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No. 1626640

Recap of last thread:

Crumps article caused continued infighting and newfag accusations

Screencap from some literalwho honestly IDK what this was about sorry

Bad pic of Dasha looking withered

Milk on the Brown siblings' rich dad

Perfume Nationalist's Jack continues to be fat and friends with annoying troon

Chapo and Hasan "Sex-Pest" Piker did an event together but nobody really cared

Ugly troll Yarvin hosted some peso-intellectual DeVere ball, many keks were had at Dimes Square's expense

Rachel aka Heather Hapsburg made a spicy tweet about Islam then promptly deactivated

An artistic nonna blessed us with this masterpiece

Liz B pandered to her simps with a mommy fetish

Kat Dee continues to orbit

Anna K did something

Redditors rejoice at Dasha's character not coming back for Succession season 4

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No. 1626646

Also shoutout to this nonnie for the thread pic

And some milk about Yung Chomsky that I forgot to include whoops

No. 1626648

>peso-intellectual DeVere ball
lol god damnit autocorrect

No. 1626649

felix biederman flew a 17 yo godpilled girl out to ny to fuck her lol. He gives teens oxy. Scumbag

No. 1626650

"pedo-intellectual" would have been more accurate lol

No. 1626654

Can someone explain the Nick mullen gay rumors or is it an unfunny cum town fan joke

No. 1626656

It’s not a joke but from what I can tell there’s not like a specific incident/rumour that makes people think that. I think maybe some people think it bc he was molested but in general it seems like he just gives off a “gay vibe” I guess to a lot of people, kind of like a similar situation to Shawn Mendes or something

No. 1626658

He seems to hate woman and rarely publicly expresses attraction towards them.

No. 1626659

to me that always reads like a shitty aloof moid affect to get pussy. Anna and dasha girls go crazy for being treated like shit by a scrote

No. 1626661


"milk". all ive heard about him is apparently he likes his ladies young and needs to drug them/for them to be unconscious to get off? sage for questionable authenticity/idc

No. 1626663

Him maybe leaving the pod is decently milky, I want to know where the other nonna got her info. Have not heard about the drugging women but if that's true, yikes.

No. 1626664

If he is actually gay I feel like he will never publicly acknowledge it because of the persona and fan base he’s cultivated

No. 1626666

isn’t joking about being gay something closeted moids do

No. 1626667

While the topic is being brought up, do people seriously think Dasha is a lesbian or it a joke

No. 1626670

I didn’t mean that to imply he isn’t gay, personally I think he is but I just think he will literally never acknowledge it privately or publicly

No. 1626672

I get the feeling that the dasha's a lesbian posting and at least some of the nick is gay talk is just wishful thinking

No. 1626673

I genuinely think that she is, I find it more convincing than the Nick thing tbh

No. 1626675

Dasha panders exclusively to scrotes lol?? If she was a lesbian she would have used it to her advantage by now.

No. 1626676

I don’t feel like pandering to lesbians has as much potential for mainstream success as pandering to men, which I think is what Dasha clearly wants career wise

No. 1626678

Does anyone know what exactly Dasha did other than be mildly annoying?(asking to be spoon-fed )

No. 1626679

What do you mean? Like in what context?

No. 1626680

>"uh guys, like, who's Dasha???"
you have to go back

No. 1626681

Hmm maybe but I feel like being some flavor of queer*~ could have helped her acting career. It's not like Red Scare appeals to a straight male audience.

No. 1626683

Ok, my apologies for forgetting to sage.
But I’ve been following the leftcow threads for a while and the most I’ve seen Dasha get grilled for is either being ugly, having a young boyfriend, and not being very good at acting but it doesn’t seem like she actually did anything pointedly problematic?

No. 1626684

Asking what someone did ≠ asking who they are nonnie

No. 1626687

samefagging sorry lol but also I feel like Dasha is too much of a misogynist to be a lesbian

No. 1626688

Idk, people always say this I think most of the time when celebrities come out as vaguely queer they get increased attention for like one week but I can’t think of any examples where it actually significantly improved their career long term. The second part is true, but I do think she has been very obviously disengaged with red scare over the last couple of years and seems to really want to be involved in more mainstream projects

No. 1626689

If she's gay she's in deep denial. She used to talk about a brief lesbian relationship in her 20s. But both her and Anna have retconned being "out" "bisexuals".

No. 1626692

Not trying to attack you specifically but I hate this weird thing recently where someone has to do something “problematic” for them to be disliked, especially in the context of a gossip thread. Like people can just be unpleasant and annoying.

No. 1626693

Really? I don’t recall her or Anna talking about that, do you remember what they said about it?

No. 1626696

People have said he's sent gay guys shirtless pics pics on Instagram, iirc on the show, and he hasn't denied it, so it's not _just_ an unfunny Cum Town fan joke at least.
from last thread so I might've fucked up the quote, but Yung Chomsky looks like such a pedophile that you won't convince me he isn't. The pinched Jewish face and the "ironic" 70s stache and glasses all combine to make him look like he's cosplaying a classic rock musician who everyone's known had 14 year old groupies, but wasn't condemned for it until a few years ago.

No. 1626698

Dasha gets hate for having shitty takes on the pod, like how her and Anna love to victim blame women who come forward about domestic violence. They also like to blame women for getting into predatory relationships if there is an age/power disparity. And of course they love to talk about their disordered eating habits which is fucked up given their audience of young women. Recently, she's aligned herself with the Ionpack or whoever the fuck in Dimes Square and that Yarvin fucker who is a Peter Thiel crony. Red Scare was outed as being funded by Peter Thiel, so no surprise there. They started out being vaguely dirtbag leftists, but now that they are funded by Thiel, they have shifted into being vaguely conservative because they want money and clout more than anything else. They are absolutely being paid to promote Yarvin and parrot right wing talking points. In my opinion, it's gross and insidious.

No. 1626700

Broadcasting reactionary thought

No. 1626701

Of course, but thinking someone is so “unpleasant” you log onto a website every single day to dedicate your time to talking about them is kind of interesting

I mean that’s not really as bad as I thought it was gonna be. They have some takes you disagree with and you don’t like their boss? That’s ok! Being on Thiele’s payroll doesn’t sound too bad though

No. 1626702

Oh that paints a way better picture. She’s like a millennial Rush Limbaugh kek? That sounds kinda fun

No. 1626703

It's either Dasha or one of her friends, don't engage.

No. 1626704

His fit pics are kinda embarrassing

No. 1626705

most women need to take responsibility for their actions(weak attempt at bait)

No. 1626706

Nonnie asks a question
>impossible I don’t believe this to be real you have to be the person who I do not know and have never met but hold a grudge against

No. 1626707

Is it? I feel like it’s just a progression of tabloid culture, which has always appealed to people. I don’t think it seems that interesting/novel other than the medium being used

No. 1626708

the truth is that lesbians and bis get grouped in with gender special troon Retardation by these people due to misogyny. Straights and gay men, only

No. 1626709

moid or moid simp

No. 1626711

Honor Levy is worse than dasha.

No. 1626712

lol it's not about disliking their "boss." You clearly don't know who Peter Thiel is.

No. 1626713

Liz is worse than all of them

No. 1626714

Liz is a horrorcow but I don’t even group her in with these people because from what I can tell she is a terminally online recluse

No. 1626715

Guess they don't like the new thread pic lol

No. 1626716

I mean one could still argue that tabloid culture is useless and serves nothing to people who generate/consume it other than capital, and the stark difference between this and tabloid culture is that this generates no capital for both the consoomers and the posters kek

No. 1626717

how? why?

No. 1626720

lmao what a fucking word salad jfc. people love gossiping, simple as.

No. 1626722

Me: The difference between tabloid magazine production companies and lolcow.farm is that one generates capital (makes people money) and the other doesn’t
NEET retard: bLAHHH WORD SALAD!!!!!!1!1

Some of you are actually retarded and I don’t feel bad for what will come to you

No. 1626723

kek exactly, i agree with what you were saying. people love calling anything they're too retarded to wrap their mind around 'word salad'

No. 1626725

Thanks for having half a braincell nona kek, I don’t even have anything against lolcow I like looking at gossip here all the time but I swear some people in the leftcow threads are a little too high up on their horses sometimes

No. 1626730


literally this is all it is lmao. go ask your IP to block this website for you and tend to the garden of your mind, pls, i beg

No. 1626732

Go back.

No. 1626733

you came to zero conclusions waxing poetic about tabloid culture. obviously posting on lolcow doesn't make anyone money. what is your fucking point? "tabloid culture" does/did serve a purpose other than directly generating "capital" for the tabloid magazines, it was about PR for the celebrities in those magazines as well. obviously it was about making money for those involved yes but it's more complex than just "tabloid make money." they played a key role in elevating celebrities/keeping them in the public eye, especially because tabloids hit their peak before social media when it was harder to generate press/publicity outside of print mediums. those who consoomed tabloids were interested in the gossip, which is what lolcow is for and why the other nonna drew parallels between lolcow and tabloids. again, what point were trying to make/what were you trying to say by mentioning that people paid for tabloids while people don't pay for lolcow/don't make money by posting here?

No. 1626735

I wasn’t trying to make a point I was asking what exactly Dasha did that you wanna dedicate so much of your time to doing her PR campaigns

No. 1626736

remember when kstew was terrible as a straight actress, she was wooden and sucked and looked awkward at awards shows…and nobody could really pinpoint why?

No. 1626738

redscare is girls and gays regurgitating straight male redpill opinions for the scrotebux. it was for girls for maybe like a month, to get a starter audience.

No. 1626740

you obviously thought you were saying something lol but ok

No. 1626742

File: 1661559676757.png (17.8 KB, 598x233, Screenshot 2022-08-27 at 01-22…)

No. 1626743

her and anna are misogynistic traitors for cash. like the "girls are too much drama" girls or the woman who wants to be the only queen bee at the office. handmaidens, pickmes, etc.

No. 1626745

she's going to have the eraserhead baby

No. 1626747

fucked up if true

No. 1626753

can you explain why peter thiel is any worse than any of the other technocrats? moldbug is into race based propaganda so i understand that but i’ve never really been able to find actual evidence that thiel is. he just seems like every other obscenely wealthy faggot

No. 1626759


No. 1626776

there was a tweet collection some lib who seemed to have a grudge against chapo did last month I’ll try to find it

No. 1626777

Gay Republican men are terrifying and almost always pedophiles. Add billionaire and the fact that he has adopted kids…Plus, Thiel purchases vats of blood to bathe in because he thinks it lengthens his lifespan.

No. 1626781

Felix has lived in LA for about a year now and the extremely online anti-Chapo centrists like @agraybee and Gwen Snyder are legitimately unhinged and think a walking Jewish caricature like him is a crypto-Nazi. I’ll eagerly believe he did something but there’s gotta be actual proof.

No. 1626788

correction, he circulates the transplanted blood through his bloodstream

No. 1626798

This is not the place to make a case for Thiel. No one cares about your bad faith questioning

No. 1626799

I genuinely think something in his childhood turned him gay but he's under so many layers of irony and denial even he doesn't know.

I could believe as a clout thing she'd turn lesbian

No. 1626801

You should lurk long enough to realize that Leftcow threads are just Dasha and friends.

No. 1626806

You really had this much time to respond to an obvious bait post?

No. 1626807

>log onto a website every single day to dedicate your time your time to talking about them
Lol, I spend like 3 minutes max on my break just browsing this thread when I do visit. Only longer if theres lots of milk to take in.

No. 1626820

>69 posts and not any actual images

No. 1626821

The last three threads have been trainwrecks

No. 1626825

>70+ posts and no milk
There should always be a breather after the last one ends. Now its just opening up for Dashew or one of her friends/simps to scour this thread and proselytize.

No. 1626829

the fact you claim to be following the threads for a while but you 1. feel the need to ask this or 2. read everything and thought “wow that’s normal healthy and fine” is hilarious

No. 1626831

Jesus fucking Christ, as if funding J. D. Vance’s Senate campaign isn’t enough, there’s Blake Masters and Josh Hawley. Thiel wants to turn the US into a Christian theocracy, while he and his husband live comfortably in New Zealand.

No. 1626834

WTF. where is aimee anyway?? is she still recording episodes of "what's left"?

No. 1626836

I'm just looking through their patreon i can't see the details of the locked posts but it seems like oliver is just hosting it solo since May

No. 1626900

it’s not making a case for thiel, it’s asking for a direct reason bc i never heard valid ones. the blood thing is creepy but mostly sounds like a cash grab. u seem like an uptight moid bitch, maybe u could explain why he’s sooo bad

No. 1626908

are you lost?

No. 1626909

lol nice bait

No. 1626922

If you have nothing to say or share you can just shut the fuck up, like there’s no need to keep talking with zero caps zero references zero anything to look at.

No. 1626931

File: 1661578454027.jpeg (288.2 KB, 750x983, AABD7AD7-CD6B-489F-829E-ED2D6F…)

Looks like she’s back

No. 1626968

Exactly. Nothing here is saying anything, including yours. That's why you should let some time pass in between threads so its not just dumb posts you'd find on a reddit.

No. 1626983

if you cant take one look at him and tell you are not going to make it

No. 1626992

its not cute to accuse someone of fucking underage girls with no proof, sauce or you’re just vendettaposting

No. 1627013

File: 1661589603565.jpeg (79.82 KB, 828x530, B9E4CB32-22FD-4307-8DF8-6AD69A…)

hi Felix!(hi cow)

No. 1627021

is that where he says he did it? you managed to be bitchy and still not actually say anything of substance - and im obviously not felix retard, this is an IMAGEBOARD about drama where one would be expected to post some kind of proof that the drama actually happened - an IMAGE, for instance

No. 1627024

and you didnt even say the name of the podcast you’re citing you absolute dipshit oh my god lmao

No. 1627045

File: 1661594249837.jpeg (317.99 KB, 750x877, 929FC63D-1FDC-4BB3-99D0-BCE0B4…)

never listened but this is the pod

No. 1627050

yeah i just listened to the whole thing on 2x and he doesn’t mention any of that stuff, idk what the fuck that anons problem is

No. 1627072

he just makes the gaydar go weewoo weewoo…it's a vibe you wouldn't get it

No. 1627077

wtf does TRS have to do with any of this, afaik they're just a detransitioner -> retransitioner who loves god and stays in their lane (not annoying about it) Not milky just boring!!

No. 1627096

i do think that to some extent that's part of the joke

No. 1627101

File: 1661604210431.jpg (562.2 KB, 1817x2048, faggot.jpg)

"kinda" is extremely generous here nonnie

No. 1627102

not even close

No. 1627141

>nonnies legitimately believing in the mullen gay memes
he had a mental breakdown when his longterm gf dumped him. talks about fucking girls and girls he wants to fuck. WHAT

No. 1627146

guess the cows and their calfs realized a new thread got made and are working overtime trying to ruin this one kek. holy shit, the amount of insanely bad posts all in a row is astounding

No. 1627150

your mistake is assuming these threads are just the same few people over and over again hunched over their computer screens breathing heavily logging every move the cows make. when in reality these threads are hundreds of people posting at different hours of the day in different bursts. i know it’s easier to pretend everyone here is just a few losers obsessed with you but the reality is that everyone discussed itt is fun to ridicule to hundreds of people and they deserve it.

No. 1627151

>I genuinely think something in his childhood turned him gay but he's under so many layers of irony and denial even he doesn't know.

No. 1627158

>non-saged post
>wants us to listen to ct

No. 1627175

File: 1661609782360.png (752.08 KB, 834x1238, Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 10.1…)

So Urbit is a twenty year old attempt by web3 losers to create a alternative to the IP protocol and the client server model of the internet. This has been tried many times before, some attempts more productive than others, all have been failures. The web3 losers have started doing all sorts of these projects with like saving messages on the ethureum blockchain for chat apps and so on but still obviously has never gained any traction or been sustainable at large scales.

Urbit was made by an openly neofeudalist friend of Nick Land who helped coin the dark enlightenment shit, and the protocol for urbit has a very limited number of non recoverable network addresses (by design). Roughly the same number as ipv4 addresses in circulation (too few, which is why ipv4 is being phased) except totally non recoverable. If someone loses their token, that address space is lost _forever). This is intended to create deliberate scarcity and e-property ownership, ranks within the address space ownership system are named things like like lord and serf

Anyways there was a whole controversy and the project dropped the founder even though it's still almost entirely funded by Peter Thiel. This still hasn't changed the fact that the technology hasn't changed it is still openly designed to foster digital landlording, and the custom programming language that stitches it all together is a completely illegible lisp dialect that uses no natural language words or abbreviations outside of user made labels, and instead commands are runes made up a combination of two special characters. Very few people have demonstrated proficiency in this language or any consistent understanding of the project. Everyone involved has a significantly different explanation of what Urbit is and how it works other than a system of digital ownership that isn't crypto.


This all ties back to leftcows when one of the devs/evangelists (idk if he's much of a developer, i haven't looked into how much that he's contributed) went on redscare. Allegedly the redscare people made fun of him during the interview but somehow it turned out well because Anna Khachiyan from podcasting notoriety has been invited to Urbit Assembly 2022 in Miami and she'll have her own spot on the speakers' list.

The Sam Frank guy is a cow of his own, has written about his experiences with penis enlargement on his substack.


But the rest of the speakers list is even weirder. Between the many nft pfps on the list are also cows like documentarian Alex Lee Moyer who has produced feature length documentaries sympathetic to Alex Jones and Incels (telling stories from their perspectives) (such as their perspectives about mass shooters)


Then there's Dryden Brown, CEO and Co-founder of a startup called Praxis, which has raised over 25 million dollars in funding despite having no existing product to speak of besides their website, mailing list, and discord server. The startup's stated goal is "building the city-crypto state to realize a more vital future". They currently have yet to find a location for this city.



The urbit twitter stans have this weird 3d anime pfp thing that i have yet to figure out but they regularly post about heidegger and gnosticism in between rants about how their everything and the kitchen sink project will change the world. Also they're very active on the redscarepod subreddit.

Urbit Assembly 2022 will bring all these cows together in the same room, looks like it'll be a disaster so fingers crossed to the content that'll come from it.

No. 1627177

No. 1627178

File: 1661609857870.png (478.87 KB, 834x1238, Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 10.1…)

Urbit weirdos on urbit reddit

No. 1627180

File: 1661609913081.png (513.3 KB, 834x1238, Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 10.1…)

Fitting in well with the redscarepod community

No. 1627192

Redscare audience are all techbros who think they're subversive and smarter than the left because they're middle class and lonely and redpilled and get in the pod and eat the bugs like everyone else but they go on these intense delusions to convince themselves that they're different

No. 1627201

But why would waiting to start a new thread affect anything? Making a new thread as the last one is closing is what’s always done and doesn’t seem to be a problem for any other thread on the site

No. 1627205

I don’t have caps on hand but Urbit is hilariously dead, a friend of mine got a free account and all the posts were extremely old and what little activity there was had been posted by clear scarethots, other thielverse hanger-ons, and older zoomers who used to use 4chan in 2015. Just memespeak and very slow fashion “discussion”

No. 1627234

who was calling this fucking dork "ripped as fuck" in the last thread? so many self-promoting scrotes in here. his true anon record is selling, ladies!

No. 1627235

nick is in a never-ending break down.

No. 1627239

I was going to say, it’s not really a “mental break down” when that’s literally his default state

No. 1627241

This post kind of reminded me but does anyone think Nick has bpd instead of bipolar? I feel like he seems like he does because of the fear of abandonment thing, impulsiveness, the way he went from being best friends with to hating that jake guy, the chronic like emptiness/suicidal thing he has

No. 1627243

Tbf the jake thing seemed like 100% jake's problem and even when Nick found out about the cum tape he didn't post it or even allude to it because of his prior friendship with jake.

No. 1627244

can't wait for trannies to infest it and tank the project. internet lord rotpocket, sounds fearsome.

