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File: 1685475618420.png (57.11 KB, 545x437, shia dasha.png)

No. 1837624

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Too lazy for the recap, someone else do it

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No. 1837626

File: 1685475800429.jpg (590.05 KB, 1536x2048, dasha seeking arrangement.jpg)

Dasha's old seeking arrangements ad leaked on reddit. So much for not having a history of prostitution.

No. 1837629

File: 1685476019981.jpeg (292.69 KB, 2400x1344, spw talia ryder maddie leia th…)

Sean Price Williams and Nick Pinkerton's The Sweet East premiered in the Director's Fortnight at Cannes with Leia and Maddie in attendance and photobombing some professional pics. Simon Rex plays a sympathetic Neo-Nazi university professor, and according to Little White Lies, there's a "who's-who of right-wing creeps" thanked in the credits.

No. 1837630

>petite discreet angelic russian girl
As if rich guys would fuck with her when they can bang literal supermodel tier Russian women for cheaper.

No. 1837638

File: 1685476471296.png (25.93 KB, 492x511, ny.png)

A lot of exhausting drama going on with Matty Healy and Taylor Swift, of course, that has already been covered extensively elsewhere. Most of the focus has been on Matty's antics on The Adam Friedland Show (racist/poor taste jokes about Ice Spice, admitting to watching vile porn featuring the degradation of desperate black women), but Red Scare is back in the mix after a mention in Jia "Child of Human Traffickers" Tolentino's puff piece in the New Yorker yesterday. Also a few viral twitter threads from Swifties discovering the photos from last year of him wearing a Red Scare hat, their replies flooded with irony-poisoned scrotes, scarethots, and gleeful frog anons making fun of them for caring.


Ratty's been on quite the Dimes Square odyssey over the last ~ six months; hosting afterparties withe the Ion Pack, making short films with Caveh Zahedi, hanging out (and ostensibly hooking up with) Dasha, going on TAFS, etc.

No. 1837639

File: 1685476536386.png (21.12 KB, 895x354, tea.png)

And Dasha may or may not have some tea on the whole Matty/Taylor situation, as she alleges on the g&g sub.

No. 1837644

File: 1685476776046.png (51.81 KB, 402x541, triggered.png)

Meanwhile, the Dare's embarrassingly titled "The Sex" EP was trashed in Pitchfork and Rolling Stone ("retarded step-child of James Murphy exudes tryhard indie sleaze cringe" seems to be the consensus) and the Dimes crowd has been up in arms ever since defending /theirguy/ from the lifeless music journos with Care Bears platitude.

No. 1837645

He hasn’t made good music for nearly a decade. This is blatantly a series of publicity stunts, especially dating Taylor.

No. 1837646

File: 1685476857943.png (62.7 KB, 1093x470, the dare p4k.png)

The pedophilic album cover also found its way to boomer twitter where Qanon schizos are going nuts over it but…they have a point.

No. 1837649

Is there any hipster moid from NYC who isnt a pedo?

No. 1837650

File: 1685477157709.png (193.8 KB, 584x450, dl.png)

Interestingly, the Chapo crowd (Brookyln chaser coomer types, usually quick to denounce anything Dimes-related) is making light of the cover and dismissing anyone who has a concern with it as stuffy Tipper Gore types. In the end, all the descendant scenes of the former dirtbag left share the same deviant sexual preferences.

No. 1837654

I can't even explain how much it triggers me that Dasha always describes herself as Russian. It's her way of shorthanding that she is 'exotic' and NLOG. Bitch, you grew up in Nevada. I can guarantee Dasha could not wrangle up one memory of being in Belarus. She's not alone in this obviously but christ, it's so fucking lame.

No. 1837677

File: 1685478361702.jpeg (91.85 KB, 768x768, F6EA2169-A0CA-4766-A99C-B86D23…)

Houellebecq mentions Anna and Dasha and his Red Scare appearance in his new memoir

No. 1837681

I guess those rumor about Shia converting to Catholicism because of Dasha had some merit…

No. 1837687

Houellebecq? Like the guy who makes porn in his old age?

No. 1837704

File: 1685480284536.jpeg (160.45 KB, 828x795, 3F16C927-E134-4C67-959B-9E9A72…)

Why are all the LES freaks moving to LA

No. 1837716


The Chapo crowd is right on this one; an inconsequential electropop EP isn't worth getting so neo-Puritanical over

No. 1837721

It's been irritating seeing people "defend" the cover from "the woke mob" as if they didn't intentionally make it look like cp to get attention

No. 1837723

>The Sweet East
That is an almost Rural Juror level bad film title
I heard that Sex song before I knew of any Dimes connection and didn't hate it. It's just funny that zoomers already seem to have burned through 90s music nostalgia without adding much of anything new and are already onto Myspace era LCD Soundsystem retreads with cover art tamer than the average American Apparel ad was back in the day.

No. 1837732

zoomers have nothing so they have to retread millennial culture from less than 15 years ago

No. 1837741

how delusional do you have to be to think anna or dasha, but especially dasha, is sexy?

No. 1837767

>two entire weeks without thread
this scene is so fucking dead

No. 1837800

>at least he made something!
kek, brave counter-culture little rebels demand participation prizes from mainstream media, many such cases

No. 1837906

oh no maddies work looks terrible like a hari nef balloon

No. 1837919

> at least he made something
write this pathetic cope reply on the gravestone of dimes square

No. 1837924

File: 1685495448381.jpeg (75.14 KB, 734x566, DA234AE7-8526-412E-9F2A-4E34FD…)

he tells the host he finds her really attractive or something along those lines kek. I don’t think he’s very discerning in his tastes. On the adam friedland show he hinted at trying to hook up with ice spice and she’s not exactly gorgeous either

No. 1837954

>neo nazi sympathizer
Funny how Maddie and the other brunette look like Anne Frank all grown up

No. 1837957

File: 1685497745492.jpeg (74.85 KB, 750x957, A0CED7DB-CAFF-4C2A-BA24-4FDC47…)

He has inbred retard face and the girl looks 12 not 16. These people are all so retarded and gross

No. 1837964

He looks exactly like Paul

No. 1837990

File: 1685500153006.jpeg (266.09 KB, 1284x2282, 347454993_1604084533.jpeg)

Ann Manov, last seen shilling urbit and running the doomed NPC festival was with them at Cannes, in the light jeans if I'm not mistaken.

No. 1837993

Who's the fatty on the end?

No. 1837999

No. 1838009

I can smell the bum piss and the pollution from here

No. 1838042

usually guys have glow ups in relationships because they get mommied but adam looks like absolute piss on the latest tafs what gives?

No. 1838047

His gf doesn’t like him

No. 1838080

She was living in an unfinished basement in Los Angeles. How do you fail that badly at sex work you can’t get enough money to afford for a nice apartment? Her body count shows she’s no prude. How embarrassing for her

No. 1838107

We had this same exact drama months ago when Matty first appeared, along with the exact same milk and discussions. It isn't even mildly entertaining now.

No. 1838116

Third guy on the left cosplaying as Julian Casablancas.

No. 1838155

Feels like everything's coming to a head, all the disparate storylines are converging. It's only a matter of time before Taylor is spotted wearing Red Scare merch.

No. 1838166

With how completely micromanaged Taylor Swifts entire media presence is, I highly doubt it.

No. 1838175

This is pure conjecture on my part, but I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor is leaning into the cancelled/dirtbag/Dimes aesthetic for a new bad girl/rebel era and is going to start purposefully pandering to the wellbutrin angel LDR stan scarethot types, starting with this relationship with Matty. Nothing gins up sales like controversy.

No. 1838192

I was just going to defend the dare from all the bs controversy surrounding that mild album cover but then I heard that song where they say "i like girls with dicks" and now I will let the pizza gate retards tear them limb from limb for all I care

No. 1838197

just in general I get the need for a throwback to early internet sleaze to feel something other than this ennui but its just unrealistic and doesn't work, as obvious in the fact that they feel the need to STILL pander to troons despite being cancelled over and over again for being adjacent to "reactionaries" while still being attacked by the right for being "pedophiles"

No. 1838217

kek, trips confirm

fr though who is it

No. 1838219

Every single person in this photo is dressed mortifyingly basic and would have been laughed out of any Bedford Avenue venue in 2001, especially the Casablancas cosplayer

No. 1838220

Is she even in need of ginning up sales though? Doesn't sound like it would be something worth alienating her regular fans over, but then again the relationship with Matty is already pretty bad

No. 1838244

These threads have been full of vendettaposting moids and selfposters since the start, them slowly dying because people don’t really care is both logical and deserved

No. 1838256

nonna no one knows who these people are outside of the terminally online twitter sphere. normies could watch all of Succession in one sitting and be blissfully unaware of dasha

No. 1838262

We're all terminally online, though. "Adam Friedland" is now a household name thanks to this stupid drama. "Normies" in 2023 who are totally disconnected from internet discourse and politics are NPC mole people, they functionally don't exist and have zero impact on the culture.

No. 1838265

"Normcore" was a mistake :(

Taylor Swift is extremely sheltered and used to getting heaps of praise no matter what she does. I can see her thinking that a racist NYC transplant phase might be "fun," since her embrace of other internet trends has historically worked pretty well for her. She may not even realize that's what she's doing until it's too late.
Frankly, I don't think she'll be able to weather that particular type of storm given how insane her online fanbase is and how gross the post-left coterie is… Or her control freak managers will put the kibosh on this pretty quick.

Agree with this for the most part, but she has hoards of terminally online teenage cancellinas. Shes a pop idol, to boot, they're all scrutinized like crazy.(:()

No. 1838300

Maybe she just realizes how pandering to retarded, cancel-obsessed teens who are closest Western equivalent to Kpop stans is completely exhausting and is filtering them out by flirting with edginess.

No. 1838315

File: 1685547439750.jpeg (135.86 KB, 1200x675, 14kNsJ6364-BL-5c.jpeg)

Subjected myself to Adam's episode of Sam Hyde's podcast. Nothing interesting except for Rochefort mentioning that he saw Chloe Cherry at the Peter Vack shoot in the theater which I'm pretty sure we already knew. It's kind of insane that Sam Hyde is only three degrees of separation from Taylor Swift.

No. 1838395

>It's kind of insane that Sam Hyde is only three degrees of separation from Taylor Swift.
Already happened with the Lena Dunham connection. Also, is that the Channel 5 guy who was cancelled for creeping on underage girls on the screen?

No. 1838406

The only thing being revived with indie sleaze is the normalization of clouty men’s right to fuck teen groupies

No. 1838444

I just watched the HBO Max series "Fired on Mars" and to my surprise Dasha has a small-ish role in 3 episodes. She's actually not bad as a voice actress. My issue with her acting is with her facial expressions but she could be a good voice actor if it wasn't for the fact that AI will make voice acting obsolete. Pretty good animated series, sort of like a combination of "Archer" and that Aussie series "Rostered On".

No. 1838537

Nice find

Tbf online prosties need to brand themselves to stand out. Her face screams poverty, FAS and Chernobyl so ”soviet girl away from home in a dire situation” is a natural choice.
What’s tragic is that she lived like a dog in LA despite >>1838080

No. 1838547

i hate millennial men

No. 1838775

They talked shit about Taylor out of jealousy so I doubt it

No. 1838777

I saw someone say it was to reduce her ticket sales to a comfortable level because she had that Ticketmaster controversy where way too many people were trying to get tickets and couldn’t. She’s massively popular, don’t blame her team for wanting to thin out the megafan herd

No. 1838779

No. If anything she needs to cut sales a bit. Her dating ole problematic matty will effectively do that kek. Pretty genius

No. 1838792

Adam is such a retard he really sucks when he’s on a pod without Nick. he talks about Harry styles queer baiting to “get pussy”. that isn’t the reason, it is because he’s a straight white male artist and that’s not trendy anymore. They did the same with machine gun kelly making him wear these gay outfits and painting his nails

No. 1838817

that’s nick cave’s son who reportedly is in the film

wouldn’t be far fetched but that’s definitely not ann manov

No. 1838826

looks like a fat Hawaiian lady

No. 1838841

and her mother, who if the swiftie part of my brain is remembering correctly, is dying of cancer. there’s an entire buzzfeed article about it now

No. 1838842

I can see why Taylor Swift would be a perfect vendetta target for Dasha

No. 1838931

>"Adam Friedland" is now a household name
lmao no it is not, i only check on this thread for redscare drama, and i have no idea who 99% of the hideous people posted here are. i do know that they need baths and real jobs. this is the most retarded take, no one cares about your 'culture' other than your fellow unwashed terminally online incapable of getting a degree in something useful friends

No. 1838961

File: 1685626603155.jpeg (156.02 KB, 1170x1460, IMG_4DE1C6FA147F-1.jpeg)

No. 1838969

literally the OP image, nona

No. 1838973

Why would you ever feel the need to defend a degenerate coomer scrotoid

No. 1838977

File: 1685628301954.png (358.35 KB, 607x449, apu.png)

What did she mean by this

No. 1838997

Lmaoooooo speak for yourself, literally no one who ever goes out knows or cares who these Twitter nobodies are

No. 1839007

I can't really see how "filtering out" her entire fanbase is a great business plan, unless you think Twitter edgelords will suddenly start buying T Swift albums and concert tickets. I think it's more just that she's richer than God now and has nothing to lose by annoying her fans.

No. 1839020

I have co-workers and classmates in college who literally mentioned Adam Friedland when discussing Matty Healy being racist/sexist/whatever. Taylor Swift commands a fanbase of literally every basic girl in the world who's obsessed with whatever she's doing. Like it or not there are now people in the real world talking about Adam Friedland even if only in the context of Matty Healy.

No. 1839022

She's not filtering out her entire fanbase because I genuinely don't believe the majority of them actually care about Healy or whoever she's dating except the type of people who you'd absolutely not want to be your fans.

No. 1839024

ntayrt, that isn't what household name means. your terminally online coworkers and classmates aren't indicative of the entire population. your parents and grandparents are not going to know who the fuck Adam is.

No. 1839040

Th most annoying thing about all this is the mass of mid online reddit scrotes identify with healy as their guy and think they too could charm taylor swift. They are all of a sudden mobilizing to criticize obsessive stan culture and protecting a woman’s rights to date some cumtown retard archetype. Btw saying some guy sucks isn’t exerting external pressure. Healy does suck and I don’t see how this benefits swifts career in anyway except maybe to dominate Anna and Dasha tier girls by exiting her lane and entering two lanes by leeching their simps away.

No. 1839095

>"Normies" in 2023 who are totally disconnected from internet discourse and politics are NPC mole people, they functionally don't exist and have zero impact on the culture.
breaking: anyone who has a job is an NPC mole person

No. 1839105

i can translate it for you: "I am fucking retarded."

No. 1839148

File: 1685650693070.jpeg (165.07 KB, 2000x1070, C070049C-5C3B-489E-9695-1F0A14…)

>>1838842 https://redscarepodcast.libsyn.com/make-americana-great-again
For anyone curious this is the episode where they trash Taylor a lot. They made fun of Taylor for gaining weight meanwhile she looked great in this time period kek. interesting whenever they talk about “women” like that fat tranny Andrea long chu, they say nothing on weight kek

No. 1839149

I can see why. TS was never ugly and retarded enough to live in a basement in Los Angeles out of desperation for not making enough money hooking

No. 1839162

Her tour is overselling to the point it’s becoming a burden. if anything some of her fans dropping out is a good thing

No. 1839167

Samefag i was lurking and saw some cumboy incel say Taylor must put up with being treated like garbage and trying to act like hot girls like to be treated badly like what? The way men talk in a locker room atmosphere isn’t the same as how they act with girlfriends. incels can’t process because they never had real friends or girlfriend so they assume you act the same around both

No. 1839202

seen alot of extreme cope from scarethots ITT but "not overselling concerts is a good thing actually" takes the cake

No. 1839236

I hope you don't sincerely believe this. The only culture you're participating in is the impotent ramblings of vengeful, bitter idiots. When you finally step away from it, it will cease to exist.

No. 1839240

File: 1685660410118.jpeg (144.75 KB, 1284x1517, IMG_6960.jpeg)

Talia Ryder looking finer than any RS adjacent hoe in years

No. 1839273

Scarethots dont like Taylor Swift and yeah she has way too many fans. Ticketmaster crashed because so many people overloaded the system trying to get her tickets

No. 1839315

he didn’t convert because of dasha, he supposedly converted because he was working on the padre pio biopic by abel ferrera that came out last year

No. 1839323

once again the only “catholic” thing about dasha’s conversion despite the weird larping is how pedophilic she is

No. 1839337

Don't be fucking pedantic and shift goal posts with this "only my definition of household name is true". Also, how is people actually discussing shit in real life with real people considered terminally online? The conversation is literally spilling outside. Most of the ones I'm talking about are just normal people who follow Taylor Swift and found all those articles accusing this new guy she's dating for being racist because of an appearance in a show. Point is normies are now mentioning TAFS and maybe even Cum Town even if in a very tangential way as a by word for "edgy, incel pod"

No. 1839339

This is kinda true though. The internet is now the mass cultural tool with literally every other form of media subordinate to it. Not keeping up with at the very least basic internet shit is a sign of being out of touch.

No. 1839363

dasha having been a prostitute makes so much sense. that explains the triple digit body count

No. 1839369

>already drama
Not looking good. He quit the dont worry darling movie because of drama on the set

No. 1839377

TAFs isn’t polished enough to benefit from the mainstream boost this controversy is generating for them imo

No. 1839378

I don't understand the enormous cultural importance you place on media happenings. It's celebrity gossip. It has no value, save as marketing.

No. 1839382

Kind of out of character of her to count johns as actual partners and not compartmentalize them as some other number. The dark body count, the anti bodies

No. 1839390

Don’t forget her “auditioning” for acting roles. Nasty

No. 1839402

Yeah it’s swifties and 1975 stans who care the most and they are teens with the memory of goldfish

No. 1839445

Perfect female tummy cows could never(sage)

No. 1839456

File: 1685680322287.png (201.53 KB, 1182x960, aimee instituionalized again.p…)

didn't she already spend last Christmas in the hospital? surprised she's managed to keep a lid on whatever illness she's clearly been battling for years (with the wigs and all). is it just anorexia or drug/pill abuse?

No. 1839458

“(with the wigs and all)”
being a lolcow user may be lame but at least it’s for funny women(integrate )

No. 1839482

I'm not saying this Matty Healy shit is a huge cultural event, your missing the forest for the trees. The point is that what's "mass culture" nowadays flows from the internet down into face to face interaction and everyone is by standard an "online" being and those who aren't are disconnected or out of touch instead of vice versa as it was in previous decades.

No. 1839485

File: 1685684551441.jpeg (31.25 KB, 640x985, ADAF4F7D-FD57-4F48-8AF7-3B238E…)

Her work is everywhere lately, but roommate Leia is still struggling financially. Maybe it's time to start sugaring again?

No. 1839491

It's wild Jack hates her now.

No. 1839506

ur friends are losers case closed

No. 1839524

you seem retarded
go be a retard somewhere else

No. 1839582

How did that happen?

No. 1839586

Whenever I think about RS I think about the performative gasp Dasha makes when they talk about Taylor being a size 6 here

No. 1839618

Newsflash, most people are out of touch

No. 1839644

Yeah I also think people who listen to Taylor Swift are losers tbh

No. 1839665

these retards would be pro-abortion if it were a controversial position to hold

No. 1839697

listened to a couple of the new rs episodes. dasha mentions feeling bitter because her emergency gyno had photos of her children and she felt she was rubbing it in her face

the japan ep anna speaks in shitty engrish for the majority and dasha admits to not leaving the hotel for the latter half of the trip

No. 1839705

She called gays sodomites and for a while things had been getting rough between them.

