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File: 1615142553013.png (108.36 KB, 248x275, 1614815320104.png)

No. 1178548

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread
>The perfume fationalist and second rate pall blart lookalike continues to offer his stupid takes on a variety of subjects >>>/snow/1163483, >>>/snow/1163933, >>>/snow/1164439, and his AGP-ness
>Anna goes on a podcast run by a former Claremont Institute fellow, lending to more discussion as to whether the "post-left" is a CIA psyop to make contemporary leftism retarded
>More speculation about Anna being pregnant >>>/snow/1164603 as she hasn't posted a lot of full-body photos of herself recently
>Anons try to find Aimee Therese's current employment situation >>>/snow/1165011 and if she's really a part of the neoliberal bourgeoisie she complains about online >>>/snow/1176164
>Liz Bruenig offers the brave and rare new insight that a lot of the new Disney movies are dumb >>>/snow/1165163
>Funny photos of Anna that make her and Dasha's criticism of other women's appearances even more ironic >>>/snow/1165239 and >>>/snow/1165178
>Dasha turns thirty but seeing as she deactivated, anons can't make fun of her for pretending to be a 17-year-old nymphet on twitter >>>/snow/1165523; Dasha also finally gets public acknowledgment from OPN >>>/snow/1165865
>Red Scare has Adam Curtis on >>>/snow/1165789
>Discussion of whether Sam Pritchard trooned out to get nudes from sympathetic leftthots in their girls' groupchat >>>/snow/1165882
>A fat Jack orbiter who lives in Japan and his weeaboo antics >>>/snow/1167097
>Bella, chaoticitgirl on twitter, reactivates >>>/snow/1167865
>Dasha starts filming for her role on Succession, still unclear how big of a part it is or whether she'll be a reoccurring character >>>/snow/1168328
>Founder of the containment post-r/cth board chapo chat gets outed as a discord pedophile >>>/snow/1168324
>Caroline Calloway shills for Red Scare in their new merch and gets ignored >>>/snow/1169947
>Glen Greenwald gets torn a new one on anarcho-transbianism catgirl picrew twitter for talking about "disappearing lesbians" >>>/snow/1170020
>Briahna Joy Gray laments how hard posting is >>>/snow/1171924
>Dasha's movie, the Scary of 61st, is released to what seems like are pretty good reviews >>>/snow/1174683/

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
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Thread #13: >>>/snow/1147474
Thread #14: >>>/snow/1152451
Thread #15: >>>/snow/1163464
Apologies if I left anything out

No. 1178585

File: 1615145071538.png (271.6 KB, 800x530, H764djh4k.png)

Thank you for the thread anon!

>Sometimes it feels as if they're speaking in tweets, making reference to “cucks,” “redpilling” and “pizzagate.”

>Eessentially a standard horror film characterized by hazy visuals, a mumblecore aesthetic and performative sexuality that’s almost desperate in its desire to shock
>In the end, Nekrasova is too preoccupied with cultural relevance to actually craft a compelling film.

No. 1178597

File: 1615145507301.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1167x1555, 8A9B550A-15D0-4273-A0C0-5198FA…)

No. 1178599

File: 1615145584804.png (144.9 KB, 977x963, lol.PNG)

speaking of bad, embarrassing attempts at avant-garde art littered with 4chan/twitter speak, brooklyn red scare and whats left groupie adam lehrer is back with this essay. https://covidianaesthetics.substack.com/p/the-blackpill-adam-lehrer

No. 1178619

old thread dying without a new one makes me think the self posters and their friends may have left for now

No. 1178623

it makes me think the opposite honestly bc the thread was still one of the fastest moving threads here and the fact no one made a new one just makes me think the majority of posters were not regular farmers and just didn't know how to make a thread

No. 1178628

damn you might be right actually :/ the threads have been pretty doodoo for past two months(:/)

No. 1178638

From the bump it looks like it's going to be a boy, thank god.

No. 1178640

These threads climaxed with samememe bring ousted as a rapist. It should’ve been the conclusion. Everything since has been boring meta drama concerning twitter hanger ons no one cares about. Anna and Dasha haven’t been milky. With Anna being pregnant and Dasha in save face mode for her career’s sake they won’t be for awhile. No one made a new thread because OP is the one anon who cares enough to still summarize.

No. 1178641

File: 1615148511143.png (554.5 KB, 743x779, murphynft.png)

These people are all really smart with money, aren't they?

No. 1178650

I mean even at the peak of the samememe drama there were still people complaining about how they missed when the thread focused on actual leftists etc, I agree the main cows are not that milky currently but the threads still moved faster than most other threads on /snow/ so it was unusual for no one to make a new thread

No. 1178651

File: 1615149021924.png (1.54 MB, 1202x2174, Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 10.4…)

kantbot still bitter about dasha blocking him

No. 1178658

File: 1615149877381.png (46.47 KB, 765x451, aimeecreationism.png)

teaching kids that racism is real is the same as teaching creationism

No. 1178663

everything about the bella drama is even funnier when you remember that her parents are landlords

No. 1178690

File: 1615152252262.png (1.06 MB, 1184x854, bjork.png)

perfume nationalist jack compares himself to bjork

No. 1178699

File: 1615152567958.png (10.74 MB, 1170x2532, 5D9AD032-B6BC-4878-9CFA-2C5CEA…)

Anna had a Soviet themed baby shower

No. 1178700

File: 1615152610634.png (9.17 MB, 1170x2532, 707256F6-430C-403B-8F22-93AD65…)

Part 2

No. 1178701

File: 1615152658770.png (7.65 MB, 1170x2532, AB19F30F-B9CD-4496-8586-4D1380…)

Opn finally allowed Dasha to post a photo on them together

No. 1178702

The end of the line energy Jack's recent tweets give off is really something.

No. 1178727

File: 1615154202683.png (392.56 KB, 599x659, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 7.49…)

From her substack,
'Valor arbitrage'
the practice, especially common among leftists, of harnessing valor from one market, demographic, class, or cause, to capitalise on it in another context, at little to no cost.
Then she, Australian with Lebanese Christian father posts Shiite muslim Hezbollah loli for edgy clout

No. 1178731

File: 1615154400508.jpg (261.26 KB, 1024x1574, hetalia___bekaa_valley___hezbo…)

Original, b4 misappropriation

No. 1178740

he’s unfortunately been commenting on her posts for awhile now

No. 1178746

Justin Murphy is yet another failed academic who posts creepy photos of himself on twitter

No. 1178749

File: 1615155581544.png (72.84 KB, 743x687, jackgross.png)

lol at Jack calling anything he considers morally unsound as "gross" like he's a 17 year old tumblr troon

No. 1178755

It's just a word

No. 1178757

File: 1615156634152.jpeg (974.87 KB, 1191x1675, A0BAE252-FE70-40EE-A355-7585A3…)

No. 1178766

It's a triggering word for big Jack, he's had it directed at him so many times. This was the topic of one of his older two hour Twitter rants.

No. 1178805

kb was talking about writing a book 6 months ago, guarantee he hasn't written one page. the problem with being an isolated autodidact is you think your work is revolutionary, heroic and profound, but you get humbled when you talk to real experts. whenever logo and kb discuss things you have particular expertise in you really see the shallow scatter-brained level of their knowledge. then again, their idea of "research" @wydna00 is old photographs and pinterest diagrams, or secondary resources from academic publishers

No. 1178830

lmao that opn didn’t do the soundtrack. that might have helped with the press reception

No. 1178834

I just looked and it reads like someone who watched some Errol Morris and Adam Curtis documentaries and thinks NO ONE ELSE has even heard of Robert McNamara or the RAND Corporation.

No. 1178837

Lol searching tweets for the word gross is why these threads suck now.

No. 1178840

Dasha almost called LeBron an n-word (like she starts saying it, then stops herself) on that stream with Stav, Adam, and Will Menaker. Surprised that isn't brought up more often whenever people on twitter try to cancel her lol

No. 1178843

oh wait that's literally the clip in the OP lol

No. 1178844

Great. He will grow up and become another short shit with mommy issues who takes it out on women

No. 1178845

File: 1615166837838.png (813.5 KB, 640x1136, C7006403-493D-4BDA-BBBC-6FA38D…)

Is Honor Levy hooking up with Adam Friedland?

No. 1178846

lmao I didn't even think about that I always forget Anna is short. There's like no way a manlet with Anna Khachiyan and Eli Keszler doesn't end up insufferable.

No. 1178861

File: 1615168817566.png (496.75 KB, 960x392, juyr1yuvwbk51.png)

so she dumped eugene (wobble palace director) for adam??? this circle is so incestous its disgusting

No. 1178862

Someone in Aimee's life should check in on her and ask her if she sees the democrats in the room with her at this point

No. 1178863

File: 1615168872385.jpg (127.25 KB, 640x1014, 4l8288ycv0c51.jpg)

adam certainly has a type

No. 1178866

I thought I read here that he's dating a friend of hers who doesn't have public social media.
She wrote and submitting this herself if anyone couldn't guess.

No. 1178904

File: 1615174084109.png (171.92 KB, 615x545, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 1.25…)

Article featuring several cows so good it was posted to the sub by both of it's resident mod cows

No. 1178933

incoming jocosta mother

No. 1178936

i would rather kill myself than have a conversation with any of these people

No. 1178979

File: 1615183355213.jpeg (137.2 KB, 634x822, 54CE823C-E571-4A06-9E62-529B2F…)

ATTENTION: Alice would like to let everyone know that she and her friends are so not like the other girls.

No. 1178985

god, the dimes square/red scare scene cannot die out quickly enough. insufferable.

No. 1178986

File: 1615183920526.jpeg (65 KB, 629x431, 9E504DBA-0BDA-44CB-B3AB-9BDC97…)

No. Like, for real, you guys. I only have room in my brain for Twitter, politics, books, and ego saturated, quippy remarks.

No. 1178989

she really types like she's 45 years old, "did the deed" ok grandma

No. 1179020

She really wants people to think she’s the girl in her avi lel

No. 1179025

File: 1615189721080.jpeg (152.76 KB, 1125x1722, EvxMADeU8AIFKP4.jpeg)

Matt bruenig posted this a couple of days ago and then deleted everything

No. 1179052

Nah. She’s not trying to fool anyone into thinking that’s her. Her whole shtick is being anon. Besides that’s a pretty famous pic of the sister of the malatov cocktail, girl.

No. 1179074

Dasha pretty much confirmed on the lastet Dial Dan that her manager is keeping her from tweeting anything more than promotion for her projects and the occasional mild non-political take for the forseeable future.

No. 1179078

Dasha had a meltdown about Lolcow and now her manager put a muzzle on her. Sad!

No. 1179082

>Sometimes it feels as if they're speaking in tweets, making reference to “cucks,” “redpilling” and “pizzagate.”
B-but that's what made A+D relevant! It's quirky and edgy and cool! This person clearly doesn't know what she's talking about…

No. 1179086

Was that account deleted? I can't find it

No. 1179095

… it was about the AOC/telling your story tweet. not lolcow. jesus christ

No. 1179153

not just that, but this "dirtbag leftist" fad is clearly waning. everyone is sick of it, there's been a steady exodus of patreon bux since trump left and by 2022 it'll be remembered as an embarrassing meme grift

No. 1179166

People don’t talk like that in real life. The writing is probably awful. They tried to make it like a meta Internet movie. Probably be just as bad as wobble palace with its Bernie references

No. 1179186

Chapo and RS are at all time highs on their patreons. The grift is going strong.

No. 1179268

File: 1615223039499.png (105.04 KB, 703x325, dailybeast.png)

Leftcows are getting called out in an article by the DailyBeast for collaborating with the right. Featuring Aimee, Red Scare, Jack, Chapo, True Anon, and the rest of the dirtbag cast.


No. 1179289


Interesting that Amber Frost, Deanna Havas, Caroline Debnam, etc have mutual friends here but weren’t there.
A baby shower disinvite is a subtle but major snub, like basically saying “yeah I don’t care if you’re in my life anymore, I moved on”.

No. 1179292

Amber moved out of NY to California last year. I wonder if Caroline has ever even met the rs girls.

No. 1179298

She had the whole brouhaha with the Jezebel writer and Lolcow too, dummy.

No. 1179302

lol I didn’t realize Fatbot was the one who recommended Jack to Dasha, never take advice from a fat man.

No. 1179309

Sorry but one tweet is not a brouhaha

No. 1179318

lmfao as if her whole friend group wasn’t circling around cackling about it

No. 1179323

File: 1615226515174.jpeg (450.2 KB, 1262x487, BCF261F9-355A-4F0F-A6EF-F3C8E1…)

looool woman who had read around 5 authors total has an opinion!

No. 1179324

This article makes these Drunken Canal girls and their ilk sound like vacant, privileged brats because they are just that. But, they are probably pleased at being in the New York Times, regardless of how bad it makes them look.

No. 1179325

File: 1615226628211.png (56.21 KB, 876x276, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 1.03…)

most recommended comment

No. 1179328

I think Caroline said she was supposed to meet up with Red Scare circles when she moved to NY last year with her bf who posted here to defend her but I think she already broke up with that guy.

No. 1179334

I think Lauren Oyler was going to go on Red Scare given how much Dasha was retweeting stuff about her but I'd guess Oyler's agent told her to hold off for now because of the Isis shirts and fkaTwigs drama. Or RS didn't want to actually read her book, you could tell they had barely read Natasha Stagg's and every other author they had on.

No. 1179354

This is OK for a DailyBeast article but the last section about QAnon feels like the author took a bunch of clearly tongue-in-cheek jokes from Belden and Christman dead seriously.

No. 1179404

right, war hero bruce belden would never

No. 1179421

File: 1615231333323.png (145.31 KB, 583x1094, nword town.png)


>that's not what I said

>screenshot from the article where he said it

No. 1179422

No one cares

No. 1179435

One tweet 2 minutes after the posting of an extremely dubious screenshot, that leads to hundreds more certainly is
Downplay if you want, don’t know why you’d want to

No. 1179516

the only thing that bothers me is that while these peoples politics are gross, they've never actually done anything wrong but post some dumb shit. meanwhile journos at dailybeast sanitize literal sexual predators like vaush, philosophy tube, merick deville and contrapoints. it's fucking gross.

all the ppl named in the article suck, esp dasha and anna who basically fucking hate women and want to see them raped, but at least they've never sexually harassed people. when are journalists going to write an actual article about the 1mill+ subscriber breadtubers who have had copious allegations made against them lmao (you know, real shit that affects people)

No. 1179522

Merrick is dumb as shit but the allegation of “sexual harassment” is that she quietly had sex in a hotel room when she thought the other person in the room was sleeping. Gross and rude but if that makes her a sexual predator then so is pretty much anyone who’s lived in a college dorm.

No. 1179523

this article is absolute garbage that will only help these retards get more clout and cred. Jack must be over the moon to be singled out with Dasha and Anna especially. its embarrassing and the writer should be sending each and everyone of us a cheque considering he plagiarised the past 15 threads (and then made up shit to totally invalidate it like Mullen on Bill Maher and calling Christmas "Christmas")

No. 1179524

File: 1615237128859.png (917.82 KB, 1194x1658, Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 7.58…)

dirt on Alexander Reid Ross writer of the article

No. 1179526

File: 1615237167683.jpeg (367.99 KB, 2026x1080, EtaEFXkXcAAaQzv.jpeg)

part 1

No. 1179527

File: 1615237264144.jpeg (353.04 KB, 2018x700, EtaEJQYXcAEBALH.jpeg)

part 2

No. 1179528

File: 1615237371390.png (420.01 KB, 2036x922, EtaEMsWXYAIwiHd.png)

part 3

No. 1179529

I'm not "downplaying" it. Some random guy posted the original screenshot and Dasha retweeted it. The fucking tin foil shit in this thread is retarded.

No. 1179531

where is the tinfoil lmfao her retweet stirred up drama

No. 1179533

None of those people have been accused of being “sexual predators” except Vaush and Merrick if you count >>1179522 as someone being a “sexual predator”. Stop posting these baseless tinfoils.

No. 1179555

You're certainly very passionate about what you claim is such a minor incident

No. 1179566

I know Vaush is a retard and gross to look at, but what allegations are there against him?

No. 1179596

People posting that her or her friends were posting here. Wish fulfillment tinfoil retarded shit

No. 1179600

Managers don't care about lolcow, they care about twitter. That is literally all I was saying.

No. 1179622

Some random guy (not Jezebel Writer) posts original (indicating original was not made by Jezebel writer) according to you, and you say everyone else is tinfoil retarded ?

No. 1179624

….yeah which is why Dasha posting about Lolcow on Twitter and bringing more attention to her online antics was dumb on her part. Next time, think before you post.

No. 1179628

Anyone in the entire world can post here completely anonymously but you know with such absolutely certainty that Dasha and any of her friends never have, despite responding to post almost immediately ?

No. 1179641

when has nick mullen been on bill maher? i thought the n word thing was a reference to link related, where he does say the n word in full

No. 1179645

He hasn’t. The article author is an idiot who can’t research and just cribbed his info from twitter and probably here

No. 1179650

yes. lolcow is a joke on twitter. everyone in this sphere knows it exists and of course they make fun of the people who post here. whats the big deal?

No. 1179660

Uh no you retard. Some random guy posted a screen cap of "Ashley" "outing herself" on here with an lol. Dasha retweeted it and said "jezebel writer to lolcow poster pipeline" then the jezebel writer made like 10 tweets about it. Then everyone here started sperging out and tinfoiling that dasha was pretending to be the jezebel writer

No. 1179666

Merrick literally defends vaush & PT's sexual harassment allegations for clout so yeah she is just as bad as them lol

No. 1179668

philosophytube has allegations against him

from like 3 diff people, + him flashing his peen on dlive, + his gf walking out naked to their audience of minors on dlive. vaush is such a sexpest that even the streamer xqc said one time after being in a call with him that he felt very uncomfortable with how vaush was hitting on him & then vaush said xqc was homophobic for not being comfortable with being hit on (despite xqc being in a relationship at the time)

No. 1179672

also the stuff vaush said to xqc wasn't just like normal flirting he said graphic sexual shit. also this dude bragged about getting his pet gecko to lick his dick. if this was literally any other cow people would be so grossed out with the level of degeneracy but because its vaush every pickme in the universe comes out in defense of him whenever anyone brings it up

No. 1179674

No Philosophytube doesn’t. You need to actually post caps and name who made these supposed allegations.

No. 1179677

well the meta is that the reason why contrapoints and philosophytube aren't friends anymore is that one of them sexually harassed the other. so either PT or CP is a sexual predator but imo they both likely are

No. 1179678

that book really landed with a thud. so much hype for months and then after a week since it's release no one's talking about it

No. 1179680

I’ve never seen anyone ever defend or support vaush, he seems like one of the most widely disliked “leftists” online. I’m pretty sure he barely even has any female viewers anyway, he audience looks like mostly ex alt right incel types.

No. 1179681

Yes so baseless tinfoil. As if there’s no other reason two people can’t be friends anymore.

No. 1179686

i wish you were right but sadly the girl (F2M) that lives with him and his girlfriend was a former fan who moved in with them when she was 19. literally met her thru their discord server

No. 1179687

well no because contrapoints literally alleged it against PT

No. 1179689

No contrapoints hasn't. If so then post it. Contrapoints has referenced being assaulted by an “online leftist” and people say started saying it’s PT based of absolutely nothing other than them unfollowing each other/not being friends.

