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No. 1585072

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Some, like Dasha Nekrasova, have become TradCath LARPers.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

>Simp with rapist as his avi defend Dashas catholic larp

>>>/snow/1562752 >>>/snow/1567066
>Dasha and Liz B get into argument about the Pope
>>>/snow/1562857 >>/snow/1563147
>in a random fan discord Dasha reveals Liz B has had a boobjob because she was upset over the argument
>>>/snow/1581265 >>>/snow/1581267 >>>/snow/1581246
>Anna advocates for race purity
>>>/snow/1563101 >>>/snow/1563127
>Failsons Samememe and ZeroHPLovecraft whine about women with "fake email jobs"
>>>/snow/1563901 >>>/snow/1564031 >>>/snow/1564110 >>>/snow/1577457
>They have "fake email jobs"
>>>/snow/1564145 >>/snow/1568026
>Aimee denies homophobia because her old parents have gay friends, the perfume gays feel betrayed
>Katherine Dee complains about DNC shills while apparently being a n shill herself.
>>>/snow/1564483 >>>/snow/1564857
>This guys a twink I guess
>Aimees planning for babies!!
>Anon claims to know Aimee
>Katherine Dee whines about women not being okay with being objectified
>Liz's and her sugar daddy both have the same tendency to post ther kids(?) feet
>Dasha talks about how suprised she was Joan of Arc never got sexually assaulted (she did) and then apolagizes for it (not really)
>>>/snow/1566552 >>>/snow/1567509 >>>/snow/1567793
>Jacks horny for straight men, whats new?
>Then he gets into an argument with a bunch of conservative straight men who used to worship him because of drag queens I guess.
>>>/snow/1569302 >>>/snow/1566737 >>>/snow/1574037 >>>/snow/1576568 >>/snow/>1577051
>Aimee posts a facebook boomer meme, gets very giddy over the engagments.
>Dasha has a weird history with wellbutrin
>>>/snow/1568046 >>>/snow/1568102 >>>/snow/1574905 >>>/snow/1575785
>Annies a boring pickme, same as always.
>Jack QUITS Macdonalds over it being the color gray now
>Dasha wants to be a nun in Minsk
>Honor levy get out!!!
>Dasha's civil war movie is probably gonna be defending slaveowners
>>>/snow/1569689 >>>1574031
>Liz has to use a browser extension to keep herself from namesearching
>Aimee crys about abortion
>>>/snow/1570396 >>>/snow/1571536
>Aimee denies that survival prostitues exist, showing how privileged she really is.
>>>/snow/1570417 >>>/snow/1570446
>Maddie wants dasha to get another man
>Anna and Dasha take Jack's side on drag queens.
>>>/snow/1571081 >>>/snow/1570774
>Stavros leaves cum town
>Miladies are getting sued
>Aimee spews racist sterotypes about black americans from her australian faildaughter abode
>>>/snow/1573625 >>>/snow/1574330
>Sean McCarthy posts gross fantasies about Aimee
>>>/snow/1573980 >>>/snow/1574008
>Moche doesn't like black people, despite looking like shes trying to imitate baddie trends started by black girls
>>>/snow/1574464 >>>/snow/1574828
>Amber Frost used to be based
>Liz is TOTALLY one of the good pro-lifers!! she watches people get executed!!
>>>/snow/1575175 >>>/snow/1575187
>Dasha bragging about how mean her boyfriend is
>>>/snow/1575576 >>>/snow/1575765
>Facebook DMs with a lady who apparently fucked Stavros says he complemented her "small pussy"
>Anon compiles a nice compilation of backlash against Liz
>Dasha spergs about seed oils
>The thread spergs about if Amber Frost had plastic surgery or not
>Dasha's NZ film revealed
>Heather Hapsburg sub-tweets Liz on abortion
>Nick and adam try to rename cum town to "The Adam Friedland Show"
>Felix shills some dem guy he apparently has family ties with
>>>/snow/1577642 >>>/snow/1578196
>Liz asks for peoples hospital bills to write a shitty pro-choice thinkpiece
>>>/snow/1577953 >>>/snow/1577958 >>>/snow/1577962
>Anna's piss fetish fanfics get posted
>Even redditors find Dasha embarassing
>Rapememe denies hes ever raped anyone
>Anna, Dasha their boyfreinds and Anna's sister go to a morrisey concert
>>>/snow/1582200 >>>/snow/1583685
>Liz just loves praying for those less fortunate guys!!! unless they are 10 year old rape victims
>Alice the pedo tweeting about his fixation on teens again
>Dasha doesn't mind chatting with people who defend their friends raping epstein's sex slaves
>Asuka homo defends Shinzo Abe
>Liz drops her shitty pro-choice article
>Anna explains her baby chiropractor
>Anna takes creepshots of young pretty girls

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No. 1585073

First thread! sorry if I missed anything and sorry about the broken links. here:

>Simp with rapist as his avi defend Dashas catholic larp

>>>/snow/1562752 >>>/snow/1567066
>Dasha and Liz B get into argument about the Pope
>>>/snow/1562857 >>/snow/1563147
>in a random fan discord Dasha reveals Liz B has had a boobjob because she was upset over the argument
>>>/snow/1581265 >>>/snow/1581267 >>>/snow/1581246
>Anna advocates for race purity
>>>/snow/1563101 >>>/snow/1563127
>Failsons Samememe and ZeroHPLovecraft whine about women with "fake email jobs"
>>>/snow/1563901 >>>/snow/1564031 >>>/snow/1564110 >>>/snow/1577457
>They have "fake email jobs"
>>>/snow/1564145 >>/snow/1568026
>Katherine Dee complains about DNC shills while apparently being a n shill herself.
>>>/snow/1564483 >>>/snow/1564857

>Dasha has a weird history with wellbutrin

>>>/snow/1568046 >>>/snow/1568102
>>>/snow/1574905 >>>/snow/1575785

>Then he gets into an argument with a bunch of conservative straight men who used to worship him because of drag queens I guess.

>>>/snow/1569302 >>>/snow/1566737 >>>/snow/1574037 >>>/snow/1576568 >>/snow/>1577051

>Aimee cries about abortion

>>>/snow/1570396 >>>/snow/1571536
>Aimee denies that survival prostitues exist, showing how privileged she really is.
>>>/snow/1570417 >>>/snow/1570446

>Anna and Dasha take Jack's side on drag queens.

>>>/snow/1571081 >>>/snow/1570774

>Aimee spews racist sterotypes about black americans from her australian faildaughter abode

>>>/snow/1573625 >>>/snow/1574330
>Sean McCarthy posts gross fantasies about Aimee
>>>/snow/1573980 >>>/snow/1574008
>Moche doesn't like black people, despite looking like shes trying to imitate baddie trends started by black girls
>>>/snow/1574464 >>>/snow/1574828

>Liz is TOTALLY one of the good pro-lifers!! she watches people get executed!!

>>>/snow/1575175 >>>/snow/1575187
>Dasha bragging about how mean her boyfriend is
>>>/snow/1575576 >>>/snow/1575765

>Felix shills some dem guy he apparently has family ties with

>>>/snow/1577642 >>>/snow/1578196

>Anna, Dasha their boyfreinds and Anna's sister go to a morrisey concert

>>>/snow/1582200 >>>/snow/1583685

No. 1585204

It's a shame that Scrote Central podcast are the only ones among them who doesn't make me want to slam my face on a marble countertop.

No. 1585236

File: 1657508553604.png (3.29 MB, 992x1770, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 18.4…)

props for doing an actual recap, nona.

re Anna/asukahomo pod someone asked about in last thread: started with >1hr of talking about kim kardashian. they switched to Mishima with 50 minutes left and I bailed sorry. strongly suspect nothing interesting happens.

it's like a week ago now but on the Bro v. Wade ep of redscare Dasha said the reason she was acting insane/spiraling/shitposting in NZ is that she was detoxing (supposedly she kicked her adderall addiction.) I find that hard to believe but I guess it tracks with the rehab jokes she made on insta. Apparently people were concerned enough to reach out to Anna & ask if Dasha was okay. The girls insisted that Dasha was "allowed to spiral a little as a treat". she's still doing her catholic shit on the @helenaniakrasowa alt though

Also, Dasha flubbed the pitch to Bodega Bro (immediately lost him when they started DMing) so it seems like he won't be a guest after all.

No. 1585240

On the Curtis Yarvin ep Anna prodded moldbug about his fiance being a liberal feminist (by referencing that fact and then asking him "why are men so libtarded for pussy?") and he started getting defensive/heated so Anna immediately walked it back. I just thought it was funny that he couldn't handle being asked that and she had to mollify him before he blew up.
They babied him the whole time and he said all the same monarchy shit he usually says, it was boring.

No. 1585241

The gio art guy got fucking reamed by esteemed esoteric race scientist poster Nemets for being obese. Just like with Jack and asukahomo, it’s all fun and games being right wing until you realize that real conservatives actually do hate you for being a faggot and weighing 500 pounds.

Sorry this is kinda off topic for this thread

No. 1585253


No. 1585259

post screenshot

No. 1585264

No. 1585277

File: 1657512960142.jpeg (507.25 KB, 1170x1252, 9BDF46DE-5DF1-48F7-8D36-662FB1…)

Since people were wondering what scarethots currently post and think, it’s still the same pickme pandering bullshit. Her very own friends are contesting this in the replies and she pretends to agree with them and insist it’s not meant to be taken as universal. Scarethots have evolved into a nebulous pickme universe with women pushing 30 still larping the whole Lana Del Rey, schoolgirl outfit, Ottessa Moshfegh, Godard, Repetto flats, Playboy magazine pics from pinterest, coquette thing. They parrot RS and orbit Dasha religiously while claiming to hate and avoid politics. It’s amazing they all act like high schoolers.

No. 1585279

speaking of Jack and asukahomo, their latest episode is quite fascinating and milky. they get really drunk, spend most of the time kissing each other's asses and making fun of basil, john dios, christlover, BAP etc. instead of talking about gaga lol. they bring up lolcows (asukahomo won't say the name but mouths it to jack at some point in relation to what we've said about pariah the doll), talk about how they consider themselves trans/considered transitioning at some point and eventually break down crying over drag queen story hour around the 2h 50 min mark. https://theperfumenationalist.libsyn.com/born-this-way-w-zach-langley-chi-chi

No. 1585284

Cum Town. They're also the only ones in their scene who are still entertaining to listen to right now, if only for the novelty of what they're trying to pull off.

No. 1585295

It's so funny when Jack cries.

No. 1585318

i hope he cuts his cock off

No. 1585344

>the 2h 50 min mark

No. 1585374

Ashley was really painful to listen to on that podcast she did with him but why is he still obsessed with talking about her

No. 1585377

they called her a "traitor" in this ep but didn't elaborate. iirc his brother helped produce her show during its "girls talk" era, maybe there was a fight over patreon bucks or they got mad when she ghosted and deleted everything

No. 1585381

File: 1657528850749.png (60.84 KB, 777x519, pawg patrol.png)

Hailey Rounsaville beefing with a self-proclaimed leftist she claims is a defence contractor.

No. 1585383

everyone involved in the pawg patrol discourse is some flavor of retard tankie larper, we really don't need that can of worms itt

No. 1585413

File: 1657534126412.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1761x1320, C4D08076-E07D-4F19-B9BF-ECD688…)

No. 1585431

yes, that is how the average rounsaville simp acts nowadays. pretty pathetic if you ask me.

No. 1585436

Aimee Terese’s third twitter reincarnation looks unlikely and the pod has sunk to Studebaker patreon levels. Anyone know if these post-left types are finished?

No. 1585443

File: 1657541453581.jpeg (210.92 KB, 750x662, EB008562-CADC-4B5E-AC73-CE6A38…)

No. 1585455

Not that I don't believe that a leftist moid is above rape, but she doesn't back that up in the thread. Pretty ironic for someone who suicide baits whenever someone points out she's a rich commie larper.
ah yes, the novelty and humor of Nick doing an extended bit about how he wants to dismember Sydney Sweeney

No. 1585515

it's a 4+ hour episode

No. 1585529

Remember when he was looking for a new gf and everyone was playing up the idea that he would choose from among the "based" twitter women in this scene and that they would be his tradwife right away? Almost like even the ugly men they pander to can't stand them

I think Aimee/What's Left are finished but the larger figures like A/D have some mileage left. My guess is there won't be any more hangers-on scoring big paydays by getting into their brand of post-left/new-right on twitter though

No. 1585531

Is this thread completely fucked for anyone else? And why aren't you newfags saging

No. 1585557

Most posts itt are saged. Thread is fine on my end.

No. 1585559

Stop deadnaming CT and their old bits. They prefer to go by The Adam Friedland Show now.

No. 1585569

>pushing 30

That’s generous nonna, the worst offenders I’ve seen (including Dasha) are all over 30. Ironically it’s very aging to dress in that dated 2016-era nymphet/coquette style, it just makes your wrinkles and thinning hair stand out even more. Actively cultivating ED past 30 has the same effect. They’d all look more youthful & fresh if they dressed in current styles for adult women, quit chainsmoking and ate some protein.

