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No. 1602227

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Some, like Dasha Nekrasova, have become TradCath LARPers.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

>75% body fat Jack and third rate AGP cry on a podcast >>>/snow/1585279
>Red Scare phoning it in by only doing interview episodes with c-list "intellectuals", still manage to keep their most valuable audience (weird lecherous straight men) >>>/snow/1585926, >>>/snow/1586482. Anons also find Anna's aborted attempt at fiction >>>/snow/1587495
>Liz Franczak (remember her?) allegedly related to CIA agents and defense contractors >>>/snow/1586095
>Bruenig continues to backpedal on abortion >>>/snow/1586712, claims she's being bullied >>>/snow/1588366
>The face of people who are definitely well-adjusted and living fulfilling lives (arguing about inane drivel on twitter) >>>/snow/1586832
>Mullen tries to pivot to mainstream comedy by following the Stav model of obnoxiously posting crowd work clips on TikTok >>>/snow/1587529
>Chapo and Chapo-adjacent shilling for Pritzker >>>/snow/1589706
>Glenn, when not shilling on Tucker Carlson, does PR for Alex Jones and is intractably online >>>/snow/1593510, >>>/snow/1596349
>More CumTown speculation over why they split >>>/snow/1595380

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No. 1602235

delete this. we're trying to weed off the selfposters and subreddit newfags.

No. 1602245

This thread has always had an extreme amount of self posters since the very first threads. Delaying making a new thread isn’t going to do anything

No. 1602261

File: 1659199311451.png (56.18 KB, 622x332, letsgo.png)

This is going to be so lit

No. 1602269

I also wish it had been held off a bit longer but whatever, the thread is dead on weekends anyway. the nonas are touching grass and the talent agents work mon-fri.

No. 1602276

having g4rbageape post in here is a new low

No. 1602288

I’m literally touching grass as I post this kek but yeah the threads are so dead on weekends I just figure the nonnas have better lives than me and are probably cuter than the seething cows give ‘em credit for too

No. 1602294

they aren't lol

No. 1602325

fuck off scrote

No. 1602340

File: 1659206629986.jpg (50.69 KB, 780x439, ancient philosophers.jpg)

ladies, please. take the weekend off.

No. 1602422

Cute, now get married

No. 1602459

I hope you posted this in the banners thread. Not that we will ever get new banners but a nonny can dream…

No. 1602462

No. 1602498

can someone explain how junker_jo fits into this whole scene? She doesnt make art or podcast or do anything but somehow is in these peoples orbit. I dont understand

No. 1602534


No. 1602566

I have no interest to DYOR but we’re any trad dirtbag leftist losers celebrating the fall of Roe? I could see Anna K. Championing it on an episode

No. 1602569

Dirtbags? Not publicly, though Liz B probably said some prayers of thanks in private. But a lot of the post-left and post-post-left freaks were happy. I don't even remember what Anna and Dasha said about it on the pod; I think they glossed over it and didn't say much of anything.

No. 1602585

They've been actively avoiding talking about it since the overturn aside from making some vague jokes about how rich people are the pro lifers now

No. 1602596

On the latest Chapo, Will got some digs in at "leftist pro-life Catholics" who were pivoting to "now the real work begins" rhetoric on welfare and programs to help mothers. Didn't mention Liz by name of course, the coward.

No. 1602602

Will and Matt intentionally don’t name the Red scare tradverse when they shit talk them as not to give them any more attention than they get, remember they have like 3 million normies subscribing to their paypig channel.

No. 1602607

Uhh it isn't about not giving them attention, it's about not directly naming their friends. They're all friends behind the scenes. The shit-talking is just kayfabe.

No. 1602611

Not sure about the Bruenigs but Chapo and Cum Town hate Anna and Dasha and haven’t done guest spots since like 2018

No. 1602669

ct doesn't hate anna and dasha lmao. nick and anna are still friends.

No. 1602670

I found this podcast Dasha was on 2 yrs ago; about 35ish minutes in she speaks about her eating disorder, loved ones worrying and health problems, not wanting to get better. Thought you'd be interested cause her attitude/openness here is worlds away from her current schizo mode.

No. 1602676

File: 1659228348596.png (518.26 KB, 964x692, amber is a chapo.png)

they don't go on eachother's shows anymore but they're all friends or at least friendly. this isn't a conspiracy, you can find them on other pods together or doing streams or popping up in eachothers insta stories. there's a lot of subscriber money at stake now, no one is trying to lose money by doing a guest spot because they alienate eachothers' fanbase.

No. 1602683

if you say so. nick said his coke issue started up again last year at pregnant anna's new years party.
dasha said a British actor she was hooking up with before OPN dumped her because his agent saw her proana social media content.

No. 1602685

that would be Robert Pattinson

No. 1602686

No. 1602692

File: 1659229529750.png (2.08 MB, 1244x3642, bad faith.png)

the episode of that podcast with ben mora is very funny to me, not to be a heretic here by complimenting something. the host is a fake trendhopper who centered a whole new image around becoming sober and acts like just doing that made her a fucking saint who is closer to god. at some point in the ep she told Mora she's drinking a lot of kratom and he very flatly says that is drugs / she's not really sober. not in a nice way or as a joke, it made things awkward before she redirected the conversation. I laughed.

No. 1602702

I got distracted remembering the al anonymous thing, forgot I even had that image attached but whatever it was for the thread too. was going to ask if anyone actually listened to that Bad Faith? is Bri just trying to get people mad at everyone's favorite radical leftist Norman Finkelstein, or does she have an actual position or what?

No. 1602719

Twitter I guess

No. 1602738

We are! I was touching grass yesterday and recovering today kek, beware of mixing drugs nonnas

Can you retards learn to sage? Jo is mutuals with a bunch of random RW guys, same as other calves here who don't produce anything other than milk.

No. 1602756

Your life sounds pathetic. Don't brag about mixing drugs

No. 1602767

File: 1659235563922.jpg (32.34 KB, 320x460, 051d2195d43ab43aed8dcad34d7294…)

the biggest surprise of the bruenig pod that was posted in the earlier thread was that liz and matt curse like sailors–or, more accurately, like picrel come to life. when breaking down the 10-year-old rape victim story, future first gentleman of the nation matt sounded like he was simultaneously karaokeing ben folds' version of bitches ain't shit

No. 1602876

File: 1659240403123.png (197.02 KB, 1188x686, mid off.png)

moldbug and pariah the doll are also filming scenes together, what is this movie about?

No. 1602881

File: 1659240476723.png (266.65 KB, 1188x1042, 4567ijhgfdrtyu.png)

behind the scenes of the remake of Freaks

No. 1602886

File: 1659240606977.png (195.18 KB, 1192x722, 45678ihgfdtyu8ijhjkjb.png)

a documentary about getting the ugliest thirstiest orbiters in one room, the creature itself agrees

No. 1602892

did betsey brown's actors (2021) leak anywhere yet? i want to see it i hope its as anti-troon as it sounds

No. 1602954

probably the Peter Vack and Ion pack movie.

No. 1602955

Was an extra today.

-Only 150 people or so extras coming and going. Not the 500-1000 Ion Pack promised. Not much of a list or line.
-Peter got into a fight with the Dimes Square blogger Michael Crumps yesterday in front of the entire cast and crew.
-Peter and his sister Betsey Brown torture each other publicly and openly. I heard a rumor they're into incest but I doubt it.
-One girl told me that Peter was rejected by a few Hollywood actors he asked to make cameos. Not sure who.
-Chloe Cherry wasn't chatty or warm with any of us.
-There was a scene today where an actor was tarred and feathered while everyone in the crowd encouraged to scream and called him a faggot and cuck. Heard a rumor that it was a personal vendetta.
-Moldbug was there.
-Dasha was checked out.

No. 1602966

>Peter got into a fight with the Dimes Square blogger Michael Crumps yesterday in front of the entire cast and crew.
>Dasha was checked out

Any more details? What was the fight about? so Dasha was rude or just drugged out?

No. 1602967

Oh and Nick Mullen and one of the MDE guys (not Sam Hyde but idk his name) was there.

No. 1602969

Something about apologizing to Betsey I honestly was kinda stoned and checked out most of the day. Didn't get paid.

No. 1602972

nick rochefort

No. 1602993

Thanks. Did you learn who turned down the cameos?

No. 1602999

thank you for the milk, nonnetta! hope you had a chill day lol. why didn't they pay you, were all the extras working for free?
whaaa? but CuMtOwN hAtEs dAsHa & aNnA

No. 1603003

Yeah it was marketed as a "three day filmed party" and not extra work lmao. I was bored.

No. 1603060

they told you all it's a three day filmed party, not work…

that's kinda fucked to be honest.

No. 1603063

File: 1659249106961.png (673.81 KB, 748x714, maddy on vack vs crumps.png)

Maddy weighs in on the mcrumps/Vack beef. Crumps went on Wet Brain to talk about it.

No. 1603103

1min clip of bruenig pod from a couple weeks ago. pivot to talking about their cats at the end of the show. it sounds like Matt doesn't really like them, and the way liz talks about them is weird.

No. 1603134

Why is Moldbug everywhere? Thiel funding on this project is confirmed I guess.

No. 1603143

Kind of “random” but putting a tarring and feathering scene in a movie is shit. One wouldn’t put a scene of someone being necklaced in a film.

No. 1603153

i’ve heard some really awful things abt chloe cherry unrelated to porn sets so i’m not surprised.

No. 1603155

that she’s a huge bitch, not that something bad happened to her, tho I mean…

No. 1603158

The commentary track for this film is going to be insane. I hope Vinegar Syndrome lets Yarvin participate.

No. 1603159

She also ran those Epstein Truther Meetups with Dasha.

No. 1603174

I wonder what happened to all the Bernie girlies who started listening to Red Scare in like 2018? Did they stop listening? Did they see frog frens physique posting and their pickme psyche was awakened? Is it just E-right shitposters and catty gays who listen now??

No. 1603263

>the hottest girls in nyc will walk up to you and exuberantly compliment your appearance
Lmfao this freak knows nothing about girl culture. Women hugbox troons and fatties, it’s an easy way to virtue signal and make friends bc they’re desperate for validation. When a true 10 with a great body comes around women don’t compliment bc they figure she knows.
Pity this poor thing, 6 months on hormones and one day making SAG minimum for nonspeaking on a schlock film and he thinks he infiltrated the inner circle of nyc hot girls

No. 1603267

I'm sure most of them went back to being libs

No. 1603346

Her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend are the producers. She is so catty.

No. 1603361

This has made me realise I don’t tell women they’re pretty unless I have to. Like if they express insecurity or a scrote treats them like shit and I want them to know that they’re above it. When a fat/ugly person calls themselves fat or ugly for a joke I just laugh.

No. 1603616

Right. Troons, fat women, and funky looking non-threatening girls get complimented by other women the most. It’s why D and A get their asses kissed by their e-army of gays and fag hags

No. 1603687

>Will got some digs in at "leftist pro-life Catholics" who were pivoting to "now the real work begins" rhetoric on welfare and programs to help mothers

This group of people is literally non-existent outside of the NYC rich hipster scene.
I thought Chapo was trying to be a legitimate podcast about American politics? It seems like they don't even understand what politics are like outside of the extremely tiny bubble they live in.

No. 1603724

fwiw Louisiana Democrats are infamously pro-life. They have an anti-abortion Catholic Democratic governor and their most vocal anti-abortion state legislator is a black Catholic Democrat.

No. 1603739

Dean Kissick continues dignified career path of hanging out with <25 dimes scenesters, hyper pop edition

No. 1603768

Extremely bad.

No. 1603773

File: 1659298750183.png (1.73 MB, 1226x3073, ana mardoll.png)

deleted twitter gossip

No. 1603774

Louisiana Democrats are far from leftist and they aren’t talking about welfare and programs to help mothers right now. I don’t think those are the people the Chapos are talking about, if they even know they exist.

No. 1603806

who is this person and why was everyone mad at them?

No. 1603842

File: 1659301573603.jpeg (210.63 KB, 750x1087, B0D6D37E-0E54-481D-AA56-987208…)

Cultural capital of the world

No. 1603845

this is absolute gibberish to anyone living outside of a ten-mile radius of lower Manhattan.

No. 1603860

praying it stays that way then

No. 1603867


that's his point retard, that it's fake bullshit

No. 1603873

File: 1659304002522.png (1.01 MB, 1222x970, bio.png)

ana mardoll is … well, just look at the bio lol. apparently they have been employed by lockheed martin for many years (15 years maybe, unconfirmed) doing some kind of remote work and on top of that they were a nepotism hire so it's all very funny. uwu wokescold enby author works for a military contractor.

No. 1603876

She tweeted that it can be ableist to say that you need to read a lot to be a good writer since some disabilities make it hard for people to read. For some reason people got really mad at this and ratioed her. The reaction to such an inconsequential tweet was overblown.

No. 1603879

they were an enormous cunt on Twitter to professional writers who recommended that aspiring writers read books because “that’s ableist”

No. 1603924

lol drunken canal hosted the screening

No. 1603928

File: 1659308954625.png (1.93 MB, 1202x1544, mattbors society.png)

damn she really pissed off everyone

No. 1603943

what is the medical condition? it is horribly cringeworthy and she needs humility, but if it's a legit disability I see why she'd stick around for those hours.

No. 1603965

some guy made an even worse song about dasha

No. 1603974

Anyone got more details on this film? Sounds really embarrassing.

No. 1604000

File: 1659313736732.jpeg (192.92 KB, 1284x469, helicopter.jpeg)

something to do with a surgery at 14 for scoliosis and not healing completely

anyway I regret posting about her, there's way too much lore attached to this person for this thread. like 50 pages of shit on kiwifarms and I'm just realizing she's also somehow involved in the scifi attack helicopter thing which I only know about because I listen to the Clarkesworld podcast and I randomly wanted to hear that story again one day but couldn't lmao

No. 1604013

I know the idea has been in the air since like 2017

No. 1604016

>under 300 views
is this self-promotion or what

No. 1604022

no I saw it on the red scare sub and thought it was hilariously bad and the guy seemed really proud. can’t tell if it’s a joke or not tbh

No. 1604023

File: 1659315210779.png (80.77 KB, 402x487, persecuted christian.png)

Elizabeth Bruenig, welcome to the intellectual dark web

No. 1604027

it will be funny if liz becomes a “herterodox” in bio person

No. 1604036

LMAO i hope Bones sues but sampling his song

No. 1604042


“ Ana Mardoll is most well known in the spheres of Twitter that talk about writing, especially science fiction and fantasy, and is notorious for a certain kind of strident social justice rhetoric that some people say just manipulates the language of social justice for his own clout. Most recently he said that it's ableist to suggest that you have to read in order to be a good writer. There was a whole Twitter discourse about this a couple of weeks ago (maybe last week? Who knows, time is a flat circle.) People think it's shitty that he works for Lockheed because Lockheed is a major military contractor which played a very significant role in the U.S. war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ongoing occupation of Palestine. They find it hypocritical for someone who crows about social justice all the time to be supporting the military industrial complex with their labor.”

No. 1604120

As someone who lives in that area, it's gibberish to 99% of people here, too. I've only ever heard of Red Scare and Cumtown from the internet, even though I hang out with a lot of young artsy types (though one of my friends mentioned Chapo IRL once, years ago)

No. 1604180

i can only imagine the music dasha inspires is the sound of brittle bones, vocal fry, and the clopping of secondhand designer shoes

No. 1604220

Yeah of the three podcasts normies would likely hear of would be Chapo, but like 5 years ago. Everyone else is a literal who.

No. 1604221

she’s catty for mocking peter and crumps? sounds fine to me.

No. 1604224

was pariah actually there? did he make a fool of himself

No. 1604231

Hi Maddie. Your boyfriend is producing and acting in the movie you're shitting on lol.

No. 1604279

First Moldbug. Now an entire episode worshiping Bronze Age Mindset. Two washed up RW faggots. Looks like Thiel is desperately trying to revive 2016 “energy.” I wonder how much lower they’ll go?

So she’s the type of that anorexic that strives for the negative attention and/or concern/pity.

No. 1604282

some of this is intelligible if you’re in a very specific and annoying nyc subculture. but I live here and there are tons of those. no one cares about the subcultures except themselves. obviously.

No. 1604351

lmao who is this unsaged moid whiteknighting this dumpster fire “movie”

No. 1604357

if i remember correctly, the hosts made fun of allegedly left-wing catholics who wanted to use the roe reversal to try and improve socaial safety pet programs in the US or housing affordability in the episode immediately after the dobbs decision. they didn't name breunig though
take this somewhere else, nobody cares

No. 1604432

To be fair, considering their reputations, I don't think anyone would openly admit to listening to Cum Town or Red Scare. Chapo is pretty normie the same way Rogan is. Both Red Scare and Cum Town (especially the latter) are too alt-lite for people to just namedrop.

No. 1604439

File: 1659372211065.png (396.03 KB, 1316x576, the adam friedland show.png)

you can't say cumtown because it has cum in the name. they've solved that problem with the name change and are now center left lol

No. 1604445

If the whole Adam Friedland Show falls flat into its face and causes the coup de grace, that would be the perfect cap to Cum Town. Five years of getting at least 20k a month for doing nothing is punished when they actually try to put effort into things. Oh and Stav getting metooed is definitely down the horizon.

No. 1604468

I was still listening to the rs podcast and might recap it for nonas here occasionally, but the bronze age mindset one lost me. not because I have strong feelings about BAP, I'm just not listening to a semi-serious review of a book that was self-published on amazon. that method of publishing should be reserved for obscure fetish pornography and, like, family biographies sent out before a big reunion. can't imagine buying it or caring about it unless I personally knew the bap guy.

No. 1604473

File: 1659374128628.jpg (44.56 KB, 1170x2080, 296600616_.jpg)

No. 1604477

Yeah, anon, that's the reason. Edgy artsy types are all secretly listening to red scare, they just think it's too risqué to namedrop! It has nothing to do with the fact that only backwater flyover dorks would ever find this jenga tower-recursion meme amalgamation of 2016 pepe meme magic and CCRU edgelordism (without the trannies of course!) new or interesting. These bitches haven't read a single book since they were 22, even the shallowest NY art hipster still demands more intellectual substance than they could ever provide

No. 1604505

File: 1659377042857.png (88.93 KB, 406x529, freak out.png)


No. 1604514

File: 1659378446117.png (725.38 KB, 640x1136, B3156793-BA9D-4E2A-8644-0763E2…)

No. 1604524

File: 1659379693883.png (227.97 KB, 1214x342, travel whine.png)

100% certain Liz is drunk shitposting at the airport right now

No. 1604528

i love the samefagging liz bruenig autist

No. 1604541

I'm pretty sure center left of media space was a Twitter Space that occurred when he tweeted that out

No. 1604554

Part of their “Adam Friedland Show” forced bit is insisting they do center left politics now

No. 1604555

that's SO funny because they're actually these dirtbag LEFTISTS who hecking love socialism

No. 1604558

Basically Peter Vack was trying to get him mto "say something he liked about the movie Actors"
Yarvin did participate Yarvin was there.

No. 1604560

I know this is extremely hypocritical for me to post this here, but people who get this mad at such insignificant tweets need to get a life.

No. 1604562

Stavros contributing $25 to Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign is legitimately more political action than either of the other two have done kek

No. 1604563

Nick knocked on doors for Bernie in 2020

No. 1604566

some scrote had a semi-viral unironic tweet a short while ago about how cumtown was like this great deradicalizer from preventing irony bros from going fash and instead turning them towards socialism. utterly pathetic and also immediately proven false by spending one minute on the dot org.

No. 1604569

who cares? it's all faggy and retarded

No. 1604577

that's a sane reaction but you can't convince a mardoll hater that xhe doesn't deserve every bit of backlash she gets. kinda like Liz B in that way (no one should care about the boring bitch but she's a big milky cow if you follow her)

No. 1604578

To be fair no one is going publish any of the writing in this sphere. And they themselves don’t even want to be published because that means they may have to compromise on their original vision.

The academic writing under BAP’s real name is actually good and if he kept down that path I’m sure he would have published legitimately interesting books, but no one is going to ever publish BAP the character and also preserve his artistic vision. It took a whopping 9 years to get his PhD at Yale even though he was, by many accounts, the smartest student in the program because his advisor was never satisfied with the edgy drafts of his thesis.

