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File: 1608429125821.jpeg (458.4 KB, 750x658, hejishin.jpeg)

No. 1110930

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
This thread is constantly brigaded, please report and ignore the mad scarethots.

>Media associated with this scene:

Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>Dasha’s new andro look in a shoot with Heji Shin for Numero Berlin >>>/snow/1097675
>Red Scare makes it into the UK press over ISIS-themed t-shirt controversy >>>/snow/1097733
>Origin of the Sameme-stalked-Lexaprofessional milk >>>/snow/1098046
>Anna got fillers before the Heji Shin shoot >>>/snow/1098171
>4hr What’s Left podcast with Ashley (@christlover2000) >>>/snow/1098217
>Jack the Perfume Nationalist’s twitter meltdown >>>/snow/1098677
>Caroline (@as_a_woman) used to be an r/stupidpol mod >>>/snow/1098967
>lexaprofessional (@queasy_f_bby) accusations against samememe in the replies to a default friend tweet >>>/snow/1099122
>Estee Fatass says, sure samememe raped your friend, but what is he doing now? >>>/snow/1099292
>Jack is an actual neo-nazi >>>/snow/1099487
>@custardl0af unedited twitch stream. clear evidence she heavily edits her twitter and ig photos >>>/snow/1099720
>Samememe deletes his account, and has yet to return >>>/snow/1099821
>ugly photo of jack because it’s funny >>>/snow/1099990
>Jack freaks out, goes full liberal SJW and tags every single mutual he has with a guy who made fun of him >>>/snow/1100276
>Leia Jospe defends jack >>>/snow/1100641
>Lexa’s full story of how samememe raped her >>>/snow/1100863
>Caroline and Nick Mullen fucked in South Carolina while volunteering for Bernie (who lost by 30 points) >>>/snow/1101912
>Lexa twitter thread about samememe >>>/snow/1102695
>Aimee Terese and @tinkzorg fallout. @tinkzorg no longer a What’s Left cohost >>>/snow/1103840
>Ashley (@christlover2000) goes on Jack’s podcast for a 9-hour narcfest
>Caroline gets ratioed for saying FKA Twigs is “anti-social” for suing Shia Lebouf for domestic battery >>>/snow/1105280
>Ex-Gawker writer Foster Kamer announces in his newsletter that he wants to doxx @alicefromqueens.
>@alicefromqueens responds with a letter begging her friends not to give any information to Foster >>>/snow/1105442
>anon was at the Heji Shin shoot, gives us an alternate look that wasn’t printed >>>/snow/1105621
>Nick Mullen says FKA Twigs is lying on his instagram story >>>/snow/1105650
>Anna Khachiyan claims to be schizo rather than BPD >>>/snow/1105939
>Dasha goes private >>>/snow/1106110
>Leia Jospe suspended from twitter >>>/snow/1106979
>updates on Rachel Rabbit White, the hooker laureate of the dirtbag left >>>/snow/1108408
>new custardloaf twitter account >>>/snow/1108659
>Jack caught COVID >>>/snow/1108665
>another new Dasha look. Peachy, older >>>/snow/1110324

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
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No. 1110933

Lmao anyone notice how Aimee's internet career is basically a trail of ruined relationships/alienated cohosts? Not BPD in the slightest.

No. 1110936

yes, Ashley is the same way too. I can't even remember all the names of the hosts she's burned through since these threads started.

No. 1110943

Nick mullen is ugly and unfunny

No. 1110948

File: 1608430456996.jpg (176.98 KB, 1125x1408, EpdeyKbUYAA9hbe.jpg)

y'all sleeping on this bih(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1110949

literally who? Google images just shows me cowboys when I search them.

No. 1110954

File: 1608431271993.jpg (586.85 KB, 1608x2048, EpNgJJlVgAATn1y.jpg)


No. 1110955

Just some nobody selfposting again.

No. 1110956

Nobody cares.

No. 1110958

File: 1608431407849.jpg (305.35 KB, 1484x2047, Eout-stVgAEwRnu.jpg)

No. 1110959

stop shilling yourself.

No. 1110968

[insert some pick-me bullshit about how if you compare him to all the other leftcel podcasters he is not as ugly which means by default he is
totally attractive]

No. 1110972

how are you going to literally be a model and then have twice as many followers on twitter and you do on ig, where you get maybe 100 or 200 likes a pic

No. 1110974

Dasha follows her. She looks rich but not hot enough to be an actress. She probably has a PR firm boosting her and she'll be doing a professionally produced podcast or youtube stream soon. until then she's boring and no1curr

No. 1110977

You know someone’s a serious model when they take pictures straddling an old car in a field.

No. 1110978

dime a dozen brown girl with mediocre looks.

No. 1110989

lmao she definitely has daddy boosting her boring no talent literally-whoville career. she'll attack another famous podcaster or left figure soon, that's how all these people build fanbases

No. 1111000

For your sake I hope so. Now stop promoting yourself until you sell a few terabytes of Hunter Biden pics.

No. 1111002

H-he's not any more misogynistic than other men!

No. 1111032

Your body type is not as attractive to men as you think, and your chest isn’t big enough to stand out among the hordes of other hoes selling bikini pics. Just being honest

No. 1111033

Begone thot, go away

No. 1111046

File: 1608440239729.jpeg (289.21 KB, 640x787, 8249D91C-84A0-49C5-92EE-9EF2A2…)

whyd they attack this poor girl like this? idk how to add multiple images so sorry!

No. 1111047

File: 1608440267534.jpeg (289.79 KB, 640x734, E1ADCB62-BB35-4FDE-B306-6F70BC…)

No. 1111049

File: 1608440290915.jpeg (205.74 KB, 640x697, 1BE32E99-F2FC-4164-9CB4-6278AC…)

No. 1111052

File: 1608441800322.png (478.5 KB, 1254x1860, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 4.21…)

dasha is over kantbot's bullshit

No. 1111054

File: 1608441832515.png (393.22 KB, 1292x1626, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 4.21…)

his response

No. 1111056

File: 1608442202609.png (310.84 KB, 1216x1374, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 4.29…)

patrik vs kantbot

No. 1111061

File: 1608442699787.png (337.47 KB, 1208x1424, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 4.38…)

patrik vs kantbot 2

No. 1111069

What's going to happen to Estee Lardass if the Covid loss of smell is permanent lol he'll have to cancel the pod!

No. 1111070

Let Them Fight . Gif

No. 1111071

It's just clique shit, snackvampire is an "enemy," so she gets pushback for making the same kind of remark Dasha would have made if she had written that post and not Annie.

No. 1111078

She's ugly

No. 1111080

he got Covid?

No. 1111105

ok based

No. 1111113

So he claimed on a recent podcast. He sounded as heavy and stunted as usual so it was hard to tell.

No. 1111140

based kb

No. 1111141

is there a rss available for downloading kantbots podcast? Or some other way to download them for free?

No. 1111152

No. 1111161

I remember when kantbot begged, negged, nagged and hagged dasha and anna for attention on twitter so they would go on each others podcasts. Is he simply bitter he didn't get invited to dirtbag left parties or tradcath brunches?

No. 1111168


Honestly tho Kantbot's who life is centered around trolling with no sense of personal pride or dignity whatsoever. Kantbot will win any fight like this by default as long as he gets the other person to participate. I don't expect random people like Patrik Sandberg to know this but Dasha falling for it just shows how incredibly fragile her ego actually is.

No. 1111201

She must be nervous that people are going to see her act in a pretty big bbc show and that people might see her Epstein movie soon. I feel bad for Dasha, literally no one is a fan of hers because of her acting.
Dasha's recent thing about hating computers and avoiding them is funny. She reads her mentions and reddit and discord and here and name searches constantly. She spent years hustling as much as kb does online to make a living and get micro fame, only she actually had to suck dick irl and that part has barely gotten her anywhere.

No. 1111209

File: 1608475305598.jpg (185.79 KB, 1242x2208, 83397004_1102826856731839_7882…)

The hard work dasha had to do.

No. 1111255

He's made it this far with no taste, why would that stop him?

No. 1111261


No. 1111271

No. 1111281

who posted this

No. 1111286

madeline or someone else from the shoot

No. 1111298

I highly doubt that, aren't people here always ridiculing the middle and upper-middle class leftthots for fetishizing working class aesthetic?

No. 1111365

The arguments about autism and Nick Mullen from the last thread were milky themselves. It's beautiful being able to tell how many cows these threads attract and see how they argue with each other

No. 1111406

I guess the Eve6 guy is officially a leftthot, very annoying all day on twitter after getting 1 "viral" tweet about being a virgin when Inside Out was released, is he on drugs? Ashley/Jack/Jake Flores really do pollute everything they touch

No. 1111526

She said her movie is premiering at a festival early 2021, but it's on the list for Sundance, wonder if it's just going ot be a local no-name festival? SXSW is a possibility though of course

No. 1111531

not* on the list for Sundance

No. 1111532

SXSW is likely, if she couldn't get a female directed horror film into there and went with a smaller festival that means it must really suck

No. 1111537

File: 1608509914912.jpeg (189.94 KB, 750x1217, 931DA186-37F5-46BB-99DD-8BF325…)

she looks different from her Instagram selfies

No. 1111538

I mean, Eugene Kotylerenko's latest film, of which Dasha is the female star, was apparently unable to get distribution anywhere and he's releasing it himself soon. Even Wobble Palace got a SXSW premiere!

No. 1111565

I have never seen a better coolface.jpg cosplay

No. 1111706

File: 1608527562004.png (124.33 KB, 602x537, lp.png)

all the attention is really going to her head lol

No. 1111708

Do you have a tpn one by chance?

No. 1111745

Maddy and Eli both spotted at Warner Bros. Sound in NYC today, getting the professional treatment for post-production on Dasha's Epstein movie

No. 1111826

File: 1608553654074.png (169.23 KB, 402x472, 6ul8qrjwgh661.png)

No. 1111827

projection much?

No. 1111849

Dasha’s movie premiering at Berlin Film Festival

No. 1111854

sauce? the programme isn't public yet

No. 1111867

My boyfriend works in NYC film and knows people who worked on it.

WB Sound must be expensive, no? What was the budget?

No. 1111893

What slate is it going to be in? Not main competition?

No. 1111922

she is right ofc

No. 1111940

imagine simping for a spiritual oven dodger like elizabeth brüenig

No. 1111942

No. 1111947

i am not that fat fuck, i just despise her

No. 1111950

Samefag I don’t get the Liz simping, something about her just seems fake as fuck

No. 1111951

We get it, daddy wrote you out of the inheritance for being a bpd methhead

No. 1111952

does anyone know what the movie is called? or just anything about it in general

No. 1111954

"The Scary of 61st Street"
Two women (Dasha and Madeline) rent an apartment that's haunted by the ghost of Epstein and I think go crazy and there's the other younger blonde actress they hired that gets involved.

No. 1111961


the idea that epstein would haunt an apartment to molest a 35 year old belarussian fruit stand version of pixyteri, my sides. I know it's not meant to be literally or documentary- but her ego is so gassed up for literally nothing, I can't. It would have been so easy to make this movie without casting herself, finding actresses that actually looked like someone epstein would have actually victimized, cause she ain't it and neither is that mousey madeline girl

No. 1111967

But that doesn't feed into her autopedophilic LARP of being a poor little abused prepubescent angel. Honestly she should've cast herself or (even better) Anna as Ghislaine and it would be based lmao

No. 1111973

Yes no clue why she would cast herself or her friend who hasn't acted. I think their characters get possessed and attack the younger girl but that's just a guess.

No. 1111996

That sounds like a complete yawnfest.

No. 1112014

honestly this is my favorite part about these threads is how so many of these cows have been confirmed lurking here and even the ones who have not been confirmed are obviously here to wk themselves.
>stop saying Anna and Dasha are type-b's when they are totally super rational type-a shizos.
>why do you guys keep making fun of autism and bpd. People with mental illnesses are totally like different and smart, totally not literally defective
>lol at all you femcels calling nick mullen ugly. He is one inch away from having dwarfism, has a std, looks inbred, does not bathe, and is racist and misogynistic. He is pretty much a 10/10 chad and you totally would not cross the street if you saw him and smelled him in public.
>why do you guys keep acting like these dirtbag left guys are just a different variation of those alt-right incels with extra steps? You know there personality is just "ironic" they are not actually like that even though every time there personal drama gets outed it pretty much shows they are.

No. 1112030

Every man who is racist and misogynist is automatically physically unattractive. Because that’s how physical attraction works. Uh huh

No. 1112034

lmao where does it even say that (nick mullen is ugly btw, go back)

No. 1112035

I love how you ignored the other parts of the post. it really makes me want to hi cow.

No. 1112037

nta but saying someone looks inbred and does not bathe and pointing out how they are one inch away from having dwarfism heavly implies they are ugly

No. 1112039

Not your personal army, newfag

No. 1112055

Her talking about "the computer" and "going on the computer" makes her sound like Shasti, which is pretty fucking sad because she's trying to do it for real

No. 1112076

File: 1608579140371.jpg (530.23 KB, 1080x1921, we know your reading this seek…)

every time I get bored and go one of there twitters I feel like someone should write a paper about how being rich and online all day will make you delusional. Reminder that anna is a super pure virgo immigrant who has never done drugs Uwu. also her nyc apartment that has the same rate as a monthly mortgage payment on a house in most parts of america is not a luxury apartment its a poor person dump.

No. 1112095

twitter "proletarians" be like "bawww my downtown rent is 5k per month and my college loans are 650k because I chose my school based on how many fashionable parties it has, this is why neoliberalism has failed and we will never own anything"

No. 1112096

Yes but where does it say that we think he's ugly because he's a racist misogynist and not because he's an unwashed manlet

No. 1112191

I don't think Anna ever said something of the likes about her self though.
I bet her apartment is one of those rare ones in NYC were rent didn't increase since the 60s due to some rent control loophole she's able to exploit via an elderly relative of a roommate or whatever, which is why she will never move out of it given she's as krämergeist as it gets

No. 1112192

aren't you a little too old to be fixated on men's heights

No. 1112211

lol that was only one sentence out of everything they typed, you cumcels literally have to wk him no matter what.

No. 1112218


your repeated use of krämergeist in these threads to defend Anna's apartment is suspicious and sad.

No. 1112233

you forgot to mention how you can look at him and can see all of his clear signs of alcohol and drug abuse. He looks like a crack head. has nick mullen ever admitted to haveing a substance problem?

No. 1112235

>has nick mullen ever admitted to haveing a substance problem?
admitted alcoholism. but he hasnt drank in a number of years (cocaine usage when cumtown started but apparently it was just a few months) he admits he's a dry drunk or whatever they call it. where they're still miserable and dead souled, but piss the bed less.>>1112233

No. 1112257

She's longtime personal friends with two actual Epstein victims (one of whom is also acting in Eugene Kotlyarenko's next film with Dasha)

No. 1112258

…you do know she actually did that, right? Anna is, in fact, playing the Ghislaine analogue in one scene in the film.

No. 1112296

it's actually precisely the second time that I used the notion Krämergeist ITT, to describe Anna's mentality in regards to money. I'm fond of the word and it makes me happy that it caught your attention anon kek.
I don't get how you read my posts as a defense of Anna's apartment or that Krämergeist is something positive though. My assessment is that she's a cheapskate that lives in an embarassing shared trash apt that either hasn't been refurbished since the 60s or has been so shallowly refurbished that it's meant to be occupied transitionally only, all because she's obsessed with "not overpaying", see picrel of >>1112076
I'm not defending, just trying to milk accurately.

No. 1112339

She should consider becoming a news anchor or a weather broadcaster

No. 1112342

if she gets a communications degree and starts working as a news anchor for the abc affiliate in denver, i'll stop shit posting her

No. 1112347

> 35 year old belarussian fruit stand version of pixyteri
dasha doesn’t have pixyteri’s star quality

No. 1112353

so you're saying that she whines about how gloomy and doomy it is to live in the CURRENT YEAR on behalf of others

No. 1112356

if any of these clowns get a job in the fact-based content industry, pigs will fly

No. 1112358

Fucking hell, hope the bitch is sterile or at least won't have a daughter kek

No. 1112359

>a news anchor with a vocal fry and an IQ of 85
I think tf not

No. 1112360

She wouldn't be out of place on Fox affiliates in some smaller markets, but you just know she'd be droning the traffic report from a busted helicopter.

No. 1112365

this post made me notice something. whenever farmers make fun of nick mullen for being ugly they mention that he is short but they will mention tons of other things too, but cumcels will auto focus on the short part even though its never the main part. How much do you want to bet that all the nick mullen white knights are just scrotes with napoleon complexes who self insert as him to feel "chad" it would explain so much.

No. 1112368

I mean the only other physical thing they ever say is he ‘looks inbred’ or ‘looks like he doesn’t bathe’, which I obviously get nowadays but I feel like he used to just look normal/average cleanliness wise. People writing these manifestos about how he’s the ugliest person to walk the earth are as annoying as people white knighting.

No. 1112371

Can someone give a clear, not very online re: the fixation on Liz Bruenig?

No. 1112374

he has never looked normal literally when he first started he was an alcoholic coke head who showed clear signs of substance abuse (which even he himself admits). now he has gone from junkie to unwashed junkie that looks like a pedo. you wks are in such denial he has always been ugly.

No. 1112380

None of these anorexic drug addicts are going to have kids. It'd ruin their figures and their lifestyles.

No. 1112383

guess you didn't know that anna is pregnant lol

No. 1112389

File: 1608606846202.jpg (Spoiler Image,846.84 KB, 1041x1765, Screenshot_20201221-191152_Chr…)

little late for a halloween post.

No. 1112395

I’m surprised that she’d post something so unflattering. She’s been on a roll with the catfish selfies for the past few months

No. 1112417


Kantbot got a soft-excommunication for being involved in J. Arthur Bloom’s doxxing circle, constant “nut-cutting” (lies and rumor-based social warfare), stooging/being a stooge and defending Epstein.

The boy seems to be a genuinely unpleasant, nasty person …but Anna has some sorta of weird, pity-based sympathy/empathy towards him.

No. 1112420

Bitches been saying she’s pregnant for over a year yet she still had no bump? Unless I missed something. I’ll believe it when I see it

No. 1112421

>J. Arthur Bloom’s doxxing circle
explain? was this about bap?

No. 1112455

File: 1608615980267.png (1.33 MB, 1549x939, maxsimp1.png)

Max simping for Ashley from the band account.

No. 1112456

File: 1608616060816.png (58.87 KB, 387x663, maxsimp2.png)

a pathetic display all around

No. 1112477

the cumtown audience is literally fugly incels hoping that "humor" will make them look not beta lmao

No. 1112483

What a miserable person. Really embarrassing conversation to have on public social media.

No. 1112506

does anyone have the screenshot where aimee terese hit a kangaroo with her car because she was "slamming new all night and blasting accadacca"? I can't find it anywhere, was on one of her old accounts. Are these drug references?

No. 1112509

Deadset reckon your a funny cunt aye ya fuckin gronk cant even drag aimee fuckin terese ya weak cunt what are ya fuckin carl beijer 0r something ya fuckin dog

No. 1112516

Post your dwarf dick or get out.
Wow Anna your big fat naturals we are trembling in awe of your femininity.

No. 1112565

stfu lame ass

And seriously, does anyone have to remind you virtually any type of woman can be a sex symbol to men. From a homely pawg to hot art hoes, AOC, whatever, fix your hatred.

Anyways I think she can be milky, and she's farming simps with her twitter retoric shtick. And married at 20 lol

No. 1112573

As if landlords and agencies don't expect you to overpay even for semi dump tiers apartments in cities like NY, Paris, Milan…

Anyway smart for her savings and PR image to not upgrade her housing situation.

No. 1112580

Hi Dasha or a friend. I think anyone who doesn't know her irl only knows about the one. Doesn't change that she mocks every other abuse victim and condones every other predator. Would Dasha even be sympathetic to Epstein victims if she didn't know them, doubtful.

No. 1112586

nick mullen is ugly btw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1112599

Unironically this

Plot twist, they've been right all along, Anna has just been getting abortions nonstop

No. 1112612

NYC surprisingly (to me as an eurofag) has more rent control than I imagined.

No. 1112613

Yes please anon, can you elaborate more?

No. 1112614

new = a brand of beer
accadacca = ac-dc

No. 1112638

File: 1608658269960.jpg (60.55 KB, 599x324, p77fugsair661.jpg)

No. 1112645


lmao this self-posting by bimboubermensch is pathetic, I love it

No. 1112663

there's no way she actually looks like that right?

