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File: 1675192438720.jpeg (429.71 KB, 1169x1934, Moldbug with troons.jpeg)

No. 1757525

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

>New Red Scare episode opens with them giggling about “our rapist friend” Cameron Mereno


>Nick Mullen might have herpes:


>Details on Anna Khachiyan's and Dasha Nekrasova's fascist friends @FistedFoucault and Thomas777:


>Anna admits to having screaming fights with her bf Eli Keszler:


>Article on sex pest Pedocles "Perry" Abbasi:


>Paul Skallas aka Lindy Man defends the sex pest Pedocles:


>The "Vibe Shift" that never was:


>Mike Crumplar meets Audrey Horne @credenzaclear2, continues sniffing his own farts:


>Audrey declares Red Scare over, then recants like a coward:


>Cumtown fans grow jaded with The Adam Friedland Show's mediocre output:


>Reddit History Class is in session with Anna Khachiyan and Park MacDougald:


>Aimee Terese gets temporarily banned from Twitter for her Andrew Tate comment:


>TradCath Egirl Summit with the troon Pariah Doll, the mid @p8stie, the racist @actually_lia, and other fuggos:


>@p8stie gets dragged for retarded sex tourism tweet:


>More on @p8stie


>Curtis Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug and his ugly harem of troons:


>Kantbot getting tired of incels:


@eigenrobot (postrat guru, raging Reddit misogynist, @Aella_Girl ally)
>Kiwifarmer doxxed Eigen and his wife as Samuel Henly and Mackenzie Henly
>Wants to ban abortion and no fault divorce:
>Also wants to tax "childless girlbosses and sexual minorities" to subsidize stay-at-home moms and boost the birthrates
>Took his young daughter to meet with @Aella_Girl, a sex worker with a track record of bad hygiene, defending child porn, denying that child abuse causes trauma, and downplaying the existence of sex trafficking:
>Has admitted to having owned a large database of commercial sex markets (which he may not have been entirely honest with the legal system about)

@lndian_Bronson (Steve Sailer replyguy and incel Urbiter buttbuddy of @eigenrobot)
>Angry misogynist 30-something Indian Browncel (surprise surprise) who slides into the DMs of trad egirls:
>Attended college with @default_friend, claims to only date 18-22 year old women because he thinks older women are ran through:
>Runs a dating app which is a possible data mining scheme:

>Anon does a roundup of other ties between Dime Square, Silicon Valley techbros, and postrats:


>Increasingly distressed SlateStarCodex blogger Scott Alexander alludes to Lolcow Farms:


>This is the post that has Scott worried:


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No. 1757545

At what point do they just have Nick fuentes go on red scare and get kicked off patreon and dasha loses her acting gig

No. 1757548

>imo the thread name change was dumb because it's just going to be used by chapos to shout down nonnas posting anything about anyone on the left connected to this scene.

>can you newfags stfu and gtfo already, these people were already not even pretending to be left-wing anymore when the thread was created. you want to talk about "the left" go to the breadtube thread

Called it.

No. 1757554

You forgot to mention the Edward de Vere ball but I don't blame you because it was fucking gay

No. 1757556

File: 1675194688140.png (188.9 KB, 502x754, Keith-Woods-Telegram (1).png)

A Fuentes/Kanye episode would be an amusing trainwreck, but it won't happen because Fuentes and his platoon of circus freaks are embroiled in a feud with BAP and his platoon of circus freaks.

No. 1757563

did BAP seriously think that rightists going around ranting about "Global N*er Communism" would somehow NOT get them banned from social media? lmao

No. 1757567

pretty sure Anna Khachiyan had a lot of friendly interactions with Keith Woods on Twitter before he got banned. if his account gets restored, it should be easy to dig them up.

No. 1757572

It's been a while since we've mentioned The Fed Post, but they also had Keith Woods on as a guest:


No. 1757600

File: 1675197228867.jpeg (249.7 KB, 1170x1542, 4020B24E-1E7C-4021-83F0-10ECBC…)

Dasha posting a pic of—after 3 layers of face and body tune— some girl that looks vaguely like dasha. Check out those arm lines

No. 1757616

File: 1675197761024.jpg (177.32 KB, 1175x864, 62321216614.jpg)

Users at Rdrama are spreading our theories about Aella and the possible "postrat" grooming scene:


No. 1757623

It’s too bad their only motivation is to destroy a woman adjacent to that scene

No. 1757629

if Aella really is procuring women for these disgusting moids, then she deserves it tbh. but we have to limit the Aella talk since she has her own thread.

No. 1757655

Cute filter job, her arm isn’t even clipping into the wall like the last one

No. 1757674

Yup! Troon tactics

No. 1757677

Why not destroy the moids she’s procuring for? They don’t even get named

No. 1757688

Farmers have named a few suspects above, but you're right about the Redditors I guess lol

No. 1757691

At this point I feel like red scare got paid to promote these literally-who pedo fags and it’s working because they’re taking over the discussion. I feel like I’m being talked down to. I don’t need someone to tell me why a pedo nazi is bad. I get it. Honestly I have actually met adjacent types in real life and I do understand that they’re unhinged dangers to society but damn I don’t want to follow them and discuss their writing, they’re disgusting. I thought we were here because we know dasha and Anna are peddling their bullshit and it’s fucked. I’m not here to be told 39 threads in that akshually these dudes are bad. The fuck??? No shit.
Lolcow must be going through a userbase change. Welcome sheltered zoomers. This shut is old news.

No. 1757720

This. Most of the last couple hundred posts in the last thread essentially boiled down to:
Crazy that this postrats or w/e the newfags call them are apparently so milky but weren't milky enough to warrant their own thread that they had to take over this one.

No. 1757726

>Honestly I have actually met adjacent types in real life and I do understand that they’re unhinged dangers to society but damn I don’t want to follow them and discuss their writing, they’re disgusting. I thought we were here because we know dasha and Anna are peddling their bullshit and it’s fucked.

Sorry, but you sound like you have a room temperature IQ. "Like, yeah, I know it's fucked what they do but I still meet up with them IRL. And I don't want to read about, which is why I came to their thread on a girls gossip site."

Yeah, I think the problem is with you. Stop derailing. If the content doesn't interest you, then shut up and go read something else. Some of us have been in these threads from the start so we remember that there are always anons like you who come along with retarded complaints ("these threads are so boring now!" "why are we discussing so and so??") that do nothing but derail the thread. Fuck off already!

No. 1757739

If you're going to samefag you probably shouldn't post the exact same thing verbatim lmao

No. 1757744

It wasn't a samefag. There was a typo in the first post, which is why it's deleted. Do you know how imageboards work?

No. 1757764

The first one was already underwhelming, this one might as well not have happened at all. The people calling them dead and irrelevant are right

No. 1757769

OG Leftthots poster here. I remember in the early threads there were Liz Bruenig stans who would cry and throw a fit whenever Liz was posted because "she wasn't a real cow" and "she wasn't really connected to Anna and Dasha anymore" and (lol) "she's a successful journalist, not milky." Newfags can go look at the early threads and verify this yourselves!

It took at LEAST five or six threads before other anons finally conceded that Liz Bruenig was indeed a lolcow, and she became one of the greatest lolcows these threads have produced. That's why I laugh when I see anons make the same exact complaints whenever these threads change just a little a bit. As if they were better when 50% of the posts were just anons sperging about Dasha's BMI!

No. 1757773

Cow on cow violence. Fucking hilarious that these people used to make fun of leftists for cannibalism and say how based it was that they tolerated all sorts of differing opinions and now are having a major rift because one of them won't blame "da joos" hard enough.

This looks nothing like her but the skull is still lopsided, impressive

No. 1757776

Somehow I don't think some RW lowbie account who was an internet atheist in 2011 who is four degrees of separation from Anna and Dasha or whatever will turn out to be the next Liz, but what do I know.
>As if they were better when 50% of the posts were just anons sperging about Dasha's BMI!
As someone who hates those posts, it honestly would be. Also to whom it may concern: still waiting on the indianbronson photos. If you newfags want to talk about these freaks so bad at least bring some milk.

No. 1757779

Ntayrt but Everyone knows rw pedo moids are rw pedos, the milk is when supposed leftists turn out to be exactly the same as the people we expected to be the already established bad guys. The thread is about weeding out wolves and grifters in the dirtbag left not melting down that racists are being racist.
>IQ based insults
You are literally a moid and you are not slick. Take it to kiwi farms or make a post rationalist thread. This has thread has r drama stink all over it. Couldn’t help but out yourselves bragging to the laydees here about your righteous operation.

No. 1757780

It's only been a week and we already have lurkers from other sites reading these threads and spreading our theories about these pedophile freaks. If you don't see the milk potential there, you've lost the plot.

No. 1757786

i think the anon who had the indianbronson pics was about to post them before the last thread got locked. hope she finds this one.

No. 1757790

The aella shit is just moid malding about whores, it is exactly the same as when they were reporting only fans girls to the IRS. Just an opportunity to smite a woman while looking righteous. These scrotes never go after the source of the problem, the coomers, because it would be friendly fire. How about exposing the crowd-sourced burgeoning AI porn spaces wildly proliferating online and in discords?

No. 1757793

I really do think America could easily become fascist if not for the fact that the far right is dominated by mentally added moids who suspect each other of being Jews and Feds and can't organize their way out of a paper bag.

No. 1757799

That same anon confirmed he was friends with @default_friend, who got posted here a lot before she deleted her Twitter. Not sure why a few anons are acting like there are no connections here, lol

No. 1757800

anyone know what happened to default_friend? Is she just taking a break or did she finally do the smart thing and run away from this scene for good?

No. 1757803

hopefully died

No. 1757819


can't believe i didn't notice you wrote this and made a whole new thread since im used to doing it, ive asked mods to remove it (by it i mean the one i wrote ty for this nonna)

No. 1757836

>the milk is when supposed leftists turn out to be exactly the same as the people we expected to be the already established bad guys
You're such a fucking newfag it hurts

No. 1757875

Does anybody still have that picture where Crumps and Curtis Yarvin met and the latter’s fly was down? had me lolling

No. 1757916

Literally how are A&D hanging out with celebrities like Chloe Sevigny still after being outed as open white nationalists? What? Is being troonphobic the only boundary you aren’t allowed to cross anymore?

No. 1757930

What happened now? Or is this in reference to the Morrissey show they went to last month?

No. 1757984

File: 1675219078966.jpeg (90.25 KB, 1125x596, 37A9EDB5-4BAA-4EAA-9FC9-7F4DBF…)

lol, she maad

No. 1758015

File: 1675222179460.png (2.22 MB, 1170x2532, E09167B9-BEFA-4898-9B04-C5C459…)

back now. And like I said in the last thread, his name got lost in the DMs of my deleted twitter so it’s not even a real dox but I believe Indian Bronson worked for this Republican nonprofit or org in the screenshot. He sent videos of himself doing an interview for or with them. I don’t have the link anymore or else I’d search for his name— maybe the video is deleted.

This is not dissimilar to the underwhelming MedGold photo dox but whatever

No. 1758017

File: 1675222276366.jpeg (258.52 KB, 1006x1467, FD852968-2FED-4AB1-B654-656FCD…)

old juxtaposed screenshot for context. The tweet, the man…

No. 1758019

he jaw, follicle, and schnoze mogs rohit

No. 1758045


if this is actually him he looks very, very different now.

t. someone who knows IB and browses this thread to see if you talk about me (you don't)

No. 1758054

ooh very mysterious…and unsaged….

No. 1758057

Holy editing. Did she enlist some photoshop proficient incel to do this? Only accurate part is the shoulder shrug to counteract the low hanging mini boobs

No. 1758068

The space between her upper thighs definitely looks shooped to me, there's something really off about how uneven the sizes of her thighs are

No. 1758088

Nonnie I don't usually say that but you sound kinda jealous. Celebrities are just regular ass people who happen to be famous, most of them are vapid as shit and happy to hang out with whoever is or appears to be relevant, it's not some exclusive club people are vetted into. Rapist moids get outed and nothing happens to them all the time. It's actually a testament to Dasha's incompetence that after being as desperate as she is, sucking as much dick on the casting couch as she did, and being catapulted into the center of an edgy scene as she was, this is all she has to show for it. Literally anyone else would have done better

No. 1758093

Her waist and hip area look uncanny too, it could be angles but I don’t know. Maybe she’s paying someone kardashian style to edit her photos to look hotter

No. 1758111

> It's actually a testament to Dasha's incompetence that after being as desperate as she is, sucking as much dick on the casting couch as she did, and being catapulted into the center of an edgy scene as she was, this is all she has to show for it.
She isn’t charismatic or beautiful. It would be so much more respectable if she used whatever connections she had to do work behind the scenes like Leia. No one wants to watch her busted face and creepy schizo mannerisms on the big screen

No. 1758140

I didnt realize she was this stupid to post something so ridiculously photoshopped. Her right thigh being missized is a dead giveaway unless she broke her femur recently.

No. 1758252

No. 1758254

Such a shame she’s involved with the weird scene she’s in since I really enjoy her internet socio-archaeology work

No. 1758259

do you have links to her internet "socio-archealogy" work? last i heard from her she was writing boring articles on why women shouldnt be allowed to have birth control for conservative rags. I feel partially bad for her since her entire online persona was being a jewish woman in tech who ingratiates herself to rw but she is a pickme at the end of the day

No. 1758291

File: 1675264878250.jpeg (163.02 KB, 750x347, C9F0CC58-7B95-4C3B-B9F2-A19E85…)


No. 1758293

File: 1675265024871.png (46.19 KB, 603x260, deepfakeporno.png)

I disagree

No. 1758296

she absolutely posted this in hopes of people calling her hotter and skinnier than the AI bikini girls she was seething about on twitter last week lol. also dasha went to the khloe kardashian school of photoshopping with that shrunken head and sanding all texture off her face trying to look like a teenager

>A+D outed as open white nationalists
lol really anon?
also Chloe Sevigny is a 90s girl, the level of "ironic" racism and tryhard 3edgy5me shit that infested the 90s hipster scene makes Anna and Dasha seem tame by comparison, just look at Harmony Korine's entire ouvre or what became of Gavin McInnes. i feel like younger people make the mistake of thinking A+D's schtick is original, it's really not, just warmed up 30 year old provocation that seems new to zoomers but wouldn't raise someone like Chloe Sevigny's eyebrow in the least, it's good for a laugh but not worth any real outrage. anyway my rant aside, you're right about troonphobia being the only real line these days.

No. 1758299

Do you really want your mind blown? Chloe's been following Jack TPN on instagram for years.

No. 1758307

Dasha following twitch drama?

No. 1758310

It’s mostly relegated to her podcast, The Computer Room. I feel like the topic is her pet passion.

Nonnies please don’t spook her into nuking the podcast PLEASE.

No. 1758314

File: 1675267704728.png (230.98 KB, 621x565, peter_thiel.png)

Did he offer more "studies" from Aella to back up that claim about rape? Btw it's confirmed that Peter Thiel has paid Aella in the past to speak at "Hereticon" on…how to pay for sex.

(Us oldfags also remember when the Thiel connections to Red Scare/Dime Square were first mentioned here, some anons tried to claim that we were being conspiratards. Then it was all but confirmed and the mainstream media likewise reported on it. Lolcow will remain ahead of the curve!)

No. 1758320

Ty for the history lesson anon! Some of these comments make me feel like such an oldfag. NYC hipster racism is nothing new. Chloe was in a long-term relationship with the king of it (Vincent Gallo) and literally blew him onscreen, why would she of all people be bothered by A&D's stale antics? Hollywood people aren't actually liberals, they just play them on TV.

No. 1758322

I thought I saw someone say once that Thiel is also an investor in onlyfans in some way, does anyone know if that's true?

No. 1758326

lol just saw this. Even sitting down and from this angle, you can tell he's short. Rather typical Browncel.

No. 1758332

btw how deep did his connections with @default_friend and her circle go? I was wondering how she got in with some of those conservative rags she writes for.

No. 1758336

I've noticed a bunch of conspiracies surface on lolcow, and then filter through social media platforms and eventually get picked up by mainstream journalists. That's why so many famewhore cows lurk & self-post so aggressively - they know anonymous comments here play a role in shaping public narratives about them. These people spend every spare moment Googling themselves and lolcow tends to come up high in search results kek

No. 1758337

>t. someone who knows IB and browses this thread to see if you talk about me (you don't)

Just curious, are you someone we used to talk about in earlier threads?

No. 1758340


No. 1758348


>The interview in Front Populaire, run by rabble-rousing intellectual Michel Onfray, marked a new high-water mark for Houellebecq. Beyond the comments on anti-Islam terror, the author commented on the Great Replacement conspiracy theory — according to which Muslims are displacing white people in the West — to say it is “not a theory, but a fact.”

>He adds: “Our only hope of survival would be that white supremacy becomes ‘trendy’ in the United States.”

No. 1758349

She was in one of my old twitter group chats bc she’s in a million— DF writes and pitches prolifically. Like, I truly think she just pushes articles to every press. She also is super friendly and doesn’t want to piss anyone off—to the point of lacking principles— that’s where she got herself associating with moids and anti semites. She is an avid networker, not even in a thirsty social climbing way, but in a internetty/too online way. She will DM EVERYONE. Also, DF tweeted on how she befriended a lot of Bay Area rats and post rats and techies when she lived there. That’s more her network if I had to guess

She actually is a nice and diplomatic person but has no line for what’s too far tbh. Then she is shocked when asocial moid mutuals turn on her, if you recall when everyone in the far right space called her a fed

Nonna he’s obviously Indian Bronson, they even type the same

No. 1758355

>Also, DF tweeted on how she befriended a lot of Bay Area rats and post rats and techies when she lived there.

Do you remember which ones? A little surprised she disappeared at a time when so many of those types are getting boosted.

No. 1758358

can't wait to hear dasha do her seductive baby routine at this absolute toad of a man while anna puts on her most serious pseud voice and pretends to have read more than one of his books

No. 1758362

>She also is super friendly and doesn’t want to piss anyone off—to the point of lacking principles— that’s where she got herself associating with moids and anti semites

isn't she Jewish too? I think lots of people in this scene don't realize the kind of Pandora's Box they're opening up

No. 1758364

Katherine Dee was hawking miladies well after everyone knew about the pedo grooming cult allegations, no sympathy for her.

No. 1758367

I somehow forgot about that, lmao. It really is impossible to take more than two steps among this crowd without running into a groomer/pedo or someone who covers for groomers/pedos.

No. 1758369

They introduce themselves and he goes "…okay". Anna as usual has been posting quotes from the first 10 pages of his books. He seems like he just wants to give a ted talk about euthanasia. The podcast is hard to listen to because they have a man translating everything.

No. 1758370

Aella, Web dev Mason (poly), Mason’s poly roam note app founder baby daddy. you can also safely assume ANYONE who attends tech meets in Miami (techies) or moved to Miami, or went to art basel (the red scare and trad girlposters who go) the last few years. But idk these people’s names since they tend to be “micro influencer” posters and I’m not on Twitter

Yes she is Jewish

I don’t have pity for her, she flew too close to the far right moids. But the reason those circles touched was a ton of tech dudes got mad at woke shit and got into (Aka read one thing by) Yarvin and others over covid. It was their attempt to be edgy. Like Id go on the app clubhouse (remember that?) into a private room and I’d hear a tech founder comp sci tard with vocal fry who probably hadnt read a book in years rant about how democracy was bad.

No. 1758376

>But the reason those circles touched was a ton of tech dudes got mad at woke shit and got into (Aka read one thing by) Yarvin and others over covid

That sounds like Elon's trajectory, though I don't know if he's read Yarvin. I wonder how much behind-the-scenes collusion there is or if the Yarvin//Thiel/postrat crowd are just taking advantage of Elon Twitter's lax moderation. I don't think it's a coincidence that the algorithm now pushes so much of this reactionary techbro shit.

No. 1758380

The other thing is the algorithm originally pushed this shit— the algo in 2020. Like I’m normie as heck so how did I become adjacent to these circles with trad wanna bes and NLOGs and tech racists mentioning Hitler? (And similarly, how do a bunch of NYC art liberals now consume red scare’s lowkey racist views?)

But a lot of these tech founders who started believing in HBD and racial IQs and women not working and Birth control evil didn’t come to these views from independent discovery, they were spoonfed by suggested tweets ime. Cuz none of these people read actual books or articles.

There’s an argument to be made about Twitter policing people, but that algo (to me) seemed to push a lot of far right views even prior to Elon

No. 1758381

Where's the "actually prison rape isn't rape because you lose bodily autonomy when you're incarcerated, same reason why you can legally conduct medical research on inmates without the need for consent" nonnie when we need her. Ironically, that's the type of view he would himself espouse were he not obsessed with minimizing sexual violence against women.

No. 1758395

The idea of someone paying Aella_Pickme to do """data science"" work is hilarious because of how dumb she is. She thinks Twitter polls are quality surveys and can barely work the tools, she's tweeted some dumb "teehee I'm a dumb woman! Python is too hard for my delicate lady brain!" shit lately.

No. 1758398

any info on that dating app he runs? it's def a scam, right?

No. 1758420

Anna does most of the question asking. Dasha gets excited when she can bring up religion and she says ensoulment a lot. I think they did a lot of editing and cut things out, Anna refers to asking him if fascism is better than standing for nothing but the first time asking was cut unless I zoned out. It’s very dry, they read a question and their translator says his barely related answer and they just move on to the next question. Anna tried to get him to endorse her theory that’s his work is romantic to women and he answers about the Romantic movement.

No. 1758424

A shill Thiel chooses is a pathetic testament to his own incompetency? Many such cases!

No. 1758434

File: 1675276798642.png (1.41 MB, 1170x2532, B02F6F6A-259F-459A-B113-710A3F…)

Robert evans is a little embarrassing (and biased in the other direction) but he still could have milk or insight. Anyone listened to his Thiel episode yet? Sorry if this is old news

No. 1758439

>a ton of tech dudes got mad at woke shit

how many of these moids also hate women because they can't get a date or think they're entitled to an 18y/o virgin?

No. 1758453

I thought Robert evans was literally a government intelligence tool? Like more than most popular “radical” twitter journalists lol
I would not listen to anything he says nonna. Not insightful or honest.