No. 1627245

lesbian scarethots and coombrained moids want to believe

"using to her advantage" wouldn't be pandering to them, it would be girl on girl action for straight men

between all these "lesbo dasha when??" and "these people are all libs uwu" this thread is seriously infected with conservamoids who need to go back

No. 1627248

No. 1627249

>"using to her advantage" wouldn't be pandering to them, it would be girl on girl action for straight men
okay so then she’s already done that then? That was exactly what her movie was

No. 1627250

No I agree Jake seems like a weirdo I mean more in the sense I think a normal guy in their mid 30s would just end the friendship and wouldn’t repeatedly reference it publicly

No. 1627260

>blaming domestic violence victims
>some takes you disagree with
>i'm just asking questions uwu
>h-hah ha r-rent free, y-youre doing her PR campaign
moid gtfo

kek he felt the need to put a "makes people money" explanation parenthesis to "generates capital", it's a 70 IQ moid who thought "people paid for tabloids but don't pay for lolcow" is a point in and of itself

No. 1627269


Metrosexual Sam Seder

No. 1627281

yes, not trying to armchair but he’s a pretty obvious example of a male with bpd, plus men with bpd almost always get a comorbid diagnosis of bipolar anyway

No. 1627307

Are you okay

No. 1627310

Well I mean the other nonnie who responded clearly didn’t understand that “generates capital” means to keep a company of peoples payroll rolling when she called it a “word salad”…
I’m not gonna lie, how is it seen as “moid behavior” to point out the difference between lolcow and TMZ? Is it really not just as scrotish and creepy to keep up with some random benign spinsters personal life because you’re that interested in them? When it comes to people who are working for Thiele I feel like there are slightly more dangerous/important people who you could be wasting your outrage on instead of a Bloomingdale’s sales associate(sage)

No. 1627318

>it generates no capital for both the consoomers and the posters
And that's a good thing. Tabloids gaining income from gossip is a lot worse than a bunch of people on the internet speculating shit.

No. 1627326

The difference is that Dasha courts interest more than some nameless suit or some Z-list pseudo celebrity. Unless that question is about why anyone would follow anyone in general, in which case you clearly don't understand lolcow or the internet in general.

No. 1627349

No I understand lolcow is just autists who periodically have time to spend on people they don’t always know personally(ban evading)

No. 1627350

File: 1661621269869.jpeg (396 KB, 2048x1536, 93C31296-5855-4C04-AE80-38DB1A…)

Agreed, Jake also cut ties with everyone else in the Cum Town/Chapo circle at that time and is openly drunk 24/7.
A mentally healthy person doesn’t live like picrel

No. 1627356

I want to fuck Dasha and Nick, i'm not gay though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1627363

Agree but by all accounts this isn’t that different from how Nick lives

No. 1627385

Without defending other technocrat billionaires, how many of them are pouring as much money into fringe right culture and political campaigns (Masters, Vance, etc) as Thiel is? You’d have to be pretty dense not to find it insidious

No. 1627390

He’s such a faggot holy shit

No. 1627395

yes autism, the neurological condition that makes only one demographic allowed to gossip about idiotic influencers

No. 1627398

Urbit will quite literally never matter to anybody who isn’t a gigantic nerd. You try to explain any of this to the average person, and they’ll be like “huh? A different internet? Do i have to buy a new computer then?”

No. 1627399

you have marbles for brains. they’re lolcows for a reason

No. 1627404

His fit pics are so funny, he's got this formula where he puts together a mostly normal outfit then adds in a couple of trying too hard, gay pieces that make him look like a child molester >>1627101

No. 1627422

>autists who periodically have time to spend on people they don’t always know personally
nice description of people who listen to podcasts

No. 1627426

File: 1661627454684.jpeg (340.63 KB, 1170x964, F519BFF6-D8F6-4C68-A646-B4CBAC…)

god this hon is truly pathetic, he’s a perfect mix of dasha and fat jack

No. 1627436

genuinely disgusting. any woman who thinks troons of any variety (including most gnc men are allies) to women in any way is deluding herself

No. 1627437

There are far worse people in these threads than Liz. Jack, who pushes white replacement theory. That troon Sam Pritchard who is a sex pest and possible responsible for the death of that other troon.

No. 1627445

One additional piece of milk/lore from the prior thread. Dasha probably first met her current bf at the tradcath meetings right after she broke up with Adam.
Guy in the center is likely him.

No. 1627461

Some posters do know these people personally. The reality is they're just as unlikable in person. They're also part of the culture industry. Maybe you should find other people to stan since you're clearly upset and wasting your time here.

No. 1627482

You might be onto something. In the Caroline Calloway live show Dasha “joked” about lesbianism being a solution rather than a problem and she has really strong dyke vibes at times. A lot of lesbians seem to like her too, which isn’t a sign in itself, but maybe they see it in her

No. 1627483

This reads so fucking self-posty, like an AI studied the way we talk in this thread and tried to recreate it but with no panache. Also these threads are dead on the weekend, yet your post got an immediate reply - interesting! Shut up about yourself already, you’re boring and no one cares.

No. 1627487

I doubt it but she did admit that she use to do ffm threeways with her friend Alison.

No. 1627492

center isn't Matthew, even looking down you can tell the guy in the pic has a way weaker chin

No. 1627509

File: 1661633787238.png (38.35 KB, 616x342, fucking disgusting.png)

Thanks for reminding me of Sam Pritchard. I saw this so you have to too now.

No. 1627512

george soros, jennifer pritzker, martine rothblatt, barre seid to name a few

No. 1627514

didn't know he was still around

No. 1627518

Ok futanonnie

No. 1627526

You are mentally retarded. No, really. Seek help.
>didn’t understand that “generates capital” means to keep a company of peoples payroll rolling when she called it a “word salad”
You tried to sound like you were making a grand point, it's just a fucking insult. The other post clearly shows she understands it better than you.
>“moid behavior” to point out the difference between lolcow and TMZ
Moid behavior is coming here to white knight these putrid soulless hags who, again, have blamed domestic violence victims, defended literal rapists, among other things, and calling them "benign spinsters". Good job showing us again that you are mentally retarded though!
> more dangerous/important people who you could be wasting your outrage on
This is a gossip board, not a social justice website where the hackers known as 4chan congregate to go after problematic people.
>calling people "nonnie" when you're an obvious scrote newfag
Ridiculous. Gtfo.

No. 1627530

nonnie i’m sorry to be the one to tell you but most of this site hates men and troons, thinking that this makes me pariah is just retarded

No. 1627539

like most cows he has a pathological inability to not meltdown at people for perceived slights
he fell out with roun_sa_ville, one of his last friends in the general lefty twitter sphere (rather than the lefty troon sphere) because she was also friends with coochiebohe, then got banned over some "kink at pride" discourse where he railed against "puriteens" - not creepy at all

No. 1627545

Duh I know how this site feels about men and troons. But this person is a known self-poster here. Stop taking his bait and giving him the attention he craves. He’s boring and should 41%

No. 1627570

I can't even laugh at this, it's too depressing.

No. 1627581

no it's not. nick is a millionaire and lives in a nice place.

No. 1627582

Is he a eunuch because he got bottom surgery, forgot to dilate, and the hole sealed up?

No. 1627590

can't wait for his capsular contracture arc

No. 1627619

ngl nonnie you sound like him yourself. no one has told him to 41% and yet he tweeted begging people to stop telling him to 41% because hes “not trans” or trying to be a woman.

No. 1627638


No. 1627672

Lol yea I’m him. I’ve been begging lolcow to talk about me for a year, except today when I’m asking people not to. Makes sense!

No. 1627679

We've never gotten a clear look at Nick's apartment and the few that we do has it look pretty decent. Nowhere near as horrifying as whatever Jake is living in though that pic can be old.

No. 1627682

Fringe right culture here is the key word. The only one I can think of is the Koch brothers, who were big supporters of the Tea Party branch of the right in the early 2010s late 2000s.

No. 1627685

At least he's aware.

No. 1627689

File: 1661649444150.png (149.65 KB, 441x741, Masterblakes.png)

Everyone who contributes to Claremont and so on, list would be too long even if you could track them all
This is some of B Masters podcast (?)

No. 1627724

File: 1661653811687.png (153.15 KB, 1200x598, richardvixen.png)

Both her parents are lawyers

No. 1627732

she got quote rtd into oblivion by people pointing out all her tweets about her parents taking her to greece and all kinds of shit like going to yale

No. 1627734

kek i completely forgot about alex kaschuta, grade A grifter like bimbo if not better, she spent no time at all on the lower rungs of twitter fringe right can we go back to calling them alt-right already? fighting the retards, she just made sure to parrot and flatter big names early on to get boosted and show her intended overlords she'd be willing to repeat whatever they needed her to without question

No. 1627837

All those words for someone who you think is an “obvious scrote newfag”…mod check my post history

No. 1627843

Also I know very well I wasn’t making any kind of point, because I was never trying to. I’ve said multiple times that I’m just asking what exactly Dasha did to get you all so dedicated to her upward trajectory to do her PR free of charge

No. 1627868

File: 1661661829699.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1368x1600, 3DB6757D-A1C2-4A8C-95D0-147E6F…)

Profiled by official hagiographic stenographer Niccolo saldo as well as being promoted by the Claremont boomers

No. 1627890

barre is rightwing and so was pritzker until until biden admin

No. 1627898

File: 1661663523000.jpeg (876.83 KB, 1385x1620, 158022B2-B371-42D0-8AB2-6243B9…)

No. 1627904

>Moid behavior is coming here to white knight these putrid soulless hags who, again, have blamed domestic violence victims, defended literal rapists, among other things, and calling them "benign spinsters". Good job showing us again that you are mentally retarded though!

I’d understand why you’re being so inflammatory about shit that literally no one in the real world cares about; but just because they say poorly worded things or act really ugly in attempts to be edgy doesn’t mean that I’m somehow the one who’s retarded. Like, on the spectrum of actually harmful things you can do to the American people at this time; I’m pretty sure saying someone was “asking for it” on your podcast that a handful of little kids listen to or being friends with a rapist not only isn’t actually as widely damaging as people inside the computer seem to think but it also isn’t uncommon in places like New York or Los Angeles or Seattle or Portland. People are infantile and say “disgusting” things because it garners them more attention, and websites like this reward them with that attention because there’s a hefty hand of young and old people who legitimately have nothing better to do than critique random strangers who, at the end of the day, are nothing more than benign spinsters.(tl;dr)

No. 1627912

stop bumping the thread trying to get the last word in you stupid retard

No. 1627913

I’m gonna do whatever I want, thanks though lesbian!

No. 1627942

ntayr but take your own advice, shut the fuck up and go worry about something important. I assure you not one single person on this godforsaken earth cares about your wall of text opinions on another people's opinions about dasha

No. 1628086

They’re all hideous

No. 1628138

File: 1661678575459.jpg (38.61 KB, 534x398, effina.JPG)

sage but effina in a candid picture posted by someone else lol(Thats not how you sage.)

No. 1628144

She went to an all women’s college and did her dissertation in “menstruation dialectics”

No. 1628150

Posting my L here.

I thought Dasha's bf looked like he could be a cousin of mine & me being a race science caliper autist decided to look into his ethnic background. My instinct wasn’t far off at all, as it turns out our grandmothers were from the same city in Cuba. First Cousin Greg, then Cousin Matthew.

No. 1628155

Anna unironically highest T male in that collage

No. 1628196

It seems to be some meme trying to force itself here. Genuinely who cares? She's still a moron.

No. 1628239

This is so hilarious, cause while the girl used facetune on Effina as well she made her still look different. Poor Effina seeing this like GET IT RIGGT GODDAMNIT I NEED TRIPLE AMOUNT OF CHIN AND JAW SIZE WHAT IS THIS kek

No. 1628247

File: 1661690782987.jpeg (92.14 KB, 560x747, 638FA669-FD13-46DF-BCAA-F739F8…)

Barrett Avnet’s book lmao

No. 1628251

File: 1661691019008.jpeg (558.54 KB, 1230x1640, 74584A92-2C62-47A8-A0D1-6277DF…)

fat Honor Levy????

No. 1628252

nonnie even underweight women get that chin thing at certain angles

No. 1628254

effina doesn’t belong itt, she has her own thread.

No. 1628262

yikes, where was this?

No. 1628267

tfw u quit adderall

No. 1628272

organise a family reunion nonnie this thread needs an emergency milk infusion

No. 1628277

in the words of azealia, it's not giving lolita

No. 1628288

She’s still prettier than Dasha

No. 1628291

100%. she just looks like a normal woman here, it’s unflattering but she looks healthy if anything

No. 1628293

I think the hair and styling makes it look worse, it feels very background character on season 2 of gossip girl

No. 1628295

it's hilarious how none of these cows know how to take care of their hair

No. 1628304

her hair is the least bad part of the photo, what do you mean? do you think she should straighten it? with a hair texture like hers it’s just a miracle there isnt an abundance of flyaways or frizz

No. 1628307

Nta but the dry 2011 beachy waves just look kind of ageing

No. 1628311

Definitely the poor styling that makes this look bad for the most part. Most people would look equally bad in a candid shot like this with that expression and angle. But dear god that top and halfassed wolf cut look so bad. Ages her a lot and the top makes her look bigger than she is. The issue isn’t that she’s fat (she’s not), it’s that like all the other cows she somehow has the fashion sense of an autistic child raiding their mother’s closet.

No. 1628313

The wking is insane, she's objectively fat in this pic

No. 1628314

I thought that was her natural hair wave pattern, at least its what I remember seeing in other pics. Looks like she got long layers recently and it’s making it look millennial and more thinned out and dry, I get what you mean now.

No. 1628317

go rattle your bones elsewhere scarethot, she doesn’t look overweight in the slightest

No. 1628328

learn sage, learn to read, grow up

No. 1628330

I haven’t seen that many pics of her but from what I recall I didn’t think Honor was ever like particularly thin? I don’t think she looks that different that normal

No. 1628331

File: 1661696875185.jpeg (236.15 KB, 1080x1911, AE0A0B7A-512A-408C-B3ED-F72481…)

really cant emphasize enough that moldbug’s entire thing is believing in the same caste system shit that the milady faggots do except filled with tolkein and d&d nerd shit because he’s a fucking loser. he believes that any group of people ruling over you (dark elves) deserve to rule over the lowly masses (hobbits) and not only have the right to but are the only people capable of doing it. and of course moldbug considers himself a dark elf, naturally. as a hobbit it’s your duty to blindly follow the dark elves.

this is antithetical to everything that every single one of these scenesters believe in, even the most reactionary ones, as you nonnies know they love to groan about the “elites” and how disgustingly evil they are and so on. but they don’t bother reading what he writes and of course they probably wouldn’t care anyway even if they did, because they are just clout goblins at the end of the day who suck up to anyone with more notoriety or cash in hopes they can grift by their side in the limelight for a few minutes.
pic 1/3

No. 1628332

File: 1661696916205.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1070x1032, 2DECB7E0-D3AF-4279-B502-593285…)

No. 1628334

File: 1661697034018.png (46.25 KB, 1080x574, 42604369-AF9C-469B-8EE7-771C45…)

No. 1628337

she’s never been very thin, it’s literally just a bad pic presumably posted by a vendettachan. i’ve never seen worse nitpicking, at least dasha’s legs really are always flabby

No. 1628339

File: 1661697351875.jpeg (32.95 KB, 680x147, 0889D714-B6A2-4842-A845-32F3C5…)

I know people itt disagree but I really do think Dasha dating some sperg zoomer trad cath seems like a low point even for her, I really find it hard to imagine her doing that even 2 or 3 years ago

No. 1628348

File: 1661697819225.jpeg (13.35 KB, 275x268, 1611280500978.jpeg)

No. 1628350

Exactly. She’s had an older man fetish since she was a teenager with a tumblr, and took every opportunity she could to remind everyone of it. She’s no longer able to lure people in with the manic pixie dream girl mixed with 2012 lolita shit, everyone sees her as a walking dumpster fire except younger men now.

No. 1628354

when was this tweeted? she’s grown, and 32+ no less, right?

No. 1628356

I do not understand the appeal of Dasha’s bf
are his parents super rich or something?
or does he just have the unwarranted self-confidence of a successful pickup artist

No. 1628357

two years ago

No. 1628361

>>“beautiful lives”
im sorry how could anyone take this remotely serious

No. 1628362

june 2020, she was 29 at the time lmao

No. 1628373

>dasha’s legs really are always flabby
lol dasha vendetta posters in a nutshell: moonfaced, doubled chined, fat armed honor levy = "healthy." every random pic of dasha's muscleless pencil leg = flabby. stay deranged nonnas.

No. 1628375

Nta bur I don’t think they’re saying Honor isn’t chubby just that she always has been, and with Dasha’s legs I think they mean flabby like untoned maybe?

No. 1628380

this exactly. dasha has loose skin is all, and it gets looser by the day. honor has literally always looked like this though and the pic just shows a chin at an awkward angle with her head down. not to mention the source of the pic wasn’t mentioned and it looks like it was taken by someone irl without anyone knowing kek

No. 1628381

yeah absolutely. i felt kind of bad for posting (i actually like Honor–sue me) but honestly was just extremely taken aback.

the photo is from jordan castro's twitter btw

No. 1628382

File: 1661700083126.png (149.92 KB, 438x659, lol.png)

No. 1628384

Matthew premature balding confirmed. Trying to convince his Dashew it's all genetics and not linked to his obvious debilitating porn addiction

No. 1628388

File: 1661700199476.png (269.88 KB, 355x407, ripped.png)

Speaking of Jordan Castro…damn bro

No. 1628390

So embarrassing

No. 1628391

There must be something cause even Honor seemed enamored with him.

No. 1628394

Jesus Christ the PR your trying to do. Pls fuck off.

No. 1628398

roids suck the glow and light out of skin. he looks like jerky covered in lint. he looks like sam hyde now.

No. 1628410

I don’t think Dasha is like extremely beautiful or anything but I’m kind of surprised at this take, I didn’t think the appeal of Honor was related to her looks at all. I feel like how she looks in that pic is not surprising or out of the ordinary

No. 1628425

nah he looks like a crackhead jordaan mason

No. 1628428

Good for Honor if she’s gotten off adderall, her turbo manic pixie routine has a very limited shelf life and if the Crumps article is to be believed, she’s slowly realizing that this scene is a dead end full of unlikeable losers. I would hope Dasha’s example shows that spending years leaning into your personality disorder and spewing edgy bullshit into a mic eventually leaves you with few options in love and career. I can’t stand H’s spergy routine but I think she’s salvageable in a way someone like Dasha, with her obvious personality and moral failings, is not.
Honor honey stay off stims and start jogging, there’s still time for you to become a real writer and someone’s nice Jewish wife.

No. 1628437

right before you posted this i was about to say that honor is possibly the only cow itt that seems salvageable in some way, maybe wishful thinking

No. 1628440

File: 1661702507105.jpg (50.91 KB, 320x466, hashtagjewishprivilege.jpg)

i mean, no, not like ana thin… but on the other hand,

No. 1628448

Is this "uwu Honor can be saved, she's the only one left in this scene with a pure soul" bit based on anything other than vibes? like where's the concrete evidence that she isn't a brain-broken schizoid like the rest of her friends?

No. 1628452


literally go back

No. 1628460

no one called her a pure soul lol, seems like you have a personal hangup here. she’s the only one out of all of them who has ever expressed any semblance of confusion, hesitance, regret, or desire for a different path, even just slightly. she said it to crumps directly, she’s become disillusioned. while at the same time her own friends were posting here saying she’s going through a personal crisis of identity politics etc. she’s a nut, but if she stops being this particular brand of nut, that’s just a good thing and reduces the influence of this gay scene even more.

No. 1628463

agree. i'm not going to harp on it anymore because defending cows is a losing move but i think her (and walt pearce for that matter) seem like good hearted fucked up people

did anyone say she wasn't a brain-broken schizoid? sure i guess you could say it's based on "vibes" but vibes can have weight to them

No. 1628466

I agreed until you had to throw Walter into the mix, lmao. He’s more of a pretentious fashoid than most cows itt.

No. 1628468

Lol yeah it’s mostly vibes, her spergy personality feels like a combination of drugs and affectation cuz she thinks it’s cute, but her underlying personality doesn’t seem as toxic and hateful to me as others in this scene. I sense normie in her and I hope she grows up and gets in touch w it

No. 1628469

>check walt’s twitter
>he’s cooming over sam hyde the rapist pedophile tranny-chaser
yeah totally “redeemable”

No. 1628474

File: 1661703760326.png (118.62 KB, 680x372, unknown.png)

understandable but if all this recent attention sam hyde has been getting since the influencer boxing match actually ends in hasan piker getting knocked out & publicly humiliated, that's a net positive imo

No. 1628476

both hasan and sam are insufferable sex pests i’d love to see suffer, the only difference is sam hyde actually rapes kids. i’m not rooting for either of those clowns and it’s very telling that these people are quick to support sam, a known pedophile who actually made cp and groomed countless women and girls while abusing his own employees and refusing them pay, any time he’s brought up even outside this context.

No. 1628480

Sorry I know this is kind of ot for this thread but I don’t get this recent meme or why people think Hasan would get knocked out? He seems in really good shape and in the fight last night Sam Hyde he very narrowly avoided literally vomiting and won by two standing eight counts lol, am I missing something?