No. 1604580

Peter asked Crumps to be nice to Betsey about the movie because he saw him laughing while watching it. Crumps refused to speak and Peter said "i know this is hard for you but try to have a real conversation." then Crumps stuttered about his obligation to the trans community and all the extras took turns firing insults at him until honor levy begged everyone to stop being mean to him

No. 1604581

>he was, by many accounts, the smartest student in the program
sure he was lol

No. 1604589

Nona, I’ve already sucked his cock and don’t want to continue this but trust me political science students are not the brightest even at elite schools. It’s not at all shocking that someone who did math at MIT is a step above them.

No. 1604594

not true, adam is an influential millennial activist lol

No. 1604595

omg please for the love of god go back

No. 1604597

do you think I'm being serious?

No. 1604598

no you sperg. the whole comment is 2016 ct subreddit humor. omg nick is president of the dsa!!!

No. 1604603

I think you need to chill out

No. 1604607

Maybe for celebrities or self hating sjws- lots of people at my uni are aware of ct at least. 1% of the population takes media politics seriously- the rest just enjoy things that are genuinely funny. not trying to wk but cumtown isn’t really that shocking to well adjusted, non internet poisoned people.

No. 1604609

nta but how do you even know about cumtown without being internet poisoned? which like 90% of millennials and zoomers are anyways.

No. 1604618

ct isn't shocking but it is boring

No. 1604645

Where can I find BAP's academic work?

No. 1604649

Don’t want to doxx myself/others but I’m close with someone who was in the same grad program as BAP and knew him well, like actually was in regular contact with him. There is no way in hell he was the brightest in his program. He was mainly known for being a weirdo, extolling the virtues of nudity and walking around nude, and saying that he wanted to quit academia and join a paramilitary, although he had a semi-iconic moment where he referred to a professor as “Nietzsche’s last man”. I’m in the field and I would not recommend wasting your time on his work when there is legitimately good theory out there

No. 1604659

First of all don’t get it twisted, I despise everyone in these photos for their immoral and demented beliefs

(Talking about Alex’s War premiere photos)

Glen Greenwald looks like a drunk businessman who has gotten lost on a night out and doesn’t realize that the girls he’s posing with are making fun of him

Anna looks like a neo-tokyo doomer hooker in some cyberpunk film who later overdoses in a flying car from some kind of drug implant her cyborg pimp forcibly implanted in her brain

Amanda Milius looked great, could totally see her holding a handled jug of wine and a lyre like some kind of mediterranean goddess, needs to lay off the kabuki foundation though unless she’s going for goth vibes

Alex Moyer looks like a coked out nihilistic 1980s Miami hitman who is a secretly a lawyer by day or something.

Ariel Pink looked like a cannibal redneck methhead, what more can you say

Moldbug looks like a creepy love guru who’s trying to bring girls back to his van at a grateful dead concert

All the fat shaming about Jack on here seems like cope as he literally looks like a quarterback or a fuckin navy seal in these pics. (poast fizeek if you disagree) Though he is totally underdressed for this and is wearing the outfit of a drunk boomer chud dad at a barbecue lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1604662

File: 1659391347738.jpg (97.5 KB, 1080x1042, EzVulOqVIAobkYM.jpg)

thread is SHIT already. the lack of sageing and the samefagging __.png screenshot retard. a new /leftcow/ record.

No. 1604669

Kek if true. The ones who called him a genius were all fellow Straussians who are larpers themselves.

No. 1604680

No one has been particularly milky since Bruenig and Dasha self destructed at once. Allow new adjacent subjects or let the threads die imo

No. 1604694

Does he ever shut his mouth? There's an English Twitter troon who does the same mouth always open thing. They obviously think it's a sexy ladee thing

No. 1604699

He's a mouth breather

No. 1604702

no one cares about liz bruenig let's focus on the new cows like dollpariah

No. 1604705

If this was him in the latter of half of his 20s, I assume a mellowed out version of himself, I wonder how much of a freak he was before grad school.

No. 1604727

Everyone under 40 is internet poisoned retard

No. 1604729

the oldest millennials are 42 retard

No. 1604746

The shit he published about south america is pretty fucking terrible too

We even got a "that's fake and gay" RWer. These moids need to either gtfo or integrate hilarious that they have the gall to complain about non-integrating immigrants when they can't stop themselves from smearing shit all over the walls wherever they go

No. 1604785

>(poast fizeek if you disagree)
sir this is a lady forum for adult female women

No. 1604807

Adam serving the armed forces of Israel is much more than anything anyone from CT, Chapo and RS has done.

No. 1604809

navy seals don’t look like that

No. 1604817

Nice try Carl

No. 1604828

He's been credibly doxxed as Costin Alamariu, a former Yale adjunct. Not sure why people itt are skirting around the name considering they're all obviously talking about the same person. Been out there for a quite awhile too.

No. 1604833


I'm confused, why is she debating abortion with Phil Leotardo?(learn2sage)

No. 1604866

not the nona you replied to but you made me curious as well and I am shocked to report it has a very high Patreon ranking (like top 10 all creators) and a very high Spotify and Apple Podcast rating especially if you sort by comedy so seems like anyone who knows what a podcast is could stumble onto it pretty easily. I know listening to podcasts implies a little bit of internet poisoning but I think it's almost mainstream now? patreon up 10k this month so I guess their plan is working.

red scare patreon trending down 4k from their peak a few months ago, alt right niche internet pivot not working as well.

No. 1604874

>alt right niche internet pivot not working as well
Who'da thunk?
Though with regards to Cum Town, they've slowly been trimming their edge off to the point that they're no different than edgy youtubers now. They also only grew during the pandemic and I'm sure they're sole appeal is as a friend simulator rather than actually being entertaining.

No. 1604904

Libgen or it’s many mirrors last I checked. Just search his name Costin Alamariu. If anyone still doubts that Costin is BAP I think the thesis is definitive proof. Same ideas are covered, and the writing style is a dead giveaway.

No. 1604909

yeah I know plenty of normal people who listen to cumtown I don’t really buy the whole “I live in Manhattan and these people are virtually unheard of” schtick

No. 1604915

File: 1659420540048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.13 KB, 1799x1030, mk9iq12rb7f91.jpg)

Here's the first look at the "new" and "improved" Adam Friedland Show in video. They promised that they'd be fully up and running for this Sunday's episode but at this rate I doubt it. Also they're sinking years worth of rent into this studio space.

TW: Mullen ass is in full display here and I have no doubt that a man has been inside it.

No. 1604946

File: 1659426862575.jpg (66.71 KB, 755x312, oliver posting Ls.jpg)

Oliver Bateman posting weird threads about how no-one gives a shit about his writing. Does he know people can see this?

No. 1604961

File: 1659428999010.jpeg (240.99 KB, 750x1161, 282C4A92-2D12-4B4C-A284-5C3C7B…)

A lot of crazy pics in a slideshow on his website ….I’m speechless

No. 1604980

idk why you guys insist on talking about cum town when it's clear only like three of you know anything about it or the hosts and their relations to people, most of the things in here about it make no sense. just stick to talking about d+a

No. 1605017

seriously. it's always a newfag who doesn't know how to sage talking about some non-milky ""the adam friedland show"" shit as if anyone cares

No. 1605018

sa also clearly a scrote. disgusting.

No. 1605032

Cum town is so boring now anyway, I’d rather hear more about rapememe and Jack, call me when nick or stav gets metooed

No. 1605062

They relate to this scene whether or not you want them to and are cows in their own way

No. 1605063

then post milk

No. 1605067

There was milk about Nick and his origin story in previous threads and about Stav? Why do people want the whole thread to be about A&D? They’re boring now anyway

No. 1605068

that wasn't milk, that was sincereposting

No. 1605071

I don’t want to get in a long back and forth but it was milk in the sense of finding out why he has mommy issues and acts as an almost-incel on his podcast. Agree to disagree

No. 1605073

thanks for the clip nonna, maybe i shouldn't be surprised but damn the bruenigs really have the driest marriage i have ever heard. like i hear Scenes from a Marriage levels of alienation and despair in this clip lmao. no wonder matt subscribed to an ASU sophomore's onlyfans and liz is banging the pensioner next door

>unsaged post telling us to drop the broonig talk to focus on a literal who mouthbreathing troon
not sus at all..

No. 1605087

Wish I heeded that TW, I'm gonna need years of therapy for this

Yes, insider-chan, we get it, no one ITT knows the ins and outs of Adam's asshole as well as you. You've been posting this exact same shit for four consecutive threads, either post what you do know or shut up

No. 1605128

boss baby

No. 1605134

i'm not an insider dumb ass, there's just literal nonsense being posted in here elevating cum town to be anything more than a joke podcast for boys, as if they're obfuscating what they do for some ulterior motive (something you can actually argue and clearly see with d+a). tafs is just cum town when it was just adam and nick hosting but with a new name, they're biding time with this running bit since they were weren't expecting stav's sudden leave. now if any if you had anything interesting about stav's sudden leave, then post that! that would be interesting. from anything i've read, it seems like he's doomed no matter what he does because a portion of their fans are dedicated to cancelling him. supposedly he's due for getting metooed via a 17 year old troon from seattle that he fucked.

No. 1605136

why do cumtown fans hate stav so much?

No. 1605137

because the past few years he hasn't put in any effort and vocally expressed how he doesn't like the show. which is like…..no shit.

No. 1605138

a third of their simulated friend group just ghosted them

No. 1605139

The Seattle rumors started after a gay guy clearly in his 20s posted a pic with Stav after a show years back and joked that they hooked up.

No. 1605150

are we thinking of the same guy, because this was clearly a troon

No. 1605153

>yoo the airport fuckin rocks rn, this shit slaps fr. on god i love the airport, hell yeah
embarrassing every time

No. 1605154

If you wanted a d+a thread make one. This one tackles more than RS or their orbiters.

No. 1605161

There was milk about Stav getting NDA's for girls he fucked that literally no one's mentioned. Hell this troon shit is news to me. Why's no one expounded on that?

No. 1605164

because it's all shit probably bs from the forum

No. 1605179

You’re saying the guy who brought up eating pussy every episode is into dick? Who knew

No. 1605181

I don't see why we have to even get into it over what the bounds of the leftcow thread is or isn't, or who fits here. We're in a lull at the moment but literally just give it a week or two. Dasha will post some embarrassing lolcow shit and we'll be back.

No. 1605196

you're probably right but lately I've been thinking dasha has done the thing where you go off your "meds" and become 100% more normal and stop obsessively posting online. we'll see.

No. 1605198

that was about a "joke" nick made on the pod that was so specific it had to be at least based on stav if not literally a story about him

No. 1605199

damn is michael douglas gay?

No. 1605201


No. 1605215

The samememe and Jack arcs seem to have somewhat come to an end in that Jack now spends all his time crytyping like “it gets better NOH8 #loveislove” tweets and samememe is also gay I guess? Idk they don’t really tweet anything milky anymore

No. 1605217

File: 1659458946617.jpg (70.89 KB, 422x750, Untitledll.jpg)

she finally admits it

now we can expect her to claim her failed acting career is because she is cancelled for being conservative.

No. 1605275

can’t wait for the Dasha boomer conservative arc to properly begin if it hasn’t yet already

No. 1605281

Jack is still trying to carve out a place for openly misogynist, racist, pro-troon, suicidally promiscuous, Randroid ass bandits. It's slow right now but as the 2024 election gets closer, his hopelessly contradictory stance should produce many entertaining meltdowns. I believe in him.

No. 1605292

Preggo dasha when

No. 1605299

File: 1659466931670.png (2.04 MB, 1092x1820, university club nyc.png)

I feel like she already kind of admitted that? she's referring to a specific social club in this case

No. 1605310

File: 1659467644941.png (1.54 MB, 1376x1112, dashas entire wardrobe lol.png)

lol this tacky bitch cannot hang at the University Club. she's violating multiple club rules in this photo and members are absolutely the type to complain and get her kicked out for using the club for her slutty photoshoots. it's not even a "conservative club" lmao, most members are rich boomer lib Yalies, dasha's just too retarded to know that rich =/= conservative

No. 1605314

On the most recent pod Dasha said she hangs out with Honor and Matt together. Wtf?

No. 1605329

Yeah? Matt is her boyfriend. He might be Honor's ex but they're still friends. I think Dasha met him through Honor - nonas feel free to correct me.

Adam met his girlfriend Maia through Honor also. She's a real matchmaker. All of them hang out.

No. 1605330

File: 1659468559361.jpg (121.13 KB, 1920x969, WOB_web.jpg)

I've noticed Dasha thinks she'll be the doyenne of every place she walks into. Idk what's more delusional, her thinking she could sail into Hollywood it-girl status as a below-average 30 year old, or thinking she'll charm the NYC elites as a worn-out slut with no education or pedigree, but it's pretty funny either way. These are the most gatekept places on earth specifically to keep Dasha type cloutsuckers out but nobody tell our girl that, it's fun watching her flail at the gates of everything she desires in life

No. 1605347

Why doesn’t she just find a rich divorced southern boomer? Sure she’s no looker, but she’s still a relatively young childless woman. Some of these guys in Barcroft videos look extremely depressed and will take anything with a hole. It’s not like she cares about the optics anymore.

No. 1605351

tbh Dasha trying to get into some rich old guy club tells me she's most likely husband shopping and broke soyboy Matthew won't do lol. we could be on the verge of a hilarious new era nonnas…

No. 1605361

Marring an elderly man is her destiny. Even in her teenage days she claims to have larped as a old man on online. If after all these years she still can’t bag a boomer, she lost. She wants a baby and fertility might be an issue but she could always try ICSI or cuck her husband.

No. 1605362

I love this for her

No. 1605363

>relatively young
nonnie, I…

No. 1605364

Dasha's genes mixed with deteriorating geriatric sperm is gonna produce one of the most tarded babies known to man

No. 1605366

That’s why I think she’ll go the cuck route. She’s trained for that her whole life.

No. 1605374

NDA thing was said by Nick Mullen. Without dropping names, but it's 100% in line with everything else the Greek piggy has shared about his life, down to Stav generally being retarded with technology and needing help from his Albanian roommate. Nick says it at the very beginning of one of the last free episodes

No. 1605407

wait, nick has a new gf? who?

No. 1605417

a kid to rival Chris Chan

No. 1605429

Where did you hear that? He just said he didn’t have one like five days ago

No. 1605433

i dont listen to cumtown or whatever the fuck

No. 1605486

She has said she's a conservative like a dozen times now since last fall in audio formats, far from "finally," but otherwise yeah

No. 1605534

File: 1659484942978.png (1.54 MB, 1014x1558, free extras.png)

nonnie they're (not) showing appreciation for your free labor with their memes

this is still irritating me and I wasn't even there lol, they should have paid the extras

No. 1605566

she's 30. that's still a perfectly normal age to get oneself a rotting boomer, are you a teenager?

No. 1605573

well yea, but not a normal wealthy conservative manhattan one considering the rest of her

No. 1605579

File: 1659490480726.jpeg (307.68 KB, 620x791, 40894B6F-65A1-4433-AD39-74FEFA…)

"Carl" is possibly the most sniveling, pathetic, down bad simp on twitter

No. 1605585

kudos to matt for coming up with an opinion somehow more repulsive than anything his wife's cranked out this year

No. 1605593

not sure if he counts as a leftcow but is there any milk on hari nef

No. 1605594

Massive SAG-AFTRA violation

No. 1605596

not milk but he looks like he is detransitioning

No. 1605600

not a good actor…..

No. 1605606

Definitely counts. Red Scare guest, rolls with Kaitlin Philips, Dimes Square adjacent.

No. 1605609

of course, i don't think even the most deluded scarethot believes she can get anything other than bottom of the barrel (like she's already been doing all these years - she knows it too)

No. 1605610

supposedly in the new barbie movie playing a barbie lol

No. 1605613


The Hirsute Barbie

No. 1605615

Also just got cast as Candy Darling in a new movie….Candy must be rolling in her grave

No. 1605625

nick is a repressed homosexual, freud told me, and I believe him……..

No. 1605640

With all those "ironic" jokes about being gay and being molested, you don't need Freud to tell you anything.

No. 1605678

She’s not looking for a billionaire nonnie, 31 is a fine age for an old Jewish psychiatrist with some horrendous fetish.

No. 1605696

File: 1659503680970.jpg (Spoiler Image, 768.98 KB, 1000x1000, L2201022ep.jpg)

porngum has moved to NY and become an escort if the rumors i'm hearing are true.

No. 1605733

File: 1659508545026.jpg (174.84 KB, 695x436, Hari-Nef.jpg)

bloated, low IQ, mediocre actor, zero charisma or presence, NO GLAMOUR
candy darling was one of the only good and genuinely glamorous troons in history, extremely depressing to put hari nef on her level. shows how low we've sunken as a culture. might as well cast barbie ferreira as elizabeth taylor

No. 1605738

File: 1659508782723.jpeg (77.95 KB, 573x737, 892840FB-AA2E-4810-873A-31F29A…)

Liz has finally deactivated. I wonder if they get off from the public flaying, or are they just both really retarded.

No. 1605739

that’s literally not what spaz as a slur means
that fucking retarded cuntosaurus

No. 1605878

can you not

No. 1605922

She said she gets her period once every few months so unless she figures that out it’s not looking good

No. 1605950

Age aside, she isn’t very pretty. Many divorced geriatric jews with money swear off women altogether, someone like Dasha would only be a liability to their lives. She should keep dipping in the Jewish zoomer pool and date guys who think her podcast and persona is cool and edgy

No. 1605956

So like, anyone can be an escort is what im hearing? She’s so hideous to me, I find her really funny but what does she do, like schizopost on her phone the whole time she’s out with clients.

No. 1605968

Because Stav openly hates the fans and has been trying to pivot to being a breadtuber, but he was too spineless to just quit.

No. 1605986

She looks about right as far as sex workers go. They don’t look like they do in the movies

No. 1605989

Do you seriously believe all sex workers are model-tier hotties, anon?

No. 1605990

If Leia could be a sugar baby then anything is possible

No. 1605991

good riddance, rip bozo
she'll probably be back in a week though

No. 1605992

she probably just says that because she read somewhere that anorexics lose their periods, anna is spoopier than her and got pregnant just fine

i still can't get over how messy in a bad way she always looks, hair and make-up like a trailer park divorced mom of 4, but from the actual porn video she did that someone posted here a while ago it seems like she has a warm attitude and enjoys sex. like, actually enjoy it, not "thinks being a slut makes her edgy and cool" like some people. that can go a long way for men, and is probably rare in NY

No. 1605995

Didn’t Honor go on Instagram live drunk and say Dasha fucked Matt while they were dating? If Honor hangs out with them that’s sad. No backbone

No. 1605998

That by itself won't stop you from getting pregnant it'll just take longer than average to conceive once you start trying.

Dasha said she doesn't know if she has PCOS (I guess she never got an ultrasound wand to see for sure) but I assume she has it because she's described literally every symptom. I have it and every woman in my family has it so I'm just like… girl. honestly I hope she doesn't think she's infertile, it really doesn't mean anything to have PCOS and she's wasting her money on woo woo shit if this is the reason.

No. 1606000

she’s without a doubt infertile. i’ll eat my car on IG live if she ever gets pregnant in the next 3 years.

No. 1606002

Thats great but she has admitted to fucking raw throughout her 20s and never taken birth control and never had an abortion

No. 1606004

anna wasn’t anorexic, she was just over exercising. that affects fertility a lot less, anna’s said on record multiple times that she gets her period regularly.

No. 1606006

has she ever said anything about plan B?

No. 1606015

Anna gained some weight around the time she conceived too and you could tell she wanted kids when she talked about wanting to get pregnant. Dasha only wants pregnancy for attention whoring purposes. Unless she springs for IVF can’t see it happening naturally

No. 1606016

Honor's going through some shit right now. Personal identity crisis fueling recurring bouts of uncontrolled dissociation and panic.

No. 1606023

so an eating disorder

No. 1606026

how do you know this lol

No. 1606030

Cope. If you don’t get a regular monthly cycle or your period is really light every month that’s a clear sign you’re not fertile, and it raises the chance of a miscarriage by a lot if you do miraculously conceive

No. 1606036

This is what happens when you’re an only child then sleep with hundreds of men for sexual validation. Ego gone wild

No. 1606052

sometimes it means something and sometimes it means nothing. get more women friends if you don't believe me. whatever though I don't want to medfag anymore.

