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File: 1667641134175.png (475.52 KB, 1080x1080, Leftcows36.png)

No. 1694368

#35 Recap:
Anna arguing with white supremacist bloggers (as usual) this time about the BMI of RS listeners

Rumors about whether or not Anna knows BAP personally resurfacing, BAP's joke(?) about meeting Anna irl and her trying to sit on his face

r/redscarepost circle jerk talking about how their sub resembles the early internet forum days despite the fact that reddit is known for its troon cabal jannies, some good info on that here

Dasha's dissident transgressive edgeposting conflicting with her catholic larping as she whines about soap thrown at plastic casing

Dasha acting like she didn’t laugh along with Brett Easton Ellis when he talked about the privileged victims of his pedophile friends at Epstein’s Island, getting called out for fetishizing molestation some more

Comments about how Anna's behavior can be predicted by scouring rw networks struck a nerve

Groomer corp rep whose tweets Anna loves bacha bazi posting hoping to get retweeted by BAP

More recently A&D have "been lukewarmingly defending 'fat' women" (presumably to work on their popularity) calling moids who gossip about womens bodies gay
Except for those who praise what she thinks is her body type (skinny, but far from effortlessly so) basically don't comment on women's bodies unless you're gay (or unless you want to say mine is 1 out of 2 possible options that fit the ideal beauty standard which you should strive for, anachan or kardashian-esque pornified bbl type >>1679417 then please do go on)

Lost racism and IQ science ep summary
Reminder to retarded narcs

Dasha complaining about not looking like a little teenager in a cliche photoshoot inspired by Leon the Professional

Great genius writer of our age (according to Anna) BAP retweeting lolicon CP shit (drawings of naked children)

Anna unlocking new levels of racist pseudoscience and scrote pandering, showcasing how she doesn't know jack shit about autism if she thinks absence of either emotional or cognitive empathy is a prerequisite
>>1681801 Thank you

A&D read the Dworkinposter's essays, Anna projecting about not being an object of male desire onto Dworkin (who was radicalized by the violence of male desire forcibly imposed on her), once again demonstrating how these grown women center their worldview around how fuckable they are to moids

Anna experiencing oppression euphoria reading Nick Fuentes fans' antisemitic comments about her, has finally found a crowd that takes her ethnolarping more seriously than she does

Dasha on some podcast for a website shilling retarded religious merch

Jack and Pariah the Troon were on the Filthy Armenians podcast saying "Pariah is more attractive and feminine than the "birthing women" they typically see on the street"

TAFS released the first episode of their talkshow

Another Halloween Loveline (latest episode) notable moments:
> A&D Talk about groyper wars >>1687616 (BAP vs. Fuentes) in regards to what Fuentes had to say about Anna >>1687941 “only 2 of those things are true”
> Dasha says BAP is a much better influence on men because he encourages his listeners to read and quietly infiltrate deep state government positions, or something like that
> “Why can’t people dress up as Nazis on Halloween”
> A mother called in to ask anna about breastfeeding, anna’s first response: “were you molested”
> Caller asks about dating liberal men, neither can think of any they know, Dasha talks about her new friend incelfreak she was in a call with and how she empathizes with incels

Threadpic credit to this anon >>1684910 and cat memer nonna in >>>/ot/1342351

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No. 1694433

File: 1667650856300.webm (2.99 MB, 866x406, ptownmoldbug.webm)

From a few nights ago this streamer Paul Town on Nick Fuentes' platform (for alt right moids who have been deplatformed elsewhere mostly) cozy tv talking about some gossip he heard from women about Moldbug. He was playing a recording of the twitter space where Fuentes calls BAP out on being a zionist shill, BAP supposedly refused to show up despite being invited so they could all find middle ground with their overlapping beliefs or some other faggotry then Anna and Dasha discussed this on the latest RS episode. Don't know if this Moldbug gossip is new milk or if it was posted about before

No. 1694440

File: 1667651423784.jpg (204.38 KB, 1200x1800, tomato-soup-7.jpg)

soup not soap

No. 1694480

File: 1667654190141.jpeg (67.27 KB, 940x627, 4B22BCB5-A4FE-41E0-9BB1-0DD95A…)

This is, excuse me, a damn fine recap, thank you OP

No. 1694574

Good recap but missing Leia recording the couple having sex in public. Nick just brought it up in episode 2 of TAFS that came out a few days ago.

No. 1694583

File: 1667661695358.png (1.84 MB, 852x1059, scarethot.png)

howling at how busted noted scarethot nicole youngestwoman looks irl. at that social media marketing money for this?

No. 1694592

What? She looks fine

No. 1694594

I thought this was Liz at first glance

No. 1694610

File: 1667663341116.jpeg (642.18 KB, 1284x1532, 9FFBF494-8A2F-4D05-A1F3-A0BA90…)

What is this girls story?

No. 1694670

Pretty sure her name is Isabel or Isabella, she’s with the rw tradcath/BAP crowds. pretty sure she’s a rich new yorker or florida type, not sure what else but she doesn’t have that much milk from what i can tell. one of those mildly racist wholistic natural bullshit types

No. 1694721

The God podcast Dasha went on is pretty dull. She weirdly doesn't talk much about how much her boyfriend has to do with her current beliefs. Admits she joined the Eastern Church because the Roman Catholic conversion program for adults who were baptized but didn't receive other sacraments was way too much work. Also admits she was larping thinking about how she looked in the veil when she went to Latin Mass. Says she wants to raise a Catholic family but is concerned about giving that baggage to children. Dasha is mad about the Pope saying something like all Christians are joined together under one god because it disrespects Catholic martyrs.

No. 1694748

idk who she is but she isn't "busted" at all, wtf are you talking about

No. 1694775

Very weird read on an irony account

No. 1694779


No. 1694780

I listened to it and I was taken aback when she said she got really caught up in the tradcath trend that was happening and became a big part of it. Like isn't that the thing she spends so much time denying?

No. 1694782

File: 1667680614758.png (86.44 KB, 1452x324, Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 13.3…)

No. 1694796

Thank you sir

No. 1694808

nta but most of the irony accounts are exactly like that.

No. 1694833

File: 1667685598939.jpeg (177.97 KB, 640x728, 4BA3CC7D-BA28-40DD-A8A9-56F5AE…)

"ppl act annoying on there" = "I can't handle being criticized for my shitty opinions"

No. 1694843

Not to nitpick but this is a website for women and using terms of respect for men is frowned upon. I mean it kindly when I say you should lurk more.

No. 1694858

lol i was just wondering when liz bruenig would pop up to humblebrag about how she left twitter before it was cool. of course she left because "ppl so annoying" not because she fried her own brain by being on twitter 20 hours a day for 8 years, maintained dozens of alt accounts to attack random lowbie critics, and had an epic meltdown accusing said critics of "hating Jesus" for criticizing her…but sure liz it's other "ppl" who are toxic and annoying on twitter. also liz jsyk rosemary is the one that looks like pine needles!

No. 1694903

lol So when she was in the midst of her Catholic larping she hadn't even taken first holy communion/confession/confirmation yet, that's pathetic.
I wonder if she ever went up to take communion, this is obviously a big no no/blasphemous, and she wouldn't have known what to do.

I'm imagining her watching youtube videos for instruction on how to take communion properly, or just bounding up there and sticking her hand out like a disrespectful retard. Who am i kidding, I doubt she's ever even been to mass more than one or two times to pose for IG photos.
Dasha is just as much an attention seeking larper as Anna.

No. 1694933

Oops I also wrote r/redscarepost instead of redscarepod

Ty nonna

Feel free to add anything I missed I keep up with RS mostly and not the other adjacent podcasters and grifters mentioned in previous threads as much unless they cross paths so I posted what stood out to me as relevant while skimming

Scorpio szn is all about deep dives, personally I enjoy the Dworkinposters paragraph long analyses and also exposing their connections to pedophilic scrotes like BAP because those seem like the worst of it all to me so I welcome these posters, I'd rather get to the nitty gritty instead of nitpicking about whether women look like troons or height or whatnot but it's a gossip site so I guess that goes too

No. 1694937

this scrote's creepy voice is giving me the ick

No. 1694944

who cares kek. that's more like nyc rando milk

No. 1694962

File: 1667697089196.png (435.52 KB, 598x586, Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 01-09…)

2013 postings as if it's new…

No. 1694963

File: 1667697154923.png (603.56 KB, 703x830, 2c05fd0178afede515881ab9fa61a5…)

Also wanting that podcast link or can you share what the episode is called? Or is it just on telegram and not out yet so you can't link to it or something? I listened to this thing and it wasn't in the most recent episode, cba to listen to any more I see enough of these viewpoints just lurking leftcows' twitter accounts, don't disagree with them on everything (rant about how groomer is a slur on reddit now is valid) but it's what you would expect in terms of scapegoating minorities/jews, also did learn that light roast coffee retains the most caffeine which is a common misconception that it's the other way around probably the only interesting takeaway

No. 1694966

No proof so take this with a grain of salt but my friend met Liz Bruenig and her husband a week or so ago at a party. The husband was dressed like a wigger with stupid shoes and was incredibly weird and spergy to the point my friend didn’t know they were a couple. Apparently she is an amazing baker and made delicious snacks.

No. 1694967

god I hope this is Liz posting this

No. 1694970

What was the occasion? Totally believable about Matt though lol

No. 1694981

File: 1667700155486.jpg (39.76 KB, 750x473, FgxZqNbVsAAxq2t.jpg)

Imagine him saying something like this now. The chapos would ex communicate him.

No. 1694983

They literally took a minute aside at the beginning of their recent call-in episode to declare that the pod stands with trans people and they're so proud of all their trans fans kek. Probably done because they received a smattering of trans-bashing comments on their patreon for the previous Girl God ep.

No. 1694984

File: 1667700528288.png (68.76 KB, 598x551, Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 02-08…)

No. 1694987

File: 1667700941766.png (126.67 KB, 1186x436, whiner.png)

waaahhh 2 cathtards on twitter who live on the other side of the world made fun of me once 10 months ago so I have to spend every single day whining about it and pretending to be persecuted by "religion" waahh

why spend years forcing yourself into a online scene where nearly everyone is christian/catholic (or larping as such), scold them daily for it like a 2018 libtard and then melt down over the most mild backlash

No. 1694994

>Dasha talks about her new friend incelfreak she was in a call with and how she empathizes with incels
Is there anything lower than being a pickme for incels? Serious question

No. 1694995

File: 1667701565078.png (73.33 KB, 1184x250, cry more.png)

its also funny that all these people have turned on tucker but at least he's not pretending to be anything he's not (propaganda to get Republicans elected). zach unironically believes his mediocre podcast where he talks about movies/anime/video game every tumblr person was obsessed with in 2014 is "high art". if you've ever heard it, its literally an hour of ass kissing and cowardly walking back opinions (he's always saying "me too! me too!" after everything the guest says despite it contradicting what he's said just a few moments earlier)

No. 1695005

Isn't part of the whole Cath larp taking up the sacraments?

No. 1695014

Pickmes for MGTOW

No. 1695018

trannies don't care when men abuse and mock them because they're men and afraid of other men. all men benefit from the troon backlash to women's rights.

No. 1695019

they wan the pritzker money like felix gets and to worm their way into politics.

No. 1695020

the nick mullen effect. every man believes that nick is secretly on their side politically.

No. 1695022

File: 1667705502592.jpeg (94.67 KB, 828x1472, CBCABA4C-E2E8-44D1-B7F5-A5EBBD…)

No. 1695029

what the fuck…. cucking matthew for louis CK would be the funniest thing Dasha has ever done

No. 1695033

File: 1667706875920.png (109.38 KB, 788x630, 076afb2f9e3f214722f6a5889e1ab7…)

this guy? ofc

No. 1695055

Fake. She was at a poetry reading with Matthew tonight.

No. 1695060

File: 1667708840783.png (1.78 MB, 1106x1258, forevermageditor.png)

Does Dasha get scared when she goes to these events and she comes face to face with grown women skinwalking her?
he's reading his writing about reading about himself on here and reddit

"An excerpt from my new autofiction novella "A Really Dark Period in My Life". Recently Maxwell Bodycount had developed a habit of reading about himself on the internet."

No. 1695067

The ugly disaffected manlet effect (fits every politimoid)

No. 1695095

Is it skinwalking or is it that they’re both mentally stuck in the same 2014 tumblr aesthetic? Like how Chloe Cherry’s Instagram handle is almost identical to Dasha’s Reddit username despite them not knowing each other irl

No. 1695096

Which screening?

No. 1695130

I have contempt for all frogposters but the ones who post pepe’s little retard brother are the worst. And invariably they all have downs like dasha

No. 1695181

lmao anon and everyone on here has called out dasha and stripped her larp down to the bone, not that she makes hard it hard
reminds me of the catholic converts who were geeks (smug pickme or creepy chronically online male, you pick) just want to go ideology shopping and be told what to do to justify being out of touch and obnoxious.

No. 1695255

A and D were truly made for each other. Dasha catering to the incels, Anna catering to the MGTOWs

No. 1695259

More like the "literally me" effect aka the socially retarded projecting their feelings on people they see on media. Many such cases.

No. 1695315

File: 1667750764313.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1705, 4F571E69-5EA0-48CB-8410-1E0507…)

The pro anorexia jumped out. These women are fucking retarded. Kim and Khloe are objectively skinny now just not literally underweight like Kate Moss in that picture she was in her prime in terms of her modeling career and had a BMI around 16 at 105 lbs 5'7, the Kardashians just had BBLs, exercise, store fat differently and their BMIs are now closer to 18. Supermodels like Kate and Bella aren't just supermodels because they're skinny it's their angular yang bone structure which is the opposite of romantic kibbe types like Kim who are stockier, have more rounded features and will never have that look no matter how much weight they lose. Gatekeeping a term like skinny like it can't apply to different body types with obviously low BMIs sounding just like anachans in what, 9th grade?

No. 1695318

And yet Khloe looks skinnier in that pic than Dasha did for the first 5 years of her Ana larp kek. You can tell dasha feels like “her” aesthetic is going mainstream cuz she keeps inserting herself into every convo about skinny to position herself as some influencer on the topic, the desperation for relevance jumped out

No. 1695326

File: 1667752320761.png (3.06 MB, 1248x2208, 92094333.png)

It's both of them not just Dasha too nonna lol. This is what Kim and Khloe look like in 2022 after weight loss which is why that article is posting them referencing the skinny look being more desirable again, there was speculation about them removing some fat from their BBLs and getting smaller breast implants too. Don't we just love how womens bodies are trends that go in and out of style, at least the larping podcasters' preferred one is back "in".

No. 1695350

I didn’t ask my friend but it was somewhere in NYC or the east coast, not a Halloween party. Him and his spouse knew her back on tumblr but I think this is the first time they met in person. Don’t even know if they intentionally met up or they just happened to be at the same party.

No. 1695368

i hate the kardashians and fashion industry promoting that women's bodies are modular. just swap out last years double stack souffle AMDDs for this years persimmon perk SS-hybrids

No. 1695403

She didn’t invent being blonde and wearing a cross necklace

No. 1695412

Kate M has to be one of the least attractive models god damn. Fitting for Dasha to idolize the busted alien version of christy turlington

No. 1695419

Someone perform a service for a and d and tell them their faces are so busted no one cares if they’re skinny or not

No. 1695499

>Him and his spouse knew her back on tumblr
Liz B had a tumblr? has that been posted here before?

No. 1695510

Dasha is skinwalking an amalgam of Lauren Alice Avery, Chloe Sevigny, and god knows who else

No. 1695511

They’ll probably read that themselves here

No. 1695522

File: 1667771926533.webm (982.99 KB, 720x1280, 0F42D28F1E68549404AE22519E286B…)

post the vid if you're gonna talk about the poetry reading.

Why does he look the way he does?

No. 1695525

She lurked on SA. Never mentioned being on tumblr and in fact has always spoken in derision of it.

No. 1695529

File: 1667772751305.webm (1.72 MB, 720x1280, E14B8FF4EB38F5A921E26593E1EC24…)

dasha: I love my boyfriend who everyone hates for no reason
also dasha: posts gross videos/pictures of her boyfriend being gross with his wet sausage fingers
I'm gonna hurl

No. 1695538

File: 1667773481563.jpeg (210.84 KB, 750x994, 7BDBA71B-1CBD-4651-9944-5F255E…)


No. 1695541

Anna didn’t write anything of course. It’s an interview. Be warned, the link to the “free pdf” opens into a google drive (funny how all these anon right kids are trying to dox everyone else).

No. 1695555

Jesus christ, this writing.

>Anna is far more intelligent than how you might believe at first when hearing her voice, the nightmarish emanations of a trailer-park-yenta. I furthermore think she is here in good faith, because she has come to us, not on the condition of taming our spirit or softening our views, but as a genuine opportunist – like a truffle hunting sow or bitch, she has a nose for the good stuff!

>She was also willing to meet in person. And we auspiciously got together inside the Trump Tower at 5th and 56th, in the cafe. I was surprised to see she had brought her son, a cute boy who was kicking to get out of his stroller, suckling on a red silicon-nipple, and wearing a T-shirt that displayed the text, “My other Mommy is The State.” I found out very early that the suggestive location wasn’t chosen for my purposes but so that Anna could scurry off to the restroom for “mirror-pics” to show that “mothers can still be thirst traps.”

No. 1695565

File: 1667776522344.jpeg (409.33 KB, 750x738, 1DA3EC55-E4FA-4B15-B1E3-0ECCF2…)

No. 1695585

File: 1667778914319.png (84.4 KB, 1172x498, Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 6.51…)

Literally it was not that long ago that he described himself as a "conservative." I'm pretty sure he's disavowing them only now because he's hurt by how "drag queen story hour" was one of the biggest topics on the right this year

No. 1695586

whenever she comes up in these threads it pisses me off to no end that she sincerely believes she looks like nicole kidman

No. 1695594

those first few sentences actually read like AI-generated writing

No. 1695609

Kendra is unattractive no matter what body type is in style.

No. 1695613

Internet Kendra looks like Bushwick Ms. Frizzle, no offense to Ms. Frizzle >>>/snow/1115665

No. 1695624

File: 1667786364919.jpeg (190.36 KB, 823x1205, 1667705502592.jpeg)

No. 1695626

Sounds google translated from German


This is so cathartic to my inner teenager that felt so much FOMO over not hanging out at cool events

No. 1695628

she would date an older balding scrote, if she doesn't get a comedy gig out of this kek

No. 1695629

pretty sure she’s been suspected before of submitting fake tips about herself to deuxmoi

No. 1695634

File: 1667788348469.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2158, A87839EF-FEF7-4CB6-8232-C43762…)

It was an edgelord event as far as I can tell (pic rel). I know dasha calls herself an edgelord like it’s a charming badge of honor but it’s really not

No. 1695637

So who was the guy Anna clearly knew who called in with the fake anabolic steroid question on the love line episode?

No. 1695643

none of the people at the event or social media stories mentioned that curtis yarvin showed up at the end to stand around awkwardly on the dance floor during the post-reading dj set that lasted like 30 minutes because the venue was double booked with an actual rave later in the night

No. 1695657

It was believable until the pointing at girls and laughing. Sounds made up

No. 1695678

File: 1667794928177.jpg (183.89 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20221106-232033_Twi…)

Getting the feeling this Pericles/ElectionLegal guy that A&D surrounded themselves with might be a freak.

No. 1695679

File: 1667794980447.jpg (195.79 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20221106-231943_Twi…)

No. 1695701

File: 1667797475189.png (949.53 KB, 640x1136, 5F534767-2925-4022-937A-879486…)


No. 1695707

File: 1667797902205.jpg (481.17 KB, 2758x1822, pepe eyes.jpg)

Prison. Now.

No. 1695710

Yeah i saw some big accounts tweeting about him saying he was a disgusting person and a pedophile.(sage and post caps)

No. 1695711

It hasn’t been cold enough for a fur coat in NYC

No. 1695741

absolutely disgusting(sage)

No. 1695744

File: 1667803374876.png (2.8 MB, 1156x1802, crumps and moldbug.png)

for all the crumps fans in this thread who actually took his schtick seriously lol

No. 1695749

Yarvin is a walking midlife crisis

No. 1695754

fly unzipped, shirt untucked and underwear visible

No. 1695755

Stupid thing to notice but damn yarvin's leather jacket looks like shit. I thought he had money? Has he been wearing the same jacket since that one photoshoot lol?

Also his fly is open in this photo.

No. 1695756

File: 1667805070514.png (668.38 KB, 522x746, 1000 yard stare.png)

look at his eyes and tell me he didn't just subject himself to some unspeakable act with curtis

No. 1695761

moldbug's open fly lol

No. 1695782

File: 1667810558882.jpeg (90.08 KB, 626x385, 46EF6A19-FA24-4383-8E71-04FBE8…)


No. 1695795

File: 1667812139605.jpeg (440.28 KB, 750x1072, 5B4C3CB9-DBA1-4E0F-A02C-4105BB…)

This stinky looking creep thinks his 36 year old fiancé looks “bad” naked because of her age but she has loose skin from losing 120 pounds. What an awful, stupid loser

No. 1695801

File: 1667813254720.jpeg (901.17 KB, 1242x1826, 2486836F-D099-49C1-B7AA-911E60…)

She had a thread that went viral about how to steal someone's boyfriend and then the pederast tweeter Anna loves from the midlady groomer corporation >>1678733 who's dating this other anachan pedo panderer took her under his wing and is ghost writing some of her tweets, he also made a parody account of her @womanlukas.

No. 1695814

Is @p8stie posting itt? I was wondering why the milk was off but that would explain it. I saw the toothpaste thing because Dasha interacted with it and A&D mentioned it on the pod / Dasha bought the $15 remineralizing paste but it's obviously a shitposting account. honestly being afraid of toothpaste is a boomer meme and something for the Penny Saver in your local town, it's more old shit the lame cool kids are recycling. we brought it up two months ago here as a retarded talking point so maybe they should stop reading this thread and come up with something on their own

No. 1695862

File: 1667819907807.jpeg (102.88 KB, 1174x564, EB8F76EE-E554-418C-8005-4B6985…)

thought that may be her asking about herself i didn't catch that on the pod she's irrelevant to this thread besides a&d buying her shitty toothpaste then, these irony accounts she's in gcs with are all tryhard clout chasers the guy ghost writing some of her tweets apparently just started a shitty podcast of his own with vers some black guy who's been posted about on 4chan before for pandering to neo nazis and who used to have miya/rohit on his own podcast years ago, (indian nft peddler & also neo nazi panderer posted about in previous threads who thinks grooming is performance art)

they'll say anything for clicks one has to be retarded to fall for any of it they're all obvious grifters looking for approval from people like BAP and Anna. to even start a podcast in the first place requires a pretty high narc score tbh no wonder these people orbit and pander to freaks like rohit, use this thread for ideas and have no real substance or insight of their own to offer


this was already posted so u should sage, thus far its a rumor (wouldn't be that surprising if true considering the gross scrotes they surround themselves with tho)

No. 1695900

Only because jacobite is memory holed. He’s played footsies with this crowd the entire time. He did the whole anti-woke left thing until chridtchurch freaked him out.