No. 1585571

Lmao of COURSE Jack is trans, it’s super obvious by the way he seethes jealously about women and vaginas.

No. 1585587

jack and samememe's endgame is being fat and alone at the cheesecake factory desperately flirting with a catholic convert troon 15 to 17 years their junior (pariah's like 20) on twitter. what they deserve.

No. 1585588

it was so painful listening to nick larp as straight when they had a female guest and adam barely talked to her.

No. 1585590

there's no such thing as "trans," he's just insanely jealous of women that they can freely date men and is a self-hating homosexual.

No. 1585603

Thanks for the milk. I’d gotten bored with Jack. Nonna in the last thread was right, he’s back on the sauce.

Loling hard over the idea of these two lugs transitioning. If Jack did I think I’d have to subscribe to his pod just to ROFL as he imperiously lectures us (louder) on how to woman. This news makes his seething over the eternal woman that much more satisfying.

Asuka Home says the ChiChi persona is for when he has something abject to do. That’s woman to gay men and trannies of course – the abject for them to mock, degrade and toy with while expecting us to revere them as they do so. Cry harder faggots

No. 1585616

The only reason he wants to transition is because he thinks he’ll get more “straight” men that way. Bicurious moids are even less interested in a fat gay troon than a fat gay man, but let him learn the hard way and seethe even more kek

No. 1585626

Poor Nick, spending 20 years of his life larping as a straight guy but still unable to convince anyone :(

No. 1585628

human_clickbait doesn't follow anna/dasha or mention RS anywhere that I can see. what makes it a scarethot account? are you just subtweeting here?

it's not healthy to be afraid to walk around outside or do stuff alone. it absolutely makes sense if you have PTSD from a traumatic experience, but you know that's not what she's talking about. some people are so irrationally paranoid they will not go anywhere on foot even in their own neighborhood; they will scold you for walking anywhere alone if you're a girl (these are also the first women to say it's your fault you got raped/assaulted/etc because you foolishly went outside).

and the worst misogynistic scrotes perpetuate this and constantly tell their daughters/wives/gfs etc to be afraid. when you grow up in a house where you're told women need to be vigilant about rape-murderers around every corner you start to believe it but that's not true. the whole thing is designed to keep you feeling small, vulnerable, on edge and constantly looking for protection/safety (ideally in the arms of a man where you will remain isolated and "safe".) this stranger-danger story persists in spite of all evidence that most violence against women is done by a relative or romantic partner.

No. 1585644

She was in replies telling women who’ve actually been attacked on the street that it’s irrational to avoid men on streets. It’s just another scrote handmaiden looking for pickme points, no need to give benefit of the doubt with your own feminist angle. She was a premium Dasha orbiter last year and so was everyone else in that weird circle of women who larp as anachan and post hot takes between pics of Serge and Jane. RS runoff is even more boring than RS.

No. 1585648

That’s how I read it as well. Idk her so if there’s some other context that suggests she’s a scarethot or whatever then okay, but that tweet isn’t a good example.

No. 1585651

Problem on my end it seems, only unsaged posts were showing. Cleared cookies and it's fine

I think these people are just like cafebeef, they hang out specifically with people who hate them as a form of self-harm

No. 1585652

>Bicurious moids are even less interested in a fat gay troon than a fat gay man,
even if jack could pass, the scrotes would not fuck a fat woman either…the only thing men hate than a woman is a woman they don't want to fuck!

No. 1585698

Damn, this bitch hasn't offered herself yet

No. 1585737

File: 1657563452296.png (398.41 KB, 1258x676, Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.1…)

>She was in replies telling women who’ve actually been attacked on the street that it’s irrational to avoid men on streets.
post a screenshot, I missed that.

the accounts who piled on were girls with "edtwt / use tone indicators" in their bio, gay male twitter commies, men and women telling her she's not hot enough to get harassed on the street so that's prob why it hasn't happened to her, and literal retards trying to argue like "true crime podcasts prove the danger is real or else why would they be so popular?"

bramblexrose was the most rabid one and she's a much worse pickme

No. 1585744

File: 1657563971685.png (735.73 KB, 1232x1156, Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.2…)

this is the lady who is mad human_clickbait said it's fine for a woman to go outside alone

No. 1585753

no one knows or cares who this literally who right wing tradwife wannabe is. it’s not a competition and the tweet has been deleted for a while now. stop defending yourself on an imageboard lol. it’s weird to say it’s perfectly safe for women and no one should ever be worried. because it’s not true. doesn’t mean you have to let it dictate your life and make you a shut in. life isn’t black and white provocateur takes, go back to twitter

No. 1585758

samefag but the left and right both see that women face a decent risk of male violence when outside. the right thinks it’s natural and women need men to protect them from other men. the left thinks it’s a societal issue that needs to change.
meanwhile the people like you, that random twitter girl, and A&D want to pretend the problem just doesn’t exist as long as it’s not happening to you in that very moment. autism.

No. 1585759

abolishing the carceral state is all well and good until someone does a heckin yikes on the bird app

No. 1585785

it's unladylike to be a shitposter online, she should go get married already and shut up

No. 1585801

no one knows or cares who clickbait is either yet someone posted screenshot of her pretending she's a handmaiden pick me, even though there are literal handmaiden coquette lana del rey pickmes arguing with her. that's what irritated me.

can you read? no one said danger doesn't exist (and that's not even something A&D say? if anything they say the opposite and want men to protect them.)

it's not autistic to be tired of hearing it's dangerous to to go outside from paranoids & people who literally want you to be submissive.

No. 1585866

sorry to be so trad and passe by saying men suck and want to hurt women lmao.
you know two groups of people can agree on one point without it being a venn diagram right? no one itt has said men should be our protectors. men are violent and you’re doing everything you can to try to skirt around that. women shouldn’t have to live in fear, and yet they often do because the reality is that moids hurt us. there’s nothing right wing or trad about recognizing this, nor is it true crime fear mongering. for someone so seemingly unafraid of going outside you’ve sure proven you rarely touch city pavement

No. 1585926

File: 1657572390960.jpeg (299.17 KB, 1170x1158, EF8AE75E-9515-4310-9A11-E86049…)

The comments are already…how they normally are

No. 1585938

Not everyone lives in crappy shitholes like you. I've lived in plenty of places where it is fine to go outside as a woman. It really depends on where you live, imo

No. 1585953

itt: anons doing everything they can to prove men aren’t actually violent, resorting to everything from false equivalencies to classism, instead of just accepting the truth

No. 1585954

literally no one has said men aren’t violent or like, “defended” men or even said anything about men at all. Obviously it does happen, but in the UK/USA — where I assume this person lives — it isn’t common to be just raped and/or killed in the street by a stranger to the point that it makes sense to live in fear of it when realistically living with your husband or just having a boyfriend or whatever is a higher risk.

No. 1585963

No one’s talking about being raped or killed. Being cornered and harassed by men is a daily occurrence for plenty of women. You’d know if you went outside more.

No. 1585971

idk I'm just going to continue to live my life and go outside. You can just continue to stay inside to avoid men. Or you could touch grass. lmao

No. 1585973

But when it actually escalating to something violent is so uncommon then I just don’t think it’s that out there to say you don’t find being catcalled or like “cold approached” by some sperg or whatever scary to the point you don’t like going out alone. I feel like generally the most uncomfortable aspect of those interactions is just how cringey and pathetic it is for the man doing it. If someone does not enjoy going out alone then obviously that’s fine too but I don’t get why someone not feeling the same way is in itself a “pickme” thing? Like you have to be scared otherwise you’re “defending” men.

No. 1585992

File: 1657576823026.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1536x1970, ECC13C6B-97F8-4265-9242-C9E052…)

I forgot if we’ve posted this one before but Liz Bruenig unironically argued Elliot Rodger did his crimes because of demonic possession.


No. 1585995

Does anyone have @giantgio’s pic? I remember seeing that creep orbit the Red Scare crowd and I’m not surprised that he turned out to be ANOTHER fat sweaty loser.

No. 1585997

Lot of curdled milk from her early writing. This particular article never gets brought up: imagine if she wrote today, now that she has a national platform, about how hetero monogamous sex within the confines of marriage is the only kind of sex that isn't inherently "disordered"

No. 1586002

File: 1657577638731.jpeg (292.63 KB, 1121x1415, CCD04771-0756-418C-826D-82C7F3…)

She’s been denying for the last two weeks that she’s written much against abortion and yet she proudly declared that she did just that years ago.

This is why she deletes her tweets btw, so more people don’t catch on to her bullshit.

No. 1586006

Liz is low key the most deranged cow in this whole scene, Aimee Therese included.

No. 1586012

I been sayin this

No. 1586017


Is Aimee the only one of them that actually started further left then she ended up?

No. 1586024

This is a shit spiral IMO because posts like that tend to have a certain tone that/get used in a way that's dismissive to real concerns women have. Then women overreact to compensate, a few get really hysterical and agoraphobic, both make the real concerns seem ridiculous and exaggerated etc etc. Kinda OT though and not even posted by a real cow, so we should probably leave it alone.

Why is everyone posting about him so much all of a sudden? RW tards really need to stop shitting up this thread every time there's some mild drama amongst them, the mods not banning milady shit set up a bad precedent. Go create a r/RWgirlsandgays subreddit to discuss this shit

No. 1586037

I just want to laugh at the picture of the fat retard who constantly shilled Anna and Dasha and other cows. Not sure why you think that makes me rw, lol

No. 1586048

File: 1657581101129.jpeg (141.27 KB, 1264x932, 94FF520C-60BA-4CAE-9B98-AC6732…)

Is this the saddest account on Twitter?


No. 1586069


That account is now banned

No. 1586073

Kinda off-topic, but isn't Nemets an Indian dude?

No. 1586095

File: 1657586444903.jpeg (871.11 KB, 1338x1299, A3A023B3-CBD4-43D2-88A3-5138D3…)

No. 1586101

File: 1657586830467.png (875.52 KB, 744x744, yeah.png)

>it's so disturbing that the media is quick to assume a story about a man who wrote a manifesto about how much he absolutely despised women to the point of wanting to murder them in cold blood is a misogynist, instead of a victim of possession by the demon of lust, amen
i have no idea how liz wasnt a bigger cow earlier in these threads. she is the absolute worst. what an insane, narcissistic, mentally ill freak.

No. 1586132


I'm 30 minutes in and it's hilarious. The utter shock that after they went hard against women and POC that anyone would dream of coming for them. And Jack has the nerve to talk about the age old oppression of gay men, the only oppression that's real. I can't wait to get to the part where they cry

No. 1586139

newfag here, can someone explain the appeal of BAP to this crowd?

No. 1586141

"Nobody wants to fuck kids. It's all made up." Have another drink Jack

No. 1586142

yeah wait til you get the part where jack is so wasted he is hiccuping and slurring about how is going to come to japan to fuck zach in the ass lol, i can't believe they put this up for free. it reminded me of the old sam pritchard episode of girls chat

No. 1586143

BAP is another right wing homo like Jack Donovan who thinks if they put women in purdah again ancient buttsex sexy times with straight men will be back to stay

No. 1586147

Sounds like your projecting

No. 1586148

File: 1657592588174.jpeg (203.03 KB, 1121x1121, 18F1E89C-4FE6-4FD0-A76E-5F24FC…)

This guy, Alex Gourevitch, who teaches at Brown University, which Bruenig also attended, was one of the few simps still defending her, in case you wanted to know what the typical Liz stan looks like.

No. 1586155

this entire crowd is made up of closeted/self-hating/"not like the other" gays and fag hags, how is it surprising

No. 1586204

Jack's weepy denial of gay men's overrepresentation in pedo stats is bizarre. The delusion is off the charts for these two.

No. 1586207

Jack has specifically said age differences are meaningless several times. He's a liar with a very weak sense of self.

No. 1586231

File: 1657604848147.jpeg (154.93 KB, 1440x1440, rubberband.jpeg)

No. 1586248

File: 1657609205355.jpeg (287.84 KB, 750x912, 413D4B8A-A366-4B31-9583-902E86…)

The dissection of julia fox’s appearance continues at r/redscarepod. Even at her worst she is more attractive and magnetic than Anna and Dasha so I don’t get it

No. 1586249

File: 1657609270313.jpeg (314.04 KB, 750x960, A64B3955-BCD6-4771-AD35-34C4CB…)

The paragraph poster is a woman btw

No. 1586258

The typical Dasha stan looks like this too, or fatter

No. 1586271

only read the title but she's right

No. 1586273

op could never hate julia fox as much as she hates herself. she probably cant even look into the mirror without breaking down sobbing. hence why she wrote all that bullshit

No. 1586277

lmao what women cried over their appearance what gross male fantasy do you live in

No. 1586293

They want us to hate her so bad kek

No. 1586295

>it’s all over for her soon
Biggest cope in the book

No. 1586304

File: 1657617323075.png (354.03 KB, 684x383, solidarity.png)

It all comes back to

No. 1586314

oh nona… take it from an uglychan that women do indeed cry over their looks.

