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File: 1583511332546.jpg (56.38 KB, 587x471, EFEchHwU0AEJxFK.jpg)

No. 949693

We have a tradthot thread, but what about pickme lefthots like the ones from Chapo and redscare?

No. 949694

belongs on /snow/

No. 949695

Gosh, Aimee Terese was so cringe, I'm so glad she's gone. Other anon is right about it belonging on /snow/ but I support a thread for this. Though tbh I think it could be merged with the tradthot one since they're all alt-right pickmes regardless of how left they claim to be.

No. 949696

I get annoyed by women like these but at the same time pickmes has become a general insult for any woman who dares think slightly different. Like there's a specific mold to be and act like a woman, and anyone outside it is a feminazi or a pickme

No. 949697

File: 1583523814459.jpg (88.38 KB, 768x1024, ECRKjn7WsAAtVES.jpg)

I googled her and she looks like a bad taxidermy of communismkills

No. 949698

aimee terese went off the deep end but this was funny

No. 949699

I'd love a thread too! Maybe this one should just be moved?

No. 949700

Is this really true? Pickmes aren't just girls that don't like traditionally popular media or topics, they have a specific way of making sure they shit on the women that do, or use language that is desperately male-pleasing or overly-sexual. Love the idea of this thread either way.

No. 949701

You can think slightly different without being male identified and sucking up to scrots/throwing women under the bus for attention and validation.

No. 949702

are you guys just dense or what? she's saying the term gets thrown around, which it does, especially on here. a lot of anons throw around tons of gender based insults when people say things they don't agree with.

No. 949703

I understood what she's saying. I haven't seen the term misused much myself, but if it is, reiterating what pickmes are would only serve to help the content of the thread, no?

No. 949704

File: 1583533468042.jpg (30.12 KB, 640x640, OhgflzJ_d.jpg)

If I looked like this I'd also think that rape is a compliment tbh

No. 949705

Yeah seems a bit overused, even outside of LC.
I've legit seen men call a woman a pick me although she wasn't even attempting to pander to their asses in the first place.

No. 949706

File: 1583534254905.jpg (277.04 KB, 1080x1313, IMG_20200306_173644.jpg)

Lefthot/tradthot solidarity.

No. 949707

that's disgusting anon, my god have some compassion for your fellow women.

No. 949708

Why is her makeup so badly done?

No. 949709

Oh? Like what? What thoughts do you have that are so different that you get called pickme?

No. 949710

File: 1583535438852.jpg (159.12 KB, 942x649, IMG_20200306_175701.jpg)

This fellow woman? Nah I'm good.

No. 949711

Christ anon how do you manage to sound so annoying in just a few words

No. 949712

Her pickmeism doesn’t negate the scrotoid mentality that just wafts off your low quality shitposts. Here’s your (You), now fuck off.

No. 949713

>you can’t be crass on an anonymous imageboard

I’m tired of this meme.

No. 949714

Gonna tell me about those different persecuted thoughts or no? Give me some perspective pls.
>you can’t be laughed at for saying dumb shit on anonymous imageboard

No. 949715

>why isn’t this female circle appreciating my lazy joke making light of rape

No. 949716


I technically agree to a certain extent but are you new to imageboards or something?

No. 949717

So why are "people" angry at some farmer insulting a woman who would have no problem making fun of rape? Reddit as fuck.

No. 949718

File: 1583541188915.png (37.8 KB, 539x195, x.png)

I support a thread for this. I thought it was pretty well-known by now that this sort of NLOG behaviour is dumb and will never make you exempt from misogyny but they still continue to do it.

No. 949719

>pickme cow routinely calls rape victims too ugly to be raped because she wants hugs and dickings from leftist beta males

>how dare you point out that cow's beliefs probably stem from the fact that's she's abysmally ugly herself

No. 949720

File: 1583544246828.png (1.22 MB, 1200x1281, Screenshot_2020-03-06-19-17-08…)


No. 949721

It came off as male-tier shit humor when they relate the woman's attractiveness to the likelihood of being raped. Even if she is terrible and has a wonky face, I paused a bit after reading that because it is kind of in bad taste.

No. 949722

File: 1583564299563.jpg (39.72 KB, 441x653, lgovosfv4c241.jpg)

>I fundamentally think they are disgusted and horrified by working-class people’, says Khachiyan. ‘Real women don’t live up to the liberal-feminist pieties’, adds Frost. ‘And I think that’s very threatening for the uptight, white, overeducated, liberal women to be confronted with’, replies Khachiyan.

Ah yes, the white PhD dropout Manhattan art hoe podcast grifter who "works" a whopping 2 hours a week and walks in literal fashion shows knows what Real Working Class Waman feel, unlike those ivory tower neoliberal feminists.

No. 949723

File: 1583566061269.png (77.2 KB, 246x385, 89A6C125-8508-4EC6-86F3-C392F1…)


She did grow up in New Jersey anon… idk where but from little snatches of information I remember it was someplace like pic related

No. 949724

I thought it was funny in a "taste of your own medicine" kind of way, not gonna lie.
I don't agree with the message, but targeted at someone who makes rape jokes centred around women's attractiveness themselves? They can take it.

No. 949725

compared to the average american libfem Nina has far more class consciousness and at least acknowledges the working class, other then sanders most liberal polticains barely mention supporting the working class anymore

No. 949726

File: 1583571173338.jpg (413.82 KB, 923x1481, IMG_20200307_035155.jpg)

Evidently not. The audacity of this autistic centipede looking hoe.

No. 949727

try to spin it however you want, you don't look good coming out of it.

No. 949728

I suspect the negative reaction against Terese illustrates how reactionary and/or alienating materialism taken to its logical conclusion can appear in a liberal cultural sphere. A basic example of Aimee’s divergence from other online leftists would be her opinion on “identity politics.” Many leftists seem to consider identity politics as any political critique which concerns a non-class formation such as gender and race. There can be bad applications of identity politics (for example, judging Kamala Harris as a better candidate than Bernie Sanders due to the historic significance of a black woman becoming president) so it must be carefully modulated, but necessarily must also exist in a socialist perspective for fear of a class-first approach failing to serve the interests of historically marginalized communities. I have seen examples of online leftists who publicly identify as socialists retrospectively label the civil rights movement as an example of identity politics done well in spite of identity politics only being explicitly theorized (I believe) in the 1970s.
On the other hand, Aimee and her ilk acknowledge the existence of racism, sexism, and bigotry of other kinds and the need to combat that through their politics. However, she understands these forms of discrimination to stem from material relations of inequality (think the formulation of black and white races being formulated in the 19th century as a justification for slavery). As she understands societal relations to be grounded historically in materialist relations, she believes the best way to address racial and sexual inequities is through a universalist, economic movement. Identity politics is not a necessary component of a socialist worldview, but rather an inherently liberal and incompatible element which can be wielded by the ruling class to undermine worker solidarity.

I can understand being personally annoyed by her but as a neophyte to leftism I do find her Twitter feed and podcast very educational and illustrative of what a rigorous Marxist approach can be like. And it’s telling that she often riles up some of the most annoying people who inhabit or orbit the leftist twittersphere.

No. 949729

wtf is that wig

No. 949730

It may just be me spotting the obvious but since several years there is a general pattern of discriminatory slangs being created online to target specific parts of the population and associated behaviors, but exponentially grow in popularity and lose almost all of its initial meaning in the process, to become a commodity label you can slam on anything you dislike if deemed fitting enough for it.

I think about now generic terms like hipster, normie, more recently soyboy, cuck, incel/femcel and now maybe pickme, which has the same kind of potential

sage for our of topic ESL ramblings

No. 949731

Listen to your mother. Two wrongs don't make a right.

No. 949732

>omg they're so gratuitously cruel

She kept showing up on my timeline because the right-leaning people I follow kept RTing her, and although the posts were always cringe and terrible, I had no idea she was this bad.

No. 949733

Is this a tranny?

No. 949734

File: 1583606039870.jpg (73.22 KB, 750x1041, kp6yfeqnng041.jpg)

tl;dr "token female agrees with me" porn and I'm trying to intellectualize it

Anti-idpol left consists entirely of gf simulator paypigs deepthroaing an entire thesaurus to convince themselves that their motivations are entirely distinct from those of chuds who beta orbit tradwife ecelebs. In the meantime their leftist yes girls like Khachiyan and Nekrasova are overtly salty that they have no access to the trophy wife lifestyle due to being aesthetically challenged, having to settle for a socialist LARP with bill splitting soyboys instead.

No. 949735

When I first started listening to Red Scare I didn't know what Dasha and Anna looked like and from the way they talk about other girls you'd think they look like supermodels. Both have weird faces imo, and Anna being 35 makes the whole pro-ana, ketamine snorting, cigarette smoking thing pretty cringe, its not like she's in her early 20s.

No. 949736

File: 1583607504668.jpg (11.01 KB, 200x200, 1516508290266.jpg)

It's even funnier once you read her twitter and clock that it's entirely a cope for being unattractive, much like her politics. It's not like she can become a hot trophy bimbo or a glamorous neolib girlboss that she's foaming at the mouth about. All that's left is minmaxing the edgy punk gf. But it doesn't age well, hence why she's getting progressively more insane and sad/thirsty on main. Dasha is a bit more honest:

>“They were like, partying and dancing and lying down on the floor with their thin legs, and I was like, Wow, my life’s okay, but I would literally trade it all — the podcast, Adam, my status as a socialist icon… — I would trade it all to be an extremely hot and relevant model for five seconds.

Aimee Terese, who worked corporate in the past, is basically exactly the same. Imo she and Anna are the closest thing to an actual femcel. An ideology stemming entirely from being rejected by the very NYC elite they desperately want to be.

No. 949737

File: 1583612472454.jpeg (12.78 KB, 406x305, 1551456926953.jpeg)

My pronouns are hee/hee/heee

No. 949738

File: 1583613438301.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 1575147200879.jpg)

Lmfao, I'm saving this

No. 949739

File: 1583615298316.jpeg (70.24 KB, 640x633, 7C419AD1-F54A-4064-A3BD-874E4F…)

Anna used to be pretty, I don’t understand why she went out of her way to start dressing less feminine and cut her hair if she and Dasha are so obsessed with trad aesthetics

No. 949740

File: 1583619870421.jpg (157.96 KB, 824x797, IMG_20200307_171651.jpg)

Pretty but not trophy wife worthy, also profoundly insecure. Rather than live with being a standard beta Becky or properly looksmaxx (which she sees as beneath her), she chose to overcompensate by (unsuccessfully) convincing herself that she's above it all. Even her fanbase is laughing at how she's wants to be a fragile bourg kept woman to an apolitical Chad while LARPing a pozzed druggie art hoe aesthetic. Maybe it's a thinly veiled scream for being loved for her "true self". In any case, it's too late for her to pivot from that, hence why she gets more psychotic by the day.

Pic related, top kek at the seething envy and projection.

>my film studies soyboy would like to fuck these women, but he doesn't have any money or stability that these women require, so he settles for me, a scrawny sjw who foots the bill every time we go out while convincing me that he's really into my edgy anti-establishment aesthetic

No. 949741

i still think dasha is incredibly hot and her hot takes are so much less annoying than anna's

No. 949742

File: 1583623171354.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 08694ECE-3E99-49BC-95BA-E37F8F…)


She’s been dating a equally Jew-y looking musician for some time now, chill anon. She literally picked her looksmatch in every way kek

No. 949743

That's exactly what I'm saying. It's all she can get.

No. 949744

why are you talking like a scrote. "It's all she can get" "she would be dating chad thundercock is she were prettier"

No. 949745

You know nothing about the person being discussed, do you?

No. 949746

I like Nina because she triggers chapotards so much, she calls them out for being the pathetic sjw morons they actually are

No. 949747

omg finally!
i discovered redscare and the other dusts after finding out dasha and adam friedland were dating.
all of these ladies are so god damn insufferable

No. 949748

File: 1583699755957.jpg (91.29 KB, 900x675, DprOVOwU0AAdZP8.jpg)

They wish they could be babebuxing socialites but all they get is a smarmy leftist beta male who got called a sjw once so now he's trying his best to prove to /pol/ that he's t-totally cool and misogynistic like them.

No. 949749

Could someone possibly spoonfeed about the overall motivations of these people? Are they basically leftists who really really don't want to be associated with sjws or feminists? How do they see themselves?

No. 949750

File: 1583733405422.webm (2.4 MB, 320x568, praxis.webm)

Whenever I hear about these pickmes I remember this parody of them and how it triggered anna

No. 949751

In case with lefthots, they're basically shoeonheads but leftist because conventionally unattractive.

In case with chapocels in general, it's:

>/pol/ack but wants free shit

/pol/ack trying to disguise his inceloid pet issues and culture wars as material problems of the working class
>overcompensating sjw who's terminally embarrassed of being a sjw
>invertebrate sjw who for some retarded reason sees reactionaries as cool so he's desperately sucking up to /pol/acks by bribing them with white male idpol (only to be told that he's a retarded cultural marxist who needs to be physically removed)
>assorted betas and omegas who choose leftism because know that they wouldn't thrive in a tradmasc environment but still cling to their own retarded brand of limp wristed nerd "masculinity" that usually amounts to bleating at rape victims on twitter

No. 949752

thank you. i think i get it now. its such an awful mashup that i wanted to make sure i had it right

No. 949753

File: 1583785212981.jpeg (38.32 KB, 640x425, B92CC490-8704-420A-BEE7-A66A13…)

Excuse my link on the image board. Its recommended reading on Dasha and Anna


No. 949754

this is retarded and i hate the red scare hoes. they're not nazis or crypto fascists. they're just edgy upper middle class idiots with large egos and no filter

No. 949755

"crypto fascism" just means "i can afford to be mean to literally everyone and still be successful"

No. 949756

no she's always been attracted to skinny/nerdy types

No. 949757

No. 949758

File: 1583808941169.jpg (246.78 KB, 1200x1200, a4199857364_10.jpg)

I do think she wants to date a working clsss socialist man, but she knows she would have nothing in common with that type of person

No. 949759

Do you think Adam is paying Dasha or is she dumb enough to fuck him for free?

No. 949760

somebody redpill me on amber frost

didn’t they break up a while ago?

No. 949761

people call her ableist or whatever, she's just generally annoying but i don't think she's the worst. these women can be really… something else. i think she's decent when compared to the others, but still very grating to listen to tbh.

No. 949762

they broke up because he cheated on her with that witten girl lmao

No. 949763

File: 1583878147602.png (1.68 MB, 1401x804, 242555.PNG)

Not sure if this fits exactly, but I've seen people unironically praise sh0eonhead for being 'leftist'. Apparently her side Chanel, Brainlet, has some basic soc dem leanings. This excuses every other 'pick me fuck leftists' thing she's done because A. She's creating a anti-sjw>light leftism>leftism pipeline and B. what if she slowly stops being an anti-SJW???
Her 'leftist' channel apparently

No. 949764

she'll never stop being an anti-sjw. i'm glad she's helping sway people, i guess, but she's still a hack and you can easily see the difference between people who genuinely are angered and passionate, and whatever the hell she does. her fake outrage is cringy, as usual. the performative 'scumbag' leftist art hoe crap on touted by many of the women and men posted about ITT is very different, but just as fake. all of these people are fake and have never known struggle, only dispassionate signal boosting for the sake of social currency. it's very irritating, but could amount to something valuable. doubtful, but worse things could be 'trendy'.

No. 949765

I remember hearing something about Dasha using one of the guys from cumtown to boost her popularity and then dumping him, any milk on this anons?

No. 949766

prob true but they broke up at least six months ago. she's funnier now at least

No. 949767

Are you fucking serious lmao that happy merchant looking ass actually cucked her

Lefthots might actually be more beta than tradthots

No. 949768

Yeah her and https://twitter.com/gaywithyourdad had a whole beef over it because the girl took a picture in her apartment after she fucked Adam. So not only did Cumtown dude cheat on her but he cheated on her in her own apartment lmao

No. 949769

>merchant looking ass

No. 949770


No. 949771


no that was a way later fight. dasha cheated on adam and that's why they broke up. nick mullen alludes to it on cumtown; that adam stepped in jellied jizz in their shower and dasha claimed it was just cottage cheese she spilled while she was eating in the shower

No. 949772

they both cheated on each other. witten happened during their relationship but the fight happened way later. i hate that i know this

No. 949773

ngl that whole bit was fucking hilarious.

No. 949774

File: 1584605919048.png (52.39 KB, 541x564, jeje.PNG)

not exactly about well-known lefthots but it's getting really annoying following women for political commentary and then finding out a decent portion of their feed is male pandering and sex work shit disguised as not sex work shit? what is this? her feed is similar to her curious cat but with more political tweets. like, the level of pandering is off the charts with these girls. sucks because sometimes they're sort of funny. i don't want to read about these women allegedly wanting to be anally gangbanged or receive cum tributes. what is this sexy political fusion thing??

No. 949775

Not quite related but whenever I scroll past this thread the OP pic fucking triggers me cause it looks like my cousin who's a total stacey stereotype and now in older age acts all trad because her metabolism finally slowed and her job prospects are shit without a man to support her. Bleghhh, she even has that same scowl face too.

No. 949776

wait can you post the full story of why they broke up? I've heard so many different versions

No. 949777

you know, it's possible to make just the op pic disappear ! on top of it, click on "file (hide)".

No. 949778

it's the only way men will let women have any power or clout; if they can still be above her by objectifying her

No. 949779

File: 1584768440964.jpg (2.41 MB, 1365x2048, IMG_2908-1365x2048.jpg)

tbh i have less of a problem with anna than i do with dasha, whose schtick is steadily running out of time/getting old to me. the attention seeking kinderwhore "i'm a sad waif teen" fetishizing, obsession with one's own eating disordered behavior, plus the catholic phase and obsession with ~ironically~ wanting to come off like a victim of sexual abuse, etc could be "acceptable" or "make sense" if she was 22 and freshly out of college or smth but it's kind of embarrassing and "how do you do, fellow kids?" when you're pushing 30 and it's obvious you never really matured past the shit you saw on your tumblr dash during your late teens/early 20s. it's also embarrassing to see people act like she's the first person to come up with the "aesthetic" she is constantly trying to affect, or like it's hard to understand what she's doing. if you changed one or two variables she would basically be ginger bronson

No. 949780

both anna and dasha are annoying and pathetic. i still think anna is worse though

No. 949781

I’ve always wondered if everyone in her social network just quietly nods their heads and participates in her personal fantasy of being kinderwhore/sad tumblr girl…. to me she looks like your typical impoverished Slavic fruit stall woman from the 90s era…. She doesn’t exude youthfulness or vulnerability

No. 949782

where can you see Dasha's tumblr cringe content?

No. 949783

i hate pickmes….but imagine calling women out for being pickmes menahwile acting like a 30 year old women is ''super old'', and the other lookist comments too.

No. 949784

i didn't interpret it that way. there's a difference between being too old for a certain schtick and old in general. even teenagers can be "too old" for certain behavior if it's way below their expected maturity level.

No. 949785

She’s so weird looking. I don’t get why neither her or Anna get work done, they have the means and the motivation.

No. 949786

Dasha is pretty harmless to me, she just acts kind of cringey especially in that Sailor Socialism meme interview she did which I don't find funny and think is really overrated. Anna on the other hand always has retarded takes and is constantly hostile to women.

No. 949787

File: 1584913605929.png (104.54 KB, 500x457, born-to-die-world-is-a-fuck-ki…)

Anna is a jaded idealist. Despite what she says, on some level she does believe that somewhere out there she'll find a tradchad who will love her just the way she is (or alternatively, entirely for her super vibrant militant pickme personality that totally offsets her monstrous appearance). Seeking surgery would be a public admission that her ideas about men or her own sex appeal are a silly cope and a testament to the fact that no amount of beta female virtue signalling and sexual deference will help her compete with those 7/10 neoliberal girlboss stacies who get into beneficial relationships without serenading beta male dicks on Twitter 24/7. The same chapos who nitpick her politics and smugly declare that they no longer find her fuckable because of some minor error in her "class analysis" will become shitlib classcucks in a second the moment an attractive normie libfem gives them a chance, while Anna continues contorting whatever's left of her spine in hopes of attracting a husband she doesn't have to pay for.

No. 949788

I think Anna sometimes says things that are genuinely interesting and insightful, but sometimes it’s like I can literally hear the cogs turning in her mind desperately trying to think up a contrarian or ‘shocking’ take when a topic is brought up and it just comes off insecure and is draining to listen to. I think theyre smart and know people these days have short attention spans and that controversy sells so sometimes the podcast just feels more like two people spitting ‘hot take’ tweets at each other other than a genuine conversation so ultimately a lot of what they say ends up seeming very surface level and reductive

No. 949789

File: 1584932792419.jpg (194.78 KB, 1080x841, IMG_20200322_230532.jpg)

The only time she's "insightful" is when she's blatantly, hilariously projecting.

No. 949790

I think Anna and dasha are just New York party girls, simple as that. They don’t have the looks or the money to be socialites or beauty editors at conde naste, so instead they pretend to know about politics online. Last month Anna didn’t know what Super Tuesday was?? Even if you chalk it up to ignorance, most 35 year olds would know what it is, and those who don’t aren’t shilling themselves as a political commentators. Their whole personas are just ugly girl copes (Anna much more than Dasha), theyre basically just larping as attractive girls. If they came from money or were reasonably attractive, they’d be Cat Marnell, not female chapos.

No. 949791

Idk I don’t feel like they would describe themselves as, or are trying to be, political commentators though, I think they view themselves more as pop culture/ social commentators

No. 949792

Doubly hilarious considering how much unprompted catty vitriol Anna directs at the liberal Conde Nastie type specifically.

No. 949793

The liberal ‘conde naste’ type definitely deserves the vitriol

No. 949794

dasha came across like a moron in that interview. it only became popular due to people having incredibly low expectations for hot women.
you can tell even anna doesn't respect her because the podcast is only listenable when they have a guest on who anna respects as an intellectual peer. in that case she puts in effort and can be insightful. when it's just anna and dasha she goes on autopilot and you can hear the cogs turning like >>949788 said.

No. 949795

One of those videos is about women aborting boys due to gender, as if it's a widespread problem, when her literal only example of it is a small Reddit thread where most of the women were speaking hypothetically.

… yet girls being aborted due to gender is an actual phenomenon and the women are often pressured, even forced, to abort due to the overwhelming misogyny within their culture. She conveniently doesnt mention this at all, though, because god forbid she lose her anti-feminist points with her neckbeard audience by shedding light on reality.

God I fucking hate her.

No. 949796

I didn't think she came across as a moron in the interview. I interpreted it more that she was genuinely baffled and thrown off by the interviewer's otherworldly stupidity.

No. 949797

how? the interview makes her look very dim and she answers every reasonable question with a terrible answer. infowars girl didn't say anything stupid enough at first to warrant dasha's dumb answers. her answer for "why do you like bernie sanders?" is "because he's a socialist". she couldn't even answer "why do you like bernie sanders?" without a stupid answer. she asks what he stands for that she likes and she tells her "eating the rich". obviously her tone doesn't help these terrible answers, either. i don't know why the left touts this interview around like it's some hilarious own. thankfully she's wearing an 'endearing' outfit and is cute enough to force people ignore how ridiculous she sounds, because the left should be clowned based on this interivew, honestly.

No. 949798

>the left should be clowned based on this interivew
Not nearly as much as the side saying we'll all be eating rats if Bernie gets elected.

No. 949799

everyone knows infowars is a joke. if popular opinion often holds that people who like bernie are out of touch bushwick idiots, it'd be great to not confirm their idea of your camp by giving braindead, cringy answers to the easiest questions imaginable, and then hold this embarrassing interview up as some clever own? it's bad all around and does the left a disservice. shows an astounding lack of self awareness for so many on the left to watch this and somehow come out thinking that their side won here. normal people on the left deserve better than to be represented by annoying parsons dropouts and wannabe socialites that can't answer very simple questions that literal children can answer, without resorting to very embarrassing memetier responses. infowars and the idiocy on the right aside, i expect the left to recognize when something serves them and when it doesn't. you have to be delusional to watch this and think this is good PR for the left.

No. 949800

yeah this would probably make more sense if "good pr for the left" wasnt a right wing talking point pushed to make genuine leftist arguments completely invalid over semantics or something. if you want better political representation for the left, start with ignoring the behavioural demands of the group filled with literal nationalists and worse. you dont exactly have to try hard to look better than an incel, thats why theyve convinced you every micro-action matters.

No. 949801

File: 1584975670572.jpg (45.08 KB, 670x400, Angela-Nagle.jpg)

What do you think of Angela Angle?

No. 949802

realistically yeah, obviously the right operates in bad faith so whatever, but that's not my point. i expect better of the left, and i expect them to be able to tell when they're embarrassing themselves? if you don't think it's pitiful that the left lauds terrible answers and acts like the right is getting btfo'd by her "cool" demeanor and responses, or whatever they want to believe, idk what to say to you. they enable way too much dumb yet smug behavior that alienates people whose views are genuine and aren't part of an aesthetic. surely there are people who aren't always operating in bad faith who would be put off by someone acting like dasha in this video while also giving such terrible answers.

No. 949803

But when she did that interview she didn’t have a leftist podcast and was just an individual person at a rally, it’s unfair to ask people to act as if they’re representing some collective ‘left’ at all times and wouldn’t be possible anyway since everyone would have a different interpretation of what that means. It would be unproductive to try and sincerely engage with an infowars reporter who is just spouting nonsense, you can’t have a genuine argument with someone like that, so her response was probably the most appropriate

No. 949804

That attitude of clamming up, staring at your phone and performing forced "sass" only seems "cool" to the socially retarded.

