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File: 1603145519985.jpg (642.71 KB, 2226x3168, gross lol.jpg)

No. 1061969

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism while simply being aging childless narcissists. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. The American election is in a matter of days, this edition should be good.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

>Chloe Sevigny follows Estee Lardass on Instagram >>>/snow/1050609
>Dasha gets bangs that somehow make her look even more trans >>>/snow/1045870
>Anna K has officially declared she is leaving the Red Scare subreddit after a parody account of her popped up >>>/snow/1046503
>Estee Lardass’s pad thai obsession >>>/snow/1046722
>Aimee Terese doxes @mcrumps’ parents. Mcrumps responds with the infamous bathroom photo. Aimee’s reply guys assure their hive queen that she’s beautiful >>>/snow/1046919
>old photos of Aimee Terese from when she didn’t look like a ghoul. Speculation about what could have caused the transformation (anorexia, alcoholism, drug addiction) >>>/snow/1047383
>Anna goes full Trump supporter, makes fun of Jill Biden for wearing a mask >>>/snow/1048300
>Aimee Terese spends three days spitting on Michael Brooks’ grave for no apparent reason >>>/snow/1048852
>Chat for God podcast is dead after Ashley and Justin Murphy argue about religion >>>/snow/1051866
>infighting between a bunch of nobodies on the Red Scare subreddit. Linked here for those who care >>>/snow/1052069
>Samememe obsessively watches these threads >>>/snow/1051142
>good analysis from an anon about why these cows are the way that they are >>>/snow/1052252
>Anna learns how to edit photos better and forgets how to hold a cat >>>/snow/1052322
>Amber Frost has anorexia >>>/snow/1054125
>Ashley has created a new podcast, “The Nice People Show” and the first guest is Rachel Dolezal >>>/snow/1055378
>New Cow: @merrickdeville on why women should volunteer to be raped >>>/snow/1056754
>Savvy (@sleepisocialist) accuses Merrick DeVille of having sex in the bed next to her while sharing a hotel room >>>/snow/1057048
>Kantbot claims he is married now (not confirmed) >>>/snow/1057138
>photo of Merrick DeVille >>>/snow/1057598
>nude drawing of Steve Bannon, Anna K, and Dasha in bed together >>>/snow/1058572
>gossip about and screenshots of the new Cum Town forum being full of psychopaths who probably murder prostitutes >>>/snow/1059103
>Dasha learns how to smile, and looks cuter than usual. Also she advertises for Starbucks now >>>/snow/1059782
>Cows collide! Aimee Terese goes on The Nice People Show with Ashley >>>/snow/1059954
>Jack the Fragrance Fascist with massive projection, says he doesn’t have friends because Millennials have religious devotion to tolerance >>>/snow/1060741
>Samememe (Anna Khachiyan’s favorite poster) is pro-segregation >>>/snow/1060824
>Max Collins of Eve 6 is now a Jack orbiter and Aimee stan. >>>/snow/1061247
>Ash Coffin (famous bread-tuber Peter Coffin’s wife) strung along some scrote she felt bad for and now he’s trying to cancel her >>>/snow/1060669

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Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
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No. 1061988

File: 1603147267739.png (147.17 KB, 396x534, aimee terese bolivia globohomo…)

Aimee's been dispensing some galaxy brain takes on Bolivia for the past 24 hours

No. 1061991

Men never seethe about women they're not interested in. Men like samememe will never truly want or respect a tradwife. The tradwife is a fantasy they attempt to parade in front of Brooklyn feminists, an imaginary example of what they "should be but aren't which is why they don't have the honor of fucking him". It's like inventing a girlfriend that goes to a different school, to make the ex jealous.

Instead of getting a tradwife, he will obsess over unavailable high status women, which is the main cause of his resentment in the first place. His imaginary self-aggrandizing scenario isn't one where he finds a braided submissive waifu, it's where he turns a Brooklyn feminist into one.

Of course if she actually caves, she will instantly cease being interesting to him, and will be abandoned in favor of new unavailable boogeywoman.

No. 1061992

Omg thankyou to whoever found the old samememe posts. I guess he is actually a teacher or at least was training to be one.

No. 1061994

File: 1603147895105.jpeg (418.2 KB, 1242x937, 03F3243D-0434-4AA6-9936-7BC559…)

>His imaginary self-aggrandizing scenario isn't one where he finds a brain dead submissive waifu, it's where he turns a Brooklyn feminist into one.

He practically said as much himself today. He’s way more bothered about harassing random women who don’t fit his tradwife ideal than just moving to Nebraska or whatever and finding a traditional partner.

No. 1061997

I love you, anon that writes the high effort ever evolving OPs for this thread.

And you, anon who found samememes old pathetic forum posts.

No. 1061999

he really thinks women get master’s degrees and want to own their own homes because men find it attractive. fucking pathetic

No. 1062000

File: 1603148238200.jpeg (537.06 KB, 1242x804, 7A9D2805-9266-409C-9CD1-5F2830…)

Girls please… it didn’t have to end like this… they didn’t deserve it.

No. 1062001

Why is Ashley Rae "Groypenberg" in the OP collage? Pretty sure Matt Heimbach's ex is alt shite

No. 1062004

What the actual fuck do all these fascist buzzwords have to do with Venezuela, deflecting so she doesn’t actually have to respond coherently at all. She’s Aimee_ebooks at this point.

No. 1062005

File: 1603148470948.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2280, Screenshot_20201019-160149~2.p…)

I guess she looks like a Jewish troon like Dasha

No. 1062006

I really wish samememe’s real identity would get exposed so we could warn every woman in 50 mile radius of him about his derangement

No. 1062013

I feel sorry for his students and colleagues.

No. 1062016

samefag but he actually thinks that women base their lives around what men think is attractive because they desperately crave that samememe dick. the delusion

No. 1062017

>apparently educated for education
>legitimately a teacher
>has said he has calculated his career to “never be around girlbosses”
>however he hates female teachers with a suspect passion
>decries the American public school system

My guy is 100% learning a foreign language to go teach English in some Asian country and be a sexpat lmao

No. 1062019

too good, anon. only a few posts in and we already have an OP image for the next thread

No. 1062027


Never, he is way too invested in the fantasy of the never manifesting delicate porcelain blonde european wimmin who is interesting and intelligent enough to read dostoyevsky and listen to depeche mode, but for some reason is willing to to defer any personal goals she has to marry a bottom feeder frog twitter intellect like samememe.

No. 1062031

Yeah I was wondering what job you could even get if you want to “arrange your life and work to avoid girlbosses”. I can’t think of any job with no women in it other than maybe construction which he’s definitely not doing.

No. 1062044

i would agree but he has tweeted about his disdain for asian women before

No. 1062049

File: 1603150690311.jpg (128.53 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

she could crush diamonds with that manjaw

No. 1062052

File: 1603150799509.jpg (33.18 KB, 636x440, Ekqg6gTUYAAfOJg.jpg)

just spam her this until she shuts up and finds something new to contrarian

No. 1062056

She looks like a fat anachans. Her body is not ana but her face looks like that of a cancer patient in their last month of life.

No. 1062058

nitpick but what the fuck are those shoes

No. 1062063

Maybe they’re weighted and they keep her from floating off because her giant chin is filled with helium

No. 1062080

I would suck samememe’s microdick to find out why Aimee wears wigs.

No. 1062087

"the bourgeoisie is bad so it's bad to vocally oppose a fascist coup since the socialist party isn't perfectly socialist"
lmao. she never says anything "leftist" besides saying other leftists arent left enough. i could accept this from a leftcom or orthodox marxist but amy isn't even THAT. shes just bitter and contrarian

No. 1062088

A narcissist mediocrity who thinks that his brainfarts are pure gold going straight into teaching? Groundbreaking.

Most academics at least try to publish something before they capitulate into babysitting. But you know you actually don't have anything valuable to contribute, don't you samememe? All you want is to feel like your approval is important as you're reminded of your irrelevance every day.


How about we make men happy? It should be pretty simple - all you have to do is stop cradling yourselves in layers of convoluted self-deception. Let's look at you in particular, shall we?

You're mad at these women because they aren't interested in you in the first place, as reflected by making choices intended to repel the likes of you. But it stings too much to admit it upfront, doesn't it? You then proceed to contradict yourself by wishfully asserting that their degrees and careers are actually misguided attempts at attracting you.

But paradoxically, it does attract you. Your life absolutely revolves around them.

Does your brain hurt sometimes from being pretzeled like this 24/7?

No. 1062098

those old samememe posts at the end of the last thread are worse and more recent than i thought they would be. i wonder if anyone will show them to anna or if she'll see them while lurking here. would she even care? lmao

No. 1062106

I’m honestly surprised by Anna’s fondness towards him. As contrarian and hypocritical as she is, she doesn’t seem to be as stupid and reactionary as the likes of samememe and I still would have thought she would view someone like him to be pretty unimpressive.

No. 1062109

She's a pickme, she has lust/mommy drive towards every male loser.

No. 1062111

She connects with him and others like him for a reason.

No. 1062143

She's implying that Evo Morales is part of the "bourgeois left" – a man who was born in shocking poverty to indigenous subsistence farmers, who became active organizing rural workers into a union, who fought the War on Drugs coca eradication program and saw 3 people murdered at a roadblock right next to him… who was overthrown in a coup a year ago … this is a member of the bourgeois left?

There's really nothing to these people, just hating what the cool kids like to make themselves sound "deep."

No. 1062149

What does she even want for Bolivia if she thinks Morales is bourg? Is she a Maoist now

No. 1062150

A lawyer from a rich family is aktually a prole because she's ugly and her Stacy friends married rich and won't go out with her anymore.

No. 1062152

File: 1603160290638.jpg (139.57 KB, 1361x1000, EkqvVVnWMAEtTiP.jpg)

she's mad because the prize of cocoa will rise again and it's already expensive down under

No. 1062165

right?? aimee opposes anything not left enough if it allows her to be contrarian but this is the same bitch that was a bernie supporter. how can you support bernie but not morales? LOL. ideologically schizo, none of her thoughts are coherent when put side by side. her entire career is just criticizing other ppl and lauding herself as a genius when any 16 year old twitter leftcom would destroy her in an argument, id bet money on it

No. 1062196

Want more tradwives? Tell men to run their pockets.

Or are you one of those parasites who wants to be revered and asskissed as a sole provider while his wife still works backbreaking wage jobs but without career progression and due credit? You know, something non-threatening like a janitor or a caretaker for the elderly so she can still pay half your rent AND be your bangmaid while you LARP as a benevolent patriarch. Maybe you even want her to help pay your student loans because of how "brilliant" you are?

No. 1062199

Considering how unhinged she is I'd bet she's a literal hair puller on top of a metaphorical one

No. 1062200

that is the real trad, though. back in the day, wives of low earners took in washing, did sewing, kept cows or chickens, sold baked goods, had lodgers, or even did sex work to make ends meet

one-income families were a dream for most people except for a bit of the 20th century

a male teacher’s wife almost always either taught piano or art lessons, painted china, did proto-MLM sales like sunlight soap, cared for other people’s children, or similar “genteel” work

No. 1062201

So what you're telling me is that Brooklyn feminists lost absolutely nothing of value and neoliberal wagecucking is still the best thing there is?

No. 1062207


They don't want to go back that far tho, as far as they are concerned the history of the modern world began in the 1950s. Sometimes 1920s-30s if they have some kind of Ayn Rand fetish. The fact that the suburban fantasy only applied to a tiny amount of men who were willing/able to be white collar office wagecucks doesn't seem to permeate.

No. 1062225

File: 1603176607729.png (842.22 KB, 613x768, DdQHl2ZWAAEnI-m.png)

Aimee: These bourgie cucks don't even get that Shining Path are the ONLY Bulemia leftists wuth tawlking about.

Angela: That's… Bulemia? Bolivia I think. Or Peru?

Oliver: Heh, yeah, f-free Chairman Gonzalo heh he uh did the WORK heh

Black Swede Communist Working for Right Wing Think Tank: Yah, dey vurget that Pinochet brut vreedom do da proles.

Aimee: What the fuck is even wrong with cucks? Yall reckin a man who looks like Tawntoe is on your side becuz of identity cucking.

Oliver: That's such a great point Aimee, your brilliance pumps my heart like a muscle of love.

Angela: (teeth shatter from forced smiling)

No. 1062267

Is what's left of Red Scare just right leaning now? What made Anna flip so fast? Or was it just built up after a while. I'm starting to see her get RTs from trads.

No. 1062271

the entire staff of the daily caller has been following them for nearly two years now, they're the in-house "based leftists" for trumpian rightists to listen to.

No. 1062309

Aimee’s analysis of Bolivia makes sense when you remember Michael Brooks gave a lot of time and attention to the LatinAm left. She knows he’d be thrilled by MAS’ victory so she has to cast aspersions.

No. 1062310


They wish they were trads but they're too lumpen to ever earnestly work or be a part of a family unit so they're not trad enough to be trad.
They want to be leftist but they also don't want to work or share wealth or have anything to do with the proletariat because they're elitists at heart.
They wish they were part of the actual media elite, but they're vehemently anti-intellectual and also the currently-lib establishment shirks them so they feed off contrarianism.
Now that's the actual definition of the bourgeoisie - materialistic to the death.
Politically they are as flexible as their next paycheck so don't even try to pin them on a compass lmao

No. 1062313


She wouldn't care.
Was samememe ever a part of the MPCdot com forums by the way? Or a somethingawful goon?

No. 1062367

Some girl doxxed him then deleted over fear probably but I saved the image

No. 1062369

I love you anon, great work. I knew someone had to know. kek I bet he locks his account in the next few minutes

No. 1062380

What’s going on where’s the pics

No. 1062382

Someone doxxed his picture and first name. He's bald with a beard. He kind of looks like Vsauce but a lot, lot uglier and bald. Literal egghead tbh. I'm curious if that anon knows him or just guessed based on the forum posts where he said he wanted to move to St. Louis.

No. 1062384

I wonder why they deleted their post?

No. 1062386

Did anyone save the picture? People are probably scared of him like they said.

No. 1062389

Why would you be scared of some racist bald dude because you posted his facedoxx on an online image board lmfao come on anons

No. 1062392

tbf it could be someone he knows & shared the pic with

No. 1062393

someone post it here please

No. 1062396

Right like I don’t get it unless maybe they know him irl or are friends with him or something and he’d be able to tell who it is (which could be the case honestly, a lot of posts itt sound like they’re coming from the cows themselves or close friends of the cows)

No. 1062410

File: 1603216401427.jpeg (22.42 KB, 234x198, 1603211258997.jpeg)

I saved it. fuck you samememe.

No. 1062414

Why do these kind of men literally all look exactly like this

No. 1062415

He looks like an egg

No. 1062419

Zero chin/ jaw. No hair. Looks like your average le avengers fan soy boy lol.

No. 1062426

No. 1062435

those dead eyes and the fart smelling expression

No. 1062437

My takeaway: all the “AWFL”s he spends all day criticizing are way out of his league.

No. 1062439

someone owes Vsauce Michael an apology

No. 1062449

he was an SA goon but got run off the site for racism and manpurse possession

No. 1062450

100% sexpat vibes. This anon >>1062017 was right

No. 1062451

My first thought too. Soy as hell. Of course he’s a coping baldlet

No. 1062454

I thought he was tim pool at glance.

No. 1062456

File: 1603221089918.jpeg (18.81 KB, 245x275, 1601258081279.jpeg)

No. 1062472

File: 1603223501726.jpeg (460.93 KB, 1242x921, 96922493-657E-49CA-BB0D-E9D010…)

What’s up fellow troublemakers

No. 1062474

File: 1603223646421.jpeg (177.59 KB, 828x1106, 7D66C8F7-28C4-4BB6-9497-06C74C…)

No. 1062476

>a romantic life comprised of sporadic relationships

No. 1062477

Unpopular opinion here but I like neo Kantbot. He seems over all these people and this shit.

No. 1062478

What does he think femcel means because it sounds like he’s just describing the average 20-30 year old. Femcels generally don’t have middling careers, and definitely don’t usually enjoy streaming or taking selfies bc they’re for the most part mentally ill and unattractive.

No. 1062482

Incel cope #253673: "t-there must be women like me!"

He couldn't make it more obvious that he's seething over this thread.

No. 1062483

File: 1603224644550.jpeg (463.08 KB, 1242x990, 84DCCB2F-E84E-47E1-B461-BA0893…)

No. 1062485

The “develops a snarky personality as a cope and bitterly tears down others (usually women) to make themselves feel better” is literally just a description of himself

No. 1062486

there’s nothing remotely femcel about any thing he described. samememe just hates any woman that’s not a quiverfull fundie

No. 1062488

That’s how I would describe a normie 20-30 year old man or woman. Idk what part of it is supposed to be femcel.

No. 1062489

>bitterly tears down others (usually women) to make themselves feel better
So like your friend Anna K?

I have a feeling somebody told him about his picture being posted here and he thinks this is a femcel website.

No. 1062490

>I have a feeling somebody told him about his picture being posted here and he thinks this is a femcel website.

That’s definitely what happened or he just saw it himself considering he’s made it clear he reads the thread.

No. 1062492

trad twitters idea of what married people are like or do is actually insane. 90% of the meanest people online are married women with kids. It’s not some enlightened state of being it’s just life. t. engaged person

No. 1062494

Phone posting sorry 4 no sage

No. 1062495

does he even do anything other than tear people down?

No. 1062496

File: 1603225323325.jpg (33.11 KB, 500x375, d81c6fa0e244d52507e69db91ddf27…)

>gentlemen, it's time to address the girl I'm beta orbiting

No. 1062498

Has anyone been keeping up with the Kaliacc drama? I don’t fully understand what it is except esoteric Hindu Hitlerists who have something of an “e-cult” on right wing twitter and I guess the leader got exposed for being an Indian dude LARPing as a woman. Someone involved goes by “Reiko” and could be the same person that blackmailed teen boys into transitioning on R9k. Will gather relevant screenshots.

No. 1062499

anna, samememe, etc have this weird idea that all married women with children do is bake bread and homeschool their children. they completely idolize these mythical women and project their fantasies onto them. it’s really weird

No. 1062502

I bet it would kill him to know anything about our actual personal lives kek. On this site alone you can just go to /g/ and see there are plenty of married femanons in their 20s. he will never be able to obtain the lifestyle he preaches about. sad!

No. 1062506

literal soyboy face. the absolute state

No. 1062508

i love when these dudes just make stuff up to fuel their delusional narrative.

No. 1062509

kaliacc is just quasi schizophrenic loser men all pretending to be 14 year old girls into kabbalah

No. 1062510

File: 1603227751036.jpeg (64.8 KB, 567x567, 1B007EC6-86E7-4270-8E81-FD13D0…)

Liz Bruenig defending Jeffery Toobin jacking off on a zoom call

No. 1062511

File: 1603227914728.jpeg (90.76 KB, 567x745, 2AB77212-8805-4CD7-BC21-94A1A8…)

No. 1062513

File: 1603228085861.jpeg (21 KB, 179x281, images (5).jpeg)

I'm sure you of all people know it very well, but literally no woman except actual femcels aka pickmes like Anna and Dasha are interested in a man's commitment without gaining access to his money. An arrangement in which a woman is monogamous without receiving resources is entirely to man's benefit, even moreso than hookups. Good luck selling those Brooklyn feminists on cleaning some dude's house for the honor of splitting his bills.

But don't worry k-king, it's totally you refusing to commit to these f-femcels and not the other way around! That college chick who never texted you back will surely regret it in 10 years! Make sure to keep her LinkedIn bookmarked!