No. 1586316

File: 1657619130638.png (64.3 KB, 600x304, kb.png)

fatbot talking about Liz F…anyone know who the rw bf was??

No. 1586336

>it’s all over for her soon

Unlike Dasha, who will be cleaning up awards season next year with all the leading roles she’s getting

No. 1586385

whoever it was cheated on her with “brooklyn ethots”. she made a lot of dramatic tweets about breaking up with this guy not long after TA started.

No. 1586393

Go back to twitter to post about the fake pope, unsaged scaretradthot

No. 1586401

>screech about fat women forever
>woman loses weight until she has the exact appearance they all claim to worship
>noooo not like that!!!1

No. 1586430

Liz Franczak getting exposed as a phoney right as TrueAnon gets ready to tour. You love to see it. Check out CoochieBone defending Liz in the angry quote RTs.

No. 1586434

He honestly might be the biggest loser featured in these threads

No. 1586437

why are there so many retarded posts itt trying to spin very normal statements and views as male fantasies and reactionary? wtf it’s literally common knowledge women commonly suffer from body dysmorphia to the point of depression

No. 1586443

urbit again? nooo

they must use other people's research because they don't know much about their show topics before they decide to record and they only do "research" for like a week or less typically. they don't cite sources unless the source is juicy or they brought a guest on. I just assumed they lazily googled shit like everyone else but I wonder if this guy's trying to say it's more serious than that.

I'm still mad about how they treated the actual epstein victim they had on.

No. 1586451

Ok this is the good stuff right here…Kantbot come post here! We need you

Tell us who it was!

No. 1586458

File: 1657639364749.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1194x1737, AA351813-FA8B-49CA-BCAD-7B6044…)

Now Carl the Cuck is getting involved. I think he’s contractually obligated to simp for mid fake leftist girls named Liz.

No. 1586468

his gf kinda looks like a troon, I wonder if he’s been online long enough now to fall into that perversion

No. 1586470

>gf kinda looks like a troon
Well let's see her, this is an imageboard after all.

No. 1586481

File: 1657642211124.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20220712-110711~2.p…)

I hate them and their fake pro-ana larp so much (not that I'd like them any better if they were actual anas). This is the before photo of that post where they're calling her "fat" and "chunky". No person in their right mind would call a woman who looks like this fat. Pretty ironic since in the photos I've seen of redscare listeners, male or female, most of the look pretty doughy themselves

No. 1586482

File: 1657642255183.png (1.39 MB, 1090x1830, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 08.4…)

they are discussing a dumb as shit "Tolkien-pilled" substack piece Yarvin wrote

No. 1586485

memebug unironically referring to himself as a "dark elf" who all his little hobbit readers must be subservient to…it's so over

No. 1586489

File: 1657643076314.png (1.06 MB, 1612x1498, yarvin battered wife analogy.p…)

No. 1586492

for real

No. 1586494

File: 1657643420342.jpeg (300.86 KB, 750x635, B74D0F69-8470-4975-A042-717DFC…)

Does anyone know the dirt on this guy? Longtime Twitter pal of Anna & co and kind of fascinating. Unfortunately has great opsec. Wondering if there are any older posters who know his story

No. 1586497

>has great opsec
shut the fuck up

No. 1586498

>Yarvin’s lack of guile and corruption

I used to think Dasha was the less intelligent of the two but now I think it might be Anna. Yarvin’s entire project is based on mendacity and entryism, lmao, you couldn’t possibly be a worse judge of character.

NRx was the circle jerk that made Magic: the Gathering cards for each other.

No. 1586501

File: 1657643758321.gif (3.71 MB, 356x498, samelpan-pussyboi.gif)

I'm assuming that anon is referring to samelpan, though I don't know where it came from that they're dating

No. 1586502

she looks like Eminem, lol

No. 1586528

not the anon but i swear sometimes this board feels like visiting the special ed room with these random angry outbursts

No. 1586537

No. 1586540

Half the fun of these threads is that everyone in this scene reads them and seethes over what we say on here. They even tweet about it.

No. 1586541

Don't know don't care but his constant need to retweet himself every single day is so deranged

No. 1586546

Where have you heard that

No. 1586550

tbh at least half of the posters here are probably the cows themselves by now

No. 1586560

you're right, i'm sitting here thinking why are random anons this mad about an innocuous post but of course they aren't, 9 times out of 10 it's one the cows seething. i've personally gotten responses here that i'm pretty sure are dasha and alice lol

No. 1586626

File: 1657650670515.jpeg (692.95 KB, 1193x1662, D0EB4F4F-8CBA-4360-A2CE-A9E630…)

I love how the replies are all “noooooo not my heckin podcasterinos!!!” as if TrueAnon haven’t cultivated their audience using the same guilt by implication tactics.

No. 1586633

That reads like a confession

No. 1586641

Self-described homosexual supremacist Asukahomo says heterosexuals have a “lack of proximity to the soul” and that hets wouldn’t have been able to face AIDS as bravely as gay men did. It still amazes me that gay men see themselves as pure victims of AIDS when they’ve refused to modify their behavior at all.

Jack blubbers that no one wants to fuck kids and no one’s been raped since 2010. He guzzles over half a handle of Ketel One during the episode and Asukahome drinks at least that much. Leaving aside their myriad other problems, they’re both addicts and addicts lie about everything.

No. 1586645

Literally go create a /RWgirlsandgays subreddit

No. 1586652

lmfao, not sure if the elves/hobbits allegory or the wife-beating analogy is more cringe. what a deeply disturbed loon.

No. 1586654

It's a shame that this seems mostly contained to a handful of zoomer conspiracy accounts and no one else really cares

No. 1586658

It's a death rattle. The Dirtbag Left is over.

No. 1586673

what are the white patches on his skin? fungus or yeast?

No. 1586676

was wondering the same thing but didn’t comment on it lol. it looks like a fungal issue but could just be from sun damage since it’s the same color as his arms and it’s splotchy across his whole face

No. 1586680

calling fbi on u both for making me enlarge the pic. the women who fuck him are the most down bad hoes in this entire thread (but he's still worse for allowing himself to exist like this)

No. 1586684

I was more bothered by the rubber band situation. he jokes he needs a lady to teach him about hair products and accessories now that he's "grown it out" but come on! he must know those aren't for tying hair.

and the stray facial hair shavings not being washed off… that's just lazy.

No. 1586689

call me a cow or whatever, but the anon posting a rw twitter account they follow and saying he's "kind of fascinating" / "has great opsec" is way more suspicious and out of place

No. 1586699

"bad opsec" is like annoying hacker larping

No. 1586702

and they totally leave out that the people caring for men dying of aids were lesbians, the same group getting piled on by hets, gay men, and trannies. gay men show zero solidarity to anyone but themselves and if any group is furthest from the soul, they are.

No. 1586703

>male or female, most of the look pretty doughy themselves
They're 9 times out of 10 legit overweight and have other attributes that are mocked on Red Scare, all you have to do is quickly skim through the profiles of people who reply to A&D on instagram. It's like they're all either gluttons for punishment or have reverse body dysmorphia.

No. 1586707

didn't Anna spend all 2020 seething over Julia Fox, making her out to be the stereotypical bimbo sex doll slut while she herself was a sophisticated, "Euro beauty" who only super smart men with discriminating tastes could appreciate? (which is hilarious because Julia in fact resembles a classic arthouse movie siren like Bardot, while Anna is a delusional hag angry that Eli probably met JF at a party or something)
anyway, love that the scarethots have taken up this pointless little fight. so much of "Red scare" culture is honestly just ugly girl cope

No. 1586712

File: 1657657616173.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1287x1834, 0E481423-4C5B-42CE-8207-DB8FF7…)

Note the sneaky language and shift in tone when Bruenig is confronted on abortion now compared to then.

No. 1586715

he does know they're not for hair, but like you said, he's just lazy. the cum boys all act as almost perfect encapsulation of specific sins lmao. stav is gluttony and sloth, adam is eenvy and pride, nick is wrath and lust. together they make greed. it's beautiful.
(and since half the people in this scene are catholic now i feel the need to clarify i am not actually religiousposting here)

No. 1586719

she's feeling the vibe shift against her and she's on the defense. love it.
also love Liz's repeated insistence that she's some hard-nosed "reporter" and "journalist" working the streets with a spiral notebook, when she actually sits in her daddy-bought Connecticut mansion writing fluffy little opinion pieces made to enrage (aka clickbait). one fucking story about rape 5 years ago doesn't make you the next woodward and bernstein, liz. can't tell if she's too stupid to understand the distinction, or if she thinks we are.

also very late but bravo for the recap of the last thread, nonna! i always imagine these threads being used against the Bruenigs should they ever make good on their threats to run for office lmao, so better that they stay searchable

No. 1586729

File: 1657659247218.png (20.96 KB, 605x279, Jack Asuka tears.png)

Great point, nonna. Asuka also says hets could never come up with the self-pitying drivel that passes for AIDs “art.” Gay men are the strong ones but these pansies literally sob over a few weeks of getting what they've dished out for years. It’s 4 hours of pure delusion.

No. 1586750

All these cows despise their fans and openly mock them too, just sad.

No. 1586755

not jack talking about souls like he doesn’t live the most hollow existence

No. 1586770

no anon you don't get it, doing poppers and giving yourself enemas with estate sale perfume bottles before having gay sex while death in june plays is, like, totally what god wants. r-right?

No. 1586787

if I recall Anna said although julia fox is technically hot she isn't "beautiful". or something like that

No. 1586789

File: 1657665226497.jpeg (349.07 KB, 1121x1694, E53D8D29-11F5-459E-B75C-86DBB8…)

There’s an excellent @CatholicSimps account which keeps track of simps for Liz Bruenig and other Catholics in this sphere like @richard_vixen

No. 1586790

File: 1657665337206.jpeg (307.74 KB, 1121x1895, 0F576AA4-259A-4F4F-B73C-33F9FF…)

Sophia looks way more busted here than she did in her old pfp (which she changed because Trads were calling her a whore for showing her shoulders)

No. 1586795

File: 1657665589509.jpeg (398.96 KB, 1864x1352, FXb8rgOX0AExjnA.jpeg)

old felix post has resurfaced. after losing a lot of money at a casino and being rich enough to afford it "this is socialism"

No. 1586799

That Liz Bruenig tweet is old btw. She rarely gets those kind of numbers anymore, but when she does, those are the kind of people giving her engagement.

No. 1586801

lmfao does this absolute dunce actually think that socialism means all citizens get monthly "fun money" cash infusion from the gubmint to go flush away at the casino? millions murdered and starved in the last century for muh socialism but yeah sure, this time it'll be a laugh

No. 1586803

felix loves to embarrass himself online lol

No. 1586805

File: 1657666180909.png (96.67 KB, 1130x476, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 15.4…)

worst person you know just made a great point etc

No. 1586806

>i want socialism because no luxury is too great for the working class
socialism is famously always giving its subjects lives of extravagant luxury

No. 1586808

That's why felix moved out to LA and started hanging with hasan lol

No. 1586810

Just wanna say I love you bitches and would totally listen to you go off for 4 hours on these assholes

>Straight people cannot compensate with their emotional inability and their lack of proximity to the soul. They are distant from the soul and so they cannot make any meaningful art about their mass trauma. So if AIDS happened to them, we would have no movies, no books and no music.

Is his soul in his prostate?


>According to the CDC, there are roughly 1.2 million people in the US with HIV/AIDS and 13.4 million people alive with a history of cancer (either past or current), compared to over 29 million people living with diabetes (Figure 2). By that comparison, the NIH spends about $2,583 each year per person with HIV/AIDS, $418 each year per person with cancer, and only $38 each year per person with diabetes (Figure 3).

Meaningful art = whining that hets don’t spend every last dollar and waking moment enabling them to rawdog without consequence

No. 1586811

Stav also got very chummy with Hasan over the last couple years

No. 1586813

Will announced on the latest chapo ep that Stav will be touring with them this year. Odd that he seems tighter with them and Hasan than he does Nick and Adam these days.

No. 1586815

File: 1657666750721.jpeg (233.94 KB, 1122x701, 680034D4-4081-4B1E-91EA-214EE9…)

Dasha didn’t give a shit about sexually abused girls when she was on Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast several months ago. She only points it out with Hasan because of Hasan’s politics.

No. 1586817

dasha and anna want to start beefs for attention and patreon bucks, it’s the only thing they care about. their biggest simp Perceval the lawyer bragged about accepting favors from eastern european possibly underaged prostitutes after representing their pimp.

No. 1586818

File: 1657667363753.jpeg (464.21 KB, 1260x713, 18BAAE02-46AF-482B-8C4F-EC554A…)

Lol this Robert Mariani guy pictured here, big time Catholic creep, changed his Twitter name to @houellebecq_2 shorty after these screencaps circulated. You can still find him orbiting Red Scare adjacent accounts and some other leftish female accounts like @collnsmith.

No. 1586819

Yeah, isn’t Perceval that @ElectionLegal creepo? Got any more milk on him? The Red Scare orbiter scene is teeming with sex pests.

