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No. 1775571

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

>New Red Scare episode opens with them giggling about “our rapist friend” Cameron Mereno


>Nick Mullen might have herpes:


>Details on Anna Khachiyan's and Dasha Nekrasova's fascist friends @FistedFoucault and Thomas777:


>Anna admits to having screaming fights with her bf Eli Keszler:


>Article on sex pest Pedocles "Perry" Abbasi:


>Paul Skallas aka Lindy Man defends the sex pest Pedocles:


>The "Vibe Shift" that never was:


>Mike Crumplar meets Audrey Horne @credenzaclear2, continues sniffing his own farts:


>Audrey declares Red Scare over, then recants like a coward:


>Cumtown fans grow jaded with The Adam Friedland Show's mediocre output:


>Reddit History Class is in session with Anna Khachiyan and Park MacDougald:


>Aimee Terese gets temporarily banned from Twitter for her Andrew Tate comment:


>TradCath Egirl Summit with the troon Pariah Doll, the mid @p8stie, the racist @actually_lia, and other fuggos:


>@p8stie gets dragged for retarded sex tourism tweet:


>More on @p8stie


>Curtis Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug and his ugly harem of troons:


>Kantbot getting tired of incels:


@eigenrobot (postrat guru, raging Reddit misogynist, @Aella_Girl ally)
>Kiwifarmer doxxed Eigen and his wife as Samuel Henly and Mackenzie Henly
>Wants to ban abortion and no fault divorce:
>Also wants to tax "childless girlbosses and sexual minorities" to subsidize stay-at-home moms and boost the birthrates
>Took his young daughter to meet with @Aella_Girl, a sex worker with a track record of bad hygiene, defending child porn, denying that child abuse causes trauma, and downplaying the existence of sex trafficking:
>Has admitted to having owned a large database of commercial sex markets (which he may not have been entirely honest with the legal system about)

@lndian_Bronson (Steve Sailer replyguy and incel Urbiter buttbuddy of @eigenrobot)
>Angry misogynist 30-something Indian Browncel (surprise surprise) who slides into the DMs of trad egirls:
>Attended college with @default_friend, claims to only date 18-22 year old women because he thinks older women are ran through:
>Runs a dating app which is a possible data mining scheme:

>Anon does a roundup of other ties between Dime Square, Silicon Valley techbros, and postrats:


>Increasingly distressed SlateStarCodex blogger Scott Alexander alludes to Lolcow Farms:


>This is the post that has Scott worried:


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No. 1775809

random ironybro makes an anime villain speech about having serious dirt about Mike Crumplar being on the sex offender registry but doesn't drop details >>1769542. that one is massive if it's true, but I couldn't find anything

No. 1775912

File: 1677260991996.png (382.04 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20230224-124725.png)

schizoid retard Barrett Avner admits to shooting and possibly killing a man a year ago during twitter fight with dimes square incel project No Agency New York earlier in the week, alludes to senator grandpa being on death's door (so expect another retarded relocation after whatever meltdown is coming)

No. 1775957

why did you post a new thread with the same exact op as the last thread?

No. 1775987

File: 1677268073215.png (239.77 KB, 445x495, poetrygrifter.png)


No. 1776039

File: 1677275968538.jpeg (388.99 KB, 1335x851, 98CE8FE5-C643-4047-A8C4-9E530C…)

Why @neolibgirl is still up

No. 1776076

I love how we accurately assessed it was her alt like two years before she acknowledged it. Of all the words of tongue or pen, the most blessed are "lolcow was right again."

No. 1776086

No. 1776094

File: 1677283969292.jpg (96.98 KB, 1332x506, reddit.jpg)

Adam and Felix both acting super barred out on recent episodes of TAFS/Chapo. Nick seems snippier with Adam on the pod too these days.

No. 1776102

File: 1677285245193.jpeg (196.63 KB, 640x500, C9DF5B52-D8BC-4787-AEE4-8447BB…)

We did it reddit!

No. 1776158

lol the rich get richer

No. 1776168

Does anyone else feel like Anna or dasha are gonna get killed by a groyper incel they handmaiden to online like Bianca devins

No. 1776192

File: 1677292421207.png (79.06 KB, 896x624, NickMullen.png)

An accusation that isn't anonymous, her profile indicates she was previously involved in low level LA comedy. Maybe Nick got ran out of LA like Dasha.

No. 1776214

File: 1677294506014.png (36.63 KB, 479x463, faggiethebore.png)

Scarethots on the sub are finally getting tired of Freddie's shit.

No. 1776218

Hasn’t Flores done way more cancellable shit than give women herpes

No. 1776230

I've never been able to figure out if that down syndrome story is true or just a meme.

No. 1776235

At this point the socdem irony "ummm having a normal one" retards are more annoying than the woke radlibs. Appropriate filename kek

No. 1776236

Nick, Adam, and Felix all fuck LA and NY teenagers they meet on instagram and brag and joke about it publicly.

No. 1776263

I think one of these guys is gonna OD soon. We haven’t had a single dirtbag left death so far which is shocking.

No. 1776284

Michael Brooks

No. 1776288

thank god

No. 1776295

Not those 2 but one of their scarethot twitter orbiters I can see

No. 1776326

bianca was a young woman they lust after. these groypers just follow and RT the aged redscare hags because they post racist shit they agree with. they might dome a RS orbiter woman though…

No. 1776349

I thought he was a genuine sweetie pie? That’s his reputation anyway. Every lefty podcast basically recorded a eulogy for him but they all sounded so fake.

No. 1776415

dasha flirts with these guys

No. 1776435

It seems either cracks are starting to form in TAFS or maybe Nick was just snapping at Adam for nearly OD'ing on benzos right before the show. People who went to Adam's stand up reported that he's permanently fucked up on benzies.

No. 1776438

The first one is literally nothing. Even assuming that Nick wasn't being an ironic shithead, who cares if he's Republican like 10 years ago? The second one, Nick has literally said numerous times on the podcast that he has herpes. If you want to fuck Nick, that's on you.

No. 1776439

It was just a meme, the dot org found out it was some literal who comedian. But Nick still got his fans parroting teenagers to think it was Jake and spread it around social media, that's genuinely way worse than anything they're accusing him of.

No. 1776450

How are Dasha and Anna racist but only date jews? They have both admitted to being with black and brown men too. They’re both so mentally ill and stupid that it’s kind of interesting

No. 1776454

I think we're gonna see a Cum Town superfan end up on the SOR first. Or maybe a Chapo tranny who trooned out to dodge allegations

No. 1776456

File: 1677330667190.jpeg (594.66 KB, 750x1212, 78E4963D-8920-4517-8B4A-51E0B8…)


No. 1776457

samefag, but I forgot about the Chapo fan who shot up a bar in Ohio a few years ago

No. 1776471

imagine being 40 and spamming the n word everywhere, risking your own career, to get racist orbiters. they’re not actually racist

No. 1776489

They have to brag about the girls ages because they know the hotness is nothing to write home about. That one young girl Adam fucked was some hispanic bitch with gross saggy boobs. Oh and Nick is 5’5 and has herpes

No. 1776492

File: 1677337752031.jpg (70.78 KB, 681x216, GQ.jpg)

But just think of all the mass shootings they prevented, nonna

No. 1776493

Of course she does. She’s ugly and looks bad naked

No. 1776494

File: 1677337832143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.86 KB, 378x392, 366B5183-B1E3-43E7-B449-8DBD5E…)

An example of one of the “young” girls they fucked

No. 1776495

Matt Christman literally looks like the type of guy who publishes a 400 page manifesto before his murder-suicide spree

No. 1776499

wait what

No. 1776501

Shooter was a chapo reply guy and followed a lot of their mutuals. Weirdly, one of the victims was the shooter's sister who was trans.

No. 1776504

Why does his girlfriend put up with that. She’s good looking enough to date a normal guy. Is she a benzo fiend too?

No. 1776512

File: 1677340026165.jpeg (157.66 KB, 840x1271, Screenshot_20230225_091800_Ins…)

Vibe shift alert

No. 1776514

Didn't expect this crossover. Shame its the only person in this scene who is so devoid of personality, Sam might as well be ranting to beige paint.

No. 1776516

Iirc the shooter mostly interacted with the “be trans do crimes” part of the Chaposphere like @chinchillazilla and people like that rather than the Cum Town / more incel-ly subsection, ironically

No. 1776518

i don't follow cumtown but these random posts about Adam banging some "gross hispanic bitch" with no proof just reeks of a bitter fan or ex-girlfriend a-logging. literally who cares who he bangs unless you're jealous

No. 1776521

cause I don't know what I'm doing and nobody had a made a thread in five days

No. 1776522

File: 1677341690899.png (64.63 KB, 730x216, dasha did it for free.png)

>Why does his girlfriend put up with that
see picrelated

No. 1776523

I thought nick would OD but adam would be a nice surprise.

No. 1776524

It’s been well known for a while that Nick Mullen has herpes, they would talk about it on the original Cum Town subreddit back when that existed. The rest of the no evidence shit does feel like a-logging though.

No. 1776525

at least it shook off most of the weirdos from last thread

No. 1776534

kek do they really? why do nonnies still swoon over nick

No. 1776536

nonna don't make me tap the sign again >>1776522

No. 1776538

Dasha upped her racism when she started dating her racist zoomer bf. They went on a strange tangent in the Yale episode where they were talking about how they had no friends in college and Anna's only friend she ever made in high school was a religious black girl. Dasha's only friend at women's college was a black and jewish girl who she said was really nice and cool. They were remembering these first and last black friends fondly. They also went on about how they were teacher's pets which they say explain their desperation for approval from older men.
There's a reason they don't do live shows anymore. They don't want to come face to face with their current fanbase, more out of embarrassment than fear.

No. 1776541

yea i get that for young loser ex-bernie bro scarethot twitter girls but on here???

No. 1776551

File: 1677344863342.jpeg (163.23 KB, 730x1200, 92032635-2399-4780-AE8A-A16CEF…)

Canceled journo on canceled journo violence kek
This is the guy in the bottom comment replying to Freddie: Mike Tunison. He’s a cancelled/metooed journalist who works for some sort of trash hauling company now. Also seethes about white women and feminism all the time due to the metooing

No. 1776554

What’s wrong with that? It’s proving that Adam is gross and has very low standards for who he fucks. Dasha is gross too

No. 1776556

> There's a reason they don't do live shows anymore. They don't want to come face to face with their current fanbase, more out of embarrassment than fear
I never thought of that. I think you’re right

No. 1776557

He’s so gross and weird though it doesn’t seem worth it. He’s confirmed tiny dick too. Jordan Jensen said she was on the phone with him and he offered the gf a massage and she yelled at him just for asking kek

No. 1776560

> literally who cares who he bangs unless you're jealous
sooooo jealous that someone casually banged a jewish loser with a tiny dick and shitty body

No. 1776567

They banged older men probably because they were ugly and hot guys their age didn’t want them. Also the zoomer bf was Jewish and Hispanic and looks it. Weird for her to up her racism

No. 1776574

> Anna's only friend she ever made in high school was a religious black girl. Dasha's only friend at women's college was a black and jewish girl who she said was really nice and cool. They were remembering these first and last black friends fondly. They also went on about how they were teacher's pets which they say explain their desperation for approval from older men.
Maybe this is why they’re so openly racist now

No. 1776591

do you think the pic of Dasha and Coochiebone together was the straw that broke the camel's back?

No. 1776617

Random Question is Dasha the voice actor in Disco elysium final cut and did she do a good job? If so she did okay but the voice was too fake raspy, if not why was she replaced and how did she do?

No. 1776619

she and the chapos are only in the original i think

No. 1776667

Sam is like the prototype of the trustfund Brooklyn art hipster who goes into far right politics “ironically”

No. 1776673

File: 1677355149586.png (338.09 KB, 640x1136, F08B2466-64EF-42DD-A199-AFA76A…)

It's over

No. 1776676

Nick seems very done and angry (more than usual) with Adam and just the show overall. I really do wonder what the fate of the show will be

No. 1776683

real lab results? The high test. one makes sense with her voice and catboy body

No. 1776685

sam is coming out as jewish

No. 1776687

it was a sneer club raid, wasn't it?

No. 1776688

he looks like a creep

No. 1776689

as a high T female schizo insomniac, we do not claim her.

No. 1776690

anna seems like she'd be a very obedient apple polisher from the way her parents raised her but dasha does not seem like she'd put any effort in school at all

No. 1776691

nonnie that was an obvious shitpost

No. 1776692

nick made the mess in the first place and set adam up as the host because he was afraid to fail himself or tarnish his own name. he can blame adam and save his ego. he is such a pathetic, bitchy coward.

No. 1776694

genetically futch

No. 1776699

I know it’s gross to be like oh infertile but like, does she want a kid? I know she said she had pcos. Maybe it’s karma for her destructive past life

No. 1776700

oh i agree no amount of $$ is worth taking Adam Friedland's dick or getting herp from Nick Mullen, who seems like he cries after sex. i'm just poking fun at the nonnies in every thread who ask WHY would anyone bang the cumboys when like…money and "he makes me laugh" are literally the two most universally attractive male characteristics. along with being handsome and tall ofc but obviously a lot of cumgirls willing to forgo those technicalities.

No. 1776704

the cumcels will insist that nick and adam are actually best of friends off-mic and froth at the mouth over stav, but on the one and a million occasion that adam gets a good burn in on nick, he starts seething like the autistic manchild he is

No. 1776712

Yup, ugly teenage girls are basically low hanging fruit to degenerate moids. They’re naive, impressionable, and their insecurities make them easy to manipulate. Attractive adult women have higher standards, and nothing wilts a moid’s hopeful little boner quicker than a woman with standards. (Have I mentioned I hate men?)

No. 1776714

I doubt Dasha really wants a kid. She’s too degenerate & mentally ill to keep a houseplant alive and she knows it. If anything she’s leaning harder into her unhinged femcel act the older she gets. Maybe the paypigs like it?

No. 1776716

The last couple of episodes where mennaker and belden guested had huge "child stuck between two parents who hate each other now" energy. Adam even started tearing up towards the end of the episode with will.

No. 1776724

File: 1677360360663.png (949.03 KB, 1186x1220, fags.png)

did anyone get the screencaps of jack and @bumpqing's fight? they were going back and forth hours ago but have now deleted everything. just wanted to add it to the thread as we need to track the number of people jack has fallen out with in the past 2 years, its larger than dasha's body count at this point

No. 1776726

File: 1677360497331.png (202.66 KB, 3530x494, deleted 1.png)

have no idea what @bumpqing posted but jack/zach have been passive-aggressive with him ever since he mad fun of madonna. gay men are forever 14 year old and break friendships over fucking pop stars every day of the week

No. 1776727

File: 1677360522096.png (194.97 KB, 3466x444, deleted 2.png)

part 2

No. 1776729

i hope they kill themselves and all their fans, like u, will follow

No. 1776733

>(Have I mentioned I hate men?)
you're on lolcow honey, you didn't have to

>we need to track the number of people jack has fallen out with in the past 2 years, its larger than dasha's body count at this point
kek, male and female BPD defined

No. 1776747

Adam isn’t funny though. At least not off the cuff

No. 1776769

It’s also why incels are obsessed with “the wall”, it’s all a cope for male pedophilia

No. 1776782

File: 1677366462197.png (19.18 KB, 595x227, jackgoon.png)

Has anyone heard about this? Is this true?

No. 1776786

File: 1677367445143.png (338.58 KB, 1748x780, liberalelite.png)

Chloe doxxing Dasha and maybe being shady listing her right after Louis CK.

No. 1776808

wow i know exactly what street this is but i won't say it lest dasha's deranged simps find her. i will say that chloe really put dasha's business out there, i'd be pissed…and west village dasha? really? it makes sense for chloe to finally give up east village and she probably needs to be Chelsea-adjacent for her curator husband. but dasha lol…this bitch really thought she was going hollywood huh

No. 1776812

Some are but many are just obsessed with revenge over girls who rejected them in high school or college. If an attractive 30 year old woman decided they wanted them they would be over the moon

No. 1776821

Is the West Village more bougie or normie compared to the East Village? Please translate for us flyovers nonna

No. 1776838

West Village is kinda both more bougie and more normie than EV? On the whole WV feels fancier, cleaner, and more "residential" than East Village. EV is still pretty gritty in parts and was traditionally home to the artsier/cooler crowd and cheaper apartments (neither one is cheap anymore of course, but WV is more expensive). A lot of celebs live in WV and this particular street Chloe's referring to is full of $20 million townhomes. Obviously Dasha probably pays something more like $3500-4000 for a one-bedroom but in general West Village is where you move to because you're youngish, have money and want to be in the most picturesque version of NYC, while still being downtown. It's also definitely THE aspirational neighborhood for the type of basic millennial girl whose idea of New York was heavily shaped by the Carrie Bradshaw/Friends/Magnolia cupcake era.

So yeah sorry to ramble but idk, basically I'd expect Dasha to live somewhere edgier! Not that I blame her for forgoing edgy after years of living in various dumps in Bed Stuy.

No. 1776857

When was this?

No. 1776864

about a year ago >>1414363

No. 1777030

I thought Bedford was totally gentrified and bourgie now? I thought the new dimes square scene was in queens?

No. 1777079

sweet flyover nonnie i think ur confusing Bedford Ave in Williamsburg (which yeah is pretty bougie and filled with Euro tourists and "creative director" types now) with Bed Stuy, a different neighborhood in Brooklyn where Dasha and Adam used to live, Bed Stuy has some nice parts but where they lived is pretty grimy and concrete. i'm not cool enough to know where the new Dimes Square is but i do congratulate Queens on its 80th attempt to become the next big thing

No. 1777110

I can't wait for the inevitable break up and for Nick to shit on Adam as he did with Stav, Tom, Jake, Seth and literally every person who was in his proximity because he's a BPD chan who's incapable taking in any self reflection and is more sensitive than either Anna or Dasha.

No. 1777147

Dimes Square is in Lower East Side, Manhattan. I'm genuinely surprised, LES is the one consistent place in NYC that has always had an "art scene" associated with it at least since the 60s.

No. 1777177

nta but the anon asked where is the "new" dimes square scene not the existing one

No. 1777422

I'm like 90% positive Dasha has mentioned living near Mark Ronson before

No. 1777480

im not surprised since the past 12 years of that area has been pricing out the actual creatives the dimes square people LARP as

No. 1777521


Ridgewood? Thats the only area of Queens anyone ever lives in because it's on the JMZ line. It did become a micro-hot spot of Dimes tards who got forced out/gentrified out of their chinatown apts this year, but I bunch of people have also just been saying fuck it and moving to UES/UWS and even midtown. Fuck knows what the next "trendy" area will


Nonna Dimes Square is in Chinatown…

No. 1777539

She lives near all these famous people but still dates ugly guys that aren’t famous and meets up with incel fans? Embarrassing for her

No. 1777642

File: 1677418301462.png (758.42 KB, 828x606, 0_04-4zegk08fRKtTy.png)

If Bay Area 'rationalist' cows can be discussed here now, then check this out. A rationalist splinter cult of hideous schizo DID troons has apparently murdered one of their members' parents, and then attempted to stab their elderly landlord with a katana when he demanded that they pay rent. A few of these schizos have seemingly faked their deaths and are still at large, and other 'rationalists' are afraid for their lives.


I think LessWrong/rationalist cows actually need their own thread.

No. 1777652

File: 1677420563015.jpeg (242.66 KB, 874x370, 901B0D66-6E93-4DCD-A8B4-A25E89…)

Ironic that these two are racist when they barely look white. L: mongoloid R: middle eastern jew

No. 1777658

Dasha has mentioned living near film forum & being on the border of W village & soho on the pod before. What I didn't know was that Chloe moved from 10th st. on the east side! That was her thing for a while

No. 1777668

No. 1777669

It’s public knowledge(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1777672

If by "the wall" we mean 30+ years old just know that if you're infertile you are already genetically dead. Your bloodline is over and that's not a cope that's a sad truth. The real cope for these incels is when they larp as Christians and act like being a virgin is somehow virtuous. I guess the female equivalent would be the climate change death cult or something, of course combined with ssris. Most of these people know they're walking corpses and waste their lives in a mentally ill semi-dream state.(learn to sage)

No. 1777673

with the number of deranged incels that follow dasha i wouldn't post her address on here, yeah she sucks but women are endangered by this kind of thing. not too late to delete it

No. 1777675

No. 1777677

Lol(learn to sage)

No. 1777678

Are you doing some word play? Many women have kids in their 30’s now. It’s not 1902

No. 1777680

She meets up with Incels. She enjoys the attention

No. 1777681

It's irresponsible to have children late. The genetic quality deteriorates rapidly in your 30s. And don't even get me started on ivf. If you have an ivf baby you're dooming your offspring to inherit the accumulated infertility problems which are inherited.