No. 1758459

Silicon Valley tech guys getting shitcanned from their startup jobs because of moid entitlement is a known thing. Blog posts like "my options are worth $4 million yet none of these entitled females respect me!!!" abound and I love seeing those guys get fired for putting that shit out there under their real names

No. 1758462

I feel like this would belong better in the aella thread or a dedicated postrat/silicon valley cow thread, when it was just moldbug and characters extremely active in the nyc scene it was fine but this entire thread has been about people who had some overlap with major dirtbag left characters. I mean these guys haven’t even been on red scare
>inb4 Liz Bruenig/fat jack/fatbot/samememe get brought up as counterexamples
those people were always very directly adjacent to this scene and were at LEAST one degree adjacent from red scare, the ex lesswrong crew is literally it’s own entire thread worth of cows, many of whom are two to three degrees away from the cows in this thread

No. 1758466

If it’s Thiel milk (or requests), it blurs the lines since both Aella and RSP are Thiel funded

No. 1758469

>inb4 Liz Bruenig/fat jack/fatbot/samememe get brought up as counterexamples
three of those people you mentioned were actually on the pod too. so many literal who's posted the last few threads. who tf is robert evans?

No. 1758471

File: 1675280346937.png (83.76 KB, 602x742, 5667722723.png)

AliceFromQueens, who is definitely a woman, caping for Louis CK. She didn't even bother responding to that last tweet lol

No. 1758475

Definitely not, but I may have appeared in the background of some pictures posted here.

Not IB

>muh sage

No. 1758478

lol were you an attendee at the DeVere Ball or the AntiWoke Film Festival or whatever lame shit they put on?

No. 1758483

File: 1675281331159.jpeg (116.33 KB, 673x672, 074C433D-8D10-432D-9405-DB0F49…)

Another photo from the recent event—

Isn’t Curtis Yarvin’s pregnant ex like in her last trimester? No man has had a midlife crisis this bad tbh

(I cropped Pariah since he loves attention)

No. 1758485

lots of competition, but is Yarvin the fugliest person in this scene? the fugliest moid?

No. 1758487

over stav?

No. 1758489

i would really love to see a lesswrong/(post)rationalist/bay area junkies high on speed and ideology thread, it has an incredible milking potential, does anyone know if there is something like this on kiwifarms or elsewhere

No. 1758490

Yeah, Stav is fat and gross but at least has some jolly energy. Yarvin is both repulsive physically and has very awkward and repellent vibes.

No. 1758494

nta but he's almost archetypically goblinesque which makes his claims of being a noble "high elf" with a genetic propensity towards greatness even more patently ridiculous than they would be otherwise

No. 1758498

i mean mike white reached out to TPN himself and went on his podcast. these C-list celebs are not inaccessible, especially the ones that are bordering millennial and gen x — they find out about these dimes square people and are repelled by the first wave of blue check woketarded reactions to them but they (understandably) don't spend enough time listening to podcasts and going on twitter to understand why they are truly deplorable

No. 1758500

Does Peter Thiel not share any of his lifeforce rejuvenating blood harvested from young boys with Moldbug? I've seen 200-year old trees with a less gnarled facade. Dude looks like ass.

No. 1758501

>who tf is robert evans?
I actually do know who he is but I agree with you. Like I’m sure sometime in the last five years he was replying to chapos on Twitter but he’s in his own dumb clout journalist scene not this one

No. 1758502

Goblin phenotype

No. 1758503

>If only these poor celebs actually paid attention they'd know who they were REALLY in bed with
Oh they know nonna, they just don't care.

No. 1758504

>(I cropped Pariah since he loves attention)
he has cute ears lol

No. 1758505

she'll change her mind when her simps make ai trans porn of her to humiliate her

No. 1758507

NTA but I think the Chapos being cowards and not having a more public break with Red Scare probably helped the latter. There were lots of people who knew about and followed Chapo and the NYC podcaster scene without being superplugged into Twitter every day. These people probably assumed that Anna and Dasha were still "leftists" long after that had ceased being the case because none of the most influential figureheads in that scene had publicly stated otherwise. By now the right-wing turn of Red Scare does seem more well-known but there were lots and lots of hanger-ons.

No. 1758512

don't really think there's much overlap between chapo and red scare listeners atp, i don't really see what chapo has to gain from a more "public break" from RS besides being, like, even more annoying. i feel like if anything it would just alienate their listeners that never knew they were friends, of which I'm sure there are many

No. 1758514

Now it wouldn't make much difference, but a year or two ago there were still lots of people who assumed Dasha was still Sailor Socialism and weren't aware of how much the show had changed.

No. 1758517

Lol if the last couple of years have taught us anything it's that chapo doesn't disavow they just pretend it never happened. And hey it's worked great for them so far.

No. 1758519

this is also probably why Dasha got cast in Succession btw. the producers probably assumed she was still a leftist and then dropped her once they realized what a mistake they made lol

No. 1758525

File: 1675284924393.jpeg (106.63 KB, 1920x1080, B639E70B-9891-4C98-BD98-645E93…)

Gen X celebrities are largely just middle aged racists who feel relieved by this recent “anti woke” movement lol, look at Vincent Gallo

No. 1758527

When she was on the Ben Burgus youtube show I watched a minute and he asked her if she was still a leftist despite what the haters say about her and she said of course. They were calling people crazy for thinking they were right wing until after the 2020 elections, or until the OPN relationship went south. Dasha said she’d vote for Biden if forced and Anna whined that people read too much into her saying Trump. If anyone privately asked them where they stood I’m sure they’d say whatever the other person wanted to hear.

No. 1758528

wait, lolcow is now pro open boarders (a koch brothers proposal) where women are getting raped in large numbers? just to "own" dasha and anna? how is that radfem?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1758529

no its stav both inside and out

No. 1758531

It's pretty obvious we've gotten brigaded the last two threads.
>inb4 some "i've been here since thread #1" fakenonna comes in to correct me

No. 1758532

File: 1675285647447.jpg (120.01 KB, 731x1138, Fm9MNvZaAAA84vb.jpg)

lol Ben Burgers desperately wants to be one of the cool kids but c'mon just look at him. His latest embarrassing arc was going from writing the Jacobin hostile rejoinder to Compact magazine (Sohrab Ahmari's and Matthew Schmitz's scam "dissident" rag) to becoming a Compact contributor within the span of a few months. Pathetic.

No. 1758536

that gay scarf does not match his ugly mug at all. does he think he's some sort of dandy? lol

No. 1758540

File: 1675286151573.png (113.69 KB, 245x243, virgtex.png)

>chapo doesn't disavow they just pretend it never happened
2023…I am forgotten

No. 1758541

i'll take your opinion on the subject seriously when you learn to spell borders

No. 1758544

Speaking of Compact, this article is few months old, but I don't remember if it got posted/discussed here:

>In late September, Compact held its first public event in an arthouse theater in downtown Manhattan: several dozen 20-somethings gathered in a basement screening room to listen as Anna Khachiyan, co-host of the quasi-socialist podcast Red Scare, introduced "heterodox economist" Michael Lind for an academic lecture about models of social organization.

>It was one version of the weird, politically amorphous downtown scene where, as journalist James Pogue described in Vanity Fair last April, "New Right-ish" politics and converting to Catholicism "are in," and where Peter Thiel may or may not be "funding a network of New Right podcasters and cool-kid culture figures as a sort of cultural vanguard." (Earlier that month, the New York Times reported that a new Thiel network is channeling millions towards media projects, including journalism and "influencer programs.")

>It's a scene suffused with a sense of ironic transgression, Ganz says, giving a "performance quality" to everything, "like part of this cultural revolt is about making yourself into a spectacle." For example: in recent weeks Khachiyan has promoted a "based literary journal" that includes an extended interview with her alongside a celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse and an exploration of whether the blood libel — the centuries-old conspiracy theory that Jews ritually murder Christian children — might actually be true.

>Throughout history, Aponte said, "Authoritarian reactionary movements have gained support and energy from such incoherence and contradictions." This movement seemed to have sufficient gravitational pull, he said, that "everyone starts falling in and gradually being converted. I've seen it happen with people I thought were really good leftists, who, next thing I knew, had turned into racists, transphobes and homophobes."

>"Everyone's kind of on board, the specifics are blurry, but the direction is titled one way, whether anybody wants to acknowledge it or not," Aponte continued. "That's something we haven't seen in a long time. It's a vibe, and the kids love it, because the kids are not happy — justifiably so. It's a really spooky and dangerous time, and I feel foolish for participating. I feel bad."

>On Twitter, Aponte tried such an inoculation, addressing warnings to "all my heterodox former-leftist friends" that he'd "seen what lies behind the curtain." "[B]e careful with whom you ally," he wrote. "Their enemies might be your enemies for a just reason, but the devil is in their programmatic details."


No. 1758546

it was a double entendre

No. 1758556

that's what they all say…

No. 1758564

>a more public break
Chapocel coping detected. There was no break at all and they remain acquaintances and friends. The chapos have the exact same job as red scare just slightly different target audiences. I thought we’d been over this before.
The only actual bad blood chapos have is with Virgil Texas because he ghosted them.

No. 1758565

Every lost right wing moid sticks out like a sore thumb. We don’t political bait here newfag. Stay on topic

No. 1758570

File: 1675288380410.png (337.57 KB, 605x573, 4556344.png)


Pericles Abbasi = the "Dissident"/Dime Square Matt Christman

Compact = the "Dissident" Jacobin

IM-1776 = the "Dissident" Current Affairs

You could do this all day lol, so many dirtbag left burnouts clinging to relevance by embracing this rw garbage

No. 1758581

File: 1675288934328.png (159.03 KB, 594x1166, scoot.png)

Scott Alexander, writer of Slate Star Codex and now Astral Codex Ten (they really like old respectable book names, for people so opposed to reading books), is just a Yarvin who won't openly own up to the positions he's already not-even-implicitly defending. I don't think the postrat fanboys are even deluded that they're "just asking questions" and being "objective" and not fully reactionary at this point. The right already openly claims him.

No. 1758590

>he walked me right up to Moldbug

Yes, that does seem to be Scott's function in that ecosystem.

No. 1758592

Sadly, not even close to the worst thing Scott has posted:


No. 1758595

Sorry but Chloe is the OG Pseud anachan.

No. 1758597

>The only actual bad blood chapos have is with Virgil Texas because he ghosted them.
This is correct. I've heard that they were pissed at Virgil over disappearing after Bernie flamed out in 2020 and he ruined his working relationship with them over it.
They're limited in what they can say there because everyone involved with Chapo aside Amber and Matt is the kid of a lawyer/old media Jewish family, so they had all sorts of agreements drawn up when Chapo got big. I get the feeling they have handlers now too, Felix is the only one who has any social media antics of note and even he is pretty quiet the last year or two, probably gets it all out in group chats with his orbiters.
Real veterans of "left twitter" will remember Mikedelic, Sam Kriss, and R.L. Stephens. Mikedelic literally got arrested for camping out in front of a teenager's window.

No. 1758598

Love how this screenshot captures many of the gayest posters on Twitter

No. 1758600

File: 1675290035943.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x214, 564334278990.jpg)

No. 1758604

Lo-Fi "Teenage Wife" Republican says hello. almost like all the moids in this scene have something in common…

No. 1758606

"Dissident" just means "Republican voter trying to adopt edgy aesthetics" though yes, I agree with your point. It also applies to the postrats mentioned above.

No. 1758612

What is Felix gonna do when him and Hasan get me tooed for sleeping with teenagers

No. 1758618

File: 1675291471148.jpg (104.44 KB, 603x640, ion ramaru.jpg)

This moid is currently getting roasted for being a piece of shit. I took a quick glance at his profile and he RTed that same Zero HP Lovecraft tweet along with the usual Steve Sailer material. You could improve society tenfold by rounding up every person connected with this scene into a rocket and launching them into the sun.

No. 1758632

And they’d say wOmEn NeED MeN tO BuIlD sEpTiC TAnKs aNd DrILl OiL as they spend 8 hours a day tweeting from their desk job

No. 1758633

File: 1675292431205.png (503.12 KB, 607x530, lolcow remembers.png)

No. 1758635

Of course she doesn’t care, she has her gross sex scene from that indie movie posted on porn hub. Deepfake porn of her would be an improvement because they would put her face on a better body

No. 1758640

Hasan's dipshit zoomer fanbase doesn't care that he raped trafficked women, why would they care that he fucked teens?
I was following the scene pretty closely at the time and don't remember this at all. Good memory nonna(s).

No. 1758642

a few days ago this freak was arguing that woman fantasize about being raped more than men and now he's arguing that men might be victims of rape more than women. i wonder if there's a pattern here.

No. 1758643

lol Dasha probably agrees with that Ion Ramaru sicko as well.

No. 1758653

This is Eigen’s personal touch on the “women’s nature is evil” argument pushed from the incelly RW posters. Same argument and same pandering to male losers.

No. 1758666

are you literally Cyptofash just here trying to promote your own account?

No. 1758670

He’s so disgusting to look at. Real ugly on the inside and out moment

No. 1758673

I really do hate everyone who put Perry Abbasi on my Twitter feed and helped him build a following

No. 1758683

They’re whatever gets them the most attention at the moment
I remember seeing several of her simps light up over that troon hunter shafer and there was a disgusting thread where some of her simps talked about their favorite trans porn stars. Big overlap between troon fetishists and Dasha enthusiasts

No. 1758703

18 is just the age they state to avoid Twitter bans, they think they’re entitled to 15y/o virgins. They’re all pedos if you hadn’t noticed.

No. 1758705

At this point we just need a mega thread for all the Thiel shills running around.

No. 1758708


No. 1758709

That’s not why, it’s because she had horrible fan reception. People who work on these big shows pay attention to social media like the succession subreddit to see how each new characters is received. The show isn’t left and woke at it’s core, in the previous season Roman makes some offcolor edgy joke. She copes with saying it’s her politics holding her back when really she’s just fucked up looking and not talented enough to become a recurring character on a network show. She’s also comfortable doing nudity and that can help a woman get roles but hardly anyone cares to see her naked

No. 1758724

Imagine turning a board dedicated to gossip and shittalking into your little proselytizing spot for 2014 /pol/ talking points.

No. 1758817

Why does Anna worship BAP? He’s just a washed up academic with the worst fans. He’s even dragged her before

No. 1758832

Because he's the alpha male among the twitter racists who constitute 90% of Anna's feed an she's a pickme for edgelord misanthropy and nihilism.

No. 1758837

Tbh I figured it was a paid relationship, she started mentioning him so suddenly and consistently years after he became well known, it reeks of a deal either directly with him or they’re both on Thiels payroll and required to cross-promote. Synergy baby

No. 1758910

isn't this against some rule of twitter? 40 million views for posting this shit? yeah yeah ik elon bought the site, but i've seen people get their posts taken down for much less. this fucker got exactly what he wanted

No. 1758933

twitter moderation policy has been biased in favor of rightoids and troons for years before elon even came aboard. the most vile shit about women gets spouted constantly while quotetweets get suspended. now with elon hes increasing the visibility of postrat tweets in those forced recommendations. this nonna in the last thread described it well: >>1753523

No. 1758954

she left for good

No. 1758990

or because kantbot was reeing about it on twitter for a while before it got onto lolcow

No. 1758994

It took me 4 years to realize Felix is a goddamn fuckboy. That explains the visceral disgust I've felt seeing pics of him I couldn't explain.

No. 1759002

lol her whole career was being a nice little jewish girl who says slurs

No. 1759005

lots of twitter radlib gaijins on the farms nowadays

No. 1759020

bernie sanders said it was a koch brothers proposal, chapo troon

No. 1759021

did hexbear close down, where are these immigrants coming from?

No. 1759026

this shit is crazy to me, of course it's a big deal to women. women can't be a part of public life irl or url without being a target of some creep filming them or scouring their socials for video clips they can make porn of. right wing moids want you at home, left wing moids push you back into the home by the existential threat of objectifying you and then selling what they've made of you to other moids. it is more than rape it is the sexual stochastic terrorism trannies cry about. i hope all moids with a presence online and offline can get a taste of their own medicine, having porn made of themselves getting skull fucked and anally fisted by granny trannies, it's literally the only way to get them to understand how fucking disgusting this behavior and new online precedent is. men literally have no empathy for anyone except themselves, every single scrote is an ugly, bitter, and resentful lich.

No. 1759031

File: 1675312650700.png (413 KB, 571x612, Screenshot_3.png)


Only enough to shit on another woman. It's fascinating how she really does not have any interests outside the immediate need to bring the worst possible kind of sexual attention upon herself. Is she trying to get weeb moid attention again? We know she's never watched any anime kek

No. 1759034

The silver lining is this story blowing up will push laws and moids will be too afraid to make it
This is funny because the blonde in the pink bikini looks like the porn star her ex said he jerked off to on cumtown. while they were dating

No. 1759035

File: 1675313003443.png (205.66 KB, 588x580, Screenshot_4.png)

Literally what the fuck would she "want" this for

No. 1759037

if_only_you_knew_how_bad_things_really_are dot jpeg

No. 1759039

Pandering to mouth breathing anime moids because no halfway sane man wants her

No. 1759045

You forget this is a woman who has admitted multiple times to masturbating to lolicon.

No. 1759062

dasha: i'm so cultured, my tastes are refined, i'm "tastefully" skinny, i appreciate true "beauty" unlike these neolibs

also dasha: i want to fuck da vr anime waifu

No. 1759068

These are all Teenage girls sans the trap and 800 year old loli. Imagine Becoming a pickme for degen anime pedos.

No. 1759071

She masturbates to lolicon as a self-pedophile though

Kek, I wonder if she's trying to pander to the dykes ITT constantly speculating about her sexuality by expressing desire for the only type of woman she's not in direct competition with

No. 1759076

true but i do think its possible that politics played a role, adam mckay produces and he also made "don't look up" which is basically "blue pill: the movie"

No. 1759082

Don’t put that evil on us cis dykes don’t like lolicon, troid

No. 1759085

She’s pandering to people who like lolicon, pedo moids and pedo moids who think they’re lesbians

No. 1759089

File: 1675321022053.jpeg (317.25 KB, 620x830, AD6AD447-7920-4D78-914D-FA646E…)

This should be interesting

No. 1759094

File: 1675321607078.jpeg (111.74 KB, 640x457, FC64349F-B075-4C4E-B35B-6F50EB…)

Dasha's dark academia arc has begun

No. 1759119

Politics really is Hollywood for ugly people

No. 1759139

you’re a man lol

No. 1759146

Do these university accounts know they’re interacting with her ED alt? lol

No. 1759153

Primaries in 12 months, time for everyone with a media job to talk about American politics until 2025. It has begun again.

No. 1759154

File: 1675332823010.jpeg (488.79 KB, 750x962, 29E8D966-1A87-4C61-809F-070B20…)

who is this guys publicist? front row at Gucci and one song

No. 1759171

Ugly dj at a major fashion show means… he’s a nobody and the child of rich parents most likely. The man to the left is kind cute.

No. 1759182

Hi Ashok

No. 1759185

Hexbear is fun because it’s a bunch of children (and presumably groomers) doing the most hectic cancellations on each other constantly lol
Plus they’re paranoid as fuck, everyone who isn’t nice to them is an op.
—oh shit we do have users from there don’t we lol

No. 1759200

lmao what does Dasha even have to say? Has she ever given a lecture or engaged in a formal debate? Anna is the one who pretends to be a serious intellekshual.

No. 1759201

Curtis Yarvin had been promoting BAP for years even before BAP published his book. I'm pretty sure Yarvin gives Anna instructions on who and what to promote. Yarvin is also a big Steve Sailer fan so he probably told Red Scare to promote him as well.

No. 1759205

Is Ashok @Indian_Browncel's real name?

No. 1759223

I made no connection whatsoever between cis dykes and lolicon, retard

Literally who?

No. 1759233

A literal nobody musician or maybe dj that has been interviewed by perfectlyimperfect and got mentioned in some dimes square piece(s). Clearly paying a publicist to get his name dropped wherever he can, more money than sense. Ugly physically and nothing original to offer musically.

No. 1759249

Should be noted that the Stanford Review is the infamous conservative campus newspaper co-founded by Peter Thiel lol

No. 1759250

File: 1675350772289.png (65.22 KB, 594x508, fedbert.png)

No. 1759252

Has to be Kaitlyn Phillips, no?

No. 1759257

His real name is Sohrab

No. 1759266

lol, everyone sees right through her pseudo intellectual bullshit

No. 1759269

Read the fucking post you replied to again, and hopefully 41% yourself you fucking pol troon

No. 1759272

Can people stop forcing this Dasha lezo meme? If there's anything she's attracted to, its herself.

No. 1759275

can someone help me understand why universities are earnestly inviting far right podcasters to hold discussions? dasha is from the same crowd that claims to detest libtard academia, and its not like shes done anything of academic "rigor" like Christina Hoff Summers or Jordan Peterson. A+D cant even attempt to discuss art history without completely fucking up the time period and its contemporary movements

No. 1759279

Right like how did student programming $$ go to this

No. 1759315

Lmao I forgot about that!! I knew there was something that came up during the Portland blm stuff. There was so much drama during that. If I recall correctly, at one point people were putting badges that said “Press” on their jackets or whatever in an attempt to not get targeted by cops and Evans got insanely butthurt about it because they were stealing journalism valor or something lmao and he went around interrogating them for their full legal names to dox them on his timeline. He did that for days lol
OT sorry

No. 1759319

Sohrab is a Persian name, not an Indian name.

No. 1759336

I remembered and double checked, Rachel (tolstoybb) is also (at least internet) friends with Indian_Bronson and eigenrobot, this was mentioned in thread #29

No. 1759341

File: 1675357813839.png (115.86 KB, 481x896, LeftCathFaggots.png)

Liz Bruenig's early connections to Moldbug, BAP, and Red Scare have been memory-holed on Twitter, but Lolcow Farm never forgets.

It is funny to watch the five remaining "LeftCaths", particularly the ones who live in NYC and were profiled in the NY Times, puzzle over how their subculture got swallowed up by Dime Square Thielites and other fascists.

No. 1759351

File: 1675358694219.png (152.58 KB, 1491x537, 66333415677.png)

Want to bet that @default_friend introduced her to them?

If this KF sperg is correct – it's the same former LessWrong sperg who doxxed @eigenrobot – then it looks like there IS a lot of overlap between the "postrationalists" and the Dimes Square/dissident set. These are all cows we've mentioned in previous threads: Katherine Dee, Justin Murphy, Zero HP Lovecraft.