No. 1695916

>woman demonstrates an ounce of the same evil men do regularly
>"only a woman11!!"

No. 1695945

File: 1667834881635.png (45.45 KB, 844x224, newromance.png)

Where did >>1695022 come from?
Two desperate for validation compulsive cheaters, Matthew doesn't stand a chance.

No. 1695946

File: 1667835180588.png (75.41 KB, 1366x224, newromance2.png)

There's another one saying Dasha was with him in the Every Man For Himself reviews.

No. 1695950

shirt tucked into underwear lol

No. 1695951

Moids have no self awareness so they are only able to perceive their own evil when it's performed by a woman.

No. 1695978


No. 1695979

File: 1667841615638.jpeg (517.52 KB, 2048x1963, 7F1401CF-CABA-47E8-89D2-C3F6A8…)

Looks like twitter is catching on and eating this up, and also like RS have been Louis CK fans for years now

No. 1695980

File: 1667841705121.jpeg (544.15 KB, 1225x1803, A98F56B0-9BDE-4D4F-BAB2-21F1A1…)

these ones made me giggle

No. 1695986

The "fiona apple neck tattoo" guy was publicly called out for being a rapist and abuser on his last account, and he promptly had a mental breakdown and got himself banned to try and dodge the accusations. Awful people all around

No. 1695987

File: 1667842378346.jpeg (175.68 KB, 750x671, 8C183C41-A20E-4522-8983-D50B4B…)

No. 1696074

File: 1667850999320.jpeg (364.39 KB, 1170x1046, AA9BE393-962E-4DD1-84EE-C45D9A…)

Yawn, why do these Thot Topics gays keep going on about the same shit

No. 1696078

Probably because left twitter people have the memories of goldfish, and will give anyone who complains about public transportation engagement in the form of snarky quote tweets

No. 1696083

Who called him out?

No. 1696099


That @chiweethedog account was calling him Pedocles the other day lol

No. 1696105

been seeing this guy rightfully get a lot of shit over the last few days. Dasha and Anna love defending sex criminals as part of their whole pickme/NLOG bullshit though.
Also really disgusting that whatever scrote (because those messages were definitely from a scrote groupchat) screencapped that, also laugh reacted it.

No. 1696109

So in the context of Dasha reflecting on her recent Catholicism era, doubts about Matthew makes sense. This girl has serious BPD, slipping in and out of belief systems

we might be jumping the gun but there is no way that with the opportunity to date Louis CK she’d stay with Matthew.

No. 1696110

File: 1667855083218.png (1.04 MB, 1188x942, ugly.png)

speaking of annoying irony accounts, garbage ape got face doxxed

No. 1696119

I really want to believe that's him, but I doubt it

No. 1696123

File: 1667856181818.png (141.68 KB, 580x595, Untitled.png)

You fucked coochiebone

No. 1696126

File: 1667856469890.jpg (94.57 KB, 1400x1050, Spider_Man_meme.jpg)

No. 1696136

I always got the feeling that Liz was more into Matt than Matt was into Liz…

No. 1696140

Did known stalker and harasser Ted Metrakas ever make a new Twitter account after @DialecticsGod got suspended?

No. 1696142

I don’t really fuck with the demsoc milieu but Garbage Ape looks cool here. Like this is what Judge Holden would look like if he was real

No. 1696150


Just remembered this guy is good friends with irl stalker/abuser/predator and twitter sex pest Ted Metrakas (aka FredNietzky, DialecticsGod, TheCentipede2, CapitlsmDislikr, Cognitarians, and others).

He's discussed in this thread if unfamiliar:

No. 1696155

File: 1667858697091.png (799.6 KB, 1184x1244, Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 5.03…)


I don't think so. This post was the last I heard anything about him

(Deleted my original reply to add the old thread to it)

No. 1696174

maybe this time she will learn the difference between rosemary and thyme. Such a baker

No. 1696177

She looks perfectly normal.

No. 1696190

just looking at this photo makes me want to get in a hazmat suit and power wash him down and spray over with disinfectant.

i feel like it’d be like one of those deep cleaning youtube videos where they restore and condition really nasty rugs

No. 1696196


No. 1696198

i'm not even sure the guy in the first pic is the same as the second. the nose looks a lot different
yeah pretty much this

No. 1696201

bragging about fucking trafficked girls is infinitely more disgusting

No. 1696205

Wasn't Ted's whole thing criticizing Anna and Dasha? How come Pericles is friends with him if he simps for both of them so much

No. 1696225

He's probably just doing epic irony like the rest of those scrotes

No. 1696260

oh right, it's cool because it's le irony, normal people love making up stories about fucking trafficked women to for approval from a group of inceloid freaks

No. 1696286

File: 1667870901398.jpeg (127.05 KB, 1125x1225, 6D35B807-7306-4778-80F5-C0D3CD…)

Yeah something’s telling me this is all a stunt. She’s prob just softlaunching dumping her bf / catholic larp

No. 1696305

No. He’s serious and literal. He even RT this screenshot last year and commented on it. I remember seeing it though I don’t have SS

No. 1696330

>fucking women (girls?????) for money (rape)
>dating a guy who's gross
wow these are not the same

No. 1696339

And people just ate it up like slop

No. 1696356

File: 1667876310544.png (307.24 KB, 1010x580, anna is dating kid rock.png)

Anna replies to a request for comment on the Lois CK thing

No. 1696358

It's all shitposting. Used to be a GC with her and Lukas.
Fuck I'm moots with him, repulsive. I should've guessed he was a freak since he is always interacting with that catholic mtf pirah.

No. 1696362

Learn to sage, come on

No. 1696365

Go back

No. 1696366

maybe I will maybe I won't anon :3(:3)

No. 1696367

Not that Crumps isn't a weird self obsessed sycophant, but he's always hung out with people he criticizes. That's literally all his writing.

No. 1696376

>Anna arguing with white supremacist bloggers (as usual) this time about the BMI of RS listeners
The amount of very young people showing off the results of their bariatric surgery on the subreddit is absurd. RS fans are massive.

No. 1696379


So what exactly is No Agency, anyway?

No. 1696381

A 'modeling agency' for uggos, and/or some kind of money laundering/clout chasing operation.

No. 1696391

Lol I was too. Felt so gross when I saw it. Definitely need to screen better

No. 1696402

Anna is more insufferable with every episode. Randomly sperging against Aella, which is especially odd when Anna has claimed to be a “former prostitute” herself. Why would you demean a fellow whore for charging high rates that are affordable to her target clients? Wow she barely lifts a finger, only showers thrice a month, and is open about her plastic surgery procedures, so icky. I don’t get how anyone could give a fuck about some sex worker that rationalists drool over.

No. 1696430

Aella is annoying af and anyone who advertises OnlyFans and prostitution as an acceptable life deserves scorn. On top of just being an annoying nlog, she would be unbearable and have no platform if she looked like the 99.9% of nonmonogamists. However, it’s just Anna hating on an woman with lots of male interest.

No. 1696432

File: 1667889125343.jpeg (178.18 KB, 828x1335, CEBB2371-5AFB-4B57-A86A-DECEE4…)

No. 1696436

Aella is worse than anyone in this thread, did you think we would be on her side? idgi

No. 1696442


hey anon why are you in a gc with pedophiles

the remilia neochibi nft kaliacc schizos are more repulsive than just some unwashed greek guy

No. 1696447

her biggest problem is catering to pedos or potentially being one herself. see also: her numerous twitter polls about underaged partners
closetcase remilia/chan scrotes (like the one you are replying to) who have ruined every last community their weak male hands have touched now needing to come here to LARP as a woman to find community makes me cackle

No. 1696459

of course he's a degenerate. unfathomable cope

No. 1696482

there's a dasha, pericles and pariah the doll twitter space happening right now. not much milk (other than they are all cheering on republican candidates) but twitter user saschaamato revealed that he's actually a straight man and was in a relationship with christlover2000 and she used to call him a cultural appropriate for being such a "faggot" the whole time

No. 1696538

Is this the one that happened last night? Dasha also confirmed the Louis Ck rumors weren't true and all the gossip is making her agoraphobic

No. 1696573

File: 1668031934251.jpeg (157.75 KB, 1108x831, leon-the-professional.jpeg)

as much as I hate Dasha I was kind of loving this for her. She could finally live out her Leon the Professional kink and feel herself like the smol slavic bambi she fetishes next to the massive, old, balding, fat landwhale that is Louis Ck, plus the tabloid gossip might breathe some life into her DOA acting career. I hope she's just bluffing and stalling for time b/c she is having cold feet about ending it with the zoomer

No. 1696578

She loves the attention and this is all intentional PR. Even sites like ONTD reported on it.

No. 1696599

File: 1668033743555.jpeg (296.46 KB, 629x795, 6773E0CC-7374-40ED-A69C-FCE6E3…)

>tfw you're totally not mad / not owned

No. 1696600

The rumors served as a reminder that even a blubbery famous guy wouldn’t go near her

No. 1696640

File: 1668037713493.webm (410.27 KB, 886x1386, Logo Daedalus.webm)

Not exactly a revelation but I lol'd when he admitted this. How he isn't instantly blocked by everyone is a mystery to me.
The Logo episode had a lot of annoying religous sperging. I felt like I was listening to last year's Wet Brain, the way Logo talks is similar to Honor but maybe my frame of reference is just small. I thought he had a speech impediment a couple times but it's more likely just his regional accent mixed with pretentious intellectual.

At some point he said all of his real-life peers are jealous of him. Doubt.

No. 1696721

Nobody with a brain took it seriously for a moment. If it was actually confirmed though, that would be enough to feed the whole thread and maybe the one after with just how stupid and vomit inducing of a couple that would be.

No. 1696776

File: 1668051121024.png (44.64 KB, 603x459, cope.png)

Every single one of them is in cope mode today.

No. 1696778

How is this cope at all? He's right. Unless you're retarded enough to think that this election actually mattered at all and anything good is going to happen because of it.

No. 1696783

Probably because these retards were waiting for some sort of
word salad for beta uprising to happen but unsurprisingly most normal, non-obese, non mentally ill, meaningfully employed people are milquetoast libs of either red or blue variety.

No. 1696785



No. 1696786

I see how it's cope but I don't think these people believe in anything so to me it looks like just more posturing as if they have meaningful insight to offer (they don't).

No. 1696791

Rightoids have been in a steady cope ever since Biden won.

No. 1696793

The cope here is the hypocrisy.

No. 1696796

File: 1668054140869.png (410.4 KB, 750x852, Clipboard01.png)

Our favourite fat homosexual projecting his hatred of real women on to transphobic meanie Dave Chappelle

No. 1696801

Nta but to me it's the same kind of cancer leftoids were coping on when Donald Trump won. Both parties utilise fear to obtain voters. From an outside perspective it looks like burgerfags have more in common with each other than they realise.

No. 1696810

Just troon out already, manosphere. Fatties look sexless so you're at an advantage. Plus then your raging pussy envy will be celebrated instead of rightfully looked down upon as jailhouse fag screeching.

No. 1696821

Yes nonna, that's what I was implying.

No. 1696855

File: 1668064358268.jpeg (305.64 KB, 1169x1446, F5D5FCA5-A0DD-4953-BFC8-657D75…)

You know she had some pithy drafts saved for if Masters won.

No. 1696857

Do they talk about him a lot? I don't listen to the podcast

No. 1696862

File: 1668065144273.jpg (242.88 KB, 927x1200, Fg-Rf7QUAAAf1AB.jpg)

Completely unsurprising that Forney is weaseling his way into the Dimes Square scene.

No. 1696869

Hahahaha damn I forgot he existed.
I guess this is the path back to relevance for 2016 relics like him Cernovich and Milo.

No. 1696880

they were never relevant in the first place, this was the only mildly popular thing they've done, no one but insecure girls on edtwt care about them

No. 1696894

That profile of Yarvin in Vanity Fair a while ago revealed that Masters had dinner with Anna. He also gave a wink-wink nudge-nudge about Thielbux that fueled the rumors the pod was on the take.

No. 1696990

Late and don't really read this thread but holy shit that is spot on

No. 1696994

File: 1668083854586.png (61.92 KB, 204x214, checkie.png)

The AliceFromQueensification of @tolstoybb

No. 1697013

not sure which I find more annoying: the political podcaster whose paypig benefactor underperformed this week and "totally doesnt care about politics," or the redditors of said podcast coming here to 4D cope about not being able to jeer at lib women on twitter over a federal contraceptive ban

looks like Mercer money goes farther than techbro money: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-10-19/blake-masters-jd-vance-struggle-with-non-peter-thiel-donors

No. 1697025

Her crypto posting neolib turn is so annoying, sorry. Heather >>>>>>> rachel

No. 1697043

Fucking hate matt forney’s ugly ass. Overgrown boss baby looking faggot

No. 1697087

File: 1668097535767.jpg (238.76 KB, 715x660, Untitled.jpg)

Why is this groomer pedophile getting puff pieces written about him?


No. 1697110

Wrong. He looks like complete shit

No. 1697136

What do you mean? AliceFromQueens doesn't have a blue check. Heather is a Habsburg so can waste money on things like blue checks.
She seems to have accumulated some very high profile reply guys like that Bloomberg Odd Lots guy
They don't talk about Blake Masters that much on the pod. The only times I've heard them talk about Thiel was when Anna gives her denial/non-denial with regard to receiving Thielbux. Blake Masters and Thiel got on everyone's spidey senses tingling when Eric Weinstein had Anna on his podcast in early 2020 and said that he was introduced to her by Blake Masters who also happens to hold the purse strings for Thiel Capital (see youtube). Their podcast money increased greatly after that and Anna's political views also took a right turn. For example her views that Kyle Rittenhouse was just doing what every young man should be doing, protecting property. Blake Masters was also a huge supporter of Rittenhouse.

No. 1697178

decrepit dean linked here in another one of his self sucks

No. 1697187

Not even the first column where he's done that.

No. 1697246

File: 1668112166683.png (143.06 KB, 1198x502, scold.png)

god i hate this whining, lecturing bitch, can't he take it a hint from the laughable number of likes he gets on posts like this

No. 1697264

File: 1668113975043.png (534.6 KB, 860x2164, who.png)

this guy "matthew davis" wrote some red scare fanfic, who is he?? https://muumuuhouse.com/md.10nov2022.html

No. 1697266

this is lame even for reheated alt lit

No. 1697274


No. 1697279

See >>1695522
It's dasha's boyfriend.

No. 1697290

File: 1668116943544.png (88.8 KB, 854x312, Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 1.43.…)

Well this >>1695529 makes more sense now (pic).

No. 1697432


this is no puff piece but an ethnography of a terminally online manlet with nubby teeth, a thinning hairline, shift eyes, and a mental absence.

he stuck out like a cartoon character against its muted gray walls, and his orthopedic sneakers couldn’t touch the floor from the barstool. He was wearing an oversized black suit and a bright blue baseball cap

For a community so vocally supportive of beauty, it felt like a display of run-of-the-mill vulgarity. In person, you notice the details you can’t see online—tattoos and clumpy mascara. 

the median attendee appeared to be a thirty-five-year-old man spaced out on some sort of drug.

Online, I had watched potential attendees bragging about the various drugs they were going to do at the Milady rave. In person, the display was less bacchanalian than sad. I had a sudden feeling that I wanted to go home.

I told him that I had seen Seed Oil on Twitter and he grunted in response. “Everybody loves me.” After a few one-word exchanges, he asked for my Twitter handle so that he could “pump me as an e-girl.” He slouched in his chair and told me, unprompted, that he doesn’t have many friends.

But in person, they stare straight ahead, pull out their phones, and show you their sharp, funny comments from the internet, then find a way to end the conversation quickly if you don’t have enough mutual followers.

But behind most online content is a kid with a bad case of Twitter-brain, sacrificing a piece of their humanity for digital clout. 

I don’t want to be anything like these people. I don’t want to be an internet person. 

In person, Charlie has a crooked smile that reveals a row of nubby teeth.

I stayed with Charlie until one in the morning. The drinks wore off. We had talked for six hours and I was starting to feel a bit sick. He is just some internet person.

I am not afraid of Charlie because he writes extreme, offensive things online. I am afraid of him because I recognize so many of his proclivities in regular people—the shifting eyes, the formless references and mental absence. If you spend all of your time consuming internet culture, you are consuming stories and myths and personalities that only exist online. To curate your online presence is to give up a piece of your physical self, to live in a simulated universe of your own creation. 

No. 1697459

She's a total nlog so this makes sense

No. 1697471

>I am not afraid of Charlie because he writes extreme, offensive things online. I am afraid of him because I recognize so many of his proclivities in regular people—the shifting eyes, the formless references and mental absence. If you spend all of your time consuming internet culture, you are consuming stories and myths and personalities that only exist online. To curate your online presence is to give up a piece of your physical self, to live in a simulated universe of your own creation.
idk if twitter going down in flames is going to be a positive or negative turning point, but it'll be interesting to observe which discourse addicts and clout demons extricate themselves from the hedonic treadmill and which further spiral into their esoteric discord channels, urbit planets, etc.

No. 1697518

just curious what are you trying to highlight here with your post?

No. 1697530

Can someone explain to me the hatred for Asukahomo? I don't understand what he is or why he's here, is he like some Pariah clone?

No. 1697555

Asukahomo is a man from Eugene, OR, who moved to japan and started working at a drag bar in Japan as a gaijin queen. He started a podcast called I'm So Popular that Dasha guested on in its early days. He is intentionally obnoxious on twitter. Opinions expressed on his podcast were formed when he was a teenager and haven't changed much since then, I don't know if he's stupid or still very young (or both). Wouldn't be surprised if he self-posts here, he is not popular. Beyond that I don't know.

No. 1697575

File: 1668147729093.jpeg (55.84 KB, 640x279, 42372B34-90BA-4D73-B730-64F9DF…)

> don’t know his real name

But we do know his name? Lol he’s a fuck-ugly Indian man named Rohit Okhandiar. At one point you could have argued that there was plausible deniability that the dox was false, but Anna Khachiyan took a picture of him at one of the Urbit events she was invited to and it’s clearly the same guy that people said was Miya

No. 1697576

Post the pic

No. 1697578

> which further spiral into their esoteric discord channels, urbit planets, etc.
kek most of them, i agree with you, this is going to be fun to watch the grifter cashcow get unintentionally euthanized by elong

No. 1697594

File: 1668152630651.jpg (203.02 KB, 1242x470, IMG_3414.jpg)

"Lukas" grew his account on twitter shilling Rohit's NFT, a man who thinks that this
Is also "shitposting"/"performance art": anorexia and pedophilia while targeting underage girls using Kero's IG and inviting them to his little harem GC to get groomed into his ideology (giving updates on things like their virginities and what they ate and be requested for CP by Rohit's friends as he sexualized minors on the timeline). So no wonder "Lukas" is going viral tweeting about wanting to have sex with "towelboys": he learned by orbiting Rohit and reading his playbook that as grifter you can test and grow your audience to see what gets you more attention and pedophilia attracts views. Now he's apparently using the audience he grew piggybacking off Rohit to shill his own podcast he just started when promoting a groomer's NFT was no longer in his best interest. All the unapologetically unironic lolicons and pedophiles on rw twitter loved Miya/Rohit, just like they love BAP, until they found out he's an indian manlet. And in spite of becoming submissive and cooling off on tweeting like he means it when he was exposed, lately Rohit is pretty comfortable revealing his true nature again. Idk what you were expecting except being shunned since this is a forum full of women who hate pedophiles and ana fetishists.

No. 1697710

the moid you're replying to is also not telling the full story. Rohit is just one person in hotpot chat which is an entire group of pedo moids who would target young, insecure "egirls" on twitter. This groupchat predates remilia/maladies by a couple of years, and to my knowledge is still around today.

when the malady grooming evidence dropped, including those pictures of young women with swastikas carved into their bodied, the entire chat that moid is referring to were complicit(including but not limited to Rohit). in typical male fashion, they blamed the minority. the rest are still around. rohit was just the fall guy

No. 1697778

Ugly bulldog face troon who thinks he’s superior to actual women. Just another coping narc fag like Jack.

No. 1697814

Thought he was a drag queen, never saw anything about him transitioning

No. 1697884

Rohit more than deserves it and most likely enjoys the attention

No. 1697913

yea he's not trans

No. 1697915

File: 1668195870732.png (747.91 KB, 1200x752, The Dick Mullen and Cavitt Fri…)

The Adam Friedland talkshow launch was a disaster. They released two episodes filmed on set (the exorbitantly expensive set they spent about $200,000 building that was apparently a replica of the The Dick Cavett Show right down to the special $16,000 chairs; however none of their patrons got the reference so it was a flop, but I digress.) then released a video episode "on the road" with Adam's iPhone and now the latest episode is back to audio.
On the pod they say Nick made a joke on the patreon that he was going to postpone the show for 4 months and the fans freaked out (does anyone have screenshots of that?) so they had to clarify the show would continue. They are looking to hire people now that they realize you need, like, lighting technicians and a producer etc. to make a show.

I just caught up on this, I was putting it off because I didn't want to watch multiple hours of cumtown on youtube and honestly I skipped a lot because it was boring so if I missed anything sorry/feel free to add on.

No. 1697990

I think they also said their editor quit and Nick was having to do it himself until they could find a new one

No. 1697998

Oh right, their editor quit right before the first episode and the excuse he gave them was someone was spreading a rumor he had AIDS which somehow meant he needed to quit?? And also they're hiring him back.

No. 1698009

File: 1668200911187.jpeg (337.18 KB, 1169x1510, 3832C6D7-F815-424D-BED9-359D1D…)

No. 1698012

It's in the last thread >>1657018
Nta but they're very obviously highlighting how these are mentally absent narc freaks who value clout online above anything and cannot have real human interactions, and I say this as an aspie woman who also doesn't interact with NTs without masking

No. 1698110

That isn’t Garbage Ape lol, he’s a skinny white country looking guy

No. 1698123

post pic.

No. 1698136

File: 1668212394375.png (1.03 MB, 787x788, charlottefang77.png)

it's confirmed, they posted a selfie on their blog


but they say their name is krishna there, which is what they seem to go by on their personals


sage because kaliacc off topic

No. 1698138

Wrong lol its him. He deleted his linkedin as soon as people started tweeting the pic and saying his name

No. 1698140

He's also 45 years old

No. 1698155

They're claiming Sydney Sweeney is a regular RS listener in that thread?? Honestly I don't see it; in that interview where she says Mike White made her listen to the pod for vocal fry and syntax inspiration it didn't sound like she was into it for anything other than research purposes.

No. 1698161

Yeah that person doesn't know what they're talking about re: Sydney. Maybe mixing it up with what Elizabeth Olsen said.

No. 1698176

File: 1668216438891.jpeg (587.12 KB, 1242x2045, 2FA007E4-A734-4C5C-B306-533070…)

his name isn't krishna, it's rohit. krishna is the name of one of a hindu god, by calling him that you're only feeding his messiah complex. rohit just makes you think of some swarthy apu perving on underage girls on omegle, it's his given name and what he should be called. also because he bans anyone in his server who calls him rohit kek. the other midladies had an ongoing meme of some indian man falling off a skateboard and now i can'f find it because he deleted it, but funnily enough they named him rohit.

