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File: 1631654169255.jpg (53.01 KB, 639x839, 1629736568434.jpg)

No. 1324177

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>As if being a shitty actress with no charisma wasn't enough, Dasha's hollywood breakthrough won't be happening if she keeps up her contrarian schtick. >>>/snow/1288093 Is mentioned in Vulture for upcoming Succession season >>>/snow/1311745 and live Q&A for her movie shows that she's just as dumb in person as she is online >>>/snow/1315286
>More Aimee BPD antics >>>/snow/1288222
Bruenig pseudobabble about her middling work in the Atlantic where she capes for precious Amy Chua >>>/snow/1289074
>Deuxmoi update about Dasha and Succession's cousin Greg >>>/snow/1289381
>Chapo hosts nor Brie have not addressed the Virgil stuff >>>/snow/1290168
>Some literal who who gets frequently mentioned in this thread gets a corporate job at a fancy company >>>/snow/1290829
>Dasha and Anna hint at their lack of enthusiasm regarding the podcast >>>/snow/1291355
>Annie Hamilton substack attention whoring about Dasha being a bad friend >>>/snow/1292668
>More estee lardass twitter schizophrenia. >>>/snow/1296527
>Alice from Queens suspended >>>/snow/1298333
>Glenn Greenwald (does he count as a left lolcow?) shills for new Peter Thiel youtube ripoff >>>/snow/1298778. Gets mad at anonymous accounts for retweeting some dumb Rolling Stone article about Ivermectin >>>/snow/1318248
>Current Affairs (Nathan J. Robinson's personal blog) dissolves after the white genderspecial employees try to make it into a co-op >>>/snow/1303056
>Lofi Republican revealed (to no one's surprise) to have a wife much younger than he is >>>/snow/1320163
>AOC wears a tacky dress that says "tax the rich" at the Met Gala and Twitter weighs in >>>/snow/1323424 expect some nuclear takes from Anna and Dasha about how they're totally not jealous or anything

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
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Apologies if I left anything out.

Read updates about the site >>>/meta/25695

No. 1324189

Glenn Greenwald is tight with Anna and Dasha and the other cows in this sphere so yes he counts. These threads have always been about the main leftcows and the freaks who orbit them rather than people who strictly identify as “leftist”, eg Jack, Samememe, Low IQ Republican, etc.

No. 1324197

You should’ve mentioned

AliceFromQueens’ flop of a Substack and the email she sent out apologizing for it, which is much funnier than her getting suspended.


And Bruenig’s meltdown over criticism for her anti-abortion stance in the wake of the draconian Texas laws:


And Bruenig trying to sell her cakes for $80:


Felix’s midlife crisis:


And the Red Scare sub making fun of Dasha:


No. 1324270

File: 1631662192374.png (82.56 KB, 499x475, liz bruenig jeffrey goldberg.p…)

She talking about neocon pig, former Israeli prison guard and editor of her and Olga's writing at the Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg here?

No. 1324301

File: 1631664946138.jpeg (113.54 KB, 472x1317, ABCF1752-940A-46E3-898A-887E62…)

Does Bruenig really “hang out” much at all? Even on weekends she spends exorbitant amounts of time on social media for a mother of two young children. She has admitted her college life was rather boring as well.

No. 1324310

Liz B live on Clubhouse rn, fyi. Just talking about her writing with some politics program, nothing revelatory.

No. 1324314

File: 1631665793299.jpeg (250.39 KB, 640x948, 897700F7-4570-4584-B8BA-D8CAA1…)

No. 1324324

oh god some simp is talking now crying about how everyone's mean to her online

No. 1324336

File: 1631666945387.png (87.93 KB, 641x360, model.png)

Adam's new girlfriend is a model? Must sting for Dasha.

No. 1324349

Host just called her the "Pele of American icons" ???

No. 1324360

She doesn’t look like a model

No. 1324368

She’s about as attractive as Dasha but has boobs, so an upgrade

No. 1324370

File: 1631669746583.jpeg (943.12 KB, 1207x1621, 2C9B53E5-F958-4C34-8326-A98EDD…)

Bruenig has some of the most embarrassing simps in the world

No. 1324377

File: 1631670303209.jpeg (861.56 KB, 1199x1716, C0146EF5-8788-4EEE-981D-266C1D…)

She probably doesn’t know he exists but he goes on and on.

No. 1324394

>>imagine having a debilitating condition that stops you from doing many things

Besides driving, what has epilepsy prevented Liz Bruenig from doing? She has advanced degrees, husband, kids, high profile media jobs, a podcast, a baking habit, and she tweets 24 hours a day. She’s also blatantly power-seeking and self-promoting. Amazing that her simps see her as a delicate flower in need of a fainting couch. She’s a wealthy girlboss who very cannily wields her mousy nice girl brand to accumulate power.

No. 1324407

File: 1631675176000.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x1920, FE04B485-2A62-48FD-BBFA-93EF32…)

Why would you post this it is so sad I feel sorry for her lol

No. 1324410

>Why would you post this
To flex your cooking skills, post your daily insta-worthy food pics, and phish for sympathy from your simps. That's all there is to it.

No. 1324411

File: 1631675864147.png (191.11 KB, 618x466, mc bruenig.png)

No. 1324436

Having a condition like that might be hard in some ways but easier in other ways. People will feel bad for you and help you out more because they assume your life is harder

No. 1324459

I'm still surprised Adam didn't rebound with a black girl after breaking up with Dasha.

No. 1324471

this bums me the fuck out

No. 1324682

It's kinda weird that Scary isn't playing at the NYFF. They picked up a ton of films from this year's Berlinale, but not the winner of Best First Feature by a hometown cultural icon?

No. 1324756

Probably because here it’s understood that Dasha is a rank fraud, whereas in Europe she is seen as a charming eccentric retard

No. 1324765

Which part?

>hometown cultural icon

I’m in NYC and no one outside of her tiny clique cares about Dasha lol

No. 1324853

Is Glenn considered /snow/ material or is it just the fact he interacts with those two? I always thought he was pretty cool because of all of his journalist stuff

No. 1324892

yeah i like(d) glenn as well— i think his reporting about the NSA and the actions of the bolsonaro administration in brazil are really commendable, but he has a lot of narcissistic/cowish tendencies and won't stop fucking tweeting

No. 1324942

File: 1631731600840.jpeg (2.38 MB, 1242x2084, 5A58174D-CB0E-4F51-BE52-5C45F5…)

No. 1324997

there’s his investigative journalism and there’s his cringe twitter “cultural criticism” copped from pseud podcasters like anna k and jesse singal.

No. 1325157

>no one outside of her tiny clique cares about Dasha lol
One of the programmers, Gina Telaroli, is friends with Anna/Leia's clique

No. 1325166

Sorry Alice, no one has invented r/DesperateTwitterNobodiesInSocks yet or you’d be a shoo-in.

No. 1325181

The way a lot of people think that CRK has some kind of genuine intellectual disability is how I also feel about her honestly, like she just seems incredibly stunted for 28

No. 1325219

File: 1631751709634.jpeg (272.25 KB, 1169x1768, 7412FDFA-8AF5-4E91-8DB7-A00625…)

GoodtweetMan is another Bruenig stan and member of Catholic Twitter. I think you’re required to have the mind of an eternal 12 year old to fit in among this crowd.

No. 1325221

this clown could power his own thread tbh, remember when he posted a dm from a priest friend about how he was fighting pedophilic urges and he asked his followers to pray for him?

No. 1325250

was this the same or different from the tweet asking his followers to pray for reinstatement of a priest who’d been accused of sexual misconduct?

No. 1325266

Any screen caps? This sounds too funny not to share.

No. 1325294

He also got dragged by some of the others in that clique for admitting to having Jewish ancestry.

No. 1325297

the part where she talks about doing everything right, good-girl style and marrying her first boyfriend but now is unhappy and has to project it out to twitter.

No. 1325301

jesse singal is the only person in the podcast sphere critical of trans rights rhetoric and big pharma's role in the gender industry.

No. 1325309

let me see if i can find any, he tweeted then deleted back in early june

No. 1325342

does Alice really think she’s a celeb of any sort? Even Dasha is a C-lister at best and that’s being generous.

No. 1325346

he's also incredibly annoying and a preening bitch

No. 1325354

File: 1631764055293.png (119.6 KB, 612x517, junk food.png)

They're terrible parents tbh, they're raising a little spoiled tyrant

No. 1325357

I wonder why her kids are addicted to candy and sweets. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Liz makes four dozen cookies and several elaborate cakes every week?

No. 1325360

File: 1631764833561.png (219.02 KB, 890x996, lizliesexposed.png)

What kind of twisted web is this. Liz makes Matt sound like a baby who sides against her and makes her simp army hate him. Matt implies she's bullshitting and letting the kid have a cheeseburger to encourage her was the right thing to do, he seems more reliable. But why air any of this out.

No. 1325361

File: 1631765582259.jpeg (585.83 KB, 1205x1553, CEF90BCC-50C5-4322-B1F6-84DE13…)


No. 1325363

File: 1631765668120.jpeg (840.79 KB, 1202x1621, 60CF7F72-EB62-459D-A5E7-C2FD17…)

Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald getting ratioed by Vaush of all people has to be a new level of humiliation for him.

No. 1325376

File: 1631767679301.png (791.03 KB, 1208x1306, baww.png)

His dating woes are hilarious

No. 1325382

File: 1631768159521.jpeg (110.7 KB, 750x918, EDD52930-4B9D-4B6D-B332-269FC3…)

No. 1325405

crowd-sourcing parenting advice from your twitter fans, what could go wrong?

No. 1325500

Vaush is so stunningly retarded, it's almost a little impressive

Weird, almost like he's coping for something. And this makes me dislike Liz for posting her children even more if she happens to know she has a simp like this, although she shouldn't be doing it anyway

No. 1325533

File: 1631794154354.png (105.9 KB, 603x529, mommy milkers.png)


No. 1325534

Men whining about the supply of available women is always grimly amusing. Men made it this way. Most girls turn 18 with a head full of of Disney. Even unremarkable, boring men at 25 have probably mistreated and emotionally wrecked at least one woman.

No. 1325543

Apparently that Zero HP Lovecraft guy is a CandyCrush developer or something.

No. 1325613

Eh idk about “spoiled little tyrant”, if the child is under 5 it’s pretty normal for them to be picky eaters and only eat a few foods. They outgrow it eventually. What’s weird is Liz airing this out and making it about herself in a transparent attempt to get simps to WK her.

No. 1325619

That Med Gold guy is just repeating the wisdom of Bruenig’s old friend Bronze Age Pervert. Strange that she suddenly finds it objectionable.

No. 1325627

jesse singal makes 15k patreon bucks a month off a podcast for bitching about the twitter feuds of the week. he’s just as likely as anna k to take down big pharma.

No. 1325648

File: 1631805689769.jpeg (320.16 KB, 640x1025, 81271613-F28E-49B8-8D14-F585C4…)

A light dig at Dasha in a new Ion Pack interview

No. 1325786

File: 1631813183798.jpeg (135.95 KB, 1080x890, 060006A9-9B0A-4180-BDA2-0F3F5A…)

He probably thinks he’s “brave” for posting shit like this

No. 1325896

It's funny that at the moment, Matt is the happiest Chapo. I guess them calling NYC the greatest city is a massive cope from all the hosts.

No. 1325983

What's going on with Will?

No. 1325992

This article was pretty annoyingly written. I thought I was going to hate the Ion guys but they seem (relatively) grounded and not as self-serious as the people in their sphere. Did anyone ever ID them? I know someone on here said Eugene was one of them but I'm pretty sure they are both Italian.

No. 1326055

Wasn’t Matt doomer posting a lot last year? Will seems rather content with his heifer.

No. 1326070

yeah, Will and Kath seem like they have a good thing going. Felix is the miserable one. And then there's Amber who's off finishing her book that came three years too late that everyone knows is going to be a nothingburger and Virgil…who the fuck knows, he's probably changed identities and living in a new city by now.

No. 1326073

Kind of shocked how they've quietly catapulted past Red Scare in indie clout…would Charli XCX or Abel Ferrara ever show up to a Red Scare live show? Doubtful.

No. 1326096

sadly Charli probably would if Red Scare gays weren't such a plague

No. 1326117

I didn’t know Amber was still writing a book so I looked it up and I am howling


>The complete story of the victories and failures of millennial socialism, as told by the writer who witnessed it all firsthand.

>Amber A’Lee Frost came to New York City as a working class activist in a punk band, arriving just before the start of Occupy Wall Street—the first major event in decades for a socialist movement that was nearly extinct at the turn of the century. She's been at the vanguard of radical politics ever since, as a writer, veteran member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and cohost of the wildly popular Chapo Trap House podcast. She has reported on millennial activism everywhere from the sunny streets of Havana, to the Labour Party’s unexpected victory in the UK, to small towns in her home state of Indiana.

>Dirtbag is a much-anticipated debut from one of the greatest emerging writers in modern socialism. This memoir is more than Frost’s story; it is also the story of the only movement that has a chance to reshape our world. Both are chock-full of momentary triumphs, stupid decisions, new international friendships and rivalries, struggle, joy, setbacks, and heartbreak. Both are related with magnetic prose, remarkable candor, and unflappable humor.

>Throughout it all, Frost burned the candle at both ends. She kissed a man in the rain at a train stop after he sang her “The Internationale,” and gave herself hangovers that left her begging for death. But all of the late nights, heated debates, and joyous camaraderie was set against the unmistakable sense that somehow, socialism was winning.

No. 1326123


I read stuff like that and wonder if these people have ever actually listened to Chapo, or are even aware of what they are famous for. People know those guys because they have a comedy politics podcast that comes out multiple times per week. There is literally nothing abstract about that.

No. 1326149

File: 1631840474037.jpeg (452.11 KB, 1199x1088, 525432DC-12CF-430E-9037-E32E22…)

Did someone in a group chat with Dasha alert her to this tweet lol

No. 1326151

File: 1631840553047.jpeg (488.73 KB, 1187x1177, ECFBAC04-2DC3-442B-8A85-3EDE00…)

No. 1326158

File: 1631841234292.png (636.33 KB, 1240x317, largest genre film fest in ame…)

The iconic Betsey Brown still from Scary is front-and-center on the page for the 2021 Beyond Fest schedule, and you mean to tell me this film was too "niche" for NYFF? Nah, that was definitely a conscious snub.


No. 1326169

It playing at the Shudder theater might give a hint on why it was selected. But yes the NYFF and TIFF rejecting it does seem like purposeful snubs.
The girls are very lazy with getting guests unless there's a right wing crank on a press tour. They haven't even gotten Leah from RHONY who is a big fan.

No. 1326175

I’m surprised she would even disagree with that? The tweet doesn’t even say anything bad about her. I feel like the only time I see red scare mentioned it’s in a negative way so idk why this extremely mild tweet of all things would bother her

No. 1326177

Is Anna Slatz a leftcow?

No. 1326185

She has her own thread >>>/snow/1244909

No. 1326237

lol good. Dasha needs to be reminded she’s a talentless ugly hack.

No. 1326284

File: 1631858204111.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x2228, BB02FAC7-26A1-4722-BC77-DD5F45…)

it was speculated a few threads back one of them is madeline quinn’s bf, picrel. if you listen to his regular voice on the vids from her ig it seems likely.

No. 1326297

Glenn Greenwald and his faggy whiny voice has never done journalism. He simply won the lottery of being chosen by the GRU to break the Snowden story as part of its Active Measures program. Would Glenn Greenwald be known at all if Putin hadn't picked the ideal homosexual sock puppet? I think not

No. 1326329

Sometimes I forget Greenwald also has two adopted children even though they’re right there in his avi. What the hell is up with all these cows neglecting their children to post online 24/7? InternetTara was another example of this.

No. 1326564

File: 1631889035193.png (394.23 KB, 604x499, liz_nymag.png)

Every single thing this woman posts on the internet is consciously done to piss her haters off and feed her persecution complex. I'm tired.

No. 1326570

the optics of … cooking? who is getting mad about her cooking? if anything she uses it as a way to victimize herself, seems she is always sperging about how she's just a lil old housewife who loves to bake so no one takes her opinions seriously uwu

No. 1326617

>Most girls turn 18 with a head full of of Disney
Kek what…..

No. 1326643

coherentstates/humidhollow could almost qualify for these threads

No. 1326667

Why’d they make her look like Miss Piggy/Liz Franczak in that image?

No. 1326668

>if anything she uses it as a way to victimize herself
This, and she does it with everything. It's why she's so much harder to stomach than other leftcows, her entire brand is one big persecution complex

No. 1326685

Yep. Her entire public image is carefully curated to manipulate her simps and deflect criticism she gets as a writer for publications like The Atlantic, NY Times, WaPo, etc. It’s also why she constantly quote RTs 500 follower rando accounts who make rude comments about her. Gotta keep up the persecution complex. Easy to see why she’s an adult Catholic convert as well. Orwell was correct about them.

No. 1326726

File: 1631900932382.jpeg (584.19 KB, 1184x1507, 7635F921-54A1-4AAB-9D91-30F6BA…)

Yes, that Jeffrey Goldberg.

With only some minor alterations to include “being a mommy” in addition to “being a Catholic,” everything Orwell writes here about adult converts regarding their intense self-consciousness and self-praise resulting from the fact they are Catholic (and a mommy!) applies to Bruenig. It’s the same personality type.

>One of the analogies between Communism and Roman Catholicism is that only the 'educated' are completely orthodox. The most immediately striking thing about the English Roman Catholics–I don't mean the real Catholics, I mean the converts: Ronald Knox, Arnold Lunn et hoc genus–is their intense self-consciousness. Apparently they never think, certainly they never write, about anything but the fact that they are Roman Catholics; this single fact and the self-praise resulting from it form the entire stock-in-trade of the Catholic literary man.

No. 1326770

miss piggy is an icon don't slander her like that!

No. 1326819

File: 1631905895746.png (892.06 KB, 1626x1414, Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 3.01…)

The comments are brutal kek, very satisfying to read an audience unfamiliar with Liz sees her bullshit too. She very much gives not like OTHER moms vibes with her cringy drug slang ("I light up a fat jay") and mentioning she's sooo tired bc she totally ate mushrooms last night u guize!!

In other news, her diet is total shit - Ritz crackers, goldfish crackers, baked ziti, pigs in a blanket, constant sweets and Coke Zero for breakfast every morning. Explains why she looks so pale and aged at 30, don't think she mentioned a single vegetable in a week of eating. She's that creepy spoiled sheltered kid who only eats white foods.

No. 1326846

Holy shit she refers to herself as a “generous, gentle soul” in that piece. Does she realize how full of herself she sounds?

>If you’re a man, you can be Anthony Bourdain, and you can be a cooking person who also loves travel and is a gentle, generous soul, and at the same time be, like, a cool rock-and-roll motorcycle guy. But if you’re a girl and you like cooking and you’re a gentle, generous soul and you’re religious and you love your family, that’s a problem. You’re a pussy. You know, you’re betraying the feminism and so forth.

No. 1326847

File: 1631907455286.png (180.73 KB, 1308x912, lizsimps.png)

There are 300 men at any given minute of the day ready to tweet "wow you get them so hopping mad just being a simple angelic baker" when Liz finds some random person critiquing her, which she does a dozen times a day.

No. 1326854

Ew, Liz's attempts at slang and ironic internet speak are pure cringe. What big dick energy? She's a mousy teacher's pet who admits she spent her whole life too terrified to do anything interesting. Finally she can pretend baking is rebellion lmao, such a Bust Magazine 90s feminism vibe. She'll probably reclaim knitting next and think she invented that, too.

No. 1326864

File: 1631908078232.jpeg (42.35 KB, 400x400, 935666FE-0270-430B-8CC0-FB33D7…)

>damn Liz how do you make them so heckin mad!

I glanced at his account for a moment and unsurprisingly over 50% of his tweets are replies to Bruenig, AliceFromQueens, Brandy Jensen, and other DSA or adjacent women.

No. 1326874

>>desperately sad eyes
>>selfie on balcony of 1-br divorce apartment
>>probably taken for Tinder
>>bald guy hat
>>spends hours per day simping for lefty e-girls 20 years younger

Yeah, it's Liz Bruenig's critics who are weird tho

No. 1326953

bitch is boring but that illustration is horrendous

No. 1326954

women raised on romance, men raised on porn

No. 1326987

the artist basically drew a soberish Paz de la Huerta

No. 1327000

File: 1631913885681.png (301.57 KB, 1010x1106, doublechindasha.png)

No. 1327004

Notice Dasha doesn’t dispute his claim that she can’t act to save her life.

Also loling at comparing Anna Khachiyan to Nosferatu.

No. 1327012

how obsessively does dasha namesearch herself?

No. 1327024

This is great, because it pretty much confirms what's become increasingly obvious: the only people who buy liz's saintly mommy schtick are her poorly-socialized fanboys. If she were a mainstream mommyblogger, understimulated reddit wives would live to pick apart her every sanctimonious word.

No. 1327051

kek he went for the jugular. she must be absolutely melting down.

No. 1327278

He also has like 20 fucking dogs. I'm pretty sure his lawmaker husband and him have several maids and nannies.

No. 1327292

In that article Bruenig says to read Oscar Wilde on socialism. Does she know about Wilde’s predilection for teenage rent boys and defense of pederasty?

>Among the more sordid details are those revealed by Margaret Cotta, a chambermaid at the Savoy Hotel, a favourite rendezvous for Wilde and his series of young male 'renters'. Describing a prolonged visit to the hotel by Wilde and Alfred Douglas, who was affectionately known as Bosie, Miss Cotta said she found a 'common boy, rough looking, about 14 years of age' in Wilde's bed, the sheets of which 'were always in a most disgusting state… [with] traces of vaseline, soil and semen'.

If Wilde were alive today, she’d probably lump him in with Noah Berlatsky.