I looked at Justin Murphy's YT page and it turns out that not only does he heavily promote Moldbug's retarded takes, but he also conducted interviews with @Aella_Girl and @Indian_Bronson. The Bronson interview was on the topic of internet pseudonymity, lol oops?


No. 1759356

Oh, I forgot to mention that Justin Murphy and Indian Bronson are also big Urbit shills. Urbit was Curtis Yarvin's pet project and he's probably still affiliated with it in some capacity.

No. 1759361

Perhaps we can over time triangulate from the Keeper apps team and developers who IB is. Maybe another woman will show up here. I don’t think a name dox is unlikely especially since he was sharing YouTube videos of himself and we know he is/was associated with The Remembrance Project.

Reminder that all of these people— Eigenrobot, justin Murphy, Indian_Bronson — sperg over the low fertility rate and are anti birth control and pro marrying at 18 but have 0 to 1 kids (even with their wives not working like Murphy and Eigen). And they only had them in the last couple of years in their late 30s.

No. 1759366

File: 1675360060844.jpg (141.99 KB, 595x880, 030966773227889982.jpg)

lol eigenrobot's pals can't go five minutes without reaching for the work of race "scientist"/child porn and pedophilia advocate Emil Kirkegaard.

Quite a crowd!

No. 1759371

he’s ion pack/ neoliberalhell/ perfectly imperfect scene it’s like red scare runoff adjacent

I thought it was Kaitlin too but I don’t think she’s good enough/has the music connects to blow someone up in six months lol

No. 1759372

whatever happened to robert mariani/houellebecq_3? iirc he was associated with the whole postrat sphere

No. 1759381

File: 1675361777706.jpg (53.56 KB, 878x497, O0TBCsqU.jpg)

I don't know where Mariani went but… imagine my shawk! yet ANOTHER postrat groomer.

No. 1759388

Wtf is that screenshot collage nonny did you make it looked fucked up on purpose

No. 1759392

It's the only one I had on hand lol… in any case, Robert Mariani is at least in his late 30s, more likely in his 40s. That girl is young enough to be his daughter. Mariani was also known to make lots of comments about preferring "younger girls" around his co-workers but I'll have to find the receipts for that.

No. 1759396

mariani is 30

No. 1759398

This influx of newfriends and post strat content is crazy, what is this sudden blitz actually trying to bury?

No. 1759399

lol no he isn’t

No. 1759400

>conducted interviews with @Aella_Girl and @Indian_Bronson

I don't want to listen Justin Murphy interview Aella Girl, but I wouldn't mind reading a short summary of this meeting of the midwits. Anyone want to volunteer?

No. 1759401

Idk I’m an old fag (eg remember when RSP talked to Bruenig in 2018) and I’ve always seen these postrats and their friends on Twitter for years l. but there’s nowhere specific to talk about them. I’m as interested in them as I am Dasha and Anna

No. 1759403

Same. I was the anon who made a bunch of the early leftthots threads. I took an extended break from Lolcow and now I'm back.

No. 1759406

I want to believe but you must know how fake that sounds

No. 1759408

I don't care if you believe or not. I do know that a lot more people are lurking this thread than were lurking the previous 5-10 threads or so.

No. 1759409

The don’t have twitter to do their cancelations anymore because of musk and they can’t do it on kiwi farms since that is a stochastic terrorism site that bullies people to suicide and must be stopped so terfchan is the only place they can go to sling some mud.

No. 1759411

God you’re such a tourist if you think anyone here would boycott twitter cuz Musk. You have no familiarity with the culture here and you’re the political fag who posted about the Koch brothers. You’re also clearly a wound up Eigen or IB simp

No. 1759412

the intersection of the postrationalist/thielbucks crowd and the red scare crowd is way more interesting than cumcels vendettaposting each other tbh

No. 1759413

File: 1675364946409.png (217.49 KB, 1440x1051, a34.png)

>Justin Murphy

No. 1759414

I believe the nonnas a million threads ago who said he's probably got issues performing in bed b/c steroids and is more likely to get hit with some emotional manipulation/narc accusations by a BPD-chan in his DMs, he just seems more goofy and pathetic than anything else

No. 1759415

You forgot troon from /pol/!

No. 1759416

File: 1675365342121.jpeg (351.38 KB, 1169x1689, 69A5D1E4-7FEB-414A-8E50-6C3633…)

Justin Murphy seems like the prototypical Aella simp, in appearance and opinions

No. 1759418

lmfao of course Aella swooped in to defend Murphy

No. 1759420

File: 1675365567508.jpeg (506.73 KB, 1170x1932, 45F87552-E2F3-4AFF-8638-29DCE5…)

No. 1759438

File: 1675366526104.png (177.15 KB, 1332x756, 755643992399855.png)

Aella was practically designed in a lab to appeal to libertarian techbros/VCs/cryptonerds/pseudo-intellectuals, i.e. men like Justin Murphy.

No. 1759445

File: 1675368064639.png (232.71 KB, 1197x853, 4566772.png)

apparently some of these Catholics were at the De Vere Ball and now they're beefing over it

No. 1759448

Yale Political Union consists of different political factions who all hold different debates and invite different interlocutors to participate. Red Scare are celebs among American far-right populists, so it's only natural for that faction to invite Dasha.

No. 1759457

I don't think anyone's forgotten her Red Scare connections. It's brought up occasionally in their patreon comments and on their discord; it's the only problematic thing about her that the earnest left-lib Bruenigs fanbase/simps (not the frogtwitter hangers-on) are willing to acknowledge (anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-monarchy, general Straussian trad agenda is ignored or denied). But yeah, the frogtwitter/BAP flirting (which went on for years) and the Moldbug appraisal is rarely mentioned outside of this thread.

No. 1759469

Justin Murphy put together the Moldbug talk in LA (I think in 2020?) that was his "I'm coming out of pseudo-retirement" moment presaging his resurgence on the online dissident right and guest appearances on multiple podcasts and panels. That event was also the start of the alt-right hot girls trend that Thiel & co. have been cultivating in Dimes; Murphy invited a bunch of models and LA scenesters to sit in the front rows; get the cool girlies involved and your movement is "legitimized"

No. 1759472

Ben Burgers kek

Hory shit what happened to this guy? Last I gave a damn about him was 2020

No. 1759473

J Francio @flossfurman made the infamous Epstein suicide video with Dasha on the day he died lol these people are all snakes

No. 1759478

Yeah Thiel is a gay man, it makes sense fag hags/“attractive” urbanite women were his immediate plan

No. 1759485

>That event was also the start of the alt-right hot girls trend that Thiel & co. have been cultivating in Dimes; Murphy invited a bunch of models and LA scenesters to sit in the front rows; get the cool girlies involved and your movement is "legitimized"

Yeah this "hot girls are right-wing now" trend that the "dissident right" has been trying to push for the last two years has always felt sooooooo astroturfed. This just confirms my suspicions.

Of course the 2022 Midterm results proved that this astroturf has had very limited purchase among most young women.

No. 1759505

The biggest indicator of D and A’s everlasting insecurity is that they never let conventionally attractive women guest on their podcast. They pretend to be so confident and not threatened other women, but the hottest woman they’ve talked to was who, Amber? She’s not even conventionally attractive in the face. Very telling

No. 1759509

Did you know Katherine Dee/@default_friend IRL? Where was it confirmed that she's gone for good and why?

No. 1759510

File: 1675372181778.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1387x1724, 676AE457-CF13-4FA6-A3C7-898E43…)

No. 1759511

>the hottest woman they’ve talked to was who, Amber?
Probably that instagram influencer who ended up fucking hunter biden

No. 1759512

she’s said multiple times on podcasts. she’s pregnant.

No. 1759513

lol this was in the midst of Dasha's first TradCath larp after the breakup with Adam.

No. 1759514

who's the baby daddy?

No. 1759516

Her PhD boyfriend in finance. Did she get married?

No. 1759524

all of them are such world class creeps. disgusting.

No. 1759527

no receipts but i heard they broke up and she just says they’re still together so people don’t ask about it

No. 1759530

Yeah, that sounded a little too good to be true for someone with her recent history and mental issues. If she is going to be a single mom, then she really needs to stay offline.

No. 1759540

She moved to the Midwest for him didn’t she? I think they’re still together and she’s hiding it

No. 1759542

New report on Dashas friends movie being literally canceled

No. 1759545

this is the same publication that ran the Pedocles "Pedo" Abbasi exposé lmao

No. 1759551

>But this isn’t the first time the movie has drawn attention for its potential to be offensive. It allegedly hasn’t been accepted into any major festivals for that reason.
The real reason why this film hasn't been able to get distribution is because of its use of an unlicensed Lil Wayne song, from what I've heard.

No. 1759556

The same sperg also wrote:

>I realize that all of this sounds extremely online, but it is also extremely online IRL, insofar as people in the tech industry are afraid to publicly beef with e.g. Aella or Eliezer Yudkowsky — especially Eliezer — because they might lose their job. For example, Aella was invited to Hereticon → Hereticon is funded by Founder's Fund → Founder's Fund was a source of funding for a startup that hired a friend of mine, though he no longer works there. Some dots people might not connect is that ability to influence and get money from Peter Thiel usually also means the ability to influence who does not get money from Peter Thiel.

No. 1759561

So this is a political debate? She is so going to choke without Anna. She’s not used to freeballing on her own

No. 1759562

Related but why does this scene attract so many Greek creep-o men?

Pedocles Abbasi
Paul Skallas / LindyMan
Fred Nietzky

any others I'm forgetting?

No. 1759569

Can someone explain who the "leftcaths" are and why "leftcaths are against dads" is a meme?

No. 1759571

All weird pedos too. Gross

No. 1759585

File: 1675378550425.jpeg (83.88 KB, 640x430, 1A890A80-D0AC-4727-B59C-1D3031…)

Sorry for bad quality nonnas but these two guys work for Founders Fund. I’m sure you have seen these Thiel bottom bitches on your feed. They’re also the ones (esp Delian) pumping and dumping in Miami, encouraging the ridiculous real estate valuation there.

They preach about families, then promote Aella and give her money. What gives?

No. 1759588

Samefag but maybe this should have gone in the Aella thread my bad

No. 1759589

this is why the narrative immediately went to blaming young, unmarried women for an undesired result on the midterms across online media. thiel spent millions trying to inject women into a "palatable" rebrand of alt-right and productions like red scare dont really pull the numbers to show for it: https://graphtreon.com/creator/RedScare (subs are cratering kek). covid being gone is giving him less ROI and I'd imagine this explains this scenes deeper integration with postrats after the midterms

No. 1759603

They’re both bad at it. I think dasha is slightly less awkward when she doesn’t know what’s going on (she bullshits through it with a mini speech that sounds like she rehearsed it in her head while the other person was talking, which is annoying but would work for a debate; Anna either makes a stiff joke that doesn’t land or opts out of the convo abruptly when she’s caught out)

No. 1759609

>I’m sure you have seen these Thiel bottom bitches on your feed
I absolutely have not lol. You know you can control who you follow, nonnella. Make an alt for doing cow research or add them to a private list, you don’t have to see them if you don’t want to.

No. 1759610

Trans identity comes from 4chan they have a board dedicated to it. There is no trans canon because it is literally a fetish. These people are so pathetic and Actors skewers their bullshit perfectly.

No. 1759616

dasha is going to utterly fail. she is so drugged out she can't even follow through a coherent thought or finish a sentence anymore. also weird that they're having dasha and not anna, anna's always been the one more interested in politics and academia. is anna too blatantly racist to invite to these events?

No. 1759617

I've been here since before this site was made seagull reporting in, let alone this thread, I've been following the postrats on twitter since 2019 and was only even made aware of Anna and Dasha because of the connection between "the ladies" and 0HP Lovecraft, BAP and Yarvin, which they postrats were already following back then. See >>1758581. It's not a new group, they've been overlapping for years, this side just wasn't very relevant to the thread until the Musk thread involved Aella and roped them in.

No. 1759627

What makes you think she’s “drugged out”? I mean she definitely does drugs but she’s been functional with them so far

No. 1759636

How much would Dasha get paid for this type of event?

No. 1759642

Nta but they’re right, she is drugged out. She admitted to being on benzos recently. The only reason she seems functional on red scare is because Anna talks more and directs the conversation. She could barely defend hold her own in that twitter space against that weird incel calling her a pig. I don’t know how she will defend her points coherently in a live debate

No. 1759643

File: 1675384020425.png (2.56 MB, 1620x2160, 99E222A4-F959-4F51-BD9E-F4EC66…)

Evie magazine-Thiel

No. 1759646

She’s not a huge celebrity so not much. They reserve their big spendings to like Taylor Swift tier celebs doing graduation speeches

No. 1759651

I’d bet they were both invited but Anna didn’t want to do it. maybe whatever money they were offering, if anything at all, wasn’t worth it to her. It’s worth it to Dasha because she’s an attention whore

No. 1759654

No. 1759656

I remember her conspiratorially admitting to taking benzos sometimes to fall asleep but I assumed she was just trying to add some edge back to her image because she got way too tradcath and started losing people. Haven’t listened to any recent eps if it got worse.

I’m kind of a tinfoiler though and I don’t believe she was ever in a covid k-hole that made her oops post a maid cosplay upskirt video, or that it was adderall withdrawal that made her act crazy in Australia. More likely she’s just a regular alcoholic or having personal issues, but that doesn’t sound as cute.

No. 1759658

Why are you pearl clutching so much over a 4 year old video at basically the only person in this scene who wasn’t taken in by thiel

No. 1759660

this would be a separate student group that is booking Dasha and not the university as >>1759448 describes. there is a chance her audience is all right wing "populists" and she isnt challenged at all

No. 1759669

Who knows if they’re even real benzos prescribed by a doctor. They could be those research chemical benzos you can buy online. They aren’t as safe and make you blackout and forget stuff. She was an alcoholic in her teens and into adulthood and admitted to being addicted to ket for a year or two, so her being addicted to something currently is not an outlandish assumption

No. 1759675

Ah so does that mean a Yale student booked her then? Maybe they follow her on Twitter and thought it would be funny

No. 1759693

lol no, these are decades long-running student groups usually having one or more faculty sponsor. wealthy alumni, when they donate to universities can usually check a box if they want their money going to a specific official student group or the general school itself.

Thiel literally founded a version of this at Stanford (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Thiel#CITEREFPacker2013) who tweeted at dasha to do the same here >>1759094

No. 1759706

You’re making this out to sound more prestigious than it really is. She got booked in some small debate room at yale. This isn’t some giant event

No. 1759758

File: 1675391090799.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1705, A1A9F856-987D-4098-8F91-1D5583…)

Dasha really looks like one of those reconstructions of a Neolithic bog man

No. 1759764

Emil, Yglesias, Anna, and Hanania are all ethnically Jewish. And I’m pretty sure Dasha is too. Just putting that out there.

No. 1759773

Trans people existed before 4chan

No. 1759775

You’re lost

No. 1759776

lol i posted the same pic with that comparison a few threads back

No. 1759777

File: 1675391652810.jpeg (74.86 KB, 576x1019, 175B7DA7-60A1-4EE1-910F-30C4F9…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1759779

Growing up in the 90s and 2000s trannies existed but it was mostly depressed people with severe dysphoria who would go through extensive plastic surgery and bottom surgery because they genuinely felt like women ‘in their soul’ or whatever. Now every incel in a skirt or teenage girl who owns pants identifies as the opposite gender, and for men especially it’s become a massive pornified fetish that 100% revolves around sex and nothing more.

No. 1759782

What’s wrong with stating a fact?

No. 1759790

dont reply to derailing moids

No. 1759828

I'm going to be sick

No. 1759838

They're also retarded (like you). Just stating a fact

No. 1759984

I was searching dasha+Yale on Twitter and there’s a Yale student with a Misato pfp talking about this in September 2022 lol so maybe. I was gonna post it here but they’re just a random person and the conversation is with a private account so you can’t really read it

No. 1759988

File: 1675417092584.jpeg (908.85 KB, 1179x1800, EEB6CD0C-6E4E-4843-BDB4-13F903…)

AOC discourse from Anna and Aimee

No. 1759989

File: 1675417151213.jpeg (860.05 KB, 1179x1858, D51BA628-90E6-415D-8F48-ECBC2D…)

And Moche

No. 1759994

File: 1675417559951.jpeg (294.87 KB, 1179x923, 2BEECA51-0BA1-4705-BD14-99BC4A…)

A disgusting ape mention. Maybe they’ll fight. If he subtweeted her recently I haven’t seen it

No. 1760010

File: 1675421384700.jpeg (858.68 KB, 1432x1910, 3BE5604B-644D-4FFD-BD91-2214FB…)

No. 1760021

eyeroll. she’s gonna cut herself if she tries to be any edgier

No. 1760064

College students can be quite rowdy. It'll be funny if someone pelts her with an egg or something and we get a thread image from it.

No. 1760066

File: 1675431147999.png (78.69 KB, 582x620, 67755533089.png)

No. 1760102

It wasn’t even a political video why is he talking like this. Wormy.

No. 1760109

anna on her "fluent in sarcasm" bullshit, she gets more terminally corny by the day… and aimee just straight up has NPD

No. 1760125

Dasha got Anna to admit her hatred of AOC was rooted in jealousy not Anna’s political instincts. Anna wishes she was able to run for office and was seething that AOC did it and was younger and thinner than her, it wasn’t because Anna was able to detect she was a careerist fake leftist politician. The latter was a position many other people had and there’s lots of audio of Anna flip flopping ion AOC. With everything she says a lot of things then hopes everyone forgets so she can pretend she’s always been right.

No. 1760150

Anyone got a link to listen to the Patreon-only episode of Blocked and Reported that covers Dimes Square?

No. 1760223

all I hear about is how Ivy League schools are woke and cancel speakers who come to their campuses yet they seem to have no problem inviting someone paid to shill race science and Catholicism

No. 1760227

No link sorry but I’m a B&R subscriber and found it disappointing (like a lot of their content recently tbh). I wanted to hear them tear into the RS girls but they only gave a very surface level coverage. The episode was mostly about the Actors movie being cancelled for alleged transphobia

No. 1760236

File: 1675448786546.jpg (39.92 KB, 680x503, Fn6eEAEacAAuBDG.jpg)

lol what was this guy expecting? that he'd transform Dasha into Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz?

No. 1760244

This is strange. Right after the Midterm election results came in last year Anna declared that she didn't care about politics. How come she talks about politics so much?

No. 1760247

File: 1675449737894.jpeg (828.1 KB, 1242x1134, C3556BE2-B5E0-47E8-A8D2-49B5F7…)

This woman is in her 30s behaving like this.

No. 1760249

LeftCath = left-wing Catholic. Lots of overlap with Weird Catholic Twitter, which is now largely moribund.

This was their peak a few years ago:


No. 1760254

File: 1675450184111.png (178.34 KB, 1888x748, 567uhgyuik.png)

Dasha got included in an Interview mag Sundance round up. Picrel is whole interview. The movie she was in still doesn't have distribution.

No. 1760256

>no dates

Did she break up with the ugly TradCath guy or are they just not going outside?

No. 1760265

you still get paid if the college cancels your speech

No. 1760279

Wow. It’s bad enough that the early 20s kids are bringing back the “14-year-old let loose in a Hot Topic in 2006” aesthetic, but on a grown-ass woman that’s just sad

No. 1760281

File: 1675451630564.png (130.39 KB, 586x817, giantgio.png)

this @giantgio fag is always up Anna's ass. wasn't he doxxed in a previous thread?

No. 1760289

dasha really wakes up daily and chooses abjection.

No. 1760290

Are these new pics? I don't think I'm ready for redhead Dasha

No. 1760295

File: 1675453063690.jpg (2.74 MB, 2000x1546, DashaNekrasova.jpg)

dasha really stands out in the bad way among the other actress in this article. the man jaw, jowls, and that faux-haughty pose she constantly does make her look like a delusional troon wannabe starlet among all the pretty gen Z up and comers who stand an actual chance in hollywood. wonder when she'll give up on this whole thing already, it's not going great for her

No. 1760301

Whenever she sticks out her tongue it always looks so dry and gross like a lizard or something

No. 1760302

sort of looks like post-surgery Michael Jackson with a wig

No. 1760307

KEK accurate

No. 1760329

File: 1675457265159.jpeg (2.41 MB, 1365x2048, 4B61DC86-CCC2-4B1C-B4B6-5D65CF…)

Interview mag did her dirty last time too lmao love them for that

No. 1760341

thats not dasha, thats my turnip dealer and she have the best prices in entire territory

No. 1760353

i can't believe there was tea about nick giving girls herpes across nyc and none of you nonnies cared. dickriders on suicide watch

No. 1760355

it's the second item mentioned in the thread OP

No. 1760357

i'm sorry but if your chest is that small you shouldn't be sagging like that at only 31

No. 1760369

what makes you think i don't know that kek a nonnie posted it and no one cared.

No. 1760376

rdrama is on lockdown, could be the reason the vibe is so off rn

No. 1760382

there wasn't any caps and nick already copped to having herpes. there's pathetic girls out there who would risk it all and think him having a flaw like that gives them a chance

No. 1760386

she's just short-waisted, a woman would know this

No. 1760409

that's one thing. not disclosing it is another.

No. 1760416

and to think, this man beast exclaims all about beauty lol atrocious

No. 1760424

if there was like a screen capped tweet of an aggrieved ex saying nick gave her herpes and didn't disclose his status it would've blown up, but there wasn't any evidence to go on

No. 1760425

what scent is jack currently daubing between all of his folds?

No. 1760434


No. 1760438

File: 1675463689710.jpg (64.94 KB, 851x1057, 522363001.jpg)

imagine if the response to every reddit screenshot on here about a&d was like
>hm just speculation not true carry on folks

No. 1760467

File: 1675466555556.png (399.29 KB, 1482x1288, fromthepreview.png)

Could one of the lurking cows drop the full Crumps De Vere write up? He'd sure hate that.

No. 1760483

Is there some type of bat signal that goes up for this whore to rush in and defend pedophilia on Twitter every single day of her life?

No. 1760493

File: 1675468633051.jpg (106.17 KB, 1010x984, Faggot party.jpg)

Leak: Mike Crumplar's substack about the de vere winter ball

No. 1760495

did he introduce her to the church or something?