No. 1698180

He just looks like a sex pest

No. 1698193

File: 1668218686291.png (26.04 KB, 532x340, 0b380bfafbe8496a1972b86e36d99d…)

The moment he got a reply from Elon the pederast switched his PFP back to the pedo's NFT in hopes of making himself and his groomer friends a quick buck, clout hungry grifters are so predictable

No. 1698241

They were trying so hard to invoke Dick Cavett, someone their zoomer audiences don't know/tangentially know but don't give a shit about. Also they were under the impression (after four years of low effort episodes) that they could just riff shit off from the top of their heads resulting in mediocre at best jokes. Overall just style over substance. I do remember the putting off the show for 4 months but didn't know it was a joke. I just thought, good, write better material and iron out your set and crew before releasing another episode but their fanbase literally cried like babies and so they had to release some "on the road" style behind the scenes video and pretty much just standard audio material, same as it always was.

No. 1698301

How the fuck did Elon find this freak's account?!! That's terrifying

No. 1698350

I thought Matt Forney was permanently living in Eastern Europe because he couldn't afford to live in the states anymore. Are Theilbucks funding him?

No. 1698454

This garbage makes me appreciate Seth McFarland

No. 1698460

they need to stop doing coke and name searching and face reality. they'll never be anything more than friend simulators to guys who stick their ears out of their beanies.

No. 1698478

elon is a twitter addict and all of the content he engages with are rightoids and AOC

No. 1698489

Silicon Valley bros have been sucking up to "too online" psychos for a while in their search for ~alpha~, and this freak is adjacent to both the red scare moldbug Thielverse and the edgier semi-members of the bay area rationalist scene who also follow Aella (mentioned upthread). If this in anyway surprises you you have a way too positive view of the likes Musk kek

No. 1698567

the loser pedo keeps having posts go semi viral and they circulate even off twitter so it’s not surprising

No. 1698600

the hubris is out of control. waiting for them to say it was all a joke when it totally collapses and they lose their patrons

No. 1698692

I swear Eric Striker of all people literally predicted this back when he lived in NY and was adjacent to the scene in like 2018. I think he claimed to be a mutual of Dasha and knew she was going to go full fash sedevacantist.

No. 1698770

File: 1668307418628.jpeg (267.61 KB, 1242x687, DF250B52-08FF-4941-B33F-E5E2F9…)

he changed it right back too lol. it was just so his pedo friends who have been wanting grimes and elon to find out about milady since its inception could say this (just like they promoted it extra hard to get martin shkreli to become a milady, which he did despite being told explicitly about its pedo nazi founders by several people) he didn't even have that pfp when elon replied to the tweet he changed it specifically to try to get some money and to give rohit and his fallen increasingly irrelevant project an ego boost. and the fact this freak supposedly has a gf who was also a remilia rep promoting it in a podcast with soph who they knew was being groomed the entire time, supporting this and lying for these people as a woman is almost worse, it's expected behavior from scrotes.

No. 1698779

File: 1668309068435.jpg (32.67 KB, 734x404, FhYMR4XVEAAQcQE.jpg)

No. 1698795

who runs the twitter @postleftwatch? that's the most cringe shit I've ever seen. I'm not really one to talk since I criticize the same cows they do but holy shit they should just say they're a democratic party member and supporter instead of making it about the "post-left"
sorry I forgot to sage the first time

No. 1698856

File: 1668330285980.jpeg (54.01 KB, 543x267, 877BD495-3698-4CDC-AA7A-668B39…)

Stinky Stinky Agnes refused to wipe her ass or do the bare minimum to improve her suboptimal hygiene even after causing a roach infestation. Absolutely disgusting!

No. 1698861

File: 1668331213765.png (108.49 KB, 1218x654, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 1.18.…)

@p8stie made an alt I guess (the remineralizing toothpaste poster dasha was talking about)

No. 1698863

Ray Peat legitimately deserves a thread here (and so do his simps)

No. 1698868

No idea bout this account but the gag for awhile was other accounts using p0sties profile picture

No. 1698870

I thought he was dead. Ray Peat is 86 years old

No. 1698896

i don't follow this thread and wish it would be deleted because it's 90% self posting but can anyone tell me why all of these idiots are so ugly? like, you spend so much on rent to live in a city despite never leaving your computer. how are you terminally online but you can't take a shower? there is not one single attractive person in this group. why are all of the women larping as educated despite not getting an education (fafsa is free ladies after 25) and the men are either obese or look like they've been locked in a closet for 33 years pleasE make this make sense

No. 1698934

This isn't her, it's the @schizo_freq freak pederast midlady shill who got a reply from Elon. This has already been said upthread.

The thread isn't 90% selfposting and by posting once just to give your opinion on people being ugly you aren't contributing to shit lol

No. 1698935

>i don't follow this thread and wish it would be deleted
you can literally hide threads you don’t like
but on your main point, I think all these uggums hustle and self-promote and gatekeep as a form of coping with how gross they are

No. 1698937

File: 1668348090284.jpeg (12.68 KB, 133x178, FBE41729-7D80-48AD-8992-C8BE5D…)

Nta but this p8stie person being posted repetitively is really sus, just because a&d bought her toothpaste?

If you are reading this please grow a chin and go self promo elsewhere. You hang with a group of groomer grifters and you want to grow your account to sell some more shitty toothpaste we get it

No. 1698984

File: 1668353403175.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x2157, BA63562C-B4E7-44B2-A5D4-138905…)

What a gross comment mediterranean 15 year olds look like teenagers like any other I wonder what pedo friend she got that from this time

No. 1698995


who? whenever i reverse image search i just get hair salons in Boise and Indianapolis

No. 1698999

You are surprised that terminally online autistic freaks also communicate with other autists online?

No. 1699000

Pretty sure that’s Sophia Loren.

No. 1699006

Dasha may be an autopedophile, but Anna just comes across as a pedophile. She often makes these types of comments about teen girls. She’s defended Paglia’s pro-ephebophilia writings before too iirc

No. 1699010

lmao, she’s kind of right. italian and arab girls tend to look older than they are. this isn’t a justification for sexualizing them or anything, i’ve just noticed that they look like fully matured women faster (prob because most american teens want to look like an anime girl or a shapeless NB).

anyway, this is just another instance of anna really talking about herself since she’s said before that she’s looked 35 since she was 15.

No. 1699024

right i'm partly med and i think this is absolutely disgusting to say about any teenagers and so is justifying it, i look nothing like an arab and neither does most of italy, oh and i looked 15 when i was 15! though i agree this is mostly projection on anna's part for looking older than she is for her entire adulthood, there's a reason people question whether she even tells the truth about her age

No. 1699035

I dunno if this supports or detracts from Anna's statement but I find most Mediterranean women to age much better than the other types of whites. Either way there seems to be some jealousy and projection on the part of Anna.

No. 1699088

any "career" involving shouting into the abyss online (read: podcasting or career tweeting) requires tons of age paranoia and reverse ageism

i wouldnt say anna is a pedo, but her comments about younger or better looking women nearly always projects this extreme insecurity. its also why the entire leftcow "scene" expresses extreme ire toward younger skewing tiktokers as Apple Podcasts and Twitter itself ages into obscurity.

No. 1699119

Anna only ever complimenting women as a (not so) subtle means of complimenting herself. Must be a day ending in Y.

No. 1699149

Idk Arabs can look pretty young imo. Their is certain subset of arabs who have smaller chins, large eyes and round faced which makes them look younger. Slavs are highly variable. My mum is ethnically similar to Anna and genuinely looked younger at 36 than at 16.

No. 1699152

Lmao as if Anna could ever look anything like Sophia Loren

No. 1699155

>Italian and arab girls tend to look older than they are

Total BS, I’ve lived in both Italy and Gulf countries and 15 year olds look like 15 year olds everywhere, the idea that pubescent girls or any ethnicity look “older” or like adult women is scrotey

No. 1699194

Anna looked older when she was a teenager then turned 30 and looked 50. Sad aging trajectory

No. 1699237

caroline ellison from alameda (ftx explosion) talks about being trad and moldbug on her old tumblr blog

No. 1699240

do you have a link or the name of her tumblr username

No. 1699243

deleted a few hours ago, but here is a mirror https://web.archive.org/web/20200218101116/https://worldoptimization.tumblr.com/
she is supposedly on the run rn

No. 1699248

nice delusions anon. You sound exactly like half the moids that are roasted in the MTF thread.

No. 1699283

ted/cognitarians/greek kanye recently broke up a marriage apparently

No. 1699287

You can't just say that and not provide any details

No. 1699301

Everytime I see a tweet from this homo he's crying that hypocritical libs hate him for being trailer trash

No. 1699302

apparently he spent weeks calling a girl the r word in a groupchat and she left her mormon husband for him

No. 1699347

File: 1668389535943.jpg (52.93 KB, 680x519, FhalljVUcAEg1F8.jpg)

sounds like she read kaliacc too


this is missing most of her recent posts if you click next page it jumps to 2019

No. 1699348

File: 1668389572005.jpeg (978.98 KB, 1242x1975, 25FEDF51-9B9D-4A0B-9CB4-FEFDAA…)

I haven't looked through it yet but I saw this apparently she mentions lots of the cows discussed in these threads including BAP, Katherine Dee, etc

Did you really just say "the r word"? Twitterfags coming here censoring the word retarded spreading rumors they heard in their gcs with nothing to back it, kek. It's an imageboard ffs.

Ikr. this idea that some ethnicities look older as teens sounds like its coming from some hebephilic pseud scrote obsessed with race science. The anon saying their mom looked younger at 36 than 16 must be a moid or retarded. Never in my life seen a teen who looked like they were in their 30s or a 36 year old who looked 16. It's always freaks deluding themselves into believing they look a lot younger or saying younger people look older and closer in age to them to cope or something. Normalize aging and accepting that you look your age, the vast majority of people do and there's a 99% chance so do you and your mom. Normalize shaming people like anna who make comments that only help hebephiles feel justified in sexualizing minors since they see nasty women doing it too.

No. 1699349

ikr, ted poster needs to drop actual milk or gtfo. also learn to sage

No. 1699351

what is a moldbug? googled it and got a different blogger.

No. 1699353

Please nonnie

No. 1699354

you’ve gotta go back

No. 1699364

File: 1668391770486.png (78.66 KB, 381x426, gotcha.PNG)

My pedo DMs? Those are photoshopped bro.

My pedo DMs? Those are just my edgy Cumtown jokes bro.

No. 1699369

Lurk some more before throwing your dumbass 3 cents

No. 1699402

you're safe here nona

No. 1699412

File: 1668398249354.jpeg (176.6 KB, 632x459, F5C9317E-0179-45D0-95BD-BE9845…)


No. 1699425

Her being such a pick-me and being treated like this by other pick-mes and by trad moids is giving me schadenfreude

No. 1699435

The way these women constantly walk in a cloud of insecurity fueled projection, at their age. There are more confident 16 year olds. Do they have any hobbies or interests other than critically evaluating every woman in their sight? For all their content and talk about the loss of beauty and Dasha’s random religious commitment, neither produce anything beautiful, and both make nasty comments about unattractive woman. have we lost the right to be ugly in peace? I’m not gonna pretend the Alameda girl is a beauty but even a fraudulent crypto tard is probably a better catch than Matthew is.

No. 1699437

Samefag bc sorry to sperg, ladies. It’s just disappointing to see women more misogynist and shallow than many men, have so many young female followers. With all this time staring at the mirror and critiquing others’ appearances, no wonder neither have done shit with their lives and are both miserable.

No. 1699440

Red Scare x LA Apparel collab capsule collection dropping tomorrow, going by Dasha's stories the past few days.

No. 1699442

think it's No Agency not Red Scare. could even just be their merch and not something sold by LA Apparel. it's just been the cheesy "I've been making moves against you." sweatshirt?

No. 1699454

who are they talking about? this needs context.

No. 1699458

hmm maybe. that woman is hideously ugly tho so who can say

No. 1699465

Caroline Ellison

No. 1699466

>zomg if I were that ugly I’d get hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery!!1
t. a woman who’s had tens of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery

No. 1699487

Such a self-own Anna and Dasha comparing themselves to Twitter’s designated uggo of the moment. Like imagine being so insecure that you feel the need to publicly declare “at least I’m not as ugly as this notoriously ugly woman!” A beautiful woman wouldn’t gloat about that because its weird and mean and not even an accomplishment. They can’t hide their status anxiety, they remind me of the low-status kids in school who would join in when a bigger loser gets bullied to curry favor with the popular kids.
Or if anyone follows my other fave cow Amber Lynn Reid, reminds me how you can always tell which haydurs are fatties because they’re the ones gloating that they could never eat as much as her. Like yes lmao she is a 500 pound food addict, is that our bar?

No. 1699488

Pickme fight! Pickme fight!

>implying you don't already look like her

>implying you're not exactly the same down to weird horse girl "muh Randian male ubermensch" belief system

The only difference between you and crypto chick is that crypto chick is smarter, richer and went to Stanford, not Rutgers. She also fucks a billionaire, not an aspiring musician.

Oh, and didn't you already do the whole covert yassification thing? With your new jersey medspa budget in mind, of course.

No. 1699499

now why would you say that… even for this thread there are cows better left unseen

No. 1699532

File: 1668417841140.jpeg (485.84 KB, 2048x1594, C6B11F8E-82FA-4393-A5BA-F2F822…)

So true they have nothing to say so they resort to comparing themselves to the ugliest person in the news who they're hardly leagues above, and they also like the same characters Caroline does like Curtis and Costin. They could've been friends! Dasha should really think before alienating her prospective audience

No. 1699534

Old Dasha would probably have defended Ellison, just throwing that out there.

No. 1699536

They always get so bitter about women who are perceived as intelligent, you can tell that it's a sore spot for them. It must hurt that everyone (including their own fans) thinks of them as dumbasses despite all of the curated stacks of unread books in their selfies.

No. 1699543

this twitter retard is correct, the account was onheretobenice (or something of the sort) and she rerouted her Florida trip to visit ted in NYC. the mormon husband saw the flight billing change. after it blew up she deleted her twitter account.

No. 1699546

File: 1668423378982.jpg (109.78 KB, 1055x1170, 0221114-055043.jpg)

>Unlike this other man respecter goblina, I don't need hundreds of thousands of plastic surgeries! Heh!

No. 1699580

File: 1668428659543.jpg (41.89 KB, 427x440, 41rtwpO9McL.jpg)

Did you intentionally base her on the chud wojak? Cause that's surprisingly apt

No. 1699602

File: 1668434906030.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1206x1556, CD467537-E803-4EAD-A9B3-DFC50F…)

People are buying toothpaste from this? Yikes

No. 1699630

amazing and artful

No. 1699631

>people tell me i’m ugly here
nice way of blatantly avoiding actually calling herself ugly and making it seem like people only find her ugly on twitter, lmao.

No. 1699640

File: 1668443623725.jpg (25.73 KB, 680x453, ef6.jpg)

Yes. To me she literally looks as if average /pol/up trooned out but made no effort to pass - complete with droopy spaniel eyes and an eternal "bullied mass shooter" scowl. Maybe rule63 chud is what she needs to be next Halloween, it'll only take getting some glasses.

No. 1699641

File: 1668444279026.jpg (152.54 KB, 795x1200, 1668422901683518[1].jpg)

Crypto cows are even bigger cows than left cows. Crypto bros are the biggest misogynistic MGTOW types. Any woman involved in that area is a major pickme, see attached leak from that crypto girl's tumblr. Her dad was the department head of economics at MIT so there was no need for her to cavort with crypto bros. Is there any place on lolcow to talk about crypto cows?

No. 1699642

nonna you should make a thread. katherine dee (default_fed) would also fit better as a character there

funnily enough, the tumblr you're referencing shouts out both dee and moldbug in the same post

No. 1699656

I love this post because it's exactly as delusional and male-idealizing as those "boys are so soft and penises are blushing uwu" tumbler posts she's making fun of. Also,

>be gigabecky pickme supreme

>moids hate you more than anything and funnel all their incel loathing at you at the smallest opportunity

Tale as old as time. Fondle balls, pay the toll.

No. 1699660

I sometimes think the hatred goes against her appearance goes too far

No. 1699665

File: 1668447696697.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1787, 3859D411-95DC-44C3-9774-E70B0D…)

ew you were right wtf

No. 1699668

File: 1668447862169.jpeg (421.38 KB, 1242x857, 72F67017-99B0-4999-AEEF-043D27…)

spot on anon

No. 1699672

that twitter thread is all confirmed bs.
if a wallet that is connected to her has a milady, it most likely was just sent to her

No. 1699674

well at least she's consistent

get her on the pod

No. 1699676

you're right i just checked and it looks like it's owned by someone else and that's not even the right number, thank god at least we won't be seeing more of this groomer nft because of this https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x5af0d9827e0c53e4799bb226655a1de152a425a5/7718

No. 1699683

Can someone translate this from moid to human?

No. 1699685

Men make fun of the crypto girl for being ugly, women are silent
Men find her Tumblr blog, read her Tumblr posts and realize she's based (I guess) women start seething and making fun of her for being ugly because she's taking male attention away from them I guess?

No. 1699686

These new "ugly person" group pelting sessions online are getting ugly and a little dangerous

No. 1699690

I guess this comes across as hypocritical considering we're on a gossipy snarky womens board, but I think the size and scope and number of moids involved makes it an entirely different thing altogether

No. 1699694

File: 1668452404322.jpg (49.8 KB, 1078x582, screenshot_20201117-083227_duc…)

Like when picrelated is in a quantum state of being a soyjak and a gigachad simultaneously depending on whether the observer moid personally agrees with him? I see.

No. 1699695

Crypto girl looks a little like her boyfriend tbh

No. 1699698

Omfg even normies know curtis at this point

No. 1699703

File: 1668453366282.jpeg (298.61 KB, 1170x1165, 62AEACE5-4D4F-4A67-B8B9-F604DF…)

Men are finding her attractive bc of her moidbrained writings. she is the internet crush or the moment which Anna and dasha have never been. And they’ve never been praised for their intelligence despite having a politics and culture podcast and orbiting male anons

No. 1699704

what an absolute creature… he's just so repulsive.

No. 1699706

I really fucked up with my phrasing. I meant she looked older for her age at 16 and younger for her age at 36. I thought it was a given that no teenager could look 30 and everyone who says that is exaggerating. I don’t think anyone thinks that even men. Also, everyone looks older in black in white photographs, especially in the photo I have of my mum it was during a war and she was very gaunt.

No. 1699710

Sounds like obvious lip service, but unironically Caroline is currently less of a try hard than Anna and Dasha, which does make her less attainable and more attractive/easier to idealize. She's also obviously sharper than A+D, though that's not a high bar. If nothing else, there's a lot more interest in her, good or bad - which will of course eventually evaporate if she decides to increase her proximity/attainability by boosting her internet presence. She's giving early communismkills.

But it must really hurt when you just got bogged on groupon and performed your daily "men are so fax and logic" affirmations, and this is what's putting all your simps in her imperial chinese harem. F

No. 1699717

and still either way everyone still only sees women as sex objects with their worth being in how hard they make pps or if their beliefs advocate for a world that revolves around hard pps.
same as it ever was. fuck it all, from dasha to the meme of the week crypto pickme girl to the sick in the head moids who thrive on it all.

No. 1699718

>She's giving early communismkills.
so true. it’s okay to be ugly and no one needs to be seen as desirable to men of all fucking people, but god damn i hate that so many conventionally unattractive women just end up obsessed with scrote attention. it becomes their lifeblood and they want drag everyone down with them to the pits of fetishized ownership and violence and misogyny under the guise of “order” and “intelligence” and “being rational.” total fucking joke, they air out their own psychological wound and hang ups every time but men eat it up

No. 1699744

men are only calling the crypto girl intelligent because she repeats mra talking points about men, they would be calling her both ugly and stupid if she wasn't

No. 1699749

just imagine this sewer gnome having a harem of logos and kantbutts impotently reeing and slapping each other for the privilege of sucking the grease out of her maiden strands

No. 1699762

Crypto cows are best left for KF, they tend to swarm any place that talks about them

No. 1699789

File: 1668464394302.jpeg (257.3 KB, 620x888, 12C3271E-AB24-4DCB-8B63-1BDA18…)

The she/they bakery lady is the one running Liz's twitter confirmed

No. 1699809

Where did it come from that all these men have a crush on this woman

No. 1699810

A lot of nonnas here aren't really all that great at understanding when people on twitter are being ironic

No. 1699817

Right. Don’t be fooled by what moids say, look at what they do. Some unattractive men are single precisely because they won’t date unattractive women with similar hobbies

No. 1699823

KB and logo are surprisingly hardcore in their misogyny, save for the period when they were sucking up to red scare I've never seen them display any interest in any woman. Even when they were sucking up to RS it looked more like part of generally sucking up to rightoids than anything about A+D as women

No. 1699849

How much has to have gone wrong in your life where you cheat on your husband with a sex pest twitter-addicted failed academic who lured you in with infantile group chat negging…!

No. 1699852

for someone so autistically obsessed with her spiritual redemption, she has a pitch black soul. some of her takes could be written off as misinformed but this is straight-up evil. I've said some vile shit in my day but nothing would ever compel me to publicize an opinion like this

No. 1699875

Agreed that Logo sucks but as far as interest in women, he’s been married to his high school sweetheart for a while. Praises her a fair amount. Unless I’m wrong and he actually is a creeper in DMs. His commitment doesn’t mean that he’s not a misogynist though.

No. 1699890

kek, I gotta say I'm experiencing nothing but schadenfreude at crypto bros getting btfo, that whole subculture was just so cringe "I am very smart" redditpilled scrote and them getting their comeuppance is delicious. I'd love a thread to gravedance them.

No. 1699900

it's red scare and no agency i think. listed on red scare merch website. and yes it is just the corny sweatshirt

No. 1699905

File: 1668469632079.jpeg (106.2 KB, 719x821, BF0461C4-D8E5-4656-9853-98AB05…)

sewer gnome lmfao i just saw this tweet about hobbits and it reminded me of your post

i don't think they're being fully ironic. it's not as much us taking things literally as it is, like another anon said, her being not online sucking up to incels like A+D and leaving behind her online journal for people to read while she's a wanted fugitive or something, that does make scrotes idealize the idea of her more >>1699710 plus she's just what this sphere of twitter is talking about atm so every moid wants to get his 2 cents it, it's more of a meme than anything but it doesn't mean there isn't truth to this >>1699703 ,there is.

also, >>1699686 people are dragging her mostly because she actually helped steal an insane amount of money and literally bragged about it even just by her blog name "Fake Charity Nerd Girl" so i wouldn't feel bad but if A+D are going to comment they can't expect not to get dragged alongside her, they really aren't considerably more attractive and arguably more unlikeable from fetishizing anorexia to molestation and the scrotes they hang around, there's a reason they're cows, milking them is entertaining and we feel justified doing so because they're shitty people. most of us wouldn't go out of our way to call women ugly if they were just minding their business, maybe i should speak for myself but from my time browsing LC i gather a lot of nonnas have a basic sense of decency and are also in favor of letting regular ugly people be ugly in peace. i can think of so many people whose looks i'd never comment on if their behavior didn't warrant it, and calling other women ugly unprompted is one way to turn criticism on you. cows like these are just begging to be milked.