No. 1179690

File: 1615249297083.png (280.04 KB, 1419x764, sc.png)

You're quite aggressively making quite a lot of unfounded assertions, don't know if you think everything you're saying is true or if you're trying to write a narrative to suit your simpathies.

No. 1179692

Contrapoints literally said that the only reason she won't name the name of the breadtuber who sexually assaulted her is because she didn't want to ruin his life. It was so obviously PhilosophyTube and yeah both of them are creepy degenerates who are sanitized by the mainstream media, not sure why you are defending them so hard lol(tinfoil)

No. 1179698

No. 1179704

How does saying “I don’t want to ruin their life” mean its “obviously” PT? Read the rules, if you don’t have any actual proof then take it to the tinfoil thread.

No. 1179739

nothing you posted refutes what the anon youre responding to said lol

No. 1179757

the fact that you follow perfectangelicdasha……

No. 1179792

File: 1615258136072.png (172.72 KB, 543x771, lol.png)

The post youre responding to refutes the anons account of the original screenshot post
This refutes their account of Dasha's response
10 tweets from jezebel writer don't exist and previous thread is still there if you want to show where
everyone here started sperging out and tinfoiling that dasha was pretending to be the jezebel writer

No. 1179811

I don't mean this in a bad way towards you but the Ashley Reese girl made several posts against her using lolcow as a thing.

No. 1179815

File: 1615260591659.png (115.07 KB, 598x492, 1.png)

She def made at least one, if you have more you should post them

No. 1179860

A+D's choice to ditch Jack still puzzles me, was it because of this thread? Because they had been associating with him for quite a while before we came along and although I wasn't paying much attention before I can't imagine the backlash was any milder than it is now

No. 1179865

saw on Twitter again the claim that Anna and Dasha are Thiel funded and are an op designed to erode socialist solidarity. Can someone in the know please spill something regarding this for real

No. 1179866

File: 1615264299496.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, allthatshit.jpg)

Summary anyone? The whole reason why we have this thread is because no one in this scene can read more than 280 characters, we're not gonna discuss it without a summary… maybe for the best

No. 1179868

Do you know how to take or post a screenshot ?

No. 1179873

Anna still likes and retweets and Dasha still likes his tweets. I doubt they'll ever have him on the pod.
Screenshot? I think the theory has been because the patreon jumped when Anna started going on right wing podcasts like the Eric Weinstein one and people thought the Weinstein might mean Anna had met with Theil, which she's denied but in a sketchy way. Theil also likes to fund thinkers and media people allegedly. All of this could be explained by Anna and Dasha being unable to turn down male attention when they get emailed invitations to be on podcasts.

No. 1179876

File: 1615265200073.jpg (18.4 KB, 416x352, EUeYcuDU8AASgKB.jpg)

>entire 'sphere' literally needs to lick the detritus dripping from the bottom of the barrel of places like this to gain relevance
>still literal whos despite spectrally sucking incel dick 24/7 on twitter
>sometimes sucking literal incel dick like samememe's
>posting yourselves gargling on cum, pretending to be le pubescent anime girl, sending nudes to random discord channels
>y-you guys are total losers haha.. we would never post here.. we are above that..

No. 1179880

File: 1615265467460.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1080x1396, 1612305737767.png)

lest we forget

No. 1179890

File: 1615266321232.png (571.53 KB, 1186x598, Wolfingupthewrongtree.png)

No. 1179894

File: 1615267208115.png (282.52 KB, 595x733, dnd.png)

Deleted now but not before another idiot replied

No. 1179900

File: 1615267844693.png (145.09 KB, 481x491, gold coast.png)

The Chapos are taking some digs at Aimee for saying Will isn't allowed to make fun of Josh Hawley's comically repressed homosexuality because he's a coastal elite. Think this is the first time any of the Chapos besides Matt have openly mocked her.


No. 1179904

File: 1615268155799.png (72.09 KB, 613x458, liz b.png)

Aimee is always like 50% right about whatever she's droning about but then orthogonally swerves into nonsense directions based on petty grievances, collapsing into bitter incoherence.

No. 1179905

on second thought Will might have retweeted a dig or two at her when she was going after his girlfriend/dominatrix Kath Kreuger when Splinter was shut down

No. 1179907

I think this was when Aimee started going after Chapo, like she really expected Will wouldn't defend his girlfriend when she mocked the girlfriend losing her job.

No. 1179909

lmao wtf is she referencing with some guy putting a picture of a dad on his wall?

No. 1179913

File: 1615269173156.jpg (20.28 KB, 498x598, he had strong feelings ok.jpg)

The beefcake poster Josh Hawley had hanging above his bed in college. When asked by classmates, Hawley claimed it had something to do with his pro-life stance or whatever. This is all from a recent NYT profile on Hawley that set Crazy Aimee off.

No. 1179914

File: 1615269193111.png (274.17 KB, 594x555, Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 3.51…)

No. 1179921

NGL that pic is really hot, like really hot

No. 1179922

File: 1615270261854.jpeg (850.03 KB, 1188x1701, 34FA38CC-F109-44E2-BCFA-C938BC…)

No. 1179923

What’s the milk on Ross Wolfe and his fat exgf he supposedly never liked?

No. 1179926

Is it true Kantbot's real name is William Thomas Clarke?

No. 1179932

File: 1615271803753.png (256.66 KB, 602x741, gf.png)

Dunno but pretty cunty even for Aimee to use physical abuse someone suffered as a cope

No. 1179933

File: 1615272100729.png (72.81 KB, 286x237, dfdfshsf.PNG)

Looks like he graduated in 2010.

No. 1179937

File: 1615272622577.png (132.89 KB, 593x241, al.png)

Aimee reply guy

No. 1179948

where is this from? does this mean he's 30ish?
how come every time these exposes come out kantbot's real identity is always left out? they even printed Jack's real name this time around

No. 1179950

The 2010 convocation for the University of Chicago. I just Googled "Booth school" and "William Thomas Clark" and that came up.

No. 1179951

No. 1179952

To be fair, Jack never hid his real identity. Maybe the author didn't know that Kantbot had been doxed already.

No. 1179964

Where is this from and how did you find it?

He’s on record multiple times saying he’s in his 30s.

No. 1179984

File: 1615285558932.jpeg (628.67 KB, 1195x1233, FD90B858-CF6F-4A6A-AFD9-88ADB7…)

Another busy day of posting for Aimee

No. 1180035

>will never be as relevant as Jack
Pressing X for that one, pal

No. 1180041

this is so embarrassing, for lehrer and aimee both. notice how her accusation against kimpossiblefact also flopped and was never brought up again because she conflated him with actual sexpest connor golden, if her connor story was even true.

No. 1180058

I was surprised how well or at least adequately prepared they were for Zizek though.

No. 1180063

who is this

No. 1180070

I read on commie fb ages ago that ross wolfe has dodged a prison sentence for selling coke in college by snitching, afaik there were local news reports verifying it.

No. 1180081

Patreon could have also jumped simply because she exposed herself to a right wing audience, which is objectively a better audience to grift off of because it includes mostly men who have no issues giving out their NEET bux (also a ton of non-neets too). The average tradthot produces a measly amount of low energy content yet none of them are struggling financially, that’s for sure.

No. 1180143


It’s so funny you people actually think that guy was Caroline’s bf

No. 1180173

File: 1615312027723.jpg (511.53 KB, 3840x2160, rptz0xx0iyl61.jpg)

What the hell is going on here? What caused it?

No. 1180174

William Thomas Clark buttblasted and mad.

No. 1180191

It's actually even funnier that she housed some man she met online

No. 1180201

he's not wrong, but he doesn't understand that they'd hire a graphic designer or some other creative not for the love of the product or to support an artistic community, but only if they thought the creative's audience could be brought into the fold. it's pay to play and clout for clout.

No. 1180235

he's been saying this for a while, it's why it will also be funny if dashas movie does well.

No. 1180237

Is this Bella @chaoticitgirl?

No. 1180243

Yeah all the more reason to believe the dude is gay and just wanted to look at a hot dude

No. 1180247

I know it's the daily beast, but good fucking God, why are they reporting on them? Is this how low "journalism" has fallen?

No. 1180249

File: 1615317505219.png (55.44 KB, 1269x593, 93FC45D7-BDCB-47CA-907D-787C18…)

No. 1180255

A man who still listens to screamo, no less.

No. 1180262

No. 1180270

File: 1615319364790.jpeg (549.86 KB, 1197x833, AA42F497-9CD2-49FE-8BC5-223940…)

No. 1180272

It is immediately obvious looking at it that it’s a different Ross Wolfe, 1 minute on fb proves 100%, yet she posted it.
Lehrer was even more of an idiot, putting himself on record agreeing with fucking young republicans moronic views
Dumb and Dumber

No. 1180278

File: 1615320441296.jpeg (680.62 KB, 1588x1191, 31D02B50-75E4-4D3A-8338-4C7D22…)

Who was she even on the phone with ? Maybe actually Connor ? Who was she dming ?

No. 1180292

File: 1615321549179.png (251.39 KB, 730x764, delusional.PNG)

my evidence was completely fabricated but nonetheless my conclusions were correct. though i do not know or care about wolfe, it's not worth engaging with aimee because she blatantly lies at every opportunity.

No. 1180293

File: 1615321600000.jpeg (274.82 KB, 1181x984, 70ADF57A-4FC4-4B0D-B374-E5CADE…)

Is Bella dunking on herself here?

No. 1180303

Back to twitter with you

No. 1180312


He also said they “lived” in Virginia and iirc she’s never lived in Virginia

No. 1180352

You're a cringe dummie, I intentionally didn't sage because my post about what I read on commie fb years ago contained a drop of fresh milk

I get the accusation. I threw it in because I thought perhaps someone else remembers too. I don't have any receipts as that was years ago and I'm not invested enough to try looking up >10yo local florida newspapers for the story.

No. 1180368

Is ross wolfe his legal name?

No. 1180373

No he didn’t say that. A different Anon claimed that the guy was living in Virginia and that he was dating Caroline, who at the time lived in North Carolina. Trying to gaslight us to make your friends seem less embarrassing won’t work when the posts are right there for us to verify what was said.

No. 1180376

File: 1615327886630.png (888.84 KB, 1154x878, kb-dork.png)

"a-actually I do primary source research" larping as a historian
pretending like he doesn't read these threads, also pretending like he didn't know about the article, or like he doesn't aggressively namesearch himself

No. 1180387

File: 1615329888020.png (200.62 KB, 640x379, 6nei1eolixl61.png)

No. 1180397

File: 1615330465826.png (351.36 KB, 427x573, Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.53…)

No. 1180408

File: 1615331131230.jpeg (919.96 KB, 1188x1719, 9A1AD6B0-B581-41EF-A1F2-B727A3…)

Whenever I see a Fatbot post like this, this is what comes to mind

No. 1180410

The author of that article, Alexander Reid Ross, is 100000000000000% a glow in the dark fed. Guy works for a sketchy "disinformation fighting" think tank that is full of CIA and DHS, and his targets for accusations of fascism have a certain pattern to them. https://twitter.com/donaldp1917/status/1366525165941702661?s=21

No. 1180411

What I don't get is how did Kantbot and Jack end up on patreon? BAP hosts his podcast on gumroad. Obviously he does this because patreon would likely deplatform him. Kantbot and Jack's respective podcasts were on gumroad previously too. I'm guessing they did this for the same reason. But then suddenly Kantbot and Jack moved their podcasts to patreon??? It seems fishy. How have they managed to evade being deplatformed? It would make more sense if they started out on patreon, got deplatformed and then moved to gumroad, but they did the reverse.

No. 1180413

Fresh milk,
years ago

Invested enough to try making it up, if not looking it up

No. 1180462

fatbot still droning on about JFK and Nixon? Get some new material, jeez

No. 1180473

Who's the mentor? Merrick?

No. 1180474

they've also posted some overtly more cancellable tweets than people like bap or sam hyde have. even nick mullen has said more racial slurs in a single cum town episode than sam hyde has said in 15 years of video content, but nothing happened to nick.

there's not enough thiel funding theories. thiel funds moldbug, and moldbug likes both kb and bap. thiel is also said to fund red scare. but are think tanks involved? fuentes is probably funded by some other group. tim pool has been deplatformed but still manages to make a living.

the alt-lite commentary channels have dried up. the IDW doesnt have the impact it once had. lots of new podcasts cropping up all the time. the ebook era is over. the kb patreon is not very active, a friend sent me screenshots. it's the same thing as kb's twitter: people asking kb questions in earnest and getting ignored, then him only commenting to ask for free work or reply to his 2 or 3 favorite friends.

twitter account audits also show some of these growing/big accounts have lots of followers with only a tiny amount of activity, but not too little activity to qualify as bots.

No. 1180477

>fuentes is probably funded by some other group
he's openly talked about having some wealthy benefactors. it's probably the mercers through bannon.

No. 1180484


I remember this accusation, too, and that different women hated him for different reasons. He called his ex-gf fat in a breakup blogpost.

No. 1180499

File: 1615339176271.png (26.36 KB, 863x171, fdbgfbsfb.png)

is he talking about jugs here lol

No. 1180500

and his own agp ass probably

No. 1180502

Trans Jack is almost to terrifying to imagine. Imagine him in a dress and a wig.

No. 1180503

File: 1615339492548.jpeg (118.55 KB, 635x770, F332C00D-ABD6-4823-B305-4EA4FB…)

Alice “pick me” I’m from Queens wants the reply guys to know that she understands that men are the real victims not those lying hussys.

No. 1180505

File: 1615339567663.jpeg (95.18 KB, 635x688, EAE6D91A-ED61-4D83-99B7-C19059…)

See guys. She understands you.

No. 1180510

File: 1615339870520.jpeg (121.12 KB, 640x833, 70B2EED9-C2E3-452A-A1E4-06E414…)

Alice’s girlfriends are once again discussing super important things. Not like the other girls. Too bad Alice got rid of all her tweets where she was talking about her eating disorder at the beginning of lockdown. Guess she really wants to protect that too cool for school, image

No. 1180521

sauce foe thiel funding moldbig?

No. 1180533

he's publicly invested in all moldbugs startups. the thiel redscare connection is shakier, i think i only see it in this thread. i of course believe it though.

No. 1180534

transgenderism/transhumanism will be gen z's crusty / anarcho meme lifestyle

No. 1180535

File: 1615343818679.jpeg (331.27 KB, 1188x795, F3284902-13EF-4C42-8E6E-C13E80…)


No. 1180543

File: 1615344733170.png (703.14 KB, 796x736, Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 12.4…)

No. 1180590

File: 1615347710692.png (532.53 KB, 793x847, Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 1.40…)

No. 1180604

No. 1180638

File: 1615354587786.jpeg (555.55 KB, 1192x1494, 2FD0B41C-DACD-4749-9E88-C9CF3F…)

Don’t you dare call Bella a PickMe though

No. 1180660

File: 1615356357165.jpeg (87.62 KB, 700x233, 20E4AEF6-B090-4E6D-9DE3-4F2B92…)



Well and long known

Thiel throws money at many right wing thinkers and influencers, would not be surprised at all if he was funding many in these circles

No. 1180744

Kantbot (real name William Thomas Clark) just doxxed Bap on his Twitter account

No. 1180763

File: 1615371110307.jpeg (757.36 KB, 1604x795, E0979D4B-C23B-4B20-8168-1BED43…)

No. 1180768

File: 1615371824720.png (164.26 KB, 747x719, 37250D17-202F-485D-9B8C-8583CC…)

twitter loser post. he’s already been doxxed. at least include some screenshots

No. 1180787

hi cow!
I suggest you put more effort into fitting in on here, f.e. by not posting those cringe image replies that noone on lolcow ever uses. By the way: I don't have anything against you, nor have I followed you since I left fb years ago. I liked your passionate and insightful essays on charnelhouse and the spergy history posts on fb.

I don't want to spread rumours/potentially smear someone without providing receipts, so I'm not going to bring it up any longer. All I can say is that I remember this discussion from fb from years ago, but without having access to any sources/receipts, I can't even rule out whether I was duped back then.

I thought so but honestly I don't remember it well enough.(literally hi cow)

No. 1180789

wait so is bap costin alamariu or not lol

No. 1180793

interesting, ty anons

>twitter account audits also show some of these growing/big accounts have lots of followers with only a tiny amount of activity, but not too little activity to qualify as bots.
Can you elaborate on what that means, having non-bot followers with tiny amount of activity? Is this indicative of authenticity or the reverse?

No. 1180798

I think it is a way to inflate follow counts while bypassing bot filters. Hard to say if it was hired out by a bot farm or a smarter bot script did it.

no proof it's him, kb. keep being mad he psyopped people into… lifting weights, eating right and having fun

No. 1180800

yeah kek I vaguely remember that breakup blogpost too, it was additionally connected to highly entertaining/obscure ingroup drama about platypus too, wasn't it?
I'm surprised there's not more overlap between this thread and commie fb/leftbook from ~2015 onwards given as leftbook in hindsight seems like a the birth place of the terminally online "dirtbag left"/a lot of cows discussed itt.

No. 1180802

I see, thanks for elaborating

No. 1180817

No proof, but it lines up well. There are style and content similarities, and Alamariu’s public presence went dark around the time BAP started picking up steam.
Is not from here

No. 1180934

File: 1615396308727.jpg (178.93 KB, 946x2048, uh.jpg)

tbh i don't think red scare is thiel funded but rather wealthy republicans attract other wealthy republicans. barrett con_tain is also acquainted with the thiel family, etc.

No. 1180955

File: 1615398105992.png (139.77 KB, 509x283, lol.png)

32 minutes apart

No. 1180976

He claims the second post was satire

No. 1181016

File: 1615402715062.jpeg (378.44 KB, 1242x1028, F22ADDD5-E208-48AA-962B-BE05E7…)

teen Dasha lol

No. 1181035

File: 1615403796881.png (118.32 KB, 627x715, 6712593074.png)

Apparently this guy knew kantbot from university of Chicago

No. 1181073

Who’s the cow ?

No. 1181086

Does anyone know if that lofi republican person has ever actually posted a picture of himself?

No. 1181093

Hey coochiebone(hi cow)

No. 1181105

I’m not him but I’m curious why you think that? I’ve just seen people repeatedly posting his incel tweet and that picture but it’s not actually him apparently

No. 1181130

Probably because coochiebone won't shut the fuck up about him, which is funny since he's equally disgusting.

No. 1181144

File: 1615412261462.jpg (457.29 KB, 1440x1618, 26hefpf5q9m61.jpg)

No. 1181145

Kantbot seems to think Alamariu is a Muslim name. BAP inadvertently confirmed the dox is him when he referenced Anna K and bunch of other leftist woman saying he looked handsome in the dox pic.

No. 1181146

lol is that further proof that Anna is lurking this thread or have people on Twitter been talking about the Thiel connection as well?

No. 1181149

File: 1615412939632.png (1.02 MB, 2586x1352, Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.47…)

kantbot thread

No. 1181151

File: 1615413055265.png (50.15 KB, 600x234, 6vj1yiue08m61.png)

Kantbot finally stopped teasing and outright said Red Scare is an op, but doesn't seem to have much evidence. All this shit might as well be kayfabe. The way Anna denies this stuff is so convoluted instead of just saying no.

No. 1181152

candy crush dev lol. is zero hp lovecraft really? why is kantbot coming for his only good autistic mercury contributor?