No. 1062515

lol imagine putting a filthy rich nyt journo doing 0 physical labor on the same plane as a dennys worker. only a rich person would do this

No. 1062516

the silver lining is that both anna and samememe are never getting married, so they don't actually know how shitty it is and never will

No. 1062521

Imagine searching for the class implications of a fat, rich lawyer and media zit getting caught jacking off on a Zoom call rather than just thinking it's funny.

No. 1062527

dirtbag leftism is largely about framing disgust by male degeneracy as "bourgeois disgust at poor people" but then they defend harvey weinstein and kobe bryant lmak

No. 1062551

It's a class interest thing, journalists feel compelled to protect their own.

No. 1062552

It's been over a year and Eli still hasn't proposed and is meanwhile putting fire emojis under Madeline Quinn's instagram selfies…what's going on?

No. 1062556

a-at least they have boyfriends anon!

No. 1062565

I still think it's hilarious they've painted us as "Femcels" just because the only other imageboards they know of are 4chan/8chan. I am certain that there is a higher percentage of married women on this site than the entirety of the leftysphere on twitter.

No. 1062569

Dasha was trying to get Adam to propose to her when they had been together for maybe six months meanwhile Anna is trying to get pregnant or maybe is already pregnant and doesn't have a ring. Even if Anna says she doesn't want it or some cope I don't know how as a man you don't propose if she's talking about making you a father.

No. 1062571

100% her sperging about condoms and birth control is because Eli avoids knocking her up

No. 1062573

IIRC she had an abortion shortly after she and Eli started dating, that probably scared him a little bit

No. 1062576

File: 1603233675390.jpeg (656.08 KB, 828x1089, 49F6D344-DB61-4F24-AA1B-240746…)

For other anons, here is the pic in question. Lol

No. 1062579

is that dasha's autistic friend or am i thinking of someone else

No. 1062581

Not to whiteknight for Eli but Maddie couldn't be more asexual, unappealing, and nonthreatening. Would be more concerned if he was commenting under literally anyone else's pics.

No. 1062586

correct, also she co-starred in and co-wrote Dasha's unreleased Epstein movie

No. 1062587

speaking of that, when is that movie ever going to be released

No. 1062593

i honestly feel bad for her, autistic women put up with far more bullshit than women already usually do (which is already a lot). i can't imagine how much shit dasha must put her through. imagine being autistic and your friend is flirting with white nationalists and saying your diagnosis is totally fake and a result of you not having babies

No. 1062599

File: 1603235439624.jpeg (144.74 KB, 828x712, 5E452E07-6B50-4726-8EDC-87FE77…)

She sucks

No. 1062601

I wouldn’t be surprised if she made up thaf abortion just to prove to people she’s a fertile myrtle. Most women lose their periods (and ability to get knocked up) at a bmi of ~19. She is a smoker too and nearing 40. All of those combined don’t exactly add up to this idea she has of herself that she’s incredibly fertile (she made some dumb comment on the subreddit months about how “wirey small women are the most fertile”

No. 1062605

damn what the fuck LOL

No. 1062606

What a bitch.

No. 1062608

imagine being a 30 year old acting like a 15 year old online while trying to leech off your friend's minor fame human centipede style after getting dumped by the former child actor son of two b-listers, her and dash will be lucky if they can even dump their movie on shudder

No. 1062609

these girls are obsessed with being skinny because it’s the only thing they have. they look hideously inbred (dasha’s habsburg cashew shaped head) and they have a laundry list of mental defects

No. 1062610

Cope. Billie is hotter than her, dumpy or not

No. 1062617

>the former child actor son of two b-listers

No. 1062619

after seeing this, i can safely say maddie is 100% posting in these threads

No. 1062620

Owen Kline who was the kid in Squid and the Whale, sone of Kevin Kline and Pheobe Cates

No. 1062621

Didn’t she catch him with another girl in their apartment?

No. 1062623

File: 1603236213185.png (2.08 MB, 1174x1178, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 7.24…)

happier times

No. 1062624

File: 1603236248143.png (227.18 KB, 274x355, Screenshot_1.png)

lmfao his sister is frankie cosmos? two bourgeois trust fund siblings larping as lefties in these awful art scenes. imagine getting cheated on by this

No. 1062627

These threads makes me so glad I dropped out of art school and got a real job lol

No. 1062628

damn they look like brother and sister lol

No. 1062629

File: 1603236500293.png (2.1 MB, 954x1192, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 7.27…)

too bad looking like an older version of his sister didn't keep him around…for real her instagram is the worst of all of these people's, it's just mean creepshots of strangers and woody allen

No. 1062631

I don't feel any sympathy because she chooses to hang around them.

How so? I don't know this person so curious. Dasha's own friend revealed to be shittalking her would be funny.

No. 1062632

>that house
i am so full of disgust for this entire circle

No. 1062636

she's still going at it. imagine choosing to spend four straight hours on twitter dot com defending some cnn liberal creep journalist who was caught masturbating on zoom lmfao

No. 1062638

aren’t they both part asian?

No. 1062639

theyre just jewish

No. 1062640

the caption said it was the three 6 mafia house, not theirs or their parents, Maddie has bragged about daddy being rich though

No. 1062641

unsure if maddie's asian, but she speaks fluent japanese

No. 1062643

Phoebe Cates is like fractionally Chinese I think so her kid is like an eighth or sixteenth or something

No. 1062645

File: 1603237060602.jpeg (49.31 KB, 750x402, 54B8D35F-0A7A-4D96-93FF-CCCCB1…)

of course dasha is the edgiest, darkest enneagram type lol

No. 1062647

"class first"

No. 1062669

ty for the rundown, definitely out of the loop lol.
>materialistic to the death
i have seen rich people i went to school with keep up with Redscare & co. proclaiming they're the True Leftists but it makes so much sense now.

No. 1062671

4w5 weaknesses
> Difficulty focusing on real-world problems
> Tendency to think too much about themselves
Yeah makes sense

No. 1062681

Anon, no1curr. And those who do already know what's going on. Their retarded leader will just feel proud of himself if he gets posted here, just don't.

No. 1062687

or something. she said something about the girl being built like a refrigerator or a linebacker. lmao

No. 1062703

That antihero kate is supposedly married with kids and is one of the ugliest, most vile people I ever came across on social networks. Married trads are extremely spiteful and only want other people to join them so they don't have to be the only ones who are miserable.

No. 1062716

File: 1603243875278.png (28.51 KB, 579x229, oklmao.PNG)

Wow, she sure showed us!

No. 1062721

think the word most used is "stupid"

No. 1062727

as opposed to autistic, paranoid, terminally online skitzocow

No. 1062732

Yeah I spent 30 minutes reading into it and realized it was all anachan trannies and gave up lol.

No. 1062742

someone on leftypol put it aptly:
"my favorite thing about Aimee is she loves to pivot from leftcom to right wing populist depending on which rose twitter celebrity she's beefing with"

No. 1062746

s o y

No. 1062762

havent checked yet but i predict a many tweet meltdown from anna and Aimee due to AOC playing Among Us on twitch

No. 1062779

File: 1603250387014.jpeg (89.55 KB, 567x461, 51F65635-CD26-42A4-BEFF-177736…)

what a hill to die on

No. 1062860

hm kind of sounds like anna

No. 1062874

reminder that the people clutching their pearls over these threads are the exact same people posting stuff like this either publicly or in dms

No. 1063016

why does her face look like that

No. 1063028

her parents are cousins

No. 1063032

He tried to make a movie too that Safdies were attached to as producers and seem to want buried 3 years later and will never see the light of day. Such a waste.

No. 1063054

File: 1603300645709.jpeg (60.8 KB, 484x544, 23B8F4CA-391A-46CB-8681-8DDA9C…)

Samememe face

No. 1063069

Stop is this real LMAO it’s even worse with hair

No. 1063071

The butt chin, the hook nose, the pedo stache….

No. 1063072

really puts things into perspective

No. 1063085

in both of these pictures he has an “i hate my life” expression

No. 1063100

Ladies, your tradchad has arrived

No. 1063109

Are these actually the same person? He was already ugly but aged like shit.

No. 1063114

He deleted all his tweets kek

No. 1063119

What was even the point? He should just go ahead and delete the entire account now.

No. 1063124

> If you only knew how bad things really are (for me)

No. 1063130

i can only imagine the gigantic fucking meltdown he’s having now

No. 1063140

They’re all so sensitive, the people itt have had some of the most melodramatic reactions to their thread I’ve ever seen from anyone posted here. He spends all day every day anonymously harassing random 15 year olds on tiktok but can’t take the slightest amount of criticism towards himself.

No. 1063143

File: 1603307205668.jpg (100.49 KB, 750x1083, 2geht3fd7cu51.jpg)

No. 1063146

Maybe one of his bro’s turned on him. Don’t know how else they could get pics.

No. 1063147

this has strong “not like the other girls” energy

No. 1063167

File: 1603310429644.png (493.73 KB, 699x905, image1.png)

looks like p1nkpr1ncesa is going off on shasti again kek

No. 1063172

File: 1603310910892.png (180.32 KB, 610x572, an.png)

I don't know who this is but she posted caps from the time Shasti got caught posting here and Annie responded. Looks like Annie knows about Shasti's skinwalking and this thread by now. What does this person have against Shasti?

No. 1063176

>>1063172 I think she and annie might be friends? not really sure

No. 1063189

File: 1603312962996.jpeg (669.83 KB, 1242x1472, 6DF60ACE-7A3D-4135-98A4-76C977…)


Felina is a cow in her own right with her embarrassing 48-hour coke-fueled spergout about islam

No. 1063190

She seems like a nasty pickme bitch but if she’s diffusing the milk then godspeed lmao

No. 1063196

>Greetings men of the internet! I, a woman, promise not to “tattle“ when non-consensually exposed to dick!
I can’t tell if this is plain stupidity or…
no it’s definitely stupidity.

No. 1063199

this is amber frost and her "I don't give a fuck if I have to work next to a rapist" take
why not delete his entire life tbh

No. 1063301

She's probably been into Coil for a long time, if you look back through her tumblr she was into industrial and experimental music in college

No. 1065397

lol what was the deleted post you replied to? did someone really nitpick about dasha liking coil itt? they're one of the most famous industrial bands and everyone who knows even a little about industrial that isn't some 12 year old into nin knows who coil is

No. 1065400

File: 1603326594169.png (95.69 KB, 532x917, askfm.png)

Her ask.fm from ~2013 was on there. She used to be a feminist and believed "all cops are pigs" and similar things. She worked at a law school centre for reproductive justice.

No. 1065407

There was hundreds of questions. She also used to say she was bisexual and some other stuff she's changed her mind on. No way she wasn't asking herself most of the questions because she barely had a web presence then.

No. 1065458

Scrote annihilated

No. 1065475

ughhh. physiognomy is real

No. 1065476

File: 1603336407246.png (72.2 KB, 1382x254, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.1…)

Someone on the RS subreddit said samememe is gay, is it true?

No. 1065481

i always got a closeted vibe from him tbh

No. 1065484

They might be stereotyping because of his man purse but I'm with >>1065481
For what little it's worth, he had a lot of ~my girlfriend~ stories on SA.

No. 1065496

Jack may possibly be a real borderline tranny faggot, samememe is just a typical jailhouse gay incel.

No. 1065497

Didn’t a teacher recently get his head cut off in France

No. 1065503

File: 1603344890526.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, 67E98D45-39D2-4A61-A2A9-068355…)

Which one of you crazy bastards did this I’m wheezing

No. 1065505

looks like another cow confirmed for posting in these threads. You know phones have a photoshop tool so you can edit out your profile pic in the bottom?

No. 1065506

samememe you brain tumored trog you didn’t even crop your tweet analytics option out of your own screenshot.

No. 1065507

File: 1603345882365.jpeg (918.69 KB, 1242x1796, F30A9A0E-B559-4DD9-9A93-7C8343…)

Sadly it’s not him just a random impersonator account

No. 1065508

Dasha should pivot into making furniture or clothing or tchotchkes or something. She has a guaranteed audience of customers.
She could spend an hour selecting colors, have it made in China, and sell to her audience at a 400% markup. Repeat x3, buy your own little shitty boho flat when the NYC market downturns, and fork over the rest to an index fund then retire.

No. 1065509

We see your icon at the bottom dumbass

No. 1065510

No. 1065513

tinfoil but he is a legit schizo so how do we not know that the other account is also him?

No. 1065514

She could make bank selling knock offs of those stupid white plastic looking shoes with the straps.

No. 1065515

You’ve caught me being a bad boy and a dumbass but I do it for the laughs >:)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1065516

im that much of an incel that i would fuck any of these women but even im not sad enough to sit on here constantly talking shit about random people online. go outside, get some sun. get laid. you will be much happier.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1065519

>talking shit about random people online
that's all you do on whatever twitter/subreddit you're from faggot

No. 1065524

>go outside, get some sun. get laid
You can do all these things and still post on here

No. 1065525

Is this one of Shasti’s friends trying to prove a point

No. 1065526

I enjoy posting here while my husband is playing with our kids.

No. 1065532

>dude lmao like why have hobbies other than getting laid lmao like go have sex XDDD
this is why you're an incel

No. 1065539

File: 1603353420738.png (44.99 KB, 606x346, 3476456756.png)

something else i noticed about logo and kantbot - they're openly poverty tourists too lol, how do you do fellow working class?

No. 1065555

File: 1603357075041.png (236.22 KB, 523x645, clQobIb.png)

I guess that for the crime of defending the dead Michael Brooks, Sean McCarthy is officially and permanently out of the cult and now a criminal traitor of the "Cuck Left" and, I guess, the military?

Ever read about the Japanese "United Red Army"? It's good Aimee lives in Australia or she'd lynch every one of her comrades for their treasonous ways within a week.

No. 1065557

Aimee's project at this point seems to just be the creation of a cult. Everyone other political interlocutor is wrong about everything, and if you don't worship at her feet then you are a traitor to the working class and should be dismissed and cast out.

No. 1065564

What “working class job” does this little shrimp even have? Doubt it’s anything trades/construction related because he weighs like 100 pounds and would probably cry if he had to hang around Mexicans all day

No. 1065611

File: 1603367713097.jpeg (189.51 KB, 750x594, DE2451C5-8E30-42E5-BBF4-385F3D…)

No. 1065613

File: 1603367773259.jpeg (438.72 KB, 750x1008, 64444354-143B-40B4-953C-D47F6F…)

No. 1065647

File: 1603372205903.jpg (65.49 KB, 500x750, tumblr_msmnqu9riV1rvp2p7o1_500…)

same dumb pose for 7 years

No. 1065648

He's a waiter, his wife is the breadwinner she has some clerical job. Kantbot is a basic admin assistant LARPing as a phd student online.

No. 1065655

File: 1603373873873.png (68.27 KB, 896x367, R4irnIh.png)

No. 1065656

No. 1065697

File: 1603377128312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.53 KB, 1005x960, hunter-biden-7.jpg)

Hunter Biden, go on Chapo.

Like… come on, the guy has strong dirtbag energy. His name is HUNTER ffs.

I'm half-kidding, but I swear if Hunter was David Duke's son they'd "ironically" stan him like Melania.

No. 1065826

Can't wait for Anna to "You Americans…" him. Rather than think about these issues the primary Lefthot defense mechanism is to pretend they have personally transcended them.

No. 1065863

this bitch wants to be a blonde redneck stacy so bad I'm wheezing

being a faildaughter is BASICALLY being a prole, right?

No. 1065880

>implying half the people posting here aren't these women

No. 1065932


probably kek. trying to poison the well to save her own ass

No. 1065974

Lmao you sure it's her?

No. 1065981

File: 1603405463783.jpeg (384.81 KB, 750x1000, 74898967-A329-4515-A260-831EF6…)

dasha would know

No. 1065998

but not enough to propose or cast you in a decent movie

No. 1066000

I don’t think it is that person spells Therese/Terese differently. think we talked about this in the first thread

No. 1066011


I vaguely remember someone saying that the bitch went to an all girls catholic school lmao no wonder she's such a rabid cumgargler

No. 1066016

ofc not lol, projects like that are a dime a dozen. it was some shitty nothing of a project that couldn't even spike any interest when related to a big news topic like epstein
at best it gets a showing at some very low level film festival. it's nowhere near as 'big' as dasha's other very very small movies

No. 1066073

Holy shit I wanted to like her (one of us) but she tweets the most insane shit like every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.

No. 1066076

File: 1603416285993.jpg (305.21 KB, 1072x2049, IMG_20201022_211147.jpg)

No. 1066078

File: 1603416665066.jpeg (499.92 KB, 1242x861, 5B9C09C5-F88A-49F9-A638-D9D22F…)

Speaking of, wtf going on here

No. 1066080

Why does he look so much better than her?

Time for these people to log off and cool down.

No. 1066083

File: 1603417229887.jpeg (238.82 KB, 828x1359, B229D99A-61A4-4B30-BC3F-E696BD…)

it’s @eugene_v_dabbs i saw this in pritch’s replies a while ago

No. 1066093

File: 1603417993996.jpeg (127.42 KB, 828x796, 20DDBBE8-2364-4160-B99C-A651C7…)

Damn why is he fine as fuck. He’s Australian too. Aimee let us know if he’s ever in the States.

No. 1066100

would, just to spite aimee
also lmao at her whole family being the PMC freaks she loves to complain about including herself

No. 1066111


Cost of Aimee's school


Guess we know who's getting the inheritance kek

No. 1066124

File: 1603424671838.png (61.07 KB, 743x531, based.png)

Hey did you know every leftist is subservient to the DNC? Did you know that the entire world is America? A country where I don't even live?

No. 1066128

"Based righty" is an irreconcilable contradiction. If you are based you are kicked out of the right, if you are a righty you can pretend to be edgy but at the end of the day you always come home to daddy (Republican party + it's imperatives), especially in an election year.

No. 1066158

Aimee likes to REEEEEEEE about le establishment but then chimps out at people who question the outcomes of the current legal system because in her eyes someone being acquitted means that they're undeniably not guilty. Guess those PMC girlboss lawyer habits die hard.

No. 1066185

File: 1603436312309.jpg (220.55 KB, 1628x1486, 99430930_10223629448348115_802…)

I fucking hate the word Based so much. It's used exclusively by Always Online spergs, usually in reference to their retarded child takes of how politics and society work. It makes me miss the old days of kek, even as cancerous as that was.

Sage for asspain.

No. 1066193

got a soft spot for it because its been around since 2012 and i liked using it back then

No. 1066264


has she ever been to the US? i swear non Americans who spend their entire life complaining about politics here are either extremely schizophrenic, or have no life and therefore no real hobbies. in Aimee's case it might be both

No. 1066320

Kinda ot but people who make it known they browse LC (especially her dumping literal caps on Twitter) are a special kind of stupid

No. 1066325

Agree with the first poster. She should be lucky the sub lies to make her feel better and calls her hot all the time

No. 1066355

This is some /ot shit

No. 1066453

File: 1603480160918.jpg (42.08 KB, 515x277, Ek8GElhUUAEpniq.jpg)

yeah i'm not listening to three hours of this
i don't think even their simps have the capacity to go through that

No. 1066461

He’s such a shameless, social climbing ass kisser

No. 1066466

three hours of someone who was a trans man and someone who's said she would have been a trans man if she was born ten years later talking about why they hate women, pass

No. 1066471

File: 1603481344309.jpeg (129.22 KB, 750x477, AEEC94DF-7DF9-4914-BD14-0B065E…)

yes this is totally a thing

No. 1066474

I'm not even sure Ashley could "um" her way through three hours of shitty audio, what with her terminal condition and all.