No. 1327301

In the new(er) ep “Donda Nekrasova” Anna admits to having had two abortions

No. 1327438

Huh, I thought it would have been more. Judging from what she said on the subreddit, I would have guessed several.
Is she going to take Leo to the graves of his murdered siblings?

No. 1327468


it’s him and Curtis Everett Pawley.

No. 1327470

On the most recent episode Anna repeats that actually her bf is also insane about politics and more conservative than her. Says he was saying all the celebs at the Met Gala hate the United States and Israel. Not sure why the last part came up.

No. 1327473

So that one girl who said she knew them from school and that they have no connections to the film industry was right? No wonder anons started saying she was an evil bitch within minutes of her tweets being posted here, she was dead on. It's nice that they can throw a good party but their pretense of being underground film insiders was totally false.

No. 1327535

anyone else feel like this thread has jumped the shark?

No. 1327536

can we stop talking about literal whos

No. 1327542

This thread is better than the last one imo which was full of literal whos. Still discussing way too many people who are either obscure, only tangentially related to this scene (Glenn Greenwald, really?), and way too many nonas blogposting about politics and debating religion w/o reference to a cow at all. Ppl seriously starting to treat this place like Reddit. Sorry to minimod but reporting the actual posts doesn’t seem to do anything

No. 1327555

Anna and Dasha literally bring up Glenn Greenwald all the freaking time (Hell Anna only has at best five references and Glenn is always one of them) and now he is paying attention to Aimee (something that has never happened before). Not to mention him now being 24/7 online and peddling conspiracy bullshit like Ivermectin. He is starting to become a leftcow for sure.

No. 1327558

how many weeks until glenn greenwald gets a cameo account

No. 1327572

Lol they just had Greenwald on their show yet again:

He definitely belongs.

No. 1327576

This thread is actually on a good streak. Sure a few fucktards are bringing up their literal who/possibly themselves into the conversation, but that's the minority compared to the last few threads.

No. 1327585

Obvious samefag is obvious. I think there are a few Red Scare simps who pop in every thread to suggest that the “thread has jumped the shark” in the hope that they’ll convince us to stop making fun of their queens. Sorry losers, not gonna happen.

No. 1327589

we AREN'T talking about them is the point

No. 1327606

after hearing that i wish they'd get him on so we could have a look into how unhinged anna's personal life is

No. 1327609

Isn't that pretty standard american jew stuff? Of course, it's completely on brand for anna to spin eli's brandeis-lite beliefs as edgy boutique discourse.

No. 1327624

>Says he was saying all the celebs at the Met Gala hate the United States and Israel. Not sure why the last part came up.

Eli is Jewish and sounds like he has a chip on his shoulder about anti-Zionism on the left. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna’s own right wing shift is due to Eli’s influence. Wasn’t he the one who suggested they invite Steve Bannon on the pod?

No. 1327628

it sounds like Eli is the puppet master pulling the strings of the pod.

No. 1327637

Yes. They may be "literal whos" compared to others, but people like chaoticitgirl or duckalertsnow were more funny/interesting than Red Scare and Aimee Terese ad nauseam

No. 1327640

She's said he's a Weinstein brothers fan and is the one who suggested she go on their podcast.
Seems like a lot, she retweets things containing just "dasha" or "red scare" pretty often and those aren't uncommon words.

No. 1327646

Anna's crypto-fascist act is getting old

No. 1327647

really getting off topic, but i just looked up the weinstein's and one of them lives in my home of pdx lol

No. 1327702

The Weinsteins are the dullest IDW centre-right boilerplate imaginable. Think Sam Harris but more reflexively GOP and without the charisma from resembling Ben Stiller.

No. 1327705

I don't understand why anyone cares about the duckalerts person but itgirl that one who came and freaked out and posted her selfies were fun

No. 1327754

File: 1632004878033.jpeg (231.36 KB, 399x812, 3EEA5173-B00E-47B8-A0C2-77A2C8…)

In a 2018 interview with Spin, OPN reveals he started a book club with his crew where they read Bannon's favorite works.

No. 1327770

File: 1632006288845.png (78.18 KB, 685x477, possible_penis.png)

Is Maddie actually trans or are the redscareforcishetmen boys just being rude?

No. 1327772

No, there’s pictures of her as a kid on her instagram and she’s not trans.

Not to get too conspiratorial because this can be explained by Anna’s autistic tendencies, like how she mentions Nick Mullen all the time, but it’s a little weird how they’ve been name dropping Moldbug almost every episode for months. Sometimes it feels like they get a list of things they have to talk about or they’re too lazy to pick topics outside of what’s trending.

No. 1327794

File: 1632010044518.png (75.38 KB, 339x439, projection.png)

"I'm pretty emotionally tensile, that's why I spend hours every day getting upset with and quote tweeting randos who have the gall to disagree with me"

No. 1327795

anna wants RW points

No. 1327830

I feel like it’s best when it’s a balance of both like 75% actual leftcows 25% whoever the literal who sperg of the week is.
The chaoticitgirl picture thing was weird because mods always delete revenge porn and during the shoe0nhead thing they were like guarding her thread deleting it the second anyone would post her leaked pics. At first I thought mods were going to reveal it as a self post from chaoticitgirl because multiple people pointed it out to them in /meta/ when it got posted and they ignored it, I still don’t get why they never deleted it.

No. 1327835

how would the mods know it's a self post?

No. 1327853

Lurk more/integrate but if cows deceptively self post mods will take away their anonymity (recently this happened with creepshow art) so when they didn’t delete the pic I thought they might have been suspicious it was a self post. idk if enough info is known about chaoticitgirl for them to do that/enough people are even aware of her for it to be worth the effort

No. 1327912

Look how Bruenig smugly pretends that the burning “culture war” issues are Middle Americans being fat, uncouth, tailgating, or even going to church (rather than how many red state evangelical churches poison the minds of their parishioners with selfish and harmful attitudes) as if anyone but a tiny fringe minority, if that, is having a “panic” about that stuff. But she wouldn’t want to remind her followers about current red state attitudes towards abortion, vaccines, and other matters that actually impact lives, now would she?

No. 1327984

File: 1632030959315.png (244.71 KB, 404x412, 30CD6B4C-8571-43B1-9CF1-CB142F…)

does anyone know about this 4chan girl turned into leftist egirl called nudeobama

No. 1327987

no but she should have her club fingers checked out by her GP

No. 1328009

How is she a leftist egirl? She’s posted the same anime/video game/jap content for years, has barely ever been political, literally has she/they in bio. There’s no overlap between her and leftthot circles as far as i can tell

No. 1328043


No. 1328114

Yeah I feel like the duckalerts girl isn’t that much of a cow, just seemed like everyone and their dog was in love with her and somehow she was in the wrong? Bella at least would consistently have meltdowns over shit which was entertaining

No. 1328115

Because she’s on dirtbag twitter

No. 1328116

I was about to say this

No. 1328124

I meant the other girl who came and posted her own picture while she was wking Red Scare, but I can't remember her @. That's weird though wtf

No. 1328129

From what got posted here the duckalerts thing just sounded like the kind of drama mentally ill teenagers have with their discord e-relationships, but these people are like, old.

No. 1328132

this thread was being heavily moderated at the time too because it happened at the same time as the Dasha/Jezebel thing, plus it’s been directly brought up in /meta/ multiple times now, so they’ve 100% definitely seen it and deliberately ignored it for some reason

No. 1328436

is she though?

No. 1328566

they are just bullying a deeply closeted lesbian

No. 1328629

File: 1632097859270.jpeg (687.43 KB, 1206x1640, 2FF74FC1-4F41-4ED9-B68F-DBA8EE…)

A new PickMe has emerged, a near perfect clone of Anna Khachiyan and Aimee Terese right down to calling people “narcissists.” She’s quite a bit duller than the others but she’s already on the verge of a meltdown so let’s see how long she lasts.

No. 1328748

File: 1632108466916.png (101.17 KB, 606x479, ifyoucanttaketheheat.png)

I'm starting to feel a little bad for her. She absolutely cannot handle anyone disagreeing with her whatsoever in any context. Every distasteful comment, every snarky reply sends her on a mini existential crisis trip. It definitely stems from her parents simultaneously abusing her and pushing her to work her butt off academically. Honey, you're a writer on the internet. Every. Single. Person. with a profile as big as yours gets the exact same amount of pushback and vitriol, that's the nature of the internet. The fact that you feel the need to keep feeding the beast by addressing every single critic with the same incredulous derision is not normal. It may be good for your career, but it's incredibly deleterious to your mental health.

No. 1328754

File: 1632108681856.png (96.1 KB, 406x494, mentalillness.png)

No. 1328755

File: 1632108871501.png (69.81 KB, 618x302, notyourfeed.png)

for the record, she found this particular critic by name-searching herself to find a thread where she wasn't even tagged.

No. 1328757

File: 1632108988520.png (77.51 KB, 621x375, thatsamirror.png)

Dear lord, is she really this blind?

No. 1328803

Lmao wasn’t it only yesterday that Bruenig was claiming to be, in her own words, “emotionally tensile” and not susceptible to panic attacks or getting angry over nothingburgers? Why is she flipping out so hard over a Twitter rando’s very mild criticism of her food blog? Some observers might conclude that the “emotionally tensile” Catholic cookin’ mommy act is a facade…

No. 1328806

Yeah, she’s definitely cracking. I don’t feel bad for her though. I think it’s hilarious.

No. 1328815

This person doesn’t sound like Anna or Aimee. She’s right about leftists too

No. 1328821

>awkward fit for Twitter
He’s right. She should start a mommy blog where she can be praised by other boring middle American moms. She won’t do this because she’s secretly addicted to attention from her Twitter simps. Having a hideous hog for a husband really does a number on trad ladies

No. 1328827

I don’t follow them enough to be certain, but what is Matt and Liz’s marriage like? Based on what little I have seen, Matt rarely mentions or interacts with her on Twitter. His time online is spent embroiled in dry policy discussions and debates. Years ago I heard rumors that they were going through a rough patch before they had their second child. He’s supposed to be on the spectrum, but does that really explain the lack of interest he shows in Liz?

No. 1328867

File: 1632117369884.jpeg (733.74 KB, 1199x1472, 04D6E826-58DA-4673-BE04-B77553…)

It’s a pattern in Bruenig’s behavior

No. 1328933

Not encouraging/enabling that, just seems antithetic to leftthot optics

No. 1328960


I kept seeing her pop up lately. She may not “sound” like Anna or Aimee but you can tell she wants to be the next contrarian cool girl.

No. 1328967

Wasn't this girl really leftist and getting piled on by Aimee rely guys like a month or two ago? These people switch positions and alliances so fast it's impossible to keep track of

No. 1328970

Yeah, I definitely remember her being posted here before too

No. 1328981

isnt that a troon

No. 1329062

How do journos get away with acting like children while waving the company banner? It's like the entire industry has been brainwashed by twitter into giving up on optics, along with academia and animation.

No. 1329066

File: 1632147787700.jpg (177.19 KB, 1790x804, screen.jpg)

Idk who this is but he might be simp posting on the redscareforcishetmen sub. They use all the same phrases.


No. 1329072

He's Richard Dreyfuss' son lmfao. Can you imagine if he's actually posting coomer bait about Liz on the cishetmen sub? Good god.

No. 1329078

I think it’s more likely that the Reddit post is just someone copypasting the Ben Dreyfuss Tweet

No. 1329082

File: 1632148729602.png (254.55 KB, 1380x850, bruenigzombies.png)

Coomer Liz stans are brainwashed and incapable of not repeating the same phrases "defending" her. From middle aged twitter libs to 4chan zoomers they all sound the same. It becomes less about her than about how threatened and scared they are of most other women who don't put on the act for them. The real Liz who tweets and name searchs all day and can't cook vegetables doesn't live up to their tradwife fantasies. What simple life has she chosen?

No. 1329091

Proof that the simps Liz B cultivates are the worst kind of man. In their mind there are only two types of women: smol pure angels with one (1) partner who bake cookies and spit out babies, and run thru hoars with 50 bodies but no dates.

Also fwiw I never understand the simps' line that we resent Liz's happiness. Liz seems completely miserable lol. She tweets late at night about how she regrets life passing her by, she obsessively chases male attention, smokes weed daily and trips while her kids sleep, is emotionally brittle and melts down at the slightest criticism. The picture of domestic bliss and fulfillment, sure.

No. 1329096

I don’t really follow her so I’m not sure if it’s something she’s complained about before but I always see people say this with Liz and I don’t get it. I’ve never seen Liz or literally anyone be criticised by feminists for “loving their family”. I don’t get why they want the idea that people dislike her for having a family to be true, or why they think loving your kids is some kind of rare/defiant thing.

No. 1329100

Like other anon said, the Ben Dreyfuss dude simping for Bruenig is the son of Richard Dreyfuss and is quite the cow himself.

No. 1329110

No one dislikes Liz because “she has a family” just like no one dislikes her because “she goes to church.” These are deflections that she and her simps use. The real reasons why people dislike Liz can be found scattered throughout these threads.

No. 1329126

this woman has no politics and brags about her prior ngo work and communications degree.

No. 1329154

It's hilarious, because they continue to not know shit about women. The pioneer woman and joanna gaines have built sprawling multimedia empires off their female-targeted trad lifestyle brands, in what way is any of liz's hearth and home posturing controversial?

No. 1329194

File: 1632158309332.jpeg (343.73 KB, 1185x1013, 5CD1863C-F17C-4F9B-87D9-A1408C…)

lol they’re STILL pissed about that innocuous comment and they are keeping track of what this literally who is saying about poor beleaguered Bruenig.

A few months ago AliceFromQueens said Liz Bruenig is the wisest person she knows. I think that explains a lot about both of them.

No. 1329209

File: 1632159493252.jpg (77.46 KB, 1200x1008, E1V-bN2X0AAMszx.jpg)

They're pathetic. People attack Alice because she's dim and Bruenig because she's mean. The only reason Alice doesn't get more shit is because she's a nobody, not a prestige journalist like Bruenig.

No. 1329214

File: 1632159631946.png (1.54 MB, 1312x950, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 1.27…)

Imagine simping so hard you call a twitter-poisoned elite a tradwife and this face a sex symbol

No. 1329216

File: 1632159753205.png (1.85 MB, 884x1170, alice.png)

Posted by Alice by the way.

It's so scary if it's really her dad taking her twitter thirst traps for her.

No. 1329232

File: 1632160723695.png (352.16 KB, 1172x726, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 1.54…)

This pic is so unappealing, all Alice's thirst traps prove is she thinks "skinny and white" are synonymous with hot. Still better than her other tried 'n' true method of attention whoring, making degrading sex jokes about herself. Picrel is a 2 year old gem she just retweeted. Queen of the pickmes

No. 1329235

No. 1329241

File: 1632161410061.png (632.84 KB, 1194x922, lol.png)

why does anna k bother to guest for tiny podcasts hosted by retards like crk when she already has a thriving patreon? does she need attention that badly?

No. 1329262

Dunno for sure but I suspect Anna and others in that scene have agreements to cross-promote each other for money and/or mutual clout. Or could be that CRK and Anna share something, like the same PR agency, podcast network, or sponsor (ahem Thiel) who requires they cross-promote, shoutout, etc. Might sound tinfoil but have worked in influencer marketing and such agreements are very common. That said - yea a pseud like Anna also does genuinely need the attention lol

No. 1329264

I think she just wants to stay in those people’s followers good graces since she’s alienated pretty much every other group and those types are really the only fans she has, Dasha seems to have slightly wider appeal and has more passionate followers among like femcel Lana Del Rey fan types or teenagers with anorexia or whatever. Also she may need them in the future if Dasha leaves the podcast.

No. 1329268

maybe she just feels sorry for him because he seems to have some kind of disability and she views it as a kind of ‘make a wish’ situation

No. 1329275

File: 1632162927792.png (899.63 KB, 994x740, crackedoutera.png)

Dasha is getted papped by random fans.

No. 1329277

File: 1632162982254.jpg (347.34 KB, 1170x2532, E_vgkxcWEAkzOVV.jpg)

full picture with mystery man (or anna)

No. 1329301

Tourists treating Dasha like she's important lol. What's with the baby hat, Blundstones and Goodwill outlet clothes, is she trying to fit in in Bushwick or something?

No. 1329351

yes, the red scare strategy is to get listeners by constantly pandering to new audiences, because people figure out they’re dumb and uninformed pretty quickly

No. 1329356

Anon plz lol

Should they start playing random nyu student films because they have a 100k+ followers on Instagram and live in nyc? Same train of logic

No. 1329479

What are the chances both of these guys are schizophrenic incels?

No. 1329483

I like how these losers fail to mention her autistic husband looks like a boar and she tweets all day arguing and sporadically bemoans not having more fun before she got married. It’s so obvious she’s not attracted to her husband and feels something is missing

No. 1329485

Maybe they noticed her because she looks ridiculous

No. 1329489

File: 1632179566119.jpeg (124.36 KB, 675x900, liz bruenig got my teeth fixed…)

soooo dentures confirmed?

No. 1329494

I think she had her gums shaved to reveal more tooth. I knew someone who got it done. Dentures don’t look yellowed like this

No. 1329512


That’s really the missing piece of all of this.

No. 1329553

veneers or crowns. they definitely come in the "natural" color she chose lol

No. 1329567

why would she want more tooth to show
does her idiot husband have a piano key fetish
she just gives such tremendous “smelly autistic girl who raises her hand in class constantly” vibe

No. 1329618

She both looks and dresses like an increasingly schizophrenic 40 year old cat lady in this pic.

No. 1329621

>smelly autistic girl who raises her hand in class constantly

Based on what people who knew her at college have said, that’s pretty much what Bruenig was, though I don’t think they confirmed the “smelly” part.

No. 1329622

someone should create a bot that responds with this pic at her every time she tweets lmfao

No. 1329701

She had a lot of gum and short teeth. Dentists can’t put veneers over gums, it doesn’t work like that. So either gum contour then veneers, or gum contour and bonding to elongate them

No. 1329704

That’s definitely not Dasha

No. 1329803

I thought those elbows and left shoulder looked extremely male but thought it was just me tinfoiling

No. 1329859

i'll give you ten million dollars if you can find me one female chef who's a "gentle, generous pussy"

No. 1330130

File: 1632238852378.png (486.56 KB, 912x600, lqu75mfnw3d61.png)

very likely, it's always projection with these scrotes

No. 1330205

god bless whoever is spamming trannies on redscareforcishetmen

No. 1330244

I laughed out loud.
She must think it’s a good picture if she put it on the socials.

No. 1330312

Her teeth are completely different shapes now, they're fake

No. 1330334

File: 1632252304393.jpeg (89.96 KB, 700x402, Ben-Dreyfuss-175845754-thumb-7…)

christ his face is terrifying

failed nepotism babies always depress me

No. 1330424

While getting money to publish a vapid blog as a book by one of the largest publishers in the world. Publishing exists so connected losers don't have to work but don't have to go on welfare.

No. 1330585

Have there been any updates on Virgil Texas lately? I don't even see people talk about his latest disappearance anymore.

No. 1330665

nothing I see. His name pops up occasionally, but mostly because Bree nor other Chapos haven't commented

No. 1330816

File: 1632274650935.png (141.21 KB, 962x1046, virgil.png)

Felix has commented on it, but of course he's too gutless to do so beyond his alt (post from when the allegations came out).

No. 1330836

No. 1330864

File: 1632278123342.png (87.44 KB, 610x479, dumbestwriterattheatlantic.png)

Diet Paglia is #obsessed

No. 1330878

File: 1632279364070.jpeg (403.04 KB, 827x990, 6614F730-0AAA-496F-ABC8-B32922…)

Oh boy it’s Bruenig’s old friend Caitlin Flanagan. Wonder if her and Liz are going to soft sell more White Nationalists together.

No. 1330897

File: 1632281373255.jpeg (426.17 KB, 640x873, 1FD5072B-CF53-4A10-927E-230810…)

Tim with the girls

No. 1330899

Tim looks like he has bigger titties than either of them in this pic

No. 1330904

Is dasha’s hairline receding?

No. 1330906

This disgusting, shabby apartment full of heathens wearing their shoes indoors.

No. 1330908

File: 1632282374621.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, BF626C19-8D28-42E1-A50F-B121D3…)

Higher quality. Wtf is happening to Anna's face?

No. 1330911

Uh oh Jack will have a meltdown over this. he constantly subtweeting Tim cause he wants to be the ONLY fat gay guy accepted by leftcows and rightoids

No. 1330922

if that’s shabby then my apt truly makes me wish i was dead

No. 1330940

File: 1632285176228.jpeg (382.71 KB, 1176x1672, 7176C198-D0E7-4283-AA7F-177261…)

the bruenig simp replies are so predictable

>because she’s catholic!

>because she values being a wife and mother!

the same ron paul avi guy as here >>1324370 even showed up

No. 1331019

Dasha is too old to stay that thin. It makes her look older.

No. 1331038

they’re aging like normal 30-somethings

it’s just sad they won’t accept it

No. 1331147

i don’t even care if dasha wants to be skinny for her own personal aesthetics or whatever, but it’s really off-putting how she tries to LARP like she has an ed & exports pro-ana mentality to her audience. like calling size 6 fat, making fun of taylor swift for recovery weight gain, calling fit/athletic women obese. it’s a really pathetic & insecure mindset for a 30 year old woman to have

No. 1331185

do these people ever bathe?

No. 1331264

The thing is she even says she doesn't have an ED now, so she clearly just sees all her fixations as totally normal

No. 1331594

where does it say adams girlfriend is a model

No. 1331606

who is she exactly? just looked at her page and she seem really annoying. not that i like any of the people she's shitting on but it's arguably more pathetic to just sit around fuming about this shit, like, make some jokes lmao

No. 1331634

On the pod, does Anna refer to Eli as her “bf” “partner” “husband” or?

No. 1331698

It’s weird that people read it as anything other than jealousy, if she could swap bodies with Chloe Sevigny and have her movie career she would do it in a heartbeat

No. 1331705

She's arguably bigger now than Chloe was at her peak. Red Scare has a ton of listeners and a long reach in the culture.