No. 1760502

ewwwwww i've seen literal trailer park methhead women that look more tasteful than this

No. 1760504

>i love that it's hard to live in NYC for everyone
coastal americans always come up with the most immaculate cope to justify their pathetically cucked living conditions

No. 1760506

jack's animosity towards "trans excellence" arca and sophie is class-based literal poorfag seething. calling pariah salome is laughable, and there's nothing revolutionary about pickme troons simpering for chudcel phenotype male nerds, because that's exactly what they are too except with longer hair. why can't detractors to this scene do something interesting like crash the ball or something. i want to see a real clash of the uglies where the stringy nerd rvtrn larpers have a slap fight with the hairy fat kweers. a poonboy pulls yarvin's hair and knees him in the balls.

No. 1760507

samefag but it's especially hilarious when these dime square dissident right new yorkers go on about how socially conservative they are when they aren't even as conservative as the average person i interact with on a daily basis in the midwest, like if you want social conservatism move to the "flyover" states you loathe so much

No. 1760510

THANK YOU, i have been playing out scenarios in my head like that for awhile now, if i lived anywhere near nyc i'd be clowning on these fools so hard and egging on antifa supersoldiers to do battle with them

No. 1760528

File: 1675470690377.png (1.46 MB, 1194x1380, Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 7.30.…)

I don't think he even identifies as a trans woman?

No. 1760536

nta, he refers to himself as a "eunuch" but it's just a cope to Christianize trannyism on his behalf. functionally, by most definitions, he is a troon.
it's also hilarious that he is somehow still delusional enough to think he looks like a woman in any capacity lmfao

No. 1760541

The leftcath brunch club that he participated in were the "tradcath buddies" that glommed onto Dasha and invited her to all their get-togethers during her initial Catholic larp after the breakup with Adam. After a few months the larp died down and she stopped interacting with the leftcaths on twitter, and by the time it resurfaced she was full-on sede right-wing tradcath. But they introduced her to all the readings and esoterica and shit.

No. 1760546

fucking hell, i'm not even a fan of catholicism but that's just disrespectful and opportunist. what a parasite.

No. 1760550

and yes, he introduced her (and by extension all the subsequent Dimes Catholic larpers) to that specific Church because of its Latin Mass (the leftcaths were pushing hard for a retvrn to traditional liturgy for years until the integralists and groyp-caths became so ubiquitous it was making them look bad by association. Then Francis made some bureaucratic moves against the Latin mass and they stopped caring altogether.)

No. 1760556

can't understand why a leftist would advocate for a mass that is only comprehensible for a privileged few (and was historically used to exploit the poor), but whatever lol

No. 1760557

Literally just a list of names

No. 1760563

That's what gave the leftcaths their edge, a distinction from otherwise being put in the liberation theology category: a strong commitment to conservative/reactionary social beliefs, upholding the Church hierarchy and yearning for monarchy, but fused with socialist economics, a soft spot for the Soviet Union, and steadfast anti-racism. A belief system rife with contradictions, which is why it's mostly faded into irrelevancy and most of them are now either integralists in the Vermeule/Ahamri camp or resigned normie Biden Dems.

No. 1760565

appreciate the explanation, always sort of wondered about those sorts but i never quite knew what was going on with them. seemed like one of those cases where the only consistent thing was their inconsistency

No. 1760567

there's a subset of trannies who think they are "dolls" a subset of femme essence / pornographic other that "transcends" bio women/cissies. the concept is just as cringe and prototypically male as it sounds and is probably lifted from the 90's sci-fi novel dead girls by richard calder

No. 1760594

>Katherine Dee/default_friend
>Robert Mariani
>Park MacDougald
>Helen Holmes

lol a bunch of the people who got mentioned above in the postrat discussion.

also is Katherine Dee pregnant and married or what?

and is this faggot Mcrumps anything but an orbiter?

No. 1760616

Not pregnant, Katherine Dee wrote her own insipid account of the ball and mentioned doing shots before begging Anna to have a twitter friend in the podcast.

Was Anna pretending she didn’t go to this?

No. 1760637

File: 1675479260065.jpg (39.96 KB, 600x448, 5663434323.jpg)

What Crumps doesn't understand is that his initial Dimes Square blog went viral because he made this crowd look like the lolcows and trainwrecks that they are.

But every dogshit blog post he's written since then just makes it look like Crumps is a pussy who is afraid of criticizing them too harshly because then he won't get invited to their parties anymore. Or worse - that he thinks any of these cows has an interesting personality beyond being a lolcow.

No. 1760648

post caps

No. 1760659

File: 1675480284602.jpg (95.84 KB, 640x925, li10hysj10ga1.jpg)

No. 1760679

>because then he won't get invited to their parties anymore

lol I would love to see Crumps actually do or say something that got him banned from all Dimes Square gatherings. Won't happen though because, as you say, he's a pussy.

No. 1760687

File: 1675482913035.jpeg (90.53 KB, 289x524, 4D25CB7C-B2BE-4116-B386-D63740…)

Being short waisted is not an excuse

No. 1760690

It’s funny to imagine how disappointed her ugly simps would be if they met her in person

No. 1760696

nta but how does that affect boobs sagging?

No. 1760700

This is the performative contradiction at the heart of whatever Crumps is attempting. If Crumps is sincerely and strongly opposed to their political project, then how come his blog posts are so gelded? If the Dimes Square set fears Crumps's hard-hitting reporting so much, then why do they keep letting him attend their events?

No. 1760701

They didn’t do her dirty she’s just ugly kek. This was before she started spending god knows much money on skin tightening procedures and whatever else. How much money she has to spend only to look mildly attractive is insane when you think about

No. 1760703

not a fan but that's probably the best outfit i've seen her in, i'll give her that. it actually suits her instead of seeming like she's playing up a particular role or character

No. 1760704

sad that her husband died so tragically in salt mine accident though

No. 1760705

I think he's just one of them, he's basically their marketing department at this point

No. 1760706

It doesn’t. It’s an excuse for an anon to call another anon a moid. As if women don’t have eyes and notice sagging boobs too

No. 1760709

File: 1675483917076.png (387.26 KB, 595x703, Sad.png)

Crumps pinned and paywalled this but no one cares. Sad!

As the other nonna said, Crumps is basically their marketing department at this point. I think more people are catching on to that now.

No. 1760710

i just want to know what their rationale is lol
it's like saying your face got wrinkles because your neck is too short

No. 1760711

If he thinks he's contributing to the fight against downtown NYC fascism by writing these blogs, why would he paywall this? lol

tbh Lolcow Farm does a better exposing these freaks than Crumps and we do it for free.

No. 1760715

Their main cope is people are more attractive on the coasts and it’s not even true in a lot of cases. It’s just theater kids and fashion nerds who didn’t fit in with m normal teens in their hometown so they developed some superiority complex about it

No. 1760719

Anyone got a screenshot of his tweet defending necrophilia?

No. 1760720

i think that's mainly just a wealth thing. wherever there are wealthier people there are people with access to more expensive health foods, their drinking water isn't poisoned, they can hire a personal trainer/afford a gym membership, and have access to more and better makeup, clothes, surgeries, etc. doesn't matter if it's nyc or utah. mormons are usually both wealthy and very fit and attractive.

No. 1760737

effective altruism is affiliated with the lesswrong tards right? this dropped today https://time.com/6252617/effective-altruism-sexual-harassment/

No. 1760738

Yeah, there's lots of overlap between EA and LW

>She noticed that EA members in the Bay Area seemed to work together, live together, and sleep together, often in polyamorous sexual relationships with complex professional dynamics. Three times in one year, she says, men at informal EA gatherings tried to convince her to join these so-called “polycules.” When Gopalakrishnan said she wasn’t interested, she recalls, they would “shame” her or try to pressure her, casting monogamy as a lifestyle governed by jealousy, and polyamory as a more enlightened and rational approach.

lol @eigenrobot and his wife also claim to be poly

No. 1760742


>After a particularly troubling incident of sexual harassment, Gopalakrishnan wrote a post on an online forum for EAs in Nov. 2022. While she declined to publicly describe details of the incident, she argued that EA’s culture was hostile toward women. “It puts your safety at risk,” she wrote, adding that most of the access to funding and opportunities within the movement was controlled by men. Gopalakrishnan was alarmed at some of the responses. One commenter wrote that her post was “bigoted” against polyamorous people. Another said it would “pollute the epistemic environment,” and argued it was “net-negative for solving the problem.”

All that's needed is for one of them to accuse her of "not being a good Bayesian" to complete the autism.

>Gopalakrishnan is one of seven women connected to effective altruism who tell TIME they experienced misconduct ranging from harassment and coercion to sexual assault within the community. The women allege EA itself is partly to blame. They say that effective altruism’s overwhelming maleness, its professional incestuousness, its subculture of polyamory and its overlap with tech-bro dominated “rationalist” groups have combined to create an environment in which sexual misconduct can be tolerated, excused, or rationalized away. Several described EA as having a “cult-like” dynamic.

LessWrong was also a cult.

>Much of the alleged abuse they detailed was concentrated in the Bay Area, but the women also described incidents that took place in three other states as well as overseas.

>One recalled being “groomed” by a powerful man nearly twice her age who argued that “pedophilic relationships” were both perfectly natural and highly educational. Another told TIME a much older EA recruited her to join his polyamorous relationship while she was still in college. A third described an unsettling experience with an influential figure in EA whose role included picking out promising students and funneling them towards highly coveted jobs. After that leader arranged for her to be flown to the U.K. for a job interview, she recalls being surprised to discover that she was expected to stay in his home, not a hotel. When she arrived, she says, “he told me he needed to masturbate before seeing me.”

Nothing more to see here, I guess!

>Gopalakrishnan also described a cult-like dynamic that favored accused men over harassed women. After writing out her concerns about the sexual dynamics within the movement on the EA forum, Gopalakrishnan watched the responses pour in. Shaken, she removed her post. She felt exposed, she recalls, and didn’t feel like being a punching bag. Most of all, Gopalakrishnan was disturbed at the way the rational frameworks to which she had devoted her life could be used to undermine her own experiences. “You’re used to overriding these gut feelings because they’re not rational,” she says. “Under the guise of intellectuality, you can cover up a lot of injustice.

No. 1760753

File: 1675489483242.jpeg (154.54 KB, 1169x619, 3FF4170A-E6A5-4C42-89A8-A4CCAB…)

He was on the daily mail for this

No. 1760767

sources say nick mullen is dead at 33

No. 1760771

he's 34

No. 1760774

WTF is with rats and creating equivalences where none exist? WTF does necrophilia have to do with abortion? or greta thunberg with jeffrey epstein?

No. 1760777

File: 1675492666459.png (177.47 KB, 400x555, 39483432443234234234324.png)

just saw this - guess you're right, my bad

No. 1760778

do Cumtown fans have any new jokes or

No. 1760789

not anymore it seems

No. 1760795

cumtown fans learn how to troll challenge please

No. 1760800

gravity is effecting her boobs in a normal way. look at pics of young women in the 70's to see how they should hang. you're probably used to bolt-ons up to the collarbone or her boobs seem low because her torso is short and her hips are closer to her ribcage

No. 1760801

hips are close to boobs giving the illusion that they are lower than they are

No. 1760810

Died of irony poisoning I suppose? Seriously though, I don't think he's capable of genuinely trying anymore. He's half putting himself out there and letting Adam (a black hole of charisma, likeability and engagement) take on the lead role so that if it fails, he can just say "yeah I wasn't serious about it".

No. 1760828

You’re retarded. There are women in their 40s with kids with higher sitting boobs

No. 1760843

I saw some comment saying they basically recreated the Eric André Show but worse. It was a pretty accurate burn.

No. 1760848

theyre probably just naturally lower set, that looked to be the case in wobble palace

No. 1760865

File: 1675510569837.jpg (427.23 KB, 1080x1830, Uglywhore.jpg)

Red Scare thots are so brave for using racial slurs on private groupchats

No. 1760879

are you in this groupchat?

No. 1760895

Her face is hideous and her pig nose and proto-hominid skull is really evident there, other poster is right, really looks like an uglier whiter Michael Jackson.

No. 1760896

>short waisted
Can you shut the fuck up with this body autism

No. 1760897


The algorithm pushes these right wing guys because they are online and posting 24/7, lots of volume. They also interact with a wide variety of people to troll or get catty with them, so they get exposed to a wider audience.

No. 1760907

Streets r saying nick Mullen has a gf. I wonder if he’s seeing that Jordan girl that’s on the podcast all the time

No. 1760909

kids nowadays are losers no chance

No. 1760911

File: 1675519574863.jpg (49.4 KB, 922x460, FoDlSzYXgAEDaGO.jpg)

No. 1760917

He’s just trying to get ahead of the allegations when his not at all artificial gay gangbang vid comes out

No. 1760929

Exactly, the real moid logic is assuming women only have saggy breasts with age and as a result of aging.

Some breasts are fuller than others naturally, some are saggier even in teenaged years. There's nothing wrong with having lower set breasts as much as having extremely high set. Shit on this woman for her views and cow behaviors not her natural low hangers.

No. 1760933

Is moldbug basically an effect of autism and narcissistic parents upbringing?
His constant obsession with elitarism, remaking usenets barriers of entry on urbit, dark elves n shit together with stories of being the smartest child around and skipping grades screams narcissism so much
So now he's playing this genius political philosopher
Politics are suitable as they are mostly unverifiable however IT project like urbit is easier to judge and it's overengineered as fuck and the few good ideas he couldn't explain without a ton of boilerplate bullshit
His new friends seem totally the same
So is it narcissism or some other mental shit?

No. 1760956

this freak needs to be investigated

No. 1760966

agree. crump says nothing of substance against them, grifts off being a hanger-on in their circle, and serves as a leftoid sacrificial lamb

No. 1760998

Was moldbug the one who came up with the dark elves shit? Cause it seems like a moldbug shit

No. 1761003

Yup. These fags even made Magic: The Gathering cards about themselves back in the day.

Didn't this guy shill Urbit and Milady with default_friend?

No. 1761007

Moldbug has been a lolcow for so long now it has to be some kind of autism.

No. 1761016

@giantgio and Pedocles Abbasi retweet almost everything from Anna and Dasha. Probably the two biggest moid Red Scare simps.

No. 1761019

Yes it was in that “you can only lose the culture war” article, which even redditors panned. Yarvin hit his peak in like 2016, as did the alt right, the intellectual dark web dweebs, and people like Nick Land.

But Curtis Kardashian been creeping along since then, more recently latching onto the nyc crew and all those trad or dissident girlies Thiel either promoted or pushed others to promote

But (1) those right wing associated women are still husbandless and boyfriendless for all their pick me pandering lol (2) Yarvins life has been on a descent since his wife’s death regardless and (3) like other anons have said, republicans bombed the midterms

No. 1761059

I'm still astonished by the head-spinning speed with which Crumps dropped the "serious Marxist-Leninist exposing fascism" persona to become a shameless clout chaser. Meanwhile, there are still commenters on his Substack who don't live in New York, aren't in on the joke, and don't get why he's not doing more to expose these extremely dangerous reactionaries. Sad!

No. 1761088

lol this dude almost seems like a troll
you can't really do better than making dasha look like a tranny and emphasizing anna's squatness

No. 1761093

A lavender relationship

No. 1761098

The whole idea is to push women out of the digital sphere by harassing them with this threat. The know sexual harassment is a weapon against women. And as soon as it happens to a male to teach them a lesson there will be harsh penalties. Men are so pathetic and can’t keep up with women they have to bar them from competing to win. Wish these moids could relocate to their scrote paradise in the Middle East.

No. 1761099

You don’t pass

No. 1761101

feel like being autistic as a child is enough of a wound to cause a high functioning sperg to become narcissistic as a cope. There’s definitely a relation between the two in families.

No. 1761107

yeah if you're alienated by your peers growing up it's easiest on your ego if you assume this is because you are above them, and that's a maladaptive coping mechanism that is extremely difficult to shed if you lack theory of mind and broader perspectives like many autists do

No. 1761110

parents told him the other kids were just jealous
sad, many such cases

No. 1761114

literally every moid in this scene

No. 1761126

>tech-bro dominated “rationalist” groups have combined to create an environment in which sexual misconduct can be tolerated, excused, or rationalized away

Strong case to be made that techbros are the most repugnant subspecies of moid.

No. 1761128

Literally all you need is visual data of someone's face to generate deepfake porn. Are women supposed to go burka-mode 24/7 to avoid digital rape? I hate this cretin so much.

No. 1761147

File: 1675543441447.png (80.79 KB, 1316x284, 56748w9erufhgdjisd.png)

Rest of article is about two other execs.

No. 1761149

hes saying this fully expecting for thousands of millennial and gen z women, many of whom barely have a social media presence and havent uploaded pictures in years to have old facebook and IG pictures used for hardcore deepfake porn and sent to children/husbands/employers/etc by their stalkers. what his incel gloating doesnt realize is this will soon be handled as revenge porn after his favorite republican politicians get deepfaked with farm animals

No. 1761152

File: 1675544508755.jpeg (447.26 KB, 1170x1365, 15BAFDA5-3C08-46D5-BB8B-21531A…)

Funny cuz… here’s him and his wife. Did you sell her body for power Justin by posting a beach pic? Fucktard fake deep soyvoice asshole

No. 1761155

Does she not know about the garbage he’s spewing online or does she just ignore it?

No. 1761157

Samefag there’s pics of his wife all over his public Instagram. Cuz that’s how this shit works you retard.

You don’t need extensive voice or movement samples to make AI porn of women. You just need a couple normal ass headshots. You could create AI porn from a LinkedIn profile.

No. 1761158

File: 1675545072922.jpeg (58.58 KB, 720x522, 49F8F4D2-6CC3-4CFF-876A-08BE00…)

They’ve been together over a decade I’m sure she’s fine with him being a creep misogynist. I mean

No. 1761174

Sounds like he has an infection on his dong lmao

No. 1761205

Toddler physique, him obvs

No. 1761206

File: 1675551330110.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1416x1888, BD7796B2-C561-4009-BC0B-CB7B76…)

No. 1761216

File: 1675551886610.png (75.23 KB, 602x477, dasha_soph.png)

If, after the last three years of bemoaning being tricked by Bernie Sanders into funding the DNC and taking the conservative position on every culture war, foreign policy and Covid-related issue in the discourse, Dasha still decides to go all-in on a potential Marianne Williamson 2024 vanity primary against Biden because she liked the ditzy spiritual vibes and orb mommy meme, she may really be dumber than I thought.

No. 1761224

They absolutely are. I used to live in the bay area surrounded by them and for the most part they are subhuman drones who get addicted to stimulants, burn out, get fired, try to get into spirituality or culty shit but through an intj "rational" lens, they join a group house, then the polycule, and it's all just so disgusting, egregious, and incestuous. google employees seem to be the worst for all of these things

No. 1761225

she simply wanted him to contribute more bacterial cultures to the yogurt to help develop her gut's microbiome!

No. 1761291

File: 1675559865128.jpeg (5.75 KB, 190x190, soy phenotype.jpeg)

I wish someone would take all the pics of his balding, thin haired face he posts online and deepfake him getting violently sodomized and make a program that automatically sends it as a reply to every tweet he makes

No. 1761299

Genuinely though, I'd rather take Marianne than Biden or Trump.

No. 1761343

Men like her too much, it’s sus. Hildog part deux for maximum seethe

No. 1761347

are horn-rimmed glasses and a black turtleneck the male equivalent of the tumblr/sjw "dangerhair" phenomenon

No. 1761350

date rapist trying to dress like steve jobs

No. 1761402

tbf it's probably better they aren't reproducing

No. 1761434

I’m not a moid and this is a gossip site we can shit on her for whatever. Her tits are ugly and it’s fun to point out because of how horrible she is to other women. I don’t care if it’s aging or genes, still funny

No. 1761435

It’s definitely her and she has been opening for Louis ck for a while now. Is that why fuggo Dasha made up the rumor that she was dating Louis ck? Probably just jealous of Jordan’s life

No. 1761437

Sending porn to someone’s employer is already considered revenge porn

No. 1761438

Is this true? Not defending that guy at all but I did some basic research and it seems you need video of people speaking or a lot of pictures from different angles to make a deepfake believable, it’s why it’s easy to make it of actors, youtubers and twitch stars

No. 1761465

File: 1675587567016.jpeg (264.23 KB, 601x645, 54C75E32-CFF6-4C91-A570-BD9CC1…)

Please tell me one of you got in

No. 1761481

She can barely debate coherently on Twitter. I hope this is recorded because it would be good milk

No. 1761512

It’s not - she said she’s single on her podcast with Ian and had a bf until recently.

No. 1761517

Hopefully it's livestreamed

No. 1761525

https://petapixel.com/2022/07/22/megaportraits-high-res-deepfakes-created-from-a-single-photo/ only a matter of time. Plus to depict sex acts I imagine you don’t need voice accuracy

No. 1761564

I don’t think this alone proves anything. It’s just faces looking surprised. It would have to be a lot more believable than that. Either way I predict these companies will be hit with so many lawsuits their heads will spin

No. 1761571

Who's Ian?

No. 1761585

The comedian that Jordan hosts her podcast with

No. 1761594

Ian Fidance, cumtown extended universe character. total degen junkie and chaser

No. 1761601

The Jordan thing is just TAFS autists projecting their little crush on Jordon on to their surrogate, Nick. All we have on her is that she appears on TAFS a lot but so has Mike Recine and Ian.

No. 1761655

>"In my case against my house cofounder, there were (during the initial case, more now) no less than FIVE allegations of abuse ranging from inappropriate touching at conferences to statutory rape, from women who did not previously know each other. An EA in the house wrote up a document calculating a joint conditional probability on whether or not he might have done anything wrong and concluded that the percentage was far enough from 100% that he couldn’t possibly justify any serious consequences."
Imagine autistic polycel Muskovites adjudicating your assault claims via spreadsheets

No. 1761672

I don't have the free time or autism to dig into this, but apparently there's some drama bubbling among the rationalists: https://old.reddit.com/r/SneerClub/comments/10qypl1/something_weird_is_happening_at_cfar/

No. 1761674

that subreddit is really funny and useful for learning about these people but goddamn is it pozzed with trannies, even by reddit standards. seems like it's mostly "rationalists" who traded in that overly-simplistic view of the world for an even more simplistic model (sjw shit)

No. 1761675

Oh so this is where the newfags are coming from. This is a transphobic site btw

No. 1761676

That's by design.

