.jpg)

Not really related but I think Dasha should really start aligning herself stylistically with Parker Posey. Maybe its just the large foreheads that make me thing that.

No. 2001552

Ok. What’s your point here. You might have one if many sick babies weren’t conceived naturally(derailing about ivf)

No. 2001659

File: 1717684453672.jpg (58.11 KB, 828x554, GPUCkk0WMAI6Ta3.jpg)

Lyrics to that Charli XCX song are out. "Being a musician is ​“fucking twisted and hard” and she wanted to make a record which spoke to that…Another interrogates society’s ​“fascination with mean girls”, inspired in part by Dasha Nekrasova, co-host of controversial podcast Red Scare, and by Charli’s interest in why ​“succubus-looking, dead-eyed women” like herself and her friend Gabriette are often coded as mean."

No. 2001660

File: 1717684534462.png (169.26 KB, 1004x1062, charlixcxp2.png)

Rest of the song, complete slop.

No. 2001662

These lyrics are awful even for Charli. I'd be embarrassed if someone wrote this song and said it was inspired by me

No. 2001668

File: 1717685839725.jpeg (731.25 KB, 1179x1498, IMG_6646.jpeg)

No. 2001675

And IVF helps those who couldn't conceive even said potato naturally. Her point is that IVF produces turbopotatoes(derailing about ivf)

No. 2001677

Not about dasha, she’s in mid 30s more like, never been in vogue and isn’t a New York City darling

No. 2001682

Lol it's funny that charli will name drop red scare but doesn't put dasha in her cameo heavy music videos

No. 2001707

I'm with the religious folks on this..IVF is disgusting and no one should use it. Women are ruining their bodies and stretching out their vag to have potato babies with scrotes. Ew.(derailing about ivf)

No. 2001710

did charli go alt-right or did a thiel type get to her? lyrics are almost grimeth-tier bad kek

No. 2001715

congratulations charli, you are henceforth coded as cringe

No. 2001765

I can imagine her trying to pull off bimbo hot and failing. Maybe Charli was doing her a favor

No. 2002075

File: 1717787268554.jpg (238.63 KB, 1311x812, fdgfhgfjgy.jpg)

e-girl psychopathy reaching new heights. This e/acc groupie who is also a trust fund kid(28 and with no job) has always posted crazy stuff but openly posting this to her mostly right wing followers seems too much. She is not even anon. Imagine posting this about your own mother.

No. 2002077

File: 1717787576981.jpg (117.04 KB, 913x801, strhegfj.jpg)

there's more.
Her name is Shyla Marie Atchison. Berkeley undergrad in economics.She clearly has paranoid schizophrenia as she is constantly imagines CCP specifically targetting her. lol.

No. 2002078

Can we bring back “party in my pussy tonight oh yeah yeah baby” music? Everyone wants to be Lana now.

No. 2002201

File: 1717808414811.jpeg (980.62 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_0790.jpeg)

zoe kestan (weed_slut_420), early red scare guest is currently testifying in hunter biden’s tax fraud trial

No. 2002205

File: 1717809130017.jpg (198.53 KB, 1170x2080, annakhach 448054645_1118629396…)

anna showing some thigh at some chat with big jack.

No. 2002210

When the allowance didn't come through this month:

No. 2002213

Average BPD whore projecting her midwit verbosity on her mother. Extra kek at her unironically referencing vanity sized IQ ranges for professional test takers.

No. 2002225

File: 1717813371287.png (106.46 KB, 1182x316, Screen Shot 2024-06-07 at 10.2…)

How can anyone call her employer when she doesn't have one

No. 2002229

at least she recognizes she’s a loser

No. 2002231

>you can't own me, I own myself!

Brooklyn podcel moment

No. 2002284

Reports on Vack's 'book' launch from what I'm hearing and seeing seem like it was all very middling. Dasha and Ivy and the Ion Pack goobers all listed as hosts but not seeing much publicity out of anyone.

