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File: 1660317061940.jpg (67.73 KB, 640x1022, vroz8anp7wg91.jpg)

No. 1613908

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Some, like Dasha Nekrasova, have become TradCath LARPers.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

I'm too lazy to do a full recap, the main milk in last thread was the crumps substack piece
and Liz's boobjob

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No. 1613909

How is cumtown leftist you retard lmfaoooo

No. 1613926

By association they are. These threads are really about Dasha and friends and Cum Town is/was a big part of that scene, much more than Chapo even, the only ones in these threads who can really be called leftists.

No. 1613930

Sorry but Dasha is a leftist no matter how much the shitlibs cry about her not being woke or whatever. She literally became famous by advocating for Bernie Sanders and socialized healthcare. Economics is what makes someone left, not necessarily whether they buy into the latest Democrat culture war bullshit.

No. 1613934

But Dasha identifies as conservative now lmao

No. 1613938

Dasha doesn't have politics. She's just an empty husk of fashionable contrarian posturing as is most of the people in her scene. If you actually lurked these threads, she's identifying as a conservative and larping as a traditional Catholic. Most of the moids in Cum Town's scene are too stupid to be political or are straight up RW. Chapo are the only ones who at least talk the talk with leftism.

No. 1613943

i just tossed dasha into the atlantic ocean. we on have to hear about her no more. its over for her.

No. 1613960

thank you for your service. from here on out may no one say godless or unfortch in these threads.

No. 1613961

The Adam Friedland Show is (center) leftist

No. 1613972

She's being ironic. Calling yourself conservative to throw it back into the face of the shitlib mob calling you a reactionary for not being 100% on board with the latest pronouns nonsense or Democrat shenanigans doesn't automatically make you an actual conservative. She's still obviously a leftist at heart.

No. 1613991

Could the Actors upload anon reupload? Would be so grateful

No. 1613992

someone make a cumtown thread sick of this one being hijacked to promote TAFs and diddy kong. nick is a malicious faggot and stav was totally correct when he called him little lord licorice.

No. 1613993

I only put this in the OP to annoy you, glad to see it worked

No. 1613996

File: 1660323007601.png (413.37 KB, 655x479, lord-licorice-funko-pop-3_1616…)

No. 1614011

unsaged newfag GTFO

No. 1614015

Finally showing your true colors as a Stav shill?

No. 1614016

you newfag RW moids really need to gtfo
>reee shes not one of us shes a cryptolib


No. 1614021

stfu dasha

No. 1614042

File: 1660325883197.jpeg (323.77 KB, 1170x791, B8E85D5B-32CF-431D-B314-84F4F7…)

is there any difference between asukahomo’s reeing about how straight men don’t want him and agps having breakdowns when lesbians don’t want to fuck them?

No. 1614046

lmao, half the posts since the crumps stack dropped have just been people arguing over who’s a newfag cow and who’s not, jesus christ

No. 1614064

they literally troon to get access to straight men, then freak out when only gross "bi" chasers want them. this generation of gay men are rapey scrotes.

No. 1614070

reminded of some particularly ghastly posts made by Great Big Fat Jack where he was talking about how he loved fucking straight men. sexual predator, full stop

No. 1614078

Straight men are probably the most common fetish among gay guys, and has been for a long time. I cba to pull it up right now but there’s a really good section about this phenomenon in Pornography by Andrea Dworkin where she argues the ways gay men’s eroticism still centers around misogyny and seeing women as sex objects, citing how many gay men jack off to straight porn and how many gay porn magazines feature men reading Playboy magazine, how gay erotic literature still has such a huge focus on taking men away from straight women and how the woman is needed as a reference point for a state of submission and humiliation. Asukahomo and Jack are bona fide misogynists who think being gay gives them a pass somehow, but the very expression of their gayness is almost always misogynistic.

No. 1614088

Asukahomo looks like a brick. I think that's the main reason why straight men aren't interested

No. 1614095

With so many people from this scene, I always wonder–do they not know they're ugly (inside and outside)? Are they delusional?

No. 1614105

File: 1660329881102.jpeg (387.04 KB, 750x437, 7951C0A2-B8C0-472B-B69E-08EECC…)

Cropped because I don’t want to include the children in it. Her kid playing with a couple girls a little older in age at the park. What a strange caption. Imagine some stranger recording your child with hers, captioning it this and posting the two of them online to their massive following! Weird behavior!

No. 1614106

File: 1660329913196.jpeg (751.87 KB, 1170x1698, 5409FCAE-71A9-4688-B584-131154…)

>i was only pretending to be retarded
every time. also lol at asukahomo lecturing anyone on “being nasty on the internet.” too rich

No. 1614107

Playing this card only works when you don’t have thousands of tweets and hours of podcasts sincerely detailing these hangups you now claim to be a “joke”

No. 1614110

that is so weird, i know she’d say it’s some tongue in cheek commentary if questioned but i hope anna doesn’t repeat the mistakes of her own mother and make her kid “grow up” too fast by exposing her only to older people, minimal supervision, porn. idk i try not to comment on anna’s kid but it is very worrisome. she’s probably gonna be one of those moms obsessed with making their kid as special and edgy as possible and i hope that doesn’t involve deriving the kid of a proper childhood
yes i’m reading slightly too much into the pic but given everything else anna has said about her stance on parenting and her own childhood none of this is far off

No. 1614156

Don’t forget being a cosplay freak at an event where everyone was dressed like normal adults

No. 1614158

that was over 6 years ago and she no longer even cares about healthcare nor would she ever say anything positive about any social democrat again lol

No. 1614193

*jocasta complex

No. 1614201

She has said that she was embarrassed to ever think any of that or support Bernie when she talks about being a conservative now, though. If you think that's just "irony" then you have been brain poisoned by twitter beyond repair

He and Jack are like the same person kek

No. 1614212

So she tanked her acting career, renounced leftism, converted to Catholicism, started dating a tradCath, and spends hours every day manically sperging conservative bullshit to…”be ironic”? And you don’t realize how that makes her sound even more deranged and pathetic than if it was sincere?

No. 1614244

I think some of you are overestimating the impact her shitposting and podcast trolling is having on her acting career. She doesn't get roles because she's a mediocre actress at best. She might get some roles if they think it'll attract her fanbase and if she continues to be open to lay on the casting couch.

No. 1614247

They are ALL leftists (even Jack) because at the end of the day they are too pussy and worried what other people think to be real reactionaries (see the crumps incident were they were all offended at the suggestion that they're "transphobic"). the "Chapo-to-fash pipeline" is cope t. an actual conservative/terf/"fascist"

No. 1614267

go back

No. 1614269

the influx of cows and their little calves has been painful

dworkin is based sometimes, we should bring her up more often to help exorcise the moids and scarethots

No. 1614300

File: 1660348627472.jpeg (104.82 KB, 920x930, BC1FA6D6-E26E-4A9E-BAB6-EFD2FE…)

No. 1614302

>radical feminist
You can’t have it both ways retard. Just because you hate trannies doesn’t make you a radfem.

No. 1614307

does anyone remember Lauren Alice Avery ?

No. 1614308

I saw her in a Eugene K short film and truly wish she would return to acting. She was funny too

No. 1614323

not directed at you, but all the "i wish i didn't know about this i have brain damage now" and "i can't believe i read this long substack piece" and "oh my god why are people talking about some trust fund literal whos in NYC" shit is getting to be as annoying as the actual dimes clique. it's all gossip, quit acting like there's prestige in it

No. 1614328

Here it is again, apparently this hoster lets only three people download it before the link expires if you don't have an account.

No. 1614353

Dasha stole everything from her (including her mom’s credit card apparently) and its crazy to me how she just got away with it.

No. 1614362

back to the kitchen tradbitch. and pray a couple hundred hail marys for even coming to this website

No. 1614374

File: 1660354218036.jpeg (402.48 KB, 1125x1400, 8A089399-3604-4168-B5A0-157695…)

No. 1614377

holy shit she looks 50

No. 1614384

this is so bad i almost want to believe it’s edited. no one should look like this in their early 30s

No. 1614389

Is that Jordan Castro? He looks like the repulsive wojak meme

No. 1614396

dating matthew must be such a soul sucking experience that its aged this woman 20 years

No. 1614434

Dasha posing with Justin Trudeau (2022)

No. 1614437

File: 1660359019897.jpeg (181.34 KB, 750x389, 8E2E52EE-6D98-4AB7-88D7-07AB18…)

She’s Not Like The Other Girls

No. 1614447

Hard to be an autopedophile when you look like that

No. 1614457

I don't know how to post vids but on Jack's instagram stories he's in New York and hanging out with Pariah the troon and that retard Monica aka Mommy Milkers (Dasha and Anna must have declined the invite)

No. 1614458

File: 1660360132580.png (219.58 KB, 2048x1536, lpvno9d5rjs31-3640066475.png)

>straight men, the most beautiful creatures in the world.

is this what happens when you don't fit in and normie gays reject you?

No. 1614487

damn, a girl? who READS? wow. You’re telling me this for the first time!

No. 1614498

Tbqh the most interesting people I know in the Leftcow/Dimes Square scene have barely any internet presence at all. There's a silent coup happening.

No. 1614516

What do you mean by "silent coup"?

No. 1614517

>main milk in last thread was […] Liz's boobjob

The boob job rumor is from three threads ago. if you aren't going to recap at least try not to sound so new.

No. 1614519

her tradcath faggot boyfriend probably made her dissolve her filler kek

No. 1614521

omg what happened to her?

No. 1614529

People in the scene are quietly organizing to remove the alt-right from New York. There's a tremendous opportunity to build a vibrant and revolutionary arts scene in New York City, but we can't do it with these attention seeking freaks in the way. Work is being done to rectify this problem.

No. 1614532

she has an ed, which will age you like milk and she’s most likely in an abusive relationship. id feel sad for her if she wasn’t so unlikeable

No. 1614549


did you get chills writing this you nerd lmao

and please learn2sage

No. 1614550

KGB Bar?

No. 1614554

Got it and it works TYSM nonna

No. 1614555

File: 1660372885702.jpeg (412.04 KB, 828x878, 65E1ADBE-E544-4808-A807-B7C3FA…)

crypto nonce ring victim soph/alivegirl made her modeling debut on richard kern’s insta…https://www.instagram.com/p/ChK4nseg5zu/

No. 1614556

sorry forgot to spoiler

No. 1614559

File: 1660373373491.png (98.09 KB, 732x826, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.48…)

Does anyone know what Betsey and Peter's parents "Jane (née Spivack) and Ronald Brown" did/do for a living? Dad's linkedin doesn't indicate any high earning career(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1614563

File: 1660373701969.png (1.39 MB, 1094x1236, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.55…)

No. 1614574

at this point cum town are far left compared to Anna and dasha

No. 1614575

Richard Kern is dead though?

No. 1614577

Dasha is pregnant?

No. 1614583

oh my god lol

No. 1614587

just the angle. if she was pregnant I think we'd have a few threads of nonas saying "she looks better than usual" from the baby weight before she started actually showing.

she still looks dehydrated right now.

No. 1614590

File: 1660376525673.jpeg (442.63 KB, 2048x1536, FaBPHz7WYAI9l0J.jpeg)

oof that physiognomy

No. 1614592

File: 1660376642407.jpeg (178.7 KB, 750x1333, 299393246_130281422838232_1828…)

pretty boring insta footage but it goes on like twice as long as it should and they're in a weirdly empty and quiet room yelling and soyfacing so it's kinda bizarre

also not sure whats going on here

No. 1614595

people complaining about cumtown when they’re objectively part of the scene thats carved out here, and they’ve been in the OP for as long as i can remember seeing this thread is….. fascinating behaviour, considering we’re talking about 50-100 cumtown related posts in a thread of 1200

fun question, i fully think the admins are going to end up having to give someone the selfposter treatment here at some point, who do you think it’ll be? obvious pick but i think dasha, or the doll retard

No. 1614603

Honor maybe

No. 1614623

Anyone else make it through the latest DIALDAN ep w Amber and Paul Cupo? bc I couldn’t

No. 1614627

for the nona who asked if Amber Frost was quitting Chapo it really sounds like she's just not going to do a live show ever again after this next one, not like she's quitting the show. but I was hoping she might bring it up on dial dan since she just appeared there

drop a link if you have it, my pirate feed is dried up. also did amber say anything about quitting

No. 1614655

lol you're almost as bad as the irony-fascist losers tbh

No. 1614656

Isn't the mom like some high-class psychoanalyst?

No. 1614671

he wrote a book… about poop? o_0 this guy isn't afraid to lay bare the mundane, sometimes scatological side of the artistic process. just like james joyce!(o_0)

No. 1614673

Gimme a fucking break. They couldn’t organize a box social

No. 1614677

there is a 90% chance the USSR 2 will be established within the next three years. Not a joke.

No. 1614680

Mr. Ham Arms

No. 1614714

File: 1660393191706.jpeg (275.13 KB, 1680x1125, A55FFE72-618E-4060-90B9-97C813…)

1. men are not welcome here
2. you’re a faggot
3. when your “revolution” starts i’m gonna clap extra loud to trigger you and your comrades into screeching autistic meltdowns

No. 1614726

Lol Barboncino used to be one of 3 white people restaurants in the Franklin/Eastern Parkway part of Crown Heights (a Brooklyn neighborhood that’s historically black and othodox jew for nonnas not familiar). The areas been so thoroughly gentrified since Barboncino opened its unrecognizable now. Brooklyn’s full of rich white libs who bought property in historically black crime ridden neighborhoods, rode out (or in this case helped) gentrification and now are worth millions and they’re unbearably smug about it. Hilarious that Peter and Betsy come from such a family. The restaurant used to be good but legitimately, egregiously sucked last time I went there btw lol

No. 1614735

Who do I have to pay off to never see this obese soy boy and dysgenic tranny’s faces in this thread ever again. Obviously all self posts bc I know the nonnas don’t care

No. 1614744

No. 1614802

>Work is being done
nyc leftists are incapable of work

No. 1614804

She got away with it because Avery’s an heiress and no one feels bad for heiresses unless they’re like Paris Hilton talking about how she was beaten at a boarding school. If Dasha had stolen from a less fortunate friend we would be hearing about it a lot more. Knowing she stole from a friend isn’t surprising though, she is a serial cheater and a liar too. Anyone who would nonchalantly steal from a friend’s gotta have garbage morals in other areas of their life

No. 1614819

Troons and “straight” men, name a better duo
>you’re a girl! yeah I’m straight. This isn’t gay at all no homo haha

No. 1614820

File: 1660399806054.webm (10.03 MB, 480x852, 6G08Ke7J1JzZwF9z.webm)

and here is the vanguard of the revolution

No. 1614834

my sides nonnie

No. 1614835

Maybe the Vacks are trust funders but Dasha is not. She’s ashamed her immigrant parents run a trashy version of cirque du soleil

No. 1614837

no one cares but it’s fun to make fun of them as they’re both mentally ill men who hate women yet try to emulate them

No. 1614840

totally insane to see that post about the phd candidtate study shota by masturbating to it followed up by, my hottest take is that drag queen story hour is okay for kids on the redscare sub. just wild to see obvious astro turfing in real time. "everything bad about trannies is a 4chan hoax!" okay.

No. 1614843

cheugy tranny stasi no 1 curr

No. 1614844

No. 1614845

fat jack can pass as a slovenly straight gamer why doesn't asukahomo hook up with him?

No. 1614848

it's obvious shilling, doesn't exist anymore, and isn't political at all. it's just leftists who want to graft the only fun allowed to their cause, when using indian voices and alluding to slurs is so obviously not. there's just no milk.

No. 1614859

Except nobody's taking the side of the Phd candidate story, if they even heard about it.

No. 1614866

they’re in this scene whether you like it or not, the thread is called leftcows because they used to pretend to be left, it refers to these people and their orbiters and idols. it may as well be called dimes cows at this point. cum town is involved in more than just a few ways, yes they’re retards but they’re involved

No. 1614868

That’s what happens when you date gay men

No. 1614869

it got buried

No. 1614871

the "nick is so self-ware and funny and a cute little man" posting that's been going on lately isn't milk.

No. 1614875

i agree and i think nick is an annoying manchild with severe bipolar who needs to be beaten up, but saying they’re not apart of this thread or scene at all is just a lie.

No. 1614876

Can you maybe learn to ignore posts and move on instead of whining every few days

No. 1614880

As if this hollow unhealthy husk has the ability to get pregnant

No. 1614883

He’s a 5’7 recovered heroin addict too

No. 1614931

There's only like two people doing that two threads ago. Does Nick live rent free in your head?

No. 1614935

it’s wild to compare women to clowns when you draw your lips on like an actual clown would

No. 1614943

File: 1660408245408.jpeg (231.4 KB, 750x855, 4BA1A69B-5581-474A-B1AC-D6982F…)

Nonnie with love you need better detective skills, I found this within 5 minutes. The wife lives at a home in Bantam, CT priced at a mill on Zillow. The siblings are from money, maybe not outrageous so but they’re not from working class origins

No. 1614981

Fat jack is fun to mock when he has one of his misogynist meltdowns, the tranny is not interesting in the least and rarely generates any discussion beyond “uggo.” Pretty sure all his posts are self posts, like all troons he’s self obsessed in the extreme and can’t tell he’s boring

No. 1615065

File: 1660417765687.png (504.18 KB, 744x419, lol.png)

this is what he looks like without filters

No. 1615069

File: 1660417871881.png (2.46 MB, 1040x1694, littlesecretsla.png)

not seeing much of interest from the Menaker/Rollo/etc event. still seems off to me but maybe just because of who was there doing their usual grift of pretending to be doing work in support of something progressive while making money off of it themselves (come to my comedy event / pay my speaking fee / watch my stream for solidarity~).

most of the pictures/videos online were from stripperstrikenoho strippers and the littlesecretsla event spilled over into a playboy-themed picket at their strip club (I feel like a group of women dressed as playboy bunnies outside would only generate positive PR in the eyes of stripclub clientele but ok…)

No. 1615088

jumpscare moment

No. 1615089

good lord i hate to even go near the kaliacc bone rattling but how did she get so fat? she's the ugliest girl posted to that (disgusting and epstein-coded tbf) insta. her eyes look dead too kek so much for the cringe choosing the handle "alive girl" because of idiots waxing poetic about bezos calling his girl that because the girl was alive (aka fucking a much older man) in opposition to the dead frigid feminists

No. 1615094

i wish they did that when bimboubermensch was selfposting. but i seriously doubt they ever will, admin and mods are seriously absent and have been for years now, we haven't had a hellweek in years

No. 1615104

Her parents sound a lot better than the Vacks. Quoting that tweet to post this makes you sound like a trust funder tbh…

No. 1615127

File: 1660421680315.png (402.27 KB, 1344x1436, money on the left podcast.png)

since the thread is still trash and infested I went looking for my liz gossip elsewhere.

it's a little old now but https://moneyontheleft.org/2021/09/03/comforted-chastened-a-liz-bruenig-special/ – was fun listening (almost want to ask which one of you made this lol but I don't think it's been posted here)

have not listened to other episodes, don't have a full grip on what their feminist politics are or anything but they make some good observations about Liz

No. 1615134

I think these girlies' main thing is MMT? idk but I've seen some funny tweets from @moltopopulare poking fun at Liz before.