No. 1761678

You're also famous on Kiwifarms!

No. 1761681

Yeah this sub is absolutely milky in its own right. In addition to (or besides the fact that they're all) troons, it's full of bitter humanities perma-adjuncts jealous that this rival gang of textwall writing dweebs have jobs in the tech industry that pay well

No. 1761686

yeah the metadrama is immaculate, it's kind of like a really refined incarnation of gamergate

No. 1761721

Absolutely true. Avoid techbros as much as humanly possible. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live in the Bay Area which is swarming with these pests.

No. 1761725

Five cases of abuse in one house is insane. What a wretched subculture.

No. 1761727

>One recalled being “groomed” by a powerful man nearly twice her age who argued that “pedophilic relationships” were both perfectly natural and highly educational.

The entire Bay Area might need to be fumigated.

No. 1761728

people who can't understand why women might feel violated by having AI porn of them circulating deserve to be locked up and cordoned off from the rest of humanity

No. 1761732

File: 1675628897680.jpeg (561.32 KB, 1284x1261, 960C9AEE-2329-43CE-BAD9-2F0397…)

Does Anna’s hatred of trads (something I find very fun every time I see it because it’s the only conservative group she ever talks shit on— she doesn’t even shittalk hassids like every other New Yorker) stem from some sincere place deep in her heart where women have some value and human dignity, or is she possibly insecure and coping because she can’t have it? Sometimes I honestly wonder.

I’m pretty sure she’s made this exact laptop joke before but I don’t remember where or when.

No. 1761735

No doubt it was way more than 5

No. 1761744

Stick-in-the-mud TradCaths like Matt Walsh are a relatively easy group to dunk on when you want to distinguish your brand of right-wing shittiness. It's like when GOP politicians condemn the more overt White Nationalists like David Duke or Nick Fuentes so they can seem "reasonable" by comparison.

No. 1761751

Yeah, it’s probably that. Or personal delusion that she’s not bad like them (lol)
I do think the homeschooler conservatives are a couple notches more evil than most of them. In terms of immediate damage achievable by one average person, they rank high. Not to derail.

No. 1761756

File: 1675631398916.png (797.81 KB, 1275x1375, RationalistPsycho.png)

It really is becoming a pattern; maybe they feel emboldened to express their psychotic opinions now with Elon in control. You could easily make a "Rationalist" Bingo card out of it.

Take this clown, @RokoMijic -

>Psychopathic opinions about women or relationships? Of course.

>"Rationalist" in bio. Bonus points if combined with "Radical Centrist" or "Alt Centrist."
>Twitter Blue checkmark.
>Some combination of techbro, venture capitalist and/or cryptonerd.
>Following which Twitter accounts? Zero HP Lovecraft, Steve Sailer, Nick Land, @Indian_Bronson, Richard Hanania, @extradeadjcb (you can easily guess the others and yes they include certain cows frequently discussed here)

I've never seen a subculture that screamed "women, stay far away from us if you don't want to be raped!" as much as this one. This TIME magazine article is probably the tip of the iceberg:


No. 1761767

You probably know this already nonna, but for those reading along, this is the guy "Roko's Basilisk" is named after

No. 1761791

They are all ugly too.

No. 1761797

They know it’s mostly men who are sad enough to bother making porn deepfakes, which is why the scrotes who defend it are so cocky and blasé about it..

If it was women who enjoyed making these disgusting things and every time JM tweeted women started spammed 30 gifs of him deepthroating a huge black cock and being fucked in the ass, you can bet he’d feel grossed out and throw a fit over it.

It simply doesn’t even occur to women to even do that because we aren’t porn addicted psychopaths obsessed with making other people feel violated.

No. 1761805

File: 1675639121903.jpeg (40.48 KB, 600x655, 248B5723-494E-46D6-BBD5-4C3F68…)

Yes. As well as receding hairline/bald, scraggly dry looking beard (especially if there’s a double chin or weak round jaw lurking underneath), wears man cardigans, pallid skin (never goes outside), clearly doesn’t work out or is skinnyfat/out of shape/has a paunch, bad posture (terminally online, likely hunched over the PC all day wanking to child porn), rounded sloping shoulders etc.

Kek, he really does look like smug soijak. Gay porn gifs of him would be unconvincing, he’s far too ugly for the industry.

No. 1761806

AI conversation between Anna and Dasha is honestly funnier than anything they've ever said.

No. 1761835

There is so much potential with this, that sounds so good kek

No. 1761840

Just remembering Anna’s cringe take that the metoo movement was about the ‘erosion of due process’. Nevermind the fact 90%+ of men who are accused of rape will never even have to stand trial and that the conviction rate for reported rapes is like 8% in the US and like 1.6% in the UK. Sorry but her takes are so fucking retarded it makes me mad.

No. 1761843

Also when that fat retard Tim Dillon said in the same segment that ‘Men and women working together in close proximity is a new phenomenon’ and implied it was unnatural, as if men and women haven’t been working together since the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago kek.

No. 1761851

these fucking brainlets thinking at any point in time western culture was like sharia law middle east. read a fucking book people

No. 1761856

it’s only women who live among emasculated cucked beta males, who are protected enough to say so.

the nerdy, subby, breadstick armed, effeminate jewish hipster bisexual soibois with a mommy fetish that she surrounds herself with in nyc are hardly going to try and rape her.

No. 1761864

File: 1675645779772.jpeg (206.39 KB, 625x900, 55A94EC9-A099-4D0F-9B0D-36C15A…)

Dasha put a fatwa on Crumps

No. 1761866

They should make them have a really heated argument about their favorite Minecraft youtuber Dream

No. 1761867

File: 1675646025542.jpeg (649.38 KB, 1242x1551, E7E8DCCC-BB4C-4E15-9A37-1D7B95…)

So I actually agree with this take, but Anna’s complete lack of self awareness in retweeting it is funny. She is the ugly antagonistic weirdo desperately trying to establish a sense of superiority over the normies,
and so are her ugly hipster associates and fans.

Also, stale milk, but regardless of your opinion of Eva Vlaardingerbroek, this video absolutely encapsulates the insecure bitchy pseuds Dasha and Anna are. They don’t try to dismantle or debate her opinions and politics, but spend the whole time being intentionally condescending and bitching about her looks, trying to hide behind 1000 layers of irony, while talking about her outfit and bandana and bra and how she’s ‘such a skank, even describing her at the beginning as a ‘slampig’. So pathetic.


No. 1761868

this isnt funny, everything they post is like a post ironic chatgpt prompt

No. 1761875

File: 1675646493019.png (246.45 KB, 2676x1187, brave_Ek77dZTMTL.png)

There is a guy shitposting about Aella on Kiwifarms. Dude is using his real name and has the dirt.

No. 1761876

are a straight moid by any chance? they're not bitching about her looks, they are praising them. they're using "skank" in a gay man's way. i hate all these people btw

No. 1761878

That’s insulting to bots nona, even bots would write something more witty and amusing than this.

No. 1761879

>not being able to detect bitchy sarcasm
Autist detected. They were trying to be bitchy but failed because they realized there wasn’t anything bad they could say about her appearance.

No. 1761880

A lot of Red Scare’s hatred of metoo and women is seething jealousy at basically every woman who has what they didn’t in their twenties, a job, a career, a stable partner, a husband, respect, attention, being pretty. These are women who couldn’t hack it in their chosen fields. For all they talk about office dynamics they were never able to get an office job, or even last as a barista. Dasha was bitter her L.A. career flopped and Anna was bitter she couldn’t write, had left academia, and couldn’t get her foot into the art world. Now they make more money than the people they hated but are still full of spite because not much else has changed.

No. 1761881

kek whatever nona. remember dasha and anna are faghags

No. 1761882

This also sounds like a weird bot.
He didn’t give any valuable information that we didn’t already know. So she probably does meth, no surprises there, given tons of people in the tech world do it and her bff Claire does it too.

No. 1761884

The comments are calling them jealous kek

No. 1761885

Oh I know nona. NY is filled with these types. Ugly neurotic hipsters with eating disorders and drug addictions, trying to cope that they’re superior to people who are more successful in life and attractive than them and attempting to flaunt their ugliness and unpleasantness by framing it as ironic.

No. 1761887

I wish we could nuke the entire Bay Area, Williamsburg and the Upper East Side.

No. 1761889

imagine the carnage of craft beer cans, anthropologie cardigans, lox and schmear, and dismembered fingers with moustache tattoos

No. 1761895


This isn’t good enough, we need more milk.

No. 1761911

What's wrong with the Upper East Side?

No. 1761920

what is this channel lol, it's all Red Scare, Yarvin, and PatSoc clips

No. 1761925

File: 1675651241636.png (325.93 KB, 2481x1206, brave_VkJdcskF4o.png)

No. 1761928

why would she retweet this? its describing her and her ilk 100%

No. 1762002

one can only hope the san andreas fault soon implodes and destroys all of their real estate

No. 1762005

why are none of these "rationalists" rational enough to not be fat

No. 1762010

artificial drama for engagement

No. 1762013

this guy is a lolcow in his own right if you read both the aella and eliezer yudkowsky threads. he's just another rationalist who tries to position himself as being "above" the rest just because he picks up on some of their bullshit while ultimately being entirely self-unaware

No. 1762015

lmfao, the catharsis would be beautiful

No. 1762016

there is no dirt here or in the followup post. its just a moid repeating her bio

No. 1762051

File: 1675659400100.jpeg (162.71 KB, 640x533, 6FEDFC35-FCEB-43E5-A6A9-4A35E0…)


No. 1762064

have either her or anna claimed an IQ score for themselves

No. 1762074

She weighs < 80 lbs?

No. 1762079

I think Anna stopped caring about IQ after she discovered that Belarusians have one of the highest national IQs in the world and she felt threatened that she might be the more retarded between the two of them

No. 1762088

lmfao that's exactly what i assumed too

No. 1762110

You guys know this who scene is just a way to get young anorexic women to have babies with Thiel-funded startup fugs, right? Look into Praxis Society and its connection to Urbit and RS. They don't even hide the pedo shit. If you're over 25 you're not even allowed to come to their events unless you're a dude. RS has a large audience of anorexic mentally unstable young women whose idols think rape is cool. Do the math.

No. 1762127

I mean, I think we've covered all that, but thanks for the succinct summary.

No. 1762135


Cover the Praxis Girls more. They are often the same as the Urbit Girls and the majority of them start out as Red Scare girls. It's an expressway passage.

No. 1762144

where online are they primarily active/who are some key figures to investigate

No. 1762158



https://twitter.com/vita__sg/status/1597318561969876993 (same girl name-dropping a recent RS guest)


They have a Discord, but if you wanna get invited to their parties, you have to be a really young bimbo and/or on their secret party list. Maybe just infiltrate.

No. 1762164

No. 1762168

how did you find lolcow? I just want to know

No. 1762207

Sage for vaguely unrelated but I can vouch for the comment about gas stations late at night being full of utter unhinged crazies. Especially if it’s a gas station in a shitty area, even more especially if near a homeless camp or super far from any schools (convicted pedos can’t live close to schools). Knew someone who worked overnights at one that was all of the above and they are not phased by anything.

No. 1762274

>the Praxis Girls
lol What? It’s 99.99% men and most of the women involved are paid promoters like every other weird and obvious crypto scam. Malcolm Collins’ wife is involved I guess, but that couple is obviously insane I feel bad for their kids. Chapo did an episode on these people not long ago. It’s been raked over, I think it even came up in these threads. they claim they’re gonna built a utopian city on an island and they just need dedicated believers to make it happen — oldest cult scam in the book. Even some of the cryptobros can tell it’s bullshit and cryptobros are dumb as shit.
Is there something new and milky about them? Otherwise it just seems like you’re promoting a dead scam.

No. 1762284

If he huffs their farts any harder he's gonna have an overdose

>@eigenrobot and his wife also claim to be poly
I've never seen him saying this, source?

No. 1762287

Crumps probably realized that they're just edgelord cows and not actually the "extremely dangerous reactionaries" that the self serious zoomers ITT think they are.

No. 1762303

>they're defiling their religion and home by posting about them on the internet!
She's not shitting on them from a place of opposition, she's shitting on them because she thinks they're right but not hardcore enough/not practicing what they preach

No. 1762310

their overlord yudkowski actually lost weight but in the most retarded way, something like eating bland-flavored caloric foods in order to get used to bland flavors and then switching to healthy foods kek. there's tons on milk in the actual LW posts and the braindead shit they come up with but the suffering incurred by reading their word salad and processing it into milk is not worth the effort

No. 1762345

If he understood they were cows he wouldn't be out in the pasture mooing with them

No. 1762352

if red scare was actually this funnny i would listen to it

No. 1762361

normie pikatard detected

No. 1762417

File: 1675712941078.png (451.5 KB, 768x662, 1662569932039046.png)

This community in a nutshell

No. 1762421

>this community
none of us are scarethots here kek

No. 1762423

File: 1675714128777.png (310.26 KB, 413x413, phoebe.png)

What a haggard and ugly face!

No. 1762426

I meant the rats/postrats/whatever

No. 1762435

anorexic women are usually infertile but when they do carry to term they have retarded kids with learning disabilities so thiel setting off a bomb genetically on his tech acolytes is a win for the rest of us.

No. 1762436

i love when "hot" women curse their descendants by marrying fat ugly dudes

No. 1762447

They don't really care about fallacies tbf it's seen as "low status" and dumb actually (something something ~heuristics~ something) but I can see why you'd expect them to

No. 1762474

File: 1675719659387.jpg (45.23 KB, 250x370, phoebemovie.jpg)

Trailer for her awful-looking "movie": https://vimeo.com/796386595

No. 1762475

wow that poster looks incredibly dated, some 2008 indie flick shit

No. 1762478

Is that the girl from Never Rarely Sometimes Always? Damn, I hope she doesn't get caught up in all the Shakespeare nonsense.

No. 1762553


So like Midsommar in the surburs.

No. 1762554


Why are they bringing teenagers to their sex orgies though?

No. 1762645

File: 1675739268613.png (310.39 KB, 883x393, 90sfreddie.png)

Freddie's post-cancellation arc just being him devolving into a Channel Awesome guy is extremely funny.

No. 1762665

Why do half of them look like troons? Maybe it’s the nose jobs

No. 1762668

If that’s his plan he is a true retard to focus on New York as some fountain of fertility. No one living in nyc of all places is going to increase birth rates. It’s really easy to get an abortion in and around those states even if they happen to get pregnant. Not to mention all the jewish people in and around nyc, isn’t he supposed to be a racist? What an idiot

No. 1762679

his plan is clearly to make abortion federally illegal and use NYC as a cultural launchpad for spreading his views through the media. he doesnt need any of these washed-up anorexic women to carry his children; not that they could anyways. he needs them to tell other (primarily younger) women that everything they've historically fought for is "uncool" and that the sperging, re-rebranded alt right are correct. does it work? judging by the last midterms, it does not, but he has billions of dollars and cant be deterred

No. 1762690

File: 1675744401047.jpeg (64.69 KB, 1170x406, 5B4A5675-F306-4A9C-AC8A-74BF14…)

Not to mention, push fertility and early marriage but supplement with prostitutes (like Aella types). That’s the message Thiel is pushing through his simultaneous support of trad shit and sex work

Did some reading and the Praxis founders weren’t even good enough to work in high finance like JPMorgan or go to Ivies (they probably blame it on “being white men”).

Imagine being such a unlikable person committed to the narc idea of your exceptionalism that you couldn’t just live in the same neighborhood as family or friends. Guess what, communities aren’t made by a bunch of people thinking they’re special

No. 1762707

File: 1675746105944.jpg (274.95 KB, 1170x1024, femtechdystopia.jpg)

yeah, post leftcows is only a tiny part of his strategy. people forget that thiel heads Palantir and is aiming to replace "government surveillance" with his own. Not to mention his capital arm throwing tens of millions into fertility tracking companies with the added bonus of private "security" muscle if you miss your period.

if the praxis had anything to offer they'd contribute their talents (kek) to the thousands of white-flight cities and regions across america. but, these leeches could barely even cut it with OHM in the cryptard space. I looked into praxis more and it seems like a money laundering operation more than anything tangible, they dont even have plans for waste management kek.

No. 1762715


Where the post leftcows are unique, specifically Anna and her followers, is that they are willing to sleep with gross "reactionary" men and have their babies for clout. Also, they think rape is cool and will not speak out if it happens to them because that would make them libtards. Before Anna came onto the scene these guys were loser incels. Now they are leaders of Praxis, Urbit, etc. It's also more Curtis Yarvin than Peter who is into the breedum don't feedum strategy, but Peter does sign off on it.

No. 1762725

Amie rt Evie

No. 1762727

All this effort to make having babies ~cool and trendy to 18-30 year old women and nothing about making it affordable. Eggs are $7 in some cities, but just go tradwife— run a diy farm/homeschool the kids/cook and clean everything all while your techtarded husbie sits doing desk work for 8 hours a day. Hope that monthly allowance is worth it

No. 1762733

OT but not this deadeyed catfish Brittany Hugoboom saying this

No. 1762734

He’s retarded if he thinks abortion will ever be illegal even on some rare chance it does people in the northeast could just go to Canada

No. 1762745

This is so fucking stupid it actually annoys me. Fertile women don’t need period trackers kek, only retarded Ana women like Dasha need them because they get them every 3 months. Peak fertile women get their period the same time every month, maybe within 2-3 days you but a period tracker wouldn’t even account for that discrepancy anyway

No. 1762749

kek every girlfriend of mine who has tried the "homestead" lifestyle with their scrote hemorrhaged cash and promptly "rvtvrned" to modern society. they dont sell logistics and scale in their fantasies, nor do the conservatives they bloviate over have any desire to fund families in any way, shape, or form.

exactly nonna

if you want to understand their mindset read up on Nick Land - i advise against it, but hes the godfather of all this bullshit - many components of what separate LCF threads (aella, grimes, leftcows) are discussing congeal here - TL;DR: techies are begging for a collapse in modern systems and want to replace our "democratic" leadership with tech overlords (thiel, musk, andreessen horowitz, a whole bevy of names) who want women pumping out babies for their new coke-fueled eugenic society.

access to internet is a crux/failure point of their plan so what will actually happen is some chad will just kill off the techies who dont submit and none of this will actually happen kek

No. 1762753

So he’s trying to inject gay cultural norms into hetero family life. What a loser

No. 1762758

> kek every girlfriend of mine who has tried the "homestead" lifestyle with their scrote hemorrhaged cash and promptly "rvtvrned" to modern society.
Right all this retvrn crap and “simple life” seems good on paper but then you actually do it and it’s horrible kek. We have to accept as humans we have evolved and we aren’t cut out for that life, unless you grew up on a farm don’t bother

No. 1762759

Too bad most of the “women” in this scene literally have cocks or look like they do and family oriented men don’t like women like that

No. 1762775

Unironically yes nonna, I saw one of these tech bros recommending the niqab as a solution to deepfake porn.

No. 1762809

Integrate, faggot.
I’m all for insulting Anna and scarethots when they’re wrong but Anna had one (1) baby with a Jewish musician. If there are any babies the scarethots have had for gross reactionaries then post examples instead of reeeing about your headcanon. You’re shitting up the thread with your low effort post.

No. 1762824

Dasha heavily implying on twitter lately that she's single and ready to mingle. RIP Matthew.

No. 1762867


She doesn't practice what she preaches. If you can't see that she is the selected passage to this you haven't been around very long. Why do you think she bragged about her rapist friend on the latest episode? She is very influential to a young and depraved audience of mentally ill women who starve themselves so they can get her approval. They are willing to do anything to get her attention, and that includes sleep with the guys that she claims are hot, especially if they appear on her show. That is how pathetic they are and why she is being bankrolled. Sorry to break it to you, but the babies are coming soon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762876

Integrate, faggot.

No. 1762924

which tweets?

No. 1762949

nta but you sound like a moid with your fixation on jewry. none of these people practice what they preach, they get paid to advocate for these views to their followers.

No. 1762985

That magazine is the cringiest shit I've ever seen in the womens media space, it's so fucking embarrassing. These people would create a race of dysgenic freaks if their plans came to fruition because only bottom of the barrel women think this shit looks "cool", my middle aged religious aunt Maurie isn't this embarrassing.

Conservatives are fucking retarded, their entire ideology is based around "people should just…", "if only people would just…" etc, people will never "just" anything. They're legit addicted to whining

No. 1763016

Babies coming soon? Kek. The men in this scene are all closeted homos who pretend to fuck women or they have limp dicks from all the drugs they take. keep dreaming

No. 1763026

I think Aimee's currently locked out of twitter, she hasn't posted or liked anything for four days now.

No. 1763032

File: 1675788146283.jpeg (352.68 KB, 2160x1080, 6E869254-77AF-4DE6-BD43-D1F54F…)

It's all so tiresome

No. 1763045

>the 'dirtbag left'
everyone take a drink

No. 1763058

File: 1675789457213.jpeg (564.69 KB, 1179x1058, 23F6A6A5-9513-4B73-B221-57F802…)

I don’t do reddit, need a farmer who does to tell me how deranged u/maryshelleysteponme is and what it means that dasha might meet him at the Yale debate.
I know their reddit name from lurking a little but didn’t know the account was deleted now. He has a new twitter and it’s all he’s tweeted about for a couple days https://www.twitter.com/_MSSOM_

No. 1763063

File: 1675789723778.png (253.68 KB, 1066x1142, singledasha.png)

This is poorly copy pasted from wikipedia. No wikipedia accepted sources have profiled them since they officially came out as conservatives.
Saying "highlights" of her acting career then listing one role.
It's a bit.

No. 1763077

There's a couple of dudes in these techbro circles on Twitter that pull off the rvtvrn thing and everybody looks up to, but I agree it's not for everyone

No. 1763100

>No wikipedia accepted sources have profiled them since they officially came out as conservatives.

I find this hard to believe. There was a NYTimes Oped last month which mentioned the Alex Jones interview and shift in political orientation. There was also this article from Salon:


And articles from Vanity Fair and other mainstream sources.

No. 1763103

Nonna, don’t believe what people post on social media. They get Amazon deliveries too. These techbros are just as dishonest as a thotfluencer selling you skinny tea. They are lifestyle influencers.

No. 1763105

does she actually want to date the type of men she’s attracting by behaving this way?