No. 1586820

fwiw, i listened to that podcast episode (hoping to get milk to post here lol) and it was actually the one time I thought Dasha showed any empathy at all to sex abuse/trafficking victims. she gave some very definite pushback to Bret Easton Ellis, explaining that these women were so young and manipulated that they likely didn't realize how exploited they were until way later (in response to BEE saying "these girls LOVED being on Epsteins Island!!"). there was a good 5 min discussion where dasha pushed back on him (before he very suddenly changed topics, clearly frustrated Dasha didn't just validate his misogyny). I feel like this redditor mischaracterized it because Dasha remained calm instead of flipping tables…which tbh would be a fair response to BEE's disgusting POV.

not defending Dasha bc she literally victim blames every single other time the subject comes up. just thought it was interesting this was literally the one time she treated the subject respectfully and wasn't a total pickme.

No. 1586822

File: 1657667688358.jpeg (89.56 KB, 627x744, 68AEC315-FA4B-4D48-AE3C-3DAD34…)

Mariani was an Urbit guy too (shocking!), you can compare his bio and account creation date with @houellebecq_2 to confirm it’s the same person.

No. 1586823

File: 1657667838849.jpg (1.3 MB, 951x5707, Screenshot_20220712-161533_rif…)

Idk if this is the right thread for this but lol @ the fatties vs. anas in the girls & gays sub

No. 1586826

junker_jo's sister has a fat ass that is wasted on the dorkiest guy to walk the earth

No. 1586831

can't find any tweets about him representing the pimp but Peri seems like your average pervert troll. I know he has a gf, never seen a pic of her. as far as I know the red scare girls don't engage with him, he's just a megasimp. milkiest thing I've seen heard is that he came in his gf's mouth and then he swallowed it after kissing her.

No. 1586832

File: 1657668757985.jpeg (133.68 KB, 689x896, 1C727254-72A3-4389-BD7E-1283C5…)


Pericles @ElectionLegal (pictured right) looks even more repulsive than @Logo_Daedalus (pictured left). Disgusting moids in a scene crawling with disgusting moids.

No. 1586834

can i see it

No. 1586842

didn't he famously lose like 120 pounds? not that it's milky

No. 1586843

really? hmm that's interesting

No. 1586860

these people are so pathetic. their whole grift was about becoming rich and famous off of nagging and scolding others. and what do they do when they finally get it? plunge head-first into vice and addiction. they don't care, they have no sincere beliefs or personal convictions except that they are special and above ordinary people. they are the selfish, lazy stereotype of the prototypical work-shy commie since forever. they are empty and unhappy because they never developed themselves into anything they could feel proud of. they can't OD or gamble away their fortune fast enough.

No. 1586863

This might be the saddest thing produced by this crowd in a while

No. 1586865

these people are just competitors in entertainment (who are not particularly good at entertaining), none of them actually believe in anything because that would hold them back from whatever new thing is capturing attention, when will patreon simps realize?

No. 1586869

So like, what were the circumstances behind the death of Moldbug’s first wife?

No. 1586871

>most of the world is not addicted to porn
t. someone who thinks an "occasional habit" isn't an addiction
>alot of pornstars in the teen category are adults lying about their age
so funny people think this means it's not an issue and must not reflect anything about what men want

this is what paglia does to your brain

No. 1586881

pretty sure he and samelpan split up like more than a year ago lol

No. 1586883

I have no clue, but I'm not surprised

No. 1586890

That sounds like a bad joke, he is an election lawyer (hence electionlegal). I very much doubt he has ever worked criminal defense.

No. 1586892

lol I know what you mean but it was a hereditary heart condition. actually kinda sad.
I doubt memebug beats his wife without a safeword.

No. 1586900

"popular porn genre do reflect society at large, it never will" okay freudian slip. brain dead line of thinking in general.

No. 1586901

File: 1657674657856.jpeg (690.51 KB, 1186x1471, E9217D05-FE89-470F-ADA8-B083E6…)

Bronze Age Pervert, @Maarblek, and other right-wing fags fighting it out. What cool company Anna keeps! Truly an avant-grade movement and not a bunch of grifters.

No. 1586907

Literally more soy filled than casual liberals at this point

No. 1586908

I vividly remember a thread from years ago talking about influential and powerful Liz B was, and how she was going to enter mainstream politics. Post-lefties trying to hype themselves up here gets funnier by the year

No. 1586916

File: 1657675964734.jpeg (736.46 KB, 1313x1220, 374A8B51-2AE5-45B9-80E2-2E672E…)

Always has been.

No. 1586923

File: 1657676391821.jpg (84.28 KB, 746x739, MIwZFvL.jpg)

How is Nick lust though? That's perfectly within Stav's gluttunous ambit. Nick is the one who perfectly encapsulates sloth. He genuinely could have made something of himself but instead made a no-effort podcast that got way too popular. Also, I genuinely think the guy is a lot more of a prude than he lets on. Something with him probably being molested when he was a kid and being (unironically, no joke) a closeted homosexual.

No. 1586924

File: 1657676416763.jpeg (882.14 KB, 1191x1480, 29164E29-F75A-45A7-82D3-D7921C…)

At least two viral tweets dunking on right-wing physiognomy, damn

No. 1586927

File: 1657676972504.jpg (393.23 KB, 2048x1366, curtis yarvin modlbug 46156894…)

i forgot he looked like this lol

No. 1586939

so who was the rw bf?

No. 1586953

Liz Bruenig should tweet this out and hail Moldbug as a great writer again like she did last year

No. 1586958

fair point, i just really thought it was funny to say theyre embodiments of the sins lmao. i agree w you on nick being weirdly asexual comparatively. hes the most desexed of all of them

No. 1586987

How do you fix your teeth and not get them at least slightly whitened? She looks like she didnt brush for the first 20 years of her life

No. 1586994

if anyone is pride and wrath it's nick

No. 1586996

Pride as in gay pride, sure

No. 1587001

They’re trying to push her as high fashion or something so I’m sure she just feels pressure to lose weight since it’s “the thing” again. There was never anything wrong with how she looked but they went on about how she’s doughy and maternal and that’s why men like her. Who cares.

No. 1587004

>men into hentai loli
Still gross but the silver lining is these guys are either virgins themselves or they’re very inexperienced with women and if they date women can tell they’re off. Guys with any severe fetish are rarely good at hiding it, they might think they’re slick but most women are pretty perceptive

No. 1587005

File: 1657688828498.jpeg (74.87 KB, 639x612, 05CF1EAF-D60B-44B7-9F44-976ADB…)

Yeah no shit, because believing in demonic possession is stupid, you dumb bitch.

No. 1587012

not to mention demonic possession is used as a way to explain bad things instead of reckoning with the material reality. saying elliot rodger hated women because demons just totally ignores the fact that a woman hating society instilled that in him. the RWs who unironically believe in demons of course only wield the accusations towards people like soros and use it to explain all the failings of society instead of reckoning w/ class lmao. not sure how anyone claiming to be remotely "left" could fail to grasp something as basic as this. it's like marx 101

No. 1587031

magical thinking

No. 1587096

I hate people who tweet like this. What the fuck just put your phone down.

No. 1587204

>”you’re a basic white prod if you don’t agree Elliott Rogers was possessed by demons”

You have to give her credit, this woman has a lifelong dedication to shameless trolling & shitposting.

No. 1587206

right? I don't want to compliment her but that's primo shitlording. i like the part that very subtly implies it's racist for the leftists to not believe in demons lol

No. 1587224

Nearly Kaufmanian if she's just trolling.

No. 1587225

She’s not just trolling though. She sincerely believes in this nonsense and gets legit mad when others don’t play along with her delusions.

No. 1587232

oh, no I don't mean to say she's just trolling. it's just funny how naturally good she is at saying something stupid and nasty and haughty.

No. 1587243

File: 1657727616248.jpeg (949.29 KB, 1313x1524, E82C0981-5643-463E-B79A-58B81D…)

No. 1587246

It doesn’t matter how good you are at “posting” there’s no way to make Catholicism seem not cringe. The cringe will always find its way back to the surface.

No. 1587255

when did marx write about this

No. 1587257

the cathtards are seething over this one, this is hilarious

No. 1587268

On The Communist Manifesto. First line. Namedrops specters.

No. 1587272

File: 1657730236338.png (16.59 KB, 742x161, kd.png)

Katya Delaney wants to get verified, but twitter says no!

No. 1587278

Lol stop it

No. 1587286

Marx on the social principles of Christianity:

>The social principles of Christianity have now had eighteen hundred years to be developed, and need no further development by Prussian Consistorial Counsellors.

>The social principles of Christianity justified the slavery of antiquity, glorified the serfdom of the Middle Ages and are capable, in case of need, of defending the oppression of the proletariat, with somewhat doleful grimaces.

>The social principles of Christianity preach the necessity of a ruling and an oppressed class, and for the latter all they have to offer is the pious wish that the former may be charitable.

>The social principles of Christianity place the Consistorial Counsellor’s compensation for all infamies in heaven, and thereby justify the continuation of these infamies on earth.

>The social principles of Christianity declare all the vile acts of the oppressors against the oppressed to be either a just punishment for original sin and other sins, or trials which the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, ordains for the redeemed.

>The social principles of Christianity preach cowardice, self-contempt, abasement, submissiveness and humbleness, in short, all the qualities of the rabble, and the proletariat, which will not permit itself to be treated as rabble, needs its courage, its self-confidence, its pride and its sense of independence even more than its bread.

>The social principles of Christianity are sneaking and hypocritical, and the proletariat is revolutionary.

No. 1587299

Marx was a Ghostbuster

No. 1587310

Do u wanna date

No. 1587317

Idk if you're baiting or genuinely wondering. He was a strict materialist with grounding from Feuerbach. He saw religion and other forms of mysticization of reality as a way of obfuscating what was truly causing societal ails and upholding the status quo as "natural." Most of his critiques of religion are from when he was part of the Young Hegelians and writing up critiques of Hegel himself. From 'Philosophy of Law':
>Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation.
>The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.

He saw religion not as a grand evil but as an obstacle for class consciousness and true fulfillment among plenty of other things. Instead of questioning why people are miserable there was/is a tendency to say it's in the hands of unseen forces and that's "just how i is," depriving people of agency and reinforcing the current state of things.

Saging for slight derail, but it's important to know just how off this cow and many others are.

No. 1587338

File: 1657736271598.png (87.24 KB, 892x524, 5mimoRlb.png)

This is totally Wes Yang right? Like the caping for Republican line on a horrible rape case that crosses over with Roe smacks of Wes's bootlicking

No. 1587339

More details? What did Alice say about the case previously?

No. 1587341

many have speculated it's his wife

No. 1587359

Is this pertaining to the story of the 10-year old girl in Ohio who was raped? So AliceFromQueens took the side of the conservative Attorney General who cast doubt on the story of the 10-year old who was raped? And Alice is saying that was not a moral error? What a fucking disgrace.

I don’t think Alice is either Wesley Yang or his wife and I’ve never found the evidence convincing. Wesley is too busy on his own account to be running a second one as active as Alice. There are plenty of contrarians on Twitter and Alice is just another one of those types. But taking the side of a conservative AG over the testimony of a raped 10-year old - because what reason could the AG have for covering it up! - is a new low for Alice.

No. 1587363

AliceFromQueens was defending Liz Bruenig the other day too, so it’s not surprising that Alice would want the story of the 10-year old rape victim to be fabricated. Yet another example of Bruenig simps having terminal brain damage.

No. 1587365

absolutely a moral wrong to discount the reports of local journalists who were in the courtroom and spoke with the victim’s family in order to believe an elected official’s lies

No. 1587367

File: 1657738021700.jpg (357.26 KB, 868x1438, FXPvIQ5XgAI4lQs.jpg)

Alice's delicate young thin totally a woman arms.

if Alice isn't him or him sharing with his wife he knows who Alice is. he was replying to her in the very first days of her account and Alice got a lot of her followers through Yang.

No. 1587368

File: 1657738277524.png (77.8 KB, 760x543, FXkDSGqWQAADReg.png)

And also making fun of it for "being a movie" and that the girl would be flying fighter jets in Ukraine soon, just unhinged psycho shit

No. 1587371

I'll dig around but its something to be seen in person for sure. If they weren't so online they would both be the biggest cum-dumps

No. 1587378

File: 1657738974052.jpeg (126.67 KB, 1666x711, A494BED6-EB38-48A5-B6AD-C9B92F…)

Whether it’s a male or female running that account, one thing is for sure: it’s definitely a piece of shit.

No. 1587381

oh no, actual priests are getting involved? this is getting out of hand. please holy ladies post face, rosary clutching intensifies. i'm dying.

No. 1587389

lol brain so rotted by twitter they cant see anything as more than political posturing melodrama. what the hell is wrong with these people? why do they think no 10 year olds get pregnant and its all just lying for politik? avg age of first period is between 9 and 10 now. i feel like youd HAVE to be a man to think a story like this is fake considering how many women start getting sexually harassed at 10

No. 1587394

i think most people would flip out if they knew how many children under 12 give birth in the US, and how often nothing happens to the male relative who raped the child.