No. 949805

I don’t think it’s cool necessarily but I think it’s just a genuine reaction to being ambushed by an infowars reporter and ultimately probably a better response that trying to sincerely argue with someone like that who has no interest in actually engaging and end up on some kind of ‘hysterical sjw cringe montage’ video

No. 949806

she was hardly ambushed. her response is exactly the type of material that would end up on sjw cringe montages, she just seemed more aloof and spoiled rather than angry. it's still cringe compilation material. her answers were still just as ridiculous and insulting to her own intelligence. either way, it's less about her and more about how the left has chosen to act like she owned the infowars girl.

No. 949807

I hate Dasha just as much as the rest of you, but I agree with anon >>949805
that she reacted well in the infowars interview. Ashton Birdie looked so desperate at the times Dasha wasn’t taking the bait.
>You know Venezuela!?
>Heard of it
was better than anything Red Scare has on their Patreon

No. 949808

i don't see it. i've seen countless teens give ace interviews to right wing sources while giving some sass and substantiated answers that don't make them look just as stupid as their interviewer. there's literally no reason why dasha couldn't have given a short and reasoned answer as to why she supports bernie and his policies that don't play into the exact tropes the right has of the young left. "i like him because he's a socialist" and "eat the rich" caricature shit is exactly what everyone would expect of her when they see her and is exactly what the right wants to see.

she looks and seems remarkably out of touch, which, again, is exactly what the right wants. it's hardly an own at all. idk how it's top notch trolling to act like the retard your opponent expects you to be. the only reason anyone is giving her a pass at all is because she's a cute girl in a whimsical outfit. this is literally just like hot girl syndrome. like idc that she didn't do a great job randomly, but the way the left tries to rewrite reality by pretending this interview is not embarrassing is what shocks me. that college kid that owned crowder genuinely whooped his ass, hard. dasha and this girl, not at all.

No. 949809

Okay and all those people who gave good answers in your opinion, where are they now? What impact did they make? Because people still talk about the sailor socialism interview and it launched a huge platform for them. What they chose to do with it after is another issue, but the reality is the right, and the left, is not looking for a reasoned response on these interviews. These interviews are solely entertainment and it’s pointless to think giving infowars and their viewers a genuine response is going to do anything. Infowars is a total echo chamber and the reporter was not acting in god faith, you expect her to give analytical, informed responses to things like ‘everyone in Venezuela is eating rats!!’ Sometimes you have to just meet people where they’re at and match idiocy with idiocy

No. 949810

they weren't attractive girls in strange, whimsical outfits. they were mostly men, so they didn't garner a hit following and "create impact" with men because they obviously didn't fetishize them the way they do her. i already said that literally the only reason why people praise "sailor socialism" is because she's a cute girl in a cutesy roleplay tier outfit.

if dasha was a dude he'd have been (rightfully) mercilessly mocked for seeming like an out of touch and well-to-do braindead brooklynite shilling his half-hearted politics solely for the sake of earning social currency. and "they're eating rats" came at the end of the interview, after she already couldn't offer better responses to very simple questions. i'm just saying, i don't think that interview makes the left look great or clever at all. they're so blinded by their boners that they don't apparently see that.

No. 949811

but based off the opinion of the majority of people in this thread, Dasha nor Anna aren't pretty and everything they say is 'ugly girl' cope, so dont think everything is just based off how she looks nor that she's so extremely pretty guys would follow her just because of it. Also almost none of the people who liked the interview or follow red scare are straight men it's like all girls and gays

No. 949812

File: 1584994365500.png (Spoiler Image, 317.73 KB, 790x365, dasha.PNG)

like one anon here said dasha isn't pretty. i disagree, i think dasha is pretty and i made that clear like 3 times already. not that it even matters, what we think is attractive =/= what men think is attractive. and lol what, literally assloads of men on the left love her and want to fuck her.i mean, even the idiots on /pol/ have tons of threads talking about how hot she is. anna is a different story. she's coping for sure, but a lot of men do actually find her attractive. the red scare pod subreddit has plenty of either anna or dasha is so hot posts submitted with photos of them that get plenty of upvotes where men apparently go on at length talk about fucking them, so. twitter is filled to the brim with coomer leftists drooling all over her tho anyways.

No. 949813

I agree plenty of men find her hot, but disagree these men make up the majority of the red scare audience and even more so disagree that these were the majority of the people who praised the sailor socialism interview. Idk it seems like a lose lose, if you're unattractive everything you say is 'ugly girl cope' if you're hot it's just 'hot girl sydrome'

No. 949814

can you please give it a rest, you don’t to state your opinion over and over and over again

No. 949815

Nagle doesn't seem to fit the 'pick me' female leftist label at all. She's a serious academic and essayist that critiques the current wave of leftism very well. She's also one of the few leftists in media that isn't so fucking clueless about the online right/alt-right and their tactics and ideology.

No. 949816

The bar for "female organism agrees with my retarded moid opinions" clout is extremely low. Neckbeards said they wanted to fuck Christina "Based Mom" Hoff Sommers during gamergate. Incidentally, she is also a perfect specimen of the "unattractive or past prime female trying to gain relevance by cheering on betas" niche.

Half the ugly cows on this website have orbiters. If Dasha and Anna were attractive, they wouldn't need to capitalize on the social fringe of absolute losers. They'd be normie Stacy influencers/models and eventually well kept trophy wives.


Dasha is not ugly, she's extremely average and plain. Anna is an absolute goblina.

"Hot" to internet incels who would reasonably fuck anything =\= hot to actual well adjusted real life people, especially attractive/rich men. Fuckable =\= desirable or worthy of investment.

Hot women can do much better than Adam Friedland.

No. 949817


Im the anon who said she looked impoverished and I stand by what I said. In Ukraine [where I grew up] she is a 4-5…. Cut her head off and maybe she could be a 6

No. 949818

she doesn't belong in this thread anon

>In Ukraine [where I grew up] she is a 4-5…. Cut her head off and maybe she could be a 6
are you okay? you sound male and/or unwell tbh

> Incidentally, she is also a perfect specimen of the "unattractive or past prime female trying to gain relevance by cheering on betas" niche.
she looks fine. she has a cute figure and a cute face etc, but yeah her appeal is that she's female and cute, not that she's a captivating and astute political or social commentator. yes the bar is low for men, they'll prop up anyone female that shares their opinion, like you said about hoff sommers, but most people would consider dasha art hoe attractive

No. 949819

ive only posted in this thread once fyi (>>530715).

No. 949820

Has anyone actually ever listened to an episode of Red Scare? What do they even talk about… the hosts seem to know little to nothing about politics so is that actually what they discuss? They can’t just word salad an entire hour long episode.

No. 949821

yeah, i’ve listened to many episodes of red scare and previously would have described myself as a “fan” of the show (though like most self-professed fans of the show i was critical of the hosts). i dropped it recently because it stopped hitting that golden ratio of freewheeling dumbass contrarian hot takes to genuine and insightful discussion. it seems like anna is vying more and more for a position within the IDW and/or wants to be respected as a serious intellectual but in her efforts to do so has just adopted extremely milquetoast conservative opinions and regurgitates whatever comes across her twitter feed. at one point she retweeted this tradcath anti-abortion take that claimed the woman’s womb is a spiritual gateway and the act of aborting a fetus permanently profanes it or whatever and then when questioned on it she unconvincingly claimed it was just a “joke” and she retweeted it because it was “so obviously absurd.” meanwhile she’s openly admitted to having multiple abortions. it’s boring, hypocritical, and unoriginal. she’s just a careerist and will adopt whatever position she thinks will boost her notoriety and market value in the twitter/podcasting realm. hilariously she also claims to be an old-fashioned moralist.

oh, dasha’s sudden post-breakup conversion to catholicism has been irritating too. it’s obviously a disingenuous attempt to latch on to an obscure twitter subculture.

sorry for the rant. anyway, the episode topics vary depending on the guest. if there’s a guest it’ll usually focus on whatever that person’s area of expertise is. sometimes the guests are accomplished and intelligent people like Glenn Greenwald, other times they’re retards like Deanna Havas. if there’s no guest they’ll usually just recap current events in the political/media/art/fashion world. sometimes they do movie reviews. they’ll talk about authors they like and discuss recently published essays or op eds. commonly recurring topics are the MeToo movement, Hollywood scandals, their diet/beauty/exercise regimens, Zizek/Paglia/Baudrillard, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, their Russian heritage, sex, eating disorders and the body positivity movement, and girlbossery (which they define as careerist liberal women).

No. 949822

Thanks anon, I do appreciate the thoroughness of your post. I only knew about the hosts through being an ex fan of other breadtube influencers. Your description makes the podcast seem more likeable than what I’d suspected it’d be (sans whatever Catholic and trad stuff they seem to be interested in now?? Like what?)

The usual topics seem to be pretty female oriented. I’ve seen a snippet of them doing a live podcast and the audience was majority women. It seems like orbiters make up most of their twitter hype but less of the people who actually support their Patreon and listen to their work.

No. 949823

Nta but I think they’re funny when they talk about pop culture, it’s really like a Joan Rivers type of commentary and it’s enjoyable to listen to people who don’t buy into celebrity worship. I listened to the pod for 5 or 6 months and combined with their online presences, they just keep pushing the politics harder every episode even when they sound like literal retards, but they get more praise for that from their replyguys than pop culture commentary obviously, and you can tell who they’re pandering too. Their episode where they review the Netflix Goop Lab show is pretty good, if you want to hear their more pop culture-y side.

No. 949824

The orbiters, despite acknowledging that Anna is a femcel lolcow and Dasha is an aging kinderwhore riding her coattails, like them for being female tokens who perpetually yap about how #metoo is a cash grab by careerist attention whores (palpable envy), Harvey Weinstein is "merely" a Bernie Madoff of sex crimes (one would think that a retarded socialist would consider financial crime by white collar elites to be the most evil thing in the world), rape is just when you regret bad sex and you need to give men blowjobs. That and a bunch of "muh white working class men oppressed by urban liberal women" culture war/male idpol bullshit wrapped into faux concern over class issues. The amount of time Anna spends whiteknighting rich men and absolutely seething over the idea that someone somewhere got a payout for a sexual harassment claim is incredible. The only rich she wants to eat is her female competition it seems.

The thots are basically Lauren Southern et al, but, like, "left".

No. 949825

I got irritated when Anna went on a trip through Europe recently and said she hated Riga (my city) because it was "drab, full of scowling faces and homeless people"; not necessarily untrue, but it really pissed me off when she then said that she "feels Slavic" and because of that will confidently preservere when COVID starts really hitting the US. If you really wanna feel "sLaAviC!!" and stick to your surface level conservative ideals then come live in this part of the world away from your upper-middle class NYC bubble lol

No. 949826

She's not even Slavic. She's Armenian.

Anna is a particularly insufferable example of a failure-to-launch post-Soviet Bloc Brighton Beach trash who escapes their shithole country because of how backwards and conservative it is, then proceeds to berate America for not being like their "spiritually superior and unliberal" shithole country of origin, all while refusing to set foot in it ever again. If you hate how liberal and woke America is, why don't you fuck off back to where you came from? I'm sure they love ugly ass pretentious pseudo-communist art hoes there and will totally listen to what you have to say. As one of the other anons in this thread said, you'd be a decrepit fruit stand lady over there. Paying attention to ugly women for their "personality" and "insight" is something that can only be enjoyed in the liberal West you seem to despise so much.

Source: Russian immigrant.

No. 949827

File: 1585071411321.jpg (416.16 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20200324_173451.jpg)

No one in particular, it just really annoys me when people glorify Russian communism so much. Especially when their understanding of it seems to be very minimal and it's just for edge points

No. 949828

LMFAO Aimee Terese had an autistic femcel meltdown over this picture because vibrators are the greatest neoliberal capitalist evil

No. 949829

> If you really wanna feel "sLaAviC!!" and stick to your surface level conservative ideals then come live in this part of the world away from your upper-middle class NYC bubble lol

she doesn’t really, she just wants a way to differentiate herself from everyone else in her left-wing urban hipster milieu. she LARPs as an old-fashioned conservative slavic moralist because that makes her speshul and unique among her brooklynite peer group. if she actually lived somewhere where that archetype was the norm she would invent a new persona to distinguish herself. it’s all a LARP really

No. 949830

This is so stupid. It's a valid criticism that the #metoo movement has had little trickle down to the average working woman and predominantly benefited a small amount of the most privileged women, and it's a very shallow understanding of socialism to think that means you would necessarily view white collar crime as the 'worst thing in the world' like obviously their is nuance and nothing is that black and white. I hate how people use women's age as an insult and to dismiss their arguments like Dasha being 29 (which is still young anyway) means anything, we're are all 'ageing'? I think a lot of what they say is very obviously exagerrated or tongue in cheek for comedic effect and it's weird for people to take things so literally.

No. 949831

If that was their problem with #metoo why don't they advocate for the women who are left out? they just use it to attack other women and repeat male-pandering bs about how women who were raped are just "regretting bad sex" and how feminists are prudes and man-haters for making a big deal out of sexual assault. this isn't good-faith criticism of #metoo from a class perspective, it's just patriarchal shit covered in a thin veneer of leftism

No. 949832

"Women lie about rape to get money" is woke now. Real lobotomy hours.

>I hate how people use women's age as an insult and to dismiss their arguments

I think the funniest thing about the whole edgy anti-idpol """pro working class""" left is that much like tradthots and other reactionaries, they never hesitate to tap into liberal tokenism, damsel in distress posturing, bourgeois respectability politics and "buh but I'm a waman/black/gay are you saying I can be wrong on wamen/blacks/gays?" the moment their bullshit is challenged (as our lovely exhumed corpse Aimee Terese has demonstrated when people started giving her a taste of her own venom). The perpetually projecting goblin you're whiteknighting is not opposed to the idea that women's politics may stem from their age/sexual market value or lack thereof, quite the opposite. That's probably 90% of her takes on women and feminism.

The fact that some rich women have been able to speak against sexual harassment takes away nothing from working class women. In fact, it has probably done more for them than cosplay socialist whining about how white urban man buns don't have enough money.

It's all tongue in cheek sis, relax.

No. 949833

You don't understand, blogging about how Scarlett Johannson asked for it is prakthith and totally helps working class women.

Rich women should shut up about rape because they're rich and better off than 99% of men on Earth, but rich male comedians like Joe Rogan must be protected against mean internet comments at all costs uwu. They may be millionayahs, but they are the voice of the alienated male working class and thus effectively trailer trash by cultural proxy. Also, Peter Thiel is #goalz, slay king. Prakthith.

No. 949834

It has done nothing for them, it has offered a spectacle to shut women up and had no meaningful impact

be honest, do you really think that there's nothing worth critiquing in the idea that a lot of these women were chummy with Harvey Weinstein as long as it could further their career and had all the resources to do something to stop it happening to another girl but waited until it would benefit their career to speak out? Do you not think people are ever genuinely victims but also exploit this victimhood as a means for personal profit

No. 949835

Implying chapocel whining about metoo is doing anything but shut up women up. You posed next to Bill Cosby's Hollywood star, wow! Totally owned those bourgs, man.

Be honest, do you really think that the likes of Dasha, Anna, Amber and Aimee give two shits about working class rape victims and not just a) lamenting their inability to do what the #metoo crowd supposedly did for clout and b) thus grifting on male leftist sexual resentment that's no doubt amplified (and socially approved) towards rich women they can't access? Succs are so adorable, you guys think it's all that subtle when you preface your impotent incel rage towards women with "rich" or "neoliberal"?
The wokes already got busted for trying the same thing with "white", you gotta try something else.

I guess your incel-LARPing-as-succ thing would be a little more convincing if the absolute cuntrags you're worshiping weren't e-fellating rich men as we speak.

No. 949836

I don't know 90% of the words or references used here, idk what a succ is or about the Bill Cosby thing, I was just talking about Dasha and Anna's comments on the preformative aspect of #metoo which I think has a valid basis

No. 949837

And it's the only performance and grifting that bothers them, whereas rich men doing what they can to get ahead results in nothing but awe and cunt dripping. Incelesting!

No. 949838


t. tweaked out 34 year old hot topic pro ana whose only job is a podcast

what is anna gonna be in a decade lmfao

No. 949839

god those replies. imagine wanting to please this 'community'

No. 949840

it all makes sense once you realize that khachiyan is just a gay male version of gimpgirl555

No. 949841

But do you actually disagree that when you're old, fat and cellutitey tattoos probably aren't gonna look good..

No. 949842

I would agree, and say it's fine to dislike tattoos but Anna comes across as a pick me by saying it about women in particular.

No. 949843

Nta but being fat and cellulite-y is its own problem lol. Go to the tattoo parlor as much as you want, but going to the gym and eating well should be a given, you dumb fuck. Reeks of scrote or Anna, what’s the difference.

No. 949844

because the tweet was about women, no ones gonna end every tweet with 'men too!!!' also surely no one would deny it is a fact that society is a whole lot more critical of women's looks and ageing, so it probably wouldn't be as big a deal for men, she said it's a bad idea for women, not that it looks worse for women. Idk, the tweet comes off to me as relatively light hearted and also true. I feel like theres a lot of interesting things to genuinely criticise Anna for but a lot of the posts in this thread seem so nitpicky and emotional like people just have irrational hate boners. I get hate following celebrities but hate listening to a podcast and picking apart every benign tweet the hosts make seems on another level to me

do you have any reading comprehension? in the context of the tweet she was replying to it was referring to when you're old and cellulitey

No. 949845

NTA, and I've personally never cared for tattoos, but reading that thread almost makes me want some.

>Tattoos tend to look dirty, ultimately. That's why they work for men (rugged, tough) but don't really work for women (tarnished, used).

>And more generally why girls of today are absolutely doomed

>Most tattoos are tacky and ugly. Human skin is beautiful, and should remain unobscured.

It's literally just men crying because women are doing something to their bodies that they don't find aesthetically pleasing. Most people who get tattoos do it because they want to or they like how it looks. Telling women they shouldn't do something they like because one day they'll be old and fat is a standard that would never exist for men.

No. 949846

Exactly, these are the kind of guys Anna and Dasha pander to by being leftist tradthots. I don’t get why some people ITT are caping for them so hard, cause they really do judge literally every choice any woman makes except for them! Their twitter replyguys are literally the bottom of the barrel from both leftist twitter and like, thirsty moderate trad twitter lol, that thread was so gross.

No. 949847

I mean you're literally on a website solely born out of the desire for people to judge and criticise every choice women make

No. 949848

>And more generally why girls of today are absolutely doomed
imagine having these people in your audience, imagine wanting to have anything to do with these kind of people

No. 949849

Socialization relies a lot on plausible deniability and people being charitable to others. You're never going to see any single tweet that will spell out for you, beyond doubt, that "she is pandering to misogynists and being a cunt to other women because she is bitter about her social status", and the comments in this thread are gonna sound nitpicky because you're seeing the tweets on a case by case basis and not her persona as a whole and the feedback loop with her followers and orbiters.

This thread is about the phenomenon of pickmes pickmeing. If you're skeptical about the existence of this phenomenon, find another thread.

No. 949850

i mean, tweets like "you shouldn't feel bad for the women trump raped because they were prostitutes anyway" make it pretty obvious. if we can clock shoeonhead as a misogynistic post wall pickme based on what she says then anna is one beyond reasonable doubt tbh
it wouldn't be a bad take if there was anything about anna's fashion choices or behavior that would age well. even her incel replyguys think she comes across as a bitter old maid unable to cope with the fact that she's no longer 22 lmao

No. 949851

it's pretty obvious anna panders hard. anyone who questions this is being charitable to the point of ignorance

No. 949852

anna has dug her own grave cultivating the audience she has. some of the replies:

>It’s inadvisable for women to be over 27 years old

>Exactly. The butterfly at 20 turns into a gypsy moth at 40.

anna is an unattractive childless woman in her mid 30s. she ostensibly wants to be liked and respected for her thoughts and opinions but has decided to amass an online following of tradcon men that think women are only good for their looks and should be discarded past their mid 20s. good luck with that anna

No. 949853

Good, I'm glad she gets comments like this. Women who are this vile toward other women deserve it.

Spoiler alert: your skin is gonna look like shit when you're old and gross, regardless of if it's tattooed or not. There's really no point in making aesthetic choices in your youth based on how it will look when you're old and ugly, because you're going to be old and ugly anyway.

No. 949854

>So, I’m reading Bronze Age Mindset (statement of fact not endorsement, fellas) and in it he makes the old claim that men are better at focus and women are better at multitasking. WRONG! We women absolutely excel at concentration, when it comes to concentrating on ourselves!


a narcissist with no self-esteem

No. 949855

i mean, it's just sad. she's honestly worse than shoe.

No. 949856

>Don't flatter yourself, you're not a sociopath. Just a garden-variety millennial narcissist.
>Pinned tweet
>Anna in charge of understanding the concepts she's referencing

ask me how I know that her incomplete PhD is in useless shit

No. 949857

And all the male replies telling her that she's such a vapid and self-obsessed bitch that it must be true.

No. 949858

I can't post ss but she made a tweet saying vanity is "harmless"

No. 949859

And that she's "vain" not narcissistic lmfao.

The thot thinks sociopath and narcissist are two distinct concepts with no overlap whatsoever, I don't trust her to correctly distinguish between vanity and narcissism.

No. 949860

ironically anna (correctly) frequently makes the point that narcissists don’t necessarily have a high opinion of themselves. often they have very low self-esteem and obsess over their negative qualities. the only real criteria for being a narcissist is excessive self-fixation and a dependence on other people to affirm your self-image. anna clearly hates women and hates herself for being a woman. she can keep calling women vain, self-absorbed, & frivolous and hoping her reply guys will grant that she’s the exception. it won’t happen though.

No. 949861

Narcissists are by definition insecure. Anna is a fairly typical one due to her comical reliance on external validation about how she's totally not like the other thots.

No. 949862

Does anyone know where Aimee went? I tried finding her twitter and only found screencaps of her takes on Reddit. It appears that she often says milky shit including pro-pedo stuff, also mutually thirstposts with Anna (I remember there was a cringey exchange between them about how wet they get it when men order food for them without asking because that's very alpha kek).

No. 949863

File: 1585167414535.jpg (333.09 KB, 942x938, 20200325_221531.jpg)

Anna is so ugly it's offensive. A man in a dress.

No. 949864

File: 1585175531230.jpg (77.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sick of seeing that retarded okie boomer slut all over my twitter timeline

No. 949865

she’s not a pickme though?

No. 949866

Different anon, but any woman who does the shit she does for scrote attention can be safely assumed as a pickme.

No. 949867

She would have been pretty attractive if it wasn't for the retarded mullet and thick ass eyebrows

No. 949868

File: 1585182751201.png (2.69 MB, 1296x1370, Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.31…)

One look at her Instagram shows that she at least is trying hard to cater to a straight male audience with her looks.

Wouldn't say that makes her a pickme like >>949866 suggests. She's treading into dangerous territory though by pandering to thirsty moids (who immediately turned on her when the found out about her boyfriend).

No. 949869


Okay anon. This is waaaaay past what even passes for “normal” interest in a cow on this board. You can’t stop talking about her and it’s even spilling onto other threads for totally unrelated cows. Tell me. Do you know her personally or something?

No. 949870

30 year old bernie boomers drooling over this under the guise of fighting for socialism

No. 949871

…literally just selfies and standard pictures any young girl would post. She's not milky at all.

No. 949872

she's a twitch streamer for betabux now lmao

No. 949873

being a twitch streamer is in itself milky?

No. 949874


>Friedan’s women, in their comfortable homes with their comfortable allowances, with all of that marvelous free time, were the biggest experiment in UBI the world has ever seen, and they were desperately, wretchedly unhappy, to the point of mental illness. Because that is what being paid off and discarded does to a person.

>A capitalist state that holds the purse strings is far less accountable to its dependents than a husband. If he annoyed me or didn’t give me enough money, I had immediate recourse due to both the value of my labor and my proximity to him.

my God how do you make 300k a year running the most influential "socialist" podcast producing takes like this

50s housewives are just neets on UBI who are just given money for doing nothing but they also control their husbands with their labor

t. amber frost, class issues understander and proletarian oppression prioritizer

No. 949875


How do you even begin to compare today with 1950s housewives who lived in isolated suburbs, no internet access, extremely limited venue of hobbies, no ability to leave the house most of the time but required to spend hours everyday maintaining extremely elaborate and fragile hairdos and layers of caked on makeup while zonked out of drugs that aren’t even legal anymore. Wtf is she trying to even say I’m honestly offended someone would be this austistic

No. 949966

Sasuga urban dangerhair pickme.

How the fuck is she so out of touch that she looks at domestic violence rates among working class couples and thinks that a husband is somehow fucked if he doesn't give the wife enough money? Most housewives don't even get allowances, they're "paid" in shelter and food. Also, how the fuck is she so uneducated that she thinks 50s housewives were depressed because of their "UBI" and not because they weren't legally allowed to do anything without a husband's permission, including owning a separate bank account? One would think that a socialist thot would know at least some history that pertains to economic conditions. I won't even mention lack of DV protections or marital rape being completely legal. Imagine being this while cosplaying as a paragon of working class women. She's pretty shit at hiding the fact that 100% of her politics is just an attempt at wording your typical Tumblr whining about "muh oppressed men" in vaguely Marxist terms.