No. 1066480


That onlyfans girl they had on as a guest back in the day may or may not have escorted for him, they should ask her for an "introduction"


No. 1066523

I can’t remember if it was Anna or Dasha who said they find women’s voices annoying but I can’t think of one worse than Ashley’s, it’s so deep and not in a pleasant way like Liz Bruenig’s, but loud and obnoxious.

No. 1066535

File: 1603486133970.jpeg (54.77 KB, 828x281, C973CCCB-75A5-4B32-B153-C0FF53…)

No. 1066538

Wow, what a profound observation. This reminds me of anti-SJW people circa 2014. I noticed these cows are always so late in the topics they bring up. They talk about things that were already dated by 2016 and think it's fresh insight. Especially Anna.

I've listened to a bit of Red Scare, Cumtown, Jack and one that had Ashley on and they were all extremely annoying. I can't imagine choosing to sit through those for multiple hours every week.

No. 1066539


I can't put my finger on what's different but she actually looks cute and charming here vs russian cleaning lady that someone dressed up in DDLG for lulz

No. 1066547

20 minutes in
Ashley: I have a disease. I have a disease. I have a serious disease.
Anna: What’s your disease
Ashley: I saw Van Halen live once. My mom says I have a beautiful mind. [laughing]
Anna: [not laughing]

No. 1066565

She claims she strategically metoo’d Steven Roggenbuck “to start a podcast”

No. 1066569

File: 1603488741756.jpg (63.74 KB, 960x798, 5dljd5t77wu51.jpg)

sorry to the anon who was insisting dasha didn't cheat on adam

No. 1066573

I think the tan helps. She looks like an alive human and not a grey melting wax figure

No. 1066584

On the Estee Lardass pod she at one point claims she’s always had the deepest voice and the guys went awkwardly quiet, it was very clear it was a lie. She fakes it, she wants to be a femboy so bad.

No. 1066604

ashley's vocal fry comes from constantly trying to make her voice deeper, i'm sure it started when she was younger but it's clearly fake, just like elizabeth holmes

No. 1066610

File: 1603492130611.png (62.96 KB, 691x613, an.png)

Ashely is claiming that Angel's death was part of an attempted "Murder suicide" against her, LOL. Fuck. I'm glad the whole sub sees through Angel's bullshit.

No. 1066613

*through Ashley's bullshit, sorry

No. 1066653

File: 1603496282696.jpeg (64.67 KB, 828x547, 1C3B4AB1-547A-4805-9E09-9A3350…)

No. 1066666

that is… i’m pretty sure totally made up. angel’s body wasn’t discovered for days. pretty sure if it was a murder-suicide then ashley would have noticed sooner? (also i’m on mobile so i don’t have caps, but angel’s reddit account /u/PureAct and some of her old tweets have a lot of info about ashley. apparently angel had a restraining order against her, ashley had cut her off from the chatforgod income stream, and angel was pretty sure she had also siphoned a bunch of money from a joint bank account?) i know angel was dealing with serious mental health and addiction issues but ashley is smearing a person she fucked over who died in pain and alone. angel said she was a narcissist and that assessment doesn’t seem off.

No. 1066671

unironically the only uncucked thing dasha has done in her life

No. 1066674

Lmao @ threats of social exclusion blatantly working on you. You're a pathetic cuck obsessed with what others think. There is no society in which your particular brand of retardation would be cool and desirable, sorry.

No. 1066687

yeah the more i learn about angel and ashley the more it becomes completely clear that angel is a complete narcissist obsessed with feeling like a victim. i am sure angel had tons of issues too, but she's dead now and ashley is using the death for attention while making up completely insane lies about it for even MORE attention.
restraining orders aren't easy to get, so ashley is definitely more psycho and cruel than she lets on

No. 1066689

samefag but seriously how can someone have the audacity to lie about murder-suicide

No. 1066697

Someone extremely delusional who thinks she can lie about it for attention since the other party is dead

No. 1066699

>I’m glad the whole sub sees through angels bullshit
Sorry, do you mean Ashley’s bullshit?
Same with >>1066687
it appears these two posts are using Ashley and Angel interchangeably and I’m confused by where they stand

No. 1066702

>pretty sure if it was a murder-suicide then ashley would have noticed sooner?
the murder-suicide thing was during their relationship (and obviously angel didn't go through with it). then, years or months or however long later, they broke up and months after THAT angel killed herself

No. 1066710

yeah i did mean ashley, i corrected myself here >>1066613

No. 1066712

>Why can't Anna see through the bullshit

Scarethot simps really do be thinking that Anna is a principled human driven only by dispassionate pursuit of fairness and not an opportunistic grifter… Imagine being this retarded…

No. 1066714

>I’m confused by where they stand
i think pretty much everyone agrees that ashley is a completely psychotic narc, and that while angel might have been a headcase herself she didn't deserve anything ashley did to her (which seems to be way worse than anything angel did to ashley)
so far i've only seen one person sperg over angel and it was for being a troon

No. 1066725

Ah sorry I skipped over that, I just happened to see that post after the more recent one. I was wondering if I had missed anything.

For sure, you have to be a pretty deplorable person by nature to get lc to side with a troon instead of you.

No. 1066737

It's funny because scarethots legitimately have the most annoying, autistic voices in existence (Dasha and Aimee in particular).

No. 1066744

Anna speaks in a mumbling monotone. Dasha has a higher pitched girly voice when she displays any emotion. Both are way more annoying than the average women.
Dasha's unnatural deeper slowed down voice is an obvious affect because it's the only part of her acting that's ever been praised.

No. 1066754

File: 1603504289394.jpeg (103.92 KB, 1242x1234, 5A126185-990B-4623-BA51-574FD3…)

TIL Julia fox slept with Jack Donohue from Salem in Louisiana, met at Richardson magazine launch party. She holds a candle for him, alwaaaaays in his IG comments.

No. 1066762

This is so silly, everyone knows this. Julia was also very close friends with Jack’s best friend John for years and this is all old news that you are five years late to.

No. 1066764

Also, Jack is gay.

No. 1066772

Probably bi, he apparently fucks anything that will let him choke them.

No. 1066774

Him and John are both gay but they both grew up in hyper-masculine families, John has a son with a woman as well. Jack rents himself out and will fuck for drugs but his preference is for men. None of this anything to do with the left thots tho, idk why it was posted here like a grand epiphany when it’s common knowledge to anyone within that circle that they’ve been good friends for years. Julia is always in his ig comments because they’re friends and she wants to support their projects. She and Jack did all that nonsense for attention, Julia was in love with John.

No. 1066778

Okay but is he wrong though?

No. 1066779

I just like how Julia Fox derails are usually the weirdest, most seamy tangents and Dasha still wishes that was her life.

No. 1066791

JF is everything that they try to be, yeah true

No. 1066797

Not wrong. You need to suspend the truth to fit in with a lot of libs

No. 1066803

stfu idiot

No. 1066808

so Kenna H*nes

No. 1066814

File: 1603512537000.jpeg (270.6 KB, 395x860, FBFDB0F3-C185-413A-A1EB-F4F5FF…)

What are the odds of this actually happening in 2028

No. 1066844

I bet samememe is/was a typical cryptomisogynistic male feminist soyboy cuck with twitter as his only outlet for REEEEEing about all the women who didn't fuck him even though he namedropped bell hooks once.

No. 1066848

this dude is such a gossip

No. 1066849

damn he's so hot tho, so is john

No. 1066850

Yes? He acts as if the average lib is some extremely online sjw from 2014 when those people barely exist in real life.

No. 1066855

He acts like the cringe tumblr anti-sjw scene from like 2013. A nobody shitting his pants over internet non-issues that no one irl even knows about.

No. 1066868

she has a sort of contralto voice naturally, but due to whatever repressed gender dysphoria is always making a big deal out of being “naturally androgynous”. she started out as a david bowie stan online, makes sense that she probably sees him as her gender ideal.

No. 1066905

File: 1603538008491.png (987.39 KB, 926x615, rlcKQ0j.png)

No. 1066968

>your kids raped and brainwashed
How many teenage girls has he slept with again?

No. 1067100

File: 1603562696406.jpeg (63.57 KB, 339x431, 68EE8BD4-8EEC-462F-8A85-1B8E9E…)

Their hatred for AOC grows stronger with each passing day

No. 1067109

>Implying anyone gives a shit about populism anymore
>"White man has less money than some woman somewhere" is the greatest oppression!

Gotta point out AOC's pivot from screeching about Hillary "pulling the sexism card" and then doing the exact same thing now that she has relevance and is actually a target of sexism from all the classcels who used to stan her as a "female candidate they'd vote for".(derailing)

No. 1067124

learn to integrate and stop bumping with your non-milk bad takes, dumbass

No. 1067167

hope bernie sees this

No. 1067273

adam kind of deserves it for going for girls like her, but making a guy think you love him so he moves you out to live in nyc rent free, possibly stealing money, using his internet audience to get your podcast its start, getting him to propose while cheating constantly, and doing all this while his last long term relation ended with his girlfriend leaving him for his best friend and his family is going through a tragic illness is sociopath shit

No. 1067357

File: 1603586196010.jpeg (70.14 KB, 686x449, D45D9BD6-8504-41AE-9FFF-11B707…)

trueanon going full q anon

No. 1067365

Biden locked up hundreds of thousands of black men and signed off on the deaths of millions in Iraq and across the Middle East and Hunter very obviously was engaged in corruption in Ukraine (and at Amtrak!) It's not Qanon to acknowledge that. Come on man.(derailing)

No. 1067382

Ok? If you do crime you’re gonna get locked up(derailing)

No. 1067400

Wait she stole money from him? Milk please

No. 1067429

File: 1603596077045.jpeg (49.1 KB, 630x335, 604408DD-168C-40CE-BF60-878CAF…)

has anyone here seen pvt chat? does dasha act at all or is it just a cameo

No. 1067434

Is that her like official professional headshot or whatever? She looks like a leper

No. 1067450

if dasha was on set with julia fox i can only imagine the petty jealous bs her and anna gossiped about afterwards

No. 1067451

Judging by the character name, all two or three of her scenes were probably filmed as if camming from home alone.

No. 1067496

holy shit this is fucking awful

No. 1067511

File: 1603608323085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.22 KB, 1536x2048, DOAitiDU8AABfiH (1).jpg)

An interesting development is that one-time Red Scare guest @weed_slut_420's nudes appear to have been found on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Specifically, in the latest round of leaks which just came out today, there is an image of Hunter lying naked in bed with a dark-haired woman with arched brows. She bears a striking resemblance to Zoe (@weed_slut_420) but her face is partially obscured. However /pol/ is alleging that Zoe and this mystery woman seem to have an identical mole on their ass.

I am not going to repost the nudes themselves because I genuinely fear these leaks could be prosecuted, but you can find the PURPORTED images on pol right now.

NOTE: This is all pure speculation and this post should not be construed as any kind of comment on or affirmation of the truthfulness of these allegations.

Final observation: I was looking at her IG a few days ago because the subreddit was talking about some artnet coverage linking her and HB. It was still up and had a few pics then. But she appears to have scrubbed social media as of today.

Prior coverage:
- https://news.artnet.com/art-world/wet-paint-hunter-biden-1744755
- https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/hwk6ym/hunter_biden_in_dimes_square/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

No. 1067514

File: 1603608659529.jpg (21.53 KB, 275x217, 1601161128526.jpg)

Holy. fucking. shit.

No. 1067534

Stop it, you're making Dasha sound based and pinkpilled

No. 1067541


What instagram handle were you looking at? her main on instagram has been gone for a LONG time, at least a year. I think she knew this shit was coming or at least hunter biden paid her off after his first stripper scandal to get off the internet.

No. 1067550

File: 1603614165387.jpeg (32.6 KB, 512x512, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

Anybody have current milk on Leia Jospe? She seems to be really close to Anna, has hosted multiple events with her & they retweet each other often. I only know her from back in the day, she was really tight with the guys in Anamanaguchi.

No. 1067566

wtf i love dasha now

No. 1067604

No. 1067644

Wow. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Maybe I’m dumb but I don’t see how this will hurt Zoe? Isn’t this free publicity for her OF?
I do know she’s the “black sheep” of her wealthy family (she attended the expensive Horace Mann school in NYC and RISD just to end up as an ethot and tweeted about being outcasted by them before,) but she never seemed to care otherwise who knew about her choices. She was so open about her nudes and sex work so I’m surprised if this is the reason she scrubbed her social media.

No. 1067647


I just spent a few hours on 4chan and I can see her being incorporated into the qanon, pizzagate mythos basically in real-time. People claiming she’s participating in an orgy with a literal child in one of the leaked pics. I really wouldn’t wish that on anyone because once these people have you on their radar they basically never forget.

No. 1067648

File: 1603635076828.jpeg (186.35 KB, 750x411, AB1266D5-0400-48BD-B802-6B4945…)

Isn’t she roomate leia?? She lives with anna I think, I think that’s Anna’s room in the background of the pic you posted. Went on her instagram and kek her insta is basically behind a paywall, how sad that adults think their insta story photography is worth $60 a year

No. 1067654

/pol/ is basically trying to paint every woman in the photographs as underage with reasoning such as "look at the crook of her elbow," and one specific woman as Malia Obama using an unrelated pic of her credit card a friend once posted to FB.

I think Zoe deleted her OnlyFans as of recently, so she must be feeling some kind of heat.

No. 1067687

It’s remarkable how literally none of her photos are good or interesting, all just street detritus/drunk art school carhartt nerds/creepshots of strangers. Bad composition, bad colors. How delusional can someone be lol

No. 1067690

She loves picking fights with people for attention but isn’t even (pseudo) intellectual, just aggro. Whines about being broke but doesn’t seem to have a real job and has alluded to having a rich kid upbringing but I’m sure she’d deny it now. Very into being a “cool kid with cool friends.” She seems really immature.

No. 1067702

you can listen to her talk about being a sugar baby here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwZcc2C_Oik

No. 1067703

Not recent at all but I found this post in relation to Luke Turner / Benjamin Bratton drama (I don’t know the details very well but as I understand it, Bratton made fun of Turner because his HWNDU art with Shia Labeouf got stolen by nazis)

No. 1067704

File: 1603641150309.jpeg (396.72 KB, 828x1220, 738335FD-46B3-4501-AE84-E7241A…)

Forgot pic

No. 1067705

I listened to the first minutes of a podcast their friend dan does that's on the black scare sub, it's with dasha and maddie and it's so unlistenable. Dan is ok as a host but dasha and maddie are so boring and unfunny, they open with saying they're never home because they have boyfriends to hang with like that's special. Proof that dasha could never do a podcast without anna, she has no personality of her own.

No. 1067718

Lmao what a ride, honestly was not expecting this good of milk. Thank you.

No. 1067741

This sort of reminds me of when Annie (w0a0i0f) charged people 25 dollars to follow her private twitter account. These people strike me as narcissistic to want to charge so much money for the most basic, uninteresting shit.

No. 1067766

File: 1603648393208.png (238.17 KB, 1078x2026, Screenshot_20201025-125400(1).…)

Lol I am not convinced any hot or cool people subscribe to her images

No. 1067779

I mean he literally fucks teenagers and is a 35 year old parasite

No. 1067784

File: 1603650494846.png (1.39 MB, 1304x1230, Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 2.29…)

a few months until dasha's 30th, the zoomers are turning on her

No. 1067791

I'm seeing a pattern in these people. They all come from "daddy owns a boat" rich families but they fail to thrive despite their abysmally expensive upbringings. Is this why they think they're proles?

No. 1067792

Honestly maybe it's not her and she's scrubbing it because she knows about /pol/ and doesn't want psycho incel attention/doxing.

No. 1067793

>Anna makes 30k per month and lives with roommates on a mattress that's right on the floor

No. 1067808

Anna is the ugly nerdy girl that's doing the whole group project while Dasha is its "face" kek

No. 1067829

Her voice is even less pleasant than Dasha’s. Didn’t think that was possible

No. 1067830

Hope your mom see this, Chelsea

No. 1067832

What the actual fuck, this reads like a copypasta.

No. 1067853

Zoe is cringy but is she actually a cow? I never paid much attention to her but she seemed at least very competent at her internet thot thing

No. 1067908

I don't really think she qualifies as a cow. The only really cow aspect of her is the hunter biden stuff, and the fact that he ran her off her own life to the point were she had to take a 9 to 5 job gluing rhinestones on flowers for a some rich old lady failartist.


I do genuinely feel bad for her though, I think she thought her relationship with him was going to open doors for her, instead he just used her for cheap feelz, got tired of her and now her name and information is being disseminated among deepstate /polcels in association with all sorts of pizzagate satanic jewish cabal shit, I would never wish this on anyone.

No. 1067922

Our hero samememe is now, uh, getting accusations of being a rapist.

No. 1067923


No. 1067940

File: 1603669633094.png (35.54 KB, 751x465, samememe.png)

No. 1067945

File: 1603669716223.png (32.95 KB, 745x389, samememe2.png)


Don't know what it's based on but the accusation appears sincere.

No. 1067951

File: 1603669932408.jpeg (98.18 KB, 567x809, BF5C742A-4344-467C-9B0D-7D376E…)

here’s a tweet that samememe deleted after he got called out for it

No. 1067956

I mean, if that thing isn't a virgin then there's no way the sex it had was consensual lmao

No. 1067957

File: 1603670183145.jpeg (389.84 KB, 1242x1013, E4CCA224-1D64-4AAE-9A80-E9E65F…)

Kek love this for us

No. 1067996

On the other hand, it really seems like she sold a batch of pictures to Anna's spiritual icon Steve Bannon but wasn't ready for the resulting attention such a thing would bring.

No. 1068000

File: 1603672751774.jpeg (92.01 KB, 910x711, ElNRht0XEAAbkcW.jpeg)

No. 1068027

For those who don’t feel like listening to the episode, here’s a highlight.
Dasha on Lana Del Rey aligning herself with Mexican American aesthetics:
>“I mean it actually makes sense to me. Cholos really like Morrissey who’s also this very romantic, dramatic ego type. So it makes sense […] the music to me, the longing she often expresses feels very Mexican American, like writing letters to your boyfriend in jail vibe. Cholos have like, very passionate relationships.”

No. 1068033

“Did you know that Mexican people actually really love Morrissey” is boring alt people’s favorite factoid. What a shallow understanding of everything involved here

No. 1068036

They were both silent for a few seconds, I think Dan went “hmm…” and Madeline only said “…interesting”.

No. 1068043

It’s true though? LA Mexicans love moz and oldies

No. 1068045

they didn’t say it wasn’t true

No. 1068046

Got a live one

No. 1068047

Then nitpick imo.

No. 1068084

Philosophy PhD well used

No. 1068093

File: 1603684414837.jpg (413.84 KB, 2048x1536, twitter_ElOFqPfX0AAdSaT.jpg)

Dasha looks like a downie

No. 1068103

>>1067550 >>1067648

what an utterly beige individual

No. 1068137

I took a look at this video and I noticed something that might indicate Leia probably wasn't a sugar baby. The director of this documentary is a friend of hers. The next video directed by this guy features Niki Takesh, another friend of Leia's. I noticed this circle of friends has an expendable amount of income trying to make themselves seem more interesting than the other.
Which reminds me of the fact both Leia and Niki used to be friends with Grimes back in the day. Does everyone in New York just know each other? KEK

No. 1068179

nit pick but she should look up wide-angle lens distortion. it's making her face look longer and her cheeks look more hollow than they are. when I worked in social media PR this is something we'd teach clients

No. 1068310

both of her nipples are showing and not in an alluring way, more like desperation to create any illusion of cleavage kek

No. 1068388

File: 1603751916122.png (92.37 KB, 659x209, coffin.png)

Peter Coffin is going on Fedpost, a podcast whose entire identity is "Chapo for Aimee simps".