No. 1587400

yep. teen and preteen pregnancies run rampant in the US but people are eager to only blame the girls. the younger a pregnant girl is, the higher the age gap becomes with the man who impregnated her. and its always, always a grown man. men between 20-30 are responsible for 40% of pregnancies age 15 and under. still all i hear is that the girls are irresponsible and needed god and should just choose adoption (and dont get me started on young pregnancy mortality)

No. 1587408

rw moids love to bust out that poll that claims that 1% of women who get abortions were raped (because who admits that to a poll??), when child victims of rape by family members or family friend are often married off to their rapist to make it all right with the lord.

No. 1587409

Could not agree more and it would require these fucking ghouls to actually confront their "irony shitposting" or whatever defense they fall to when they're cornered.

No. 1587495

File: 1657749944237.png (259.61 KB, 1076x232, horrifying.png)

In the last thread, someone brought back Anna K's terrible pick-me fiction.

paranoidlikes went even further and inexplicably published it under her real name - https://web.archive.org/web/20210820213045/https://expatpress.com/a-little-man-jana-surkova/

No. 1587500

File: 1657750659747.png (1.1 MB, 1694x810, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 3.17…)

jesus fucking christ. what a badly written and disgusting story.

No. 1587518

>>1587495 that was some of the most disgusting shit i've ever read

No. 1587528

women with autopedophilia fetishes need electroshock therapy or something.

No. 1587529

lol @ nick uploading bits of his show on tiktok. he's so jealous of stav

No. 1587530

No. 1587532

File: 1657754168266.jpeg (863.27 KB, 1198x1530, CBAF741B-DC5E-4DE2-949D-973C8A…)

This is going well.

No. 1587534

he must have a new agent

No. 1587558

the im-not-bad-i-was-just-wrong-one-time tone AfQ is taking is so pathetic. s/he knows she was being a piece of shit

No. 1587559

>I don’t follow the right wing
can’t follow something you’re inside of

No. 1587579

File: 1657760882596.png (528.39 KB, 828x1792, E4CB01E0-F3FA-4980-A29F-B20B71…)

Main charactered ? Socialite? Kek

No. 1587581

File: 1657761128848.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, E80AC99C-3B6A-445C-9564-F57B46…)

Go off miss cameraman 3!

No. 1587586

What exactly does this cow do besides obsessively browse zoomer TikToks?

No. 1587587

it’s pretty funny that she’s disavowing Red Scare now. that brand is in the gutter.

No. 1587593

the main charactered bit is referring to her posting a pic of a street in chicago on google maps and sincerely asking if it was a safe walk for women, because she was in the city for the first time. literally hundreds of woke ironyguys dogpiled her and tried saying she was racist for this. shes annoying as fuck but dear god the lengths moids go to avoid confronting why women might have real reasons to be cautious are insane

No. 1587598

Worse, she's not, she's saying she's so much more than just anna's roomate

No. 1587612

>woke ironyguys saying Leia is racist for asking where not to get raped/assaulted
hmmm sure seems like it's the woke ironyguys projecting racism into this rather innocuous question, do they have some thoughts about who's doing the crimes they'd like to share?

and same nona, Leia's annoying but fuck any man playing dumb and trying to "gotcha" a woman for vetting a place's safety before going there alone (and likely with an expensive camera). losers.

No. 1587615

Asking as woman if a particular route through a city is safe is totally reasonable and the irony bros got on her case because you're not allowed to talk about how dangerous cities are now lmao

No. 1587624

noooo nonna cities are perfectly safe ever since muh ACAB summer of love 2020, now the streets are community policed by roving street gangs who kindly liberate socialites like Leia (a 35 year old who can't afford to live alone) of their cameras and wallets, it's basically socialism in action and if you oppose it i'm gonna need you to interrogate your racism mmmk

No. 1587630

Ugh we don’t claim her either, u dems can have her

No. 1587631

File: 1657764067487.jpeg (918.48 KB, 1193x1707, 75E2A5F1-357F-4596-B4EF-D97B55…)

Activism is sooo cringe though! All the cool kids know that you’re supposed to respond to everything with detached irony and snark.

No. 1587636

File: 1657764245332.jpeg (869.57 KB, 1336x1549, D8C5C25D-02DC-43CF-99D2-84B8D9…)

I never paid much attention to the Bruenig/Adam Vandervoort connections but they’ve been interacting a lot more in public recently

No. 1587637

This is fucking disgusting, Anna should be pushed off a cliff for this shit

No. 1587639

Wasn’t Anna supposed to be writing a book a couple years ago? I can see why that never came to fruition.

No. 1587640

how do we know this is Anna's writing, i don't see her name on this site?

No. 1587642

>man this is so tight
Lmao, one of the worst parts of this online sphere is all these total nerds trying to use loose hip slang that only makes them look even more awkward and out of touch. I have no idea why it's so widespread in this particular corner. Kills me every time to imagine these dorks actually saying shit like this. Grown adults who shake and stammer like nerds irl posting like "This shit slaps. Shit fr rocks" in response to the most annoying geeky loser stuff ever.

No. 1587643

That's not by Anna, it's by @paranoidlikes

No. 1587652

>one of the worst parts of this online sphere is all these total nerds trying to use loose hip slang that only makes them look even more awkward and out of touch

Exactly. Especially those people in their late 20s/30s who refuse to grow up and desperately try to keep up with youth fads and slang, or the terminally depressed schizos who want us to believe they have the lifestyle and personality of Lil B the Based God. Liz is a good example of the former because you know she feels like she wasted her teenage and college years and now wants to appear like one of the cool kids she never was in reality.

No. 1587654

samefag, but I should add that you find similar trends on the online right (though many of these “leftcows” are on the right now themselves). I’m at the point where if I see an account unironically posting gigachad memes, I assume that person is an overcompensating loser.

No. 1587659

theyre definitely all people who were total losers in high school. idc if someone was an outcast because people like that usually end up becoming more social afterwards, its not a big deal in itself. but then there are people like liz who cant let go and move on. there are few more awkward things than someone trying to come off as way cooler and streetwise than they are

bingo on the gigachad thing too. those memes are just losers fixating on specific things to feel better about their lives. you see it with the seed oil guys who think just avoiding canola oil makes them virile sex gods, the BAP guys who sun their balls once or twice and claim they're healthier than all the normies because they eat raw eggs, the people converting to catholicism and thinking it's solved every problem they've ever had, etc. i'm not saying anything new here but it's nuts being able to see all this from afar and knowing theyre gonna cringe down the line (hopefully, at least)

No. 1587727

I blame Chapo

No. 1587753

Really weird account either way. It reads as a man using vague pics of his teenage daughter or niece.

No. 1587809

File: 1657784777903.jpeg (721.76 KB, 3500x2466, 7153FE19-A836-496A-BB72-8B7632…)

So she’s using pedo shock value to draw attention to her gay writing? Grift much. Also the pedo in question

No. 1587829

File: 1657788835421.jpg (194.87 KB, 1235x940, FXmpLbkX0AEg-Y3.jpg)

When you're proclaim yourself the King of Content but you're just Aimee's tard wrangler.

No. 1587832

Leia Derangement Syndrome. The unbridled hatred y'all have for her just cause she was Anna's roommate (?) is so unwarranted. She's living her life and having fun with a decent career in a field she loves. There's nothing milky or malicious about her.

No. 1587834

He's been posting non sequitur image replies at her for ages, that's their love language.

No. 1587836

post lips

No. 1587841

You didn’t have to say anything
But you did

No. 1587885

How many more times are you going to do this?

No. 1587907


Hasan the rapist talking about Dasha.

No. 1587913

I’m amazed @paranoidlikes would repost that under her name, it’s not only extremely schizo it’s also terribly written. Edgy middle school boy level prose. These people all want to be the next Tao Lin but don’t have a shred of talent between them.

No. 1587935

This bitch is so fkn annoying. And ugly. And what has she done that’s art??? Make money off making fun of children???

No. 1587943

i think about all these people like once a year. why does he hate dasha so much? did she reject him? it doesn't make sense since he orbits the chapo/trueanon boys so fucking bad, why hate on dasha so much. yes she's retarded but she's no where near as retarded as the baldy cringelord in the video he's reacting to (a literal misogynist who has sextrafficked women and kept them captive?)

No. 1587944

also even if he has every right to hate on dasha wtf does that have to do with the video…

No. 1587946

>he orbits the chapo/trueanon boys so fucking bad
Isn't it the opposite? It seemed like Felix started hanging out with him in order to stay relevant ahead of most of CTH moving out to LA.

No. 1587951

Everyone hates Dasha and she makes herself an easy target. Anna and Dasha have been fishing for attention from him and it's a mutually beneficial fake rivalry. Why do you have to think it's anything personal? >>1586805

No. 1587953

i think its mutually exclusive, but i think hasan thinks it gives him lefty social credit and he's a big fan of theirs. his first time meeting brace (before he had them on the show) was pretty cringe, he seemed to be fangirling very hard.

because hasan is a fucking coomer and he's literally admitted that anorexic girls with small boobs that look like haggard prostitutes are his ideal? it's just insane to me that he harbours so much resentment specifically for her when he's known to be a cloutgoblin

No. 1587955

“cloutgoblin” nice one i’m stealing this

No. 1587961


Honestly I think he was just butthurt about her, because he saw Dasha retweet that logo tweet.

No. 1587969

The fact that nick jokes and makes references to the time he was molested by an older kid and makes so many pedophile and molestation jokes point to this being true

No. 1587977

what sort of people sit in those streaming chats and post random shit in an endless scroll moving at lightning speed?

No. 1587981


No. 1587986

God he’s so gross. What a worm.

No. 1587994

wasn't even "probably" molested, he was. he literally said an older boy sucked his dick when he was little and it was weird and then said it wasn't really being molested and he felt worse for the older boy (because that boy was probably actually being molested by someone if he did that to Nick) which was weirdly kindhearted of him to consider & I think is a typical minimizing tendency when you're molested as a child but I'm not a psych.

No. 1587996

The funny thing is that's not the only one. Dear Lord, there's:
1) When he was in LA with no money and job and was nearly raped while hitching with a guy after drinking.
2) That story he told in CT where he's remembering a time when he was a kid in a mall, got lost, and ended up in some storeroom and then blacking out to a future time where he was a bit older and learning how to drive a car with a distinct velvety interior that matched what he last saw in the storeroom. Very Lynchian. He doesn't think he was molested but that's a very sus story, especially since he followed it up with dreams about rusted industrial corridors and having elements of his clothes missing, which were dreams usually associated with molestation.

No. 1587997

Anyone remember him making some tossed off reference to his parents being a part of some cult like church when he was a kid?

No. 1588012

I see it mentioned occasionally but I don't remember it myself and I wasn't able to find any audio of that last time I looked. lost interest because cults are really common and whether or not something is a cult basically depends on who you're asking. if his parents were into a cult it could have been anything (mary kay, a niche christian church, ananda marga, who knows.)

No. 1588021

File: 1657820609750.jpeg (67.04 KB, 500x500, 2856875C-69AE-4941-8F3F-57CD92…)

I’m getting really sick of the Anons who post shit like “yeah Dasha [or any other frequently discussed cow] is retarded but [x person] is even worse.”

I’ve noticed it in these threads more and more often and it’s starting to sound like a very subtle way of defending the cows while being able to deny that’s what you’re doing. There are definitely a few right-wing trolls lurking here.

No. 1588035

I mean, child-on-child sexual abuse is usually because the assaulting child is being sexually abused themselves. It is a different thing to try and make sense of than abuse by an adult. That’s not copium, it’s pretty rational.

No. 1588040

exactly. imagine if leia was a 30-something scrote obsessively cataloging teenage girls being horny on tiktok, pretending it's for cringe value and calling it "curating art". she has a pedophile's hobby and she wants to make money off it somehow, it's crazy.

No. 1588078

File: 1657826559080.jpeg (870.61 KB, 1341x1915, 968C5F18-3AAD-4A87-ADD0-A70382…)

lol Alice locked the account today.

No. 1588098

for anyone wondering i’m assuming he said this because dasha and anna have been rt’ing but not directly posting posts ridiculing hasan for a while now

No. 1588114

File: 1657830828364.png (462.77 KB, 1222x1708, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 13.2…)

felix and this other account are, like, roleplaying having a heated debate about barney. please someone take away their money so they all have to get real jobs and stop doing this shit. they're up to $160,000+ in monthy subs, I don't understand why people want to support them.

No. 1588115

new display name for her: "Alice who believes 10 year olds can consent" - just brainstorming here!

No. 1588120

He was correct in that short clip when he said Anna and Dasha realize that trying to pass off reactionary ideas with a “leftist” sheen is increasingly passé and the money is drying up, so now Anna and Dasha are attacking him because his tweets/streams get way way way more engagement than anything they do and they desperately want to leech off his numbers

No. 1588125

File: 1657832019658.jpeg (629.37 KB, 1304x1181, 036F0A48-454A-41EF-A2E8-8BEC85…)

Why do all these dorks get mad over the most innocuous shit?