Who am I kidding though, like most leftist failures, she probably hasn't even read any theory in the first place. Their "alienation" rhetoric is so fucking retarded it's solidly on par with the Mexican president blaming the existence of sadistic pedophiles on "neoliberal economic policies".

No. 949976

File: 1585247566687.jpg (642.71 KB, 2226x3168, PSX_20200326_143135.jpg)

No. 949980

Never said she was a cow but okay. I just said she's clearly pandering to a scrote audience and hopes that she knows what she's getting into.

No. 950077

i mean they both look like the bottom fox kek. miss communismkills antics tho, she was unintentionally so funny.

No. 950079

It's so strange to see someone praise communismkills appearance. Like of all the people you could have used for the 'right wing women' are prettier than ugly leftist women meme…

No. 950080

Is Anna straight? She gives me closeted vibes

No. 950084

remember when she didn't know how to use her blankets and they were too cold to use

No. 950101

edgy libfem pick me make a post about how much missionary position sucks


vast majorty of the replies are from scrotes agreeing with her

No. 950102

why would not liking missionary be a pick me thing? Also she said missionary is good and most of the comments are agreeing with that or just making fun of the way they worded the article

No. 950103

File: 1585275233156.jpg (108.23 KB, 1079x2232, 6vmstg2ki7841.jpg)

really? she's posted about women she wants to fuck before but she is insanely obsessed with her bf, who is an avant garde musician (eli keszler, works with OPN)/posts him on IG all the time, they just moved in together. the one thing that i dont get in regard to all the sperging about her being a "femcel" who wants a "chad" is that she is super open about her "type", which is stocky, hairy jewish guys who look a lot like her in the face, and she basically has what she wants in that vein lol. i think she's a lot more tolerable in longform (her reddit comments or the essays on her old blog) than she is on twitter, largely because twitter as a platform incentivizes her to say contrarian, inflammatory things without ever explaining herself. conversely, dasha's off-twitter presence is honestly what made me like her less.

the other thing i don't really get is the constant invocation of chapo here because that podcast's base split away from red scare's a few years ago, or at the latest when dasha & adam broke up, but even still… i agree with this anon >>949821
in saying that their media/art/fashion commentary is a lot better than their "political" stuff, and they have rarely claimed to be poltiical (again, this is probably tied to people lumping them in with chapo trap house. their only real connection is cum town, which is also not a political pod, and that's not even a real connection anymore, i think)

No. 950104

I only casually follow her so I didn't know about her bf, I actually think they look really cute/happy together, I think she just comes off bi to me maybe. I agree she's so much more likeable in long form, I think she comes off antagonistic on twitter because obviously a lot of her tone and nuance is lost in such a limited format. When she can expand on her thoughts her motives behind what she says is more clear and I agree with her a lot more.

I also don't think she's ugly I think she just styles herself in an unconventional way. I think she has nice bone structure idk

No. 950108

making fun of women who like missionary is a pick-me attitude

No. 950109

ok but she doesn't do that and says she likes missionary?

No. 950112

I',m talking about the replies by scrotes

No. 950113

goddd i acc had forgotten lmao! whenever i remember her the 1st thing on my mind is the "i dont even live in your state" answer to that anon who posted they saw her in their grocery store. god, wonder what is she up to nowadays.

No. 950114

i don't get it most of them agree missionary is good and even still, is men not liking missionary also a pick me thing? like who cares?

No. 950115

i order my groceries online.

No. 950116

most of the replies are dunking on missionary though

No. 950117

she became a groyper and ended up going like full white nationalist a few months ago

No. 950119

I don't see that but even if they were I think I just don't get why random reply guys not liking missionary makes her a pick me. She didnt even say anything negative to invite it

No. 950132

im not praising her looks kek
CK is ugly, but aimee is truly a bad taxidermy of her in every aspect including her takes

No. 950137

File: 1585280416327.jpg (454.76 KB, 1080x1672, IMG_20200326_233651.jpg)

lmfao i found aimees abandoned insta and holy shit what the fuck happened to her lmfao… she used to look and act like this… total normie party girl?

this was her in 2014 and if you look at the page of her blonde friend from this pic, she's a typical liberal socialite stacy aimee likes to shriek about

really makes u thonk

No. 950148

on the red scare podcast

No. 950158

dasha's old 2012-2014 blog is https://gamesforslaves.tumblr.com/

No. 950171

this tumblr blog is just as thinspired and generic as i thought it would be. dasha really always has been a dry, uncreative, trend-following nobody.

No. 950221

jesus what a boring ass choke-me-daddy sadbitch blog. i also love how their trademark detached lowercase typing style and "weird" humor about being gAy wItH yOuR DaD is a direct transplant from sjw tumblr but cth cucks think it's "cool" lmfao

are all lefthots anachans

No. 950225

File: 1585333609001.jpg (35.8 KB, 500x278, tumblr_ma477vcWM31rtqlbio1_500…)

wow, you guys weren't kidding. it really is predictable. this is the exact template of all tumblr-girl blogs.

No. 950305


can someone fluent in postmodern word salad tell me what the fuck does any of this even mean

No. 950349

>Why should one take offense to the claim that women lie, that they concern themselves with “mere appearance”? Unless one has a preference for truth, and thus one reveals a moral prejudice against deception. So woman lies – and why not?


No. 950373

>I lie so everybody else lies as well

No. 950494

File: 1585403287996.jpeg (77.42 KB, 900x417, 5F03084F-8D09-43F4-A3AF-B90D43…)

yeah steve bannon the well-known sex symbol

No. 950499

how is bannon zizek's counterpart intellectually? it's also really weird how she keeps insisting zizek gets "top shelf pussy".

No. 950552

I hope she is saying this ironically.

No. 950555

…anon that tweet is an extremely obvious joke

No. 950568

is it though? she speaks often about how hot she finds older dumpy men and i don't think it's always a joke

No. 950604

It is painfully obviously a joke and her following tweets were literally about the fact it’s a joke. Autistic hyper literal interpretations of light hearted tweets really isn’t milk

No. 950619

File: 1585428538103.png (40.32 KB, 604x279, anna.PNG)

>her following tweets were literally about the fact that it's a joke
where? the rest of her tweets and replies following are about corona, a cat that passed away, war criminals, and buttigieg's beard. her following tweet definitely doesn't make the preceding tweet seem like a joke, and the next tweet isn't necessarily wrong, either. pretty undeniably true, so idk it'd be kind of weird to mix together. there are no other tweets making it clear that was a joke

No. 950621

File: 1585428757788.jpg (29.19 KB, 748x404, 6hi5wfzfeon31(2).jpg)

local femcel seething over another, more successful lefthot


No. 950624

File: 1585428974204.png (50.94 KB, 472x574, insane.PNG)

aoc is not a lefthot at all. this though… what is this

No. 950626

File: 1585429084473.jpg (31.38 KB, 601x508, 1458710301595.jpg)

weird Twitter.jpeg

No. 950628

File: 1585429391531.jpeg (643.05 KB, 1242x1611, 8F4226A5-74CC-487E-B77F-3B06E4…)

The response tweet has been deleted, but originally someone replied saying essentially what was said in this thread and she replied with this. Also I wouldn’t say unrelated tweets hours later are indicative of whether a tweet is a joke, Twitter usually isn’t a continuous linear stream of consciousness but just random thoughts as they come

No. 950629

>27 year old aspiring comedians

so like, what you and dasha are dating while convincing yourselves that they're "quality men" lmfao

No. 950631

Anna has mastered the chapoid art of wrapping her obvious butthurt in layers of protective irony

No. 950636


>This level of literalism is straight up embarrassing!!
if you can read this and don't see the "guys, it was just a joke!!" backpedaling here, you're blind. literally her entire shtick is to walk the line of contrarian edginess that is stupid enough to be able to plausibly deny as an "obvious joke!!"

No. 950639

This thread makes me feel like I’m going crazy, she sometimes says things that are serious and sometimes says things that are very obviously a joke and tongue in cheek the same way literally any other person does and it’s extremely obvious if you look at the context or are able to just not interpret everything literally. I think this is a good concept for a thread but not if every post is just going to be nitpicking obvious joke tweets. Surely there are more actually interesting milky lefthots things to discuss

No. 950640

to say it isn't milky, i get that, but you're the one pointlessly wking her retardation as "an obvious joke" when it isn't "obvious" and that's on you, anon.

No. 950647

How is a tweet from a leftist podcaster about ‘daddy’ Steve Bannon’s ‘sexual charisma that transcends Brad Pitt’s’ not obviously a joke?! ANY normal person can see that’s a joke!

No. 950652

>Perhaps it is time that women relieved themselves of this vengefulness, of their resentment for having been regulated to a secondary class, or so conventional (male) thought tells them they have been.
ok dasha

No. 950653

anna is a pretty insistent proponent of the idea that every woman must be a 19 year old supermodel except her because she has some nebulous "charisma" and "sex appeal" that places her 45 year old tweaker looking ass on par with actual stacies lmfao
>i don't want this conventionally attractive chad, i love greasy bill splitting jewish manlets who look like me and have PERSONALITY and POLITICS! they're sexy! im being post-ironic here! y-yeah!

you almost sound convinced!

No. 950655

>NEETche in charge of not being vengeful and resentful
>men not being universally butthurt about women the day they hit puberty

lmao ok literal scorned incel, im sure lou andreas salome will text you back any day now

No. 950659

Even if that were true what does that have to do with the tweet being discussed being a joke in literally anyway… also it’s objectively not Anna has praised the appearance of many women to look nothing like 19 year old supermodels. If anything it’s the opposite, either based off her genuine feelings or her unrelenting desire to be contrarian, she praises a lot of women who would be conventionally unattractive

No. 950669

Do you actually believe the literal incel meme that everyone woman is lying and deep down they all want to date some cartoonish himbo Chad?

No. 950688

what’s the joke? anna has said on the pod multiple times that she thinks zizek is sexy. she’s always going off about how she thinks americans have no sense of aesthetics and only ugly men can be hot.

No. 950694

>only ugly men can be hot
this is such a classic low self esteem cope imo. so many girls say shit like this and act like they're the only ones. like don't get me wrong i love a good unconventional crush and hyper conventionally attractive men can be uncanny valley and offputting, but if you ONLY like "ugly" men I feel like more often than not it's because you don't feel like you have the right to lust after anyone else and are just trying to convince yourself that you prefer it that way.

No. 950695

rachel sennott/stavros halkias subtweet

No. 950700

File: 1585443635827.png (9.77 KB, 444x82, aaa.PNG)

agreed. i don't "get" conventionally attractive men either, but they aren't unattractive, just not my taste. the way she specifically goes on and on about how men are straight up ugly or unattractive because they aren't unconventional proves it's obvious cope and not just her actual taste. almost every career contrarian woman pulls this exact shtick. it's pretty "basic" in that respect, actually


No. 950703

i love that she pretends to think this about men but encourages the eating disorders of her "friends" lmao. i hope they aren't taken seriously in any real leftist circles anymore

No. 950704

your wking would be a bit more convincing if anna herself wasn't a big believer in incel memes while hilariously exempting herself from them

she's literally gimpgirl telling herself that she's a hourglass stacy who landed and absolute gigachad

No. 950709

All I see is “pick me pick me pick me” when people write stuff like that.

No. 950723

File: 1585449300322.jpg (105.8 KB, 594x736, anna mary.jpg)

the similarities all around are kind of frightening. mary is a harrowing look into anna's potential future, especially considering anna keeps talking up enlightened euro swinging, mentioning having children and talking up the 'family values' aesthetic, and that men who don't want kids really do want kids with "the right woman" (see: a super intellectual gigastacy like her)

No. 950810

File: 1585466727362.jpg (423.21 KB, 1080x1405, IMG_20200329_023207.jpg)

i knew something was up with that atrocious chelsea mullet of hers

and surely enough, her takes on long hair are literally the same as gimpgirl's

No. 950829

I know it was explained before but I still don't get exactly what these womens' views are: Are they really russian or only pretending to because muh communism? They're pro-communism/leftist but also misogynistic and trad (that weird jealous of young, pretty and skinny models being favored over them)? They're trad but this >>950810 ? They're misogynistic but also shit on men and think they themselves are the smartest? They're ana and vain but also shit on pretty women/women who care about their appearance? When I first saw them I thought they're arthoes, like girls who go for the stereotypical french kind of ugly but also interesting look.

The resemblence is uncanny.

No. 950860

they’re not really communist. dasha seems like your run-of-the-mill socdem bernie supporter. anna prevaricates and refuses to clarify her political stance (probably because she wants it to be whatever is most beneficial to her at any given moment) but from what i can tell she seems like a conservative who’s in favor of socialized healthcare.

No. 950864

It's sad that gimpgirl has a slightly better body. Especially after three kids.

No. 950865

File: 1585488534826.jpg (121.16 KB, 1181x530, 1564936030576.jpg)

Certain types of people really do tend to have certain types of looks. Physiognomy isn't all bullshit.

No. 950881

why do they all look like idubbz

No. 950891

File: 1585494965162.png (549.31 KB, 730x1074, xKiZPFF.png)

even her own followers are tired of her aoc seething


No. 950897

Can this subject PLEASE be put to rest.

They were born in Russia/Belarus but both is these girls are fully assimilated Americans. Dasha doesn’t really even speak Russian anymore and Anna can barely eke out a few broken sentences in a heavy accent using weird anachronistic stylings that let me know she’s never spoken to anyone in Russia besides her mom Has never had Russian friends. This is after spending 2 weeks abroad in Ukraine and Riga.

I don’t know what kind of upbringing they had personally but 80-90% of Russian, no matter what lifestyle or opinions they have, are obsessed with maximizing their appearance and it’s been that was since the ussr. Even hippie raver chicks with purple dreads will meticulously do their roots and make sure their color isn’t fading. Gimpgirl is a freak outliner but even she acts like this a certain extent. Dasha and Anna are sloppy art hoes who don’t care if they have makeup on or not. Literally the most American state of mind you can be.

No. 950997

>pretending she's all about that interesting ugly-pretty high fashion art hoe look when she is self admittedly jealous of cloying lingerie model stacy socialites who have rich husbands

sasuga anna

No. 951079

Does that make them leftists? Or kinda?

No. 951150

File: 1585541533828.jpg (317.18 KB, 1024x1551, WoodrowWilson.jpg)


Always knew it…

No. 951181

it's funny because cultural conservatism is incompatible with economic socialism, which is something chapoids admit when they claim that cultural attitudes are not worth addressing because they all stem from economic oppression

the kind of person who believes in trad bs will always want to hoard resources, so anna is basically appealing to a small minority of retards who wish they could be tradmasc capitalist pigs but can't due to being weak and deformed, so they basically just want a trad culture in which they don't have to work or compete instead

No. 951184

File: 1585553583344.jpg (303.46 KB, 1080x1416, IMG_20200330_033223.jpg)

my fucking sides

No. 951233

clock’s ticking, anna…

No. 951277

i mean, she can still reasonably purchase an unemployed manlet who will (unsuccessfully) attempt to cheat on her while she pretends that she's doing enlightened euroswinging as she pays for his escorts

No. 951292

File: 1585589480904.png (21.53 KB, 486x501, rogan.PNG)

since rogan isnt accessible, sounds like she probably will, kek

No. 951312

lmao at "loves his wife and kids"

it's pretty known that he's cheating on his wife

No. 951344

gimpgirl555:Reloaded kek

I know next to nothing about Rogan but that's fucked up. She should leave.

No. 951365

he famously mentions that "he has a prenup" and that his wife "knows not to mess with him and let him do whatever the fuck he wants" on his podcast

No. 951367

File: 1585600875158.jpeg (155.61 KB, 750x945, 0F397409-7AAE-4F97-995C-C6E1F6…)

anna loves saying things like this while aspiring to be a political commentator

No. 952054

>Anna Khachiyan retweeted Anna Khachiyan

she really thinks her basic tumblr anti-sj thot takes are unique and profound im howling

No. 952094

I fucking hate him now wow. Hardly prenups hold up anyway, I hope she still goes for it and protects herself. He sounds insufferable and this is the man that Anna wants.

No. 952225

I really, really hope she is joking.

No. 952642

File: 1585740915709.jpg (101.68 KB, 1080x705, IMG_20200401_071030.jpg)

No. 952647

Doesn’t she only have respect for braindead pseudo-ethnic hot girls? Isn’t that her ultimate fetish? I’m confused

No. 952743

incel tier.

No. 952748

File: 1585763794592.jpg (70.35 KB, 600x367, emigracja.jpg)

this, but in just one picture.

sorry for ot, she just fits this cliche to perfection.

No. 952782

LITERALLY! No matter how many times Jewish people tell them ETR was co-opted by the KGB during the Soviet famine to target Jewish scholars, they don’t give a fuck and start using slurs. Oh but I can’t be anti-Semitic because I support a Jewish candidate who has spoken against this very type of behavior

No. 953258

File: 1585858007453.jpg (529.1 KB, 1051x1651, IMG_20200402_160242.jpg)

ms. "you shouldn't feel bad for sex workers if they get raped" is advocating feeling bad for a self admitted rapist (who also brutally beat up his victim) because he reproduced and also happened to be good at throwing ball

No. 953302

i don't get this reasoning at all. these morons act like his kids are furiously googling twitter leftist takes on kobe bryant. like, none of you have any real clout in the real world. it so does not matter what any of them think or say. none of it will have any impact on the bryant family. leftists could 180 their opinion and build a full-scale memorial statue of kobe made of camembert and crystallized tears, and the bryant family would not care or hear of it. they have no impact on the real world. i don't disagree with the leftist take re: kobe that anna is secondhand admonishing, but literally all of them are invisible to the bryant family, whether or not they call him out

No. 953350

the bryant family is absurdly rich

interesting how chapoids say rapey shit about scarlett johansson and follow up with "lmao she's a rich celeb she'll be ok you lib" and then shit their pants whiteknighting an athlete and his wag

very interesting how callous disregard towards the humanity of people they arbitrarily define as too well off to be affected is something they reserve for women only

interesting how they literally worship rich capitalist (and frequently predatory) men actually

No. 953356

Lmao I couldn’t even read past that second sentence. apologist fucking trash and I don’t even use that stupid word.

No. 953379

same deal with shoe0nhead
the rabbit hole of female high school bullies/sorority girls growing up to appropriate alternative culture and write a fake back story for themselves as a "shy wallflower" goes deeper than you think

No. 953415

>I guess I have this weird complex about wanting to be seen as a human being
ew anon, what's wrong with you

No. 953447

anon i was joking lmao i feel bad now

No. 953453

File: 1585878112925.jpg (480.43 KB, 1080x1811, IMG_20200402_212906.jpg)

No. 953475

when you subtweet your bf

No. 953766

File: 1585944896926.jpg (428.97 KB, 1080x1999, IMG_20200403_152022.jpg)

For what purpose does she say all these things?

No. 953772

to somehow separate herself from the bitter 30+ childless unmarried urban hags she likes to rag on to appease omegas

No. 953796

File: 1585949033349.jpeg (89.74 KB, 828x333, 9B859D95-5518-429A-B164-C0F608…)

Ugly boring red scare hangers-on like this have really shifted my opinions of anna and dasha lmao…they could be so much worse

No. 953798

File: 1585949176528.jpeg (837.17 KB, 828x1124, 6FB24D85-3DE2-4096-A44A-9E44DF…)

These dogfaced women need to go to church and stop posting imo

No. 953807

File: 1585950104894.png (25.49 KB, 463x249, 24FC36BC-C445-4268-B2E1-E96F17…)

One of the dumbest of the bunch, you can feel your brain rotting as you read her insipid feed. She’s also come under fire before for using antisemitic slurs.

I remember this tweet. A lot of normie black women somehow found it and got upset and flooded the replies criticizing her.

No. 953866

they hate aoc so much. they're so jealous that she's cute, normal, and influential.

No. 953881

She’s also a better grifter than them! All of these “leftist” (very stupid phrase) it-girls are socialist in name only but AOC is the most successful at “actually doing something for socialism!” - though if you look at her voting record, she’s literally just a centrist lol. But she’s a politician, they’re supposed to be liars.

No. 954074

I thought hated AOC because of her stance on troons and defense of Islam

No. 954444

File: 1586049137024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52 KB, 510x680, Dy2zqY9XcAA6rkk.jpeg)

So Dasha from redscare is an anachan? Is this supposed to be thinspo or what?


No. 954474

File: 1586053941772.jpg (313.78 KB, 1080x1803, IMG_20200404_213124.jpg)

Apparently she had Steve Bannon in her podcast. Is this true? Currently I cannot check it out.

No. 954480

File: 1586055117548.png (564.15 KB, 909x476, BDF24F9F-253A-459D-B15B-8A305F…)

She’s well know to promote the anachan mindset but only for clout. Candid photos not taken by her show a very average, normal body weight. Tbh the most annoying aspects of redscare for me is listening to her sperg for the 5431367 time about her cigarette addiction, what kind of designer sample sized clothes she bought or some other backdoor Anaculture reference. Like we get it you look like a bug-eyed child and have no tits, cool story bro

No. 954482

It looks like it's actually real. Anna has also recently been on a podcast with some e-famous alt-righter named Kantbot.

No. 954510

she mentions being anorexic constantly which really is incredible. who has a public platform at like, 29 that uses it to specifically brag about anorexia, like it's an admirable thing? harmful and just, pathetic, really

No. 954530

both her and anna are anachans

anna is kind of like gimpgirl while dasha is your typical tumblr choke me daddy ana

No. 954541

File: 1586071083778.png (220.08 KB, 1502x654, Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 3.10…)

anna's reddit is about as bad as expected. the whole sub itself is kind of trash, like 80% of it is dedicated to ana content, some of it literally ripped right off skinnygossip. not exactly sure how this is conducive to transferring the MOP to the workers.

No. 954565

They “just want healthcare, honey”! Thats the full depth of their “socialism”

No. 954567

They probably also believe that socialism is "when the government do stuff".

No. 954571

If the republican party supported universal healthcare then its basically over for any socialist movement in America

No. 954627

tsoiboy69 is anna

No. 954795

It’s fucked up that 14k people follow an obvious thinspo/proana account

No. 954827

How many layers of mental illness is Anna on?

No. 955123

What kind of magic did she use on this pic? Her boobs do not look like that lmao

No. 955378


She’s had similar takes and I am starting to think she has serious resentment for women her age who look more or less the same they did at 25. I think she sees that she’s not aging well and is taking it harder than she’d care to admit..

No. 955387

File: 1586245745536.png (13.12 KB, 515x239, 46b39312adb5432e3947572aeb199c…)

laughing at this old post on dashas ask.fm
seems like nothing changed

No. 955390

File: 1586246189858.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.34 KB, 640x239, 76833B40-2EF5-451E-80C4-9B476C…)


Her exes were most likely gay

No. 955397


that interview gave me fucking PTSD it was so atrocious. it literally takes three brain cells to respond to "much Venezuela" as a leftist, yet somehow she couldn't do that. i'd say malnourishment was the cause of the fuckup since lack of food can impair brain damage but she isn't even fucking malnourished

No. 955434

What interview?

No. 955440

File: 1586266070330.jpg (147.5 KB, 828x1792, iqYi6bi.jpg)

No. 955452

>why is it acceptable to talk about certain women as if they're subhuman?

bitch that's your entire twitter

love how these edgy hoes always immediately discover the dreaded lIbErAl ReSpEcTaBiLiTy PoLiTiCs and FeMiNiSt VirTuE SiGnAlLiNg when they get clapback lmfao

also your "intellektual" incel replyguys aren't interested in wking you, anna. you can e-fondle their scrotums for eternity and none of it will make up for the fact that you're not hot lmao

No. 955509

File: 1586281799849.jpeg (248.76 KB, 828x574, 375A1C1D-22BB-402C-9BCE-DA8290…)

Seriously wowed… I never saw how hypocritical and projecting Anna was before this thread. This tweet exchange is a terrible look for her. Allie (the bunny pfp) is also vain and quite similar to the red scare hosts but made a valid point.
Yep. I couldn’t fit Anna’s comment the replyguy pictured was referencing (you can see it in OP’s reddit link) but I thought it was a good take.

No. 955566

lefthots and tradthots is the same

reminds me of how lauren southern et al never hesitate to "BUT IM A WEHMEN??" you despite whining about the "pussy pass" all day

maybe edgy lefthots are what they are because they are bitter over being too ugly to be wked, which is something they deeply desire

No. 955634

this bitch wants to fuck nick mullen so bad lmao

No. 955645

If this were somebody else I would've defended her, but since she talks shit about other people constantly she deserves what she gets.

