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File: 1670293564910.png (5.07 MB, 1514x1518, Christmascows.png)

No. 1719534

#36 Recap:
Rumors about Moldbug sexting a woman while sending pictures of his sleeping kids

Dasha seen with Louis CK, rumors that they started dating (turned out to be false)

A+D mad that the Kardashians are now skinnier than them, implying only women with underweight BMIs are truly skinny

Matthew reading his fanfic poetry in which he makes Dasha Asian at some sort of edgelord event

Anna appears in a publication called Asylum Magazine in which she is referred to as an opportunist who sounds like "the nightmarish emanations of a trailer-park-yenta"

Pericles/ElectionLegal (greek guy A&D surround themselves with who looks unwashed) creepy and “ironically” pedophilic dms

Stanford grad's piece on Charlotte Fang aka Rohit Okhandiar, Remilia corporation and Milady NFT owner who was cancelled for his racist, pedophilic proana "performance art"

Adam Friedland talkshow launch was a disaster

Anna coping and projecting about looking ugly and older onto Italian girls saying they look 30 since they're 15 (they don't)

A&D tweeting that they'd get tons of surgery or kill themselves, respectively, if they looked like Caroline Ellison and getting dragged for it, bonus drawing of Anna as the chud wojak by this artistic nonnie >>1699364

Anna dramaposting about suicide in Nick Mullen's replies

Perfume fationalist had Mike White as a guest, he confirmed on a TPN episode with Anna that they modeled the spoiled rich female characters from season 1 on Red scare (I've been watching it and it's not just the clothing and vocal fry too, Sydney Sweeney's character is seen reading Paglia in one scene by the pool)

Anna stops herself before claiming there's widespread election fraud

Anna still wearing and promoting Brandy Melville which is owned by racist proana pedos

Chapo got an interview in GQ, some shots were fired at the nyc thielbucks scene

Moche1234 (Russian American chick who’s 60% silicon and filler and simps Anna, also Thiel, BAP and Paglia enjoyer) recently told her story on the Filthy Armenian podcast

Liz Bruenig's Messiah complex is seemingly worsening

Anna dismissing the Balenciaga pedophilic ad campaign on twitter and on one of the latest RS episodes, saying it's just gay edgelords being gay edgelords, we should be more worried about the real taboo/who we're not allowed to criticize (jews, blacks, other minorities) and microplastics because children nowadays are "so fat and retarded no one wants to molest them" which is not surprising considering she defends Paglia who is open about supporting pedophilia >>1713545

Chapos episode on a couple who are part of a thiel-aligned movement of eugenics "secular Calvinism" and Effective Altruism

Unfounded rumors about Nick Fuentes bringing Pariah the troon onto the Ye campaign, once again probably that ugly troon selfposting here, some caps of his recent pedophilic and misogynistic tweets simping BAP

Jo started a blog and sucks shit at writing

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No. 1719539

File: 1670293967437.jpg (682.95 KB, 2319x1936, 21B6B5D3-3BE3-41EA-82AF-947358…)

Meant to tag this for the Anna chud wojack art, this was gonna be the new threadpic but my traced drawing looks like shit next to it

No. 1719545

You made them look nicer than they actually do irl lol

No. 1719554

File: 1670295046105.png (676.12 KB, 1214x1518, image.png)

Ann Coulter went on Red Scare

No. 1719567

left one isn't mine another anon commented that it should be an option for the new threadpic and i wanted dasha next to it so i just traced a pic of her on my phone but other nonna's looks much better and doesn't match, in retrospect dasha should've been this >>1703436 meme to go with the chud wojack but i havent drawn in years

No. 1719571

Every thread more and more boring. Last year was the peak of both the Dirtbag Left and New Right's brief cultural incursion into the mainstream.

The Thielbux are drying up. The Bernie Left is scattered to the winds. The Vibe Shift was pure astroturf and immediately killed by the overturning of Roe Vs Wade. Podcasting as a medium is on the decline. Is anybody even having fun in these threads anymore?

No. 1719572

Learn to sage or GTFO

No. 1719584

you should have saged but you're not wrong and i agree kek. the "dirtbag left" movement is pretty dead, all of these people's little relevancy is quickly slipping, and it seems like this scene is shutting down and people are moving on (wet brain's dissolution being the most recent example.) feels like there's not a lot to talk about anymore with these cows that hasn't already been said, because these people are just doing the same thing they've been doing for years. anna and dasha are ugly and anna is racist, yes, we established that a dozen threads ago. the lack of milk is so severe the last few threads have ended in inane derailing completely unrelated to the topic.

No. 1719599

File: 1670298818324.png (191.17 KB, 1178x522, 456ygftyujhghu.png)

Dasha going Anna mode on reddit.

No. 1719601

Crazy to think Dasha will never have the name recognition or cheekbones of Ann Coulter.

No. 1719603

Unsaged but not untrue. There's nothing much to look forward to beyond TAFS imploding or Stav getting metooed or Amber's book finally coming out.

No. 1719607

Is that dall-e? Looks surprisingly good kek

No. 1719617

How long till the bruenigs start a church/cult and use it to get cash? She's already using the classic scamming pastor tactic of bringing up miracles she did (stopping an execution with prayer).

No. 1719624

Okay, you don't need to keep pointing this out, we get it. If the scene bores you, don't bother reading about their antics. Nothing inherently wrong with a slow thread.

No. 1719625

>How long till the bruenigs start a church/cult and use it to get cash
That church/cult already exists and it's the PPP slack

No. 1719627

What antics?

No. 1719630

This reads like it was written by AI…

No. 1719633

The problem isn't that the threads are slow, they're as fast as ever but nothing is happening worth posting about so it's just insane tangents and bickering.

No. 1719647

stable diffusion

No. 1719657

File: 1670304804484.png (18.34 KB, 598x257, 96SwK2G.png)

No. 1719666

The timing is sending me

No. 1719688

File: 1670308713931.jpeg (394.29 KB, 1170x1228, E2D89B82-7A12-4DC9-AD77-834450…)

finally some new milk:

a thread (now removed) gets posted to r/RSP calling into question the profoundly weird thiel + wignat guests on their washed podcast

Dasha jumps in to defend herself bringing Ann Coulter on the podcast with some funny "everyone becomes a rightoid" talking points

The jannies deleted the thread shortly after dashas rewponse received backlash. picrel + removed post below


No. 1719698

How is this new milk? They have been denying taking money from Thiel for like a year now.

No. 1719731

sage for OT but its weird that their own subreddit seems to equal part hates/idolizes them

No. 1719737

File: 1670313576158.jpeg (842.16 KB, 1066x1035, EE8C5599-BD74-4A82-B0ED-1B4E6E…)

Is this the Linh Matthew was talking about?

No. 1719747

File: 1670316216822.jpeg (79.68 KB, 1284x985, F9EBC420-5725-41A7-82E1-B42013…)

This is apparently how she returned lol

No. 1719818

What is with this meta commentary? Ok if it’s so boring don’t come here anymore then

No. 1719885

the new new yorker cover reminded me annie hamilton existed and that her and dasha were frenemies. any milk on that? or on her in general, she seems odd but inauthentic

No. 1719898

File: 1670335865894.jpeg (1.59 MB, 2400x3000, new york mag cover.jpeg)

New York Magazine, not the New Yorker nona. Lol at the grifter Chris Smalls striking a pose in the middle.

No. 1719947

File: 1670340297818.jpeg (249.19 KB, 618x753, FA2984C8-6723-4056-BE8B-8F0533…)

The way dirtbag left twitter is oblivious to Mike White being conservative himself…someone in this corner was favorably contrasting him to stuffy conservative Whit Stillman the other day after Stillman was complaining about lack of policing funds or something…like girl, listen to the Fat Jack interview, your whole fandom is a lie

No. 1719949

Bitch there's nothing normal about your trad cathlarp "becoming more conservative", if anything you're getting more and more immature. A normal age-driven conservative lean would include fading away from the internet, marrying, having kids, finding a normal job and generally giving up the coquette catholic ana waif sexy angel attention whore shtick, not doubling down on the edgy internet shit

No. 1719960

no one should listen to fatty jack's podcast though. all this information can be found on Mike White's early life section, no fatass ramblings needed

No. 1719978

Took me a while to realize this was AI

No. 1720022

File: 1670346041734.jpg (46.21 KB, 930x200, rs.jpg)

This happened.

No. 1720032

Will Nick's eventual suicide via alcohol poisoning be separate from TAFS imploding or will it be considered part?

No. 1720033

File: 1670347233133.jpg (20.19 KB, 400x400, homosexual.jpg)

last thread closed on the topic of homosexuals - who is this pouty faggot "dagsen" and why is he in this scene

No. 1720035

Damn, Cum Town and Chapo truly are relics of an era. Technically Cum Town doesn't even exist anymore. Only Red Scare managed to jump with the scene.

No. 1720039

Does anyone know if Nick is in a relationship? He's in my city next week and I want to shoot my shot(do not touch the poop)

No. 1720043

you know if you're almost any woman-born woman you can go to the bar tonight and easily pull a self-loathing 7 with coke dick, right nonnie?

No. 1720051


She's a fucking retard. How these two have even an iota of influence is beyond me.

No. 1720053

This is lefthots you're talking about, they're too hideous even for a cumcel kek

No. 1720054

Yeah but 99% of them are't as rich or intelligent as Nick

No. 1720057

It's incredible how irrelevant chapo feels while still managing to have the loyalest paypigs in the game.

No. 1720075

yeah but like any man, nick is not gonna waste his money or his scintillating wit on some random easy lay at the bar. not being mean just trying to help, this situation is likely to be disappointing and depressing, know your worth lovelorn nonna

No. 1720082

>Nick Mullen
he openly admits to killing off half his brain cells by robotripping every day of his teen years. the only reason he comes off as intelligent is because stavros is literally retarded and adam's main interest in life is chasing after NYU JAPs. have more respect for yourself than that

No. 1720089

Not to hi cow, but hi cow. Who except Nick actually believes this lmfao

No. 1720140

I don't want to simp too hard but calling him stupid is actually retarded, no stupid person is that funny off the cuff except when it's unintentional

No. 1720155


Yeah, hi cow it is

No. 1720158

As pathetic as bernie dirtbag left burnouts are I could see them clinging to their small niche of relevancy because I don’t ever think those DSA politics are going away, however I do think the new right scene is already on its way out after only one year of being edgy online. After the midterms flopped and the extremely online candidates like Masters lost I think Thiel is giving up on funding cultural scenes. Chapo will stay afloat long enough to shill for Pritzker in 2024, Anna or dasha might have OD’d by two years time.

No. 1720173

>I don’t ever think those DSA politics are going away
I was just thinking the other day how many accounts on the tl used to have rose emojis and how I haven't seen one in the wild for years now. They didn't go away but they're all definitely disillusioned since Bernie was a once in a generation candidate and the more invested ones are now just focusing on very local stuff like the LA city council race.

No. 1720175

the scene is desperate for thin people who are young and have hair

No. 1720177

I disagree with this, there definitely is a backlash forming to the DSA / Twitter tranny left by democrats and other leftists. All those candidates chapo shilled like AOC and Omar threw the rail strike union under the bus with 0 sick days. They’re getting heavily shit on right now.

No. 1720179

They will just come around the next time a left candidate pops up in a general election. Worse economy = more likelihood of non-city dwelling hipsters attaching to populist politics

No. 1720183

nick dropped out of high school and wasted his autism memorizing day time television shows from the late 90s. every major northern city that is not nyc has closeted self-hating irish guys who are addicted to drugs and not living up to their potential.

No. 1720186

he's only funny to people who are just discovering online culture and dudes rock losers who need an idol

No. 1720187

Hi Anna.

No. 1720243

Nick isn't as stupid as a lot of his contemporaries in the same scene, but the whole tortured genius persona he has is much more enjoyable in theory than actually experiencing it. These kinds of guys are romanticized in the minds of women with similar self destructive tendencies but the reality is one of disappointment, constant arguments, and self sabotage.
If you just wanna fuck him, that's one thing. Idk how easy that would be because sometimes he'll hit up girls in dms or interact with thirst posts, but other times he seems put off or bored by sex (I think this is the biggest fuel for all the gay rumors). Go for it and report back because I am curious as to how he interacts with women irl. As long as you're comfortable with probably getting herpes.
Ngl I think he's cute and also have a bit of a parasocial crush on him. I think a lot of the women who post in this thread do (even if they won't admit it), much to the chagrin of the lesbian and more staunchly radfem nonnies here. At least I'm self aware enough to realize it's dumb and based off of projecting my own shit onto him. He seems to get a lot of that for some reason, even from the lame dudes in his audience. They also hype him up as this comic genius who is both stifled by his demons and smarter and better than other people because of them. I think they must view themselves this way too and project hard onto him in hopes that maybe one day they'll also be rich and beloved by fans for doing basically nothing.
Women romanticize him because of a dumb "I can fix him" mentality (I'm guilty of this too) and the fact that he isn't overtly horny all the time, at least not as much as other guys. The fact that he's rejected or acted indifferent towards girls throwing themselves at him is a draw for a lot of women because they think it means he's not as shallow as other guys and therefore your potential relationship with him would be more meaningful. They also think it means he won't cheat or list after other women whilst in a relationship. None of it is real though.
I guess when everyone else in your circle is ugly as sin and borderline retarded, being decent looking and good at impressions can carry you very far. Sage for this embarrassing screed about Nick Mullen of all people, but I do find it interesting the strong reactions he seems to get out of people and how most of it is entirely built up in other people's heads instead of an actual reflection of his own actions.

No. 1720248

I met him this summer and he was very nice and polite lol

No. 1720253

ew the nick simping retards are back. go back to r/redscarepod

No. 1720256

File: 1670359004686.png (118.78 KB, 272x367, IAT_Crash_Bandicoot.png)

nick mullen 5'5 and is shaped like crash bandicoot. stop pretending he's some dime piece and go outside.

No. 1720260

lmao oh my god, nonna. You literally just wrote a "Post too long" comment about Nick Mullen. Get help.

No. 1720266

>and the fact that he isn't overtly horny all the time
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? also, how is that a good thing? let me guess, you listen to ct bits on youtube but have never listened to a full episode

No. 1720267

File: 1670359686231.jpeg (180.67 KB, 1004x1785, 109B201C-926B-47E8-A7B2-179FB1…)

No. 1720274

>I do find it interesting the strong reactions he seems to get out of people and how most of it is entirely built up in other people's heads instead of an actual reflection of his own actions.
Honestly same. He seems to attract the most parasocial attention out of anyone else in this scene besides maybe Felix.

No. 1720278

you're not interested in seeing what they'll stoop to as their relevance fades? how they'll cope with growing older, fatter, poorer, and alienating the people closest to them?

aimee's back on twitter, amber's back on insta, maybe something funny will happen

No. 1720289

How could Anna stoop any lower?

No. 1720295

When the call in shows morph into just having people from the sub guest on the show.

No. 1720320

File: 1670363227928.jpg (44.52 KB, 546x480, ann-coulter-adams-apple21[1].j…)

Coulter has always been scarethot pickme adjacent by claiming the vote should be taken away from women. I listened to the episode and they talk about taking the vote away from women near the end. Anna was sympathetic. Coulter says that married women tend to be more conservative because they want law and order to protect their children whereas single women use government to fill the void of not having a husband and vote Democrat. I'm convinced Coulter is connected to the deep state and you could tell by the way she was trying to DeSantis-pill everyone on that episode. DeSantis is basically a neocon plot to neocon-pill the MAGAtards. She bashes Trump for only building 33 miles of the wall and saying he was not antiwar enough but she was a huge cheerleader for the Iraq war. I think she's might be a troon with that Adam's Apple. Here's the link to the episode if you're interested: https://mega.nz/file/Q4RR0QLZ#9mAv67Rbi4AjH7m3e94YWZX8QOsmzBeS-FdfhB0X3bw

No. 1720338

>dasha sperging about how her irrepressible impulse towards freedom and joy serves as her political compass
dasha's one charm used to be her willingness to be completely honest about her darkest impulses, the drugs and bad sex, the suicidality, the desperation for acceptance and attention, it made her funny and lovable despite her obvious flaws but she's really losing that in the last year. wtf is she on about "freedom and joy are my compass" she's literally known for being miserable and so personality disordered she constantly undoes any shred of good in her life. between her catholic larp and statements like this she is approaching Anna levels of self-delusion (I'm actually so compassionate and a total sweetiepie! says the most resentful, venomous person you know)

Also, yet another great OP, well done - love that AI hasn't forgotten Anna's old face kek

No. 1720342

These generalizations about this thread… NGL you deserve to be cyberbullied nonna but I am impressed by the level of your embarrassing personal reveals in this comment lol. Like dam you just went for it

All this to say, I seriously doubt most of the women here have a crush on Nick tho LOL. Sorry, that’s just you

No. 1720343

serious projection from this femcel nonna. he is RAN THROUGH and has the warts on his dick to prove it. she can have him.

No. 1720344

Are you 17? People have accused Coulter of being trans for decades. She’s not

No. 1720345

dashew looking really FAS here

No. 1720347

File: 1670365148039.gif (1.65 MB, 450x270, tumblr_p56jzr42Ci1ulkd8uo3_500…)

>much to the chagrin of radfems

yeah you can only hate nick if you are a radfem or a lesbian. very subtle anna-posting

No. 1720349

Really, the self post?

No. 1720350

of course he was, you dumbass. you paid to watch his unfunny standup.

No. 1720355

I mentally read this in Anna’s voice

No. 1720358

I actually think he can be funny, but it's obvious he's all sorts of fucked up mentally from the years of abusing every drug he could get his hands on. If you wanna hook up with the podcast millionaire for the story or whatever, that's fine, but if he was smart he'd be something other than the former host of Cum Town.

No. 1720364

Appearing on Nick fuentes and being taken off patreon and losing her only source of income arc.

No. 1720375

File: 1670367340731.jpg (264.64 KB, 1010x674, Screenshot_20221206_175433_ibi…)

I simply cannot get over this

No. 1720376

please make it happen

No. 1720380

she brings the baby to a dimes square party and something tragic occurs while she's chainsmoking & blitzed off purse vodka

No. 1720381

File: 1670367769611.png (2.61 MB, 1072x1342, Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 5.38…)

Liz Bruenig posted a pic of her 32nd birthday dinner with Matt. Makes me feel bad for her, she's too skinny and always looks like she’s just done crying. Why no friends to celebrate with? Or nothing wrong with a solo dinner date but shouldn’t it be a little romantic, like not scheduling it in broad daylight? Matt’s probably sitting there in a wrinkled t-shirt reminding Liz that she promised to cook him Dino Bites tomorrow night

No. 1720385

what an absolute schizo nitpick post

No. 1720391

Saddest bday pic I've seen since kirk cameron's

No. 1720395

Seems like it based on male features, height, and hatred of women. Maybe she's intersexed.

No. 1720398

try a sense of humor on for size nona, the thread can't all be "DAE Dasha's skull is cashew-shape!!?" and book-length Nick Mullen fanfic

No. 1720399

idk that nonna reads as pretty sincere

No. 1720400

Yeah I don't think that long mullen post was ironic

No. 1720402

Have you noticed he’s not funny at all

No. 1720403

She also changed her insta avi to a polaroid of her wearing a crown…cutesy monarchist delusions acting up again

No. 1720435

Is Liz ana now? She’s had to have lost at least 10lbs in the last six months. its always suspect when someone bakes a ton but is shrinking behind the camera

No. 1720440

I expected some of you guys to be mad about my post. I don't think "most" of the people in this thread wanna fuck him, but a large enough amount of them do to the point where we have a similar type of discussion on him every other thread. I only mention radfems specifically because that's the vibe I get. Sorry bout it lol. There's just a specific type of response that comes whenever a nonnie expresses attraction to any male who is in any way problematic (so…like…all of them…). I say this as someone who agrees with radfem ideals and thinks they're right about the nature of men. I just don't refer to myself as one because I know I don't live in full accordance with those ideals. It's hypocritical, sure, but I have a feeling a lot of women here know exactly what I'm talking about.
I'm not saying it's good for women to be attracted to Nick or trying to justify it. Just saying I get it and sharing some thoughts as to why that might be. You're more than welcome to find him repulsive. And I do understand your frustration with nonnies who thirst after him, but it's also dumb to deny that he does have a certain draw to him that makes him such a magnet for these types of parasocial relations, both in cumboys and fan girls. Just thought it'd be an interesting thing to explore is all

No. 1720442

She looks like an anorexic grandma

No. 1720447

At least you exist to balance out that one sperg who goes insane whenever Nick is brought up

No. 1720450

File: 1670371757320.jpg (536.1 KB, 1736x1012, Elizabeth Bruenig.jpg)

Wait. Does this article mean that Liz Bruenig's abusive dad recently moved 4 hours away from her instead of a much more comfortable several hundred miles? Maybe that's why she's been losing her shit and dropping pounds. Not to tinfoil…
I haven't been listening to the Bruenig podcast except when it comes up here so maybe they talked about it there and it's old news? If so sorry.

No. 1720457

she's thinking of all the poor folks on death row

No. 1720459

Sorry anon but it's definitely not an "interesting thing to explore"

No. 1720466

Interesting enough for several of you to get pissed about it but okay. You have anything more interesting to discuss?

No. 1720470

nobody is pissed (except you), just tired. nick must have something coming out to promote and his gc is here hyping him up. or maybe his dms are dry and he's trying to rustle up some prey, sam hyde does that here too

No. 1720479

No. 1720483

Whatever you say nonnie. You're totally not pissed. It's me who is truly seething. It's not like any time Nick is mentioned, anons rush in to call him gross and shitty and any woman who is attracted to him must be a self hating pick me scarethot.
But in all seriousness, I don't get what's so wrong with pointing out that a significant number of people are drawn to him, including people in this thread, and just talking about why. Why is the reaction to him so different than it is to Anna or Dasha or Stav or Sam Hyde or Liz or whoever the fuck else? You can talk about a phenomenon without endorsing it you know…

No. 1720484

No people just think its insanely cringe for you to treat a gossip board like your diary retard

No. 1720492

lol this is literally the only place online that badmouths nick. if you want to go suck his dick return to the many MANY subreddits where that behavior is welcome and encouraged.

No. 1720493

you are a faggot. and a new one at that.

No. 1720498

no one writes essays on how beautiful and intelligent and secretly a totally well-adjusted nice gal anna is in leftcow threads. not even essays, no one says that at all.

No. 1720501

File: 1670373658994.jpg (199.28 KB, 1125x779, 1659588999480.jpg)

i feel like Liz has been looking this skeletal for about the last year, she started to look shockingly thin around the same time she decided to rebrand as the millennial Sister Prejean while simultaneously martyring herself on Twitter constantly for her self-chosen beat ("sry i don't have the spoons for this, i witnessed a BOTCHED EXECUTION today"). feel like there's some Catholic asceticism mixed in with her anachan tendencies

so yeah this >>1720457 but unironically.