No. 1615154

It's crazy how little shit they get for palling around with that freak hasan, not to mention it's such an obvious move to try and get more zoomers into the patreon.

No. 1615165

yeah, I think it's usually about MMT. I didn't agree with everything on the pod but it touched on some classic liz milk and when one of them said liz should just admit she has a breeding kink I lol'd

No. 1615177

the way the stripperstrike women were treating them all like celebrities… girl, no. hasan probably want to commit some closeted pornbrained sex act on you, stay away from him. I hope their enthusiasm was fake or they got paid to show up in their bunny costumes at least but probably not.

No. 1615191

I don’t know what tweet you’re talking about

No. 1615195

File: 1660426798327.jpeg (19.08 KB, 275x207, 1655425014040.jpeg)

>a dusting of bb cream

No. 1615200

not to WK for asukahomo and I hate to shit on you nonnas' fun but that's literally the joke he was making!! he knows he wears a pound of foundation! this is a bogstandard drag persona gag.
I'm not an asuka farmer though so I should just shut up and let you enjoy yourselves and laugh at him

No. 1615337

Crazy how dead this thread is since Crumps took a scalpel to the scene.

No. 1615347

Stop sucking off your cow of a substack "journalist". Nothing about the article itself was new, original or entertaining, it was the reactions it elicited that stole the show.

No. 1615353

Nothing interesting has happened in the two weeks since the article hit. You're just butthurt the party's over.

No. 1615376

Based OP created the thread on a friday/saturday, most people who post here are touching grass, farmers and cows alike (except for this >>1615347 hanger-on)

No. 1615428

gay men are not allowed to post here

No. 1615452

File: 1660453129611.png (2.24 MB, 2354x1682, de vere ball.png)

any milk from this event? Shakespeare trutherism seems like a very weird and gay thing to pivot to

No. 1615472

Get back to sucking Crumps cock, his feelings were hurt by some post on lolcow.

No. 1615533

I heard Yarvin snuck out early with a barely legal art hoe hanging onto each arm

No. 1615556

File: 1660472384839.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1963x1472, 4212A811-C6A2-4571-B596-987796…)

Where’d you hear this ?

No. 1615595

Lol nonna, this image…

No. 1615604

>took a scalpel
Kek, why are all Crumps asskissers like this?

No. 1615681

learn to sage. Do you honestly think this scene is gonna recover from the Crumps article? Let’s be real. It’s hard for me to see this movie being distributed even without bad press.

No. 1615684

Friend saw. It was a tranny

No. 1615689

>learn to sage
it is saged? greetings, newfag. welcome!

No. 1615692

Can confirm the two he left with were Ivy Wolk and Pariah the Doll. Disturbing.

No. 1615697

mess of a thread.

No. 1615700

It wasn’t when I saw it. Congrats on learning

No. 1615706

how many more days until the revolution, comrade?

No. 1615727

Are you sad about the article? The number of people laughing at this scene has increased, due to Crumps. Sorry if that upsets you. It’s not kissing his ass to say that

No. 1615734

Really should have waited a couple of days before making a new thread.

No. 1615737

>It wasn't when I saw it
How is that even possible?

No. 1615740

Maybe they forgot to sage and then reposted.

No. 1615755

File: 1660493714849.jpeg (521.74 KB, 750x906, 84A6C975-B81C-430C-BBB4-8C7363…)

No. 1615763

File: 1660494205119.jpeg (486.02 KB, 750x1003, 2A4BC543-A7DF-4EEF-9405-51FF0E…)

Sounds like a blast

No. 1615772

biggest self-poster since bimbo ubermensch, for the last time no1curr

last thread too, completely overrun with selfposting cows, bluechecks, we even have a commie larper now lmao. all too stupid to realize they're ruining the thread. hope they're just summerfags and this place isn't actually finished

No. 1615775

no that was Moldbug

No. 1615782

conveniently cropped out analytics button, hons never learn

No. 1615786

Of course it's finished. The scene has been exposed as the fantasy midlife crisis of a techie.

No. 1615789

pariah the hon is a funny car crash but most posts itt have become him posting himself. the “moldbug left with two trannies” is the hon trying to make himself seem desirable. he accuses everyone he comes into contact with of either being a repressed troon or a chaser. has done it a million times and no one believes it, don’t be gullible you goofy twitterfags camping out here. moldbug has been in a relationship with an actual woman for a while, but even besides that, just ignore.

No. 1615793

isn't moldbug's girlfriend some bdsm woo-woo sex therapist type though? wouldn't be surprised if they had an open relationship.

No. 1615795

what are you talking about, farmers always knew this scene was full of shit, that's literally what this thread is about. there's 2 years of farmers exposing these losers and we were onto the Thiel connection long before the Vanity Fair article came out. you're obviously new and don't understand that cows being cows isn't why the thread is "finished" it's newfags like you shitting up the place because you're years late and don't have a clue

No. 1615798

She’s looking extra ghoulish lately

What anorexia & pill popping does to a mf

No. 1615802

Maybe she realized being a former fragile waif only attracted gross aging losers like Eugene and decided to just enjoy food. Not that being overweight is good but like fuck it, if they can only attract losers why bother? Parallels to Dasha going geriatric ana in her 30s only to attract an ugly controlling loser like Matthew, or Anna having a kid with a 5’4 man who won’t commit to her haggard ass

No. 1615809

File: 1660497909155.jpeg (573.18 KB, 1382x2048, 5FD8B7D7-43E4-4B0C-B2A0-25E072…)

Friendly reminder, if you ever feel bad gossiping about the red scare girls, they once devoted almost an entire episode to calling this woman fat. Carry on

No. 1615813

kek isn’t dasha around the same size as picrel

No. 1615815

File: 1660498258015.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 99D47381-F34E-41F2-B187-76D403…)

Looks like the manlet finally put a ring on it

No. 1615820

RIP to the "Eli won't commit" nonnas

No. 1615826

whose this

No. 1615833

>no engagement
>no ring post
>no wedding
>loitering around a tattered city clerk sign, not even the courthouse
Wow Eli sure matured and committed! Stay mad! Seriously, really doubt they’re getting married, but if they are, this is the most pathetic bare minimum that makes you wonder why they’re doing it in the first place. Dirt poor couples rushing to put together a shotgun wedding are more romantic and thoughtful than this.

No. 1615842

County clerk is also where you go to file child support documents, kek. I wouldn’t doubt he’s marrying though, more for show and because it’s a cheaper option than having to pay child support

No. 1615853

nonna that's taylor swift

No. 1615854

Some of you need to get out more i stg

No. 1615865

ayrt and it wasn't reposted, just the once. Also if you had replied to an deleted post your reply link would be broken. You could possibly stand to lurk more, or maybe your eyes are just fried from reading too many substacks

No. 1615896

File: 1660505454000.png (63.12 KB, 575x345, je suis charlie.png)

holy based

No. 1615902

Islam is unstoppable.

No. 1615903

File: 1660506128558.png (94.83 KB, 450x549, heather.png)

Damn, girl!

No. 1615904

File: 1660506265759.png (48.44 KB, 604x238, 2.png)

tbc she has a point

No. 1615906

I never really followed heather she just seemed to sort of appear on the timeline one day like AFQ. The liberal turn was fairly recent right?

No. 1615912

from what I can gather, arc has been
>alt-lit periphery figure
>rebrand as heather habsburg, trad-ish bernie supporter in late 2019, blows up and hits 10k followers within a few months, general lolcow behavior in pioneering the crypto-reactionary socdem type, publicly lusting after and being humiliated by dasha, several takes go viral where everyone makes fun of her
>deletes account and drops the habsburg persona after this thread discovers she's rachel olson
>eventually rebrands as liberal fintwit account @tolstoybb, has been reasonable and a good follow for a while now

No. 1615916

Thx for the quick rundown
>publicly lusting after and being humiliated by dasha
lmao oof

No. 1615925

as if dasha wouldn’t start frothing at the mouth to look like a younger taylor swift or any other blonde celeb she bitches about

No. 1615932

ah yes what gorgeous kind classically beautiful tastemakers

No. 1616007

File: 1660513372808.png (1.07 MB, 1182x792, anna ho.png)

this contrived Anti-Stratfordian thing they're all doing now is more of a jump the shark moment than the crumps article. like they're really scraping at the bottom of the barrel here, who cares about this in 2022? jack makes fun of jfk/9/11 conspiracy tards constantly and has never mentioned shakespeare/de vere before but is invited to speak about it at some event in ny? smells fishy but i don't really get the purpose of it unless its a whisper campaign to sell some shitty book thiel is funding. it seems like that's just what red scare is now with all their terrible interviews with authors nobody cares about, basically the pseudo-intellectual equivalent of shilling skinny tea

No. 1616009

>publicly lusting after and being humiliated by dasha

Do we have any real proof of this? All I've seen are third hand accounts of what was posted group chats.

No. 1616020

File: 1660514758698.jpg (17.19 KB, 597x512, 6u2TPt6.jpg)

Uh oh

No. 1616032

Liz b is back on Twitter

No. 1616033

Liz B's social media manager* is back on twitter.

No. 1616035

bunker chan is leaking

No. 1616036

it hurts but it's true

No. 1616037

Oops yeah I should’ve specified. The telltale sign of that to me was the lack of manic replying.

No. 1616039

women beating in recent protest, honor killings still going strong, i sleep. Rushie stabbed REAL SHIT

No. 1616041

It’s definitely fishy

No. 1616050

Urbit guy interview, Moldbug guest appearance, promoting the Alex Jones doc, constantly hyping up Bronze Age Mindset, attending Yarvin's fashy soirées…at this point I hope for their sake Thiel is actually funding them, or else they're just doing all this promo and culture jamming for free

No. 1616056

the way this is written makes it sound like yarvin, moldbug, and the urbit guy are three different people lol

No. 1616059

There was that other urbit guy they had on the pod

No. 1616142

lol shit really? my bad, didnt think it had got that bad for them yet - yarvin is one thing because he has his little novelty persona, but just straight up techbro interviews is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel

No. 1616184

Probably just contrarian art scene posturing. "We're against mainstream cause we believe things like Shakespeare not actually being real" or some shit. Same with the pivot to Catholicism, one of the biggest religions in the world, but focused on the specific version on Catholicism that even a devout Catholic squirm at mixed with liberal doses of Protestant churches. All just posturing. Nothing new, nothing genuine.

No. 1616195

my favorite thing about this is that believing shakespeare didn’t exist has been a liberal talking point for decades. the number of people who will sincerely tell you they believe shakespeare was either a collective of slaves or a woman is astronomical especially compared to this scene being years late

No. 1616212

Wow she really is a middle aged lib like she’s been saying. Good for her?

No. 1616570

she'd been tweeting & deleting HH style posts for the past month or so. must be getting bored with the lovable fintwit persona. its possible that she was trying to shed followers on purpose

No. 1616621

If you look at the first major advocate for the Oxfordian thesis (fittingly named Looney) he's pretty much a proto-NRx guy, and reactionaries have always drifted towards Oxford as author, presumably out of sheer elitism. So I guess it doesn't surprise me that much to see Anna, Big Fat Jack et al saying this.

No. 1616628

File: 1660574983933.png (31.88 KB, 1523x236, 6.png)

Katya Delaney posting Ls on her SubStack

No. 1616637

File: 1660575222442.png (850.34 KB, 950x1786, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 9.52…)

Great Big Fat Jack is angry he won't be considered contrarian anymore, will he lose weight and rebrand?

No. 1616638

she's addicted to admitting pathetic things about herself. like to the point where I don't want to pay attention bc it's bordering on fetish territory lol

No. 1616639

Poor fatty doesn’t understand how trends work

No. 1616646

shouldn’t fat Jack be celebrating this vibe shift retvrn to trad Hollywood and away from soy vegan libs

No. 1616649

LOL, he thinks he's a tastemaker and established this trend

No. 1616652

considering the fact she's on that instagram i very much doubt she's trying to dodge these creeps.

politics is becoming less and less cool and their illiterate pseud nature has been exposed too much, so they might be trying to pivot to a higher brow brand? kinda rhymes with the moldbug/land's dark enlightenment 'muh mainstream academia is wrong' old shtick

No. 1616654

No. 1616663

Wasn't she in Remilia?

No. 1616676

Right, I forgot that nobody else liked vintage or nostalgia before some twitter podcaster started talking about it in between tirades about how women assault people with cookies and how he wants to drink infinite male piss

No. 1616694


Yes and they are still obsessed with her just like when Miya/Charlie Fang was showing up as @BPD_GOD in her periscope streams when she was 17 years old. Hell hath no fury like a pajeet manlet pedophile scorned.

There's a lot more on Soph and the Remilia supplicants in the twitter e-girl thread:








No. 1616701

yeah, the Oxfordians are the right wing Shakespeare truthers
“a glover’s son could never” is so fucking retarded, esp from people like Dasha whose parents were actual circus performers
glover in the Renaissance was like accountant is today, Shakespeare went to a good school

No. 1616752

Don’t forget when she posted on Twitter then quickly deleted that she was so happy to no longer be “a Fed” the screen shot I regret not taking

No. 1616826

File: 1660587905002.jpeg (22.06 KB, 480x480, 11184711_913115052084006_10320…)

holy shit, her mother literally looks younger than her.

No. 1616852

No. 1616890

genuinely brutal. what the hell

No. 1616898

File: 1660592470440.jpg (171.87 KB, 600x400, 124545229.jpg)

sage bc I know this has no relevance to the current discussion on this thread, but I just found this photo of Rachel Rabbit White in 2010 and I hope you'll understand that this is so funny I HAD to post it somewhere.

No. 1616908

File: 1660593526408.jpg (17.39 KB, 240x273, Kimmcguire.jpg)

kek nonna good find. i'm seeing shades of hatchet face in pre-surgery RRW. "there ain't nothing wrong with my face - i got character!"

hot mom, dasha wishes

jack always seethes the hardest over food - it's so abnormal. wedge salads and martinis have literally never stopped being a thing, but if the trendy retro tastes of LA hipsters bothers him, well lucky for jack he lives in bumfuck nowhere and can just choose not to read about it lol

No. 1616955

Katya does a dating advice column with an aging moid sex tourist. Here's the archive link:

No. 1616963

understandable, there’s a great caroline calloway + glamdemon2004 floating around too

honestly the wonky lip fillers do her good

No. 1616964

File: 1660597832272.jpg (6.94 KB, 228x221, pepe close.jpg)

>bipoc trans woman dating a white conservative anti-trans racist

No. 1616971

Nice try Jack, we all know you've never touched a salad in your life

No. 1616973

Delicious Tacos is a literal pedophile. I guess that's far from a dealbreaker in this scene though.

No. 1617013

File: 1660601413304.png (4.7 MB, 2196x1278, spotdeankissick.png)

New York's Hottest Club is not allowed within 15 miles of a school

No. 1617017

>Misogynists are wrong about everything except women. Heartiste’s pre-Nazi breakdowns of women’s psyches: completely accurate
Imagine deliberately sharing a column with a moid who writes this kind of shit. Why does she hate herself so much, I don't believe it's just the ugly, much uglier women don't pull this kind of shit

No. 1617018

File: 1660601769808.jpg (3.94 MB, 4096x2731, gujhut.jpg)

A Where's Waldo of self posters. Eli drunk talking to another woman in the corner.

No. 1617036

Why the fuck are all the women dressed like that. Looks like a costume party until you look at the men.

No. 1617041

File: 1660603424083.jpg (19.53 KB, 555x190, 6wfc67n50yh91.jpg)

so Anna and Eli are married but still don't live together?

No. 1617043

Jack is finally on this week's red scare, and in the first 5 minutes they all admit they knew nothing about de vere until this "ball", so yeah its an obviously astroturfed movement they getting some shekels to shill. no idea why thiel would be interested in this subject specifically but i guess it all helps push the corny yarvin dark elves schtick (the "elites" are good and were responsible for everything good so sit back and we'll handle it you populist scum)

No. 1617044

File: 1660603727038.jpeg (457.96 KB, 2048x1366, B4D6AF49-8DDF-436C-82B9-35211B…)

Can’t forget this gem

No. 1617046

Omg is that Matt Forney in the bottom right under the chandelier? If so I'm SCREAMING. Imagine the stench alone in that room.

No. 1617052

File: 1660604273057.png (330.97 KB, 412x385, sweaty and the tard.png)

it's so over

No. 1617053

is that daniel franzese

No. 1617055

LMAO that's a way more accurate description than paul blart (which honestly i always found too flattering for jack)

No. 1617056

kek is that kendra in the middle of the pic? her face isn't that bad in this, but all these people are so poorly dressed and haggard, not a single girl tried to do anything to their hair. this is your brain on "i'm hot ackshually" waifcore

No. 1617059

Jack has that skin discoloration only obese people get

No. 1617065

That is definitely Forney lol

No. 1617068

File: 1660605053368.jpeg (3.65 MB, 4096x2731, de vere ball 1.jpeg)

The dark elf and his minions
What do you think he's saying here?

No. 1617070

No. 1617071

Why do these people all look like they came straight from the dungeons and dragons convention

No. 1617072

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

No. 1617074

File: 1660605305892.png (57.08 KB, 158x170, Eli.png)

dude looks like he just saw Anna making out with Forney

No. 1617075

is that Ann yanov or whatever that Yale law students name is on the right

No. 1617076

the dark elves/hobbit article he wrote is so wretched and embarrassing…how is this reality

No. 1617080

honestly shocked by the amount of women

No. 1617087

Yeah, that's her for sure

He looks like fucking Lurch

No. 1617089

look at her inner elbow, dasha junkie era?

No. 1617094

File: 1660606614222.png (266.98 KB, 2014x676, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 7.36…)

Can anyone explain to me why doctors are now something that scarethots hate?

No. 1617104

new york hipster girlies can't get enough of elitist renaissance conspiracies, venture-capitalist daddies with monarchist pretensions, and racist white-nationalist-terrorist-supporting love gurus. provincial hobbits wouldn't understand…

No. 1617105

Can anyone explain to me why we're posting random posts from the red scare sub that have zero milk? Who gives a fuck what redditors think about anything.

No. 1617111

Dental hygienists are exempt from this scrote's doctoral shitlist??? 90% of that field is a scam, not to mention how the dental x-rays they put children through every year are the reason why most American men under the age of 40 have patchy beards.

No. 1617112

maybe the IV bar thing was a cover story all along lol

No. 1617124

Dead scene. Dimes Square has fallen.

No. 1617136

File: 1660609048805.png (1019.87 KB, 767x833, dobbyarvin dalle.png)

No. 1617140

I thought Matt Forney moved to Eastern Europe because he was so financially unsuccessful. I wonder how he could afford coming back to the US

No. 1617145

some good points but if you’re already at the point of whining like this, in r/redscare
then maybe you do deserve death

No. 1617147

the cow who posted that jack had lost weight and was not fat in the last thread… kek jack's sweating through his shirt in public

No. 1617150

He moved to eastern bc he's a sexpat. Terror House Press is his company. He's probably crypto rich and Thiel funded.

No. 1617154

File: 1660610234243.png (107.92 KB, 1218x646, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 7.37…)

Kek @ their absolutely lazy, sloppy interpretation of the dress code.

