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File: 1687814648647.jpeg (321.89 KB, 1170x1921, 8686417280385.jpeg)

No. 1853758

Post-Leftcows #43: MID-life Crisis Edition

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Recent Red Scare guest and Dimes Square staple Delicious Tacos is a middle-aged sex pest and all-around creep:

In her own mind, Anna Khachiyan is just an innocent smolbean:

Anna Khachiyan rallies her groupchat goons, including rape apologist Mike Cernovich, to dogpile Audrey Horne for calling out her bullshit:

Aimee Terese continues her bizarre meltdowns:

Aimee has fantasies about her Black exbf:

Shia LaBeouf quits Eugene Kotlyarenko's film with Dasha due to "unprofessional and unprepared nature of the production":

Dasha defends troon @Basic_Chanel over Aimee:

Jack/The Perfume Pisspig thinks other rw grifters are being problematic and need to do better:

Nonnas report on Angelicism/Kaitlin Phillips @yoloethics/NYC media connections with Dimes Square:

Closeted homo Costin Alamariu/Bronze Age Pervert continues malding about e-girls:

Rapist samememe/@EmpathyHaver rues the time when women couldn't escape moids like him:

Laughing at various Red Scare orbiters/replyguys like @SnakeSkin_J, @HowlingMutant0, @ElectionLegal, and @TradCatBoy:

Silicon Valley ghoul Jason Calacanis is a big Red Scare stan:

Isn't the new "based" right-wing so cool?

Rina Sawayama calls out Ghetto Gaggers fan Matthew Healy. Seething from the usual suspects:

Write-up on the Dimes Square music scene. Tl;dr version: "They all share this incredible talent of levitating up the music industry by making unremarkable music" and "This is not the next big thing because it is good, this is the next big thing because they said so.":

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No. 1853769

File: 1687815614702.jpg (253.81 KB, 1284x1889, FzkMgDAaQAI6Zr4.jpg)

Isn't the girl on the right one of Stav's ex-gfs?

No. 1853770

File: 1687815623280.png (10.63 KB, 604x293, dialecticsgod.png)

kek @ the thread title nonnie. Calling Anna "mid" is really too nice; she's hideous inside and out.
Anyway, here's some milk: Looks like former thread regular, Theodore "the incel professor" Metrakas, has initiated his own RW faggot turn. If women are so universally horrible, why has he been cancelled multiple times for stalking and harassing us? https://twitter.com/DialecticsGod/status/1672729989274279937

No. 1853774

i think this picture encapsulates the reason why anna and dasha think they are nyc 9s

No. 1853777

Yes. I remember she made cringe tweets at the time talking about her “older boyfriend”. I don’t think they were officially dating either. Embarrassing

No. 1853778

Not sure why Twitter weirdos were dunking on Hannah so much for this that she had to lock her account. Rachel Sennott is rather chill and down-to-earth and Bodies Bodies Bodies was not a masterpiece but it got more positive buzz than any Dimes Square production.

No. 1853780

Neither Rachel (Stav's ex) nor the other girl are visibly deformed or look like the Wicked Witch of the West. They're both…normal looking? Rachel looks kind of like a Jewish caricature but first off, it's NYC, and second off, unlike Dasha she actually has a figure. It's alllllll resentment from A&D.

No. 1853782

there is nothing normal about what rachel is wearing

No. 1853783

The difference of her pfp to her actual self is embarrassing

No. 1853786

I guess but I'm not really able to make myself care that much about retarded NYC zoomers dressing like slutty retards and using pride month as an excuse. She's almost definitely straight too but whatever.

No. 1853787

Aw Poor baby.

No. 1853789

It’s more than slutty you can see her tits. Inappropriate

No. 1853790

File: 1687816594794.jpg (67.84 KB, 595x438, camillepagliacci.jpg)

One of Anna K's favorite writers and formative influences, Camille Paglia.

No. 1853795

both dasha and rachel look like they use their nudes as business cards and do other bpd exhibition type shit, but like using jewish nepo climbers as an alternative to dasha is making it really hard to root for anybody

No. 1853801

If Anna K ever wrote a book, it would probably have a turgid prose style like this.

No. 1853819

He sounds like he’s attracted to women. Yup. Not gay at all

No. 1853823

File: 1687819842649.jpg (28.84 KB, 600x396, 556653224543.jpg)

He has a point here. I wish all Trad/Anti-Feminist women would lead by example and remove themselves from social media!

No. 1853824

he is buddies with pedocles abassi! it's amazing he's been doing this shit under his real name, real face, for like 6 years years–i swear some of the leaked dms from him in early leftcows threads were dated from 2017-2018.

No. 1853828

They’re both ugly losers who would be better off dead

No. 1853830


she's not even Jewish iirc she's Italian?

No. 1853836

I thought this was Jazz Jennings for a second no offense

No. 1853838

are you high nonna A+D look worse than both

No. 1853843

NGL this is the desperate pickme outfit that someone who got situationship’d by STAV and asked to be in an open relationship would wear. Plus she openly took the breakup hard (lots of sad posting). All Ls, she’s in the Dasha lane of embarrassing relationships

No. 1853923

She's Italian and straight, and every single character she plays is Jewish and bi or lesbian lmao

Afaik though, her only relationship to Dimes is through having dated Stav years ago. I don't think she runs in those circles anymore.

No. 1853925

Yeah, it’s bad enough the poor girl had to suffer Stav’s fucked up laugh, belching, and guaranteed shitty sex…let’s not call her a Dines Square retard just yet. She’s the only actor in the Idol that isn’t hilariously awful at least.

No. 1853976

yeah, comparing ordinary-looking plain women (though the top Sennott is wearing is hideous as well as exhibitionist) to the Red Scare gargoyles is weird

No. 1853980

>had to

No. 1853985

hannah is also 19 so we have yet another scenario of aged hag scarethots harassing a young girl because of the last sentence of this: >>1853778

No. 1853986

She might be a little plain-looking but Rachel Sennott probably has built up a better acting resume in a shorter period of time and at a younger age than Dasha has. She has movies coming up with Nicole Kidman, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Willem Defoe and will probably have at least a decent career. The fact that Rachel is not quite a stunner and still succeeded more than Dasha just makes the latter's reliance on edginess for attention even more pathetic.

No. 1854000

Is this Hannah person somebody we're supposed to know or just a rando…?

No. 1854002

File: 1687842871402.jpeg (54.81 KB, 600x507, 3C805107-FB2E-418A-93DD-833BBF…)

Not the OP but I had to bring this over.

I’m now understanding why the girlies say that no actually masculine man/man of value has any kind of social media. This dude’s goofy & retarded esoteric roman statue movement is threatened by e-thots performing gay ops on them lol.

No. 1854003

It’s nuts that these men are such retard coomers they have to be warned about being doxed online by an e-girl when half the day they tweet about feds, cancel culture, etc

No. 1854006

File: 1687843654742.jpg (36.01 KB, 517x630, 1687745567946261.jpg)

I mean just look at BAP's top acolytes such as @Med_Gold, who resembles a Pakistani migrant, or Zero HP Lovecraft, a nerdy incel mobile game developer. Not exactly the pinnacles of masculinity.

Or look at the women who orbit the movement like @BronzeAgeShawty. Not exactly the top-tier of women.

No. 1854009

Tbf there are a few physically attractive women but they’re nuts

No. 1854030

not really. only bimbo ubermensch is really pretty but its strange since shes part black in a twitter circle that actively calls for her death.

No. 1854033

you just know Dasha would kill to work with Nicole Kidman (she loves Eyes Wide Shut and To Die For etc.) and Rachel has already accomplished that, lmao

No. 1854039

File: 1687850987771.jpeg (237.73 KB, 1024x1280, 7C81B202-66A2-4438-929C-EBB407…)

John Maus was supposed to headline a vaporwave festival in nyc next month but the vaporwave community complained until he got kicked, that girl that works for Adam friend land show that had that viral video of people fucking in a restaurant outside area commented on it, George Clanton, the owner of 100% electronica who is putting on the event also went on Neoliberal Hell not too long ago, seems he was trying to get a dimes square scene to engage with him and didn’t realize how much it would backfire

No. 1854041

What did John Maus do? I used to listen to him all the time

No. 1854043

He was at Jan 6th with Ariel pink and Alex lee Moyer

No. 1854048

He has sex with his underage fans.

No. 1854053

He sounds exactly like those paid shills from the lookism community a few years back

No. 1854055

Anna and Dasha are way uglier

No. 1854060

I heard he smoked crack with Alex Lee Moyer. It was her crack.

No. 1854063

lmfao great stuff. I hope this happens to every piece of shit dumb enough to embrace Dimes Square. Toss them all out on their ass.

No. 1854078

She’s not part black. Just an egyptian jew

No. 1854092

He became a hyperreligious neocon schizo. He was already mentally very fragile and hanging out with Ariel Pink again made him go down the pipeline when he was originally an ok albeit creepy (bennington emails) guy. t. mutual friends

bait or?

No. 1854109

File: 1687866606461.jpeg (41.71 KB, 500x500, 81810D8E-BC68-411B-9B7E-536C47…)

He had sex with Kennedi at his air bnb after his show when she was 16. She said he fucked many other girls then ghosts and dumps them.

No. 1854111

>White musicians try not to be pedophiles challenge: impossible mode. (racebait)

No. 1854118

Source? I thought this was just a /mu/ rumor

No. 1854123

Part black? I mean maybe but she’s Egyptian with Egyptian immigrant parents

No. 1854128

She converted at 22 bc her husband is Jewish. Though she claims to have a slim amount of Jewish genetics in her lineage but like, DNA test shit

No. 1854135

This is news to me. Where did she say this?(sage)

No. 1854136

most egyptians are part black (due to mixing during the slave trade). it’s probably a small amount like 8-10% of her dna but it’s still there

No. 1854159


No. 1854164

Schizos on /mu/ have been claiming this for a while but considering the moid obsession with Kennedi there, I think it’s a bad-faith rumor that some nonnies believed and are spreading here

No. 1854184

File: 1687874520225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,146.76 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5854.jpeg)

No. 1854186

I wasn't aware that Drake is white

No. 1854191

Can you sage?
& she posted literally everything on Twitter. Like everything from her husband being a consultant to their 10 year age gap to her parents being typical Egyptian doctors to immigrating from to Canada. I didn’t screenshot any of this, I wasn’t cataloging her bio. She overshared

No. 1854192

And not in the Radfem Hitler way of changing your story when people find out some inconsistencies or get too close to knowing you. Eg Bimbo U has been consistent about being a MENA faildaughter (prolly why she was a scarethot lol)

No. 1854203

agree 100% that Sennott is a good actor
being an ordinary-looking woman who is a good actor has more career longevity potential than being a gorgeous woman who can’t act

No. 1854227

I feel a little bit sorry for this concert promoter, trapped between a rock and a hard place. Experimental electronic music is a sausagefest of extremely online "leftist" TIMs, a demographic that will pursue a vindictive grudge until the end of time. He's probably getting credible death threats, just for Dimes Square kayfabe edginess and maybe the desire to give a break to an artist who did make some decent tunes back in the day.

All sides of this controversy suck

No. 1854229

>Zero HP Lovecraft, a nerdy incel mobile game developer
Has this ever been posted about in depth in these threads? I didn't know he was a game developer kek (the nerdy incel part goes without saying)

No. 1854237

Samefag and haven't followed this controversy closely because I don't care about this scene, but if you close read the statement, the subtext ("vitriolic crowd," "move beyond the internet into our concert space") seems to be that "antifascist" threats were being made against the venues. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that autistically obsessed TIMs were involved. Many such cases!

No. 1854238

What is a tim?

No. 1854241

No. 1854247

>probably getting credible death threats,

lmao unless he's going into hiding, no he's not. he made a dumb booking choice and received some blowback over it. stop trying to "both sides suck" this matter.

No. 1854263

The festival promoter and his girlfriend openly denounced John Maus when January 6th happened. Clanton is a leftist, and as another anon said, tried and failed to break into the Dimes Square scene. This entire debacle, booking a musician Clanton and all his friends previously denounced, was a planned publicity stunt on his part to promote his literally who festival. James Ferraro is right-wing too but no one cares that he’s still on the lineup

No. 1854268

They're both pretty fat ngl

No. 1854282

4chan likes to make up shit about whoever the losers there simp for at the moment. Unlike Sam Hyde and Marky, theres no proof of Maus and Kennedi and even denial from Kennedi herself.

No. 1854287

>James Ferraro is right-wing too
how so

No. 1854289

Are the bennington emails different than the interview maus did where he talked about pussy mist? His teenage witch song was sus and whenever Ariel used to tour he had his band mates lineup young and mousy looking girls for him at his tour bus. Maybe he stopped now since he has a wife and daughter. Male musicians who do this all have major karma coming to them and they all know it and feel the dread when their daughters enter their teen years. Not just white guys either, kanyes spergout and fight with Kim was about fighting what he knows is coming

No. 1854290

James Ferraro also has pictures of himself in bed with teen fans

No. 1854292

dasha has neither.

No. 1854296

Why’s it so hard for people to believe a famous moid is a predator who prefers teenage girls? How many examples do we have to bring up this topic before people accept that moids preferring minors is the rule and not the exception. Hundreds? Thousands?

No. 1854298

Doesn’t this give the rumor more credence because men never believe women not even their queen of the month? Or is mu fully trannized and it became just a right vs left men proxy war like usual?

No. 1854301

There’s no proof of Maus doing this other than a rumor that Kennedi’s stalkers spread on 4chan

No. 1854302

File: 1687885823903.jpeg (264.96 KB, 1125x1471, 1023F99C-42D9-4F0A-A034-186585…)

anna coping from scoring as a narcissist from dr drew’s test

No. 1854305

It’s the latter. She’s denied it, for whatever reason her stalkers want to believe she’s a “slut” who fucked a musician she’s a big fan of

No. 1854318

File: 1687886600872.jpg (37.68 KB, 400x400, FtsV72TaUAAuvFd.jpg)

There were some rumors that Zero HP Lovecraft is a Scott Alexander alt but they are still only rumors

No. 1854334

It’s really cute when Anna tries to sound
profound. Cope harder, Anna.

No. 1854337

So her snarking, bitchy comments and inability to walk from a fight with accounts like Default and Audrey Horne is a public service, unmasking the narcs behind the smol bean guise coupled with some after the fact virtue signaling. Thanks Anna, I’m sure Twitter is a better place because of this
At the end of the day, polite society requires that we either accept people’s annoying behaviors and tweets, even when they’re about us, or simply block and move on.

No. 1854341

He looks more like a goblin than any jew

No. 1854343

Samefag I wouldn’t even disagree that the Credenzaclear2 account can be an annoying moralfag. But to me smol bean is as annoying as being the _supposedly neutral deliverer of truths about female nature_ act Anna does, or her _you think I’m a bad person bc I don’t perform vulnerability like other girls_ repeat argument. She has her own shticks propping up her as a moral person, but I guess other people aren’t allowed their own

No. 1854345

default friend and audrey clearly live in anna’s head rent free. default has since said she was making a wignat point (?) about anna but after both fights anna spiraled on the pod. the episode after default called her racist was with thomas chatterton williams about how she’s just a smol bean who isn’t racist or right wing at all.

No. 1854346


Don't play their game, nonna. It's not "moralfagging" to criticize fascists who tweet about "Total N*gger Death."

No. 1854347

As luck would have it, I think what set off the current Audrey vs Anna feud was Audrey seeing that Zero HP Lovecraft tweet about wanting to exterminate Black babies and calling Anna and other scarethots out over associating with a psycho like that.

No. 1854349

Eh, I’m talking about shit like when Audrey picked a fight with one of Pariah’s friends Lia for posting a pic in a church and captioning it “serving cunt” (sorry I don’t have a pic). She can be grating, and they disliked her for numerous reasons beyond being disgusted with their racism

No. 1854351

anna doesn’t get enough shit for jerking off incels who literally want genocide

No. 1854352

The Audrey abortion argument with people like jardinsecret888 and Veronica was post Audrey/scarethot fallout. then it happened again with the same parties after the Jordan Neely incident. The political and social events causes flare ups but the fall out seemed to happen in 2022.
What’s weird to me is Dasha seemed friendly with Audrey until Audrey’s explicit Anna call out this week

No. 1854362

catherine hates audrey and made sure her new scarethot clique hates her too. they wouldn’t care about her otherwise.

No. 1854364

Close with Sam Hyde, DJ'd a bunch of Thiel-sponsored and urbit-related events…he's been into the esoteric online rw shit for most of his career.

No. 1854367

>criticize fascists who tweet about "Total N*gger Death."
When was this? Is Anna going full wignat?

No. 1854369

What's the deal with Catherine/jardinsecret888? I can't remember if she was mentioned in previous threads but she definitely belongs.

No. 1854370

anna has been flirting with TND posting for months.

No. 1854371

thats scott alexander, the pseud who wrote slate star. 0Hp hasnt been doxxed but its known he worked for a company that released a Candy Crush iphone game clone and made a bit of money. now he has no job and sits on his fat ass tweeting about killing black people all day

No. 1854375

mean girl scarethot who aged herself 10 years with botox

No. 1854376

got a pic? i always get a laugh from scarethot face reveals

No. 1854379

can all you weird twitter scrotes just go back where you belong?

No. 1854380

"literally want genocide" kys seriously

No. 1854382

smells like electronica tranny in here

No. 1854384

Nice samefag, but this isn't /pol/ retard, and never has been.

No. 1854385

is there a link floating around to the angelicism film new models episode? i remember in one of their very early episodes they lightly criticized the suicide baiting that the trans community does to get there way, have they ever had normal opinions about what's going on in leftism and the arts since then?

No. 1854387

nobody is invested in scrote-on-scrote infighting over which ideological group gets to fuck teenagers, go back to discord

No. 1854390

you right-wing moids attempt this derailment strategy in every scarethot thread and it never works. why even waste your time at this point? go back to twitter.

No. 1854391

young and hideous. Only the best for autistic indie musicians

No. 1854394

Total troon energy. This place has never been leftwing or marxist or whatever the fuck and you will never be a woman

No. 1854396

You moids always give yourselves away because other Lolcow Farm threads have even more "moralfagging" and hating on conservative/trad/reactionary shitheads than this one while racist /pol/ "humor" has always gotten you banned, and you'd know that if you weren't an interloping scrote

No. 1854407

nta but is that not what she and the accounts she engages with on twitter are calling for? why play coy and lie about it?

No. 1854412

you're so retarded

No. 1854413

File: 1687893984641.jpg (82.49 KB, 749x974, gB68BS9n.jpg)

nonna you don't understand this is all just some cutting-edge humor

No. 1854415

File: 1687894166390.jpg (135.62 KB, 1060x1060, FvTweHWX0AEbpm-.jpg)

Pretty much everyone with a brain sees through Anna's bullshit at this point:


No. 1854419

paranoid twitter scrotes out in full force today

No. 1854426

Rapememe doesn't even have the balls to follow through with his convictions and conclude his post with "Oh, and Jews" like he wants. There is no species more cowardly than the online racist right-winger.

No. 1854434

she's a sheltered nerd getting preyed upon because she looks innocent and harmless and like she doesn't have enough social support to fight back. they all go after this same type of girl, it is literally about destroying innocence for them. it's sickening and it makes me puke that they have wives and daughters. don't go to bat for moids by trashing a teenage girl. these men absolutely deserve social ostracization and to be single forever. i wish women could get some solidarity and stop marrying and procreating with these absolute piles of shit. ahhhh reeeee

No. 1854450

Runescape elf looking ass

No. 1854451

nta but you're really obvious. give it a rest dude

No. 1854453

Sleeping with minors? What musician doesn't do that? Honestly, there's so many guilty of the same thing, of course they won't call this shit out, because they likely do it too.