No. 1777683

It’s a lot more irresponsible to have an oopsie baby earlier that you’re not financially and emotionally ready to care for. Those kids turn out like shit and many aren’t attractive. Many violent criminals and thugs were born to younger mothers

No. 1777684

>I think LessWrong/rationalist cows actually need their own thread.
yeah please do idk why someone was so hellbent on cramming them into the last thread, also all the aella talk when she has like two threads in the catalogue last i looked.

No. 1777686

trust me i know all the ways dasha sucks, i literally hang out on a hate forum for her lol, i just think we should draw the line on posting shit that could get a woman attacked irl

No. 1777687

If someone wants to attack her they wouldn’t have to come to an anon board to do it

No. 1777699

Valid concerns. I might undervalue them because I believe most problems are due to nature rather than nurtuee, especially given that the genetics of your parents shape the environment you're born into.
But putting that aside, seeing as the issue is fertility and fertility IS inherited, in my opinion if you're not fertile it's nature's way of telling you not to reproduce. The only environmental issues effecting fertility people seem concerned with are things like microplastics which seems a bit schizo, but even if there's truth to it, it's seems unavoidable. By the way I read a book on this when i was pregnant and like 99% of environmental toxins issues are while you're in your mother's womb so if anyone needs the name of the book (has tips on avoiding toxins) it's called Count Down, but it has a reputation for over-emphasizing environment. The bigger concern is the accumulated infertility problems down generations.(learn to sage)

No. 1777713

ew stop engaging in conversation with sage allergic moids. good god.

No. 1777715

Inherited infidelity? And yet we all come from years and years and generations of successful procreation

No. 1777740

scrotes come here all the time to manifesto their talking points but its rare we get one who says he was pregnant kek

No. 1777745

okay then it's jo
>avoiding toxins

No. 1777747

How many women are getting IVF in their 30s. I thought many froze their eggs then did ivf after 40. If there are problems, perhaps the egg freezing is more the culprit. Who’s to say. Anyway, bottom line there is nothing wrong with having kids in your 30’s if you’re healthy and willing to take care of the baby

No. 1777749

You’re getting into survival of the fittest here. If so you could make the same case that unattractive and dull people shouldn’t reproduce. I would rather the world be inhabited by slight spergy attractive people than ugly, dumb people with moms that had them young and didn’t raise them right

No. 1777750

Maybe it’s a female2male tranny

No. 1777767

Its literally on the corner of both neighborhoods, autistic nonnie, it doesn't matter. Lots of Chinatown and LES stuff bleed into each other, its the general vicinity that makes the scene not actual geographical boundaries.

No. 1777918

lmao I swear this is either the same building I used to get shrooms at in high school or right next to it

No. 1777971

troons are a low iq subset of misogynistic moid

No. 1777976

paternal age is as big a factor as maternal age
but also “bloodline” kek

No. 1778008

The book they linked talked about sperm count being a factor to fertility but they didn’t mention that

No. 1778011

late but I just listened to check this out. Felix Biederman sounds incredibly fucked up. What's going on with him? (Adam sounds fine, no different from normal.)

No. 1778050

These dumb fags have to do drugs to cope with living in the dying city of nyc. Pack it up and move to a suburb

No. 1778052

It would be funny if someone from cumtown or chapo died soon

No. 1778059

are you planning something wtf

No. 1778065

you have the entire internet to egg-sperg and get scrote asspats, you aren't welcome here

No. 1778068

this is a weird egg-fiending scrote who has a bizarre fixation on "bloodlines" continuing as if that is the ultimate goal of living. truly a myopic retard incapable of broader thought, like most moids.

No. 1778069

I thought Felix moved to LA like Amber and Matt, and Will was the last chapo in NYC… no?

No. 1778070

Just put LW drama in the Aellagirl thread.

No. 1778074

literally no one should be breeding you retard, your spawn are going to be so fucking malformed lmfao, just like everyone else's. there is no way to escape environmental toxins you pathetic narcissist. i love imagining you slaving away over your retarded spawn after taking all of this stupid and non-scientifically backed advice for avoiding them. deformation and mutation is inevitable in this world and you are no exception, i'm so glad that you fell for the trap and will now live in hell attempting to provide for an idiot child while the world runs out of viable soil for growing crops. jesus christ the jokes just write themselves for people like you. brb laughing on the way to the bank.

No. 1778083

underemployed climate anxiety twitterfag detected

No. 1778132

lol this is embarrassing

No. 1778137

imagine being 5'5 and having genital herpes and still having the gall to comment on anyone's looks kek

No. 1778144

retarded 4chan men believe survival of the fittest is real and they are genetically the fittest, it’s why they’re obsessed with western fertility rates.

No. 1778145

name a single American city doing better than nyc right now. LA and SF are toxic waste dumps.

No. 1778168

newsflash retard, all three are crumbling overpopulated shitholes

No. 1778176

File: 1677476478582.png (48.52 KB, 605x447, shutupjack.png)

What a faggot.

No. 1778182

File: 1677477503420.png (192.46 KB, 408x520, over.png)

Just scraping the bottom of the barrel into irrelevancy. Crumps killed Dimes Square, and the miasmic remnant killed him.

No. 1778183

impossible to read shit like this without becoming violently homophobic tbh

No. 1778187

honestly facts. All throughout my my 20s I was obsessed with living in THE CITY and talked so much shit about my 'boring' suburban hometown. After too many years of dealing with retardedly expensive rent, crackheads, junkies and drunks wandering around screaming in the night, random shootings, apartments near me being broken into, and creepy moids on the street, I finally understand the appeal of the suburbs and appreciate how clean, quiet and relatively safe they can be.

No. 1778190

imagine putting up with that all to get nuked in 2030

No. 1778198

the suburbs wont get nuked, they'll eat each other within 2 weeks of a collapse. they cant even handle waste management being irregular, let alone a power outage.

No. 1778206

all of these things happen in the suburbs with the added bonus of no public transportation and everything being an ugly tract home. I’ve lived in suburbs my entire life. This is an America Problem, not a city vs suburbs problem.

No. 1778293

Nick and Adam are drug addicts, Stav is obese, the chapo guys look like hell. They’re aging. Their bodies will betray them soon

No. 1778298

Maybe that’s why Anna and Dasha like the city so much. They like moids with no standards paying attention to them. No one would look at them twice in the suburbs

No. 1778307

it’s harder to get attention in the city, they like it because they’re liberal tryhards

No. 1778308

Nope. If you compare a city to a middle class suburb. Cities are higher density and have a lot more homeless men and vagrants wandering around who fling attention at any woman below elderly

No. 1778333

Anna and Dasha barely register above a 5 in NYC

No. 1778336

Do you live in nyc? Unless you never leave your apartment, you walk a lot and take the subway. It doesn’t matter what their rating is. Homeless men, blue collar construction site guys, bodega workers. Anna and Dasha like sexual harassment to boost their egos. it doesn’t happen often in nice suburbs, if you’re attractive you just get stared at but there isn’t as much lecherous behavior like in the city. They don’t like feeling invisible, so they stay in the shithole of nyc

No. 1778338

Respectfully you don’t know what you’re talking about. Pariah the doll is hideous and gets sexually harassed from across the street just for wearing a short dress. You do not need to be attractive to get attention (sexually harassed) in the city

No. 1778340

You must have lived in a shitty suburb then. I’ve lived in nice suburbs and even visiting the city for a day you can tell how much worse it is

No. 1778346

Nick is a faggot in every sense of the word. Addicted to coke, aging twink body, std ridden, bitchy and spiteful, hates women, lashes out at his close male friends like a petty gay. I’m looking forward to him aging and losing even more of a grip on reality

No. 1778360

Ok, unsaged moid

No. 1778369

File: 1677510052812.jpeg (339.23 KB, 750x952, D466047C-74E5-469D-A7BC-6E8F0F…)

They said they were pregnant kek. The countdown book they mentioned talks about sperm counts but they somehow are stuck on women having kids older? kek

No. 1778384

Anyone got a qrd on Brace's TAFS appearance?

No. 1778394

you spoke too soon

No. 1778398

Nick was basically throwing daggers at Adam the whole time. He also gave off vibes that he wasn’t very interested in Brace.
Adam didn’t say much as always.
Brace seems to have a very interesting childhood - went to a weird school, got molested.

No. 1778406

>I'd expect Dasha to live somewhere edgier
Why? This bitch's entire edgy LARP is a cope for failing to be a normie pampered successful actress, it's clear that posting how 'based' she is is a form of self-harm

No. 1778411

They're connected to Moldbug and Peter Thiel like the cows ITT, but yeah they fit better in the Aella thread. If anything, being associated with A+D makes them appear cooler/less cringe kek

No. 1778430

Either TAFS is gonna end soon or Nick is bringing back bullying Adam as part of the formula. Also Nick is jealous that a bigger schizo is taking attention away from him.

No. 1778538

Adam and Nick revealed they share a vape. Gross. Now they’re talking about Jews and nazis in prison. Adam said his girlfriend is out of town this week and he’s looked at porn three times. Brace said he used to shoot cocaine into his hands in a flower shop (wtf). He said his drug dealer lied about being in the mafia. Nick said pathological liars just tell lies but don’t fuck you over (personally I disagree). Adam said Eugene lied about being friends with Roberta flack. Adam said he can’t eat mcgriddles because his face gets sticky and Nick gets annoyed and says they need to wrap things up

No. 1778555

File: 1677525380656.jpeg (106.87 KB, 463x240, 61BC313F-D121-4A25-A6B9-B81F8C…)

Low hanging fruit atp but when will she accept she’s not some baby faced egirl? Maybe if she embraced how she looked she wouldn’t only attract incels and creeps

No. 1778557

Nick also shared he was molested (as an adult) when he was in LA. Some guy picked him up in a prius because he was new and lost and visibly drunk and when the guy put his hands on him Nick freaked out and said stuff like "I'll kill you" but the guy didn't believe him or care and just dumped him out on the side of the road where he then walked miles in the wrong direction until the sun came up and he asked for help and someone who was actually nice gave him bus fare. I don't know if I'd heard that one before.
>Nick said pathological liars just tell lies but don’t fuck you over
that's a funny thing to say to a pathological liar like Brace

No. 1778559

did she get aegyo sal / lovebands surgery on her lower lids? is that why she had double black eyes?

No. 1778561

I thought the black eye was only on one side

No. 1778563

I think she just edits her eyes in a strange way because she’s insecure about them. A credit to her facetune skills, it’s done subtly enough for people not to call her out

No. 1778589

File: 1677528691782.png (27.03 KB, 597x289, fatjack.png)

Clearly McDouble has so many wonderful accomplishments! Like, let's see, working at the front desk at an apartment complex, making a shitty podcast less than 1000 people listen to, having meltdowns when people bring cookies to his workplace, badly written written articles about the supremacy of 80s fast food advertising…

No. 1778612

Wasn't her family supposed to be rich(sage your shit)

No. 1778613

File: 1677530671745.jpeg (443.38 KB, 1637x2048, Fp_LA1AXgAEV-56.jpeg)

do they EVER shower? that greasy hair vom

No. 1778620

yes, she has posted about going to yacht parties with Goldman Sachs executives and doing fox hunts on her family's land in notoriously cheap American State, New Jersey. so it's a fair guess that her family's legitimately old money, maybe Wall Street or NYC biglaw or something. that's the backstory for most of these cows who still pretend to be leftist.
whenever anyone brings any of this up, she has a Liz B style meltdown about how all the haters want her broken and ruined and dead in a ditch
also, sage nonita

No. 1778635

No. 1778645

Why does she have the hair and face of a Beatles member

No. 1778649

File: 1677534327632.jpeg (108.23 KB, 750x468, FC1A5592-A0A5-497D-B926-851BC4…)

Her dad is a truck driver from flemington nj. They might be old money, but the house her parents live in is a pretty standard middle class home. I won’t post the address so nonnies don’t sperg

No. 1778664

File: 1677536546625.png (283.25 KB, 500x519, celebrities-shop-too-at-the-st…)

No. 1778665

I bet he secretly enjoyed it.

No. 1778671

I’m talking about NYC obviously

No. 1778681


No. 1778685

i bet it never happened

No. 1778690

he was probably intoxicated and about to have a gay encounter with a fan but panicked at the last second

No. 1778691

"People don't call her out" because they're either blind coomers or braindead teens who believe the girls on instagram are real. The subreddit and this thread always call her out

I agree with above anon, it's probably just weird edition, but she's def going for a much cuter look than usual

No. 1778697

File: 1677540588497.png (35.27 KB, 608x355, eausausage slop.png)

lol Jack we all know your biggest thrill in life is buying bags of fast food and scarfing them down right there in the parking lot before you go home and drunkenly ugly cry about fag hate on your podcast. Your whole life is gloop and nothing but. Twitter libs being bugs doesn't mean you're not one too.

These people are so funny. They show their entire asses online and then expect us to only see the imaginary version of themselves in their heads. The delusion! That's why they're cows.

I'm sure Ayn Rand sleeps better in her grave knowing a fat, sweaty ex-concierge and his fake e-mail job-having friends are carrying her torch!

No. 1778731

was jack's somethingawful posting history ever revealed?

No. 1778760

File: 1677547676860.png (63.4 KB, 596x363, dasha4hentai.png)


No. 1778763

She's middle class with wealthy relative and her bf (I think she might be engaged now?) is old money rich.

No. 1778772

He shared that same exact story in an old stand up bit. Looking at Nick's list of mental disorders, its impossible for him not to have been molested.

No. 1778776

File: 1677548905279.png (448.35 KB, 509x910, OTMQPzP.png)

not milk on any level that i'm aware but just surprising. if you were on tumblr circa 2012 you might remember chloe mackey, seems like she's hanging with dasha now

No. 1778791

oh he said it in a standup bit??? it must be real. mentally ill people lie for attention newfag

No. 1778842

Blogpost but my dentist had his latest kid (his fifth, first was at 43) at 59, his wife is either his age or 7-10 years younger max. Nonna should should just take their blonde, blue-eyed healthy toddler and throw it off a cliff since it's doomed to a life of ill health, degen genetics and infertility. Spent his 20s/early 30s in europe doing acting/modeling, having the time of his life and didn't even meet his wife until mid-30s. Rightoids and scarethots stay losing in every possible way to atheist frat normies who don't care about babies and end up with five of them while tradtards get one that they can barely parent and raise because their mind is so poisoned with absolute retardation(not your personal blog)

No. 1778859

I don’t agree with tradtards at all that women need to have 5 kids by 25 or it’s over, but having young kids when you’re that old seems a little iffy. If they have the money and energy, sure, I’d just worry it’s a little old to be taking care of such young kids. inevitably they lose their parents sooner too and it’s not fair to them. I think late 20’s/30s/maybe early 40’s is the sweet spot where you’re still young enough but not too old to do it properly

No. 1778877

File: 1677555478613.jpg (917.61 KB, 2620x2204, felix biederman.jpg)


No. 1778885

not the fruit faces bitch lol these girls are so lame

No. 1778903

Mental breakdown in progress?

No. 1778926

File: 1677560784018.webm (550.91 KB, 885x1068, felix is off today.webm)

"uh felix is off today"

No. 1778946

Yeah, people only lie on stand ups bits. Nanette's entire bit was just a laugh, newfag

No. 1778947

You seriously don't know what a newfag is don't you? Learn to integrate.

No. 1778955

good god who's next? molly soda?

No. 1778969

isn't she dating or involved with the guy from No Agency, ie Dasha's fake modeling agency

No. 1778978

File: 1677566067989.png (3.18 MB, 2517x1474, Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 12.32…)


No. 1778980

File: 1677566768977.png (39.15 KB, 617x435, geniusesatwork.png)

Behold- the brave new forefront of the American avant-garde! Chubby, balding gay guys who Do The Work of watching based and redpilled HBO teen dramas.

No. 1778999

Euphoria is very subtle about saying it’s actually not fun to be a teenage heroin addict or craigslist hooker. Liberals may not be able to pick up on the hidden messages being sent when the twelve year old drug dealer gets shot in the crackhouse.

No. 1779000

File: 1677570024955.png (148.81 KB, 1192x566, wrongthink.png)

Jack turning on another gay mutual (who has been on all his friend's podcasts) for the sin of having a different opinion than him

No. 1779008

File: 1677570932914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.36 KB, 399x399, C5405E98-CDC2-4D52-A891-47F7A8…)

tw// pritch

No. 1779025

Molly's chill, she doesn't associate with these people.

No. 1779026

She was on Girls Chat.

No. 1779030

>Euphoria is based reactionary trad propaganda because it's about a drug addict having fun on drugs, then getting into increasingly fucked up situations, then attempting to get clean
Wow so original

No. 1779199

Oh cool they got the guy who just tweets about how Milo is still broke and has been since like 2018
is he still on Twitter after pissing off every single person who ever tolerated him? I can't keep track of all these "lefty" trannoids

No. 1779215

those bangs are atrocious kek

in yet another example of twitter retards copying imageboards from 8 years ago, here we see fatass arguing to "hide your power levels"

No. 1779218

>using nanette as an example of standup

No. 1779255

Regardless of the fact that all the jokes were duds, its still a "comedy" special for all intents and purposes

No. 1779309

He calls himself Cassandra now.

No. 1779341

Angela Nagle and Katherine Dee were in the new episode of the J K Rowling podcast talking about tumblr identity politics

No. 1779463

oh god i hope they aren't hijacking that podcast to push some "ackchully troonism is liberal women's fault" angle and not a reaction to an increasing societal misogyny by young ftms and male entitlement to any and all societal benefits from mtfs

No. 1779562

He was obviously on Xanax and playing a video game into his mic on the last episode, it’s over

No. 1779684

File: 1677639774710.jpeg (382.39 KB, 608x891, BEA8424A-81A5-4B23-99B5-09C804…)


Breathes in


No. 1779707

File: 1677641645075.jpg (72.85 KB, 1169x1169, FpgHemuX0AE6IFN.jpg)

I thought he was just saying he pointed a gun at someone. Crazy thing to publicly admit to or lie about doing.

No. 1779757

lol, pathetic

No. 1779795

Felix is usually playing video games and partially checked out but this was a whole new level. Why did they release this embarrassing audio, does the producer guy hate Felix? He’s clearly fucked up.

No. 1779843

There were long stretches pre virgil and amber leaving where Felix just wouldn’t be on the podcast and eventually during a live show where it looked really good for Bernie be apologized for it and said it was because he was depressed and couldn’t do the job properly (his job is recording two hours of podcasting a week)

I assume since now it’s just him Matt and will and he’s been on every episode he’s getting burnt out

No. 1779932

that's not about looks, she's a broken ironygirl who's not even trying for a serious relationship in her mid 30s, what kind of men could she really attract(learn to sage)

No. 1779940

Kath Dee is so eager she's starting to grow on me, but maybe that's just because she's off twitter for now

No. 1779945

if it weren't for the moles, i would think they are two different people.

No. 1779977

Lmaooo, love it when these irony freaks realize having a large Twitter following of similar freaks =/= real world popularity or success

No. 1779978

The only 2 options here are that he’s lying or retarded. Possibly both.

No. 1779998

I guess? Still makes women look insecure to do this babyface edit on every selfie and I’m sure people she meets think it’s not cute behavior. Anna doesn’t seem as desperate to be perceived as young so she doesn’t attract as many weird losers

No. 1780076

god willing he never works again. most of the rest of the ironybros are just gross underemployed, aging creeps, but Pedocles "Pedo" Abbasi is rotten to the core

No. 1780245

Katherine is a vile misogynist cistroon but at least she was a part of this when it was all going down. On the other hand, Anglela (39 years old) is a literal hag who might as well be dug out of the bottom of a bog.

No. 1780249

You can’t OD on benzos. You can take a million benzos and not die. Drinking or other substances while on benzos is different. I wonder if they are going to have a story about how they are going to get off or taper off of benzodiazepines whenever it comes down to it.

No. 1780250

File: 1677709091446.png (755.02 KB, 640x751, hsasc8uw3ska1.png)

Violent pedophile James Ferraro continues to be beloved amongst the Dimes Square crowd, being kept alive on a steady drip feed of Thielbux.

No. 1780251

this cannot be serious

No. 1780265

This is an almost impressive level of retardation

No. 1780272

He's a pedo??