No. 1699907

File: 1668469690644.png (676.45 KB, 1046x948, uggo agency founder.png)

definitely a bit of both. here's a pic of one of the founding members for reference. made me giggle

No. 1699922

is there a complete archive of her tumblr out there?

No. 1699928

nta but i found this, should have a complete archive of both blogs https://caroline.milkyeggs.com/ but easier to browse and has timestamps

or full regular archive of her main blog here https://web.archive.org/web/20210625103706/https://worldoptimization.tumblr.com/

No. 1699931

File: 1668470954360.png (103.55 KB, 841x332, liz.png)


No. 1699935

this bitch is retarded but i'm starting to kind of like her kek

No. 1699936

this is correct and it will undoubtedly result in seethe from the moids lurking on here.

"no we're just being ironic!!!!1!l" kill yourself.

A+D are latching onto this because they dont have a single original bone in their body and they think their witty aged-30-plus insight is worth something (it isnt)

and now we know caroline reads lolcow

No. 1699944

It’s his middle school sweetheart and she went to Harvard. She pregnant now so that would be really fucked if he was that kind of guy.

No. 1699948

You don’t have to suck up to women to be considered not a misogynist

No. 1700011

File: 1668475020841.jpeg (560.73 KB, 1242x1687, A7393E96-E6D6-4D5A-89EA-77833B…)

She's getting roasted on twitter for this take and it's pretty funny to watch, some of my favorite QTs. Notice how the only people praising her for it are ugly as fuck themselves inside out (Vers is a disgustingly hideous scrote who makes videos defending the groomer NFT)

No. 1700023

And they say women autism doesn't exist

No. 1700063

Where did you get "you need to suck up to women to be considered not a misogynist" from that post, moid?

No. 1700072

Not caping, but the moid never said that they thought she was smart, just that they fell in lover with her

No. 1700108

Yeah but most of those tweets have like no or very few likes compared to Dasha's tweet. People are insanely cruel

No. 1700115

That's literally just because she has >100k followers and an audience, it doesn't mean anything. Lots were posted to highlight how even halfway decent people react to this kind of statement especially coming from her.

If an account with an equal number of followers QRTed her echoing similar sentiments as these she'd probably get ratio'd to hell and back, Dasha and her ilk would be nothing without the audience they amassed being edgy pick mes for attention from rw scrotes, though apparently she changed since she started getting attention when the brain worms video went viral.

No. 1700124

Theres also been tons of other tweets being equally as cruel about that woman's looks

No. 1700136

File: 1668483810674.png (117.46 KB, 1077x492, Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 9.42…)

so consistently stupid

No. 1700183

river make something of substance that isn’t boring challenge

No. 1700198

In my low income minority district we have 9 year olds vaping — no child smoking heroin in the bathroom yet. but ok River.

Our champion of the common people is incredibly out of touch with what parents care about. Makes sense as a gay male with little paternal instinct. The parents are very concerned about youth vaping. If you’ve ever seen a parent with a preteen who stole their older brothers vape… yeah…. It’s rough.

No. 1700203

I'm sorry but when you look like that and are on the news for stealing a lot of money from people you're going to get called ugly and that's inevitable even if you're mid. I haven't seen anyone else suggesting she should kill herself just for how she looks though (or that they'd kill themselves simply for looking like her). To say that is to admit that your life fully and entirely revolves around how your flesh suit is perceived by the other sex, something we already know about A+D which explains their perspective on Dworkin. I actually feel sad for her if she can't think of anything else worth living for in this world if she didn't perceive moids as wanting to fuck her the second they look at her more than the next woman or see her as at least a 6 or a 6.5 or whatever it is that makes her think she's so much more attractive than Caroline to the point of posting that

No. 1700232

File: 1668493367321.jpeg (411.27 KB, 1125x1658, 56272B9B-7E90-46B4-A9D1-FB63D8…)

The next shirt should just say “I have BPD”

No. 1700274

Who is "Lizzie [unicorn] [sparkle]"?
river tweets are never funny or milky, sadly.

No. 1700290

File: 1668505189019.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1790, emo posting.png)

wtf is wrong with her (video nick posted is a woman saying to an older woman "you've been trying to commit suicide for a while here" and the older woman says "yeaaahh")

No. 1700294

She's depressed because Eli won't commit. That scumbag dwarf needs to man up already and put in the work raising his child.

No. 1700342

File: 1668518591097.jpeg (48.26 KB, 800x548, EFEF54AC-5889-478D-9611-03E3CE…)

he looked good before he got fat why would u do this to urself

No. 1700376

File: 1668522078526.jpg (26.81 KB, 264x406, IMG_20221115_144736.jpg)

Now this is what I call a Certified Ironycel Moment.

No. 1700385

This is the account people claimed was connor golden but actually wasn't, right?

No. 1700418

public humiliation: the fate that ultimately awaits every ironycel moid, none are exempt, all are guilty.

No. 1700423

what compelled them to admit to the piss i wonder

No. 1700424

it's obvious from his selection of "talent" that he has zero aesthetic sensibility

No. 1700425

she will never get tired of dickriding him huh. is she not at least a little embarrassed about being his full-on reply guy?

No. 1700436

A 40 year old woman dramaposting for the attention of a man who’s consistently curved her for 4+ years….nonnies help I can’t take it even when it’s Anna

No. 1700452

File: 1668528887113.jpg (588.15 KB, 1327x1236, 1668248429800.jpg)

isn't this gross bitch dating Claire Penis?

No. 1700473

elegantly glossing over the details about multiple dead fish clogging the drain… girl

No. 1700487

That's the sole reason Eli isn't gonna but a ring on her.

No. 1700521

Being a pickme onlyfans thot doesn't pay

No. 1700522

one of us, one of us!

No. 1700523

No. 1700528

according to Anna they are married and live together, but Eli maintains a separate apartment "for his music" and anyone can see he doesn't really claim her. i'm guessing all the "music" at his other apartment is what's behind the big fights Anna constantly mentions on the pod, i barely listen but every time i tune in she references a recent one complete with screaming, slapping or not speaking to each other for days. pretty obvious she's drunk and in despair a lot lately too, i feel bad for the baby having addict drama queens as parents

No. 1700532

she is constantly talking about how their kid was conceived during a period of drinking and fighting. sounds like a deeply unhealthy environment for a child, i truly hope for the baby's sake that their relationship has improved since

No. 1700535

i agree, unfortunately i don't think their relationship's improved much, on the recent RS ep where Anna discusses 23 and me she mentions that when she got her results Eli was wishing he'd done it too, but that they "weren't speaking" when Anna ordered her test. she mentions drinking a lot in that episode too, think there's lots of drama more or less constantly

No. 1700546

it’s a man.

No. 1700579

But he nuts in her so it means he's very into her (according to scarethot cosmology)

No. 1700587


No. 1700592

File: 1668539226734.jpeg (211.86 KB, 1169x911, 8B976CD3-A5A5-47B4-99CF-1BC206…)

Family vacations to Destin Florida, a home with a yard and garden in the suburbs, a relationship where every morning you wake up together and he isn’t embarrassed to post “2 year anniversary!” She pretends like she doesn’t want any of this but she does. Most women do (as our little crypto gremlin noted) even disaffected New York art scene weirdos

No. 1700603

good pull nona. funny thing about Anna is you can actually tell the places where she reworked this tweet to be even more malebrained and fake nonchalant so as not to scare off her manchild who's ambivalent about committing to her. such fake cool girl shit to use a gross phrase like "raw dogging" and you can tell she wanted to write "a person you love" then switched it to multiple "people you truly and deeply like" kek but also sob because has a bigger pickme ever existed. like you say, she obviously wants normie shit like a husband and stable family, ironically the most neoliberal thing about Anna is she's terrified to admit it

No. 1700610

two deformed gay men larping as a lesbian couple for attention, god how they've fallen as a demographic. is there nothing more embarrassing then troons and their daily "roommate" dramas

No. 1700628

It's always the least sexually attractive, spergy, downright dweeby librarian type women who are most concerned with how passionate, animalistic and spontaneous men's interest in them is (and the ways basic safety and hygiene will inevitably ruin this fragile mood™ and spook the male), to the point they're willing to volunteer as truckstop gloryholes for it. I can see it stemming from never being sure if you're some sort of a "just paper bag it bro" settle piece simply because they've never experienced being truly wanted, or possibly just a lack of men's sexual interest in general, which gives them a delusional idea of it being somehow precious and rare.

But in case any scarethots are lurking - how "into you" a man is is plainly measured by how much ritualistic and logistical bullshit/inconvenience/sacrifice he's willing to go through to fuck you, not the other way around. This is how men define it too, by the way. They wait longer to fuck hotter women, for example - and demand fewer bedroom acrobatics from them.

But wait, there's more! Sometimes when men are really really into you, they jump through hoops (not just the rubber variety) even just to be with you platonically. I'd say it's sad that Anna never experienced something like that, but it's not even special.

No. 1700634

it's just anna trying to hide her baby trapping. she's a jersey girl through and through.

No. 1700653

I remember this girl. She had a tweet talking about how her ex said he wished he known her body count “before falling in love with her” and she talked about how he was in his 30’s? Not sure if all the same guy but if so, lol

No. 1700681

Both of you are correct

But as long as she keeps being the type to slap her boyfriend and play stupid games she is not getting happy domestic life. She’s toxic and she’ll keep getting toxic

No. 1700686

all of these desires sound trashy af. destin florida??? a man posting on social media? grow up

No. 1700693

To be fair Eli’s a wet noodle. I’m sure Anna’s a problem but I don’t think a dud like him would marry her even if she was amazing. I know of like 3 couples who’ve been dating 5 years or longer and the guy says “I love you” but won’t propose. It annoys me and I’m not even in the relationship kek. All pretty stable women but no ring. It’s rough out there for sure

No. 1700697

Chill nonnie it was clearly said tongue in cheek

No. 1700739

File: 1668551752542.jpeg (270.96 KB, 560x893, DE1FDC8D-4F4F-427D-8173-8D7311…)

Incredible ratio lol

No. 1700777


Was coming here to post this it's such a good burn

No. 1700778

Lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s using Twitter with an alt

No. 1700785

Lady is a loser too for choosing to date a misogynistic ironycel

No. 1700838

File: 1668559599921.png (13.94 KB, 605x163, freddie.png)

Freddie Deboer is so unbelievably creepy and pathetic. A newspaper columnist in his 40s with an Asian girlfriend half his age has no good reason to be constantly hornyposting on the Red Scare sub.

No. 1700866

ton of nonnas already posted correct takes on this but all im going to add is this bitch is a mother and is way too old to be adding these Frat Quarterly insights

No. 1700876

File: 1668562479598.png (1000.54 KB, 1144x850, cs7szwP.png)

When they're right, they're right lol

No. 1700889

File: 1668563421744.jpeg (190.41 KB, 750x942, 7B35A500-0794-4A58-818C-A30566…)

The Perfume Fationalist had Mike White as a guest ?

No. 1700898

For people who hate rich hollywood libs so much….

No. 1700900

It's pretty funny because nonnas were saying that Jack and Anna were wrong about Mike White and then he just confirms exactly everything they said about White Lotus on the episode.

No. 1700903

>exactly everything they said about White Lotus on the episode.
being what exactly?

No. 1700908

On a TPN episode with Anna, they discussed an old Mike White show called Enlightenment. During that episode, Anna and Jack both say that White Lotus is secretly racist and critical of social justice. When that episode came out, nonnas were all saying they got it all wrong and completely missed the point but Mike White on this TPN episode confirms everything. Just kind of interesting.
He also goes on to say he did in fact model the two spoiled rich female characters from season one on Red Scare.

No. 1700918

I miss when the sub used to bully and downvote this tard

No. 1700931

ok jack. Can we have some quotes? Doubt mike white says “yes you correctly read that i’m racist and the most evil character is the poc girl. i also picked the prettiest actress i could find to represent Anna and the bustiest to represent Dasha.”

No. 1700986

Samefag and this makes me think Jack never even watched the show. The dark haired friend meant to be Anna was a libtard who gets upset at the white family for being privileged and Anna isn’t like that. Sydney Sweeney’s character parents and brother are clearly all American born. Dasha’s parents are Belarusian, they have foreign accents and she doesn’t have a brother either. If it was meant to be based off Dasha and Anna the writers missed the mark by a lot. I think the vocal fry and “she’s a neocon” line were based off red scare but that was about it. The characters themselves aren’t meant to be Dasha and Anna

No. 1700989

That's why I said modeled. The styling, vocal delivery and accessories for the character – Mike White says so on the episode – are meant to reference Red Scare but the characters are not portrayals of them or their politics.
There's too much to quote and it's not very milky but it's just interesting to see that the cows do have even a small shred of relevance.

No. 1701012

File: 1668574697077.jpeg (212.45 KB, 975x1200, 1F6C62D5-CA38-458A-A9EC-277E23…)

The vocal delivery sure but styling and accessories, where? Dasha does not dress like this. Reads more as typical American college girl. The other character wasn’t styled like Anna either

No. 1701015

I don't really think it's an accurate representation either, I'm just repeating what Mike White said on the show.

No. 1701028

File: 1668578444702.png (36.76 KB, 607x197, trumpy.png)

Really not looking forward to two years of annoying Trump 2024 shilling from them.

No. 1701032

I like Destin

No. 1701034

File: 1668579860921.jpeg (254.01 KB, 750x806, ADB4E18B-96FE-4115-895D-0AA2EA…)

No. 1701039

White trash

No. 1701063

File: 1668585253970.jpg (22.86 KB, 616x393, red scare.jpg)

Mind you this is what they look like(sage your shit)

No. 1701121

No. 1701362

Anyone have any more deets on Freddie de Boer?

No. 1701370

>only one of her eyes has curled lashes
dying, everything about dasha is lopsided

No. 1701382

spot on, nonnie, thank you. unfortunately the lurking scarethots won't listen and will continue believing a man being aggro and disrespectful just means hes so full of desire for you he cant control himself and needs you (ignoring that they wouldve taken anyone and it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with mens sexual narcissism), instead of understanding that it means they hate you and see you as a disposable object. the whole power laden fantasies about men these sad women obsess over are really a result of low self esteem, because they cant truly believe that theyre wanted unless they see a man at his most "desperate." its also why these same people fetishize rape, they think its a reflection of extreme desire instead of what it really is, being seen and used as nothing but a hollowed out object. a mess from start to finish

No. 1701383

he's a pretty well known leftcow, socialist writer who left twitter after he had a meltdown where he accused another leftist writer of rape out of the blue. think it was malcolm harris. his excuse was that he was off his meds and liz b still rabidly defends him for it. or did before she logged off.
you can probably just google and restrict it to this site for plenty more milk

No. 1701425

This is pretty much it. He logged off after making the false accusations but came back pretty quickly and has set up shop on the redscare sub. I'm surprised he hasn't negged his way onto the pod yet. It seems easy enough to do these days.

No. 1701432

It's one way admiration so I doubt they'd have him on. The girls have called him cringe and mocked him on the pod but he keeps aiming for them because their fans are some of the last people who will put up with his shit. He mostly sticks around the sub to mine it for content. He'll just regurgitate the lastest takes from the Red Scare sub for an audience of Substack boomers.

No. 1701439

File: 1668627197612.png (1.7 MB, 768x1242, 65784eiuhfdjs.png)

Can't find the article on the website but Kaitlin got another downtown ny article about her clients published. Anna and Dasha excised, not longer "hot".

No. 1701464

File: 1668629536054.jpeg (200.78 KB, 714x1000, wl_37252_5191962.jpeg)

thanks nonna, i couldn't find an article either but not surprised Anna and Dasha were left out, their politics are wrong (i spy New York Times and Vice writers among the artists and film people) and they're just not chic enough for this crowd. also Celine seems to be a cosponsor and they wouldn't touch Red scare with a ten foot pole.

Maddy "eternal plus one" Quinn did attend the party with her Ion Pack boyfriend, the BFA pics are so funny because everyone looks super polished and "fashion" except Maddie who's a crazy eyed sperg in every photo. really can't take this girl anywhere lol


No. 1701471

it's just one basis of inspiration for the character, it's not meant to be an exact representation. that's why she's reading paglia and talking in vocal fry. she was told by the show creator to listen to red scare as reference, not to be the perfect embodiment of them. are you so incredibly stupid you can't understand what that means?

No. 1701473

he also stalked amber when they both at current affairs and she complained to nathan j robinson about it and he didn't do anything

No. 1701480

Everyone knows that. No one is saying they weren’t a reference point but Anna saying the brunette is so me multiple times is delusional.
Was this confirmed or is it based on a rumor? Mullen said he subscribes (but doesn’t get around to reading) his substack and don’t think he’d do that if FdB was Amber’s stalker ex.

No. 1701489

File: 1668630559367.png (63.12 KB, 710x826, clock-hemineglect-neglect[1].p…)

>Hemineglect is an unawareness or unresponsiveness to objects, people, and other stimuli
>It is not that the patient can't see the stimuli, but rather that they have lost the will or motivation to attend to them or respond to them.
Does that explain the facial asymmetry? Someone should ask her to draw a clock to see if it would look like the pic.

No. 1701502

my bad nonnie didnt scroll up far enough <3

No. 1701514

File: 1668633041402.jpg (189.7 KB, 668x1000, wl_37252_5192091.jpg)

Kaitlin Phillips, aren't you embarrassed doing PR for Urbit?

No. 1701523

File: 1668633673493.png (292.18 KB, 1297x1155, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 3.20…)

No. 1701524

It’s because she’s literally cross eyed. Dasha look in one direction challenge

No. 1701536

It's weird that he reciprocates it because FdB has a weird parasocial relationship with Mullen the way a lot of the cringy college age redditors do despite being a decade older than him.

No. 1701575

almost actually starting to pity maddie. she does not know how to dress herself at all, so sad because i think she’s one of the cuter, less repulsive people in this scene. seems like she thinks of fashion as existing as two opposite extremes, being autistic garbage bag and 2015 instathot, and neither do her favors or suit her at all

No. 1701579

samefagging but wow, even worse than the maddie pic. dressing like a southern high schooler. and the guy on the right is clearly trying to bite the 70s chic thing gucci has been pushing for years but he just looks like paul rudd with bangs. cannot handle this

No. 1701582

her eyelids are completely different shapes and sizes too. one is like 3 times the size of the other

No. 1701584

the guy is Samuel Hine, works in fashion media and has been dating Ella Emhoff

No. 1701593

>dating elma emhoff
makes sense, both of them look like nerds who got into fashion on accident and their clothes just end up wearing them instead of the other way around.

No. 1701621

New RS. Anna is saying elections are too confusing and fake, stopping short of saying she thinks there's widespread fraud. Dasha says mail in ballots shouldn't be allowed and thinks it was very cute that she voted Republican. Was sad that there was no Red Wave and jokes about being a Democrat if the right is the losing team. Anna says she's not bitter about Blake Masters losing. Dasha says she doesn't like him and he's a lizard and kind of apologizes because she can tell Anna doesn't like it. Anna jokes that Dasha can't say that because he signs the checks, says she likes him but he's too "bookish" to be convincing and she totally doesn't care. Anna says she "hopes nothing bad comes out about this guy and we have to renounce him down the line" about Perry and Dasha says that about Niccoli. Anna says she "doesn't think" AOC was up for election this year (for non Americans every congressperson is up every two years). Dasha says her chess tutor is shocked at how much basic math she doesn't knows and says "leftists don't want to admit" how much Hegel influenced Marx. Tapping out at the halfway point. Anna opens the episode with a disturbing tale of seeing a dead man on her way to get coffee and does some light suicidal ideation.

No. 1701636

>mail in ballots shouldn’t be allowed
why does Dasha hate ARE TROOPS though

No. 1701650

They don’t mention Louis CK at all but Dasha mentions seeing the Godard movie people saw them at.

No. 1701667

well they're fighting for the great satan duh(sage)

No. 1701677

Wow, KJ's tall. Maddie's like 5'11"-6'0"

No. 1701715

She said she's 5'8

No. 1701722

yes that article was posted in a previous thread

No. 1701723

are there pics where you can see the actual outfit? she’s wearing a literal coat, hard to judge when you can’t really see beyond that

No. 1701730

>"leftists don't want to admit" how much Hegel influenced Marx
That comment upthread about people never perceiving either of them as remotely smart stung huh

No. 1701731

NTA, i wondered why an HBO director needs the cows and ended up finding the truth in Mike White's early life section. hes a homosexual rightwinger, so of course hes a fan of redscare and fat jack.

No. 1701742

File: 1668648291605.png (84.36 KB, 674x421, 9a9307c90272d1caae0edc9925c693…)

I had never heard of this and I'm reading that it's more common in stroke patients so I doubt Dasha actually has this her face is just really asymmetrical but the jaw in this drawing is so uneven reminded me of hers kek

No. 1701744

File: 1668648455237.jpeg (163.63 KB, 1000x800, wl_37252_5191961.jpeg)

no nonna, she's wearing her coat in all event pics. from picrelated it looks like an aritzia-type oversized houndstooth sweater over her standard white shirt with the buttons done up to the neck that she and Dasha find so clever for some reason. there seems to be a strip of mink visible peeking out from inside of her coat which leads me to think she wore a fur inside out, could have been cool but the coat's lining seems kinda motheaten or has dirty spots so it's a miss. i agree with the other nonnie that Maddie has the most potential in this scene, her face is nice outside the overdone lips and she has the tall lanky bod Anna and Dasha wish they had but all the women in this scene think they're too cool to just get styled by someone and it limits them. like for every day fine but it's a fashionable party, don't just throw on granny's mothballed coat and call it a day

No. 1701755

the "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" of leftthots

No. 1701771

Not convinced. Her foul, charmless personality cancels out the desperate LARP of being a pretty, stylish downtown It Girl.

No. 1701780

i think it's really her visible discomfort with being photographed rather than her outfit

No. 1701782

the coat is interesting it's the hound's-tooth sweater vest that's ugly

No. 1701806

File: 1668653526614.jpeg (376.25 KB, 750x671, AAB0F6D2-4B88-43F6-9D61-572ECA…)

This is embarrassing. The sweater saying “no comment” is an weird, unflattering choice. It’s like she swung too hard on trying to look effortless and aloof and ended up with a confusing, schlubby look.

No. 1701808

God the dickriding is crazy among these podcast losers
Can you just stop with the selfposting? You're really not that interesting plus ywnbaw

No. 1701834

File: 1668657491865.png (150.81 KB, 1200x850, retardedwhore.png)

the women are fucked in the head too

bad & absent parenting, plasticine-filter face, batting eyelashes at any engagement from any man

No. 1701902

jack lose weight pariah get headgear and less creepy friends your milk is lame

No. 1702086

File: 1668699082773.png (36.28 KB, 538x454, UEYEIS8X7.png)

Never seen this account but now that I'm searching it looks like she's changed her mind because she's friends with @ebveio, a woman mentioned by anons in previous threads as the spokesperson for remilia in podcasts next to soph, appears you know that since you wrote part of her reply.