No. 1854455

I’m not going to bat for him just because I called her hideous kek. It’s just funny these guys brag about age of the women they fuck then they look like this. Not calling her ugly wouldn’t make any difference

No. 1854459

Can someone just post any of proof that Maus slept with an underage fan? Is it hearsay or is there weight to the allegations?

No. 1854479

what a surprise to learn that people hate fat bald rapist samememe and don't have his back or invite him to parties and he's bitter about not having close friends and neighbors…. surely this is the result of an inherent flaw in the average new yorker's character

No. 1854500

She's obviously still trying to intellectualize her hatred for audrey post-retard fight.
at least ever since neely
BAP and Zero HP seriously tweet this stuff

No. 1854539

File: 1687904927816.jpg (89 KB, 1222x470, forrestgumpofbrooklyn.jpg)

You can always tell which burns get under scarethot skin because not only will Anna quote RT it with her usual faux passive aggressive bullshit but the replygeeks like @Snakeskin_J will also jump in

(calling Dasha the "Forrest Gump of Brooklyn" IS a great own)

No. 1854542

There isn’t any proof. It’s probably some /mu/ poster girl who lurks a moid board all day taking Kennedi’s scrote stalkers’ word above her own. /mu/ pickmes can’t have it both ways

No. 1854546

Hop off Johns dick and stop defending predators, scrote.

No. 1854564

It’s all over her twitter, jardinsecret888. Idk sometimes I remember all of them are basically bored urbanite wealthy (maybe some newly like Anna) white women in big cities chasing endless status and clout and who enjoy online attention, who came from upper middle class families and went to college. All their little in fights are funny because they’re more similar than they are different, at the end of the day.

No. 1854566

Where’s the proof he’s a predator? You’re getting your information from scrotes who post on /mu/. Kennedi got off of the internet because of retards like you

No. 1854577

This guys inchworm brows are making me kekkle

No. 1854585

That the girls are young and aren’t experts at the elaborate beauty rituals women are expected to conform to is why they are targeted or look “hideous” I guess. it makes them look innocent and corruptible unlike some a high school instabaddie. That’s why scrotes trying to call women jealous hags about age gaps never stings because it’s mousey, shy looking girls they use as dread and not anyone you would have envied at that age. It is also why the instinct to protect these girls is so strong, because this relationship dynamic becomes a pattern in their life and they don’t deserve it. The two girls on fishtank Sam terrorized come to mind

No. 1854586

File: 1687909062335.png (104.32 KB, 1560x1384, creep.png)

picrel is basically how his 4 years of harassing a woman who wasn't interested in him went (ctrl+F "bennington" to find the beginning of the emails in this 25k word salad). Whether the /mu/ rumor is true or not, this should be enough to conclude he's been a massive creep since '05 anyway.
Ariel is a post-left cow of his own, he just dragged John with him when he was in a vulnerable place and they reconnected a couple years ago. As far as I know and when I used to see him, nothing sketchy ever happened after John's show involving fans. The bandmates were all chill then his brother died and he went off the radar, only to reappear because he hooked back up with Ariel. I wouldn't be surprised that weird shit started happening at his shows now that the bandmates are gone and he's just off the shits.

No. 1854603

File: 1687910766163.jpg (36.14 KB, 592x445, 5524545233.jpg)

Why did Katherine Dee @default_friend criticize Anna for racism when Katherine is still friendly with outright White Nationalists like Scott Greer?

No. 1854604


It’s so dumb that John maus who is “left of left of left” is getting retroactively cancelled because he hung out the morning of Jan 6 with Ariel pink. Maus didn’t even go to the speech he went back to his hotel. Ariel didn’t even go to the riot. People just wanted someone semi-notable they could burn over it and these guys were in the wrong place at the wrong time(sage your shit)

No. 1854606

File: 1687911987026.jpg (41.73 KB, 600x345, scottgreerlikes.jpg)

lol and Scott Greer is an Anna K fan. Full circle.

No. 1854623

other threads aren't seriously talking about fascism and genocide. You freaks give these cows too much credit and make them sound way more dangerous than they actually are. sick of all the obvious moid political sperging its honestly getting pathetic

No. 1854624

Yeah she’s friends with ppl like Indian Bronson, Delicious Tacos (in fact promoted him even before A/D did), Justin Murphy, RFH, and Alex Kaschuta. Also random actual manosphere public figures. She thinks no one should be able to judge her and extrapolate from her associations. Even whines that potential jobs don’t like her social media presence. I actually think Anna took some things from DF’s playbook.
She’s still less shitty than Anna to me bc she doesn’t harass people online but she’s unscrupulous

No. 1854627

It's "left of left of left" to donate thousands to Trump's re-election campaign? 90% of the post-left, fascist, alt-right whatever people in or adjacent to this scene were publicly identifying as "left" before losing their minds to irony poisoning during the Trump years. Also Ariel's diehard MAGA and has been tweeting election conspiracy shit for years now. Go away.

No. 1854631

File: 1687917137501.jpg (68.6 KB, 747x598, 537634422452.jpg)

Everything Sophia says here is 100% true and it's refreshing to see it stated so clearly. I know she was adjacent to this scene a year or two ago but it seems like she's seen the light. IIRC she was also Team Audrey and sided with her against Anna and the other scarethots.

No. 1854639

>Yeah she’s friends with ppl like Indian Bronson, Delicious Tacos (in fact promoted him even before A/D did), Justin Murphy, RFH, and Alex Kaschuta

all those people suck so much, what even is the appeal? lol

No. 1854640

tbh I think this is why Anna went so hard on Audrey and had her goons dogpile her

No. 1854641

Are any scarethots even still operating under the guise of irony? Like I'm pretty sure everyone involved knows what's being posted is intended as sincere at this point.

No. 1854647

File: 1687919617787.png (30.12 KB, 608x464, aimee sophia.png)

No. 1854652

doormat behavior

No. 1854656

How old is Aimee?

No. 1854667

Does anyone know the episode and timestamp where Anna says that Eli doesn't want another baby?

No. 1854673

aimee is not a real person she's not even worth replying to

No. 1854678

This is what happened to right wing women like Lauren Southern. Her wake up call was when she found out that all of the misogynists in the the movement were just that: misogynists. She was disqualified as being not truly right wing for being a public figure because “real” RW women knew their place and stfu. Even though her views were in ideological lockstep with the men, she was called a whore, they’d said she hit the wall by 24, accused by other RWtards of being a threat to the movement, and the men blamed her for almost being SA’d by some guy. There’s absolutely nothing for women with any shred of self respect or individuality within these online radical RW movements, and any woman that flirts with it only does so as a LARP knowing full well that they can revert back to being a libfem at any time.

No. 1854682

People already forgetting the name of LeaiJ? Who are we being invaded by now?

No. 1854683

Embarrassingly too old to be doing those style of tweets. At the very least she's not younger than 30

No. 1854684

On one hand I feel sympathy for JM on the other he invented the horrible schizo post left Christian politics and style of speaking all of these freaks do now. Reap what you sow.

No. 1854685

File: 1687928247436.png (206.16 KB, 1194x1114, annafeelingguilty.png)

One of Anna's right wing friends had their racist and anti-Semitic dms leaked as retaliation for siding with DeSantis over Trump. Was Anna part of the group chat leak?

No. 1854686

Every conservative media figure denouncing this as a slimy hit job (which it is, but #letthemfight) and calling to cut Pedro some slack is basically admitting they're saying the same vile shit in their DMs lol. Really instructive moment for understanding the American Right.

No. 1854688

File: 1687929175934.png (15.56 KB, 1186x244, 6543454345434654.png)

Dasha forgetting she was 23 at the youngest when she would have heard of ISIS.

No. 1854689

did sophia have a come to Jesus moment? last time I saw her pop up in these threads she was promoting moldbug's greasy poetry readings. based if she realizes where that road is going but I doubt it. Aimee is nearly twice her age btw.
DF does this "uwu I cant be a wignat I'm a sweet jewish girl" thing that irks me. she tries to act nice to everyone but then gasses up anti contraceptive and wignat talking points constantly. She also fetishizes 4chan.
kek not a single one of them, but fortunately they'll never have to do a job interview where they can lie that it was "just being ironic"

No. 1854702

I’ve never seen anyone ask DF what she believes. Ironically, she just gets told she’s not right wing. I think she’s secretly a wignat but wants people to like her, so she downplays it. But she’s constantly replying to people like Pat Casey and Scott Greer… She and Anna have a lot in common.

No. 1854705

why does she try so hard to appeal to /b/ level twitter retards? like why would you want to be noticed by men who will never fully respect you? idgi

No. 1854708

sophia never had a real come to jesus moment, her whole account revolves around pining for one rw twitter guy who rejected her in 2020. this is a plea for attention and as soon as she gets a crumb of it, she’ll be falling over herself to finance another vacation for him

No. 1854709

Obviously know who she is but Leai is a weird ass name and hard to remember

No. 1854800

File: 1687953381383.jpg (Spoiler Image,500.44 KB, 2048x1459, uggofest.jpg)

You already posted this on the last thread

No one cared when you selfposted the first time, even fewer people cared when you showed up again after disappearing, and literally no one currs this third time either. Fuck off.

Pic related, she's the second from the left. I was waiting for someone to post this on the last thread but no one did, spoilered for uggo jumpscare

No. 1854801

>anyone who dislikes my tradtard bullshit is a troon radlib
Go back to twitter or lurk more, you don't blend in


No. 1854815

No. 1854820

What tweet?

No. 1854822

I'm guessing this one >>1854413

No. 1854828

Why do people even bother debating this off-her-meds schizo?

No. 1854836

Why are you censoring yourself? This isn't tik tok

No. 1854839

I don’t think they like her that much. They talk shit about her body count

No. 1854842

Oh look another balding greasy haired 35+ “egirl” coalition

They all look like divorcées

No. 1854844

NTA but it’s just an acronym, nona, it’s not self-censoring to use a fucking acronym.

No. 1854846

>That’s why scrotes trying to call women jealous hags about age gaps never stings because it’s mousey, shy looking girls they use as dread and not anyone you would have envied at that age
and it’s why scrotes say their age with no other info about them. They want people to conjure up a better looking image of the girl

No. 1854888

Maus donated to trump? If you have any evidence of that I’d like to see it(sage your shit)

No. 1854889

Who’s the person to the right of pariah(sage your shit)

No. 1854901

No. 1854913

File: 1687971338717.png (74.72 KB, 598x848, Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 17-55…)

"slumming with ex-men. I’m not that desperate for friends."

No. 1854917

It's an acronym that came into being because of censorship. It feels babyish and cheap to use said acronym when discussing something as serious as sexual violence when you don't have to.
I don't like how unreal language is becoming.

No. 1854920

File: 1687971938239.png (298.08 KB, 542x804, Untitled.png)

In reply to this

No. 1854926

this antiherokate account is a nasty one. She reeks of being a broke SAHM who settled for a broke man, and is one of those people who feel superior for being white and also being a SAHM. Very much two retards fighting (good!)

No. 1854932

lmao @ paying 4k to live in a sock drawer and be surrounded by dogs like this. There are better looking people in my flyover burb. NY is so dead

No. 1854939

bc I was already getting tired of writing the post so i used the acronym. It’s nothing deeper than that lmao.

No. 1854951

File: 1687974695311.png (15.79 KB, 598x509, Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 18-43…)

Why does she, as an actual Armenian, try and validate anna's delusional claims of being "Armenian". (Her 'armenian' claims are absolutely farcical, far worse than her flimsy 'russian' larp)
I would have thought that would be enraging to an actual Armenian, or any nationality, having this attention seeking, narc fly over American try and steal your country's culture for cheap 'look at me I'm so special' points when she couldn't find armenia on a map.

She's such a pathetic simp, I wonder what she thinks of Anna's outrageous claim of being a literal "survivor of the Armenian genocide" (and the holocaust).

No. 1854952

Okay, that doesn't change my point that using chatspeaky, coded language in lieu of straightforward descriptive language isn't great when discussing sexual violence. I wasn't trying to argue or start a fight with my original post, I was inviting you to speak openly.
>I couldn't be bothered to type two entire words because I wrote too many other words
Apparently your reasoning for using that term was dumber than I initially assumed. I'll do better next time!

No. 1854957

Ok lmao

No. 1854962

I like how this retard pretends like Anna has some great insight into human nature. She’s a college educated loser who’s had so many opportunities handed to and has somehow managed to squandered it. She makes 20k a month doing absolutely nothing but putting out flimsy commentary on contemporary culture. She knows absolutely nothing about the real world and human nature.

No. 1854968

Like she grew up with strict parents in a nuclear family with a PhD educated father in an upper middle class suburb and got good grades

No. 1854969

trying to get us to talk about your little clique? no sage two posts in a row lmao

No. 1854978

just two middle aged women LARPing as 20-somethings


No. 1854979

File: 1687978250280.jpeg (23.92 KB, 828x332, IMG_1172.jpeg)

Oops missed the pic

No. 1855001

She has said herself she was literally a gross whore in her teens and 20s. She didn’t have a strict prude upbringing just because her dad was a professor. Many professors are too big of libtards to shelter their kids right

No. 1855007

It’s still different than Moche being in an Armenian camp and immigrating to Russia as being Armenian and being discriminated against and then immigrating to America after marrying some rando. Not sure why she equates her experiences with Anna’s.

No. 1855027

Jesus you weren't lying, she's like an even more toxic & bitter Liz Breunig. Where are her kids while she's getting in Twitter fights 24/7?

No. 1855030

She’s right about the scene though. It’s a bunch of degenerate troons and losers larping as something they’re not

No. 1855033

imagine paying that much money to look like jardinsecret888 and moche

No. 1855034


i don't know who buys this even on the surface level anymore. there's absolutely no "street cred" to immigrating to america unless you walked over the southern border. america has no shortage of native born living crazy fucked up lives.

No. 1855053

lmao its always so funny how huge pariah is and how much taller and bigger she is compared to the women she hangs with, who is the ugly "girl" she's got her arm around? (not Mommy Milkers)

No. 1855054

No. 1855079

his neanderthal moid head being twice as large as these other augmented freaks gets me every time

No. 1855082

File: 1687992920097.jpeg (110.46 KB, 1170x918, IMG_6315.jpeg)

Two homosexuals fighting

No. 1855119

How pathetic of Fat Jack to use a podcast appearance as a cudgel. Going on RS was probably the highlight of his pathetic poop sniffing life.

No. 1855123

File: 1687999580917.jpeg (128.49 KB, 828x1571, IMG_1182.jpeg)

a casual death threat from Jack

Audrey really lives rent free

No. 1855124

File: 1687999677701.jpeg (25.29 KB, 945x732, AB441134-D17A-4E8B-9A98-8A691C…)

I guess all of her heavily filtered selfies have finally deluded herself into thinking she’s the 22 y/o nymphet that she pretends to be

No. 1855127

Can anyone give the brief lore on Audrey and why she's on that group chat's bad side?

No. 1855132

File: 1688001332552.png (52.49 KB, 1228x972, Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 9.16.…)

How long will this fight go on? I think they should meet in person and fight til only one is left standing

No. 1855147

How old is this chick supposed to be? If she’s so much younger than 37 she’s owning herself by sitting online arguing instead of going out and being a normal young person

No. 1855153

the crumps writeup on her a few threads back gives her backstory: >>1736212 (TL;DR: homeschooled transplant from Oregon who lives in DC, tries to ingratiate herself with scarethots). you can understand this situation best by imagining a group of online hags LARPing as Mean Girls except instead of being in high school they're mid 30s. audrey started getting disillusioned with them from the rampant misogyny recently but the uptick in violent 4fag scroteposting seems to have gotten to her. they've been attacking her since then cause she has no spine and stays in adjacent circles. sophia seems to be going through a similar wakeup call so you can watch the milk play out again with her

No. 1855154

No. 1855155

As for the falling out, we don’t actually know what occurred. I’m sure there were many shady deleted tweets from all sides when it happened last year but we weren’t checking for that content

No. 1855156

Actually I agree. They either have to completely ignore eachother moving forward (including no smears by sweaty Jack, of whom this has nothing to do with but he’s Anna’s white knight) or just fight in the street. Mutual dislike and sub tweeted insults can’t be resolved.

No. 1855164

How about option 3, everyone logs off and gets a life

No. 1855165

Grabbing eachother’s hair on the side walk is 100x more likely

No. 1855171

Anna loves calling people narcissists in the prescriptive, social way and is often cogent but does the actual pathological narc thing where she’ll gang up on someone using a “bad take” as the excuse (this was clearly far more personal), put on the cold emotionally uninvested front as if a group harassment effort is very objective and blasé, then mock the subject for being emotionally riled up. It’s creepy. Audrey’s not handling it well but I can’t blame her, she was a literal fangirl not an appointed peer. A mentor figure should know better than to wield their influence to belittle those who “turn against” or even simply outgrow and move on from their dogma.

No. 1855178

Samefag but it’s obvious the cart lead the horse here. They haven’t liked her for some time. Someone was waiting for Audrey to slip and say something that could easily be chastised for being performative, cloying, twee. If that’s not pathological than IDK what is. Say you find her annoying and move on.

No. 1855179

do you think anyone will destroy Anna

No. 1855180

wow an imageboard dedicated to drawn porn of pregnant minors, thanks for posting this irrelevant filth you disgusting tranny or right wing scrote.

No. 1855185

I have never seen Anna be able to take any kind of criticism or deviation from sycophancy without deflecting. In her mind, this is healthy self assurance and conviction. Depending on the conversation she’s not taking any of this seriously and simply shooting the shit or no one is taking her seriously enough. I think she has made herself, on Twitter at least, unimpeachable. It would take someone she admired more than they care about her.

No. 1855212

peter thiel is past due for a younger "cultural critic" and anna has no writing chops or other discernable skills. you'll know its bad when she gets some shitty job at Claremont

No. 1855222

File: 1688017164752.jpeg (62.04 KB, 828x618, IMG_5892.jpeg)

Isn't this guy the reason she even ended up on podcasts?

No. 1855224

File: 1688017448914.jpeg (75.58 KB, 828x782, IMG_5894.jpeg)

He's such a lib.

No. 1855250

Is he just… pretending he did not have a legitimate trailer trash nazi cohost on his podcast for years? Are we retconning that too!

No. 1855253

File: 1688020143607.jpeg (161.74 KB, 750x996, IMG_0417.jpeg)

the tweet he was replying to was so much funnier. holluo lemme uhhh carefully perch my glasses ever so ajar on top of sexual personae and make sure the Jung and Evola is in the shot but actually this post is about my Bronze Age embroidered LL Bean tote bag. fucking loser drones lmao

No. 1855254

half of those books look untouched lmao

No. 1855256

this is still triggering me why are these bitches doing this read real books date normal guys any dude impressed with this is going to rape you

No. 1855289

These endless Twitter fights with side characters just show how much this is all OVER. Even Thiel’s hedging his bets. The money for all of these little side projects like the Republican dating app and the endless alt-right “magazines” will be running out soon!


No. 1855316

Aimee is a lot of things but this is a weird one for Jack to call her. I wish their fake fights for attention were more convincing.

No. 1855328

If they ever invited anyone with more than two brain cells onto the show they could destroy her in 0.2 seconds.

No. 1855347

File: 1688041221327.jpg (53.21 KB, 680x510, 87e.jpg)

I was Kisame17. Nobody cares about your dumb culture wars. Just like Moviebob, you make the left coastal elites uncomfortable with your obnoxious weeb tastes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855350

"bronzeageshawty" reaching bimbo ubermensch levels of desperation ITT

No. 1855361

jack's right, gay men love to meangirl women they pity

No. 1855362

he's also pretending his dms begging for prick pics weren't leaked

No. 1855374

nothing screams "bronze age" like books written by tech nerds and an OSS fed

No. 1855375

not sure about the donations part but I agree nonna. whenever a scene starts to die the characters all turn on each other and bitterly infight constantly

No. 1855378

This probably one of the few mildly entertaining things happening right now. Two retards engaged in a cage match.

