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File: 1610780619380.jpeg (70.84 KB, 795x596, aimee babbit.jpeg)

No. 1133005

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

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>Felina flashing her ass on her timeline >>>/snow/1124462
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>Samememe victim and friend of many cows Lexaprofessional (@queasy_f_bby) posting NSFW body shot on her timeline >>>/snow/1124596
>Emily Ratajkowski has some opinions on the Capitol Riots >>>/snow/1124808
>Anna K theorizes that there’s a link between cosmetic fillers and autoimmune disorders >>>/snow/1125203
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>@Logo_Daedalus incel chin >>>/snow/1125901
>the 30-year old women of Red Scare still wear Brandy Melville >>>/snow/1125908
>Anna K likes a Benedict Cryptofash tweet. He’s been rumored to be an Angela Nagle alt account >>>/snow/1126610
>Anna K pre-emptively deactivates her twitter after @redscarepod is suspended >>>/snow/1126936
>Lexaprofessional featured on Women Posting Their L’s Online >>>/snow/1126991
>photo of the twinkle-eyed incel that runs Women Posting Their L’s Online >>>/snow/1127046
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>Anna K seethes over AOC on her Instagram stories >>>/snow/1127798
>Dasha appears on Ben Burgis’ podcast >>>/snow/1127845
>Some milk on Annie’s IRL life >>>/snow/1128843
>Matt Christman’s cute wife, who must suffer now that he’s schizophrenic and angry all the time >>>/snow/1129752
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>Jamie Peck milk. Certified sex freak and multi-millionaire >>>/snow/1131613

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No. 1133015

That image…lmao

Wasn’t mentioned in the OP, but it’d also be nice to have more milk on chasers among the Dirtbag Left like @viperwave.


No. 1133077

File: 1610800805755.png (345.11 KB, 577x783, the chaser has become the chas…)

Making 100 posts about how drugs made you gay and then saying this is a really funny way to reveal you see trannies as men (although he was a chaser long before he was gay).

No. 1133091

A weeb with a reference to a mass shooting in his name. These people's brains must look like scrambled eggs. I thought it was illegal to acknowledge that transwomen are male, especially on twitter.

No. 1133108

lmaooooo never gonna make it, that dude will be the gf (male) in another 2 years

No. 1133146

kek with the pfp you might be right

No. 1133158

lol that's a sure bet. why's he waiting so long to go on hrt??

No. 1133213

Is the FashWave LaInCel shtick not played out already? It’s not the dumbest thing the Frognazis ever did, but the EthnoNationalist Ennuwuii routine was necessarily pretty miserable from the start.

No. 1133221

File: 1610818267258.jpg (759.37 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210116-085948_Chr…)

lol when I saw this I just had to go through his twitter. the first thing I see is a pinned tweet about lowering testosterone and being gay,and he also seems to be streaming himself playing video games and editing music all day(no real job), half of his post are weird sexual fantasies and to top it all of sometimes he streams as a goth vtuber anime girl. Also his twitter bio has a link to a site called curious cat where fans can ask you questions and after scrolling through there for a minute he admits to posting on 4chan (specifically admitted to posting on /d/ he probably post on other boards too). Lmfao after looking at him for 5 minutes he is literally every single troon stereotype, giving it a year before he transitions.

No. 1133274

File: 1610822766540.png (839.01 KB, 591x739, Untitled.png)

No. 1133331

That vtuber would be Vektroid, the troon who invented "vaporwave" back in the late 2000s.

No. 1133333

File: 1610825573319.png (110.24 KB, 316x316, floralshoppe.png)

No. 1133392

Do you think Anna is going to quit the pod after she gives birth? She seems to be wanting to move away from social media entirely but I feel like the podcast requires some level of involvement with it.

No. 1133416

So it’s been confirmed that she’s pregnant? Is she engaged as well or…?

No. 1133428

No. 1133435

So, Annie, are you OK?
Are you OK, Annie?
Annie, are you OK?
So, Annie, are you OK?
Are you OK, Annie?

Annie, are you OK?
Will you tell us that you're OK

No. 1133444

File: 1610834000496.png (63.99 KB, 749x691, jacktrump.png)

Jack become a stop the steal guy is so funny.

No. 1133448

File: 1610834214729.png (250.6 KB, 750x750, 8ED189B9-C466-4023-BFB7-91BD02…)

>most popular president in history
>lost the popular vote twice

The cope from this crowd, lmfao

No. 1133466

This subculture really has attracted the least funny people imaginable like it’s not even the misogyny I care about its just that it’s so unfunny and stale. Why do they all seem to have the exact same “comedy” as stand up comics from 40 years ago talking about how much they hate their wife.

No. 1133474

On Ben Burgis' podcast, Dasha made it clear that the pod is her primary source of income and she'd be destitute without it. She's clearly tired of doing it at this point, too, but her relationship with OPN doesn't seem as stable as Anna/Eli's, so the buxx aren't as much of a guarantee.

No. 1133479

What was she doing for money before the podcast, was she just doing acting?

No. 1133481

Even if you go by raw vote totals putting Trump 2020 at second highest all time, he slides wayyyy down the list in terms of percentage of the population. LBJ's 1964 victory, which was with slightly lower turnout, would be equivalent to nearly 100 million votes in 2020 controlled for inflation lol

No. 1133486

this is not an Annie that is affiliated with “leftthots” in any way. Lmao

No. 1133487

(as in, that’s just this girl’s friend, named Annie)

No. 1133488

Probably didn't get paid for most of these but a lot of music videos and "modeling". Then a bunch of real jobs she's talked about that sound like they didn't last very long. It mostly seems like she leeched off of boyfriends.

No. 1133490

The Asian girl isn’t Annie waif?

No. 1133496

yeah OPN's twitter feed is just all generic lib shit, he's so corny and boring. she obviously just got with him because of name recognition (+ to have a covid lockdown bf) and yet over 6 months he won't even acknowledge that they are together. probably only staying with him to stick it to Adam because he was an opn fan like all 33+ hipster doofuses

do we know Adam's new gf is and what she looks like? is she white or asian? I'm surprised the cumboys haven't found out

No. 1133507

look at the one reply? the “Annie” in this pic replied, the other girl is named Elisa. also the person who posted this is from Arizona, not Canada

No. 1133509

File: 1610838846302.jpeg (600.13 KB, 828x1357, 5B28C4DB-8822-4C8F-99E0-2CD725…)

No. 1133517

File: 1610839421817.jpeg (1006.79 KB, 1195x1691, 1628B618-266B-4258-B6EE-19FA85…)

Aimee Terese vs Matt Bruenig

Most of the replies are calling her a dumbass


No. 1133520

Oooh this is interesting, she's been careful to delineate between her hatred for Liz and begrudging respect for Matt's policy work in the past. But in the end no one escapes the ire of the bog witch

No. 1133521

she still pays the Bruenigs $5 every month https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=6558208

No. 1133522

Unlocking her account so she can start fights

No. 1133525

She doesn't even sub to her top simps, The Fed Post podcast.

No. 1133544

File: 1610840932144.jpg (284.94 KB, 900x900, vipertroon.jpg)

Rocky's most interacted twitter people, troons highlighted in orange.

No. 1133552

File: 1610841554565.png (58.37 KB, 585x244, bit.png)

Liz clowning on some kid for somehow not knowing Hawaii is a distant occupied territory in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

No. 1133561

>somehow not knowing Hawaii is a distant occupied territory in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
You're acting like this information is as trivial as knowing what the top exports of Armenia are. How fucking retarded are you Americans that not knowing where your own fucking states are located is acceptable in high school?

No. 1133563

File: 1610842500468.jpeg (544.75 KB, 1194x1500, FE97CCB2-73D2-405D-9D4A-ACDD95…)

@oldking420 (formerly @herbsaint, @neet_telemachus, and a bunch of other accounts) is a troon? They probably lurk this place.

No. 1133568

idk if you've heard but US public schools are in dire shape. Something tells me you knew that though.

No. 1133571

yeah US schools are pretty pathetic but not knowing where hawaii is on a map is pretty bad

No. 1133573

he’s not lmao i think he just knows a bunch of /lgbt/ types

No. 1133574

Shes just telling a funny anecdote she’s hardly clowning him. Idk I feel like there are such valid reasons to hate Liz but she has so many people who hate her for stupid reasons it works in her favour to make all criticism of her seem trivial.

No. 1133580

Yeah you bully that lil kid! biiiitch

No. 1133581

File: 1610844369833.png (30.21 KB, 672x95, geo.png)

Not hating on her but think as such an extremely caring, kind and empathetic adult she might not LMAO at her former classmate.
What percentage of all americans could locate HI on a blank map, let alone Armenia

No. 1133625

File: 1610849133659.jpg (327.3 KB, 1079x1302, Screenshot_20210116-180449_Chr…)

is there any evidence Jack's boyfriend exist?

No. 1133631

Probably not, and thus fat goy slob doesn’t deserve to enjoy a fine pastrami, alone or with others.

No. 1133635

pretty sure he's posted pictures of them together with his face blurred/not in frame

No. 1133637

is he as fat as jack?

No. 1133638

So are they in some kind of open relationship considering he spent the two weeks after Biden won looking for people to hook up with?

No. 1133642

aren't all gay men in open relationships?

No. 1133657

For any of you who don't want to suffer vocal fry induced brain death I listened to the latest Red Scare pod episode. "Canceled Over The Country Club": Anna denies having work done, says it is all tretinoin, because she thinks fillers cause autoimmune disease and is shocked to learn that implants can burst. But will probably get work when she gets older. Dash wants under eye fillers but is scared. They call Armie Hammer white bread in looks and a 0 on the binary. They call the disclosure of his sicko shit a "me too psyop", agree with Bella Thorne's defense "that the screenshots are fake, poor Armie and his kids". Call him and his bdsm stuff vacuous. Say his name turned him into a retarded brutal freak. Can't make up their minds on what he is. "Discount Hunter Biden". Anna says it's a myth that she thinks Tony Soprano is hot. Dasha goes on the record that she loves fat guys. Both agree they love fat men but hate fat women. Rambling about how women love Twilight so they must love rape fantasies and the idea of Armie Hammer putting them in a "trunk or large Ikea bag". They ignore the rape allegations mostly and call it all consensual. Laugh at the women suggesting abuse, mock them in screechy voices. They both want to be Japanese because everything in America is oversized and tacky. Anna thinks Dasha will be cast with Armie in the future. Anna thinks going to the beach is for extreme and disgusting American people. Dasha only goes there for a tan. Hiking and camping are also gross activities for people trying to be edgy and cool and powerful. Armie is a pretty boy and not a daddy at heart, totally harmless is their verdict, he's corny. Dasha thinks this is all about scorned bitches and nothing more. More mocking "mad girls" in whiny voices as they do. Anna feels bad for Armie and celebs because they are so troubled and can't be private people. Dasha thinks they should be more careful. Anna thinks it's cool that Leo DiCaprio makes his girlfriends wear headphones around him and sign NDA'S. A lot of insufferable giggling. They think Ariel Pink wore a big star of David to stroke and pamper his Jewish persecution complex on Tucker Carlson. They are jealous he didn't go on their pod to have a "more nuanced conversation" instead. Anna likes him but has only heard two songs. Both love conservative non-libtard artists. Tucker and Ariel looked like emasculated lesbos. Both would love to go to a Trump rally, sounds fun. Anna: "What's wrong with being a Trump supporter?" Dasha: "Amen, sis." Some sperging about big tech and Parler, both prefer Twitter. Call The Squad and AOC annoying and histrionic. Me too and BLM were dry runs for suspending due process and justice. Dasha loves Lana and wants her on the pod. Anna does too. Defend the album cover from racism allegations. Talk about her star sign and how sensitive she is. They say her interview reminds them of their podcast, she is just like them and their haters! They think she voted for Trump despite what she says. Anna doesn't care if artists are racist and sexist, or shitty and abusive. Dasha chimes in that neither does she and actually that's what makes them good. Lana is spot on about the coup, super perceptive, and sensitive, and profound, and smart. It takes a lot of hard work to be racist and sexist says Anna, so most people aren't. Dasha actually disagrees and says it's insidious but Anna shoots this down. Anna spergs about how Covid is turning America into 90's Russia. Dasha talks about how she wants to be a happy sex slave on a yacht with big fake tits, like a girl she knew from school she stalks on insta, and not fighting with kantbot. Anna says she should have gotten a fake tan and went into finance and had a family at 23 instead of what she is doing now. And thus it shockingly ends without a single comment about Lana's weight.

No. 1133664

Literally if you’ve listened to one episode you’ve pretty much listened to them all. They talk about the same 5 topics and and say the exact same thing about them every time.

No. 1133668

goddamn, break that shit up into paragraphs

No. 1133669

It took me longer to read that than to listen to the ep

No. 1133670

Probably, or ugly at the very least. Must be a desperate old geezer if he saw a movie when it came out in the 80s

No. 1133671

I was curious because I hadn't listened in forever, but you're right. Definitely getting more explicitly Trump and conservative friendly though. They defended Armie, took a shit on women claiming sex abuse- as expected. The only thing surprising was that they didn't even mention Lana's weight and I guess Dasha is hopping on the pretending to love fat men train.

No. 1133676

Dasha would be Armie if she was born a rich tall man, she's already into cringe role play so how does she think bdsm is much different from her entire brand. For all their talk they only date mild mannered cucks. Dasha says her pillhead boyfriend isn't a lib but if he's not he's too scared to even have posted anything pro-Bernie.

No. 1133679

File: 1610852850760.png (409.75 KB, 478x503, TYFYS.png)

No. 1133683

File: 1610853137888.jpg (395.54 KB, 2371x1715, NINTCHDBPICT000488544089-e1557…)

Thank you. RIP to my fallen brain cells.

No. 1133689

File: 1610853691868.png (14.2 KB, 592x112, Screenshot (323).png)

Yeah not really sure how humping the air in a AliExpress maid costume or taking a selfie in a Neon Genesis Evangelion bodysuit while pushing 30 is not cringe behavior? She's just playing up the uwu delicate sub part for her thirsty online straight male base instead of the "sexy" dom one.

No. 1133705

File: 1610855672118.jpeg (363.72 KB, 1242x908, E1D003F7-5E34-4920-A3F8-F8781E…)

Jack bravely comes to the defence of men who hate women online

No. 1133711

I know both these people are cows but honestly I agree with her like I don’t even care that much about the misogyny it’s more the second hand embarrassment.

No. 1133716

File: 1610856291247.jpg (75.99 KB, 768x512, two-female-friends-hiking--tyr…)

Was the beach/hiking/camping thing a joke or were they being serious about that? They should try doing those activities one time, maybe then they wouldn't be such miserable cunts.

No. 1133718

They have discovered the celebricows thread.

No. 1133723

james ferraro invented vaporwave and it's marginalizing POC voices to say otherwise

No. 1133724

Seemed serious. They can't say anything without cackling though. Anna said Eli wanted her to go to the beach in Jersey and she was appalled. They seem disgusted by physical activity in general (previously Dasha said her parents wouldn't let her play soccer as a child because they were worried she would get big legs). Dasha has taken selfies in bikinis at the beach though so she couldn't lie about not going and had to mention that she goes to get a tan.

No. 1133728

Cassandra or Kassandra, was a Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.

No. 1133730

even the ones who don’t like openly hate women I feel like every other man on leftist twitter thinks they’re some kind of woman comedian and just repeat the same unoriginal unfunny ‘ironic’ sexist jokes to each other in between their daily tweets about how lonely and friendless and it’s just embarrassing and pitiful to watch

No. 1133736

I agree, but how does she have her name as "cumtown gf", try to integrate into cumtown fan twitter circles, and then complain about sexism? Did she not know what types of people these were?

No. 1133746

Why are the cumtown fans like that? Like I don’t think I’ve ever come across one who seemed remotely pleasant, funny or well adjusted. The actual content of the podcast doesn’t seem that bad to have attracted the kind of fans it did to the extent it did.

No. 1133747

I think it’s just theatrics to less then hurt on useful idiot Ben Burgis’ feelings when Dasha never even sends him a nude.
Hope she reads this, bud.

No. 1133751

File: 1610859313930.png (225.2 KB, 567x403, Untitled.png)

No. 1133754

I'm laughing way to hard at this. Imagine being such a terminally online loser you consider going outside as "edgy and gross". like wtf even are there hobbies?

No. 1133766

Not very trad or conservative minded of them, that's for sure. Imagine thinking engaging with nature is gross lmao. At the end of the ep they claim to be red pilled and above sex slave insta girls though lol. In the beginning Dasha said her latest hobby is buying tretinoin from a dubious online pharmacy so she can have skin like Anna.

No. 1133775

The worst hobbies, for sure

No. 1133822

File: 1610870846169.jpeg (79.03 KB, 750x555, 69FA0FD0-D4B7-4FCA-91AC-A1B39F…)

A… woman who makes sopranos and curb references??
Hubba hubba awooo gaaa haah haah

No. 1133854

File: 1610875598204.jpg (123.02 KB, 828x1472, 140023615_427969761688845_2244…)

Bro, what? I hope Lana does go on the pod though. Would be an amazing trainwreck to listen to.

No. 1133858

This bitch is so embarassing, first cumtown gf now chad waifu? Read a book and play sports fatty

No. 1133859

it was always chad_waifu

No. 1133862

why chickens, though. what the fuck.

No. 1133863

File: 1610877298747.png (874.8 KB, 1007x746, sm.png)

Stepping back from reddit and twitter for a bit

No. 1133900

File: 1610882378549.png (377.39 KB, 414x720, spree.png)

Easter egg in Spree

No. 1133928


No. 1133951

I suppose Dasha and Anna are kinda like demons that should never have entered our world, so this is sort of fitting.

No. 1133954

He did use to go by they/them (still does?) and joke about how it lets him get away with misogyny
Also had a relationship with someone who was either a troon or just a very homely woman

No. 1133957

a career ending role

No. 1134004

c'mon now, this is just pathetic
also "cum town gf" isn't a tranny, she's just ugly

No. 1134007

Agreed, it is very autistic. Someone interacting with a tranny isn’t milk.

No. 1134412

File: 1610924563301.png (90.29 KB, 640x391, rj9n3echuyb61.png)

Lmao, Azealia go on Red Scare. The combined cluster b energy would be top notch.

No. 1134436

File: 1610926230439.png (115.77 KB, 567x397, AA.png)

No. 1134439

the TrueAnon interview with her was so awkward, Liz was very clearly intimidated, lots of long pauses, Azealia kept hawking her soap, and she accused Brace of being a op lol

No. 1134444

Banks might be a cat-boiling severely unwell person but she is absolutely correct here (don't really care that they are both white but Dasha just cheers Anna's every point and mostly shuts up whenever they actually disagree) and I don't think Anna realizes that she would be eviscerated. Azealia's unmedicated chaotic energy cannot be contained by some cool girl Paglia wannabe act.

No. 1134448

yeah the TrueAnon episode with Azealia was awful, their worst ever, she said literally nothing interesting. I thought she was going to spill everything about Elon Musk/Grimes but Brace played it safe and it was so boring and directionless

No. 1134462

File: 1610928460844.png (475.07 KB, 418x724, lc.png)

Liz turning up for work, basketball

No. 1134466

Had to look her name up and I snorted. I know nothing about professional sports. She seems cool and totally not red scare adjacent.

No. 1134468

I bet the soccer leg tweet was a dig at the Call her daddy host Alex Cooper, she played college soccer. Dasha probably saw her nudes and got jealous, think she might have fake tits too. Anna even name dropped CHD in the latest pod in a negative way. It’s funny how threatened they both are by hot blondes

No. 1134472

Yeah AB prob just read Liz weird last name and thought Franczack or we

No. 1134492

>>1134462 Is this a man

No. 1134494

File: 1610930260688.jpg (102.62 KB, 1080x992, brunette.jpg)

Lol, that makes sense. I remember that reference, now that you mention it. I thought it was just Dasha thanking her parents for her disordered eating, because that account is full of eating disorder worship. Anorexics tend to be scared of muscle tone. Personally I think Dasha looked a lot cuter with her natural healthy brown hair. Yeah Dasha said she kind of wishes she had the life of a bimbo sex slave with fake boobs on the latest pod. Lot of conflicted feelings with these two.

No. 1134497

File: 1610930377579.png (631.6 KB, 556x731, No.png)

No. 1134499

This is a man.

No. 1134504

The soccer legs thing is a line she's repeated for years but she'd made other nasty comments about women with athletic bodies.

No. 1134511

File: 1610931098966.jpg (428.58 KB, 1510x1808, IMG_2908-scaled~2.jpg)

At risk of derailing: I'm a man or Dasha is? Sorry but if you're going to wear the it girl/fashionista crown then I think styling choices are fair game. Anna and Dasha's eternal obsession with blonde conventionally attractive women is funny. It's just my personal opinion that her natural hair was a much better look than whatever this is.

No. 1134515

Oh, I wasn’t casting shade at you. In fact, I agree that Dasha looks less unattractive with her natural hair color, rather than trying to look like another Prussian Blue Trunpette sex doll. But, Dasha looks a bit like a troon, aside from looking like she’s slightly inbred or something.

No. 1134517

File: 1610931513551.png (12.59 KB, 594x89, Screenshot (319).png)

Ah so it probably is an anorexia thing. Wants to be a childlike waif with no muscle tone. Speaking of which? Has the time she ordered a loli hentai bondage figure been posted on here? Can't recall from the previous threads. Pretty sure it would be border confiscated in some countries.

No. 1134519

That’s funny because her body sucks and most athletic women are hotter than her. Her nude sex scene in wobble palace was gross, there are fat women who look better nude. The type of men who find her body attractive are losers for the most part

No. 1134529

I thought you were calling me a Dasha scrote stan and I got momentarily offended. I agree the filters/editing/pose have a touch of the reddit troon femboy thing going on.

No. 1134531

She can starve herself to look like a childlike waif all she wants, her face still screams “I’m 35”

No. 1134533

She’s not attractive either way, weird facial features and shitty skin

No. 1134542

this reads like a parody of a red scare episode. i am surprised they’re down with cannibalism fetishes

it’s obvious he’s not going to have a career once stranger things ends. we all saw those pictures of that awful haircut

No. 1134555

They're always down with whatever most people find to be repulsive or in poor taste. Terminal contrarian brain. In this case that means cannibalism fetishes. They make the hilarious leap that some women like Twilight = most women want to be raped and locked in a trunk or stuffed into a big Ikea bag by Armie Hammer. Queens of logic and insight.

No. 1134607

File: 1610941674397.png (115.4 KB, 1060x526, Screenshot_2021-01-17-21-34-45…)

The milk is pretty dry right now but I noticed that Dashas' twitter likes are in competition with her original tweets for max stupidity. Armin Meiwes: king of modern romance. She also liked some bimbo tranny defending Belle Delphine lmao. What ever happened to the tradcath getting mad at pope memes?