No. 1780285

The article on Euphoria he wrote a while back explained it was based transgressive crypto-reactionary art, because
>Sydney Sweeney, a buxom blonde white woman you supposedly never see in tv/film anymore, gets her tits out
>Cal isn't a one-dimensional villain and is given a sympathetic backstory (a white male bad guy with nuance? Wokeness has been defeated!)
>Rue's descent into hell in S02E05 is presented unflinchingly (HBO isn't scared to depict a drug dealer preparing to pimp out a teen girl addict? This is the most transgressive art to ever grace America's TV screens)

No. 1780377

File: 1677719856619.jpg (188.48 KB, 556x726, 1664225990549.jpg)


More details on those allegations in the indie cows thread:



It involves Matt Mondanile/Ducktails who got kicked out of Real Estate for being a mediocre trust fund manchild hack musician and a weird predatory creep to several girls, then post-cancellation continues to interact with conspicuously young girls on twitter and an NFT that was a front for a right wing pedophile grooming cult:


No. 1780420

File: 1677722836317.jpeg (946.51 KB, 1179x1916, EF600862-3AB6-4759-A47E-599349…)

Old but I totally missed Will and Jesse fighting

No. 1780517

In isolation without knowing who these two people are, this is kinda cute

No. 1780524

Dashew depressionposting a lot on the TL lately, wonder what's going on?

No. 1780528

nobody bought the bucket hats

No. 1780554

her write up on AI in tablet was pretty good

No. 1780555

no they're cool go back to sneer club

No. 1780559

will is jealous he's on the wrong side of history

No. 1780590

File: 1677734663189.jpg (179.02 KB, 1058x1412, FpmHBsDXgAMtnlP.jpg)

I mean, who wouldn't want to buy these?

No. 1780594

well, that looks like abject ass, phonetic transliteration into Cyrillic is the hottest joke of 1991, and bucket hats are over

No. 1780602

damn ive defended matt before i thought he was just a bad boyfriend/emotional abuse type that shit seems sinister and weird

No. 1780606

How soon till Grimes follows A or D or BAP she interacts with all of this crypto dork Twitter bullshit she’s a stones toss away Anna even mentioned her friend Aella on the pod lol

No. 1780610

I think she definitely at least knows pf everyone on that side of twitter. A while ago she liked a tweet from Mira Gonzalez calling out Liz Bruenig's anti-abortion stance lmao

No. 1780614

nta but lurk moar, kathdee is a cow too

No. 1780624

File: 1677742822525.jpeg (175.45 KB, 750x371, 0396ACDE-AD48-434C-A209-16A9D5…)

a decade later these two and the 1975 are all connected to the same brew of like two dozen low iq tastemakers lmao death of culture etc

No. 1780711

File: 1677763551370.png (118.17 KB, 1028x524, reddit.png)

So apparently there's this sub r/rsgrippysocks where depressed/mentally ill r/redscarepod denizens post about their troubles, struggles, and ideations. Very bleak.

No. 1780833

can someone fill me in on the evidence adam is on benzos? it seems like it came out of nowhere

No. 1780901


No. 1781007

File: 1677787590325.jpg (143.11 KB, 1170x2080, 330558048.jpg)

Lots of reasons I'd guess but Anna getting to go to Givenchy while she's stuck in wintry NY can't help. Probably invited because of Eli but still. They were both talking about how getting to go to Paris Fashion Week was their new dream recently.

No. 1781031

the brand dressed Lisa Rinna and Anna's just standing there in her Everlane jeans and her pashmina kek…

No. 1781105

Anna looks like the cleft palate kids in those Smile Train ads.

No. 1781301

she stopped being stupid on twitter

No. 1781326

Ew not the filler bumps in her mucosal layer. Idk who Heji is but she looks much more fashionable than Anna without trying

No. 1781328

Holy shit, Lisa Rinna is fully bogpilled. Anna looks very mumsy here, would be cute if she brought her son kek.

No. 1781374

She's a photographer who's been associated by proxy a lot with RS for some reason. So I do wager that she knows more about styling than A or D

No. 1781400

Heji and her MAGAtard artist husband Mathieu Malouf (who, like Deanna Havas, was playing around with edgy /pol/ Nazi memes during the 2016 cycle) are longtime friends of Anna's. Mathieu was also the guy they had translating for Houellebecq for his RS interview.

No. 1781492

File: 1677821966320.png (3.38 MB, 1314x2346, Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 9.31.…)

donate money…so the strip club owner can sell his bankrupt business to the strippers. am I crazy or is this crazy?

No. 1781564

Felix missing again on the latest Chapo…that boy ain't right

No. 1781627

File: 1677842979705.png (844.61 KB, 1193x570, liz bruenig democrats for life…)

Tbt to that time Liz Bruenig was on a Democrats for Life panel at the National Press Club. If only there was video!

No. 1781877

File: 1677869190227.png (2.36 MB, 1062x1294, soyface socialism.png)

>seize the means of SEDUCTION
wow they really thought they did something here. in other news, i don't trust any stripper that needs to fundraise…if you can't extract the money you need from your coomers and simps you might be in the wrong line of work. in other other news, picrelated is exactly who you'd expect to find "as a self-employed socialist sex worker…." the ultimate in female empowerment, i hate libfems sm

No. 1781903

File: 1677872573908.png (53.19 KB, 597x521, jackbreakfast.png)

Jack is tweeting about food again.

No. 1781913

Hearing literal groomer chapo hosts cape so hard for “gender affirming care” for youths and saying detransitioners are only a very insignificant amount is so embarrassing. They called the NYT article exposing a trans youth facility fake news. I can’t wait for people to look back on them in ten years like they were defending minor abuse.

No. 1781991

Soda and cereal hate seems more like a right wing thing now

No. 1781999

What's this fat fuck on about, does he ever think about anything besides food? what milkshakes for adults, frappuccinos? Is he 55 years old?

No. 1782003

hes not 55 he just looks it

No. 1782009

Chapo is on the wrong side of history on something? Stop the press!

But they’ll all be dead and forgotten in ten years. Felix probably od’d already and is in rehab which is why he hasn’t been on the show. Will just keeps getting fatter and sounds pissed off all the time, and Christman has completely given up on life and has retreated into his mind palace.

No. 1782021

they have zero integrity, are slaves to trannybux, and are probably chasers too

No. 1782037

The NYT article was littered with made-up anecdotes, though.

No. 1782068

File: 1677891137550.png (153 KB, 730x708, greek sex pest.png)

Ted Metrakas aka DialecticsGod/FredNietzky/Cognitarians/capitlsmdislikr aka the incel adjunct is back on Twitter. Not sure if he reactivated or got a ban reversed. Sounds like he's become an alcoholic. Pericles is of course boosting all his tweets.

No. 1782086

File: 1677892481588.jpeg (492.2 KB, 1536x2048, 8F038636-5A62-449C-982A-5FD06D…)

Imagine waking up to this bloated barf bag every morning…

No. 1782117

grimes already follows bap, i was actually looking through her follow list on twitter the other day, she is most likely more right wing than she lets on but she is just playing the game of being a famous person, also she dumb

No. 1782132

that's her fetish, don't kinkshame her nonny

No. 1782137

New York's Fattest Doorman is always posting the craziest shit because he can't do a single thing in life without first convincing himself that it's transgressive and edgy, but he's a boring fatty so the only things he really ever does are things like: eating reeses puffs. and I must say it does result in some truly hilarious derangement

No. 1782186

"milkshakes for adults" you mean a smoothie? has this obese pos has never looked at a fruit before

No. 1782202

He lives in Austin.

No. 1782209

this recent phenomenon of rich white girls pretending to be strippers and talking about unionizing an inherently exploitative business practice is fucking embarrassing. These strip clubs don’t actually get the frightening moid clientele outside of hipsters

No. 1782227

File: 1677903693551.jpeg (397.77 KB, 640x1027, 19AFDAE1-D9B5-4D45-A7ED-3B96C8…)

Maddie's going to garbage court KEK

No. 1782230

Couldn't agree more nonnie. Libfems are scum. There's a bunch of pretentious hoes like Melissa Gira Grant, Caty Simon and Molly Crabapple who treat productive women like an oppressor class. They think we're supposed to subsidize them while they drag women down. They ask nothing of scuzzy coomer men, and of course coddle trannies. Lumpen parasites stick together.

No. 1782317

And continued being stupid on Substack!

No. 1782326


No. 1782327

his teeth are RANCID

No. 1782329

No. 1782456

File: 1677942402642.png (120.63 KB, 638x467, liz bruenig bap patreon.png)

Liz Bruenig invites BAP on the pod

No. 1782476

This is what these retards get for staying in that dump of a city no pun intended

No. 1782517

File: 1677953436356.png (54.2 KB, 585x735, matrannymatroon.png)

Mathieu loves making weird/creepy "jokes" about being a troon.

No. 1782521

I have this theory that twitter adding the view count to tweets is at least partially to blame for Felix's downward spiral. He's talked on the pod about how they're bullshit and inaccurate (not entirely untrue) and then said something about how he's been tweeting shittily on purpose recently but for someone that terminally online knowing that tens of thousands of people see your tweets but only a few hundred of your loyal reply guys actually like them puts things into perspective. As much as he always tried to act like the disaffected, too cool one of the three it kinda says it all that he was the only one who cared enough to get a checkmark while Will and Matt were fine not having one.

No. 1782535

File: 1677954349666.png (112.02 KB, 407x543, ericgirlgod.png)

Tranny Cumtown have finally got crusty chaser Eric Andre to hook up with them. Can't be long til they'll be flashing their hogs on Adult Swim.

No. 1782540

It's incredible that the chapos managed to find troons who were so bad and unfunny that even their troonloving fanbase reacted negatively to their ep of the pod.

No. 1782554

why is having Eric Andre significant for them? They already have Adult Swim connections, I thought they were both writers for Rick and Morty or something and Grace has written for the Eric Andre Show and a bunch of other shit.

No. 1782559

No that sucks, Tim Rogers is one of the only people I still kind of like who talks about video games.

No. 1782688

Eric Andre fucking sucks so much. Always has.

No. 1782790

he absolutely wants to troon out, he probably wishes he could become his wife. men are so sick, why do asian women subject themselves to this?

No. 1782792

troons have the midas touch for cringe. so excited for them to infest and ruin adult swim.

No. 1782824

File: 1677984816405.png (236.13 KB, 618x668, pnlonghouse.png)

Do you have a link?

They all miss the disconnect between their John Galt larping and their non-stop blubbering about the longhouse big mommy won't let them out of. Their kindergarten teachers retain free penthouses in their heads forever. What is reactionary Twitter but a longhouse they willingly lock themselves inside?

No. 1782836

The Girl God podcasters were writers on multiple adult swim shows. Whatever you’re waiting for already happened.

No. 1782853

nobody is going to watch your show

No. 1782858

of course the coomer degen show with incest and lesbian clone-fucking had troon writers

No. 1782881

File: 1677992119084.png (158.59 KB, 500x500, lefluoridestare.png)

No. 1782917

??? I’m saying they were already involved in cringe adult swim shows.
Also my bad I thought Girl God was the name of a podcast they did together for some reason. Who the fuck names a standup duo?

No. 1782929

christ why is she wearing the same shitty leather jacket my dad got at Wilson's leather in 1999

No. 1782992

hi cow(hi cow)

No. 1783027

The Dare and the supposed Dimes Square Music Scene are everywhere now (including that track by the Ion Pack douche appearing in every Spotify playlist). I never saw flyers for their shows in LES or bills for them at any of the LES venues. Also, none of these guys seem to have a connection to the fairly large DIY scene in BK.
Is this all an astroturf to convince people that LES even has a DIY scene?
Is it Thielbux again? Is Harrison a Nepo baby?

No. 1783034

not for me, maybe it's a you thing. you probably interacted with too many of the cow accounts and now the algorithm is pushing it on you.
or it's thielbux, sure. wouldn't really be beyond him.

No. 1783039

File: 1678031721521.jpg (Spoiler Image,537.46 KB, 1300x2354, byyourlogic.jpg)

Felix posting his gross foot with snaggle nails on Instagram. He posted this picture after a couple of text posts that said
> I'm not pro or anti trigger warning because I sort of don't care. I think that it shows there are multiple types of media and this is who want trigger warnings can work in/ consume, then same deal if you're against it
>that said I'm doing my first every trigger warning for a post because of how fucking gross this image is. this has been my right foot for the last like 10 days

No. 1783049

ah yes, love to be a "dirtbag" raking in like 200k/yr and not even have health insurance or a headboard. these guys are disgusting. isn't he like 35?

No. 1783059

how the fuck…does he trim a single nail at random once every three months?

No. 1783079


"I'm not pro or anti trigger warning because I sort of don't care" man those Chapos are just too edgy for mass consumption huh(sage your shit)

No. 1783110

wow what content. these guys are such attention whores

No. 1783112

Frost children are the cover of the Spotify hyper pop playlist too. There must be a LES hipster or Perfectly Imperfect bozo at Spotify, whole scene is in every playlist now. Ion pack dude seems like a total poser trying to be Harrison or ride the wave, “The Life is here” vs “it’s The Dare”, same look (skinny bug eyes disheveled suits sleazy boyish ladies man thing) same parties like what gives. Only single released six months after Girls goes viral and already on Spotifys new alt playlist. Someone pull up on this man.

No. 1783113

nah if you pay attention to music press or as an industry this scene is everywhere and will probably hit the “mainstream” within the year and there’s a lot of people invested in self mythologizing it as the new indie or w/e

No. 1783133

And it's literally out of nowhere. I follow the NYC DIY scene and none of these people were involved at all until they popped out of thin air. And also, The Life talking about how there was "no music scene" in the city until 2022, which…what? Never seen something as astroturfed as this.

Not to mention, the mid-tier indie stars are all jumping on this Dimes scene now. Porches, Dave Hynes, obviously Matty from 1975, Harmony from Girlpool. All hanging with the Perfectly Imperfect, Forever Mag sphere.(sage your shit)

No. 1783135

It’s hilarious how they virtue signal just as hard as the libs they hate, only the “virtues” in question are how cool, edgy and above it all they are. They can’t even make a simple declarative sentence without some weak addendum of “not like I care or anything, but…”

No. 1783139

This is barely milk, Jack stays triggered 24/7 that other people aren’t obese hamplanets who start mainlining McDonald’s Big Gulps and supersized burgers immediately upon waking up.

No. 1783140

see also: both ironybros and scarethots absolutely going insane over on twitter whenever they get mentioned here. they both love to brand themselves as irreverent iconoclasts, but when someone anonymously talks shit on them they start pearl clutching about how it's sociopathic, evil, godless behavior that anyone would hate dear little old them

No. 1783162

In all fairness Harrison has been making/playing music for years in NYC to lesser success as Turtlenecked. I think it’s less astroturfed and more just contrived. Like a friend group/party scene of twenty people who all know people at Interview and Paper trying in post Covid restlessness to relive some 285 Kent magic or something. I think The Dare just happened at the right place and the right time, but the Ion pack dude is definitely just a corny tasteless hack who ran a fucking meme account and wants to LARP as some creative soothsayer.

No. 1783209

File: 1678051745402.png (139.05 KB, 591x888, stopthesteal.png)

Very funny how these guys are still in Stop the Steal mode, three years on when even the MAGAboomers have given up.

No. 1783217

Add the chick from the band Sunflower Bean to this list. Dimes scene is where indie has-beens go to die and pretend they’re grandfathered in.

No. 1783218

File: 1678052981298.png (6.36 MB, 1170x2532, F999AA32-5426-4F24-8632-5026A0…)

Did Dasha finally drop the zoomer boyfriend for good, or is this old news?>>1780524

No. 1783234

Ahaha, I forgot to add her to the list. Also, Dimes might have torn the band Bodega apart. The woker members quit and the bassist became friends with V*ck, as per Crumps.

No. 1783236

>naming your band bodega
The absolute state of trust fund NYC transplants.

No. 1783246

Listen I love music gossip more than anyone in these threads and have been banging the gong abt it for months but please learn to sage (put the word sage into the email field)

Also lmao didn’t know bodega broke up I actually liked them RIP

No. 1783249

File: 1678057095226.png (192.71 KB, 750x1334, 1FA52E79-B669-4774-BCC9-9F0D95…)

Oh wait lmao lmao what a hill to die on

No. 1783254

From Mcnally's Wikipedia page: "McNally has faced controversy on Twitter and in print for his ardent support on Instagram of Woody Allen in the aftermath of the documentary series Allen v. Farrow and his equally supportive posts about Ghislaine Maxwell." Not hypocritical at all Dasha!

No. 1783293

i just listened to the dare and its basically a guy larping as lcd soundsystem, brings nothing new to the table musically, like i dont see how anyone can get hype from this

No. 1783296

I’ve been telling you all for months this was LCD Soundsystem part 2 woke edition omfg. But it’s literally Drunk Girls lyrics with One Touch instrumentals. When all ur normie friends are bumping this shit don’t say I didn’t warn you !!

No. 1783305

NSFL, Jesus Christ

No. 1783310

Woke? I thought all of these people were still on the "anti-woke" BS train.

No. 1783312

The "edgy" lyric about "girls who like guns" is the only reason anyone cares, I'm convinced. Second single was bland nothingness.

No. 1783344

If the anon from the previous thread that brought milk on Salo forum is reading please post more regarding the feud between niccolo's salo forum and MPC, etc. I tried to look for this myself, but I cannot find anything lol

No. 1783636

The other aspect of that is the Chapo guys absolutely despise their fans because it's like looking in a mirror lol. Felix is most affected by this because Matt and Will are old and have wives.

Also they spent months mocking and gloating over conservative commentators and people like Brianna Joy-Grey talking about "shadow bans", and now cool, squave fuck boy Felix is realizing that girls are looking at his tweets and ignoring them.(sage your shit)

No. 1783702

File: 1678123526986.jpeg (254.24 KB, 1284x2060, 5FEFBF4B-3061-460C-BA08-2FD69E…)

Lol he went private

No. 1783794

sooo funny to see trans twee uwu shit like girlpool jump on the dimes square nazi train

No. 1783796

Adult swim is going under rapidly actually, they canceled a lot of their programs recently

No. 1783943

They've been shit for a decade at this point. Rick & Morty was the beginning of the end.

No. 1783992

the im so popular fag is such a pseud. in the latest ep, he says "abjegated" (??) which isn't a word. bitch thinks he's some tragic worldly artsy homosexual but he's a fucking retarded faggot. he can't say anything about anything other than "artful".
>i love _____ because the whole concept is artful and to create this in the face of modernity shows willpower
he says that about EVERYTHING. fuck i hate these people

No. 1783993

sa also thot topics queers called out jack twice on a recent ep for two different things. falling out incoming. brace for impact

No. 1784001

Nonabella…No. Don't have posted this comment. Abjugate is a real word.

No. 1784017


I think a lot of it is chapo just regressing in general. Not really among fellow internet wierdos, but people like Catherine Liu going on Jacobin and saying chapo doesn't know shit about anything when they cribbed so much from her. Or Norm and Adolph Reed going on BJG's show and talking really highly of her and actually having in-depth discussions.

They're hitting a wall of what can really be done with no expertise in anything other than twitter bullshit and they aren't great at twitter bullshit. Like before they tried to frame the issue with BJG as her being bougie and out of touch, but she can at least go all legal and academic nerd with these people and get a decent interview.

Liu, Norm, and Adolph can also have interesting convos with normal people because working a shitty job still comes with genuine insight into what's happening. The odd one out is chapo because it's bougie and out of touch with a pseudo working class affect. It has no real insight into anything.

The only one who seems to have the self awareness to realize this is Christman, but he can't really seem to get past trying to weave pop history, mysticism and twitter trends into something.

No. 1784047

I can't find info on it online right now but I heard second-hand that Matt Christman is starting a podcast with Hesse, patreon only, something to do with movies. There are several patreon-only chapo trap house spinoffs which is kinda fucked since they already make like a bajillion dollars for doing nothing.

No. 1784048

>people like Catherine Liu going on Jacobin and saying chapo doesn't know shit about anything when they cribbed so much from her.

No. 1784053

>Catherine Liu
Amber is the only one who has ever heard of her. The others haven't read a word she's written before or after they invited her on the show let's be real.
Will is doing the spin off.

No. 1784059

Oh my bad, thank you. You're right. Will and Hesse are doing a spinoff.

No. 1784101

nah that’s not what he said. he used it instead of objectified but wanted to sound like anna and needed to meet the daily quota of saying abject

No. 1784108

What episode? I want to listen to this before it blows up.

No. 1784125

That sounds so strange. When does he say it / what ep?

No. 1784136

I think Matt read it on his stream once talking about how the pmc like Liu write books about the pmc

No. 1784143

Felix once again completely fucked up on the newest episode

No. 1784145

I'm almost tempted to listen… Almost.

No. 1784191

This makes sense, especially with the doubling-down on the Troon love they've been doing the last few months. The dreams of being a "serious commentary" podcast are gone, so they're back to weird internet shit. All the girls they want to groom are hanging out with BAP-dick riders though so they're stuck with the troons. Felix is barred out so he can take the girl dick.