No. 1331711

Not at all but you tried

No. 1331738

lol you’re delusional

No. 1331765

A couple tens of thousands of twitter addicts knowing who Dasha is, half who hate her, does not compare to Chloe’s cultural reach in the year Kids came out alone. There’s not enough dick in the world Dasha could suck to get a whole New Yorker profile on her.

No. 1331803


No. 1331896

Tell me you have no memory of the 90s/00s without telling me you have no memory of the 90s/00s

No. 1331920

File: 1632365400950.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 8A37B52C-640F-445E-9C04-14ABCF…)

Scarethots don't seriously believe this, do they?

No. 1331929

ugly egirl with catfish AVI who is bitter and jealous about the conventionally attractive women she sees posted on the horny red scare guys subreddit knowing she fails to inspire horniness in anyone

No. 1332130

File: 1632398784847.jpeg (583.79 KB, 750x1044, DC22BB76-B97C-4227-8E69-1123AB…)

terminal levels of pick me

No. 1332134

she's just securing her place in an elite bunker for when shtf, can't begrudge her.

No. 1332144

Listen, I actually do enjoy Dasha's personality not like other posters here but let's not get crazy. She's maybe a 2020's-Bijou Philips type, a literal who tf that no one outside of their small fan circle really knows about and will be forgotten in five or so years

No. 1332162

every tenth tweet on ops twitter is a reference to being a yale law student bc she has nothing else going for her besides being wealthy and privileged, not even intelligence to make up for the hag looks. ~my ivy league classmates, ivy league iq etc.~

No. 1332166

Two fuglies found each other

No. 1332169

Isn’t that the girl who did a podcast with @default_friend?

No. 1332171

why does she look like a long island grandma hugging her autistic son, though

No. 1332173

Why did you post a picture of Caroline D’s leg and dog with this..?

No. 1332178

Lmfaooo, yeah that’s “arguable” for sure Dasha.

I think it’s cute when fugly people find each other and fall in love, like two basset hound puppies frolicking together.

No. 1332186

No. 1332211

File: 1632409630293.jpeg (16.48 KB, 225x225, 30189612-A226-420A-B4D8-1EA18F…)

Personal ads work great if you need to find your missing dog or you want to score dog-faced gremlins like this

No. 1332212

File: 1632409829240.jpeg (27.12 KB, 220x352, 69598ACD-7F34-40B2-A54F-5475C0…)

Hideous. No wonder she had to settle for that.

No. 1332214

File: 1632409969823.png (920.38 KB, 835x627, Picture1.png)

No. 1332223

They both have the weakest facial features possible aside from their unibrows

No. 1332228

Let’s see… unibrow, bulbous nose, blowfish jowls, thinning hair. Quite a “catch” Moldbug!

No. 1332281

File: 1632414516334.png (70.51 KB, 781x894, substackalert.png)

hot new dogshit substacks from the aimee terese wannabe crowd. river's first podcast episode is an interview with gian the software engineering manager, truly a blue collar voice of our times.

No. 1332323

Whoa, holy unedited BPD rant Batman. This girl makes Alice from Queens failed substack look like Dostoevsky.

No. 1332326

From that article:

>"A year later, I couldn’t stand my boyfriend anymore, I couldn’t keep waiting for him to finish work and then going to sleep alone. But I couldn’t be single. I spent a lot of time in my New Haven apartment, sitting at the Ikea table waiting for a certain filmmaker who I had a crush on to text me back."

>"I was annoyed that Caveh kept asking me if I wanted things to “get physical.” But was I annoyed because I wanted to make things work with my boyfriend? Or was it because he always asked right when I felt close with him, and I hated the tension after I said, because I had to say, “No, I have a boyfriend?” Maybe I just wanted him just to touch me and see. Maybe I didn’t know what I wanted."

so not only are her looks below average, but she’s probably not even faithful. total desperation move on the part of this girl and yarvin.

No. 1332338

I could only skim this bc it was too rambling, tangential and self-absorbed to read, but the gist I got was…boring girl fucks nobody filmmaker just to get on his show, blows up her whole life to be with him, and then doesn’t even get on his show? Women posting their Ls kek

No. 1332379

Is this her?


What a try hard and pretentious resume. Seriously not impressed. It doesn’t help that Yale is the most overrated Ivy and law school ever.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1332389

“Goldman and Yale such a try hard”
People go to the best schools and get the best jobs they can

No. 1332392

lol Dasha deleting this from her stories and putting up a black and white version, which isn't an improvement. She should bring the bangs back.
>>1332389 Seems like she never got past "intern".

No. 1332415

Yeah, her name is Ann Manov and she appears in the first video here:


Wouldn’t you know it? Yet another PickMe who changed her politics in less than a couple of years to pander to a different audience.

Caroline Debnam / Chaoticitgirl 2.0

No. 1332424

It’s not that hard to get a job at Goldman Sachs. Seems like she must have been a really awful intern

No. 1332440

Trying to wrap my head around Yarvin spending two decades posturing as an ultra-intellectual who looks down disdainfully on the utter stupidity of the rest of the world (not to mention other races), then linking with some busted BPD girl who used to fuck Caveh Zahedi. What a fucking stupid world we live in lmao.

No. 1332485

no, not yet. But if her part in succession actually hits, and something more builds with this mike white stuff (hbo is displaying a willingness to cast her and he has already indicated that he is unafraid to align himself with red scare), we could be dealing with the perfect storm in 2022-23.

No. 1332492


Making a big mistake thinking he “picked” her. He literally posted online “want to be my girlfriend/wife? shoot me an email” and someone did

No. 1332493

Need to know what triggers someone to transform from a basic normie feminist into a fashy pickme dating the clown prince of nrx in a matter of a couple years. This has happened to numerous e-girls, something's in the water.

No. 1332495

I mean, according to the fragrance fascist she's supposedly the star of NWR's next project, so there's that.

No. 1332499

File: 1632435032861.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, AB39E0A7-2C04-43D9-95D6-3AAC42…)

Maddie's fledgling mood board for her next script

No. 1332502

They released like 3 trailers and she’s not in them for even a split second and she’s not particularly attractive or talented. There are middle aged women on that show who are more magnetic and attractive than her

No. 1332504

Sorry nonnie this rly isn't true, I don't think people remember how supernova Chloe Sevigny was right out of the gate in 1995. Kids was literally the year's most talked-about film, and Chloe was the star - the second it hit, she was on every talk show, every cool magazine cover, at all the relevant fashion and award shows. Everyone knew her name from stoner skater kids to bougie boomer types, and she could actually open an indie movie for years in addition to working with all the indie auteurs.

I actually sort of like Dasha! But come on - her finally landing an HBO bit part at age 31, and a potential Mike White collab many, many levels below the fame and relevance Chloe achieved at age 20.

No. 1332508

It wouldn’t be completely out of left field but he or one of his fat followers kept saying she was cast with other big directors and it was not at all true. Dasha said on some podcast recently that the only thing she has lined up is working on her script with Maddie and her The Beguiled meets Martin Guerre rip off script she’s probably too stupid to realize is a rip off.

No. 1332522

i hear you, but there are only main cast and already bankable names (adrien brody and alex skarsgaard) featured in the trailer. The trailer is a different thing then what might actually go down on the show. That being said, part could be nothing, like that eastern european character with a bob that handled the PR the last two seasons, or it could actually be juicy. All i’m saying is that I wouldn’t write it off based of what the trailers are showing.


This is a pretty decent counter argument, in fact, a lot of the chloe’s stardom and dasha’s potential crossover analogy starts to fall apart under closer scrutiny.

There’s no getting past the fact that she will not go mainstream at 20. The ship has already sailed there. But i think a crucial thing to consider is that we are in a completely different media landscape then we are when chloe “happened.” The idea of Dasha as a famous person is born from the internet and of internet culture, and of course she is currently a bonafide micro e-celebrity, there’s no debating that. i guess the crux of the analogy is that chloe is as much invested in hollywood as she is in downtown NYC, and evolved with both.

It’s true that Dasha will not go big as a young superstar, but she is perfectly primed to take an idea of the internet saturated downtown NYC archetype into the mainstream. If it would happen at any point, it’s gonna be this coming year. Cognizance of “Dimes Square” and the desire to profit off it has never been higher than right now, imo.

No. 1332535

another function of the current media landscape is that names go bigger with less. All it takes is a few memorable parts, and she has a full archive of red scare pods for when people “discover her.” I guess i should’ve clarified in that I meant, the potential of succession and anything amounting from the mike white stuff will establish her, and from there she could really take off in an unknown way

or not. we have to see i guess… but i would not bet against it, one thing that remains the same is the culture industry’s savvyness with what parts of the counter culture to pick up and when. I think that’s one way chloe and dasha could feasibly be compared. In this sense, the timing of their own lives (20 vs 30) recedes in favor of the timing of a certain “Dimes Square” things readiness to be picked up by the mainstream..

No. 1332556

holy shit i remember that video hahahahaha. jesus its literally the same shit as caroline whatever her name is

No. 1332561

File: 1632439950515.png (106.15 KB, 606x473, talking_about_matt.png)

lmfao keep telling yourself that, girl

No. 1332570

this is so bleak. are her Matt posts a cry for help now?

No. 1332589

>my ability not to care what anyone else thinks about stuff

how long until she namesearches herself again and gets mad over what an account with less than a thousand followers says about her? or quote RTs someone who didn’t fawn over her in the replies?

No. 1332593

They’re PickMes. Some of them really think they’ll score a high quality man if they latch on to this stuff and not desperate dweebs like Yarvin. It’s even funnier to those of us who follow the TradThots thread on this site and know how many TradThots like Lauren Southern reinvented feminism after the miserable treatment they received at the hands of right-wing moids.

No. 1332599

These are a lot of words and many big “ifs” for a 30 year old woman who’s well past her prime and has yet to have even ONE starring role in a major film or show. You are vastly overstating the importance of a niche online following.

No. 1332628

It’s not about Dasha, it’s about the scene she represents. It’s like saying “you are vastly overrating your association with Harmony Korine” to Chloe Sevigny when she was still an unknown teenager dating meeting him for dates in tompkins. These things get scooped up and blow up fast, her appeal is not that she’s young, it’s her association with dimes square.

No. 1332636

I can tell you spend way way too much time navigating that niche online sphere because anyone who doesn’t would tell you that you’re off your rocker. These people are nowhere near as interesting or important as you’re making them out to be. Dasha’s movie, which deals a lot with these internet saturated NYC archetypes that you think are the next big thing, couldn’t even crack the New York Film Festival this year. Who are you trying to kid?

No. 1332642

It couldn't crack the New York Film Festival this year because she has enemies in the NYC film world plotting against her. They see her and everything she represents as a threat to the liberal culture so pervasive in the arthouse scene.

No. 1332647

Nta you're replying to but agree you're off your rocker. If she has "enemies" she also has allies and people who want to suck up to her. I can think of 2-3 people who program the festival that are friends or open fans. Saying retard in a film threatens nothing. Dasha thought she could cash in a quick buck and some cred with a horror movie but was too inept to make a decent one. The whole Dimes Square scene has already moved on from Red Scare after copy pasting their opinions and "style", Dasha is a mascot to them. 22 year olds and 40 year old parasite careerists are "in charge" of whatever dismal possibility there will be a wider cultural impact. Any word on the reality show? Doubt even that is going anywhere.

No. 1332650

hi Dasha

No. 1332652

she's definitely more Goddess Bunny than Chloe Sevigny at this point

No. 1332653


replies like these always sound a trillion times more angry than the ones speculating on whether or not the industry will cash in on a subculture. it’s fascinating…

No. 1332654

Lmfao you have to be either trolling, Dasha, or a 17 year old scarethot with very little experience of the world

No. 1332655

not anger, bewilderment

No. 1332661

File: 1632449383957.png (1.12 MB, 866x1058, uglyparasites.png)

The parasite careerists and transplants trying to bring back 2012 are the only people I have any anger towards because they're so lame. Dasha I feel kind of bad for because of her arrested development and sensitivity to criticism.

No. 1332663

Oh please, Chloe Sevigny is an Academy Award nominee, starred in hugely successful mainstream movies and was pretty much a household name in the 90s. Dasha isn’t even close to her league. That anon is either a totally deranged groupie or Dasha herself.

No. 1332666

This is either high level trolling or a cry for help. She has to know how fucking bleak these posts sound.

No. 1332692

Liz usually jusr annoys me but this is plain sad. This dynamic is not novel in anyway, what level of socially inept must he be? Hard? More like dad doesn't want to put any effort into building these relationships for family's sake and it all falls on mom.

No. 1332703

she's gonna get sick of that autist and cheat on him with one of her simps

No. 1332707

nah, her simps are somehow even uglier and more autistic than matt. i think the simps are just leverage in a relationship they both know she’d never leave or blow up with an affair

No. 1332716

not saying hi cow, but if i were posted on this site i would definitely post a link (and not a screencap) of the one website that tells you the full name and job of everyone who views your profile

No. 1332772

Dasha’s film got rejected because it sucks and she’s a nobody. Were you the same anon trying to claim that Dasha is some kind of NYC cultural icon? Scarethots are so disconnected from reality. I can’t wait for this entire “scene” to be dead and buried.

No. 1332776

they both hit the wall

No. 1332786

Dasha really looks like a mousy waterlogged little slavic peasant girl that just crawled out of the Russian Pale here. Mud, lice, famine and all(namefag)

No. 1332791


she’s a nobody

no one cares about her or knows who she is

no one recognizes her face or name

nobody makes 1000+ post anonymous threads on the internet to talk about everything she does and each picture of her on the internet

she’s nothing

No. 1332844

what is this image lol?

No. 1332927

Back to reddit

No. 1332949

Hi dasha(hi cow)

No. 1332951

File: 1632484829974.png (30.13 KB, 753x227, tpgmoldbugdenial.png)

Personality Girl Ann Manov denies that she is dating Curtis Yarvin.

No. 1332968

I decided to forgo the pretentious Ivy law school route and go to somewhere where I got a full scholarship instead. Then I got the exact same job as a lot of people from Ivy schools. You would only go to Yale if you were a sucker.

No. 1332995

Imagine paying for an ivy

No. 1333057

NTA and I don’t even mind Dasha that much but this is a stupid argument. What you said would also apply to like, foreverkailyn/PT/onision or whoever. They have way more threads and more devoted followers, are they “cultural icons”? Notoriety on lolcow websites doesn’t usually mean someone is a widely known person, at most they’re maybe some kind of micro e-celebrity.

No. 1333058

File: 1632493506143.jpg (93.05 KB, 640x480, E5kIdu5XMAIPUzl.jpg)

Someone has been trying to do Cobra Snake for their unphotogenic friend group of Dimes Square people. The fake dates on most of the pictures is so embarrassing.

No. 1333068

Most people pay for Ivies and definitely law school. Your point?

No. 1333110

most people who go to ivies have their parents or grandparents or family trusts pay
or they are poor and super smart and get scholarships
the suckers are the people who take huge loans to get the ivy cachet

No. 1333133

File: 1632498298328.jpeg (482.09 KB, 1242x962, AAB4DE00-3BF5-4066-B934-6115B4…)

You shouldn’t have left out the rest of the thread

No. 1333166

Did she really write a whole Tweet to tell the world her mongloid husband is sexually attracted to her? What a silly little narcissist. Takes some serious immaturity to think "yeah so like, my hubs totally likes banging meee" is in any way interesting, unique, or worth saying publicly

No. 1333230

This is what happens when the horse girl in school does everything she was told to do and because she isn't getting a gold star stuck directly to her forehead as a thirtysomething, she has to constantly talk to herself on the internet just to feel something. Just take ketamine like a normal person, Liz. Jesus.

No. 1333241

File: 1632506127497.jpeg (321.82 KB, 1184x736, 8DBF2C94-44C9-44B1-8C64-FCF279…)

With every passing day, Liz Bruenig sounds more and more psychologically broken and I am here for it.

On a related note, I’ve been digging all the subtweets her and her ilk have been getting lately.

No. 1333322

Have scarethots still not figured out what lolcow culture is after all this time? This place is for laughing at circus freaks and trainwrecks. Most lolcows are not respected or accomplished in the slightest, and being turned into a lolcow is often a sign of personal failure, not of success. Having an active lolcow thread is entirely consistent with being an F-list “celeb” within the NYC art and culture scene, especially when the cows and their fans are deluded enough to exaggerate their importance.

No. 1333329

imagine bragging about banging an ugly autist (literal autist)
and being the main breadwinner, plus doing all the household work and childcare
girl, you dealt yourself a terrible hand there

No. 1333342

This clearly wasn’t the case yesterday so either she got cold feet once she realized the backlash she would receive and bridges she would burn just to be with such an unsightly and unimpressive scrote, or he withdrew his offer after he didn’t receive the accolades he expected from his betamale groupies, or because he started to fear she would screw him over and write a tell-all exposé about him.

No. 1333359

This tweet is just as stupid as anything Liz tweets

No. 1333373

why would a 30-year old woman talk like this in conversation with other adults? it makes her sound emotionally stunted.

No. 1333461

awful tweet

No. 1333556

telling the world your a mom to kids and a manchild.

No. 1333613

Do you recognize the apartment? Whose place is this?

No. 1333640


O_O uhhh…lol…(O_O)

No. 1333721

This erased my libido permanently

No. 1333754

File: 1632554226690.png (380.93 KB, 1324x1212, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 1.15…)


I hate that straight faggot kyle so much picrel is a piece of writing he did that anna talked about on the pod and acted like it was good.


No. 1333755

this faggot is a little too bald and scrawny for my liking

No. 1333756

File: 1632554441704.png (432.29 KB, 1310x1370, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 1.15…)

I read part of it cause I always got bad vibes from his weird twitter. I know it's just an amateur attempt to do american psycho but I just really think he needs to get the shit kicked out of him and move back to wherever he's from.

No. 1333761

File: 1632554904542.jpg (54.12 KB, 640x618, f7d.jpg)

muh slavic genetics

No. 1333783

This guy is a weird closeted faggot. Much like Walter Pearce they try to date and fuck women who remind them of 13 year old boys

No. 1333833

This writing and the subject matter makes me want to a-log, absolutely disgusting

No. 1333865

yeah these films seem extremely cringe and pseudy
here she is

No. 1333868

lmao random yung chomsky appearance

No. 1333884

Absolutely pathetic that she needs to brag about herself like this when her actual husband pays her dust online, but she knows it and it’s part of her desired brand. She wants her whiteknight simps to go, “poor Liz! She’s the perfect housewife, cooking, cleaning, sucking and fucking like a champ but sooo underappreciated! I can save her uwu”

No. 1333902

Just from looking at this woman I knew she had those exact teeth and a lisp. I thought the ruling class had access to the best orthodontia, but her and Liz Bruenig's butter teeth say otherwise. Funny how she wrote that tiresome piece imagining she was Caveh's hot young thing, if I saw their homely asses together I'd assume they were father and daughter.

She can't even blink normally kek what a creep https://youtu.be/PSpj06TRtmI?t=539

ps Nonnies, report the post upthread that links to this bitches' LinkedIn and don't click - that's her trying to doxx farmers. (Hi Ann!)

No. 1333903

Yeah the teacher's pet to pickme pipeline is real. Love how cretins like Ben Dreyfuss say i dOn'T gEt y wAmMiN h8 LiZ when she spends literally all day online groveling for male attention. We get it Liz, you wake Matt up with rainbow macarons and a blowjob every morning. That's why he's obese and you've never had an orgasm!

No. 1333910

wow she really banged grandpa for a 2-second cameo on a webshow with 2,000 views, and the "opportunity" to write a 5,000 word feature at The Believer which pays a cent a word, so 50 bucks lol. tragic.

No. 1333916

wow it's just like the cobrasnake except everyone's a pasty 3/10, has computer desk kyphosis, and is slack-jawedly staring into space instead of partying. What a glamorous and vibrant culture, I can totally see why that anon thinks that everyone's falling over themselves to capitalize on the dimes square scene kek

No. 1333919

File: 1632580649729.png (204.71 KB, 868x754, nytlibfemsandpostleftunite.png)

Once again cows desperately trying to take credit for things feminists and even tumblr were doing years before they launched their brands.

No. 1333921

Lmfao congratulations Katherine, you invented Andrea Dworkin

No. 1333924

>The NYT calls it!
Are we still doing the thing where an opinion writer's individual piece is construed as representative of the entirety of the publication's viewpoint? Michelle Goldberg wrote that article, not the NYT editorial board.
Are we also still doing the thing where we give a fuck what the elitist airheads and scum who write for the New York Times op-ed page think about anything?

No. 1333949


I have such a mental disconnect between how dull, wrong, and unoriginal everything that Anna says is, and how she is perceived as an incisive transgressive thinker. This must be how people felt watching Ayn Rand get popular, or any other stooge propped up by billionaire money to do right-wing propaganda.

No. 1333962

Their defenders will try to claim it’s all about their “aesthetic” but god damn, Anna looks like a cross between Mr Bean and Nosferatu while Dasha wouldn’t rise above the level of cheap hooker in Europe. Do Americans really…

No. 1333965

File: 1632586519969.jpeg (280.75 KB, 640x1014, 6F3E08BF-61B3-495E-ABAF-8DE5AC…)

Wtf is she talking about, she's just pulling this out of her ass. The Swedish Christian Democrats received 6% of the vote in the last election and only participate in right-wing coalitions. Norwegian CD's got 4% and only participate in rw coalitions. Finnish, 4%, right-wing. Danish, 2%, right-wing. Iceland doesn't even have a Christian Democrat party.