No. 1112685

Is the "blackmail" thing where they decide to start rumors that the other has a sex tape or are trans like they have with the tfw no gf doc maker? These people need to be banned from group dms, they are driving themselves insane.

No. 1112702

21 new cases of covid-19 yesterday in Australia. She does not have to wear a mask, because there is no community spread in her country.

No. 1112707

Literally no one on the "far left" is saying $600 is enough. Aimee is just a female Tucker Carlson at this point, which she'd take as a compliment, but at least Tucker is actually successful.

No. 1112737

That's not her, she got married at 22.

No. 1112773

any time Aimee is talking about "the left", it's just people she's made up in her head

No. 1112777

>Married at 20
Is that, like, a flex

No. 1112823

That was long long after kantbots meltdown. Of course the troll doesn’t like being trolled

No. 1112841

You do realize that although this is an imageboard, we're mostly women here right?

No. 1112857

in the church of latter-day saints maybe

No. 1112892

Ben has left Seeking Derangements to start a podcast with Glenn Greenward, thank god because he's funny but his previous co-hosts were either completely boring/had nothing interesting to say (Palma) or just too retarded (Jacques)

No. 1112897

wow, ben making money moves, good for him. this is going to cativate more "greenwald is a groomer" discourse though lol

No. 1112899

is he leaving that or is he doing both?

No. 1112906

Pawgs are objectively more attractive to men than assless skinny women with boobs that are barely a B cup

No. 1112909

He's not on the latest episode and they joke about him being suspended from the show. honestly he's seemed disinterested and low energy on there for a while now, that moment where both Palma/Jacques happily talked about how they voted for Biden/Kamala must have been the breaking point (from what I remember he responded under his breath disgustedly saying "god I would never vote for Kamala")

No. 1112912

Men think that pawgs have an expiration date. There’s no winning, stop caring about scrote opinions.

No. 1112914

this, all that matters for them is "perkiness"

No. 1112916

File: 1608681560908.jpeg (510.32 KB, 750x1024, B2A1CA0C-61E0-42AE-B91F-4E2F35…)

Every woman has an expiration date to men, how is that relevant? That hairy tall girl who was self posting her flat ass should know that pretty pawgs wield more power in their prime. This bitch Sommer Ray built a brand off and became rich off a fat ass

No. 1112924

Some anon said she was going to start a podcast to get paypigs? Must be married to a broke guy then

No. 1112926

Palma has said he voted for
Gloria La Riva, pretty sure you misunderstood a joke.

No. 1112934

Very cool that American left is focusing on the size of their stimulus checks again instead of the fact that congress cut unemployment to fund checks for everyone making up to 100k. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that none of them are actual workers who lost their jobs…

Also, why do all Americans seem to think Europeans got stimulus checks? The entire discourse is so performative, lazy and uninformed…

No. 1112945

Skeletor lookin ass

No. 1112947

the american left are apart of the people who have loss their jobs/are still working if you mean "popular white twitter leftists" then say that

No. 1112959

Yep, that's what I meant, my bad.

No. 1112993

>basement frogs want handouts
The american left is literally just wealthy people/global bourgs who want even more stuff than they already have, thinking they're "oppressed" because of relative deprivation fuelled seethe towards people who are slightly richer. Then again, feeling "poor" and "wronged" solely due to knowing that someone somewhere has slightly more stuff is something even monkeys have. When everyone is wealthy, no one is.

No. 1113014

Lmao, Aimee-tier garbage bin take.
>omg guys the people who want to abolish labor and money altogether secretly just want higher wages like the rich people they're jealous of

No. 1113031

It's so funny. She's so try hard on her account, it makes me sad. Should have stuck to trying to get a feature in one of the international versions of magazines.

No. 1113036

>abolish labor and money
The autism

No. 1113051

Anyone have a link to Dasha on the Ion Pod?

No. 1113060

Revolution has always been middle class people living cushy lives feeling upset that others are leading cushier lives, it's not even a controversial observation if you actually read the literature

I haven't even checked her profile yet, the selfposting is so pitiful I don't think she deserves it. Even the smol uwuws were less pathetic than this, they just wanted to attention whore and fuck around, she seems to actually want to turn imageboard selfposting into a career

No. 1113071

>Revolution has always been middle class people
this is your brain on scare thot. reminder that the French revolution, the Russian revolution and the october revolution and almost every revolution in history was not done by peasants but by middle class people.

No. 1113112

Yeah, her trying to profit and make a career out of looking like a poor man's Alana Arrington is actually sad. Also, those soft girl smol uwu girls were ultimately harmless too with the same rehashed opinions on clothes nd shit, her entire account on the other hand comes off as so constructed and fake.

No. 1113129

Are you retarded? Scarethots are socialists denying their own bourg status, just like all socialists and bourg-guilt wannabe revolutionaries before them, this is anti-scarethot. Peasants never had the political sway, the education, or the means to coordinate on large scale, the working class' lack of "class consciousness" and need of educated leaders to steer them has been a problem for socialism since its inception, this is openly and widely addressed. You're drinking some real Anna-grade koolaid if you think those were peasant revolutions.

No. 1113149

if those were not peasant revolutions would you like to explain why every single major historian considers them peasant revolutions and why thats what pretty much every school fucking ever teaches and every major history publication says.

No. 1113170

I remember Ben saying ~cancellable~ things re: fat positivity and he was harsher on gay culture before the Daily Beast hit piece which got him popular with they/thems and BLM/ACAB types so he had to tone it down

idk, just seems like a massive grifter to me

No. 1113208

This, scarethots are the proverbial rich mad at the slightly richer and feeling "proletarian" because of it. Commies don't like to hear it (even though they acknowledge this with their "muh class consciousness" and "muh vanguard party" shit), but real working people don't give two shits about revolutionizing anything. They're too busy working.

No. 1113226

you clearly dont know any poor black ppl then

No. 1113230

Yeah, I think that these people never talked to a working class person in their life.

No. 1113241

Majority are more leaning towards libertarianism than socialism.

No. 1113249

You are extremely dumb and/or brainwashed, please make yourself familiar with the simple concept of a strike as a mass of labour force refusing to work, and then look up a few historical strikes, f.e. the various richly documented mine workers' strikes around the world.

No. 1113274

This same person has been shitting up every single thread trying to own the commies. You don’t have to take the bait

No. 1113323

File: 1608735458899.jpg (669.5 KB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20201223-065343_Chr…)

I still can't figure out if she has zero self awareness or just hates everyone who does what she does but more successfully.

No. 1113326

She is so jealous and hateful of AOC and obsessed with saying she's not that it's scary.

No. 1113332

Affluent white liberale as opposed to affluent cosplay-proles?

Why don't you criticize your friends who are more interested in stimulus checks that benefit them personally than advocating for more generous unemployment expansion?

I made the original post that started this nonsensical debate and I want no part in this. The online left having more in common with 90s subcultures than a political movement doesn't mean that every revolution ever was driven by people like them.

Maybe we can start a political sperging containment thread in /b…

No. 1113343

>Maybe we can start a political sperging containment thread in /b…
holy shit you cumcel/scare thots don't even try to integrate and just think because its an image board this is female 4chan,there is no /b/ on here. There is an /ot/ but seeing how b and o are on opposite ends of the keyboard I don't think you ment to type that.

No. 1113358

its so annoying when you dumb faggots post about politics

No. 1113365

>see pic of young thin athlete with slightly developed glute muscles
>WHOAAAA badonkadonk pawg awoooooga see ladies you can be old and fat and still be le smexy

No. 1113374

like all the other farmers i would make fun of nick mullen for being ugly and unfunny but I never actually watched any of his comedy so I went on YouTube and clicked on one of his more popular videos. And holy shit you scare thots and cumcels have been spending 10 threads white knighting this. He is such a junkie he can barely even make jokes and even his own fans in the comments are making fun of him for it. But then I thought maybe this was an off video but no, the more I watch of him the more I feel embarrassed for him.

No. 1113387

this is from 2016 and he doesn't even do stand up. why do you have such a hate boner that you seek this shit out actively

No. 1113391

Nta but
>he does not do stand up
>literally a video of him doing stand up
>why do you seek this shit out actively
>literally just clicks on the first video that comes up of him

No. 1113395

are you really asking why people look up cringy things of the people they gossip about on a gossip board?

No. 1113396

people don't think he's funny because of his stand up, which he hasn't done for years, but because of his podcast. also you said you kept watching videos of him lol

No. 1113397

If there's no actual new milk can we please stop bringing up and debating Nick Mullen

No. 1113398

agreed the users here are so weird about him for whatever reason

No. 1113399

first of all nta stands for not that anon. also from what I've seen his podcast is no better than his stand-up they seem about the same

No. 1113401

yeah honestly he is pretty much like every other annoying podcast incel but he gets brought up like 10 times more

No. 1113403

That's basic socialism, though

Literally go back to the Red Scare subreddit. Tell the Bolsheviks and US coal miner unionists they were all just jealous petit-booj.
>"Just read the literature!"
You first?

No. 1113451

>why every single major historian considers them peasant revolutions
>why thats what pretty much every school fucking ever teaches and every major history publication says
Academia is heavily marxist, our entire conception of history derives from Marx and Hegel. Of course authority justifies itself kek. I don't want to derail further, but stop taking academic authority at face value and think for yourself, none of what I said is edgy or new, take a break from twitter and go read the postmodern gays

No. 1113453


Why even bother with the play at “cultural Marxism” and just go for the original German and complain about “Juden Bolshevism?”

No. 1113476

>the workers did the dirty work of rich people like Marx and his orbit
when commie cumcels and scarethots have a twitter moment

No. 1113480

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
He said, “Go fuck yourself.”

No. 1113482

pretty sure it's entirely because of reddit refugees publicly masturbating to him in earlier threads when he was originally brought up because of caroline & a bunch of scarethots went seething about how he "can do better wtf"

No. 1113492

How is >>1113343 a scare thot moment? We don't have a /b/ board on lolcow.

No. 1113522

/b is mostly a Twitter speak term. I don't think that anon is a scarethot they probably just don't use Twitter.

No. 1113538

File: 1608754456945.png (62.62 KB, 501x316, 3456.png)

Glad you autists found a way to continue shitting up the thread by focusing on the important part of my proposal: proper board terminology.

Anyway, Anna and Sam are having a similarly constructive debate…

No. 1113548

never mind my post >>1113522 was wrong the other anon was right they are just some reddit tourist that does not know all the boards. And is apparently to dumb to see them listed at the top.

No. 1113549

Local redditors overcompensate by sending farmers "back" to reddit based on their redditor idea of what we might consider to be reddit behavior (e.g. calling paragraphs "reddit spacing", crying about the "man haters" here), because they have no clue how to integrate with an anonymous forum.(Anonymoose Forum )

No. 1113556

calling someone a redditor for not knowing all the boards when there is only seven [technically ten] is not over compensating

No. 1113566

File: 1608755679658.jpg (70.84 KB, 1100x619, 190528072713-01-lisel-heise-fi…)

back in my day we only had one board

No. 1113571


Sage for obvious reasons. This is esoteric and boring, veers into off-topic territory, extremely online subject.

This is a huge can of worms but since you guys asked here’s the milk:

>J. Arthur Bloom and Dan DeCarlo (pt carlo) are basically private intelligence agents for some K-Street linked “Conservative Inc” NGO whose name escapes me atm, something something values. I apologize and I will follow up once I remember and/or find the article with its name.

>That NGO basically wishes to turn the political clock back to 2012, preserve the two party system in the US and export the two party system into the EU. Sounds dumb but they have some Republican money, basically getting to research and dox other racists online.

>Kind of like how “Social Movement Technologies Foundation Inc” hires doxxers and researchers full time and also to run accounts like Antisemitism Cow to combat “antizionism” and economic populism on the left. Basically “glow-in-the-dark” shit but lamer.

>The job is to find people who break orthodoxy and try to blur the lines between “right” and “left”, get them in trouble and be a gate keeper for the online right. Maintain the democrat and republican plantations.

“Racist E-Boy” currently: @DSA_RACIST, @SakakilisCute and Kantbot work with Bloom and DeCarlo, feeding them information. They’re all friends and apparently have a group chat.
(Strangely, @Logo_Daedalus who is kantbot’s sidekick and @junker_jo’s husband, is too nice and frankly too dumb to engage in this shit. He just basically plays the hype man to his friend Kantbot.)

@DSA_RACIST and@SakakilisCute are supposed ex-alt right racists “irony bros”, that are supposed to be cool edgy racists that are low key racist instead of lame and high-key racist. (“We’re good, smart and woke racists, those other guys are cringe, dumb and bad racists” is their brand and persona and how they appeal to frogtwitter and lefttwitter).

They claim to be bisexual and talk about wanting to fuck femboy twinks. They also brag about getting their dicks wet and shit stories like having MMF threesomes with second/third gen asian girls in Western Europe and British Columbia.

People always wondered why journalists and professional doxxers don’t go after @DSA_RACIST and @SakakilisCute and why Kantbot has never been “unpersoned” (never kicked off of payment processors, de-platform or fired from his supposed real world job) but once the Bloom-DeCarlo connection got out there, it started to click.

You’d think this circle would get an exposé that would make the circuit (Itsgoingdown, huffpo, vice etc) but since they do spying glowops and research in fringe subcultures, they get a pass.

The group’s biggest score was the Katie McHugh doxxings that gutted all the plaeocons, strasserites/nazbols, Buchananites, Bannonites, altrighters and alt-liters who were either in or trying to get into the Trump administration, that way they could be replaced with safer and purposefully impotent neoconservative/libertarian personnel.

Literally got them all fired, blackballed, broke up their alliances and caused years of infighting/crab in a barrel-shit lmfao

The whole things is funny as fuck and then Katie McHugh, herself, got thrown away and that bald racist idiot is now supposedly on food stamps.

It’s funny to think that Trump was the most impotent and politically ineffective president in American history: wasn’t able to deliver on any of his promises, suffered countless losses and humiliation rituals, etc in large because of DeCarlo, Bloom and their little crew lol its insane often times real life is stranger than fiction but this is the world we live in post-internet

Other claimed Dan DeCarlo-J. Bloom operations:
TRS doxxing in collaboration with Natasha Lennard, KarmaPolitical, the ongoing BAP doxxing effort and Sydney/Custardloaf’s Hairbrush and 23&me “she’s jewish” leaks

No. 1113611

interesting so kantbot rebranded as a conspiracy podcaster constantly talking about the CIA/Iran Contra/BAP being a psyop to distract from his own links to intelligence agents? or does he rationalise it to himself by saying its "different" cause its a private NGO rather than CIA?

No. 1113627

I thought they were friends? What the fuck

No. 1113631

marx was literally poor
this is something even right wingers recognize except they make fun of him for it.

No. 1113651

they've literally been enemies for years

No. 1113666


Honestly I don’t know, [assuming KB’s persona is totally legit and not some elaborate kayfabe] since I’m not in his head and unable to read his mind, this is pure analysis and speculation.

You know Libertarians are against the police but they’re perfectly OK with having bodyguards and military contractors be private McPolice?

Or how AnComs are against the concept of property and the death penalty but there’s an exception that the collective can excommunicate someone from a territory or even that they can execute people and wage war/raids in a way that doesn’t cause issues with ideology or praxis?

I think there’s a similar cognitive dissonance there going on with Kantbot.

For example:

M.Crumps is a cow himself: he has that strong Virginia accent, he uses many of the same colloquialisms and slang of CWC, Crumps backstabs and nutt-cuts friends for personal gain, he has a transformers action figure collection and he owns a megatron pistol, he has many of the same traits CWC has (stress sighing, “Cherokee ancestry”, similar speech impediment, obsession with showing off he knows a second language), etc

but Kantbot chooses to focus on the facts Crumps’ dad Robert (another CWC parallel) Crumplar is a defense contractor involved with selling Tomahawk missiles and M.Crumps did a CIA frontdesk job internship one summer to add to his resumé.

Kantbot doesn’t dislike crumps for any of the reasons mention previously, it’s just because of his family ties and vague suspicion that Crumps still “glows-in-the-dark”.

No. 1113667

so if I'm reading this right racist right wing Republicans wanted to distance themselves from even more racist alt-righters. But because of trump and the republican parties actions and disregard towards them, the cia and fbi did not want to do him that favor. So instead they hired some shitty bootleg intelligence agency to do so. And this bootleg intelligence agency was so shitty that they had to use clout chasing online politics posters to doxx and harass each other but, they were so bad at there job that they outed themselves and got all of there info leaked.

No. 1113674

how the fuck does Eugene keep getting his movies funded?

No. 1113682


Essentially yeah. That’s what ppl were saying.

These guys essentially got info on people by pretending to be friends with people and infiltrating social circles. That’s why Kantbot was complaining that nobody (ZeroHP lovecraft, etc) wants to talk to him once his bloom and decarlo ties came to light. Honestly, there’s no easier way than to get info and dox than by having moles harvest it for them once people trust them.

FBI also relies on public “open source intelligence” more often than not. For example the FBI relies on reports from the Unicorn Riot in order to write many affidavits against white nationalists and hoteps.
FBI cant go after people and needlessly expend their budget unless they broke laws or are suspected of breaking laws and came be thrown in jail. (FBI prides itself on and it’s 94% conviction rate) The FBI’s goal is to throw people in jail, get convictions and status, not expose people’s identity or worse lose cases and seem incompetent.

Meanwhile, the CIA can’t operate on US soil without risking congressional inquiry and losing their black budget after their earlier cocaine adventures came to light. They are strictly allowed to operate overseas and that’s it. Hence the need for NGOs (Rand Corp and branch orgs) and open source intelligence.

the NGO nonprofit doxxing sphere exists and its growing in 2020, you can get a legitimate job as a full time doxxer and some of these orgs go all the way back to 2015.

No. 1113683

and logo did nothing wrong and it wasnt a scorned /soc/ orbiter leaking custardloaf nudes in her paultown replies when she was sub 200 followers? lmao k

No. 1113692


Literally just name search Dan DeCarlo / “PT Carlo” and “J. Arthur Bloom” + dox / doxing on twitter and google to see for yourself then.

You’re going to wade through hundreds of “this tweet was delete by the tweet author”, “you’re unable to view this tweet because the owner limits who can view it” and “this tweet comes from a suspended account / an account that no longer exists” but the threads are there.
Sis, If you’re too much of a smoothbrain to do that or you’re pretending to be incredulous in bad faith: lmao k

End of discussion sis. This is way too off-topic and distracting from Anna, Aimee and Dasha, I don’t want to get banned for derailing but you can literally search all this shit yourself.

No. 1113700

no if anything the boring Russian/political debates are derailing the thread, this is way more interesting, thank you

No. 1113712

Thanks anon, extremely interesting. In KBs pseud episode with Sean McCarthy, Sean jokes about waiting for the cia to pay him for shitposting on twitter, and KB replies jokingly and affirmingly, that yeah, cia pay is great. There was an additional level of awkward squeal in his voice there that kind of stuck with me, and I always wanted to find out whether his autism prevented him from competently joking about something that he means to hide.

No. 1113726

Sean P McCarthy is a pedo

No. 1113733


It really doesn't surprise me that this is true. KB has talked in the past about how after Charlottesville (iirc) he was questioned by the FBI, so he is definitely on their radar.

No. 1113759


Hey man, DSA_RACIST here. I'm a volcel I don't have sex, please don't ever accuse me of having sex.

No. 1113764

you're ugly

No. 1113766

big if true
not surprised at all that natasha lennard is a fed

No. 1113768

racist loser troglodyte, gtfo and stop namefagging

No. 1113770

is it possible the dox on liz bruenig's dad that exposed him as a defense contractor and has been used by some to discredit her, was part of this operation?

No. 1113771

what people were saying this and why should they be believed? I hate all the people mentioned but this all seems very farfetched and like it belongs more in the tinfoil thread

No. 1113772


Being a part of the Dirtbag Left, this isn’t all that surprising, especially when all these pickmes, Terese, Khachiyan, and Franczak and the their Mistress Heidi Matthews, are dying to be the next Camille Paglia.

Still, where’s da sauce?

No. 1113773

logo is absolutely not junker jos husband.

No. 1113774

File: 1608771495906.png (97.25 KB, 601x477, brap.png)

It's a BAP theory, so take it with a grain of salt. Everyone involved is a glowie on some level.

No. 1113775

Jo lives in NYC. Logo is in Texas and married to his Asian breadwinner waifu.

