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File: 1601136401783.jpeg (101.09 KB, 660x660, Cow Parade.jpeg)

No. 1045687

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism while simply being aging childless narcissists. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Media associated with this scene:
>Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, and What’s Left

>Angel of the Girls Chat podcast (@maryhailer) has been found dead by suicide >>>/snow/1042269
>Her body wasn’t found for two weeks. >>>/snow/1042755
>Ashley’s thoughts on the death >>>/snow/1042522 >>>/snow/1042964
>Shasti (@shasti4444) is confirmed as lolcow leftthots poster. Accidentally reveals herself and tries to delete post in panic >>>/snow/1038999
>Dasha and Anna vaguely accuse Meg, former co-host & producer of Red Scare, of stealing from them or their friends, ultimately leading to her departure >>>/snow/1032309
>Dasha likely stole Laura Avery’s credit card >>>/snow/1032333
>Dasha’s new boyfriend Oneohtrix Point Never has erectile dysfunction >>>/snow/1032464
>Kantbot (@KBULTRA0) attempts to rebrand himself from right-wing groyper to left-wing anarchist >>>/snow/1032779
>Logo Daedalus attempts the same rebrand as Kantbot, also fools no one >>>/snow/1041683/
>Liz Bruenig, writer for The New York Times, caught liking ecofascism tweet in 2017 >>>/snow/1032852
>Alex Lee Moyer, director of TFW NO GF, smokes crack and was married to a convicted pedophile >>>/snow/1032793
>Estee Lardass claims he’s just pretending to be a Nazi to be “sensational” >>>/snow/1032966
>Anna K fails her own hip/waist ratio attractiveness scale >>>/snow/1033722
>The tankie left starts accusing Brace Belden (@trueanonpod) of being cointelpro >>>/snow/1034432
>Jugs has been fired from Perfume Nationalist after these lolcow threads brought to attention her White Nationalist neo-nazi views >>>/snow/1035919
>Aimee Terese (@shoe_sticky) is back on an unlocked account, dissing every famous leftist, playing all the hits >>>/snow/1035046
>Ashleigh Coffin, wife of famous Youtuber Peter Coffin, is trying to becoming the left-wing answer to the blonde gun girl who pooped herself >>>/snow/1036512
>Briahna Joy Gray and Virgil Texas have started a new podcast. Will Virgil soon be leaving Chapo for good? >>>/snow/1036642
>Matt Christman likes tweet shading Virgil’s new podcast >>>/snow/1037039
>NY socialite and ”Hooker Laureate of the Dirtbag Left” Rachel Rabbit White married Nico Walker ‘as a bit’ and looks unrecognizabe from extensive plastic surgery >>>/snow/1037072 >>>/snow/1037543
>Anna spergs out over criticism, writes an essay about how little she cares about what you think >>>/snow/1040704

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No. 1045698

she shouldn't wear crop tops it just makes her look like a boy.
hip to waist ratio of 1:1

No. 1045746

Dasha looks like a completely different person when she's facing the camera head-on. Really goes to show how much angles matter when taking a selfie.

No. 1045759

Please someone teach dasha how to use eye makeup for those beady little peepers

No. 1045760

File: 1601147163858.jpg (217.74 KB, 1012x1500, 297136148.jpg)

is it real?

No. 1045772

File: 1601148930368.jpeg (476.39 KB, 1242x1055, 5F9E80A1-C5B8-458C-823B-0A25F7…)

??? What is she talking about she comes for people who don’t even know she exists all the time

No. 1045774

File: 1601149276237.jpeg (927.44 KB, 1242x2025, 9DCB5744-142F-4CD1-A957-EA9E91…)

No. 1045786

countdown to ashley becoming samememe’s tradwife

No. 1045788

File: 1601150679237.png (24.98 KB, 710x131, tfygihugtyfygh.png)

A lot of the things these cows say are just dumb or pathetic but Ashley treating Angel like shit when she was alive, continuing to slander her in death and then holding public pity parties where she "grieves the love of her life" is genuinely disgusting.
So many people who I thought were friends with Angel had nothing to say about her death. And so many of them are focusing their energy on shielding the partner who was awful to Angel from any criticism. That entire twitter circle is dreadfully shallow. They don't care about people, especially ones from who they can't leech off clout.

No. 1045793

Samememe is genuinely the most pathetic person to me out of everyone posted in these threads. He spends literally every day all day tweeting about either the evils of college despite being a phd student or whining about women/seething over 15 year olds TikTok videos and has been complaining online about women/black people daily for literally almost a decade now.

No. 1045794

>did you know I am actually more OCD than you??? it's true, it's true, I'm special like that
terminal narcissism, acts like she'll be dead by 30 but won't kick it until her 40s when the realization that she wasted her life hits and she grabs a rope

fortunately for samememe she's too self absorbed to even consider marrying a loser like him

No. 1045795

>I've been institutionalized 5 times for obsessive compulsive disorder
>I was right about literally everything
she should be institutionalized again
I know everyone grieves in different ways but I would've felt more sympathy for her if she had logged off instead of doing this

No. 1045796

Doesn’t she know he doesn’t believe in mental disorders in women? Also lmao at her thinking the psychiatrists are out to get her because of her ‘premonitions and being right about everything’ as if thats supposed to convince people she shouldn’t be institutionalised instead of making it painfully clear why she was.

No. 1045797

And perhaps done some self-reflection. Like why do you think Angel never said a kind thing about you? Don't you think stealing from her when you're already loaded had something to do with it?

No. 1045802

he must be in his thirties now and he sits on twitter all day complaining about gen-z girls, it's disgusting. what a small little man

No. 1045803

Exactly, her whole brand is shitting on other people.

No. 1045804

i think he’s in his late thirties and still isn’t married nor does he have any kids. it’s clear normal women want nothing to do with him

No. 1045806

Is she actually this delusional or does she just lie about everything because she thinks she can get away with it

No. 1045810

I really wanna see what this cretin looks like

No. 1045812

he’s uploaded videos of himself playing guitar before and he looks like a skinny soyboy. but he never shows his face so he’s probably hideous

No. 1045813

He used to have a default that was a selfie of him in a Hawaiian shirt, does anyone else remember this? Bald dude in sunglasses. I think he might have had it on an old account, I really wish I could find it because he’s so scared of showing his face now.

No. 1045818

I find it so hard to believe he actually had a girlfriend at one point. It’s always these unmarried, childless 30 year olds seething most about women not being ‘trad’. No wonder Anna likes him. I hope he never does have kids bc whenever he talks raising children/talks about the children on tiktok he obsesses over he sounds genuinely psychotic.

No. 1045821

Is Caroline as_a_woman still on twitter?

No. 1045823

anna “Abortions R Us“ khachiyan and same “asian women are mogging the economy“ meme would be an extremely funny couple tbh

No. 1045826

File: 1601153234723.jpeg (224.84 KB, 828x1008, 1F8385E6-D3B3-4FDF-9E79-59865D…)

No. 1045827

What happens when the online trads go into their forties and realize they will never have children. They're obsessed with making babies and domesticity but none of them have kids.
no, she deactivated a while ago.

No. 1045829

Probably blame lack of acceptable women/neoliberalism/feminism/everybody else but themselves. I could see some of the men becoming full MGTOW advocates, or back tracking and taking on some other position and pretending it was a deliberate decision to not have kids. I don’t think a lot of them genuinely even want kids I think it’s just preformative.

No. 1045833

I really wonder what they’ll do when the trendiness of leftism/socialism dies down. Like will they rebrand or just fade into irrelevancy? I feel like it will probably be similar to the way the major figures of the alt right became irrelevant but a lot of the leftthots could probably make a pretty easy transition into being publicly right wing and have a lot of right wing followers which wasn’t really true in the reverse for the alt right.

No. 1045834

File: 1601154812042.jpeg (427.68 KB, 1242x973, 86EFF70D-EAA3-44FA-943E-BE3C9E…)

I always see takes like this from these kind of people and I do not get it. Maybe there’s some context being lost on me because I’m not America but aren’t most working class people are from coastal cities/urban areas because that’s just where most of the country lives?

No. 1045839

Lmao, these men who are so desperate to uphold traditionalism for women never want to do the same for men. Men pushing 40 shouldn’t be sitting on video game forums sperging about race realism or sitting twitter seething about women all day. Shouldn’t he be providing for his family or dying at war or something.

No. 1045845

File: 1601155798274.jpeg (707.85 KB, 1242x1415, 5FE6F169-D979-4CEC-AEDB-D80819…)

I’m pretty sure that autistic tiktok girl didn’t cast the first stone. Even though she backtracked later and tried to say it wasn’t about her, her comments were made directly responding to her video.

No. 1045854

As long as america keeps spiraling down the drain like this, legitimate left politics will continue to stay on the table. Of course, it’s no longer 2016-2019 levels of easy podcast money for social climbers, though. Pretty much everybody discussed in these threads has turned rightward except for the catfishy onlyfans dork girls like merrick.

No. 1045856

Theyre just strawmanning because they’re intellectually lazy and it nets them internet points from other dorks to pretend that the entire left is just blue haired college freshmen

No. 1045860

File: 1601156370618.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1000x2765, 5F01769B-8A76-45B6-8ACB-BF2749…)

No. 1045862

I really wonder how many of these people know about these threads. They’re all so terminally online and narcissistic I think most of them must be aware of it.

No. 1045864

These people love to act as if what we're doing here is so horrible but this thread is just an anonymous version of their twitter chats. If anything, they're way more vicious to people in their group dms. And as soon as you even slightly criticize one of them, you'll have an entire army of sycophants ready to fling shit at you.

No. 1045870

File: 1601156754440.jpeg (680.15 KB, 828x1304, 96836498-201F-486C-A717-57BC5B…)

She looks very british and by that i mean ugly

No. 1045873

Yeah there’s something very incestuous about the way they interact with each other and dog pile on anyone who criticises one of their fellow ‘artist’ podcasters. Plus according to Caroline’s boyfriend a lot of them themselves are trolls and ‘into things like kiwifarms’ lmao

No. 1045874

She does. It’s the horsey/jowly look I think.

No. 1045879

Why is her insta private now? New hair is an improvement, if she manages to keep it washed.

No. 1045883

Pedo poster in the background

No. 1045884

File: 1601158169085.jpeg (706.75 KB, 1242x1662, A45531D0-1CA3-4A03-B0C5-0C24EA…)

He constantly criticises Chapo and literally thinks they are secretly obsessed with him and stealing all his ideas but sure he’s totally unbothered unlike the ‘hater’ he’s responding to

No. 1045885

Why do people intentionally strive to be public figures but freak out whenever strangers have anything but positive opinions on them? What'd they expect? Ashley tweets a dozen times a day and has a podcast. She's begging strangers to talk about her.

No. 1045888

That’s how I feel about Jack. Like he’s made his public persona the most unlikeable person possible but is obsessed with the fact some people don’t like him and would devote hours to making alts defending him/live tweeting this lolcow thread/ complaining daily about his ‘haters’ or his “““stalker””” like surely as a public figure you would expect not everyone’s going to like you and just accept it instead of embarrassing yourself daily.

No. 1045897

showing how not owned you are by qrting so all your followers see how much you dont care

No. 1045910

She looks like she's in her mid 50s from the thumbnail, I can't believe she posted this

No. 1045915

File: 1601160225772.png (416.78 KB, 428x533, d.png)

Nice shoop fail from trying to slim her face down, coupled with the absolute worst jowls I've ever seen.

No. 1045916

You’d think if she bothered to shoop that she would also try to fix…everything else but who knows what goes on in her malnourished brain

No. 1045922

what the hell is with that edgy medieval font? i dont even know what she's thinking when posting her ugly mole-ridden face to twitter.

No. 1045923

the elf ear

No. 1045931

Using the e girl font because she is a Nubile Teen

No. 1046013

Would she not fall under ‘celebrities’ at least online? She’s definitely taken swipes at numerous online personalities, I don’t get how that’s any different from people criticising her?

No. 1046015

The current working class also has a lot of latino and black people and a large part of it is women. I'm still not sure how their strategy of having all these rich podcasters in Brooklyn, and making racist jokes and being blatantly sexist all day on Twitter will win them over. I know personally that I'm actually less sympathetic to the left now knowing that people like this are popular.

I'm wondering what's going to happen if Biden wins. Will a lot of people just stop caring about leftism and all these podcasts?

No. 1046022

If you think that red scare is part of a broad left wing strategy or represents the left in any meaningful way you are very dumb

No. 1046026

Nta but to people who don’t follow it closely they’re probably one of the most well known people online who identify as ‘leftists’. I get how it would be off putting.

No. 1046036

Yeah, I feel like a lot of them act like poc are majority middle class or something and that ‘working class’ is interchangeable with white. They also seem to think that rural inherently equals middle class and act as if everyone living in cities are all rich pmcs in penthouses instead of mostly poor people in run down, cramped, dirty apartments. They talk non stop about how the left ‘alienates’ the true working class white Christian demographic by talking about racism which I get to an extent but they don’t seem to ever mention the way the black/Latin working class would be alienated by completely ignoring these issues

No. 1046045

This is so funny to me because she didn’t even tag him or name him all it took was her referencing a ‘racist gaywad’ for Jack to know it was about him

No. 1046054

File: 1601168440253.jpeg (108.29 KB, 828x858, ED107541-B7E8-4606-929F-E8E317…)

insane cowards ratio

No. 1046078

Hilarious how mad they are about this lmao. Unironically dunking in her for having sub 100 followers or whatever. Talking about haters like it’s 2006. I hate these people so much. I refuse to believe anyone actually likes them and buys into this shit but themselves.

No. 1046079

Does anyone know what he’s getting a phd in?

No. 1046121

Nothing. He isn’t.

No. 1046125

File: 1601174759081.jpeg (487.55 KB, 1242x1072, 4C3D81EC-A279-4CC0-AFD6-010551…)

He tweeted once about not doing a face reveal until he got tenure though, but he did also tweet this. Do you think it’s just a larp?

No. 1046127

File: 1601174798882.jpeg (281.1 KB, 1242x548, 2F80CEAC-255C-4531-B6B8-FF144B…)

Someone seems to remember him saying he was a teacher but idk if it’s accurate. I hope not.

No. 1046131

imagine being one of his students

No. 1046135

I’m hoping they mean like a TA at a college which I still can’t even imagine. The idea of him being around actual kids is depressing.

No. 1046136

I remember before he was ranting about the service/food industry, he was constantly picking on (female) teachers. Guess he was disillusioned?

No. 1046140

File: 1601175995049.jpeg (2.74 MB, 1000x5820, D6325F3D-8A25-42C0-B98A-A3C521…)

Hmmm you’re right. He does bring it up a lot.

No. 1046168

Sounds like trauma kek, I'd normally feel sorry for someone who had a bad experience at such a young age (clearly he has issues dating back to elementary school…) but he's so repulsive I just… don't. Cry moar. He also clearly has issues with asian women, couldn't get more pathetic if he tried.

No. 1046226

File: 1601183568608.png (99.65 KB, 432x333, a.png)

holy shit

No. 1046284

File: 1601197314547.png (133.8 KB, 1080x584, IMG_20200927_110051.png)

sage bc hes not technically a leftthot but has anyone else noticed how much jesse singel has started to sound like anna? hes retweetet her a few times as well so i dont think its a coincidence

No. 1046293

Jesse has been lumped in with them for awhile, has even done some AMAs on stupidpol lol. I think because no other group will accept him without labeling him a TERF.

I really like blocked and reported though.

No. 1046296

That's his whole shtick, constantly complaining about muh malicious SJWdubs but from a "reasonable left-liberal" standpoint. Him and Wesley Yang. This dude has written hundreds of tweets incredulously observing the same exact thing: "wow, twitter libs are really acting cra-a-azy these days, the cancellations are out of control!"

No. 1046322

A have a t0n of twitter followers for a relatively non political purpose and I’m always tempted to retweet samememe or jack just to sic a bunch of people on them but I don’t want to put myself as knowing or caring about any part of this world. Lol

No. 1046324

In a similar vein search jacks twitter for “pad thai.” Hilarious

No. 1046325

Barpod is helped by katie herzog who is a far more entertaining host than he is, imo the best moments of it are when he slips into being a wishy washy lib about things and you can tell shes annoyed lol

No. 1046365

File: 1601214997249.jpeg (467.57 KB, 1242x2144, DC17B125-54B1-4642-B292-DBD7A3…)


No. 1046366

Just curious, how do you accidently use a 0 instead of an o?

No. 1046367

jesus christ you can smell the seething soyjack

No. 1046368

File: 1601215696665.png (40.42 KB, 656x333, Ei3Fak4XsAEjjz0.png)

never fear, simpmeme is here

No. 1046369

I seriously hate how every single one of these clowns has to throw a big word salad at you just to make their retarded takes sound "smart".

No. 1046370

File: 1601215797795.png (338.66 KB, 600x387, ted metrakas incel.png)

Can't decide which one is less annoying

No. 1046388

isn’t anna american though? has she lived in armenia or even visited it?

No. 1046390

Lmao this dude is a psycho.. I would put him on a watchlist for school shooters ASAP. Can’t believe the “left” keeps these guys around

No. 1046394

iirc she was born in the USSR, then immigrated to America with her parents when she was around 10 after the collapse

Whether she's actually from soviet Armenia or is just ethnically Armenian, at least she's not larping

No. 1046399

NTA but it's right above 'o' on qwerty keyboards.

No. 1046450

for those that don't know, Anna's dad is Leonid Khachiyan. he was a world-renown computer scientist and mathematician.
Anna's dad was born to Armenian parents in Leningrad, and Anna's mom is Russian-Jewish. They lived in Moscow, where Anna was born, until the '90s. According to his wikipedia, Leonid never learned Armenian because he grew up his entire life in Leningrad and Moscow.

No. 1046453

Who’s keeping him around? He’s just a twitter incel

No. 1046495

lmao rutgers is so fucking easy to get in to

No. 1046496

anna, ashley, and all the other dumbasses who gas him up

No. 1046503

File: 1601226691218.jpeg (180.85 KB, 1242x513, 4C6D1BC7-E4BD-4889-9752-7A5EEF…)

Anna is leaving the sub

No. 1046514

Lmao she was just being criticized in the last thread for the increasing frequency of her reddit spergouts

No. 1046519

I find this a little strange tbh

No. 1046522

Who’s her “imposter”? I love that the community her podcast cultivated is too mean for her to handle now

No. 1046523

Someone made her screenname but made the i a l or a 1 I think, don't see their posts there anymore so maybe it was deleted.

No. 1046525

Podcast will be over in less than a year. Young people already think they’re annoying and their edgy late 20s girlboss jilted-liberal fan demographic isn’t gonna stick around either

No. 1046526

For the past week or so people would make usernames similar to hers and respond to posts doing an impression of her and she would keep getting annoyed and complaining they were bad impressions doing her usual thing of like ‘I can take a joke this is just objectively bad, if you’re going to make fun of me at least do it well’ thing she always does when people make fun of her not in the way she wants them to, and then today someone made a post about the ‘imposters’ and she responded with this.

No. 1046527

aw, now i cant call her a redditor anymore…

No. 1046528

damn, first tradwyfe and now anna is leaving the subreddit? that place is becoming less and less relevant

No. 1046529

The only reason it would go on is that Dasha has no income since she can't get acting work or modeling work. Anna can live off Eli, OPN won't even let her post him on ig so I doubt wedding bells are in their future. Is the reason her account is now private because his album is coming out? Or is someone writing a hit piece?

No. 1046531

File: 1601229037825.jpeg (777.35 KB, 1242x1382, 6E7DAF8F-4150-4CA4-A915-EBABA1…)

He must see the irony of this coming from him

No. 1046534

She and dasha got a pretty fair amount of backlash for their pro-life views in the 2nd to last episode in the sub which surprised me, but anna kept coming back to sperg and got obliterated with downvotes every time. The imposter is just a good distraction from the real reason she’s leaving, cause she can’t stand rightful criticism.

No. 1046537

She should leave twitter too

No. 1046543

but anon, a woman is saying it. so that automatically makes it bad

No. 1046544

There seems to be a divide between women/gays who listen to the podcast and the men who listened in the beginning and the conservative straight men they've picked up. I don't know if I buy the shadowy right wing money backers, the patreon does keep going up, but I think they're getting more conservative because the cooler left leaning art and fashion people have rejected them and they keep getting older and bitter they don't have a ring or kids.

No. 1046546

The girl in the video is cringy but still pretty normal. All these people sperging out about someone being like “I’m sad because my job sucks so I’m eating snacks” are straight up incapable of human connection

No. 1046550

i don’t listen to the pod anymore but what were their pro life views? i remember anna retweeting some corny anti abortion tweets but then claiming it was in jest

No. 1046551

Yeah she’s definitely cringy but samememe’s decade long internet history is much cringier, and he’s in no place to call out someone having a poor understanding of mental illness, blaming all their problems on capitalism and looking to the internet for fleeting attention

No. 1046555

Feel like pregnancy and motherhood would absolutely ruin dasha. She’d have to cross the threshold into actually behaving like an adult woman

No. 1046556

Essentially that it’s murder and a moral atrocity, and they focused on the strawman of some ‘abortion is rad’ pmc girlboss who uses it as birth control. They in passing mentioned that you could a pro life argument for abortion based on people’s economic situation meaning they don’t really have a choice.