No. 1333970

File: 1632586982268.jpeg (128.15 KB, 640x434, 6519DC88-15C3-4147-9CF8-707FFD…)

Someone tell her Tarrant County voted for Joe Biden and was one of only three Texas counties to flip blue from 2016 to 2020

No. 1333974

File: 1632587287230.jpeg (556.68 KB, 1206x903, 9EDF7448-7CAF-4DA4-8DBF-499EA7…)

Someone who has a Twitter account should tweet this info at Liz about CIA funding for Christian Democratic parties

No. 1333977

She's either knowingly lying about the role Christian Democrat parties play in European politics (particuarly the Nordice, where they are bit players, not "huge") or she's just stupid and assumes for whatever reason that since her politics are based and objectively correct, they must be hugely popular in the enlightened European welfare states. Either way, bad look.

No. 1333982

any more milk on this woman? she seems to collect lots of Ls for someone with her education and connections

Cmon anon that would require the cows to read books and do research beyond wiki articles

whenever Bruenig tries to do history, she comes off as really really stupid, like…completely wrong and clueless, and sadly she’s still more intellectual than the other leftcows in this sphere

No. 1333992

this might be the most uncharismatic set of people I’ve ever encountered and I doubt their personalities make up for that. is this really the “dime square” scene the anon groupie above was raving about?

No. 1334001

didn’t @default_friend and @kaschuta hop on the leftthot/tradthot bandwagon like… a year ago?

No. 1334005

She took a lot of pride in this dull meandering piece and called it the best thing she ever wrote, might even be her greatest life accomplishment yet, lol

No. 1334095

How can someone be 61 years old and still be like this?

No. 1334115

Becoming an “auteur” instead of getting therapy, never getting married, having kids or doing anything selfless, dedicating your life and art to self-rumination, dating vapid 25 year olds who idolize and don’t challenge you, etc

No. 1334153

he has children I think?

No. 1334207

Yea to be clear I do not know or care abt this filmmaker one bit, just taking a stab at his type based on his general mien of solipsism, neuroses and failure

No. 1334217

She is either deluded or functionally retarded to think Alex Kaschuta has ever helped a woman beyond herself/her own bank account. Literally the hugest whiner about not being able to monetize tweets before she could do so.

No. 1334280

which episode did she reference it on?

No. 1334291

These cows want to act like cutting-edge cultural commentators especially related to the internet but they are so behind on everything.

No. 1334303

She says fairly a lot, seems like she’s not sure

No. 1334384


No. 1334728

God she’s an idiot. The Christian Democrat parties in Germany and Sweden are centre-right at best, and Christian Democracy in Europe is in no way a “leftist” movement. Liberation theology is the closest thing to Christian leftism and that’s Latin American. She’s trying to be all “le ignorant Americans” here, yet she’s applying a simplistic bipartisan lens to international politics. It’s so obvious she saw “Democrat” in the name and assumed they were leftist because she’s a dumb American herself.

No. 1335210

File: 1632695945220.png (105.97 KB, 625x477, shedoesthisatleastonceamonth.p…)


No. 1335392

I can't believe she doesn't feel embarrassed about listing her credentials as a comeback at least 2x a week

No. 1335409

Phyllis Schlafly was an attorney who went to WashU and Radcliffe, wrote bestselling books, influenced public policy, and was basically an overachieving, privileged pile of shit just like Breunig.

No. 1335827

she forgot the part where she can't actually write lmao

No. 1335998

File: 1632784268162.png (178.96 KB, 610x469, chapoid.png)

Sarah Squirm just got cast on SNL. Huge W for the dirtbag left in the cultural sphere.

No. 1336010

SNL is probably going to kneecap her like they did to kyle mooney. She'll probably open the door for all the troons she works with, unfortunately.

No. 1336025

Mooney is money

No. 1336047

File: 1632787378387.png (613.21 KB, 1419x727, SCREENSHOT.png)

fat wignat posts a freakish tweet with anna k's instagram baby photos, jack rushes to defend him.

No. 1336052

File: 1632787682817.jpeg (533.21 KB, 640x882, DE123191-927E-4F29-91F6-42B83A…)


No. 1336109

File: 1632793770912.jpg (Spoiler Image,503.91 KB, 750x950, womencanbepornsicktoo.jpg)

it will be interesting to see how this style of "humor" can be translated for network tv

No. 1336112

I watched the Sarah Vaccine vid for the first time today, honestly the unfunniest piece of shit I've ever seen. No jokes, no point of view, just her doing cringe 2009 sO rAnDoMMmmm humor and LoUd fUnNy vOiCeS like the sort of YouTubers 10 year olds watch, but with Tim and Eric aesthetics. I'm sure she tells herself she's not bland and derivative bc of her ~edgy visuals and swears. Then again unfunny and loud = perfect for SNL.

If anyone wants to take the "how long can you last challenge," I made it to 5 min and truly wanted to kys myself

No. 1336119

Her art definitely has a unique aesthetic, so she has that going for her. But yeah, not funny at all. Her standup is just "capitalism sucks, amirite??" boring

No. 1336120

James Austin Johnson has the only good Trump impression from the last seven years. Think he's also a Chapo listener.

No. 1336122

File: 1632795245435.jpeg (395.06 KB, 640x880, 90AA06F1-3166-4318-9657-BBD4AB…)

No. 1336126

Justice for Shane Gillis' Trump impression lol - then again we know how well his SNL stint went. Hilarious that they went in search of another Trump-capable millennial comedian…"but woke"

No. 1336127

wait so is SNL exclusively sourcing its comedians from the Chapo/Jacobin/Bernie Sanders stan extended universe? it's amazing how SNL has totally abdicated its desire to be funny. it's like state run media now. the Pravda comedy hour

No. 1336129

File: 1632796244118.png (726.04 KB, 1074x571, glow.png)

It all comes back to solidarity

No. 1336130

haha Aimee? Is that you?

No. 1336139

It'll be hilarious if Sarah makes some Chapo or DSA reference on the show and like the Eye of Sauron, Aimee focuses her laser-like ire on a new more successful woman who makes her seethe with jealousy.

No. 1336154

no one is referencing Chapo Trap House or the DSA on Saturday Night Live.

No. 1336218

File: 1632807102412.jpg (749.93 KB, 1585x2114, 20210928_012814.jpg)

This seems so sketchy

No. 1336228

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a scam, she’s also been trying to “sell her soul” as an nft for $600,000 for months now

No. 1336229

File: 1632808625570.jpeg (720.86 KB, 1125x2029, D9684320-691B-492D-A515-3AA7CA…)

Campaign set up by Bimbo Ubermensch…funds will be disbursed to Bimbo Ubermensch. Aiming to collect $37,000 CAD. Is this dumb bitch trying to buy a boat

No. 1336233

File: 1632808780442.jpeg (340.73 KB, 1125x1165, 6C0E9D3E-3DEE-41B2-8B0F-2055C8…)

Also kek at her illiteracy, “cancel campaign of a witch hunt” - bitch whet?

No. 1336241

The usual suspects from this thread are retweeting this despite her still not having found the woman the money is supposed to be for, seems like it will be a pretty successful scam if so

No. 1336243

File: 1632811165626.jpeg (529.67 KB, 1242x1969, 4B78753B-05AE-4761-BFE3-211594…)

It’s likely a scam. From the thing about her “selling her soul” she’s was complaining that she wants a large sum of money so her husband can quit his cushy email job

No. 1336245

No. 1336248

Wow she truly cannot get more dumb. Imagine asking $600k from your simps…so you can buxx your husband…and being so simple you say that out loud.

Also what makes her think her soul is worth $600k. Is she refined, kind, moral, good? No, she's just a bland girl in her 20s with a decent body and 7/10 face. She's giving her (nice) body away for free, and (unsuccessfully) charging for her (trash) soul. Is someone gonna tell this dummy she's got it ass backwards kek

No. 1336256

Wtf surely there must be more to this than just her trying to openly scam people by selling an nft of her “soul” for $600,000 so she can buxx her pmc girlboss husband? Didn’t she just get a job at some big company and isnt she also meant to be a model? This seems so unhinged and sketchy. It makes it sound like there’s either something dark going on behind the scenes with her personal life or she’s just very mentally ill, like reading that interview reminded me of reading the megamillions lottery ticket part from the Elliot Rodger manifesto with the extent of the detachment from reality. Did this get talked about in the old threads because I feel like I have to be missing some context

No. 1336261

File: 1632814080618.png (33.12 KB, 599x462, f.png)

post was so cringe they suspended him

No. 1336263

wasn’t being “trad” her whole thing? why can’t her awfl pmc husband pick up a trade or something if he‘s finding his made up email job too hard to cope with uwu? getting your egirl gf to try and sell an nft of her soul to one of her groyper twitter followers so that you can be a stay at home gamer or whatever is beyond pitiful, like her husband straight up just becoming a drag queen would probably be a more traditional manifestation of masculinity at that point

No. 1336307

How much you want to bet her ‘90 day fiance’ lied and said he was rich? Also most modeling jobs don’t pay much

No. 1336341

watch her husband be a typical toronto do-nothing tech manager who makes 250k. sandra’s a pathological grifter and attention whore, the money’s never enough. she wants to live in a palace, not a luxury apartment.

No. 1336366

>the beloved spouse harangued by HR
Guessing he's a fucking weirdo creep and his coworkers all probably hate him.

No. 1336380

File: 1632833602466.jpeg (577.64 KB, 1242x1616, A45CDD48-9E34-4121-9B26-3601EC…)

That seems to be the case

No. 1336383

File: 1632833834899.jpeg (138.85 KB, 1201x833, FE9B1136-0C22-4614-BD2B-B81EC6…)

No. 1336395

I wonder if he's really the reason or if she just doesn't want to seem like a gold digger to the "trad" men who follow her so she uses being a pickme buxxing her husband as a cover. She seems too desperate to get every penny she can out of this for it to not be for herself

No. 1336396

No. 1336402

Screaming at the 8 year old girl handwriting and quarter-assed attempt at gothic script up top. She put as much effort into this as she did her failed instaho "modeling" career.

No. 1336403

File: 1632836592447.jpeg (519.29 KB, 1242x2029, 509239E8-07D5-45E0-817B-4ADE79…)

Yeah I could potentially see her framing it as something she’s doing altruistically for her husband as just trying to appeal to her followers. A lot of the interview is like that where it’s clearly designed to pander to the exact kind of losers who would follow her.

No. 1336404

File: 1632836628470.jpeg (267.61 KB, 1242x836, 559BBA18-EC2A-4BAC-BF0F-5094AF…)

No. 1336414

>Women are the biggest beneficiaries of horny men…except when they're trafficked

Yah so horny men are perfect angils uwu and we as a society owe them EVERYTHING, except like, when they accidentally enslave women? But they probably don't mean it?

Someone tell this ho she married a horny man, and all she got was a career as a low-level e-thot panhandling to help him retire kek

No. 1336422

Considering she’s married and claims to be religious would the twitter trads not (at least pretend to) consider her literally just being like “I Need The Worlds Horniest Man To Buy My Soul” degenerate or whatever? Who is supposed to be the target audience for this, like r/redscareforcishetmen posters? I really can’t see any of them having $600,000 lying around most of them genuinely barely even seem sentient.

No. 1336436

Ahahaha I love how she aggressively recites her resume at anyone who criticizes her, as though anyone gives a shit outside of academia. Peak obnoxious gifted kid who hasn’t grown out of begging for a gold sticker every time they sneeze. Her brain must be a frightening place to live.

No. 1336443

Yeah I picked up on that too, the only people I’ve seen “harangued by HR” are generally people who cause problems in the workplace. Yeesh. I hope a lot of simps fall for your scams and you can afford the ugly soulless steel & glass downtown TO condo of your dreams, sis!

No. 1336446

She gives me strong “fake account run by a moid” teas. Yes I know she’s been on livestream spewing similar horseshit, but still.

No. 1336450

>Who is supposed to be the target audience for this, like r/redscareforcishetmen posters?
Possibly, or maybe she is hoping to literally sell her soul to Thiel kek

No. 1336473

kek adam lehrer comes off as so horny and awkward in his interviews wifh bimbo and anna despite being married. “lascivious things” dude you’ve admitted to jacking it to porn on a prior account.

No. 1336491

he only wants boysouls, she needs to keep up

No. 1336606

Is Bimbo Ubermensch that half black girl whose black dad abandoned her and now she hates all black males and insults anything related to black culture or am I thinking of someone else ?

No. 1336608

That’s alexandraovna

No. 1336612

Her dad's white.

No. 1336620

could be way off but are you thinking of Brittany Venti? She’s not really in this scene but I guess semi connected bc she’s friends with the women posting l’s guy

No. 1336707

She is such a strange person, I remember her piggybacking on that whole "alpha men cheat" discourse. Are her audience just people who want an edgier Candace Owens?

No. 1336739

They’re married, the money is for her no matter the reason

No. 1336760

File: 1632866039267.jpeg (202.13 KB, 640x765, 2ECDEF1B-A9C5-400B-83F8-827A06…)


No. 1336767


Bimbo Ubermensch is an Egyptian Jew whose parents immigrated to the US, from what I’ve gathered from her tweets

No. 1336769


This is all just so pathetic. Begging for money from strangers online. And they’re not even poor, admittedly. People have no shame or dignity anymore. How sad. Just shameless grifting

No. 1336778

Why does literally every single minor slight from any random nobody account bother her enough to respond like this? Usually I would give people the benefit of the doubt and assume shes just being deliberately antagonistic for engagement because the trisha paytas business model is pretty much the only way people maintain relevance online anymore, but these kind of posts aren’t even antagonist they’re more embarrassing than anything and she does it with literally every single even slightly negative tweet she gets. It just makes her sound so insecure and emotionally immature.

No. 1336784

You can really tell that she used to be fat and unpopular. She exhibits the thin skin and insatiable hunger for attention that you only see in former chubby nerds.

No. 1336792

Lmao I get that Sandra is genuinely an idiot but there’s no way even she sincerely believed that anyone was going to buy that for $600k just so she could go on vacation. I don’t think she was doing this for money I think she was just doing it for attention. There was a lot of publicity around NFTs at the time and she was obviously really hoping “Egirl Sells Her Soul” would get a “has technology gone too far?!” think piece or at least be picked up by some minor outlets as like one of those viral weird news stories and she could maybe do a few interviews larping as some kind of performance art provocateur or whatever. Sadly, it got the same reaction as when she tried self posting here, no one cared.

No. 1336862

File: 1632871401404.png (125.6 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20210928-181748~2.p…)

Does anyone know who this is? It feels like another coochiebone account

No. 1336871

No, it's Keyvan. He's Iranian, DSA guy. Was in DC for a while, don't know if he's still there. Philosophy grad student (?) or something like that. Think he identified as nonbinary for awhile some time ago lol.

No. 1336872

thought it was the new sean mccarthy account. anyone know what that is?

No. 1336874

I get that he's posing as him with the avi and name, but it's definitely Jon or someone in that circle

No. 1336875

then again it might be coochiebone impersonating keyvan, who just had his account suspended. who knows

No. 1336878

All the angry, bitter quote tweets make me think it's him

No. 1336934

It hadn't been discussed at all until now I suspect because anons refrain from bringing up bimbo ubermensch much because she kept posting herself here. Same as default friend. Don't feed the selfposters attention, though of course they eventually make big enough cows of themselves that it becomes inevitable

No. 1336956

wonder if defaultfriend is jealous her cohost managed to get organically shit on/that she’s not organically enough of a cow to do the same

No. 1336961

File: 1632878779866.jpeg (114.52 KB, 750x894, D4FCEAB6-75FD-4162-AEC3-627437…)

No. 1337004

I thought she was Indo-Canadian from Winnipeg

No. 1337008

Definitely, she posts a lot both about being an ugly femcel invisible to men and about 00-10s jezebel style confessional writing, which iirc she tried to do and failed. I suspect that she just hit 30 a couple years ago and decided to be more shameless in her pursuit of polemic online woman relevance and attention while she still can, but continues to have a femcel personality that keeps her lagging behind the naturally BPD/histrionic likes of bimbo and her cohost

No. 1337022

what is a femcel personality

No. 1337028

default is less milky but more still more interesting than personality_girl alternating between attempting to leech relevance off of younger tradthots and off of moldbug

No. 1337034

which tradthots is personality_girl leeching off of?

No. 1337085

I mean that describes a lot of half black girls with black fathers who abandoned them, most famous example would be Doja Cat and even a couple of lolcow users
the rate of "separation" between black men and white women is incredibly high

No. 1337090

really? he gave off bitter "girls didn't like me in high school" energy, I'm surprised he'd try on being non binary as anything other than a tactic to try and make himself more appealing to sensitive woke girls.

it's not him though.

No. 1337097

Does anyone want to start an Alice From Queens recap podcast with me? We would host it pseudonymously. Possible title: “The Kings of Queens.”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1337099

i'm not even that invested in alice but that sounds like fun

No. 1337102

this account is not Keyvan, it’s just copying his screen name and photo right now. the handle is felixfromchapo’s alt.

No. 1337281

Wouldn't have posted her if that scam fundraiser weren't that egregious tbh, regardless of who had posted something like that it's going to be a shitshow

No. 1337365

File: 1632924173176.png (154.59 KB, 660x552, rs.png)

Red Scare gets a shoutout in this beyond-cringe NYT feature on leftist millennial Sopranos fans


No. 1337441

“leftish” is super generous but at least they flagged that RS aren’t actually left

No. 1337446

Brittany Venti's dad is white and her mom is mixed black, though IIRC her dad isn't around anymore.

No. 1337523

I don't know if this counts as racebait but this is kinda true, from what I've seen most of the half black kids that had fathers that were in the picture all had white father and black mothers, I don't think I have ever met a half black person whose black father was still a presence in their life

No. 1337531

File: 1632939731640.jpeg (478.23 KB, 1536x2048, sex 12_converted copy copy.jpe…)

Anna getting her own vanity magazine cover.

No. 1337555

Imagine making $26,000 per month and still living in a gross apartment with filthy grout, builder's grade cabinets with kickboards covered in grime, and storing your books like Caroline Calloway. Wish she actually lived like the chic parvenu she pretends to be instead of a bedbug ridden Bushwick transplant

No. 1337564

She had a rant awhile ago on the podcast about how women who care about their home decor are American narcissists or one of her usual insults. Said her Russian immigrant blood doesn't let her have a nice apartment or some nonsense. It seemed directed at specific women she has issues with. Eli's apartment looked much better.

No. 1337567

File: 1632941915794.png (80.86 KB, 920x764, thereare15peopleinny.png)

More circle jerk of the same people who do nothing but go on each other's podcasts, not counting the few actual directors and artists listed in the description. Dasha left out in the cold.

No. 1337579

Typical Anna cope. Obsessing about bougie decor is one thing, having an apartment that's always visibly dirty and nowhere to put your books is just pure laziness. In my 20s I roomed at various times with girls born in Soviet Poland, Ukraine, etc and they were astoundingly, impressively clean - wake up every Saturday at 7am and scrub the whole house with homemade potions types. So yea afaik living in filth is not a Soviet value Anna but good try!

No. 1337586

next time you're bored try scrolling back on Anna's insta a few years, it's amazing how recently she was living like a total loser. she seemed to have no friends or social life, all pics were of her junky apartment in a crappy part of Brooklyn (may have actually been Bushwick lol), her cat, and other manky stray cats she used to post about a lot. She larps as this badass cool girl but she's just kind of a dorky loser at heart and it shows in how she's barely upgraded her life at all despite coming into significant wealth

No. 1337669

File: 1632950231604.png (5.23 MB, 2326x1336, Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 5.09…)

Anna cleaned up her Instagram a while back, including deleting Lasagna Anna and her other fat pics. She acts like she owns her fat phase but she's literally the seething wojack meme. Now scrolling back on her sister's page, that still turns up some gems

No. 1337732

File: 1632956079271.jpeg (219.54 KB, 640x685, BC7A5724-DE93-41F6-82C0-CFED08…)

The Struggle

No. 1337739

imagine how much water damage those books must have. probably crawling with silverfish and cockroaches. get a bookshelf, bitch!

No. 1337759

why are so many ethnics into this weird post left scene. Just reading the names in that list and it's all arabs, italians, ex-soviet peoples, jews, asians, and maybe one english person as the exception? Why do this very bizarre set of politics have a disproportionate appeal to ethnics in NYC.

No. 1337762

Have you ever seen pics of /pol/ meetups? The people most drawn to fringe online politics with white identity as a core component (half of the "post-left" are just rebranded ex-alt-righters radicalized in 2015-2016) are self-hating mulattos.(racebait)

No. 1337783

does anna also put the baby on the floor when she’s not posing with him for instagram

No. 1337788

File: 1632960542516.jpg (54.78 KB, 1280x720, cell vomit.jpg)

Remember when she said on the pod she wouldn't do that?

Oh I guess not showing his face counts.

No. 1337812

Dasha and Aimee have barely interacted and it’s not like Aimee is ever going to log off and get a TV gig idgi

No. 1337814

Seems more like this Twitter addicted retard desperately needs an excuse to talk about Aimee to his imaginary “offline friends”

No. 1337819

how they manage to feel superior to their fellow millennial yass queen liberals is beyond me. just a different flavor of aging millennial cringe.

No. 1337824

I'm surprised this piece didn't center any of Anna's takes on the Sopranos from over the years; doesn't she claim personal responsibility for the recent explosion in Sopranos memes and culture on twitter? (Which really was just an outgrowth of the explosion of Sopranos memes on /tv/ that began after HBO Go launched a decade ago and kids didn't have to buy the DVDs to easily watch it anymore)

No. 1337833

I’m a little late but can’t get over how insecure and thin-skinned this woman is while hiding behind the friendly mommy act.

Anyone know what got Sean McCarthy banned?

I’m interested in more @personality_girl milk.

Anyone else notice how Aimee stopped being posted on these threads because some anon would always complain that she was “boring” and that we shouldn’t focus on her?

They aren’t superior at all. This is all going to looked back on as an embarrassing phase for most of them.

No. 1337837

>Anyone know what got Sean McCarthy banned?
He posted a meme of AOC from the Met gala but instead of the dress saying "tax the rich" it was something like "did 6 million Jews really die in the Holocaust?"