No. 1588134

where is the left cow here

No. 1588145

It’s all kayfabe, new low for everyone involved

No. 1588146

The first two are Red Scare orbiters and have roughly similar audiences. You should know by now that most of the leftcows aren’t even left anymore.

No. 1588150

File: 1657833627769.jpeg (232.96 KB, 1121x1655, 7BA1D88F-23FD-45D1-96A8-C6B043…)

speaking of conservative Red Scare fans, Rod Dreher still sour over his wife leaving him lmao

No. 1588159

yes, men are terrible and most women wouldn't willingly become some scrotes helpmeet if society didn't economically pressure them into the arrangement. women have been saying this for the last 1,000 years.

No. 1588174

this thread has devolved into the lolcows themselves, people on the right and one lowbie cyberstalker who only posts literal whos

No. 1588178

Maybe she should chill and go rest on a rock under a heat lamp or something

No. 1588190

PATHETIC. as much as bitch about dasha and anna I would take them every day over human trafficker painted nails faggot hasan

No. 1588194

get over it libtard. this is a mixed crowd and we hate some cows more than others

No. 1588196

lol hasan piker is a literal rapist and has paid for human trafficked sex slaves. he is objectively worse and has no reason to feel self-righteous or better than anyone else. if he's saying dasha is worse than a guy who has literally been investigated for kidnapping and sextrafficking women that's vile. sorry if this makes you mad and breaks your brain lol

No. 1588205

double post but the guy in that hasan clip with the bald head is andrew tate who has beat women (there are videos online, two diff women, has even had criminal history), has been investigated for human sex trafficking and rape recently. he also owns a webcam model porn studio and says that the women who live with him (he lives with a harem of 4 women) are not allowed to leave the house (he moved from the UK to live in romania probably because its a corrupt shithole where hes allowed to do this, he's publicly stated he's moved there to get away from his sexual assault allegations too). hes bragged about tricking women hes met from dating sites to get into webcam modelling for his business.

lots of coomer losers on twitch are defending andrew tate's comments about women (how they shouldn't be allowed to go outside, have a job, how they should have kids young, how if their man cheats on them its their fault) and the context of hasan's comment is that it's fine that one of these coomers has converted to this "ideology" because "well dasha is worse"

moids will be moids

No. 1588214

Same angry style…all suddenly posted within ten minutes of each other. Definitely not a samefagging right-wing shitstirrer, lol

No. 1588220

File: 1657839438736.jpg (82.08 KB, 769x886, lmao.jpg)


Ridiculous part there is nothing wrong with Andrew owning webcam model porn studio, matter of fact sex work is liberating, don't make me tap the Aimee sign.

No. 1588221

OT but Tao Lin also copped to only being able to get it up for anorexic women who “weigh like 90 lbs.”

No. 1588226

File: 1657839718255.jpg (55.99 KB, 494x837, 2f8.jpg)

>right-wing shitstirrer!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1588232


im literally different than these two >>1588194 >>1588190

i'm not right wing, since when is it "right wing" to not want to rape women and traffick sex slaves lol?

No. 1588233

yeah, you need go back to Reddit/Twitter with the other rejects. you moids act as if we can’t spot the difference in your content and tone and pet obsessions compared with the earlier threads or the rest of this site, lmao

No. 1588236

For starters, if you weren’t a newfag scrote, you’d know there’s a separate thread for Twitch streamers where Hasan is discussed. You can go there and stop shitting up this one.

No. 1588245


too lazy to make it but I bet a Rod Dreher cow thread would gain some traction

No. 1588260

So many obvious tourists in this thread who have no clue about leftcows and the fact that 99% of them are literally right wingers now

No. 1588272

Annoying coomer gamer "leftist" grifter scrote, vs delusional ana retard autopedophile

idk about worse but it's not hard to see why people would hate hasan more

No. 1588290

File: 1657844194813.png (710.48 KB, 629x1301, EF88349A-884F-40FD-A219-E91322…)

Embarrassing. Rich liberal failson solidarity is real.

No. 1588291

What the hell, lmao. I thought everyone was being ironic with the Hunter praise. His leaked texts they love referencing are 90% him emotionally abusing women and soliciting prostitutes.

No. 1588292

Sooo true this site is for proud Biden voting democrats only, right wing tourists gtfo

No. 1588297

>you can only be a biden shill or a le based epic post left poaster

No. 1588300

Yeah but his mom literally went missing for good portion of his childhood thanks to that cult.

No. 1588305

>posting le epic reddit soijak
Don't care which side you were on the argument you just lost any credibility

No. 1588306

hasan is a creep who has admitted to being a john online but he goes in the breadtube thread unless he pivots to red scare guest

No. 1588308

Both Felix and Stav have been on his show

No. 1588310

You mean she left him after 20 years of him spending 10 months out of the year in Europe posting selfies while she raised the kids back in Baton Rouge? Where does she get off?

No. 1588311

uggggh oh my god

No. 1588313

cult mom is his biological mom not his step mom right? do you remember when/where he talks about the cult?

No. 1588338

Don't even know if he had a stepmom. Most references to mom I assume to be his bio mom.

No. 1588347

There's definitely a bunch of RW randos posting here, between the Gio spamming and Junker Jo ass mention, someone must have posted a link to the thread to one of their GCs and they came running to talk about themselves

No. 1588353

File: 1657851807992.png (349.52 KB, 1208x1530, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 19.2…)


No. 1588354

File: 1657851937007.png (764.57 KB, 1246x1148, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 19.2…)

No. 1588359

>abortion is a just another cultural issue with no consequences! It’s just a cultural difference we have! Ignore the fact that the result of what I wanted is ruining peoples lives including children. It’s just a cultural view of mine!
Urge to alog is strong. I must stay stronger.

No. 1588365

File: 1657852741113.png (140.9 KB, 889x772, FbznXDPJ.png)

I am really enjoying that Liz is getting bodied over being a terrible person this every time she posts now. It's great and inshallah may it continue until she deletes her account

No. 1588366

File: 1657852790675.png (281.58 KB, 902x1176, mor bruenig.png)

I think people actually would lay off if she would stop dancing around her position. Because it seems to be that maybe women and children shouldn't be forced to give birth to their rape pregnancies but god would really prefer it.

No. 1588367

oh my god now she's saying she's being bullied??? lmao

No. 1588369

File: 1657853164001.png (1.04 MB, 1540x1730, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 19.4…)

didn't even know matt had written a whole thing about liz and abortion


No. 1588370

>liz please for the love of god just explicitly state your stance on abortion
>Well well well, if you HATE me so much just leave. Am I a joke to you? Haha, just kidding. Wooow it’s not even that serious, are you okay? Stop bullying me. You literally don’t even know me.

No. 1588371


Yarvin's whole schtick is that he is (or, rather, he thinks he is) a Machiavellian realist trampling on leftist pieties to solve the cold equations of amoral power politics. Which is why it will never stop being funny that the cold-eyed Machiavellian cynic fell hook, line and sinker for the oldest trick in the book, as documented in that Vanity Fair article:

>Oh, Curty-poo, you're not like the other weird right-wing computer nerds, you're a serious and deep intellectual thinker and all the cool kids are secretly reading you… I'm a liberal Bay Area hippie ditz but your ideas have made me see the light that monarchy is the best political system… it's definitely not that I'm rapidly aging out of the BDSM polyamory scene and you're a Silicon Valley meal ticket with a lot of money who's desperate for companionship after his wife died, no, not at all…

No. 1588373

File: 1657853670015.png (955.39 KB, 1338x1492, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 19.5…)

I keep reading and it keeps getting worse. there's so much wrong with this I don't know where to start.

No. 1588385

why is his head so small? i thought roid use gives you mega skull

No. 1588386

No. 1588392

File: 1657856995786.png (1.09 MB, 1112x1862, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.0…)

No. 1588397

File: 1657857298647.png (931.54 KB, 1104x1660, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.1…)

this was accepted as a statement but I'm still laughing because she literally can't say it shouldn't be illegal

No. 1588400

File: 1657857581736.png (888.49 KB, 1106x1510, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.3…)

No. 1588402

File: 1657857674743.png (490.77 KB, 1118x1796, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.4…)

boo hoo!

No. 1588407

>you hate me for my cultural difference from you
>you hate me because of who i am, not because of my views
>you say you don't understand my views that i refuse to explicitly state, but you actually do
>you're bullying me
>you hate me and you've always hated me, even when you say you used to like me, and nothing i can ever do will make you stop hating me
holy fuck Liz Bruenig has reached peak hysterical persecution complex. imagine the meltdown in Connecticut tonight as her presidential dreams go up in smoke. imagine her little Tracy Flick nostrils flare.

No. 1588408

File: 1657858319110.png (959.55 KB, 1238x1614, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 21.1…)

imagine being a female liz simp

No. 1588414

.. why would steroid affect the size of your skull?

No. 1588417

well-done documenting before anyone deletes, nonnie. amazing to have a total meltdown over someone asking you, an opinion columnist, to clearly state your opinion. really shows how far Liz has gotten with her tee-hee so coy act. she's been playing both sides for so long but people are seeing it and calling her on it now. she's melting down because she knows the jig is up.

No. 1588420

File: 1657858920609.png (1.3 MB, 1226x1880, blog reviews are in.png)

some matt blog followup

No. 1588429

File: 1657859906662.png (1.43 MB, 1238x1914, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 21.3…)

nobody cares about liz and how nice and considerate she is

No. 1588434

File: 1657860488478.png (889.48 KB, 1108x1578, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 21.4…)

follow up to that where liz clarifies her opinions are based on her issues with the penal carceral system (still thinks it's evil to abort obviously)

also a reminder her views are "on the extreme left margin"

No. 1588435

File: 1657860644634.png (1.45 MB, 1242x1916, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 21.4…)

quote tweets aren't showing up correctly, hack shoop job here but that is the quoted tweet

No. 1588438

File: 1657860968899.png (172.55 KB, 1180x252, liz bruenig is pro life.png)

oop, Liz deleted everything. that was fast.

No. 1588443

File: 1657861325005.jpeg (19.19 KB, 808x353, FXrc7q_UUAAy5pG.jpeg)

someone in the gc leaked this to debdrens lol, group affection for liz growing thin

No. 1588444

Carl “cuck” Beiijer did the same. He got bodied defending Liz and just deleted all his stupid arguments

No. 1588447

File: 1657861688300.png (969.15 KB, 1210x1600, sexism Screen Shot 2022-07-14 …)

there were some sporadic complaints of sexism

No. 1588450

File: 1657862012534.jpg (534.18 KB, 1122x3180, clever boy carl.jpg)

I caught a little of that before it was gone

No. 1588453

liz is an actual ratwoman. amazing.

No. 1588454

what I would give for a peak into the chapo/weird twitter bigshots gc. sadly Liz is going to remain relevant on the American "left" as long as the biggest irony accounts and left writers/editors behind the scenes (i.e. Sunkara) stick by her. Should serve as a reminder to women that the socialist "movement" sprung from Bernie 2016 does not give a shit about women's rights and they will always view them as a distraction.

No. 1588459

File: 1657863384760.jpg (819.78 KB, 1248x4220, random selection of replies.jp…)

random selection of Liz replying to comments

No. 1588461

File: 1657863516069.png (1.93 MB, 984x1880, liz's harassment will never st…)

No. 1588464

File: 1657863723171.png (624.15 KB, 1104x1026, lashing out will continue unti…)

waah waah

No. 1588465

File: 1657864010500.png (808.41 KB, 1112x1626, liz thinks the rape victim is …)

>people want me to take a position more extreme than I actually hold, but I won't

she's either saying people want her to say abortion should be legal, or people want her to say abortion should be punished. truly anyone's guess as apparently neither one of those is her exact opinion

No. 1588467

File: 1657864162451.png (1 MB, 1104x1708, liz has been quiet.png)

No. 1588474

File: 1657865163335.jpg (1.12 MB, 984x8849, block saga.jpg)

blocking spree

No. 1588475

This is off the rails right? Does she bounce back from this?

No. 1588481

File: 1657865859417.png (580.18 KB, 1114x1094, sexism Screen Shot 2022-07-14 …)

betrayed by ed zitron (tech guy who has written for The Atlantic as well)

No. 1588486

File: 1657867367432.png (1.67 MB, 1112x1658, simp Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at…)

there weren't very many simps honestly

No. 1588495

Ok does this woman not have two children and a job?? Where is she finding all this time to obsessively tweet

No. 1588511


lol you can feel the thrill she gets from saying 'wanna fuck me', shes done it repeatedly

No. 1588529

funniest part of this is that she’s taking the “main char of twitter for the day” thing and applying it to this, but most of her posts on it have 0-3 likes, she’s performing for an audience that doesn’t exist lol we’re the only ones watching this

No. 1588530

File: 1657869883619.png (1.18 MB, 976x1858, no functional legal difference…)

I think I'm out of screenshots now. amazing how much she managed to tweet in a couple hours.

hope liz doesn't come here, she'll have a heart attack and surely shit up the thread.

she has a fake job that leaves her a lot of free time

No. 1588537

stav roasted dasha on hasan's stream the other day

No. 1588561

File: 1657875596283.jpg (315.17 KB, 1170x1189, Soyjak James Webb telescope pi…)

No. 1588562

Honestly what's wrong with liking the images itself? They're really pretty.