No. 1617155

I know that I'm preaching to the choir but that Miya/Charlie Fang guy is a true piece of shit and deserves punishment

No. 1617188

>sister googled and found it
Yeah that’s what you’re supposed to do about most minor skin conditions kek. Imagine running to the doctor for every little problem

No. 1617191

Genuinely no difference between this and Comic-con

No. 1617194

yes ann manov

No. 1617195

“ball” “a midsummer night’s dream”
if you’re going to do this influencer schtick posturing as someone who reads and has aesthetic sense at least TRY to put an ounce of effort into it

No. 1617196


No. 1617197

lmao at "Where's Waldo of self posters"

No. 1617231

File: 1660614608166.jpeg (237.71 KB, 640x782, F9F7CB17-5F90-4343-A51A-B5BBC7…)

istg if the nyt runs the umpteenth piece on these losers…

No. 1617236

Where did this man even come from?? What's his backstory? He's now just hanging out with these people, has never been mentioned in previous threads until #30 iirc.

No. 1617238

Who cares? He’s a self-posting hanger-on nobody who has produced nothing of interest.

No. 1617241

Dasha looks like the youtube thumbnail of some shitty ass creepypasta. Literally is she retarded or something? why does she look like that

No. 1617255

oh my god it makes so much more sense now

I was so taken aback and confused by the fashion choices before you posted this. some of them definitely google image searched "a midsummer's night dream" and looked at the top results for 2 seconds before they chose their outfits.

No. 1617272

File: 1660617387077.png (1.55 MB, 1186x1056, 4567uhgtyui.png)

The who? Eli is talking to here


Almost proud of Anna for not getting caught in the group shots.

No. 1617281

Ummmm did you forget his great accomplishment of being skinny and an unpaid movie extra????

No. 1617282

File: 1660618584134.jpeg (46.65 KB, 925x515, 1962FB3B-A4AF-4FB2-8981-B5DD95…)

No. 1617283

Too bad fat Jack is into dick, they’re about equally attractive and would make a good couple

No. 1617286

i wonder how many "scenes"/"movements" throughout history that would've folded early because of cringe if digital cameras and iphones were available back then

No. 1617295

>t-this is normal levels of cringe for an art scene, t-the other ones just didn't get documented

No. 1617297

the IWF/IWV woman InezFeltscher was at the yarvin thing too… wow. (she's way Right - cartoon levels almost - not a leftcow, I just detest her sorry.) I didn't realize that org took thiel money but of course they do, it makes sense. everyone at this party is so gross.

No. 1617299

File: 1660620290012.jpeg (44.98 KB, 179x231, 693F9CF6-F62F-4403-9BE1-9AAFBE…)

Is this Moche or is there another woman in their scene with 20 facial plastic surgeries

No. 1617303

yes it is mocha looking a pillowfaced af

No. 1617305

i agree. dasha once said she was into fat guys.

No. 1617310

I’ve been to grimey house parties in the Midwest with better looking people. Why are they all so clapped? I thought NYC people were supposed to be above average.

No. 1617314

Can someone identify all of the literally whos who are in these pictures? >>1617018
The blonde with the brown shirt and the ugly bitch with her head in her hands look familiar

No. 1617329

All the girls in nyc dress this way these days

No. 1617337

For a bunch of New Yorkers who love to call themselves sophisticated, I thought they would dress better for a costume party

No. 1617348

NYC people are generally above average but something about this event attracted the fugliest and most undiscerning of people. Also, I wonder–did people (like Jack) travel to NYC just for this event?

No. 1617352

Im becoming convinced it’s just fashion nerds who say nyc people are above average. I’ve lived and travelled different places in America and there are 100% equally or more attractive people in plenty other places, kek

No. 1617360

lmao what haggard z-list e-thots are you seeing

No. 1617376

ones wearing literal sacks

No. 1617389

File: 1660629465321.jpg (148.8 KB, 750x992, FaG9xupXwAIuTWH.jpg)

No. 1617418

File: 1660632588165.png (818.17 KB, 1186x1254, put them on a list.png)

>Can someone identify all of the literally whos who are in these pictures?

No. 1617425

wait Grace the detransitioner from Tucker was there?? huh? or is that a different one?

No. 1617444

File: 1660634274641.png (1.59 MB, 982x1486, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 00.1…)

don't know who that is but yeah I guess so?

No. 1617470

File: 1660636783920.png (761.94 KB, 1480x1234, anna baby chiropractor.png)

hardly milk since she's done it before, but anna was going on about the baby chiropractor again. seems to get under her skin when people joke about it.

No. 1617478

every OP pic from now on should just be that dasha face

No. 1617499

Nonnas, the thread was very funny yesterday. I’m still laughing about Dobby in a leather jacket

No. 1617511

File: 1660640944526.png (379.08 KB, 753x467, x.png)

>>1617418 >>1617425
They're not even trying to hide that this is a Thiel op any more. Why else would this person be there?

No. 1617515

The detransitioner from Tucker is Helena Kerschner @lacroicsz, don't think she was there.

No. 1617529

oh well, I shouldn't talk without knowing who it was in the first place. looks like grace was on 60 Minutes

No. 1617627

lol you think you can ban me kikes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1617638

omg…… u got banned from an obscure imageboard for being a faggot…? have my babies king im so hot for u

imagine being invited to a shakespeare themed ball in new york hosted by a wealthy benefactor and walking in to this fucking league of legends tournament

No. 1617647

for people who claim to care so much about “beauty” there’s not a single attractive person in this image

No. 1617654

lmao, the busted redhead with curly hair in the middle, i remember her from the earlier threads. self poster who claimed to look just like nicole kidman. right..

No. 1617664

File: 1660659002022.png (96.5 KB, 1196x428, groomers.png)

Truth and Beauty is giving cocaine to an 18 year old

No. 1617669

File: 1660659159819.png (3.88 MB, 2518x1424, no one cares.png)

No. 1617670

Did the Proud Faggot fuck the tranny too

No. 1617673

that troon is like 33 nona

No. 1617674

Just another data point for the next time someone ods at these Yarvin parties.
It should get out more then.

No. 1617685

I recognize these smaller handles from the photo. Do you want me to diagram who is who?

No. 1617701

Yes please, nonna.

No. 1617721

everyones going to "no1curr" me for this but I never post here anyway and only lurk this thread because this tranny is so funny and iconic, I'm sorry but it's true

No. 1617726

very obvious this is a self-post since this troon has never done anything interesting or funny. self-posting is one thing, astroturfing as one of your supposed fans is another level of pathetic

No. 1617728

Not a fan, just think he's funny and iconic, I don't know anything about his political beliefs or what not. But the posts of his tweets are obvious self posts, but honestly that just makes him even funnier in a chaotic way. I check here for the Dasha milk too because I think the same of her lol, the rest of them seem like trash though.

No. 1617729

File: 1660662894055.png (557.36 KB, 716x716, EACADA10-91E9-4644-904B-277DC3…)

>so funny and iconic
settle down there hon, can smell your Y chromosome through the screen

No. 1617730

He's just a narcissist

No. 1617732

Settle down? That wasn't a sperg it was a compliment lol I think your projecting your own anger Nona but I'd take that blunt then bang that santa looking motherfucker lol

No. 1617734

File: 1660663364433.jpg (391.64 KB, 1584x1224, FaSsavSX0AAqla0.jpg)

wow, i didn't realise soph was that fat. why do these people associate with her, i thought they were all waif thin with ED's?

No. 1617736

Next thread pic and theme should be Pariah. He's quickly become the most-discussed (not to mention funniest, both intentionally and unintentionally) cow in this scene. The castrato eunuch bit is particularly winsome kek

No. 1617740

I am calling you a male and a troon and telling you to leave.

No. 1617744


Nonnas, am I just paranoid or is there something fishy about this? Tons of photos of the event being posted, and then an exhaustively detailed list of the attendees' Twitter handles. In a subculture so obsessed with their self-image as dangerous dissidents, it's weird that they would stage what amounts to a mass doxing event. I guess the Occam's Razor explanation is that the Yarvin nerd herd is posting party photos to prove "nuh-uh, we ARE TOO cool guy sexhavers and our scene is NOT a total sausagefest," but still, it's weird. Is the point to whitewash the creepy tech bro vibes with "we're just a bunch of harmless Shakespeare fans, nothing to see here?" Or is it to use the goofy Shakespeare truther stuff to lure more scenester art hoes into a documented association with Yarvin (and Matt Forney lol) that they can't easily back out of in the future?

No. 1617745

My guess is she didn’t get enough attention as a mid skinny bitch now she’s trying to get on the cover of sports illustrated as a fat model

No. 1617746

Lol I'm leaving, but I'm not a troon I'm a bpd chan, tbh though there's a lot of similarities also you're using troon wrong it's used for old agp men that get off to pretending to be women, tranny is used for young men who don't have agp but wish they were women, ok bye

No. 1617751

They’re proud of their hubris and want attention. It’s funny they treat themselves like avant garde envelope pushers who are threatened by a librul society but flaunt all this shit and still no one cares except to make fun of them and occasionally they get funding by people who are just as out of touch and stuck in a bubble. At this point I’m sure they love all their antics being cataloged here and hope to be mentioned because they’re too autistic to realize this isn’t a fanclub and they’re deeply horrible people who have a permanent archive of every stupid thing they do. Curdled milk is gonna haunt them like every other cow.

No. 1617752

None of those things are true, troon.

No. 1617758

whoever this is she is actually very beautiful

No. 1617759

Girl all of it is true, bpd chans wanna fuck old men and find chaotic bitches iconic. And troon was a term created for men over 40 who pop boners to wearing womens clothes, google it miss snarky snark

No. 1617760


Who's the fat older lady with the shoulder strap?

No. 1617761

& kek as if there's non-AGP troons. stop responding nonnie, this faggot thinks posting himself here will be a golden ticket to notoriety

No. 1617762

at least 150 lbs here. yikes!

No. 1617764

Lol only troons go with the "call me tranny not troon" shit, kys

No. 1617776

homosexual male hands typed this. leave.

No. 1617777

go back.

No. 1617779

troons were tranny goons from something awful, google it better, retard

No. 1617783


Dasha is not a leftist and never was a leftist. In the infamous Info Wars interview, she wasn't even there to advocate for Bernie Sanders, she was there to promote her movie and the reporter thought she was part of the event. In the interview, she didn't know/care about anything she was even saying, just general liberal platitudes. The podcast is called "Red Scare" because it's a double entendre for being on your period (two wammin having a podcast hurr muh vagina) and both being Russian which automatically makes you a suspected communist back in the day, which is ironic as their being adjacent to Chapo, Cum Town, etc. apparently means to this insanely sad & pathetic forum that they are leftist. None of these people are leftists, they are all hipsters soaking up whatever is the trend and trying to be different, like they've been doing since hipster was a thing.

You losers get mad over these people for being "pick-mes", misogynist, sad, creepy, etc., WHILE YOU DO THE EXACT SAME THING TO THEM. You are the ones who are anonymously picking through every single message that they've ever sent, cyberstalking them, commenting them on their bodies calling women fat, ugly, old, slut, etc. and basically acting like jealous fat hens clucking in your dirty little hen house. YOU people are the sad, pathetic losers. Thank God you are anonymous because I'd be so embarrassed.(learn2sage)

No. 1617790

not reading all that, sorry or congrats tho

No. 1617793

ngl I agree with some of this. The worst parts of these threads are when people analyze women like dasha's bodies and faces and point out every little thing wrong with them. It's one thing to make fun of people's stupid posts but the body stuff just feels gross. It's lame when moids do it and it's lame when people here do it

No. 1617799

New Red Scare Episode with Estee Lardass has been out for a while but not posted to any of the subreddits. Typically a new episode gets posted, stickied, and discussed in the main fairly quickly. Is this a listener and mod revolt at having to listen to Blaart? The one mod he was beefing with is sitewide suspended from reddit so it's not her doing.

No. 1617802

you’re right here with us

No. 1617807

Aww someone is mad the ball looked gay and people are teasing them :(

No. 1617808


This may have merit if these two bimbos didn’t make big bucks off of…doing the exact same thing to people who are more popular than them

No. 1617810

that curly mullet is looking a lot better than however many threads ago

No. 1617811

This is bait right? Surely, nobody is this much of a twitterbrained tourist right?

No. 1617812

with all the self posting this board deserves these brigades

No. 1617813

probably for "medicinal" ketamine

No. 1617814

So you basically just echoed what was already said (>>1613938) but with more saltiness, because your feelings were hurt when a bunch of anonymous people did to them what they do to others while making 50k a month?

No. 1617830

just report it for nitpicking and move on. it's a milkless activity to post 15 stills of a dasha instagram video saying her neck is fat or her legs are shooped like what happened when they were in vegas; it's either someone being weird or a troll shitting up the thread on purpose and either way they need to be put out to pasture. do not engage.

No. 1617831

troon comes from somethingawful and means tranny plus goon, you zoomer troid. the oldshit who groomed you most likely came from that cesspit. the more you know.

No. 1617832

Dasha was openly calling herself a socialist for those first few years of the pod. Characterizing Bernie as a lovable old grandpa and even attending his rallies and donating to his campaign come 2020.

No. 1617833

Mte, lot of fats and uggos even relative to the general population

No. 1617835

that mod got tranny jannied by /ahs sleeper agent longjumpingrow9 a long time ago.

No. 1617840

File: 1660670640010.jpg (66.99 KB, 828x796, 1658032434783.jpg)

the socialite larp is wide now she doesn't pass remilia BMI check anymore. she's coming out of the woodworks to say she was also taken advantage of by that proana nazi pedophile group and had body dysmorphia. her ex friends would say thats not body dysmorphia you just correctly identified that you are fat, this is what happens when you reject the infinite beacon of neochibi hope love and light that is milady nft. sophia vanderbilt is no longer a blackhearted cyber angel baby harem queen she has fallen from grace to status of a circus animal on the soy side of history

No. 1617848

For what it's worth, she had posted to discord after she got suspended and said that the admins didn't give an explanation for the perma-suspension. She thought it was admin Chtorrr that suspended her. Probably unrelated but Chtorrr was the admin that recently got a lot of heat for removing the cat from r_place and got doxxed for it on The Farms:
You can't tell if Chtorrr is a troon or a woman with a receding hairline.

No. 1617851

The mod that got banned was also a tranny

No. 1617855

Fuck off pajeet, no one cares about your thirst for fat e-girls

No. 1617856

chtorr is male there's more about him in the bardfinn thread

No. 1617857

post caps

No. 1617859

so these are the supposedly skinny sexy hotties of the provocative, cutting edge red scare fanbase. never fails to kill me when i stumble upon a random scarethot going on and on about how hot she is, starving herself and popping addies and something about diet coke and carels. and every time, they’re like if a bread roll was a person. these people bring everything bad upon themselves by being such narcs. the anon reeing about how hateful we are to dasha seems to forget the entire podcast consists at least of 80% making fun of other women in a far worse way.

No. 1617862

Completetly schizophrenic how often people here are accusing each other of being one of those dimes square cows. Pretty sure the only cow that's selfposting is the tranny because this is the only attention she gets

No. 1617864

File: 1660672242922.png (280.91 KB, 408x409, 59B1825E-831A-4CEE-9E36-BB9221…)

>thinking 90% of this thread isn’t scarethots gossiping about their own “friends”

No. 1617866

File: 1660672426572.png (196.28 KB, 1278x1000, 65456543.png)

the thread is infested with redditors from the red scare coomer board

No. 1617869

File: 1660672597085.png (61.5 KB, 919x758, 1659678207896.png)

No. 1617870

>proana nazi pedophile group
Tell me more(learn2sage)

No. 1617874

the milady freaks are ITT now. ugh. they have such a weird way of troll posting, you can spot it from a mile away.

No. 1617878

Every joke anyone makes about her gets under her skin and she writes long spergy essays on Reddit. For people so committed to being edgy contrarians, they're all such sensitive snowflakes.

No. 1617881

where is this picture from?

No. 1617882

>identifies as male
He’s a whole man, plain as simple, no “identifying” about it. Doesn’t even look feminine, the coomers on there make it clear they’re porn addicts into trannies to begin with because they broke their brains. It’s funny because they’re still disgusted by trannies as soon as it’s offline, it’s just a porn novelty to them.

No. 1617883

love how all these men are carbon copies of each other. nerds in high school who got bullied, moving on to be insufferable hipster berniebros, just to become more “apolitical” because some podcasters made them feel cringe. same exact song and dance from each one of these guys. damn you like the sopranos? and you listen to podcasts? AND you think ted k was totally BASED? Wow. You’re telling me this for the first time.

No. 1617886

So which self-poster are you? I'm imagining Matt Forney crytyping this kek

No. 1617887

I know, it's so unfair to pick on women who called Taylor Swift fat and mocked rape victims! They're the real victims here.

No. 1617891

You can tell when the old haggard troon self-posts because he always drops references to being 18 and barely legal. Not with those nasolabial folds, gramps.

No. 1617903

>attracted to a man

No. 1617907

File: 1660676189178.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 1BE279D0-ED9C-4C63-9465-AC56F3…)

(from Eugene's stories)

No. 1617909

Some pickme wrote her thesis on Red Scare and feminism. This reads like it's straight out of 2019; nobody frames the pod as primarily a bastion against "neoliberal feminism" anymore lol

No. 1617912

File: 1660676424718.png (658.8 KB, 640x1136, 5309FCC3-F213-4A11-B215-928F4E…)

forgot pic

No. 1617913

is honor off speed? she looks well fed

No. 1617915

She isn't wearing a cross anymore either. I think she's really weaning herself off the schizo larp she flung herself into two years ago.

No. 1617920


No. 1617923

careful, you’re gonna trigger her orbiters into samefag spamming that she’d never leave their schizocult. i agree though, with what she said at the crumps struggle session (lmao) and various other small things like her “friend” posting she’s going through a personal crisis and the lack of cross, seems like she’s really moving away from that

No. 1617927

very pretty face but these are some of the most disgusting boobs i’ve ever seen

No. 1617934

ot but i need an id on the blush. any leads? looks perfectly pinky and coral

No. 1617942

These guys are often ugly with gay voices too and they’re the same ones cheering on age gap relationships when they can barely attract a woman to begin with

No. 1617946

I know this troon isn’t 18 but there is a high incidence of chasers being in ‘barely legal’ stuff too. Gross

No. 1617947


they give away too much with the teddy k love. dead giveaway they were a nazi in 2013.

No. 1617966

>exact same unsaged reddit spacing
samefag harder, retard. also TL; DR sage your shit back to the kitchen or twitter or wherever the fuck you came from

No. 1617979

Ok fat jack. Cool

No. 1617987

>back to the kitchen
it’s funny you’re acting hoity toity making fun of others for being outsiders when you stick out like a sore thumb, moid.

No. 1617992

noagencynewyork twitter

No. 1618013

Sorry honey, don’t know what that means. While I respect the image board lifestyle I couldn’t give less of a shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1618017

File: 1660685901703.jpeg (802.83 KB, 712x1628, FB1B7BAA-13E6-40FD-B2C4-71F7A9…)

Who’s this faggot?

No. 1618041

File: 1660689822905.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1835, EEA9684E-D10B-44CD-88AB-CB5880…)

Reminder that Nick Mullen stated he literally cannot go over two months without a new fungal infection. Ringworm in all its glory. And scarethots still want to cape for this man and his undoubtedly gangrenous dick.