@Charlottefang77 rohit okhandiar calls on @ebveio allison jenkins to lie for him same as her bf @schizo_freq the pederasty tweet guy who has a podcast with vers >>1695862. I skimmed as it's 1hr but for 5 min in their latest episode they talk about the remilia cancel at 34:10 https://youtu.be/4dyL669gm9Y?t=2050 They are probably spreading this to get new support from scarethots and others. I'll gather screenshots when I have some time later and write a post debunking their lies so we can put the nail in the coffin.

No. 1702100

like literally every university class on Marx spends a lot of time on Hegel and Feuerbach and their influence on his thought and how his work wasn’t as completely a refutation of theirs as he claimed, but go off, Anna

No. 1702112

File: 1668701356842.png (291.35 KB, 591x454, freddums.PNG)

This is his latest.

No. 1702123

Are all moids bipolar now because of Kanye or something

No. 1702124

File: 1668702750755.png (557.02 KB, 640x1136, 219F2CB4-A405-46FE-A942-AF3A10…)

Worst polycule ever

No. 1702134

File: 1668703930867.png (2.23 MB, 1016x1732, thepolycule.png)

The Urbit guy Sam Frank is also present. Guess there's some business to take care of.

No. 1702168

i know it smells crazy in there

No. 1702172

matt has the "always, without exception, the most boring guy in the room" look down to a science

No. 1702173

not going to listen to your podcast, retard

No. 1702189

Freddie was on Bari Weiss’ podcast “Honestly” in July, the subject was how the TikTok trend of self-diagnosed/faked autism, bipolar, multiple personality, and the narrative around “accepting mental illness as a good thing, ackshually” hurts people who actually suffer with these issues. The beginning has a good summary of Freddie’s breakdown and he describes his mental health issues in depth. It’s a tough listen, he sounded totally unhinged in his breakdown rant and even now his voice has that “this man is deeply unwell” edge to it and he comes off creepy in general, and downright disturbing when describing his violent ideation towards his ex-girlfriend (whom he fixates on when manic). Not an easy listen but he does have an interesting perspective on things so recommend if you’re interested

No. 1702208

A big part of his apology (which isn't on his website anymore, and is also excluded from the Wayback Machine) was that he was leaving social media and restricting his online presence to writing. Stupid that now he's doing podcasts and on the RSP subreddit. He probably chose to hang around on that sub because of A&D's shitty, pickme attitudes towards rape.

No. 1702215

nice promo, faggot. and why did you post this like 5 times before you got it right?

No. 1702220

Don't actually, and I'd never start a podcast I'm not a pretentious narc scrote lol
If I were promoing the podcast i'd probably not be calling out the pedo they're defending and selecting the only 5 minutes where that's discussed in the link. Stop hi cowing, grow a brain

No. 1702227

women with prominent noses like this need to learn that pouting does not make their lips look better, it just flares their nostrils and makes them look bitchy

No. 1702232

Yeah, an interesting perspective on being a worthless piece of shit who serially harms women.

No. 1702263

samefag but he moved it to his substack, then wiped it and replaced it with a long post sperging about how he's justified in removing it: https://freddiedeboer.substack.com/p/statement
>So I’ve gone ahead and removed this apology, for the simple reason that it’s pretty much exclusively shared in bad faith by anonymous accounts looking to dunk or whatever. I made a sincere and unqualified apology in this space out of a feeling of intense personal moral necessity, and doing so was important to me if not to anyone else. I have a certain amount of “work” to do regarding my behavior towards Malcolm Harris, and apologizing in a no-bullshit and unqualified way was an important part of that. But the work itself is what matters, not anyone else’s perception of it. The substance of the apology being done, I don’t feel any requirement to keep the form of it up, given that it appears to be invoked only by Twitter NPCs shitposting or pathetic self-appointed hall monitors who want to regulate what other people read.
in other words:
>h-h-how dare you give me shit for deciding to go off my meds and accuse someone else of rape!!!

No. 1702273

>The substance of the apology being done,
And he didn't even do that.

No. 1702275

File: 1668716739068.png (645.37 KB, 540x833, a3204cb4c5e2fa33d735be53d87ae3…)

Anna still wearing and promoting a clothing brand run by racist proana pedos

No. 1702276

context for those not aware, after learning this it also made a lot of sense why the remiliafag would talk about brandy nonstop

No. 1702278

Back in my day, these insufferable types would make their own garbage clothes. Too good to take the chance of anyone having the same thing. Guess laziness and half assing everything is the move for these types now .

No. 1702308

stupid nitpick

No. 1702324

>grown woman in her mid 30s who other anons have pointed out has made gross comments like these >>1699006 >>1698984 known for leaning into proana rhetoric and praising "good racism" coming from pedophilic scrotes like BAP exhibiting behavior that aligns with her past actions

>some retarded scarethot: this is nitpicking

No. 1702340

File: 1668721080041.jpeg (468.99 KB, 2048x2048, 2C7FD284-E98F-429D-88C7-B63106…)

they've been talking up brandy melville for 4 years now they have always talked about it so much to the point that it was even mentioned in their vanity fair piece https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/04/inside-the-new-right-where-peter-thiel-is-placing-his-biggest-bets/amp

No. 1702392

>Anna says she "doesn't think" AOC was up for election this year
Which is so retarded that she said that when she started off the episode confidently explaining what Congress is

No. 1702424

To be fair i think most of the stuff in that video didn't start coming out until about 2 years ago but at this point it's pretty common knowledge, they know exactly what they're doing choosing BM specifically to be part of their brand so people associate it with them, and they're doing it on purpose

No. 1702443

I don’t think Anna is a pedophile she just hit the wall at an unusually young age, like 25, an age most women still look young at, partly her genetics but also the smoking and drinking, and now she sees she gets less attention from men as an “old broad” as she looks like a 50 year old clinging onto her youth. I’ve noticed she projects this onto other women. Speak for yourself, not everyone looks like a bag of shit in need of $$$ skin procedures by 30

No. 1702446

squeezed into the same cheap cotton every 6th grader at a midwest mall is :/(:/)

No. 1702485

37 dressing like this… not to pearl clutch (bc women in their late 30s and beyond can wear trendy clothes like mini skirts etc) but the tight as hell crop top and no breathing room jeans are all so thirsty. Not only is she wearing a teenager’s clothes but she has that teenage girl desperation for male attention (which is understandable altho sad at 15-20, and shameful at 37).

So much for the graceful maiden to mother transition scarethots obsess about

No. 1702560

damn Honor just keeps getting fatter

No. 1702562

File: 1668737557786.png (39.09 KB, 772x669, rspds.png)

i don't think she's a pedo either, i think she panders to them though. i reject your "hit the wall by 25" take it's misogynistic, wall = menopause, but i agree that her genetics + lifestyle led anna to look older which helps explain her love for a pedo brand that markets itself exclusively to skinny white teens and the post about italian 15 year olds looking like they're around her age, like no the fuck they don't

here's what looks like some more pedo pandering, anna projects a lot. i've never had gangbang/gangrape fantasies i find that gut-churning. i knew teen boys who had crushes on older celebs and i know grown moids who don't get sexually or romantically involved with teens and criticize male friends who do as creepy and predatory, especially fathers wanting to protect their children from these types. anna believes it's impossible for others not to share these thoughts, deep down you and your loved ones too harbor her same fantasies, she's just braver than you for saying it out loud.

it's the 37 year old equivalent of younger pick mes who not-so-subtly brag about shopping in the children's section, she obviously sees barely fitting into these clothes as an accomplishment to be flaunted and at her age it really is extra embarrassing

ps if anyone knows what ep picrel is from do tell https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/rqxqhi/all_women_harbor_secret_abject_fantasies_about/

No. 1702572

I don’t think it is misogynistic to say someone could look bad by a certain age because of bad lifestyle choices? Maybe, I don’t know, still the point stands she looked rough by 25-30 because of poor lifestyle choices. She smokes and drinks and generally lives in a toxic manner. That was her own choice, not because she’s a woman. then she continued to look “older” until she fixed her face more recently in her 30’s. I think this is why she fixates so much on “hot teens” because it was the last time she personally believes she looked “young”. It comes from a place of narcissism and looking back on her own life. I’d say the same with dasha too. Imo, to say all women age like them regardless of lifestyle choices, is more the misogynistic bit, but maybe that’s just my opinion

No. 1702574

The sort of nihilism about “all men want to fuck hot teens” is pre-cope. coping ahead that all men will desert her for a hot 19 year old, that all men will cheat, that all men are perverts so don’t expect any better of them. These below hell expectations are excuses for her poor taste derived from low self esteem.

And I’m not trying to be delusional nonnies cuz PLENTY of men cheat, esp those with the ability to. Moids are everywhere. But there is some tiny percentage of them who don’t become porn brained, who would never date or hook up with someone 20 years younger and who have no interest in anyone but their wives/partners. Sure they find other people attractive but same lol. That’s life in a marriage

No. 1702581

>wall = menopause
that’s also misogynist as hell
the truth is that there is no wall, and that women are not just brood mares

No. 1702582

Just dropping in here but why do these types of women always wind up defending pedos to the point of sounding like pedos themselves? I don't understand what would drive any woman to do that, yet a number of self-identified leftists and/or feminists continue to take this path. It's disgusting and seems to defeat the point I thought of their ideologies.
>especially fathers wanting to protect their children from these types
Almost like it is more "trad" (or I should say sane and family-friendly, as a non-tradthot) to be anti-pedo and these larpers should shut their mouths.

No. 1702583

tradthots also defend pedos like mad (Josh Duggar, for example )
horseshoe theory is real when it comes to pickmes

No. 1702585

It's def horseshoe theory because anyone who does this no matter what they call themselves is insane. Talk to any normal person even one with a family and they hate his guts. I'm confused at this point anyway because these people are all over the place with their views. It's mainly for internet attention in the end isn't it

No. 1702587

They’re exploiting a niche. They know they’re not attractive enough to exploit normie men who aren’t fixated on underage girls so they coddle and validate men with pedophilic tendencies. It’s gross but there’s a market for it

No. 1702592

yup. they have a completely incoherent ontology and have optimized for extracting as much attention/controversy and Thielbux as possible. there's seriously nothing going on beyond that.

No. 1702595

I don’t get it either, a lot of teenagers both girls and boys look retarded and awkward to me. Either way, men are horrible at judging age, and I think a man’s perception of what a hot teen looks like is 100% muddled by GROWN women playing teens in movies and tv shows. Men are retarded when it comes to women, don’t ever forget it

No. 1702596

no, the wall (a block at which point you're no longer fertile and cannot reproduce) in technical terms is menopause, which is around ages 45-50. i'm not using that term like this anon is >>1702572 to refer to a point at which you're no longer attractive, which is why i'm saying it's misogynistic. you can say she looks older and bad for her age without using a scrotal phrase like "hur dur she hit the wall at 25", i never said other women age like her and dasha regardless of lifestyle choices and if you could read you'd see the "genetics + lifestyle" part of my post, but i don't disagree with you otherwise. i do believe if you're using terms like "the wall" as a woman to refer to a point at which you're no longer attractive unlike your teen self that's internalized misogyny

No. 1702600

tbf there is a point where age & attractiveness make you invisible to the hungry stares of men. the way men talk about it like it's a bad thing is bc they don't consider someone not sexy to be human, but in reality "the wall" is when a woman becomes Free

No. 1702608

No. 1702631

“The wall” is not a “technical” term nonna, it’s a manosphere/MRA term. There is no correct usage for it and you sound like a seething malding scrote whenever you use it. If you’re referring to menopause, there’s already a technical term for that - menopause.

No. 1702634

Amber Frost's biennial instagram reactivation is on right now, just fyi

No. 1702649

ot bc this is now a silly semantic argument and derailing i shouldn't go into but i was saying that i'm against its usage. i don't use the term, i say menopause when i mean menopause, but hitting a wall in a very literal sense can be interpreted as being faced with an obstacle preventing you from performing a goal, in this case becoming pregnant, the term has always been linked to fertility. scrotes use it to try and make women who are still plenty fertile insecure as they age so they will lower their standards, fall for negging and seek their approval. but in a very literal sense experiencing menopause can be described as "hitting a wall" when we are talking about fertility, a barrier, an obstacle, standing in your way from having a baby.

i never implied that women are destined to be broodmares and should fear menopause either and if they do fear it because they may still want children there are ways to bypass that such as freezing your eggs ahead of time (although that comes at a cost, with its own risks and the majority of women are past the point of wanting that by the time they're menopausal anyways)so the term really just shouldn't be used. but it's worse to use it in the same way scrotes use it, which again i never see it directed at women who are actually of menopausal age, who again most of them are way past the point of caring if they ever did in the first place.

No. 1702650

calling menopause “the wall” is just accepting misogyny’s definition of womanhood

No. 1702652

Maybe her publisher gently reminded her that she supposedly has a book coming out in less than a year

No. 1702655

average age of menopause is 51; neither men nor women should be reproducing at that age
fertility dropoff and risk of birth defects over 40 is real for both sexes, should be taken more seriously for men

No. 1702834

File: 1668781320056.png (20.6 KB, 598x285, aPx8Gir.png)

'russian' in the same way anna and dasha are 'russian' i.e not at all

>"giant tits"

comical, trashy, bimbo bolt ons.

So neither of these claims is true, basically another American larper like anna.

No. 1702838

File: 1668781900682.jpeg (490.82 KB, 2048x2048, 3F1A96F5-0E9F-4DD5-A411-D4A972…)

point was that misogynists use the term wrong going by their own definition. if our sole purpose is to serve as broodmares then according to that logic we only hit the wall when we can no longer reproduce.

also not saying anyone should try to become pregnant at menopausal age nor do the vast majority even want that just that it's silly and wrong anyway if there are now ways around that.

point being she didn't hit any sort of wall, reproductive or otherwise and i think we as women should ditch these terms altogether but especially when used to refer to other women saying they stopped being attractive at 20something (as opposed to what, peaking in your teens? gross, hebephilic and sounds like something anna would say ironically). post that she aged terribly (proana shit certainly didn't help) and that's one source of her creepy projection and leave it at that.

No. 1702856

who the fuck

No. 1702875

Another day, another moid hitting the wall at full speed

No. 1702892

File: 1668789794246.jpg (381.92 KB, 1169x1792, gq chapo thiel.jpg)

so somehow chapo got an interview in gq and it’s mostly eh but they fired some shots at the nyc thielbucks scene…

No. 1702894

File: 1668789826323.jpg (255.32 KB, 1170x1009, gq chapo de vere.jpg)

part 2

No. 1702900

Lol was just gonna post this. Matt makes a joke about the pod preventing mass shooters which, considering the Dayton shooter, I probably wouldn't've mentioned lol. Also they end with a bunch of ironic joking about them trying to produce a movie in Hollywood. It was a pretty random interview that didn't say much of anything.

No. 1702906

one of the editors, I forgot her name, (Gabriella something?), is an oldhead grey wolf.

No. 1702908

Was just looking at those 'GQ Man of the Year' awards pictures from last night, and was suprised they still do/are allowed to do stuff like that.
The radlib DNC bots that now constitute the entire journo class have taken over pretty much all the old publications now and got them singing from the same hymm sheet.
Open up lolcow and see this… lol.

Next year 'GQ's Masc Identifying, non Woman of the Year Awards'

Maybe one of the chapo tranny fuckers will win.

No. 1702912

Again nonny, the term "hitting the wall" re: women ORIGINATED in the manosphere ca. 2007 or so. It was ALWAYS about female utility to men. Typing paragraphs about why it should apply to 50 yo women instead of 30 yo women doesn't make it any less misogynistic. Women already have medical language to discuss fertility, we don't need to retcon incel terminology.

No. 1702914

Yeah agreed. She looks like a ventriloquist dummy in the bottom right pic. Karma

No. 1702915

who is this?

No. 1703053

Moche1234 or whatever the fuck. Some nasty BPD Russian American chick who’s 60% silicon and filler and simps for Anna and is unmarried at 30 despite distributing perennial trad advice like “I can okay my husband cheating in one night stands, it’s better than an affair”

No. 1703056

Samefag but she actually immigrated to the US when she was 18+. Maybe even 20/21 iirc from her old tweets.
Still cannot understand why she’s on her knees for the red scare women

No. 1703069

File: 1668802949683.jpg (249.71 KB, 1170x1434, tobdyyk3zs0a1.jpg)

No. 1703109

only dasha's current bf could make adam look like a chad, even his body language mogs the sweaty zoomer lol. did y'all read in that barely fictionalized story matthew wrote that his self insert character was an IT guy who met dasha when she posted to the internet asking for computer help? wonder if that's true, he definitely seems like more of an "uhhhm liiike did you try restarting it?" wagie type vs. a smart well-paid engineer. dasha dating options never been this down bad

No. 1703166

Adam looks kinda hot here. Dasha downgraded
He was probably upset about the girls and gays thread that was titled something like “Dasha’s bf: uglier than Elliot rodgers? Discuss.” she even commented on the sub asking everyone to leave her bf alone and other pearl clutchers were agreeing with her.

No. 1703185


Many such instances of immigrant derangement syndrome among older aged russian immigrants, I dont know why- I suspect re-existing BPD/NPD vs stable personality types. It also seems to be more common generally in people of non-slavic ethnicities who wouldn't be considered russian in russia, like they are paranoid they have something to prove to keeps their memebership in the speshul club. Richard Spencer's Baby Mama behaves the same way even though she is clearly very much from a Georgian family born in russian. Bitches on twitter constantly about how she is proud to Russian/proud of Russia in current conflict while continuing to live and raise her kids in Montana. My mother even has a friend who is in his 60s like this, the man has lived in Germany long enough to have a 27 year old son who was born and raised there.

A good 50% of all first -gen Russian Immigrants in youth has this too but in somewhat more obvious and different form.

No. 1703192

Adam got his mom’s genes, he’s a beautiful man

No. 1703193

Lmao the sub has its moments sometimes

No. 1703196

words are empty, they are literally sponsored by pritzker and soros

No. 1703208

they're all still connected, no matter how much they may "joke" about each other. cough nonnies who buy into chapo implying stuff about them in a fucking gq interview.

No. 1703286

imagine being so busted that adam friedland looks hot by comparison beside of you

No. 1703314

Two fine specimens of the "New York" branch of the Jewish phenotype.

No. 1703359

i mean, they can be in the same social circle and still think it’s embarrassing for their friend to take money from some weird libertarian billionaire to pretend they care about dumb shit like urbit! that was one of the only relatable bits in the entire piece imo

No. 1703410

That's not shots fired, they're saying it's just people having fun. You might be imagining them being critical.

No. 1703433

File: 1668837287209.jpeg (414.85 KB, 620x890, D56E6BD6-A14E-46B0-8D73-4391FA…)

Is it just me, or is Matthew's malign aura altering Dasha's physiognomy?

No. 1703434

Jumpscare moment

No. 1703436

File: 1668837840023.jpeg (23.71 KB, 199x213, FEBA0012-7BC1-49CB-9586-12F0B3…)


How is she literally this meme

No. 1703457

Yeah, from the tone you can tell they find fascism cute and fun and nothing to worry about (which has always been their stance).

No. 1703472

No, this is like the one time these moids agree with us, nonnies… The interviewer asked about whether NYC hipsters are tacking right wing and he literally called the Thielbux crowd Renfields (which means, by analogy, Thiel himself is a bloodsucker) and said “beyond that”, people in NYC are just trying to have fun. As in most NYC people aren’t right wing freaks, but the De Vere Ball crowd are. As in Will Menaker reads lolcow

No. 1703479

Belarusian sleep experiment

No. 1703500

I think you’re giving them too much credit. They’re being more coy than critical and just point out things we already know. This interview is self-aggrandizing. I doubt it’ll move the needle on anything

No. 1703545

If the people in this scene are indeed "people in NYC are just trying to have fun" then it's entirely because the 'dirtbag left' [sic] (really just an arm of DNC lib machine), is full of humorless, woke scolding, authoritarians trying to keep demoralized skeptical people on message voting democrat and not asking too many obvious questions.
eg the insane embrace of troonism.

No one group embodies this hectoring, discipling enforcement more than the fat manchild 'juice this' chapo trap house losers
Not to go full Amy posting, ahem.

No. 1703551

Aimeeposting > Dworkingposting

No. 1703571

if that’s someone they can still remain civil to in their social circles then the entire chapo act is truly a larp; what’s then keeping them from a “friendship” with someone like rod dreher? they’re just not getting invited to the same parties?

they are “grifting” because they don’t actually believe anything they say

No. 1703576

File: 1668865833036.png (390.82 KB, 768x806, EBt2ZGQXoAAWFmr.png)

They've said it's their policy to try not to explicitly beef on the podcast with people chasing clout. Everyone who already knows can read between the lines when they talk about tradcath losers and Theil parties. They talk in the interview about how they got way more attention than they ever expected by media figures getting mad at them and taking the bait. Compare to when A+D had a meltdown for a whole episode over FdB calling them nihilists, when sex workers called Anna ugly and she spilled her dark supposed secrets, or letting Kantbot neg his way onto the podcast doing the same.

No. 1703582

The problem in America is that your only choices are voting Democrat (who embrace insane things) or voting Republican (who embrace even more insane things.)

No. 1703618

true but a lot of ladies in these threads are genuine chapo fans kek. idk if they're still here tho

No. 1703629

File: 1668870916557.jpeg (358.69 KB, 750x525, 41340532-BF41-4972-AE28-72169D…)

No. 1703632

the producer looks a little…fruity

No. 1703641

the air mail article about Kaitlin's friends was published, scroll for a surprise

No. 1703653

Lol at this list

No. 1703655

they're elder abusing Graydon

No. 1703658

what's the surprise? Crumps?

No. 1703667

nyc is the faggiest place on earth. what the fuck is this jerk off session piece?
>this man is an interior designer
>this woman is a graphic designer

No. 1703670

the best one is
>this 27-year-old artist is dating the 77-year-old owner of the gallery putting on her first solo show

No. 1703672

File: 1668873472958.png (90.8 KB, 319x561, blockhead_joe.png)

I think Maddie's a little miffed she wasn't included

No. 1703693

it reads to me like she’s defending the article and he’s the one ragging on it

No. 1703742

You are absolutely correct, giving insane cringe authoritarian trannies a platform and clout in arts and culture will be the dirtbag lefts legacy

No. 1703752

>Not to go full Amy posting, ahem.
Hey with Amy gone someone has to say it

No. 1703935

why would it be acceptable for a 37 year old woman to wear a miniskirt and not… jeans?

No. 1703960

kek ikr? and skin tight jeans aren't the most trendy clothing item associated with teen girls these days anyway

No. 1703993

first we'd have to figure out what maddie actually does

No. 1704047

This list illustrates that interesting, talented people got priced out of downtown New York long ago. So many nepo babies/ rich kids/ wannabe Whit Stillman characters.

No. 1704070

This makes me wonder how many people here started out as fans but grew to hate the cows as they read more here, especially non farmers who found the thread through twitter. I’d like to think most people posting here aren’t fans of any of the cows by this point, except the self posters and occasional dickriding Cum Town sycophants who come here to defend whatever stand-in father figure gets made fun of more than they’d like. And the coomers who try to fit in.