No. 1606067

An irregular period esp after 30 is not a good prognosis for fertility. Sure they could get pregnant after trying for years, but what man would be ride or die for someone as unattractive and bpd as Dasha? Anna locked down trustfund Eli but she’s not an unstable cheating whore so she had that going for her

No. 1606075

liz bruenig has deleted her whole profile

No. 1606081

nta but Anna didn't lock anything down, she had a baby and still isn't married. as for "anna isn't an unstable cheating whore," listen to some loveline eps or read the synoses in past threads - anna admits to drunkenly assaulting Eli and her exes on multiple occasions, and to cheating many times and she obviously thinks it's cute. Anna's just as fucked up as Dasha, she's just better at not making "syphilitic bpd whore" her entire internet persona

No. 1606099

it can take longer when you don't ovulate as often, yeah. actually that's why I thought the dasha-is-trying-to-get-pregnant speculation was credible. normally you'd have a few more years no problem, but if she has any doubts about how easily she'll get pregnant… her age is when the pressure would ramp up. theoretically.

No. 1606109

Thank god, I've been manifesting this for months now

No. 1606129

She literally has mentioned on the pod that she gained weight on hormonal birth control as an adolescent and has posted photos of herself at that time with captions like "me when I was on hormonal birth control".

No. 1606137

>wasn’t anorexic, she was just over exercising
Oh, my bad, I didn't know that being severely underweight only caused problems if the low weight came with the psychological makeup of anorexia nervosa. Also news to me that deliberately maintaining an extremely low body weight doesn't count as anorexia if you're eating above a certain amount of calories. The girlies in mpa are gonna love to hear this

No. 1606142

File: 1659553780760.jpeg (237.41 KB, 828x1405, 98F80F2D-2F3F-43FE-ADDF-DDD2C4…)

Fuckland Island is rumored to be a Liz alt and looking at the tweets I really think it’s her

No. 1606143

File: 1659553865245.jpeg (164.89 KB, 828x683, A8FD0D93-4C9E-472E-B2C2-0C19F4…)

This posted on alt right before Liz deactivated. Maybe it’s getting around more that she has a boob job!

No. 1606144

File: 1659553931690.jpeg (176.63 KB, 828x720, 37889C1D-8679-4DED-9C6D-EF71B0…)

Immature posturing/posting style is a dead Liz giveaway. If we can crack this it’ll be big because she retweets a bunch of gay porn for some reason. Good luck ever getting into politics Liz with those nudes including children and gay porn posting!

No. 1606146

really don't think it's her. it's probably one of the school bonds accounts having fun with their friends.

No. 1606151

File: 1659554703503.jpg (40.48 KB, 640x395, 5a272a9f694320db4eb9d18705c9c7…)

i think it is her, Liz baleeted after the school bonds dudes ganged up on the alt for days and they posted screenshots showing that Liz and this account were active at the same times. plus Liz and Matt are known to use alts to bully people who don't agree with them, search "bruenig alt" on twitter and enjoy the shitshow, goes back years

love when an avowed anti-feminist invokes feminism, but only when she really means "stop mentioning my fake tits uwu" lolol she's literally picrel but for feminism

No. 1606167

No. 1606222

Good point but having a baby with someone is locking them down in a sense. She will benefit from him being her baby daddy and could petition him for child support of shit ever hits the fan for her

No. 1606262

File: 1659563479249.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1904, C8D004D4-D411-4EB5-8D81-9D9D79…)

I found this weird blog from years ago and she seems to have been monitoring her online presence essentially 24/7 for almost a decade at this point. I don’t really get how someone with kids has so much time to devote to reading every single thing said about them/running multiple alt accounts

No. 1606266

Klan ancestry??? That's a new detail lol

No. 1606269

I've said many times itt that Liz Bruenig is the most deranged cow in this entire scene (Perfume Jack & Aimee Therese included) and I've never been proven wrong yet.

No. 1606276

As far as i can tell the only people on twitter who are claiming this is liz are the bondswolf retards. I don’t think highly of the bruenigs and it wouldn’t surprise me even a little bit if she and matt have alts but i find it incredulous that she’s looking at gay porn all day

No. 1606307

Anna just recently said she is on a one meal per day diet now because she was scared of looking skinnyfat anyway, so it's not like it's just the exercise level alone and she isn't actively doing other things to lose weight

No. 1606322

> i find it incredulous that she’s looking at gay porn all day
I don't. I'm with you on the rest of your comment though

No. 1606333

Didn't someone on the red scare sub discover a while back that Liz was following a bunch of gay porn accounts on instagram?

No. 1606337

File: 1659567267009.jpg (226.87 KB, 960x727, lizIG.jpg)

No. 1606341

I don't remember the episode it was on but anna said she couldn't keep it up and she went back to 2-3 meals a day (within a week).

I stopped caring what they said about diet or exercise after hearing "you can just not eat lol". technically true I guess, just super retraded. the recent OMAD / raw milk / organ meat shit seems like pandering to their incel base.

No. 1606349

first post tagged here is me, in light of this I want to do a light walkback. Of course it bears repeating that the bondswolves are probably the most rashly accusatory and paranoid people on that site (they’re not really sphere-relevant except as heels but are easily big enough lolcows to deserve a thread here or on kiwifarms)

And I always imagined a bruenig alt would be more explicitly reactionary, like a tradcath oil painting avi type bitch. Something more in line with the account that Sadie doyle claimed was liz / matt.

No. 1606357

pls no 'he deserved it for x and y' from the insufferable retards of this thread.

No. 1606368

File: 1659569319384.jpeg (338.35 KB, 1170x1121, C5BFD693-6A39-4EAE-872F-1DEA8F…)

who besides Liz herself would post this? It’s her. Also she changed the name on that account.

No. 1606370

File: 1659569546338.jpg (89.75 KB, 750x684, EZwm_MKWoAEbm7s.jpg)

learn to sage crumps. and this piece is completely embarrassing for everyone and one of the worst things I've ever read. both the nihilistic dimes square "scene" AND the cottage industry of self-important substack critics of the dimes square "scene" need to be nuked from orbit. its revolting on so many levels and you both incestously benefit from each other

No. 1606374

the real milk in her insta follows is the number of eating disorder recovery accounts she follows

No. 1606380

I also want to know more about that lol. sometimes I feel like all the "nordic model" talk is a dogwhistle

No. 1606391

the piece is obviously bumpworthy dumbass its a detailed revealing firsthand account of dozens of the main figures in this thread, ridiculous to pretend its not lool. btw ur braindead beyond hope if u cant recognize the rly obvious tongue-and-cheek register of screencapped tweet. but anyways yea i agree, the ppl sucking up to white supremacists who defend slavery like moldbug, and the ppl criticizing the former on political grounds, are the same because theyre both freakin uncool, and crumps is moreover somehow beneftting from being subject to that actual psycho cult level threatening abuse. duhhh social critics have incestuous relationships with what in culture theyre criticizing durrrr dworkin had an incestuous beneficial relation to pornography duuuooyyy arendt had an incestuous relation to eichmanns trial

No. 1606404

File: 1659571230766.jpeg (985.75 KB, 1500x2625, 6E98D03E-32AB-4E88-B710-4FC3B9…)

There’s one other article on that blog that mentions her where it’s brought up again. It seems to be mentioned as some kind of selling point? Very strange if this was something she was advertising in a positive way

No. 1606410

If she’s been slowly building this army of simps and trying to establish a parasocial bond with them for years that does kind of explain the way her followers act

No. 1606429

So is this Ivy Wolk character being groomed to become the next Dasha-Honor angelicist wellbutrin lolita avatar? She's only 17 too…

No. 1606461


wasn't this the same deal with aimee's accounts? i remember someone going through her activity and realizing either she doesn't sleep at all or there are multiple people running it

No. 1606472

>Allowing myself to be humiliated without breaking was intensely empowering and harrowing of the self, giving me a new understanding of my own art—as both a mirror and a bomb for “this strange downtown world of mystic cranks, proto-fascists, and abortive avant-gardes.”
Imagine defining yourself and your "art" in terms of opposition to these retarded cows. He's a major cow himself, just marginally less psychopathic

No. 1606481

good job saging and i agree it's milk and bumpworthy but for fuck sake type like a normal person. also that tweet sounds like parody of anna's "if you hung out with me you'd know i'm a total darling and not the bitch you see online!"

No. 1606484

I think so but I guess the not sleeping thing was more believable with her bc she was like a single unemployed meth addict, Liz has a job and kids so it seems more strange unless she actually has had multiple people running her accounts for years

No. 1606490

Take a deep breath, you’re coming off unhinged or like you’re the cow in question…

No. 1606491

File: 1659577532815.jpeg (297.03 KB, 623x877, F7AAEC37-6AD4-4EFD-8886-3C3C16…)

The Novelist weighs in on the latest crumpstack

No. 1606495

Obvious self-post but the article itself is milky af, everyone involved in that scene is beyond retarded

No. 1606498

maybe I just can't keep track but isn't jordan friends with dasha and co? are they all doing a weird little kayfabe or what

No. 1606499

File: 1659578470902.png (12.68 KB, 281x59, D.png)

No. 1606511

this is the most illiterate "art" scene to ever exist
>“Crumps started us off too heavy,” he said, insisting that I explain myself in simpler language

No. 1606523

>Curtis was insistent they needed me for the movie, addressing me with the endearing “king” term of affection.

this is so stupid lmao

No. 1606540


No. 1606545

Is Katherine Dee this dense or asking in bad faith because she aligns ideologically with this gross scene

No. 1606549

"TL; DR" means "too long didn't read", anon. she's just lazy

No. 1606568

crumps is so retarded it’s crazy but lol

No. 1606580

I will not eat the bugs, will not live in the pod, will not read "The Novel"

No. 1606581

File: 1659584707590.png (180.31 KB, 911x779, Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 10.40…)

No. 1606587

File: 1659585226142.jpeg (285.23 KB, 1124x1572, F30DE99F-957E-4D05-BEB9-6F4644…)

No. 1606596

File: 1659585791693.jpg (42.48 KB, 302x591, normal.jpg)

No. 1606600

"Barrett Wolfe"?? Does she mean Wolfe Barrett / Drrty Pharms? god what year is she stuck in

No. 1606609

>I’ve been in a hotel room for the past couple days crying bc of MEANIES and it was NOT tee hee!
The nonna who said Liz was drunk tweeting from the airport the other day nailed it. Can’t decide which scenario is sadder, if she’s massively exaggerating for sympathy + activating the simp army, or if a grown woman truly had a multi-day sobbing breakdown alone in a hotel room over getting roasted on Twitter

No. 1606613

File: 1659586401939.jpeg (478.46 KB, 828x1329, 68ADE3BA-2077-48C4-B049-6A9ED1…)

She couldn’t last 24 hours… also has to come and check her mentions because of course she does. I really think she thinks she’s a Christlike figure that takes lashings from Twitter for the greater good of humanity kek

No. 1606618

File: 1659586510312.jpg (26.87 KB, 302x364, daddy.jpg)


No. 1606620

lmaoooo oh my god

No. 1606623


No. 1606627

This anti-woke NYC scene with ties to Peter Thiel and Alex Jones is obviously political and is exactly why she commented in the first place. This is the same blogger who wrote about Alex Jones' doc being "censored": https://thedailyscroll.substack.com/p/whos-afraid-of-the-alex-jones-documentary

No. 1606630

No one makes fun of your children or your sexuality, Liz. They roast you putting your kids in your nudes and your fake tits. Nice try with the pearl clutching tho

No. 1606632

It's hilarious how she's tried to deny having a priv a couple times on main…despite openly stating that she has a priv like a few years back, on main.

No. 1606634

It’s midnight on the east coast and Liz had two choices: make a humiliating return to Twitter as its favorite punching bag……or let Matt, his gravy sweats and tonsil stone breath mount her for his nightly 10 pumps. Well nonnas, what would you do??

No. 1606640

File: 1659587710851.jpeg (72.76 KB, 1125x322, 9C44B152-C5BC-430C-8909-A9ABB7…)

So Liz Bruenig “to the best of her knowledge” can’t remember the 6 years her father worked at Lockheed Martin. That occurred when Liz was living at home, from age 6 through 12. Believable, a very trustworthy person.

No. 1606644

Why not both

No. 1606647

File: 1659588151002.png (819.59 KB, 1238x1346, Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 21.2…)

I seem to remember someone writing a puff piece in the NYT about amy coney barrett being a strong catholic woman at exactly the time she needed some good PR… lol

No. 1606648

File: 1659588174726.jpeg (343.04 KB, 1125x850, A61616A3-0886-4BBF-BDAD-41402D…)

Liz absolutely believes she’s a Christlike figure. Now she’s telling people she only returned to Twitter to help others who may be suffering like she is. So selfless! Who needs volunteering at a soup kitchen when you can attention whore for our sins

No. 1606663

File: 1659588999480.jpeg (199.28 KB, 1125x779, F7F43B74-68D9-4F6F-B416-3BC828…)

Super important real reporter shit, like willingly viewing a person’s death and dismemberment so she can write purple prose about the death penalty while exploiting the dead for Serious Journalist cred and spoonie points on Twitter. Love Liz crying victim when she literally assigned herself this beat and invites herself to these executions. She’s a creep and a drama queen to the max

No. 1606665

this is actually a great piece of writing and the people seething about it itt are clearly betsey brown's ilk

No. 1606666

File: 1659589018355.jpg (180.58 KB, 890x1069, Screenshot 2022-08-04 005648.j…)

Liz I know you're reading this thread in between checking your twitter notes and you need to fucking log off forever

No. 1606669

Omg just fucking log off lady, Twitter should not have you “in a hotel crying for days” please get your mental health checked

No. 1606671

File: 1659589247065.jpg (23.84 KB, 892x182, Screenshot 2022-08-04 010043.j…)

She slammed the keyboard as she typed, Cheeto dust flying everywhere as crafted her bon mot. This is just the gooniest fucking meltdown

No. 1606684

I was starting to think she did this shit to generate clicks (too many meltdowns right before pieces coming out) but she just published something in the atlantic so I guess this one is for the hell of it

No. 1606688

Nobody here can read dude what're doing?

No. 1606689

the amount of anons immediately dismissing the crumps post as worthless is hilarious and absolutely REEKS of a dimes square groupie gayop. most of the article is a bunch of losers peacocking trying to feel empowered and masculine in some fake pantheon but i found these bits interesting:
>I also encountered Honor Levy outside, and she said that when I started talking she thought I was just going off on the usual Crumps bullshit, but then she started to think that I had a point once she heard everyone else.
>Nearby, tears began welling up in Honor’s eyes, and the cameras then zoomed in on her. She was pressed to tell the crowd how she was feeling. She said that what I had just said had moved her, that when I had said I was so happy and proud of my work she realized she didn’t feel the same about her own. I appreciated that she didn’t join in the denunciations like the others. This began a transition in the mood of the theater, as if some of the people were starting to realize the true ugliness of what was going on.
>Then the scene took a bizarre new turn. The tone of conversation suddenly became about positivity, healing, and “speaking our true feelings.” None of this was framed in the language of apology, but rather as a justification for the primal hate ritual that had just happened. […] It was a big kumbaya circlejerk, but it kept coming back to how I was ruining their enjoyment—“we’re all trying to be positive and healing now, but I see that Crumps over there, smirking and shaking his head…” This was coming from the people who, just moments before, had been telling me some of the ugliest things anyone has ever told me to my face.

very interesting. the anons itt with ~sekrit~ info saying honor is having an “identity crisis” and dissociative phase are just her fake friends coping with the fact that she’s growing out of the edgy fascist phase that was a direct reaction to this scene’s bernie bro past becoming passé. they’re all still stuck in it and naturally have to pathologize her for seeing it for what it is.

towards the end of the post he includes dms people who attended had sent to him afterwards, redacting names, but it was obvious that this one was from Honor:
>yesterday had me questioning my sense of reality, all these people going on about love and community and the heart as soon as they have a mic in their face. like that little tingle of excitement from proximity to people you admire or groupthink shouting slurs and kill yourself to a guy you admit to not knowing doesn't feel like a community to me. and it's just so insane to me that we seemed to come to a consensus that art "coming from the heart" makes it exempt from criticism. idk why I feel like I have to share with you it was just crazy making

No. 1606691

File: 1659590324186.jpeg (42.86 KB, 598x448, 51271A26-4B84-4500-B41C-6FA553…)

Does Liz have friends? I feel like if someone I knew was doing this I’d call and ask if they wanted to talk instead of acting crazy on twitter? Lizzie baby, listen to the cat..

No. 1606695

we didn't dismiss it, it's hilarious and retarded and deeply embarrassing for everyone involved especially crumps who basically just wrote a diary about getting bullied because he was stupid enough to go and get swept up in that bullshit. I bet he didn't get paid either.

stop trying to wash honor's image, weirdo

No. 1606698

wash her image? i’m literally just copying and pasting her own words and said it’s funny people are trying to claim her statements are just “dissociation.”

No. 1606702

what’s more embarrassing, a writer humoring people so he can write about it, or an entire room of grown men jacking each other off on camera saying retard and tranny over and over again while laughing like speds because they think they’re totally owning the libs, just for them to all immediately drop it when the aforementioned writer has the gall to remain sincere despite the shitfest of irony poisoning? for people who supposedly care about being heartfelt and making art from the soul, it all sure never fails amounts to nothing more than scrawls of r9k and praise kek posts from 2015 come to life, with the smallest dash of nrx jargon. hate crumps, but you’re lying to yourself if you actually think he’s the embarrassing one in this. let me guess, you stuttered when saying your favorite slur when you got the mic?

No. 1606709

It just seems like you're trying too hard to make her sound good or reformed in some way. Do you have some info you're not sharing? It's such a stretch if you're basing your opinion on what Crumps wrote.
She cried during the pile-on because she wasn't 'proud of her own work', and then she made some remarks outside later about everyone sounding even stupider than crumps. Somewhere at the end of the piece she made a joke about crumps having military family ties. That's it. The anonymous DM you quoted isn't even definitely Honor.

No. 1606713

File: 1659591879284.png (127.74 KB, 275x275, E091B42A-672D-4AAE-B664-AAC38E…)

>”we are more heartfelt and moral than you. we are whitepilled and godly. you fear the power of our sincere art!”
>proceeds to do nothing but the same cultivate circlejerks of middle school edgelordery, screaming slurs at each other like it’s somehow shocking, degenerate cokehead ramblings about past flings, red scare meets moldbug mania, degen tradthots of both genders larping, sam hyde the pedo rapist orbiting, retarded little green frogs, failed alt lit ethos revival, dimes square narcissism, groveling for thielbux, politik trendhopping based on pure kneejerk reactions to what’s seen as the status quo, detachment everywhere while claiming to be concerned only with what is sincere, dishonest glib worship of vague notions of “beauty” and “god” as a world view as a trojan horse for fascism without ever actually saying it because everyone’s too chickenshit to say it despite constant claims they’re the only honest people

this gay little scene never fails to amaze me with how pathetic it is. it’s the same thing on repeat all from the same root.

No. 1606714

I’m sorry anons but this article is amazingly milky

>struggle session turning into a group hug kumbaya session

>none of the extras getting paid
>their parents being there and financing the whole thing kek
>Betsey Brown unable to stop doing her creepy baby voice
>Honor crying about being a fake artist
>Nick Mullin getting mortified and sneaking out halfway through

These cows are utterly retarded and I’m here for it.

No. 1606718

Agreed and the movie sounds terrible

No. 1606719

Serious question: did you fully read those posts? Nowhere is there a sympathetic tone shown towards Honor. I doubt that anon actually likes her or cares about her, but it’s obvious from the post she’s becoming sick of everyone she’s surrounded herself with and what they’re about. Anons earlier in this thread >>1606016 and the last one have already tried saying she’s distancing herself from everyone because of anxiety/dissociation but imo it’s obvious she’s tired of all this specifically after the substack post.
>inb4 “erm why would you believe crumps?”
It was all on camera and will be released anyway, feel free to not believe what he’s said about Honor but we’ll see it ourselves soon enough.

No. 1606720

okay, now this is epic

people can hold both crumps and his enemies in contempt, retard. it's funny that the cows did this to him and it's funny that he wrote about it and it's funny that his writing sucks shit.

No. 1606721

the parents being there was very funny
I don't hate you, crumps.

No. 1606722

in all my time on this site i have never seen a thread where it’s more obvious when the cows themselves are posting and it’s not crumps im talking about

No. 1606725

File: 1659592833077.png (2.49 MB, 1242x5293, namesearching 2.png)

what you mean honor posting about how her fake friends are coping and seething?