No. 1618052

isn't that dasher's bf?

No. 1618056

No. I think I know who it is but if there was another pic of him from a different angle I could confirm it. Don't want to light up the wrong guy.

No. 1618090

then stop commenting, and sage your shit

No. 1618093

Why do so many nonnies lust after him? Is the charisma really enough to overcome the deficient height and abhorrent hygiene?

No. 1618117

i wanna say martin shkreli but i know its not

No. 1618118

Eli but even more busted

No. 1618133

i was guessing anon was one of the tradthots who's been posting here with the "dasha is a cryptolib, t. a real trad uwu". tradthots should do what they want to force other women to

No. 1618141

Not to mention the fact that they probably don't even listen to Red Scare but are Cum Town refugees

No. 1618143

Funny that Red Scare built their brand off of being edgy and antiwoke and now their fans are respecting idpols like their neighbors over in Bushwick who they supposedly hate.

No. 1618149

Ringworm and monkey pox? Jesus Christ.

Its entirely because he was hot a long time ago, and that's who nonnies are picturing in their head

No. 1618164

nick's spiraling into an aggro gay homeless man

No. 1618180

I think it’s possibly because he’s the guy closest to normal-looking in this scene

No. 1618190

6 minutes of research negates half this weird rant. i doubt anyone on here has gone to lengths as these cows has to defend literal criminals and pedos

No. 1618210

click the links anon posted >>1616694, theyre referring to kaliacc, was talked about in the egirl thread.

short for kali yuga accelerationism, was a loose group started by two mid-late 20s autists, an anglo wignat, sunny, and an "aryan" indian that went by miya now @charlottefang77, an art school dropout. the anglo side stopped associating with miya because he was getting involved with young ana girls, some underage, he would have them send their meals and pictures of their tummies and control who they talked to, all while posting on his account sexualizing them and their eating disorders.

eventually screenshots surfaced of someone with a swastika carved into their stomach (everyone thinks it was a groomed ana egirl but it was really a mentally ill mtf that lurked their community even they accused of being a groomer)and based on the shock reaction from that image and the claims coming out kaliacc was then exposed as a nazi grooming cult even though it was just miyas doing according to all of them, but theyre too scared for whatever reason to say anything themselves so mostly outsiders came out with half truths, there may be blackmail involved keeping people quiet, they may just be covering their own asses, anyways its all a shitshow.

so it disbanded and now whats left of the cultlike group is the "art collective" remilia (the "high caste" aryan indian and his friends that stuck around) and their ugly nfts the main one being milady, dasha had one and the pompous weirdos in this scene seemed to love it one point. though not sure if they still do as it's been pointed out the fat egirl >>1617734 they bully's agent is also dasha's agent and she's threatening to sue remilia. they also claim this soph girl was groomed by her 30something boyfriend worm who she met while in their groupchat but only seem to care enough to point that out now that she's wanting to sue them, not while it was happening and they were all friends with her and the groomer while he groomed her before their eyes, of course.

No. 1618242

can you stop copy pasting your own posts from another thread to shit up this one like at least come up with something new to say, ffs
tell me if you find out nonnie, you could try asking them

No. 1618250

Go clog up the e-girls thread with that bullshit, nobody cares. You’re yesterday’s news anyway, the dorks in this scene have already moved on from Milady to Shakespeare conspiracies as their latest retarded trend.

No. 1618261

what does worm look like?

No. 1618266

the smug looks on all of their faces… truly too much to bear. I've never seen a frumpier group of people in my life

No. 1618272

stop trying to tell young people how to speak self-posting troon, you are like 40

No. 1618274

harvey weinstein's mutilated gangreen dick was brought up on shane gillis' podcast and nick suggested that he might have it lol

No. 1618302

clearly the person who asked does kek and the egirls thread's been over

i have no idea

No. 1618317

File: 1660722193284.png (15.99 KB, 524x156, 3e58e4f92a2201c79324c5efc88791…)

No. 1618340

haven't read these threads since november last year and dasha is a conservative now…?? how did that happen, did her catholic larp go too far

No. 1618372

She’s dating a hideous zoomer moid who happens to be a “trad cath” and because of her bpd she adapts the ideology of whichever hideous moid she’s with. I for one am anxiously awaiting the Islam arc.

No. 1618377

That’s Greg

No. 1618425

flds dasha. nothing more pick me than marrying a man with a harem of wives

No. 1618432

File: 1660739106263.jpg (287.35 KB, 2000x1333, p12-stmichel-emamouse-a-201904…)

for real. Kaliacc at least had some actually based people and health advice and funny racism trolls. Now it's just incredibly ugly beta moids who simp for girls, especially underage ones that try to build some cringe crypto scam with aesthetics they stole from some underground jap musician

No. 1618443

I agree. He’s the milkiest cow I’ve seen in a while, we definitely need to talk more about him(sage your shit)

No. 1618450

The e-girls thread's been over because of boring kaliacc bullshit, but have fun destroying this one too!

No. 1618469

Being an ugly hon isn't really milk though, they're a dime a dozen

No. 1618472

Still haven't learned to sage huh?

No. 1618475

hahahaha yeah i am also a totally real female farmer and not a pathetic self-posting, self-replying troon and i agree, we just can't get enough of him, he should totally be the next thread pic, the main topic of the thread, hell let's ban every post that's NOT about him, hahahahahaha am i right fellow girls???

No. 1618479

Who's the jap musician?

No. 1618486

this should be a separate thread

No. 1618489

Genuinely asking, what is there to talk about him? What milk does he have? He's boring, uninteresting and thinks he's more special than he actually is, par the course for most of Dimes Square. What sets him apart from the others?

No. 1618492

You’re replying to a shitpost

No. 1618493

don't bother asking nonna, that's definitely him self-posting again, i haven't seen such a desperate attempt to meme oneself into relevance since the bimbo ubermensch days. just report and don't reply, even mocking him is the attention he craves

No. 1618506

File: 1660749561317.png (1.26 MB, 4005x3298, dasha-soft-uwu-coquette.png)

LMAOOO this is what dasha reminds me of

No. 1618510

File: 1660749911877.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1970, C1940051-B892-491C-B19F-46CC5F…)

It was a lie, Amber Frost has another live appearance

No. 1618514

They're definitely trying to worm their way into hollywood

No. 1618532

De Veretards posted a pdf from the event from @allthefrensy. includes a few name doxes

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxA2hLTV6ltnyCGiC8pBjKrbxLtDRIaQ/view(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1618539

Post a screenshot? I’m not touching a Google drive doc

No. 1618551

don't click and doxx yourselves nonnas

No. 1618553

I’d say at least 200

No. 1618558

Pretty sure you can open anonymously with a private/incognito window or by signing out of your Google account but I’m too lazy and don’t care that much. Also this is an image board

No. 1618573

if this man wants to be talked about he needs to put in a lot more effort into producing milk. something like performing an at-home self-castration then doing a munchie and rubbing feces all over the wounds to get them infected. that would surely make people talk about him kek

No. 1618576

Who the hell is allthefrensy, anyway? Her whole twitter is all shakespeare truther stuff. Do not click this link nonnas, >>1617744 is right that this is some kind of doxing op

No. 1618578

nonnie i need you to know that when you post 3 times unsaged in quick succession it isn’t subtle

No. 1618583

File: 1660758141935.jpeg (479.9 KB, 1242x1909, 0ABAB176-1E03-411D-B1BD-CC2EA8…)

nothing of note, just a bunch of writing from a bunch of loopy-loos - yarvin even got his kid involved lol

No. 1618596

So default friend is now a Shakespeare truther too?

No. 1618601

noted. learned2sage

No. 1618603

what the actual fuck, there's no way these weren't ghostwritten. when did they start talking about shakespeare anyway, about a month ago? what does any of this have to do with literally anything else they were into before

No. 1618613

How old is his daughter even? I hope he didn’t let her roam around that party full of pedos

No. 1618614

She's 14 lmfao https://archive.ph/fHny5
(poem he wrote when she was born)

No. 1618621

that poor girl. imagine having to deal with female socialization all filtered through the fact that moldbug is your fucking father to boot. god damn

No. 1618629

That's what I was thinking too. What's the angle with them supposedly caring about this

No. 1618637

Rent freeeeeeee huh huh(infighting)

No. 1618654

What cracks me up is cows who think lolcow of all places is the place to gain cultural relevance & clout. Like getting anonymous strangers to make fun of you is some kind of achievement.

No. 1618656

you’re the one constantly shilling yourself and acting like being mentioned here is an achievement instead of deeply shameful

No. 1618658

It’s because they learned about lolcow through this thread and know none of none of the cultural background behind it, have never ventured outside this thread or board, etc. They see it as a real life, accessible Gossip Girl sort of deal they all want a part in. In reality they’re being reduced to Chris Chan and Venus Angelic types of clowns.

No. 1618669


it's the inevitable result of them astro turfing reddit and twitter so hard. this is one of the only places they can get an honest reaction and thus validation

No. 1618679

File: 1660765559482.png (45.16 KB, 1030x187, allthefedsy.png)

allthefrensy's music career is going great!

No. 1618680

I’m reading her last name like an Australian accent saying no

No. 1618683

File: 1660765885551.png (18.2 KB, 1056x156, huh.png)

From meeting the President to hanging out with Perfume Jack and Matt Forney.

No. 1618701

The core of Shakespeare trutherism is all about how there's no way an upper-middle class normie like Shakespeare could have written all those great plays, the real author must have actually been a noble with wealthy parents.

You can see why that line of thinking might appeal to this crowd.

No. 1618707

File: 1660768464858.jpg (129.78 KB, 1080x213, Screenshot_20220817-162444_Duc…)

The more search engine results I read about this girl the more it just makes me sad. She's still in her twenties, went to Brown and NYU, seems like an overprivileged but basically goodhearted drama club kid. What's she doing fronting for a bunch of right wing internet creeps? Unusual surname and she's from Manhattan so I wonder if she's a member of this family: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yehuda_Nir Also, sage for offtopic but The Contortions sharing a bill with the band who did "Melt With You" might be the weirdest festival lineup I've ever seen kek

No. 1618709

…God, I actually used to be friends with one of the girls from these pictures. I knew she was rich, but I always thought she was a normie liberal.

No. 1618724

Yeah, Yehuda Nir is her grandfather. Her father is Daniel Nir of Gracie Capitol, he runs a hedge fund and is ultra wealthy

No. 1618727

true, but that doesn't make it any less random and weird. are they trying to pivot to dark academia and try to get some of that big zoomer audience?

No. 1618742

I think it's just a personal obsession of Moldbug's (part of his whole elitist monarchist schtick). Everyone else there is just following him like the lemmings they are.

No. 1618761

I've been to Renaissance fairs where the crowd was more attractive. And more diverse.

No. 1618768

Anyone got any more group shots of the "Ball" other than the ones Nir posted on twitter? I think I recognized someone I know but I'm not sure.

No. 1618773


No. 1618780


i think they've always envied the sort of spontaneous absurdity the american working class has and are desperately trying to copy it. the conspiracy bro, hot couch guy, etc, they are always trying to grasp at something like that because they are basically cultureless.

No. 1618794

i've been to anime conventions where the crowd was more attractive, which is not something i ever thought i'd say about a public event (let alone one organized by and for wealthy people)

No. 1618802

do cope…..then seethe….then proceed to dilate

No. 1618824

Looking back at older threads is a trip. Witten saga, Aimee saying rape accusations were only by bitter starfuckers wanting fame, Anna saying women can’t have autism, Jack having a month long meltdown after discovering this thread.

No. 1618826

I'm more curious than I ought to be about how Aimee's existing (presumably) offline

No. 1618828

There’s no way she’s offline. Probably some small or locked account and trying to hide her identity until she eventually stops caring again.

No. 1618840

it's on their twitter feed so i doubt it'd be a real self dox other than the fact that no one from twitter actually clicked on it lmao….also funny how the font is like size 20 throughout to make whatever the fuck theyre saying look like some coherent treatise

No. 1618841

I dunno, this ball seemed pretty diverse. there were jews, children of jewish hedge fund managers, lots of jewish born catholic converts, a gay zionist wearing a star of david t-shirt… oh wait(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1618859

Poopriah doesn't even deserve his own thread because he's just boring

No. 1618869

they are all fools with no concept of self-preservation, cozying up to fascists who openly want them dead. Phoebe Nir is the granddaughter of a famous Holocaust survivor and she hangs out with Holocaust denier Matt Forney who calls Jews “Christ-Killers” and Curtis Yarvin who says that the real tragedy of anti-Semitism is that it is “unfashionable”. These self hating Jews are an especially ugly type of pick-me

No. 1618876


just went back out of curiosity and the first thing i saw was cointenlhoes. aimee and angie speaks making a pod with 2 episodes specifically to terf out. first time i genuinely laughed at any of this shit in awhile

No. 1618877

with Liz and Aimee gone (for now) like two thirds of the content that's kept these threads running is gone lol

No. 1618890

I think you're right on the money regarding envy of the working class, nonna. Every nutty prole in my family has more spontaneity and creativity than everyone in this do-nothing “scene”. I’ve never been that taken with NYC, but I’m astonished at how degraded it is culturally and how dumb and lazy these people are. They've driven everyone interesting out of the city and surprise, none of them have a thing to say.

No. 1618891

File: 1660784067158.png (565.12 KB, 1198x1176, 43843y28.png)

Virgil a big fan of barely legals and troons apparently

No. 1618899

hayleyglyphs, troon and chapo guest who's also drawn posters and pod cover art for them, has for the last six months or so been on a feeding journey to satisfy his pregnancy kink https://old.reddit.com/user/chippiechipsbimbo

No. 1618914

idk why everyone's acting like the shakespeare authorship question is some bizarre esoteric bit out of left field. they literally made a hollywood movie about it ten years ago, it's one of the most mainstream "conspiracies" out there.

No. 1618922

and that movie flopped because no one cared then just like no one cares now

No. 1618934

It is kind of crazy how Curtis Yarvin can just tell them to care about something and they all automatically do it. Jack was one of the headliners of the event and even he admitted he didn't care about De Vere until he was invited to the party.

No. 1618947

have anything interesting you’d care to share? (asking in earnest)

No. 1618951


it's kind of hilarious how fast they switch from sex work is work and trans acceptance to "You know how much of DEGENERATE VIRGIL TEXAS is? He jacks off to TRANNY PORN!"

No. 1618952

they always have to up the ante once the honeymoon period of trooning is over. it's fetish.

No. 1618961

I ain't clicking that link but glad he's increasing his chances of early death, unequivocal good thing.

No. 1618985

Yep. New cows needed

No. 1619015

Eh I don't want to throw her to the sharks, I still have some loyalty lmao

No. 1619030

What’s funny about that is the large majority of these people are upper middle class or lower strivers anyways. Even the patreon minted annas and dashas or the anorexia sex cult crypto millionaires of the scene are gunning for more and more and more money and prestige and power and glamorousness without trying to run afoul of the timeless hatred from all classes towards “new money” tackiness. It’s embarrassing because they and the “scene’s” hangers-on think dousing themselves in Depop vintage and niche academic viewpoints will give them that air of refinement that they are missing no matter how much money they make. That dasha quote about trading it all for being a beautiful k-holed model for a minute is so revealing: those are the girls that actually get picked without having to defile themselves in front of the nyt’s readership

No. 1619048

File: 1660801187406.jpeg (940.18 KB, 1125x1850, good times - Imgur.jpeg)


No. 1619071

lol I'm only back to reply to this but like, so because I find the pariah tranny and dasha funny and iconic I'm automatically either pariah himself, a young moid, an old troon, or a 40 year old man? lol well which is it? you guys are going to have to cope with the fact that people who disagree with you or like the cows you discuss are not automatically male or the cows themselves, I'm a 26 year old bpd chan but you little shits will just keep plugging your ears and going "nahanahnahnah I can't hear you I can't hear you! lol, cope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1619084

Caroline Calloway gets exiled and Curtis Yarvin steals her whole bit, rude.

No. 1619093

The anglo wignat Sunny (real name Atom Chene Chetcuti) also got quite a lot of milk on him, he used to be an ex-tranny documenting his detransition that larped traditional values or whatever and was living with his gf, but things ended when he cheated on her with an underage troon he groomed while in his mid-20s. As far as I know they even still live together as roommates kek. There might even be a video of it. Too bad he seemed to have deleted his accounts, or I can't find them at least.

No. 1619109

I guess fart jokes are aristocratic now? lol Shakespeare embarrassing

No. 1619116

the chiropractor didn't even work.
did she say how long she actually breastfed the baby? i think she said got her period back not too long after the baby. and i swear she talked about using formula too.

No. 1619117

ban worthy, but still an accurate description of who was in attendance lol

No. 1619119

File: 1660810757507.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1213, 1613261164144.png)

>but I'd take that blunt then bang that santa looking motherfucker lol
Of course the AGP wants to fuck his public enemy no. 1. Here is a rare Blanchard just for you.

No. 1619131

lol how can I be agp when I'm not a man or a tranny? also since when is santa the number one enemy of trannies and troons? lol he's cute but his beard and mustache remind me too much of gross 70's porn stars, especially paired with the perm. I'd prefer the old man, he looks kind and like he's a doctor or a psychologist or something and that's always attractive lol

No. 1619138

Good choice. You know the oldest one is the version who would stoop to fucking you

No. 1619142

lol so going by you're assumption of me being a scrote, what old ass man is fucking young or old trannies? unless they're closeted fags. but anyway I know he'd fuck me cause once again I'm a 26 year old bpd chan, most old men wanna fuck me lol

No. 1619149

lmfao nta but hahahaha

No. 1619179

File: 1660821782962.gif (4.12 MB, 498x382, jim-carrey-throw-up.gif)

>bragging about getting some washed up grandpa to rail you like it's a sort of achievement

No. 1619186

File: 1660822395631.gif (1.45 MB, 394x264, doll-bratz.gif)

the unappealing nature of it is not lost on me but tbh it's an achievement imo cause old ass men are my type lol anyway I've derailed enough, sorry Nona's but it's fun to troll you guys from time to time lol, makes me laugh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1619190

The average IQ of this thread just went up 20 points with you leaving, thx anon

No. 1619202

File: 1660824624257.jpg (240.49 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20220817-165045_Duc…)

Ayrt and I retract a portion of my sympathy purely because I'm an envious bitch. Imagine having this much money and using it to party with Matt Forney. I still feel kind of sorry for her because I'm sure she's being groomed by these people with a spiel about how "you're not a directionless hedge fund faildaughter, you're an aristocrat with good breeding, now be a good arts patron and fund my podcast…" She seems like she really truly believes in this Shakespeare conspiracy stuff and doesn't get that the climbers are just playing along with it. Even more than the Betsey Brown "transphobia" thing it just goes to show what sheep among wolves these people are, she seems like the kind of girl who would break down crying if someone actually said the N-word in front of her and maybe doesn't realize that some of the people she's hanging out with have ties to actual unironic fascists. Forney ran a white nationalist blog for years which he "disavowed" because he felt the heat after Charlottesville.

No. 1619208

Phoebe Nir seems like the most promising new cow we've had in ages. All that extravagant wealth and that's what you do with it!

No. 1619211

you sincerely sound like a twink who is extremely neurotic because he's in the middle of a midlife crisis. You are probably posting here under the guise of being a woman because you're considering transitioning.