No. 1839714

the part you’re missing is that “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend made an ass of himself on some show” is not actually a golden exposure opportunity for the dude who hosts “some show”

No. 1839720

File: 1685720175561.png (19.22 KB, 431x475, jackteacher.png)

Imagine how many young boys were saved from being violently raped just by Jack not becoming a teacher.

No. 1839740

File: 1685724465907.png (21.19 KB, 906x249, context collapse.png)

Someone really needs to edit Red Scare's wikipedia page because it's really affecting the narrative the 1975 stans are building in their defense of Matty lol

No. 1839750

Jokes on them he was only pretending to be retarded.jpg
This whole thing is just gonna be endless bickering among maladjusted "dirtbag left" teens vs teacher's pet swiftie teens, isn't it? lmao

No. 1839809

File: 1685732299624.gif (463.45 KB, 320x132, IMG_0383.gif)

No. 1839814

Her and Anna are only smaller than size 6 because they’re midgets and dasha has no chest or ass to worry about. they would both be bigger than a size 6 if they were 5’10”

No. 1839819

File: 1685733485535.jpeg (93.08 KB, 652x660, 0CD12C1C-779A-46C7-92A2-F22819…)

Cashew head has some explaining to do

No. 1839830

File: 1685734371416.jpeg (131.78 KB, 1404x2000, F4457233-C943-47FC-B185-08953D…)

Anna in her 4 inch heels wouldn’t reach Taylor’s shoulder. Taylor is a lizard person with shit posture but Anna and Dasha would kill to be her height (5’10-5’11). Tall women cannot easily be size 2s with size 6 feet.

No. 1839877

File: 1685739643529.png (232.73 KB, 640x1136, D9876A77-1E19-4852-983F-31145E…)

Bruise report

No. 1839886

kek to be fair I can tell just by that image on the left that they're a UK 6, which is a US 2. I do agree Dasha could stand to ease up on pretending to be so dangerously skinny that Taylor Swift being a US 6 is a shock.

No. 1839887

day two of filming if that shia movie is real

No. 1839888

Did anyone see that latest ep of TAFS? Nick and Adam’s conversation on the mandelorian crap, it was so depressing

No. 1839895

Even so a US size 2 while being short with small breasts and square midsection is nothing to brag about. She doesn’t even look petite because of how badly proportioned she is kek

No. 1839902

File: 1685742508689.jpeg (103.86 KB, 615x905, D2D2A619-3890-4931-995A-729295…)

Not to mention Taylor in her anorexic period was less body fat than Dasha. Zero food posting and anachan posting subbing for a personality, but she was skinnier than Dasha ever was and will be. Regardless of what tag was on her clothes

No. 1839906

Samefag not trying to make it sound like I support women starving themselves down. It’s just funny how a purported anachan belittles an actual one who was much better at the whole thing. Neither A or D have given “waif”, and if they do it’s angles and filters

No. 1839909

Her arm barely fits in that brandy top. Such a delicate little angel

No. 1839918

Adam is somehow both despicable and beneath contempt.

No. 1839919

Taylor gained some weight and has hot volleyball player body. Dasha went from dumpy forgettable to skinny retard. It sucks there is a cap to attractiveness. Maybe this is the real “wall” moids speak of. I imagine lily rose depp as her ideal look

No. 1839941

I wish people would stop posting Taylor pictures, I'm not used to seeing actually attractive, successful women in this thread. It's hashtagtriggering, I come here to laugh at uggos LARPing as hot mean girls. Imagine the psychic damage Dasha must be taking

No. 1839952

KEK nonna so true

No. 1839969

File: 1685750140370.png (27.09 KB, 621x858, fat jack gold diggers.png)

Are you suggesting a man who goes to piss orgies shouldn't teach children about real beauty? It's more obvious than ever why his avi is Donna Mills. Sorry Jack but YWNBAW either

No. 1840075

anti-"hypergamy" people never fail to make me laugh

No. 1840076

anna could only give figure made of paper clips

No. 1840079

nobody cares jack nothing you say is of substance or new in your tiny snowflake bubble

No. 1840080

this is only "rage bait" because this fat piece of shit and his rightoid followers have none of these traits. nothing besides the top two are even remotely outlandish
agree nonna tons of scarethots ITT have the gall to compare taylor with cashew and the former is a head taller so very clearly has a higher dress size. and im not even a taylor fan!

No. 1840095

Your reading comprehension is shit if that’s what you got from the Taylor posts

No. 1840109

rusty ones

No. 1840116

I mean, she's in her apartment so she's def not filming in Joshua Tree atm

No. 1840152

I mean it literally is because nobody outside the terminally online knew or cared for TAFS/Cum Town before the Healy thing. In fact, it even converted a couple of 1975 fans if you'd believe it.

No. 1840154

Both have become so mind numbingly boring. I genuinely believe the whole Cum Town universe is on a decline as all the hosts sink into mediocrity and the fans either become braindead or move on to something else.

No. 1840157

What about anything in that list is "morally repulsive"?

No. 1840173

>become braindead
let's not kid ourselves, they were always braindead

No. 1840184

File: 1685788300865.png (84.21 KB, 376x553, 1685674315963695.png)

So what do we think of Anna's side hustle, Car Seat Headrest?

No. 1840188

File: 1685790882477.jpeg (54.66 KB, 631x619, A9702774-5F3E-40B1-9BB1-7C990C…)

Watch another show already, goddamn! Eva is is to these people what Harry Potter is to libs.

No. 1840189

File: 1685790919406.jpeg (53.64 KB, 720x832, FxaB8H_X0AQi-Gu.jpeg)

No. 1840190

I wonder what Anna's fursona would be

No. 1840191

File: 1685791539810.jpeg (53.92 KB, 628x653, 338B693A-0806-4916-85C8-16ADE6…)


No. 1840202

Agreed, left as toddler, doesn't speak Russian, and doesn't even remember Tatu being on the radio.
Not to mention, she is Belarussian, not Russian, but since Belarus isn't as well-known and "cool" as Russia, she just changed her nationality.

No. 1840205

What does it say? Pardon my French, but it seems like "They embody the type of people which is sadly lacking in France: young, funny and sexy conservative catholic". Does he seriously believe they are any of that? I guess he was just flattered they gave him attention

No. 1840206

i mean, isn’t nyc sodom to these people?

No. 1840222

They talked about it on the latest pod and basically yes, this is what is said. Idk why he called them both Catholic. or young..

No. 1840231

it must be copied from the emails pitching him going on. he doesn’t laugh once and barely let them ask any questions not on euthanasia, a topic they were visibly bored by.

No. 1840270

Well compared to him, I guess they're "young"

No. 1840273

we all know she didn't watch it, it's just to appeal to twitter/4chan folks or to be funny

No. 1840278

Everyone is young when you’re almost 70

No. 1840304

she's a narcissist so any time someone is vaguely cordial to her she probably interprets it as them wanting to fuck her. also calling someone a kid and commenting on their attractiveness in the same sentence is VERY catholic of her!

No. 1840338

So boring

No. 1840367

File: 1685820321894.png (136.83 KB, 708x889, aimee.png)


what do we think she's in the hospital for exactly? this is like the second time in a year.

No. 1840465


No. 1840473

Calling it now Shia dropped out

No. 1840481

why were a+d in Japan & how do they afford business class

No. 1840482

It was so crazy to me that she didn't leave, iirc she didn't even leave the room itself and was ordering shit like mashed potatoes from room service??? She is literally in Japan where there is so much cheap and delicious food, how can you waste an opportunity like that especially when you flew in on business class

No. 1840486

Nick is better without Adam but he’s too loyal to leave him behind

No. 1840496

Her creepy dead eyes kek

No. 1840498

He is hideous and so is his wife. I don’t think he has normal standards for sexy

No. 1840504

She thinks one guy flirting with her in a hospital disproves this? Unless she’s implying they fucked kek

No. 1840527

why are chronically onliners so obsessed with literal teenagers/stranger's sex lives?

No. 1840541

File: 1685840874983.jpeg (131.76 KB, 640x540, 4D564FF3-9FD5-445C-84F4-6FF877…)

Eli's on a world tour, first stop was in Japan.

No. 1840551

She went before with adam, she was probably bummed out

No. 1840571

she cheated on him maybe she should get over it

No. 1840579

Grown adults complaining about zoomers not being sexual enough reeks of pedo groomer to me, probably sad their techniques don't work on them

No. 1840612

File: 1685856861922.png (283.26 KB, 1182x1208, retards fighting.png)

any milk from the delicious tacos event other than crumps trying to get attention and someone booing matthew?

No. 1840613

File: 1685856954301.png (31.14 KB, 1182x446, freaks.png)

which one of you did this?

No. 1840625

Dasha and Crumpsy should just fuck already. The sexual tension is palpable

No. 1840632

There's been a couple of episodes now where one of them will be argumentative the whole time and in their most recent "podcast" episode it was Adam's turn to be argumentative. They seemingly don't bother with friends coming on anymore and Nick doesn't want to write jokes, whatever momentum they drum up with a 30 minute talkshow episode diminishes pretty suddenly.

No. 1840654

She isn't actually into anime.

No. 1840667

File: 1685871049763.png (24.56 KB, 604x481, jason.png)

Silicon Valley ghoul Jason Calacanis is a "big RS stan"

No. 1840669

File: 1685872088908.png (34.08 KB, 800x433, gasda vs yarvin.png)

Belated piece on the Shakespeare authorship antics of the downtown crowd in Air Mail:


No. 1840682

File: 1685872871992.png (15.96 KB, 599x340, tea.png)

Telling racist, misogynist "jokes" about non-white women is what passes for transgressive art for these moids.

No. 1840686

When did the left become post-left?(sage your shit)

No. 1840702

Fuck off journo.

No. 1840707

It is hilariously telling how these people and their friends go on the attack whenever their "intentionally controversial" art is criticized. As if that's what a super edgy counterculture movement would be doing in response to criticism

No. 1840718

File: 1685879890306.jpeg (33.34 KB, 590x250, BF9A3C2B-B290-4AE0-8C89-BB08B7…)

Redditor claims he has inside info confirming Dasha was written off Succession because of her increasingly toxic brand.

No. 1840724

Much easier to say that than the truth she dropped for not being pretty enough to make up for her shit acting. The character Jess was more attractive and a marginally better actress and they kept her from s1 to finale

No. 1840747

I don't really get the feeling that Nick has that many friends outside of Adam.

No. 1840764

Heckling seems like the exact behavior they’d support if it wasn’t Matthew on stage. Plus, well deserved.

No. 1840765

you’re an idiot if you think a PA gets any actual tea

No. 1840767

all evidence points to there being some codependent quasi-gay relationship going on between them; two nyc burnout retards with probable drug induced brain damage, they share a vape and there was an episode of cumtown where nick just goes on about how he and adam are actually much closer friends than stav is with either of them and they spend time together pretty much every day

No. 1840772

Nick just needs to get laid. Does he have a gf? Someone please just take one for the team and do it

No. 1840801

nobody wants to fuck the dirty washed up “comedian” with herpes who gave himself cellulitis by rubbing his own shit in his eye. Even the retards who thirsted after him before are too put off by him now to touch him, plus everyone’s recovered from whatever temporary pandemic psychosis had them thinking any of these people were interesting. it’s so over

No. 1840808


Is it that much of a sin? Most americans will see her (and other first gen immigrants) as the country fo their origin vs "american" I know this from personal experience. People from NJ/NYC who are three generations + removed from Italy are still going around calling themselves Italian, and it's more or less accepted as normal

No. 1840824

video killed the podcasting star kek. one time Nick said they're spending over $100K a month on the studio space and related expenses, and while I don't know anything about how much that sort of space goes for in NYC it sounds believable.
yeah but they all make fun of each other for it. Irish Americans giving Italian Americans shit for being fat outer borough retards w/o any connection to their homeland, plastic paddies blah blah blah. usually mostly just in jest though, they all hate Mexicans and Asians now and have for decades

No. 1840836

File: 1685897309015.png (71.51 KB, 623x521, 346457586.png)

I think the bigger reason nobody wants to fuck him anymore is because he looks like this

No. 1840839

its not a sin, just incredibly cringe and shows that they cant walk the talk, especially for how racist they are about identity politics… like nobody else can id with they just happen to be or be proud of their heritage as an american, it's funny as a brand bc they're just white older influencers squarely from nevada/middle of nowhere jersey. middle class families from europe aren't shocking

No. 1840859

its simple. they want to groom the young for sex and violent extremism.

No. 1840867

I bet this guy is some bald groyper pushing 50 like samememe irl, says the most heinous bitter stuff about women but only ever appears on podcasts with his voice changed lol

No. 1840868

see also: Sam/Cassandra/Samantha/whatever the fuck he's calling himself now Pritchard, who insists that he got banned because of "puriteens." The actual truth is that he got suspended because he's BPD, publicly alienated all his old e-friends because they wouldn't go along with all his retarded purity tests, and got mass reported during one of his meltdowns

No. 1840869

Anna posted pics of the tacos reading

No. 1840935

File: 1685911669740.jpeg (151.82 KB, 1170x836, 8188E068-3189-4F0E-8725-808FA3…)

No. 1840941

how does delicious tacos have clout hes literally hideous and middle aged

No. 1840952

who's the moid

No. 1840959

Taylor Swift's new bf

No. 1840971

File: 1685915051125.jpg (182.84 KB, 1170x2080, 351269304_12215852418.jpg)

dean always lurking
are there pictures of him?

No. 1840990

File: 1685916446766.png (353.67 KB, 1192x1292, barrett.png)

barrett, who has desperately leeched off this "scene" for 4 years only to have every one of his projects flop spectacularly, has pulled a kantbot and is now pretending he's been above it all along

No. 1840992

File: 1685916505442.png (45.33 KB, 1182x684, dasha shades barrett.png)

dasha then posted this right after she quote tweeted him (now deleted)

No. 1840996

is the contain podcast still happening? how many co-hosts has he alienated and driven off the show so far?

No. 1841011

That's a New York 10.

No. 1841012

Is that a Nixon button? Tf

No. 1841020

Of course he got heckled. He looks like a fat lesbian and sounds like the most annoying jew ever

No. 1841025

File: 1685920560832.jpeg (56.98 KB, 648x410, 4BD3DDB5-2027-4876-9CCC-D3EAF1…)

“New York is filled with gorgeous people”

No. 1841028

>calls someone a retard with flat chest and busted face on display

No. 1841035

she gets him pretty good in the actual video. very satisfying, only 999 more gossipy scrotes to go

No. 1841074

Ratty Healy

No. 1841078

Shes ugly and insufferable, being slim is literally all she has to bring to the table and she knows it

No. 1841079

Dasha isn’t even skinny she just looks like an average weight woman. Maybe in America where everyone is obese this is considered thin but here in Europe its completely average.

No. 1841089

shit brit musician. he's infamous for watching rape porn these days

No. 1841091

lol is that tai lee in the background

No. 1841099

wdym he's obviously a hottie, he's got ppl like costin "rosa parks of facism" almariu and anna the reanimated corpse to contend with

No. 1841164

you might be right lol. I figured she was too much of a wokescold to hang out with this crowd but I guess they're all huge pickmes at the end of the day.

No. 1841166

you might be right lol. I figured she was too much of a wokescold to hang out with this crowd but I guess they're all huge pickmes at the end of the day.

No. 1841186

Its sad when the sad looking dumpy whitebread guy is the best looking in your group

No. 1841208

File: 1685943918859.png (734.74 KB, 640x1136, B5BF15CC-1F81-44D0-AB13-439FBC…)

Honor has The Turner Diaries on her bookshelf

No. 1841336

This slap looks obviously staged to me. Watch the smile on Crumps' face, he knows it's coming and the video stops right as the slap connects so that you can't see his response. It's kayfabe, a deliberate attempt at a viral video.

No. 1841347

she asked him if she could slap him, that’s what they’re talking about when the video starts. dasha only spontaneously hits men if they’re dating her.
that person has been going to these readings with crumps, not as a fan of the participants

No. 1841367

File: 1685974111529.jpg (16.86 KB, 341x332, so close.jpg)

I can't believe we're only a mere six months away from the release of Dirtbag by Amber A'lee Frost. You HAVE preordered your copies, haven't you nonnas?

No. 1841382

File: 1685976145425.jpg (393.89 KB, 1536x2048, fatadam.jpg)

It appears that years of smack addiction and covering himself in hideous Rob Zombie rockabilly tattoos have done absolutely nothing to prevent Adam Lehrer's BMI from skyrocketing.

No. 1841417

I miss the old extremely cringe book description. she must have redacted half the book by now. I shouldn't admit this but I would pay real money for the rough draft I bet it's hilariously bad

No. 1841444

It’s still fan behavior

No. 1841450

File: 1685989967657.png (117.55 KB, 226x281, the scary of 61st.png)

literal demon

No. 1841462

It’s still there when you click “read more”

No. 1841471

File: 1685991993274.png (275 KB, 589x477, rip.png)

We won

No. 1841473

Dimes Square fags on suicide watch. Gaylors are in control.

No. 1841475

Damn I thought we’d get at least a few more months out of them kek

No. 1841505

don't think he's a true uggo but damn having that much of an animal resemblance and it being a rat is something to see

No. 1841536

No. 1841540

yeah, not giving the benefit of the doubt to Ted Metrakas’s ex-gf, sorry.

No. 1841549

lmao 3 people i know liked that post. real retard hours

No. 1841572

New crumps just dropped? Pretty safe to assume anyone trying to "call out" these people is just trying to sneak their way in at this point

No. 1841587

Was there any proof they were legitimately dating? He's so gross.

No. 1841603


He could get laid in less than a month if he tried, he's a degenerate in the entertainment industry, in NYC, who's at least 4/10. He's a just a f*g

No. 1841612

His comedy tour where he was the only “twink” amongst all those middle aged barnyard animal blue collar comedians is cementing the molested type gay rumors

No. 1841630

Looks and sounds like the stereotype of someone who will troon out

No. 1841631

if they’re going to keep having free shows with free thielbuxxed drinks provided they have to expect other attention seekers who know substackers, podcasters, and journalists will be there hungry for drama. everyone is a parasite, having dasha and anna promo the reading could only get 200 attendees. it’s not like anyone is there for their shitty alt lit 2 writing.

No. 1841632

>that person has been going to these readings with crumps, not as a fan of the participants
Oh you sweet summer nona

No. 1841635

File: 1686013556413.jpg (63.44 KB, 828x612, 20230605_180730.jpg)

Aimee has really gone off the deep end in recent months

No. 1841636

File: 1686013602463.png (96.57 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20230605-180714~2.p…)

No. 1841641

>Tall women cannot easily be size 2s with size 6 feet.
Even Anna, the 2'5" goblin, has size 8.5 feet. They are in no place to judge body proportions.

No. 1841660

Seems like she's just baiting for attention.

No. 1841716

So… this was definitely a publicity stunt, right?

No. 1841748

Don't lump us with Swiftoid. The only good thing that came out was that it maybe pissed off a couple of TAFS drones but more or less nobody cares about it.

No. 1841750

Isn't Aimee at least part South Asian?

No. 1841763

She's Lebanese

No. 1841764

Probably. I mean no purebred white peraon is as racist as she is.(racebaiting)

No. 1841775

Her father moved to Australia from Lebanon with his family in 1970 when he was 15
Mother white anglo Australian

No. 1841806

File: 1686050277633.png (201.44 KB, 399x539, postlibs.png)

Red Scare's main legacy will be sissy hypnoing every conservative under 40 into talking like a queeny gay guy.

No. 1841859

based Jew

No. 1841863

she's kind of repulsive and her art is trash but she does look like she'd be a good heckler

No. 1841915

The right, specifically the online right, is almost completely defanged at this point.