No. 1763107

No. 1763127

File: 1675792092146.png (713.99 KB, 1187x913, IHypocrite.png)

Yet another Twitter Blue viral tweet from a rw moid who doesn't understand the concept of "consent" and who thinks any women who doesn't dress in a burqa 24/7 is "asking for it."

And look who he happens to follow: Steve Sailer, Zero HP Lovecraft, and many of the usual suspects.

No. 1763130

File: 1675792266103.png (115.99 KB, 1026x438, wiki.png)

That's true. The Vanity Fair piece is on their wikipedia but at least one person is trying to keep it pr friendly.

No. 1763135

>anime doll collection
What the fuck is this bitch talking about kek, why is she forcing the weeb thing again?

No. 1763136

I'm tempted to look at the rest of Endwise's edits to see if there's a pattern of whitewashing right-wingers and right-wing content in the name of "balance." It's a shame that so many people still treat Wikipedia as a trusted source because they don't realize how many inaccurate, misleading, and lazy edits go undetected by the incompetent moderators, or how much bias (often a right-leaning bias, as in this case) slips through in the name of "balance."

No. 1763142

it’s to appeal to a certain type of guy who jerks off to 15 year old cosplayers and loli. she must never want to have children

No. 1763148

There’re several books about how bad Wikipedia is although I have read zero of them so I’m not recommending them or anything (just seems like a massive waste of time). It has its uses but if you’re ever very passionate or knowledgeable about something and you read the wiki article it will scrape the scales off your eyes pretty quickly about how shit the editing is. Wish they would stop begging for money there’s no way they don’t have more than they need. It’s not like it’s libgen or something, I wouldn’t cry if it disappeared tomorrow. Derail sorry.
She has a Misato soap dish figurine and some loli hentai artist character figure, but that’s all I remember her having.

No. 1763149

File: 1675793571215.png (784.89 KB, 592x887, 56673221678883.png)

Is "The Longhouse" a new cringe meme from Anna, Bronze Age Pervert, and the rest of the Power Bottom Right? This BAP clone is posting about it too. His fellow right-wingers are roasting him in the quote RTs for being an unsubtle homosexual.

No. 1763151

File: 1675793638171.png (528.73 KB, 574x592, lmao.png)

That much is obvious, but it's been a while since we last saw her pull this specific shtick hasn't it? I think the last time was at least one year ago when she was flirting with @viperwave or something, and people joked she was grooming him. We already know Matthew is out of the picture

No. 1763157

It's not really new, it's been around for years, and they also have a fixation on yeast as a symbol of the "gynocracy". I can't believe moids actually care about this shit, the ~le evil degrowth longhouse that wants to take progress from us~ discourse feels totally astroturfed

No. 1763159

what incel is she flirting with now? anyone know?

No. 1763160

Longhouses have been a meme on 4chan for years because they’re used to make fun of how ancient nords couldn’t into real architecture. As usual it takes normies and hipsters like 10 years to catch up.

No. 1763162

File: 1675794291352.png (227.3 KB, 1194x505, 7895356778367888.png)

No. 1763163

Virtue signalling to some weeb scrote she has her eye on. Women like Dasha don’t have real interests or personalities, only mirroring whatever scrote they are currently orbiting.

No. 1763167

File: 1675794633893.jpeg (382.84 KB, 1179x1018, 1BD2D62F-1E40-405E-8180-A41EFC…)

Yeah it’s a BAP thing (which means it came from somewhere else as others pointed out). Feels like it’s suddenly being forced everywhere but that’s probably just because I have been looking at the cows in this thread and what they post

No. 1763178

Honestly it looks like he’s mocking Matt Walsh. I don’t know this poster, but unless there’s further context it’s hard to read another way. Gay rightwinger infighting?

No. 1763180

When people on Twitter reference BAP’s longhouse, they’re criticizing female “ran” spaces and cultures (eg the perception of women single-handedly deciding educational standards in K-12) since the longhouse was managed by grandmas/female elders. They often refer to corporate workplaces as the longhouse etc.

more male seething over being rendered useless by technology

No. 1763184

“Babygravy9” seems like a low effort alt/troll account name lol

No. 1763185

He is mocking Matt Walsh but most of the online right is closer to Matt's perspective on this issue and suspect that BAP and his clones are homosexuals trying to subvert the right with libertarianism, which is why they're roasting him for that take.

No. 1763187

>lacking in privacy
So their problem with this idea is they wouldn't be able to jack off as much?

No. 1763188

He calls himself ‘steppe barbarian’ kek, I always cringe so hard when these sheltered suburban American brats wanna larp as badasses. I wanna drop them in the middle of rural Central Asia and see how they cope with the long -50C winters, no running water, sleeping in a yurt year round, no tendies, no heaters, no internet, riding horses on extremely uneven terrain that often results in riders getting broken arms and legs from falling off, having nothing but sheeps head and mare’s milk for dinner, day in day out.

No. 1763189

Oh ok. Weird concern. Libertarians will never subvert anything because they lack the social skills to do so lol. Never met a more unpleasant and unkempt bunch in my life

No. 1763193

File: 1675795696677.jpeg (526.56 KB, 1242x1243, 5E03D14A-591D-4F10-A9CD-D9C766…)

Is this a parody account or real? Because most historians and archaeologists know actual Aryans were overwhelmingly dark haired and eyed. Kek.

No. 1763195

File: 1675795793061.jpeg (809.07 KB, 1179x1949, 37BB9A40-73BB-43DB-B62B-314188…)

No moid, she just got Anna to watch NGE

No. 1763199

Dejavú. Is this a repost straight from BAP? Swear I’ve seen this shit go viral before.

No. 1763200

Yeah, it's always hilarious how many rightwing moids imagine themselves to be Conan the Barbarian or Charles Bronson online when in reality they're scared shitless by any gathering of black men, freak out whenever they see a rainbow display, and have nightmares about feminist women bossing them around.

No. 1763201

These dudes are a joke, basically white Hoteps. Dunning Kruger + wilfully ignore any information that doesn’t fit their personal biases and power fantasies. Never take them seriously.

No. 1763203

File: 1675796331557.jpeg (124.52 KB, 1169x408, 943DE00A-E543-4382-BC08-CA7236…)

Nonna you should look at the last dozen threads. Or even just search BAP on the redscarepod subreddit. Anna simps for him (he’s gay tho) and other edgy racists online

No. 1763205

I think what's most pathetic is that even large swathes of online right cringelords think BAP and his crew have jumped the shark, and here you have a NYC hipster like Anna think it's some hot new trend. Lol. Has anyone been so consistently wrong and late to the party?

No. 1763207

I think men who are seriously into Conan secretly want to kill themselves like the author did. Sometimes anyway. it’s a dog whistle but not the usual kind lol

No. 1763209

File: 1675796720125.jpeg (82.56 KB, 895x786, 375BE5E6-9C8A-4F3E-B15F-A0CD6B…)

His real name is Costin Alamariu, he’s a gay Jew and also a shill. It usually turns out all of these right wing pundits are gay Jewish men.

No. 1763211

Yeah it’s like she just discovered 2016 /pol/ discourse.

No. 1763212

Tbf Anna has been thirsty for his acknowledgement since like 2019? She didn’t openly praise him till 2020 though, before that she’d always be like, “I’m not endorsing him.” But she’s crossed the racism threshold. It appears he has finally stopped negging her as of last year (if only bc his star is fading and hers unfortunately rises). His past negging and teasing of Liz and Matt Bruenig is funny too as she pretends to not associate with racists

No. 1763216

>he’s a gay jew
Explains why Anna likes him then…

No. 1763217

If Dasha is single and no longer with that greaseball, does that mean the end of the tradcath faux converts in NYC

No. 1763227

File: 1675798135894.jpeg (613.04 KB, 1079x1915, A9A17448-E1DE-4797-9EDC-4CF2EF…)

She’s clearly been stalking him from 4chan archives where he was already doxxed years ago and subtweeted him. Hinted that she guessed he was a Romanian or ‘middle eastern’, when in fact it’s already been stated multiple times that he’s a Romanian Jew. He’s also Peter Thiel’s personal bumboy, a Yale graduate and a couple of his family members are executives at major international banks.

No. 1763230

File: 1675798534250.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1217, 45A273F0-FF1B-410F-87CE-1F66F7…)

Pretty odd for a guy who posts Hitler and fashwave memes all day.

No. 1763231

Goes by the name "Incel Freak." Also MaryShelleyStepOnMe, but he gives off more general benign loser stan vibes than malicious incel

No. 1763232

BAP is literally a troll, only idiots take him seriously.

No. 1763237

soooo weird how all these twitter nazis are just feds and glowies…

No. 1763239

Elon unbanned his original account too? Weird.

No. 1763243

You mean liars?

No. 1763244

> It appears he has finally stopped negging her as of last year (if only bc his star is fading and hers unfortunately rises).

Anna's star is not rising. Like Chapo, Red Scare has their dedicated fans and paypigs who keep them afloat, but their growth has stalled for quite some time.

No. 1763245

Is the accent real? Didn’t he grow up near Boston or something

No. 1763288

lol moids and their cope

No. 1763291

do effina and charls count?

No. 1763297

File: 1675806288991.png (376.68 KB, 597x872, 778854567788433.png)

There's nothing wrong with what the girl in the video is doing so of course these incel ass accounts like @proetrie and @coldhealing have to seethe and tweet it out to their bitter moid followers so that everyone else can be as miserable as they are.

@proetrie also had to specify the "white girl" part because he's a typical virginal Indian guy who seethes when white women won't date him lol. These losers really are just like the dirtbag leftists from years ago who'd hide their misogyny behind "white women" jokes.

No. 1763299

i am so numb to the closet homo's not-so-hidden anguish. can't these guys just cry and jerk off to berserk for the hundredth time instead of whining online? trying to wear everyone down with complaining is not very apollonian but very swish

No. 1763306

Effina is a self hating arab and an mde fangirl. Little to do with this scene

No. 1763310

This is so pathetic lol, how could they think this comes off as anything but them being jealous of someone experiencing happiness

No. 1763311

anna is way too old to keep falling for gay guys, she is so embarrassing

No. 1763327

i think coldhealing genuinely is not hating. pretty sure that account says that if you think that it's your own projection. definitely attracts mostly shitheads in the comments so no difference in reality guess

No. 1763360

File: 1675813693848.jpeg (199.14 KB, 623x582, 64538619-649D-425E-8D58-B4D682…)

Ok I'm starting to get Travis Bickle vibes from him

No. 1763362

File: 1675813904792.jpeg (477.29 KB, 1170x1116, 9228BDA8-AA56-446F-9A07-419853…)

How can she be friends with Aimee Terese and say this when, not only was Tinkzorg a regular on What's Left, but also weighs in on US politics 24/7 despite having nothing to do with it

No. 1763364

File: 1675814062149.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1214, leftistmen.jpeg)

it's exactly like this kek

No. 1763367

no weeb guy is impressed with aliexpress figurines, dasha.

No. 1763389

Is this a reference to some specific current drama with Tinkzorg?

No. 1763396

File: 1675817040976.jpeg (220.17 KB, 1536x2048, dasha yale.jpeg)


No. 1763399

File: 1675817234899.webm (13.37 MB, 1280x720, vintagePariah.webm)

This Pariah bitch is really hot when he's got some meat on him.

No. 1763404

File: 1675817607064.jpg (44.09 KB, 481x640, djPGCt0l.jpg)

mary shelly

No. 1763405

Jesus Christ, he's like Anna but way worse. At least Anna's funny when she fails to be this edgy. BAP just reeks of tryhardness and punching the numbers talking points

No. 1763406


how did you find this?

No. 1763417

I don't know about hot but it certainly looks like Pariah with more meat

No. 1763438

help i've been informed that Red Scare fans are the sexy intellectual vanguard but this looks like a ginger sam hyde and the guy in the small town polycule who's always suggesting vampire shit

No. 1763458

File: 1675821636809.png (465.22 KB, 648x708, Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 9.00…)

No. 1763462

File: 1675821904821.jpeg (151.69 KB, 617x477, 3367D489-B4F0-431C-8591-1FF53B…)


No. 1763464

>hit piece
>on an admitted pedophile who's fucked trafficked women

No. 1763465

>Historians and cultural theorists have argued that civilisations have collective “death drives” — fuelled by an oppressive atmosphere of decline and decay — and here is a new variation, the “posting drive”. Abbasi, who is continuing to run for office in Chicago now that he has secured the coveted endorsement of some New York-based “dissident podcasters”, is willing to go down with the ship, so irony-poisoned from years of hard posting that the pain of drowning will be nothing short of sweet relief from his need to respond to likes and notifications.

No. 1763468


No. 1763475

aww it's nice that Moldbug showed up to support Dasha

No. 1763492

didn't know the buffy the vampire slayer convention was in town

No. 1763511

Looks like he’s close to trooning

No. 1763512

File: 1675827438304.png (395.63 KB, 598x622, yGly2ZW.png)

No. 1763516

File: 1675827634486.jpg (1.06 MB, 3024x4032, dasha yale political union.jpg)

another angle

No. 1763518

>reading notes hunched over her iphone

No. 1763520

File: 1675828016186.png (43.83 KB, 593x174, harrowing.png)

Patiently awaiting MSSOM's audio recording of the event

No. 1763524

File: 1675828689917.jpg (222.49 KB, 1170x2080, 32943.jpg)

Dasha's picture

No. 1763529

File: 1675830702552.jpeg (123.85 KB, 768x1024, dasha sofia.jpeg)

No. 1763535

kind of has adam's lips

No. 1763537

asian hitler in a mark twain suit

No. 1763554

File: 1675835220585.png (291.58 KB, 495x344, boring.png)

Sam Kriss wrote about about Dimes Square, with plenty of tedious obfuscation https://samkriss.substack.com/p/downtown-23

No. 1763567

so boring. honestly hate the cottage industry of "downtown reporting" more than the cows this point. they're always scraping the bottom of the barrel to stir up a bit out of outrage on twitter, and its just so forced and empty. like we are at the stage that tinkzorg is penning a hit piece about a fucking dasha reply guy and unheard is actually printing it. surely all these "dissident" papers can come up with better content that what amounts to faction wars between terminally online retards

No. 1763569

Pretty funny how right wing men always look like steam punk video game characters when they try to look “classy and tasteful”

No. 1763570

nope, scene reporters since Didion have always been fucking lame, you’re just noticing now because the scene moved online.

No. 1763578

File: 1675840389765.png (2.05 MB, 1168x1790, troon meltdown.png)

pariah about to 41% himself at any moment

No. 1763579

glad im not the only one who saw that nonna, he looks like a 16 year old not-yet-deformed yarvin

No. 1763582

tbf Pedo Abbassi is running for political office, he's more than a mere reply guy.

No. 1763584

nonnie that's not him, that's a groyper account making fun of him.

No. 1763594

Does he go to Yale or did he just buy a ticket to this?

No. 1763595

What is he wearing a bra for exactly?

No. 1763652

File: 1675857609931.jpeg (824.62 KB, 1242x1847, 8DED0554-AF1E-4C7C-BEB6-322D99…)

he shitposted his way to a wife so he could then joke about how child porn sentences are too lenient because her body as a 36 year old woman is i guess unappealing to him according to his own dms? >>1695679 what a freak

No. 1763670

Another Yehudi?

No. 1763676

That’s his side account. He’s literally a groyper and likes nick fuentes

No. 1763697

>Sam Kriss
didn't this guy go into hiding after groping and harassing a bunch of women in London

No. 1763698

lol maybe Red Scare will do a Nick Fuentes / Groyper arc next. It'd fit their "be 4 years behind on every fad" track record.

No. 1763700

wtf it looks like his skeleton is trying to escape from his body

No. 1763703

File: 1675864362643.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2802x3465, 770A5366-E32E-4FAE-86C7-CF41C1…)

i thought he's a BAP fan based on his previous posts where he agrees with BAP's pederasty pedo takes about women not being feminine enough so men go for pubescent boys. and those faggots hate the Fuentes America First faggots.

No. 1763705

is the BAP vs Fuentes feud over who is the bigger closet case?

No. 1763723

I miss when the rs sub was meaner like 50k+ members ago and would've made fun of him mercilessly for this.

No. 1763736

>no moid, she's just posting about the literal only anime she has ever watched

No. 1763739

name names

No. 1763741

>i moved in with an old friend i hadn't seen in a while and i'm having a good time
>oh my GOD what is UP with this insane jumbly nonsensical word SALAD!? can you get any more VERBOSE, you bourgeois narcissist effecting fake JOIE DE VIVRE philistine? are you experiencing JOUISSANCE at the creation of parasocial relationships in the LONGHOUSE? speak CLEARLY you jezabel!

No. 1763743

>that account says that if you think that it's your own projection
well if he says that! his selection and follower reactions clearly suggests hating but if he says it's not we ought take him at his word

No. 1763748


No. 1763752

He’s probably whatever is edgiest and funniest at the moment. He’s been talked about in kiwifarms’ groypers thread a few times

No. 1763754

every single second and third string left irony account that's on their seventh account and is mutuals with felix.
p.s. learn 2 sage

No. 1763762

File: 1675871074908.png (650.89 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20230208-104038.png)

Ian Svenonius on contain really shows the easily impressed acid-warped credulous retard that Barrett is and how he intends to weather his coming metoo arc

No. 1763768

Lord forgive me for thinking Ian S. was cool in the 90s…..I’ve since wondered about his background, he was so astroturfed in the media at the time (“meet the Sassiest Boy in America!”) despite being ugly and his music sucking. He reeks of red diaper baby / socialist son of intelligence agents, D.C. pedigree and all. Can’t believe he’s still around publishing retarded “manifestos”

No. 1763784

don't forget the ones whose entire personalities are formed around never getting a courtesy like or followback from Felix. Imagine turning into a 2016 /pol/tard because a lispy Jew from Chicago who doesn't shower never acknowledges you on the bird app

No. 1763788

File: 1675874549833.png (1.73 MB, 1080x3680, image (10).png)

Would you rather discover that your mom did porn or discover that your mom read from her substack at the Matt Forney Dimes Square Pariah the Doll party while several months pregnant with you?

No. 1763815

If my mom was Jo, I would probably kill myself in the womb.

No. 1763817

I can’t believe any woman thought this fool was stunning…I mean sometimes I think the nonnas here can be overly harsh but damn is he an ugly motherfucker

No. 1763831

He could be making it up because he’s that kind of loser. Maybe they met in some weight loss support group or something

No. 1763833

File: 1675879623115.jpeg (92.42 KB, 750x225, CB19D612-1A37-4A1C-8A44-C0D7B0…)

They both lost over 100 pounds and he thinks the way her nude body looks is due to her being 36? He’s so stupid

No. 1763836

He’s a 66 year old man who dyes his hair and Fucks 18 year olds at LA punk venues, Guy was always a gigantic loser.

No. 1763839

oh forgot to mention, his parents are/were Swedish-Swiss plutocrats, dude has never had a job in his life

No. 1763841

File: 1675880682348.png (278.02 KB, 403x513, mikeycar.png)

Mikey gets his car vandalized.

No. 1763846

Only way it gets worse is if it turns out Matt Forney is the father

No. 1763848

random Q to farmers who may know but is Pariah your regular ass tranny or AGP? This video giving me a strong "annoying theatre kid with catgirl phone case that dated that one aspergers girl for 3 months before she dumped him" vibes

No. 1763857

What's the difference?

No. 1763861

File: 1675883138526.jpg (35.32 KB, 679x330, FoGpiOBX0AAgzFG.jpg)

Speaking of kids with a bleak future, it's going to be an interesting scene if @LoFiRepublican's kid every finds out how dad really feels about the Jewish half of the family

No. 1763865

What a retarded scrote. His “half Jew” child is fully Jewish as her mother is a Jew. His ancestry couldn’t matter less. A sad cope

No. 1763878

don't know about that one, anon, I bet any given person posted in this thread would be happier and healthier if they traded in clout chasing on twitter for practicing the bassoon

No. 1763881

Seems like he’s into men, he talks about being homosexual on Twitter (and doesn’t identify as a woman)

No. 1763882

There are a ton of Jews (esp german) in the Midwest, it’ll be more alarming for the child to learn their father’s a Twitter addicted scrote

No. 1763886

i hope lauren has already met with a lawyer

No. 1763888

There are not many jews in the Midwest

No. 1763895

zerzan already pioneered the "we can't oppress anyone if we can't speak!" white guilt to end all white guilt takes.

No. 1763899

the midwest is full of self-hating half jews, what's worse is that they're all catholic

No. 1763900

LOL I remember rags like Spin trying to make him happen. I had no idea when he claimed to be 20 he was like 35 ha ha ha I wonder who outed him. That black hair dye is ridiculous

No. 1763902

He's a regular ass tran, he transitioned as a teen.

No. 1763903

File: 1675886144423.jpeg (85.33 KB, 365x593, B56891B3-94D2-4BDF-9D6E-204C35…)

It doesn’t matter anyways, he makes shit up like them having 3 kids by her being age 23.

No. 1763911

File: 1675886790763.jpeg (21.03 KB, 248x142, D53C9B44-0E46-4E24-8D6C-35FFE5…)

Lol wife went to college and somehow had 3 kids. Fakeeeee

No. 1763915

that line about being open is beyond creepy

No. 1763919

definitely a HSTS

No. 1763923

This. He tweets about wanting conversion therapy recommendations bc he’s totes a good catholic boy

No. 1763937

It’s not technically impossible but it does sound incredibly fake. Did his fictional wife graduate from her fictional college?

No. 1763968

Unherd is such a joke

No. 1763988

File: 1675894230333.png (118.11 KB, 449x655, zachkampf.png)

Being a drag queen podcasting about Mein Kampf with your mom and a fat Texan. Just normal shit.

No. 1763990

File: 1675894373149.jpeg (39.23 KB, 272x275, E9AE94C4-35C3-4DE8-BB36-80F5D5…)

No. 1763993

This sounds like it was a trainwreck. No new deets?

No. 1763994

it's crazy how common lying about having a wife and children is on that side of twitter. theres a guy (idr who) and his likes were all screenshots of hypocritical women on tinder and dating app statistics type shit meanwhile he'd tweet about how his wife just gave birth to their second child. i'm not saying a married man can't like those tweets but ALL DAY EVERY DAY? give me a break

No. 1763998

Is that an MTF or FTM I can't even tell

No. 1764005

all this dude does is talk about how feminists and gays groom your child then immediately talks about women hitting the wall and fertility being lost after age 21, I truly hate him and hope he is lying about ruining some poor girls life.