No. 1181192

I’m not Kantbot fan but the connections he’s making regarding Thiel and red scare aren’t so far fetched especially if you’ve been listening to the pod from the beginning. And one could argue that when Meg left is probably when the Thiel agreement was signed. Why did they all have to sign NDAs when Meg left if it was just about a fight with their no name burnout friend? Doesn’t make sense really. They are definitely in a network whether it’s organic or not. They claim to be art hoes and cultural critics but all they do is argue subtle right wing takes with spooky guests or phone it in with regurgitated Twitter takes of the week. Yep real movers and shakers.

No. 1181203

sound right to me

No. 1181209

this is pretty much an admission on her part

No. 1181213

File: 1615418180630.png (330.98 KB, 1043x758, ft.png)

Thiel has had several pieces published here, presumably not cos he needs the money.
Schmitz follows a surprising number of new right/post left types, including AK.
This is obviously not some smoking gun but there is a non zero connection
Rich right wing benefactors are not stupid, they are putting their money where they feel it will have influence, long term
AK being on Buskirk and him being all through this crowd is a fact and really settles it

No. 1181214

His claims are pretty baseless and he has a long history of saying things for attention. I don’t get why anyone would take anything he says at face value. Did they say they signed an NDA? Because Anna has talked about Meg quite a lot on reddit. I think it’s more likely they just say those things because their whole business model relies on outrage culture and having people hate follow them.

No. 1181220

File: 1615418520492.png (292.65 KB, 595x528, alt.png)

No. 1181221

Even the scarethots have noticed the rightwing turn in the last year or so, kb should do some charts with patreon earnings and guest appearances or something.
She did this strange defense for retweeting a right wing account saying the government shouldn't pay for birth control or hormones. Why not just say she didn't mean that part instead of accusing others of being evil for asking if she did mean it? Why not just say a straight no or go on ignoring kantbot? No idea why she defends BAP.
This could also be true. I just don't know why they would want to associate themselves with these very lame right wing guys while saying they don't care about politics. Even Dasha has started doing it when it was only Anna at first. I think an NDA has been mentioned before somewhere.

No. 1181236

File: 1615419968301.jpeg (464.74 KB, 1182x847, 6379D27F-13C7-472E-ABDE-C0FCC5…)

No. 1181240


reid ross was writing and saying the same things before getting hired by that think tank

No. 1181242

File: 1615420163880.jpeg (253.61 KB, 1399x340, AE569C66-02BE-4169-97C5-9C86A7…)

Pretty soon cows will be turning up to frantically post about tinfoils

No. 1181243

Honestly? Get the bag lol

No. 1181251

ARR is very suspect and the article is a total mess despite there being a lot of substance, which he almost completely fucked up.
A good piece on this could be written, there’s plenty there

No. 1181262

>why is kantbot coming for his only good autistic mercury contributor?
it's worth keeping in mind that these people were all sucking each other's dicks and cross-shilling ebooks not long ago but 'frogtwitter' experienced a schism when kb and logo started acting as if they're above ideology and the culture war, etc. basically saying that alienated young men shouldn't spend the best days of their lives being racist on twitter (which is pretty sound advice tbh). whether it's a genuine change of heart or just rebranding is up to you. and recently they've been blaming the english for all the world's ills instead of the jews, which is pretty much guaranteed to rile up all the nrx baplords (mostly made up of people who missed the party in 2014-17)

anyway very angry man writing lovecraft fanfic at night while slaving away at phone game company during the day is a better plot than any of his short stories. amazing if true

No. 1181273

KB and Logo rebranded as Chapo-lite socdems around the time Trump started bombing Syria because they realized how retarded they looked supporting him.

No. 1181290

File: 1615422549989.jpg (98.34 KB, 1199x647, 456765476.jpg)

the reason they rebranded is much simpler: they got facedoxxed and people made fun of how they look compared to how they larp on twitter all day

No. 1181295

I heard of zerohp through slater star codex promoting his story gig economy, way before kantbot as a twitter personality.

No. 1181309

Yep- they said they couldn’t talk about the specifics of Meg leaving bc they all signed an NDA. It was during one of their live shows. Didn’t sound like a joke.

No. 1181317


didnt hear it but its definitely a joke dont be so autistic

No. 1181331

go back

No. 1181341

Not the anon youre responding to but you think ANNA and DASHA… signed an NDA… in 2018… to not talk about MEG… with anyone?
you think someone hired an attorney that made those three retards take a vow of secrecy in 2018 when they were making like 2k a month? to protect leftism?

No. 1181353

nothing about leftism or politics, in 2018 it was still a business and NDAs to not talk shit aren't uncommon

No. 1181367

bitch you're insane. no one knew who they were in 2018. this isnt even defending them. what could they possibly have had to hide then?? they hadn't even interviewed anyone yet

No. 1181371

What are you freaking out about? Signing an NDA doesn't have anything to do with being famous, you have to sign them at the start of many jobs in America.

No. 1181374

File: 1615432375651.png (37.23 KB, 594x161, pt.png)

No. 1181393

File: 1615434204494.jpeg (712.89 KB, 1190x1705, E247CB23-3493-4DE7-89C2-E14764…)

What did Matt Bruenig do? This is clearly in reference to him.

No. 1181396

probably ragging on him about that racist coronavirus meme he posted without context

No. 1181402

they didnt have a job! you think thiel or whoever signed them on like six months after they started?

No. 1181405

The NDA would be for their job as the creators of the Red Scare podcast nothing to do with anyone else. They created an LLC and everything so I don't think an NDA is that preposterous.

No. 1181410

Anna has written like 20 essay length posts about Meg on the subreddit there is clearly no NDA.

No. 1181411

>Kantbot seems to think Alamariu is a Muslim name
Seriously lol? You would think for someone who postures as such a well-read intellectual, that he would bear the capability to loosely detect where European surnames come from

No. 1181419

No she didn't. She wrote one line calling her a diva and a grifter and that's it

No. 1181422

No it’s not. She wrote a whole thing about how she was betrayed and stolen from. It’s been posted on past threads.

No. 1181430

File: 1615436043477.jpeg (125.87 KB, 640x322, B3E3A81C-F6EE-4D8A-9E13-EE5BC7…)


No. 1181443

File: 1615436631688.png (27.83 KB, 514x171, 867.png)

Senior editor of journal that publishes Thiel's writing

No. 1181449

aimee follows plenty of right wing think tank employees, many of them even advertise it in their bios. poor edwin aponte has been trying to get her to write for the bellows for years, but she doesn't haven't the attention span to write more than 20 words at a time. see: her substack.

No. 1181457

File: 1615437433839.jpeg (101.04 KB, 739x1187, DBAB68DB-F7A7-4B19-A9B6-632B46…)

Such a random thing to post without comment.

No. 1181475

File: 1615439625062.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, B6269765-9E42-4A7D-8D1D-420AB7…)

If your referring to>>1181443
That s him following her which might not be expected from an editor of such a journal
Yeah close to no chance of her ever writing anything

No. 1181484

The NDA wouldn’t have been about not talking shit about one another lol. It would about not disclosing who’s funding the pod. You know, a non-disclosure agreement. And the type of jobs that include NDAs are not like DIY podcasts usually.

No. 1181488

he's also been blocking anyone who brings it up in his replies

No. 1181513

File: 1615442696587.jpeg (Spoiler Image,206.69 KB, 822x1024, 66CF8750-6969-4A34-999A-AA2418…)

They’re all flipping out about this. Apparently nobody knows who made it but it’s funny/creepy…I don’t know who 75% of these people are.

No. 1181514

Samefag, didn’t mean to spoil but maybe that’ll bring the Thiel-chans back to earth.

No. 1181522

think it's from the new issue of Civilization?

No. 1181532

explain this lol

No. 1181616

holy schizo
This made me cry laughing who made this

No. 1181620

They’re all flipping out ? Who ? Where ?
‘Leftcows’ getting coopted by right wing conservatives?
Look at this fun picture instead

No. 1181622

What is even one thing in it that’s funny ?

No. 1181640

File: 1615459352536.jpeg (923.46 KB, 1534x1604, F447DBAF-3874-48B8-9BAC-9E91EC…)

No. 1181723

Yeah, we’re really getting to the truth here. They interrupted some substantial detective work on lolcow dot farm.

No. 1181741

Yeah, her Substack is weird because you would expect her posts there to be lengthy given how much she tweets and does 3 hour solo podcasts but nope

No. 1181848

File: 1615484204169.png (66.71 KB, 1742x780, counts.PNG)

the woman tweets 100 to 200 times a day, every day. you have to wonder whether it's some kind of psychotic break on top of internet addiction.

No. 1181850

Lolcows is so gay Just angsty teens living in their moms basement trapping to photos of fat, slim or trans people because you all are gay


No. 1181851

File: 1615484469845.jpeg (899.96 KB, 1125x1166, 33DC5639-62B3-4CD1-9FE0-26F8EC…)

Lolcows can suck my left nip

No. 1181852

You are all fat wannabes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1181934

File: 1615490798617.jpg (39.87 KB, 460x345, cowboy-bebop-remix-vol-1-20060…)

hola clout-chasers, here's today's hot news!

No. 1182047

LoFiRepublican is samememe's new account right?

No. 1182061


Looks like she loses hours of sleep just to make the same exact point on Twitter 200x a day.

She would be the neoliberal girlboss (or just boss at this point, given her age) she wishes she could be if she spent that time working instead.

No. 1182066

File: 1615498426961.png (1012.89 KB, 1168x1012, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.33…)

That account was posting since before samememe deleted his account and was made in 2013 so unsure. They have the same creepy obsession with women.

No. 1182158

File: 1615502576940.jpeg (327.9 KB, 1297x548, 0E4C9B7E-DC25-4318-BEC8-66E1CF…)

Amazing she has added NEET to her list of insults,

No. 1182165


No. 1182190

Which part of that is wrong though? Both types are cringe and easy to make fun of, isn't that what this site is about?

No. 1182191

File: 1615505865369.png (17.41 KB, 723x157, peterjack.png)

the world grows smaller every day

No. 1182192

File: 1615505919872.png (107.74 KB, 1388x294, cow.png)

This is pretty funny, looked at RW's twitter and saw 'charnelhouse', reminded of this post
'Farmer' identifies themself as the one pushing rumours and is certain RW is posting here too

No. 1182194

File: 1615506058502.png (60.18 KB, 741x587, smartbarrett.png)

The Smart Guy has logged on.

No. 1182196

File: 1615506472050.png (200.77 KB, 1192x696, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 6.45…)

I was just posting the screenshot to show he's a Dasha hater. He also posts about random women all the time, for some reason he's fixated on birth control and women working outside the house. He supposed has a wife and daughter but still bitches on twitter all day.

No. 1182197

File: 1615506525902.png (268.97 KB, 1190x922, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 6.48…)

There's multiple ones about Gilmore Girls for some reason.

No. 1182198

File: 1615506557665.jpg (60.67 KB, 506x900, EwLKyQiWUAMpCt4.jpg)

and more Dasha hate from one of Anna's new twitter friends

No. 1182199

I'm sure his wife is so proud to be married to a man who posts about other women's vaginas on twitter all day.

No. 1182204

File: 1615507242392.png (155.88 KB, 1716x1022, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 6.59…)

He might have semidoxxed himself on a blog he made from 2018 with one post about how BLM is evil and women not being trad is evil.

No. 1182205

File: 1615507331557.png (53.61 KB, 1678x130, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.01…)

last thing, he now claims he drives a truck for low wages but was saying he was a doctor 3 years ago

No. 1182224

You think we'd side with a disgusting scrote who think women shouldn't get birth control or work outside the home just because he happens to also think Dasha is cringe? Don't be retarded

No. 1182225

File: 1615510142804.jpg (95.42 KB, 742x857, f.JPG)

worst case scenario if true.

No. 1182232

The name, logo, and layout of this blog make it look like be from 2008 and posting about Obummer's Kenyan birth certificate.

No. 1182252

Him, samememe and that acczibit guy all seem like the same person

No. 1182281

How did Peter Coffin build any following whatsoever? He’s dumb, unattractive, boring, obnoxious, and a total charisma vacuum.

No. 1182282

File: 1615514317947.png (49.14 KB, 753x483, lofiteacher.png)

He has also claimed to be an elementary school teacher less than a year ago.

No. 1182284

remarkable how many of these terminally online and angry losers - LoFi, Samememe, Logo - claim to be married.

No. 1182287

Can you post a link to the blog?

No. 1182288

No. 1182290

Wow he sounds more deranged than I thought. Is he a fundie?

No. 1182297

Logo is married to that Jo woman who is irl friends with Dasha and Liz Fraczak.
He's definitely anti abortion.

No. 1182298

File: 1615514917245.jpeg (71.91 KB, 748x869, 085354DD-BEFD-4187-8224-C3338C…)

No. 1182301

What makes you think Logo is Jo’s husband?

No. 1182302

>first 18 years of his life one long contest to earn exclusive attention from teachers

>sperging about a random series about women having fun

Men posting their Ls online

It's clear he's been through severe childhood trauma and has debilitating mommy issues, were this anyone else I would feel sorry, but not for someone this scummy. He retroactively deserved it.

No. 1182303

I feel like this guy would legitimately be happier if he just castrated himself.

No. 1182309

His info's been scrubbed from public records sites since this dox started being spread

No. 1182327

File: 1615516839040.png (48.26 KB, 571x261, another app.png)

Liz B is live on clubhouse rn, anyone listening?

No. 1182385

the fact that both him and samememe were teachers has done way more to persuade me to consider homeschooling than their constant sperging about traditionalism or “liberal brainwashing”

No. 1182411

File: 1615522524975.jpeg (405.34 KB, 640x751, 14C4C54B-F2A9-4DFB-BEC2-41F057…)

The Black Sun makes an appearance on the Godhead Silo

No. 1182414

File: 1615522747268.jpeg (381.3 KB, 750x799, D5A1B717-6E7D-48B1-99B3-0B0027…)

Jack hasn’t gotten the memo on what god thinks of homosexuals

No. 1182422

I have never seen a gay man be so fixated on vaginas

No. 1182423

Jack's vagina obsession once again rears its ugly head.

No. 1182431

Luckily I’m pretty sure he has a son not a daughter

No. 1182457

a filthy obese man being anally penetrated vs. skinny innocent straight people fingering poorly. i really wonder who's burning in hell.

He clearly hasn't gotten the memo on gluttony, sloth, pride, or envy either

No. 1182474

honestly it was always the teachers, not the bullies or 'libtards', who ruined school for me and my siblings. i still remember how insane my elementary school teachers were. pathological liars, abusers, and flamboyant gay guys recounting their delusions of grandeur to kids who will never question them. even as a dumb kid i knew all of them were lobotomized.

No. 1182477

what happened to Ben Mora and Glenn Greenwald's podcast? did they have a falling out?? from what I can see they stopped after 5 eps on Jan 25 and they haven't interacted on twitter in nearly a month

No. 1182478

File: 1615527014074.jpeg (305.67 KB, 1227x443, 36683ED3-7461-40C0-A777-E8E549…)

I still want to know what the backstory with samememe and asian women was, did he used to talk about it on that forum or something?

No. 1182536

I think the blog must not be him and just a weird coincidence bc he's pretty young, there's no way he could have been a doctor 3 years ago

No. 1182537

>picking a side
lmao stfu and go back

No. 1182601

he's not. I'm pretty sure Jo is married to @pbprot

No. 1182603

File: 1615542570552.png (226.39 KB, 603x449, lol.png)


No. 1182608

File: 1615542994988.jpeg (312.82 KB, 1287x554, D905D884-B7E0-4955-B03C-EFAF30…)

Poor woman, anyway, get used to it

No. 1182611

she makes me feel more sad than anyone itt (except maybe CRK), literally in her 30's talking like an anime villain about meaningless twitter discourse

No. 1182613

File: 1615543289469.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1107x1476, 1EC14D43-DBE1-41EA-BABF-3C2D0D…)

Barrett Avner almost says something interesting

No. 1182628

this obviously comes from a place of severe vagina envy. the jealousy is so obvious

No. 1182636

Aimee is a NEET though?

No. 1182642

Lol she’s taking another shit at Liz Bruenig there

No. 1182661

loooooool and he keeps saying hes never singled out women with his vicious envyladden vomitspergery

No. 1182716

Until her next ban, probably next week

No. 1182763

The blog post is exactly everything he rants about in the same style. He's just a liar. I wouldn't be surprised if all his jobs are made up and he just works IT somewhere.

No. 1182768

File: 1615561713642.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1125x1404, AEA0E739-0147-4F5E-8490-D6B823…)

is this lexa/ sydney’s bf?

No. 1182771

File: 1615561868066.jpg (441.72 KB, 1536x2048, 20210215_052047.jpg)

No. 1182797

whats the name for this user analyzer ?

No. 1182799

He's gay. i'm 100% sure of it just from looking at his face

No. 1182829

yes, even if we don't have any one single shared position we do consistently "side" against scrotes like that

i don't mean this as an insult, but I don't believe for a second he's straight

No. 1182834

honestly i believe this one is actually married just because he's posted a lot of specific details. i feel kind of sorry for her she was really young when they started dating and he is quite a bit older.

No. 1182881

accountanalysis.app, would only load 999 tweets without paying for it. for aimee that's not even a full week of tweets.

No. 1182907

File: 1615579319597.jpeg (50.21 KB, 408x275, C58AFF83-DBFE-43CC-8215-0A6EA7…)

No. 1182913

he has MAJOR gay face.

No. 1182916

I don’t know. I’ve never seen someone dress more like a straight dude. Look at that wrinkled sweater and disheveled hair. Dude looks like he’d be dressed like Seinfeld on his bottom half. $20 bucks says he’s wearing a pair of white new balances. Sydney’s taste in men is questionable at best. She’s still the least annoying out of this entire group though.

No. 1182922

he looks life if Quinten Tarentino had a son with the Grinch.

No. 1182951

She certainly isn't picky

No. 1182975

god that hairline is depressing

No. 1183006

It's well known and documented that everyone in the NRx movement is Thiel's pocket. This shit would have died out without it. Every single new right person, every "post left" person, every "anti woke" person are working in tandem with big tech pedophiles whether they know it or not.(>>>conspiracy theories)

No. 1183026

Guys like this would have more dignity if they shaved their head like Rogan

No. 1183057

File: 1615591505348.jpg (892.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210312-134601_Ins…)

He looks cis(don't use emojis)

No. 1183058

Is it normal to only be 35 and having greying hair like this?

No. 1183059


Have you met a 35 year old irl they look like shit

No. 1183060

Some people get grey hairs in their twenties, its genetic. I personally think it looks cool and cant wait for my hair to go grey. Anna still looks like shit on the pic though

No. 1183063


If Red Scare really turns out to be funded or actively influenced by people like that then it’s even more disturbing than I previously thought how the hosts spend such a significant amount of time pushing a narrative that huge age gaps are no big deal, that grooming isn’t real, that pedo apologist Camille Paglia is so insightful, and that people who complain about being sexually abused by rich pervs are just attention seeking harpies who had it coming, all to an audience of mostly young girls and gays with terrible self esteem.

No. 1183087

Imagine having grey hair before your first baby…50/50 odds that geriatric pregnancy results in a developmental disability

No. 1183088

Sadly enough the gray granny hairstyle looks better than the mullet she had months ago

No. 1183112

File: 1615597025077.jpg (177.56 KB, 512x512, 1611708288143 (1).jpg)

Her FaceApp genderswap barely makes a difference

No. 1183137

Yes but it’s mostly just people with jet black hair. Blondes, redheads, and brunettes with gold/red highlights typically don’t go grey until much later.