No. 1619212

same, i knew one of the bigger cows in this thread years ago and i have no milk so i wont name lol but holy shit its crazy to see them collide with this scene and be such a psycho

No. 1619213

tbh you're like half right cause I'm an extremely neurotic bpd bitch going through a quarter life crisis lol

No. 1619216

nobody cares that you’re 26 and have bpd + spoilering half of your posts isnt a cute typing quirk you are just Retarded. go back queen

No. 1619219

File: 1660827202792.png (633.38 KB, 708x559, EX_KsTiU4AE6tDJ.png)

forney still in his bizarre coat. one of the most oddly-shaped human beings i've ever seen

No. 1619222

well everyone was calling me a tranny or a 40 year old faggot so what else am I supposed to say? "I'm a woman" yeah cause that gets believed lol sorry I didn't realise I was doing that so much, okay sorry leaving now and I'll only lurk from now on I never even posted here before until a couple days ago to say I like that pariah tranny and dasha lol ok bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1619242

fuck you, mom and dad, I’m hanging out with gross idiots who hate you and deny the genocide that grandpa survived!

No. 1619252

why do you think "bpd" is like some cool hot girl modifier, you sound like a cow.

No. 1619254

this is how i think bimbo women type, do i pass teehee

No. 1619257

then maybe I'm a bimbo lol

No. 1619259

stop replying to the schizotranny

No. 1619275

pariah is 22

No. 1619277

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1619286

File: 1660835506280.gif (1.96 MB, 498x334, bratz-bratz-dolls.gif)

lol I hope this was a copypasta and you didn't waste your time writing it out lol cause again I'm just a spastic woman who likes trolling you guys because you get so pressed and it's funny to me. I'm literally sitting in a swampy sweaty pad rn cause it's like 32 where I live and I don't like tampons lol, sorry trannies live so rent free in your head though. I don't like them either but that doesn't blind me to the fact that some women don't act the way I might expect them too or like/dislike the same people as me lol you guys are so terminally online all you see is moids outside of your little bubble, you gotta touch grass sometimes also if you're assuming I'm Blaine you're very far off and he always announces that it's him anyway cause he wants people to know and acknowledge him so… wrong again, cope lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1619287

No. 1619315

Wow, look who came back crawling after he said he would just lurk. Really "trolled" the nonnas here, he had to come back for more.

No. 1619324

go away Blaine. you will never be a woman and you will never blend. outsiders literally wouldn’t know who the fuck Blaine even is you schizotranny. go back to kiwi.
nonnies, ignore this man, he’s a literal schizophrenic troon who has been spamming the site for like a month now.

No. 1619346

no I've just kept the tab open and haven't gone to sleep yet, I have covid and I'm bored lol

do you not know how blaine posts? cause this isn't it and he would've done some self aggrandizing reveal by now lol

No. 1619362

Can the mods please ban this schizo ? This shit is getting ridiculous. Stop clogging up the thread.

No. 1619400

last name dox on junker_jo's husband @pbtrot

No. 1619407

I honestly blame nonnas for replying to this dumb one-note troll. Just ignore, report, and let them attention whore into the void.

No. 1619424

what the fuck is even going on in these threads any more? jesus christ

No. 1619426

File: 1660847620700.jpeg (411.62 KB, 1242x805, 1CDA5013-D294-4143-9ABD-437B56…)

samememe addressing the gay rumours

No. 1619431

He has literally posted about having sex with men before. Also why would he be surprised about his gay friends not discussing “bottom hygiene” with him

No. 1619432

>I’m not gay so who knows
straighter words have never been spoken… a true straight man who goes on about bottom identity and “bottom hygiene” lmao

No. 1619437

it's out of left field for them

No. 1619442

I feel like he has to be doing it deliberately/being sarcastic? “I mean I’m not gay so who knows, but” seems too on the nose to be genuine

No. 1619444

>my I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOTTOM HYGIENE shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

No. 1619453

the concepts “bottom as an identity” and “bottom hygiene” weren’t even used in the op tweet..

No. 1619529

also, the idea that bottom hygiene isn’t a thing for women who are having anal

No. 1619605


Normal females aren’t having anal so this literally never comes up

No. 1619630

File: 1660865082083.png (162.58 KB, 752x732, Screenshot 2022-08-18 192221.p…)

The Chapo guys are so bitchy and passive-aggressive

No. 1619725

Im kinda late, but thanks to the mods for putting the cow out to pasture

No. 1619746

File: 1660874726907.jpg (44.97 KB, 600x280, thenprnewsquiz.jpg)

more proof that chapo trap house is just picrel now

No. 1619762

they wish. chapo has never produced anyone as funny with less airs than paula poundstone.

No. 1619776

Will also referenced the elves and hobbits piece on a recent episode

No. 1619783

But is it even passive aggressive? Will is exactly the same as the people who went to the event and he’s making the same type of jokes they did (some of them anyway)

I’ve lost track, does he still live in NYC? The rest of the chapos seem to have moved to LA, unless Felix is still in New York too.

No. 1619813

They're funnier than PJ O'rourke is now

No. 1619834

File: 1660887275744.jpg (93.62 KB, 600x686, dasha.jpg)

No. 1619840

anna is reading 'the man who would be queen'. she could barely name the author and basically had no idea who he was. cringe. i know that not everyone is an expert on troonology but these people claim to be cultural critics and have used the term autogynephilia on numerous occasions.

No. 1619844

too bad she didn't pick up raymond's transsexual empire

No. 1619864

okay this is a bit too much, its literally just an awkward looking photo of her

No. 1619915

Alicefromqueens is so annoying, every post he makes is annoying, I have an irrational hatred for his existence.

No. 1619927

File: 1660906043547.png (824.82 KB, 2196x1280, Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 6.47…)

Is this some guy with a milady avatar? Didn't expect to see this in the wild

No. 1619931

he and Kath are still in Brooklyn for now

No. 1619932

ahahahahaha this is beautiful nona

No. 1619934

never forget that the funniest thing in the world to these people is being able to say the n-word. perpetually immature little edgelords

No. 1619968

great work nona. they're nearly identical

No. 1619981

The writer of the first article, Felicia, is actually an established professor. I have no idea why she would risk her reputation by association with these cretins. Also the Shakespeare Authorship Fellowship is a real thing that has been going on for a while

No. 1619989

>the Shakespeare Authorship Fellowship
>a real thing
a real and retarded thing
(it’s actually called The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship of The Shakespearean Authorship Trust)
any group of idiots with more money than sense can create a charity that holds a conference to talk about nonsense
Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis society holds way bigger conferences, as do various UFO loony groups

No. 1619994

katya delaney quote tweeted the de vere ball tweet saying "why are people screeching about the death of the right? this is a harmless uncool theater kid event uwu" but deleted it before i could grab a screenshot

are they trying to dispell the earlier edgy stuff,
"nothing to see here, just an influential independent academic and his audience", and get moldbug graduated to normie NY literati? someone joked that the right's entire project hinged on making moldbug a socialite and though it was a joke, i think they were right on the money kek

No. 1619997

I think this probably accurate.

No. 1620000

oh god lol

No. 1620001

same here

No. 1620004

lmfao well done nonnie, you really captured Dasha's particular form of cretinism. with the flowers in her hair and wood nymph styling she looks like she's ready to be married off to the village idiot from Midsommar

No. 1620032

File: 1660917714016.jpg (686.71 KB, 1080x1004, Screenshot_20220819-095839_Chr…)

Looking at the new QRTs of the De Vere Ball has been interesting. In the last day or so, the accounts making fun of the photos have noticeably shifted from being smug libs/leftists to being actual far-right accounts and groypers.

These nerdy Jewish kids are in for a rude awakening, they're gonna learn what the actual hardline Conservatives think of them.

No. 1620034

File: 1660917876394.jpg (661.93 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20220819-100438_Chr…)

No. 1620055

File: 1660919738155.png (2.46 MB, 1474x1514, Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 10.3…)

lel these quote tweets - "homeschool prom" is a laser accurate burn. love that this little scene is finally having IRL gatherings that reveal what an aesthetic disaster it is. skinnyfats, fat-fats, mouthbreathers and troons, quelle aspirational

No. 1620066

dear god nonnie..

No. 1620069

I kinda feel bad for Dasha

No. 1620072

Peter Thiel's too autistic to understand that you cannot astroturf a scene with people this unattractive and dysgenic. i hate to say anything that could help him sell this dogshit scene but if he was smart he'd run this like fashion parties where they pay hot young no-name models to attend and chat people up so everywhere you look there's fit attractive people. brands like Chanel also tightly manage the guest list to avoid people like fat jack showing up as someone's plus-one, and dress and do hair/makeup/grooming for every attendee and have the photos touched up so it all reflects well on them. this party is prime evidence of what happens when you don't manage aesthetics - instant laughingstock. of course they deserve it, it's just weird to me that there's so little effort to sell our supposed cosmopolitan overlords to us.

No. 1620103


i blame a lot of it on the social network. that movie is fight club for jewish trust fund kids. gave the idea that there is something dangerous and subversive to all this. it's always such a lie when they say they want to model themselves after some leftist revolutionary. in truth they attempt to be the version of either sean parker or zuck from that movie.

No. 1620112

Except they're not trying to model themselves on leftists here. They're trying to be right wing conservatives. Five years too late on the whole "the conservatives are the new counter culture" shtick peddled by the alt right but that's still what Dimes Square had been trying to invoke nontheless.

No. 1620119

even if he understood that, acting on it would require getting rid of yarvin, which he can't do because he's peter thiel. there's only so much you can improve when you start off with that. besides, i don't think it really matters what the groypers and other "real" conservatives think of them, however much they screech they still all read yarvin, agree with his ideas, vote for the same people etc, there's no need to preach to the choir. rightists aren't gonna convert to the left because a bunch of NY retards got together in a cringe event

No. 1620129

Thiel will have no choice but to dump Yarvin if he keeps humiliating both of them.

No. 1620154

samefag/AYRT, the non-online conservatives aren't going to hear of or care much about them, and the ultra-online "they're not real conservatives reee"/"they're not trads, they're cryptolibs" are mostly powerless isolated mentally ill men no one influential cares much about, their scorn doesn't carry much real world weight. thiel can afford to be cringe and yarvin can afford to be yarvin because to this demographics he's the only game in town. who else are they going to run to? and if he drops yarvin, who's going to be his court philosopher? i can't think of any contenders

like i said, it doesn't matter that this is "cringe" and they're "being humiliated" in the eyes of conservatives if they manage to force themselves into relevance and prestige in the eyes of the right people

No. 1620167

File: 1660929262332.png (3.35 MB, 2573x1708, 1657913798413.png)

need my bitch slightly whores face ketamine special

No. 1620190

hilarious pic on the right, every single one of those girls has bleach in their hair

No. 1620198

Her head is so oddly shaped that she can’t wear her hair up without looking crazy. In other pics she looks normal because the hair covers more

No. 1620212

The problem is no one halfway normal wants to be associated with this type of political slant, obviously you get goofy looking people who are the face of it

No. 1620235

genuinely feel so bad for pariah having to deal with that jaw

No. 1620244

You need to increase the distance between the nose and upper lip by about an inch and tbf her teeth aren’t actually that messed up but besides that it’s devastatingly accurate especially the jawline

No. 1620256

Nonna, i'm genuinely curious–how did you draw this? Lol. Did you use a tablet and stylus?

No. 1620259

Mouth breathing troon very disrespectful

No. 1620289

You’re right she looks like a normal regular sweetheart photogenic hollywood angel

No. 1620294

Kek its not an awkward picture, she just can’t put her hair up without looking like a bobbleheaded troll. Hollywood’s missing out on this self-proclaimed body fascist!

No. 1620295

this is 100% true, fringe movements are always full of outcasts
same is true on both right and left, the groypers and the DSA types are all hideous with poor social skills

No. 1620298

They've all been friendly with Joe Dante and appeared on his podcast for a while now.

No. 1620328

yeah u right, it always amazes me when scarethots larp as cool girl stacies when obviously Anna and Dasha's politics are cope for their own moral, social and aesthetic failings, and the real gag is everyone else in the scene is even less attractive and likable. a band of unloveable losers, doomed from the start.

No. 1620359

Nothing special nonna, i just traced the original image with my mouse.

No. 1620374

>it’s a trace
Lmfao even funnier

No. 1620378

It's not too late nonnie, Thiel & Co.'s whole end game is to turn the "post-left" Bernouts into conservatives. They're not trying to be alt-right or whatever, they are just dipshits with weak politics who were loosely pro-Bernie when it was cool. Now that it's not cool and there's no clear leftist candidate to root for, they are moving on to the next "cool" thing which, to them, is apparently saying slurs and being religious.

No. 1620424

I mean it's been going on for a while. It feels like it started when David Sirota worked on that Adam Mckay netflix movie and Mckay did a few chapo episodes. Then 3/4 of the hosts move to LA and started to get more screen writers and show runners on the pod. The dirtbag left take hollywood.

No. 1620431

They are absolutely doomed to fail. Joe Dante is 100 yeara old, Josh Androsky and Josh Olson are losers, and the streaming bubble is bursting as we speak.

Furthermore, unlike in Brooklyn, anti-Zionism is deeply unpopular in Hollywood due to the sheer amount of Israelis, Persian, and center-right leaning Jews. Not to mention the fact that Thiel money is a source of disgust in SoCal and even if they don't take it it, all of their friends do.

No. 1620496

Is there any kind of backing to this allegation anon? Rohit was fetishizing minors and EDs publicly and privately as lbn Sonya so in his case it makes sense, never saw that from the other side just Sunny and his circle calling it out and quietly distancing themselves from anything like that so that would shock a lot of people. It may not belong here since the cows ITT apparently moved on from Milady so you could start another thread too and if it's substantial i know others would contribute too

No. 1620501

File: 1660958936798.png (7.66 MB, 2556x2548, socialist utopia.png)

especially as its so performative and online, he is still friendly with these people when he sees them around ny. and as dorky and cringy as the de vere ball was, I can't imagine anything worse than being in the room with will as kath pegs him at the "socialist" tranny orgies they frequent with rachel rabbit white etc. (pic related is one of the attendees at those events)

No. 1620504

truly one of the most disgusting men ever to get platformed by chapo.

No. 1620558

File: 1660964519714.png (774.13 KB, 1162x820, uglytroon.png)

he deleted that account and posted this. which one of you in this? lol

No. 1620620

dasha is in a twitter space with pariah the doll right now talking about lolcow. she says the site "demonic" and she hasn't been on here in a year because of a comparison someone posted of her arms and that we gave her a complex for asking why her hair is so dirty lol. she just admitted that she's also used to post here pretending to be a simp and say things like "not to whiteknight dasha"

No. 1620628

Did it just end? They were talking about Logo and Dasha was going on about the pope and it cut off. Anyone else hear it earlier?

No. 1620629

it was recorded, its on @DollPariah's timeline Dasha comes in 4 mins in

No. 1620645

she 100% still lurks and posts here, they’re all so fucking self obsessed, admitting what we all already knew lmao.

No. 1620650

it’s hilarious how pariah the hon is so desperate to be the star of these threads when he’s just a pathetic hanger on failing at trying to social climb, and that’s why he’s discussed at all, not because he’s actually in with this crowd. he’s made lolcow a pillar of his identity and i guarantee he’s never ventured outside of snow. dasha calling the site demonic is especially funny because 99% of the posts on this site consist of women talking about knitting, scrapbooking, digital art, mundane things from their lives, their marriages, cats, their jobs, radical feminist literature, etc.

it’s a fucking image board for christ’s sake. these people love sucking the dicks of pol groypers and recuperating 4chan memes from <2016 like it’s cutting edge but shake in fear the moment an image board is mostly women and dares not want to kiss their feet, because we don’t want to fuck them (including the lesbians) and their coy twitter tactics don’t work on us. but the best part of all this is that despite all that, they’re still posting here, so are their friends, and they’re all constantly replying to each other like zoo animals trying to drag each other down and lift themselves up into the spotlight once more. i’ve never seen a thread like it, you’d think people who pride themselves in supposedly being so important and famous would be above whiteknighting themselves and compulsively checking their lolcow tab.

No. 1620654

Exactly. This site is not only not unique, it’s mundane. Everything said itt is also said on twitter, except here these people themselves get to have a part in it but pretend they’re above it. Anything critical of them and their defenses of rapists is just demonic it seems! It also goes without saying that this is a church service compared to what they’d say about the women, Jews, and troons discussed itt on their beloved 4chan they’ve never actually used. Although I remember Dasha obsessively posting screenshots from 4chan archives in 2019 because she kept namesearching, lmao.

No. 1620655

you wish

No. 1620658

Do you really think someone who’s explicitly admitted to posting about themselves for three years has actually fully stopped?

No. 1620660

Just listened. She didn't say three years

No. 1620667

The threads started in 2019 and she said she stopped posting last year. That makes three years, whiteknight-chan.

No. 1620668

Samefag, my bad, it’s 2020. Two years of self posting instead of three, what a huge difference!

No. 1620703

Did she say she's been posting here since the inception of this thread or did you extrapolate that from nothing.

No. 1620741

File: 1660990213911.jpg (141.86 KB, 972x512, Screenshot_20220820-115031.jpg)

everyone in this cringe group is a fucking joke. The manlet failson pajeet also posting about muh beauty like the sole posting of his horrendously ugly face isn't the reason why people distanced themselves from it, nevermind the pedophilia grooming

No. 1620757

>>1620741 is rohit associated with these people? iirc dasha and anna thought miladies were female owned, they talk about it in the sam frank episode. was wondering why they played it off ironically discussing whether milady was normalizing pedophilia for being a neochibi doll while sam frank was shilling it, no way they're that oblivious when so much was coming out about how it actually had to do with the CEO's posts involving racism, fetishizing anorexia and teenagers and grooming going on in his circle. whether they are both the type to excuse that sort of shit as performance art or were actually that misinformed

No. 1620801

actually frightening

No. 1620809

> whether they are both the type to excuse that sort of shit as performance art or were actually that misinformed
Definitely the former but maybe the latter as well lol

No. 1620819

The kaliacc weirdos have nothing to do with this thread, scarethots got into the astroturfed Milady thing for like a week back in May before moving on. They already destroyed the e-girl thread with their desperate attention whoring self-promo and now they’re trying to destroy this one. And dumb summerfag anons saying “TeLL mE MoRe” are just helping them do so, since their exploits are already exhaustively chronicled on the other thread and they’re just reposting their own shit memes here now.