No. 1606726

File: 1659592889556.png (486.59 KB, 1207x1964, namesearching.png)

pic unrelated obviously

No. 1606729

yes, that’s exactly what i mean, it’s almost endearing.
also holy shit liz. what the hell. truly the most self obsessed cow. tweeting her breakdown because her fake tits got made fun of, deactivating just to reactivate under a day later like a bpdfag, and now obsessively replying to everyone who mentions her. headcase.

No. 1606732

File: 1659593734128.png (1.05 MB, 1112x1750, she forgot.png)

she says she forgot oops

No. 1606735

imagine having the type of parents where they’re constantly working different defense contractor jobs to the point you forget which ones they didn’t work for

No. 1606737

Liz is in a hotel crying (not hard enough apparently if she has time to name search to this caliber) bc we found out her boobs are fake and she posts nudes with her kids in them kek

No. 1606739

File: 1659594677377.png (1.89 MB, 1226x3518, what r u doing liz.png)

she's being so weird

No. 1606741

Crumps is still a cow kek, especially with his new substack hustle as the Dan Humphrey of the dimes square scene. Just because he’s managed to find himself a scene of extremely psychotic and deranged cows doesn’t mean he’s litcherally the righteous moral crusader he thinks he is. Don’t worry guiseee I am totally Owning my Evil Defense Contractor Dad by being an epick communist traveling to the depths of the degenerate dimes square scene and reporting back like a theorypilled Hunter S. who’s main complaint against the “literally who” movie Peter vack made is that it’s transphobic, and transphobic=fascist

No. 1606743

no one said he’s not a cow. didn’t even read the rest of your post

No. 1606744

File: 1659594896927.jpg (39.93 KB, 302x591, stop.jpg)

Honey, just log off. Reactivating was a mistake. You're well past 'how is cyberbullying even real' levels.

No. 1606745

cryin and shaking and shitting because a guy with the handle Nathan Fieldnigga qrtd me with a final fantasy character

No. 1606746

File: 1659594980174.png (678.97 KB, 1230x1134, factcheck needed.png)

I need a fact check on what liz is claiming here. definitely at least one of them has worked for a campaign.

No. 1606747

this woman is so deeply unwell it gives me anxiety lol. having a martyr complex so strong you create a world where you can’t be criticized in good faith is insanely black and white abusive behavior. like clinical irreparable narcissism

No. 1606748

Liz thinks she’s Beyoncé

No. 1606750

File: 1659595350719.png (1.71 MB, 1238x1552, elizabeth bruenig.png)

Liz just accused someone of being possessed by a demon!! I'm losing it

No. 1606758

How can you be on the Internet this long and still have such thin skin? I wonder if she’s got personal or family problems at the moment, feeling pity for her ngl.

No. 1606760

Liz could have her own thread at this point. 1. Because she’s by far the milkiest yet most accredited person itt 2. Because it would drive her crazy

No. 1606761

nice try mike. you're still a try hard faggot and your grift is obvious

No. 1606765

File: 1659596524458.png (1.88 MB, 1206x3700, liz bruenig.png)

she kept at the demon thing and ended it by blessing him with forgiveness. is she for real? maybe she is actually going through something, this is a little deranged

No. 1606768

Following this funny gay porn embroidery account is the most normal thing about her. She literally wants kids in grade school to watch porn as sex ed.

No. 1606772

nooooo Liz can't stop now, not when this thread is just getting good. keep posting, you insane bitch

No. 1606777

File: 1659598417847.png (1.2 MB, 1100x1912, liz bruenig -.png)

more bickering

No. 1606778

File: 1659598462757.png (979.31 KB, 1260x1662, liz bruenig.png)

No. 1606784

File: 1659598982724.png (990.4 KB, 1120x1672, liz bruenig .png)

is she implying they'll beat their children in the future? that's a hard turn in the middle of a twitter back & forth. like she's getting too worked up and having a flashback to her own childhood

No. 1606791

she's completely lost the plot lol. making zero sense in virtually every single exchange.

No. 1606793

crumps just feel fake to me in general. like its a PR stunt for the movie and he's in on it. straight white cis goy who works for shadowy globalists and is the son of military contractors spending his weekends going out and investigating a bunch of attention-starved jews, whores, gays and troons and lecturing them for being "transphobic" and "fascist"? its like a parody. pariah the doll was literally the one who started the "he's a chaser" chant and his article avoids mentioning that he's a tranny entirely. it doesn't smell right.

No. 1606798

File: 1659601157772.png (1019.55 KB, 1098x1832, work.png)

some lady tried to nicely say Liz should not subject herself to this and liz was just like no it's for my work and also sexism wins if I stop

No. 1606800

File: 1659601189487.png (529.35 KB, 1214x930, they tried to tell her.png)

No. 1606808

gotta give the point to Aimee for calling this shit long ago. she can always spot a fellow insane terminally online bitch

No. 1606809

you're dumb he had a twitter presence that started out small and grew organically he began by mocking right wingers like logo_daedalus and he's doing the same thing still in principle.

No. 1606810

Matt worked on Nader 2008, yes.

No. 1606812

File: 1659602957226.png (243.88 KB, 1334x394, crumps liz bruenig.png)

I'm surprised she went to sleep (?) and left all this up. last thing she tweeted about was crumps.

No. 1606813

They might be queueing tweets

No. 1606819

why are you WKing for crumps. he's just another stupid faggot with an attention-seeking disorder just like the rset of them. stop shitting up the thread

No. 1606826

ITT crumps doing anything he can to try and make the conversation about him

No. 1606827

No. 1606830

PPP also endorsed and made content for three Dem House candidates in 2020 (all lost their primaries)

No. 1606844

>hmm this is probably an op, its a secret advertising conspiracy all staged!!
>thats obviously not true, u should say things that make sense and are reasonable rather than things that arent

No. 1606863

ouhhhh unintelligent ohhhhhh so owned. you should really kys dude

No. 1606865

Attempted to read through crumps recent article and his review of the dimes square play and couldn’t get through it, he’s just as self righteous and insufferable as any of these cows, and probably a cow in his own right like every other Brooklyn “communist”

No. 1606872

obviously the latter. she personally identifies with nrx

No. 1606877

lol seethe

No. 1606880

No friends, just simps. She's like a cult leader, not unlike Fuentes in that regard. Disrespect, even mildly criticize the queen and her followers will ostracize you from the Bruenigsphere, declare you anathema, list you permanently as an "enemy."

No. 1606882


not quite. he started out playing footsies with all the reactionaries then freaked out after christchurch.

No. 1606888

Begging a Liz historian to write an OP

No. 1606890

dont see how getting criticism of right wing stuff published in jacobite is different from agreeing to attend these screenings and parties, or how his rapport with daily caller guys is different from his relationship with honor now. no paradigmatic change of position imo

No. 1606892

I'm choosing to interpret "they make fun of my sexuality" as an admission she gets off to the thirsty comments

No. 1606898


he was friends with reactionaries. youre lying to yourself

No. 1606899

File: 1659616368930.png (80.32 KB, 770x391, deranged.png)

the writing was fine/decent through most of it but he gets really emotional and unhinged at the end. which, fair, it sounds like a horrifying ordeal regardless of his cow status, but he managed to keep his cool and not sound like a deranged, deluded cow through most of it, he could damn well edit that shit.
>my writing … [is] proceeding from expressing an adequate idea of certain attributes of God to the adequate knowledge of the essence of things
the most generous way i can see this is that he's borrowing their god shtick to peel away some hanger-ons who may now be more willing to see his opponents as evil

No. 1606906

All her comments are like that. “Just admit you’re a sadist! You get physical pleasure from abusing a poor helpless woman until I cry, don’t you?” It’s quite creepy and off-putting the way she sexualizes everything, including people who are mildly roasting her bad takes.

Also, who is watching her children while she spends days in a hotel crying about Twitter? What mothers do you know who have time to debate with trolls online literally 24/7? All of this makes her seem like a deeply neglectful parent. I’m not going to log on and tell her that though, because she’ll probably reply like “ooh, you think I’m a bad mommy! You want to punish me don’t you, you big meanie?”

No. 1606908

yeah, the information in the piece is somewhat interesting and confirms the craziness of these people and their shitty scene and their parent-funded movies and magazines and podcasts
but his writing is also self-important and delusional and pompous

No. 1606909

>who is watching her children while she spends days in a hotel crying about Twitter?
The potato. Matt's admitted several times that he does 90% of the parenting while Liz spends all her time getting in inane twitter arguments, schlicking to death row child murderers, and baking obnoxiously ornate cakes for other children.

No. 1606914

why did nick go to that thing? for bpd pussy?

No. 1606932

yeah, not that i think crumps is amazing but the article being insufferable is in part because he’s stealing these peoples cliches and using them against them. he says, at the very beginning of the article, he wanted to taunt and troll them with whatever he wrote while still being truthful about his experience.
given the amount of absolute scrote-stenched posts itt malding over the crumps post along with bannable ‘hi cow’ offenses, it seems to have worked! like another said already, gayops galore. embarrassing damage control from people who were either there, or people who orbit these losers like it’s their job.
they’re convinced anyone finding the article even slightly interesting must be crump himself and a total libtard idiot who knows nothing about the scene. in reality everyone involved is a cow, it’s just that one cow is more interested in documenting just how stupid they all are and that frightens the worst of these hypocrites. imagine being scared of crumps, right? watch later when another one of them pops in to say “ackshully none of you really know these people or what happened..”

No. 1606939

out of all these people, pariah the hon is the least worth giving attention to and the least interesting. a narcissistic troon accusing people of secretly wanting to fuck him so he can get even more attention, craving a name drop? shocker!

No. 1606947

so this thing was to "parody" imageboards done and performed by people who clearly don't go on said imageboards. whose entire internet life is normie shit like fb and ig but they want to appear DIFFERENT AND COOL like a bunch of 13 year olds trying to impress their classmates. these people are so mentally ill

No. 1606950

File: 1659621679855.png (583.44 KB, 962x423, send.png)

Vack tried this gimmick of a theater as an internet comments section before in his 2015 short film Send https://vimeo.com/130820778

No. 1606952

>A few rows back, Ivy Wolk’s character overhears the conversation and says something like “Based? You’re not based, you’re fucking cringe!” and Dasha’s character turns around and deploys her trademark slur with a “Shut the fuck up, retard!”
what the fuck is this? 4chan? more like nyc podcaster orbiter who posts "rare pepes" beyond 2016

No. 1606953

the "expressing an adequate idea of certain attributes of God to the adequate knowledge of the essence of things" is a reference to Spinoza's Ethics.

No. 1606956

I don’t get what the point of this whole thing is/who the market for it is supposed to be? I feel like everyone involved has already exhausted this topic to where it’s essentially all they talk about. No normal person will want to see this and I don’t think anyone who’s familiar with them is going to find dasha saying retard for the millionth time particularly exciting

No. 1606957

I refuse to believe anyone actually cares about this alt-lit, Dimes Square, Crumps, whatever shit. It's been the most forced thing in these threads next to TPN

No. 1606958

This scene is going to age so poorly. Worse than the fedora tipping atheist era, worse than lib hipsters of the Bush era, worse than the maga praise kek era. A bunch of druggies trying to larp as beatniks with none of the artistic appeal or creativity, and all of the degeneracy they claim to hate. Flinging shit at each other for attention, trying to be the first to reach fame. Hating whatever seems recuperated to them based purely on aesthetic standards and popularity, and operating entirely on contrarian impulses intercepted by the absolute bottom of the barrel chan runoff and washed up bloggers everyone stopped caring about for a reason. “henlo frens we gotta be ther for each othr” before tweeting they think disabled people are just fake narcs and that it’s not possible to be raped as an actress and that Epstein was totes sexy or whatever. Contrived Catholicism because it’s en vogue which they all think is legitimate, talking about god one minute and hurling the worst most insane degen retardbabble the next—if you’re lucky you’ll hear em call it dialectics or something before they give you a deadpan laugh. It’s such a comedy act. From Obama libs, to Berniebros, to self described socialists who want healthcare, to the most embarrassing and tepid fascist wastewater. At least tryhard fascists of the past actually made interesting art and weren’t afraid of being called fascist. So embarrassing.

No. 1606964

Do you think this “scene” will still exist in like 5 years or so? I’m surprised it’s lasted as long as it already has

No. 1606965

exactly, nonna…no one will distribute this film or screen it and the Ion Pack will probably have to organize screenings themselves like they did with Actors

No. 1606968

I don't think that changes anything about the tone, but it's good to know someone reads

No. 1606969

It won’t, or at least it will have changed so much it’ll be a shadow mutation of its past self. I give it 2-3 years max before all the cows stops talking to each other and end their podcasts. There’s an expiration date on edge, they’ll eventually become too out of touch to keep up even slightly. Already they’re completely out of touch, it’s just going to keep getting worse. Their obsession with 2016 trump era memes and based/cringe is just one of the reflections of this. Even if they try to keep it going, their target demographic will have moved on and they’d be like mental patients playing in an attic somewhere without anyone watching.

No. 1606972


i question how much of it even exist now. i know i don't actually read or listen to the shit any of these people do. and even in this thread i don't think most people do either. they are all really boring, especially the new comers.

it's people who are linked to to all sorts of shady shit, but get less engagement than a local sports blogger. at this point i check in because of left over investment from the bernie years, but it's honestly just rich people giving their kids token careers to seem somewhat respectable.

No. 1606975

it clearly does. they got a wide variety of people to show up or at least planned to go.

No. 1606977

unironically think this crumps piece is the beginning of the end. it's going viral on twitter and everyone is tearing peter and co. to shreds.

No. 1606978

nta, but to be fair all those people were also washed up. i mean seriously, moldbug and nick from mde? lol

No. 1606981

i was having this same thought but didn’t want to be another anon accused of being crumps lmao. i barely follow accounts tapped into this sphere anymore but even my feed is filled with people clowning on all these fools. it really does feel like a bookend to one of the worst things ever.

No. 1606986

Even people in this scene who weren't present at the shoot like Castro or Avner or Lehrer are feeling the need to couch their dismissal of the essay with some variation of an "ok but this still a little fucked up" disclaimer. They know it's over.

No. 1606987

is it actually going viral or is it garbageape and co leftists talking about it?

No. 1606990

highlights just how stupid these people are to make someone the focus of their hacky art project and then try to skewer them for being the focus of your hacky art project.

No. 1606991

do not engage

No. 1606992

almost 400 quote tweets on the original post from crumps and many of them incredulous normies

No. 1606994

i looked at the qrts and most of them are either low follower accs and jacobin writers

No. 1606995

no1curr about garbageape here except you. rent free and pathetic. anyway, nta but everyone that used to orbit these people has been talking about the article. the tweet of the article itself has thousands of likes and the article itself has likely been read by even more. multiple media types and tv writers and so on have quote retweeted it to praise it and those tweet also have thousands of likes.

hundreds of absolutely malding quote tweets and insane replies here proving his point—that they are soft and childish and juvenile people who'd cry if confronted with a particularly mean cashier while also being the most virulently sick cultural product of a dying west's inability to even articulate fascism even when calling themselves “avant garde fascists.”

No. 1606996

the qrts are 99% people who were there who are mad about the article along with orbiters of those who were there

No. 1606997

>no1curr about garbageape here except you
what? i was just using him as an example of a leftist who tweets too much, schizo

No. 1606999

>pariah the doll was literally the one who started the "he's a chaser" chant
and you know how? either you’re pariah or some other retard who attended and want to defend the failure of an art project. pitiful. powerlevel some more why don’t you?

No. 1607004

shes not going to fuck you

No. 1607007

kek all the people replying to crumps' tweet saying shit "thank god my personal god and hero nick mullen LEFT AND SNUCK OUT because he's very much above all of this" missed the part where it says he played his part and he left AFTER the filming

No. 1607008

I'm coining a new term - PDS (Pariah Derangement Syndrome) - for the positively insane hatred being directed at her from some anons here as of late. She's a lowbie, with negligible milk, who has somwhow accrued a pathetic gaggle of haters who spread misinformation about her all over the internet. That cuck Crumps is a far bigger cow, focus more on him.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1607009

>ugly sharkeyed ratface with fake bolt-ons, plastic surgery face, botox gums
>pathological narcissist with a martyr complex
>exhibitionistic fetish for incels because she didn’t have sex in high school
>turned her insecurities into superiority complexes
hmm i’ll pass

No. 1607011

stop replying to newfag bait omg

No. 1607013

>please stop giving “her” negative attention please please please “shes” irrelevant it’s not like ”she’s” going out of “her” way to post about “herself” on lolcow and complaining when no one likes “her” despite efforts to integrate and infiltrate everything having to do with dimes square
>f-focus on crumps instead please haha p-please? he’s a bigger cow i swear. please.
pariah the hon is one of the biggest cows itt and on top of that he posts here constantly and even namedrops the site on twitter. he deserves scorn

No. 1607014

File: 1659624910006.jpeg (14.98 KB, 300x168, 1AC4579E-96BA-45F6-A2FD-F45E56…)

>my writing is blowing up
>quotes Spinoza as confirmation

No. 1607015

(and by he, by the way, i mean you)

No. 1607017

It's actually all embarrassing and retarded, all of them are and so is he

No. 1607019

I actually agree with you Pariah has absolutely nothing unique or interesting going on and isn’t worth discussing but wtf are you talking about? she barely gets mentioned and receives pretty much the same degree of negativity as everyone else itt. In fact I think she’s made more tweets about lolcow than there have been posts about her.

No. 1607022

begging for a breakaway Liz thread. I don’t care at all about this autistic article by an autistic dude. he can keep posting at himself in here

No. 1607024

What’s so funny when men say this is they never mean the one thing someone could actually conceivably be jealous of (getting paid six figures to do like one day of work a week) and always mean having the privilege of marrying some high school debate team sperg and having kids, as if that is in any way desirable or difficult for any woman

No. 1607025

the thing that gets me is that they say we’re stalkers or whatever but im like, a random person who likes poking fun at twitter cows sometimes, then i log off and make dinner and do fun things and live my life. these ppl come on here, then go on twitter, then sperg in a group chat, then go and hang out together, and have to be around each other ALL THE TIME even though they’re all insufferable lol, thats all they can make of a day, they have no other friends or life or aspirations outside this bizarre internet podcast scene, its super bleak

No. 1607026

go make one bye~

No. 1607027

Tinfoil but I feel like you’re saying this because you want people to stop discussing Liz and you know the thread would immediately die. She’s milky but not worthy of her own thread, there’s no reason for her not to be discussed here especially since Anna and Dasha don’t even have their own thread

No. 1607031

it's probably the anon who posts a screenshot of every single liz tweet

No. 1607033

Love when milk flows and suddenly all the cows and their sycophants show themselves to be on the defense. If these threads had remained just the site’s regular userbase, there would be no one trying to shield the obvious self posting “lowbies,” there’d be no one coping by saying the crumps post is worthless, there’d be no one still trying to say Liz is anything more than a narcissist, there’d be no one feigning having insider info to claim we’ve got it all wrong. The cows and their flies can’t help but constantly make themselves known and obvious here. It’s amazing really. I can’t really wrap my head around why they’re here to begin with if their main goal is to defend people; my guess is that they stumble upon these threads, are appalled, yet can’t help but join in on the gossip themselves while also defending themselves in between dragging others.

No. 1607035

all of these people are in literally dozens of group chats because because @CumHitler69 and @PolanskiDidNothingWrong1488 hate each other and have each other blocked so they need to make a new gc for every permutation of ironycels

No. 1607039

You don’t have to do that here. He’s a troon who looks like a boy in desperate need of orthodontist work.

No. 1607040

Went to the wrap party at Skinos, which had to have cost 20k. Multiple people there I spoke to there passed on working on the film, including two actors and a couple of young artists. They just wanted to drink and schmooze with rich people.

The non-Ion Pack producers and crew seemed exhausted and stressed.

No. 1607042

No that has just consistently been the go to line from her simps whenever anyone says anything mildly critical of her. It is projection, but in the sense of men projecting their own anxieties onto women. Literally any woman could go out and do that tomorrow

No. 1607044

I kind of enjoy it too but I don’t get why it happens so much more in this thread than any others. Even threads where the people being discussed are mostly literal whos with way less public recognition generally seem to handle it better and not care that much

No. 1607046

i'm convinced this is a samefag

No. 1607047

>post fiseek wench and i’ll let you know if you could be the pathetic depressed bangmaid of a desperate and ugly nerdy loser
go away moid.