No. 1855384

really starting to believe Anna is plain regular classical fragile pathological cluster B narc who read the last psychiatrist article on how the real narcissists are all people with chronic low self esteem/ high self involvement and based her entire personality and conception of self on it.

No. 1855387

Of course Aimee’s low quality bait is what set off Fatass Jack into his daily seething & undulating & shitting & farting for attention

No. 1855395

File: 1688052593000.jpg (209.11 KB, 1284x1835, FzwYHtHXoAQrqXe.jpg)

At some point everyone in this Twitter circle will have to get sick of the Perfume Fatfuck bossing everyone around, right?

No. 1855400

He literally turns on everyone, it's quite bizarre because I feel like he used to be very purposely inflammatory, particularly about trannies, and he seems to have changed his tune entirely, especially if men are attacked in any way. It will be Anna and Dasha one day.

No. 1855403

Yeah he subbed Anna and Dasha last year, but now he’s aggressively for them now, and he cycles on/off with Aimee. he does this for only attention. He hated pariah but now they’re friends. Controversy can drive follows

No. 1855404

I think mostly they just treat him as a sideshow. He's gone through a few waves of mass blocks that he eventually undoes because he craves the attention and engagement.
Yeah iirc that's what brought him to our attention in the first place. He's literally constantly sperging out about either perceived microaggressions from other twitter retards or the most retarded cultural criticisms ever. Obese suburbanite "aesthete" who dresses like a mall cop and has retarded tattoos.

No. 1855406

I’ve never enjoyed TLP. It’s Gen X blogspeak to me.

But on the topic, a classic Narc thing to do is point the finger at everyone else. Anna does so little open self reflection which makes her a good “character” - she’s predictably sardonic/pugilistic and occasionally self effacing when in a corner. But she’s not a deep emotional thinker and so can’t evolve. Having a baby is just a lifestyle change. She’s fundamentally stuck in herself.

Narcs also despise weakness because it holds up a mirror to their inner insecurity and pain of existence which is why they’re all triggered by an actual smol bean like Audrey.

No. 1855413

File: 1688054542523.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.95 KB, 828x1428, IMG_1190.jpeg)

lmao “verymoisturized” another bald middle aged self-hating pick me who despite being apparently non-white hangs out with Nazis like Thomas777 instead of having that family and children she posts so much about wanting

Spoiler for Jumpscare

Let them fight!!!!

No. 1855416

unbelievably cringe

No. 1855434

I think deep down he knows everyone in the scene also secretly talks shit about him, as he’s such an easy target. The only reason he’s allowed in the orbit is because Anna has graciously legitimized the fat retard. And I suspect that’s why he feels he owes it to Anna and Dasha to defend them with his whole being. Otherwise what is he without them? Just a vitriolic gay fatty with an auto erotic poo sniffing fetish.

No. 1855442

File: 1688057311385.jpg (84.55 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20230629-114932_Duc…)

Who is Default Friend subtweeting?

No. 1855445

Probably @ either us at LCF lol or the leftists in replies to people like Anna. She responds to every criticism or comment on earth, actually wounded by Nazis who call her a fed, she doesn’t have room to talk imo about “who cares, their opinions suck”

No. 1855448

she hates anna and has defended KF and lolcow multiple times

No. 1855460

IK but she doesn’t like the leftists poking around, the same people who call Anna a racist are also in DF’s replies and even Audrey’s replies calling them racists and misogynists. fair play given their past (and in DF’s case, ongoing) associations tho.

No. 1855465

It’s so weird knowing he’s this fat guy steaming out the ears. If you’re going to be a gossipy gay at least try to be more attractive

No. 1855476

she shouldn't have boosted that busybody tranny scarethot if she didn't want to get cannibalized

No. 1855495

gay men meangirl women they envy

No. 1855565

pretty sure i was once blocked by tpn for calling him fat but there is absolutely nothing, nothing more embarassing than begging for sex on twitter, he absolutely obliterated aimee with the cummies tweet. the best thing for aimee thirstee to do is shut down her account and join a convent

No. 1855571

Like how is she going to bash gay men for being hypersexual and fucking everybody and not having standards when she’s out here advertising herself on Twitter. That’s actually incredibly gay male of her Lol

No. 1855574

she responded to this lmao

No. 1855581

Aimee has no friends and a limited pool of social interactions to draw insults from. it's why she bullies tnp for being a hypersexual AIDS ridden fag when he's fat and homely enough that he probably gets no game in whatever city he lives in (austin? there are plenty of hot california transplants). it's a simulacrum image of the modern gay man she learned from reading saloforum threads and parroting whatever her bronze age adjacent crush thinks about homosexual.

No. 1855602

One of Jack's most closely-held beliefs is that anyone currently on the right who wasn't on the Trump Train in 2016 is a fake communist poseur subverting MAGA from within.

No. 1855624

gay men fuck anything, they don't really have any standards

No. 1855678

caps? it looks like she deleted

No. 1855689

I still find audrey deeply annoying but she’s at worst a “mute and move on” figure… Jack fantasiczing about severing her head is one of the grossest things I’ve seen (in recent memory anyways)

No. 1855706

point of favor of this scene being dead and buried. Using threats to spice up boring Twitter drama. anyone with a modicum of intelligence who interacts with this snakepit should deactivate since they’re all going to start doxxing each other / leaking screenshots (like Jack did earlier).

No. 1855707

this is 100% going to happen nonna

No. 1855731

File: 1688093973258.jpeg (144.3 KB, 1170x922, IMG_2438.jpeg)

No. 1855737

This actually does seem to be about LCF? Any other suspects?
It’s cool that she doesn’t find racists and misogynists and people against no fault divorce and women voting and birth control and abortion awful, nice for clearing that up for us.
To which I have to say, you’re on social media, the “dissident right” (such a 2020 term) is on social media. Every person posted here desperately wants attention, DF included. They’re the circus and what would they do without an audience?

No. 1855741

Samefag, has she ever heard of the Kardashian family and people’s hate towards them?

No. 1855743

File: 1688095720697.jpeg (42.44 KB, 1170x263, IMG_2441.jpeg)

someone else told her she was rambling, the response posted was cropped. picrel.

No. 1855748

All of these people could pull a Liz Bruenig and disappear if they didn’t want to be cataloged

No. 1855782

It was a real mask-off moment when Jack decided to record multiple episodes with him drunk, in which he would messily reveal just how much of a piece of shit he was. As if it wasn't enough he hornyposts when drunk.

No. 1855802

She's literally just describing her own MO and then projecting it onto other people. Like what she's describing in this tweet is just the content of her shitty Substack.

No. 1855804

its funny they still call themselves "dissident" in 2023 when their entire ideology down to the violentposts is identical to half the fundie colostomy bag wielding mainstream AARP GOP

No. 1855817

As much of a cow as she is, good on her for pulling that off. Shame we'll never get milk like we did last time.

No. 1855818

Not to mention that there's nothing particularly "dissident" about something that has funding from billionaires, interest from Silicon Valley, people associated appearing on mainstream news outlets.

No. 1855865

File: 1688129007901.png (27.47 KB, 1210x508, Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 8.45.…)

No. 1855875

Late but Nick from Thot Topics straight up lying about his fiancé not being trans just “short with big beautiful eyes” is very funny and weird. Quick google search finds him selling a used fake dick on “FTM Garage Sale” and rocking huge mastectomy scars on a video. Or you can just use your eyes.

No. 1855880

post screenshots?

No. 1855902

ok so post the pics? this is an imageboard you retard

No. 1855917

File: 1688140053473.jpeg (261.03 KB, 2732x2048, 2C53E076-FFAE-4459-A296-C8A1C8…)

This is the origin of the Audrey feud. Filthy Armenian shares posts in the gc crying subtweet and it goes on from there for an entire year. Anna goes along with whatever they do weirdly.

No. 1855930

She's insanely cute, you're just a jealous old roastie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855933

Omfg poor Lenny in the threadpic. Why’s she doing him like this

No. 1855951

File: 1688143196733.jpeg (99.59 KB, 1170x845, IMG_6329.jpeg)

Wow you weren't lying. Dying to see this video

No. 1855961

speaking of Austin, I just remembered “University of Austin” which is part of the Thiel-verse. I guess they’re in session rn with a bunch of cancel culture figures and Thiel colleagues teaching courses: https://www.uaustin.org/forbidden-courses

Of course it’s not actually accredited! I thought Jack was involved with it teaching a course on beauty but ig that was another fake anti-woke “university”

No. 1855965

ntayrt but you're either a quasi-pedo moid attracted to neoteny or kennedi herself, but kennedi is so terminally online that I'd doubt she'd forget to sage on here

No. 1855968

trannies think they can be as narcissistic and bitchy as sorority girls because they can put make up and a wig on.

No. 1855973

Sorority girls grow up and get 401k’d email jobs that this scene would call “fake”, can’t say the same for most people in this thread

No. 1855980

wait you're telling me that's Anna K in the OP? wow…i thought Liz Bruenig had fallen on hard times lmao

>millions of interchangeable e-girl borg
cooked her ass jack, now do hysterical fags who mean-girl women they're pathologically jealous of

No. 1855984

File: 1688145585586.png (52.04 KB, 382x382, The-War-on-Beauty-v5-time-300x…)

Jack's course where he talked about the beauty of McDonalds being undermined was for Thad Russell's Renegade University.

No. 1856009

I know right? She’s only 38 or something, my 50 year old mother looks more youthful lol

No. 1856010

It never ceases to amaze me that an over-perfumed fatfuck with goofy style and an even goofier hairline is bold enough to speak on beauty at all.

No. 1856032

She does all this skin tightening to improve her sagging cheeks and nasiolabial folds and bc she doesn’t like her downturned eyes, but it’s giving Spock to the rest of her face especially with her low body fat

No. 1856035

File: 1688150934224.jpg (212.17 KB, 1781x1318, rosie gray kantbot dms.jpg)

Rosie Gray (who some may remember as the author of this Atlantic piece (https://archive.ph/WxWAC) from 2017 that introduced the Trump administration's connections to the NRx movement to the mainstream discourse and gave BAP his first national press) is writing another piece on the subject; she tried contacting kantbot but things didn't go well…

No. 1856041


No. 1856042

LOL what did she expect from that mf. He is notoriously difficult

No. 1856078

she’s been doing a lot of alt right dick sucking lately, more than usual

No. 1856084

Reselling your fake dick like it’s totally normal is hilarious. So what’s up with these two, is it to ftms pretending to be gay men and speaking for gay men with a podcast or is it a crypto straight couple doing the same? Did a ftm manage to brow beat an actual gay man into a relationship? I feel like this discovery isn’t getting the care and attention is deserves and the fakeboi anons need to make sense out of it

No. 1856098

File: 1688156640473.jpeg (124.12 KB, 1125x1102, lGMnTjw.jpeg)

Former cumtown lolcow and meth addict BPD Barbie has trooned out. I'm glad she's off meth. Troon or not she looks far healthier. Before getting top surgery, she use to have a decent pair when she wasn't at dangerously low bodyfat levels from the meth.

No. 1856106

Wow female cumtown fans have internalized misogyny and want to literally be nick just like the male fans. Who could have guessed?

No. 1856111

>had a nice pair
Cumtown.org is leaking sewage. Rdrama is where this belongs, nobody knows these irrelevant cumtown discord thots. And with how she was used and abused by that community it doesn’t surprise anyone that she would want to no longer be seen as a piece of meat and have a “fresh start” do-over as a medically mutilated guy to finally be allowed “to rock.” It’s not feminism causing this rash of self harm but how men treat women and gays interpersonally who dare to want to join their hobbies and social clubs

No. 1856118

Guess she forgot how they bring up how she’s Jewish, or call her ugly and a catfish. She has no self esteem

No. 1856123

df has a hard on for wignats just like a+d, the difference is at least they’re liked. df will always be chasing approval. i’m surprised she’s not called out on her associations with nazis more.

No. 1856133

File: 1688160020627.png (106.96 KB, 1120x1168, sweet east thiel.png)

Sean Price was asked directly about the funding of his movie and plays dumb. The producer was also involved in the NPC festival and his employment by Thiel is the first thing that comes up when you google his name.

No. 1856138

sorry forgot to link
Iirc the Ion Pack were bitching about how they get called opps when this movie is buxxed back when they were filming. No chance SPW or Pinkerton were not aware of who they were getting in bed with.

No. 1856151

Why would she jeopardize her tablet gig associating with anti-Semitic figures?

No. 1856152

"hey so is there any connection between your movie and Peter Thiel, even if tangential?"
>well YES but it's only tangential! you see our producer took Thiel's money
>and you're "nosy" for knowing this
>and it's "journalist provocation" to ask me a question about my movie, in this interview about my movie that i agreed to
>and anyway Peter Thiel has never done wrong
>Paypal good, Gawker bad
>and my movie won't make money so who cares
>anyway let me tell you about the REALLY bad guys who USED to fund movies….

this guy really used every slimy deflection tactic in the book…so many words and none of them just "no"

No. 1856156

She had her issues long before cum town. I think she came to their attention from posting in the stims sub. Not to derail but I agree with radfem cow Megan Murphy in that this spate of zoomer girls cutting off their boobs is a mass delusion similar to how a large number of young women in the late 19th and early 20th century would manifest symptoms of hysteria. History (and hysteria) never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.

No. 1856159

Was theil even ideologically the same guy when he funded this back in the 00s when this movie came out? And thank you for smoking is a pretty good movie about the morally ambiguous nature of advertising and corporate lobbying meant to lead the audience towards skepticism towards these big companies and how the sausage is made. Not that this guy made a great case for himself, but what is the point of bringing it up? It actually makes a good case in favor of taking thiel money because that movie is an example of a movie made counter to its producers political ideology…

No. 1856162

She was their personal lolcow they terrorized in their discord like a female Chris Chan. Pretending to be her friend while suggesting she do humiliating stuff; that they invited her in just from broader reddit makes them culpable.

No. 1856168

It’s not hysteria is from societal misogyny. What a dude-blind take

No. 1856207

>insanely cute
>literal textbook definition of mousy
You seem like someone who would defend Liz Bruenig’s mousy ass

No. 1856212

KB is having a fatty meltdown here but he's right. Rosie is doing this fake "morbid curiosity" thing which is just thinly-veiled PR for these twitter freaks.

No. 1856213

He wouldn’t be a cow if he responded normally, or even just didn’t respond at all.

No. 1856214

She looks like a wet rat. Very jewish and repulsive(racebait)

No. 1856217

File: 1688167763245.jpeg (102.62 KB, 1300x956, 29BFEB17-ECAE-4A14-B19F-CD1790…)

third option, someone who looks like her and is offended. Reminds me of Dasha’s designated ugly bitch friend

No. 1856219

what tablet gig? my assumption is DF isnt known on social media well enough to be linked to all the wignats she flirts with.

> hysteria hysteria hysteria
you cant be serious

No. 1856221

She has some decent articles in tablet magazine

No. 1856225

who are the wignats she’s connected to? just kaschuta and bronson?

No. 1856234

scott greer, the rsp women, the salo forum guy. is this a troll? go through her likes tab. she tries "TL smudging" with liking puppies and kittens but in between it shes interacting with violent groyper accounts lmao

No. 1856241

Of course hysteria was never a real thing duh. It was a mass delusion similar to how zoomers getting top surgery is a mass delusion today.

No. 1856260

LOL why the fuck would nick lie about this? i mean what's he so ashamed of if he loves trans people so much? its bizarre. it is extremely funny though that such a queen guy like him is technically in a heterosexual relationship with a biological woman

No. 1856261

Nick's fiancé isn't a co-host of the pod, it's some Mexican gay. I've listened to it quite a bit and they cover pretty standard gay trash like Kim Petras and Twitter discourse about bottoming or whatever.

Seeing as it's unusual for a gay man to date a FTM someone did raise the possibility of Nick himself being FTM himself in the last thread, though I'm not ruling it in completely

No. 1856322

thank you for smoking was based on a best-selling comic novel by right-winger christopher buckley, son of william f.
presumably the producers wanted to make money, it wasn’t an ideological passion project like these little nonsense tendentious political movies

No. 1856328

It looks like everyone involved in early PayPal financed it too

No. 1856329

Buckley was a satirist and I think right winger is a mischaracterization

No. 1856330

Buckley was a satirist and I think right winger is a mischaracterization

No. 1856342

thats not true. he was absolutely a conservative but came from an era where views can change.

No. 1856354

Because neonazis and hasbarists are two peas in a pod. Alwayd been that way.

No. 1856362

Buckley was without a doubt a conservative, he was just a version of a conservative that resembled the coastal libs.

No. 1856382

Why are there people mentioning “hasbarists” on LCF? The vibe of this thread is so off… once upon a time we used to make fun of Dasha’s use of slimming filters….

No. 1856445

File: 1688212966937.png (320 KB, 750x1334, 2227cf460d4bc8604704a150a1afea…)

She looks really cute and loveable, a word that you cookie-cutter bimbos don't even understand(WK)

No. 1856455

She looks like she’s intentionally trying to look like a child despite having a Mr Bean face. Gross pedobaiter scum.

No. 1856478

>ideological passion project
Don't mistake shoddy quality and (bad) amateurism for "passion", nonnie, these people are only after the money too, they're just lazy

No. 1856488

This channel has 1000 views. Are you self-posting?

No. 1856491

absolutely true but I meant the producers’ ideological passion
like Kirk Cameron’s shitty Jesus movies

No. 1856495

Buckley’s still alive. He was Papa Bush’s speechwriter, for fuck’s sake, how is that not right-wing? Agree he’s from the saner part of the right wing but still.

No. 1856499

She writes for the Atlantic, a newspaper that essentially started a major war in history. Not surprised.

No. 1856508

Such an obvious attempt of deflecting criticism towards herself.

Also I don’t know why she thinks the “dissident right” has any ideological grounding that can be criticized. Aside from their hilariously seething racism, it’s literally ALL aesthetic. People in that orbit live extremely liberal lives but larp as right wingers and then get intellectually self conscious for being associated with the right (even Anna has admitted this). That’s why they compensate by trying to be (boring) artists and writers just to be seen in approximation of intellectual pursuits. It’s hollow nothingness.

No. 1856510

*deflecting criticism away

No. 1856531

over the last year she’s become obsessed with the idea the right is filled with people faking it for clout and labeling all the cliques.

No. 1856583

Looks like a 12 year old boy in girl clothes

No. 1856593

really interested in what war you think The Atlantic, which is a magazine, started

No. 1856594

What wignat have they had on the pod? Other than maybe Alex Jones? They haven’t been able to get any of their faves. Even sucking up to BAP didn’t work

No. 1856604

what is a hasbarist? a zionist?

No. 1856630

I've been saying this. Marxist twitter scrotes shitting up the threads lately

No. 1856647

radfems love being finger pointing hall monitors kek

No. 1856662

You’re retarded, coming to LCF and complaining about radfems. This is why scrotes aren’t allowed here, you distract and bother every women’s space you enter

No. 1856680

File: 1688242329273.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2316x3088, RrFhjuB.jpeg)

I found that when she posted it here https://old.reddit.com/r/theadamfriedlandshow/comments/112p6pn/who_remembers_bpd_barbie/j931130/ I don't normally follow that subreddit or even reddit as a whole anymore but I was looking for the vid where she did 15 shots of vodka in rapid succession with her grandfather.

>A cow showed up to their community and they milked it and that's bad
Cows are cows and someone is eventually going to milk them. It is what it is.