No. 1068415

Why do all these random people have podcasts? I wonder who is even listening to these podcasts by these literally-whos from Twitter.

No. 1068416

File: 1603753786195.png (20.51 KB, 596x289, killdano.PNG)

This guy who has been stalking and doxxing public figure Rose Kalemba is apparently going to be on Cumtown. He threatened to rape someone less than two months ago. Lots of creeps adjacent lately, if the Samememe stuff is true.

No. 1068418

gross, is this a comedian or something? might be a joke?

No. 1068420

File: 1603754084133.jpg (282.29 KB, 1536x2048, ElNnjrnWMAcMRdj.jpg)

Nitpick but how do she and Anna constantly talk about how they shop all the time and wear the same 5 outfits?

almost jealous of Anna's commitment to dorm room living at 35, from her roommate's twitter

No. 1068429

Wait, what's this guy's deal? Looking at his TL, he just looks like some weird coomer.

No. 1068446


>this episode is a draft and cannot be heard by anyone but you

No. 1068462

Lol good catch anon, these lefthots cannot RESIST self posting

No. 1068470

come onnnnnnn, y'all are doing it on purpose at this point LOL

No. 1068477

File: 1603757150303.png (299.35 KB, 560x308, tvideo.PNG)

He has a bitchute with multiple conspiracy videos about the girl he threatened, he takes this entirely too seriously. No idea why the podcast would want him on.

No. 1068479

This is super fucking funny because FEDPOST guy pretends to be nice to samememe

No. 1068480

File: 1603757357885.jpeg (498.78 KB, 1242x1382, EA047B84-6841-42C5-9152-2F742F…)

Don’t get excited anons they obviously got the cap from this tweets

No. 1068491


I thought she finally moved in with Eli during the covid lockdown? wtf is she doing. She's been with this dude forever and they still live in separate apts.

No. 1068502

sage for off topic, but i guess a thot crop top made of upholstery is better than the victorian gunne sax bags all these trad and leftist 30 year old's wear to mourn their 20s. wish the only fashion alternative wasn't girl boss power dressing or streetwear uniform

No. 1068511

File: 1603759167086.png (549.82 KB, 559x595, top.png)

I think it looks stupid, especially when she paired it with what appears to be really short shorts. Dasha always looks like a mess to me.

No. 1068518

those shorts are like a sexy bride costume from lovers lane.

No. 1068519

File: 1603759783449.jpg (129.21 KB, 700x933, Best-Fashion-Black-Friday-Cybe…)

Sage for ot but there are plenty of fashionable ways to dress for women aging into (or out of) their 30s. I don't understand what you mean when you say there's nothing besides streetwear or Batsheva style dresses?

No. 1068533

>this episode is a draft and can't yet be heard by anyone but you
kek fucking idiots. your show sucks and you're a hideous blincel who will never find love

No. 1068556

No. 1068585

Anyone find it incredibly cucked of Dasha to be making gestures here and there confirming she's with OPN if he ultimately doesn't want to make it public? Like damn bitch you don't have to retweet Spotify links to his new EP or like tweets mentioning you and him in the same sentence

No. 1068636


I wasn't gonna go there like some other anons but I'm starting to believe it. She legit looks trans with her facial proportions and body in this photo, and the DDLG clothes actually accentuate it instead of compensating.

No. 1068661

File: 1603773029335.jpeg (97.98 KB, 750x411, 396D69DD-548E-4B45-82B6-0D0D98…)

These guys have only one joke

No. 1068665

“Wine mom” and “female drone pilots” are their only jokes.

No. 1068666

anna claims she lives with eli to "save money" KEK

No. 1068668

What’s with these guys and wine moms?

No. 1068670

funniest part about this pic is the fact that the top is like $400 and looks like its from aliexpress

No. 1068673

whoever this is has disgusting finger nails. maybe clean that shit before you take a picture of your wine glass

No. 1068676

It's funny that they're gazing so far into their own navel that a schizo compulsive liar with delusions of grandeur is being treated as a serious and interesting person in this scene lol

No. 1068718

That's Leia's fingernails kek
Anon, you should subscribe to her paywalled instagram, she's such a professional~

No. 1068729

mommy issues

No. 1068744

File: 1603786507268.jpeg (122.99 KB, 737x459, CA03EF47-B3A2-4776-B268-707F11…)

No. 1068746

about 10 to 15 lbs extra would do wonders for her but not being ana is cringe sadly

No. 1068757

shes not even underweight

No. 1068770

don’t forget misogynistic jokes about SSRIs and birth control, for some reason

No. 1068794

File: 1603799167474.png (217.55 KB, 308x307, MerrrickCapture.PNG)

Merrick kinda looks like Jordan Peterson's daughter if she were a troon. That "altruistic sex" tweet is the biggest ragefuel ever, too.

No. 1068820

why do all twitter commies look so unwashed

No. 1068841

File: 1603808253874.jpg (135.01 KB, 750x1334, 122253778_113696717064596_2386…)

She's a "crypto-conservative" as a way to be edgy like Anna, all her tweets are whining that she can't share her true views with her friends like she's a misunderstood teenager. Someone posted this picture on the reddit and she had a meltdown on there and twitter and Anna referenced it in a story.

No. 1068842

Idk if it’s just me but something looks different facially in her recent pics

No. 1068843

>Someone posted this picture on the reddit and she had a meltdown on there and twitter and Anna referenced it in a story.
wait what? share the links!

No. 1068845

File: 1603809031072.png (265.44 KB, 1088x1130, Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 10.2…)

sorry meant the wine glass pic, for some reason she's saying it's because of her phone being an android and not because the place looks dirty and a mess
her cheek bones look more pronounced I think and something else

No. 1068851

It might be the way she has her hair pulled back in this pic.
Scrolling through /snow/, I thought this pic was in the MtF general thread before reality set in.

No. 1068854

Wait was it posted on reddit? Or is she trying to not to gain attention to here. Leia is retarded lmao. She's not poor, just pretends to be.

No. 1068868

She looks less jowly. The ~nasolabial folds~ aren’t as prominent as in old pics. It could just be that she’s just learned not to grimace but maybe she’s had fillers or is facetuning.

No. 1068872

Possibly the most annoying person brought up in these threads so far. AT is pitiable, the grifters are just trying to make some money, but Leia is literally just a bored rich girl

No. 1068876

Yeah I think it looks like she may have gotten cheek fillers which probably would also soften the nasolabial folds a little.

No. 1068898

Does anyone know what is up with his divorce? Did he leave his wife for Dasha or what?

No. 1068914

No. 1068915

I disagree, Ashley is definitely the worst

No. 1069015

I'm sorry but peaheaded soyfaced middleaged rapist samememe going private and then reemerging with all of his tweets deleted is very funny to me

No. 1069016

His wife was cheating on him with Jordan Wolfson

No. 1069038

Maybe Dasha will too. I believe red scare did an episode or two on Wolfson and a documentary about him earlier in the year.

No. 1069073

how the fuck do people know this stuff? is everyone in this thread some art world hanger-on?

No. 1069075

Can he please be bullied off of Twitter? I hate that he got away with it. I never want to see one of his disgusting tweets ever again.

No. 1069084

hanger-on's rise up

No. 1069095

It’s almost like there’s people in here who know these people personally. How utterly shocking.

No. 1069097

Is there a reason he deleted all his tweets instead of just deleting his entire account? Were there tweets that hinted at his identity and led to his facedoxx? It's funny imagining him panicking about it and then doing the most useless thing possible. Task failed successfully samememe.

No. 1069103

Can’t lose that Anna Khachiyan follow for anything

No. 1069134

I honestly do find it kind of shocking. I can’t think of any other thread where there’s that many posters who seem directly involved with the cows or are just the cows themselves.

No. 1069135

was genuinely curious how word about that kind of stuff even gets out considering opn isn't exactly a mainstream celebrity. no need to try to do an epic sassy reply.
honestly, considering dasha and anna are still friends with cameron moreno, i'm gonna guess they'll just blow off this whole thing and continue interacting with samememe like nothing happened.

No. 1069136

I think he's automatically deleting his tweets every 24 hours like Liz Bruenig

No. 1069155

He lost a bunch of weight and started producing The Weeknd and left his normie wife for a podcaster

No. 1069166

His album is out soon so there's been some interviews and profiles. I wonder if Dasha will get mentioned in a future one or if he and his pr team don't want that out there.

No. 1069167

lulzy upper class strivers should be ridiculed just as much as the low class ones

No. 1069171

> left his normie wife for a podcaster

talk about a downgrade

No. 1069189

He got the Weeknd to sing a love song about Dasha for his new OPN album…pretty romantic ngl

No. 1069191

>implying any song on the album is about dasha
those were all written at minimum several months ago before they even started dating, realistically most are over 6 months or a year old.

No. 1069196

Totally agree. She was super open about dating Adam and talked about nasty details regularly, I bet OPN is ashamed of her or afraid of people hating him for being with her lmao, wouldn't surprise me if she's just a rebound or a way to make his wife jealous since he's separated

No. 1069199

File: 1603842772178.png (49.98 KB, 564x368, Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 7.52…)

think I Don't Love Me Anymore (Because I'm Dating a Podcaster) might be about her

No. 1069204

Lmfao anon i'm dead

No. 1069205

She probably learned her lesson after the cum boys ruined her life for breaking up with Adam

No. 1069206

>ruined her life
exactly how did they ruin her life besides calling her a cheater

No. 1069209

File: 1603844065434.jpeg (87.54 KB, 828x267, 7A1A05D3-39C0-4A53-BCF0-680B4A…)

Curse those evil, insipid women that leave cake in the breakroom to make me fat

No. 1069210

Uhhh…did anyone look at her legs in this picture? There’s some pretty obvious Facetune/Stretching/Photoshop

No. 1069211

i honestly think that might just be her fucked up cheap nyc dorm flooring

No. 1069213

No, look at the width of her legs in proportion to her body. Not physically possible.

No. 1069224

Could be the angle/warping in the mirror itself but yeah, she definitely does not look like that irl lol
Big downgrade. His (ex?) wife is honestly very pretty. Seems well adjusted/healthy etc without being basic

No. 1069246

Not to wk but with the way she’s dressed it actually is more than possible

No. 1069260

how did you know that?

No. 1069266

File: 1603850207130.png (118.34 KB, 726x960, onDliAi.png)

kanbot turned on anna

No. 1069267

File: 1603850269778.png (88.61 KB, 733x740, csXvZg2.png)

No. 1069271

>bleepity bloop music
no one tell her the kind of music her boyfriend and dasha's boyfriend make

No. 1069272

kantbot has turned into the reverse aimee over the past few months, trying to cancel everyone who he ever was twitter friends with, but because they're too contrarian/reactionary

No. 1069286

that's just how this crowd of musicians work, in fact everyone in opn's scene is usually recycling older work and editing it, but when they're not they're usually taking over a year to write an album

No. 1069287

it feels like every single time i see kantbot say anything, it's the most bitter stuff imaginable. i mean i agree with his reply but he's really no better

No. 1069294

It's like someone finally asked him to clean up after himself and he's become an angry gas giant or something.

No. 1069302

File: 1603853978027.jpg (564.71 KB, 1200x2204, aimee.jpg)

No. 1069319

…tf is noodle soup fashion?

No. 1069321

Imagine seeing that hagraven shrieking and crying in the train station on your way to work, jesus. Also I’m disappointed her hot brother is short

No. 1069324

I'm not surprised to see this spergout because stupidpol is a misogynistic/incel shithole. Nobody should take it seriously.

No. 1069329

File: 1603857248448.jpg (20.15 KB, 296x326, 4chan toilet stories completel…)

kek, anon. this ball thinks way too highly of himself

No. 1069334

the red pill/stupidpol crossover episode

No. 1069336

that venn diagram is just a circle

No. 1069344

File: 1603858313780.jpeg (101.77 KB, 734x154, 4020CA39-8F12-4C41-84AA-4FF5C7…)

Looked up the definition of alpha widow…moids love writing this bizarre fanfiction about women that corresponds to absolutely nobody’s actual experiences

No. 1069357

Probably the hipster way to say "basic" AKA run of the mill fashion you see at a Walmart

No. 1069381

Daily reminder that moids just sit down and come up with this autistic terminology. This is what goes through their heads all day every day - enough for something as specific as their college crush rejecting them to have its own name. They vividly remember every woman that isn't available to them and it's something they never forgive.
Given the above, it's not surprising that a man will project his own "dream girl who got away" scenario on women, along with wish fulfillment/revenge copes in which he tells himself that the Stacy he was orbiting will bitterly regret telling him to fuck off. Joke's on her, because when she's old she'll wish she could have him, but he'll definitely be too busy being swarmed by hot 20 year olds competing to suck his dick for free. Any day now!

His absolute best case scenario is totally not going bald and cuffing a dependable Becky only to end up cryfapping himself to sleep every night thinking about his ex, eventually divorcing his wife and finding out the hard way that young attractive women will only bother pretending to be interested in these "rarer than diamonds" men if they have fuck you money.

No. 1069382

File: 1603866388995.jpeg (56.44 KB, 640x390, 70AF1AFC-8526-4FBB-B6FA-9810C7…)

No. 1069384

stupidpol is an incel subreddit

No. 1069428


Ah yes, but the painful relity is that those moids will be the ones who end up offing themselves when they hit middle age due to lonelines and drug addiction.

And that "karen" will still end up having the family she wants, or be a WGTOW who has genuine fun traveling kek

No. 1069431

Not a single word was read.

No. 1069440

>it's fair to speculate that these men generally had much more going for them besides their height alone
this guy definitely has multiple charts about tall CEOs on his harddrive lmao. incel equivalent of vision boards

>there's steep competition for the women and lots of options for the men

the laffs never end, incels always say this when it suits them then the next minute they're saying men are the competitors while women do nothing. they're just coping that they do actually all still hit the wall and they're nothing like leonardo decaprio

No. 1069445

Sage but these leftthot people are so weird.

This is what additcion to social media gets you, can you imagine posting shit like that constantly? Reaching for any possible reaction/attention and making all of your impulse decisions public?

They need therapy not access to the internet. Or just to have their phone thrown into a river kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1069496


um Jack is a fat racist retard and Aimee is an ugly old retard but both of these posts were written by people with undiagnosed schizophrenia just saying

No. 1069501

Who cares, it’s funny

No. 1069530

You didn’t even sage

No. 1069585

File: 1603906276579.jpg (27.7 KB, 680x395, 784455645.jpg)

he's turned on jack now too

No. 1069643

>these men just move on to the next thing if you become difficult

the sheer delusion of thinking that men have these kinds of options unless they pay cash will never not be funny. if they do it's always from among ugly and mentally ill women they deeply resent anyway. this was either written by a lower middle class beer bellied dad bod who thinks he's "rich" or some young wagecuck moid who never met any rich old man even once in his life lmao

the only factual thing in that diatribe is that aimee belongs to a cohort of women so vanishingly rare and unattractive that incel fanfics about the wall actually apply to her

No. 1069693

File: 1603914299219.jpeg (292.99 KB, 750x1114, 3F0C7C2B-1FDC-42F6-A1A5-5FD9C1…)

It’s amusing how deluded Dasha stans are. Or maybe this is Dasha herself

No. 1069752

>Moids thinking those girls are dating Leonardo to cuff him and not primarily for clout and to jumpstart their own careers

When you follow three and a half insane tradthots on Twitter and think they're a representative sample of models and actresses. Then when these models finally pull the trigger, the incels screech about how hot young women only fuck high status chads to #metoo them for personal gain kek

No. 1069755

Leo is a worldwide famous A-list actor worth millions, any moids who use him as an example as even “what older rich men do” are dumb as fuck to think. Sure, some date much younger women, but plenty old rich guys date or marry a 10 year max. younger woman

No. 1069757

all this talk about who would give dasha a baby like dasha wouldn’t make a horrible mother lmao

No. 1069773

The additional delusion of thinking that the average 40something rich man looks like Leo (who hit the wall at full speed by Hollywood hunk standards). Normie men begin looking like him at 30.

The fact fact that Camila Morrone has absolutely no pictures of her and Leo together on her IG is all you need to know about the "relationship". She is a very average filler instathot who wouldn't make it on her own, and he is getting dumped the moment she's done milking his connections for modeling and acting opportunities. If this is the treatment an A-lister gets, the old normie farts are absolutely doomed.

This is definitely Dasha's wet dream though.

No. 1069805

File: 1603922759487.jpeg (485.36 KB, 828x815, C0C54984-D297-4D9E-9523-22AB67…)

Absolutely. Most of the time when you encounter young woman / old man couples irl it’s some creepy cargo shorts bdsm libertarian guy and a woman with mental illness/very low self esteem. It’s never glamorous.

No. 1069888

It's always a below average young woman too. Someone most guys her age wouldn't even look at, much less "commit".

Hot women her age don't go for such arrangements unless they get a lot of money out of it. Their options also don't really decrease until they're absolute grandmas.

No. 1069926

hate to be a dasha stan, but def don't think she would ever want a baby

No. 1069930

File: 1603929697815.jpg (24.17 KB, 658x439, nina-agdal-model (1).jpg)

Dasha in a parallel universe where she's not inbred with FAS

No. 1069931

File: 1603929777521.jpg (44.34 KB, 695x553, f87e5d2e43b1276f99115c558e696f…)

all the hate directed towards aimee to take the heat off all the other left thots makes me sympathetic towards her. i'm glad she's haunting the chapos, no one should be able to clear 2 mil a year unchallenged. she's an easier to handle antagonist for them anyway, remember when their book got panned? https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/08/28/chapo-trap-house-book-review-219596

No. 1069936

File: 1603929978055.jpeg (87.43 KB, 640x1138, 29F6D38C-BFB0-4C1B-9413-F41475…)

so what do you guys think anna has had done recently? she looks like a different person

No. 1069939

finally got those fillers she's been yapping on about for a year

No. 1069943

Fillers, maybe started eating actual healthy food and not partying so much. I don’t like her but she looks better here. How tall is she? Cat is cute af.

No. 1069948

File: 1603930657286.png (2.62 MB, 1248x1676, 1601551834556.png)

>student loans
Holy shit, so daddy didn't pay? Does he favor her brother? Is she the runt of the litter obsessed with proving to him that she has value? That explains the raging daddy issues and the marxist LARP.

Aimee really took the route of every aspiring high society neolib who thought that getting her useless degree at the most expensive university possible on out of state tuition would endow her with connections, valuable networking opportunities and eventually a glamorous diplomacy/think tank job. Some of those student loans inevitably get spent on clothing and smartphones, along with downtown rent, because having a bunch of seemingly free cash is too tempting for someone with an underdeveloped frontal lobe. Fast forward a decade, it turns out that all she got was a piece of paper and lifelong debt.

Of course at that point the failed neolib becomes a berncel and starts blaming her poor choices on le beobiberal cabitalism and feminists, because obviously going to a perfectly affordable in-state school for a more immediately useful degree wasn't an option for such a great mind. "Why was I even given the option of going to school? Don't you know I'm retarded and will surely mismanage the money? All women should be banned from college!" - thinks the newly radicalized failed girlboss. There's no way that she's just dumb, it's obviously because of some factor outside her control.

Isn't this Caroline as a woman and samememe's exact story? Why are they all basically the same person?

No. 1069954

This isn't even hate: Aimee should legit monetize her persona as a living manosphere cautionary fanfic. Scrotes would empty their pockets for a chance at believing that the way she ended up is in any way normal for women and that this is no doubt how that one chick who never texted back will end up.

No. 1069964

in the above photo she looks like a kardashian clone. i actually like her as genderswapped young putin gamine in this pic lol

No. 1069967

This pic is old, her hair is still short in it. Scarethots have been speculating that she's pregnant but they've been doing that all year.