No. 1841916

from Unite the Right to Unite for Drag Brunch in a few short years

No. 1841918

Now her cartoon racism makes sense, it’s her culture

No. 1841990

File: 1686084370747.png (6.21 MB, 2370x1632, bruenig slop.png)

Liz Breunig is foodposting on insta and i regret to inform her simps that this bitch can't cook for shit. the dry ass lasagne(??), the floppy grease cookies, the gummy pulled pork, i am a hungry hungry hippo but this tasteless slop has given me the virtual runs and turned me anorexic

No. 1841994

Being a pickme about white nationalism is advanced scrote worship

No. 1841995

she 100% made her kid pose for that kek

No. 1841998

Male Conservative intellectuals like this already talked like faggots. Because they are overwhelmingly gay. Why do you think they liked the podcast in the first place?

No. 1842007

The secret to Matt’s weight loss revealed

No. 1842020

Good god what is that trashy dry-looking bread-like thing on top right? Absolutely revolting

No. 1842052

oh dear oh dear, what a shame.

No. 1842075

Jump scare when I saw “follow back”

No. 1842211

File: 1686113245344.png (239.77 KB, 828x1792, 4F096021-8C2E-4F3A-B953-2B6581…)

Knew amber was a TERF

No. 1842242

She's not though. She hangs out with degenerate 70s hons and talks about how "they were so cooool maaaan, back before they cared about pronouns n sheit"

No. 1842258

File: 1686122753111.png (13.6 KB, 830x222, mimosas.PNG)

It's true

No. 1842264

This. >>1842242 She's ironically approriating a Thatcher quote. She's friends with a bunch of drag queens.

No. 1842313

No. 1842314

Volleyball player body is the perfect description. Reputation - Lover era TS gave me such body envy

No. 1842316

I could still fix him and make him hot again nonnies

No. 1842352

Thank god one person’s politics is based in material reality

No. 1842355

Didn’t she try to get a tranny elected in silver lake? She has no solidarity with women, only class but not really since she hangs around with trustfund layabout men whose position she envies and never union welders or garbage collectors or whatever. She’s like a rare female stupidpol poster

No. 1842456

the sprinkles on the brownies are the only thing in this whole collage that's green.

No. 1842485

File: 1686169267918.png (81.18 KB, 748x713, Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 21-19…)

not armenian in any way shape or form…
40 yo and still doing this…

No. 1842489

No. 1842726

File: 1686212744835.jpeg (303.1 KB, 1467x1958, IMG_5362.jpeg)

Aimee is a respected institution

No. 1842762

The troon she claimed stole her name looks and acts absolutely nothing like her..They just both have the name Aimee. She's such a narcissist.

No. 1842874

She's insane. She's been obsessing about this troon for months and when anyone rightfully calls her out for being crazy and paranoid she spergs out about how everyone is gaslighting her.(Sage)

No. 1842914

not only is aimee one of the most generic names but it’s the corny spelling of it too. is the other aimee actually american/has hair?

No. 1842940

File: 1686253194174.webm (4.91 MB, 320x240, how-can-she-slap.webm)


No. 1842946

idaf about these threads anymore but honestly all it makes me think about is having these cows, mostly the males get dawn dishsoaped and hosed down. moldbug requires a hazmat suit but you could get away with scrubbing nick’s grime with one of those old fashioned washing boards

No. 1842961

Why is everyone on the east coast so damn ugly? The only attractive people are rich tourists or foreign models flying in to do a gig.

No. 1842962

File: 1686256274959.png (24.29 KB, 585x456, pt1.png)

Looks like Dasha chose a side in the Aimee Terese vs. Aimee the Hon war

No. 1842963

Everyone, everywhere is hideous to someone. It's crazy man, you and me included….really wild world we live in….

No. 1842964

File: 1686256303185.png (15.51 KB, 607x364, pt2.png)

No. 1842967

It’s where the rest of the world sent its peasants.

No. 1842986

File: 1686257740367.jpg (365.93 KB, 1536x2048, kali charlotte fang pedo.jpg)

No. 1843054

found the new york 7

No. 1843055

troon aimee has long blonde hair i think, from uk

No. 1843056

>whoever that troon is
>A+D's pet eunuchs
This person is out of their mind kek. I don't know, I hate troons but Aimee just might be worse

No. 1843141

Is that Vince Vaughn in the back?

No. 1843157

Troon aimee is obviously an HSTS not an autogynephile lmao

No. 1843176

File: 1686271915398.jpg (170.74 KB, 1204x1360, charlottefag.jpg)


lol. lmao. literally a limp-wristed pedo.

No. 1843180


serving discord groomer enby cunt

No. 1843208

Who are these people now. Did this person for real steal Aimee Terese's name lol?

No. 1843217

Who’s the guy in the white shirt

No. 1843236

File: 1686278181139.jpeg (204 KB, 1169x1454, 2E7E1B90-DB43-4E4E-83BF-FA3F73…)

Her self hate at being a woman is constant and dull

No. 1843237

Samefag all the things she dislikes about herself, she pins on her womanhood. She has more gender turmoil than a troon

No. 1843238

Of course ugly boy Dasha sides with the mutilated boy

No. 1843240

Why the fuck is he in daycare when she doesn’t have a 9-5

No. 1843243

This has to be one of his friends lmao that freak’s entire account is agp cope trying to convince frog avis that traps aren’t gay

No. 1843245

what the fuck is she even talking about

No. 1843255

so she can blow smoke and make public creep comments on other ppl’s children with a black hole where basic etiquette should be while trying to take moral high ground

No. 1843257

Yeah that’s totally what I would compare whatever The Weeknd is doing with his new name??? who even cares

No. 1843275

The old “relax lol i am NOT bothered, you are!”, clarion call of the retard who cant possibly think of an actual response and hopes the bad person who is smarter than them just runs away, embarassed about ‘caring’, which is so uncouth to the dimbulb with an entire podcast all about giving a shit.

No. 1843329

he looks like count crapula

No. 1843348

So she doesn't have to feel as bad about all the day drinking and neglect

No. 1843360

He looks like he's wearing fake face

No. 1843430

I'm sure she's got some extra delicious cope cooked up that makes her feel she's morally superior to other women that use daycare.

YES to all this. This is also why they put on the fake vocal fry on their show, it's the speech equivalent of punctuating your tweets with "lol"

No. 1843471

What is going on with this phenomenon of le based right-wing trannies in dowtown NYC, like Pariah the Hon and the Aimee skinwalker? Is it as simple as the moids in the scene all being degenerate chasers and the troons are findomming them, or is there something more sinister afoot?

No. 1843487

any time she brings up a black person its just to bait racist comments from her followers. shes not even making a real point here

No. 1843491


he looks bloated. we call him "blohit"

charlotte fag looked disgusting–hairline receding–in his misfit rags before downtown layabouts. very very disrespectful.

No. 1843497

File: 1686324043131.jpg (98.03 KB, 750x1334, FyILEarXoAETHnG.jpg)


his larp is very much having it all whenever and moving between it all fluidly but its clunky and contradictory so much so that it falls apart completely when u see him trying so hard but looking so bad

No. 1843502

I can't believe this ugly faggot would show his face in public

No. 1843506

No one in nyc is right wing. all retarded larpers. If pariah was right wing he would stay in closet and marry a fat lady from church

No. 1843563

>recessed chin
>nose so hooked he's a walking anti-Semitic caricature
Really says a lot about these RW larpers.

No. 1843611

Troons aren’t getting paid, most chaser stories end up with the guy getting spooked and backing out

No. 1843612

No. 1843619

Feminine eyebrow arch and earrings are giving interloping eunuch. Does he think hrt will save his wisps? It won’t.

No. 1843672

anna not knowing anything about basic journalistic practices

No. 1843680

Aimee v. Red Scare is going to heat up soon over this troon divide

No. 1843700

File: 1686342888183.png (Spoiler Image,65.47 KB, 657x569, untitled.png)

felix "podcaster drake" beiderman tweeting porno at a minor: https://twitter.com/ByYourLogic/status/1665824923351146499/

No. 1843738

is @ettingermentum the minor? I've lost track of these people

No. 1843753

Yeah ettingermentum is some zoomer who's extremely autistic about elections and was on Chapo iirc. He got doxxed by the bond wolf accounts, they posted his mom's facebook and stuff, but he made a new account a couple months later.

No. 1843756

He’s not a minor he’s like early 20s, just a mildly annoying “Election Twitter” polisci major type

No. 1843774

Limpida is a TIM detransitioner who is living proof of horseshoe theory. Went from troon to unironic nazbol with no inbetween as normie

No. 1843799

>he's not a 35 year old tweeting porn at a guy barely out of high school, he's a 35 year old tweeting porn at a guy barely out of college!
not a great defense of the lispy potato-faced podcaster, ngl

No. 1843850

the fact that aimee is still using that ancient catfish photo of herself as if she has only taken one single good photo in her lifetime just gets funnier and funnier as the years keep passing by

No. 1843852

Unless we’re gonna get technical about how male brains aren’t fully developed until 30 years old then Felix talking to a 22 year old… you known what nevermind that is weird, Felix should get an actual fucking job and stop talking to zoomers

No. 1843869

you get it, nonnie. even if you were to consider podcasting while barred out of your fucking brain a job, he loves riffing online for hours with teenage irony guys who were like, 11 years old when he started his podcast.

No. 1843874

being a troon is training wheels for being a Nazi

No. 1843893

It’s become associated with her now like a brand. At least she’s not using a hotter movie character like some girls do

No. 1843894

Hitler would’ve had them killed. It makes no sense

No. 1843905

troons change between the two like socks. Ive seen leftoids argue with each other about not accepting troons who had a "4chan phase"

No. 1844053


You're Telling Me He's Shorter Than A Chinese Woman LOL

No. 1844054

what event was that?

No. 1844082

File: 1686405861502.png (63.62 KB, 677x881, Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 14-59…)

No. 1844083

File: 1686406024716.png (16.67 KB, 677x528, Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 15-02…)

No. 1844096

So the endgame of thiel money was to normalize trannies on RW twitter?

No. 1844112

If HRT were around in his time, Hitler would be chugging it immediately.

No. 1844121

File: 1686410351949.jpeg (408.26 KB, 1103x1980, IMG_5369.jpeg)

Steal her look

No. 1844173

File: 1686417248573.jpeg (155.25 KB, 1125x1533, B306B7FB-A409-48B1-BC67-24C271…)

deleted jordan castro tweet

No. 1844174

File: 1686417280385.jpeg (321.89 KB, 1170x1921, 8AA544D0-C129-4901-9340-2021CF…)

No. 1844176

No. 1844195


another random rw twitter writer. was at the delicious tacos event, has guested on red scare

No. 1844201

Right-wing but caping for trannies…sad!

No. 1844202

This is Anna, right? I feel like this is the first realistic picture I've seen of her since 2020

No. 1844204

it looks like a mad scientist combined anna and pariah/salome/whateverthefuck the tranny

No. 1844206

I thought Anna and Jordan were supposed to be sort of actual friends. Why did he publicly tweet this? lmao
also what did anna do to her eyebrows, it looks crazy

No. 1844210

Hahahaha this is exactly what I was thinking nona

No. 1844218

jesus, if this is Anna and not her mother…botched to heaven…

No. 1844244

If this is her she’s catfished everyone

No. 1844275

File: 1686431535607.jpeg (260.13 KB, 1440x1440, 185884203_239118761301235_8565…)

"Madam Sandler" is Nick from Thot Topics. Some people have suggest that his fiancé (pic related) is a FTM which is why he's so sensitive about this topic

No. 1844278

look at those little hands and feet,
def FtM.

No. 1844280

Look at this clown, how are there still people with gauges in the year of our lord 2023?

No. 1844350

Thread lift or crazy botox brow

No. 1844376

File: 1686441123726.png (31.52 KB, 1208x606, laser.png)

She claims she was only getting lasered. Her hair almost looks like a wig, way thicker at least in this picture.

No. 1844385

File: 1686441393209.png (74.71 KB, 1334x1260, rs1.png)

A scarethot's long recap of the last podcast with a 47 year old sex tourist john. A third of these are Anna's stock quips from 2017.

No. 1844389

File: 1686441546675.png (82.17 KB, 1338x1268, rs2.png)

part 2

No. 1844406

zoomer scarethots are insane. If women from 30-50 don’t want DT, they should follow their lead

No. 1844422

All you needed was to say those three letters and I immediately saw it

No. 1844481

I looked at the pic before reading the post and I thought I was scrolling the ftm thread

No. 1844530

Imagine being middle aged and stating this.

No. 1844540

File: 1686463140979.jpeg (511.81 KB, 1536x2048, 325EAD22-716F-4F5C-B6C9-38E6E4…)

Are we sure nick isn’t also ftm? Really big eyes and round face and it’s not like a cis fag would date an ftm kek

No. 1844561

The "macho faggy soft girly masc lite beer taxidermy lisp eye shadow thrash metal camouflage" aesthetic is almost exclusively pooner domain but I don't know that it's entirely impossible that a sincerely homosexual moid could also adapt it despite its unlikelyhood.

No. 1844597

File: 1686475950920.png (238.9 KB, 640x1136, 661F0115-5D4D-4598-8FC2-CEA904…)

I guess the movie with Shia is happening after all

No. 1844654

>thrash metal camouflage aesthetic
I lolled and lolled and am going to incorporate this into my vocabulary, ty nonna

No. 1844718

File: 1686503445280.webm (9.17 MB, 1080x1920, judeolatinx.webm)

What do you call this phenotype?

No. 1844836

autistic jewish phenotype but surprisingly straight hair. judeo latinx indeed.(sage your shit)

No. 1844840

lol yes. he looks like a manlet version of this half jewish half italian-american guy i know

No. 1844872

Dasha’s dwindling options

No. 1844875

Had to turn it off 10 minutes in, the way the guy was talking about his sex tourism escapade was beyond disgusting

No. 1844926

File: 1686534479610.png (515.19 KB, 535x981, Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 02-48…)

No. 1844931

File: 1686534959933.jpeg (62.14 KB, 640x597, 0F2838DC-DE74-4116-8F56-6C4F6E…)

Dasha's shooting some more for Rachel Ormont

No. 1844938

Based. To use their own terms, A&D "tell on themselves" by hyping up all of their ugly fans

No. 1844949

It was a lot, yeah. Gross guy, no surprise there.

Dasha confirmed broke up with Matthew six months ago (although they’re still entangled to some degree).

No. 1844953

File: 1686539199684.jpeg (257.17 KB, 1170x1643, IMG_6213.jpeg)

He's denying it now

No. 1845013

I thought this was present-day Amanda Bynes kek

No. 1845034

The soy version of Al Pacino in Carlito's Way.

No. 1845036

>still talking about the vaccine

No. 1845037

File: 1686554899093.jpg (44.9 KB, 518x767, S3ysADjhQgKMZ6OmDr97cON5s-oFWN…)

No. 1845041

I would love to chain this nasty faggot to a table and torture him with screws

No. 1845042


No. 1845043

Is rachel ormont a troon? Never heard of it

No. 1845065

Ug I hate how she validates manosphere incels. They always say high body count women think they are more attractive than they are

No. 1845078

Rachel Ormont is Betsey Brown's character in her upcoming film.

No. 1845139

Lol, I had never heard of the account she's replying to, but this is the creepiest moid who ever moided and crept

No. 1845145

It’s true tho men prefer the right. Her thinking otherwise is because her egos been needlessly inflated

No. 1845169

While ultimately benign, I always enjoy A&D's coping and seething whenever someone implies not all men prefer skellies

No. 1845252

Why has no one pointed out that the other image is clearly AI generated by some coomer lol

No. 1845347

File: 1686594428011.jpeg (215.65 KB, 1290x1920, IMG_0219.jpeg)

>>1845169 The male ideal is giant tits and a tight stomach - somewhere between these two. Like Daddario

No. 1845392

because the tweet clearly says they’re both AI?

No. 1845428

File: 1686602554436.jpg (209.72 KB, 1168x1557, FnvBYYBXEBErPhO.jpg)

left pic is dasha if you didn't realize
he was baiting her

No. 1845431

this photo is so shittily edited it does look like a botched coomer AI job

No. 1845435

I’d kill myself if I looked like this and had the inside to match

No. 1845439

I mean good for him calling out the irl assholes , still doesn’t change that he’s also on gross forums (not that I’m one to talk)

No. 1845542

oh god not this shit again, who the fuck cares what scrotes like. they're going to eat what's being served like the dogs they are

No. 1845554

File: 1686617640859.png (26.68 KB, 602x290, capp.png)

No. 1845555

hundreds plural? body count damn near doubled since the infamous clip

No. 1845576

File: 1686619399738.png (175.93 KB, 1016x1106, dashastans.png)

standards like this is how you rack up numbers like that

No. 1845586

I’m pretty sure she edited her waist and hip region in this pic kek

No. 1845597

If the alternative is listening to ugly losers like A&D I’ll listen to the scrotes

No. 1845611

he looks like a low-level henchman from a 90s crime drama, what the fuck is going on with his hair

No. 1845627

Anna responded
>My skin is the result of getting skin resurfacing laser earlier that day

No. 1845633

File: 1686625465024.jpeg (93.36 KB, 640x720, CE9AAD63-0534-40D7-8EFF-0EBDBB…)

>it's real

No. 1845640

I’ve never gotten a laser treatment that made me look rubbery and witch like lol

No. 1845652

Is Amber Dolezoling herself?

No. 1845697

the guy he choked out was 95lbs lol. i didnt even know moids go down that low in weight

No. 1845699

I can think of another 95 pounder in New York that I wish he murdered instead lol.

No. 1845779

When you're a homeless k2 addict it's perfectly possible

No. 1845780

File: 1686657078701.jpeg (96.56 KB, 640x840, E3F51591-FE9E-4F6B-B61A-AB0D1C…)

No. 1845830

pinpoint pupils

No. 1845867

File: 1686669521404.jpg (234.14 KB, 2295x1022, aimeelaba.jpg)

wtf is going on w Aimee in the hospital. Honestly just sad at this point.

No. 1845929

File: 1686675460946.jpeg (208.21 KB, 833x1738, IMG_6219.jpeg)

Does Zachary not realize that this is how he looks as well?

No. 1845963

File: 1686679682631.png (132.63 KB, 980x1178, shialaquit.png)

the article continues, "We’ll see if the movie even ends up happening now, as many of the investors were only interested due to Shia’s involvement. He was the core of the whole thing and now we’re not entirely sure of its status." RIP

No. 1845966

No. 1845986

> unprofessional
dasha was staring at twitter while everyone else was rehearsing lines. shia's team has questions about this unknown failure of an actress, find all the dirt behind her and the thielbux behind how she got casted in the first place

No. 1846047

File: 1686689395788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.98 KB, 748x571, 1674248854899.jpeg)

excerpt from book “the pussy” by delicious tacos, from an old pinkpill thread that caused me to not go on this website for two months. I read it and convinced myself lolcow was cherrypicking internet freaks that are the worst of the worst and these losers couldn't be real people with any type of following. had forgotten about it until now. redscare girls are going to burn in hell

No. 1846056

dasha has been having a twitter meltdown for 2 days

No. 1846071

so glad the truth about how lame and banal the gays can be is coming to light

No. 1846075

all men belong in zoo-like containment or preserved like specimens in vats

No. 1846079

praying for him to auto-erotically asphyxiate. this is textbook male bpd hypersexuality btw

No. 1846085

Isn’t this guy middle aged and have an ex wife and a daughter

No. 1846092

Someone a few threads ago said he’s a pedophile and flew to Southeast Asia to have sex with preteens

No. 1846099

Okay Imma need a photo of this faggot(sage your shit)

No. 1846100

Okay Imma need a photo of this faggot

No. 1846107


there's one on the redscarepod episode discussion thread he's as disgusting as you can imagine

No. 1846112

File: 1686694967767.jpeg (45.58 KB, 495x591, tnlczunspvv81.jpeg)

okay that's her skin, did she explain everything else? Because she somehow has no eyelashes and incredibly sparse eyebrows. She might be at an age now where she really does have to choose staying skinny and keeping her face looking decent. Lasagna Anna looked like she would've made a good mom.