No. 1337867

File: 1632969675846.png (49.26 KB, 334x297, no alts.png)

>Why do people accuse me of having alts when I have said in the past that I have alts?

No. 1337868

File: 1632969751162.png (76.86 KB, 632x376, liz bruenig alts.png)

She also said a long time ago that she has an alt where she posts poetry quotes but I don't have the screencap

No. 1337871

File: 1632970163492.jpeg (135.5 KB, 750x1334, liz bruenig alt avi.jpeg)

and let's not forget when she posted a screenshot of a Keith Olbermann tweet that she had to access through one of her alts because he blocked her and she didn't crop out her pfp in the bottom left corner.

No. 1337900

Do her simps still buy her blasé “I don’t care about this shit even though I’m always namesearching myself and quote RTing every criticism” act

No. 1337902

Who are the 20-something gay guys with dog pfps that Dylan is referencing?

No. 1337920

No one buys it. Think it's just like an incantation she repeats to herself to feel better about obsessively name-searching.

No. 1337921

The School Bonds hive. They're an admittedly very deranged group of liberals. Liz has had them all blocked for ages, yet somehow is still aware of every instance of them talking about her.

No. 1338025

sean got banned because that troon delaney
@coalburner_ got all the retards in her group chat to mass report him

No. 1338178

Did they admit this?

No. 1338192

File: 1633016661271.jpeg (134 KB, 828x1412, FAipX1UUcAYEXiD.jpeg)

Using this as his avi now. What a freak

No. 1338213

File: 1633018731630.jpeg (658.65 KB, 1197x1344, 8D41B65E-FB24-4535-906A-3E21C1…)

This clown is the new protege of Kantbot and Logo Daedalus. This is the kind of tweet you almost want to frame and keep so you can laugh at it ten years later when none of its predictions come to pass.

No. 1338239

He’s so hideous

No. 1338282

and a law student like aimee

No. 1338297

File: 1633026232179.png (1.36 MB, 1224x471, cringe collection fat lex luth…)

>plays League of Legends
>names him after a Batman villain
Jesus fucking Christ

No. 1338335

Is Delaney actually a troon or do they just look like one? It's funny how they just use "alt" pop stars for their pfps now

No. 1338337

I'm pretty sure I saw a tweet from one of their mutuals who seemed to imply that delaney was a guy posing as a girl.

No. 1338341

Like that they’ll be a new current? Or that he’ll surpass some leftist streamers (already happened)

No. 1338352

delaney had changed his locked alt bio to “if you don't know me and request me anyway, you’re blocked” while that was happening

No. 1338366

You know why, right? It's because broonig is pretty transparently a hs/college peaker who deeply regrets her "trad" life choices. Constantly droning on about her credentials, constantly shoving herself into media spotlight, constantly whoring for male attention, posting 24/7 - these are not the things a happy wife/mom does.

Broonig is much like Aimee, except she's afflicted with another form of failed girlboss syndrome - while Aimee is a failure to launch that can't get picked, Liz is a failure to launch that got picked and resents it. If I had to guess, most of her day is spent between feeling like she settled and feeling like she'd fail at a career anyway. Then she looks at other lefthot mediocrities who manage to monetize, and the thoughts of being a carefree urban writer art hoe come creeping back.

No. 1338379

"ethnics"? did you grow up on a farm? most people from new york don't even meet natural blondes until well into adulthood

No. 1338380

You sure it wasn't just a joke?

No. 1338383

Maybe it was maybe it wasn't. Either way delaney's posting style screams male.

No. 1338399

NTA but most people from New York wouldn’t be offended by the term “ethnic” either, it’s still a pretty standard term among working class New Yorkers

No. 1338404

File: 1633034687361.png (91.33 KB, 1174x294, Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 4.36…)

someone spent a very long time writing a blog post about this in 2019. not linking to it because im not trying to promote this freak but you can google it

No. 1338413

Exactly, this is why the Lizsimps insisting her critics are jealous make me laugh. It's a self-own that they think it's envy-inspiring to be a mousy liberal media hack with an unattractive autist husband who refuses housework, living in bumfuck Connecticut obsessively namesearching, simpbaiting, smoking weed, and eating junk food all day. So trad that Liz Bruenig! So sophisticated! So aspirational!

No. 1338414

wait delaney/coalburner is trans? i thought they were some kind of terf (they would make jokes at the expense of mtfs a lot and would make fun of joel/whitefeelings for being a chaser or whatever)

No. 1338441

The worst part is that he doesn't even buxx her. She buxxes him, apparently - real gimpgirl hours. This is what picks you when you're a pickme - a repugnant, neckbearded rotting whale carcass.

If I was like that and had to go online just to watch "run thru" godless Stacies who don't know how to turn on the stove get hot men who support them financially, I'd honestly neck myself instead of producing increasingly more psychotic tweetstorms about how I'm totally Thriving™. All these credentials, all that family money, and this is what she gets. Bleak.

No. 1338453

File: 1633038108542.jpeg (63.32 KB, 960x531, v4aikghgkpq71.jpeg)

Not sure how much she gets paid for her work but their podcast gets 12k a month and Matt's patreon gets 6k so he pulls in plenty of money. Doubtless most of the podcast subs are there for Liz though.

Anna by Richard Kern. Typical of her to rightly criticize Liz's mommy thirst traps while doing sexy preggo pics. Is Dasha the only woman ever photographed by him not told to strip down?

No. 1338454

File: 1633038373664.png (1.64 MB, 1412x926, simian matt b.png)

Wow anon sad to be this jealous, just admit you'd risk it all for one night with Liz's FAS prince and a taste of a Kroger brand Funfetti cake made by her tiny trad hands

Srsly Liz's I'M THRIVING and idgaf!!! manic tweets seem to be getting worse. Reminds me of when you know your friend's relationship is slomo falling apart, but she's posting more HAPPY COUPLE!! pics on sm than ever.

No. 1338455

File: 1633038577828.png (188.16 KB, 1850x566, adamcucker.png)

To make it even more incestuous, the bikini and some of the other clothes in that shoot are from a glorified zazzle clothing brand by one of the guy Dasha cheated on Adam with (Alex Haddad).

No. 1338457

File: 1633038700871.jpeg (22.08 KB, 300x210, C9FE51B5-BCB4-4A3F-903E-4336B2…)

This is the picture that comes to mind whenever someone mentions Matt Bruenig

No. 1338458

File: 1633038724453.jpeg (304.07 KB, 3000x3000, 4259937F-2711-40A4-A5A2-2F05AA…)

Oh and this one too

No. 1338460

File: 1633038908220.png (2.92 MB, 1324x1466, Pre-Patreon Anna.png)

That D-list is really getting to her head huh. I see why young naive or eager for fame girls strip down for that perv Richard Kern, Anna doing it is just pathetic. She can't decide if she wants to be a semi-intellectual IDW type or an influencer, too bad she's not smart enough for one, young or hot enough for the other. We remember your real face Anna!

No. 1338461

Kek I can't with his freshman stoner-level critique of religion

>Praying is so ambiguous. Are you, like, >talking to someone or no one?

You're talking to god dumbass

>Are you begging or being grateful

Pretty much every religion says to do both!

Lmk if any other questions I can clear up for you or feel free to check the dictionary.com definition of "prayer"

No. 1338466

He looks truly strange. The grimace, the multiple chins like goiters, his weird expressionless dark little shark eyes. I now can't get it out of my head how Liz was explaining in last week's tweetstorm that Matt has no inner life or emotions - she made it sound chirpy like "what you see is what you get! he's just literally always thinking about welfare policy!" like it was cute and not insane. Oh yeah and then she bragged that she does all the cleaning and he can't stop fucking her. Cool life, Liz!

No. 1338470

Does Anna criticize Liz's mommy thirst traps tho? Sincerely asking, I've only listened to a couple episodes of the pod cuz, uh, I can't stand these bitches - but one of the few I listened to, Anna did the whole "what's the DEAL with Bruenig derangement syndrome, Liz is just a sweetie who loves her kids and meanies are jealous!" She mentioned her baby was wearing something Liz sent in a gift basket when he was born. It was so annoying to me and emblematic of how the Red Scare girls (and anyone else) loses their edge as they get absorbed into the mainstream and start schmoozing with the people they should be critiquing.

It was interesting bc Dasha defended Liz too, but so weakly it was clear she was going thru the motions to appease Anna. I think Dasha is annoyed by Liz too, but has to toe the line since she's a "friend of the pod"

No. 1338477

There was an episode earlier in the year where Liz’s breastfeeding pictures came up and Anna went on about how she wouldn’t be comfortable with that. She came across like she had been reading Aimee’s freak outs about Bruenig and agreed but didn’t want to offend Liz. Dasha seems like she has a sentimental attachment to Liz because of the catholic thing. It may have been around when Emrata had that bikini with baby ig ad.

No. 1338495

We say this a lot about this crowd but Jon, Delaney and all those “irony” anon accounts who change the pfp/name/identity every five seconds and have burnt through 100s of accounts TRULY need to log off and get a fucking job. Their entire lives revolve around Twitter and they are clearly have too much time on their hands. Imagine being suspended 50 times and not taking the fucking hint. Imagine being broke and pushing 30 while your parents fund your road trips with all your group chat friends who you met in the replies of a chapo trap house host. Sad! I have more respect for train hopping crust punks at this point

No. 1338497

it's pickmes everywhere you turn; anna k, brunig, aimee and dasha.

No. 1338500

i think in her case liz is not as much of a pickme but a martyr of female socialization, nice girl syndrome.

No. 1338523

NTAYRT but while Liz definitely has nice girl syndrome - people-pleasing, approval-seeking, caretaking her useless lump of a husband - I think she def also has that pickme/not like the other girls vibe. I think the reason she pisses so many women off is her whole persona is performing hyper-traditional femininity in a way that seems - idk, aggressive? Intensely competitive? Like bitch can’t just post cookie pics without telling you HOW HARD she worked at them, how she’s always working to improve her techniques, how she makes multiple dinners when her family demands it!! She can’t just say, “my husband and I have a satisfying love life,” she has to drop heavy hints about how she gives it up whenever, however and he’s sooo satisfied.

Of course the martyr/servant/competitive femininity schtick is the kind of toxicity women pick up on instantly and goes right over men’s heads bc they see a mildly attractive woman making a servant of herself and think “wife material”

Can’t put a finger on it but she gives me that high-strung, scary vibe I often get from wealthy southern women. A Tracy Flick in Lilly Pulitzer

No. 1338537

>Liz is a failure to launch
>feeling like she’d fail at a career
Liz has a ridiculously successful career despite her lack of talent and is the breadwinner for the household
I would be surprised if Matt brings in 30% of the income

No. 1338555

a number of them are former addicts/alcoholics so it’s pretty easy to see how the Twitter engagement addiction and striving for clout/podcast fame fills a certain void for them. pretty sad tbh

No. 1338560

Delaney claims to be troon but I’m pretty sure it’s just a disgusting grown man using that as bait to get into girls chats. Someone should do some digging and doxx the disgusting freak(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1338567

Yeah can we please get someone to drop his photo? Or name? Not only that but Delaney claims to be like 19 years old, he’s doing a terrible job of larping as a teenage girls because all of his tweets read like a retarded fat lonely dude

No. 1338574

That's the tradthot paradox, part of the failed girlboss syndrome. Many outspoken tradthots are anything but traditionally feminine - they tend to be odious, overeducated, constantly looking for fights go get into and movements to become figureheads of. It's a sad state of mind resulting from realizing that they're actually career women by nature, but very mediocre ones. They know they'll never amount to much in the workforce, so they advocate for the hausfrau path (which they perceive as easier, because deep down they look down on trad wifehood). Of course they tend to hesitate settling into that lifestyle (think Lauren Southern and such), because they continue hoping for some sort of career breakthrough. These women absolutely want importance, authority and respect outside of the family.

The whole incessant posting, online fights and "I have 5 degrees" dominance seeking shit is a very clear symptom of that. Liz may be a mewling horse girl who'd get eaten in an actual corporate environment, but she's way too disagreeable to be content with trad lyfe.

No. 1338579

Money isn't everything, anon. It's a grift, not fulfillment.

For instance, Kermit Memerson makes more than any respected, cited psychologist with actual research and respect of his peers. He will still always wallow in resentment over not being considered an authority in his field, no matter how many incels send him simpbux. Same concept with rich YouTube celebrities, new money, etc etc etc.

No. 1338626

they're the kind of trans person who's too stupid to take hormones correctly so their brain is all fucked up. explains why the posts are always so angry and resentful towards people. dude just needs to kill self.

No. 1338688

File: 1633060572414.jpeg (106.41 KB, 656x656, a82116cf-0832-49fe-ab6d-4a46bc…)

Looks like all the anti-woke film festival rumours were true. https://dice.fm/event/y9k6v-npcc-john-waters-in-convo-with-red-scare-podcast-20th-oct-beth-elohim-brooklyn-tickets
50 dollar tickets, vaccine card required

No. 1338689

Looks like a live interview, not a film festival

No. 1338690

File: 1633061014859.png (321.61 KB, 1182x912, notevenedgyfor2012.png)

It's part of the "NPC Festival". https://npcc.nyc/
I see Dasha didn't allow her movie to be screened and they're hiding that the Cinefamily guy is in charge. If the Ion Pack is still involved I don't see mention of it yet. Even they seem a little too cool for how shitty the website looks.
I saw this because the festival account is quote tweeting every tweet about it with the long dead NPC meme. And they only have 58 followers.

No. 1338693

John Waters, old Lars Von Trier and Larry Clark flicks that everyone's already seen, Caveh Zahedi, an Alex Jones doc from crackhead Alex Lee Moyer…so transgressive, so outsider!

No. 1338695

personality_girl is running it

No. 1338696

Wolf Eyes live scoring Garbage Pail Kids is so hilariously retarded it beggars belief, I'll give them that

No. 1338698

I see her in the replies. Someone tell her to find a new aesthetic for the thing. Is her being in charge their cover story? She's obviously not the one with the money or experience with festivals, other people are behind it.

No. 1338701

it’s thiel funded(learn2sage)

No. 1338707

File: 1633062612950.png (295.85 KB, 1042x908, edgyboomers.png)

He's not getting his money's worth. People will go to the John Waters Red Scare show, maybe Ken Park or the other older movies, but nothing else on that bill looks like it's interesting to anyone. They couldn't even get Vincent Gallo to show his film he never released.

No. 1338709

File: 1633062821621.jpeg (176.81 KB, 586x788, B1AC945D-5727-4F43-B1C8-9385AA…)

Wonder how her husband feels about her starting a small business (the enemy)? Has she applied for a license?

No. 1338715

File: 1633063758716.jpg (173 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20210609-144306_Twi…)

Im not sure if anyone's posted this girl before but she's pretty milky. Her posts tend to be talking about how much guys like her or how other women are stupid etc and general weird horny trade fetish stuff. Also she's a single mom and still wilding out.

No. 1338718

>vaccine required
doesn’t sound very anti-woke

No. 1338731

As usual, scarethots posting /pol/ memes that got stale years ago and acting like they’re still transgressive

No. 1338740

We've posted her before, her schtick is pretty boring and one note tho. Just embarrassing thirst traps sprinkled with some brainless homophobia to pander to rightoids alienated by perfume twitter (chanelling early Laura Ingraham as opposed to Dasha/Anna's fag hag Ann Coulter type of thing). not surprising at all that there's no man in the picture based on her posts. basically a chubbier, more retarded witten

No. 1338741

File: 1633067634011.jpeg (269.81 KB, 1080x1921, FAeaOKcVcAAuqb_.jpeg)

the BAP corner of twitter is accusing some of the cows as being psy-ops and are blocking them in mass. Radfem hitler, Bimbo Ubermensch, Default Friend, Mommy Milkers are all implicated, see thread https://twitter.com/r3turn0fth3g00n/status/1443291732020322304

No. 1338750

File: 1633068887666.png (20.28 KB, 586x176, Screenshot_327.png)

No. 1338754

wow that is so funny

No. 1338790

File: 1633079887835.png (159.41 KB, 866x954, delaney 2.png)

Delaney was a typical pronouns in bio Bernie loving troon who loved posting trans rights memes a year ago and then within a matter of months started hanging out exclusively with "dirtbag left" posters (or whatever you wanna call them at this point) almost twice his age and cut off all his SJW troon friends. He no longer publicly admits to being a tranny because it would take a lot of the teeth out of his edginess for people to know he took black market hormones behind his parents back because they wouldn't accept him as a woman and then proceeded to get brainfucked into hating his own kind by Twitter. This was dug up a while ago, you can find the same information if you can find his old Twitter handles and plug them into the Wayback Machine. He only joined Twitter in November 2019 so it was a very rapid downward spiral.

No. 1338911

Amber's finally back on the most recent premium chapo, still radio silence on virgil tho afaik

No. 1338925


It’s a shame. Way way better when she’s gone.

No. 1338928

Not really. Felix is worst Chapo.

No. 1338929

kek. you’re giving dasha too much agency anon. she would have screened it if they wanted. no one wants to touch her shitty movie except european festivals.

No. 1338944

These BAP guys tend to be overdramatic and are attributing something conspiratorial to what just boils down to attention seeking/grifting from these accounts. I do think it's funny that RFH ended up not being the lawyer that the unsaged anon from the tradthots thread claimed she was, though.

No. 1339025

anyone know his old usernames?

No. 1339050

It’s always funny to watch women who pander to right-wing men come under attack from those right-wing men

No. 1339073

It's so funny/sad reading how they have to use Google Voice numbers or ask people to use their phone number

No. 1339075

kek, this is gold

No. 1339083

Liz usually changes her display name to elizabeth boo-nig or something like that around this time of year.

No. 1339094

File: 1633116193994.png (63.27 KB, 320x240, YoungFrankenstein-Igor.png)

This is what personality girl looks like.

No. 1339142

They know that on Clubhouse anybody can find you with your phone number right? So people they know irl can find out about their online accounts . Unless it's burners or they don't care.

No. 1339186

File: 1633122698127.png (1.07 MB, 1190x904, in pursuit of internet clout.p…)

after a few viral tweets and a couple thousand followers, replyguy electionlegal seems to be mentally and physically deteriorating in attempt to replicate the sensation of the red scare crones following him. in theory he has a legal job in between the nonstop tweets.

No. 1339187

If she’s taking Thiel money while helping run this NPC festival it would explain the Moldberg connection as well

No. 1339190

These red scare moids are all so FUGLY

Why would any self-respecting woman want to be involved with this scene?

No. 1339200

he's kind of a huge loser, but i can't help but like him

No. 1339275

Get your head examined

No. 1339281


Yeah he’s lost his mind. But being a 50k follower orbiter is apparently worth it to a lot of people.

No. 1339460

ugly hair

No. 1339478

>Why would any self-respecting woman want to be involved with this scene?
No self respecting woman would get into this unless they wanted to try to make money, the only other driving factor in this scene is a complete disrespect for self and trying to use internet attention to fix it

No. 1339540

How long before epic irony dirtbags are shilling war in Taiwan/Indo-Pacific?

No. 1339543

Hasan Piker will host within a year

No. 1339557


That’s another thing I don’t get. She can easily move somewhere in Westchester county. It’s close enough to the city so she doesn’t lose any clout and her son can at least grow up in the suburbs where it’s less crime infested.

No. 1339576

I love how proud he acts of losing weight and "getting hot" when he's still, without exaggeration, the ugliest man I have seen in my life

No. 1339589

Oh god I hate it but you’re right. Hilarious sketch about how the unvaxxed make every day 1/6 incoming

No. 1339658

Is this the same person who's going on about how important it is to have a relationship with god every pod? Doing the whole irreverent godless artist schtick and being le based X-tian millennial at the same time doesn't gel.

Also, it seriously annoys me how uncritical Anna and Dasha are of right wing wingnut media, they're like 2 paces away from endorsing drinking sheep drench in the recent episodes

No. 1339723

that's the thing though, they are still technically better compared to the average liberal millenial
this is more of a assertion about how awful and cringe inducing liberals are rather then any type of originality on Dasha and Anna's part

No. 1339777

I can’t think of a single way in which Anna/Dasha are “better” but I can think of a few ways in which they are worse.

No. 1339787

trips don't lie

No. 1339790

oh my god. lol

No. 1339797

File: 1633203444291.jpg (146.75 KB, 1280x720, kill_me.jpg)

exactly, they aren't better just less "cringy" then this

No. 1339813

lol. but on that topic does anyone remember the 'red scare roundup' podcast from like when red scare had just started–that shit was so fucking weird, and then they just stopped abruptly. wonder who those guys were, they seemed insufferable lol

No. 1339825


My favorite was them inexplicably rebranding for one episode as “The Dup” and then ending the podcast. Unfortunately one of those guys is fabulously wealthy because he started Lyrics Genius and is married to the woman who founded the Wing (another early Red Scare fan). So from the very beginning that utterly retarded podcast had good connections and high profile friends.

No. 1339828

lol Italians and Eastern Europeans (and Jews tbh, unless you're in like Mississippi) are not any more 'ethnic' in contemporary America than someone with 100% English ancestors (which, by the way, is vanishingly rare, for the very same reason, i.e., that intra-white ethnic distinctions haven't been relevant in America for ages so people fuck/have kids with whoever they want)

You are right though in the sense that a lot of these people (A&D the prime example) love to play up their 'ethnic-ness', and talk about 'WASPS' as some kind of enemy, even when they're just completely American but have like Italian or Irish ancestors (Sean Mccarthy lol).

No. 1339830

Don't like her but to be fair to her I feel like she's pretty open about being kind of a quiet, shut-in with not much of a life

No. 1339835

is she actually trans i thought she wasn't? ngl she is really funny lol

No. 1339838

not to sound annoying but as someone who went to a new england boarding school and *vy undergrad, belonged to country clubs growing up etc., the idea that there's still a 'WASP' elite in the US is so funny. like half my friends growing up were italian and irish lol

No. 1339842

how do you know dasha cheated with him?

