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File: 1643029217017.jpg (74.02 KB, 390x413, 1642821684075.jpg)

No. 1425326

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1425333

Heads up, according to the Bruenigs on their latest pod, Liz has a "blockbuster" piece coming out imminently that they made sound like was going to be at the top of the headlines. Maybe breaking a new high-profile Catholic sex abuse scandal? Don't really see what other beats she covers that would warrant the hype they were pushing.

No. 1425358

File: 1643033812277.jpeg (186.89 KB, 920x750, 994CA79A-129B-4DAE-9678-059FDF…)

Ted M was doing his regular open misogynist and antisemite schtick the entire time that Tai Lee was friends with and interacting with him on Twitter lol

No. 1425361

Thank you for making this the thread pic

No. 1425368

>Women are scum and Hitler is based
<omg that's so right honey, your'e sooo smart!

2 months later
>this man is a vile misogynist. say away ladies!

not very bright, this one

No. 1425383

why did these threads stop having recaps in the OP? it'd only be like 3-5 sentences anyway, what gives?

No. 1425411

File: 1643040811768.jpg (135.36 KB, 970x1200, FJ4K08AWQAkCPRu.jpg)

No. 1425524

File: 1643048215249.jpeg (76.67 KB, 1150x484, mattbruenig.jpeg)

>can't wait 2 own the libs by writing an ode to my obese autistic Jabba the Husband who refuses to cook, admits he has no emotions, and who I'm probably cucking for the even richer 60something lawyer next door
this is the definition of a self-own, Liz, but enjoy the attention I guess

She might be referring to the essay above, Liz LARPS as a journalist but is mostly a glorified take writer. She could also be working on a death penalty story - at least let's hope so since she published one previously but is still attending executions for some reason. Couldn't be for the attention right… >>1374950

No. 1425542


I wonder how many people interviewed in this article will someday join the Red Scare universe? A few of them seem like shoo-ins.

No. 1425575

i liked his jewish pussy tweets

No. 1425607

How much attention does this bitch need before she mellows out and writes some actual journalism, fuck

No. 1425651

File: 1643055671358.jpeg (133.98 KB, 1216x1473, FJ5HpnOXMAcTrBN.jpeg)

Ashley christlover2000 resurfaces in New York under her real name Dianna Dragonetti for a poetry reading with the annoying Bunny Rogers https://kgbbar.com/red-room-event/red-room/wed-02022022-1900/night-readings-hosted-em-brill

No. 1425661

he looks like he has downs syndrome

No. 1425667

nothing happens

No. 1425672

I guess the wet brain guest spot was her way of announcing that she's pivoting into some new alt-media grift

No. 1425683

Quit trying to make Dasha happen, she’s not gonna happen!!

No. 1425684

delaney loves charli xcx

No. 1425702

File: 1643059406488.png (56.01 KB, 1002x403, redscare.PNG)

Kinda off topic but could anyone explain this to me? Red Scare fans love acting like mean girls who are extremely cool but then they post shit like this. They unironically want to ban WFH because it gets in the way of their socialization. I can get it, I don't really like the idea of WFH either but most people find it an improvement because they don't want to be supervised and can save time/energy commuting.

And I remember being alive back in 2012 ranting about how smartphones had destroyed human connection and made everyone have terrible social skills these days. Turns out I was just incredibly lonely and most people don't want to socialize with strangers. Why can't these cool guys and girls get that?

No. 1425711

the annoying bunny rogers??? she’s lowkey and sincere online and her work is amazing

No. 1425840

>mispronounces Waystar Royco while discussing whether she'll be back next season

No. 1425861

Why did she turn on Ted? I remember her posting pics at a baseball game together.

No. 1425880

Wasn't this bitch supposed to die like 5 years ago?
Charli is pretty intimately connected with the Thielverse via Instagram.

No. 1425885

>She might be referring to the essay above,
No, she was in NYC all last week conducting interviews, this is a reported piece.

No. 1425889

>lowkey and sincere
You could at least try to fit in, you know? To indulge you, no one sincere would have anything to do with Diannashley and her ongoing psychosis.

No. 1425891

I thought she was like an invalid permanently confined to her room? Did her "brain injury" miraculously heal?

No. 1425894

File: 1643070499557.jpg (68.87 KB, 747x373, capture.jpg)

if anyone knows sociopathy well it's suicidepussy

No. 1425902

How is she connected to Thiel, exactly? Or is this more paranoid delusions about muh evil billionaire puppet master

No. 1425925

this is gunna be good

No. 1425928

they don't have friends and want to form a community but are simultaneously too cool to hang out with one another. the work place forces other people to interact with them and they miss it.

No. 1425933

File: 1643073932883.png (452.57 KB, 850x850, ourgirl.png)

was bunny rogers the first artist cultivating a femcel aesthetic? i think guys like her work too much to be /our/ girl.

No. 1425962

File: 1643076119191.png (197.73 KB, 608x734, OK TO LIE.png)

Poor woman is unwell, but posting that it's OK to lie, presumably even to family and friends is just, fuck
She's obviously lied and misled about herself a lot online, which she'd deny of course, cos she claims, like Anna K, not to lie

No. 1425973

File: 1643076879220.png (181.74 KB, 587x789, I don't lie.png)

No. 1425988

File: 1643078331621.jpeg (144.76 KB, 827x663, FAB935B8-F9E0-4B53-95AA-368B6E…)

he has definitely sexually assaulted a woman

No. 1426000

can’t think of a personality/career as diametrically opposed to cows like dasha and anna k as bunny. the double bill with dianna is probably just a result of the organizer, but people that successful don’t agree to stuff they don’t wanna do.

No. 1426002

most of them are on r/vindicta so they're also unironic omega female femcels

No. 1426020

wasn't most of her career pedo-baiting/neopets trauma core? Seems to still pander to the desires of the worst types of scrotes like a & d

No. 1426052

biggest tryhard wannabe in acting meets biggest tryhard wannabe in pop. pottery

No. 1426075

Aimee said she got vaxed so she could see her dying grandpa in the hospital. Now she claims she is unvaxed for clout. I’m too lazy to dig up the tweets but they’re on her timeline.

No. 1426136

is it true he’s in his 40s?

No. 1426142

I wish all the discount nick mullens would just rope themselves already

No. 1426148

He’s either going to kill himself or transition

No. 1426150

File: 1643093729550.png (277.32 KB, 1289x497, citarellanagle.png)

Joshua Citarella, who regularly does Twitch streams with Charli pal and libertarian think tank fellow Dorian Electra, interviewed Ireland's own Dark Money Queen herself on his podcast shortly after launching a new NFT grift with his detestable band of washed up millenial seapunks. Either you're too stupid or too hopped up on tranny eccojams juice, but this "hyperpop" shit is the blaring clown music of Thiel's eternal antiwoke transhumanist cannibal yacht rave.

No. 1426155

nonnie, this sounds rather schizophrenic…Charli is a Thiel op because someone she collabed with like four years ago has done twitch streams with a memelord who had a dirtbag leftist on his podcast? Where does Thiel fit in, exactly?

No. 1426160

Have you looked into Dorian's think tank history?

No. 1426162

File: 1643094927278.jpeg (212.92 KB, 946x2048, E6a26b6X0AEYBSx.jpeg)

its just that same redscarepod mod who floods this thread with bullshit when she's not plagiarising our posts. her and kantbot are only interested in this because they're also desperate to be on someone's payroll. yeah "dark money queen" angela nagle who can barely get her substack afloat and hasn't written a book since 2017, and joshua cinderella who is a literal fed who wants to send poltards to jail for "misinformation"

No. 1426168

jilted MFA-havers launch brilliant plan to shake down teenagers for their lunch money shilling their "alternative curriculum."

No. 1426208

>they don't have friends and want to form a community but are simultaneously too cool to hang out with one another.
This is generous. These are people who have never been "cool" because being obsessed with external validation makes you come off as unhinged and desperate to normies. They don't have friends because they're unlikable and they're obviously threatened by anyone they perceive to be hotter/smarter/better than themselves.

No. 1426213

File: 1643106696271.jpg (84.91 KB, 960x892, FAI2n2QWEAMy9dO.jpg)

No. 1426218

>slow red pill
also known as reality seeping in

No. 1426220

when/where did she post this? doesn’t her family own a restaurant?

No. 1426280

keep bunny rogers out of this. she has nothing to do with these cows.

No. 1426288

File: 1643118706917.png (48.2 KB, 838x212, linguini.png)

No. 1426294

It’s literally insane to me how many of this exact guy there is and how many years they’ve been able to just repeat the exact same unfunny joke 5000 times a day where each time it’s just some variation of

Tinder thot (boring, normal, etc): blah blah blah
Me (dark and twisted. But also? Lowkey kind of random and quirky!!): what if I raped you aha

and still every time get a bunch of replies from like @hitlerenjoyer420 types like “Wow comedy king, i don’t know how you do it! Really pushing the envelope with this one!!”

No. 1426301

File: 1643119971017.png (24.52 KB, 745x155, Screenshot.png)

No. 1426304

I think it’s more that he really wants people to think that. He just has the “welcome to my twisted mind” 14 year old tumblr user in 2011 who would earnestly describe themselves as a psychopath personality type

No. 1426317

But this whole group has a ton of like “personal lolcows” they talk about constantly, like how is the way they interact with Talia Lavin or whoever any different? Not trying to make a moral point about it just that it’s hypocritical though tbh arguably it’s worse because at least here directly interacting with the cows is discouraged. It’s been said a million times but all those people have some shared delusion where they’re extremely cruel to people all day every day but will still act as if they have some kind of moral high ground and be extremely hurt and shocked and start posting about how they’re literally shaking and being targeted by “bpd sociopathy” the second they get treated the way they treat everyone else.

No. 1426320

File: 1643121636883.png (77.14 KB, 743x642, 34343f65g467890.png)

lol they think it's ghoulish to post caps

No. 1426327

who said that?

No. 1426330

Honestly I find it almost admirable the way that whitefeelings Joel person is a nearly 40 year old man yet somehow doesn’t find it embarrassing to post a screenshot on his alt (even just the fact that he has an alt at his big age) literally within minutes every single time he’s ever been mentioned here? Like even in passing, or even if just it’s someone vaguely kind of maybe related to him who gets mentioned. Idk why he’s pretending to complain about it when he’s probably the single most avid reader of the thread.

No. 1426334

Omg nonnie you have access to his alt and haven’t shared more with us?

No. 1426336

Lmao at them sincerely being like “he’s merely a normal, middle aged man who spends his time making 500 posts about raping and killing women a day. There’s absolutely nothing ‘cowish’ about that, anyone who would think otherwise is simply an evil ghoul”

No. 1426338

I mean I personally believe everything they say to be completely sincere

No. 1426341

I don’t think any of his jokes are sincere I think he’s just a regular try hard edgelord. You don’t have to be a literal murder for people to make fun of you in a lolcow thread?

No. 1426343

you think they're "jokes"? I believe what we post on the internet anonymously to be the truest reflections of ourselves

No. 1426348

yeah and what it reflects is that he’s yet another middle aged SA irony guy who somehow seemed to never develop past the “i’m like soo scary and demented. normies could never understand my dark sense of humor” stage most people would find embarrassing by eighth grade, which is why people find him annoying

No. 1426354

how does what we do on here reflect on us?

No. 1426360

Who sorry but whose family is this?

No. 1426361

Most SA irony guys hide behind their true degenerate thoughts with "le irony" because they're both too insecure to own up to their real depravity but enjoy being degenerate anyways. Reminder, these are the same people who "ironically" look at furry porn and ironically say they'd smash traps

No. 1426365

That’s Internet Tara

No. 1426372

Screen caps of any of these guys saying that?

No. 1426373

Leftcows once again failing to understand what this website is. Vindicta wannarexics describes the red scare sub not here.

No. 1426374

File: 1643126638896.jpeg (105.25 KB, 651x900, 5498849B-D70F-4302-A708-08E17F…)

No. 1426379

incredibly ugly baby

No. 1426384

You'd still fuck it

No. 1426385

I thought her kid was half black?

No. 1426412

File: 1643128448506.png (1.03 MB, 2184x1342, panhandlin alicefromqueens.png)

"Is it gauche to admit I'm too lazy to write a Substack and just want free money for pretending to be a girl online?"

No. 1426415

How is it any different from what troons do with GoFundMes?

No. 1426420

Considering this is alice we're talking about it might not be that different at all.

No. 1426421

Who said it is any different? Alicefromqueens is literally a troon begging for money online

No. 1426422

Has he come out as being a tranny yet? Or is he waiting until his DMs are exposed?

No. 1426425

File: 1643129108731.png (1.98 MB, 1064x1548, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 11.3…)

related, love when alice tells on herself. a supposed woman who lived in NYC her early-mid 20s who never met a girlbossy influencer wannabe? they're literally everywhere in new york, every woman has met them even if it's just one time at brunch or they're your least fav coworker or whatever. only scrotes don't know 10 of this girl lol

No. 1426431

He's a guy

No. 1426432

This actually made it more convincing to me bc I feel like the scrote thing is more the opposite, like to claim that every girl they meet is like that. But also “Alice” herself is literally exactly that, a professional freak, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t see it.

No. 1426434

File: 1643129484356.png (1.04 MB, 920x1560, normal girl stuff.png)

nope alice is holding hard to being a 1000% real girl online, definitely not a 40 year old male pedo obsessed with taking creep shots of his 14 year old neighbor and telling extremely realistic underage sex stories all us girls can relate to

No. 1426455

"women fuck dogs" is such a male thing to say kek. They're obsessed with being cucked, even by their own pets. the insecurity.

No. 1426475

File: 1643131984862.png (5.28 MB, 2664x1548, alicefrompedo.png)

"i look exactly like this headless 14 year old girl" is something i (a completely normal grown woman) love telling my horny followers personally

alice deleted the second tweet btw.

No. 1426478

Is this just some random kid?

No. 1426480

File: 1643132310015.png (32.67 KB, 732x150, disgusting.png)

Always a trip to traipse through the patreon comments

No. 1426488

this is so fucking creepy, only a troon would post photos of a child online. the "lack of makeup" comment is especially gross. she's 14!! of course she's not wearing makeup.

No. 1426491

firstly, that's not a thing 13 year old girls do when they're "bored." secondly, dogs can't have chocolate. thirdly, putting anything with that much sugar anywhere near your pussy is asking for a yeast and/or bacterial infection. troon confirmed, any actual woman would know that.

No. 1426496

Do we think that Liz B knows AfQ's real identity

No. 1426498

local moid posts his Ls
>vindicta ghouls
redscare tier men really hate redscare tier women lmfao

No. 1426524

I think because literally every middle class parents white suburb autist ended up with that exact same SA/4chan/irony guy personality type I always just interpret it coming more from them desperately overcompensating for their sterile upbringing and how boring they are as people. I think it’s more rooted in a desire for attention and that they get off on feeling edgy or shocking because they’ve never felt like that irl. I feel like the fixation of these types on how everyone else is an “NPC” is the same thing because literally no one acts more like a non sentient monolith than these guys.

No. 1426535

File: 1643136870228.png (6.12 MB, 2542x1550, alicefromqueens catfish.png)

alice claims it's her neighbor in vermont. the real question is is this teenage girl the same person as in alice's supposed self pics. both are pale, lanky, young, and never show face. turns my stomach but i wouldn't put it past alice to suggest a little "photoshoot"

this, also her nervous hands in the pic at left say "why is dad's creepy middle aged friend taking my pic again?" the worst part was the hornyposting in the replies to these pics by moids who thought it was alice. she knows exactly what she's doing

No. 1426536

The Alice ruse has gone from pathetic to unforgivable and creepy even if Alice isn’t passing off this teen as herself in other pictures. Why would anyone ever post these to her followers? I pray some reporter does an expose.

No. 1426538

InternetTara’s nudes got leaked a few years ago after some ethot tournament.

No. 1426550

Why is this discount Nick Mullen so butthurt about our little forums? Did one of his boyfriends get catfished?

No. 1426555

The way she’s very obviously trying to phrase it in a way that her followers would find attractive but talking about some random 14 year old is so creepy. She obviously just really wanted to tweet like “I’m not like other girls, I’m a tomboy. I don’t care about makeup and fashion like most girls. Also I know I’m nearly 30 but I promise I’m still fuckable!! Like I swear I literally look underage I look 14!!” but knew how that would look so had to find a way to do it indirectly by talking about this supposed doppelgänger but managed to find maybe the one possible way to make it seem more weird and desperate than just directly saying it

No. 1426569

I wonder if she has family monitoring her twitter? In an old thread someone noticed her sister isn’t a facebook friend anymore and was tagged in old aimee photos.

No. 1426574

I KNOW those retards know it's a kid. This is why I sideye scrotes when they swear they can tell a petite small chested adult from a teenager, which they clearly cannot

No. 1426581

inability to stop being a cow

No. 1426592

The mundane answer is that Charlotte thinks Dasha is "fucking hilarious" and that Anna is one of the most intelligent people alive. She was a Red Scare early adopter.

No. 1426607

File: 1643142339907.png (1.55 MB, 1778x1536, alicefromqueens is a man.png)

For anyone who doesn't know, Alice from Queens is very aware of this place and is probably behind the lolsy whiteknight posts that pop up whenever "she" is discussed. Anyone remember "Alice is definitely a woman, I know because she cams naked with several friends of mine" lmao very convincing.

Honestly picrel is a good candidate for next thread pic if nothing better pops up. And hi Alice, no one here thinks you're "hot" or a "woman" but I know you know that. Cope, seethe, etc!

No. 1426612


woah, it's that girl from the "west elm Caleb" saga

No. 1426613

File: 1643142898555.png (1.58 MB, 1280x876, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 3.28…)

I often wonder if people she knows IRL ever think, "WTF happened to Aimee???" Like she posted this pic of her sister recently in the midst of a 48 hour sperg about Jacobin magazine and trans people. Like, is her sister wondering why she is constantly typing on her phone the whole time they're in the countryside? Why she's sleeping until 1pm Australia time? Why she's up until 6am posting pepes for teenagers? Do they ever perform wellness checks on her? Do they look at her twitter feed in horror?

No. 1426621

Aimee's attempts at normalposting read like she's tweeting with a gun to her head. "yep, hanging with my bf, no phones this weekend!" "just popping off to the countryside haha love that nature!" "hotglue reeds and moss on kraft paper for a homey holiday wrapping, just clear the Concerta wrappers off your floor first hahahaha!" where's the detail, the passion, that special schizo flair.

No. 1426629

is it? i've barely paid attention to that whole thing bc i'm afraid it'll make me have sympathy for a man lol

No. 1426636

This is so true omg I’ve always thought that there was something so off about it but have never been able to put it into words. I know that it’s meant to signal that she’s normal and trad or whatever but it always has this vibe of like trying to let people know that she’s being held hostage

No. 1426643

File: 1643144928627.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1184x1726, 1D544306-4F7D-4768-8A49-A83FE9…)

Same energy except Aimee is the one who is just out of frame.

No. 1426646

Has she ever posted any photographic proof of the boyfriend or is this probably just a samememe situation

No. 1426648

yeah pretty sure Aimee is still in her apartment tweeting all day, and taking pics from her family/friends' facebook accounts and reposting them like she's there

No. 1426653

It absolutely has to be a "long distance relationship" with one of her reply guys. That @HeWhoIsSpicy simpleton or some such silliness. No actual man could be in the same room with her as she fights with Malcom Kyeyune on twitter for 3 days straight or whatever.

No. 1426654

peak cow tweet, like it was generated by an AI after being fed a dataset of all cow replies in existence

No. 1426659

unless she gave birth to him at 8 years old, no

No. 1426660

Any more funny shit related to their restaurant?