No. 1846147

>openly admitting all men are subhuman rape apes who think with their dicks
I mean, this is what radfems have been saying for years and moids always tried to deny it. Kinda refreshing to see a scrote finally being honest about it, I guess.

No. 1846149

Possessing a Y chromosome should be added to the DSM

No. 1846153

File: 1686699550614.jpg (16.32 KB, 640x427, titim.jpg)

Someone on the rsp reddit said picrel "might be him 12 years ago." Source is https://morepecudum.wordpress.com/ (Archive: https://archive.ph/Zo42A)
A commenter called "delicioustacos" commented on a post here, so. Who knows.

No. 1846165

Pedo phenotype

No. 1846169


Is this the same guy under a different name? Because he admits to stealing a pair of his sisters period blood stained underwear, jacking off under a blanket in front of his babysitter, and wiping bread under his armpits when making a sandwich for a customer he disliked when he was working in a sandwich shop.

No. 1846171

It seems to be a female who wrote that article. Unless it’s one of his tranny alter egos. The writing style sounds extremely similar to the moid freak.

No. 1846195

File: 1686703781756.jpeg (92.21 KB, 1170x576, IMG_3026.jpeg)

Here the author ‘delicious tacos’ describes himself as looking like young Harry Dean Stanton, kinda looks like that guy

No. 1846209

No. 1846220

It’s like she just realized most men aren’t Ashkenazi pedophiles.

No. 1846221

Yeah that’s definitely him then. Same rat pedo phenotype.

No. 1846222

>Episode is called "PERV Headquarters"
Nonas, what's the deal with the Evangelion obsession? I liked it as a teenager, but it's a show for teenagers. These women are well into their forties, and even the general net.art obsession with ironic anime nostalgia is over a decade old at this point.

No. 1846223

She’s so hideous it’s actually kinda sad.

No. 1846224

Because poltard schizos latched onto it and claim it has all these spoopy hidden meanings and coded messages in it that can predict the future. In reality the creators just said they randomly chose to use Christian and Kabbalistic imagery/symbology because it was considered unusual and very exotic to Japanese audiences at the time. They weren’t trying to hide it either, they intended people to notice all these things.

No. 1846261

he rants about not having a wife and kids at age 47/48, it’s be hard to believe he does…

No. 1846262

all the disgusting rape fantasies that he writes about women should 100% happen to him

No. 1846268

Yeah and Nick Mullen is still obsessed with RDR2 and The Simpsons. Arrested development is a running theme for NYC people.

Your thinking about Lain more than Evangelion. Evangelion isn't really mysterious

No. 1846277

File: 1686712213333.png (53.18 KB, 1264x848, olds.png)

Anna's 30 to 40 something irl friend popping up on reddit to defend her

No. 1846279

File: 1686712243149.png (383.41 KB, 632x1310, stagginnocent.png)


No. 1846282

It is to schizo poltards with too much time on their hands.

No. 1846291

Kek he looks like Anna mixed with Pauly Shore, bleak

No. 1846345

It was popular franchise in the 2000s for having a gay character and angsty teens and now it’s perfect to dredge up again and retcon the gay angst into trans angst and make money off a new crop of teens

No. 1846346

I wonder why adam is a snitch

No. 1846366


No. 1846369

wtf? that's just immoral

No. 1846409

>poltard schizos
You mean normies latched on to it, poltards weren't watching it, and the ones who were already did so some time ago.

No. 1846410

File: 1686741054761.jpeg (40.07 KB, 750x612, F891C102-9C4A-458F-9DD9-FE2C95…)

She’s weirdly horny all the time now.

No. 1846448

I dont think shes hideous but shes clearly had a lot of work done she lies about and has one of the ugliest souls you can imagine. just a horrible person inside and out.

No. 1846450

aimees last four surviving eggs from over a decade of amphetamine usage are playing a violin concerto like the titantic is sinking

No. 1846451

Aimee is going to start having Eraserhead style hallucinations about a secret lover living in her heating unit.

No. 1846453

I was not picturing a man when I read those comments.

No. 1846454

The moid who tweeted this is a coomer creep, but it is funny how easily trolled Dasha is by curvy women. Someone should retweet this with Florence Pugh on the right so she really loses her shit.

No. 1846461

Yup that's him. Hideous moid.

No. 1846462

Delicious Tacos was one of the worst creeps of the manosphere, and now he's one of the worst creeps in whatever this scene is. I remember he went semi-viral for a blog post about how badly he wanted to fuck 11-13 yo girls, and calling 19-year-olds "old hags" in comparison. He also bragged about raping incapacitated women. He's fucking disgusting and all these freaks are disgusting for giving him another platform.

No. 1846468

File: 1686750851273.jpeg (225.27 KB, 1179x1697, dbz.jpeg)

A couple of years ago the podcast class realized they had to start paying lip service to anime to pander to their increasingly younger paypigs. Like Will Mennaker suddenly getting into Dragon Ball at the age of 52.

No. 1846502

File: 1686753999801.png (35.13 KB, 1088x632, eli.png)

they've all been posting more insanely than normal lately

No. 1846512

She’s probably quietly treating her ED and has a libido now

No. 1846535

All these braindead terminally online weirdos are in no position to declare what's attractive

No. 1846546

Did she not address the wig

No. 1846551

The moids who write this type of shit tend to be the same ones who take virility supplements, they mistake their porn and masturbation addiction for male sexuality. It's like a heroin addict going on and on about endogenous opioids and how we're all wired to be shooting up all day. But yes nonna, addicts who are still functional enough to produce "content" tend to amass followings of fellow addicts.

No. 1846575

File: 1686768406213.png (36.24 KB, 606x593, 1685770212204.png)

No. 1846577

got an actual lol out of me

No. 1846579

Is this about Eli? Or herself? Either way, jfc

No. 1846804

File: 1686800497623.jpeg (132.32 KB, 1170x1390, IMG_2119.jpeg)


No. 1846819

File: 1686801783544.png (1009.17 KB, 640x1136, B1644A30-4B6F-4D5A-980F-04458B…)

Poor Honor; she faded away into obscurity, Ivy Wolk taking her place as the reactionary Jewish-Christian Diet Dasha of Dimes

No. 1846823

isnt that a tiktoker? gross. being seen with dasha is the fastest way to make me lose all respect for a woman. not that i really know anything about this girl but i thought her videos were funny when id come across them. being seen with dasha is always the beginning of the end for people though, i almost feel bad for the girl.

No. 1846888

So what's the feedback? Is it underwhelming? I was actually pleasantly surprised with almost all the guest episodes so far. However every podcast filler eps are so completely dull and pointless that it can induce a life crisis.

No. 1846894

can't post this voice memo from Aimee properly but she sounds cracked out and she now has a weird lisp (lost her teeth due to the meth use?) https://twitter.com/aimeeterese/status/1669229560553164805

No. 1846927

Ah yes what the world needs. porn addition infused writing

No. 1846938

Honestly I feel bad for this kid. Anna and Dasha shouldn't be introducing her to dimes square or rw twitter anons. It's all excessive negativity, and from her tiktok and tweets, you can tell she has extremely low self-esteem and deep rooted problems. The best thing they can do for her is to leave her alone and hope she turns into a regular, functioning adult

No. 1846942

Men do get way more sexual thoughts but they literally have them since they’re like 13. with anything else you learn to deal with it and not give it so much attention. This idea women should be thanking men for not raping them is retarded. It’s like saying men should be thanking women for wearing pads and tampons rather than bleed all over furniture

No. 1846958

File: 1686832807872.jpeg (144.93 KB, 750x1160, 70B1A240-7198-49EB-8391-79240C…)

I think it is him pretending to be a woman. Sounds like him and he talks about being a line cook, how many women are line cooks? If he really grew up in foster care, might explain why he’s so fucked up. so many of those kids get sexually and physically abused

No. 1846961

I watched it it was really good kek. The dynamic and the way he shuts Adam down is really funny

No. 1846965

Its him fantasizing about being a woman and getting fucked by men

No. 1846994

File: 1686839411553.jpeg (172.41 KB, 1170x1461, IMG_6229.jpeg)

She just gets sadder and sadder

No. 1846998

they're both in some movie that is filming now

No. 1847004

File: 1686841375641.png (Spoiler Image,298.53 KB, 1432x1068, Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 11.03…)

adam flashes his balls in their little silent theatre routine so that ruined my day

No. 1847006

File: 1686841570006.webm (4.51 MB, 1280x720, aimee meth.webm)

Jeez, this is hard to listen to.

No. 1847019

Florence pugh isn’t curvy she is short and wide with small breasts

No. 1847023

she's saying it's "hot" that twitter has posting limits?

No. 1847027

Dasha is such a whorish loser she will give a platform to any moid who expresses sexual interest in her

No. 1847029

Ivy Wolk has been ingratiating herself in the scene for a long time. She wasn't some fish Anna or Dasha scooped up and dumped on the Dimes scene.

No. 1847032

Average troon

No. 1847050

dasha's just very unfortunate looking in every way. whoever originally described red scare as "two weird looking bitches coping with being weird looking" was totally right.

No. 1847056

Her hands are huge.

No. 1847078

File: 1686850380647.jpg (26.46 KB, 500x500, avatars-000019302504-hviypx-t5…)

Shave his facial hair and he'd make a good twink
I like this look but unfortunately her weight loss seems to have come mostly from her boobs

No. 1847088

he's not thin enough to be a twink

No. 1847206

>It's like a heroin addict going on and on about endogenous opioids and how we're all wired to be shooting up all day.
sure i guess this analogy works if you overlook that literally no heroin addict talks like that

No. 1847240

File: 1686873011042.jpg (190.16 KB, 949x1114, carlhart.jpg)

No. 1847393

Smooth brain lol, one academic addict doesn’t equal all heroin addicts, I’m guessing u haven’t met any in your irl life

No. 1847468

File: 1686916848393.jpeg (55.88 KB, 750x587, 4AC13951-2AFA-4D9A-B136-B1A97A…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1847479

File: 1686918358789.jpeg (32.3 KB, 640x448, 5161D4BE-AE1E-4DAB-9695-28CF57…)

No. 1847498

something big seems to be going on with her. the hospital stays, the weird ruminating voice notes, note to self affirmations shes going to be okay.

couldnt have happened to a nicer person

No. 1847605

File: 1686932278716.jpeg (82.51 KB, 1290x724, IMG_8489.jpeg)

too horny to listen to the male doctor telling her she’s been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia

No. 1847606

Can't wait for the Asylum Aimee Arc

No. 1847748

File: 1686952494436.png (8.84 KB, 593x213, wowjustwow.png)

Ok what the fuck is happening here? She's still going

No. 1847855

File: 1686963612432.jpeg (45.52 KB, 750x617, 1C94B64C-7481-4C75-8A4B-8AFE14…)

Aimee is 37 and living with a random roommate. The poor lady is probably freaked out that her roommate doesn’t sleep

No. 1847867

File: 1686964459858.jpg (112.47 KB, 1222x462, Hysteriaa[1].jpg)

This convinces me that Wandering Womb Syndrome is real
Sorry for the potential spoonfeed question but Ivy Wolk is a troon, yes?

No. 1847885

does anyone else absolutely not give a shit about aimee? there's nothing about her that stands out. she doesn't seem relevant, her racism is pretty bland and not particularly creative, and as far as anorexia goes, she doesn't post horror selfies or have a grim humor about exhibiting her mental illness for the world like someone like oswald'slunch. she had a podcast, now she doesn't, i don't know why she's worthy of any attention

No. 1847889

File: 1686966231177.jpg (794.66 KB, 3150x3150, 8cljcu3d16k71[1].jpg)

She's among the milkiest cows
>Chipmunk voice
>Wears a wig that makes her look like a witch
>Turns on anyone she's ever worked with
>Started as a Marxist but now panders to "dissident right" and nazis
>Now hornyposting

No. 1847891

>Ivy Wolk is a troon, yes?
No, just weird-looking

No. 1847892

she's not. just an odd looking girl

No. 1847893

It's a distinctly zoomer physiognomy

No. 1847897

I think it is so so funny that these former pseudointellectuals got SO bored with pretending to care about politics that they just reverted into talking exactly like fat IQ 80 southern baptists and aspiring military wives from the deep south. from the way she opened the tweet with "I like to think marriage is forever" to the way she's literally tweeting about how THESE HOES AINT LOYAL in 2023, this is sending me straight back to hatereading facebook in the '00s and it's spooky

No. 1847904

I don’t know enough about her to care too deeply and she always acts insane but she is a good cow sometimes so I care a little. If she seemed less fake with her attentionwhoring it would be better milk.

No. 1847905

Sometimes I think she’s legitimately mentally ill and it all makes more sense

No. 1847916

she's blatantly unwell

No. 1847921

File: 1686972008431.png (20.45 KB, 1190x486, Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.21…)

No. 1847925

No. 1847960

It’s such tired and lazy attention baiting from her, so many Twitter personalities outshine her in inducing rage, acting schizo

No. 1847966

Aimee is boring and pretty much has nothing interesting to say content-wise, but she is kind of singular in the sense that she isn’t as self-conscious about being a reactionary as everyone else.

A & D will try to soften their beliefs because they’re terrified of not being considered “sophisticated” and cosmopolitan. That’s why Anna will try to paint her racism as neutral and just “pointing out differences” and as a “love of distinction” precisely because she doesn’t want to be the seen the same as some seething 80 iq yokel. Or why deep down Dasha knows that these incels she venerates are actually losers and why she has to admit feminists like Dworkin are intelligent and at least worthy of consideration. Or why their anti-semitism borders on flattery towards Jews, by seeing them as the most formidable and intelligent race (nevermind the fact that they both seem to have preference for Jewish men, which says it all). Or why they accept trannies if they’re cool. At their core A & D are lib urbanites, through and through.

Aimee otoh gives into unthinking impulse bigotry and black and white thinking for… the grift? mental illness? having absolutely no stake in the culture wars going on in America? Who knows why. Maybe it’s a culture/affect difference as Aimee is Australian whereas most of the other post left cows reside in NYC.

No. 1847975

I say this as an Australian, it's because she's Australian

No. 1848001

oh, lmao

No. 1848055

her not posting selfies is a big one. It’s a credit to her that she’s not forcing everyone to witness her illnesses in a physical sense and make people feel they need to lie to her and tell she looks amazing

No. 1848207

Most of the posters ITT that are celebrating Aimee's sad state are probably the same fags and troons she's been beefing with on twitter.

No. 1848302

Get a grip we've been milking her for literal years here

No. 1848315

Not at all. She deserves the criticism and it goes back years in these threads

No. 1848319

Nah there's a level of vitriol that goes beyond nonnas in here being catty to the point that the moids tell on themselves. Happens a good bit with Anna too.

No. 1848328

File: 1687039245853.jpeg (219.13 KB, 1170x1601, IMG_6239.jpeg)

Aimee just dropped a selfie but I'd wager it's very old given the iPhone 6 being used

No. 1848342

Oh dear, she does not look well

No. 1848355

File: 1687042676531.png (121.21 KB, 1176x2262, meth.png)

her feed is a complete mess

No. 1848358

Yeah it seems like a typical amount of casual racism for Australia

No. 1848361

Do women with proana tendencies know it causes vaginal prolapse?

No. 1848452

Isn't she greek? The irony

No. 1848610

Great post anon. Personal experience but I know a lot of Australians who are really invested in American culture and politics moreso than the average non-American, it's strange

No. 1848638

File: 1687096658245.jpg (87.74 KB, 1280x970, angelicismmovie.jpg)

Angelicism directed a movie so cringe that not even the Dimes Square circlejerk at Spike didn't like it:

No. 1848683

Half Lebanese half Aussie cracker iirc

No. 1848719

TBT to aimees "white australia" meltdown several threads back

No. 1848772

File: 1687112402363.png (25.52 KB, 585x395, aimes.png)

>It's not rayp if we want it (we do).

No. 1848776

>in your own imaginary world you cannot picture yourself consensually wooing a woman
i know this is nothing to be surprised of but TLP is straight up admitting all moids desire rape. just telling on himself.

No. 1848798

Eh she’s looking rough. On the plus side, she looks to be at a healthy weight. And her hair is looking a lot healthier too.

No. 1848828

She's definitely curvier than what I expected. Good for her.

No. 1848838

She will never have children. Or, like, maybe she lies to a one night stand that she’s on BC and gets lucky?

No. 1848856

File: 1687119193777.jpg (49.33 KB, 1135x647, Screenshot 2023-06-18 161500.j…)

presented without comment

No. 1848873

She's always been an exhibitionist. Her husband once mentioned how they were at a dinner party together and she intentionally wore a loose-fitting dress…and lo and behold her boobs popped out for everyone to see when she bent over one time.

No. 1848896

File: 1687123798717.jpeg (54.38 KB, 750x1026, 75DA6F00-BC7E-4043-B117-CA4CF4…)

On that note….

No. 1848934

She’s wearing a sweatshirt and a blanket, there is only one shoulder showing. I don’t get it.
What’s the context nona?

No. 1848948

remember to use this as the next thread pic PLEASE

No. 1848961

File: 1687133846901.jpg (147.24 KB, 1217x870, SoyskinJacket.jpg)

Do we have any milk on Snakeskin Jacket (@SnakeSkin_J)? Along with Pedo Abbasi, he's one of the top replygeeks for Dasha, Anna, Audrey Horne, @truth_enjoyer, @Yrcncld, and other e-girls involved in this scene. He often runs with @HowlingMutant0, another dude who really hates Black people but hides it under irony and pretends to neg most of the girls mentioned when he clearly seeks their validation.

Based on the exchange in the pic (check out that embarrassing simping for Dasha, lmao) I'm guessing he's a New York Republican trying gain some clout by associating with Dimes Square girls.

No. 1848963

File: 1687134331458.jpg (18.75 KB, 599x347, SoyskinJacket2.jpg)

SnakeSkin_J might be the most pathetic moid Red Scare simp of them all. The tryhard Nicolas Cage cigarette pfp is just the cherry on top. Cringelord through and through.

No. 1848968

File: 1687135077372.png (238.72 KB, 1168x1158, nearly40yearsold.png)

Anna balkans baiting, and worse than that, pedantically repeating her one line about Lasch all day on twitter to distract from being a single mother on father's day.

No. 1848970

@Howlingmutant0 is another garbage account that constantly appears on my Twitter feed thanks to the algorithm. A few weeks ago he was acting tough online but kept making sad excuses for not posting his face when requested.

No. 1848976

btw someone on the Red Scare subreddit with ties to Succession producers confirmed that Dasha was not invited back to the show in part because of her right-wing political turn.

No. 1848980

Is it more concrete than this? >>1840718

No. 1848986

It was a different post/username and I'm too lazy to dig it up, but the person said that while the producers have didn't really have plans for her character anyway, Dasha's political turn factored into their decision to cut her off.