No. 1046557

I really can’t imagine Anna or Dasha having kids

No. 1046558

half her posts on the subreddit get downvoted into negatives now. Watching the subreddit turn on them as they've gone from left-contrarian to right-wing social conservatives has been a joy. the anti-abortion hot takes seemed to be the final straw.
I've seen at least a few posts from people saying they're cancelling their patreon subscription.
I don't think leaving twitter would help her. She seems like a terrible person to her core.

No. 1046566

Anna is still pro-choice but thinks women who get an abortion because it'll ruin their lifestyle or career, she's projecting hard here, are evil and selfish. Dasha said she's pro-life on the ep.

No. 1046572

agreed. i also can’t picture them being homemakers either. i remember one episode they were talking about how much they hated cooking and cleaning. they’re too lazy to do anything

No. 1046584

idgi, anna had multiple abortions herself didnt she?

No. 1046592

anna’s entire online persona is a cope

No. 1046603

A lot of guys in the sub admit to never having listened to the pod and they’re all just cumtown refugees, so on issues like this it’s pretty divided between the red scare fans (girls and gays like you said, and the gay passing makeshift) and the chapocels and you can tell

No. 1046613

Why is the cumtown fanbase the scum of the earth? Their new forum is basically /pol/ but it’s weird because they clearly hate all of the cumtown hosts for being cucked liberals

No. 1046622

Yeah I looked at it once and had the same though. A lot of them claim to be people who ‘used to be’ alt right so I guess they just haven’t changed that much except on economic issues

No. 1046672

big lmak @ anyone thinking Eli would pay for Anna's anything

No. 1046676

The fake freckles lmao

No. 1046679

It's funny because they both dress like hotel cleaning staff

No. 1046681

Lmao I can see Dasha getting her big acting break at age 50 to play a frumpy housekeeper

No. 1046691

Idk who lied to these hags and told them that peter pan collars and shitty white embroidery looks good on them. It doesn't even look good on famished 14 year old slav models who advertise this unflattering garbage unless it's in some photoshopped, heavily stylized editorial. Anna straight up looks like a barren 60 year old Gileadean auntie whenever she puts on one of her ugly ass lace collar maido dresses.

No. 1046701

File: 1601238300819.jpeg (79.98 KB, 500x366, BCDCC997-7A18-4A08-9D6B-EFE286…)

Maybe she had an Abby Johnson moment

No. 1046722

File: 1601240155854.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1000x2892, C9C094B5-2D1E-434D-9951-681D19…)

Lmao? I never noticed this. He deleted all his tweets recently and there’s still so many just this month.

No. 1046731

would make sense tbh. being an anti abortion activist can be an excellent grift. especially if you say you used to be pro choice but “saw the light”

No. 1046732


jack the only thing people think about you is that you're a massive fatty

No. 1046737

Did Jack or Jugs say anything about Jugs being fired from tpn? I don’t listen to it so I’m kind of just following it from this thread but it seems weird for them to just fire one of the cohosts and not address it in any way?

No. 1046739

it hasn't been addressed and jugs' twitter account has been locked ever since these threads started talking about her.

No. 1046740

Literally ordered out a salad and flatbread the other night and thought to myself “time for my black lives matter pad Thai” lmao

Also if he works in a restaurant he knows that food service people order out food all the time cause. If anything the yuppies they hate are more of the Blue Apron inclination.

No. 1046741

wait I thought jugs was Ashley?

No. 1046745

Her account had always been locked but since being fired it’s deactivated

No. 1046749

Didn’t Anna and dasha do the same thing with meg?

No. 1046752

Yeah, they hint that it’s because she was an evil bpd witch but seems like it was more of a money grab

No. 1046753

I think recently they implied she stole money from them and that was the reason, but did they acknowledge it at all at the time?

No. 1046759

File: 1601243221180.jpeg (284.6 KB, 1242x647, 96F08EDA-DE1E-4C6D-A756-E5849B…)

Anyone know what this is about?

No. 1046771

Probably BAP

No. 1046772

File: 1601244563490.jpeg (324.26 KB, 1242x647, F36CB9D9-A30A-4DE2-8B70-78D9E0…)

From the red scare wiki

No. 1046774

I wonder if something happened since then, Anna said it was ‘solely Meg’s own doing’ and implied she stole from them so it doesn’t sound very amicable or mutual.

No. 1046777

he already deleted it

No. 1046778

File: 1601245646567.jpeg (171.09 KB, 1242x523, 07506739-B5BB-4F35-B16A-44F7E5…)

No. 1046787

>bitchy account everyone loves
>it's a gay 40yo
I wonder if it's Ben Mora

No. 1046789

File: 1601247125792.png (56.26 KB, 869x435, 767tgbtyr6779h.png)

Would be interesting to see these two fight since both are friendly with the Red Scare hags. They basically represent the two sides of the RS fandom: the anti-idpol socdem gay and the "trad" rw gay. Wonder who Anna would side with.
Also Ben has tweeted that it's lame to complain about cancel culture, he seems like he's trying to be more "woke" now. Wonder if it pissed any of these edgelords off.

No. 1046790

Ben is like 26

No. 1046791

ben is about 25, I can't think of a gay account in his 40s "everyone loves" who isn't some lib comedy writer

No. 1046792

I think as someone with a small profile who was targeted by a major news magazine and fired for it he's sensitive to random nobodies being targeted so people can get their rage tweets off. It would be sad if Anna and Dasha chose Jack since at least Ben they've hung out with in real life, but all their catering to rw lowlifes is already pathetic.

No. 1046793


I think he’s legitimately smarter, funnier, and more empathetic than 90% of these people at that

No. 1046800

Anna would side with whoever has the most followers and influence
that tweet from Ben is right, the anti-cancel culture people are more humorless than the people they shit on all day. remember that girl with autism Anna, Samememe, Dasha, and Ashley spent five days harassing? isn't that just a different version of the cancel culture they hate?

No. 1046813

File: 1601250034366.jpg (110.62 KB, 1280x720, httpsnews.rambler.ruimg2020051…)


This is isn't possible. Either she is lying about the age she immigrated, or she is lying about her age and is actually 40+. Let me explain why.

If she left with her family post 1990, she would have retained her russian citizenship and would have been able able to freely travel there. As is, it's very difficult for russian immigrants pre-1990 to travel to russia, even on a tourist visa, because their soviet citizenship no longer exists, and their american passport says their place of birth is Russia. In Russia, all citizens must enter the country using their russian passport no matter what. Foreigners need a visa. When pre-1990 immigrants apply for regular tourist visa, it's rejected because they see the place of birth listed as Russia so by law they are assumed to be a citizen even if the lady handling your application knows exactly what your situation is, she is legally required to reject the visa. In order to get a tourist visa, you have to prove you immigrated during the 80s by submitting paperwork from that period. Most soviet parents have thrown out their kids documents from that time because they assumed they would never go back there or it was just lost over time.

Now, if she immigrated POST 1990s at age 10, and if she is 35 now, that would be circa 1995. She would have her own russian passport. I refuse to believe that if she had the opportunity to go back to "mother russia" she wouldn't take it up esp. when she and Eli traveled as close as Ukraine and Riga, and flex on it a million times in instagram. She has never been back because she can't, or doesn't know how which means she left 1990 the latest. If she was really 10 that would make her 40 years old now. Something is wrong with her backstory.

Other suspicious tells IMO is her almost non existent russian, lack of ability to read/write Cyrillic, no affinity for russian food palette (smoked salmon and other stuff americans eat doesn't count) and and seeming lack of memories of growing up in 90s moscow. There was so much batshit crazy activity during that decade, I refuse to believe she has no crazy stories to flex on like "dude, I had to step over a dead prostitute to get to school, and AOC is complaining that someone called her cunt lololoz".

No. 1046814

Exactly, I don’t think you really have much of a leg to stand on with critiquing cancel culture while you and your 30 year old friends are all dog piling unprovoked on some random teenager on tiktok.

No. 1046821

marvelous work anon

No. 1046823

Trump mentioned Liz Bruenig in his press conference today. The future leader of the American left is a reactionary Catholic lmfao!

No. 1046832

I think I like the 'Anna is actually 40+' side of this better lmao

No. 1046835

She does look 40+ kek.

No. 1046836


Sameanon i just looked at her dad's wiki and it indeed says they immigrated in 1989. So she either 35/left age age 4-5 or 40/left at age 9-10. Did she really try to say somewhere that she immigrated at age 10 durinmg the 90s to make herself seem more "auTENtik raSHian"? That would be truly wretched

No. 1046837

Anna being over 40 years old is now my favorite conspiracy theory. it would explain her hesitance to have kids. What if she gave birth to an autistic girl

No. 1046838

Her dad's wikipedia says he emigrated in 1989 when Anna would have been 4. Anna's story still makes no sense if you assume her age is accurate with all the immigrant struggles when her dad was immediately employed by colleges it seems. So was the struggle a lie? Was there a gambling problem or something? Half her stories from childhood just sound like things from the Sopranos she misremembered as her life.

No. 1046839


Does being a part time professor at rutgers in new jersey really make that much dough? I don't think she ever mentioned her mom working so he would be supported 3 dependents

No. 1046841

most immigrants like that aren't just supporting their immediate family but supporting extended family too.

No. 1046844

All the early episodes were absolute trash because Meg would splice the ep arbitrarily with their theme song. Pod objectively improved after she left. Still the hottest rs girl tho

No. 1046847

File: 1601254147797.jpeg (209.67 KB, 1242x1011, BDC09716-E719-446A-B700-A4E573…)

No. 1046850

If she were a grifter she would’ve used the RS momentum to splinter into some sort of offshoot with any number of her art hoe friends, I just don’t buy it. She moved on with a real life.

No. 1046851

what did he say about her?

No. 1046853

>he seems like he's trying to be more "woke" now
well no shit lmao pick any tweet of his, look through the accounts liking that tweet and you'll see plenty of they/thems, BLM, ACAB, etc. types. he noticeably "toned down" his tweets since he got fired from sanders' campaign and it's prob because he doesn't want to get cancelled again

oh, and lets not forget he tweeted something to the effect of "im not moving to NYC it will eat my soul" but moved there a week later to start the podcast grift rofl

No. 1046855

brought up her latest NYT op-ed column where she described how Amy Coney Barrett as a Catholic is at odds with the foundational "American ethos"; her contention–of course–is that this is a good thing and that Catholicism is superior to and should supersede American liberalism, but right-wingers are taking this observation as an example of more anti-Catholic bigotry from the failing New York Times. And the hundreds of simps in the left-lib media run to her defense, indirectly promoting her left-integralism and the cycle continues lol

No. 1046862

It really would explain so much.

No. 1046864

Definitely. I feel like she could make some decent money from spilling red scare gossip. The fact that she hasn’t speaks very well to her character imo.

No. 1046866

Am I the only one who thinks Meg probably was in the wrong? I didn’t listen to the eps with her so maybe I don’t have a good feel for her character but the fact she hasn’t said anything makes me think they have something on her that she doesn’t want made public. I think Anna does seem like a relatively loyal person and probably wouldn’t.

No. 1046867

*probably wouldn’t cut someone off for no reason/over money

No. 1046868

>Am I the only one who thinks Meg probably was in the wrong?
None of us know any of the details, it's useless to speculate.

No. 1046870

File: 1601258081279.jpeg (120.22 KB, 1080x1214, gay with your dad so funny.jpe…)

Cumtown has one of the most annoying fanbases ever. They even go out of their way to search for posts critiquing the podcast and spamming them with their unfunny edgy jokes (trying to be like Nick, I guess?). And I'm not surprised that their fanbase essentially became /pol/, even back before their subreddit went private they were already posting those /pol/ infographs about Jewish people.

No. 1046874

there was some schizo poster in the cumtown sub a long time ago who would post /pol/-tier rants about Jews, blacks, etc. in every single thread, became a lolcow celeb i nthe community, initially downvoted to hell every time but of course Poe's Law eventually took over.

No. 1046875

I kinda just always thought she felt she wasn't paid enough and then left on that basis alone? Maybe it really wasn't that juicy of a fallout

No. 1046891

they all had to sign NDAs when she left the pod anon

No. 1046899

mcrumps and aimee really going at it tonight

No. 1046901

I just don't think she wanted to be publicly associated with their weapons-grade contrarian takes, which is why she dipped after their profile in The Cut

No. 1046915

This is an imageboard, post caps.

No. 1046919

File: 1601263407354.png (2.2 MB, 1242x2208, 2E9062D4-1C93-4043-B849-F9CA6B…)

No. 1046934

Aimee is a scumbag going after his family like that, psychopathic

No. 1046943

based crumps, dont care about his parents considering hes the only person out of all of them whos at least somewhat consistent and moral. fuck aimee, petty desperate psycho

No. 1046945

File: 1601265035955.jpg (46.57 KB, 598x658, defending ur wig, milady.jpg)

The scarecrow has stans, though. Either that or she runs a mean sockpuppet game.

No. 1046946

File: 1601265046043.png (81.26 KB, 889x407, aa.png)

lel imagine thinking aimee is repulsive just because she's "not wearing makeup" in the pic. she looks like she's wearing eyeliner anyway in that notorious selfie.

all the people who love calling random liberals ugly faggots publicly are now clutching their pearls for crumps posting aimees pic without even insulting her!

No. 1046948

File: 1601265210376.png (102.31 KB, 997x480, aaa.png)

also funny the same exact people who whine about cancel culture are saying that mcrumps should be ostracized and silenced just for having a shitty father involved with the military.
obviously if they liked crumps and he weren't critical of these freaks, they'd be rushing to defend him as innocent if someone like vaush pointed this out

No. 1046949

my god seriously the funniest part of this entire thread is that NO ONE disagrees that she's ugly as fuck. he didn't even call her ugly, he just posted her pic, and everyone is reeeing that he called her ugly LOL!

No. 1046952

File: 1601265514966.png (88.44 KB, 988x469, aaaa.png)

a real job, like a shitty podcast!

No. 1046954

File: 1601265565575.jpeg (502.26 KB, 1242x1162, 0B5722F9-0343-482B-B286-311C5E…)

No. 1046955

Lmao right…only half of her face is visible anyway its not even about “ugly” so much as “demented witch styling and posture”

No. 1046957

uglies have to have each other's back otherwise no one else will

No. 1046958

she and everyone else knows she's ugly, jack posting that is only going to hurt her feelings

No. 1046959

If Aimee was actually hot and not insane looking she'd be posting more pictures, can't believe she volunteered the bathroom one. Sad thing is she probably was hot at some point in the past.

No. 1046961

Right like it reads as if he’s making fun of her. At best it’s patronising.

No. 1046982

File: 1601269370051.png (129.64 KB, 1288x496, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 1.04…)

ok anna

No. 1046984

she’s been doing this a lot lately just inventing herself through whatever she says she is on the defense. everybody else just always misunderstands her good politics guided by truth and light and sweet friendly nature. it’s just gaslighting at this point. you aren’t what you say you are, you are what you behave as.

No. 1046998

extremely autistic observation on my part but she talks like people who write fanfiction write dialogue

No. 1046999

>wear my skin lackies wear my skin lol wear my skin wear my skin

Anna pls, even Jack gave up the ~parasocial~ for Lent

No. 1047056

File: 1601280255151.jpg (46.57 KB, 451x685, Ei94aHCWoAIGgTI.jpg)

fellas, is mcrumps handsome or what?

No. 1047091

File: 1601284613633.jpg (642.71 KB, 2226x3168, 1585247566687 (1).jpg)

If Aimee was hot and not insane she'd be a neoliberal girlboss or at least a titty tradthot.

Also lmak @ her trying to come at someone for having a rich daddy when her family is mad loaded. Modern leftists are just bitter failsons mad that they got written out of the will.

No. 1047131

I’ll never forget when I saw the top right girl get compared to Rick the school shooter on Degrassi in a tumblr post. Pure gold.

No. 1047132

Why does he look like he’s in pain? lol

No. 1047214

Despite the cursed Anglo physiognomy, he is still based.

No. 1047225

I'm just siding with him here because Aimee is worse, but Crumps isn't exactly good either

No. 1047245

Tbh aimee doesn’t necessarily look ugly in this picture so much as very mentally ill. I initially thought the lipstick was shooped to look like the joker

No. 1047290

She looks like a haunted fencepost, anon.

No. 1047299


Aimee's weird bc she has good bone structure and a good complexion, but she has possibly the worst sense of style I've ever seen - not to mention it looks really fucking EXPENSIVE (louboutins in the bathroom pick for ex) and not """prole""" at all, plus she has a weird fucking cannibalistic manic expression in every photo PLUS the fucking animal pelt-looking wigs. honestly she gives me the vibes of being on the spectrum based off her inability to present normally and her obsessive use of twitter and apparent lack of a social life

No. 1047302

I mean her posture/style/makeup/expression are all nightmarish but like this anon says >>1047299 her bone structure is fine. People like Anna K and Caroline are obviously just edgelords to cope with being ugly their whole lives but Aimee’s derangement may have some other origin.

No. 1047305

Caroline is actually pretty though

No. 1047310

File: 1601313067886.jpeg (50.48 KB, 183x982, B1A10C4C-23C3-4D78-AEB7-1D6174…)

Some old school Aimee coming up from her FB

No. 1047312

File: 1601313099157.jpg (404.93 KB, 1080x1214, IMG_20200928_130532.jpg)

Aimee is absolutely coping with being ugly, but there's also a massive faildaughter component - she clearly didn't do much with the privilege she was born into. Her body in particular looks like she has some sort of Parkinson's/muscular dystrophy/scoliosis. Maybe she had cancer or anorexia or some shit. You may have noticed that she wears wigs, so she's probably bald as well.

If you look at her old IG pictures, she used to look like an average airhead varsity thot who duckfaces in selfies, but something happened to her along the way that made her the schizophrenic femcel witch she is today. Her attitude suggests that she used to be considered fuckable at some point in distant past, and a lot of her current behavior has residual hot girl attitude. However, if you look at how her liberal airhead friends aged compared to her, it becomes very clear. She peaked in high school/undergrad and is likely driven by some sort of grief/vendetta.

No. 1047313

File: 1601313124535.jpeg (542.15 KB, 1242x2300, 4A834D83-DB2D-4B8F-9CCE-CDD4D1…)

same fag, but this is also worth adding. I’m not friends with her, this is public and really easy to find

No. 1047317

No idea who these people are but kek this picture is so funny

No. 1047320

she doesn't have art ho friends because she's uncool

No. 1047321

Lmao good work anon, she’s a lot more ratlike than those other pics let on. The hair is so fucking bizarre to me because she clearly has money for a decent wig

No. 1047323


she has an art world bf she can't reflect badly on

No. 1047325


That dude hasn't been active in the art world for literally years, I think she didn't do it simply because she didn't want to deal with the drama and blowback from all the mutuals they still share but she prob shittalks both of them every chance she gets around NYC

No. 1047327

File: 1601313955789.jpeg (61.27 KB, 531x604, 92FF3780-F48E-48AB-A53E-1922E3…)


Apparently this is what she used to look like but I’m not sure if it’s accurate

No. 1047328

File: 1601314161629.jpeg (656.41 KB, 828x818, B5E09B42-467B-4DFE-9E3B-9A3171…)

Another one from 2014

No. 1047331

File: 1601314432081.png (320.73 KB, 1200x373, 83F9CEF3-4A2B-4315-909F-7BA273…)

Apparently she was a “mid level journalist”

No. 1047332

No. 1047333

File: 1601314539962.png (69.81 KB, 667x501, alt.png)

apparently this is Aimee's alt account she uses to reply to her own tweets

No. 1047334

Brad Troemel

No. 1047335

Holy shit she’s dating the Jogging guy? Weird intersect of my worlds lol

No. 1047337

File: 1601315089018.jpg (115.86 KB, 828x1282, 74R6wPa.jpg)

No. 1047338

File: 1601315103603.jpeg (354.57 KB, 1242x764, C97B4E69-2BFB-432E-919A-0F8BEB…)

Coming from a single, childless, PhD student who has spent the last 10 years sperging about politics online, all day. Why are these people’s ‘politics’ always the exact opposite of how they actually live their own lives.

No. 1047339

Anna always says she thinks going for people’s families like Aimee did is wrong. They always drop all their principles and band together whenever one of them gets called out.

No. 1047342

>we don’t care about that here

No. 1047350

But all men dismiss women's opinions and experiences based on their looks, Anna, particularly your fanbase, ESPECIALLY Estee Lardass whom you're ass kissing. Are you saying he's not a man? What Aimee's incel takes about rape victims being too ugly to be raped? What about your entire career revolving around seething about more attractive women? Are you less than a man, and thus inferior to men?

You and Aimee always gleefully cheer on your white knight beta orbiters when they attack attractive liberal women on your behalf. They're not limp wristed faggots in that case of course, they're being truthful and alpha. Or are you experiencing transient ladybrain amnesia here?

Or perhaps at this point you are so desperate for performative gallantries you actually think your brainlet appeals to masculinity will get men to ignore the fact that you and Aimee are the rarely encountered, almost mythical type of human female that's truly unfuckable?

Please, you know your incels better than that.