No. 1426663

my personal schizo theory i can't back up at all is that Claremont or whoever pays Aimee requires her to post like 5 normal tweets per month so she grits her teeth, grinds something out about nature and boyfriends, then returns to staring at the pics of Chapo, Bhaskar Sunkara, and Matt Bruenig connected by red threads to an Open Society Foundation whitepaper on her wall

No. 1426676

loser chapocumcels will never achieve nathan's perfection in performing as an awkward self-deprecating jew

No. 1426682

>her apartment
Dad's house but yes. You can't make sure she isn't clawing at the bugs under her skin if she's alone.

No. 1426686

No one wants to put any effort into these threads

No. 1426688

Has Aimee ever spoke about having some kind of addiction problem or something? What drug/illness would make someone look and act like Aimee now compared to the old pics/posts of hers, genuinely asking?

No. 1426691

I think she spoke about having been in some kind of recovery facility before but not sure if I’m misremembering

No. 1426696

anorexia and abusing amphetamines

No. 1426701

this, she has a very methy aging pattern
honestly she comes across as having raging girl interrupted bpd too

No. 1426737

File: 1643149976411.png (2.28 MB, 1222x1516, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.32…)

Well nonnas I listened to this at 2x speed so you don't have to. Summary: Dasha has the musical taste, intellect, and emotional maturity of a 13 year old girl. Not super milky but some amusing BPD moments and Succession goss ahead.


9:00 - Dasha says best song she listened to while writing Scary is Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. Dasha unironically refers to Berlioz as “the original incel” because he wrote this in response to a lost love (and she apparently thinks he was the first man to do this). She pronounces Berlioz “Burly-ozz”

13:00 - Talks about being approached by Red Scare fans at parties with “unwell looks in their eyes”

14:00 - Says about Succession “part of my character work for Comfrey is imagining she likes disco music.” Wow Lee Strasberg could never.
Doesn’t know if Comfrey will be back next season, says “the storyline seems to be developing in a way that Comfrey’s services are not needed.”

15:00 - Sparks’ Number One Song in Heaven is Dasher’s fave song to play at the peak of a party because “it’s great to dance to”

18:45 - Dasha says she’s spent “a lot of time pondering death and imagining my own funeral, wallowing and on occasion when feeling bad for myself, I’ve asked people I’m close to how they’d feel if I die” - multiple people? BPD behavior

20:00 - Says she’s never been to a funeral, “I’ve fortunately never been close to anyone who’s died, but I think there’s a lot of really rich end of life symbology worth mining, especially in pop” - Deep!

21:00 - Chooses Magnetic Fields’ “Asleep and Dreaming” as her funeral song, says the first time she heard it she immediately pictured it playing over a slideshow of her young life at her funeral. what 30something is still this dramatic

24:40 - “I cry a lot, recreationally, I listen to specific songs to induce myself to cry.”

26:00 - Lana del Ray is her fave artist to cry to and her favorite living artist because they’re both very emotional, “I used to walk in the woods behind my women’s college listening to Video Games and crying,” says she loved LDR’s “Lolita daddy aesthetic” lol no shit

28:00 - Smiths is her other pick for best artist to cry to, specifically “I Won’t Share You” and “I Know It’s Over.” Says “when I’m feeling really bad for myself, the refrain of ‘if you’re so clever and entertaining then why are you alone tonight?’ Really gets me, because even though I’m so successful I’m still so sad, and Morrissey really gets that.”

lmfao if this podcast was a second longer than 30 mins I couldn't have made it, hope someone enjoys!

No. 1426739

File: 1643150212915.jpeg (908.96 KB, 1197x1682, C7ED41FE-5E69-4498-89BB-A684A6…)

That’s the account Anna quote RTed when she had her near death experience this month.

He got more likes on his tweet despite being a much smaller account:


No. 1426747

Nice recap, I would listen but the comment at 9 minutes is already too cringeworthy. Experiencing unrequited love apparently makes you an incel now. Just throwing around buzzwords without even thinking about it.

No. 1426755

>“storyline developing in a way that Comfrey’s services are not needed.”
Translation: producers told Dasha her services weren't needed, Dasha copes that they meant the Roys don't need Comfrey

>"even though I’m so successful I’m still so sad and Morrissey really gets that.”

Does Dasha think she's as successful as Morrissey kek

No. 1426759

Thanks nonna, I actually saved you some cringe starting at 9 mins, the first few mins were all Charli XCX calling Dasha, Red Scare, and Scary "iconic," "so cool and intimidating" etc. and Dasha going on about her love for Manchester and Oasis. "Wonderwall is really about the brothers' relationship" - no Dasha, it's gobbledygook

No. 1426768

>imagine throating every moid in existence only to always end up bearing the brunt of their penile ire
pickmes stay Thriving™, rub the pole pay the toll, etc

No. 1426771

I get why aimee hates Sunkara and Chapo. I don’t understand the Bruenig obsession. Weirdly she’s still a patron to their pod.

No. 1426788


The funny thing about this is that she definitely used to/still does use this site

No. 1426793

How is that funny?

No. 1426795

it's different here and you know it
I hate the cat, the buzz lightyear and the hamster accounts so much, every time I see them it's the least funny shit I've read in my life and the only reason I think anyone follows them is out of pity

No. 1426802

I really don't see how it's any different. We're both anonymously saying things we wouldn't dare say irl.

No. 1426804

they have big "middle aged moid can't cope with aging" energy, idk why

No. 1426805

You “wouldn’t dare” make fun of the red scare girls or a middle aged irony account irl?

No. 1426809

>buzz lightyear
lol that guy sucks so hard. always trying to riff with the bigger accounts and whiffing every time. imagine being an irony account reply guy.

No. 1426811

The red scare girls are rich and successful, everyone on here is not. As for the middle aged irony accounts, why would I make fun of someone who has already been beaten down to the point where any additional comments on their failings would border on cruelty?

No. 1426813

That guy must get so much pussy

No. 1426814

what do you mean you don’t know why, that’s exactly what they are? They’re all in their mid/late 30s spending all day posting what reads like something an autistic 13 year old on xbox live would find hilarious and earnestly weighing in on stupid twitch streamer drama or like viral tiktoks

No. 1426817

File: 1643155961899.jpg (34.53 KB, 562x518, E9IF1wIVEAYP05I.jpg)

You have been trying to stan Red Scare for two threads now and failing hilariously. I bet you think getting replies calling you a retard means you're intellectually destroying us or some gay reddit shit

No. 1426820

if they’re not only still like that in middle age but have the confidence to broadcast it then sorry but they obviously have not been beaten down enough. Idk I don’t even disagree with the anonymous thing necessarily but I think this is a bad example, I just really would not care about making fun of any of the people I’ve ever posted about in this thread irl. I think the majority of people would agree that most of the people posted itt are generally very unpleasant

No. 1426822

File: 1643156150311.png (2.88 MB, 2584x1042, shock me with your deviant beh…)

Lol at Dasha's Last.fm and old Terminal Boredom posts being full of tryhard edgelord obscurities (wow Dasha, scrobbling Brainbombs 92 times, which song is your fave, the one about dismembering a woman's corpse or the one about gassing Anne Frank?) But now all she talks about is Lana Oasis and the Smiths, very "I'm 14 and this is cool." Guessing she was always basic but listened to Brainbombs et al back in her San Francisco days to impress Brace Belden or some other loser she wanted to fuck

No. 1426828

wtf lol

No. 1426830

What the fuck, this is so creepy

No. 1426831

Are you whiteknighting for a specific person? Of the main people mentioned here (Anna/Dasha, Aimee, Perfume Nationalist, samememe, edgelord 40 year olds) I don’t get who is supposed to be the super sympathetic person no one would dare speak ill of in real life

No. 1426832

>everyone in here is a poor LOSER
I know you like their show but you have to stop painting Anna and Dasha as the pinnacle of looks, wealth, success, or intellect. All it does is prove Scarethots are deeply parochial and don't get out much

No. 1426834

Been a lot more than two

No. 1426835

It's exactly what the scrotes on /pol/ say, what a creep

No. 1426837

What have you ever achieved? Dasha is a working actor who knows Charli xcx on a personal level, Anna K is a doting mother in a fulfilling relationship. I couldn't care less about the others you mentioned, but even they're probably more successful than you'll ever be

No. 1426838

To be fair I think those forum posts were when she literally was 14 or so. But yeah it's weird how she knows a lot of different artists but picked the most basic ones for the show.

No. 1426842

omg please just leave. why do you people STILL come to these threads when you know it's just going to make you mad? do you honestly think you're going to change people's minds? literally the last at least 10 threads you or someone else does this, it's so tedious and i don't even understand what you get out of it.

No. 1426843

popping out kids and getting married is something everybody can accomplish… oh wait anna didn't lock eli in, she's too big of a pickme to secure the bag for her son.

No. 1426845

Your the one who seems mad here tbh

No. 1426846

whats the lowdown on this guy. thought he was a mullen alt until i realised it wasn't

No. 1426847

Yes, but being a good parent is not. Tell me, what have you ever achieved?

No. 1426849

Sage, newfag

No. 1426850

Nah, it is Mullen

No. 1426853


The funniest part is they still haven't figured out how to sage lol. Literally not even trying to be convincing

No. 1426854

it's very obviously not

No. 1426861

How are you on ‘leftcows #25 autism edition’ but still have no idea how anything works. It’s a gossip forum. What do you think is going to happen like do you think admin is going to read this and be like ‘Code red!!! This thread must be shut down immediately, Dasha “knows Charlie XCX on a personal level.” It’s over! Everyone go home!!’

No. 1426862

What is sage?

No. 1426863

It is. Prove how it isn't. Newfag doesn't know how to sage

No. 1426865

Nothing that interesting tbh. Late 30s former SA user trying to relive the glory days.

No. 1426867

Learn to sage newfag. What was his SA name?(samefagging/ unsaging retard )

No. 1426871

oh! what a great time to remind them they're going to age worse because they're moids uwu


i know you're reading this and also going bald

No. 1426877

File: 1643159173931.png (739.45 KB, 1222x1226, alicefromqueens svu.png)

>I pray some reporter does an expose
"Alicefromqueens unmasked" is high on my list of hopes for 2022 inshallah

No. 1426880

>glorified groupie of a z-list musician and a baby mama = pinnacle of success

makes you fearfully wonder what kind of utter loser would find this impressive until you remember that the average redscare fan is a pickme femcel from r/vindicta

No. 1426882

not taking my baby to a chiropractor and giving myself covid so i can be a decrepit wreck by the time he's 10 to own the libs

No. 1426883

>She pronounces Berlioz “Burly-ozz”
Her and Charli both mispronouncing it with such confidence was so funny lmao

No. 1426896

newfag detected, lurk moar before posting faggot

No. 1426897

doubles wills it, inshallah, nonita bless

No. 1426902

Charli would lurk lolcow?

No. 1426906


What’s hilarious about this is that there is no scenario in which “Alice” comes away looking good. Either Alice is posting pictures of a 14-year old without permission, or Alice had what must’ve been a very awkward conversation explaining why the pictures were needed for the Twitter account.

No. 1426919

i thought it was that wikipedia autist vranak from the typing style

No. 1426990

>Dasha is a working actor
that's a stretch lol, she's literally hasn't been cast in anything since she shot succession a year ago

No. 1426995

and she might not even be invited back for her bit role in Succession.

No. 1426997

she's shooting that civil war movie

No. 1426999

she's only directing that, not acting, and it's not even a guarantee it's ever going to be made.

No. 1427001

then what was that pic where she was in a bonnet or whatever that kicked off the whole thing with varg?

No. 1427008

…she was palling around with Eugene and co. in Lancaster PA for a Scary screening and q&a. do keep up, nonnie.

No. 1427010

she was wearing one because she was in the amish area of Pennsylvania

No. 1427013

File: 1643166605948.png (20.54 KB, 743x149, who.png)

who is this about

No. 1427017

Herself. Just look at her:


No. 1427027

File: 1643168205030.jpeg (715.83 KB, 1185x1632, D082DECA-AFEE-4A9A-8334-44F36E…)

Sounds like it was a moid.

No. 1427039

No. 1427044

File: 1643168969433.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1196x1733, 1B2D12AE-2CE5-499A-B213-02CD51…)

Almost every Catholic “integralist” moid on Twitter looks like this. I know this could go in the Trad thread, but he claims to be a “leftist” so I’m posting it here.

No. 1427049

June LaPorta is about to give this virile sexgod a sneaky follow.

No. 1427053

File: 1643169203352.jpeg (37.54 KB, 750x416, EB14BED0-AA16-45F2-B65C-6EA3C8…)

No. 1427073

File: 1643170380297.png (42.67 KB, 731x233, golden coral experience.png)

No. 1427080

Yet these same scrotes she capes for would never defend a woman in this group who got doxxed or even something like leaked nudes.

No. 1427084

note the four laugh reacts, including the scrote who took the screenshot

No. 1427095

Around 45 mins into the latest ep Anna and Dasha finally “set the record straight” about their heights. Dasha still insists that she’s 5’7” even though there’s photographic evidence that her ID says 5’4” and Anna says that’s she’s 5’4” even though she’s very clearly shorter than Dasha… the way they mutually reinforce each other’s delusions and lies is so entertaining lmao

No. 1427098

File: 1643171746947.jpg (27.93 KB, 741x227, 00000000.jpg)

had "chad" in the username apparently

No. 1427110

File: 1643173167937.jpeg (768.1 KB, 1184x1573, A4B6E529-E2D0-456A-88C5-DC568F…)

Do we have an “Adult Catholic Convert” thread yet? We may need one.

No. 1427119

irony bros have amassed their entire followings more or less by bullying others and sucking up to fellow bullies. it’s totally fine to make fun of them for pushing 30 and 40 and having nothing to show for it but some thousand retard followers on twitter. I mean there are probably NFT-loving redditors and picrew autists who beat off to fanfic living better and more fulfilling lives than they do.

the irony that some of the cringey people they target are invariably happier than they are is funny. guess that’s why they’re called “irony” bros

No. 1427123


hahah that was funny. Anna is 5’2 at the tallest. She’s very petite irl

No. 1427135

Inflated market value strikes again

No. 1427148

dashka really wants to be one of those early 00s 14 year old 6 ft tall blond slav models
redscare is just femcel incel solidarity

No. 1427171

Why are you so obsessed with those skanks?

No. 1427183

File: 1643187730356.jpeg (468.87 KB, 1125x2084, 0CB22119-D597-4E3E-95F1-AA9A5F…)

>early 00s 14 year old 6 ft tall blond slav model

No. 1427198

File: 1643189976731.png (1019.9 KB, 1401x548, dolphin emoji.png)

i believe it was this guy

No. 1427240

File: 1643198484510.png (34.8 KB, 596x206, let me be clear.png)

??? No one asked. Main character syndrome.

No. 1427255

File: 1643202410581.jpeg (299.99 KB, 1810x1154, 385B5964-7DA5-483F-945D-1CE25D…)

anyone care to fill in the blanks

No. 1427257

They're unrelated

No. 1427281

Why don’t you request Delaney if you want to know? She has thousands of followers. Oh, because you wanted to post the full interaction here and didn’t want to risk identifying yourself. Got it. You people are fucking cowardly freaks.

No. 1427292

How does Delaney have almost 10K followers on their new account? Did they impersonate someone like coochiebone did

No. 1427314

>You people are fucking cowardly freaks.
You must be new here, do you identify yourself on here? No. Do you identify yourself on twitter? No. Shut up and learn to sage newfriend

No. 1427321

Yeah, she impersonated a girl.

No. 1427324

she spent like a month doing a gimmick cryptid account and some of the followers stuck around

No. 1427342

File: 1643209910952.jpeg (42.91 KB, 616x498, images (1).jpeg)

Everyone in this thread ^^^^

No. 1427386

Off topic. Learn to sage

No. 1427390

they saged but you didn't…

No. 1427391

Kek okay, learn to sage newfag

No. 1427446

what in the elder millennial cringe. also,

>manlets, when will they learn?

No. 1427448

>average leftcow

No. 1427453

This is indeed how I imagine anyone who call themselves “Chad” online to look like.

No. 1427454

Do we have irony bros brigading now or what

No. 1427455

I suspect Tara got wind of this thread and showed it to some of her group DMs.

No. 1427456

false. this is also every fragile dying ballerina lolita

No. 1427458

please lord let it be like one of the earlier threads where the original crew of leftcows found the terfchan pastures and came here to defend themselves kek

No. 1427502

r/rsp meetup

No. 1427505

Why do people on Twitter unironically think they are warriors and knights and magicians and stuff like that? They are stuck in childhood.

No. 1427509

because he looks like the midget from game of thrones

No. 1427511

99% chance this guy is a Bronze Age Pervert fan.

No. 1427518

File: 1643223319529.jpeg (264.35 KB, 1170x1046, DEE3953C-2E08-4C00-B31C-997542…)

Is this bitch capable of tweeting anything that isn't boring

No. 1427540

Honor levy live from last week or whenever posted on YouTube. Reveals her boyfriend that refused to fuck her turned around and fucked dashew after they broke up. If you look up the vid it’s pure dimestardation

No. 1427550

So he was a controlling freak. Honor should take more advice from here.

No. 1427559

>asked people I’m close to how they’d feel if I die
even her bpd is a poser

No. 1427567

its funny how infamous dashew's body count video is when she's doubled (tripled?) it by now, she's just a pass around for every jew or ginger or "indie"-looking guy in new york

No. 1427575

I was thinking this, 70+ is surely more like 200+ by now. Every morning there’s prob a new jowly Jew skulking out of Dasha’s apartment at 7am muttering “uh yeah I’ll call you” while she lays in bed making dead eyes at her Snow app, filtering her skull deformities away

No. 1427578

File: 1643228585027.png (499.88 KB, 1272x1522, truetruetruetruetruetruetruean…)

>shallow yet dramatic emotions
>constant mood swings
>fantasizing about your own funeral
>classic psycho move of asking people how they'll feel if she dies…
Holy shit it's kinda crazy how blatantly personality disordered Dashew is, she can't even hide it during a 30 min podcast about her favorite songs. She "passes" the Histrionic Personality Disorder screener with flying colors

No. 1427583

No. 1427592

File: 1643229551669.png (114.57 KB, 1187x631, lmao.png)

average scarethot brain in full display ignore the third post, i don't have a decent image editor

No. 1427598

>no recaps
>tardnonnies posting caps of this thread from only 20 posts ago
god these threads suck ass now

No. 1427602

oof those proportions

No. 1427607

File: 1643230313951.png (9.53 KB, 961x234, fake.png)

when you're 30 years old and still sending yourself abuse online

No. 1427610

i just wanted to make it easier to appreciate and save for posterity nonnie

No. 1427627

Dasha's hip to waist ratio is 1:1

No. 1427641

File: 1643233754317.png (756.3 KB, 768x1376, ion1.png)

They talk about it 20 minutes in. Ion 1 is also there. Skipped through because it was boring. The artist Lucien dude says he hooked up with Dasha 7 years ago in LA. They then go into Honor rambling about IQ being genetic and "racial" semi ironically. The rest of the video seems like nonsense.

No. 1427646

she actually had good taste

also if you think that brainbombs are literal in their songwriting / glorifying violence, then you must be actually retarded

No. 1427651

not mullen

No. 1427662

He looks like a downy bobby hill

No. 1427666

I didn't say anything about Brainbombs "literally" dismembering a corpse or gassing Anne Frank, I was making fun of Dasha's tryhard edgelord musical taste. But I think you know that and were just looking for an excuse to tell the board you like the same thooper edgy bands as Dasha. Sage integrate and stop blogposting about your musical taste pls

No. 1427684

1:1 ratio but not even in a boyish/waifish way, she’s just wide and dumpy looking even with strategic posing. People with better proportions (Kate Moss for example) can get away with lying about their height but Dasha is just so clearly 5’4” lmao.

No. 1427694

can we please just ban the unsaged redscare posters it's getting annoying

No. 1427697

average subscriber's only discord server meet-up

No. 1427700

File: 1643237670475.jpeg (292.03 KB, 1173x551, 88642312-E476-427A-9986-561BE1…)

I forgot about her until recently when I saw her getting criticized by right-wing psychos like @indian_bronson and @emeriticus for a relatively reasonable take.