No. 1848992

Is Audrey @credenzaclear2 still friends with Delicious Tacos? It's funny how she pretends to be this trad good girl when she's still friendly with bottom-feeding creeps like DT and:


No. 1848999

this theory always seems like cope, Dasha would love to think she’s 2edgy4succession but she’d already had plenty of controversy when she was cast and if she were good at her job more controversy wouldn’t have mattered. she got fired because she’s a very limited actress who’s “difficult to photograph” to put it nicely. her SAG award antics would not have helped but she was probably already written off the show by then, hence the cast pretty blatantly icing her out while she turned cartwheels for attention

No. 1849005

File: 1687139765658.jpeg (75.77 KB, 1170x437, 1CC586A0-0E1F-4CD5-A76A-F57D57…)

Sage because i find how badly she wants to be relevant in this scene incredibly deeply embarrassing and i think she is deeply mentally ill in a way no one else in this scene is but not in the way that she likes to LARP it online but i think this is a tad bit dramatic of a reaction to people being mad at you for having said the n word in a tiktok or vine

No. 1849019

>people being mad at you for having said the n word in a tiktok or vine
>"i was thirteen"
What's the story here, nona?

No. 1849031

Idk why i assumed everyone was caught up on ivy wolk lore my condolences but she was marginally tiktok popular and then baleeted because someone dug up a video of her saying the n word and whenever she alludes to being “cancelled” she’s either referring to that or like, stranger things stans dogpiling her because she was friends with finn wolfhard or something. she got cast in some literal freeform show like three years ago, it’s genuinely really concerning to see her prattle on about her delusions of future success as if dasha and eugene don’t just keep her around to pretend they’re in touch with zoomer sensibilities in any way. I know she also had some beef with millie bobby brown or something or like enya and drew from emergency intercom or their friend josiah who was friends with that dead girl with cancer from vine (Emma greer?). The stranger things cast/dimes square crossover is honestly a possible point of intrigue and i do think emergency intercom or former vine star zoomers are the missing link but they’re all too corny to wade through. Soz for super irrelevant and tangential zoomer online drama sperging. ivy wolk just already had her fifteen minutes thanks to tiktok or having fan accounts made of her because she was spotted in stranger things’ children’s instagram posts, that was her comfrey moment and it’s over and gone

No. 1849035

Her whole brand has always been being provocative. Cry me a fucking river, the "hate" she gets is all part of the performance.

No. 1849038

"Ties to Succession producers" I just saw that thread and all it is is some guy saying he heard it from "sources." Says nothing about producers.

No. 1849041

>stranger things cast/dimes square crossover
Wasn't there some e-drama around Finn and Dasha several years ago? Like they were liking each other's instagram posts and his fans were freaking out or something? I vaguely remember it, I just know something was going down with them on insta. I think it was before these threads even started.

No. 1849044

Finn liked a picture of her on instagram and she got lots of hate comments from hispanic teens

No. 1849050

Yeah, i think the outcry was less because of it being her and more because it was a topless and pseudorisqué photo + they sobbed about his innocence being ruined but i think a few of them then dug into her profile afterwards and then got mad that it was her specifically

No. 1849053

>Luca Baby there's people you can hit and people you can't hit. Dasha is one of the people you can't hit.

does he realize how gay he sounds lol

No. 1849069

File: 1687147046148.jpeg (632.31 KB, 2048x1536, dasha rifle.jpeg)

Delicious Tacos posting photos of Dasha and Peter Vack. Is the Eugene movie that Shia dropped out of (but is apparently still filming) a Tacos adaptation? Or is she simultaneously shooting that short film based on one his stories they were all crowdfunding for a few months ago?

No. 1849071

File: 1687147139796.jpeg (855.5 KB, 1512x2016, dasha bow and arrow.jpeg)

No. 1849087

Dasha and DT are definitely fucking

No. 1849095

File: 1687150388177.jpg (82.91 KB, 454x889, 54556642211.jpg)

Oh, I remember this guy. He got mad last month when Anna got ratioed by Sridhar Ramesh:


No. 1849099


Why are there grey, fluffy mats in her hair? Why is there half-eaten cereal on the table? I thought she wore a wig, but her hair has a lot of volume in this, even if that volume is possibly created by teasing it with dust bunnies. Those also look like the heels she wore in that one selfie with the wig. If she recycled this photo, and the iPhone 6 is proof, why would she use this one??

No. 1849102

dasha needs to stop pandering to rightoids and contrarians because she does not have the looks or natural charisma for it. she just looks like a thin-haired Florida methhead that got a hold of weapons during her drug-induced psychosis. stick to the pretentious aging balletcore anafag schtick.

No. 1849103

cope, they all love her because she fucks them

No. 1849119

im surprised he hasnt shown up here, he has over 100K tweets to his name, steals content from reddit constantly, and begs his twitter groupchats to join in on his arguments. from a girlfriend who he was pursuing: hes mid 40s, balding and ugly, but saged because you probably inherently knew this without hearing it directly from someone in the know

No. 1849123

nonna honestly that is probably the best picture of herself she had taken in nearly a fucking decade.

No. 1849125

I wonder why she didnt get fakes with the rest of the surgery

No. 1849126

I actually thinks she's really pretty

No. 1849127

this comment makes you look like a troon as well

No. 1849128

Because I think women, with two XX chromosomes, is pretty, I look like a troon? Mmkay nonna. Are the only women lesbians are allowed to be attracted to conventially attractive ones?

No. 1849129

File: 1687156339295.jpg (308.21 KB, 1536x2048, trooooooooon.JPG)

dont even bother trying to play sanctimonious with me. picrel is count the trannytells

No. 1849130

She's literally a woman you retard. A real, actual woman. "Omg she doesn't look like fuckin Monica Bellucci, she's troonbait" this is the most moid-brained conversation I've seen in weeks

No. 1849133

Are the troons in the room with us right now nonna?

No. 1849134

>grey, fluffy mats in her hair

those are smudges on the mirror i'm pretty sure. aimee is a witch don't get me wrong

No. 1849140

Regardless of troon or not, your still fucking high to think >>1849129 is attractive in any way. If there's anything attractive about her, it'll have to be in how she carries herself because her looks aren't gonna do it.

No. 1849143

That is a bad picture yes

No. 1849191

File: 1687165714355.jpg (1.31 MB, 3465x3465, RadfemHitler High Definition.j…)

Hi OP. You posted this collage of various twitter personalities from a thread ago, it's listed as number 41. Could you please post the RFH (RadFemHitler) picture uncropped, since i've been looking for that particular one and haven't seemed to find it. I've only found the more common ones with low resolution, and none at a resolution that high. Or you could just give a link to where l can find it. That would be good enough, l just need it for something i'm doing on photoshop, thanks!

No. 1849197

Imagine paying money to have your dyed blonde hair look grey from behind

No. 1849201

I’m sure she will be fine if she is able to get healthy. Women are having kids later these days

No. 1849202

No, Andrew Ruse of Million Dollar Extreme is directing the Delicious Tacos movie.

No. 1849205

> from a girlfriend who he was pursuing: hes mid 40s, balding and ugly, but saged because you probably inherently knew this without hearing it directly from someone in the know

I figured as much, but I still want to know more, lmao. He refused to post his face but couldn't stop talking about how handsome he supposedly was.

No. 1849217

I'm not OP but you can find the pic along with some milk on Radfem Hitler in the old
"Radfem Cows" thread here:


Anna Slatz @slatzism also overlaps with some of the Dimes Square/Postrat crowd.(sage your shit)

No. 1849218

File: 1687169968678.jpeg (28.1 KB, 750x264, CBB1DAA4-2389-46C6-81A3-C424D4…)

No. 1849224

as if she has any experience in any of these matters. has she even been in a long term relationship ever? Has she ever been touched by a man? why does she believe that she has any authority to speak about marriage?

Also with the rape tweet? no aimee, women don’t actually want to be raped.

No. 1849231

That’s Dasha or one of her loser fans coping with her not being asked back

No. 1849234

That’s funny. I heard from producers she was written off for being bad at acting and not pretty enough to make up for it

No. 1849235

She will be Eskimo sisters with a sex trafficked child like she’s always dreamed

No. 1849244

What a tragic ass

No. 1849249

I've noticed that since the Thielbux started rolling in, that the new women and trannies in this scene are increasingly more hysterical, incoherent and the extent of their "right wing" views are just collaborating with other incoherent Twitter people, not saying anything that controversial themselves

No. 1849254

File: 1687176329891.jpg (78.81 KB, 660x880, Emo Kid Cutting Himself.jpg)

l did see this thread before in search for the picture but didn't completely go through it. l did now but still can't find it. Only this No. 1372762 post in the thread but it's not the same resolution unfortunately. Am l being blind? l usually miss obvious stuff stupidly, even if l look carefully. Pic unrelated

No. 1849269

Awful form

No. 1849278

I don’t like body shaming other women, even if that woman is a terrible person, but her body is so unfeminine. there’s nothing wrong with having a smaller chest or smaller frame, but dasha has literally no curves or at least a cute small butt. it’s just flat all around, shapeless and formless. tragic.

No. 1849284

Isn't this the pic?


The milk about her Clubhouse dox is in this thread:

>>>/snow/1338741(sage your shit)

No. 1849285

both @Howlingmutant0 and Perry Abbasi use their groupchats full of simps to juice up their Twitter engagement

No. 1849289

File: 1687180592729.png (77.2 KB, 391x457, RadfemHitler Cropped High Defi…)

Not the one with high resolution like this one. l only found it from the collage l posted in my first post here, which isn't the uncropped version i'm looking for. Everytime l click on that image from 1372762 it's really small in dimensions and low in resolution. l can't believe how elusive the higher quality version is

No. 1849297

gay moids from twitter have taken over this thread

No. 1849299

File: 1687183079477.jpeg (152.25 KB, 1170x2532, they-combination-we-never-knew…)

I had to check to make sure but somehow this is real

No. 1849300

File: 1687183388960.jpg (68.81 KB, 593x797, Haz.jpg)

Even the MAGA Communist gamercels are tired of Aimee Terese and the post-left shtick.

No. 1849317

I'm surprised this is still going, this part of the "scene" somehow has even less to say than the rest of the cows

No. 1849324

Is the entire Republican Party just one big gay slapfight?

No. 1849350

This guy cannot clapback to save his life. Surprised he hasn't been ridiculed by the very post-left people he's simping for, given how image conscious they are. He's dragging the brand down!
As an aside, is anything dorkier than posting someone's profile photo as an own? It only works in very select cases without coming off as a juvenile white flag.

No. 1849356

File: 1687192111363.png (79.66 KB, 1032x1114, crossovers.png)

No. 1849360

Allying with troons is unforgivable

No. 1849362

True, men can’t let women have even one thing with out invading and dominating, gay men included. Gay men always have to make female culture center their needs and opinions. So glad that the backslide on women’s rights is including homophobia as well

No. 1849364

What happened to all of Adam’s hair? The curl is so limp too, is it because he lost so much?

No. 1849365

What'd Radfem Hitler get suspended for this time? IIRC she got her previous suspension because she pissed off BAP and the BAPcels.

No. 1849373

File: 1687193613133.png (90.36 KB, 460x487, Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 12.5…)

It might just be the picture, but he has lost a ton of weight recently. He looks pretty gaunt in the new episode (picrel but easier to see in motion). I definitely believe the pill addict allegations

No. 1849374

Heroin is hitting the scene hard. Maybe some thielbux regret?

No. 1849381

probably the same thing. rightoids mass reporting tweets that make them angry. I wouldnt be surprised if some of the scrotes bemoaning her suspension were also reporting her

No. 1849388

File: 1687194872143.jpg (33.34 KB, 608x550, Elon.jpg)

Anna wants Elon on the pod two weeks after Dasha called him fat and retarded.

Also lol @ Elon responding to tweets from @lndian_Bronson and Mommy Milkers.

No. 1849390

File: 1687195009748.png (490.94 KB, 629x526, pariah the prostitute.png)

Salomé cavorting with the homies

Anna wants Elon on the pod two weeks after Dasha called him fat and retarded.
They'll do anything for the bag

No. 1849392

why does Pariah bother pandering to right-wing Twitter when they're going to hate him for being a troon and hate him for kissing black guys?

No. 1849396

File: 1687195376052.jpeg (191.13 KB, 1170x1476, 1681833806066.jpeg)

@HowlingMutant0 is the #9 profile pic in this line-up, but that's not actually him in the pic obviously. I want to see what this balding middle-aged internet tough guy really looks like.

No. 1849416

We all knew RFH was just an attention seeker with a good take here and there, can’t be feminist and a friend of Anna (#1 woman hater)

No. 1849421

File: 1687198001506.jpeg (157.54 KB, 1169x1420, 7F5190EB-5C32-4DAC-A3FE-7C6EF8…)

Samefag radfem hitler doesn’t even have the spine to criticize delicious tacos, a disgusting and unabashed john. even the RSP redditors of all people have been bashing him for a week.

No. 1849423

>even the RSP redditors of all people have been bashing him for a week

Can you post some samples? I really don't want to go to that subreddit.

No. 1849424

Met him at a party once. Balding ginger who is a train operator.

No. 1849425

lol what party was it?

No. 1849430

Dinner party at redpillbelle or whatever the fuck her @ is house

No. 1849432

sounds even lamer than the De Vere Ball.

No. 1849433

this person follows almost all the cows discussed here:


No. 1849447

File: 1687200639542.jpeg (85.7 KB, 1024x453, 45E4F651-1804-4795-BDA8-D04E87…)

I hate to post Reddit here but. Idk how all the Twitter heads are fine with this nonce

No. 1849449

File: 1687200876303.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1169x962, 47DECF54-C92B-40A4-927D-8E4812…)

It triggered multiple threads on the RSP condemning prostitution, including some former escorts commenting/posting.
The fact this pervert is broadly accepted by the Twitter “trad” and right wing scenes is too on the nose

No. 1849453

He’s what, 35? 36? You could drive a mountain bike over those forehead lines.

No. 1849457

I fucking hate his refusal to dress decently. In every single still from their "TV show" or whatever, he's wearing some shitty thrifted suit jacket paired with a polo or a t-shirt or some loud hideous patterned button down. It really makes him look like the geriatric hipster creep he is. Nothing stopping him from spending a grand on a couple of made-to-measure suits
Probably. The moids in this scene are way bigger backbiters than the women. The ironybros are constantly having falling-outs with each other and are constantly making new group chats because @HitlerEpstein420 has @GeorgeFloydPolanski blocked

No. 1849459

File: 1687202029962.png (192.3 KB, 360x418, FhUSp-aXwAE5cRJ.png)

this is him

No. 1849468

>The fact this pervert is broadly accepted by the Twitter “trad” and right wing scenes is too on the nose

And it's entirely expected in light of what's been documented in these threads lol

No. 1849480

Good lord

No. 1849482

Isn't that garbageape?

No. 1849483

I don't think that's him. I think the dude in that pic was allegedly GarbageApe.

Other anons said Howlingmutant0 is balding, not fully bald, and he's admitted to being Irish, so balding ginger would make sense.

No. 1849504

No it’s garbage ape. I don’t believe there’s any howling mutant pics, but some seem to have met him irl

No. 1849518

Offensively smooth knobhead ringed with broken capillaries and 10 years worth of dead skin shellac’d with grease over a porcine grimace. A vestigial specimen of scrotoid, barely even human.

No. 1849552

this could have been a hilarious tweet if it was 1% different

No. 1849632

File: 1687217633337.jpg (42.87 KB, 962x541, 49302555-10102113-image-a-68_1…)

I would tend to agree that it was probably Dasha's alt that planted that misinformation. I think the reason she wasn't in the last season of succession was that there was no place for her in the story. She's supposed to be the love interest for Greg but he has a less prominent role the last season of sucking the Swede's cock. They also don't have a problem with mediocre skilled slightly above average looking actresses in minor roles so I don't think getting written out was due to looks or talent.

No. 1849637

File: 1687218242820.png (243.01 KB, 738x920, RFH Is Back.png)

RFH Lives

No. 1849644

can someone spoonfeed me about what rfh actually believes. like is she a nazi or not. sorry if this is dumb i genuinely have no idea.

No. 1849659

She's a radfem, supposedly. Posted some andrea dworkin book that she owned. l think she likes hitler, hence the name Radical Feminist Hitler (RFH). She seems to be someone totally disgruntled with the rightwing and trad lovers because she came from a failed marriage with a jewish guy who was at least emotionally abusive towards her. She said she cucked him with a blond haired aryan looking dude and got impregnated with his kid. She divorced the jew, collects child support from the ex husband who thinks its his, and has remarried to some older white color dude who lives in chicago. l think she is trying to give as much push back to the idea of tradthottery which is promoted in rightwing spaces, and other ideas that rightwing men hold. Obviously she was entrenched in these ideas in the past and feels an urge to vent of her new found realisation that they're stupid or impractical for today. But like most ecelebs, she simply craves attention

No. 1849667

File: 1687220162794.png (16.99 KB, 647x561, samememe fake job.png)

Fake job haver cries about women not needing him, take 1,326,011

No. 1849680

File: 1687222475396.jpg (90.71 KB, 591x754, 456323344215.jpg)

Is Anna subtweeting samememe here? Are these cows really trying to shift to a RadFem phase?

No. 1849683

She literally posts so much contradictory stuff, there's no way to know. Like even the most basic info about herself will be contradicted 2 days later by her own posts. People think she's Chinese, white, rich, poor, divorced, married, abandoned her kid, has custody of kid, she's 25, she's 45, she's a troon, she's a radfem, she's a housewife, she's a girl boss. Anyone who thinks they know anything about her but hasn't met her in person is kidding themselves.

No. 1849686

Tell men to settle for a 5/10 mid & boring woman. Not gonna happen
The expectations of what a moid needs to add value to her life, as a high earning woman, as a single mother, should make her a rad fem or sympathetic to radical feminism. Inherently, most moids would only detract from her life and family stability (as limited as it is). She and her son are better off alone or in their weird disjointed coparenting thing, than to listen to any “just settle” dating advice coming from her conservative coomer corner.

No. 1849687

No. 1849688

swear nonnas are so gullible these days. she has some based takes from time to time but shes clearly a nazi. shes just less delusional about the state of the right than other grifters like A + D. her entire circle is filled with ethnonationalists who would strip her of her rights with glee while thanking her for the shitposts.

No. 1849691

RFH is similar to Anna Slatz, discussed in the below thread:


Pretty sure they interact with each other too.

No. 1849694

if she's a nazi then radlibs like you are the stasi

No. 1849698

btw it's so funny to see these hipster women who fancy themselves "tastemakers" or part of some "avant-garde" cultural movement to take so long to realize a fact which is bleedingly obvious to almost every normie lib woman: that right-wing men are generally the bottom of the barrel and deserve to remain incels.

No. 1849703

Your idea of rightwing men is skewed. 19 year old Brad raised as a cornfed montana boy on a ranch is 100% genetically better than any inner city or suburban kid with half the testosterone. You're talking about edgelords who became rightwing because they browsed too much 4chan when they were 15

No. 1849704

This is why you need a high iq to analyse her

No. 1849705

>19 year old Brad raised as a cornfed montana boy on a ranch is 100% genetically better than any inner city or suburban kid with half the testosterone

This is such cope, lmao. America and many other countries would be Third World if you removed all the urban and suburban areas.

No. 1849708

the stench of twitter is wafting from these posts

No. 1849713

Brad has an IQ in the low 80s and it has a fair bit to do with the incest in his family tree

No. 1849717

And everyone would starve if rural areas popped out of existence, and population collapse would hit way harder than it will. Either way, it's not like there is zero research on hormones, attractiveness and its relationship with politics. "More attractive
individuals are more likely to identify as Republicans" https://sci-hub.st/https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/politics-and-the-life-sciences/article/abs/effects-of-physical-attractiveness-on-political-beliefs/D5214D0CAE37EE5947B7BF29762547EE

l don't think they inbreed in montana

No. 1849720

the men he's talking about are a fantasy and never existed. does he think he wouldn't be pathetic in some other timeline?

No. 1849721

Idk who these random haters are, but they absolutely nailed these “post-left” retards. Convincing NYC transplants it was hip & edgy to recycle stale Pepe memes and replatform low-tier 2011 dissident right Wordpress bloggers is probably the worst bullshit Peter Thiel ever inflicted on humanity.