No. 1047351

subreddits like breaking om really highlight why that fantasy of people being happy that they are married with kids young is just an illusion but it's rules for thee but not for me

No. 1047356

Something bad must’ve happened to her because if she still looked like this she would post pictures of herself. The only decent photos are from 2014-15 and now she looks like a swamp witch. Why won’t she post another new picture?

No. 1047359

everything about these people, from anna to this loser, is one big fucking cope. it’s unbelievable

No. 1047360

Just because you're a useless, talentless, beta faggot who's 250k in debt from his master's in theoretical basket weaving doesn't mean everyone else is. Your failure is entirely a product of you being way too enamored with the fetid nocturnal emissions you call "your politics", and betting everything on people perceiving you the way you perceive yourself.

If you had a semblance of intellect, or perhaps an accurate self esteem, or maybe even a basic grasp on supply and demand, you wouldn't be the miserable faggot you are today. Ever wondered how many fart vaping shitqueers with humanities degrees are actually needed by the economy? You're better off starting a band, maybe then you'll actually manage to fuck someone.

But hey, who am I kidding? No, it's your mommy/kindergarten teacher/asian women with sensible educations/neoliberalism failing to recognize how absolutely brilliant and essential another mumbling incel is to human society. It is a travesty and a true marxist struggle that you weren't immediately granted a job as an unfireable tenured parasite teaching philosophy to indebted cucks such as yourself. Maybe when women are out of the workforce, you will appear more impressive by default. Any day now!

No. 1047361

>Why won’t she post another new picture?
she would've uploaded new photos to disprove them if she looked any different now than she did when they were posted. aging that badly is probably a combination of genetics, alcohol abuse, smoking, and lack of skin care.

No. 1047369

damn i guess he knows his angles better than, say, dasha cause he managed to hide the extent of his anglo inbred-ness in his twitter photos

No. 1047370

File: 1601317380130.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x1581, 29824885-8ADC-46F6-BEA9-2FA67C…)

Search “Aimee Terese Emily” on Facebook and filter by photos and you’ll find a lot of pictures of her from 2007-9. I think she developed an alcohol problem or eating disorder and aged poorly

No. 1047372

Because art hoes and people like Anna and Dasha are really cool?

No. 1047383

File: 1601318306047.jpeg (240.79 KB, 1002x352, C63B4E5A-00DD-4F6D-9519-F3D4A7…)

From left, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2020. Looks like one of those meth progression videos

No. 1047385

Healthy looking Aimee is leagues hotter than current day Dasha and Anna, what a fast downturn

No. 1047389

That doesn’t look like just normal ageing. Like you can see the mental illness in her eyes.

No. 1047393

File: 1601319311928.jpg (62.4 KB, 601x511, rooshv.jpg)

this is the cow crossover I never expected lol

No. 1047394

this is sad, looks like anorexia which would also explain the need for wigs

No. 1047397

this is tragic. Even though Aimee seems like a terrible person I feel bad for any woman who goes through something like this with her looks. she was really pretty just seven years ago.
this makes the most sense. idk if other farmers ITT browse the pro-ana threads but the way she looks now reminds me of some of the older cows posted there.

No. 1047402

Literally every man in her orbit is catty about women's looks 24/7, Jack, samememe, all the misogynists she cultivates spend their entire days shit talking women for their looks! >>1046984 is right, she's just trying super hard to gaslight everyone by saying over and over again that she and her followers behave in this or that way and hope that people take her words on faith and never examine their actions at all.

She must be really desperate if she's appealing to such a shameless strategy.

No. 1047405

It's one thing if she actually looked more normal like in the other pictures, but here she just looks strange with the bird's nest hair, weird stance and creepy expression. I don't get why you would willingly post this online and it should be made fun of.

No. 1047407

isn’t meth big in Australia? half joking. also I have never been able to figure out if Aimee is like Ian Miles Cheong in the way that she’s super obsessed with talking about US politics, never talks about anything local, but has literally never stepped foot in America (tbh even if she’s taken a vacation to Florida or something it still doesn’t make any sense)

No. 1047415

Exactly, anyone who willingly posts something like that online should be made fun of and it’s not even about being ‘ugly’ or not it’s just the sheer absurdity of the photo

No. 1047419

I could totally see Anna orbiting Roosh sometime soon.

No. 1047432

Absolutely. As soon as her "fame" starts to wane, she'll find another celeb to dig her claws into

No. 1047438

She is 100% delusional about her level of attractiveness, possibly thinks she actually looks great. That or she is a typical pickme thinking that dudes will think she's hot solely because of her cumgargling doormat opinions.

My bet is dysmorphic ana-chan or residual hot girl complex from when she still looked human.

No. 1047439

lmao it's also the hilarious fact that the poor hag was anticipating beta orbiting and compliments, judging from how she phrased the caption

No. 1047441

File: 1601324325725.jpeg (175.26 KB, 960x720, 6A2CEF1C-BE72-40A6-863F-D59B8A…)

unironically yeah. I wonder how old that pic is though, this one is from 2013

No. 1047443

I think it’s literally just the hair and learning how to smile properly

No. 1047460

File: 1601327149218.jpg (112.13 KB, 601x900, Ei122I1XkAAKJFE.jpg)

anyone who still supports aimee when she posts things this unhinged and racist (and about a country she's never been in) is just as bad as her at this point

No. 1047478

Holy fuck this is /pol/ tier. Who fucking cares he was on drugs. Didn’t deserve to die by the hands of negligent cops. What a sociopath.

No. 1047493

With this logic, why is “felon” a legitimate designation? Is the American criminal justice system not neoliberal? Lmao

No. 1047593

File: 1601340208197.jpg (22.48 KB, 800x491, laughing.jpg)

These responses are gold.

No. 1047685

File: 1601347727948.png (30.57 KB, 736x363, hmm.png)

Why even bother doing this? It's so transparent.

No. 1047689

If it hadn't before, cope has definitely lost all meaning now.

No. 1047764

Love the vague "cute" because he can't bring himself to call her attractive or beautiful kek

No. 1047868

File: 1601385090695.png (58.91 KB, 616x292, jews.png)

now what could he possibly have meant by this?

No. 1047874

He used to be an open neo nazi, same as Jack. This is who Anna claimed was the ‘best follow of the fiscal quarter’ back when he was bravely taking on 15 year old tiktok autists.

No. 1047886

File: 1601390212409.png (51.56 KB, 1110x168, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 10.3…)

Wtf is up with Anna and Dasha being obsessed with hideous misogynistic racist men? Is it because the left wing account that make fun of women all hate them and they need a dose of women hating from men every day? Or are they just flat out as racist as they've been coming off as for the past year?
Also Anna said on a reddit post, can't find sorry, that she's supposedly religious and believes in god now despite never ever going to temple or visiting her mom for holidays and making fun of caring about religion and how barely Jewish she is constantly. I can't tell if this is a cynical pivot or if she's losing her mind as much as Dasha has.

No. 1047888

I've been following Dasha since before Red Scare and she was never this racist. she made offensive jokes and said the r-word but never outright racist.
>Anna is now supposedly religious
>can't tell if this is a cynical pivot or if she's losing her mind
it's probably a bit of both. not that it matters but she believes all the stuff she posts. otherwise she wouldn't be following all these neo-nazis, going on alt-right podcasts, inviting Steven Bannon on the pod. it probably started out cynical but this is who she is now. if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

No. 1047894

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Anna is retvrning to her Jewish tradition but still palling around with neonazis who can’t even type the full word “Jew”? This is another level of pickme.

No. 1047907


hypocritical tweet coming from Anna considering she's obsessed with BAP whose politics are literally liking things attractive people do lol

No. 1047983

Ok gimpgirl
>Doesn't start typical feminine drama

No. 1047989

That’s so embarrassing to say about yourself in your mid 30’s. I would get second hand embarrassment seeing a 17 year old describe themselves like that.

No. 1047991

She probably thinks it comes off as ironic but this is very clearly how she actually thinks of herself lol.

No. 1047994

File: 1601406601671.jpg (22.19 KB, 340x340, 1592598536683.jpg)

>I'm so beta I act like a servile bangmaid despite making my own money

>Pickmes actually think this is a flex

5 bucks says she's been reading this thread and those "failed girlboss" takes have been getting to her, but being the 4/10 pickme she is, she decided to clapback by saying that she has to work AND worship dick. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be so undesirable as a woman that you don't even have a basic concept of what's actually a desirable outcome.

Anyways, don't forget to cashapp Eli for eating his leftovers!

No. 1048032

File: 1601411065264.jpeg (451.89 KB, 793x1347, 956F4543-AFFB-4872-AF28-19D947…)

Just like how Anna pretends that she thinks it’s very funny that she looks like Nathan Fielder, Lardass has also decided to acknowledge his doppleganger

No. 1048043

Only took him like two weeks after the joke was made to unclench his ham fist about it

No. 1048044

god the cringe

No. 1048051

literally gimpgirl tier, Anna is a cuckquean and proud

No. 1048058

I really wish I could get the old badgame screenshots of samememe, they sound very funny

No. 1048069

I wonder if he made this himself because I can't imagine someone sending this to him without him having a complete mental breakdown kek

No. 1048072

He is accepting the conditioning

No. 1048084

wait what's this about Liz whatever the fuck from true anon having military intelligence family?

No. 1048087

Thinking of Liz Bruenig? Her dad is a VP in some division at Textron, which is an MIC conglomerate.

Liz Franczak's grandfather was maybe in the RAF in WWII though? IDK.

No. 1048103

Youre probably thinking of Bruenig but nobody actually knows anything about Franczak’s parents, right? They’re definitely loaded but beyond that it’s a mystery. They could be feds too

No. 1048110

File: 1601421923095.jpg (44.79 KB, 336x504, Karen Bjorneby Liz Franczak mo…)

Franczak's mother is Karen Bjorneby, was a creative writing teacher in San Francisco but moved to Fort Collins last year.
Liz' dad Peter Franczak works as a senior consultant at Constrata Technology Consultants. Her parents are either divorced or not living together.

No. 1048111

anon you can't just doxx people's parents like that

No. 1048113

this was in a previous thread

No. 1048159

i actually sent this to him trying to bully him and he followed me back on instagram for it. either shockingly humble or trying to deflect trolling(cowtipping)

No. 1048161

Don't cowtip.

No. 1048169

Having someone's name, occupation, and city is not a dox. A home address or phone number is a dox. Chill.

No. 1048177

tell that to Aimee Therese

No. 1048183

How any ppl has she done that to? I know Crumps but I seem to remember a few others

No. 1048185

Would love to see who Aimee's family is

No. 1048186

Liz Bruenig and Jamie Peck

No. 1048187

samefag but she did it to Megan Day too (DSA leader and Jacobin writer)

No. 1048188

Even one person is enough

No. 1048210

Speaking of Bruenig, she got acknowledged by Trump the other day because he was upset about her NYT article on Amy Coney Barrett.

No. 1048300

File: 1601446119133.jpg (330.81 KB, 1049x1864, 20200930_010709.jpg)

No. 1048301

File: 1601446142236.jpg (384.95 KB, 1080x2088, 20200930_010640.jpg)

No. 1048307

So like, is she straight up pro Trump now??

No. 1048308

they've old ladies who are only famous because of their husbands I mean come on

No. 1048312

>I'd rather my daughter…
Hahaha that's a funny joke, Anna

No. 1048337

Melina Trump literally just looks like a tranny.

No. 1048339

what does Anna think 'industrious' means?

No. 1048341

No joke, Melania straight up looks like Bruce Jenner here. kek

No. 1048383

>leggy and industrious
There's just something so gross about that phrase

No. 1048432

File: 1601471473050.jpeg (398.62 KB, 828x986, E39E495A-9988-447B-B735-C81B7E…)

When she objectifies women and makes jokes about their deaths…it’s a Rorschach!

No. 1048443

Her grandfather was military intelligence and her mom posted on FB about how her parents met at a KGB/CIA ball.

No. 1048456

After Bernie lost and hating on Hilary and the Dems so much she’s kind of backed herself into a corner with this Trump stuff. Idk this is part of why I can’t listen anymore… her takes don’t feel genuine, feels like she’s constantly having to force being contrarian or court outrage

No. 1048480

Does anyone have anything on his history on all the weird sub-SA going boards? He apparently posted there for years.

No. 1048491

a couple months ago @viperwave was tweeting about how he and samememe used to be in those same boards. you could ask him

No. 1048494

People assumed he was a dull gimmick account for years, SA has more than its share of those.
It's still undecided whether he's genuine or not.

No. 1048511

more successful at cockmongling than her

at least Melania is married (sort of, at some point he was) rich while Anna will always manage to only get Elis despite her incessant pickmeing

No. 1048653

I hate how there are all these Literally Who nobodies that we're supposed to believe are smart or funny or influential only because they were all friends on SA in the 00s and now get off acting like they're elite celebs

No. 1048663

anna has gotten way cockier since growing the mullet out kek

No. 1048686

It’s funny cause all the angry armenian girls in her replies, even the fat ones, are much prettier than her.

No. 1048712

literally the first time I saw her in that "anti woke left" article I thought it was Nathan Fielder LARPing as an autogynephile

No. 1048721

she actually believed r/RS femcels when they told her that she'd be "too powerful with normie hair"

also she's reading this thread and pretty much responds to everything we say about her. her recent fashion nova cosplaying is likely her getting salty at anons here calling her avant garde looks a cope and correctly observing that she's jealous of cloying bimbos kek

No. 1048737

File: 1601506466835.png (50.16 KB, 250x141, nathan.png)

Mr. O'Neill's niche libertarian news blog just wasn't drawing the traffic it once did. Luckily, I had an idea.

No. 1048755

I dropped out of NYU’s Art History PhD program with pretty good grades

No. 1048770

Post pics, anon

No. 1048775

Has she ever hinted at a history of substance abuse?

No. 1048800

Everything she says is a pretty good hint at either hard drugs or mental disability

No. 1048801

Lol they all of a sudden started using the word pickme last pod they are definitely lurking here. Anna leaning into to her cope to own the haters is so delusional.

No. 1048804

File: 1601510805557.jpeg (307.84 KB, 1536x2048, 0748110F-4E56-4BEF-8819-567D9E…)

She tilts her head back in all her bimbo pics because it makes it look like her droopy even-worse-than-bette-davis eyes are just a consequence of the angle rather than her very unfortunate facial structure

No. 1048808

"b-but I'm not jealous of girlbosses! I can be a girlboss actually! And a hot tastelessly dressed kardashian cosplayer! Look, I have long hair now and I wear shitty skin tight dresses! Take that lolcow! I am everything I ever looked down on because you said I'm actually jealous of these things!"

inb4 she begins attempting to prove that Eli buys her stuff somehow

No. 1048812

Never thought I'd say this, but she should stick to trying to be a female Rick Owens. Some particularly dim witted simps can still buy into the whole "I choose to look ugly for the art" thing, but the bimbo looks just highlight how unattractive and unfeminine she is. Watching a hag try and fail to be a sultry instathot is somehow worse than watching her cope by having a mullet.

No. 1048818

she's called herself this multiple times but don't actual trophy wife bimbos get plastic surgery?
the only way I'd respect either of them is if Dasha got plastic surgery to look more like a real actress and less like a 19 year old twink and Anna fixed her droopy eyes, jaw, and nose. Someone mentioned this in the last thread but it's true that every actress has had some work done. You're not taken seriously in Hollywood unless you put in effort to fix your physical flaws.

No. 1048825

she's like a troon who calls himself an uwu anime girl despite looking like a 54 year old sex offender

Anna is one of those people who are simultaneously insecure about their looks yet too narcissistic to acknowledge their unattractiveness by doing something about it. She's still holding on to that hope that she's "unconventional pretty". Dasha is similarly deluded from being terminally online and being gassed up by incels about how much of an uwu angelic teen she is.

Most celebs have something done before they're known and have too many "before" pics out.
Both Anna and Dasha have cornered themselves too much to have anything done anyway, at least until they figure out a way to PR it as "owning the haters" as opposed to visibly caving to all the people calling them ugly. They kinda fucked themselves by acting like they're hot, now they have to keep it up.

No. 1048826

They don’t have readily fixable faces. Dasha’s head is shaped like a kidney bean and Anna has weird dog eyes. I don’t think there’s boilerplate procedures for either of those things lmao

No. 1048830

nah they also complained about being called nazbols and strasserites. it's more likely they were referencing vaush and his fans because he called them pickme strasserites recently.

No. 1048831

This. Most up and coming celebs who have stuff done (with the exception of mega rich cows like Bella Hadid) do subtle work that leaves them recognizable - slightly narrower nose, slightly slimmer jaw, slightly poutier lips, etc. You don't get into A-list by being a plastic surgery monstrosity, major work is too obvious.

There is no way to make Anna and Dasha more attractive while keeping them identifiable as Anna and Dasha.

No. 1048843


sage for plasticsperging but there is a iranian plastic surgeon in LA who specializes in transforming buggy droopy eyes like hers into Bella Hadid. That's her main problem, the rest of her face isn't ugly with some conservative fillers for the bags or whatever.

Dasha on the other hand, I think is way more fucked. She needs full on korean skull reshaping to even start competing with "ugly" hollywood girls for roles, her midface is super flat and the lower half way too long, plus she has a whole ass underbite. Early 30s aging is gonna hit her hard

No. 1048852

File: 1601514949364.png (84.56 KB, 1188x362, sick.png)

sorry to change the subject but Aimee Terese is having a psychotic break tonight. She's done a dozen posts about Michael Brooks. If you don't know who that is he recently died at 36 from a stroke.


No. 1048859

She'll say her pan face makes her look more Asiatic lol

No. 1048860

File: 1601515346863.jpeg (127.68 KB, 828x1001, E87FAA73-3929-4533-A823-CC2757…)

She’s very ill and should log off

No. 1048862

Her body looks good here if unedited, the bed on the floor and her faux-tradwife-not-like-other-girls personality ruins it tho

No. 1048863

Yikes. He was very well-loved, can’t see tonight going well for Aimee kek

No. 1048864

File: 1601515682190.jpeg (240.43 KB, 828x1353, F4C9FF00-F94C-4AC7-BA59-94497E…)

Not so cute anymore

No. 1048867

File: 1601515816526.jpg (351.9 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20201001-082400__01…)

The real tragedy here is the gaggle of girls, gays and incels who worship and try to act like them, saying the r word with vocal fry every 2 seconds.

No. 1048870

The very picture of Cocaine Catholicism. Bet Ashley's got a sympathy nasal drip.

No. 1048875

File: 1601516180981.png (170.17 KB, 1200x646, aimee.png)

her reply guys are talking back to her. not just Sean but others too

No. 1048878

Taking thot pics in a church is so fucked up

No. 1048883

“Why would you post that.” the irony

No. 1048887

Having your Jewish husband-to-be you're already planning to dump take this photo of you as you use him to take a vacation before you go back to his apartment to continue cheating on him when he's still on tour, already knowing you're going to break his heart and already starting your fake Catholic phase to deal with the guilt you don't really deeply feel.

No. 1048889

Her face is looking a lot better now that she's gained a bit of weight at least, I could believe that she's in her late 20's in this whereas she looks mid-40s when she's emaciated

No. 1048898

>every leftist blurs every boundary between the personal and the political
And the right doesn't…? Why is she having a meltdown over regular political strategies?

No. 1048902

Damn, she’s actually sick in the head. I hope she has friends or family irl who can keep her in check but it seems like maybe not

No. 1048903

File: 1601519084461.png (15.4 KB, 585x143, lmao.PNG)

…she says, HATING the left and having a bpd meltdown instead of politicizing their roles.

No. 1048904

Aimee is so alienated from everything, she wants people to join her there.

No. 1048914

>I hope she has friends or family irl
Considering the fact that she spends nearly every waking hour on twitter, her only "friends" are likely her simps and that married Nazi she's having a Skype affair with.

No. 1048915

Did that guy ever reactivate? I remember him deactivating right after being mentioned here but forgot his username
Aimee talking about personality disorders, lol

No. 1048945

praying for your pussy microflora after you get rawed by 70 men because condoms are baby murder

No. 1048952

File: 1601522765645.jpg (180.15 KB, 1200x1200, hillary-clinton-9251306-2-402.…)

I too remember the Republican decades of totally sane, totally-not-bpd, totally not sexually charged crymoshing over a certain woman who reminds them of their mothers. Also, wasn't Aimee an anti-Trump sperger on facebook?


Why is she looking more and more like a stoned, slightly retarded version of AOC every day? Are we about to see some red matte lipstick to go with those nun librarian robes she's wearing?

No. 1048953

it’s so gross how anna and dasha are anti condom

No. 1048956

imagine the Smell

No. 1048969

Notice how both her and AOC were born to STEM field immigrant fathers and studied Econs.

No. 1048972

he was the least obnoxious person on the internet left and it legit sucks he's gone

No. 1049016

File: 1601529168697.jpeg (268.23 KB, 828x1309, 2F272A60-1421-4157-93E1-947996…)

No. 1049018

Notice how Anna wanted to be a lawyer kek


"Wehmen are to blame for the fact that I'm a fat peepee poopoo manchild with no impulse control, how dare they make me steal their high sugar food!"

Is your mommy also the reason why you're too fat to get into heaven?