No. 1183142

I doubt it’s funded by any entity. Dasha and Anna just enjoy age gaps of like teens/early 20’s and older men because they both peaked early in life. Pretty much all it is

No. 1183193


Camille Paglia's cultural analysis is great qq more ugly

No. 1183228

His cynical love affair with Tucker Carlson has to have had something to do with it

No. 1183244

He's been going on Tucker for years so I don't think Ben would start caring about that just now.

No. 1183330

File: 1615614110579.jpeg (759.83 KB, 1190x1552, 20890C2A-8089-4D12-BFCB-D6C313…)

All of these people suck so I enjoy watching them go at it.

No. 1183346

File: 1615615887605.png (92.86 KB, 484x485, normal.png)


No. 1183347

File: 1615615891712.jpeg (178.65 KB, 576x598, E86EF7F1-9703-4865-8A4E-8DC0D0…)

Is attacking her usual objects of ressentiment really going at it ?
They don’t respond anymore than MB who she dug up again

No. 1183348

I mean, it was still surprising to me that they started that podcast at all for that reason. Most of Ben's Brooklyn friends seem to be woke-adjacent and he himself pushes back on the anti-woke stuff, while Glenn is very forthright on it

As for what happened with the podcast… I think they just amicably got over it

No. 1183349

If by “looks cool” you mean makes you look like a 50 year old gender studies professor, then sure why not

No. 1183351

picking fights with a guy who died at 36, cool cool

No. 1183357

Using the dead to try and provoke the living, even less cool

No. 1183371

are they still doing that horrible "seeking derangements" podcast? I like Ben but that was one of the worst things I've ever heard.

i don't think we talk about him but Palma @sweetxpalma is probably one of the dumbest, most useless people in this circle, considering how "edgy" his retweets are on twitter. watered down lib takes combined with desperate "edginess" for felix's approval + the moldy music tastes of a 75 year old gay = boner killer. there's a reason why him and ben didn't do an episode alone again after the first one…

No. 1183408

Even though Aimee's bitter obsession with Liz reminds me of the SG skellies' takedowns, she's right that the Bruenigs, like everyone who makes money online, are playing an inauthentic and calculated role; the whole Catholic mommy uwu thing is distasteful, but I guess I would also crave attention if I married a guy who looks like he takes creepshots on public transit.

No. 1183416

but it's totally 'not personal'!

No. 1183454

Does anyone believe that? Lol

No. 1183501

Logo is married to an Asian woman big shock

No. 1183513

I've never listened to it but most people seem to think Jacques is the lamest

No. 1183685

digging up old tweets to Do Cancel Culture to a dead man lol

No. 1183746

File: 1615665129061.jpeg (173.04 KB, 416x750, A9DE8ED8-202E-4A80-BC09-458E06…)

This is an old pic right? Her husband is even fatter and more homely now. I think she’s ashamed and won’t take pics with him loll

No. 1183868

File: 1615674168189.png (105.32 KB, 1474x374, dashainterview.png)

anon who said they read the script of dash's movie vindicated

No. 1183985

File: 1615684388767.jpg (86.39 KB, 727x889, babblinghag.JPG)

aimee throws a tantrum when people point out one of her culture war assumptions about the us isn't true

No. 1184010

This interview sounds like bullshit to avoid admitting she wrote a shitty character.

No. 1184029

File: 1615687306315.jpg (89.61 KB, 828x1792, gwbj1jnfhwm61.jpg)

there's a lost episode of red scare with ariel pink apparently

No. 1184034


Ironically the only other people who share her and other leftcows’ culture war assumptions about the US are the shitlib PMC blue check types who act like Trump voters are a bunch of bitter poors as a cope.

No. 1184043

File: 1615688855191.jpeg (313.89 KB, 1512x2016, EwZx0fVXMAEscDP.jpeg)

gayestepdad/gaystepdad69's boyfriend is porn star and escort Matt Muck

No. 1184044

File: 1615688912771.jpeg (436.46 KB, 1536x2048, DrQSRjSUcAAmEVD.jpeg)

is this gayestepdad/gaystepdad69? he's mentioned he's ginger

No. 1184048

File: 1615689488352.png (124.5 KB, 1176x398, Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 9.35…)

This account is adam lehrer, I guess he got a book deal? And his first "cancellation" was some small music blog privately saying they don't want to work with him because of his twitter.

No. 1184076

internet nobody and author of hard-hitting pieces such as "a philosophical and artistic defense of todd phillips' joker" giving advice to someone who has been deeply embedded in american independent music for the last 20 years and now been thrown out of and banned from the entire infrastructure

No. 1184078

File: 1615691990366.jpg (44.95 KB, 754x618, online.JPG)

if he doesn't have a cell phone to hand i'm not so sure. his twitter addiction is worse than aimee's.

No. 1184115

palma is so fucking gay and unfunny, glad i'm not alone on this. like you said there's nothing interesting about him so he just does edgy rt's of shock porn. real cool man i used to go on message boards in 2005 too. also weirdly obsessed with making fun of random other big leftist dude accounts while being just as much of a faggot as them. he's unlikable through and through.

No. 1184125

@bimboubermensch and @moche1231 (that Russian chick with the fake tits who Anna has been liking lately) have both been suspended

No. 1184128

Good riddance to them both, sure they'll be back turning up everywhere
Any idea why ?

No. 1184131

File: 1615704333047.jpeg (152.42 KB, 828x1432, B9951D06-534E-4F16-ACAE-2F48EF…)

still skinwalking annie after being caught hate posting about her here is very funny

No. 1184132

I remember listening to his interview on the Twink Revolution podcast and his entire working knowledge of Marxism comes from Aimee Therese's Twitter. Whenever he tried to talk about anything theoretical he'd be like "I've seen Aimee say" or "when Aimee talks about Marx". Deeply retarded individual.

No. 1184133

File: 1615704525815.png (53.77 KB, 591x260, pp.png)

No. 1184137

File: 1615705865030.jpg (271.46 KB, 946x2048, EwYh_qQWUAMYqvB.jpg)

Adam sperging in Brad Troemel's Instagram menchies

No. 1184143

adam your avi is visible

No. 1184144

I just took this from his Twitter since I don't have an Insta account. If someone who does has better caps, I'd like to see them.

No. 1184152

>unironically doing an "akhtually" on someone's instagram post making fun of stuffy conservatives

No. 1184164

File: 1615711673481.png (361.43 KB, 593x742, B.png)

Balzac, to her Marx
Favorably quote tweeting a Claremont conservative, who calls criticizing -Tucker Carlson- to be taking a political side

No. 1184167

File: 1615711892832.png (129.77 KB, 978x317, bmc.png)

No. 1184175

File: 1615713157183.png (182.04 KB, 408x890, bhgt.png)

No. 1184177

File: 1615713427291.png (149.98 KB, 589x560, cf.png)

At least the Bimbo/Ubermensch team got to reply to some random redditor

No. 1184186

File: 1615715755505.png (248.72 KB, 593x464, alice jewish.png)

Well there goes the theory that she's Asian

No. 1184195

File: 1615717093528.jpeg (423.19 KB, 1275x956, DC942741-AE52-4E15-80E7-8C08C5…)


No. 1184236

File: 1615725698884.jpeg (Spoiler Image,457.42 KB, 828x1247, FA8669E8-59FE-4546-A125-4A0BAD…)

a summary of aimee’s mental decline.

No. 1184242

File: 1615726627615.png (93.07 KB, 482x489, aimee vs chapo.png)

No. 1184245

Adam Lehrer quoted Aimee in this essay for American Greatness, claiming that Marx and Balzac were friends. But there is no evidence the two ever met or corresponded, much less were friends. I don't understand why she keeps repeating this.


No. 1184255

where/how did you find this?

No. 1184289

where did that milk about aimee and her siblings attending private school come from? i know she's proudly admitted to attending catholic school, which is never free. law school isn't free either.

No. 1184307

Someone telling these cretins the Marx liked Balzac's writing has been the worse development, not surprised she has to twist it into them being besties. Aimee's frenzied guilty brain has seized on to that fact and has been repeating it as a defense of herself for months despite having no clue who Balzac is or what point she's trying to make.
And Adam can't point to a worthwhile fascist or just openly right writer who was alive in the last 50 years for a reason. All conservative wannabe intellectuals are deeply insecure about how few people in the arts are on their side and just try to claim everyone they can. Also he's jealous of Brad that he makes money being an artist and Lehrer will have to grovel for think tank handouts.

No. 1184309

i regret to inform you they both deactivated, with the manufactured bimbo acc already back online.

No. 1184316

“Working class” is a completely abstract notion in her head. She just autistically shouts it over and over again but it couldn’t be more clear she’s never interacted with an actual working class American in her entire life.

No. 1184320

“Workerist idpol” hahaha. She’s so deluded. At least the Meghan Day’s of the world admit they’re rich kids who stumbled into this and own up to it somewhat.

No. 1184380

No factions of the bourgeoisie are off limits except HR executives like Oliver Bateman, millionaire lawyers like Jeff Vandroux (Jeff Van Drew Jr.), conservative think tank employee Helen Andrews, and Republican political operatives like Darren Beattie because they appeared on my podcast.

No. 1184427

Her DNC witch hunts are particularly funny given her willingness to keep company with people from the other convention.

No. 1184492

I hope the person larping as an alternate universe normie Aimee isn't from here. it's super creepy

No. 1184494

what are you talking about?

No. 1184519

File: 1615750854353.png (294.6 KB, 1500x1470, Screenshot 2021-03-14 153758.p…)

aimee claiming she tutors debate club is very funny. im imagining her telling a high schooler to post a pepe meme if their opponent happens to rebut them.

No. 1184520

It's wild how much she was able to insert herself into this community simply by kissing their asses like no tomorrow and putting herself in their line of sight constantly. It goes to show that all the supposed intellect of this scene goes out the window to flattery when they can be taken by such an overt grift, and this thread archived it in real time

She's been going strong on this public freakout for the last 6 hours

No. 1184529

File: 1615751350415.png (176.97 KB, 584x482, k.PNG)

nta but this, not even sure if there is a real account to go with it since the pics look like they're just edits, twitter spacing doesn't look like it does in the addreall tweet. Either way, it is neither partially creepy or something that seems like humor here, not sure why anon thinks it was made by someone here and not one of the twitter dudes who hates her.

No. 1184534

it’s just manipulated screenshots. there is no aimeeterese twitter account to screencap.

No. 1184543

File: 1615751932564.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x600, EU2HvkBWsAAJvjr.jpg)

I love how the American left has turned the DNC into this all powerful ominous entity when it's the most useless, impotent body to ever exist in party politics.

Class is just a state of mind bro.

No. 1184549

aimee terese needs her own thread. this constant stream of aimee-posting buries interesting info about other leftcows

No. 1184550

I thought so, so at the end of the day there is no "creepy larper." Interesting that someone would make an unsaged post trying to say there was one and that they could be from the thread, hmm.

No. 1184555

im da joker babey

No. 1184565

with dasha being pressured to shut up and stop making inane tweets by her manager and anna limiting herself to a few dumb takes a week while pregnant, there’s less red scare to go around. meanwhile aimee’s on a manic spiral and likely will be until she lets slip how she feels about black people or the confederacy again and gets banned.

No. 1184579

Aimee gives great material by manically tweeting insane screeds for 20+ hours a day, but it also makes her hard to archive since her output of sperging is just constant. I feel like if she had a solo thread it would die quickly if the core userbase weren't as dedicated to capping her as she is to tweeting

No. 1184586

She’ll only condemn your cultural values if you’re not an outright neo conservative.

No. 1184588

File: 1615755041758.png (196.26 KB, 1184x854, Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 7.50…)


No. 1184594

File: 1615755629259.jpeg (261.88 KB, 750x617, 66103C3B-80DD-419B-8FEB-359583…)

this is about Aimee. i neeeeed this lmao. didn't even know she had a YouTube at one point. anyone familiar with it?

No. 1184621

File: 1615758576230.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 804FEE73-BDE0-4465-9F96-F39E91…)

Lost But Never Alone

No. 1184633

File: 1615759424214.png (78.84 KB, 606x325, 20.png)

Don't know where it originated but it's totally correct.
Senior year fees for school A+sister went are $25,725
and brother's $31,845

No. 1184666

I hope he isn't talking about that video of some girl named also Aimee Terese singing at a country fair from like a decade ago that the red scare sub thought was actually the real Aimee for a bit.

No. 1184667

File: 1615761562203.png (291.77 KB, 1134x740, Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 6.39…)

maybe there were videos on this?

No. 1184668

people who don't have kids/partner or aren't in school and work part time are 100% getting supported by their parents.

No. 1184669

This might be just me but are the chapo guys really the most tolerable dirtbags? I guess being the progenitors everyone is trying to outdo will make them seem less extreme in comparison.

No. 1184672

File: 1615762145473.png (44 KB, 587x251, dld.png)

I disagree

No. 1184673

I can’t even tell who this is.

No. 1184674

Dasha & OPN

No. 1184677

File: 1615762476249.png (361.68 KB, 1558x1227, itscoming.png)

i think the current what's left iteration is collapsing. oliver wants to invite professional wrestlers on. aimee wants to talk about twitter accounts she doesn't like. the result is five straight "solo" podcasts with either aimee and a member of her clique or oliver and a republican friend. or aimee rambling alone about the pro act she hasn't read yet but has argued against fiercely. who's more fed up with who?

No. 1184682

This is interesting. The inevitable break with Oliver is coming. But Oliver has a day job and genuinely seems to like talking to people. Aimee is all about her latest beef and petty sniping. There is a reason Malcom bailed. Oliver and Malcom used to write together.

No. 1184687

File: 1615763956206.png (42.58 KB, 596x225, Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.17…)

wonder if she really thinks anyone cares at all what she thinks about pro act and not just her absurd position re unions

No. 1184723

oh yeah i guess you could be on welfare/neet bucks

No. 1184838

chapo guys aren’t really that bad. they’re friends with some real faggots but for the most part they don’t really get involved in dumb shit

No. 1184876

>It goes to show that all the supposed intellect of this scene goes out the window…
That would require it being present at some point in the past. This entire scene has always been Gawker 2.0 celebrity gossip, the political and intellectual aspects are just fashion accessories in the trend of increasingly abstract status symbols (which is why they're all convinced they're super hot when they look like ghouls)

No. 1184883

Good point, I guess what I meant is that it's hilarious that they stop pretending to be even fake smart if the grift targeted at them provides them with compliments

No. 1184885

This is exactly what happened with Jack too

No. 1184889

File: 1615801642943.jpeg (408.38 KB, 1163x958, 99FE65F3-8A7E-4A5F-9F95-D3966F…)


No. 1184902

that would only fuel her delusions of grandeur

No. 1184916

File: 1615807360955.jpeg (364.79 KB, 1799x949, 0AB288CE-100C-4A30-BB6D-7A1EAC…)

good catch

No. 1184950

Or Aimee spergs could limit themselves to one or two updates a day - she tweets at all hours; we don't need constant updates about her declining mental state and schizoid political beliefs unless she does something actually milky.

No. 1184964

File: 1615814260800.png (520.79 KB, 1314x394, methladder.png)

updated an old image to the latest in Aimee's rapid-onset eating disorder/adderall aging.

No. 1184965

File: 1615814581430.jpeg (47.52 KB, 512x512, substackfull.jpeg)

samefag but full image here in case aimee realizes how ugly it is and removes it from her profile

No. 1184996

File: 1615819724765.jpeg (332.54 KB, 828x922, A48FFF94-B44B-4E93-96B7-671536…)

I don’t know why aimee thinks she’s working class. She tweets all day in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

No. 1185038

The interest of the working class can also not be advanced by an Australian podcast host posting 24/7 about how every other podcast host is a democrat, go figure. Aimee is really disgusting because since yesterday there have even been people from the south who have had unsafe working conditions telling her about it in her replies, saying how unions helped them. They were asking her good faith questions about what she sees as a good way forward. Yet, she ignores all of these real points from real working class people to screech about TrueAnon and how Amazon unions will enforce woke terminology on the factory floor.

No. 1185127

90% certain this is not a recent selfie, could've sworn I've seen it before the substack

No. 1185160

No. 1185169

It’s her, but how does this prove anything?The other screenshots have tells in terms of vernacular, but namedropping a blog doesn’t indicate anything

No. 1185195

File: 1615833998295.png (87.71 KB, 601x470, mrs mcgee.png)

Matt B clowning on Aimee

No. 1185202

i hate the argument that if you live in one of the most expensive cities in the world you MUST be rich/upper class/middle class. sure it applies to people who moved there, but what if you are your family grew up in San Fran or Vancouver and your whole life is rooted in there? all your family and friends? Grandparents? Literally everything you ever known, and you're supposed to just leave instead of making ends meet so that some unemployed twat on twitter thinks you're valid? these cities weren't always expensive. 40 years ago vancouver and SF were affordable, middle class cities. how is it anyone's fault for being born there? where the fuck do you even go? i hate people like TRASH GURL so much, "lol just move 5head" meanwhile i bet that if this person was transplanted away from their family/friends for more than a week they'd be mega-triggered(no1curr)

No. 1185219

I don’t think anyone is making the argument if you live in an expensive city that means you must be rich. If someone tweets all day and clearly don’t work to pay rent while living in that expsenive city, chances they’re a neet or getting parental support. Hardly a worker…..

No. 1185227

File: 1615836562468.jpeg (702.28 KB, 2048x1280, A532FA7A-BCD6-48F1-AD3C-4679A9…)

Not a name drop, they indicate they believe they are directly replying to the blog author

No. 1185229

the working class people who struggle to pay rent in expensive cities can't make ends meet through tutoring high schoolers for weekly debate club. meanwhile aimee is somehow footing rent and her failed attempt at a law career as well. universities don't forgive your student loans just because you decided to do podcasting instead. at least in the usa they don't.

No. 1185236

Ok but this is not a new insight to anyone who isn’t an idiot

No. 1185241

Student debt in Australia HECS, is capped and does not have to be repaid until taxable income reaches a threshold and then only in proportion to that income.
Indexed to inflation only, no interest accrues
So entirely possible to not pay at all

No. 1185244

lol no wonder aimee's so against student debt cancellation in the us.

No. 1185317

File: 1615842760769.png (29.48 KB, 586x221, 12344670743.png)

Logo is married to someone who works for Gartner according to some antifa account


No. 1185356

So anyone who isn't an idiot has already deduced that Aimee was posting smears/digging for dirt on Ross Wolfe which she admitted when she replied to the anon questioning her posts, assuming that it must be Ross Wolfe himself ?

No. 1185377

She said “hi cow.” Who else would that be referring to but the cow in question in those particular posts i.e. Wolfe? That’s what “hi cow” means lmfao

No. 1185418

Meh she looks fine here, she has enough nightmarish babadook pictures, no need to reach on the normal ones

No. 1185419

For those who don't understand, One Big Union is a syndicalist concept currently used by the IWW, a historically important but not purely symbolic "union" that won't work with the legal system or other unions for not being anarchist enough. Bruenig is accusing her of having the same critiques of conventional unions that the cringiest anarkiddies employ.