No. 1856683

File: 1688242855502.jpeg (37.96 KB, 640x218, 2B2C73EE-35A5-46C1-8A66-9881C8…)

Babies with who Aimee…

No. 1856691

her cryodonor crotch goblins will be asthmatic and bullied by their peers

No. 1856692

I dunno, I'm of a mind that her and BAP could raise some good übermensch kiddies if he wasn't gay. Both arguably above average intelligence, she's skinny and he's muscular. Maybe their neurosis would cancel each other out to a certain extent. I bet those kids would be raised like they were in a hitlerjugend camp like the one in the film Jojo Rabbit lol

No. 1856693

Dreaming about the political orientation of her hypothetical children and not being financially, physically, and emotionally ready for kids. I see how every empty egg carton, misogynist poster in RW twitter has so much smoke for normie women (samememe for example) while being silent as Amy spirals in her delusions. A 32 year old project manager in SF on tiktok will sooner have a marriage and baby than Amy

No. 1856694

samefag youre delusional and both of them, esp BAP, should be kept far away from children

No. 1856700

File: 1688246611436.jpeg (183.89 KB, 1170x1807, 8169F468-7394-40C7-AE3C-78E312…)

She would make a fetching couple with the gentleman in picrel!

No. 1856701

He's not gonna impregnate you Aimee

No. 1856720

Adding this to my 'tradfags are retarded reeing about childless women, women need abortion rights, and not everyone should have kids' image compellation.
They cannot help but be parasitic and seek attention from their intended hosts kek.

No. 1856721

It's because men are drama seeking faggots and just identify otherwise kek.

No. 1856724

Mommy issues male kek.

No. 1856725

scrote hands typed this

No. 1856732

File: 1688251562895.jpeg (194.7 KB, 640x714, 95D68C75-0866-4640-96CF-253A4F…)

The drought is over?

No. 1856760

Please kys, I mean it.

No. 1856790

It’s the same insecure right wing scrote malding and shitting up the thread. I wish the jannies would boot him once and for all, his whiny typing style is extremely obvious.

No. 1856792

File: 1688261129802.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 748CC84E-F43A-4AC5-BD26-35FC97…)

No. 1856794

shes so frumpy

No. 1856799

it's giving suburban mom of 2 married to an actuary

No. 1856829

Aimee pls

No. 1856862

she's like a 4 idk how the entire twatter right wing has been psyopped into simping for her(sage)

No. 1856877

You say that like it's a bad thing nonna. I would love to be married to an upwardly mobile actuary or beancounter who would pay for everything while I podcast for a couple hours every month, shitpost, and shoot guns at the gun range. Have Anna and Dasha confirmed yet whether they are pro 2nd amendment?

No. 1856881

A and D are stupid so not sure why it would matter either way

No. 1856901

thats what that virtue-signaling picture is for nonna.

No. 1856906

File: 1688280561445.png (38.97 KB, 614x222, poor deluded aimee.png)

She's going to be struggling and alone for the rest of her life, isn't she.

No. 1856910

She’s utterly unfuckable(scroteposting)

No. 1856923

File: 1688283409416.png (43.79 KB, 594x234, NVIDIA_Share_ti8CrrSwj5.png)


No. 1856977

it's already gone!

No. 1856979

What is she getting paid for? Her social media stuff? I thought Aimee was unemployed for years

No. 1857009

AYRT, I agree with you lol. It's fine, the best possible future for either of them, and not gonna happen

No. 1857033

Has this been posted before? Delicious Tacos is an actual pedophile. I'm not talking about him DMing a 17 year old, I'm talking about him explicitly saying he wants to fuck middle schoolers

https://archive.ph/Rg0iJ(Cap an image and attach it to your post, this is an imageboard)

No. 1857044

Is this that "based retard gang" or whatever that shit is

No. 1857063

Her simps are dungeon trolls

No. 1857064

He is a closeted gay man much like Epstein. They go after underage Asians because they like their lack of sexual dimorphism

No. 1857068

Are most of aimee’s haters just troons and gay men like fat Jack? What has she ever said that is so offensive to other demographics?

No. 1857080

Look at threads #1-42

No. 1857093

i wish someone would just fuck aimee terese to get her to shut the fuck up(scroteposting)

No. 1857111

So no proof most of her haters aren’t troons and gay men? Got it(spoonfeed)

No. 1857113

Except she’s not married and looks infertile. she has self admitted to having pcos and not getting monthly periods

No. 1857124

File: 1688322119902.png (324.37 KB, 590x465, troon lover.png)

Chaser Will Menaker at it again….

No. 1857127

No, it's still there. Tentatively looks like she's just going to use it like instagram, liking close friends posts and shit, not a takes mill. Will keep everyone updated on any leftcow bsky happenings!

No. 1857129

She's currently doing copywriting work. Lawyering is on the backburner for now.

No. 1857131

> begging to be spoonfed
there are literally examples in the previous thread. go away

No. 1857156

They use the defined jaw as a sign when many troons don’t even have that

No. 1857164

File: 1688330434684.jpeg (886.85 KB, 1436x1916, IMG_5391.jpeg)

No. 1857198

None of the Chapos are chasers, they just virtue signal about trannies because half of their fanbase are troons. Will is the one who likes fatties.

No. 1857200

What are you talking about? Aimee looks like a literal troon down to the man claws and askew wig.

No. 1857209

whats bluesky like these days? people on twitter talk about it like it's 100% socialist tony soprano meme chapo runoff dorks

No. 1857227

Pretty much accurate. It seems to be almost exclusively weird twitter and rose emoji refuse and all the most annoying journalists and academics. Sincerely hope the rate limit shit ends on twitter soon, because the vibes are catastrophically lame on bluesky.

No. 1857229

File: 1688340898543.jpeg (421.97 KB, 1536x2048, 64937B80-2A43-463A-93F8-ED2C7A…)

Anon from the last thread you mentioned, I can and will die on this hill of nick being trans, he hits too many hallmark tell-tale signs—incredibly neotenic features, huge eyes, typically only muscle gays get the nostril hoop, the username of “virtualboy” with a lowercase “L” in lieu of the “i” is a common FTM tactic to get the username they want on twitter for Aesthetic Vibes when most moids just settle for an alternate username, ironic “queer” adam sandler display name when most moids are past adam sandler jokes, his insistence and denial that his fiancé is trans to deflect while still being with him—the only thing that makes me not buy my own theory 100% is how lowest-common-denominator gay-moid-ish his taste is but Gottmik is able to ape that very easily so who knows. Very ex-fandomy person posting style and aesthetic turned “yas slay bussy werk” normie though. Most gay men of his age went through the unironic hyperfaggot phase while still in high school and it seems like most people engaging in it now are either gay men doing so for female attention, women doing it “ironically”, or ftms doing it because they think adult gay men actually act like that (a lot of the 2nd pivots to the 3rd because their time spent with the 1st frog-in-boiling-waters them into thinking that’s normal and that they are truly gay men and thus can make gay men want them because they’re able to adopt those social behaviors). Sage for ftmsperging but i refuse to believe he’s cis, a cis gay man dating an ftm would cop up to it preemptively to avoid being called a transphobe, only a tranny would lie for another tranny

No. 1857247

lol wut, Will and Felix are confirmed chasers, this is basic lore

No. 1857262

File: 1688346062163.jpeg (237.17 KB, 640x554, 8C906BF8-64AA-4649-8243-12D9CD…)


No. 1857272

She’s talked (and deleted) about how her man is a normie lib. He’s also high earning and has a PhD and even younger than her.
It’s only a hot, disliked take in their deranged space where 30+ year old femcels fetishize paternalistic men. These women want men who wouldn’t ever put up with their big mouths, internet platforms and attention, explicit gold digging, etc

No. 1857274

deranged broken people who can only date other deranged broken people and try to tell you that’s just the way men and women naturally are. a mental illness that permeates this scene.

No. 1857284

Nick is trans. Case closed. Don't see why it's such a big deal or needed to be debated in the first place.

No. 1857291

First good take she's ever had tbh.

I think they broke up and she's with somebody else.

No. 1857298

What exactly is going on here? White supremacist podcast that Amy is co-hosting? I thought she was just flirting with them and not actually co-hosting their podcasts. Do you have a link?
NTA and not disputing it but the only place I've seen this claim is in these threads and have not seen any evidence. Will seems devoted to Katherine Krueger. He did say he got bullied by some 6'5 woman when they were in Berlin so maybe that was a transwoman. Felix is a pest in DMs and a gamer so maybe he's a chaser but I haven't seen evidence of it.

No. 1857315

she found the cumtown subreddit on her own volition, posting her nudes thinking it was a porn subreddit.

No. 1857330

Really? This guy was why she moved to Chicago. Did she post about a breakup or a new boyfriend?

No. 1857376

Will and Felix are definitely chasers.

I'm not sure if Will necessarily likes fatties more than he'll fuck anything, thus the disgusting poly/swingers shit.

No. 1857386

She got a new bf about a year ago. I think they may even be married now. She used to tweet about their relationship early on, and stopped as it became more serious. No caps but I’m pretty sure she said he made her reconsider her stance on sex and feminism.

No. 1857416

I thought it was conjecture by trannies who see their virtue signaling as desire for them(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1857517

>"I have a hot take no one is gonna like."
>men who don't have a low opinion of women treat women better than those who do
Christ, I hate these people.

She's a good mix of "accessible" (looks-wise and wrt social media) and parrots their braindead bigot culture crap. I remember listening to an episode a few years back where she earnestly gave Anna a rundown of the different types of pepe frogs and how much she liked them. The rest of the episode she sounded bored and ignorant lol

No. 1857530

Chapo pretty openly hate their fans, at least the ones who try interacting with them in any capacity other than filling their wallets. Dunno how that and the huge annoying tranny segment of their fanbase play out together

No. 1857544

the laba family having /two/ children too stupid to pass the australian bar exam after all the money spent on private catholic schooling, the lebanese-australian dream. did aimee get kicked off the family money iv drip? marrying into wealth saved equally internet poisoned figures like logo daedalus and default friend from falling to this level.

No. 1857545

she’s a serial monogamist, back to back relationships

No. 1857562

The tranny segment of the audience does a lot of free work for all these podcasts, but it isn’t exactly free, the price they have to pay these people later is catering to their political and ideological views. The reddit tranny janny community capture affect. Women get pushed out by the lame pornsick weirdness and go somewhere else, and straight men follow when the women leave. Redscare got popular being a female podcast first and then catered to men as it grew. It’s the same way bars get popular by offering a ladies night. Whatever community has the female commodity on offer gets and retains popularity. By pandering to the lamest men and not gatekeeping, chapos lost their relevance and ended up with an audience of human detritus. Same with cumtown. redscare is currently experience this moid rot. Whatever comes next that can capture a sizable female audience will be the next big thing. Right wing stuff is getting popular because coomer crybully trans shit is so deeply unpopular that it makes conservatives look like the lesser evil and women long for a better third thing.

No. 1857595

Speaking of red scare pandering to moids, I remember one of them said they messaged bodega bro asking him to come on and he ignored them. It is curious how many trending guys they have messaged to come on the pod and been ignored by. BAP won’t come on despite their pandering and simping for him

No. 1857596

You know it’s bad when BAP thinks he’s above you

No. 1857598

BAP loves them and ruined his brand for dasha lmao

No. 1857602

Why hasn’t he come on the pod then?

No. 1857604

paranoia? he doesn’t go on any podcasts. if you think they weren’t visiting him in japan despite their constant hinting you’re out of your mind.

No. 1857619

whats there for him to be paranoid about? he already inspired a mass shooting (attempt) that rightoids tried avoiding talking about since the guy got shot in the head by a woman kek. if the feds were after him they would have gotten him years ago.

No. 1857620

Why wouldn’t he come to nyc for them? since if he likes them so much?

No. 1857625

is his podcast all him reading prepped “bits”? maybe he doesn’t know how to do his character in an interview format. anna and dasha being lazy is the more likely explanation. if he hasn’t snubbed them like paglia clearly has.

No. 1857637

Are you making stuff up? You’re the one saying he likes so much. It makes no sense he wouldn’t come to nyc to record with them if that’s true

No. 1857640

I'm nta before that, I don't know much about bap. just saying either he doesn't want to go on the podcast or if he does anna and dasha have been too lazy to set it up. they can barely put out 3 eps a month.

No. 1857655

File: 1688420045990.jpeg (333.39 KB, 552x839, 118B579C-97AB-42C8-991A-4C059A…)

Shooting wrapped on Eugene's new movie

No. 1857660

who did they get to replace Shia?

No. 1857662

Probably Vack? They were shooting this and the Delicious Tacos short film back-to-back with most of the same cast and crew already.

No. 1857827

File: 1688437126808.png (52.78 KB, 603x251, journofool mbd.png)

For whatever reason, she deleted her posts (the comments are still there, though), so I guess it's as good a time as ever to share: Liz Bruenig's anonymous reddit account where she mostly posts on the bulimia sub.

A few threads ago, a nona mentioned Liz referencing this tweet with only 10 likes (https://twitter.com/michaelbd/status/1648418865372594179) on her podcast as evidence that she must still be lurking the site. One of the replies was from an account called "journofool"…no avi, no followers, timeline consisting of several random retweets.

No. 1857833

File: 1688437914620.png (508.59 KB, 1246x369, cats.png)

The account was created in August 2022, around the time Liz took a hiatus from her public twitter account. Journofool had several replies defending Liz under articles she had posted; of the account's 24 likes, 4 are of people posting her articles, 5 are of people defending in threads her main account was tagged in, 1 was of her crush Sanna Marin, 1 was of her close friend @bakebythepound (who she still occasionally retweets on her main account to promote her bakery), and 1 mattyglesias tweet about how Matt Bruenig is one of the smartest policy wonks around. Still, this 0 follower, low activity account with Liz B-related interests wouldn't necessarily have to be her alt…but then I tried the username on reddit, and it 100% confirmed it was her. These are her cats.

No. 1857839

File: 1688438633402.jpg (1018.63 KB, 1020x2924, journofool story.jpg)

Some minor milk: She posts in the r/MomForAMinute sub, play-acting a mommy role for anons looking for advice and comfort. She was pretty interested in the Moscow Idaho murder case, as well as true crime discussion in general. But most of her posting has been on the bulimia sub, offering advice, holding two AMAs as a recovering bulimic, and telling her story. This is where the grade-A milk is: an account of her 15 years struggling with binging and purging. Enjoy.

No. 1857845

Some highlights:
>Started binging and purging at 14
>Early on, she used sharpies to trigger had gag reflex, which ended up staining her teeth
>her weight fluctuated from underweight to "quite overweight"
>tried and failed to quit in college, eventually had to request a single dorm to keep the habit a secret
>her parents knew she was bulimic
>matt didn't know until after they were married
>he began to suspect something was up after they combined their finances and discovered she was spending more than what was normal on food
>they've argued about her food spending habits for years
>she didn't like having sex because of body issues
>kept binging and purging through her first pregnancy, every night
>triggered by pregnancy weight gain
>her binging and purging was becoming such a problem that in the baby's infancy, matt was taking up the lion's share of parenting duties
>he berated her for having so much more free time than him (he was still unaware of the b&p at this point)
>still binging and purging during the second pregnancy
>by this point, she had learned to vomit without the use of any external instrument
>"With the kids running around and making noise, I began to view my nightly sessions–which had become extremely expensive–as my "me" time
>matt is now aware and trying to get her help
>their finances are straining due to all the food she's buying
>when they move to connecticut, she finally begins the path to recovery
>her sex life has "improved immensely"
This story was posted 2 years ago, and judging by her other comments and posts in the time since it doesn't sound like she's relapsed.

No. 1857850

No. 1857851

Idk if I'd call that milk, it's just depressing. Fifteen fucking years of binging and purging daily is really extreme and damaging, she must have some heart damage as well on top of the teeth damage. This makes her a little less hateworthy to me tbh

No. 1857852

I get why it was posted but it feels sick to do so, nothing cow-like about seeking help privately

No. 1857854

B&Ping while pregnant (both times!) is insane. Glad she got help and recovered, but that behavior is just incomprehensible to me.

No. 1857856

File: 1688440801359.png (77.59 KB, 652x700, Screenshot_16.png)

Samefag, this reddit account, if hers (and it does seem like it is), isn't milky at all. She just spent her free time anonymously writing supportive things to others and sharing painful things about herself, like this about being beaten as a child. Feels unnecessarily mean to scrutinize it.

No. 1857857

That’s why it’s a mental illness

No. 1857858

I’m not going to judge nonna, the line between what’s acceptable and not is real confusing. Especially since we all speculated about Liz’s ED on here.
I’m glad she’s mostly recovered now, but I wonder about Matt’s weight loss and hope there wasn’t any transference of unhealthy habits. I’m not sure if the avid baking is a good sign either but it’s not unusual for recovering ED women to maintain a few “quirks” even after they’re eating a health calorie count (from personal exp tbf).

No. 1857859

samefag her anon support makes me feel like she’s not just a shitty attention seeker. Plus her prolonged absence from socials, which none of these cows can do. Good job Liz.

No. 1857860

Samefag X 2, every mom I know was obsessed with the Idaho case for 3 weeks lol

No. 1857861

>their finances are straining due to all the food she's buying
So that's where all the PPP loan money was going

No. 1857863

>samefag samefag samefag samefag
>not to wk liz but

No. 1857865

There's an anon using it wrong I think kek I posted only >>1857856 and >>1857851

No. 1857868

This isn’t milky, just sad. Sounds like a hellish experience to go through.

No. 1857884

ok Liz should know better than to reuse handles across platforms but an anon Reddit account isn’t milk that’s serious alogging

No. 1857891

File: 1688447370055.jpeg (607.85 KB, 1170x1923, 4DFCEBA4-E152-49EF-BE4B-8B3113…)

Aimee defending a man in a 4chan post claiming he’s attracted to his 11 year old cousin

No. 1857892

I was at the zoo with eigenreddit and his family, and his daughter’s face got ripped off by a chimpanzee. He was oddly unconcerned by the whole affair and murmured something about the statistical unlikelihood of this happening as me and the security tried to subdue the animal

No. 1857896

At least now we know why her teeth are so damaged and why she looks so worn out for her age

No. 1857898

I don't think you know what this word means

No. 1857924

Does anyone have any dirt on smaller RW accounts?

No. 1857925

Insane that she went through with pregnancy and then had another(!) while deep in this ED

No. 1857928

Well that’s dumb since his identity is already out there

No. 1857932

Damn, I feel bad for her. I really hope she gets better. It kinda speaks to her character that she’s even pretty nice and supportive to others on anon.

No. 1857937

File: 1688456865467.png (34.38 KB, 598x460, Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 08-21…)

She arrived in the US under her own steam with a true 'Russian immigrant' story, It must be so annoying having a dopey middle class white NJ suburban American larper like Anna doing this 'stolen immigrant valor' shit, especially when she can't even speak Russian.
I'd like to think eventually she's going to snap at Anna.
Anna would be devastated , like the plastic paddy cohort, they lives for and need affirmation from people from the actual 'old country' that they try and pretend to be, they're desperate for that validation.

No. 1857968

Have Stav, Nick and Adam just dropped off the planet?

No. 1857980

Anna wants cred so bad

No. 1857988

If you mean got so mind numbingly boring that people simply stopped following them closely, then yes. Also haven't talked about Chapo a lot lately (the recent tranny discussion notwithstanding)

No. 1857993

idk why so many anons are saying this isn't milk. I think she's been gone from twitter for so long that people are forgetting how obnoxious she was, how she spent so much of her time smugposting about the superiority of her trad-inflected mommy lifestyle. The fact that she was boasting about her heaving trays of cookies and uwu tiny body all while b&ping constantly is pretty milky to me.

No. 1858006

Ugh the anon comment about getting abused as a kid almost made me want to cry…but you have a point. her entire mission as a writer was to get forced birthing into law and provide benefit to forced mothers. As we all know, when fundies got the first part mandated by law, she just disappeared to her parents connecticut mansion with matt. Makes me wonder how much of her upbringing is true

No. 1858053

nta but as someone who had a father that was physically abusive during adolescence, I still visit on holiday. we just don’t talk about it.
I wouldn’t discredit Liz’s experience just because she visits her family from time to time. Family dynamics can be very complicated

No. 1858055

iirc the speculation on the connecticut house is that it was paid for, at least in part, by adam vandervoort. the bruenigs are both from texas originally, idr if liz's parents moved up to ct too but it sounds familiar

No. 1858061

File: 1688484767192.jpeg (604.39 KB, 1179x1590, IMG_0121.jpeg)

She wrote an article last year about her parents moving from Texas to Maryland, references it being four hours away from her home in Connecticut.