No. 1720505

Whoops didn't mean to reply to myself. I'm a lil drunk rn. I'm sure you guys will just use that against me though or as proof that I'm a newfag even though I e been here since the first thread but it's fine. I'm not pretending to be an intellectual, just commenting on what I've observed in these threads. I mean I literally acknowledged how Nick would make a shitty boyfriend and any crush someone might have on him is based on projection but that's still not enough for some of you. I'm not defending him. That's why I called my post embarrassing. But I know for a fact that a significant portion of people here feel the same because I've seen you have this dumbass argument before many times. Honestly it's kinda fun to see you get so worked up about someone acknowledging they are attracted to Nick even if they admit that it's stupid and obv not gonna lead to anything good(alcohol-fueled derail)

No. 1720507

go back to wattpad

No. 1720515

Nona, you're being a cow. Stop it. Drink a glass of water and go to bed.

No. 1720516

No. 1720522

File: 1670374247669.gif (615.17 KB, 220x220, 1665494465343168.gif)

>why oh why do nonnies pick on nickposters
i never want to hear it again

No. 1720523

Her legs look good tbh, good for her

God I hope we get a monkey paw curl from this kek

Yeah sure nonnie whatever, Nick has some irresistible animal magnetism and girls ITT can't stop metaphorically riding his dick, you're a very good girl for acknowledging he'd make a shitty boyfriend etc etc. Eat something, drink some water, go to bed, and tomorrow take yourself out for some coffee and get yourself a nice paper notebook with thick pages and a fine point gel ink pen. I promise physically drawing letters on paper is a much better way to release these feelings than posting ITT

No. 1720526

just a friendly reminder, lolcow is for MAKING FUN of people from the internet while reddit is for fans to come together and write sincere posts about their fav eceleb.

No. 1720535

You would rather just shit on anyone who doesn't have 100% negative feelings towards one of these cows than actually try to engage with what makes them appealing to anyone in the first place. The fact that my retarded ass posts have invoked this much ire is testament to the exact thing I'm talking about. He does seem to illicit a strong reaction from people even when he himself has not done anything to inspire it. I just wanted to talk about why that is. You can keep denying it all you want but this will just keep happening. Someone will say something kind of positive about Nick or express that they be willing to fuck him, anons will sperg about it and shit all over them and how stupid they must be, discussion will move to other things, anons will complain about how boring the threads are now, rinse & repeat.
Nick is ugly, short, misogynistic, a drug addict, depressed, etc etc…
Lmao way to twist my words. I don't think he has animal magnetism or whatever. I just genuinely find it interesting how everyone in thread is easily very hateable and won't have many defenders, and yet he does. I'm not even defending him. I'm just admitting that I'm attracted to him while acknowledging that it's dumb and not in my best interests and I probably would not actually like him as a person. Enough anons have expressed similar sentiment that I thought I'd just expand on why that is

No. 1720536

No. 1720539

Only if you do it with me. Suicide pact or bust

No. 1720540

fag post

No. 1720544

Wow you really got me. So the suicide pact is off or or…?

No. 1720547

you both need to get a room and relentlessly hatefuck

No. 1720550

No. 1720558

You're right. Maybe that will cure my lust for short Irish drunkards. I should just fuck an autistic lolcow poster instead. It'll yield the same results anyway

No. 1720559

A jailhouse gay saga does everyone a bit of good. Builds character.

No. 1720562

>not a newfag
>says the most newfag shit imaginable to man

No. 1720565

I've seen the light, thank you. Im cursed with attraction to men, but luckily also attraction to women. Unfortunately the women I'm attracted to are usually needlessly antagonistic dickheads who get on my last nerve seemingly just for the fun of it. Maybe that's been the missing puzzle piece this whole time.
You want in on this? You seem like just my type

No. 1720567

I’m surprised that hasn’t happen with how often she’s drunk

No. 1720572

please try and come through this with a scrap of dignity left

No. 1720583

>lol this is literally the only place online that badmouths nick
the tafs sub isn't happy with him and the org is like a tupperware of forgotten food in the back of the fridge (don't need to open it bc you know it's rancid poison)

No. 1720593

Sorry but I fear it's too late for that. It's funny to think anyone who posts in this thread has any real semblance of dignity to be able to condescend to others about it. If it makes you feel better, you can tell me why you think I'm retarded and we can bond over our shared autism in engaging with any of these people who don't deserve fame or recognition in any way but still have it and we still fuel it by being here.
Just out of curiosity, what's Nick's most hateable trait in your opinion? Maybe hearing that will make me see the error in my ways and I'll repent for my actions

No. 1720608

nobody cares about whining bc you think you’re cursed of newfagging to be weird

No. 1720609

Have you considered that he's not problematic but, like, ugly and short

No. 1720610

ok so keep it to yourself??

No. 1720613

Liz is desperate to be some idea of (american white in just another flavor) comfortable cradle catholic east coaster mom. wish she’d shush and actually focus on being a good family person then nobody could be quite as annoyed

No. 1720621

the only redeeming thing he’s ever done was that funny photo a while back, literally the only thing

No. 1720634

So we're turning this to a psychoanalyzing thread now? Cause I'm all for it if the only milk right now is RS getting washed up 2000's conservative talking heads as guests.

No. 1720644

The subreddit now hates him and the dot org has hated him even way longer. Hating on Nick isn't some persecuted, underground opinion. His reputation is divisive.

No. 1720650

Hell the psychology of fandom thread on /ot/ would be more appropriate for this line of questioning

No. 1720655

keep riding that dick ladies

No. 1720660

Kek how's what I posted dickriding? Do you even know what that means?

No. 1720663

I'm not gonna act like anything said here has been revolutionary but this is the most entertained I've been while reading this thread in months, so I say we should all let our psychoanalyses out and just see what happens.
>His reputation is divisive.
It's almost like that was the exact phenomenon I was commenting on…which is apparently so uninteresting that it shouldn't be talked about and yet here we are. Not getting mad at you btw, just saying.
I don't really see how these anons are riding his dick? Just recognizing that he is not universally beloved, even amongst his own fanbase. I mean I would still ride his dick tho but that's beside the point

No. 1720668

I thin what's interesting is how Nick can shit up a huge portion of Leftcow threads without even having done anything milky.

No. 1720672

ayrt, sure why not

No. 1720712

File: 1670383689354.jpeg (346.8 KB, 750x784, 316ABF1B-9609-48B9-B878-4EF940…)

Does someone bankroll Aimee’s reactionary, dumbass, bootlicker tweets? Or is she actually this stupid?

No. 1720716

Isn't she on Claremont's (and by extension Thiel's) payroll? One of their associates' direct appeal to Elon was what freed her.

No. 1720724

Yes! My master plan worked. It's all been an elaborate game of 4D chess to get one of you here to fuck me. You know how hard it is to find a woman who hates the modern left but isn't conservative? Easier than finding an actual bi/lesbian woman on Tinder or Her, I'll tell you that much. Thank you, and all the other nonnies replying to me, for making my night. I'll go to bed now and dream of the horrible candle lit Kubrick inspired kickback in Brooklyn that we would both refuse to attend. Hang a dreamcatcher above your bed so evil leprechaun Nick doesn't visit you in your dreams.

No. 1720762

File: 1670387671358.jpeg (488.29 KB, 1170x1746, D893A9BB-ADDD-43B6-BDCD-B7789F…)

Im surprised this freak would welcome Aimee back considering how he's been extra sensitive about the right disparaging drag queens lately

No. 1720770

File: 1670389235206.png (158.98 KB, 1190x570, aimee v jack.png)

I think jack vs aimee is on the horizon and will happen any day now (likely after the next balenciaga style pedo scandal). when Aimee came back she immediately retweeted some pretty obvious subtweets. his mutuals like zach and filthy american have vaguely acknowledged her but so far jack has completely ignored her. anna has also been slower to interact with her again but weirdly dasha (who never seemed to like aimee) has faved her "she's back" tweet on both her main and dash_eats accounts.

No. 1720772

File: 1670389488416.png (656.68 KB, 1182x1792, chud on suicide watch.png)

No. 1720778

Plus no children or marriage despite being a Christian conservative. I always thought she might have androgen insensitivity syndrome.

No. 1720780

She likely has autism, I feel sorry for her

No. 1720783

can the childish/but dated stylings really be “ironic” or “alt” now, or at any point. and they bring into online-friedness (and it’s a lot if i’m seeing it lol) into talking irl too

No. 1720786

0HP was shitting on pariah earlier. Seems like some lines are being drawn.

No. 1720843

Idrc about their infights but it seems obvious for the sexist racist rw not to accept a trans person

No. 1720907

Not saying she looks bad but she claims to have an underweight bmi. For how long she’s been working out she should 100% be showing more definition kek

No. 1720952

File: 1670408965354.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, nottodisuagen.jpg)

>the org
>the dot org
Before anyone asks, "the org" or "the dot org" refers to the cumtown dot org website

No. 1720978

>freedom and joy are my compass
Samefag she is a miserable nihilist, why not own it. She wants people to believe ever since she found religion she’s become this bundle of joy that loves life but she will randomly crack and talk about getting black out and fighting with her boyfriend over her smoking too much, or verbally abusing him for lifting weights and trying to better himself

No. 1720982

idk if it was a fever dream but i saw chloe sevigny with the redscare girls at a morrissey concert, did anyone else see?

No. 1720992

the truth is the dirtbag left and breadtube are a reaction to the alt right and trump movement, when trump loses in 2024 they will all become irrelevant, 2024 election will be the post trump vibe shift

No. 1720993

Funny people are above average in intelligence keep coping nonna

No. 1721007

There were pics with her and Dasha in the previous thread I think, so that might be a possibility.

Technically it was Bernie's loss in 2020 that signaled the death bell and Trump's loss in the election that delivered the coup de grace. Fact is now the kids have moved on to other interests and everyone who rode that Breadtube/Dirtbag Left wave will become the 2010s equivalent of Colbert and the Daily Show. Just mouthpieces or fireside chats for centre left Liberal politics.

No. 1721028

File: 1670421348828.png (1.09 MB, 1253x953, 7.png)

TAFS apparently managed to get Mac Demarco on the recent ep. Its been four years since he was last relevant (generous approximation) but it seems they're finally putting some portion of their 130k+ a month Patreon to use (read: hiring a booking agent). Also there was some shade thrown at Stav's new pod. There's definitely gallons of milk here waiting to be uncovered but for some damn reason nobody cares to dig anything.

No. 1721058

Big 'PMC koots ostrenga' vibes here.
The way she exaggerates and seems to fabricate perceived hardship seems to serve the same function as zoomer '''''trauma'''''''''''', in different clothing.

No. 1721065

File: 1670426391475.png (36.19 KB, 620x584, spillled milk.png)

farmers left because the thread is bloated with sperging, derails and infighting. milk used to be posted here within minutes of happening, now it takes days if milk is even posted at all. if it does get posted it is ignored for the latest reddit-tier bait post. no one even posts a link to the new thread in a timely fashion, they just keep arguing until it locks and then somewhere between 2-4 days later someone makes a new one and all milk in that period is lost, it's ridiculous.

No. 1721077

The waiting period between threads is to let the spergs and derailers drift away out of boredom. Doesn’t always work but it serves a purpose, and anything that happens in the interim gets posted within the first few posts.

No. 1721140

No. 1721142

I don’t understand these posts. Is this a self posting cow desperate for this thread to end? Not going to happen, you made your bed

No. 1721157

I really don’t understand why people don’t just post screenshots on an image board and posts links instead? like why

No. 1721160

Not reading this, is there another poorly coded Dasha analogue in it?

No. 1721161

because people here don't care about cumtown except the mullen fangirls like the disaster above

No. 1721165

just report it and don’t reply. post the screenshot if it’s milky

No. 1721167

>For how long she’s been working out she should 100% be showing more definition
most likely because she's still eating at a caloric deficit. to build muscle and gain strength, you need to eat more.

No. 1721168

sa just to add, she probably doesn't know wtf she's doing too. no progressive overload, no program. just doing bs exercises.

No. 1721191

We're not just talking about Cum Town, you invalid, just right now someone posts a twitter link without a screenshot or any info (probably some cow self-posting). These threads have been compromised beyond recognition. Theres almost no farmers left here, just self posters

No. 1721197

I think she’s trying to come off as a gym bunny for attention while barely doing any activity. She’s never had anyone record her doing any exercises, very sus for how much of an attention whore she is

No. 1721204

reading comprehension? this is in response to a nonnie talking about ct, sperg
always her sitting on the floor with lightweight dumbbells around her

No. 1721217

wow demarco he showered. so now the nick-posting ground work makes sense. you'll never sway us back to your side nick, especially not with dadbod indie crushes from 2011.

No. 1721221

how did people in the 80s get hardbodies with no autistic spreadsheets, light aerobics, and tons of coke dissolving any progress?

No. 1721224

She said on the pod she only goes three times a week.

No. 1721226

they didn't, they just had low bf%. people who did, did progressive overload and ate lots (and were probably on gear) regardless of what bs vhs workout tape claim they made of just doing jumping jacks for 15 minutes a day or whatever.

No. 1721231

She’s been going for at least a year and she claims to be underweight. If she was doing proper workouts she would be more visibly toned by now

No. 1721240

She almost definitely doesn’t eat a healthy amount of protein

No. 1721253

Resistance bands, weights, body weight exercises combined with low body fat. Not everyone did coke at least not on a daily basis

No. 1721295

This is like a hallmark of being irrelevant

No. 1721338

yeah she has the body of someone whos mostly skinnyfat except for an hourly walk each day, not someone who consistently works out in a gym

No. 1721340

File: 1670442038282.png (99.37 KB, 607x470, join the cia.png)

Real fedposting hours

No. 1721365

He has 11 million monthly listeners on spotify, hardly irrelevant

No. 1721393

File: 1670445362057.jpg (827.92 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3491.jpg)

Brittany Broski was at the IonPack party that all the cows went to in November? lol how did I miss that… what is she even doing there I thought she lived in LA

No. 1721402

trying to plug tafs on the weeb imageboard with mac demarco and not the nick/adam queerbaiting webms ngmi

No. 1721497

File: 1670452184537.png (85.7 KB, 1170x422, sundance.png)

The movie Dasha was filming earlier in the year will be at Sundance in January, not Cannes.

No. 1721523

File: 1670453663689.png (509.67 KB, 987x653, armspin.png)

Three times a week is plenty, nonnie, are you literally snorting roids

Progressive overload just means heavier weights, no autismo spreadsheets necessary, also this >>1721226. We still have scammers who lift heavy making content claiming you can get the same body as them with light workouts (like these ridiculous youtube videos of women making circles with their arms held out to the side of their bodies kek), "get fit quick and with no effort" sells. Btw
>80s hardbodies
Go work out, jack

No. 1721529

90% of calisthenics youtubers lift weights. it's the biggest scam. you cannot get big legs from bodyweight exercises kek

No. 1721607

You can get big enough by normal human standards with proper calisthenics, people just don't want to hear they'll have to do several sets of pull-ups and piston squats instead of flailing their arms for fifteen seconds and doing 8 non-grand pliés.

No. 1721670

Then why didn't you reply to that nonna? Don't you know how this site works?

No. 1721678

Why doesn't Dasha just choose B-sploitation movies? That's literally the only genre that would fit her "capabilities"

No. 1721713

not rly for lower body, you need high weight to build mass especially since you can't progressive overload bw. the limit is too low. once you pistol squat 3x20 you gotta get to the barbell, it's over.

No. 1721780

File: 1670466350329.png (111.61 KB, 596x856, aimeegayfashion.png)

Aimee seems to be baiting him and/or gay RW Twitter. It's been a while since we had a good Jack meltdown. About time we had some real catfights

No. 1721785

call me crazy for agreeing but this is like the most reasonable thing Aimee has ever said. It's kinda funny coming from her though, since she's shaped like a stick bug.

No. 1721801

File: 1670467781390.png (37.2 KB, 618x351, aimeedemocrat.png)

Yes she happens to be right here. She's been troonposting all day and I hope she gets the fight she's looking for.

It certainly beats her idiotic claims that Big Pharma is "notoriously not capital aligned" and that Democratic party cant comes from Chapo rather than the other way around. Note her pretentious use of "Democrat Party." Fuck off foreign devil.

She's gotta be taking the Thielbux - the retarded idea that "woke capital" is a perversion of capitalism rather than its logical outcome is exactly the bullshit these libertarian think tanks are selling.

No. 1721807

File: 1670468392461.png (61.51 KB, 632x679, aimee big pharma.png)

She's more retarded than ever

No. 1721812

Love nonnas posting how Aimee just “happens” to be right on several totally different topics. I’ll be here when you realize this deranged crackhead gremlin is correct exactly 92% of the time and Twitter/this thread is finally healing now that she’s back

No. 1721814

kek thats not even fedposting this is just being a completely evil contrarian dipshit.
she must be going insane by the lack of dopamine. ofc she went private now

No. 1721819

Goddamn, Aimee titsuckers are just as bad as Nick dickriders

No. 1721820

Her blind squirrel insights re: troons and misogynist gay men are not "several totally different topics." She's a corporate think tank whore, simple as

No. 1721835

this. you'd think with chapos profound irrelevance she wouldnt be as obsessed in the year of our lord 2022, but somehow the hipster sexpests still own massive amounts of real estate in her deranged pensioner brain

still here for her eviscerating fat jack tho

No. 1721848

Ew. Try to lighten up a little nonnie, it can’t be fun to be this sour and ill humored

No. 1721852

File: 1670472250764.png (20.47 KB, 609x188, fagsvsaimee.png)

And so it begins

No. 1721853

File: 1670472369809.png (257.69 KB, 631x406, fagsvsaimee2.png)

Where would we be without their eye for such beauty?

No. 1721856

"You need us" cries unfrozen caveman drag queen as he strikes you

No. 1721859

File: 1670472745923.png (416.83 KB, 1096x740, Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 10.1…)

Aimee's podcast is over. Check out her bio. I wonder if it's because Oliver Bateman was talking shit (being honest) about her while she was off Twitter.

No. 1721883

Online tickets for this are going to be $20; could've sworn it was $15 when Sundance first went virtual two years ago. Thanks, Biden.

No. 1721937

more poz delusions from plague rats whose LARPs are based entirely around emulating jaded rich old white women and, occasionally, working class black women

No. 1721971


from the podcast its pretty clear that liz bruenig has/has had an eating disorder. in the podcast at one point she said she was writing a piece about EDs. plus there was that food diary article in which she eats like one diet soda and some crackers

No. 1722103

>but somehow the hipster sexpests still own massive amounts of real estate in her deranged pensioner brain
kek they're older than her even. good time to remind everyone that will menaker and matt christman are like 42 now. they've both mentioned they were in college when 9/11 happened. felix is the youngest of them and he's like 35. at an age when you should really be reaching your stride in your career, hopefully starting a family, and he's sadposting online with his dickriders in 50 different group chats

No. 1722127

File: 1670510909942.png (43.48 KB, 598x317, hZcX3vC.png)

No. 1722131

Lmao the fatty & his troon sycophants are going to lose this one sooo badly but it’ll be fun to watch

No. 1722167

We knew it was you who built the chains, fags

No. 1722170

Wasn’t the awful styling of Kim how normies figured out kanye was gay?

No. 1722179

did he actually post those looks as an example of good styling? what a plebe take, the Mugler look at right literally looks like an anus lmao. wow thanks gay men, such taste, such class, who else but you could do this for women

No. 1722202

Didn't kanye change Kim's wardrobe and it was all awful beige burlap sack shit? I'm actually not sure if it was "straight moid trying and failing to be edgy" bad, or "faggot bad".

No. 1722204

The iconic HPV lesions dress for Kim

No. 1722206

You will never be a woman and straight men will never respect or desire you. You will be a frustrated het guy pick me until you expire gracelessly

No. 1722215

Where’s that pinkpilled post that describes how gay men perceive women as their own Frankenstein’s monster? Femaleness and female culture moves without you, Caucasoid peroxide hominid wet cat food faggot.

No. 1722243

the queen is back

No. 1722265

File: 1670523947937.png (305.8 KB, 1216x1334, Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 10.23…)

apparently aimee is combing through oliver's tweets about her from october and even replying so she can set the record straight? what a waste of her time

No. 1722282

ppl who think like this will forever be obsessed that pretty/normal women are more influential and don’t need them around

No. 1722284

>Matt’s probably sitting there in a wrinkled t-shirt reminding Liz that she promised to cook him Dino Bites tomorrow night

No. 1722304

Absolutely nonna. There are so many levels of influence they can never penetrate or understand. They'll also never know the freedom that comes from getting older and having the ability to blend in and just do what you like and contribute when you feel like it. They on the other hand don't exist without strangers watching them be messy. Sad! Women get the satisfaction of knowing what they do matters whether internet randos are watching or not.


Oldfag Nonna

No. 1722355

>hopefully starting a family
opinion disregarded, trad larper

No. 1722383

i'm just using "starting a family" as shorthand for having an achievement other than a twitter drama podcast for other failmales. average male life expectancy is what, 72? clock's ticking for the chapos.

No. 1722439

if matt, the guy who goes on "we're so fucked" rant every other episode of chapo has a kid it was all bullshit from the start

No. 1722496

File: 1670536753812.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1430, ACFBB04C-A07E-4607-9EC2-A2A18F…)

No definition, but stomach looking taut

No. 1722503

File: 1670536955471.png (338.31 KB, 494x759, dashapariah.PNG)

dasha cant even see paintings without talking about weight and hip to waist ratios

No. 1722509

wow such scintillating cultural commentary from 2 brilliant modern intellects

No. 1722533

how is them trad larping, if a lolcow user can smell your need to touch grass and see the real world you’re in dire straits.

No. 1722541

File: 1670539042089.png (770.18 KB, 828x474, View recent photos.png)

not gonna go into woo-woo shit or into what you can observe to see this schubbly creep seething caveman fetishist has lot the plot but picrel kek

No. 1722548

pariah all of us we live rent free in your mind, literally are a doughy caricature of a racist drawing/stereotypical incel genes whiny boy that you are and will always probably be, at least deep down, come to life. dasha has no wthr and is a negative void of the freshness most bottom-average women have to be attractive let alone what ppl with more aesthetically pleasing traits/basic charisma have

No. 1722563

I’m sorry you live in the Midwest and are ten years behind culture but NY clout is based on that population not knowing about you yet.

No. 1722602

none of them really have genuine curiosities coming in on their own or passion. like it’s fine to be nerdy and want to learn but not when being self-conscious makes this it annoying and out of touch. these “niche” topics are treated sports team rivalries but taking seriously and about social media dunking, not their actual own exploration. you can’t call yourself based (which isn’t even edgy, has lost all meaning, and why would you want to seriously appropriate any incel/similar spaces derived terminology?)