No. 1049019

This is the most bizarre fucking—what kind of Ed Gein shit

No. 1049021

They hate women so much it's funny

No. 1049023

Balding landmass eats abandoned slice of cake which is solely what he's been put on earth to do, tweets 84 words about it.

No. 1049024

this is the first time either of these fellows has made me laugh. They should lean into the neurotic slapstick self mockery, it's a riot

No. 1049026

File: 1601531178456.jpg (252.42 KB, 1200x1632, 1200px-Sigmund_Freud,_by_Max_H…)

That's an oddly specific accusation, Aimee.

Shouldn't you be busy concocting pseudomarxist copes for why you're still mad at Stacy from undergrad? Or splitting on your former co-host? Or projecting your BPD on others, engaging in substance abuse, enabling infidelity and being addicted to online attention like the classic borderline you are?

You're whoring for all this controversy because your father never loved you, aren't you? It feels euphoric at first, but then people call you a fugly witch so you spiral into psychosis and tears. But you just can't help coming back for more, right? Clearly it's your p-pursuit of truth that makes you do it and nothing maladaptive, right? You're the paragon of emotional detachment, it's everyone else who's always personally motivated, of course.

I knew there was a reason why you're such a little butt slut for old domineering men. Be honest: how often do you fantasize about being hot enough to metoo an influential figure?

No. 1049048

why are they acting like they were forced to be dishusting piggies kek

No. 1049055

I like the mental gymnastics it takes to decide a random woman leaving a slice of cake in the breakroom is the reason your obese, blimp body continues to shovel food in your gluttonous heavy breathing mouth like a garbage disposal.

No. 1049063

Imagine being a fat fuck who can't handle himself around children's snacks. Just imagine.

No. 1049064

It's women's fault that he's fat! How dare they, just leave all that yummy goodness just lying around! Some of us are literal food addicts, you know? That's like leaving heroin lying around in a rehab facility!

For a minute there I thought he was parodying himself and had a hearty chuckle, but then I saw samememe's replies and no, of course they're serious.

No. 1049073


oh my god jack can you shut up. eat a fucking salad then before your overactive thyroid gets your sperm whale blubber ass diagnosed with cretinism. nobody forced you to eat the cake. learn to cope.

No. 1049091

Just admit you ate it because you're a fatty who can't control himself like an adult so you try to blame your guilt on women. Does he ever enjoy life or does he spend all of his waking hours seething about women and thinking of new ways to blame us for everything wrong in the world? Funny how misogynists like him love to call women "children" but they can't even take basic responsibility for their own actions. Also does he have two jobs? Just the other week he was sperging about "AWFLs" ordering pad thai delivery, so I assumed he was working in food service.

No. 1049095

I'm feeding Jack donuts from behind a block. I can see him eating them but he can't see me.

No. 1049100

He works as a doorman I think

No. 1049104

File: 1601542348471.jpeg (306.28 KB, 1242x1107, 2F4B80F8-8507-4FB4-8F84-A44108…)

He really thinks it was ‘gaslighting’ when people said these threads weren’t just one obsessed fan targeting him

No. 1049117

most of the people discussed here just seem to be your average grifter but jack comes across as seriously mentally ill someone irl should step in and keep him away from twitter bc its getting worse

No. 1049119

He’s said multiple times he doesn’t have any friends

No. 1049122

She’d never let herself get that fat

No. 1049123

His life is seriously so depressing; I can see why he's an angry mutant online. Get on a diet and exercise plan, fatty, those endorphins might make you forget to hate women for 15 seconds.

No. 1049130

File: 1601547107706.jpeg (397.3 KB, 1242x866, 1599222534893.jpeg)

kantbot is his friend

No. 1049176

hambeast solidarity!

No. 1049262

This way of thinking is almost a requirement for lolcows. They always believe that all criticism comes from a single obsessed source; it can’t possibly be that multiple people think they’re dumbasses.

No. 1049427

>Simply put, the man is a prince

oh my god, this makes me want to shove him into a locker. what a fucking dweeb

No. 1049444

File: 1601580675392.png (31.27 KB, 592x327, VbsGNEA.png)

No. 1049462

>Thinking of someone as useless as Melania represents power
Lmao. I'm sure the whole country was dying to see the white house gardens remodeled, especially during the pandemic.
Coke and EDs have really done a number on Anna's brain.

No. 1049465

>that's cope

No. 1049468

“It’s okay if a premature baby dies because his parents are Democrats” is certainly a hot family values take!

No. 1049469

Guess Which Gender is once again so ridden with mommy issues it's blaming women for its own perpetual lack of impulse control. Was the piece of cake ASKING FOR IT, you brain damaged butterball manosphere? Or did your mommy do this to you by indulging your sugar cravings too much? But doesn't being bossed around by women trigger you?

You know what though, it's definitely women doing this, you're right. Keep eating your way into an early grave, kek.

No. 1049472

So much self-flattery for a fat loser nobody. He’s so close to going full Peter Sotos

No. 1049473

Actually I'm pretty sure the baby would be shitting, sleeping, and crying like a normal fucking infant.

No. 1049477

he's parodying the Aimee tweet shitting on Michael Brooks, he should have picked a different subject

No. 1049543

why do these pathetic cows always end their shit takes with exclaimation points, it's not cute and it doesn't anyone take them any more seriously. i've noticed all the fans do it too. i get they're aiming for "self-assured and confident" but it just comes off as a kid wearing a tutu for the first time snapping their fingers in a mirror

No. 1049551

lmao at half the replies not getting it.
aimee thrives off the attention, the only way she stops being relevant is if all the big lefty accounts stop trying to own her in quote tweets every other day.

No. 1049556

I think they picked it up from Trump’s tweeting style. The “Sad!” thing is pretty iconic

No. 1049559

Imagine how many times Dasha has went into an empty church just to beg some faggot every 5 seconds to take a pic of her in the pews for instagram

The fatty cope is real. He's literally eating trash and getting mad at women because he chose to eat trash. No one told you to eat the cake, fatty.
Not even armchairing here, he straight up has binge eating disorder.

Isn't this a passive-aggressive dig at Amy reeeing about Sean's dead friend Brooks then saying "it's political not personal?"

No. 1049645

I think Anna K picked it up from Trump and the rest of them got it from her

No. 1049660

File: 1601599341990.png (71.58 KB, 889x549, galileo.png)

Aimee's simps are something else

No. 1049684

Aside from looking like a Munch painting, she also looks like someone who spends 22 hours a day sockpuppeting around the internet to compliment herself.

No. 1049696

Apparently Anna "joked" on the podcast that if she was going to vote this election she would vote for Trump. Not sure what makes those two leftist anymore.

No. 1049700

very few people on the subreddit "worship" them and most openly acknowledge how drug addled and moronic they are. lots of people don't even listen to the podcast and just dunk on them

the girls and gays sub barely even discusses the podcast, it's mostly recipes and whining about birth control

No. 1049708

ot but what kind of recipes do they discuss. also, do they complain about bc because they feel forced to use it or something like that

No. 1049714

This guy is a massive bootlicker pussy who starts whining anytime someone on Twitter criticizes cops.

No. 1049736

Sean's actual takes can be kind of half-baked but when it comes to pure posting, the man is almost untouchable. I actually laughed out loud when I first saw the post.

No. 1049747

Same thing that makes Anna what she says she is: nothing but their own words.

No. 1049751

nta but i've only seen shitty russian recipes being posted because the girls are obsessed with trying to skinwalk anna and dasha lmao. someone even posted that the girls and gays sub should make a recipe book earlier

No. 1049785

File: 1601612256115.jpeg (77.03 KB, 826x355, 9A689CBA-135F-4C07-81A4-C6CDA9…)

a bit rich

No. 1049793

File: 1601613217858.jpg (56.38 KB, 587x471, 1583511332546.jpg)

Remember ladies: being catty about other women's looks is petty feminine drama.

No. 1049796

Anna K is about 4 years late on the trend as usual. Sasuga granny.
Love this domestic diva and her homeless shelter looking house.

No. 1049804

File: 1601613722257.jpeg (156.87 KB, 1125x1179, CA8731C6-5F9D-441E-84D2-2E68A0…)

doubling down

No. 1049811

File: 1601614033532.jpeg (496.56 KB, 750x1008, 14A78C48-221B-4484-B53F-D08372…)


No. 1049826

She can’t go five minutes without calling another woman fat to cope with her crooked face

No. 1049871

Is she just gonna bitterpost forever because never even really had a career in the first place.

Julia Garner is an incredible actress, Dasha could never come close to being in her league.

No. 1049872

This is why her hatred of Greta Gerwig is so funny. Who's worked with her hereos Woody Allen and Whit Stillman? And was successful in fucking her way to the top from mumblecore, while actually being talented.

No. 1049878

Am i misremembering, or did Dasha say a long time ago that she was in contact with Whit Stillman to get him on the pod, but it never materialized?

No. 1049886

I'm not anachan, but Dasha is objectively tubby. Look at the OP pic.

She could've looked skinnier with this body fat %, but she's just built like a fridge and is flabby.

No. 1049928

lmao. crumps didn't even call aimee ugly or say anything about sex, he just said "this is you." yet shes done this, far worse than anything crumps has said. aimee is so disgusting and such a hypocrite its astonishing

No. 1049963

She’s lost weight since then (see her anorexia twitter, lol). That’s why her face looks like it’s caving in now >>1045870

No. 1049984

File: 1601640227846.jpeg (215.37 KB, 826x1322, 08787A52-84D0-40CB-A9DA-AEB363…)

Dasha’s vitality is slipping more and more everyday it seems. Kind of feel sad for her now.

No. 1049986

She looks so different from the op, but also really tired. It’s been confirmed that she uses snow filters right? Her eyes definitely don’t look like that, i really don’t like how she’s still learning into her uwu tumblr proana slav waifu. It feels full of self loathing

No. 1049988

She’s explicitly saying Garner isn’t fat…..

No. 1049991

Dasha was calling Anna Delvey fat

No. 1049995

She is lol

No. 1049997

She has to be using snow app, all the girls in her social media circles and skinwalkers use it. But she can’t smooth away her face sinking into her skull after starving herself through the Quarantine.

No. 1050017

The only thing that motivates dasha to live another day is to smirk at other womens chubby upper arms

No. 1050048

No. 1050053

The dumbest posts are never saged

No. 1050068

Jill biden: healthy
Melania trump: coronavirus

No. 1050092

File: 1601653644435.jpeg (51.11 KB, 373x640, 81C0013E-1D9F-4053-B6A6-36ABB9…)

Doubt JG or Dasha have the body type to gain any weight in their chests like AD

No. 1050099

She definitely tried to audition for this, right? Lol

No. 1050108

Will Dasha ever book another job? Has she worked at all in her supposed real career this year?
Maybe Lena Dunham will pity throw her a role on her version of the Delvey story.

No. 1050114

She won't get casted until she uses some of that podcast money to take at least a single acting class. We've seen she's just objectively bad at what she aspires to do.

No. 1050165

Seems like she doesn’t even care about acting as an art or whatever, she just expects to get famous by behaving on camera exactly how she behaves irl.

No. 1050180

She’s not hot or interesting enough to watch to get away with it, either. Funny she landed on “acting” as her dream career when she doesn’t even have enough energy to properly emote

No. 1050232

It's the most "do nothing" job and she can't even manage that. Can you imagine her working a Real job? She'd slit her wrists after the first week, if she's not fired by then. That's why she hasn't spent more than a month or two without a boyfriend, she always needs someone to leech off

No. 1050299

lmao first of all who TF will seriously cast some dumb cunt with so much online controversy and mental illness. has she not heard of tila tequila

No. 1050301

If you looked like Aimee you'd be thrilled to get raped too

No. 1050335

Who was her boyfriend between Adam and OPN?

No. 1050340

Epic post, my good sir tips fedora

No. 1050351

Misread this as Mel Brooks and I was so confused.

No. 1050359

Some ugly actor she was in pictures in the winter, and she was dating a uk actor, no one knows who-probably met when filming that serial killer show-whose pr people told him he couldn't see her because her social media was so deranged, and immediately after I think she was seeing one of the guys she cheated with who's friends with her roommate Kyle. Probably some married guys and other people who had her as a sidepiece in-between, she had to take plan b in the Philippines or something like that.

No. 1050366

private but here's the ig of the one she was cheating with alexanderstephenhaddad

No. 1050400

File: 1601682502395.jpg (33.86 KB, 450x450, 288947978.jpg)

Is this him? Because if yes, my god how do you cheat on Adam with an even bigger soyboy?

No. 1050427

he looks exactly like adam but without the glasses

No. 1050438

You have my upgoat, fellow gentlesir. It's rare to meet another brave soul who doesn't virtue signal or engage in bourgeois political correctness!

No. 1050449

she has a type

No. 1050581

only kind of male who isn't a 50 year old lower middle class married dad of three who would go for her

No. 1050609

File: 1601701748340.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1912, 996CA413-D004-4457-A0E2-F6104D…)

Stop it why does chloe sevigny follow jack lmao.

No. 1050611

AT is still going on about Michael Brooks. Its been like two days now.

No. 1050621

File: 1601703001608.jpg (150.27 KB, 781x395, cs.jpg)

Oh wow she follows Anna and Dasha too. I'm not surprised Chloe is involved in that crowd but the fact that Jack is on her radar is funny kek.

No. 1050629

I’ve always been surprised she follows all them and 1. they’ve never gotten her on 2. She still posts super normal lib stuff like “anti racist baby” on her gram. I think she must care more about the NY art scene aesthete part more than the politics part lol

No. 1050630

Because she’s an insufferable butterfaced pseud?

No. 1050657

I don't think she pays that much attention to her social media follows outside of her close circle. Toss a like there if she feels like it.
Eventually that one stray like will encourage a man to eat stray cake and rage about it, knowing at the very least he has a famous die-hard fan out there who loves the same musty grandma fragrances he does.

No. 1050695

because she's retarded in the way most actors are
"I’m curious if there will be a change [to New York]. I was listening to those girls on Red Scare talk about it. They’re extreme. But will this weed certain [negative] aspects out? Maybe they’re overly optimistic. But … Maybe? I had a friend say that he might come back to New York. He was like, “All the yuppie scum might flee"

No. 1050703

Speaking of magazine interviews, who do you think profiled Anna and Dasha? There was that photoshoot last month, and Anna said on the latest pod that there's a profile of them coming out very soon.

No. 1050706

File: 1601723243372.png (34.44 KB, 913x607, kantbot social blade.png)

let's see how the kantbot re-branding is going

oh no no no no…

as you can see the follower count shot up around the time of the incel documentary and was the biggest shot in the arm he's had in years immediately followed by tanking to all-time lows after re-branding lmao

No. 1050712

File: 1601723536653.png (154.83 KB, 635x1438, 567345546.png)

"im good, everyone else is brainwashed" hahaha jesus christ

No. 1050715

he and aimee really can't help themselves; the ultimate solipsists, they turn on all their friends in the end for not showing ironclad loyalty/fealty to either their brand or worldview.

No. 1050716

I don't know why anyone gives a shit about Teigen's miscarriage; after all, it's just a clump of cells, isn't it?

No. 1050750

ok dasha

No. 1050772

God, he's been so obnoxious lately

I like how the newfag didn't sage

No. 1050795

Where'd her massive chin go

No. 1050797


I knew there was something about that pic that look weird af to me. Probably facetuning

No. 1050801

Aimee tweets like a thirty something who just discovered pol and frog twitter in 2020 and is over compensating for lost time. Every other tweet is cope this, cuck that, frog meme. You’re an adult it’s embarrassing.

No. 1050826

File: 1601741562679.jpeg (75.56 KB, 676x368, C4A59D26-9D9F-4FB5-84A4-02C7AD…)

Even people in the sub think so

No. 1050940

It's all shit from like 2014.

No. 1051065

File: 1601764013165.jpeg (127.58 KB, 750x368, F646A111-F600-4D91-84FA-AE5649…)

No. 1051077

sounds like parasocial narcissism sweaty!

No. 1051095

kantbot never explains anything, he only pretends to and in the vaguest of ways. he hides behind irony, ambiguity and an undeserved pretentiousness. to make a declarative statement puts him at risk for the kinds of critique and mockery he throws at others.

i doubt he reads the books he posts. on the ones i have read that he discusses, it's as if he didnt do a deep read. he dabbles on the surface and toys around with the words but nothing thorough. it might be twitter brainrot that got to him.

he can't coast along with his bullshit forever, and he has cut ties for petty reasons just to save face. his historically fetishized fantasy of becoming the leader of a literary movement. he wants thielbux too, funnily enough.

watch him fade into obscurity over the next 2 years, pretending to check out of politics but still courting the attention of the active frogtwitter/online dirtbag left and adjacent communities.

No. 1051142

File: 1601772016666.jpeg (309.59 KB, 1242x486, 153C180B-769D-46D9-9AC9-35C448…)

No. 1051169

doctor of philosophy in shitty tweets

No. 1051172

The lock of hair in front of her chin is hiding it lol

No. 1051174

this feels like he’s referencing the thread

No. 1051290

I was wondering the same thing lmao it seems like at this point only Spiked or some other right wing rag would interview them but because the photoshoot was done by Heji Shin it prob will be some art/fashion adjacent publication

No. 1051311

File: 1601787708199.jpg (1011.22 KB, 2500x3125, IMG_6958.jpg)

My only guess is Interview magazine. They've done separate interviews with Anna and Dasha and they seem to have friends who work there.

No. 1051326

It's not impossible that it's the New York Times Sunday magazine; they have an "in" there with Liz Bruenig and Heji Shin was recently profiled there.

No. 1051433

He does often explain shit though, I'm guessing this one he's just not too clear on. IMO he reads the shit he posts, but as you said not too deeply, and he's been way too spooked about shit everyone who isn't a twitter retard knows

le epic trolling xd

No. 1051455

This is a good pic of her. It’s too bad actresses also have to look good in motion.

No. 1051489

File: 1601819172460.png (116.66 KB, 1080x606, IMG_20201004_154526.png)

wtf does this even mean

No. 1051529

Girl no. It's shopped like all her selfies.

No. 1051586

think he's implying that if trump were actually a fascist he would've used state power to shut everything down and do anything possible to wipe out the virus, since it's a threat to the state and people

No. 1051630

Why's he going at Bridgie? Doesn't he know that this will prevent him from ingratiating himself with Liz?

No. 1051639

her face is asymmetrical af in this "good" pic, tf even happened to her

none of her features live in the same zip code

No. 1051641

lmao isn't that what the dems tried to do & these twitter retards were like "NEOBIBERAL EVIL OPPRESSIONS"

No. 1051642

File: 1601837959136.jpeg (164.82 KB, 750x529, 71FD78D9-5EA1-4EE8-9A8E-C19634…)

kek even the red scare orbiters know Anna's "big naturals" are mythical

No. 1051644

literally yes. so many of these "leftist" twitter contrarians are anti mask and think that corona is either fake or just a flu being used by the librull elite to oppress the working class. it's so fucking stupid lmao they just say whatever makes them feel like they stand out

No. 1051645

What's up with dasha's ig being private still? Is she posting opn? More sad ketamine breakdowns? Someone please leak.

No. 1051649

now that an anonymous forum has made liking redscare "cringe" and "uncool", their own fans are taking turns trying to own Anna and Dasha lmfao

this is what you get trying to appeal to a bunch of fickle, insecure contrarians whose main concern is to not look like butthurt sjws

>tfw this thread is at least 85% redscare fans

No. 1051650

File: 1601838644839.jpeg (442.51 KB, 750x955, 590AD1FE-E163-401E-8251-4E1F7F…)

bonus: every other post on the private sub is like this

No. 1051651

I think the funniest thing about this is that when someone here says the same exact thing they're called a sociopath, but if it's on reddit or twitter it just goes ignored kek. Literally no difference.
If the pic of Jack in a death in June shirt had been posted here instead of being DMd to him you can bet he would've flipped his lid.

No. 1051652

"the BPD girl who fakes autism because she has no personality" is literally the average redscare fan archetype huh

No. 1051654

File: 1601839051313.jpg (150.15 KB, 1230x1138, image0.jpg)

Aimee Therese Laba has clinical BPD comorbid with major substance abuse, and she looks this busted because she went through a cycle of
Girl Interrupted tier hospitalizations, change my mind

No. 1051656

That's why they hate autistic women lmao. I think they're legitimately envious. Autistic women get idealized by men and BPD women just get demonized because they're constantly faking a personality. This instills fear and envy in the BPD thot so she claims autism in women is as fake as she is

No. 1051667

Aimee Terese called herself autistic to augment her "male brained" LARP lmao

>unironically believing Cohen's theories in 2020

No. 1051669

Remember when she said she was built like Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian

No. 1051670

Every (diagnosed) autistic woman I've met genuinely resents the "male brain" theory and wants to be accepted as a woman instead of being compared to men. It wouldn't surprise me if Aimee posts on the RS sub lmao

No. 1051674

I wouldn't be surprised if she had 25 alts on the RS sub. Bitch probably thinks that talking to herself with fake accounts is "autism" and not textbook cluster B personality.