No. 1113777

I have no insider knowledge but it would fit a pattern. She's also done this to Jamie Peck and other people who actually are loaded and kind of deserve it to be out there. Some of the names are pretty common and hard to google so it is a little sus to have come upon it by themselves. Aimee is such a bdp nut she'd spam that anyway though, especially because Liz has said she has a bad relationship with him and Aimee wants to inflict as much pain as possible.

No. 1113781

>People always wondered why journalists and professional doxxers don’t go after @DSA_RACIST and @SakakilisCute

I feel like I’m going insane like how does this make sense at all. what people were wondering this. why would journalists go randomly go after these people aren’t they just random nobodies. Is it supposed to be that suspicious journalists hasn’t gone after some random racist twitter account with 2000 followers?

No. 1113782

>is too nice and frankly too dumb to engage in this shit. He just basically plays the hype man to his friend Kantbot.

hi logo

No. 1113785

yeah Lennard is very sus, right now she's retweeting the grotesque Sophie Lewis and Darcie Wilder who was literally on Epstein's plane as a child

No. 1113787

all you need for that sophisticated "doxing" operation is google.

No. 1113790

a frog account posted his resume, which wasn't publicly available anywhere

No. 1113792

Well they’re both agents of Kantbot / PT Carlo / Bloom and they have a couple dozen of big name accounts who have tens of thousands of followers, following them.
CNN and Kurt Eichanwald have doxxed people with less than 500 for making gifs and shit. In all fairness sis, Journalists have and still do go after people for much less than these racists do. follower count =/= influence

No. 1113794

File: 1608772677819.gif (829.75 KB, 498x278, paJyWYY.gif)

hm if i didn't know any better i would say that alphabet agencies are creating make-work jobs to continue siphon money from the government to do nothing except shit-stir,

No. 1113796

No. 1113798

Suspicious as fuck how quickly the people in question found this thread.
Then they decided to draw attention to it, DENY FUCKING EVERYTHING, troll it and brigade it? If it was bullshit they would’ve just just ignored it and laughed it off, instead they’re doing some corny performative damage control. Shit glows way too hard.

No. 1113800

@roun_sa_ville is also a part of this circle, she feeds information to @dsa_racist

No. 1113801

I get journalists have doxxed people but I don’t feel like it’s such a common thing that some random medium size racist twitter account not having been doxxed is suspicious. Idk based off other responses itt maybe I just don’t know enough about them but I don’t find it remotely convincing that any of the people mentioned in these threads actually have any links to intelligence agents.

No. 1113803

So many people apparently stalk this thread and jump in minutes after they come up even if they aren't a common topic. Wasn't Aimee banned? But everyone reading this is smart enough to know this already since it couldn't be more obvious when people come in to spin.

No. 1113804

No. 1113805


Please say more, I’m not surprised she’s a fed kek

No. 1113808

she's a fed who was sent in to destabilize dsa in the months following trump's election when they were on the rise and on the cusp of becoming a legitimate threat to the democrats in certain areas, before the idpol nonsense took over. got some key players in the org canceled/delegitimized over bogus sexual assault/harassment accusations and then left dsa entirely because it wasn't "woke" enough on women's issues.(tinfoil)

No. 1113815

>>on the cusp of becoming a legitimate threat


No. 1113817

What is the basis for literally any of this? This just seems like you have a vendetta

No. 1113818

honestly to me it just seems like all these incels are mad we are making fun of them so they are trying to be cool. Because as >>1113796 and a few other anons pointed out up thread all of this shit is public info that can be found on Google. So literally the average fucking kiwi farms autist can "doxx" better than them. All this does is make me mad that my fucking tax dollars are going towards incels being toxic ass holes and ruening eachothers lives when they are toxic assholes that do that to each other no matter what but now they have an ego about it and act like they are cia even though the average asshole 12 year old online can do better than them.

No. 1113819

AYRT and that's a really outlandish claim, anon. Your timeline adds up though, I just thought she was a woman scorned kek

No. 1113820

They’re trolling and pretending to be previous posters.

@roun_sa_ville is nothing more a mediocre leftcow that’s friends with Ash B Coffin, racist ironybros and minor lefttwitter posters, she’s just a lolcow that hasn’t been milked yet. (She should be looked into though sure she has some milky history)

She’s brigading the thread with the Kantbot and @DSA_RACIST Crew, DSA_Racist posted a screenshot of the thread and is trying to convince his followers to fuck with the board.

Again @DSA_Racist posted about the thread on twitter to his followers and they’re coordinating a brigade to bury the thread and deny their Kantbot and PT Carlo connection

No. 1113821

Are you saying you think the people being accused of being CIA are the ones making the accusation to like start drama about themselves? Bc honestly I agree that that’s the more likely scenario.

No. 1113828


Cool theory but I didn't post the board or a link to the thread lol. Not sure how they would find this!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1113829


sorry this was meant to be a reply to

No. 1113836

>Are you saying you think the people being accused of being CIA are the ones making the accusations to like start drama about themselves?
yes because as >>1113571 and >>1113667 pointed out all the "doxxing" was done by some very shitty non-government group who got caught that was funded by the republican party.

No. 1113838

File: 1608776065473.png (147.9 KB, 585x517, roun.png)

Wasn't roun_sa_ville the one who first outed Connor Golden as a rapist? Hardly "wrecking" material

No. 1113841

I think more connected shit could be possible but maybe not with these losers. Notice how the post that kicked this off slipped in trying to dox BAP as on of kantbot's offense? Wonder whose camp the person who started this is in when BAP couldn't be glowing any harder and he hasn't been brought up besides someone saying it's his theory but it doesn't discount it. >>1113774

No. 1113844


Mods and Admins check these IPs and posts. Subjects discussed in this thread quickly alerting their followers to this thread and they are currently trolling it. (Graffiti tactics to shut down and silence discussion).

Leftcows trolling and brigading the thread. Be warned and aware.

No. 1113859

Connor's victim outed him. hailey tried to milk clout from it

No. 1113861

>all this sudden lack of sageing
I think >>1113820 , >>1113818 and >>1113844
are 100% right as in all these left cows are trying to paint themselves as cia but really they are just annoying incels who are to pussy to shit talk each other on twitter so now they have to sperg here.

No. 1113863

yeah, had her confused with that other girl

No. 1113866

I feel like it obviously is either that or people self posting considering how out of step the recent posts are with the usual tone of the thread and how much they know about the people they’re talking about. Leftcows really are the biggest group of desperate for attention clout chasers considering how often the subjects raid and post about/in the thread compared to the rest of the cows on the site.

No. 1113867


Any fan of Darling in the Franxx is sus.

No. 1113870

bap doesnt really glow because he has been shitposting and posting classics shit the exact same way on right wing forums for more than a decade, he's been friends with a stable group of regulars as they've moved across different forums. not all success is the result of some CIA prop-up effort, it's just natural appeal. kantbot is just jealous bap has imitators and tried to confabulate some narrative to explain it all the while participating in a doxxing ring and jumping from one contrarian fad to the next. notice too that cody wilson was released from prison and kb maintained ties with him. deal struck? why did kb get chosen for the documentary? why did he try to become a dirtbag leftist or a feature on chapo? he's a snake and a striver

No. 1113882

File: 1608779427593.png (160.21 KB, 602x469, Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 1.03…)

Thread gets spammed by bimbo, next day aimee (who bimbo already followed) is following her and the first to reply to her tweet, quote tweets it, bimbo rt's aimee's qt.
Nice to see aimee making frens

No. 1113891

wonder when aimee will have a histrionic reaction to this wannabe bimbo

No. 1113911

>cia giving a fuck about twitter commies
this fucking sent me
people like Aimee, Anna, cuntbot and logo call everything a psyop but there's nothing they would love more than for their retarded autism culture wars to be considered important enough to warrant bankrolling by US intelligence or de biyonayahs lmao

No. 1113917

Who was it that posted a tweet about Anna's family having a CIA or FBI link? I swear someone did, unless they were referring to someone else. Might have been about her sister or her sister's friends.

No. 1113924

>my useless reddit ideology was just about to become a threat but then THEY destabilized it!
>DSA has never been tried!
absolutely on brand

No. 1113928

same, it's so dumb. Idk if the thread was being raided but it was weird so many people itt were seeming to immediately believe it.

No. 1113930

People always bring this up as evidence for why it isn't ridiculous to suggest these people are being funded by the CIA, because Kantbot talked about being questioned by them in the past so he's definitely on their radar but I don't get why anyone believes him? Why is this any more believable than his 'wife'? He's already lied about so many things. Him 'being on the CIA's radar' seems like wishful thinking more than anything and is the exact kind of thing he would lie about.

No. 1113934

Jfc there is no way women care this much about RW twitter LARPing this thread is infested with moids and the subjects themselves.

No. 1113937

File: 1608785804203.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 5AA191FA-8886-447F-A179-7314F5…)

she’s larping as an uglier annie

No. 1113939

(She should be looked into though sure she has some milky history)

Why did she make an onlyfans only to then close it?

No. 1113942

this whole thing reads like some kind of weird vendetta fan fiction but the fact that he saw this so soon after it was posted really makes me think it's just him self posting or one of his friends and he was already aware/involved in it. I feel like after the samememe thing ended up getting attention on twitter (which this DSA racist guy was also tweeting about) more of them became aware of this thread and people have been trying their hardest to get posted here or just posting themselves here like that juicepet girl and her reply guys, that bimbo girl, this guy etc

Anyway speaking of samememe I wonder if he's actually gone for good, and if he does end up coming back I wonder if he'll address anything or just pretend it never happened.

No. 1113964

anything on the eve 6 guy?? don't even follow him but his lame, unfunny posts are now always in my feed. eve 6 were before my time, where they actually big?

No. 1113973

File: 1608791307374.jpeg (95.87 KB, 474x332, 49D3524E-B371-424E-8D5D-CFB5F0…)

Kek rounsaville found the thread and posted a screenshot of the post calling her a fed. Peep the “now”. Whoever said her and her friends are posting here is probably right

No. 1113974

I don’t get why she would post this incel tier take about herself but I agree the timing of the screenshot is weird. She said someone sent it to her on discord.

No. 1113979

none of you ever talk about liz franczak but she’s neck deep in all this shit

she’s just far better at keeping her associations secret and flying under the radar

No. 1113980

They had one big hit back in 1998, vid related. No idea if it's still an actual band or just the frontman/songwriter posting, but his twitter feed is strangely needy and depressing.

No. 1113981


What's Kant got on her?

No. 1113983

God, how do these women want to appear smart so badly but aren't willing to put in any effort into their boring tepid takes, it's always the exact same generic shit

No. 1113991

Are you kidding, these people are all in our sphere, the thread is has always been about lefthots and their connections to literal nazis

No. 1113993

The levels of selfposting in these threads are off the charts, not even the anas and the egirls/eboys selfpost this much. They're more desperate for clout than teenage girls.

No. 1113997


This is simply not true, it was about roasting cows for their cringe attempts at gaining attention through psuedoleftism. Some but not all end up in the camp you're describing

No. 1114028

Anon but it's a fact that intelligence agencies are all over social media and absolutely do try to gain influence via embarassing small edgelord "thought leaders".

No. 1114054

The posting about podcasts and calling Ashley seems like she's doing a humiliation dom thing with him, or he's doing it to himself not sure how much she's encouraging it.

No. 1114060

These people are very very extremely online and will most likely spend days talking about this till they move onto some other form of non drama to chase clout with.

No. 1114064

She closed it when her nudes got leaked or something.

No. 1114170

honestly this is the funniest part to me. As that other anon pointed out the losers on kiwifarms can do this shit in like 5 minutes and have actually been raided by the feds for all the things they do. The average cia/fbi agent cares more about kiwifarms autist than any of these leftcels. all this "they are cia" shit that they are posting on each other in this thread really shows what massive delusional narcs they are.

No. 1114289

lmao I was at university with Tash Lennard. She used to date an anarchist guy who convinced her to let him have an open relationship and he gave her an STD, that's how she got into politics.

No. 1114313

They really do think they're that important. Don't hurt their feefees!
I love it how people are pointing out how easy it is for a literal who to dox a cow simply because they're extremely online, but nah it's the definitely feds, no doubt. How delusional.

No. 1114325

is the eve 6 guy's wife ok with him obsessing posting about a mentally ill podcaster he met thru twitter?

No. 1114389

His frequency of tweets and the desperate tone suggests that they might be separated but idk.
>guysss remember my 22 year old song??? also stan a hypochondriac cocaine catholic and a haunted aussie mop they're great

No. 1114393

No. 1114397

File: 1608851863206.png (65.91 KB, 726x485, cap.png)

he shows a cap of his response in the replies here, wonder if mods could reveal his post history for us >>1113759

No. 1114417

That would be golden if it turns out he's trying to start drama about himself

No. 1114422

Congratulations on not fucking, literal who. What an incredible accomplishment.

No. 1114467

File: 1608857691875.jpeg (137.68 KB, 1242x319, 12035FDA-B6C3-4AAC-86E8-14648A…)

If he didn’t write it one of the other people mentioned in it definitely did. I think these people are just so desperate for attention they’re trying to self post themselves into being the next samememe and fill the void he left as the object of these threads hatred.

No. 1114471

her dad was a math professor, the most gov connection he had was working for a public university in new jersey before he died of a heart attack

No. 1114478

Lol this is so funny! You should be a comedian.

No. 1114484

They couldn't help but defend BAP and show their hand. They're all just trying to fuck with kantbot and the other people mentioned but are too stupid to pull it off.

No. 1114485

Leftist men on twitter really are so consistently the least funny people on earth

No. 1114510


Not really. Liz Franczak was promoting Aimee Terese for years now.

What’s ironic is that Liz & Brace Belden have never brought their pals David Slavic & Heidi Matthews on to explain why they think pedophilia should be legalized.

No. 1114512

seconding this, mods we need to see it

No. 1114521

I don't think even Red Scare likes Heidi anymore, only Aimee. Don't think anyone liked her or is friends with her to begin with she just had an agent booking her on the podcast circuit a few years ago. Heidi's too much of a loser with her cringe husband.
Speaking of, Aimee has a guy who was fired by the Trump admin for going to a white nationalist conference on her pod today.

No. 1114523

File: 1608865974549.jpeg (231.56 KB, 640x633, 40135C27-7A8D-4A7B-8E8A-181A9C…)

This is about as "mask off" as either of them have gotten up to this point

No. 1114525

Aimee started following heidi and husband, wonder what they made of her dragging of the legacy of the late Michael Brooks.

No. 1114526

File: 1608866280628.png (205.17 KB, 596x588, Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 12.5…)

Interesting way for Anna to announce she wasn't already a patron.
Here's his take on the woman who wrote about him

No. 1114527

If Anna's getting money from Peter Thiel then why does she live in a piece of shit apartment. Is part of the deal of these kind of things to not flaunt money?

No. 1114530

I think you are forgetting about how spoiled and out of touch these left thots are. Her piece of shit apartment is still way more expensive than like 90% everywhere else in America. Honestly why don't they just move its not like they need to live in nyc but they are always complaining about it.

No. 1114542

This is why the left can't meme, it's these guys who try to create shut from templates, but underneath it all is projection and tons of salt.

No. 1114546

lol you sound insane

No. 1114549

She isn’t getting money from Thiel. Idk why anyone is taking anything kantbot says seriously.

No. 1114551

For some reason no matter how unfunny they are they all think they should try and be comedians like not everyone has to try and make jokes! That tweet from Ashley about beauty standards being messed up because of ugly people like each others selfies, I feel like it’s also true for the standards of what passes as comedy bc of the least funny men ever constantly encouraging each other on twitter.

No. 1114552

KB hasn't even accused Anna, people just think she is because she sides with loser twitter people like Aimee over real life friends like Amber but she could easily just be that braindead from twitter.

No. 1114553

I don't like or trust kant bot but it's obviously the people who are mad at him trying to stir up gossip here.

No. 1114558

File: 1608872394696.png (710.93 KB, 729x751, aimeechristmas.png)


No. 1114561

I’m so curious to know what happened to her that lead to her becoming this way

No. 1114563

Photoshopping a meme version of yourself into something really is cringe.

Even Anna Slatz stopped this with the new account.

No. 1114580

Male humor is not rooted in genuine wit, it's simply a means for betas to test the pecking order without consequences. That's why they gas each other up and force memes.

No. 1114581

She really does see herself as this big boobs no ass tanning bed redneck Stacy from early 00s kek
BPD = ED + drug abuse

No. 1114593


Is there anything uniquely grotesque about David Slavic besides standing by his even more disturbing wife Heidi Matthews?

And nurturing Terese, & Khachiyan, & Franczak.

And, grifting with Michael Brooks.

No. 1114600

Michael brooks was no grifter, he was very honest.

No. 1114638


Not only was Michael Brooks a grifter who employed a pro-pedo, pickme groomer creep, but he ran interference to protect Aimee from criticism.

No. 1114780

hi aimee

No. 1114794

File: 1608918595293.png (2.77 MB, 1657x2048, Screenshot_20201225-184050.png)

does bimboubermensch_whatever recycleposts (thread of this Tinder screenshot was posted on redscarepod sub recently)

No. 1114799


I don’t know if you noticed this, but I think the fact that Brooks protected Aimee—and employed or promoted her homies like David Slavic, Adolph Reed, and Liz Franczak—is a bad thing.

No. 1114802

Are you the schizo anarchist "throw a vegan milkshake at Dasha and Anna" guy? He's the only one who cares about Heidi or her husband and obsessively linking people no one cares about.

No. 1114811

File: 1608920663301.png (151.16 KB, 1280x544, Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 1.21…)

You're the freak who would post things like this all the time on twitter and would irl stalk the Red Scare hosts. Did twitter finally ban you? "trypticone" is their now suspended account so you can't see what this tweet is replying to but looks like the same things getting spammed here.

No. 1114813

File: 1608920834156.png (193.79 KB, 1288x1074, Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 1.26…)

No. 1114860

File: 1608928471514.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.84 KB, 1100x1600, EqG_D2PUYAAtcR5.jpg)


No. 1114869

Yes, correct, "whoa" IS a word we say to horses.

No. 1114874

Why the fuck is this fake slut being spammed everywhere ?

No. 1114901

>The divided self
Is this like, the book cluster B cumcels read to learn how to LARP as based schizoids?

No. 1114908


Sort of. It's main argument is that schizophrenia (and other psychotic conditions) are a result of excessive friction between our real inner and false/performative outer lives, and those who can't balance them (due more to familial/social pressures than anything biological or personal) end up going crazy, and some case studies are used to explain this.
Despite its popularity I dont think it has any serious weight in academic or scientific circles today (except maybe don't treat your patients like shit, which was apparently standard practice when it was written), since it was also a core-text in the antipsychiatry movement (which is why it would appeal to RS types. I think it's also one of the most famous (though likely not the first) books that takes the "dude, what if, like, crazy people are sane, and we're the ones who are crazy?" route.

Sage for ot.

No. 1114930

How is she fake tho?

No. 1114937

is anyone on twitter even making hay over aimee having a literal white nationalist on her podcast and anna promoting it, or is it all so passe at this point that no one cares

No. 1114940

File: 1608938956232.png (122.39 KB, 605x492, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 9.25…)

Sandra Soliman fashion model very quick to promote it, in a very authentic way

No. 1114967

>those back dimples
damn, I'm gonna coom(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1115000

The book is 60 years old and was written before the neurobiology of schizophrenia was even beginning to be understood. Laing was talking about addressing schizophrenia specifically in the book. Some of what he talks about in terms of therapeutic acknowledgment of the shit world we live in is helpful, but most of what he has to say has been completely deprecated by science. People with schizophrenia have brain differences, they’re not “saner than the rest of us.”

No. 1115002

You are just wrong if you think a crap room in a shit apartment in NYC costs the world. I'm the anon with the krämergeist-agenda and I'd bet money that Anna's room doesn't cost more than 1000$ per month tops. Which might be a lot for other parts of the US but isn't for many other expensive cities in the world, and it's also not expensive if you earn as much as she does. She could get far less degrading and more age-appropriate rooms in shared apts in NYC if she would be willing to pay +800 in rent. Which is why I'm convinced she stays in that college dorm tier apt because she's a cheapskate

No. 1115010

Okay anna we get it your so poor even though your podcast makes 30,000 a month.