What I’m saying is these cows have no or little cultural scopes and awarenesses and if they did it would be really self-limited

No. 1722615

lol, i wonder if she read that post from this thread about Oliver Bateman talking shit about her and is responding now

No. 1722616

Gas the homos I’ve had enough

No. 1722618

What he said wasn’t false, let alone defamatory

No. 1722621

File: 1670543757468.png (95.67 KB, 749x740, pariahtroon.png)


Every homo secretly thinks he's Oscar Wilde Jr., super geeeeeeeenius and Pariah the Troon is no exception.

The illiterate Ghanaian immigrant he mentions surely has more to offer than Pariah, Fuentes, Milo, Fat Jack and the rest of his crew of nelly entryist grifters put together. At the very least he's probably incapable of their level of delusion.

No. 1722626

File: 1670544084138.png (16.09 KB, 596x138, pariahtroongnostic.png)

None of his incoherent bullshit will ever exist outside of the internet and the tapped out, irrelevant circles he tries desperately to join.

"I believe in love" and "Jesus was a fascist, tee hee"

Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1722627

we can barely see anything

absolute lmao @ troon pariah being dragged by 0HP but still using his "she could lose weight" meme

No. 1722628

Incredible how taking poz loads up the ass mutates the standard moid delusions of grandeur. I can only compare it to tossing some used tampons into an already clogged Walmart shitter

No. 1722640

blah blah whiny babies nursery stuff. you have no real connections or even like yourself, all this is generic and flat and that’s just how things are. don’t complain about your bubble if you latch onto their id-pol shilling and cling to fake gay labels for concepts you don’t understand

No. 1722642

File: 1670545133268.png (77.49 KB, 828x474, Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 7.18.…)

lmao you’re not even doing jack shit get your priorities right

No. 1722644

isn’t his whole thing being anti-diversity and threatened by the above isms and being a gender goblin in these spiritually dead circlejerks

No. 1722645

>Reject the feminine nursery
>Embrace the masculine fatherlessness

No. 1722652

ironic coming from a woman with the body shape of a wet noodle. she's so used to her shopped selfies she forgot what she actually looks like.

No. 1722653

woke troons hate women too but at least their “gender failures” are policed enough by minorities around them to not shit on women too severely in public….

I also wanna say one of my friends is the best modern painter I’ve ever seen. She is capable of the hyper realism and romanticism that retards seem to think is the only art worth admiring. And goes without saying any 2 minute napkin doodle she makes outweighs any art the troon and fat Jack can do.

No. 1722656

gross. Why does this specific subset of converts to catholic- wannabe larger people attract such retards

No. 1722661

File: 1670547331522.png (401.28 KB, 828x1024, Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 7.53.…)

imagine being this humanity hating/threatened by artistic women and thinking that this is real. this rat has never opened/inquired into a general history book or can define the word vomit

No. 1722675

culture doesn't develop linearly and midwesterners are lucky to be distanced from it as it currently exists

No. 1722679

His screencaps are from their favorite fag hag Paglia, of course. Perhaps an artfag nonna can elaborate on how she overestimates homo influence. Off the top of my head, Bernini, Titian, and Raphael weren't exactly big queens. In any event the man Pariah claims as Savior killed his big gay dream forever

No. 1722681


No. 1722684

no nonna should waste her time deconstructing this obvious nonsense

No. 1722687


No. 1722689

Tár was a basic, shitty movie, and it’s funny how basic, shitty people are praising it

No. 1722690

All this androgyny eunuch shit you’re just a bitter bitchy gay. Too bad his parents accepted his transition because maybe if he processed his woman envy when he was younger as a gay male and made some female friends he could be a typical NYC faghag with a long term boyfriend.

No. 1722695

Old news but literally every gay men style was them basically doing caricatures of women. Gay men wouldn't exist without women, that's a fact.

No. 1722740

Saged for nonmilk and no1curr, but what's with all the Ray Peat hate last thread? He was an 86 year old man when he died in his sleep, that's hardly a premature death. As for his dietary advice, it's loose guidelines what are good foods to eat (relatively nonprocessed animal products, tropical fruits and fresh fruit juice, low-fat dairy products, small amounts of gelatin/coconut oil, and one raw carrot daily, coffee) and what to avoid (PUFAs, uncooked starches/legumes/beans, nuts and seeds, gotigens) for thyroid health. That's not a comprehensive eating plan or a weight loss regiment, and it's not his fault if Internet retards construe it that way. Some people do unironically drink a gallon of milk and a gallon of orange juice daily so they are on the "Ray Peat Diet" and only eating his recommended foods, but he never intended for anyone to do that, he's even warned against excess liquid consumption. Anyway RIP Ray Peat.

No. 1722753

pseudoscientist with no real publications or demonstrable research into his fad diet. this alone deserves ire, but his diets arent particularly as bad as the bastardizations he spawned or what gets shilled now. Hence why he lived to 86 and the "raw" diet paleos will simply disappear off the internet in their 50s after dying expectedly. I agree people were overly harsh on him compared the people advocating for raw meat/milk and cooking it / drinking pasteurized off-screen, who deserve it way worse.

"diversity" to this delusional troon is bog standard wignats and homofascists stopping their bickering and coming together in agreement that women must be subjugated

No. 1722755

(Ray Is Peat)

No. 1722760

Some of his advise is common senses but the whole "hyperthyroidism don't real" and "muh megadose of preformed retinol" shit is so transparently hamplanet amerifat logic it inspires nothing but disgust.

No. 1722802

>Jesus Christ was a fascist
>Marianne Williamson-Nick Fuentes-ism
Is this dialectics?

No. 1722815

File: 1670567780030.png (158.4 KB, 1170x574, lol.png)

lol zach absolutely gets dragged by his tired ass wig and he responds with a "checks notes" like a reddit atheist from 2014. what a profound, groundbreaking mind

No. 1722837

This is rich coming from Dasha who doesn’t even have a proportionate waist to hip ratio either? she looks bizarre, with her massive fetal head, no titties, no ass, not even a waist that curves in like an hourglass. Totally unfeminine in every regard. No decent man is attracted to a body that looks like a wood plank.

No. 1722839

Please leave moid

No. 1722840


this ratty little boy knows absolutely nothing about beauty or art idk how he gained a following these past few months

No. 1722841

not a moid, but to preface, I have nothing against different body types and one isn’t better than the other. What I was saying is that Dasha’s comment holds zero weight because she doesn’t even have the ideal body type in her mind that she idolizes either. It’s contradictory for her to hate on the bodies shown in the paintings.

No. 1722917

File: 1670582433028.png (734.78 KB, 850x680, dashawhr.png)

nta but ik what u meant, she's an anachan because of poor fat distribution and still doesn't have a low WHR but acts as if she's in a place to talk down about women's bodies with that pedophilic troon. i've never seen a woman who carries her fat in the right places worry about having near underweight BMI or act as if anorexia is a good thing, because actually to have a contrast of slim waist and wider hips/bigger glutes you need to be storing some fat around those body parts and you can enhance it more by working out and growing muscle which requires eating lots especially protein, heavy hip thrusts and ends up looking healthy and feminine if you had an hourglass or a pear shape to begin with, which those paintings have. it's the ones who are genetically ugly and shaped like rectangles like dasha who need "skinny" going for them because if their bmi goes up their fat distribution isn't working in their favor. and the worst part is it leaves them with a sunken face and looking older, fillers only temporarily help but always stay and migrate ending up just giving you a pillow face in the long run. must suck being an anachan or a troon envious of other women's bodies

No. 1722940

File: 1670585649971.jpeg (140.64 KB, 640x427, 9A1B4745-4FA5-45D9-AE47-8EC0CB…)

After the mildest pushback. Reminder that this freak dated Baked Alaska and one of Fuentes’ groyper lieutenants (Shawn).

No. 1722943

This one is very clearly severely mentally ill and should probably have their phone taken away. Surprised she hasn't an heroed yet.

No. 1722960

perfectly said lol

No. 1722975

she dated Baked Alaska?

No. 1722993

they would not… even exist. so much for nature hating

No. 1722995


A handful of the artists in those times were pederasts. It's such a big tell that they want to appropriate all that art as part of their doing only because a few of those artists were pedos, they're literally saying the quiet part out loud

No. 1722998

how is it that the people who seriously use the term npc act like the most ai generated stereotypes and the most generically ugly no matter how hard the try to be funny or unique.

No. 1723055

if i were shaped like dasha (like a 8 yr old boy) i would simply never comment on other women's bodies especially not whr

No. 1723073

Dasha and Anna could learn that loathing and being hypercritical to the self isn’t permission to speak on others

No. 1723100

File: 1670606388589.png (386.76 KB, 598x523, fbBY4S1.png)

No. 1723101

>"diversity" to this delusional troon is bog standard wignats and homofascists stopping their bickering and coming together in agreement that women must be subjugated

"If only we had the freedom to subjugate x we'd do great things. It's x who are holding us back."

They really need to stop hiding behind 500 year old paintings like Prager U tier grifters.

What have gay men produced since liberation? Ru Paul? Ryan Murphy? Andy Cohen? Darren Star? Dustin Lance Black? Podcasters? AIDS isn't an excuse. There's no shortage of gay men. Maybe they're the ones who need a good dose of repression.

No. 1723109

tbh this look is fire

No. 1723111

That bumpit looks ridiculous, what are you smoking??

No. 1723113

it's a 60's vibe, hon…

No. 1723118

the sarah palin bumpit plus the dahmer glasses are giving female family annihilator (positive)

No. 1723123

go back to posting your tryhard culinary slop on instagram for your few hundred remaining simps, Biz.

No. 1723125

she used to look like such a cartoon villain. now she looks like she's crazy in a sad way. really too bad.

No. 1723129

lmao did you learn everyone from those ”vintage costumes” they sell for 15 bucks at pop up halloween stores. i do think it could be cute and hate the outfit wanking but it’s just not pulled of flatteringly. as much as she got roasted the short hair and squeezing into non-wrinkled shirts was better

No. 1723130

lmao jesus christ. relax, darling

No. 1723133

why tf are you trying to pull off the hon thing tryhard

No. 1723138

sad thing is dasha wishes she was a child/the crown wishes she was an 8 year old boy

No. 1723154

File: 1670610068588.jpg (196.15 KB, 1024x782, 5bace3c91bfb59408cbd7bbfad5b0a…)

"The work of Michaelina Wautier, a 17th-century artist, was long overlooked. She is belatedly gaining recognition as an old master, as the first U.S. show of her work opens in Boston."


No. 1723155

File: 1670610325308.jpg (174.91 KB, 1200x1800, welcometothedollhouse.jpg)

No. 1723167

spitting image

No. 1723168

she literally has the brain of a trans woman, her idea of the idea what makes a woman is so synthetic. it's so bizarre. i hope she heals

No. 1723169

but of course, nonnie. insecurity is actually what breeds this type of behavior

No. 1723265

please tell me Liz B is really posting here and this isn't just some bored nonny role playing

No. 1723305

File: 1670620279736.png (1.02 MB, 1198x1128, Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 1.08…)

She's been on one today writing countless unhinged tweets, even getting butthurt enough to call out some random girl. Very weird antisocial behavior

No. 1723319

nah thats like the hon’s incoherent npc copy and paste style of being and writing. liz would never take the lord’s name in vain

No. 1723327

honestly fucking coochiebone/jon is a worse crime

No. 1723332

File: 1670621152761.jpeg (117.91 KB, 1170x1078, D2E89AFB-18C5-4BF6-A759-35F864…)

sadly she deleted the milkiest seething replies. comment in picrel is accurate tho, ppig having 70k followers from copying unfunny tweets means "shitpost" twitter is dead kek

No. 1723338

but weinerdog is cool and liz is not

No. 1723346

this account is a girl?

No. 1723356

Liz used to constantly humblebrag on Twitter about her tiny body and being mistaken for a child. my fave was when she told everyone apropos of nothing that she "only weighs twice as much" as her 40 pound toddler daughter. a couple months ago she was liking comments that called her emaciated >>1659192 she's completely fucked in the head

nonnas have suspected for years that liz posts here, at the very least one of her most devoted simps like Carl does. every time she's posted about here there's an immediate follow-up trying to shut it down, like >>1720385 and the posts you quoted. why cows haven't figured out how obvious this is i'll never know.

No. 1723364

How is she 80 pounds and still not skinny?

No. 1723365

File: 1670622151877.png (1.61 MB, 1086x1262, Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 1.38…)

yes, and an incredibly mediocre-looking one at best. for all the nasty insults she throws around i'm not surprised.

No. 1723398

actually she's scary skinny lately. but I think the answer to your question is that she's so short it's legally a disability

No. 1723411

File: 1670625700395.png (371.67 KB, 445x503, devereball.png)

How is this shit still going?

No. 1723417

>theme: al that glitters
I can already see the terrible fashion choices. I hope dasha shows up in a sparkling ballerina tutu.

No. 1723422

There is no doubt Liz posts here. She’s among the most internet obsessed and insecure (name searches hello) and could probably figure out how to sage kek. She is loving the comments about her weight like every anachan who wants to be smol forever

No. 1723440

File: 1670628142299.jpeg (557.32 KB, 1170x1336, 07C9C8DF-5764-4FCF-93DA-40D1F6…)

Generally people make this critique of "libtard altruism" where billionaires are responsible for the opioid deaths or deforestation across the world, not covering up naked photos of fucking Joe Biden's son lmfao

No. 1723444

>filthy Armenian
We can always tell.

No. 1723456

these people have already tried to trodd all over ballet in their larping and ignorance can they pls leave it alone

No. 1723464

nta but I don’t think they ever dated. There was a self-loathing Mexican woman named Samaria who worked as Baked Alaska’s “social media manager” (functionally the same as being unemployed) but I don’t think she’s the same person as Samelpan. Granted that Baked and Fuentes’s groypers run in the same circles.

No. 1723528

this all has such a “Dubuque Little Theatre Guild” vibe I cannot

No. 1723574

If they could refrain from doing retarded shit they know is retarded they would not be cows to begin with

It will never stop being funny that these people's concept of high culture is equivalent to "and his name? Albert Einstein". Woke art is shit, but reactionaries and reactionary-adjacent tastes with their pretension of sophistication (and complete failure to achieve anything remotely close to it) take the cringe cake

No. 1723576

It's like a cross between a country singer and a soccer mom

No. 1723619

this is total nitpick/sperg but besides the usual coquette/ed/white racist cosplayers/ “ooomg wahmen let’s get into and prop up tje stereotypes of pain/elitism and “ooh gender roles” (which they don’t know about and most don’t understand about ballet and it’s own culture. the actual issues, which most get wrong…they shit all over) it makes them look so ignorant and provincial. they have no interest in interacting with artists or established communities, or know anything about the ideals of ballet and why people like it without them imposing something cringe on it or its enjoyers, or could name something or someone outside swan lake /nutcracker, let alone anything from history or basic stuff kids learn when it’s just an extracurricular.

No. 1723707

she sent nudes to one of them, it circulated and resulted in her going "anon" except when she has meltdowns like today

No. 1723713

No she didn’t, she dated and lived with Shawn McCaffrey, who was a part of Identity Evropa and was kicked from the military https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-white-supremacist-shawn-mccaffrey/

No. 1723719

kek look at his doughy soyboy face. they are exactly what they accuse others of being

No. 1723730

but anon, don't you know that liking ass is "primitive" and "third world taste"? lol

No. 1723737

so is liking actual femininity and adults, and women acting their age apparently

No. 1723760

they don't even thank lil b for being the og based god smh

No. 1723769

you can really tell how low her self-worth is if she dated someone like that - explains why she's such an unfunny pickme lmao

No. 1723771

all the ugly septum ring girls here seething about samara kek

No. 1723773

how irrelevant, they look the same general tier but the other at least but some effort into the modifications. Or hello cow

No. 1723774

hi samara, still having a meltdown about septum piercings? lol

No. 1723779

kim petras as a mass shooter

No. 1723790

>hi cow

No. 1723792

Some insight into Liz B's psychology on her and the potato's latest podcast…she still thinks her spiritual presence was the catalyst for the botched Alabama executions, compares her religious experience to what Kanye is currently going through in a roundabout attempt to excuse his behavior, and declares her mission to witness every execution in the country going forward is the result of her belief that that only way she gets into heaven is insisting that everyone gets into heaven, the only way she will be "spared" is if everyone is "spared."
The megalomania is insane

No. 1723794

Liz objectively has mental illness bad enough to end in hospitalization right

No. 1723895

File: 1670680618845.jpeg (13.48 KB, 257x399, 07010032.jpeg)

The art appreciators have logged on

No. 1723953

it's so funny how kantbot was the only one in that scene to be like "um there are more movies out there than american psycho" and trying to encourage reactionaries to actually read literature instead of larping

No. 1723985

trans yeah but still host

No. 1723987

doesn't she have children to parent, how is she going to do that? she really does have some sort of anorexia induced mental break

No. 1724027

It’s funny because even her ex didn’t prefer her body type. He was on his podcast talking about liking tall women with huge tits while they were dating. Maybe precipitated her cheating, come to think. His new gf seens more his type physically

No. 1724099

She is extremely short

No. 1724106

first of all that’s really not “immuh real just normal catholic” it seems. also jeez… she’s been traveling around the country as well? seems like a really tiring, pitiable head space to be in

No. 1724109

like a middle school teacher lol

No. 1724127

Having a shapely ass proportionate to the body indicates health and vitality, especially as one ages. Women like Dasha who are too lazy to make gym gains cope with muh anorexiuh

No. 1724149

who wouldn't want to spend their children's formative years trying to get as physically close as possible to human garbage who butcher the innocent?

No. 1724164

File: 1670700563779.png (46.66 KB, 606x259, le irony.png)

Surprised cCsh is taking the Houellebecq pill and reverting, always thought he was going to settle on some schizzed-out Tibetan buddhist larp

No. 1724191

I'm gonna say the unspoken truth here, Liz regrets her kids and wants to be a childless girlboss with an "interesting" inner world. No woman that's happy with family life spends this much time coping and attention whoring. She probably will compete with her daughters too.

No. 1724197

File: 1670704142610.jpeg (170.83 KB, 492x718, 6CBDFA25-D916-4C5D-8911-D53AD1…)

No. 1724219

“She” is ugly as fuck

No. 1724224

File: 1670706825369.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, DD967525-7E74-43E8-B2CD-A9E31E…)

Dasha x Adam spotting

No. 1724225

Fun fact: Dasha has had sex with all three of them

No. 1724242


I don't understand this post. Explain?

No. 1724246

the MRA inceloid reddittard always comes out. literally "ironically" getting into islam so you can get a free pass to hate and control women without having to go the troon route to do it. so predictable and so pathetic. these guys fall for every extremely online internet trend the other dudes rock "edgy men" are doing and have absolutely no thoughts of their own. when are people going to get tired of tithing this fat old ugly fuck to summarize stupidpol "theory-crafting" for them

No. 1724249

giving up the bliss of domestically abusing your middle aged femboy to listen to a droopy dog programmer lecture you about niche catholicism

No. 1724251

it’s a joke. the chapos have been joking that american evangelicals and other right wingers are going to become wahhabists for years now.

No. 1724291

Well, they’re right about that, Nick Fuentes guys have been singing the praise of Islam for awhile

No. 1724293

File: 1670713639048.png (655.41 KB, 700x700, user.png)

classic sperg-bark by are maddie right there

sadly, snotcominome

No. 1724352

How do trad cath scarethots rag on abortion and planned parenthood when dasha Liz and Anna are on record admitting to having gotten abortions? So fucking weird

No. 1724353

KEK. it's comical how their hatred is always a projection of themselves. classic

No. 1724382

goes back farther than that, afaik it started when Roosh V tried to do some "I'm not misogynistic I'm Muslim!!!" shit

No. 1724399

I’ll be honest I think that women who’ve admitted to getting abortions but have consciously grown past whatever mindset they were in at the time of receiving it and feel differently about it can 100% exist but I don’t think that the spergy podcast mimics are those types of women kek. I remember there was an episode where D mentioned that A once almost bled out from giving herself an abortion? And obviously she conceded that she can’t go around claiming to be pro-life because she isn’t in practice but it makes perfect sense if the asd suffering listeners would completely ignore that logic and solely hone in on the pro-life rhetoric for their pathetic fucking “trad cath” LARP…

No. 1724410

She is seriously dysfunctional, to the point where I almost feel bad saying it.

No. 1724411

>I remember there was an episode where D mentioned that A once almost bled out from giving herself an abortion?
I don't remember that, are you sure?

No. 1724430

Oh yeah, the episode was called Handmaids Fail or some shit like that. I can post a clip in a second if you want

No. 1724433

I see nothing troonish about Maddie at all. Nope. Nothing to troon here

No. 1724472

Consciously grown past supporting bodily autonomy? Seems like cope

No. 1724493

"ive 'grown' past this, so im going to advocate voting for freaks who want to make sure you cant"

No. 1724501

File: 1670731002067.jpeg (130.9 KB, 1200x800, 311C0520-1967-4C46-BE03-3B357C…)

She’s like The Love Witch but catholic

No. 1724502

I thought it was a rib about how the NY podcast scene shifted from socialism to traditional Catholicism.

No. 1724512

if you can please, I completely do not remember that. what the fuck lol

No. 1724513

I mean…if you reread my post you can see I didn’t say “consciously grown past supporting bodily autonomy” lol…I said consciously grown past her lived experience of getting an abortion and being traumatized by it; thus influencing her approach to the subject now. and she herself even said that she can’t go around calling herself pro-life because she still has history of making the conscious decision to end pregnancies, so I can’t speak as to whether or not she’s doing any pro-life or pro-choice voting.

No. 1724515

I’m gonna keep it real (as a grown woman who believes that abortion should be accessible for victims of sexual assault/abuse), and as someone who’s had an abortion; abortion definitely isn’t a good or desirable thing so it’s reasonable to not want other people to have to experience getting one. It’s really better to just practice safe sex or not have sex at all if you don’t want to get pregnant kek, i can’t imagine why any woman here would want to touch a moid with a 10 foot pole to begin with, let alone be at risk for pregnancy…

No. 1724528

lol nice try

No. 1724561

File: 1670736780612.jpeg (176.36 KB, 750x1014, 255794BC-FC22-40A5-8867-297CA8…)

Very dumb

No. 1724569

>…if you reread my post you can see I didn’t say “consciously grown past supporting bodily autonomy” lol…
looked like nonnas were commenting on scarethots not you, but since you're getting defensive maybe you should think about what you typed to get those responses.

No. 1724582

File: 1670739607004.png (3.21 MB, 1212x2186, stavystance.png)

oh no he has that horrible splayed leg stance that people get when their muscles aren't strong enough to hold their mass… he or his agent or whoever should not have posted this one. No offense to people who are old or ill but normal people don't stand like this. Stav is literally 33 and constantly talking about improving himself, I wasn't paying attention and assumed he was actually exercising (lol) so seeing him shocked me. Absolutely no improvement. he looks worse than ever.

No. 1724591

Who cares about your personal beliefs? That's not what the other anon was addressing.