No. 1185422

Normal for Aimee is a different bar, like there she looks three minutes from shitting in a public road as opposed to an immediate threat.

No. 1185457


Aimee’s sudden anti-union takes are so inconsistent. She spent all of last year defending police and the fossil fuel industry for the singular reason that they have unions and are thus #workingclass institutions under fire from the PMC/Democratic party “apparatchiks”.

No. 1185458

When aimee inevitably gets banned again, how many Twitter accounts will she burn through before giving up? 20? Seems like a lot of panning for gold for someone who can’t write long form or function irl.

No. 1185469

What is she even getting suspended for?

No. 1185472

The Democrats are her #1 enemy; unions that partake in the D's party structure are the enemy and must be destroyed, while unions that don't (like the police) are based and redpilled.

No. 1185473

Literally ban evasion. Once they get you the first time, that's the only excuse they need thereafter.

No. 1185518

Yeah, but the TrueAnon guy was in a union or something so that means all unions are actually just tools of the Democratic Party (which is entirely interchangeable with Chapo and TA for Aimee) and are evil

No. 1185551

"Literally ban ecasion. Once they get you the first time, that's the only excuse they need thereafter"

Kind of fucked up, isn't it? As our lives become more and more intertwined with our digital selves, for better or for worse, this kind of ban becomes punitive. I get that she did a bad, or whatever, and they're a private company that can do what it wants, but I hope in the future, there are measures taken to prevent tech companies from arbitrarily deplatforming people(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1185997

File: 1615921438348.jpeg (499.67 KB, 828x1076, B8170FCE-C176-4144-A24F-45B197…)

aimee thinks she’s edgy and interesting. Even the reply guys are getting jaded.

No. 1186016

Brace can be really corny and unfunny (his private twitter is pretty lame) but at least he's done something. I mean his union organizing not the self destructive rich boy adventures in Syria. Aimee and her autistic reply guys are only ever online all hours of the day and would have no idea how to even talk to real people about these issues much less actually organize laborers for their own benefit. She's so fucking pathetic and ultimately meaningless because the most impactful thing she'd be able to get any of her followers to do is not vote…which they'd probably be doing anyway.

No. 1186059

do you have access to his private twitter? has he mentioned anything about aimee's latest meltdowns?

does liz f also have an alt? her twitter has been self consciously boring and unmemorable for the past 6 months or so I fee like she might be using something else to vent

No. 1186097

File: 1615927836805.png (1.06 MB, 1192x1082, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.49…)

Peter Coffin's new enby gf posts a cringeworthy photo on them together in bed

No. 1186099

File: 1615927878885.png (1.87 MB, 1180x2110, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.49…)

Deanna Havas is disgusted

No. 1186106

Why does he look so old? He looks like he's in his 50s

No. 1186111

File: 1615928897482.jpg (74.06 KB, 734x704, coffin.JPG)

how do you stand a guy pushing 40 who pumps out dumb "cultural criticism" like this on the regular? you think he raises his children or has the twenty-something girlfriend do it?

No. 1186113

someone said brace looks like grunkle stan and now i can't unsee it

No. 1186117

File: 1615929224033.jpg (27.67 KB, 800x450, happy4u.jpg)

No. 1186126

File: 1615929970383.jpeg (597.39 KB, 828x1347, 2A941139-11B5-4CE9-AF28-5FFC35…)

Addressing the ‘discourse of the day’ but not her specifically…and he’s not wrong. I’ve definitely seen him make fun of her tho, he’s made fun of Anna too.

No. 1186147

>pushing 40
is he actually in his 30's? He looks 20 years older.

No. 1186182

File: 1615933941857.png (43.7 KB, 581x469, misogynyonlyexistsforme.PNG)

It's so fucking funny how Aimee and Anna K are the most vocal haters of women talking about anything bad happening to them at the hands of men, whether it be discussion of consent in general or the #metoo shit, but the second it's convenient for them their twitter critics are "misogynists who want to backhand women," "chauvinist pigs," and attacking them "because I'm a girl!"

No. 1186186

she literally does this every single day. if anyone says anything vaguely negative to her she immediately starts sperging about how she's being attacked by a misogynist mob and how dozens of leftists are supposedly sending her rape and death threats.

No. 1186189

She’s not wrong for once

No. 1186191

File: 1615934522817.jpeg (502.28 KB, 1975x1048, E1448D04-205F-460C-A5ED-D898C0…)

A regular AT reply guy too

No. 1186198

File: 1615934942218.jpeg (270.9 KB, 1242x440, 88D79F25-9A9D-4357-9A88-DC0194…)

No. 1186200

he used to tweet about pretty much nothing other than how much he hates women, i genuinely don't get why he would be surprised or even care people think he's a misogynist.

No. 1186257

Controlling his own narrative was a lot easier when he had an audience of 8 max.

No. 1186262

I feel like the narrative isn't even worth controlling in his case like no one he interacts with even slightly cares if someone is a misogynist. It would have been more respectable if he just leaned into it instead of doing this.

No. 1186275

Peter Coffin is like a weird alt universe Moviebob.

No. 1186367

Man this shit is disgusting.

No. 1186368

The message is somehow even worse than the picture. This like LinkedIn way of flirting is so weird.

No. 1186391

>Even the scarethots have noticed the rightwing turn

lol ive listened to the beginning and its literally always just been contrarianism against whatever the current liberal takes are

No. 1186393

File: 1615953685506.png (1.02 MB, 1198x2044, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 3.01…)

Malcolm on Aimee's latest meltdown

No. 1186394

File: 1615953724611.png (1.11 MB, 1180x2018, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 3.02…)


No. 1186399

Dasha used to be more rose emoji lib and liked AOC and was even positive on Warren early in the primaries. She's latched on to her fake Catholic thing and is pro-life and some other conservative positions now.
Anna has basically been the same besides being more pro-Trump and saying the election is rigged to get attention. They're both pro-cop now when they weren't before freaking out about the protests this summer.

No. 1186400

Not nearly enough aimee tweets ITT

No. 1186402

>whether it's a genuine change of heart or just rebranding is up to you.

I don't even know that much about them but I feel 100% certain that it's the exact same thing that made them altright edgelords in the first place–in their circles at least, the 'right-wing' thing became increasingly popular, it was vulgarized by people like Red Scare, etc. and this threatened their entire sense of identity, seeing how 'normies' could do basically the same act they'd been doing for however long. Notice how obsessed they always are with people supposedly 'copying' them or being 'behind' them. The only thing driving their views is just this puerile contrarianism. They've built up a whole way of viewing the world to protect them from ever having to realize they're not that smart or special and they have to constantly be bigger contrarians to uphold this. With someone like Aimee I think it's different, she seems much less fragile and self-conscious and much more just hateful and probably on meth

No. 1186403

Just follow her for 24 hour meth psychosis coverage.

No. 1186418

File: 1615957551121.png (44.11 KB, 605x284, ang nagle.png)

is this true?

No. 1186485

File: 1615972657020.png (93.79 KB, 602x550, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.15…)

Whats left is very quick to say it's false, very little engagement otherwise, except for being posted here

No. 1186486

File: 1615972904981.png (46.76 KB, 603x141, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.19…)

This account is one of the very few to also engage, quickly too
Very tight knit group

No. 1186489

File: 1615973354949.png (54.08 KB, 597x215, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.26…)

Lot of overlap between these two accounts especially, also a very familiar style of language, can't say exactly where I've seen it before

No. 1186492

File: 1615973919652.png (51.11 KB, 603x181, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.35…)

Open borders
Not serious (unserious)
Dislike of Daniel Denvir

All so very familiar

No. 1186514

File: 1615978279338.png (28.28 KB, 568x102, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 8.47…)

Doesn't follow this account and never ever name searches lol

No. 1186528

That was hilarious. Obviously aimee name searches.

No. 1186536

This was her former cohost right? It's really sad how she can't stay on good terms with anyone. I remember her retweeting something calling Benjamin Studebaker a "libtard" or similar insult back when she was Sticky Shoe

No. 1186660

Damn that reddit post months back was right about Malcom splitting from AT. The writing was on the wall during their election stream. Malcom called out aimee and she didn’t take too kindly. Malcom uses twitter for shitposting and aimee genuinely thinks she’s doing politics.

No. 1186693

I wouldn't associate most of those solely with the dirtbag left but they definitely ruined the Sopranos.

No. 1186872

File: 1616012310141.png (776.91 KB, 1396x639, atsp.png)

Sure she does name search but wouldn't need to to find her own sock puppet

No. 1186889

Aimee has a few alt accounts.

No. 1186894

gotta say anna and dasha did a good job shifting the focus of this thread from their zany exploits to cataloguing the tweets of literal whos aimee terese and jack the "perfume nationalist"

No. 1186923

and which accounts do you think they are?

No. 1187002

side note but that gabriel guy is actually a really good follow.

No. 1187024

File: 1616024912907.png (143.5 KB, 591x549, 911.png)

Crying wolf about this tweet progressed to unsupported claim of doxxing

No. 1187028

File: 1616025122171.png (250.76 KB, 1500x1377, AT-DOXING.png)

aimee thinks identifying her as aimee is doxing, as she is trying to avoid being banned again.

No. 1187085

if i were a totally unknown media upstart i would create a substack with 5 solid centrist takes then tweet a totally uncontroversial opinion disagreeing with aimee just to get my name in her mouth. she's a perpetual motion machine of free clout. no idea why people are looking this gift horse in the mouth.

No. 1187215

is this why ashbcoffin/HITWOM4N deactivated? lol

No. 1187255

File: 1616054006379.jpg (205.56 KB, 1080x1985, IMG_20210318_085016.jpg)

"DAE think it's weird to pay respects to women killed in a terrorist attack for being women and being Asian?"

No. 1187294

Honestly yes.

No. 1187296

File: 1616062665296.jpeg (668 KB, 1370x1027, 9483ADA8-92DA-477D-AEBB-F9C22B…)

Suspected she was a debater, not only is it the quintessential private school activity but you don’t have to believe what you’re saying or prove it, you either win or lose, zero sum game.
With no adjudication she will just keep on going, twisting and turning never relenting .

No. 1187332

Yeah it’s a dumb virtue signal-y thing to do.
But watch these anti woke autists freak out about this as if it’s on the same level as actually killing people.

No. 1187333

they announced their separation in march 2020, guess peter found a new fan to fuck three months later

No. 1187366

"gee-shucks" sounds very Aimee as well

No. 1187395

This. People like to be performatively woke on instagram for shallow clout, sure. But these guys are just anti-woke contrarians for shallow clout, too. They love to throw rocks from glass houses.

No. 1187400

File: 1616076406746.jpeg (171.24 KB, 828x360, 2658D20D-7606-4D38-B765-1208E4…)

Is this one of those situations if you’re not American, you need to stfu?

No. 1187440

how does a black president undo the measurable wealth and income inequalities between the black and non-black working classes? it's not like sexism disappeared in new zealand the moment a woman was elected pm. aimee seems to have internalized how ~representation~ libs interpret politics for all she rails against them.

No. 1187450

File: 1616081930153.png (120.11 KB, 749x877, lehrer.PNG)

im imagining yellow fever lehrer explaining to his asian wife that racism isn't real. this is the same guy who bragged about jacking it to porn on a public twitter account.

No. 1187493

there's no way she's only 35 she looks well into her 40s just going by her veiny grey hands

No. 1187494

>Yeah honey, like I said, if you join the post left you will see that all your fears and anxieties are woke propaganda perpetrated by the DNC… honey…? Hey, where are you going?

No. 1187515

Oh my god, haha. I was thinking just this then I saw your reply. Goes to show that this is just the other side of the culture war coin. So transparently retarded.

No. 1187518

Is there any evidence of Aimee being funny? At least most of these dirtbags have made me chuckle before. She can’t even come up with an amusing Twitter name…“Democrat Lover”? That’s so weak.

No. 1187525

She had failed stand-up comic Sean McCarthy's seal of approval at one point, if only briefly before she meth raged on him.

No. 1187539

Her sheer paranoia of everyone and everything in the world around her being managed and controlled by the Democratic Party/DNC HR Karens when she's on an entirely different continent is a little funny in itself

No. 1187555

it’s not “the other side” of the culture war coin, it’s the same side
the other side is normal people from whatever political perspective who don’t freak out about wrongthink

No. 1187637

Turned 33 last month

No. 1187651

File: 1616098869996.png (86.73 KB, 606x449, malcolm in the middle.png)


No. 1187700

Aimee hates that Malcom called her out for her shitty political analysis. He has a real life political project. Adam, Benjamin, Malcom are added to the Terese list. Oliver, you’re next!

No. 1187764

File: 1616107084986.jpeg (642.44 KB, 828x1424, 448B304F-51B2-46CD-84E9-E8E90F…)

aimee is a 33 year old child lol

No. 1187778

All Australians look older than their age, ozone layer hole or thinning is real

No. 1187806

File: 1616111284801.png (154.19 KB, 585x657, DIS.png)

Unable to form a coherent position, wraps up discussion with an irrelevant and incorrect statement

No. 1187829

aimee's a tard but are you saying Gough Whitlam wasn't taken down by CIA/MI6 in a "soft-coup"? its common knowledge

No. 1187839

pretty sure op means that aimee is contradicting herself by acknowledging that union leaders can be cia/fbi targets. she's been on a 48hr tangent about how unions are tools of the "bourgeois dnc dsa state".

No. 1187884

File: 1616122814322.jpeg (458.67 KB, 733x983, Ewy3e48W8AkrLGd.jpeg)

LOL Angie saw that Peter Coffin bed photo and said "nope"

No. 1187885

File: 1616122850009.png (661.78 KB, 1176x1080, Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 1.59…)

his response

No. 1187902

File: 1616125905004.jpg (157.91 KB, 1080x1234, EwzP6jQWUAM4Hja.jpg)

Alice and Aimee both being freaks today.

No. 1187904

File: 1616125962598.png (65.52 KB, 1170x194, Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 11.5…)

No. 1187957

People on their subreddit said that Angie said in the Discord that this was about the others feeling that Peter "used Twitter too much" lol.

No. 1187972

there is no evidence so far the victims were prostituted women, a commonaluity is that six of them were asian and female god i hate twitter

No. 1187987

File: 1616142269922.png (464.3 KB, 602x674, vf.png)

They hated Twitter because it told them the truth

No. 1187989

is this the most laughably narcissistic tweet in history? my god

No. 1187990

I think that she has a weird pathological addiction to alienating and abandoning people. She clearly gets off to this shit.

No. 1187991

there absolutely is, they worked at rub and tug massage parlors that were rated on google reviews as full service

No. 1188023

Read the Google reviews for the massage parlors anon. Those women were likely being pimped out or enslaved in some way. It definitely happens in massage parlors, nail salons, and other service businesses where poor immigrant Asian women are predominantly employed.

Honestly I agree with the takes that this is a sex worker crime more than it is a hate crime. I think he didn’t bother trying to take revenge on the strip clubs or brothels he frequented because they have security. Rub and tugs on the other hand? Easy targets.

No. 1188058

she didn't even call him toxic. the Ls write themselves

No. 1188069

Half of her feed is just random screenshots that supposedly connect various people she dislikes to the DNC/DSA with no explanation, or barely coherent rants that constantly contradict the ones she went on beforehand. But Aimee is out here thinking she's the second coming

No. 1188077

I don't think the women being asian or where they worked being a mostly asian place is something that can be disentangled from if it was that kind of massage parlor, but it's worthless to try to publicly try to start a debate about it. Alice is just creepy and seeking attention.
Screenshots of her harassing that same journalist who she was harassing for saying it was weird how much she tweeted about him. A freelance journalist who has one piece in the Baffler says cancel culture is fake, definitely worth posting about weekly. Very male energy from "her" obsessed beefs with nobodies, Aimee's have a sort of feminine psycho energy.

No. 1188080

File: 1616158298866.png (546.25 KB, 1168x748, Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 8.38…)

The way she replies to people like she's their close personal friend is scary. It'd actually be really sad if she was a 28 year old who lived on a farm but cared enough about these z tier media accounts.

No. 1188085

Alice is in some way or another an op. No way this is an authentic account. I find using the picture of an un-meme-ified civilian as one's profile picture already a pretty strong give-away.

No. 1188091

hey, now that peter's a free agent maybe he'll join whats left when aimee breaks up with oliver. they're mutuals, he retweets her a lot, they're morons.

No. 1188092

File: 1616159916687.png (115.88 KB, 594x467, nowheslostit.PNG)

Saged because I'm not sure if it's worth bumping for, but it looks like samememe isn't doing so great without twitter

No. 1188093

File: 1616160117715.png (90.38 KB, 400x688, insanitypt1.PNG)

The full messages in her post

No. 1188094

File: 1616160139097.png (100.76 KB, 398x670, insanity2.PNG)

No. 1188095

File: 1616160169798.png (106.65 KB, 400x674, insanity3.PNG)

No. 1188096

File: 1616160195583.png (109.67 KB, 400x677, insanity4.PNG)

No. 1188100

he'd let Aimee walk all over him

No. 1188141

God she’s such a fucking bitch for no real reason

No. 1188193

Alice definitely seems as if she’s in her late 30s/early 40s minimum based off some of the pop culture references and takes she has. Maybe she is a dude but I get real “weird forever single aunt” energy from her.

No. 1188210

It’s hard to know with her but it does seem like anytime someone directly mentions a pop culture boomer or gen x thing to her, she gets overly defensive and says, how would I know about that? Like she really wants to push the millennial thing. But most of the things are things you gain knowledge of just by simply living and absorbing the things around you, regardless of the generational origin. She’s a tough read. Except for the bitchy contrarian part that lives inside Greenwalds ass. That’s easy to read.

No. 1188221

File: 1616171110660.jpeg (134.68 KB, 632x779, 442C07F0-C87D-4A83-BAD1-3FE4A0…)

One of the better takes on Alice’s garbage take. It’s really hard to separate the fetishization of Asian women with Asian sex workers.

It’s nice to see Alice get meaningful pushback for once. I don’t think even her reply guys can help her out here.

No. 1188226

Well she changed it back to the AI avi. Not sure if it was before or after you posted this.

No. 1188292

File: 1616178028911.jpeg (108.28 KB, 640x685, 1C6D908D-74EE-4B59-83DB-83F808…)

She’s quadrupling down on her garbage take by using her garbage humor.

Also, apparently she and Sydney have encountered the same creep. I wonder if it really is samememe?

No. 1188429

How do we know that's samememe?

As an aside, damn, that's quite the one-track mind, think a prostitute murdered his entire family?

No. 1188434

I don't think it's samememe because he wouldn't go after Alice. I get the sense he loves to "take women down a peg" and she's just not interesting enough for him to hate lol

No. 1188436

File: 1616187493682.jpeg (333.31 KB, 1000x538, 866D0CFF-EAA1-4D8D-A6D5-0B4EA8…)

I guess it’s possible it could be samememe because he did apparently randomly send her a huge list of “reasons why she’s a piece of shit” in the past but it could literally be anyone. Maybe one of the freaks who kept complaining about how she “deplatformed” samememe.

No. 1188440

File: 1616187879749.jpeg (114.99 KB, 632x707, D59ADE41-75A0-42CF-AC97-7DD7EA…)

One thing I’ve noticed about Alice, is that she ALWAYS leaves herself an out. Notice the inclusion of primary in parentheses. She will be a point to death going down a one way street but she will include a tweet or two that will give her an out, in case her narrative falls apart

No. 1188445

File: 1616188140772.jpeg (37.33 KB, 639x218, 5EA51877-9A2F-46D2-A9EA-110E9A…)

Another out.