No. 1858065

File: 1688485132951.png (1.78 MB, 1774x960, theironefan.png)

how many times has Chloe demurred on appearing in their movies or on their podcasts

No. 1858069

Thought the guy in the back was george lopez

No. 1858072


I forgot to bookmark it, it's hard to find, but yeah, she wrote about how she met this couple at a church and then the couple bought the Bruenigs a house so that Liz could be next door to them. Very strange.

No. 1858085

It’s definitely milky to see it all laid out. a farmer did post about her saying she was bulimic on her podcast a month ago >>>/snow/1824271 so it’s not new it’s just a new level of detail
Thank you for posting this was very interesting. I cannot believe she would post her very recognizable pair of cats across accounts unless she wanted the alt to be found.

No. 1858092

>bulimic for 15 years
>b/p free for six weeks and writes a novel about her recovery
Why is she like this? I mean good for her don’t we all want everyone to recover from their eating disorder, but come on.

No. 1858104

File: 1688490243329.jpeg (75.32 KB, 681x1116, D7F0AAE9-B322-4659-9A20-F8E3B7…)

No. 1858120

it's amazing they don't criticize anna more often. looking forward to the day she falls from grace with them.

No. 1858126

Idk I think she’s just old enough to have poor op sec and not consider these things

No. 1858143

Disagree. she’s only 32 and she’s constantly online and trolls with 100 alts, she knows it’s a giveaway.

No. 1858158

File: 1688495157952.jpeg (821.08 KB, 3791x1932, 89BFBD98-6F46-4A64-A327-FDAE68…)

They need to open it up to everyone before it's too late. The cringe dirtbags are running the asylum and succeeding in making it a chapoid hugbox

No. 1858178

what are you talking about? Anna is the one who cops the most abuse being called a troon. besides, she's in a committed relationship and has a baby. she's more trad than 99% of these rightoids.>>1858120

No. 1858183

LMAO begone scarethot

No. 1858205

why not use twitter? rightoids will take over bluesky as well as soon as it opens, dont worry.

No. 1858215

Trad, popping out a baby at 36 with your situationship you don’t live with

No. 1858220

It's a Dutch flag on the uniform and she likes costumes. Why would they assume she's in favor of Daddy Putin's Special Military Operation when her parents are against it and she said words supporting the Belarusian protests? Frog twitter is so dumb.

No. 1858259

yeah fuck bruenig and all these tranny losers on bluesky

No. 1858264

File: 1688507947014.png (17.93 KB, 598x247, Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 22-58…)

was a bit taken a back by this, I think it's the first time I've seen either of them admit they are actually American.

No. 1858267

File: 1688508472313.png (40.35 KB, 598x478, Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 23-05…)

… oh never mind, back to doing the immigrant stolen valor thing from their pet actual Russian/Armenian.
I would love to see Dasha explain how her life (moving to America as a small child, having zero memories of Belarus) compares with someone who came as an adult under their own gumption and ticked all the boxes.

No. 1858309

Still don’t understand how a boot strap immigrant can fall for the tranny meme, don’t think his story is all that ironclad either

No. 1858322

Not sure if typo but Mocha/monika/mommymilkers is a woman.

No. 1858376

I think the anon means Pariah’s claims of being a 13 year old transitioner

No. 1858386

i'd def read a semi-trashy bruenig autobio. knowing her it's probably coming sooner than we think

No. 1858437

Truly insane that Good Boy still has a following after that bizarre meltdown where he accused some random person of bejng a serial killer.

No. 1858442

File: 1688533300500.jpg (119.5 KB, 1079x594, Screenshot_20230704_235153_Kiw…)

aimee's in the middle of an 11 hour manic schizoid meltdown and it may just be one of her most retarded yet

No. 1858445

bog hag is one rant away from getting suspended again and needing to DM her Claremont fellow to get it revoked

No. 1858471

Who’s goodboy? Not familiar with the tag at all tbh

Has there ever been a woman who shouldn’t have children who wants a baby as desperately as Aimee does? She’s so fucking insane now; the briefest glance at her feed reveals that her already fragile critical capabilities have been completely eroded by years of looking at drawings of apus and groypers

No. 1858565

I thought that was ClueHeywood?

No. 1858573

She's been in a manic breakdown for weeks now nonnie, where were you?

No. 1858584

99% sure that good boy guy is a weird Twitter relic Indianapolis dsa guy

No. 1858612

both he and his wife are/were dsa people
his wife had a very public meltdown over some dsa/larry website drama years ago and drug him into it which was pretty funny in a pathetic way
haven't really seen much of him since

No. 1858696

is his wife that one hideous troon's sister?
lauren something

No. 1858723

This is how low the quality of men in "this scene" are, that she is bragging about having a moid who has baseline respect for women, and for likes, no less. The feminist adjacent women in this scene like DF and RFM are the most pathetic out of all of them because they almost have a brain
Also she's BPD? She's such a shape-shifter, it makes sense I guess

No. 1858746

she said in the replies she was being tongue in cheek. i’ve always wondered why DF is in this scene if she has normie lib politics and nobody on the right likes her. she’s not even really that milky, just pathetic.

No. 1858836

File: 1688588340240.webm (18.59 MB, 1080x1920, dasha ivy wolk singing.webm)

Dasha so badly wishes she was still in her early 20s KEK

No. 1858896

Lmao, sorry your imaginary black boyfriend didn't want to marry you or have a baby with you but schizo posting is not the answer

No. 1858922

i liked "ivy wolk" better when she was called honor levy

No. 1858941

Dasha likes to try and mog these younger women because she’s so insecure but eventually it’s not going to work

No. 1858945

Yeah the wife had a psychotic break and was accusing someone of murdering a bich of people and he got mad when people would rightfully call her crazy. Was it Larry Website, though? I don't know where to dig it up now.
There's ao much of a missed opportunity since this thread shifted away from the DSA people. The Street Fight Radio types who try to put on the whole "woke yokel" image because they live in noncoastal cities are particularly funny.

No. 1859010

thats why she picked them right? they both look like extras from Hereditary kek, dashew looks like a model compared to them

No. 1859034

None of these people have the face of a star

No. 1859061

>The Street Fight Radio types who try to put on the whole "woke yokel" image because they live in noncoastal cities are particularly funny.
Ty nonna, I also lol at this genre of podcast. I don't follow DSA drama enough to contribute to a thread about it but I would gladly read and laugh at a thread about it.


No. 1859063

Wasn't one of the Trillbillies running a pedo sex camp on the side or something?

No. 1859069

Anna has a Ph.D.???

No. 1859076

File: 1688612758742.png (247.12 KB, 1490x1046, anna resume.png)

Picrel old resume and blog posts Anna wrote, sorry if they've been posted before.

No, I think that was a lie. I wonder if she was really still in the program that late. And the link in deleted post was citing Anna, not written by her.

No. 1859078

File: 1688612986605.png (108.72 KB, 1386x428, 2014 anna.png)

Why did I think the "See you in hell" sign-off was thought up spontaneously on their first ep and then awkwardly kept.

No. 1859129

lmao. Hope Ivy's got a backup plan for when she gets tossed aside in two years for the next Dimes ingenue for Dasha to suck the lifeblood out of.

No. 1859159

>languages: English and Russian

lol she can’t speak Russian though other than a few words

No. 1859220

Yeah I remember that. I guess healthcare for all and workers rights was too much of a struggle so they've all just settled on pushing trans rights and teaching preschoolers about masturbation.

No. 1859270

i thought she dropped out of her phd program

No. 1859273

stav is going on random podcasts to talk about he's fat and has sex, Nick and Adam still doing their talk show

No. 1859274

I hate that type of guy and their whole "living in…Cincinnati gives you no choice aside being a total loser with a crippling pill addiction" act

No. 1859303

File: 1688667466112.jpg (121.02 KB, 590x428, flores.jpg)

The great dirtbag left migration to LA continues

No. 1859368

Moving to LA might not be the best career move for him, it’s much easier to orchestrate slip’n’falls in cold and wet climates.

No. 1859383

No. 1859401

File: 1688680020670.jpeg (250.37 KB, 750x429, IMG_0533.jpeg)

It really was so weird and people talk about that pod like they were the second coming of Harlan County, USA 1976 when it was just like the weirdest people who happen to be from Kentucky imaginable

No. 1859413

Whenever I read a bio like this I always ask myself "but what do these people do for a day job though"

No. 1859416

biggest loser on the face of the earth

No. 1859417

>"over a decade of rural organizing practice toward healing, abolition and liberation"
The only things in this sentence that have unambiguous real-world meanings and aren't pure buzzwords are "rural" and "decade"

No. 1859418

oh, never mind, I looked at the patreon and she's selling lewds

No. 1859431

There was a woman who won a James Beard award this year for distributing a ton of food to families effected by the flooding in Eastern Kentucky (ironically, including the town Tom Sexton of Trillbillies is from.) Like you can do “rural outreach”, leftists just don’t lol

No. 1859446

From what I recall, Tom wasn't living there but his whole family lost all their shit. The other guy still lived there and he and Tom talked on the show about cleaning out friends/family's houses and distributing aid. They directed people to orgs to donate to but mostly just told anybody with an able body and a truck to come down and help them.

Sorry to WK I just think they're not really the same level of cow as Chapo bros, Flores, etc

No. 1859473

You’re fine, I’m not a listener and probably talking out of my ass and mostly directed at Tanya. Not a fan of the woke yokel schtick but that’s pretty cool.

No. 1859511

I wish more people could do this kind of thing and leave out the sex weirdo part

No. 1859577

File: 1688706179232.png (766.4 KB, 731x753, Untitled.png)

No. 1859640

File: 1688719120652.png (40.7 KB, 605x218, aimes.png)

>marilyn manson going door-to-door trying to shock people

No. 1859836

She’s just being a silly billy at this point. I think she’s pretty aware no one will ever take her seriously again

No. 1859909

File: 1688771898819.png (28.75 KB, 749x249, x.png)

Anna K takes aim at default_friend

No. 1859919

kek I was wondering when this is going to happen. they even made a meme about her. DF has no spine so we likely wont get milk

No. 1859990

the funny thing about how much they hate df is that she would be their biggest sycophant if they didn’t dunk on her so much. plus like phoebe nir, she’s a rich JAP who would do anything to be liked.

No. 1860000

when you aim at DF but hit crumps

No. 1860004

yeah DF is spineless and simps for scott greer but she publishes A LOT of content. does she even write about right wing twitter or just orbit it?

No. 1860018

both, her fake "internet historian" substack work bloviates 4chan constantly. the first issue she had with these twitter freaks was when she tried to create a dating service to help out the loveless moids and earned her the title default_fed several threads back. shes been reduced to more of an orbiter lately since shes clearly an outsider and theyve noticed her hanging around their creepy little doxxing rings.

No. 1860028

wasn’t that justin murphy’s project?

you sound like a rw moid or someone who hangs around them. df is an unfortunate looking orbiter but the fed accusations have always been obvious bullshit.

No. 1860031

you must be new here. everything has been covered here in threads past.

No. 1860046

No. 1860055

No. 1860064

She completely agreed to the project with Murphy and co-advertised with him, later regretting it and pretending like she never tried to be a matchmaker.. You must be new.

No. 1860065

she backed out after a day but continued to advertise it for him

No. 1860082

Her IRL friend Indian Bronson attempted a job match/training service from twitter where he requested resumes from people. Ofc it looked sus.
Even tho she’s not a fed, it’s her fault for associating with a bunch of schiz RW men who have an inflated view of the impact of their twitter racism

No. 1860085

File: 1688795748226.jpeg (143.73 KB, 623x523, 46DED78D-948E-4FB0-8B3A-BF46E9…)

wat means?

No. 1860112

Basically wignat Bidenism. Spencer started pushing DNC support as the new right wing hypercontrarian thing a while ago and even the new right people were like that's ao dumb and cringe. Dasha is maybe the only one dumb enough to actually buy it.

No. 1860114

i also think it’s a nod to his little gay pagan project of merging hellenistic myth archetypes & nietzschian philosophy and bringing it to the few leftover fat, schlumpy losers who haven’t accused him of being controlled opposition. it’s probably why he responded to dasha’s tweet now that he’s (so called) moderate.

No. 1860121

Might honestly be the first time I’ve come across Spencer since 2019 or 20. Maybe the hardest fall off of any prominent far right figure (and they all fall off eventually)
Something that I’ll do occasionally is scroll Therese’s feed and try to gauge the longest gap since she last posted. Not exaggerating when I say she often can’t go three hours without tweeting. Has to be amphetamines right?

No. 1860149

File: 1688810189601.jpeg (123.25 KB, 946x1554, 00D88805-D2D3-4DD3-8853-1AB48C…)

This was posted by Soph with absolutely no irony or regret, are they trans? Then being a troon is the only way I can imagine them being okay with being creeped on by untalented pedo thief lindyman

No. 1860172

next up, red scare rehabilitates richard spencer

No. 1860191

She’s trying so hard to get banned, just log off and go take a walk girl

No. 1860199

Plenty of leftists do rural outreach. I live on the Gulf Coast and there are leftist mutual aid groups who organize food & supply convoys to rural areas after hurricanes, deliveries to elderly people quarantining during COVID etc. The people itt are just useless posers who think tweeting = doing activism, that’s why they’re on lolcow.

No. 1860214

He’s a raging closeted queen and a fed who supports trannies performing drag shows for kids already tho.

No. 1860222

It's so crazy that there was a time where the media propped him up as the leader of an impending new right wing movement and not just an aimless contrarian.

No. 1860267

Surprised that he still has money to his name for the blue checkmark. Hasn't he spent the last five years post-Charlottesville getting sued for everything he's got?
Him, Pericles "Pedo" Abbasi, Ted Metrakas…are all Greek men pedophilic, inceloid freaks?

No. 1860268

No. 1860308

File: 1688833437730.jpeg (144.45 KB, 640x640, 0E65BFEC-971C-421F-8825-03340A…)

I always wonder with these pfp’s if random people know it’s not them? how many morons have been catfished?

No. 1860310

Considering all the catering Chapos do for troons, them doing a half an hour segment on the horrors of penis enlargement in their latest episode was pretty fucking hilarious. The content is obviously gross, but it’s funny to imagine they’re ridiculing the ”dick butchering” (their words) done to troons instead. I would love to hear them explain what’s the difference.

No. 1860318

sure thing

No. 1860319

They all fetishize youth, and most of them are shut-in freaks who go wild for any attention from women, hence going gay for trannies.

No. 1860329

That was a really random article for them to pick

No. 1860332

Add Stavros Halkias to that list.

No. 1860342

hopefully that episode gives some bad ideas to the rest of their dudes rock my dick is small audience

No. 1860369

you spoke too soon

No. 1860391

its been in the news lately

No. 1860392

well are you going to share?

No. 1860395

File: 1688842697819.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, CA3E3912-C6FC-4799-A38A-9E0CA0…)

Her cranial shape is mutating again

No. 1860404

she filters her shit so much that someone's gonna post this on r/rsp and the top comment will be “wow she looks different in every photo” lmao

No. 1860409

File: 1688843913475.jpeg (663.06 KB, 1170x1622, IMG_2584.jpeg)

No. 1860424

She's laying it out for you internet stalker freaks because she feels the need to share but off the record.

No. 1860428

You know you’re one of the “internet stalker freaks” now?

No. 1860432

Yes. It is interesting but also very voyeuristic, let's not sugarcoat it.

No. 1860434

What does she mean about the MommyMilkers avi?

No. 1860453

like they haven’t all wanted to enlarge their dicks

No. 1860460

File: 1688849110159.jpeg (249.65 KB, 946x2048, D5518541-62C1-42F1-94E8-208ED3…)


No. 1860481

Is there any indication the film itself is ever going to end up online, or was that a one-time-only exclusive screening?

No. 1860497

check the image. moche forgot to crop her avi out of it so it was clear she was the one who took the screenshot and sent it to the scrote, likely to stir up drama. DF ducked out of it as predicted

No. 1860498

same: >>1860497 sorry I mean the image DF is talking about in her tweets, not the one posted here

No. 1860514

Oh that’s funny bc Monica used to be friends with DF and a lot of her follower count could be attributed to DF retweets and engagement. These women like Monica and Anna are so unstable and two faced. & no surprise they’re pro family values yet 30+ and functionally single

No. 1860522

People on Reddit are complaining that Dasha and Anna haven’t dropped an episode since 6/22

No. 1860530

not the first time this has happened to df. jardinsecret888 and the personality girl did it to her too.

No. 1860539

personality_girl was her childhood best friend. Sad!

No. 1860553

Anyone know what happened here? They grew up together
It’s clear all this internet shit ruins relationships more than creates/contributes to em

No. 1860607

Who is ebbuger? I thought that was KB's current handle?

No. 1860633

Ed burg is a diff guy that does podcasts with kantbot, kantbots handle is wydna something(sage your shit)

No. 1860644

whatever happened to personality_grl? I checked jardin's profile and it was over the top racism

No. 1860792

The airbrush is crazy. She expects people to believe she has baby soft skin when she has smoked for years, drank, and done every drug under the sun

No. 1860796

File: 1688883918867.jpg (91.19 KB, 244x302, Khingila_portrait_(young).jpg)

she's been doing that Peruvian skull stretching thing

No. 1860921

ann is npd and df is bpd. ann was jealous of df and when she realized she couldn’t milk her for clout moved on. it would be sad but df brings it on herself by orbiting weirdos. df was friends with pariah the doll early days too.

No. 1861059

NTA but which image? The one anon posted? Is "tod's" profile pic the same as mommymilkers profile pic? I thought she had a profile pic of a guy in a v-neck sweater? I don't have a twitter and can't really see these posts on twitter ever since Papa Elon castrated the site.

No. 1861131

barely worth typing out. tod(ted?) has a stock image/fake pfp. he posted a screenshot of DF tweets and forgot to crop out mommymilkers profile pic from the screenshot he posted - meaning she took the screenshot while DF was private and sent it to him.

No. 1861314

File: 1688956444912.png (27.09 KB, 756x218, pariah.png)

He's finally living up to his chosen name!

No. 1861322

It doesn’t matter how sassy and abrasive Mochak’s tweets are, she’s a weak loser sending SS to bash Default Friend and whomever else for Anna and Co, the new ADL (Anna Defense League). Everyone involved fighting for Anna from Jack to Monica are absolute sheep. Grown ass people with high school politics, teenage approval seeking. They’re the actual dorky unliked and ugly theatre kids

No. 1861340

same with tod, who used to psychotically attack alice from queens in the same way. anna is loyal to her most pathetic simps again and again. she’s probably jealous of audrey and as hard as it is to believe, df too.

No. 1861346

A+D make six figures a month doing fuck all. cant they comp his rent? kekkkk

No. 1861360

Wasn't he working as an organist? Maybe it was all the slutty church selfies that did him in kek

No. 1861382

File: 1688965579502.jpeg (189.23 KB, 1170x969, IMG_0724.jpeg)

Yeah same with Moche/Monica, she called Audrey a “mousy brunette.”
Does DF not speak mean girl? Monica is her op, there is no benefit of the doubt. Same with her still replying to Dasha

No. 1861384

I think she gets the antagonism. DF is by far the most complex figure among all these retards. I dont see what she gets out of it tbh. really weird

No. 1861397

do you think she’s still trying to get these people to like her? her replies to dasha come off as desperate more than anything.