No. 1724597

Both Dasha and Maddie suffer the "30 yr old woman still dresses like she's 15" syndrome but I feel Maddie pulls it off slightly better because of the tomboyish style.

No. 1724607

can exercise alone fix the ")(" legs? he has been fat for so long there's probably no hope for his joints at this point.

No. 1724612

File: 1670743747836.jpeg (111.37 KB, 1284x1315, FjmQyF1aEAA1CvM.jpeg)

No. 1724614

File: 1670743851743.jpeg (67.93 KB, 553x656, FjnFRIeacAET9qO.jpeg)

No. 1724628

I think it's more a lack of activity that gets someone's legs to this point. he's so young though! and he was standing like a person with functioning hips and knees last time I looked. what the fuck

No. 1724652

Absolutely deranged self post

No. 1724741

He's youngish and hasn't permanently fucked anything up, so he could fix himself, but he almost definitely won't. Those human interest stories about someone who has a heart attack at a really young age for that, like 45, and then gets into marathon running to turn their health around are a thing because it's so rare. Stav's whole thing is having zero self control, there was a like six month run on cumtown where he'd talk about getting high and watching Thor Ragnarok on a nightly basis.
So yeah it's almost definitely over for him.

No. 1724749

>thinking pics from 2016 are some kind of gotcha

deranged and obsessed behavior

No. 1724807

Why are you here

No. 1724812

You’re pathetic

No. 1724816

you're right you look worse now

No. 1724817

His life has gotten so much more worse since he left Cum Town

No. 1724824

Google “Prince Hubris” or look at the kiwifarms thread about him, he has a litany of disgustingly depraved “scandals” within that whole wignat/fuentes american first scene, it’s embarrassing she’d associate let alone have pudgy soy sex with someone like that for so many years

No. 1724827

hi cow

No. 1724829

hey samara("hi cow")

No. 1724830

Years?! They were fucking for years?! She really is out of her mind

No. 1724859

Ok yeah, you guys really need to learn how to read KEK…idk about you but what TA said didn’t read to me like her personal feelings it sounded more like an explanation of the standpoint that A + D claim they have based off their own personal experiences, which is what this thread is about. Let’s keep up, sweetie pies…

No. 1724873

bump to hide cp

No. 1724914

there's obese teenagers in high-school with that same leg obesity problem, it's sadly not rare for americans. stav isn't young he's an old hag. he's a fat shitbeast scrote like most morph into

No. 1724942

itayirt, the fact that you had to qualify what "warrants" abortion care tells me you're full of shit and werent worth even replying to initially. go back to twitter

No. 1724970

Life isn’t black and white. Just because I’d support an assaulted woman of any age receiving an abortion doesn’t mean I’d support a retarded 35 year old who was just too lazy to practice consensual sex safely carelessly aborting a child they created, through sex which everyone knows is a purposefully procreative activity even if in your own mind you’re having sex for “pleasure”. It’s perfectly fine if you disagree but at the end of the day, I can only control my own behavior. You have the freedom to have as many abortions as you want

No. 1724982

File: 1670784618445.png (309.49 KB, 598x781, TmdjGK2.png)

This always amuses me, she brings this up a lot:
Anna not having any of markle's undignified ethno-larping for personal gain.

I honestly wasn't expecting it, I thought markle's blatant race frauding would provide good cover for Anna's.
Literally the last person on earth to be making this point.
Unscrupulous ethno-larping for me but not thee

No. 1724989

kek i mean i agree with the point but anna is not the one who should be saying it. anna has called herself a woc too and said she doesn’t benefit from whiteness despite looking like every other white woman in new york. she’s delusional if she thinks she looks any less white than markle.

No. 1725019

File: 1670786939634.jpeg (672.05 KB, 1242x2157, A674E0FC-2A94-4783-B4B7-5FE755…)

No. 1725026

You’re still seeing having children as a way to punish “lazy” old women. Very moid like. I hope Liz feels like her children are a punishment

No. 1725033

Inb4 you get raped, no one believes you and you're denied an abortion for being a careless whore kek

No. 1725060

biracial people of any backgrounds live rent free in people’s mind. idiots. people see markle all sorts of ways but she’s not an all european person, cope. anna’s desperate to be the subject an “exoticism fetish”

No. 1725063

It’s obviously a man

No. 1725076

Bitter white women are always quick to designate biracial women as "white-passing" because they can't fathom having to feel empathy for their one-sided "competition".

Anna is the type who would absolutely CREAM if she had a taste of the same racism women of color experience. Plus white musicians like Eli love racially ambiguous-looking women like Markle which makes Anna seethe and cope like a plantation owner's wife.(racebait)

No. 1725079

File: 1670791494216.png (198.22 KB, 957x903, Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 2.40…)

Anna is such a racist loser.

No. 1725082

A lot of latinx people are white Americans though

No. 1725091

But not white in the Anglo Protestant way

No. 1725094

One of the main roots of a lot of these people’s bitterness and right wing turns is their delusions that the only thing keeping them from being important is not being the right ethnicity or sex. All the white men think they’d have it easy if they were women, the gays if they were poc or trans, the women if they weren’t white. (This is the plot of Actors but everyone in the scene still has no self awareness.) Anna thinks everyone would love her writing and opinions if she was a gay man or black woman. Dasha thinks she doesn’t book because she’s a “thin blonde” and has her whole weeb fetish. It’s why they have a special hatred of AOC and fka Twigs among others while also hating every millennial white celeb who has what they don’t.

No. 1725095

File: 1670793130295.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)


I've seen plenty of striving white people grease their way up the pole in professional NYC life by calling themselves some variation on 'latino/x etc.' Sam Escobar is a good example.

No. 1725098

They might identify that way on the Census, but the reality is that they still face racism and discrimination and aren't reaping the privileges like Anglo Americans

No. 1725101

There's no such thing as an 'anglo american' anymore. When was the last time you even heard the term, no one identifies themselves as that.
You'd be out of your mind to do so anyway, it would put you at a huge disadvantage. The 'flight from white' phemon is very real and with good reason.

That doesn't excuse annoying larpers like anna or AOC etc who do it for purely narcissistic reasons, rather than to avoid AA.

No. 1725102

kek holy shit so it's anna's grandpa that has jewish heritage? neither anna or her mother would be considered jewish by most jews. i thought for how hard she shills the "i'M tEcHnIcAlLy JeWiSh" thing (as an excuse to be antisemitic) she would have some kind of legitimate claim to it, but…

No. 1725119

Lmao anon you're like 60 years out of date if you still think there's some WASP old boy's club running things in America and oppressing POC

No. 1725125

Like Italians

No. 1725132

Where, at any point, did I use the rhetoric that having to give birth to a child that you purposefully conceived is a “punishment”? if that’s how you interpret it you’re definitely allowed to feel that way but most people who are mentally stable usually concede that having a child is one of the greatest blessings that’s ever occurred in their lives. I digress!

>You think grown women who purposefully have unsafe, consensual sex (not rape) shouldn’t be granted the right to an abortion because the entire fucking point of sex is to create the next generation? You deserved it when you got raped!
That sounds a lot more moid like than any of what I said.(derailing)

No. 1725136

samefag but basically what I’m saying is that sex doesn’t exist for pleasure, like I’ve said multiple times; if you purposefully have careless unsafe sex (which isn’t rape. It’s consensual sex) I don’t know what you were expecting if not to get pregnant. The entire reason sex exists is to get pregnant. If you choose to have unsafe sex with a moid, you are subconsciously consenting to pregnancy whether or not you accept that reality.

No. 1725139


has Liz said she’s had an abortion???

No. 1725150

You're fucking retarded if you think any legal system is perfect enough to enforce your petty gossiping wife distinctions between good, warranted abortion and bad, frivolous abortion. Most rape victims aren't believed. I'm merely reminding that if rape happens to you with your proposed enforcement structure in place, I can near guarantee that you won't get your permission to abort in a timely manner, if at all. I won't even go into detail about how retarded and invasive it would be to scrutinize victims (particularly underage ones) to establish whether they're seeking a good girl abortion™, but I do hope that if your retarded system is ever installed, you'll enjoy getting publicly fingered by the legal bureaucracy to get rid of a broken condom whoopsie. A fucking worthless use of state resources, but at least I'll get a hearty kek out of it.

JK, you're an obvious moid and I hope you contribute to those male suicide rates before you mald completely.

No. 1725165

i mean everyone would love her opinions if she were a man.

No. 1725166

it's not either or, it's a combo of both.

No. 1725167

>Sam Escobar is a good example.
nonnie we probably know each other IRL kek. Sam was the first obviously rich white female I remember doing the "Latinx they/them" larp for careerist reasons and she's been an object of scorn among all my NYC media friends for years (many of whom are actually black or latino and know a rich girl grifter when they see one)

uhhh yeah paging whoever said this…

>even if they identify as white, Latinos still face racism and discrimination and aren't reaping the privileges like Anglo Americans
this is just not true anymore nonnie and hasn't been for a long time, the difference between successful media grifter Latinxes like the aforementioned Sam Escobar and oppressed white Latinos is class, pure and simple. white Latinos can be inner city urban poor or they can be the most bourgie ivy league girlbosses, what they are not is somehow universally oppressed just because their parents or ancestors came from Puerto Rico or Cuba or wherever. but the grifting Latinos are definitely taking full advantage of the "all Latinos are oppressed" meme

No. 1725168

sex does exist for pleasure, sorry

No. 1725169

her point was that you think only innocent women should get abortions and that bad people deserve to suffer the consequences, and your a moid because you don't understand that in this society there is no "innocent" woman

No. 1725170

In russian jewish communities the religious stuff doesn't matter as much, but only 1 jewish grandparent is pretty low if the other parent and mother didn't take a jewish identity, which it seems her mother didn't. On the hand, she has so much typical Russian-Jewish first gen immigrant pathology, (including obsessively clinging to whatever "real" Russians enter her orbit even if they are absolute losers) I'm pretty surprised she isn't more jewish.

No. 1725194

Astonishing, how the people who usually depend on sex for pleasure/validation as opposed to procreation usually receive the least of it/have the most masturbatory habits based on what their fetishized idea of “sex” is, compared to what experiencing real sex is actually like

All those words just for it to be you admitting that you fantasize about other women who’s opinions you disagree with being violently raped…and you’re saying I’m acting like a moid? You can attach to the cope of thinking that its masculine for women to be pro-creation all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that the janitors can see my post history and know goddamn well that I’m a woman. But by all means, keep posting about your rape breeding fantasies against pro-life women kek. You get that handmaids tale costume back from the dry cleaner yet?

No. 1725201

both of you are retarded, probably generic whities sperging over ethnicity in your tiny bubble

No. 1725205

>I’m so pro-choice that I hope you get violently raped just so you have to give birth to a downie rape baby!

Having unsafe consensual sex doesn’t mean you’re a “bad person who deserves to suffer consequences”, and that’s not at all what I said at any point kek. I said that if you’re purposefully having unsafe consensual sex you should just have the goddamn child because literally what is the point of having condomless sex if you’re not trying to get pregnant…? And I also said multiple times that sexual abuse/assault victims of all ages and backgrounds deserve access to abortion, because forcing a woman who’s a victim of rape to give birth to a child that she isn’t connected to and does not love would further traumatize the woman who’s just been victimized by this man, and could also result in the child who’s been created by sex from rape being murdered/harmed/sexually assaulted. A lot of you really need more help comprehending and reading through posts fully before emotionally responding to them, assuming that the author was a man simply because I believe that abuse victims deserve higher priority access to abortion than lazy retarded grown women who can’t be bothered to get a fucking IUD. I only have so much confidence saying this because I am a lazy retarded grown woman who knows how easy it is to prevent yourself from getting pregnant.

No. 1725246

t. fantasizes about women being forced into pregnancy

No. 1725249

Okay, the fact remains that Anna and Aimee are racist, and identifying as latinx doesn't guarantee you a white collar job. People who are white and non-hispanic earn more money than hispanic people.

No. 1725253

Is Pariah a trust fundie who moved to NY on a whim? Where did he come from?

No. 1725261

File: 1670807559869.png (72.99 KB, 596x702, pariahlolcow.png)

The wages of self-posting. Mess with Mama Bear, get the claws

No. 1725264

I agree that you're lazy and retarded, queen. But unless your IQ is scarethot level or below, there's no way you think you'll be believed and handed a good girl abortion pass just because you say so.

Why don't you tell the class how exactly you would determine who's seeking abortion due to victimhood and who isn't? What's it gonna be? An active criminal investigation? A woman's word? Your fee-fees? What is the timeline for determining whether it's credibly an assault based abortion? You feel so strongly about this, surely you've thought of the logistics. Or are you just baiting me into feeding your forced breeding fetish?

No. 1725275

mooing about yourself here and its consequences

No. 1725278

infertile behavior

No. 1725280

Ugh he can’t even pass at being gay

No. 1725283

how many american russian jews do you know? maybe that's true of the older and more conservative ones but practically everyone who speaks russian in nyc is some other ethnicity, I don't think I even know any russian russians

No. 1725288

You sound like a bible thumping retard and also like you've never had an orgasm before

No. 1725292

oh well if you know a guy, it must be systemic

No. 1725316

this man has something negative to say about women everyday

Anna just is not in a position to comment on how corporate workplaces work. She knows nothing. What is she even talking about. She’s a podcaster with an ivory tower father. Tell us more about ascending the corporate ladder

Anna’s comments on Meghan markle are just silly. Markle can’t help her phenotype and being light. Everyone knows her mother is black. And in the context of England vs the US she sure as hell is “nonwhite.” There’s nothing more to say

No. 1725321

DeStRoY me oh my god you are a such a baby. nobody wants to be like you attention-whoring autistic spiteful male creep, that’s why your desperate to project, bitterly try to imitate normal women you’re so actually desperate to be like, and have delusions of grandeur and cope with your non-existent talent and mediocre, irrelevant, unoriginal opinions and generic iq by hanging out with these creeps as a desperate orbiter and edge lord instead of being fine with yourself as is.

No. 1725323

once again why does he try to type like this and imitate the most npc-ish of fake stereotypes that aren’t even real or cool on the internet, middle school behavior

No. 1725327

Samefag but in elite jobs that actually require some technical skill (not beauty editor I’m afraid) being a minority won’t get you there. JPMorgan or BCG won’t hire you as an entry level analyst solely bc you’re Mexican. And then for the jobs these people think are real like engineering or programming, there’s even more of a technical assessment upon hiring at places like Apple and Google or even less elite like EnTech. Anna would never know or understand.

No. 1725328

philadelphia, just some dime a dozen ugly loser who probably did some joker-larp thing and hardcore coped by not getting help or looking at themself honestly to change or accept their life, so turned to this scarethot shit and troonery. god awful singing, technically and in tone, no spine to be found.

No. 1725329

mooo. people laugh at things that are funny and actually ridiculous

No. 1725337

No. 1725342

And you sound like you’ve probably never experienced real sex with an actual man who you’re in a long term relationship with. It’s not necessarily enjoyable, no matter how much you love him kek…a lot of you younger people on here only get your understanding of sex from pornified media and masturbation habits, thus having no understanding of what it’s like to actually have someone else inside your goddamn body. There’s a reason why people who are mentally stable only do it when they’re trying to create a child, and there’s a reason why mentally ill, attention whoring individuals like the kind that depend on the instant gratification from hitachi orgasms don’t actually get laid with physical penetrative sex.(derailing)

No. 1725345

>people in long term monogamous relationships only have sex when they’re trying to have a child
Your dear husband enjoys sex plenty when it won’t create children, but I’m sure you’ll find that out soon enough.

No. 1725347

I said mentally stable people in relationships, not “all people in long term monogamous relationships” kek. You gotta pay close attention to the specific words I’m using. Cause you can definitely be in a long term monogamous relationship with a mentally ill pedophile or a limp wristed faggot who’s cheating on you, by all means

No. 1725350

>REAL sex is supposed to be unenjoyable and for "only creating a child"!!!
Jesus what a miserable life you must live. I would act like this too probably if I hated myself that much

No. 1725352

Goodness y’all really do not have good reading skills. I didn’t say “real sex is supposed to be unenjoyable”, I simply said that having sex with someone is much more mundane and much less sexy than most orgasm obsessed people tend to think that it is. Let’s use these comprehension skills, nonnies. I know you’re capable of it.

No. 1725356

but the fuck are you trying to argue again??

No. 1725357

Can we have one thread that doesn’t immediately devolve into two retards fighting about some totally off topic bullshit? Who tf argues endlessly back and forth like this, take this autistic debate team energy to Reddit please

No. 1725360

they didn’t say sex is supposed to unenjoyable, only that they’re making weird definitions about it? like mentally stable people in relationships don’t have/shouldn’t have mutually desirable sex for pleasure because checks notes and what was actually typed bc procreation and pleasure are mutually exclusive, procreation is the real only goal of sex that mentally stable people could want bc….. (what the fuck) in long term relationships sex isn’t almost some perfect one hundred percent optimal pleasurable thing (well duh) but people who feel sexual attraction and want to have sex with their partner who wants them must be porn obsessed orgasm addled freakish pick me whores for wanting to be pleasured/not want kids/thinking that sex whether it’s for kids or pure pleasure shouldn’t feel bad???? what’s going on here, idk

No. 1725365

consensual sex between people in any sort of relationship, whether a viable conception is possible or not, should be sexy even if it’s “mundane” because it’s sex??

No. 1725368

Nonna reveals she doesn't know how to fuck. Ignore the tradtard pro lifer, enough of this bs

No. 1725369

yea like that person isn’t arguing on one coherent subject or disregarding people replying to what they actually did drawn correlations/claim? anyway it’s beyond retarded sometimes it’s good to not worry about what other people are doing and touch grass

No. 1725370

I don't know what's more embarrassing, dating this guy or coochiebone

No. 1725372

Probably because saying that you hope someone gets violently raped just because you disagree with them over political bullshit makes you look more like an autistic moid than someone posting a coherent, clearly communicated response to your shitty argument does them…I’ll stop the derail here but come the fuck on. At this point if you think that stance is unreasonable (which it isn’t), then that’s totally fine. Stock up on your misoprostol tablets and enjoy the side effects of abusing it, you have the right to do that!

No. 1725374

spending 24 hours a day on twitter having narc-rage meltdowns is "deranged and obsessed behavior", retard

No. 1725375

Lmao I didn’t write that shit, get over yourself

No. 1725380

obvious scrote but
>retarded grown women who can’t be bothered to get a fucking IUD
i don’t doubt that iuds can be a great option for some women, but every girl i know irl who’s gotten one had some collection of associated side effects ranging from the obnoxious and demoralizing (severe cystic acne, mood and weight fluctuations) to the deeply medically troubling (random bleeding, intense pain). the insertion and removal processes are apparently both painful, even if everything goes well and the thing works as it ought to.
i’m only saying this because there was a period where i saw them shilled near incessantly, and even posts like this frame the reluctance to undergo a medical procedure as a symptom of thoughtlessness or retardation rather than justifiable caution. imo it’s got something to do with the general push for forms of birth control that pose zero inconvenience to men, even if they’re annoying or dangerous for women.
basically, if you want one of these things i would encourage you to be careful and do some light googling so you don’t end up crying on your friend’s couch at 2am on a wednesday because you’ve been bleeding for two weeks and your face looks like it was attacked by bees

No. 1725384

Personally I don’t think IUDs/hormonal birth controls are safe or healthy options for contraceptive either, but I know this website is mostly women who work/are busy and I assumed would just want “set it and forget it” convenience contraceptive

No. 1725389

File: 1670816989674.png (299.73 KB, 1236x1208, mayberealaccount.png)

Please stop feeding boring debate troll.

Dasha's boyfriend being a frog twitter ex-Aimee replyguy with zero redeeming traits is so tragic for her. Lucky his expiration date is coming up if he can't brainwash her into marriage.

No. 1725396

Wait what’s the milk on Dasha’s sweaty zoomer bf being a former Aimee reply guy? Don’t remember seeing this in old threads but maybe I missed it among all the fascinating debates

No. 1725397

exactly this. twitter retards always talk as if they "know" corporate when the extent of their experience is clearly reruns from The Office and what some idiot made up on an imageboard

every time he gets posted on the leftcows thread he looks like a colossal faggot. he should hide his reddit account from her because even someone as stupid as she is will realize memespeak is for dorks. dasha cheating arc when?

No. 1725401

File: 1670819146312.png (44.98 KB, 599x201, ugh.png)

People outside Australia might not know what an incredibly horrible, nasty racist thing this is to say
She not only replies, but RT's
Unbelievably disgusting wretch

No. 1725404

i had a real picture of him but lost it smh. He deserves a dox

No. 1725411

File: 1670821146943.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1928x1446, 6DB9EF55-FE5E-45F6-8581-EA8962…)

Made this her cover photo just under five years ago, now look at her

No. 1725413

File: 1670821543332.jpeg (33.28 KB, 635x687, 4FB5888E-5F3D-4566-97DA-9C5142…)

No. 1725414

idk if it’s some irony thing or all about political correctness, if anyone is in these circles they have a complex or use their whiteness as some weird victim thing/reassurance as heh “yea good thing racism exists I have something to make jokes about/it could be worse at least i’m not ___/racism exists is sign that deep down me being white makes me superior “ and for a their all their larping they have such creepy “ooh what a spectacle/gross be less ethnic be normal” towards any sort of thing having to do with cultures in general, good or bad. like the actual racism and how they use to insult people/feel better about themselves is so childish and they play “idpol” the same way they the people they complain about do, but worse. gross. bc god forbid people talk about things that effect them. peak cow behavior

See pariah’s the self-posting hon’s nonsensical bit about “love and diversity. They’re still genetically ugly/not at all special and this makes them worse. Aimee is still Australian

No. 1725418

Is there a better way for birth control? It's not like condoms are totally effective either

No. 1725419

File: 1670822283495.jpg (48.63 KB, 718x718, speechless.jpg)

Oh my god oh no this is too much this is such a self own I can't breathe. Holy shit nona you're not okay!

No. 1725426

File: 1670823641140.jpeg (163.11 KB, 828x580, 615BC2B8-1F93-4046-9078-CE0E1B…)

She also posted and then deleted something about moving back home and then posted a bunch about hating millennials and gen x ppl in Austin

I wonder if she got tired or Barrett or if Barrett kicked her out

No. 1725429

>Letting a man literally use her as a fleshlight for muh commitment

Holy shit no wonder you're so batshit insane kek, this is suicide fuel

No. 1725434

You genuinely don't know how to read do you? Did you even follow the flow of the conversation? Please don't reply if you can't read more than a couple of posts.

No. 1725438

>Didn't read to me like her personal feelings
>Literally adds "as someone who's had an abortion" while spewing out her opinion
Don't intervene if you can't keep up with the conversation

No. 1725439

It’s a troon, not a scrote. You can just tell with the language. They will be gone soon enough if you know what I mean

No. 1725440

t. wishes rape babies on rape victims (don't start you dumb thot, that will be the exact consequence of your political bullshit in real life and you know it). Boo fucking hoo, get the WAAAmbulance.