No. 1188448

File: 1616188299772.jpeg (140.45 KB, 639x900, 19E80B8B-7B5C-4470-B78B-786B21…)

Alice getting called out for being a pick me.

No. 1188466

File: 1616189330886.jpeg (138.63 KB, 640x831, 15ECF70F-F574-4501-ABF3-1A1F58…)

Are any of us going to be surprised when Alice is exposed for being on someone’s payroll (not Hillary’s) just like that shill, Brooklyn Dad?

No. 1188485

File: 1616190365090.jpeg (97.02 KB, 640x793, 21E70292-3752-4D12-885B-BD549C…)

Now people are accusing her of being racist. I don’t think I’ve seen her get called out like this before. These are all small accounts but I bet it’s pissing her off. She gets angry if she thinks she’s being misread or misrepresented. Something to do with her claims of being mildly autistic.

No. 1188516

File: 1616193638657.png (83.33 KB, 594x260, choes.png)

Someone on twitter pointed out that Angie had aimee on a podcast
Could have meant this one she does with a terf, both under fake names that was posted in earlier thread
Curse of Aimee strikes again

No. 1188579

I think it's funny to imagine her making some of her groyper memes

No. 1188601

File: 1616199532013.png (279.81 KB, 1124x884, flop.PNG)

they haven't released another episode in more than a month. aimee and kelly zahos are right-wing groypers, so they'd tank angie's reputation by association if they got level of scrutiny coffin does. looks like angie abandoned the project to save face after anons recognized her voice. spineless losers all around.

No. 1188618

File: 1616201390297.jpeg (940.81 KB, 1828x1370, 5454CB9F-BADD-4318-B849-F79170…)

Aimee has also made a big deal about “Don’t care what you think if titties are in your profile pic”
in the past which was not applicable to Angie apparently

No. 1188631

File: 1616203978474.jpeg (223.32 KB, 828x510, C163569C-04C6-45EA-A4A0-27DEFE…)

Always a victim. Aimee loves to skip over the stupid things she says to generate reactions. It must be you who’s the reactionary.

No. 1188636

i think she had an ig account with a lot of followers before twitter so that may be part of it

No. 1188668

the radlib twitter element that has infiltrated this imageboard to snipe their enemies really sucks. a "bad take" isn't lulzy gossip. i hope your friends find out you post on terf ranch and drag you.

No. 1188686

File: 1616212246082.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.48 KB, 1536x2048, Ew5JCv-WYAAQZBK.jpeg)

roommate Maddy flopping out her tits on the timeline

No. 1188689

where'd she post this?

No. 1188690

Alicechat is boring and pointless, but “radlib” isn’t a thing and can’t possibly be a thing because “radical” and “liberal” are opposites

No. 1188691

File: 1616212588043.png (979.96 KB, 1188x818, Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 11.5…)

Her food twitter, mads_foods. Don't know if she has a main account.

No. 1188701

File: 1616213318531.jpeg (789.98 KB, 1201x1491, 7D599D8A-B892-46FC-8751-6AEE24…)

Aimee Terese is now going after AliceFromQueens.

No. 1188705

speaking of maddy has dasha's movie leaked online yet? reviews keep flooding into the letterboxd page for it how are people seeing it weeks after Berlinale

No. 1188706

>Please stop doing this. Stop taking about shit you don't understand at all.
That's a mirror, Aimee.

No. 1188708

there might be a rip floating around letterboxd discords, or else it's just friends of people who worked on the project and have the private vimeo link or whatever

No. 1188709

isnt peter coffin the guy who was exposed long ago by some Singaporean blogger of faking the existence of his Asian gf? am I losing it

No. 1188712

File: 1616214215850.png (68.07 KB, 612x390, creep.png)

No. 1188745

Alice is more interesting than Aimee and she’s extremely lulzy. She’s as desperate of an attention whore as the rest of them and she’s worth watching for the increased vitriol people are showing her but mostly for her eventual dox. Because when that happens she can only fail. Even if she does the revealing. Each reply guy has built a fantasy of her in their mind. There’s no way her reality can live up to the dreams they made up about her. Plus every week she’s becoming more hostile and unhinged.

No. 1188774

Can't find anything, but it looks like it's getting around 6/10 on user review sites so far.

For some reason leftthots are always flashing their boob(s) on social media. This, Dasha, Bruenig, and the "tits out for Mullen" Twitter incident. Addicted to internet attention and low self esteem I guess.

No. 1188797

Alice spends most of her time online arguing like a parody of a Redditor (“do you have any evidence for that?” over and over again) which is probably why some people think she’s a male.

No. 1188866

yes, he also kicked himself in the balls on steve harvey's tv show.

No. 1188868

great opportunity for aimee terese to fuck peter coffin for an american green card and plastic surgery bux like ash coffin did. if only peter coffin didn't prefer women a decade younger and with actual tits.

No. 1188933

honestly nice tits. i didn’t think she had any

No. 1188952

as seen with Ash, the tits can be added in post

No. 1188961

Don't know about that, but they were definitely sexually involved with Ash while she was underage

No. 1188976

the faking his own girlfriend saga is real. he had to delete his account when it broke years back and denies it to this day. google "peter coffin kimi kobayashi" to find articles and threads on it. not worth repeating here when it's old news.

No. 1188988

Based anon

No. 1189008

From a casual glance she seems to be online and tweeting just as much as Aimee. She’s constantly weighing in on absolutely everything. Like fuck off for a bit goddamn.

No. 1189020

most people speculate now that ash was the one that ran the fake asian gf account, because the old tumblr account attachted also mentioned her having jaw issues an being from scotland. my guess is that peter realizes that faking his a weird racist girlfriend looks better than actually having an underage weird racist girlfriend, so he cops to it anyways. its pretty old, and ash has her own dead thread in pt i think

No. 1189069

Why would anyone care about you posting on a website that other people who are terfs also post on (especially one where all gc talk is banned anyway)? That’s true of literally any social media website as well.

No. 1189092

Right? There’s definitely not any terfs on Twitter. So dumb. It’s more than likely Alice WKs trying to shut shit down.

No. 1189228

File: 1616283339054.png (74.97 KB, 595x423, alice vs aimee.png)

The girls are fiiighting

No. 1189238

File: 1616285133451.jpeg (153.41 KB, 640x809, 7F87CF97-AAFD-467D-80D3-F9DA80…)


No. 1189239

they both have Reddit brain in which they must declare victory in every argument and refuse to cede a point to the opposing side, so this could get long and brutal

No. 1189240

lmao was Alice an Aimee supporter in the past? I wonder if Liz Franczak had enough as well.

No. 1189249

File: 1616286546100.png (313.51 KB, 603x744, nyd.png)

You come for my boy Hawley on New Years Day ?
Friendship with Alice is over

No. 1189264

I think Alice was an Aimee tolerator.

No. 1189350

It’s extremely weird you freak

No. 1189379

File: 1616325272568.png (87.65 KB, 602x428, wot.png)

"Deranged and Aimee Pilled"

No. 1189417

File: 1616330694385.png (486.99 KB, 584x876, ohno.PNG)

No. 1189565

I’d imagine Liz Franczak didn’t take too kindly to aimee ripping on Brace over the silly 1% difference on Trump foreign policy and the anti-union idiocy.

No. 1189613

what is the "tits out for mullen" twitter incident?

No. 1189615

Under his tweet about getting kicked off Low Society I saw him say he "got catfished" so he's sticking with that angle lol

No. 1189699

When nick got suspended for a couple days or whatever for a racist joke, leftthots started posting pics of their tits in solidarity. Cool crowd imo.

No. 1189720

File: 1616356386441.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1536x1536, 2F7F97F7-9934-46B0-BD26-D52A0F…)

It will never end

No. 1189883

Just what “the working class” wants to see. Some lame, narcissistic nerds argue endlessly over pedantic bullshit. Multiple poor, underprivileged people (post left’s favorite fake mascots) lost their lives for no reason and these retards just screech to each other because this is all apart of their brand that no one will actually care about in a few years.

No. 1189886

File: 1616369320597.png (45.88 KB, 743x507, jacktwitter.png)

one can only hope

No. 1189924

File: 1616373478730.png (137.92 KB, 595x699, ndjr.png)

Sydney makes an enemy in Sydney

No. 1189929

These weirdos have nothing to do with working people. I’m pretty sure aimee has never had a real job.

No. 1189952

These people are so caught up in academic leftist discourse, literally shit that doesn't matter IRL

No. 1189966

File: 1616377175912.jpeg (155.52 KB, 635x909, 55EC7832-2052-4D11-91AA-35AA3C…)

I don’t know what she’s trying to pull here but she’s replied like this several times to people accusing her of white feminism and it’s gross.

No. 1189973


Alice is claiming to be half-asian now. Don't know if she's done this before or not.

No. 1189983

>just as dangerous
I’m sure the murdered people would disagree. God I hate this discourse. All sides are such bullshit.

No. 1189988

That was hilarious. It wasn’t brace but I remember someone came back and said “well biden will be 1% better than trump on the economy so…” or something like that and she had no response.

No. 1190053

If the rumors that she's Wes Yang's wife (Erika Kawalek) are true and the two share the Alice account, then yes "Alice" is "half-asian"

No. 1190060

"Alice" is definitely at least 2 people.

No. 1190082

Whose body do you think it is in her header? (It’s just legs right now) very pale thin legs. She’s posted now deleted pics of her legs before

This whole thing fascinates me and weirds me out. So bizarre to think of a husband and wife team larping as some late 20s autist who has tweeted about her period cramps, being a dominatrix, not getting laid , and more. I’m still in the camp that she is late twenties and one person but your theory intrigued me, anon and I am definitely not about to dismiss it as a possibility.

No. 1190112

I think Matt and Felix told the reddit that pirates their shit to not pirate their faggy tv reviews.

No. 1190113

No. 1190117

Thanks kind anon.

No. 1190126

File: 1616398739801.jpeg (357.33 KB, 1193x728, E17B1BFB-0A2B-47A0-B27F-7D2B49…)

Aimee is still subtweeting Alice.

No. 1190271

why would wes yang need a second twitter account? he's already got an account with twice as many followers as alice who are into his mediocre hot takes.

No. 1190382

aimee desperately needs to log off. Her engagement numbers are terrible. She would be healthier getting real life employment instead of panning for gold all day

No. 1190489

>whenever any interesting info regarding Red Scare is posted, it devolves immediately into a flood of posts about Aimme and Jack- like we get it they are dumb and post a lot, fascinating

No. 1190505

Since the ‘Jezebel writer’ fiasco they’ve been p quiet

No. 1190553

File: 1616444089879.png (212.58 KB, 538x857, seanaimee.PNG)

didn't he used to be a fan of hers?

No. 1190566

Since when did Aimee or this failed comedian speak for the actual left

No. 1190572

they hated democrats and that made them the best leftists.. but no wait we hate leftoids and now we're true marxists.. actually no fuck caring about bettering the existence of people outside of yourself, we're just republicans now.

No. 1190580

File: 1616446764632.png (62.86 KB, 1394x317, adril.png)

No. 1190622

Jesus, is that a real tweet? I hope someone did scream log off lol

No. 1190629

File: 1616450396302.png (113.63 KB, 1394x317, adril.png)

It's a real Dril tweet, as is this
Originally jokes but apt here

No. 1190726

lots of dsa freaks getting aimeepilled rn

No. 1190744

File: 1616457445677.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1536x1807, 40D10130-C0B1-434C-972B-E2C6A4…)

No. 1190791

this is a troll or aimee herself. aimee's newer followers are teenage groypers, fintech bros, and conservative journalists. the aimeepilled hashtag is not taking off.

No. 1190841

Lmao it’s too lame and unfunny. Narcissists usually are.

No. 1190846

No. 1190855

File: 1616468125320.png (245.82 KB, 486x737, Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.5…)

She wrote a book ?
Why don't you tell us what you think is wrong with her

No. 1190856

Meh at least she writes. 90% of the “dirtbag left” do nothing but post.

No. 1190876

File: 1616470431035.jpeg (80.39 KB, 639x575, 5F29BE1B-B04F-4A46-8F9A-8454C4…)

Pick me. Choose me.

No. 1190881

Sounds like shit but it will probably still be better than Anna's planned novel.

Is this a joke? I thought Sydney was more self-aware than this.

No. 1190882

File: 1616471190147.jpeg (102.94 KB, 640x828, 9C0087BB-5136-48C7-836E-A63B81…)

Doesn’t seem like a joke.

No. 1190897

I thought she was making fun of how many people there are who are like completely indistinguishable from each other because they all try and portray themselves that exact same way at first because she does usually seem more self aware but I guess not

No. 1190978

File: 1616488314556.jpg (28.53 KB, 599x204, Screenshot 2021-03-23 193102.j…)

No. 1190979

File: 1616488569156.jpg (56.43 KB, 596x451, Screenshot 2021-03-23 193614.j…)


No. 1190985

File: 1616489450102.png (300.37 KB, 644x486, rsfchm.png)

Ew indeed, thats what any actual str8 man feels about thigh gap
She's now being posted by people other than herself too

No. 1191070

Looks like Nika on a good day

No. 1191117


Are those tits really hers? They're nice but they don't look quite that big from other pictures, though it might be just the squeeze making them seem bigger there.

No. 1191159

Don’t know why that was posted. She’s just some nobody friend of Sydney. People sent it to her because they felt she matched the description.

No. 1191162

imagine a woman with chrons who fucked adam cum town as a rebound…but hey at least she's getting rts and follows from doing the waif0 strategy of pandering to scrotes

No. 1191169

Is this not the same Meg from vintage Red Scare?

No. 1191218

Wait what she fucked Adam??

No. 1191280

No. Meg Murnane was the producer of Red Scare

No. 1191411

File: 1616537840639.png (450.62 KB, 670x846, BT.PNG)

Do I remember reading that this person is actually a registered republican lol. Would explain the "today i'm going to go online and defend candace owens" mindset

No. 1191472

Oh come on! He was a dumbass to tweet that and I don’t know what this person has to do with this thread.

No. 1191497

Has she been doxxed yet? How do they know she’s a registered Republican? Wonder if she’s dropped Aimee yet

No. 1191498

In the new red scare they are defending Woody Allen and slandering Mia Farrow. Just when you think these hags can’t get any more vile..

No. 1191500

Why can’t people understand you don’t need to defend woody Allen to call Mia farrow crazy? They’re both nuts and woody is worse.
The absolutism was annoying when tankies did it and it’s annoying when dirtbags do it with their cultural criticism

No. 1191501

That's an old bit of there's. They have been parroting that tune for almost 2 years now. Maybe longer.

No. 1191502

58 reply guys cease to exist if there's no absolutism.

No. 1191512


Nah, that was a guy who went by the name Jonathan Munis who associated with Ross Wolfe who later turned out to be a wife beater

No. 1191516

File: 1616547238064.jpeg (310.09 KB, 828x549, 4E652D28-C36F-4433-9D18-BA1335…)

inb4 redditfag
I unsubbed from stupidpol because it had gone downhill so much and then found redscarepod to be a much better place for some interesting talk….I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s less maga-tardish than stupidpol but just as dumb.

No. 1191517

iirc megan bitchell posted her nudes to the cumtown subreddit ages ago and her whole shtick is that she's so different

No. 1191521

the red scarethots hate women
Mia Farrow is a shitty mother and also Woody Allen is a rapey dad/stepdad
they could see that if they weren’t blinded by terminal pickmeitis

No. 1191535

That post isn't the worst I've seen from the subreddit, it's not even wrong

No. 1191576

redscare sub is infested with the same moids from stupidpol, they just clean up their essay posts because they think they are performing for bpd pickmes. there is a private girls and gays sub but you have to post a photo and can't be anon.

No. 1191592

I feel like the added performative element for the bpd pickmes makes them come off even worse than the ones on stupidpol who are at least transparent. Red scare seems to attract such a disproportionate amount of genuinely unwell followers on every platform.

No. 1191604

File: 1616559118006.jpeg (219.1 KB, 750x548, 3240AE53-E141-4F04-9284-19177E…)

lmao so much

Why doesn't Aimee just come out as QAnon at this point?

No. 1191612

File: 1616561416977.png (Spoiler Image,715.02 KB, 811x765, Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 7.46…)

Paglia bottom left

No. 1191617

File: 1616561812049.png (36.72 KB, 565x166, 2a.png)

'Last summer' was winter in Australia where there was no rioting and gun control is effective

No. 1191651

Damn anon the name Jonathan Munis def rings a bell but my brain is too dumb to remember substantial milk

No. 1191670

>>1191411 she used to post under her real name. It was reported in a previous thread here that she's a lifelong republican voter, don't know if it's true or not but it's plausible. The leftists that used to follow her seem to have finally gotten it now that she's grown more unhinged.

No. 1191704

She's right that they are great for feeling more safe and secure. But at the same time, if there's anyone who probably shouldn't be handling a gun, it's miss meth psychosis over here

No. 1191705

Why is this bad? It's a little overwrought but I think they're right tbh

No. 1191706

File: 1616583650680.jpg (38.64 KB, 681x135, a5V2PbH.jpg)

from leftcows #13

No. 1191718

Question from a tinfoil anon: why don't you consider it a good thing if (blue collar) people from what is called left and from what is called right realize their common (class) interest via acknowledging conspiracies, sharing criticism of cia and so on?

No. 1191725

nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn't end up with you saying shit like "actually, Trump is a white hat pedophile"

No. 1191753

>>1191705 Are you dumb? It's barely concealed pedo apologia, saying creativity and urges to sexually abuse are the same impulse and shouldn't be restricted. The usual paglia and scarethot excuse that rape and artistic impulses come from the same place and so the former should be excused. Men don't have to abuse women or children, paglia and the sacrethots pretend they do because it makes them horny. The red scare brand attracts a lot of abusers and pedos.

No. 1191769

during the witten thing dasha posted a pic of her selfie in adam's famous mirror. that whole scene is incestuous (surprise surprise)

No. 1191789

The phrase "ephebic sex" and their idealization of it is incredibly cringe, inb4 someone calls me a pussyhat wearer

No. 1191794

File: 1616596383240.png (3.71 KB, 372x127, delusional.PNG)

aimee wants a gun to protect herself from the "blm riots" of australia. woman is racist and delusional.

No. 1191817

I need don’t think she applies her worldview to where she lives. In her head, she’s American and experiences life through American culture/news absorbed through twitter. It’s fucked.

No. 1191864


I might be wrong but I thought the BLM movement in Australia was more about indigenous peoples, who made up 3.3% of the population at the last census. They’re not of Black African heritage but they’ve historically been called Black by white settlers and treated in similarly horrible racist ways…

No. 1191876

That’s right. Australia and Canada have had ongoing reconciliation with indigenous peoples. The BLM focus was more First Nations focused. You would have to talk to a politically engaged Australian, not aimee.

No. 1191947

Dirtbag left scrotes are really low IQ. Stupidpol contains probably the dumbest of them all.

No. 1191951

This is a good way of putting it. It’s the more adult and disturbed version of teens thinking their British or Korean because of the music and movies they liked

No. 1192129

nowhere in that did she mention the BLM riots, you're projecting. she's clearly referring to the so-called "threats" she got when people were messaging Sydney uni people to get her home address (don't believe it but she's mentioned it before). god this thread is getting dumb

No. 1192159

File: 1616619686475.png (419.19 KB, 670x1463, debunked.png)

cry harder simp. aimee makes it perfectly clear she's talking about the american summer "blm riots" if you read her four previous tweets.