No. 1628494

exactly–it seems like it would be such a sure ting, right? so that brings me to wonder why hasan is acting like a scared little boy. sam hyde has been trying to fight him for a while now, why would hasan turn down the opportunity to literally punch a nazi & look cool for his adoring teenage fans?? i don't know much about bodybuilding or whatever but i've seen men who do saying that hasan mostly just has glamour muscles, whereas sam hyde is an evil sperg who is on steroids and is driven by hate. i could see it going either way, but again i don't know shit

No. 1628502

I’ve never seen Hasan fight, so it’s hard to comment on that aspect and I guess depends on how seriously he took training, but I can say that Sam Hydes fight last night was one of the worst fighting performances, technically speaking, that I have ever seen (to be fair, I would say the same for his opponent too). Being an evil roided up sperg with a severe emotional investment in the match would work in your favour in like a bar fight or something, but have the exact opposite effect in even an amateur boxing match. Considering even with the height and weight advantage he had over his opponent, and the fact he had significantly more training, he could only win by a couple of standing eight counts (even though I don’t disagree with it being called in this instance, this would essentially never really happen in even an amateur match) then unless something happened where like Sam underwent very extensive professional training and Hasan didn’t, Sam would most likely lose very badly, most definitely would not be knocking anyone out.

As for why Hasan doesn’t accept the fight, who knows? I guess it’s possible he is actually scared, but I also feel like he has very little to gain from accepting it, and Hyde has more to gain even though he will almost definitely inevitably lose.

No. 1628505

there’s just no reason for anyone to drag themselves down to sam hyde’s level of being pathetic and desperate to prove yourself. the ideal reaction is to ignore his existence completely

No. 1628564

In the last 6 minutes of this Christman weighs in on thielbucks, claims they don't exist and that all the NYC losers are just showing up to these events for an open bar and cocaine at most

No. 1628568

She looks like she has like three times the amount of hair Dasha has kek. Full face, big eyes, it's a bad picture but she's far from ugly

No. 1628571

a freak who rapes sex trafficked women at brothels and has a discord full of teenage fans is in no way above sam's level

No. 1628574

They obviously aren’t even meaning morally, doing a fight would be “lowering” himself career/publicity wise for Hasan but beneficial to Hyde. Even acknowledging it is kind of a lose/lose for Hasan but would help Hyde

No. 1628617

File: 1661711461017.jpg (95.6 KB, 851x851, 7o6w582hz5r81[1].jpg)

This is what Hasan Piker looks like in between steroid cycles

No. 1628642

Why are these threads still called 'Leftcows'

No. 1628647

Because "Left and post-left cows and their cow friends" doesn't have the same ring.

No. 1628648

Because the time to change the name passed long ago

No. 1628649

you got a better alternative?

No. 1628676

She also had late 20s/30s pedo boyfriends at 14. Not uncommon for a bi to go full les after being with so many shitty guys.

No. 1628692

File: 1661714018388.png (96.18 KB, 1023x807, 6Cp5Ztl.png)

Reddit admins restricted the red scare subreddit's voice chat hosting abilities for violating reddit's content policy. Some autistic troon reddit admin actually listened to all their voice chats. I bet it was that admin chtorr. I think it's a matter of time before the entire subreddit is banned lol

No. 1628697

>I think it's a matter of time before the entire subreddit is banned lol
The fact that rsp and stupidpol have survived all this time just makes me believe there's a post-left admin with a soft spot for them. So many other adjacent subs have come and gone.

No. 1628706

Is there any place on lolcow to make fun of reddit cows in general? I know there's the mtf thread but that's not quite the same.

No. 1628708

thiel is honestly such a disappointment for conservatives. moldbug isn't even the worst of it, just wait for when he's able to withdraw from his roth.

No. 1628715

So basically he's saying that Thiel isn't directly funding them through patreon but is bribing them with drinks and cocaine to be friends with Moldbug.

No. 1628728

redditors are on a level of loser that's truly embarrassing to care about

No. 1628767

No one dreams of becoming someone’s “nice” wife, not even Liz

No. 1628773

don’t think that nonnie meant being a wife or writer is an accomplishment kek, those are just things honor says she wants but obviously doesn’t have

No. 1628796

File: 1661718814976.jpg (325.86 KB, 1456x1448, e4531052-8c51-42af-bf19-b804cf…)

It's so weird for someone who looks like this to promote a beauty/aesthetics based hierarchy. He has literally nothing going for him appearance-wise, he'd be like an untouchable or something.

No. 1628805

File: 1661719051280.png (75.1 KB, 619x802, fatfuckhour.png)

Jack is still retweeting his star turn on RS from 2 weeks ago

No. 1628817

File: 1661719547506.png (105.24 KB, 750x809, fatjackrs1.png)

No. 1628824

File: 1661719843222.png (106.8 KB, 737x657, fatjackrs2.png)

One more.

It must feel like quite the turnaround to go from maudlin, convulsive sobbing on your own podcast to your mean girl faves lying that you look good

No. 1628835

jake and his fanboys don’t seem to really have in-depth knowledge of perfume but the fragrantica reviews are still top-tier comedy imo

No. 1628844

it’s not even that i have any particular opinion on the jokes about their appearances, it’s that their natural looks are nothing like you’d expect with the way they talk

it’s one thing to not be in perfect shape or not put an above-average effort into your appearance, it’s another to look totally unkempt sometimes

No. 1628853

tale as old as time. washed up guy is drawn to white supremacy cause he can’t cope with his volatile self-esteem

No. 1628860

File: 1661721320797.jpeg (105.14 KB, 1170x657, 7901A803-3FBD-4BD7-ACA2-E62655…)

No. 1628862

Yeah he also believes black people are scientifically inferior and wrote very fucked up things about eugenics and mixed races. Why doesn’t anyone push the girls riding on his cock about this? It’s a lot harder to worm your way out of that than “oh he’s just a guy who likes tech overlord accelerationist bs”

No. 1628864

Even fat jack has basically renounced outright white supremacy in favor of Maga shit. He constantly talks about how he has black friends now.

No. 1628868

I stand by that Matt is the only smart leftcow and he left Nyc and hates all of these people

No. 1628872

Her and Sophia look better and healthier than Anna and Dasha

No. 1628888

Worst of all he's a Breivik apologist. Once upon a time he was unable to speak anywhere in the UK without protesters shutting the event down because of it.

No. 1628924

looks like his dad runs a furniture
store that is the family business. unless it’s a wink furniture store wink, he’s probably rich but not exorbitantly wealthy.

No. 1628928

Yeah I feel like it would have to be such an extreme level of wealth to justify it that we would know if he was actually that rich

No. 1628930

he’s maybe the smartest chapo but that ain’t saying much. He is supremely dumb. Exceptionally well-read moron.

No. 1628936

about what? I’ve only heard a few cushvlogs and his historical arguments aren’t very contrarian

No. 1628941

next thread should be called post-leftcows tbh

No. 1628947

Lmao at Gobineau. He would have taken one look at Yarvin and deemed him subhuman (rightfully).

No. 1628950

File: 1661724623495.jpeg (446.73 KB, 747x1255, F5950CD2-58FA-450D-A967-A303E1…)

picrel is one i stumbled upon. what compels someone to do this affected larp on a social media meant for reviews of all places..

ngl i do enjoy them but the way perfume people (gay men are the oddest offenders) write is so fucking weird

No. 1628953

this angle and the unhealthy hair literally makes him look like one of those lord of the rings goblins

No. 1628954

>saying oriental not once but twice
lmao. also he wants to be a woman so bad, always hilarious that gays who wanna be girls are the worst misogynists. naturally.

No. 1628961

When the dark elf or whatever the fuck was actually the hobbit all along

No. 1628966

my understanding is he's done very well with investments & crypto, no?

No. 1628969

File: 1661725832870.jpeg (413.56 KB, 640x793, 1853F564-AC05-4DD7-B934-ECC94E…)

Yuck. I give them a year max.

No. 1628975

good for her tbh. better than ending up a teeth-grinding meth addict like dasha

No. 1628981

so true nonnie, her style has really departed from its original coquettish influences and taken a sharp right turn into autism. looking at that top it becomes overwhelmingly clear that she went to bennington college lmao

No. 1628983

how would this help him in a boxing match

No. 1628988

it's actually mystifying, he is so insufferable to me… almost moreso than dasha herself. he seems to be hellbent on ruining every female cow featured itt, i guess i should be grateful but he's so insanely repulsive

No. 1628993

hi cow

No. 1629002

shes actually published some writing somewhere other than substack (whether ur a fan of it or not) and more importantly shes also like ten years younger than everyone else lol

No. 1629003

this made me dry heave

No. 1629007

i don't get the hair a-logging. What would even be the alternative? i've never seen anyone with a plain, chubby face look good with sleek hair.

No. 1629009

>writing all this retarded self-important bullshit and using "cannon" instead of "canon"

No. 1629012

Exactly this. It's the same reason he doesn't do the "debatebro" shit.. very little for him to gain there. He's already doing extremely well with his stream numbers, socially, reputation, etc. Even if he were to 'win' it would technically be a net loss.

No. 1629013

Midlife crises are scary things. Also that woman has a weird caregiver fetish, I know her irl and she’s only dated guys with disabilities before.

No. 1629015


That's probably the closest you're going to get

No. 1629016

What do you think a-logging means

No. 1629018

lol well matt does have that chronic limp. probably a turn-on for her.

No. 1629024

idk, I don't see how Sam's reputation would recover if Hasan beat him after years of taunting. But it's smart of him to avoid a fight, his reputation would also be shattered if he lost. Not worth the risk.

No. 1629028

I feel like all his fans would be like “oh he lost on purpose it was a meme” or he would deliberately perform terribly to waste Hasan time or something. Idk he has had actual training and continues to perform extremely badly so I’m sure he is realistically aware he couldn’t actually win

No. 1629035

whoever loses we win. whoever wins… we lose. Impossible choice.

No. 1629045

> the urbit twitter stans have this weird 3d anime pfp thing that i have yet to figure out
is milady already memoryholed??

No. 1629048

i use it to mean casual nitpicking.

No. 1629052

I love perfume too but these people are ridiculous

They mock the liberal women who treat consooming as a political statement - but they do it too. To paraphrase the nonna above, they get in the pod and eat the bugs after spending $200 on 30 year old perfume that's probably turned

No. 1629054

The spacing, lack of sage and overly long post about the same usual suspects makes me think it's from the same faggot sperg who keeps posting with the text right after the quote number and who shows up anytime someone mentions milady.

No. 1629068

i said they had fucked vibes a couple threads ago and i stand by it, something horrible is going to happen w these two

No. 1629070

That’s not what a-logging means, newfag.

No. 1629085

Omg tell us more! Do you have any insights into their relationship dynamic? How do they talk about each other when they're not in each other's company?

No. 1629109

this is so tacky and disgusting it's just crazy

No. 1629117

NTAYRT, but I doubt it. Milady/kaliacc anon is way more schizo sounding, never talks about the tech details of urbit, and they're also fixated on some Indian guy involved with milady being low caste and proana. Just ctrl+f "miya" or "pajeet" in any of the last few threads and you'll see what I mean.

No. 1629128

it literally might just be miya, he’s incapable of writing anything that isnt a 10-page long thesis and he’s enough of a sperg to lurk here

No. 1629143

lol just like the slutever lady seeking disabled men via personal ads

No. 1629161

File: 1661734960705.png (122.67 KB, 225x305, grimace.png)

Can't tell if this is a "high out of my mind" face or a "what have I done?" face

No. 1629166

weird i meant to respond to this >>1628928

No. 1629175

still not gonna read the nocel

No. 1629176

It’s always the nerds who were bullied relentlessly for their faces who say shit like this.

No. 1629187

pathetic twig arms and anyone lean enough can get bottom of the barrel abs extremely quickly with minimal effort. alt lit is dead, no one cares about your autofiction

No. 1629188

AYRT, I thought the milady anon was miya tbf because in the GCs he (miya) used to talk a lot about how important it was to make your "digital physiognomy" distinctive, and the retard posting style and insistence on same subjects fits the bill. He also talked a lot about the importance of shamelessly forcing himself, self-RTing, liking his own tweets, fabricating stories and screenshots, self-cancelling, and just generally using any means necessary to self-promote. If it looks like a retarded and convoluted attempt to 5D chess himself into notoriety, I just assume it is kek

No. 1629200

It’s obviously Miya. Just stop talking about him because he’s 1) irrelevant and 2) shows up to post essay length spergouts every time his name is mentioned like a dorky pajeet version of Candyman.

No. 1629217

seconding this, “post-leftcows” is accurate

No. 1629219

This made me gasp out loud! Are you serious? That is so messed up lmao

No. 1629242

To be fair (or at least accurate), Yarvin doens't promote "a beauty/aesthetics based hierarchy," he thinks we should be ruled by Silicon Valley CEOs because they've proven their natural fitness to govern by being rich and powerful. Which is equally stupid, but he's a rich Silicon Valley guy himself so it's not hypocritical.

No. 1629247

so it's flimsy at best and hot fucking mess of an idea but at least he's funny about it

No. 1629260

Sure Honor definitely looks normal and healthy but Soph’s just fat…

No. 1629289

learn to sage dasha, and yes a literal overweight woman looks less sick than you.

No. 1629323

You’re both right. Honor is normal weight, Soph is fat, and both of them look better & healthier than Dasha.

No. 1629324

Not a newfag. A-log is not what it use to mean, it was overused to the point of meaninglessness. I wasn’t trying to insult you.

No. 1629340

Which Sophia are you talking about? Bc the former kaliacc egirl or whatever is hot despite being fat, but richardvixen has to be one of the ugliest women ever mentioned in these threads

No. 1629444

no it isn’t? a-log still has a specific meaning that nobody else is unclear on lol

No. 1629460

File: 1661766245752.jpeg (25.48 KB, 656x381, ED844198-27D5-4F53-A35D-E1D711…)

Where did she go??

No. 1629461

you're more pathetic than the unnameable troon

No. 1629480

she deletes whenever anyone posts about her here

No. 1629574


She went on a hideous anti-Muslim rant a few weeks ago and then poof'd her account

No. 1629576

no one’s mentioning his hairline also kek

No. 1629593

Americans are really sick if they think thats a normal weight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1629600

File: 1661782894644.png (3.15 MB, 1020x1814, matthew in croatia.png)

Dasha photographing Matthew with the Kike flower shop

No. 1629613

File: 1661783962375.jpeg (343.46 KB, 1123x1934, E5A8AC7E-0F7D-41E0-A097-F20068…)

She should really consider gaining at least 10 pounds. The skinny twig-like arms, which could be a filter, make her head look ginormous in comparison. It’s not a good look.(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1629640

File: 1661786574433.png (2.69 MB, 1016x1796, dasha.png)

the photo does look weird but you don't need a filter to make arms thin, you just need angles.

honestly sounding like the nona who insisted she was using a "body filter" in vegas (in pictures that anna's sister had taken). this line of criticism is so nitpick-y and inconsistent. like….she's fatter than she looks and needs a filter but she should also gain weight? it doesn't make any sense. unless you're just saying her perception of herself is so warped she doesn't even know the selfie looks bad

she is looking a little bobbleheaded lately but we've been saying that

No. 1629650

the blurring filter she uses is so blatant because her face melts right into her neck.

No. 1629653

operation on her tumor forehead

No. 1629659

Receipts? Because based if true

No. 1629664

check the last thread, #32.

No. 1629665

File: 1661787824416.png (4.84 MB, 2482x2276, image.png)

Liz complaining about her haters in an internal newsletter piece for an anti death-penalty group lol

No. 1629670

>she's fatter than she looks and needs a filter but she should also gain weight?
You do know more than one person posts in these threads? And she can be both bigger than she looks while also being thinner than she should, though I agree the criticism is generally nitpicky

No. 1629677

It is a “normal” weight in America though, realistically she probably weighs less than average

No. 1629679

I feel like she actually looks way better here compared to the pictures at the DeVere ball because she doesn’t look as pale/sallow as usual

No. 1629684

well if you believe what she said about her cyst bursting she was apparently in a lot of pain at the devere ball

No. 1629690

NTA but I believe the cyst story tbf, she did look a lot worse than usual

No. 1629694

How does she spend 25k on the realreal and still wear the same tshirt on every vacation

No. 1629701

This is only an assumption but I’m pretty certain that’s what she’s going for

No. 1629705

Adorable! It's pronounce "kee-kay" in Croatian.

No. 1629722

He is really one of the most depressing developments in these threads. He has to go

No. 1629727

Same she did look actually unwell more than just “bad”

No. 1629737

Anna says she has never been on birth control in the last pod (ray peasts around 1:15) but I swear she says she was on it when she got pregnant and forgot to take it in Miami. Is that wrong?

No. 1629748

nah I definitely remember her saying she's taken it in the past.

No. 1629751

File: 1661794330990.jpeg (297.38 KB, 1242x968, BD027197-F47F-48D1-BC80-8CED34…)

Reporting tweets is pathetic nona and there’s nothing wrong with the image posting function

No. 1629754

I haven't seen her at any of Moldbug's soirées fwiw. Maybe she resents KJ's proximity?

No. 1629759

File: 1661794721780.png (67.82 KB, 1238x332, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 10.3…)

hmmm the plot thickens. is this sarcasm or…?

No. 1629761

lmao she’s absolutely been on birth control. what a liar, and what a bizarre thing to lie about. they really are trying to cover up their pasts to pander to the far right ray peat diet crowd i guess.

here’s a classic dasha clip i’m sure she regrets a lot: https://streamable.com/i4znp4

No. 1629763

based and milky, let’s go maddie. as much as i hate seeing her debase herself for moids at least she hates matthew and moldbug lmao

No. 1629766

Them going off about how bc is evil is such ultra conservative quiverfull bs and they’re lying while they talk about it, Jesus Christ. Also Anna adding there are other ways to avoid pregnancy without bc when she had multiple pregnancies & abortions is so crazy, why would anyone listen to this liar.

No. 1629767

File: 1661795142568.png (36.62 KB, 602x228, 4B0DBE27-C9C6-4601-93D6-9E2F26…)


No. 1629768

…and, she already deleted it

No. 1629771

File: 1661795541941.png (155.17 KB, 624x352, madmen_s01e10_shalimar_bornuni…)

sorry we noticed ur shitty plastic surgery maddie. guess i'm late but i just had to google femcel and it's literally just a female who can't get a relationship? i assumed half of us got on here for shits and giggs when our bfs, gfs, or jobs were being annoying lol

anyway i'm surprised the "dasha is lesbian" posters haven't picked up on maddie's rather obvious lez vibes. she intensely reminds me of Joan's roomate Carol from Mad Men, the lovelorn beta hopelessly pining for her slutty alpha friend. hence why she hates Matthew - come on nonnas, you know it makes sense!

No. 1629780

Is Maddie Dasha’s autistic friend she used to talk about or was that someone else?

No. 1629781

lol someone's been lurking.

No. 1629783

it’s literal slut cope.

No. 1629784

for real, she tweeted immediately after being mentioned here, then immediately deleted….make it more obvious you have this thread permanently open in a tab maddie

No. 1629785

Anna used to be an “out bisexual”? I actually kind of get the Dasha thing but Anna literally seems like the straightest woman alive to me

No. 1629786

>posting this right as she’s mentioned
how do they not realize they’re exposing themselves as being glued to the thread 24/7 when they do this? “femcels” lmao these threads are almost entirely people from the scene posting about each other, but i’m sure they get off on thinking it’s random nobodies that secretly love them instead of their own friends

No. 1629788

they both have sex for attention and emotional validation so it doesn’t surprise me

No. 1629790

>on here for shits and giggs when our bfs, gfs, or jobs were being annoying lol
That’s exactly it, this site is where women go in between work breaks and while bored, and I’d say this thread probably has at least a hundred regular posters but it’s much more glamorous for them to pretend otherwise—much easier to digest it if they pretend it’s just a few obsessed jealous “femcels” and like >>1629786 said, not their own “friends” and people who kiss their asses on twitter. They like to insist their lives are better than ours even though they’re the ones who make such public jokes out of themselves there are countless people constantly making fun of them.