No. 1339844

who is alexandraovna ? I tried searching her and got nothing

No. 1339889

What about the other half?

No. 1339895

WASPs definitely exist
Long islanders are rich eye ties
Jews obviously
Tons of rich Asians

No. 1339896

Hey Jon(hi cow)

No. 1339908

One thing I’ve always been confused about is A&D’s constant misuse of WASP. WASPs and WASP culture are actually fairly specific things and are not culturally relevant now at all. Meanwhile they and the rest of their circle use it to describe the cultural attitudes of “non ethnic whites from the Midwest living in major coastal cities.” Probably a nitpick, but it just makes them seem uneducated and ill informed as to what is driving culture nowadays

No. 1339912

File: 1633211814808.jpeg (27.64 KB, 283x294, C69F2A05-FB98-4D8B-8222-A13422…)

“Cringe” is mostly a cope for extremely online losers.

To put this in perspective, let’s do a quick roundup of Red Scare guests/friends of the show, recommendations, etc to see how their taste, judgment, and track record stacks up. Most of this has been amply documented in previous threads but let’s refresh our memories.

>Jack the Perfume Nationalist

Anna and Dasha furiously promoted this fat psychotic Confederate apologist creep who probably spends his weekends bathing in his own piss.
Remember him? Another Anna K recommended account. Possible rapist. A dude so pathetic he got banished from a video game forum for being too obsessed with hating women.
>Bronze Age Pervert
Anna K called his awful babybrain book a modern classic. Turns out this guy is a neocon Claremont stooge and his online cult is full of deranged incels.
As if starring in crackhead Alex Lee Moyer’s incel documentary weren’t enough, Kantbot turned out to be such an insufferable loser that even Anna and Dasha had to cut him off, but that didn’t stop them from initially treating this fat bloated slob as some kind of interesting thinker.
>Eric Weinstein
An even more boring right-of-center hack than Dave Rubin. Absolutely hideous rat face as well.
>Ross Douthat
Ugly creep who admitted he bases his politics on being a virgin throughout college and NYT oped hack who copy and pastes Twitter takes, sprinkles in some Chesterton quotes and Catholic bullshit and calls it a column.
>Christopher Lasch
A favorite of both Douthat and Hillary Clinton. One of the few authors Anna shilled relentlessly. I think even the dorks who donate to her patreon have stopped pretending to care about Lasch though.
>Steve Bannon
Another fat right-wing slob that Anna wants us to treat as some cutting edge cultural icon. Even the alt right doesn’t really think he’s relevant anymore!
>Curtis Yarvin
Oh man, another right-wing pseudointellectual with a busted face! A Silicon Valley lolberterian who hates democracy because people might vote to raise his taxes! Thank you Anna and Dasha for introducing us to such radical ideas which no one has ever encountered before!
Yeah you’ve probably already forgotten about this guy because he disappeared from public view. He was the fat sweaty Catholic hambeast who spent the entire episode whining about abortion. Once again, cutting-edge ideas and cutting-edge aesthetics.
>Aimee Terese
Can’t forget how much Anna praised Aimee until Aimee started attacking her other friends like Liz Bruenig.

There are a bunch of pathetic orbiters and others I’m probably forgetting such as the Shant weirdo in the pic, but the pattern should be clear by now. These stupid cunts don’t have good taste or good judgment, and they have committed numerous blunders and have endorsed an endless parade of ridiculous right-wing freakshows which millennial liberals, for all their faults, have thankfully avoided. The fact that you can entertain the idea that Anna and Dasha are less “cringe” - whatever that means - should make you reconsider your entire framework or worldview or whatever.

And as the cherry on top, the few legit non-cringe guests they’ve had on, such as Adam Curtis, tend to have politics which are closer to the “cringe” millennial liberals! Again, what does that tell you?

No. 1339948

this bitch sucks but just seems like too much of a loser for it to even be funny

No. 1339957

not 'WASP', in the sense that that wouldn't have ever been a relevant term–wealthy people from the northeast aren't religious even residually/culturally and their ethnic heritage, even in cases when it is partly British/German, is typically so mixed that no single place of ancestry predominates. plus, as the other person said, theres a ton of asians and jews.

i'm just being hoenst with you i have no dog in this fight i myself am 0 parts 'wasp' lol

No. 1339964

> These stupid cunts don’t have good taste or good judgment, and they have committed numerous blunders and have endorsed an endless parade of ridiculous right-wing freakshows which millennial liberals, for all their faults, have thankfully avoided.

Got it in one. Is gargling with hot sauce more “interesting” than drinking a glass of Ensure? Yes. Is it better? No.

No. 1339971

flyover people are more likely to be catholic. liz brunig has major flyover mom energy.

No. 1339972

he absolutely will not lol

No. 1339975

File: 1633217746814.png (421.1 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_20210318_221516.png)

she's always grovelling hornily at the feet and penises of e-boys then brags about her gross e-sexscapades to everyone. imo she seems insecure due to being a single mom

No. 1339978

lol, is she really fucking Justin Whang?

No. 1339979

ooh yeaah i was trying to remember who they were

No. 1339980


No. 1340001

File: 1633221866933.jpg (651.99 KB, 1170x1299, Kenzie Milk.jpg)

Kenzie likes to pretend she's a trad for online points, but has recently been posting selfies that… seem to have DDLG undertones. Also one of her simps posted a cum tribute to this photo.

No. 1340003

Do you know why she's locked right now?

No. 1340005

Is this from a group chat?

No. 1340009

She tweeted that it was because people were making fun of her for being in an abusive relationship, but it seems like it's mainly because people are dunking on her for being racist.

No. 1340011

I don't think I've seen anything racist from her. What's she done/said?

No. 1340017

His hair is already thinning. Guess the testosterone is winning

No. 1340024

She wants to be Dasha so bad.

No. 1340026

File: 1633224409509.jpg (101.28 KB, 824x1039, CumtownGFMeme.jpg)

Not sure about the full context. She has a deleted tweet that (based on the replies) might be about absent black fathers.

No. 1340028

her child has an absent father what is she on about

No. 1340030

you mean
>fine I will post the cinnamoroll lingerie I bought for $6 from aliexpress specifically to post photos of myself being a whore in online
honestly acting like you weren't going to post photos of yourself trying to look like some sort of sexualized toddler until 3 incels half heartedly begged for it in your replies is more pathetic than just posting them on your own volition

terrifying that this woman has a daughter. $10 she hasn't seen her own father since she hit puberty, there's no other explanation for this behavior

No. 1340035

File: 1633225394043.jpeg (34.57 KB, 900x431, FAujwx_XIAcHPzk.jpeg)

Is this supposed to be in reply to something?

No. 1340043


>terrifying this woman as a daughter

bingo. it's fucking creepy. Especially when she posts photos of her daughter for all of her perverted followers to see.

No. 1340044

That guy is a freak but I don't even know if I can feel bad for her since she's such a pickme

No. 1340045

File: 1633226535187.png (131.43 KB, 796x553, oops.PNG)

You can see her weird thirstposting and photos of her infant daughter all in one convenient place

No. 1340075

she dumped her dog on a dog sitter, never checked up on it again, and then acted like there was some foul play or wrongdoing on her part; in reality another family ended up adopting the dog after she never came to pick up her dog and she didn't even try to figure out what happened for months. it went "missing" in september of 2020 but she didn't try to do anything about it until january of this year.

No. 1340095


Yeah it’s useful to step back and acknowledge that they are so captivated with people who espouse bog-standard Republican rhetoric and policies.(sage)

No. 1340105

That guy is literally the most disgusting looking person on this side of twitter. Obese with a pube beard and sallow greasy skin. Thank god most of these guys don't post pictures of themselves. Plus he's really into tranny jailbait which is hilarious and understandable given how he looks. I don't care about the fat milf girl too much. She's just a typical scarethot who tries to differentiate herself by being more "cumtown" but its all the same anyway.

No. 1340111

This is not a leftist forum u faggot

No. 1340123

Sounds like the new internettara

No. 1340150

Squirm's SNL skit stunk

No. 1340159

still more tolerable then liberals

No. 1340171

It's embarrassing that the leftcow defenders are resorting to "uh… at least we're not as bad as this other group! Really, we're not! Believe me!"

No. 1340173

It’s not a right wing forum either, no one cares about stupid amerifag politics we’re here to laugh at cows

No. 1340175

I don't understand this whole "dirtbag left" scene. What's the point of pretending to be a socialist when you're obviously a conservative? Just be a conservative.(learn2sage)

No. 1340189

I make fun of these people and laugh at there mere existence, I just think there less worse overall then most liberals

No. 1340196

no one's defending anything because no one cares about your politics you retard. whats embarrassing is that you still haven't learned to sage

No. 1340200

File: 1633245587021.jpeg (378.21 KB, 640x899, E052DA2C-574C-43E2-9319-0B652A…)


No. 1340205

she is so ugly. a literal rodent

No. 1340233

Sarah Squirm's first SNL sketch:

No. 1340299

always funny finding these edgy single moms on Twitter and imagining them ignoring their toddler so they can post retarded shit. probably really sucks to be their kid though

No. 1340336

File: 1633270468988.png (314.37 KB, 610x483, tara.png)

lmfao since when did this charlatan become a Bruenig simp?

No. 1340345

File: 1633271371857.jpeg (110.86 KB, 1170x1068, 8FC83F54-0002-4251-9033-CA4AEE…)

She was replying to a black guy.

No. 1340351

No. 1340360

File: 1633272748239.jpeg (121.67 KB, 828x914, D38472C2-5DA5-48B1-AEB6-C8681F…)

No. 1340365

remember when she got really mad at that girl for flashing her boob lol?

No. 1340369

The context of this is tête à nègre WAS what a certain desert in France used to be called but people quit saying this decades ago because they decided to quit being unnecessarily racist. Now it’s called tête au chocolat.

No. 1340370

I figured. But point still stands— edgy single mom going out of her way to be based and racist.

No. 1340377

>edgy single mom going out of her way to be based and racist.
So pathetic kek I wish she cared about her baby as much as she cares about being the cool based e-"milf" on twitter

No. 1340403

File: 1633276266408.png (65.65 KB, 1182x234, unsubtle.png)

Personality Girl is so bad at running that twitter account. She hasn't broken 100 followers yet and she's blowing up everyone involved's spot. No one cares about this loserfest so she had to big back on tweets from months ago (and screen shots from here).

No. 1340420

she doesn’t run the Twitter some other guy does

No. 1340427

Oh yeah you’re point definitely still stands. I just imagine she wants to be able to say “oh look at these plebs thinking I’m racist when I’m reality I just know French” and I wanted to explain how, even though that was a name of a pastry decades ago, saying that in France today would be considered racist by the vast majority of people of all ages, not just a few young people trying to rework the language.

No. 1340430

Ok, person who has all the facts about this but hasn't learned how to sage yet. If she's running the festival like you said she's responsible for the social media not being trash.

No. 1340513

File: 1633286929960.png (336.92 KB, 589x794, cope.PNG)

You weren't kidding

No. 1340521

More proof that every cow in this thread lurks here, and that was in fact Ann selfpoasting her LinkedIn upthread to doxx farmers. One of the most pathetic people ITT honestly.

No. 1340538

File: 1633290116948.jpeg (483.01 KB, 1116x1486, AFBCA95A-9BDE-48D1-8579-7B24BA…)

Alice from Queens is back with another creepy thirst trap shot by her dad. I always doubted the “Alice is a man” theories but now it’s obvious - this is just blatantly not the body of a woman.

No. 1340594

We are clearly such NPCs, unlike these extremely online babes who just found out who Chris Chan is a few weeks ago and also just got into NPC memes in the current year

No. 1340609

2004 deviantart vibes

No. 1340612

she admitted she shooped it to make her skin whiter, very scenekid aesthetic

No. 1340625

I swear to god people in this redscare twitter/reddit community have to be the most annoying people on earth.
Being a giant autistic loser while desperately trying to act like a combination between a highschool mean girl and a beats generation artist.>>1340513

No. 1340714

seems pretty acceptable. mama sherman the only one eating stool now

No. 1340764

File: 1633316068747.png (36.66 KB, 557x580, ann.PNG)

That coward Ann deleted her linkedin but luckily it's been archived

No. 1340765

File: 1633316090989.png (57.74 KB, 783x588, ann2.PNG)

lmao she seems like such a tryhard

No. 1340802

Previous grass pic had male elbows, this is definitely a male waist

No. 1340813

File: 1633322586167.jpeg (137.33 KB, 1284x1243, FAzV7DlWYAQM4Ek.jpeg)

these are your trad queens, rightoids?? a literal porn star in a porn hub shirt and kathy griffin with shitty rockabilly tattoos

No. 1340822

How is this an own, she's clearly accomplished for someone her age, despite her dumb internet antics

No. 1340840

She has spent over a year of her life interning at different companies when even the most rigorous law schools don't require more than six months. Her book smarts obviously don't translate to applicable skills.

No. 1340841

already been done decades ago

No. 1340844

>Philosophy grad student (?) or something like that.
What are these grad students going to do once they finish their PhD track?

No. 1340845

Yale and Goldman Sachs on her resume, she's set for life.

No. 1340851

This is the NYT? That newspaper has really gone down the drain huh. Whatever happened to decorum? Is 'lefty' an appropriate word to use in a prestigious publication? It's not a blog ffs. I hate zoomers and millennials so fucking much. Americans are so fucking sloppy and have no respect for anything

No. 1340889

PhD in anti-Semitism, you can't be serious?

No. 1340890

No. 1340918

Truly two of the most repellent online today

No. 1341085

File: 1633366662047.jpeg (229.9 KB, 1240x1417, C2F8E469-1A8F-489E-8D67-C92D94…)

Lol did anyone see that the ~absolute sweetheart~ avina is defending a girl that self-identifies as a rapist?? she deleted a ton of tweets but basically kept calling everyone "freaks and losers" for unfollowing this girl and that it's "cancel culture".. as if this girl isn't totally unhinged.

No. 1341086

File: 1633366738246.png (3.65 MB, 1242x2688, C834DD9A-0BF0-40B3-AED0-19CF00…)

The tweet in question. The girl is also a pill addict and stole muscle relaxants from my friend lol

No. 1341092

at least have an alt before you ss your own tweet. now we all know you post here

No. 1341098

ruby? i don't know anything about her posting here and I'm not her. the edit tweet button would've been there. if you really want to know, I blocked it because i retweeted it lmao

No. 1341102

File: 1633369914813.png (282.01 KB, 741x956, aimee hits the big leagues.png)

aimee gets the coveted donald trump jr retweet for not reading the article below a misleading headline. im sure she sincerely thinks that the entire austin police department has been defunded.

No. 1341107

literally who are these people

No. 1341109

File: 1633371467223.png (1.95 MB, 2048x922, image_2021-10-04_201632.png)

Why is it that these mentally ill individuals that can't even seem to keep their environment clean want to be "cute femboys"?

No. 1341112

People are just posting random lowbie accounts at this point.

No. 1341137

i looked at the account they posted about and didn't see anything suggesting leftism
are you in the wrong thread or just retarded

No. 1341148

Must be a lurker from older threads. We used to post about those girls because they're friends with Dasha but they're irrelevant now.

No. 1341170

bpd idiot guys getting tricked into the sex worker pipeline motivated by jealousy of the incredibly valuable attention young women receive. anyway, this dude needs to lotion he's got stretch marks from estrogen-induced sudden weight gain.

No. 1341179

File: 1633379994419.png (1.36 MB, 1162x2194, viperwave vs kantbot.png)

Kantbot turns on troon-chasing felix reply guy

No. 1341221

what's his problem

No. 1341248

File: 1633386955550.jpeg (154.47 KB, 640x475, 6715069D-D9F6-4A7C-A742-709FCB…)

"gifted and arrestingly chilly"

No. 1341251

No mention of Dasha in any of the other reviews I've seen. Noting that those adjectives are describing the character's boss and Dasha. Two more weeks to see if Dasha just shuffles papers in the background.

No. 1341256

is that nick fuentes?

No. 1341257

She speculated that she thought this could be the reason right under the initial tweet

No. 1341326

it was really funny seeing his letterboxd review of how amazing alex lee moyer’s shitty kantbot doco is in the wild

No. 1341330

Damn, remember when they released a memorial ep for Heather Heyer in 2017? They've come a long way

No. 1341512

huge cope

No. 1341651

Honestly if Alice from Queens is trans it explains p. much everything about her. How she only copped to stealing her pfp pics from that Antifa girl and stock model photos when caught, why someone who's plainly narcissistic and desp for male sexual attention posts waist and arms instead of face, tits or ass, why she has a Substack and not a podcast, why her first Substack had such unhinged jealous moid energy about her female friend, how she constantly makes degrading sexual jokes about herself that even the most pickme woman usually won't (see, Alice bragging about her blowjob skills and retweeting her own gross "cum on my face" joke literally multiple times per year…since 2019).

And now poasting these obviously male body parts. I'd bet money AfQ is hiding out in Vermont or wherever waiting for the hormones to kick in so she can start poasting face/body/voice. She's such an attention whore, she'd absolutely be doing it already if she didn't have something to hide. Wonder if her simps will know or care when she finally facedoxxes

No. 1341671

AFQ is cis. She has cyber sex with people she knows in real life, that’s why she’s hiding her identity.

No. 1341680

I'd be interested to hear more about this. Any deets/threads on this somewhere/how do you know nonnie?

No. 1341819

File: 1633471297278.png (329.66 KB, 1178x1288, jack gatekeeping again.png)

why is jack one of the biggest red scare simps on twitter but constantly subtweeting dasha and anna all day? the "dirtbag left vegetable drawer" are literally 90% of their content/influences

does he think they are going to "see the light" and become a generic Republican overnight if he guilt trips them enough with these retarded tweets? he seems to think that having the taste of your average grandma rotting in a nursing home in 2004 is some kind of revelatory worldview

No. 1341824

Does anyone have milk on @cathetercutie aka Stacey? I’d really like to see some doxxing thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341829

Jack Blart was able to siphon off some of the dumber scarethots a few years ago but now he's joined Aimee in being just someone everyone on twitter laughs at for their deranged tweets. I wonder what will happen when he and Aimee realize they're not getting an invite on the pod ever.

No. 1341833

always remember this is someone who voted for Obama twice, but post-2016 became the ultimate "gay Republican" hall monitor who decides what is acceptable for every person in his circle to like (in between sobbing about how libs force their views on everyone)

and NO fawning over other right-leaning obese gays like Tim Dillon! Jack is the only fat gay friend you're allowed to have. I swear he's stuck in fucking kindergarten

No. 1341837

jack logic: all muslims should be deported and/or killed because they throw gays off buildings and I'm scared :(

but worship rush limbaugh - a man who listed the number of gays dying of AIDS and laughed and celebrated

No. 1341854

File: 1633474250428.jpeg (203.63 KB, 620x611, 2A56CAA3-9E5B-47D4-A3C7-CE0DB2…)


No. 1341865

Hilarious and obvious that he seethes at Tim Dillon for being a fat gay guy with a far more successful schtick who is friendly with Anna and Dasha, that dude makes loads of money and gets mainstream attention just combining the respective formulae of Joe Rogan and Cum Town. I think they both even live in Austin

No. 1341874

Eh, not so impressive when you consider her movie's screening in the theatre's smallest auditorium - the largest holds 144, this one holds 80 people max. Not surprised there are that many Red Scare fans in LA. Will be funny when Dasha realizes the audience is composed of low-IQ scarethots, wannabe e-girls, and bitchy gays - aka, the exact Red Scare demo and not a new set of Dasha-worshipping cinema aesthetes

No. 1341883

>does he think they are going to "see the light" and become a generic Republican overnight
has that not already happened with Anna?

No. 1341952

no, not by Jack's standards, she still praises all the people he listed and thinks Alex Jones is unironically hot

No. 1341983

File: 1633487173076.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211006-102238.jpg)

Adam at Dasha's screening? What's his height again

No. 1341984

that is not adam lmao

No. 1341985

Why did they drag their whole group out there? Adam has curly hair, not him. Unsurprised at how many dorky straight men are there, they should go home and let the scarethots in.

No. 1341988

Has Dasha had any cosmetic procedures?

No. 1341992

File: 1633488251275.png (1.65 MB, 1322x1352, brokebitchesnopullnoclout.png)

Cropping out the not very stylish crowd but what is this? Anna's friend Leia flew across the country and can't wait for the movie to show in New York? Worse, Dasha has so little clout she can't get two people in? Or even worse, Dasha and crew used up so many RSVPs with friends that only half the tickets went to paying customers. The adoring fans left out in the cold and then asked to give up their ticket for another pair of freeloaders?
She's admitted to jaw botox. Rest of her face has looked very smooth in the past year.

No. 1341995

unsaged retard

No. 1342000

lol broke Leia once again begging at a door for a handout

No. 1342003

Probably need to sell tickets

Like people who buy up their own book to get on bestseller lists (like Anna’s buddy Bret Weinstein just did)

And it’s not like Leia has a job or real responsibilities or constraints on blowing money on unnecessary shit

No. 1342092

File: 1633497935927.png (100.12 KB, 718x250, trash.png)

>at the q&a someone told Dasha Nekrasova that Red Scare was their grad school
we live in a sick and twisted society

No. 1342103

Why does Leia kiss Dasha’s ass so much? Does she think Dasha is about to become a superstar and she’s going to get the crumbs of her success? These people all have brain damage kek

No. 1342107

>Does she think Dasha is about to become a superstar and she’s going to get the crumbs of her success?
Quite literally, yes. This entire scene, which Honor Levy likens to Warhol's Factory, is banking all their hopes on Succession launching Dasha into Hollywood stardom and taking the rest of them with her.

No. 1342117

lmao if Dasha EVER ascends to at least C list you know she's gonna pretend the pod never happened kek

No. 1342125

you’re in the wrong place if you want to complain about retarded woke politics, vendetta-chan no one cares about these literal who’s

No. 1342154

I was trying to figure out who she resembles and it’s sydney/custardloaf without the snow filters

No. 1342163

Link to this porno?(scrote)

No. 1342166

Alice from queens is literally just a afelix alt lol

No. 1342276

>azealia banks
why though?