No. 1607049

no, men are really just this retarded. notice the scrote didn’t even sage. just someone pathetic enough to project himself onto matt b and think busted neurotic women like liz are attractive because they seem attainable.

No. 1607050

don't care. just don't respond

No. 1607052

Ok just keep coping than

No. 1607053

Did you snap any pics, non?

No. 1607059

No but there were a couple party photographers there and I'm sure there will be stuff hitting IG soon.

No. 1607066

tinfoiling as well now but I’m starting to think crumps has been in these threads talking shit on these dimes square fags every now and then for a long time, just based on some of these long winded posting styles and seeing them next to his wildly shitty writing. I always wondered why some of the nons in here bothered writing as much and as spergily as they sometimes do about these people…

No. 1607070

>everyone who hates dimes square is crumps
nonnie the point of these threads is to hate dimes square fags… i literally made one of the long posts because i love seeing them humiliate themselves

No. 1607075

File: 1659627503619.jpg (41.3 KB, 540x303, 1650160222373.jpg)

If true I hope he fucks off, picrel

No. 1607076

>these people
these people are what the leftcow threads are all about and why they started in the first place. are you new?

No. 1607092

>did betsey brown's actors (2021) leak anywhere yet?
I would also like to know this

No. 1607104

File: 1659630054791.jpeg (158.33 KB, 1200x900, 4E921AE9-187A-4469-872B-1FD0C6…)

>these are the “artists” im supposed to care about
congrats to betsey brown the ddlg enthusiast with a fake voice for the grift, enjoy while it lasts

No. 1607105

That's funny, because I'm tinfoiling that a lot of dimes square fags are in here accusing everyone who makes fun of them of being Crumps

No. 1607106

Talking like this in real life is pathetic

No. 1607108

No. 1607109

50 year old mtf lily rose depp

No. 1607111

>thinking anyone is jealous of a midget who doesn’t take care of her kids and is so insecure she needs the validation of strange men online

No. 1607116

1. these entire threads have always been about dimes square losers and their orbiters, what’s forced about that?
2. how was the perfume nationalist ever forced? he livetweeted his breakdowns over being mentioned here a single time and that’s when he began getting discussed more. he threw tantrums when his female coworkers offered him cookies, calling it manipulative female psychic warfare engineered to taunt him and make him fat as a way to retain their power over him. he made himself a cow

No. 1607118

The men saying this see themselves in autismo-Matt and are upset they can’t attract their own Liz doppelgänger. It’s all very pathetic

No. 1607121

File: 1659631492559.jpeg (37.04 KB, 600x511, law4kids-suspended.jpeg)

>I alone am the true and honest Marxist with strong revolutionary ethics who sees through the class politics of the irony-poisoned hipster scene

Sage for blogpost, but I believe Crumps is real and not an op because I used to be this person and every day I thank Allah swt that it was in 2001 and social media didn't exist then. Both sides are cows and I am a cow

No. 1607130

I lol every time I think of that cookie tweet and his fixation on pad thai…truly entertaining and not forced

No. 1607132

It makes sense she doesn’t care for her own kids when you take into account she neglected her teeth for 30 years of her life

No. 1607133

41% immediately, troon. at the very least stop tweeting about this place and stop coming back here to talk about yourself

No. 1607135

I think there are many of us lmao. I’ve posted a couple and every time I log on there are more

No. 1607138

you can teach a pack of nonnies to sage, but you can't teach a pack of nonnies to not respond one by one to every piece of bait

No. 1607146

File: 1659632938226.png (85.13 KB, 629x433, will_m.png)

Will is personal friends with at least three of the people who participated in this lol

No. 1607153


>Will Menaker using the words "parents" and "fund" in a tweet

red comic sans text that says (emoji) goes here.

No. 1607159

You can always tell when something strikes a nerve with this crowd because the cows all rush over here to defend themselves and throw their "friends" under the bus

No. 1607160

Anyone know what that horror movie was that she was filming last fall?

No. 1607204

It feels like every cow from North TX area works for or is related to someone who works from a defense contractor.

No. 1607209

Arlington is a big defense contractor hub. Who besides Liz?

No. 1607213

crumps’ tweeted article doubled its number of likes in just a few hours, 2.1k now, i wonder how far this will actually go. the qrts are hilarious, so many milky tears from people who were there and people who actually see these people as role models
>inb4 hi cow
get over yourself dimes square milady holders!
sorry for the post deletions

No. 1607214

Nick Mullen and who else?

No. 1607218

Nick Rochefort was the only funny MDE member.

No. 1607222

that doesn’t mean he isn’t washed up (although i agree), but at least he started a family and stays out of drama and doesn’t crave attention, unlike charls and sam

No. 1607232

File: 1659639167771.jpg (235.82 KB, 757x341, marxist.jpg)

I like this comment from a fellow commie on the Crumps substack post

"Go deeper into the people" lol you're in a cult just as much as the Thiel people are

No. 1607235

File: 1659639472442.png (44.18 KB, 608x250, and here we go.png)

ruh roh

No. 1607238

Ana mardoll. Probably others but I can’t think of any other texan cows. Point is most politically minded cows are upper middle class and that’s a big industry there.

No. 1607246

Someone once said the Bruenigs were like the Kardashians for leftist millennials and they weren't wrong. Hundreds of thousands of anons discussing their antics daily across multiple platforms, ready at a moment's notice to argue in excruciating detail the minutiae of their tweets and hermeneutics of their writing going back a decade all to sus out what they must really believe, behind the autistic bon mots and purple prose. Props to them tbh.

No. 1607249

the cows are at full self posting force today itt

No. 1607254

seriously. they all share the same vocabulary.

I think the schizo poster dropped by too but I don't know.

No. 1607258

File: 1659641449437.png (2.13 MB, 1226x3106, annas review is in.png)

No. 1607261

File: 1659641603601.jpeg (179.79 KB, 1153x660, B3C7FDB5-5BBD-401B-937F-356DE3…)

Absolutely obsessed. AGP narcissist troon longing to fit in with the girlies gets rejected because male, still lurks and posts every day but pretends to hate it. I love when cows try to act above this site but make it completely obvious they’re here even more than the average user.

No. 1607262


i don't know why they care so much what we think. maybe all the twitter and reddit astroturfing makes them desperate. or maybe it's all their "friends" coming here to shit talk them and find dirt

No. 1607266


Obligatory "Crumps is just as much of a cow," but it's telling how many people (her, Default Friend, some others I forget) are using "it's too long to read" as an excuse to worm out of it

No. 1607270

File: 1659642486980.png (13.46 KB, 715x218, NGelicism01.png)

No. 1607271

you know, Crumps really does read like stiob sometimes. Ironic parody in which you overidentity with the perspective you're attempting to mock.

No. 1607272

Right, these pseuds lack the brainpower to form an analysis and make an actual rebuttal

No. 1607273

Most of the time calling something "word salad" is a great way to broadcast your low reading comprehension skills

No. 1607275

File: 1659642751056.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3464x3464, D6164C56-B586-48F0-A63B-B182D5…)

troons are the biggest most performative narcs on earth all while being the ugliest inside and out, and no matter how horribly disgusting they are in their behavior, they will always believe they are above everyone else. mix that with catholicism and you have liz b if she were born a hideous man who desperately needed double jaw surgery and a shoulder bone rearrangement

No. 1607276

File: 1659642905317.jpg (41.32 KB, 615x594, 2_COPYRIGHT-UNKNOWN-PIC-FOR-RE…)

No. 1607279

they lack even the creativity to say something funny. how does something this surreal happen and le avant garde artists involved have nothing remotely interesting to say about it?

No. 1607280

NGL I am indeed jealous of Liz for getting paid six figures to sit on her ass and sperg out on Twitter all day, but I'd be jealous of anyone in that position.

No. 1607284

Not that I can't believe it's six figures but do we know Liz's actual salary? I have no idea what an opinion writer at the atlantic makes.

No. 1607285

why do her editors not fire her for the crazy shit she posts?

No. 1607288


atlantic's staff is a lot more conservative than people give them credit for

No. 1607300

No. 1607303

its barely going viral. it has less than 5k likes… and under 1k retweets

No. 1607307

when’s the last time anyone in this scene had something they made, let alone a tweet in general, get that much traction

No. 1607308

This. The Atlantic is so conservative that liz is like far fringe left to them, she's a token nonthreatening dumbass they've propped up for their readers to laugh at. They probably have very little respect for her and if they even look at her twitter they'd just think it's more leftist retardation and not pay it any mind.

No. 1607315

i think that anon is talking about liz’s unprofessional and unhinged meltdowns and tantrums, lol.

No. 1607328

File: 1659646243175.png (739.83 KB, 1252x1254, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 13.5…)

you can get past the paywall by clicking the [archived copy] link but here you go

No. 1607333

thanks, deleted cuz i figured it out. worth noting tho that $100k refers to Liz's New York Times salary, they often pay less because of the prestige factor. can't remember if Liz jumped to WaPo then Atlantic after this, or straight to the Atlantic but she would not have done so without a significant salary bump one presumes. i bet $150-200k is more likely now, not bad for one shitty opinion essay per week and barely any reporting

No. 1607339

have you seen a journalist on twitter these past 5-7 years? liz is dime a dozen meltdown-wise

No. 1607349

She deletes her entire tweet history multiple times a week and her insanity is a whole rabbit hole. It's not as open and shut to the casual observer as is, say, a real estate agent or teacher tweeting swastikas and the n-word under their real name and face.
Don't underestimate the value of outrage clicks, either. Those lead to ad revenue, it's why savvy farmers post archive links of articles.

No. 1607352

yeah, sorry I wedged a pet theory in my reply. I just mean her conservative atlantic bosses probably already think she's a clown so her having a meltdown on twitter every week wouldn't bother them.

outrage clicks are probably part of it too like nona says >>1607349

No. 1607359

so this is a movie about lolcow is what i'm gathering

No. 1607361

the pic of greenwald and anna from the alex jones premier has way more likes than the crumps article. also literally every ig post of dasha's has way more likes. what are you talking about?

No. 1607362

they're absolutely delusional

No. 1607373

seems like a bait post, do not engage.

No. 1607376

One article per week + Twitter meltdowns from having her life exposed

No. 1607379

i just don't think a tweet with 2.5k likes counts as viral. not baiting anyone

No. 1607386

lol no, nonna, the post you replied to looks like bait i was telling you not to engage with it. you are correct, it's not remotely viral

No. 1607387

oh sorry, i misunderstood

No. 1607388

it's not a matter of that story going 'viral'. it's enough for people who aren't in their circle but close enough to their orbit to see how much of a freak they all are. i mean will menaker who is literally friends with multiple people in that story even quote tweeted it and commented on how insane they seem. considering they aren't notable to anyone as it is, the only other people knowing of their existence and seeing them for what they are is hilarious.

No. 1607389

chapocels and dirtbags have always hated red scare. this isn't new…

No. 1607390

Hmm no. Seems like all the usual suspects from the quick glance i did of the quote rts

No. 1607392

omg did you see a jacobin writer retweeted the article? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

No. 1607394

If Crumps' review of "Actors" had the effect of cancelling screenings, what do you think this will do? What was left of their potential careers is dead in the water

No. 1607395

none of them are aware of this specific niche even if they're aware of d+a. you guy are dense. also none of the chapos or other related friends have directly commented on them before negatively.

No. 1607396

Feels like there's a lot of damage control going on ITT downplaying the article. When was the last time these threads had this many posts in such a short period of time?

No. 1607398

lol he's lying about that

No. 1607399


No. 1607400

lol you believe what you wanna believe. go ahead girl

No. 1607401

Post proof, anon.

No. 1607402

sorry but an ethot getting likes on a pic isn’t the same as an article lol. different metrics and standards to go off on. when has anyone else in this scene actually gotten that much attention for something they actually did, not just photo ops?

No. 1607405

regardless of what you think of it, dasha has a film out. i can't believe you think 2k likes on a tweet means something. this argument is so retarded. guys have more likes on videos of them jerking off. it doesn't mean anything.

No. 1607406

File: 1659650067290.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.64 MB, 480x270, EAFF349E-C2C3-4B35-944C-6D637C…)

>i have sooo much sekrit infos and i am above you all. none of what you say is true. you are stupid if you seriously believe that. that’s not what i heard… you want proof? heh, no can do kiddo. feel free to not believe me. ha.

No. 1607408

who are you talking to

No. 1607410

File: 1659650190797.png (1009.1 KB, 1086x805, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 4.53…)

Funny how none of the dates from this Instagram post appear on the Roxy's calendar…looks like screenings were cancelled : https://www.roxie.com/calendar/

No. 1607411

You’re right. It’s kind of beautiful, they really think they blend in with regular farmers when they spastically come online in hoardes all at once to defend themselves.

No. 1607412

if anything liz should have spent on her face and not those implants that look like rocks

No. 1607413

ermm anon that’s so obviously like not even true. like lmfao do u work for crumps? Like, she wanted the screenings canceled obvs, she told me herself, lmao don’t believe everything you hear. I am totally not involved in this btw!

No. 1607414

You’re being mocked for alluding to having behind the scenes info and being a cow yourself.

No. 1607415

all of those screenings happened

No. 1607416

right lol, past couple of posts like >>1607395 are plainly observable things, few people in left twitter know anything specific about red scare let alone dimes square shit. i saw a bunch of people who know nothing about these circles liking posts sharing the story on my tl alone.

No. 1607418

maybe you shouldn't respond to two comments assuming they're the same person
>a bunch of people
whooooooooooo? just post who these people are is all. and leftist journalists dont count

No. 1607419

you're delusional. its all the same people who were freaking out about that weird dimes square grafiti article from a few months ago. they are all very aware of this scene.

No. 1607421

i'm questioning all of your "omg its viral these girls are DONE" shit because you do the same thing every other week
>dasha will never be in succession
>she will NEVER get a film released

No. 1607423

if cows are going to come in here they could at least leak their DMs or something. contribute to the thread a little.

No. 1607424

Dasha has been fired from Succession though

No. 1607425

dasha defense force activate

No. 1607426

Exactly. It’s “viral” within the circle, but whatever, this semantics argument was stupid to begin with. The point is that everyone who’s aware of the people in this scene existing has read or will read the article, and already the vast majority of people who’ve read it have ridiculed everyone documented in it. Even people who were dickriding Anna and Dasha for years and didn’t denounce them at their worst in the past are now distancing themselves. The longer this stays alive the more ugly and disfigured it becomes, a totally forced cultural abscess. The funniest part is how they delude themselves into thinking they have genuine relevancy. They get on television, they act in bad indie movies made by their friends, they get interviews, and yet still they remain completely insular. No one cares or knows who any of these people are outside of the scene itself.
To the cows lurking and posting itt in damage control mode: You are embarrassing. Most people here have known that for years, but now even the people who have thrown money at you, listened to your podcasts, and given you worthless retweets that give you a little burst of dopamine are now realizing the same thing.

No. 1607427

did i say she wasn't? you guys were sooooo adamant she was not going to be on it, then she was. that's all i'm saying
>Even people who were dickriding Anna and Dasha for years and didn’t denounce them at their worst in the past are now distancing themselves

No. 1607428

File: 1659650901293.png (1.23 MB, 1492x1524, perfectangelicgirl dasha.png)

No. 1607430


i hope this is dasha because otherwise, yikes oof and cringe sweaty.

No. 1607432

says the reddit spacing newfag

No. 1607433

you're so wrong its painful

No. 1607434

>thread dedicated to mocking dimes square and associated airheads exists for years full of mocking
>article critical of said scene gets published
>suddenly the thread is filled with “actually these people are very important and relevant cultural critics,” “That article isn’t actually being read by anyone,” “what’s your problem?,” “actually they didn’t say that.”

Amazing! Wow nonnas, this thread surely did organically change its tune all by itself! It’s so natural and seamless!

No. 1607435

I’m sure it is painful to be reminded you’re becoming more and more irrelevant and ridiculed to the point you come here to white knight you and your buddies.

No. 1607436

like who???? its literally all the same people that have given this scene shit since the beginning. you want this to be some big gotcha moment but unfortunately it isn't nona

No. 1607437

>actually these people are very important and relevant cultural critics
>That article isn’t actually being read by anyone
what? can you not read? the people saying the article isn't "viral" are the same people who think these people are NOT important and relevant…. it's the whole point. no one cares

No. 1607438

verbal exchange between 2 geniuses.. few of us will even be able to understand the surface level in this sparring of the wits

No. 1607440

You have a twitter and can look at the red scare sub yourself. Or can you not bare to look? I would post a screencap, but almost every single one of these hundreds of comment here is scathingly critical of Dasha:
And there’s no way I’m tracking down the hundreds of scarethot tweets thatve been made pearlclutching over it.

No. 1607441

exactly my point. its pathetic to try and blow this up into something its not. its still all irrelevant people fighting over the same shit they've been fighting over for years

No. 1607442

everyone here recognizes you two samefags replying to every post demanding proof that anyone saw the article. it's embarrassing.

No. 1607445

its not viral

No. 1607446

>a substack article picking apart the nyc tradcath auth right art ""scene"" isn't viral
>oh because you LOVE dasha and want to be her?!
omg REDDIT COMMENTS from people who are most likely paypigs and will continue to be scarethots!! its over for red scare!!!
it's not the first time their subreddit has dogpiled them. remember the beginning of covid lockdowns?

No. 1607447

Hilarious cope. Enjoy your relevancy to a small pocket of the internet and a street in NYC while it lasts.

No. 1607448

>tfw your ugly dick-sucking queen lucked out with a small role on an hbo show and wasn’t asked back

No. 1607451

do you know where you are?

No. 1607452

sorry for asssuming "people who were dickriders are denouncing them" would be people with some clout and influence and not just…reddit comments

No. 1607457

The fact that most of the people in that theater owned Miladies is reason enough to hate them.

No. 1607459

Without fans there is no money. If their fanbase dwindles, so do they. Fellow twitter cloutmonsters disliking them matters the least.

No. 1607460

>this is first time believing the mean girl allegations about Dasha
Their fans are truly some of the dumbest people alive

No. 1607462

what's with this thing when someone disagrees with the groupthink in here you have to accuse them of being someone in the rs nyc circle? it's so dumb and doesn't make sense. bad for content imo step it up nonnies
but it's not the first time and it's not going to be last time. this isn't the nail in the coffin until idk all the supporters get married and stop caring about "politics" and "art." there's always going to be people late to trends and the magic having your ideology formed by being a contrarian, you keep shifting and finding new supporters.

No. 1607472

File: 1659654188982.jpg (35.59 KB, 303x434, theincelwhisperer.JPG)

we are so back crumpbros / crumplarite leftcels

No. 1607474

yeah even the vanity fair article didn't generate this kind of traction here. i think they're legit embarrassed about their madness of crowds moment

No. 1607477

This article is retarded. As bad as the scene is, I think the writer is way more of a cow.

No. 1607478

File: 1659654878931.png (23.58 KB, 743x124, creepybabyvoice.png)

According to the article they're the ones who said his review was responsible for the cancellation. I don't believe it's true but I do believe they said that to try and guilt trip him, not counting on it backfiring.

No. 1607479

VF article was the far superior “expose” and yet it’s this crumps shit people are wilding out about smh

No. 1607480

and pray tell nonnie, how do you know this?

No. 1607481

File: 1659654970109.jpeg (336.74 KB, 640x894, CA9B39AC-24D9-47E0-B504-C1D9D2…)

Big if true

No. 1607483

I'm finding it a little hard to believe that they cancelled just because of Crumps. Like possibly someone at the Roxy saw his piece and cited it as an excuse, but there was probably more behind the decision than "oh no, the vaunted taste maker Michael Crumplar has marked this one for the trash bin so we can't play it." like it wouldn't surprise me if they thought the film wouldn't turn a profit

No. 1607484

kek i bet she still has a white-knuckled grip on those alt account(s?) though

No. 1607486

The Vanity Fair article revealed who funds these people. The crumps article revealed what these people actually do and consider so ~transgressive~. The VF one paints a mysterious aura with gaps missing. The crumps one revealed just how retarded what these people get up to is, totally neutering them. The one thing they hate more than being ridiculed is not being taken seriously, despite everything they say.