Bonus: every time her real name is mentioned there, the thread is banned for "trolling" kek

No. 1051678

i remember when she said she was built like a day worker and that’s why she had such broad shoulders. she’s always contradicting herself lol

No. 1051685

>now that an anonymous forum has made liking redscare "cringe" and "uncool", their own fans are taking turns trying to own Anna and Dasha lmfao
Been that way since day 1 of the subreddit

No. 1051689

Imagine how depressing it must be to hear about a super secret RS sub and you finally get in and it's just this & recipes

No. 1051704

The amorphous self-image and no sense of self that comes with being totally mentally healthy.

No. 1051782

Liz F? Her and logo have a long-running feud over whether Bolshevism was a capitalist psy-op or not lol

No. 1051783

She posted that pic of her on the beach wearing an OPN hat that's been floating around for months on Sep. 19. Also been posting a lot of boring selfies in the stories.

No. 1051784

She used to occasionally post on stupidpol back when it was relevant; forgot her username though…

No. 1051786

File: 1601850496932.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, BA74DAD8-AAB8-494E-A23A-241685…)

This one's from today

No. 1051800

that autism is an "extreme male brain" is a theory that has been debunked.

No. 1051832

but Anna's orbit is retarded and pseudointellectual enough to still believe it, hence the "muh women faking muh uniquely spechul male personality REEEE".

Honestly moids are so empty and banal their attempts at defining a literal form of retardation as some sort of natural excess of masculine identity will never not be funny.

Might as well fetishize Fragile X - so manly that BOTH of your chromosomes are missing genetic information! Take that wammins!

No. 1051863

File: 1601860413016.jpeg (349.98 KB, 1242x1817, 0020E90C-A411-4DDC-B6F4-AAA293…)

No. 1051866

File: 1601860624032.jpeg (125.04 KB, 821x742, DD2CE9C2-49DF-422F-BC4A-C25D37…)

The final nail for Chat for God

No. 1051867

OP sounds like they’re either in their teens or there’s something severely wrong with them mentally. Imagine somehow completely missing Anna’s mean spirited bitchy behavior and somehow believing the stuff written in that post.

No. 1051872

I literally refuse to believe anyone other than Anna herself would write this

No. 1051875

> they’re either in their teens or there’s something severely wrong with them mentally.

this describes everyone on the sub

No. 1051879

Nobody on Catholic Twitter sincerely believes in anything.

No. 1051904

Justin was such an annoying piece of shit to ashley, really surprised the pod lasted more than 3 eps

No. 1051925

Even on here I don’t think anybody “treats her as subhuman” and on the subreddit they’re hardly mean at all— the criticism is very fair. It’s pretty hard to eclipse her own cruel behavior lol.

No. 1051934

File: 1601864620763.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1000x3806, C9F39000-EBD8-48CB-AEE0-2870AE…)

The OP said it was provoked by this so I guess they’re misinterpreting her passive aggressive ‘wish you well’ thing as genuine kindness and empathy. If Anna really just wants to ‘wear outfits and be in love with her boyfriend’ literally no one is stopping her but that’s not what she wants. She goes out of her way to be inflammatory for engagement bc that’s what brings her attention and she needs to stay relevant for the sake of her career.

No. 1051945

File: 1601865787049.jpeg (147.57 KB, 828x516, F8F61898-E820-4B28-8213-8E03D0…)

When she “ironically” engages with misogynists, its just a rorschach and it’s just for fun, but when people online say she has funny eyes it’s because they want to skin her alive

No. 1051949

File: 1601865926640.jpeg (427.61 KB, 1242x864, 18F704F3-8586-4B08-A08C-477D0B…)

Lmao that or they have a “psychosexual obsession” with her

No. 1051956

This bitch cannot write for shit

No. 1051958

>and as much as 120 pounds

i know i’m taking the bait but this is so annoying to me. not all of us are 5’1

No. 1051970

File: 1601866813396.jpeg (88.62 KB, 828x447, EC31F966-8B31-4AEC-A968-56F66C…)

No. 1051973

we're reaching heretofore unknown levels of galaxy brain

No. 1051994

Lmao @ thinking this is peak "unwarranted psychotic cruelty" towards a woman on the internet. Did an absolute newfag who's never been online write this? Is calling this hag a hag in any way worse than saying that a rape victim should be thankful to be raped, or ganging up on some 13 year old tiktoker with your creepy incel fanbase? Give me a break, big naturals. If children should "learn accountability" as you no doubt would say, so will you.


>uwu im a smol innocent bean
I see Anna has adopted Aimee's favorite move aka openly being an evil hag and then playing wounded gazelle/wking on sockpuppet accounts upon well deserved pushback. That or it's a smol passive-aggressive sick nymph a-la Ashley.

No. 1052025

What are the chances Anna made an account to post this?

No. 1052036

Julia Fox def over 130, cope more. I hate these people.

No. 1052044

She caught Eli jacking it to Julia Fox again. Seethe Anna, seethe..

No. 1052069

File: 1601882145163.png (151.27 KB, 758x488, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.3…)

are the scarethots being raided by trolls or is there really one insane woman running the shitshow?

No. 1052072

Where is proof those are all the same person? Doubt

No. 1052082

What even is this mess? This "scene" attracts so many weird and unhinged people. Delusional, paranoid, schizo, femcel/incel, skinwalkers, and just general mental illness all around.

No. 1052083


No. 1052098

But she’s ugly in the context of both male and woman

No. 1052115


lol especially with no evidence it seems extremely unlikely that almost 20-year-old Harry Potter drama would've resurfaced here but I love the idea of ancient and current cows colliding. Seems more likely they just latched on to the Msscribe thing because the drama recently resurfaced? Maybe also because she pretended to work for Biden at some point?

I don't think there's any evidence Msscribe was trans either? I think she may have pretended to be a black woman but I can't be bothered to go back and revisit it all right now to confirm.

No. 1052122

File: 1601891143462.jpg (128.53 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Why are most Aimee simps literally gay? are they attracted to her big dick energy?

No. 1052141

If you told me this was a picture of a downie I would believe you. And no, it's not because I have a "psychosexual obsession". I would not fuck a retard.

No. 1052148

File: 1601897755120.jpg (41.72 KB, 1080x608, 48fpd-TH3CQWC1JJB-Full-Image_G…)

Just looked at some old Wobble Palace pics and Dasha, for the love of God, do some strength training. I know, it doesn't fit you ~frail~image, but you don't have the prominent bones that give skinny-fat women at least some definition. You just look wobbly. Nobody will even notice if you get a tiny deltoid. You just won't look like a human flesh suit anymore.

No. 1052153

IDK if its the Lefthots he was talking about, bc he refused to call them by name, but Hasan Piker just roasted the RS art-hoe working class LARPer types last night. He said he wasn't talking about cumtown or chapo… sooooo
inb4 - sorry for not embedding a twitch video but idk how https://www.twitch.tv/videos/760709521?t=4h30m14s
Until like 4.32.0

No. 1052164

File: 1601900421497.jpeg (33.53 KB, 400x400, 4D8FBF77-573A-4577-A742-4E3C0D…)

People in the sub are calling this girl a Dasha imitator. Taking a selfie in a dress now means that you want to be Dasha I guess.

No. 1052175

Straight men will fuck anything, but the thing with Aimee is that she's not merely an ugly woman. She doesn't even look human, slipping into the "creepy ass haunted house decoration" territory. The niche for that sort of /x/ shit is pretty small.

The only men simping for the likes of Aimee are men who are delighted with the lack of competition coming from her. Even the most busted pozboi is more fuckable.

It's like being called attractive by Scented Hamplanet. If you're a woman and he calls you hot, you're probably below 3/10.

No. 1052177

All scarethots sockpuppet, so they think their "haturz" do too.

No. 1052179

No sane person would come to that conclusion. They think because they pay money for a friendship simulator with the girls that everyone must want to be like them too. Delusional.

No. 1052180

File: 1601902627748.jpg (85.85 KB, 700x875, downs-syndrome-model-georgia-f…)

Bitch literally looks like someone with Downs

No. 1052186

How can he exclude Chapo and Cumtown though? They aren't any better than Red Scare when it comes to Larping with the exception of Nick Mullen, maybe. Menaker isn't the only one with a cushy upper-middle-class background.

No. 1052205

Honestly, /I/ don't know. He says in the vid that it's because the Chapo boys and ilk are 'actually smart'. Hasan is a self-proclaimed himbo who doesn't/didn't have to understand how to be a decent person without being taught first. Power to him and all that for incremental self growth or whatever, but he casually says sexist shit all the time. He's not a sexist insofar as any outspoken, white-passing, attractive American-immigrant (not shade at immigrants, but Turkey is just kinda sexist) man can be, but that's such a low bar to begin with.
He probably lets the boiz slide because they're all boiiiiz, or 'men are better at comedy' - not that he's ever said that, and they make him laugh (gained his respect). While RS just…. didn't.. because they have no redeeming or phallic qualities. The left may perceive the RS side-side-grift that is their attempt to be fashionable/celebrity/darling as ultra cringe. I'm a Hasfag (pls dont drag me), but I'm not a sycophant and it is both obvious and numerous when Hasan falls short of being an ideal spokesperson - i.e. he's a coomer and doesn't have to make transformative personal growth or critique his social group bc that's just generic male culture and their low, Hell-elevation-level expectations for each other.

No. 1052206

Penile idpol/"dudes rock"

No. 1052207

You said it in much fewer words kek

No. 1052212

She genuinely looks like a little boy here.
Dasha and Anna wish they had this girl's looks - she's just wearing 2015 LDR style too.
You know why.

No. 1052216

I wonder if he's also into fornicating with livestock, just like Cenk Uygur.

No. 1052218

What I get from this is that it's ok for upper-middle-class men to cosplay as working-class heroes because "the working class is boys and the upper class is uppity girls, amirite." You know, just like they believe the working-class is white hairy coal miners and not service workers.

The fetishization of the working-class by these upper-middle-class failsons is what gets me the most about their social circle. The sons & daughters of lawyers, publishers, and professors misusing the term "class traitor" and pretending that being "working class" is merely an aesthetic or a specific habitus and not a diverse group of people with different styles and different politics who are breaking their backs 12 hours a day doing mind-numbing jobs that are so exhausting they don't have the time to start their own podcasts and speak for themselves.

No. 1052222

Typical smoothbrain commie "women can't be working class" mentality. Every lobotomized scrotialist genuinely has this fucktarded idea that all women are luxuriating trophy wives and only men REALLY work. Of course that's fundamentally incompatible with the commie idea that most men are working class and therefore unable to sustain that sort of arrangement, but male commies aren't particularly bright.

In the end, every scrote projects his own reproductive resentment towards women out of his league onto his class politics. There is nothing men hatewank over more than women only high status males have access to.

No. 1052225

she must have the world's smallest bone structure, world's least boney or gaunt looking supposed ana
anna will just say his face is narrow so he's not attractive or soemthing and actually it's creepy that he's so obsessed with her

No. 1052226

File: 1601908426462.png (634.59 KB, 871x529, Bragman Mom Toys.png)

Everyone who grew up in a working-class or working-poor household in the 90s or 00s knows that both parents have to work their asses off to maintain a somewhat steady lifestyle.

Of course, the sons of yoga teachers (Felix Biederman) and "models"/"children's authors"(Walker Bragman, pic related) wouldn't understand that and think all women are vapid.

I know Anna's mom's Twitter is based, but what does she do for a living?

No. 1052232

Aren't all the cumtown hosts from comfortably middle class backgrounds, I remember on one episode Amber called them middle class boys and they accepted it. This would fit with the theme of comfortable scrotes larping as rugged working class proletarians.

No. 1052233

None of which means that these women are truly bourg. It's not their money, they're pets.

Of course these failsons also conveniently forget that their daddies need to be pretty loaded and thus oppress the shit out of proles in order to support their model mommies and unemployed podcaster children, but that's beyond their reading level.

In general, dirtbag leftists fucking WORSHIP rich men because they're classcels who want to be them. They hate rich women because they can't have them. The more dirtbag left, the more their "anti neoliberal" rhetoric boils down to samememe tier takes akin to "women must exit the workforce so I can finally get laid as their one and only meal ticket". They're exactly the same as ancraps who fantasize about the apocalypse because then Stacy will surely spread her asshole for canned food.

Ideological socialism started as a movement of upper middle class people mad that they're not ultra rich. It never had much to do with the working class, and the tradition still stands.

No. 1052239

whoever this is, shes much prettier than either of the scarethots

No. 1052242

File: 1601910565922.jpg (71.79 KB, 1080x571, 48fpd-TH3CQWC1JJB-Full-Image_G…)

I wasn't sure about Nick Mullen. An anon mentioned that he was "truly working class", but I wouldn't be surprised if they were all from comfortable backgrounds.

They don't want to overthrow them, they want to be them pretty much sums up their entire "movement." Their domination fantasies, their weird obsessions with random democratic operatives, the fact that some of them were already dreaming about cushy White House jobs when it looked like Bernie could win the nomination…

This reminds me, we should add Max Blumenthal to the expanded left failson universe.

His dad is famous Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal.

Now, we shouldn't blame people for their parents' politics, but it's not like "anti-war" activist Max has ever disavowed his fathers' politics, let alone dragged him to The Hague like he wants to do with literally every other democratic politician and consultant.

Max was part of the Wikileaks Clinton email drop because his daddy was forwarding his articles to Hillary. Talk about getting a leg up in journalism…

No. 1052244

>I know Anna's mom's Twitter is based, but what does she do for a living?
I know that her dad was a professor at cornell and rutgers universities, and iirc she got to go there for free partly because of that, her mom's job is never mentioned.
She's talked about being poor growing up but I can't imagine she was in ''relative deprivation'' at best if her dad was a professor in the 90s, he died when she was a teenager but I imagine his pension is quite substantial.
I think a lot of her chronic pickme-ism comes from her being brought up in a relatively conservative immigrant family that centres the father basically.

No. 1052245

File: 1601910679807.jpeg (125.66 KB, 686x709, 34EABB8B-6E92-4C2C-9609-87090C…)

liz bruenig simping for the president of the united states

No. 1052246

Anna talks a lot about how her mom didn't work growing up. Her dad was a mathematician so I'm guessing he was a prof or at least an adjunct at a university, but she always describes their lifestyle as dirt poor immigrant compared to other people but like another poster said, most people have two working parents, no shit you're gonna be poor if your mom got to stay home and cook and clean all day instead of having even a part-time job. Dasha's background is much more working class but she barely talks about it, iirc her dad was a cab driver and her mom was a Vegas showgirl, but that doesn't really project the glamorous NYC party girl image she goes for.

No. 1052247

File: 1601910728572.jpeg (117.14 KB, 686x628, 1BFF5ED2-A1AA-4743-A6C4-74D641…)

certified medical advice giver liz bruenig

No. 1052248

Knowingly infecting someone with AIDS is a whole felony, you retarded fucking twat.

No. 1052251

i can understand why normal americans would try to spend as little time possible in the hospital considering the costs but 1.) Donald trump is a millionaire and 2.) It is much easier to infect many people in a short amount of time with an airborne disease than with fucking aids, which requires you to willingly expose someone else to it, the comparison makes no sense

No. 1052252

All dirtbag leftists are classcels. They do not object to class as a concept, they object to not being at the top of the pecking order.

It's no coincidence that they're all failed trophy wives/failed girlbosses or daddy's little disappointments who will no doubt be written out of the inheritance. Having grown up with immense amounts of class privilege, chapos equate not getting what they perceive as "owed" to them (daddy bux) as being made into proleplebs, which they then attempt to "rock" and "reclaim" (kind of like what they try to do with their soycel looks).

Working class chapo simps are exactly the same, however. Even when they're truly poor, all they want is to BE the porky and bang all those evil hot rich Hollywood bitches who dared to metoo poor widdle Harvey Weinstein (the true working class hero slain by the vile neoliberal girlbosses).

Feminism or any non-class-first (men's-wallets-first) leftism is REEEEd at because working class women do not sympathize with the "dick too poor to bag an insta model" struggle, and may wish to acquire capital of their own. These aspirations are usually met with desperate mockery and hand flailing from male leftists, because every working class woman who makes it is just another woman they're too poor to bang.

No. 1052253

File: 1601911646474.jpeg (126.59 KB, 828x1234, FBDB5CAB-657D-480A-8FD1-59837C…)

liz is just going full libertarian this morning

No. 1052255

extremely good analysis anon

No. 1052256

Is this bitch retarded every day of the week, or is she just trying to impress us? This is a legitimate question, because outside of being a big retard, this statement makes no sense, since you can't spread hiv/aids without blood or sexual activity.

No. 1052259

File: 1601912120784.jpg (56.78 KB, 1080x344, 4565678.jpg)

Thanks, you're spot on re: Anna. And, as >> 1052244 said, it's mostly relative depravation. It reminds me of how some of them like to claim making 200k in DC or NYC means you're basically poor. Sure, not being able to keep up with your richer peers sucks, but there are actual poor people living in these cities.

I'd be skeptical of Dasha's story until I see proof. Do you remember that progressive state senator, Julia Salazar? She's friends with Norton, Blumenthal and Rania Khalek. She made up some wild working-class story only to be exposed as a literal trust fund kid.

Do you know Dasha's parents' names?

No. 1052262

pathetic analogy, AIDS isn't spread through small droplets in the air and it doesn't turn every room you're in into a superspreading event. Imagine if the president had AIDS and you knew he was going to have sex with hundreds of people in the next few days, most people would stop them from leaving. Why is this girl the ''dirtbag'' writer who got the sweet gig at the NYT, she can't be this dumb about everything.

No. 1052264

Most first world socialism (or even trad longing for 60s abundance) is about relative deprivation. The perceived oppression stems from a natural sense of exclusion and being left behind by your peers and superiors. It's glorified envy, if you will.

For instance, people complain about not being able to afford housing today like in the 60s conveniently forget that today's houses are vastly more spacious, advanced and conveniently located. They don't want old 750 sqft secluded hovels without a/c that aren't that expensive today - that will make them feel deprived due to knowing what they could have but can't.

Yes, society is more unequal than before. However, the absolute welfare of an average person is vastly higher than before. It just feels like it's not due to higher inequality, and that stings.

No. 1052266

Her dad is a defense contractor and she fits perfectly into the mold of deep-voiced brunette à la Haberman and Bari Weiss the NYT likes to hire for some reason. Hitting your progressive opinion writer quota by hiring a catholic contrarian is a both-sides jackpot.

In be4
>>but she can write!!!
Sure, and so can a million other people. She's intellectually lazy.

I'm still not over the fact that she and her husband scammed people out of money by pretending to be on the verge of homelessness because Matt lost his part-time gig as a blogger all while she was working for WaPo and he was an attorney at the Office of General Counsel.

Spot on.

No. 1052269

Kind of reminds me of how internet socialist and has-been model Emily Ratajkowski scammed an affordable housing program.


No. 1052271

I'm surprised that most of these journolawyer faildaughters don't know that knowingly passing HIV can be prosecuted as attempted murder. In this scenario, the man would not be detained by hospital staff and forcibly institutionalized. He'd be detained by cops and sent to prison.

Bruenig is a retarded bug chaser.

No. 1052274

Oh my god this thread is so fucking gay now with the multi paragraph political analysis posting just use Reddit at this point

No. 1052276

Lefthots 4 threads ago: y-you guys are so lame all you do is call Anna and Dasha ugly without addressing their class politics at all!

Lefthots #6: y-you guys are lame stop with the multi paragraph leftist dissertations!

No. 1052278

we're sorry you're illiterate and have an attention deficiency. Just google 'praxis' and go. The orange man will always be bad

No. 1052280

calling them ugly bitter hags and sluts is much healthier than whatever this is. Who gives a fuck about reading embittered screeds from weirdos who patently know nothing about the housing sector or welfare that have nothing to do with the thread.

No. 1052283

Orange man… always… bad? Posting on lolcow is praxis? wow anon you rly got me! Shaking in my counter revolutionary boots.

No. 1052286

asshurt succ spotted, back to twitter

No. 1052291

I don’t even have twitter. the poltifagging itt is bad and you should feel bad.

No. 1052300

You expressed your opinion once, can you pls shut up now or just report our posts?

If we were writing political screeds I’d tell you what I think good economic analysis and political activism looks like which I don’t because I know 99% of you would disagree with me and don’t care.

We’re talking about their scamming and leeching which is a pretty standard subject on lolcow.

No. 1052310

File: 1601917873067.png (752.26 KB, 599x842, 465789.png)

here, for POLITICS BAD anon

No. 1052316

she's ugly

No. 1052322

File: 1601918729163.png (314.97 KB, 590x691, 9.png)

that tretinoin cope

No. 1052329

Their skeletal structures are all so… Unpleasant? Deformed? It's not even her BMI, she just kind of has this crooked midget centipede look that Aimee has.

No. 1052334

the way she’s holding poor sister

No. 1052339

im in the minority here who thinks anna looks good (dasha doesnt) but the fact that she is literally a woman in her thirties living alone and has a cat instead of children…. hilarious

No. 1052342

File: 1601920650207.png (214.35 KB, 512x320, 4AAAAEA9-43CA-4871-9722-0EFC9C…)

Where is that fuggo pic of Anna with the short mullet and deep wrinkles? This isn’t the one I’m thinking of, it was posted in an older thread and I remember the flash was on so it was especially unflattering. My point being that wrinkles and lines don’t disappear because of tretinoin kek. She and Dasha have that crepey Slavic skin that starts aging exponentially at around 28.