No. 1588563

Stav trying for some goodwill with CT fans or trying to further distance himself from that scene he emerged out off? Or probably more likely, he's just some idiot who saw low hanging fruit/cashew nut.(learn2sage)

No. 1588574

who is debdrens

No. 1588576

The colors are fabricated. It’s based on the telescope image but edited. There are colors in space just not necessarily those colors. It makes it easier to tell what you’re looking at (and it’s an infrared telescope I think? people can’t even see infrared light so… even if you were there in person you wouldn’t be seeing it like these color pictures). Basically it’s photoshopped lol but that’s just how they do it

No. 1588591

Didn’t she say at some point that her views aligned best with standard European Christian democrats too? Which lmao because European Christian democrats are considered center right in Europe ie not leftist at all

No. 1588648

99 tweets in two hours ending with a rage quit mass deletion. What's going on in her personal life where she keeps going on these late night self-flagellation sessions? It's funny imagining her penciling into her calendar "tonight I tweet something incendiary about abortion and then argue with everyone in inevitably gets mad at me for hours while acting surprised anyone's mad in the first place."

No. 1588678

Wow the lengths Liz will go to to avoid fucking Matt these days

No. 1588688

t. unsaged retard getting mad at the most innocuous shit

This thread really got inundated with retarded RWers trying to divine the opinions of anonymous posters from what they make fun of. Lurk more, newfaggot, learn to sage and integrate.

No. 1588690

most of the derailing rw shit is from Honor and her friends doing some trolling

No. 1588692

Seems like it arrived just in time to distract from Liz's posts…

No. 1588693

>Liz has a fake job that leaves her a lot of free time
this, a lot of people don't realize that Liz works about as much per week as Anna and Dasha. her entire Atlantic output is one article per week, usually a short opinion piece which would take an experienced writer between 2-4 hours max. Liz tries to act like she's some street-smart gumshoe beat reporter but she's actually got the cushiest writing job there is - the twitter clout essayist who never steps foot in the office and makes over $200k a year for almost no work, all done from the comfort of her Connecticut mansion. yet the simps say "how do you do all this, and the kids, and the cookies too?!?"
anyway, well done to the Nonna who capped this entire meltdown. i've seen twitter accts grab caps from here and it'll probably happen again. i feel Liz's reign coming to an end and it's long overdue.

No. 1588695

The fact that she calls it “curating art” is also insane. I wonder how she feels about being so ugly. Has she ever tried to defend her looks?

No. 1588704

>Honor and her friends
so, retarded RWers, as previously stated

No. 1588719

>It's clear you have no respect for me at all
Why should anyone respect Liz Bruenig? Serious question. You aren't owed respect from everyone for being a (bad) journo

No. 1588724

bruenig is so unprofessional and self obsessed that it reflects badly on the atlantic to keep her on staff, even though she does very little in terms of writing. it's amazing they're willing to subsidize her tweeting.

No. 1588748

I mean the Atlantic also has pedo defending Kaitlynn Tiffany so… the Atlantic already looks like shit.

No. 1588752

File: 1657902983023.jpg (417.62 KB, 892x868, FGP01cuXsAMP6HT.jpg)

based nonna. Liz has also written Atlantic articles defending "porn education" in public schools, and there's multiple photos of The Atlantic's owner Lauren Powell Jobs (former wife of Steve Jobs) partying with Ghislaine Maxwell.
It's all a big club and you ain't in it (and they're all satanic pedophiles, and it's people like Kaitlyn Tiffany and Liz Bruenig's job to tell you it's not happening, and if it is here's why it's a good thing, ackshually)

No. 1588756

File: 1657903601035.png (1.31 MB, 1110x1804, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.3…)

someone with a decent amount of followers was bound to put liz on the spot eventually
I've only known debdrens as a twitter account in the left twitter sphere. interacts with all the usual people (apparently even in a groupchat with liz) but she's a little more straightforward. I guess she doesn't have a separate professional image to protect by cloaking everything in 19 layers of irony.
and I always thought the account was run by a woman but liz and carl kept saying "he" during this meltdown so I guess I'm wrong but whatever

have another random screenshot.

No. 1588761

Her position on abortion is so insane, she's against it but not in a meaningful way that would involve banning it. Then when she gets pressed she mumbles something about how in her perfect socialist paradise no one would ever need to have one. It seems really obvious she's trying to have it both ways, where she gets to be a resident tradcath darling and be a socialist postergirl at the same time, and now it's all backfiring, lol

No. 1588762

File: 1657903898179.png (740.08 KB, 1122x1300, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 20.3…)

another matt bruenig blog review and liz's response

No. 1588764

File: 1657904420504.png (1.7 MB, 1194x1870, simp Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at…)

people tried to get into that, pointing out she aligned with the pro-life movement and groups herself with them. her simps and she insisted "this isn't her saying abortion should be illegal" like it's everyone else who is confused lol

No. 1588779

leia fucked nick mullen?

No. 1588781

File: 1657907013726.png (1.03 MB, 2316x1408, whiteknights.png)

a catholic grandpa and a boy named kyle700 lent their support

kyle really went in, I saw him pop up a few times. follows bad faith, hasan, chapos, trueanon, vaush, dasha, AOC, both bruenigs, etc etc lmao?? definitely a delicate scrote with weak principles. he seems like a left-identifying type who lives in a conservative area and is honestly not very left but is happy to believe whatever the nicest person tells him and has learned to posture as a leftist to get in twitter arguments. (not to derail on this nobody, he's just very confused & funny to me)

No. 1588782

File: 1657907056461.png (14.14 KB, 746x171, Moche.png)

Moche saying anything for engagement.

No. 1588785

literally true tho

No. 1588792

she's such a useful idiot for the misogynist left

No. 1588793

punishing women who want bodily autonomy and the chance to thrive economically but releasing rapists and murderers. you just hate women liz, and you want to be the only one with a speck of pwoer.

No. 1588797

the only reason she has leftist irony simps is that they can harm women through her. she gets male attention for the first time in her life and loses it, many such cases for teacher's pets.

No. 1588800

"if you think i'm thirst trapping, your g-gay!"

No. 1588802

or people want her to say she's not a leftist and to no longer claim to be one, because she doesn't represent leftist positions, being pro-choice being a pretty solid one.

No. 1588805

File: 1657908906974.jpeg (83.16 KB, 1836x906, 1B6CBB84-39BF-4E2F-A2D4-28D4B1…)

No. 1588808

she's paid to be a leftist who holds no leftist positions. that's her utility.

No. 1588809

sauce on this obvious photoshop?

No. 1588810

being mid isn't milk, most people are.

No. 1588812

File: 1657909217654.png (2.2 MB, 1250x1910, Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 11.1…)

liz is back today to cry some more

No. 1588815

File: 1657909289182.png (330.18 KB, 600x677, lavery-06-600-1945462241.png)

earlier in the thread someone mentioned that Kaitlynn tiffany got her connection through Berkley trans "scholar" Grace Lavery.

No. 1588823

File: 1657909557954.png (1.71 MB, 1248x1408, Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 11.1…)

never have wanted to hear someone's opinion less

way to use dead children to make yourself look good after getting some heat. or maybe the whole shitfest was for publicity. who cares.

god she's such a creature

No. 1588826

File: 1657909713483.png (1.35 MB, 1316x1886, liz bruenig uvalde.png)

Liz's article is about how it's bad the Uvalde school shooting tape got released


No. 1588842

File: 1657911181499.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 4895C697-10D6-43FC-B2CE-BBC8D6…)

Sneak peek of a Dasha lewk for the Vack film in production

No. 1588846

File: 1657911273673.png (784.96 KB, 640x1136, 3FF02737-C82E-4326-9152-C276A8…)

Natasha Stagg on set

No. 1588848

File: 1657911457852.jpeg (231.37 KB, 612x751, 5E9CB1AA-C452-4050-8E58-CDF4BF…)

Hailey got a little too spicy on the tl

No. 1588866

File: 1657912864657.png (186.41 KB, 1112x818, Ben4ever8.png)


No. 1588875

File: 1657913269116.jpeg (83.59 KB, 1080x676, FXuj_esVQAA9q5o.jpeg)

this is not being well received

No. 1588876

File: 1657913383105.png (1.59 MB, 1126x1832, debdrens replies.png)

No. 1588889

hack recognize hack

No. 1588900

(it was her sisters's ass not hers, Jo is flat in all dimensions)

No. 1588903


No. 1588978

They would both be amazing suck-hogs, the difference is that one of them has PAWG energy and isn't brain-retarded while the other is probably hiding a scat fetish or some weird shit from NYU years

No. 1588985

get the fuck out

No. 1588987

File: 1657924278923.jpeg (196.28 KB, 640x453, 8ED831A6-B83C-4D7D-B2CB-0C47D2…)

Damn, Lizard Rumsfeld used to be like her number one simp going back to the halcyon days of peak weird twitter

No. 1589003

unironically true the influx of redscare reddit normies is more than apparent we didn't gatekeep hard enough

No. 1589011

any rss feeds for im so popular and tpn patreon?

No. 1589022

any girl that online has nudes floating around somewhere(sage your shit)

No. 1589191

“Mid” would be average. She’s certainly not average. Most people don’t look like her lol.

No. 1589193

Do you guys think Liz Bruenig uses birth control pills like a hypocrite, or does she actually just not have sex with her looksmatch Mucinex mascot of a spouse?

No. 1589219

LMAOOO nonny i love you i laughed so hard at mucinex mascot. kek spot on. she has alluded to matt enjoying the "adult" parts of marriage (so gross but i swear she phrased it like that) so they're def boning but idk if they're using birth control or just pulling out

No. 1589283

No, demons aren't real, tradcath

No. 1589342

If you think Leia is hideous rather than average looking you need to spend more time out looking at normal people

No. 1589347

If those people fuck I don’t think it happens often. He’s so much bigger than her too their options are limited

No. 1589355

File: 1657957014336.png (1.41 MB, 734x1304, Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 00.2…)

(nta) I agree with you, but leija does belong behind the camera.

and she's not helping herself look good by doing interviews with 20 year old tiktokers so I can't really blame people for thinking she's uglier than she is. the split screen comparison is jarring and her whole vibe is off (shiny face, unkept hair, drab apt background, awkward posture, nervous fidgeting, makeup she doesn't usually wear because she wanted to look good for tatum lmaoooo, etc) so she comes off looking worse than she had to

No. 1589359

the "why won't leia apologize for being ugly" is the funniest bit to come from these threads in ages lol

No. 1589414

The ugliness is incidental. People don’t like her because she’s a clout-grubbing social climber who throws fits when people don’t give enough respect to her “art” (reposting tiktoks, $20/month feed of pictures of street litter). She had one or two funny meltdowns about it and hasn’t done anything relevant since so there’s no reason to keep bringing her up (but half the people bringing her up are people like you whining that she was ever mentioned in these threads at all)

No. 1589426

It's been so funny watching this whole thing unfold, especially Liz B's public dismay that not everyone will put up with her meaningless fake-intellectual doublespeak forever

No. 1589442

killing babies is wrong, unless they are retarded or the mother would die and even then depending on how far along they are the baby can be delivered premature.

close your legs if you don't want to get pregnant.

No. 1589477

Eggs aren’t even fertilized by sperm until around a week after insemination, then the sperm and egg actually become literally a single cell organism. If you think a literal single cell is a baby, you are a victim of magical thinking, and I hope no one in your life jerks off and kill millions of living human sperm cells on a regular basis if it’s so meaningful and human to you to exist as a single cell. You better be refrigerating eggs instead of menstruating like a failure, too.
If you want Roe V Wade overturned and think abortions should only be done for eugenics and preventing death, you’re advocating for literal children and traumatized rape victims to give birth against their will. You are a deranged, detached sociopath. I eagerly await the day someone you know has an abortion and suddenly it becomes real to you instead of something to larp trad about online. But who am I kidding, no woman would actually trust you enough to tell you about it.
Get the fuck out.

No. 1589482

it's still a unique life

No. 1589489

No. 1589491

this bitch is retarded. don’t put her in this thread unless she’s humiliating herself

No. 1589496

Nta, very penny wise and pound foolish, aren't you? No one is going to have her mind changed by you here today, especially with myopic points. Let's just laugh at the leftcows for a change

No. 1589498

Fetus =/= baby. Abortion will never be as wrong as completely disregarding someone's autonomy and forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth against her will. Besides why would it be wrong if the fetus was normal but totally fine if it was retarded? If you view abortion as murder, do you think that killing an already born adult retarded person isn't technically murder? That's why pro-life people who make exceptions for rape, incest, the mother's life, disability, etc. are being logically inconsistent. Either it is murder or it isn't. By your logic you should have been aborted because you are clearly retarded(off-topic political debate)

No. 1589499

this mf needs an editor, his writing is always littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes

No. 1589501

>Very pennywise and foolish tsk tsk! Let us laugh, no?
God I hate you holier than thou rightoids trying to talk like this all the while preferring that 10 year old rape victims give birth than just get rid of a SINGLE CELL inside of them.