Having all their retardation plainly put on display from behind the scenes leaves no room for benefit of the doubt, no room to fantasize that what they get up to is shady and chic business dinners with right wing millionaires and nrx thinktanks. The reality is as banal as it is cringe: They’re failed provocateurs who do anything for attention, that one moment in the spotlight, recycling stale 4chan quips and showing their age with every attempt they make at being edgy. They try to revel in being trolls but lack the true antagonistic shamelessness that trolls have. In reality they are absolutely self obsessed and vain, unable to let go of their image. They want the reaction from the audience without the culpability.

The Vanity Fair article spared them their ultimate fear: being shown to be weak, not mysterious at all, and extremely afraid of legitimate pushback. There is a reason they’re obsessed with the concept of cringe.

No. 1607488

i remember the ig stories

No. 1607489

can't decide if I believe her lol, maybe if she puts this on twitter

No. 1607490

actually the event sounded really fun lol. i can't wait til the footage is finally revealed. i'd love to have watched crumps get harassed in person

No. 1607491

i heard he started crying at one point

No. 1607492

There is no way it will be released unless it’s extensively edited to the point it barely resembles what actually happened. The people involved are all embarrassed, from Mullen to Dasha to Honor.

No. 1607494

File: 1659656458714.jpeg (83.51 KB, 914x508, D766E5ED-7A29-499F-8B04-B7B7F3…)

I refuse to believe that farmers give this much of a shit about this article that stated what we already knew, but from a narcissistic moid point of view, and it’s very obvious that the sudden multiple essaypoasters in this thread are a) men and b) directly involved in this scene. It’s not just crumps obviously but dude, your unhinged affect and ego makes you hilariously easy to spot. Gtfo all scrotes, trannies and scarethots and let us get back to mocking Liz’s fake tits.

No. 1607495

I don't trust crumps account of what went down at all. release the footage

No. 1607496

On the off chance any crew with access to that footage is reading this please be a hero and leak it

No. 1607501

File: 1659656774219.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1776, D0B7BAF1-FAD9-4509-B39F-144030…)

not even the actual troonphobic fascists think it’s a skewed narrative, because everything in it makes complete sense if you actually see these people as pathetic

No. 1607507

I love how a thread literally dedicated to calling these cows pathetic and narcissistic weaklings suddenly changes its tune when the scene as a whole is exposed and made fun of by thousands of people. The cows like lurking and posting about the people they don’t like, and they’re easily over half the posts in these threads. The minute something implicates all of the cows, then the threads turn into full on total defense over and over again for hours straight.

No. 1607513

literally more than half the people here are dimesquare cow hangers on. we know ugly leia reads and posts here so

No. 1607516

Ew, I've been talking with Dimes Square hipsters this whole time?

No. 1607517

yeah but this is all based on crumps version of the story. i heard from someone there that he makes himself come off way more eloquent than he actually was in person. he was crying at one point lol

No. 1607518

Go back to reddit

No. 1607521

Maybe you should, with how eager you are to suck up to them. I’m sure you’d be very accepted on the red scare sub! These threads are for making fun of the cows, not telling everyone who does exactly that that they’re a newfag or should go back to reddit lmao.
I’ve posted here since the cgl splinter days, sorry I hurt your feefees using this site as intended.

No. 1607523

this is the second time itt you’ve tried to say he was crying again with no proof except this time you say “someone who was there told me,” because of course you’re friends with cows, as a cow yourself. seriously you fucking bottom feeders are addicted to making it obvious you’re cows while posting and have an agenda to make yourselves look good.

No. 1607524

these threads have never moved so fast and nothing on this scene has ever gotten so much negative attention so quickly, and still the cows are posting that it’s all one big nothingburger. delusion. now 3 replies calling me crumps

No. 1607525

it’s kind of cute, they really think people need to be crumps to hate them now. must be a very comfortable way of seeing things

No. 1607528

just an oomf not anyone in real life. i think its funny.

No. 1607529

not sure what’s worse, being one of the people in the article or being a big enough loser to willingly mingle with them

No. 1607531

you're just plain wrong. remember when anna and dasha made the isis tees? that was way worse and reached a far wider audience than this crumps bullshit

No. 1607532

He was crying

No. 1607533


No. 1607535

except no one outside the tabloid media cared and it was just a clickbait article that had nothing to do with their actual personas and political beliefs.

No. 1607537

best take on this entire thing. the jew york "new right" will keep losing the optics game to wokescolds like crumps because they're too defensive and keep revealing at the end of the day that they're just the same dirtbag leftists underneath it all ("it was just a joke bro I'm not transphobic i swear man"). just say he's right (even if he's not) and lean into being "fascist", then he has no power and nothing to say and the term itself will become even more diluted and meaningless

No. 1607538

ok and no one outside of left twitter cares about this… this crumps substack article doesn't reveal much of anything we all didn't know already you fucking retard. not to "hi cow" but you literally seem like crumps, given how self important he is

No. 1607539

>reddit spacing
>italics for emphasis
please go back, if you're not crumps you are someone adjacent to him and its obvious

No. 1607540

>the whole entire world needs to care about dimes square drama otherwise it doesn’t matter. none of this matters. why do you care. no one cares. it’s not actually important. it doesn’t matter.
why are you here?

No. 1607541

cant help but lol at this, is she astounded by what follows when you claim imageboard culture as your brand and perpetuate it beyond the screen? made your bed levy you absolute newfag, lie in it

No. 1607543

looks like the cows learned the game of hi cowing

No. 1607545

paragraph breaks =/= reddit spacing nonnie, and italics are built into the site for a reason. it’s funny how no one in this crowd has actually used image boards despite making it part of their brand

No. 1607546

This thread has become a really embarrassing group chat.

No. 1607548

No one cares if he cried or not. The point is that more people now know this crowd is made up of try hard, untalented hacks. There’s no dismissing that fact

No. 1607549

I care that he was crying. I think its funny

No. 1607550

hard for me to say if they are try hard and untalented, i haven't seen any of their movies or actually even heard of any of them besides dasha. thanks to crumps hilarious essay i'm going to check out this vack guys work now.

No. 1607551

nta but to make fun of lolcows… nothing matters here. are you new?

No. 1607552


the trans stuff always brings the dynamic out. it always exposes that they are significantly less willing to do anything truly subversive than even a lot of the liberal establishment

like all of this crap is basically them working up the nerve to do a chappelle skit

No. 1607553

moo harder.

No. 1607555

Seconded…..never seen this place so shitted up with outsiders

No. 1607556

A physicist once did a lecture at a town hall about the nature of the Earth's globe. Afterwards an old woman came up to him and said "I'm afraid nothing you said about the universe is true." The physicist asked her what the universe was then. She replied "the entire world lies on the back of a giant lolcow" "well then," said the physicist, "what does the lolcow stand on?" "oh honey," she replied, "it's lolcows all the way down"

No. 1607558

but they’re refusing to make fun of the people discussed here and have only been on the defense since this morning kek

No. 1607559

stop pretending you know which anon is which

No. 1607560

This thread is like 70% cow. I've never seen anything like it.

No. 1607561

You guys make it pretty easy with the same exact typing styles and samefagging.

No. 1607562

so many "hi cow"s MODS?!??!?! MODS=GODS

No. 1607563

25% still enchanted by We are Anonymous Xd run off, and a generous 5% been here since first thread longtime critics

No. 1607564

>You guys
what did she mean by this

No. 1607566

you know multiple people can samefag in the same thread right nonnie

No. 1607571

please refer to >>1607406

No. 1607582

ew you're friends with them?

No. 1607584

Writers like Mcrumps are jealous of how much more successful the Dimes Square crowd are than him. Sure most of them are whiny trust fund babies but they are still more successful

No. 1607586

File: 1659661827289.jpeg (253.2 KB, 628x907, A58878CD-AC3F-4FD8-BD19-94B56D…)

It's all an act. Peter and Crumps agreed on the narrative beforehand. They're conning y'all yo drum up hype for this turd of a movie.

No. 1607587

Shit, I've been gone for only half a day and all this shit goes down?

No. 1607589

What success?

No. 1607595

Vack was nominated for a sxsw grand jury prize, Dasha has a sag award and a gwff best first feature award. Crumps has a substack.

No. 1607601

>oh hey i think this poster is crumps, let me resume the deranged behavior
It doesn't sound fun, it sounds like a pack of brainless chimps being possessed by mob mentality. You people would have drank the literal kool-aid, were it available.

I'm guessing covering it up or playing it off isn't going very well, so doubling down is next

No. 1607602

god i should have never made this thread

No. 1607604

its just normies being late to everything as per

No. 1607606

Lmao belated thanks nonna but yeah this one’s about ready for the wood chipper. Do over without all the screeching cows pls

No. 1607607

poor dasha. from winning festival awards and starring alongside brian cox to donning an "anime outfit" and playing the hits for some literally who's direct-to-vimeo in-joke in less than a year. all the podbux in the world cannot bury the indignity of a showbiz career slump. at least sinatra had the sands

No. 1607608

nooo nonnie she’s a SUCCESSFUL artist and you are just jealous of all this SUCCESS of hers even though this is all a sad parody of what she actually hoped to become

No. 1607611

Sorry for touching grass nonnie, I left when the Crumps article was newly posted and Liz was still the punching bag. Didn't expect the fucking rollercoaster of a read this article inspired.

No. 1607612

wrong. it sounds very fun

No. 1607613

>at least Sinatra had the sands
100x more poetic than anything anyone in this faggy little scene has ever written here or elsewhere. Moar farmer posts pls the selfposting has reached critical levels

No. 1607614

U mean the ensemble of Succession won a SAG and curiously Dasha wasn’t cast in Season 4…

No. 1607617

don’t worry nonnita it’s a bitter scarethot upset because her idorus are getting dragged, “”as per””

No. 1607618

and you sound evil and godless

No. 1607620

I saw someone in the subreddit literally today claim Dasha would have an Oscar within 5 years - I remember someone trying that line in here too. The funniest part of that tiresome expose was learning that Ivy Wolk is apparently being groomed as the new Dasha. There’s always someone hotter younger and more talented (especially when you’re Dasha)

No. 1607621

I genuinely feel bad for her. She's only 17 years old and she's being groomed by a bunch of 30-50 year old hipsters. Where are her parents?

No. 1607623

File: 1659664000603.jpeg (75.1 KB, 1003x706, bootsthehousedown.jpeg)

Nick Mullen wore leopard boots on the latest TAFS. Did he just come out?

No. 1607624

>liked by honor and dasha

No. 1607628

Damn, skimmed the article and somehow didn’t catch that. She should flee this scene quickly, it’s infested with terminally obscure bitter losers and it’s a career killer.

No. 1607629

she still has the award with her name on it. cope. also jihae wasn't cast in the new season, neither was sanaa lathan

No. 1607630

are you esl, genuinely, what is this absolutely unprofound teenage interpretation of the insult i directed at these retards, stop posturing you've been here longer than 3 threads max

No. 1607631

It wasn't in the article, just did some googling.

No. 1607632

You sound like a pearl-clutching scarethot
Where did you see that? Post?

No. 1607633

why are you as a dasha stan in this thread for hating on dasha and others

No. 1607637

it’s just funny all you scarethots use the same typing style and you think a discussion that started as soon as the article was posted and has continued is somehow late. and you have the nerve to say im the new one. pixyteri would beat your scarethot ass

No. 1607640

You have to go back

No. 1607642

whoa Ivy Wolk looks just like samelpan

No. 1607643

it's not my fault you misinterpret menial responses as insults to be directed at farmers, we've been calling these people normie grifters for years now this isn't news, sorry you copped my insult on the chin coz you are one and have to grasp at straws with typing styles like what are you even referring to, using lowercase? "nonnita" please

No. 1607644

Both the Ivy Wolk part of the crumps article and the Oscar comment are at the link below. The comment was by a poster whose whole schtick is worshipping Dasha and you have to sort by controversial to see it because it’s so downvoted lol, a true sign of the vibe shift. This time last year the entire sub was convinced Dasha was the next big thing

No. 1607645

Compared to all the milk spilled just a while ago, this is nothing. With that said, this new direction is gonna be awful and Nick is definitely into drag.

No. 1607646

>as per
>ending the worst sentences you’ve ever read with an exclamation point
what else?

No. 1607648

You should have listened lmao

This shitshow is kinda funny though

No. 1607649

Using pixyteri for lc points, the scarethot projection is truly formidable

No. 1607650

Honest question, do you think a reddit scarethot would actually know of the queen? I can’t really imagine that ever happening especially since almost everyone posting in these threads discovered them through twitter and reddit instead of the catalog.

No. 1607652

it's called sarcasm, retard. "bullying and publicly humiliating someone for being cringe sounds very funny ackshually" is the kind of thing only a deranged edgy ride or die scarethot would say

No. 1607653

the absolute state of this thread. holy shit. i have seen plenty of cows come out of the woodworks before but never so many at once for so long. jesus christ

No. 1607656

I don't know i don't use Twitter or reddit but if you think you are such a super sleuth to the point you are emboldened to needlessly shit up the thread with pointless accusation you have schizo newfag mentality

No. 1607659

he "joked" that he will wear drag and pretend to be trans on the show so he cant be cancelled

No. 1607664

No one involved denied one bit of his account, they just scrambled to make excuses. Dasha was in the Reddit comments trying to explain her behavior. They did that shit, guilty as fuck.

No. 1607667

guilty of nothing. he deserved it

No. 1607670

this, but also the cows who attended have been posting itt trying to claim crumps is a bullshitter. the narrative is gonna go from “crumps is lying none of that happened, no one cares about the article,” to “actually it happened and it’s good”

No. 1607671

They can try to damage control all they want, no matter who's side we'll see everyone looked cringe.

No. 1607672

deserved what? people asking him to define fascism before they hysterically screamed based and cringe for an hour? lol

No. 1607673

to be ridiculed in a theater full of people

No. 1607674

this is reddit

No. 1607677

As someone who is (embarassingly) a 4chan oldfag, it's funny to watch rich art kids who find imageboard culture enchanting when they're literally almost a decade late to its actual relevance. they don't actually have the correct rapport down at all and make posts that sound like this to posture >>1607562 which is why they stick out like a sore thumb. That's why people can tell which posters are RS-adjacent shills, you're all normies and you always will be.

No. 1607678

Lmao I love how the cows are all in here seething, this article clearly touched a huge nerve

No. 1607679


No. 1607680

you’re failing to realize how smugly reassured he felt in his view of these people during this fiasco, and now he and thousands of others are making fun of them even more than before. it was a failure, but an effort was sure made.

No. 1607681

this post is so fucking funny

No. 1607682

"thousands of people" ok

No. 1607683

why have you been in denial all damn day in this thread lmao? the article has thousands of likes and has been shared so many times by others it’s well above that number. literally thousands of people mocking your beloved podcast cultists.

No. 1607684

You forgot
>spiritually ugly
>my brothers in Christ

No. 1607685

it has less than 3k likes its literally nothing. this will be forgotten about by sunday by everyone but you.

No. 1607686

Plus they were dumb enough to invite him and didn't see how it could backfire on them.

No. 1607688

He was begged to go see and review their shitty movie and then begged for months to be at this filming. The only question is if the Ion people were in on the ambush or just too pathetic to stop Vack. Not that Dasha even cares about herself but Maddie and her boyfriend standing by watching her and these other freaks be brought to tears all day is sick.
>There was a scene today where an actor was tarred and feathered while everyone in the crowd encouraged to scream and called him a faggot and cuck. Heard a rumor that it was a personal vendetta.

No. 1607690

all i said is thousands of people read it, you contested that, and now you admit it but pretend to not care. you’ve been doing this for hours, so, which cow are you?

No. 1607691

It's called shifting goalposts. That's what they're doing.

No. 1607692

where can i watch this for free?

No. 1607693

oh my god redscare listeners literally think dasha and anna coined the term as per and to use it is to emulate them

No. 1607696

I highly doubt thousands of people read through all of it

No. 1607698

you're talking to someone else

No. 1607702

tragic to learn there are truly countless retarded cows itt today spazzing out on the defense

No. 1607705

File: 1659670016163.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

No. 1607706

File: 1659670059966.jpeg (857.66 KB, 1170x1340, F4309FEE-BCC0-49A8-9C05-FDEE95…)

he (pariah) just retweeted this 2 day old asukahomo post a few minutes ago, he is absolutely itt malding

No. 1607707

hopefully one of the cows reading the thread will come to their senses about this sinking ship of a scene/movie and give us some leaks

No. 1607711

Their parents are just as freakish and were in their movie "Assholes"

No. 1607714

my ass is not listening to that. provide a summary if you can

No. 1607715


No. 1607717

Are you kidding? This is the scene Red Scare helped birth.

No. 1607738

these people just cope post about themselves in the most telling way.
you don't need intuition to click a few buttons you idiotic mouth-breather

No. 1607742

Wow, very cool! What an interesting event! Thank you so much for letting us know about this incredibly insightful person, I'll definitely make sure to like and subscribe! What the fuck is this shit, what kind of responses you think you're gonna get? Go back to twitter, freak

No. 1607745

the screencap post was me, and i was just proving he’s constantly checking this thread and posting in it to defend himself and the others

No. 1607751

sorry anon, i quoted you to address him. been a while since i last saw a cow this happy to be shat on

No. 1607755

like all those "i am angel who actually everyone loves' tweets from literally anyone. ah yes, what a normal thing that good-looking nice people totally feel the need to announce

No. 1607758

File: 1659675936056.jpeg (101.08 KB, 540x460, 9DF5C011-CA83-445C-B47D-DD064F…)

Someone send this to Liz.

No. 1607796

she’s not being crucified. she shit her own bed now let her lie in it

No. 1607821

File: 1659688142142.png (51.46 KB, 757x211, Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 10-28…)

another account of the peter vack thing,



No. 1607831

File: 1659689255439.png (102.02 KB, 1260x712, try and sound less autistic pl…)

the fact that any of these people think of themselves as any sort of intellectual..with this writing, buddy…..>>1607821

No. 1607836

File: 1659689497274.png (220.81 KB, 1560x334, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 01.4…)

who wrote this lol

No. 1607837

File: 1659689655111.png (117.49 KB, 1260x712, lmao.png)

doing real art is when youre a failure at everything you touch

No. 1607839

File: 1659689763656.png (451.71 KB, 1534x518, true story.png)

this sounds incredibly fake

No. 1607843

seriously they make themselves look bad in this.

do you think the maddie doing children's puzzle books in this story was Maddie as in dasha's friend or no?

we will be accused of selfposting and samefagging for posting screencaps at the same time lmao sorry

No. 1607844

doubt it, judging by how eager he is to namecheck every loser in the crowd lol. word search seems par for the course tho

No. 1607890

Typical gay man with an eating disorder kek

No. 1607913

Not really milky but once again potshots at Stav even down to the theme of the episode (Spite) and Adam and Nick going back and forth about forgiveness and forgetting. Pretty much confirms that the only reason The Adam Friedland Show exists is to piss on Stav.

No. 1607916

ngl i find random inappropriate uses of images of Jesus pretty offensive. idk if i'd engage in a twitter debate about it tho

No. 1607922

i've been browsing and posting on that subreddit occasionally for the last few months. they've been making fun of dasha and anna as long as i've been there. most of those people don't even listen to the podcast as far as i can tell

No. 1607923

no one cares, sage your dumb shit

No. 1607925

sage what exactly?

No. 1607928

go read the rules.

No. 1607931

File: 1659703965513.jpg (86.64 KB, 800x500, smudging.jpg)

i can't believe they're insisting on this "i'm so god-fearing i'm so pure uwu" bullshit after all this

>wow so beautiful. we are so pure. we're not bigots, we even had a (holds back gag) black woman, she was totally there and totally understood our art. you think we're evil bigots because you don't get it
and then everyone clapped

did this newfag think picrel is what's meant by sage?

No. 1607951

All the cows are insufferable but I struggle to put any value in anything recounted by someone like him either, whether it's him or his fans shitting up the thread they need to give it a rest. I hope a lot of genuine farmers aren't into crumps but then again it wouldn't be the most shocking thing ever if some were

No. 1607974

Actually true. There's more people in lolcow who listen to Red Scare (even if its a hate listen) than there are in the reddit page.