No. 955653

Idk if you’re talking about Allie or Anna but both fit your statement

No. 955658

being a pickme for nick mullen is next level. it's like a man becoming a feminist to fuck lena dunham lmfao

No. 955792

It’s funny to me how she’s not hot enough to be even a D list actress, she’s made it clear that she’s willing to fuck her way up but she’s not attractive enough to get anywhere

No. 955808

the reason why they're collectively so mad at #metoo is because they're all career failures who like all uggos think that hot women use rape accusations to climb to the top, a tactic they'd very much like to use if it was available to them

the lefthot podcast sphere is basically a tale of failed starfucking kek

No. 955857


please enjoy this thread of red scare listeners piling on dasha for violating quarantine and trying to justify it in the most braindead and selfish manner

No. 955915

dasha retweeted this: Quarantine is the neoliberal woke culture's wet dream because we can put all of our protestant rage onto the little individuals "breaking quarantine" rather than the institutions that do nothing to protect us or enforce it.
lol she's gonna die

No. 955928

idk she's right

No. 955949


On one hand I think dasha is your typical smoothbrain millennial who’s life pre corona consisted mainly of shopping, traveling and socializing so I see her whining as simply the inability to cope with the fact that there are no more cookies in the cookie jar

In the other hand the whole “industry” of art films and indie shows her precious acting career was based is gonna vanish in post corona depression world and she way to unattractive and problematic to translation into anything else and she probably knows it. Unlike Anna I don’t think podcasting and being a cultural critic was ever her endgoal so much as a means to propel her as the millennial Chloe Sevigny and for that I have some genuine sympathy for her, her life is basically over rn

No. 956168

File: 1586395145441.jpeg (401.25 KB, 1242x1623, 26E1EC85-88A0-40FE-98B1-66BE0B…)

She was arguing with people in the red scare reddit over it, her responses are really immature and people were really unhappy with her but I agree with what she said on Twitter with the way the focus has been on shaming individuals as oppose to the systems that lead to this

No. 956225


Her argument about how nobody focuses on the systemic cause is pretty irrelevant to what people are taking issue with on her still going out, and I don't think she understands that. the posts on reddit make her sound like a selfish maladjusted parasite and it would be easier to take her concern about the neoliberal plan for covid more seriously if it wasn't so evident that she's just miserable she's stuck inside with herself.

a lot of her whining makes me think of when right winners go "we can't let the virus scare us!" as if the virus was a terrorist or something.>>956168

No. 956230


Anon she IS a selfish parasite, her argument while using language that superficially suggests some of kind of societal application really, if you read it carefully, is solely 100% about her not being allowed to enjoy her best life ever being a cool New York IT girl, I don’t remember her thinking it was “inhumane” when Italy, France and China were under quarantine. Also unless I don’t understand something she and Ann both make 12k+? a month on patreon so why is she still living in a “inhumane” windowless apt with her bf… but can spend $300 on a bottle of perfume?

No. 956253

looks like the chapoid take generator which consists of "insert random concept" + "is a neoliberal conspiracy" has failed her this time

No. 956266

File: 1586409107871.png (2.3 MB, 1647x1023, image.png)

Is this Dasha? It looks like 'rona shut-down has been hitting her hard…
>Her argument about how nobody focuses on the systemic cause is pretty irrelevant to what people are taking issue with on her still going out
Not to mention that everybody except the usual suspects are furious with the institutional response towards the virus.

No. 956272

She was never going to be a serious actress and despite her efforts she has to already know that. She’ll still split $25k each month because of the pod. Hard to really say her “life is over”.

No. 956280

File: 1586414234064.png (401.06 KB, 2138x1310, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.37…)

which one of you thots snitched?

No. 956374

This and a lot of things Dasha has said makes it seem like she just in general struggles to grasp that other people are also people in the same way she is. Like other people also have ‘full lives’ the exact same as you that they also won’t be able to live if you put their health and life at risk

No. 956376

this was unbearable. and it just so obviously feels like not just a sincerely inebriated moment, of course she's flaunting her 'i'm skinny' body in a stupid french maid costume.


none of us say 'looksmax' or anything like that. the few people that use 'femcel' on here are the same idiots that visit /r9k/ and male spaces and co-opt their retardation. they aren't radfems. and that's also a stupid way to try to disregard criticism or viewpoints that have literally nothing to do with anything anyways

No. 956444

she types like such a fag and all the pathetic women in their subreddit type like this too. YOU GUYS ARE ADULTS!"ok!!!!!!"

No. 956452

if this is what the le reddit is like, i don't even want to think about the discord

No. 956458

i don't think the quarantine is hitting her hard (she's aint doing it right anyway) she's literally always been a slutty child maid on the floor in public

No. 956474

Gotta love the person at the bottom who doesn't understand that a community is capable of having many different types of people on it. Just goes to show how much of an echo chamber political communities on reddit (and most parts of the internet) are.
>this was unbearable.
It feels like you're looking at something that you're not supposed to see, like animals mating or giving birth. Weirdly disturbing

No. 956476

Nah. Critiquing "institutions" is good for dismantling power structures or economic policies, but when it comes down to it, this is a virus. This is a force of nature that doesn't give a shit if you're a commie, a nazi, working class, or a billionaire. You can get sick on an individual level and your health depends on individuals following medical advice. The system, by instituting quarantines and social distancing, IS doing what it can to protect people in that way, but if individuals break that mandate, they are at fault. Yes, the government needs to step up with regards to care and manufacturing of medical supplies, but other than nailing doors shut like China did, they can't do much else to enforce people isolating. Which needs to happen to prevent the spread of this disease! And I'm sure if the US instituted Chinese measures, Dasha would be whining about how terrible that it is. But that would be an institutional solution lol. That's what MORE institutional interference would like.

No. 956495


She clearly isn’t satisfied with being the redscare sailor socialism girl and yes, I do think she truly believed she was destined to someday be the next Chloe Sevigny. Have you listened to any of the podcasts? She was talking at point about how if she learns basic mandarin she can go work in the Chinese film industry because she looks Eurasian, like she is on some next level of delusion for someone who’s main claim is a forgotten low budget indie film from 2018.

No. 956498

she has a lot of weird gays obsessed with her who gas her u[

No. 956499


has anyone seen it? is she actually good at acting?

No. 956512

It’s okay but nothing special or memorable. She kind of plays herself but her acting isn’t the worst part of the film, it’s probably one of the better parts actually. She seems just like a mediocre actress. It’s nothing terrible but it’s not going to wow you

No. 956571

File: 1586466384836.png (856.4 KB, 631x788, Untitled_.png)

omg she's so fucking twisted and chaotic ok!!!!!

No. 956580

File: 1586467067346.png (56.02 KB, 860x654, 43-432379_800-x-800-female-tro…)

The facial expression makes her jaw look huge. She looks like pic related.
She wants to be some kind of gamine/old movie nymphet type so badly that it hurts to see. The nicest thing I can say about that photo is that if someone told me it was of an MtF trans person, I'd be like "Wow, they pass really well in this photo. The angle's on point. I admire the effort, hope they can afford their facial feminization surgery before they get too old".

No. 956588

File: 1586468306221.jpeg (61.63 KB, 604x397, 90BA4491-CFBA-45FA-8E8F-0EE158…)

Okay anons since this is an incel forum, I couldn’t resist and gave Dasha a looksmax in Facetune. All I did was build up her nose and I gave her a slight lip augmentation, what do you think?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956590

weird post mate

No. 956591

i dont follow this thread but this bitch is still butt ass ugly

No. 956608

My thoughts exactly.
>since this is an incel forum
The post right above mine is weird as fuck too. Where are these ones coming from?

No. 956611

i swear to god, there's some scrote raid going on, we should report.

No. 956613

If yr talking about wobble palace it's an ok movie. I think she cowrote? She's not so much acting as just being a more tolerable version of herself. I've seen other short films she's in and they're all pretty much the same.

No. 956614

This thread was linked from Reddit so

No. 956616

yeah there's a 4chan raid going on

No. 956621

fags and their hags from their subreddit

No. 956622

why did u say the post above instead of linking the post, now ppl will think im a male >:(

No. 956642

that was on my twitter tl and I honest to god thought it was some rando femboy

No. 956656

File: 1586482957093.jpeg (114.71 KB, 686x802, 62C010FF-549D-4F85-B3FA-A2D73D…)

this is so oddly specific

No. 956662

This is so stupid. These people will make up any random crap to blame everything on women.

No. 956676

I don't know who this is but I do agree with her that yes, Trump will get re-elected, Its not really just warren's fault though

the mainstream left media manipulated people it's basically their job now, its not that complicated, there's no conspiracy or secret plotting, Biden was just the safest bet, people shouldn't act surprised

No. 956677

I feel like dasha used to be smart and the anorexia has fucked with her cognition. Long term starvation really makes the brain feel like jello. Maybe same for anna although anna seems like shes always been cringe

No. 956691


tbqh I think you give her a bit too much credit. there are people who claim to have known her that say that she's been coked up and hellbent on impressing degenerates since she was 16.

No. 956695

Well yes, but actually yes.

No. 956697

people who parroted "warren doesn't owe anybody anything!" shouldn't be allowed to vote. if they happen to be women then oops too bad imo

No. 956717

George Orwell noted that "Socialists in America do not like the poor; they simply hate the rich" I think a similar logic can be applied towards majority of lelefthots(and chapotards as well), they don't like the working class but they hate the people they perceive to be richer then themselves(derailing)

No. 956739

This one's utterly the worst of the bunch.

No. 956743

that subreddit and other chapo cesspools literally consist of incel lingo lmao

probably the anna wk from this thread, assuming the cows aren't here themselves kek

No. 956745


Is it a version of berncel "I hate women" complex because the cheerleader wanted to fuck someone with a rich daddy?

No. 956754

File: 1586518278277.jpeg (235.53 KB, 828x631, 73F71DFC-22D0-4328-888A-6708C4…)

Literally every single tweet is griping about some dumb internet shit and she simply does not have the looks to get away with the mean girl thing

She herself admits to being a socialist bc its woke! She’s just a slightly different variety of wokelord than the sjw ones

No. 956807

No, it's because anti Bernie ex-hillary staffers who were paid to promote the "Bernie bro" idea where mostly affluent white women a la Sady Doyle

No. 956820

>I'm totally gonna make it in Asia because they love ugly white girls there
literally /pt/ material

No. 956847

Your comment proves the person who were replying to point tbh.

No. 956861

Warren faced the same problems as Sanders: they were both viewed as enemies of the establishment. but she lacked any real appeal beyond the Hilary crowd. She would have been absolutely slaughtered by Trump

No. 956862

it only does if you believe hillary and warren lost because of the patriarchy (ps they didn't)

No. 956867

This isn’t really what happened. She was retelling a story where said she was told by someone else that if she learned Mandarin she could work in Chinese film. She wasn’t saying it herself or that she could ‘make it in Asia’, they were more laughing at what he said

No. 956874

I'm not saying that but rather certain hardcore bernie supports and leftists will demonize female politicians and solely blame them when things don't go there way. I do think Clinton and Warren have their own hangups with ultimately contributed to their downfall.

No. 956883

So in the end we can assume that lefthots are just tradthots in essence using leftist talking points?

No. 956909

But this just isnt true. Bernie supporters were criticised for calling Pete a rat, making fun of Joe Biden, criticising the DNC etc it’s untrue that they simply blame women for things not going their way. Warren and Clinton don’t deserve to be shielded from criticism for being women and it’s not sexist to criticise women when they are campaigning to run the country

No. 956913

I don’t understand the logic of people who argue that Warren lost because she and her platform didn’t appeal to enough voters (which is true), but somehow don’t see that Bernie lost because he and his platform didn’t appeal to enough voters (which is also true).

No. 956936

eh not true. warren was the frontrunner for a month and got lots of positive media coverage. she fucked up by changing her m4a stance to appease moderates. bernie either got zero coverage or flaming negative coverage.

No. 956961

I never said they didn’t be shielded from criticism because they’re women. I don’t know where you got that. But they were a lot more vicious to Warren than they ever were to Buttigieg. And they only really started going after Biden when he started to outperform Bernie in the primaries.

No. 956973

because buttigieg's platform and base wasn't "bernie but a gay man" like warren's was "bernie but a woman"

No. 957032

True. I still stand my original point which is that a lot of hardcore Bernie supporters come off as pretty misogynistic. Feel free to disagree with me though.(derailing)

No. 957039

I think this narrative is extremely dismissive and honestly kind of gaslighty due to the fact that huge portions of Bernies base are young minority women (or even minority men), and I think a lot of people who forward this narrative are aware of this, and these demographics criticism of a literal race faker who took opportunities directly from a black woman and native women being ‘vicious’ is valid and shouldn’t be framed as irrational sexism(derailing)

No. 957115

File: 1586603864864.jpeg (313.63 KB, 828x1010, F8F208A3-5DCB-4583-8C3B-D91A77…)

No. 957187

this is peter coffins ex

No. 957274

File: 1586638050162.jpg (128.74 KB, 475x713, MLfXTPU.jpg)

Anna K used to be fat

No. 957291

ex? aren't they still married?

No. 957328

File: 1586651241080.png (83.29 KB, 567x555, 1585324590834.png)

They split up recently. Peter was accused of creeping on her when she was underage around the same time, but it's not clear whether that's related.

No. 957756

Lmao this one? She's the fuck doll?


No. 957760

This pic doesnt really show it. She still has jaw and cheekbone definition and its like impossible to see what her body actually looks like in those clothes
Theres some old one on her instagram where shes like holding a lasagna or something where shes heavier but idr her looking fat lol. Its not normal to be a skelly!

No. 957804

File: 1586740595029.png (21.22 KB, 600x356, io.png)

>I've looked underage my whole life and let me tell you; Women who think pedos are disgusting are just coping.
is this what the kids call "post-ironic"?

No. 957809

I mean, they were attracted to what they perceived an older woman. They're not exactly the same as the men she mentioned in the second part

No. 957829

She's saying she's always looked older, at least learn how to read your own screenshot

No. 957840

Nevermind I'm an idiot that mixed my numbers up

No. 957899

How can you be that stupid?

No. 957996

I read too fast

No. 958011

I’d rather have my high school crush reject me for a cheerleader than fuck Peter Coffin on a regular basis but you do you, Ash.

No. 958027

File: 1586786993234.jpg (201.1 KB, 1080x789, IMG_20200413_100826.jpg)


It's less about younger looks and more about perceived lack of experience that makes you put up with more. I love how she copes by assuming it was her shining personality and not the fact that she's homely and 16 (a zero effort option).

This is the female version of a beta white knight performatively screeching about FUCKING WHITE MALES to impress a rainbow haired she-twink.

That being said, I'd also cope this hard if I spent a good chunk of my life signalling that I'm a good girl only to end up with Peter Coffin kek

No. 958033

No. 958037

Why? post screenshots yourself and stop being lazy

No. 958111

coherentstates doesn't come off as a pickme at all, seems like a normal left leaning twitter girl.

No. 958172

she deleted it all but she was defending a girl that was being called ugly by her male leftist friends and deleted her defense of her when they told her to.

No. 959370

I read the thread but I don't understand the subculture… What's leftist about those thots? They sound like vapid valley girls.

No. 959443

There's currently a subculture of dudes who are socialist and "hate identity politics", but are often more or less MRAs. Lefthots are looking for free validation from these dudes for having a vagina, mediocre opinions, and shitting on other women. So yeah they're not really that leftist, or at least not for honest reasons

No. 959489

It's a new brand of online leftism that tries to go against the "SJW"/identity politics type of leftism and focused more on class issues while also being vulgar/irreverent. It's discussed mainly on podcasts and Twitter. The main podcasts are Chapo (which is more moderate), Red Scare (which is the podcast Dasha and Anna from this thread host), and Cum Town (a member of which Dasha was previously engaged to but they broke up). These podcasts also have a lot of unfunny twitter shitposter fans who want to orbit and emulate their favourite podcast hosts (Anna, Nick Mullen from Cum Town). However, as another anon said they all just take it too far and their "critique of identity politics" just ends up turning them into MRAs and not like other girls.

No. 959540

they're leftist just because it makes then different than the tradthots. they aren't quite aryan enough to pass off as a lauren southern time, and they come from big city money, as opposed to affluent suburban living and they spent too much time in 4chan circles as teenagers. so they're communist to make their daddies mad, but they're still just as racist and misogynist as their political opposites, so they don't lose their 4chan friends.

No. 959697

File: 1587008487213.jpeg (39.77 KB, 341x511, A6E817EA-691F-4AE5-B5DC-24C750…)

I think she’s alright. Though another one from the same circle, that Karma Lorel Reynoldson/formerly “Karmapolitical” girl(who used to pretend to be a nazi tradthot to infiltrate their circles, dated some of them, then did a 180) would be a better fit, but she vanished last I’ve checked. Hates ~white feminism~ of course and has some weird lefty but tradcath convergent views.The e-nazis she pissed off were the ones who used to report her to oblivion every time she came back on Twitter, but this time I think she’s maintaining a low profile out of her own volition after some drama involving David Sherratt(basically he crept on her?). Shoe always followed her every time she returned, which is telling.
Pic related is her old nazi persona.

No. 959709

File: 1587009715506.jpg (47.22 KB, 720x342, Luxemburg-rosa.jpg)

nta but do leftthots know that socialist feminist groups exists, sure they may not be as popular as liberal feminism or even radfems but they have made an impact

No. 959832

That isn't Aimee on the left, it's just some random thot

No. 959951

File: 1587059318473.jpeg (136.26 KB, 750x694, 8238F794-FF70-494E-9FA2-8E58ED…)

“male-brained championing of truth and transparency”

this level of self-hatred is really sad. imagine needing to convince yourself that any positive qualities you think you display are a result of being “male-brained”

No. 959963

absolutely anon, I don't understand how a girl can say something like this and not realise how it only screams 'I hate my gender so fucking much'.

No. 959984

when she says "male-brained" she means autistic

No. 960068

No, I don’t think so. I’m too lazy to go through her tweets to pick out examples right now but Anna has been alluding to males being particularly wired for logic and sciences/politics for months.

No. 960074

>wired for logic and sciences/politics
ie. autism

No. 960159

She needs to just come out as a right wing nutjob already.

No. 960189

she will. it's so predictable. bernie lost -> no hope for socialism -> reading BAP's book -> flirting with TPN "dissident right" people on twitter
it's all about branding with rs. i always found it funny that people making a "leftist" podcast after cth are calling out grifters constantly. like hello? you two are the grifters!

No. 960200

Blows my mind that people fall for Anna's shtick. She is just a liberal, nothing more interesting than that. The edgy tweets about shit that doesn't matter are just a way of giving her audience of dissafected leftists a way to vent their frustrations harmlessly without ever considering action that would seriously harm the system. The reason why Red Scare still gets talked about in the corporate liberal media is because it is a part of that establishment. It fulfills its role of giving leftists the feeling that they are being rebellious without ever actually steering them away from liberalism.

No. 960208

File: 1587077606590.jpg (82.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ummm… how are they """"liberals"""" if they say "retarded"???

No. 960220

You are proving my point perfectly

No. 960229

it's a joke

No. 960263

File: 1587085044735.jpg (205.09 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 960393

Aren’t jokes usually funny? You can see why people are confused.

No. 960442

iirc she cancelled a meet up with Sherratt to take care of her disable family member. Sherratt took this as her ghosting him and began chimping out. She left after he posted video clips of himself shooting a rifle.

No. 960449

Karma confused me more than the other leftist cool girls because she’d occasionally say something based and pinkpilled before oscillating back to doormat. And I liked how she called out the likes of Faith Goldy. Does anyone have her newest socials (particularly twitter)?

No. 960453

what’s up with sherratt nowadays? last i saw he pivoted from your standard progressive talking points to bitching about how feminism is mean to ugly guys that can’t get girlfriends. guess the “conversion” from being an MRA didn’t last too long kek

No. 960469

oh yeah i know her we used to be mutuals. she gave herself an eating disorder and then kept calling women fat. even said that no man will want to be on the left or vote democrat because the women aren’t as hot as the ones on the right, and i think her naziness wasn’t fake because she’d talk about her blonde hair and blue eyes constantly.

No. 960474

she was also being a pick me for nazbol twitter. does anyone know the shawn “gift from god” guy that’s friends with beardson and has a podcast or something with him? she baked some bread rolls and tagged him in it and defended him from her lefty followers but then he started shitting on her for her leaked nudes and past “infiltration”.. was also a reply girl for egg man, the incel.

No. 960476

No. 960479

lmao thot is reading this thread

No. 960489

File: 1587131808651.jpg (394.96 KB, 1529x2175, PSX_20200417_094913.jpg)

There's nothing more male brained than trying to sell your obvious incel butthurt as Fakts and Legik, so she's not wrong. Also lmao @ that obvious LC shout-out, we must've hit a nerve big time.
See pic related.

It's nothing but funny that these thots are getting toasty now that people are reducing their "politics" to them being raging uggos, given that it's probably 90% of their male-brained takes on women's involvement in politics.

No. 960494

Dunno what you're trying to say, the girl on the bottom left (Aimee) is clearly a different person to the girl in the picture with the blonde.

No. 960510

Where is she now?

No. 960531

nobody is confused except for you who is too autistic to understand what excessive quotation marks mean

No. 960630

she deleted her twitter and hasn’t made a new one so no idea

No. 960673

I'm saying that my point still stands with the correct thot in the picture.

No. 962745

Dashas new thing is pretending to be a weeb for attention because she watched Evangelion. As if e-thots weren't doing this shtick for 10 years at this point.

No. 962770

It’s always the most well-known, surface level anime that these pandering egirls watch. It makes me think of the ethots who take selfies of themselves wearing Naruto headbands.

No. 962778

First socialism, then lacan, Catholicism and now anime. What's next? Give her a couple months and she's going to obnoxiously post about video games.

No. 962891

ironic onlyfans account

No. 963012

what type of person buys a bunch of cosplay outfits right after watching a single unrelated anime series? a desperate grifter e-thot. but somehow dasha is different because she wears edwardian gowns and is totally like a socialist and has a podcast instead of a sex worker patreon.

No. 963108

No. 963172

Dasha posting anime child porn on her story and admitting to masturbating it is the worst shit I’ve seen her do so far, it’s like she wants to be Ali Michael and Chloe Sevigny and every edgy 2014 tumblr girl at the same time while showing the boys she’s just like them while being le girl

No. 963173

and now every loser on their subreddit will claim any leftist girl from here on out who likes anime is omg copying dasha!!!!!!

No. 963174

People obsessively skinwalk dasha so I can understand calling that out with other things but lol at dasha thinking anime is unique or special, in 2020, when every other teenager that isn’t a Protestant baseball player likes anime.
I think this ties into another issue that people don’t talk about regarding dasha enough. She’s obsessed with youth. Even the anime girls and film stars she posts are always jail baity. She tries to make herself look infant like in selfies but if you’ve seen candids she looks like a normal 30 year old woman (not a bad thing!). She used to post Lolita quotes and screenshots of men telling her she acted like a kid, shit like that. She wants to be seen as a precocious young girl who is so mature for her age. In reality she’s just a typical NYC twitter girl with a complex about uniqueness

No. 963176

Samefag but id call it autopedophilia at this point, she wants to act like a kid and sexualize it, she posts loli ecchi and openly admits to masturbating to it, and I’m sure she called that pathetic cum town boy Adam Friedland “daddy.”

No. 963177

maybe it seems that people skinwalk her because there's actually nothing unique about her. oh you're into angelcore aesthetics and communism? very 2012 tumblr

No. 963178

Fuck I meant to sage, sorry I’m on mobile and put it into subject instead of email field.
But another thing: The catholic arc is over, now she’s trying to be a vegan anime edge queen.. But remember when Dasha was a wigger trying to make it big in hip hop videos? https://youtu.be/iHq9SxrSJoA

No. 963182

No, there are a ton of twitter girls who all act exactly the same, but all buy things that dasha buys, copy the vocal fry, say neoliberalism every few seconds, go out of their way to say retard, converted to catholicism, etc. I just block these people whenever I clock them at this point because they shit up the replies of every “leftist” twitter user

No. 963184

none of those are exclusive to dasha in the left twitter world tho. tradcath leftism goes back, are we going to claim gotfiscal is copying dasha too? chapo came out before red scare and they're the ones who started the "neoliberalism" trend, hell, cumtown came before red scare.

No. 963185

also, one of the hosts of an irrelevant podcast called girls chat is the OG dasha. she was popular on tumblr for dasha's /exact/ brand

No. 963187

Getfiscal and chapos all came from somethingawful forums, and Dasha is just a washed-up tumblr girl who failed at fame.
But fuck, you're totally right about girls chat. I forgot about the christ lover girl. I knew her in the alt lit scene and then the stuff with her and roggenbuck came out. She's cool even though her shtick seems performative sometimes. Just feels so much more sincere and less cynical than Dasha. Idk, I feel like Dasha had to have been inspired by her specifically at least

No. 963188

Samefag but I'm not trying to frame dasha as a trend setter. I just think the red scare listeners who idolize her are some of the worst people. She's nothing special

No. 963234

Cunts of a feather flock together.

No. 963278

Everything Dasha does is for attention. She is a borderline but denies it

No. 963298

File: 1587538939446.jpg (43.84 KB, 602x748, michael.jpg)

Whomst else here is Russian and shook by how similar Anna is to this cow

FtM Anna when

No. 963305

not russian but familiar with Otto Dix, what's cow-like about Michael? except glorifying nazis and all. I can see a drama potential here but since I can't speak Russian all I can know about the band is general wiki info

No. 963345

File: 1587557199988.jpg (56.44 KB, 604x453, marina.jpg)

First of all, (s)he is a woman, yet she denies it. It really is obvious even now, after hormonotherapy I suppose?, with her child-bearing hips. Gets pissed off easily when someone calls her her real name - Marina. Once she even kicked a girl in the face at their concert because of that and wasn't even sorry.
She is in love with Till Lindemann (even wrote a song about him, Любимый немец - Beloved German) and if I'm not mistaken it was sort of a fantasy of hers to become this dainty gothic prince and get Till to fall in love with her, so later she would reveal that she is in fact a woman… or something like that. And they would make sweet love afterwards.

She is derided also because of inconsistencies in her public image, as it is clear she's always wanted to be this androgynous goffic prince but since people "accuse" her of being ftm she really goes overboard trying to appear as masculine as possible, so she ends up spewing some stupid misogynistic shit and looking as your typical overcompensating dyke.

+ narcissistic and completely self-unaware.

No. 963346

File: 1587557376318.jpg (73.53 KB, 807x538, wood.jpg)

Also puts dildo in the pants.