No. 1052344

File: 1601920882422.png (542.17 KB, 597x604, 969618A6-7FB0-451A-84AD-56CB74…)

this one?

No. 1052345

i use this as a reaction pic all the time kek

No. 1052350

extremely good pic actually

No. 1052351

That’s the one, anon. Those eleven lines stick out in my head. Bitch did not age backwards.

No. 1052378

File: 1601924509827.jpg (85.67 KB, 720x960, 1595840458897.jpg)

>tfw this thread is at least 85% redscare fans
Honestly I was surprised to see this thread here, I'm a leftist and I could never figure out what this whole… thing was supposed to be about it. Two girls who hate politics don't talk about politics and mumble about expensive clothes and their cheekbones? Ok but why.

I started following them and I think I figured it out. This is just the next gen of Brooklyn bullshit. It went from artists who don't care about art to musicians who don't care about music to models who hate fashion and beauty and now politicos who don't care about politics. Dasha doesn't know shit about politics which is why she's perfect (omg u nerds and ur ideology fuckin lmao). Anna has read something, it seems, but is so terrified she doesn't understand it that she pretends she doesn't care either.

They're basically Julia Allison with mullets.

No. 1052395

>They're basically Julia Allison with mullets.

You're not supposed to say it out loud. Now they're going to mutate.

No. 1052408

Do you guys think that doctors should be allowed to detain orange man indefinitely because he’s bad? I think “doctors should not become more like cops” is a reasonable leftist opinion

No. 1052421

how many levels of mental gymnastics are you on or is this bate? He should be detained because he is a politician with a deadly virus that should not be spread to other politicians or the general public.

No. 1052425


>>1-2 weeks = indefinitely

I'm from Europe. COVID patients who didn't comply with isolation requirements were forced to do so over here.

I see how this could be dangerous for minorities in the US, but I don't think orange man is in immediate danger of becoming a victim of police violence.

No. 1052428

File: 1601928958074.jpeg (55.28 KB, 453x680, Ejllb2DXcAA5DjY.jpeg)

we all deserve access to the nuclear code and a secret service detail!

No. 1052438

The original tweet said psych evaluation- going way beyond regular covid isolation into very questionable territory. Ofc I don’t actually care about Trump’s welfare but it sets a nasty precedent and it’s very revealing how libs just want doctors to be woke cops

No. 1052446

I think allow doctors to imprison people is perfectly in line with where America is heading. No one cared when teachers started imprisoning children in detention, now we have this, don't be surprised if next your mechanic detains you until he decides car is "fit" to drive…

No. 1052450

It's totally the same thing, well done good job.

No. 1052457


Right, there should be no consequences for people who openly announce their intention to harm subordinates. That's totally the same thing as a normal person leaving the hospital on their own accord with no comment.

If someone told their doc they were going home with the specific intention to cough on their cleaning staff at every opportunity should the doctor do nothing?

The cop lib specifically mentioned his intention "to endanger himself and others" as one of the main reasons why she would try to stop him. Pretty sure not that many people discuss their sociopathic plans with their doctors.

No. 1052475

is he actually from turkey?

No. 1052482

File: 1601932867689.jpg (60.42 KB, 600x800, creepychankp9.jpg)

They're silly, frivolous people and I would say this thread treats them as they are. None of it seems cruel, certainly not "psychopathic."

I think she's sick, and people simping her are doing actual harm but every time I see her pics I think of Alison Harvard.

No. 1052484

Yeah he apparently came over to America in his late teens (18 I think) and is ESL

No. 1052487

don’t insult creepy chan like that, she’s actually cute in a tim burton way. aimee is carrion.

No. 1052491

Seriously though, what the fuck does Aimee have? Is it meth? Ana-chan? Cancer?

No. 1052497

mic… drop! tell em King!(>>>twitter)

No. 1052508

File: 1601934497277.png (474.82 KB, 668x668, 1575270992037.png)

I LOVE Creepy Chan, the aesthetic that she tried to create with these pics are apparently Aimee's real life look.

There are two things that can lead a person who used to look like
to >>1047328
in a few years. Cancer is one, but, you know, in half of the photos here she's smoking or carrying a pack… and someone who had cancer this long would probably have periods of remission where they gain their weight back in their face.

The other one is an ED, the old pics when she looked healthy still have the look of being really uncomfortable in her skin. I mean it's not funny, but I have never heard or someone going through ana and then turning into a bizarre sectarian scold like she has.

No. 1052513

File: 1601934690820.jpg (7.84 KB, 224x224, 434q35.jpg)

Blessed post

Dasha is so incompetent at projecting a cool image for someone who cares so much about status, it's astounding. She reminds me of Luna, she wants to just spread her legs and be given free shit, no effort required. I know we mock her for her looks a lot, but she could definitely milk that real working class background, get good at acting, and forge a relatively original, authentic persona for herself, rich people eat that shit up.

But no. Like Luna, she wants to be a smol baby uwu

No. 1052518

this looks like an SCP wiki image or something that goes with an /x/ greentext

No. 1052528

They just learned to edit their pics, but Anna does genuinely look a lot better now that she gained a bit of weight. She's at a good spot IMO, she should keep growing her hair and maybe curl the ends for added volume.

No. 1052531

Okay you know how when Trump admitted he had Covid and a bunch of the responses were creepy pictures and phrases about “sailing the ships of sin” in Amharic? This looks like one of those pictures

No. 1052536

We know she would milk cancer so hard we'd all decide dunking on cancer patients is sometimes warranted, she would never hide such a good victim card. I doubt cigarettes can do that much damage either, most smokers I know only started looking haggard at 40, save for the ones who also abused drugs and alcohol.

So I'm thinking either eating disorder (she's pissy enough often enough, could be hanger or hormonal imbalance from purging), or alcohol, or drugs, or all of the above.

No. 1052542

isn't this the same bitch who lied about being jewish to add another oppressed identity and to (in her mind) bolster her anti-israel argument. Also this ultra privileged "feminist" wants to legalize sex work when she knows her rich ass would never even have to consider selling her body to strangers to survive.

No. 1052557

samefag she didn't only lie about being jewish she lied about being an immigrant. her older brother was interviewed and he was like "we were both born in miami and there are no jews in our immediate family"

the source is pro-zionist but the info about salazar still stands. it was funny when this article came out and chapos were complaining about a zionist hit-piece but couldn't refute anything in the article so they just refused to admit that salazar lying about being a working-class immigrant jew was at all weird or questionable

No. 1052561

this is not a flattering photo, she looks haggard. why would she post it?

No. 1052569

Aimee without having to game twitter sounds nicer.

No. 1052596

do you know who youre talking about. this is the closest to beautiful ive ever seen her

No. 1052718

Isn't he from a rich family and went to international private school before moving to the US? Yeah he's technically ESL but he may as well not be

No. 1052736

lmao he literally has it better than most US nationals including the poor redneck white people chapos like to fetishize

No. 1052739

what do you get out of using horrible lingo like this

No. 1052773

File: 1601966438834.jpeg (126.2 KB, 750x440, 96C72DAC-C1B0-4290-AA1F-1E79D0…)

gotta be a subtweet about jack lmao

No. 1052788

True, which means it's probably something she'd be ashamed to disclose.

No. 1052829

anyone have the leaked DM's of Dasha?

she said the N word.

No. 1052882

those have been around for a while and I think they tricked her somehow (wouldn't be hard)
but would not be shocked if both Dasha and Anna say the n word all the time off air, they're that type

No. 1052894

File: 1601992653819.jpg (7.85 KB, 390x93, liz bruenig nigga.jpg)

I'll do you one better

No. 1053112

Just listened to the last podcast and Anna tried to claim Azerbajian are Turkish by ethnicity and are a extension of Turkey. They have literally nothing to do with Turkey, because they were traditionally under the Iranian Caliphate for most of history there are more Azerbaijans living in Iran then Azerbaijan. This is something you can learn from five minutes on wikipedia, which kind of shows how little she really know about non-US history, geography and culture. I have no idea why she keeps chasing immigrant clout, she's basically a stereotypical dumb american.

No. 1053120

If she said they’re Turkish she’s being fucking stupid as usual but they are Turkic. Turkey tries to leverage that very tenuous ethnic connection to get Azeri support both in Azerbaijian and Iran. Pan-Turkism is very stupid but it is real. Anna really thinks she can speak for all of Central Asia and the Caucasus huh

No. 1053135


She did both, she referenced the politics behind turkish-azerb alliance but tried to explain it as them being literally Turkish.

No. 1053144

i remember one time on the pod anna said that she had “mena” (middle eastern north african) features. it was so funny

No. 1053146

who care

lol doesnt anna tout herself as some exotic ethnicity expert? and then she shits out this basic ass (wrong) take. lmao. azeris are iranians that speak turkish, for one who is a self-proclaimed race-science expert you think she would get this right

No. 1053169

Just like how Dasha looks sooo young and Asian

No. 1053179

Because then she wouldn't be able to start tweets with "You Americans…"

No. 1053182

i remember one time anna told dasha and amber that they had “eurasian” looks lmao

No. 1053188

Amber, sure, but Dasha literally just has beady eyes lmao

No. 1053191

File: 1602016443261.png (76.74 KB, 1268x505, 5457668.png)

>>Vegas showgirl

Looks like her mom runs a company now that lists Cirque Du Soleil and Adobe among their clients. Dasha must be such a disappointment.

No. 1053224

Her mom posted a family picture with Dasha and her dad on fb, and I honestly thought they were sisters. Tfw your mom is hotter than you

No. 1053230

drop pic w censors anon
(delete my shit if TOS)

No. 1053234

Russian, Jewish, Armenian, White American…which is it Anna???

No. 1053241

It's shit quality but it's public on her fb(do not post family members or friends unrelated to drama)

No. 1053242


No. 1053244

wow her mom looks so much better

No. 1053252

Damn how old is she? She must have had Dasha pretty young. Her skin looks great.

No. 1053259

Dasha's mom is mystery.jpg?!

No. 1053260

Dasha's dad is also pretty good looking. He seems like a popular, chill dude who's into basketball and John Oliver.

Her mom has two BA degrees…

No. 1053286

She had her when she was 21 or 22 I think. She’s really pretty, Dasha must look more like her dad

No. 1053290

"Anna tried to claim Azerbajian are Turkish by ethnicity and are a extension of Turkey. They have literally nothing to do with Turkey"
You're wrong on this, it's common in both Turkey and Azerbaijan to hear 'one nation, two countries' on the issue. The reality of the situation is that Azerbaijan has, post-1991, massively attached itself to Turkey. She's not wrong on this.

No. 1053292

Nah, I don't want to share any more pics from her parents' FB, but her dad looks fine, too. They're an attractive couple.

No. 1053334

all their ugly/stupid genes wound up in Dasha…

No. 1053350

Take everything they say about women and assume that it's what they believe about black people as well. I guarantee that they're stormfag level racist off-air. It's just that they know that unlike being publicly incel, being publicly racist will get them cancelled and/or possibly beat, so they avoid overt race-baiting. It's the fastest way to end up like communismkills - unlike 14 year old tiktok witches, race sjws don't play.

No. 1053352

They think downs = asian

No. 1053423

i cannot believe dasha's parents are so attractive. i think she's hot in a "broken art girl" way but objectively she looks like a troll. what happened

No. 1053528

first-borns always take after the father whether male or female.

No. 1053530

No. 1053535

sage for off-topic, but what's her angle?

No. 1053544

Weird, that’s almost certainly her lol. What a bizarre trolling hobby.

Link to bloo vocaroo dump: https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/j5m69e/comment/g7tipqw?context=1

No. 1053553

File: 1602053643108.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 1248x1676, 1601551834556.png)

Same energy.

No. 1053561

File: 1602056041478.jpg (28.97 KB, 680x383, EiyrQQMXcAIrOOu.jpg)

aimee terese doubling down on trump support

i suspect she'll pretend to be b& on Biden's landslide day

No. 1053577

what'd she say this time?

No. 1053586

File: 1602060126556.jpeg (111.97 KB, 400x400, 971FB7E8-ACC9-447E-A086-D1E857…)

I think that the current bloo isn’t OG bloo. OG bloo was different, less generic self posts about being hot. She posted porn and got into long arguments. Current Bloo is one note. It would track that after Bloo was IP banned from Reddit someone else, maybe speakingintonguez, carried on the persona. It would also explain why the current account has lasted so long while her old accounts would get banned after a few days.

No. 1053689

How is that funny? She clearly does.

No. 1053723

Mr bean is a mena baddie

No. 1053735

File: 1602081709479.jpeg (196.02 KB, 828x1025, 21562B58-929F-43CD-B020-A7612D…)

what is she doing

No. 1053748

I don't think they sound close enough to say for sure, but I can't listen to that podcast for more than a minute because the replyguy on it creeps me out too much.

No. 1053751

I’m not sure either but tonguez has a posting history similar to bloob’s earlier accounts, subs for femcels like vindicta or foreveralone. On the episode she sounds like a different person from beginning to end.

No. 1053807

File: 1602088833181.jpg (426.65 KB, 2560x1707, 5f0f05a8ed86e.jpg)

I'm watching Narcos:Mexico right now and I noticed Sosie Bacon is a better looking version of Dasha

No. 1053838

She said anyone predicting a Biden victory is a DNC plant

No. 1053849

I don’t think that’s why. I think they stopped banning her because she was discussed on the pod then Dasha (perfectangelicgirl) came out in support of her on the sub

No. 1053873

File: 1602096907442.jpeg (470.19 KB, 1125x1548, 2101070A-FFD0-4DFA-84C6-C8BA6F…)

either she’s trolling or they’re different people. from a recent thread talking abt john lennon (bloobird is benjaminbuttom2)

No. 1053874

File: 1602096928351.jpeg (368.65 KB, 1125x1326, 279619AB-F909-49E9-B112-8B8C20…)

No. 1053968

File: 1602108098680.jpeg (51.27 KB, 445x538, 3B360E10-219A-474A-8FA7-CAF337…)

I think Anna finally discovered facetune

No. 1053975


oh definitely, she gave herself even higher cheekbones and pumped her lips up via facetune

No. 1053978

she facetuned herself into a knockoff AOC kek

No. 1053990

she looks like a crack addict now lmao

No. 1053999

File: 1602112563766.png (208.98 KB, 473x406, Woman-Laughing.png)

lol the awkward pose with every single tendon flexed, all of her limbs folded like a praying mantis, she looks like she's about to contort herself into a pretzel while trying to look impassive. You know that as soon as her camera clicked she had to stop and catch her breath

No. 1054004

Its aaalll an elaborate Rorschach anon, and we've fallen into her web of brilliant social commentary. See the time we spend dissecting her selfies is time we could be spending at the gym, bettering ourselves for our dumpy musician boyfriends, or learning race realism.

No. 1054125

File: 1602132824552.png (84.53 KB, 267x178, amber.png)

Amber still looking gaunt on the Chapo debate stream

No. 1054242

she recorded this stream at her bf's place immediately after getting her back blown out and desperate losers in the chat still look at her and say Wow So Beautiful

No. 1054305

File: 1602168653167.png (494.87 KB, 1148x766, Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.5…)

No. 1054335

File: 1602170294328.jpg (167 KB, 810x1668, a5nz4hozd3351.jpg)

That mcrumps tweet about Anna's funhouse of ideology broke her brain so much. She's still seething months later and liking tweets mocking him from right wing BAP guys while making the exact tweets he was making fun of.

No. 1054405

I cannot think of a more retarded pastime then caring about some reddit poster

No. 1054417

Good shout anon, she's even got a mole, but it's in a less unfortunate place than dasha.

No. 1054434

I'm going through benzo withdrawal so I might just be losing my mind and disregard what I say if so but isn't the existence of this board just reinforcing the myth that these people matter? I get strong axis two vibes from several of the most talked about people on here. Are we feeding their narcissism/BPD attention-seeking behavior? Do they even want to be liked, or do they relish in their own debasement, in the strength of the affective charge they are able to elicit from simps and "haters" alike? Aren't we playing into their game? They must feel very emboldened, relevant and famous now, to have a panoply of such dedicated haters. "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all," to paraphrase Oscar Wilde

No. 1054437

We are literally here for us to laugh. Idk what people dont get about this. And sage your shit next time, sicky.

No. 1054443


shit sorry

No. 1054453

Like the other anon said, just here for a laff m8, but also it seems like a lot of the cows don’t like these threads at all. They can’t rally their simps to lash back at us like they do with anyone who criticizes them on twitter.

No. 1054460


you're actually right. most of them don't seem to like it. it's clearly driving that fat fascist steadily insane

No. 1054463

Yeah, a couple of people basically fell off of social media because of this thread. I think it’s this way because it’s a lot more “normal” bluecheck-adjacent people vs instagram goths and cosplayer cows who dream of being famous at any cost

No. 1054554

Except for Shasti, cause she's too busy posting here

No. 1054555

I don't know her back story but Shasti seems to low-key be the most insane of all these cows

No. 1054566

Who's her bf? Is he hot

No. 1054578

what a complete fucking retard reactionary anna is lol "face of the left" my ass

No. 1054707

Don't know about the "antileftist" part, but Marx wasn't anticapitalist in the sense of viewing capitalism as a historical mistake that should be abolished, but rather as a historical development necessary to build up the productive capacity for socialism and eventually communism.

No. 1054729

how is she always talking about deep moisturizing her hair for hours and it looks like that

No. 1054752

File: 1602205431354.png (159.17 KB, 488x483, liz bruenig freddie de boer ea…)

Isn't Freddie De Boer the race science/IQ "but from a left perspective" guy?

No. 1054756

File: 1602205723289.png (245.11 KB, 1740x904, Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 9.10…)

I think he argues against IQ and race being related, but he was finally driven off of twitter a few years ago after in a bipolar rage falsely accusing loser journalist Malcolm Harris of being a rapist.

No. 1054762

ya he’s the Test Scores guy, he was ahead of his time on the anti cancel culture stuff so he’s like an early martyr to the sect of reactionary leftists that the nyt loves now

No. 1054826

she barely ever posts, she is irrelevant

No. 1054940

File: 1602241364982.png (511.76 KB, 626x700, 4654.png)

What a take (Bragman, not Talia)

No. 1054942

She gave us one of the funniest moments in these threads

No. 1054953

Life expectancy in the United States has been declining for the last few years, so it shouldn't be seen as simply relative deprivation. That said, revolutions generally have been made in cases of relative deprivation (French Revolution is a good example-the peasants weren't starving-which was why they could think of demands beyond meeting subsistence). Improvements in absolute welfare don't look that great when you know that conditions for average people can still be greatly improved through some redistribution of wealth. Also plenty of American housing stock is from the Sixties or before-but even that is much more expensive than they were in the Sixties.

Matt was going to quit the Labor Department job that he had and ended up losing it around the same time anyways, so no it wasn't a "scam".

No. 1054982

Anon… the french revolution wasn't done by peasants. You're right that revolutions are usually the result of relative deprivation though, a middle class of people who expect more than what they have and are wealthy and educated enough to coordinate are usually to blame. Uplifting people from complete poverty was a mistake, we need to dial inequality way up if we want political stability. Edgy but true.

No. 1054989

That is the dumbest take ever. The world’s most stable governments—Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, so on—have the least poverty and lowest wealth inequality.

No. 1054992

Can you people go post on reddit or something

No. 1055019

File: 1602253795866.jpeg (976.72 KB, 1242x1787, 82C840E0-B9EE-4693-98B5-6272B3…)

>Alex Lee Moyer, director of TFW NO GF, smokes crack and was married to a convicted pedophile

Kantbot recently alluded to her not being such a great or professional person which is interesting.

No. 1055035

Caring about z list ecelebs is much more dignified

No. 1055078

>economic take from a 15 year old

No. 1055084

reading shit like >>1054982 from superior nordic country is always hilarious (though it is true that the image of nordic countries is really polished and we have more problems than we like to admit)

No. 1055174

Nice to see we have retards who are reasoning themselves into neoreactionary ideas to own the Chapos or whatever. Maybe this forum will end up the Korean radfems who praise neoliberal economics and the previous far-right President who was under the control of a cult solely on account of her being a woman.

No. 1055280

1 soy latte, no foam, keep the change

No. 1055298

I don't think "neoreactionary" means what you think it means

No. 1055323

Wasn't his old TekWars co-host an old-fashioned racist NRx loser? Warren Noko or something like that.

No. 1055369

Redditor leave

No. 1055378

File: 1602286775098.jpeg (536.42 KB, 1242x1219, CE6177E3-956D-4F28-A8BC-3F0F47…)

I thought she hated Angel and Angel hated her lol
But how fitting, one scam artist doing a podcast with another

No. 1055394

Saying the commoners should be kept in abject poverty and ignorance to guarantee there's no revolution is basically NRx political philosophy in a nutshell lol

No. 1055395

Was gonna ask Aimee, but you are more retarded than her evidently

No. 1055472

"nice people show." if you have to call yourself nice you probably aren't. ashley is the biggest larper of anyone in these threads

No. 1055477

"wherever you are" casually implying that the supposed love of my life might be in hell

No. 1055493

File: 1602298693541.jpeg (57.84 KB, 510x1024, F0355DF8-9213-4B7B-B867-2BA0E2…)

No. 1055497

Girls Chat, Chat for God, and now The Nice People Show. What will she decide on next after her current host inevitably pisses her off?