No. 1115013


Oh for sure, I didn't mean my post to come across as praise or approval of the book, I know it is basically junk "science" that has been completely stomped by advances made in neuroscience and psychology. Laing's concern for the ethical treatment of patients is the only thing that makes the book worthwhile today.
Given some of these leftthots' "women can't be autistic" bullshit, it doesn't surprise me that some of them would latch onto such a work as this for an "outsider perspective" or something.

No. 1115037

15k per person. Not saying she’s poor by any means, but somewhere like nyc, 15k a month is not much money with what she does. She travels and stays in nice hotels, she wants people to believe her boyfriend is covering all of it because of the trad breadwinner thing but I doubt it. Think of the cost of the hotels, food, transportation and the splurging on fashion and restaurants. When you add all that up, it makes sense why she is living with roommates in a dumpy place

No. 1115060

>it was also a core-text in the antipsychiatry movement (which is why it would appeal to RS types
Most Scare Thots just say they hate psychiatry because it sounds cool and it lets them ignore that they're awful Clusterbees. After lurking at the main sub and the girls and gays sub for as long as I have, I estimate that probably at least 70% of the listeners of the pod are on antidepressants or mood stabilizers or benzos, and regularly attend therapy. It's interesting how they love to make shallow criticisms of things while still completely engaging in them and lending them validity. They do this with everything.

No. 1115062

>she's addicted to spending money on stupid bullshit so it's completely fine that she lives in this dumpy place, it makes total sense

No. 1115066

Samefag sperg from >>1115060 but, thinking that women can't be autistic isn't anti-psychiatry. They still think autism is a legitimate diagnosis, but only for men.

No. 1115081

autism is a neurological diagnosis, not a psychiatric diagnosis

No. 1115098

Lmao she's 50/50 at best and actively boxing Eli at worst. Gimps like her, Paglia and that other bald MRA chick have this weird brand of nuthugging in which they're basically overprotective Christian "muh war on boys" moms but the mentality extends towards all men. They glorify the "alpha male" nonsense while simultaneously emasculating men by being overbearing, overprotective and denying male agency.

No. 1115100

*buxing kek

No. 1115107

Whether it’s fine or not isn't the point, she simply doesn’t make enough money to be traveling multiple times a year and all the other stuff while also paying rent for a nice place in nyc. She probably knows the podcast could go south at any time too so she is saving or investing some for the future

No. 1115112

They’re 50/50. Anna just wants people to think she’s buxing him because it fits more
into her wannabe-trad persona. If
Eli had the money to pay for her life, he probably wouldn’t be dating her

No. 1115121

Reminds me of anons over at the shoeonhead thread marveling at her being broke despite living with parents and dressing from aliexpress. Very few mentally ill tubethots/podthots actually end up wealthy despite their obscene incomes, anon. It's like drug money, it just doesn't stay.

No. 1115134

Dunno where you have been for the past 10 months but people have been very limited in travelling and staying at hotels, and Anna was doing a lot more travelling when she was making a lot less from the pod

Obviously she's not stinking rich either but there's no way she can't afford a better place lol

No. 1115135

If rent was so expensive, how could unemployable roommate afford it and if place was such a dump why would they keep living there ?
When they did move it was in the same building.
Looks fine in all their pictures.

No. 1115139

Dasha blocked Kantbot

No. 1115141

how do u know?

No. 1115144

No. 1115151

No. 1115156

>what is an imageboard

No. 1115157

i don't know you tell me

No. 1115160

File: 1608972013836.png (39.83 KB, 459x181, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 1.20…)

No. 1115161

File: 1608972178522.png (36.26 KB, 563x176, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 6.38…)

No. 1115166

I remember lexa subtweeting Anna and her "women can't have autism" autism. Her actual relationship with scarethots is kinda interesting.

No. 1115194

Completely clueless cope from anons itt, 15k a month is a lot for 30 somethings without children from an artsy/humanities background in nyc, you can live splendid on that and still save money. Just go look up craig's list for rentals in manhattan ffs, plenty of cool shared apts from 1800 upwards per month.

No. 1115236

What does have an art or humanities background have to do with that? You sound like a retard

No. 1115271

She's amoral like the rest of them. It's all about who gives her positive attention. If samememe hadn't raped her she'd still be friends with him now.

No. 1115327

>>15k a month is not much money if you live in NYC and want to stay in nice hotels

15m a month is not much money either if you live in Atherton and want to maintain a private jet.

No. 1115475

yeah can’t believe this whore is so shallow as to not be friends with someone just because he raped her

No. 1115477

cool reading comprehension retard

No. 1115479

Autism in the DSM and diagnosed by psychaitrists.

No. 1115486

did anyone see lexaprofessional and warmtoned piling on some girl for a one off comment about clothes?

No. 1115498

dumb as fuck lol french revolutionaries were literally genociding peasants

No. 1115508

as if they give a shit about peasants now lol all of these people are upper middle class and try to act like they're not it's so revealing

No. 1115512

wtf are they teaching you people in american schools? In the French revolution peasants revolted against the rich for ownership of the lands they worked on but did not own.

No. 1115518

Please google 'War in the Vendée', your knowledge on the topic is elementary.

No. 1115519

oh god not back to fighting over stupid political shit zzzzz you theorycels have ruined 2 threads now

No. 1115520

That is not what is taught in American schools. Don't forget kanbot and all of his /pol/ tards are in these threads now. And whenever you point how pretty much every major academic publication disagrees with there dumbass opinions they will start going on a mini-rant about how facts are Jewish and Marxist >>1113451

No. 1115526

twitter moment

No. 1115543

honestly I don't blame her. He clearly has some insufferable combination of bpd and autism and the way he interacts with people is embarrassing.

No. 1115550

I saw Lexa's reply to that earlier, they all have huge egos. Any run of the mill pam anderson lookalike is more valued by men so they resort to pretnetious taste to boast aboutt.

No. 1115555

Link or screen cap pls

No. 1115569

he's literally jewish

No. 1115573

and he's "literally" a white nationalist who speaks at their conferences and was initially fired from the Trump admin for doing so. the VP of the Confederacy was Jewish, American political dynamics are not directly analogous to Europe

No. 1115578

Posted link as is 2 minutes of Aimee talk

No. 1115586

Does anyone on here have a What's Left Patreon RSS link?

No. 1115589

File: 1609030986851.png (34.57 KB, 863x161, cucks.png)


No. 1115593


girl who retweeted initially said a lot of people messaged her shit talking this group about being bullies.

No. 1115607

is longjumpingrow9 caroline (@as_a_woman)?

No. 1115615

ten minutes into the latest "Not Really Art Deco", Paul and Patrik shade Ben for starting the pod with Glenn and basically call him a sell out. what is the story behind this beef? imagine being in your 40s and being so threatened by a harmless 25 year old from the midwest just cause he got a new gig

No. 1115617

are ben mora and dan allegretto fucking btw? they spent christmas together

No. 1115618

Patrik having the gall to call anyone else a sell-out…look in the mirror hunny

No. 1115620


Damnit anon, just give us a screen shot, this isn't a scavenger hunt.

No. 1115621

Now it’s deleted oh my god its an imageboard post screenshots

No. 1115628

File: 1609037087198.png (131.31 KB, 1487x745, Screenshot 2020-12-26 214415.p…)

No. 1115629

I feel like the original post made it seem like they were really attacking this girl but tbh saying 'why are you being mean on Christmas' is pretty light hearted

No. 1115634

File: 1609038068231.png (254.21 KB, 1202x1148, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 7.00…)


girl who retweeted initially said a lot of people messaged her shit talking this group about being bullies. >>1115629
it evolved into this

No. 1115635

File: 1609038200569.png (325.73 KB, 1182x1082, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 7.02…)

this is also mentioning some drama with this girl libertad and someone named kendra

No. 1115636

File: 1609038295192.png (1.03 MB, 1204x1268, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 7.04…)

the libertad girl apparently wasn't even insulting @warmtoned it was badly phrased

No. 1115637

What else did Patrik say? I always wonder why Patrik is so very online when he seems to have an actual career and do somewhat more relevant work.

No. 1115639

I remember Patrik got into it with Ben about "gay language" or some bullshit like that on Twitter a couples months ago, but Patrik strikes me as a total bitch. Paul seemed/seems to like Ben, so from his end it was probably a throwaway comment. I wonder what prompted this beef.

No. 1115642

this is so passive aggressive how do you not interpret this as an insult

No. 1115644

warmtoned's wardrobe and makeup palette is literally "50 shades of feces" brown/beige nightmare from the kardashian corner of instagram

No. 1115646

don't forget she hates the kardashians (probably because she thinks they're fat)

No. 1115647

File: 1609039241762.png (350.75 KB, 934x1286, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 7.20…)

This is what warmtoned was referring to I think, the fight this girl had with one of her friends.

No. 1115648

File: 1609039346929.png (629.57 KB, 948x1152, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 7.07…)

i wonder which of warmtoneds friends is anonymously shit talking her in this girls mentions aside from the one that she posted here

No. 1115649

this group is so irrelevant and boring, arent they only vaguely associated with some of the red scare girls friends? or friends with annie?

No. 1115651

Anyone who self describes as seeing love and abundance in everything is psychotic. no praise for anna and dasha but at least they don't act this high and mighty when theyre in the wrong.

No. 1115652

quote tweeting someone with some passive aggressive remark, pretending it wasn't an insult when they call you out, and then complaining about how they just want to see the worst in people unlike you who see's 'love and abundance in everything' is very cowish. Idk these people so maybe they are bullies but in this specific situation I don't feel like they're in the wrong.

No. 1115656

agreed this is just like, sorry but how was warmtoned and her tumblr evacuee friends supposed to take that? someone said she used the word but where she meant and but that doesn't make sense given that just from scrolling her tweets she doesn't seem to make that error or comparable errors if english isn't her first language which it seems to be/she's obviously fluent and not bilingual/bad at english like someone tried to say

No. 1115658

File: 1609040989079.jpeg (218.59 KB, 748x996, 685904E5-2195-42FC-953D-EF5088…)

It’s hilarious how these girls talk like megan fox mean-hot girls when they look like this

No. 1115659

she's like a deformed amalgam of lexaprofessional and doinkpatrol

No. 1115662

Is the idea that people in the liberal arts are generally broke new to you?

No. 1115665

File: 1609041852499.jpeg (149.22 KB, 750x928, EpNLDM4XcBQEQXX.jpeg)

this internetkendra bitch really has the audacity to compare herself to nicole kidman in her prime?????? deLUSIONAL. a literal clown

No. 1115666

literally she has the most basic face yet that style is not doing her any favors, this is what happens when you want to be unique! also just from her pics she is not even particularly skinny

No. 1115667

What? I think this is a troon

No. 1115668

File: 1609042145859.png (278.02 KB, 960x1158, internet loser fights.png)

No. 1115669

don't forget that she sees herself as some kind of an ingenue uwu nymphet when she looks 45, also the fact that the very first mention of her in these threads was a self post kek

No. 1115670

theyre both annoying. kendra is obsessed with being thin so no wonder warmtoned was already hating libertad, warmtoned hates fat people. i looked at her page once when anna liked a tweet of hers about fashion and it was all about how tiny she is and she's not even actually that thin at all by real standards. neither is this kendra broad.

No. 1115671

which self post? her boyfriend is friends with a bunch of media people. isn't that her claim to any relevancy beyond making moodboards for pretend vegans who wear fur?

No. 1115673

the psyche behind these pretned nymphets uwu is baffling, no depth. shasti was annie's skinwalker but these types are a dime a dozen among vaguely e leftist thots.

No. 1115675

they all read here, incoming tweets about women "hating on them" by saying they glamorize eating disorders in 3…

No. 1115676

learn to sage libertad(hi cow)

No. 1115679

File: 1609043402308.jpeg (77.9 KB, 828x1472, 6C225D1F-D106-4F39-9603-C879C7…)

These ugly art hoes with lunch meat skins are killing me kek

No. 1115693

everything in that image is gross

No. 1115710

looks like an annoying jewish boy

No. 1115713

What is up with the blatant fat-phobia gross

No. 1115716

File: 1609050512855.jpeg (146.97 KB, 828x1231, D4C4BE1A-85E8-4BAA-82D8-06A494…)

libertad is especially annoying i’ve seen her social retardation multiple times without ever following her

No. 1115720

it was something like "warmtoned is one of the cool people in post-left twitter" at the end of the first thread, she also chimped in like the third or fourth one because her attention whoring got her dragged here kek

No. 1115723

Dunno but she's one of the few Reddit posters I can recognize and she seems to exceptionally invested in the RS extended universe drama. Not that I'm judging, but yeah

No. 1115735

Her voice is so much more… youthful than I expected. Now I can't tell if she's just super busted and looks 20 years older than she actually is or if her voice is high pitched the same way old ladies' voices get high pitched

No. 1115736

It’s def passive aggressive but why does warmtoned feel the need to interact with her and make it a bigger thing, just mute her or something

No. 1115742

This is why these smol anachan type women all come off like lesbians. If they’re attracted to men why do they try to appeal to other women online with their fashion and body types? Very strange behavior for “straight” women, especially past age 25.

No. 1115743

God, that’s hilarious. She looks like a frumpy 40 year old middle-school teacher and those glasses are awful. Ugly bitch, lmao.

No. 1115746

Isn’t she like 30? Not very old. She just looks older because of drug abuse and anorexia. Wearing wigs like automatically makes people looks more unhinged too

No. 1115748

She literally self posted here once these threads became known to scarethots so she too could be a victim of what she perceives as internet paparazzi. Warmtoned desperately wants to be a victim of "jealous old fat bitches!!!!!" to feed her self-image as a smol socialist cottagecore instathot steppe lolita. Her bovine vagina drips in eager anticipation every time she sees a tweet that can be twisted into this narrative, however far fetched.

Truthfully I'd be surprised if she didn't try to sell that comment as some JEALUS UGLY WITE BITCH coming at her sophisticated ASOS lewks. I'd say she's an underrated cow.

No. 1115749

It's similar to the other pressing question, anon: if pickmes are attracted to men, why do they do the exact opposite of what actually gets men to simp for women? It's like Anna and her mullet: a cope.

No. 1115751

That's so funny, but I didn't know she was into the whole steppe thing. She's indian right? At least she's not always exploiting her culture or super into idpol like libertad who basically thrives off of praising her own features/self and dragging random girls. I don't know what kind of so called "immigrant" moms they have because any self respecting immigrant mother would stop her children from attention whoring and clout chasing on the internet.

No. 1115752

She's an attention seeker with a bunch of fake seeming friends. Their always all fawning over each other it's so cringy and embarrassing. Like a sorority full of mediocre girls who have to hype each other up by appealing to niche women interests, though in this case rather unoriginally it seems the interests are Prada and Belgian designers.

No. 1115754

File: 1609057368921.png (100.31 KB, 1198x514, libtad.png)


they always reveal to be like this

No. 1115755

I remember when she was a passing mention in like 2 posts in one thread here. She then had a performative twitter meltdown about how cruelly harassed she is by jealous haters and how hard it is to be a celebrity when nobody here even knew or cared who she was.

>mfw there is no real scarethot milk so her eternal wish of being actually dragged on lolcow finally came true

No. 1115756

Girls like her and warmtoned and their group of "uwu tiny nymphet delicate doll who's too good for Céline in 2020 with 30+ year old boyfriend" are always boasting about their appearances and are also especially rude to anyone they perceive to be physically inferior with whichever standards they decide for that day. Kendra I think tweeted about how being 150lbs is terrible for her but alright for her friends.

No. 1115757

who cares if they think being 150lbs is a death sentence. @warmtoned and @P00DI3PI3 said transphobic things not so long ago and got so butthurt when called out. Hardly anyone else who was a red scare e-thot thing defended them then.

No. 1115760

anyone else thinking the sinking thread quality directly corresponds to these peoples mounting irrelevancy?

No. 1115762

File: 1609059382927.jpeg (721.68 KB, 1125x1100, 590D3445-E017-4C34-A52E-A98A6A…)

She’s also not really got a good body or that cute of a face so it’s bizarre to me she’s so conceited. Her limbs look very skinny yet her midsection looks wide with no defined waist, which is unfortunately a pretty common body type for South Asian women. You’d think she’d be prettier given how full of shit she is.

No. 1115766

So many troops are obsessed with being skinny. Major league cope

No. 1115767

Like Dasha, also way too old to pull off dressing like a schoolgirl (not exactly in this photo but this style of skirt really looks acceptable on people who would need a school uniform).

No. 1115769

go back to the twitter hellhole you came from

No. 1115770

File: 1609060106862.gif (2.99 MB, 474x498, tenor.gif)

>the meth addict legs with swollen, wrinkly knees
>the aliexpress tier geriatric lolita lewk
>the "just ate ass" lipstick and liner
>literally everything is pooptoned

No. 1115773

kind of, I think also that the threads are too well known within the community they're focused on so we have a problem with self/vendetta posting now. Also the most milky & antagonistic people from previous threads ended up themselves being extremely fragile and unable to take being made fun of so there's less content from them (samememe/jack/anna leaving reddit etc)

No. 1115775

Looking for the screencap of her self describing herself as looking like Sharon Tate if anyone has it or if she deleted it.

No. 1115776

kek. Now I see why the other girl was saying "soft recessive jaw".

She looks like a 40+yo art teacher who always smells faintly like cat pee.

No. 1115777

33rd birthday coming up

No. 1115778

File: 1609061967951.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1918, 69936182-D91E-440C-9A22-9CD297…)

Absolutely unreal how delusional these girls are. Thinking you look like this when you actually look like someone’s grumpy Sri-Lankan mother has to be some form of mental retardation.

No. 1115780


To me as a tinfoil, the recent leak about that j arthur bloom doxxing circle was a small magic moment though

No. 1115785

jesus christ the last 100 posts have been some of the dumbest irrelevant shit i've ever seen. fuck off with the selfposting and samefagging

No. 1115788

anorexia probably made her lose brain volume

No. 1115791

File: 1609067176911.jpeg (352.6 KB, 1536x2048, 9986F24F-D14C-42A7-8F0E-A28DD4…)

She looks like a thin-lipped Anna

No. 1115792

This weird body stance is favored by all the hipless and square waists, it’s like an attempt to fake curves. Any woman who does this secretly wants Kim K’s hips

No. 1115796

I always forget Kim K has wide hips because of her BBL which gives her strange proportions (huge ass and narrower hips and thinner thighs)

No. 1115797

How do you manage to overline your lips this badly and have them still look thin?(Nitpicking)

No. 1115799

this is just… sad

No. 1115800

why would a bunch of 25+ yos care this much about what sone rando online has to say about theyre outfit

No. 1115805

what in the last 100 posts looked like a selfpost? some of you have schizophrenia

No. 1115884

Honestly congrats to this guy for passing, it's probably hard to look decent when you start HRT at a late age

No. 1115891

i for one am glad that there is new uwu smol bean discussion

No. 1115914

taking cues from the annie playbook on schrodinger's top lip

No. 1115956

lol the og girl must be mentally retarded if she really thinks people were being rude for no reason.. she worded her tweet extremely poorly and i understand why people were leaving rude replies. you truly would have to go out of your way to interpret it as a positive tweet. she should accept that she fucked up the sentence structure and move on

No. 1115961

File: 1609094006074.png (2.67 MB, 2234x1260, Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 12.3…)

All of these women in the same social circle are honestly hideous. I don't even have anything against ugly women and I honestly wouldn't have noticed it if they weren't constantly barking about how hot they are. I followed some of them for a minute and had to unfollow when I got tired of them arguing with other girls and using their "hotness" as a winning strategy.

No. 1115993

Who's the hottest leftist thot?

No. 1116007

lmao at the crooked nose and the pooptoned lips, tru angelic lolita

No. 1116009

her avi with that filter is catfish territory lol

No. 1116031

too good for céline as if they could afford it ! kendra tweets about how play is passé even though she used to wear it

No. 1116035

nta and not defending warmtoned but why would anyone self post on here i love attention to a certain degree but not when people are so obviously directing vitriol towards me

No. 1116045

Wasn’t expecting to see porngum on here but I was surprised how hideous she was when she’s allegedly rich (right? All her friends are rich), is she even a lefthot? Her friend Jamie seems like an actual trump fan (he’s pretty funny though ngl)

No. 1116048

Nice Freudian slip warmtone also if you are going to keep self posting can you atleast give us milk on everyone else.(hi cow)

No. 1116051

lmao im not warmtoned u retard
im speaking for myself but nice try

No. 1116054

if we’re accusing people of self posting then okay, shasti!(hi cow)

No. 1116056

No. 1116057

I don't think most of the girls being discussed currently are 'lefthots' beyond being friends/mutuals with people in that social circle. I think people are gossiping about them here bc a lot of people do dislike them and whatever weird act they put on, but prior to this thread there wasn't a place to discuss it. Majority of their tweets are non-political tbh

No. 1116068

Yeah, I was under the impression PG was just a right winger. But a lot in this circle like Tara and Crustard are too, so it makes sense. She looks rough.