No. 963362

Bug man avenged. Her antics have been way more embarrassing than the Witten drama.

No. 963491

their convoluted views on women are almost entirely identical, it's kind of hard to explain unless you read what "he" writes and follow "his" life story. I guess the main thing is that they both are really fucking jealous of trophy tier girls, yet instead of trying to look more feminine they intentionally shape themselves into unfuckable, manly monstrosities with horrible hair and expect to be "loved" in that form by people who would want the exact opposite (Michael is only interested in straight tradmasc men while Anna wants to be a kept woman to a rich republican Chad). In reality they both end up buxing soycels who eventually leave them. Theyre both buttmad at feminists and love whiteknighting men, also they both really enjoy self-quoting and think that their mediocre takes are deep and profound philosophy. On of Anna's inspirations, Camille Paglia, is also retarded in a similar way (she says she doesn't identify as a woman).

No. 963516

If anyone doesn’t know, she cheated on bugman, they broke up, months later witten takes a pic in bug’s mirror. Not everyone knew the whole story so Dasha took this op. to frame it like bug cheated on her with witten. Borderlines gonna borderline

No. 963561

Antwon has always had alt white people as his primary audience do u not see the unif logo lmao

No. 963565

Trad means, among other things, latin mass and no hornybaiting…none of these bitches are “tradcath” they are merely “cath”

No. 963605

can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of a fucking retarded oxymoron trad leftism is. literally no one culturally trad and conservative is going to want leftist economics lmfao

i feel like this is something chapos and other nazbols don't really understand as they fail to court polyps and trumpanzees for the Nth time with their "h-haha actually we totally hate immigrants and women too bro, please let me ironically suck your aryan dick" shtick

No. 963678

nah, tradcath is an all encompassing term tbh. it can mean many different things. tradcaths could also be the catholic socialist movement "tradinista" lol
uh….no one on the chapo left says stuff like that. you're probably looking at straight up nationalist twitter who likes to pretend they're socialists for some reason.
and the subreddit going after her because their queen called for it

No. 963741

The subreddit is sad. They relentlessly attack anyone Dasha or Anna’s had the slightest bit of drama with, even Caroline Calloway (annoying but relatively harmless). They attacked her for months because she talked too much when she guested on the red scare live show? They think they’re “mean girls and gays”, really they’re just losers

No. 963752

Wanting social conservativism and leftist economics is third positionism or National Socialism, anon. I don't think anyone in the neoliberal movement wants any social conservativism, they are fully progressive.

No. 963797

>literally no one culturally trad and conservative is going to want leftist economics lmfao
lol have you ever heard of national socialism

No. 963802

the nazi party was not leftist in economics. they just chose the word socialism because it was trendy and sounds cool

No. 963816

Was it ever confirmed that she cheated? She went on the redscare sub saying she didn't cheat, the only "evidence" of her cheating was Adam doing a standup show opening with "MY WIFE CHEATED ON ME!"

No. 963817

there's a difference between national socialism and the german nazi party

national socialism is simply the most fitting term for the combination of policies that all sane white people want - ie. keep the population white, no trannies and high-trust social policy like single payer healthcare

No. 963819

nazis were social democrats, like bernie and rosa, but heavily nationalist. they were not socialists but they were absolutely "left," considering american social democrats call themselves socialists. it's semantics

No. 963845

She has a personality disorder and lies all the time, her denying the cheating means nothing. She said she had sex with men in the entertainment industry then later denied it. She used to be friends with Lauren Avery and stole her credit card. She’s a pos

No. 963846

how do she and anna get along so well then? anna seems to resent the exact type of person dasha is lol

No. 963865

She probably does resent Dasha, she seems bitter and resentful of a lot of people. Some people resent their close friends. She’s shaded her on the podcast, to her face, even

No. 963868

So you are a national socialist?

No. 963872

Government does stuff.txt

No. 963873

no i mean nazis were literally social democrats, that's why there were so many party splits, some of them didn't like left economics and wanted more focus on nationalism than welfare. but social democracy is not socialism and any responsible communist would condemn social democracy including bernie, orthodox marxists call bernie a social fascist because social democracy is just capitalism but nicer

No. 963884

I think Anna finds Dasha moronic at times and judges her for mistakes shes made in her personal life. They just have enough common interests to keep them tethered like immigrant parents and their taste in pop culture and politics

No. 963905

This. And national socialism isn't even socialism, whether it has anything to do with Nazis or not.

No. 963957

How does socialism function without nationalism? Do you understand how many people there are on this planet who would want to immigrate to a country that offered 1st world healthcare, university etc for free? We are seeing the reality of this playing out now in Europe, with approval for social economic policy dropping sharply in countries that were formerly its exemplars, thanks to the reality of how third world immigrants drain public resources and destroy social trust.

Open borders inherently lead to free market capitalism, nationalism is the only way to prevent this.

No. 963960

open borders are a neoliberal DREAM! freeflow of capital, all across the world, capital with no borders or restrictions basically, along with the fact that capitalists could outsource even more labor for cheap.
every single major socialist movement was nationalist.

No. 963963

zero surprise here with finding out Michael is ftm, his voice always sounded to me like voice of the woman trying to sound masculine, but then every website said it's a guy so I didn't know anymore. Also lol about Beloved German being about Till Lindemann specifically, that's some top tier fangirl cringe, I had no idea, thanks for filling me in!

No. 963978

what personality disorder does she have?

No. 963987

Were countries like the USSR, the DDR national socialists countries? They obviously had a patriotic component, they had tight borders control, but never declared themselves to be national socialists. Stop using National Socialism to talk about socialism. Just because it had some "leftist" policies doesn't mean its socialism.

No. 963991

Oh I forgot. An even better exmaple. The DPRK (which is also a favorite one of fascists because muh ethnostate), has the Juche Ideology, a variation of communism, but still doesn't call itself National Socialism.

No. 963993

No one gives a fuck about your disingenuous nitpicking over naming. Your own example of the DPRK (the DEMOCRATIC people's republic of korea) shows how idiotic this is.(derailing)

No. 964044

I knew Karma on Tumblr when she was like 15/16 and in the anti-SJ circles. She'd post weird pedo-bait selfies and constantly have aggressive freakouts and breakdowns. At some point she had a porn blog at a-spider-in-the-heliotropes.tumblr.com. I wish I could remember her other URLs.

No. 964100

pretty sure it's a bernout staple to think that social democracy/capitalist welfare state = socialism and communism

No. 964101

>workers of the world unite, but only the color and gender I like tho


Wait til you learn about her posing as a gay man on a gay forum and writing there about her hookups that were about clearly Mary Slip she was cohabiting with at the time lmfao

No. 964129

That's not what they're saying. When border laws are lax and people can just come in, that means no protection for people that work labor heavy jobs. Guess who benefits from masses of people without labor protection? Not South American people, not American people. People who live in America could have those jobs, but you can't risk their safety and will have to pay them a proper wage. Not as profitible to the owners of capital.

No. 964139



wow, yet on twitter she was whining about how badly she wants to be a mother

No. 964144

I’m assuming that anon meant bpd but in a hypothetical way, the only mental disorders she’s coped to is taking Wellbutrin for depression and Xanax for anxiety

No. 964329

Where did you hear or read that Dasha stole that woman’s credit card?

No. 964335

Seconding this, sounds like prime quality milk. Spill it, Anon!

No. 964406

File: 1587684416951.jpg (70.52 KB, 750x604, uoHRpxi.jpg)

So Anna was sucking up to Azealia Banks and she responded and her account got suspended

No. 964407

File: 1587684440005.jpg (111.02 KB, 750x1049, oFlpENe.jpg)

No. 964408

File: 1587684497861.jpg (49.09 KB, 750x440, BtFSwnj.jpg)

No. 964411

the beef AB started was amazing. now anna's little simps are bragging about taking her down.


No. 964412

File: 1587684893655.png (20.01 KB, 723x202, yHHdZ7I.png)

No. 964417

File: 1587685817680.png (44.01 KB, 769x405, EWUy3pcXsAE8A3A.png)

This grown man speaks like a teenage tumblr user, the cringe

No. 964426

File: 1587686422527.jpg (98.48 KB, 750x1334, rwif2i7e0nu41.jpg)

Good for her for telling the truth about their shitty podcast and not standing for Anna's embarrassing attempts at flattery. Hope this serves to humble these two and make them realize how retarded they are.

Did she seriously get suspended over this? What twitter rule did this even break?

No. 964434

File: 1587687717997.png (247.09 KB, 1274x962, ab.png)

some russians came out of nowhere to shit on AB on behalf of the red scare. one of them posted an old cartoon of a black person eating watermelon and she went off on the entire country, talking shit about their cuisine and culture. then she started fighting with them in google translated russian. it was incredible.

No. 964436

omg I was just about to post the same tweets, I know some people consider azealia a cow too but I mean when she's right she's fucking RIGHT and I was cracking up at this take because it's so spot on and out of nowhere. I had no idea she got suspended over this dumb shit though, especially since she wasn't even being overtly mean, just correct. even said they "seem like nice girls" before anna's tryhard cope reply. like how braindead are red scare stans that they automatically jump to get her account taken down when anna herself regularly kisses up to her???

I was already annoyed at my mutuals constantly liking anna and dasha's cringe tweets on my timeline but it's worse now that their fans have ruined THEE best form of deranged twitter gold for the rest of us. fuck off

No. 964474

the case of the tragic homo

No. 964496

>go wash your ass in the town well
Holy fuck. She is glorious.

No. 964532

Dasha was friends with old money trust fund heir Lauren Avery until she stole her credit card and Lauren found out. Dasha has borderline personality disorder, bug man Adam (ex-fiancé) alluded to it many times. She’s been accused on their subreddit of having bpd and denies it but the writing is on the wall. The attention seeking, stealing, lying, impulsive behavior, drug use is all classic borderline stuff.

No. 964575

File: 1587720713839.gif (1.75 MB, 435x246, 35735487346i.gif)

This isn't the first time I've seen Azealia beef with an entire country. Why is her thread dead?

No. 964584

She was reading moldbug the other day, I'm hoping for a complete ideological turn to NRx kek, though I think she probably wouldn't come out about it if it happened. The right wing nutjobs are the ones coming out as semi-socialists because le capitalism is evil. This new alt-right leftist mix is weird as fuck, I don't know what to make of it, they don't seem to stand for anything.

No. 964592

What else did she say ? Account is suspended? I’m curious, what fans came to her defense?

I think AB did the same thing with Ireland back in the day because a flight attendant told her to sit her annoying ass down for takeoff of something.

No. 964593

>I don't think anyone in the neoliberal movement wants any social conservativism

By "neoliberal" you mean free market people? Because there absolutely are people who defend both free trade and social conservatism.

No. 964609

File: 1587728886144.jpeg (42.16 KB, 228x292, 9BE39B14-C7B0-41A6-9275-96A530…)

No. 964618

Call it whatever u want but words mean things and thats not what traditional catholic means to people who arent internet poisoned lol. If you really think liz bruenig is “trad” then like…lol

No. 964621

Honestly this isn’t her best work, mostly because it’s out the scope of subjects she has any knowledge about. I feel she was grasping cause the usual white people bylines she used on people like grimes and Russell Crowe don’t matter here. anna won this one via default.

No. 964622

It was fun at first, but this is bullshit

No. 964627

>anna won this one via default.
I dunno. Anna had no good response to Azealia's criticism, and was clearly shaken. She even attempted damage control by trying to dare her to go on the podcast, but she didn't take the bait, so that fell apart. To make matters worse, Azealia sealed it off by RT'ing Anna complimenting her.
Where things went left is when Azealia started getting into it with their angry racist fans, but that's a constant with her. She should've just ignored them, they're irrelevant.
Honestly, the fact that she even publicly acknowledged these two and their ass-kissing (basically lending them clout and putting them on to her fans) makes it sound like she doesn't actually hate them. Her original thing about them being boring wasn't even that bad.
She said "Ask nicely" when invited, not "Fuck off, you slack-jawed meth head". It would've been funnier if she had eviscerated them, but it doesn't look like that's what happened. Their fans did get her Twitter suspended, though, so maybe whatever thinly-built bridge there was is already burnt.

No. 964637

Lol @ Liz being the only Catholic socialist you know of.
Even so, have you not heard her opinions on gender and gay people

No. 964644

That’s what I mean by default- anna didn’t have to do anything, azealias Russia insults were just pointless and it made her fighting with these weird redscare stans look desperate for attention as opposed to funny. Don’t want to derail but food is a weird thing to insult Russian culture on, I’m Russian and it’s relatively accepted by Russians that our culinary landscape is pretty simple

No. 964647

>Don’t want to derail but food is a weird thing to insult Russian culture on
That is exactly why it IS funny, anon. At least to people who love absurdity because humor is subjective I suppose.
>Your moose lip Cabbage soup recipe is going no where
>going no where
Who tf even talks like that about food.

No. 964674

Anna didn’t win anything, she looked like a fool telling azealia banks of all people “ I dare you”. Anna’s a white anorexic coke head whose clearly never spoken to a black woman like azealia in all her life.

No. 964678

File: 1587746733599.jpg (71.25 KB, 640x640, 69724614_1201075023420990_4727…)

people who know her or adam in real life have confirmed that she was cheating, at least two guys have been named (there's a possibility there was some sort of open relationship thing going on, but being poly is even worse than being a cheater to dasha but whatever the situation she obviously overstepped), including the guy in this pic on the right (instagram name is alexanderstephenhaddad but it's private), another person with a real life connection said she asked adam for 3,000 dollars to pay her sag dues and waited until that was taken care of before she revealed whatever led to the break up

another thing, as someone who listened to rs, when adam and dasha were together she would bring up all the time how "oh last night I was drunk and screaming at adam and hitting him", I guess there's so many other things to bring up but her like bragging about being abusive has always bothered me the most

No. 964679

anna doesn't go out and party with dasha or hang out with her trashy theater kid friends (anna has her own slightly less trashy older art friends), anna is a little autistic and doesn't seem to pick up on when she's describing something dasha is guilty of like when she used to rail against girl Brooklyn guys-describing adam to a t, or in a recent ep where she was like why do men like evil chaotic women, but you can tell anna is too polite to push back against dasha when her personality disorder leaks out

No. 964683

File: 1587747654293.jpg (241.97 KB, 750x1128, WrvrDwe.jpg)

it came from a post on the caroline calloway subreddit (carl is caroline), i think dasha had the post about it on the rs sub deleted, as she's had done with lots fo stuff

No. 964735

Azealia Banks is a self proclaimed feminist you dumb Armenian cunt lmfao. That being said, she is in fact what you desperately want to come across as.
Someone link Azealia Dasha's absolutely disgusting food Instagram.
I love how she spends all her days posturing as "politically incorrect" about women and poc but the moment someone insults her precious borscht or calls her an ugly bitter hag she's shitting triggers and playing damsel, aka pulling an Aimee Terese. Typical spineless Chapo trash antics.
Armenians are only marginally and circumstantially """not white""" in Russia, where Anna hasn't set foot since she was a preschooler. If Kim Kardashian and Anna Sarkeesian aren't woc then neither is Anna Khachiyan, you unemployed Brighton Beach abortion. Now go farm your 10 rubles per comment by shilling Bernie Sanders on r/politics, chop chop.

No. 964758

This comment sums the whole beef up. Azealia won hands down, and retarded rs fans getting mad at her for trashing russian food is so rich coming from people who allegedly hate “identity politics”.

No. 964777

>retarded rs fans getting mad at her for trashing russian food is so rich coming from people who allegedly hate “identity politics”.
This was the funniest part. I still wish she had ignored their dumb asses, but they're so fucking sensitive and fragile about their own identities. Bydlo neckbeards seething.
The best part is that she's actually been to Russia and had a Russian boyfriend for a while. She's probably seen some shit.

No. 964853

been thinking about how dasha is basically a pedophile with how obsessed she is with lolita, lolicon anime, and looking young. she's posted straight up anime CP a few times, she has loli anime figurines of series shes never seen for the ~lolita~ aesthetic, she and her friends fawn over woody allen, she's ""ironically"" called men daddy (safe to say she does it in the bedroom too), and ive never seen dasha be friends with a woman younger than her besides her friend she exclusively refers to as her "autistic friend" (lmao).

after thinking about that i remembered her obsession with baron trump. isnt it super creepy? shes posted so many pics of him randomly and other twitter girls in her circle have talked about her being in a baron trump dedicated group chat on twitter. they say "this is how men should dress" and call him hot. that in itself is bad but combined with all this other stuff i'm really thinking dasha has such an unhealthy obsession with youth that she's pedo-tier

No. 964859

File: 1587775453402.jpg (194.16 KB, 630x393, fl.drytortugas.bnstilt1a.630.j…)

the baron trump shit is a joke. dude is built like pic related.

No. 964867


You’re right, it is not normal. Around that time the Epstein stuff broke, she said she talked to pedoes on the phone when she was underage. She didn’t go into much detail but I imagine that experience helped form her strange youth obsession

No. 964872

Anna's whole thing is "I'm such a tough and hard street bitch because I'm Russian and Russians are so hardcore dur hur I can survive anything". Wonder if that's why she has this palpably fetishistic obsession with black people, whom she perceives as authentically "non-pc, concerned only with important material matters as opposed to frivolous bourg shit and totally no-nonsense", which is something she desperately wishes to be as a racist larper who no doubt rolls up the windows whenever she happens to be Ubering through a working class black neighborhood. Probably also why most chapocels have no sense of humor outside of tired black twitter screencaps, too.

I guess it's hardly surprising that every time these mighty proletarians get BTFO they reportspam and whine for donations, much like that cringy tumblr pozboi Ben Mora and other pathetic SJWs in denial.

What fucking cringe inducing caucasoid shit.

No. 964874

the baron thing is like half a joke and half not a joke, she's been saying she has a crush on him since like 2016 and has kind of backed off after being called weird, always creeped me out
she posted even worse stuff if you scroll to her la insta days, best case she's just trying to be an edgelord worse case she's very disturbed

No. 964876

Anna is 34 and behaves like an edgy 14 year old boy. Do people actually gain meaningful insight from this mentally stunted junkie?

No. 964877

she seems to have had falling outs with lots of her female friends over the years, maybe because they're even nuttier than her like that lauren avery girl, maybe because she's just a social climber and picks superficial people to attach herself to, but probably just because she sucks, seems kind of like the type of girl who just lies around all day namesearching and is really shy to most people until she's drunk and then she's screaming and trying to start fights

No. 964880

wtf does being a black woman add to this

No. 964881

I'm non-American and I hope this doesn't got flagged as racebiat, but I have always been taught cultural wise that black americans were the one's who always wasted their money on frivolous things and were decadent and effeminate

No. 964899

Shes just the most notable example of a normal person who gets called a tradcath by dumbasses who know nothing about socialism nor catholicism! Go to church!

No. 964902

liz and her crew are all more traditional than your average catholic that attends mass every sunday. most catholics are just cultural caths.

No. 964928

I dunno anon. That "dude" is also a 14yo boy. It's weird.

Yikes. Since 2016? Do you have any receipts on that. He would have been what, 10-11yo?

Are you new to AB drama? It has a lot to do with it.

No. 964939

Nope, that's usually white Americans who come from nice expensive suburbs and have time to argue about Voltron and queer theory on Twitter while drinking soy lattes.

No. 964981

>autistic friend
I love how all these rich white anti-idpol succs always have a roster of tokens at their disposal, particularly that one diabetic friend who will totally have to cook meth to afford insulin if M4A doesn't happen.

No. 965013

it's worse in dasha's case because it's not JUST using her as a token, it's to make dasha look better. like if she mentions her younger (and prettier imo) female friend to people, shes going to feel jealous. so she probably mentions she's autistic because she thinks that'll kill any interest. bpdfags absolutely work like this
this cum town skit is about the "autistic girl" btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDiRJZC1yTA
and the girl's insta is https://www.instagram.com/madelimequinn/
note the woody allen pics and same loli posts that dasha has

No. 965035

Damn I would love some Nick Mullen milk (lol)

No. 965067

i dont even know if its possible to get milk on a dude who has alked about coke addictions, pissing on women and being open to being pissed on, awful college experiences, etc. feels like nick is invincible because he just doesnt care! nick acts like a madman but hes hilariously enough the most sane of all the cum boys.
when hes serious he seems genuinely empathetic and kind lol. meanwhile adam is a fuckin sex pest fronting as a softboy hipster film kid type and stav is a degenerate coomer who toys with women.
i agree tho i am really interested in any potential….Mullen Milk….. im thirsting

No. 965076

Lol at Dasha reblogging Marie Calloway. Now it all makes more sense. Dasha definitely daydreamed about being like Marie Calloway. For those that don't know, Marie Calloway was in the alt-lit scene because she wrote a book detailing her sex life and people figured out who one of the stories was about and the guy got exposed for cheating on his wife. The only reason she got the writing deal was because she was sending the drafts to Tao Lin nonstop and social climbing via facebook. Marie Calloway and her friends also recently hosted a "communist orgy" in NYC that had articles written about it, it circulated around left twitter. Tons of ketamine and group sex with prostitutes.

Marie is interesting and nice but she had a very short-lived career based entirely on the controversy of accidentally exposing a well-known journalist for cheating on his wife with her in her book. I forget the guy's name but he was like three decades older than her, and super shlubby and nerdy.

She is still more interesting than Dasha, but it's just sad Dasha has always wanted to be Someone to Everyone. Ultimate grifter. Alt-lit darling, nope. Waif sadgirl thinspo, nope. Socialist star, nope.

No. 965102

looking at the photos it seemed more like 2 dozen sex workers dressed up dancing and like 100 normie people just standing around sipping beers, that whole story was so corny

rachel rabbit (the person throwing the party) is so sketchy, she's been around for years (used to be involved with that freak gala darling who was on xojane) trying to be a sex columnist before pivoting to sex worker and she latched on to marie a few years ago and I've gotten bad vibes from friendship ever since (she wrote about marie in thought catalog of all places), I hope marie is doing ok and writes again if that's what she wants to do

No. 965109

Yeah, Rachel Rabbit is Marie Calloway's best friend. A little under a decade ago when blogs and thought catalog pieces were still big, Rachel wrote tons of articles about herself and Marie. A few still stick out in my mind, like one where Rachel tries to frame her repetitively cheating on her husband as a feminist act, how women are the "natural cheaters" because they're given more attention (but this is totally feminist!!11!! because men only giv attention bc they sukk!!), which means it was inevitable that she would cheat because "luv is fake and i'm lonely," or something. And of course an article detailing sex she had with Marie, in which she fetishizes how much younger Marie is than her.
"Marianne, like all the girls I’ve loved intensely, was a few years younger than me… just enough for it to be noticeable."

https://thoughtcatalog.com/rachel-r-white/2015/03/girl-on-girl-the-depressing-realization-that-i-will-always-be-straight/ For anyone curious that isn't familiar with this article.

I really like Marie, but Rachel seems like she has drifted from shtick to shtick in attempts to get famous while making money with as little effort as possible. I mean, she has admitted to this more or less, but it feels far more cynical than anything that I've seen from Marie. Rachel only talks/writes about sex work and how much she loves plastic surgery now. I don't know, it's all very grim to me. I follow Marie on instagram and she's had tons of work done too, living in Japan but she's stopped doing sex work completely at this point. Rachel's existence seems like a massive cope at times, whereas Marie has always just wanted to be authentic and accepted (even with plastic surgery). Their pro-sex work stance seems really misguided though and more focused on dismantling shame than it is focused on the material circumstances that lead women into sex work. Not very leftist at all, IMO.

Man, imagine the kinds of alt-lit + leftysphere threads that would exist if it were 2011.

No. 965110

Samefag but I also want to mention that I think Marie Calloway is infinitely more respectable as a leftist and "intellectual" and artist than pretty much every single other person active in internet leftist circles now. Call her a whore or slut or whatever you want but she is genuinely intelligent, articulate, and instead of posting drunk nudes on instagram just to delete them an hour later, she had very real experiences and wrote about them through a very critical feminist lens. Her book was never meant to be a guide, seems like a lot of people missed the memo.. Her old blog was full of critical theory text excerpts and radfem literature (though I think she opposed radical feminism since it was too "SWERF"y). I dunno. I've always respected her despite being nothing like her and being super anti-sex work. Very genuine woman.

No. 965120

File: 1587832994506.jpg (199.03 KB, 1242x1694, 4ugg6pi22yu41.jpg)

No. 965152

i mean he said he's been horny dming girls on ig. i want something to leak. his faux autistic, post-horny, wants to be alone facade is cracking under quarantine. he's lonely.

No. 965299

Genuinely think rrw is fucking insane. We have mutual friends so I've known about her since way before playboy and porn carnival. The way she's transitioned from quiet, thoughtful "hot girl" writing well-being takes to surgery addict and prostitute throwing ket parties has been a fucking wild ride. I really don't get her. Her poetry is garbage and she's very strange to look at. Also forgot she was "doomed" to be straight but is now constantly streaming "lesbian parties" doing wippets w her por n actress friends. She's not a lesbian, she's a bimbofied nobody weirdo. It's fascinating but she seems sick.

No. 965376

Yeah none of these people are "well." They're self-destructive and cover it up with feminist and philosophical jargon to make it seem like some exercise of self-agency against capitalism lol.