No. 2002329

File: 1717842192007.jpg (Spoiler Image,1021.2 KB, 1125x1115, media_GPgmtsdXUAAssUj.jpg)

Someone's still thirst posting

>Is this just to advertise the writing? It’s like one of those porn accounts with a literary twist.
I mean, he's not wrong, should really just drop the facade already and go all in on what gets engagement

No. 2002339

File: 1717845183200.jpg (364.81 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20240608-071328_Fir…)

Apparently Adam "Safety Propaganda" Lehrer is somewhat of a midget

No. 2002347

thought this was a picture of breadtubers at first kek. horseshoe theory is so real

No. 2002381

Does she go anywhere without that disgusting troon tagging along, everyone hates him.

No. 2002385

lol fat jack in the back

No. 2002389

Why did Basil/neobactrian deactivate?

No. 2002401

Is he the Perfume Nationalist guy? He looks like shit, zero effort

No. 2002457

Monica needs an intervention and a makeup artist tutorial. Your friend Anna does not like you if she’s letting you walk around with this shit makeup.

No. 2002532

Pariah towering over huge Jack

No. 2002533

Her dress needs tailoring too

No. 2002543

Retinol was a mistake. Anna's skin looks like thin greasy paper stretched over encapsulated filler.

No. 2002545

File: 1717887579494.png (1.57 MB, 2544x1374, the beast.png)

Bonello kindly only has Léa Seydoux and Dasha share the same frame for approximately one minute.

No. 2002550

How tall is the troon, exactly? I think it once claimed it was 5'11, though it's clearly wearing heels here.

No. 2002551

A brutal mogging by Lea if ever there was one. Dasha looks derpy and flat-chested.

No. 2002562

Lea is also almost 40. I would honestly go ahead and neck myself if I were Dasha.

No. 2002567

File: 1717896900434.jpg (327.28 KB, 1400x1401, 73eda9bd69ee9d16f05a298907bb37…)


>Our agreement is, I get infants until they are 18 months old. As soon as the next baby comes, he’s on everyone else.

>In the car on the way to the restaurant, Malcolm tells me how much he doesn’t like babies. “Objectively, they are trying and they are aggravating. They are gross. This little bomb that goes off crying in this big explosion of poo and mucus every 30, 40 minutes. And it doesn’t have a personality, really. But once the kid enters the goof patrol, as we call it, I love them to death. They’re amazing. They’re so happy. They’re so full of life.”

I have a seven month old and she's been part of the goof patrol since she was around three months old. I wonder if the Collins see parenting this way because they are autistics raising autistic kids? A normal baby's first language is body language, maybe the Collins can't read faces or their kids don't make recognizable expressions until they are older? Even before mine could smile you could tell when she was interested in something because her eyes would go big and she would wiggle.(learn to sage)

No. 2002570

Her equestrian outfits make me kek

No. 2002574

his beady little eyes and just his face in general triggers my fight or flight reflex. and i don’t know how to explain it, but his voice sounds exactly how he looks. what a pathetic little man kek.

No. 2002579

who's behind the accounts responsible for constantly spamming this thread with shit about these people? no one gives a fuck - this thread is for red scare tards, et al. take it elsewhere.

No. 2002582

Her skin would be shiny even without retinol. Cheek fillers do this, every victim of them has unnaturally shiny cheeks because of their smoothing effect. Aella looks like this too. >>2002545
Being “girlishly” skinny when you don’t have curves, like refusing to build muscle mass and staying below 20% BM, looks ridiculous on a mid 30s woman.

No. 2002668

They're part of the rationalist community and consider themselves such serious effective altruists that they won't spend money to heat their house or to buy toys for their kids.

No. 2002682

I don't get them, redneck 16 year olds have way more pronatalist cred than them and probably like their kids more.

No. 2002723

If they’re that poor, which they seem to be, they could qualify for LIHEAP or some other type of utility bill assistance. Though I suspect they believe natural gas heating affects IQ.

No. 2002753

but they will buy a waistcoat, high leather boots, pocket squares and lipstick?

No. 2002763

who fucking cares? get this shit out of here.

No. 2002769

Hey look, they made an episode about us.

Dasha, you are spiritually and physically fat and also stinky.