No. 1116069

Yea as soon as the first thread popped up I kind of knew eventually “twitter” people will start being discussed eventually.

No. 1116086

Me too but I don't really mind it. It's slightly relevant to the main topic and the thread would be slow otherwise, plus everyone's really good at saging so it's not annoying.
Actual lefthots are surprisingly boring outside of their mandatory 2 scandals per year.

No. 1116100

Napoleon Dynamite 2

No. 1116108

it started with that fat gay nazi guy. this thread is just "twitter users with pepe replyguys" now. this is not a complaint, someone leak fat boo pictures.

No. 1116127

because all the other scarethots and their orbit are being talked about, hoes feel left out

No. 1116129

they are "anti woke" berniefags who whine about their student loans and neoliberalism, the definition of lefthot

No. 1116144

>anti woke berniefag
I think that's an oxymoron, anon.

No. 1116152

so is "anti-woke leftism" yet literally all "feminism is cancer" chapos are berniefags

No. 1116163


can you elaborate on franczak's associations?

No. 1116174

Redscarepod too is infested with jealous seething 'socialists' who want their student debt forgiven and anything else that will benefit them and are sick of all this 'woke ' stuff that doesn't serve their interests

No. 1116180

berncels: why did we bail out the banks in 2008! obama bad! democratic plantation!
also berncels: minimum wage uneducated workers must bail out aspiring noise musicians from brooklyn(no1curr)

No. 1116182

File: 1609111474843.jpeg (345.04 KB, 640x853, E04C5290-9932-44BC-8427-5B9C28…)

Liz Bruenig goes full Richard Spencer, condemns the melting pot, implicitly endorses a white ethnostate

No. 1116183

can you make another thread for all this political shit, this is for gossip

No. 1116184

bruenig derangement sydnrome

No. 1116187

yeah the person constantly derailing by trying to get into political arguments with everyone needs to get banned, its ruined the past 2 threads

No. 1116188

it's not just one person, there are waves of twitter fags that find this thread every day. just report their posts and mods/jannies will get to it sooner

No. 1116189

literally a richard spencer talking point, but go off.

No. 1116191

her parents are(were?) involved in hollywood. her dad was pretty high up in a big studio (i think her mom was just a set designer or something, but still, involved.) through that she had connections to work in fashion (she admits this much.) there's also her kantbot connection which is weird. basically, when kantbots last podcast blew up, he was saying he was gonna go public about alt right links to "neocon" or "jewish" or whatever funding of various "alt right" people would cause controversy. the weird thing was that he was saying he would only do it without liz. take from that what you will. according to this thread kantbot is funded by neocons, so i guess liz crypto wolfowitz doctrinist confirmed. it didnt go anywhere but he still tweets how they should have him on to discuss how BAP is a fed or something. someone dm red kahina, get her on the case.

No. 1116192

is 'honked up' a think people say or did she just make it up?

No. 1116194

*with liz

No. 1116201

Kahina used to tweet about Brace when he was in Syria all the time but she's barely talked about him or True Anon since for some reason. Maybe her Playboy TV exec dad knew Epstein? It's weird KB called out Liz F specifically since wasn't she supposed to go on his show and do a q+a with him that was cancelled because of covid? Maybe he's bitter she hasn't had him on her podcast because he just wants to bump his patreon numbers and doesn't really care about "exposing" people.

No. 1116224

kantbot seems to be on relatively good terms with liz and brace, at least when compared to the redscare girls or matt christman. for the podcast bump is likely, but i dont see it being out of the realm of possibility that liz has at least doxx of people kantbot wants made public.

No. 1116227


kek you know this thread is full of anons from the same social circle because every time someone points out the hypocrisy of middle class failsons prioritizing stimulus checks over extended UI and Ivy league student loan forgiveness over property tax school funding inequality they start wining about things getting too political.

No. 1116228

where did you hear that they were hollywood/fashion people? did she say it on trueanon? previous threads said her mother is a writer/teacher and Franczak's grandfather was a military intelligence officer called Walter Bjorneby https://memorials.adamsonchapels.com/Bjorneby-Walter/2662433/obituary.php but I can't really find anything online that links her with them other than random listings of living at the same address in San Fran. the mother has lots of active social media profiles but has never interacted with Liz or mentioned having children

No. 1116234

no people complain because this is a gossip imageboard and derailing about politics is against the site rules and ruins the threads

No. 1116239

literally go back to reddit, you don't get the purpose of this site

No. 1116240

File: 1609114417912.png (303.22 KB, 584x438, kbultra0.png)

This is still his pinned tweet and Liz F has yet to go on his podcast (or maybe the episode was shelved at Liz's request after she got so much heat for going on TPN?)

No. 1116244

Brace called him a nerd and a loser a couple times back when he was doing the biweekly twitch streams with Liz, Brace dismissed the KB/logo crowd as unserious pseuds, Liz said she felt like an "older sister" to them, that they were naive but still learning. I remember Liz and logo got into a little spat last December over whether or not the Bolshevik Revolution was actually an op on behalf of western capital.

No. 1116250

>"not an ethnicity, or race, not even a nationality, just a bunch of people in some kind of legal arrangment together"
…Is she attempting to mock that idea despite that being exactly what defines a nationality? A person's nationality is defined by what nation-state (a socially-acknowledged land seperated from other socially-acknowledged lands by constructed legally-enforced lines) they reside in. Implying any commonality between humans because they share a nationality, other than that they share a nationality, is profoundly stupid.

No. 1116252

>Brace called him a nerd and a loser
interesting, does brace solely run the trueanon account? or does their producer use it sometimes? because about a month ago it retweeted some kantbot replies to a post it made about the cia links with evola or whatever they're always on about.

No. 1116253

No. 1116254

Brace isn't on twitter, his intern Mehmet from Faroush Zatar media based in Egypt runs the TrueAnon account

No. 1116315

File: 1609125129879.jpeg (153.14 KB, 749x863, 1597703526840.jpeg)

kek who member this

No. 1116324

isnt she in her late twenties and dressing like a 16 year old who is trying to sell a $9 thrift store cami for $120 on Depop? Anything on Yasi? She's like in her mid thirties and friends with all these people in mid twenties with the whole soft uwu vibe.

No. 1116325

you're just a jealous fat old hag!!!!!!

No. 1116356

I thought her bullying phase would phase out when she was older and stopped using tumblr, but nope, still unemployed, entitled, and rude.

No. 1116359

File: 1609129969182.jpeg (314.37 KB, 640x867, 463A18E3-A426-4839-BC1E-8FB8D2…)

she mad

No. 1116362

Is this why so much of scarethot humor comes across as tumblerspeak from 2015? They're all actually from there?

No. 1116381

Murricans are so fucking retarded, you have both american exceptionalism stating that america is different and this weird american universalism stating that the current state of america proves that the modern nation-state is a complete failure across the board as if the rest of the world was no different from the US

>the unfortunate habit of calling them a nation, and thus verbally equating American with German, Chinese, English and the like

Holy shit how is she quoting this "german, chinese, english and the like" as examples of "true" ethnostates when the tweet she QT'd here >>1116182 that she agrees with explicitly says that people from these places are not a single homogenous group? Is she having an a stroke or am I having a stroke? Not to mention the fact that developing and maintaining national identity has always been one of the main issues rulers have had deal with

>Nationalism holds that unity, an organic and inescapable wholeness, precedes and outranks the individual will.

>organic nationalism
I'm dying to see a specimen of such a marvelous animal. She really drank the nazi koolaid to the last drop and then licked the cup clean

No. 1116391

Isn't she a succ? How can you preach succ values and the corresponding denial of human nature while simultaneously spouting evopsych shit like "organic nationalism" (i.e. monke tribalism) lmfao

No. 1116401

File: 1609133421438.png (106.03 KB, 603x490, matt bruenig wignat.png)

This was Matt Bruenig in 2017. I think they're both closet white nationalists in denial. They at least regard the wignat conception of the world as legitimate.

No. 1116420

so they're literally natsocs then

No. 1116421

I do get wignat energy from them but I think this is presenting the two ways the dems deal with race, not the only two and supposedly their vision of socialism would be different and neither of these options. Pretty suspect though.

No. 1116422


Liz Franczak is/was an Aimee Terese Reply Ghoul.

No. 1116423


Hi, Brace(hi cow)

No. 1116441

Projection. I bet she talks shit about younger women, or anyone her age who looks younger than her

No. 1116443

File: 1609142786689.jpeg (350.28 KB, 1096x1820, 41286DD5-0E0A-4041-9CC4-B9EC33…)

She’s like 26/27 and always talks about how her 35 year old boyfriend is so “out of touch” to make her appear younger than she actually is. The funny part is, she’s so naturally unattractive she can’t even bag a decently cute white guy her age, she has to cope with her mediocre older partner. Also, he’s almost middle-aged and just bought her a shitty candle for xmas. At least date an older guy with money, I know men who earn minimum wage who get their girlfriends better presents, kek.

No. 1116451

She looks closer to 35 with the sunken in eyes and dull pallor. Her twitter suggests she’s attention starved with the perpetual “look what I’m doing” shit. Something about her seems really fake. Interesting cow tbh

No. 1116456

I hate this uwu I'm so innocent shit that these bitches always do. You're pushing 30 and you've been around the block, stop acting so naive.

No. 1116460

>the Bolshevik Revolution was actually an op on behalf of western capital

No. 1116469

which is 99.9% of women because bitch aged like Aimee and Anna

No. 1116486

this bitch tweets about how "bitches done fucked up fighting for their right to wagecuck" n talks about her expensive taste but her bf gets her a CANDLE lmao

No. 1116496

My thoughts exactly. There’s something so sweet and delicious about the fact these women will probably never find a guy who will actually want to provide for them or even spoil them even though they’ve curated their whole personality on being ~uwu weak n frail and feminine~. Like $100 on a boring candle for xmas? What a cheap ass, lmfao.

No. 1116501

tbh those candles are actually really nice and the brand that makes them has a really interesting history imo. but I love scented candles and getting them as gifts lmao sorry for the blogpost/sperg

i don’t get how anyone in this circle knows each other but it feels like clones of them multiply each day? not all of the clones follow each other but it’s all the same obsessions with bunnies, lambs, fauns/deer and ballerinas, etc. who originated this “twitter fashion waif” aesthetic. . . is it purely a tumblr-generated thing? I always wonder if these girls’ boyfriends find it weird — which brings to mind those 4chan posts from someone who claims to have seen Annie in public with a guy demanding that he calls her “bunny” and acting bizarrely (he also said that her skin is green or has a greenish tint to it kek). it’s an aesthetic/persona that basically only appeals to girls that are vaguely left wing and possess an interest in fashion and art cultivated via tumblr but “online” enough to be alienated from other women irl. .. or they’re seemingly unable to find community whose interests are similar in real life? not to say that warm toned and co are that but tons of their followers definitely seem like that

No. 1116503

Yeah, but they aren’t really that expensive. They’re okay as like a side gift, but an $100 candle from her middle-aged boyfriend as her Christmas present? That’s broke behaviour.

No. 1116506

She also tweeted about how she hated women who fought for the rights of girls to go to school. Fuck being a responsible person who contributes to society, just be 27 with no goals and ambitions, constantly tweeting about doing drugs and about whichever new ugly and overpriced fashion you’re consooming

No. 1116510

All smol postleft tradwives end up fiftyfiftying with aspiring comedians and that's tea

No. 1116515

Yeah, cause she's one of those downies who couldn't be trusted with not fucking themselves with enormous loans for useless degrees. If only women were banned from getting education in the first place, then smol little steppe bean wouldn't have to deal with this horrible injustice and instead would be catapulted straight into an uwu cottage with smol plants and Celine bags. Obviously it's the fault of something systemic or immutable rather her own personal retardation.

Tradthots and lefthots really do be thinking that if all women were banned from work they'd be married to millionaires by now. But there's a very different reason you're getting a candle for Christmas, pooptoned - if you can't get anyone to bux you now, you sure as fuck wouldn't be able to do it if all women couldn't read.

No. 1116532

File: 1609158812978.png (101.83 KB, 608x532, kb.png)

Kantbot trying his hardest to become Lexa's number one reply guy.

No. 1116582

File: 1609165193225.png (254.44 KB, 1816x749, lolc2.PNG)

Is this lolcow beginning to glow?There's Q stuff being posted on here, see picrel. Also, the obvious glowing q-related twitter account mentioned in picrel is referring to lolcow. Lolcow RIP, I guess.

No. 1116588

File: 1609166183332.png (79.25 KB, 501x388, 542243.png)

report and ignore.

No. 1116601

File: 1609169001736.jpg (62.58 KB, 1242x2208, 133641726_310476956989492_1844…)

looks like samelpan is going to join the brooklyn crowd. how long until she fucks Nick Mullen?

No. 1116603

File: 1609169166343.jpg (344.33 KB, 1150x2048, EqR5nUbWMAEVCR4.jpg)

>"cumtown gf"
>being around these people when she's this fat
I'd be anxiously hoping to get some crumbs of the attention my mutuals are getting too. Another identical clone like >>1116501 described

No. 1116607

you think thats fat? she looks normal.

oh i forgot i was on a pro ana board.

No. 1116610

she seems like a dyke from her tweets, so not likely

No. 1116611

File: 1609169798270.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1380, 32BDB82F-5CE7-450B-B80E-C68EB3…)

Nah, she’s looks like chunky mom from the midwest with no waist. She’s not even a cute fatty, lol.

No. 1116614

Adam Friedland is the one who's more likely to fuck college-aged girls from Twitter. His current girlfriend is some 22 year old from Bennington

No. 1116619

yea if she looks more like this vs >>1116603 she's fat.
PSA to everyone reading: don't mention this board on your public account unless you're ok with being unfairly dissected by anons. although, this girl probably mentioned lolcow just to be posted.

No. 1116632

does anyone have a pic of Adams current gf

No. 1116641

Jesus Christ These women are so shockingly embarrassing. Calling yourself “cumtown gf” should be a crime

No. 1116642

she is stalker level obsessed with Nick and wants to hook up with him

No. 1116646

Worst part: she’s a new mom! I don’t want to judge too harshly because who knows where anyone will be in life when they become a mom, but still. I hope I’m not a part of a circle like this when I finally become one.

No. 1116647

File: 1609173934256.png (726.19 KB, 773x579, Capture.PNG)


No. 1116652

Imagine learning your biological mother is going around calling herself “cumtown gf” while you were alive as an infant. I’d kill myself to ensure an end to the tard genes.

No. 1116653

i hope they call bari their second favorite human beanbag after lena dunham

No. 1116655

I don't think she's tried to get famous or anything from dating him like Dasha or Witten did. If it's not public it's probably because she doesn't want cum town fans stalking and harassing her.

No. 1116657

is she the same asian/chinese girl that nick kept bringing up on the podcast?

No. 1116659

I don't think so, he posted a pic of his dog a while ago with a little bit of her face showing and she looked white.

No. 1116671

File: 1609176488014.jpeg (524.48 KB, 1125x1551, D2BA149F-C8A8-43F9-B798-88A980…)

He seems like her type.

No. 1116681

why do these women brag about treating people like shit/getting treated like shit in return?

No. 1116713

lol i'm surprised no one that knows these girls irl has chimed in yet. they're pretty much just 'tolerated' and nothing more. the funny thing is the claims of fatphobia are literally 100% true. one of our friends created 2 twitters with the same aesthetic/types of tweets but one 'girl' (catfish photo obv) was thin and the other was fat. guess which one Avina followed back immediately lol. It's so obvious and this is coming from someone who doesn't even care about fatphobia.. I'm also biased because i vaguely know her irl and was always thrown off by her internet persona

No. 1116715

lmao this will end well

she was at a bonfire with stav in the summer

No. 1116723

File: 1609182208718.jpeg (447.35 KB, 3222x3222, 264126D3-FD08-401C-B01F-0E0223…)

Not sure if someone pointed this out yet but it appears Caroline and Nick unfollowed each other on Instagram

No. 1116729

What’s she like IRL from what you know? Also, why is she “tolerated” instead of like by people around her? Is it because she’s a bitch just like her internet persona or something else?

No. 1116736

seconding this, how does >>1116713 know her irl and how much of a disconnect is there between her online persona and her irl? i remember someone on annie's pull thread saying that she was grotesque looking irl and acted like a complete sperg

No. 1116746

File: 1609184346303.jpeg (654.87 KB, 2048x2048, EqREIILVEAASmXD.jpeg)

Idk if she really counts as a leftthot but dana donnelly is having a complete meltdown on twitter because people pointed out her $12k oven

No. 1116749

you're telling me we're talking shasti, annie, felina, porngum, tara, etc just because they're annoying???

No. 1116755

felix liked the middle tweet hahahaha

No. 1116771


Def not a leftthot but I thought this was hilarious. She posted a stand-up bit about it where she got the money and it was basically just her disparaging her dead dad. Sad!

No. 1116780

they haven't been following each other for months now, i doubt they even fucked in the first place. caroline probably selfposting here to convince us she did

No. 1116789

she looks how she does online, also she doesn't act weird but there is a disconnect between her irl personality and her online one. the online one obviously doesn't transfer well in-person so it comes across as fake and tryhard? also i know a lot of people find it weird that she's known for being extremely picky with her friends and even online mutuals, yet most of her personality is based off of being a 'sweet girl'. also on the topic of mutuals, she really cares about who she's mutuals with in a super weird way- like she won't follow someone unless they have a large following or they have the exact same personality as her. also if they aren't well-known online they have to be thin lol. overall she's not weird or spergy but ppl are wary of her, at least in my friend group. i've only met her a handful of times. nothing super exciting sorry

No. 1116805

Why do they all look like Lena Dunham

No. 1116807

If I were a man I'd have a stack of these to hand out as "shut up" gifts to all my hoes, which is likely the case here.

No. 1116815

If it was her getting mad, that would be having a meltdown
Posting screenshots of angry jealous losers is not having a meltdown

No. 1116816

No one is jealous of her unless you mean of being rich. She looks really creepy and her comedy style is at least 5 years expired.

No. 1116825

Sorry the instathot you're orbiting wants someone rich

No. 1116828


Because they think it makes them look less like the garbage they are.

No. 1116830

Do you know where you are? What "instathot" anyone is "orbiting"? Do you think you're talking to men?

No. 1116833

File: 1609191877643.jpeg (133.85 KB, 418x400, 400.jpeg)

>rich bitch cries about bread
>is raged at by global elite faggots with anime avatars who cry about shit like neoliberalism, Stacy not texting back, cyberpunk not having enough fps and college loans

That's the joke, right?

No. 1116881

Didn't Samara just get outed for friends with Nick Fuentes? Weird how many of these hags are friends with actual nazis. Sage for blog, and some will say I'm overreacting, but any actual leftist would be putting themselves at grave risk walking into a party full of race-war groypers

No. 1116883

"she" is the worst mod

No. 1116884

she likes anna's tweets all the time. bari has a huge humiliation fetish. hardest i ever laughed at anything the red scare girls have said was when dasha explained how she originally thought bari weiss was a man, mistaking "bari" for "barry."

No. 1116886

no one cares about scarethots or their reddit bitching unless you have milk

No. 1116887

DSA_Racist somehow gets away with being one of the big woke tankie accounts and simultaneously friends with Beardson and a bunch of other alt-right misogynists. Twitter celebs are like the Dems and the GOP, they duke it out on a surface level but they're all friends, across the supposed ideological spectrum, behind closed doors.

No. 1116909

>trump/khachiyan style verbiage ("Sad!")

you have to go back.