No. 1607979

>farmers into crumps
It’s not about being into him or not. It’s about him being an outsider that successfully exposed how narcissistic these people truly are. You can say “this has been done before” but no, not to this extent. Peter Vack and Dasha are two of the worst people here. The little quote about Dasha saying “no one would believe him” about crumps is even better when you think of the toxic sludge she and Anna has been spewing on her podcast about rape victims and actresses. Everyone believes the man and not the woman in this Crumps situation, just as Anna and Dasha perpetually have done on their podcast. Karma truly spares no one

No. 1608023

Yeah rsp sub is just a bunch of mde and cumboys at this point though being an mde freak or cumboy doesn’t preclude being a Dasha simp like so many of them still seem to be

No. 1608027

Stop talking about crumps it’s disrespectful to the people who come here to shit talk Liz

No. 1608031

The Liz milk has dried up for the time being, I fear. Doubt she'll let her friend hold the keys to the twitter account for long though. I give it a month max before she's back in the saddle again.

No. 1608033

Crumps is a nobody. He probably made all of that up

No. 1608036

More cope

No. 1608040

Most of the cumboys and mde fans aren’t Dasha simps. They’re the first ones to call her a cashew head or a little boy when her pic is posted

No. 1608042

he made it all up, it didn't happen, but it was funny that he cried when it happened! kek enoy your little scene going up in (actually very small and irrelevant) flames

No. 1608047

I think she’s lying about hiring someone. She seems too cheap to hire anyone and too self involved to not read her mentions

No. 1608049

0% chance she "hired" anyone, 90% chance she's going to post a picture of one of her children at a computer soon with a post that boils down to "tee hee the tiniest social media manager has just logged on" and then meltdown again

No. 1608050

Oh I doubt she's actually paying someone, it's probably a friend. My guess is it's either that she/they millennial who owns a bakery near her that she promotes sometimes or one of the Vandervoorts.

No. 1608053

The mods are partially censoring the sub too so they will sometimes remove comments and posts that are petty or critical of d&a so the sub appears to be more of a hugbox than it really is. Whenever anyone critiques Dasha’s acting the post is often left up though. Funny

No. 1608094

File: 1659713457860.png (82.71 KB, 620x418, troons.png)


No. 1608110

I love how these people all think they're brilliant "own the libs" countercultural edgelords, but are desperate for approval from their one black friend and melt down into hysterics when someone accuses them of "transphobia." The call is coming from inside the house.

No. 1608138

The whole reason why nobody in RS reddit doesn't listen to RS is exactly because they're Cumboys and Chapos. RS has surprisingly managed to keep filters on their listenership.

No. 1608141

Bet Liz is glad that attention was swayed away from her for once.

No. 1608149

I'm somewhat of the view that the Crumps struggle session was all a viral marketing ploy by the Brown siblings and Crumps. Probably Dasha and Yarvin were in on it as well. Crumps is probably a sub and enjoyed the abuse but won't admit it lol

No. 1608151

File: 1659718672585.png (127.98 KB, 770x599, A4Fadgc.png)

No. 1608152

File: 1659718718795.png (810.55 KB, 1024x819, moldbug.png)

No. 1608153

sounds fake. crumps made their movie sound like the lamest thing ever made not something dangerous or interesting.

No. 1608154

at least this one is mercifully brief by comparison

No. 1608159

imagine comparing dimes square to Soviet dissidents and crumps to a kgb agent lol

No. 1608161

"There is no such thing as bad publicity"

No. 1608163

File: 1659719417356.jpeg (602.88 KB, 750x1064, 88A3579A-8EB0-47A8-B77D-EF7D7A…)

Love how Chloe Cherry mogs Dasha and Betsey despite the atrocious lips

No. 1608165

Id say yes bc shes dating one of the ion guys

No. 1608170

did you read the article and what the movie is about? they're not that smart

No. 1608171

so ugly

No. 1608173

lmaooo ugh

No. 1608175

Music video from Ion Pack's old, horrible cringe band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeKdmgpJOz8

No. 1608180

nonnie, don't put this scrote on a pedestal. you're better than that. girls on their lunchbreak (farmers) can expose how narcissistic these cows are, and have been doing it for longer and in a much more enjoyable format. you don't need a scrote who calls his substack art to tell you anything. I'll read his gossip but if he could write in a style that wasn't so self-suck he'd be a lot more enjoyable.

>Peter Vack and Dasha are two of the worst people here.

no that's Liz Bruenig lol

No. 1608182

>dissident scenes
he needs to give up the ghost. grow up man

No. 1608186

I’d say no bc she’s described as “one of the nicest people” the writer has ever met and there’s no way any of dasha’s friends could be described that way

No. 1608188

>grow up man
nonna, this is a wealthy startup executive in his fifties who moves in elite right wing circles with literal billionaires, and yet he still dresses like it's 1993 and he's auditioning to be one of the Lone Gunmen on the X-Files >>1608152… I think that ship has sailed

No. 1608191

i know who he is

No. 1608193

The event was suppose to simulate a youtube comments section. The way they treated crumps seems like the typical dogpiling that happens on an unmoderated online forum.
>Someone asked if I was a “tranny chaser,” and then others joined in, a taunting chorus asking if I was a tranny chaser from all directions, and even Yarvin’s ponderous voice, “Tranny chaser? Tranny chaser?”

No. 1608194

except that's not what unmoderated online forums are like because they are actually funny

No. 1608195

yeah, anon, I read the article. Again, they're not smart and not playing 5d chess with a "viral marketing ploy".
Did you notice how many people are disgusted with them and would never see this movie?

No. 1608196

that was meant to insult him not you nonna

No. 1608207

it’s not that people here “don’t get what they were trying to do”
it’s that we 100% get what they were trying to do, but it was completely retarded in the first place, and then they also did it badly

No. 1608208

moldbug is the nexus between the dimes square crew and lizzie b
she thinks he’s surprisingly smart or some shit

No. 1608211

has anyone actually seen Actors and is it any good? as a terf who thinks both sides in this fight are stupid, crumps' description of it made it sound like it might actually be a decent satire of an all too common phenomenon (mediocre male artist receiving exaggerated deference as a genius when they troon out), if only because broken clock right twice a day

No. 1608214

All good nonnie but he does have a little more credibility in that he stuck his neck out and met these people. Kinda rules

No. 1608215

No. 1608223

>he made it all up, it didn't happen, but it was funny that he cried when it happened, and it happened but it was all a marketing ploy
you're not the 3d chess master you think you are

No. 1608233

>Yarvin’s ponderous voice, “Tranny chaser? Tranny chaser?”

the mental image of this is very funny

No. 1608235

i don't understand how dasha still hasn't learned that the droopy eyelids 'bedroom eyes' she always tries to make makes her look retarded and ugly. chloe cherry is tilting her chin down and looking up at the camera, which gives her bigger doe eyes, this is like nymphette posing 101 and dasha can't do even that

No. 1608242

but dasha isn't trying to be your average nymphette, she's the MOST DIFFERENT and ALTERNATIVE woman to ever exist

No. 1608245

self conscious about jowls and lines around her mouth

I feel like a 60 year old man saying this but she would literally look so much prettier if she smiled lol

No. 1608284

dasha has FAS though so it would be hard to explain the concept to her

No. 1608317

I hate Yarvin but he has a point here. Crumps was being disingenuous when he wanted to join the shooting. I think it’s definitely wrong to lie about your intentions like that

No. 1608326

>He was begged to go see and review their shitty movie and then begged for months to be at this filming.
All their dumb meme accounts have been posting for months about wanting Crumps to play a critic in their movie. They're the ones who were disingenuous top to bottom. Advertised shoot as a party so they didn't have to pay extras, lied to Crumps about only wanting him to do a one minute scene, ganging up on him once and then twice when they had dozens of their lame fans on their side, and using the movie as an excuse to get revenge on multiple people. These psycho's narcissism is hurt that they aren't being seen as the good guys and that Crumps and the public aren't won over by them even with Crumps being also annoying.

No. 1608335

I'm part of the public and def anti crumps in this situation. He shouldn't have even gone. It was his pride and arrogance that got him into this situation and he has no one to blame but himself.

No. 1608357

they literally begged him to come around for months including publicly on twitter

No. 1608358

I agree with both of you. peter is obviously psycho and the pile on sounds unhinged, and crumps is stupid for being taken aback at how nasty these people are. (he's the one who keeps saying how bad they are but he's outraged they did something nasty to him personally? of course they did! don't show up to be in their movie, dummy.)

No. 1608360

It was the pride and arrogance of Peter Vack and Betsy Brown not being able to handle a negative review that led to this situation

No. 1608361

nta but that would be a big red flag to me and make me want to stay away, and I definitely wouldn't sign a release or be a free extra for them

No. 1608365

this. and my god i’ve never seen the thread so filled with scarethots and cows (probably a venn diagram though)

No. 1608366

File: 1659739940398.jpg (221.9 KB, 1152x1728, Rachel-Sennott-a-lavant-premie…)

poor dasha. she's still slumming it in mumblecore while rachel sennott went from fucking stavros to A24.

No. 1608369

Lmao exactly, Rachel actually gets cast in TV and movies, while Dasha can barely get cast in anything outside of her friends' productions

No. 1608373

first i’ve heard of this, wow. good for her, i hope she regrets dating stav and knows she can do much better lmao. unlike dasha her only dating pool isn’t ugly self hating nyc jews

No. 1608378

If you want to own Dasha don't compare her to someone who fucked fucking Stav lol

No. 1608379

Rachel's also younger, taller, better style, attractive, and not a poor man's Chloe Sevigny like Dasha

No. 1608384

you're right about everything but taller lol Rachel is petite!

No. 1608385

nta but the point is that she started even lower on the totem pole than dasha but is way above her now

No. 1608388

so if I'm parsing this right:
Yarvin / the based elite = elves
the unwashed masses = hobbits
MCrumps = orc

The NRx cosmogony grows daily more fascinating…

No. 1608392

How do you know he’s not lying?

No. 1608393

reread the post and the ones before it. they were all doing it publicly

No. 1608398

the amount of passive voice the author used..chill dude

No. 1608400

yarvin is a house elf and his job is to suck peter thiels cock

might be mixing up my fantasy franchises but you get the point

No. 1608403

if any artist nonnas are feeling indulgent for the next threadpic …

No. 1608410

pls no these people give eye-bleach fuel enough

No. 1608417

Oops IMDB says 5’11 but other sites say 5’2 or 5’3 lol

No. 1608423

File: 1659744447237.jpeg (165.32 KB, 640x493, 7EB41B07-8A91-4689-A18B-272BFF…)


No. 1608432

half elf half dwarf

No. 1608439

i'm fascinated by his choice to wear a leather jacket, as if that'd fool anyone into thinking he's cool

No. 1608444

maybe the same people who made fun of Dorian Electra having a song about loving Hayek will begin to herald her as some avant garde genius lmao. god i hate this

No. 1608445

for a decade, based always seemed like one of those words that just would never die because of how charming and iconic it was, and until a certain point everyone using it was familiar with the origins. and now it’s one of the worst possible cultural signifiers you can use. amazing

No. 1608448

oh my god nonnie

No. 1608451

No. 1608454

File: 1659747729341.png (Spoiler Image, 30.61 KB, 436x515, dobbyarvin.png)

for some reason the brush tool on gimp stopped working so i couldn't edit any more past this point

i'm so so sorry for not spoilering it

No. 1608457

They even stop and make fun of comedians who do crowd work at one point lol

No. 1608462


No. 1608470

Instant classic, will be all over Twitter tomorrow. Well done nonnie

No. 1608477

can you under 20 retards fuck off back to tiktok with your cognitive distortion, "nymphette posing" get a fucking grip

No. 1608479

nonna there are numerous threads on this site dedicated to making fun of nymphets

No. 1608480

"muh zoomer fotm botched euphoria porn star mogs two natural older women" you are a lizard eternalising incel rhetoric and this thread needs to be gatekept to the nines from you and your ilk

No. 1608481

No. 1608483

can you read? what do you mean what. the context is all there

No. 1608484

File: 1659750987964.png (1019.87 KB, 767x833, dobbyarvin dalle.png)

i don't think dall-e can make the "sucking dick" part but kek

No. 1608485

You'd have to be a coombrained zoomer teenager to look at Chloe and see anything other than a tragedy.

No. 1608487

Didn't notice till you pointed it out, no wonder why it was such a slog to read

No. 1608492

Wasn't based invented/popularized by Lil B? I don't think he was reading Hayek or watching Stillman films.

No. 1608493

Thanks I hate it but love it at the same time.

No. 1608495


No. 1608508

Here's a thought: maybe don't join art scenes just to tattle on them like a total dweeb. Snitches get stitches and all that.

No. 1608525

wow this is so cringe I'm back to believing they want to tank the show

No. 1608526

File: 1659754246522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 442.18 KB, 750x893, 058518EC-2C4B-44A1-9C59-AF33E3…)

>porn star

No. 1608527

No. 1608528

No. 1608529

File: 1659754628810.png (1.07 MB, 1380x1258, shoes.png)

No. 1608531

samefag, just fyi: skip to 21 minutes for an awkward bit and then nick starts unbuttoning adam's shirt for him

No. 1608533

>wow this is so cringe I'm back to believing they want to tank the show
They're not doing a very good job because their patreon just went up $12k in the last month. I hope Stav is somewhere seething about it.

No. 1608534

are you 7 years old

No. 1608544

I genuinely liked this new video element tbh

No. 1608552

File: 1659758498736.jpeg (7.66 KB, 266x190, troonycurtis.jpeg)

he looks like Jamie Lee Curtis' trans son

No. 1608556

File: 1659758988041.jpeg (902.3 KB, 2662x1770, 4859A974-9C54-4081-AF83-1818C7…)

my hand slipped

No. 1608566

No. 1608592

more milk on the vendetta aspect?

No. 1608597

nary an honest soul attaches themselves to pitiful inner city clout-art scenes

No. 1608602

Jamie Lee Curtis Yarvin?

No. 1608623

is aimee still off twitter

No. 1608632

the tar and feather incident is something else, it’s quoting the anon who was there the day after crumps. haven’t seen anything else on it.

No. 1608635

you have to learn how to take a joke and check. your eyes. chloe simply looks better in that pic than dasha has also done porn and has fillers

No. 1608636

oh that's the old man Dasha is fucking

No. 1608638

yes and i legitimately miss her breaking up the monotony of the incessant "dasha is fat and ugly" posting. especially hilarious considering anons used to wk her "unique look" back in the early leftcow threads and even went as far to say she is objectively prettier than anna

No. 1608639

File: 1659767142491.png (370.75 KB, 1280x586, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 23.1…)

haven't seen any alts pop up. she's probably alive though (talking about roe v wade overturn on the latest ep so it can't be that old).

No. 1608640

Nick somehow pulls this look off.

No. 1608643

oh shit they are stories from different dates. my bad.

No. 1608645

Wow. I’m truly curious how she’s filling her time without Twitter

No. 1608649

what's with zoomers and their deflection tactics, your opinion isn't gospel

No. 1608660

why do you care so much? its just an unflattering picture of someone who’s ugly inside and out. snark is allowed on lolcow.
now stop derailing

No. 1608662

sorry for not adding a disclaimers for your poor feelings. they’re both generally hit in the face next

No. 1608664

this is friendly fire queen

No. 1608670


No. 1608824

File: 1659800496735.jpeg (335.14 KB, 628x891, 07F68C9D-38CF-4ED2-981D-D879E1…)

Dasha is now in her "dinosaurs are fake" era

No. 1608867

File: 1659804428632.jpeg (134.33 KB, 750x530, CAE1DD87-90A3-4F5B-9676-DED5EB…)

Probably a reaction to Crumps article

No. 1608878

Dimes Square angelicist aesthete fascism is out, what trend are they going to hop on next??

No. 1608885

File: 1659806449573.jpeg (275.18 KB, 1080x1068, 296714882_1130466157682325_378…)

Katherine and Amber (Rollo not frost) were “surprise guests” at recent chapo live show. Amber basically said nothing on stage, didn’t plug her podcast or any shows, kinda weird. Katherine was tipsy and seemed to be having a great time - Will was leading the show so the two of them basically flirted for half an hour and no one else got a word in. Afterwards they had Bill Oakley reviewing local “treats” and Katherine & Amber served and bussed the food on silver trays (producer guy grabbed a couple too which kept it from being too weird but it was a little weird).

Merch area looked like it was mostly serving as a DSA signup table. Will took 5 seconds at the end of the show to encourage everyone to go sign something they had for the Teamsters and the biggest strike ever in 2023 (no further details, probably about the UPS contract if I had to guess). Never liked hearing the no-job-ass podcast boys talk about labor and I think teamsters should stay away from them before rot spreads from the inside like DSA but whatever, good luck to the teamsters with whatever they're doing.

new stupid gun picture dropped. taken somewhere in idaho.

No. 1608899

File: 1659807724468.jpeg (207.85 KB, 750x686, E6A8332C-80C6-4596-8743-D9A565…)

3 days after the article was posted and this is the best zinger this nitwit can come up with.

No. 1608900

File: 1659807778143.jpg (387.98 KB, 1182x1312, kathtweet.jpg)

Innocent joke or winking at the swinger allegations that crop up from time to time?
It's funny how little Chapo gets mentioned in these threads anymore considering how much money they still make and how much twitter clout they have.

No. 1608907

File: 1659808651886.jpeg (542.43 KB, 1062x2682, 5E29F518-9C08-4E96-86F2-5D719C…)

Why do these people want to bat for Alex Jones?

No. 1608918

leftover appreciation for the bohemian grove exposé maybe

No. 1608924

because liberals hate him, and their driving political animus is "whatever libs like = bad, whatever libs hate = good"

No. 1608947

because they have no principles of their own outside feeling edgy and trying to be like the members of a dying and vapid scene.

No. 1608949

whining about autism on that sub 24/7 but they’re the most retarded

No. 1608954

it’s 100% edgelord contrarianism

No. 1608955

fuck you, Dasha, one of the greatest paleontologists was an actual Catholic priest and the church officially got on board with evolution in the 1950s
don’t playact being Catholic for the aesthetic if you’re going to spout fundie Protestant nonsense

No. 1608956

Why did you cherry pick a comment out of a thread where at least 80% of the posts are saying Jones deserved it? We aren't THAT starved for milk nonna.

No. 1608957

I think she's joking but honestly wouldn't surprise me if dasha suddenly decided "dinosaurs are fake" is her new seed oils

No. 1608959

They're a lot older than most of the rest of this crowd. Will and Matt were in college when 9/11 happened, and Felix is like 34. Will and Felix come from genuinely upper class families too iirc, so their parents may have pushed them into getting some sort of social media handlers when they saw their retarded fuck-up kids had stumbled onto a massive income stream through Chapo.
What was the last thing that got them a lot of shit, outside of the psychotic @agraybee type radical centrists keep quote tweeting them crying that they're crypto-fascists? I know Matt got blackout drunk on that one live stream and Felix whines about having to wear masks in the gym, they seem to be keeping a low profile outside of drama that only extremely, extremely online people care about.
It's funny how even Nick Mullen, who probably has literal holes in his brain from doing every drug he can get his hands on since like age 15 (except he doesn't drink alcohol any more! which makes him sober!) doesn't overshare like a lot of these cows.

No. 1608965

oh, recently Nick said he's been sober-sober since february because the heart trouble event was actually too scary to keep doing cocaine or something. I think it was on the SiriusXM show Jim & Sam. On that show they were asked about Stav leaving and Nick made it sound very normal and mutual unlike the way they act about it on their own show.

No. 1608967

They learned their lesson from the Cosby Walk of fame picture debacle. I'm sure Felix gets it all out of system through his private account and a hundred different group chats. Matt seems like he's withdrawn from twitter a lot since he and Amber hooked up. He barely posts at all anymore. As for Nick I guess he keeps his oversharing to his blog these days.

No. 1608972

I think Mullen doesn’t overshare because he’s more of an introvert naturally. Most people in this scene are attention-starved extroverts who don’t get enough attention in real life so they need to pander and overshare online

No. 1608973

damn will and his gf have gotten fat as shit

No. 1608977

Good on him. It's wild how Mullen is one of the most self-aware and least reprehensible people who comes up in these threads. Stav tries to make himself out to be aware of what a horny glutton he is, but he was literally giggling while watching hentai on one of the last CT episodes he was on.
IIRC, Nick and Adam are close friends and Stav was always the third wheel in the group, even though Adam was never listed as a cohost or whatever gay irony guy shit they were doing.