No. 1342283

only thing that matters is that leftists like her. take alex jones–dirtbags think his politics are mostly odious, but they still love his bombastic showmanship and endless memeability; therefore, he's tainted.

No. 1342303

Except at the end of grad school you gain a diploma, a degree and hopefully better job prospects. At the end of listening to Red Scare you get dumber and maybe gain an encyclopedic knowledge of minor online right-wing fringe personalities.

No. 1342334

Brain damage, hideous, and troon voice. it’s no wonder roommate leia rides coattails

No. 1342439

Can you imagine the crater Jack would make if he was thrown off a building?

No. 1342539

File: 1633551629313.png (1.5 MB, 1084x1206, cut out the guy for the best.p…)

I thought Dasha would look better more blonde, but not like this.

No. 1342551

giant forehead

No. 1342571

Can you please remove this pic of a flyover 45 year old mom of 3, this is the leftcow thread

No. 1342583

File: 1633553513096.jpg (358.93 KB, 1600x901, l-intro-1603970885.jpg)

No. 1342681

She looks like Hillary Clinton

No. 1342685

Wasn't she the one who posted that unprotected anal sex "most nights you'll be fine" tweet? It's such a gay male vibe, I doubt it's even a tranny.

No. 1342691

Azealia Banks is hanging with the Dimes Square crowd right now, so Fat Jack is seething

No. 1342704

File: 1633562641525.jpeg (97.01 KB, 1125x755, alice is definitely a woman.jp…)

thought you must be misremembering but damn. no woman talks like this, can't believe everyone hasn't figured it out yet.

btw the previous reply to >>1341651 was such a selfpost, how convenient an anon quickly dispels "Alice is trans" rumors with mysterious insider knowledge that Alice is DEFINITELY a cis woman who has sexy cybersex with her vagina that totally exists, and is only anon to protect her privacy…from cybersex partners she knows IRL. doesn't make a lick of sense. ppl who tweet 24/7, tell their life story in 5,000 word Substack essays, and have cybersex with IRL friends are very privacy-minded ok!

No. 1342752

Hair thin and scraggly as a balding 80 year old man, ana chans BTFO

No. 1342800

She unironically looks like Contrapoints but more childlike. That's a huge yikes.

No. 1342842

does he hate dimes square?

No. 1342845

I'm getting really strong gay male vibes now that I think of it, it also explains why she's always throwing herself at anything that has a dick, gay men are notorious for resenting straight men for not being attracted them

No. 1342857

File: 1633581026846.png (52.11 KB, 598x289, alpha.png)


No. 1342880

"controlled audience" aka Thiel op

No. 1342969

Lip fillers, hair transplant, and a tiny little nose job and she could be a real celebrity. We know she has surgery money, if she was serious about being an actress idk why she wouldn't do it

No. 1342971

File: 1633597862498.jpg (79.83 KB, 1054x1074, Logo Daedalus Landshark Evola …)

Logo Daedalus Evolagate

No. 1342972

File: 1633597927212.jpg (145.3 KB, 822x1200, Logo Daedalus Landshark Evola …)

Logo Daedalus Evolagate part2

No. 1342974

File: 1633598161419.jpg (694.13 KB, 1164x1276, Logo Daedalus Landshark Evola …)

Logo Daedalus Evolagate part3

No. 1343002

The lighting is shit but I think she looks good, honestly

No. 1343032

You’re joking, right? She’s mid-30s with very little acting talent. She missed the boat, if there ever was one.

No. 1343035

This is low key hilarious, all these dorks trying to out-dork each other but lacking the intellectual capacity to do so. The entire post-left is a cope for people who want to be seen as academics but aren’t smart enough to cut it in any grad school.

No. 1343039

lol at the shitty engagement numbers, even the yalie/moldbug money isn’t doing it

No. 1343063

What gets me is Dasha's not even anachan enough to have this level of hair thinning, it's just her refusal to eat nutritious food and groom herself properly. It will never not bug me that she and Anna make bank like they do and consider themselves style icons, yet still live in fetid apartments with roommates, share hotel rooms, eat trash food, go to cheap salons, buy discount last-season Jacquemus for a major industry event. The tackiness of it all, the single-process of it all, the Outnet clearance section of it all!

No. 1343067

They don’t make that much money and you don’t need to be severely anorexic to get thinning hair

No. 1343070

When your naturally dark hair is bleached to shit, your daily caloric intake consists of vodka and horse tranquilizers and you're a Chernobyl baby you're gonna look like a lopsided hardboiled egg.

No. 1343072

Dasha pulls in over $300k/year from Patreon alone. That's more than enough to get a nice solo apartment, buy designer clothes, go to Sally Hershberger for her color. Most people in aspirational industries like fashion start doing these things the moment they make $70k, NYC isn't that expensive, Dasha's just lazy and inherently tacky

No. 1343073

She'd look so much better if she went back to bangs. The over botox in the forehead is giving her an egg look. Her hair looked fuller a few years ago.
She has zero style, she can't put together an outfit. If she's going to try and be a public person she needs to get a friend or a professional to help her out. Imagine wearing those stupid French shoes on the Succession premiere red carpet if she even gets an invite. It's the same problem with her movie and if Anna ever writes a book. They're too narcissist and in their own bubbles to see where the weak spots are so it's just mostly weak shitty parts.

No. 1343077

If anyone wants to sit though the q+a from the last movie showing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VKbvuiI-e8

No. 1343078

Wow she rly hit the stage for her movie's US premiere dressed like a Delta flight attendant, sheer black hose and all. Whatever friends she ran this outfit by definitely secretly hate her.

No. 1343079

yeah most women with decades on dasha have better hair by virtue of eating vegetables and not overbleaching it.

No. 1343082

It’s not that much money after taxes. Living in nyc is really expensive

No. 1343084

File: 1633620310638.png (3 MB, 1728x1130, Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 11.1…)

It's killing me that Dasha and Maddie came onstage with their purses kek, Dasha looks like she's commuting to her office admin job on 35th street. Her lack of charisma and stage presence is also notable - she really thinks the monotone ditz act is cute huh.

No. 1343086

Where did you get 300k from? Iirc the pod makes 30k/mo which they presumably split in half

No. 1343087

she’s not rich but it is a lot of money, definitely enough to do all the stuff that person said, get a grip (have lived in nyc entire life)

No. 1343089

Lol I've lived in New York all my life and trust me, people who make over $150k can and do comfortably rent luxury apartments, buy designer shit, eat out every night, take cabs everywhere, etc. Stop acting like $300k/year is poor

No. 1343090

File: 1633620694091.png (285.86 KB, 1286x746, fools and their money.png)

The $30k/month figure's been kicking around these threads for a while, it's not accurate anymore. They pull in $50k a month now, the pod's grown a fuckton in the last year.

No. 1343091

There’s only so much someone can do to change their appearance, she’s just not Hollywood attractive

No. 1343092

they’re at 55k/month now

i wonder what their income from merch looks like. the merch seems pretty successful.

No. 1343093

No one said it was poor but do you not know anything about income tax? Ny has notoriously, very high income tax

No. 1343100

>i've lived in new york all my life
>don't you know abt new york income tax??

ok anon you're right, the minimum salary for living a nice life in NYC is one million dollars, everyone below that eats chopped cheese and Takis, has 3 roommates, lives in Sunset Park and shops the Aritzia clearance rack.

seriously tho, you have people in this thread telling you it's more than possible to live a luxurious life in NYC at Dasha's salary, we have no reason to lie about that but you don't have to believe it i guess.

No. 1343103

How is she not living a luxurious life? Because she looks like shit? That’s the fault of her genetics. There’s only so much you can do when you’re given an unfortunate face and body type

No. 1343105

Again, no one said it was poor, but it’s not rich enough to just throw money everywhere. You’re putting words in mouth

No. 1343107

It really does make me wonder where the money goes, because they obviously aren't blowing it all on skincare and sprat sandwiches. Something more lucrative, perhaps?

No. 1343113

Maybe traveling to Europe like 10 times in the past few years and staying at the most expensive hotels possible

No. 1343120

No, this is in reference to Dasha living with roommates, having a dumpy apartment, buying discount designer clothes for Berlinale, and getting cheap hair cut/color. The other anon believes these issues can't possibly be remedied on $312,000 per year (one income stream only, not counting merch or HBO role) bc NeW YoRk iS sO eXpeNsiVe.

Is the red scare subreddit leaking in here or something? Feels like invasion of the delusional Dasha stans honestly.

No. 1343125

What the fuck does Maddie have on? Is that a sheer top? Good lord. They are making fools of themselves.

No. 1343129

sheer top, cheerleader skirt, boots and Madewell looking shoulder bag. Maddie trying to do hot arthoe, Dasha trying to look polished girlboss, but looking like a Kohls workwear model. they just don't have the first clue

No. 1343137

File: 1633624266315.png (303.93 KB, 608x459, article by liz b.png)

When cows collide

No. 1343138

i think she’s going for girl boss but calling it that isn’t fully accurate she keeps eccentric, period inspired aspect. she’s trying to look like if delphine seyrig was on the board of waystar royco. i feel like it lands more often than note. maddie’s style is just not inspired, i don’t think she really cares though

No. 1343140

wonder if she still listens to red scare. she was early adopter, her endorsement tweet was way back in Feb 2019

No. 1343142

The "Red Scare was my grad school" question is even worse hearing it in full. The guy asks Dasha to sign some books because he's been going through the "podcast reading list" since finishing college and it's "kind of like my grad school so I take it really seriously" and has "changed his perspective on the world". Shoutout to the guy near the person recording this who says good god under his breath.
Time stamp link. https://youtu.be/7VKbvuiI-e8?t=611

No. 1343144

you're giving her way too much credit. There's nothing eccentric or inspired about her outfit. Dasha is stupid, her references are not that deep, and I guarantee you the only Delphine Seyrig "movie" she's ever watched is a Tumblr gif circa 2013.

Can Dasha stans go back to the subreddit pls? It's getting ridiculous in here.

No. 1343146

File: 1633625435184.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 339B10E9-C9C8-4B28-BD4B-4379FB…)

No. 1343149

It’s not 300,000 dollars after taxes. Don’t know why you’re having such trouble understanding this. She travels and gets expensive hotels all the time too. It’s Anna who has or had roommates, not Dasha

No. 1343151

How would a better haircut/color make her that much more attractive? You sound stupid

No. 1343153

Dasha literally lives with her boyfriends or was with her supposedly gay friend. If anything, Dasha probably pays less in living expenses than Anna.

No. 1343154

She doesn’t live with her boyfriend she was only staying with him during quarantine then she got her own place. You can verify this easily if you have someone’s full name

No. 1343156

Kek scarethots are so dumb they're not worth arguing with. Airfare and hotel when filming are comped by HBO, she would have also gotten a stipend for meals. You have no idea how the world works huh. And no one said a nice hair cut and color would make her soooo attractive, only that it'd help and she can afford it. Stay delusional scarethots!

No. 1343158

Oh did hbo comp her flights to Berlin for her stupid play with Annie Hamilton and the award show and wherever else she traveled these past years? No I don’t think so. She has a lot of credit card debt to pay back too from being horrible with money

No. 1343160

Hbo is paying for everything, even her flight and hotel in LA currently. In fact they’re paying for her whole life right now. Little known fact

No. 1343165

>everyone who makes 300k suddenly transforms into a supermodel and has a yacht and a private jet, guys

Who is delusional here?

No. 1343168

still you. i'm sorry you're so broke that you think buying a full-price designer dress and getting a decent haircut is equivalent to owning a yacht tho.

No. 1343174

She has thin shitty hair. There is much you can do to make it look good unless you go the hair extension route. Blaming her hair stylist is stupid

No. 1343176

trust, you don’t need to earn $300,000 to have a one-bedroom apartment, real furniture, and a decent wardrobe in New York

No. 1343180

She has some expensive outfits though. If you don’t like her style, fair, but it’s not like she gets her clothes from target. Inb4 “scarethot” I’m just stating facts

No. 1343201

Women who work in fashion (or media company like conde naste) get all kinds of free shit and perks. Dasha works for patreon. She’s paying for everything on her own

No. 1343213

Her hair looked way better/healthier in those Berlinale pics and that was only a few months ago the difference is actually shocking

No. 1343293

Im certain Berlinale paid for her to accept her award and that play was probably paid for as well? It was in Switzerland, a very wealthy country. The trips to Thailand were for that BBC show. I don’t think she has gone on any European vacations? Seems like she travels exclusively for work. Im sure she’s bad with money but not THAT bad with money, and after taxes couldn’t be pulling in more than 100k a year, even less prior to this year so I don’t understand why she would be wearing high end designer clothing. She should definitely retire those shoes though.

No. 1343370

It was a small indie play, why would she be comped for that? What is with anons trying to prove she has everything comped? Smells like self posting. She’s not some mega famous celebrity and she has no association with any large corporations or companies, aside from hbo but that was only recently

No. 1343382

File: 1633650887562.png (1.18 MB, 1212x1228, Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 7.52…)

There's no way this bitch is not a catfish. How would someone who looks like a Russian prostitute make her way to esoteric post-left Twitter?

No. 1343389

File: 1633651504430.png (1.12 MB, 962x1356, olive.png)

Pretty impressive to be a bigger chaser than felix or rocky

No. 1343412

File: 1633653402348.jpeg (204.93 KB, 662x1177, 454EFD56-7FB5-42D9-A409-F6E57E…)

Funny she is armenian but she had so much work done she looks more like a Russian prosti. 100% nose job, lip fillers and huge breast implants

No. 1343468

honestly i hope she's saving it and rolling a lot of it into retirement accounts.

No. 1343470

>No, this is in reference to Dasha living with roommates, having a dumpy apartment, buying discount designer clothes for Berlinale, and getting cheap hair cut/color.
I think she and Anna both are skeptical that their success will last, and that the patreon & fame will disappear in the blink of an eye. No clue how much they're spending on other shit or saving, but that's my theory why they're both living relatively frugally

No. 1343636

She looks completely fucking botched what the fuck is going on with her cheeks?

No. 1343647

File: 1633691529713.jpg (22.26 KB, 400x400, 6othuptvbv741.jpg)

she answered the call

No. 1343684

This bitch. Total double-fisted sock puppet imo. She’s the face and her Brooklyn post-left bf writes the tweets. Though she did go on the fed post once and was semi-coherent .

No. 1343687

he’s got the biggest dick though

No. 1343689

>Funny she is armenian but she had so much work done she looks more like a Russian prosti.
if you've ever interacted with armenian/caucasus scrotes you'd understand why she did this to herself. not trying to defend anna, but as someone from a similar background, it's probably her internalized misogyny that led her to get all the surgery done. interacting with dasha so much probably doesn't help either. she comes from a background where she is told from a young age her "ethnic" or "native" features will never be beautiful compared to the ugliest russian in the eyes of men.

sage for misandrist anti-kavkazi sperg

No. 1343706

If an Armenian woman wants to look less ethnic she can get a tiny nose job, maybe dye her hair lighter. No need to go full sex doll bimbo. I don’t think you can blame armenian moids for her getting all that work done and looking botched kek

No. 1343767

unsaged and sitting through the fedpost

No. 1343787

Hey Felix

No. 1343807

Not really. We have receipts that Felix sucks in bed and not one mentions he has a big dick.

No. 1343856

Imagine caring about the relative dick sizes of ugly dorky podcast scrotes. Scarethots are truly deranged.

No. 1343941

a solid 5 inches compared to Will and Matt's 4 and Virgil's 3?

No. 1343973

ur retarded.

No. 1343994

who fucking cares lmao

No. 1344005

no the girl @warmtoned used to be posted on here

No. 1344011

No. 1344020

Alice selfposting to derail us from discussing her. she's known to monitor these threads and used to do this back in the early threads every time her name/real identity came up. "Alice is anon online because she has IRL cybersex" makes no sense and is the most retarded "explanation" i've ever heard. glad you're still a fan Alice, but only ur ugly simps believe you're a woman <3

No. 1344032

File: 1633736020897.png (1.06 MB, 2304x770, Alice from Langley.png)

this all tracks. also re: Alice's catfish pfps, one thing no one discusses is she didn't just use the Antifa girl's pic and let people think it was her - she shooped the hair color, added bangs and glasses to look more real/fool reverse image search. only when people called her on the catfish did she admit it wasn't her and switch to the unshooped pic. while acting like she "owned it" all along and wasn't RLY trying to catfish. Alice is shady as fuck, one of the biggest creeps itt.

No. 1344053

anyone follow rachel millman’s alt? i did but then started blocking randoms but she was pretty milky on there

No. 1344054

No. 1344056

i cant get over how every single thread without fail the dasha posts derail into some weirdly personal arguments lmao

No. 1344057

it has to be the same like 5 people

No. 1344082

Google ny income tax calculator and type in her salary retard. Nyc and ny state have the highest income tax in the country aside from California. Are you this stupid? Then factor in any debt she has from the past decade of being a low income adult, her street drug addiction and all the flights and expensive hotels

No. 1344085

File: 1633741073384.png (90.03 KB, 483x454, cant please either side.png)

Pro-life bigwigs are trying to cancel Liz Bruenig for expressing sufficient outrage about abortion in her latest Atlantic article where she argues that Catholics should be able to simultaneously believe abortion is evil while taking vaccines developed with the use of the cells of aborted fetuses. This is fun to watch.

No. 1344087

for *not expressing sufficient outrage

No. 1344101

Not the anon you replied to but can we stop sperging over New York State income tax in this thread lmao. Half the posters in this thread live in nyc and don’t need to be educated on the topic, and 100% of us don’t give a fuck

No. 1344104

yeah, 100% definitive evidence of catfishing. there is no other explanation for making an attractive but reasonably anonymous girl your icon, photoshopping the pic so people can't easily google to find the source, and posting about how you're a hot young woman with cum on her face all the time etc aside from hoping to trick people into thinking it's you. it's insane that people saw the icon get called out and still act like alice from queens is a real woman, I have NO idea why anyone on twitter interacts with this weirdo. I strongly suspect an alicefromqueens face reveal would be even funnier than corpse husband's

No. 1344109

File: 1633743472985.png (274.76 KB, 587x702, fYvRucB.png)

>why someone who's plainly narcissistic and desp for male sexual attention posts waist and arms instead of face, tits or ass
don't forget feet.

No. 1344125

No. 1344127

Lila's Bruenig Derangement Syndrome stems from the same source cited by most of the libs who hate her, only with a different spin: she's mad that Liz doesn't condemn abortion enough

No. 1344165

You can't just say that and not give us anything

No. 1344169


do you have evidence of said milk

No. 1344183

the crimson chin? what's even her deal to begin with?

No. 1344189

What happened between her and that vrunt guy?

No. 1344204

He choked her out then she made him leave their shared apartment. He's staying with Adam Friedland atm

No. 1344211


No, different guys. She has a very chokable neck

No. 1344214

smd bitch

No. 1344235

was briefly close with both of them and this is not true lol

No. 1344245

Lmao so you know everything that happened in their relationship?? Foh newfag

No. 1344283

File: 1633764579163.png (187.67 KB, 486x527, sad fren.png)

uh huh. that's totally what's happening, girl.

No. 1344309

File: 1633774832571.jpeg (663.19 KB, 1388x1851, 2BCCFD99-3B71-44AA-AA65-335CB4…)

No. 1344343

I will when the other anons stop sperging about how they make so much money and should have an entire wardrobe of the most expensive clothes on earth. They don’t make that much to rationalize spending a crazy amount on clothes and they don’t work for fashion where they would get clothes for free. Please get over it(derailing )

No. 1344349

PLEASE shut up

No. 1344366

Kill yourself retard(infighting )

No. 1344368

No she should spend it all on high fashion that she can wear in front of an audience of 50 people then spend thousands on a cut and color only for it to look roughly the same it did before because her hair is thin and gross. Good use of money. Some real geniuses in this thread

No. 1344453

File: 1633798697089.png (32.68 KB, 622x328, SCREENSHOT.png)

aimee's engagement has gone down the drain because she's contrarianed her way into having exactly joe biden's politics while outwardly protesting joe biden. stanning sinema and manchin? really?

No. 1344515

Dasha spergs are so tiresome, all they do is spin increasingly unhinged fanfics about what she needs to do to be a “ReAL cELeBrItY” as if that’s ever going to happen

No. 1344529

She’s a tired act. Limited engagement for someone who spams twitter with frogs and Liz Bruenig freak-outs everyday.

No. 1344676

File: 1633833076208.png (147.65 KB, 1080x761, Screenshot_20211009-213007~2.p…)

Does she lurk here

No. 1344730

File: 1633844761026.png (644.84 KB, 1182x2396, aimee turns on another friend.…)

desperate for attention since her "shadowban", Aimee turns on her old friends the Good Ol' Boyz. are Anna and Angela next?

No. 1344734

File: 1633845298073.png (177.32 KB, 1184x734, shading aimee.png)

they are all making fun of her now

No. 1344739

at the end of the day, no matter how much she tries to deny it or twist everything out of meaning, by claiming to be a "real" Marxist Aimee still puts herself in the left camp, and the reactionaries take note.

No. 1344812

File: 1633863280220.png (612.88 KB, 395x573, thedust.PNG)

Can't wait to see who's up next

No. 1344816

she lurks the red scare for cis het subreddit simultaneously wishing she were hot enough to get posted there and knowing she’d get ignored and/or cooked if she ever was. pathetic existence

No. 1344821

speaking of the cishetmen subreddit, it's been amusing to watch that ben shapiro-obsessed schizo corral the scrotes there into simultaneously worshipping her and turning themselves gay ogling each others' dicks

No. 1344848

File: 1633872039326.jpeg (212.52 KB, 750x551, 32501F3C-C661-42C4-9DDF-8704F1…)

The Perfumed Fatass is giving advice on how men should look.