No. 1134611

>She also liked some bimbo tranny defending Belle Delphine lmao
lmao I knew that's why she brought up the "women love to fantasize about getting kidnapped and raped" trope on the last ep. clearly jealous of that belle delphine photoshoot/porno.

No. 1134615

File: 1610943118889.png (107.99 KB, 1080x464, Screenshot_2021-01-17-22-05-34…)

Maybe not everyone wants to see pedo and rape pandering porn on twitter of all places when there are a trillion porno platforms for that shit. Especially when twitter will lock your account at the drop of a hat for almost any other reason. The bimbo tranny account is pretty funny and exactly what you would expect. Apparently they want to be a mormon.

No. 1134617

this plastic, dark crystal-looking ass troon is the ketamine connect for all of dime square right?

No. 1134618

Based on the two tweets posted above it seems like it's Dasha who actually wants to participate in those fetishes but for some reason she's projecting it onto all women, maybe because she's insecure about it.

No. 1134622

I feel like both her and Anna do this with a lot of things. Like a lot of the time they project their own personal feelings as some universal truth about women or just people in general and anyone who doesn’t agree is just in denial or something.

No. 1134626

Of course Dasha is the type to have those fetishes. I cannot respect women like her.

No. 1134639

File: 1610945458151.png (Spoiler Image, 707.41 KB, 967x1485, yuck.png)

She ordered a loli bondage hentai figure and posted it on her instagram, it's still up. The close-up box illustration is even worse and I don't really want to post it here, even with the nudity censored, because pretty sure it would be illegal in some places, even though insta is apparently fine with it.

No. 1134640

File: 1610945622727.jpeg (347.21 KB, 750x835, 173BC86F-43EC-4872-9D4A-1EAF41…)

that person also liked this

No. 1134641

File: 1610945678015.jpeg (178.62 KB, 750x526, 891B5901-DA21-4034-B92A-D0BECB…)

felina liked this

No. 1134645

Sometimes I think these deluded pickemes need to just go to therapy, but then realize they're probably already doing that and just getting their mental illnesses reinforced and validated there.

No. 1134646

File: 1610946111820.jpeg (380.53 KB, 1196x1132, 6A8CEFD9-3EAF-42DF-A81D-BF7349…)

Was this posted already?

No. 1134651

Going to need a citation on literally billions of women wanting to be violated against their will. Do these people have actual brain damage? The insurgence of OnlyFans, the normalization of every repugnant fetish under the sun, and daily porn viewing from a young age destroyed their brains. Tragic.

No. 1134654

going the bimbo route would ruin her look, much like grimes. self-hate is sad to see, it sucks that everyone wants to force themselves into the same mold. love the bronde.

No. 1134655

File: 1610946685147.png (36.86 KB, 600x187, im not like other girls!.png)

Just another deeply insecure leftthot who has to be edgy for losers online to try to get some attention which she never gets irl in order to feel better about herself. I honestly wonder if women like this will ever become self-aware and cringe looking back at all this stupid shit.

No. 1134665

File: 1610947779492.png (Spoiler Image, 355.57 KB, 934x608, degenerate.png)

She also has a picture of a hard-copy loli manga on her IG (I censored it myself). She's a disgusting degenerate.

No. 1134668


No. 1134669

Where is she getting this shit? Is she really deep enough into this that she's ordering it over from Japan?

No. 1134670

File: 1610947982567.png (166.42 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_2021-01-17-23-28-38…)

She wanted to be raped but then got stalked two days later and suddenly misogyny is real now. To be fair she calls herself schizo.

No. 1134671

probably a pedophile too with the way she talks about baron trump

No. 1134674

File: 1610948533573.png (Spoiler Image, 844.88 KB, 963x1262, degen.png)

Ew, for fucks sake! That's actual illustrated child abuse imagery. She's worse than I thought. This is "her horny doll" box. For the other anon: she could have brought it back when she went to Japan with her bf in her luggage, border security doesn't check most things. They also don't check most mail, especially things that just look like comics. Sadly I'm guessing it's pretty easy to have illegal illustrated child abuse material delivered online.

No. 1134675

I know the statue is the focus but the decorative untouched literature is prime Dasha.

No. 1134684

Do you think that she's interested in that stuff in a real, sexual way or she just likes the shock value? The "ironic lolicon" was something art world people were into like 15 years ago, like it's such a dated trope for someone fishing for shock value.

No. 1134690

"ironically" buying and supporting pedo shit is still just buying and supporting pedo shit. but I don't even think dasha is doing it "ironically" she has tons of horrible sexual fantasies she needs therapy for and this is definitely one of them.

No. 1134693

I think she is couching it in irony, but what she really wants more than anything is for men to say the doll looks like her. I don't believe she is into it per se, as much as her sexuality is just reactive. A lot like so many other of these specific "I'm like, a child!" thots, they're not pedophiles in the conventional sense, they want to be seen as the little girl. If I had to guess i'd say both Dasha and Belle Delphine were ugly kids, teased by boys or something, and are looking to reclaim that youthful sexual vitality they derangedly think they missed out on. Not a million miles away from AGPs, funny enough.

No. 1134696

File: 1610952114706.jpeg (636.52 KB, 2880x3840, larp.jpeg)

Yes, even engaging in it "ironically" or for "shock" is gross. And in her case I think it reveals some demented sexual pathologies (as Anna would say). Since Dasha has been publically known she has been shilling the underage/schoolgirl/weakling waif genre. She gets sore whenever someone mentions she's basically 30. I think she is pretty clearly into some dark stuff. She defends large age gaps in relationships, sexual coercion, and outright sexual abuse and rape while giggling like a psychopath.

No. 1134705

Damn, she's never looked more like a sissy twink than in that maid outfit. I find the trying to look underage deviancy weirdly modern, like for a brief time in the 70s there were some fucked up movies about child prostitutes and at least some normalized pedophilia in media, but grown women weren't trying to look childish. I'd like to hear Anna explain how all this "babygirl" and birdboned teenage ddlg shit that Dasha eats up is actually a product of neoliberalism or something, because I've got to imagine she is smart enough to see it as kind of fucked up. Or is she just physically self-aware enough to know that she can't "pull it off", and she would if she could?

No. 1134707

love the unironed apron on the literal maid outfit… so trad not to know how to iron ur clothes

No. 1134708

File: 1610953577769.png (174.78 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_2021-01-18-00-49-31…)

The audacity of thinking Anna and Dasha should make over 100k a year for babbling inane nonsense into a mic and posting this take.

No. 1134710

File: 1610953814158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.42 KB, 315x907, 3F8D2ECA-24E2-4CA0-ABF7-3A456B…)

No. 1134712

Abduction play and cannibalism is literally cop behavior, you pastel cow.

No. 1134718

Anna and Dasha are unattractive women, and unattractive women have no knowledge of what a man's real interest actually looks like. They've never been buxed or had a man change everything about himself just to keep them because these sorts of mate retention tactics are reserved for a completely different type of girl. Ergo, they theorize that a man treating you like a toilet (which is all they know) is actually the pinnacle of passion and appreciation (e.g. he loves you souch he wants to eat you, kinky sex, etc). It's part cope, part narcissism and ego defending denial. Aimee is like that too.

In the meantime, men openly discuss how only fat/mentally ill girls from broken families are receptive to BDSM, and how sometimes saying yes to a fuggo isn't that bad because hot women starfish and expect to be pleased (literally from a r/askmen thread I saw a while ago).

No. 1134719

I swear to god these narcs need to go outside and learn that not everything is a cia plot to brain wash them. it will never stop being so weird to me that they will bring up the cia every chance they get. "an actress I don't like is getting popular this has to be the cia pulling strings".

No. 1134723


>Or is she just physically self-aware enough to know that she can't "pull it off", and she would if she could?

I'd imagine it's that she knows with her sharp bone structure and features it wouldn't work. Under all the philosophizing and pontificating about being redpilled and being better than instathots and OnlyFans girls.. what's the real difference? Here they are on modelling being the most desirable thing in life, in The Cut:

>“I had a moment at the after-party when I was watching these beautiful and perfect models, who were drunk and coked-up out of their minds and everyone was admiring them,” Nekrasova recalls. “They were like, partying and dancing and lying down on the floor with their thin legs, and I was like, Wow, my life’s okay, but I would literally trade it all — the podcast, Adam, my status as a socialist icon… — I would trade it all to be an extremely hot and relevant model for five seconds. I think that’s probably the best feeling a human being can have. It’s probably heavenly to be desired and frail.”Khachiyan agreed. “I’m with you, Dasha."

No. 1134727

behind every lefthot there is a desperate desire to be hot enough to be stalked, raped and whatever else beta females associate with being wanted, hence their vitriolic envy towards actual victims

No. 1134730

File: 1610955634246.jpg (629.71 KB, 1200x1798, ana-de-armas-at-blade-runner-2…)

She's probably famous because she looks like this.

No. 1134732

File: 1610955755361.jpg (64.19 KB, 400x600, Dasha Nekrasova Rooftop Films …)

B-b-but anon, Dasha looks like this and SHE isn't famous?! it's all covert ops, clearly.

No. 1134733

File: 1610956171792.jpg (338.19 KB, 2500x1638, ana-de-armas-blade-runner-2.jp…)

I could be really rude to Dasha here, like she is to every actress she dislikes on the pod, but I'm going to sit this one out and just say that I have a personal preference for Ana, lol.

No. 1134736

Bernie Sanders also said that all men want to rape and are excited when they read news stories about 13 year old gang rape victims, so I guess it's fair to just shoot anything that has a dick.

No. 1134738

Mediocre BPD whores who tweet a lot are personally invested in the notion that it's the norm for women, despite the fact they are a vocal minority on twitter itself.

No. 1134750

Lol, if she hasn't been molested yet I genuinely hope she gets raped by a sweaty smelly scrote one of thse days(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1134769

Is the person who posted this someone of any significance or just a random redditor ?

No. 1134783

This thread has become so incredibly cancerous due to all the newfaggotry. Leaking info about the farm on twitter must have been deliberate sabotage by some of the cows.

It was fun for a while sensing that the cows read this thread and became influenced by it, taking up subjects, etc, but this great milking system will in no time be over, because the cows will stop following this thread the more it's made up of boring posts about how some pathetic anon dissects their looks. Once the milk on here is too directly mean, the cows will stop lurking and become immune to our influence.

No. 1134784

Samefagging. To all the anons that are scandalized by a dumb hentai sculpture and think things like this are illegal in secular states: perhaps image boards aren't the right place for you to hang out on.

No. 1134789

Shut the hell up already. The complainers shit up the thread more than anyone. If the posts don’t interest you, simply move on without commenting.

No. 1134790

You realize you can potentially go to jail for illustrated child abuse imagery in jurisdictions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc., right? Did you not see the cap someone posted of her having a physical copy of loli hentai of like 6 year old girls? Weird shit to defend. At the very least it's considered nasty as hell.

No. 1134796

Why don't you move back to those degenerate lowcow threads you most prob came from where anons think milking is dissecting the looks of literally whos, if you can't take meta-talk?

No. 1134830

> Leaking info about the farm on twitter must have been deliberate sabotage by some of the cows.
This is no less stupid than the anons who bring up the cia every other post

No. 1134847

youre completely retarded if you think a junkie like brace belden can just waltz across the turkish/iraqi border to "fight isis" without the involvement of alphabet agencies.

No. 1134848

IDK how you can post on an imageboard, or even know what an imageboard is, and think dasha's shit is edgy and criminally subversive.

No. 1134886

That was actual satire, unlike the quasi irony that Dirtbags perform.
Brace Belden is ex-military, and even told Rolling Stone that he was coordinating white phosphorus bombings or some other bombing runs with the US military while he was in the YPG. Now, that could’ve also included CIA involvement, but it doesn’t have to.

No. 1134897

Why is an anon that doesn't even know what a raid is interested in the terminally online people discussed itt. Do you actually care for their offline politics? Especially the NRx associated ones certainly do think in moves like the other anon mentioned, it's trivial 4chan MO

No. 1134905

Is this a joke or more schizo posting? He wasn't military and none of the rest of that is true. If you read the article there were a couple dozen guys who went over to fight there, and hundreds who were able to get there to join isis. Do you think they have an electric fence between borders like a cartoon?

No. 1134909

I feel sorry for how desperate she is to be relevant and how badly she fails at it

No. 1134910

Do you have any idea where you are

No. 1134911

who is this even, i dont remember her ever being posted

No. 1134912

>that dollar store satin
that shit would melt like a kraft single

No. 1134913

owning loli porn is straight up gross and pedoish. owning shit like that should be 100% illegal.

No. 1134916

owning sexual imagery of children (loli porn) is 100% illegal in the us. dasha arrest arch when?

No. 1134919

File: 1610985159945.jpg (24.83 KB, 620x194, Capture.JPG)

When you run a Twitter acc for a podcast as a grown man with a child, four degrees, and a worthless corporate career in HR.

No. 1134926

File: 1610985710460.jpeg (398.5 KB, 713x862, B164756F-F935-4799-B8A9-FEB141…)

Oh, dreadfully sorry, he told that to Chapo.

No. 1134936

Hey, what you’re saying has cryptoracial undertones :/ Most of my family is Japanese and there’s a cultural relativism you aren’t taking into consideration. Manga is an important part of the culture and hentai is an off-shoot of that. What you’re saying is rooted in the same idea that as an Asian girl I’m less “womanly” because of features that “seem young” I hate saying it’s a “harmful stereotype” because that seems so dramatic but just keep stuff like that in mind when you’re talking about East Asian cultures and physicality.(:/)

No. 1134943

when I first read this post I thought it was ironic especially with the whole "moral relativism" in defense of literal child porn. but seeing how this is unsaged maybe you should go back to twitter.

No. 1134949

Not the anon you're replying to, however, loli hentai is precisely not "literal" child porn you idiot, it is drawn.

No. 1134955

I guess that's true but anyone into that shit is a pedo and it's not some "cultural thing".

No. 1134960

Not sure what the point of Aimee’s coming back to twitter is? No one in the “left” twitter orbit respects or listens to her incoherent takes. And right wingers struggle to listen to her butchering of Marx. She just seems to be there to pick fights and be miserable. Even her pod is stagnant with Anna boosts.

No. 1134961

nitpicking but anna and dasha love to act like they are 9/10 giga stacies but compared to actual attractive women, a and d pale in comparison to them

No. 1134966

File: 1610989246227.jpg (528.89 KB, 1080x1807, 20210118_175424.jpg)

Who are you vile retards proclaiming loli hentai is illegal in the US? I never wanted to care a thing about something as retarded as loli hentai, now you made me look this stupid shit up on wikipedia. I hate you utter retards infesting this thread so much.

No. 1134967

i think it was intentional too. it has to be a troll.

No. 1134977

uuuh you know loli porn will not get you charged with a literal child porngraphy charge but you will still get charged obscenity laws right? and also what's so vile and retarded for wanting pedos who are unto that shit to get arrested.

No. 1134983

Perhaps they have trouble recognizing the difference between being into petite women versus being a pedo, a subtlety I wouldn’t expect out of a Dirtbag.

No. 1134991

Yes? The figure maybe isn't as bad, but I think most farmers would find it strange to own loli manga and/or post a picture of explicit panels from it on instagram.

No. 1134996

You can literally buy loli porn on amazon, but go off.

I seriously think it’s pretty disgusting how it’s legal.

No. 1135002

Oliver is so pathetic. What is his deal, his contribution to the podcast? Having insight into the pmc world, the take business, screaming "i just wanna grill", "doing the work", "the tea" several times per podcast?

No. 1135003

you know lolicon is not about petite women right? it's literally translates to pedophile.

No. 1135005

this is one of the dumbest takes I've heard in a minute. You can buy weed online to does not mean it's legal.

No. 1135017

Oliver is Aimee’s stooge, or straight or hype man. He’s just there to make her look less psychotic.
That was what I was trying to get at. The poster defending her heritage of Japanese petite waif aesthetics was unfortunately collapsing that into Loli pedo bullshit, when should definitely be a distinction between the two.

No. 1135032

This isn't 4chan, it's not pedo scrote territory.

No. 1135039

She was posted in a bunch of earlier threads

No. 1135042

this is something I noticed. when alot of these left thots/cels post in this thread they always try and compare here to 4chan. but since most of these people are in there 30's and they always behind in internet culture and they don't realize that there is tons of image boards made way before and after 4chan and even 2chan(the original Japanese site 4chan was based off of) and that all image board culture does not originate from there.

No. 1135090

Yeah, like that bimbo chick and her trying to talk about femcels, but saying "femoids" instead and blindly trying to reference 4chan. Next thing you know one of them will be pulling a Holly and calling someone a top kek

No. 1135096

no it won't. what dasha posted on Instagram is legal to own and look at in the united states under the 1st amendment.


just because its immoral or distasteful doesn't make it illegal.

No. 1135098

Meta-talk? Go back to fucking reddit already

No. 1135100

People can talk about looks all they want here. It’s a gossip imageboard. Fuck off already with trying to police the thread

No. 1135103

anna and dasha desperately crave that lana del rey sugar baby lifestyle but they both know they are too ugly. so they try to get male attention by claiming that all women want to be raped by armie hammer and brag about not wearing condoms

No. 1135105

lawfag here you know that the PROTECT Act of 2003 makes all that lolicon porn stuff illegal right and also porn is not really counted under free speech maybe you should not get your legal info from wikipedia.

No. 1135107

yeah the posts are getting increasingly unhinged, its almost like they want the thread to get banned. the constant medfagging of dasha, this boring loli debate and some psycho hoping a rando gets raped. lighten it up

No. 1135108

File: 1611002108339.png (630.75 KB, 1188x2190, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 7.34…)

BAP comes for Anna

No. 1135112

if you think porn does not have 1st amendment protections you should get a return for your degree from whatever cracker jack law school you got it from.

No. 1135113

they always talking about their looks so it’s fair game to bring it up. for example, dasha calling herself a “glamorous anorexic”. she’s probably not even anorexic judging by her flabby, skinny fat body

No. 1135117

when I said porn I specifically meant loliporn which people get arrested for having all the time sorry I should have been more clear.

No. 1135121

give me an example of anyone getting arrested for it in the untied states. you can't, because it doesnt happen.

the only time the PROTECT act has been really used on exclusively drawn porn is us vs handley, where the prosecution and defense ultimately came to plea bargin. its bad law, and the government knows it and doesn't even try.

acting like what dasha posted on instagram is legally subversive is retared and plays into her ego.

No. 1135122

You can thank their ugly fans for validating the idea that they’re 9/10s

No. 1135123

what bothers me the most about this is not all his dumbass political takes but how these people keep using 4chan terms but still always use them wrong.

No. 1135129

hes not wrong in that anna k and co just steal their shit but the implication that racism & co are deep revolutionary ideas is always so funny to me
fresh new perspectives like 6 million was not enough is what the country needs

No. 1135131

>give me an example of anyone getting arrested

stuff like this happens all the time it takes a 2 second google

No. 1135132

Lasch's biggest achievement in his lifetime was helping Carter write a speech (which then cost him reelection). Not exactly a firebrand reactionary.

No. 1135133

You clearly don’t understand lolcow, this thread isn’t going to get banned for having “unhinged” posts, fuck off already

No. 1135134

thats the same case. the one i cited. the one the government had to accept a generous plea bargain on.

No. 1135136

Sadly he’s sort of correct here. Anna K and most of these leftcows on Twitter don’t have anything interesting to say and the vague musings about “neoliberalism” that so many of them indulge in are a red flag for lazy pseudointellectualism. Not that the recycled Nietzscheanism that BAP sells is much better.

No. 1135139

File: 1611003112223.jpg (340.04 KB, 1043x1855, Screenshot_20210118-125111_Chr…)

uuuuh did you even read it all the way? the dude still got convicted he just took a plea deal for a reduced sentence.

No. 1135148

You are retarded. Please don't actually be a practicing attorney because you're going to end up getting people in jail.

Think about why the government accepted that deal, then think why they have quite literally never attempted to use this law again?

No. 1135150

The anons complaining that we “dissect looks” aren’t paying attention to what Dasha and Anna do, they dump on women’s looks all the time. There is no reason why we shouldn’t hand it back to them

No. 1135151

they accepted his plea deal because it's not as bad as actual child porn but still illegal and also this law is still used and has been updated in 2008. Also why tf are you capeing so hard for people into loli porn not to be arrested

No. 1135154

they went from 15 years to 6 months. defense accepted because 6 months is better than however long it would take to get to SCOTUS. That is an embarrassment to the US Atty. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted to get a Iowa pervert 6 months in jail. They have never tried this law in court again.

If you can't understand arguing about the practical merits law that's another reason you shouldn't be an atty. Its not capeing, its understanding the law.

No. 1135160

they literally done this with other cases after him which is why this law was updated in 2008 you won't get a child a full on pron charge but you will get arrested on obscenity charges.

No. 1135161

they are always shitting on the looks of women who are a million times more attractive than them (taylor swift, florence pugh, j law, etc). you‘d expect them to look like victoria’s secret models but they aren’t even 6/10’s on their best day

No. 1135169

they havent. a handful of times theyve tacked on the obscenity charge to someone with real child porn.

But we are losing the plot here. Dasha is in no legal jeopardy for posting what she did on instagram. Its retarded to act like she is, and it fuels her narcissism because she can imagine she is edgy.

No. 1135175

I can guarantee everyone that Dasha is more likely to be charged with a hate crime than with some obscenity charge for pedo toys and comics. Anyway….
I think they were talking about FrogNazis, not another PostLeft, “culturally conservative” academic that the AntiLeft desperately clings to for validation, as opposed to just further suckling on the toxic teats of Camille Paglia.

No. 1135180

File: 1611005916482.jpeg (920.96 KB, 1333x1760, 1956CC61-202C-4372-A3C6-80CD67…)

Ross Douthat is also a big Lasch fan and was a guest on Red Scare. I think it’s hilarious that this is the kind of conservative commentary that Anna and Dasha find so insightful.


No. 1135187

I swear to God why are you arguing so hard for something you know nothing about you literally read part of a Wikipedia article but did not even read it all the way so I had to screen shot it for you >>1135139 . I swear to God take your retarded "understanding" of law somewhere else. Also there are tons of times where people still get convicted for this shit.

No. 1135201

Kek adventurously low iq

No. 1135205

atleast I can read more than 2 sentences.(infighting)

No. 1135221

BAP is generally right about this at least, he probably steals shit too though

No. 1135241

>Bureaucrat repopularized Lasch
No, that was Hillary Clinton, who namedropped Lasch as one of her favorite authors in some interview during the 2016 election cycle and then the frogs ironically ran with it, and then Anna glommed onto it.