No. 1427704

So does everyone who posted in this thread

No. 1427706

somebody thinks they're hilarious

No. 1427709

indeed what you need to do to seek attention is to be anonymous

No. 1427713

>They are stuck in childhood.
That's a joke right? You spend all day on an anonymous messageboard harrassing people who can't defend themselves. Everyone on this site is permanently stuck in adolescence. It's honestly sad

No. 1427716

are you gonna cry

No. 1427719

>boo hoo pls no buli! this is too far! i cant even downdoot and cancel you!

- some edgy twitter rapeenjoyer69 shortly after a whiff of his own medicine

No. 1427722

no, everything done here is posted here and interacting with the cows is against the rules. they don't have to come here and read it. if you post retarded shit online people will laugh at it, how are you an adult without comprehending that?

No. 1427724

no, you're the sad one. Irony bro can give it out but can't take it. Gonna cry?

No. 1427728

Interact with them on twitter you pussy. Keep it off this site bitch. Your bpd is showing.

No. 1427729

How's that different from being a 40 year old irony poster who spends all day tweeting and shit talking podcasters in their group chat?

No. 1427732

why don't you go make a callout post about the big meanies on lolcow dot farm like a real twitterfag

No. 1427734

I'd say the main difference is that they're at least doing it on the same website. Posting this boring crap in an imitation 4chan messageboard is so gay lol.

No. 1427737

Agreed, we're getting brigaded at least once per thread now. Highly recommend everyone report and do not engage

No. 1427738

Callout who? There's no name to any of these comments on here. Because you're all spineless pussies. You're all clearly twitter users yourself, start something over there.
Why would an adult choose to post boring non-drama from another website on here unless they were scared of being held accountable? You're a pussy

No. 1427739

Boohoo nigga I don't care
>Highly recommend everyone report and do not engage
do you not see how pathetic this is? You're crying about someone hitting back "pwease weport the big meanie iwony bwos coming on our anonymous messageboard :("(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1427741

tell us your @ then if you're not a pussy like all of us are

No. 1427744

So why does that make it better? Is it just some completely arbitrary thing you decided? What specifically about it being the same website or a different website makes any meaningful difference

No. 1427746

nah i'm good, twitter is best left for faggots like you.

No. 1427748

that’s what the point of the website is and what a “lolcow” is in general, it’s gossip about social media cows/drama that happens on other platforms

No. 1427754

I think those people look dope as hell and are probably lovely to be around. problem?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1427758

If this is about the 40 year old edgelord guys which it probably is because every time they’ve ever been mentioned they all immediately appear in the thread to throw a tantrum, literally all of those people are anonymous. Why are you suddenly so concerned about people “being held accountable” for things they say online? This crybully thing you people always do is extremely pitiful and if you’re that sensitive you just shouldn’t be online at all. I don’t even get why this is so upsetting to you, like how do you think most people would react to these middle aged SA losers? You would think people who spend all day trying to be as antagonistic and unpleasant as possible would expect this reaction and just not care about it. If you want to spend all day doing le epic irony about like rape and being a pedophile or whatever then great! but don’t then react like a bpd 14 year old when people inevitably make fun of it and expect people to coddle you

No. 1427762

You have to be more subtle Joel

No. 1427768

you need to go back

No. 1427773

>gay twitter updoot slapfights are so much better


No. 1427782

The role of annoying jewess who writes about TikTok has already been cast and Taylor Lorenz got the part. "Katherine" will never get anywhere if she insists on doing that same schtick.

No. 1427785

Oh so now @rapisthitler1488 is going to preach to us lol. we’re literally just doing irony, don’t be such a wokescold!!

No. 1427787

anon pls commit lowtax

No. 1427796

oh no ladies he is owning you! delete your slander before he deploys the gay with my dad jokes!

No. 1427818

lmao joel/whitefeeIings is one of the worst accounts on twitter. always melting down whenever a post-leftist says something "transphobic" but trying to frame it as "political disagreement" as opposed to the truth (his personal fetish for troon cock). go back to spending all day in the dms of every DSA tranny you can think of you degenerate middle aged faggot

No. 1427820

>thinking everyone here is one of your twitter thots backstabbing you

boy, interrupted >>1425894

>tfw you're so fug even redscare pickmes only feign interest in you to laugh at you behind your back

No. 1427824

>loves talking to waiters and cashiers and thinks WFH is a horrible idea
I get it but at the same time makes me think this person has no friends or family and thinks going to work or talking to service workers is their only way to socialize

No. 1427860

poast @

No. 1427864

she's a jewess?

No. 1427873

it's suicidepussy, who else

No. 1427876

no Taylor Lorenz isn’t Jewish

No. 1427889

guys ignore the derailer and just report them pls

No. 1427893

kek the post was about default_friend

No. 1427905

File: 1643250054744.png (42.88 KB, 595x321, CA3E157C-45AE-4B82-B8D6-771BDE…)

I know this tweet is doctored, but I saw it floating around Twitter to troll Anna.

No. 1427930

I wouldn't even bother searching for photographic proof because it's just so obvious that she doesn't have a boyfriend

No. 1427941

That doesn't mean she was filming retard

No. 1427961

personally I love it when the irony bros get triggered and cry about how we’re all bad people/cowards and have bpd or whatever. we come to this message board every now and then to poke fun at them and they spend 16 hours a day on twitter. like yeah of course you’re crying you’re personally invested and your twitter persona is your life. meanwhile I just come on here for 5 minutes to pass the time when I’m taking a shit. nothing you could possibly say matters LOL

No. 1427964

They're seething because they can't just link a tweet in the group chat or have coochiebone or that Eamon faggot quote tweet it so they can pile on

No. 1427980

yep exactly and it rules

No. 1428003

One would expect a sociopathic famewhore to be more successful than a flop movie and bit role given the amount of destruction she’s caused in her life

No. 1428063

>13:00 - Talks about being approached by Red Scare fans at parties with “unwell looks in their eyes”
How incredibly sweet to say about her doting fans who made her relevant in the first place. Yet another reason why this bitch will never get to the level of fame she desperately craves

No. 1428245

She’s going for virgin suicides ballerina waif but the wrinkly fleshtone fabric and visible crotch lining is giving diapered dementia patient

No. 1428274

Might be wrong about Lorenz (but she sure acts like it), but I'm right on Default. Probably why she's always LARPing as a Mormon, a pagan a Catholic or anything else apart from what she is. Katherine Dee is an oddly thinly-veiled pseudonym, real name is Katya Delaney. If she went by that people would just assume she's Irish, but it's matrilineal and her mom's Jewish.

No. 1428278

what I love about this is it proves even Dasha hates Scarethots kek. what she doesn't realize is they're drawn to her bc she's just as unwell, obnoxious and obviously damamged as her fans

No. 1428294

she is open about being jewish, the religions seem to be part of her anthropologist LARP

No. 1428298

Didn't she once have a thread about how she thought Christianity should be the official national religion of the U.S. or something? Kind of a cucked mindset for a Jew to have.

No. 1428313

File: 1643300841641.jpg (114.71 KB, 473x605, i rest my case your honor.jpg)

>Anna says she's 5'4"
Her literal midget proportions say otherwise. Look at her giant head and tiny body. Look how much taller the photo taker is than her. Go to your kitchen, put on an oven mitt, and see if it comes up to your elbow. You're 5'0" at best Anna, take the L

No. 1428317

it's so funny to me that they even care enough to "set the record straight" on their heights lmao, so insecure. honestly surprised Anna isn't owning being a womanlet and coping that it's secretly the most unusual hot and desirable thing that all men secretly want like she does all her other uggo traits

No. 1428326

File: 1643302079185.png (1.77 MB, 1980x964, alicefromqueens just a bit.png)

Any bets on how long it'll take for Alice from Queens to get called out for e-begging and reply, "haha i was just kidding tho, i do this all the time, pretending to be a woman - i mean pretending to be a golddigger online haha" Remember, begging for bitcoin and Cashapp donations is "sincere," begging for laptops is "a bit," if you don't know this you're obviously nasty and dumb.

No. 1428327

covertly admitting to lengthening her legs in chinese photo editing apps by even admitting she's not above average height to begin with. she gives herself the legs of a 5'9 woman while she actually has the frame of a tiny wiry babushka with a "petite" size inseam. nothing wrong with being short. the people you know offline can see what you're actually built like… it must make candids and fan photos tricky to cope like this about something so mundane

No. 1428343

File: 1643303597816.png (3.68 MB, 1562x1468, barbie khachiyan.png)

anna's overuse of the leg lengthening apps is so cowish. for a woman so obsessed with "ratios" she should know how cartoonish she's making herself look.

picrel: anna candid from 2014 vs. recent filtered to fuck selfie. compare the length of her extended leg to the rest of her body height. at left it's a 1:1 ratio, ankle to hip = hip to top of head. at right she's lengthened her legs so they'd come up to where her boobs are in the older pic kek. her leg to height ratio is suddenly 1:1.5, literal freakish barbie proportions. she thinks we can't see it i guess

No. 1428361

Anna used to brag all the time about “being a spinner” (barf) and she’s probably doxxed her real height before on the pod. It’s so funny that she’s now pretending to be a few inches taller just to make Dasha’s 5’7” 110 lbs model LARP more plausible. Anna subtly enabling/encouraging Dasha’s cluster b traits is such classic NLOG competitive behavior.

No. 1428367

womanlets, they'll never learn either

No. 1428377

I kind of want that guy on tiktok that guesses people’s exact height from their surroundings to do one on Anna now kek.

No. 1428439

File: 1643310214559.jpeg (229.51 KB, 640x644, 7AA450BF-7DD8-433E-810E-E97276…)

Anyone still think the Thiel connection is just a conspiracy?

No. 1428450

Julia Fox follows Dasha on instagram, but not Anna. What's up with that?

No. 1428451

the bruenigs are in bed with big tech but it’s wholesome when i cozy up to millionaire venture capitalist jd vance

No. 1428460

File: 1643311339310.png (3.39 MB, 2148x1182, Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 2.20…)

inb4 the shills:
>do you have PROOF or is this paranoid delusions about muh evil billionaire puppetmaster >>1425902
>nonnie, this sounds rather schizophrenic… see i said "nonnie" so you know i'm a Real Lolcow User and not a concern trolling shill >>1426155
>anyone who Thielposts is literally a jealous reddit mod or kantbot >>1426162

Fun to see the thread suddenly perk up when this scene's Thiel connections are mentioned. Lot of people really don't want to hear their fave cows are the youth wing of the IDW, and are simply SHOCKED that a billionaire most famous for using money to influence politics and media is…giving money to political media figures

picrel: a cozy chat arranged by Blake Masters, Thiel Foundation President and casual Red Scare Fan

No. 1428471

probably eli wants to fuck her

No. 1428475

File: 1643312083915.png (47.19 KB, 1252x142, five foot one goblin puffing a…)

Did Anna and Dasha find some dignity and turn down this assignment or is he going to be on Red Scare next week?
They look within an inch or the same height in every single picture of them side by side. Dasha is at most 5'4.5". The autistic declarations that they're so honest and never lie while constantly lying about dumb things like this and their cosmetic injections is ridiculous. A scarethot says Anna even lies about stoping smoking.

No. 1428530

oliver lee bateman used to whine about jd vance constantly, just like every other lower-income white guy who didn't get picked to write a trump era think piece about their Appalachian family. Like every post left male, he's the eternal beta.

No. 1428542

seek help

No. 1428543

Learn to sage.

No. 1428544

when someone takes a photo at a higher angle like this, anyone can look disproportionate. also, why do people care if she's short or not? what does that have to do with her ideas?

No. 1428549

Learn to sage.

No. 1428554

back to /mu/ scrote

No. 1428586

This is a gossip forum not a debate club, and anyways, she claimed to be a certain height that she’s not, which indicates a pathetic desperation to be perceived a certain way

No. 1428587

File: 1643318788601.jpeg (65.09 KB, 750x1397, FKEfkNfXIAIJUle.jpeg)

Dasha's first nemesis (the "trad" infowars reporter from the sailor socialism video) is now doing only fans

No. 1428588

Bruh also look at those oven mitts, they look giant on her tiny arms

No. 1428608

That's kind of sad honestly, Ashton is clearly not very well in the head. How long has it been since she was on Ashley Christlover's podcast, like a year?

No. 1428664

>why do people care if she's short or not?
Because she's lying about it? And some people think lying isn't a good trait?

No. 1428681

File: 1643324124366.jpeg (306.79 KB, 640x645, FF41326A-F811-44A5-AC39-059783…)

No. 1428685

someone here should totally sub and post the photos from it for uhhhh the milk.(pornsickness)

No. 1428700

bateman’s now a marketing/hr manager for cbr and 2k a month from the wl patreon. he’s hardly a prole

No. 1428706

Too bad she didn’t date a member of cumtown and start her own podcast. She’s more attractive than Dasha too. Missed opportunity

No. 1428710

File: 1643325546617.jpeg (847.87 KB, 1188x1719, 14776346-3738-4265-952B-46F8E1…)

I know that’s the Liz Bruenig wojak, but I don’t get the rest of the meme. They think she’s a fed?

No. 1428713

File: 1643325846963.png (47.3 KB, 537x511, WL.png)

AT says they go thirds in the $ as there's a producer, would love to know who that is
So $1366 a month each, will be lees in a few days as
The podcast seems more like just an excuse for them to be online, there's zero organic discussion of the episodes at all, like does anyone actually listen ?

No. 1428726

File: 1643326562852.png (1.41 MB, 698x1176, Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 6.34…)

gonna tell my daughters this was Lasagna Anna

No. 1428773

File: 1643329164927.jpg (392.52 KB, 750x948, father_dad_fighter.jpg)

Speaking of Aimee, the recent Pompeo retweet hasn't been the boon she'd hoped for. The patreon continues its precipitous decline. Although it has apparently led to a bunch of new braindead twitter followers who mistakenly think they're looking at Facebook on the Ipad. Lately her replies are mostly divorced MAGA moms. Also, lol at "father-dad" combo lmao

No. 1428777

I wonder how low it has to go before Oliver can no longer justify wasting his time as Aimee's assistant. Meanwhile, if it keeps dropping Aimee might have to cut back on the Australian cigs. Sad.

No. 1428789

why dont you do it then scrote

No. 1428893

Paltry income considering Oliver has a real job and family. I doubt Aimee does anything to keep the pod going. Their competitors Aufhebunga bunga cast have surpassed them now. The only way they hit 1000 subs in the past was juicing it with an Anna Khachiyan appearances. Maybe JD Vance will help them? Desperate stuff.

No. 1428897

File: 1643334372889.jpeg (25.66 KB, 400x400, raw glamour.jpeg)

No. 1428931

don’t care about this retarded bitch let the irony fags have her

No. 1428938

Basically saying that online tradthots might actually just be feds targeting far right scrotes

No. 1428940

hey now, this woman is much closer to aimee’s age than the underage frog twitter boys she tweeted for at the height of her femcel photoshop fantasy phase.

No. 1428950

jack's femsona

No. 1428975

File: 1643340723033.jpeg (541.06 KB, 1435x1914, B9C4D8AA-21C7-4601-B11F-2C8110…)

Its really obvious that she uses those leg lengthening filters, look at how warped the boxes behind her legs are lmao. Idk why she thinks this skinny chicken leg thing she’s doing is better than the proportions short people usually have (ie a longer torso and shorter legs) but you would think with her arts background she’d have a better understanding of anatomy and realize how stupid this looks.

No. 1428993

File: 1643342252362.jpeg (485.79 KB, 1464x1952, 8BE4070C-A6DA-4634-9188-EEE299…)

Its one thing to edit all your pictures for YEARS to correct something that nobody even cares about or notices, but then on top of it she also goes out of her way to tweet about how she’s ”totally not lying about having LONG SLENDER LEGGGGGSSS you guise.” Creepy cluster b behavior.

No. 1429033

Another example of her totally not "politicizing her vanity"

No. 1429035

Another woman that Eli wants to fuck

No. 1429036

just had a mind-blowing realization… alice from queens is just like elena ferrante

except with no discernible talent and there isn't even a remote chance that she's actually a woman. but otherwise just like ferrante

No. 1429045

adam friedland’s gf is pregnant

No. 1429058

File: 1643348957509.jpeg (12.19 KB, 448x252, DtXRqFAWkAA9egr.jpeg)

they are so fucking ugly i can't stand it

No. 1429060

>ten-year-old low-res stream
come on

No. 1429062

literally the same image quality as one of Chris Chan’s old videos

No. 1429067

File: 1643350349737.jpeg (102.41 KB, 720x966, 433AC66B-8CFA-4A42-A45F-E551A2…)

Does Corey Robin hope AliceFromQueens will come visit him in Brooklyn?

No. 1429080

File: 1643351689995.jpeg (424.9 KB, 1309x1746, 0FAC5056-DCFE-4A94-AF0E-7A951C…)

“You are long limbed for an average height woman, which is really nice.”
Pickme finally gets picked and it inspires this unhinged race science rant about slavic leg length. Congrats on getting picked Anna you deserve it.

No. 1429086

This bitch has kangaroo-size feet. Are those edited too?

No. 1429098

lol the fucking size of that shoe

No. 1429107

What's the race science on this matter? Are Armenian-Russian-Jews supposed to have flippers? Every photo this woman has posted of herself over the last four years has been photoshopped to hell and back so her actual proportions post-lasagna days remain a mystery.

No. 1429115

do you think stav is going to eat or molest adam's baby?

No. 1429124

Imagine if Aimee’s “boyfriend” turns out to be some Norman Bates-like situation where it’s some guy she killed and keeps in her basement to talk to at night after a long day of tweeting.

No. 1429198

File: 1643372784305.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 01266A52-6370-483A-B2B9-399CF0…)

Did she catch Anna snickering at a post making fun of her?

No. 1429206

That was a joke, he said it on an episode while trying to get the other hosts to stop interrupting his tour announcement

No. 1429210

John Wilson stopped answering her texts

No. 1429246

Anna was probably violently sobbing at this thread demolishing her 5’4” perfect waist, long slender leg, art ho kardashian delusions and Leia misheard

No. 1429248

Plot twist: the “boyfriend” was an Aussie bureaucrat who knocked on her door politely asking to contact trace, Aimee murders him in a methrage, when the news gets out, she becomes the leader of the revolution, her sunken bewigged face painted on trucker convoys worldwide

No. 1429264

I wouldn’t check in on someone as ugly as Leia either.

No. 1429269

Could be Matt Bruenig in the picture lol

No. 1429270

File: 1643383754883.jpeg (337.36 KB, 1170x587, BA7BD6AE-09E5-4BD3-A9E2-133A7F…)

You're a drag queen…

No. 1429272

He's only able to smooth over the cognitive dissonance by living in Japan where obscene faggotry can be seen as trad. 99% of American conservatives would throw him in prison lmao.

No. 1429286

File: 1643385857746.jpg (128.74 KB, 475x713, 1586638050162(3).jpg)

kek you mean like this anna?

you know, having no coping mechanisms outside of blatant, downright comical projection is a #1 symptom of clusterbee disorders

No. 1429302

File: 1643388062087.jpeg (39.9 KB, 828x601, FKIfiEVXsAwordU.jpeg)

Scarethot clones so desperate to own their girlboss peers they come off as the rancid judgemental shrews they think every other woman is. Then they act shocked when people not in their twitter bubble think they're boring freaks. Picture is her screenshot.

No. 1429303

File: 1643388220755.png (113.01 KB, 1178x312, unlovable uninteresting.png)

Always the bridesmaid. When straight male red scare fans can do better than you.

No. 1429329

File: 1643391147682.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 95CF7CCB-6911-4D1C-89A0-20F64A…)

Dasha made yet another magazine cover?

No. 1429341

Why are the mods not suspending the unsaged scarethot(s?)? it's getting annoying, like there's clearly one person behind at least 90% of these posts, its extremely obvious, can't they just get banned????