No. 1764006

File: 1675896097137.jpeg (74.98 KB, 265x640, 96A38909-54B8-4972-81BD-2862BE…)

Even breeder families like the Duggars struggle to do that, it’s hard to especially if you breastfeed. He only posts about “my son” too, if he truly has a wife and kids, he only has 1 child. But it’s highly likely he’s making up everything, of course

No. 1764007

it’s because they get called incels, and they think having casual sex is bad, so the card to get out of admitting they have never spoken to a woman in their life is trad marriage

No. 1764008

File: 1675896239611.jpeg (353.49 KB, 1170x1710, AD283F8D-75F5-427B-8C96-F5CEBE…)

Samefag but kek

Anyone recall Justin Murphy “low fertility is crisis” retard complaining about not being able to smoke weed with his friends since he had a baby lmao

No. 1764011

it's the dedication to the lie is what kills me kek. it's such 12 year old girl behavior. soon they'll make fake accounts for them and have convos between them.
>love youuuuuu my husbandddd <33

No. 1764013

No actual dad talks like this, this is fake as fuck kek

No. 1764015

MSSOM uploaded the full audio of Dasha @ Yale. It's only 26 minutes

No. 1764017

The old PUA/Manosphere guys have been entirely swallowed up by the online right. They may LARP as Trad Christians now or have Roman statue pfps and call themselves "Dissidents," but they retain all the old incel obsessions about falling birthrates, interracial sex, dating app statistics, a woman's body count, and so on.

No. 1764019

damn that's what a trad relationship does to a child's development. from an infant to a fish-catching horny kid in less than a year! FUCK SEED OILS

No. 1764034

this is pretty much inaudible with all the banging. couldn't get through the first 2 minutes. anyone want to do a recap?

No. 1764035

Pariah self-posts of course
He looks better than I expected. He bought a ticket of course as he religiously follows Dasha's instagram and posts "How does she do it" pics to the subreddit. He's her biggest simp now that Vranak is gone. Good for Dasha, I wouldn't meet one of my simps unless I could turn him into a lucrative paypig. Dasha has also been retweeting him.

No. 1764046

Just noticed that E. Jean Carroll liked this post

No. 1764056

once again proving that Red Scare fans are all homosexual men, troons, and/or the ugliest men in the world

No. 1764062

File: 1675902418101.jpg (25.28 KB, 333x500, s-l1600.jpg)

>Andy Nowicki

LOL I can't believe I just saw that. Attached pic is NOT FAKE. It's a real picture of Nowicki and the title of a book series he wrote: Ruminations of a Low Status Male.

Like Forney, this loser has been for a long time. He used to write for Richard Spencer's original Alternative Right website which existed circa 2012-13. He went on a tour of South Africa to report about the "white genocide" occurring there years before Lauren Southern did. Aside from that, his schtick was being an ugly Polish TradCath nerd who - surprise surprise - complained about women being whores all the time.

No. 1764074

being polish is hell

No. 1764075

Between this guy, Matt Forney, Steve Sailer, BAP, Niccolo, and all the rest, this scene really is scrounging up all the Alt Right/Frogtwitter has-beens and trying to pass them off as avant-garde "dissidents" lol

No. 1764077

LMFAO his neck is making me lose it, he looks like a human Globglogabgalab

No. 1764095

My wife says you’re all just kind of seething.

No. 1764101

QRD on what barret has done? Idk him

No. 1764102

I just fucked your wife and she said your dick is small

No. 1764103

Just when I thought this scene couldn't get any more retarded, Ian Svenonius rises from his coffin to suck the last remaining drops of edge out of it
This is why you always keep garlic and a stake handy

No. 1764105

You're Matt Bruenig?

No. 1764106

Sameanon but I literally had no idea he was still around lol, I assumed he failed upward into a marketing or graphic design job like all the other Gen X indie scrotes

No. 1764108

that MSSOM obsessive moid posted his shitty recording but you cant hear anything because all the yale students are hissing loudly. apparently she went into climate change denialism kek: https://twitter.com/noagencynewyork/status/1623125116660981764

No. 1764110

Who are you?

Nice visits from the cows as of late eg Indian Bronson last week claiming the photo dox wasn’t him, then this guy (Justin Murphy or Matt Bruenig? LoFi lmao?)

No. 1764112

Maybe she did but as a rule I wouldn’t take anything noagency says at face value. it’s kind of their shtick to post whatever sounds salacious in the moment, it’s usually not true

No. 1764115

Please post more, it's been a while since a female cow's moid gave us some good laughs. Are you Jo's moid? Do an as_a_woman Caroline bit and tell us about what incredible opportunity it is to be networking with these super important and influential people

No. 1764117

No she did say it, in response to an audience question about how the political polarization that she advocates for takes into account opposing views on subjects of tremendous societal importance or objective scientific facts that nevertheless generate denial and debate, such as climate change.

No. 1764118

lol he was born in 1958, he's not even close to gen x, their sins are great enough without him

No. 1764119

There are some, sure. I wouldn’t say it’s full of them

No. 1764120

Dasha sat in her room for a few days thinking of the most controversial but not cancellable opinion she could have

No. 1764126

How old is he supposed to be? It would be kind of funny if he was telling half truths, like he’s 45 and divorced with one kid, but he’s probably just a terminally online incel and making it all up

No. 1764130

5 years older than her, he claims

The one honest thing he’s shared is that he’s a public school teacher hmm. I hope he can be doxed

No. 1764137

Hahahahahaha how I did not know this. Literally 35 when Nation Of Ulysses was a thing

No. 1764146

No. 1764152

3 kids on a public school salary with a barely 20 within 3 years? kek

No. 1764161

29? He’s been tweeting like this through his 20s? He doesn’t come across as a man from that age group. Maybe if he was homeschooled and completely disconnected from people his own age growing up.

No. 1764174

No. 1764178

How often does he tweet? How is he a teacher while having a wife and young kids?

No. 1764184

Ian metoo’d himself at some point to get ahead of the curve, deactivated for awhile, and came back of course.

No. 1764194

He sucks and those frilly dresses make her look like a troon. Yuck

No. 1764198

Lol, I'm learning all sorts of things in this thread today about a guy I haven't thought about since the 1990s. Somehow he managed to make his "I sexually harassed a bunch of women" confession sound so arch and self-satisfied and pretentious that it's like he's doing us a favor by posting it

No. 1764206

Dasha deleted her catholic insta alt helaniakrasowa?

No. 1764210

Honestly this. The biggest elephant in the room with all the weird rise of evie cycle tracking seed oils rvtvrn femininity coach quackery is the fact that people in their late 20s-early 30s shouldn't be having this much trouble making a baby unless one or more partners have some kind of significant health issue, or they only have horrible 30 minute sex like one a week because it's a transactional relationship based on pickme brainworms pushing these women to accept any man as a life partner despite the deep innate repulsion they feel in their soul for them. Even for someone in their mid-30s it shouldn't take over a year to finally get pregnant like it did for Anna and I always got the impression they had genuine chemistry and weren't have emotionally empty starfish sex once a week like so many women trying to get a baby out of DOA relationship

TLDR; the unspoken implication is that most righwing, trad, scarethot women are deeply unwell both physically and spiritually and need significant amount of artificial technology to fulfill basic biological functions that a dog could do

No. 1764212

File: 1675918838089.jpeg (412.59 KB, 1170x1453, B2BC8187-09DC-4B50-9A1D-53012D…)

They all lie though

No. 1764217

It’s worsened by the general lack/ misinformation about women’s health and cycles (many women don’t realize they can only get pregnant a few days of the month). Science still can’t explain many quirks of our periods and pms bc few scientists cared to do research on women’s health

RW tradtards can condemn big pharma, that’s safe, but not the gender bias against women’s issues in medicine, research, and health education and applications, perpetuated by moids.

Like that stupid fucking evie Thiel surveillance app as a solution. Um it’s MEN hating and disregarding women’s bodies as a topic in the sciences that got us to women not knowing what a luteal phase is. Call it what it is

No. 1764225

>but not the gender bias against women’s issues in medicine, research, and health education and applications
That's by design though, just like they'll pour millions into culture war bullshit to "try" and make women have children but won't make having and caring for children cheaper and easier. Conservatives' main concern is having their feefees (and peepees, to use their own words) validated above and beyond any real practical goals they claim to have. They would rather blame women in the most unproductive ways and try to punish them for not doing as they're told than address the issue where it matters, because blaming women for not 'submitting' always comes first. Maybe if you're a really good girl your husband will listen when you tell him which days you're fertile instead of smacking you for not giving him healthy sons!

No. 1764226

Did anyone listen to this? I bet it's milky but I'm not paying the troon $5.

No. 1764238

it's lofi republican pretending to be his wife!

No. 1764264

one of the biggest tells of serial liars is that they dont get the birth month correct so they end up being off by a year accidentally in between lies. lofi is in full catfish territory so its likely he has no children at all. if he does, those kids are fucked.

honestly this. i assume rw scrotes inherently have fertility issues they project onto their partners not being aged 19 because they dont work around their bangmaid's cycle and their bangmaid's are genuinely not sexually attracted to them. not to mention men hitting the wall and their sperm count lowering year after year - exacerbated by BAPfags on steroids which hilariously decrease their sperm count even more kek

No. 1764360

That's just ugly low T men in general. See: Nathan J. Robinson

No. 1764401

File: 1675955274666.jpg (221.69 KB, 1484x1116, ap.jpg)

Ariel Pink on the new TAFS

No. 1764402

File: 1675955620650.png (18.08 KB, 603x279, cant-spell-fiancee.png)

I'm of the camp that LoFiRepublican/ScooterPutin is a bona fide freak who coerced a college student with conservative Jewish parents into marrying him and dropping out of college after he knocked her up. He asks people to pray for his pregnant teenage fiancee rather than a wife after referring to her as his "wife" colloquially for months, the former being what she really was at the time. Hopefully she did divorce him, but he hasn't left enough of a trail to verify it besides that he used to go by ScooterPutin and used to live in Brooklyn. https://archive.is/wF9He

No. 1764409

Anna is so ugly and I’m certain that’s why she seems so miserable and looks dead inside all the time.

No. 1764427

Ick so he knocked this girl up when she was 19 and he was 25?

No. 1764450

I know this is not milky and this pic has been posted a thousand times before, but Anna looks so haggard and bad. I feel like her rotten insides manifest to her outward physical self. I can’t imagine being a miserable person who panders the worst online and also seeks their validation constantly displaying severe levels of NLOG, and had a kid with a man who will never emotionally fulfill her. It must suck to be Anna.

No. 1764489

18 or under most likely and he would have been 23 if they were really 5 years part and she wasn’t fictitious lol

No. 1764503

File: 1675967679468.png (1.93 MB, 1322x1360, Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.18…)

best part is anna was supposedly 30 in that pic, either that's history's hardest 30 or she's lying about her age worse than ian svenonius. funny to see r/redscarepod finally catching on to her full face renovation - used to be any mention of "work" would get shouted down by redditors repeating anna's lines: "it's just tret!" "pregnancy was like facial feminization surgery for me!" "just weight loss!" of course the latter two are known to make premature aging/sagging skin worse, not better but anna's just special and NLOG like that

No. 1764513

He’s lying to try and boast to other men and hope getting women concerned will make him more popular. This is the fakest shit ever

No. 1764517

she could be lying about her age, but it really could be anorexia ravaging her looks. She used to have so much hair

No. 1764520

Not to white knight (lol) but she does look a lot better, I’m not really mad at her for it. But yeah she’s seriously downplaying the procedures she’s had done, it’s not tret and plucking her eyebrows differently lmao. The most honest thing she said was on Dial Dan when she brushed of his questions about her face by saying “it’s literally just being rich”

No. 1764538

It’s interesting tho I’m in my late 20s and some of my girlfriends and acquaintances are undeniably high income especially the married working ones. but they haven’t invested as much into procedures as Anna, even the ones that are a bit more average/plain. Anna really couldn’t stand being homely

No. 1764546

it could be pedoabbasi's wife also cause he was just posted about on here tok

No. 1764550

I guess Dasha's Catholic arc is officially dead now that she dumped the ugly Trad loser. She spent months arguing that her conversion was sincere too, lol. What will the next grift be?

There's no way her relationship with Eli is a happy one. It's already been confirmed they have shouting fights frequently and don't even sleep or live together most of the time. They're a couple with a newborn baby and yet Anna STILL spends time in Twitter groupchats with Bronze Age Pervert and the rest of these circus freaks. I suspect if it weren't for the kid they would've broken up by now, but I don't know how they're going to maintain this facade for another 18 years or more, lol.

No. 1764570

File: 1675972393091.png (346.63 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20230209-144618.png)

probably fake but lol

No. 1764575

He wasn’t important to me and surely that’s fake but rest in piss to another bald ass stupid scrote I guess

No. 1764576

It's not real. Just another bad forced meme from the alt lit community.

No. 1764577

What was the name on her polish catholic christening certificate? Or whatever it was. Her real name is Daria I guess although that’s rarely mentioned here and her name got all changed around when her family immigrated but I thought it was something different on the doc like helania

No. 1764578

The difference between late 20s and mid 30s in terms of insecurity about facial looks (for pickmes) is very vast, I don’t think you would have seen it yet.

No. 1764579

It's still up for me, maybe you typed it wrong or she blocked you for some reason? https://www.instagram.com/helenaniakrasowa/

No. 1764587

I was spelling it helania not helenania

No. 1764588

File: 1675974478982.jpg (67.82 KB, 664x664, vintagePariah.jpg)

it's not that hard to use the 'tism, you know.

No. 1764595

ot but i want that sweater

No. 1764597

No. 1764613

Tbh I don’t think he self posts but he sees us claiming he does and it kills him that he can’t say anything lol l

No. 1764615

fatass Matt Forney is considered Alt Lit now? lol that scene is truly dead

No. 1764626

File: 1675978389199.png (1.96 KB, 188x117, 523452346457.png)

amber's book got pushed again

No. 1764628

Kekek amazing how long has she been working on that? Surely she is off the chapo dole by now?

No. 1764631

LOL it's only 240 pages? Most grad students can do that in a few months tops.

The description just gets funnier and funnier the more time passes:

>Amber A’Lee Frost came to New York City as a working class activist in a punk band, arriving just before the start of Occupy Wall Street—the first major event in decades for a socialist movement that was nearly extinct at the turn of the century. She's been at the vanguard of radical politics ever since, as a writer, veteran member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and cohost of the wildly popular Chapo Trap House podcast. She has reported on millennial activism everywhere from the sunny streets of Havana, to the Labour Party’s unexpected victory in the UK, to small towns in her home state of Indiana.

>Dirtbag is a much-anticipated debut from one of the greatest emerging writers in modern socialism. This memoir is more than Frost’s story; it is also the story of the only movement that has a chance to reshape our world. Both are chock-full of momentary triumphs, stupid decisions, new international friendships and rivalries, struggle, joy, setbacks, and heartbreak. Both are related with magnetic prose, remarkable candor, and unflappable humor.

>Throughout it all, Frost burned the candle at both ends. She kissed a man in the rain at a train stop after he sang her “The Internationale,” and gave herself hangovers that left her begging for death. But all of the late nights, heated debates, and joyous camaraderie was set against the unmistakable sense that somehow, socialism was winning.

No. 1764634

File: 1675978892466.png (105.92 KB, 654x497, polarize.png)

No. 1764635

she's just too busy burning the candle

No. 1764636

>Nekrasova, who described herself as a “classic liberal, Soviet immigrant, free speech absolutist,” opened the debate with an argument in favor of polarization.

lmao, she's doing the Sargon of Akkad/Dave Rubin act from 2014/15. They really are reviving the dumbest trends from a decade ago.

No. 1764637

My theory is she negotiated some sort of percentage of the future chapo earnings because how else is she living in LA with two dogs on a book advance that had to have been spent years ago at this point?

No. 1764645

I know you couldn't fit everything in one screencap, but you left out the most insane part:

>A questioner — who sat in seats reserved for the Conservative Party — challenged the Party of the Right member on their criticism of Nazi Germany, asking “What’s wrong with violence? What’s wrong with dehumanizing people?”

>YPU members met the question with a mixture of laughter and hissing. The speaker disagreed with the questioner, expressing surprise that they had to defend the ethics of not killing people.

This is probably why the event was described as disastrous by others who were there:


No. 1764655

Last I heard (Amber talking on Dial Dan) she gets an even cut even as she lives in LA and contributes very little to the pod. Their producer also gets an even cut. I wonder if Virgil still gets a cut too lmao

No. 1764661

>packages conservatism to white women in a very sexy way

No. 1764664

Not only is it only 240 pages, it's mostly a collection of previously published essays.

No. 1764667

Wait seriously like 1/6th? She has been on like one ep per year the last three years (or so I hear)

No. 1764669

I know their current producer gets an even cut, I wonder if Brendan gets anything.

No. 1764676

File: 1675981903421.jpeg (98.73 KB, 382x679, 4C59AF23-F65B-4213-B694-A28130…)

I know that's a rhetorical question, but based on this one Fuentes stream I listened to some months back the feud started when BAP first talked shit about Fuentes having an irl groyper meeting. BAP thinks its bad optics for those who identify as the dissident right to hold public meetings- it's like asking to be doxed, ostracized and have your life ruined, Jan. 6th is an example of this. He prefers a more subversive approach where he encourages his supporters to never meet in groups irl and instead work their way up to obtain positions in academia and politics as low key as possible, hiding their real opinions on the way, that way they can essentially make a difference from the inside where it really counts.

If you actually want to introduce right wing extremist ideas at the policy level, in this day and age and in our current political climate, what good will it do to attach your real identity to some fringe movement linked to virulent antisemitism, misogyny, racism, holocaust denialism, etc? So it makes sense why BAPists treat Fuentes, AF, Kanye, and the rest like a joke. BAP still got doxed though.

And to answer your rhetorical question, BAP is pretty openly into young boys, so while they're both faggots Fuentes is the bigger closet case.

No. 1764680

Virgil "officially" parted ways with Chapo in May 2021, I was actually looking for something else in an old thread and found it, >>1234389. My theory is they actually dislike Virgil but can't speak up about the split or the "Jennifer Seberg" accusations because they wrote up some sort of contract after they got big. That's why Matt Christman liking snarky tweets from their orbiters about Virgil is milk.
Amber's book sounds retarded, you'd think someone who does cocaine could bang out 240 pages in way less than six years, also:
>Throughout it all, Frost burned the candle at both ends. She kissed a man in the rain at a train stop after he sang her “The Internationale,” and gave herself hangovers that left her begging for death.
this woman is like 35. I think she's older than Felix at the least. kill me.

No. 1764686

File: 1675983010193.jpg (48.5 KB, 530x800, 81DOntdMrfL._AC_UF700,800_QL80…)

it's gonna turn into picrel and come out in like 2040 and be about how the CIA was behind all the bernie era NYC pods

No. 1764699

Worse, she's 38(!). Will is 39, Felix is 32, Matt is 43 and Virgil is 36.

No. 1764704

Yeah, she said it was really nice (lol I bet it is)

No. 1764705

Ariel Pink was the guest on cumtown/TAFS lol

No. 1764707

Sorry not to be a dickriding pickme but the Nick in a balloon segment had me laughing for real. They did one funny thing again so I intend to enjoy it.

No. 1764709

Convinced that Youtube atheism is and will always be the endgame to all political brainrot.

No. 1764715

I don’t think she got any plastic surgery nona, maybe just a bit of filler and botox, it’s literally just a really bad angle on the left.

Her nose is still huge bulbous and beaky from the side, you can see the hollow of her cheeks in the left pic slightly poking out plus she’s ana now too, she literally just plucked her eyebrows in the right pic and is pulling a weird candid half eye closed face in left, right is probably facetuned too.

Trust me, if she had all that work they’re describing there she would look a LOT better than she does. She is still very unfortunate looking.(sage your shit)

No. 1764719

I mean it’s already been established that by some miraculous coincidence, almost all of these political commentators belong to a certain tribe. It’s literally all just controlled opposition and red herrings thrown out to make people think they’re consuming ‘alternative’ media.

No. 1764724

Hard agree. Their ugliness is really showing outwardly nowadays, especially as they are both ageing and cannot rely on the coolgirl or cockette schtick anymore.

Anna always looks so soulless and has the thousand yard stare and resting dumb face, anyone can tell she is a miserable bitter boring bitch just from a glance.

Screaming matches with her bf, it’s clear she latched onto the first manlet beta who would be docile enough to tolerate her shit and is deeply unhappy in her relationship. When you’re that ugly you can’t afford to be mean on top of it, wouldn’t surprise me if he fucks other women on the side as much as he can, tbh that’s probably also a source of her constant unhappiness and conflict in her relationship. She’s an empty narcissistic bitch.

Both her and Dasha try to play the bored vacant edgy thing off as intentional but it’s clear they are vapid bitter miserable narcissistic cows and will only get worse as they age (like all narcs).

No. 1764729

She’s eternally malding because she looks like a 45 y.o. Iraqi male shawarma vendor and no amount of plastic surgery will ever change that.

No. 1764730

Never forget that Eli's opening line to Anna when they first met at a party was that she looked like his favorite pornstar. Just so you know what caliber of moid we're dealing with here.

No. 1764735

File: 1675989770722.jpeg (582.78 KB, 1137x905, F5E5F5DE-23A2-4697-9C64-97895B…)

>Eli's opening line to Anna when they first met at a party was that she looked like his favorite pornstar
Lol, was it Zyzz by any chance? He did gay for pay, kek.

No. 1764739

Tbh im not surprised they fight all the time and barely live together yet have a baby, a lot of degenerates in NY have this kind of weird arrangement where they have a kid together but aren’t really together, they fuck other people on the side but both hate the fact the other does it and it leads to a shit ton of resentment, dude dips in and out of dad duty or bootycall when he feels like it, he’ll tag along with her to events or be in her ig photo ops sometimes so she doesn’t look like a terminally single sad old lady etc. It’s basically a modern lavender sham marriage type thing.