On another note, you strongly remind me of many trying to conceive/infertilityverse cows. I am near certain that a lot of this has to do with the fact that you want to have a kid now but can't kek.

No. 1725442

D doesn’t book because she’s a bobble headed retard. The titless square-waist body doesn’t help either considering there are troon actors to fill that niche now

No. 1725446

>474 posts
>only 78 images
This is the worst thread

No. 1725449

Every redscare chick loves to look for her past cringe lib in other women, and attack it relentlessly kek. This is like their defining feature. The self loathing must be unreal.

Just like Anna lambasts her inner tubby short legged fatty in others, this unwashed meth creature with Dasha's level of facial symmetry just loves to hiss at alt girls with booger piercings. Serious question, is there a leftcow that isn't projecting 100% of the time?

No. 1725453

This thread should just be repurposed to make fun of redscare fans or r/rsp posters.

No. 1725458

File: 1670828044114.png (1.89 MB, 1222x2350, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 10.52…)

This thread is so different from the rest of the site I sometimes forget where I am.
Anyway, looks like BAP is going on redscare soon. Not a huge surprise.

No. 1725459

Was he trooned out as a child? I listened to his TPN appearance. It's weird to hear him say everything wrong today stems from the 19th Amendment when his whole life revolves around pretending to be female.

No. 1725460

File: 1670828316495.png (1.73 MB, 1106x2344, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 10.56…)

>"she never posts pictures of her kid"
>1 hr prior: [picture of her kid]

No. 1725463

Anna insults blonde women far more than she insults women who look like her and this girl doesn’t look like Dasha aside from being a bottle blonde

No. 1725465

No. She did have a miscarriage in between her two daughters though.

No. 1725476

all this makes me suicidal fr all anon and cow attitudes like wooof

No. 1725480

Condoms at least don't make you suicidal. Hormonal birth control can be great or it can fuck you up severely.

No. 1725486

Self-posting didn’t work, I guess he’s now being more inventive in how he attracts our attention.

No. 1725492

Do it then, you're not gonna be missed here

No. 1725502

clear best instructions then pls

No. 1725504

get therapy and headgear and actual personality like jeez people prioritize, acting like a paper doll algorithm generated freak out here

No. 1725581

the people on the hormonal birth control bad train are always talking about IUDs, but for some reason I never hear about the implant nearly as much. the doctor/NP doing it actually gives you a numbing shot so there's no sensation compared to an iud, they can take it out of your arm pretty easily when it needs to go or if you have terrible side effects. maybe it's too mundane to fit the hysterical narratives paleoconservatives and tradcaths love to push regarding contraceptives.

No. 1725634

get the fuck out tradthot

No. 1725637

I was on the lower dose hormonal BC pill and it was great. Never had an abortion like the red scare affiliates against birth control, so

No. 1725695

the implant rejects a lot and pops out, so not as many people use it anymore.

No. 1725696

>a retarded 35 year old who was just too lazy to practice consensual sex safely carelessly aborting a child they created
Okay cool except you know that this literally does not happen, right?

No. 1725701

This thread was the best one in ages with aimee coming back to make war on the troons and fags until the race scientists and radfems showed up. FUUUUUCK OFFFFFFFF

No. 1725716

>I digress!
sad! so spiritually ugly! i'll pray for you! many such cases! why do ironic conservative retards love these dramatic little exclamations so much kek
>most people who are mentally stable usually concede that having a child is one of the greatest blessings that’s ever occurred in their lives
All women who are mentally stable understand that a pregnancy is just something that happens when you have sex without a condom, moid. I could leave my apartment right now, get myself pregnant, and come back before you could finish reading a rooshv blog post. Taking in worthless moid seed is the most mundane thing a woman can do, it's only a blessing (let alone a great one kek) if you're the worthless moid who was lucky enough to be chosen

No. 1725717

Do you really think grown adult women don’t get abortions? You’re living in a fantasy world, which you’re allowed to do! But look at the numbers and I’m sure you’ll be able to accept that there are a lot more grown women aborting their children than you think >>1725581
I honestly believe that IUD’s are unsafe and unhealthy; but it’s also unsafe and unhealthy to have sex with the intention of just having a useless orgasm so…it’s easy to assume that maybe someone who depends on sex for pleasure would be willing to deal with the discomfort of a metal rod in your uterus!

Nah, I’m only 20 so I really have no desire to traumatize my body with pregnancy and birthing a whole entire baby (if not multiple), which is why I don’t have sex. Order of operations, people.

It’s ok if you consider a woman who has a different opinion from you to be a man, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a grown woman who’s eventually going to reproduce children who will overhear my thoughts and feelings. Cope with that how you will

Get real lol, once you finish going through puberty maybe you’ll have a better understanding of why people have sex and realize that it’s not at all for pleasure. There’s a reason why sex feels good and orgasmic; it’s because you’re literally physically supposed to want to have sex for the purpose of creating the next generation. If you depend on the instant gratification of orgasms and shit to make you feel less suicidal or whatever that sounds like a much more uncomfortable and unenjoyable experience than only having sex when it’s actually necessary/useful.

I’m gonna stop this derail here because none of you want to understand something beyond your own comprehension/ideologies, which is why you’re purposefully trying to make it sound like it’s some kind of “radical reactionary ideal” to understand that heterosexual sex exists for reproducing.

No. 1725724

where do you think you are, retarded moid?

No. 1725737

I apologize your parents made you feel worthless kek…but when you get off the internet and go communicate with women and mothers who exist in the real world with the rest of us, they often speak openly about how much motherhood has done for them when they’ve gotten pregnant through conceptual sex that they weren’t having solely for the purpose of wasting your time feeling an “orgasm”. Unless they were mentally unwell, which a lot of women are or become mentally unwell after reproducing when they weren’t supposed to/didn’t actually want to.

tl;dr I don’t know what trauma you have that makes you think that having children whom you love is “worse” than having loveless, pointless sex but it’s you who has to live with it, not me kek

No. 1725739

I'm screencapping this and putting it in the zoomer hate thread lol

No. 1725746

Ok lol You can disagree as much as you want but all of what I said is true, whether or not you’ll accept this reality is up to you. Continue having unenjoyable sex? It’s your life

No. 1725753

Y’all are so fucked being a mother is not some shameful thing let alone a loving one and can mean different things like co-opting sexist basement dweller language onto hypothetical women because of your projections of out of touchness or trauma regarding relationships like it is not progressive/healthy/or edgy to let any group of people take up space in your mind like this and you’re centering them all the same

No. 1725757

is this papirouge or some some retard who needs to go online to yell and pussywatch like nobody cares and you aren’t making sense you be repressed or seethe about mothers/non mothers having non rapey sex

No. 1725759

>I-it's the org*sm havers who have unenjoyable and pointless sex, not me who has sex as a dreadful chore out of l-love and for procreation!

>H-heh I hope all the bitches who have sex for fun end up with oops babies h-hehe

Astronomical levels of femcel cope, thank you for making this thread entertaining again

No. 1725765

>Nah, I’m only 20 so I really have no desire to traumatize my body with pregnancy

Didn't you say you already had an abortion while also trying preach to everyone what "real sex" is like kek? Did you put out bareback to get some moid to like you and he never called again or something?

No. 1725771

kek the moid/tranny outed itself. happens every time, they cant hide behind ironic conservative affectations long enough to keep their story straight

> goodness golly gee sweetie pies, its not I who is mad, but you are!

No. 1725775

nah only an internet fried woman could be this concerned and fucked up about sprerging like a school marm over the “other” women… incoherent ass soapboxing

No. 1725778

Yeah I already have experienced abortion when I was a stupid shitty teenager, which means I’ve never fully gone through a pregnancy despite having careless sex before in my life. Not sure how this doesn’t make sense.

I mean for you to think I’m a man or a troon is definitely much better than to know who I am kek…

No. 1725783

None of this has anything to do with what my post said, are you having some kind of episode? Google "emergency psychiatric help" with your area and call the number that shows up nonnie you aren't okay

No. 1725788

Ah, so trauma from BPD tier attempts to impress a man by being a down-for-anything sex pozzie like internet porn taught you. That would explain darting into another extreme with a weird bitterness towards women who nut, also the whole "sex is only for MEANINGFUL BONDING AND BABY TRAPPING ORGASMS ARE POINTLESS REEE" mentality. They sure had a point for the moid who hurt you, kek.

No. 1725796

who do you think is raging the war on troons?

No. 1725799

oh this is so much sadder. teenage you did the right thing though, you'd fuck up some poor kids' psyche so bad.

No. 1725802

procreating with low value men should be a shameful thing

No. 1725803

it's just some tard making shit up

No. 1725804

I'm surprised nobody has brought her up, but that writer who had fake screenshots from her twitter timeline posted here a few threads ago just had her husband pass away from cancer. doing the math I realized it would've happened while she was in the middle of taking care of him too. hopefully whichever asshole did it has this weighing on her soul forever.

No. 1725806

okay miss misanthropy being anti relationships and children of ppl are happy and life goes on, go kill yourself then

No. 1725807

your body is already ruined, men can see the faint black line traveling to your navel. time to fade away into irrelevancy, and she was only 20!!!

No. 1725809

twitter misses you

No. 1725810

Just a few threads ago? Wasn't that like nearly two years ago now?

No. 1725815

Sorry you can't imagine having children with anyone who isn't a low tier coomer kek

No. 1725816

this shit is so fake and cringe like get therapy and banned from school zones and live your life not in comparison to some hypothetical women you’re shitting on/certainly not helping

No. 1725818

who the fuck said i cared about coomers or had kids like the fuck is that you’re go to or think that’s normal to say in response to mothers liking their kids is not some thing to use as some chronically online dunk

No. 1725822

shit nonna you're probably right I gotta get out of this place

No. 1725823

Anon said procreating with low tier moids isn't a flex, and you immediately made it about all people who have kids. Incelesting!

No. 1725827

No one did fucking didn’t you illiterate I cell larper that’s what they said in response to me posting that to that crazy derailer saying that anyone with kids who wanted them is wrong for feeling that way (bcc dirttyyy sloott thats someee sort of man reeee involved ewww children grossss you shoulddd hate theeemmm) why are you obsessed with making shit up about hypothetical people(derailing/ infighting)

No. 1725830

nobody said jack shit about your low value men why are you so worried about coomers everywhere and yelling about them (seems like you made a shitty choice them sorry you can always leave) or assuming that a parent can’t want their kids or be fine with what created them, nobody said that, learn how to follow threads this isn’t normal

No. 1725833

File: 1670878866607.gif (1.5 MB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

dae remember when this place had mods and not just 2 tiresome spergs shitting up every single thread with endless pointless slapfights

No. 1725837

Is there a sadder queen than the pick me for straight conservative men? (No.)

No. 1725860

you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 1725865

Wasn’t it dasha?

No. 1725866

Wew, so much binging and purging already. Still projecting all those times you let old men raw dog you as a teen, huh? Good thing abortion was legal so you actually got out of that. Who paid for it btw, was it your Humbert or your mom?(infighting)

No. 1725867

>>I'm only 20
Ugh I ordered insanity, not ignorance

No. 1725873

you do different anons post here? i’ve never had an abortion or said any anti choice stuff , you’re gross and projecting

No. 1725875

this doesn’t make sense

No. 1725877

What the actual fuck why would wish that on someone, idk what low value men have to do with ragefitting over someone saying assuming and saying women can only be miserable and shouldn’t hate their kids is totally not weird angry conclusion to jump to nope not all you don’t have issues clouding ur brain at all

No. 1725881

I dunno, someone said "procreating with low tier men should be shameful" and you immediately went "okay enjoy hating families and children!!!". Like, not every family is from low tier seed, nonita. That's a you thing.

No. 1725884

Red Scare drop the bap episode or something to distract from the bickering here. Can’t even imagine how horrific their fake giggling simpering will sound with his fake accent.

No. 1725885

the vibe of this schizoposting infighting is very “aimee arguing with no one”

No. 1725886

the writer's name is Ashley Reese, she's a lovely person who cared for her boyfriend-turned-husband of 9 years tirelessly through his cancer. their wedding was beautiful surrounded by loving friends and family. meanwhile dasha and leia (the ones who most likely framed Ashley with the fake twitter screenshots, check the old threads for some good detective work) are bitter unloved hags who can't keep a relationship and act like deranged middle school mean girls.

linking Vogue's article on Ashley's wedding - the pics are tough to look at, its clear Rob was very unwell - and Ashley's gofundme for medical debt in case any nonnies are curious or want to donate a couple dollars (Rob couldn't work due to cancer, then Ashley was laid off so they lost their sole income and source of health insurance). it's $180k now, hope it continues to grow and Ashley keeps her head up.



No. 1725893

Glad to see you're still posting here Ashley

No. 1725899

“She’s a lovely person” ok …

No. 1725904

do you actually believe a woman just lost her partner of 9 years is spending her time monitoring and self-posting a thread where she was briefly mentioned 2 years ago or are you just dasha or leia, in which case i'm not sorry i mentioned you're bitter unloved hags, but at least i left out the part about how even your fuck buddies won't claim you

No. 1725905

bitch what do you want me to do about it??

No. 1725908

No but this is the leftcows thread populated with a lot of radfems. why are you posting about Ashley, a jezebel (of all media sites…) author? Outside of the twitter tiff with dasha, we don’t follow her or care

No. 1725911

This lady a friend of yours? Not seeing what this has to do with this thread. rip to that man tho lol

No. 1725921

>why are you posting about Ashley
i'm responding to a post about Ashley whose spat with Dasha figures pretty heavily in the history of this board, if you've been around a while then you remember that fateful day lol. i'm sharing what i know for any nonnas who are curious, i'm not lobbying for you specifically to give a shit

>Not seeing what this has to do with this thread.
maybe you're new but she's got more to do with this thread than the last 79 posts sperging about birth control and whether a 35 year old has ever gotten an abortion

No. 1725931

your post is fine except for the ebegging, not sure why you think anyone here wants to give Ashley money because her dead ginger moid died in an expensive way

No. 1725954

She also has $180K already to bridge her till she gets another job…. Idk. You can ask your grandma on Facebook for donations

No. 1725965

File: 1670892893080.png (29.7 KB, 602x90, lastpost.png)

Screenshot was posted here not long after the last tweet from this account
Fateful day indeed

No. 1725985

that was in response to me saying nothing of the sort, they brought that up out of nowhere and started projecting gross shit. learn how to read.s orry y’all don’t know good ppl and have families to spend your holiday with and have to obsessed with re-affirming you’re obsessed with gross men and have to bring up when ppl say something unrelated about mothers, when nothing I said had anything to do with your hating/obsession. Nobody cares about your trauma with moms

No. 1726035

File: 1670897709495.png (18.08 KB, 622x167, filthygroomer.png)

Taking a shot at the aging and childless isn't ageism? Of course they identify with crusty old Aschenbach from Death in Venice as a tragic hero. The women, many of them single and middle aged, who keep them from sexual access to children are killjoy hags.

If men can't diddle children, they won't be "inspired" to produce the most important thing in the world, pop culture for dollar store Paglias to bloviate about

Just saying the quiet part out loud again

No. 1726039

Are you a republican?

No. 1726043

File: 1670898329534.png (68.2 KB, 857x550, pndui.png)



This is some dude who used to obsessively chronicle Jack's podcast.

Jack getting busted for drunk driving was news to me.

No. 1726064

No, I'm not a Republican. Are you a delusional gay male who thinks heterosexual right wing men will accept you because you hate women and black people?

"Phony concern for the children" sounds like something the Reddit libs they hate would say. It's an incoherent statement, which tells me he's being disingenuous

No. 1726066

It just sounds like you think gay men are all pedophiles who want to groom children, like a republican would think

No. 1726069

nta and that says nothing about all gay men being pedophiles, if this is your first response when people complain about groomers then you sound like you're projecting your own covert homophobia, in fact if your first response is to be annoyed at the people complaining about grooming and not hatred of the groomers themselves you should probably kys regardless of your political affiliations tbh

No. 1726071

thats exactly what this person is tweeting about you fucking retard

No. 1726075

"groomer discourse" does not imply "all gay men are pedophiles" you dumb freak

No. 1726079

it one hundred percent does in this case. that is what the tweet is about. are you esl? moron

No. 1726080

No, it doesn't. Groomer discourse is.. anyone complaining about grooming. Are you a homosexual groomer projecting?

No. 1726082

Thank you nonna. I'm referring of course to the weird circle of gay entryists that Filthy Armenian belongs to. They're still ass mad that people are offended by the Balenciaga ads. They all freaked out about Libs of Tik Tok chronicling the same material as our MTF threads here. It's obvious that he, Jack, Pariah, Zach et al agree with Paglia that rules shouldn't apply to gay men and there's no such thing as too young because "it's their culture" and "it's for the art."

Joe Clark, the TPN chronicler noted above, is a principled gay man himself calling out Jack for defending shitty behavior.

This person is clearly a troll, probably part of Perfume Nationalist twitter

No. 1726086

ok so you are a republican. got it

No. 1726088

Don't you have a drag queen story hour somewhere to try and shut down you fucking loser

No. 1726101

Christ we need some redtext in here go back to Reddit you infighting freaks

No. 1726119

You must be new here bc it’s a common thing in these threads to discuss many gay men’s (in that red scare adjacent space) desire to overlook pedophilia or make light of age gaps. This is a womancentric space and moids can be gay or straight.

No. 1726129

You don’t need to sign your posts

No. 1726137

hi filthy Armenian.

No. 1726140

hi cow

No. 1726170

File: 1670908433486.png (1.4 MB, 814x1024, murgo.png)

Jugs aka Christina Murgo from the Perfume Nationalist podcast has resurfaced on a nazi women's podcast alongside Emily Youcis. Source: this antifa blog that used all the info on her from this thread from 2 years ago


No. 1726176

Western beauty cru never disappoint

No. 1726211

miss the days when you could just ignore these townie white trash rockabillies. hate both of these catfighting extremist LARP groups

No. 1726216

will never understand the trad bitches who are covered in tattoos, if the actual nazis saw a woman walking around like that she'd have been incinerated, plus isn't it just considered sinful and unbecoming of a woman or whatever

No. 1726227

redscare should just double down and admit to being a white nationalist podcast. anyone who isnt a retard already knows, midas whale get ahead of the ADL claims

No. 1726234

File: 1670917063842.png (7.41 MB, 2032x1508, pariahtroonai.png)

Np nonna I know what you mean.

You do sound lost as we all know there is an entire subset of Republican moids, many of whom are BAP followers, who want state-mandated teen gfs and believe menarche dictates when a girl is ready to be a wife and mother because they're pedophilic scrotes who think women's choices are dysgenic and we all have an expiration date. They're very mad that women nowadays have standards, educations and are pursuing careers of their own. Many of these are also closeted homosexuals who like to talk about pederasty. Where the fuck do you think you are that we don't see them as groomers the same way there are liberal openly homosexual groomers? As this anon >>>1726119 said, our common unifier is that we are women, and we assume other women also hate groomers, on all sides, with the rare exception of some pickme scarethots who post here. If you're some freak thinking you're going to find solidarity here among muh fellow liberals while countersignaling against calling out groomers then you're only going to expose yourself.

Who could possibly want "groomers" to be treated as a slur that applies to all gay people so they can silence valid criticism as if it's a liberal vs republican/you either tolerate gays or you don't tolerate the gays issue? Who would want to shut down "groomer discourse"? I know the troon cabal jannies on reddit are known to do that. I wonder if we know of any cow troons in these threads who have openly espoused pedophilic beliefs and are also in gcs with perfume fationalist, filthy armenians and their ilk… oh wait. If it's not him well my bad, just messing around lol. They're all the same to me. Pariah and the rest of them all need to stay away from children.

No. 1726238

wow pariah's looking good there, i almost recognized him as a member of the human species

No. 1726243

File: 1670917840511.png (319.3 KB, 1229x633, g0xWZ50.png)

She posted this clip of the Russian arms dealer guy, he's speaking Russian with no English captions under it.
I was thinking she's posting this to do her usual thing of trying to convince everyone she can actually speak Russian (she can not)…

Then I read the comments where she more or less admits she has no idea what he's saying.
I don't know why she continues with the 'I can speak russian' larp when she's been caught out so many times it's openly mocked on the RS sub.

No. 1726245

She's talking about the crazy gesture for "giant tits" he makes… sorry but this is a reach

No. 1726246

ok so you think all gay people are groomers. got it

No. 1726250

Nonna….. obviously, “NAXALT” but you have a lot to learn. Stop taking the hyperbole here to mean there isn’t a real situation with the gay community and child abuse. Bc gay men are MEN.

Ignore the drag story hours and brunch fixation. Do you seriously not know any gay (or straight) men who were sexually abused by men? I have multiple straight exes who experienced sexual abuse by gay men. Bc gay men are MEN. & I have as frequent stories from gay friends who exp’d CSA as I do stories about my girl friends who were statutorily raped by 25+ year olds as high school freshman

Common denominator: MEN.

No. 1726252

Samefag but this was a great post nonna. Well done.
There’s a certain permissivity in gay culture (bc it’s purely horny men enabling eachother) that’s created the issues we speak of. If you don’t see it at least a little, you’re in the wrong place.

No. 1726264

Can you faggots please go back to twitter? You're acting like it's impossible for gay men to be predatory. Gay moids are still moids.
Also, drag queens should not be around kids. Doesn't make you a Republican or a far-right homophobia to think that.

No. 1726300

Youcis was such a waste of talent. If she was surrounded by people who didn't enable her obvious mental illness, she could make genuinely great works but instead she's a fucking clown for an irrelevant alt right crowd.

No. 1726370

news flash dyke-chan, they like it

No. 1726419

thanks for fueling my nightmares with that frightening photo

No. 1726421

dying to know what the prompt for the last three images was kek

No. 1726442

exactly, they'd see her as a gypsy or something

No. 1726444

redscare making the SPLC white nationalist list and getting sued would be milky

No. 1726447

someone obviously hasn't heard about gaysagainstgroomers and is just trying to do some "umm your homophobic!!" gotcha, but gay men aren't at the top of the stack anymore, sorry nobody cares.

No. 1726466

File: 1670952384624.png (725 KB, 624x710, 2022__img_63901045efb79[1].png)

Does anyone have a link about the podcast episode they are referring to, I could only find their very first episode. I wanna her jugs talk about this:
>“I know they know about the nig*er problem and I know they know about the Jews, especially Anna [Khachiyan].”
>“I don’t believe those are real subscribers. They funnel money. It’s a front. That’s all that it is.”
I also want to see if jugs starts complaining about the subreddit. I recall when Aimee was on TPN and jugs was still there, she was bitching to Aimee about how the subreddit keeps making fun of them lol
She's definitely a unique character. Chubby goth white nationalist art girl that co-hosted a perfume podcast with a fat gay alt right zionist and was an effective troll of the red scare subreddit.