No. 1429344

honestly she's fine. child-free weddings are weird

No. 1429346

Tossing out a braindead take just for the discourse and attention, she's just another useless pickme retard(learn2sage)

No. 1429348


No. 1429349

Something is amiss. These description of these threads changed too
> Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
There are scarethots among us trying to shift the attention to other lesser known cows

No. 1429354

Thats been in the description since juicepet

No. 1429364

I don't think it's that lol, there's always been people other than 'Dirtbag Left' Twitter on here and I think most people agree that it's fine>>1429349

No. 1429368

Never noticed the line about "Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans," apparently it's been around since #11. Before that the descrip said: "This thread is constantly brigaded, please report and ignore the mad scarethots" which we could all use reminding of, but the mods need to hand out some bans too. If you look at the complaint thread in /meta/ other subs are complaining of brigading and mods nowhere to be found too.

Tbh I'm still suspicious of the brigading the other day….I don't put it past the ironybro scrotes but also don't put it past other cows to jump into the fray to derail the convo. We were discussing Alice from Queens' pedo groomer vibes immediately before this sudden extreme spergout, Alice is known to read and selfpost here. Who knows.

No. 1429382

pickmes posting Ls

No. 1429411

Sorry if this is off topic but does anyone know what’s up with Marie Calloway? Buzzfeed published a puff piece about her back in October that I assumed was the beginning of a press cycle for a new book or essay or something but it’s been crickets ever since.

No. 1429422

report them. bans aren't always redtexted.

No. 1429541

Ah yes very weird to be in charge of the guest list of your own wedding, very strange.

No. 1429637

very weird indeed to not want kids to attend an event where adults might be getting hammered, dancing, gossiping about relationships and being generally too busy to look after kids! kek these people are identical to cath converts, doing these exaggerated displays to overcompensate for the fact that their shtick is just for the clout and that they don't walk the talk. like little kids who never had any responsibility besides getting likes

No. 1429655

File: 1643417390636.jpeg (510 KB, 828x1139, 3D1C7CC2-B098-4E76-A6B3-097114…)

Why does this idiot still use Marxist rhetoric while promoting the GOP?

No. 1429679

i bet you would also have a no child bachelorette party, you childfree freak!!!

No. 1429681

how would a serial forevergf who still cries over internet dweeb exes who moved on years ago know what a wedding is

No. 1429735

Because she's getting paid to influence leftists to vote Republican

No. 1429755

lol imagine anyone taking advice from Aimee Therese about anything

No. 1430134

File: 1643480213704.jpg (141.4 KB, 1170x2080, 456378291.jpg)

The centrist-right think tankification of Red Scare continues. Do they have data showing them 70% of their patreon subscribers are over the age of 50? Thomas Chatterton Williams was liberal's favorite thinkpiece writer on race until he decided the Bari Weiss style substack grift paid better. He wrote about how hip hop culture made him beat his girlfriend in high school.

No. 1430137

name a more cursed duo

No. 1430145

File: 1643481034904.jpg (52.18 KB, 640x583, tXNu5y5woNqLW9dejh18TWkVTDm1gb…)

With all this they've jumped the shark more than I thought possible. When your dream guest is Lana but huge fan Megan Mccain the best you can pull.

No. 1430150

retarded moid identifies with retarded women

No. 1430175

File: 1643483300037.png (262.4 KB, 488x773, pn quits job.png)

Haven't listened to the free first hour of this trash but the Perfume Nationalist reportedly quit his job - last I saw his Patreon was making about $2500 a month, which doesn't go very far in Austin. When he's reduced to booking Mike Cernovich as a guest this season (lol), how long does he expect this grift to last? Those rancid old perfume bottles on eBay aren't getting any cheaper.

No. 1430185

she looks like grimes method acting as a public elementary school guidance counsellor in this photo

No. 1430208

>his book deal
his what now

No. 1430211

How do you guys possibly find this interesting

No. 1430219

i have never seen a more perfect cosplay of miss piggy

No. 1430232

File: 1643487656040.jpeg (100.54 KB, 380x729, 34C489A6-BCFB-43BE-BC74-A8EB26…)

As embarrassing as Thomas Chatterton Williams is, he’s probably no more embarrassing than 80% of the guests they’ve already had on the pod.

Now this, this is how you know Red Scare has jumped the shark. Pictured is Rod Dreher upon discovering two sassy gals who share most of his dweeb opinions.

No. 1430377

she just wants an invite to the château
TommyChat is an enormous lolcow all on his own

No. 1430492


He said he's had the book deal since the beginning of the podcast but never had time to write. It must be some tiny vanity press thing

No. 1430526

We're talking about a pickme who literally wrote a "poem" about wanting to be thrxxt fxxked. Getting to be on a podcast with a dude whose claim to fame is beating his girlfriend is probably the most stimulating thing that's happened to her all year.

No. 1430532

What a dumb article, the only "democratic socialists" still paying attention to Red Scare are all hate-listening.

No. 1430541

There's been a trend lately with some "leftists" also promoting republican policies and seeming to align with the GOP (Haz is one example aside from Aimee). Why could this be? I don't have an answer for that yet.

No. 1430561

no normal person with a job wants to support leftists because the movement has been wreck'd by reddit troon NEETs

No. 1430568

yo… i just realized something.,. alice from queens is just like elena ferrante

except with no talent and nobody thinks there's even a remote possibility that she's actually a woman. but otherwise exactly the same. mind blown(yo...sage your shit)

No. 1430571

File: 1643525484990.jpeg (308.68 KB, 1471x2048, 5408B77D-14D4-473B-99A2-A0EDB4…)

Are you new? Or a teenager? Conservatives have been doing this for a long time, but the “boost leftists who regurgitate right-wing talking points” trend was particularly noticeable during the 2016 and 2020 elections. The entire purpose of accounts like Kantbot and Logo Daedalus and others of that ilk is to find easy marks among leftists and then get them to repeat right-wing ideas and talking points. And lo and behold, they found plenty of easy marks among the leftcows discussed here. Go look through the earlier threads for plenty of examples.

No. 1430583

File: 1643526961850.png (152.49 KB, 685x767, 1643273135851.png)

don't worry nonnie i have added them to my watch list

No. 1430619

I don't appreciate Big Lez's image being used like this

No. 1430744

Aimee's currently suspended on twitter for "hateful conduct." It's not permanent because her account's still up, but she's temporarily locked out.

No. 1430766

How do you know she’s not just not tweeting?

No. 1430801

Why the fuck is the pol face a biden supporter? I don't get this meme

No. 1430805

File: 1643561806267.jpeg (243.59 KB, 828x508, 1AAD0697-95F6-47F8-81A6-B0D529…)

I’m surprised this didn’t get her banned.

No. 1430859

>last I saw his Patreon was making about $2500 a month, which doesn't go very far in Austin
Adjusted for Patreon commission, taxes, and surely some of the money his brother gets from producing the show that's fucking nothing lmao

No. 1430903

File: 1643572553189.jpeg (486.39 KB, 1367x1025, 56F0F882-F20B-4C03-B008-BFC00A…)

Further tweets in thread don’t help

No. 1430923

On the Armenian podcast he mentions Adam Carolla's dictum "Be in make a buck mode, not save a nickel mode." Now that female office managers aren't shoving donuts down his throat, Sigma Grindset is gonna carry him onward and upward and he'll no longer blame women and minorities for his failures in life. snort

No. 1430949

Don't forget enough McD's to suffocate a small child

No. 1430950

The top is what rightards think was gonna happen on Jan 6th, with the no-chin soyboy in the Biden hat. The bottom is what really happened.

Also fuck you for making me explain a meme.

No. 1430952

Or hoping Thiel-sama will notice her. Not everyone is on the train but a lot of leftists are trying.

No. 1430982

No reason for Thiel to pay dopes like her for what they're willing to do for free. Twitter is full of retards who wildly overestimate how much money the grift machine sends to downlines

No. 1430988

Do you have insight to how much political shills get paid? I’d be curious. I know some normie “lifestyle” type influencers and the money is truly wild but somehow these Twitter ghouls post 24/7 and still have roommates

No. 1431004

/pol/tards often engage in projection and think their critics and enemies look like them.


No. 1431020

No, it’s mostly deduction – noticing as you have that 99% of these wannabes never seem to make the big time.

If I’ve noticed there are plenty of people willing to have Twitter slapfights for free, the cheap-ass moneybags have too. It wouldn’t surprise me if Aimee ends up writing for something like Claremont, but I doubt these sites pay any more than Buzzfeed etc. They don’t have to – most of their writers either come from money or have steady gigs in academia (or law as Aimee supposedly does). They probably just enjoy having a platform for their ravings. Everyone knows there are billionaires funding these think tanks, but I suspect their presence serves mostly as enticement. Also, unlike what the lifestyle hucksters are advertising, rags like the National Review have never made any money.

I really think the whole thing operates like MLMs. Look at “established” guys like Steve Sailer – after 2 decades of fulminating against women and minorities, he still rattles the tin cup and relies on his computer engineer wife to pay the bills. If Thiel types were really throwing money around, he wouldn’t need to beg for donations so he can buy a dishwasher.

No. 1431112

everyone wants to be a chapo or hasan

No. 1431154

what poem??? genuinely curious abt it, was it like a joke or something?

If it was sincere, her pick me-ism is at like medical intervention levels. and she always fucks the ugliest guys who treat her badly it seems like. lana del rey-induced delusions maybe

No. 1431159

Idr that one but her poetry book is entirely about being sad and wanting men to want her. It’s like bad lana parody meets late to the party alt lit irony. Don’t know where to find it now to post.

No. 1431164

It was definitely not a joke, it was angsty teen poem that she had published with a vanity press. Somebody posted it in a previous thread, I had it at one point but not sure if I do anymore. If I find it I'll try to figure out how to post it

No. 1431196

File: 1643601732176.png (10.96 KB, 196x257, CDFE5361-CE9F-403F-BF95-240275…)

Rod Dreher still traumatized by the black boy with a humongous dong he saw in elementary school. The psychosexual preoccupations of conservatives are wild.

No. 1431205

>I really think the whole thing operates like MLMs.
Yeah, public-facing 'knowledge work' careers haven't been stable or lucrative in a long time because there's a massive glut of qualified people who are willing to work for pennies to get their vanity title. I know quite a few people who've switched to industry from staff positions on large publications because the pay and QOL was much better; I can't imagine that these freelancers can live very comfortably on their think piece money alone if staff are having trouble.

No. 1431212

Neetbux are steady, but they sure ain't a job in law

No. 1431255

File: 1643609440302.png (34.26 KB, 725x355, jackbook.png)

Yeah, it's with this micropress which is known mostly for antinatalist stuff but also dabbles in fascist and pedo shit.

No. 1431259

File: 1643609772337.jpg (59.28 KB, 473x1024, 1612324115457.jpg)

it's so fucking bad, dug up this cap from an old thread but pls anons find more

>a pickme poem: by dasha nekrasova

>UGH my stupid voice
>which is actually p. deep and sexy
>unlike other girls and their stupid high helium mouse voices
>they are NOT sexy
>because they are not like ME
>so hopefuly by this point u are thinking of sex
>have i further mentioned in this poem yet that i am NLOG
>i have a STUPID voice (which is hot)
>and a STUPID DARK LIFE, does that intrigue you? the darkness of my NLOGishness?
>but only other women
>exploit their trauma for fame
>when i talk about my DARKNESS
>it is poetry
>p.s. my dad knows i'm a run thru cumdump lol

No. 1431271

>racist white man has a fixation on black penises
a tale as old as time

No. 1431272

File: 1643611444661.png (222.71 KB, 750x557, cope.png)

i swear this corner of twitter is a big delusional circle jerk. we're on the brink of a new renaissance guys. sage for literal who

No. 1431291

File: 1643614811706.jpeg (119.82 KB, 1170x1389, FJzjNydVcAI73XB.jpeg)

Delusional doesn't even begin to cover it considering he looks like this

No. 1431301

Can you believe he’s single, ladies? You’ll regret not paying attention to him once you see his face in the news as the suspect in the latest mass shooting!

No. 1431303

kek unbelievable! Who wouldn't want to be with an unemployed wannabe wigger who quit his job to move to NY and podcast full time!

No. 1431329

Did she ever sue those guys who leaked her gross nudes?

No. 1431348

No. 1431368

lmfao the "betrays my stupid dark life" line is so fucking horrible. she's like incapable of making art that doesn't revolve around how hot/NLOG she thinks she is and how badly she wants attention jfc(sage)

No. 1431461

this Starz remake of Taxi Driver is the worst

No. 1431480

Let's see, open Nazi F. Roger Devlin, open Nazi Jonathan Bowden, Confessions of a Prison Bitch, The Myth of Natural Rights (except for fat gay "aesthetes" I'm sure), yeah sounds like Jack's kind of people.

No. 1431513

the intellektual irony moid version of "stacy from high school will regret not settling for me when she suddenly becomes unfuckable at 30"

No. 1431530

File: 1643647498569.jpeg (275.27 KB, 1200x1154, 60F8C80E-F28C-42AA-BDE4-9F03AE…)

Is all this shit about Tara true? Sounds like a milk festival.

No. 1431531

yes, and as you can tell by the dates of those tweets it's old news

No. 1431534

All of the people involved in this scene are awful writers. Lel I saw someone on Twitter the other week praising Dasha’s command of language.

No. 1431536

File: 1643647956582.jpeg (90.19 KB, 417x640, 79F8DEC7-ADEC-46BB-9B13-F002D5…)

No. 1431559

File: 1643650173355.png (3.09 MB, 1428x1464, dasha nekrasova poet.png)

true shit-tier writing, could be lifted from any 13 year old girl's Tumblr. the funny part is in old interviews Dasha introduces herself as a poet. Pretty sure she never did a reading, published anywhere, took a class or from the looks of it ever even wrote a second draft lol. Picrel: even Dasha can't keep a straight face when she calls herself a "poet and actress"


No. 1431561

File: 1643650480853.png (2.13 MB, 778x1540, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 12.3…)

Good find anon, holy shit this is ridiculous. Does she think we can't tell? The funny part is she's not making herself look attractive - I always thought Anna looked freakishly short-waisted in her pics. She's probably not, just making herself look that way from editing her legs to fuck. They must be a big insecurity of hers. Honestly Anna could fit right in with the most delusional cows in the ProAna thread with shoops like this

No. 1431576

How did she scam people?

No. 1431598

Looking very transgender here

No. 1431612

She did readings back in the day in LA

No. 1431616

god she's so old and haggard and this is from years ago
>when you put on a peter pan collar to look like a lolita schoolgirl but you end up looking like an elderly cleaning lady from a 4 star hotel

No. 1431621

Yeah even no-talent dilettantes can do readings, in fact that's who mostly does them. Dasha used to post her readings and her actual poems on IG, they're probably still up and they're worse than you can possibly imagine. "I'm so sexy and fun and fucking doomed" was one line that sticks in my memory, poems about fucking married men and being suicidal. Just howlingly bad BPD tumblr grade trash.

No. 1431623

That thick neck, the smile lines. When you realize she's 22 here…

No. 1431640

i suppose one way to look ageless is to just look 45 when you're 20 and continue looking 45 til 45

No. 1431664

It’s honestly so insulting when she talks about her “asiatic features” bc this is not what Asian people look like. She doesn’t even look “Eurasian” she’s literally just a white European with FAS.

No. 1431682

she looks british tbh

No. 1431699

That’s a nice way of saying she looks inbred.

No. 1431700

no she has a polish construction worker phenotype here. anglos are unattractive in a different way, either long geometric horsefaces like anne coulter or puffy jowly bulldog looking types like maize williams
t. am anglo (saged for ot)

No. 1431708

>puffy jowly bulldog looking types
plus the weird round elf nose and you've described Olivia Colman, the most Anglo-face woman in the world

No. 1431709

File: 1643665917310.jpeg (598.51 KB, 2000x1333, 91D14E62-52DC-46B6-9CE3-9D1416…)

Maddie looks way more British even though she claims to be Polish.

No. 1431767

imagine not just having a nasolabial fold, but a nasolabial WRINKLE at this age, visible from afar in a low-res photo. bleak

No. 1431773

File: 1643669975267.jpg (113.32 KB, 1125x973, FKZuzCFWUAAxk0A.jpg)

Liz unable to go 24 hours without a weird failed joke of a humblebrag.

No. 1431776

This is so bizarre who speaks of themselves this way, not to mention the fact she doesn't even look under 21

No. 1431777

File: 1643670233107.png (6.33 MB, 2282x1410, dasha a genetic mystery.png)

help nonnies i'm so fascinated by the ever-unfolding flower that is dasha's facial unfortunateness. how can she be an 18-22 year old girl (picrel) at a normal-to-slim weight and have no jawline. her chin melts into her neck like a woman 70 pounds heavier. thus making anorexia her only choice…but then a low BMI reveals a host of other skull deformities. Dasha can't win, it's almost endearing

No. 1431789

>i'm even teensier and smoler than a teen girl uwu
Maybe Alice from Queens really is Liz Bruenig's alt

No. 1431792

bold claim because she doesn’t look polish at all. iirc she’s mentioned having british grandparents.

No. 1431806

like..why even say this though? did Liz literally just see people talking about Zendaya or whatever, get jealous, and make a totally unrelated unfunny joke to put a little of that attention on herself lol. "oh you like teens um well I look like a teen!" anyone else get the feeling Liz Bruenig's daughters will have to hear her "joke" many times "crazy that i'm even smaller and skinnier than you are hahahaha!"

No. 1431809

I remember someone saying she was half Asian. Surprised she doesn't get more scrutiny she clearly runs with a right-wing crowd a lot, doing a brand new collab with Delicious Tacos right after it came out he had interacted a lot with the manosphere shooter in Denver, and writing for Claremont/Thiel funded publications like American Mind

No. 1431814

It’s because her jaw is so asymmetric. On one side of her face she has no chin or jawline while on the other side she has a literal underbite and a male jawline.

No. 1431836

moid comedian levels of pathetic wish fulfillment disguised as humor

No. 1431876

She flies under the radar because she's so boring. There's only so much attention to be paid to someone who chooses to plagiarise Angela Nagle of all people.

Still, Katya said on one of her podcasts that she let a man make her wear an orange star while he fucked her. How pick-me can you get?

No. 1431889

she’s so boring that didn’t happen, it was her co-host ann

No. 1431891

Ann was the one who helped organize the NPCfest and was with Moldbug, right? I find it hilarious how these freaks always have severe psychiatric issues.

No. 1431898

Ann is now going by Esther lol

No. 1431903

Why the name change?

No. 1431922

these egirls that do the mom twitter thing have got to be the sickest of them all

No. 1431937

File: 1643685688617.jpeg (430.04 KB, 1536x2048, liz bruenig mhs arlington high…)

A teacher from Liz B's high school posted some Bruenig esoterica in her replies earlier today:

No. 1431939

File: 1643685844453.jpeg (579.22 KB, 2024x2048, liz bruenig mhs arlington high…)

No. 1431941

not just boring, they're also both painfully ugly. i think some feel sorry for them

No. 1431943

File: 1643686214295.jpeg (109.65 KB, 750x937, liz bruenig star wars rise of …)

yeah sorry liz, height alone doesn't connote age. you have to have a youthful face too.

No. 1431945

at least they own being femcels

No. 1431987

Doesn't Anna love talking about the epidemic of narcissism in modern society, here's a great example for her

No. 1431998

I never realized how massive Liz's forehead is. She's like one of those balding commie youtubers.

No. 1431999

File: 1643691684947.jpg (87.48 KB, 770x962, Ej1wpPNWsAAeWZI.jpg)

>Getting impregnanted by wignats for money

No. 1432017

File: 1643694881108.png (216.99 KB, 1274x1004, our jack.png)

Our Jack lovingly featured today in the Falun Gong cult rag the Epoch Times

No. 1432048

how many burzum scrobbles?

No. 1432051

we get it, liz! you're mousey and not sexy!!!