No. 1629794

File: 1661796685465.gif (346.73 KB, 400x170, 583e8911-94c2-4cbc-a4ab-2d2cbc…)

damn nonnas might have to start spoiler tagging matthew pics, he has the total lack of affect and dead eyes of a psychopath and i mean that without a bit of hyperbole

No. 1629799

File: 1661797000035.png (432.22 KB, 1296x1294, dashabf.png)

when your 31 year old girlfriend makes you take a picture in front of the kike flower shop so she can post it to instagram
>yes honey

No. 1629818

Idk who this is, can someone give me a rundown

No. 1629823

longtime friend of dasha who went on a couple dates with nick mullen years ago, autistic jewish girl with a superiority complex and a wide range of ugly exes. she’s very mousy and homely and recently got very awful lip injections and a lip flip and posts thirst traps of her own bf’s pathetic body

No. 1629828

I think she meant that she was never been put on birth control to treat PCOS but that Dasha was. Anna's views on birth control on that episode were actually pretty based tbh.

No. 1629832

oh also she helped make that awful epstein movie with dasha, and of course they all defend pedophiles outside of that context

No. 1629838

File: 1661798209737.png (627.45 KB, 677x572, pewpew.png)

She was also the lead actor, co-writer, and (if the rumors are to be believed) did most of the heavy lifting in the directing department along with the DP in Dasha's movie.

No. 1629847

redundant nitpick but that's literally a greige sack

No. 1629858

Femcels aren’t real, simp women who defend catholic incels are though

No. 1629864

>Femcels aren’t real
you should look at kpop selca day twitter hashtags when the obese women with unibrows post their selfies

No. 1629867

File: 1661799260806.jpg (202.04 KB, 1080x1816, p5BUIGYYgWpi83dQRENhRXZlc7uQ3y…)

Anna's Claremont adventure continue.
She has an old different friend who says she's autistic, Alison, and that was more likely the Mullen blind date. She's the other person in those Epstein trial photos.

No. 1629888

ugly women exist, plenty of fucked up women exist, but there will never be women as sexually entitled, mentally ill, and misogynistic as the men who end up as incels. not to mention even those ugly and insane women can still get a man if they wanted to, because men are just that desperate and see/use women as sex objects.

in any case most women on this site (if you look at the offtopic and girltalk boards) are either dating around, having regular hookups, or are in long term relationships. there’s a vocal minority of husbando body pillow types because this is an offshoot of a east asian underwater basketweaving forum after all. maddie is just butthurt.

No. 1629889

is she trying to pivot?

No. 1629897

Calling it now, Anna becomes close with Lind and the new ironic thing becomes being a 2016 liberal.

No. 1629903

kek. nonna photoshopped a clever reference to a tweet from another cow, bella. btw, what happened to her?

No. 1629906

Sorry for spoonfeed request but anyone give me a quick run down on Compact Mag? I thought they leaned more left? This seems pretty neolib lol??

No. 1629910

I’m on the east coast and this screenshot was posted before it was even 1:42pm here. confusing

No. 1629911

She had a private account but I’m not sure if she still does. She would post mostly just mundane day to day life updates here and there, nothing like her old public account. One time months ago someone itt asked what happened to her and she posted “I can’t believe the girls at lolcow still think of me, I genuinely feel extremely flattered” (can’t remember verbatim but almost word for word what she said) and then deleted it after a few hours.

No. 1629917

wasnt talking about this site nor gender politics. just there are clearly very lonely women who are fugly who spend all their time ogling at pretty korean boys on the internet instead of living life and losing weight

No. 1629922

she said "I've never been on birth control"

it's fine to have a healthy suspicion of the medical industry given its track record (esp in america) but I don't appreciate anna exploiting that broken trust to scare people off birth control and pretend it makes you infertile (!) and other bs she was regurgitating

No. 1629928

Ot but I’ve noticed since roe got overturned a lot of people including women attacking birth control. It’s scary how misinformed and right wing Americans are getting.

No. 1629944

it was posted at 1:45, look again.

No. 1629954

>hurr birth control sekritly bad durr conservatard talking point
>actually pretty based
moid or tradthot gtfo

No. 1629960

Post-left/post-conservative mag started by the bellows guy, Sohrab Ahmari (right-wing Catholic convert, integralist, and former New York Post editor) and the First Things editor who's wife wrote that embarrassing "New York's hottest club is the Catholic Church" article a few weeks ago. Their whole thing is trying to astroturf an economically left-ish, socially conservative politics that promotes Thiel-backed politicians. They also received a NYT profile when they launched earlier this year.

No. 1629974

>Hurr durr question birth control and you must be a tradthot
The fact that they've been giving hormonal birth control to teens that are still developing should give everyone pause.

No. 1629977

God isn’t real lol

No. 1629992

God will punish you for posting on an imageboard, go pray twelve hail marys and don't come back

No. 1630004

File: 1661804196165.jpg (220.34 KB, 1440x1469, Jesus-Drives-Out-The-Money-Cha…)

If Jesus were here today, he would probably post on 4chan's pol board about disrupting the financial markets.(if he were here today he would call you a faggot)

No. 1630007

pol loves capitalism and so do Christfags

No. 1630020

The stupidest part is that none of the birth control side effects are even remotely unheard of, doctors will mention them when prescribing it, women will discuss them routinely, these pickmes just never talk to other women in a normal setting outside trying to outperform each other in tinfoiling about normal things. I kinda get the abortion pushback even though it's still retarded, but being against hormonal birth control and divorce is a whole new level of brain death and really shows how detached from their IRL communities these people are.

Meanwhile moids will get depressed and castrate themselves with hair loss medication and die from popping viagra at 80 and no one bats an eyelash.

you have to go back

No. 1630022

5 minutes covering most of A & D's birth control conversation if you're curious

starts with them saying if you go the hospital they're just gonna put you on birth control, joke about washing it down with blan B. dasha's doctor recommended she goes on birth control for her cysts and dasha acts like that's a crazy idea because she's 31 years old (?). anna gets conspiratorial and says the truth will never come out about birth control, says keeping young women at the prime of their fertile years on an "artificial ovulation suppressants" must have serious deleterious effects on health / mental health. dasha says in her limited research for her menstrual dialectics undergrad thesis that birth control is poison and every single woman she talked to at Mills had an adverse reaction to bc. anna says in spite of having PCOS and hypothyroidism she's "never had irregular periods, and have never had fertility issues. why? because… never been on birth control. guaranteed." dasha recalls the first time she took birth control at 14-15 and being overcome with hormonal despair and feeling mentally ill and sobbing over how crazy she felt "because I had been as a teen put on hormonal birth control, in retrospect, clearly". dasha says that getting a period/bleeding on the pill is a conspiracy and "the truth about birth control is out there and if you actually think about it it becomes very clear that this is something that people really shouldn't be taking". anna says young women should not be suppressing their fertility, there are other ways to not have a baby - "I get deferring pregnancy but suppressing ovulation is bad" because your body is designed to ovulate.

I might have missed something but that's the general recap. somehow this all jumped off from and circled back to ray peats.

No. 1630024

teens in the US have been getting hormonal birth control since literally 1968
it’s been studied a lot by actual scientists

No. 1630027

when i think of a white femcel, i picture a maddie phenotype.

No. 1630030

we notice, it is literally just too intensely painful to discuss or even acknowledge.

No. 1630036

Anecdotally I do feel like the first part is sort of true where literally whatever problem you have they do kind of try to push just going on birth control and not doing anything further to find the underlying cause

No. 1630044

thank you nonna. god bless, no punishments for you for helping the retarded lol.

No. 1630048

tbh birth control, despite being a miracle drug, really is fucking physical and mental poison for a lot of women and it’s a damn shame that doctors are so dismissive of the side effects, and that you can’t openly discuss them without libfems somehow accusing you of wanting to stop women from having access to it. i’m positive a&d have their shitty trad agenda involved in being against it but i know more women who were suicidal from hormonal bc than not, and coming off it has long term effects on many women’s hormone production if not permanent. almost 90% of teen girls who take bc develop depression and doctors just brush it off.

No. 1630057

samefag but with that said, this does not mean “umm birth control makes you infertile, sweaty, you’re a fake wammin and a slut in the zogmachine if you take it,” plz nonnies don’t be dense and accuse me of being a tradfag. i’ve had multiple (male) doctors try to gaslight me into thinking the sudden suicidal ideation and mania i was experiencing wasn’t due to birth control and they just kept giving me different brands. it was only until getting a female doctor that she listened to me and said a lot of women cannot handle the effects of bc and she can’t take it because it made her throw up multiple times a day. when i finally stopped taking it i developed severe hormonal acne i never had before. i now also have mood swings every month related to hormones which i never experienced before bc. and ofc the only proposed solution for that from doctors is more bc.

i was never once warned that anything i’ve described above even had a chance of happening! plenty of women handle bc just fine but TONS still don’t. case by case basis.

No. 1630080

>you can’t openly discuss them without libfems somehow accusing you of wanting to stop women from having access to it
That must be a US thing as a result of the conservative birth control tinfoiling because every libfem I've talked to in my life had that exact complaint. It's why so many feminists, lib and otherwise, seriously or in jest, suggests mandatory vasectormies for men. Women bearing the brunt of birth control with bad side effects while moids think it's an affront to so much as put a thin piece of plastic over their dicks had been a major feminist complaint for literal decades, with the more blackpilled feminists saying that this will never change because moids would never accept taking birth control even if side effects were way milder than female BC/nonexistent.

I can't tell if these women never talked to other women or if they being pickmes online erased their memories but I'm an old hag and I remember as a young teen hearing horror stories about women who had strokes likely caused by BC. No one is covering this shit up. These people just make up libfems in their heads to get mad at

No. 1630091

it is very much a US thing, maybe i should have specified because i’ve noticed that euro feminists are much more cynical about birth control because of it putting the impetus on women and it often coming with harsh effects. but even in radfem spaces some women can get dogpiled for saying birth control sucks, i think it’s always very young women reacting in that way as well. i know being cynical about bc (but not “against it”) was the default feminist position a few decades ago

No. 1630130

being skeptical of meds in general and the unwillingness of docs and pharma to address or disclose side effects is legit
bugging out about hormonal birth control in particular with unfounded speculation is an op and you will never convince me otherwise
but there are definitely non-hormonal alternatives that need more hype and attention, that’s for sure

No. 1630156

File: 1661810641095.jpeg (270.5 KB, 901x901, 545A2EAB-55BF-4634-B6CF-1F2884…)

No. 1630210

newfag here, can a nonnie explain anna age truthers? is she really 43?

No. 1630224

This pic is really filtered in the face at least, eyes and nose are way different and of course the blur

No. 1630226

Since there is actually mods still active in this thread, please can we get a Dasha post reveal

No. 1630229

File: 1661813862053.jpeg (2.34 MB, 1427x1942, E70B9414-19EA-4096-A795-6DA006…)

No. 1630231

Maddie has lesbian vibes as well as troon vibes. Still can’t forget that scene in Scary where she towered over Betsy

No. 1630235

just commenting to confirm after listening to a pirate feed: that is the most recent ep aimee was on and oliver has released more since then with just him. judging from the content that one could have been recorded anytime after roe v wade overturn. it does feel like she's absent at this point, she usually comes back faster.

any more milk on pregnancy?

thanks. I assumed it was an old aimee account shoop and lost interest / deleted

No. 1630242


as an aside, the way anna kept calling young women fertile gave me the creeps

No. 1630251

it's so funny how both of them have pcos

No. 1630253

just like with pornography, the left and right can have an issue with a specific thing without the causes for them having an issue being the same. birth control, pornography, and prostitution are all good examples of this, and comparing radfems being cynical and cautious when it comes to bc and it’s place in society is a far cry from people like anna and liz going “weelllllllll i think women should be fertile and nubile and having babies.. companies don’t want women to have babies because they’re greedy so.. berth control is like, so baaad, and like neoliberal.”

No. 1630259

I feel like when Dasha first brought it up (long ago) Anna acted like she didn't know what it was and Dasha had to explain it. Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Now Anna's an expert on PCOS, diagnosed in her 20s along with hashimoto's apparently. Ok.

No. 1630294

Most young women are fertile though. I’m sorry if it’s weird to say that out loud but I don’t think that needs to be an unspoken truth. Unless she was trying to use “fertile” in a sexual way which actually is creepy and gross. Sorry I haven’t listened to the podcast yet kek

No. 1630296

I forgot that they both said they were diagnosed with pcos. Extremely strange

No. 1630311

ok? institutions were retarded/evil in 1968 too lol

No. 1630350

It was posted in one of the last few threads Maddie’s bf on the ion pack podcast basically outed her as being his maid and cleaning up after him. She’s embarrassed I’m sure

No. 1630357

Right. Unless she’s advocating for abstinence along with no bc, it’s really irresponsible of her. It’s only going to increase accidental pregnancy and need for abortion

No. 1630359

No one said it's supposed to be an unspoken truth, just that it's creepy to repeat it over and over like it's the most important thing young women are. I don't think Anna herself sexualizes it, not in her head at least, some women take aging really hard and start becoming obsessed with younger women "appreciating" the things they're losing/lost to age, but she definitely knows her audience sexualizes the shit out of it.

No. 1630361

If a woman has to play maid for her soy bf she might as well be a femcel

No. 1630370

I’ll go a step further and say she’s a perverted dyke

No. 1630467

File: 1661826627035.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.53 KB, 480x480, gabepac1 aug2013_.jpeg)

can't stop thinking about this. what was it with her fiance gabe? (spoiler for unsolicited moid photo but also lol at this being his profile pic at the time if you're right about amber)

No. 1630481

Honor sounds totally broken on that Wet Brain ep that Mathpew and Dasha called into. Never listened before so don't have a frame of reference, but she seemed lost, unsure of herself, pining for her youth and the early days of college before drugs and 4chan broke her brain, despondent that she can't find a guy to marry or even be with…she even sounded a little frightened when Walt and Matthew were grilling her about not wanting to train with firerms with them…Matthew sneeringly talking about getting her "war-ready" and listening to the voices in her head that would get her prepared to shoot…Honor, in her shrinking violet voice, murmuring she doesn't like guns…

No. 1630537

>Neck brace
>Reads Ayn Rand
So he's both physically and intellectually disabled?

No. 1630540

Stop trying to make it sound like a fanfic

No. 1630566

she just sounds like that. it's an affect she does. wouldn't worry about it too much, nona.

I used to wonder if it was the uppers making her talk like that but she quit adderall and still does the same abrupt high/low volume pitches and murmuring, just at a slower speed.

No. 1630570

that was me imbecile. i'm not the anon you're replying to. i sometimes press enter, sometimes i don't, try having some variety in your life.the only people who are desperate for others to shut up about the indian pedo are in remilia or orbit the faggots in it. they doxed people in the last thread for calling the indian guy a pedo, and they always tell people to shut up when you mention them. we all know they're lurking these threads. but keep being a useful retard trying to get people to shut up about the fact urbit and dasha are connected to this pedo's nft.

that's definitely what they want

No. 1630571

i nearly spit out my drink nonnie

No. 1630618

i think it's wise to view wet brain as pure entertainment for and by retarded people

honor should become a voice actor

No. 1630624

File: 1661840044198.png (113.59 KB, 378x435, 090000.png)

Proana pedo, Remilia and Milady need their own thread.

No. 1630632

i recognize her, she’s a singer who’s like 16 and markedly skinny even for her job

these people are so nasty

No. 1630633

File: 1661840675981.png (56.67 KB, 665x306, 39039.png)

their server is public for anyone to see /Milady but TBH Miya/Kaliacc did shape so much of trad twitter dialogue 2-3 years ago. tinfoil but this is why i actually think dasha just now getting into ray peat as opposed to years ago makes sense because they talk about it a lot in their server, and she got into Milady thru sam frank, who owns several Miladies and is probably in their circles.

No. 1630647

File: 1661841725550.jpeg (99.5 KB, 440x571, FF1574FF-A5C3-4413-A40E-56D0DC…)

>>you could try growing up

the replies are ppl making fun of dasha and liz. the whole “return to the church” is predictable for someone hitting their thirties but the overcompensation for being a convert and edginess points while trend hopping is middle school level cringe.

makes sense cause dasha is still doing her catholic school girl fetish but now with more pretentious wannabeism

No. 1630708

File: 1661854722555.jpeg (442.31 KB, 868x947, 82651353-699B-4317-A719-3B1B3C…)

new TAFS ep dropped last night, a little slow this time around and mullen is looking gaunt as ever, i hope he doesnt kill himself though i have a soft spot for semi-benevolent weirdos

No. 1630779

What has he even done that’s “benevolent”? People always do this with edgy comedy guys when they’re just like an averagely decent person. Everyone acts like they’re so complicated and virtuous because they aren’t literally raping people or actually doing hate crimes or whatever they joke about

No. 1630805

>averagely decent person
what do you think semi-benevolent means? i didnt say he was mother teresa, all i said is that he looks like shit and i hope he isnt actively dying, take a chill pill

No. 1630822

Hair looking incredible though you have to admit

No. 1630823

he's just ageing. it's especially noticeable because he likes to keep lean like he's still in his mid 20's

No. 1630832

Yeah I wonder why he was wearing those bucket hats when he has a nice head of hair that many his age would be jealous of?

No. 1630835

because he doesn't wash it

No. 1630844

Same old dead, autistic eyes. Also styling his hair in the hopes that it adds more inches into his definitely below 5'5 height. Someone must have alerted him to those photos with fans.

No. 1630874

fucking yuck is right. how vile

No. 1630875

well go on then, tell us more

No. 1630880

File: 1661876791053.png (1.99 MB, 1753x1437, analognick.png)

from the new TAFS ep lol the hair curlers got me nonnas, I'm sorry, I can't lie

No. 1630881

I'm actually shocked they're putting in this much effort

No. 1630885

looks unfunny

No. 1630886

Sam Hyde said he would go to Hasan Piker's home to kill him, wear his makeup, wear his dresses, and use his skin as a coat. Apparently ACAB Hasan Piker called the LAPD for help. "ACAB except when they are defending me in my gated community".

No. 1630887

ngl i think this is a hilarious picture
are they filming in an abandoned basement or what

No. 1630900

got me too. The setting looks like a cozier gayer version of jake’s room >>1627350

No. 1630905

Anything to piss off Stav

No. 1630907

And the relevance to this thread is? Please go take your two basket case rapists (one of whom is a pedo rapist) to some other thread where people care. Dimes Square itself already has enough nutjobs, we don't need to import your has beens.

No. 1630909

oh no not a heckin hypocrisy! you got him now, Hasan is FINISHED!

No. 1630915

while we're talking about the scrotes, has anyone kept tabs on stav or is he basically doing his own thing? I heard he was supposed to be touring with chapo this summer but I didn't actually see that happen. would be fuel for the bad-blood conspiracies if he didn't. not sure I buy that there are real hurt feelings in spite of them being a little weird about it but I'm still sort of skeptical everything is copacetic.

No. 1630916

>said he would go to Hasan Piker's home to kill him, wear his makeup, wear his dresses, and use his skin as a coat.
Sorry I know the fight thing is off topic and there’s too much homosexuality tinfoiling in general recently, but this is actually such a gay thing to say about another man

No. 1630917

they're doing dress up now? I thought it was a podcast

No. 1630918

>And the relevance to this thread is?
The Chapos hang out with Hasan now and Mullen's appeared on a podcast with Sam.

No. 1630920

what do they talk about on these shows? just shooting the shit?

No. 1630928

Nick writes a monologue for Adam that is intentionally dry and unfunny, especially the way Adam delivers it, and is sometimes explicitly political or covers some recent news if it’s not just inane nonsense. Then they sort of pretend to do a fake talk show with visual bits and derails when they can’t keep up the bit.
Less shooting the shit these days.

No. 1630934

There's one girl in these threads that's obsessed with Hasan because he fucked a European whore once like 15 years ago. I don't get it, personally.

No. 1630936

Sorry but Honor had accidental dreadlocks? That’s so disgusting. I actually got grossed out hearing about her summer of ketamine & milk. (It came up briefly on the matthew and dasha wet brain ep.) Nasty.

No. 1630937

Any proof Hasan called LAPD? Only thing I've seen is a joke tweet

They're probably both pedo rapists nonnie come on

No. 1630943

It’s so annoying, just repeatedly posting the same thing verbatim about he literally raped a trafficked woman over and over with no new info just because he’s friends with the chapo hosts isn’t milk and isn’t relevant to the thread

No. 1630945

it's a TV show

No. 1630947

shame that nick is such a manchild misogynist with fungus all over his body, this is camp

No. 1630950

god, people watch this shit unironically and like it including a lot of nonnies itt

No. 1630955

File: 1661882607675.png (3.53 MB, 2376x1118, Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 2.02…)

not the anon you replied to but why are you trying to paint her as a lame libtard when you're the one coming off like a triggered hasan fan

why is this so fucking funny, after years of loathing cumtown do i need to check out TAFS?
also sry to powerlevel but i'm the nonna who made this thread's pic and i'm high on the honor, already scheming on what i could do with this one…

oh god she's so annoying with the perpetual "aren't i adorable???" toddler grin. can someone teach her about tongue scrapers please

also is it me or is nicky's hair getting a little picrel?