No. 1849723

funny I think I just saw "brad" waiting outside the methadone clinic for a state-mandated consultation

No. 1849725

you should have asked for his number

No. 1849727

No. 1849730

>one study from a joke academic field (both poli sci and psychology are complete jokes) cancels out the fact that the economic/cultural/technological hubs of the country and the people who uphold them are heavily concentrated in urban and suburban areas


No. 1849732

I'm not a Haz fan but I agree he completely nailed Aimee and the rest of these "dissident" cows

No. 1849734

Cope & seethe triggered male, nobody cares about inbred rural moids

No. 1849735

i'm not saying that they are not. I'm saying that rightwing men aren't bottom of the barrel. Which is the reason why l posted a study that shows more attractive people identifying as republican(sage your shit)

No. 1849737

lmao yup, I could swear we were ripping on dasha for posting about reading Rollo Tomassi or Roissy or one of the other early 2010s manosphere retards in the last thread
no1curr this thread is not for political sperging, it's for making fun of twitter retards who identify as "dirtbag left" or "post-left" or whatever

No. 1849739

No. 1849741

He doesn’t care, he’s a hypersexual gay man

No. 1849749

File: 1687227529547.jpg (33.47 KB, 606x319, 456625566721.jpg)

It's funny because it's right-wingers like @Indian_Bronson who are constantly coping and seething over the fact that right-wing ideas are "low status" and that "libs control prestige culture." Even if I believed your dogshit psychology "study" (I don't), it doesn't seem to do you losers much good.

No. 1849751

Very sad when you get owned by a five foot one shut-in who lives with Mom in Dearborn

No. 1849754

RFH got doxxed in some slap fight ages ago, wasn’t that public intel? she was a fit blonde maybe Dasha’s age who worked in tech. I remember the pic, but have no idea who posted it now. There’s no big like mysterious backstory she’s just a normal well-educated well-paid millennial poster archetype

No. 1849757

Every single time RFH is brought up, newfag moids from twitter come here with “based” hot takes, using Twitter branded lingo like “stasi” and “radlibs.”
Anna and Monica literally ranked and/or fuck married kill that listing of RW twitter personalities a month or 2 ago. They did the biggest pick me performance for these men only to end up at, “they’re trash.”

No. 1849758

You're right that they are low status. But l just want to fight against the idea that rightwing = dysgenic. When it is the opposite

No. 1849759

I've never seen anyone write "men who are 5/10 can't get a wife by providing financial security anymore" but I've seen a number of people write "men who beat or rape their wife and kids can't get a wife by providing financial security anymore." what a shock that samememe is primarily an 'empathy haver' for wife beaters and child molesters

No. 1849763

so obviously some 18 year old girl who just watched Yellowstone or something lol

No. 1849765

You’re on LC, do you think we care about “dysgenic?” God I hate twittertards

No. 1849767

haven't seen it but l recognise a few memes made about it that l saw. Is it good?
l"m sorry

No. 1849771

Oh my god, fuck off insecure moid

No. 1849772

They are the bottom of the barrel, the Republican Party is the male grievance party and it’s filled with all sorts of riff raff; autistic religious zealots, closet cases, humorless drones, and blue collar joe the plumber beer dads stuck in the 80s.

No. 1849776

And there’s always troons from Twitter shrieking that boring conservatives are literally nazis

No. 1849780

RFH isn't even a real TERF. She puts on an act for irony troons, who make up most of her timeline.

No. 1849786

The democrat party is its own circus with their fair share of freaks. You can have ur own subjective experience, but science does not back up the idea that republican men are bottom of the barrel. Leftwing men are more like that(saaaage and stop derailing)

No. 1849789

if you're going to keep up this spergy-ass derail at least sage your shit

No. 1849792

The beta stench is strong on you.

No. 1849823

File: 1687238275124.jpg (106.17 KB, 640x928, 5bkfo6w5u37b1.jpg)

Taco face reveal (on right)? Confirmed Dasha is fucking him and that he got hair plugs if so.

No. 1849824

File: 1687238341941.png (141.17 KB, 724x636, postedin2020.png)

old hairline

No. 1849825

The Sephora sprees are only made sweeter by your tears

No. 1849839

He looks nothing like >>1846153

No. 1849841

Nose is kinda similar, or am I faceblind? Moids are yeeted against the wall at the ripe age of 19 but they continue to deteriorate over the years too, he could have just gotten fatter

No. 1849842

Most attractive Republican men just want to pay less taxes.

No. 1849853

Science carried out in a fake field by men who are more likely to be republicans? Also does it not factor in treatment and beliefs into the study? Surely men declaring themselves most attractive regardless of how women behave must be true kek. Maybe they’re more attractive to gay men, sure. Even scrotes seethe about men calling themselves feminists/larping as lefties because they know it makes them more attractive to women. Men will really just try and declare their own bias reality kek.

No. 1849854

Explain why incels are more likely to vote repub kek. I vote my countries conservative (not American), but this is such a cope you faggots made to feel better about women being less likely to date repub men in the US due to their politics kek.

No. 1849857

Men are more likely to vote republican overall, of course when most men vote republican some will be attractive (eg. if 8 men vote republican and 2 votes for the dems, it's a greater likelihood of the repub voters being attractive because it is literally more people), doesn't mean voting republican = good looking kek. Scrotes will really twist reality to cope. It's likely you would find the reverse with women as women are more likely to vote democrat than men, so since most women vote dems, hotter women are more likely to vote dem kek. But you know, scrotes gotta scrote.

No. 1849858

Judge Holden from Blood Meridian but only in looks and pedophilia.

No. 1849861

I smell a selfposting cow coming along.

No. 1849864

>doesn't know how to sage
>autistically defending rwers
This post reeks of a moid who got offended people here laugh at his beliefs. You are dysgenic. Your ideology breeds dysgenics. You can't do jack shit about it. Fuck off and don't come back.

No. 1849910

You can tell she is hapa from her pic and she’s admitted to such. Half chinese, half white. She had a meltdown when people found out she was half Chinese

No. 1849914

Chinky chinky China lady(racebaiting)

No. 1849916

This actress is better than Dasha and less awkward too. She sells the role of upper class lady much better than Dasha

No. 1849958

Delicious tacos is 45-50yrs old, this man isnt. He’s also much thinner
Idk, I’m hapa and I’m really not seeing an E Asian parent + a white parent in her. Especially in her coloring… Maybe she’s quapa? Either way she’s a pick me for moids and can’t seem to avoid engaging and even flirting with them

No. 1849965

File: 1687269625930.jpg (40.42 KB, 512x640, messi.jpg)

Any of these options are possible, tbh. I don't want to sound like a sperg or derail but I live in a diverse area where White/East Asian and White/Hispanic (mostly Mexican) couples are very common and I've noticed over the years the appearance of the children from these couples varies widely. I've frequently seen white or white-passing children with a parent or grandparent who is brown/mixed. E.g., lots of people assume Lionel Messi is 100% Italian/Spanish but even he has a brown grandparent (see pic). Keanu Reeves has both Chinese and native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander ancestry and he also looks white. It's not always easy to tell from appearance alone.

I have to agree with the other anons that you are almost certainly an angry lurking moid. Lots of farmers don't trust moids in general, and none of them would rush to defend the "integrity" of right-wing moids in particular, at a time when the right is stripping women of the right to abortion, trying to repeal no-fault divorce, and wants to reduce women to breeding cattle. Take your smelly scrote back to Twitter.

No. 1850009

The pic is overexposed and maybe has a filter over it. That could throw off her coloring

No. 1850014

File: 1687276694753.jpeg (157.46 KB, 2002x1116, 9522F465-C3A1-42A7-B80A-9FC3E6…)

>that ring
Did Liz Franczak get married?

No. 1850015

File: 1687276699673.jpeg (7.28 KB, 299x300, 8B2144EE-224D-4C39-BBE8-A83A22…)

It’s him. same scraggly sideburns as this old pic >>1846153 with a lot more weight on him

No. 1850018

Good looking women marry 5/10 guys all the time… Like it's a massive fucking cultural meme that's been around forever. Straight women are on average pretty easy to please, even in the era of the "email job" girlboss.
When men seethe about women in this manner, they're just confirming they have nothing but resentment and ball stank to contribute to a relationship.

Sucks Anna had to have a baby with a creep to realize disaffected irony men are not worth sucking up to.

No. 1850019

Good looking women marry 5/10 guys all the time… Like it's a massive fucking cultural meme that's been around forever. Straight women are on average pretty easy to please, even in the era of the "email job" girlboss.
When men seethe about women in this manner, they're just confirming they have nothing but resentment and ball stank to contribute to a relationship.

Sucks Anna had to have a baby with a creep to realize disaffected irony men are not worth sucking up to.

No. 1850022

no it’s not…
dasha is shooting a short film and is fucking tacos

No. 1850025

no it’s not…
dasha is shooting a short film and is fucking tacos

No. 1850044

File: 1687278407103.jpeg (44.51 KB, 628x380, 116C67F5-CD8F-4D70-B209-00C13A…)

Aimee's reaching previously unheard of dgaf levels

No. 1850048

This is easily the most based thing she's posted since 2020 when she was still a Bernie supporter

No. 1850061

File: 1687279483723.jpeg (93.67 KB, 1169x1077, 6793B21A-60D9-40EA-9DEB-36505C…)

Spoken like a true Australian.
I hate how all these women can’t have a single independent thought. They ignored all defenses of women and feminism or outright condemned them until Radfem hitler’s -third- year of ”men don’t brush their teeth” posting finally broke their bubble.
Now Dasha, Anna, Aimee shout out/defend feminists and their perspectives—why? Did the misogyny of their twitter corners outweigh the attention they like?

No. 1850066

Samefag Moche included, she did always support RFH’s tweets but would bash “blue haired feminists“ (when she herself is 30+ and divorced and needs all the feminism she can get…)

No. 1850083

Of the three how does Dasha have the largest head? How does a biological woman grow a head that big?

No. 1850085

>why are these retards feminists now
They finally figured out that being the level of pickme that literally says “women want rape” makes men loathe them even more. So for them feminism is just the new pickme gambit. They still won’t land decent men due to their rancidly bitter personalities and raging drug and alcohol addictions, but give ‘em a few years and maybe they’ll figure that out too.

No. 1850086

except she went full circle in the replies revealing the comment was a bit when telling people white men should be more aggressive/rape

No. 1850093


No. 1850094

Aimee has waxed poetic about this ex during interracial dating discussions. shes still pro white ofc but is hung up on this banker she’s now mentioned a few times

No. 1850097

thats true I remember her mentioning him a few threads back. of course she has no spine and is desperately trying to validate it when fags like howlingmutant seethe in her replies

No. 1850100

File: 1687281728751.jpg (130.09 KB, 1193x761, aimee.jpg)

it's hilarious how rw egirls like Aimee will accuse lib/left women of being "underfucked" and then have a meltdown like this every month or so

No. 1850101

File: 1687281801788.jpeg (49.85 KB, 1170x423, 322130BD-D65B-4F65-93A6-02D3D4…)

Repost but no doubt Anna is also financially and family planning for a second kid and Eli’s being a little shit about it somehow… ushering in her feminist era m

No. 1850134

Let’s not give Anna too much credit here

No. 1850137

>>1850015 Can 100% confirm this is not DT

No. 1850142

This is completely true. My male relatives are mostly blue collar, mostly 5 or 6/10 and all of them have wives or girlfriends, even the alcoholic construction worker who lives with his mom. Then again they're mostly xers or older millenials. Maybe blue collar men are more realistic?

Social media and ubiquitous porn have created two generations of dorks who refuse to consider women in their league. Didn't samememe's homely balding ass exclusively chase liberal hipster girls in NY?

No. 1850147

>she’s admitted to such
Oh if she's admitted it must be true! kek can you twitterfags fuck off

No. 1850163

Kek. Sounds like DT is mad he’s been doxxed

No. 1850165

Rfh stop self posting and go suck more ugly Twitter dick(infighting)

No. 1850167

File: 1687285520943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.68 KB, 750x716, C78EFAAC-ED9F-40A3-A67A-FD5DEE…)

NTA but that dude in the picture with Dasha is clearly 30s. Delicious tacos has middle aged+ man skin. Sorry for the attachment ladies

No. 1850168

You must not know many real life couples. Most women marry men equally attractive to them

No. 1850169

File: 1687285799198.jpeg (60.46 KB, 738x977, 46E24B09-17A3-44AB-B97B-693D6E…)

It’s from 2020. he’s packed on the pounds since

No. 1850176

Can we reiterate what a terrible writer Delicious Tacos is even from a purely stylistic standpoint?

No. 1850202


No. 1850206

Exactly, when women like Anna, Aimee, and Dasha say “men are trash” they are really saying “don’t chase me, silly boys!” It’s another repeat of the male tears mug era of tumblr feminism from 10 years ago that went from a movement to mere flirtation that got us more bimboism, trannies, and redpill women. Supposedly Anna is retired from the competition of the sexual market place since she accomplished securing a mate and reproducing, she should be able to move away from that redpill nonsense and start advocating for what she really believes or at least her own interests as a woman and mother. Maybe it’s become more real to her that the always online male losers that populate every platform online are going to eventually be the ones socializing her son, and as it stands today they will influence him to either be a seething incel or an hrt femboy sending nudes to other creepy men in dresses online. “I walked in on my son fondling his hrt tuberous breasts!” Can’t wait for that episode of the pod

No. 1850208

File: 1687290687147.jpeg (85.62 KB, 1290x1077, IMG_8649.jpeg)


No. 1850213

I thought she was called radfem hitler facetiously because when a woman doesn’t center men in her politics or activism and advocates for herself she is literally hitler

No. 1850218

Men do roids and can maintain it for 1-2 years and then turn into swine ogres

No. 1850221

File: 1687291897363.jpeg (100.29 KB, 997x743, 134D632B-B40D-476A-BA1F-E3353C…)

Liz Bruenig’s Father’s Day post on IG. Does Matt have ozempic face? makes sense for how he can lose weight when she bakes sweets everyday…

No. 1850225

Wtf his face looks like a halloween mask

No. 1850234

What’s ozempic face?

No. 1850242

Nta but only if we take mens self evaluation of calling ugly men attractive then sure kek.

No. 1850243

agreed with this for a while but its important to note that unless her finances are terrible, Anna is a millionaire
ladderkicker. She will never advocate for women's interests because she doesnt have to. if things get really bad for women in America she will simply move to Europe and without missing a beat, ramble on about how much more "class" europe has over america. she has the wealth to keep her kid offline and away from those influences, but I doubt it would last long in his teen years.
over 30 and on roids is always so obvious on scrotes kek. their skin looks stretched thin to the point of ripping

No. 1850244

How many onlyfans models or people on backpage do you think are trafficked? 10? Because for the vast majority of people in the West, yes, being a prostitute is a choice. This isn't fucking India.(sage your shit)

No. 1850252

No. It’s really not common for an ugly troll to marry a gorgeous woman. Memes online and in movies does not mean it’s common in reality

No. 1850263

No she definitely needs anti psychotics.

No. 1850266

Hope the ugly troll bf sees this kek.

No. 1850272

Were not talking about memes. Men over estimate their attractiveness.

No. 1850273

ok so you’re retarded

No. 1850274

Men who overestimate their attractiveness are incels or can barely get a gf. They are not the ones marrying

No. 1850275

Is the problem maybe that you are a lesbian so every woman is a gorgeous queen to you and every man is a troll? Probably

No. 1850276


>reeing must be a lesbian for not accepting scrote self id

I’m straight, you’re just coping kek. Men self id as better looking than they are. Keep coping kek.

No. 1850278

Holy shit the samefagging chYmp out is funny. Keep coping that only incels overestimate their looks while ugly men date women still.

No. 1850282

lol Aimee gets dunked on by a fellow Lebanese (Haz) and she has a meltdown a few days later. Maybe we should get Nassim Taleb to diss Aimee next.

No. 1850291

samefag but I get the impression that BAP and a few others are convinced that Aimee Terese is a real asset to the right and can convert more women and leftists to their cause, which is why BAP doesn't attack her for having a Black ex-boyfriend as he normally would. Why anyone would think this, I don't know. Almost everyone outside of the small "dissident right" sphere thinks Aimee needs to be locked in a padded room and put on medication. Maybe BAP and co just aren't that bright.

No. 1850292

i thought she was playing into the feminazi thing

No. 1850294

i thought she was playing into the feminazi thing

No. 1850309

File: 1687300024463.jpeg (46.57 KB, 1125x471, FzFc3K4akAA5-OI.jpeg)

Pariah is now working for James O'Keefe (ex Project Veritas) to get dirt on Blackrock, Pfizer via the tranny chasers who work for them

No. 1850317

i thought she was playing into the feminazi thing

No. 1850318

They take pity on her bc she simps for all of them, fights their online battles, and is clearly psychologically unwell. It’s embarrassing. It’s like a twist on the undesirable girl being a male friend’s wingwoman dynamic

No. 1850325

Samefag this is why women should never cape for men. The most they’ll do for her is give a gofundme $20 or sub to her patreon. They laugh at her the same breath as they give kudos. Everyone’s in on the joke but her.
She’s nearly 40, single, jobless, childless, unhealthy, and half Lebanese. Why would they care if she dates black guys?

No. 1850333

the moids she's e-friends with are also bottom of the barrel, her buddy @bog_beef has been incessantly posting sad pepes and apus about ted k's death since that happened the other day

No. 1850334

The absolute state of conservatards. They're all homosexuals, every last on of them.

No. 1850336

can't say I'm in love with the way his eyes seem to be peering out from an ill-fitting skin suit that shouldn't belong to him like the main character in the horror movie Tusk

No. 1850338

the textual content of this post is tragic but where is this photo from and why does it look like a screenshot from a 90s thriller

No. 1850354

Aimee just needs to log off, she’s just embarrassing herself, her reputation is already ruined but that doesn’t warrant an involuntary psych stay. It’s very easy to ignore her to combat her attention seeking. Very male to want to commit women or drug them into a stupor for merely being annoying online, reminds me of when the online sphere overreacted to amanda bynes for making a gross joke and dropping a bong out the window. Hate to defend her since she is so uninteresting but dreading Aimee with psych treatment for calling men gay is clocky. Although it would be funny if thiel froze her funds for that remark.

No. 1850359

ntayrt but it's from a cringe hype trailer for his latest exposé campaign https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1670946078709907461

No. 1850360

File: 1687306076472.jpeg (11.07 KB, 191x264, C3C7E0F6-F820-4FE9-AA6B-93CA29…)

No. 1850364

this is somehow even gayer and more cringe than Daily Wire content

No. 1850365

No. 1850381

File: 1687309891304.jpg (55.6 KB, 609x720, covfefe.jpg)

Conservative thought in a nutshell.

No. 1850388

Who on earth "doesn't know many real life couples"? Not all ( or even most) attractive women marry mid dudes, but it's not at all uncommon to see that kind of couple.

5/10 isn't "ugly troll," it's just not-sexy. It's in the middle of the scale. And "attractive" and "good-looking" don't mean "gorgeous." Read what people actually write before arguing with them.

No. 1850389

So radfem hitler AND default friend both live in Chicago now? Interesting

No. 1850394

They're not defending feminism or feminists, Aimee was literally posting about how women should submit to men like 48 hours prior to this post. This is just racial crap for her white incel fan group.

No. 1850396

Kat's Twitter bio still says NYC though.