No. 1432102

File: 1643719005698.png (641.65 KB, 842x777, clip.png)

Ann uses her forename professionally: https://www.debevoise.com/AnnManov
Going by Esther for her writing and creative output seems like a doomed attempt to create separation between the two parts of her life: https://unherd.com/author/ann-manov/

Ann's 61 year old ex-boyfriend's has a web series and in a recent episode he includes an audio clip of himself screaming as he supposedly ejaculates inside her. Horrifying stuff.

No. 1432108

File: 1643720455027.png (757.66 KB, 1526x1264, Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 4.00…)

No. 1432109

File: 1643720492307.png (228.84 KB, 1696x782, Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 4.00…)

>Ann's 61 year old ex-boyfriend's has a web series and in a recent episode he includes an audio clip of himself screaming as he supposedly ejaculates inside her. Horrifying stuff.

No. 1432112

Who is this cow and what exactly is her milk?

No. 1432113

lurk moar

No. 1432116

Just seems like a fairly typical writer, not particularly interesting, is it because she's attractive and you're jealous?

No. 1432117

another wk who can't sage, what is up with this thread

No. 1432118

I'm not the one trying to derail the thread. How am I supposed to sage asking for milk retard?

No. 1432119

File: 1643722718975.png (919.07 KB, 1330x1298, not picking.png)

> unherd
> "professional"
that said, even the crank rag of choice for michael tracey and malcolm kyeyune won't pick her for her nonsense articles.

No. 1432121

Go back through the previous threads linked in the OP and ctrl-f your heart out if you want the milk, newfag.

No. 1432124

I've read it all. She's just not interesting in the slightest. Very generic, very boring. I just want to know why she's so hated

No. 1432126

>Michel Houllebecq is my abject daddy
>Joan Didion, skinny legend!
>age gap relationships? more based than you may think
>Lou Reed was one cool cat
>liberals are stripping the danger and mystery out of sex with all the focus on consent
>liberal feminism? yawn, time to wake up and take the redpill ladies
her output is all so formulaic lmao. next up, "What Christopher Lasch got right about Narcissism"

No. 1432127

If substandard writers are now considered lolcows, we're gonna need a bigger thread

No. 1432131

She's a pickme who is an associate of Moldbug. Enough said

No. 1432133

Not seeing how she's more of a pick me than any other chick. And if her being an associate of moldbug is an issue, wouldn't it make more sense to post stuff about him?

No. 1432134

if you want to be a petty wk faggot at least sage your shit fucking retard

No. 1432136

You keep saying that word, but I'm not sure you know what it means. Learn to sage("learn to sage")

No. 1432137

she and default friend don’t belong on these threads, they’re also both openly republicans

No. 1432142

Do you have a source for that? Just wondering

No. 1432152

I think the leftcows thread has moved beyond its original description. I think it's a fair thread for alt pickme girls who try to be intellectual. I don't think these girls run in tradcow circles so that thread wouldn't be a good fit for them.

No. 1432180

this man's gaze is viscerally disturbing. you can see the psychopathy he covers up with being "vulnerable and insecure" and making his stupid abject "art" like every other self-obsessed moid. look at his little smile, how proud he is holding up his phone, making you listen to him cum. i won't click bc i'm sure this sound awaits us in hell if we're unlucky enough to end up there. and can't help it, i feel bad for Ann/Esther and any woman who hates herself enough to let this man writhe and scream on top of her

No. 1432197

If you have a strong stomach, the relevant video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Hjl65q7I4&t=751s

The true horror begins at 14:18.

No. 1432202

he’s also fucked dasha and is now dating betsey brown

No. 1432208

absolutely colossal L. disgusting. a low even for Dasha.

No. 1432209

File: 1643734806536.png (362.18 KB, 1520x1224, seduction by substack.png)

God both of their lives suck. Thought she was being ridiculous writhing in bed on that zoom livestream with him but never crossed my mind she'd go that low. Betsey is a cute enough girl who could do better but guess she's dumb as dirt. Here she is shilling him on a substack that posts all the dimes people's boring recommendations. https://www.perfectlyimperfect.fyi/p/94-betsey-brown

No. 1432210

sauce on either of those claims? definitely did not seem he and dasha had the chemistry of former lovers on that fundraiser zoom call

No. 1432211

File: 1643734937354.png (3.39 MB, 1652x1464, caveh zahedi robert blake.png)

i've said it before but the person Caveh Zahedi most resembles is real-life wife murdering psychopath Robert Blake, playing a psychopath in Lost Highway. (Caveh holding a phone is funny if you know this scene: https://youtu.be/qZowK0NAvig?t=14

Ann Manov Dasha and any other woman who can't tell he's fucking nuts desperately need shipping to the lesbian commune for deprogramming

No. 1432222

At this point the men who fucked Dasha (all 80+ of them) have to be more embarrassed about it than anything.

No. 1432229

File: 1643736747104.jpeg (34.91 KB, 220x352, 92BD5278-587F-4E37-842F-065304…)



No. 1432238

Dasha also fucked Honor Levy's ex Matthew for some Ivermectin.

No. 1432240

oh god whoever uploaded this appears to be a ciara horan stan… pedo alert

No. 1432277

is that the catholic one?

No. 1432300

Yes, it is. He goes by @obeseretard on insta but his page is locked.

No. 1432343

Post more shitty Dasha poems plz

No. 1432345

I think it's in one of these threads, the book is called Feeling Worse About the Same.

No. 1432354

my god. woody allen has destroyed an entire generation of art hoes. degenerate new york girls will literally fuck any kike they meet no matter how old, bald, sleazy and ugly. nyc is a portal to hell.

No. 1432358

as pointed out earlier in the thread, 80+ was 2018 when she was still with Adam, there's no way its not past 200+ now. not to mention she constantly cheats on every single boyfriend she has

No. 1432371

File: 1643748216946.png (276.5 KB, 1072x978, a serious poet.png)

Not to sound like I'm defending Honor but this situation is so freakish. Dasha sleeping with her very recent ex when she knew about his abusive sounding tradcath mindfucking is sociopathic. He pretended to be celibate and told Honor she wasn't allowed to leave the house on halloween because of demons. And then Dasha is giggling about fucking him on the podcast. Would not be shocked if Dasha decided to blow up Red Scare by throwing herself at Eli one of these days. Honor seems like a troubled person who looked up to Dasha and considered her a friend.

No. 1432372

File: 1643748415224.jpg (79.39 KB, 577x1024, B_bsK4oU8AARqxj.jpg)

more poems

No. 1432374

File: 1643748473340.png (981.5 KB, 948x1072, dasha poet.png)

No. 1432377

Dasha is the Jenna to Anna's Liz Lemon, she will definitely fuck Eli at some point if she hasn't already

No. 1432389

Few things turn me off from a guy more than learning he’s a “TradCath” or Trad of any type. When will these scarethots learn??

No. 1432392

File: 1643750200023.png (1.06 MB, 1144x1256, ugly faggot.png)

god he's ugly, how long til he transitions?

No. 1432404

he didn’t fuck dasha or betsey brown but i know for a fact he is courting betsey

these are so tragic. psychopath maddie recommended a gun on hers.

No. 1432418

these are embarrassing holy shit

No. 1432433

>Woody Allen
Caveh Zahidi is Persian, but he is also a creep and not even a good filmmaker, so you’re right for the wrong reason

No. 1432449

please stop trying to make this person a cow, you fail every time

No. 1432453

Are you friends with this freak or something

No. 1432471

I didn't know they broke up, that guy seemed fucking psychotic so good for honor I guess

No. 1432493

Who is this?

No. 1432495

holy kek those comments are gold, but i'm surprised she has the credentials she does >>1432108 considering how bad her writing is

No. 1432496

is this person important or is this some tranny vendetta? is that sammy buttchin troid back again?

No. 1432497

Why is his under eye area so dark? Looks like a health problem

No. 1432499

aren't these all of anna's topics in her pickme feminism?

No. 1432503

hope he does, hope he gets the dick chop.

No. 1432507

File: 1643760846856.png (2.48 MB, 1930x1438, 1643601959615.png)

did anyone see that /mu/ thread with the SOPHIE blackface outtakes? someone there was saying that SOPHIE's character was making fun of botched trannies like Amanda Lepore. Is there any truth to these rumors?(derailing)

No. 1432511

felix reply guy who shilled dasha/anna until they became too "problematic" (they made fun of they/thems he wants to fuck), in the dms of more troons then whitefeelings
shave your moustache and dilate hesse

No. 1432515

what does this have to do with the thread

No. 1432516

they do belong in these threads, thread was always about people in this circle more than politically left-wing thots. mentions of chapo and other big leftists are clearly out of place, there's a different thread for that, anna, dasha and aimee themselves now identify as right-wing. being a shit boring writer may not be milk, but they always coming here to WK themselves definitely is

No. 1432519

File: 1643762074733.png (1.95 MB, 1134x1134, dasha poetry 1.png)

i have tons of caps of Dasha's poetry, but i must warn you, they are so cringe that reading them may trigger self-harm

No. 1432520

thought it just devolved into people involved in nyc art and culture who are crypto-alt right and malignant careerists.

No. 1432521

File: 1643762145404.png (2.36 MB, 1136x1426, dasha poetry 2.png)

>"i'm so sexy and fun and fucking doomed"
is this 2 lies and a truth?

No. 1432525

File: 1643762321056.png (1.22 MB, 1130x1122, dasha poetry 3.png)

half her poems are about flirting with or fucking other girls bfs lol. tell us you were molested without telling us you were molested Dasha

No. 1432527

File: 1643762528582.jpeg (58.86 KB, 640x400, 02E8015E-D6C4-45C8-9F96-DAA1E7…)

>Next time, write an outline. It might not provide reprieve from mediocre arthouse cinema or the anomie of being a middle class American Millennial woman, but it will make you a better writer.

fucking rekt

No. 1432554

>thought it just devolved into people involved in nyc art and culture who are crypto-alt right and malignant careerists.
Yes, I think this is a better description of the thread now

No. 1432568

Why did he deactivate his account now?

No. 1432571

What are you talking about? What thread is there for people who are actually leftists

No. 1432576

I hope the ayrt isn't talking about the Breadtube thread

No. 1432583

He is an infamous chaser, so…

No. 1432585

Yeah the breadtube community is different than this one even if there is some overlap.

No. 1432586

What is this guy,6'3 110 lb, he already looks like he has no testosterone, hrt will probably help him/her

No. 1432589

Right, I don't really see any overlap between "Breadtube" and Chapo orbiters

No. 1432600

>who shilled dasha/anna
he also claims he's the one who got Dasha into anime kek

No. 1432602

>>"i'm so sexy and fun and fucking doomed"
this is the most dasha couplet conceivable lmfao

No. 1432603

Hasan is the bridge and the Chapo sphere makes fun of Vaush and Haz, but that's about it.

No. 1432669

god bless you for these

No. 1432693

>Surprised she doesn't get more scrutiny she clearly runs with a right-wing crowd a lot, doing a brand new collab with Delicious Tacos right after it came out he had interacted a lot with the manosphere shooter in Denver, and writing for Claremont/Thiel funded publications like American Mind

Which shooter was that? Details?

No. 1432697

No. 1432705

>Evidence suggests McLeod was deeply influenced by the misogynistic pro-masculinity culture which pervades the alt-right’s so-called manosphere – particularly the views of Paul Waggener, a co-founder of the Wolves of Vinland; Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men and a former member of the Wolves of Vinland; and Jack Murphy, Claremont Institute fellow and founder of the “international men’s organization” Liminal Order. On Donovan’s podcast, McLeod expressed the belief that his natural masculine traits were actually stumbling blocks in modernity and that Sanction became a post-mortem of why his life was always so contentious and he didn’t “fit in.”

damn scrotes are insane

No. 1432717

hesse usually deactivates whenever one of his troon friends 41%'s themselves (which is every couple of weeks)

No. 1432718

If she really wanted to do a solidarity, she'd 41% herself

No. 1432741

This isn’t the behavior of someone who was molested, Dasha’s just like this because she was a latchkey kid who had unsupervised access to the internet.

No. 1432747

File: 1643788057143.jpeg (399.27 KB, 1125x2075, 6567FF6F-66F2-4E86-BA5F-58FB75…)

The faces of FAS oops I mean “Eurasian excellence”

No. 1432766

File: 1643790650187.png (776.73 KB, 640x1136, 1FF79B69-39AB-442B-A3D0-5ED1C5…)

Still reeing over negative letterboxd reviews, pathetic!

No. 1432767

File: 1643790789813.jpeg (445.88 KB, 470x854, 67D0B9FA-C7CD-483A-A22B-40A8D3…)

The review is devastating, she read her like a book

No. 1432774

This reviewer is being way too generous by assuming that Scary was “purposefully bad” and that Dasha wasn't actually making a sincere effort. Dasha didn’t intend for Scary to come across as campy she’s just that bad at acting and directing that people assume she’s being ironic.

No. 1432792

Lmfao he already poses like a tranny. close your mouth, flies are getting in

No. 1432824

As if anyone has time to read all that nigga, post real milk

No. 1432826

it's a review what do you want. 3/4 of it is on her story
embarrassing for her to share it tbh, it's pretty accurate

No. 1432828

This, she just likes to retcon her intent

No. 1432840

Like a fat baby, I just want milk

No. 1432851

File: 1643808016536.png (248.95 KB, 1080x1920, viperwave tranny.png)

He's already become a tranny on the down low, a fucking repulsively hideous one at that. All that HRT smoothening his skin doesn't do shit to hide the fact that he looks like a caveman.

No. 1432885

Leave Hesse alone she hasn’t done anything besides post jokes

No. 1432888

i honestly didn't get the "twist" of 61st; maddy was working for/under the influence of the realtor/landlord dude who was bringing fresh sacrificial meat to epstein's former fuck dungeon? or something?

No. 1432912

This isn't the place to white knight pick-me troons

No. 1432913


No. 1432919

what is it

No. 1432932

the scary of 61st

No. 1432937

twitter men coming here to air out their boring group dm fights isn’t good content
The meeting her hero line is spot on. Dasha’s been very open that reading about rape and watching fictional rape scenes turns her on and she wants everyone to know it. Her and Anna have to hold themselves back from saying the sexual abuse wasn’t the bad part of Epstein more clearly than they already do.

No. 1432955

What's "good content" is constant sperging over every Dasha pic

No. 1433049

Wasn’t Anna K also shilling Delicious Tacos not too long ago? And isn’t Claremont the conservative institute that Aimee Terese is affiliated with?

No. 1433053

File: 1643830385942.png (141.88 KB, 592x844, 11 pn jenner.png)

Based Inc is a big tent – now it includes trannies and drag queen grooming hour.

Nothing says conservative like a man who puts more effort into Twitter than he ever did fathering his 6 kids. There’s always been a sector of homos who dream of putting women back in their place while magically retaining social sanction for themselves. Muh Ancient Greeks!

Strict social conservatism for everyone except trannies and fat, slovenly fags. Good luck with that, dick smoker

No. 1433059

Lmao I think this fat fuck just takes whatever he believes is the most contrarian position within his Twitter niche at the moment.

No. 1433085

Yeah it worked for Paglia, a million other lazy bench warmers think it’ll work for them too. Racism don’t real but transphobia, homophobia and fatphobia do when it's aimed at you and your e-friends. Okay big guy

No. 1433095

File: 1643832158476.jpeg (100.6 KB, 1280x720, 2021-03-27T225229Z_555739925_M…)

she is from minsk, belarus which is literally in the european part of the former USSR, and now it is 100% in europe. how is there any amount of asianness here? she is not even from russia let alone the asian part of russia?

shes not from a place in europe that is known to haev people of asian ancestors either, like turkey or finland

i am just so confused about her claiming she is even a small part of asian. it would make sense if she was russian but shes just your average milquetoast eastern european. is it just because she looks weird? i normally hate it when people say internet celebs have FAS but in her case it really does seem to be the case (same with shoe0nhead).

something tells me she would not actually want to look like the people who live in the far eastern part of russia and are actually considered eurasian, east of the ural or siberia. you know, darker complexions, chubbier faces with large wide cheeks and flat noses. i bet she would probably call these women fat and ugly…

how is she any different than rachel dolezal with this shit? literally cosplaying as a different race when you are a white european american lol

No. 1433098

sorry for the eurasia sperg, but i just pulled out a map. belarus is farther west than even ukraine lol.

i think if the country you are born in shares a border with fucking poland you are not asian you are european. there is no question

No. 1433102

why did liz bruenig delete a bunch of her tweets? she only has 65 right now

No. 1433103

File: 1643832643954.png (204.75 KB, 1208x1310, Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 3.10…)


she still has 330k likes though lol, but only 65 tweets/rts

No. 1433127

She purges her tweets every week.

No. 1433137

This is so true, before it came out it was described as a "thriller" and "horror" and when everyone started pointing out it was bad and not thrilling at all she started calling it "camp"

No. 1433154

File: 1643835911582.png (137.02 KB, 1190x506, the girls are fighting.png)

LMAO jack has done a complete 180 on the trans question and is now coming for that obese troon-obsessed afghan faggot. is blaire white coming on the show soon is that why he's pivoting?

No. 1433163

File: 1643836489774.png (104.45 KB, 1164x360, fat on fat crime.png)

always hated basil so here for it. his feed is pathetic and narcissistic, he truly thinks he's the first person in the world to hate trans people. had no idea he was calling basic biological reality the "basil pill" lol. he's regurgitating the same talking points that blaire, buck angel (and that circle of FTMs) and all the detransers/ex-livejournal/tumblrinos/lolcow/kiwifarmers have been saying since 2014

No. 1433180

File: 1643838623944.png (28.5 KB, 609x342, 1 age.png)

They used to say academia is so vicious because the stakes are so low - imagine throwing diva fits in such a palookaville.

What audience is he even going for? Aren't you supposed to actually build one like the Scarethots before you start crazily flip-flopping?

No. 1433183

File: 1643838825559.jpeg (103.09 KB, 1125x694, 8E79DF4E-0666-498B-9161-273C33…)

That last sentence, lmfao

No. 1433200

maybe one of his freak friends is transitioning and pressured him to change his stance. he's still terrified of black people as of this morning so its clearly not an attempt to be "woke"

No. 1433263

they wish hrt did that, it's literally a filter. hope this dude enjoys piling on fat and destroying his thyroid. love when men destroy themselves while screeching about how mommy milkers bimbo they are. truly a based timeline.

No. 1433266

ip fishing

No. 1433271

maybe jack reversed his opinion on trannies because he saw the femsona posted upthread and got a glimmer of hope.

No. 1433275

he likes them now because sophie did blackface

No. 1433287

No. 1433377

Did she go on a rant/get in a fight and nuke everything in frustation? Either that or its the periodic deletion bot her potato husb set up

No. 1433424

He's trying to get under aimee's skin with this, i guarantee Their inevitable cat fight is going to be hilarious.

No. 1433432

I don't know how that "libs of TikTok" account is received by his milieu and I don't care, but let's not act like it's not cringy in the same way "owning the feminists" compilations on Youtube were in 2015

No. 1433437

He's literally only mad at the libs of tiktok account because it's run by a (gasp!) female who does his shtick far better than his fat moid ass ever could

No. 1433439

She was shilling Delicious Tacos' writing from the get-go, he was the first alt-right twitter personality she boosted before BAP, before Jack TPN.

No. 1433450

Hilarious. Between the abusive TradCaths and the Alt Righters with less than six degrees of separation from mass shooters, Leftcows keep getting burned by their embrace of right-wing politics. Will they ever learn from these mistakes? Who knows?

No. 1433469

anna’s retarded ass probably thought she was discovering the next ezra pound or louis-ferdinand celine, but because she has no taste or discernment all she did was recommend a bunch of mediocre and deranged scribblers to her even dumber fan base.

No. 1433473

Also because she tried to get a pro-pedophilia professor fired. You know how he feels about that kind of stuff.