No. 1726490

repulsive. I'm reluctant to learn about people like this. Does she do anything funny/milky or is she just unpleasant?

No. 1726496

Just unpleasant. Two years ago someone with a clear personal vendetta (who was outed as a Nazi larper as well) started posting about her with nothing milky or interesting, just some screenshots of racist tweets. She never said much on the perfume nationalist and had very basic bitch opinions when she did

No. 1726501

She was the co-host of TPN. She also appeared on an episode of White Nationalist Eric Striker's podcast. That podcast was supposed to be a White Nationalist version of Red Scare. She had a falling out with her co-host who then doxed her. Some people in the Red Scare subreddit connected the dots and found her twitter writing style and the way she talked on TPN to be very similar to a prolific troll on the red scare subreddit. There may be some truth to that based on the conniption fit that troll threw when accused of being her. The additional milk is how Anna and Liz Franczak were very comfortable being on TPN with her as co-host.

No. 1726518

There was no tangible proof the troll and jugs were the same person. Being racist and abrasive online is hardly a unique internet-personality type

No. 1726520

>he liked it!!!
>she liked it!!!

rapist scrotes are all the same, no matter the sexuality. fagoids and troids think they're high enough on the hierarchy that "dyke" can sting. i have to laugh

No. 1726523

File: 1670956041568.jpeg (461.67 KB, 750x948, F09D17CE-13F2-47C0-8967-25D427…)

No. 1726524

jack throwing jugs under the bus to social climb and save his own reputation is noxious. he has more of a voice and audience than she does, why doesn't antifa beat him up and put a target on his big fat back? this isn't an antifa site, can bunkertroons whip up a mob somewhere else?

No. 1726525

is is me or is there something different about the way she posts now? or maybe she just hasn't worked herself up into a proper lather again

No. 1726542

She claimed to be a poor renter while bloo-blooing about the poor landlords who can't help jacking their prices up. Maybe she's being paid to tweet even more basic rightoid takes full time and she wants to hold onto the gig.

No. 1726566

She is working so hard to be the same level of incensed and unhinged that she is known for. She’s still crazy but she’s lost her spark kek. It’s over aimee

No. 1726568

idk, Aimee literally posted for 24 hours straight a day or two ago so she's the same level of unhinged even if it's not quite coming across in her tweets

No. 1726574

File: 1670959845281.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 3E09352C-76F4-4EEA-BFF3-A52CCB…)

That hairline…

No. 1726578

what's up with her eyeliner, is that a makeup photo filter or did she draw it on like that (so it's floating above her lashline)? not trying to nitpick just find it visually strange

No. 1726596

File: 1670961476857.png (1.28 MB, 1076x1564, Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 2.56…)

translation: i get more male attention out of this now

No. 1726605

late but pls post the clip lol

No. 1726637

chess is honestly such a boring game and i'm tired of moids lionizing themselves as epic war strategist megabrains for being mediocre at it. like cool you can play a game really well, it isn't really any indicator at all of your overall intelligence. it's clear that dasha will lean into it from this angle and try to explain in some broke paglian way how it is a celebration of masculine/western thinking or whatever gay shit is next

No. 1726651

File: 1670966928514.png (132.09 KB, 1270x1136, 60311C34-156B-4489-932A-DF3C51…)


No. 1726652

File: 1670967084157.png (55.56 KB, 615x599, aimee tinkzorg.png)

No opinion on tinkzorg but she's pathetic. What a drag it would be to have to kiss every male ass so they don't rip you to shreds. Slobber the pole, eventually you will pay the toll

No. 1726653

Why is it always the lowest tier women

No. 1726655

not the anon who first posted this but i just listened to the ep, Dasha says "when midterms come up democrats say, 'you have to vote for us or else you'll have to get a back alley abortion and almost bleed out on your bathroom floor like Anna Khachiyan." they're both laughing and from context i assume Dasha's referring to Anna's story of giving birth to Lenny on her bathroom floor, not some heretofore unmentioned incident of a botched self-abortion. the episode was actually notable for how carefully Anna avoids mentioning her multiple abortions she's copped to in the past, it's pretty clear she's either been told to shut up about that, or she's willingly self-censoring to cater to the dumbass BAP crowd she's courting these days - or both!

anyway, Red Scare girls' perpetual hypocrisy aside, sometimes i worry about you girlies if you can't tell which parts are jokes and which parts are worth getting worked up about. the clip is at 16 min 30 here: https://redscarepodcast.libsyn.com/handmaids-fail

No. 1726656

tradlarping is a mating strategy akin to being a jailhouse gay, its only used as a last ditch effort by the lowest rung of pickme women - always as unwaveringly stupid as they are ugly

No. 1726660


I'm not convinced there isn't a moid behind that account, there's no fucking way any woman would be flattered by being called "one of the good ones"

No. 1726676

imagine if it were your job to be this publicly desperate for male attention and having to act (ugh) grateful when you get a crumb of it. reminds me of Anna flirting with fat, wart-faced Thiel goon Eric Weinstein when she was on his podcast way back when. these women are intellectual whores and the intellectual part is debatable

No. 1726679

Minutes later a groyper called her a race mixing whore. Sadly some women really are that broken.

It never fails to make me laugh to see these women's avatar photos. They often have that AGP smirk, too dumb to realize we know they have no other options.

No. 1726696

It really is the female version of troonmaxxing isn't it, with both trying approximate exaggerated "feminine" traits while inevitably missing the mark and in the end drying up their dating pool to the absolute dregs of society

No. 1726697

stavros is on joe rogan its a 3 and half hour episode

No. 1726700

There's no smoking gun but if I was a betting woman I would definitely bet on it. This is based on the way she freaked out when she was identified as jugs and also how she kept seething about that skinny blonde girl that doxed jugs years after the fact. Jack also came to the subreddit after a long absence to defend her so he knew about it too.
I just come her to gawk at both of them but presumably jugs would be worse then Jack from antifa's perspective. Jack is an alt-right faggot, he sometimes espouses replacement theory but he's fine with having POCs and troons as his guest. Jugs on the other hand is an all out white nationalist.
Any milk on how they had the falling out? He was a guest on her podcast many times and he seems to say it was just random that she just turned on him one day out of nowhere. I guess she did the same with Oliver?
She sucks at chess even after the lessons. Maddie was destroying her and she's not that good either, could have mated several days ago but I guess didn't see it lol

No. 1726731

Some people do freak out when they’re accused of being something or someone they’re not, depends on their temperament maybe. I don’t think it means much

No. 1726738

But if I was trolling a subreddit and somebody tried to dox me and got it completely wrong, I would laugh and be happy and continue on my trolling ways lol

No. 1726743

Literally letter agency torture material

No. 1726747

First comes a full stomach, then comes fixins.
– Stavros Halkias

No. 1726752

Wasn’t the jugs person already doxed anyway and had nazi associations prior to the trolling incident? Why not just admit to being the troll then? Not like they had much to hide

No. 1726753

The episode dropped on Nick’s birthday lol

No. 1726803

What is the source for liz having a miscarriage?

No. 1726808

Literally no milk though unless you count never mentioning Cum Town by name as milk. And Stav and Joe are both too boring and unhinged respectively to be interesting.

No. 1726809

she actually looks good here and finally opted for slightly darker hair which suits her more. Didn’t she say that she had hormone issues, it could explain the thinning hair or just the damage from the bleach for years.

No. 1726818

No. 1726819


No. 1726828

Kill yourself

No. 1726834

gimme some medically assistance in death money and we'll be in business baby

No. 1726837

Mike White openly going on a nazi podcast while his show is in the middle of getting massive attention and nobody in the mainstream even noticing is still so wild.

Cancel culture only exists for the poors.

No. 1726839


No. 1726840

Baltic German nobility larp she and anna’s mom are desperately reaching for??

No. 1726841

There was likely more personal information about her in her reddit alts. Also, with her inflated opinion of herself she probably thought it would affect her podcasting career. She was still co-host of TPN and she was trying to do other podcasting side gigs.

No. 1726852

Thank you for your service nonnie. I felt like that would have come up in the threads if it was real but I didn’t want to go listen

No. 1726860

What other podcasting gigs? Sounds like you just really want it to be her. Probably the same anon that wrote jugs fanfic 2 years ago. Quite literally nothing interesting about her but you seem really obsessed nona

No. 1726862

Like the Eric Striker podcast she was on with another White Nationalist woman. Now she's on one with Emily Youcis. Which fanfic? I could curl up to a nice fanfic right now lol

No. 1726863

I thought Stav talking about the type of women he loves was milky but only because it was retarded and not self-aware. He said something like he’s really into therapy so he’s thought about it a lot and realized he likes women who put up with his bullshit and mommy him and think he’s precious even when he’s fucking up, since he was such a smart special babied momma’s boy growing up (but he find step mom porn disgusting to be clear??? Said 2 minutes later). Then something about maybe needing a stricter woman. Barf.
It was mostly boring though yeah. Nice to laugh at a moid instead of a pickme for a change I guess. I wonder how much money Stav paid to be a guest

No. 1726864

IIRC the striker podcast was before her being cohost of TPN and this new podcast with Emily is happening 2 years after TPN so how and why would being outed as some Reddit troll affect that?

No. 1726865

mostly because fat jack is completely unknown to people outside of this bubble. I can barely name 5 people who know the aging millennial pickmepod let alone the "obese gay whale tries to not beach himself" podcast. cancel culture was never real for the people who seethe about it online, conservatives just dont put out hits. white lotus is an exception to this

No. 1726869

>striker podcast was before her being cohost of TPN
Really? Well it was after Red Scare because it was suppose to be a White Nationalist version of Red Scare and TPN was not that long after Red Scare.

No. 1726874

How do you know it was supposed to be the “white nationalist version of red scare”?

No. 1726876

File: 1670987371595.jpeg (80.29 KB, 750x236, 88B66119-748D-459C-998A-DD4F6E…)

She looks the same

No. 1726880

How do you smoke crack by accident?????

No. 1726882

File: 1670988154617.png (63.47 KB, 708x283, miscarriage.png)

From the NYT slack. She posted this herself as some kind of own in one of the numerous arguments she had with randos on twitter; don't remember the context.

No. 1726883

I heard it was Alex Lee Moyer's crack

No. 1726893

>Nice to laugh at a moid
Well we do laugh at Jack and Pariah quite often

No. 1726901

From one of the early threads back when it was called leftthots

No. 1726904

i hate stav and men like him so much

No. 1726906

in her shosh era

No. 1726915

>autistic interest
She's LARPing as an aspie again? Dasha you are a chronically attention-starved bpd nutcase, you have no interests beyond coomer attention

No. 1726921


No. 1726922

File: 1670992774713.jpeg (139.58 KB, 750x873, B7D8FBB7-CA6F-4EFF-8D61-172424…)


No. 1726923

how would you even know this

No. 1726956

Could FOIA yourself but that would only say if they had a file on you. But this guy IS overdramatic….

No. 1726979

you're not wrong but hes clearly just lying for attention. anyone on twitter who snarkily replies to politicians can be added to the awarelist, even random anons. what irks me is when politicoids seethe about it while hiding what they're saying on telegram/discord/etc

No. 1726981

he is so delusional and self-important holy shit

No. 1726983

NTAYRT but I have confirmation from a friend Ariel pink turned Alex Lee Moyer into a crackhead and methhead

No. 1726985

Wew. Thank you for posting the source screenshot (don't know if it had been posted before, I definitely would've forgotten if it was as I did not care about Liz B for a long time)

No. 1726987

that seems appropriate somehow, if there is any grain of truth to this

No. 1726990

true but pariah is barely a person and jack is not a leftcow in my mind, he's a latecomer to a "post-left" scene or something I don't care as much about (his perfume opinions are absolute trash/bad too, he's a joke). no offense to those who enjoy their milk.

No. 1726994

its a vaguely obscure meme among rw incels. DNI

No. 1727007

What? I literally work in the La music scene, AP gives girls meth all the time

No. 1727023

The "ALM is a crackhead" meme originates from one frog anon around the time of when the TFW No GF doc came out who would always reply something like "Yeah I smoked crack with Alex Lee Moyer. Her crack." to any tweet mentioning her.

No. 1727060

i think what anon is trying to say is that although it was a meme, she has actually begun smoking crack

No. 1727073

Ok so you have no proof you just want it to be her, like the other anon said kek. I really don’t see how or why you’re so convinced when so many people sound alike online. Nonnies in this thread get accused of being the same person all the time and deny it, maybe they’re not lying but they’re really just different people. Sometimes it’s not that deep, not everyone is lying to you

No. 1727091

I feel the opposite happens more, people laugh and try to move on when they’re caught. They don’t address it or kind of say nah, hoping people will move on and not think about it

No. 1727154

anyone know who the keloid femcel (self proclaimed) all over the redscare reddit is? she says she used to run a super popular tumblr/was a tumblr it girl before posting.(spoonfeeding, unsaged)

No. 1727159

screenshots nigga

No. 1727171

File: 1671030408646.png (260 KB, 1240x680, coxuUrZ.png)

She's all over the fucking place there recently and claims people recognized her/dm'd her about it but I dont know who it is and am curious.

No. 1727176

this is such an embarrassing post kek. she has clearly never let go of her achievement of tumblr popularity years ago
actually i have the same question as her, why DO so many coquette edgelords who don’t even like anna and dasha still kind of ironically stan them or at least hang around in the subreddit? maybe just because they like the aesthetic or want to say retard somewhere where people won’t get mad?

No. 1727185

At this point the sub is a weird neutral ground for the incredibly online of almost any stripe. I bet by now the percentage of members who actually listen to the show is something crazy like 20% or less.

No. 1727187

I imagine the heavy handed modding hs driven away a lot of the normal listeners, the only people sticking around are the ones prepeared to resign up with multiple accounts over and over again

No. 1727188

File: 1671033036338.png (667.02 KB, 1188x790, spidermanmeme.png)

Their crusade against the movie Possession continues without acknowledging that Dasha ripped it off for her own movie's poster and for the entirety of the Betsy half. And doing a "homage" to Possession was already cliched in 2020. Dasha talked on the podcast with Anna about it being not that good and both seemed completely unaware of the irony and why Metrograph would program it and not Scary. Supports the theory that Maddie did most of the writing and the cinematographer did all of the actual directing.
Unemployed behavior. That Civil War movie is never getting made.
redscare4cishetmen coomer moids out

No. 1727195

No. 1727207

File: 1671035489652.jpeg (340.68 KB, 750x772, D91584A8-2B4C-426A-882B-8C5E39…)

He has the most contrarian taste in movies

No. 1727210

i autistically stalked her profile because i have nothing better to do and apparently she's a tumblr girl who used to love kay francis and makes experimental music. idk who that is tho

No. 1727212

ok but he's actually right about In the Mood for Love, I've always been baffled by the overwhelming critical love for that movie. Not even top 5 Wong for me.

No. 1727218

Consuming mass market product as a substitute for talent and a personality is exactly the religion Paglia and her imitators like Jack and RS sell with themselves as the priestly caste

How dare the pretty zoomer girls they'd sell their souls to be/fuck just like the things they like without consulting the experts

No. 1727222

is it visualtraining or whatever her other names were? her real name starts with a z. was friends with itchycoil and all them. she did the whole tradcath while listening to power electronics shit back in the day.

No. 1727223

Sure a lot of young people are sheep but he's just doing the kneejerk reaction as you say to feel special

No. 1727224

sa she posted about lana del rey. it's definitely her kek embarrassing

No. 1727225

sa again!!! her real name is zynab. i just remembered

No. 1727226

She posted her noise jackets recently, lol.

Tumblrinas stay winning I guess? Glad I never joined that website

No. 1727231

yea it's for sure her without a doubt. she said she's half sea and arab on reddit and i remember her talking about that all the fucking time on tumblr.

No. 1727232

I feel like they post on the subreddit while hating A+D out of necessity. besides places like this which are relatively small, there is no public fora online that isnt completely riddled with culture war political bullshit

No. 1727238

Yeah she mentioned being "half-ching chong" recently and all that stuff about being mixed race. Isn't it sad how people don't even change in the span of decades?

But also, being this pathologically ashamed and anxious over your racial origins is lame

No. 1727240

she's also fat and short

No. 1727243

Is this the one with the weird skin condition and a hole in her chest?

No. 1727246

I feel for her a little, I have a chronic condition and have a hard time dating because of it as well. But at a certain age you have to just accept things

No. 1727247

she used to have a bf. some tall white hipster faggot but she refused to have sex with him because of her faith

No. 1727258

yet the generic old geek from boston comes through

No. 1727360

File: 1671048971241.png (29.43 KB, 598x341, iRp1Ydz.png)

No. 1727388

sorry don’t you know like teachers nurses aren’t respected because of the gynocracy????? spiteful obvi jealous women with their lack of check notes femininity because they’re femoids!!!! them having jobs ruins lives, makes sensitive little boys into troons like little not at all hateful or chronically online totally not npc-ish me!!!!!

No. 1727397

new member of the 41% club?

No. 1727411

oh no! anyway…

No. 1727422

just wrote some try hard scarethot broken aave word vomit about it lol

No. 1727436

cant blame him if he 41%ed, in the past if you were someone like him you’d be a lunatic for the first bit of your life, maybe do some weird shit and embarrass yourself a bunch, but people forget, it gets lost to time, and you eventually get a job and friends and become normal. he made himself into a humiliating spectacle, in a way that will be forever linked to his real name and face, ruined his body by being a gullible dummy, and will literally only ever escape it by changing his name, moving somewhere where they dont speak english, and giving up on the delusion that he can ever be anything but an ugly moid. i dont like it when people commit suicide even if they do suck, but it’s honestly an entirely legitimate and logical choice for somebody in his position

No. 1727440

you got a pic of that?

No. 1727442

lmao look at their substack…. i saw a really funny post from scarethot tumblr fave andreablog2 on ppl who try to say they aren’t normies (once again, stop with the cringy fake incel derived terms lol) that described it perfectly…

No. 1727450

i'm not sure what you're talking about, do you mind linking it?

No. 1727452

it’s farther up in the thread

No. 1727523

LOL nonna I do feel sorry for him being suckered into troondom as a minor but the women he hates the most are the people who fight the hardest against sterilizing children in the first place. Oh but we're not feminine enough for you even though if we ran things you'd still have a functioning dick. Get a clue and see us as people and not just a LARP/target for your frustration

On his TPN appearance he and Jack made it obvious they think conservative men don't come by their loathing for them on their own but are deceived by the Eves in their lives. Women are just a skin suit to put on and something to blame your failures on

The responses to that Milkers post are similar to what 4channers would post and contrary to his delusions they're far more heartless than anything posted here

No. 1727525

File: 1671063743643.png (48.94 KB, 627x548, asukalotus.png)

Yes if I don't 100% trust each and every gay man that makes me a Republican yes sirree

No. 1727537

Of course the supremo ubermensch gender of logic and reason has foids in charge of their every manly decision. Amazing how superior men are ruled over by inferior women, that makes total sense.

No. 1727562

why are they sooo obsessed with fake shit that doesn’t even exist like no wonder smart pretty normal women you couldn’t keep at friends let alone be a functioning human yourself who sees others as humans!!! that’s why you’re hateful and so bothered to be cows online!!!

No. 1727627

Grinding our pussies against anything that moves? I guess that's why PrEP needed to be invented

That whole crew believes this delusional shit. Happy to stay winning though

No. 1727641

ariel pink is doing crack and meth? why is he so fat?

No. 1727643

too much modding of actual women, not enough modding of cumtown men

No. 1727644

ethel cain? caroline, how could you

No. 1727647

he has an alcoholic dad bod

No. 1727651

how far gone was he, did he have ffs and the chop so he couldn't just meekly detrans? there's been so many much older, much more visible detransitioners lately, like that navy seal who claimed he was a victim of "extreme propaganda," it couldn't be that difficult to just scrote up and admit he was sold a lie and being retarded

No. 1727655

gay and straight men do nothing but project.

No. 1727656

i think he'd just had HRT but he claimed that his body had formed a dependence to it and thus he could never get off of it without severely fucked up side effects, so he did wind up in some hell of his own making

No. 1727663

op (scott) is a mediocre perfume jack/samememe fag similarly pushing 40. bland rather than milky in his own right.

No. 1727688

Pretty sure I remember her openly making fun of Pariah. Why are they buddy-buddy now lol?

No. 1727701

File: 1671077110634.jpeg (263.66 KB, 1170x1203, 1EC29AA4-4FE8-4390-A843-F0F08F…)

It seems like Monica was defending him recently and they’ve been friendly for months. It’s the bitchy woman and her equally mean gay male friend energy (eg he’s called her mother on Twitter). It makes sense pariah would find comfort in a woman who needs to be half silicone to accept herself. he can lie to himself about how all female beautiful is artificial and manufactured

No. 1727704

OT but I don't know WTF he's talking about the only really evil people are the gays and Greg. The women grinding their pussies were the two sex workers and you couldn't really call them evil just opportunistic and sneaky. I have to admit though, it was a great season and a great finale but not really realistic. Why would the gays wine and dine Tanya if they planned to kill her? If you want someone dead, you just get that mafia guy to kill her. Why would Moltisanti, the Hollywood big shot, go through all the trouble of procuring prostitutes at the risk of further alienating his son when he could get far more attractive aspiring actresses with more discretion using the casting couch?

No. 1727707

the dependence would be mental, which an ssri could supplant. hrt does not cause physical dependence.

No. 1727735

File: 1671079672487.jpeg (357.32 KB, 1169x1614, 8B207A9D-DBED-4588-9DC5-F5EFC2…)

Seems like pariah has been taken estrogen in some capacity for a long time and claims he never went through puberty. Odd bc he’s 6’0 it seems. I’m not sure what he means or what parts of development he missed on. Seems to try no estrogen for some days etc then goes back.

A misogynist is a misogynist but it is rough to be the lab rat for figuring out how to get off of hormones, esp when you took them from preteen to adulthood.

No. 1727743

>Estrogen is poison

Incel peatard with subclinical hypervitaminosis A detected

No. 1727745

so it would look like an accident. they were going to commit insurance fraud since she was married to a former gay lover. this part made sense to me, but the heterosexual relationships - Harper and Daphne - seemed laughably predictable and clearly written by a gay man

No. 1727754

bpd waif ploy for sympathy

No. 1727755

he wasn't puberty blocked, his body can make his own hormones. yes he'll feel like shit for a month, but he's acting like he's withdrawing from heroin

No. 1727779

Ah ok I see nonnas. Thanks for keeping my sympathy in check

No. 1727780

sage for blog, I know the ones of the original post-ussr jewish wave and their children (I am one) and also many "slavic" Russians who came as adults for work/modeling/whatever, as NYC has traditionally occupied some kind of bizarre utopian status in the minds of many Russians which persists even to this day.