No. 1135333

If you banned “neoliberal” from the vocabulary of Twitter Leftists, I’m not sure what most of them would even tweet about.

No. 1135452

File: 1611028338316.png (17.42 KB, 357x166, 2FD9CEFD-9B56-4F21-B497-A3A35A…)

How many tweets will Aimee have by the end of the month?

No. 1135454

I'm legitimately disturbed/impressed.like how does someone tweet that much in half a month? does she not go outside.

No. 1135458

File: 1611029091752.jpeg (708.39 KB, 1199x1609, 7184FA43-890A-48E1-A9D3-734B92…)

“Red Scare is the most influential podcast in the world” lol

No. 1135460

Nitpicking but it literally looks like her face is melting in this picture.

No. 1135461

that joanna booby incel is a perennial poster on the sub, he's created probably over a hundred accounts by now because they keep getting suspended

No. 1135466

File: 1611029422495.png (298.37 KB, 385x607, j.png)

Pretty sure this is him

No. 1135479

Lol, one half of the pod (Dasha) admits to never having read The Culture of Narcissism by Lasch in the latest pod episode.

No. 1135488

Lol he reminds me of Samememe but with slightly more hair

No. 1135525

hillary anna parallels…

No. 1135552

File: 1611041620971.jpg (95.71 KB, 640x890, hxd2s2nsd8c61.jpg)

No. 1135557

Isn't that the Clinton family motto? Loyalty above all else? Ride or die. Pretty sure the Chapo's ranted about how at least the Clinton's had loyalty to all their shitty people unlike the Obama's and it was/is their only good quality. Aimee is neolib afterall. Anna couldn't even laschpill her own co-host, damn.

No. 1135576

File: 1611048372225.gif (2.27 MB, 500x500, dumpsterfire.gif)

So with the US rightwing imploding and far right nutjobs getting outed as huge losers, who thinks the right is gonna snuggle up to leftists and within a few years, instead of gay frog posting and Ted K worship, we'll get a deluge of teenagers worshipping vapid, NYC art hoes and Iphone tankies?

No. 1135589

File: 1611050640423.png (441.03 KB, 483x624, vera.png)

In some of the scenes in We Are it honestly looks like Dasha is starting to develop a hump. Her posture is just so bad and has gone uncorrected for so long, she's going to look like an old lady by the time she's 45.

No. 1135599

Right wingers like Logo Daedalus who were such insufferable losers that even other online right wingers were sick of them only found a “second life” on social media because leftists like Anna K and Aimee and Sean McCarthy kept boosting them. If not for finding a new audience among the gullible left, Logo would be getting roughly 10 likes per tweet.

No. 1135600

I seriously thought this picture was a dude until I read your post.

No. 1135772

It’s fucking not worth reading. Basically centrist Jordan Peterson.

No. 1135798

Dasha’s got a really good chance of being cast as a transwoman, or as an extra in a remake of the Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the Beholder.”

No. 1136078

When was that filmed?

No. 1136196

File: 1611094541037.png (47.9 KB, 759x537, spectralrape.png)

"Taking screencaps of my tweets is literal rape!!"

No. 1136204

Just log off and go for a walk, Jack. Maybe go visit your Rapist buddy SameMeme and see how he is doing.

No. 1136235

Doesn’t he think fascism is good and the Holocaust is a hoax?

No. 1136292

He uses "fascism" to nebulously describe things he doesn't like while mocking and criticizing "libs" for doing the same.

No. 1136293

File: 1611099395415.jpg (114.61 KB, 599x819, Capture.JPG)

Aimee has been tweeting for 12 hours nonstop. This baffling word salad was posted at 10:30AM Australian time as a response to a Bruenig column about the capital riots. She's got to be on something besides ADHD stimulants.

No. 1136306

Yes his politics are incoherent, he’s constantly referring to libs as nazis while palling around with actual neo nazis/white supremicists like jugs and her husband. By his own logic if libs are nazis doesn’t that mean they’re good?

He also admitted recently that he voted for Obama twice but still chastises all his “contrarian leftist” internet friends for not voting Republican. Complete hypocrite

No. 1136310

I thought Aimee Terese—and all Dirtbags for that matter—love reactionary and pedo shit?
All kidding aside, Dirtbags need to lie like Sharks need to swim to breath. It might be why they like Trump so much. In any case, you just have to disregard what they say to score cheap rhetorical points against their enemies and pay attention to what’s really important to them: white supremacy and male chauvinism.

No. 1136407

>spectral rape
>the screenshots is a sexual act
my sides, this is next level mento ilness luv

No. 1136471

Came for a lol and received the lol. What a take

No. 1136505

yeah sometimes i feel like we're only weeks away from a Red Scare "actually Epstein was hot & good" take

No. 1136558

I may be wrong, but I think they’ve already said something to the effect of Epstein apologism. And, even if that’s not quite the case, they already lavish praise and adoration on Jeffrey Epstein’s favorite wing man: Donald Trump.

No. 1136611

Oliver is also there for the dollars. He’s friends and writes with Malcom, so that must be awkward when aimee dumped him.

No. 1136614

File: 1611114557485.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 194.85 KB, 813x525, 9B876991-5171-442E-9FEB-B95D80…)

No. 1136624

File: 1611115217817.png (105.2 KB, 785x466, o.png)

He's obvs in it for himself somehow.
WL makes less than 5k a month, after fees and divided by 2, assuming that's the split aint much, esp. as he works for the worlds largest commercial RE company.
He could easily just be along for the boost she and her manic activity generate before jumping ship.

No. 1136647

aimee was on whatsleftcast live stream and she was slurring her words and could barely string a sentence together while going on a rant about Bruenig

No. 1136733

File: 1611124414492.png (15.34 KB, 327x60, blood coming out of her whatev…)

watched it earlier and this popped up in the chat, about 30 minutes into an uninterrupted Aimee rant lmao

No. 1136823

when and why did the split with malcom happen? I only listen sporadically

No. 1136834

looked at his account real quick and every second tweet is about how he never did anything wrong and has always been right on everything its so funny

No. 1136836

File: 1611138861976.png (100.88 KB, 743x642, zbeirghwydc61.png)

No. 1136894

i was expecting a 90 mile an hour flight of ideas on the level of alex jones or kanye west on rogan and was extremely disappointed. i wish aimee was as balls to the walls as scrotes make it seem.

No. 1136934

imagine being so fucking annoying you make liz bruenig seem likable

No. 1136949

It is quite funny that Aimee is making “dual-statist” into a pejorative, but she’s not really a Marxists Leninist, anyway; she’s a Marxist Strasserist Pagliaist.
Perhaps, also, she’s trying to join the legions of her “deaths of despair” that she cares so much about?

No. 1137007

It's too bad that she and Anna think actually exercising more than walking to burn calories will make your limbs big, when if Dasha just did some minor exercise with her arms she wouldn't have ones that make her look like a flabby tranny

They actually really vocally hate Epstein with their reasons being Dasha is irl friends with some of his victims and because he exploited poor people specifically. I get that they're majorly inconsistent, but I don't think they're going to swing back to defending him in any manner.

No. 1137175

File: 1611170825951.png (837.98 KB, 752x1876, jackmeltdown.png)

Jack, as usual, is incapable of being or doing wrong.

No. 1137183

Trump's presidency was the biggest one-term failure since Andrew Johnson. 400k dead from a virus he never took seriously, tax cuts for the rich, didn't end any wars, almost started WWIII with Iran, dropped more bombs on Afghanistan than Obama did in 8 years, didn't pardon Assange or Snowden, was a cuck for Israel, reversed the anti-lobbying DrainTheSwamp executive order on his last day in office, disavowed and called for the arrest and prosecution of his own die-hard supporters who he incited to riot at the Capitol, the Muslim ban and the Wall (which Mexico never paid for) will be reversed by the incoming Biden admin, Democrats and Big Tech–his mortal enemies–are stronger than ever and now control the Senate, lowest approval rating of an outgoing president in history, the country is the laughing stock of the world…What did he actually do for Jack, personally, besides provide some fun memes to laugh at?

No. 1137218

I actually think that Trump won't be remembered that much, soon there will be something else to capture the attention span of Americans and he doesn't have access to social media to remind people that he exists. The GOP doesn't even want to claim him anymore. Also can somebody really be a countercultural figure if they're the president of the United States?

No. 1137220

provided him with something to identify with as a fat useless faggot. representation uwu

No. 1137239

They may detest Epstein, but they’re still pretty cool with his homeboy and pedo wing man Donny.
Donny was so counter cultural, that’s why he proudly represented centuries of white supremacy and male chauvinism in America. Very against the grain.
They actually think “Rainbow Capitalism” is a hegemonic force as opposed to a convenient disguise for the unbroken continuity of American Empire.

No. 1137262

i cant think of anything less counterculture than the literal president of the united states

No. 1137270

He wants to gargle Trump's fetid cum so bad. How do people this pathetic actually exist.

No. 1137346

File: 1611184527351.png (212.07 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20210120-234823~2.p…)

No. 1137351

She has no boobs or hips, exercising her arms wouldn’t help that

No. 1137368

Trump does have not starting any new wars going for him (covert ops were flourishing under him but they still pale in comparisom to what Obama admin did to Libya and the middle east generally. Thinking about how Gadaffi was served still makes me emotional)(no1curr)

No. 1137371

What are you even talking about, Anna lifts weights and they both fawned over PAWGs before.

No. 1137374

He vetoed a bill that passed both houses of Congress that would have ended funding for the Saudi war in Yemen. Ramped up the drone program, dropped more bombs than Obama on Afghanistan, bombed Syria twice, didn't end any of Obama or Bush's wars, and would have a started war with Iran if they hadn't backed down. Nothing "peaceful" about his presidency. Sage for getting OT(derail)

No. 1137422

it’s less that they think men never do anything wrong, it’s that they hate other women so they don’t care when they are raped or mistreated. they act like men do nothing wrong in order to please the incel fanbase

No. 1137441

File: 1611192427711.png (276.33 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot.png)

A good post? In my r/redscarepod?

No. 1137472

men hurt women by raping, abusing, and trafficking them, not through "gaslighting" and """performative"" indifference". both of those words are being used incorrectly btw. theoretically impoverished repetition of le reddit buzzwords doesnt make a good post

No. 1137477

File: 1611194389648.png (935.84 KB, 813x660, g.png)

No. 1137488

No. 1137493

Anna and Dasha have serious issues that they project onto all other women. They want to be “raped” and “abused” so there fore all other women must want the same. They can’t imagine that there are women who aren’t mentally unstable like them since they are both so self absorbed. They are both narcissistic and insecure at the same time.

No. 1137503

I meant the OP post that I was replying to. I just thought that it's kind of amazing to see male fans even acknowledging bad male behavior at all on the Red Scare sub of all places instead of the oblig "dudes rock". Most of the male comments are whining about how nobody understands male pain. But yeah, the real problem is rape and terror and abuse not manipulation, even though men are really good at that too.

No. 1137508

Honestly if they’re referring to cruelty in interpersonal interactions I don’t think I even agree men avoid vindictive behaviour or tearing into someone verbally, especially online. Maybe they avoid it with each other but I don’t think they do in their interactions with women.

No. 1137518

The ‘dudes rock’ thing gives me such bad second hand embarrassment. It’s very pitiful that so much of the male online left has just become like grown men who listen to cum town essentially telling people to check their woman privilege and desperately reassuring each other they’re valid and ‘rock’.

No. 1137547

Dudes rock is a good way to spot an incel

No. 1137582

This just sounds like some pretentious loser like most of the posters there

No. 1137584

"overly vindictive behavior in a man is hard to imagine"

being overly vindictive (especially over perceived infidelity) is literally what testosterone does and a big part of "muh skuleenity", are they completely fucking retarded or just never go outside

No. 1137586

u have a strong emotional reaction to guys telling one another that they "rock"? thats weird

No. 1137589

>Two bpd femceloids who struggle to get their betas to settle for them don't understand men or women

No. 1137591

>Wall (which Mexico never paid for)
Neither did America. Liberals were the ones who were devastated over the fucking wall the most and now you're trying to hold it against Trumptards for being "duped" into voting on a promise that you should be happy was never carried out

>the country is the laughing stock of the world

Oh don't you worry, that's been the case since long before Trump

No. 1137593

males behave how they do bc of socialization, not "testosterone", otherwise wed see an equal amount of aggression in ftms

No. 1137598

obviously not guys just telling each other they rock in itself, but I think specifically the dudes rock thing and the way it's used as just grown men giving each other like, weird deflected irony good boy points is embarrassing

No. 1137601

blease no radfem blank slatism, it is biological but obviously not due to hormones alone

No. 1137603

afaict the meme was coined to affirm manhood to spite feminist critiques of masculinity, seems like getting this mad at it basically plays into its hands tbh
>grown men giving each other like, weird deflected irony good boy points
in other words, 'giving a compliment using a meme'

No. 1137608

where is the mad in acknowledging that only faggots who look like samememe use it

No. 1137609

I think you’re over estimating how ‘mad’ I am over it, I just find it embarrassing that they are unable to just give a sincere compliment like a normal person

No. 1137615

vindictiveness isnt a biological trait and doesnt arise from any. im not saying there are no pre-social anlagen of the features of people's psychological characters, just that those features are always mediated by the social. anyways ill stop bc no1curr

No. 1137621

i think the correct response when some bearded cum town listener goes "dudes le freaking rock!!" is "um okay", not "im badly perturbed", which is what its trying to provoke in the first place

but that's the case for most compliments that are given in this medium. everybody speaks in half-ironic memes, whether they say "based", "queen", or whatever

No. 1137623

oops, switch around the quoted posts and responses. sry for doublepost

No. 1137626

It’s trying to evoke pity and second hand embarrassment? Because that’s all I originally said it evoked, not that it makes me “badly perturbed” or “mad”

No. 1137629

It's extremely funny when that pretentious male "well actually you are 100% wrong ladies" is turned against them though, especially on the topic of men being infallible. Because they pander so so hard to that demo. The e-girl nightmare.

No. 1137631

>The ‘dudes rock’ thing gives me such bad second hand embarrassment. It’s very pitiful that so much of the male online left has just become like grown men who listen to cum town essentially telling people to check their woman privilege and desperately reassuring each other they’re valid and ‘rock’.
this reads like anger lol

No. 1137642

File: 1611202753532.png (136.96 KB, 756x1496, joannaboobs.png)

The way this person simps for internet microcelebrities, a few of whom actively hate him, to an audience of virtually nobody is so deranged and hilarious.

No. 1137643


No. 1137644

File: 1611203110241.png (129.74 KB, 1080x640, Screenshot_2021-01-20-22-22-05…)

These people can't meme.

No. 1137647

Who is ‘we all’… he’s the only other person I’ve seen use most of those

No. 1137648

none of these are original or even her also unoriginal but kind of funny lines

No. 1137649

I still don’t understand how Anna K didn’t lose at least half of her audience after recommending both BAP and Logo and exposing herself as a credulous, undiscerning bimbo.

No. 1137652

How do make a tweet like that and not include "Don't kill yourself, something retarded might happen," "Stay vigilant," and "I just want people to have healthcare, honey."

No. 1137653

File: 1611203549973.jpg (169.87 KB, 750x1334, annameltdown.jpg)

I think the podcast gains in incel right wing fans every day as they lose more of their target audience.

Anna was not happy about that reddit thread. Log off.

No. 1137654

They've definitely lost many followers for openly courting fascoid retards, but then they just fill the gap with those fascoid retards lol

No. 1137655

File: 1611203619229.jpg (132.89 KB, 750x1334, anna is not mad.jpg)

part 2, Anna has also never worked in an office outside of art grad school

No. 1137657

File: 1611203729478.jpg (115.92 KB, 750x1334, equal opportunity hater.jpg)

part 3, how could people hear Anna and Dasha express more sympathy for Weinstein and other rapists than their victims and think this? Does she think everyone else is dumb.

No. 1137659

For real, she's had way better lines. The "don't kill yourself" one was pretty good, I can't even lie and I'm a certified hater. Everything he listed is just dumb and unfunny. Is he high or drunk tweeting?

No. 1137660

god her take on #MeToo is retarded

No. 1137661

“You have worms in your brain” is the only somewhat memorable Dasha line and many people on Twitter had used “brain worms” as an insult long before she did so it’s technically not hers.

No. 1137662

What was the point in ‘leaving’ reddit and twitter if you’re just going to read everything anyway and respond to it on ig

No. 1137663

pretty much guaranteed she's still posting there on another account lol

No. 1137669

Anyone who thinks women are as equally cruel and sadistic as men on a global scale is a deeply statistically and historically ignorant person. Of course women are capable of horrors but suggesting women can compete as equals with men in this field is idiotic. Anna herself loves that stupid Paglia quote about there being no female Jack the Ripper.

No. 1137670

Anna of all people accusing women of competing with other women over stupid bullshit.

No. 1137678

Women "competing with eachother over stupid bullshit". Oh, you mean like obsessing over the size other women wear, or how small their arm width is, their tit to arm ratio? You mean the lifeblood of your stupid pod? Is she really this stupid and incapable of introspection? Jesus. I love how she pretends to be so unmoved but she's roiling over random redditors. Not very cool girl of you, Anna K.

No. 1137688

Jack hasn't fit into anything in his life. whether a social scene, a genuine friendship or a pair of pants that were under a 52" waist.
He also considers the Impossible Whopper countercultural.

No. 1137695

Anna herself is deeply sensitive to misogyny (liberal men just want to backhand women across the face!), but she persistently entertains it solely because she perceives it as a means of beating down other women and "winning" against them. That, and she thinks that if a woman is pretty enough, she can capitalize on public sympathy towards sexism (lmao), attributing her inability to do so to her being unattractive.

I can't even imagine how deeply mentally iss she is, given that she can't open her mouth without projecting. The instagram meltdown is pretty telling in itself.

How does Anna cope with the fact that males across every population score higher on narcissism btw, and are vastly more likely to have full blown NPD? Or she doesn't even know this despite her fondness of casual psychobabble?

No. 1137699

He has a humiliation fetish big time lol

No. 1137707

File: 1611208856521.png (55 KB, 1080x302, Screenshot_2021-01-20-23-50-14…)

This dude caping hard for Anna after her meltdown, lmao. Absolute master of female psychology. The real problem with men is that they ignore women! Not that they go ballistic on the regular and beat and murder women on a grand scale. We really wish they would get more hostile and stab us to death and play around with our blood. Absolutely nailed us seething hoes.

No. 1137711

wishing men were hostile (gave them any attention at all) instead of apathetic perfectly nails the psychology of bpd gimpgirls like Anna, Dasha and their female adjacents tbh. they think they would straight up prefer to be murdered, raped or exploited as children by uwu epstein to being treated as nobodies or "losing" to other women.

No. 1137715

"yas king" cropped up as an ironic mockery of "yas qween", it's perfectly fair to mock memes for going unironic and mimicking the behavior they were making fun of to begin with

No. 1137725

youre wrong to talk about these things as if theyre simply either 'sincere' or 'ironic'. its more like a double-sided interplay of irony and sincerity. (this is true about about a lot of online meme culture stuff.) something that was previously said in jest doesn't just become something thats meant in total earnest

No. 1137735

>m-muh cumtown internet culture i-is actually complex

No. 1137741

if anything i said sounded "complex" to you then… lmao

No. 1137743

I can’t believe anyone is genuinely this defensive over the fact “dudes rock” is embarrassing

No. 1137746

im responding to anon talking about "yas king", not "dudes rock". learn to read

No. 1137747

weird to notice how a sizable portion of the redscare audience seems to listen to them out of some hateboner, i personally know two women who hate dashanna and nevertheless listen to every episode
Not judging in a “just stop listening retard“ way bc hey, im on the leftcow lolcow thread, but i wonder what especially annas thoughts are on a lot of listeners treating their pod as more of a zoo experience than legitimate engagement

No. 1137754

their listeners are just farmers at heart

No. 1137767

>Oh don't you worry, that's been the case since long before Trump

And will of course remain to be so. Based anon

No. 1137768

No, the gaslighting part is absolutely true.

No. 1137771

File: 1611215742561.png (190.26 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_2021-01-21-01-53-15…)

It's such a bitchy mean-spirited podcast that it kind of makes sense that it would foster that attitude in it's supposed fans. I have heard some people online (Skinny Gossip, reddit) claim their only interest in it is that it motivates them to stay thin and keep their eating disorder mindset. Pretty sad. Lots of people on the reddit say they just love to laugh at the increasingly desperate contrarian takes. The pic is a recent sampling of comments directed at Anna's insta antics. There are still lots of girls and gays gassing up their egos on social media though, sincerely posting Drake clapping gifs because Dasha managed to choke down some radishes that day or whatever.

No. 1137784

The misogyny of anna and dasha, while being present, is imo hyped up on here a lot. I don't remember ever having heard them talking mean about an overweight women like it's portrayed here, and what you deem as rapist apologia I find overblown and really malevolently interpreted too. They're whole thing - in line with their own self-deprecation that they entertain a lot on the pod - has always been emancipation of the individual person, which, as a woman, entails realizing one's power to fuck up other people too/not only having to remain on the receiving ends of violence - even if you were on the receiving end in a specific instance. Them criticizing women who turn to social media enarmored with screenshots isn't misogyny, it's critizising a dumb strategy to gain the upper hand in personal conficts. Relying on others for revenge/harming your oppressor is never going to help you get over the experience/grow, so that you can stand up to a potential new oppressor next time. This strategy is a trap and there should be room in feminist discourse to critize it without immediately being called a misogynist. Stupid analogy, but nevertheless fitting: in my country, children who quickly turned to parents/teachers after having quarrels with others always got bullied most. Not as revenge for having done that, but because they never learned to stand up/fight for themselves, and thus were easy victims.

However, the last red scare episode with that irrelevant hammer guy was pretty bad and boring, I agree. Not defending them on that particularily.

No. 1137796

And that's why libfems get hate, because you want to hurt people and love it when you have the opportunity. If you're a psychopath just say that, not that hurting people is emancipation.

No. 1137807

You sound like you've never listened to a single episode, honestly. And normally I wouldn't blame you because it causes brain death but you're defending them pretty hard, so what's up? Last episode: "We love fat men but hate fat women." It's a huge part of their brand. Dasha runs a pro-ana twitter for god's sake. Yeah it is a stupid analogy, very. Because rape and sexual assault are crimes, committed by a culpable person on a adult or child- and not comparable to a squabble between children. Should people forgive violent crimes? What is this raging Red Scare apologia…

No. 1137826

Just based off the start of your post, there is no way you listen or you haven’t listened long enough. They’ve said mean stuff about overweight women and even heavily implied fit or athletic leaning women were fat (Taylor Swift, J.law)

No. 1137857

MeToo is lashing out at men's sexual indifference? The average doe-eyed Hollywood girl isn't ignored by men the way you are, Anna. Normie women don't share your bitterness. Way to make it obvious you never got any male attention in high school

No. 1137874

They literally openly say on their pod that they hate fat women, after previously defining fat as anything size 4 and up in their Taylor Swift rant, how did you miss that while listening?