No. 1784456

fw: nick mullen

No. 1784513

Can you post the time stamps?? I tried skipping around but couldn’t find anything and can’t stomach sitting thru these fat homely queens burping and farting every 5 secs it’s disgusting

No. 1784519

honestly no tbh i'm not about to sit through two hours or whatever for that. they indirectly called him out for his opinions on ice spice and directly for calling gays who want monogamy living in a princess fantasy or whatever.

No. 1784577

File: 1678227462236.jpeg (277.34 KB, 640x637, 2A7A97F3-B9F5-4F7E-937A-4EAEBF…)

Jesus Christ, Anna and Dasha (and Pariah) are doing an event with Roger Stone

No. 1784583

File: 1678227920509.jpeg (183.51 KB, 606x767, 68E5F23D-13FE-4270-AD2D-6986E2…)

Full poster

No. 1784633

Oh my god can they finally be canceled now ffs… Nonnie

No. 1784636

>post twinkdeath lucian wintrich
did he ever explain his slytherin name?

No. 1784738

Liu is a retarded careerist regardless. Probably the ultimate bougie art professor pseud who doesn't actually understand shit about the things she pretends to critique. Virtue Hoarders is one of the most unreadable and babybrained pop-left texts in a while.

No. 1784773

I love how a bunch of people in the corresponding thread on the sub are saying this their jumping-the-shark moment, as if the Alex Jones lovefest was memory-holed.

No. 1784776

Lol they were saying the same thing when they had bannon on years ago

No. 1784837

This makes me feel like an older person must be orchestrating the personalities Red Scare interacts with. No one Dasha's age would really give a shit who Roger Stone is; someone Anna's age would know but unless they were really into politics and pundits it wouldn't matter. He's just a big republican slash libertarian pundit/personality who was important 15 years ago but there is no reason to rehash things with him now, he's gone.

No. 1784925

It’s totally in character for their subversive RW LARP

No. 1784959

Looks like the first time NYRRC has hosted a purely Dimes-style event, at least officially, Twitter microcelebrity DJs, hosts, and all. All it's missing is the PI logo

No. 1785109

mostly agree, though trustfundgoth (lol) has a pic with Roger Stone on her Instagram from Jan of 2022…I wonder how they met..

No. 1785145

Roger stone had a controversy, why would they not know who he is. all these retards know about is controversy

No. 1785157

Anna has praised roger stone since 2018 the sub is swarming with delusional retards

No. 1785222

File: 1678313340785.png (78.12 KB, 292x606, trannyinc.png)

Get ready for this to be the new sacred text of guys who wrote for Jacobin in 2016 before getting "canceled" for grabbing someone's ass at the Verso loft or whatever.

No. 1785231

lol at the filename nonna

No. 1785233

The war for what, Freddie? Any "leftist" giving integralist charlatans the time of day is incredibly sus

No. 1785246

lol @ liu making a career grifting books about how hard it is being an wealthy azn wxmyn in nyc then deciding identity politics is bad

No. 1785330

Dunno if the filename subliminally influenced me but I genuinely thought that was called Tranny Inc.

No. 1785353

Freddie is funny about this shit because he still spends hours a day making 2007 style euphoric atheist Reddit posts berating women in the Red Scare sub for being into crystals and performative Catholicism but he's more than happy to pump out propaganda for literal theocrats.

No. 1785371

he is such an idiot. i hate how men can get institutionally kicked out and then just nonstop whine online to other men and eventually build up enough of a coalition of other aggrieved losers to substack grift off of and make the same salary with less prestige. he acts like he has to bag groceries now because he got mean-girled at work for being a clueless, sexist troglodyte.

No. 1785460

Anna's age truthers stay winning

No. 1785492

File: 1678366172244.jpeg (402.11 KB, 1170x2081, 636C67EF-920E-4049-AD3F-A1E35C…)

I sorta hate Maddie even more than I hate dasha or Anna cuz she just globs on to whatever they’re doing like the ugly friend

No. 1785588

He loves to alternate between articles about how people are too mean to his cohorts of age 40+ liberal columnists and articles about how younger people should never ever pursue a media career. It's so transparently just protecting his class interest.

No. 1785600

it's funny to watch this crowd attempt to make Roger Stone of all people seem cool, he's a ghoul from the Nixon administration with a literal pinhead and the worst suits since Jordan Peterson, also he hasn't done shit since 2016. Anna and Dasha should be embarrassed at being used to promote a career politician but i'm sure they're in it for the buxx from Thiel or some other shadowy figure as usual

Maddie is Dasha's ugly friend like Leia is Anna's, only Anna never tricked Leia into making a movie she won a Berlinale off of. would be a good look if she detached herself from Dasha's asshole for once, literally what is she known for except going "hahahaha yeah" after everything Dasha says. a born beta.

No. 1785602

Roger Stone was involved in the Jan 6th insurrection stuff

No. 1785603

I was with you until the mental gymnastics where you try to convince yourself it’s bad to win an award. some of you newfags are just as bad as the cows.

No. 1785608

>it's bad to win an award
how on earth did you get that from my comment which obviously implied the opposite (awards are good, dasha won an award off maddie's hard work, therefore lol @ maddie). seems like you wanna be mad for no reason but we all have our days

No. 1785628

ok but why would that be bad for either of them?

No. 1785640

Not even OP but please get some reading comprehension lmao

No. 1785648

File: 1678389707184.png (1.06 MB, 712x884, Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 12.2…)

Perfectly Imperfect got a SXSW showcase for their fake music scene. Who is pumping $$$ into them?

No. 1785660

Why don’t these people just move to Florida? Roger stone is never going to be cool to zoomers, it’s clear thiel is wasting money.

No. 1785663

The most lasting aspect of Trump's legacy may likely be the full scale yassification of the republican party. Before 2016, Roger Stone's Faaaaaaabulous Fags N Trannies Brunch Bash would have been unthinkable.

No. 1785667

They know it's embarrassing. It's why they didn't post pictures of themselves at the second De Vere ball.
That substack gets a boost from being the sort of thing New York Times readers think zoomers look to to be cool, they don't have the Dimes Square paper anymore.

No. 1785672

old closet case with a brontosaurus flank hanging on to life just to spite the young

No. 1785673

huh you're right. in the past Roger Stone wouldn't be caught on camera within 100 yards of some of the people in attendance, let alone do an event with them.

No. 1785679

a lot of this stuff is tranny shit, they are collabing with literally nazis now?

No. 1785682

File: 1678392235212.jpg (56.4 KB, 319x480, roger stone.jpg)

he does kind of give off a closeted conservative vibe

No. 1785685

File: 1678392339061.jpg (68.05 KB, 1024x385, 27STONEJP-jumbo.jpg)

No. 1785692

File: 1678392749602.jpg (180.8 KB, 768x1024, innauguration look.jpg)

Stone's fashion blog https://stoneonstyle.com/
also totally forgot about his inauguration outfit (picrel). The endless twitter jokes about it were tiring but it's genuinely an insane outfit.
I'll stop Stone-posting now, sorry.

No. 1785694

PI has always served as a kind of entryism to bring kids into this stuff. They promote, like, Wet Brain and Barrett Avner and "hip" Indie stuff simultaneously. The token LGBTQ folks serve as cover for the…darker stuff in the scene, I take it

No. 1785695

>Maddie is Dasha’s ugly friend
Why does Dasha regard herself as this socialite with confidence and joie de vivre? Is it the drugs? She has 0 friends more attractive than her. It’s insane that she has convinced some of her derelict fans that she’s self-assured and not a deeply jealous, insecure person. Must be the deep voice faking people out

No. 1785705

or, just maybe, white trannies are Nazi MGTOW incels and have 99% of the same beliefs the average 4channer has

No. 1785707

File: 1678394368185.jpeg (145.33 KB, 1169x899, 3B161978-9302-4643-A171-BF6563…)

Roger stone distraction & tidbit of e-gossip, looks like pickme, former scarethot Audrey Horne @credenzaclear2 got an also super online boyfriend @adamgluck after 3+ years of boyfriend yearning posting. Men are never a prize, but this is what happens when you start to distance yourself from red scare pod lol

No. 1785725

topkek the costumey 1910s lewk, it's like he thinks he's giving Jerome Kern, but it's giving community theatre instead

No. 1785771

aligning with the evil gays who want to be an oligarchic elite that utilizes the stupid breeder masses as a resource, plucking children from them like sampling hors d'oeuvres seems on brand for redscare

No. 1785772

disheveled colonel sanders

No. 1785774

yeah, like the T is the darker stuff

No. 1785817

his face looks like Glenn Greenwald's to me in that picture, must be the angles…

No. 1785824

This is literally just an old guy larping like he's in the Gilded Age or Roaring Twenties. How can anyone take him seriously?

No. 1785846

These are the men in power lol. you have to laugh or you might just cry

No. 1785858

File: 1678413749598.jpeg (539 KB, 640x1096, 26F3A4FD-C988-48D0-A575-BD6E26…)

The Whale (2022)

No. 1785897

File: 1678419634245.jpeg (287.01 KB, 800x494, B61A14C4-C26B-4F62-993E-41877D…)

why does all perfectly imperfect shit give Y2K elementary school classroom supplies why do I have to pretend bad graphic design is actually good

No. 1785902

Yeah they’ve been dating for a bit. He founded a robot tech startup or something.

Seems she found someone that is ok with not having sex till marriage?

No. 1785903

Does Tyler still work at Facebook?

No. 1785905

I keep thinking lately why is twin peaks the most fedora energy thing for alt girls/guys to be publicly very into

No. 1785916

david lynch in general is just kind of the most basic oooh im weird thing to get into so broadcasting your obsession with it while also trying to larp as a tastemaker is just kinda lame. i mean i think his shit is good but its not the end all be all to surrealist cinema that the twin peaks fedora crowd likes to act it is

No. 1785925

i am dying to know what broke all these guys up and why they are all spiraling without each other. are they setting up a break up arc to have a reunion to further grift their fans 3 years later like MDE?

No. 1785943

how can you post this and not mention Will Menaker was the guest here on Stav's podcast?! Will was just a guest on TAFS like three weeks ago. I know Stav toured with Chapo last year but that was clearly planned months ahead of time based on tour schedules. There's no reason for Will to go on Stav's pod now if there's an actual interpersonal problem between Stav and TAFS, it's not like fucking Chapo-Money-Menaker needs cash. The split is fake and gay, they're all still friends. Booo

No. 1785959

I think it’s all real. One huge source of tension between nick and Stav was his weight. really awkward serious fight at one point, clipped on YouTube. search Nick and Stav fight. He was vicious about Stav’s weight and Stav would tell him he was too judgmental kek. That, and Stav bored with the show meandering and wanted to be more mainstream. As for mde, I think it was real too. both mentally ill “creatives” but from different walks of life, Sam a trust fund kid and charles working class. Sam blew up their tv spot with the nazi posting stuff, all of them got blacklisted, charles had no money to fall back on and that led to the fallout

No. 1785962

File: 1678430605969.png (30.13 KB, 599x125, trump.png)


No. 1786033

>locked account

No. 1786079

File: 1678456447582.png (25.17 KB, 600x217, 2023_03_10-14_53_56_chrome.png)

This is a dasha pander post right here, how exactly is she distancing herself from the pod

No. 1786091

she’s so desperate for scrote attention

No. 1786098

File: 1678458868084.jpeg (294.38 KB, 1169x1240, 3CCA738C-532B-4C02-B6DB-EC5490…)

Hard to capture because she’s always tweeting and deleting. but she’s critiqued the literal and ironic racism of red scare/trad adjacent people and the misogyny of red scare. She favors Dasha more and still seems to be a fan. She has tweeted against Anna, sub tweeted her, and also is anti BAP.

No. 1786103

Audrey is stuck between having a large friend group of Twitter RS-adjacent people (aka people who do drugs and have sex with each other and generally act fake/annoying) and being an actual, non-ironic Christian who believes in abstinence. Must suck.(sage your shit)

No. 1786132

You have to understand that Cum Town has always been threatening to end like a BPD chan threatening suicide at every inconvenience. This time though, the BPD chan finally did it.

No. 1786213

its because it’s rockabilly lol. It’s 50’s porn white people eat up. Definite “when men were men and wore suits and didn’t sag their pants” energy to it and it’s fanbase

No. 1786219

File: 1678478412767.jpg (85.91 KB, 541x674, Fqu6DBSaAAAZd9d.jpg)

This looks like actual hell.

No. 1786220

File: 1678478522526.png (102.72 KB, 940x448, mcrusha.png)

Don't know why I thought they'd have self respect and not actually go like Anna did with that Miami crypto gathering.
Unlocked and deleted, did she post anything else?

No. 1786224

It’s sad Maria Bamford sold out to troons

No. 1786234

nick was right about his weight tho

No. 1786239

File: 1678480517799.png (22.23 KB, 597x239, bienstock.png)

These people are all so deeply delusional.

No. 1786243

wow this take really inspired me, brb gonna go do a twitter thread about why any white person enjoying a film in which characters fail to bust a sag is actually doing a raycism

No. 1786273

I still want to know whose house that is (little secrets). probably nobody I'd recognize but I'm just curious since it's not a real venue.

No. 1786277

That post reminded me of how Chapo fans/Felix Biederman call anything old or white “rockabilly”. Sorry that I think modern internet art and Tiktok aesthetics are ugly?

No. 1786278

They're coping because they're all interchangeable latchkey kid suburbanites with a weird complex about it. Not that you needed me to tell you

No. 1786285

No Felix again.

No. 1786290

That guy is literally schizophrenic

No. 1786294

No more Amber, Virgil went crazy and got outed as a pedo, Will only cares about movies/is starting a new podcast around it (fashioning a lifeboat before he jumps ship), and now Felix is on the precipice of, or in the midst of, a mental breakdown. The whole podcast has lost relevancy since Bernie lost. Chapo's not long for this world.

No. 1786296

The movie thing is hilarious because CTH has the most dumb, film bro approach to movies from any major left/post-left podcast.(sage your shit)

No. 1786297

File: 1678486130980.jpeg (319.85 KB, 640x799, 02FAC79E-542B-40AF-82EB-714EB6…)

Oldheads will remember way back in the day an unknown benefactor bought Matt 100k bot followers to boost his follower count so he'd more easily catch the attention of policy wonk twitter.

No. 1786314

File: 1678487284344.jpg (147.72 KB, 1170x2080, readyforstone.jpg)

Dawning realization the Young Republicans party isn't going to be a Whit Stillman movie.
Matt had a movie podcast with Amber in early Chapo days that lasted 2 episodes. Matt has the worst taste, Felix has zero taste. Amber then Will have the best by default which is saying nothing. They said the new movie spinoff is a miniseries.
Speaking of Bruenigs, Liz hasn't had a new article on The Atlantic since one on the Pope in the beginning of January.

No. 1786341

Nick or his agent is pandering hard to trannies now, doing the exact thing he criticized stav for doing. It’s never enough money for these guys. What would norm think?

No. 1786359

File: 1678492462969.png (97.29 KB, 1080x676, hmm.png)

You mean this? A pro trans tweet, especially one that's worded in such an obnoxious way seems very out of character for him. Though maybe that's actually the joke because it's unclear if he's referring to a tim or a tif. The way I read it initially was that the trans son is female, but most people seem to be interpreting it the other way.

No. 1786367

oh is that a chapo thing? i figured it was a braindead zoomer take to a) think something filmed in the 80s is 50s and b) think anything 50s is rockabilly when rockabilly is very specific. i'm not even some huge twin peaks fan i just dislike when people don't understand the merits of something, but instead of just admitting "yeah i don't get it or it's not my thing" they do this slimy thing of pretending it's WRONG and RACIST to like it. like just admit you're a philistine and go

>he's making fun of trans rights activists! very based!
>no, he's voicing his support of trans rights in his signature ironic fashion!
feels like this is the main "talent" of the cumtown/chapoverse, to say the same shit every other globohomo sponsored bluecheck is saying, with the thinnest veneer of plausible deniability that lets you seem "cooler" than your average biden voter and also work both sides of the aisle and get patreonbuxx from everybody. what a bunch of terminally uncool gaylords

No. 1786384

no it's his stand up

No. 1786395

File: 1678500870804.jpg (600.29 KB, 1536x1792, 1675558153847363.jpg)

>Cum Town dead
>Chapo in ICU
>The NYC scene has shifted from Brooklyn hipsters to LES contrarians (Dimes Square)
>Only two retards remain as Queen of the Hill

No. 1786397

He's mocking Jeff Tiedrich tweets nonnie, that's why its worded annoyingly.

No. 1786398

>What would norm think?
Norm Macdonald? Who gives a fuck about what some dead scrote thinks?

No. 1786400

Christman also ran a movie blog from 2007-2011 lol

His other old blogs:
http://handjobsforthirdstringers.blogspot.com/ (politics)
http://wufgood.blogspot.com/ (Willow fandom)

No. 1786401

ntayrt but Audrey Horne Rockabilly has been a distinct aesthetic for like 30 years

No. 1786402

>pro trans
He literally still calls him his son despite being trans. Its an obvious joke nonnie, calm down

No. 1786406

Pariah/Salome has a new alt, @donnasummer1488

No. 1786425

File: 1678506077927.jpeg (186.49 KB, 750x755, 1DF5AF51-7DB0-4D48-8DCD-DE76C5…)

No. 1786453

File: 1678508814191.jpeg (405.4 KB, 528x954, B463D6B3-5629-47BB-9D3B-83CF41…)

Wobble Palace 2 in the works

No. 1786478

finally someone is brave enough to take that guy down a peg

No. 1786500

Yeah, and Adam and Barrett clearly know it and are exploiting him as a laughing stock. Sad.

No. 1786511

>Liz hasn't had a new article on The Atlantic since one on the Pope in the beginning of January.
On a recent ep of her podcast, she half-lamented, half-expressed cautious relief that she's "more irrelevant than ever" and hinted that her writing was going to almost exclusively focus on the death penalty for the time being. I honestly think her being bullied off twitter was beneficial for everyone involved. No more Liz-centric drama taking up bandwidth on the TL, and she isn't posting her life away either (as far as we know). Live-tweeting her second daughter's birth like a fucking Kardashian was probably the low moment.

No. 1786532

His taste is the absolute worst. It's either popcorn poptimism or Coens/Tarentino/Nolan type college freshman shit.

No. 1786550

>Amber then Will have the best by default which is saying nothing.
Will’s opinion on a movie sways based on how people he doesn’t like on Twitter react to it.

Oh wait, that's literally every Chapo pop culture opinion.

No. 1786564

How are they exploiting him? They’re all equally embarrassing tbh.

No. 1786623

Chapo and true anon's patreon numbers have always been a little sus to me. Like for instance why did chapo's jump 20k in the last few months when the show is the worst it's ever been?

No. 1786668

Oh ok idk who that is so it makes sense it went over my head.
Lol why are you telling me to calm down? Idc how Nick feels about trannies. I was just trying to figure out what >>1786341 was talking about because it seemed like a joke to me but other people weren't interpreting it that way. The tweet was worded confusingly to someone who doesn't have context

No. 1786682

File: 1678550788788.png (65.34 KB, 1184x306, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 11.06…)

Dying to know what happened

No. 1786711

File: 1678556021876.png (86.19 KB, 904x537, crazy.png)

Who would have thought Dasha is actually crazy? lol

No. 1786720


No. 1786816

No. 1786846

File: 1678568362564.png (723.41 KB, 1996x2396, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 12.59…)

No. 1786853

Both the Chapo left and Red Scare right are really leaning into the epic bacon Dark Brandon shit lately. The deep, dark secret is that they're all just libs.

No. 1786854

File: 1678569101278.png (54.94 KB, 1678x712, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 1.08.…)

oh this what Dasha was referencing when she tweeted @NYYRC

No. 1786855

File: 1678569156861.jpg (57.3 KB, 1082x765, dasha @ing NYYCR.jpg)

the tweets

No. 1786860

File: 1678569488613.jpg (221.53 KB, 1024x1314, image.jpg)

the image of anna talking to stone is killing me lmao

No. 1786867

dasha is so pathetic it's actually more depressing than grating at this point

No. 1786873

Is there anything more ignoble than a converted “cultural” Catholic braying absolutely retarded shit at true believers? Bitch’s rosary is just some daisy chained Ortho-tri-cyclen

No. 1786910

File: 1678574444982.png (694.59 KB, 1908x932, Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 5.39…)

>guys can you believe me
>i am a WOMAN
>with crrrazyyyy opinions about the POPE
>guys are you listening
dasha's internal monologue every time she starts sperging about religion (aka searching her syphilitic brain for stuff matthew told her)

sure Roger Stone looks bored but peep the body language with the Lens Crafters glasses guy, Dasha definitely rode that fluffy white goatee last night

No. 1786923

gross, nonny. why would you craft that mental image and share it with the world, I don't need this lol

No. 1786925

File: 1678576153480.png (265.36 KB, 640x1136, B5A04494-8327-4FF0-83AB-938AB3…)

These people are such a fucking joke. At a certain point you'd think they'd have enough of embarrassing themselves like this, but they always keep truckin'.