No. 1630979

i dont get why people say this, being in here and gossiping about hosts of podcasts and whatever that you have no interest in otherwise seems much more autistic than liking something but still thinking the people behind it and their friends are faggots and wanting to shit-talk them, how is there always someone in every thread who thinks this is a novel observation

No. 1631005

Sage for OT but nick is actually 2 inches taller then canon wolverine(who is 5'3)

No. 1631025

Probably just doesn’t appeal to her? Not like everyone here likes this shit. It is dumb & unfunny on purpose, can’t blame people for genuinely finding it dumb/bad. Personally I think it’s funny a lot of the time until I remember how much money they make and then I can’t help but think it’s really not that funny and even though it’s none of my business I genuinely get disgusted at the way they waste the money (especially Nick being a retarded crypto day trader)

No. 1631053

File: 1661887557620.jpeg (68.35 KB, 720x731, 1hypqf1xhwk91.jpeg)

Unless you're one of his retarded zoomer stans the sex pest thing is the only thing everyone knows about him.

No. 1631068

both sam hyde and hasan are evil disgusting men who need to be shot out back like dogs. hasan raped (money =/= consent) trafficked women, sam raped a literal 15 year old on film and is a tranny chasing pedophile. this is so fucking gay and this isn’t the right thread for either of them. go to sam’s thread or the breadtuber thread.

No. 1631107

Sam is literally gay, he’s a troon chaser

No. 1631117

Yes exactly. Everyone already knows about it so why does it keep being brought up in this thread as if it’s relevant or interesting info

No. 1631120

bateman is middle-aged and married with children and spends his free time hyping up pedos with teen audiences? embarrassing that anna k jumped in too.

No. 1631133

>Sex pest gets mentioned
>nonnas call him a sex pest
>literally referred to as a sex pest in the first post of the thread
Why are you so pressed about this again?

No. 1631147

They're really approaching A24-level cinematic quality, I'm impressed.

No. 1631160

what a goober

No. 1631165

Ive heard that maddie and dasha both spent the entire shoot on their phones and the dp did everything

No. 1631173

the face of a man too smart for sports/video games/prolefeed and too dumb for intellectual pursuits

No. 1631175

the things she says about herself genuinely scare me. I wish she knew she doesnt need to be catholic or have a boyfriend to take care of herself

No. 1631179

Lol nonnie. Well said. He should have become a skater or joined a band and called it a day

No. 1631180

He's a millionaire, I think that he chose the right life path lol

No. 1631182

anna k's andrew tate shilling was a new low, even for her. how long until she just starts saying the n-word on air?

No. 1631183

Anna’s right wing branding isn’t racial shit, it’s hating women.

No. 1631185

Anna probably understands outright race hate shit is the real boundary you can’t cross in modern alt light culture. Ironically Anna is way closer to liberals complaining about whites women and shilling trannies than anything else

No. 1631192

she’s shilling BAP and 0HP, there’s no way she’s not racist

No. 1631203

its fine that it doesn’t appeal to her! doesnt mean i have to give a fuck and it would be much appreciated if her and everyone else posting the same “lol i cant believe you like this!!” thing ad nauseum could realise nobody asked

No. 1631207

anna is already the basic american woman brand of racist combined with chronically online ness. and they already use the n-word on camera

No. 1631209

>Anna is way closer to liberals complaining about whites women and shilling trannies than anything else
you have to go back, tradlarper

No. 1631220

everyone talks about liz being the worst cow in these threads, but it's anna. how bad was her relationship with her father for her to still be this much of a pick me half way into her 40s?

No. 1631221

i think you misinterpreted her anon

No. 1631239

File: 1661900874412.jpeg (114.29 KB, 750x522, 7CB0F447-0FA3-423E-B5CC-2E27E5…)

Lol at this tweet in response to Kaitlin Phillips NYT profile. I’m assuming KC means Kaitlin

No. 1631254

File: 1661901690710.jpg (73.63 KB, 750x814, FbcBbULakAA8UQs.jpg)

garbage ape:
>I eagerly await the day "art hoe with rush limbaugh's politics" stops being a Twitter archetype.
garbage ape reply guy:

No. 1631265

Trash Monkey is more reprehensible than his arch-nemesis Aimee tbhhhh

No. 1631269

He looks positively palliative

No. 1631276

why are you mad? like how did this affect you so much? just scroll on by, ct patron of 3 years.

No. 1631280

>dasha is ugly and liz is crazy post no. 2000
>ct is lame and nick sincereposting is faggy

No. 1631284

File: 1661903675767.png (412.63 KB, 988x484, tiktok.png)

What is going on???

No. 1631286

hm well lets see. it's a tiktok with 5801 likes about the crumps article.

No. 1631311

on the nose nonnie, now cue the anons saying “no u” and nick free is actually rent free in your head
the man is a walking petri dish. have a little self respect everyone. i admit the most recent still is endearing against my better judgement though

No. 1631314

anna was shilling andrew tate? wasn’t sure if a new low was even possible anymore for her but lo and behold.

No. 1631316

she was obsessed with him for a week or so. worse than liz, worse than dasha. her thirst for nazis to think shes special is reaching insane levels

No. 1631321

We've been getting tradlarpers for weeks now calling these people "cryptolibs" for not being edgy enough for them. That anon said Anna is "closer to shilling trannies than anything else" right after remarking Anna understands she can't be outright racist. The only people who would say "birth control evil, abortion murder, btw I'm afraid of blacks" BAP and Andrew Tate-shilling Anna K is "close to people shilling trannies" are trad edgelords who need to go back

No. 1631324

i won’t even say any cow is truly the worst anymore. they’re all terrible and deserve to be stuck in their echochamber masturbating each other forever. each one continues to reach new lows and it’s just so pathetic. but man, what the fuck, caping for a rapist who has no issue presenting himself as a radical misogynist with human trafficking charges stacked up against him. great job anna. tres chic and provocative, sticking it to the neolibs

No. 1631325

anna k shills trannies, has had like 6 abortions, hates black people, and will pretend to like whoever will get her the most attention because she's a shameless NLOG who hates herself

No. 1631328

I know there are a ton of covert trad posters here trying to fit in but I do think it’s worth comparing her extremely lib behaviors to what she claims to believe in, but I’m still not going to give most people calling her a cryptolib itt the benefit of the doubt and assume they mean that though.

No. 1631329

Yeah, I agree. I think anyone who thinks Anna isn't racist must be oblivious or racist af
Jw, when was Anna shilling Andrew Tate?

No. 1631333

Ah so tangentially related? So if Hontra that guy who runs Zer0 Books got in a twitter spat, this thread is okay to cover it?

No. 1631336

Its played up a bit but theres something really telling that they're actually trying now that Stav is gone.

No. 1631343

The ray peasts episode, every other word out of her mouth was about andrew tate

No. 1631350

Hasan has as much relevance to these threads as the "Dimes Square" and alt-lit literal whos

No. 1631352

Have you been following these threads at all?

No. 1631353


she tried it during the george floyd protest and only seemed to back off when they did actually cancel aimee for doing the same shit

No. 1631354

You don't lurk long enough in these threads to warrant complaining if you think Dasha doesn't have defenders here. Also literally rent free. Always the same talking points, always the same complaints.

No. 1631356

Yes ,nonnie, and Hasan and Hyde was brought up practically without reason.

No. 1631364

he goes in the breadtuber thread.

No. 1631366

Not only can he be in the Breadtuber thread he can also be in the Twitch thread and maybe even the Youtuber thread. Most of these Dimes Square folks and their orbiters don't go anywhere else.

No. 1631371

and the defenders get dogpiled on. what is your point exactly? are you cumtown_waifu or whatever the fuck that fat bitches handle was? weirdo

No. 1631375

>Always the same talking points, always the same complaints
Why would this upset you if you weren't an obsessive dickrider? You can keep scrolling just as I scroll by Liz Bruenig twitter screenshots about how she's a such a great mother. It means nothing to me because I'm not a fan of her's.

No. 1631376


they shouldn't even go here tbh. there's too many cows in this thread who don't actually do anything.

No. 1631377

Right and CT has been unanimously been praised in these threads, much like the voices in your head has been telling you. Just cause they aren't being picked apart the way Liz or Dasha are (because they don't interact the way Liz or Dasha does) doesn't mean they're as beloved as you think they are.
Not upset, she's free to hate on Nick, just pointing out its one anon obsessed and acting like she's some victim.

No. 1631379

again, why are you so upset? no one's acting like a victim. btw, take your meds.

No. 1631383

I wasn't the one who started accusing me of being some random twitter weirdo I don't even know about.

No. 1631385

it's a joke so you can unclench now. maybe go back to the org to unwind.

No. 1631388

Why do you even know about some twitter egirl who follows Cum Town?

No. 1631389

>using org again

No. 1631390

because she used to get posted about in leftcow threads, newfag.

No. 1631401

So you're not good with jokes either. Guess you and Nick do have something in common.(infighting)

No. 1631407

what the hell kind of clapback is this? KEK(infighting)

No. 1631410

Stop acting like people know what the org is you fucking cow

No. 1631411

lotta mooing itt

No. 1631433

Is the thread like this lately because kiwifarms is having site issues? God damn.

No. 1631436

this thread is all cows and friends of the cows and always has been. there hasn't been real milk in ages

No. 1631439

They've always been this bad. Half the cows posted here admit to visiting this thread (not the site in general, just this thread).

No. 1631447

Liz B took down her last insta post for some reason. not sure I remember what it was about, not milky (back to school time or something). Did she accidentally dox herself/her child or what?

No. 1631464

>this thread is full of cows
>anon makes fun of enjoyer of cows
>cow seethes
>anon gets gets called a cow
the state. the rs subreddit mass migration.

No. 1631465

File: 1661914605215.jpeg (763.39 KB, 1242x2148, 0D74514C-4A29-4CDB-A07A-AF926F…)

Not Dasha giving hair tips lol

No. 1631473

Its really telling when only one nonna uses the same terminology and acts like they're vocabulary is standard.

No. 1631475

Wasn’t it her writing to death row prisoners but she talked mostly over about herself and how she was battling haters online

No. 1631478

when did she shill? she was complaining about him a couple episodes ago

No. 1631481

surely that poster is being ironic and having a jab at her right? right?

No. 1631496

No lol that’s still up

No. 1631533

File: 1661920334231.png (38.06 KB, 640x470, ecdc1dd1c0af5890b140f0d4d348e5…)

No. 1631665

File: 1661937585321.jpeg (360.51 KB, 740x1702, DD83D1DA-2D81-4775-90F6-BF7679…)

has this been posted before?

the description of the course is funny, paints a pretty pathetic picture of him and the bubble he’s in though

No. 1631679

what the fuck? that looks so stupid lmao

fake "schools" like this actually make me depressed (we should have banned jack discussion like some nonas wanted to lol, I can't really enjoy discussing this). I need the government to literally shut this down.

No. 1631687

File: 1661940435370.jpeg (611.9 KB, 812x1588, 973A8C15-63DB-49A0-82AD-E37E71…)

i stumbled across it while googling for completely different material lol

98 dollars for the usual jack whining about his favorite fast food, dreary life choices, and imagining himself as the last great american sage of perfume kind

No. 1631690

what world is he in lmao, some of this borders on honest to god delusion

No. 1631693

what is this website exactly..?

No. 1631722

it’s tards LARPing university, like a Wish.com version of Bari Weiss’s Dollar Tree fake university

No. 1631747

i can't tell if you're trying really hard to make "the org" happen or if this is genuinely what the newfag cows call it

No. 1631749

is that really dasha? looks uncharacteristically good in that picture

No. 1631751

that is the most projecting i have seen in one paragraph

No. 1631784

the ct forum, you silly goose.

No. 1631806

File: 1661955922847.jpeg (628.55 KB, 1170x1463, FADD36BC-5BE5-4C51-B425-C318C5…)

checking in on some old RS hanger-ons

No. 1631840

LMAO people are paying $98 to listen to Jack whine about fast food!

No. 1631851

people aren't typing it out in full to discourage raiding

No. 1631854

File: 1661960056690.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2152, 975B7962-52B2-42D6-B168-77C00A…)

So the dimes square reality show is actually happening https://www.thecut.com/2022/08/cast-the-come-up-dimes-square-reality-series.html

No. 1631855

Who are these nobodies?? I thought it was going to be like the life and times of Gutes, Honor, Dagsen, Dean, etc…

No. 1631856

wasn't there another one that bald kyle was involved with?

No. 1631858

are scarethots seriously free-bleeding? wasn't that a 4chan prank from 2016 spawned from some marathoners leaking?

No. 1631863

Dasha said she does it on the recent podcast ep

No. 1631865

she's seeding controversy now for this site specifically imo

No. 1631867

everyone pictured looks transgendered

No. 1631868

>eye contact with cute teenage boys

No. 1631873

I feel like casting needs way more rich white children. i know actual demographics in nyc are diverse but if we're going off the people mentioned in all the dimes square articles it's 99.9% white upper middle class

No. 1631875

I think that one must be separate this one is like a pride parade??

No. 1631886

Pedoing while free bleeding, nice to see Annie is settling into a functional adult

No. 1631889

Someone above was saying why call him Fat Jack because he's not that fat.

Fat Jack is a great description because he's a lazy, greasy, gluttonous, mediocre slob who delusionally believes himself to be a trend setter and voice of truth and beauty. I've met so many tacky queens just like him, who think just being gay gifts them with insight and wisdom.

Even if he had some unique takes (he doesn't) what is the point of this course? It's just a more pretentious version of Fox News "the whole world is going to hell" content and leads to nothing. Some people are just lonely I guess

No. 1631894

this is not a dimes square reality show lol, this is a soho reality show about models and photographers. the cut is just using the key term so it comes up when you search "dimes square." it doesn't really have to be accurate its just simple search engine optimization

No. 1631895

half of them definitely are, the ones that arent are gay, ugly and/or fat

No. 1631898

Reminde of the Oneida Community, which was a Christian utopian commune, which did allow Free bleeding(cause god made it natural) and also adult women having sex with underage boys to teach them to make love better
I'm sure she would have loved it there

No. 1631901

brightly colored advertisements and fast food restaurants are his indicator of a thriving culture? sorry? so if everything was the same but with more primary colors and racist sit-com premises we'd all be good. lol

No. 1631910

File: 1661963624381.jpeg (272.91 KB, 1170x783, 948C9046-DFC9-4D1E-B30F-2DFEA6…)

kek, of course he wants to be an agp

No. 1631915

I’ve seen white she/they Bushwick transplants seemingly sincere posting about it

No. 1631919

lmao at the people who were first shilling this without giving details were trying to make it seem like everyone from the actual “scene” was involved when these are even more literallywho

No. 1631920

Dressing up in nearly every video episode should have clued you to it. There's definitely some truth to that Nick is gay shit, just in a completely fucked up, disgusting way.>>1631910

No. 1631928

he seems more agp to me nonnie, he probably gets off on the thought of being a woman

No. 1631937

>she doesn’t realize all troons are agp including the gay ones
hsts are a myth nonnie wake up

No. 1631946


This is actually old. The September mentioned in this website is September from last year. The class has happened, some clips of the class were floating around Twitter but I can't find any.

So the guy who did the website (Thaddeus Russell) had a whole "Renegade" brand and created the Renegade University. A few months ago he announces that he's not associated or affiliated with Renege University anymore… Even though it's kind of his thing? Now the website is defunct showing old information. I never could find any other information. He has a lot of intersections with other folks in these threads but never received any attention.

No. 1631951

Yeah because she’s doing body contortion and it’s from afar

No. 1631959

fernando is julian casablancas brother. a lot less of a nobody than gutes and dagsen

No. 1631970

Joke aside he genuinely does, I feel like he might actually have some kind of serious long term illness because I don’t get why his face has gone so gaunt when he isn’t otherwise underweight. If he was ill I don’t think he would make it public.

No. 1631986

this is just him "bragging" about his beard in his sense of humor, guys. he's done it before. he's very proud of it and thinks guys who can't grow one are below him, srs.

No. 1631989

>is very proud of it
>has used the same, 10 year old, beardless pic for years
nonnie, just admit he's a miserable fag dying to transition

No. 1631990

File: 1661967662657.png (1.35 MB, 844x1486, Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 1.36…)

she's not just contorting her body, she's stretching it like crazy with apps, i made this edit to show how much. the average woman's leg to height ratio is close to 1:1. dasha's leg to height in this pic is 1 to 1.66. if she actually had these barbie proportions she'd be the most famous runway model in the world lol. anna does the same thing, sometimes even worse.

No. 1631992

he has a low bodyfat %. he has muscles from lifting.
if you dream you can believe

No. 1631993

piggybacking off of this, there’s no way an adult who isn’t severely immunocompromised would be getting fungal infections every single month. it’s something that’s seen only with aids patients basically. there’s definitely something wrong with him physically

No. 1631994

I usually roll my eyes at the dasha filter nitpicking but I actually think this one is a filter. maybe just hit the right angle though, who knows. lack of mole is suss.

he has a serious heart condition (this is not tinfoil); it's mostly fine I guess but normally healthy people don't have heart attacks in their early 30s. aside from the bipolar and skin fungus and heart problem he's healthy though lmao.

No. 1632000

he literally has bragged about it several times by putting down men who can't grow a hideous wizard beard. you may like to post about your headcanon here but this is a fact kek

No. 1632007

anon have you really spent your entire life not realizing most full length mirrors have a slimming effect? have you ever been to a store? this isn’t a filter it’s just a pic taken on a skinny mirror. so yeah, it is making her look longer/thinner, but it’s just good old fashioned mirror tricks. some of the tinfoiling is so crazy i feel like i’m reading karen’s reddit post history kek

No. 1632011

dasha and anna stretch lots of their full length photos whether there's mirrors or not lol, sorry it triggers you so much you have to unleash your "touch grass" "zomg the karens!!1" tirade that probably plays better on twitter

No. 1632012

Low body fat % is one thing but his cheeks look literally caved in, I feel like I only see that on either extremely old/ill people or people who have severe anorexia

No. 1632016

It’s also funny to me that they will do this body stretching filter but will still do the body poses that make them look curvier. They both wish they had like a lean yet curvy bikini model build, more than a lanky high fashion type. Of course they’d never admit this because it’s too basic and cliche and what all the other girls want!

No. 1632023

Nah, wanting typical sexy model body is sort of their thing. they go on about it when they’re ranting against body positivity or whatever

No. 1632032

Do they? I thought they both pretend to value the lanky runway body over the slightly curvier bikini body. It’s funny because if tall and lean was their only goal they wouldn’t do that hip thing in pics, also funny Dasha looks way hotter doing that pose than when she stands normally kek

No. 1632036

I don’t know maybe you’re right. Their emphasis is on “thin” but then they go on about waist to hip blah blah blah

No. 1632041

i sure hope not because if so, and sorry to bring him up again, even the troon who shall not be named does a better job at that kek

are people really looking up dimes square more than soho? grim

No. 1632042

I live in an arab country, its very common for fugly unfit men with big beards to insult the masculinity of anyone that doesn't have a beard, same logic nick has

No. 1632043

It's balding Foucauldian coomer pedo pervert lolbert tranny chaser ex history professor Thaddeus Russell's grift.

No. 1632047

theres been a new article about it at least once a week since like may

No. 1632061

i've never seen those mirrors do this much for someone, and it's not like you need to boot up a whole ass desktop and load photoshop to do this, apps do it instantaneously.

and? for the most part media reporting on itself is only relevant for media people, which is a tiny sliver of the population

No. 1632083

he has been a coke user for a long time and also is just generally unhygenic

No. 1632095

I don't know what the org is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

No. 1632100

Is that a Chrome Hearts skirt? Cute tbh, but doesn’t go with that top at all lol, can’t learn taste I guess

No. 1632102

because he has low bf % and he's not a spring chicken anymore. he's been showing signs of premature ageing for a while now. i noticed it during the zoom era when we could see him and not rely on selfies and old pics. low fat, loss of collagen, plus he doesn't take care of himself
yes, nick has body image issues because he claims he used to be fat. now he is obsessive about remaining lean.

No. 1632103

it seems like it triggers you more to have disbelief at it being a skinny mirror, one of the oldest tricks in the book. Like what filter are they using? what are these skinny filters, I’ve never heard of them.

anons, are you meaning retouching and manipulating the limbs to be longer? that’s straight up editing, not a “filter”

No. 1632106

they absolutely exist, nonnie. get meitu on your phone and play around with it. you can lengthen and slim your legs with it.