Amber Frost from Chapo is probably the only sane woman in this community, she used to be friends with Marie Calloway iirc. I don't even listen to Chapo and I dislike the male hosts but Amber has always remained rational and stable as far as I know. I wonder what it was like when she lived with Nick Mullen though lol

No. 965387

Woah, I remember Rachel Rabbite White from a decade ago when she was a wannabe Violet Blue columnist and had kind of a gremlin face. Her writing tone was trying to be this more analytical take on sex topics if I remember correctly. Peeped her Twitter and now in her late 30s she's Ginger Bronson? Embarrassing and strange. For real she sounds unironically like JT Leroy talking about learning to read in truckstop bathrooms.

Anyone who is trying this hard to talk about all the sex they're having and all the drugs they are doing is compensating, I doubt her life is really such a 24/7 riot shit seems a little dark.

No. 965395

File: 1587873082903.png (663.19 KB, 1080x1080, sketch1587873046740.png)

I forgot to mention her age ty for bringing that up - kinda the creepiest thing about her. This photo is from like 2014 before all her surgeries I think, but may not have been before the boss job I don't remember

No. 965397

File: 1587873226243.png (760.47 KB, 1080x1080, sketch1587873194661.png)

Photo of her from this December for comparison in the ugliest dress I have ever seen. From one of her "orgy" book readings

No. 965404

Amber is a retard who thinks that 50s housewives were miserable because they were given free money (lol what), so therefore UBI will make everyone miserable. Her takes are prime quality upper class caucasoid delusions. From listening to her drivel, I'm not sure she's ever met a real person, let alone a working class one.

It does say something that she of all chapotards is the sanest though.

No. 965406


Not to be a dick but what is her racial background/nationality? She has one of the weirdest faces I’ve ever seen, and I don’t mean that to necessarily mean ugly, just strange

No. 965412

Oh fuck yeah, 2009 alt lit was full of cows, Jesus. Tao Lin could’ve had a whole thread on his own. Remember Bebe Zeva or (definitely more relevant) Mira Gonzalez?

No. 965415

i think she's really pornsick. it's too bad because she actually is a talented writer. marie calloway's novel was really unpolished and goes to show how much crap gets forced into the cultural landscape through social media

No. 965416

File: 1587877382954.png (536.58 KB, 531x611, Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 10.0…)


oh man this is bringing me back. Remember Cat Marnell and all the other absolute trainwreck xojane writers? I was like 16 when all those Nylon magazine, peaches geldof heroin chic revival type socialites were around and was way too young to understand how absolutely embarrassing it actually was to be living like that in your 30's

No. 965417

Can you link where she talked about 50s housewives? That sucks lmao, I can imagine a chapotard arguing that they were miserable because they weren't WORKERS and WORKING = FULFILLMENT. Some libfems argue this, it bothers me so much. To work is not to be liberated. Lame argument against UBI too, like, that's not even a marxist argument against UBI (ex. "it keeps capitalism on its last legs"). Idk, I appreciate a lot of her articles still. To be fair I haven't seen or heard much from her on gender.

Apparently she's part "melungeon."

No. 965418

Tao Lin is so irrelevant now it's almost sad. I think he totally would've had his own thread a decade ago. He's a literal rapist and has dated a ton of, like, 16 year olds as a full grown adult. He's a 9/11 truther now and thinks the buildings were exploded via top secret energy beams, believes 5g causes diseases and cancer, thinks autism comes from vaccines. I DM'd him a year or two ago asking if he had any book recs and all he did was send me an anti-vax site that recommended everyone drink raw unpasteurized milk.

Bebe Zeva is deep in the leftist theory side of twitter now, and lives with her parents. She's in her later 20s and has no job and always posts about how she wants plastic surgery and misses being a "teenage superstar" even though no one who wasn't extremely online in 2009 knows who she is. Her twitter is like, unstable ramblings she tries to make seem deep alongside random pics of books by Deleuze she hasn't read. She honestly acts like Dasha.

Marie wrote that book when she was 18, Rachel is nearing 40. I was lurking Marie's tumblr earlier and she became a pretty good writer with time but she hasn't posted anything she's written in a few years.

No. 965419

when I was like 13 I wanted to be peaches geldof so bad. now she's dead wtf

No. 965422

No. 965425

I read it and it wasn’t even that, it about how being given money for free was fundamentally degrading and ruins people psychologically but if women should be given an allowance for existing it should be from big daddy warbucks who goes to work ever day in his Lorna pano suit at the ad agency instead of the state because you can negotiate with daddy but not the state(ie you can weaponize being a dumb hoe and nagging until you get your way). I’ve thought about it and I’ve come to the conclusion it had to be a elaborate trolling expedition and if it wasn’t I’m scared for her wellbeing if shit goes down and she has to get like a real wageslave job in the real world.

No. 965427

She must not think domestic violence or sexual abuse are a problem if she thinks it's better for a woman (and her children!) to be at the mercy of her male partner for shelter, food, etc.

No. 965446

Is she accepting follow requests on that account? I want to try to follow, but I never post so I'm worried she'll think it looks shady.

No. 965459

Her race perpetually changes from Native to Mongolian to surviving Denisovan

No. 965540

Uh no that's not what she said. And linking a MRA website lmao

No. 965564

No. 965574

File: 1587916420570.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3337x2844, 4A843EAB-DC6D-4762-B4E9-8139D9…)

Saw it coming. Can't stick to anything.

No. 965586


wonder why people think these edgelords are fash.

No. 965588

its tacky but theyre obviously not fascists. she was still posting socialist stuff at the same time this pic was taken. dasha just likes whatever seems dark. she is stupid, not a fascist

No. 965601

i think dasha was just doing the vegan thing because her new bf is vegan (rumored to be musician 0pn), she of course has no moral interest
anna is funny though because she'll do weepy posts about how cruel it is to kill animals for meat but stays not even being vegetarian and buying leather designer shoes

No. 965602

how much dasha literally thinks she's basically asian is really sad and pathetic
she's loving tweets like this

No. 965606

dasha is so nazi she dated a jew! give me a break

No. 965753

No. 965772


No. 965786

these are luna tier poems lmao

No. 965791

That is what she said, and that isn't an mra website it's an anti-mra site, you moron

No. 965831

We hunted the mammoth is an anti-mra site

No. 965841

Why do her food pictures always look so damn filthy and disgusting?

No. 965885

That anime link isn't just anime. That's literally child porn

No. 965889

Can't wait until someone inevitably sends dasha this thread and she posts screenshots of it on her insta story like "Hehe look guys they talk about me on 4channy sites, praise pepe"

No. 965897


I knew a girl once who was eerily like dasha- into Loli aesthetic shit, obsessed with being skinny/losing weight, bragging about how smol and “childlike” she looked because she was short and flat chested. I always held my tongue because her face was not childlike by any definition, she looked like a haggard drug addict/alcoholic/party girl exactly like dasha. Granted this girl was 21-22.(blog)

No. 965980

my conspiracy is that she posts herself on 4chan because how is she finding posts that don't mention her name and are just a picture of her?

No. 966032

feel like she's the type who's been doing that for awhile
she used to have one of those q+a accounts and i'd bet 80% of the questions were her talking to herself, she only had a few thousand followers before infowars/red scare and she admitting to sending herself questions on tumblr pretending to be other people (including a fake accusation saying her then bf cheated on her just to start some drama with her innocent bf, psycho)

No. 966072

dasha, nobody is looking at you thinking “oh, poor thing”. it’s just annoying and performative

No. 966079

She already knows, she likes people talking about her

No. 966082

This is the same person who leaked her own nudes. It’s a shame she isn’t more attractive, she wouldn’t need to post herself on image boards and take crying selfies if she was more normie hot

No. 966144

how do you know all this?

No. 966146

another fake stan account. god i love her.

No. 966157

she talked about the tumblr thing on the podcast Not Really on one of their early eps, just guessing with the other stuff

No. 966168

ah ok. thanks! gonna listen now hehe

No. 966240

These socialites like RRW and Cat Marnell are an interesting rabit hole to go down. Kinda ot but could anyone point me in a direction to learn more about their stories?

No. 966539

Cat was very entertaining and fun to watch in real time. I feel like sitting down and being forced to finish her book made her grow up finally but everything leading up to that was constant craziness. I didn't care for anything on xoJane except her stories and now I think xoJane has been taken down.

RRW I don't have good information on, I just know that she was Gala Darling's Violet Blue wannabe friend one day and then 7 years later transformed into Lana del JT Leroy (or should it be Leray?)

No. 966569

File: 1588129202529.png (111.15 KB, 605x539, k9uNOLW.png)

No. 966575

True. Right-wing memes such as Wojak variation #500 and non-stop spamming of terms like "cuck", and "based and redpilled" everywhere are truly works of effective art. Great insight as always Anna.

No. 966580

Defining podcasts as samizdat is fucking retarded. I hate this bitc h.

No. 966605

And Anna doesn't compete for men's attention? That hypocrisy

No. 966636

>”By art I mean like memes, trolling, podcasts”

No. 966653

Adam cheated on Dasha with an alt right furry called The Witten.

No. 966660

No. The witten stuff happened months after they broke up

No. 966663

kek I didn't know that drug addict was alt right

No. 966684

we should post about leftist male thots here too if you guys have any information.
girl no, that shit was WAY after they split up.

No. 966957


So right wing memes are better because they utilize more identity politics?

No. 967297

tbh all the ""alt left"" guys are sex pests, does anyone remember that lefty twitter professor who deleted his account after tweeting a pic of him and his 20 yr old gf (he was like 40) caption "henlo nyc"

No. 967307

No but that sounds hilarious

No. 967312

File: 1588285129172.jpg (166.48 KB, 952x1200, 3.jpg)

he got slam dunked so hard by so many people for being a creep when he posted this that he deleted and hasn't been back since! lmao. this was last year

No. 967479

File: 1588309736942.png (1023.44 KB, 750x1334, C2543E58-9C0C-4735-83EC-83B437…)

Double whammy. Entry level anime to suit her new identity AND Baron.

No. 967637

File: 1588350038700.jpg (173.04 KB, 1080x1920, 95143378_161086911989476_67418…)

His body is weird wtf

No. 967766

Caroline is such a dumb bitch I'm surprised she's only been posted on here once

No. 967959

no shit. he's 5"6 and 5" is self hatred.

No. 968059

Bc shes fucking boring

No. 968202

File: 1588452029138.jpeg (29.7 KB, 405x304, 84993583-56C1-40AA-8202-903B0D…)

No. 968317

Anyone else feel like roughly 80% of Anna's following is literally treating her as a burning trainwreck lolcow & the dumb ass bitch thinks she's being appreciated for her wisdom lmao

No. 968325

Sigh I don’t care if he’s short I just want him to carry me home

No. 968347

File: 1588491414980.png (30.12 KB, 873x497, dashaopn.png)

so what's the deal with Dasha and Daniel Lopatin? A couple of people on the Red Scare subreddit mentioned they're together

No. 968360

Why, when I look at him, do I feel the same way I felt when I was a kid with a crush on an actor. I haven’t felt this way about a public figure in so long. Why him. I don’t even listen to his podcast


No. 968429

Yes. I learned about her from Twitter mutuals a few years ago, pre-Red Scare and thought it was a parody account at first, possibly being run by a gay dude. From what I can tell, her current fanbase among females consists of holier-than-thou chainsmokibg trustfundies who think pronouncing “Deleuze” correctly finishes the argument.

No. 968482

Truly dissapointed in OPN if this is true but I'm not seeing any kind of sources anywhere so…

No. 968483

Their fans are all poor socialists

No. 968484

on the sub someone said a friend saw dasha at the snl afterparty when the weekend and 0pn were there (and she didn't brag about that online, suspicious) and some other things like she was wearing one of his shirts and anonymous comments confirming it, also she hasn't denied it and she reads the sub posts about her obsessively
also she's stopped her fake tradcath thing for the last month or two, maybe she's going to pretend like she's converting to judaism again

No. 968509

No. 968525

She deleted her twitter profile apparently?

No. 968550

literally coomer tier

No. 968651

Even if it's not true, Dasha would never deny that she's dating a famous musician. Let's be honest here.

No. 968655

File: 1588553954611.jpg (215.4 KB, 1024x849, dogisaga.jpg)

Anna's vegan stances contradicting her meat-eating reminded me of this

No. 968656

if the people on the sub made it up i'm gonna be pissed cause you know she's loving the fact people would believe she's dating a famous person

No. 968659

good point, but maybe he told her not to involve him with her social media

No. 968662

stop blogposting or at least fucking sage.

No. 968667

what’s this about finn wolfhard liking a pic of dasha naked on instagram? she must be elated since she’s been thirsting over him for about 2 years now

No. 968668

Fuck buddies at best. She wouldn’t be able to resist confirming it if they were dating

No. 968694

File: 1588566611379.png (1.22 MB, 1206x1066, Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 12.2…)

Proana scumbag?

No. 968729

I love when people post screenshots here where they've favorited cow posts

No. 968730

Also probably not proana since she took a whole month to drop 2lb

No. 968798

File: 1588602584728.jpg (358.09 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20200504_102710.jpg)

My man is actually manic

No. 968803

Anna’s more competent at being skinny while Dasha’s always like just below average weight lmao. This shit is really my biggest beef with her though. The “sexy anorexic teenager” image she tries to cultivate is so ugly and deranged. For communists who supposedly understand aesthetics or whatever these bitches shouldnt be promoting this kind of pathetic frailty. The truest proletarian look is to have the robust body of a mongolian steppe woman who wrestles with camels

No. 968866

Dashas self reported stats in backstage list her as 5’7/110 ilbs. That means she is prob 5’6/120 irl, lower then average in American terms but pretty normal everywhere else in the world lmao. I wonder how she feels when she sees truly outliner skinny models on the street, I can only imagine the seething

No. 969056


Check out photos she hasn’t taken herself and she doesn’t look young for 28. I think she takes a lot of drugs and buys childish dresses and convinces herself she’s this gorgeous Lolita character kek. she’s fun to laugh at

No. 969105

someone needs to post that picture of her and anna recording a podcast during the quarantine and dasha looks like a pensive 50 year old russian woman.

No. 969109

File: 1588638356454.jpg (301.95 KB, 1000x1499, UiYiaq8.jpg)

No. 969116

File: 1588638947349.jpg (91.28 KB, 828x1232, shndpjyqa3q41.jpg)

i'm a sexy angelic tsundere teen!!!

No. 969137


LMAO that dumb thot actually pays for that """""casting"""" website

No. 969147

File: 1588642246693.jpeg (603.41 KB, 750x980, 9964BF60-117D-4613-B2A6-E753B5…)

this is a cursed image

No. 969171

if you told me she was 50+ I would absolutely buy it

No. 969212

I love how Anna is probably wearing something "designer" from the current retarded ingenue-babydoll-boho-lace-tutu-apron trend but it just makes her look like an impoverished 55 year old cleaning lady.
Same goes for Dasha and her boner for lace Peter Pan collars on black skater dresses. Hoe you can't pull that off unless you're literally Twiggy in her prime or at least a photoshopped 14 year old 80 lb Slavic runway model. You just look like hired help lmfao.

No. 969219

This is how you age when you're a pick me.

No. 969221

To be fair anon, this is how you age when you spend your 20s as an nyc hipster who chain smokes cigarettes and does drugs and starts to care about their skin and lifestyle at 33. Her trying to naively moisturize away the wall is sad to watch. Girl is way past the point of 10 step skincare routine.

No. 969237

File: 1588654562077.jpeg (240 KB, 1152x2048, C3B8B77F-B1E3-4E0A-BC96-4AB274…)

Does liz franczak facetune her eyes?

No. 969238

Tbh i think its mostly just the anorexia

No. 969241

Either that or she’s wearing circle lenses, maybe. Doubt those are her actual eyes.

No. 969317

She absolutely doesn't look young for her age, but next to Anna she looks youthful, and twitter teens and incels think women dry up into husks at 25 so that's how she gets away with it. Honestly, seeing a woman older than me rolling around on the floor in a child's dress and still playing the pro-ana game is genuinely pathetic. I know younger anons and womenchildren don't get it, but there comes a time in your life where dressing like a kid starts to feel weird and off and Dasha is beyond that - well-adjusted women enjoy being adult.
I assume most online people do basic facetuning/beautycam filters now tbh.

No. 969328

File: 1588686507499.jpg (112.38 KB, 1024x682, ESEXIECUEAABdXP.jpg)

Nah. Another girl who wants to fuck Nick Mullen so bad tho. Remember when he would reply to her tweets and she would respond immediately?? Lmao

No. 969387

aw i like liz

No. 969453

the best Caroline post was after the Aimee Terese witch photo was being shit on by Caroline's cumtown fanboy mutuals, and in Aimee's defense she goes, "I can't wait until I say something unpopular and all of my guy friends decide I'm ugly" as if that's not what we mean when we say she's a pickme lmao

No. 969457

to be fair she does look comparatively teenaged next to the 95 year old senile anna

No. 969492

I like her too but that shit was cringe and obvious

No. 969628

That's Julian Casablancas

No. 969768

They already think she's ugly AND actively resent her for being living proof to the fact that only unattractive women bother to entertain leftcel nonsense. If she was hot men would be changing their politics to wk her, not the other way around.
Pickmes, when will they learn?

No. 969853

File: 1588781319348.png (148.25 KB, 1200x492, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.0…)

Speaking of pickmes, this girl (@ambienvalent) has lots of milk. She started dating a shitposter who only tweets about how much he hates women- he used to have her blocked and used to talk mad shit about her (all of his friends still do). he dumped her after a few months because she slid into some other guy's DMs. That relationship was one of the most spectacularly pathetic things I've ever witnessed

No. 969857

File: 1588781787753.png (86.29 KB, 1172x270, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.0…)


She also had drama recently with one of her former coworkers at SB Nation and wrote a relentlessly boring medium blog post defending herself

No. 969859

Pathetic, only women with low self esteem are part of this shitty "subculture". They are going to cringe massively when they look back on this when they're older. I think I remember this girl, if she's the one who used to have an icon of Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. Always thought she was a huge mess.

No. 970003

this woman is almost 25 years old and she tweets like a wannabe edgelord teen. sad

No. 970035

I’ve never seen anything about her until this so idk much but she doesn’t seem so bad to me. Was wondering why she acts like a doormat with the bf when she’s actually pretty but the old obese pics of her explain that. Can anyone explain what’s dislikeable about her lol

No. 970040

she keeps poor company and tries to impress cumtown hangers on even though she's an SJW and spergs out about "bisexual erasure". she has BPD and has meltdowns but deletes them soon after so I don't have a ton of receipts at the moment but that medium article is full of dumb shit. plus she's a die hard Taylor swift Stan at age 25 which is embarrassing

No. 970654

Wonder if Caroline deleted because RacismFactory’s wife found out about her

No. 970666

File: 1588909376272.png (263.73 KB, 593x398, t.PNG)

Aimee Terese is back, if anyone cares.

No. 970741

I'll never get bored of how all these edgy "feminism is liberal" cumgarglers immediately discover libfem whining the moment their precious prole larping neckbeards call them ugly. Reminds me of tradthots surprisedpikachuing about chuds mistreating them.

>that avatar
>trying to haha funny through her obvious butthurt
It's kind of like when chapos joke about being soycucks when they're actual soycucks, right? Surely that is viable damage control, right?

No. 970770

Please elaborate

No. 970870

genuinely shocked that the racism factory guy got someone to marry him

No. 970918

File: 1588957214640.png (353.65 KB, 595x588, dashapol.png)

She just did it but for pol. So edgy Dasha.

No. 970937

found out about what?

No. 970962

a lot of women with zero standards out there

No. 970999

Pretty sure she's been selfposting on /pol/ for a while now, it's what chapos do periodically in their feeble attempts to shill. Like all of them, she thinks she can suck magapede republican cock until they magically become commies because they're "alienated disaffected white men" or some shit.

Anti-idpol marxists are a particularly retarded breed of people who really enjoy deluding themselves about what REALLY drives the right. According to them it's anything but white identity and genetic tribalism. Instead, /pol/yps are all closeted pinkos who just haven't been provided with someone commie enough to follow. Once the Democratic Party nominates someone to the left of Kropotkin, millions of hardcore Republican voters will spontaneously become enlightened genderliquid omnisexuals eager to prep their bulls. No matter how many times their weekly pilgrimages to /pol/ end with them being called leftist faggots who deserve to be gassed, they still unironically believe this.

No. 971173

Are you implying that “genetic tribalism” is legitimate? Kek

No. 971174

File: 1588993265169.jpeg (87.41 KB, 671x900, 7BDEF6AD-3BE8-47BD-84AC-E3568B…)


you'll be even more shocked when you see what he looks like

No. 971182

No. 971184

Lol. He’s alt-right, right? So many of them come off closeted gay to me. I don’t know if they’re just soy boys or what.

No. 971252

what is it with all these dasha dating rumors these days? wouldn't even be surprised if she was the one spreading them

No. 971270

Something clearly observable in every pre-capitalist society is by default more legitimate than "people are only racist because their workplace is not a co-op/they don't have enough gibs". Even CHIMPS have tribalism.

This kind of social constructionist nonsense is solidly on par with Marxist greatest hits like "pedophilia is a result of neoliberal economic policies".

No. 971280

User who posted it is a burner account used to post on their subreddit exclusively, I bet it's dasha herself

inb4 "chimps are bigots"

No. 971429


He's an "anti-idol leftist" but if you look at his page his shit is indistinguishable from MGTOW lol. he's just a reactionary and the extent of his leftism is complaining online

No. 971444

Chimps also beat their children to death, rape each other and fling their own shit, anon, kek. Should we argue that those things are natural and not worth trying to stop, too?

No. 971467

File: 1589054440702.png (523.13 KB, 838x710, Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.00…)

dasha is looking ghastly, drink a smoothie or get some gummy vitamins or something

No. 971495

There must be a chimp Hillary or chimp Maggie Thatcher who made them do it by enacting chimp neoliberalism. It's only because they don't have universal healthcare and guaranteed bananas. Chimp nature is cooperation.

No. 971499

nah it's originally from tumblr

No. 971600

Part of being human is cooperation, it's why sane people generally frown on many aspects of chimp nature.

No. 971624

Does anyone know who exactly she was dating?

No. 971630

Dasha is a cute 7 but her ego is out of control, she's nowhere near as beautiful as she thinks she is and seems kind of boring/simple.

No. 971636

Key word "part". Fringe ideologists ignore evidence and assume that it's the entirety of it, and that everyone will automatically decide to be nice once their preferred economic system takes place. Some particularly lobotomized ones are prison abolitionists because of this.

Come to think of it, no wonder so many Chapo tier anarchoautists with post-spergian characteristics are former Paulbot lolberts. There is a clear pipeline from one evidence-free view of humanity into another.

No. 971644

File: 1589074018159.jpeg (355.07 KB, 828x1309, EBB946E1-34A5-4574-8CF4-36C1D8…)


No. 971650

File: 1589074595371.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.12 KB, 828x1277, BBBBEEF2-0298-474E-B990-DA6622…)

Seems like a cool guy!

No. 971653

File: 1589075857491.jpeg (303.3 KB, 828x1383, coomer.jpeg)

This chick probably attracts the weirdest people of all the leftist tradthots

No. 971654

Why do these women hate themselves so much?

No. 971659

They crave male attention from simps over being good people, its sad that men don't seem to have any standards other than "be moderately attractive female who panders to redpill delusions".

No. 971668

I'm more so confused why these girls settle for becoming such massive pick mes only to settle for hideous dudes with equally ugly personalities. Men aren't exactly hard to come by. It's like the whole gimpgirl thing, thinking she "won the prize" of her ugly, short, fat, abusive, and unemployable husband.

No. 971671

Is that Annie? what happened to her? I used to be mutuals with her on tumblr years and years ago and then she moved to ig but went all private, I thought she just left the internet to focus on her irl. Why does she have so many coomer simps now?

No. 971673

really sad that this is the best she can get

No. 971674

eh its unfair to use Mary for comparison, she's her her own category

No. 971700

because she's attractive yet seems attainable to the yellow fever white bois tired of/threatened by modern white women

No. 971718

Annie created a twitter a while ago and would earnestly post stupid stuff like “My ex boyfriend might’ve gotten me into Sam Hyde but I’ve always been an edgelord. I listen to cumtown :P” lately she doesn’t post much at all, usually just selfies or impersonal jokes because people were gossiping about her on PULL because she was pandering to white men so she didn’t feel comfortable anymore and made a new private account where she charged $25 for entry. At one point she was mutuals with white nationalists like internettara and she’s still friends with some alt light types but she doesn’t seem to be pandering now. It was unsettling to watch her do all of that publicly though.

No. 971719


anon have you considered normie chads, omegas and even your average bugmen dont want them either? None of these girls are particularly attractive, they sperg their crazy obscure opinions all day, probably have poor social skills ( group activities are the lifeblood of most 9 to 5 normal people that don't have hours and hours of time to spend learning about and discussing obscure internet subcultures and personalities), and totally lacking in normative life experiences to build mutual trust and understanding like their NEET male equivalents. Dasha is the one exception because she seems like she has a fetish for autistic basement dwellers and is choosing them voluntarily.

No. 971721

File: 1589082656422.jpeg (58.97 KB, 303x500, 2C5A4F5C-348E-41EE-8D7D-8F967C…)

She had it coming, she acted like a total freak for months. She even seems unhinged here: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/nNSViKb

No. 971743

>saying this as if she wasn't on tumblr being an sjw for years

No. 971744

Ok…. quiet down

No. 971745

File: 1589087437190.jpeg (715.8 KB, 1242x1812, 3F475994-4676-45AC-BC89-41812A…)

All these girls were SJWs in the past five years

No. 971799

That was the craziest string of words I’ve ever read. I just remembered her as one of the rich mean girls in the Asian girls tumblr clique. Thanks for filling me in anon.