No. 1786932

File: 1678577349245.png (845.97 KB, 894x1126, 5678765678987678.png)

Kaitlin and a New Yorker writer not getting that Crump's recent post is a fictional self-parody/making fun of Sam Kriss writing an even worse parody of Dimes Square trend pieces.

No. 1786977

It’s really funny how quick they are to immediately denounce and say they’re not conservatives. Not in a cutesy way, like they have that visceral disgust then pretend not to

No. 1786983

most right wingers aren’t daring intellectuals or flamboyant edgelords. when they inevitably have rittenhouse on all he will be able to talk to them about is something dumb scrotes like like sports

No. 1787009

on the latest episode Anna calls Roger Stone a has-been and and says she isn't "selling herself out for relevancy" because Stone has never been more irrelevant. Seemed kinda like a big cope to me.

No. 1787015

Who is Anna fooling lmao, she was obviously desperate for his attention here >>1786860

No. 1787101

Roger just got hit with the realization that he's 70 years old and has been a pseud his entire life and is surrounded by them and can only ever appeal to them

No. 1787240

leija seems gross in a normal predictable way where she wants to watch young males (underage) bounce their junk under gray sweatpants. the frog is a lure

No. 1787297

So is it true that Rachel/tolstoybb fka Heather Habsburg is a troon?

No. 1787348

sober dasha arc imminent

No. 1787525

File: 1678655683040.png (17.59 KB, 531x497, opressedjack.png)

Fat white gays are the most oppressed people on earth.

No. 1787547

No, she's just a very tall lesbian

No. 1787594

Is it a lesbian trait to feel the need to tweet about every major live sporting event?

No. 1787595

File: 1678662817444.png (153.79 KB, 400x560, incel pickme.png)


No. 1787597

is this a serious question? lol

No. 1787611

File: 1678665062933.png (47.39 KB, 590x524, bleak.png)

No. 1787691


Oh boy, Spinnin' Molly Lambert, are there any songs she can play about how sex trafficking is commendable when you're a well-raised Jewish woman

No. 1787752

File: 1678679795965.jpeg (35.48 KB, 526x598, 3849DBF3-E449-4B39-B7EA-CF4DB5…)

It’s giving more old witch than young nympho

No. 1787786

dear god you need to log off if you’ve never met a sports dyke they are a dime a dozen in New England

No. 1787808


she can save him uwu

No. 1787813

File: 1678695334222.png (12.39 KB, 1086x244, Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 1.14.…)

ok I'm gonna have to fight monika for saying this lol

No. 1787842

File: 1678702197696.png (146.42 KB, 725x584, fromthebible.png)

Is this Dasha??? Some are speculating, but this girl seems too short…

No. 1787897

100% her, look at the sambas

No. 1787924

another pump and dump good for her

No. 1787926

>she wants to watch young males (underage) bounce their junk under gray sweatpants
Based if true

God her hair looks so fucking oily

Hair not oily enough to be Dasha

No. 1787927

File: 1678718326864.png (104.68 KB, 569x634, maddie.png)

who's the ex bf's dad? someone actually famous or like the producer of the best animated short film of 2004 or something

No. 1787929

can't imagine needing attention as badly as this one does and still only 250 likes lol loser

taking 100s of dicks as a woman is bad actually, tragic even

No. 1787930

kevin kline, it’s been mentioned here before

No. 1788024

oh shit, crossover with LA indiecow Frankie Cosmos?

No. 1788054

File: 1678732633061.png (31.98 KB, 1420x592, xanaxdasha.png)

dasha please go to rehab

No. 1788059

File: 1678732744232.png (26.07 KB, 886x478, deuxmoiselfposting.png)

No. 1788149

matt healy wanted into this scene so bad he went straight to the source, dasha's pussy contains genetic traces of literally hundreds of luminaries of the Dimes Square scene, to enter it is to be initiated into lower manhattans mysteries instantly, to gain knowledge it takes some men years to learn. banging dasha is like getting beaten into a gang, its a right of passage

No. 1788150

yup can recognise that greasy hair and flat feet from a mile away

No. 1788258

Matty probably thought that by eating Dasha's pussy he'd get residuals of Adams cum and by extension a bit of Nick in him.

No. 1788263

File: 1678774582952.png (118.92 KB, 1188x1312, ghey.png)

zach and thot topics (Ft */fat topics) about to have a mid off

No. 1788285

>talks about having std’s in his songs
>publicly said on adam friedland show he wanted to fuck ice spice and admits to being coomer who likes porn with black women and white men
How little self respect must a woman have to bang this guy?

No. 1788310

File: 1678785447081.jpg (291.03 KB, 1290x1675, ezgif-2-c24e2d6ad6.jpg)

>and the worst suits since Jordan Peterson
Excuse you nona, maybe you just don't know fashion quite like he does. And yes those are tiny elon musk heads on his tie, it's called drip, maybe you've heard of it.

No. 1788373

He was beating off to ghettogaggers which is basically rape on tape. Wasn’t there someone posting on 2X and /ot/ about the number of women who kill themselves after doing (usually only one) shoot for the porn company that runs that?

No. 1788387

I finally listened to Moche/mommymilkers on the Filthy Armenians Adventures podcast that someone posted here (last October lol, the Girl From Baku episode) and it was interesting like they said. She is way more likeable in an audio format than she is on Twitter but most people are —except for constantly called herself male-brained as if she does or views things “like a man” which was annoying. They talk a lot about Azerbaijan and her childhood but she doesn’t really explain what exactly she’s doing now for work? (Did I miss that part?) she wanted to come to America to be a movie star but then what happened? Her recollection was kinda shallow and sort of sounded made up after the point when she came to the US.
The male host of that show is such a shitbag in the ep. He was so bad at interviewing her and kept intentionally misconstruing things she said and repeating them back to her wrong, trying to get overly intimate details out of her in a tone-deaf way. It was kinda like listening to Justin Murphy interview a woman if you know what I mean, but slightly more overtly misogynist.

No. 1788391

I know someone earlier said the Thot Topics guys were talking shit about Zach on their show but does anyone have audio or timestamp? I'm not gonna sub to their pattern for this anyone got a link

No. 1788419

That doesn’t make sense nonnie. No one calls in fat topics kek

No. 1788424

It sounds like a private name these two have for Thot Topics.

No. 1788427

No it isn’t. One of the Thot topics boys liked a tweet of zachs recently so it’s not them. They don’t have any beef so idk what is being implied here. It’s so random. They called out jack not Zach kek

No. 1788428

Also they lightly called jack out for a tweet. It’s not a big deal (unless jack makes it a big deal). There’s no timestamp you MUST listen to because it’s not interesting jfc

No. 1788447

Don't men usually just buy cars or some shit for their midlife crisis?

No. 1788448

You don't understand, Dasha thrives on having little self respect.

No. 1788462

yeah, but he's got some serious brain damage from profound benzo abuse that got him shipped to a bunch of sketchy ass rehab places in eastern europe

No. 1788464

have they stooped to having him on yet?

No. 1788473

not JP dressed like a black preacher who's the world's biggest tarheels fan kek. not the prissy little vest and little-dick lapels. i hate men who think a suit is an automatic flex, bitch not if it looks like this it isn't

No. 1788474

File: 1678817021213.jpeg (63.87 KB, 750x774, 4B85D5C5-08D4-4EFF-B7B3-4776D5…)

No. 1788500

Which goes along with what I’m saying. There’s no drama and no one calls it fat topics

No. 1788507

Oh he did that too, he's incorporated all the midlife crisis stereotypes into his repertoires of life lessons. I just can't wait for whatever affairs he's probably having to come to light so he can yet again look like a hypocrite and have everyone rub his nose in it.

Not yet but I'm hopeful, that would be the cringiest pairing yet, worse than JP and Nicole Arbor.

No. 1788519

ok then what else can "f.t ……" stand for? 3 letter word then 6 letter word, there's no one else in the circle that really compares

No. 1788528

It shows the opposite of what you're saying… he's acknowledging Zach and Jack subtweet him.

No. 1788560

>not JP dressed like a black preacher who's the world's biggest tarheels fan kek
Nonna I'm dying here

No. 1788588

generic e-fuckboys past 27 are so fucking nasty

No. 1788614

nigga what? that was posted last month, retard
how do you know? that circle is all over the place. it could be anyone. it could've been a screenshot from a gc for all we know.

No. 1788630

File: 1678832989569.png (591.17 KB, 2092x1300, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 6.27…)

Elizabeth Bruenig is giving a talk at University of Chicago with the philosophy professor who keeps going viral for her bizarre narcissistic tweets (bragging about throwing away her kids' Halloween candy) and articles (this doozy in the New Yorker about how she blew up her marriage with 2 young kids the literal day her 27 year old grad student confessed his crush on her). she's getting lightly called out in the comments, but naturally Lizzie plays dumb where anyone who gives her attention is concerned



No. 1788634

File: 1678833409371.png (270.31 KB, 2382x1260, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 6.33…)

samefag but some caps (the article gets even more batshit after this, she stays living with her ex-husband and the new guy in a weird polycule with extra steps). hard to imagine why Liz would not have a problem with this psycho…unless Agnes Callard is the sadistic mommy-wife Liz Bruenig wishes she could be

No. 1788651

This is the second time the two of them have done one of these "Night Owls" talks. First was over zoom during the pandem.

No. 1788652

Reminder that Liz has her own weird situationship going on with that surrogate daddy she specifically moved to Connecticut to live close to.

No. 1788655

Agnes is a harmless old school kook and way less deranged than Liz, she’s literally just a philosophy professor in the classical sense. It makes sense that she takes emotional ethics more seriously than practicality, she’s very anti-Liz in that way.

No. 1788659

samefag but she writes:

>True lovers, she explained, don’t really want to be loved for who they are; they want to be loved because neither of them is happy with who he or she is

I 100% believe this lol

No. 1788662

File: 1678835755873.jpeg (69.8 KB, 750x852, E7D8A634-8795-41C8-AC43-DCFE8A…)

I remember her going viral for this tweet. She seems deranged

No. 1788667

Agnes is a world-class narcissist who thinks she's Socrates reincarnated. Sorry, ditching your husband for your grad student and then living in one house with both of them and the kids you've had with both of them is insane.

No. 1788691

Agree to disagree I guess. I’ve heard her lecture and thought she was measured and self aware. She is Socratic to a pedantic extent but I’m not holding a literal very autistic philosophy professor/writer to the standards of someone you’d want to be friends with, lol.

The Halloween candy thing seems stupid and overblown, I got the impression she messes with them because they have two well off, loving, stable parents in a nice house in a nice Chicago neighborhood with guaranteed total academic mobility so any “grit” in their lives is artifice. She’s genuinely weird, but she’s not a narcissist.

No. 1788729

normalize telling men they hit the wall.

No. 1788739

who?(sage your shit)

No. 1788742

File: 1678841904217.jpeg (426.23 KB, 2048x1611, 10041927-2450-4BB5-B8FD-9292BE…)

Holy shit is that honor’s new bf lmao

No. 1788744

His name is Adam Vandervoort, search old threads for his name and Liz’s anonymous article on the Cut about him and her abusive parents, there’s lots of milk there.

No. 1788747

miss when academics had to keep a lid on their narcissism to keep their jobs. i hope her grad student crush is using her to climb and she's left with nothing after blowing her life up. she's at scrote levels of delusional self-destruction.

No. 1788749

she says she throws the kid's candy away because they are jewish

No. 1788751

agnes this shilling might fly on ratemyprofessor.com but no one believes you here

No. 1788752

is he a brahmin at least?

No. 1788753

That's their actor friend who was in Wobble. Eugene is working on something with Dasha and future grooming victim Ivy.

No. 1788771

Who's the fat girl hiding her fatness behind fat Cartman?

No. 1788774

NTA but career philosophers living deranged lives are dime a dozen, they're all like that, she's gonna have to do more than throw away candy and live in a polycule to be remarkable

No. 1788777

Ivy Wolk

No. 1788781

File: 1678846545195.png (258.71 KB, 1062x1217, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 9.12…)


No. 1788796

nonnie, the Wobble Palace sex scene with him and Dasha is essential scarethot lore…he's the one Dasha's thinking of whenever she talks about how she loves Indian guys. He was also in We Are and two Yumi Zouma music videos with Dasha.

No. 1788804

He looks like jake Flores gay dad

No. 1788818

I used to think that about Liz (I think I even said she wasn’t much of a cow in some old thread) so I’m just gonna wait and see about Agnes

No. 1788889

His personality seems insufferable but he looks pretty cute for a dorky oyaji

No. 1788890

Sounds to me like she hit a Shrödinger, if you'll excuse the baseball loanphrase

No. 1789228

She said she regrets that sex scene. her dad is racist and it got posted on some porn site

No. 1789236

File: 1678913858351.png (72.86 KB, 1194x876, jack.png)

jack DRAGGING dasha

No. 1789242

he's dumb but he's right

No. 1789245

File: 1678914907585.png (34.19 KB, 1037x690, Marianne.png)

I thought it was about that River Page guy

No. 1789263

Every leftist/"progressive" internet pundit shilling Marianne is going on the list of People Who Should Not Be Taken Seriously. She won't win, if she could win she wouldn't be allowed to win, and she will inevitably endorse Biden, all her donations will go to the DNC, and the shills will look retarded. First as tragedy (Bernie 2016), then as farce (Bernie 2020), then as sick joke (Marianne 2024).

No. 1789311

She’s a joke meme candidate to make women look dumb and for “be kind” zombies to politically neutralize themselves. She’s a candidate for women that men approve of because she’s a boy mom handmaiden. I have more respect for Hillary or even Warren stans.

No. 1789446

Idk who this is but he's way more attractive than that Matthew freak even with the pedo stache, so good for her I guess

No. 1789452

have seen her wear this exact shoe-sock combo irl, pretty much confirms it's her

No. 1789455

Looks like fatty had a bit too much sugar today and is going extra hard with the Republican shilling

No. 1789459

It looks like Marianne follows Jack, River, Anna and Zach. Why?

No. 1789466

I'm a bit out of the loop but have they ever implied there was a reason for the split? It seems pretty obvious that Stav's comedy career is rising and needed to distance from cumtown. I don't think they ever hinted at not being friends anymore.

No. 1789488

To be gay and republican is so stupid and misguided.

No. 1789496

For normie lifestyle gays, sure. But the overly intellectualized Greek/Roman fags whose gayness is centered primarily around a) hatred of women and b) the desire to dominate or be dominated, it makes perfect sense.

No. 1789498

You mean basically being a self-hating gay? In which case, nonna is still correct in a sense.

No. 1789508

she is borderline geriatric(70) and doesnt understand the concept of a hate follow

the other nonna is correct, these types cope by telling themselves they are white and will just go back into the closet when homosexuality is banned

No. 1789529


He's looking drippy here don't lie.

No. 1789590

sorry nona i don't see it, he's dressed like that one wacky 45 y.o. lesbian who comes stag to the wedding with a Lego bowtie and a flat brim cap with LED lights. extremely soy look, grown-up toddler vibes, which is at least interesting when you're a Jungian psychotherapist, or a 45 year old lesbian for that matter

No. 1789597

Ok but the party lesbian you described sounds way cooler and more fun than whiny crackhead JP

No. 1789599

that's not as weird as when she did this >>>/snow/1300761 –she's on twitter too much or maybe not enough. you can't be running for president and retweeting river, he's barely a real person he's a hot-takes engagement farming account.

No. 1789619

I'm guessing it's some intern running her Twitter account

No. 1789621

u right, just convinced myself every wedding needs a party lesbian actually

No. 1789642

File: 1678979485135.jpg (91.5 KB, 750x1060, 4ou0kudmf3oa1.jpg)

No. 1789651

I don't particularly like those lesbians but they have more coherence than whatever it is JP has. Honestly bring back the 2016 bland conservative professor suit. Thats literally the only time he's looked "stylish".

No. 1789673

with a picture that doesn’t look like her

No. 1789698

File: 1678987309970.jpeg (83.55 KB, 597x597, 8F2F3FA5-F304-41B6-A6CA-751DD1…)

No. 1789713

Tbf it’s always kind of been this way. Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller etc were in their early 30s at their social media peaks… Chloe Sevigny was even older

No. 1789751

File: 1678991423054.jpg (448.87 KB, 2500x1698, a_real_femtroll.JPG)

this irks me because, one you cant be an "it" girl at 32, two shes not even a troll outside of her looks(picrel, a "based" femtroll). shes a walking thiel/Claremont talking point. who pays for these features?

No. 1789762

all the girls you mentioned were quite famous and dubbed It-girls by the time they were in their early 20s, though. and they got famous due to mainstream film and TV roles and press coverage, not social media. like it or not, youth, beauty, early career success, and lots of favorable press are what makes an It-girl, Dasha has none of that going for her. she's more like the grandma of the e-girls

No. 1789773

I think the bigger issue is Dasha IS an influencer of sorts whether you deny it or not, whether her origins are merit based or not. and she’s becoming more well known despite the quality of the podcast plummeting in 2021 etc. I hate to say it myself but it’s true. It feels like cope to pretend she’s a nobody and washed up just bc she is 32. More people than ever are talking about her.

No. 1789815

She definitely is. She and Anna both are. They’re bad people but it is what it is

No. 1789819

huh? not sure how you got all this from my comment, just because i said dasha is not an it girl in the vein of Sienna Miller or Chloe Sevigny doesn't mean i'm saying she's a washed up nobody who no one's ever heard of. there's a significant difference between the sort of normie fame of the women you mentioned and being a microfluencer like dasha, it's just facts

No. 1789876

She does not belong among any of those names

No. 1789878

A social media influencer/podcaster isn’t the same as an it girl. Should we start calling random insta hoes “it girls”? what are we doing here

No. 1789911

I agree. Like sure, Dasha and Anna are influencers with decent followings. But there are a million influencers and podcasters. Their actual pop culture relevance is pretty limited. "It girl" is a massive stretch

No. 1789929

Gonna disagree with you guys here, real it girls don’t exist anymore. They are all…this now. I hate dasha but she embodies this moment very well. The trend of 30-somethings calling themselves girls is not gonna go away either.

No. 1789931

Name a single it girl. They are all microcelebrities now

No. 1789947

File: 1679014078544.jpeg (98.15 KB, 750x839, 4322DF4F-E339-4310-80B4-1A814C…)

I wish she didn’t have an audience

No. 1789952

>Dylan mulvaney
The end is nigh

No. 1789966

Nope. An Astroturfed microcelebrity to sell products is not an it girl. Dylan isn’t even in a fucking arts scene.

No. 1789968

Well you can consider the time she got viral due to the InfoWars vid to be when she made her mark as she was already fluttering around the Brooklyn scene at that time granted she was in her mid to late 20s. RS getting big, the movie being made and her appearing in Succession could be considered the "making it to mainstream" part granted its not a lot.

No. 1789970

>The trend of 30-somethings calling themselves girls is not gonna go away either
It hasn't since Courtney Love

No. 1789999

Exactly nonna.. the internet is full of little bubbles/corners vying for prominence and the red scare one is big enough to stand out from many others. I’m a few years younger than Dasha and this culture is not like the days when we were all reading Teen Vogue. Other than a Hollywood pushed actress like Zendaya, there’s no consensus it girls anymore (if anything there’s more “it boys” kek) so Dasha is honestly a close approximation. Microceleb is as close as it’s getting and sure she isn’t Alix Earle levels but she is still on the scale

No. 1790067

File: 1679026908421.jpeg (81.68 KB, 1242x743, D6BC7685-70E7-443F-B17B-5FE620…)

she's so right and of course that ugly malnourished troon replied asking why he needs a brain. i like radfem hitler's account because she pisses off so many scrotes on rwt but i was disappointed to see her go on a podcast with a pedo, and she follows so many of them too, for someone who calls herself a radical feminist especially this is a big L

No. 1790068

I wouldn’t call Zendaya a nobody but she’s not an It Girl. Being an it girl requires being relevant to a bunch of art and film and music scenes and being really young. There aren’t any “iconic” actresses at the moment, just astroturfed celebrities like Mia Goth

No. 1790072

File: 1679028032922.png (704.9 KB, 2014x1362, 4567896545678.png)

Wtf is being an intrigue addict? Being addicted to having affairs?
Dasha was freaking out on the podcast when the nutritionist she hired to get healthy told her she had to eat lunch and more calories in general.