No. 1192172

File: 1616620406699.png (602.42 KB, 668x1298, coffindownbad.png)

samefag but had to post this gem from the comments. peter coffin joins groyper twitter after getting booted from the low society podcast.

No. 1192174

Where has she ever mentioned Sydney uni people being messaged to get her home address ?

No. 1192179

File: 1616620918240.jpeg (67.37 KB, 618x459, 686C6239-A70F-4EFC-B962-14FDB5…)

Do we think she’ll pull the plug?

No. 1192180

File: 1616620991286.jpeg (93.34 KB, 623x630, A32C2AEB-84CA-43CC-A2F6-422475…)

No. 1192188

She was obsessively posting for a year before the pandemic and hasn't ever take a break far as I know. Don't buy this reasoning for a second. I'm going to guess this is because of getting too much negative attention or maybe journalists sniffing around? People who befriended her realizing they've been catfished when she never wants to meet up with them?

No. 1192195

You’re 100% right about main sub but I was in the private sub a while ago and it kind of sucked. A lot of the posts were just venting about dumb things or how they can’t stop drinking. Maybe it’s different now

No. 1192196

Bringing up boring tweets from over a week ago, just as thread is focused on her recent antagonist

No. 1192200

There’s a loose connection between pedophilia or ephebo-whatever and having low testosterone. Exactly the type of loser men who would listen to red scare

No. 1192201

The Sydney home address post is likely aimee or a close simp. aimee loves to say everyone is projecting but her of course.

No. 1192204

File: 1616621906468.jpeg (73.37 KB, 639x556, 859458CE-093F-4285-BD44-BD80F1…)

My bet is joke or she’s starting a Substack.

No. 1192231

Dude. There’s several different conversations going. This isn’t just the Aimee thread. Quit being paranoid.

No. 1192254

Paranoid about what ?

No. 1192303

File: 1616631199982.jpeg (140 KB, 1242x292, D18155D9-7806-4BA7-85BD-889B86…)

I think she did just mean it as a joke

No. 1192305

File: 1616631247041.jpeg (128.69 KB, 1242x276, 5ED497DA-FC61-42F6-A14A-272F62…)

No. 1192323

literally already in this thread. btw you forget to sage faggot >>1187024

No. 1192337

Post the picture

No. 1192345

this is a lame joke. not a threat or a doxx. also dated this month not “last summer”. this random economics prof doesn’t know who ‘aimee terese’ is or have access to the home addresses of failed law students. aimee is not posting from a psych ward.

No. 1192355

She does this with so many things like constantly claiming she’s getting “dozens of death and rape threats from leftists” whenever anyone criticises anything she says but never provides any evidence of it at all

No. 1192398

It isn't, a lot of posters ITT are the exact kind of women Paglia says want to make "the entire world as safe as their living rooms" and think anyone who isn't like that must be a misogynistic pickme like Anna.

No. 1192412

honestly she’s had one of the better reactions to thread compared to the way like all of the “anti woke”, “extremely online” reply guy types took it very seriously and suddenly were claiming to be like literally shaking uwu smol beans upon finding a girls gossip site or waxing poetic about the “pandemic of female loneliness” or whatever it was

No. 1192415

It was obviously a joke, I have no idea why people ITT thought it was anything but

But will gladly meet up and let herself be talked into fucking the kind of men who refer to women as "femoids"? kek

No. 1192455

Great! Try it, you'll like it! But seriously, I welcome pickmes dipping a toe into self-actualization.

No. 1192462

File: 1616646647149.jpeg (663.85 KB, 979x3359, CA987A2A-72B0-445D-B3AB-861D9E…)

Looking through her account she doesn’t really seem like a pickme at all to me, but I do still find it very strange she was willing to communicate with samememe

No. 1192508

Who is this?

No. 1192554

No. 1192581

How do you make such a distinction between Paglia and Anna's views when the latter rips the bulk of hers straight from the former?

No. 1192706

I don't, Paglia is a retarded pickme as well, she's just right about there being a cohort of bougie women who want to sanitize the entire world, it's just that that's a bourgeoisie thing, not a woman thing. It has literally been considered the bourgeois's defining trait since the inception of the bourgeois class, it was viewed positively back when aristocrats going on stupid wars was a problem

No. 1192766

I hope my first gone is gone cause I misread the last part of yours, oops. I agree with you entirely through a class lens, then, anon. Sorry to misunderstand.

No. 1192847

Does anyone have a free link for tpn Patreon?

No. 1192869

list of links here
while we're at it, does anyone have the premium feed for BAP's podcast?

No. 1193005

Striking Med-bogan beauty.

No. 1193031

Thank you!

No. 1193103

that's great thank you! the only one it seems to be missing is "girls chat" does anyone have that feed?

No. 1193267

I second this. The Google drive link has been put to private.

No. 1193438

she's not saying all unions, she's specifically saying unions in the US in the current year, i legit dont understand why no one can seem to grasp this

No. 1193448

Show one example where she makes the point you are claiming for her

No. 1193486

File: 1616741133704.png (223.8 KB, 1216x894, Screenshot from 2021-03-26 02-…)

Serious question: has @DerekPutin had a stroke? Because this is nonsensical even by the standards of the le random Something Awful / Reddit irony guy audience he tries to cultivate.

No. 1193506

Does someone have the 9 hour one where Jack breaks down crying?

No. 1193518

Wait when did this happen, why does he start crying?

No. 1193529

Except alice is right. That guy targetted sex workers and his attack was misogynistic. How come asian men werent targetted if this was simply racism?

No. 1193560


She calls union dues “garnishing wages” and a little more than tacitly defended right to work laws.

No. 1193568

File: 1616750012301.png (58.57 KB, 589x258, hg.png)

Intrigued to know how you came to this conclusion, would help explain why no one else has

No. 1193599

Aimee’’s union takes scream of someone who has never worked for a living. She has no idea what the proletariat is.

No. 1193714

iirc the person who listened to it claimed he was having a crying fit over trannies

No. 1193876

It’s funny how dirtabags/antiwokies love to cape for the “working class” but really just treat them as noble savages. Every working class person is a caricature of a stupid, middle aged, white, opioid addicted MAGA-tard man somewhere in the rust belt. They’re patrionizing dickheads who don’t have anything productive to offer actual working people, least of all respect. Remember these are either Brooklyn podcasters or Australian autists who spend their days sperging on Twitter and never had to work outside the house during the pandemic (or before for that matter). They’re full of shit and any real person can smell it a mile away.

No. 1193894

I feel like the posties haven't been aware of Aimee long enough to know how opportunistic her "politics" are. I remember the first big Aimee storm being in 2016 when she was scolding people who encouraged people to vote green (specifically Jimmy Dore), saying people had to vote democrat as harm reduction. The first major podcast appearance I can remember was on Revleft, where she criticized the IDW guys, who she'd probably go to bar for now. For about a year or two, her Twitter slogan she'd repeat over and over was "nobody in America is to the left of Bernie Sanders" and would use it as a blugeon against anyone who suggested electoralism and the democratic party were not the solution. She's been in and out of various accounts not just changing her "opinions" but the core of her "politics" for half a decade based on what will get her Twitter clout.

No. 1193915

Can’t Australians temporarily move to the US on some special travel/work visa? Why hadn’t this bitch done that if she won’t shut up and knows everything about everything regarding what’s wrong with the country? Oh yeah she’s a pussy who’s probably terrified of confrontation and definitely doesn’t wanna work.

No. 1193956

Why is she always doing this retarded crooked chickenbutt smile like the 2010 thots who had mustaches tattooed on their index fingers? Are her teeth this fucked from, I dunno, anorexia and meth?

No. 1193966

File: 1616783874824.jpg (169.5 KB, 626x417, girls-laughing-park_23-2147816…)

Well, according to Dasha and herself, she should just "leave the internet if she can't take sexist jokes".

Every cuntpuppet since Phyllis Schlaffly has been like this. This also reminds me of decrepit hag Paglia and her libfem chimpout at Taylor Swift's music video girlboss gang because "her feminism only includes thin conventionally attractive women". Once you begin to see Paglia's and Anna's "politics" as psychosexual ressentiment of a dweeby horse girl who's still agonizing over not getting to sit next to Stacy in high school, it all becomes very simple.

No. 1194060

In 2018 aimee was a Warren supporter, which she vehemently denies today. Her clout is waning since turning to groyper twitter. Real right wingers won’t listen to a fake marxist, so she clings to some niche “post-left” audience. It’s a pathetic existence for someone with no real world connection to the US.

No. 1194132

Haha are there any screencaps of that?
I heard that Dasha was as well.

No. 1194133

File: 1616797206062.png (114.21 KB, 1034x498, Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 6.19…)

She was favorable on the pod earlier in the primary too.

No. 1194155

All these hoes want to be part of the mainstream normie girl power clique most celebrity Stacies are in. Their performative rejection of it is rooted entirely in not being able to enter those circles. Failed girlbosses.

No. 1194176

File: 1616801353052.png (61.88 KB, 1192x306, jack.png)

No. 1194187

too fat for heaven

No. 1194197

aimee is apu and fren pilled, try to keep up

No. 1194236

Lol try to keep up with the thread bruh. That anon was referring to aimee’s transformation from lib to groyper freak.

No. 1194250

an "Aimee does America" wacky adventure could generate some luls.

No. 1194252

Pags was probably mad because she saw herself in lena dunham's masculine presentation as cigar-smoking bigwig.

No. 1194262

File: 1616812456214.png (795.5 KB, 640x1136, 787FB058-60E6-4139-A462-CEA644…)


also shouldn't Anna have had her baby by now? She said she was 8 months pregnant more than a month ago…

No. 1194266

Wait til she goes to the rural American heartland and sees what everyone working on a farm is mexican or Guatemalan or some shit lol. Probably for the best because I think an actual hick or hillbilly would freak her the fuck out.

No. 1194268

Paglia is really dumb, just the resident old, tired firebrand at this point that everyone knows is wrong but needs to have around just for some semblance of academic opposition. It was funny that the meme had gone on this long but now it’s just lame because it’s obvious how everyone is just copying someone else’s interests to look cool. The love of her is so transparently a meme trend that these regards started taking seriously and I almost pity them.

No. 1194274

Agreed. She's basically become a meme at this point, she is to pickme libfems what Ayn Rand is to lolbertarians.

No. 1194275

I like this

No. 1194281

Aimee makes a good faith effort to shovel hay but slips and falls into a cowpie.

No. 1194287

File: 1616816140991.png (119.71 KB, 598x541, Jewbaiting.png)

Have Carl B on your show ?
Fine, not even mad

No. 1194314

File: 1616818440896.jpg (48.08 KB, 640x749, 6x0u34u7wep61.jpg)

'Cause baby now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look at what you've done
'Cause baby now we got bad blood (hey!)

No. 1194323

File: 1616819302537.jpeg (229.4 KB, 828x1485, 8F7221D2-0D99-4924-94FD-971CBF…)

Bump looks small too. Only heard of 6 pack fitness mommies having small bumps from the ab muscles holding it in and we know she doesn’t have abs. Weird

No. 1194328

This is especially retarded given that the bulk of pro-worker thought (whether it's commie or trad) is about making the world a homogenous noncompetitive hugbox.

No. 1194336

I feel like many female redscare fans that aren't self hating fuggo cuckquean skitzos like Anna are basically just normal "tumlr aesthetic blog" types who fell for redscare because it filled the "meta mean girl gossip" media vacuum. Most of them would be farmers had they stumbled upon this place first kek

No. 1194354

fat racist retard

No. 1194360

File: 1616823175465.jpg (73.68 KB, 640x481, bracebeldenandhisciahandlers.j…)

Does anyone find it strange that TrueAnon, the only non pedophile podcast, totally ignored the Aimee Challenor pedo tranny jannie reddit powermod scandal that affected a site of almost 52 million users? It's almost like political podcasters are hipster grifters that operate like start-ups seeking investment funding for the sole purpose of funneling money from shady investors and subscribers just to creating another layer of meaningless noise to obscure and misdirect the masses from any sort of truth.

No. 1194371

not really honestly, does anyone even use reddit anymore outside of like teenage 2nd worlders? i find it stranger they completely ignore thiel connections with redscare or the fact brace admitted calling in US airstrikes in syria.

No. 1194372

No. 1194395

they're trying to pivot away from pedo stuff, they haven't talked about epstein or maxwell in ages. also that story hasn't impacted anywhere outside of reddit, even /pol/ is barely talking about it.

No. 1194397

you get a soft ban for mentioning her name in a post on any board on 4chan.

No. 1194411

File: 1616835604132.png (55.98 KB, 595x212, kjfjwbef.png)

From directing the entire left to introducing right wing talking points to a small number of simpletons

No. 1194413

No. 1194418

weak lie, nobody believes this

No. 1194419

File: 1616836911571.png (187.14 KB, 1367x718, Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 7.19…)

Threads would benefit from some material to support claims and counterclaims

No. 1194431

you get a soft ban citing "irrelevance to topic."

No. 1194443

Brace intimated on twitter that the next episode is going to involve ABDL, which her father was involved in, so they might be covering it.

No. 1194452

/pol/ and most of 4chan has been infiltrated by tranny jannies. you get banned for making threads about Aimee Challenor

No. 1194463

That’s Ryan Dunn kek

No. 1194749

what an ego. forget marx more than a hundred years ago, nobody on the left thought about class until aimee started tweeting from her australian neethole.

No. 1194848

She makes grandiose claims like the Bernie campaign didn’t listen to her lol.

No. 1194857

she had me at "aimee-pilled" a few days ago. that shit is just straight up hilariously deluded. she is a big-ish fish in a tiny pond…a literal puddle.

No. 1194872

aimee wouldn’t be so insufferable if she didn’t talk about the “working class” all the time when she’s living off daddy with her expensive education.

No. 1194929

That's also if we omit the fact that class first leftism is utterly retarded.

No. 1194935

File: 1616875874468.jpg (181.1 KB, 1187x547, ash1.jpg)

Here's what I can gather (probably repeating some stuff that's already known so sorry about that):

A large portion of the cows seem to cross over with a streamer named Selma @twtselma who is a Australian pickme that used to post a lot on twitter but after weaseling her way into Matt Watson (owner of the EpicSMP minecraft server) graces and getting into the server, has largely abandoned twitter, with twitch and discord being her new areas of chasing clout and attention. From the streams I've seen she likes to bathe in attention, talk about how oppression and occasionally drop that she's completely in it for her self gratification, fame, and attention.

>Ash (the Scottish ginger with DD's and a pushup bra) at some point tried to become youtube famous and capitalize off her assets and rant about capitalism, it didn't work because she's that uninteresting. Currently she deleted her main and is having a mental breakdown on her private and talking about her family's mental illness history and wanting to an-hero over failure at gaining clout.

>Annika @subtleferret 20 year old, upper class, arrogant, self-absorbed, and entitled, from Phoenix, Az. Claims to be a member of the DSA. She is 6'0" and has a reddit (r/subtleferrt) of people thirsting over her, both of which she enjoys mentioning. She often sexually harasses other leftcows, claiming she's just "drumk" tweeting while doing it. Mentioned in a past tweet, which is now deleted I believe, that there was a falling out in her friend group. Said 'friend-group' is a voice-chat of her and a few select others. She name searches herself a lot and will probably be posting about this on twitter and coping.

>@Jacldude Thirsts after a LOT of leftcows, especially Annika and Selma, is a mod in Selma's twitch chat. He seems to parrot whatever views the majority of people he's simping have to stay in their good graces.

>Bri @seinfeIdwatcher Big boobed redneck with a superiority complex and probably other mental illnesses, her father was supposedly schizophrenic and anhero'd at some point. Moved across the U.S. to get knocked up by a military manlet she met on twitter shortly after breaking up with someone else she was dating.

>maya @xomayoxo A Lebanese-Brazlian pickme with big boobs who likes to post pics of herself in tight tops, obsess over Joe Rogan, blame everything on Capitalism, and post 'sexy' selfies wearing tight shirts and low-cut tops and then complain about people finding her 'sexy'.

No. 1194959

go derail elsewhere

No. 1195008

well then it wouldn't be leftism

No. 1195032

File: 1616881574575.png (442.85 KB, 903x1135, poorsyrianimmigrant.png)

red scare AT simp adam lehrer's podcast co-host ben pseudonym/sam yaziji is a student at private catholic college loyola marymount, son of two mds who own a medical company. the post-left are just meagan days and jamie pecks with less shame.

No. 1195034

fuck off loser

No. 1195065

File: 1616883119354.png (192.29 KB, 1452x1012, Screenshot 2021-03-27 180503.p…)

not just doctor parents but parents' who own a specialty molecular testing lab for cancer. so they are making a lot of money.

weird that assad is a good guy (doesnt take rich people's money) but castro is bad (takes rich people's money).

No. 1195214

idk the other people besides ash and annika but maya doesn't belong in this thread

No. 1195365

File: 1616906161382.jpeg (74.08 KB, 432x768, 4AC6EC0B-4854-4614-9022-DA2936…)

Jesus, she's about to pop

No. 1195367

bri belongs in the tradthot thread

No. 1195381

her and tara have always been in here because "i have tattoos and am friends with duckfan"

No. 1195624

man, imagine living in a shared apartment and your housemate has a baby
can’t remember if the housemate is even a close friend

No. 1195638

Does she not live with Eli?

No. 1195651

Are you really telling us she's that unhinged about things she doesn't even believe? I believe you but damn, what a sad fate. At least the crazy is her own, not politics-induced.

No. 1195711

It was over trannies who supposedly harass him on Twitter, and because he’s sad that he never got to be friends with angel, whose final downward spiral he associated with her falling in with ppl like that

No. 1195762

she said she wasn’t fairly recently, but maybe they are now?

No. 1196010

File: 1616971723629.png (797.98 KB, 2048x1798, Screenshot_20210328-184659.png)

leftist irony bro orbiter squineluft is currently getting cancelled by other irony bros for being a creep in various women and girls (17) mentions, he's a 35-yo former SA guy if that makes a difference.

No. 1196021

>he's a 35-yo former SA guy if that makes a difference.
only makes it less surprising

No. 1196074

being a former SA guy should itself be enough to get cancelled, every single one of them is so annoying and insufferable.

No. 1196094

File: 1616979729666.png (179.67 KB, 590x667, gnbs.png)

Simps have dicovered https://ground.news/blindspotter/mrsmcgee16
Aimee dismisses as doesn't like results

No. 1196103

File: 1616980637578.png (44.81 KB, 598x167, liz bruenig liz franczak aimee…)

how much can change in a year lol

No. 1196111

I didn’t think Liz Bruenig cared about aimee.

No. 1196118

File: 1616982009736.png (53.96 KB, 373x334, rev.png)

100% propaganda is ironic as her top news interaction is Darren Beattie's pure right wing propaganda site https://www.revolver.news/

No. 1196122

this was from a year ago, before aimee started going after liz b and liz f

No. 1196126

I didn't know leftist ironybros would call each other out over stuff like this. I thought the samememe thing was a one-off and normally they would try to defend each other. Sad to think it's probably the pickme women in these circles who would actually be the ones defending these creeps.