No. 1632109

man there is a lot of autism in the thread today. body slimming apps/filters absolutely exist lol. you're just being pedantic about the terminology.

No. 1632117

Store mirrors might shave off a few pounds, they don’t make your legs nearly twice as long. Anna and Dasha’s overuse of editing comes up in nearly every thread and it’s very obvious…..much like the scarethots who come in here every thread and cope and play dumb about it

No. 1632123

media topics run in a self-perpetuating cycle dictated by an algorithm.
we are explicitly discussing search engine optimized media here nonnie, scroll up.
this is about an article by the cut, one of the most insular urbanite publications ever

No. 1632144

yeah honestly think he's HIV+ but too pussy to get a test to confirm it or go on meds

No. 1632149

anna mentioned on another podcast months ago (i think maybe dan's?) that dasha got her mole removed

No. 1632154

lmao no fucking way. she covered it with concealer for most of her life until a few years ago and started saying she was proud of it and it’s her fav feature.. seems like it was all a cope

No. 1632209

File: 1661983907942.jpg (100.48 KB, 750x1334, 93gxyd8np3d11[1].jpg)

It's a Russian mole so it will grow back bigger and more prominent. Most people never noticed her cheek moles (picrel) which I presumed were removed prior to the chin mole.

No. 1632222

I miss brunette Dasha. Simpler times. Going blonde eradicated whatever normie was left in her.

No. 1632230

why she got rid of the cheek moles but not the chin one is beyond me. the cheek ones actually look really cute, should’ve gotten the chin one removed first and foremost then left them untouched.

No. 1632257

File: 1661987948283.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, D2269ACD-1FEB-470A-83E0-D7E478…)

Aimee mode Dasha
Aimee mode Dasha

No. 1632263

is she purposely trying to look like a hag now that she’s dating a retard zoomer?

No. 1632267

she's serving ghoul realness right here

No. 1632273

literally had the same thought. it’s almost like she’s consciously trying to look super old. maybe matthew has a mommy fetish and it’s a way she can distract herself from feeling bad about settling for a zoomer lmao

No. 1632278

it’s like if edith from crimson peak was freeze dried

No. 1632283

dear god that dress is so unflattering it makes it look like she has boobs sagging to her midriff

No. 1632286

it’s like half of her face literally melted off. how do you go from how she looked in sailor socialism to this in just 6 years. she looks at least two decades older. not okay

No. 1632318


No. 1632329

Treating your body like shit will do that

No. 1632340

It takes a couple of years for HIV to turn into AIDS though lmao

No. 1632345

File: 1661995539502.jpeg (641.57 KB, 2566x4000, 187F5B6E-62A1-4211-9716-8E2468…)

the face of speedrunning a yoyo of every trend diet and still looking like a ball of dough. she needs to gain weight, somehow she’s finally underweight but it just makes her look even worse because of how much loose skin she has, not to mention lack of facial structure. it’s painful to see. she wants to be the youthful waif so bad but she literally doesn’t have the genetics (or age) for it. if you have to eat a carrot salad every day and little more to reach this state, and you still look and feel like shit, please just accept you need more fat and muscle on you.

we can’t all be rooney mara, who for the record is almost 40 and still looks a decade younger than dasha even with a gaunt face herself (because she’s healthy and has the right frame for being very thin, with a lucky blessing of facial structure), picrel

No. 1632347

she looks like cruella deville as a stepford wife

No. 1632348

hiv still leaves you immunocompromised, you start losing immune cells soon after infection and it just keeps going and getting worse until you do have aids

No. 1632351

she heard girlies talking about miu miu dresses and didn’t know how to spell it, can you blame her?

No. 1632367

it's literally just 4chins. i don't know what that anon means by avoiding raids, it's not like they don't know about us, and it's not like we are gonna raid them, this is a female imageboard and girls are civilized

No. 1632379

I doubt she can gain enough to fill out her face, she'd need to get actually chubby. I hate to say someone needs cosmetic intervention, but only way she'll look better is fillers or a fat graft

No. 1632386

File: 1661999926344.jpeg (356.86 KB, 1221x674, 39E22BE7-4CDC-4D43-8559-8F5094…)

No. 1632407

Pretty sure its cause no one actually uses "the org" to describe anything.

No. 1632429

it's okay not to be extremely online, but it's called that by it's own members and satellite sites

No. 1632434

wtf is wrong with her lmao>? is this the same bitch dasha lived with in LA or am I thinking of a different alt actress?

No. 1632435

lolcow shouldn't be a satellite site of that cesspool kek

No. 1632516

crumps has autism physiognomy to the max

No. 1632571

if there’s one thing scarethots and lolcow users are gonna do it’s sperg about autists

No. 1632579

File: 1662024520167.png (69.01 KB, 565x607, Tech Twill Wrap Tennis Skirt T…)

looks like tory burch
lmao tragic

No. 1632585

File: 1662025326329.jpeg (821.7 KB, 1302x1342, 3805DEE7-A18E-412F-BA21-927977…)

It has, I told someone who I think might be the same anon at the very end of one of the last threads. Nobody has ever used “the dot org” to refer to 4chan, it literally only ever refers to cumtown.org - its fine to not be online enough to know this but quit shitting up the threads by being room temp IQ

No. 1632589

So the person forcing that was a reddit user all along?

No. 1632626

No. It’s just a way to reference it without those moids brigading.
Omg shut up

No. 1632642

nta but you’re not making your case by acting like a redscarepod redditor lol

No. 1632655

this is so retarded theres no case to make the sperganon was just wrong and the post is indistinguishable from anyone elses lmao, why is this bitch seething so bad just because someone made a reference she was unfamiliar with? new rule, you’re only allowed to be a lunatic in here if you’re providing some ACTUAL FUCKING MILK alongside, if u guys were putting half as much effort into finding milk as you do being loudly incorrect and making everyone else spoonfeed u maybe this thread wouldn’t be so dry(infighting)

No. 1632659


you guys should go full grandpa and type out the dubya dubya dubya dot too. be the coolest cats on the information super highway

No. 1632713

>a cumtown forum for literal redditors, to replace the cumtown literal subreddit
>zomg much super online such sekrit club
the absolute state of this crowd


No. 1632735

lmao at this thread and you

No. 1632751

samefagging freak with the newfag spacing

No. 1632760

File: 1662044274100.jpg (21.19 KB, 500x375, 50467c75308fc8d78ca9e60a0e79b4…)

why is this thread always full of bitter betties for no reason? an anon doesn't want to type out the full url so nonnies with their panties in a twist go into LOL U FUCKING MORON COW mode, then a nonnie tells them what's up and then negative nancys rage MORE.
what is going on sisters? why can't you guys have fun kek. why does everything have to be a pissing contest every other post? it's too damn much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632761

no they're not. they're at least fun. this thread specifically is just like curiouscat or some shit

No. 1632768

>no they're not. they're at least fun.
Objectively wrong newfag. The entirety of snow is no different than this. Tons of witch hunts, bitterness and nitpicking. If you want fun, wait for some real milk to come up or go to the other boards that doesn't base its entire existence on farming people. Complaining about complaining isn't gonna fix anything.

No. 1632772

>you're a newfag
>no you're a newfag
>you're a redditor
>no you're a redditor
this is retarded and gay. sperging about a ct forum nickname…

No. 1632774

It's crazy how bad these threads have gotten since the crumps incident.

No. 1632778

careful nonnie, he’ll try to wk himself topkek

No. 1632782

this, and this. shut the fuck up everyone. encouraging nonnas to report this shit for infighting, these threads are now 95% noise and it's ridiculous. time to post in meta begging the mods to hand out bans maybe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632787

crumps was right, they are fascists

No. 1632792

Saw him up close recently and he is gaunt as hell. Sunken cheeks and terrifying eyes. Sorry for this reference but he looks smack like a white walker from game of thrones

No. 1632806

You gotta admit, it’s so funny that one dummy being belligerently wrong about what ‘the dotorg’ means over like 3 iterations of this thread is the thing making it implode

No. 1632809

and you’re still the only one trying to force the meme of calling it that because for some reason you think a raid would actually happen.

No. 1632810

Oh, I'm so sorry that the purity of a thread that picks apart everything someone from the internet does falls into fits of autistic spergs, nonnie. What do you want us to do? Give you a hug? Is scrolling past posts or leaving off this thread too difficult?(stop)

No. 1632819

nice try trying to pretend i'm the butthurt one when you've been screeching for weeks over the name of some reddit offshoot forum. your sperging annoys everyone here, it's off-topic and against the rules. shut up and deal with it instead of further annoying everyone here.

No. 1632826

I’m not the person you were arguing with earlier lol?

No. 1632878

people are complaining because it's a retarded redscarepod slang. it's like using "unfortch" and then wondering why people are shitting on you. the only reason there's still fighting over it is because newfag scarethots refuse to fucking integrate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632880

i know what it means and ive been using this site since the soundclout thread years ago can you just give it up already? this is like 5 different people telling you you’re wrong atp and you’re literally replying to every post about it, its fine that you didnt understand what it meant but the rest of us are trying to move on

No. 1632883

Found the redditor.

No. 1632884

yeah the belligerency makes me think it's some scrote whose secretly crestfallen he didn't get the invite from his fellow cumboys.

No. 1632886

You need to learn that just because this thread is tangentially related to Red Scare that you still need to treat it like lolcow and not reddit or twitter. Otherwise expect to continue seeing these redditor and cow accusations daily. Simple as.

No. 1632887

File: 1662054915264.png (1.55 MB, 1184x1036, utrgth.png)

Caroline tries to be a public intellectual again.

No. 1632892

Is this the same account that was as_a_woman? If so, lmao at manually reactivating then deactivating again every single month to keep the precious account undeleted

No. 1632900

Obviously it’s not the same account she has substantially less followers now and it was created last year.

No. 1632901

i never even mentioned the ct forum in the first place, im saying losing your mind at random people and accusing them of being redditors for half the thread because you hadnt heard the colloquial term for a site about one of the cows, that clearly most other people in this thread knew of, is bizarre behaviour. wrap it the fuck up queen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632904

there's more than one person calling you a retarded redditor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632910

how is the Bellows still a thing when Compact made it obsolete? Sad.

No. 1632916

learn to sage. and this is an image board, not twitter, not everyone knows or wants to go check every account.

No. 1632919

I'm surprised the bellows is still up. And even more surprised at the text itself, the point is hardly novel but the writing is fine and she goes over a lot of stuff I didn't expect her to know or care about. Good for her if this wasn't ghostwritten

No. 1632920

>clearly most other people in this thread knew of
Clearly not since every time it’s said either no one knows what it means or tells you go back to reddit. Please do go back btw.

No. 1632922

The Bellows founder quit Compact and slunk back to the Bellows because he didn't like the integralism of Compact.

No. 1632925

File: 1662056847137.png (123.27 KB, 775x489, but i repeat myself.png)

So do they not have an editor or what? Sloppy sloppy sloppy

No. 1632926

Holy shit 700 posts and the only thing close to milk is a picture of honor looking fat and that ridiculous rumor about aimee being pregnant. At this point don't bother making thread #34.

No. 1632937

File: 1662057397634.png (1.02 MB, 1302x712, the absolute state.png)

for real, been following this thread for ages but might have to tap out. aimee banned, liz bruenig baleeted, jack still fat, dasha still deformed, thread completely shitted up with trannies, men, selfposters, spergs and newfags. well what should we read on the shitter now girls?

No. 1633032

File: 1662063312348.jpeg (755.08 KB, 1170x1211, EF014F4D-B4BB-4BEC-943F-997846…)

If anyone remembers the wreck that was carcrashgirl from 2015 tumblr, she pivoted to depop then moved to New York, and of course immediately buddied up with every single scarethot to social climb to No Agency. To make things worse she is literally Paul Schrader’s sugar baby. Yes, that Paul Schrader.

No. 1633036

Imagine whoring yourself out to a miraculously bipedal pig for an outfit you could buy at Zara for 60 bucks. No taste AND no dignity.

No. 1633103

File: 1662067971150.png (631.22 KB, 1125x2436, 416220BB-D4C1-4ED5-B55A-66312A…)

Oh lol. Is that why she feels like her opinions on films matter

No. 1633195

Tapping out. I’ll be back when alicefromqueens cuts his dick off

No. 1633229

File: 1662076352878.png (Spoiler Image,3.72 MB, 750x1334, 7831F156-077D-417D-A5D0-76F66D…)


No. 1633230

Any milk on the hosts of seeking derangements?

No. 1633232

is that a troon?

No. 1633274

I don't really care what he looks like, i just think he's hilarious for winding up these losers so badly

No. 1633288

I agree the thread is dead. one by one the cows retire/are forcibly removed from online or simply reach the end of their clout lifespan. I've found myself reading the fuckin news on the toilet instead lol

No. 1633319

Yeah, it's a 22 year old troon furry artist who does designs for hyperpop albums.

No. 1633361

the only thing i've ever seen called "the org" is Scientology.

No. 1633450

Integralism in the Catholic sense? Is that part of their position?

No. 1633493

Sorry for not being up to date on the lore but sydney custardloaf is a troon, right??

No. 1633494

No? Wtf

No. 1633611

don't think so, she's just ugly

No. 1633651

File: 1662139204395.jpeg (434.68 KB, 640x714, B5EE1AF9-9C41-4E31-B238-C1AB99…)

I believe the detransition has commenced ahead of schedule

No. 1633659

ffs stop selfposting Pariah, you're not relevant.

No. 1633684

File: 1662141159501.png (74.67 KB, 1554x244, Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 1.48…)

for sure. he is definitely also a loser though. he is an alt-lit writer just like the rest of them that knew he could use the most low-hanging critical fruits to get attention. he literally admits he is crafting his own "narrative fiction" in his most recent post, picrel. don't bee fooled into thinking he is a cut above these alt-lit cows when he publicly admits to doing the exact same thing. his intention was always to make his substack into his glorified diary a la tao lin

No. 1633800

Liz really is serious about running for president, huh. "Family values welfarist left ticket" Skip to ~17 minutes in.

No. 1633806

Of course she is

No. 1633819

Not confirmed but I think they could be. There are definitely troons who try to hide it. In twitch clips she had weird mannerisms and even height/body build just scream teen boy, then again could just be female autism https://twitchtracker.com/custardloaf/clips

No. 1633830

Is it delusion, wishcasting, or just a bit? Third party can't win, and how does some reporter with anti-Democrat, anti-LGBT, and anti-abortion receipts win a Dem primary lol

No. 1633833

Unclench your manjaw and wash your fucking hair

No. 1633846

he has severe jaw misalignment and needs actual surgery and orthodontics

No. 1633864

File: 1662151086185.jpeg (417.1 KB, 1542x2048, 0A2D9703-765F-404B-B4D3-F6D14E…)

No. 1633866

who dis

No. 1633871

Hari Nef

No. 1633876

Can someone let me know if this bitch is really alive and they aren’t just propping her corpse up and photographing it

No. 1633887

looks nothing like him

No. 1633900

No. 1633911

It's weird how often people mistake journalists for having expertise in politics

No. 1633912

t. newfags who weren't around for the hairbrush incident

No. 1633928

detrans from the statement frames while you're at it

No. 1633930

Are you implying a troon couldn’t stick a hairbrush up their ass?

No. 1633933

what a retard

No. 1633934

i hope she does, the arm of the republican party dredging up dirt on her will be glorious, just imagine what professionals can uncover.

No. 1633937

it's literally a coffee clench plus side sleeping

No. 1634020

File: 1662161613529.jpeg (43.75 KB, 388x384, E8798EB1-7633-40D7-A8E4-70973B…)

nonnie he’s a textbook mouthbreather with. a gummy smile and fucked up jaw alignment but trying to hide it, literally looks like the monsters inc guy with swollen lips.

No. 1634025

LMFAO he wishes

No. 1634049

File: 1662165251125.jpeg (661.7 KB, 750x1004, F0728C28-B155-4184-8E58-375324…)

Not saying it’s an accurate portrait but Hari posted it lol

No. 1634050

Lovely colors

No. 1634052

That profile pic as well. Troons are delusional, but I guess you'd have to be to cope with being one.

No. 1634129

File: 1662171119568.png (3.2 MB, 1372x1914, ugly man.png)

like all troons, hari is aging like shit

No. 1634130

absolutely tragic hairline. would not be surprised if he detransitions in a couple years, several of his buddies already have.

No. 1634143

giving big develv

No. 1634157

Why was Hari cast as Candy Darling, other than also being trans? The acting skills are clearly not there.

No. 1634158

TFW you lack the better judgment to know your hair looks really bad

No. 1634159

Which buddies are you referring to

No. 1634178

okay pariah, miss recessed overbite, no need to grind your crowded teeth about it

No. 1634182

I’d wager that it’s a pretty large percent of the population who sleep on their sides/have coffee addictions

and yet most ppl don’t look like this

No. 1634476

lord that’s bad. i remember when hari was just a typical tumblr troon getting asspatts for attentionwhoring a decade ago

No. 1634603

I remember when Hari was attentionwhoring on Livejournal rating communities :-/

No. 1635257

File: 1662257112835.png (1.55 MB, 640x1136, 1756AE1D-0DFB-4B94-8E2C-2BBF18…)

Is that Honor in the back? Looking chunky af. Adam Friedland took the picture, I guess he's involved with whatever Eugene side project this is. Or maybe this is the SPW/NP collab?

No. 1635301

File: 1662258973351.jpg (266.65 KB, 1125x2000, 3353345473817.jpg)

Guy on the right has been editing TAFS so I think it's another scene for that. Funny Adam has scooped up all of the crew of Scary and Wobble Palace. And that Adam and Eugene are the same age.

No. 1635312

File: 1662259293595.jpeg (352.19 KB, 750x901, 71F14C4B-BE85-4CCB-A93F-7203BA…)

lol at the reply

No. 1635348

File: 1662261928486.jpeg (293.88 KB, 640x706, A84DEB44-3C40-4FD1-A007-62B072…)

She and Dasha have practically switched identities, it's crazy

No. 1635421

File: 1662266190161.png (1.47 MB, 944x1086, AFQ.png)

No. 1635442

Honor if you're reading this please lose weight, I like you as a lolcow not as a literal cow.

No. 1635471

everyone looks chunky in this pic

No. 1635478

File: 1662271997709.jpeg (216.97 KB, 1170x1549, FbyYdtbWQAE7keW.jpeg)

its now 14 days with no pod and Dasha just posted this. wtf happened? mole is still there, must have been shaved down rather than removed entirely

No. 1635480

did matt beat her? wtf happened to her eye?

No. 1635496

Is she still recovering from the cyst explosion?

No. 1635625

File: 1662290970637.jpeg (393.67 KB, 640x666, B41B20D9-48FE-4E5C-A6E3-7B4F8F…)

It's over. Matthew is corrupting her soul so much even her diseased subconscious is screaming "get out!"

No. 1635645

he's vegan now

No. 1635707

that stupid ugly goblin better not be beating her, jesus christ. how much longer will this relationship last?

No. 1635751

I hope Matthew is beating her. It would be so ironic kek

No. 1635754

Has to be a self post. The file name is not the same as one would save from Twitter, which seems like it's the only place he's posted this. Obvious narcissist is obvious.

No. 1635809

the file name is just what happens anytime you post from an iphone, and most of this thread is probably phoneposters

No. 1635844

She says in the new pod that she got micro needling. Dasha seems to be regretting following Anna down the right wing rabbit hole (because it’s killing her career). Anna says she’s manifesting fascism, transphobia, and racism being the new vibe shift and people will say the soft a on podcasts soon. Dasha is audibly embarrassed for her. Anna complains about work being done on her street all week. Eli hasn’t baby proofed his apartment or is she not allowed over?

No. 1635878

When will Dasha go the Stav route and cut all ties from this scene, just jump into LA? No pussyfooting around with one foot in the door.

No. 1635883

He’s not beating her lmao, that looks like superficial bruising from tear trough filler or another facial procedure.