Nonnies, who here had their minds changed specifically because of these threads? No need to be shy, we all know this thread is mostly twitterfags so you can just admit it. It makes me happy thinking about the longterm impact of these threads and how they directly correlate with a shift in how people view the cows, especially how women online see A&D. I’m kind of glad the thread wound up having so many outsiders because it means they get exposed to actual radical feminism here and there and don’t have to keep on thinking the only two options are libfem girlbossing or slurping regurgitated Paglia from A&D as they defend rapists and pedophiles, just because they used to say capitalism bad every so often.

No. 1704094

>Nonnies, who here had their minds changed specifically because of these threads?
blogpost but i used to listen to RS in 2019, back when it still was kind of "leftist". i'd play it as background noise while i worked, although i disagreed with a lot of their takes. i noped out around the time dasha got obsessed with epstein. i found these threads a bit later and now i'm chagrined i ever listened to them lmao

No. 1704109

Look at thread #1, that'll answer your question

No. 1704118

File: 1668902777101.jpeg (375.91 KB, 2048x1152, 7EB4BD09-4AEB-4C1F-BFE1-EA40EA…)

No. 1704127

>slurping regurgitated Paglia from A&D as they defend rapists and pedophiles, just because they used to say capitalism bad every so often

excellent drag of the anti woke left in its entirety

No. 1704145

I didn't realize Dean Kissick was a hapa

No. 1704150

I get the impression Dasha stands by Matthew a lot more than either Adam or OPN. She intervened to get him unbanned on the main subreddit and defended his looks on the Girls & Gays sub. She seems kinder when she talks about him on the pod vs what I recall she would say about Adam. Maybe she's serious this time and won't cheat? I also don't believe the Louis CK rumors but it would be funny if true.

No. 1704151

sage for blogpost but I am sincerely impressed at Daniel Lopatin for keeping the weight off, I saw him play 15 years ago when he first started out as OPN and he was a gross slobby fat fuck then

No. 1704153

i used to be a commie and used to listen to ct but dropped it during the pandemic. nick whining about how lonely he was while still trying to maintain his disaffected volcel persona was redpilling for me.

No. 1704154

lmao I instantly pictured this when I saw that photo

No. 1704175

I don’t know about that. Her defending him could be more of a pity response than a love one

No. 1704177

She has talked badly about Matthew and their relationship. She said on rs that Matthew critiqued her smoking and called it unhealthy then in retaliation she told him he’s lazy then he started working out more and she doesn’t like that he’s working out. She will never respect anyone she dates, she doesn’t have it in her

No. 1704183

These threads never really effected my view of the cows ITT. Them all being washed and their podcasts all becoming really boring has.

No. 1704191

realizing that brace was still tight with dasha was enough for me, and seeing all the shit franczak got up to like talking positively about BAP and zerohedge of trueanon; it’s all fake and for the money

No. 1704203

this weird little goblin has a habit of stalking and harassing girls to get them to join his band of misfit losers group chat

the free speech warrior who never hurt anybody deleted these uncouth obsessive tweets stalking @selfpunisher among others


ofc the girls who are teehee innocent complicit little braindead losers go to their alts @ebveio @t111ngerine they could NEVER do anything wrong because they couldn't do ANYTHING ever

No. 1704213

Kek, your overselling these threads nonnie, especially with the "actual radfem" shit. They're just gossip threads with a bunch of internet weirdos about internet weirdos. People were already either bored or angered with the cows and then discovered these threads to confirm their biases.

No. 1704215

She doesn't have to respect him, like what >>1704175 said it could be pity or seeing him as an extension of herself, which is something she didn't do with Adam

No. 1704251

apparently nick and adam were at the 1975 concert??? wtf were they trying to fuck ex tumblr girls or something

No. 1704255

isn't the lead twat of that band desperate to be the bono of the online generation or something? he's probably a "friend of the pod"

No. 1704256

File: 1668914395958.jpeg (165.18 KB, 828x1792, BBD55812-8000-47C6-B32C-BA2D55…)

No. 1704261

No. 1704262

the Ion moids co-hosted the 1975 afterparty, Crumps wrote a whole piece about it

No. 1704265

holy shit what a bunch of fags

No. 1704269

see? it's all connected

No. 1704276

File: 1668915381258.png (193.38 KB, 1478x546, 6574yreh.png)

cobra snake covered it too (as in they paid him to)

No. 1704278

Ion pack moids are such obvious social climbers. The cherry on top is that their social pursuits are so basic and faggy.

No. 1704300


Classic narcissism in that whoever respects and loves me does not count which explains the pick me behavior to bottom of the barrel men.

Dasha views all the men that date her as far beneath her and anything they say or do never really matters. It stems her own deeep self hatred. It is insane for how much the gals quote the last psychiatrist on the pod they exhibit the narcissistic traits TLP discusses to a T.

No. 1704324

>Deep loathing and disdain for anyone who deigns to fuck her

Honestly very male brained of her

No. 1704349

he's literally just a junkie now

No. 1704355

Nah Aimee’s a gigantic retard. I tend to gloss over the Dworkin proselytizing but they’re far more welcome here than whatever the du jour dimwitted histrionics Aimee / the post-left homo cabal is espousing. Leave them in 2019 where they belong

No. 1704374

File: 1668923607647.png (354.03 KB, 684x383, solidarity.png)

It all comes back to

No. 1704383

File: 1668924098142.png (85.75 KB, 268x258, Screenshot_1840.png)

whats with these awkward hand positions lol

No. 1704395

this isn't milk stop selfposting kaliacc nigger

No. 1704407

Holy shit, didn't even notice this was edited, I thought it was just The Shining pic

No. 1704478

Curious about the inside baseball here. They shit on Dasha and Anna (not that I mind), then proceed to slobber all over a bunch of other people from that same scene.
Not paying for a subscription just to read the piece, but I'm also curious about that Kathy Acker article. It would be nice if someone finally wrote an article mocking her for being a spoiled trust fund kid.

No. 1704482

hey, whatever works

No. 1704639

get well soon.

No. 1704681

Will Aimee return to twitter now that Trump is back lol?

No. 1704823

File: 1668968772983.jpg (185.93 KB, 1074x962, pepe silvielsie.jpg)

pic of me making the connections

No. 1704839

File: 1668969517510.png (6.86 MB, 2136x1352, 6767678.png)

reminds me of this kek

No. 1704862

>Not paying for a subscription just to read the piece, but I'm also curious about that Kathy Acker article.
You can just open it in a private browser to read it. Here's a link through the 12ft paywall jumper if you're feeling lazy

No. 1705021

File: 1668983734889.jpg (62.07 KB, 640x1136, 316443891_665768428427259_8236…)

we haven't seen her face in so long!

No. 1705031

a misaligned jaw has got to be one of the most unattractive deformities you can have and every person i've ever encountered with it has been extremely immoral and borderline sociopathic, what an abhorrent physiognomy

No. 1705056

looking slightly less Pete Burns than usual

No. 1705071

She recently told her story on the Filthy Armenian podcast. I genuinely feel sorry for her.
>Born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan to an Armenian dad and Russian mom.
>Her and her dad hid their Armenian background and took their mother's last name.
>Constantly told in school and on TV that her people were scum that need to be beheaded and exterminated.
>Saw her Armenian grandmother beaten blind by an Azerbaijani man.
>Watched Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom at age 12.
>Came to America alone on a student program and got married at 19 to stay but they loved each other. Her parents went to Russia.
>Divorced then hooked up with a bisexual drug dealer who cheated on her.
>After that, hooked up with a man 20 years older than her and dommed him. She broke up because he was in love with her but she didn't want the commitment at the time.
>Watches porn but in the way that men watch porn and has a desire to be dominant and in the traditional male role during sex.
I can see how her childhood messed her up.

No. 1705074

Idk how you manage to have the good sense to distance yourself from the chapo brand as much as possible but still end up this corny

No. 1705081

which episode?

No. 1705084

No. 1705101

She needs to be deported by ICE.(a-log)

No. 1705102

No. 1705108

as an immigrant, this is gross to say about this traumatized sad excuse of a human

No. 1705109

god it's like it's still 2014 inside her head

No. 1705110

Ignorant comment.

No. 1705119

I see the un ironic chapos are here.
You don't have a right to be in someone else's country.
Especially when you defraud the legitimate methods of immigration with a fake wedding at 19.

you have to go back.

No. 1705130

i don't even keep up with chapos retard, i come here to make fun of a&d for pandering to racist pedophilic scrotes. what does that even mean? it says right there she loved him. sometimes marriages don't work out. just say you're xenophobic. also, make me

No. 1705134

nta but they're being "xenophobic" about one the most racist people posted in these threads. not worth caring about.

No. 1705135

>Watches porn but in the way that men watch porn and has a desire to be dominant and in the traditional male role during sex.
So basically she’s a lesbo. Makes sense

No. 1705136

Where's this from ?

No. 1705155

thank you

No. 1705165

File: 1668992716936.png (292.21 KB, 718x951, cS9VHyf.png)

>"…yes hello? I'd like to report a Ms Monika MommyMilkers please…"

No. 1705169

File: 1668992843596.jpg (1.19 MB, 1242x2153, IMG_4006.jpg)

neoliberalhell on ig, now that i'm searching it looks like she was posted about before on here? >>1459219 she probably reads these threads

actually reposting because it's neoliberalheaven but i don't know if that's the same person as neoliberalhell so leaving my original post above, neoliberalhell has several alts so it could just be also her. some account said angelicism started threatening them regarding this post in their comments https://www.instagram.com/p/CffG2_NOX6J/?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU=

No. 1705172

genuine que: what does being a chapocel have to do with moche-monica-mommymilkers story? are they connected somehow (besides anna)?

No. 1705175

i hate Anglicism01 so much, god is he so fucking lame. ugly and worthless as well!

No. 1705185

File: 1668993500188.jpg (278.24 KB, 958x1352, image.jpg)

stop posting

No. 1705189

File: 1668993626123.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x1553, 001E3B2E-D9CD-4A80-B9D4-E3DC5B…)

i reposted it because i realized it was a different account, and then a different account that commented that, and i explicitly stated it how retarded are you faggot? stop taking up space in the thread complaining that we're exposing your pedo friends

No. 1705207

My pedo friends? how much of of tinfoil-head persecution complex do you have that you think I am a cow or their friend? you are annoying, and you can't post for shit. but go ahead and leave another comment you delete three times before you get it right.

No. 1705213

I forgot their username at first, who gives a shit, why are you obsessed with my posts in particular to the point of screenshotting and reposting them? Stop trying to control a thread you didn't start, you're sounding like the angelicism pedo freak who harasses people for posting about him. We will continue to post what we want, cope

No. 1705229

if u think it's implausible to say cows read and post in these threads when they've shown they do time and again, lurk more

No. 1705236

Wow. So true. I'm obsessed with you.

No. 1705260

File: 1668999768821.png (1.16 MB, 1518x844, simp.png)

anon is right. she simps bap and thiel nonstop too and is somehow a bigger narcissist than anna

No. 1705264

File: 1669000163845.png (9.62 KB, 505x108, paglia.png)

i meant to tag you too and include this tweet instead of thiel twice iirc paglia is also pro-ephebophilia as others have pointed out >>1704127
>>1699006, but yeah awful people all around don't feel bad for them

No. 1705288

Yeah honestly if you’re an immigrant defending Moche, she’s called actual black people names like that on Twitter (not boiltowl). She needs to go. Posting her face everywhere and calling people slurs, she is this close to getting a job dox tbh

No. 1705316

You say that as if it's a bad thing lol. I'm not her psychiatrist but I think she just has a messed up childhood plus high testosterone like Anna.

No. 1705334

I see the "reee these people are cryptolibs, they are not right-wingerino enough for me" autist is having a flare-up again

They look like literal demons kek

No. 1705363

no. that is not what being a lesbian is, moid. being lesbian does not make you view women in the way men do.

No. 1705799

File: 1669059125296.jpg (15.08 KB, 460x282, ants.jpg)

what in the zoomer hell is this screenshot

No. 1705821

Ignore the kaliacc retard, he thinks he's playing 5D chess

No. 1705861

i think they just mean you like chapo if you don't want to deport immigrants

No. 1705866

dasha really missed her golden opportunity of being a scream queen. would be good at portraying a deranged demon woman

No. 1706196

File: 1669079237232.jpeg (248.57 KB, 750x632, AF1BA41F-6356-4A7E-A545-59BEE5…)

The defining feature of this scene is oversharing about their pathetic nature

No. 1706201

File: 1669079418294.jpeg (198.21 KB, 750x503, 8C05A242-D677-4ACC-8AF2-501D68…)

Exhibit B

No. 1706271

What's the context here, is she going into porn?? Why is she courting degen moids?

No. 1706383

File: 1669091249467.jpeg (904.25 KB, 1208x1561, FFC44C91-D977-48BE-B00C-280EC8…)

nonnies what are your takes on this? is this woman just projecting or is anna's comment extremely reductive and just retarded pandering to scrotes again? interested in hearing dworkinposter's take >>1649417 and any radfems especially. i think she is but at the same time she's valid and coming from a good place. conservatives do tend to support traditional gender roles that have historically disempowered women, forcing them to rely entirely on their husbands and to value their roles as wives above anything else which left many in horrible positions. but we also know liberal moids aren't any better, there's nothing suggesting they're less likely to use you and leave you afaik and making this about liberals vs conservatives is itself extremely reductive, you can end up in this position regardless. it comes down to vetting and finding someone who values you for you and not youth or servitude, but this does sound like it's the advice she's trying to give. divorce lawyers and older women in my experience have always given similar advice, but she gets so specific with the mammogram example and the girl's video that was made in response to didn't really warrant all that…curious how others here interpret this video

No. 1706385

File: 1669091728024.webm (15.13 MB, 480x852, v12044gd0000cdshl23c77u8tsp2va…)

the video

No. 1706390

Really spelling it out for the pickmes. I love her.

No. 1706397

tbf the woman in that vid does come across as rather pathetic, like she created a whole fanfiction for this girl

No. 1706400

>why is she courting degen moids?
you are asking this on the thread dedicated to women who built their careers/identities off pandering to degenerate males

No. 1706404

Are you really that unfamiliar with the course of life for most young conservative pick-mes that end up divorced karens? Because what she said is really just reality for many out here in American suburbia. kek

No. 1706406

I watched the whole video and think it’s pathetic too. She’s saying conservative women get married to conservative men and then he cheats or leaves her when she ages or gets sick. Cheating is about opportunity and lack of morals not any political leaning and leaving your sick wife is also a moral issue

No. 1706407

So liberal women never end up divorced? What crack are you smoking

No. 1706409

don't forget the extra tidbit about how they all end becoming dreaded karens
I just think overly online liberal and conservative women on tiktok should touch grass and realize that people are individuals, Assuming stuff about a stranger online and than making up stuff about them because they're from a different political group then you is utterly pathetic

No. 1706410

It just makes me sad to see the scarethot contagion metastasizing in the next generation.

No. 1706417

cope as hard as you want samefag, divorces can be for other reasons than "my doll has wrinkles and I found a newer model." a more important difference is the lib didnt base her entire life around being barefoot, pregnant, and as subservient as a dog to her master.

but maybe this is all a waste of time, the women this thread is focused on are well past the age, youth, and beauty required to land such a moid. thats why they waste their days on twitter reacting to tiktoks and pandering to shriveled frog anons kek

No. 1706424

No. 1706425

Yeah because being subservient to a boss is so much better. The tiktok woman is literally an actress probably mad sucking dick can’t get her commercial spots anymore and wishes she had just gotten married and rolled the dice that way

No. 1706428

nta but "sucking dick can't get her commercial spots" what a disgusting scrotal comment, just because she's wrong for making it about this random non-liberal chick doesn't mean she doesn't absolutely have a point regarding the pick mes especially the kinds we see in these threads, you're fucking retarded and nasty

No. 1706430

You’re nasty and retarded. Go suck your boss’s dick and fuck off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1706431

Being a dependent tardwife creates the most opportunity lmfao. But also this isn't an ideology thing, it's a moid thing.

No. 1706433

>>quitting a job of 3-6 months is the same as getting kicked to the curb after 10-15 years of marriage and kids

it never even began for scarethots. part of the reason this common fate of suburbia seems so foreign to the scarethot (>>1706397) is that they mostly live their lives exactly the same way as the urban liberal women they complain about. they long for a country club they were never even invited to kek. only, this country club brutally expels you when you stop checking all the tradfag boxes.

No. 1706435

File: 1669098244879.png (285.83 KB, 598x504, kATRY2n.png)

Lazy Jew larper now feeling comfortable making holocaust jokes that have been stale and played out on 4chan since about 2012.

No. 1706436

>because being subservient to a boss is so much better

If by "subservient to a boss" you mean having a job and your own assets then yes, it is better

No. 1706440

Learn about alimony and child support fucking retard. While you’re busting your ass at your shitty job these women will have it made in the shade. Keep coping

No. 1706441

Tardthots literally can't imagine not having to suck dick for sustenance. It's either some Dasha tier "job" where you suck dick for a role, or a housewife "job" where you suck dick for food and shelter. Many such cases!

No. 1706444

I'm not a "lib woman", but good luck being property to your husbands I guess. kek

No. 1706446

Learn about the rates of poverty after divorce for women fucking retard, also what child support and alimony actually are. Keep coping

No. 1706448

Again the tiktok hag Rebecca larsen is a washed up actress. If you can’t see she’s mad at younger women because she’s childless and her roles are dried up then you’re retarded. Dasha will suffer the same fate I’m sure

No. 1706452

If someone is dumb enough to marry a poor guy that’s on them

No. 1706453

File: 1669098721539.jpg (165.5 KB, 638x640, 1663640831387.jpg)

nta but the issue imo is that you don't need to make up a scenario where your political opponent ends up abused and sad to prove your worldview correct(like none of this actually happened for either party), hell its more then likely the young conservative women she made that vid about is doing what she does for social media clout and fame and probably would have been a liberal online if it meant a similar level of fame, I just think being overly online is mentally healthy for anyone
my mother is what some might consider conservative and my father's aunt is a liberal feminist but both of them manage to get along and be friends cause they aren't deluded morons and realize what the real issues are
This is what I'm saying, that woman Rebecca larsen could have easily been a conservative commentator on tiktok if it meant a level of fame and prestige, we shouldn't take any of these people seriously

No. 1706457

Being a Z list actress is exactly the same as being a tardwife or a hooker (fake job in which your value goes down as you acquire working experience). She could be motivated by butthurt at some other chick and right at the same time.
There's a joke about tardthots and math here somewhere.

No. 1706460

oh? from the same moids who go on and on about a prenup? do tell us more nonna!


>>frameswitching to leftoid talking points
your tardmale husband wont like that anticapitalist tone nonna! this isnt a made up scenario kek, im not sure who you are trying to fool here.
did you seriously just repost the same argument to add an attack on the tiktoker kek. i dont even know who she is, but she's right.

No. 1706461

Did you grow up with a single mom so you don’t have any perspective on this or something? My mom has been married for 30 years and she does whatever she wants. If you think being married means you have no freedom you’re genuinely retarded. This isn’t 1952, married women can do what they want

No. 1706465

>"what she wants" is xannies, wine and peeing herself every time she sneezes

No. 1706466

You realize women are involved in the prenup process? Men don’t go out and do it on their own, women have a say in it. You’re acting like married women are slaves, stop reading radfem lit and go out into the world maybe. I don’t know if you’ve never been exposed to normal marriages but the fact is we live in a society where married women, provided they don’t marry giant losers, often have easier, comfier lives. If that’s not appealing to you or you just hate all men, fine, but don’t act like being married is akin to being enslaved because that’s utterly retarded. You can work while you’re married too it’s not like you need to be trapped in the home if you don’t want to be

No. 1706473

No like she travels and goes out with her friends. The same things she would be doing if she wasn’t married. Sorry you’re this brainwashed by internet feminists that you believe being married is enslavement(tradthottery)

No. 1706475

nonna, im just reiterating your own scarethot/tradthot ideology back at you. the "redpill" moids they entangle themselves with demand prenups. ive already said this. this has nothing to do with radfem lit. either youre a hypocrite, or something about this threads snarky replies to anna or that tiktok struck a chord with you.

>>provided they don’t marry giant losers

look at who youre defending. you think you can guarantee this provision? kek(back and forth infighting with the autist)

No. 1706480

>Being married is just like being unmarried but with free money!
>You can do anything you want in a relationship where you're massively dependent on your partner's resources!
>Alimony and child support are infinite and for life!
>telling anyone to go outside

If you're not a shilling moid you have to be some sort of a romcom poisoned gigabecky. These ideas can only come from someone who isn't just unmarried, but also straight up never encountered marriage or any committed relationship outside of fiction (so either incel or femcel).

No. 1706484

I reposted to my original argument would not get lost and wouldn't seem like I was another anon

No. 1706485

You share money in a marriage, are you braindead or something? My mom has her own bank account and most married women do. You just sound incredibly stupid I don’t know what to tell you

No. 1706487

Who am I defending? attractive conservative women? Most of them don’t marry losers, sorry if this hurts your feelings

No. 1706490

nta but "most of them don't marry losers' lmfao @ most have you ever seen the kinds of people who frequent trump rallies?

No. 1706499

again this is about a "conservative" tiktok account, and she likely doesn't believe in the shit she spouts

No. 1706501

Trump rallies? In that case I guess we should judge all liberals by the weird losers that attend democratic socialist meetings(holy cow take a break youve been going at it for hours)

No. 1706503

I feel this is basically a mirror of "that cheating bitch will take half your money and your kids" posting from circa-2014 MRA triple divorcee's. people shouldn't take life advice from people who continuously fail to live good lives and are overly online, like this whole narrative is a too specific. This is 1st year psychology student psychoanalysis.

No. 1706504

t. single, unmarried and autistic

No. 1706515

Did anyone ever end up watching The Come Up (the Dimes Square-adjacent reality show)?

No. 1706558

Yeah I saw it. None of the cows appear in it.

No. 1706603

Bitter sperging of old childless hag, it's so blatant that she is jealous of these younger, more attractive girls and trying to tear them down for her own flimsy ego. Makes me sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1706611

Why do men like to deny cheating and bad marriages happen? Are they trying to pull wool over women's eyes so they can interact and pump and dump? So afraid of letting women know their true bad nature because then they will not get any interaction or ass. And yes, even on the RW side, there are a lot of men who do cheat, peer over at their friends' young daughters, leave their wives for "rightwing porn stars", and worse, love to tell women to get married but are puas who get a harem and pump and dump while not settling until 50. Double standards.

No. 1706616

>nta but the issue imo is that you don't need to make up a scenario where your political opponent ends up abused and sad to prove your worldview correct
The entire point is that tradthottery leaves you with no recourse in case of abuse and entirely at the hands and mercy of a moid. You don't need to make up a scenario, because if you're not an intentionally dense moid, you've seen how this plays out.