No. 1055505

“Everyone is sooOoOo fake except for me”

No. 1055736

Can you please stop falling for this obvious troll?

Someone jumps in to defend the Bruenings and seconds later we get this completely demented take conveniently proving that anyone who criticizes the extremely online left's fetishization of the working class is a neoliberal wine mom who wants the poors to stay poor?

It's such obvious bait.

No. 1055779

Go back to twitter and pay your student loans

No. 1055855

I don’t know if I think dasha has gotten prettier or if she just looks sickly

No. 1055867

Why are these the only people online who still think Rachel Dolezal is hilarious in 2020

No. 1055874

it’s still 2015/2016 in their minds

No. 1055902

The only reason she started to look different is cause she started taking her selfies with the snow app

No. 1055971

Are you retarded or just illiterate? Did you not see the post I was originally referring to, which was explicitly saying that the masses should be kept in utter poverty for the sake of political stability?

No. 1055983

desperately clinging to the brief time when they were relevant

No. 1056007

yes, I told you it's bait

No. 1056037

It all got scrubbed

No. 1056214

Ain't that predictable.

No. 1056254

good work on the aimee terese investigation lmao

No. 1056507

Anna has weird chicken legs. Every single full body picture I can't take my eyes off her scrawny chicken legs. Sage for girl autism

No. 1056636

anorexic women take pride in that

No. 1056643

File: 1602458056689.png (457.23 KB, 828x1792, 5720544E-B151-4B97-B804-FD0066…)

No. 1056647

"appears on" instead of hosts seems like shade

No. 1056678

Loling more at the art world silver spoon Kit chick who with all resources available to her posts shitty “recipes” on her IG and is going on the bachelor

No. 1056754

File: 1602469821160.jpeg (318.5 KB, 750x1085, B0560C62-E381-47C8-9B66-B85EE9…)

absolutely losing my mind at this colossal pick me take. can’t believe it still manages to surprise me but the fact that fifty thousand people follow this woman is just incomprehensible to me. I’ll fuck you out of pity under communism daddy, uwu!

No. 1056755

I don't say this lightly, but Merrick might be more retarded than Anna, Dasha, June, and Ashleigh combined

No. 1056759


The way all her latest tweets are about how everyone who hates her idea is racist and SWERF and TERF. Imagine coming up with comfort women but woke

No. 1056760

genuine answer, it sounds retarded as hell. Don't these pickmes even get that a lot of the incel-types are mad because women aren't in love with them, not just because they can't get sex? To the core for many of them is a need for genuine connection and affection (not saying they all deserve it…) and not just meaningless, emotionless sex with a kindly prostitute.

No. 1056762

This is… the worst.

No. 1056773

Samefag here to correct myself, it’s 30k not 50k. Other than that i just want to say i love you all and luckily it seems most of twitter, even regardless of gender, are calling her out for this ridiculous ‘incel but make it praxis’ dogshit take

No. 1056811

This is just the standard "looksmatched government mandated girlfriends" that incels fantasize about. Anarcho-Bimboism indeed, goes well with chapo brand Marxism-Incelism

No. 1056819

>altruistically providing sexual services to people you aren't attracted to

aka what 95% of married women are already doing

No. 1056825

>every man gets a gf

Pick one and only one

No. 1056838

File: 1602485351272.jpg (25.34 KB, 600x253, lives-of-others-4.jpg)

They NEVER get it. Speaking of their retarded communist fairyland fantasies, this reminds me of the scene in The Lives of Others where the Stasi agent has an East German prostitute drop in. He just had sex with a woman, it's emotional for him but though she's nice enough it's routine and unemotional for her. He's comparing it with having spied on his targets making love after he directly revealed their secrets to each other. What he feels isn't gratification or gratitude or satisfaction, but desolation.

No. 1056841

weren't pretty much all historical female communists strongly against ""sex work"" and male sexual entitlement? what happened now?

No. 1056843

yes marx was also swerf/terf too
i dont understand what about communism attracts degens

No. 1056844

Tumblr and Twitter. Also pornsick troons poisoning the well

No. 1056848

Mrax isn't the entirety of the "left." Anarchists have always been pro-sexual liberation. See: Emma Goldman. Also Western European Communist parties were much more socially liberal than their Eastern counterparts.

No. 1056852


but what about the actually marxist-leninist identified sex industry shills? how is that not contradictory

No. 1056853

>how is that not contradictory
simple: there's no central authority on marxist-leninist dogma, and everyone's politics contain internal contradictions. pro-sex work (or at least pro-sex worker) is an historically popular position among the Western Left for various reasons, so contemporary Western Leftists of all stripes are inclined towards it.

No. 1056871


so westerners are just degenerates. got it

No. 1056891

so i read this thread, the summary, read a bit of the old threads, did reading on chapo + the dirtbag left and i still don’t get it. are they supposed to be people who support bernie but act like belligerent assholes? i read that they have liberal/leftist beliefs but go out of their way to be offensive at the same time… while others are neo-nazis? i’m really sorry to derail. i just don’t get whatever the dirtbag left is supposed to be

No. 1056930

How would marx be a terf lmfaoooo

No. 1056932


it was actually engels, not marx who talked about how women's oppresion is based on biological sex and reproductive capabilites, but even if that's not inherently radfem, it's more than enough to be considered a "terf" nowadays by twitter wokies

No. 1056933

Dirtbag left means nothing, especially now. It’s just a thread for a subset of twitter cows who are all kind of connected and “left” is the easiest way to describe what they all have in common even though it’s hardly true. It’s basically just people who use “left” politics as a springboard for fame or a bullshit shill career. Some seem more sincere than others (eg Merrick, who is probably just a very earnest idiot and not a fed)

No. 1056954

File: 1602506662120.png (39.22 KB, 595x295, walkingitback.PNG)

>I didn't imply exactly what I said, you are all bad people!

No. 1056957

Anarchists are just liberals and I hate how they're considered "left"
just completely braindead selfish little shits with opinions that are indistinguishable from libertarians

No. 1056958

terf is just "woman who disagrees with me" for pornsick narcissists

No. 1056962

Stop basing the meaning of words on twitter weirdos. Anarchists are considered more extreme (broadly speaking) than communists. Anarchy isn't just "lack of rules" it's about the complete abolishment of hierarchy. The Unabomber was an anarchist (primitivist more specifically which is an even greater extreme). These twitter nerds just coopted it because it sounds cool.

No. 1056976

If you want to learn/lecture about anarchism or about how engels hated queer nonbinary sex workers or whatever why dont you guys make these points on reddit. Everyone who has even an inkling of interest in these things has seen the same exact talking points a thousand times already

No. 1056993


No. 1056997

File: 1602514085434.png (1.1 MB, 1402x894, pkh0bko9af741.png)

Any updates on the Witten girl? All I got is that she said in an interview the whole Witten thing was planned in advance because All Gas No Brakes wasn't getting enough good footage and she has a daughter that her mom legally adopted so that she could continue being a thot.
Calling Dasha a racist then getting caught skinwalking as her is an all time bit

No. 1057000

I know the father of witten’s kid pretty well (great guy actually) and last I heard she was living with some guy on a boat and he was sharing custody with her parents, idk if she’s clean. I feel pretty bad that the whole situation played out so publicly seeing how much pain it caused him and his kid tbh. I doubt she does much with any real pre meditation though.

No. 1057004

Ot but that dirty 70s porn stache does it for me. I hope I don't regret saying this because I have no clue who this even is.

No. 1057011

Any details on the breakup? Only post she made about it that I can find is that apparently the father told her nobody would ever love her because of the kid.

Nick Mullen from Cum Town. Witten ended up fucking his co-host Adam

No. 1057012

It's leftists who claim they don't care about "woke identity politics" (LGBT, Black Lives Matter, feminism, etc) and don't care about civility politics. They try to be contrarian to the mainstream so hard that they frequently say incredibly dumb things that don't even make sense and just end up being plain old sexist and racist. Because of this sort of thing they also attract a lot of right-wingers and pickme women who try to suck up to the sexist men.

No. 1057014

Hmm, I doubt he said that tbh. Did she said he did? Because he’s always told me how no matter what he loves her deeply, always will, hurts to see her be the butt of a joke online, just seems pretty respectful overall. From what I know the breakup was more a mixture of her choosing drugs and sleeping around, not ready to settle down, making a big mess of her life in Chicago, etc.

No. 1057015

I wish you guys hadn’t ran Caroline as_a _woman offline I liked her and never got why she was even offensive :-/(:-/)

No. 1057019

In the West communism is basically an aspect of the counter culture. It's radical chic. There's not a single counter cultural position it doesn't absorb, from drug legalization to transgenderism, and it does so not because they're compatible with Marxism but because they're part of the counter culture.

This was my contribution.

No. 1057026

File: 1602518353076.png (72.08 KB, 648x624, witten.PNG)

Here's the post. I could 100% see her making something like this up for attention. Also lol at "I can only thank him for making me a mother" when she doesn't even look after the kid. Seems way more focused on uploading pics of her ass than her daughter

No. 1057039

oh okay, thank you anon. this thread is both infuriating and lulzy so at least now i have context for this trainwreck now
in between writing my question and now i ended up listening to an episode of chapo since that seemed to be where all this spawned from, and your response makes the most sense to me. so i can see how the whole "we're leftists but edgier" would pull in a specific crowd
this also makes sense. i'm definitely gonna have to delve deeper into all of this since this is my first time ever opening this thread. i don't know what i was expecting but it wasn't this lmao

No. 1057048

File: 1602521669438.jpeg (978.93 KB, 1242x1734, 2F77F0FB-7619-4A02-A8F5-11C0D1…)


No. 1057049

I mean “offensiveness” wasnt even anyone’s problem so much as “being a cringy pickme with an unwarranted superiority complex” but also i remember one of her last tweets involved calling people “faggots”

No. 1057050

File: 1602521695578.jpeg (918.66 KB, 1242x1675, 79A5D21D-111E-4C5A-9CFE-718E3E…)


No. 1057052

Caroline wasn’t even a pickme though of any of these women she called out men the most. One of the last tweets I remember her posting was like “I can’t wait until I say something leftist men disagree with and they decide I’m ugly” or something. Idk she never felt milky enough to be on here. Sage for whiteknighting.

No. 1057056

Oh, honey, do read the previous threads! They're the funniest on this site. The anons in these threads are hilarious and leagues more intelligent and funny.

No. 1057057

Revisionism lol, half her tweets were criticizing other women until she started being posted here

No. 1057058

The chapos are actually interested in leftist politics, red scare and a lot of people in these threads don't really care and were just using it as a marketing tool after chapo took off which is why they're now pivoting to apolitical or being more right wing. Chapo is also supportive of lgbt and minority rights they just don't center it over class issues or as distinct from class. The red scare girls are way more sexist and racist than cum town or chapo when it comes down to it.

No. 1057059

KEK I feel like I should’ve seen this coming. It’s a relatively mild infraction but I am so happy about who’s being called out for it lmaooo

No. 1057061


Honestly funnier to me that she’s larping as a medic than that she had sex in a hotel room with other people there.

No. 1057065

No. 1057075

Iirc Anna said that if she were to vote she'd vote for Trump i/o Biden which she rationalized with some half baked take about "choosing the poison that kills you quickly instead of slowly" but then followed up by saying that she's "not an accellerationist"(???)

I'd keep listening to RS if Anna & Dasha were actually serving rational takes but lately Anna has just cranked her contrarianism up to an 11 and its unlistenable

I feel terrible for the child that has to have this narcissistic child as their mother

No. 1057094

File: 1602525592595.jpg (125.29 KB, 492x384, tumblr_inline_n6uvwvemwn1r3q4w…)

Why would communism suddenly cause an uptick in sexual charity? Nothing is stopping people who supposedly want to fuck someone they're not attracted to for free from doing it right now.

Unless these people are in fact going to be forced to provide these services, but the state will call it "voluntary". Where have I seen this before?

No. 1057129

second. that tweet about how "leftist guys will call me ugly" was when she was purging mutuals that were making fun of Aimee Terese. @IdahoBones comes to mind as one of them. she ingratiated herself with men whose online presence is harassing and demeaning women and then her dumb ass was surprised that they targeted her too. They have done this with every other woman in their circle like @ambienvalent and Annie and a dozen others

No. 1057138

File: 1602531275926.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x4632, Screenshot_20201012_203143.jpg)


damn she clearly touched a nerve

No. 1057139

File: 1602531295560.png (23.06 KB, 512x705, Ej0rDR9XsAETz6N.png)

LOL wtf kantbot says he's married? wtf was he doing in an incel documentary then? is there anything he won't do for attention?

image from https://twitter.com/PereGrimmer/status/1314254462245105669

No. 1057181

>Anarchists are considered more extreme (broadly speaking) than communists. Anarchy isn't just "lack of rules" it's about the complete abolishment of hierarchy
more extreme doesn't mean "more better", it's a totally incoherent political belief that will thankfully never manifest

and the Unabomber's critique of industrial society was correct, but his prescription was dead wrong…the genie cannot be shoved back into the pandora box

No. 1057187

Is there anything that these people aren't complete hypocrites and liars about? Also of all the things you could lie about for clout, lying about being an incel when you're actually married is one of dumbest choices. Since it's so absurd I think he might actually be lying.

No. 1057209

> I called another creator having a panic attack about her
> I flew into town to learn how to be a medic from someone
Apparently street demonstrations for these people are sport fantasy camps where boring people go to pretend they're something else for a few days.

How do either of these ppl believe this reflects well on them?

No. 1057210

There's definitely a fetish for that but no one married this particular unwashed beanbag of a man.

No. 1057221

>we have trauma uwu she was twigewwing us!

Why do they always resort to idpol hugbox the second it's convenient?

No. 1057224

Are you fucking kidding me? Her boyfriend sperged out on a thread on /w/ about how these redscare girls were super great connections and we should all suck up to them too. Her entire persona was shitting on women to fit in with the RS crowd.

No. 1057225

File: 1602541287303.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, B4995CAF-59FA-4EBE-BA87-A25E29…)

She's on instagram all the time, posts a new selfie every day

No. 1057226

Do you actually think that guy really dates her? His whole rant seemed deranged and unrealistic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1057227

Until there's pics, he's lying.

No. 1057229

That hair colour looks bad on her

No. 1057230

File: 1602541681506.jpeg (87.85 KB, 203x275, 7F4E5004-3231-443D-8D3B-D7F123…)

She deleted the first pic of hers that was mentioned in these threads lmao.

No. 1057248

>skinwalking heroin addict who had her kid taken away by social services and has a new bf every month
witten is a walking personality disorder

No. 1057249

This is a lie for many reasons primarily that the father doesn’t live with his mom he lives with roommates in Ohio. She’s a mess.

No. 1057279

“purelittleone” like dasha is “perfectangelicgirl”. ew

No. 1057356

of course! i misspoke a bit. i laughed listening to chapo and they clearly care about politics but i can see how their irreverent (political) humor would open the gates for imitators who try to emulate the same thing for quick success but do it much worse. i listened to red scare and it really wasn’t great, not even because i disagreed with them it was just milquetoast content
i’m on the third thread right now and i’ve lost so many brain cells (not at the fault of any poster everyone’s great) but i’m having a great time. i can see why this entire sect has a fucking general containment thread and i’m sorry for never clicking sooner. can’t wait to see what they do in the future

No. 1057383

lol was he getting sissy fetish dommed by Ashley while married?

No. 1057402


yeah unless he means he somehow is spiritually married to ashley lol

No. 1057526

Sage for OT but Julia fox is so hilariously thirsty on insta. She’s just always in the comments of the most random dudes I follow. It’s kind of endearing but also very “I am hot and sexy why don’t you think about having sex with me sometime”

No. 1057545

She's just building her career anon lol

No. 1057587

Sounds juicy, what guys? Also is it really OT to talk about JF here? RS girls mention her sometimes and she’s technically a leftthot

No. 1057598

File: 1602598480530.jpeg (36.57 KB, 399x402, 72F77A83-98FD-405E-B58F-DBD23D…)

I can’t get over how ugly this girl is. Probably the ugliest woman posted in this thread…

No. 1057605

She looks like an even more moonfaced and annoying Jaclyn Hill, I didn't even think that was possible.

No. 1057612

I keep seeing a swollen and bankrupt Kat Von D but she'd probably be flattered by that comparison.

No. 1057615

Are there pics of her before she got fillers and whatever other work done? What was she up to before this year? Most of these girls have been trying to get famous in different internet niches for years.

No. 1057616

Tony Soprano with hair

No. 1057833

100% is not married. there are other recent replies where he talks about his "gf," not wife, but in a way that makes you think she probably "goes to another school."

No. 1057869

Caps, anon, post caps

No. 1057870

She's prettier than jugs at least kek

No. 1057879

I find it weird that redscare are so close to the not really guys. aren't they like further on the left? they seem to be kind of explicit about it on their podcast- at least from the little bit that I've actually listened to

No. 1057947

chapos are even worse. they exclude class and center tranny rights. check out chapo.chat for insane struggle sessions by the future stasi. they're currently going ape shit about requiring all posters to flair with pronouns

No. 1057994

ugly but artistic straight women and flamboyant gays are naturally drawn to each other

No. 1058006

Do you mean Seeking Derangements? Not Really are political but more into "anti-woke" and less political content on their show iirc. With Seeking Derangements I think Ben is friends with Red Scare to the extent that he's met them a few times, but I think it's not a coincidence that they had the True Anon, Chapo guys and Amber as guests and never the Red Scare girls. If I had to guess they probably correctly write Anna and Dasha off as too stupid to have an actual convo with.

No. 1058023

Anna recites Ben Mora's "Every selfie is a cry for help" quote every other episode…at least she's self-aware on that front kek

No. 1058130

File: 1602635750980.png (2.29 MB, 1785x925, cringe.png)


No. 1058138

wait who is this?

No. 1058147

Wtf does jack have to say about trans regret or religion. Hate this upward failing mediocre hack so much

No. 1058154

Do any of u follow leighandbrown on insta? She’s a batshit crazy yet very talented artist who does tons of portraits of people like steve Bannon, trump, Laura loomer, and now the podcast crowd like kantbot and jack. She went to CPAC lol.

No. 1058164

This is a lateral move from Whataburger to Hardee's at best.
Gravity still has the beast pinned to his desk at Quality Inn, don't worry.

No. 1058175

File: 1602638137636.jpg (190.82 KB, 1198x772, Untitled.jpg)

Uhh what does she do for a living to be able to afford a house? Especially in Sydney where they're in the millions

No. 1058179

speaking of reactionary art hoes, whatever happened to Deanna Havas?

No. 1058185

File: 1602638584758.png (1.56 MB, 1672x1200, kantbot.png)

great find. there's so much batshit crazy stuff in here. link for the farmers: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFcgbxJgPQq/
her art career is dead and her twitter account has been locked for years. not much else to say

No. 1058187

File: 1602638638076.png (269.99 KB, 592x376, chloe.png)

just doing her usual thing, being a basic bitch contrarian trumpanzee

No. 1058197

thank u for not posting the jack painting, it's visually nauseating

No. 1058229

It's actually strange how pro-trans this sphere of podcast leftists are considering they're contrarians. You'd think they'd at least be spouting some gender critical stuff.

No. 1058255

lol at every Twitch fundraiser they do being for Tranny Lifeline as opposed to any actual leftist organization

No. 1058262

File: 1602643511753.jpg (130.87 KB, 720x531, 20201013_234609.jpg)

Jack is still at it…

No. 1058265

hasn't he tweeted that exact thing before? he's really trying to prove true the old stereotype that gay men are the result of a childhood mother complex

No. 1058269


She ruined her fashion illustration career because she wanted to fuck Steve Bannon? What a retard kek

No. 1058272

His physique tells a much different story

No. 1058276

estee lardass tweeting this while crying with a mouthful of fried donut holes

No. 1058282

yeah man, my manager keeps shoving cake down my throat. it's definitely something that happens.

No. 1058284

take some responsibility for your own failures instead of blaming everything on women, you fat pathetic piece of shit

No. 1058287

he could literally just not eat the cake

No. 1058329

Looks like Heather Habsburg/Rachel Olson's Hungarian passport came through, she may be moving there soon.

No. 1058337

Anna has a recent obsessive interest in saying straight men who transition to being trans lesbians are failed men and predators while Dasha nods along and goes yeah totally, because some of her twitter haters are trans and she thinks this means she doesn't offend formerly gay boys now trans women she knows irl. She blurts something out about it every ep no matter the topic like she has tourettes.

No. 1058342

File: 1602654144047.jpg (41.34 KB, 965x579, 1512823647382 (1).jpg)

Incelism is the whole point of being a chapo, and there's nothing strange about incels trooning out.


Googling "mommy gf" also makes it certain that psychotic misogyny and mommy issues come hand in hand.

No. 1058344

File: 1602654757395.png (68.49 KB, 428x365, b.png)

She probably discovered Blanchard's theory and has an interest in it now

No. 1058349

t.the one anon in these threads who keeps tabs on heather obsessively.

No. 1058356

>what does she do for a living to be able to afford a house in Sydney
she's a lawyer, it's been mentioned in these threads before. Attorneys are the original definition of "professional class." She's a pee em ceee just like everyone she attacks. All these people are hypocrites, liars, and narcissists.