No. 1116910

I remember following her long ago on her old account and her & her other friends in Arizona (ultraslut, some guy whos name i forgot, and that lily girl, idk her current @) got canceled in their ostensibly pretty left wing local art/music/party scene because they were all friends with right wing twitter/groyper types and this black girl they knew saw Samara and some others doing that thing where they type out the n word in someone’s mentions one tweet at a time. also her just generally loving attention from racist dudes on the internet lol. her account was already pretty big at the time so she just stopped hanging out with everyone from that scene and kept befriending a bunch of rw twitter people/started dating that shaun guy so idk if I’d even call her a “leftist” tho she’s friends with some ~queer and nonwhite people and onlyfans girls obviously

No. 1116963

File: 1609203210796.png (17.58 KB, 1015x220, 545646245645646.png)

she's really trying. it would implode the pod and really deliver

No. 1116964

would never work over zoom, she'd have to move to manhattan

No. 1116978

File: 1609204682947.png (199.92 KB, 1186x938, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.1…)

are the fedpost guys really rapists? i thought they were more aimee therese reply guys who don't leave the house

No. 1116979

Christ, it's almost comical how every leftist-adjacent twitter "scene" inevitably has to go through a struggle session because one of their e-celebs turns out to be a rapist

No. 1116980

samara loves to be friends with rapists apparently lmao

No. 1116981

One of the guys would brag about secretly removing condoms openly on twitter and was accused of even more stuff. All the people on the pod defended the guy and Sa(m(an)tha) Pritchard guested on the pod post rape accusations.

No. 1116982

File: 1609205056520.png (321.4 KB, 1198x1314, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.2…)

I've found it. they're talking about the "dead posters society", which had like 3 rapists associated with the show. never heard of them but this is funny

apology 1

No. 1116987

Which one of them is it?

No. 1116988

File: 1609205238263.png (682.51 KB, 1188x1788, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.2…)

apology 2, rapists were @ghouldisco and @Citizen_Ugly

No. 1116989

This one>>1116982
, Dead Posters Society, I thought the other post was calling them feds not that Fedpost was another podcast

No. 1117057

File: 1609213291095.png (192.05 KB, 1188x610, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 2.39…)

deanna havas subtweeting aimee (?) for not being right wing enough

No. 1117058

File: 1609213321493.png (150.33 KB, 1196x528, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 2.40…)

part 2

No. 1117061

maybe its about ashley they seem to have all the same wingnat followers but don't follow each other

No. 1117063

how'd her old account get suspended?

No. 1117091

No, we're talking about them because they're all cows and part of the same circle, it's just that not all of them care about politics

Still interesting anon, thank you for sharing

No. 1117093

Anyone know anything about The Drunken Canal?

No. 1117095

Cursory glance, looks like some insular NYC clique shit that demands the rest of the country care about it…twitter acct follows everyone in the red scare extended universe, so there's that

No. 1117097

>>1116825 is probably of the retards on the same circle as that celeb wannabe that keeps selfposting and bragging about "being married at 22" as if we're the cumtown incels they pander to

No. 1117105

Looked at their instagram accounts and some of the people who write for them and they all come off as trust fund 22 year olds. People really do move to New York and dream of living in Girls like they did SATC, and soon Red Scare.

No. 1117119

>but any actual leftist would be putting themselves at grave risk walking into a party full of race-war groypers
Wait, why? Not to WK, it's fucking disgusting to hang out with these people, but I don't see how it's dangerous, it's not like they're literal terrorists

No. 1117123

Not terrorism. They’ll beat you up or pull a knife on you. Maybe not the groypers since they’re mostly online but proud boys aren’t afraid to brawl. But maybe it’s different in other parts of the country

No. 1117127

File: 1609223567916.jpg (61.85 KB, 739x598, postleftchristmas.jpg)

post left stay winning

No. 1117135

The same person behind starterpacksofnyc on Instagram is part of it, https://twitter.com/enfant_cerebral/. Friends of friends of scarethots.

No. 1117138

She has been posting a so not bothered tweet about it on her alt every 30 minutes all day long

No. 1117139

Yeah AZ scenefag here and what I remember was Samara getting blacklisted for being (finally outright) racist towards some well-loved people in the scene and having her groyper twitter fanclub dogpile them and that being enough on top of how annoying she generally was to force her out. She dated a lot of the big “Phoenix” guys and one of them came out and said she was pretty abusive while they were together and it surprised no one. She claims her whole twitter persona is a caricature I guess, but the friendships with Nick Fuentes and that whole crew really killed any remaining clout she had with the Phoenix art kids. Blake (@ULTRASLUT) is pretty cool IRL but never addressed the whole thing besides doubling down on loving Samara, so do with that what you will. He just moved to New York I think so probably why she’s making the move.
Sage for blogpost but surprised Samara hasn’t come up on lolcow before, she’s been super milky since around 2015.

No. 1117142

Are you sure you don’t mean Eugene Kotlyarenko, anon?

No. 1117144

Post alt

No. 1117152

What exactly is the 'post-left'? All these people seem terminally online. Twitter =/= the world

No. 1117165

File: 1609234841085.png (31.88 KB, 581x165, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 7.34…)

Which one are you ?

No. 1117223

>my cousin's little sister
This is a very weird way to refer to your young female cousin.

No. 1117246

File: 1609252103606.jpg (53.25 KB, 1125x1463, EqaUzFxXAAAbL4K.jpg)

No. 1117277

Why do they all hate psychology so much? Is it because they can't accept they are mentally ill and defective?

No. 1117297

Are he and Honor Levy still together?

No. 1117302

supporting the current sitting president…soooo avant garde and counter cultural!

No. 1117304

lmao the delusion this bitch is so ugly. she looks like an overgrown toddler

No. 1117306

It's kind of fitting since all they do is post.

No. 1117308

File: 1609258606926.png (317.96 KB, 1198x1124, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 11.1…)

If he's faking a performative break down to be funny it's not coming off well. Seems like a dick or like he got dumped.

No. 1117310

File: 1609258758796.png (374.33 KB, 1186x1104, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 11.1…)

when your 12 years younger art school gf who was published in the New Yorker leaves you and you have to attack Pedro Costa to deal with the pain

No. 1117320

I think this is more about his film with Joe Keery, which was unfairly panned imo. He and Honor still follow and comment on each other's posts so it can't be that bad

No. 1117374

it's off-topic but aside from Keery trying to give a performance, Spree was really amateurish from a technical standpoint.
Not what poor Eugene would like to hear but it's just an opinion. I'm sure he'll rebound by directing episodes of Criminal Minds or something.

No. 1117382

It just wasn’t that good, and far from the masterpiece incisive “social commentary” he pretends like it is. Pandering to zoomers isn’t doing him any favors in my opinion it just makes his movie seem irrelevant and begging the Safdies to pay attention to him is painfully cringe

No. 1117384

File: 1609265977485.jpeg (1005.13 KB, 1170x1992, 838C2F88-5341-4CF3-85ED-D14896…)

No. 1117388

No they still follow each other but haven’t liked/commented on each others’ posts in a while. i noticed this some weeks ago but neither of them have been mentioned in the thread in some time so felt it irrelevant. Wondering what anon’s source was on Adam’s new gf fitting Honor’s description perfectly because if it really is her then Honor really is just a grifter with no self respect chasing clout.

No. 1117389

File: 1609266277504.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1820, 8FFF2174-0DF2-45DB-9B7E-ED537B…)

Yeah, we are just jealous, ugly women who are threatened by their ~uwu angelic beauty ~ and definitely not laughing at how haggard and delusional they are.

No. 1117390

It isn't Honor, but one of her friends from college, Adam probably met her through Honor

No. 1117393

I think it was pretty funny and not self-serious at all, agree he hypes it up too much, but it's far better than most of the movies critics are lauding this year (Promising Young Woman and First Cow were both horseshit)

No. 1117396

I think it's weird she posted a picture of the comments with her tweet, I would be kind of offended if my friend was broadcasting random posts about how ugly I am even if it was to 'defend' me. Also isn't Felina a self admitted farmer who said getting posted here was her greatest achievement or something>

No. 1117397

I swear to God the one on the right looks like they belong in the mtf thread. I don't know where they get half there confidence in there looks.

No. 1117398

only when she posts about shasti

No. 1117399

maybe these women should work on not being the most embarrassingly hideous & humiliating pickmes?? they make it way too easy for us to call them out on their constant retarded bullshit

No. 1117400

What a shitty friend bringing public attention to a one-off comment about how ugly Kendra is kek.

No. 1117403

File: 1609266793198.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1349, 90F52A3C-39B9-474F-8BE7-FD38FE…)

But she says she looks like a young Nicole Kidman, can’t you see the resemblance? It’s uncanny!

No. 1117404

File: 1609266825612.jpeg (720.31 KB, 1170x1450, 5611714A-0F5C-4584-8AD8-BBEA7C…)

Dear lord these women

No. 1117408

Would you happen to know who it is?

No. 1117410

File: 1609266997466.jpeg (Spoiler Image,624.71 KB, 1125x1333, 9F2A01CB-9FC6-430F-B0F4-3BF6DD…)

Imagine the stench.

No. 1117411

there have been maybe 5 posts about Felina in the entire 10 threads, and half of them where pictures of tweets from her responding to the posts

No. 1117412

this is 100% a passive aggressive way for her to feel better than her "friends"

No. 1117413

Damn would it kill a bitch to do some squats

No. 1117414

eh i kinda see it for the one on the left

No. 1117417

plus she was 100% self posting to get attention lmao. acting like a retarded 14 year old who just discovered drugs is such a bad look

No. 1117419

Funny part is that it’s the one on the right who said it. Don’t see it for either of them though.

No. 1117422

nothing says how much you totally don't care about being ugly like writing a whole point evidence explanation paragraph over it in response to one comment on an anonymous imageboard

No. 1117423

File: 1609267396648.jpeg (933.59 KB, 1170x1734, EFDF9E9A-561B-4110-94F3-80F466…)

No. 1117424

she meant to say "before they realized how insane i am"

No. 1117426

as if she didn’t run herself off after we pointed out how absolutely delusional and demented and batshit ugly she is lmao

No. 1117429

who cares about that faggot

No. 1117432

felina's life is tragic and she props up her self-worth with her low number of twitter interactions, it's legit sad

No. 1117433

you could just say they're hot then instead of passive aggressively posting random insults about them in an attempt to look like some kind of white knight saving them from the mean bullies

No. 1117435

It’s hilarious how they just go for their default defense mechanisms, accusing us of being “fat” and “jealous” with zero evidence. Porngum is average looking and Kendra is well below average. Nothing to be jealous of

No. 1117436

It’s so funny to have 4k+ followers and be getting 10 likes per post. Who wants to bet nearly 90% of her followers have her muted

No. 1117438

Need Shasti to come back from her self posting hiatus and give us some Felina milk

No. 1117439

Porngum saying she used to model? Lol. Then again there are some goofy looking bitches who have been models. Hmm

No. 1117440

imagine trying so hard to be edgy that you talk about browsing lolcow dot farm

No. 1117450

imagine admiting browsing lolcow. like even when I was a dumb teenager I knew never to admit browsing lolcow and /a/ and /co/ on 4chan. Like how do you brag about this and not feel like a loser.

No. 1117453


No. 1117455

What for?


No. 1117464

that thing is only 100 dollars lmao

No. 1117467

File: 1609269526566.jpeg (313.35 KB, 1125x1633, C822123B-FD2D-4AE2-BA6F-D03712…)

She spends more on being a ~sexy steppe nymphet~ for her boyfriend than he does on her fucking Christmas present. Why do these women act like their so high maintenance and bougie when they can’t even get buxxed?

No. 1117469

>you won't catch them posting pictures of themselves
>what is an anonymous imageboard

No. 1117470

Where are people getting this steppe thing from for Warmtoned? It’s only Shasti and other nerd girls that do the steppe waifu thing. Warmtoned is even more boring.

No. 1117476

I miss shasti, she's so chill and non-desperate in comparison to these hoes maniacally F5'd this thread and responding to every post while saying that being here at all is pathetic. Surely they know that admitting to lurk here is enough to make everyone assume they're also posting?

>great they think i'm a woman
No, actually you're acting like a faggot, orbiting and gassing up bitches as if you're one of them. Just like Jack.

No. 1117482

speaking of Jack, did he make any new schizo posts?

No. 1117491

File: 1609271876292.jpg (43.41 KB, 598x391, Screenshot 2020-12-30 065737.j…)

No. 1117505

No he seems to have stayed away from posting anything potentially controversial since the samememe thing

No. 1117509

Her boyfriend is probably gay if he gets excited over expensive lingerie

No. 1117517

nothing gayer than being into a woman in lingerie

No. 1117535

File: 1609276671009.png (68.74 KB, 600x466, 5174EE89-689A-4F22-9EFE-08131F…)

Come on I know you aren't this stupid. While I think most guys don’t care that much about lingerie, this logic isn’t crazy.

No. 1117551

shasti is non desperate? that’s a laugh she’s definitely just hiding from embarrassing herself because she was outed about sperging out about annie and trying to tinfoil it that someone edited it

No. 1117627

Why isn't this a banner yet?

No. 1117629

File: 1609284964915.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls (1).jpg)

>I've been meaning to ask but I ended up buying it for myself
He doesn't buy you shit does he?

No. 1117633

if it really excited him he'd buy it for her kek

No. 1117640

Unhinged, giving off Trank-level "why won't the critics notice meeeeee!" vibes. Just take the L, dude.

No. 1117645

File: 1609286125868.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.03 KB, 342x436, images (7).jpeg)

Her boyfriend probably wants normal tacky sexy lingerie instead of infantile tumblr cottagecore gear she thinks is "sexy", which is why she has to buy it herself. The only people impressed by lornas and fraises tend to be straight women and gay men, so she might as well save money by wearing cotton panties from a Walmart 10pack, or wearing nothing at all.
Also, doesn't she have a fuckload of student debt?

No. 1117646

he is so milky and hysterical like a busted jon cryer. spree was absolute dogshit and it was unbelievable how many big names he had in it. only made 43k at box office, but cost 2 mil.

No. 1117698

File: 1609290173617.png (563.1 KB, 588x744, vibechart.PNG)

No. 1117708

it came out in a pandemic………how was it supposed to pull bank at the box office. i liked it quite a bit, even if it was low production

No. 1117711

It made $28,000 at drive-ins. Meanwhile, random horror movie The Wretched grossed nearly $2,000,000 at drive-ins.

No. 1117719

File: 1609293159640.jpeg (207.22 KB, 828x492, A208E13B-51BB-4073-ACD5-595DD0…)

why are all of these left thots so openly anachan

No. 1117721

honor's entire internet presence is just post-post-post-post ironic shitposting, she's just a shell

No. 1117725

It's just one of their many attention-seeking behaviors they decided to adopt.

No. 1117734

File: 1609294590709.jpeg (150.66 KB, 828x543, 9DFE8E70-40FF-4B97-8D21-4525BF…)

This is cumtown gf when she’s not posing or editing her pictures

No. 1117742

it was sold to a distributor after premiering at sundance for 2 million. budget was clearly not 2 million. who the fuck is giving some art world wannabe director that much money? also the distributor was a rather small name in comparison to IFC, they've had pretty much no hit movies and tend to pick up artsy horror films that won't really sell

No. 1117745

>who the fuck is giving some art world wannabe director that much money?
literally just because it starred one of the Stranger Things kids, they thought that'd be a selling point for the general public

No. 1117747

joe keery plays like a second tier character, he's not going to pull as much as one of the main kids would, and people know that. the other teens - natalia dyer and the greasy looking one - have been in similarly low grossing indies.

No. 1117761

what a fucking wildebeest

No. 1117775

dasha is going to age so terribly

No. 1117777

This is so tacky and ugly.

No. 1117788

File: 1609299321355.jpeg (222.19 KB, 1170x786, 2F27BAD8-A586-4F1B-9518-91FAF3…)

1. lol 2. go vote no

No. 1117795

File: 1609299820508.jpeg (405.24 KB, 1125x1497, 71ED06C9-6AF2-4D1F-BB68-2A0792…)

she’s not happy

No. 1117798

File: 1609299964259.png (378.68 KB, 974x512, lizb.png)

it begins, the memeification of liz bruenig (from the red scare sub)

No. 1117806

Yep. Straight men do not care about expensive lingerie. She also appears to have the face of a little aghani boy. Lol at the anons acting like him being gay is out of the realm of possibility

No. 1117841

no wonder she has to settle for stav

No. 1117865

>in comparison to these hoes
Hide your hateboner, felina

Aren't they always complaining about people telling them to go outside? You first fattie, go take a walk.

No. 1117866

it's so fucking funny some of you on this forum think men don't find women in lingerie hot

No. 1117872

I know cumtown gf irl from mutual friends, this girl is milky as all fuck. She had a psycho tism meltdown about her baby’s dad being trash talked on twitter about being a rapist kek

No. 1117875

bitch probably hyperventilates about the strawberry dress lmfao

No. 1117876


The Post-Left / Anti-Left are just Alt Right with extra steps, as these threads bear constant witness to.

No. 1117877

All she said in the tweet was he likes nice lingerie and he is good at picking stuff out. So did she try it on and he said “oh you look hot”, or did he gush over the quality of the fabric or the cut of the panties? If it’s the latter, uhh.

And just the way she has talked about her bf does seem kinda sus. Like she’s trying to compensate for something missing.

No. 1117885

File: 1609307010788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.32 KB, 480x640, images (8).jpeg)

Shit like this is straight men's idea of sexy lingerie, not whatever whimsical strawberry spangled nonsense she was talking about. It hits that sweet spot between too infantile/asexual/weird for normie dudes and too adult for ddlg fags, thus being "subversive" fashion lingerie for empowered libfems and fawning gays. At best you'll look exactly as sexy as you would without it.

No. 1117886

File: 1609307084859.png (70.81 KB, 608x342, mtracey v kb.png)


No. 1117889

lmao she used to tweet about how much she despises the idea of relationships as "what the other person can do for you". I would too if I had to buy my own lingerie to impress the dude who got me a candle for Christmas tbh

No. 1117894

this is dad shit lol. most men now are into lingerie like the ones rhianna sells

No. 1117898

what is kantbots actual origin online. i know he was part of "nrx" blogging in 2013 or whatever, but did he come from 4chan or that weird SA nazi offshoot forum that sam hyde came from?

No. 1117901

Seeing how he was good friends with and would defend sameme, I would assume the SA offshoot forum.

No. 1117904

think he probably got his start on /lit/, but the kantbot persona was developed simultaneously on twitter, his blog (https://web.archive.org/web/20140420040915/https://dieturmgesellschaf.wordpress.com/) and reddit (https://web.archive.org/web/20140721195440/http://www.reddit.com/user/kantbot)

No. 1117906

he also namefagged for a bit on /pol/ in 2014

No. 1117907

Pretty sure she just took a picture with him at a comedy show during the summer. Doesn't seem like the type who would keep it to herself if there was more to it.

No. 1117908

He is such a /lit/ type. They're so annoying.

No. 1117909

Highly doubt Kantbot posted on MPC, he's way too earnest in a way that would be considered super gay on MPC. Sam Hyde was definitely lurking around on there though, but don't know about samememe.

No. 1117910

File: 1609309263950.jpeg (16.23 KB, 230x230, images (10).jpeg)

Fenty is this exact dad shit but for zoomers, it doesn't have that "what if I make a copy of some 6 year old's strawberry printed bloomers from Target but, like, out of nylon mesh and with a huge poop chute in the back"

No. 1117939

Please elaborate if you can. How did people find out her baby-daddy was a rapist?

No. 1117953

NTA but holy shit, I didn't realize >>1117645 was the set she was referring to. I don't think it's accurate to say straight men don't like expensive lingerie, obviously they do, straight men love the idea of a high end trophy wife, but this one… that's the kind of lingerie you wear to feel cute, not to look sexy for a man. Almost any other agent provocateur set currently on sale (this one is like 50% off lmao, of course she needs to get it on sale) is sexier than this one

No. 1117955

I don't follow this but I saw it on Twitter so I just wanted to say internetkendra literally looks like a man. Not even ambiguously, I still don't even believe there's no penis until concrete proof comes out. In any case she doesn't seem like such a cunt so I don't want to hurt her feelings but let's be real.

No. 1117958

File: 1609320664131.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1125x2016, B7C4BCFE-3453-4BA4-B5C1-CA63E7…)

She looks like a reddit troon.

No. 1117972

kek the size of her arms and legs with that waist, if she sucks in any harder she might break a rib

No. 1117994

File: 1609327958975.jpeg (572.91 KB, 1341x1005, EDFC127E-2530-4BE6-BE5C-F5CD58…)

No. 1118003


Ok I was on the fence when everyone was roasting the candle because we don’t know if he got her other gifts and I like to get them as gifts myself but this is DEFINITELY a massive cope
>’all I needed is this lingerie set… that I bought myself on sale… which is actually sexier than being gifted it because I’m uhhh ‘surprising’ my bf with it! But he’d totally buy me it himself if I left it up to him!’