No. 1620822

very defensive of dasha, lmao, there is 0 reason to believe she hasn’t been here since they all first caught wind of the thread shortly after it got posted, and plenty of reasons to believe she has been. hi cow

No. 1620868

Dasha and roommate Leia framed that black girl last year by pretending she posted on here. Dasha has been self posting on here since she found the thread, just like every other cluster bee cow on this forum

No. 1620886

for nonnies who didn't listen dasha specifically said she used to post things like "not to whiteknight dasha, but she actually looks really pretty in this pic" which is equal parts pathetic and hilarious. i find dasha's willingness to cop to such sad behavior her one charming trait, but it's telling that it's the comments on her looks that bothered her when every thread nonnas critique her narcissism, criminality, lack of talent, mocking rape and abuse victims, and everything else shitty about her. all that's fine, just don't notice her crooked skull you guys, it's "lidurally demonic" to not find dasha attractive!

other miscellaneous milk: dasha now admits she "accepts the sedevacantist position, but doesn't talk about it" because she decided "it's sinful to make people doubt their simple faith." love a bitch who converted last week and thinks she knows all the esoteric secrets of catholicism and condescends to the little old nonnas praying the rosary in the pews. also idk what she's talking about because she talks about sedevacantism constantly, she quite literally has not shut up about it since she learned the word during Lent

dasha also had a little sperg about crime in nyc: "why did they make it legal - can we make crime illegal again?" which is funny until you remember she's a compulsive criminal and was defending her shoplifting as "fine if u steal from corporations" until very recently. oh and the illegal drugs and credit card fraud lmao…

No. 1620900

Sage but this person got ran off tumblr for grooming/sexting underage FTMs about his doll fetish LOL their url was memeufacturing

No. 1620902

I assumed thiel was paying her to talk about crime the way she does, it’s bizarre. Honestly one of the most annoying new character traits since she pivoted to the right

No. 1620907

does the caleb maupin mommy dom sexpest revelation belong in this thread bc of his affiliation with aimee

No. 1620908

sure, go for it.

No. 1620911

Crime is bad there and in many other cities now, no one has to pay them to talk about it. Some people are just afraid to because for fear of racism allegations

No. 1620912

>I'm not like the other Catholics!
That's the entire scene in a nutshell right now. What she and the others do is really insulting to people who've lived their entire lives as Catholics, have had it shape their life and affect their outlooks, philosophy, etc.

No. 1620920

File: 1661016172662.png (1 MB, 1282x1272, themaupinflop.png)

highlights from a truly tldr article https://medium.com/@cpimembersspeakout/caleb-maupins-former-comrades-speak-out-his-abuses-must-stop-4167bc1c2c
>caleb maupin ran a "communist" think tank cult of dumb teenagers in nyc called cpi>>1620907
>maupin paid for weekly dominatrix services with his wife's permission
>paid a heroin addict he kicked out of cpi to spank him
>maupin advocated a patriotic socialism that emphasized traditional family values
>he has at least three female accusers

No. 1620930

lol at Tara Reade attaching herself to this shitshow. grifters gonna grift.

No. 1620945

i wonder why a woman who was sexually assaulted by the current president, then chewed up and spat out by liberals and metoo might have some weird fucking views lmao. i really hope ur a scrote if ur enough of a piece of shit to single out the one person in this thread who absolutely deserves to have whatever weird politics she wants and should be left alone

No. 1620958

orrrr she was making the whole thing up and being cynically used by the Bernie people to hurt the Biden campaign? Tons of inconsistencies in her story.

No. 1620960

Shut up no one cares about this stale shit

No. 1620973

I listened to about an hour of it and it was not bad. Basically like Red Scare but replace Anna with a troon.

Dasha talks about wanting to inject progesterone. Apparently some of her ovarian cysts exploded and she had to go to the hospital. She's talked about having PCOS before. Effects of Chernobyl? I genuinely wish her good health. I'm all for making fun of her but we shouldn't cross the line into a-logging.

They talk a bit about Adderall.

Most of the rest that I listened to was about Catholicism. At one point Pariah wants to pray with Dasha but Dasha doesn't feel comfortable. Dasha says she has accepted the Sedevacantist view. As a Christian myself, I was moved when they had the other Byzantine Catholic guy talk about Fulton Sheen and about Jesus' last words "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" in that it was humanity's ignorance that saved them, if they knew they were killing the God's son and went ahead with it anyway they would be doomed.

I stopped listening after they brought on that lawyer guy with diarrhea.

No. 1620989

File: 1661022997268.png (617.96 KB, 750x827, cope.png)

We've reached full cope

No. 1620990

Will Dasha ever realize that she's a protestant?

No. 1620992

The pcos is karma for stealing honor’s ugly boyfriend and all of her other wrongdoings

No. 1621000

ya her mom called into CNN like 30 years ago because they’re clairvoyant and knew bernie sanders would run for president, go back and stop trying to derail to shit on her and toesuck joe fucking biden of all people you loser lmao

No. 1621001

not to blogpost but you can have cysts on your ovaries and even have one explode and not have PCOS, the exact same thing happened to me. I got a a weird pointy pain in my side but not horrible or anything, gyno did an ultrasound and told me the cyst exploded but basically everything was fine, it will go away and I can go home. I'm not saying she's lying, I'm not a doctor, but she doesn't seem to fit any of the other symptoms of PCOS and what she described could 100% be normal, and also this is histrionic BPDchan Dasha. Either way having a healthy diet of complex carbs/veggies/meat/drinking water helps a lot of ovarian cysts of any variation and their effect on female health, that what's she should try first, not inject herself with HRT like a fucking troon/60+ year old woman

No. 1621005

progesterone is a standard treatment for pcos lmao, if we’re just sperging over people going to the doctor now this thread rly is dead, litchrally the least milky thing abt her

No. 1621011

a decade + long chronically malnutrition alcoholic and pill popper who cycles between starvation and junk food can def try to make her lifestyle less fucked and see what happens before going the route to standard medical care

No. 1621012

Not to wk, but the Dasha hatred is really getting out of hand lately. That deformed drawing anon made up thread is so cruel and now y'all are saying she deserves ovarian cysts??? Deranged.

No. 1621015

File: 1661024759388.png (28.01 KB, 719x211, lololololololol.png)

Actually, it's your own close friends and you will never ever guess who no matter how much syntax analysis you do

No. 1621025

why are you posting to lolcow like you're dasha defending herself to say she's not posting to lolcow

you're still here? and STILL hasn't learned to press enter after the quoted post? i can't believe the mods are continuing to let you run around

No. 1621028

dear god nonnies i know a girl who was involved with this guy and his group in 2017. he’s a literal sped and total sex pest, so are most of the men who’ve been associated with him.

No. 1621029

Dasha is by far the most high profile person who’s admitted to using the site, mods should do a post reveal

No. 1621032

taking progesterone is a trend for right wing diet freaks right now because of ray peat, they think it keeps your thyroid super active which they claim is inherently good for you, because they think hyperthyroidism doesn’t exist and is just hypothyroidism in disguise. lol. peat is a wackjob dietician worshipped by anti seed oil guys like bap and pariah the hon

No. 1621033

Who is that? This is such a weird vendetta post why are you ”close friends” with this person if you don’t like them?

No. 1621035

So she can dish it out on her podcast calling normal sized women fat and other things but can't take some comments about her hair

No. 1621036

wow i can’t believe a site that meant to be entirely female doesn’t want men on it. so cruel, fuck those bitches ruining my fun!
reminder that most people who also use the non cow boards are in relationships or married

No. 1621037

I think it’s less about wanting men on it more about how those posters constantly derail every thread or pretend it’s a “radical feminist” imageboard, which is something a lot of anons find annoying

No. 1621040

t. someone who’s never set foot out of snow

No. 1621042

you're definitely one of those people who are here just for this thread

No. 1621043

I’ve been here since SR, why are you acting like there was not constant arguments about this everyday in /meta/ for years with endless threads getting locked/ a whole new board being made?

No. 1621046

>I’ve been here since SR
nothing to brag about

No. 1621058

File: 1661028215342.jpeg (507.45 KB, 1006x754, 63E77CD3-453B-4988-A6D5-F6E0B3…)

Last tweet ever from this account was not long before fake screenshot posted on here

No. 1621059

Sorry nonna, I missed the part about the screenshot being fake I thought it was actually her. How was it determined that it was fake?

No. 1621063

Bunch of ways, one which was jezebel writer had never used dark mode sc was done in

No. 1621064

if you mean the Jezebel writer/Dasha incident, the screenshot itself was real but was faked in the sense it wasn’t actually her account

No. 1621065

How do we know it was her roommate and not Dasha herself? She’s admitted to posting here and she posted the Jezebel writer screenshot on Twitter less than two mins after the post was made here

No. 1621066

are you new? Because anons have said far crueler things about Dasha’s looks than a silly traced drawing. Also
>y’all are saying she deserves ovarian cysts!!?
No “y’all” didn’t say that, one person did. I doubt many of us agree but it’s an anonymous image board, of course people say mean edgy shit here. Just admit you’re here to do the same thing and stop pearl clutching

No. 1621067

They were both in on it in a groupchat with a couple other cows. Like an anon said the screenshot was not faked but someone made their profile picture the picture of the jezebel writer to take a screenshot to frame her

No. 1621072

File: 1661029475005.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1778x1334, 59128FDB-A7F1-45D7-AC8F-7B47AD…)

AK was very quiet at the time and then never used her alt ( which could have been used to make the fake sc ) ever again

No. 1621073

board cultures change over time, sorry, but majority of the userbase makes solanas look like a lib.

No. 1621088

I mean not really, atleast solanas actually did something. I don’t think derailing gossip threads about internet personalities inbetween blogposts about your Nigel in /ot/ is really comparable

No. 1621091

Anna was really serving cunt here. It's a mystery why she rocked that disgusting mullet for as long as she did.

No. 1621112

Nlog mullet

No. 1621149

This rootless slag has a critique of muh dernity? Sure she's "nice" in person, she told sweaty Caron Fatagan he looked good. Oh I see this is old. I'd rather sweep floors than be some soulless striver cultural critic and have to mingle with assholes like this, it's more dignified

No. 1621150

totally unlistenable. person sounds like every flyover state neet with cystic acne that calls into the red scare love lines……it's kinda repugnant and depressing

No. 1621155

They sound like a garden variety religious larping troon to me.

No. 1621167

Same thing, nonnie.

No. 1621186

File: 1661036831410.png (537.78 KB, 751x574, Screenshot 2022-01-13 144936.p…)

i love transphobia. i love being transphobic.

No. 1621187

what do they say about adderall

No. 1621200

File: 1661037291398.png (212.21 KB, 882x676, lololololol.png)

Cause it's funny to watch troons have meltdowns.

No. 1621208

File: 1661037918779.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1134x1999, 5B3BAA83-8D3D-4994-8684-AE3877…)

this got 7 times as many likes as the selfie post itself

No. 1621212

why does literally every single person who pretends to be above this thread check it every single hour LMFAO, fuck.

No. 1621214

File: 1661038447531.png (36.44 KB, 874x198, purgethewrongthink.png)

To master bait us of course.

No. 1621221

an exhibitionist troon who master baits for attention, what a surprise, who would've thought.

No. 1621226

Still melting down of course. Pro tip: no one who regularly comes here admits to it on Twitter. Only the narcs browsing this thread to see posts about themselves do.

No. 1621228

this kind of insult doesn't work against tradcaths, they worship the Habsburgs lol

No. 1621232

I was waiting for someone to post this sperging. Not relevant to this scene though so maybe post in the mtf cows instead. He's pretty milky otherwise.

No. 1621233

And yet they worship “beauty” and delude themselves into thinking they’re part of that. No one is comparing Dasha to Cath royalty, nonna, they’re calling her ugly and deformed.

No. 1621237

I know this counts vendettaposting. Just wanted to remind some people monitoring this thread that many of the posters here are in multiple group chats with them and they don't even know it.

No. 1621238

Pariah says he's been up 28 hours due to it and that's why his voice sounds sultry. Dasha talked about it a bit but I don't remember what she said. Someone then joined in and said that Adderall was really messing her up so one of them, can't remember which, said "have you tried Vyvanse?" and that person said it messes them up even more.

No. 1621242

enough random twitter train knee posting, no1curr

No. 1621247

Alright I thought it was relevant cause he was melting down over this thread. I'm sure he isn't the only one. I have some milky DMs from him but I can save them for a more relevant thread.

No. 1621251

everyone already knows it's some exhibitionist troon. no need to post photos of its nudes. it's a nobody.

No. 1621253

She does talk about how she grows more than average facial hair which she attributes to being a Slav. It could be due to PCOS.

No. 1621260

NTA but why would you ever post any "milky DMs" from anyone. Isn't that just revealing yourself

No. 1621265

Because GCs exist. And I already said he would never suspect a "close friend" like me. Lots of those GCs are milky as fuck but the people involved are only periphery to this scene. Maybe we need a Twitter general.

No. 1621274

File: 1661042946018.png (128.58 KB, 1188x238, FAS.png)

No. 1621276

her Fetal Alcohol Slay

No. 1621277

i actually hate that this thread is infested with the kind of people who are tight with the cows. i miss the early threads when it was still mostly regulars. why post about someone here instead of just cutting them off?

No. 1621285

Because your lives are already enmeshed together due to close mutual friends you actually like. And because it's funny to see someone get paranoid and talk about purging and deactivating for the same things they do to other people in their GCs.

No. 1621298

Hi Dasha! I really hate your guts, but I hope you don't have PCOS or at least overcome it.

No. 1621300

It's good if it means more gc leaks

No. 1621309

Nonna, can you vendetta post elsewhere? No one cares and it’s not relevant.

No. 1621310

File: 1661047273246.png (22.39 KB, 332x71, IW.png)

No. 1621313

This is the leftcows thread. Try tumblr or Twitter if you wanna rant about your random personal drama

No. 1621328

i care. i wouldn't mind a few new characters. some of the old ones got stale.

No. 1621333

Ok who the hell is this Ray Peat guy and why is Dasha making his diet her new personality?

No. 1621345

learn to sage plz

No. 1621356

Cruelty? Do you really think she’s affected by jokes about her face? If she didn’t like negative attention she would never have pursued a contrarian podcast.
My little drawing is hardly the first time anyone has made a joke out of her appearance. Where was this outrage when I made the FAS meme?

No. 1621372

File: 1661057574675.jpeg (102.03 KB, 1080x1007, moppin.jpeg)

No. 1621375

honest question: how does being spanked as a child correlate to being a sex pest degenerate?

No. 1621385

File: 1661058650505.jpeg (192.27 KB, 1170x1047, 7B522B59-A975-4364-8727-5BE92A…)

seeing this 38 yr old looking hon fail as a social climber is hilarious

No. 1621403

it wouldn’t hurt dasha to wear a little blush and some color on her lips. it would make her pale and lifeless complexion look a little human. either that or she should go back to brunette because the blonde really washes her out and ages her a lot.

No. 1621407

Holy shit is she okay

No. 1621422

That crucifix necklace is draining her of her lifeforce.

I know I'm late but when did Dasha stop dating that EDM producer moid? feel like I completely missed that

No. 1621439

Last November they openly broke up, so probably a little bit before then.

No. 1621450

Wow I'm out of the loop, I guess I'm doing something right

No. 1621487

Dasha posting in her own thread again? Must be a day ending in a Y

No. 1621500

Laughing imagining that Pariah troon going to confessional and repenting for doing cocaine and rubbing shoulders with greasy fags for vanity and clout

No. 1621559

File: 1661085698372.png (37.16 KB, 751x293, L.png)

Katya Delaney really doesn't like that we know her name!

No. 1621572

I doubt any of these self proclaimed “Catholics” go to confession. It would be require humility, which the majority of these people lack. It’s only for clout, they obviously do not practice what they preach.

No. 1621615

File: 1661093462965.jpg (170.85 KB, 1080x1349, unknown_300316655_108233995599…)

No. 1621627

Nick's height is the milk that keeps on giving.

No. 1621628

File: 1661095287806.jpeg (3.85 MB, 4096x2731, FaNfXx9WAAsAuK8.jpeg)

Nice try, dude

No. 1621633

He genuinely looks scary I really can not understand what people see. I would cross the street if I saw this man walking towards me.

No. 1621637

These have to be self posts who cares about this boring 2 like tweet. Nothing posted about Pariah has been remotely interesting even bimbo was more milky.

No. 1621639

Props to him for managing to nail the looks of a beaten down middle aged Jewish woman.

No. 1621640

how tall is nick

No. 1621642

No. 1621644

half his posts are about being an ~anorexic brandy melville waif self punisher masochiste~ but he’s lumpy like the rest of the wannarexic scarethots

No. 1621645

No. 1621649

The guy on the left is 5'5 and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 1621659

Is this photoshopped? He looks so comically tiny

No. 1621660

I don’t know if I would have even recognised him in this pic if I’d seen it posted somewhere other than here, he looks like a 45 year old disgraced former street dancing teacher at a leisure centre for disadvantaged youths or something. Also is his eye still infected or were they always asymmetrical?

No. 1621680

Well are you really consumed by an eating disorder if you don’t post about it every day to reinforce it as part of your brand

No. 1621683

File: 1661100195067.png (651.11 KB, 640x1136, 4E039D57-09E5-4FA2-89C6-FD4695…)

Dasha's in Croatia…
Shooting another movie?

No. 1621692

Just gave me the ick like I’ve never felt before
They’ve always been asymmetrical

No. 1621693

the fucking mayhem shirt

No. 1621695

I would like to formally announce that I can no longer save him

No. 1621741

he's not

No. 1621764

i was at the show and can confirm that he’s no taller than 5’3”

No. 1621772

File: 1661106807726.jpeg (307.39 KB, 1508x2010, DA09DA36-7A79-4632-BEAB-0EE39A…)

Typical podcaster physiognomy

No. 1621782

Lmao it really looks a man dressed him. Matching statement glasses, earrings, multiple necklaces in different finishes, dress with puff sleeves and high contrast pattern and square neckline. It’s too much.

No. 1621790

She’s just on vacation with her creepy zoomer bf. He’s probably making her pay for everything.

No. 1621793

picking the whitest country on earth for vacation is funny from them

No. 1621804

I was there too and got a picture with him. I’m 5’2 and he’s definitely at least 3-4 inches taller than me.

No. 1621806

i’m sorry but the guy on the left is so fine minus the 2019 cringe vibes shirt

No. 1621810

Don't get why everyone's so shocked/surprised why a 5'5 man looks rather small next to slightly above average tall man

No. 1621811

i assumed she was with the zoomer cos he makes almost half a million a year, or so said honor on that live stream with lucian smith

No. 1621823

do troons ever feel bad about trying to take tall women down with them or

No. 1621833

>That deformed drawing anon made up thread is so cruel
It was literally traced over her face

No. 1621834

ofc not, trannies hate women

No. 1621836

autism and male sexuality are two things that don't go together

No. 1621840

Pretty sure he’s a trust fund kid too. Why would Dasha date someone poor?

No. 1621841

Does anyone know if Aimee kicked the twitter addiction for good? She talked about going back to law school during her last ban. This one is permanent with no return.

No. 1621846

I thought she already had a law degree but couldn't keep a job because of severe ADHD

No. 1621850

File: 1661113419051.jpeg (17.26 KB, 465x422, 08843d8c5c964837d394b650b9b28e…)

No. 1621867

nick stans in shambles

No. 1621871

File: 1661114648763.png (644.27 KB, 640x1136, 10BCA80F-DC07-4307-9A97-2FEE4D…)

Not to wk but I think Matthew's a cutie patootie tbh. A lil Serge Gainsbourg. Dasha finally found love at the end of the rainbow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1621875

>not to wk

No. 1621876

serge gainsbourg is considered one of the ugliest men to ever be in the public eye, and they treat each other like shit

No. 1621878

kek she never should have admitted that, now she has to find another phrase to use before she whiteknights herself on lolcow.