No. 1790084

never heard of her. is she actually supposed to be a radical feminist? she seems unserious. "girls don't you hate it when your man doesn't brush his teeth? he's giving you cavities. a lady would never and this is why women are superior." Ok. Like, honestly true I see no lies but it's not exactly radical content lol. unless this is what being radfem on the internet is now? (which I don't at all want to debate, you can just tell me yes people think this is radfem now)

No. 1790098

"she" (hands tell a different story) is an irony-poisoned ethnonationalist who picked a radfem as a persona because it angers the troons. which is fair, but there is nothing radfem about her outside of her occasionally bickering with rw scrotes with vague lowbrow "men y u no shower" platitudes. there is minor milk on her in old threads

No. 1790104

Congrats to "her" for trying that (radfem) on as a grift. You don't see a lot of people do that.

No. 1790114

File: 1679043001619.jpeg (96.24 KB, 1242x697, FBBBD376-AA3B-4555-B2CA-BF1E70…)

i think it's actually a woman, she's been posted about in previous leftcows threads and others
wonder if any nonnas who were here when this was going on know anything about picrel and why she was being exposed as a doxer, what was the evidence for that? cant find keyword searching contrary capital. she's apparently also connected to the kaliacc pedos as the tagged posts are saying, still follows them

No. 1790202

Nah she’s not a doxer. She befriended normie women from twitter and talked to them on clubhouse, some of the women who were (big surprise!) Indian or other ethnicities and worked in tech. rw tards claimed these two Indian sisters were arms of Thiel capital or some shit. They just weren’t obsessed with being doxed and dared to link their clubhouse to their real socials/name. Radfem also talked to Indian Bronson a lot on clubhouse, debating him, so they lumped him in there as well as another evil Indian doxer. he’s a misogynist piece of shit incel but he just happened to be Indian and in the same clubhouse chats as the Indian normie girls. It was such a shitshow and the women got harassed for nothing

No. 1790205

Oh and the contrary capital thing was just some friend RFH had that worked at a start up. Some white guy named hank. It was all just poor internet hygiene. The same people who suck the dick of Thiel funded ventures and accounts claimed start up employees at nobody companies were evil globalists.

No. 1790206

Samefag X 3 it all got amplified bc Indian Bronson did this shit venture where he asked for unemployed people’s resumes and wanted to give them job advice to transform their job options in 6 months. First he basically ignored most of the resumes. Secondly most people assumed it was to dox people and collect info from twitter anons. I think he was just trying to tell people “learn to code sql” but it was all done poorly and looked like a data gathering venture. This move would be cited again and again by people as evidence of him being shady. Then ofc he debated radfem hitler online so they lumped her in as a doxer.

No. 1790214

>for someone who calls herself a radical feminist
"Radfems" in these spaces are just a different flavor of tradthots

No. 1790215

1 meal a day, or 1 real meal and a light lunch is fine for most people, probably not someone like Dasha who is constantly "exhausted" and "never had a regular period"

No. 1790222

File: 1679064164141.png (304.18 KB, 940x718, iqwars.png)

Anna scoring lower than Dasha.

No. 1790285

File: 1679071388259.png (314.02 KB, 1458x1572, dasha dumb.png)

dasha is firmly midwit territory as we all could have guessed. anna prob has like 10 iq points on dasha but is having a crisis because it's yet more confirmation she's not a genius like her father. my fave part was dasha's replies where her fans posted their near-identical scores like "woww bestie iq twins." water finds its own level.

No. 1790339

I don’t think Gwyneth was being fully detailed, dude asked how she looks good, she pointed out the highlights. I do think she consumes 1000 cal a day tho.

No. 1790345

She totally scored lower or comparable than Dasha. She’ll post at some point today if she has a 5+ plus lead kek

No. 1790366

File: 1679080446697.png (57.08 KB, 860x910, 6478375438.png)

They share on the episode just released I think. Scoring perfect on rotating shapes and mediocre on the other spatial part of the test is a little suspicious.
Spot on.

No. 1790372

Chloe and sienna were both actresses in huge movies, dated movie stars, and were friends with big fashion designers. They are also more attractive and stylish than Dasha ever was or will be. Comparing dasha to them is fucking crazy kek. Must be an inside job

No. 1790389

yeah anytime someone comes blathering in these threads comparing Dasha to all these actual it-girls i just figure they're braindead scarethots or zoomers. social media really broke peoples brains and they think "famous to me" = famous. wake me up when dasha's up for an academy award, front row at every fashion show, in the tabloids daily, and fucking jude law lol

No. 1790390

is it really doxxing if you use your social media database to look up account holder's phone numbers

No. 1790401

Not Jordan Castro in PI today shilling for a new NRX/Thiel venture (Praxis)

No. 1790404

File: 1679088335416.png (205.54 KB, 1381x1000, praxis.png)

isn't that the same one Justin Murphy was shilling two years ago?
lol at their website but I do feel gross about following people in this scene (even just for milk) when they reveal themselves to be such low-tier scumbags that they would promote obvious scams

No. 1790408

Ok boomer

No. 1790409

keep coping scarethot

No. 1790413

radfem hitler was not working or employed by clubhouse. Her twitter friend(s?) who made an account naively connected with their family members, used their real name on their clubhouse, put their company, and linked with rfh on CH. RW men were obsessed with radfem hitler and looked through her profile and friend groups on clubhouse and started posting those girls and their jobs all over twitter. These girls were the true ones doxed at the time, due to moids’ fixation on radfem. They thought she was a fed or tech higher up. Later on a male friend of rfh Hank DID dox a moid who was a creep to her friend online. But it wasn’t rfh herself. Idk she sucks and panders for attention but it was the anti doxing men that actually doxed working women. Right wing retards

No. 1790416

It’s also good to note how many of these men worship people like Zero HP Lovecraft (a programmer himself) and bitch about “muh cancel culture” and evil doxing, but were ready to get a woman and her sister fired from their jobs during covid because the woman was in a clubhouse group with RFH. RFH inspired a crazy amount of hate from these men but has generally had her internet security tight and been undoxable. Anyways, that’s enough 2021 lore

No. 1790493

Dasha starred in the biggest show on television, won an award for it, and has walked NYFW for big designers. She's also been cast in a major role for a major upcoming film from a major Hollywood director. Cope.

No. 1790499

>She's also been cast in a major role for a major upcoming film from a major Hollywood director.

What movie, if you're so in the know?

No. 1790505

No. 1790511

File: 1679109194919.jpeg (320.31 KB, 1168x1498, 9E75DEFD-96DB-4695-98FE-BF960E…)

She’s starring in the final Tarantino film

No. 1790513

believe it when I see it

No. 1790515

She didn’t win the award you fucking retard, the entire cast of many people did. She was barely in the show

No. 1790516

File: 1679109571567.png (84.56 KB, 405x483, dashew.png)

Never seen a more obvious face tune

No. 1790519

She needs to stop getting Botox brow lifts it makes her eyelid asymmetry worse

No. 1790523

She finally found a director who has an identical chin to hers.

No. 1790525

go to bed Dasha you’re drunk again

No. 1790528

She had a bit part on the worst season of a middling series AND she did such a bad job that they wrote her off the show lmao

No. 1790559

File: 1679123076334.jpeg (279.65 KB, 1459x1946, 259E6E06-1BE6-48A7-8A26-1D5BCF…)

Just saw tweet from poor sap that wrote this
Every single reply and quote dragging him

No. 1790572

I tried listening to the Healy episode and I felt like I was going to throw up when they all started talking about him watching ghettogaggers and laughing about it, laughing about how he literally couldn’t go a few minutes after women friends left his apartment to jack off to black women being violently raped on film. He deserves to die and so does anyone who sees lighthearted fun in this. I couldn’t finish the episode needless to say.

No. 1790581


She looks like a cute trollface here.

No. 1790598

Every new pic of Honor Levy only further vindicates Honor Fatty poster

No. 1790601

Calm down nonnie. You sound like one of those tiktok zoomers who felt betrayed that Matty Healy wasn't some cinnamon roll after making a crude joke on a podcast.

No. 1790629

No she’s right coomers are bad actually

this pic is like 6 months old

>succession is biggest show on television!!
Kek honey Succession isn’t even the biggest show in its time slot…

so many wrongfags in the thread today

No. 1790633

>Coomers are bad
No one's arguing that but not making it through an episode because it offends you instead of being boring? Seriously get a grip. Sounds like someone who's consumed baby media their entire life. Coomers are bad but puritans aren't much better.

No. 1790636

Idk I didn’t listen to the episode but if she’s describing it accurately then yeah I think offense is a reasonable reaction. I don’t like this thing where women “lose if we get mad” no we lose when we sit around listening to women be disrespected by limpdick coomer losers just to prove we’re “cool” with men who hate us. Couldn’t be me, never humor a coomer, that’s my motto

No. 1790642

File: 1679148549748.jpeg (64.06 KB, 1125x756, 5F56EB09-97F6-4FD3-B1A1-E55574…)

These replies are hilarious, picrel is my fav

No. 1790658

>I didn't listen to the episode
Then your opinion doesn't even matter if you can't gauge what it is.
Even then you can get mad if you want to, I'm not you shouldn't. You just look like an idiot playing exactly into their hands. The whole point of them candidly saying that shit is to rile people up and elicit an reaction either "based!!!!" or "reee!!!!". Your under the impression that people who don't get mad are humoring them, they're not. They're just not engaging the way they want them to.

No. 1790659

Interesting that people here and manosphere talkingheads both invoke the age thing

No. 1790665

>i don't listen to cumtown cuz they're unfunny misogynist losers
>"you're an IDIOT playing into their hands!!!1"
lol wow so i'm playing into their hands by not listening to their podcast? diabolical! i better start listening right away, donating to their patreon even

No. 1790668

I don’t care about Matty Healy. I just hate that violent rape on film is so accepted by society. Fuck coomers, fuck porn. Burn it all. Thank you.

No. 1790670

This site consists mostly of radical feminists who are extremely anti porn, leave if you don’t like it. The dumb episode had them imitating the sounds of violent throatfucking and laughing about it, making fun of women who walked in on Matty Healy watching this shit and being shocked at what they saw. It’s not a matter of being a baby, I just have enough reminders as is of how much men hate women. Why would I sit through that if it makes me uncomfortable, angry, and makes me feel like an object?

No. 1790671

women should be perturbed about a man fetishizing violence and viewing depictions of racialized sexual violence. It’s disgusting and demeaning especially considering he dated a biracial woman. This isn’t the same as pearl clutching about a body count or mild drug use. Sorry if it’s too woke for you to be disgusted at violent pornography

No. 1790672

the real based it girls

No. 1790701



No. 1790703

File: 1679162790237.jpeg (113.27 KB, 750x1229, E3EC6530-EA4A-4514-83E2-7EDF78…)

Eckhaus Latta and Rachel Comey aren’t big designers. Hari Nef and non-models like picrel have walked for Eckhaus Latta.

No. 1790705

Yeah it was gross, they are all disgusting in private

No. 1790707

Shut up troon

No. 1790728

The limp hair and lifeless eyes of an abused femboy

No. 1790730

He’s the male version of Dasha. Depraved lunatic. Do we think Dasha ever kicked the porn addiction she used to talk about all the time?

No. 1790733

Gay men love when straight guys talk about women this way and encourage it because they lgwt off on self-inserting as the woman being degraded

No. 1790769

I just got around to I guess the pilot episode of the Will/Hesse movie podcast and it's unlistenable. Hesse doesn't seem to know much and when Will mentioned the movie Women Talking Hesse had some line about how if he wanted to watch women talking he would talk into a mirror. Barf.

No. 1790819

It’s very possible he was trying to rile people up and is also telling the truth and is a gross coomer. He certainly looks the part

No. 1791121

Lol, cool yourself nonnie and reread the post. Where did I ever say I gave them money? I searched it through pirates on youtube and put it on the background while at work. You wanna get mad at things you imagine, go for it. I'm too tired for that shit.

No. 1791123

Troons and prudes are in an alliance, get with the times nonna

No. 1791204

I thought the woman in the thumbnail was Anna lmao

No. 1791238

Felix and Matt already made a Chapo tv/movie spin-off and it sucked, Will is grasping at straws thinking his "movie mindset" is actually real and he is a movie guy with something interesting to say. The truth is he's a middle-aged guy slowly realizing that when Chapo eventually ends, he will have nothing.

He was always the straight man to Felix and Matt anyway, he can't make it on his own.

No. 1791454

Yeah that was terrible, no matter what show they were supposed to be covering they'd always just end up talking about the sopranos. Wasn't it even not on their patreon and you needed to pay for a separate service to get it? Shameless.

No. 1791513

I've wondered if the way Chapo and all those left twitter people suddenly started talking about the Sopranos out of nowhere for months before "The Saints of Newark" was announced was all hidden viral marketing for that Sopranos movie. Really seemed astroturfed, and a bunch of those NYC scene people have media industry parents.

No. 1791525

You mean when the hbo streaming service came out…?

No. 1791601


Maybe Will is doing this podcast because he's nostalgic for film school. That was probably why he made that crappy student film about the Iowa State Fair, too.

No. 1791669

It was a meme thing across social media and reddit before they started talking about it. They were just responding to a campaign already in progress, they aren’t important enough to launch them

No. 1791730

That would be better than 90% of the population, not that I take the result seriously.

No. 1791745

Also because talking about popular movies is the lowest hanging fruit for podcasters/talking heads. Literally anyone can make sweeping statements about whatever the latest big movies are or the film bro movies of the past, which is all they know.

No. 1791760

I wouldn't call it astroturfed since The Sopranos already has a meme-y fandom like Breaking Bad or BCS just a bit older but its more like they jumped on to a bandwagon early enough before it looked obvious it was a bandwagon.

No. 1791764

The Sopranos podcast meme-ing started in late 2018. Not sure why but Cumtown and Chapo started talking about it around then, and everyone else joined in by 2019. Then COVID hit a lot of regular people watched it and podcasts with the actors came out and people made the worst memes ever.

No. 1791766

All the inane leftist memes about what if tony soprano was a heckin socalist? are directly downstream from chapo constantly talking about it in the first few years of the show
Also I'm sure its renewed popularity at least on twitter was due to zoomers watching it for the first time

No. 1791767

File: 1679276648648.png (7.68 KB, 598x290, 6m2XAKO.png)

he's still desperately trying to ingratiate himself in place no one wants him.

I've seeen him posting desperate 'hanger on' pictures with dasha recently, she didn't look very happy with it.

No. 1791769

File: 1679276889138.png (17.38 KB, 1235x171, interview mag 2018.png)

Don't forget Anna was an early proponent of Sopranos meme culture as well. It was as essential a text as Sexual Personae or Culture of Narcissism in the early days of the pod. She's also the one who took the screenshot of Tony saying "This sounds very gay" that got turned into a meme

No. 1791773

And RS made Sopranos themed merch last year or so, one of their straggot reporter friends included it in an article on The Sopranos trending

No. 1791791

jesus Honor is getting huge

No. 1791794

Probably got blacklisted from a more right wing event bc he’s a troon. What did he expect from this crowd

No. 1791862

that photo is of last year. she looks very cute with the ivy wolk/eugene/dasha photo posted a couple days ago

No. 1791997

False, get lost troon

No. 1792025

Calling people troon doesn't make them wrong, troon

No. 1792140

You’re both being huge faggots over the fact that someone didn’t want to finish listening to an episode of cumtown. Get a grip.

No. 1792159

anachan moment

No. 1792202

File: 1679340395330.png (72.62 KB, 960x606, 8A3C65B4-4484-4047-B650-EDF395…)

No. 1792215

>"You're not gonna get rid of the Jews." - Dasha Nekrasova
lmfao well RIP to what tiny shred of a chance dasha still had with that showbiz career

No. 1792223

They already have enough fuckfaced anachan women in this scene, the troon only adds to the ugliness

No. 1792308

handmaidens are so embarrassing

No. 1792318

>Slovak Ruthenian Greek Orthodox
this dumb bitch is larping as andy warhol. unbelievable.

No. 1792338

why did the guy who wrote this even write it? it's so short. I mean, I'm interested because I follow dasha as a cow but what New Yorker subscriber would want to read this? and it's almost entirely about dasha even though the headline is roger stone. such a weird article

No. 1792343

I was thinking the same thing..did they hit publish too early? It doesn't really make sense. It barely details anything about the party that hasn't been said elsewhere. Did the author even go, bc this is just a repeat of what other people have said, except for the Dasha quote.

No. 1792380

NYer is now a TDS fanzine. There are no rules/standards.(learn to sage)

No. 1792402

No. 1792462

it’s a talk of the town piece, a short comic report on parties and events

No. 1792479

File: 1679374911745.png (201.51 KB, 299x491, haggard.png)

Now that's what I call haggard!

No. 1792502

This is a troon, right ?

No. 1792504

No. 1792514

honestly it should have been obvious, he has massive linebacker/pro-wrestler shoulders.

No. 1792592

I think you posted this in the wrong thread

No. 1792614


Why are people writing about a Facebook software engineer that made a playlist?

No. 1792705

They got Ernie Hudson on tafs

No. 1792709

No, this is a producer on the Adam Friedland Show.

No. 1792716

I love how they all pretend to like 00s Indie now, even though they all claimed it as uncool just 1-2 years ago.

No. 1792733

File: 1679423186626.jpg (202.87 KB, 1620x1080, _R1A5362.jpg)

He looks like if a pedophile was dressing up as the LCD Soundsystem This is Happening cover.

No. 1792759

I knew troons co-opted the show. Can’t do anything creative in any city without tranny involvement or your canceled

No. 1792760

Is that the Indian joker looming behind him?

No. 1792776

File: 1679428139002.png (7.82 KB, 603x221, cuntrarian.png)

None of these people want to get fucked in the bed they made.

No. 1792820

File: 1679432144906.jpeg (84.1 KB, 750x769, 6E6C0270-91B4-4BEF-A3B0-5DC123…)

No. 1792901

do you think Jack over-tweezed his eyebrows at some point? they're so far apart.

No. 1792915

thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal disorders cause eyebrow thinning. jack probably has all three

No. 1792971

He has the bloated working class alcoholic look. Podding about perfume takes years off a gay man’s life

No. 1792983

No. 1792986

File: 1679453730481.png (74.5 KB, 1211x1193, Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 9.51.…)

No. 1793021

I think it's actually to do with skull shape. His forehead is also unusually flat.

No. 1793153

>Women who don’t enjoy watching violent rape are “boring” and “puritan”

Fuck off and die, moid. No one needs your tired Misogyny 101 talking points here.

No. 1793188

>replying to 4 day old comments
>doesn't even understand the point being made
Actual baby and a troon.

No. 1793248

File: 1679502051692.png (90.76 KB, 1140x616, Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 12.21…)

Aside from this being untrue, it is hard cope for never getting that TV writing gig.

No. 1793269

I'm just passing by but who the fuck beyond the age of 6 uses "baby" as an insult lmao

No. 1793298

Does he still sound extremely fucked up on the pod? Requesting a Felix drug problem update.

No. 1793301

He sounds closer to normal the past few episodes. Of course his sycophants on the chapo blackfeed subreddit are accusing anyone who thought he sounded barred out of being parasocial obsessives.

No. 1793318

This would make more sense if it was about TV writing as a communal act. A TV writers room does seem like a more enjoyable way to write with others than pounding out screenplays alone

No. 1793371

How tf are you gonna be the "gay perfume guy" and look like every other bloated straight moid down at the local dive bar?(sage your shit)

No. 1793436

does anyone here remember when the dayton shooter retweeted nick mullen? his twitter subsequently got deleted but i wondered if anyone had captured the specific tweet.

No. 1793455

would also love to know the name of brace belden's mother who allegedly committed suicide, if anyone remembers that.

No. 1793494

you don't pass as a farmer

same people who use "shitlibs" and "crybully" probably

No. 1793533

radlib detected

No. 1793536

>you don't pass as a farmer
Wow a website expert

No. 1793540

File: 1679538453144.png (341.19 KB, 898x1542, amber frost insta.png)

what did she mean by this

No. 1793541

File: 1679538753045.png (166.33 KB, 894x1510, amberinsta.png)

Amber coming out in favor of funding the police
the article: https://damagemag.com/2023/03/22/anti-social-socialism-club/

No. 1793542

File: 1679538878692.png (115.09 KB, 1390x1356, Dustin Guastella Damge Mag.png)

picrel section of the essay she's quoting from

No. 1793549

its saying socialism is infantilism

No. 1793558

She's anti-UBI, pro-Jobs Guarantee on that whole 2020 policy debate. Don't really remember why; I think she wrote an article or two about it.

No. 1793591

> no policeman's baton

what is this the 1920s kek. entire piece reads like a Federalist article

No. 1793627

she's completely right

No. 1793720

"like the Federalist, but from the left" is pretty much Amber Frost's whole deal

No. 1793748

I was just surprised to see abdl content on Amber’s Instagram lol

No. 1793754

Jesus. The Dbag "Left" are just the new Neocons.