>"criticizing people who want to have sex with children is dirtbag left behavior"

>t. perfume pedophile

No. 1433474

File: 1643860980219.png (64.37 KB, 572x270, Truant.png)

She really seems to have a lifelong habit of flaking on social obligations she thinks are a waste of time/beneath her.

No. 1433479

Does she humble brag like this every day?

No. 1433483

you can check the wayback machine and see that the IMDb genre tags changed after the reviews came out. people called it boring and retarded so she removed "thriller" and added "comedy"

No. 1433484

File: 1643862124705.png (98.16 KB, 613x465, coi.png)

No. 1433499

why is delicious tacos alt right again? i read an excerpt from something he did and he came off as a standard yellow fever white guy who thinks his sex memoire is literature.

No. 1433502

because he was part of frog twitter in 2015-2017? a cohesive alt-right obviously doesn't exist anymore but he was right there in the thick of it back in the day.

No. 1433549

File: 1643869254595.jpg (904.58 KB, 1125x1626, redscarestruggle.jpg)

This sub is the worst thing in the world

No. 1433550

lmao asking the Red Scare sub for legal advice. He’s fucked.

No. 1433569

File: 1643871382670.png (1.46 MB, 1176x1394, moar.png)

they're still going, basil shamed into going private lol

No. 1433570

seriously hoping for the sake of humanity this isn't real and someone really didn't think the first thing they should do after getting arrested for attempted murder is ask the fucking red scare subreddit for legal advice

No. 1433573

OP is mod of a sub he created called "RIGHTWINGLGBT" where noting has ever been posted

No. 1433581

OP has now deleted the post and their acc

No. 1433596

I mean she probably just claims she’s eurasian as an edgy racist joke

No. 1433598

kek the trannies are mad

No. 1433646

what was the post? just a link?

No. 1433647

it was a share site that logs ip of whoever downloads and the file was supposedly the scary of 61st movie but was more likely a keylogger or something

No. 1433671

At what point is Honor's cache going to suffer a substantial dip? Internet Girl was nearly 2 years ago, her book is forever forthcoming and she's rapidly losing the "voice of gen z" window of opportunity. Congrats on getting a mention in every Dimes Square-related write-up, but at a certain point you have to produce something concrete to justify the astroturfed promotion.

No. 1433684

File: 1643897876487.png (409.87 KB, 1968x434, Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 5.17…)


No. 1433689

File: 1643899239394.jpeg (204.72 KB, 768x1075, 376F527F-F161-4A92-9F65-153833…)

It’s not astroturfed, it’s all because tyrant books/Gians new house was about to publish her novel around this time last year and then he died. I think her novel was in limbo for a bit and she puts out most of her new writing on moldbugs platform. Speaking of astroturfed, the other “gen-z” novelist of tyrant books, 30-year-old Sean Thor conroe is kind of a cow himself, but all the milk is in an autobiographical novel with a style heavily inspired by someone else lol. The novel has been promoted heavily by reviewers but has gotten bad reader responses. And Sean might legitimately be retarded, you can look up a hilarious interview of Sheila heti he did on Spotify on his podcast he used to network.

No. 1433691

>she puts out most of her new writing on moldbugs platform
urbit? is it even accessible if you're not "in"?

No. 1433692

I believe you’d have to get a planet to see it

No. 1433697

File: 1643899946461.jpeg (80.75 KB, 800x800, 3E6D9DE9-A98C-4CD0-BC3E-3A9280…)

kek why does the cop have a Mugler angel tattoo

No. 1433709

god imagine not just asking for but actually TAKING advice from the loveline. a&d answer every question like they're trolling, I can't believe someone would apply it to their fucking marriage

No. 1433724

did you read the post? they aren’t married. they just have a kid together

No. 1433731

applying it to a potential marriage, I should've said. I meant a serious relationship, I could have said "a relationship where a child is involved" as well (which is perhaps even more retarded)

No. 1433733

Asking a never-married mom and a BPD case who famously cheated on the only man willing to propose "how do i get married?!" I truly can't understand why scarethots are like this.

No. 1433748

And the novel is called, I shit you not, “fuccboi”

No. 1433753

i thought she'd died lol

No. 1433756

Yeah he’s clearly going for some kind of “self aware” acknowledgement of his own limits like he’s David foster Wallace but it ends coming off as navel gazing and dull

No. 1433758

Nope, she’s still claiming to be one of the only true artists alive

No. 1433766

He talks about "doing transphobia" like he's Diana Vreeland setting trends and then announcing they're over. Accuses some 3k follower guy of ripping him off when he's a desperate, sweaty orbiter himself. LOL at him calling Basil fat. He makes the most unhinged Datalounge queen look stable. Lots more milk left in this delusional clown.

No. 1433769

he, or someone impersonating him, has been shilling the novel on the sub lately

No. 1433791

Red Scare fans are the most pathetic people in the world.

No. 1433798

I can't tell if most peeps on this thread are women or men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1433806

lmao I totally forgot that Dasha and Adam were engaged at one point. What the fuck was he thinking?

No. 1433811

Aimee must be going through twitter withdrawals after nearly a week. I wonder if she decided to leave her apartment and maybe applied for a job.

No. 1433818

learn how to sage

No. 1433841

Learn How to newfag(newfag)

No. 1433900

This isn't humble bragging, it's straight up bragging. She's one of those assholes when someone asks "what's your biggest weakness?" at a job interview, she says "probably that I work TOO hard and I'm so committed to my job that it intimidates people who are less competent."

No. 1433902

These threads are boring as fuck now

No. 1433907

> He talks about "doing transphobia" like he's Diana Vreeland setting trends and then announcing they're over
That's this thing that ties these cows together, whether they're identifying as left or right at the time, political positions are just fashion accessories to be discarded or picked up again every few months. and its not just them who do it, the "anti-cows" like carl beijer, corpseinorbit and all the bruenig/chapo/trueanon reply guys do the same thing, shifting the goal posts with every news cycle. which is why the "podcaster-to-fascist pipeline" accusations were always so ludicrous, these are not serious people with serious politics. in 5 months time they'll contradict themselves to find new targets/enemies to mine for content for the next year

No. 1433936

This is very lazy and dishonest. The “anticows” you mentioned like the Chapos, Beijer, Brace, and even Matt Bruenig have more consistent and principled politics than most of the cows frequently discussed in these threads. I don’t agree with everything they say or do, and they can definitely be stupid and arrogant, but their politics have not changed all that much over the last several years. I mean, call Matt Bruenig a potato-resembling autist all you want, but he’s still the same pro-welfare state policy wonk he was in 2015. Beijer and Brace have not abandoned their Marxism to remain “edgy.” They have not completely reversed their stances on numerous issues or started declaring themselves right-wing or post-left or begun boosting or collaborating with the right as a way of chasing the latest fad like Anna, Dasha, Aimee, Glenn Greenwald, and so many other cynical opportunists from that post-left crew.

No. 1433950

>Chapos, Beijer, Brace, and Matt Bruenig are cOnSiStEnT and pRiNciPaLeD
go back to twitter, this is a gossip thread, not a political debate forum and no one cares that you're a cuck chapo fan who can't wait to sit at home collecting your NEETbux once elite assholes like the Bruenigs institute "muh based welfare state."

No. 1433972

oh please their "principled politics" are literally just "owning the chuds". they all completely shat the bed with their covid/vaxx/massive wealth transfer takes and are currently just flat out ignoring the truckers convoy and all the big tech censorship because it doesn't fit in with their narrative. you're blind and personally biased if you can't see the mental gymnastics they're doing every day to avoid criticising biden and the Davos crowd. put their Bernie era pre-2020 articles side by side with their articles today and they are totally inconsistent and clutching at straws (such as the carl one arguing that jeremy corbyn is a libertarian LOL)

No. 1433981

bless you based nonna

whiteknighting for the podcasting arm of the neoliberal establishment. embarrassing!

No. 1433999

File: 1643930988341.png (754.3 KB, 1288x916, scarethots.png)

There's a worryingly large number of scarethots who truly think Anna and Dasha are sexy geniuses living glamorous lives and not goofy looking losers spewing contrarian takes Frankensteined together from Twitter for a living. You have to pity scarethots, they're so easily impressed it's kinda sad. I kept waiting for the redditor in picrel to reveal she was joking but it never came

No. 1434002

I've literally never seen any gossip on here. Here's some gossip, Felix Biederman is 5'6" and sends dick pics to minors

No. 1434006

>Anna is a genius
>Anna shows great self-awareness
>Anna is extremely, obsessively well read
>Anna has immense knowledge, greater than most people
>Anna's takes show an immense amount of studying and logic that set her apart from most of the population
>Anna is likable
kek not one part of this is true and if it were she's have probably risen above the level of tiresome hag bitching about PMCs and the twitter outrage du jour into a microphone every other week

No. 1434027


the core of the book was edited by another guy. thats also where the soundcloud slang comes from. the book is 90% other peoples work.

No. 1434035


Minors as in plural young people???

No. 1434041

praying for someone more ethically sound, interesting, and wellread to take advantage of how suggestible and boring scarethots are. anna and dasha don't deserve shit and are horrible people. it'd be soooo easy to swoop in and impress their fans

No. 1434043

receipts on the minors thing? he does not look that short

No. 1434050

scarethots would never be interested in anyone informed or competent, that’s why they’re scarethots

No. 1434104

remember when we talked about julia fox a few threads ago. how jealous do we think dasha is now

No. 1434118

>just flat out ignoring the truckers convoy
a rally of 3,000 retards from an industry with a higher vaccination rate than most U.S. states.

No. 1434172

Thank you nona. I saw the images and got unreasonably upset. Was confused as to why you were doing this and then I see a little girl with her entrails out and felt sick. Stay safe everyone

No. 1434177

hope it's fake but imagine having a child with your live-in boyfriend… oh wait.

No. 1434182

i would love nothing more than to see the photos of the guys that write these.

No. 1434202

File: 1643946571385.jpeg (519.76 KB, 1199x1047, 223FC19A-3CEA-483C-907B-A49211…)

No, you’re the one who needs to leave and take your low IQ conservative concern trolling with you. You really exposed yourself by mentioning that retarded trucker rally. It is like slop for you hogs.

No. 1434204

Stfu lib. This is a leftist thread

No. 1434207

>muh vaccine tyranny
>muh big tech censorship
>muh truckers

any talking points not directly lifted from post-left twitter? lmao get the fuck out, you’re not fooling anyone with this shit.

No. 1434212

You type like a Redditor and you’re derailing the thread. Your personal political opinions are off topic here - r/politics is that way

No. 1434216

File: 1643947985259.jpeg (170.11 KB, 1161x1075, 2946214B-312A-4D42-8F9F-B612C0…)

noooooo not the vaccines!!!,!

did Aimee’s Twitter time-out send a bunch of her moronic reply guys here? moids aren’t welcome btw.

No. 1434224

did you really think a girls’ gossip forum that makes fun of /pol/tards was going to care about a rightwing TRUCKERS CONVOY of all things lololol nice try scrote

No. 1434236

File: 1643949757459.jpeg (275.95 KB, 750x614, 9E3F8A95-4E1F-445A-9F48-579893…)

So that basil freak is out with asukahomo too?? what happened here

No. 1434238

There’s always been anons with different political opinions in here. So obvious you’re a newfag who’s butthurt that your Chapo/Bruenig/Beijer whiteknighting wasn’t welcome here. You and your 6 self replies are not as subtle as you think, but nice use of that lolcow slang you just googled. Once again - please stop sperging and derailing the thread.

No. 1434270

File: 1643953512091.jpeg (357.24 KB, 640x900, F2593E7D-C2F7-43E9-B172-FE5B94…)

On brand from the jump

No. 1434291

i don’t care about the trucker protests, but the guy in your picture is a racist libtard masquerading as a marxist. why do people like him

No. 1434292

LMAO this meltdown just proved nonna's point, so triggered everyone can see right through your tired schtick you've resorted to posting anti_minotaur (of all people, one of the biggest wreckers in this sphere) as an "own", unbelievable

No. 1434297

Real FAS hours

No. 1434323

why does chloe sev like her! it’s so tragic and makes me feel hopeless

No. 1434326

what minors did he send dick pics to?

No. 1434327

Cause She's Skinny Babe

No. 1434331

> Chapofags detected
Go shill for your manlet god elsewhere

No. 1434338

since when is being interested in gossip on a gossip forum "shilling"? just provide more details!

No. 1434341

do you really want your mind blown? chloe follows jack tpn and betsey brown's cellectual meme account

No. 1434345

1. You seem unable or unwilling to accept that your favorite podcast host isn't the man you thought he was
2. Sage your posts

No. 1434359

File: 1643968247703.jpg (124.45 KB, 1200x900, D0Q5ymgWkAAs_yU.jpg)

no one is unwilling, you tard. asking you to elaborate or give receipts is not being unwilling, it's just asking for more info. i couldn't care less about felix or any of the chapo guys but personally, given i can't speak to the minors thing, just eyeballing him i do not figure 5'6. i could see 5'8 maybe?

No. 1434362

4 fat bald losers who have to words words words girls into sex

No. 1434365

i mean yes but you missed the obvious shot at the actual outed groomer

No. 1434370

I wonder if Virgil's going to reemerge or if he's just going to stay in hiding forever.

No. 1434372

He wears lifts. Lol, you really want to defend the honor of the millionaire podcast host this bad?

No. 1434374

Pedophiles tend to keep the company of their own

No. 1434436

Monica Moche1231 fires shots at Class Redux Killa, saying that she is more American than him because she's whiter.


No. 1434440

File: 1643983237509.png (147.94 KB, 482x464, these freaks are insane.png)

What happy, healthy, wonderful people. Anna and Dasha have tremendously good taste in friends!

No. 1434448

Hyperpop started in London with PC Music, almost every act involved comes from big bucks money.
Charli’s parents are talent managers, AG Cook is the son of Sir Peter Cook an architect and SOPHIEs father has some kind of massive juice monopoly. Forget about Peter Thiel lmao

No. 1434460

It's just so deeply embarrassing that anyone would wk Beijer at all. I know that the chapos and Liz have a lot of simps, but "Carl" is the complete bottom of the barrel

No. 1434469

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Red Scare. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Anna's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterisation - her personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny - they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Red Scare truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Dasha's existencial catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Anna Khachiyan's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Red Scare tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only - And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

No. 1434477

what is she even

No. 1434495

You're not kidding. She literally thinks she's more American because she's white and "the founding fathers would say so." Ironically she has a huge (Eastern European?) accent and it's clear she wasn't raised in the US lmao.

No. 1434517

File: 1643993472218.png (67.76 KB, 609x764, 00r.png)

Basil is referring to Thaddeus Russell. Jack appeared on his podcast and at his Renegade University (lol) conference. Russell was also on Jack's pod about a year ago. This must be why Jack started chimping at Libs of Tik Tok. He's freaking out at people calling attention to Russell's pedo fetish and being associated with it. Very bizarre tactic, but leave it to Jack to lash out at the wrong people and make himself look even worse. A normal person would just say he had no idea Russell was into that. Jack's hubris makes him think he can summon the fury of his 13k ethno-nationalist perfume army against an account with 500k followers. Then again, Jack raved about Licorice Pizza for saying age gaps don't matter.

Very rational male of Jack to think his associations with nazis and pedos wouldn't bite him in the ass…


No. 1434559

she's armenian and russian

No. 1434575


She also costarred with Vincent Gallo in “The Brown Bunny” where she actually performs oral on him.

I only bring up this detail since Vincent Gallo is a major RWer who’s mindset is in line with a lot of these post-left types. She has gone on to defend him and her role in the movie.

This is really unsurprisingly since I’m sure Dasha can relate to someone who literally sucked cock to be a star.

No. 1434580

File: 1643998342165.png (554.84 KB, 1113x547, CAPS.png)

you left out the part where she spends the video holding her dog's mouth shut like a grip strength exercise for 45 demented seconds

No. 1434666

I also find it weird Paul Banks from Interpol follows a bunch of cellectual meme accounts and follows the Wet Brain page

No. 1434692

>Chloe "sucked cock to be a star"
Sorry nona but this is a wildly inaccurate take on Chloe Sevigny's career. Chloe was THE downtown it girl and indie actress darling for over 10 years before Brown Bunny came out, she'd had an Oscar nomination and many notable starring roles, magazine covers, Miu Miu and other major fashion campaigns, etc. Vincent Gallo did not make Chloe famous - in fact Chloe's involvement in Brown Bunny was a major scandal at the time and it knocked the wind out of her career for a few years, it took her a long time to live it down.

I also think you're overselling Chloe's involvement with Vincent Gallo. They made the film, then didn't see each other again until the film's infamous appearance at Cannes. Gallo says they've barely spoken since 2004. Chloe defended her role in the movie sure, but I do not recall her ever explicitly defending Gallo's right wing opinions. Chloe has always been pretty apoliticial, at least publicly.

Whatever you think of Chloe (I get she's not everyones cup of tea, even I used to hate her lol) but she is LEAGUES above Dasha in terms of career quality and fame, there is just no comparison and saying she sucked dick for fame is a sexist myth.

Imo the actual reason Chloe follows Dasha is cuz she's older/not as plugged in anymore and she just kinda accepts that "Red Scare is the cool thing now." RS also gives off major Gen X vibes as far as their edgelordism, obsession with thinness, smoking, etc - so it's not surprising the aesthetic appeals to Chloe and others of that era.

No. 1434722

This is demented

No. 1434735

He’s friends with the ion pack

No. 1434755

I knew they were fans and he was on their podcast but I didn't realize they are actually friends, weird

No. 1434849

Chloe Sevigny was already a big star and a fashion icon ten years before Brown Bunny, but go off
and of course she follows the Dimes Square/Red Scare types on social, her name is in their mouths constantly and you want to keep an eye on your skinwalkers if you’re smart

No. 1434896

i miss hate following heather hapsburg :( where is she now?(:()

No. 1434905

sometimes stupidity shows in the face, both of these stills radiate retard

No. 1434909

File: 1644022255066.png (494.52 KB, 777x563, habsburg.png)

She's been back under the @tolstoybb for ages now.

No. 1434950

when you see her on the street

No. 1435004

File: 1644031958819.png (88.8 KB, 603x460, me me me.png)

>I would really appreciate it
Why is she framing it as if helping out the other lady is doing her a favor lmfao what a narcissist.

No. 1435008

I wish chaoticitgirl would come back to Twitter. At least she was actually entertaining

No. 1435026

he's an indie chauvinist of course he likes anti woke shit

No. 1435031

If that surprises you then you obviously weren't around when Interpol first blew up

No. 1435037

Examples? I’ve never heard any of this about him, only about Carlos D

No. 1435051

File: 1644036531906.png (878.8 KB, 640x1136, 8F0DD08F-4600-4845-9A7C-5E9028…)

Leia's TikTok reposting account was nuked

No. 1435066

Saw Virgil at a basement show in BK a few months ago. He was one of the oldest people there

No. 1435067

Think you’re severely overestimating celebs here. In their position, they’re at a distance, not in touch with culture on the ground, hence why she would follow this cultural artifact which is already “over” for people under 25

No. 1435068

>this cultural artifact which is already “over” for people under 25
Red Scare is bigger than ever, what are you talking about

No. 1435069

Was he alone? Was he interacting with anyone? What was the vibe like?

No. 1435070

>only people under 25 are hip
kek, can't wait til you turn 25 anon

No. 1435071

Iirc he was with another guy similar age but not anyone I recognized? It wasn’t weird, the show was just whoever, very packed, broken up almost instantly by the cops

No. 1435072

Lol I’m much older. I’m saying 30somethings have an inflated view of how relevant RS is

No. 1435160

It's kind of funny how literally none of his friends ever came to his defense online. Like, every other leftist sex pest/cancelled person has a cadre of ardent defenders that never back down. Even someone like Freddie DeBoer, who practically disappears himself off the internet for a while, is still able to marshal the elite defense squadron of left twitter personalities whenever he wants. But Virgil? Nothing. Dropped like a hot potato. His former Chapo comrades fave posts making fun of him and his Bad Faith buddy won't acknowledge his existence and blocks anyone who reminds her.