No. 1850398

HowlingMutant0 in the replies to e-girls:

>what me no I'm not mad that's really cool about your Black bf I'm not seething what does seething even mean haha at least he's not an Abo right

No. 1850403

Dasha is NOT eurasian please don’t insult actual hapas like that

No. 1850405

File: 1687312404122.png (87.84 KB, 610x610, image_2023-06-20_212635742.png)

Aimee is in heat

No. 1850406

File: 1687312447447.png (39.12 KB, 824x463, image_2023-06-20_215604297.png)

No. 1850408

She wasn’t/isn’t living in NYC, she moved to chicago in 2022 with her boyfriend from the Bay. She also changes her bio to where she travels— recently it’s been Cambodia, Austin, SF. I’m sure she visits NYC a lot bc of Ann Manov.

No. 1850410

Can’t she just download tinder for a night and move on

No. 1850414

File: 1687313511238.png (238.26 KB, 1612x540, Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 10.12…)

If you run the photo of DT through face recognition search you get these pics. I'm too faceblind to discern whether this person is the same as the one in Dasha pic; someone else can be the analyst of that.

No. 1850415

(blurred and small bc obviously I am not paying a search engine for photos of DT lol)

No. 1850416

File: 1687313656318.jpg (158.9 KB, 1200x1330, fangsprite.jpg)

the sickly greta thunberg looking pedo in the white shirt is milady sonora sprite

No. 1850421

she will absolutely get takers on twitter, which is the purpose of the post.

No. 1850423

DF is just visiting NYC, she made a thread about it a couple of days ago. she’s going for a story. she’s lived in chicago since 2020.

No. 1850431

hapas are asian and white not from the stans

No. 1850435

Because it’s probably the same triggered scrote from yesterday calling anyone who doesn’t pander to mens delusions a lesbian.

No. 1850443

does anyone have links to crumps' paywalled substack posts? i've been trying to read what he wrote about racist jouissance but cant seem to find it without paying for it

No. 1850448


No. 1850451

Wait, why do you think she’s only getting psych services due to her tweets? She’s very clearly unwell.

No. 1850452

Yup, that’s definitely DT. Ugly ass moid.

No. 1850456

Goddamn he really looks like badly made Sims character

No. 1850460

Yeah no. This person, whether or not it is DT, is far from ugly. He may not be your type or mine, but he's more attractive than a lot of guys who absolutely clean up. Which makes it all the creepier if it IS Tacos. Imagine how repellent your personality would have to be to look like this (aka not bad) and end up like him.

No. 1850464

He looks like if Bill Clinton’s nose had sex with John Maus, very queasy look.

No. 1850466

Agreed. A decent looking dude who’s perma single in LA… there’s a reason for that.
An anon above posted the covfefe retard’s dating poll putting IR dating or being a former prostitute as the same level as fucking a dog. Meanwhile a guy who flies to Asia to fuck prostitutes in killer poverty for dirt cheap (and likely some underage) is in Covfefe’s Twitter circle.
I’m against sex work and prostitution but the men who act as if escorts are worse than johns like DT should be shot

No. 1850467

Samefag it would make sense if he was fucking Dasha, who has mentioned her triple digit body count as recent as last week. Eg perverts bonding. But she is even too good for this low of a sex pest

No. 1850471

He’s far too old for her, they are the same type of predator, she’s an ephebophile too. There’s nothing twinky, teenage, or corruptible about him. He has less social status than her so he has to try and schmooze her to gain some clout and have access to her zoomer orbiters. There’s nothing unique about this guy, no matter how he tries to frame what he does in his writing, narcissistic sex addicts all operate in the exact same way, they don’t have enough humanity to make a decision that is not totally predictable

No. 1850479

Ur underestimating her, if she truly broke up with incel zoomer she would 100% fuck delicious tacos because he’s alt right and older than her, the only reason she fucked zoomer was because she was jealous of honor levy

No. 1850482

Samefagging but the reason she got with incel zoomer is because she was desperate to get an in with the newer younger dimes square crowd that honor was spearheading and needed to prove to herself she could woo a young man, now that she did it she’s back to fucking reply guys and DT is pretty well regarded in the scene anyway so it makes perfect sense, she just needed to know she hadn’t hit the wall yet but it’s coming, and what a glorious wall it will be

No. 1850506

Any man who repeatedly references the 'women fuck dogs' meme jerks off to bestiality on a daily basis

No. 1850521

File: 1687340686965.jpg (70.94 KB, 1290x628, FzEqmRSaIAQ0o7k.jpg)

Were these posts also about Aimee's black ex-bf?

No. 1850526

File: 1687343153725.jpg (76.96 KB, 594x721, 95534225566.jpg)

Right-wing = Absolutely obsessed with the sexual activity of White women and Black penises. All of their politics flow from this.

No. 1850534

Ugly men dating hotter women doesn’t mean they end up with them and marry them. You’re so fucking stupid

No. 1850535

It's because they're degenerate pornsick scrotes who's autism has made them confuse 'blacked porn' with reality. They hate foreign men because they think they're stealing their women because they watch and believe bbc porn is real kek. Thoughts like the ones in the pic are signs of the thinker being a pornsick coomer. They're also the type of person to troon out for said reason.

No. 1850536

Her eyes are fucked up

No. 1850537

Continuing to chymp and identify as attractive after 14 hours
If you think they're hot I'm assuming you're a gay man.

Kek, it really chaps their ass to recognise most married men marry above their level.

No. 1850538

The men are psychologically unwell too, why are you acting as if they’re above her or something kek

No. 1850540

Im not even a man, just have eyes and can see most attractive women marry attractive men and most ugly women marry ugly ones. you’re seriously a retard

No. 1850541

Says the newfag who doesn't sage and cries when men are called ugly kek.

No. 1850542

she would fuck that guy he’s the male version of her. Both insufferable weebs obsessed with sex while not even being skilled at it

No. 1850543

That post >>1850540 is saged you mentally deficient piece of shit. Stop infighting

No. 1850544

>Mentally deficient piece of shit
>for calling men ugly
Definitely not a man… You know trannies are not real women right?

No. 1850546

He’s not incredibly good looking but i will agree he’s more attractive than expected. listen to 5 minutes of his RS ep, yes his personality IS repulsive. I bet his followers are more unattractive with the same disgusting personality. It all makes me sick to think about

No. 1850550

100%. It's delusional to pretend otherwise. Men just want to embrace SJW talking points if they think it will get them stacy. It's the rule of the phrase 'lib men want public property and con men private property'. Men think of women as a resource to be redistributed if they adopt commie talking points.

No. 1850552

None of these men are getting a Stacy. Please shut up already

No. 1850556

>THINK it will get them stacy
As >1850388 said, learn to read before trying to psyop. But I understand the coping mechanism has kicked in at the loss of one opportunity to coom. Funny enough trannies prove men overestimate their looks wildly and many ugly men that troon out and trap their wife are married.

No. 1850557

>she needs to know she hasn’t hit the wall yet
Please. Dasha hit the wall at birth. She’s not attractive and her personality sucks. If the only men who will commit to you are limp wristed Jewish men it says a lot

No. 1850558

Yes because men trooning out 30 years into marriage is so common. Your brain has been destroyed by the internet kek

No. 1850568

>Jew sperging >>1850557
>Samefaging >>1850278
>Chymping out because men were called ugly even 14 hours later >>1850534
>Reeing about lesbians >>1850275
>Calling anon a whore for not reeing about black men (after the ban time?) >>1850093
>Defending prostitution >>1850244
>Eventually breaking down in hysterics and reeing 'SHUT UP' and insults to get anons to stop calling men ugly >>1850273 >>1850552 >>1850543
>After yesterdays seething defense and coping that republican men are handsome >>1849717
Don't blend well, do they?

No. 1850586

Pariah for the love of god and all that is holy stop selfposting, no one fucking cares.

No. 1850588

You sound insane(infighting)

No. 1850592

File: 1687353759479.jpg (171.7 KB, 1911x1022, troonshoulders.jpg)

lmao @ Pariah's obvious troon shoulders and awkward body movements. The "Dissident Right" is a total cringefest.

No. 1850615

Right? Men want to watch women fuck dogs so male pornographers create bestiality porn and some woman is desperate enough for work has to do it for not enough money. Men are always projecting their degeneracy on to women.

No. 1850617

This public post is way more psychologically unwell than anything Aimee has ever done. Aimee has bpd slap fights like Jack and they both have eating disorders

No. 1850618

Transwidows dot com

No. 1850619

They sure don’t!

No. 1850624

A shitty website proves it is common. Ok

No. 1850626

Ntayrt but learn 2 integrate.

No. 1850638

It’s funny when anons try to do an exposed style post like this and then the posts aren’t from the same anon

No. 1850643

NTA but "don't blend in well, do they" implies more than one anon. It's not far-fetched to believe we have a few lurking moids/scarethots from Twitter/KiwiFarms/Reddit posting in this thread. Some of the cows already admit to self-posting.

No. 1850646

No. 1850655

File: 1687361896088.jpeg (262.75 KB, 1110x1452, EC7F5639-5E6F-48B5-A896-8F32F4…)

Posted by the failmale himself only a month ago. I went scrolling through his media on Twitter to see if he’s ever posted any photos of himself to confirm and >>1849823 is definitely not him, he’s much older (apparently 47?) but I think the web scraper photos are actually him because he has gray hair, at least according to Crumps, and a very distinctive hairline

No. 1850656

File: 1687361938728.jpeg (156.83 KB, 698x1280, 6BC640A1-C0F4-4E6A-91B5-457E47…)

Crumps on DT

No. 1850657

yes. irony fags self post and vendettapost each other in here every thread and i don't see why that would that behaviour would be restricted to only the scrotes in this circle

No. 1850659

File: 1687362084917.jpeg (240.33 KB, 1041x1558, D102A21C-FB5A-4927-9046-6367F7…)

Another photo he posted from the same event. Same hairline as >>1850414 and >>1849824. Someone please warn that poor woman…

No. 1850661

47? he's a male spinster and instead of cats he has sex tourism. he's going to get cancer at 60 and die alone in hospice with zero loved ones

No. 1850663

interesting how crumps can wax lyrical about this man's appearance but can't muster any elaboration on how asian women are treated in his stories. crumps get everyone's dick out of your ass and mouth challenge

No. 1850699

is Crumps low-key gay? he frequently describes moids as "handsome" while rarely if ever complimenting a woman's appearance and he's never mentioned having a girlfriend, etc.

No. 1850701

He has gayface for sure

No. 1850706

but enough about the plot of the new houellebecq novel

tee hee

No. 1850707

This is him, that's not him in the Instagram pic with Dasha and Vack, as much as you might like to believe lol. He is still skinny and tall, now with thick gray hair.

No. 1850708

Dasha’s never claimed to be central Asian though. She’s always insisting that she looks the way she does because she has East Asian ancestry.

No. 1850711

File: 1687368160750.jpg (132.1 KB, 980x523, jamesdeen.jpg)

Delicious Tacos reminds me a lot of James Deen, in both appearance and personal behavior.

No. 1850720

File: 1687369294306.jpg (222.81 KB, 1555x1116, Map-of-the-Stans-2-2466955301.…)

No. 1850726

>start advocating for what she really believes
it's difficult to advocate for things that don't exist, anon. anna's pandering to right wing scrotes is only half pickmeism, the other half is her head so empty the only thing in there are echoes of what the people around her say

No. 1850735

She doesn’t look remotely asian lol. She wishes she was a waifish skinny asian girl.

No. 1850736

Belarusians generally have zero Asian ancestry.

No. 1850737

nta but there have bene many periods of Turkic and central asian migration in eastern europe, Its the whole reason Hitler declared Slavs as being an inferior race, its not out of the question to say she might have some Turkic ancestry.

No. 1850741

So did Aimee become racist because she's still hurting over her black ex-bf? I think Lauren Southern had a similar origin story with a Muslim ex-bf.

No. 1850743

I find it hilarious how tradthots and Twitter race scientists (both male & female) seem to date interracially more than the average person. Projection much?

No. 1850745

tbf I think Aimee dated the black guy when she was still a normie lib who liked Elizabeth Warren. Anna Khachiyan also lost her virginity to a black guy. It's been mentioned in previous threads.

No. 1850764

File: 1687375035696.jpeg (229.56 KB, 1169x1477, 83A2326B-018F-4E62-9C79-C78893…)

He says as much in his birthday post on his blog from Feb 2023

No. 1850767

Southerns ex was mixed not muslim. theres pics of them dressed in halloween outfits together

No. 1850778

women socialized conservatively are taught to value what right wing men value; spartan physical strength, an adherence to a masculine gender role and male hierarchy in a friend group or family and as it so often happens men of other races display these virtues more often than right wing twitter white guys. the irony is that the only type of women socialized to value the traits extremely online men have, like the Athenian values of scholarship or a pretense towards it and administration are women socialized as liberal.

No. 1850779

i wish he really would tell his parents so he can be written out of the will

No. 1850784

oh god stop with these long drawn out theories of nonsense.
aimee terese is severely mentally ill, unironically, and lauren southern was never politically coherent in any way, it's nothing but a career to her and she's in a really bad spot in her private life with no other professional skills as a single mother.
in what way were either of these two ever particularly conservative or trad except 'owning the libs' online?

No. 1850787

I thought he was Filipino or something

No. 1850790

File: 1687377921582.png (2.17 MB, 1160x1543, ikze6ci1fc741.png)

The half-Asian dude is the ex-husband who left her and turned Lauren into a single mom (those "trad values" at work again). She tweeted about this recently.

Before him Lauren also dated a brown guy (pictured) who was either Muslim or half Black depending on who you ask.

No. 1850794

take your meds, aimee, log off, touch grass

No. 1850795

still waiting for examples of severe mental illness that isn't anorexia and being racist because that would qualify large swathes of scarethots for the sanitarium. also going to need a stronger argument than "ur crazy!!!" from the butthurt conservamoid

No. 1850797

holy shit that catherine cosplay. she looks way more invested in him that he was in her, feel bad for her that he used her and tossed her aside and abandoned his child. arab culture is trash because it's misogynistic and any race of misogynistic man would operate the same way. she should have become radfem instead

No. 1850798

>catherine cosplay
damn, lauren southern is more of a weeb than evangelion-posting weeb-pandering lolita queen dasha? i'm surprised

No. 1850799

>feel bad for her that he used her and tossed her aside and abandoned his child.

Did you read the post? The guy who impregnated Lauren and abandoned her was half-Asian (Malay it's rumored though not confirmed).

The guy pictured in the Catherine cosplay is a former boyfriend she had. They never had a child together.

No. 1850807

tbh they look attractive together

No. 1850813

True nonna, they're both cute and they make a cute couple. I always thought Lauren was one of the prettiest tradthots, too bad about being so dumb tho.

No. 1850846

Was it ever confirmed the father was half Asian? I looked into it and no one seems to know who the hell the guy is other than that. Strange

No. 1850855


From an Atlantic profile of Lauren:

>I asked Southern if she took any responsibility for this surge in hate. She responded briskly: “If anything I’ve said has contributed to that, it was because someone misinterpreted me.” What about her ridiculing of rape culture? “I still stand by the points today.” And what about her partner, who is part Asian—what does he think of her politics? Southern started to speak, then stopped, before recasting my question: “My arguments about family and focusing on community, I believe it’s true. It’s just, it’s hard to personally follow something that is, quite frankly, an ideal.” She kept telling me she had grown more “compassionate,” but whenever I asked her pointedly if she regretted her past work, I got obfuscation and tactical apologies. “I regret letting myself get as cold as I did” is the most she would offer during our last in-person interview.

Apparently he was half Filipino and a Catholic trad type, which makes the fact he abandoned her even funnier. Trad values.

This was covered in the TradThot thread, but if you want to read the novel Lauren wrote about her divorce and living in a trailer as a single mom, it's here:


No. 1850866

misogynistic *muslim culture my bad

No. 1850917

Didn’t radfem hitler say something about dating a 50 year old? Kek

No. 1850978

Hunter Avallone’s wife has been spreading rumors that Destiny (the streamer) is the father of Lauren’s child. I personally don’t believe it, but I definitely think they were hooking up around the time of Lauren’s separation. Counterpoints (another streamer) apparently said that he doesn’t think things got sexual but he does think they were having a deep emotional affair. Which checks out imo because around the height of Destiny and Lauren’s friendship, Destiny and his wife, Melina, were going through intense marital issues to the point where she left him for like a month. And since Destiny and Melina have an open marriage you know it must have been over something more serious than sex.

No. 1851002

File: 1687403983412.jpg (56.73 KB, 595x855, annakindians.jpg)

What inspired this latest?

No. 1851063

this is catty gossip made up by a 53 year old "redpill" queer Rollo and is unrelated to the leftcows. shes going through a divorce that got messy due to her onlyfans and shes trying to stir up shit

No. 1851067

How fucking sad

No. 1851074

File: 1687419391512.jpeg (33.87 KB, 392x628, 082F2CF3-64D8-4C18-A298-7F64F6…)

Dasha's moid-toy's novel is finished

No. 1851075

Anna’s opinions are like if a circa 2010 /pol/ thread was filtered through a Mullen bot. She’s so embarrassing sometimes.

No. 1851100

Central Asians are literally direct descendants of the Aryans but ok

No. 1851116

File: 1687429397936.jpg (87.57 KB, 600x879, 754342455666.jpg)


No. 1851122

twink death is hitting him so hard in the year he's come to light. he ages one year every other day.

No. 1851163

I mean there's a significant overlap imo between cartoon porn/R34 bestiality and 'blacked' porn in that it's the degradation of the woman to something the moid brain views as subhuman or uncivilized, judging by the way they talk about it on the chans. So I think there's closer overlap between animated bestiality porn and 'regular' porn than we might initially think.

TLDR moids are disgusting, dont fuck them

No. 1851175

is this the real cover? holy shit, that art. what the fuck

No. 1851186

bestiality is not mainstream, it's gut-wrenching to most people and illegal in most of the world.

there's a reason the meme specifies white women, it's a racial insult meant to degrade you up like the n-word, only that it's socially acceptable as an 'edgy joke', and retarded twitter irony accounts jump on it because it means cheap engagement.

No. 1851196

seconding this, we discuss horrific little freaks on here constantly and most moids are gross, but if you take ironybros, scarethots, and trannies as representative of some sort of norm, not only is that not correct but it's also a really unhealthy way to go through life

No. 1851208

they portray it as a joke but it’s so obvious resentful incels trying to paint desirable white women as disgusting out of spite. I remember a pic of Sydney Sweeney with her dog and half the comments were as suspected

No. 1851214

Why does it look like a Korean webtoon

No. 1851217

Hitler had a fictive definition of aryans than the group historians are talking about and it creates a lot of confusion

No. 1851218

Now this is someone mentally unwell

No. 1851243

Aimee x Ralph power couple

No. 1851256

Kek, this is something you'd see advertised on some Manhwa website

No. 1851257

Truly a sad state of affairs when Anna does Cum Town better than Cum Town.

No. 1851262

she's from new jersey maybe she's just drunk and reminiscing about racist meltdowns from her childhood. also note pedocles in there

No. 1851280

That is the most unfunniest shit I’ve read(sage)

No. 1851326

Real bestiality? No, but I'd argue the anon you're responding to might be onto something. Irl pedophilia isn't found on sites but loli shit is everywhere now. It started off with people being grossed out to just accepting it. If you go on any hentai Reddit it's filled with beast shit and there is a rather popular hentai subreddit dedicated to women being raped by monsters and animals of various kinds routinely crossposted to porn subreddits. Not that it would be fine otherwise but something to notice is the moids there are getting off to the humiliation of it all, they aren't there to watch the girl enjoy the "sex", it's mainly rape shit like how pedos are all sadistic. I worry men are cooming themselves into this shit en masse and through this reaffirming more hatred against women. Sure it starts with the terminally online shits, but a decent chunk of normies are getting their coom from Reddit now and if they get into any subreddit that allows hentai they're guaranteed to get zoo and loli shit crossposted with their subreddits now making it easy to fall into. These guys fall into hugboxes of copes that it's "not real" making the pipeline smoother too

No. 1851333

it's most likely an off shoot of the minority of moids who watch zoosadism videos because just hurting animals isn't enough anymore and they want to combine it with hurting women as well

No. 1851377

File: 1687467045206.jpg (90.71 KB, 483x830, 5562221578003.jpg)

right-wing scrotes are having a conniption because not only are young single women moving more and more left in recent years, but ALSO those same women are less and less inclined to date conservative scrotes

No. 1851381

File: 1687467977872.jpg (29.8 KB, 598x356, BAPcoombrained.jpg)

This must be why BAP wanted to find "libtard-looking women" to volunteer to shoot porn of themselves getting banged by right-wing moids. UNREAL levels of cope from these loser moids, lmao.