In terms of Jewish communities, again I reiterate, the "judaism through the mother's line" stuff is not really relevant like it is in other communities because 1) like 90% were secular/very mild reform religious anyway 2) in the USSR you could be classified as a jew whether it was your father or mother who was the one. In Anna's case if her mother had taken on a jewish identity as passed in down to her she could be easily accepted as a jew in the russian jewish community.


I heard her speak on the RWA podcast and she can speak and communicate to a perfectly understandable level and her pronunciation is actually pretty good. She just has zero natural grasp of russian grammar and total depletion of natural vocabulary for someone living in 2022; she forms her sentences in a weird pantomime of a 1980s soviet speaker, but that is pretty common among first gen immigrents. It's Dasha that is only able to say garbled fragments of broken gibberish and has admitted to not being able to understand basic russian daytime game shows, which is very pathetic considering how much effort she has invested in her cringe slavic lolita brand

No. 1727786

It's literally not normal to no longer be able to understand Russian as a native Russian speaker, even after years in the US. Struggling to speak, yes. Losing comprehension, no. That's just Dasha being literally retarded and brain damaged from drugs and malnutrition.

No. 1727944

or she fabricated some or all of her origin story

No. 1727948

File: 1671112414846.png (2.55 MB, 1928x900, Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 8.43…)

i know Anna thinks her selfies are giving "cool, impassive beauty" but these male FaceApp edits made by someone in r/redscarepod really bring out the joyless, dead-eyed incel that lurks within her

No. 1727973

ugliest bitch in the world

No. 1727974

File: 1671115619654.png (1.13 MB, 1339x953, 66664312342.png)

It's clear she's always wanted to be a man but at the same time won't capitulate to trannyism because of her contrarian nature.

In other news, apparently TAFS managed to get Matt Healey for a split second. Not sure if the Matt Healye episode was a bit or if it was a real episode that turned to shit. Either way it seems they're transitioning to Howard Stern for millenials.

No. 1727994

Doesn't testosterone close the growth plates so eunuchs tend to grow taller than they would otherwise? I remember reading something about this on another thread.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can fuck up your body's ability to produce its own sex hormones with HRT, it happens to bodybuilders all the time

No. 1727997

Adam's full suit with graphic t-shirt outfits look so stupid. Worse than the California startup CEO blazer + jeans uniform.

No. 1728002

File: 1671118545908.jpg (146.56 KB, 1600x900, lol.jpg)


lol everyone in this interaction is grotesque

No. 1728004

it’s like that skeleton from the emperor’s new groove (?) with the color and fun sucked out, less genuinely stereotypically feminine in a way lol

No. 1728010

you think that any surgeon no matter how poorly educated look-wise has touched that??? once again people pls start with your teeth and jaws

No. 1728023

the art nonnie from the last thread who said Anna has droopy spaniel eyes and a perpetual bullied mass shooter scowl lives in my head rent free and it's funny that no matter how much $$ she spends on her face those are still the first things you see when you look at her

No. 1728026

fella on the right has big stabbing spree energy

No. 1728069

File: 1671127817630.jpg (216.69 KB, 879x943, 1671121872557865[1].jpg)

Saging because it's getting somewhat off topic but the author of that blog got doxed according to this white nationalist site. If true, jugs has some powerful white nationalist hacker friends lol

No. 1728076

Didn't someone say she had a neonazi ex bf who hung out with nick fuentes and took a minor to get plan b after one of her friends had sex with them or something. No wonder she thinks that nasty pedo is good company

I hope he wasn't permanently destroyed by the psychic weaponry of AI art kek. Honestly i'd feel bad if he 41%ed if it wasn't for the pedophilic "the unfemininity of modern woman leads men to want peripupescent boys. BAP discuss this" disgusting tweet i always just found him annoying until that point

No. 1728079

File: 1671128852603.jpeg (584.86 KB, 1170x1353, BB2BD8DB-A842-419C-9EEE-FC405B…)

How does Aimee not realize she's alienating 90% of her followers by making fun of John Fetterman's appearance

No. 1728089

wait. sorry for being slow but the politician John Fetterman is twitter user as_a_worker?

No. 1728092

hilarious that they say this when higher estrogen levels are a huge contributing factor in women having improved cardiovascular health outcomes and thus longer lifespans than males

No. 1728100

The timing of that was too good because prior to the AI art in the thread he'd made a post about how he'd "be destroyed" or something equally as melodramatic if he ever actually went on lolcow and saw what people were saying about him. My tinfoil is that it's too convenient to be real and could all just be a dumb narrative he's spinning to get us to stop cyberbullying him, so I say lolcow should double down in that department

No. 1728101

I think she’s just styling the phrase “as a worker” that way - I know Aimee has shown her ass re: American politics before but it would be deliriously stupid of her to believe that Fetterman (who’s what? 50 years old) 60?) is a power twitter user.

No. 1728107

faceapp anna looks like dasha's boyfriend

No. 1728111

perhaps thyroid hormones but not t or e. the growth plates don't close which is why eunuchs get tall (nikki tutorials), the lack of sex hormones makes them really fat by pariah's age, see kim petras, which is why he doesn't appear to be puberty-blocked.

No. 1728112

you don't need to hack to dox someone, also people who think they are "on the right side of history" are usually not very careful about covering their tracks online

No. 1728122

File: 1671134402389.jpg (176.33 KB, 1240x744, AnnaV.jpg)


Separated at birth?

No. 1728130

first mac demarco now this guy? who tf is their target audience kek.

No. 1728131

Couldn’t we tell by Pariah’s voice? Estrogen therapy can’t raise postpubertal voices, the only way for a MTF to have a higher voice is castration

No. 1728135

>chincel chud with a beard to hide it

My sides

No. 1728137

It's Ray Peat broscience retardation. Everything they believe is the opposite of true, which is why all peatards look like jaundiced shit.

No. 1728138

File: 1671137059817.jpg (44.02 KB, 594x332, 1250dee2-f8c0-4a9d-99b3-c2a8d5…)

im fine bro i swear its normal its just the toxins leaving my body

No. 1728149

Haha I love eating polar bear liver, anyway why are my nails falling out? Would going on testosterone gel fix this?

No. 1728159

Just put some jumper cables on your thyroid glands and you should be good my man

No. 1728173

RW gay men are absolutely and pathologically unable to accept the loathing and disgust that straight men often feel towards them, principally because many gay niggas are desperately attracted to straight guys. This is the source of a great deal of bizarre one-sided sexual competition between gay men and women, the likes of which women are usually oblivious to.

As such, they cope by pretending that homophobia is in all cases an attempt by straight men to ‘peacock’ for the hot Stacies they’ll never be - ergo, it’s women’s fault. They literally cannot acknowledge that the vast majority of historical institutional homophobia their community has experienced had little to no female instrumentality.

As a sidenote, it’s absolutely stunning to observe how predictable men are across all demographics, particularly in their tendency to scapegoat women for any particular social ill. For all the wasteful fellating that faghags and non-based lesbians for these tedious faggots, you’d think a little more kindness would be due.

No. 1728178

very solid analysis

No. 1728201

Well said. It's the homo version of incel losers blaming women for colonialism and "brother wars" - men wouldn't have engaged in war, theft and slavery if not for the slags at home nagging them for fancy trinkets

No. 1728203

File: 1671142253134.jpeg (973.24 KB, 1801x2560, 081B6DDF-3759-42D4-AFD0-3E9FA6…)

read too much Paglia, start to look like her

No. 1728209

Matty bought a t shirt of one of Adam's shitty paintings and has shouted out them and Red Scare in interviews so it's not surprising.

No. 1728218

Yikes, when did he shout out RS?

No. 1728222

File: 1671143363938.jpg (49.56 KB, 828x359, 80vt0mh7v7b91.jpg)

No. 1728223

The only way gay men were able to stop straight men from beating them up was with a strategic alliance with women as a shield. Straight men know that Stacy won’t like Chad if Chad beats up her campy clown bestie.

No. 1728227

File: 1671144110487.gif (5.48 KB, 600x80, dangerouslybased.gif)

No. 1728229

alcoholic plus incredibly short

No. 1728234

anyone remember the party the ion pack guys, the 1975, the dare, and like dirty beaches (beach fossils? idk lol) were at or something? it’s all morphing into the same shit. which is funny as RS gets progressively more racist

No. 1728237

File: 1671145238802.png (27.57 KB, 599x287, adamcope.png)

Wonder why he would say something like this…

No. 1728242

What the fuck is up with that The Dare guy. One song and he’s booked at Basel, Primavera sound, on every Spotify playlist, on the cover of the New Yorker? It’s not bad but are people that desperate for a circa 2006 DFA Records LARP? It’s weird I hope kids at Big Ten schools catch on soon so press stops telling me it’s ~the moment~ this Frost Chikdren/ Blaketheman/ Mister The Dare (TM) shit is so lame

No. 1728250

Seriously playing dress up and repackaging heyday NYC aughts indie is something Midwest townie losers would do to feel cool not ACTUAL “we’re artists capital A in New York” cmon

No. 1728254

RW gayniggas go on and on about empty egg cartons and women hitting the wall but they splat with 100x the violence. Men are so much crueler to each other than we could be to them. When most women hit middle age they simply face reality and find other things to do.

They bitch about female altruism (see Jack and the evil cookie-givers and stray cat simps at his job) but they lose their shit when women don't bend over backwards for them. Sorry you can't have it both ways Mary

No. 1728265

File: 1671147186539.jpeg (74.92 KB, 1080x1015, 8D461522-8735-4EA0-BEED-3BAEF6…)

Next time a cumwipe tries the old egg carton shitpost, just send them this. Women typically become infertile in their 40s, still plenty of time to plan for children. Meanwhile the entire male gender is going infertile, kek.

No. 1728269

Yes they switch from the active "we invent everything" to the passive "the environment is making the frogs gay and destroying my fertility" so fast it gives you whiplash

No. 1728272

she came as a 4-year old so she has some leeway but it takes like a year of watching russian-langauge TV to get up to native comprehension. I think learning Russian would requiring accepting that she can't really speak it in the first place, that she's basically a spicy white American.

No. 1728301

Jack's fat logic about being tempted with Walmart cookies is peak moid moment. The exact same logic they use to cope with the fact that they're innately sexually degenerate.

No. 1728302

That is correct if you're a deeply retarded 4 year old with FAS. Most 4 year olds have full grasp on their native language.

I would understand losing comprehension if you left at 2, but not 4. Many kids can fucking read and even write in ugly print letters at that age.

No. 1728305

it’s alway the most messy or meek irl people whose whininess/mental stuff I can’t really feel bad for or empathize a bit with that are the loudest in their narcissism of small differences/question why they feel the need, and only have the online realm to do things who end up being super snowflakey and lack any sense of proportion or awareness of their try-hard micro-trend latching and making them so aggressive. like mr river “ppllsss i’m a genuine serious working class writer totally not making space to bootlick alt righters” or “creepy weeb caveman somehow allowed around children” or “im totally choosing love and life and nature and totally know culture and history haha breeders contribute nothing!!! gay men find me more better therefore im speesschiuler then them!!!” the only-into-history for my pedophilia obsession troon

No. 1728360

File: 1671157020482.png (221.36 KB, 588x763, rationalsex.png)

It's all projection. I had a hearty kek today at this incredible ""freudian slip"", and as expected learning what really happened changed nothing. Cum peddlers are barely conscious, zero self-awareness.

No. 1728365

File: 1671157519887.jpg (52.61 KB, 640x424, 319648778_1151409538822584_470…)

Center left normies

No. 1728375

As an oldfag I can't believe people actually want to revive that "scene"
It was lame and full of clout chasing poseurs the first time around

No. 1728376

Red Scare/Cum Town mass appeal becoming more lowbrow and normie as Anna becomes more of a straight faced racist and self loathing misogynist is such a hilarious cultural trajectory to me

No. 1728377

I think you just answered your own question nonnie

No. 1728382

Have you looked at the state of indie lately? No wonder zoomers want to go back.

No. 1728401

It’s just funny that the joke about LCD Soundsystem the first time around is that he wasn’t cool because he could only do revival and some Brooklyn fag was like “damn yes retweet”

No. 1728431

File: 1671165406545.jpeg (29.54 KB, 600x489, 0AABDD6A-ADD3-4A8D-B627-0116E7…)

Has to be her dirty work, right?

No. 1728451

File: 1671169103631.jpeg (717.09 KB, 1242x1327, A6AAB800-45D1-4121-B067-926509…)

he was at the psych ward apparently and came back to brag about how he's wasting away and how doctors thought he passed lol

No. 1728456

when in reality he was probably just wasting healthcare professionals time and resources with a suicidal gesture. i wonder if he'll be able to recognize his tranny nonsense with abilify and if he could bear the guilt and shame of his embarrassing life choices.

No. 1728460

the funniest part of this story is this hideous ana goblin telling doctors that hes actually a runway model

No. 1728466

trannies are unable to recall an experience with a medical professional without injecting some blatantly false anecdote that proved that they passed to them

No. 1728490

This is fully reflected in research on single sex vs co-ed schooling. Or womanless villages in places like India. The very first thing moids do is establish a hierarchy and an abused caste of moids to fulfill a woman's role, but eventually they default to killing and raping each other anyway because a parasite can't parasitize on another parasite. It's well established that women and 1moid1wife systems serve as a buffer for intrasexual violence and are basically a meat shield for moids, which is why all societies with a surplus of unmarried males always see an uptick in crime and probability of war. That's for the >>1728201
"brother wars" incels. Having a wife allows a moid to beat her instead of taking out his chimp impulses on other moids, which is inherently riskier. So if anything, female proximity allows beta males to proliferate and thrive uncontrollably - if it wasn't for women serving as punching bags and dispensing moralfaggotry, all the chinless tweeting groypers would be too busy getting murdered by stronger coom chimps (as they should).

The "ANYWAYS, ITS BAD FOR BOTH GENDERS OKAY??? LET'S DROP IT" passage from that moid made me kek. Yeah, no, it's bad for you and you know it. The absolute worst thing you can do to a human male is confine him with other males. Moids already murder each other in limited single sex environments like military and prison, but I can only imagine what true sex segregation would be. No female imagery, no women or even any remote hope of ever encountering them. Just men and knowing that you'll die only seeing men around you. I sincerely hope that every moid posted in this thread gets to experience this somehow. I'd honestly pay money to make it happen.

No. 1728496

No one cares

No. 1728497

File: 1671173066601.jpeg (180.21 KB, 1125x636, 413C894A-A0FB-4623-80B2-B720F7…)

Someone said this on the sub and of course she found it flattering

No. 1728499

excellent post nonna. a common trend with those chinless twitter moids is that they're always calling other males to go to war, never offering themselves. Because deep down they know they are betas and would be tossed about like an orca whale tosses its prey if they ever had to fight

No. 1728507

File: 1671173695475.jpeg (38.23 KB, 432x243, 50442422-CD0F-40A0-A53A-DB7DB9…)

she does look like him. "him" being a deranged incel LARPer who had to shut down his own forum due to "religious reasons" because his forum posters were meeting more women than he was and their questions were starting to expose him as an incel.

No. 1728512

this is a 2X hall of fame worthy post

No. 1728517

You know what's super duper hilarious? When moids lionize themselves as alpha warriors and then absolutely shit themselves whenever there's an actual draft. A great example is Russian moids for the past few months. Now the same accounts that used to tweet moid idpol and military history 24/7 are in full "war is so horrible and uncivilized!!!" cope mode.

No. 1728518

shes coping hard

No. 1728540

You can tell this comment kills her but she’s trying to act cool about it

No. 1728544

File: 1671178764791.png (178.3 KB, 414x553, bunnyisadickrider.png)


No. 1728569

Amazing pic title lol but just why is everyone even remotely talented in what’s left of indie music kowtowing to the worst ~10 people in the “Dimes Square” intelligentsia. It feels like the most unceremonious passing of the torch, makes the world seem so small and banal. I blame Ariel Pink and John Maus

No. 1728573

1. DS is the most conspicuous "avant garde" around
2. CP is like 40 years old

No. 1728610

Manifesto-chan, is that you? May I ask your opinion on the new Muhskilinity guru, Andrew Tate, and his apostles?

Particularly their efforts to normalise semi-open relationships (i.e. where men have sex with other women but women can’t have sex with other men). This is semi-relevent as RS discussed Andrew Tate on their podcast.

No. 1728656

1. He is a subhuman malding chincel, which is par for the course for a muh skulinity guru;

2. Naturally, he's proposing asymmetrical polyamory because he knows exactly how equal opportunity polyamory would end for him. It's impossible to maintain delusions of male uniqueness and importance in the context of sexual free market. Just like everything else he says, the "I can cheat but you can't because reasons" bit betrays an acute awareness of being a bottom tier male - the exact kind that isn't fit to compete with other males and would need an autistic tutorial on how to be MUH SKULINE in the first place. Overall it's a pretty default male societal system, the penile affirmative action logic of "you shouldn't run at all so I can win the race" is a recurring pattern everywhere, not just mating practices.

No. 1728668

Moids are so fucking stupid with their glorification of war, especially since they’re all fought by drones now. There’s zero glory or honor, just crouching in the freezing mud and waiting for death from above.

No. 1728671

The “poly for me but not for thee” moids are hilarious. They’re at least self-aware enough to know they’d be eternal incels if women decided to go poly en masse.

No. 1728683

Matt Healy is always overdressed

No. 1728696

Her new album is terrible lol

No. 1728716

Not related to the discussion at all but does anyone feel Matt Healy has huge Noel Gallagher potato energy?

No. 1728722

File: 1671205831131.jpg (70.7 KB, 750x1334, oDvUIdRY.jpg)

wait, is Annie Hamilton trans?

No. 1728737

moidbrained post

No. 1728738

umm ok Nostradamus it doesn't drop til February but sure, go off!

No. 1728740

No, just a gym rat

No. 1728753

Sorry for meta post but can he go in the MtF/TiM thread or the pro-ana thread now? why the leftcow thread just because he's in NYC…? Paria doesn't even make a media product to pick apart and was never involved in anything political, it's just tweets and pictures of him (and I personally don't care, not that that decides what's on-topic)
If he stays here whatever fine. I'm not gonna complain after this since he's a redscare orbitter, but I would sort him into a different thread based on what he actually is/does. I think it's off-topic when he comes up here and he self posts anyway and probably doesn't want to be sorted into the other threads even though that's where he belongs. Don't care if it makes this thread slower, it would be better without him.

No. 1728767

agree 100%, just because he's desp to be associated with the Red Scare scene doesn't mean he's relevant to it or this thread. there's nothing interesting about him, just another mentally ill scarethot who aggressively self-posted here for a year. like can we not reinforce his delusions that he matters

No. 1728768

Thirded, he's so boring and most of it is self posting anyways.
>Don't care if it makes this thread slower, it would be better without him.

No. 1728783

there's a femboy thread he can go into since he's so much like cafebeef

No. 1728803

nick is such an asslet. also, no one listens to these arists except for women

No. 1728810

Personally I find the psychology of delusional, perfidious homosexual moids like Jack/Asuka/Pariah more interesting than endless takedowns of Anna and Dasha's appearance but that's just me I guess

Frankly I get off watching their doomed attempts to redpill straight men on the eternal woman. They fail to understand they wouldn't be remotely equal to het men in a RETVRN to ancient Athens and their increasing bitterness gives me joy

No. 1728817

Enough grease to fill a Popeye's fryer

No. 1728822

Eternal woman and homofacism discourse online is so ironic because converting straights is what men always accuse lesbians of doing. Men are always projecting

No. 1728827

Her scrote and troon pandering is getting too much. Her Instagram is so gross. Do they even listen to her music? I thought she had a bigger female demographic

No. 1728830

Damn, I really love her music (except that god-awful bunny song) but don't pay any attention to her outside of that. What's her deal?

No. 1728843

It’s mostly self-posts, no one here gives a flying fuck about this irrelevant troon. Remilia fags do the same and then beg for their own thread when nonnas complain about them shitting up this thread. They’re pathetic moids desperate from any attention from women, just ignore them all.

No. 1728846

File: 1671217349803.jpeg (43.14 KB, 500x305, Faces.jpeg)

NTA but Tate also has the typical "female" facial proportions of a male exposed to very low testosterone in Utero, which in my opinion explains a lot of his histrionic personality traits, obsession with detail and strong preference for woman with very strong/androgynous faces

No. 1728866

It would make sense because male hierarchy is entirely animalistic, no matter how much beta males cope through money and machiavellian social influence. Their primordial instinct is to bow before features that say "ooga booga me can beat you up and steal your female". It's how they evolved, and no matter how much they try to intellectualize it, it's their core lived experience and motivation.

Because cross-sex aggression was observed to be a common beta male response to being low in the male hierarchy, it's natural that these types of men would also be the least masculinized at the most basic level - not the LARPy social Muh Skulinity, but the basic T dependent stuff like height and jaw width. That is not to make a retarded "those weren't REAL men" tier argument or to imply that the chimpiest coom chimps possess some fabled muh skuline virtue as hallucinated by BAP and other demented fujoshits from the hellenic fandom. Tall moids with good midfacial development and sharp jawlines are just as vile, but they do have fewer reasons to let it spill out. There's absolutely an argument to be made that genetically attractive men have fewer reasons to be terminally resentful.

No. 1728880

for sure… tired of this tiktoked together personality, it's so attention-whoring and bot-like

No. 1728881

tate just comes across as a bitter closet homo mad at women for being able to date men

No. 1728886

just what happens to every female artist trying to break into the industry

No. 1728890

I forgot that the flyovers have to wait for the p4k review to drop to get their opinion

No. 1728895

File: 1671221583276.png (35.39 KB, 629x505, datingkat.png)


No. 1728919

it's more flyover of you to even be aware of what such an irrelevant artist is doing in 2022, the aughts called and they want you back

No. 1728922

Weak and unsaged comeback

No. 1728923

perhaps but chairlift did always suck, fyi

No. 1728926

His saving grace is being bald with facial hair. Many men can barely grow hair on their face so he attracts lost moids in that way

No. 1728931

He’s not even interesting enough for the MTF thread, just a garden variety mental case. No one would discuss him here if he didn’t relentlessly self-post.

No. 1728952

File: 1671225442219.jpeg (90.97 KB, 750x945, Jamesspader.jpeg)


>an argument to be made that genetically attractive men have fewer reasons to be terminally resentful

Not to derail but I have to completely disagree on your premises that having high T vs low T features is what makes men attractive. Large sectors of women absolutely do have a specific preference for the more "feminized" spectrum of male faces like pircel and vice versa with very square faces like Sara Sampaio/Sean Young/Irina Shyak considered much more attractive by a lot of men then someone like Kate Moss.

This doesn't apply to Tate tho who just independently ugly/mediocre at best with his facial asymmetries, crowded/fucked up teeth, saggy eyes and receded chin.("not to derail but ")

No. 1728956

did adam’s young asian wife leave him? his in-laws pay for his housing so lmfao if so

No. 1728966

yeah did people completely forget the overwhelming popularity of so-called pretty boys among women? the idea that women only want guys with exaggerated jawlines like the black and white chad meme image guy is an incel fantasy/hyperstition

No. 1728967

File: 1671226876447.jpg (47.38 KB, 1170x780, Jordan-2-1170x780.jpg)

I completely agree that it's not what makes men attractive. It is, however, what men think makes men attractive, or what should make a man attractive because it signals intra-male "competitiveness" in prehistoric conditions.