No. 1196137

original's from april 2020. pretty sure liz and liz quietly stopped following and defending aimee after the pro cop george floyd truther tweets, the rape joke tweets, and the pro confederacy tweets. bernie dropping out sent aimee into a mental spiral.

No. 1196154

File: 1616987196334.png (741.85 KB, 572x756, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.5…)

Spiralled all the way right, larping as a Marxist to jump around to right wing tunes.
Idiot simps clap and cheer her on

No. 1196161

She looks good with that hat and hair, this is one of the cutest pictures of her I've seen

No. 1196167

File: 1616988854929.png (49.01 KB, 594x214, gab.png)

Same 'legendary' Darren that AK had to shill so hard for.
Why would a 'cultural commentator' Manhattan podcaster even know this dumb ugly right wing dreg even exist ?

No. 1196190

That picture whew. It’s sad how Aimee went from looking like a pretty normie girl to looking like Anna

No. 1196215

File: 1616995723013.png (65.46 KB, 721x615, jackgod.png)

Jack is literally none of these things.

No. 1196217

…isn't one of the sticking points of Christianity that good, sane, likable, positive popular people always lose on this earthly plane and that they finally find their rewards in heaven, where the religion says Jack isn't going because he can't stop being a sodomite?

No. 1196222

Jack recently did another Thaddeus Russell and apparently said some pretty insane shit but I can't be assed to listen to it right now.

No. 1196225

Man, isn't that the exact stereotype they apply to farmers when they talk about us? That's some crazy projection

It's called pregnancy anon, and it's completely normal

No. 1196239

On top of being gay he's also too fat to go to heaven.

No. 1196298

The only part of her that looks pregnant in this photo are the swollen feet. Christ

No. 1196324


TrueAnon would set itself apart from all the other hipster podcasters if they broke ranks and spoke out about transgender ideology, the big pharma money propping it up, and the permanent damage it is doing to vulnerable people, especially young kids and teens. It would be nice to have one group of leftists and creatives who spoke out about this so that other people in these same industries can do the same without being smeared as alt right or nazis. Check out Jennifer Beilek's reporting on the flow of money and power surrounding the promotion of transgender ideology.



No. 1196352

She looks heavily pregnant in this pic though >>1195365, blogging slightly but when I was pregnant it didn't really show up head on, but from the side it was very obvious. all that being said I cannot believe she's having a baby and potentially just living in an apartment with a roommate, what the fuck.

No. 1196460

This isn’t milk or relevant to the thread, take it to asherahsgarden or whatever

No. 1196562

File: 1617027365094.png (106.37 KB, 1267x537, dashacantact.PNG)

jessa crispin on the scary of 61st, which is really a criticism of dasha's 15k a month to do nothing lifestyle.


No. 1196772

?? those are her shoes

No. 1196776

sooo.. does is this just nu-mumblecore for the overly online contrarians?
i like the writing of the critic.

No. 1196815

Yeah, everyone in the Red Scare extended universe is super critical of modern cinematic conventions while being completely unable to move beyond 2009 Sundance mumblecore aesthetics. It's very funny to hear them mock modern independent films for an overreliance on soyboy 80s genre pastiche when they're just doing the same version but substituting new wave and shot-on-video horror for landfill indie and Myspace.

No. 1196991

Liz B has barely tweeted since that flap she had with Noah Berlatsky last week (called him a pedo in Jesse Singal's replies, was forced by NYT to issue a tweet apology, which she is famously against - the "never apologize to the twitter mob" rule that she and her husband have upheld for years as a standard of twitter etiquette). Just a few retweets of pieces she wrote and a couple stray takes. Maybe she's transitioning to a Liz F -style twitter presence, where she only pops on every few days for a couple tweets. At her peak back before she had kids she was an Aimee-tier tweeter, firing off over 100 a day, and she was still extremely online until recently.

No. 1196993

File: 1617054186151.png (42.58 KB, 589x224, the_apology.png)

No. 1197019

File: 1617056303162.jpeg (398.39 KB, 750x1295, 6665476F-451F-4743-B442-EE3A54…)

Anyone know why Ashley deleted all the content on the girls talk patreon?

No. 1197037

it's happened like at least 2 other times right? where it gets wiped "permanently"

No. 1197047

indeed, this whole review could have been just been three sentences about how the movie is a bad mumblecore film with 'the internet' as a character.

No. 1197085

Not that I’ve noticed. I subscribed back when it was the nice people show Patreon

No. 1197098

Seems pointless when she deletes them all every 24 hours anyways

No. 1197157

File: 1617069977423.jpeg (98.37 KB, 828x415, 11EEE934-2819-48FE-BB53-83ED90…)

How long till Aimee (or Anna) gets this blatant?

Or is the Cassandra Fairbanks level insanity flip on another level?

No. 1197159

Doubt Anna will openly say that even though everyone knows she's thinking it. Whereas Aimee will probably tweet exactly that by the end of the week lol

No. 1197216

File: 1617076694406.png (133.06 KB, 522x260, Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 1.48…)

No. 1197218

>spends the entire campaign ensuring everyone that he will support whoever wins the Democratic nomination
>wins the nomination
>supports Biden
>"How could you do this????!?!?!?!?!??! Traitor!!!!!!!"

No. 1197219

File: 1617077554996.png (177.91 KB, 581x371, 1 11 2021.png)

No. 1197235

too bad the campaign for an American presidential candidate didn't spend more time listening to a random Australian woman who has never set foot in America

No. 1197456

He did it four years before as well but these privileged assholes werent paying attention yet I guess.

No. 1197458

Does she still call herself a Marxist? What a fucking hateful bitch.

No. 1197494

A "reactionary Marxist," yes

No. 1197499

Merrick Deville got banned and is now ban-evading on twitter


No. 1197594

That’s one of the weirdest aspects about aimee. Obsessing and tweeting tens thousands of times about a country you’ve never stepped foot in.

No. 1197601

Jesus Christ we don’t want her wiggy ass here ever

No. 1197606

File: 1617121446311.jpg (163.71 KB, 828x1472, thisisthirty.jpg)

Dasha's teenage delusions still going strong.

No. 1197633

File: 1617123816342.jpeg (235.82 KB, 828x796, 48C54EF7-DEEA-4B79-807D-BC86FF…)

Aimee mad because Chapo Matt told people to do something she’d never be able to accomplish .. log off.
She also inexplicably posted the Biden slogan alongside Matt’s logo for some reason…

No. 1197648

Yeah she hates Matt Christman with a passion. Her life must suck so bad to care this much.

No. 1197682

File: 1617129253506.png (47.26 KB, 752x463, wignats.png)

she only adds wignats and groypers as new follows now. think she's going for an edgy un-woke catholic phase to counteract liz bruenig.

No. 1197748

File: 1617134242352.png (90.34 KB, 1230x558, derek putin rapist.png)

very funny pedophilia joke from the guy who raped his college girlfriend in 2011

No. 1197788

You can't just say that and not elaborate

No. 1197819

File: 1617139156194.png (580.47 KB, 735x851, lo.png)

Full picture has Christmans face pasted in

No. 1197891

If she wants to look younger so bad you think she would shave her pits.

Funny she’s trying to climb up the wall like something out of a horrror movie like her spooky crab walk thing. She’s like afraid of trying to be normal sexy because she thinks people will make fun of her (they probably would) so she has to make it quirky

No. 1197970

File: 1617148644000.png (1.03 MB, 989x871, 59CBF8A1BB354D4.png)

the post-left cuban whisperer has privated. good news for other working class cubans though, the million dollar mcmansion he grew up in is for sale.

No. 1197979

File: 1617149121545.jpeg (290.97 KB, 1242x481, FE282B22-BEEC-47F6-B898-2B0640…)

No. 1198043

dude, we call you that because you’re fat and ugly and stupid
the job and clothes aren’t it
cry moar

No. 1198093

File: 1617161853804.png (219.8 KB, 1188x816, unhumbledasha.png)

Nearly the anniversary of the most obnoxious reddit post of all time. Her "sorry about your grandpa but I'm different" joke from last year might be worst. I don't think the hollywood libs she wants to sign her checks find this funny. Sucks to be her agent.

No. 1198098

File: 1617162448773.png (408.46 KB, 1204x630, tpg.png)

how did she blow up so quick

No. 1198099

He knows that no one is calling him Paul Blart because of his job he’s just doing that tenderqueer thing he always does of trying to frame anything negative anyone says about him as ‘problematic’ in some way

No. 1198179

File: 1617174636997.png (55.53 KB, 581x192, academia.png)


No. 1198244

aimee sees herself as a theorist. Unfortunately she’s a moron. Her co-host is the academic.

No. 1198254

no one cares about your job or boring clothes, people mock you for being an overgrown manchild in his thirties who obsessively hates women and plays the victim at the first sign of conflict

No. 1198304


So he’s not only fat and but also undereducated for an actual career? Ugly, bitter and broke. Sad way to go through life.

No. 1198356

They're both grifters and one of them has made money, of course she hates him

No. 1198369

Literally who?

No. 1198383

Christman is occasionally funny. Aimee is neither funny or original. Her petty beefs and psychosis is her grift.

No. 1198385

Since he's addressing things from these threads, can he talk about his vagina obsession? It's very concerning.

No. 1198410

This is genuinely like his 15th tweet about how much he ‘actually loves’ being called Paul Blart. I don’t get why out of all the things people say about him that seems to have struck such a nerve.

No. 1198441

al-yaziji is an elite Christian family from Damascus. the current health minister is a yaizji, and there have been other yazijis in the cabinet over the years.

I'm not saying there is any connection, its a big family but his father does like going on american media defending the state.


No. 1198447

"dressing like a normal man" is a funny thing to say when your gimmick is bathing in grandma's perfume.

No. 1198463

Yeah he’s annoying bc no one likes the fat know it all dude in sweatpants all the time who thinks he’s hilarious and is vaping constantly. We had enough of those types in college. But he’s not wrong about a lot of stuff and certainly way more on the ball than Aimee will ever be.

No. 1198476

File: 1617207581645.jpeg (621.72 KB, 1242x1365, 8E94748D-8FC3-4947-96F5-2924B4…)

What are you talking about? Jack is clearly a very traditional and masculine man.

No. 1198529

Haha she thinks having been to college is the same as “being in academia”, god she’s a retard

No. 1198597

He had a blog?

No. 1198642


Yes he’s been doing this a long time. There’s some milky posts but it’s mostly just the exact same things he talks about now (grandma perfume, women ruining his life, how much he hates minorities etc)

No. 1198742

he’s never been right about a single goddamn thing
his politics are shit, his misogyny is repulsive, and his taste in perfume is like he raided Carol Channing’s dumpster

No. 1198847

that anon was talking about matt christman, not perfume jack. afaik matt does not wear perfume.

No. 1198885

Matt Christman revealed on his stream today that he moved to California

No. 1198887

And AFAIK Jack doesn't wear sweatpants, which I guess is… one thing that can be said in his favor kek

No. 1198980

File: 1617241133579.png (16.76 KB, 575x185, 2021-03-31 18_33_39-Window.png)


No. 1199050

File: 1617245196208.png (245.75 KB, 791x427, cunt.png)

The poor sad tragic desperate pathetic loser not only made this shit but posted it to (one of the many) subs they mod, one of which is made up entirely of screenshots from these threads.
So screenshot this and stick it in your shitty sub you useless cunt

No. 1199087

File: 1617250161584.jpeg (80.51 KB, 640x625, FA610784-4A07-4894-ACD9-0198E2…)

Shit post or real?

No. 1199088

It’s already April fools out east where she is.

No. 1199110

File: 1617252458950.jpeg (130.02 KB, 847x555, F7A6F391-92E9-4E62-810F-2DDB83…)

No. 1199116

hopefully an april fools joke

No. 1199126

File: 1617253431582.jpeg (202.98 KB, 750x836, 67D2D3A4-9ADE-4F5A-BCC0-B52784…)

derail but what do we think of @thisyearsgurl? this doesn’t sit right with me, i feel like she pedobaits to an extent on twitter

No. 1199129

File: 1617253747376.jpeg (140.87 KB, 640x556, A5852236-46B7-4B3A-8F4B-D30228…)

So he always had those schizo tendencies

No. 1199141

I feel like he doesn’t need the perfume to transmit that message

No. 1199232

Yeah buddy, it's definitely your "fragrance" that makes people think you are possibly unhinged

No. 1199293

I don't get her post, neither why it should be bad nor why it should be funny?

No. 1199358

jack has the unhinged energy of a disney or kingdom hearts gay but he chooses to channel it into bland 90s soap operas and old lady perfume. why?

No. 1199417

File: 1617288124134.png (178.58 KB, 1343x1112, ripthebellows.png)

looks like the bellows is going to go under without a single article from aimee terese. quote from article dropped in earlier thread https://medium.com/@ryansmithwriter/an-editorial-coup-at-the-bellows-23db60de8750

No. 1199438

What subreddit has screencaps from here?

No. 1199538

File: 1617298036739.jpeg (972.98 KB, 1242x1358, 87263513-3AD7-4DD5-ACFA-12716F…)

Why are these cunts so obsessed with 4chan?

No. 1199547

File: 1617298702553.jpeg (1.63 MB, 2048x2048, 69A5EEF8-21D9-469D-915D-00D8F1…)


No. 1199552

"woke" lefties are all about rehabilitative justice until someone is accused of sexual assault.

No. 1199555

I doubt rich ivy league 4chan rapists have any interest in being rehabilitated.

No. 1199562

File: 1617300204471.jpeg (397.91 KB, 750x1091, 48F413EA-7013-43BE-99FD-AAA303…)

lmao no

No. 1199563

File: 1617300228555.jpeg (464.93 KB, 750x1249, D286FA10-26F7-48C3-BFC0-9BFF35…)

No. 1199564

File: 1617300264265.jpeg (437.11 KB, 750x1180, 067BDCB6-F55E-4C3E-88AB-443966…)

No. 1199565

Sexual assault and murder are the two crimes from which there can be no rehabilitation.

No. 1199566

File: 1617300296655.jpeg (408.99 KB, 750x1213, C45C235B-2B2E-4F67-B963-D2D3EB…)

No. 1199571

Who is this, is this a recent thing? Who’s James?

No. 1199592

They want to seem cool and knowledgeable about the internet but most of them have never posted there and are probably too scared to visit. Kind of like the idiots who visit 4chan subreddits on Reddit instead of just going on 4chan themselves.

No. 1199601

File: 1617302646098.jpg (96.29 KB, 640x797, 6qtdxj9wtlq61.jpg)

anna had the baby

No. 1199606

this isn't a liz b photo?

No. 1199624

Honestly happy for her

No. 1199657


Same, I'm always happy when someone has a healthy birth regardless of cow status. And such a cutie! What a head of hair. Mazel tov to Anna and Eli.

No. 1199681

No idea who these zoomers are

No. 1199705

File: 1617310718957.png (162.88 KB, 1176x970, Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 7.57…)

did anyone catch what Jack posted before he deleted? I know he did another tweet criticising Epstein truthers and mocked his victims saying they were teenagers only in the "Rizzo in Grease" sense, is that what got dasha mad?

No. 1199710

File: 1617311051646.jpg (68.28 KB, 1140x818, Ex5ZixSWQAIczdO.jpg)

of course

No. 1199712


Is she living with the father?

No. 1199713

File: 1617311320151.jpeg (255.89 KB, 750x692, F1EFB283-6B8E-48B5-B487-BD54CF…)

No. 1199717

The Michael Tracey tweet is so embarrassing it has the same energy as when that bimbo girl was talking about ‘femoids’

No. 1199772

on the trillybilly ep she said it's because the podcast is over for good

No. 1199773

Damn, that's a lot of hair for a newborn. Happy for her, hope she's happy too.

No. 1199779

Aimee’s too lazy to write in long form.

No. 1199782

aww, sweet
babies with lots of hair are adorable
on this and this only i wish her well

No. 1199803

one of the most pathetic tweets I've ever seen.

No. 1199804

File: 1617319685229.jpeg (208.11 KB, 1242x1001, 1BE9B0FA-F277-47D1-9E6B-3D8ACD…)

No. 1199806

kind of weird to bring up when she just gave birth

No. 1199808

Why did both Amber and Matt moved to California? Is New York really that shitty?

No. 1199810

Amber moved for labor movement/union reasons; Matt was talking last year on his streams about wanting to get a fresh start somewhere outside of Brooklyn

No. 1199813

Normally don’t say this about children but with Eli and Anna’s genes betting on him he being weird looking

No. 1199818

I'd fuck Eli, but then again I have shit taste in men. I don't think as a straight man I'd fuck Anna though.

No. 1199851

Eli looks like a shitty british musician that plays guitar, hard pass

No. 1199868

Is this him making fun of her when she just had her kid? Yeesh

No. 1199879

wrongly assumed it was possible to scroll through his profile for less than 5 minutes to find a post from 1 day ago. what an addict.

No. 1199880

Brooklyn sounds bleak. Good for cush.

No. 1199882

I just had this exact experience. I was trying to see what the tweet that got posted was about but gave up.

No. 1199883

Looking back I still can’t believe this stupid tweet was what had Anna calling him the best follow of the year or whatever

No. 1199893

where in california? i can't imagine them going to san Francisco or los angeles

No. 1199896

Amber's in LA (where Brace Belden has also relocated), don't know where Matt is.

No. 1199902

File: 1617328585085.png (672.41 KB, 726x786, ww.png)

Unable to form a coherent defensible argument for anything that could be criticized if put out under her name.
If she could anonymously have stuff on a site she didn't think she would be linked to and could pump out trash like this that aligned with her vexations, I bet she would

No. 1199936

not a poster here but just wanted to thank you guys for making bella fuck off for the most part. god damn annoying bitch with landlord parents parading around as some new leftist insight bitch. all her politics were informed from just being a rich country club no cal girl.

No. 1200034

No. 1200062

i wonder when dasha/anna will finally tell jack to shut the fuck up, he's doing passive-aggressive digs at them constantly recently (kantbot-style). he's been rambling about "dirtbag leftists" obsessed with pedos and Epstein all week now

why did he even get Liz F on his pod if he admittedly hates her whole schtick? to sabotage her? who else could he be talking about in these rants?

Ashley has also had Brace and most of the Chapos on Girls Chat which his brother produces, I just don't get what he's doing here. does he think negging them all on twitter will get them to vote Republican or something?

No. 1200068

He really believed he could make ins on that crowd and then lost his shit when they stopped putting up with him around the time he tattletaged every one of his left wing followers over some stupid Bill Kezos tweet.

No. 1200074

>why did he even get Liz F on his pod if he admittedly hates her whole schtick? to sabotage her?
Absolutely a possibility considering that was by far the most backlash she's ever gotten for anything she's done online and was the incident that made her scale back her twitter presence which has been sporadic ever since.

No. 1200078

Are they both friends with Lexa irl? I feel like I’ve seen people post both that Dasha and Lexa hate each other and that they’re in the same irl friend circle. If they’re friends I don’t get why they kept interacting with him after the way he reacted to the samememe thing.

No. 1200079

I thought that was because she tweeted some (very mild) gender crit stuff.

No. 1200086

oh yeah that too, it was all in same week or so

No. 1200091

Maybe on Jack’s end but Liz was already a huge fan of his and samerapist’s twitter. They might have been sort of holding back the racism but they were posting constant misogynistic and hateful suspect things so it’s not like she was tricked that much.

No. 1200118

I’m pretty sure Jack says on the epi