Pic above is of course him having to take a jab at women.

No. 1344850

File: 1633872383887.png (275.17 KB, 607x518, dasha moldbug.png)

No. 1344868

how did she end up being a mod? extremely weird

No. 1344901

He's complaining about every haircut more attractive than a buzzcut in the thread. Jack's malding hard.

No. 1344990

File: 1633896615277.png (115.6 KB, 1186x466, lukewarmchapelletakesincoming.…)

What is Dasha trying to start shit about?

No. 1345041

Dave Chappelle, but she’s making fun of the people boycotting, not actually boycotting

No. 1345079

She's deleted all her posts posted in here lol

No. 1345090

File: 1633907003295.jpeg (960.65 KB, 1469x2013, 1210F46E-8CED-4EBE-831B-09A852…)

No. 1345188

In here?

No. 1345189

Nevermind, I see what you mean now. She also deleted a bunch of tweets recently when she was defending her creepy friend DSARACIST

No. 1345201

File: 1633922216611.gif (268.6 KB, 220x165, berries-and-cream-dance.gif)

literally the berries and cream cut

No. 1345214

she’s one of the saddest tryhards on twitter to me. a week ish ago she tweeted and deleted some desperate attention-seeking post about how she bought a pair of jeans she really liked but it wouldn’t go over her ass. okay nobody wants to fuck you lol

No. 1345223

Desperate Ann looks like Berries & Cream too

No. 1345290

File: 1633950985135.jpeg (308.13 KB, 630x1200, 8E5091DE-9F0A-4639-9495-BFFC98…)

No. 1345305

File: 1633954458521.jpg (517.91 KB, 1125x1556, FBXrr1tWYAEg4tE.jpg)

nipple sweat jack hanging out with libertarians in texas. the no sunscreen lifestyle he copped from anna k isn't doing his eyes and jowls any favors.

No. 1345310

This guy is kind of off the rails. He might be accidentally right about some of how Anna sees troons, she spoke pretty honestly about hating AGPs on that pod she did with the Russian guys. Dasha was unironically unhappy about "real transphobia" in the Wi Spa episode though, so it's safe to say she's a bit of a troon asskisser. Whether it's her real opinion or how she has to be to act is anyone's guess.

No. 1345361

Anna's said some braindead stuff about how the world is controlled by pmc women so masses of poor weak straight men have no choice but to cynically transition. Calling Red Scare "fascist" is hysterical but Red Scare follows the same bullet points the rest of the IDW does on these topics. Or Anna does, Dasha doesn't care and wants to say whatever will get her not exiled by the NY scene and Hollywood.

No. 1345389

File: 1633971705809.png (13.6 KB, 342x386, loldirtbag.png)

Amber's book has been pushed yet again. First supposed to come out in 2020, then Fall 2021, then pushed again to March 2022, then April 2022. Now… February 2023.

It's going well.

No. 1345395

File: 1633972660397.png (660.04 KB, 1060x1052, fromthecut.png)

I can't tell if Honor is actually obsessed with the Red Scare brand or just wants to hitch her wagon to it or if she's one of the many trying to Single White Female Dasha.

No. 1345398

File: 1633973304089.png (270.37 KB, 1250x1028, honorsucksup.png)

Once again Honor is sticking herself to the reporter to make sure she gets covered. She's so boring, but it's creepy how open she is about wanting to suck the life out of every scene she can so she can sell it back to the New Yorker audience.

No. 1345403

ayrt, thanks anon. I shouldn't really be surprised that Anna would frame the type of dudes to troon out as being the way they are because of women and not just because they are degenerate to start with

No. 1345406

Is it THAT bad or is her work ethic when it comes to writing as bad as it is for showing up on her own podcast?

No. 1345413

No. 1345427

Amazing how uninteresting I find these people despite also living in NYC, going to the same spots, working in lit/media, etc. And the few people I know who've heard of them, know them from Twitter, not real life. Shows how trumped-up and fake this whole scene is. Boring grifters, rich kids, self-promoters and publicists selling the simulacra of a cool/edgy art scene to boring people from flyover country. Like how Caroline Calloway sold herself as the proxy for "romantic academia Ivy League book lovers" for girls who don't actually attend Ivies or read books. A fandom composed of the gullible and sheltered.

No. 1345455

dasha sympathizes with the AGP because that's her sexuality too. anna hates weak and disgusting men which the incel troon is. dudes like this who defend trannies this hard are either misogynists who relish a chance to scold women, horrid troon chasers, or both.

No. 1345504

the point is not the tweets that dasha is replying to but that shes 30 and still furiously searching for "red scare" and "dasha nekrosova" in the twitter search box to make sure nobody makes fun of her podcast or her vanity project.

No. 1345540

that person is not a rando “berlantbro”

No. 1345547

Aimee has been attacking Malcom so it makes sense she would start on the podcast he frequents. These losers are eating each other as likes and follows stall.

No. 1345551

File: 1633993637040.png (20.69 KB, 598x231, afq.png)

Is Alice and her simps responding to this thread or is the suspicion that the account is ran by a man widespread?

I also just noticed that she says the header picture is her but those small elbows look nothing like the big ones in the latest "dad" pics

No. 1345575

this is never going to come out, calling it right now

No. 1345576

File: 1633996624273.jpg (63.21 KB, 683x446, puu is horrified by Biden simp…)

>who witnessed it all firsthand
What fucking arrogance

No. 1345719

yet you’ve found yourself here on Leftcows #21: Haggard Trad Mother Edition

No. 1345754

It's been a rumour since people realized she was catfishing. With all the heinously ugly to average girls in this scene, why wouldn't she post selfies if she was a real woman desperate for attention online?
We're laughing at them. No matter how hard you cope, we're not secretly jealous that you all live in dirty apartments with 5 roommates for the aes of it all.

No. 1345774

File: 1634041096662.png (51.95 KB, 614x832, lol.png)

adam lehrer's new book flops, the 19yo trust fund kid departs the podcast, he tries to add bimboubermensch, she deletes her account

No. 1345786

>defending cows
every time. do you know where you are dumbass? no one knows who you are in nyc so i come here to laugh at you. you're either one of these cows or a low-IQ flyover girl or gay who worships them, either way keep reaching for the stars, if you work hard in a year you could have the roaches out of your apartment and 30 subscribers to your podcast. i'm sure your New York mag feature is riiiight around the corner!

No. 1345788

Ntayrt but they called them haggard how is that defending them? Maybe don’t blogpost so much and people won’t come at you

No. 1345791

It's not blogposting to say "even in very close circles, no one's heard of these lames" - have you read these threads? That's what we do here.

And haggard is in the name of this thread. Pretty obvious you're not a lolcow user, so sorry my podcast comment stung you and your cohost splitting $45 Patreon bucks a month, but hey if you can't get any traction there, there's always onlyfans

No. 1345792

Yeah like other anon said, Alice is a man discourse is def on Twitter. Like when she's caught catfishing, Alice copes by "owning it" and making lame jokes about being Wesley Yang or whatever the prevailing theory is, but recently she sperged out about being "misgendered." Interesting choice of words for a totally real woman online.

And you're right, the elbows/waist in the pics upthread are noticeably different than the body in her header. It's heavily suspected Alice reads these threads, so no doubt she'll make sneaky changes to her pics like she always does when ppl catch onto her.

No. 1345793

In the new ep Anna accidentally describes Dasha spot on by talking about writers who have nothing to say or any creativity but just want to have the world see them as a writer or "sub in any other art". Dasha seems to pick up on this because she sounds sad and brings up her being a director right after.

No. 1345805

Honestly this is a self-own of Anna's writing "career" - aka writing 2 pieces infested with pretentious MFA-speak per year for obscure art journals for 10 cents a word. Dasha's acting/directing career might not be the most illustrious but imo she's risen above Anna's lazy poser level of writer/art critic.

No. 1345815

File: 1634050837595.png (718.42 KB, 1280x1246, trouble in paradise.png)

Rumblings of tension between Anna and Dasha in the sub. Can any listeners confirm or have theories?

No. 1345816

>she deletes her account
Fucking finally, hopefully she got enough money from that scam fundraiser to finally ditch

No. 1345819

File: 1634051264121.png (273.57 KB, 1188x988, adderallpsychosis.png)

This is true but Anna admits she's a critic not an artist, even though she's not a writer or a good critic. Dasha legit thinks she's an avant-garde misunderstood artist bohemian on the outskirts of society who'll be looked back on as being at the center of a culturally important group of people like Warhol and the Factory or the Beats.

Trailer for Scary is out. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/10/scary-of-sixty-first-trailer-dasha-nekrasova-1234671050/

No. 1345823

File: 1634051563589.png (6.24 MB, 2348x1544, bimbo airs it out.png)

>bimboubermensch deleted
The most beautiful pic in this thread, hope she never comes back. In tribute, here's two pics from her modeling portfolio. With her Alicia Keys looks and sick posing skills it's a wonder she never took the Urban Outfitters catalog by storm

No. 1345832

File: 1634052506832.png (2.54 MB, 1050x1560, it's all downhill from here.pn…)

classic no-talent art school kid cope, i'm avant-garde! and yeah not defending dasha necessarily, just think she's surprisingly putting more of her back into a career than Anna ever did. then again, if Anna was still writing when RS took off, she'd prob get opportunities like Dasha is despite low talent and effort.

holy fuck that trailer. impossible to make this thing not look like the $30k budget stinker it is. Gotta admit the new poster's great tho, love the VC Andrews/70sploitation vibes. it'll definitely trick some people into watching it for 5 minutes

No. 1345835

I am once again asking again who is alexandraovna ? I tried searching her and got nothing

No. 1345840

This looks like a V.C. Andrews cover but not in a good way

No. 1345845

File: 1634053629116.png (165.79 KB, 613x464, criterion.png)

>it's all downhill from here
Scary is on the path to a Criterion home video release, and if that spec script she and Maddie and working on for HBO gets picked up, then she's basically the Lena Dunham of the 2020s.

No. 1345849

Adam McKay obviously

No. 1345851

Not Dasha troll again. Criterion Daily retweeting something doesn't mean it's connected to the Criterion Collection.
I noticed Anna said something along the lines of Bravo! You guys did it! at the start of the last podcast and didn't say the movie was good.

No. 1345852

cmon Dasha will never be Lena Dunham huge, don’t be mean

No. 1345853

Downhill from here meaning the poster's the best thing about the movie. Scary isn't on the path to a Criterion release, p. sure this handle just tweets general film news. Lena Dunham of the 2020s is BIG stretch, much as I dislike her even I can admit Lena's a 50x better, funnier and more insightful writer/actress than Dasha. Also hard to imagine Dasha securing a wealthy connected patron like Lena had in Judd Apatow, but guess you never know.

No. 1345854

Yup. He already wrote a movie with Sirota, it's pretty much guaranteed he's got something with the Chapos in the works and then it's on from there.

No. 1345856

The chapos don't like Dasha (except maybe Felix because he's a simp for 5s). HBO doing something else with Dasha isn't the biggest stretch ever but your fan fiction is so crazy it has to be a troll.

No. 1345862

He follows her on twitter and safe to assume he’s a fan after her part on succession was expanded

No. 1345865

It’s going to be very funny when Dasha gets canceled by the powerful retard lobby

No. 1345867

Try spelling it right. It's alexandrovnaing. She locks and unlocks every other day or so to boost her followers.

No. 1345880

File: 1634058982769.png (4.63 MB, 2570x1394, chumps?.png)

Alice pausing her Substack subscribers' billing for a month, after not publishing anything for 2 months. So generous. She's a liar so the $3k a month figure is dubious, and between this and the copious apology tweets, people must have been unsubbing in droves.

No. 1345887

File: 1634059605767.png (581.8 KB, 1170x1502, jerk.png)

She's complaining about a shadowban too, saying impressions are down 60%. Replies are increasingly critical. An anon here called it, Alice's Substack was so bad it turned people against her. Hard to hide that you're a vapid attention whore in rambling 3,000 word essays about how hot you are

No. 1345926

Omg she's such a loser. Just churn out 1-2 essays a month about how you're skinnier and hotter than your frienemy and totally not jealous of her career, you fucking slacker. It's not rocket science.

No. 1345958

>Trailer for Scary is out.
Lol posted to the sub and then removed by a mod after receiving several comments making fun of it.

No. 1345974

i wonder if scary has received any further edits after it leaked earlier in the year. it could certainly stand to lose a few student film spaz-out bits, be a little tighter. and madeline quinn should have her lines dubbed over by someone who doesn't sound like microsoft mary. it's a cod-giallo anyway so it kinda works

No. 1345986

anna hd projecting again

No. 1345991

they edited the IMDB genre tags to remove "thriller" and add "comedy" since the reviews came out calling it boring / campy…

No. 1345995

Dasha has 85k twitter followers and the trailer still only has 2k views.
Crazy if they don't fix her sounding like she's saying Glen Maxwell.

No. 1346000

inb4 dasha's succession role is barely a speaking role bc she can't fucking enunciate

No. 1346010

enjoy working in “lit/media, etc.”(don't use emojis )

No. 1346039


That’s how you’re supposed to pronounce “Ghislaine.” It sounds very much like “Glen” but with a short “i” in there, like “Gil-en”

No. 1346047

Another bitter cow with an unsaged post. Didn’t think it was so controversial to say Honor Levy and that publicist Kristin whatsername are literal whos. If you’re one of them or worse, a fan, here’s a helpful hint: only publicity-whore cows get featured in that New York Mag column, and they are written about specifically to be mocked. Sorry to be the one to tell you about the difference between good attention and bad attention. If it makes you angry, try Zooming your therapist instead of sperging in a lolcow thread.

No. 1346252

And yet countless pieces of media produced so far about her and Epstein have presenters who are able to enunciate it correctly with the short i instead of just saying "Glen." Cope.

No. 1346263

Lol you’re such a LOSER(sage your retardation )

No. 1346285

as a native french speaker, that only sounds right with a native accent

No. 1346287

Get a new insult already, maybe something a little avant-garde

No. 1346310

fellas…i think the "glen" might be intentional, seeing as the two leads are dumb bitches high on pills and paranoia(scrote)

No. 1346327

in what way does dasha's limp monotone and maddie's ambling line delivery convey paranoia? they sound bored as shit rather than in the intended solipsistic rapture about the epstein affair.

No. 1346334


No. 1346346

File: 1634136657130.jpg (241.74 KB, 683x1024, dasha succession premiere 1.jp…)

Honestly, work.

No. 1346348

File: 1634136900315.jpeg (180.92 KB, 1170x1840, dasha fran lebowitz.jpeg)

No. 1346349

File: 1634136997976.jpeg (56.43 KB, 828x1032, dasha succession premiere 6.jp…)

No. 1346350

File: 1634137006180.png (215.28 KB, 533x370, asinglecashew.PNG)

No. 1346352

File: 1634137137915.jpg (194.91 KB, 1024x683, dasha succession premiere 3.jp…)

She's rarely looked happier

No. 1346353

File: 1634137149637.jpg (175.78 KB, 962x1443, vjosp5rji7t71.jpg)

lol that pose is so gauche like a little girl about to either curtsy or initiate a game of doctor. imo picrel is the best she's ever looked tho. she clearly got someone to dress her and do her makeup finally

No. 1346357

She honestly looks stunning here, good for her. Today, Dasha deserves the plaudits.

No. 1346358

File: 1634137488912.jpg (95.3 KB, 1170x2080, 65748394738.jpg)

Maybe she got a tune up in LA? This and the Berlin award ceremony are the best she's looked by a mile. She got styled and professional make up for this.

No. 1346359

>she clearly got someone to dress her and do her makeup finally
some lady from chanel, check her insta stories

No. 1346361

File: 1634137676830.png (4.09 MB, 2026x1252, kristen meet cashew.png)

So cringe when Dasha does her selfieface on the red carpet - sultry eyes, jutting her chin out, angling her wonky jaw away from the camera. It makes her look Downsy and only works with heavy filters. Compare to pose at left where she stops trying to look hot, lets herself get shot on her "bad side" and just smiles. She actually looks pretty. Cashew vs. Kirsten Dunst

No. 1346364

File: 1634137844256.png (965.36 KB, 1452x796, cashewglam.png)

The Lily Rose Depp connection through Annie paying off?

No. 1346365

i'm not on insta, can anyone share screenshots or deets? i find it hard to believe Chanel would dress Dasha, she may be wearing Chanel but that's different. Either way curious for outfit and HMU deets cuz can't lie, the bitch looks good! Thanks nonnies

No. 1346370

I feel like she gave them a shoutout a while back, I think they've crossed paths before

No. 1346372

thx for the screen, love that 2 days ago anons were claiming decent clothes, hair and makeup couldn't possibly help Dasha look better. i think that debate's settled, good for dasha honestly

No. 1346373

File: 1634138201833.jpeg (152.39 KB, 1280x720, 819FC80C-8BBE-4984-96DE-F66FC1…)

man she's homely. looks like this kid with a severe underbite, total bulldog in the face

No. 1346391

All she needed was a hairbrush and and another human being

No. 1346392

They like me, they really like me!!!!!

No. 1346397

File: 1634141109698.png (627.11 KB, 1330x1220, Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 12.0…)

ironically this place is simping harder for dasha than the red scare sub today. this made me actually lol

No. 1346428

she looks nice. some may ree at the comparison but when she’s done up properly she looks to me a little bit like Emma Watson if you mashed up her head.

No. 1346431

She looks pretty but it’s still missing the mark for a treasured Hollywood darling. The crooked jaw and flatter than a doormat chest is sad to look at

No. 1346434

Because the simp posts here aren't organic and are obviously from triggered Dasha spergs who want to make it look like every poster here is a jealous fangirl

No. 1346439

>forgetting she’s a white girl with an asymmetrical jaw

NGMI up the ladder in Hollywood

No. 1346483

File: 1634147059525.jpeg (243.91 KB, 504x745, CBB025A5-45A8-4E1F-9E9C-4CF415…)

Who is talking about?

No. 1346487


No. 1346495

File: 1634147763190.jpeg (761.25 KB, 1125x1887, 35AEC0DC-F1D8-4ABE-8FAB-41C51E…)


No. 1346528

File: 1634152880444.png (147.68 KB, 658x864, Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 3.08…)

Ah yes Dasha that great supporter of women who victim blames every woman raped by anyone other than Jeffrey Epstein, giggles when discussing domestic violence on her podcast, bitterly attacks any successful actress, and admits to fucking for her few meager roles. She may look slightly less deformed in her latest pics, but let's not forget Dasha is still an ugly, untalented toxic cunt. From picrelated, it's clear she thinks her hostility to women is cute and part of her brand.

No. 1346542

No. 1346569

honestly she looks great. i feel like dasha and anna have graduated from this thread which is why its dying, they're basically off twitter, no longer political really, pod every 2 weeks rather than twice a week, anna has the baby, dasha is taking advantage of her moment and now posting "women's voices are vital voices" like any other zombie actress lol. the milk will now come from all their imitators/fans who will desperately try to be the next dasha. I predict more wittens + the horrific honour levy leading this new wave

No. 1346573

False. Once a cow, always a cow

No. 1346610

gotta counteract the male seethe from tourists. the "she's a flaaatty" complaining is very scrote.

No. 1346615

Do you think women don’t have eyes?

No. 1346618

it's not a negative attribute, your larp needs work.

No. 1346619

No. 1346631

There is a reason you see very few popular actresses who are so flat they can’t make cleavage. It’s not attractive

No. 1346643

Doesn't she mean WAMMEN's voices are vital voices? At least own up to your own shit. That's the worst thing about these people, they're thin skinned and can't stick to any of their "dissenting" values if push comes to shove. If you're going to be an edgelord for a living at least do it consistently.

How have they "graduated," though? Anna's schitck is still "I was only pretending to be retarded" when she actually bothers to post and gets pushback, and Dasha's cope is "my movie was MEANT to be retarded and camp"

No. 1346709

It's still kinda cringeworthy, but you gotta admit that it isn't as milky as Dasha cucking Adam or Anna accidentally going on some racist weirdo's podcast because she didn't check his Twitter first.

No. 1346710

File: 1634166938143.jpeg (163.58 KB, 606x734, 2740C216-C3A3-4FD8-A909-C090DA…)

Girlboss mode: activated

No. 1346727

File: 1634167509044.png (1.26 MB, 762x1238, toastingtothehaters.png)

Anna has only on purpose gone on racist podcasts anon. Imagine her "ethnological" and phrenology opinions on non-Europeans that she keeps off mic.
Typed as she was posting "not bothered" drinking champagne selfies. Tough day for her name searching addiction.

No. 1346732

There's the doughy Downsface and receding hairline we know and love. Sure Dasha, they're all jealous of you!

No. 1346748

>Cow looked better than usual at an event so the thread is dead
Aw yes anon let’s end the thread because of your one worthless opinion

No. 1346752

Did that not happen 2 years ago? if you think this thread jumped the shark back then, why keep coming back for more?

No. 1346756

True anon, time to close the thread because Dasha showered one time this year

No. 1346768

kiera knightly, natalie portman, mila kunis…

No. 1346774

Was just looking at an old press photo of Dasha where she’s a bit rounder and more homely, and I gotta say, genuinely impressed at the ballerina body transformation here. Toned arms and nice to see her facial bone structure. Not the greatest looking girl of all time, but she genuinely looks better than ever. Her chest is not her fault, but if the Hollywood ascension continues I’m sure she’ll augment. Give a cow a win.

No. 1346793


It is truly beyond me how anyone on earth can see Aimee as anything but a complete schizo from a mile away

No. 1346803

did she fuck your boyfriend? this reads as personal which is boring. ps learn to sage cunt

No. 1346822

All prettier than her but let’s break it down. Natalie got her start as a child actress so no one knew if she would grow boobs or not. Kiera is completely flat and had her boobs shopped bigger on the Pirates posters, this alone shows bustier is preferred. Being flat as a board is not a good selling point for an aging actress with a downsy face