Males seething when their ideal gigachad self-insert gets fewer simps than a twink is another topic entirely. However, I have to remark that attractive feminine beauty is extremely rare and short lived in men due to male pattern aging. It's no doubt the most captivating type to straight women (personally I've never seen a gigachad get as much batshit simping as effeminate heartthrob types, if any at all), but it's also hands down the most unattainable for 99.9% of males on the planet. Tate and other soyjaks don't have the alpha chimp traits, but they don't have the twink traits either. Their features aren't soft, refined or elegant, they're just amorphous and weak.

No. 1728976

File: 1671229210109.jpeg (16.11 KB, 564x317, Twink_supremacy.jpeg)


Anon do we have the same definition of Twink/feminine faces? That freak Jordan Barrett is actually very high T lol, with his very wide/broad face, Neanderthal brow and short forehead, he is just extremely gay and has had a ton of plastic surgery. I think there is something to be said about feminized vs masculinized faces not having a direct correlating with attractiveness (ugly and attractive versions exist in both) and also being filtered thru gay vs straight. But if we are gonna talk about twink aesthetics, then the guy on the right is a better example of the true heterosexual Twink IMO, and the interested for such "beautiful androgynous" men is super niche vs for men that just have feminized proportions like Tom Hiddleston and James Spader but are clearly very male.

Anyways not sperg too hard but my original premises concerning Tate is that he looks like he was pretty low T in the womb, which has an effect on neurological development as well as certain physical traits, like less good at math and analytical thinking (probably why his chess grandmaster father was so disappointed in him) and more traits like emotional instability. Apparently having feminized hand ratios was also positively linked to having worst relationships with women kekekek


No. 1728982

seemingly 15 year old girls from like 7 or 8 years ago

No. 1729002

File: 1671232117581.png (239.57 KB, 512x768, tumblr_nljt6uiO0U1u5k5sro1_540…)

He qualified as a twink maybe 5 years ago, he's just currently hitting the twink wall kek. You're likely more into true prettyboys like pic related - he kinda looks like Barrett sans caveman traits. I was mostly talking more in terms of twinks straight women like and men hate (think Zac Efron, Leo DiCaprio in Titanic, kpop creatures, etc). Though one can argue that it's actually attraction to markers of youth, which manifests as relatively feminized appearance in moids.

>Men with short index fingers and long ring fingers tend to be nicer toward women, according to a new study

Kek, didn't know this one, but it checks out.

No. 1729005

not the worst fate if that means he gets to keep his hair. he might look like phil collins in a year or two (bandmates are clearly heading there)
something is a solid record noni

No. 1729012

File: 1671233092797.png (28.57 KB, 587x229, Screenshot 2022-12-16 18.24.41…)

So what's this about, then?

No. 1729013

dont immolate me for listening to cumtown i know its bad but she sounds like the molested cholo

No. 1729018

It’s just incels and right wingers projecting their obvious homosexuality

No. 1729024

Andrew Tate would shit himself if he was in the same room as the Lizard King

No. 1729026

I’m guessing it’s connected to Elon’s recent Twitter spergout?

No. 1729027

i get it but yadayada these posting are going to to morph into a funhouse version of these doughy bland whitebread meek spergs if they aren't already from talking like this. ladies take a break we've all been there i beg you and stop with the fluffy ass derailing. what more can you say about tate other then he's just another cow who needs head gear and go on a sabbatical or whatever it is since they can't really have a job or things outside the internet

No. 1729031

tate should be imprisoned for human trafficking and brainwashing millions of zoomers, not really a funny cow

No. 1729052

Note that these are Claire Penis's favorite films. Knowing as to the nature of the feud betwixt Jack and Claire Penis, does it not indeed seem likely that Jack is trawling the account of Claire Penis behind a block in such a manner that when Claire Penis claims to like a film, Jack will pretend to dislike it?

No. 1729067


No. 1729072

don’t see what they have to do with it? those are a lot of people’s favorite films including Dasha’s and every other scarethot or gay guy. the whale is just seeking attention through lashing out randomly at movies most popular with late zoomer/early millennial women.

No. 1729087

File: 1671240765181.png (1.95 MB, 1108x1850, Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 5.26.…)

I was ready to be impressed you even know that but I looked at Claire Penis's letterboxd and most of those aren't even listed let alone rated highly.

Eyes wide shut: not listed
Perfect blue: not listed
Posession: five stars
Mulholland Drive: not listed
Suspiria: not listed
Piano Teacher: not listed

picrel, Perfect Blue and Mulholland Drive used to be top 50 so clearly list was changed since Jan. I wouldn't know if the letterboxd ratings are even genuine the way hesse posts though

No. 1729096

this is such entry level boring ass taste goddamn

No. 1729114

Watching Anna and Dasha do a 180 on Elon Musk has been funnier than any of their actual attempts at humor

No. 1729127

I'm just let down that >>1729052 didn't have obscure cow knowledge. or maybe she does but no one posts screencaps or source anymore
can you post screenshots girl

No. 1729163

this is the funniest tweet shes ever written

No. 1729165

Judging by this video I don't think we'll have him to kick around much longer. Filthy as that hovel is it must be expensive, say 2K a month? He doesn't seem employed, how does he afford Brooklyn rent?


No. 1729168

Tate and his followers are truly the Beta Uprising that Elliot Rodger preached about. The lionization of unremarkable men as a huge cope for their disadvantage

No. 1729170

Damn, just tag ese into the end of the tweet and that's basically it.

No. 1729173

its probably parentally subsidized

No. 1729179

it's giving goddess bunny

No. 1729182

yeah the crossover appeal for this shit and eugenia cooney must be significant

No. 1729187

File: 1671245837083.webm (10.99 MB, 480x852, pariahthedoll.webm)

I'm posting this because I'm tired of you people who don't know how to use an imageboard. it's still not leftcow milk.

No. 1729189

yuck the amount of delusion he must have to think this is "hot" or alluring or whatever makes it so many times worse, because not only is he outright hideous but he's always glaringly mentally ill

No. 1729199

pariah reminds me of buffalo bill in silence of the lambs when he tried learning how to scream like a woman from his victim

No. 1729202

yup. it's crazy how many trannies evoke that character, or even outright identify with him

No. 1729218

looking and sounding extremely male. gay milhouse

No. 1729220

dye your eyebrows asslet

No. 1729223

File: 1671247642280.png (168.3 KB, 959x852, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 9.26…)


No. 1729228

eww spoiler this shit. yea he has flab. learn how to stand properly aligned and then pose flatteringly. also the fast fashion midwestern middle schooler brandwhoring wasn't even a thing in like 2017

No. 1729230

File: 1671247920163.png (159.81 KB, 1174x670, annaattentionseeking.png)

Does Anna get that any blue haired nb barista looks more femme than her? Even the bald luggage stealing dude can wipe his lipstick off and look more normal than Anna.
His meltdown was saying "ok lol" or something else less wordy than Anna's tweets. Anna gets very upset when men question her intellectual opinions, can't respond because she's a moron, then resorts to saying they're masturbating to her.

No. 1729250

File: 1671249378297.jpg (21.27 KB, 315x239, Yellow_Bastard.jpg)

ew were really not siding with agp coomer pervert sam brinton over anna are we? he looks like the child molester from sin city. only a troon would post this

No. 1729252

2 retards fighting, noah kulwin is also unfunny and bad at "writing" (tweeting). fucking annoying ass piece of shit who uses book-report style podcasting about global tragedies to sell shitty records. give me a break.

No. 1729256

>Even the bald luggage stealing dude can wipe his lipstick off and look more normal than Anna.
hard disagree. >>1729250 for real, he literally does look like the yellow bastard

No. 1729282

>Knowing as to the nature of the feud betwixt Jack and Claire Penis
Can you give a brief about this? I don't remember Jack really interacting with the SD cast

No. 1729319

>Anna gets very upset when men question her intellectual opinions
She has no intellectual opinions.
Every 12 months she latches on to a new writer and gets all her recycled hot takes from them, while namedropping them ad nausem. In the past it was Paglia and TLP, then Houellebecq, then Chris Laisch. Right now it's Steve Sailer and BAP.

No. 1729331

Imagine being that ugly and also stupid. Her coomer fanbase is her only redeeming quality.

No. 1729341

I’m guessing prostitute unless someone knows for sure it has rich parents

No. 1729366

I don’t think he’s funny, but they’re not on the same level. Noah Kulwin actually reads, and his writing is decent. What do you mean by shitty records?

No. 1729403

I feel like he just reads other people's books and journalism on historic events so he can repeat it on his podcast with dramatic background music.
By records I meant the music from the blowback pod. Were they not selling it separately as a full record? Maybe it was being sold as individual song downloads, I didn't look because I wasn't buying it.
I find him very annoying. I've never listened to or read anything from him that wasn't annoying.
I'm surprised at myself for having a strong opinion honestly. He's not a big figure. I just remembered how irritating he was when I used to follow him. Over time something about him gave me "get away from me" vibes even through the computer. Will be going back to ignoring him again.

No. 1729419

savage aimee lmao

No. 1729424

Oh yeah, I remember now. They did sell the soundtrack from the podcast. He definitely annoys me too, but I also think he's hot…

No. 1729426

File: 1671273187595.jpeg (268.04 KB, 1225x1378, 1B4C796D-AB1D-490F-88DD-DA2027…)

keep it together nonna please he’s not worth it - unrelated but trueanon liz liked a tweet subposting the dimeosphere so ig we’re all to pretend her embarrassing attempt to work her way in via fat jack never happened (it was in 2020 but he was also insane in 2020)

No. 1729428

File: 1671273394646.jpeg (429.91 KB, 1194x944, 53865F19-9E7C-45BE-96FA-5F0F6A…)

at what point would it be easier to just get a real job instead of having these schizophrenic and extremely tenuous twitter relationships completely consume anything resembling your professional life

No. 1729436

I remember Noah showed up to one of the Chapo debate twitch livestreams during the 2020 election (the one where Liz Bruenig was also in attendance and Matt Christmas casually put his arm around her when they were sitting next to each other on the couch) and everyone else completely ignored him; he was sitting by himself on a chair in the back of the room and no one acknowledged or riffed with his occasional comments. Eventually left after like 30 minutes.

No. 1729437

Considering Park is himself a reactionary, that's not really a subtweet and more a lament/disinterested observation.

No. 1729495

We have literally twice as many people on the planet as we had in 1973. I think we'll be fine…

No. 1729499

Nearly all the posts about Pariah are just "he's an ugly Troon, look at how ugly he is" and that gets old real fast when they make up half of the thread

No. 1729529

look at those adderall pupils and he’s still fat

No. 1729539

Why is he dressed like he's in the Warsaw ghetto lmao

No. 1729543

This could be the picture next to the dictionary definition of “moid”

No. 1729546

They're having Glenn on the podcast again soon so their opinions on Elon are just his for the month.

No. 1729547

ratio + billions outsold

No. 1729553

he self-posts and then we insult him or report, it's not the farmers posting him

No. 1729567

wow that's what he looks like? that's perfect. everything makes more sense now lmao

No. 1729580

File: 1671300388258.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2136, 716D2A7F-0BDE-4A12-8A26-68C63A…)

just trying to imagine a day in the life of Anna

>wake up, weigh self

>body check in mirror
>ignore cries of own child to respond to right wing anorexia fetishists on twitter
>take a break to window shop at brandy melvillee

No. 1729609

istg if phoebe comes out as a scarethot/cumsimp it's beyond over

No. 1729678

being able to see veins on that woman's arm means she has an extremely low body fat percentage, meaning that she is less likely to be fertile, which is apparently also women's only real value according to anna/dasha? make it make sense please

No. 1729683

File: 1671314578838.jpeg (486.22 KB, 1170x1750, 9520C72B-DD6F-435D-8C62-C1E09D…)

Feel terrible for this psychopath’s baby mama and child

No. 1729684

maybe but i always get schadenfreude from overly proud and sanctimonious people who are loud about parenthood being the right choice realizing it sucks

No. 1729697

File: 1671316461790.jpg (130.15 KB, 1102x666, jmurphy.jpg)

>I'm not adjusting well
>I'm hardening perfectly well!

No. 1729703

>misses manchild activities and no responsibility

they are all the exact same

No. 1729707

Imagine the reaction if a woman in that circle posted about missing getting drunk and high. Even bland instagram comics about #momlife trigger these people.

No. 1729708

File: 1671317209877.jpeg (172.63 KB, 750x617, 510633AC-19B8-4121-85EB-687625…)

His pic was leaked and turns out he is a brown guy and they started calling him mexgold. So many nerds behind these accounts are self-hating swarthy fellas who want to be white(r)

No. 1729713

File: 1671318153875.png (24.58 KB, 595x237, aimeedumb.png)

It's gonna be really funny when pickmes like Aimee and Anna are well on the wrong side of 40 and their self-abasement is met with silence

No. 1729715

File: 1671318545961.jpg (59.63 KB, 680x680, mex gold pic.jpg)

lmao is this him? He looks like one of my yard guy neighbors

No. 1729719

see also: every Proud Boys gathering

No. 1729731

Yeah this is just a random list of movies popular with girls & gays, I don’t think it’s a cleverly veiled attack as much as Jack’s usual contrarian misogynistic schtick.

No. 1729744

File: 1671322051164.jpeg (578.85 KB, 2048x2048, 46A17970-3FBB-47CA-8864-811827…)

shes pretty but as dasha would say >>1722503 her hip to waist ratio's not poppin, not much more than those paintings. or better yet they wouldnt even if he posted this because they pander to rw ana fetishists and only comment negatively on women's bodies when they arent stick thin, although if we're going by whr then painting in picrel looks better. vast majority of women with ratios that low don't look thin, don't resemble runway models and they're certainly not underweight, it's always a result of genes that lead to good fat distribution or genes combined with lifting and eating well, not starving. they've had these interactions enough times at this point that it looks as if they both scour their timelines hoping to find some bottom barrel moid praising what they think resembles their body type so they can signal approval while those scrotes try to dictate what other men should or shouldn't be attracted to like retarded faggots.

there is simply no amount of starving, being a pickme for low t ugly rw scrotes (who are often brown), and bragging about bmi that will get them a lower whr than curvy girls with those genetics, or fix their busted faces.

No. 1729752

So true anon… thin women’s ratio is much milder to a curvy girl whose waist is 30 and her hips are 44. Most of the skinny women they simp over are like, 25 inch waist 34 inch hips. There are some people like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who have undergone extensive sculptra to be very thin and have wider hips but it’s artificial (and moreso creates higher hips).

The exceptions are some pear shaped women like Doja Cat esp in certain specific ethnicities like South African that have a dramatic waist to hip and low body fat. But it’s not as if nonwhite or mixed women are frequently if ever attractive to Anna and Dasha

No. 1729766

Anna should already be there

No. 1729778

Kek this almost sounds like an own
>It's so cute when silly males lecture me on their silly special interests! So refreshing to not know literally everything! So nice to be stupid for once even if it's stupid stuff like cars and history channel shit!

No. 1729817

What topics is she smart in? I can’t tell if she genuinely believes the crazy shit she posts.

No. 1729819

lmao aimee never has context for nothing it seems. isn’t she well into adulthood and beaky af…didn’t she spend ages in/fudge her higher education credentials (not rlly shaming that if there wasn’t dishonesty, but if so for for this weird tiny only online bubble??) or post some weird photos about her employment… and she’s australian in spite of what she likes to have hour long meltdowns accusing other people of being like in the news. honestly she seems to be a fr long time addict

No. 1729831

They did a racial census on 4chan once and /pol/ was overwhelmingly angry Latino men who wanted to be blonde hair blue eyed. I swear there is some intense MGTOW / Nazi streak in Mexican guys.

No. 1729833

File: 1671333455653.jpg (77.17 KB, 1200x634, DTio7QmV4AAZ8XR.jpg)

No. 1729838

>”Mediterranean aesthetics”
>likes underage Anachan Anglo noodle bodies

No. 1729875

the only reason Anna is not already there for rw scrotes is because, for as much as she sells herself as some high brow contrarian, really never deviates from your average low t frog anon. if she ever rocked the boat like Lauren Southern did, or even Aimee did with the white australia thing, all of a sudden her fanbase would go rabid on her

imagine believing these "people" are honest

No. 1729882

anna is long overdue for a comeuppance

No. 1729911

the little things like doing drugs with your degenerate buddies instead of manning up and taking some responsibility for ONCE in your life…moids stuck in perpetual adolescence are the bane of society

No. 1729957

They're a mix of white beta chinlet moids and latinos who desperately want to be white. Unfortunately, that latino wanting to be white has always existed in their cultre as even Mexico and Latin America have tons of overcompensating moids.

No. 1730019

He looks like your average making-just-enough-to-move-out-of-the-favela south american

No. 1730051

considering op is one of those "age of consent" libertarians it's only going to get worse for his child

No. 1730163

lol Maddie just got locked out of her twitter account

No. 1730168

File: 1671391233717.png (102.3 KB, 598x386, byebye.png)

It's over

No. 1730172

came here to post this. fuck elon though, it’s very “two retards fighting”

No. 1730205

Groyper Twitter is so fucking bizarre, how tf is a photo of a random Insta model eating pizza “a good litmus test for politics”? A&D are rapidly eroding what little cultural cachet they ever had by interacting with these weird male virgins.

No. 1730219

Always humorous how incels make themselves look gay and feminine by being as picky about women’s bodies as women are

No. 1730223

The only thing fascists care about is aesthetics of the pop culture they’re consuming because they’re the ultimate consoomers

No. 1730226

I think some guys, at least the ones who aren’t gay, are attracted to the women’s faces and don’t notice or care about the bodies as much. Maybe some explanation like a symmetrical face along with plump lips, smaller nose and high cheekbones indicates fertility and beauty. BH and KJ paid for most of these features but men can’t tell or don’t care

No. 1730244

File: 1671397734159.jpeg (171.2 KB, 750x1030, 3BD1435D-99DA-4D2B-BB75-E28526…)

Good, she’s fucking annoying

No. 1730251

Is there anything more annoying than pickmes who brag about drugs

No. 1730296

Maddie is consistently the corniest bitch out here lol, it would be impossible to be more of a tryhard

No. 1730298

File: 1671404512510.png (19.98 KB, 656x70, site maintenance.png)

Didn't listen to the new Red Scare pod with Glenn Greenwald but I glanced at the sub and it's getting roasted.

Any milk to be had before site goes down? Otherwise I'll see you on the other side. Save screenshots if something good happens.

No. 1730314

Isn't maddie a huge anglophile?
I wonder how she feels about them having greenwald on again.

No. 1730322

File: 1671406926062.jpeg (152.88 KB, 1091x1438, 0FA64313-9AF8-4244-A7D8-079C9C…)

This is just as bad

No. 1730380

fr, it’s literally just a most photo of all time? person gets a picture of them at a restaurant from whomever cause it looks nice

No. 1730421

File: 1671416757116.jpeg (605.9 KB, 1377x751, 93A41E05-7274-429F-AE42-7593D4…)

The worst mod ever Womanontheverge, previously KJBert or something has been removed as mod
Not trying to give her a hard time but she is completely unsuited to acting as a mod and it’s absolutely for the best
Screenshot is from private, there’s a post about it on main too

No. 1730424


It's not that 'womanontheverge' that ruined the sub though, it went to shit in late 2020 when alexandrawallce handed it over to those two try hards.

It's been a 'ultra reddit jannie', ban without warning, sub ever since then.

No. 1730460

They were such a psycho that was constantly power tripping, had to have been a troon.

No. 1730486

File: 1671423977143.jpg (19.27 KB, 512x512, download.jpeg-7.jpg)


No. 1730497

This dead-eyed tryhard would get along swimmingly with pariah

No. 1730498

kek of course she can't do the very bare minimum

No. 1730500

Not to be a retard but I’m gonna generously assume that the safety is either on or there’s just no bullets in it which is why she feels so comfortable slinging it around kek

No. 1730501

People clown on Dasha for looking like she has down syndrome but I genuinely think this lady is developmentally disabled

No. 1730507

that fat lip looks sooooo bad

No. 1730532

File: 1671430654406.jpeg (458.54 KB, 1170x1523, B81F4FF4-E34D-4CA3-BF1D-2CA51D…)

Looks like Anna's agent finally got her some modeling work….for a boutique based out of australia kek. https://www.instagram.com/p/CmVDpnxyBmj

nonnas i hate to break it to you, but that sub has always been on a reddit janny powertrip. good to know it was womanontheverge who was banning innocuous Lana Del Ray insults though

No. 1730533

that sub should be nuked, but they do it to themselves like on their own with every non-comment or slap fights/mentally immature girls who just need dime-a-dozen counseling sessions and some self honesty instead of trying to play dress up on reddit of all places for a random podcast, i can’t imagine anything original or new content topics ever rlly goes on there beside some random “aesthetic” trend claiming they liked before it was cool though it’s not rlly a matter or coolness nor is a real thing or real interest in it or very base level “introspective” “cultural” commentary complaints and circlejerking

No. 1730543

File: 1671431510386.jpg (114.27 KB, 1080x1350, 316980689_523021259839943_8893…)

in true neurodivergent fashion, maddie the baddie appears to be really into guns and probably knows what she's doing, at least to some extent
from an interview (yes, some poor bastard had to interview dasha's retarded sidekick):

>I love the handfeel of these things. Glocks are fun because of all the modding you can do. It’s the same indescribable, joyful feeling one gets as a child from Build-a-Bear. I’ve changed out almost everything— My only original pieces are the slide stop and the frame. I have a Rival Arms slide with a Trijicon red dot, streamlight with a green laser, and the whole thing is cerakoted in armor black with British racing green on the trigger.

>I don’t get to play with it very often because it’s kept out west, where it’s SAFELY LOCKED UP not too far from the Pacific Ocean, at its registered address. But whenever I do get out west… boy, o boy. u know u can find me mag dumping at dinner plates like Bond on Blofeld.

of course, in a situation that involves the lethal combo of firearms, cocaine and autism, it's safe to assume that all bets are off. the moment maddie montana lapses into white girl ebonics and offers a full demonstration of her pimped-out glock, green laser darting about the room, you better have one eye on the nearest exit. on the other hand, a bullet safely lodged in the brain putty of a leftcow would probably raise their IQ to somewhere around the low sixties

No. 1730545

Come thru Tony Montana. She’s such a dorky tryhard she reminds me of myself in middle school - except she’s like 30.

No. 1730546

The whole point of trigger discipline is that the human brain is stupid and you don’t sling the gun around ever bc you might forget and do it when it’s loaded

No. 1730562

apparently she's back on a new account and was instantly made a mod again.