No. 1608979

I feel like they've always been that fat. I will say in person katherine's hair looks amazing, it's way too long almost, really doesn't come across in photos how much of it she has. lucky genetics or she spends a lot of money on it.

No. 1608980

You might get accused of wking but you're right. I'm actually shocked Nick couldn't smell that the Crumps thing was rotten a mile away. At least he escaped as soon as he could I guess.

No. 1608985

File: 1659813058769.png (56.47 KB, 874x547, paglia amcon.png)

>because liberals hate him, and their driving political animus is "whatever libs like = bad, whatever libs hate = good"


Likewise some socon rag with a 5k circulation thinks a few libertine podcasters adapting Paglia's contrarian grift signal a sea change in the culture war that favors them.

I'm very happy to see Thiel piss away his money on such worthless people

No. 1608986

I’m afraid being worshiped by this crew is a long way down from Paglia's 90s peak of having a short-lived column in Spy Magazine lmao

No. 1608988

Don't know about Kath, but Will used to be a twig in the pre-Chapo days.

No. 1608989

>born in the USSR
I like how anybody writing about A&D has to frame their purported non-Americanness like this, because they're both culturally American, just with funny foreign names. Unless the Anna Khachiyan age truther nonna is right, which isn't at all unlikely.

No. 1608991

lmfao this article is literally three years too late, paglia-posting peaked in 2019

No. 1608992

isn't the fragrance fasicst the admin of the paglia quotes insta page???

No. 1609003

>if civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts
so it would be better? if you follow the logic of Uncle Ted fans in this same circle

No. 1609013

Paglia gives dumb social conservatives the opportunity to feel edgy so they happily ignore her open support of NAMBLA and child porn. She’s the favorite critic of assholes who believe in nothing but self-promotion.

No. 1609015

just like paglia. they’re still basic corny white americans

No. 1609020

how is any of this "what vice was cultivating"?

No. 1609021

Yeah Anna definitely got her "I'm ethnic, me" posting from her

How many of these people do you think have actually read Paglia's doorstopper all the way through?

No. 1609022

nick is going to axe the video when he realizes it's going to make everyone find out that adam is the hot one.

No. 1609024

>you say you want to fight the power and yet you don't want to align yourself with a heartless conspiracist piece of shit? heh.. curious!

No. 1609026

enough mullen dickriding! he absolutely does overshare about every aspect of his life especially in the early episodes and it's still cowish even if it's hidden in self-deprecation.

No. 1609056

I don't know either, it doesn't make sense

No. 1609061

>I don’t really buy the whole “I live in Manhattan and these people are virtually unheard of” schtick
I posted this. and it's true. If anyone ever talks about podcasts it's always some basic political or true crime stuff.
No normal or well-adjusted people listen to Cumtown. I'm sorry, but it seems like your friends are nerds.

No. 1609068

File: 1659820349732.png (1.61 MB, 1193x1261, Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 4.08.…)

Also, why do they celebrate Perfume Fationalist as if he's some cutting edge aesthete/artist? His taste is so basic and dated. His taste is no different than a grandma who watches the Lifetime channel

No. 1609080

He not like those other gays. Except when he is.
Not using deodorant is pretty common among gays like him, faggots literally get off on the scent. I hate that self-hating women still worship these unshowered pederasts.

No. 1609103

Women enjoying the pop culture aimed at them is cringe and laughable. Gay male "intellectuals" like Jack enjoying it is camp and genius.

That said a lot of gay men follow soaps and unironically enjoy mass culture without being as pretentious as Camille Faglia here.

Only homos like Jack and Asuka think appreciating Elizabeth Taylor fragrances still worn by millions of women makes them deep and interesting.

No. 1609109

>Anna age truther
That would explain why she looks 20-something at 14 and the precocious sexual development, but that’s also explained by being Armenian.

No. 1609126

Are you a man or just straight up retarded?

No. 1609136

She’s done the nymphette 101 pose a hundred times, it emphasizes her asymmetry. Her head looks super curved from that angle.

No. 1609168

File: 1659829084595.jpg (52.95 KB, 832x468, EOgNALXUUAU-0Of.jpg)

No. 1609229

I hate having to share a community with these men good lord #LdroptheGBT

No. 1609256

Weird since if your only exposure was the pod, it seemed more like Nick and Stav were closer friends since the energy was so high with the two of them while Adam was the third wheel.

No. 1609588

Yes but the RSP fans had no problems with Anna and Dasha associating with Alex Jones until recently even though Alex Jones has been perpetuating the vile Sandy Hook shit for years

No. 1609614

File: 1659889431262.jpeg (48.4 KB, 742x656, 6FE4C528-73E8-4873-8A08-FA94FD…)

No. 1609623

i assume they only thought of alex jones as a comedy figure, because half the stuff he says is so hilarious—it’s really easy to forget he peddles a lot of sincere conspiracy theories like mass shootings being fake, which his listeners also believe. he has a really weird genuine influence over boomers, to people younger he’s just someone to laugh at, or to RS hes “based” because he’s provocative and anti establishment while making them laugh

No. 1609661

exactly nonna. you don’t have to be a scarethot to find alex jones out of control persona funny, I’m guilty of this. It’s like trump where it’s hard to balance cus on one hand they’re so funny but on the other they’re morally corrupt.

No. 1609702

I think it goes beyond Alex Jones being out of context for them. They’ve interviewed him, taken photos, Anna K went to Alex’s War screening, etc

No. 1609709

They’ve also self ID’ed as conservative and have shown themselves to be as morally disgusting on other issues. I think they would’ve renounced Alex jones if they actually gave a shit

No. 1609748

File: 1659899945235.jpeg (393.16 KB, 1500x2000, 531FE3DA-D9AE-4366-9191-F165B4…)

Old pic, but her head gave me a good chuckle

No. 1609870

how many of you have to show up whining in these threads about comments like this to get that it's a gossip forum. get over it

No. 1609871

Yeah, it's so funny to encourage people to harass parents of dead children for money. How can you defend a scrote like that?

No. 1609874

he already apologized. and now he owes them millions. get over it

No. 1609899

moid gtfo

No. 1609911

first anon you replied to, and i’m not defending him, it’s just easy for people to see him as a comedic figure because his claims are so absurd and ridiculous and most zoomers and millennials don’t believe what he says, and forget that plenty of people actually do. i don’t like or give a hell about the man, he can go to hell, i just understand why people passingly find the clips funny.

No. 1609912

samefag but the younger hipsters who “like” alex jones literally just like laughing at the videos of him saying frogs are being turned gay and so on. i’m not even sure if most of them were familiar with his total denial of sandy hook and if they were they probably found that funny too because it is in fact extremely retarded to believe it was faked.

No. 1609927

Any libs carefagging about Alex Jones ITT need to go back to the red scare sub where they belong

No. 1609932

Bullshit. Like their hero Paglia, Anna and Dasha want to have it both ways. They want to be taken seriously as sophisticated oh so ethnic totally not like you vulgar Americanski deep thinkers. They also say well we’re not really serious you’d love to have a beer with us when people call them on their associations and stated opinions. That's why people rip into them here.

Not that I give a shit about Lasch, but he would puke.

No. 1609936

100%, they’re vain hypocrites and cowards

No. 1609942

keep going on about your "gossip forum" spiel newfag, lc culture doesn't just end there, you will be called out on your moided teenager takes

No. 1609957

Has anyone listened to the new ion pack episode where they supposedly address the fascist allegations lol

No. 1609972

facts. I just love coming to an anon board and having to sift thru the most basic reddit tier takes on paglia and alex jones (that anyone could make under their real name and not get into any trouble) and NO MILK. can the obvious bluechecks and tourists stop moralfagging here and go back

No. 1609983

Moid has no sympathy because he will never procreate

No. 1609995

i didn’t even post that, you and like been repeatedly called out for sperging out every time someone thinks there’s a bad pic of dasha

it’s lolcow, stop being so sensitive or gtfo

No. 1609998

oh my god get over it already

No. 1610000

Did you miss the part about how he's the clown in that situation or how he was compared to Donald Trump. It's easy to laugh at a figure when you don't have context or some of the claims they make are so horrible you mistake it for parody.

No. 1610002

This is isn't your safe space, brain rot moid

No. 1610003

>All anons are one anon

No. 1610015

Ladies, please stop fighting. We need all hands on deck for new milk

No. 1610025

Did you miss the part where fuck off

No. 1610030

Don't be so mad all the time nonnie, its not good for your heart and mental well-being.

No. 1610034

> saying you think someone looks better is a zoomer moid take

No. 1610036

Go crossdress or something faggot we know you’re not a woman

No. 1610039

how many times do you have to post this

No. 1610041

No. 1610052

lol thinking paglia hate is a “bluecheck” thing is pathetic and proves you’re a twitterfag yourself. clearly you’ve never set foot out of /snow/ if you think anyone out of this thread would ever defend paglia and not take any opportunity to call her stupid. there is literally a hidden radical feminist board on this site because 99% of the site consists of andrea dworkin diehards, and half of /ot/ and /g/ is women having fun talking about hating men. it’s almost cute seeing redditors and twitterfags pretend they actually know the ins and outs of this site because they learned about lolcow from a groupchat two years ago. fuck off, no one cares about paglia beyond recognizing she’s a total hack and got laughed out of academia for a good reason.

reminder that rivers cuomo shouts out camille paglia on the back of pinkerton. that’s all you need to know, really.

No. 1610055

File: 1659928612642.jpeg (153.4 KB, 750x453, BFB1FACA-0E07-46D0-8AD1-1A5127…)

Catching up on the liz bruenig drama. Is this true? Lmao

No. 1610057

from what we know about liz and also the fact she’s moved around a bit it seems likely

No. 1610079

>all anons are one anonx2

No. 1610110

remember how last May how all the irony bros who have since written off Liz for being anti-abortion were defending her old article about becoming a mother at age 25 calling it "sweet" and basically implying that any person who doesn't like it is just buttmad that they are shrill harpies nobody wants to inseminate or whatever. lol

No. 1610220

Yes. She also once told a priest on twitter that she would never vote for a pro-choice politician.

No. 1610224

She is a pRiNcIpLeD and ObJeCtIvE jOuRnALiSt

No. 1610232

Actors leaked, y'all. It's on worldscinema dot org

No. 1610243

she abstains for religious reasons

No. 1610272

>t-this is a based channerino! w-why aren't you hyping this b-based edgelord? t-this is s-so r-reddit…..
This is not your lib-owning safespace, retard.

No. 1610275

Who are Honor’s parents? Is she a trust fund brat?

No. 1610297

They’re just standard rich coastal jews, not billionaires but well-off

No. 1610302

File: 1659964815469.jpeg (385.29 KB, 536x1207, 986E6B34-CD7F-4817-BAB2-8A13D6…)

Interesting concept but the execution looks horrible, as usual when anyone in this scene makes ”art”

No. 1610311

Last time I checked this isn't the scream cry about Alex Jones thread, tourist. Post milk or fuck. off.

No. 1610362

Alex is just as much a cow and source of some milk in this dry and trying times. Also there were only about 4 nonnas talking about him, sounds like you just got pissed no one here likes your edgelord pandering scrote.

No. 1610370

Finally some real milk, nice find nonna. Can someone with a premium account please download that and upload it to mega before Peter and Betsey have it pulled?

No. 1610384

Link to ep here. It's almost 2 hours long if anyone want to summarize. Ions say everything Crumps said was true and they feel bad but it's mainly self-pity. One of them says they were fighting with fans in their discord about it all week. Ions say Mullen, Nick Rochefort, and the other experienced people they brought in weren't firing off epic "Elite Troll" owns because of stage fright, instead of the more obvious reason that they were dying of boredom and embarrassment.

No. 1610393


No. 1610396

how long is this fucking intro

No. 1610397

2x is dead and gay

No. 1610402

Anyone know why Jon aka coochiebone suddenly went offline? any milk here?

No. 1610413

They claim the "tranny chaser" chant was started by a transwoman and that someone in the crowd told crumps to kill himself and that the crowd thought that was taking it too far and that's when the struggle session ended.

No. 1610422

LOL i was thinking the same thing

No. 1610436

File: 1659979047676.png (200.98 KB, 579x491, Untitled.png)

I don't know what happened to the suboxoneslave account though. Did he change the username?

No. 1610444

pariah the hon is such a narc he actually stopped calling himself trans as if that will make the fascists he aligns himself with any more accepting of his attempts at emulating women in every way

No. 1610459

Also they say Crumps' article didn't kill the Actors screenings and claim they all happened and sold out.

No. 1610470

Can confirmed that the Actors screenings did sell out.

I'm trying to figure out which actors turned down roles as Elite Trolls in Rachelormont.com. I heard at least 2 or 3 said no but friend wouldn't spill beans as to who.

No. 1610477

You have proof of that?

No. 1610478

Thanks anon. This movie sounds like a bad student film. Didn’t some anon say this has been in the works since 2017? If so lol

No. 1610480

Also lol at them being butthurt and arguing with people on discord

No. 1610526

Because I tried to buy tix and couldn't lol I know

No. 1610528

Were they private screenings?

No. 1610548

No. Roxy in NYC and Brain Dead in LA.

No. 1610572

Did you know that if you say Aimee Terese three times into a bathroom mirror, a new Aimee Twitter account will appear?

No. 1610585

She's either a Serious Journalist or just a widdle giwl with widdle opinions you big meanies uwu depending on how she's trying to cover her ass

No. 1610596

On the latest Red Scare episode, they talk about the Crumps saga. They speculate that Crumps is an autogynephile and he's jealous that Peter Vack dressed up as a woman in Actors. Anna also makes fun of Crumps for writing such a long article which she did not read.

No. 1610599

wow, truly cutting edge cultural commentary, these ladies spare no one, i am shaking in my boots..
how do people actually listen to this shit and take it seriously

No. 1610604

lolcalfs like you keep this thread alive, while the rest of the heavy lifting is the cows themselves. thank you for your service

No. 1610609

Lol they truly make their situation worse by blabbering like this. What idiots

No. 1610611

They think refusing to sincerely engage with something makes them “above it” when it just confirms what everyone already knew, that they’re vapid and empty contrarians with nothing worthwhile to say.

No. 1610701

if they insist on e-grifting at least put some heart into it

No. 1610727

Do they actually expect us to believe they didn't read it? Especially since they're going out of their way to talk about it.
Katherine Dee also did this, she commented under the article and on twitter that she wasn't going to read it but then just kept tweeting about it for days.

No. 1610730

>N-no, you can't make fun of OUR lolcows

No. 1610732

File: 1660000362719.png (444.87 KB, 705x603, default_katya.png)

Why do people keep referring to default_friend as Katherine Dee? Her real name is Katya Delaney, weird to insist on using the pseudonym a cow picked for them self.

No. 1610736

I really don't care what name we use to refer to some hanger-on

No. 1610753

File: 1660002336696.png (1.24 MB, 1018x1292, amberrollotwt.png)

this is at a "secret" venue in LA and I don't believe it will be recorded but if anyone has any milk on it later this week I would like to know about it

No. 1610776

what possible milk could there be though? chapo is just slowly fading into irrelevancy, and chris smalls is quickly becoming a burnout too

No. 1610788

there is an interesting docufiction film to be made by the peter vack set / ion packers, but it would have to center on the incestuous relationship between Peter and Betsey and their exponential derangement as they search in vain for that elusive artwork that will somehow redeem a scene of tastemakers / "artists" that have yet to produce even a single piece that won't be winced at in three (let alone five, or ten, or twenty) years

No. 1610792

don't give them any ideas!

No. 1610794

I assume he's just too broke to get a new phone rn

No. 1610810

not sure yet, just a feeling.

No. 1610837

i keep seeing this incest thing about the browns and i'm too scared to ask for clarification

also most of them really are such textbook bad actors, it's like they're struggling to remember the lines sometimes

No. 1610839

three years is extremely generous considering they're about 6 years behind on trends. the shit they get up to has been winced at for years already, the only way they could ever be avant garde is if they traveled back to 2015, and even then that's already rehashing much older trends kek. this "scene" was dead long before arrival

No. 1610840

it’s sad too cuz three years ago she was just some lesbian zoomer tiktoker

No. 1610847

No. 1610852

File: 1660012001193.jpeg (31.9 KB, 329x500, D85D388B-C4C6-4495-823B-7EC890…)

This entire scene being altlit runoff will never not be funny. Congrats to Amber for at least being one of the less annoying people to come out of it, but this is so 2016 goes 2010 it’s almost pitiful.

No. 1610853

File: 1660012039421.jpeg (86.92 KB, 1170x432, ABAA54BF-999B-4CB0-9B1E-910A80…)

No. 1610859

Major cringe

No. 1610861

>Dirtbag is a much-anticipated debut from one of the greatest emerging writers in modern socialism. This memoir is more than Frost's story; it is also the story of the only movement that has a chance to reshape our world. Both are chock-full of momentary triumphs, stupid decisions, new international friendships and rivalries, struggle, joy, setbacks, and heartbreak. Both are related with magnetic prose, remarkable candor, and unflappable humor.
this person host(s/ed) a podcast

No. 1610866

I stopped believing this would ever be published like the third time the release date changed. I really want to know what the money situation with it is though - like how much did she get paid, is it an advance situation she can't back out of, etc.

No. 1610880

Macmillan/St. Martin’s seemingly pulled that cover after release date change #4 or 5. Good taste wins?

I still doubt it’s ever coming out (she has no pages), but the July ‘23 date has held for a few months. Fingers crossed !(?)

No. 1610900

Omg Actors is taking a literal day to download off that website

No. 1610904

yea this is a pretty bold thing to say, not sure where it originated/was first mentioned
it’s not like this thread isn’t full of gross shit already

No. 1610910

it's probably because peter directed a movie starring his sister and filmed her fully nude in multiple explicit/gratuitous sex scenes grunting and moaning and getting her ass eaten and so on, which is a bit much by most people's standards and makes it seem like they lack healthy boundaries.

No. 1610922

You’re the tourists if you think people here hate noted pedophiles Alex Jones & Camille Paglia because we’re “libs” and “bluechecks.” This is a radfem site, dumb bitch. Burgerfags always think everyone is as fucking stupid as they are and can be easily categorized into whiny libs vs. edge lord conservatives.

No. 1610925

This makes me believe conspiracy-chans who said the Crumps “takedown” was an inside job. You cannot tell me anyone on earth would give a shit about this $2 student film if it wasn’t for the advance publicity.

No. 1610928

Yeah they’re literally trying to revive the 2007 era aesthetics & sensibilities of Vice Magazine, but way dorkier. It’s not going to be cringe “in 3 years”, it’s cringe now.

No. 1610931

This is why 14 year olds shouldn’t be “TikTokers”, they inevitably fall in with groomers like these fucking freaks. Where are her parents?

No. 1610933

these people made me anti semitic

No. 1610954

ion pod's earnest evaluation of the situation makes crumps look so disingenuous. clout seeking all the way down but at least vack and co are trying to be honest. crumps stays tilting at windmills for clout. a hanger on hater is more pathetic than someone actually engaged in that scene.

No. 1610989

holy shit shut up you dimes square fag loser lmao. the ion pack’s measured… peter vack… - impartial non cow

No. 1610993

huhhhgg ion pods earnest evaluation of babhurrrrr peter back and co. bLujggrr (farts diarrhea shit onto my stupid ugly fucking manhattan reject faggot face)

No. 1610994

I had no doubt their version of events would be different but in what specific ways? tried to listen to their pod but the first minute of them talking made me turn it off

integrate, spergs.

No. 1611002

mostly that it was not set up to be an ambush. most people there didn't even know who he was. they really illuminated vack's directing style which seems to be creating a mood and then filming it (for these big crowd scenes at least). the ion pod ep reveals that all of the vitriol directed towards crump was people being in character as random comment section/twitter/forum users

No. 1611035

Chapo is advertising their upcoming Kentucky abortion fundraiser benefit as Amber Frost's last live appearance. Is she stepping away from the show entirely?

No. 1611073

kath delaney, is that you? explain what you mean by that, anon

>at least vack and co are trying to be honest
wow, they are brilliant artists AND they're honest and sincere and god-fearing little angels too?

No. 1611118

File: 1660049210030.png (477.11 KB, 1264x1723, Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 7.46.…)

cashew's in the NYT Opinion section lmfao

No. 1611128

author of the piece, Julia Yost, is wife of Matthew Schmitz, one of the founders of Compact magazine, that post-left Bellows follow-up trying to tie together Marxism, conservatism and integralism.