No. 1861407

absolutely she is. these are her people. as much as she pretends shes "apolitical" her writing about how birth control is bad for women and anti-choice rhetoric reveals everything. not to mention also she has a weird obsessive hatred for "tumblrinas" and seems to blame them for the gamergate era in her writing. shes arts and culture-minded and desperately seeks to get the acceptance of the only rw arts and culture scene she can find online

No. 1861410

samefag but this thread from just a few months ago on the mental illness epidemic in teen girls encapsulates what im talking about: https://twitter.com/default_friend/status/1634058969357451265
notice she never mentions the extreme standards and harassment young women face both online and off. no - to DF, its the websites and their web use. laughable.

No. 1861413

Angela Nagle really did a number on the discourse with Kill All Normies

No. 1861433

On the World Class Zoomer ep, Anna speculates that Rachel Sennott's character in The Idol was named after her friend Leia? Sam Levinson follows Anna and Dasha on instagram, so it's possible…

No. 1861434

And Dasha tried out for Hari Nef's reporter character but didn't get the part lol

No. 1861439

You saw her recent post on the Red Scare subreddit directly comparing herself to Nagle, didn't you?

No. 1861449

No lol, link? How sad is it for these discourse junkies to be slumming around that cesspool

No. 1861459

File: 1688988407519.jpeg (535.92 KB, 1170x1244, IMG_2605.jpeg)


No. 1861461

File: 1688988559847.jpeg (368.95 KB, 1170x951, IMG_2606.jpeg)

No. 1861464

>i'm being collectively gaslit by these fucking dilettantes
fucking hilarious lmao gonna start saying that whenever people disagree with me. also funny that he's carrying on KB's torch with the whole "i'm the only person here who knows anything you're leeching off me reee i'm so influential", i haven't seen him on my timeline in months. he's literally irrelevant

No. 1861474

people gotta stop moving to nyc with 2,000 twitter followers and a dream, rents literally never been higher and music/modeling/any industry that attracts fame whores and narcissists will pay you in "exposure" and free ugly clothes for years

i had the same thought nonna, imagine simping Anna and Dasha for years, finally getting in their inner circle and the group chat goes silent when you get locked out of your apartment lol. these people's "friendship" is worth exactly nothing, i'm sure anna has spoken tediously and at length about what a true, generous and loyal friend she is and how this makes her different than all other women tho

watch that narcissism Anna, you're slipping into delusions of reference, that's schizo territory

wow love to see a queen's career thrive, RIP to the feisty 2021 dasha who used to come on lolcow and call us all fat dykes for saying her career peaked with Succession

No. 1861480

or after Princess Leia from Star Wars? which feels more likely?

No. 1861481

She's such a snake, kek. She doesn't have a strong understanding of…anything…but is still a writer, and kisses the ass of right-wing Twitter people?

No. 1861486

i think she’s just stupid

No. 1861500

I listened to her on The Witch Trials of JK Rowling and she sounded pretty stupid. It's like she thinks whatever she personally saw and interacted with has to be the most impactful thing that happened. She thinks the entirely of internet culture came from tumblr. Weird for her to think and it's annoying she says it so much.
My eyes always gloss over her in these threads because she's not funny to me, I resent having to hear her internet theories on that podcast. I honestly wonder why they even picked her.

No. 1861507

she interviewed a few hundred people about tumblr in 2019 or 2020. her point was that kids learned about critical theory online, not in universities. wasn’t that groundbreaking but she got carted around to repeat it over and over again.

you can’t volunteer to be a podcast guest, someone has to ask you. she sounds increasingly exasperated on these shows and probably just needs the money.

No. 1861509

samefag but df is just a retard who can’t say no and now has to deal with the consequences of her bad decision-making. she knows no one will hire her again so is sticking with substack.

No. 1861513

>he was fired because of character assassination
When their untreated personality disorders and 3edgy5me LARPs hit reality, love to see it. Nice try but back to flyover country you go sir, kek

No. 1861514

Lmao! When your acting "career" gets mogged by a literal lantern-jawed troon and you're still doing indie vanity projects funded by Peter Vack's parents at 35, it might be time to hang it up. Hollywood doesn't want you hon, stick to podcasting.

No. 1861538

I can't imagine a lamer outcome for the RS sub than being a hugbox for hacks like DF and freddie deboer

No. 1861550

File: 1689004537264.png (16.51 KB, 1111x224, a.png)

What kind of thirty-something has a curiouscat?

No. 1861556

df, audrey, and catherine are all 28

No. 1861573

DF is not 28….

No. 1861581

DF is 31, Audrey is 29. Cath is 29 this year

No. 1861582

Personality girl is 30

No. 1861604

>Freddie deBoer
anyone willingly giving a platform to that freak is just as bad as he is

No. 1861613

>BAP doesn't go on podcasts

He has a podcast lol, and he's been on at least an early episode of Russians With Attitudes

No. 1861628

File: 1689015239421.jpg (249.12 KB, 970x970, Katherine-Dee[1].jpg)

Lots of Katherine Dee talk around here lately. I don't understand what's so milky about her. She seems really boring. "Internet Historian", what a boring and useless career even if she's able to milk it a bit. I listened to 5 minutes of her appearance on the "Manifold" podcast and got really bored. She talked about how people use to think she's autistic but she's really not. Anyway, since we're supposed to be mean, here is an unflattering pic of her lol.
NTA but yes and his voice sounds like shit.

No. 1861642

Cinematic and creamy splitting her black

No. 1861643

DF needs braces or Invisalign like Liz B.
We are all just biding time and twiddling our thumbs until Anna’s next NPD/BPD blow up and watching her white knights fight internet battles, overshare, and risk employment for her or at least for ingratiation into her scene (DollPariah, the most recent victim).

No. 1861646

she was bullied into invisalign

No. 1861771

people always be saying "she looks different in every photo" about anyone but Dee really does look different in every photo

No. 1861875

she easily uses the most facetune in this scene besides maybe dasha. maybe even worse because she changes her entire facial structure while cashew keeps the same oblong shape kek

No. 1861895

something is going on with her, she looks different in every video too. compare tucker, chris williamson, and kaschuta and it’s all different.

No. 1862043

File: 1689051994845.jpeg (77.31 KB, 1025x589, IMG_0772.jpeg)

Whoever said they can’t view tweets anymore should use the site sotwe.
I guess this is how Anna justifies her snide comments (but these are also all the people that say beautiful people are good and kind)

No. 1862049

Of course the self own that they’re all edging 40 pretending to be in a 90s Hollywood high school movie

“Hotties are mean” is a dumb trope that uglies made up to cope anyway

did “Monica” even attend hs being a refugee and all?

No. 1862168

these days kantbot is screaming at random twitter accounts from an alt with < 1000 followers (wydna777) while his wife is in her second or third trimester. pathetic.

No. 1862212

rich coming from the late 20s woman with more plastic surgery than madonna

No. 1862234

She’s 30+

No. 1862242

Kind of crazy this nutter has an actual wife with a ring, and a baby coming. Even as ppl call him fat and lame. Compare him to the RS scene….

No. 1862244

I ain't gonna believe he has a wife until a picture surfaces.

No. 1862245

she’s apparently trans

No. 1862247

he’s posted ultrasound photos so that bit’s untrue. sending dms to trans women on the side? not improbable.

No. 1862255

every scrote in this clique is DMing teenage trannies. every last one.

No. 1862258

I feel like Elena Velez is next - she really thinks by associating with this crowd she will score thiel money when in reality her stockists will drop her and she will go broke

Pretty sure Pariah told his church he was a woman they probably found out he is trans lol

No. 1862318

she lies about her age. she’s 38 confirmed.

No. 1862354

She locked down a wealthy sugar daddy husband, she'll be fine

No. 1862444

I thought the wife was a troon?? extremely sad if he genuinely has a baby on the way and he is still doing the same tired schtick and hasn't grown up at all

No. 1862453

kantbot’s wife is laura/inspektorbucket. hopefully she’s more invested in childcare than kantbot or it’ll be another khachiyan baby scenario.

No. 1862470

File: 1689108919504.jpg (128.46 KB, 901x712, Screenshot 2023-07-11 165452.j…)

Liz B already getting dunked on on Bluesky, but she seems to be posting there after getting run off Twitter. She only started posting a couple days ago and is already 2nd on the blocking leaderboards

No. 1862553

File: 1689119067657.jpeg (189.45 KB, 640x503, 572E6CD2-35DD-43E5-8FB5-78A47B…)

lmfao, hopefully she takes the hint

No. 1862582

File: 1689120457861.png (32.71 KB, 620x401, rest in piss.png)

delicious tacos suspended

No. 1862586

She’s right. She had more in common politically with AOC than she does with Anna. Her crime is being a Catholic convert and an annoying goody two shoes.

No. 1862619

She wrote against abortion for years, wrote how lesbian relationships are sinful, describes herself as a "Christian Democrat" and a monarchist, constantly rails against liberal democracy in her writing, believes Catholic political views are incompatible with the American political system (and should supplant them), once gave a talk advocating explicitly for integralism, and speaks highly of Moldbug. If the "crypto-" moniker applies to anyone in this sphere the most, it's Liz B's Straussian ass.

No. 1862626

Never thought I’d say this but I’m glad Liz B is back, she’s a far more interesting cow than most of the boring edgelord self-promoters itt. At least she has real issues and airs them online as opposed to just cowardly Comp Lit 101 aesthetic posturing.

No. 1862633

Doubt she's going to use bluesky for anything other than posting cookies and reskeeting articles. The milk will flow if she ever starts tweeting again.

No. 1862637

Liz really loves purging followers

No. 1862650

No she doesn’t, this is her usual smol bean posturing. Liz 100% pushed conservative theology, but she couched it in soft libtard “I just care about people” language. And whenever anyone called out this tactic, she’d send her army of tradCath bro simps after them. Her Twitter presence was completely poisonous, that’s part of what made her such an entertaining cow.

No. 1862664

You are giving, Liz, an annoying, tedious, narcissist, far too much intellectual credit if you sincerely believe she is pro theocracy. She is literally just an anti-abortion Catholic convert AOC. I know radfems believe anyone against abortion is a fascist, but have a little reading comprehension here, 80% of her work is a policy appeal against the death penalty.

No. 1862667

>80% of her work is creepy sympathy porn about convicts

No. 1862673

Explain to me how that’s different than the Democratic Party line please I’ll wait

No. 1862680

Sure that’s mainly what she writes about now. But she switched to writing about the death penalty fairly recently and I think it was to distract from her columns about abortion and Catholicism.

No. 1862684

> just an anti-abortion
thats a big deal. literally the biggest political win fundamentalists have gotten in the past 60 years. more to follow unfortunately

No. 1862700

>pro theocracy
"Theocracy" is a distracting buzzword. Anti-capital-L-Liberalism is a constant, if not the defining theme in her writing. She does not believe in the public/private distinction of religion that liberalism prescribes, and as someone who takes her Catholicism dead seriously believes that the political order of a functioning, just state in service of the common good should be ordered according to Catholic doctrine.

No. 1862706

>the state should be controlled by the church
How is that not a theocracy?

No. 1862714

The state working in concert with the church to implement its teachings, led by an enlightened philosopher-monarch, is not theocracy.

No. 1862717

ayrt, it's not

No. 1862719

> enlightened philosopher-monarch
lipstick on a pig

No. 1862743

I’m with monica here pearl’s busted af - absolutely no reason for her to even be pretending to understand male attraction

No. 1862744

i just don't understand how she is more sympathetic to murderers and rapists than to women whose only crime is wanting to escape poverty for themselves and said theoretical children. you have to believe in souls to think that a clump of cells is "murder." following a religious doctrine to the letter and than imposing it on everyone else is literally narcissistic autism. her logic and writing remind me a lot of aella's father's goofy webpage.

No. 1862751

Anna chronicling her L's
On the latest ep, she says her therapist opened one of their sessions by bringing up this (probably) joke tweet about Eli being on grindr

No. 1862753

File: 1689142255401.png (36.42 KB, 591x184, grindr.png)

forgot pic

No. 1862763

Even if it’s meant to be taken as a joke I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if it was true kek, Eli is a self confessed porn addict and Anna looks like a tranny. And New York boys are always down for gross bi/gay shit in my experience.

No. 1862770

that's one of jon coochiebones' alts so obviously fake

No. 1862817

That's the point. It's hilarious that her therapist saw it and thought it was real.

No. 1862880

forgot about that rapist scrote. gross

No. 1862887

he’s a rapist?

No. 1862888

Still too close for comfort for separation of church and state fans.

No. 1862904


I honestly agree because her incoming meltdown is gonna be amazing. And it will happen, she can't help herself, especially since Bsky right now is so left and queer

No. 1862912

“enlightened philosopher monarch” is the single most retarded concept anyone has ever had in the history of political thought
whenever anyone says that, sound effects should go off and a bucket of shit should be dumped over their head

No. 1862937

I think she's interesting solely because her "well-meaning curious writer" persona online is irritating, and because she's close to a bunch of suspicious Twitter people despite having no strong opinions on anything. Her sanctimoniousness reminds me of Liz Bruenig a little bit

No. 1862941

she’s less sanctimonious and more clueless. liz b knows why people don’t like her and is smug but df has no self awareness.

No. 1862970

File: 1689180415411.jpg (19.6 KB, 320x320, 1662748808787[1].jpg)

>Cinematic and creamy
Is that the troon that was in the subreddit complaining about how people in the sub were being transphobic? His reddit account got suspended but he has an alt that posts in the girls and gays sub. I thought that he kept his BS to reddit only but apparently he's written stuff on Katherine Dee's substack under the name "Taylor Stucky". I found this article and the pic in the kiwifarms thread
Actually refreshing that even troons are wary of Keffals grooming behavior. Did Katherine and Taylor have a falling out?

No. 1863011

>every scrote in this clique is DMing teenage trannies. every last one.

No. 1863015

Did Dasha fuck both FbF and Delicious Tacos? What are the chances that she’s fucked everyone in this scene?

Literal who. Stop self posting

No. 1863038

kek agree, reads like a moid who played too much crusader kings or reads that retard moldbug
thinking yes to DT unless he rejected her for being double his desired age. would be shocked if she fucked FBF. guy is a complete freak and it was ridiculously cringy when he asked if she wanted to fuck after an awkward silence

No. 1863053

that's how she copes with the bulimia nonnie

No. 1863064

I think she might have fucked both and is flirting with BAP if they’ve never met. The way those guys post about her is more than just regular flirting. If this is true, Dasha gave at least 2 RW moids herpes kek

No. 1863072

File: 1689191720505.jpg (139.48 KB, 682x678, anchor.jpg)

Brace's big unionization success story ends up killing the oldest craft brewery in the US lol

No. 1863085

I think she and BAP were in Japan at the same time so probably hooked up considering how much he wks for her. DT is in “sex addiction therapy” and Dasha isn’t a Filipina teen so maybe not.

No. 1863087

That’s what happens when you grow up with narcissistic, abusive parents using religion as a cover to control and abuse their kids. serious internalized self hatred and misogyny going on that she will never get over

No. 1863089

Hilarious of you to think DT somehow didn’t have herpes already, they probably just exchanged their own drug-resistant superstrains with each other.

No. 1863090

His brother is a software engineer at a FAANG, everything this ugly fuck does is a larp.

No. 1863094

Imagine being a mattress for this scene. Didn't she fuck some smaller accounts too?

No. 1863102

He’s everywhere online trying to climb however he can. he comes from a rich family and went to film school at an older age but portrays himself as a young college grad online. He tried to manipulate the cumtown org admin by sending him nudes, he tried to get Jesse singal to back down on his gender critical reporting, he lurks here and wrote about it, and he’s probably up to some mischief on rdrama too. No clue how he attached himself to df, but not surprised he made it to kiwi farms, his dox is out there so you’d think he’d cool off on the striving a little. I wonder what pariah would do if he managed to ingratiate himself into dimes square

No. 1863103

What wk do you mean? When he posted a photo of a hot naked guy saying he will eat her for sustenance in the wild? Kek. Not sure if that’s wk so much as name dropping her for a joke

No. 1863193

File: 1689200721371.png (822.77 KB, 992x550, libertariantards.png)

hilarious that when juxtaposed with two utter bugmen, jack could actually be considered attractive, he has the height and the frame, why he doesn't just try to lose the weight and get buff like a typical fag is beyond me. if he reeled it all in and got more disciplined (physically and emotionally) he wouldn't get half the hate he gets

No. 1863275

He will never stop getting hate because he is an unlikable delusional pseud who is convinced he has some sort of gift or special tastmaking views when he is the most basic, self absorbed homo imaginable. Also hes racist and weird. He will never be attractive.

No. 1863286

df is too spineless and seems to have a humiliation kink, so gets taken advantage of all the time

No. 1863291

File: 1689207689663.png (355.01 KB, 1566x1156, christman gulty or not.png)

Anons who thought something was up with those L.A. Little Secrets shows vindicated.


No. 1863298

File: 1689207970254.png (197.68 KB, 1192x798, sex pest parties.png)


No. 1863300

The poster of both of these is the brother of Milka Sklaar, the person that accused Robert Smith from The Cure of grooming them in the 80s (which is pretty much debunked imo). Huh, weird interlap.

No. 1863361

holy shit Danielle Sklaar is literally insane, she's a chapo-to-fash poster now? how much does DNC pay for those now that they are all biden-supporting libs and bernie isn't even on the radar

No. 1863364

He does mog those strags. He could powerbottom max but he’s probably afraid of needles

No. 1863365

Wow, shocking, so they were all “literally nazis” taking the bad guy bucks but were totally cool just letting redscare take all the heat. Wonder if TAFs is getting thiel money from an intermediary and not actually funded out of Mullen’s own pocket.

No. 1863389

File: 1689215471019.png (1.63 MB, 1786x982, big secrets.png)

Their location recently moved so that could be the lease Belove helped with.Unclear if he's been involved the whole time or not but the entire thing is still sketchy and desperate.

No. 1863558

I did actually used to listen to TPN some years ago, but I was beginning to lose interest before his brother dropped out of it, the constant twitter drama he was invoking was already a little tiring and his attitude has been very revealing over the years. If he did reel it in and wasn't so catty and malignant, he'd be a lot more bearable.

No. 1863576

Whoever runs the official LA Times Reddit account uses it to post on the Red Scare sub.

No. 1863577

File: 1689233239959.png (32.47 KB, 477x469, latimes.png)

No. 1863592

tbf this was all under a post of an LA Times article, they do this on all manner of subs.

No. 1863676

They were clearly adopting the tone of the sub in a knowing manner. It's distinctly different in tone that the posts that account has made in other subs.

No. 1863691

seriously. an “enlightened philosopher monarch”? is moldbug posting itt now?

No. 1863695

I was just really obsessed with Chris Smalls for a minute and as soon as he showed up there I knew it was some bullshit with an agenda. Not surprised it's connected to other distasteful personalities. Lost interest in farming it because it all just seemed so lame so I hadn't seen the location changed and all this stuff came out, thanks for posting!

No. 1863738

lol braces union didn’t singlehandedly run a brewery into the ground, just because he’s annoying doesn’t mean you have to be all retarded about it when “company buys thing and runs it into the ground” has happened a gazillion times

No. 1863756

The LA times is somehow even less relevant than NY Times

No. 1863803

It’s really callous and retarded to gloat about this.

No. 1863807

no it isn't. where do you think you are?

No. 1863825

yeah it's not really the union's fault unless you want to get deeply tinfoil about it (which I do, but not here lol) companies do frequently shut down unionized locations instead of agreeing to a contract or as a way to get out of a contract or to prevent unionization from spreading (no idea what happened here I haven't looked into it, I need more proof from the original poster that it had anything to do with the union – I don't care to research it myself, I don't like Anchor beer)

No. 1863846

This venue also has ties to that Matt Donovan dude, who is all over the Dimes scene/Indie Sleaze revival. Baby's All Right in NYC and other BK venues are just completely part of That Scene now. It seems like a lot of $$$ is being poured into DIY scenes from…dubious sources. And it seems, not just in NY.