No. 1137879

File: 1611233242606.png (748.95 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_2021-01-21-06-25-56…)

Persecution fantasies. I don't think she read The Culture of Narcissism very closely.

No. 1137891

Exactly, and contrary to the protestations of the Anna and Dasha defender you are replying to- the comments are obviously malevolent on multiple fronts. Taylor Swift was quite open recently about her lowest weight being the result of disordered eating.

No. 1137915

Which they addressed, too, and still said she looked better before. How do you say someone was better off with an ED without malice? People who think they really like PAWGs unironically and wouldn't turn around the next second and ree about anyone with a "PA" being fat for not being a size 0 Brandy Melville waif are way off the mark

No. 1137938

That’s bait, and nobody wants to humor your insane notion that Anna and Dasha are somehow motivational speakers.
Oppressors often want to feel like their victims so that they can spice up their villainy with the taste of Self Righteousness.

No. 1137940

"Men's sexual indifference" isn't a problem for any average (or even below average) woman anywhere in the world. In fact, it's the exact opposite of the actual problem.

Anna and Aimee belong to a vanishingly small population of women who are legitimately repulsive, which is why nobody can actually relate with the nonsense they spout.

Anna is incredibly masculine, but somehow not in a cool, sexy way. She just looks like someone mounted the head of a middle aged Armenian dry fruit vendor on the body of an alcoholic granny. Aimee is genuinely corpse-like to the point no one except terminally online autists who memed themselves into wanting to fuck SCPs will even consider her. Both have weird, twisted, aged bodies that just look unsettling and unappealing.

It's hard for any normal woman to grasp, but what these girls say legitimately applies to them, and it helps them cope to claim that this is the universal female experience.

No. 1137944

Except all they do is whine about women's "violence and deviousness" and pretzel their brains trying to interpret anything a woman does or doesn't do as some sort of "soft power that's actually more evil than murdering and raping people". Their drivel is the exact case of using righteous, "philosophical" nonsense to recruit others into settling petty scarethot grievances, and the idea that this is just the edgy version of libfem empowerment rhetoric doesn't make it any better. 2/10 made me reply.

No. 1137951

Translation: it would be awesome and validating if I got banned, p-please report every extra tryhard edgy thing I post shortly after reactivating, because that's what I wanted to happen in the first place to validate my delusions of being subversive and punk rock, having to begrudgingly settle for deactivation instead.

No. 1138038

File: 1611244879030.jpg (52.58 KB, 605x412, trrr.JPG)

her twitter home must be a cesspool

No. 1138134

Can we not post about this selfposting attention whore? She's specifically going for the people we talk about here just to make us talk about her

No. 1138353

god this thread is so dry now, just pussyhat-wearing Biden voters going back and forth confirming each others biases

No. 1138371

File: 1611261961178.png (236.97 KB, 1206x1122, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 7.46…)

Anna finally turns on Aimee

No. 1138374

File: 1611262087562.png (325.17 KB, 600x437, tumblr_2bd56d9c19bc30e0ff3b70b…)

No. 1138375

Lmao, Aimee just defended Anna a few days ago:


No. 1138377

God this is great. She’s going to go on a deranged-posting rampage now that she’s back on twitter. Gotta climb that pile of enemy bodies to get the sacred sacrament of THE BAN.

No. 1138378

Did Anna just reactivate?

No. 1138380

I guess she got tired of the IG rants and had to come crawling back so she can really tell it like it is to her sadsack simp army

No. 1138405

File: 1611264310613.png (117.53 KB, 1194x460, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 8.25…)

Roommate Leia got dumped by her boyfriend and has been emo posting for days now

No. 1138407

File: 1611264429131.png (277.68 KB, 1186x888, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 8.26…)

oh no who is going to pay her bills now :( guess she'll do another round of begging her friends for money

No. 1138414

Why are all these idiots so opposed to working for a living yet fetishize the “working class.” Actual working class people would hate all of these cows. Especially Anna. They like meaty blondes not anorexic foreigners.

No. 1138420

File: 1611265195147.jpeg (102.33 KB, 656x685, B4E0DBB2-AE31-483C-92F7-A94193…)

Imagine being one of the simps who looks up to these losers.

No. 1138424

Think it may be more agreement.
The tortured, clumsy, cryptic writing style of both makes it hard to tell what either are saying really.
Aimee liked and RT'd so even if disagreement, not fighting, yet >>1138371

No. 1138441

She’s saying the government isn’t collapsing, but the social fabric for normal people is. Which doesn’t make fucking sense but it’s in agreement with Aimee’s bullshit

No. 1138464

Wtf has to be going on in your head to think that women accuse men of rape in order to compete with them at their shitty office job? Like even in the small percentage of rape accusations that are truly false accusations, that's literally never the reason or even remotely related to the reason. This is next level coo coo thinking.

No. 1138467

File: 1611269332822.png (354.74 KB, 396x527, pepe leia.png)

>why does everyone always give up on me
WHo in their right mind would ever date a crazy bitch like this

No. 1138537

File: 1611273577972.png (187.27 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_2021-01-21-17-55-14…)

Lmao, what? Jack is fuming mad that women like chickens and cows more than him? Women who like animals want to destroy male lives.

No. 1138557

I bet he was intimidated by her skill and success as a photographer

No. 1138559

half+ of men deserve their lives ruined, its neutral to do at worst. Not that women actually try or actually do that, sadly

No. 1138565

File: 1611276282312.jpeg (980.09 KB, 2880x3840, 20210121_184438.jpeg)

Exactly, and literally every chicken and cow on earth is cuter and has more worth than Jack. He's just mad because he wants to eat them all.

No. 1138566


Rent free.

No. 1138567

dont do baby cows like that tho

No. 1138581

File: 1611277032992.png (182.66 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_2021-01-21-18-31-29…)

Keep huffing that cope, Jack. It's too bad you aren't an unconventionally attractive homosexual either. Good luck making gay history with your perfume podcast. Also you never had and never will possess even an iota of the hotness, or drama, of Mishima. Get a grip.

No. 1138587

Anon, I would never. I'm starkly displaying the difference in cuteness. All women know this in our bones and he hates us for it.

No. 1138623

File: 1611279388191.jpeg (797.07 KB, 2880x3840, 20210121_193341.jpeg)

Also, this fat, carcinogen snorting weeb calling Mishima a "doughy femme" is so salty and wack.

No. 1138627

He looks like the manager of a fast food restaraunt

No. 1138629

But Mishima was never a "doughy femme", just skinny before his "caterpillar>butterfly masculine transformation". Hard cope.
Jack thinking himself a history maker on par with Mishima just for being a fat ugly bastard is peak delusional.

No. 1138633

Am I the only one who caught Anna saying "spergy" twice on the last podcast? Lurking confirmed?

No. 1138640

File: 1611280364053.png (603.13 KB, 881x588, jackcouldnever.png)

Right? One of the funniest things he's ever tweeted, for me personally. Reaching schizophrenic levels of unreality. And since when was Mishima ever "femme", like at all?

No. 1138641

She probably does lurk here but “spergy” could easily be from any of the right wing social groups she orbits

No. 1138645

Don't you know anon, he's posing with a flower! Sissy boy confirmed!!! god he was sexy

No. 1138646

He looks like he puts his body fluids into the Arby's orders, but only when the customer is a woman.

No. 1138652

The most milky cows were probably Anna, samememe and Jack and they had all been posting on social media a lot less or just not at all in samememes case, so obviously there will be less milk. If you don’t like what’s being discussed in the thread no one is stopping you bringing up a more interesting topic.

No. 1138672

You joke but this is probably his literal thought process. Flowers are for girls. If you aren't sweaty, fat, ugly, or otherwise repugnant, then you must be a "femme" gay, lol. He was super ridiculously hot. No wonder perfume boy is jelly.

No. 1138674

They really gonna have a bpd-off lmao

No. 1138680

fuck off to whatever birbie sanders they/them corner of reddit you came from

No. 1138684

thia reminds me of that one incel self own about how women would rather fuck dogs than incels

No. 1138690

No you "fuck off" you hostile garbage person. That anon >>1138353 is perfectly based.

No. 1138703

>mean garbamge personerino!!
go back

No. 1138737

You can tell how disconnected from any sort of reality New York art people are just by how they perceive alt right memes as "transgressive" instead of just cringe.

No. 1138787

>You can tell how disconnected from any sort of reality New York art people are just by how they perceive alt right memes as "transgressive" instead of just cringe.

Not just New York art people. This describes pretty much the entire Dirtbag Left.

No. 1138788

Daily harvest is some smoothie brand so I think the self harm is drinking one of them.

Has she posted why her bf dumped her?

No. 1138791

On recent cumtowns Adam made a joke about writing a book about what to do when a girl uses PUA tactics to trick you into thinking she's in love with you. And he was trying to remember a movie with a bdp girl and Nick said "Wobble Palace?"

No. 1138804

File: 1611292872931.png (58.26 KB, 1080x214, Screenshot_2021-01-21-23-11-22…)

Is this a dig at Anna K?

No. 1138809

File: 1611293251905.png (304.33 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_2021-01-21-23-12-11…)

Just some psychopathic degenerates having a laugh over a lady getting run down during a white nationalist and neo nazi gathering. Hilarious stuff, truly.

No. 1138826

It's a dig at laughing bovine farm

No. 1138839

Well, they aren't wrong but kudos to you for being able to listen because that shit triggers my flight or fight response. Tuning into cumtown as a woman kind of feels like accidentally walking into the men's washroom or changeroom. Visceral wrongness.

No. 1138849

Is that Deanna's new account?

No. 1138852

so edgy xD

No. 1138860

the car never hit Heather Heyer, she had a heart attack because she was a whale then the person doing CPR crushed her ribs.(Infighting)

No. 1138862

go post on the cumtown forum, scrote

No. 1138870

I come here to laugh at cows, not directly interact with them and their braindead white nationalist talking points. You don't get charged with first degree murder for not hitting someone with your car. Go hang out in Jack's twitter comments, sounds like you'd be pals.

No. 1138878

No. 1138883

My bad, this was in response to this comment
When people say bpd I never know if they mean borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder, since it could be either with so many of these people.

No. 1138886

File: 1611307482732.png (101.58 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_2021-01-22-03-21-29…)

Thought she was a little less narc than the other women in this circle but I guess not. Anyone who is twitter friends with warmtoned is bound to tweet something like this eventually, I guess.

No. 1138895

File: 1611308456415.jpeg (38.74 KB, 822x381, 5F020DBB-C2B8-4144-8014-A8666B…)

No. 1138923

This thread sucks since samememe/lexagate took place. She has been a narc idiot then and remains to be one now but people itt piled on anyone critizising her ridiculous pseudo rape story of being talked into sex while completely sober at her home with her roommate at home too with a despicable right wing dude she chose to hang out with multiple times.
This thread truly contains of pussy hat wearing biden supporters confirming each others biases like that anon from a few days ago said.

No. 1138935

>never know if bipolar
Nah dude, if it was bipolar they’d at least shut the fuck up now and then, depending on episode types. Hilarious to me how bp is lumped in with the absolute shitstorm that is bpd lol

No. 1138937

next thread has to include the revelation that everyone here was a pussyhat wearing libfem reaffirming each others biases and also we all love joe biden even tho we dont mention him ever

No. 1138940

File: 1611314825673.png (230.26 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_2021-01-22-05-17-30…)

The juxtaposition of these two tweets is so funny. Nice try attempting to look like you care about the poors. Trump just pardoned a bunch of war criminals who eviscerated some Iraqi children and elderly people, you absolute airhead. He had bigger criminals to worry about. Shmurda will be out by the end of this year as long as he doesn't do something stupid again but I'm sure all the impoverished people in middle America are concerned about the plight of some shitty rapper.

No. 1139000

This is very obviously a joke

No. 1139004

The reason for his contradiction is that he doesn't view women as people

No. 1139087

File: 1611327214637.png (548.4 KB, 1535x1198, lmao.png)

Aimee's "doing the work" of taking down the DNC establishment by palling around with the millionaire son of a millionaire DNC congressman. Jeffy Jr runs Bitcoin scams on the side.

No. 1139090

Wow, she really is just methed out Red Kahina

No. 1139092

File: 1611327833486.jpg (105.15 KB, 1112x872, a.JPG)


What the people struggling and starving in gig work under Prop 22 really need is to learn how to open a Bitcoin IRA.

No. 1139127

This dude was a Heather Habsburg replyguy, and I mean he literally replied to almost all of her tweets

No. 1139168

is this the thread where we can discuss ariel pink on tucker carlson ('i didnt vote for trump i voted against cancel culture') and this trainwreck of a podcast? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prsZ8DLq9rA

No. 1139179

Yeah, Ariel Pink seems to be another Red/Brown Retard, or, more simply, just another Third Positionist. But, I’m not gunna watch that, so it’d be swell if you’d summarize the low lights from these low lives.

No. 1139192

Oh shit I thought I would be inclined to downplay him being an issue because I don't think one should care about politics of artists and I do like some of his music from 2010 or whatever. While I still hold that line, after a few minutes watching of this, I'm surprised and humbled about how retarded he is, kek. Also, I'd totally bet upon him trooning out in the near future.

No. 1139197

he was in his troon phase prior to the trump era, his swing to the right is a reaction of shame to his cringy agp phase

No. 1139227

Andrew actually asks him at the very end of the pod when he got redpilled.. To which ariel says he was always redpilled and then iirc goes on a tangent about how he used to wear dresses when he was younger cuz he made a cute girl.. or something of the sort lol

either way this has to be a result of all the drugs catching up idk the tucker Carlson interview was a fever dream https://youtu.be/6ya8-k0z26Y

plus he's being accused of abuse by his ex gf there's a pitchfork article about that I think.. And just generally creepy behaviour throughout the years

still gonna listen to his music I guess. his chaotic vibes are kinda the life force of the songs. I used to really like some of his interviews too, they were a smidge above being contrarian for the sake of it.. Genuinely do believe it's drugs + age + questionable company maybe,

No. 1139295

so edgy

No. 1139457

actually Jeff Van Drew was a blue dog dem who went GOP last year because of impeachment. Maybe Jeffy Jr redpilled his dad?

No. 1139477

File: 1611351720635.jpg (718.44 KB, 1079x1562, Screenshot_20210122-133551_Chr…)

why would you take this picture and why would you be smiling?

No. 1139485

seems a little insensitive to her friends who were victimized by epstein

No. 1139486

Yeah, her posts from this whole time period gave me the impression that she was really into the media spectacle of it all. Maybe I’m being too cynical, but the way she kept positioning herself in relation to the Epstein thing (the meet-ups, the photos in front of his townhouse, the movie) felt like a typical attention-grabbing move from someone who desperately wanted to be relevant in the latest internet scandal.

No. 1139491


> before you furiously QT this 200 iq take about how beautiful faggots like me are repressed

> one qt

No. 1139498

kek she actually looks kinda like epstein in this pic

No. 1139521

i remember this being posted and it’s bcuz they were bragging about fucking with his mail box

No. 1139622

Why would you make a garbage exploitation movie about Epstein's child sex slavery and cast yourself? Because she doesn't give two shits and never has. It's all super fun titillation for her.

No. 1139628


For all her fixation with this scandal, it never actually seemed to get deeper than meme-level. It always seemed to me to be on besically the same level as normies who think saying "Epstein didn't kill himself" was hilarious or transgressive, but never really getting any further than the ebin menes about it and soon forgetting about it.

No. 1139636


>"I'd like to make a joke but I'm truly grieving"

>Warmtoned immediately makes a circa 2016 dumbass joke


No. 1139660

File: 1611362325964.png (186.25 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_2021-01-22-18-29-25…)

Does Jack actively try to be as repellant as possible or does it just come naturally? I think he might be the grossest cow in this fold.

No. 1139662

i can smell these tweets

No. 1139667

I'm gagging. Really adds to his tweet about hating women who get emotional about the suffering of animals. He also finds sullying nature sexually attractive. So disgusting.

No. 1139704

File: 1611365916940.png (177.41 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_2021-01-22-19-25-01…)

Jack confirmed for lurking here. Also confirmed for not knowing what 'parasocial' means. You're a sad social media spectacle, Jack. A binge eater who blames his obesity on women. Nobody thinks they are your friend here. Who would want to be?

No. 1139726

praying 4 jack’s digestive system

No. 1139734

File: 1611369332413.jpg (94.2 KB, 740x884, 20210122_213530.jpg)

She's so lame LMFAO sorry I can't find the original I think she deleted

No. 1139735

who cares about some joke tweet from over a year ago

No. 1139747

Do you know what “anime avatars” replaced in that post, because I’m more curious about that!?

No. 1139755

File: 1611371628271.png (333.69 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_2021-01-22-18-31-55…)

Jack liking misogynist tweets, while wishing he looked like Gwyneth Paltrow instead of a way uglier version of Kevin James, while eating his 8th Chipotle meal of the day.

No. 1139768

misogyny from gay males hurts more bc you know its not even an incel thing, just pure hatred

No. 1139782

There really is a certain kind of gay guy who is sexually obsessed with the absolute pinnacle of shit male behavior. I knew one who fetishized men who chew dip and spit it everywhere. They get bizarre crushes on like your old gross racist uncle with liver spots. This probably doesn't even scratch the surface of the disgusting shit that turns jack on.

No. 1139789

File: 1611375526696.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_2021-01-22-22-06-44…)

He seems deeply jealous of hot girls. Like he really wants to be a thin beautiful blonde woman and he's seething with psychotic rage because he's a dumpy unattractive man with no impulse control instead. He keeps talking about fat women lately too (calling Lady Gaga fat). The sack of lard that used to be his stomach is about the size of one entire fat woman so he really has a lot of gall combined with no self awareness.

No. 1139790

It’s funny that he thinks he’s some harbinger of taste when he’s so self-unaware he posted pics of himself laying on the grass in a cemetery with his huge ugly stretch-marked pig belly out and thought he was a sexy edgefag for it.

No. 1139795

File: 1611376623902.png (311.06 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_2021-01-22-22-27-37…)

Gay and straight men share the same brain damage that makes them think a woman not wearing three different kinds of bronzer is sick. Besides, looking sick on purpose is a certified look. Teenage girls in East Asia invented that shit like 12 years ago and know more about women's style than lardass here. Never seen him look good in his life. In fact, Jack's friend Dasha has talked about trying to look sick on purpose lmao

No. 1139799

I love Jack, something about him that keeps me from genuinely getting mad at him unlike the others on this thread. Maybe because everyone in his circle only pretend to respect him? Can't help but smile and be fond of him, like watching your favorite animal at the zoo or watching your neighbor's retarded son doing their best playing in the yard.


None of us think you're our friend or want to be friends with you.

No. 1139801

I wonder what this Fascist Fat Fuck had to say about the Abominable Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

No. 1139805

File: 1611377231667.png (767.39 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_2021-01-22-22-42-40…)

The sickly, ugly, moonface, in question- in case you were wondering. He's pining for Kayleigh. He's been especially mad at women lately. His female co-workers must have maliciously left some extra delicious cupcakes around the office.

No. 1139807

This mindset only comes from Fox News addiction. Psaki looks great, bimbofied conservathots are disgusting.

No. 1139815

File: 1611379001935.jpeg (680.05 KB, 2880x3840, malebeauty.jpeg)

Or Kellyanne Conway… but we'll ruin his fantasy that every woman in Trump's vicinity walked off the Showgirl's set. I think it's funnier that he's a gay man but ignores that Trump himself, and his male family members, and appointed team, are some of the ugliest dudes alive. But then again he's talked about how it's hot for men to be bald, fat, wrinkled, and ugly. Lmao, the cope.

No. 1139826

>His female co-workers must have maliciously left some extra delicious cupcakes around the office.
KEK I love you anon. I also have to mention how hypocritical it is to call someone a “moonface” when he looks like… that. He is 100x more “moonfaced” than her. Women existing in their natural, bare state and still being desirable to men makes him envious.

No. 1139838

File: 1611381237695.png (1.25 MB, 1124x1380, Press_Secretary_JenPaski_Secon…)

He can't even insult women properly. She has a longer, angular type face. The very opposite of a moonface. I think he basically wanted to call her fat, which would be ludicrous- especially coming from him. The misogyny and chemical fumes are melting his cognitive function.

No. 1139840

File: 1611381562468.png (161.31 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_2021-01-22-23-56-00…)

Anna K orbiter gets in on the action, is predictibly wrong about basically everything.

No. 1139844

What universe are these people living in, where women are not pressured into caking their faces in makeup and conforming to beauty standards? Especially in very public media/business positions? I’d love to go there!

No. 1139848

her makeup looks completely fine? it’s appropriate for her job. she would look ridiculous with the bimbo porn star make up that jack and co want

No. 1139851

>A lot of people don’t realise that being a hot woman is a process that includes the right hair and makeup and clothing
Literally who ‘doesn’t realise’ this. I don’t think there’s anyone on earth who isn’t aware of this. Why do they always think every boring thing they say is some huge revealing insight?

No. 1139856

A lot of people don’t realize that blinking your eyes is opening and shutting your eyelids. Just a little fun fact that not many people know about.

No. 1139862

>Who doesn't realize that being hot takes effort?
Most men do that, and don't realize that looking hot in cool girl clothes requires effort with makeup and self care as well, on top of all the models who post pizza and wings and no makeup pics and girls with plastic surgery posting on reddit. Most men literally think that hot girls just wake up perfect with no effort

No. 1139871

Another indication of her husband writing the post, also 'being a hot women'

No. 1139911

Ever heard of genetics?

No. 1139918

The weird thing is that this woman is not very pretty. She also looks a bit like the one he was making fun of, so, Jack confirmed blind?

No. 1139921

File: 1611392906874.jpeg (63.2 KB, 1024x576, tomford.jpeg)

He dresses like shit, has absolutely no taste or sense of style, but thinks he's Tom fucking Ford because he hordes perfume bottles, lmao. Why would any woman want advice on her appearance from an obese guy who dresses like he hangs out in a Hot Topic?

No. 1139931

File: 1611394269923.png (693.9 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_2021-01-23-03-27-13…)

No idea, but she really is worse than I recalled. I forgot that she likes a lot of Felina's tweets. One of the most odious try hard twitter thots. Every tweet is essentially her shrieking for men to please pay attention to her.

No. 1139940

he loves us so much its so funny

No. 1139958

>like watching your favorite animal at the zoo or watching your neighbor's retarded son doing their best playing in the yard

This is how Anna Khachiyan should be viewed as well, not as a "cultural critic" like she's described on Wikipedia or in the media profiles she gets.