No. 1635896

Lol I don’t think that’s gonna save her career. She already lived there

No. 1635906

She fled LA because she stole from some rich bitch

No. 1635925

there's a price on her head that increases the further west you go. eugene tried to mediate for a while, bless him, but negotiations fell through. word around town is that the same powerful players she ripped off got her dropped from succession, but they won't be satisfied until she takes the biggest L of them all
also "honor levy" is not who she claims to be

No. 1635933

File: 1662309417341.png (453.1 KB, 488x583, Fox.png)

wait what

No. 1635935

who are you the riddler? lmao. but hope that’s not just wishful thinking and there’s some kind of public reckoning soon

No. 1635937

>also "honor levy" is not who she claims to be
dont hold out on us nonnie, i honestly like honor the most out of all of these people (VERY low bar btw) so im curious, you and the girl who hasnt spilled her amber rollo cripple fetish milk are the last hope for this thread

No. 1635941

File: 1662310057282.jpeg (920.02 KB, 1536x2048, FW57pQMXoAAlcxS.jpeg)

>where is aimee anyway??
I miss her like you wouldn't believe

No. 1635943

probs but it would be nice if they made themselves useful by giving us something to work with lol
a-logging is still gay even if its dasha

No. 1635964

that's some lovely artwork, reminds me of those illustrated books of ghost stories i read as a kid

in fact, "the promising young woman who tweeted herself insane" would fit nicely in one of them

No. 1635971

File: 1662312351908.png (409.19 KB, 958x1096, screencapture-sexyjobs-talent-…)

No. 1635995

Curly haired girl on left is Adam’s gf

No. 1636000

Her career didn’t go anywhere when she was a Bernie socialist for 10 years so I don’t think you can blame her politics

No. 1636011

I believe people claiming to be cow insiders when they give us info, like the anon who posted here about what happened to crumps before it became public. If they just bait, ignore them. Engagement-baiting on a fucking imageboard is embarrassing, but so is biting.

No. 1636013

She'll play the blame game on anything but herself. All Dasha does is follow others. She acted for a bit, she didn't write her own lines. She followed behind Anna and just rode on her appearance and edgy opinions likely fabricated to appeal to the audience the more rw it got. She can't keep a stable career without someone helping her or directing her what to do.

No. 1636075

No. 1636081

File: 1662317965868.jpg (14.65 KB, 335x297, Gashlycrumb_Tinies.jpg)

No. 1636141

all those nice folks raising their glasses like normal people and roommate leia HAS to give the camera the finger to remind everyone that she's down with the kids or something

No. 1636147

Lol good eye nonna. What a fucking loser.

No. 1636194

File: 1662323150542.jpg (106.52 KB, 1024x576, p0cj5l79[1].jpg)

Under pressure from the tranny groomer army, Cloudflare dropped Kiwifarms. It is now only accessible from a Russian domain. Lolcow is next! Thiel funded Urbit won't allow us to migrate there because we make fun of Thiel's lackeys: Anna, Dasha, Greenwald, Moldbug, Aimee et al. I suppose we will also be on a Russian domain soon. Russia will be fine with us making fun of Anna and Dasha because of the anti-Lukashenko comments Dasha made at the Berlinale and because their parents are anti-Putin. Now say something nice about Daddy Putin's special military operation so that a Russian domain will be available to us.

No. 1636197

I watched this and it was implied that she’s never on birth control long term.

No. 1636249

like every male in the left cow scene he has sex with teenagers. It’s a miracle stav Adam or Nick haven’t been metooed.

No. 1636251


No. 1636252

I don't care if she's not who she claims to be, thick honor levy is looking damn good!

No. 1636253

No. We went over this already.

No. 1636263

Yeah it’s unlikely she was ever on birth control for long periods of time if she’s had multiple abortions

No. 1636296

looks like it

No. 1636297

No. 1636348

is this supposed to be @carcrashgirl or someone else

No. 1636361

>"honor levy" is not who she claims to be
virgil texas got the nazi facial reconstruction in argentina

No. 1636372

Skip the movie dramatics nonnie and just spill the beans if you even have any

No. 1636374

That's porngum. Not sure what this anon wants us to say, she's an escort and pulling clients above her level, her hair is bad, her body is average. Like carcrashgirl shows, sugar babies are rarely pretty. Not milky.

No. 1636376

Not yet, especially with Stav.

No. 1636378

Cute illustration. Like some 18th century illustration of a witch.

No. 1636379

not the ones at this level and associating themselves with this shit, at least

No. 1636476

can someone summarize what they said about darya dugin, or at least link to that site were they used to dump red scare premium episodes, i am really curious to hear this one because anna actually has internet mutuals that are close to a member of the dugin family but seems to be too dense to actually realize it

No. 1636486

File: 1662349039097.jpeg (383.95 KB, 1124x1747, 102E1CF8-EEDE-41F9-94AD-4C3DE6…)

adam’s new gf is really beautiful. dasha’s probably seething

No. 1636489

I stopped listening so I can't summarize but it's the blackscare subreddit (individual downloads and they usually have mirrors, or plug their rss into your app or whatever https://www.patreon.com/rss?campaign=4649067&auth=KK1r1xM6QW2LT6lixk1jafN93Y3qnQF9 )
Have fun. I'll read your summary if you post one.

No. 1636494

I still think she's pregnant but it was probably a dumb joke

No. 1636513

Poor man's mia goth but as always adam is punching above his weight class

No. 1636532

Agreed. He’s weirdly not funny. Has anyone noticed this

No. 1636546

She's really not.

No. 1636557

is this the same gf posted a few threads ago?

No. 1636558

I think it’s a joke, she’s holding a beer if you look really close

No. 1636587

Dasha believes that Dugin sacrificed his own daughter because he's a practitioner of "black magic" and believes that it will bring about the hegemony of Russia over Eurasia. She sees similarities between Dugin and Rasputin. She points to the fact that Dugin used his daughter's funeral to promote his ideology. Anna is skeptical of this theory but she's suspicious of the official Russian narrative that it was some Ukrainian woman, who could pass for an Instagram influencer, that drove into Russia in a compact car with her daughter to plant a bomb in Darya's car. I would tend to agree with Anna and think a simpler explanation would be that the Russian FSB wanted to take out Dugin but got his daughter by mistake. I do believe that it was sociopathic for Dugin to use his daughter's funeral to promote his ideology.

Can you reveal any details of Anna's internet mutuals that are close to the Dugin family?

No. 1636619

She could just eat a healthy diet and moderately work out instead of this unnecessary shit, that probably isn’t as effective as she’d like to think.

No. 1636736


when's Thiel funding kiwifarms and will lolcows become NFTs?

No. 1636760

>Not to wk Dasha or anything but…
she's obviously pretty lol, even if she wasn't why would you bother ragging on someone who isn't a cow, just makes you bitchy

No. 1636846

post a picture of urself then

No. 1637083

kek, I'm not even saying Dasha is any better just that by no means is that girl "beautiful" or even "pretty". She's not turning heads or catching anyone's attention for sure.

No. 1637139

Adam still living the jewish guy dream of going through an endless line of shiksas

No. 1637156

Are you a scarethot? She is clearly prettier than Dasha lol

No. 1637179

File: 1662394707871.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1694, D44E43EA-7DBF-43EA-AA2D-B5B6C7…)

symmetrical face, full cheeks, lips, minimal makeup required, thick hair, nice smile, overall natural beauty. you’d be delusional to think that she is any less than pretty.

No. 1637252

she looks like young scarjo

No. 1637285

The micro needling bruises are worse than I would have thought. Dasha’s queen of health joke she makes when she gets the IV bar drip is the only self-aware joke she makes, it’s almost endearing because it maybe shows she’s aware her decisions are not healthy and she knows it looks ridiculous. But then you look at the replies and it’s a bunch of deranged simps who think it’s hot to look wasted away (this got way worse with the mil*dy orbiters coming onboard) and I’m back to thinking it’s the usual attention whoreing

No. 1637328

>I’m so sick tehe and weak
Guys who like women like this are almost always ugly losers too, they like it because it makes a woman easier to control

No. 1637336

definitely a different project, the SPW/NP film wrapped months ago

No. 1637345

i dont think hes beating her, just slowly wittling down her will to live and sense of self as he did with honor

No. 1637347

100%. Definitely more disgusted at the orbiters in this case. Gross to pander to them but more gross to be them.

No. 1637353

leia's nostrils recede further and further up her face in every picture. she is going to look like artie lang in a couple years

No. 1637368

>thick hair

No. 1637400

File: 1662400621799.png (1.8 MB, 1210x892, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.54…)


please these people must be women or homosexuals. she has good genetics, long and lean. american patrician face but gets my dick to jump too. god bless him, putting his battered old cock in her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1637568

How come left cows get no pushback for racism shit or associating with eugenics guys like moldbug? I think that’s way more taboo than being a tradthot Christian.

No. 1637621

She looks like she read horse books. She would not get a double take except from a gay podcaster.
Such a boring look I think you are her self posting

No. 1637637


because anna has dirt on amber frost. they can't dump her the way they did with aimme. everyone will look like complete shit if this blows up.

No. 1637669

you are not in gossip girl tell us what you know or go back

No. 1637686

amber hasn’t done anything cancel worthy other than date a really young guy at age 40

No. 1637807

My impression is that these threads are far more skewed towards being catty about a woman's appearance over ideological criticism. For example, there are numerous posts about whether or not Dasha has flabby legs. Men, other than maybe Jack get, a pass to a certain extent around here. There's hardly any criticism about Moldbug's disgusting appearance. There's frequent Mullen dickriding. Posts about the shady connections between the dirtbag/post left and Thiel or the Hudson institute are called schizo.

No. 1637859


there isn't any big secret the same way there wasn't with aimmee. it's just for whatever reason people don't ask why they can get JD Vance or Steve Bannon on, why they coordinate takes in private, why they get published on right wing sites, or why they felt the need to hide amber's twitter for years or why they never talk about amber's DSA chapter wanting to kick her out.

all i'm saying is if they publicly turn on anna, she will talk the same way aimee did.

No. 1637888

>amber's DSA chapter wanting to kick her out
Do you mean Ambergate?

No. 1637911


no. this was before that

No. 1637947

no one discusses anna's political beliefs because we all know she doesn't have any! none of these people do, they are literally all socialites who want the easiest path into entertainment and millions. anna is shilling what she's shilling because it was the only role that wasn't already taken. the only thing that gets under these people's skins is popping their delusions of jet-setting intellectuals. go to reddit if you want to jerk yourself off with line by line refutations. mullen stans do raid and there's also some weak nonnies in the thread. the dobby leather jacket moldbug was three threads ago.

No. 1637986

you’ve missed out on the great original sentences that have been constructed to describe nick and mold’s appearances over the threads lol

No. 1638009

I gotta commend Anna for holding onto this podcast grift like her life depends on it. She is a downwardly mobile upper middle class millenial that has failed in every other avenue. years ago circa 2013 I heard that she is incredibly lazy with a drinking problem that only seemed to get worse. homegirl straight up couldnt keep even the simplest of corporate email jobs without being let go for incompetence. I am amazed she managed to keep this podcast going, this is the longest she stuck to something, ever.

No. 1638023

she's a welfare queen too lmao

No. 1638028

podcasting is literally the easiest job as soon as you reach a certain threshold and hustling is no longer required. balenciaga is sending her outfits and she "works" for only two hours a week.

No. 1638077

funny you bring this up now. she goes on and on about being an alcoholic lately. personally I don't think it changes much to hear she loves the sauce.

No. 1638097

>There's hardly any criticism about Moldbug's disgusting appearance
Because as dead and lopsided as Dashew's face is, it doesn't make people physically sick to look at it like Moldbug's does. An anon literally drew him sucking Thiel's dick.
>Posts about the shady connections between the dirtbag/post left and Thiel or the Hudson institute are called schizo.
Did you even read any of the threads? Everyone who disputes those/calls them schizo gets told to go back

No. 1638132

She is trying to integrate it into her brand now? lmao,she used to have a phase where she was "clean" and was holier than thou about drinking even though she would binge drink by herself. Much of Anna's talks about neoliberalism & capitalism are correct assessments, but her whole bernie bro phase was just a cope for not making it as a functional adult with a career. So its all capitalism''s fault. he grace extended to this bitch during her "journalist era" would make any struggling writer burn with rage, at least Cat Marnell churned out pieces high as fuck from her bed, Anna could not even do that. She missed so many deadlines because she is lazy as fuck. Her insults about jezebel writers are especially delicious because no matter how hard she tried, she could not be allowed into the jezebel/xo jane circle. They saw her for the deeply inauthentic pick me she is. Also, there is something deeply wrong with Dasha, she is incapable of keeping friends and uses sex with men as a main way of self harm. Anna is pathetic but dasha's plight is just deeply sad.

No. 1638133

Balenciaga is sending clothes?

No. 1638136

Yeah, she's brought it up on the pod a couple times. She's reached that level where the elite brands are sending her stuff for free.

No. 1638142

They both talked about getting something from them but it sounded pretty shitty, not a dress or something. Dasha gets items through her modeling agency that’s run by a 25 year old. Both her and Anna know a lot of people who work in fashion.

No. 1638177

well what did amber do? stop vagueposting

No. 1638181

pretty much. Anna and Dasha are both orbiters of the fasion/alt lit scene since like 2010 which is how I heard of them. this isnt praise though because all of those people are deeply fucked up and spend way more time killing themselves with drug/alcohol alone in their bedrooms. It has been more than a decade and they have not changed kek

No. 1638258

Really boring and uninteresting face. At some angle may look like Scarjo at her worst angles but in other photos, you see she's just plain. Stop selfposting

No. 1638264

Amber is 40?

No. 1638280

She turns 38 next month

No. 1638381

File: 1662434674401.png (811.06 KB, 873x932, claire penis.png)


No. 1638406

I hate his avi so much

No. 1638437

Are you the struggling writer burning with rage? also sage

No. 1638524

you are delusional it’s actually funny. yes I’m her guys. hello everyone!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1638540

File: 1662442505120.jpeg (290.57 KB, 832x1005, exhomo.jpeg)

that's the point. hesse is a troll.

when max (@sweetxpalma) left the show because he has a real life going to school in spain (? I think it was spain) hesse took over editing and immediately made the show unlistenable with insane amounts of dead air, inaudible levels, and completely fucked up edits that destroyed the audio of the person speaking so badly you couldn't even hear the joke that the music/edit was supposed to punctuate. I know I just said hesse is a troll but this was beyond being a joke it was just bad / lack of skill / couldn't do the job. awful taste in music too but I guess that's subjective.

jacques (@jelvis8) has admitted to every embarrassing thing imaginable including some illegal things so I'm not sure what more you could dig up. he seemed interested in the christlover2000 drama for a minute way after it was over, I don't know why, maybe someone just put him onto the pod eps. he dj'd some live events with chapo – not that it's milk but dj samples can be heard here https://www.mixcloud.com/jacques-gonsoulin/ he could probably produce the show better than hesse has been but maybe he has no technical skills either. used to be a prostitute, maybe still is. depressed or drug melted brain or both. he moves a lot.

ben mora is internet famous for old shit like the bernie campaign firing thing which I assume everyone knows about already. his twitter was ben_awareness but it's gone right now I guess, insta is @benmoraa. from what I can tell he has a fairly normal life currently. was a waiter last I heard and is also doing his number1funnyshirt.com thing (pic). some may remember he did a podcast with Glenn Greenwald during covid called Ben & Glenn's After Hours which lasted 3 episodes (to me it looked like Glenn panicked and bailed when his substack followers didn't like it…wasn't serious enough for them, maybe ben was the wrong kind of gay or something; felt like Glenn was acting kinda wormy but I don't know the details.)

No. 1638645

Can we talk about Paul Schrader? His social media is extremely unhinged. He’s famous for being a nutcase.

No. 1639178

I think Anna also said she was invited to some Balenciaga after party but showed up too late

No. 1639203

Is she really prettier than Dasha or just a different ethnicity? Looks like a plain jane looksmatch to me.

No. 1639275

Please 41%

No. 1639282

Definitely she’s prettier than Dasha. Let’s be real. She does look less pretty with the curly hair though imo

No. 1639304

File: 1662494928659.png (5.92 MB, 2598x1686, littlesecret show.png)

Rollo set up another DSA campaigning show at littlesecrets with matt christman and the stripper/starbucks/amazon unions, chris smalls coming back. No hasan this time? they have Brandon Wardell and Jamie Loftus instead.

I thought this was the new thing – leftist and progressive dems organize behind unions (they literally just made some new ones up with an insane amount of corporate branding and they all seem to be headed by former managers/supervisors/bosses), get Bernie's stamp of approval/endorsement and sort of transition away from him because he's too old now…use it to fundraise in a similar way. But I don't know. I can't tell if it's failing or working for them. Complete mess of NGOs involved and nine million gofundmes/actblue/actionnetwork campaigns etc.

No. 1639313

I keep hearing about some plot to infiltrate the LA city council or something but at least this time they're admitting it's a long shot I guess.

No. 1639332

They got one of their own on the council last election (though apparently she's broken with DSA on a couple issues? idk I'm not really following this particular saga) and another one heading into the runoff in November.

No. 1639334

LA shift is real?

Will Menaker went on Hollywood Handbook recently. One of the hosts (Hayes Davenport) had another pod (LA Podcast) all about local LA politics with heavy emphasis on city council corruption plus in 2020 he quit his job to volunteer full time for Nithya Raman's LA City Council campaign which she won. Hayes left that podcast for some reason, but it used to be good when I listened to it (actually he's literally a good person and does a lot of homeless outreach and seems to genuinely care about people and I want chapo to stay away from him lol.)

No. 1639352

Nope, but I am sure the failure to launch writers are on here too.

Also, I have heard that Dasha had to move to new york because she burned too many bridges in LA kek

No. 1639356

She is not cuter than Dasha, some anons on here just hate dasha so much any bitch is cuter just on principle

No. 1639357

No. 1639359

Thanks for the info anon will do this in the future.

No. 1639361

Dasha looks like a bobblehead that’s melted in the sun. Adam’s gf looks nice and normal without makeup and very pretty with

No. 1639366

Not much to say, he's a generational writing talent. He's definitely weird and has done questionable things, but unlike the people made fun of on here he's been able to sublimate the ugliness of his life into seminal works of art. Dimes Square dilettantes strive painfully hard to appear like the thing he is naturally.

No. 1639367

File: 1662497462396.jpeg (87.36 KB, 980x480, C220EBFD-1325-41CD-852B-8DF056…)

one is pretty by just about any standard and the other might pretty if you squint

No. 1639369

nta but girl on the left is clearly pretty

No. 1639422

>he seemed interested in the christlover2000 drama for a minute way after it was over, I don't know why, maybe someone just put him onto the pod eps
she's been back for a min hasn't she? like doing gigs as diana dragonetti, maybe a bunch of friends were going to the show and he got curious

No. 1639434

kek adams new gf is what dasha wishes she looked like, she's so young and cherubic looking.

No. 1639448

what specific christlover2000 drama was he interested in? there's been so many, just how she disappeared and kept deleting her podcast or the whole "she killed mary hailer" thing (which would have been years old if he's mentioning it now?)

No. 1639449

I >>1639356
You must be lost. Try Reddit

No. 1639451

yeah maybe it was something like that. he made some comment somewhere about enjoying her "redemption arc" but even that was in reference to a podcast she guested on (car crash I think?) so I really don't know. I don't think he's met her in real life but it's not impossible.

No. 1639561

File: 1662503789698.jpeg (917.17 KB, 1170x1581, 30C2981C-7A59-45C3-AB7F-B8E271…)

Now we know why Anna and Dasha have suddenly started calling birth control evil and feigning never taking it. It’s not about anything having to do with women’s health, it doesn’t have anything to do with doctors and informed consent, it doesn’t have anything to do with mental health symptoms some women experience. It has everything to do with Peter Thiel. A large number of women already deleted period trackers after the overturning of Roe V. Wade, so anyone who gives their period data to Thiel specifically is doomed.

tldr: Evie Magazine is Thiel-funded and ran by a “trad” woman who of course spends every waking moment making tiktoks. The articles are the same spiel over and over again about how feminism deprives women of a loving home and how feminists are naive. She and the magazine promote “traditional womanhood” along with the same reactionary “feminist” arguments that fetishize women’s freedom of choice, but only if that choice is to be trad and hate troons. Anti-seed oil, obsessed with meat, and of course promotes the idea that birth control is inherently harmful to women. Harmful how? Nothing about actual health, she only cares that it might make women less likely to have children. She also believes that exercising as a woman (in general, not in excess) is fundamentally bad for your hormones as a woman and is meant for men, and urges women to use her app so they can be told when exercise is permitted and what kind. The app’s advertisements on TikTok promise to give you and help you preserve a “feminine physique.” Like every other braindead reactionary Andrea Dworkin warned us about, she loves telling the world that feminism scammed modern women because we can now work and aren’t shackled to men whose skidmarks we have to clean before overdosing in a bathtub. She does this regularly and says feminism was a way to give the government more money in taxes, and blames Marxists for planning this.