No. 1058359

lmao Anna demanding other people be super clear in their writing and explain all of their opinions in detail, in that book which was only 80 pages. She is so bitter Long Chu didn't want to be on the pod.

No. 1058362

Long-Chu is a cow unto herself but she probably made the right career choice not going on Red Scare kek

No. 1058365

Yeah, if you're going to be a cringelord, at least be an intelligent one.

No. 1058391

she gets off on blurting things out like when she mentioned that certain races mature sexually faster than others during jewties

No. 1058397

why is using catholicism as a replacement cope so rampant among failed trannies?
these people really cant live without a strict belief system making their decisions for them lol

No. 1058539

She looks like she could be Jugs's daughter
Literally no one is forcing you to eat sugar, fatty; those ladies are being nice bringing sweets for the whole office to eat and instead you gorge yourself on their cookies and then cry about being a tub of lard. What's with fatties pretending they don't live for sugar anyway? Every fat cow does it.

No. 1058572

File: 1602690097300.jpg (Spoiler Image, 568.86 KB, 2048x1682, image.jpg)

Thanks for helping me empty my wallet anon, this is the best interaction of talent and eccentricity I've seen in a while

No. 1058575

File: 1602690266385.png (78.13 KB, 400x268, D61CAA7E-96C0-40F7-BC8F-808465…)

idk if this has been posted but wtf is she even saying

No. 1058577

THIS IS HORRIFYING. I kind of love how retarded it is

No. 1058611

File: 1602692449272.jpeg (408.4 KB, 1242x1145, DA6642B7-24B3-4B8E-9171-2662EE…)

She’s so right!

No. 1058613

Do I even want to know what "trends" he's delusional enough to think he's set?

No. 1058624

Lmao I wish I could tell you. I know he has convinced himself and regularly complains about how the Chapo hosts, random users on Fragrantica, and the entire red scare sub are watching his every move and stealing all his ideas so he may be referring to that.

No. 1058626

it’s funny because his taste in film is literally film tumblr circa 2013-2016. Oooh the devils jack yeah deep cut.

No. 1058634


It's like Anna thinking she invented wearing red and black and having a mullet when some designer does that every year and Dasha thinking she invented wearing a plaid skirt and stealing played out abject tumblr aesthetics, all these people really are stuck in 2013 tumblr.

No. 1058636

Right? They all act as if just a mystery they’re so fat and they all ‘hate’ sugar. He’s always pretending on twitter the only things he ever eats are like cheese and tinned sardines (apart from when he’s being force fed poisoned cake from his girlboss colleagues I guess) when you can take one look at him and see that is very obviously not true.

No. 1058644

It’s like…we all know that you’re eating the black lives matter take out, Jack. You don’t have to lie about it.

No. 1058651

File: 1602694617820.jpeg (79 KB, 1112x1011, 1DE7FAD0-4629-4DB6-B9D6-61CD5F…)

No. 1058660

I'm only familiar because of the dasha bannon anna portrait. Great artist. Its interesting how she could have been successful as a celebrity portrait artist or fashion illustrator or something but chose to make her entire body of work portraits of right wing edgelords instead

No. 1058741

i mean he's a retarded hick.
anna, dasha, jack, ashley - none of them have an ounce of taste in any aspect of their lives but they do carry on like they somehow know what they're doing. they all look like kids from a special ed class

lol this is pretty great

No. 1058754

Is she vaguing about her own circle kek?

No. 1058755

Her skills are shit even for an instagram feshun illustrator. That's the dirtiest watercolor/copic marker work I've seen in a while. Completely understandanle why she devolved into niche fetish art.

No. 1058758

No. 1058761

It’s not even watercolor or copic and objectively fine illustrative work god I hate pompous artfag seethe so much

No. 1058774

How was she not familiar with Blanchard until two months ago? She really has no interest in politics at all huh?

No. 1058779

Oh no anon you're gonna trigger his delivering pad thai to white women PTSD!

No. 1058818

nothing intelligent about this fart-huffer

No. 1058833

Are you basing it off of that one image, or have you looked at her other work? Her portraits are objectively good and weirdly compelling.

No. 1058910

>It's like Anna thinking she invented wearing red and black and having a mullet
Paul Cupo gassing her up on the pod before last saying every designer worth his/her salt has her on their mood boards was so sad…

No. 1058984

that was painful because he couldn't be more obviously joking but the girls literally believed every word of it

No. 1059047

She has read a couple paragraphs of Lasch and Paglia and some Zizek YouTube vids and pretends that it makes her and intellectual.

No. 1059062

Don't forget the slavish devotion to TLP. Her insights would at least be more engaging (if markedly more reactionary) if she had glommed onto UR instead in the early 2010s

No. 1059103

File: 1602737065504.jpeg (882.64 KB, 1242x2161, 508DC43D-118C-4CE5-BD5C-504686…)

Idk if anyone cares about this but the people who make up the cumtown forum (established when the subreddit got deleted) are fucking disgusting. Long thread today about many of their experiences hiring prostitutes. The pod attracts psychopath losers like a moth to a flame.

No. 1059106

>who was most likely a trafficked sex slave
>My gf (who I was dating at the time)
>…and the ladies working there were legit trafficked sex slaves. Good thing I paid in cash lmao

Bruh. I hope he gets AIDS and/or kills himself

No. 1059113

wait what no why did i never see this before lol

No. 1059134

men do not see women as humans, we been knowing sis

No. 1059136

the congregation of extremely online autistic cum town "fans" will be the death of that show

No. 1059145

making lattes is literal slavery under capitalism and all neoliberals should die for making fun of my retarded college loans but raping trafficked sex slaves is funny actually lmao

No. 1059147

Bill DeBlasio's son and Kamala Harris' nephew are among them kek

No. 1059149

>we been knowing
please if you’re going to talk like that at least say it right, anon

No. 1059150

>anyone who still supports aimee when she posts things this unhinged and racist
Except she's completely correct?
>(and about a country she's never been in)
Are you seriously suggesting that non-Americans can't talk about American politics unless they've visited it…? Do I have to explain to you how dumb this or can you figure it out yourself? Let me know.

No. 1059153

How is it "going after his family" to point out that his father working in the defense industry might influence his politics?

No. 1059155

>apparently this is Aimee's alt account she uses to reply to her own tweets

No. 1059160


No. 1059165

If it’s any consolation this story sounds super fake, written by some lonely incel. “She told me to bust on her thick asian bush and fuck her raw” ? come on

No. 1059166

This thread was a massive disappointment and I strongly suspect the real cows are the ones seething in comments right here. The derangement is fucking palpable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1059167

No. 1059169


Kek 8 PM in Sydney, 4 AM in the states, Aimee is actively liking tweets as of 15 minutes ago, I wonder who this could be!

No. 1059178

fix your wig bald bitch

No. 1059182

its not a good thread until half of the posters are as retarded as the subjects

No. 1059187

File: 1602752592997.jpeg (258.44 KB, 1148x1434, 32C07EFA-EAE1-495A-AB58-63EF7D…)

imagine spending 70% of your time pandering to teenage frog twitter only to get mad at an image board

No. 1059193

What were you expecting

No. 1059219

it's a mix of both, i don't subscribe to any of these people's podcasts but the amount of seethe and cope in these threads is just as amusing as the people they're sperging at, if i were to guess there's a lot of deranged breadtube-fandom trannies here


No. 1059236

So not only do you think Aimee has a million sockpuppets that she replies to herself with, you also think she's in this thread replying to you right now…

Take. Your. Meds.

No. 1059238

I can tell you’re Aimee because the rest of us learned to sage.

No. 1059239

Ok schizo.

No. 1059251

learn to sage you bald-headed bitch. nice job learning this place's slang but you not knowing how to sage makes it obvious this is your first time here

No. 1059253

File: 1602763370064.jpg (240.21 KB, 1090x800, 1601925132122.jpg)

is this where all the femanons go…?
what does a lolcow enjoyer even look like, acne?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1059254

obvious samefagging is obvious

No. 1059261

Did this thread get posted somewhere? Why are there so many newfags who don’t know how to sage?

No. 1059262

I think it’s the same person

No. 1059263

Why are you talking to yourself, schizo

No. 1059264

blessed mods please tell us if anon has an Aussie IP.

No. 1059270

You’re probably right but recently I have seen multiple random semi popular incel accounts who follow Jack/samememe/Aimee tweet (and usually completely misinterpret) screenshots of posts from here

No. 1059275

Isn't the cumtown forum also made up of unironic racists now? Like, not even joking, just nazi shit? Horrible place. And the "good" cumtown fans are now on the redscare subreddit, which just means milder racism and misogyny, and being incredibly unfunny

No. 1059278

Post them

No. 1059283

Cumtown forum is just r9k but instead of whining about being virgins they claim to be cool guys who fuck. Whenever there’s a music/movie thread they reveal their true colors as dorky basic plebs though

No. 1059290

I think it's because all the men from the right-wing subreddits and podcast fanbases (MDE and Opie and Anthony) that got banned from reddit were attracted to their sub as one of the few remaining places where acting like that was allowed. Then, only the worst of the bunch would care enough to make an account on a separate forum and move there.

No. 1059306

Nick posted briefly on the subreddit a few years ago and tried to talk them out of being such bitter haters, which didn't work. Any more normal fans were driven from the reddit a long time ago.

No. 1059427

>Take. Your. Meds.
very Aimee cringe typing style

No. 1059432

Aimee…you're pathetic. At least admit this is you if you're going to sperg out like this, no one else in the world would care to defend you. Contrary to common knowledge BDP is treatable and you can get yourself help. You're wasting your life with all this twitter drama.

No. 1059465

Kek that unsaged anon was totally Aimee, she took a hiatus from tweeting that lasted as long as the spergout on here

No. 1059489

File: 1602793789022.jpg (12.86 KB, 148x199, IMG_20201015_162804.jpg)

If this were my face I'd be delighted to have someone call it beautiful or even contemplate ejaculating on it.

No. 1059543

Same for lit, any time someone on Twitter mentions Delaney, he accuses them of somehow ripping him off

No. 1059594

the artfags here are so insufferable and bitter, meanwhile they can still only draw shitty anime doodles in clip studio to post on twitter for 20 likes lmao. her art is good

even when there was still a cumtown subreddit it was full of shit like this. i had to stop looking at it altogether because literally every other post was porn, and they all genuinely hated women and black people. it's like they all have 70 iqs and believed everything nick joked about was sincere.
i really hope that's just some faggot incel trying to seem "kewl" like Cool Guy Mullen. twitter is full of pathetic nerds larping as cool guys by posting "I love tits" every hour and tons of shit about hating women in between, with the occasional "btw i'm not a nazi" type of post

No. 1059596

How did you find out?

No. 1059608

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this kind of chickenscratch is the instathot-wannabe-fashion-illustrator version of twitter anime fanart. Her shit is crooked.

No. 1059647

File: 1602813763320.jpeg (70.05 KB, 750x183, 117697FE-56DE-41F1-9886-313E5F…)

No. 1059650

kek this girl specifically is so fucking stupid and has a million g&g threads being a dumb bitch

No. 1059653

Anyone who doesn't realize a significant part of Nick's appeal is that he's a little pathetic. It's totally bizarre how Reddit incels think he's a legit Chad.

No. 1059654

The worst part is that she copy pastes them to the main sub and sometimes a couple others. Absolute attention whore.

No. 1059671

Incels have a zero percent understanding of what makes a man attractive, if they did they wouldn't be incels. Nick Mullen is one in a long line of father figure simulators for the worst online losers in the world. I truly think if any of these guys ever had a man teach them how to fix a tire they wouldn't so desperately try to prove to one another how masculine they are by degrading women and otherwise acting all fucked up online.

No. 1059685

never seen a clearer sign from god to quote-unquote “turn that shit off” (psalm 4:4)

No. 1059693

To emulate some soyboy podcel of all fucktarded male figures… incels are doomed

No. 1059782

File: 1602841105695.jpg (219.9 KB, 1080x1350, 444.jpg)

I dont know how Dasha hasn't realised that bangs need to be clean and styled to look good.

No. 1059785

how much is Starbucks paying her for shilling those fox pops in every single selfie and pod

No. 1059797

Does Starbucks even do that? Either way, doubt the RS girls are famous/attractive enough for a Starbucks spon.

No. 1059824

ngl she looks good here because she's genuinely smiling instead of the usual tryhard smirk she pulls. here she just looks like a normal girl next door

No. 1059865

same, shes cute here

No. 1059871

yeah not to sound like a simp but i agree that dasha looks cute here and pulls off the bangs well. could be worse.

No. 1059873

I totally forgot about this HAHAHAHA

No. 1059888

She does look cute, like “cute cashier at the Duane Reade” cute.

Dasha’s problem is that she wants to be movie-star gorgeous, but it’s not happening.

No. 1059914

she's really pretty when she smiles, she should really stop with the mean girl smirk

No. 1059927

glad everyone agrees she literally looks her worst when she's trying to pull her "model" face
she just doesn't have the jaw for it

No. 1059954

File: 1602868334994.jpeg (220.62 KB, 828x1193, F6808E50-2E12-4ABC-B712-01D905…)

No. 1059960


Aimee just eats crunches and chews like a fucking animal throughout the clip lol

No. 1059983

Someone who can draw, please draw Strasser with cat ears and striped socks.

No. 1059985

File: 1602872149201.jpeg (134.04 KB, 828x582, 1D4E4159-1F4B-4597-8478-DC616A…)

What is her disability again?

No. 1059988

I want to listen to this but I don't want to pay this grifter any money. Where can I steal the premium rss

No. 1059989

You sound like a scrote.

No. 1060014

It's from this tweet >>1049793. Context was that the woman in the pictures was complaining about being sexually harassed by a male journalist in her DMs.

No. 1060023

File: 1602875483173.jpeg (281.46 KB, 828x750, B608269E-42B1-4D40-B57D-02866E…)

From Angel’s old reddit account

No. 1060081

Damn I 100% believe every world of this rip

No. 1060130

File: 1602887554917.png (98.7 KB, 451x494, supreme narcissism.png)

My God…

No. 1060146

File: 1602889356507.jpeg (189.88 KB, 828x1078, B9530070-3243-4EC0-BB5C-933548…)

has she ever replied to anything without making it about herself

No. 1060152

he has no appeal. he just says epic Nazi shit but it’s cool because ???

No. 1060159

Jfc that dorito chin. She's right out of a 90s boy love manga. She looks less smug, but more like a tranny

No. 1060167

He is cute, plainly miserable/traumatized, and despite using sarcastic and biting humor as his coping mechanism, clearly has a relentlessly earnest and moral streak at his core (see his constant fantasizing about doing things like "opening an owl sanctuary.") The other poster is right that he IS pathetic, which is part of his appeal – he clearly could not change a tire or build a shed if given all the time and money in the world. I don't even find him attractive but I feel like "rooting" for him because I think he's a good person who's doing his best to recover a life out of the wreckage of whatever actually happened to him during his childhood.

To me Cumtown is fundamentally a story ABOUT the life of this doomed person and how his two friends have gotten together to try and keep him from killing himself using whatever tactics necessary. I don't think it's exaggeration to say that the podcast saved Nick Mullen's life in that it was at the very least his only opportunity to make enough money to live off of (it's clear he can't hold down a job and has torpedoed any chance at getting back into comedy writing through the podcast itself.) In that light it's a very human and enduring drama, but I also think you either get it or you don't, and there's no use trying to argue why it's funny or worthwhile to anyone who doesn't.

No. 1060171

Some simp will probably post it on the red scare reddit eventually.
This is how I feel too, and Adam repeats the cycle of dating bdp women who cheat on him while still staying upbeat and Stav repeats the cycle of getting fatter, losing 5 pounds, and then getting even fatter.

No. 1060180

Why is everyone saying she looks cute here. I guess I have to be the brave one and say it: she actually looks pretty bad

No. 1060187

lmao cum simps are something else. What is good about this parasite attention whore, you talk like he cured cancer or some shit

No. 1060189

>clearly has a relentlessly earnest and moral streak at his core (see his constant fantasizing about doing things like "opening an owl sanctuary."
like Tony Soprano and his ducks, and general love of animals. it reveals a deep sense of morality and sensitivity

No. 1060201

Exactly. Cum town fans are so annoying.

No. 1060203

File: 1602898153034.jpg (29.52 KB, 500x541, D8zvkz1WkAIgnCf.jpg)

Or he just tells funny dick jokes

No. 1060205


No. 1060211

Well you're probably a woman, it's not for roastie brains(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060214

>you need to be a smegbrained scrote to find it funny


No. 1060217

Boy you holes on here sure are bitter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060228

Hope he sees this king

No. 1060237

No. 1060238

ebin mic drop gentlesir, I can already see the upboats /s

No. 1060241

here's a link where you can read the whole thing
was this deleted by mods or the user?

No. 1060246

>a lot of you are just misogynists
That's what happens when you listen to a sexist podcast hosted by pickmes and go for discussion about it on reddit of all places. I wonder why any women would continue to go there let alone listen to that podcast. Only incels and idiots like this >>1059647 enjoy listening to it.

Also, blue on removeddit means the user deleted it and red means the mods removed it.

No. 1060247

By the user because it was [deleted] and not [removed]

No. 1060248

I feel like the average female redscare listener is a beta female wallflower type thinking she's tasting the glamorous Stacy life and joining the high school mean girl clique she could never be part of by listening to two other ugly chicks pretend to be socialite femme fatales. They're basically female versions of cumtown fans.

No. 1060249

Bunch of newfriends lately who can’t sage yet I can find no trace of us being posted on Reddit, cumtown forums, or twitter so I have to imagine there are some private group chats having a good kek lurking.

No. 1060254

File: 1602904352782.png (240.24 KB, 1072x1088, Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 11.1…)

real meeting of the minds here, samememe if you're still lurking know you'll never find love or have children

No. 1060255

When is there not a group chat of some podcels seething about us lmao

No. 1060256

This is the exact same crowd that was like "think of kobe bryant's children, do you want them to know that their dad was a rapist"

No. 1060263

Yeah fully team dasha here honestly. I highly doubt the children of zoomers will give a fuck if their moms tits are online- and take that as you may, not necessarily a good thing- children at younger and younger ages are completely desensitized to sexual nudity and children at older ages are perceptive of context. He’s just a retarded hateful broken record.

No. 1060266

Samefag but I swear to god red scare circa 2018 would’ve ruthlessly mocked and been able to see how fucking pathetic samememe is. What happened.

No. 1060295

this is perfect description of scarethots. i also think that they are a bit jealous of pmc girlboss types because at least they’ve accomplished something with their lives but scarethots would swear up and down they’re not

No. 1060319

im sure barron trump is traumatized by his moms tits being out there

No. 1060349

File: 1602924445100.jpg (202.94 KB, 902x1059, 20DPfiG.jpg)

aimee going after liz (again)

No. 1060422

Broken clock etc etc. But damn why can she never write anything without it reading like a homeless lady yelling across a Manhattan street.

No. 1060463

He knows he won’t hence why he’s so miserable and bitter 24/7. So much of these threads is just fundamentally unloveable and unpleasant people framing their interpersonal failures as some broad societal issue. It’s like Jack tweeting about how the fact he has no friends isn’t a reflection of himself but because “no one over 30 has friends because of the democrats”. Also honestly I would take an OF mom over race realist incel dad any day.

No. 1060489

i think this is projection, women fall for men like this because of their own unresolved issues and project onto these garbage men. its like the "i can save her" meme but aimed towards the most pathetic kind of men

No. 1060495

bingo. Mullen is essentially indistinguishable from a samememe or a Perfume Fationalist; he just has the clout and connections to feign that it’s a pose.

No. 1060496

Mullen doesn't actually hate women and isn't actually racist, you're confusing him with the worst of his fans. Not saying it is, but actually this is something samememefag or fat jack would write about themselves because in their demented minds they're as entertaining as nick. Don't get how it's hard to distinguish between an edgy comedy podcast and losers dead serious ranting about women and black people all day.

No. 1060501

but how do you know that? do you know Mullen personally? in any case, no one said anything about "Mullen doesn't actually hate women and isn't actually racist." but you clearly haven't learned from the existence of /pol/ if you believe that this is all "just jokes" at the end of the day, especially considering the people they hang around

but i don't really care about that as much as the fact that Nick and his co-hosts are total losers and there is no reason for them to have the clout that they do

No. 1060512

The people on the main and g&g subs who “can see Dasha in (insert role here…as a girl in a music video, or in literally anything that isn’t a shitty mumblecore amazon prime movie)” make me cringe

same with the orbiters in the main sub who go along with her jokes about being a teenager. it is so pathetic!

No. 1060584

File: 1602958658105.jpeg (21.48 KB, 360x360, D6w_dvSXsAAzags.jpeg)

can't speak for the scarethots but Chapo's bitterness over the success of cringe normie libs such as Pod Save America is tangible.

No. 1060590

Normal people don't harbor your incel sexual hangups. OF women who marry are likely to find their husbands on OF anyway. Not only do they don't mind, they find it hot typically.

You may have developed your raging mommy issues and psychotic misogyny after seeing your mom blow your dad and getting viscerally jealous, but the average age of porn exposure today is like 5. As much as you'd want children to give a shit about this, they just don't.

Does it stin