No. 2002771

File: 1717958532952.png (Spoiler Image,187.39 KB, 1198x384, 1715891289432.png)

I love that she's wearing a turtleneck, just like tech jesus Steve Jobs and tech mary Elizabeth Holmes. Short ass hair, ugly over the top 'intellectual' glasses, boots and blazer to make sure she's as desexualized and un-feminine as possible. And of course they hate the more "animal" stage of child development. They try so hard to compensate for their "high fertility" by making themselves look as sterile, rational and distant from the real "dirty" aspects of life as possible, probably because they think everyone else is as life-repulsed as they and their community are. Aella is their pet literal sex worker and she had to make her "gangbang" as unerotic and 'data'-centered as possible.

In the end it doesn't matter how many test tube potatoes they grow inside their female members, rationalists can never be anything but hyper-sanitized death cultists, daily producing several acres' worth of word salad prayers to their software genocidal god hoping it will bring them one inch closer to their total anihilation. Sage and spoiler for sorta-offtopic

>who's behind the accounts
Back to twitter

No. 2002777

embarrassing misuse of apostrophe for such self-proclaimed intelligence. won't be watching it but no surprise they'd make an episode on lolcow as they've been posting themselves ITT and elsewhere begging for farmer attention

No. 2002826

It's actually shocking how badly he's dressed, the more you look the more you can find fault with

No. 2002827

They bought two 500k houses next to each other (one for themselves and one for the nanny) and they produce all their kids through IVF, they're definitely not poor.

No. 2002920

She's going for restrained and elegant rather than defeminized cult leader's wife, she's just failing at it really badly.

No. 2002934

Underheating your home results in so many more children health issues, plus the kids are IVF babies to begin with… mess

No. 2002935

File: 1717995654493.jpeg (113.15 KB, 1170x529, IMG_1301.jpeg)

No. 2003041

Charli XCX, Anna, Dasha, and Salomé spotted filming a music video on the LES with Sean Price Williams this morning…

No. 2003077


No. 2003084

The scene is so dead but they're still trying to cash in. It might just work for Charli but it's like three years late to be fresh and relevant

No. 2003103

I don't think it'll work for Charli, alot of original Charli XCX fans dropped off during the Crash era.

No. 2003114

File: 1718044682409.jpeg (130.35 KB, 680x847, 014A09B7-8407-4118-9520-B8321E…)

Obviously our resident scarethot troll pathetically trying to manifest

No. 2003436

Beat him with a rolling pin

No. 2003611

File: 1718157462131.jpeg (60.43 KB, 544x680, 635992DE-BABF-4BBD-BDC9-7ECE72…)


(At the Tribeca premiere for a film Eli scored co-starring Method Man)

No. 2003613

Where was that deleted double-chin Dasha pic from?

No. 2003614

I’m not sure but I think she has settled into exactly what she’s gonna do for the next ten years. I don’t see them changing much.

No. 2003642

jesus i think he's fatter in every single pic I see of him

No. 2003734

Replacing alcohol with truckloads of sugar, many such cases

No. 2004119

If they weren’t already so embarrassed about their lives that they hide details, I could imagine a thread for right wing middle aged women like her, Monica, Alexandrovna805 who post lewds and somehow offer so much advice. But they know enough than to share that they’re 38 without a man or kids.

No. 2004171

File: 1718308778575.jpeg (184.54 KB, 1170x867, IMG_1333.jpeg)

victimized Anna (insert an Anna tweet here about moral terrorism, smolbeans, female Nurse Ratchedisms). All of which she’s pulling here.
This is such an inconsequential issue, easily solved by bookmarking, an alt account, or just… not liking tweets.

No. 2004174

same but crazy how she really DARVOd everyone & us when she's an indisputable cyberbully

No. 2004182

You don’t need to have a man or kids to be right wing

No. 2004185

It'll be for Mean Girls. That is all but confirmed to be about Dasha.

No. 2004186

This is going to be so cringe

No. 2004220

No shit.

No. 2004226

I know this is completely unrelated but do you guys think anna or dasha is the prettier one

No. 2004227

True, but it's embarrassing to be 38 and right wing without a man or kids

No. 2004230

Most right wing policies have nothing to do with kids you retard(infighting)

No. 2004241

why are you so angry about this? are you right wing or something. chill out, it's not about you.