No. 1140012

>misogyny from gay males hurts more
>anything jack says
>hurting anyone

Nobody cares that much what untouchables think, anon.

No. 1140022

File: 1611409937425.png (23.88 KB, 744x291, papaparrazo.PNG)

hope they brought the wide angle lens

No. 1140044

why would the press secretary fucking care whether internet saddos thought she was hot?
she has an actual job

No. 1140049

Take your meds, Jack

No. 1140062

if the things these people said didnt affect you at all, you wouldnt be on here talking about them

No. 1140069


No. 1140072

the hill youre gonna die on is "misogyny isnt hurtful or harmful when its from disgusting people"?

No. 1140082

File: 1611417936596.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, FABC9F6E-E66B-4688-BC16-3A4EE5…)


No. 1140094

Yeah, it’s funny he thinks calling lc “parasocial” is such an own when that’s exactly what he is—groveling at the feet of ugly women who throw him a bone whenever he’s laying it on thick enough. He’s just an asthmatic tub of shit that lies to himself to keep going.

No. 1140125

Wow, those are some pretty rancid thoughts, so, ya know, totally in line with this hideous crew. But…
If she actually checks herself into a psych ward and then commits to serious outpatient and therapeutic intervention… she’ll be right back in the same situation if she doesn’t stop emulating demented, degenerate Dirtbags.

Also, holy shit, honey, you haven’t seen your fiancé in two years? I, uhm… I’m gunna let you figure that one out on your own.

At best, these Dirtbags are Alt Lite Kultur Warriors.

Jack’s every insult is projection because he has absolutely no other way to cope with what a thoroughly grotesque person he is. And, it’s not even his looks that make him significantly monstrous: he’s just an average pudgy white boi in that regard. No, it’s his mind that is utterly repugnant. So, the only blessing is that he’s removed himself from the gene pool.

No. 1140138

>it’s not even his looks that make him significantly monstrous
he looks repulsive, stop being that kind

No. 1140241

File: 1611431309036.jpg (27.41 KB, 700x420, nightcrawler.jpg)

The paparazzi, stalking Jack around the 711 like Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, to ascertain the horrifying contents of his basket, driving him further into insanity.

No. 1140249

File: 1611431653567.png (88.76 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_2021-01-23-03-26-12…)

I think she's too porn-brained for help, and doesn't seem to want it. Even though she says she's only 22. Her friends group certainly doesn't help.

No. 1140270

who is this felina girl? why are there always one or two posts about her with only ever like 3 replies. seems like selfposting to me.

No. 1140292

File: 1611433688551.jpg (78.9 KB, 640x863, l1lbc7a0y4d61.jpg)

No. 1140308

As far as I can tell she's twitter friends with lexaprofessional and some of the other really annoying red scare orbiter cows and only posts really narc stuff about her mental illnesses, addictions, how hot she is, and how horny she is.
Oh and a lot of incel tier rape is so funny retweeting.

No. 1140309

Doesn’t she get bored of doing this morally upstanding, above-it-all act? Whenever she describes herself it sounds so cartoonish, like an anime villain monologue

No. 1140345

Still mad about past partners, and we can guarantee she’s been unfaithful, likely many times.

No. 1140364

Sometimes anime villains are more subtle. Nobody buys this. Anyone who's job is recording themselves gibbering for over an hour at a time on a regular basis, and getting paid over a 100k to do so thinks they are very very clever and interesting. Faux humility doesn't suit her.

No. 1140433

File: 1611440672858.png (549.78 KB, 1184x2124, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.24…)

anna vs logo

No. 1140440

File: 1611441116771.png (555 KB, 1196x1878, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.32…)

deanna havas currently having a meltdown, seems like she's seen this thread

No. 1140441

File: 1611441157751.png (1.25 MB, 1180x1990, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.32…)

deanna attacks chapo

No. 1140443

File: 1611441179902.png (287.86 KB, 1190x966, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.33…)


No. 1140448

wow will menaker is short

No. 1140455

File: 1611441700721.png (93.17 KB, 1202x306, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.42…)

still mad over the logo interaction

No. 1140459

File: 1611441757193.png (133.45 KB, 1192x428, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.42…)

deanna denying that she had sex with kantbot as rumored here

No. 1140461


I hate Dirtbags, but I hate sheer Reactionaries even more. So, I hope her career really is utterly tarnished. Serves her right.

No. 1140462

galaxy-brain-level retarded op tweet from anna lmao

No. 1140465

File: 1611441931880.png (126.38 KB, 1174x382, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.45…)

actually about that BAP tweet from a few days ago

No. 1140467

Isn't Anna writing a novel? Why would she do that if she doesn't think highly of her intellect?

lol Anna actually thinks Logo is insightful and Logo thinks he's part of an avant-garde? I'm not sure which one is more delusional.

No. 1140473

Have any of Red Scare's conservative guests NOT ended up embarrassing them or turning on them in some way?

No. 1140478

Mecha, though he gave up on TradCath twitter celebrity after his main account got suspended (don't remember why), he's been posting on his low-profile alt ever since, stays locked most of the time.

No. 1140479

Lol, good. Anyone who tweets about how "some fat girl" being murdered by a basement dwelling white nationalist is nbd and is friends with Estee Lardass deserves a little discomfort. I also have a really hard time believing this woman gives a rat's ass about Syrian people getting bombed to smithereens or occupied but maybe that's just me.

No. 1140485

File: 1611442885350.png (1.16 MB, 803x1201, deanna-havas__57854.png)

IIRC the Mecha episode got lots of blowback from their audience because he sounded too much like a sweaty altar boy.

Didn't realize until now that Deanna sort of resembles a more masculine ContraPoints.

No. 1140486

Doubt she or any of the other amnat dipshits made a stink about Trump sending in convoys to "protect the oil" back in November. Conservatives only started caring about war crimes when Obama continued Bush's foreign policy, and since the evil black man was doing it it was now bad, witnessing that whiplash in realtime a decade ago was something else.

No. 1140488

yeah the episode was awful and he came across as a sad incel, but don't think he ever had a falling out with A + D.

No. 1140493

File: 1611443292712.jpg (88.92 KB, 514x450, article04_1064x.jpg)

No. 1140505

File: 1611444202389.png (1.78 MB, 1188x2110, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 10.2…)

LMAO Don Lemon's entire likes right now are thirst traps of that midget "socialist" turkish guy @MargBarAmerica who photoshops his abs

No. 1140514

File: 1611444609562.png (499.68 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_2021-01-23-17-27-23…)

Can't wait to listen to Anna and Dasha discuss a movie about rape. I'm sure it will be a very tasteful and nuanced conversation. Off to a great start with the "slave morality" remark. Honestly don't know if I have it in me to recap this one.

No. 1140529

All the bitching about aesthetics and yet she just looks like a dingy, brassy-haired sjw.

No. 1140534

“I don’t lie or cheat” calls some woman fat because she can’t cope with that she’s hotter than her

No. 1140535

File: 1611446411467.png (679.49 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_2021-01-23-17-37-40…)

I literally can't think of a worse person in America, or on this planet of billions of people, than this congresswoman from the Bronx. Definitely nobody worse. Probably not even in the course of human history.

No. 1140536

lmfao did she really describe a rape revenge movie as "slave mortality" since anna and dasha have talked about how all women want to be raped are we going to get the ultimate pick me "rape is not that bad" argument

No. 1140537

You can’t be unfaithful to men who won’t commit to you in the first place

No. 1140544


Translation: “Only Jews think rape is bad”

Hope Anna and Dasha have Heidi Matthews on soon for the sequel, “Only Jews Think Pedophilia Is Bad”

Admittedly, that might cause some of their QAnon fans to have a stroke.

No. 1140549

whether or not she fucked kantbot, she jokingly asked if he wanted to watch her go to the bathroom and then let him "flirt" in response on her tekwars episode. which is gross.

No. 1140551

In saying women crave sexual violence and domestic violence they have essentially already made that argument. If it fulfills some deep longing how can it be "that bad"? Since the main character is (spoiler) getting revenge on behalf of a friend, and traumatized because of what happened to another woman, I imagine they will find it especially funny. Like, "what's the big deal get over it?". Forgiveness sets you free! Being angry is the mentality of a slave. If I had to guess I would wager they are fans of the "transgressive" movie Elle by Paul Verhoeven. It's about a woman who is brutally raped in her own home but instead of reporting it she reacts coldly and embarks on a torrid sexual affair with her rapist. A lot of critics unsurprisingly loved it (made a lot of top 10 lists and got awards galore) but a few women were appalled.

No. 1140554

Do these women think if they “dress well” they can get away with shitty hair and hardly any makeup even while at a nice restaurant? She looks so out of place

No. 1140561

File: 1611449022570.png (108.51 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_2021-01-23-18-37-23…)

Wonder if the latest pod episode contains any seething at Carey Mulligan for being the same height as her but actually famous and talented. Struggling to think of any American actresses who had her big break at 30.

No. 1140565

Kek really appreciated this post anon

No. 1140567

In ten years she’ll be a contender for babushka roles. Maybe she can break through then

No. 1140569

this has to be ironic right? she and all these other cows are online 24/7.or does she consider podcasting an actual job and we should be impressed that she can balance her acting "career" and her podcasting "career"

No. 1140571


No. 1140572

>Struggling to think of any American actresses who had her big break at 30.
Jessica Chastain is the only one that comes to mind, but she's 100 times more talented than Dasha will ever be

No. 1140580

Oh? Didn't know she was 30 by the time she got a major role. Hollywood treats 30 year olds like hags usually. She's very physically striking though, and talented like you said.

No. 1140603

With her general talent level, it's going to be coked-out aunt roles in Eugene Kotlyarenko straight to Vimeo productions. She won't even hold it against him when he has to trim a number of her scenes again because she keeps swallowing her dialogue.

No. 1140617

They likely jill off to Gaspar Noe’s “Irreversible,” too.

No. 1140628

Dasha has said she's too cerebral to be a good actress, not joking.

No. 1140686

Feds creating these demoralization snitcher threads to make people fetch info for them is brilliant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1140690

lol schizo what do you mean fetch info for them? all this stuff is made public on there Twitter. Also fun fact you have to actually go outside for the government to care about you.

No. 1140697

Here we go again. I listened to the newest pod.

A Promising Young Podcast: To kick things off the vocal fry has somehow gotten immensely worse. Dasha calls herself a pedo as a joke so maybe she reads this thread. Anna calls the inauguration "fake and gay". Dasha the failed poet says the poet laureate wrote and read a bad poem. They say she looked cute though and defend her expensive outfit. Also say the only time they will defend AOC is her former appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair, wearing an expensive outfit. Dasha says she prefers her poets to light up a cig. Anna says she should have been like Azealia Banks (?) They take a dig at Rupi Kaur. Say everybody looked like shit. Think jewel tones are awful. Dasha brags about being at a fitting recently trying on gorgeous gowns and the jewel toned ones being the only bad ones. They trash some redhead actresses being in jewel tones on the red carpet. White people look especially bad in jewel tones. Anna says she is hot in red and blue. Anna says Dasha is hot in sage green. Dasha says she is hot in everything basically- ochre, black, neutrals. They say Kamala needs lip liner and to lean into more authoritarianism as a look.

Dasha loves retinol now. Some girl on the subreddit tretpilled Anna by calling her a dumb bitch and telling her to listen up and use it. They don't care if it causes birth defects. They sperg about stuff everyone already knows about accutane.

They call Biden's speech a slam poetry session. "Kamala's step daughter looks like a fugly pansexual from Bushwick."-Dasha They are mad that people are stanning her. Admit her dress was cute though. " Looks like a girl from Montreal". "Looks like she stole drugs from your apartment"- Anna "Hope she shaved her armpits for this but she probably didn't"- Anna. Anna thinks the most painful part of the Biden era will be people stanning "unworthy losers". Dasha says all politics is "sexual pathology" seemingly apropos of nothing.

Anna says that now Larry King is dead Joan Didion is the only low BMI elder left. Anna calls Joan Didion a huge bitch. Anna is annoyed by her "too cool for school attitude" in her interview for Time magazine. Anna also says she respects her though. Calls her anti-racist and feminist work bullshit. Says the only good stuff she did was dismantling feminism. They call her a republican (lmao). Dasha wonders if she voted Trump. Giggle about her "not eating since the 60's" fixate on her low BMI, how little it would take to get her drunk. Dasha says she has "anorexic mystique". Mock the interviewers concern over Trump and Covid. Anna insists Didion isn't feminist at all. More women should be prickly, and dignified and unattainable, and withhold information about themselves, like Didion.

Bernie mittens meme is depressing. A colossal distraction and low effort. They regret sharing them. Suspiciously non-critical of his fashion and styling choices. Literally call him the most fashionable there. It's elder abuse to meme him.

They are really going to miss Melania. She looked so great. So insulting that the fashion media ignored her. They are going to miss her and Trump. Michelle Obama isn't beautiful and is a try hard according to Dasha. Annoyed to see her again. Melania had "Didion-esque" ice cold dignified energy and always saved face and they loved that about her. It's cool that she probably hates her husband but stays with him and pretends not too. Say that they don't really care about comparing Biden's redhead secretary to Trump's bimbo collection, minus Huckabee.

Anna thinks it has been two years since Covid lockdown. Both think Biden-Kamala will be worse than Trump. Half-joke that a real feminist is the same as a real fascist. Worried Joe will target mentally ill white men driven to insanity by economic desperation.

Dasha felt guilty for making Anna watch A Promising Young Woman. Took Anna five hours to finish. Both agree it should never have been made. Dasha likes Carey Mulligan "as an actress" but brings up that some reviewers (Variety) thought she was too ugly for the role. Dasha thinks she isn't hot enough and Margot Robbie should have been cast. Dasha hates movies that takes place in any random American place."Just grow up and set your movie in NYC". Dasha calls Mulligan "haggard" and not "instagram faced" enough. Anna chimes in that she's "plausible" and an "everywoman" but not attractive enough for the music video looking movie. Implausible that a woman would drop out of school to take care of her suicidal traumatized friend. Or be too mentally destroyed to forget her own birthday. Anna says this movie is a victim of its own shortcomings and contradictions like most things written by women are and then trys to pass it off as a joke. But then says it's indicative of a contemporary feminist liberal mindset, in all seriousness. Dasha calls it misandrist and invokes date rape for some reason (despite the movies main tragedy being a horrific gang rape that leads to suicide and murder). Says it would have been a stronger movie if the main character was hotter. Wishes the main character was more morally ambiguous. Dasha has a good giggle about how girls who get black out drunk should maybe expect rape. Anna says that's just reality. Anna says American feminists don't want equality just special treatment. Does the wahmen thing again. Russians understand real feminism, equality means getting roughed up, babe. Anna says this movie should take place amongst Home Depot labourers or maids and the stakes would be higher (sure, Margot Robbie as a Home Depot employee in NYC). They both think it would have been better as a slasher, if she was actually murdering guys and was a horrific monster. They don't like that she's pure and morally uncorrupted like Taylor Swift. They think it's totally fair that she was murdered in the end because the rapist was just defending himself, that's true equality. She's a bad boring, unappealing, unattractive, character. She only derives power from being the ultimate victim. Anna says the most disturbing part of the movie wasn't the rape but the main character's relationship with her parents, must be an American thing. Seeking revenge is bad and "she would have been better off working on that BMI" and becoming a doctor. Anna hated all her outfits. Anna thinks it's everything bad about American culture like cosplay and furries, and credentialism. Dasha thinks the main character dressed like a slut,"a gamine little girl". Anna says she dressed like the trad meme. They take a shot at Jezebel feminists and Anna Merlan, say this is a movie Jezebel feminists would write. Anna asks Dasha if she has ever thought of writing a bad movie on purpose. They talk about Russian home beauty remedies. Like not reading too much because it causes wrinkles and getting your boyfriend to slap you to give you a rosy glow.

No. 1140698

No. 1140703

>there are actually people who pay money to listen to these two boring yentas and their stale and stupid takes

You pirate this shit, right Anon?

No. 1140704

Staying mad at Anna Merlan for calling out their pal's covid NYE parties lol

No. 1140706

Not me, lmao. I'm not contributing to their 100k+ so they can buy size 0 Miu Miu coats.

No. 1140707

Hell yeah, if it's not a free ep, I'm not paying a cent.

No. 1140718

These cunts are an excellent example of why abortion should be free, widely available and on demand.

And, there really is no difference between them and the Alt Right.

No. 1140722

None of these people (Chapos excepted, if we’re being charitable) are meaningfully “left” so if the feds are gathering intel on them that’s just really fucking funny.

No. 1140725

> Anna insists Didion isn't feminist at all. More women should be prickly, and dignified and unattainable, and withhold information about themselves, like Didion.

omg anna is such a hypocrite. she idealizes the bimbo look like the women in trump’s cabinet but then says women should act completely unbimbo like? didion was critically of the second wave but i don’t think she’s the anti feminist anna wishes she was

No. 1140738

That had me rolling too. She vomits her every thought and feeling out onto social media or her podcast. The very opposite of what she was admiring. Also when she said she was put off by Joan's "too cool for school attitude". Has she looked in the mirror lately? Same with when Dasha said she hated the main character in Promising Young Woman's outfits because she looked like a "gamine slutty little girl", like uh are you describing your own shtick…

No. 1140748

Who's more mentally ill? Her or Jack?

No. 1140749

File: 1611465691411.jpeg (105.46 KB, 1000x800, C3608105-EC1B-4FE4-BC72-903318…)

So if Anna admits she’s not that smart, why should anyone care about her opinion on politics or culture or feminism or history or literature or even which Twitter accounts are good? Shouldn’t she stick to making catty remarks about fashion and leave the heavy thinking to others?

No. 1140751

File: 1611466100023.jpeg (112.74 KB, 1204x864, 4C1BABCE-055E-418C-A50E-B06C30…)

she deactivated her Twitter account, lmao

No. 1140754

File: 1611466347886.png (87.96 KB, 597x414, drugs.png)

Looks like she had a breakdown after doing drugs

No. 1140756

Imagine excusing your lack of talent by saying "I'm just not retarded enough to do a good job!" And anyone who's had the misfortune of listening to her talk to Anna for over an hour knows that excuse wouldn't fly.

No. 1140758

the level of cope from your post is embarrassing

No. 1140759

That may be one of the smartest things she’s ever done.

No. 1140781

File: 1611469446402.png (41.16 KB, 749x435, deannalizard.png)

Deanna believes in lizard people.

No. 1140789

File: 1611470692815.jpeg (2.42 MB, 1500x2000, mulligan.jpeg)

This episode was pretty boring but they really go further into self parody territory each time. Dasha's cackling and throat clearing were especially annoying.

>women shouldn't seek revenge for their friends rape and suicide but instead focus on lowering their BMI

>A woman trying to kill the man who raped her best friend after exhausting all other avenues of justice, which led to her friend killing herself deserved to be killed by the rapist. Because that's just self defense on his part and true feminist equality when you really think about it. Actually, she had it coming.

>That Carey Mulligan is haggard, fat, and average looking at best.

>That Joan Didion is a republican who probably voted for Trump. Also she doesn't have multiple sclerosis and numerous other health issues she has anorexic mystique.

Great job ladies, stay stupid.

No. 1140835

I thought that was Dasha at a first glance. They're right, she's ugly but so is Dasha.

No. 1140851

File: 1611482097473.jpg (72.35 KB, 500x660, MV5BNDFlY2U2MzAtNTk2MC00YTk0LT…)

Eh, I don't think she's haggard by any stretch. And implying she's fat is just derangement, even for them. Anorexia brain rot. Both of them need to cool it with shitting on other women's looks.

No. 1140852

File: 1611482341985.png (623.39 KB, 850x753, screen-shot-2019-07-09-at-4.12…)

Anna genuinely thinks she's more appealing than Carey Mulligan. Delusional.

No. 1140853

Samefag. I listened and tbf they were right about mulligan not being hot enough for the role. It’s the boring face that’s the problem though, not her fucking BMI like Anna was stupidly trying to imply (picrel, how the fuck does mulligan need to “lower her bmi” she’s already skinny as fuck)

It just would’ve been a more compelling with an actress that’s like a sultry Megan Fox type

No. 1140854

File: 1611482641657.jpeg (97 KB, 640x359, A72583FA-7D7F-4F89-A1A6-F64DEA…)

Picrel: totally a woman whose beauty would benefit loads from lowering her bmi. True braindead take, Anna

No. 1140855

Tbf unless I missed something it was just Anna who repeatedly talked about her bmi, not Dasha

No. 1140858

Dasha started with how haggard and ugly she was and Anna got in with how unappealing and "everywoman" and not "instagram faced" enough she was". But you're right it was Anna who was absolutely obsessed with BMI this episode, not Dasha. Dasha had to throw in the weird anorexic mystique comment about Didion and tangent about how she is so tiny she could probably get drunk off of a single shot of wine while giggling maniacally. Which was very on brand since her pro-ana side twitter started off with her sad tweeting about being an alcoholic.

No. 1140861

this photo is legitimately nightmarish, there's some ineffably fiendish quality to her face here.

No. 1140862

Oh, really anon? You don't think this is the face of someone who should be ripping apart the looks of women like Marilyn Monroe, and other famous actresses with confidence?

No. 1140864

File: 1611483918173.jpg (75.36 KB, 1024x576, prom5.jpg)

Pretty sure Anna and Dasha are both jealous of these arms tbh. Since they are so obsessed with arm width. Anna expects me to believe her stupid BMI cope.

No. 1140870

File: 1611486123802.jpg (99.88 KB, 570x862, Carey-Mulligan-Emerald-Fennel-…)

Why though? I get the femme fatale trope and why Megan Fox et al. are considered perfect exemplars but isn't that a little overdone? It's not like men in bars looking to prey on intoxicated women are particularly discerning and only target Victoria's Secret models. People are being really hard on Mulligan but she's far from ugly. She's blonde, very thin, and above average height. I have a hard time imagining that a serial predator would look at her indisposed and go "ugh too haggard and unsexy, no thanks."

No. 1140872

File: 1611486743561.jpg (94.5 KB, 728x1340, Angelina-Jolie-Red-Carpet-Tran…)

sounds like a cope

No. 1140876

File: 1611487627751.jpg (85.74 KB, 600x800, oneofthecastrapistsinquestion.…)

A cope for what? You think date rapists are waiting around for Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, and Megan Fox, to walk through the door and pass out every night? Come on. Reinforcing only smoking hot women are victims of sexual violence.

No. 1140877

She isn’t ugly but she’s not hot either. She’s plain, like our lady Dasha

No. 1140880

It’s not about the sexual assault bits, it’s the way the character was written to be this femme fatale seductress type, it would just make more sense and flow better if she was a hot chick. She was in every scene of the movie and just didn’t sell the character properly. Miscast

No. 1140881

Nothing wrong with that I guess. A good actress should be like a canvas, be able to transform or blend into a role. I've only seen Dasha play herself or druggies though. Literally looks the same or worse in every role.