No. 1435170

The only real safe space for him would be this very website, the people on here were the only ones who defended him when it first came to light

No. 1435193


Sure no problem. An already successful woman wouldn’t need to suck dick.

Sorry your favorite indie queen is no different then every other casting couch girl.

Think better for yourselves, nonnies.

No. 1435205

Such a braindead zoomer take lol. Just admit you have no idea who Chloe is and move on, you lost this one girl

No. 1435206

She didn't need to do it, her career was going great. She did it because she wanted to. And that's okay

No. 1435210

Noooo nonnie don’t you understand true fame may only be reached via Vincent Gallo’s dick, every actress knows this, I heard on Tiktok that he is like basically the most important person in Hollywood

No. 1435278

In DEATH Sentences by Matthew C Harris (just published this past week) the author makes the following statement: The hilarity that armenians call themselves russian AND BELIEVE THEYRE WHITE. Given the fact that the author was a schizophrenic would-be mass shooter who almost certainly was mind-poisoned by online political discourse, could this be a direct dig at Anna? There are other examples of him saying Armenians aren't white in the text btw, this is but one.

No. 1435386

honestly he's completely correct, ive been wondering why anna calls herself russian since thread 1. slavs think people like her are "churkas" lmfao

No. 1435407

File: 1644083624929.jpeg (343.82 KB, 828x713, 98E92B73-0C34-4D68-AEFC-9FE1B5…)

Aimee is making up for lost time. A tweet storm attacking the Canadian trucker protests as similar to BLM and claiming she isn’t vaxxed.

No. 1435417

to the surprise of absolutely no one, "honor levy on the benefits of skull measuring" has now been privated

No. 1435444

i wish cumtown had better gossip. they just fly under the radar now

No. 1435446

It’s because Joe Bernstein is writing an article on this scene. He uses lolcow as a source

No. 1435453

I thought it was coochiebone who was sending dick pics to minors

No. 1435462

File: 1644089587758.jpg (163.27 KB, 1170x1022, tara.jpg)

More seething about single women from Tara and bitterness about it from irony bros

No. 1435467

That's what we call "commitment to the bit". He only does it because he got so caught up in trying to be Felix from chapo

No. 1435486

I don't think her mom is Armenian just her dad. so she is half Russian.

No. 1435498

File: 1644092249879.jpeg (367.75 KB, 1325x696, A455EF36-C5B7-403A-87CD-7CCA64…)

Deleted already,
Hypothetical bf is back

No. 1435500

I swear Tara gets more pissy over single and childless women than even half the rw moids on twitter do

No. 1435501

of all the accounts to share why would you use your girlfriends airBNB for work trips lol

No. 1435503

What a weird hypothetical situation. What prompted this?

No. 1435507

he's not a white guy

No. 1435508

smh stop asian hate

No. 1435519

Which scene? Dimes square or podcasters?

No. 1435543

File: 1644094464101.jpeg (321.72 KB, 1356x647, ED8D9FCD-303E-4130-A1E2-139923…)

No. 1435550

she has to be against it because her enemy tinkzorg/malcolm literally predicted it months ago and she attacked him for being "utopian" lol

No. 1435558

That doesn't surprise me. She tends to attack any political protests (left or right). Malcolm engaging in real life, electoral politics makes her absurd "twitter is politics" schtick look lame af.

No. 1435562

File: 1644096770663.jpeg (421.57 KB, 1125x2075, 07C0EE98-D5C5-4E38-8A38-BFA67D…)

Dasha’s visiting her parents and ofc she grew up in a boring whitebread McMansion. She’s such a cliche lmao.

No. 1435566

Why does the dress look so boxy?

No. 1435577

File: 1644098044422.png (307.87 KB, 1856x948, Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 12.5…)

Why does the sub attract the women with the biggest Ls?

No. 1435580

File: 1644098194765.png (58.07 KB, 992x268, conventionally beautiful vibe …)

someone made a tiktok with casting ideas for the narrator in my year of rest and relaxation and suggested dasha, a lot of the comments are just calling her ugly and a bad actor lmao.

the accounts defending her are worth a peek imo, average red scare listener on tiktok seems to be plain brunettes desperate for a drop of male attention, as you'd expect

(username is a fake name don't worry not doxing myself!)

No. 1435628

Because on top of the mental illness of reddit users in general you’re also adding the mental illness the podcast attracts.

No. 1435650

holy shit, imagine getting into this situation for so long. don’t these motherfuckers have medicaid?

No. 1435665

She has a wide ribcage.

No. 1435675

It’s not a McMansion, it’s a townhouse with two floors

No. 1435685

Honestly a little surprising he didn't OD, leave NYC, or both. Bernie's failure in the 2020 primary caused him to spiral and cut contact with the Chapos for like a month. It was a reasonable guess since he probably could've posted through the accusations

No. 1435687


I might be wrong but I think she once said she's vaccinated.

No. 1435688

dropped waist fits too tightly at the hips, she should have sized up

No. 1435742

No you're right, she said she got vaccinated so she could see her grandparents.

No. 1435761

milk on wet brain pod? Also Contain pod with Barret Avner? trying to figure out what these guys' politics are… contain has had some guests which makes it seem like some genuine crypto-nazi shit.

No. 1435766

this is what being a doormat pickme gets you

No. 1435770

contain guests are good sometimes, particularly when avner can shut up. the popular front guy comes to mind. avner seems to try to interview every extreme/radical ideology except female ones of course. i don't think he has any politics except for whatever will benefit him the most at any given time. he's open about being mid thirties with an early 20's girlfriend and salty that this age gap could mean he takes a social penalty.

No. 1435779

avner's the son of two lawyers with a beverly hills law office, hangs around with rich bitcoin types in austin. his politics are being a rich parasite who has never needed a job. embarrassed for when his private college student gf grows out of him.

No. 1435789

if there’s milk there’s milk but a journalist is asking these questions FYI

No. 1435798

kantbot dug up a clip a while back of justin murphy and avner talking about how their podcasts are fronts to push moldbuggian thought into the mainstream art hoe sphere.

No. 1435804

it's insane that people talk about dasha on succession like it was a big deal when there was a blackscare compilation of All her lines in the entire show and it was FIVE MINUTES TOTAL!!!!

No. 1435810

love when "journalists" destroy their credibility by reporting on imageboard gossip.

No. 1435811

Would there be an old tweet of aimee saying she got the vaccine? She jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon early.

No. 1435813

File: 1644117824975.png (66.26 KB, 596x292, will she wont she.png)

No. 1435818

opinion just based on following that account, but I think Leia comes off as a creep and favetiktoks420 came off as extremely predatory even moreso than the usual reposting account because of the specific videos she chose.

reposts teens' horny videos (but not because she's horny or anything, because it's "cringe"), mocks them in the comments while saying it's all love, tells them she wants to "collaborate" while ripping their content…. Super scummy.

No. 1435819

supposedly she posted someone's onlyfans content on there? and the person she posted has an antagonistic relationship with her insta account so they probably reported it.

No. 1435830

oh? I'm not sure if I know about that.

there was the russian guy she became obsessed with and she or a friend researched him so much they found out he used to do gay porn and decided to share that info with all her followers including posting pictures of him from the porn shoots (no idea if they were softcore or hardcore, it was all instagram-safe) even though it didn't seem like something he wanted to advertise.

but I don't know if they were onlyfans pics or what. I thought it was just some random russian porno. I think (can't remember) they even posted his real name or his porn name, forever linking it to his popular tiktok handle which probably would piss him off.

No. 1435840

mcmansion? this house looks white ghetto

shelove is his name

No. 1435879


There’s a 2hr stream with Leia and 2 chapos discussing her account but I couldn’t sit through it

No. 1435882

omg that's what roommate leia sounds like? like a badly passing troon tbh…

No. 1435888

The Instagram live with tatum_fagan was worse, Leia had some extreme sweaty perv energy

No. 1435895

File: 1644127060463.jpeg (247.01 KB, 625x812, 31A21802-E8EE-48B1-8153-90ABF4…)

Why Aimee was missing for a week

No. 1435906

so did anything come of this or did it get cancelled

No. 1435972

File: 1644138908861.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1125x2000, 000730FF-2A47-4124-94D9-820D93…)

Bunny Rogers showed up.

No. 1436002

Aimee’s original account will be permanently banned for a second time by the sounds of it. The week ban is a slippery slope and as a provocateur, she will slip up again.

No. 1436017

File: 1644148939759.jpeg (160.75 KB, 757x534, C4BB457D-4EB8-4069-8947-7954D8…)

Leia said Anna’s cat is hers now

No. 1436032

Bump caution while scrolling

No. 1436068

She is so full of shit. She said she got vaccinated to visit her dying granddad in the hospital.

No. 1436094

that's good. When Sister disappeared I thought anna just sent her to a shelter

No. 1436188

The place was packed. Ashley/Dianna wore a low cut black blazer that showed off her giant Christian cross chest tattoo. Her poetry was written almost completely in biblical language/references

No. 1436221

can confirm. the girlies went to midnight mass afterwards, divine inspiration was permeating the atmosphere! if you aren't tradcath/tradorth, what are you even still doing in the city?

No. 1436241

what the hell is she wearing
“alcoholic menopausal librarian” is not the look

No. 1436250

Is Bunny even catholic? Bunny is like a WASP name.

No. 1436260

What's up with Leia streaming with the chapos? Seems like Anna would ridicule her or something? idk

No. 1436278

that was always her thing. femcels rise up!

No. 1436280

So what is her shtick. I thought she was a pedo panderer.

No. 1436373

i was making a joke. not that they aren't mutually exclusive. anyway here's bunny's second life exploration of cp/autopedophillia http://9years.meryn.ru/

No. 1436384

File: 1644180402493.jpeg (90.4 KB, 896x582, CDB3DDD6-C31F-4A7C-AA78-30E7FF…)

They’re all friends and associates with related media jobs, I don’t think they really care who appears with who. They can just say it was ironic later or never bring it up again ala Virgil if anyone becomes a problem. Red scare circle and chapo circle are literally the same circle only their fans differ slightly in their neurosis. Chapo-Amber, Anna and dasha were on their friend’s pod together not that long ago (Dial Dan) which I’m sure someone mentioned here. One of the chapo’s was recently on a stream with Hasan and Christian Walker (the gay black starbucks-drive-through-rant baby republican, son of a famous Georgia athlete-turned-politician), no one cares who they stream with as long as it gets them attention and $$$.

No. 1436421

this is some psycho shit, are you off your meds?

No. 1436449

Dasha has not bothered to go to church a single time since her post breakup catholic period or even pretend she’s watching Mass online when churches weren’t open. That she still manages to be smug about being Catholic and idiot teens consider her a christian icon is so deranged.
They all do coke or whatever together. Nick said he got back into drugs at last New Years when he was at pregnant Anna’s roommates party.

No. 1436527

New York Jews gtfo I guess? Lmao so deranged

No. 1436675

All the hip NYC Jews are following Honor and Walt's lead and converting to Christianity.

No. 1436714

Yes. Go back to Israel faggot.(racebait )

No. 1436746

no sane person wants another influx of obnoxious ashkenazis into palestine

No. 1436811

File: 1644219931328.png (126.68 KB, 1184x426, theorycels.png)

they're going to talk themselves into arguing "hilary was good actually" any day now aren't they

No. 1436814

File: 1644221646571.jpeg (554.21 KB, 828x1328, 877E6C15-3752-4E3A-A3C6-A2DB34…)

The absolute state

No. 1436854

is this a tranny

No. 1436858

File: 1644232080112.png (2.34 MB, 1170x2532, 30DB4236-2B62-4C4A-B0A4-B0C1C7…)

I live in nsw and she’s literally lying lol. there’s still a mask mandate everywhere indoors and you have to do QR codes/show vax id in most restaurants/pubs. She’s either just trying to make herself seem more social when she hasn’t left the house in months or she’s getting paid to lie and downplay what’s going on. I agree that’s it’s better than being in vic or wa but it’s still annoying, bureaucratic nightmare and “the right” hasn’t really pushed back at all, still a nanny state

No. 1436871

File: 1644234537040.jpeg (431.3 KB, 1125x2049, D6299F99-DD29-40EA-8B7C-D6A1C4…)

Female autism vs. female BPD.

No. 1436876

by “dumb freelance work” does she mean tweeting for claremont money

No. 1436900

Which BPD?

No. 1436918

If you have to ask…

No. 1437040

she grew up in vegas anon, all of the homes are going to be big, cheap and boxy, desu

No. 1437041

because a box is wearing it

No. 1437081

File: 1644256580541.png (31.6 KB, 850x110, breadtube.png)

the sub appears to have broken the news that Ted Kacyzinski has cancer. https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/smc0de/ted_kaczynski_has_been_diagnosed_with_cancer/
most responses, as usual in ted threads, are some variation of this npc retardation. "man, he sure was a crazy dude but he was like totally right about technology! sent from iphone"

No. 1437114

Yeah everyone on that sub loves Uncle Ted. Because he disliked liberals I guess and they like blaming others for their twitter addiction

No. 1437127

File: 1644260265194.png (30.52 KB, 1044x126, who?.png)

another day, another guy one degree from fame that dasha's fucked revealed

No. 1437134

File: 1644260952209.jpeg (307.4 KB, 828x774, DCAFFF41-F36B-402F-938D-AD4B24…)

The pod isn’t doing so well.

No. 1437153

Her fat is literally rolling over the belt kek

No. 1437154

cranky cause you're hangry aren't you?

No. 1437160

No, just pointing out it’s an ugly dress and empathising the fat on her core. Not everyone with an eye for aesthetics has an eating disorder, retard.

No. 1437162

i know you're hating from behind a cracked screen and an empty stomach dizzy

No. 1437163

I hate these desperate ugly Pick Me's because I want better for them. Sacrificing your dignity for validation from the dumbest, ugliest, most unfunny losers on the internet…learn to love yourself girl!!!

No. 1437168

This is not true. The tweets she had to delete to get her account back were her calling a mentally disabled death row inmate a retard. She was complaining about a news piece printing a poem he wrote that she referred to as gay. I guess it’s too shameful for her to fess up to her toxicity so she has to come up with some lame thing like she was censored. There is nothing she won’t lie about. Like her “boyfriend” and all her “friends” she’s going to the pub with lmao.

No. 1437174

No one has knives out for her anymore because her podcast is irrelevant since her takes are now indistinguishable from Ann coulters’s.

No. 1437203

thread link/name of Chloe's ex fiance anon?

No. 1437211

has anyone ever heard of getting their clothes tailored or is that like lost to some of gen z/millennials

No. 1437215

File: 1644266735578.jpeg (57.37 KB, 455x594, chloe ex rene navarrette.jpeg)

and farmers wonder why chloe even pays attention to the cows, she keeping an eye on who is fucking her sloppy seconds. pic is him

No. 1437234

I remember Dasha lamenting on an early ep about Chloe saying “Hi Dasha” in a condescending tone when they crossed paths at a film festival and then unfollowing her on Instagram, this must have been why.

No. 1437244

>frumpy and vaguely unwashed brunette
>pudgy average

/r/ actual scarethot starter pack

No. 1437286

this guy's a somewhat well known art director lol. is anyone worse at fucking for fame than dasha? imagine taking 100s of dirty unwrapped dicks and all it gets you is 5 minutes of facetime on HBO and the worship of a couple thousand frumpy flyover brunettes >>1436814

No. 1437292

am i in the minority that thinks she doesn't even look bad? i mean, yeah she has wrinkles. that's bound to happen, but she isn't wearing an makeup here and her complexion is really nice and has healthy nice hair?

No. 1437297

that post isn't saying she's ugly but that she looks her age despite being short

No. 1437301

the sad part is that these people that claim they are "tradcath" are literally the antithesis of what good traditonal catholics actually are.

No. 1437308

It’s not a lack of self love. Pickmes want validation specifically at the expense of other women.

No. 1437311

nta but needing other people's validation is by definition lack of self love

No. 1437317

Why are they so desperate for scrote attention?

No. 1437321

not trying to be harsh but i think liz is a somewhat hard 30. she's obviously cute overall but this pic shows signs of premature aging - forehead wrinkles, deep smile lines, loss of plumpness in the cheeks, thinning hair at crown, etc. kids age you but imo it's probably more down to her crap diet and insistence on maintaining the 80 pound body weight she humblebrags about regularly. her permachapped lips and consistently styling herself like a 12 year old also bugs the fuck out of me but that's just me being petty

No. 1437338

File: 1644275912597.png (48.46 KB, 601x207, gimp.png)

Yeah, the tweets from >>1430903 are gone, they were up for as long as she was suspended, other less nasty ones using r*tard on same day still up
Didn't see any using gimp but she has plenty other times
It's like she thinks that if can't be proven a lie, then it's not

No. 1437340

I guess “self love” is kind of a nebulous term I just mean that for pickmes its less about getting male attention (which is easy unless you’re literally disgusting) and more about humiliating other women.

No. 1437347

it's her heavy jigsaw blush that bothers me. her makeup is chalky and can't sink into her dehydrated skin.

No. 1437348

File: 1644276832184.gif (1.23 MB, 498x255, andre-leon-talley-beauty.gif)

the way she specifically mentioned her waist to hip ratio lmao Anna and Dasha are really out here breaking brains with their delusional estimation of their own attractiveness (of their highly photoshopped selfies).

the inflation of fashion sense is wild too, like Dasha will literally wear some lumpy ass Brandy Melville sweater and a plastic Shein loli dress with the fold marks still in it and be called a fashion icon by chubby flyover zoomers, now this woman clearly wanted a "yass queen" for modeling this ole potato picker dress on her totally normal figure lmao.

No. 1437351

The Pick Me's existence is an implied attack on other women. The "Cool Girl" cannot exist without the "Uncool Bitch". Each one creates its opposite.

No. 1437360

File: 1644277812324.png (480.27 KB, 1448x700, Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 6.45…)

I couldn't resist checking her post history, she only posts on redscarepod, half her posts start with "i'm stoned" or "i'm tripping balls" and when she posted about how "BPD is actually super treatable and should be destigmatized" Dasha replied asking for treatment info lmao. Red Scare has the fans it deserves.

No. 1437375

not to be a handmaiden, but please, that kind of gatekeeping jokes are really corny. Cis women can have different shapes

No. 1437377

what is dbt?

No. 1437381

dialectical behavior therapy

No. 1437386

who can afford that on a regular basis

No. 1437388

I actually don't think she's ugly either, just plain, but she is very much wearing makeup on that picture. Foundation and blush is not "no makeup", my dear >>1437301 same unsaged obvious tradcath male newfag

No. 1437400

Funny that Dasha knows she has BPD or Histrionic personality disorder (she's posted the symptoms list to her socials more than once like it's cute), when BPD and HPD are just psychiatrist/DSM speak for being an insufferable abusive asshole. But I'm sure she thinks she's just "uwu mentally ill"

No. 1437422

File: 1644282190037.jpeg (235.17 KB, 750x867, CAAAD36F-40F7-44C7-B9F5-718B05…)

Why is this guy so self important

No. 1437428

File: 1644282279331.jpeg (275.91 KB, 750x891, F02B2876-6CB2-42BC-BE1F-97DA73…)

Love you queen. Let’s get hitched.

No. 1437437

Ugly balding 40 y/o british homosexual calling us jealous…

No. 1437439

This screams your usual "conservative is the new punk" horseshit

No. 1437443

That red scare Reddit mod is a man? Lmao of course. Pathetic to snitch on a gossip board when his favorite podcaster does race science literally every episode.

No. 1437464

I’m pretty sure Dasha just has NPD and performs BPD/HPD to get attention and to make fun of women who are actually traumatized in the ways that lead to a BPD diagnosis.