No. 1793759

>Amber shitting on the concept of people getting paid for doing nothing
Oh, the irony

No. 1793779

Wasn't Amber well into that scene? What happened to her book?

No. 1793787

The book was pushed back another 6 months to December 5th.
Most socialists aren't in favor of UBI. Not the Yang kind anyway.

No. 1793825

I think she was waiting for the next presidential election cycle to begin so she could have any hope of selling a stupid political book. that or she's never going to publish it at all.

No. 1793877

It's clearly the same moid using "baby" as an insult and getting triggered no one likes his favorite sicko porn

No. 1793921

>The book was pushed back another 6 months to December 5th.
lmao, it's never coming out because the thing it was supposed be about doesn't exist anymore

No. 1793952

>Nick Mullen might have herpes
Every time I see this in the OP recap text it bothers me because it's not a rumor. He does have herpes. He says himself he has herpes.

No. 1793994

ubi is overtly consumer capitalist, Amber is correct about this

No. 1794052

Boytoy of Peter Thiel "commits suicide" after making an attempt to leave him. Does anyone still have the screenshot of Anna making a rambling defense of Thiel on reddit?


No. 1794099

File: 1679620876844.png (79.87 KB, 900x1180, samerape.png)

Some of Anna's many alleged rapist friends acting as character witness. Anna pulling a Bruenig with the self pity.

No. 1794106

Anna also pulls the classic Bruenig move of saying poor old little me while making it clear she's sending the call out in the group chats for the men like Pariah (and botched Mommy Milkers) in there to attack. She might have even called Liz out on this tactic in the past, I know Aimee did.

No. 1794118

redscarepod mods are out of control; they permaban you for literally no reason, just say something like "shut the fuck up" in the ban notice, and mute you for three days so you can't appeal, all without warning. Every other account there is like a few weeks old because so many get purged.

No. 1794146

is this who he was allegedly getting transfusions of youthful blood from?

No. 1794151

it's being brought into the reddit fold by troon mods and their legion of sock accounts since it's too "cool" and would cause too much backlash if it were outright banned. so much seeded trans discourse of trans critical posts where the comments are overwhelmingly troon positive to make it seem like authentic "discussion" is occurring and the consensus is that troons are a new flavor of hip and urban gay and not the greasy pornsick authoritarians that have always lurked online but now with skirts and absolutely shameless narcissism.

No. 1794157

4 years ago they'd have jumped on any conspiracy theory from the Epstein saga but now they'd just pen rambling passive aggressive, benzos infused defenses of him

No. 1794174

maybe trueanon will pick it up

No. 1794197

would love it if this article inspires Peter Thiel to destroy the Intercept and Ryan Grim's career ala Gawker

No. 1794537

zero chance liz is going to fuck up a potential revenue stream like that

No. 1794606

what is the deal with trueanon? i used to listen, but then this leftist scote i know who loves the podcast told me he doesn't care about violence against women. so hearing that made me question the podcast entirely. like the epstein crime syndicate and his victims's stories were just entertainment for disgusting antifa losers.

No. 1794711

Why are you conflating some scrote's opinion with truanon?

No. 1794721

why are you replying to an unsaged newfag asking to be spoonfed? also trueanon sucks. bullshit ass under-researched over-produced book report ass podcast with nasty hosts, one of which is a fake as hell stupid piece of shit famewhore pathological liar.

No. 1794729

Your instincts are correct, they are milking a titillating tragedy for content and money. Leftist men listening fantasize about being an Epstein. TrueAnon won’t report on any conspiracies that could actually get them in trouble like Peter thiel possibly silencing a lover talking to the press or transgender billionaires pritzker and rothblatt using gay and austistic people as test subjects for transhumanism.

No. 1794774

Lol is that really the final outcome of all this "dissident right" political posturing? Just voting Republican? Based on their associations you'd think they'd be working toward for some sort of techno-theocratic society with forced eugenics or something, but nope, it ultimately just comes down to voting for Mitch McConnell.

No. 1794781

File: 1679714792466.png (314.99 KB, 1180x1068, Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.2…)

>see women and racial minorities taking residency at Stanford
<ughhh Democrat establishment

No. 1794856

Bold statement for him to make, most American black and brown individuals who are diversity hired end up leaning conservative if that even matters, because they come from families that blindly vote blue, but they're still conservative.

No. 1794926

From listening to a few episodes of his podcast (the other guy has the most autistic voice I've heard since Chris Chan so I could only tolerate like 4 episodes), I'm pretty sure that this guy is a project manager or something similarly techbro-adjacent but not actually a techbro, in Austin. You'd think he and the rest of the PMC "post-lefties" wouldn't be so miserable since they all have high paying, cushy work from home desk jobs.

No. 1794940

Women surgeons have better patient outcomes than male surgeons too

No. 1794971

File: 1679765008405.png (12.55 KB, 749x305, x.png)

Katya Delaney crying about being "dogpiled" by the right-wing audience she cultivated

No. 1794980

qrd? she deleted a bunch of tweets on this topic?

No. 1794987

>one of which is a fake as hell stupid piece of shit famewhore pathological liar

And the other called in airstrikes with the US military while claiming to be a "Maoist" :)(:))

No. 1794988

File: 1679767775405.png (115.92 KB, 684x383, solidarity.png)

It all comes back to

No. 1795295

solidarity my ass. don't know how anyone resists forcefully evicting him from any and all social groups. I hate the way he talks about himself like he's super charming and likable and just great at getting along with people. just looking at him gives me the creeps and it's magnified in video format where I can see the way he moves his disgusting body.

No. 1795316

File: 1679808594167.jpeg (78.84 KB, 750x683, 5475A6A7-0B3A-4AEE-9622-B6CAA5…)

Lol. Didn’t some anon make this same point about Perfume Fationalist yesterday that Katherine Dee is making in this tweet?

No. 1795322

there's been whispers on instagram lately about brace being, like mentioned earlier, a pathological liar and emotionally abusive in his relationships with women. not sure if it's been elaborated on but i'll have a dig

No. 1795345

File: 1679820514687.jpeg (83.26 KB, 623x863, B218B226-D1AD-4611-BE7E-010F2A…)


No. 1795364

File: 1679825698423.png (11.39 KB, 909x413, file.png)

This bitch emailed the Internet Archive asking for her Twitter account specifically to be excluded, what is she hiding?

No. 1795381

probably from this website

No. 1795437

It takes a special kind of annoyingness to be somehow more unlikeable than Dasha

No. 1795465

Can’t tell if she’s joking about being single

No. 1795467

I think she's keeping Matthew on a leash because he's incapable of stepping up and putting a ring on it, but he still intrigues her incel pickme sensibilities.

No. 1795469

Addicts always are

No. 1795496

I often wonder if he was ever an actual addict. He just strikes me as a liar.

No. 1795531

>redscare mods are out of control, they permaban you for no reason
For anyone who wants to enact change in ye olde r/redscarepod, comb through these mods profiles and start mass reporting their posts and comments

1. https://www.reddit.com/user/Longjumpingrow9/

2. https://reddit.com/user/Feeling_persecuted/

When you report them, do not click “break’s r/redscarepod’s rules”, click the other option so it fast tracks to admins(not your personal army)

No. 1795563

Xenia’s twitter has heavy scarethot energy, look in the mirror bitch. The worse things about Dasha, this woman embodies as well. Even has that scarethot girl poster tone and way of writing. A case of when fans turn into haters kek

No. 1795579

File: 1679852224290.jpeg (214.51 KB, 936x2043, 51CB2616-A1C3-4CB2-B4FD-B7A6D8…)

What happened last night? Any witnesses? Also Anna’s such a bitch cloaked in “saying it like it is.”

No. 1795580

default friend called anna a fake racist for attention

No. 1795589

File: 1679853940073.jpeg (36.75 KB, 828x344, 2CDBFC8D-E2EE-4701-B928-9306E7…)

the truth is in the middle— Anna is a real racist, and also a racist for attention. Maybe there’s people looking into racial diffs across the board out of a biological interest (like when ppl find it interesting that East Asians don’t have smelly sweat), but even if that tiny percent exists, it’s not Anna. Anna, who prizes intelligence above all, doesn’t think “certain races have low IQ” in a detached, neutral, observational manner. (If this is even possible, as it seems people on Twitter are claiming Sailer does exactly that. Sure.). Anna is doing exactly what she claims DF is, “playing dumb.” She plays as if her comments on race and HBD are neutral, only inflammatory insofar as they contradict liberal multiculturalism and point out uncomfortable truths, but we know Anna’s value system. We know what matters to her. DF’s mistake is thinking that Anna needs to connect subject-verb-object to be a true racist. Many in the HBD RW circlejerk overlap with the rationalists and are the exact same as Anna, claiming what they believe and state is just uncomfortable truth and facts, not contemptuous racism.
I think default_friend is good at her reflections of eras of technology and its social impacts, but she’s daft when it comes to interpreting a mean coy resentful bitch like Anna. She’s a little too naive, too provincial in this social manner. The rest of us know better

No. 1795591

File: 1679854133591.png (53.79 KB, 1190x592, mx5rd3X.png)

She's literally a handmaiden for a gross MtF that everyone hates and still uses 'correct' pronouns on troons

Gonna be so funny when RWs she's been begging attention from turn on her, that's if they ever noticed her at all

Pickmeeing for online conservatives must be so debasing.

No. 1795598

default friend asked her why she like thomas777 and steve sailer if she wasn’t racist

No. 1795605

Listening to some silicone bitch who came here 10 years ago rant on who is saving American. Conservatism is gay but nothing she says could be a correct opinion on what it is. Some gays and trans gassed her up and her botched appearance (while probably calling her an ugly bitch behind her back) and now she’s a committed faghag.

No. 1795608

I didn’t see the tweets so I thought DF was claiming Anna wasn’t racist. This makes sense. Idk what went on but Team Anyone Who Thinks Anna Khachiyan is Putrid.

No. 1795612

Fast with the red there, hmm. Do you mod the sub perhaps? I know you jannie faggots love to have your hands in everything

No. 1795633

>aimee terese saying she doesn't care about race

No. 1795637

File: 1679857197858.jpeg (40.56 KB, 640x198, 3385DD02-7CA3-46FB-AD90-B1E51A…)

Never forget

No. 1795638

File: 1679857262027.jpeg (49.76 KB, 640x367, F3D04DC5-7113-43FF-9D5F-9F13D1…)

Samefag, also Monica and Jack

No. 1795642

the way they all did their shaniqua posts at the same time makes tinfoil magically assemble on my head like I'm a conspiracy Transformer. I feel like it was so stupid it had to be some memo they all received simultaneously, but then I remember they're a small clique and they're just honestly that retarded.

No. 1795660

File: 1679858768963.jpg (148.95 KB, 1600x900, ducttapepedo.jpg)

what's up with this maladjusted freak and why is he threatening to duct tape the egirl that he tried to groom and spurned him

No. 1795661

lol no wonder he needs to use a little anime girl to depict his threats. he'd be trying to tear the duct tape with those limp faggot wrists for minutes while bloph waddles away

No. 1795663

he's like 5'2" all of this larp of "aUGH IM GONNA RAPE LITTLE GIRLS" like they wouldn't be able to physically slam dunk his poop head into the ground easily if he were just standing too close to them is so ridiculous

No. 1795668

He looks like that. Of course

No. 1795690


He's admitted on episodes of TrueAnon to being a diagnosed sociopath, as well as alluding many times to various people he's "hurt", almost certainly meaning some exes. And I swear he posted something on Twitter to that effect too, like a screenshot of a diagnosis. It's pretty obvious when he puts on a "mask" of emotion in certain contexts. None of this should be a surprise.

No. 1795717

File: 1679865018269.png (42.29 KB, 1176x534, jack v aimee.png)

jack v aimee is coming

No. 1795719

File: 1679865146889.png (178.59 KB, 1184x1584, jack v aimee 2.png)


No. 1795721

File: 1679865407409.png (57.44 KB, 1194x814, jack v aimee 3.png)

finally happening

No. 1795723

this spat is the very definition of fake and gay

No. 1795735

File: 1679866922254.jpeg (89.75 KB, 828x709, 8BFEA886-3A6E-4EC3-87CD-DA8863…)

No. 1795746

>I will not be participating
>retweets to 40k followers
uh huh

No. 1795758

What do you mean by that? Jack and the sexpat drag queen have been subtweeting Aimee for some time now for her anti-trans anti-drag queen tweets, this was bound to happen

No. 1795770

File: 1679870427534.png (252.09 KB, 1192x2432, jack v aimee 4.png)


No. 1795773

File: 1679870563686.png (20.7 KB, 1176x318, jack v aimee 5.png)

pretty weak response when he's right about glenn. beg him to be on your show to get some more podcast subs and then call him a pedo, she has no loyalty

No. 1795782

Someone can’t be loyal when they lack principles and Aimee is one of the biggest, unprincipled people in political twitter. They love her unhingedness but are slow to realize this means she’s a shit person who will throw anyone under the bus….

No. 1795785

These are insane people with no principles who would fight with each other for ten extra followers. It just feels fake. But on the other hand I guess that does't mean they aren't actually fighting. They're so stupid. Going on about free speech shit all day, talk about how only special snowflakes can't take a little honesty or whatever, but they can't keep people in their own social circle from ostracizing them over twitter posts.

No. 1795848

he was really onto something about physiognomy

No. 1795876

File: 1679885215244.png (1.6 MB, 1312x1432, sociopath.png)

"Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is a mental health condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to purposely make others angry or upset and manipulate or treat others harshly or with cruel indifference. They lack remorse or do not regret their behavior. People with antisocial personality disorder often violate the law, becoming criminals. They may lie, behave violently or impulsively, and have problems with drug and alcohol use."

No. 1795906

i dont really get why hes mad when hes the one who wants to hang out with twitter conservitards who think gay people are literally subhuman. make your bed, lay in it, etc.

No. 1795910

Brace suffers from terminal edginess.

No. 1795930

File: 1679891501634.jpeg (161.22 KB, 1169x978, 7FDAEBD4-9C4E-4C32-A798-63820B…)

Honestly. Like Aimee and Jack disrespect minorities eg black people, Jack disrespects women, yet Jack insists on respect for gays and not being called a pedo. What do these people expect? Aimee does the same, she’ll be racist but call out anti whiteness. All these people should be exiled from their respective countries for shitting on the social fabric

No. 1795932

It's Bernie bros who keep Republicans from loving faggots? Aimee is worthless but Jack is a very confused man

No. 1795944

Is he gonna cry on his podcast again? I hope so, that was hilarious.

He clings to the Randroid dream when Republicans only take the stuff from Rand that benefits them

No. 1795954

File: 1679893936032.png (191.6 KB, 1174x1346, anna subtweets.png)

anna shades both jack and aimee

No. 1795959

Be like Anna, believe in nothing, expect nothing of anyone, and only engage in try hard yet brusque one-off replies on Twitter

No. 1795960

File: 1679894957166.png (11.81 KB, 590x223, ssssssimpin.png)

Professional Bruenig simps are so ridiculous…this guy is a historian, works for Harvard, and thinks Liz was pushed out from the NYT for not being enough of a foreign policy hawk…never mind that that's never been her beat…never mind that there's plenty of dovish op-ed writers at the Times, despite the official editorial line of the paper…never mind that she still has "NYT alum" in her twitter bio and is clearly not trying to run away from her time there…never mind that she's a credentialist obsessed with catching legacy plaudits like pokémon…never mind that the even more hawkish Atlantic is seemingly happy to have her and she's happy to work there…

No. 1795979

No. 1795984

Most republican women are pick-me homophobes. Almost a surreal perception of reality going on here, why does he want to retroactively Tammy Faye Baker-ize everyone like he’d be having kikis and tea with Nancy Reagan? Reminds me of when libs make shit up about “trans women of color” in “queer history”

No. 1795985

has jack ever explained why homophobia is the only specific unique evil that is worthy of scorn and derision? Wtf is his value system? I’m just imagining the purge but fire island is roped off

No. 1795992

Jack can say the worst shit about anything then have a moral panic on a whim. He’s cutting ties with Aimee now the same way he did with Ashley before. He’s an unstable, extremely bitter person and still has managed to cultivate a small cult of personality with losers calling him a genius and fawning over every contradictory thing he says. One wrong word and he’s throwing you under the bus. Also he is fat.

No. 1796015

File: 1679905156321.jpeg (54.13 KB, 750x416, C86D732F-9DED-4578-B049-DE6E44…)

This is an insane tweet right? Trying to push Aimee out of “the canon” when she was an actual pariah while the girls were still pretending to be socialists is insane, Aimee was already deeply racist when A+D participated in George Floyd protests. Very weird historical revisionism, Anna’s entire hard pivot on Twitter from DSA rejects to frog Twitter layabouts was guided by Aimee. It was pretty obvious around 2019 when she got bored of Lasch/ Huellebeqc /Paglia and didn’t have the attention span to read another book

No. 1796020

At this point I'm just waiting until Jack very publicly falls out with Anna and Dasha and this guy to boot, it's only a matter of time because he's so fucking catty.(sage your shit)

No. 1796084

offensively bad taste

No. 1796171

>why fight when you can listen to lana
"pretending to be unbothered" anna is the worst anna. she's been aping dasha's posting style for a year now and it's still fake af, you can sense her gritting her teeth trying not to unleash a thousand-word tweet storm overexplaining her every precious little thought. just be a longwinded dork and get dunked on anna, it's your natural place in the world and no one believes you're suddenly cool now

funny that anyone thinks Liz was at NYT for any other reason than being the token millennial Bernie supporter during the 2020 election cycle, she lasted all of a year and was summarily dismissed after the elections

gross, brace is honestly like every rich boy drug addict i've ever met, super high bottom to use recoveryspeak, but they'll never admit their whole lifestyle was always funded by mom and dad and 10 years after they get clean they still sit around reminiscing proudly about their stupid junkie foibles like getting beat up, getting infections and seeing people OD because they think it makes them macho by proxy. such a cliche

No. 1796187

File: 1679934227933.png (4.25 KB, 623x474, rip.png)

Aimee deactivated, Jack somehow won.

No. 1796189

Aimee always crawls back like a cockroach. She just can't be killed.

No. 1796193

her "oh dearie me, my haters are spiritually sick and need to find God" act is so tiring, because she needs to dance around her Jewish heritage to avoid alienating the race science audience she tries to court. not related but it just annoys me so much

No. 1796204

Defeated by that fat faggot? That's not the Aimee I know.

No. 1796208

Aimee is still subhuman but I imagine she feels a tiny touch of regret that one of her tightest e-friends turned on her. It probably is already gone tho

I hate Anna for this shit. Meanwhile she engages with anyone who critiques or disses her or even disagrees with her pov, with a paragraph response. It takes a concerted effort for her not to tweet a dozen times an hour every day (ala Liz Bruenig at her peak)

No. 1796209

Anna is insecure because she has no beliefs, she’s a wannabe intellectual with nothing to say.

No. 1796213

File: 1679936564556.png (18.06 KB, 1274x254, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 12.5…)

"why do (x thing on social media) when you could do (y hot girl shit)" is anna's new formula response, picrelated was her reply to some fake tweets on reddit. she sounds like a third-rate scarethot account but you can tell she thinks she's giving unbothered zoomer queen

No. 1796217

He 100% is exaggerating it, just like his epic escape into the wilderness from a military youth base where he lived with wolves or something retarded

No. 1796224

Dasha only seems unbothered because she’s on more sedatives. I think if you took her drugs away she would be having sperg outs at least once a week

No. 1796226

File: 1679938431725.png (241.41 KB, 607x837, fat jack real con.png)

I would also like know to what makes Jack "how long is your penis" Mason a conservative besides hating wokeness and envy/loathing of women. The vast majority of cons will never let him forget he isn't welcome.

Years ago I enjoyed being part of inherently contradictory social ecosystems on various blogs and forums but I always knew they could only exist on the internet. Jack and his small crew of pretentious gaylords on the other hand seem to think he's having an effect on real life conservatism. Then again this is the guy who thinks he single handedly drives up perfume prices.

No. 1796233

Cha-Ka from Land of the Lost In Heels thinks gay men are enlightened beings who deserve a special carve-out to drink piss and molest children and still be called conservative.

No. 1796234

Anna's only interest in race science goes as far as she can claim to be some kind of an exotic non white/poor immigrant non American, or her laughable attempts at pretending to be jewish.

Just remembered that time she unironically claimed to be a 'survivor of both the Armenian genocide and the holocaust' on IG…. lol.

She also tried to claim to have 'epigenetic trauma' from 'being jewish' on Eric Weinstein's podcast.