No. 1140882

Thanks, this is a much better explanation than she's just ugly and your coping.

No. 1140889

File: 1611490274551.jpeg (204.21 KB, 750x610, 730DE7DC-EA0B-402D-8D8E-C92FD5…)


Two hard -1s comment on a woman’s looks.

No. 1140891

>the character was written to be this femme fatale seductress type
No? The character tests if dudes will take advantage of a drunk, helpless woman just because they can stick their dick into her with no consequences. She absolutely is not supposed to be some 10/10 heartbreaker. Only time when she is supposed to be hot is when she is the stripper nurse, but even than it's a matter of the costume and attitude rather than insane hotness. Did you sleep while watching the movie? Or do you think that scrotes only rape drunk 10/10 chicks (even though we are talking about huamns that are capable of fucking a chicken carcass if there is no woman to be found)?
Anna and Dasha are completely braindead if they missed the point of the story.

No. 1140893

tbf the more i hear about this movie the worse it sounds maybe redscare was in the right here

No. 1140898

How can you honestly watch that movie and think a plain woman is supposed to play the part? I’m talking about the character’s demeanor and intensity. It would just be better with a hotter chick. No need to sperg about how “sexual assault doesn’t only happen to hot women” I am already well aware

No. 1140926

>"Kamala's step daughter looks like a fugly pansexual from Bushwick."
She's not wrong, but it's not like she's much better kek

No. 1140929

Why does her entire face look too small for her head?

No. 1140943

It's a shit movie but not for the reasons Anna and Dasha stated. They were just itching for something that would give them an excuse to shit on rape victims and criticize another woman's appearance. If the main character was hotter, they would've found a way to criticize that too and probably call it unrealistic

I will never understand where they get the gall to criticize anyone's appearance while looking like this. Anna's been looking better lately but they're both still straight up ghoulish. I know Anna's supposed to be more obviously ugly but tbh something about Dasha's wonky face and body grosses me out more viscerally for some reason

No. 1140945

Nah, she just has solidarity with other Antisemites, which is par for the course in this scene.
I dunno about that. Carrey doesn’t look like an inbred troon like Dasha does.
Probably inbreeding in maybe even her not so distant past.
Red Scare is always wrong.

No. 1140946

I think a reasonably attractive woman was supposed to play the part and that's exactly what happened.
From your claim that the protagonist was some femme fatale, I feel like we have seen completely different movies kek. She hat guts and was pretty much on a suicide mission (or accepted that's how it's gonna end). IDK how that translates to her being some untouchable beauty.

No. 1141132

Genuinely burst out laughing at that. Pod's still funny folks

No. 1141135

File: 1611520938526.jpeg (80.75 KB, 800x800, F70DDE65-EF60-4CF8-B5D3-B04298…)

Lol anon she looks like those old charlie kirk memes

No. 1141183

File: 1611524042498.png (449.56 KB, 704x1061, samara.png)

i'll just leave this here


No. 1141199

Cute what’s up with his head ?

No. 1141202

All dogs are cute ngl but this one is particularly weird looking

No. 1141205

How will he promote this without Twitter?

No. 1141245

File: 1611527094622.jpeg (729.25 KB, 2880x3840, 20210124_162246.jpeg)

Fat Jack's friends seem really nice. Nothing these gay nobodies love more than larping as sadistic designers tearing into some starving slavic girl model at fashion week. Pretty sure this Camille Paglia Stan meant even less than a 1 but can't even write. He's stunning though so it's okay.

No. 1141270

File: 1611528870424.png (128.66 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_2021-01-24-16-51-25…)

Lexa, assuming other people are ugly for no apparent reason, in typical narc fashion.

No. 1141276

She’s the girl that dated samememe, right?

No. 1141278

She said she was raped by him.

No. 1141286

File: 1611529628296.png (680.92 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_2021-01-24-16-59-33…)

Does she know we can see her likes? Embarrassing.

No. 1141294

File: 1611530014341.jpeg (646.16 KB, 1536x2048, 7462894B-EE7D-4758-A564-0150FC…)

That @beefytopdog account is mostly dull but she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein, the lion woman plastic surgery disaster.

No. 1141318

She has a strong face but she looks really good. All the leftcows look like they’ve got major vitamin deficiencies.

No. 1141319

His head looks weird/flat because a blanket is covering the top of it lmao

No. 1141323

why did some people think it was so far fetched that samememe raped her? he was an obvious psycho from his tweets

No. 1141328

I don't think it's far fetched at all. He is absolutely repulsive and loathsome. Apparently some people found her story a little weird though. Personally I wouldn't go within 50 feet of the guy voluntarily, but that hardly means she deserves to be raped. That's literally something Anna and Dasha would say. I never did find the whole story though. Just her making kind of vague references. Did she ever elaborate?

No. 1141336

i just wish we had solid proof of samememe’s fiancée existence or non existence. because if she’s real i’m honestly worried for her

No. 1141337

File: 1611533572764.png (1011 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_2021-01-24-18-02-19…)

Her account is just odd. Very gonzo Chapocel "weird left" thing going on. With some of the typical mean girl stuff thrown in. But yeah she has a very strong face, (model worthy bone structure and facial features) and also the self awareness to know a lot of people think she kinda looks like she's had major plastic surgery.

No. 1141348

hahaha oops
thank you for the clarification
cute dog but who would pay for that shit

No. 1141350

there were clearly friends of samerapistt if not him himself posting in here trashing her

No. 1141417

File: 1611540456074.png (140.93 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20210124-200237~2.p…)

No. 1141423

File: 1611541045692.png (733.07 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_2021-01-24-20-14-51…)

Jack has the nastiest most rotten reply guys. Gay men who hate lesbians are absolutely foul.

No. 1141428

>locked account with 159 followers

No. 1141431

Did Felina remake? Seems like the kind of gross and humiliating thing she would share.

No. 1141438

lmao thanks Anon, keep us updated

It's from her private alt.

No. 1141445

First pic doesn’t even seem human, and the second pic almost looks hot, but she’s still kinds fish faced. Also, if she’s a Chapo lifestylist, then she’s probably got a festering shithole of a mind. What a waste.
They’re just jealous of those absolutely fabulous tits, which also explains why Anna and Dasha hate her, too.

No. 1141454

File: 1611543083812.jpeg (367.46 KB, 1536x2048, Eg7YCEuXkAIR_rm.jpeg)

Like another anon said she seems refreshingly healthy. Haven't seen her mention having the 'rexia or disordered eating like all the other cows. Her face is odd but in a Zara model kind of way. Oh her brain is fried though. She posted a pictures of a naked woman being chewed on by pigs as a representative of her state of mind.

All these "post left" freaks going ape shit over the appearance of Biden's press secretary (who I don't even like as a person) is so funny. Her natural hair colour is a major improvement over Kayleigh's sausage curl extensions and sprayed on bronzer. But I'm not a gay man who stans for #1 NAMBLA defender Camille Paglia so…

No. 1141455

opiate withdrawal

No. 1141458

File: 1611543575238.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_2021-01-24-20-54-01…)

Festering shithole of a mind indeed.

No. 1141460

Yeah, she certainly looks normal, minus the whole Innsmouth Look.

And, it’s kinda odd how these FrogNazi fags somehow wanna perpetuate Roger Ailes’ fuck puppet beauty school, but I guess that’s just what happens when you have the Nazi brain rot.

No. 1141464

File: 1611544179236.png (1008.49 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_2021-01-24-21-01-31…)

This guy is honestly my favorite recent cow orbiter discovery. He's a Jack reply guy. Really hates women (especially lesbians who he thinks are fake), loves Camille Paglia, thinks he's hot shit but is ugly and bald. Dude, you looked like an autistic male in a polycule and you still do, just minus the hair.

No. 1141481

Looks like even lower T Sam Hyde.

No. 1141484

It's funny because the fuck puppet look is ironically anti-fascist and anti-nazi. That's what makes me laugh. Fascist aesthetics are all about that traditional and classical look for women, so minimal makeup, minimal/no hair dye, minimal everything really. The actual Nazis sperged about women's dressing and hair and makeup in detail. Basically the ideal was the opposite of glammed up bimbo and tarted up. And Jack is apparently a fascist but he's also a huge dumbass who can't think straight.

No. 1141492

That’s a good point. I suppose part of the difference then is that they’re Americanized Reactionaries, so they’re trying to “own the ‘Libs’” who think women shouldn’t be reduced to their attractiveness. Or, maybe it’s just that blonde, Aryan stereotype in American media is so intwined with this whorification that they just roll with it rather than make their eugenics explicit, unlike the tradcaths, perhaps.

No. 1141494

File: 1611546773141.png (100.65 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_2021-01-24-21-49-58…)

First she thought she was as hot as Nicole Kidman and now uh…

No. 1141496

File: 1611546922026.jpeg (28.97 KB, 375x231, BA55427B-0DD8-4831-977B-9C51F7…)

“fascist aesthetics” can’t really be pinned down that easily. Picrel, Alessandra Mussolini

No. 1141498

You're right, not to sperg out but I was talking about the OG 1930's- 40's era Triumph des Willens and Hugo Boss uniform stuff they worship and not it's contemporaries.

No. 1141509

File: 1611548525048.png (124.24 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_2021-01-24-21-48-03…)

He's gotten worse but both he and Jack are confident that he possesses the ideal gay male body type. I can't believe they haven't been featured on the cover of Out magazine yet. Balding is very generous when he has maybe five entire hairs on the back of his head.

No. 1141542

Are you sure he's a dude? He honestly looks FtM. The misogyny could be overcompensation, like that one East Europe FtM musician whose name I forgot

No. 1141543

Man, a Jack orbiter might be a new low for this thread. That dude must have less than nothing to live for.

No. 1141559

He's got really hairy arms. Could be hirsutism or t I guess but he looks unattractive in a distinctly scrote way to me. He has a shitty podcast. The voice is usually a huge tell but I'm not bored enough to debase myself like that.

No. 1141561

File: 1611554659638.png (227.13 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_2021-01-24-21-46-08…)

I hope my own brain would just self destruct if I decided to become a reply guy for someone like Jack. According to his twitter he lives for shitty perfume, Camille Paglia, his podcast that nobody cares about, and hating women. So basically a less fat Jack clone.

Of course these two stan an animal abusing-methhead, who preyed on junkies and mentally ill men decades younger than him, and tried to kill a woman. Hating Baskin goes without saying.

No. 1141565

I wonder if the TradThots thread should be changed to a RightCows thread for people like Cassandra Fairbanks who are right wing but don’t pretend to be trad and for all the milky male grifters in that sphere like Nick Fuentes. There’s no thread for those types.

No. 1141573

>There’s no thread for those types.
basically been this one for a while now

No. 1141576

Tbf most of the right wingers discussed here - Jack, Samememe, Kantbot, Logo, BAP. Deanna Havas - are the ones who appeared on Red Scare and/or have been promoted by Anna and Dasha and others in their circle.

No. 1141583

File: 1611558980370.png (170.73 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_2021-01-25-01-07-43…)

How is Anna this lame and attention hungry? Liking this tweet from a 'literally who' shitty right wing account that uses the term Jewess as a pejorative (maybe he's unaware of her ethnic status) and stans Jared Kushner. It's really quite pathetic.

No. 1141584

File: 1611559071853.png (47.04 KB, 727x389, hawley.png)

NYC art freaks caring more about Hawley than his constituents is such a funny development.

No. 1141596

File: 1611560495032.jpeg (343.84 KB, 1183x709, F01197E4-85F9-43B9-9C76-8CD135…)

Do these losers ever realize how up their own ass they look to anyone outside of their circle jerk?

No. 1141597

Was on his twitter for a couple minutes before I had to get out. "Art critics" are insufferable enough in real life. Retweeting Dasha and fat Jack, horrible assesment of Radiohead. I don't know how artworld people can exist in the same room with themselves. The pivot from supporting the incoming progressive dems to basically foaming at the mouth for AOC to get the guillotine, and making excuses for Josh Hawley of all people is absolutely hilarious though. Hawley is super anti-labour rights and a fucking hawk lmao.

No. 1141599

File: 1611560851651.png (58.7 KB, 755x545, podcastcollege.png)

Damn I should have just listened to an obese gay man talk about 40 year old perfumes and the Introduction to Film Studies syllabus instead of going to college.

No. 1141602

To steal Dasha's phrase, that she stole from the Chapo's- these people all have brain worms. A major infestation of parasitic brain worms. Jack just said he didn't even know who Julian Assange was. He's a lardass with bad taste in food. He thinks bimbos are the most attractive women. He claims to be a perfume expert but his choice of fragrances are boring and mediocre. He dresses like a fast food manager on his very best day. His idea of a literary and intellectual titan is Paglia. He has repellant taste in literally everything. You'd be better off getting cultural commentary from a randomly selected normie man.

No. 1141605

File: 1611562463794.png (796.19 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_2021-01-25-02-13-33…)


No. 1141610

File: 1611563368543.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1536x2018, 0A5525B7-1354-4CFA-9F14-E14817…)

This Adam Lehrer chump wrote an article for American Greatness defending conservative thought and these are the comments he received in response, lmao

No. 1141619

File: 1611564748788.png (270.33 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_2021-01-25-02-49-45…)

I wish more people would come for Jack like this on twitter. He pretends to be a badass but he's sensitive and defensive just like Anna.

No. 1141622

sometimes I wish Jack was born 30 years earlier so he could die of AIDS(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1141625

File: 1611566137827.png (759.36 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_2021-01-25-03-07-36…)

Jack's fanboy (who calls Paglia his Mommy lol) comes to his defense and blows copious smoke up his ass. Jack innocently pretends he isn't clearly obese and unattractive while recently spending all of inauguration day calling Lady Gaga and Jen Psaki uggos.

No. 1141626

This is the response of the target audience, that could be expected to be the most receptive, oof.
He is also in almost complete alignment with aimee in general

No. 1141630

I didn't know KB and logo before their pseud rebrand, and I'm the anon that really likes their pod. Can someone explain to me in what sense they have ever been right wing? I know about NRx but wouldn't classify everything associated with it as earnestly right wing, and I have a hard time envisioning KB and logo to have been so?

No. 1141633

Anna and Dasha have it right that these people don't want to hear about how Marxist theory is good actually, from some Manhattan "soy boy" art critic, and we can all be friends. They want to hear about how all women are retarded and Trump is cool.

No. 1141634

Since you enjoy their podcast, it’s a safe assumption that you’re retarded and can’t be expected to know basic facts, but the Rx in NRx stood for reactionary and the people in that circle certainly took pride in being very far to the right. Less than two years ago, both Kantbot and Logo were praising the merits of fascist regimes and even now they still clearly relish authoritarian dictatorships of some sort, hence their interest in Stalinism. Maybe stop being retarded and easily impressed by pseuds? I don’t know, perhaps you’re beyond help.

No. 1141635

File: 1611569674155.png (692.34 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_2021-01-25-04-11-58…)

Logo retweeting this goofy hateboner for Trotsky take is making me laugh. Leftoids.

No. 1141637

all these words when he couldve just written out (((modern leftists))) for the same effect

No. 1141640

Most gullible leftists online are the ones like Lehrer who think there are legions of thoughtful conservatives just waiting to be radicalized by exposure to Marxist theory only to find out that the average American conservative is a raving Qtard who thinks Hillary Clinton is a communist.

No. 1141645

File: 1611571238633.png (43.32 KB, 549x515, jackwantstoeatbugs.png)

narcissistic injury
also whos he referring to w the stars

No. 1141648

I'm curious about the redacted name too. I love how he kept obtusely pretending that people were posting the dumpy selfie to make fun of his room and not his appearance. Like he's some innocent angel and not the huge catty bitch we all know.

No. 1141663

File: 1611573748878.png (206.3 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_2021-01-25-05-05-08…)

Not interested in polisperging, I'm not even American. But it's nice to see her handling her break up so well! I'm sure every registered dem definitely wanted this. I'm also sure she tweeted the reverse of this every time Trump did something heinous. Must have been a lot of tweets wishing death on people.

No. 1141667

Biden isn’t even reversing the order. Lol these Dirtbag Left morons will believe anything conservatives tell them.

>As a result of HHS’ freeze, the effective date of the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule has now been delayed until at least March 22, 2021. While there is currently no indication whether the Biden administration will ultimately rescind or revise the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule, the delay offers community health centers additional time to develop plans to comply with the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule.


No. 1141671

Bill Kezos but obviously Jack’s description is not what he actually said

No. 1141675

Aw I missed the drama. His two accounts are either suspended or protected. Why the redacted name? Not very gutsy of Jack.

No. 1141679

its pretty well documented in one of the previous threads, along with a huge autistic discussion whether kezos is based or cringe

No. 1141682


Did all of these fags memory-holed Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

No. 1141683

File: 1611577165487.jpg (74.45 KB, 630x840, soviet-censorship-naval-commis…)

Yes, and Kellyanne. It's like they were erased from history. They live in a fantasyland where every woman in Trump's orbit was young and bimbofied.

No. 1141685

Speaking of Kezos does anyone know why he got suspended?

No. 1141747

Trustfunded? I thought he was middle class

No. 1141758

> I don't know how artworld people can exist in the same room with themselves.
Booze and Drugs. Also, most of these freaks are some form of Third Positionist Red/Brown Retards, so extreme political—and mood—swings are to be expected.
And that’s exactly the response Red/Brown Retards get when they do anything but virtue signal their bigoted opinions. They’re not welcoming you for the Socialism part of your Slur Slinging Socialism.
Wow! That’s a tight enough burn that Jack might delete all his tweets again in a fit of panic.
It could still happen, but it’d just take a lot longer.
NRx or the Dark Enlightenment is just a rebrand of Eugenics and NeoFascism. You posted bait.
I hope she gets suspended!

No. 1141763

File: 1611592558264.jpeg (307.48 KB, 1125x1668, 61FD228A-BCFC-482A-B0BF-3BCB04…)

this bitch can’t even not shit herself as a grown woman and is thinking about starting a family, lmao.

No. 1141794

i sincerely hope none of these cows ever breed. i can’t imagine the ways they will fuck up their children

No. 1141807

god, why do all these degenerate women always talk about how much they want a family and how nurturing they are? Delusional. I wish even one of them had enough ability to self reflect and decide not to reproduce because theyll just fuck up their kids but they all desperately want to breed and think theyll be the best mommies uWu

No. 1141825

Being raised by Felina seems like the perfect recipe for growing up to be a serial killer

No. 1141885

everytime one of these leftthots talks about children i pray its a boy, no little girl deserves being raised by these women

No. 1142027

File: 1611612261174.png (916.53 KB, 640x1136, EA522F23-AE77-4B57-B082-67479D…)

Leia had a crush on bowtie boy as a kid.

No. 1142040

I'm with you. Not to armchair psych but being raised by a woman who debases herself for men, calls women worthless and retarded over and over again sounds hellish. Something bad happens to you and they just tell you to go on a diet and lower your BMI (if you haven't already developed a severe eating disorder from being raised by them). Also seriously Felina- aren't you 22 and just crying about your brother getting mad at you for stealing his weed, not being able to manage your addictions and mental illnesses, and shitting the bed? Get a grip.

No. 1142065

File: 1611615259395.png (479.1 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2021-01-25-16-46-40…)

Anna pretending she's as Russian as your average Moskvich is so funny. She's American. Didn't she say one of her best characteristics is that she doesn't lie? That's three lies in one tweet. Also judging by her reply she's not joking.

No. 1142072

Lol he didn’t even mention American women but Anna had to make about herself. Also didn’t Anna just say that women should be standoffish and reveal little about themselves? She always contradicts herself.

No. 1142075

File: 1611615996368.png (323.33 KB, 1130x1150, girlbosses.png)

Red Scare as a podcast and image couldn't be more calculated. This is from the 2018 profile about them.

No. 1142077

File: 1611616126642.png (53.56 KB, 482x581, kantbot nigger posting on gab.…)

looks like kantbot finally remembered his gab account password and deleted fucking everything lmao


No. 1142082

File: 1611616212570.png (260.41 KB, 1344x1026, anna lies.png)

Is this a lie or just Anna lying to herself. Not long after this her trust fund boyfriend knocked her up and she still didn't keep it or quit podcasting. If she is having a baby this year I doubt she's going to end the podcast.

No. 1142084

is samara mtf?

No. 1142087

Dasha is such a degen it makes me puke

No. 1142090

Lol yes. She said more women should be cold, prickly, standoffish, and reveal nothing. Basing this off of how she perceives Joan Didion. She contradicts herself constantly. I don't know anyone who would describe Anna as warm or kind.

No. 1142093

File: 1611616873783.png (219.47 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_2021-01-25-16-57-42…)

Aimee tweets like she's trying to crap out a college paper 15 minutes before it's due. I think these people love "reactionary" almost as much as "neolib".

No. 1142099

Anna and Aimee usually view the transgender movement as “bourgeois decadence” but if it gives them a chance to shit on feminism, they’re all for it?

No. 1142100

File: 1611617456826.png (144.47 KB, 1080x542, Screenshot_2021-01-25-16-57-55…)

The screen name and avi of this Anna and Aimee reply guy are such a perfect indicator of someone who's head is lodged firmly in their own rectum. Probably fantasizes about being a Roman senator all day. Yeah dude, that's it. Couldn't possibly be a natural social reaction by women to being held down for eons.

No. 1142103

Anna and Dasha had that tranny actor on the pod to shit on women with them, Hari Nef. And a little while ago they knew nothing about the transwomen in women's sports issue. They were saying it's no big deal, knew nothing of the science, ended with saying women's sports should be abolished anyways.

No. 1142107

>always already inherently
Is this what a private school education gets you

No. 1142116

File: 1611618829109.png (94.54 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_2021-01-25-17-49-39…)

Meanwhile Dasha's narcissism has her thinking she's Rosa Luxemburg. All because she did an impromptu Infowars interview in cosplay a few years ago.

No. 1142119

They are both so fucking weird. I remember Anna making autogynephile jokes on the pod and retweeting tweets saying that it was bad reddit banned r/gendercritical.

No. 1142122

>wobble palace
>critically praised

No. 1142131

Completely ideologically inconsistent on nearly everything. It's funny when anyone calls them even nominally left. Their only consistent commitments are to misogyny, pro-ana, and contrarianism. Otherwise they are pinballing all over the map at any given moment.

No. 1142132

aimee being pro trans is something i did not expect at all

No. 1142136

File: 1611620353284.png (338.57 KB, 760x3384, gaystepdadvsblackdudes.png)

He doubled down really hard on this lol.

No. 1142139

Which “trans developments” is she referring to?