No. 1069973

those with a hypomanic edge are def having a moment right now

No. 1069977

myomodulation with injectable fillers

No. 1069993

interesting, never heard of myomodulation before. i think she looks great, just kind of irks me that she won’t cop to having anything done and insists it’s just tretinoin/skincare.

No. 1070031

Probably also Profhilo/Restylane Vital. Not FDA approved yet but New York has all that shit including Asia-only stuff like Rejuran, you just gotta look among "ethnic" surgeons. Russian ones are particularly into mesotherapy.

No. 1070035

i wish she would use sunscreen. that dark blotch under her right eye is extremely concerning

No. 1070036

has she ever acknowledged that? it only appeared in the past few years, i don't think it's a birth mark…

No. 1070037

she said on the pod that skin is genetics and that smoking and wearing sunscreen doesn't matter. she accidentally almost did a feminism; saying she's going to smoke anyway, because being a slightly preserved old person doesn't matter when you're old anyway

No. 1070046

ot but sister is such an adorable cat

No. 1070135


Bruh what are you on. Yeah those procedures are available in NYC, but there is no way Anna would know what to looks for let alone fine the few doctors that specialize in it, given that she still believes smoking isn't damaging to your skin. Basic bitches like her do their botox and fillers and leave happy. This sounds like some weird redscare stan doing a "So, I live in NYC and…" flex.

This photo is just Facetune and even lighting, she was uploading selfies without her smile line in the past before she got into her skincare. Just scroll down on her instagram. I promise you all when a casual, third party photo leaks of her in the future she will look exactly the same as before.

No. 1070138

Unpopular opinion but I don't think that young Aimee was hot. She always had a rather asexual, matronly look due to her Biblical features and unfortunate skeletal structure that made her look tubby whenever she had healthy BMI (which is why she probably anachan'd hard and lost her face). She always had the crazy eyes though.

Aimee just wasn't completely deformed like she is now, but 10 years ago she was still a Becky. Is she really pushing 40?

No. 1070151

Nah, I'm just Russian so I thought she'd go for typically yuro "subtle and classy" treatments, given her prior record of sperging about fillers. She can't STFU about being a slavshit, so I thought she'd be one of those immigrants who know where to get "superior" stuff from their country on US soil.

Though who am I kidding, she's a LARPing murican, and if she really had anything done it'd be shit tier fillers. Anna and consistency, amirite?

No. 1070156


>can't STFU about being a slavshit

The more a first gen immigrant spergs about the 1rst culture the more you can readily assume they are a assimilated american lol

I honestly feel like, based from her photos, that her problems are mainly facial sagging. Fillers might help, but it wont lift her jowls and sunken cheeks. Homegirl needs a mini facelift, and dasha is coming right up on joining her soon.

No. 1070159

Since when is Russian plastic surgery about being subtle and classy

No. 1070160


also samefag growing out her hair from that ex-riot grrl burnt out 47 year old gender studies professor mullet she used to have is accounting for a 30% of her glowup IMO.

No. 1070161

She's a smoker so she can forget about any sort of surgery, no matter how minor. It's gonna go to shit within months, assuming it will ever heal in the first place. Most reputable doctors will refuse to operate unless she's been clean for 3 months.

No. 1070200

The funny thing is that she used to call this hairstyle her basic bitch Halloween costume

No. 1070201

Facetune, lip filler, face filler.

No. 1070205

File: 1603970675592.jpeg (525.97 KB, 750x1096, 3C39ED5A-38C0-46B4-B08A-4B84F2…)

They’re still upset over a woman making fun of AOC’s boyfriend a year and a half later

No. 1070319

Insecure scarethots love to call hot women “basic”. So funny

No. 1070357

you better believe they'd be calling him an emasculated cuck if he pissed them off somehow

No. 1070371

Her dressing up as a “basic bitch” for halloween is reddit-level humor, too. Really made it clear how bitter she is about not being one of the cool girls in school

No. 1070389

Basic bitches is what Eli would ditch her for in a heartbeat if any of them gave him a chance. Too bad they usually want 6 inches, 6 ft and 6 figures, not an aspiring contemporary musician.

No. 1070390

all of her humor is reddit tier

No. 1070397

File: 1603993167353.jpg (167.56 KB, 548x618, iAKFp7O.jpg)

Not even just humour, a lot of her "serious" tweets also sound like reddit. Pic related is how she comes across to me sometimes.

No. 1070399

So Aimee went to Notre Dame which is an abysmally expensive, shit tier Catholic college. Why? Is her family rabidly biblefag?

No. 1070644

File: 1604010734051.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 2584197C-35F4-4C27-9459-941CE3…)

Update from Caroline as_a_woman

No. 1070659

When flyovers think that paying triple tuition at some college that's known for great campus life is gonna guarantee them a PMC girlboss job

No. 1070665

File: 1604012809236.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1215x1967, DF4BA96E-F3BE-4320-9A7D-C2B1A0…)

Ik it’s probably just a coincidence but the timing is interesting

No. 1070677

File: 1604014876081.png (935.07 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20201029-183542(1).…)

Actually lot of employers actually rely on the fact people come from expensive colleges because that estimates how much student debt they might be in. That tips off the fact they will hire you because you're more likely to stay within the company because of that incentive to pay off tons of debt, compared to somebody without a college education.

I swear, was Leia heavily inspired by Lilo from Lilo and Stitch to just take photos of random shit? And sell them for $25 no less. It's obv the only people buying into her shit are her friends and random people she knew growing up.

No. 1070685

Those are so boring. Imagine being this delusional.

No. 1070693

my impact

No. 1070759

lmao is this not the "woke photography" Anna was just complaining about?

No. 1070777

File: 1604022701298.png (65.33 KB, 601x463, el oh el.png)

how long until she's bullied off again

No. 1070784

woke photography is probably photojournalism. or just pictures of black people.

No. 1070787

I think the most pathetic thing about these cows is the fact that they are so insecure and narcissistic that they can’t help but look at everything said about them, but obsessively respond or comment on it publicly

No. 1070807

New icon really accentuates her receding hairline

No. 1070810

File: 1604026345231.jpeg (165.95 KB, 902x1200, 346453F2-D7DA-41E0-9F0C-8833A9…)

She looks like an evil old victorian headmistress

No. 1070822

needs bangs

No. 1070829

File: 1604030100974.jpeg (225.33 KB, 750x630, A0B4996B-AEB7-4797-8D11-670783…)

trueanon pod is getting flamed on twitter for this thread and their responses to others

No. 1070832

Lmao at the twitter teen zionists calling brace a goy

No. 1070833

he's not wrong lol

No. 1070835

Here's a free leftist to English translator:

Neoliberalism = cultural marxism
The rich = Jews
Idpol = white genocide(racebait)

No. 1070842

Truly owning the leftists epic style, my good sir. Upvotes to the left!

No. 1070851

>the rich = jews
stfu retard marx was jewish

No. 1070864

hi passenger

No. 1070870

File: 1604036742188.jpeg (199.99 KB, 828x1299, F2B19AE8-7F66-4878-8D14-CD2CFD…)

did anyone catch her post before it was deleted?

No. 1070882

Looks just as inbred tbh.

No. 1070894

omg karens owned!!! RT

No. 1070898

Unpopular opinion but I liked her old haircut more, as ugly as she was it was an aesthetic. She now looks like a random girl that you see on the street.

No. 1070921

I used to have a roommate who was an aspiring screenwriter and all of her "big scenes" had a character who talked like Anna's profound tweets.

> don't flatter urself babe, ur not a sociopath, just a millennial narcissist

The other roommate and I used to get drunk and hold dramatic readings from her unsold scripts, I smile every time Anna comes up with a new zinger because I keep hearing them in the voice of the world-weary ex-model mary sue.

1st gen Christian Lebanese immigrants are usually hardcore, her parents probably insisted on it.

No. 1070976

Damn, I really want to know what this was about. Shasti is my favorite cow from this thread.

No. 1070982

screencaps of somebody who DMed shasti saying she had "dirt on felina." shasti told her she wasn't interested but the person still went ahead and told her some lies about how "all of felina's photos are fake she's a catfish she's actually ugly irl!!1!" and so on.

it's honestly not very milky, shasti handled it with some grace so it just made felina and her co-conspirator (who she clearly put up to the task) look bad instead. so, she deleted.

No. 1071013

The long hair makes her look like an AOC cosplayer.

No. 1071028

File: 1604071756655.jpeg (98.52 KB, 750x373, 5A90A5EA-4E5F-44EE-B37B-AB167A…)

trueanon playing the oppression olympics

No. 1071051

File: 1604075695266.jpg (29.24 KB, 630x469, 3hours.jpg)

No. 1071090

Aimee is about 30. I think part of that post is copypasta.

On the last red scare loveline Dasha says learning that a guy she was dating had beat his last gf made her like him more.

No. 1071135

Anna sounds like a euphoric leddit neckbeard, Dasha sounds like a 13 year old tumlr. Diversity!

No. 1071137

She's 30? Holy fucking shit she looks like 55

No. 1071146

That tracks if she’s a smoker with a serious eating disorder. Shit will age you

No. 1071168

>Dasha says learning that a guy she was dating had beat his last gf made her like him more.

That’s fucked up, Dasha is sick.

No. 1071170

File: 1604088044662.jpeg (588.85 KB, 828x5063, 8D857AB2-061C-4369-8626-8408F1…)

shasti wasn’t the only one who turned on felina, why is she only going after her? this is psychotic.

No. 1071184

File: 1604090230203.png (303.07 KB, 640x617, 6C9D7996-6C41-4594-932F-74132F…)

Confirmed, in the wild she looks like alan rickman

No. 1071198

considering he's Jewish and he's telling people he literally doesn't feel oppressed at all for it idt this counts as oppression Olympics kek

No. 1071210

anna runs on dunkin

No. 1071262

why is she wearing the same outfit in every picture? imagine the smell

No. 1071270


They talk about this around 1:09 in the halloween loveline, Dasha says in a mocking bimbo voice that a girl called her to tell her that her bf hit a previous girlfriend and Anna gleefully "she must've done something to deserve it!" She's obviously joking but like. ugh these bitches are fucking gross

No. 1071272

>She's obviously joking
She obviously isn't, they both have domestic abuse fetishes.

No. 1071274


Ya sorry I agree, she isn't joking, she's just saying it in a joking way so she can deny it how she always does if she got backlash. These girls are disgusting spoiled upper class pick me's who clearly never been around the mundane realities of actual abuse/life that isn't their stupid little NY bubble. Just really depressing.

No. 1071279

It comes up again later in the ep. I think she talked about this before to make fun of the people who were upset about this guy being an abuser and how it made the brief relationship hotter but harder because she couldn't go out with him, think in that telling she was implying he was innocent but not this time.
Dasha has literally said she's never been abused, she just wants people to feel bad for her because she craves attention. Like how she fakes having an eating disorder and then fakes not having one when she does supposedly lose an unhealthy amount of weight.

No. 1071301

Neither of them were born upper class

No. 1071304

Dasha has said she wants kids. The prospect of being a bad mother has never stopped a woman from having kids. Getting dumped for cheating will, though

No. 1071308


Lol what are you talking about, no medical professional cares about smoking for these procedures and it also doesn't render the results more shortlived. Who the hell speaks of 'being clean' in the context of quitting smoking, are you 12?

No. 1071310

could you please learn to sage

No. 1071323



Some well placed fillers could def help her sunken cheek area but she clearly has a irrational class-based aversion to cosmetic procedures that occurs in people who only know aesthetic medicine thru instagram, Kylie Jenner and dailymail articles about bimbofication, and associate it with the intellectual "lower class" and looking cheap. Anna being of course a genius and daughter of a Rutgers math teacher, would never lower herself down to such plebeianism.

No. 1071327

If you care about saging don’t bother coming to this thread. No one here knows how to or cares(learn 2 sage)

No. 1071362

Hairline bout to be like Aimee's

No. 1071365

this is weird. also rip shasti's face if she gets a nose job. I know you read this thread, dont do it.

No. 1071366

Lmao this is the whore who whined about "liberal men looking for an excuse to publicly backhand a womyn on the face!!"

No. 1071369

Maybe not at a whatever shit tier Groupon medspa you go to, but smoking being a hard no for most reputable plastic surgeons is a fact.


Btw, stop trying to make "smoking is cool" happen. It's not gonna happen.

No. 1071391


NTA and sage for aesthetisperging but they have a point. No surgeon is gonna hide out in the bushes to check if their prospect patients are really not smoking, and 90% of amerifats will just lie and convince themselves the doctor is being excessive and silly. Smokers like Anna and Dasha are in general delusional and prone to extreme cognitive dissonance.

No. 1071395

i agree there’s literally nothing wrong with her nose

No. 1071404

Eh, most good ones prefer to avoid bleeding and subsequent malpractice suits. But a substantial number will operate on anyone and then ghost the smoker as soon as she starts freaking out because her face won't heal. That's what release forms are for.

I for one would love to see Anna go for a facelift while insisting that smoking is irrelevant, because of course she knows better than some shitlib doctor.

No. 1071427

yeah the woman sperging at shasti constantly is as much of a cow as she is imo

No. 1071428

File: 1604112420768.jpeg (471.83 KB, 1038x1384, 8E40BEE5-62EC-4415-86C9-1D9A07…)

Not milk at all but I saw this magazine cover and this girl with Down syndrome literally looks like dasha

No. 1071448

File: 1604113798179.jpeg (39.93 KB, 675x307, E94FDBF4-C743-4234-BA7F-332A68…)

the ig screenshot post was sketchy and looked set up. there was more white space towards the bottom and the icons were smaller, as if someone with a more recent iphone w a larger screen and w/o the home button took the sc and then cropped out the home indicator. before “shasti” deleted i noticed the dates on the pictures were in american format. i didn’t think to catch a screenshot though. did anyone here happen to?

No. 1071478

Nobody likes dasha but this shit is cringy

No. 1071483

Caroline at 45

No. 1071490

Interesting anon. Where does the Felina person live? I went back and noticed the post was made near 4-4:30am UK time. Of course Shasti could just have a messed up sleep schedule especially due to quarantine but it's still quite late.

No. 1071505

Southeast USA, not sure the state

No. 1071508

I doubt the Felina chick framed Shasti, let's not forget Shasti is confirmed to be self-obsessed and has an open Annie fixation.
Shasti probably was up at 4 am lurking here. Is she a neet? Has she ever mentioned work or school?

No. 1071546

Shasti is from Afghanistan

No. 1071570

Eli is 40??? Somehow that's even sadder than the fact that Anna is 35.

No. 1071606

Shasti is beautiful. That Felina girl is cray cray

No. 1071607

Let's not gas Shasti up, anon. She still looks like shoeonhead after a bee attack.

No. 1071626

It seems impossible to know what she actually looks like when all anyone has seen are like three highly edited and posed selfies and an old high school pic

No. 1071636

File: 1604145338936.png (52.31 KB, 600x276, lizzy b.png)

Looks like Liz Bruenig is following the path of every e-celeb who amasses a large enough loyal following: eventually paywall everything, even the tweets

No. 1071637

The future of social media is a couple hundred influencers who got big on twitter over the last several years moving the entirety of their content behind a substack/patreon paywall and everyone else siloing off into the discords of the podcasts/personalities they subscribe to. The new "Cathedral," as fatbot foretold. (He has literally advocated for this model for years, it's why he spent endless hours cultivating a reputation as a twitter intellectual so he could be among the vanguard of the interpersonal subscription model and shape the ensuing discourse)

No. 1071646

>The future of social media is a couple hundred influencers who got big on twitter over the last several years

lol 2012 called it wants its talking points back

No. 1071648

The Greenwald thing might be a tipping point, lot of enterprising influencers looking at how much they could be making on substack rn

No. 1071734

File: 1604161235918.jpeg (168.97 KB, 750x536, C0B180BF-779B-4CD0-BB4C-4279B3…)

this is what listening to red scare does to your brain

No. 1071738

Abortion is still an expensive procedure for most people if they even can access it from where they live. The reach is incredible.

No. 1071759

people making money from echo chambers of niche viewpoints is certainly a thing and will continue to be a thing

saying that that’s “the future of social media” is an enormous fucking reach, though

No. 1071814

Nick Mullen got a buzz cut…

No. 1071829

And? Post caps

No. 1071834

But did he get rid of the fucking amish beard

No. 1071856

File: 1604171863929.jpg (244.46 KB, 1016x1531, Screenshot_20201031_151737.jpg)

Of course not

No. 1071863

men are so retarded and have no idea what looks good

No. 1071872

I think what he’s doing here is the equivalent of when women have a blue bowlcut because they’re tired of being sexualized. This man does not like sex

No. 1071874

Lies. He's a hoe. He has herpes for God's sake.

No. 1071881

I agree I think it’s definitely deliberate, he wants to be unattractive for whatever reason

No. 1071885

Lmfao holy shit he's literally that one old man no one wants to marry

No. 1071891

unwanted pregnancy is the #1 predictor of female poverty in every nation you fucking sped

No. 1071892

the fact that there are people who think he's attractive in the first place is incredible

No. 1071903

I mean he was hot back when he looked normal

No. 1071910

File: 1604176760263.jpg (77.71 KB, 750x725, crump2.jpg)

mcrumps posting old selfies
that leaked pic of him was def cherrypicked by aimee on purpose

No. 1071912

File: 1604176792405.jpg (102.5 KB, 731x749, crump.jpg)

No. 1071913

Damn would sniff his balls

No. 1071925

Ugly-hot conor oberst look

No. 1071992

File: 1604186674992.jpg (9.09 KB, 225x225, kjlasdfjlas.jpg)

he's leaning into the high school drop out look. he's been reeeing about women a lot lately, must be jealous of redscare and becoming the proto typical cumtown offsite poster. redpills nuke your creativity, take a look at sam hyde.

No. 1072000

Bad read imo. Not to simp for moids but his podcast does way better than RS so why would he be jealous of them?

No. 1072003

when was that

No. 1072004

File: 1604187318406.png (580.65 KB, 894x2204, gio.png)

same with this guy gio. jack and gio defended and supported kantbot and look at what they got in return. kantbot is a fickle, angry little shit who will drop anyone in a second, disavow and denounce them as "evil" for so much as liking a tweet that kantbot doesn't like. twitter has made him mentally ill and out of touch with reality. i feel bad for the guy for being unreflective and non-self-aware, like those maladjusted high school nerds who can't see fault in some of the offputting things they say or do

No. 1072009

why do all these reedit freaks who shriek about cancel culture all day basically try to cancel people 24/7

No. 1072012

this man has severe body dysmorphia

No. 1072014

kantbot's pivot has been to deny that cancel culture exists at all. he asked for statistics and data like people are tracking every instance, like he can't see a pattern of celebrities and politicians apoligizing for speaking out of line.

he thinks all discourse and ideas are carefully curated by super-competent elites and that he alone figured it out by skimming publicly accessible RAND articles from the RAND website, university press books on "neoliberalism" (aren't universities neoliberal lol?) and think tank whitepapers. i wish the guy knew how to think clearly.

he could look at power networks in shipping and manufacturing but it's not sexy enough and doesn't give him the image of being an independent investigative researcher who's got it all figured out. everyone's done with him anyway, so he'll never get further in this career he tried to make for himself.

No. 1072015

He was always ugly to me, never understood anons who found him attractive. His personality just makes it even worse. I was happy when he got suspended from twitter.