No. 1863872

do you think thiel is tired of the dimes square scene and set sights on LA, or is it a larger concerted astroturf "movement"?

No. 1864009

>Alex's War
Kek, Alex Lee Moyer really evaporated after that came out. I don't think anyone watched it

No. 1864055

Its worst crime was that it was just plain boring. Love him or hate him, everyone can admit that Alex Jones can be hilarious when he leans into the more outlandish conspiracy-peddling or boomer-ranting, but the only genuine light-hearted moment in the whole film is when he pisses on the Georgia Guidestones.

No. 1864096

File: 1689324568900.jpeg (313.56 KB, 640x460, 4EB236C8-26B8-48EB-9321-C2EDC6…)

Dasha and Moldbug linked up, need it or keep it?

No. 1864149

she's going heavy on the merch recently

No. 1864175

good for her for finding the one person in that scene of freaks that doesnt make her look like a 43 year old divorcee skinwalking a catholic schoolgirl

No. 1864326

every Frogtwitter guy is completely washed up. Kantbot isn't wrong about the infrahaz / "patriotic socialist" or w/e the fuck that set calls itself being retarded, but they certainly aren't any more odious than the wignats he was pals with ~2018

No. 1864338

BAP is over too, he fucked himself over with the red scare simping. fuck that faggot.

No. 1864341

They're awfully handsy. You think they…?

No. 1864358

No. 1864366

File: 1689363416731.jpeg (270.16 KB, 631x904, C4228492-EBDF-42A0-A23D-5DF973…)

That logo is for "0nsetcreative," some shady production company whose website lists Alex Lee Moyer's two movies as its only projects thus far. Thiel funding for Total War secured?

No. 1864368

Is it normal in NYC to just walk around with your tits out?

No. 1864421

Dasha would probably fuck a dog or another disgusting animal out of sheer ennui… so yeah she probably slept with Moldbug

No. 1864427

File: 1689367080215.jpeg (60.95 KB, 680x392, F1AIM-1XoAEFjy6.jpeg)

Stav looks like he's got a bit part in some new soderbergh webseries

No. 1864452

looks like shit

No. 1864478

She's more interested in the twinky nebbish Jew-ish type of boy. Lost interest in Brace when he put on weight. She mentioned on the pod that she finds the young Hasidic Jews with the curly hair attractive and tries to talk to them on the street but they avoid her.

No. 1864510

what’s the baby’s scoop? those little membership necklaces are so weird

No. 1864513

Imagine the smell

No. 1864544

lol at filename

No. 1864683

I wonder who this JJ character is

No. 1864684

File: 1689391893550.jpeg (520.36 KB, 828x815, IMG_1550.jpeg)

screenshot didn’t attach

No. 1864700

She definitely has a thing for twinky Jews

No. 1864734

faggot's posting edits of Dasha's SAG award reactions soundtracked by Goebbels speeches, he's lost it

No. 1864753

Twinky jewish guys are at her troll faced level. She knows she can’t hold the attention of better looking guys

No. 1864776

also fatter than ever

No. 1864886

File: 1689434234361.jpeg (Spoiler Image,249.5 KB, 1123x1097, IMG_1342.jpeg)

This man will not live to be 40

No. 1864912

His comedy career might be taken off but his health is spiraling for the worse. He's gonna get Belushi'd/Farley'd pretty soon.

No. 1864933

he's gonna damage the reputation of his brother's gym the way he's spiraling

No. 1864965

It's insane how he's actually gotten bigger.

No. 1865155

File: 1689463334178.png (51.68 KB, 601x271, deep.png)

Must be tough being the only redpilled bitch on the block…if only everyone could understand race science the way she does…

No. 1865177

he looks like the radish spirit with caved in knees

No. 1865200

Im attracted to Andrew Santino

No. 1865243

File: 1689472065517.jpeg (133.67 KB, 1155x311, IMG_2761.jpeg)

No. 1865247

File: 1689472598960.jpg (255.16 KB, 1198x992, Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 9.54…)

The Thot Topics fags are next in line of Jack's orbiters to be purged it seems

No. 1865273

File: 1689475264453.jpeg (126.75 KB, 1042x776, IMG_0958.jpeg)

I always forget that DF is actually Jewish while Anna pretends to be.
Anyways, here’s a heavy serving of cope.

No. 1865281

df did what anna does first, but worse

No. 1865359

hes never had it.
the fuck does thos even mean kek

No. 1865363

jack and zach having been subtweeting them for months, basically every tweet of theirs making fun of zoomers/oomfies is a direct shot at nick

No. 1865374

I recall Stav being more than just garden variety fat but now he's actually alarmingly fat, like Walmart fat. the sort of person where your every other thought of him is colored by awareness of their mortality

No. 1865382

is there anyone else in the sphere as transparently pathetic as dee? everything she posts registers as a girl who never got over not having her peers' approval in high school – and a lot of people have that insecurity but at least have the forbearance to try to hide it about themselves

No. 1865556

unlike df, ernst junger had artistic talent. embarrassing.

No. 1865576

unlike anna, hitler at least had principles.

No. 1865592

File: 1689517942239.jpeg (332.71 KB, 1536x2048, 4FAED104-6FDC-4771-AA7E-4A5B97…)

Delicious Tacos posted this pic…pretty rough looking for 47 years old

No. 1865595

File: 1689518011342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.03 KB, 828x1125, IMG_8553.jpeg)

No. 1865600

moids use sunscreen challenge (impossible)

No. 1865608

Looks like Beto O'Rourke aged 20 years

No. 1865609

now how the fuck do you end up with a purple back wtf

No. 1865620

I'd guess at least 65 kek he looks like my literal grandfather

No. 1865625

Lol nonna you took the words right out of my mouth. Gen x loser physiognomy.

No. 1865643

File: 1689522245906.png (3.34 MB, 1170x2076, IMG_2845.png)

This body geometry is so confusing like what's going on here

No. 1865684

Looks like an adult diaper

No. 1865685

"Look how wide and round my hips are!"

No. 1865695

this is what happens you try to shoop the proportions of a 5'2 woman into those of a 5'10 model

No. 1865698

Imagine looking older than a 71 year old.

On a side note, he looks kinda like Jeffrey Epstein.

No. 1865702

JC, nobody needs to see this

No. 1865718

File: 1689528382484.jpg (180.01 KB, 609x565, peter coffin 2.jpg)

Logo dumped his latest podcast cohost, replaced him with an anime icon Zoomer acolyte. Moves to Youtube to "evangelize" about Marxism and One Piece. Logo's screen presence is so noxious that redscarepod had entire threads about how unlistenable he is. Betting Logo gets 500 subscribers before throwing in the towel.

No. 1865750

File: 1689530442679.jpeg (141.79 KB, 1170x765, IMG_0974.jpeg)

It’s embarrassing how she’ll put on heels just for a mirror selfie

No. 1865760

File: 1689531314609.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1200x1200, the fresno nightcrawler.jpeg)

>anna candid / anna selfie
imagine having such a complex about your height that you photoshop yourself into a freakish cryptid instead of just admitting you're 5'0"

No. 1865776

Year of the Thiel Adult Undergarment

No. 1865830

lmfao good one

No. 1865875

Kek file name nona. She really is OD’ing on filters and tuning, her face looks grafted on and about the same size as her waist. It seems so odd to me how she could go from so clearly not giving a shit about being sexy (admirable attitude imo) to being a really pathetic thirst trapper as she got older. She’s maturing backwards.

No. 1865878

Hm, do we think she and Eli finally broke up for good? I've never seen her retweet anything like this before

No. 1865890

No. 1865910

She posts here. Anna, you’re ugly inside and out.

No. 1865914

It’s funny Dasha does the same to fake being taller but she’s more into lengthening her torso

No. 1865919

Why does he bother whiting his eyes out? He is single and has no family or kids to worry about disgracing

No. 1865923

File: 1689542699527.jpeg (573.99 KB, 2363x3150, 8A34C7A8-AF9B-420F-92C3-244A9C…)

my what long legs you have

No. 1865951

File: 1689546104614.jpeg (387.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0981.jpeg)

Yep. She’s apple shaped, and she is both super skinny and lacks calf and thigh muscle. Makes her legs look thin, but they’re not long. She has normal limb proportions.

No. 1865954

Samefag if she checked out the anachan thread she’d see it’s filled with 5’3 and below women claiming to have spider legs but they’re all just incredibly skinny and lack muscle/leg width. Leg length is super related to height, more so than torso. few shorties out there have long legs

No. 1865969

Zoomed in and Tulsi is mogging them so hard kek

No. 1865977

File: 1689547998608.png (376.97 KB, 588x459, it all comes back to solidarit…)

>It all comes back to solidarity

No. 1865981

She had a fundraiser at Little Secret yesterday, and both Delicious Tacos and another Dimes-adjacent rw moid show up? Curious.

No. 1866012

it’s one thing to just take money but there seems to be a clause that alleged/admitted frogtwitter sex pests get to sit vip. are the supposed leftists involved in this venue out or is it moldbug Felix karaoke night soon?

No. 1866050

File: 1689553310823.jpg (52.46 KB, 1290x469, F1MS6snWIAASTMw.jpg)

aimee on the writers' strike

No. 1866073

File: 1689554969524.jpg (69.05 KB, 768x570, Tulsi-Gabbard-768x570[1].jpg)

Tulsi is incredibly milky herself. Arguably more milky than Anna and Dasha combined. Her dad was a cult leader in a bizarre Hindu sect and she is still connected to that sect despite downplaying it. Probably off topic for this thread. Tulsi is definitely more healthy physically but might benefit from Tretinoin treatment lol

No. 1866099

> tulsi height: 5'6"
dasha height truthers in shambles.

No. 1866127

Because he’s a degenerate pervert. Check out his writing or his blog

No. 1866148

he is ugly. I used to read his blogspot in the early 2010s. his face was all over the place and he even linked his name to something and I remember it. he wrote in a blog post that hes jacked off to cp before. he censored what he jacked off to but it was obvious he meant that, which is supported by other things hes written since. did anyone ever see that. I wonder if its still accessible.

No. 1866171

and dasha is having sex with this man

No. 1866243

lmao and these womanlets look like they're both wearing kitten heels too, pathetic

No. 1866257

Wait is his dick fat and uncut

No. 1866262

Right. It’s weird that people act like he’s this man of mystery when he posted personal info and photos of himself all over his blog for years. He’s in decent shape for a middle aged alcoholic moid, but woof he is UGLY in the face. Haggard skin, pale sunken eyes, huge beaky nose etc. And yes he’s always been an open and proud pedophile.

No. 1866263

Still weird his full name hasn’t been doxxed and the only raw face photo posted here was from years ago?

No. 1866266

File: 1689565020380.png (73.28 KB, 1190x314, Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 11.2…)

not sure p8stie "marie" was posted in an old version of the thread a while back or the tradthot thread, so apologies if this is the wrong place for it. but i used to be in a groupchat with her because i followed her very early on due to the fact that we lived in the same city at the time. i know her persona is basically saying purposefully outlandish things but i think she also knows saying stuff like this is beneficial because the sex starved right wing males that follow her can't always differentiate between her satire and real self. so for what it's worth she talked about having sex and at one point said she and her ex had so much sex it damaged their relationship (?). also marie isn't her real name

sorry if this sounds bitter or it seems that she's adding talking pictures of random people on the street (especially couples) into her grift which i absolutely HATE.
agree 10000%. he absolutely deserves it

No. 1866268

just found her real name: it's bella and she also talked about doing acid, mushrooms and possibly being bisexual lol

No. 1866439

Don't know about the Chapoids, but Chris Smalls the Amazon union guy is doing a very cringe looking "Hot Summer Labor Tour" that they're sponsoring. He's flirted pretty heavily with the right before, though. I think they're angling fir the folx rather than the frogs with this one, though.

No. 1866479

He called it Hot Labor Summer last year too, didn’t know he was reusing that. Then he goes around and other people use him for publicity and he puts a fist up and says something vaguely pro-people-power or something. I can’t stand his whole schtick lol… and before anyone accuses me of hating unions or something Chris Smalls was literally a manager, he has no business taking up so much air in labor discourse.

No. 1866574

Probably not, she's just trying to make herself feel better about her shit babydaddy.
On a related note, I've been checking out all the threads/the subreddit to find more milk about their relationship. It seems similar to one I got stuck in during my early 20s(sans baby, thank God). My underdeveloped brain thought my asshole boyfriend was worth the pain he caused me. It's weird seeing this dynamic play out with a couple of thirty year olds.

>Failing to find the courage to go outside
Is she trying on the "smol bean who can't make a phonecall" zoomer persona? I thought she hated smol beenz.
And why did everyone start hiking up their shorts like this

No. 1866617

I thought Marie was a shitty bot or a man doing an unfunny parody of internet trad women??? Wtf is she like when she's not baiting misogynists?

No. 1866627

Anna gives me femcel vibes. I don’t get the sense she’s had many romantic relationships, just sex. If that’s the case, no wonder she’s in a deeply incompatible situationship

No. 1866660

She's posted here from time to time and she was on that middle school excursion to the church with the girls and gay. Most of her tweets are ghostwritten by unfunny moids from the GCs, her new curated persona is similarly curated. I think the fact that she doesn't believe anything she tweets makes her less milky, but she definitely belongs in this thread

No. 1866713

This could turn straight girls gay

No. 1866809

Styling a femcel Anna would be so much fun

No. 1866838

I don't know who they are other than Stav on the left but 2 and 3 look like they have respectable peepees

No. 1866887

everyone in the pic is fat

No. 1866951

the guy with the fucked up purple back has a huge dick, but you can't see enough of anyone else to tell one way or the other.

No. 1866960

can you expand on this(sage your shit)

No. 1866964

this post is reeking of ball sweat

No. 1866998

File: 1689632322950.png (110.24 KB, 977x688, FirstBook.png)

Honor's first book is coming soon.

No. 1867006

Sounds like the hottest new novel of 2010.

No. 1867008

sounds like a boomer publishing house's wet dream
>the kids are here to tell it like it is!

No. 1867010

File: 1689633792040.png (8.85 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0994.png)

actual foot in the grave

No. 1867012

>"I'd rather do Xanax than cut myself" is the banger line they think is going to sell this book
Seriously, what year is this?>>1867006

No. 1867016

>Penguin Press
Damn, how'd she swing that? Makes Gian's death look like a blessing in disguise.

No. 1867026

File: 1689636026498.jpg (166.22 KB, 1080x1146, congrats-to-anna-and-dasha-on-…)

No. 1867032


No. 1867033

So does Glenn know that Anna is like a race realist now and is making her a godparent of his adopted afro-brazilian children anyway

No. 1867035

Did we ever find out what heppened to greenwald's 'husband'?
Vague "gastro-intestinal infection" sound a lot like gay hi jinks gone awry.
It was amazing how unbothered he was by his death, even for a gay guy, he didn't seen at all phased by it. I know they don't put much stock in their emotional relationships but even so it was just.. wow.

He's such a loathsome creep he goes perfectly with these two.

No. 1867042

Nitpick but Dasha’s belly button is so rachet kek. Put that thing away

No. 1867048

So how tall is he based on this

No. 1867063

File: 1689639440460.png (23.72 KB, 598x266, Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 01-17…)

He's too busy scouring the local favela slum for a new vunerable teen boy to abduct.
Probably bump that one off too once he hits 'twink death'

No. 1867102

always the ugliest men going for the youngest they can get

No. 1867115

Why does Dasha look like that…?

No. 1867137

ugly? she was born that way

No. 1867138

Yes, sickening for someone to have black kids around Anna. Glenn’s off, another gay male pervert.
Anna tries so hard but she’s just not pretty.

No. 1867158

It is weird, sepsis and a gastrointestinal infection for a man in his 30s just doesn’t sound ‘right’ though. A lot of much older people with pre-existing conditions die with those sort of diagnoses. Not even saying its some anal sex thing but it kind of sounds more like maybe a shitty, cheap stomach sleeve surgery meant to help with weight loss?

No. 1867168

Apparently he had been having gut pain for months and assumed it was stress, the delay sunk him into sepsis. High chance it was a gay thing, but deadly organ infections do happen from seemingly minor bacteria that haven’t been treated promptly

No. 1867170

Same, he also probably had poor health/immune system fragility from being on the streets as a kid, malnourishment. It’s sad

No. 1867172

I wonder what their friend madeline thinks about them hanging out with greenwald. She's 'british' isn't she, her parents are definitely British at least.
greenwald is a particularly vicious unhinged anglophobe, he even makes the chapos look sensible and restrained on the subject, he's obsessed.

No. 1867189

yep lol, she used to steal stuff i would say in the group chat (my twitter account is private and has like sub 100 followers). she did it a couple times without saying so first, she'd just repeat what i said verbatim and i scrolled back and found one convo where i said something and she was like "Im gonna tweet that." obviously i'm female so shes an equal opportunity content thief lol

No. 1867193

she went to bennington? fcking embarassment of a school

No. 1867199

favelas have contaminated water, so his digestive system had likely been fucked up for years
poor guy, what a terrible life from favela kid to prostitution to having to listen to Glenn Fucking Greenwald’s horrible voice every day

No. 1867252

No. 1867266

dasha looks a little rough here, her eyebrows seem sparse too. what happened?

No. 1867300

Will is shilling the Canadian tickets so hard on the latest Chapo. I wonder is the bloom that much off the rose for the CHT crew

No. 1867329

I think not eating well, taking prescription drugs you don’t need, and smoking can keep you thin when you’re young without too much damage to your face and hair. But eventually it all starts to show that you’re not actually a healthy person at all. That plus in Anna’s case some botched work is why they both look extra shitty lately, imo

No. 1867331

I did not know he died. Last I heard he was just very sick.

No. 1867354

I had sepsis in my teens from a raunchy sore throat. I didn't test positive for strep, so the doctor thought my symptoms weren't due to anything serious and didn't give me an antibiotic scrip. Spent a month in the ICU and was fucked up for like a year. It can happen to anyone, even if they're generally healthy.
I don't want to freak people out- you'll know something is wrong if you're about to go septic. Always go to the doc if you have severe pain and start feeling feverish.
That said, why the fuck didn't Greenwald's husband go to the doctor? If it got to the point of sepsis, he must have been absolutely miserable.

No. 1867362

Hope you're right but they've always shilled themselves hard
>buy the book

No. 1867385

Isn’t sepsis pretty rare among young healthy people with functioning immune systems? It sounds like medical incompetence was to blame for yours, and in the case of Glenn’s child-husband his immune system was probably already stressed from early poverty.

No. 1867439

"Can happen to anyone" doesn't mean "is likely to happen to anyone."

No. 1867466

Dash and Anna genuinely look like two aids trannies and the fag looks like their aids medication sponsor. What a pair of craggly faced hags kek.

No. 1867469

Probably shoving dildos and shit up his ass, got a tear in his rectum or whatever and then the poop bacteria in his gut spread to his bloodstream and killed him. Might have been why he delayed going up the doctor because he was embarrassed about. I’m fully aware you can get sepsis from seemingly harmless injuries or cuts, but it’s way too suspicious that a fag dies of a GI infection in his 30s. He also might have had HIV or something and been immunocompromised.

No. 1867491

File: 1689706418838.jpeg (158.43 KB, 370x573, C5A73B0C-F4A9-4AA8-8017-5B60EB…)

She’s starting to look like the aged filter on tiktok

No. 1867520

File: 1689710277268.jpg (61.54 KB, 1080x718, F1Vh2U9XwAQwrlT.jpg)

irony twitter account and old time Anna replyguy "Ethnic Steve" melting down because some women didn't think posting a hinge conversation and calling the woman a "dumb ho" was cute

No. 1867522

File: 1689710329396.jpg (142.29 KB, 945x1451, F1VP9guWcAAZdZq.jpg)

picrel is the woman in the first screenshot's

No. 1867525

she was complimenting him in a way he didn't like and he's having a bpd meltdown

No. 1867527

five mini paragraphs and a tweet because she noticed that he was craftily manipulating his online persona to increase his sexual availability to women and decided to comment this in a neutral, humorous way. imagine how he would react if he came home from work and dinner wasn't on the table.

the man cries out in pain as he calls you a dumb ho and fucking weirdo

No. 1867534

File: 1689712072956.jpeg (465.19 KB, 1536x2048, 78073527-EB04-4CE5-B85B-3D3CFB…)

He’s ugly and hangs out with troons

No. 1867539

omg with a literal gender goblin, isn't he like 5 foot tall too?