No. 1437486

How do you know this? I thought they were Maddie considering how hard they sperg about Maddie being hot on r/leftysnark

No. 1437495

I remember seeing that speculated but if anyone even bothered to look through that mod’s posts, it was pretty obvious it wasn’t her. That mod talks exclusively about the leftist nature in the scarethot world. Have you ever heard Maddie talk? smooth brain is smooth, and she even brags about never having voted because it “seems too hard”

No. 1437501

That’s your only reasoning to why it’s not her? She seems like the type who would behave much differently while being anonymous and online

No. 1437513

It’s only a matter of time until aimee is permanently banned. She can’t help herself and tends to get very nasty in tweet storms.

No. 1437515

NTA but Maddie's reddit account is u/equinoxmember4

No. 1437533

it's almost guaranteed that all the mods are men and trannies. even some of the OG posters are men who pretended to be women initially to spark discussion and attract new members

No. 1437534

Ok can someone dox this mod already and give some backstory? dying to know who they are. I don’t think it’s Maddie but some of their posts on leftysnark were about Maddie

No. 1437537

Not even her poetry - literally verbatim a biblical text: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Lamentations%201&version=NIV

No. 1437541

based, can't wait for:

1) more scarethots shitting triggers about lolcow like they did in the early threads
2) more scarethots coming here to backstab other scarethots and/or embarrass themselves

(please snitch more ugly faggot)

No. 1437544

also you didn't mention how the OG submission has 0 comments + the hilarious rsp repost


No. 1437561

does anyone know who longjumpingrow is? claims to hate the podcast yet has powermodded the sub and spent everyday on it for 3 years.

No. 1437570

honestly a lot of rs "fans" hate a&d and only seem to be there to watch their Ls

No. 1437586

A woman posting a pic of herself is humiliating to other women? Take your meds

No. 1437589

You want to talk about humiliating other women, let’s talk about dasha fucking everyone’s ex boyfriend or trying to steal their boyfriend. She’s admitted this too. Disgusting bitch

No. 1437592

There’s no way she doesn’t have bpd. She has too many of the symptoms

No. 1437603

File: 1644297878170.jpeg (304.51 KB, 522x857, 458EBDBA-40B6-4C1B-8BB6-ECBB99…)

Most of the comments are agreeing. Fag mod btfod

No. 1437609

File: 1644298532219.png (1.32 MB, 1178x1306, 6ft troon cornering dasha in a…)

self-loathing troon loser with no life who "loathes" anna/dasha but probably brings pictures of them to his facial feminization doctor (i envision them looking like pic related)

No. 1437610

File: 1644298571703.jpeg (121.34 KB, 1125x1032, FKDzbCuXoAcn4oV.jpeg)

typical redscarepod mod

No. 1437628

File: 1644300343644.gif (1.76 MB, 177x150, 1604641956607.gif)

No. 1437631

literally said in the post its how i personally envision them looking like, relax

No. 1437634

Kek at the redditor laboring over the minutiae of sounding like an effortless non-loser

No. 1437638

it's just some autistic gay moid skinwalker trying to farm clout for his pathetic twitter musings.

No. 1437658

Lmaooo the audacity of moids is limitless

No. 1437659

Kek this fucking guy jfc… YWNBAW longjumpingrow.

No. 1437686

Why are you greentexting that shit nigga?

No. 1437692

You're kidding, right?

No. 1437693

it's responding to a deleted post where someone asked if the troon pictured was actually longjumpingrow9

No. 1437699

>>1437693 thank you

>>1437692 you're a faggot

No. 1437855

Red Scare redditors talking about driving yourself insane through online communities are flinging stones in glass houses

No. 1437868

I forgot to add that she doesn’t vote bc she “doesn’t care.” My read is that she’s a rich girl (who possibly leans right since she’s on the record bragging about having guns) and her “friends” keep her around bc she pays for things. I’m just not getting the vibe of a closeted leftist moderator.

Case in point. She literally posts on the Kardashian and Bravo subs…

No. 1437914

Her not being a leftist makes it even more sus that the mod posted her photos in leftysnark and thirsted after her. It stunk of self posting, real bad

No. 1437975

File: 1644341474586.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, 34C9223B-9ADE-4C5D-8354-EF2634…)

Have a bad feeling this is being manifested into reality

No. 1438032

Yeah I think Madeline must have been a main source of funding for Dashas movie and that’s why Dasha ended up casting her even though she’s really bad at acting.

No. 1438058

she has never read that book, which is a shame because it is a poison pill for pickmes

No. 1438083

not male

No. 1438101

>obnoxious cadence
the only reason to cast her as the narrator is that she's incredibly off-putting, but then you run the risk that no one will show up to watch your film

No. 1438102

what is this about lol?

No. 1438108

Scarethots want Dasha to play the lead in a film adaptation of the novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation

No. 1438137

Have Anna and Dasha ever talked about that book? I could be wrong but I have a feeling they would actually hate it and trash it on their podcast. Idk if Dasha would even like to play that role.

No. 1438160

Cashew faced beggars can't be choosers

No. 1438170

It's a book about an obnoxious rich girl who decides to quit her job to sleep for a year. I thought it was a pretty good book, and it's clear that the narrator isn't supposed to be likable. Dasha is definitely not pretty enough for the role.

Why do you think they would dislike it? I guess they just couldn't stand another woman being more talented than them.

No. 1438174

File: 1644357351663.jpg (383.63 KB, 1536x2048, Dkkc3bUUwAEduw4.jpg)

when the book was new, anna posted this image with the caption
>Otessa Moshfegh is such a stunningly, shockingly, comically bad writer so of course she’s famous

No. 1438185

watch: as a woman with no truly-held beliefs, she's gonna abandon this opinion and start pseudo-ironically simping for the narrator the same way she simps for kim kardashian

No. 1438290

why would you highlight sentences in a novel? especially one you said you didn’t like? cargo culting reading ffs

No. 1438319

Tbf it looks like she highlighted the picture on her phone, not the book itself

No. 1438418

fucking kek anna should not be talking shit about anyone’s writing. what happened to that book she was going to write? the linear notes on her boyfriends cd were bad enough.

No. 1438438

Anna went on the perfume nationalist again to talk about the series Enlightened and White Lotus and it is honestly astonishing the degree to which they misinterpreted the shows. My favorite take was them both concurring that the “frizzy haired mulatta” was unambiguously the villain of White Lotus and that she treated the white family “disgustingly.” Jack doesn’t even try to hide how much he hates black women, on a different episode he unironically used the word “negress” when talking about a coworker. Truly a repulsive man inside and out.

No. 1438440

>oncurring that the “frizzy haired mulatta” was unambiguously the villain of White Lotus
she's the villain because her dumb idea ruined that nice boy's life.

No. 1438455

The point of the show isn’t that there’s bad guys and good guys, calling anyone a villain is already misunderstanding it. But Anna was retarded enough to think the model beautiful actress playing the friend was based on her because they both have dark hair. She and Dasha also deluded themselves into thinking White using them as inspiration was because he thinks they’re geniuses and not because they’re funny to mock.

No. 1438457

Yeah the friend's motives were obviously a little motivated by passion and motivated by doing good. I doubt anna could ever

No. 1438519

LOL there is a twitter space where some group chat guy got outed for dating an OF girl with a kid. And this dude is going on a monologue about senior leadership in groupchats and this is damaging to the project

No. 1438521

It might be Bronze Age people. Maybe not for this thread.

No. 1438561

uh Bronze Age people are this thread lol

No. 1438568

great. there were guys who were like "yeah I'm 20 years old and you're my best friend, but your fiance fucked a black guy. We can't associate any more. This is a no WHORES space."

No. 1438570

what is the relevance to this thread though? were there any leftcow personalities participating or are you just basing this off ambient vibes?

No. 1438572

I saw pericles the pedo lawyer and a few other irony accounts. Really just hoping someone else experienced it. It was really funny.

No. 1438576

File: 1644385897193.png (72.21 KB, 606x450, tea.png)

Someone please spill the tea!

No. 1438591


Here's a thread on how it's normal for adult men to date teenage girls

No. 1438660

I hope Florence Pugh or Elle Fanning or some other Dasha enemy gets cast in this role lmao

No. 1438744

rsp is indistinguishable from the rest of reddit at this point, it's barely related to the podcast

No. 1438765

post that to the treadthot thread

No. 1438800

i'm surprised, there's barely anyone saying it's fine and loads of people saying it's not

No. 1438957

File: 1644437603828.jpeg (927.66 KB, 1407x1455, DE683325-899C-4D34-A13D-9FE6EE…)

Well that’s her story and she’s sticking with it
Don’t matter if it’s a lie if you don’t get caught out

No. 1439105

File: 1644447033507.jpeg (213.51 KB, 582x735, C4EF58D0-5513-4ED1-98EC-051320…)

Pathetically gross description and moderator list conveniently hidden. u/Alexandrawallace69 of the main sub mods this sub btw

No. 1439136

File: 1644448842416.png (114.63 KB, 714x690, cishet.png)

The mod list isn't hidden when I look?

No. 1439140

File: 1644449066717.png (630.46 KB, 1754x1132, what is this.png)

What is this company? Dasha had them in her stories for fake awards but the company is a production company. Their only movies are Scary and Eugene's movies Spree and the fidget spinner movie. The LLC is registered in Santa Monica to the fake sounding names "Rosa Grimes" and "Alexander Hughes".

No. 1439200

Rosa Grimes is a “registered agent” at Provident Financial for a bunch of companies. At the same address, Suzan Hughes (Herbalife zillionaire) and her son Alexander Hughes have a couple of domestic LLCs registered by agent Barry Siegel.
My guess is that this is Mommy Herbalife buying 28-year-old Alexander a production company to play with.

No. 1439235

anyone know why /u/ghostHardvvare isn't a mod on the main sub anymore? They were like a year or two ago, but now just do blackscare and that's it? Potential milk??

No. 1439249

One of them made a post saying they got too many messages and the subreddit was annoying so they bowed out. Might have been a different mod.

No. 1439255

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had drama with the head mod and didn’t want to air it out on the sub

No. 1439258

Has Tara miscarried for a second time? She was preggers in June, it died, and again Sept of 2021. Erm…

No. 1439272

Do you think she’s faking for attention?

No. 1439315

Another narcissist who think twitter cares to censor them. Aimee is an actual idiot. She still cries about her treatment in 2019 by people who never think about her.

No. 1439329

his habitual seething over mixed-race women is hilarious. they live rent free in his head

No. 1439606

File: 1644508090516.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, D7163059-D386-423C-9B3E-C1A1CD…)

Red Scare Meg's other pod got a cover feature in NYT Arts section. Do they have the same magic publicist as all the Dimes Square-related people/enterprises that keep getting all these inexplicable high-profile profiles?

No. 1439926

It's nothing complicated anon, the NYT arts section has covered flavor-of-the-week downtown youths for decades. It helps their middle aged readers feel relevant.

No. 1440073

File: 1644531588364.jpeg (343.7 KB, 789x768, 1644466909960.jpeg)

No. 1440076

Ancient fossilized milk that's newly fresh in light of Anna transitioning into Kim K

No. 1440276

File: 1644546509579.png (59.83 KB, 597x661, 00pnr.png)

Having Anna on the podcast has him feeling like an ubermensch

No. 1440278

File: 1644546766911.jpeg (698.88 KB, 1000x1481, 00pnc.jpeg)

His weakness and failures are never his fault of course.

No. 1440283

look at these sad sacks talking about how great they could have been if only all opportunities had been limited to white dudes only
they would still have been low-income losers

No. 1440286

what an intellectual, truly a master of the English prose canon

No. 1440323

lmao this is legitimately my favorite milk I've ever seen in these threads, I love how he's so fucking delusional and shameless about displaying it.

That reminds me, anyone else think his story about "quitting" his job is total BS? There's no way he didn't get fired for being a fat lazy racist misogynist slob.

No. 1440327

File: 1644550463391.jpeg (534.58 KB, 828x1189, 0CD95CE8-DC06-4B92-BC3E-4A6887…)

Desperate need of hobbies.

No. 1440342

I wish Aimee would just be honest and disclose that she's not any different from these "post-left" people she claims to hate so much and is antagonizing them probably over some group chat drama

No. 1440355

Yeah, he said not too long ago he was making enough from the podcast to pay his rent. Then he suddenly quits? I don't think he went Galt on Best Western either.

No. 1440360

File: 1644552954312.png (198.55 KB, 1158x662, hm.png)

they are tearing him up in the replies and quote tweets

No. 1440361

i honestly think he finally got on the payroll of some right wing NGO/think tank, the epoch times thing glowed

No. 1440364

Anna liked both those tweets

No. 1440392

Makes sense. Despite being the biggest mentally weak crybabies Anna, Dasha, and many of these losers are into using Nietzschean master slave morality to justify their standard conservative hatreds.

No. 1440428

File: 1644562931612.jpeg (65.45 KB, 640x396, 16235D05-7F92-46DA-89D6-81B3FE…)


No. 1440448

it's always mommies fault to these wrinkled wursties

No. 1440456

File: 1644569171839.jpg (113.16 KB, 413x395, 1644285681792.jpg)


No. 1440463

File: 1644569825575.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, 6F454A34-65BB-4993-9102-78360F…)

>you’re an obese, slovenly fool with a timid demeanour
He fucking nailed it. That’s exactly what jack is. Everything he writes is a psychological projection of his own inadequacy.

No. 1440539

how did i ever forget samememe. did he disappear for good or is he back with a different acc

No. 1440554

Her take before was that the post-left wasn't even real but a label made up to smear her and her friends who were actually "anti-left", who exactly is she calling the post-left now?

Is this important for some reason?

No. 1440556

WoC really live rent-free in these idiots’ heads, don’t they? Kek

No. 1440558

He is empathyhaver on Twitter now. I've been reading the early threads so seeing Dior Sausage tweet about Rand brought that golden oldie immediately to mind

No. 1440559

>who exactly is she calling the post-left now?
Malcom comes to mind but I don't know who else

No. 1440586

ironic name. just the thought of samememe thinking he has empathy for anybody except himself is laughable. he deserved the dox. why are these people so deluded and up their own ass

No. 1440589

samefag but of course he's into paglia. nasty bitch

No. 1440616

File: 1644591483968.png (13.14 KB, 615x140, 00211000.png)

Paglia is the model of every dumb contrarian bench warmer. Getting paid to talk about other people’s accomplishments like they're your own is the dream.

If these sadsacks were smart enough to get sweet nonprofit hustles they’d be calling each other kangz and sheeit. Amazing how those dumb bitches keep taking good jobs and bitter social media addicts keep getting passed up can't imagine why

No. 1440635

Paglia is for ugly people with low self esteem who have to cope for letting men degrade and humiliate them sexually. i.e. Anna, Dasha, TPN

No. 1440648

always the same fucking noun verber names

No. 1440669

File: 1644598948322.png (575.63 KB, 932x754, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.02…)

Not deranged at all

No. 1440782

where is samememe getting the money to buy all those frivolous consumer goods like perfume, cds, and allclad cookware anyway lol.

No. 1440790

It's amazing what people will spend when they're trying to invent a personality by consooming and impress strangers on the internet

No. 1440822

Nitpick but it bothers me how samememe is convinced any woman with an office job in nyc is making 150K+. Obviously the rest of his psychopathy and him being an actual rapist are a bigger deal, but it stands out to me how he’s convinced every white collar woman is making a six figure salary

No. 1440891

Goes to show how much they mog him

No. 1440903

File: 1644614202286.png (73.47 KB, 725x808, annarand.png)

Anna's getting roasted on the reddit

"Both Anna and Jack are two massive victims because they both convinced themselves they are spectacular cultural critics held back by the mediocre who hold the power. Both can't help but be hateful in a contrarian manner to whatever is around them because they can't distinguish between those 'under' them and those 'above' them - because they believe those 'above' them should be 'under' them. For them it's all the same crowd."


No. 1440930

File: 1644615424197.png (948.79 KB, 1142x1420, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 4.30…)

every time someone from the sub seems almost sane…they're actually still completely deranged.

>anna's an idiot, dasha's the REAL genius, she did a credit card fraud and everyone knew about it, SEE?! she was destined to be famous

>omg STAN

Lmao bitch stealing from your richer prettier actress friend and making all her plugged in LA friends hate you is literally the opposite of a smart career move, sorry the BPD is eating ur brain and you can't tell what a self-defeating psycho Dasha is.

No. 1440951

If self-posting your nudes on /pol/, banging every loser with a Bolex, and committing credit card fraud were savvy career moves Dasha would have an Oscar by now

No. 1440968

If Anna was a moid she'd be unironically calling herself some beta cope like "sigma male"

No. 1440970

File: 1644618274895.png (59.79 KB, 580x355, Untitled.png)

Can't even imagine how insufferable this must be

No. 1441089

File: 1644625411059.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3024x4032, 1641438681684.jpeg)

tbh i can understand anna a little bit because the thought of society funding these people's consoomer lifestyles disgusts me.

No. 1441118

Like his hero AK, Jack writes word salad so he can always sneer that you didn't read him correctly. Make it sound like "gas the poor" for the outrage, and then say I just mean those degenerate, virtue signaling shitlibs!

No. 1441179

>self-posting your nudes on /pol/

did dasha actually do this???

No. 1441193

Lol yeah the posts are still up if you search her name on 4plebs. Very obvious self-posting - “hey /pol do you know Dasha? Is she /ourgirl? Omg you don’t know Dasha? Well now you do! She’s an actress, model and poet, here’s her Insta and Twitter.” Accompanied by pics and sometimes nudes that weren’t on her socials. She and or anna used to do it in the early days of red scare too, they only stopped when the pod took off in early 2020

No. 1441233

I can’t get over how she fucked countless men in LA only to get a 5 minute bit role on Succession 10 years later. Ugly bpd strivers stay losing

No. 1441240

Where did you get this picture of Jack?

No. 1441300

Too well groomed to be Jack

No. 1441302

Reminder that Jack once went to Twitter to cry about women possibly judging him for eating too many cheeseburgers in public

No. 1441316

File: 1644658419252.jpg (332.45 KB, 1846x2047, yptygc1hdch81.jpg)

nick looking mad anachan

No. 1441328

what happened to this dude?

No. 1441334

he got coke skelly to own us miserable femcels

No. 1441377


No. 1441382

File: 1644667861921.jpeg (317.72 KB, 1124x1999, D0F3406B-752E-4E12-AC47-3F09D1…)

Apparently Anna and Eli are still unmarried and also in an “open relationship” …massive L for Anna if true. Imagine carrying and birthing a child for some scrote who’s fucking his experimental jazz groupies the entire time.

No. 1441424

Didn't Anna once say that the first thing Eli said to her when they first met was that she reminded him of his favorite porn star? He's a coomer degenerate through-and-through.

No. 1441432

that was hilarious. or that evil woman at his job who kept giving him food or whatever

No. 1441459

File: 1644678185926.png (23.49 KB, 620x275, jacknword.png)

Feeling his oats now that he's a real e-celeb. He's not smart enough to pace his edgelording until you get the bag like Anna. Should be amusing to see the $2500 a month Patreon aristocrat degenerate even further now that he doesn't have to engage anyone outside of his incestuous Twitter crowd.

No. 1441462

On her blog way back in the day she had a post railing against polyamory. Gonna go look for it.

If true this honestly doesn’t even give me schadenfreude, I just feel bad for her

No. 1441467

File: 1644679407347.png (42.13 KB, 642x440, pngayreturn.png)

He’s not even motivated enough to construct a fake and gay word salad mythos like BAP or Zero HP Lovecraft to string people along. This low-effort badword stuff is a dime a dozen on Twitter and it’s all he’s got. He’s never going to be accepted by the straight RW men he wants to be fucked by. LOL at him thinking he can make a real career out of this.

Someone mentioned Thiel. No way is this dork getting think tank money. Thiel can see this kind of unstable homosexual a mile away.

Jack is interesting as a character study of a delusional loser who thinks being a hanger-on of a marginal e-scene is his ticket to fame and fortune among the terrminally online – but he’s too dumb and damaged to even play that right.