No. 1142155

File: 1611621328449.png (15.48 KB, 241x53, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 10.3…)

No. 1142161

File: 1611621945677.jpeg (733.29 KB, 1193x1606, D1A84683-70CE-4BE0-8CF8-212ADF…)

No. 1142212

File: 1611625319512.png (150.56 KB, 598x463, no.PNG)


That would be a no.

No. 1142224

File: 1611626386576.png (649.27 KB, 740x817, Capture.PNG)


He also tried to advertise his "dada populism" podcast on the Red Scare subreddit with absolutely no success.

No. 1142234

self-promotion is probably the number one thing that made that sub sour on Jack; he had like a dozen obvious alts shilling for himself at a time

No. 1142249

File: 1611628843032.png (71.53 KB, 598x376, hh.png)

Heather Habsburg inspired a character in the new Oyler novel

No. 1142251

I know the answer but why does Alice interact with the most pathetic men all day on twitter.
Didn't Heather start her account in 2020? I doubt the author of that book would have seen her in time to base a character on her. Does Alice think she and Heather invented bitchy anonymous women accounts.

No. 1142256

No, I think Heather was around in 2019. And, in any case, if Lauren Oyler didn’t make that character into another obvious Nazi pickme, fuck her.

No. 1142261

I think Rachel changed her handle to @HeatherHabsburg in October 2019, but her account started taking off around Dec/Jan

No. 1142264

File: 1611630026061.png (49.46 KB, 801x248, heather habsburg sadgirlhouse …)

Also Oyler has known Rachel for a while, she wrote a little blurb on SadGirlHouse in 2014.


No. 1142291

File: 1611634033338.png (140.61 KB, 1400x616, asdf.png)

i seem to remember HH complaining that people were accusing her of being Lauren Oyler's alt

No. 1142300

Why are they so pro tranny. Women, blacks, jews are fair game but never white dudes and never trannies

No. 1142303

they're not pro-trans but anti-feminism. "TERFs" are cringe JK Rowling types so they'd never want to be associated with them.

No. 1142317

Complaining about “jannies” is one of Aimee’s favorite things. The only sacred cow is white men, because they’re all Nazis.

No. 1142318

can confirm she has a pussy but identifies as a guy as a bit.

No. 1142340

No. 1142396

File: 1611655770009.png (601.64 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-06-40…)

Jack still incredibly bitter over Bill Kezos.

No. 1142401

File: 1611656035214.png (453.41 KB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-06-56…)

What happened to Jack's super anti-big tech censorship stance? Jack please stop projecting your sincere thoughts about Hitler onto random people. It's weird.

No. 1142403

File: 1611656409708.png (850.99 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-16-25…)

Is Jack actually schizo? He was on a tear about how spray tanned beach blonde bimbos are the only good women, and only hot women should be in the public eye, and now he's defending Marcia Clark against conventionally attractive women?

No. 1142406

File: 1611656938858.png (275.1 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-22-15…)

He's actually certifiable. Just the other day he said Jen Psaki needed a fox news bimbo makeover before being allowed on television because she looks sickly and hideous. You're the cruel and unjustifiable mockery, Jack.

No. 1142407

He doesn't actually hold any real beauty standards, it's just Schmittian "If they're on my team, they're beautiful. If they're on your team, they're ugly."

No. 1142410

File: 1611657380837.png (261.34 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-32-01…)

Now he's doing a weird defense of Lena Dunham though (who is very much not on his team). Maybe because he is especially sore about getting called fat yesterday? Fascinated by the world he lives in where male models are hopelessly devoted to their overweight girlfriends though.

No. 1142413

Lena always gets semi-ironic defense from these types for existing in a perpetual state of cancellation from even worse libs and the "is it all a joke or not?" performance art nature of her entire life-project.

It's either that or their breasts and flab look exactly the same so he feels like he needs to defend her body shape, which is honestly the more plausible explanation.

No. 1142414

File: 1611657723520.png (155.68 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_2021-01-26-04-31-13…)

Does Jack think right wingers will respect him for tweeting something like this? The fascists will all clap for the homosexual who collects perfume bottles because he said gay rights are lame? Have a little dignity.

No. 1142416

I think you are bang on with the second explanation, lol. He's way fatter though. Weird that he thinks about her breasts at all actually.

No. 1142424

all bill ever posted about him was screenshots of his own tweets. these types constantly go on and on about performative victimhood but act like someone making fun of the retarded things they willingly tweet is them being stalked by literally Hitler

No. 1142427

He's so dramatic. I know we aren't supposed to armchair psych but for all bpd gets thrown around on here Jack seems textbook hpd to me. Even though he called Bill literally Hitler he kinda seems like the kind of guy who has a copy of Mein Kampf in his nightstand.

No. 1142429

He literally has a copy of Culture of Critique (antisemitic, white supremacist text) on his nightstand lmao

No. 1142430

File: 1611661194766.jpeg (186.09 KB, 1242x397, 251D847C-F9BA-413C-9A92-2E91DA…)

No. 1142433

He literally thinks someone making fun of him or calling him fat is the most heinous atrocity that could ever be committed. Someone just posting screenshots of his tweets makes them an “insane venal internet stalker psychopath” but actual rapist samememe was a “kind and wonderful” person who did nothing wrong.

No. 1142438

File: 1611661747156.png (89.88 KB, 1080x514, Screenshot_2021-01-26-05-47-16…)

Lol, textbook. Jack doesn't need a therapist. He needs a whole team of psychiatric professionals.

No. 1142458

Still thinking, constantly thinking. Can't even enjoy that double quarter pounder for fear that he'll have to make another trip to Ross for more forgiving shorts.

No. 1142464

he deleted this after it was posted here for some reason

No. 1142496

But Jack, isn't screenshotting that guy's tweet spectral rape? Aren't all screenshots worse than real life sexual abuse?

No. 1142553

I wish when Rapememe finally folded, Jack followed suit, too. This Kapo Faggot is more boring than the Slurcialists complaining about pussy hat Biden voters. It’s one thing to be a Faggot FrogNazi, but it’s another to be an entirely predictable Kultur Warrior FrogNazi Fag. Even his histrionics are entirely mechanical. Still, seems like he’s getting to that critical point again where he just deletes all his tweets because he’s made it entirely evident that he’s an unstable menace to society. But, this time, Jacko, follow Anna’s lead and deactivate.

No. 1142597

It’s been two months and there is no sign of Rapememe resurfacing. He has more restraint than I thought.

No. 1142605

Anna herself couldn't stay deactivated for any real significant amount of time, they can't live without twitter

No. 1142684

File: 1611688475905.jpeg (79.27 KB, 479x539, F7BD8CF7-7EE5-4C33-9C36-81000E…)

Sage for fan art but I picture this in my head every time I see his posts on here

No. 1142747

agree fat jack is boring and so mechanically retarded. like a bot, a lard fat one ofc
When will the uwu smol steppe beans reappear

No. 1142766

the people you guys talk about mostly are so boring. all literally one type of person

No. 1142780

I feel like in general both the online left and right political spheres have become very boring and repetitive, and extremely online types do generally all tend to be the same 'one type of person', but no one is stopping you posting about someone more interesting itt

No. 1142999

Lexaprofessional tweeted about how she loves accurately pinpointing a narcissist or something like that but then deleted before I could cap it, lol.

No. 1143009

File: 1611709964576.png (75.74 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_2021-01-26-19-09-16…)

Anna K liking tweets from this weird tradwife-bimbo hybrid again. I thought she was going to try to get booted from twitter for the sake of big tech drama but she is being mostly subdued.

No. 1143011

File: 1611710256726.png (253.56 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_2021-01-26-19-14-23…)

She's so try hard. This isn't a hot take. This is what every crotchety 70 year old man will tell you. These e-thots always gotta shoehorn in their weight lmao.

No. 1143013

File: 1611710629388.png (90.39 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_2021-01-26-19-19-24…)

Again with the crotchety old man takes. Going to the emergency room for blood poisoning and concussions is a super fun time, lmao.

No. 1143053

the lose of trump and the pandemic subsiding around august means political cows will get less and less attention. paradoxically their behavior will become more unhinged as they grow desperate.

No. 1143076

not gonna lie it’s pretty funny that this dumbass bimbo uberwhatever person keeps samefagging and self posting to absolutely no attention

No. 1143078

yes, it's so weird and obvious! I'm confused as to why she's so desperate for attention here? And how a person can be so devoid of self-awareness and shame?

No. 1143095

New crop of thots trying very hard to feed on the redscare and alt-right carcasses now that trump is gone and we're entering a new "season" so to speak. She really has no shame, on top of the selfposting I also get the feeling that she's trying to be Anna's ideal woman come true kek

No. 1143096

File: 1611720720168.png (182.36 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_2021-01-26-22-07-32…)

Stop telling me not to post about Jack. He's such a histrionic disaster. Bring better cows if he's too boring. Anyways, Jack confirmed for being trans. Or just thinking that being an early 2000's catty gay stereotype makes him one of the girls.

No. 1143098

>muh grils don't understand munnny!
Funny, it's always seemed like the women in the dirtbag left sphere are always tuned into the stock market and finance more than the bros are. TrueAnon Brace/Liz a classic example of this paradigm.

No. 1143106

They’re both insufferable airheads, with Brace pretending to be a Marxist and Franczak pretending to be Liz Bruenig.

No. 1143107

File: 1611721710948.png (790.91 KB, 640x1136, 5C64894F-BB26-4885-9991-AF8A5E…)

No. 1143108

File: 1611721765533.png (286.44 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_2021-01-26-22-07-07…)

Jack still sore as hell about being fat shamed. How the hell is he friends with Anna and Dasha with this attitude? Also he called Lady Gaga fat at the inauguration.

No. 1143111

File: 1611721920748.png (792.49 KB, 1100x1466, 38464367-6A72-4141-A279-950BC2…)

You’re not a real leftist unless you’re a fat activist

No. 1143112

File: 1611721929759.jpeg (388.82 KB, 640x717, B4244218-8F65-459A-991E-758C70…)

vs. what she looks like now

No. 1143121

Doesn't he unironically identify as a fascist? So a fascist fat activist, lol. The Hermann Göring of fat positivity.

No. 1143126

I have no idea what he’s saying at any given time, every single post he makes is schizophrenic word salad to the point it could’ve been generated by a bot

No. 1143141

File: 1611726012039.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, 5F372454-7708-45DC-89F3-E75D7C…)

Caroline reminds me of Droopy

No. 1143171

File: 1611730185861.png (287.72 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_2021-01-27-00-44-11…)

Anna K liked these tweets. She's not wrong here (for once lol) but a big pivot from her take on feminism being incoherent and wrong about transwomen. She literally sounds like a dreaded terf here. This is so typical of Aimee and Anna. Happy to crap on transmen but will shill for transwomen, lmao. Gotta keep that misogyny 100.

No. 1143173

File: 1611731560922.jpeg (337.82 KB, 1125x1817, 9D1BE7ED-0F16-4A5C-AEC3-6006BD…)

Felina’s mad because we said she should focus on not shitting herself and not stealing her brothers drugs instead of even thinking about bringing a child into this world.

No. 1143177

Referring to having a child as breeding does seem kind of psycho. Also retweeting really lame rape jokes for her reply guys. Why does she seek this place out? Nobody is making her come here? Smoking weed doesn't make her weird. Voluntarily posting about stealing her brother's weed and then whining when he gets mad and posting about her diarrhea episodes makes her weird.

No. 1143180

I’ve never shit my bed as an adult so yes I do feel superior to the girl who just did. Also lol @ believing that “posting on Twitter” is an act of courage.

No. 1143184

imagine having a twitter

No. 1143227

File: 1611742423660.png (211.56 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_2021-01-27-04-07-41…)

Felina getting mad that anons screencap her demented tweets and then screencapping a lolcow post. It's a beautiful cycle.

No. 1143232

File: 1611743166133.png (169.64 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_2021-01-27-04-19-12…)

Very jealous of @r00fiedr1nker and her rotating eating disorders, degenerate public sexual behaviour, tendency to poop the bed, drug abuse, and how she hasn't seen her own fiance in two years. Truly can't think of a more enviable woman.

No. 1143243

File: 1611744538311.png (134 KB, 1080x540, IMG_20210127_114520.png)

unsurprisingly its a femcel blaming feminism and hitler and the deep state for her inability to keep a guy
Sage for incredible levels of rando

No. 1143246

These Red Scare fangirls are so brain-dead. Would honestly love to read her schizo thesis on how capitalism and feminism are working together to keep her from landing a man and having a baby, something that millions of women manage to do just fine.

No. 1143247

File: 1611745117086.jpeg (525.01 KB, 1196x1343, B463A866-47ED-41BE-9508-93D69E…)

No. 1143320

It's been two years. I don't think you'll ever see your fiance again, kek.

No. 1143325

Why hasn't she seen him in two years lol? Cause she's a druggie sex freak or some other reason?

No. 1143337

File: 1611752969972.png (171.61 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_2021-01-27-06-58-32…)

She's still going and posting nudes to make herself feel better. This is such a pathetic cope. She's lying. In the original tweets there was a lot of dramatic anguish and whining and very little , if any humour.

No. 1143338

File: 1611753330120.jpeg (567.68 KB, 1125x1669, 92A2DC46-097D-4637-B39F-88387A…)

I want her to talk about pooping herself on her main. Her poor family, imagine being related to her, kek. It’s even funnier to imagine her with a child, I’m sure those grimy pussy pics will never come back to make that kids life difficult!

No. 1143339

File: 1611753362308.png (Spoiler Image, 850.32 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_2021-01-27-07-12-40…)

Felina is begging for compliments from her reply guys by posting semi-nudes because of her lolcow bullying.

No. 1143347

me: peepee
lolcow: poopoo

No. 1143349

They're right that there's not a lot of 20-22 year old men with a stable job who want kids but that doesn't apply to their situation and it's not feminism's fault. None of these girls would even marry and have kids if the perfect guy showed up for them because they're selfish messes. They themselves make it impossible to happen because they're ugly drunks and drug using slobs no one is going to want to raise a child with. Then when they're Anna's age they can pretend they regret that they didn't have the chance to get pregnant younger.

No. 1143354

>t. bpd

No. 1143355

File: 1611755080519.png (266.64 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_2021-01-27-07-37-44…)

No idea how old this Bella woman is but if you really want to get married at a young age it's definitely possible. I knew a girl who was engaged in high school and got married after graduation. Very academically talented and traditional. But yes, the funny thing is that these e-girl messes don't exactly make the best traditional wife material.
Maybe log off and develop some life skills before blaming feminism. Apparently her problem is that she's too amazing for men too handle.

No. 1143361

File: 1611755876402.png (193.39 KB, 529x430, au.png)

This is interesting: apparently Caroline as_a_woman and Hailey roun_sa_ville were members of YDSA at American University at the same time in 2017

No. 1143362

File: 1611756069642.png (144.39 KB, 207x413, model un.png)

Caroline from around that time

No. 1143363

File: 1611756158593.png (227.45 KB, 226x563, lib.png)


No. 1143366

She looked better like this. The long hair with no bangs just makes her look droopy, like >>1143141 said.

No. 1143367

>Franczak pretending to be Liz Bruenig
What do you mean

No. 1143369

File: 1611756677361.jpeg (170.84 KB, 828x1311, 93358EFA-0623-42E9-BD67-FFF991…)

wasnt she obsessed with owning shasti for months?

speaking of obsessiveness and shasti, heres a recent selfie where she makes it really obvious. will she ever grow out of it?

No. 1143370

Might be referring to the holier-than-thou Catholic affectation? Franczak doesn't really deploy it anymore, but her header and bio are a relic from when she semi-larped as a tradwife-in-waiting before her account blew up.

No. 1143391


These leftthots constantly complain they can’t get married or have kids bc “feminism & capitalism” make it impossible, and it’s such a weird smooth-brained take. Not to blogpost but I’m a feminist and I’m married with kids and a job, and most women I know are in the same situation (or if they’re childfree it’s by choice.) These people don’t want to admit they’re just messy and don’t have their shit together. Bitter narcissistic drug addicts with eating disorders and cryptofash tendencies who post 24/7 on Twitter aren’t likely to be the most employable or marriageable people, duh. It’s a little online echo chamber of losers who’ve convinced themselves it’s “society’s” fault they’re all losers.

No. 1143397

When I think of “sharing your Ls” online, I think of talking about missed job opportunities, awkward dates etc. Regular stuff people can relate to. Not literally posting detailed updates on one’s bowel movements. That’s not humorous or relatable, it’s just gross oversharing.

No. 1143428


She doesn't actually "need" a job. She lives in her father's house's guest house in a 1.5 million dollar neighborhood. This is a performance to endear her to other Red Scare types.

No. 1143450

It’s so lovely how every time you look into the past of these Nazi pickmes it turns out that they were healthy and happy before they became jilted fascist cunts.

No. 1143453

Liz Franczak pretends to be a perfect angel who has never done anything wrong in her life, when she used to work at Nasty Girl after going to Bard College, which is well known for its rampant drug use. So, it’s hard to believe that she’s ever been any kind of angel.

No. 1143536

Are you mormon or something? Franczak is an annoying social climber but this is an insane reach.

No. 1143569

>she shits herself constantly

Gee I wonder why her fiancé ran away from her years ago.

No. 1143575

File: 1611776913845.jpeg (78.81 KB, 1080x859, 7814009B-3DEA-47D7-80BA-918556…)

Felina should ask her fellow cow @custardloaf for tips on how to plug up your butthole with your hairbrush.

No. 1143596

Approaching Jack-tier levels of cope.

No. 1143632

that does sound exactly like something Jack would say

No. 1143645

File: 1611781357293.png (197.66 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20210127-145724~2.p…)

The narcissist part is right

No. 1143663

she should feel embarrassed about being a retarded thief who shits her bed and does nothing but take nudes where you genuinely she genuine looks like she stinks because her hair is saturated with grease. she hasn’t seen her boyfriend because he’s probably afraid of the combination of hot dog water and actual shit stench that wafts off her body.

No. 1143679

If she isn't embarrassed then why keep tweeting and complaining about lolcow, just ignore it. She's made like 10 posts about how much she doesn't care and finds it funny, actually.

No. 1143680

It's funny how quickly she switched from claiming to be a farmer and saying how being posted here was her greatest achievement.

No. 1143684

File: 1611783813427.jpeg (52.58 KB, 349x642, 43CB0EE8-2B2B-4F99-8165-616170…)

If it doesn’t embarrass you then stop lurking this thread and constantly posting about this place. It’s clear that something here has really touched a nerve in you which is why you won’t stop posting these cope tweets.

No. 1143704

Bold words from a guy who definitely can't walk across the Target parking lot without getting winded

No. 1143715

File: 1611785799183.jpeg (139.98 KB, 750x928, 688BA43D-0C5B-4A5F-9397-46191A…)

Anna’s face on the new Red Scare merchandise looks absolutely nothing like her, lmao. Someone photoshop Mr. Bean on here for a more accurate depiction.

$40 for a piece of shit t-shirt too. At least if you see someone wearing this garbage, you’ll know to stay the hell away from them.

No. 1143723

who made this crap it's not art adjacent at all at least get some sort of online ceramics or rudnick rip off. dating a member of opn but not being able to access their graphic designer. insulting to fans to have to rep this cafepress garbage

No. 1143725

I refuse to believe there's anyone in the world who would wear a red scare thong

No. 1143729

Both are right. Does she think we think her handle is her real name? It's a reference to her favourite antidepressant lol.

No. 1143751

File: 1611787708014.png (238.86 KB, 477x528, shirt.png)

$38,000 a month wasn't enough money I guess

No. 1143755

the original art is so bad genuinely I would rather wear this version

No. 1143759

File: 1611788150569.jpeg (12.25 KB, 227x179, 1611785799183~2.jpeg)

Neither looks like them. Dasha looks like the little girl she wishes she was. A Red Scare thong is just the depths of sadness. I guess they were going for ironic tackiness but when it comes to fashion wearing something ironically unappealing just means you're wearing ugly clothes.

No. 1143763

looks like it’s all american made so tbh its not priced obnoxiously

No. 1143773

File: 1611788891428.png (571.15 KB, 593x677, T.png)

I genuinely thought this had to just be some knock off joke trying to make a buck.
It's not, it's actually really them.
Unbelievable almost.
My expectations of them were never very high but never imagined this degree of tacky, trashy, greedy grossness

No. 1143782

>they think i'm a narcissist named lexa
We call you "lexa" because that's your internet handle, Sydney.

No. 1143787

Honestly having an emperor-has-no-clothes moment with this merch. Always thought A + D, as vile as their views sometimes are, are still tastemakers with considerable cultural cache. But if this is what they deign to sell as official merch for the Red Scare brand..??

No. 1143788

How do they not even add Dasha's mole?
It's 10 dollar shipping US and 30 for international. I saw the website they use has an option for a promo code and the greedy dumbasses didn't even post one to the paypigs as far as I've seen.

No. 1143794

>are still tastemakers with considerable cultural cache.

No. 1143795

File: 1611790113858.png (2.52 MB, 1360x1354, beautifulcreativefashionable.p…)

what is going on with the neck hole? looks really tight in the model pic too

No. 1143799

She seems like one of the simpler girls in this circle, lol. If she didn't hang out with degens and wasn't a self obsessed narc it might be kind of charming.

No. 1143802

They're printed on Los Angeles Apparel which has neck holes that are weirdly high (imo)

No. 1143807

Taking inspo from their fave bastions of classy mall fashion, Brandy Melville, by making the crop top one size. Gotta keep those mega fatty size 4 women at bay.

No. 1143809

File: 1611790867901.png (41.98 KB, 244x136, L.png)

This guy is 5'5" wearing a large and it's choking him.
The design on this shirt actually shows some thought and originality unlike the rest of the crap, but it's unwearable

No. 1143814

File: 1611791196143.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_2021-01-27-17-41-30…)

What would possess a man to dress like this in public? Does he think it's going to get him his very own e-girl? Most embarrassing behavior. "Yeah, I listen to two 30 something year old women with mad vocal fry, who live In NYC talk about how hiking is gross and Taylor Swift is a fatass every week. It's so good bro, you gotta listen."

No. 1143833

Lmao thanks Anon. Whoever makes the next thread should use this as the pic.

No. 1143840

File: 1611792622262.jpeg (75.8 KB, 686x1080, images.jpeg)

The design is just a copy of the cover of Anna's favourite book (that Dasha hasn't even read) except with their pod sign off added.

No. 1143844

This other retard is also an absolute BPD-chan, her posts are always sucking up to Anna (who afaict doesn't even know she exists)

No. 1143853

>Honestly having an emperor-has-no-clothes moment with this merch. Always thought A + D, as vile as their views sometimes are, are still tastemakers with considerable cultural cache.

I never understood this perspective. Everything they post suggests they have unironically atrocious taste and judgement but use the “irony” defense whenever someone points this out.