No. 1867563

Ethnic Steve is a true psychopath. One of the most unhinged people in these threads.

No. 1867566

Why is he so pressed, what a fucking child lmao

No. 1867568

looks like real-life melting Tussaud wax figure mochak/mommy milkers is embroiled with her scrote mutuals in defense of margot robbie being called "mid":
it was written about kek: https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/entertainment/books/laura-bates-men-who-hate-women-733800
saged bc I dont have a twitter account and cant see the milk if any

No. 1867569

>i'm going VIRAL you fucking BITCH look how many INTERNET RANDOS are on my side!!!

good choice in dessert tho, even this gender goblin is clearly too good to be hanging out with someone this bitter

No. 1867577


No. 1867579

the non autistic type of tranny are always these midwit narcs

No. 1867581

is ethnic steve an ftm? very feminine, prey-like eyes. way more feminine than the tranny who looks like an incompetent dark triad

No. 1867582

he belongs on grindr

No. 1867607

muh women are more emotional and hormonal than men though

Well. That unfortunate visage explains why he's such a bitter cunt. Why is this psychopathic retard even on a dating app if he's so hostile to women?

No. 1867616

omg you dumbass she's either complimenting you or very mildly negging you, either way a guy with even a tiny bit of game could have turned this interaction into a cute flirty convo and a date instead of a bitter tweet and a screeching meltdown. imagine sputtering about your twitter likes in the Hinge DMs cuz your feelings got hurt over nothing lmaooooo male fragility strikes again

(also not surprised he was an anna reply guy, they have the same sour incel energy and are garrulous af)

No. 1867650

No clue who this moid is but he sounds humorless, butthurt & deranged. Imagine posting this big of an L. The dating pool is full of E. Coli and smegma.

No. 1867702

When will someone destroy Dasha to the point she has a mental breakdown? I’m tired of her smug fucking face and uncaring demeanor. It’s so insincere. Like bitch needs a dose of humility(unsaged alogging)

No. 1867705

File: 1689742026379.png (Spoiler Image,681.02 KB, 1490x2004, ln7gl4.png)

imagine only getting laid by women doing it as a form of self-harm

No. 1867706

No. 1867707

you’re the Forrest Gump of Brooklyn lol(sage your shit)

No. 1867709

sage your shit sperg

No. 1867724

Why do people continuously do this to themselves?

No. 1867801

I get it nonna but Dasha is as cliche cluster b as it gets and I think you misunderstand what these people's lives are like. they don't need "comeuppance," they’re already miserable and they become more so over time as their shitty personalities push away good people, careers etc. It’s pretty obvious this is already happening to Dasha - 2 years ago she genuinely thought she’d win an Oscar, date a wealthy man, and become an A-list starlet, now she’s banging broke IT helpdesk zoomers and “starring” in twitter pedo's e-book adaptations. It’s just getting good lol, relax and enjoy a spectacular swandive into obscurity.

No. 1867841


wasn't this guy a fisted by foucault replyguy just years ago? posted about lifting all of the time?

none of these spiritual faggots have ever been inside of a gym

No. 1867876

File: 1689786015917.jpeg (373.08 KB, 888x1780, A538A9A0-0212-482D-99E1-780972…)

Someone else posted this

No. 1867906

In the latest podcast episode with Greenwald, Dasha said that Tucker Carlson is a "hard 1" on the binary and Greenwald kissed his ass a la Alex Jones.

No. 1867907

Is not being able to view twitter without an account a new Elan thing? I can’t see shit even public profiles. Nice bc I stopped caring about these losers

No. 1867912

hate the middle school tier way certain creative class women type when they hate a guy lmao

No. 1867975

File: 1689798350815.jpeg (104.93 KB, 750x1334, 62F0428D-E0C7-448E-9673-A985A0…)

>banging broke IT helpdesk zoomers and “starring” in twitter pedo's e-book adaptations.
you really didn’t need to go this hard

No. 1867988

She is mentally destroyed already. She is skating by only because she hangs out with shit people with bad morals who don’t expect more of her

No. 1867995

nta, it's pointless to get angry at dasha, it's all going to go bad for her in the end, it's inevitabe, inescapable.
She'll easily make it to 40, I'd be very suprised if she makes it to 45.

No. 1868023

Morbid but interesting. How do you see future playing out for Dasha exactly?

No. 1868029

File: 1689803780386.jpg (782.24 KB, 1179x1679, pritchard.jpg)

There's been some classic left twitter discourse the past 24 hours the likes of which I haven't seen in years, all about how under socialism bananas will be a luxury at best.

No. 1868043

This belongs in the Breadtube thread not the post left thread

No. 1868045

ntayrt but her podcast does make ridiculous sums of money. although its from egregiously astroturfed sources, A+D have made enough to coast as cultural parasites for years even after the thielbux dries up

No. 1868046

What the fuck are you talkkng about, loser? Sam is connected to Red Scare via Girls Chat and has notuing to do with breadtube whatsoever. People come into thesr threads now with zero sense of history.

No. 1868049

Sam Pritchard will always belong in these threads, tranny.

No. 1868052

Nta but drugs combined with calorie restricting and aging could end badly

No. 1868055

What a fucking psycho

No. 1868056

>LA tranny who spends all of his time getting tranny surgeries and tweeting
>"everyone else needs to cut down on their consooming! for me it's life-affirming procedures!"
christ. what an asshole.

No. 1868082

oh look, the global south ally hyper-consumerist pharma patient for life who got consumer sludge fisted into his moobs only to look and dress like weinerdog is declaring the average american to live a lifestyle of fascist excess is fantasizing about how he would dole out corrections via austerity measures by rationing bananas. thanks bitchard, very cool.

No. 1868090

tranny chaser hates women, many such cases

No. 1868095

im sorry the pushed together moobs is fucking killing me nonas never seen nothing like that in my life, he looks like the tranny teacher

No. 1868132

File: 1689815164576.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.1 KB, 400x400, pre troon.jpg)

lol before he trooned out, he was bald with a pube beard. Looked a lot like Pericles/@ElectionLegal, actually. There was a photo of him drinking with disgraced left twitter superstar Connor Golden that the ironyfags used to spam in his replies because it'd make him absolutely furious, but I couldn't find it.

No. 1868152

When did "Samantha" change his name?

No. 1868184

File: 1689820299955.png (349.04 KB, 382x645, dasher.png)

Dasha's looking rough

No. 1868192

Don't forget the BBL procedure he recently underwent
I'll say what I say on every one of her pics: how can that be the same person? She looks 20 years older and cross-eyed.

No. 1868193

File: 1689822378043.jpg (59.34 KB, 900x900, Keffals[1].jpg)

I guess you're not familiar with Keffals lol

No. 1868197

I know a girl who fucked Stav. It always seems to be girls who want to fuck Nick but can't get his attention

No. 1868205

File: 1689824403558.jpeg (27.72 KB, 480x640, images (11).jpeg)

a relatively flattering picutre by Sam the Man standards

No. 1868208

this whole scene is so fucked man lol

No. 1868238

Same happened with witten

No. 1868270

his nose now is small compared to his moid honker but still too huge for a woman. back on the butcher block, tranny!

No. 1868272

File: 1689843874412.jpeg (491.22 KB, 2048x2048, 316F0FB2-2BDA-47C8-8F72-F1159F…)

Wow, looking hella infertile with that major hair loss. Trying to be a teen waif when you’re 34 is just pathological. Prolonged calorie restriction and malnutrition does nothing but makes you look 15 years older.

No. 1868293

how does she manage to look like a 16 year old boy at 32

No. 1868294

I am sorry to say that, but she looks like a malnourished Chinese senior here - the Asian eyes and nose, extremely thin lips, weirdly tight skin as if there is no collagen left in her body, sunken eyes and wrinkles around them, no eyebrows, gaunt face

No. 1868303

Why does she always do the "candid photo of a special need child" expression? To appeal to pedophiles, I presume?

No. 1868314

didnt she fuck adam and not stav? she made a brief appearance in the tradthot thread, tried to go trad but went private kek

No. 1868321

File: 1689860213022.jpeg (58.97 KB, 635x344, A34ED62E-4C44-41EB-AFBD-B8F4B6…)

She’s just an adult woman with fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1868328

>POV: your mom nudges you toward your anorexic 70 y.o. grandma who terrifies you for reasons you can't name, she wants a kiss, you can see her skull through her hair and smell the nicotine already…

No. 1868345

Asian seniors at least have high contrast, Dasha dyes her hair to be the color of straw for some reason

No. 1868368

File: 1689869590918.jpeg (71.12 KB, 558x437, BD82E15A-810A-4FFD-A314-C10FCA…)

>for some reason
for youthful radiance and barely legal vibes, nonnie

No. 1868415

You can be a literal 2/10 but some men will still simp for you if you are slim and blonde

No. 1868425

I am not entirely sure what Liz Bruenig's reputation as a leftist is based on anymore.
She has kinda distanced herself from the Bernie stuff, hasn't called herself a socialist in years, etc. Her comments on the Christian Leftism in the recent McGill International Review were (literally and figuratively) phoned in.
She is like a year or two away from some weird openly reactionary turn. Will be fun.

No. 1868450

It's a screenshot that's been posted.

No. 1868463

Its from a video

No. 1868504

Won’t lie I honestly think it’s so crazy to fuck Stav and then act like you’re above fucking Stav

No. 1868514

File: 1689897297941.png (975.94 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20230720-195641.png)

Schizophrenic veteran/Ukraine volunteer with head injury that hangs around with this scene posted this from the "hot labor summer" w/neoliberalhell at babys all right

No. 1868554

That’s what I meant. She was talking to Nick first and even was on some boring IG live with him while he was folding tshirts kek. He referred her to Adam. weird how Stav and Adam get laid because their fan girls couldn’t get Nick

No. 1868558

Her simps are split between smelly looking ugly guys like the Mary Shelley guy and Peri and terminally online 50 year old men. I don’t think there has ever been a normal Dasha simp kek

No. 1868618

Fascinated by the culture of this board. On the one hand, a lot of genuine moralism condemning misogyny and proana and whatever. And then the rest is like, calling very normal ass looking people ugly or gay.

If you're just mindlessly pouring your resentment into a playpen of imaginary internet friends I can see the utlility. But the retarded petty shit makes it so hard to take anything else seriously and does a lot to help these people you supposedly hate.(learn2sage newfag)

No. 1868621

hi cow

No. 1868624

retarded playpen of imaginary friends is a great way to describe leftcows and dimes square, thanks leftcow

No. 1868635

>this board is just a single person

No. 1868640

No. 1868646

Don’t forget bap and delicious tacos

No. 1868680

this post is very gay

No. 1868712

Anna, surely

No. 1868713

Mans doesn’t know how forums work lmao

No. 1868724

File: 1689937296847.jpeg (151.37 KB, 640x507, FC40BD4D-795C-4E9C-9614-1A226D…)


No. 1868739

Baby's All Right has very scary, sus vibes. Ground zero for this whole nightmare.
Sounds more like Kat. Anna would not posit critique of misogyny as a positive.

No. 1868742

fascinated by your gay redditor typing style and need to be a pseudointellectual bore instead of just admitting you're assmad
p.s. hi cow

No. 1868760

By now Anna has selfposted enough to remember to sage

No. 1868778

File: 1689950828914.jpeg (346.59 KB, 1848x1386, IMG_5450.jpeg)

No. 1868792

No. 1868804

File: 1689955068097.jpg (252.87 KB, 857x1200, F1kBPSnXsAAI6jU.jpg)

from one of the Vack movies? Dasha looks like Pheobe Bridgers here.

No. 1868808

>Baby's All Right has very scary, sus vibes. Ground zero for this whole nightmare.

How so? It seemed like a normal bar/venue until these folks started rolling up

No. 1868812

>Schizophrenic veteran/Ukraine volunteer with head injury
lol who? please tell me

No. 1868821

File: 1689958377203.jpg (169.47 KB, 678x1189, image (1).jpg)

100% Little Secrets postponed the Atlanta date because the Stop Cop City thing is too hot/contentious. maybe I'm missing something but seems like the middle of a petition campaign would be a good time to draw attention if they cared. By this fall the petition effort will be long over. Smalls and Dozinger can just post about it on instagram while actually not going anywhere near it in a real-world way

https://www.smallsdonzigertour.com/ (I cannot believe this is real, this is shameless cult of personality stuff lol)
other picrel sources:

No. 1868902

she will be back whenever her Claremont Institute fellow calls up twitter safety. speaking of, Ive never seen someone get unsuspended as many times as the meth witch. even BAPs fed ties werent enough for him to keep his handle. how does she do it?

No. 1868907

I just realized this picture is depicting burning the characters from the book alive. ew.

No. 1868916

What the hell is happening in this picture?

No. 1868942

um no sweetie, it's actually based

No. 1868958

File: 1689975722906.png (1.38 MB, 1198x1280, Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 5.44…)

Pariah the troon is still in New York

No. 1869032

File: 1689981378686.jpg (898.58 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20230722-011831_Twi…)

Dasha is still not done simping for the midget indian and just posted his anorexia image

No. 1869085

Dunno if its perspective and makeup but she doesn't look bad here

No. 1869086

"Grifter" gets thrown around a little too loosely these days, but those two narcissists fit the bill to a T.

No. 1869109

File: 1689989699892.jpeg (359.27 KB, 726x870, 6C9C02ED-0D09-48B4-91EA-485F06…)

She’s salty about her brown eyes being near bottom of the eye chart. and did she forget her body count and that she was on Seeking arrangements? why is she shading prostitutes kek

No. 1869120

File: 1689990730893.jpeg (447.08 KB, 750x845, 6F708FBA-2134-4DFC-BFDB-FAABD3…)

>Every princess is frail and retarded like me uwu

No. 1869142

She is 32, outside the parameters of “conventional beauty”, yet parades her thinness like it makes her supremely attractive. Keep telling yourself that skinny is all that matters and that you pass for 25….

No. 1869144

File: 1689994753975.png (243.49 KB, 638x433, teminallyreddit.png)

Freddie will post the most stereotypical front page type material to the Red Scare sub and get massive updoots.

No. 1869146

It is so pathetic to be this obsessed with being a skelly to appeal to scrotes

No. 1869158

Only ugly scrotes like her body type. She looked like shit when she was a little heavier too

No. 1869235

so, what, everyone in Yemen is a harem queen? why do anachans think that their ED will catapult them to social status?

No. 1869245

Redditor midwit king

No. 1869246

It’s all they can do

No. 1869280

As if a member of a royal family would be malnourished and skinny. Harems were for breeding women so they wouldn't have an infertile skeleton there either

No. 1869392

is there an archive of dasha's old tumblr posts?

No. 1869396



There's also this however they make you sign up to view the website now. https://ask.fm/dashkanekrasova

No. 1869462

There are some babes in their 30s but she’s not one. She’s getting grandma skin from her bad choices and her face was never striking to begin with

No. 1869636

Late nite ambien-poasting: Dasha just asked Elon Musk to come on her pod under one of his tweets, but then deleted after he didn't reply. Didn't get the screenshot unfortch.

No. 1869653

Sad, many such cases

No. 1869699

I can tell whatever movie this is is trash based on the props. Dimes Square and milady people are so fucking corny

No. 1869721

dasha and df were in a space until 4am

No. 1869737

looks like when you take a picture inside a haunted house with the flash on

No. 1869870

You can tweet while in spaces

No. 1869875

dasha said she can't get HPV because she 'mostly' has sex 'with circumcised guys'. the retardation isn't an act.

No. 1869884

Why do pajeet moids seethe about caste and larp (badly) as white people so much? It makes them hilariously obvious, even behind anonymous Twitter accounts.

No. 1869895

Dashka is known to have herpes and prolly 90/100 strands of HPV

No. 1869900


- doesn't use condoms
- fucks gays and bisexuals
- fucks junkies
- streetwalker-tier body count

checks out.(sage your shit)

No. 1869927

that herpes thing is just a rumor started here, same as nick mullen having herpes

No. 1869935

Nick has outright admitted he has herpes

No. 1869954

How about Dasha? Speculation doesn't count

No. 1869962

Anyone watch that Soderbergh series with Stav yet?

No. 1869977

BAP responded to the latest Politico piece on his podcast. He brings up a previous piece that Liz Bruenig was writing for WaPo about frog twitter & him. He says the editors wanted her to connect BAP to the Unite the Right "retard rally" (per BAP) but he says she was "honest enough to not do that."

No. 1869984

he also rants about how he's disappointed that Thiel never funds him or his friends including Anna and Dasha.

No. 1869993

>last updated 2014
Damn this is a throwback lol

No. 1870000

No. 1870054

File: 1690192921588.png (171.39 KB, 863x450, weight.png)

fat freddie

No. 1870065

He’s too lazy to workout

No. 1870072

He's so clearly back on the heavy stuff meds wise lately.

No. 1870089

Miss chunky cheeks… did mommy have too many beers? Please forgive her, she didn’t even know about you probably. Just having unprotected sex with aids ridden hobos like she does, then little you came along! Isn’t it ironic how beer babies are doomed to have soft, fat little faces for life? Even if you weren’t a heckin’ chonker, you’d still be a patootie dumpling in the face. Oopsie!
I have a bmi of 15 btw. Just had 3 slices of chocolate cake and an entire jug of milk. Mother had a total sum of 0 beers during her entire pregnancy.(oopsie!)

No. 1870091

It’s so sad how they’re perpetually stuck in the “before” stage even after liquidating all their assets for plastic surgery.

No. 1870106

Herpes rate in the adult population is extremely high, of course Nick and Dasha have it. Statistically you couldn’t get to 1/2 of Dasha’s body count without multiple exposures, especially since she doesn’t use condoms (which barely help anyway.)

No. 1870108

>heckin’ chonker
>patootie dumpling
Idk what this typing style is called but it’s utterly repulsive, please stop.

No. 1870125

File: 1690210156706.jpg (268.17 KB, 946x2048, F1zXPM3WcAAO8RF.jpg)

Verso blog has a piece on "The Right Wing Avant-Garde". Giving them way too much credit with that title because nothing is avant-garde about it and no one is organically interested in their writing. Dasha's ex, Forever Mag, Honor, and Yarvin mentioned. Dasha and the unnamechecked Jordan Castro are mad and saying Matthew is being bullied.

No. 1870126

kill yourself

No. 1870161

This has gotta be the scariest thing I’ve ever read on this board

No. 1870169

Your just a big of a cow as Dasha is with that post alone.

No. 1870308


Coming in late, but I think we were in the same gc, nonna!

Were you also the girl Anna was trying to skinwalk?

No. 1870339

>weightlifting anti-communists
oh my god

>these podcasts antagonized Democrats for focusing on identity politics instead of more material, universal policies like Medicare for All. They were big on healthcare specifically, almost to the exclusion of other big-ticket items. I don’t know why. My vibe-based science tells me that is probably related to the aesthetics that drove alt-lit itself: busted people, mostly white, excluded from participation in the culture at-large because of unfashionable lower-middle-classdom, which includes addictions and neglected geographic locales.

he must be joking?

No. 1870364

I have no idea where that analyse comes from, can’t tell if he’s talking about “alt lit” or the “dirtbag left”. None of these people were lower middle class, comfortable middle class is as low as it goes. Most of them are rich and went to expensive private universities. RIP to Gian but all of Tyrant’s authors were drug addicted trust funders trying to present a slumming it image.

No. 1870381