No. 1072016

nick was sexually abused as a child/teenager, he's alluded to it before. I think this is why some people in these threads think he's gay. it makes sense when you add up all his issues like alcoholism, body dysmorphia, eating disorder, hot takes on masculinity, violent fantasies, his obsession with weight lifting, the way he bullies men weaker than him.
t. self hating farmer who reads the cumtown forums
I think he's attractive but I would never date him. I feel sorry for him because he had a tough childhood and really hates himself. sort of like an "I can fix him" urge.

No. 1072017

Sorry but if you don't think Nick Mullen is attractive you're either lying or have some bizarro tastes. He has almost every standard "attractive" feature a man can have.

No. 1072018

I would be more attracted to him if he wasn't 5'7" and mentally disabled

No. 1072023

Tbh, normal people aren’t attracted to internet poisoned leprechauns. I think he looks pretty good but I am also posting here, so

No. 1072041

He is oddly proportioned in real life, like a tiny bobblehead.

No. 1072047

If you think he's attractive you're probably one of those girls who thirst for fugly youtube letsplayers and write fics about them

No. 1072050

you have to admit slavoj žižek is a huge guest, and gay actor michael douglass is wearing pretty thin. i appreciate cumtown as a bastion against censorship, but the rogan alex jones and kanye episodes were extremely entertaining. i miss the episodes of cumtown where nick gets a little into his personal politics. But you are right my read probably is off, what another poster said is that he's just reacting to being sexualized makes more sense, and it's probably not that deep. it must suck getting called a closet homo all the time. i guess what really put me off or colored my view is an aside where nick roasts a girl he fucked in the past who dared write him a poem afterwards. his own self-loathing projected on other people who are stupid enough to dare like him, his spiteful beard and repetitive content from an insecure borderline… idk i'm out. he sucks.

No. 1072055

it's like no one knows how to behave in any other way

No. 1072056

File: 1604191595363.png (278.63 KB, 577x574, TPjLfBvilylA6JWdW9OWft9wXQB6KF…)

Ayrt and maybe ugly was too harsh, but I just don't really see it. I feel like he should be attractive but there's something that's not clicking for me.

No. 1072057

are one of you either the girl who wrote the poem or caroline

No. 1072067

"Malpractice suits" i knew such delusional neuroticism about smoking can only come from an amerifag. I assure you that doctors everywhere else in the world, especially in countries with functioning health care systems, focus on more important things when planning and executing these procedures than forbidding their patients to smoke.

No. 1072074

File: 1604192461369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 2400x1200, cancer-under-eye-today-main-19…)

anna please please please wear sunscreen!!!

No. 1072094

I'm russian, тупая ты пиздятина. You must be one of those brooklyn hipsters who LARP as le bohemian yuropeans and think that smoking makes them look like Kate Moss right before hitting the catwalk (so basically an average skinnyfat redscare hanger).


No. 1072095

this is literally pewdiepie with dark hair, you redscare sub refugees need to love yourselves
idk what poem you're talking about but this is exactly what caroline would find hot

No. 1072104

I like how the zizek interview was posted (Or filmed? Not that tech literate) in 360p so it’s all blurry and you can’t tell Anna looks like an old feminist professor

No. 1072107

yo why he look like mumkey jones

No. 1072110

The comment that says he looks like "the most handsome D&D Dungeon Master in town" nails it

No. 1072112

i hate redpill nick i love bluepill nick.

No. 1072115

File: 1604196605572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.41 KB, 731x486, IMG_20201031_214036.jpg)

stop snitching
anna don't listen to these unsophisticated burger libcucks! smoke as much as you can after your facelift, they will be so fucking mad lmao

No. 1072117

Comedians can't be hot because being funny is cope for being ugly, change my mind

No. 1072120

what poem? lmao

No. 1072122

the one anon brought up that nick made fun of a girl he hooked up with years ago for writing a poem about him post hook up and telling him about it

No. 1072123

he's shaped like crash bandicoot

No. 1072125

Writing a poem for a one night stand deserves to be made fun of

No. 1072128

>anyone who doesn't find this hot is a scorned orbiter

that's some terminal internet funnyman simping holy shit
im sorry he didn't like the poem

No. 1072133

was just joking, but the making fun of the poem is a weird detail to bring up compared to everything else on cum town

No. 1072143

Unrelated but you remind me of some dude replying to logo daedalus selfie and calling him "only an 8/10 until he lifts a little"

No. 1072144

must be some cum fangirl who relates to poem girl since they both think nick is hot

No. 1072150

File: 1604200119862.jpg (189.35 KB, 1083x776, dklsafjdlas.jpg)

i hope this is fanfiction, seriously unnerving that there's moids out there trying to give dasha a hot shot honor killing. that's how daniel k stern got anna nicole smith, her fortune and her daughter.

No. 1072158

File: 1604200748123.jpeg (143.01 KB, 750x765, 57CCC4B0-B628-4918-B574-07CDA8…)

young crumps could get it

No. 1072177

File: 1604203516853.png (115.04 KB, 731x601, nicepeople.png)

Not going to pay for this but I'm morbidly curious.

No. 1072189

>university press books on "neoliberalism" (aren't universities neoliberal lol?)
Yeah that's the funny thing, the only people who you ever hear bitching about neoliberalism are humanities students who were so willing to indebt themselves in tens of thousands of dollars for this neoliberal institution

No. 1072192

File: 1604205082048.png (32.07 KB, 671x241, laya.png)

what a shitshow

No. 1072196


Sage but anon, stop being so based/aspegrussian as the same time. I can't handle it lmao, it's like seeing a doopleganger of myself, I thought I was the only EE le swiss serums skincarefag on lolcow. Also, this is a pointless hill to die on, since the chances of anna getting actual plastic surgery is almost zero, as she has everything already (retarded skinwalkers, simps, the greasy indie musician of her dreams).

No. 1072197

he's actually pretty cute, he looks British. more attractive than Aimee at least. still disturbing to know that he feels a deep connection to Elliot Rodger

No. 1072198

Does he have one of those nasally gay voices? Might explain the Elliot Rodger thing

No. 1072227

absolutely fucking not. stay away from this like the plague.

No. 1072228

File: 1604210442699.png (107.91 KB, 603x455, two cows go moo.png)

both of them induce physical illness

No. 1072247

she must have done something to deserve it™

No. 1072258

ngl laughed at sam's reply

No. 1072259

I feel ya, I'm just amused by the idea of Anna getting necrosis/skin cancer to own the libs.

No. 1072263

sam prickyard based moments

No. 1072318


Uhh yeah my english def isn't good enough and so isn't yours if you mistake me for a smug brooklynite ameriburger. Offtopic but I am btw a skincaresperg aswell, I will die wearing japanese SPF50+/PA++++ sunscream and do not smoke, but delusional anons that speak about "being clean" from smoking and make themselves feel better by fantasizing about blown out of proportion disadvantages smokers get, just grinds my gears.

No. 1072348

She literally has filler though, obvious filler. Of course she’s still ugly but her lips are augmented and she filled out a couple crevices. Just because it isn’t obvious to you doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Lipstick and pigs and whatnot.

No. 1072428

File: 1604245594760.png (807.05 KB, 752x887, 03q75qs.png)

No. 1072472

is the Žižek episode worth the $5?

No. 1072494

No. 1072595

grats on quitting, don't worry that one cig you sometimes relapse into doesn't count

No. 1072598

do you think anna’s being sincere when she says she’s voting for trump?

No. 1072603

who cares

No. 1072616

she said if she bothers to fill out her nj mail in ballot she's not voting for president

No. 1072748

Milkmas abounds
Who will Aimee eventually turn on first - Anna or Angela?

No. 1072752

Here's the video

No. 1072781

Ngl, watching Aimee's BPD go off like a loose cannon is pretty entertaining. Who will she split on next?

My money is on Angela because she has more girlboss/"academic" cred Aimee desperately wants (wrote a retarded book about poor alienated incels or some shit). She's also not as ugly as Anna.

No. 1072784

Gonna have to disagree, I think she'll attack Anna first. Angela's been completely ostracized from the American mainstream dirtbag left, whereas Anna is still friendly IRL with the Chapos, so she's more "tainted" in Aimee's eyes.

No. 1072805

Whichever ones says something that could in her mind be considered insulting her like saying people in general should be less online.
Maybe Anna because I think Dasha doesn't fuck with Aimee and I'm assuming they haven't ever invited her on the show.
Recently on an ep Anna said something was good to do while recording boring podcasts so wonder if she meant the Nice People one. I've read it was awkward.

No. 1072869

Maybe, Anna has more simps which is something Aimee also happens to be desperate for.

No. 1073248

shasti isn’t a neet… i think it’s obvious someone was trolling the thread, much like when someone else posted fake samememe arm/dick

No. 1073339

I don’t think that’s obvious at all, but nice try!

No. 1073396

you probably also thought the arm and dick pics were actually samememe. those screenshots are easy to fake and it doesn’t even look like it came from shasti’s phone.

No. 1073413

awa..how do you know so much about shaista, anon? why don’t you tell me about it while you cook a nice lamb stew

No. 1073422

File: 1604354892172.jpeg (176.85 KB, 828x1335, 01C553B0-9D72-4961-928E-C3F923…)

You can see her phone in her mirror selfies. Not hard to fake.

No. 1073426

Fillers are possible but could easily just be facetune and taking better care of her skin. The zizek interview looks like they put Vaseline over the lens, it’s all blurry. If her skin looked so good I’m not sure why it was recorded in such low-def quality

No. 1073430

does anyone know what samememe's username on somethingawful was? i have an archives account and i'd love to find that milk

No. 1073438

awa~~ do you want to play dark souls with me, anon?

No. 1073440

File: 1604356010462.jpg (105.5 KB, 828x1472, 123278575_197962278373180_1792…)

dasha's selfies are gaslighting, expecting an announcement from anna about something in the next few months

No. 1073443

Facetune, better skincare and maybe she finally took the advice some anons have been giving in good faith about her needing to change her makeup. Does seem to me that she shaped her eyebrows at some point recently and that can make a big difference, especially when you have such a strong face as her. I'll always say that even though Anna can be fully retarded in her takes, she would've had a better chance as an actress than Dasha, for the little that is worth.

No. 1073466

i think it was just samememe

No. 1073495

File: 1604358447315.jpeg (38.12 KB, 1024x566, 8552E4F7-E234-4F14-A55F-3C7A60…)

She’s annoying we get it. Shasti still has an iphone 8 and that screenshot wasn’t taken with one.

No. 1073510

wash your hair

No. 1073511

Her most recent selfies with the iphone 8 are from june (and could have been taken earlier). If you’re going to tinfoil to this degree, consider that people like to buy new phones

No. 1073512

it looked so greasy on the zizek stream, like what are you doing girl you're on camera!!

No. 1073515

File: 1604359797857.jpeg (46.14 KB, 640x425, 531B66C8-7C87-4DB9-BAB0-A794F4…)

Her hair used to look shiny and clean. Why the hell does it look so bad all the time when she can afford all kinds of hair treatments and products

No. 1073518

lol okay, so let’s say she bought a new phone. so then she didn’t carelessly post the uncropped screencap, for whatever reason she cropped out the home indicator while leaving her profile picture in. that makes sense.

No. 1073519

I keep noticing this about her, and she's on adderall so idk what her problem is. Maybe she's really depressed, maybe she thinks it looks good filthy.

No. 1073529

Why is literally nobody in the "dirtbag left" orbit attractive or even average looking, good lord

No. 1073546

Lmfao it was just a regular old iPhone screenshot of instagram. Why would you happen to personally know what type of screenshot would look like it comes from Shasti's phone? And why do you know Shasti isn't a neet and why do you seem personally offended by that being asked?

No. 1073555

what about my response made it seem like I was offended at all and what is a “regular old iphone screenshot”? there are different kinds of iphones which is my point

No. 1073560

How do you know shaista isnt a neet?

No. 1073586

i don’t know for sure whether she’s a neet or not, just that she’s tweeted about dropping her lunch outside which isn’t something neets typically do.

No. 1073624

File: 1604366800704.jpeg (123.66 KB, 828x749, F3EE7699-B365-4160-A0CB-647BC5…)

Poor Shyster being framed

No. 1073669

that Felina girl makes Shasti look like a genius in comparison. So she's an Aimee Terese stan who tweets about butt plugs all day? I know you all like to age shame, but Felina sounds like she is a 13-year-old with fetal alcohol syndrome. She's as much if not more of a cow than Shasti. why isn't she included here among lesser cows?

No. 1073677

She fries her brain with drugs and goes days without showering. I feel bad Shasti has to deal with Felina and her equally degenerate mutuals.

No. 1073678

Based farmhand. Why are scarethots so retarded and delusional about being uwu too good to follow rules? You're not a beautiful model who can do dumb shit and have everyone just think it's cute sweaty, not here nor IRL.

Caroline 3 years from now

No. 1073681

File: 1604370422020.jpeg (199.68 KB, 1125x1062, 011D3DA4-4308-490F-A433-7D11EE…)

No. 1073683

I saw her profile a few days ago and she took a screenshot of a post from this thread talking about her and made it her twitter header. Cows from this thread are completely unable to just simply ignore these threads and probably act the most melodramatic about them than any other cows on this website. I also think part of her grudge against Shasti might be racial in nature (check the bottom two tweets here >>1071170 for example) but I could be wrong.

No. 1073688

>I also think part of her grudge against Shasti might be racial in nature
That's probably why Felina has only held a grudge against Shasti instead of everyone else who made fun of her

No. 1073690

apparently she dislikes shasti because shasti made a post about her that went viral

No. 1073694

no one here cares enough about her to photoshop a screenshot.. she's a literal nobody and funny how it being faked is only brought up now and not when she retardedly posted the screenshot with her avi on it when one of her mutuals whiteknighted her, mentioning it as photoshopped when felina was sperging out and posting about her lol

it's so obvious that shasti is trying to divert her retarded mistake… maybe next time dont tell your mutuals about it before dropping it on the forum

No. 1073698

Yeah, whomever is positing this photoshop argument rn has a clear interest in defending her (why bring up the neet thing?) and it’s clearly not just a curious truth-seeking farmer.

No. 1073699

>maybe next time dont tell your mutuals about it before dropping it on the forum
What are you talking about? And most of the people discussed here are nobodies so there isn't really a point there.

No. 1073701

File: 1604372139737.jpg (208.28 KB, 600x714, lol.jpg)

No. 1073704

Where are you all getting photoshop from? You can screenshot someone's IG profile, use their avi and then take a screenshot.

No. 1073707

Because she’s not interesting. Shasti is only barely interesting because she’s a creepy skinwalker who talks like a sped. This Felina girl is only being talked about because she’s beefing with Shasti and once that is done she will be forgotten. I scrolled through her profile and she looks like any other ethot. Making her a “cow” would only feed her obvious narcissism.

No. 1073709

Having rules on an imgboard is fucking stupid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1073714

sounds like you've done this before
but my point is no one here cares enough about shasti to fake it when the only thing she's known for is skinwalking annie

No. 1073715

Nobody buys your bullshit tinfoil, move on

No. 1073721

Nta and idk if it’s photoshopped or not but there are clearly people here who very much care about (some seem like they’re actually friends with) these complete nobodies like Jack or Heather. I could buy someone potentially being invested enough to photoshop it.

No. 1073722

Newfags can integrate or fuck off. It isn’t that hard.

No. 1073724

Off topic but these steppeboo whores are retarded. Steppe women are anything but "uwu settle down with me neckbeard-kun I will make lamb stew for you" or "I'm a smol delicate abused angel who looks like a menopausal pakistani auntie" like warmtoned et al. Just be an average pickme weeb.

No. 1073730

Anything for attention from mediocre 50-follower misogynistic Nick Mullen wannabes on twitter I guess.

No. 1073732

No one cares about this greasy bitch, vendettachan.

Yeah, this. I was trying to avoid pulling a 'hi cow' but it's painfully obvious Shasti is afoot.

No. 1073734

It just seems really shallow and boring. Even most weebs are more engrossed in their target culture than these fake steppeaboos

No. 1073759

are these thots leftists or

No. 1073766

Like all rich male comedians, Nick is selling broke ugly men the fantasy that some greasy haired Dashoid will let them cum in her if they're "funny".

No. 1073767

Dasha has a new short film out, co-written with Maddie, directed by "Ben Ditto" for her modeling agency

No. 1073770

Literally nobody in these threads is a “leftist” except maybe liberal bruenig

No. 1073772

File: 1604377661767.jpeg (59.33 KB, 508x680, liz bruenig abortion sin not l…)

Liz is a Catholic above all else, merely was a fellow traveler with the Berniecrat left coalition

No. 1073774

Turned it off after 3 minutes. Maybe it gets more interesting later but it was too boring for me.

No. 1073782

i liked it , just seems like an ad for no agency. dark and strange.

No. 1073926

what does it all mean?

No. 1073971

No. 1074287

File: 1604440681446.jpeg (230.96 KB, 828x1185, 533BA2ED-9AFC-445F-BCED-EE61C9…)

No. 1074331

I unfollowed her a while ago because she was constantly talking about drugs and being a retard smh

No. 1074346

>be nick mullen
>say on cumtown "omg every one get off social media and go outside like me!! im literally ted kaczynski"
>spends all day on instagram following egirls

No. 1074367

She’s a crackhead but i don’t think she’s lying about this

No. 1074369

He can't even see over the dashboard without sitting on a phone book, give him a break.

No. 1074371

my sides

No. 1074375

She’s an impulsive psycho >>1071170 and there’s clearly anger behind those posts.

Does anyone have the apology she sent out to multiple people when she came back?

No. 1074591

everyone from amber frost to matt from chapo is doing live streams but aimee is literally the only one not on camera lol

No. 1074616

can't hide behind a redbull in motion

No. 1074892


loving the little fights she keeps having on twitter right now with pritch et al
this election has seriously damaged a lot of peoples brains

No. 1074893

It's permanently realigned the post-left into die-hard Trump cultists. Aimee's going to be whining non-stop, Russiagate-style, about how the Dems stole the election from Trump with fake ballots for the next four years.

No. 1074998

File: 1604527146012.jpeg (300.45 KB, 750x742, 8602AA84-F884-488B-868E-9F343D…)

who care

No. 1075096

Just say you’re voting for Trump, Liz.

No. 1075107

Stark divide on the TL between leftthots who clearly preferred/voted for Trump and those who recognized both candidates as shit

No. 1075143

File: 1604537186225.png (219.3 KB, 335x432, liz bruenig trump acclerationi…)

Is this her confirming she vooted for Trump?

No. 1075147

And? It’s still quite the leap to go from Bernie to Trump but okay.

No. 1075149

kek I legit thought someone posted a random pic of mumkey jones in this thread, both are unfortunate looking.

No. 1075318

>voted Trump
>both shit
they're the same picture

No. 1075321

I think Aimee will try to pivot. She is an unprincipled, weak willed cuntrag whose core desire is to be accepted by the cool kids. She literally used to be an "orange man bad" girlscout before her PMC career went to shit.

Look at /pol/cows, they're now claiming en masse that they are cryptobidenfags who were only pretending to be retarded, and that no one on /pol/ was ever a legit magapede or even far right. Aimee will attempt the same, albeit unsuccessfully.

No. 1075357

I think you're overestimating how much thought goes into this. Aimee is going to adopt whatever position allows her to stomp her enemies in the face.

No. 1075361

am i cool now kids?

No. 1075391

Most hopeful conclusion is they stuck to their guns and didn't vote at all

No. 1075414

i don’t think liz would vote for trump to be honest, she posts/talks about her family a lot especially around the holidays and she is always mad about some big political argument they’ve been in.

but overall i don’t think liz really deserves to be lumped in with the rest of the leftthot cows, the milkiest thing about her is her catholicism but then she’s a very liberal catholic. she’s pretty much a normie

No. 1075422

She's still tied to the whole scene, even if she fell upward into a success none of the others have.
Flashback to Liz trying to hurry up and unfollow Fragrance Fascist before people could grab more screencaps of their interactions.