No. 2004257

Because I don’t like stupidity

No. 2004258

File: 1718332210862.png (486.02 KB, 1182x1028, 926.png)

Honor got around to pushing Vack's shitty book. He's been shamelessly plugging his shit the last few days hard, very unbecoming and self-indulgent for a man pushing 40 whose midbie extremenly-online clique of mutuals are presumably appeasing him so they can be seen as part of this scene too and the whole farce can go on.

No. 2004261

Is it just me or does the cover seem a bit AI generated? Maybe it’s the artstyle but that’s just what I think.(learn to sage)

No. 2004263

Unfortunately the dimes square criticisms have brought in RWers here.
“Right wing is not about kids” you must be retarded bc the only tangible shared right wing ideas across the right, meaning mainstream republicans and the dissident right, are related to social conservatism(infighting)

No. 2004264

>thumbless hand

No. 2004270

It's also fair assumption that this book and any writing shared in the last year by Dasha, Matthew, Anna or other hanger ons who suddenly started writing is at best heavily aided by AI.

No. 2004278

How does it compare to matthew’s and honor’s? I haven’t seen any excerpts posted yet.

No. 2004289

File: 1718339608773.png (389.43 KB, 1338x1566, 1130.png)



he wrote this book typing with one hand. dasha knows how to pick the winners to glom onto

No. 2004298

this is awful lol
Not even a prude, but this shit sucks

No. 2004338

This should legit be spoilered for horrible moid-written sex scene. Jesus Christ is that painful and bad. ONLY a scrote could write sex that badly and unappealingly.

No. 2004344

Ikr? Meeting even 1 (one) rightoid ideal is unironically a disqualifying factor from being a rightoid, as shown by the fact that they're all brown, gay, barren city slickers living a cosmopolitan shitlib lifestyle and having student debt fakejobs like "culture critic"

No. 2004367

File: 1718370697778.png (211.43 KB, 398x382, extra phalanges.png)

kekkkk jesus christ is this also AI? some of this makes no fucking sense

No. 2004390

even ignoring the terribly written sex, what is this dialogue ?? they should just give tao lin the nobel prize already, because every hack MFA novel published in the past fifteen years has that exact "I am writing a blog post on my Apple MacBook Air Pro", "your Google Gmail E-Mail was very funny. i want to fuck you in the ass while we snort ketamine" tone of dialogue

No. 2004391

sex-related leftcow aside, i was listening to some older trueanon episodes recently and in some episodes it's very noticeable to the point of being jarring that liz consistently acts like a literal middle schooler, audibly giggling and cringing and groaning, everytime something even slightly sexual comes up. in the elon robo dick episode she can't even finish pronouncing the word "penis" without breaking into a fit like an eight year old boy. incredibly bizarre behavior for an almost 40 year old woman. i really can't tell if this is some kind of hang-up she has irl too or if it's just a facet of her being a fulltime podcaster that is somehow also neurotically paranoid about ever revealing anything about her personal life on air?

No. 2004396

Resident scarethot confirmed underage

No. 2004426

No. 2004435

I’ve unfortunately known two women to have sex with Peter Vack and both said that he’s an absolute creep in and out of bed. During sex he looks at himself in the mirror the whole time (not kidding) and he gets off on being really verbally abusive/degrading. Definitely has a porn addiction.

No. 2004458

File: 1718390540638.jpeg (332.66 KB, 1179x1228, IMG_6714.jpeg)

Madeline dumped KJ and is bragging about having sex.

No. 2004485

File: 1718393731061.jpg (215.94 KB, 1242x2208, ux25ldyt50h21.jpg)

Anyone got more Ernest pics? Impossible to find after Amber deleted her insta

No. 2004494

Not surprising since he has closeted written all over him

No. 2004497

yay maggie and dasha summer. what is the autism emoji code maddie is using for dasha?

No. 2004524

is it true he has a small dick?

No. 2004530

Vital archival purposes(sage your shit)

No. 2004550

he only has one testicle

No. 2004566

Oh~ wow just like hitler. Come on. That sounds fake as hell.

No. 2004570

File: 1718406808554.png (56.17 KB, 899x482, bimbo.png)

Bimbo is now charging incels for giving feedback on their dating profile. This is so funny lol.