No. 1118005

File: 1609329495477.jpeg (399.41 KB, 1308x743, 90A131EB-4684-48E3-9780-AEC39E…)

No. 1118008

File: 1609329865283.jpg (183.07 KB, 828x1472, Epta5SrWwAE0PaT.jpg)

Imagine calling anyone a goblin when this is your face and this >>1117958 is your body

No. 1118035

Did you see this exchange? >>1115647
She wants to be a mean hot girl so desperately

No. 1118037

shes hideous and has bad genes but at least shes slim

No. 1118041

She’s literally average weight, probably bmi 21, not a slender ana princess(nitpick)

No. 1118045

Some girls tried to expose him for being abusive and she kept fighting with everyone and freaking out. Last I heard she was crying to another girl about how abusive he is but was still defending him and attacking anyone who dared speaking about the issue.

No. 1118046

as if it somehow cancels out the ugly face. seriously wtf?

No. 1118047

File: 1609338138187.png (19.77 KB, 594x200, literallywho.PNG)

she's so desperate to be relevant she pretends we care about her and that she didn't just get posted because she knows warmtoned, who is already a literal who that only got posted because she knows annie, on a thread about redscare.

No. 1118059

File: 1609339876061.jpg (164.41 KB, 740x988, t4ejgrcy4zf21.jpg)


If I had to choose between looking like this chick or looking with attractive curvy/average woman, I would choose the later 1000%. of the time. I know it's a mental illness but I have never understood EDfags, you will never look like a "waif" b/c those girls have small skeletons by genetics, not a lack of body fat. Most of them are either skinnyfat like kate moss or just straight up have tits/ass like Laetitia Casta, the closest you will ever get starving yourself to an unnatural weight is people tinfoiling that your a mtf, which is almost very leftthot ever posted here from Dasha to Amie to this chick.

No. 1118071

File: 1609342177031.jpg (92.91 KB, 960x540, TG2Jwbwr0poMYPUa.jpg)

Any idea why Liz settled for this? I don't like her, I think she's actually more toxic and manipulative than most scarethots because she's smarter about it, but still… she could have done so much better than this.

And don't tell me Matt's ~smart~. He's an autistic man child who misrepresents data to fit his narrative.

No. 1118074

he was her high school debate captain and two years older than her, just standard daddy issues.

No. 1118077

Have you seen her speak, anon? Something offputting there. I don’t know if she has mild autism or what. Her rat teeth don’t help either

No. 1118087

Isn't she one of the scare thots that talks about how autism makes you cool and different and not a shit smearer. honestly I could see her having autism and that's how she copes with it.

No. 1118089

I think it's pretty shitty to talk shit about someone because they were abused for years. you don't know them IRL so maybe just think before you post(back to twitter)

No. 1118091

go back to twitter

No. 1118094

File: 1609344374165.jpg (24.36 KB, 288x288, 1608662395670.jpg)

>they had a hard life so it's okay there a shitty person.

No. 1118098

i think two people have been samefagging about the literal who this entire thread. it correlates with twitter users in these circles becoming more aware of these threads.

No. 1118104

definitely got a couple people in here who came in from the pasture, you can smell the manure on their shoes

No. 1118111

File: 1609346101624.jpg (83.96 KB, 640x853, qulgh4pid9861.jpg)

Dasha last year demonstrating how she got to be in the pictures.

Is eugene putting his movie "we are" up for free or is he charging on vimeo? And no wonder he couldn't get anyone to buy it, the only stills he's posted are very unflattering boring shots of dasha, wobble palace owes everything to the cinematographer.

No. 1118136

Asperger's exists, anon. It's not a diagnosis anymore and was merged with Autism. That's what these people are referring to, retard.

No. 1118143

nice try shyster but im not felina and lol in comparison? she’s as desperate by pandering to losers by referring to herself as little uwu steppe annie and talking in third person to seem like she’s autistic but her fugly face does that just fine

No. 1118145

Which of the thots are you even trying to wk here

No. 1118149

Tbh i still think shasti was set up by felina with that pic. she lives in the UK, doesn’t have an american phone service provider like the screenshot showed, and that pic was posted at 4am her time. also i noticed some instagram screenshots being posted at the same time that had felinas literal avi in them and no one noticed lmfao. shasti is still, by far, a pickme who loves male attention and lacks every ounce of creativity, but i also think felina is a stupid bitch who’s literally obsessed with her and i would 100% she set her up. btw you sound like felina so nice try retard

No. 1118152

File: 1609350506899.jpg (63.15 KB, 725x182, 1609346100818.jpg)


No. 1118159

spergs are pretty much as bad as autist.

No. 1118162

I read Kantbot's review of tfw no GF and he writes like a 17 year old. Makes me wonder if he understands everything he reads

No. 1118173

I love how she didn’t include the comments that called out her fat phobia. Her tweets scream self-obsession, and I just feel pity.("fatphobia")

No. 1118184

okay shasti no one here cares enough about you that much and felina’s too cracked out to utter a coherent sentence you really think she’d have enough braincells to set you up sounds like youre the one obsessed with her(hi cow)

No. 1118246

fuck off Carl. the "post-left"/"anti-left" is about as real as "Bernie bros". you're just looking for another boogeyman to obsess over(hi cow)

No. 1118250

anons are trying really hard to counter the retarded "neuroatypicals are all geniuses" with a retarded "neuroatypicals are all shit-smearers"

she hasn't posted screenshots of this place tho, which felina did

No. 1118251

Next year is 2021, not 1301

No. 1118264

>"neuroatypicals are all shit-smearers"
they are its an extremely common behavior in them because autism is a literal form of retardation. Idk why you scare thots come in here and try and act like mentally ill people are normal and well adjusted by definition they are not.

No. 1118267

outside america and a few western countries a nation is still as much a historical lineage of people as it is a border and set of laws

No. 1118272

Cope harder Felina, every time you selfpost in here it’s so obvious. you have the speech patterns of a teenage autist(hi cow)

No. 1118274

has the demographic of these threads like dropped in age by like 15 years or something

No. 1118279

No it's just full of tons of literally who's self posting, mods need to start showing ip's

No. 1118282

It has the same cinematographer lmfao

No. 1118283

it's not listed on the imdb so how do you know that?

No. 1118311

eugene or friend give us some dirt

No. 1118316


No. 1118323

The quality of his writing has decreased dramatically over the years, his old blog screeds were more eloquent. Twitter addiction and sissification seem to have lowered his IQ

No. 1118326

>outside america and a few western countries a nation is still as much a historical lineage of people
Is this a joke? Europe is really the only place where this is the norm, barring a select few East Asian countries.

No. 1118344

>autism is a literal form of retardation
Asperger's is not low-functioning autism you retard who took a single AP psych class.

No. 1118345

You have to coax Eugene back with subtle Spree promo. Honey for the fly.
>It really wasn't that bad guys

No. 1118363

File: 1609375797746.jpeg (42.91 KB, 680x571, EqhmQ0OVgAAoVE5.jpeg)

they really do think they're that important, hu

No. 1118365

She's become unhinged lately, alienated a lot of her former defenders in DSA and the Berniecrat left with that hysterical #ForceTheVote bs.

No. 1118366

I think this is just a joke, hopefully

No. 1118368

All autism/aspergers no matter how high functioning is still a form of retardation. And there is tons of studies about how there brains are defective no matter where on the spectrum they are. All autist are annoying and defective who cares about how some are less than others.

No. 1118390


No. 1118394

stfu shitlib, autism is like a superpower that gives you a shield of reason and blade of logic, there's a reason why only men have it

No. 1118396

berncels trying to make us forget all the twitter Stirneroid egoists I see

No. 1118414

File: 1609378903744.png (305.07 KB, 596x717, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.3…)

No. 1118419

God damn it that Pic is so funny. Did everyone in the comments point out how inefficient that is.

No. 1118438

File: 1609381039023.png (69.16 KB, 753x300, annak.png)

The Salo Forum guy interviewed Anna K, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing

No. 1118458

Very male brained!

No. 1118459

This isn't even true for europe either, the migrations, invasions, unifications etc that resulted in their current borders were hardly organic, germany didn't speak an unified german until Luther and Gutenberg came wandering along. The highly culturally homogenous "nations" that we imagine when we think about this today only really became possible very recently, not even Japan is homogenous and has a lot of internal disputes with the Ainu

No. 1118463

>there brains are defective
There there, anon, hush, no need to get so worked up.

No. 1118467

shut up autist, it's called neuroatypical for a reason. Because you brain literally is defective and has an abnormality.(infighting)

No. 1118489

File: 1609384974475.png (27.16 KB, 362x145, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.3…)

Many such cases indeed

No. 1118509

File: 1609386714481.png (193.96 KB, 297x453, we are who we are.png)

We Are goes live at midnight

No. 1118529

>A new motion picture experience from some dude idk

Hope he finds what he's looking for.

No. 1118556


hooe this was ironic, Brie seems smarter than that

No. 1118560


Not only am I not Carl Beijier, but that account is just a sock puppet for the Grey Zone, which, in itself, is also AntiLeft or, more simply, Third Positionist.

No. 1118562


Do you write for Quillette?

No. 1118567

File: 1609391444702.png (813.15 KB, 1860x1190, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 12.0…)

Sorry if this guy is too off topic but is this just a joke? The director of Dasha's Berlin movie was one too according to her.

No. 1118569

that account may or may not be run by eugene himself

No. 1118570

I just looked up quillette wtf do they have to do with scare thots.

No. 1118572

>I just looked up quillette

No. 1118574


>what do eugenicists have to do with eugenicists

No. 1118578

>saying autist are annoying and mentally ill is eugenics
lol sorry you have a super smart hyper masculine brain. And everything psychologist and neurologist say about you is totally wrong.(ban evasion)

No. 1118583

File: 1609393713208.png (1.03 MB, 1244x654, hot_trash.png)

We Are might legitimately be the worst movie of the year, really came in under the wire. Makes the obnoxiously boring Vitalina Varela and The Assistant engaging by comparison.

No. 1118585

Dasha's not even promoting it

No. 1118598


Ok, Johann Friedrich Karl Asperger

No. 1118601

go smear

No. 1118604

he doesn't. him and that logo guy are complete morons

No. 1118605

you know nothing about history if you believe this lol

No. 1118620

my sides anon

No. 1118621

What an incoherent take lmfao how many freelance journalists are out there who receive welfare and turn down full time positions?

No. 1118634

read like a subtweet of someone specific, no idea who though

anyway, Aimee is a cunt. just a general comment

No. 1118637

File: 1609404242412.png (61.34 KB, 581x248, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 9.42…)

It's part of her ongoing Carl beijer spat but is of particular interest as it applies to herself too

No. 1118640

>half the dissident right voted for biden
Richard Spencer and the ten or twenty losers left who take him seriously voted for Biden lol

No. 1118662

File: 1609406844292.png (28.37 KB, 593x319, kb grifter confession.png)


based on this tweet i can only assume kantbot is very assmad that there's plenty of people who grift way better than himself

No. 1118663

Autism my ass. This woman is a narc.

No. 1118667

File: 1609407954411.png (249.27 KB, 593x367, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 7.06…)

Narcs wouldn't want her, she does it for free, which she can cos autist or not she's gettin the neetbux

No. 1118668

can't wait until people inevitably start making comics with the aimee apu vs. the liz bruenig wojak

No. 1118680

File: 1609411520635.jpeg (433.91 KB, 1242x1089, 800A0E01-DD95-44B8-9302-4DC185…)

No. 1118681

Yet pretty much nobody still uses 4chan, and they all obsessively check this thread (and for some reason brag about coming here)

No. 1118688

File: 1609412784288.jpeg (245.01 KB, 1266x427, 77817BFB-922F-4D4B-B14A-E4D5A5…)

No. 1118690

Sorry no one here cared when you tried shilling yourself, bimbo. Maybe try to cultivate a more unique personality trait or something, better luck next time time.

No. 1118733

>when nobody picks you, not even lolcow

No. 1118736

File: 1609420227326.jpeg (412.08 KB, 1200x1182, 784ED5E6-B675-492F-BFC2-548F8E…)

god so cringe. can’t shill herself right, can’t do scarethot, can’t do éxôtïç instathot, can’t do doomer gf. how do you half-ass everything so single-mindedly?

No. 1118738

not even ugly per say, she has a perfectly acceptable homely robust-looking elementary school teacher face - but as other anons have said, her actual appearance is a very bizarre and unslightly contrast to the hot girl LARP.

No. 1118747

I thought it was run by honor or her friends tbqh it aligns with her text generator writing style & her posting aesthetic. But it being run by eugene and honor both makes the most sense. I wish eugene would realize he will never do better than some bottom tier connected bennington grad grifter and detach himself from being online lol

No. 1118768

Sorry, he needs online promo for his ironically shit projects like We Are.
It's meant to be wooden and immature u c it's a statement about life-leaching responsibility etc.

No. 1118774

I’m confused, does she think that “femoid” is a subset of women? It’s just another new derogatory name for women in general. It’s weird how much scarethots fail to understand basic internet things.

No. 1118786

Why are kantbot and Jack no longer friends?

No. 1118790

Anon narc in this context means narcissist

No. 1118800




You are gravely mistaken.

No. 1118801


When you’re too hideous to make porn, so you have to make “art,” and still nobody wants to watch it.

No. 1118803

>implying Dasha couldn't get a few hundred simps to pay $20 a month to see her putrid hole on onlyfans

No. 1118804

tinfoil that's honestly highly likely since she is one of the left thots that always talks about how she hates psychology but, what if she has two mental illnesses? there are tons of studies about autism and narcissism having a crossover.

No. 1118820

once again: go back to twitter

No. 1118831

Looking at the cap, it's hard to tell if you mean one or all of them.
Special shout out to the flabby exhibitionist in the center of that threesome, currently airing out his collection of skin tags on Vimeo.

No. 1118843


I was talking about all of them.

Sure, Dasha could probably make some sort of career in porn, but them boys definitely wouldn’t have any chance in hell.

No. 1118844


Kendra is foul. Cope.

No. 1118981

She looks like carrot top cosplaying as someone from a bad r/streetwear post

No. 1118995

worth noting that every female actually diagnosed with aspergers hates the "male brain" thing. these women are just narcs

No. 1119002

Smear-anon has an unhealthy obsession with autistic people kind of indicative of autism in denial tbh like someone once insinuated they might be autistic and they didn't take it well. Literally more annoying and obsessive than an autist

No. 1119020


They’re definitely overcompensating for one or another (or more) diagnoses.

No. 1119063

No. 1119065

Thats what I thought, like its very obvious if she doesn’t even know that she has never been on 4chan a day in her life

No. 1119068

Dr. Cohen's extreme male brain theory isn't taken seriously by anyone in neuroscience, the only thing it's useful for nowadays is spotting larpers like Aimee. The only reason why it's deemed a male thing is because males have poorer impulse control and are thus more likely to be socially insufferable train obsessed shit smearers, whereas autistic females still manage to be mostly tactful and considerate despite their neurological problems. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

That being said, I take no issue with calling autistic posts here "male brained" kek(derail)

No. 1119069

Idk why so many people seem to think this is meant to be a ‘women 4chan’. It’s just a drama imageboard that was made after /cgl/ banned drama that only ended up implementing a ‘women only’ rule years later, after it kept getting raided by r9k and men kept asking for nudes of the cows. It was never the original point or intention of lolcow.

No. 1119073

I don't think it's because you're a woman, but you do fail at everything - even shilling yourself on an image board dedicated to discussing internet retards. In a retard competition, you'd come second because you're too much of a retard.

There's still hope, however. Have you tried doing something to stand out, like shoving a hairbrush up your ass? Consider a PR makeover.

No. 1119082

File: 1609448531895.jpeg (360.11 KB, 1242x906, E6F548E5-9FC8-40BF-861A-E06D9B…)

No. 1119084

Lmao how would she even know since considering the follow up tweet she’s clearly never even been on 4chan

No. 1119096

>worse at being imageboard losers AND can't be autistic retards!

wow wemen resigned

No. 1119105

>Except if they’re femoids. Femoids are not even human
this reads like when white 16 year old stan accounts try to talk in AAVE and it ends up just being unintelligible. why is there a demographic of women online larping as incels, is it just for attention? I can’t think of anything sadder than being like a weeb but for incels.

No. 1119129

is she talking about the arab statistics man or the youtube hq shooter

No. 1119136

I think she’s trying to make the point women do mass shootings ‘worse’

No. 1119138

File: 1609452662464.png (1.77 MB, 1506x872, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 1.54…)

these people have to stop posting about here, they're just going to make people who irl know real dirt on them discover this place

No. 1119144

why does she talk about the YouTube shooter so much

No. 1119150

She's probably asking an incel scrote these things after she got clocked self-posting here for sticking out like a sore thumb, and the scrote probably told her that to make himself less disgusting. "I-it's totally a subset of women babe, I'd never call you a femoid"

No. 1119154

File: 1609453664284.jpeg (593.53 KB, 1242x2104, 7DCF3B13-8681-4820-ACCB-34CCEC…)

No. 1119156

“Samememe was the true (psychological) rape victim

No. 1119184

becoming unhinged comes with having a podcast

No. 1119189

excuse me anon he's not an arab he's an ancient ROMAN

No. 1119206

File: 1609457466828.png (49.71 KB, 566x190, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 12.3…)

Whole things probably done by him
Poor simple girl most likely doesn't even know she's being pimped out as a bimbo

No. 1119210

she feels a kinship towards other Armenian weird girls

No. 1119266

yup for sure, her husband is writing her tweets, probably also responding to horny dms from reply guys too, pathetic

No. 1119272

That's really sad. I thought she was a catfishing man until I saw she had a video up but I guess the first instinct I'd bet a lot of people also had reading her tweets is correct.

No. 1119274

She was Azeri

No. 1119275

her husband probably posted her in this thread to raise her profile lol

No. 1119282

“Poor simple girl”? Is this more selfposting?

No. 1119283

File: 1609467876507.png (67.85 KB, 1462x240, annak.png)

in case there was any doubt anna was pregnet

No. 1119284

What are the most recent pics of her? If it's been six months she'd definitely be showing by now.

No. 1119288

File: 1609468466936.png (24.05 KB, 592x218, onlineilliteracy.PNG)

Apparently she means femcels when she says "femoids," which she naturally also thinks are worse than incels

No. 1119290

File: 1609468632527.png (17.22 KB, 588x167, terrifying.PNG)

Samefag but this was also in the replies along with someone shilling crystal cafe to her

No. 1119291

>gossip about people making fools of themselves on the internet is "terrifying"
get a grip

No. 1119292

File: 1609468872262.png (552.25 KB, 1176x862, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.39…)

Aimee takes on Alicefromqueens, did she ever get doxxed?

No. 1119293

File: 1609468964284.png (711.62 KB, 1198x912, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.42…)

alice responds

No. 1119294

File: 1609469012403.png (160 KB, 1172x550, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.43…)


No. 1119296

Whoever is writing these tweets seems mentally deficient or like a robot trying to be human.

>women also being people and having interests like men is terrifying to me

No. 1119297

I mean I guess you can’t really blame her for pandering to her demographic but it is immeasurably pathetic that that’s who she wants to appeal to. Also ot but I don’t really get the ‘femcel’ thing, I thought the whole point was that only men could be incels because due to tinder all women are like in a harem with Chad now.

No. 1119299

what does aimee think she’s talented at

No. 1119300

File: 1609469224222.png (118.59 KB, 612x472, aimeealice.png)

Just a few days ago Aimee was in "Alice's" mentions couching polite disagreement with caveats about how she still respected her!

No. 1119308

It's likely that they're just trying for one and don't want to screw it up 1 month into the womb when it's already a geriatric birth

No. 1119312

File: 1609470721826.png (50.41 KB, 554x349, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.04…)

Making new frens while attacking others

No. 1119314

Did the world really need another ‘“hot”bimbo who also knows 4chan words and has the same views as an /r9k/ incel’ account? Is it really still that intriguing to people? Like I just don’t believe there are still people online out there who haven’t already seen like seven reincarnations of this exact person by now. Has this gimmick not been played out yet

No. 1119319

File: 1609472196091.png (63.26 KB, 575x330, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.34…)

No. 1119330

She said on the Cat Marnell episode that she was "a little drunk" so idk

No. 1119346


> Decent Standards

> Not a gaggle of degenerate rapists

No. 1119363

File: 1609478918940.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 1D4F941E-4CFB-4DDC-860C-7DE639…)

Something about her face seems off…

No. 1119365

nick mullen made a tiktok account and is being racist as fuck

No. 1119367

maybe the fillers are fading now


No. 1119369

post vids then, this is an imageboard idiot

No. 1119371

NTA but he's just posting lazy racist jokes about Chinese people and one video about folding money into a swastika.