No. 1796256

File: 1679941725832.png (6.13 KB, 610x192, overproduction pod.png)

Isn't Jack a former Bernie guy? He's projecting like a mf here. Retconning conservatism is his whole act.

Only Jack's cru are supposed to enjoy Elon's new license to be spicy. Laughing back at these hypocritical faggots is a bridge too far. He is still supposed to be untouchable. It's like he's forgotten that the woke bs protected him too. Can't have it both ways, fatty

No. 1796276

I have never given a shit about gay people in my life but every time I see a tweet from one of these faggots all I can think is "they need to invent something a lot stronger than AIDS".

No. 1796305

the real question is why listen to Lana when you could listen to absolutely anything else

No. 1796341

oh to be a fly on Dasha’s wall as everyone is talking about the new season of Succession

No. 1796351

Who is this person?

No. 1796362

one of the guys from the Ion Pack podcast

No. 1796370

File: 1679950754710.png (76.84 KB, 1510x1278, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 4.52…)

someone's been patrolling r/SuccessionTV leaving angry replies to 8 month old comments about dasha but it is definitely NOT dasha, she is doing great, career not a flop at all, she won a SAG, comfry's character arc just ended ok!!

No. 1796373

opinion: dasha is a jew supremacist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1796408

right? he looks like a catamite in the autumn of his life

No. 1796410

p-please think i am cool and dangerous

No. 1796427

as if jack will ever be hot or influential/rich enough to ever set foot in fire island. did you see the picture of thiel's boytoy? attractive normie gays exclude gays like jack, the beauty standard is even more darwinian for gays. at lot of the pickme-ing and liberal hate jack does is a reflection and inversion of the becky cope and differentiating himself from high status alpha chad gays, which he associates with neoliberalism.

No. 1796432

the only thing that has contributed meaningfully to conservatism are the insane policies radlib dems have been enacting that push moderates out of the party. nobody knows you exist, zach

No. 1796438

they're all libertarians who hate women, and think only men should have freedom. they have a lot in common with muslim men.

No. 1796509

LMFAO this is like demented KidzBopified Hoobastank

No. 1796630

default_friend deactivated the other day, too after a spat with the bloated buttmuncher. Jack racking up some undeserved W's.

No. 1796644

File: 1679970213019.jpeg (70.31 KB, 592x533, A342CE1C-F5AD-4C1C-952E-997DC7…)

I don’t think Default friend is wrong about point 1 (Jack) and point 2 (Anna K). Though there’s more going on with Anna, since she is more and more explicit with time. I just don’t know why DF is asking these fucked up people who live lives of denial to be honest with her on Twitter? Let it go. They’re not capable of it. They’re unwell people to their core

No. 1796665

If you watch the new episode, I think Greg’s date is a knock at Dasha. Tom says she’s “gabbling about herself and posting on social media” then she gets in trouble for trying to take a selfie with Logan and says she was “being funny”

No. 1796820

File: 1679987226917.jpeg (37.28 KB, 562x582, 88E2E121-FD97-48FA-889B-939D58…)

Good to know she’s always looked like she has a syndrome

No. 1796822

8 months lol. What was the stock photo they’re referencing? It was funny when she fat shamed those three ai women in lingerie just because they had hotter bodies than her

No. 1796903

apparently both anna and dasha have herpes(tinfoiling)

No. 1796915

How do u know?

No. 1796939

Anna’s recent attempts at disaffected zoomer lingo are SO embarrassing coming from a 40 year old mother. These people refuse to gain any class or dignity, huh?

No. 1796957

friend fucked dasha and said she gave it to him but said everyone has it and was psycho about it

No. 1797123

>What was the stock photo they’re referencing?
not sure, i figured maybe dasha said something about the chunky Sports Illustrated model but tbh i find people in that sub to be the worst type of harpy wokescolds (dasha took a SELFIE with alex JONES she's PROBLEMATIC!!1) so i admit i didn't read too deep beyond noticing these new replies

i read her as a basic NYC social climber who tries to look rich on social media but doesn't realize she screams "no class" to actual rich ppl which is different than dasha's xanned out downtown princess routine. that said there are definitely parallels, this girl's desperation to be seen with Brian Cox despite having no relationship with him could definitely be a dig at dasha's SAG award antics.

>he looks like a catamite in the autumn of his life
idek who you're talking about but lmfao

No. 1797139

knowing conservatives, they have a wide vocabulary for derogatory terms for black women, especially working class black women

No. 1797147

File: 1680019673002.png (74.02 KB, 1484x804, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 11.5…)

for shits n giggles i looked at old threads from when Dasha was riding high on her Succession role and SAG award, also the time when Dasha admitted to WKing herself in these threads. of all the sus and delusional posts about how Dasha was on the precipice of mega-fame, this one has to be the most sus and delusional. lead role in hollywood film wen

No. 1797255

when has dasha admitted to posting here

No. 1797260

Did anyone listen to the Red Scare Ozempic episode? Or if you have a link I'll listen and recap

No. 1797287


Check her feed. She came back

No. 1797292

File: 1680031204021.png (166.62 KB, 2300x1292, dasha selfposting on lolcow.pn…)

dasha copped to self-posting here in a twitter space a couple months back, see >>1620620 and >>1620886

she was still self-posting after this and nonnas started calling her on it. try searching old threads for "not to whiteknight" or "wk," it's pretty obvious which ones are her. i'm sure she's still self-posting but has learned not to use the magic phrase. anytime i see a weirdly enraged defense of dasha's totally thriving acting career and totally real height of 5'7" i figure it's her, she's not subtle

No. 1797294

File: 1680031392250.png (272.61 KB, 2752x1524, dasha selfposting on lolcow 2.…)

samefag, had to share this - dasha says she ragequit self-posting on lolcow after someone made a comparison post about her arms looking fat and i just found this post. "not a dasha fan by any means but…" lmfao. calling things "mental illness" is another of her tells

No. 1797303

File: 1680031931459.png (561.12 KB, 2548x1434, dasha selfposting on lolcow 3.…)

final samefag with more dasha self-post gems, she used to drop in a lot when nonnas were roasting her Succession appearances. calling everyone fat dykes with mental illness and ban evading lmfao. it's an interesting peek at the actual dasha behind her fake based twitter persona. to think in retrospect that this was the height of her career and she spent it seething on lolcow

No. 1797333

>interesting peek at the actual dasha

Enjoyed revisiting these but this is 100% how she acts everywhere

No. 1797368

lmao you’d think after being told they’re degenerates who are unwelcome and going to hell thousands of times, these failed queens would wake up and realize they’re not acting remotely in their interests. i have no idea what keeps them going, but to paul blart’s credit, he’s at least not outwardly self hating like the troon is.

No. 1797374

>erm literally everryyyooonnneee in new york has herpes, who caares are you twelve haaahaaaaaa, you should thank me honey

No. 1797383

No. 1797385

oh my god i remember this poster, hilarious that it really is dasha. she’d call anyone she disagreed with a fat dyke and meltdown anytime something vaguely radfem was mentioned and accuse everyone of being covert misogynists for not liking her, dasha, the known rapist and pedo lover.

No. 1797386

Aw this makes me nostalgic for last year. I believe Liz Bruenig was at the bottom of her insanity twitter spiral too. Dasha used to be so unhinged online. Now we just have constantly seething Anna

No. 1797392

It really grosses me out to think every host of cum town and red scare and chapo have had sex with each other

No. 1797400

I still think Nick Mullen and Amber Frost have slept with each other(sage your shit)

No. 1797453

100%, nick wouldn’t live with a woman for so long without at least trying to fuck her

No. 1797461

She’s such a bad person. You know she’s had other stuff too because she talks about how she hates condoms. I also think her never having an abortion is mainly because she has such a mucked up hormonal profile with the high testosterone and alleged pcos. With how much shes fucked and said she hates condoms/bc, it’s crazy she hasn’t needed an abortion

No. 1797501

She doesn’t only say it about chicks like the fat model, she seethes about any hot woman who isn’t stick thin and implies they need to lose weight meanwhile those women date attractive tall guys and she gets busted short guys, a rung above incel kek. She’s honestly so embarrassing, I think a lot of scarethots don’t call her out on it because they have serious jealousy problems as well

No. 1797520

of course now that she got booted from the show she has to pretend she thinks its mediocre and beneath her maximum kek

No. 1797527

>basic NYC social climber who tries to look rich on social media but doesn't realize she screams "no class" to actual rich ppl
This IS Dasha. She grew up in a condo with working class immigrant parents, she is lower class compared to the succession cast and the actual characters too. A lot of the cast are seasoned, wealthy actors with actual real life tact and grace

No. 1797567

I know we're assholes on here but Dasha melting down and autistically screeching "KYS FAT DYYYKESSSSS!!!!11!" at people for calling her acting shitty and her hair greasy or whatever is a) hilarious and b) the absolute definition of narcissistic rage. shocked she didn't nab the lead in that Sydney Sweeney romcom with that winning personality honestly

No. 1797576

I take it you guys haven't been paying attention to the Cryptofash/Jack drama? It's been LOL(sage your shit newfag)

No. 1797580

N/m, I missed it up further. That Basil guy posted a voice chat of Jack talking about jacking off with his bros and getting pissed on which watching the Lighthouse lol(sage your shit, this is an imageboard)

No. 1797583

No. 1797588

careful you'll make me sympathize with her.

No. 1797592

never heard a gay guy recount a "hot" night of fucking & sucking in such a dull tone. fake. post pics or get out.

No. 1797594


I think it's because they're all jerking off(sage your shit)

No. 1797597

I kind of suspect that dasha still lurks here and occasionally posts irrelevant press clippings about herself

No. 1797600

that was me

No. 1797602

that was ME lmao i got banned so many times for doing that

No. 1797630

apparently she has had two abortions but lies about it on the podcast

No. 1797632

samefag but lmao she looks obese in those photos

No. 1797641

No she doesn’t.

No. 1797650

Size 6 detected kek

No. 1797652

You sympathize with social climbing retards who don’t have the brain power to figure out how to blend in with higher status folk? L for you then

No. 1797653

shes extremely frumpy when shes not in control of her angles. i shouldnt be laughing as hard as i am but she loves to call normal women fat so idk i dont feel too bad about it.

No. 1797663

size 6 is not normal, its fat

No. 1797685

where did i mention a dress size? seethe at women with boobs and rattle your bones and skin flaps elsewhere, boardass.

No. 1797693

I have noticed that calling Dasha a wannarexic or suggesting that she is not as talented as Anna gets a pretty quick response ITT. But you can call her a slut or a fake Catholic til the cows come home and nobody will bother to argue. Not to say I think Dasha is lurking here, although she might, but if it is her, it's funny/telling what she actually finds offensive enough to argue about.

No. 1797699

Comment framed her as a low class underdog which is sympathetic to the vast majority of people. Don’t be so autistic.

No. 1797711

i know people try to get under her skin by saying she’s fat, but I think the problem is the devastatingly mid face. Not a crime in itself but if the actresses playing the girl next doors are prettier than you, maybe that means something

No. 1797714

No, it framed her as an underdog that is trying to fit in with a higher class and failing. If she embraced her origins and didn’t act like she’s above them, there would be nothing to criticize in that regard

No. 1797717

what the fuck why did you reply to a post from 8 years ago nonna

No. 1797721

>that was ME NOT DASHA!!!!!, screamed Anonymous

No. 1797723

sorry meant that one. accidentally backspaced the numbers off the end

No. 1797730

it literally was. not my fault its funny when people post here so earnestly/autistically. and calling people fat is the easiest way to get the funniest responses

No. 1797736

nonnie you were the one earnestly praising dasha over and over again and lauding her “acting career” i don’t think you have much of a leg to stand on here kek, lost scarethot

No. 1797737

can’t delete post but this was meant for >>1797730

No. 1797739

no that was someone else. i was the one calling everyone fat dykes kek

No. 1797762

File: 1680056262433.jpeg (92.24 KB, 750x1052, FF33EFE1-7496-464B-9334-D16F91…)

I thought this exchange on the rs sub a few days ago was funny. There was a post your height weight thread and this unhinged scarethot was calling people fat

No. 1797767

No. 1797770

File: 1680056447780.jpeg (66.86 KB, 454x843, 2B8110EE-4F81-4356-9011-17A2E1…)

On her profile this photo shows she’s clearly healthy weight but not crazy thin. She has posts saying she has an eating disorder too. The absolute state of scarethots, literally mostly just normal fit girls and maybe a handful of fat chicks calling other girls fat kek. Anna and Dasha’a retarded legacy

No. 1797775

believe what you wanna believe babe

No. 1797778

i, too, am not dasha and i also monitor threads 24-7 for 2 years after i make a comment, just in case someone attributes my comments to dasha, who once again, i am not.

No. 1797784

u can think im dasha if it makes you feel better

No. 1797790

you can say you were epically trolling as much as you want but the screenshots clearly show you seething over people simply saying she isnt a good actress or is forgettable and not hot, all three of which are true by the way. not that i necessarily even believe you, i doubt whoever said that would care this much about letting everyone know she was the one calling everyone fat dykes for insulting queen dasha, but i guess you both(?) are just doing it for attention so what do i know.

No. 1797795

epically trolling

No. 1797803

honestly dasha coming in this thread to do damage control about her self-posting is the best milk we've had in months. she used all 119 of her IQ points and all she came up with is 10 posts and counting of "noooo that wasn't me! i mean HER" lol

No. 1797816

No. 1797844

Liberal comedians being allowed to be mildly racist is probably the number one cultural force keeping America together during the Bush and early Obama years. Once that got taken away, all hell broke loose White gay men need stuff like Avenue Q and Book of Mormon to keep them from starting a race war.

No. 1797851

this makes it, what, the fourth time you’ve repeated yourself after sitting in this thread all day?

No. 1797869

Isn't Basil a faggot too? LOL at all these homos fighting over who gets to be the most based sodomite of them all. Is Basil better because he keeps it behind closed doors? Hating women and troons doesn't equal trad, fatass

No. 1797871

Same, and people with tact and grace don't become actors lmao

No. 1797872

girls like these are the kinds that used to make me insecure about being skinny but still having "fat looking arms" and surprise, they have normal ass arms too. youd think theyd actually look ana to be calling people fat as much as they do but no, theyre just normal women who probably got told they have fat arms too at one point and now they have to take it out on everyone else.

No. 1797933

fucking EW you can hear him fapping in the background

No. 1798160

her 10% jewish heritage wouldn't be as much of a problem as converting to judaism for her baby daddy and constantly elevating jewish identity to a special status in every comment she makes about it.
she just wants to be part of a hip club and thinks embracing faux anti-semitism is somehow endearing to anyone.(sage your shit)

No. 1798184


So true, it's always normal weight women that go out of their way to act in this exaggerated "mean popular anorexic girl" way online

No. 1798237

Or, in the case of Anna and Dasha, exaggerate it on their podcast kek

No. 1798258

to be fair to dasha she looks like the crypt keeper IRL

No. 1798261

thats because of her abraham lincoln cheek though not because shes skelly

No. 1798414

Listened to the Red Scare Ozempic episode (3/10)

They kind of talked for 2 hours about very little. I've only listened to 1 or 2 eps before, at first I thought either they have really good chemistry, or were totally high off their asses. Later in the episode admitted to being really drunk. Complained at the beginning of being very hungover.

On the topic of Ozempic, they said they wouldn't take it because they don't have a problem controlling their appetites. They're already putting in the work, so to speak. Said we can all finally admit that body positivity is over and everyone wanted/wants to be thin. Stated vs. real desires.

Dasha says that she and Matthew watch some TV show (forget the name) to get in the mood so sounds like they're still together

Dasha is a vocal Marianne Williamson supporter and Anna is afraid of her

No. 1798437

Tbf anorexic girls are rarely the popular ones, they’re usually seen as social outcasts like Eugenia cooney

No. 1798446

File: 1680135954887.jpeg (152.03 KB, 800x840, 7E3A205B-0538-4C03-91C2-A219A8…)

She didn’t look like that for a long time, she was average weight, with mediocre proportions at that

No. 1798452

they’re both so ugly it’s kind of jarring

No. 1798467

This isn’t a rare insight into the real Dasha, she types the exact same way on Twitter and Reddit. Her self-posting low point here was when she spent days sperging out about how Florence Pugh was ugly & fat and she was going to take all her roles…how’s that plan working out so far, Dasha? Kek

No. 1798554

File: 1680145488567.png (69.13 KB, 446x466, glow.png)

Nothing suspicious about this at all, nosiree.

No. 1798639

Eugene is a producer on this movie and the director is or was friends with Dasha pre RS.

No. 1798691

I know very little about Brandon and Jamel, but they are the last people I'd want talking about the cliamte

No. 1798734

>Bunch of insta weirdos
>A Cum town adjacent pod
What is this fucking lineup?

No. 1798782

No. 1798798

Ayrt and I was meaning to reply to this request when I had some free time, but now I'm worried I'll be doing unpaid research for Default Friend kek

No. 1798799

move over peter thiel, red scare just found their new dark money patreon injection.

No. 1798801

she’s gonna end up writing the book crumps wants to write about dimes square

No. 1798804

>gross, brace is honestly like every rich boy drug addict i've ever met, super high bottom to use recoveryspeak, but they'll never admit their whole lifestyle was always funded by mom and dad and 10 years after they get clean they still sit around reminiscing proudly about their stupid junkie foibles like getting beat up, getting infections and seeing people OD because they think it makes them macho by proxy. such a cliche
This describes Brace perfectly, but it also perfectly describes too many real life people I know, kek. Ty for writing this nonna

No. 1798833

So many events at Little Secrets is like that! I still want to know whose house it is.

No. 1798856

File: 1680189125346.jpg (51.84 KB, 1200x675, 49060506_526760187821951_42669…)

>The Cobrasnake

No. 1799045

Cobrasnake has been famous again for awhile - 00’s revival is huge right now.

No. 1799058

American Mind is part of Claremont, which is funded by Thiel.

No. 1799102

Very bizarre new RS ep where their black guest is lightly prodding dasha about her being racist and dasha seemingly doing her hardest to not deny it.

No. 1799120

>Author and critic Thomas Chatterton Williams stops by the pod to discuss the protests in France, race in America and the new Lana.

sounds like my kind of trainwreck!

No. 1799159

Anna seems like she's sticking to her lib bit and denies being racist, when pressed about her love of Steve Sailer she says she just likes his "electrifying prose" but asserts that she just wants us all to get along. Williams doesn't seem to care much but teases Dasha about not dating black guys, not listening to rap music, posting on 4chan etc. All met with no real reaction from Dasha. At one point when talking about how the twitter algo shows you videos of black-on-white violence to rile people up both Williams and Anna say basically "yeah but in real life all that stuff is still rare" and dasha interjects that she was mugged twice in Oakland by presumably black guys. Seems like Anna is trying to rehabilate her racism and chalk up being buddies with BAP and Sailer to just her quirky artistic tastes and Dasha is doubling down on the racism. Pretty dull convo overall though, as per usual.

No. 1799186

Is Dasha counting Lucien Smith as not black then?

No. 1799192

these people dont have any coherent beliefs and are just simping to patreon pay pigs, when will you learn?

No. 1799209

File: 1680220568664.jpeg (173.43 KB, 1170x1084, FCD9AF81-E55D-46A9-873C-FCEBDD…)

It used to be owned by a UFO cult that’s still across the street called the Aetherius Society

No. 1799226

Wtf? Who gives a shit if Dasha doesn’t date black guys? Or does he mean she doesn’t fuck black guys? Anna doesn’t date them either she said she lost her virginity to a black guy but never said she dated one

No. 1799239

begone scarethot

No. 1799243

I’m not a scarethot. I learned all this from this thread. A lot of women don’t date black men. Get over it

No. 1799246

anna says on the latest episode she had a black bf. both will fuck whoever will give them a shred of validation, they’re whores. so yes you’re right in that sense it doesn’t matter

No. 1799315


No. 1799634

Anna is now really walking back her flirtation with the right…

No. 1799650

File: 1680274176201.png (778.26 KB, 1434x960, Thomas-Chatterton-Williams-ecr…)

thanks for the recap nonnie, can't believe i'm about to defend anna and dasha but this dude's an absolute loser for getting on the show and needling them about not dating black men, women's vaginas are not ruled by the EEOC and it's incel loser logic to suggest otherwise.

if anyone doesn't know, fagrelated is him - he's about the same skin tone as Anna with a tan. for all A + D's supposed badass contrarianism, i noticed they always fold and walk back over the slightest pressure, especially when it's from a man - altho it seems like dasha stood her ground better, which good for her. they should have asked him to show pics of all the beautiful black women he's dated. let me guess, he can't, these types never do.

No. 1799653

File: 1680274476586.jpg (63.86 KB, 1024x682, darryl-nelson.jpg)

Elaine's racially ambiguous bf lookin ass