No. 971834

Another crazy thing about her is that there’s a girl named Shaista who is South Asian who changed her name to Shasti to sound more like Annie, and she’s trying to do the same thing Annie did back when she first opened her twitter account. It’s creepy!

Embarrassing. It’s normal for people to change throughout the years but funny to see she’s always been just as obnoxious. Isn’t she like 30?

No. 971837

File: 1589118621913.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.94 KB, 900x1200, 4878B405-96DB-4B52-B78C-5CDCB0…)

From SJW to the world’s most funny woman

No. 971867

File: 1589129949693.jpeg (51.76 KB, 1242x532, EFBC4AA1-B92F-4648-BB74-0DABFF…)

why are they so into being super skinny. it’s not 2004

No. 971871

What is it with Russian women having some sort of battered wife syndrome? I see this with older Russian women but I expect better from westernized young Russian immigrants. Every Russian woman I meet is so misogynistic and miserable around other women and all I want to know is why?

No. 971879

this tweet is repulsive. (coming from a girl who got her ex bf into mde and effectively ruined his life)
i used to like her years back, is she ok? seems like shes probably taking meds now. has she ever claimed to have bpd? wouldnt be surprised

No. 971884

dasha is only a xs because she's flatchested and assless, anna is short and also asless

No. 971913

She would reblog bpd infographics on her tumblr way back when.

No. 971914

reminds me of tumblr radfem celestia and her rapid descent into tradthottery for some ugly neckbeard lmao

No. 971921

celestia ran an mra blog prior to her radfem phase. she had a shirt that said “legalize foreskin”

No. 971926

Is there nothing else she can brag about? Being smaller than other women is not really an accomplishment I'd value, its too bad she has so little artistic talent because I'd personally do more with that kind of money and connections if I were her.

No. 971943


You guys need to fucking sage the nonmilky posts.

No. 971979

Hate spergy “Sage your fucking posts!” posts. This thread is nearly all old milk anyway

No. 971994

does anyone have her tumblr url or anything like that? she was "pressured" (lol) into making a twitter by her friends according to her and she ~just so happened to stumble into a following~ and has become a massive pickme, like, nonstop posts about wanting a gamer bf to emotionally abuse her, alongside the most milquetoast DSA takes imaginable.
the large number of followers and occasional racist RTs made dasha and anna follow her of course and they've hung out once, annie probably feels like a socialite

No. 971996

holy shit i just watched that annie vid and she's forcing a high-pitched vocal-fried voice so hard, and of course the "uwu i'm so young and smol" even though she's in her mid 20s

No. 972005

was she by any chance one of those cultural appropriation sjws whose activism consisted of dragging 9 year old white girls for having Japanese tea ceremonies

No. 972007

File: 1589149989878.jpg (30.7 KB, 400x320, tumblr_lof52geKuO1qa2t1to1_400…)

She was a liberal feminist that bashed men left and right, had tons of thinspo posts, typical #pale #sadgirl posts about coffee and cigarettes and sweaters and wrist bones. It's honestly extremely boring and she is a void of a person it seems, just doing whatever she can to get more attention in ways she thinks are subtle.

Funny how she looks younger now than she did when she was a teenager, she figured out the "I need to be TINY AND YOUNG" angles and makeup!

No. 972010

Also worth noting is the amount of posts about sex and dudes fucking her from 2009 to 2014, sprinkled in this mix are posts ironically saying she's a virgin–Reminds me of her tweeting at the men calling her a whore on twitter a while back, saying, "i know you silly boys want to think i'm a whore as a funny meme but i've only had one bf!" Yes, and apparently a lot of flings.
Not that this even fucking matters but she's starting to look worse and worse with all the lies I've noticed, it's just like Dasha's obsession with youth and being "waif" except Dasha doesn't fool herself about sex.

No. 972015

with annie you just have to assume shes a whore, with dasha you can see it in her eyes

No. 972046

about how old is annie? it could be anywhere from 25-35 looking at her recent pics, she's cute but she also looks like an older lady using a face filter

No. 972047

File: 1589154417504.jpeg (62.03 KB, 348x500, 3F548E7B-5312-4F22-90B4-232723…)

No. 972053

File: 1589155185190.jpeg (46.54 KB, 828x458, 20039BA8-8568-4973-8B72-4D8DAE…)

I still remember her public post breakup meltdown

I think she’s in her mid 20s but her face is so harsh she can look older easily

No. 972070


some people seem to say that she started college around 2012/2013, so a liberal estimate would be around 24-27

No. 972071

what were the posts like? the only ones still up are just her saying shes sad about it and snapping at anons
i'm amazed at how mean she was to everyone who sent her messages tbh

No. 972072

It seems like she’s never really known how to interact with people normally, she’s either sickly sweet or really bitchy. The only other post I can remember was when she said something like “The only time he ever called me baby was after apologizing for unintentionally banging my head on the headboard while we were fucking” I can’t remember the wording but that’s basically what she said. Along with other “everyone said I could do SO much better lmfao” posts but I guess she deleted them all.

No. 972085

File: 1589160602917.jpg (85.83 KB, 1079x830, 4odubylbw5x41.jpg)

Token black anti-idpol berngrifter who famously wrote a retarded argument about why it's okay for working class white men to call black people the n word is now concerned with RBG's insufficient number of black employees. Sounds like identity politics and liberal tokenism to me.

Note how RBG is suddenly "white" while Bernie is "Jewish!!!".

No. 972091

>“It should not need to be explained that critiquing racism is not racism, but let’s give it a try. Senator Sanders is describing the well-documented racism and hatred that was used to divide the working class against itself in this country for hundreds of years. In fact, that entire chapter of the book is simply a recounting — and criticism — of the Republican strategy that was infamously described by GOP strategist Lee Atwater in 1981, which involved using racial bigotry and epithets to demonize people of color,”
>“Senator Sanders was attacking that disgusting strategy and, of course, he would not use the word outside of this context. His entire political career has been dedicated to building a multi-racial coalition of working people to finally overturn the bloody legacy of racial hatred in our country,”“Senator Sanders was attacking that disgusting strategy and, of course, he would not use the word outside of this context. His entire political career has been dedicated to building a multi-racial coalition of working people to finally overturn the bloody legacy of racial hatred in our country,”
>about why it's okay for working class white men to call black people the n word
warren voters mad

No. 972096

Do you know how unfair it is to compare Briahna to idiots like Anna and the rest of the anti idpol leftist podcast/Twitter verse, she's a lawyer who served as the national press secretary for Bernie's campaign

That's not at all comparable as being some smart ass on Twitter

No. 972108

Are we supposed to be impressed by her working on Bernie's campaign? She was constantly an embarrassment and people like her actively sank his campaign. Bernie surrounded himself with incompetence and she was one of the worst.

No. 972114

File: 1589166867289.jpeg (345.58 KB, 828x750, F75FB14B-600C-4ECE-9CCA-B65785…)

Rbg sucks ass lmao.

No. 972161

If her skin is any indication then I’d guess 30+

No. 972169

File: 1589177488392.jpg (109.65 KB, 869x399, IMG_20200511_021020.jpg)

>obligatory berncel seething about boogeywaman
>by default a succ assumes he's being dragged by another succ

Is this the fearsome leftist unity I keep hearing about? I sure better watch myself before my assets are seized to pay off your masters degree in underwater basket weaving kek

No. 972206


She's not wrong though. I also don't see how a supreme court appointment being a lifetime responsibility doesn't come across as utterly insane when you consider how political landscapes and norms change.

No. 972221

Yeah, she should've resigned under Obama. It would've been an absolute success like that Merrick Garland guy.

No. 972336

annie is back on tumblr lol

No. 972390

And the URL…?

No. 972811

I think this is just her normal skin tone. A beautiful mix of brown, grey, and yellow kek

No. 972849

rumor has it that she’s finally dating nick mullen. dreams really do come true

No. 972860

File: 1589299316915.png (236.05 KB, 635x412, file.png)

mullen's ex gf seemed so normal, good for her for getting away from all this shit

No. 972862

File: 1589299411043.jpeg (50.41 KB, 668x445, F14BB2A9-9469-4915-8E11-E6893C…)

Not that he’s a catch himself but why date a 5/10 from north carolina when he lives in brooklyn

She should go back to being earnest about politics instead of pretending to be hot online

No. 972873

I've seen people say that a "trusted source" confirms that they had been hooking up but who knows the validity of that, idk what's worse, if nick saw too many tit selfies of her and hit it or if she's just desperately dropping hints to make people think he did, is there anything lower than a podcast groupie

No. 972883

His last gf was long distance too
What hints?

No. 972888

she (abby) was in philly for a while I think but then moved in with him for a while before they broke up
hints like joke tweets about how all guys just have weights and a mark wahlberg poster int heir room, which describes nick and other things like that, her twitter is back btw

No. 972889

Briahna is an insufferable idiot but I don’t think she belongs in this thread. I have yet to see anything to suggest she’s a pick me. Plus, aside from that cringy N word tweet, she doesn’t seem really anti identity politics

No. 972899

the same as before. bopeep.tumblr.com

PULL found this /r9k/ thread on her with people claiming they saw her irl. https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/53601185/#53602012
scrotes will never respect a woman no matter how pickme she acts

No. 972936

god he's so closeted lol

No. 972967

Bold of you to assume that 7/10 Brooklyn Natashas are going to want Nick Mullen without being paid. Why would any mentally stable hot girl from NYC be genuinely interested in some shitposter whose money come from donations by Midwestern redditors? They're too busy eyeing yuppie bankers.

Importing groupie poon from bumfuck nowhere is his only viable strategy. No normie hot girl would be impressed by whatever it is these greaseballs think is "humor" or even agree to stand next to them irl.

No. 973012

brooklyn girls are nasty and will tweet every little thing he says or does

No. 973029

Why would he fuck a 5/10 mentally ill (teehee “im normal”) woman from north carolina when he could absolutely get someone -of the same caliber- from brooklyn?
Gives credence to the closeted gay theory actually. If she lives far away he doesnt have to fuck

No. 973050

Literally just because she’s a woman willing to fuck him? Like from his perspective why not I don’t think there really needs to be more of a reason idk I don’t think it’s hard to guy most guys to fuck you, for all you know he is also fucking the ‘same calibre’ Brooklyn girls it’s not like they got married or something the rumour is just that they’re hooking up

No. 973115

You know Brooklyn girls are often midwest/nowhere transplants who think that moving to New York means they've made it, right?

No. 973170

No. 973277

No. 973559

Can someone explain to me why these girls are all thirsty for this manlet who has a reddit sense of humour ?

No. 973572

Who Nick? Because he’s rich, relatively conventionally attractive and has clout?

No. 973573

The left is full of fat, unkept manchildren. If a man does the minimum amount of lifting and grooming, he becomes a visual god amongst them.
That's literally it. Take this manlet out of the leftist crowd and put him into a group where people actually take care of themselves, and you would see how tragic he actually is.
All of the women clamoring over him are equally unkept and unhealthy as him, so it's not a surprise they can't actually perceive his mediocrity (as they'd be perceiving their own simultaneously).

No. 973586

File: 1589408178282.jpeg (195.32 KB, 1200x900, 1_FbtIbGflpUW3uGrJjnduyw.jpeg)

okay I get it, compared to this, Nick is basically a Uber-Chad

No. 973589

nick is pretty cute imo, but anyway most of these girls (but mostly it's men online who have this problem, the few girls just stand out) have this delusion that making jokes on twitter and caring about other twitter people, being in group dms, constitutes a community or a scene and all those guys worship nick so it's just typical groupie dynamics where they want to fill some void in themselves by going after the most popular guy and who they think will impress others

No. 973650

he's famous around certain online circles and he's rich plus cute. they're groupies.

No. 973750

lmao I'm glad Annie came up again… we talked about her a little in /w/res/8303.html because she was dating canceled weeb sex pest Nick Robinson. her shit is so fucking embarrassing and tryhard, and I've spoken with other Asian girls she thinks she's friends with who feel the same way kek

No. 973751

The men she's attempting to pander to probably say the same things too. At the end of the day she's still a woman so sucking up to these misogynistic scrotes will never work. And to everyone else it's just embarrassing to witness.

No. 973778

File: 1589445288838.jpeg (126.1 KB, 521x782, 0B0D802C-0DC0-4B55-B4F1-7891D8…)

All I gathered from this is that her coworkers were rude and that she had something horrible happen to her. Just because she’s okay with jokes like that doesn’t mean everyone else would be, and just as ‘burning off steam’ and ‘ribbing’ can be therapeutic at work, the opposite can be true and it can make it more miserable for people who don’t enjoy it. I can’t even think of a single woman I know who would be okay with being called names at work everyday.

No. 973781

File: 1589446623244.jpeg (43.53 KB, 828x204, DAC17B5E-6ECA-4A10-AFE8-276805…)

She needed to get weight loss surgery in order to finally lose nearly 200 lbs and now she posts shit like this and retweets “ed memes” on main

No. 973904

File: 1589475113462.png (820.49 KB, 1194x1070, Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.5…)

Ambienvalent is now cyberbullying twitter thot "comedian" tinderdistrict for making fun of a guy's micropenis

No. 973937

Did she really have surgery? I hadn’t heard that but that makes sense, she looked like 400 lbs

No. 973949

File: 1589478314045.jpeg (34.54 KB, 400x400, 59006679-1A7D-4EE8-AA82-48ED68…)

I would love more on Shasti @sh44sti she came from out of nowhere and hates Caroline because her shitty guy friends hate Caroline. She is the reigning PickMe Queen(emoji)

No. 973956

File: 1589478952950.jpeg (238.49 KB, 828x1325, 317EE514-B114-49BD-9236-59D0ED…)

What is she even about? One minute she’s being a bitch because she think it’s funny and the other she’s naming and shaming women for not being nice to men. She spent an entire morning one day quote retweeting this guy and when asked why she said “He didn’t do anything wrong I’m just bored” and her mutuals would reply to her initial quote tweets saying “He should kill himself” ? I would think that’s arguably much worse than the small penis nameless tweet.

No. 973958

They talk about her on Annie’s PULL thread, apparently her real name is Shaista and she changed it to Shasti to make it sound more like Annie. The only noteworthy thing about her is that she’s a skinwalker.

No. 973967

she's completely copying the way annie poses, very eerie

No. 973971

Can one of you anons post her presurgery pics? Not asking to be spoon fed, I looked myself and couldn’t find them

No. 973981

File: 1589481664287.jpeg (473.33 KB, 1440x1800, ECFC2FF7-4B1F-4B81-893E-7E205C…)

Here! She sucks for the Amberlynn tweet because she should know exactly what she’s going through considering she needed surgery before finally being able to lose weight

I think Shasti was even active on Annie’s PULL thread before someone brought up Shasti’s skinwalking because there was a user who was pretty active on the thread, then once Shasti was mentioned she defended her, then stopped posting completely.

No. 974022

I didn’t know Annie had a PULL thread. I know how I’m spending my night. Does anyone remember Shasti’s username?

No. 974037

So she's pickmeing by talking about… dark souls? Does she not realize she's over five years late to this party?

No. 974044

File: 1589485972260.jpeg (213.83 KB, 808x1355, BBCE2D34-85F4-4802-B28F-FF2B03…)

What a freak lol. she makes Annie look like a Gravure idol. This looks so unnatural

No. 974056

Their accounts basically have the same gimmick but she pretends to have the moral high ground when she wants to shit on someone else. Like she would have the same reaction to a guy having a 3" peen and saying "accio condom" lbr

No. 974062

a true butterface, I scrolled up just enough to cut her off at the chin and it was much better lmao

No. 974105

What are you taking about? I didn’t know who this was but I just went to look at the tweets, she wasn’t shaming this woman for ‘not being nice to men’, this woman constantly tweets about her unhinged encounters with these men and how cartoonishly awful they are yet goes back to sleep with them again, and then posted a tweet about how she was annoyed that a man she was talking to wasnt upfront about the fact that he didn’t have feelings for her. Like this girl is clearly just pointing out the cognitive dissonance and lack of self awareness in having such a bad experience with someone, tweeting about said awful experience then going back to sleep with them again but simultaneously expecting people to be upfront and direct with you, she’s definitely in the right and this tinderdistrict person seems like a cow who could actually have a thread here

No. 974130

File: 1589493327971.jpeg (228.62 KB, 828x1131, 53A25848-9195-45AC-9BBE-3BC249…)

I wasn’t only referring to those posts. She’s also shaming tinderdistrict for posting something awful about a guy who treated her well even though just days ago she was behaving pretty psychotically herself because she was “bored”. Is it not “psycho shit” to quote retweet a random who did absolutely nothing to her, prompting her followers to join in on it, just because she’s bored? Yes, tinderdistrict is a cow, no one here would deny this. Ambienvalent is still annoyingly inconsistent.

No. 974134

I’m OP who posted emily (not those screenshots) I think the tinder district woman is a BPD cow and Emily’s tweets about her are right. Emily still fucks losers who think she’s disgusting and she complains about it online but those shots weren’t examples of her cow behavior

No. 974135

Honestly not really? I don’t think it’s psycho shit to quote tweet a big account to comment on their post or make fun of them, I think it’s what 90% of Twitter is. It is pretty shitty to make fun of some guys body on a large platform who by your own account treated you well - and I don’t think you have to have never done anything remotely wrong yourself ever to be able to recognise that and/or call it out

No. 974147

She bothered him multiple times on the same day until he blocked her. Just because it’s “90% of what twitter is” doesn’t mean it isn’t psycho. So you’re defending her publicly making fun of some random guy, where he could actually see it, until he blocked her because it his hurt his feelings, but you’re also saying it’s wrong for tinderdistrict to make fun of a man for his penis size even though he was nice to her. I agree with that part, it was completely wrong of her to do that, but I think more harm was done when Emily decided to bully a random guy than when tinderdistrict made her post, even though both of them did something bad. And while you don’t have to be a perfect person in order to be able to criticize someone, that doesn’t mean we can’t point out hypocritical behavior.

No. 974158

But I said literally nothing about Emily bullying a random guy, I don’t get how the two things are inherently related I’m responding to the multiple posts people felt the need to make about the tinderdistricts thing. I would need some actual screenshots about the bullying random guy stuff because ‘she was bored’ because people in this thread have proven time and time again to misrepresent things and miss obvious sarcasm/jokes, so please actually post caps considering this is an image board

Yeah for all I know she may very well be a cow but none of the screenshots posted here support that, they just seem like vendetta type weirdos who are protecting everything they already hate about this woman into any mundane statement she makes. If someone is a cow or has cow potential when you post them you should post some background or screenshots that support it instead of just assuming people will know what you mean

No. 974167

I am so so so bored of this wave of “left” (or often: “post-left” — “teehee i read camatte”) e girls who pretend to be autistic bc theyre superficially into trains and dark souls or whatever. It’s the same exact thing as last decade’s “yes im a girl yes i play call of duty xD”

No. 974171

God is girls even talking about having autism a ‘pick me’ thing to you? Maybe people only want to talk about it on a shallow basis because it’s still highly stigmatised and going into extremely personal details about it isn’t appealing to most people

No. 974176

File: 1589496478822.jpeg (120.63 KB, 828x389, 70D616F6-57FE-40DC-8FAD-1C3751…)

U good?

No. 974177

I don’t get what this is meant to show? Why would this mean she’s lying about it?

No. 974180

File: 1589496681846.jpeg (177.35 KB, 828x1019, 5A7F7268-7F21-4DBA-AFFF-71180A…)

I was the one who originally posted the caps of her bullying the guy here >>973956
I didn’t include all of the posts because I’m on mobile and didn’t want to stitch screenshots together, but here’s her saying that she only did it because she was bored. And there’s no “joke” or sarcasm to be misinterpreted here, she was just being a bitch to some random guy because she had nothing else to do. It wasn’t some inside joke between the two of them, it wasn’t a bit.
>But I said literally nothing about Emily bullying a random guy
>Honestly not really? I don’t think it’s psycho shit to quote tweet a big account to comment on their post or make fun of them, I think it’s what 90% of Twitter is.

And I showed you where she said that it was “psycho shit” to tweet rude things about a past hookup, which is 100% right, but my point was that she’s still hypocritical because she has “psycho” moments herself. That’s what I was referencing in my original post >>973956 even though that part wasn’t included in the image that I responded to, it was still a part of her string of tweets that day about the same person. I get how it might’ve looked like I thought those particular tweets were hypocritical but I clarified that wasn’t what I was talking about by adding the specific post here >>974130

No. 974183

tbh with her skinwalking I can definitely believe she has autism

No. 974185

Ohhh sorry, I thought you were referring to her comment about the tinderdistricts girl as ‘psycho’, I get what you’re saying now. I still don’t think her harassing some random guy is necessarily cowish enough to warrant her being posted here but I do agree it’s shitty to do

No. 974189

Its not about whether or not shes legitimately autistic, it’s about playing into the idea of being “male brained”. Look in the replies to see how orbiters eat this shit up. I’m not saying its pick me behavior to be an autistic girl lmao, but it’s pick me behavior to be like “im not showing u my autism score u____u” in the context of all her other tweets

No. 974191

The only way being autistic is going to stop being viewed as a ‘male brain’ thing is if more women are able to get diagnosed and talk about it openly. Autistic men joke and talk casually about being autistic all the time. If her orbiters eat it up then that says very little about her and a lot about them.

No. 974192

Fwiw i got a 39 on it so im ultimately on the same side as you. I just dont think weird mean twitter girls do anything to help the image problem.

No. 974198

I just don’t think it’s fair to project so much onto autistic women - even if they are mean and weird (that they’re lying, they’re doing it for men etc) in a way that simply never happens for autistic men, and I think gate keeping autism is weird and unhelpful universally. It’s not really this girl’s problem as an individual autistic person to fix the ‘image problem’ and it’s completely irrational and counter intuitive to only accept autistic people who would ‘improve’ the image as genuinely autistic or as the only people who should be allowed to openly talk about it

No. 974212

Sure but Aimee Terese, Anna and Dasha are all “if you know you know” and it’s a general left Twitter thot thread. It seems unlikely that anyone lurks here unless they’re familiar with this subculture like how I don’t lurk cosplay threads

No. 974215

I know who Anna and Dasha are but don’t follow them extremely closely, I know nothing about Aimee. The thing is that’s true of literally every single cow, they are all relatively obscure people with pretty small followings, you’re still supposed to post a description for the threads about them and there should be some actual milk or drama not just random tweets that aren’t milky at all

No. 974241

Emily wasn’t posted here because of the stuff she said about tinderdistrict. Someone did post initial milk and a short description here >>969853

This is a general lefthot thread for people who already know or know of the multiple women being discussed here. There isn’t going to be a complete summary under every single post about a person.

No. 974277

File: 1589511035896.png (172.08 KB, 1193x497, shasti annie skinwalker.png)

I can definitely believe she has autism, no person who's not on the spectrum would pickme this explicitly. I never followed Annie much either but I don't think she was as bad/this much of a caricature.(Armchair)

No. 974282

Her online persona is so clearly meticulously curated to attract a certain type of retard group of orbiters. I wonder if it gets exhausting keeping up this type of facade.

No. 974294

Careful, you might offend the resident autists in this thread

No. 974298

File: 1589514307715.png (155.52 KB, 815x572, A35AFE02-9672-4F21-8C62-E7AA0A…)

wth are you even talking about

it’s robotic and her only orbiters are lowbies. annie even knows she’s being copied and shasti still keeps up the act. a lot of people actually know about it.. a few tweets have been made about her and she has to have seen them. i think she’s severely autistic.

No. 974361

sorry for semi blogpost but this is definitely a thing, joking about being autistic. sucks because im literally autistic and i hang out with people adjacent to these twitter circles and these so called leftists just laugh and say "same" when i complain about being literally autistic

look up "hot girl autism" on twitter too. its unironically being appropriated by the LE WOKE trendy brooklyn "leftists" as a joke to call themselves quirky

shasti is not autistic she has a personality disorder if anything lmao

No. 974366

I'm sure people in the world have joked about having autism but I don't think this is a woman specific thing and don't think you have any authority to say someone doesn't have autism, you literally don't even know them, everyone is not going to talk about autism or experience it in the exact same way you do - it's literally a spectrum

No. 974558

All of these women have personality disorders. Aimee’s old cohost publicly shamed her for being a maniac with BPD kek

No. 974585

lmao she posted this something last week about people being surprised that she's 5'3"…asian girl short?? wow

No. 974601

File: 1589577202119.png (23.36 KB, 597x227, EYEmkSIXYAIinYr.png)

The laugh is exactly like Annie kek

I think she just deleted.

No. 974633

What did they say exactly?

No. 974634

File: 1589581727801.jpeg (266.2 KB, 828x1490, 7A8C0ED0-D896-40B8-AF17-9997A3…)

lol did she make another weight loss post right before deleting

No. 974660

File: 1589586347797.png (169.64 KB, 1188x758, Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.44…)

Adam Proctor went on a rant about her last June but his account was deleted and I don't have screenshots. He posted this in January on the podcast's twitter

No. 974958

File: 1589646127564.png (597.92 KB, 750x1334, 441DD7AE-7090-4651-91E5-489DC1…)

Creepy to email someone after being blocked, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh. Anyway, wonder who's the white nationalist Dasha supposedly has a daddy kink for.

No. 974960

samefagging for context: Meyers is a podcaster who's friends with the cum town boys.