No. 1621885

the absolute state of this thread. we have literal cumtown fangirls among us
>I was there too and got a picture with him

No. 1621904

i think most people in this thread listen to cumtown or chapo or TA at least, why would you care/know anything about this scene at all otherwise? its not rly that interesting unless you have some prior knowledge of who these people are

No. 1621909

Jesus he looks extra rough here what the hell

No. 1621911

dial it back nona

No. 1621912

File: 1661117413046.jpeg (178.78 KB, 794x1200, 29D9045C-2348-4AFD-9AF6-48AD53…)

No. 1621913

File: 1661117456736.jpeg (130.9 KB, 948x710, 1AE6C011-4FBF-4F21-A7DD-318358…)

No. 1621915

File: 1661117497081.png (493.35 KB, 526x598, 006FD465-1DB4-4DDF-BC51-50AD39…)

Bump for gore

No. 1621918

Gainsbourg looks like an anti-semitic caricature, that's not a compliment Dasha. I agree Matthew looks better in profile, but not by much.

No. 1621921

Please don’t slander beaten down middle aged Jewish women like this nonna

No. 1621924

that's what makes it so funny. every single one of these fly-by-night caths is a total degen that can't be arsed to keep up appearances 90% of the time

No. 1621926

Lol I can’t tell if this is Dasha or a malicious nonna larping as Dasha, but I guess that’s the point

No. 1621929

It's Dasha with the double reverse psychology strategy. She's learning…

No. 1621931

It’s all /r/redscarepod posters I assume. I wish they would migrate to rschan.co instead

No. 1621940

he looks emaciated

No. 1621943

I wonder how much he weighs. If I ever met him I’d ask to pick him up for the pic

No. 1621945

if a nonnie admitted to seeing rs live and taking a pic with dashas the girlies in here would tear her apart kek

No. 1621960

>for the pic
sure thing sweetie

No. 1621962

Very true, for what reason other than peoples need for parasocial validation would you pay to see someone live who produces that content for free online and also take a photo with them, especially someone who isn’t talented or interesting to listen too, it’s really not like red scare is actually interesting anymore or profound in any way. Cum town is a difference demographic of listeners, but the girl in question is still a pick me for wanting a photo with mullen considering everyone knows he fucking hates the fans

No. 1621964

To be honest I have a hard time believing there are that many actual scarethots active in here other than the lurkers and selfposting cows.

It's mostly an ouroboros of nonnies accusing each other of being moids and cows. I'd put up money that the grand majority of users in this thread are undercover troons anyways

No. 1621966

“A cutie”
You could genuinely find a man looking like this in any of your local Best Buys, I passed 10 men on the street today who looked like this, the bar is so low for what these people consider cute cause every male in “dirtbag leftist” spaces looks like an anemic coomer who is addicted to hentai

No. 1621967

File: 1661121790810.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1737, 2122D75F-6C21-47EF-AF18-5BEDFD…)

No. 1621968

did Matt lose some weight or something? idk if it's just the aloha shirt but he looks weirdly skinny here

No. 1621970

I used to listen to the pod when I was in highschool during the dasha sailor socialist era, stopped listening because I didn’t want the opinion of a 30something with an eating disorder being put into my young brain, they really do come across as complaining hags who will call any woman fat that they don’t agree with. Not a very youthful disposition to me and it was enough to turn me off for good

No. 1621975

ominous menaker

No. 1621976

File: 1661122310542.png (437.45 KB, 800x844, jumpscare.png)


No. 1621980

Glad you dodged that bullet nonna. I'm amazed at how many teenagers are able to ignore the whole bitter, mean crone thing and convince themselves it's is something fresh and dangerous and worth building a personality around.

No. 1621986

love, it's not just the height. it's the disgusting face as well.

No. 1621988

Same nonna here, i also grew up in a small town organized religious environment, never something I bought into even as a kid and I though the glamorization of organized religion ( especially Catholicism ) very very funny and stupid considering how disconnected it is from reality, I think maybe more young Canadians have strong opinions against organized religion considering our terrible and very visual political history of using Christianity to indoctrinate indigenous people, generally we aren’t shielded from that information as kids

No. 1621990

this is a total nothingpost and i know that but something about them has fucked vibes, idk if its her or him or both of them but disaster looms here. quote this when it goes tits up

No. 1621991

she's slowly learning about all the things that were trendy among groypers 6 years ago

No. 1621992

File: 1661124311877.jpeg (105.25 KB, 300x300, F2CDBD5C-1581-4D74-83E3-5B9088…)

Imagine if Dasha or Matthew was attractive

No. 1621996

sure but how many of them are as (relatively) talented, famous, wealthy, and live an interesting life in show business? all of those things raise an average 4 man up to a fantasy-worthy 7

No. 1622003

florence needs a bigger chest for her square upper body to look good. will’s face looks botched but his body is good.

No. 1622007

Okay I'm convinced this is a nona trolling as Dasha, you're laying it on way too thick

No. 1622010

File: 1661124955697.jpeg (563.09 KB, 1125x1086, 12B7369B-5BF6-4BAB-B27B-820BD0…)

Relatively talented famous and wealthy???? Who are we talking about again? What talents and fame are we talking about? Being dasha adjacent does not add 3 points up on the hotness ranking you goon, this man is in OBSCURITY, so he gets no clout points added into his hotness ranking, even a guy like this at Best Buy isn’t going to be so delusional about his self worth like this, who are we even talking about again? I literally do not know this mans name and only know him as the coomer dasha is dating and seems to have a rocky relationship with

No. 1622012

>fantasy worthy seven

Cmon now… this is too much

No. 1622016

great bait

No. 1622022

It’s hilarious that Dasha has money and minor clout but this is the best looking younger guy she can attract because she’s busted and publicly messy

No. 1622035

honestly such a downgrade from Dan. what even happened between them? she got too lost in the sauce of the tradcath grift for his liking?

No. 1622037

Is it really that much of downgrade? I thought she said Dan could only get it up to porn.

No. 1622040

File: 1661129924378.jpeg (264.06 KB, 640x862, 5475F54E-993C-4667-8226-A33DD9…)

According to this Australian magazine, it's still up in the air whether or not Dasha's going to appear in Succession Season 4

No. 1622041

Troll was super effective

No. 1622042

File: 1661130005053.jpeg (176.22 KB, 640x680, 8F28BCCC-B091-4C49-9B70-E6B654…)

Also she's shooting something with Betsey in March? I think the interviewer thought her name was the name of the movie lol

No. 1622048

nonna this seems to be from last year, probably referring to the peter vack movie

No. 1622084

That’s pretty low for Dasha to reveal about OPN when she knows damn well she would have stayed with him for the clout and money forever if he would have had her. Anyway her current bf looks like he has the same problem - his low T body and facial features and empty dopamine-depleted eyes are all classic coomer characteristics - only without any money or fame to make up for it

No. 1622096

File: 1661134457610.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1242x2170, 0BF52E83-DCE2-40E1-A430-DB27F4…)

Liz’s new execution article is especially lurid and exploitative, the prisoner’s death was so bad and botched she got a TV appearance out of it

No. 1622102

blatantly pandering to the mommy fetish groypers with that caption, jesus, her kid isn’t even involved in the pic at all but she has to go and say “ur mom”

No. 1622104

this. almost all men lie about not watching porn, but even if they stop, you just know they’ve already watched so much that they’re broken forever in mind, dick, and soul. anyway there’s no way her bf doesn’t watch porn on the daily, if dasha was retarded enough to date a guy who watches porn in the first place she definitely would put up with the current one watching it as long as he doesn’t watch it when she’s in the room. trad retards are always the most cripplingly addicted to it though

No. 1622107

>cutie patootie
lol wtf are you 12? also he's ugly
>that beard

No. 1622109

I'd be genuinely impressed if she managed to make it through law school.

No. 1622110

I maintain that he looks like a young Al Pacino, but a dollar store version of him.

No. 1622112

Don't people here actually listen to RS? How else would you know what happened in episodes? Or is everything about Dasha here based solely on her twitter or insta?

No. 1622114

her kids are in the last slide but you’re not wrong

No. 1622116

There's something sad about her posing like this in front of her bookshelves

No. 1622123

Some people really don’t. I did but I stopped like 6 episodes ago; mlady shit drove me up the wall, the guests were so bad this year and I don’t know or care what they’re talking about anymore. Also they did the full turn to Conservative so that shitshow aspect feels kind of complete and I’m not interested in whatever they’re doing now

No. 1622129

How did you get "don't listen to red scare" from
>seeing rs live and taking a pic with dasha
And no I don't subject myself to the unintelligible grudge movie groaning vocal fry, they do plenty of milky shit outside the pod, which is barely discussed here anyway. Sometimes a selfless nonnie posts a summary tho

No. 1622130

Would she though? That would seem more like prime milk material.

No. 1622131

Not to wk but how is it that Mullen gets away with all the shit he constantly spews but Anna gets shat on for every minor transgression? "You're Chinese!" WTF

No. 1622134

No. 1622135

Yeah I meant >>1622130. I dunno what about admitting to taking a pic with Dasha would warrant being made fun off.

No. 1622138

Not in the Red Scare adjacent universe but Caleb Maupin seems like a left cow. Very milky. He is or was an employee of RT News. Face is so red probably because of communism. He heads the Centre for Political Innovation which wants to create "patriotic communism" in America, whatever that means. Recently an article on medium was published which claims that he is using his organization to "bottom from the top" and get young communist girls to spank him.



No. 1622140

File: 1661137550688.png (73.6 KB, 1490x246, 4567876578.png)

Anna is not funny and is a conservative. She and Sasha are just repeating Tucker points on crime and China now. And she's faking being Jewish.
What does this mean about FdB? They immediately blasted the Jones pictures on social media themselves.

No. 1622141

Does he get away with shit? His fanbase and well documented personality pretty much ensures he can never have a mainstream career (and thus no safe longevity in entertainment) and cost him millions in a commercial and job opportunities. Not to wk him though, cause he deserves that path he took.
Stav on the other hand seems to be on the way to getting away with it. Right on the cusp of mainstream celebrity despite echoing and encouraging the shit Nick says.

No. 1622142

File: 1661137858086.jpeg (194.75 KB, 1208x2048, wokemilkies.jpeg)

They're all the same, every single one of them

No. 1622144


No. 1622155

He’s a nutjob and I’ve known people involved in his dumb orgs. They’re all very autistic, including Maupin himself. Milky but predictable because it’s all just a bunch of aspie ML larpers on repeat. I was in a group chat with Maupin from 2016 to 2017 and it was always very awkward, they’re all openly “socially conservative” and just tankie versions of the Thielbucks crowd. Probably not for this thread though.

No. 1622170

I wonder if the second movie isn’t being made bc she can’t do it alone. I’ve heard rumblings that Maddie and the cinematographer directed it alongside Dasha and they’re annoyed that Dasha takes all the credit. Supposedly the cinematographer doesn’t want to work with her again, I wonder if that’s an issue with financing.

No. 1622171

Slightly OT but Walter Pearce def fits this profile and I feel bad for that weird gremlin girl he married and moved upstate.

No. 1622194

I need more milk on that Sierra girl's aging hipster bf. also isn't she like barely 20?

No. 1622198

No. 1622201

because women are held to a higher standard then men are. because women and men love men and women and men both hate women.

No. 1622202

There are lots of men and women who hate Nick. There are men and women who simp Anna. Get off your high horse.

No. 1622203

last thread was all nick simps

No. 1622206

You think every thread is Nick simps.

No. 1622207

as far as getting away with it goes, there's a solid chance that neither nick nor stav live to see the end of the 2020s

No. 1622210

It's so funny that he used to be a queerbaiting androgyne working with the likes of Women's History Museum and Eckhaus Latta before he decided to rebrand to scuffed Jack Donoghue

No. 1622213

typical racist nyc trustfund kid trajectory

No. 1622220

walter literally sounds like he has downs syndrome

No. 1622221

File: 1661147787117.png (1.2 MB, 1102x1214, lol.png)


No. 1622230

No. 1622239

But that's not America.(sage)

No. 1622249

they hit him with the manlet ray

No. 1622250

Anna is not faking being jewish, he father was a jew and shes married to a jew.

No. 1622258

He wishes

No. 1622260

his face looks so sunken in. it’s like he’s seen the horrors of war. thousand yard stare

No. 1622302

It was published a month ago?

No. 1622326

No. 1622393

>Jewish dad
>gentile mom
She’s not a jew

No. 1622395

this is true but also he's just less visible in general and talks less to the public. admittedly i don't follow him very closely but i've never seen him address or respond to 'the haters' the way A+D do. addressing and responding to their public perception can go a long way in making someone a lolcow as opposed to just a trainwreck, it creates and strengthens that sweet parasocial relationship pardon the buzzword

No. 1622398

>gentile mother
Not a Jew. Fathers mean nothing

No. 1622406

File: 1661178398757.png (122.37 KB, 1198x334, 1660057223773.png)

Anna admitted it's just her maternal grandfather that's Jewish. She wasn't raised Jewish and only started saying her mom was Jewish a few years before the podcast started.
From the last thread >>1611180

No. 1622412

File: 1661178826363.png (197.63 KB, 360x696, uninvolved.png)

kath dee weighs in on movement she's definitely not involved with. does she and crumps really believe that?

No. 1622425

Anna isn’t married to anyone kek

No. 1622433

Her and Eli got married in a registry office.

No. 1622447

Just wondering when did she say her and Eli got married?

No. 1622448

I don't think she's wrong about this (although "just a neutral observer" lol.) Scenesters and socialites flirting with the right because it's edgy and transgressive are always going to run up against the reality that actual unironic right wingers still hate them for being rich gay Jews. Although like >>1620154 said, that's not incompatible with those same rightists being powerless losers in real life offline spaces.

No. 1622459

Average Cum Town fan

No. 1622473

"as a neutral observer, 100% uninvolved, here's that I think the fascist online youth should be doing in order to win at culture at politics, something that I definitely don't have any investment in and don't care either way whether they're successful at it or not"
who is she fooling with this disinterested objective observer bullshit

No. 1622480

anyway the "art right," if that's what we're calling it now, has been pretty successful at derailing, splintering, and demoralizing what remains of the Bernie youth left. I feel like the primary purpose of this particular Thiel project was always to convert/depoliticize leftists, not necessarily to elevate the alt-right hobbits who predated this scene into the culture at large.

No. 1622506

nick is a somethingawful veteran and is an old hand at posting. A+D stand out because they are so incompetent at selfposting.

No. 1622509

>nick is a somethingawful veteran
nick never used SA

No. 1622510

nta but in the brief period i actually listened to cum town in 2018 i distinctly remember nick talking about SA more than anyone who hadn’t used the site reasonably would, has he actually said he’s never used it?

No. 1622511

yes he did, he got his start there along with chapo when they all moved to weird twitter. he was also very active in his own reddit.

No. 1622513

Nick knew the SA guys from weird twitter not SA itself. Also felix was the only chapo member who was on SA but he claimed he only lurked.

No. 1622514

yeah, old “weird twitter” was directly stemming from SA goons moving off site and nick was a part of that (along with chapos). i’m surprised this hasn’t been discussed more to be honest

No. 1622516

Probably because it isn't true lol

No. 1622517

Virgil was a goon too

No. 1622518

On the latest Red Scare

Anna talks about how she was sitting on the street smoking a cigarette and some random guy struck up a conversation then bent down and put her entire toe in his mouth. She said she froze. I suppose different people react differently in that situation, my reaction would be to kick the guy in the face.

Dasha talks about her pro-free bleeding views. She will free bleed into a pair of bike shorts one day out of her menstrual cycle. She believes tampons have toxic chemicals.

They talk about Ray Peat. Dasha says she's fallen in love with his ideas especially the carrot salad to reduce estrogen.

She then talks about her medical incident. She had a cyst the size of a tennis ball burst. Because of her high pain tolerance and Russian-ness she didn't get medical help right away but went to her doctor days later when the pain had somewhat subsided. The doctor told her to go to emergency. They also go into a conversation about whether men should be gynecologists.

No. 1622520

Nick is more of a 4chan guy. Dasha and Anna are very much edgy tumblr girls. Chapo guys are probably the most SA adjacent.

No. 1622522

>Nick is more of a 4chan guy
no he is not. he wishes. i distinctly remember him trying to make a 4chan joke but not knowing the board he wanted to reference is /r9k/ and called it the "lookism board"

No. 1622524

I'm not saying they're actual users nonnie. I'm just saying what their vibe is. Cum Town attracts incels. Red Scare, edgy arthoes. Chapo, pretentious nerds.

No. 1622525

but you are replying to a nonnie saying he was a sa poster which is true

No. 1622529

She referred to herself as married on the latest episode when she was telling the story about the guy putting her toe in his mouth. Dasha also says her cyst burst at that ball so everyone here who said she looked like she was dying in that picture was basically right.

No. 1622532

i don't believe that for a second, he lifted everything he knows about "comedy writing" from somethingawful, everyone did.

No. 1622534

oldheads know the truth zoomer

No. 1622535

never thought i’d say this but i feel bad for dasha, that sucks, but as i’m writing this my sympathy is dwindling because why the fuck would she stay just to social climb when in excruciating pain during a medical emergency? i cannot imagine being that vain and obsessed with trying to get on up in the world, like ever, and it results in nothing but more embarrassment for her. also lmao at not just using pads or period panties instead of tampons. the peat diet is so passé and silly too, jesus christ.

No. 1622536

>Dasha pro-bleeding
For a newly aligned conservative, that's a very hippie new age mom of her to be.
Other than that, its pretty stupid for her not to go to a doctor after feeling that cyst burst. She can't take people online shitting on her but she can take a couple of days of intense pain. Girl needs her priorities straight.

No. 1622537

please stop posting your scrote "feelings" and wishes.

No. 1622538

Ok tards so what was his username?

No. 1622539

>nick is more of a 4chan guy
you’re revealing your age and bias here. 4chan was literally created because of somethingawful. old 4chan humor is literally just goon humor

No. 1622545

>scrote "feelings" and wishes
You alright? What about that is "feelings" and wishes lol?

No. 1622548

There's a connection but there's a distinct different identity. 4chan is more shock humor while SA is more sarcasm. Anyways, this is just autistic talk you'd find on reddit.

No. 1622549

File: 1661189001204.jpeg (577.13 KB, 665x1826, 780341BB-0847-4E70-95A5-507812…)

4chan was literally an offshoot of SA after moot consulted the goons about developing a site as an alternative for banned users and people who wanted less rules and no registration

No. 1622550

go back to reddit

No. 1622552

hentai was banned from somethingawful so moot made 4chan for a more degenerate slice of the userbase

No. 1622553

not just any hentai, it happened because of loli specifically lmao

No. 1622568

that's not how genetics work retard

No. 1622569

File: 1661190799344.png (102.73 KB, 651x416, itsover.png)

One of the leftcaths wrote a scathing takedown of Dasha's Catholicism larp in National Review

No. 1622570

begone, unsaged jew obsessed scrote

No. 1622575

Everyone in the leftcow thread gangsta til you ask to see some receipts

No. 1622582

fuck do we know. he used to talk about it on cumtown

No. 1622584

she looks unwell in those photos. I mean that in the most matter of fact way, not to be like lol ugly cashew or whatever. in the last year or so she looks really unwell sometimes (e.g. >>1614374 ) and basically fine other times (e.g. >>1617907 ) and it's weird. I know I'm not the first to say that but it's getting more striking lately in my opinion.

are we sure matthew hasn't been slowly poisoning her since they started dating? (kidding)

I don't care why and don't want to medfag, just commenting on it

No. 1622585

this reads as a tad salty tbh. the problem the leftcaths and other intellectual online catholics have with the art-right's newfound religion is primarily that it exposes their own weak beliefs and political compromises. one can assume that the dimes square catholics are unconsciously performing anna's favorite concept of "stiob,"ironic overidentification. for example, when the leftcath ponders abortion, he thinks "ew, i don't like it, but i don't want to be too harsh about it and i don't like the cultural outlook of most of the pro-life crowd so i'm just not going to think about it." but when the dimes square catholic ponders it, he thinks "abortion is an evil sin and it's a good thing that roe v. wade was overturned." and so on for all the other social/cultural issues. the dimes square catholics may be inauthentic, but they are performing the religion in its purest, least contradictory form. that's what makes them so doubly reprehensible.