No. 1851384

Kek. Scrotes are so pathetic.

No. 1851388

File: 1687468819242.jpg (30.23 KB, 800x545, q9jzpnm8esr81.jpg)

tired meme format but the point is still correct

No. 1851401

i will forever hate scrotes for normalizing this shit if i ever get the opportunity to murder one,i will take it

No. 1851407

Nah you're right either way, both cultures are basically the same and borrowed from each other so mucu they merged into one. The only differences between the cultures of arab countries is if they were colonized by the west or not.

No. 1851442

he was married but got divorced before ditching DC for dimes square

No. 1851457

scrotes are to blame. conservatives and christians too.

it has nothing to do with the sexual revolution, the lgbtq movement or liberalism at large, and especially not with women who go so far to profit off having sex with dogs on video and service these perversions.

No. 1851463

What is the publisher?(sage your shit)

No. 1851464

Honor if you're lurking, just know you'll always be best girl.(sage your shit)

No. 1851467

Honor is a complete nobody and her presence in these threads always felt like she was self-posting

No. 1851471

>literal who
>best girl

No. 1851477

Honor Langley Soryu

No. 1851483

File: 1687479273011.png (202.22 KB, 1494x584, dt.png)

Apologies in advance if this has been posted already but I found this on Reddit; it's an excerpt from his book The Pussy. As someone who hasn't followed these people for a really long time, can someone explain the mentality of these women? Why are they associated with a literal pedophile? How can they have so much hatred towards fat women but be friends with actual pedophiles? Did contrarianism and edginess destroy their brains, or what's going on here? I legitimately do not understand

No. 1851486

Nonna that's arguably not even the worst passage from that book. See the one posted here as well:

No. 1851502

Holy fuck. I'm so glad I'm not a man.
But why? That's what I don't get. What's wrong with them? Is it some kind of arrested development where they think that larping as edgy slavic teens will somehow allow them to retain their youth? Ironically/unironically acting like this in your 30's doesn't make you an edgelord, it just makes you an unbelievably pathetic and mentally unwell failure in life. The same can be said about that batshit insane anorexic Aimee - looking at her tweets is like staring into the abyss of female psychiatric pathologies. The crushing self-hatred, the obsession with thinness and youth, the contempt towards other women (esp of other races/body types than theirs), the constant caping for men who have zero respect for you. If I were either of them and I realized that this was what I was doing with my life, I would develop shame-induced schizophrenia

No. 1851503

>women who profit of these perversions
The women don’t profit, the pimp does, some of the times it’s not even consensual (cartels used to do it as punishment and film it, plus porns notorious issues with drugging women and forcing certain acts). Who do you think watches these videos, creating the demand that pimps are more than happy to fill? Good job defending mens degenerate perversions though pornsick retard.

No. 1851505

I know it's already common knowledge that BAP is gay but when he posts like this I can't help but wonder why he doesn't say it outright, he posts like an absolute flaming faggot, even jack doesn't sound that gay

No. 1851508

File: 1687483087662.jpg (84.42 KB, 1080x637, FzRClG_XwAAT_C7.jpg)

lol she tweeted this yesterday

No. 1851510

>buh-buh-but you're so MEAN and SOULLESS!!!1 why else would you disagree with poor little old me?
jesus christ this dumbass only has that single retort for anything ever, doesn't she?

No. 1851517

The real reason that Anna, Jo, and the rest of the Mommy Blogger Right are throwing a shitfit about people making jokes about the submarine is that there's definitely an ambient sense that Dimes Square is maybe about 3 years max away from its own Submarine Incicdent.

No. 1851537

this is the same woman that was gloating and doing a victory dance from a hobo being choked out not 3 weeks prior

No. 1851541

File: 1687486608036.jpeg (40.32 KB, 782x284, 9B73220B-968C-450D-A028-351800…)

Anyone remember this?

No. 1851542

Samefag, NTA, but yeah mte wrt Jordan Neely.

No. 1851547

beautiful. this really is the anagnorisis of Anna as a lolcow. she will live out the rest of her days code switching between vapid gestures toward the "beauty" of ur-fascism and the pearl-clutching liberal screeching she claims to hate. All while her poor bastard child withers from neglect. "not now sweetie, mummy is picking which hack writer to rip off which best wins the praise of my chimp male followers on twitter! Looks like it will be haglia tonight…"

No. 1851551

They will forever cope about why they aren’t degenerates for watching this shit (at worst) or acting as if it is some funny joke (at best). No wonder it’s a crime that’s committed majorly by scrotes, they’re coping over their own perversions. Degenerates.

No. 1851557

File: 1687490242456.jpg (120.05 KB, 910x1282, FzQB4bDXgAU_w-P.jpg)

No. 1851558

Who are the producers and consumers of that type of content, oh yeah, scrotes. Women wouldn’t act in it if they weren’t contracted to do so and there wasn’t a demand from the MALE market. Pornography is an addiction because it always escalates which is the reason such degenerate shit is becoming normalized. Men can never take any responsibility over their nature or behavior, they always excuse it or blame someone else while pretending they are so rational and disciplined when they are anything but. It is all so tiresome.

No. 1851559

They hate women and love men. Reviled men are the easiest type of scrote to suck up to so they can farm simps who are invested in paying women to lobby for male interests. These scrotes also get the added bonus of having some starter women as co-signers to attract more desirable and naive women. Dasha and Anna are bait for scrotes like DT to lure teen scarethots.

No. 1851562

Don’t ask your vet friends how often they have to repair damage done to female dogs from animal sexual abuse

No. 1851572

That's my exact point

No. 1851574

on the nose, i probably have less exact or different overall perceptions of gender relations than i guess the proper lc farmer but the nail always gets hit on the head, it's so bottom barrel

No. 1851578

scrolled past this looking for another tab and the cheeks/posture made me think for a second that was jennie kim and almost choked

No. 1851620

for someone whose entire brand revolves around saying the most provocative and inflammatory things about other women, men of other races and poor people, I think it's absolutely hilarious that she genuinely believes she has any right to tell others what is and isn't morally acceptable behavior. I don't even disagree with her point, I just think it's pathetically ironic that someone as rotten as her thinks they have a right to judge anyone else for their anti-social behavior.

No. 1851622

Their submarine incident will be Felix and Will being outed as underage troon chasers

No. 1851623

Agreed nonna. The "white women fuck dogs" thing is the type of the iceberg, we've seen this with troons and numerous other degenerate behaviours in society. I don't think it'll ever go so far as to be "acceptable" but it'll be an accepted kink/fetish.

I think its far more likely to be the latest step in moids never ending quest to see all women as degraded sex objects. What's more degrading than a woman getting railed by a giant monster with a cock the size of her body? They even specifically do it to their own waifus or have 'blacked' shit specifically about their own waifus. It's an Escher spiral of degradation of women, self degradation and cuckoldry

No. 1851624

Samefag but if you want a massive dose of pinkpill, go to the 4chan adult gif or hentai sections and find their 'blacked waifu' threads. It's men, who have specifically chosen a fictional woman to become emotional attached to, gooning over her fucking black guys. They've even developed AI voice software that takes the voice actors from the games and manipulates their voice into doing small dick/race humiliation over the gifs. It's one of the most dystopian things I think I've ever seen.

>Nonna you need to stop and get a life I know, I went down a rabbit hole of loathing moids earlier this week

No. 1851627

Why’s it always the gayest men getting married young, and to women? That Justin Murphy guy seems incredibly gay and i think he married young as well?

No. 1851650

>I think its far more likely to be the latest step in moids never ending quest to see all women as degraded sex objects

True. See also:

No. 1851669

File: 1687518964390.jpeg (55.18 KB, 750x499, 1451B14E-502C-4CC3-ACE6-3FBDAE…)

They are two weird looking bitches who get off on bottom tier male attention, Dasha in particular loves that a pedophile would fuck her because she wants to look like a child

No. 1851675

This was covered in previous threads, but ever since the Thiel shift the main function of Red Scare/Dimes Square is to provide girlfriends for dateless incel techbros and financebros. That's why they shill objectively gross and ugly moids like Curtis Yarvin. Justin Murphy even sought out and paid women to attend Yarvin's "comeback tour."

No. 1851678

It doesn’t seem like it’s working

No. 1851684

calling ppl of this age, who i guess are professionals, girls is like dasha being called a b-list actress in that one recap. cmon everyone, is the sky neon magenta

No. 1851692

No no no you don't understand nonna he's only ironically gay and the real purpose of these posts is to encourage young men to fight the feminist gynocracy that tells them it's gay to be shirtless and sweaty and oiling up your sexy gym buddies just like the ancient Greeks and oh god oh god oh god I'm going to–

(he's gay)

No. 1851696

File: 1687524986408.jpg (365.56 KB, 3000x2000, the-chats.jpg)

No. 1851704

IMO thats a desired side effect. the main goal is to mainstream thiel's far right views to the young - particularly women. unfortunately for thiel, anna and dasha are the "coolest" hes got. both of them are messy bitches who live lives that are the opposite of what hes peddling kek

No. 1851707

I didn't know Leia was in a band.

No. 1851726

not to wank but like, sydney sweeney is a b-list actress not dasha

No. 1851735

They trap a maid-beard quickly for security in ideologically driven gay moids. Maybe not justin specifically but I think sometimes closeted gay men like to try to nab a woman out of the dating pool because fighting over women is the only interaction some gay guys can get out of straight men that they secretly like. Do Jack or Zach ever analyze closet cases on their podcasts, their perspective would actually be useful on that subject

No. 1851739

File: 1687536794510.jpg (403.76 KB, 1280x2492, e9323cf62a47bf2b1ec94fb095e6bb…)

No. 1851741

File: 1687537046026.png (88.76 KB, 2060x1516, Untitled.png)

No. 1851743

Jesus Christ, what a family of loony tunes. He got a better share of the looks, though.

No. 1851744

That sounds so convoluted. I think its maybe cause closeted gay men are less scared to interact with women because they're not attracted to them and so both parties mistake that interaction with interest and hence enter into relationships easily. Ofc, I don't know jackshit than anyone else.

No. 1851745

lmao incredible find, nonna

No. 1851750

wasn't she/is a failed/former law student and then went off on anyone attempting it in one her weird issues with american universities lol?

No. 1851754

File: 1687538496256.jpeg (103.54 KB, 1170x829, D4A973AE-5E82-4966-89D9-B4583E…)

Ok Anna

No. 1851761

File: 1687539648200.jpeg (83 KB, 750x797, FBAFD8DC-5021-49B8-8988-46300B…)

Aimee ignoring her dr. Nice.

No. 1851785

… did anything prompt her to post that?

I know you could probably look at anything Aimee's tweeted in the last 4+ years and (correctly) declare "she's unhinged" and call it a day, but between this and her recent posts about wanting to conceive / being in the hospital, it just feels like we've entered a dark new chapter for Terese

No. 1851791

File: 1687542163023.jpeg (53.63 KB, 750x700, 06991E54-1D87-40F9-9722-C32CAA…)

It is definitely related to her recent hospitalization. I think her life is falling apart as she realizes she’s too late and too unsettling to lead the trad life she now shills. She seems to be freaking out in the process of getting one of her simps to idk marry her? Move her to America? Pic seems related

No. 1851795

I mean, as a catholic, I agree with the sentiment. But as everyone is rightfully pointing out Anna is in no position to be taking the moral high ground here lol. I’m sure come pod time she’s going to say something like, “but that’s my point! All of us are complicit in this degradation of human life!” Or some kind of stupid pivot that tries to obfuscate the fact that she’s only up in arms when people on the left say tasteless things. Anna and the other right wing losers literally snicker and salivate over the senseless deaths of people they hate all of the time, but it’s only a deep moral failing when her political enemies do it.

It’s actually so funny when mean people try to appeal to decency.

No. 1851802

This is going to end with a lot of blood.

No. 1851809

File: 1687544084122.jpg (98.39 KB, 597x854, obviouslymyselfincluded.jpg)

>obviously myself included

What's the point of debasing yourself in this way? What's the point of acting "more white than actual whites" if you're just going to agree to your own deportation anyway?

No. 1851833

Placing 6th generation descendants of an 1880 Euro immigrant in the same box as a son of two 1995-2000 Indian immigrants? When most rightoids would never see it that way. the delusion..a whole right wing pick me…
At least liberals are consistent with their amnesty and empathy for all immigrants without these artificial, self serving groupings

No. 1851835

Don’t expect Twitter Indians to make any sense nona. They are a strange dichotomy of bootlicking white worshipping sycophants and right wing Hindu supremacists who believe they are superior to every other race.

No. 1851840

Oh, I know, but usually when a minority grovels before whites it's because they want to gain acceptance or special privileges to distinguish themselves from other minorities. If you're going to agree with white nationalists that you don't belong here and should be deported under an ethno-nationalist regime, it kind of defeats the purpose of groveling, lol

No. 1851845

That’s what I mean nona. They grovel and bootlick but also constantly try to assert themselves as above everyone else.

Indians in my country are renowned for voting conservative and being extremely anti immigration against anyone who isn’t Indian. It’s very strange, I don’t know any other group that does this, seems to be a uniquely Indian thing because of their absolutely autistic degree of obsession with hierarchies, caste systems, and skin color. Add in centuries of occupation by foreign powers + endless historical conflicts with different religions and peoples, and you get this bizarre combination of obsequiousness and arrogance.

No. 1851855

because that's how you move up in the world!

No. 1851861

File: 1687547906581.png (553.35 KB, 640x786, lumpenized.png)

they know those types of "foundational" whites are locked into generational poverty and culturally will never be accepted by educated pmc whites because of class, they are powerless. he's doing the same kind of pitying placating to the peasant class that libs do to nonwhites. it probably feels good

No. 1851875

File: 1687548912576.jpeg (180.94 KB, 1138x1436, 1E754101-E9E5-4103-B8C9-B23600…)

>The absolute state of Indian pick-me’s.

Anyway it’s so stupid to be triggered about recent immigrants calling confederates “traitors” when the northern half of the “founding stock” literally went to war with the southern half. Technically some of the confederates were charged with treason and conspiracy but most were subsequently pardoned out of pragmatism in favor of nation re-building.

No. 1851881

sure, the only option that's more reasonable than hatred or worship is "rivalry." men are fucking morons

No. 1851918

Lol aren’t these the same people who couldn’t stop jerking off to that homeless guy getting strangled to death a few weeks ago? But now that it’s billionaires dying in a tin can by their own hand, scarethots are suddenly paragons of empathy and humanity kek

No. 1851919

talking about herself

No. 1851920


A lot of stuff about the post left in general is just repackaged from Ames and Taibbi's work on the Exile. A lot of figures associated with all this like were acquaintances or at the very least fans. Anyways, the pedo stuff, the links with prostitution rings, the sexpat stuff, the crypto fascist posturing, etc it all starts a long time before Thiel is openly involved. And I know someone will bring up Taibbi's disavowal of his work as satire when on previously on reddit he used to say it was true.

No. 1851933

File: 1687556740123.jpg (119.02 KB, 1195x861, 456632246322.jpg)

Anna, Dasha, and Perfume Pisspig are ganging up on Audrey for calling out Anna's bullshit (I'm pro-Audrey of course)

No. 1851938

File: 1687557279018.jpg (183.35 KB, 1198x884, 435664223562.jpg)

lol geez Anna really called in the reinforcements in the groupchat for this battle. Bronze Age Pervert retweeted, @_MedGold and Mike Cernovich in the replies.

No. 1851941


calling out these hypocrites (+ the atrocious mommy milkers) is a Sisyphean effort and idk why Audrey keeps doing it since they just dog pile her

I guess she's done trying to win them over

No. 1851951

the tragedy is anna, who is a malicious cunt, will never be put in her place. she is an evil, disgusting hag who is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. since i know she reads this, anna no amount of internet popularity will ever make up for the fact your father saw you for the disappointment you are

No. 1851954

File: 1687559232750.png (341.39 KB, 1142x864, Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 6.28.…)

actual photo of anna rn

No. 1851961

Cernovich is such a nasty middle aged man. Foul and embarrassing getting in women’s business. Faghag behavior
Audrey is annoying and whiny but I applaud her bc every other person in that realm tiptoes around Anna. Anna is like Zero HP or BAP now, the way she monitors mentions and jumps in at any point when people might be talking about her. And they call Audrey the “emotional terrorist” when Anna circles in like a vulture and they’re ALL BPD hoes, e-narcs, or sassy like Jack

No. 1851962

No one cares that you’re a catholic, you stupid faggot.

No. 1851963

Samefag GOD now that I think about it, it’s a bunch of ugly mean girls and 30+ year old loser gays dogging Audrey. She’s winning by default

No. 1851964


every time they try to dogpile off the cuff it becomes really obvious why they normally have to workshop takes. even aimee's schizo posting has a higher hit rate.

No. 1851971

There is a special type of failson-in anna's case, faildaughter-that's created when some miserable loser nerd whose only positive attribute has ever been getting decent grades in high school bombs an intro math or science class in his freshman year of college and has to change his major from pre-med or STEM to something significantly easier and inconsequential, like art history or soviet architecture. he still thinks he's better and smarter than everyone else, but it's harder to be smug about it at parties, and he has to radically reorient his superiority complex to be about how he's, uh, majoring in english because he has the soul of an poet, and THAT'S what really matters in this world, you heartless rubes. but then that utter failure is always in the back of their brain and no matter how much they talk about how and why they're better than you, they know they're always gonna be a little stupider than everyone who was able to successfully pass diff eq (or whatever), and it eats at them forever that they'll never be a heart surgeon like daddy. that's completely what happened to her, right? because it would explain everything: being a failure and disappointment to her soviet genius father is why she's such a bitter fucking bitch with a chip on her shoulder about the entire rest of her gender, and failing out of science gave her an early taste for using mental gymnastics to justify why she's so much better than everyone else all the time, (explanations constantly evolving of course: she's cooler and edgier one day and a "really really nice and kind person and more loving than anyone else you've ever met" the next (kek), based on what's rhetorically convenient)

No. 1851975

whats even more pathetic is they all have to do this harassment from a coordinated twitter groupchat. imagine their old wrinkly hands ragetyping that they "arent mad" about a woman half their age who exposed them for being the depraved, soulless demons that they are. for all the thielbux they receive they spend hours on that website. I would kms if I hit age 40 and the only thing I had to show for it was an astroturfed ratio on some barely out of college girl.

No. 1851976

this would explain the bizarrely disproportionate venom these people have toward normie women who work in tech. Who knew that getting filtered by multivariable calculus could make you this insane.

No. 1851977

Audrey is Christian? She has witch physiognomy

No. 1851986

Half their age? This has to be a self post. She looks at least 30

No. 1851987

according to some post of Crumps', she was homeschooled by parents who were some flavor of fundie. which honestly checks out with her posting. she's annoying but absolutely not a legitimately foul person like anna, dasha, or any of the scrotes they cape for