>subservient to a boss
My boss gets 40 hours a week of my labor. She doesn't live in the same house I do, she doesn't know what I spend my money on, she can't comment on any choices I make, she can't wake me up in the middle of the night for sex, she can't threaten to destroy my reputation in my local community, and she doesn't even get to see my face outside of the once a month zoom call. She can't take away my livelihood for arbitrary reasons, she can't take away my livelihood because she doesn't like me anymore. And if she fires me, I can find an equally well-paying new job in less than a month because I don't have a ten year gap in my resume in which I was some moid'd bangmaid. Good luck finding an equally well-paid new moid willing to take in and buxx a filthy "single mom" if yours ever decides he doesn't want to keep you anymore! Receiving compensation for your labor is not "being subservient", retard.

No. 1706631

The moids are trying to drag the Larsen tiktok to tradcon women because it has truth pills about male nature.

How if males inherently see "men are better than women" and don't treat women as a person but only like female utility, when she gets sick, ages, or isn't a perfect fantasy Stacy and makes mistakes sometimes, he's gonna be harshly abusive on her.

What's worse, redpill males. They will larp as a Christian to try and snag a young willing tradcon girl then play trp strategies on her and try to start his plate spinning after marrying her as a trophy.

She's just saying these facts and it makes redpill moids mating strategy fall apart.(sage)

No. 1706639

File: 1669125788769.jpeg (176.09 KB, 993x2048, killtoparty.jpeg)

What the guy she's replying to looks like

No. 1706668

Please. Men are simple creatures. The same men who are abusive to an older or sick woman will also be abusive to a younger hotter one. It’s not like a man suddenly turns abusive just because his wife gets a wrinkle or needs chemo

No. 1706674

Married and divorced women as a whole reap more societal benefits than women who’ve never been married. It’s just how it is. You can argue all you want it won’t change how society views each subset of women

No. 1706680

Holy crap when did this thread get more and more tradtarded misogynists? You don’t belong. Go back to frog twitter

No. 1706681

>Being married is just like being unmarried but with free money!
Yes that is what it is, if you don’t marry a loser. Sorry about your retardation preventing you from seeing the world clearly

No. 1706690

I didn't realise this thread was full of lonely women who hate that other women can be happy and married. i travel more than my unmarried friends who are always complaining about the men they date and how they hate their jobs(Bait)

No. 1706692

Go away newfag

No. 1706772

Must be some "benefits" that only matter to single autistic tradthots, since it's definitely not stuff like earning potential.

No. 1706784

Tardthot cope before
>I don't need no money and career and travel, I have family!

Tardthot cope after
>a-actually I live just like the childfree hag wine aunts!

That was fun, now go back to making those 100 posts per day in your kiwi thread, or seething to your "unmarried friends" on discord.

No. 1706786

>That was fun, now go back to making those 100 posts per day in your kiwi thread

No. 1706798

what point are they trying to make? even through my golddigger with a very socially conservative upbringing glasses on there’s no way to deny the reality of what enforced obligations and responsibilities marriage brings disproportionately to women. is this person living in the fake 1900’s happy housewife fantasy or totally ignorant of statistics regarding how marriage actually shakes down for the average women.?

it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s facts .everything has negative bits no matter how bad your need to make up single women in your head to dunk on is.

No. 1706799

nobody is hating on women for being married and nobody cares about your friends

No. 1706807

No. 1706825

The video was shit. I understand the need to inform women on the risks involved when you choose to be financially dependent on a man, but the weird cuckqueen scenario she invents as an example was really unnecessary. It makes her come across as emotionally compromised.(sage)

No. 1706852

File: 1669145810673.png (257.27 KB, 420x440, 1666859864961987.png)

this thread…

No. 1706861

File: 1669146776681.jpg (209.9 KB, 1170x1697, stalemilk.jpg)

This is what the lack of milk does to a thread that attracts a bunch of conservatards. I looked through everyone's profiles and best I could find was Dasha once again pretending she has thoughts and interests in something other than moids thinking she's fuckable, but it's from days ago.

No. 1706874

One thing that's always fascinated me about Dasha why keeps up the 'belorussian' larp even though she's been in close proximity to Anna for years, so must at least see how others react to how ridiculous anna's larping is, if not feel/think it herself.

Like she must see how anna's pretending to be 'russian' (among a host of other things), has rendered her a complete laughing stock in most circles, even amongst RS fans. I've come across people only dimly aware of RS yet are aware of Anna being one of the worst examples of American middle class, narc. identitartianism.

Why would you see how much of a fool Anna makes of herself and want that for yourself?
Baffles me as to why she keeps it up, Anna is an unsavalgable wreck of a human being whose desperate ethno larping is all she has in her life to make her feel better than others, but you'd think Dasha would run a million miles from this kind of embarrassing behaviour after seeing it up close.

No. 1706890

after that dna test they were this close to openly starting dasha’s poor baltic german catholic genteel lady larp, along with her trying to make it into old New York circles she’d have no clue how to navigate

No. 1706900

the dirtbag left are just spermy, masturbatory, brooklyn brocialists that are too lazy and/or stupid to bother understanding real economics and policy

No. 1706903

I checked Anna’s twitter and I didn’t realize she has 122K followers. Kind of disturbed by that

No. 1706921

What are real economics and policy lol

No. 1706926

File: 1669153232523.png (482.24 KB, 1584x1024, BAPonwomen.png)

The problem is that the types of men Anna has gone out of her way to pander to and to call "the great genius writers of our age" are exactly those who see older women, women's rights and participation in public life as a threat to civilization. Do I think she's projecting? Sure all that girl said was that she isn't liberal and that was an oddly specific scenario to make up about her future prospects. What I think she's intending to say is that women need a sense of identity and purpose outside of their marriages and outside of being the object of male desire, and tardwives and scarethots center their identity around exactly that, it's why A&D couldn't criticize Dworkin without essentially going "she's an old jealous hag" and it's showing with how Anna responded to this video too. Do you think these kinds of men who A&D make excuses for- the ones sexualizing teens, fetishizing anorexia and submissiveness are not definitely more likely to value you for attributes that can fade when you age or fall ill that are easily replaceable? Or a moid who doesn't think teens and young women whose brains haven't even fully developed should be marrying men almost 20 years older, thinks women deserve equal opportunities, do belong in public life and in academia, and they can be wives and mothers but they have a sense of self that isn't entirely dependent on these roles. She never told women not to get married, so the derail around that is stupid. If she had targeted this video not at non-liberal women it would've been received entirely differently, because we do see this brand of pickmeism and tradthottery in these threads with the moids these women act like simps for, even if they are too old for them.

No. 1706952

please, go back to twitter with the rest of your scrote-huffing kind.

No. 1706953

>that redtext
lmao, good to know the very very happily married traddies here are really just autistic and jobless while posting literally all day. nice larp

No. 1706954

Probably something that's not "capitalism bad, also paying everyone to exist will solve every problem"

No. 1706960

Imagine listening to anything a seed oil ray peat retard has to say. This is like funneling the retardation of one retard (ray peat) through another retard (BAP), akin to some sort of human retardipede.

No. 1706967

When are we going to talk about actual leftists and not washed up anorexic 30 something right wingers

No. 1706970

She is (hilariously enough) not wrong. But as usual, her lobotomy tier observations are not suggesting what she thinks they're suggesting.

Smoke and mirrors aside, if any of these "geniuses of the past" (Neetche, Schopenhauer et al) existed today, they'd be dime a dozen textwalling lookism/reddit incels at worst, and ersatz daddy youtubers/podcels at best. The only thing they had going for them was lack of internet. Their takes are very basic, visceral mommy-resentment coping process every puberty stricken moidlet arrives to independently. The basic response of an adolescent male confronting his sexually dependent nature, written down as verbose cluster B screeds.

Indeed, that makes BAP their equal - not as a compliment to him, but as an insult to them.

No. 1706971

File: 1669157707573.jpg (108.56 KB, 1169x1182, Fgp6wWbXgAA8prY.jpg)

been asking this for at least 15 threads. a&d don't identify as leftists anymore and none of this shit matters. unless we feel like posting about rs and ct (and chapo??) 2016-2020 cringe leftist shit in response to them acting smug and pretending they've always been the way they are now. everyone else is cringe, not me. just grill bro.
for example, remember when nick mullen said the wi spa tranny thing was faked by rightwingers to besmirch heckin transwomen? that was in 2021.

No. 1706975


These threads began when the cows were "dirtbag leftists". Of course they're not real commies. Real commies are mocked in the breadtube thread.
"Leftcows" is just a little more concise than "retarded BPD wannabe art hoe pickmes from some inbred area in NYC (whose ideology changes every 24 hours), also some ugly jewish incels who like cum".

No. 1707039

cumtown and chapo = NPR afterdark

No. 1707041

when leftists make enough money that their friends get jealous and start dishing dirt (never)

No. 1707042

yeah nick got captured and got off his carlin track truth-telling.

No. 1707077

he's been an AGP in various stages of denial, only now beginning to approach acceptance, for ages.

No. 1707087

File: 1669166510272.png (57.37 KB, 730x510, matthew fic.png)

kek why did matthew make dasha asian in his fanfic about her? he writes some really unflattering stuff about her character and the relationship with his self-insert. and dasha is getting defensive about it on reddit, so perhaps it hit a nerve.
also i archived it in case matthew nukes it https://archive.ph/oImRg

No. 1707095

bullying men is cool tho, hopefully she'll put her cig out in his raspberries next time

No. 1707134

File: 1669171562044.png (70.4 KB, 474x766, ce623fd3736acabf2783211f3431f4…)

this is actually a funny read imo

No. 1707205

The only people remotely classifiable as leftist that are commonly discussed here are Chapo. All the rest are too stupid to be anything political.

No. 1707218

Oh ok cool haha

No. 1707257

File: 1669190416832.jpg (382.72 KB, 1080x1484, scarecel.jpg)

Gonna happen when Dasha's career takes off and Eli stops pretending him and Anna aren't together (any day now)

No. 1707302

ily nonna. I remember learning about some of Nietzsche's non-gender related ideas as a kid and not understanding why he was so famous because it was all common sense to me even then.

No. 1707337

Ok. I never said women need to marry old men when they’re barely into adulthood, don’t try to pin that on me. and yes my point still stands the same losers who are abusive to “old hags” are also abusive to younger hot ones, especially in the context of a romantic relationship. Look at all the women who dated older men when they were 18-22 they almost all have bad stories about how these men tried to control them or verbally abuse them. It’s rare for a man to just BECOME crazy abusive or controlling just because his wife got old. Stop taking random tweets, from men who aren’t even married, at face value

No. 1707339

You’re here the same amount retard

No. 1707340

This post is mooing like crazy

No. 1707341

> She never told women not to get married, so the derail around that is stupid
LOL no, just bitterly told a young pretty woman the man she marries will cheat on her as soon as she gets old. As if she can predict the future. The narcissism is insane. Go join this Larsen hag on tiktok in her quest to emotionally abuse women for not having the same political standing already

No. 1707344

Mods ban this hateful larping moid which keeps coming back to lie that "men don't cheat" and trying to downplay redpill male nature.

No. 1707347

Lots of married men stray and prey on younger girls. Also, to highlight true male nature, is a post from a RW young lady: https://www.reddit.com/r/exredpill/comments/w8b2z9/comment/ihopl1z/

>Her husband lost his job and found the red pill guru Rich Cooper

>Started being mean to her and playing TRP games instead of making effort to show his affections or "that's my good girl" her and hug from behind as she wash dishes.
>Even started flirting with other women when they were in public, Game as TRP says, to assert he has options
>His tactics got so bad she got low self esteem and stopped trying to look nice for him for a while
>Eventually divorced him and now lurks on the sub

Yes even the "Good Men" have these same 3 base desires, why don't you introduce your "good men" to The Red Pill, Rich Cooper, Andrew Tate, see he will definitely adopt the Spinning Plates, and Amused Mastery techniques there. If you're scared to try that experiment, it means you know deep down it will change him because all Men have these 3 base desires, no matter how harsh or immoral, especially females who believe in "Good Men" and ignore the 3 base male desires & male nature. Men are natural assholes and bad boys because of these 3 base desires. They will be at some point even in a marriage once they realize and fully acknowledge the base 3.

No. 1707348

I never said men don’t cheat. You’re genuinely retarded

No. 1707350

Mods ban this retard for sperging about red pill bullshit

No. 1707357

Root causes of misogyny and male supremacy:
1. Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior. "The main purpose of Man is to spread his seed" is code for "maxxrape maxxreap as many women as possible for beauty variety and pussy".

2. Believing men are better than women, that men are just made and born more superior in all shit they do, that men have more worth and value "potential" than women, biologically and naturally. Aka "might is right".

3. Not believing that women are people too, but just "eye-candy decorations and window dressing which are quiet, passive, docile, with little functions and abilities to ever be as built as that of a man". In order for men to treat their partners this way, they must first dehumanize her in his mind to feel ok treating her this way.

4. Wanting women to always have less rights than men, so that men can feel superior and smug about it, and be better than women so they can control them for sex. Contrary to popular belief, men do not have women's best interests at heart deep down. Most men are nihilistic and selfish, not benevolent and fair and chivalrously whiteknighting. Man's primary goal is stated in #1 already, imagine combining that lust for cooming with a greed for dominance and power and money, just so you can maxx out your coomer dreams and get a harem while trying to get rid of women who are over 30, "ugly" women, and every girl who isn't a barely-18 fantasy Stacy. How will Man's rapey and "might is right" male supremacist mindset like that, ever benefit women or be considered as "women's best interests"?! Providers and protectors my ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1707358

That whole thread with all the women rallying around her proves my previous point that society respects divorced women more than never-married women. “but she was financially dependent on him” lol literally go tell the divorce sob story to a few neighbors and suddenly she will have a job, guaranteed

No. 1707360

> Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior.
The average marital age gap is 7 years. Old men aren’t marrying virgins 40 years younger than them. Shut the fuck up already

No. 1707362

Divorced women deserve respect too, only redpilled men will imply that they are crazy and should be shamed.
Stop lying, dude. The redpill communities have exposed this all the time.

No. 1707364

You are so fucking stupid. If it was male nature then why the fuck don’t more marriages have crazy age gaps? Age gaps of 20 or more have an average shelf life of less than 5 years. So much for worshipping younger women, guess they don’t really value them all that much after all, otherwise these way younger women wouldn’t be asking for a divorce less than 5 years in

No. 1707365

I think I smell moid in here.

No. 1707366

Stop lying man, a lot of redpillers have admitted they got large age gap marriages and LTRs, there are lots of middle-aged and 40+ men who only date 18-25, Woody Allen, Leo DiCaprio, Billie Ellish and her new bf, not to mention the plenty of average men who also do.

No. 1707368

Oh wow, some casual celebshit relationships have age gaps. This disproves everything I’ve said about marriage in general. Yeah ok

No. 1707370

>Look at all the women who dated older men when they were 18-22 they almost all have bad stories about how these men tried to control them or verbally abuse them
Lots of older men do try to date younger women

No. 1707371

> not to mention the plenty of average men who also do.
Yet no ring for these women. Wonder why. Oh maybe because these men actually don’t value younger women that much and you’ve been duped into believing they do

No. 1707373

Yet NO MARRIAGE. Almost like they don’t value these women that much and are just looking to use them. The majority of men who actually want to get married aren’t going that much younger. Get over it

No. 1707374

Yes, older men are mostly just using younger women as plates to spin. Once they're 30 or "hit the wall", those men dump them and they are left unmarried with more baggage and no ring, sometimes with children out of wedlock. That is perpertuating the single mother and post-wall singles cycles.

No. 1707375

As a manosphere man, why are you admitting this? You're to say that all men are good and faithful, and would never use women for sex? If not how will you ever encourage more women to find a man?

No. 1707382

Why are you evading the point that these same men don’t value younger women that much? If they valued younger women or 18 year old virgins so highly why aren’t they immediately proposing and giving them a beautiful house and whatever they want?You’ve been duped into believing men worship younger women because you lack actual real life experience and just believe losers online who claim that old losers only want to marry women 40 years younger than them

No. 1707383

What the hell are you talking about? Shut
up retard

No. 1707386

Liz Bruenig's Messiah complex is worsening, I fear. On the latest Bruenigs pod she attributes the last two botched executions in Alabama that she was present for to the power of her prayer, casting them as a mystical experience of God testing her faith and reminding her of eternal salvation and life after death. She believes her finding out that the second execution was called off at 11:11PM was an allusion to John 11:11 ("After saying these things, he said to them, 'Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I go to awaken him.'")

No. 1707388

You as a redpill man can admit that older men don't value younger women that much but for sex and men can cheat, then why is it so wrong for an older woman to warn younger girls of men potentially breaking their heart?

No. 1707390

Im not a man and I’m not red pill. Shut up

No. 1707393

The smart ones who date way older men are just sugar babies using these men for their money temporarily, not much is lost if the guy “dumps” her, she can just get a job like everyone else and be with a guy closer to her age

No. 1707394

Most average men practice redpill strategies and game in their dating, you must be an incel if you don't. These rp stuff teaches men to pump and dump women, spin plates, break up with them if they are going to be 30, and make post-wall single women and single mothers. They also have redpill for LTR and marriage, even encouraging the man to train her like a dog to get what you want, and text her 2 times when she texts you 3, the 2/3 rule.

No. 1707395

Isn't she about the age of the average schizophrenia onset? If she gets any worse it'd be irresponsible for the people around her especially her husband not to intervene.

No. 1707396

Again I’m not a man retard. I don’t care about some fringe philosophy for retards. Most red pilled losers are literally just incels larping their fantasies online it’s barely even real. You likely are an incel if you’re a man and you believe all men are doing this retarded shit when they’re not

No. 1707397

>most average men
> break up with them if they are going to be 30
How are there so many women over 30 married or in relationships then? You’re literally retarded

No. 1707398

> They also have redpill for LTR and marriage, even encouraging the man to train her like a dog to get what you want, and text her 2 times when she texts you 3, the 2/3 rule.
Are you a teenager or just autistic? What is this? Who cares if a married man only texts his wife twice? Literal dumbest shit I’ve ever heard thanks for the laughs

No. 1707400

the "nick is trans" shit is as funny as the "nick is gay" posting from 2018 btw

No. 1707401


No. 1707403

He talks about being molested by an older man when he was young, he is bi at the very least

No. 1707404

so lesbians who've been raped are bi? what

No. 1707405

You must be new here, or mad you got owned. mods don’t nuke a thread just because people are arguing

No. 1707406

It’s a common phenomena with men who were molested as boys for them to be sexually confused

No. 1707409

you smell moidy

No. 1707410

Ok so you’re mad you got owned in the argument. Go whine to the mods more loser

No. 1707414


No. 1707418

Exactly. In my country we call it "adolescent maximalism", except he was solidly middle aged and malding at the time of writing most of his work kek

No. 1707421

No, the redpill says there are a lot of women over 30 and single. Don't lie dude. You cannot deny most men are not using redpill game these days. They absolutely are, like you pointed out older men do not value younger women much since most dump the girls after a while.

No. 1707427

Mods ban everyone who doesn't sage despite having nothing to contribute in milk besides opinions no one cares about.

No. 1707428

Can the farmhands ban this moid from the site who keeps on pretending he doesn't know TRP and wants to trick women into getting married and fall for men's dual mating strategy?

No. 1707430

Please shut the fuck up. You’re literally spinning off into another planet with this shit

No. 1707436

Imagine being this brainwashed by incels. If a woman is single over 30 it’s usually because they chose that life, not because no one will date her

No. 1707437

No, you have to stop being an arrogant man who denies the red pill and that women can have it hard in marriage too, and men leave women halfway at times. You as a man, have to stop denying that men hate older women and call them names, men cheat, older men use younger women as plates, single mothers and post-wall cat ladies are created by uncommitted abusive men, and being a submissive "good wife" doesn't change male nature.

No. 1707438

The women leave them, not the other way around. Red pill is a piece of shit movement populated by retarded incels. They get so many things wrong it’s insane

No. 1707439

Im not a man. I don’t know if you are one but you are for sure an ugly piece of shit brainwashed by red pill Incels so whether you’re a man or woman it’s still pretty retarded what you are saying

No. 1707441

>Bitter sperging of old childless hag, it's so blatant that she is jealous of these younger, more attractive girls and trying to tear them down for her own flimsy ego. Makes me sad
>I didn't realise this thread was full of lonely women who hate that other women can be happy and married. i travel more than my unmarried friends who are always complaining about the men they date and how they hate their jobs

You are contradicting

No. 1707442

You are a man, a redpilled incel who is just changing up his answers and and denying only because you and your manosphere and your male supremacy got caught

No. 1707443

Yes men refer to other men as incels all the time lol you’re so right. Fucking idiot(infighting)

No. 1707445

Shut up moid, you are just co opting language because you want to blend in and larp. You as a redpill man can admit that older men don't value younger women that much but for sex and men can cheat, then why is it so wrong for an older woman to warn younger girls of men potentially breaking their heart?

No. 1707446

>Bitter sperging of old childless hag, it's so blatant that she is jealous of these younger, more attractive girls and trying to tear them down for her own flimsy ego. Makes me sad
>I didn't realise this thread was full of lonely women who hate that other women can be happy and married. i travel more than my unmarried friends who are always complaining about the men they date and how they hate their jobs

No. 1707449

I read that mess of a thread out of curiosity. It reads like a troll post but if not, this woman is retarded for hitching her wagon to a broke guy. That was her first mistake. If you can’t find a financially stable man then don’t bother marrying. She should’ve immediately filed for divorce the moment he made her “sleep in the garage for crying”. She sounds like a moron, I don’t feel bad for her. The guy treated her like dogshit 100% because he was poor and ashamed of it

No. 1707450

>male supremacy

No. 1707452

>The women leave them, not the other way around. Red pill is a piece of shit movement populated by retarded incels. They get so many things wrong it’s insane

Most marriages don't work out for women after all. What's the point of getting married if most women leave by 30? Means that it wasn't worth it

No. 1707453

You are a male supremacist, if not why would you believe women need to keep a man just to have value?

>Bitter sperging of old childless hag, it's so blatant that she is jealous of these younger, more attractive girls and trying to tear them down for her own flimsy ego. Makes me sad

>I didn't realise this thread was full of lonely women who hate that other women can be happy and married. i travel more than my unmarried friends who are always complaining about the men they date and how they hate their jobs

No. 1707455

I'm glad this man will take over this lolcow thread bitches. Hopefully he spams the rest of the site soon

No. 1707458

Most of my friends date within 2-5 years of their age so there is nothing for me to correct. they’re not 20 anymore either, so your little gay theory that men won’t date women over X age needs some work

No. 1707459

That green text isn’t me. Wow you are absolutely retarded

No. 1707462

No it is you. You typed it out and said earlier about the tiktoker being jealous of younger women and how they are more attractive. You also talked about being married.