No. 1764740

What does Eli look like? At least Dasha didn't give birth to a coomer's child (yet)

No. 1764741

Really? Sorry to ask but can you give me a link? I have some moids ik I’d like to make feel like idiots because I always said he looked gay and they swore up and down he wasn’t. I looked it up myself but couldn’t find anything.

No. 1764742

Yeah lol. 100% fake.

No. 1764744

Who was it tho?
Anna is so ugly I legitimately can’t imagine a heterosexual male ever being aroused by her.

No. 1764748

File: 1675990822349.jpeg (63.72 KB, 960x833, BA216B44-D7DF-4EA4-9ED7-83765E…)

He is a crusty creepy little hipster manlet boytshik.

No. 1764751

Looks like Anna with a beard filter.

No. 1764758

>Nekrasova, who described herself as a “classic liberal, Soviet immigrant,

The Soviet Union was gone before she was even born, she's worse than anna with this faux 'immigrant' larp.
How people don't just bust out laughing at them when they bring this shit up, or gently probe it and watch their claims fall apart on the slightest contact with reality.
Anna moving to the US when she was barely 3 years old claiming to be a bewildered, outcast, 'Russian' immigrant.

I suppose with Americans their 'muh heritage' larping is sacrosanct and they won't shit on each others mutually affirmed delusional claims.

No. 1764767

ew. so it was less a debate and more a klan rally with rainbow robes

No. 1764777

Sperm motility rates have been plummeting for decades now in the west, why do you assume it’s all the women’s fault? Most of the moids in this scene look deeply unvirile and unhealthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are shooting blanks.

No. 1764782

their child is doomed in the looks department

No. 1764786

Most Americans are absolutely retarded and know nothing about Eastern Europe outside of Cold War propaganda, you can basically tell them anything and get away with it.

No. 1764790

Love how all these bourgeoisie hipsters from East Village are basically living the same lifestyle as some trashy ghetto hoodrat woman and her baby daddy, they managed to gentrify the lazy unemployed single mom who smokes blunts all day while her manz goes out and fucks his side bitches trope.

No. 1764796

kek so true nona

and instead of fucking around on facebook all day while ignoring their child, posting rants and having beef with people, they are doing the same on twitter 24/7 instead

No. 1764808

He's probably the Jew

No. 1764809

You can not convince me will is a day younger than like 56 he looks like shit.

No. 1764833

Why does every single person in this particular political corner of the internet seem to be Jewish? Not even trying to racebait. I would be just as confused and suspicious if everyone involved in this movement was Korean or Indian or Romanian or super white Anglo WASPs or whatever.

No. 1764840

File: 1675999744635.jpg (149.47 KB, 597x644, rounsaville.jpg)

Hailey Rounsaville grifting 15k and counting via gofundme

No. 1764844

Dasha drops in a crime stats mention in her Yale club speech and there's lots of laughs from the audience. Though the person filming seemed to be next to the irl groypers pictured here. >>1763524 The audience loves when she says cucked but go silent and hiss when she says retarded. All around a real freak show. Dasha comes off as semi illiterate while reading her ghost written speech.

No. 1764853

Samefag. I think most of the difference is her getting carried away with facetuning. The blurred effect alone shows she fixed up the pic then she tweaks her other features. Dasha does the same, it’s why she looks so different in photos taken by others

No. 1764858

Amber is 46 years old lol. I’ve seen her in echo park multiple times. She’s a Gen Xer.

No. 1764859

Anna looked awful before she got some Botox and whatever else done a few years ago. Like the difference is shocking when you look at older pics. Your friends probably aren’t chain smoking alchies and don’t have crazy mannish features like Anna. Late 20’s/early 30’s women who don’t have such polarizing features and who don’t engage in crazy degenerate lifestyles look perfectly fine. A lot of “the wall” stuff is when women gain a lot of weight or have horrible lifestyles

No. 1764860

the asian groyper with the neofascist haircut is sending me. looks like he mouthbreathed for too long kek

No. 1764861

File: 1676003561714.jpeg (842.74 KB, 1170x954, F68FADF6-1310-4386-9D31-AF5B0A…)

Dasha larping as whatever this is

No. 1764868

File: 1676004471170.png (337.41 KB, 287x558, 2340.png)

Dude is absolutely bursting out of his ugly tweed suit too, the seams and buttons are screaming

trafficking victim chic?

No. 1764869

They already subverted the left and now they’re trying to subvert the right? Kidding, I’ll go kanyepost somewhere else now

No. 1764870

What an absolute unit, I’ll scream if he was the guy who asked what was wrong with genocide kek.

No. 1764871

File: 1676004787512.png (94.74 KB, 408x498, jack.png)

Am I misremembering, or was it the indie blog hipsters who had a love/hate relationship with Lana and hated on her for the nepotism and SNL performance, whereas the normies only really became aware of her with the EDM Summertime Sadness remix that came out a year later? That was my experience at my normie-ass college, at least.

No. 1764874

I remembered the opposite, normies liked her when “Video Games” came out but hipster/indie bloggers deeply distrusted her due to how astroturfed and botched she was. The whole “question for the culture”, Lana-as-countercultural-coquette-icon era didn’t happen until after that.

No. 1764878

he looks like Ian Miles Cheong @stillgay lol

No. 1764880

"Low status male" describes pretty much every moid involved or adjacent to this scene lmao

No. 1764882

I don't know how anyone writes stuff like this without realizing how dystopian it sounds.

>You guys know this who scene is just a way to get young anorexic women to have babies with Thiel-funded startup fugs, right? Look into Praxis Society and its connection to Urbit and RS. They don't even hide the pedo shit. If you're over 25 you're not even allowed to come to their events unless you're a dude. RS has a large audience of anorexic mentally unstable young women whose idols think rape is cool. Do the math.

I want to know more about the Urbit techbro / Red Scare / sex creep connections.

No. 1764893

At least he’s self aware unlike these guys who act like they’re high status for being “famous” on Twitter

No. 1764896

Her face is legitimately so ugly and asymmetrical she looks like she’s melting or has bells palsy or some shit

No. 1764897

Lana is cringe music for cringe roasties tbh

No. 1764899

Tell Liz her bolt ons are too far apart and they should've went under the muscle, not over. And anachanning just makes that more obvious.

No. 1764901

Using the term roasties is cringe tbh, just admit your a faggot who's scared of pussy

No. 1764903


You moids suck at this. Same for that other moid who's obsessed with Jews and thinks he's going to turn us into antisemites or whatever if he tries the subtle "just asking questions" approach.

No. 1764905

I think I might’ve figured out why she looks so different from photo to photo, she is wearing those circle lenses popular in Asia that make your eyes look bigger and more doll-like. It would explain why she looks different in other pics if she’s not always wearing them. Facetune too

No. 1764908

is he supposed to be female in this picture?

No. 1764911

File: 1676010870172.jpeg (860.79 KB, 1137x1516, A9E8C995-A6BA-4383-8A77-61D32B…)

Naomi Russell

No. 1764913

nobody cares if you enjoy the show or not. also you don't have to make a callback to some previous argument threads ago to identify yourself, it makes it more obvious that you are a tourist who doesn't get the culture and are definitely unsubtly promoting the show. do 4troon /tv/ mods ban this obvious marketing too? That site gets more traffic maybe try over there.

No. 1764914

No. 1764920

Did he even say Anna looked like her? I thought the story was they bounded over her being their favorite but I could be mistaken. Gross either way

No. 1764922

Another thing that bugs me is couples in that age range having fertility problems, the incel retards in this scene would blame it on the woman being too old when it could easily be the guy’s sperm because he’s unhealthy and low t or they don’t have sex enough. There was this one couple in their 30s talking about their fertility issues and the guy got his sperm tested and his count was really low and the only sperm he had was deformed kek. They also said they didn’t have sex very often. Like if she had tried with a more robust guy it probably would’ve been fine

No. 1764930

Not to be annoying but it’s a little longer because the sperm can live up to 5 days inside the woman. This assumed the sperm is strong and able to survive, so it’s not as common anymore with the low and weak sperm epidemic

No. 1764931

they are self-loathing

No. 1764933

This is clearly bullshit. The half Jewish bit is also used to bait people and get them more interested. Unless he posts some clear proof like which I doubt he will. Even rapememe posted proof of baby, although it might’ve just been his sister’s baby he was babysitting

No. 1764949

post blepharoplasty

No. 1764969

File: 1676022735433.jpg (58.07 KB, 828x479, 30b887b2d9.jpg)

Apparently Matt Healy is back on the pod and his 14 y/o fans are traumatized by it. I'll have to admit, this is genuinely the best bit they've done in a long time.

No. 1764983

Anna looks absolutely nothing like her lol. Good to know he’s faceblind + autistic as well as a degenerate porn addict.

No. 1764985

t. Blaine the Jewish tranny

No she isn’t. Those lenses are very obvious and she isn’t wearing them.

No. 1764994

She must be facetuning then. It makes no sense how much her face differs otherwise

No. 1764998

He doesn’t really have 14 year old fans does he? Why?

No. 1765029

He always looks pretty androgynous in early pictures. I think the most feminine thing Pariah has done was wear that gold dress to the ball the other day.(sage your shit)

No. 1765031

Yeah, after the "my boyfriend deserves to beat me" black eyes, my 2nd thought was recovery from plastic surgery. But no bandages?(sage your shit)

No. 1765046

Self-post.(sage your shit)

No. 1765057

File: 1676036461910.webm (6.3 MB, 720x1280, PariahAttentionWhoring.webm)

Could be.

No. 1765060

why would anyone except 14 year old girls listen to indie pop-rock

No. 1765061

more often than not its the scrote these days. you hear of college couples having oopsie babies and rarely hear of athletes having problems despite numerous impact injuries from sports. sperm count and motility decreases with age - of course this scene blames seed oils to cope with the fact that they are not an alpha male. then add smoking weed, drugs, alcohol, sitting and staring at a screen all day making 50,000 tweets, and "dissidents" taking steroids has a 10% chance of russian roulette style sterility - even after they stop taking them. wont stop them from blaming women not pumping babies out at 18. enjoy paying tens of thousands to get your diseased sperm injected into an egg lads, just know that other men dont have these problems kek

No. 1765077

I always think of it as more of a thing for the 28 year old creeps that prey on teen girls… kind of a chicken/egg situation I guess.

No. 1765110

File: 1676045101358.png (263.28 KB, 661x720, rich nj retard.png)

she makes jokes about how it's actually for a car, but when people gave her shit for being from an obscenely wealthy family last year she started suicide baiting lmao https://twitter.com/roun_sa_ville/status/1623736197569826818

No. 1765116

Wouldn’t this fit more in the bread tube thread than this one? She never interacts with this crowd does she

No. 1765117

hailey also goes to yacht parties, bumps elbows with goldman sachs executives, and has multiple friends who own boats. forgot which previous thread discussed this but she seems to want to hide which rich northeast suburban town she lives in

No. 1765122

She's been mentioned in these threads before, newfriend, since she's in the general chaposphere.
Don't forget the fox hunting, lol

No. 1765127

I don't think so? She's a long term chaposphere person, at least that's how I know of her. She's buddy buddy with fellow chapo orbiters like Coochiebone and Sam Pritchard, too.
Actually Pritchard fell out with her because she's friends with Coochiebone, and Tranny Sammy didn't like that, not one bit.

No. 1765129

Yes, rounsaville hates Red Scare and the rest of the cows discussed here, but some rw moid is clearly vendetta-posting against her. Even on the rare occasion she got mentioned in the early threads, no one gave a shit and the posts were ignored. I wish these rw moids would fuck off back to Kiwifarms. They're so obvious, see:


No. 1765135

File: 1676047350469.jpg (41.19 KB, 596x256, screenshot.jpg)

>Someone posts something cowish Hailey did
>Her simps tattle to her about it
>Rounsaville defense force shows up like clockwork

No. 1765137

Just because the same retarded, a-loggy moid comes up whenever she gets mentioned doesn't mean she's not part of the chapo extended universe. People have been posting about her antics in these threads since like 2020, lol. Crumps is a "RS hater" too but he's definitely on topic.

Found the first time she got dragged for having a ton of connections to the uberrich northeastern elite and then started suicide baiting, it's >>1453146. I think she also came up when the redscareforcishetmen coomer sub got nuked.

No. 1765153

If she ignored it when farmers (or even other twitterfags) dragged her she wouldn't be a fixture of the leftcow threads and could peacefully continue milking her simps by posting cleavage or w/e. Sure she's an infrequent fixture, but she's still definitely a fixture lol.

No. 1765155

File: 1676048458277.png (146.27 KB, 1830x456, 34566774.png)

I wish the earlier threads were better organized and easier to navigate because there's good material to be found whenever these topics like Weird Catholic Twitter resurface.

No. 1765157

lol I totally forgot Ross Douthat was also a guest on Red Scare! and that was when Anna and Dasha were still claiming to be leftists who simply "wanted to hear out the other side" like they did with Steve Bannon.

No. 1765160

Hey at least Sohrab Ahmari, one of the leaders of American integralism, also got to co-host an event with Anna Khachiyan:

>It was one version of the weird, politically amorphous downtown scene where, as journalist James Pogue described in Vanity Fair last April, "New Right-ish" politics and converting to Catholicism "are in," and where Peter Thiel may or may not be "funding a network of New Right podcasters and cool-kid culture figures as a sort of cultural vanguard." (Earlier that month, the New York Times reported that a new Thiel network is channeling millions towards media projects, including journalism and "influencer programs.")

This article is only a few months old and I'm already wondering if the downtown Catholic shit is on the wane.

No. 1765162

File: 1676049202636.png (48.35 KB, 1013x369, 464575687676.png)

Tip of the hat to Adam and Nick for getting that creep to tank his own career

No. 1765165

>sounds like the biggest misogynistic virginal loser

another apt description for every moid near this scene lol

No. 1765171

Scrotes gonna scrote. Better for them to learn early on.

No. 1765174

One thing I will say in praise of Weird Catholic Twitter is that most of them seem contrite about their past connections with various reactionaries and have since changed course. And even Liz Bruenig, the worse of them, has managed to stay the fuck off Twitter for more than six months. That's more than can be said for most of these cows, lol.

No. 1765187

i refuse to believe that there are moid fans of the 1975. not even for "male manipulator music" purposes. take that had more edge

No. 1765202

the 14 year olds are right

No. 1765243

I meant the genre not the band. I have literally never heard a 1975 song, they are nobodies to me.

No. 1765245

Liz only left twitter because it turned on her and hurt her feelings. She’d still be posting otherwise. She probably has an alt to vent in anyway.

No. 1765252

Matt has a more active youtube presence now and it looks like he has lost a ton of weight. Maybe Liz is cracking the whip now that she is not rage tweeting 24/7. But who's eating all those cookies?

No. 1765254

File: 1676061037047.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1179x2164, F98A2BC0-E0B6-4E43-95C1-387F18…)

Wasn’t there a theory that this account is actually Anna not her mom? I forget why exactly but I remain convinced it’s true.

No. 1765255

Liz is chewing and spitting them

No. 1765256

File: 1676061324796.jpeg (313.8 KB, 1178x2115, DA624EA4-057A-4238-8D40-D2AE41…)

Why does she have a black eye? Kinda weird to post multiple pics with no explanation. Repeatedly seeing it is making me concerned against my better judgement (last time it was micro needling but it didn’t look like this)

No. 1765258

File: 1676061596850.png (548.85 KB, 1288x508, smackdown.png)

Maddie beat her.

No. 1765262

File: 1676062165387.jpeg (528.85 KB, 1179x1551, 67CF7929-CF57-4991-84BD-08B7F7…)

I don’t believe her.
I wonder if this thing she posted is genuine. Are there cumtown fans out there posting about Nick having autism (something he has never said sincerely) and reclaiming “retard”? That seems insane.

No. 1765280

It’s probably just makeup kek

No. 1765281

Ah two 30 year old spinsters play fighting. My favorite smell in the morning

No. 1765293

File: 1676065959742.jpeg (135.5 KB, 750x1334, liz bruenig alt avi.jpeg)

She does have an alt and has probably never stopped tweeting, this was a screenshot she shared a while back that she had to take on her alt because Olbermann blocked her on main. Deleted within a minute and then reposted with the avi cropped out.

No. 1765294

File: 1676066036300.jpeg (826.8 KB, 1426x1070, BA28C50A-9D19-4CBD-99A8-EF19C2…)

No. 1765295

A lot of celebs have been photographed with black eyes inexplicably and there’s a conspiracy it’s apart of an Illuminati ritual. I’m guessing she’s retardedly trying to do that except everyone knows she’s not a big enough celebrity for that to be an option

No. 1765298

put down the tinfoil hat nonna, much more likely she's just showing off her makeup for some new role

No. 1765299

I noticed the other day the view count on some of his most-watched videos went down drastically; the unemployment one had over 10k views at one point, now it's only at 2k. I think he or one of his paypigs had a bot running to increase view counts, but YouTube took it down.

No. 1765303

I am genuinely shocked at how ugly she is sometimes

No. 1765304

fucking kek

No. 1765312

File: 1676067594553.jpeg (1022.09 KB, 1179x1699, A84FC46E-FAB2-451A-AF86-1F1947…)

Almost missed this drunk thirstpost from Anna

No. 1765315

File: 1676067748479.jpeg (152.82 KB, 1440x810, FZi6RQGWQAEtFbT.jpeg)

Her name is Daria?! Lmao I never knew that before, holy shit. And she's not even Russian, her parents are from Belarus and they moved to fuckin Las Vegas before she could talk, kek. Such an uwu trad Russian babydoll

No. 1765318

File: 1676067870556.png (1017.72 KB, 1236x744, Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 2.23…)

She looks like Jared Kushner now kek

No. 1765324

I hate to say it but I really like Anna's body, I wouldn't say perfect but it's really nice.

No. 1765326

dasha is a short/affectionate version of daria, nonnie
but yes, she switches what she claims to ID as based on what's most useful at the time, even though she's pretty much 100% American

No. 1765334

Liz was an especially deranged cow but I'm proud of her for staying offline as long as she has, whatever the motivation. The Breunigs' Twitter obsession was unhealthy and disturbing, especially with young kids to raise. More of these cows could stand to log off and literally touch grass.

No. 1765344

nta but dasha is a pretty common nickname of daria so i don't think it's weird that she goes by dasha

No. 1765349

god damn get off my ass you guys, i get it

No. 1765364

I'd love for the 15 year old girls to dictate what Cum Town's legacy will be. Adam the virginal loser, and Nick the Aspergers warrior fighting to reclaim the word retarded.

No. 1765367

I don't care for the 1975 but why are all these teens acting traumatized? Like taking "time to process" a shitty impression of a Japanese oficer in a concentration camp

No. 1765381

nah the 1975 was a tumblr dip dye hair teen girl thing. so the only fans in their 20s are those girls who've grown up.

No. 1765406

Lol you must be American, here that’s just a very basic average 30 something year old woman’s body

No. 1765413

No. 1765415

how are you pro-ana and you still have a fupa…

No. 1765416

You're not American so I don't care about your irrelevant country.

No. 1765417

back in the day kids were retarded in a 'sniff glue and shoot fireworks at each other' way. now they do this

No. 1765449

These dumb fucking zoomers actually got cumtown to trend on twitter. This is the most mainstream exposure the pod has ever had and all of the paypigs are loving it all after shitting on the show for the last month. This episode may have saved the show lmao.

No. 1765465

>"…behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia."

Remember this is the woman Anna swears can't speak english, and has had to speak in Russian to her entire life.

…because she can totally speak russian… honest she can.

No. 1765476

It’s endlessly funny to me that non-Americans bother with this very niche cultural drama among pseudo intellectual microcelebs kek.

No. 1765489

Remember when the Ion Pack hosted the afterparty for the 1975's MSG show and they had footage of Matty hanging out with them and striking cool poses playing on all the video screens? The Thiel cohort obviously sees Matty as a way to shepherd teenage girls into their media/intellectual sphere.

No. 1765507

Isn’t the 1975 a band from like fifteen years ago. All these Adam Friedland show people are boomers, I’m shocked any young people care

No. 1765514

It's normal for teenage stans to write in that exaggerated tone. None of them is actually having a breakdown irl from this.

No. 1765518

Really pathetic to be here and not be American lol

No. 1765520

Doesn't seem to be working like all his other ventures in regards to women. Seems like only scrotes are dumb enough to fall for it.

No. 1765522

oh dear, I can't tell if you've upset all the overweight ameri-nonnas, or the lurking RW moids.
either way lol.

No. 1765525

she had a pregnancy tbf but the simp in here who also replied needs to go back to twitter

No. 1765530

This is a must read for anyone interesting in the changing cultural tide of downtown nyc. Dives deep into the origins, collapse and what is currently bubbling from the ruins.


No. 1765533

You wrote an Awful article and you will never be a woman.

No. 1765534

hate crumps and literal substack communist trannies more than I dislike Anna and dasha at this point

No. 1765539

Why are people still writing these dogshit articles?

No. 1765559

same. can't wait for the footage to surface of crumps crying at the "humiliation ritual"

No. 1765566

The 1975 are still big with indie poseurs, a large number of which are teen girls. Just like how Arctic Monkeys grew big with the indie girls in 2013 despite being nearly 20 years old with 4 albums under their belt.

No. 1765574

Are you new? She’s absolutely retarded enough to try to make people believe she got inducted into the Illuminati

No. 1765576

congrats for sharing the most embarrassing post in this thread so far

No. 1765578

Decent bodies are all Europeans have. Most of them look like shit close up because their lifestyles of boozing and smoking since they’re infants

No. 1765579

File: 1676102773126.jpeg (948.43 KB, 1179x1948, 5DC34BA0-3F25-4C0D-BEB4-F68978…)

Some of it is getting really funny though. (Hard to see but that’s a transcription of some dialogue in the TAFS episode)

No. 1765582

File: 1676102931305.jpeg (155.6 KB, 828x961, 3EB612DC-540A-4DD4-B40D-4C09F5…)

No. 1765583

File: 1676103046130.jpeg (52.91 KB, 828x398, A7E40C65-3A44-486E-AE8B-F4FFCF…)

Nick said some of this but she (the transcriber) didn’t bother to learn their names so she attributed it to Adam, which honestly good for her lol it’s not worth her time

No. 1765589

File: 1676103646644.png (3.1 MB, 1179x2556, 123121234234235.png)

You don't write shit like this and not be actually affected by it. What's worse is that half of them probably haven't even watched the episode, cause they're too scared.