No. 2004575

Bimbo is a "model" yet a failure in relationship herself.Cheated on her husband, then had a relationship with another married guy. Couldn't land a normie boyfriend, always sleeping with losers.Yet delusional enough to think she is qualified to give advice.

No. 2004580

File: 1718407742392.jpg (31.13 KB, 907x273, mm.jpg)

Imagine thinking Miami , LA and NYC are not full of strivers. Monica is dumb.

No. 2004591

Kek, the inferiority complex is strong in this one. No shit being around high achievers would make such a loser feel bad.

No. 2004598

got the (ex?) husband's linkedin or whatever? want to check this dude out.

No. 2004616

It'd be kinda funny if this was Nick.

No. 2004628

File: 1718419158408.png (645.66 KB, 1123x591, grosstroon2.png)

Did the Wu Tang clan get to meet the pet troon too? that would have been interesting.

Presumably when she's out meeting real people at actual real events with whom to make connections and advancements, she has enough sense to leave him at home knowing what an awful impression he makes on normal people.
Instead he gets forced on the rest of the social circle under threat of ostracization, if you upset him he goes running to anna's apron strings.

Imagine showing Eli up by turning to a real event with that en tow, maybe Eli put his foot down on this one. This is one of the first pictures I've seen in over a year were she doesn't have him next to her or lurking in the back somewhere.


Now Anna, how will we see you tacitly joining in the ghoulish celebrating of dead women and children in Gaza by the RW zionists you're so desperate to curry favor with, but too cowardly to post yourself.

No. 2004652

Why hasn’t she tried being a fitness influencer yet? Monetizing kali yoga videos on YouTube has to be more financially viable than this.

No. 2004668

She’s a striver ffs. A immigrant diaspora striver at that. She has a masters degree….

No. 2004676

It has far too much dignity for her

No. 2004682

Alexandrovna’s at least 4 years older than that

No. 2004736

She should just do OF already

No. 2004752

Bimbo, verymoisturized, mommy milkers, alexandrovna are so intellectually bankrupt that they have nothing else to offer other than dating/relationship advice or hollywood gossip. Monica's podcast is nothing but talking about movies or having the most degenerate misogynist as guests.

No. 2004795

She’s trying to appeal to the male listeners

No. 2004947

File: 1718499065633.png (1.18 MB, 802x1242, veryorganicpr.png)

It's funny imagining Vack convincing these poor women to hold his book (they won't actually read the whole thing) while he awkwardly records them on his phone.

No. 2005154

Hideous-looking crowd

No. 2005176

everyone who champions eugenics is their own best counter-argument

No. 2005345

the fact that this isn't true is causing me to re-evaluate my life

No. 2005351

Brian Wu is Pariah in 20 years

No. 2005359

Pariah will be almost certainly dead in a few years, or at best in a mental facility.
Brian somehow was able to bag himself a gross, rich chaser 'husband' and political and media connections.

No. 2005395

Brianna wu is actually John walker Flynt, Hustler Larry Flynt’s grandson. That’s how he has political connections.

No. 2005595

File: 1718657487220.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1290x1888, IMG_8517.jpeg)

For Father's Day Amber posts photo of invalid Matt Christman with his pants and visible adult diaper pulled all the way down his ass. Bleak.

No. 2005604

File: 1718659781522.jpg (201.74 KB, 1170x2080, 448595112_3822906044657488_446…)

anna thirst-trapping(?) to promote new RS merch.

No. 2005606

File: 1718659814865.jpg (221.07 KB, 1170x2080, 448523984_1884141905362190_321…)

No. 2005659

Brianna Wu's father is nearly the same age as Larry Flynt. And Flynt was a Democrat. Brianna's parents were prominent Republicans in Mississippi, Brianna even claimed to have worked for the RNC. His father is Joel Flynt, a gynecologist funnily enough.

No. 2005668

Money and notoriety really do bring dark people into your life.

No. 2005671

He ain't coming back to the pod, is he

No. 2005672

I don't think he can talk coherently for more than five minutes, if at all.

No. 2005701

File: 1718680012854.jpg (100.2 KB, 1190x450, amber.jpg)

Doctors are totally cool with their patients who have holes in their hearts abusing coke, alcohol, and psychedelics, right?

No. 2005751

He's going to the Canadian MAID pod

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