No. 1622587

kek this has to be bait XD he's beyond hideous but he has these self-hating dimes square girls dick-whipped in a way no one ever thought possible. honor levy seems forever damaged by that relationship and dasha dating a zoomer and rounding out the weird polycule between her, a balding d list director and a girl ten years her junior is beyond pathetic and sad

No. 1622597

dude who wrote this is clearly a total nerd but he's right on the money. her stances are so conspicuously rooted in an abstract reactionary traditionalism rather than a genuine reflection of her values it's painful to watch. anyone with a basic grasp on the history of catholicism could break her in a debate

No. 1622602

wow an opinion on dimes square catholic shit that gets to the point. thank you nona

No. 1622607

i can't care about these dimesquare caths because within a year tops it'll probably be a distant memory when they've all moved on to something else. the leftcaths you describe like liz are so much worse.

No. 1622614

>a normie centrist and just an observer

girl who are you trying to fool??

No. 1622641

File: 1661196683301.png (521.42 KB, 1062x1243, idk enough about politics.png)

she's so full of shit

No. 1622647

that's exactly what someone who brings up /r9k/ in everyday conversation would do

No. 1622654

but its not a lookism board

No. 1622656


No. 1622659

what is your point exactly

No. 1622660

The cyst story is similar to Nick Mullen's nasty eye infections. These cows seem to lack self-preservation.

No. 1622677

>jew obsessed
half the cows in this thread are jewish

No. 1622683

>but they are performing the religion in its purest, least contradictory form
begone retarded cow. being an edgy contrarian and ignoring the entire faith in its actually existing and practiced form along with all its existing practicing faithful in favor of ~following it to the letter in its purest form uwu~ is something only brainless vibes urbanites would consider a proper "performance" of religion. nice freudian slip with that verb btw kek

No. 1622688

>nice freudian slip with that verb btw kek
They literally could not be more obvious kek

No. 1622695

what's with the new nymphette reddit troon avatar? is she trying to be ironic?

No. 1622697

File: 1661200950279.png (5.26 MB, 2808x1016, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 4.37…)

Liz Bruenig's whole insta feed right now is screenshots of her media appearances promoting her article, in one case bizarrely juxtaposed with video of her daughters excitedly pointing and smiling because "mommy's on tv." obviously the kids' reaction is normal, but a) why would you let your kids watch you be interviewed about a gruesome botched execution including graphic descriptions of his injured body during autopsy, and b) stop making it so obvious that these peoples' deaths are just fodder for your narcissistic do-gooder brand. she's such a ghoul.

No. 1622699

File: 1661201083207.png (2.27 MB, 1018x1226, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 4.44…)

samefag and total nitpick but her selfies continue to terrify me, the giant chompers + inflamed gums + crazy eyes are giving "deviant art Ramona Quimby"

No. 1622701

It's very telling that the presumably 'normal' twitter Catholics still cape for her

No. 1622704

File: 1661201221881.jpeg (68.26 KB, 503x754, EA5D0FF3-2A00-4E28-9399-F32591…)

She’s like a pale version of this gnome-like creature. Something creepy about her face

No. 1622706

those greasy bangs are fucked up. her girlfriends, if she has any, need to intervene.

No. 1622707

all of the sudden every reactionary arthoe is a Dugin fan and geopolitics expert

No. 1622738

dugin is so 2016, why are they behind in literally everything, i know his daughter died but god damn lmao, no need to pretend to care about him for a week especially since i’m positive they had no idea who he was prior to this. they are truly the most contrived people

No. 1622741

just picking the long-bleached bones of half decade old Frogtwitter stuff per usual

No. 1622756

File: 1661205383490.png (2.38 MB, 1046x1306, bruenig.png)

lmfao nona the accuracy….down to liz's giant hobbit feet

No. 1622770

if you told me this was a troon, I’d believe you based on the hands, feet, and massive manly skull

No. 1622772

rejecting the authority of the Pope means not performing Roman Catholicism in any form, let alone “purest”

No. 1622809

File: 1661209351742.png (181.37 KB, 504x533, ta.png)

TrueAnon sold 750 records of their theme song in 5 hours, pretty impressive.

No. 1622847

Any milk on that yung Chomsky guy?

No. 1622857

i have intense 2nd hand embarassment from these posts

No. 1622865

nta but Nick was always extremely online. maybe he downplays it now but he was explaining Chris Chan to Stav in 2016.

bizarre to say he wasn't on 4chan, something awful, etc… next nona will say he doesn't use reddit unless someone posts his username. very strange way to think.

No. 1622869

you can't convince me that brace/liz/chomsky aren't literally pedophiles

No. 1622870

Why would you buy this

No. 1622871

that's not what we said, blind retard. he's not a 4chan guy, he's a sa guy. he, like every dirtbag leftist, is too scared of 4ch

No. 1622872

File: 1661214624703.png (44.78 KB, 614x419, jackmasonsocietyhatesmen.png)

Jack deleted this. He must be afraid of getting banned. I'm cool with Jack spending the rest of his life telling himself it's the eternal woman that held him back from ever doing anything

No. 1622874

Gaslighting is a fake and gay term when women use it. This is extra funny with the Donna Mills avatar

No. 1622878

File: 1661215245667.jpg (107.13 KB, 1024x576, andrew tate rape.jpg)

If you put yourself into a position to be murdered or taught by a female teacher, you must "bare" some responsibility

LOL Jack himself is trying to colonize the right for faggots and they're telling him loud and clear he's not welcome

No. 1622880

File: 1661215576408.jpg (135.73 KB, 640x1123, b6qwyv736bj91.jpg)

She looks fine

No. 1622882

powerful blur on the face there

No. 1622900

Paul Blart Fart Cop would be king of the world if it weren’t for those pesky women and their cookie platters

No. 1622913

ok. you're being so weird, nona. lmao

not really related but talking about 4chan made me remember that the beandad guy was admitting on his podcast to browsing /b/ not that long ago which is so funny to me because that's basically saying he was looking at child pornography. the things that guy admits to just blow me away. I wish there was a thread on him, but he would definitely find it and lose his mind.

No. 1622914

Scrotoids on life support because society got better at taming them. Every society at every point in history had to deal with the destructive force/problem that is (especially young) males, half the point of war is curbing them. We just got better at directing that energy into productive things, the labor of tamed scrotes and women gave us unprecedented wealth and quality of life, this is men operating at peak capacity. You're literally not being "colonized by parasites", you are colonizing others as we speak. Or, I guess, your country is. Not you, Jack, you are a podcaster. You are the fucking unproductive leech that the american empire can afford to sustain. Female teachers and girlbosses are keeping the wheels of the system that benefits you turning, show some fucking respect you jealous pederast.

No. 1622928

who are you talking to

No. 1622929

File: 1661218144023.png (1007.65 KB, 1058x1124, 65748398r748392.png)

Anna's selfie headshot lol. a house in CT isn't going o pay for itself.

No. 1622932

Go take your meds

No. 1622936

ew 4chan is that way

No. 1622938

cringe 4chan quippers and lorefags please i can assure you no one wants to talk about that website as much as you do

No. 1622941

Why would anyone be "Scared" of 4chan? Its a free to use anonymous board not much different from this. Why do you think the average moid, especially an extremely online one, wouldn't have ventured there? Are you caping for that website?

No. 1622943

File: 1661219005241.png (739.81 KB, 999x401, badgirlriri.png)

Ann Manov (@personality_grl, failed Moldbug gf) wrote about the Dimes Square fake Catholics. The scene is eating itself! The cringe became too much to bear.

No. 1622949

Who is anybody here talking to?

No. 1622951

i guess you missed the whole crumps saga wherein a bunch of moids tried to emulate anons but obviously didn't know what they were doing and missed the mark completely

No. 1622954

Why do we care about your autistic headcanon? Go back to r/cumtown or whatever its latest variant is- oh wait it just got banned, kek.

No. 1622955

She was yukking it up at the De Vere Ball just a week ago. I guess that really was the jumping the shark moment. Dimes Square is over.

No. 1622963

it’s for you, scrote

No. 1622965

NTA but you can be a cultureless newfag and not be 'afraid' of a website


No. 1622966

Looks uncanny like the head doesn’t match the body

No. 1622967


No. 1622969

I need honor to come in here and reveal her convoluted plot to pass the toxic urbit deal to dasha along with her toxic bf matthew lol

No. 1622970

File: 1661220323300.png (93.06 KB, 424x533, ouch.png)

Honor Levy on suicide watch

No. 1622985

shots fired

does honor market through semi nude photography? haven't really looked but I've never seen her do that. I assume that part is directed at someone else

No. 1622991

Is Ann Manov the one who dated the elderly bald man who recorded his screaming orgasm or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 1623002

No, that was her kek

No. 1623005

So being a teacher is "girlboss" now? Even before feminism women worked as teachers and governesses.

No. 1623017

absolutely cloutmogged kek

No. 1623020

lol at the rifle on the wall

No. 1623021

noticed that as well lol

No. 1623029

Maybe CIA assets but not pedophiles

No. 1623086

You know she insisted in the agreement/contract for this they include the comically fictitious "russian" reference that's oh so important to her

No. 1623123

funny, men seemed fine in the lecture format that they invented for thousands of years until women were allowed to attend and teach

No. 1623137

>child pornography
ntayrt but why are you twitter addicts so obsessed with the idea of 4chan without seemingly knowing anything about it? You can literally go look for yourself, it's nothing but legal porn and sad weebs.

No. 1623148

her body looks nice, face clearly edited from previous saggy basset hound but the gym treating this bitch well

No. 1623149

I have thought that maybe he wasn’t poisoning but shrinking and shriveling her a la Neil Patrick Harris in gone girl

No. 1623223

It's her parents' house. Matt and the kids are visiting them in Texas right now.

No. 1623234

File: 1661246613444.jpeg (267.27 KB, 640x877, 1CBB64D5-8B14-4938-B13A-309062…)

No. 1623291

File: 1661254266930.jpeg (856.11 KB, 1073x1230, 2363D9D0-E479-4CD4-A203-CFF885…)

You were wrong, Miladyfags arent going anywhere and they are associated, they are going to be at this Urbit event together that will be hosted by Anna. >>1619927 She has been interacting with this guy working for Remilia, the Milady picture being used suggests Miladyfags are the soon-to-be-announced guests and that's the presentation they'll be giving. As soon as the drama about the Milady CEO being a proana groomer died down theyre hosting them at these events

No. 1623301

Shut up you retarded ugly p-slur, no one cares.

No. 1623350

File: 1661261510658.png (146.78 KB, 1191x576, rw-courting.png)

the red scare rw pivot isn't going all that well considering pariah's universally despised, jack rejected by the wignats, and anna k is courting antisemites withi limited success. they've got the girls and gays and some future serial killer orbiters.

No. 1623358

>replyguying 0 pussy lovecraft
this is a low even for anna

No. 1623368

damn, Cenk interviewing Moldbug? How long until some MSNBC host brings him on to chat?

No. 1623406

those aren't even her books? lmao

No. 1623410

…she's by herself in Connecticut, it's just Matt and the kids on vacation.

No. 1623423

File: 1661268610753.jpeg (616.73 KB, 640x793, E0FF48A3-D431-40A9-BCB3-E1D740…)

Has anyone ever shilled a book for as long and as hard as Anna has for Bronze Age Mindset?

No. 1623444

oh ok, I thought liz was the person filming her kids & encouraging them to act excited she's on tv but I guess that was some other woman's voice

did she say they were in different cities on her podcast or on insta? kinda curious why she didn't go with them since her work is done remotely except when she's watching an execution

No. 1623445

that's a really unflattering photo

No. 1623457

>that was some other woman's voice
It was her mom. The baby addresses her as "nana."
>did she say they were in different cities on her podcast or on insta?
Mentioned on their last pod that Matt was going to Texas with the kids. Maybe she stayed behind to do that CNN interview? Or else she needed some alone-time with you-know-who…

No. 1623480

liz is a hillary clinton type and all her simps will turn on her the second she hits 40.

No. 1623494

when your father is so malignant and abusive that you drop your daughters off at his house alone for a week so you can go on CNN and bang the neighbor. just tradwife things!

No. 1623514

>how dare you bring up my father’s job being war related, we don’t speak and i haven’t known anything about him in years… we have NEVER been on good terms and i’ve never benefited from his being a defense contractor
>brb dropping my kids off at my dads house
oh liz

No. 1623528

oh god I forgot about her dad being a child abuser. dark.

No. 1623531

She was childhood friends with BAP, their fathers were colleagues

No. 1623533

hate to say it but it seems like she completely made up his being abusive to deflect from his job as a defense contractor and pretend she didn’t know about it or benefit from it, at least that’s the only time i’ve seen her eagerly bring it up lol

No. 1623541

File: 1661277422806.png (2.42 MB, 1740x1508, liz bruenig.png)

No. 1623549

you got these from where? if so, would explain a lot

No. 1623557

totally believable but I would also like some receipts

No. 1623559

what is this illiterate bitch standing in front of books for kek

No. 1623596

you think? I don't know, I believe it. she's duplicitous online but that seems like it would be going too far for her to make up and just to avoid seeming too close to her dad and his job

No. 1623609

she does talk about the abuse or whatever in that anonymous article in the cut so I buy it too

No. 1623632

File: 1661283194671.jpg (336.23 KB, 3058x1668, Fa3URUQXgAAArWU.jpg)

oh no

No. 1623637

i want to powerwash these bitches so bad

No. 1623649

moldbug x hasan stream when?

No. 1623655

Does he have curly hair or is it just unkempt? Wondering if he straightened in the one photo where he looks good in college

No. 1623664

File: 1661286411596.png (28.23 KB, 596x269, asukacatholic.png)

Great point nonna about Jack the lazy cold-cut scarfing consoomer, and as you said “full capacity” means sending young working class men to die pointlessly for the rich.

Jack likes to bitch about Catholicism but he sounds exactly like every boomercath pundit. They’re all unproductive leeches with FAKE JOBS. Yet they think if they could kick women out of public life they’d all be doing great things. Lol no

Repubs of course don’t want to pay teachers a family-supporting wage. They underfund the schools so they can use their poor performance to justify ending public education all together. So surprise surprise men don’t want the jobs. Then they complain when women do the unappreciated work themselves.

Unlike most of these cows, I don't think Jack is from a wealthy background. Leaving aside the homo stuff, if the crowd he wants to join with had their way he'd have never learned to read.

Forgive my blogposting, nonnas. I really detest people like this.

No. 1623667

File: 1661286597029.png (41.84 KB, 621x312, jack arts.png)

Not a big fan of the Church, but Catholics in America until recently punched above their weight in the arts for which Jack claims to offer a course.

Everyone’s conservative about what matters most to them, in Jack and Asuka’s cases sucking cock

No. 1623676

it’s definitely curly/wavy and he just doesn’t know how to take care of it properly. who’s gonna be the one to get moldbug on the curly girl method?

No. 1623700

this is written so oddly, go back weirdo

No. 1623706

im sure this is lost to the sands of time by now, but ages ago people on twitter were talking about how matt is punching up, and she told an anecdote about the time he came over and made “statements of intent” towards (iirc) her father when he was being abusive, plz correct me if im fudging the details bc this was a while ago

No. 1623713

>She was childhood friends with BAP, their fathers were colleagues
people just making shit up again for no reason lol
p.s. keep up the liz posting nonnas. that's always when these threads have been at their best.

No. 1623729

nowhere in america does there exist any "actually existing and practiced form" of catholicism that is not limp and reprehensible. like, we're not in fucking latin america where liberation theology is actually widespread, or in haiti where syncretic forms of catholicism exist. shut up

No. 1623762

waiting for the day they take the L and just start hanging out with Nick Fuentes

No. 1623774

Would that be much of a leap from who they're hanging out with now?

No. 1623779

I don’t think he would ever hang out with them, he is a closeted gay man and hates women

No. 1623790

no, but it’d require some degree of being honest with themselves

No. 1623801

the only reason Moldbug isn't considered a full-on nazi is because nobody can understand what he's saying most of the time

No. 1623834

File: 1661299080333.jpeg (74.04 KB, 495x588, 15E2F173-D17F-4C77-BF81-25BE2F…)

lmao, you’re right. he was already considered one years ago by the left e-intelligentsia, and like everything else these people cling to he was already passé by that point as well. every time i see moldbug i just see an older version of this pic of styxhexenhammer666 (a cow in his own right). the hype for nrx guys was long dead after the 2000s, in 2016-2018 there was a resurgence in popularity for nick land and the ccru, and some people started paying moldbug more attention alongside that, mostly to make fun of him for being the most obvious case of someone who was a nerd in high school trying to make his purely cerebral preoccupation with philosophy and far right politik into something more mysterious and cool. then i went years without hearing a word about him. why they’ve suddenly tried to resuscitate this middle aged nerdy has been with stale ideas from the old blogosphere days is beyond me. it must be a trip to operate on peter thiel time, he’ll be learning what fidget spinners are soon.

No. 1623835

samefag, but it’s worth noting that even when nrx reets became slightly popular again years ago, still almost no one actually liked moldbug. all the attention went to nick land and others. i can only imagine the reason moldbug has taken on this position is because people like land actually have a degree of self awareness and smarts to laugh at these idiots, but most importantly had/have good jobs, and the dignity that’d steer them away from the embarrassments of dimes square and thielbucks

No. 1623839

for someone who whines about it 24/4 jack, along with asukahomo and river are the chronically online and deluded Twitter users with a victim complex

caping for a scene that so clearly looks down on you is pathetic

No. 1623842

File: 1661299827524.jpeg (279.55 KB, 1170x673, FB8A0542-2591-409E-8EE5-A2E806…)

relevant tweet I saw that was an obvious dig at the hon, but still applicable to cows like jack. they want to be The Exception so bad to these people but never will be. they’ll always be laughed at

No. 1623844

File: 1661300016684.png (617.3 KB, 640x797, 1005l8inejj91.png)

LizB posting thirst traps while she's alone in CT lmao

No. 1623852

Is it weird I like this Liz better than the tradwife baking larp? I feel like the trolls made her snap and she’s in full villain mode now lol

No. 1623853

she’s still in the tradwife baking larp nonnie she just cut her split ends and looks like a teacher lmao

No. 1623859

Yes but the haircut combined with the “POV UR MOMMY IS ON TV” clout chasing is cracking me tf up

No. 1623861