>Both Hugoboom and her husband Gabriel posted announcements about the launch of the company on Instagram. In his post, Gabriel sang the praises of Peter Thiel and referred to him personally—not Thiel Capital—as 28’s lead investor. (Besides his role as a founder of Evie, Hugoboom appears to be an aspiring musician and actor, who, per IMDB, most recently appeared in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.)

No. 1639615

Anna has always been against birth control and against condoms and pro pull out method. She probably didn't get Thiel funding until late 2019.

No. 1639618

the fact that we're stuck between these nutcases and troons makes me nauseous

No. 1639628

she hadn’t mentioned it in years until recently because everything above, and now she’s started saying she never took it in the first place which is a blatant lie

No. 1639697

>redemption arc
she spent the whole pod insulting the host and making it clear she was just Charitably guesting on there…narcissism unbound

No. 1639764

Nonnie I’ve never heard of evie but I think you’re being a little dramatic, they don’t advocate “no exercise at all” if they published an article like this https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/exercising-is-not-optional-if-youre-a-mom-here-easy-ways-to-workout
As for the birth control thing one of their articles talks about how some doctors will put girls who aren’t sexually active on it after they get their first period. I tend to agree that putting young girls on heavy hormones probably isn’t a good idea for most of them. I do think it’s weird how accepted that has become

No. 1639796

no idea why you’re giving that insane woman any benefit of the doubt. plenty of nonnies itt and even the poster you’re replying to have said birth control is often harmful and the reasons for pushing it onto women are often dubious, it’s just that this idiot isn’t anti bc for those reasons, she’s anti bc because it’s an evil feminist invention that led to women refusing to be baby machines or whatever, it’s all about her agenda. she does not care about the wellbeing of women, she cares about reviving and preserving a culture that never even existed as she thinks it did. she writes exercise articles while also saying if you don’t follow her exact exercise advice you’ll make yourself unfeminine and unattractive with a hormone imbalance lmao, as if any women who aren’t addicted to running would experience even a fraction of that.

No. 1639842

truly. I was confused at the time by jacques' takeaway which is probably why it stuck in my mind even though it's not really milky. made me feel like either I was missing something or he was.

No. 1639862

lmao nona the way you put that paul blart factoid at the end has me crying laughing

No. 1639955

Dunno what you're on about though, both look kinda downs syndromey

No. 1639961

People hate you cause your right. She's just a plain jane at best but still a step up from Dasha though.

No. 1639971

girls, can we not? this dasha/maia hot or not shit is so low quality.

No. 1639988

sorry to tell you nonnie but those are all men arguing. several already got banned for exposing themselves as redscareforcishetmen retards

No. 1639992

evie magazine and the conservateur’s real crime is just being cringe. like ai calculated paper doll parodies of women with short articles that middle schoolers could write for free

No. 1639994

the top post there right now is a picture of a sixteen-year-old girl, if you want to know the quality of man that populates that shithole

No. 1640002

Oh woah one entire article telling women to walk? Well nevermind then!

Why are rightoids even memeing that women shouldn't exercise? Are RW moids specifically thirsty for gym yoga pants selfies or something?

No. 1640035

They like troons too it’s all very disgusting

No. 1640041

Another article talks about over exercising and how it can affect fertility. For the average woman it isn’t a problem but for women who lift heavy and over exercise it could be. I don’t even mean to defend the shit mag but like their messages aren’t exactly wrong

No. 1640069

her porn was already posted everywhere like a year ago, this isn't that milky.

No. 1640129

paper dolls is the best way to describe the conservateur lol

No. 1640161

literally just fraud.

No. 1640166

why do gay men hate women so much?

No. 1640171


No. 1640198

The r/cth refugees really took it over

No. 1640293

there's a difference between porn being an actual hooker.

No. 1640306

yes they are wrong. they don’t want women exercising at all except for walking and stretching at specific times in their cycles, they think exercising is bad most importantly because it can make you “unfeminine”—they drive home that they think exercise is for men only—they nowhere state that this is about women addicted to exercising to the point they develop amenorrhea. they don’t want women on birth control because they think birth control is an immoral product of feminism which they believe was invented by marxists to give governments more tax money (????). and of course by “they” i just mean this woman and her equally stupid husband. why you are bending over backwards to defend this clearly dishonest agenda is beyond me and clearly you are a scarethot and i hope you eventually see through this.

of course there are grains of truth to some of it, such as amenorrhea being real (but extremely rare and only seen in anorexics and very dedicated long distance runners who have far more muscle than 99.99999% of women ever will), and yes birth control does come with risks of (temporarily) disrupting hormone balance once stopping, it is over prescribed for every issue under the sun, it is given without adequate explanations to patients about exactly what might happen from depression to vomiting to loss of sex drive. so what, nonnie, you think this all means that birth control is an evil government ploy and women shouldn’t exercise? dios mio… anyone who concludes from this that society just needs to Retvrn instead of actually just seeing women as human beings and treating them as such is a fucking moron including you, all the other scarethots, and everyone involved in that gay magazine.

No. 1640322

because all men hate women, and gay men use women as a reference point for their own sexualities. without women there would be no “gay man,” they’d just be men. the very act of identifying as a gay man requires women and as such gay men still objectify and dehumanize women in the same way as straight men. they feel above women in a paradise of themselves while also obsessing over the women and feeling hateful jealousy towards them for effortlessly getting the straight men (the most “masculine” of men, therefore the most appealing to the male homosexual) they wish they could get but are denied. most gay men have fetishes for straight men and all of those same gay men actively watch gay and straight porn because they like seeing heterosexual men exert power over women. vast majority of written gay erotica still involves women and they are always subjected to the worst violence and humiliation. no men are allies.

No. 1640334

also, a reminder that even the ancient faggy greeks refused to allow men to lie down while having sex, as it would reduce them to the level of women, and now today a large sum of gay relationships are still based on mirroring exaggerated gendered sexual roles. the feminine get fucked, and that is law. all men are really just obsessed with impressing each other and using women to aid in that. they’re all homosocial gremlins no matter who they have sex with.

hopefully this diatribe gets the scarethots and men out of this thread.

No. 1640466

File: 1662531609244.png (293.97 KB, 1194x532, fed.png)

adding another podcast to the death toll, annoyingly contrarian redscare orbiter podcast The Fedpost is now over

No. 1640519

sage you retard

No. 1640537

Because gay men are the most masculine forms of men and that is a genuinely terrifying and inhumane thing.

No. 1640649


shit wrong thread lmao I have to put the weed down

No. 1640693

File: 1662556107149.png (262.98 KB, 760x1049, Screenshot_20220907-080415.png)

Is this why she broke up with coochiebone

No. 1640825

good. no women should date men who watch porn. most men will lie about it anyway if they know you’re anti porn so really if they lie you should have the legal right to kill them

No. 1640851

all women's media outlets do is groom women for men's use, from the how to have anal sex articles in cosmo to the don't exercise or take birth control in this new tradtard monthly.

No. 1640855

i hate scrotes

No. 1640929

crk one of the dumbest podcast members in the post-left, guess they got fed up with him

No. 1641140

100% jealousy and the closeted ones are even worse. Although I think many out gay men still resent women because they grew pretending to be straight while they watched girls steal the attention of their crushes. It’s also why a lot of a fag hags aren’t that attractive (coughAandD) because they don’t get as much male attention as the prettier girls

No. 1641149

Not surprising, he looks and acts like a pathetic coomer

No. 1641186

I think a nonna was curious about this so here'e a recent Bruenig listener question: what happened to the pets? https://voca.ro/1i62rcYxetNZ

Siamese cat they had before baby was given to a siamese cat rescue. Matt calls it a shitty cat and says it was "gotten rid of" lol. Liz says the cat didn't like sharing the house with the new baby and other nannyshare kids.

Similar story with a golden retriever named Waffles. Baby was scared of it so they gave it to a neighbor. "It would have worked out except" they had to separate them (the dog and the children?) which made the dog sad…so they gave it to the neighbors who used to come over with their own dog and play with waffles. They still see her weekly but she's not their dog now.

after that they get a question about how they split the house work etc and I was reminded that Matt does all the childcare work (this has come up here before but it's still funny trad wife Liz is too frustrated by her own children to do the "work" of things like bathtime or dressing them, but she acts like she's special for having kids in her 20s and wants women to be fruitful and multiply because god or whatever)

No. 1641313

File: 1662578286161.png (55.33 KB, 417x329, nobodycares.png)

Just wanted to point out that Carl the Cuck created a second account a week ago to retweet his blog posts, is advertising it in his main account's bio, and it still has 0 followers.

No. 1641444

File: 1662586806256.png (158.8 KB, 1618x810, reddit scourge.png)

No. 1641453

thats actually really saddening to hear them talk about the cat like that :/ even if the cat is aggressive or whatever i understand being frustrated, but its a completely innocent animal who is acting entirely on instinct and is incapable of having ill will, i cant imagine how he'll deal with children who actually have complex emotions and needs. it may well have been the right choice but being completely callous about taking an already stressed and scared pet out of the only environment it's ever known because it's no longer convenient to you is awful, maybe the cat was scared of you because you're a fucking psycho matt

kek at how absolutely sick of him she sounds tho, cant blame her, that guy is not normal at all

No. 1641457

he doesn't like their new cats either. it sounds like he just doesn't like pets, I don't know why they got the new cats.

No. 1641458

good fucking god they got more? they clearly aren't capable of taking care of them if they've already had to rehome 2 more pets than most people will in their lives, what is wrong w these people

No. 1641463

Siamese are supposed to be affectionate and good with kids and babies so that’s weird she said it didn’t like the kids. I wonder if that was an excuse she made up because matt didn’t like it

No. 1641473

liz talked about the pets rehoming as something the pets wanted and something that made them happy so yeah she's making excuses for something lol

No. 1641476

The neighbors they gave the dog to are the couple they swing with and moved to Stamford to live near.

No. 1641501

File: 1662590523492.png (56.87 KB, 1120x462, jqnaewQ.png)

Estée Lardass just had the biggest incel from the Red Scare subreddit on his podcast. He must really be struggling to find guests.

No. 1641655

Any milk on Dasha's lame modeling agency, No Agency NYC?

No. 1641700

nothing really milky about it besides that magazine cover of dubious quality they set dasha up with.

it's legit but not like the standard smaller nyc modeling agency, from what i can tell it's more of an influencer management thing

No. 1641705

idk if their whole "nEoLIBeRal" branding falls into what a&d and fatjack rail against or what they fall into anyway and wish they didn't

they signed yungelita at one point lol

No. 1641715

Don’t know if it’s of interest to anyone here as ALAB pod and its Twitter lawyers rarely come up in the thread, but they got sued for defamation by another lawyer they talked about and the settlement deal was basically they had to let him be a guest on the pod. I don’t mean to shill but it was kind of wild to listen to, super cringe, they’re all detestable in the episode and the guy is insane

No. 1641719

I'd personally like to hear more. Never listened to the pod, but I can't stand any of them

No. 1641732


No. 1641738

Co-signed, ALAB is entertaining

No. 1641739

yungelita is a cow in and of herself. can never forget how insufferable her internet presence was in 2014. the fact that young girls now look up to her is painful

No. 1641742

gay men love having hags to subtly tear down and sabotage. why people think having gay besties is like television i will never understand

No. 1641743

a lot of couples who have cats and have a baby get rid of the cat because of the fear of toxoplasmosis or something

No. 1641774

File: 1662603915256.png (82.67 KB, 1097x761, FbqqKBdWYAMBegC.png)

that was the gist, they literally got sued and they had to let the plaintiff on the pod as a guest.


as for the episode like halfway through I was losing my mind because the ALAB hosts were being so flip-floppy by trying to make barbs at the guy but basically being forced to suck his dick. truly some sick lawyer brain shit

No. 1641816

It can be in the cat poop and not all cats even have it. pregnant women aren’t supposed to scoop the litter, not sure about babies though

No. 1641820

These two are by far the most vile people in these threads

No. 1641824

Jjboobyhugger and samememe the most likely sex criminal red scare groupies

No. 1641825

A+D and Jack and everyone else ITT who rails against neoliberal girlbosses do so out of sheer jealousy, it's what they all wish they were kek

No. 1641872

for the most part, if you’re not an idiot and properly take care of them having a kid and cat is fine

No. 1641888

wow they come off like huge losers in this lmao

No. 1642142

is that dunkey's wife?

No. 1642188

a+d obviously want that, because their whole life is being media sickos and they’re just jealous of people more attractive/likeable/successful than them at the same grift, but saying everyone want to be a new york times columnist or whatever is some crazy projection lol

No. 1642228

File: 1662648282426.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x2177, 69E67CD2-0579-45DF-A463-D8B14D…)


No. 1642230

why are they literally 5 years late on EVERYTHING. kaczynski hasn’t been en vogue in so long

No. 1642234

Camille Paglia:
>Male urination really is a kind of accomplishment, an arc of transcendence. A woman merely waters the ground she stands on. (SP 1990)
Wow, a bright mind, no wonder Anna and Dasha are so freakin smart…!

No. 1642243

No. 1642255

File: 1662649760316.png (767.17 KB, 1168x832, photo.png)

Off topic but I looked up why this guy's career nosedived from movie adaptations of his books to writing "what's the deal with air travel" for Compact. Instead of being metooed like the rest of them he was just too lazy to write his Harper's column, was dropped, and then lied saying he was fired by libs over politics. Anna's kindred spirit.

No. 1642260

She is so Reddit. Does this jacket have the Drive scorpion embroidered on the back?

No. 1642263

File: 1662650430219.png (1.28 MB, 1242x1701, 6F1A599C-7B08-45FD-9C2B-720248…)

I don’t know if it’s because she’s speaking at that conservative rag event but Anna suddenly covered her twitter with stuff like CIA conspiracies and pepes and Nazis

No. 1642267

File: 1662650581829.png (3.71 MB, 2484x1974, D6F230A8-A03C-48B1-A88C-9446AC…)


No. 1642287

BAP retweeted that photo too

No. 1642421

Remember when everyone said Gwen Snyder was hysterical for calling these people Nazis?

No. 1642455

it's really embarrassing when people still post pepes and apus. just tell us you have down syndrome instead

No. 1642458

it's the haven't grown out of being a teenager in 00's syndrome

No. 1642460

File: 1662661013288.png (5.86 MB, 2535x1900, dasha notanorexsova.png)

dasha nlog'ing an eating disorder almost inspires sympathy but not quite

No. 1642707

File: 1662672894492.png (42.72 KB, 590x163, thesmiths.png)

422K likes a climbing, that's pretty impressive

No. 1642712

File: 1662673237126.png (112.17 KB, 760x666, CoachLinkedin.png)

kek, Coach put ALAB podcast at the top of his LinkedIn. I listened to the first episode where he was first discussed and about 2/3rd of the one that he was on and everything about him screams con artist and lolcow.
>ALAB podcast at the top of his LinkedIn despite being in only one episode
>Doctor of Judicial Science in "Cryptocurrency and Liberty".
>Other strange institutions he studied at like Cryptocurrency at the University of Nicosia
>Switching jobs in unrelated fields, one job he's a derivatives trader, next he's in real estate, then he's running a news company, next a lawyer.
I bet he's not done playing with the ALAB guys and he's going to sue again and maybe try to be a permanent host on the podcast. It's actually refreshing to see that not all lolcows are just twitter layabouts and some, on the surface, look like the might have credentials.

No. 1642719

mostly bots, dgaf about the queen but fuck hailey

No. 1642726

I mean, she goes fox hunting just like the British royal family…

No. 1642745

The biggest Red Scare sexpest orbiter is Vranak. He's a 40 year old Canadian who has made multiple sad apology videos to their discord . He also put out a hideously creepy podcast with a teenage girl that even the redscarepod users clowned him for.

No. 1642761

can’t wait for these cows to pretend they care about the queen dying and say they’re offended by the godless jokes about her death just to suck up to thiel and molbug

No. 1642765

I remember that, she verbally beat him into submission and at the end he got frustrated and left his own podcast. He was also on a very long Girls Chat episode probably because he was paypigging them. He's a product of the reddit autist to pedo pipeline. When autists get on reddit, the paths they typically follow are to become pedos, troons, or both.

No. 1642776

File: 1662677608947.png (91.59 KB, 605x485, hourly yeen.png)

A+D are already on it.

No. 1642781

Lmao. As predictable as ever. The anons itt who claim Anna and Dasha are “anti establishment” will forever be as dumb as the two themselves are. Very anti establishment and anti “elites” to rever literal royalty with enough riches to feed millions while buddying up with a guy who believes in a caste system aristocracy.

No. 1642784

fair warning nonnas, the dot org seems to be closed for business so we might get a slight scrote refugee influx

does this dumbass not realise she’s supposed to be a catholic? im an irish catholic (as in born in ireland and not a convert amerilarper) and generations of my family had to dedicate their lives to stopping her family’s army from throwing bombs through our windows lmao

No. 1642785

I wonder if Anna and Dasha will ever be honest, or at least not extremely cowardly. They can try to pose as provocateurs all they want, but these tweets, and everything they else they say, could only come from the brains and hearts of the biggest cowardly losers. Instead of saying they think it was a good thing that Britain continued colonizing and genociding various countries and established de facto apartheid states well into the 1900s with the help of Queen Beth, they cling to their usual tactics of quote tweeting with “Ermmm.. awkies much? Cringe.. Relax lib.” They never actually say anything beyond snark because they want to remain in their little safe bubble of having the benefit doubt any time they want it. By far more offensive than them just coming out and saying what they really want to. Fuck Moldbug, but at least he minces no words about what he actually believes in.

No. 1642794

A lot of tradcaths, especially in England, hold some hesitant reverence for the British monarchy because they see it as a grand institution of tradition and reaction that, while hobbled by modernity, still holds the capacity for greatness due to the pre-liberal heritage of a centuries-long reign. (Much like the Vatican, even as it's "occupied" by a modernist reformer like Francis.) Contrast the racist, sexist, homophobic British monarchy with the anti-Church, pro-multicultural, pro-human rights, pro-liberal cultural values Irish Catholic republicans and the choice for the trads is clear.

No. 1642897

everyone in this tweet is cringe

No. 1642926

No. 1643020

Since there was a huge sperg session about it quite a while ago, apparently cumtown.org just committed suicide and now their refugees are fleeing to all parts of the internet. Good riddance, it won't be missed though they'll probably just find another site like the cockroaches they are.

No. 1643022

IIRC he said something about how trying to have relationships with age appropriate women and failed now he’s trying to talk to teens on discord. Typical incel loser progression

No. 1643023

Bezos also qt this with a similar comment

No. 1643037

File: 1662689147380.jpeg (128.79 KB, 640x499, BE58268E-7E57-4794-8D52-7B930F…)

Case in point. Straight from the Habsburgs' jaw

No. 1643070

He was also a reddit karma millionaire before he got suspended. He was on reddit during it's early stages when pedos like violentacrez controlled reddit much in the way that troons control it today.

No. 1643133

Eugene Kotlyarenko and roommate Leia appeared in the most recent Cum Town episode. They appeared 50 minutes in though and didn't do much though they at least injected a bit of energy to an episode that would have been nothing more than Nick whining more than the entire Smiths and Morrissey discography.
Eugene apparently directed the new video episode and Leia worked in it too, dunno if just behind the scenes or if she appeared.

No. 1643205

someone report their patreon for Nazi content lol they’ll be homeless in months

No. 1643405

I will never be able to forget the absolutely vile onlyfans photos of her that were shared to the coomer red scare subreddit. of all the white women in this twitter orbit she’s gotta smell the most foul

No. 1643411

with patreon of all places, if they actually enforced their policy red scare would be gone ages ago

No. 1643425

she WAS hysterical she just happened to be correct also

No. 1643426

he's still a meme, and i'm pretty sure she's making a joke about the jacket

No. 1643456

the nazi turn feels recent, wtf is going on between anna and BAP? he hates women usually

No. 1643469

it’s a joke about the glasses lmao. the glasses are the only similarity to the unabomber and it’s not a bomber jacket she’s wearing. kaczynski hasn’t even been a meme for years unless you only hang out with the most out of touch groypers. please nonnie..

No. 1643499

Got a link?

No. 1643509

it's so gross how many orbiters self-post in that thread for simps

No. 1643531

were you dropped on the head as baby?

No. 1643566

This >>1635257 group photo is all of them hanging out after whatever Adam filmed for TAFS. He said he met his girlfriend and her friends there so they probably weren’t all involved in his project

No. 1643765

remember when he went on ashley girls chat pod