No. 1075427

File: 1604582986503.jpeg (139.33 KB, 750x806, 68A95F50-4413-4C2E-996D-5EA20C…)

aimee going completely bottoms up and plunging off the deep end by being unable to cope with the reality of a probable trump loss is one of the funniest and most gratifying outcomes of this election. bitch is completely losing what little of “it” she had left

No. 1075470

Yeah, her remaining sanity is trying really hard to get out while it still can.

No. 1075473

Why are you reading this thread, babadook?

No. 1075479

File: 1604592976537.jpeg (103.58 KB, 750x363, 95E274C0-287D-44E1-AD34-D75502…)

This is what passes for comedy for chapocels.

No. 1075483

>cum Xd

No. 1075485

chapocels are funny when they're seething at you because you called them unfunny

No. 1075487

who voted for trump and who recognized both candidates as shit? I'm not a twitterfag

No. 1075500

Apparently Aimee got into one last spat with Sean McCarthy and blocked him. She's really melting down badly.

No. 1075506

it's because he figured out about the thielbux

No. 1075545

she's right too

leftoids seethed and claimed cheating when bernie lost again to Biden, even tho it was fair and square

No. 1075552

I can't wait until Aimee destroys the tankie left over their love of the CCP and genocide

No. 1075555

except that what she means is the election is obviously fraudulent since states refuse to arbitrarily stop counting votes when trump tells them to, and also mail-in voting is suddenly invalid now

No. 1075586

File: 1604600306604.jpg (347.47 KB, 1065x1439, Screenshot_20201105_131814.jpg)

The girls are fighting

No. 1075591

Isn't Fat Jack the one bitching about quarantine making him an alcoholic and how he has no friends? He doesn't get that as annoying as kantbot is he seems to have a much more normal offline life and doesn't need these twitter freaks.

No. 1075604

Jack is just mad that Trump lost and is going to be bitchy hardcore for the next couple weeks. Prepare for milk.

No. 1075628

I love how he says this as though samememe is a genuinely nice person kantbot is just getting wrong, instead of a complete vitriolic piece of shit who just happened to not have kantbot on his hitlist previously

No. 1075636

File: 1604602884593.jpeg (29.36 KB, 245x275, A2300BD6-5052-4A8F-A05E-AF6295…)


No. 1075646

Exactly like every other tweet from Jack is about how he has no friends and no one likes him, it’s genuinely sad if he is so detached from reality and delusional he believes that the people he kisses up to on twitter sincerely care about him at all and is some meaningful thing that will stop you ‘dying alone’

No. 1075653

If you looked like that you'd be against abortion too

No. 1075665


Ha. I didn’t realize the Perfume Fatass went full chud, but I shouldn’t be surprised considering his issues of women.

All of his retweets are from no name reactionaries and Douche V.

He’s even doing the whole cringey aesthetics worship on perfume ads he sees in public like the weirdos who have hard ons for Greek architecture.

What a fat, sad sack of shit.

There should be a thread on male reactionaries but I can see the it upsetting the males enough for a ban evasion.

No. 1075670

there should be a whole thread on the males of the dirtbag left but half of the people who post here want to gargle their balls

No. 1075672

File: 1604606239809.jpeg (312.76 KB, 1242x565, F214031A-DEDE-48EC-853C-A741EA…)

Anna seemingly also believes this

No. 1075674

I feel like they can/should just be discussed in this thread? They already get brought up quite a bit. Maybe the next op can include them as well.

No. 1075675

Exactly. People are too pussy to talk shit about Nick Mullen for some reason.

No. 1075678

File: 1604606911590.jpeg (56.86 KB, 400x400, 3CA1F2BF-A6D2-43CC-A348-F8F01D…)


If Lee Fang asked me to be his tradwife I’d happily accept but the rest of these guys are slobs(no1curr)

No. 1075680

His face is lumpy in the strangest way, looks like larvae is about to erupt from it

No. 1075686

Oh my god, is she really going to go full tilt on this route?

No. 1075687

The "jaded leftist who's not like those other soft leftists!" types tend to be more right-wing than they think they are.

No. 1075688

as repulsive on the outside as he is on the inside

No. 1075714

This is legit some sort of ugly androgyny. His face is a mashup of only unattractive masculine and unattractive feminine features. Bald, fat face, round blushed cheeks, dick sucking lips, enormous butt chin and tiny, evil, neanderthal eyes. Then there's facial hair which mysteriously only grows in the pedo stache shape.

I've heard that twinks age like shit, but holy shit.

No. 1075736


Anna and Blart going full retard is the best part of this miserable boring week.
They will never see the irony of becoming exactly what they have made fun of for the past four years. Actual FYAD reactionary brainlets.

No. 1075763

File: 1604612981846.jpg (91.85 KB, 1314x532, xWZDwb1.jpg)

No. 1075766

File: 1604613110654.jpg (8.08 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)


For some reason your post made me realise what his face reminded me of.

No. 1075792

is samememe gay? or is he just friends with the fragrant fascist?

No. 1075795

He's had a girlfriend he tried to pressure into being trad, right?

No. 1075799


She also latched onto the "Trump repealed the Patriot Act" post by some other post-left retard that was completely wrong. She seriously gets all her news from her Twitter followers. She's a moron.

No. 1075800

I thought he was gay too but he’s straight. I think a lot of these types of men start to give off a prison gay kind of vibe because their ideology/the way they talk about men and masculinity is so homoerotic. It sometimes takes me a while to tell if an account is a gay guy or incel type straight man.

No. 1075827

she's moist for daddy trump it seems

now that he's gone her career is literally over. nothing to contrarian about

No. 1075829

Trump isn't gone just yet, the post-left cultists will still have their Messiah to cling to if he keeps holding rallies and tries to pull a Grover Cleveland in 2024.

No. 1075832

Sucking up to misogynists doesn't make you exempt from their misogyny. Wait for this to happen to Anna too.

No. 1075839

it's hard to talk shit about mullen because he's a comedian and not technically a twitter pundit. there is a breadtube thread that died, but twitch leftist men evaded getting posted there. a lot of them dance around straight punditry by being meme lords and scholars

No. 1075843

pathetic. since when are comedians hard to talk shit about?

No. 1075850

What's the thielbux about?

No. 1075854

there's just not a lot of new info or milk about him. his lowest and cringiest moments are already out there, because he used it as his material. he's an autistic freeze peach closet case comedian who mocks cancel culture but he doesn't chimp out online as much as someone like sam hyde. sam hyde is constantly having narcissistic meltdowns making insta stories with huge projection with no pushback. it's not fair that extremely online women get dragged so much more than men, but it's just down stream of culture. "karens" are always to blame in any community in this moment. men are also heavy internet users so their tastes and opinions dominate, and they judge women more so than their own. women also join in, let aimee take the heat off anna and dasha

No. 1075861

That and tweeting credible death/poisoning threats at people who piss them off. And tweeting about tampering with ballots and going "buh it was a joke" when psychotic twitter conservatives go apeshit

No. 1075870

Are there a lot of leftists twitch streamers? I don’t know any other than Hasan and idk enough about him to know if he’s milky or not but I wouldn’t mind people posting about any milky twitch/youtube leftists in this thread.

No. 1075882

Trump just admitted he's part of the post-left and that GOP is the new workers party

No. 1075884

there's vaush and matt christman and then politgram and philosophygram "analysis" streamers.

No. 1075886

honestly I think both the dirtbag podcasters and contrarian post-left/dissident right are in trouble post-trump. you're already hearing murmurs of this. chapo's been in a state of crisis since Bernie dropped out. I thought part of their problem was that TrueAnon offered something far fresher but now it seems to me that they're fucked too. They're a bit more varied so they might last a little longer but my sense is that the grill pill effect is real, fewer and fewer people will want to do conspiracy theory deep dives with a bland, safe democrat as president. political fatigue is real, and not just on the left. republicans are fleeing the trump train as we speak. the "post-left" never took off. they were basically dead on arrival. there will always be a small market for loners interested in esoteric politics and politics as subculture, but it's clear these podcasts are way past their prime.

that said, I'm sure a few of them will post in here and tell me I'm wrong but even they know deep down that I'm right

No. 1075887

since all the lena dunham looking redscare girls here want to rim him

No. 1075889

We need his ex on here! I'm dying to know why she broke up with him after tweeting "I'm glad all my boyfriend's female friends are ugly" and why Nick was crying that he was "getting divorced"

No. 1075894

>chapo's been in a state of crisis since Bernie dropped out.
they've slowly recovered the drop in subrscribers they experienced after bernie dropped out, but they'll probably start dipping again almost immediately now. trueanon is definitely going to crash though.

No. 1075895

File: 1604621878396.png (474.1 KB, 800x600, 00-29-48-1604549210246.png)

All this and she didn't even get picked.

No. 1075897

Kek kantbot is right though, they are being hilariously owned. Jack knows this, which is why he's pathetically complaining about KB not being nice to them and kicking them when they're down. They're all equally unlikable though, and they'll die alone without even each other because that's how insufferable they are.

No. 1075899

File: 1604622016237.jpg (74.29 KB, 750x1334, sj0ofoidk1f51 (1).jpg)

Y-you can't drag me if I drag m-myself first!

No. 1075900

he really fucked up by calling her cute that one time

No. 1075901

Populism is dying, so their whole "proletarian discontent" shtick is done for.

Leftists are already unfunny, so idk what they're gonna do when their le female drone pilots jokes get even more stale.

No. 1075908

I think it depends on if their main audience of people who didn't care about politics until 2016 still like the shows or if they want to shut their brains off to politics. Chapo began thinking they would be the left voice against the Clinton White House. Chapo and True Anon make a ton of money but a few thousand subscribers doesn't seem hard to maintain. True Anon doesn't keep to current events so they may be more in luck. I think Red Scare might be running out of steam. I wonder if they'll pivot to being a less political culture podcast or if Dasha will up her fake tradcath thing and Anna will continue her Aimee-apeing for right wing simps.

No. 1075909

>populism is dying
People just say anything on this website huh
Who’s his ex?

No. 1075911

File: 1604622788161.jpeg (193.36 KB, 1080x1087, cumtown.jpeg)

it's kind of true though. part of name-calling estee lardass is that he acts out even worse since he's so fragile, he can really be pushed into doing more stupid shit unlike other personalities. nick isn't really apart of the bougie leftist circle since he's technically a working class entrepreneur and isn't really educated or aspiring to be part of the public intellectual class. his fans already do enough to destroy any chance he (and adam and stav) has at furthering a creative career. i guess the meanest thing you can say about him is his t-shirt designs are god awful and that people only buy them to get posted and potentially siphon off a milligram of clout for like $30.

No. 1075912

Does anyone know anything about the @acczibit guy Anna always retweets? He reminds me a lot of samememe

No. 1075914

yeah I think it probably won't be that hard to maintain a core audience for either chapo or trueanon; people are living inside due to the pandemic and will be plugged into podcasts all winter/spring, but I think there are zero prospects for growth. their audiences plateau here. and when things stop growing and being dynamic, they slowly, and maybe at first imperceptibly, begin to lose relevance and die

No. 1075915

he's part of that weird twitter contingent that was "post-left" years before the 2020 Terese/Aponte post-left.

No. 1075919

aimee has low self-esteem so she thought he was being sarcastic

sean has low standards so he thought she was indeed cute

No. 1075926

lol @ "working class entrepreneur"
Nick Mullen fucked Aimee Terese, right?

No. 1075928

Abby rosenquist or something like that

No. 1075936

File: 1604624553150.png (210.37 KB, 464x550, jej.png)


No. 1075938

that was her joking, Aimee lives in a bog and has never been to the US and never met anyone from online

No. 1075944

you see, it's only idpol when you're mean to penises

No. 1075945

Exactly none of them have a problem with idpol when they’re the ones being pandered to

No. 1075947

yeah lets vote for the millionaire that shills for billionaires, a real working class warrior

why is the postleft so retarded?

No. 1075956

It makes no sense they constantly act as if some blue haired pronouns-in-bio person serving coffee for minimum wage is the ‘coastal elite’ but a billionaire shill multimillionaire is some kind of prole tribune

No. 1075958

File: 1604626351560.jpg (82.3 KB, 1158x724, Ji9i4vH.jpg)

remember when Matilda subtweeted him

No. 1075965

File: 1604627201068.jpeg (433.75 KB, 1242x1160, DE213783-452B-4D19-B06D-529E15…)

Did anyone get a screenshot of her idiotic aoc tweet she immediately deleted

No. 1075967

File: 1604627324517.jpeg (935.83 KB, 1242x1990, 110880E0-74A4-4549-9719-4A7B97…)

No. 1075974

File: 1604627909125.jpeg (329.46 KB, 1242x748, F7CFE90E-BB67-49A1-B48D-4243CC…)

She basically wrongly claimed aoc and the dsa supported prop 22 and something about beanbag minibar

No. 1075976

Reading and learning new things are better than shitposting online all day. I thought trads would advocate for people to be productive irl and have actual hobbies instead of wasting another day complaining about women on Twitter.

No. 1075979

Right, because it's so productive being a wormy-looking rapist that is constantly talking about how much he hates libs

No. 1075981

File: 1604628131476.jpeg (184.62 KB, 1242x818, B21921BD-53F2-42E5-85DE-23BDD8…)

It’s weird how personally affected and mad they seem about his pretty innocuous tweet

No. 1075983

femcels hate exotic and attractive young women like AOC

news at 11

No. 1075987

Even fans of the pod think her thing with AOC is embarrassing, literally even Dasha in one of the recent podcasts essentially said she thought she was projecting and that her and AOC have a lot in common

No. 1076026

If Aimee didn't have raging BPD that turned her into babadook, and Anna wasn't a washed out, bitter hag with a failed PhD who's too dumb even for law school, they'd both be trying to be where AOC is. If you look at Aimee's credentials, she was basically greenhouse grown to be that.

No. 1076040

Aimee hasn't tweeted in 10 hours, and she's currently a no-show on the currently ongoing Good Ol Boyz livestream that she was supposed to co-host tonight… Is she okay? Did she overdose on copium?

No. 1076045

File: 1604634813663.jpg (23.51 KB, 680x383, EmBPq1cX0AIqCDM.jpg)

she moved to a new apartment, she needs a new grifting angle to pay for it

No. 1076051

has she been tweeting nonstop since the election? maybe she crashed on adderall after being up for a few days

No. 1076098

Cope. Life expectancy for Americans continues to decline, income inequality at a peak etc. Unless Biden is very successful FDR-style, I don't see how you don't get another Trump type campaign in 2024 or 2028 by the GOP. Meanwhile the Squad and other progressives/leftists in Congress are here to stay.

No. 1076111

File: 1604641330223.jpeg (599.77 KB, 750x1096, ECD5D0E5-4DB7-444C-BC52-405574…)

I have a strange mix of disgust and pity for the women who idolize Dasha and try their best to emulate her. I've seen countless posts by women saying they cut their bangs to be like her, dyed their hair blonde to be like her, even posts asking how to be more similar. Of all people, why idolize someone so horrible?

No. 1076114

also regarding the earlier discussion on a possible separate thread for the men itt: I vote that the threads should be renamed to leftcows or something, imo samememe and jack are far more milky than anna and dasha and aimee and it's good to have them all in one spot.

No. 1076118

File: 1604641602676.jpeg (399.89 KB, 1242x730, 190BB879-04E9-4EE7-BF29-964533…)

I have a strange mix of pity and disgust for literally everyone in that subreddit

No. 1076119

This is one of the most depressingly pathetic things I’ve ever seen good lord

No. 1076120

I second this, I feel like ‘leftthots’ and the thread was gender neutral anyway but I would be fine with it being changed to leftcows

No. 1076121

this is so fucking embarrassing why would she admit to this with her face attached kek

No. 1076122

File: 1604641956607.gif (2.25 MB, 177x150, 7303510f7883bb20ccabd4e97fc97d…)

Red Scare fans love to show off how pathetic and miserable they are. Really says a lot about the type of people who listen to these podcasts.

No. 1076123

File: 1604642050608.png (213.65 KB, 800x450, image_(12).png)

No. 1076124

this is, in every way, a female equivalent of a cumcel

No. 1076129

File: 1604643356754.png (196.66 KB, 1080x228, Screenshot (3247).png)

If you mean this, sure.

No. 1076132

File: 1604643668050.jpeg (874.93 KB, 1242x1859, 82EC3B41-EC48-4254-B8E7-5F350C…)

I remember he referenced the thread once

No. 1076133

File: 1604643874755.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2147, 2D6ED981-34C8-419A-87B2-BFC489…)

I went back and looked for it and he’s talking about this thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/acczibit/status/1187498809984782336 which is unintentionally one of the funniest threads I’ve ever seen on twitter

No. 1076134

the absolute state of pick-mes lmfao

No. 1076148

Kantbot is more in the wrong because he won't stand up for anything coherent or principled enough that would make him vulnerable in any kind of way. Same shit as "rorschach" tweets but with irony, feigned carelessness, etc. At the very least Estee Lardass has tastes, opinions and values that can be identified and called cringe. KB also will not reciprocate gestures of defence or support, the kind you see in friendships, because he is a maladjusted loser who seems psychologically crippled by his elementary school youth.

No. 1076149

Ditto, say more about thielbux. I have heard about him funding dissenting/niche politics or whatever it is on twitter, but to what end? how much? why?

No. 1076152

What happened in his youth?

No. 1076154

he seems to have PTSD from being bullycided so much, eternal resentment for the jocks and stacies - or those who present as such on twitter

No. 1076167

The thread is so fucking funny, this guy 100% spends his days daydreaming about being Wall Street Chad. Meanwhile the actual women comrades of the armed communists in India, China and the Philippines are doing sniper ops on military Chads

No. 1076202

File: 1604655084620.png (288.56 KB, 542x2068, kantbot cringe.png)

is it cool on twitter to say everything is cringe like kantbot does?

No. 1076205

the problem with the podcast left is that all their gripes with liberals are aesthetic. on substance they're identical. Yeah they might dunk on Samantha Power but at the end of the day they are conformists, and would be hard pressed to point out any policy of hers they disagree with. their job is policing the acceptable boundaries of critique for mainstream democrats. they're basically was bappin in sloppy anarchist garb, yet with even less focus or expertise. fucking pathetic lol

No. 1076229

Derangement on par with the Turner Diaries

No. 1076279

what are you talking about, one is pro war and imperialism one is against
So this guy is another closet case like BAP?

No. 1076293

Agree, they're all "friends", all on the same clique, in a gossip board it makes no sense to separate them into different threads on account of political technicalities.

No. 1076313

Humiliation is the pod's main motif, that's like half the reason why they pull in so many incels

He seems to be sticking to the new paranoid shtick for now, and isn't he lashing out and turning on everyone because they aren't principled like he wants them to (aware of propaganda)? I can't even blame him for being so neurotic, the whole reason we have this thread is because these people are cutthroat assholes

No. 1076473

File: 1604688426541.png (33.97 KB, 1244x108, Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 1.46…)

No. 1076475

>So this guy is another closet case like BAP?
Honestly maybe, he tweeted recently about being “head over heels” for a gen xer who he kept repeatedly referring to as “they” and when a bunch of people commented on it he deleted all the tweets

No. 1076478

Oh come on, no caps? Not even the comments?