No. 975009

I think it might be Steve Bannon who they had on their podcast once

No. 975117

is anyone else creeped out by this account

No. 975134

Brother of Seth Meyers from SNL or different guy?

No. 975145

Checking it out now but why does it creep you out?

No. 975306

She has like a slightly red-kahina-esque unhinged writing style but that’s cool. Seems more like a living breathing human than all the dead eyed e girl grifters posted itt

No. 975441

shout out my main bitch red kahina

No. 975517

So what do you guys know about Virgil Texas? He was on the shitty media men list and there have been rumors that he’s a child groomer for years. I heard he developed a drug problem and that’s why he isn’t on Chapo anymore

No. 975520

her regular posts are fine, but the pictures of herself that are weirdly edited and remaining anonymous but posting hints is weird to me, and she plays along with really creepy comments guys leave her and encourages them, something off about it

No. 975568

you have any links you could share on this? just did a quick google search but I couldn't find anything

No. 975573

he was supposedly on some old list of twitter creeps before the podcast but it just had his name on it, no details and no clue where that list had come from or who made it, he wasn't on the shitty media men list

there was a thread on 4chan about making metoo things up about leftist twitter people to get them cancelled and the day after that vague accusations of virgil dating a teen 5 or so years ago, were released to a random twitter user who deleted everything a few days after people pointed out that this was sketchy, the 4chan posts from the day before, and that the supposed teen had lived in chicago at the time while virgil was either in brooklyn or cornell
the drug problem thing seems believable, I've also heard rumors that he was fighting with the other chapos during their tour, also rumoured that he's bi and/or poly

No. 975588

File: 1589781775833.jpg (77.43 KB, 828x1716, oUU3fGB.jpg)

No. 975761

his real name is listed on his imdb page (stupid move imho) and the only other things anyone really knows about him is that went to cornell and might be asian

No. 975810

File: 1589833315759.jpeg (143.61 KB, 750x579, A3E99BF5-D6FF-4FBA-8DEA-0657AA…)

don’t think anyone is doing that but cool

No. 975820

File: 1589834420070.png (68.7 KB, 593x436, study.png)

All I have seen is articles talking about an actual study they did which found that men are less likely to wear masks, the lead author of which is also male. Literally nobody is doing what that tweet says but these people will take any excuse to shit on women for male validation whether it's true or not.

No. 975864

most men don't wash their hands so there's that

No. 975882

waiting for this bitch to finally set up an OF lmfao. all the left thots are doing it

No. 975901

mfw all her screeching about women metooing for personal gain is literally projection AND wishing she was hot enough to do it lmfao whoda thunkt

I feel like there is a lot of hidden milk in her life story but that would require digging into her past contacts. I'm calling BPD obsession with some football Chad in high school and being a backstabbing beta bottom feeder friend for some Stacy.

I still remember her cringe tweets about what she likes in men and the legendary one with that picture of her looking like momochan, captioned with something like "teehee feet pics request" kek

No. 976063

uh yes they are? just look to that dyke moira donegan and emrazz feminist next door for some hot takes

No. 976065

No. 976151

File: 1589892829820.jpeg (197.58 KB, 750x467, B286DA4A-6DBA-474F-865E-9F4694…)

Kek, obviously salty she’s from a dumpy family and looks like a greasy foot in person

No. 976163

stop caroline…at least jaime and her lame ex husband make something, caroline just parasitically replied girled to anna, dasha, and every person nick mullen talked to on twitter, her tweets are robot mashups of aimee terese and anna's but even dumber and crueler

No. 976178

Kek. I like how she posts pics of expensive buildings and had a recent tweet saying Florence Pugh looks like she wears Charlotte Russe. How very “working class” of her.

No. 976183

both her and anna k have this hatred/obsession with florence pugh. it’s weird

No. 976186

File: 1589900708133.png (108.66 KB, 1028x782, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 10.0…)

Dasha and the RS subreddit "jokingly" talk about how Florence steals her roles but we all know she can't stand women who are younger and prettier than she is

No. 976187

I don’t understand how someone can be this gung-ho socialist “fighting for the working class” while belittling clothing brands associated with the working class like Charlotte Russe? Is she that stupid to not know that’s all some working class kids could afford growing up? Talk about a dumb hypocritical bitch

No. 976198

File: 1589903812590.jpg (623.3 KB, 1800x1800, ed0c302d1e9e4e145c927ba116357d…)

I like how this bitch is pretzeling her brains around the fact that masculinity is the definition of cancerous performativity and identity politics. Same for Aimee Terese who worships retarded 50 shades tier displays of it while being "anti-idpol". It all makes sense given that she's a failed corporate hoe.

That's because their "leftism" stems from failure to be rich or relevant, not from objecting to inequality and exploitation. Anna absolutely WORSHIPS rich capitalist men and the useless bougie lifestyle while reserving her "revolutionary" takes for attractive rich female celebs/trophy wives/politicians she will never be. A female CEO is absurd girlboss capitalism, but Peter Thiel is daddy tho!

I remember her trying to insult someone by saying that they look like they're shopping at Nordstrom Rack. That's really about all she can do flex wise, because she's well aware that 90% of women on Earth look better in Walmart clearance than she does in whatever "designer" shit she cops on yoox or Barneys closeouts. If you see the world through her eyes, nothing about her politics is confusing at all.

No. 976204

Jamie is annoying as hell but Caroline is somehow even worse. Much uglier, too!

A DSA dork is preferable to a flat-affect aspirational edgelord snob

No. 976208

is dasha's neck freakishly large or is she a pinhead
seeing how average sized she is in candids, can't believe she has the gall to pretend she's ana

No. 976209

she's the definition of frumpy

No. 976226

File: 1589907823063.jpeg (757.16 KB, 1242x1157, 66500A43-2257-41A6-AC1F-1DD0F6…)

samefag but speaking of frumpy lmfao. All these girls are just smoke and mirrors and even with their strategic angles they still manage to look mannish and unappealing

No. 976244

File: 1589909164506.jpeg (107.86 KB, 484x640, D3AAC8C0-7056-43EE-9B25-BFB138…)

Does she not shower? ‪almost feel bad talking shit, maybe she has some serious mental illness going on like Aimee

No. 976290

File: 1589913342539.png (105.52 KB, 1398x450, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.35…)


No. 976292

she's literally describing dasha and anna kek

No. 976298

Anna is mad at Florence Pugh and other non-skeletal young blondes because they're prob the type her happy merchant is fantasizing about cheating on her with

Dasha is mad because she thinks she's a better tubby blonde than Florence. It must sting looking at all those actresses she thinks are her archetype/look making it within 1-3 years while Dasha has been trying to make her "breakthrough" for God knows how long already lmao

No. 976299

When i was watching midsommar i found it striking how florence pugh really looks nice at every angle. As we see here, >>976198 dasha looks like a pig in what should be a very flattering normal angle lmao

No. 976303

these pics are astonishing

No. 976305

File: 1589914582624.jpg (64.19 KB, 400x600, Dasha Nekrasova Rooftop Films …)

Dasha looks like a product of fetal alcohol syndrome, Habsburg levels of inbreeding and not bathing since birth. Her face looks like someone chewed it off, spat it out and tried to reassemble it again. It's so asymmetrical and fucked up I'm actually kind of in awe. She's seemingly average but also completely deformed at the same time, it's kind of an uncanny valley feeling.

Florence is not only attractive but extremely talented, and Dasha must be seething because she's an it girl despite being what Dasha probably deems to be a "fat" version of herself.

No. 976313

File: 1589915797097.jpeg (206.71 KB, 480x768, 41C0FE56-4A6A-4730-9568-3EED77…)

Funny how you mention noticing Florence somehow looking pretty in all angles because I had the opposite experience with Dasha when I watched Wobble Palace and some of that other one where she’s a poet trying to make it in Berlin or something? They were both free for Amazon Prime members at one point and they were laughably bad. In her Kantbot episode she even said she’s “mortified” by some of the movies she’s been in. Probably all of them. Even the trailers for the movies on youtube are poorly received.

No. 976323

Pictures you can smell

No. 976352

Anna is always grandma head on a young body, Forever 52

No. 976354

she's just haggard. anyway, what's the milk with this one? is she "dating" mulldog or no?

No. 976380

File: 1589926836345.jpeg (240.55 KB, 981x1107, F55D0784-EC6D-4B27-84B6-551E64…)

That photo made me cackle and so did these comments on the trailer for her movie

No. 976383

Yeah she looks super aged out for this kind of behavior

No. 976411

The ones here are pretty brutal too.
The trailer for this one is also much worse somehow

No. 976528

what film trailer are these comments under?

No. 976543

Wobble Palace

No. 976555

File: 1589967099179.png (57.76 KB, 496x84, Screenshot_2020-05-20-02-21-01…)

No. 976558

>she plays along with really creepy comments guys leave her and encourages them

Weren't we just talking about Annie a few posts ago? Playing along with creepy males is par for the course

No. 976587

She posted a young photo of her parents. They were both more attractive than her. I think she just got unlucky and inherited the worst features of both of them.

No. 976664

Dashas dad lowkey hot….

No. 976669

File: 1589990477449.jpeg (78 KB, 828x810, 6A8A1A37-8E95-489A-9215-0B3ADD…)

Since this is an imageboard here is the only pic of him ive seen.
Dasha looked nice too when she was an actual teen

No. 976676

i honestly think the darker hair suits dasha better than blonde

No. 976684

is that her natural hair color?

No. 976709

All I see is Buttigieg.

No. 976722

+ Bangs, a little weight, eyeliner

No. 976837

Flash forward 9 months from now after the podcast crashes and burns and Dasha claims to be a gamer girl who does cosplay twitch thot

No. 976867

Tbh if you look through her tumblr she’s very consistently been on this edgelord waify teen thing for years and years. I don’t really see her doing a total rebrand. If she became a twitch thot she’d be wearing like death in june shirts and shit

No. 976880

Since when are twitch thots associated with di6? Also Dasha does claim to be into them. I'm referring to her dramatic switch into "I'm totally a weeb" manicly buys merch right after watching a single series to take selfies in

No. 976966

This is the only role she’s ever been good at because she was just playing herself

No. 977050

File: 1590058356231.jpeg (59.45 KB, 929x579, BDB2D764-D593-48AA-8C7A-D79773…)

No. 977781

is anyone following the jia tolentino drama

No. 977856

File: 1590186281193.jpg (68.62 KB, 828x752, jwA0vUF.jpg)

Yes, it's crazy how Jia risked her entire career for an r/redscarepod post with 11 comments. She should have ignored the entire thing no one would have known

No. 977859

there was a tumblr post that was going around and had a few hundred notes a couple of weeks ago and one of them added the charges to her wiki so then the info spread around, her blaming the rs sub and pretending she didn't see it because she name searches was funny though
her defending her parent's actions and lying about the situation did way more harm to her rep than the internet gossip ever could have, wild that she thought she could come out of this looking like her family were the victims

No. 978088

File: 1590250283496.jpeg (449.46 KB, 750x1052, 3466D7F8-A9EC-47C7-A541-35E57F…)

this woman is apparently a filmmaker but you wouldn’t know it from her tweets which is just constant sucking up to chapocels

No. 978089

I don't know who this is but she is 100% in the right here. The amount of people who aspire to a "boss bitch" like Miranda, who psychologically abuses her employees actually frightens me

No. 978096

It’s a tweet about a movie, it’s not that deep. The boyfriend did more than have “expectations” of the lead, he was actively shitty to her and sabotaged her job that she needed.

No. 978272

Kinda ot but I don't think it's Jia's fault for what her parents did. But people who stan her are always talking about how white people need to be "held accountable" for shit their ancestors did. Or even how white people whose ancestors never had slaves need to be held accountable. They can't conceptualize the idea that non-whites could ever be privileged

No. 978297

Kek if people are going to be held accountable for their ancestors or parents wrongs then follows they need to be praised for the success of their ancestors/parents. Works both ways

No. 978327

File: 1590293880248.jpeg (98.49 KB, 646x892, 7445488F-2796-496A-9906-0DBF03…)

Not milk but I like how she just assumed this person was being retarded instead of speaking a different language lol

No. 978336

Lol as soon as this post went up she deleted the tweet

No. 978381

Mari Santos sounds like a Brazilian name though

No. 978395

she's right you twerp

No. 978405

Buddy you're gonna shit yourself when you find out what language they speak in Brazil

No. 978640

lmfao except staying with Miranda has a minor yet tangible chance of a glamorous career, money AND marrying rich whereas meeting the expectations of some broke scrot will get you… what exactly? broke ass chapocels mad

No. 978651

Except pickmeing for a "chef" (who will no doubt leave her if he ever starts making money) doesn't pay the bills. How come the "muh economics" crowd blames the worker for wanting to eat as opposed to engaging in meaningless fee-fees? Oh wait, I keep forgetting that Chapo "leftism" is just failsons wailing about not being successful enough for Stacy.

Thus chapocels are seething over the fact that women choose to meet expectations (however unfair) in exchange for money and career advancement as opposed to walking on eggshells around a deadbeat scrot that yields them absolutely nothing except wasted prime years. Even if you're some retarded anti-work leftist who thinks that both routes suck, they are nowhere near equivalent in both effort and long term return potential.

I feel like being a forevergirlfriend to some aspiring comedian is why these marxist pickmes are balls deep in student debt with no prospects outside of ethottery and podcasting. The ship has sailed for them, so now they desperately defend their regretful choices as enlightened nonmaterialism that only women are expected to perform for some reason.

No. 978724

I personally don't understand how people can defend miranda, she's an abuisve boss who is needlessly cruel to her employes, she creates a work environment that is terrible for everyone but especially for women: unpredictable hours, no flexibility for life events, no support for mental health (especially obvious eating disorders), and an expectation that people give up hope for a family life. you can shit on her friends and boyfriend as well for holding her back, but they complain not (only) because they dont get to see her but instead because they see Andy working herself to the bone and changing everything about herself just to appease her self-centered abusive boss

I hate chapocels and the dirtbag left more then you can imagine, but that doesn't mean I side witht he neo-liberalism

No. 978729

Of course she did kek, she likes to play stupid on her own terms, showing that she actually is that stupid and it's not just a part is out of the question.

Can we stop this dumbass derailing? Miranda and her work environment are examples of exceptional people doing exceptional shit, when you're in that position you need to dedicate your entire life to it. It's not even "neoliberalism", academics have always lived like that.

No. 978763

There are only so many slots of prestigious jobs though. Podcasting is a better choice for some women than competing against hordes of equally qualified people for a raise or promotion at a company.

No. 978780

>Miranda and her work environment are examples of exceptional people doing exceptional shit
hope you're consistent and stan Elon Musk was well

No. 978829

Saying it's normal for exceptional people to dedicate themselves body and soul to whatever they do isn't "stanning", retard.

No. 978837

There’s so many dumbasses in this thread who suck ass at reading comprehension. Way worse than other threads, despite this one having a more “intellectual” (lol) bent.

No. 978866

>unironically fighting over a fictional character from a movie that came out 14 years ago
only on lolcow

No. 979127

Quote an example or shut up. Don’t clog the thread with your thoughts. This isn’t twitter.

No. 979188

She is an asshole boss, and the alternative is an asshole boyfriend. Only one of these options provides something besides incessant nagging.

Only a man or a pickmeisha can conclude that it's the women who are wrong if they overwhelmingly choose miserable wagecucking over putting up with phalloid mood swings.

No. 979234

tbh no one is saying she’s at fault… she could’ve said “yes my parents were involved in a labor trafficking scheme with 200 victims, i acknowledge this but absolutely don’t condone their actions.” but she didn’t do that, she became complicit & it became an issue when she wrote a blogpost that basically denied anything, reduced the victims’ plight to “petty gossip”, and tried to frame her parents as poor widdle innocent immigrant parents who could never exploit anybody… minimizing her detractors, who include actual Filipinos & people whose family members/parents have been victims of similar schemes as “white people” and “red scare fans” knowing that her liberal/wannabe radical journalist friends would automatically dismiss critique bc of those factors, and trying to invoke the patriot act and post-9/11 hysteria to imply that her parents (who threatened their victims with deportation by ICE) were only prosecuted bc they were being targeted as “brown people” by ICE, as if all police/immigration resources during that era in that vein weren’t focused on Muslims, lmao. combine it with a general understanding of growing backlash against “cancel culture” on all sides and she also has the defense of oversimplifying it to “they’re trying to cancel her for something her parents did!!!” & basically every parasitic social climbing journalist in new york media just took all of this at face value and slithered out to offer sympathies and asspats as a result. genuinely disturbing to see all of these people suddenly begin to argue about the semantics of the phrase “human trafficking” and scream “oh so you believe ICE now?!? they were probably coerced!” in response to actual testimony from trafficked women

No. 979242

Found the femcel lol

No. 979347

Found the chapocel lol

No. 979538

>when femcels sound like mgtow
dudes rock 2020

No. 979599

>when chapocels take issue with incel lingo
shouldn't you be checking the upvotes on your weekly "women are inherently neoliberal" post?

No. 979616

damn epic pwn!!!!!!

No. 979635

Edit: thanks for the silver, comrade!

No. 979922

Ok cop

No. 980164

File: 1590636353226.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 126.19 KB, 828x967, 14FE39AC-3C97-48BD-B7E0-D0CA58…)

She should stop deleting her best posts. Bet she’s funnier than all you fat broads :)(:))

No. 980209

literally not funny at all

No. 980317

File: 1590682033027.jpeg (142.26 KB, 1152x2048, 33AD69BD-767E-4AF3-9FDA-48B6EA…)

Anna going Jordan Peterson mode. She does the same thing as him where like half her takes are incredibly basic uncontroversial shit: “commodification of sexuality is bad,” “millenials are narcissists” so that people will respect the unintelligible takes like this that mean absolutely nothing

No. 980411

How does trying to intellectualize traditional gender roles fit into the anti-idpol class warfare movement, anyway?

No. 980415

>submission to male dominance
>dominating the female anima
Do you think they're picturing their schlubby bfs when they tweet this garbage? Lol

No. 981299

do you think dasha is a histrionic(armchairing)

No. 981545

File: 1590936225819.jpg (242.81 KB, 1080x1920, 101418873_880619719124520_2312…)

brave dasha protesting

No. 981547

File: 1590936316234.jpg (105.54 KB, 828x1472, 102419841_718060072288115_3355…)

or just using the protest as an excuse for photos and hanging out with friends on now empty streets while avoiding joining any actual protests

No. 981593

she's so fucking stupid.. I saw a pic of her near a burning trash can with some edgelord caption lol

No. 982129

"female chaos"
tf does this warhammer ass shit mean

No. 982136

it means “pick me, boys, I’m not like other girls!”

No. 982138

they admitted they weren't even going to the protest, just hanging out and they happened to be by some stuff burning
they are so pathetic (and unless they just haven't posted about it which is likely, the chapo boys and amber too) and lazy to not participate
anna is on some shit today where she's saying actually it's neoliberal to protest, shut up bitch

No. 982171

File: 1591061001467.jpeg (243.67 KB, 1654x1450, EZZAtwyUcAAiLzD.jpeg)

from Dasha's ex bf

No. 982564

These retarded women consider themselves above all criticism of gender dynamics because they believe female whims are as powerful as male dominance. Also known as babby's first foray into non-retarded non-shallow feminist understanding of gender dynamics and recognition that women do have and always have had some power due to the fact that humans are mostly civilized and females aren't literal slaves.

This entry level shit passes as deep insight because the 'competition' is so uneducated Anna comes across as a galaxy brained intellectual

No. 982727


Jesus Christ this is like instagram influencers taking #deep photos of themselves in front of broken windows for clout and to show they're 'informed and involved' except it's a 30 year old trust fund baby that is literally slumming it.

No. 982931

So have any of the redhoe girls actually attended anything or just taken sexy aesthetic pictures of themselves in looted downtown Manhattan? I don’t follow either of them actively

No. 983184

File: 1591281391404.jpg (55.5 KB, 640x853, zlcyvz8ztu251.jpg)

dasha tweeting and deleting a picture of her in cheap nge costume because she's desperate for attention but also desperate to not be called racist…must be hard
wth is up with her head
anna has gone even more full retard with each day

No. 983186

also why is is she posting pictures of nick mullen tweets, bitch he doesn't like you stop pretending for clout that you're buddies or have any connection still, he and stav think you're a stupid whore like everyone else

No. 983213

>Desperate for attention
>Desperate to not be called a racist
This is definitely doing a number on her psyche.

No. 983216

She looks like shit. She isn’t ugly but she looks dirty and like white trash here.

No. 983265

I know anything related to weebs is considered cringy, but this just doesn't suit her at all. This photo reminds me of that time VenusAngelic's mom put her hair in pigtails and filmed her 40-something year old self dancing to Japanese commercial music next to a toilet. She pretty much peaked with that photo Finn Wolfhard liked.

No. 983284

Lmao at that fucking razorburn. Keeping it classy and feminine as always

No. 983450

Completely done with Dasha and Anna and the rest of these clowns now that they've spoken about the protests. They've demonstrated they don't care about anything but posturing, clout chasing, and sounding smart and contrarian.
When push comes to shove, these petit-bourgeois city "intellectuals" always choose to do nothing.

No. 983610

i just found aimee a couple days ago and i've found her podcast + twitter ~discourse~ has been really helpful to hear amidst 99.9% of shit i'm seeing online rn.

ctrl-f'd her name in this thread cause i knew she was mentioned here. it kind of makes me sad that these girls, anna and aimee in particular (caroline and dasha are annoying with no good opinions behind them, so idc about them) opinions are relentlessly invalidated by saying they're "pick-mes"? is there something so irrevocably horrible about pandering (that which you identify) that invalidates everything you stand for? if male chapocels etc can do it… ? i get identifying it, i do, it's cringy. but is that not pick-meism in a way? i'd never do THAT, you say. and to separate yourself from such a thing their views must also be Bad.

so when anna says shit like "i like aimee for being male-brained" or whatever, (which is obviously toungue in cheek to an extent, jfc) it seems like many of the posters in this thread can't shed the black and white thinking of liberalism to see that you can have opinions critical of your own gender - that it's not controversial to state that men, GENERALLY speaking, are better at logic while women are more feeling-oriented. is that so horrible to acknowledge a pattern? i like being a woman, and i'd take it any day over being a man, but jfc if some women't aren't so goddamn dense and distracted by the inconsequential.

No. 983617

> but is that not pick-meism in a way? i'd never do THAT, you say. and to separate yourself from such a thing their views must also be Bad.

Wow. You should like, write a book.

No. 983621

Oh samefagging but what do you mean Dasha has no good opinions? Do you actually mean that Caroline and Dasha are hotter than you so you don’t care that we gossip about them?

No. 983623

>her podcast + twitter ~discourse~ has been really helpful to hear amidst 99.9% of shit i'm seeing online rn.
everything she had to say about the protests has been absolutely moronic so that does not reflect well on you at all

No. 983628

>but jfc if some women't aren't so goddamn dense and distracted by the inconsequential
not you, though, because you're obviously smart and not like other girls

No. 983721

you sound exactly like a pick-me…

No. 983769

They're better than most, but hardly smart. See >>982564, they criticize the most braindead things about mainstream politics and liberalism (and mostly liberalism, I've met better socialists in random bars) but fail to address the fact that serious people in the past and present, including fucking feminists, have addressed many of the issues they speak about. They engage with none of the literature, all they do is bash the low hanging fruit tumblrinas and call it a day. An upgraded shoeonhead, but shoeonhead-tier nonetheless

>it's not controversial to state that men, GENERALLY speaking, are better at logic while women are more feeling-oriented

No fucking shit, have you heard of fucking quilette? They don't say these things because they're true and they want to honestly engage with sex differences, they say these things because being misogynistic makes their male fans' peepees hard.

No. 983787

one of the architects of the iraq war is posting anna's exact take about police being better than hypothetical private police forces so might as well not complain

anna is too stupid and dasha is too stupid and lazy to ever have a worthwhile point, their politics only extend to keeping them comfortable and able to afford 20% off luxury goods and they can't wait for the protests to stop so they can get back to normal

No. 983798

they do be getting picked tho

No. 983800

I agree. I honestly think this is the most autistic thread on the entire site. 90% of the posts are either nitpicking or people picking apart obvious jokes and taking everything totally literally even when it obviously isn't to anyone without some kind of social developmental problem.

No. 983808

Damn, their entire lives are jokes? You really got us there.

No. 983811

>twisting an anon's honest words to make arguably the weakest joke ever instead of just being frank and honest
Do you ever get tired of acting like this, there are such weird people on here, for me lolcow is an analysis of cow behavior and a documentation of cows' lives but people really are on here like
>uuuh she's ugly and if you say anything else you're wking. also how do i reply to a post
like do you not get bored of not going a bit deeper into it all kek

No. 983813

This thread is literally doing what you just asked for and you said it was autistic nitpicking, what do you expect?

No. 983816

I'm nta kek, I'm just remarking on your behavior and how you choose to use this site, that's the only reply I've made

No. 983817

No, but their entire lives aren't milky either. None of the people in this thread really meet the criteria to be posted to /snow/. Plus, like I said, it doesn't even matter because the reality is that the majority of posts are just nitpicking and doing autistic analysis of joke tweets, not comments on their general lives or any kind of actual interesting drama.

No. 983825

Really weird post to make assumptions from then.
We're talking about a community filled with pseudointellectual attention whores that pick fights all the time and gratuitously pander to men. They're not much different from tradthots or many other communities on here, and gossiping over random stupid posts on social media is frankly par for the course.
Lack of discussion you enjoy =/= lack of milk, god knows I don't read every /snow/ thread.