Lasch reference aside, this looks like one of those Walmart shirts that Irish-Americans sometimes wear on St Patty’s Day.

No. 1143859

True, but adding the name and sign off is quite a big achievement by their standards

No. 1143863

File: 1611794503951.png (72.43 KB, 2424x158, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.41…)

Punished myself by listening to this episode and Anna throws a dig at Ashley, who she supposedly now liked enough to go on her podcast. "A lot of what those metoo allegation were," Anna's switches to her voice she does when imitating a stupid girl, "Well he has a career as an alt-lit poet and I don't." With Dasha giggling the whole time even though she acts like her friend at the time and now. In case anyone forgot what the situation with Ashley was, she was groomed online when she was a young teen and said she received messages from other girls targeted after she posted it about it. No matter how much she tries to pretend it was a fake metoo to suck up to Anna it wasn't and now Anna now reveals that she still thinks Ashley is a pathetic manipulating loser for outting a predator. They really are evil people.

As always it's amazing how little Dasha talks. She says maybe 40 full sentences in an over an hour.

No. 1143864

File: 1611794683222.png (742.28 KB, 818x1060, onlinevirl2.png)

An alternate version

No. 1143867

Lasch's estate should sue for copyright infringement. I can't imagine he'd appreciate being associated with two cluster b ana-chans and their ugly thong collection. Oh, the irony.

No. 1143869

everyone involved in alt lit was a grifter in a clout pyramid scheme and the few people speaking up about it were soundly dismissed. they needed to be dragged back then, but time has taken care of most of their influence but there are still some rebranded ghouls hanging around.

No. 1143874

They do that almost every episode. Anna does her nasally "stupid bitch" voice while recounting a woman being raped, beaten, or otherwise terrorized by a man (the real victim of course) while Dasha just cackles like a goblin in the background. All joking aside they really are genuinely terrible people.

No. 1143881

File: 1611796301391.png (Spoiler Image, 787.46 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_2021-01-27-19-05-14…)

She's desperately posting nudes to feel better. Don't click if you don't enjoy Felina being gross. Taking pictures like this at the gynecologists office is so deranged. Also she probably belongs in the anorexia larpers thread. That's not the body of someone suffering from anorexia.

No. 1143886

cat ears to your gynocologist's office

No. 1143887

she has a diseased mind

No. 1143888

Taking nudes at your gyno in cat ears for your twitter reply guys is not embarrassing at all. Definitely ready to be a mommy.

No. 1143893

File: 1611797256593.png (174.7 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_2021-01-27-19-20-39…)

Auditioning hard for third mic on Red Scare. Anna just ignores her though. Guess her BMI is too high, or tit to arm ratio is off? Anyways, Dasha has the sexual degen market cornered already.

No. 1143896

i hate white women

No. 1143900

File: 1611798212005.png (69.15 KB, 606x336, hodl.png)

Aimee on Gamestop

No. 1143902

File: 1611798278210.jpeg (853.93 KB, 1242x1553, EDB8AD21-7269-4214-B0CD-B78998…)

Does Anna genuinely think the average r/WSB poster investing in gamestop is working class? It seems weird to retweet this unhinged reaction to a very obvious joke. This girl doesn’t even have an only fans.

No. 1143903

File: 1611798305457.jpeg (245.86 KB, 1242x657, CB354869-9B90-4886-81D7-E1DC97…)

No. 1143905

Does Anna have autism

No. 1143908

Imagine being a part of a podcast called Clout Grifters, finding out that not one but two of your cohosts were rapists, and not deleting your account. That bitch has no shame.

No. 1143909

Oh I hadn't heard of her before this, did she continue doing the podcast with them?

No. 1143910

when wallstreet bets does more in one day than leftist podcasts have for the last four years

No. 1143911

File: 1611798706057.jpg (241.05 KB, 1300x1950, 200730_FIORUCCI_26_1032.jpg)

guys the shirt is just a fiorucci rip lol

No. 1143913

eh, she kind of has a point here. Blackrock is making the most out of this ordeal, whole thing is going to end with a lot of normies losing money.

No. 1143915

It was brought up here a thread or two ago. She and her cohost who runs the “Grift Shop” kicked them out of the pod and decided to keep on casting so far as I know. That’s just the Dirtbag “Left” for ya.

No. 1143920

File: 1611799852013.png (1006.6 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_2021-01-27-20-08-35…)

Horny tweeting on main.

No. 1143921

Strong aryan coal miners who aren't afraid to say slurs vs socialist onlyfans roasties… a struggle that haunts the diseased brains of frog twitter users

No. 1143922

aimee’s takes are lacklustre af. She doesn’t under the Gamestop situation. I’m surprised she didn’t churn out some leftoid rhetoric.

No. 1143924

Aimee doesn’t understand much of anything.

No. 1143926

zoomer go back to insta maybe youll come across some Fiorucci vintage pop culture reposts

No. 1143927

>grifter in a clout pyramid scheme
if this doesn't describe the current pantheon of twitter "anti-woke" leftists such as anna & dasha…

No. 1143929

>"heh, yeah i def not into young asian girls or traps"

No. 1143931

Did you respond to the wrong post?

No. 1143933

it exactly does, and a bunch of art-adjacent instas and breadtubers as well. they perfected the clout simp economy because patreon wasn't as acceptable back in the old alt lit days. but boy did those same people screech about memers trying to get into galleries

No. 1143934

Yes, my bad lol.

No. 1143938

the original design looks more much professional. the Red Scare version, along with the hilariously idealized cherubic faces representing Anna and Dasha, looks like a lazy photoshop job.

No. 1143954

She completely lost it after she was “cancelled”. It’s like it gave her a brain injury. She was relatively composed before.

No. 1143956

File: 1611803009987.jpeg (188.67 KB, 1125x1172, CDBC099A-8157-4BD6-9EA0-B8A393…)

Wait, this is Ashley…ew? The self harmed cross on her face??? Grow up already.

I noticed nobody is really interacting with her anymore. After listening to her on Jacks podcast, I can see why.

No. 1143960

oh it's the hood by air people, it's like it's 2012!

No. 1143962

why was she cancelled?

No. 1143975

File: 1611803617296.png (424.53 KB, 500x581, m.png)

Noooo !
It's all really clever ironic references you would understand if you were smart and cool, not just just lazy rip offs at all

No. 1143978

I saw the GameStop thing as a meme-ified version of introducing people to a glimpse into what our economy is like. Especially young people who probably don’t understand how stock markets operate. I couldn’t say how effective it is, but I’ve seen people in my personal life share/talk about it somewhat critically…

I hate the condescending, holier-than-thou comments about how “this did nothing and you are all pathetic for talking about it or even entertaining it’s effect on people in a positive way. I’m so much smarter than you losers, this is my sizzling hot take” .

“Hot takes” are apparently just cynical reactionary comments that lack depth.

No. 1143981

Another dumb design. Whoever was responsible for designing these did a really bad job.

No. 1143994

judging by the background environment thats an employee at the print shop they had make shirts

No. 1143999

Lmao, yeah, looks like the Bennigan's sign. So tacky.

No. 1144000

los angeles apparel necks arent tight unless youre a fatass. jack is that you posting?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1144003

He hated women so I think they would have gotten along just fine. A lot of their anti feminist talking points are just recycled Lasch.

No. 1144011

That's true but I think a traditional type like him would be driven insane by 30+ year old women calling themselves hot little sluts and taking selfies constantly. That would freak him out. He would be horrified they weren't quietly making their husbands coffee with a baby on one breast.

No. 1144014

File: 1611807440827.jpeg (210.95 KB, 1187x730, 7A72996C-6A55-42BC-8B60-E8096E…)

No. 1144016

this is the exact type of woman men who like trannies are into

No. 1144023

Matt Christman's old politics blog (2005-2009)

His movie reviews blog (2007-2011)

No. 1144027

I find it so annoying and strange how shocked these people act at women using imageboards and the way literally every time the people itt tweet about lolcow the responses from their followers are always like 'none of these people are women, clearly these are all just men pretending to be women'

No. 1144035

File: 1611808880294.png (421.67 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_2021-01-27-22-31-59…)

Anna might ignore her but her pro-ana posting was too tantalizing for Dasha to resist. Women's magazines are still exactly like this except for their bi-annual performative body positivity. Otherwise dieting and underweight teenage models make up the majority of the content lmao.

No. 1144037

an under-appreciated side of this whole circle of people is the way they all play up their ethnic 'identities' despite all being just americans. not just anna and dasha either, tho they're probably the worst, but all their fans and a lot of these other people on twitter.

it seems like just another sign of their obsessive desire for some kind of identity, and also this weird inferiority complex about being american: they view everything european as somehow glamorous and sophisticated (ironically, a classic characteristic of provincial, middle class americans) and want to align themselves with it.

i also blame Nassim Taleb for starting a lot of this inane ethnicity larping bullshit but that's another story

No. 1144044

and i put 'ethnicities' in quotes because they're not even that, they're really just like a collection of vague stereotypes from like 100 years ago that have no contemporary relevance whatsoever

No. 1144045

They act so knowledgable about the internet but don't even realize that (shock) women are people who can use the internet too. I wonder if they know what cgl is or that 4chan itself reports that ~30% of its userbase is female on its information for advertisers page. It's like how they think pepe is still a cutting edge meme.

No. 1144051

You're absolutely right. They talk about "Americans" with such disdain, as if they are themselves a seperate species, it's hilarious. They pretend to care about the working class but they hate everything they perceive as common, it's beneath them and tacky. So many North Americans were born in the old country but raised in America or Canada and wouldn't dare call themselves European. They are so far removed. They desperately want to be special and being American is boring and mundane.

No. 1144057

Exactly and lolcow itself isn't even new its like 7 years old at this point so it's weird to see these supposedly 'extremely online' men be so pearl clutchy over it. I don't get why it's so hard for them to process that they have to convince themselves we're men.

No. 1144061

I'm guessing that they think "all those dumb wahmen only use sites like Instagram and Pinterest" and think the rest of the internet is their domain and maybe feel a bit superior about it, so they feel somewhat offended when they come across women who use the internet in similar ways to them.

No. 1144065

Men doing elaborate research on women's haircare, skincare, gynecology, and fashion brands, to pretend to be women on lolcow is such a retarded conspiracy.

No. 1144069

Oh, look, it’s the (former?) Aimee Terese Simp, Sean “Nazis Are Workers, Too” McCarthy.
Sean is an excellent example of this since he follows Aimee in claiming that Floyd’s Rebellion was just BLM dancing to Bezos’ puppetry, but then whines about AntiIrish discrimination, as well as repeating Aimee’s concern trolling about “deaths of despair” by white trash. But, they really don’t give a fuck about any of these people. They’re just rhetorical devices to “own the (((Left.)))”

No. 1144073

Yeah I think so too. I feel like a repeated thing I’ve seen from men online is that ‘women never use the internet anonymously’ and always post pictures of themselves and they say it like they feel they’re superior for it, so I think they do maybe feel somewhat offended when they realise women just use the internet the exact same way as them

It’s like they can understand that anonymity allows people freedom to speak in a way they probably wouldn’t irl perfectly fine with regards to men but for some reason are unable to get that the same is obviously true for women when there is no longer a pressure to be perceived a certain way. I guess when they come here and see women acting in a way that goes against how they think women are they have to convince themselves we’re all just larping men to protect their worldview.

No. 1144085

Apparently he got mass reported by people who thought he ‘deplatformed’ samememe. A lot of people seem to think samememe got suspended instead of just deactivating like a coward. I’m shocked at how many devoted simps samememe seems to have had.

No. 1144090

the blm tweets were making fun of aimee pretty sure

No. 1144098

Why do retards mention this site on twitter? It’s so annoying.

No. 1144099

how do you know that, do you know her?

damn imagine him just absolutely going to town on a cheeseburger

No. 1144100

Possibly, but this whole crowd puts Poe’s Law to shame.

No. 1144106

How do you know? If that's the case it's absolutely hysterical that she is whining about capitalism. She should shut her trap, get a rich husband and have five kids asap.

No. 1144165

What did she say?

No. 1144167

I can’t find the tweets because she’s shadowbanned but does anyone remember who it was she was publicly flirting with a few months ago? She called him smart and said she respected him a lot? It looked like they were edating

No. 1144171

File: 1611828316634.jpeg (168.6 KB, 828x1306, BE064B96-73E3-4147-8537-E08353…)

>After listening to her on Jacks podcast, I can see why.

The Girls Talk episode she made with Dasha didn’t help either

No. 1144189

The episode she did with Felix was weird, it was very apparent Felix has some kind of sexual fetish towards her

No. 1144283

File: 1611841031137.png (179.25 KB, 1187x1031, CAPTURE.png)


Even funnier, she repeatedly admitted this before her "radicalization" into a Red Scare fangirl/Trump supporter. The proper houses near Dominican University in San Rafael will run you at least 1.5 million dollars. Ones with guest houses are presumably even more expensive.

No. 1144289

No. 1144290

Imagine having all this, wealthy connections and daddy’s money to get you whatever you want. And you still can’t find a single man to tolerate you and get ghosted frequently. What a fucking loser.

No. 1144294

File: 1611842016367.png (73.29 KB, 600x661, CAPTURE.png)


"I worked a summer job at Starbucks with the poors before going back to Daddy's million dollar house at night and it changed my life. I'm not like the other (rich) girls."

No. 1144298

File: 1611842639589.jpeg (587.02 KB, 1125x1765, 89DC934F-CF49-4822-A237-69105D…)

Absolutely pathetic. Why do every one of these chicks overestimate their attractiveness so much?

No. 1144299

File: 1611843034843.png (69.11 KB, 1000x446, franczak.png)

Wow, Liz F sunk quite a bit into the Bernie campaign

No. 1144302

File: 1611843778939.png (40.89 KB, 428x430, booger nick grudge.png)

This is funny, Nick Fuentes donated $10 to Madison Cawthorn's Democrat opponent lol

No. 1144305

What’s keeping her from hooking up with one of the hundreds of lonely and desperate men in the Dirtbag Left?

No. 1144310

Did nick mullen delete his ig?

No. 1144315

not employed instead of self-employed hmm

No. 1144319

If the address she put down for these donations is her actual address, then she lives in a $2,000,000 apartment wew lad

No. 1144325

whats with the random $1 donation lol

No. 1144326

File: 1611846918335.png (13.42 KB, 725x99, thedollars.PNG)


trueanon is one of the highest earning monthly patreons period. if brace and liz haven't fessed up to otherwise redistributing their earnings, they're each pocketing 20,000+ a month.

No. 1144410

Probably additional contribution to actblue, they ask you for that when you go to contribute to a campaign through them.

No. 1144424

young, attractive, fertile, kind, smart, educated blah blah blah

sits on Twitter making embarrassingly desperate femcel posts 24/7

…yeeeah, something is not adding up here.

No. 1144425

In summary of the whole thing, it started off with them shmoozing and being pretentious and jerking each other off. When it was coming to an end and they were clearly and verbally wrapping it up, Ashley in her trademark autistic, cold Tim Gunn-wannabe voice says she isn’t done and has so much to say. She proceeds to rant about her rape in detail when nobody asked and it was entirely inappropriate. She victimized herself and went on about being raped for several days and how she would sing hymns in the shower and come out and be beaten and raped again. They weren’t saying much, rightfully so, and she just went on and on. It was painfully autistic and embarrassing.

No. 1144449

She's intersex, isn't she?

No. 1144454

She claims to be. Doesn’t make it true.

No. 1144487

cute butch

No. 1144525

File: 1611864440155.png (61.31 KB, 752x794, rspawgs.png)

Didn't red scare sell out of their other shirts and lighters in 24 hours last time? Right now the only thing sold out is one of the large sized thong and lighter set.

No. 1144535

Cromagnon butch

No. 1144540

File: 1611865703661.png (257.54 KB, 588x520, lmfao.PNG)

Even though Anna isn't really wrong here, I can already see the twitter and subreddit discourses and long instagram story rants from a mile away now that she's been this overt about her stance

No. 1144542

You could probably just buy regular lighters and write “Red Scare” on it with a marker and it’d look better than what they’re selling.

No. 1144555

These fascist harpies are just psychotically jealous of any and all pregnant transmen while their own eggs are wasting away. Maybe if they weren’t hateful Nazis with extra stupid steps, maybe then they’d actually be leading a good life. Probably not though. They seem pretty hopeless.

No. 1144556

Ashley’s podcast ft Dasha started out really awkward and rocky, Dasha was clearly trying to be personable and Ashley was going out of her way to try to sound edgy and different in a very obvious, childlike way. Says she had a gift for their friend Kyle because Dasha mentioned he complimented her. Says it was a locket with a lock of her hair? Weird and definitely wouldn’t be wanted. Dasha continues to be polite. Dasha says she has a funny t shirt still that she got for Ashley and needs to gift her, suddenly Ashley claims she has a gift for Dasha too to in a stiff and hesitant way that suggests she’s just a compulsive liar. Then says oh well she’s not sure she “rescued” the gift from “the house.” Asks Dasha if she kept up with the current events of her life, sounds horrendously flattered that Dasha jokingly calls her haunted. Straight up says “Gosh, so Angel died.” Goes into an entire monologue chronicling her views of events that nobody cares about. The entire think is awkward—I’m not the sort to armchair but she has these strange pauses and stiffness in conversation that just reminds me of people who compulsively lie. She was oversharing, aggrandizing, and saying morbid things with nervous laughter. Dasha is annoying with her droning and mewling but Ashley made her look like a conversational master. It was way too uncomfortable and it was obvious Dasha was rightfully uncomfortable and searching for things to say. Ashley was just talking about herself as if she were a fictional protagonist. Not worth listening to unless you love cringe that much.

No. 1144563

this was very predictable but it's going to provoke so much boring discourse, which is probably the primary motivation in saying it for her

No. 1144566

File: 1611868408729.png (473.43 KB, 722x499, aimee.png)

Do you ever sit and contemplate how Aimee Terese finished her BA in 2010 and has been in law school for 6 years, making her 32 years old. And she post like this.

No. 1144574

File: 1611868960807.jpeg (107.72 KB, 1200x800, 164AC1AA-06BD-4993-8C9A-AB8929…)

Did Anna really say this? I don’t listen to her podcast or see any of her tweets aside from the ones posted here.

No. 1144585

lmao foh

No. 1144591

Where did you find this? It’s too on the nose, seems like a crumps joke
The “foh” is so embarassing, she’s cringiest when she tries to sound tough.

No. 1144592

I thought law was an undergrad degree in Australia like it is in the UK

No. 1144599

No. 1144609

File: 1611871671205.png (257.75 KB, 591x488, 2.png)

The poor woman is such a mess, don't think her condition is one that she will grow out of

No. 1144614


She talks about having completed a bachelor of arts and started working in 2010, so presumably she left and went back for the law degree she has likely flunked out of. This also matches up with her having a 21st birthday photo album dated 2009.

No. 1144616

File: 1611872373431.png (367.96 KB, 1176x726, Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 8.10…)

No. 1144642

Even if you were of the opinion that only women can be pregnant, it's hard to see why you would object to them being referred to as people

No. 1144645

Does Ashley still pretend that Angel’s death was a murder suicide? I remember listening to the Nice People Show’s episode with Anna, and Ashley was droning on how Angel’s attempt at “murder-suicide” was the most romantic gesture lol

No. 1144650

File: 1611874480957.png (131.33 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_2021-01-28-16-44-02…)


So she's super rich, and claims to be super hot and intelligent and still can't get a guy? Is there something seriously wrong with her? Is she Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction? It's probably that older rich men aren't impressed with women who dropped out of school to toil in the working class coal mines of Sephora and Starbucks and fuck around on twitter all day, with no discernible skills. A lot of them these days want a woman with equal education or at least a Martha Stewart tier woman who can home decorate like a pro, organize beautiful parties, cook and clean well, etc. These scarethots seem to think dick sucking and subordination will cut it when they could just get that from a side chick or call girl.

No. 1144653

File: 1611874636583.png (216.19 KB, 640x1136, 8CD86C49-5946-4AB0-A1E2-6EDEBD…)


No. 1144655

Anna’s mad at the slightest sign that her political correctness is losing ground to the reality that it’s not just ciswomen who can get pregnant.

And she’s absolutely horrified that she’s becoming a withered old spinster while transmen are getting preggers and raising families.

No. 1144659

Idk if she's even actually mad over it or just knows it will provoke outrage and discourse which she relies on to stay relevant.

No. 1144660

not everything anna posts is wrong you guys are bending over backwards here to epically own her

No. 1144664

Are women people ?

No. 1144665

or people just have a different opinion than you and genuinely disagree with her. I would feel the same regardless of who posted it.

No. 1144671

She's right on this. People here calling themselves cis just to own Anna, lol. It's just funny that both her and Aimee were calling feminism "incoherent" and "reactionary" for having the same position on transwomen. And now they are taking the exact same position but with transmen. I think we all know why. They are the terfs now.

No. 1144678

File: 1611875884595.png (173.38 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_2021-01-28-17-15-05…)

That's not very nice Lexa, sorry Sydney. But she does lurk here so…

No. 1144685

When they gossip in their DMs it’s good. When we gossip on our image boards it’s bad for some reason.

No. 1144686

File: 1611876477681.png (162.27 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_2021-01-28-17-21-16…)

Dasha mad that IMG signed Kamala's step daughter and not her.

No. 1144690

File: 1611876583299.jpeg (595.22 KB, 1242x1619, FD6FBC14-E429-491B-9525-97840B…)

Jack as well

No. 1144691

Those pictures from a ballerina themed shoot with a bunch of beautiful early twenties models and then Dasha sticking out like a sore thumb were so funny.

No. 1144701

File: 1611876957430.jpeg (407.89 KB, 1190x1327, B44B9F3C-D553-4481-A874-FE6295…)

Lol I wonder if Liz Franczak made Brace post this from the TrueAnon account so that she wouldn’t look petty posting it under her own name. I doubt that many heterosexual men feel strongly about this.

No. 1144707

File: 1611877105559.jpg (169.83 KB, 959x1200, 22_Back_Cover___22823845.jpg)

No. 1144712

That's the main problem with the site, when there's no milk they try to make it look like there is because milk = everything that a cow says. It's pathetic.

No. 1144716

She looks like a specific breed of nerd, insufferable

No. 1144717

tbh she does, I don't think Jack is more attractive though

No. 1144723

File: 1611877957949.jpg (42.09 KB, 640x640, bacd33a4-cf0b-4abe-a3f6-ff646d…)

Lmao, you're objectively not, Jack. His inflated sense of self worth is incredible. The standard, especially for high fashion, has made room for women with unconventional or even odd faces for a while as long as they are very very thin and tall. He knows shit about shit. Picrel.

No. 1144724

Was anyone under the impression that the modeling industry was anywhere close to a meritocracy?