No. 1076482

File: 1604689460549.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1000x3306, A3A33452-B820-4A58-88FD-AF1A8A…)

Sorry I didn’t screenshot it because I didn’t think it would be interesting to anyone bc he hadn’t been mentioned in the thread and he deleted it so quickly but I can still find some of the comments to it

No. 1076490

does he fund aimee too? i think she does it for free

No. 1076506

File: 1604691750207.jpeg (782.67 KB, 1000x2152, 8216E4E4-2F04-4792-AF4E-B75666…)

He deleted this

No. 1076526

She’s not as big of a pickme as Anna and Aimee but she still has her tendencies. Remember her stance on Jeffrey Toobin? “Tee hee, you can totally jack off in front of me!”

I don’t know why she has so many WKs on here, or at least people who try to defend her on a regular basis.

No. 1076529

File: 1604694277869.png (1002.75 KB, 1070x892, Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.23…)

I hate all of these people but this made me laugh

No. 1076661

ok am I remembering correctly, I could swear Waifoo Annie bought a shirt that just said "JIZZ" and posted like a smug picture posing with it in a restaurant

No. 1076670

lmfao. homegirl you're Asian–you're already in the lead. you don't have to do this sis

No. 1076677

File: 1604706141129.jpeg (59.53 KB, 828x397, 0378415D-EBEF-4611-97B8-7098BC…)

No. 1076689

File: 1604707034566.png (297.4 KB, 1494x536, Untitled-1.png)

I remember she posted that thread on her instagram. Congrats on getting noticed by losers from r9k, you're like 25 and still seeking validation from neckbeards online. Also in the archive of the thread some people later claimed to have seen/worked with her and said she smelled like mothballs and had weird skin.

No. 1076690

Does anyone have the pic of her at either dasha or anna's birthday party? I think they stopped ever liking her tweets not long after.

No. 1076708


i think it was a Witty Gift from Nick 'I DM Underage Girls' Robinson

No. 1076771

I think Dasha might make an appearance during OPN's performance on The Tonight Show tonight. Roommate Leia might also have something to do with the production.

No. 1076849

dasha’s gonna dance on jimmy fallon’s desk and then flash him

No. 1076874

File: 1604721909798.png (210.45 KB, 452x551, power couple.png)

maybe she directed the video that'll play in the background

No. 1076881

oh god I think Anna's involved too.
entire red scare extended universe possibly about to debut on national television.

No. 1076929

lmaoing at how they hate liberals but will take the opportunity to appear on late night liberal comedy TV

No. 1076941

File: 1604727286215.png (551.37 KB, 732x426, opn1.png)

Eli on drums, performance was interspersed with b-roll footage Leia shot for the John Wilson HBO show… Dasha might have been behind the camera?

No. 1076958

She directed it

No. 1077010


Communism is a meme because males require women to be an underclass in order to reproduce. Women will never get to reap its supposed benefits. There is no material difference between finance chads and m-muh proles because the proles will never let women own their labor anyway.

For instance, your diatribe is already a transparent (albeit chickenshit) effort at rationalizing disenfranchising women in a supposedly "classless" society, which is something you're probably not even consciously aware of. That's because biologically, you're nothing but an accessory to your scrotum, and so are your "politics".

No. 1077051

File: 1604744854219.jpeg (15.18 KB, 175x288, 71B106F7-14A6-48D2-8877-58CCEC…)

I could only find a low res version on google. Does an actual PULL archive exist? The clearer image might be there.

No. 1077069

Genuine question- what media/information did you consume to become this way? Are you a product of incel forums or what

No. 1077103

Wait is she bragging about directing the footage of a plastic bag in the sea and or did she direct the whole segment? Opn looks coke skinny and like he's leaving her for a 22 year old whenever quarantine really ends.

No. 1077140

Obsessed with the way they hate liberals yet epitomize everything they hate about liberals. Now that they have money, they’ve made it clear they have no consistent sense of morals, they’re hypocrites (do as I say, not as I do), and at the end of the day, all they really care about is directing more money and attention towards themselves.

No. 1077156

Anon's right, Marxist thought places women as an underclass, the OG "working class" since prehistory if you would, and men would be the biological bourgs. Though I would disagree with anon since I assume the (non-American) communists' goal is to uplift women and have them be in charge of their uhh "reproductive labor"

No. 1077191

If you know what thread the pic came from, you might be able to find it in archived form here:

No. 1077205

They still follow each other and A+D brought her up on the Bloomingdales episode where they said Aritzia is the kind of store Toronto Asian girls like Annie shop at

No. 1077251

File: 1604771237366.jpeg (315.76 KB, 828x1398, F92B926C-0BB1-483D-B3A1-D3DD1F…)

she’s so ugly this kawaii uwu dance she does is cringe especially when she’s 30

No. 1077255

what dance is she doing? i think imgur allows videos now

No. 1077258

File: 1604772228835.jpg (2.05 MB, 1320x1869, OriginOfFamily-1884.jpg)

Genuine question: have you ever read Marx or Engels? Are you a product of spicy twitter clapbacks and youtube 101s on communism?

No. 1077259

not sure she's just moving her hips side to side trying to be cute but it's giving the opposite effect

No. 1077261

I'm from a formerly socialist state. I do applaud your optimistic outlook, but socialist economic policies will never be enough. In the end your labor is still devalued or rendered invisible, except now you have the Party screaming how equal you are.

Funny how it always ends up the way commies say liberalism treats women.

No. 1077265

File: 1604772767801.jpeg (178.7 KB, 828x1102, 09CDEAD8-CA79-4D2C-AE04-9D1B70…)

>biden ain’t gon help you man
Anna deleted while I was reading the replies unfortunately. Cowardice

No. 1077272

Seethe more, soon you and other podcels are gonna have to find actual jobs. :^)

No. 1077281

All the anons here thinking populism is dead after Biden won have an appalling lack of any idea about the current political climate.

Yeah so am I, but being a zoomer or millenial too young or not even born yet to remember anything pre 1989 doesn't give you any sort of epistemic advantage in marxist thought.

No. 1077291

Anna's version of Jacob Wohl's liberal coffee house stories when everyone knows she hasn't walked anywhere since she discovered Uber Premium.

No. 1077301

bitches do a lot of talking then it's "tweets aren't loading right now"

No. 1077304

She's been deleting tweets a lot lately. Couldn't handle the backlash from the autism tweet maybe.

No. 1077316

That Black guy? Albert Einstein.

No. 1077321

The song is terrible and OPN looks like shit. The whole segment looks ugly.

Her PULL thread has been archived. It's faster to open the different thread pages in a new tab. http://web-old.archive.org/web/20200724165748/https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2984-annie-z/

No. 1077330

You've clearly never read Marx, or even the major feminist writers. Marx and Engels both considered female to be a class, a disadvantaged one. Marx considered childrearing and housework to be labor, unpaid labor at that, which was exploited and taken advantage of. They both believed that class society was a driving force in keeping women oppressed since the male bourgeoisie refused to let women vote and usually refused to even allow them to work, thus leaving them completely under control by the men in their lives and out of their lives. The Marxist-Feminists have always demanded that housewives be paid.

Seriously, before you say "communism is a meme because men hurt women XD i am very feministe and smarte for thinking cabbitalism is preferable because at least wammin can be CEOs and exploit other wammin," at least read some Marxist-Feminist writing first, or even just Marx. Marx was more radfem than 99% of people on earth already. Saw prostitution as barbaric exploitation of women by men, sought to destroy sex-based oppression, and wanted women to have equal rights. Jesus Christ.

No. 1077336

File: 1604778064621.jpg (167.8 KB, 1210x566, IMG_20201107_143842.jpg)

No. 1077361

Ten points to Gryffindor, miss Granger! Now take your nose out of the book, look around you and see how many of your male "comrades" actually see communism this way. I bet you take their "class first" whining at face value too. "When I get them richer and they have their M4A, thinks the starry eyed female commie, they will finally permit me to care about lowly identity politics like sexual assault and hostile workplace environments! Just a little more!"

This isn't about your BPD capitalism v. communism Special Olympics, it's about the fact that in practice, communism, capitalism, feudalism, and even anarcho-autism with post-posadist characteristics will work exactly the same way for you. You'll still be doing unpaid housework in addition to wage labor, your problems will still be ignored because "aktually the real class struggle is when men don't have enough money you sectarian cunt", violence against you will still be excused and celebrated, and any prestigious male dominated occupations you enter (see: medical doctor in the USSR) will be culturally (and then materially) devalued. You will still be seen and treated as subhuman despite your "equality" on paper because the male need to exert resource coercion is biological, not socially constructed. Every "working class" revolution all the way since the French one ended up systematically purging its useful "socialist feminist" idiots after clowning them will shit like "saying no to fucking me is bourgeois sexual piety".

Inb4 "that wasn't REAL communism" like your real communism is ever gonna happen.

No. 1077366

THAT’S Dasha’s boyfriend? I’ve never seen his face before and I’m actually laughing out loud. Good god.

Anyway this video looks like something made by every soyfaced ectomorph I did college radio with. Fittingly, those are also the only people I know in real life who listen to Red Scare.

No. 1077389

File: 1604780832519.jpeg (45.17 KB, 210x375, 53C7D3F3-3E7B-4961-90E5-26592E…)

found a slightly better version of the image anon asked for through the archive

No. 1077406

She… She is 21 in this?

No. 1077417

the Peter Thiel left is seething right now. its so precious

i wonder if they will get a pay cut for failing to persuade berniebros to stay at home/vote for class warrior Trump

No. 1077422

I don't care what my male comrades think, lol, I care about class struggle. Unlike you I don't let fandoms and aesthetics dictate what I believe. You're delusional if you think capitalism is better for women than communism, inb4 "i never said that!!" but you have no goals or proposals other than lukewarm feminist takes I already agree with from decades ago. Btw wage labor wouldn't exist under communism, read Marx. I do agree that men are fucked and will abuse women no matter what the political climate is but dismissing gommunism just because of that is retarded.

No. 1077429

lol youre the radfem version of "the jews are gonna have it out for us no matter what we do so we may as well do nothing and just get rid of the jews!! then everything would be perfect." they just think things magically would be fixed if jews were eradicated, spoiler alert it doesnt matter what gender or ethnicity your rulers are.
even if you got rid of all men or if all men were perfect and not oppressive, you'd still have capitalist alienation, exploitation, imperialism, pointless wars, etc. these threads are full of seething wannabe girlbosses equating their worth with their producitivity in the workplace because "a-at least its for myself, at least im independent." guess what: youre not, youre a cuck to corporations (owned by men fyi)

dasha is a clout leech, his fame makes her wet enough she can ignore his face

i love how drastically different anna's hip-shoulder-waist ratio differs in selfies vs candids

No. 1077430

No. 1077451

> these threads are full of seething wannabe girlbosses equating their worth with their producitivity in the workplace because "a-at least its for myself, at least im independent." guess what: youre not, youre a cuck to corporations (owned by men fyi)

wow!!!! corporations are owned by men?!?! i has no idea!!! thank you!!! also women working for corporations owned by men versus being trapped in abusive marriages with no way out because they lack the proper skills and education is not at all the same thing.

No. 1077457

File: 1604787275778.png (173.12 KB, 605x483, liz bruenig trump crowd cope.p…)

Michael Tracey-ass arg

No. 1077461

>wage labor wouldn't exist under communism

Yeah, and then we all wouldn't have to work because of luxury gay automation in space.

The "some invisible entity somewhere socialized men to be bad" clowns? Didn't they evolve from "people are only bad because gabitalism" commies like you?

>muh girlbosses!

Lmfao, what a cuckquean. So cock-eyed you're really out there demonizing females owning capital on behalf of males who would whore out every single female commie in a second if it meant getting to experience life as Jeff Bezos for 15 minutes.

The dude from twitter who started the discourse is already pretzeling his brain around your precious "theory" trying to brand you as "biologically rectionary" so he doesn't feel bad about continuing to exploit you after the glorious revolution that will never happen. If you think other male commies will be different because M-Marx recognized women as a class, you need to lay off Tumblr for a while.

No. 1077466

File: 1604788006204.jpg (57.14 KB, 640x558, nimlfdalbvw51.jpg)

It's better to be a cuck to a cuck to corporations than a cuck to corporations directly, silly girlboss.

No. 1077467

has anyone checked in on samememe or jack? how are they holding up?

No. 1077469

File: 1604788161493.png (264.79 KB, 597x380, aimee cope.png)


No. 1077473

So… this is the man who won't even publicly admit he's dating Dasha? Damn, I know she's downs-y looking and has a lopsided cashew nut head, but she can do way better than this… or is she incapable of seeing anything beyond clout?

No. 1077475

File: 1604788498370.jpg (226.98 KB, 706x735, 1604785472623.jpg)

b-but she was right about warren, it's not fair

No. 1077482

She just likes her men tubercular.

No. 1077483

You know what that means, Aimee. Back to working an actual job you go - those student loans ain't gonna pay themselves! No more orange man bad to base your retarded "Marxist" tea leaf readings about "what the working class from another country really wants" on.

No. 1077486

I looked at her stories and he won't let her post him in there still, just shots of him on the tv in her apartment. Maybe one day.

No. 1077533

File: 1604793400965.jpeg (3 MB, 4032x3024, caroline as a woman lexaprofes…)

Caroline as_a_woman spotted at anti-Trump brunch gathering at Prospect Park, Brooklyn

No. 1077547

File: 1604794136116.png (393.16 KB, 445x489, c.png)

Her? Looks different from her selfies.

No. 1077559

sage for faggotry but even as a radical feminist and marxist, I can see you are the GOAT for this take.

No. 1077569

File: 1604795358555.jpg (8.23 KB, 172x292, download.jpg)

The girl in all denim infront of her named Lex had a red scare copy failed podcast and was outted as fucking Adam after the Dasha break up. I'm glad Caroline has other loser Cumtown groupies to be her friend.

No. 1077571

TERFs in MY art world??

No. 1077572

she looks better here than in her selfies

No. 1077573

they'd call her racist for literally just transcribing someone else's dialect

No. 1077577

fuckin' based

No. 1077580

radfems don't (((jews))) sperg, where is this strawman coming from?

No. 1077582

Speaking of art hoes slept with Adam Friedland, witten just deleted her account

No. 1077585

She looks middle aged

No. 1077586

I said “genuine question” for a reason, sperg. This isn’t twitter, there’s no clout points to score. I just think you’re weird and want to understand

No. 1077587

this. she looks like a decade older than her friends. those wine mom turtle shell shades aren't helping

No. 1077597

Tbf lexaprofessional looks pretty haggard too. Reverse thinspo, makes me want to go eat some cake.

No. 1077600

File: 1604797844890.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1924, BA7A90FE-95A4-4B5D-A6DB-80748A…)

Jack seems to be taking it well

No. 1077607


sorry, is covid over? what the FUCK is this? they've canceled thanksgiving but this is fucking acceptable? privileged white idiots

No. 1077674

So Anna's pregnant…(imageboard)

No. 1077682

Poor kid

No. 1077685

lol, what a classy jersey broad

No. 1077686

prove it

No. 1077688

the sub is saying she mentions it in the new episode? idk for sure, haven't listened yet

No. 1077722

back to tumblr with you

No. 1077735

i think it’s okay for black people to make fun of anna’s black people impression

No. 1077756

some people actually speak that way and it's not racist to depict it

No. 1077763

from being a scrote with the usual male "not liking men is literally Nazi" paranoia
>being employed makes you a cuck to corporations
only people who use "girlboss" unironically can utter something this cringe

No. 1077764

>still no ring from Eli
getting pregnant out of wedlock because mean girls on lolcow made fun of her lmak

No. 1077791

No. 1077796

No shit some people talk that way lol, I don’t think anyone in the replies was calling her racist that I saw. I guess my greentext was kind of ambiguous. It just obviously didn’t actually happen so people were mocking her approximation of what she thinks black people would, hypothetically, be saying

No. 1077797

File: 1604818109249.png (975.42 KB, 1968x2048, Screenshot_20201108-074604.png)

No. 1077804


i dunno i think it works on her because she wears so much menswear sometimes. or at least she used to

No. 1077811

File: 1604822530463.jpeg (842.58 KB, 1242x1071, 853286E9-BF94-4778-8AB2-ED64C2…)

No. 1077820

File: 1604825129733.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536, EmG52YcX0AAh9lA.jpg)

Ewww those stretch marks are fucking disgusting

Is this the crack girl from the documentary?

No. 1077825

he may need a wellness check…

No. 1077833

you cannot tell me that that’s not a tranny

No. 1077846

No. 1077854

why would he post this

No. 1077855

he really went and took a photo with the current MTF thread pic

No. 1077867

File: 1604831735630.jpeg (514.87 KB, 1242x1413, 8AEAB5C5-5870-4097-ABD6-B54666…)

No. 1077921

File: 1604847987168.png (201.06 KB, 597x490, LQ5Ks8D.png)

No. 1077925

why did this busted af human ventriloquist dummy get so obsessed with twitter incels?

No. 1077953

I went in the red scare sub and somebody posted this picture after I had posted it here kek. I mean I’m not surprised if theyre lurking here, id be more surprised if they actually saw a people magazine in real life like I did

No. 1077957

redscare is all about "Dasha has downs" jokes now

No. 1077959

File: 1604852554340.png (151.87 KB, 1196x648, Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 11.2…)

Dasha asked someone who had a brother with down syndrome if she looks like she has it, completely insane narcissistic behavior. No one really thinks Dasha has downs it's just that saying she looks like she had fetal alcohol syndrome is too real and mean.

No. 1077974

honestly it's a vile thing to post

No. 1077975

someone actually replied to that post with "lolcow reddit crossover" or something lol

No. 1077999

Covid is over, except when it’s not

No. 1078004

r/neoliberal has pretty good memes tbh

No. 1078011

giggling with greenwald. do you think the girls will move the podcast to glenn's new project once he sorts out which venture capitalist is funding it?

No. 1078022

yeah, that's Alex Lee Moyer, the tfw no gf director.
she's trans yeah. she's pretty open about it.

No. 1078028

damn, instantly clockable even with surgeries. sad

No. 1078029

it's the skull size. the one thing science can't change.

No. 1078064

tbh i didn’t lol. there’s so many grotesque looking women in this social circle- anna k, amber etc so i thought she was just another ugly weirdo

No. 1078114

File: 1604871480095.jpg (105.96 KB, 1080x1045, annabanana.jpg)

10,000 hours in MSPaint

No. 1078117

File: 1604871637089.jpg (72.71 KB, 939x766, 7wx2c2i0cvx51.jpg)

And ref.

On stupidpol they're all salty with Anna about people partying lol

No. 1078124

She takes it too far with the trump shilling but what she’s expressing here isn’t even that controversial

No. 1078133

take it to /ot/

No. 1078138

Kek I didn’t scroll far enough to see that

No. 1078141

ot but stupidpol is the saltiest place on the entire internet. just a bunch of incels trying to mask their bitterness as socialism

No. 1078150

when males have any ideology at all tbh

No. 1078157

File: 1604875762328.png (148.81 KB, 662x1133, stupid.png)

I don't think it's ot, there is a huge redsimp faction. It's a Marxist hot-or-not in here.

No. 1078158

File: 1604875855844.png (89.2 KB, 1149x520, aimee.png)

war is epic when it owns teh libs

No. 1078159

posts like this make these threads a milkmas of their own

No. 1078173

okay we get you hate feminism just like everyone else on stupidpol

No. 1078179

someone really hates women

No. 1078189

no people hate your manifestoesque derails that have barely anything to do with the cows

No. 1078209

the only post that could be considered ‘manifestoesque’ is >>1077361. you’re obviously triggered by feminism

No. 1078213

Seriously, the political derailing is out of hand, especially from that one rad”fem” who uses moid-ass chanspeak to rail against communism in every thread

No. 1078217

>manifestoesque derails
>discussing how retarded scaretho