No. 1707463

No it’s really not and you don’t have to be man to see the tiktok woman was jealous of a hotter woman and made up some stupid revenge narrative for her. Sorry you’re too stupid to figure it out

No. 1707464

So you are admitting that you think >Bitter sperging of old childless hag, it's so blatant that she is jealous of these younger, more attractive girls and trying to tear them down for her own flimsy ego. Makes me sad
>I didn't realise this thread was full of lonely women who hate that other women can be happy and married. i travel more than my unmarried friends who are always complaining about the men they date and how they hate their jobs

No. 1707465

Can the newfag learn to sage

No. 1707466

Sage your shit retard

No. 1707467

>so your little gay theory that men won’t date women over X age needs some work

Why would the older woman be jealous then, if her dating pool was still fine enough?

No. 1707468

>Imagine being this brainwashed by incels. If a woman is single over 30 it’s usually because they chose that life, not because no one will date her

Then why would the older tiktok woman be jealous?

No. 1707471

The tiktok woman is literally like 50 so yeah obviously she will have less options, most men in her dating pool are married or don’t bother dating anymore. If you think she’s only like 30 then you’re dumb as shit

No. 1707472

she's her boyfriend's backpack, seemingly a full-time job

No. 1707474

Type sage in the email field samefagging retard.

No. 1707475

The whole Ray Peat shit is so blatantly amerifat/midlife crisis moid it actually repulses me. No wonder scarethots and malding gymcels find it so appealing.

>Hyperthyroidism don't real, it's very good aktually

>Hypervitaminosis A don't real, it's very good aktually
>Just eat nothing but sugar and fat, but make sure it's pig lard not s*ed oils
>Muh estrogen is the reason I'm aging

We get it, you're so obese you would actually like to have a condition that makes you lose weight uncontrollably so you can drink corn syrup and eat bricks of butter. Peak amerifat aspirations.

No. 1707476

So you do admit men don't date older women and prefer younger girls. That is red pill

No. 1707477

used to listen to red scare/cum town to pass the time like 2019-2020, once the pandemic was over and i started meeting them irl i needed an outlet for making fun of them

No. 1707479

The married men her age aren’t with way younger women. Maybe you think this because you’re a retard whose main exposure to “what men think” is incels fantasizing on red pill forums? Yeah I think so. You’re seriously a fucking idiot I can’t believe I even have to say all this

No. 1707481

No, you're the retarded incel. If younger woman have more options it is older men dating down with the guys around her age too. Stop lying, marriage is a trick for most women because a lot of men cheat, lie, go after younger girls, abuse, manipulate, and do redpill stuff. You can't deny that.

No. 1707483

No younger women have more options because a lot less men their own age are MARRIED. Fucking retard. When you’re a 50 year old single woman this is not the case anymore

No. 1707486

You are the fucking retard ugly man,
>Look at all the women who dated older men when they were 18-22 they almost all have bad stories about how these men tried to control them or verbally abuse them
Older men DO try and date younger women

No. 1707488

>Yet NO MARRIAGE. Almost like they don’t value these women that much and are just looking to use them. The majority of men who actually want to get married aren’t going that much younger. Get over it
>Yet no ring for these women. Wonder why. Oh maybe because these men actually don’t value younger women that much and you’ve been duped into believing they do

No. 1707490

Don't trust the man who says the redpill and manosphere isn't real. He is an incel trying to trick women and lying about the male nature.

No. 1707491

Ok I’ll act like a man since you seem to be convinced I am. I think you’re an ugly bitch who thinks men don’t want to date you because you turned X age. It’s actually just because you’re ugly and you will continue to be ugly when you’re over 30, unless you get facial reconstruction

No. 1707492

There has been a rise in manosphere activity the past few years, with the tate brothers and rollo tomassi leading men. More men are not having sex these days, of course they are going to be mad and do redpill.

No. 1707493

Finally, the incel has revealed his true colours.

No. 1707495

Get off this forum male and go back to r/theredpill

No. 1707496

You are ugly shit manlet who hates gynocentric society because you can't even get laid, and are now trying to convince women to get married because tradcon is the only way your male self is gonna get picked.

No. 1707497

Oh you’re British. More confirmation you’re ugly

No. 1707498

No one believes your crap about redpill not being real and average men not having harem fantasies and using women for pumping and dumping. They do, pua and manosphere like you are retarded scum.

No. 1707499

Fuck off from this forum, you are not convincing anyone your redpill denial

No. 1707500

Your true colors are ugly

No. 1707501

>harem fantasies
Oh look you’re catching on a little(infighting)

No. 1707502

Stop spamming this forum retarded moid, stop denying the redpill, stop denying most marriages don't work because men are redpill

No. 1707503

No, most average men fantasize about having harems, so they play with multiple women and spin plates

No. 1707505

>More men are not having sex these days
>even average men date younger and pump and dump young women
Ok so which is it retard

No. 1707506

Do you know what a fantasy is? Of course not your brain is a pea

No. 1707507

> i started meeting them irl
In what context?

No. 1707512

Beta soyboys like you are not having sex, the older pua and redpill men are using game to pump and dump women you retard.
A lot of men act out their fantasies. If not why is there tinder and hookup culture?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1707514

Here are some links, forums and books attesting to men's comments:

The Game by Neil Strauss

No. 1707516


These all show trp stuff and how many men comment on them and try to use them

No. 1707517

Wow. That's what she implied in her Atlantic pieces before but I can't believe she just out and said it.
they already took her twitter

No. 1707518

Most men engaging in “hookup culture” arent old men you retard

No. 1707522

Wow amazing. I wonder how many are incels and ugly losers trying and failing to get laid

No. 1707524

Tradthots should remain lobotomized for their own good, because when they do have some semblance of education they go schizo from cabin fever and the crushing weight of unfulfilled ambition.

No. 1707539

yeah, there are a lot of coomers and incels into this shit, so what
they can take themselves out of the gene pool with this garbage as far as society is concerned
like literally drinking wine and watching Netflix alone for the rest of your life would be better than an hour with one of these subhumans

No. 1707564

liz is 31 so schizophrenia probably would have exhibited itself already 5-10 years ago. she's just a psychopath who has enough money and a sinecure to stay deranged online like aimee

cabin fever is more accurate for these types. she likely has Help for her kids, so she can spend her days shut-in and doomscrolling on IG and twitter

No. 1707582

Eli pretends they aren’t together? Can you say more?

No. 1707651

No. 1707665

I think the troon is in here and you're all derailing arguing. I posted the video of the woman and the bap post. I wanted to discuss how the men the cows pander to are exactly the kinds who you would suspect would treat a woman like how the Larsen lady described in the video, because BAP exemplifies this pretty well with his ideas for instance. I don't think this is all males otherwise there would be 0 happy marriages with small age gaps, of which there are plenty. I never tried to pin anything on anyone, I'm saying that if you're going to look out for a moid who is most likely to do this to you, it's exactly the kinds these cows pander to. I wrote the thread as well and now people are arguing to threadlock, i mean i knew the Larsen post would be polarizing and there would be very different takes from women who think she's right and others who think she's just projecting, you both have a point. Calling her a hag makes you look like a scrote too, you will also be a hag one day, and these moids view you as a threat to civilization and that's what I'm saying. There are women who will throw you under the bus because admiring their ideology gets them more internet points, like the podcaster ana fetishists we discuss who talk about how all men want to fuck hot teens and make excuses for why we shouldn't expect any better from them. Now for the love of god, move the fuck on.

No. 1707672

This thread is so fucking boring now

No. 1707673

File: 1669233334736.jpg (317.74 KB, 1500x2000, 6979ac2092d8a8b8.jpg)

let's all make a generous donation to an autism charity

No. 1707677

she seems to be projecting but she's also correct

No. 1707689

File: 1669234374817.jpg (80.28 KB, 720x960, 1613720131694.jpg)

sorry can't anon, i'm all tapped out from donating to an org that turns progeria children's beloved pets into podcast cohosts

No. 1707719

moooooommmm….the girl who smells like earring backs is staring at me again….

related, does anyone have milk on the theory that Maddie directed Scary? even if it's dogshit i doubt dasha and her LoW eXecUtiVe FuncTioN have the follow-through to direct a feature - maddie's autistic ass on the other hand… also telling that Scary got a significant award/NYT writeup etc and dasha still hasn't bothered to make anything in the 3 years since

No. 1707762

Now that the cows are low on milk, we should start making fun of r/redscarepod posters. Lean times, tough measures.

No. 1707766

starting with the mods

No. 1707777

File: 1669239714669.png (91.58 KB, 1224x382, tsoiboi.png)

Anna trying to thread the shilling needle.

No. 1707780

File: 1669240134140.jpeg (173.06 KB, 828x1057, 52D35773-B581-4AB7-BFA5-4C62F7…)

Who is this insane pickme I see her get rt’d by scarethots and I assumed it was a troll parody

No. 1707784

MRAs will call gay people groomers then defend overt pedophilia lmao

No. 1707815

some skinnyfat wannabe-insta "luxury" influencer troll people like, sort of like ragecel trisha paytas

No. 1707824

File: 1669243309197.jpeg (356.64 KB, 1242x1103, DFBF1AF8-758D-47DA-8858-CA5655…)

I think she's republican and her videos are all extremely unhinged rants, she's been called out for racism and fetishization of other races several times too, doesn't surprise me that the cows like her. She's quite a cow herself actually. I think i first came across her videos when the remiliafag shills on twitter were posting a clip of her saying "if you don't get it i feel sorry for you" referring to their retarded "performance art" (there's nothing to get you orbit a pro ana fetishist pedo) so I watched one of her videos and she talks like an insane person and really fast. She's got some sort or body dysmorphia as well from being called fat or something and that's a recurring theme in her videos.

No. 1707873

Is there anything interesting about anyone not named Anna or Dasha or should anyone still in this thread just kill themselves before it's too late

No. 1707875

Do you guys think chaoticitgirl will stay off Twitter for good this time?

No. 1707883

Kind of coming around to Maddie too bad her Twitter makes her seem terminally moided

No. 1707885

File: 1669245957825.jpeg (773.46 KB, 1242x1435, 02DA0F25-9167-43DF-8235-4F5421…)

Who is she referring to? Jews?

No. 1707894

Troons I hope

No. 1707895

It’s really funny that no matter how much these right wing women simp for Twitter Nazis and trad incels all their replies are constantly calling them ugly or Jewish by the moid crowd they are attempting to impress. Usually I would call it sad but they kind of bring it on themselves. It’s like Stockholm syndrome.

No. 1707898

def the jews but considering balenciaga "trolled" Bernie Sanders by taking his logo and marking it up 10000% shes wrong as always

any milk on the mods? you get banned there for saying gay men shouldnt speak on womens issues yet posting for tucker carlson or bill oreilley esque rants against affirmative action are totally fine kek

No. 1707899

It will never be troons. Nyc left cows will shit on women, minorities, and gays, but never troons.

Trannies literally fund all of these peoples patreons. They are the ultimate paypigs. The fact that even neo nazi Fat Jack won’t badmouth troons say a fucking lot. Even catholic right wing Twitter sides with trannies who agree with them over say, abortion. Being a troon is the ultimate online brained behavior.

The legacy of chapo and cum town will be normalizing mtf troons pretending verbal sexual assault threats is humor. That’s it.

No. 1707917

Saw that. Made me feel sick to my stomach to read her reply which is a total overreaction I know but it just sounds like other women I've heard make excuses for men who are not [creepy/abusive/shitty/xyz] they're just [stupid/nerdy/stern/whatever]. I just hate to see it.

No. 1707935

Anna and Dasha talked about having her on the pod (as in they should have her on and I think they interacted on twitter but it wasn't a done deal) and then they didn't mention it again for months until recently (brought it up again and said it just kinda never happened, no further details).

No. 1707936

It seems she's abandoned the jew larp now for this, she does what ever get's her the most attention.

No. 1707954

Anna is against any kind of medical gender transitioning involving children. She says it's sick and bad on the pod all the time. She thinks it's stupid that conservatives publicly go after genderbending stuff like drag queens or start beef with adult trans personalities when the gender-therapy-for-children thing is sitting right there and does not have popular support.

She seemed fine with the idea of someone giving their daughter puberty blockers so they reach their full genetically-possible height before puberty stops them from growing taller ("Good for them" was her stance on that if I remember correctly). So maybe it's not a very firmly held belief about children and more something she wishes some conservative men would listen to her about. Dunno.

No. 1707984

most likely hsts and agp troids like the rest of reddit judging by their moderation style

No. 1708017

Gigabeckies have a different reproductive strategy. They'll accept being degraded if the women they don't like/are jealous of are degraded more. Think of it as enlisting beta males to destroy your sexual competition.

Now of course this never works out the way they expect, but that's the reasoning. It's also why ugly and/or old women are some of the cruelest enforcers of female gender norms worldwide (apart from safety, virtue signalling and other such reasons outlined by the dworkinposter).

No. 1708024

am i retarded her tweets never make a lick of sense to me

No. 1708027

Ah, infantilizing and retardifying the superior sex of logic and reason when there's an attempt to hold them accountable. A classic.

You just know that Anna will be some of the most repulsive boymom Karens you can imagine when her sperm vermin hits puberty and starts doing sperm vermin things.

No. 1708040

you’re not retarded, she just expresses herself really poorly. even when she’s making a point (seldom true), she’s unable to articulate it without drowning it in word salad. i think it’s got something to do with her inferiority complex, but all it achieves is making her sound stupid and reddit.

No. 1708045

her height is one of her many insecurities so this tracks

no, shes just a complete pseud. and this is another insecurity (her father Leonid was a renowned mathematician)

No. 1708058

considering she’s fine with things like child molestation or pre-adolescent anorexia, i’d assume that’s more rw pandering from her rather than any principled objection to performing irreversible medical procedures on kids. anna does not give a fuck about children or anyone else because she does not realize that other people are fully human.
like not to armchair psychoanalyze, but the super high narcissism thing didn’t surprise me at all

No. 1708220

File: 1669256524354.jpeg (82.4 KB, 539x640, 3562723A-9E6D-4410-A841-54DE48…)

Not sure when this pic was taken but lol at how much work she’s had done since. trying so hard to look hot now

No. 1708274

a g&g mod banned a bunch of people for twansphobia/terfism recently with no warning

No. 1708289

Trying to cram paragraphs of info into 240 characters isn't usually successful

No. 1708312

The definition of mousy

No. 1708314

damn troons can infest even private sub mod teams. they are truly a viral menace that destroy everything they touch

No. 1708315

only difference i notice in these photos is the lips, which is probably about a syringe of juvederm. they’re artificially larger in that first photo, but seems they’ve toned down in her recent pics. call me crazy but maddie hasn’t ever gone full cow, she’s sort of just “around” if someone could point me to where she’s been obnoxiously milky cos I’m always at a loss to why she’s here besides being in dasha’s horrible film

No. 1708318

No, you’re not. Everything she says is hot air

No. 1708321

There’s milk in previous threads. See her response to Caroline Calloaway when her dad died

No. 1708326

i’ve seen that and it’s pretty boring to me. that’s the one thing you’re stuck on? caroline calloway herself is a massive cow, who cares about defending cow on cow drama

No. 1708348

She's born to play Hollywood femcels

No. 1708368

She’s wearing way more makeup now. I think she started wearing dark blue colored eye contacts too to make her eyes look less bland and autistic, too bad it didn’t work. Possibly something with the nose? Imagine trying that hard only to look mid

No. 1708393

it's probably a bit in the upper lip, looks like nice work, which is practically miraculous for this thread. she hasn't really done anything besides be sort of generic looking and pretentious outside being one of the dasha enablers i guess

No. 1708485

The quote tweet of logo is good tho, I can't believe this pseud gets hailed as some sort of genius when all his takes are this tepid shallow bullshit

No. 1708495

She lost a ton of facial fat on her cheeks and under her eyes between these two pics, and looks like she got lip fillers that look like shit. She could just get cheek and tear through fillers, I think she's very cute on the younger pic, just needs some styling.

No. 1708532

A mousy 5'11"

No. 1708534

the lip fillers and lash extensions make her look uglier

No. 1708545

There is nothing wrong with the way she looks. If her being mousy looking and friends with dasha is what makes her milky, I don’t get it.

No. 1708550

maddie's lip work has become asymmetrical, like it shifted over time. not really nice work, or if it was when she got it it isn't any more which is too bad for her. I also thought it looked kind of toned down lately but the asymmetry is getting worse. guess that's a risk when you get work done though.

No. 1708574

can you please stop samefagging and defending a cow, Maddie's obviously not the milkiest of all but the delta between her self-perception ("sexy baddie with sassy tweets") and reality (awkward horse girl with groupon lips and autistic communication style) is classic cow. just laugh or scroll by, it can't be all dasha all the time in here

No. 1708575

it’s just milky that she’s pandering to scrotes with bad filler work and looking worse than ever, she looked better just being the mousy indie girl. but i know it’s about internalizing whatever pornbrained moids say so i still just pity her

No. 1708793

File: 1669329384673.jpeg (98.87 KB, 720x960, 3E1E570B-C827-4800-9C8D-FA342A…)

This gay scarethot from Twitter

No. 1708794

potential cow here, i think he called into the call-in episode about having a baby via surrogacy

No. 1708799

Too bad no faggot actually likes fucking chinks. What being at the bottom of the fuckchain does to a scrote.(racebait)

No. 1708936

Very tangentially relevant, definitely a cow (100% namesearches) but mostly because he’s an annoying faggot and not being a scarethot or in the downtown scene. TLDR is he’s a korean homo who came here for nyu, cuffed a rich middle aged/old husband (art dealer?) who he never talks about in favor of the 10 other dudes he’s fucking, and spends his days unemployed going to circuit parties and spewing retarded scarethot opinions. Now in (surrogate) father form, recently got into a spat when he joked about giving his newborn daughter her first bump in 18 (no shot) years.

Not for this thread but has a lot in common with ppl in the downtown “scene”

Did he really? What a loser lol

No. 1709009

She has that geeky stooped over posture that cancels out her height

No. 1709022

No. 1709026

File: 1669342474787.jpeg (560.51 KB, 1600x2000, EBF68EB2-C7A2-46F1-8FFF-493A48…)

Some years back, Anna was supposed to go on sexy unique podcast with Lara while she was in LA. Never happened. I honestly think Anna gets intimidated by women taller/ more attractive than her and ditches them kek

No. 1709149

I thought that was contratroons lol

No. 1709163

These threads have always been about the same cows as another anon told you. If you want to center them around different people you're welcome to start the next thread yourself

No. 1709427

File: 1669389827773.png (1.84 MB, 968x1518, chapo.png)

Does anyone care to recap this? Some sort of theil-branded quiverfull type thing? Red Scare also discussed effective altruism last ep.

No. 1709431

what in the lavender marriage…..

No. 1709446

Pretty terrifying, they named one of their daughters something like "Titus Invictus" and they plan to have at least 12 kids and make each of their kids have 12 kids in turn and so on down the generations until they've Genghis Khan'd themselves into being the primogenitors of the ubermenschen master race making up a majority of the worldwide population.

No. 1709563

imagine being those people, looking in a mirror, and thinking “our genes are fantastic, we must reproduce”

No. 1709576

they're all going to talk about effective altruism because of ftx

No. 1709583

File: 1669400701817.jpg (168.55 KB, 844x906, scarethotthreeway.jpg)

Two scarethots fucking the same troon? Is lesaulepleureur the alt of that horkheimerstan cow?

No. 1709604

Oh of course. I totally already memoryholed that.

No. 1709634

Liz kind of half-heartedly demurred when Matt insisted she was the reason all this stuff happen. But then, like you said, when it was her turn to talk she went on about the metaphysical, John 11:11, saying how she just prayed and prayed unceasingly, etc.

here's the ep if anyone wants it:

A lot of the episode is Matt Bruenig making his argument for why Liz's reporting on the botched executions is (in his opinion) the reason that Alabama has suspended all executions temporarily. Inmates are requesting Liz be their witness (one inmate took his brother off his witness list just to put Liz on it) and lawyers are using Liz's material in their cases (sounded like she's helping them). There was something about deposing the executioners to investigate why the lethal injections have been getting botched, which would reveal their names (a big no no) and is causing the state to pull way back so it can avoid that.

I remember when Liz was getting shit for her anti-abortion stuff after roe v wade was overturned and her defense being that she's just a writer, she didn't personally do anything, etc. But now it's something she won't get shit for so I guess the Bruenig's are comfortable taking some credit.

No. 1709786

File: 1669410745707.jpg (270.18 KB, 1080x1349, 316296778_191069553427814_1390…)

Hold up. I know this is a week old but i just got around to looking at this set on instagram and you totally cropped out the other half of the image with Honor Levy very awkwardly/obviously covering her belly. Honor's not getting fat, she's pregnant.

No. 1709852

highly doubt that nonnie, i think she's just holding her coat in a crowded bar. she's definitely put on weight but pregnancy is a pretty huge assumption to make from this pic

No. 1709865

Sorry, I didn't mean to tinfoil. Of course I don't know. Normally you wouldn't be drinking beer if you were pregnant but I've seen people hold drinks in photos before when they're keeping a pregnancy under wraps so that could go either way. I think it's a suspicious photo.
If she was visibly pregnant I suppose someone there would have spilled the beans, looks like a big room… but Anna kept her pregnancy secret for quite a while so it's not crazy that Honor could.
Wish I had footage of her reading, could probably see it better on stage if she does have a baby bump.

No. 1709882

lmao my thoughts exactly, at least in thiel trad couples both are gay

No. 1709927

nonnie there's literally a beer in her hand

No. 1709929

no one knows or cares who these people are outside of redditors i'm sorry

No. 1709959

File: 1669421394322.jpeg (557.9 KB, 2048x1820, dasha.jpeg)

I don't wanna get into sperging about her work or filters or whatever but she did not look like this a couple years ago and it's hard not to notice now. Also the Kaitlin Bennett hair is weirding me out.

No. 1709973

this is exactly correct. once you realize that tranny just means right-leaning upper middle-class white with expendable income everything all makes so much more sense.

No. 1709976

her hair always looks so unbrushed and greasy

No. 1709979

she looks cute as fuck here to be honest, i would date her in a second. i think she just lot facial fat from a combination of aging and pro-ana shit. if she just went all in on a cute mousey indie girl look she could look really nice instead of trying for a bizarre, unnatural yassification

No. 1709988

File: 1669422981992.png (2.99 MB, 1208x1476, Screen Shot 2022-11-25 at 7.23…)

for all the work dasha's had done it's striking how little her face has actually changed. she now looks like a polished, 40something lib mom version of a trollface, instead of a creepy little 20something trollface. there's no outrunning bad bone structure.

and Honor is the corollary - when you have good bone structure and a pretty face you can gain a solid 30 and still look better than an anachan with $10k in cosmetic work and $30k in designer clothes. life ain't fair, but it is funny.

No. 1709999

the most effective altruism that effective altruists could perform is skullfucking a glock

No. 1710016

File: 1669425007730.jpg (141.46 KB, 1052x1046, creeper.jpg)

Did they getting photobombed by a tranny?

No. 1710020

Jim Carrey looking ass kek

No. 1710024

I know it has been asked before but I still want to know why there are 4 drinks in this photo lol

No. 1710028

tranny was 4th mic confirmed

No. 1710047

we need a senate hearing on the why, how and what of anna's hairdo here

No. 1710048

Who's the woman on the right? She looks relatively normal and well-adjusted compared to Anna and Dasha.