No. 1119378

He looks like the Muppet Bert with a beard.

No. 1119383

Are you trying to metoo us, fatty? You asked for it, also talking about rape, especially of the "psychological" variety, is a bourgeois exercise in soft power and thus worse than rape itself. Hit the gym.

No. 1119385


Not sure if photoshop or stunt double.

Or… maybe she actually is pregnant and she looks normal because she’s actually at a healthy weight?

Still, I doubt she’ll carry to term.

No. 1119388

>girls who get pimped out by controlling losers and forevergfs who can't even get their boyfriends to buy them lingerie
>calling any woman anywhere a femcel
>even their omega male orbiters can't compliment them without calling them retarded in the same sentence


No. 1119390

What is the principal difference between "cutting a bitches mic" and "whining at women all day online"

No. 1119400

any time anyone has actually tried to cut her mic she immediately calls them a misogynist

No. 1119427

Anna's interview with Soldo is a really great piece of interview from both sides, good humour that made me kek. Didn't expect this.

No. 1119452

lel, her use of femoid makes it sound like she's calling herself a tranny

No. 1119495

On the latest ep, Anna said she can't get vaccinated…Dasha was confused, then she said "oh, but you can get it later," and Anna confirmed. So she's either actually pregnant, or trying.

No. 1119508

>I thought the whole point was that only men could be incels
It is, they can't make up their fucking minds and oscillate between "we're the losers" and "it's others who are losers" like crazy, just like Jack and Samememe. Everything they say is cope.

No. 1119515

She’s been preggo-baiting for a long time now, it’s getting bizarre

No. 1119520

she got confused by Sorayama's Gynoids or something

No. 1119523


Not even funny for how theyre glorifying him in the sub and twitter.
And this is coming from someone who enjoyed Lauren A Avery vines

No. 1119547

How is she preggo baiting if she posts selfies on a weekly basis showing her very un-preg skeleton body? Are you aware of the fact that there are myriads of other health conditions that make it prudent for you to drink less? If she's on an autoimmune disease med f.e. she might not want to take the vacc because it wasn't tested on people taking those meds, same as with pregnancy.

No. 1119552

She’s been dropping little hints on social media and the podcast for at least a year now. She seems to enjoy people speculating that she is. Narcissistic behavior

No. 1119554

File: 1609513812623.jpeg (907.42 KB, 1086x1501, CBEBFE4B-CEFE-4046-8FE2-5E058D…)

She hasn’t really posted any full body selfies since October. She posted this today and I feel like you can see a bump? Obviously it’s hard to tell with the jacket though.

No. 1119555

She only posts old pictures or ones where you can't see her stomach area for the past couple of months. This time seems more real than last but maybe she just wants positive attention.
For someone as obsessed with waist-hip ration why has she stopped with the tight dresses she had been wearing? and the frequent bikini or sports bra pics?

No. 1119558

I feel like she's very obviously pregnant and not really trying to hide it but just cautious about making a big deal out of it

No. 1119559

yeah, it's kinda an open secret that Anna got pozzed accidentally when she tried to do a rock to fakie on the con-edison banks and fell on her ass and got poked by a needle lol. It's like the first spot people shoot up when leaving rikers. That pretty much ended Anna's foray into skating but she was ironic homie flow for Supreme at one point

No. 1119562

there are videos out there of her doing the courthouse drop and 50-50ing black hubba

No. 1119564

i think it was a blunt to fakie actually

No. 1119565

She took thot pics to overcompensate for the ugly haircut

No. 1119569

damn this is some of the least funny shit I’ve ever seen

No. 1119570

I'm not aware of any other comments than saying she doesn't drink or smoke anymore, avoids stress, and now the vacc comment. Which doesn't necessarily imply pregnancy at all. Are there any other hints she gave?
I think anons seeing bumps and preg hints are majorily projecting.

No. 1119572

File: 1609516331748.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1000x2629, 12D201A6-F49E-47FD-A352-309B7D…)

It does considering she said she would be able to get the vaccine later. There was also not taking any full body pictures for months, leaving Reddit due to stress, changing her moving plans and also this a couple of threads ago. None of these things alone would make me think she’s pregnant but all together I feel like it’s obvious.

No. 1119575

File: 1609516388295.jpeg (408.58 KB, 1242x964, 2864D815-70C7-4690-BB8D-8667FE…)

No. 1119577

Allright, thanks anon, I see that that does count in favor of the preggo thesis.

I thought pics in
seem to be pretty recent and she doesnt look pregnant to me there but granted those pics aren't good grounds for judgement

No. 1119579

Wtf anna skates?

No. 1119584


No, she doesn’t remotely look pregnant, but she does seem less emaciated than usual.

No. 1119585

Or maybe she is a manipulative individual who did all the stuff you mentioned to appear pregnant (when she isn’t)? Yah…

No. 1119588

Why? She has gained nothing from it. I don’t think anyone even picked up on it about from like here and the sub. I don’t get why people are so paranoid and suspicious about the idea of her being pregnant

No. 1119590

right? it's been over a year of this and still no baby, makes me wonder if anorexia and aging ruined her chances at becoming a mother

No. 1119592

More attention? Feeling like she’s “pulling one over” on people? Who knows. Manipulative narcissistic types like her don’t think or operate like normal people

No. 1119593

File: 1609518907338.png (125.53 KB, 600x450, 3a0c6d552b4312d0f57f56873ae30c…)

She'd be 3 months along if she stopped posting in the scarethot sub for that reason, less if that was a coincidence. I guess she'll tell everyone in a few weeks if she is.

No. 1119594

Has it? These things all seemed to start at pretty much the same time a few months ago. What was she doing earlier that made people think she was pregnant?

No. 1119596

She talked about stopping drinking at some time in the start of the year so people were speculating. She's also redone her apartment recently if that's another sign, and has pictures of stuffed animals.

No. 1119597

That's a really farfetched tinfoil idea given what >>1119588 said, her "hints" are far too vague and only pregnancy obsessed autists picked up on it.

No. 1119599

That Abby Brown tier facial expression

No. 1119601

I hope you mistyped phoenician

No. 1119604

What? Are you saying it’s farfetched that she’s a manipulative narc? Honey..

No. 1119605

I'm not suspicious abt the idea of her being pregnant, I just don't think it's the only interpretation of her hinting at a medical condition. She could have Crohn's, psoriasis, arthritis or whatever other common auto immune disease and just trying to be discreet about it.

No. 1119606

Samefagging, the only reason I'm invested in this dumb discussion is because it annoys me when people can only imagine pregnancy to be the only thing possibly going on in the body of a 30something woman.

No. 1119607

Is not literally the opposite of incels (to most of those nasties, idk the real original meaning) femcels = failing at getting relationships or meaningful attention from men

No. 1119611

*female equivalent, cause that's what women truly want and need but at this day and age it's extremely troublesome or hard to get any!!

No. 1119614

But she has described the condition as temporary both when she first mentioned it as being the reason she was avoiding stress and why she couldn’t get the vaccine. She has also repeatedly said she wanted to get pregnant. Realistically pregnancy just objectively makes a lot more sense than any of the things you’re suggesting considering her actions and it makes more sense to be cautious over announcing a pregnancy than psoriasis. You seem paranoid and defensive like I don’t think the reason people think that has anything to do with only being able to conceive of pregnancy as a possible thing happening with a woman’s body it’s just the most simple and probably explanation.

No. 1119620

But even this is something I thought they believed wasn’t possible? Like they seem to simultaneously think that it’s impossible to not have a relationship or experience loneliness as a woman because people (your “““looksmatch””” or whatever) are always throwing themselves at you but you turn them down for the mythopoetic Chad but also claim every woman online who says anything they don’t like is a femcel. Like what is femcel meant to convey is it just women who use imageboards?

No. 1119621

Temporary could be like an ulcer or acid reflux or something that needs a little time to heal. Drinking a lot can cause those things.

No. 1119622

I generally don’t think acid reflux is such a problem in someone’s life they make a repeated thing of announcing they need to avoid stress over it and can’t take a vaccine.

No. 1119623

Her age + cig habit + emaciated body (If you think she’s healthy thin, sorry but you might be anachan) makes pregnancy more unlikely

No. 1119626

Honestly I’m not sure, I feel like her BMI could be around 18.5-19 which is within the healthy range. I’ve seen equally thin women get pregnant before and they usually still look very thin other than the bump for most of the pregnancy.(stop medfagging)

No. 1119627

Maybe she just doesn’t want to take the vaccine and is using that as a convenient cover? Many people don’t want to take it

No. 1119629

I think it’s a little lower than that. People have said she looks healthier recently but her legs still look holocaust status

No. 1119632

If she just didn’t want to she would say that. Anna is the type who would make a big thing about not taking the vaccine and love the negative attention she would get over it. I think if people immediately jumped to thinking she was pregnant I would get where you’re coming from but it’s more the cumulative effect of everything over the past few months.

No. 1119663

OMFG anon i knew her face looked familiar somehow in this pic. she legit looks like abby brown here

No. 1119728

File: 1609535467879.jpg (65.83 KB, 640x1138, pqcmoywg9o861.jpg)

Mullen spotted at Leia's New Years party with the girls. didn't he encourage his fans to send death/rape threats to Dasha after she and Adam broke up? and now they're all friends again?

No. 1119729

File: 1609535633236.jpg (104.72 KB, 747x1113, 8lrg6zn6ar861.jpg)

meanwhile enemy of the pod Anna Merlan is currently having a complete meltdown over Kaitlin Phillips having a few friends over for Christmas and blaming the leftcows for spreading Corona all over NYC

No. 1119737

File: 1609536349166.jpg (179.65 KB, 901x1200, Dk_b81cV4AALkCM.jpg)

Anna Merlan seems like she would post here. she's really unsettling to look at and seems like she would be a nightmare to be around.

how old is she? i'm guessing 40 or so because of the dated rockabilly look? why does she have 40k followers and so little engagement on her tweets?

No. 1119742

File: 1609536509081.png (921.49 KB, 956x755, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 7.26…)

White Knight for the right to party

No. 1119743

>She has gained nothing from it
She just gained several more posts talking about her because of the preggo tinfoil

No. 1119745

File: 1609536848903.jpg (813.39 KB, 2637x3220, 38x1qvnq0dc31.jpg)


No. 1119755

File: 1609537253559.png (1.17 MB, 1137x788, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 7.39…)

No. 1119759

>that face
>40 yo
Are you mentally impaired?

No. 1119764

NYC infection rate is 7% and climbing. I don't expect anything from "normal people" but its completely deranged how stupid preachy politics hipsters can't skip out on parties.

No. 1119765

Dasha said she was going to a hotel with her boyfriend. I don't think Nick has any beef with Anna.

No. 1119766

Who are these people this Kaitlin person supposedly infected? And wouldn't those people be the ones to blame for going to a party?

No. 1119773

yeah, im sure all the attendees of the cum town extended universe NYE bash will do the right thing and quarantine for 10 days.

No. 1119774

File: 1609538911266.png (17.69 KB, 589x140, inwhatuniverse.PNG)

Aimee is hung up on "real men" again. Do these twitter users not realize that if someone they want to fuck is a weirdo who wants them to sign a literal contract for sex they can just… not have sex with them? Also, who exactly is going to try to criminalize her manly man/domination kink when actual rapists barely get punished anyway?

No. 1119778

File: 1609539050031.png (50.03 KB, 588x450, karenfromhr.PNG)

No. 1119781

>consent is fake
oh my god

No. 1119783

Do you look like her, anon?

No. 1119785

>"Enthusiastic consent" is just nuclear autism/Karen from HR
These people just be sayin' any string of words and people eat it up, huh?

No. 1119786

>relating mutually with one another, in the moment, in its subtleties
In an attempt to argue that consent isn't real, she explained what a consensual sexual relation looks like.

No. 1119788

File: 1609539481158.jpeg (412.17 KB, 1125x1472, 123C05B8-C5F2-467D-99B0-7AE7F6…)

The obese mama is still mad we laughed at her

No. 1119790

She’s 35, anon wasn’t that far off. Why so triggered?

Consent is cringe to her because she can only imagine the kind of autistic pre coitus conversations that she herself would have. I bet she thinks normal people who seek consent are literally asking “is it ok if I do this?” before every single move they make

No. 1119794

File: 1609539689148.png (87.33 KB, 593x795, okaimee.PNG)

She's really going all over the place with this one

No. 1119803

>it's socially r*tarded, it's NOT HOT
>If you think the alternative to "enthusiastic consent" is rape, you're just proving my original point, that you've never been romanced, intoxicated, DESIRED by anyone worth your time!
…She really is just going out on a limb and acting like someone can't enjoy sex while also having self-respect, reasonable boundaries, and not being a shit-faced drunk.

Yeah, women who prefer planned and comfortable sex in a sober mindframe where they're aware of what's happening are just neurotic anti-social freaks, as opposed real liberated women who need male attention so badly that they let some slightly overweight 3/10 cum inside them at party while they're too drunk to understand what's happening, because at least it was "hot" for the man, right?

No. 1119809

File: 1609540824838.png (17.14 KB, 583x138, muhhashtagmetoo.PNG)

And of course it all leads back to focus on consent meaning that there will be more false metoo-ing of men

No. 1119814

File: 1609540964707.png (58.73 KB, 1190x174, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 9.42…)

Roommate Leia comes for Anna Merlan

No. 1119817

If she’s this mad she was called fat maybe she should try losing weight? I looked through her old pictures (she posts old ones of herself more than she posts new ones it seems which is kind of funny) and she was pretty thin! I don’t think it matters at all what we look, you can give opinions on how things look regardless. She should just take it with a grain of salt since we are anonymous, but it seems we are pretty under her skin. Lol!

No. 1119821

Sorry I don't have screencaps and it was on one of her old accounts but Aimee literally accused a random twitter guy of abusing her or some other vague inflammatory language when she just meant tweeting at her.

No. 1119847

File: 1609542871095.png (3.98 MB, 2048x1536, A1319F8D-3933-47F6-AA3E-D13381…)

Also posted this, you’d have to roll a bill up to burn it like that
Why you’d have a rolled up dollar bill at a NYE party I don’t know
Personally IDGAF if they had a party but to then freak out about some perfectly valid criticism, after posting pictures of party ?
Bitches please

No. 1119854

I'm sorry to break it to you but internet concerns about "neoliberalism" are the definition of infantile malaise. The only "stately adult" thing about you is your decrepit appearance.

No. 1119856

>failing to get meaningful attention from men
Sounds like a description of someone who gets a candle for Christmas and has to buy her own lingerie.

No. 1119884

Does this moonfaced fat bitch really think we give a fuck about her made-up rules of conduct?
>you can either post face or stop calling me ugly!
Or else?

No. 1119930


Yes, especially if it makes loser incel's peens tingle and pull out their walmart reloadable debit card to sub on patreon

Seriously, how does Aimee Terese meet her own gaze in the mirror at night after spending all day squirming like a worm in the dirt for the absolute bottom dreg males that follow her? What happened to her to make her hate herself and all women so thoroughly?

No. 1119938

For someone who calls everything a "bourgeois mystification" and masturbates to Marxist materialism, that's some solid amount of mopey horseshit that has nothing to do with reality. I would expect this sort of cringe from some some rich, unattractive, sheltered girl who read too many French romance novels and sappy young adult fiction. To think that this hag still believes in Disney true love is kind of endearing.

Unfortunately for you, your precious "real" men see sex and sustained access to sex as an entirely transactional/material endeavor, sort of like mining resources or farming animals, and your continued, unscientific perception of sexual reproduction as something magical, nebulous and sparkly makes you a useful idiot. Just like in your paranoid fantasies about the ruling class feeding the proles fairytales and false causes to continue extracting their surplus value.

No. 1119939

But autism is male brained and thus good, therefore, enthusiastic consent = based male brained behavior.

No. 1119945

It may seem like she's the kind of bitch who would immediately sperg at him about his opinion on globalisation and neoliberalism, but we all know that she'd be happy to get dicked down by some corporate chadlet without even getting wined and dined first.

No man has ever asked you if something is okay because no man was ever worried about losing you, and it shows. The idea that some omega hag gets to be the arbiter of what's "sexy" is laughable.

Do you know why hot women care about consent? They actually have something to lose from being taken advantage of, whereas you would be lucky if any of your omega male orbiters deigned to use you as a cumrag. It's why all you do all day is advocate on their behalf and play free twitter wingwoman to aid them in their imaginary sexual conquests in hopes of catching some cock crumbs.

No. 1119992

File: 1609559618071.jpeg (102.92 KB, 640x895, 38656EAF-6F80-4B7D-B9FC-A24228…)

thought she was becoming more healthie?

No. 1120001

File: 1609562312139.png (65.97 KB, 737x727, jackarchive.png)

waaaah I'm crying about the internet archive

No. 1120002

im assuming it's about digging up tweets with the n-word and not digging up girls deleted amateur porn

No. 1120004

>Not wanting to be sexually assaulted is for repressed bourgeois neurotics, now let me tell you about PSYCHOLOGICAL MECHA TENTACLE RAPE that is totally real and an epidemic

so much shit in this thread is prime quality banner material

No. 1120005

you’d think it had offered him a cookie

No. 1120011

File: 1609563363541.png (743.07 KB, 733x779, jazzpom.png)

He is really trying to buy his way onto the podcast lol

No. 1120015

people mostly use it to use websites that no longer exist or to find old articles, twitter is barely archived as far as I know and not if you're some nobody, once again he's insane (and fat)

No. 1120016

Is it really true that Eli is a conservative? Some people in these leftthot threads and even on r/redscarepod alluded to it but never provided any evidence

No. 1120018

Anna's said on the sub a couple times that he's like vaguely-libertarian/conservative in the way nonwoke normie guys his age typically are. OPN is like a full-on DSA Berniecrat type though.

No. 1120035

my favorite part is her of all people talking about repression and neuroticism, because a BPD babadook polisperg struggling for online dick scraps is a great example of sexual satisfaction and social aptitude

No. 1120039

File: 1609568358061.jpeg (449.82 KB, 1242x2042, C392CE71-7D34-4053-98C4-1DDB00…)

No. 1120040

File: 1609568440065.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1000x2891, 7CB92DE0-E9AC-44E1-A8AE-A9F859…)

Anna seems to have like 7 different working definitions of ‘narcissism’ going simultaneously that all contradict each other. She would call this narcissistic if it was literally any other woman.

No. 1120041

it’s different when she does it

No. 1120044

all three of these tweets manage to be so insufferable and annoying in completely different ways

No. 1120049


I guess as Anna becomes more healthy Dasha’s doubling down on the emaciation?

Maybe Hollywood only wants her if she looks like a victim of the Holocaust she loves so much.

No. 1120072

It's not narcissism if the woman is ugly (i.e. Anna)

No. 1120076


It shocks me how unfunny he is for a famed comedian.

No. 1120077

cue guaranteed replies from reddit cumtown gfs

No. 1120079


lol I was being earnest anon. Like I am genuinely shocked how unfunny he is.

No. 1120086

>celebrating snagging an average Joe who doesn't know who zizek is and doesn't care about internet communism

the absolute state of scarethots

No. 1120087

obviously Eli is not desirable either but honestly I can't think of anything less attractive than a man who's into 'Zizek and internet communism'

No. 1120113

Ashley is charging people to go on her podcast?

No. 1120116

literally this, but apparently someone who isn't a reddit political compass autist is generally out of their reach

No. 1120117

it appears that they have finally learned to integrate and seethe in silence

No. 1120182

File: 1609596117690.jpeg (85.27 KB, 640x851, ACC8E39A-0232-41A0-831A-9A3EDA…)

Is wearing shoes on the bed a traditional Slavic thing that we Amerifats wouldn’t understand, or is she just a nasty bitch

No. 1120187

that shadow is so ominous lol

No. 1120198

Fucking excuse you, we're not the ones wearing nasty outdoor shoes in our houses, and definitely not in bed.

TL;Dr: Ya, she nasty

No. 1120225

This lol why would that anon try to make it a bad thing that someone isn't an irony poisoned Zizek fan

No. 1120230

Dude I've been operating on literally all of this being keyfabe. If the drama actually turned out to be real it's be hilarious