No. 1589506

pot/kettle etc, but this mfer needs to go outside

No. 1589517

It's not the case at all that they're logically inconsistent. You can very easily believe a fetus is a life and also decide that the life and welfare of the mother takes priority over the two because she is supporting the child. We don't have forced organ donation (supposedly) even though people die on the waiting list, same as this.

>you should have been aborted because you are clearly retarded

Hit the nail on the head here

No. 1589519

File: 1657987096196.png (1.56 MB, 1114x1402, Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 08.4…)

not milk just an exhibit of nature healing itself over at the Liz B simp ranch

she has left up the "libido dominandi" post which somehow feels like a trap (wonder if she's gonna quote everyone's meanie replies in an opinion piece soon) and that means her simps have defended and started arguing in the comments

have an absolute freak out when people point out you believe something nonsensical/evil, delete while everyone is worked up, and then post a sad serious message so everyone else looks crazy when they call you a dumb heartless bitch. amazing.

No. 1589522

*descended, not defended

No. 1589530

File: 1657988035128.png (831.38 KB, 1112x1432, Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 09.1…)

when I see a hammer-and-sickle guy aggressively defending liz I turn into the sicko "yes, haha, yes" meme, it's so fucking funny to me

No. 1589533

So are the chapos totally sitting out Bruniggate? Not even a "Will Menaker/Matt Christman liked" on a tweet critical of Liz?

No. 1589536

can’t imagine how good it feels to be one of the anons who was telling everyone liz is the worst from the start. congrats nonnas

No. 1589539

Aww, did you get all sad and upset that the girls didn't respond to your other RW bait upthread? I'm sorry you have to post this kind of thing to get some interaction with girls, and that you'd need to keep a woman physically chained down in a straightjacket to reproduce. Maybe try therapy?

No. 1589547

File: 1657990735613.png (814.99 KB, 1096x1973, simping.png)

if I believed in eugenics I would say these guys need to be chemically castrated as soon as possible before their seed can spread

No. 1589568

Crazy how the tides have turned. Used to be if anyone criticized her there would be legions of Chapocels and irony bros on their ass

No. 1589569

in Liz B’s ideal America these guys’ rape victims will all carry their seed to term

No. 1589571

This, we need more gc leaks

No. 1589573

I still remember when she wrote some drivel for Mother’s Day and people didn’t like it and the epic based and ironic left all sprang to her defense. it’s still beyond me why they ever considered her tolerable

No. 1589576

Inshallah she actually gets suspended at some point, but she'll probably be back instantly like coochiebone

No. 1589588

File: 1657995755720.gif (3.55 MB, 480x306, giphy.gif)

wow thank you so much nonna, been a bruenig hater from the get and remember getting shouted down in these threads when i brought her up once upon a time. "aw, liz isn't a cow, she doesn't belong in here…"

>in Liz B’s ideal America these guys’ rape victims will all carry their seed to term
well YEAH but muh based welfare state will make it all ok right nonna? …right?

never underestimate the lengths men will go to to defend a pickme (the women defending her i can't explain lol)

No. 1589592


it feels like it wasn't that long ago they probably would've defended her. like it would've been pretty consistent on them to point out liz is basically being scapegoated by people who've lost any chance at real institutional power.

No. 1589633

This. Also I'm still shocked there haven't been any leaks from felix's private account.

No. 1589653

File: 1658002193500.jpeg (177.02 KB, 616x895, BE47B776-AE3E-4316-B679-13D699…)

Liz has gotten so much heat online recently she's arranging an irl simp powwow to boost her confidence kek

No. 1589680

So the woman who claims people are so obsessed with her that she requires hired security guards every time she leaves her house in tony Connecticut…is now arranging in-person meetups, with her most obsessed simps, in a far more dangerous city. Makes sense! I’m seriously tempted to go and bring you all back some fresh milk…

No. 1589692

oh my god lol imagine the smell

to do this right now is so strange. could it be a weird ploy to get someone to yell at her on camera for victim points… but that's too deranged even for her right?

No. 1589706

"Socialists for Pritzker" got written up in Gawker. Guy behind the account definitely sounds like a chapoid if not Felix himself. https://archive.ph/gNbnT
picture the kind of person that would go to this just to get a whiff of their e-maiden

No. 1589719


I guess they found their socially acceptable version of Peter Thiel.

No. 1589727

>socialists 4 billionaires

supposedly (I don't listen, heard this from someone) when pritzker came up on the podcast chapos say he's bad but better than a republican and they're optimistic that considering how rich he is he would have the power to diverge from shittier dem policies / not be beholden to nancy pelosi, and get something good done.

typing that out I have to say it sounds kinda wild

No. 1589729

Since when is inheriting Hyatt hotel money "working class"? the Pritzker's are an evil family dynasty like the Sacklers, a presidential bid would be JB enriching his entire family, particularly those who make money off of medicalizing "trans" children thru AbbieVie and pushing policy thru the Tawani Foundation. Literally evil, nothing "socialist" about this. The same people shilling this guy hated Hillary for being a corpo dem, but Pritzker is somehow a socialist populist coming from the absolute worse Chicago machine politics, something the chapos regularly lampooned early on? Redscare funding got exposed, it's time for the rest of these "socialists" podcasters to have their funding scrutinized.

No. 1589731

so the astro-turfing begins.

No. 1589742

Only just now did I put 2 and 2 together and realize the recent influx of tweets like” Marx was upper class and so was engels, being rich as a socialist is good if we use the money to help the cause”

No. 1589743

Lol posted too early. Anyway I only just now realized it definitely has a direct correlation with this guy’s campaign.

No. 1589744


everything aimee said about chapo was true. everything.

No. 1589746

The sad thing is there isn't even any whiff of socialism here, the Socialists4Pritzker meme is banking almost solely on him being a better-than-average fighter on cultural values (Like okay, at least he'd put up more of a fight about Roe than Biden). I don't even think he's pro-M4A.

No. 1589748

very Aimee like inability to detect irony here. the gawker article is about the meme account and isn’t an actual endorsement or really calling him working class. is this guy even running for president? people are just bored about electoral politics in a midterms year, there isn’t a chapo dsa conspiracy afoot. they fantasize more often about the navy doing a coup on the government.

No. 1589749

File: 1658011571045.png (275.72 KB, 2331x529, dskfjadlskfjdwsklfjskldf.png)

haha, we're just endorsing Pritzker ironically, it's a slow news week! Jk, Jk, haha, unless…?

No. 1589751

2/3s of the article is rattling off his policy changes and why being a billionaire is actually a good thing, like how he can't be bought by evil hag pelosi!

No. 1589752


everyone should go back to the what's left episode aimee did on jacobinghazi and when she first met the chapos, bruenigs and all these other people.

yeah on a lot of things she's fucking crazy, but she truly does understand these people, what they're up to and knew all of this shit would happen a year ago.

No. 1589754

Liz B is proof that cancel culture can’t as big of a problem as people say, when this woman can regularly spew the most batshit stuff online under her actual name and keep her platform at the fucking Atlantic (and also write the occasional deranged think piece for the same Atlantic)

No. 1589756

yeah, if you're reciting the party line, you're golden.

No. 1589757

this is the "class-first" "anti-idpol" "left" literally shilling for an obese corrupt billionaire cause he's pro-trans rights and they like to suck underage girldick. you're extremely naive if you think this is just ironic. this is who they are.

No. 1589758

File: 1658013115792.png (123.43 KB, 1184x578, prediction from 2017.png)

not to mention felix has explicit family ties to pritzker as mentioned in previous thread https://mobile.twitter.com/drposhlost/status/1543471107377733632

No. 1589762

i’ll check back in in 2023 to see if you’re schizo aimee brainwashed freaks on this or not.
can you link the actual cryptocuttlefish thread?

No. 1589764

File: 1658013826230.jpg (87.47 KB, 1196x450, image.jpg)

>crypto cuttlefish
Props to him for calling it early but so much of his criticisms back in the day just felt like a weird resentment of not being in with the left twitter cool kids. I did always did wonder if he actually left for good or if he just rebranded.

No. 1589815

weren’t they fucking each other at one point?

No. 1589825

“working-class billionaire” is as dumb about Pritzker as it was about Trump

No. 1589827

No, I’m not listening to Aimee’s podcast. Ever. I don’t care that she was right about a single thing. She’s a fucking insane moron anyway.

No. 1589837

don't know about coochiebone but Hailey was dating Connor Golden who abused and raped her then he cheated on her with Margaret McLaughlin and when she complained about his behavior to Metro DC DSA they didn't take any of seriously and that's when she left DSA. Connor was cancelled like a year later when she opened up on twitter about the abuse and other women came forward.

No. 1589840

Wait, what? I thought that was that Malloy guy

No. 1589860

oh shit you're right, I think both Connor and Malloy abused her but it was Malloy who cheated on her with Marge, but Marge also dated Connor at one point…

No. 1590053

File: 1658066353564.jpg (386.72 KB, 1170x2080, 294026050.jpg)

No. 1590056

I thought this had to be copypasta, but apparently it's real?

No. 1590059

sounds fake

No. 1590067

File: 1658067194515.jpg (92.29 KB, 1170x2080, 294199810.jpg)

She reposted it on her insta with this so idk. The poster hasn't shared their photos.

No. 1590139

File: 1658073309162.png (1.7 MB, 942x1190, Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 11.5…)

Liz B's tight and perky fake tits are back

No. 1590147

They look so obviously fake here it’s uncomfortable. She should sue someone.

No. 1590152

She can get her teeth fixed and get a boob job but she'll never be able to change those dead eyes

No. 1590155

she's never dressed this revealingly or in this style before. she really tarted herself up, put on her best slutty fake reformation top and gold jewelry like it's 2017 and put her fake tits on display to own the haterz lmao. the tinge of sadness in her eyes is the cherry on top

No. 1590157

body and clothes: 2016 instathot
eyes: hide the pain harold

No. 1590171

They look so genuinely lopsided and lumpy. She could’ve ignored the boob job expose from Dasha and had a little benefit of the doubt on her side. But showing them off like this has made it obvious they’re fake. Look at the huge lumps on the left, it almost looks shooped.

No. 1590175

Liz absolutely not beating the fake tit allegations

No. 1590179

File: 1658077370605.png (2.51 MB, 828x1792, 671468E4-F952-4329-8674-4F085D…)

I think I’ve uncovered more plastic surgery. I think some of it is attributed to weight loss but she’s definitely gotten a nose job (I’ll include more pics in coming posts)

No. 1590180

File: 1658077414535.png (6.64 MB, 828x1792, A1BD2C8C-1F64-48E2-BFDD-B5B8BB…)

Nose job.

No. 1590181

File: 1658077457124.png (2.32 MB, 828x1792, B016599B-ACDB-47D1-ADAC-3F2792…)

Obviously had dental work but I think it’s more than that. Here’s her before

No. 1590182

File: 1658077528070.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, 90E3213A-0322-4CDF-B603-161AFF…)

Also clearly Botox/lip flip to fix the gummy smile

No. 1590187

Liz has had heaps of work done. Can’t imagine how many times she’s had to inject botox into her gums to hide her horse mouth.

This pic in particular is freaky. Her cupid’s bow is super sharp and V-shaped, but in every older pic it’s rounded and flat. Definitely had work done on her lips. Wouldn’t put it past her to get a nose job or some fucked up fillers.

No. 1590188

>made a point to complain on twitter about how all criticism of her weasely anti-abortion stance comes back to how fuckable she is
>next post on social media is this
she really is something else

No. 1590192

File: 1658078281202.jpg (549 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20220717-004648_rif…)

For the anon who asked for some content from the girls & gays subreddit

No. 1590193

Samefag oh it's not even from g&g lol

No. 1590197

File: 1658078606176.jpeg (798.3 KB, 828x1222, D85B13E0-33AE-496F-BD27-88BF16…)

Reminder of this pic of Liz too kek

No. 1590200

File: 1658078856163.jpeg (591.6 KB, 828x1023, 1CCEC912-CB1A-4C66-8E7A-689873…)

She really enjoys using her kids for her thirst traps, it’s really sick. Here she is naked with her daughters.

No. 1590224

AOC was supposed to be a co-panelist at this event but she backed out at the last minute for reasons unknown.

No. 1590235

Well, it's copypasta now

No. 1590242

it almost looks more shopped than plasticked, what is with the weird lighting on her shoulders

No. 1590244

I think she also had a Botox brow lift

No. 1590275

the old cumtown sub found stuff about the cult nick's parents were in - called the "sullivan institute" which was some polygamist radical hippie commune in nyc. i think his childhood was probably a lot more fucked up than he lets on

No. 1590290

is this all you do as an agent now, make these posts? seems easy

No. 1590293

the blurring she did makes it look like she's wearing a silicone breastplate from china

No. 1590300

File: 1658089487342.png (92.7 KB, 1636x460, sullivaninstitute.png)

No. 1590356

Looks crazy shopped, low effort trolling because she likes attention here. Just my tinfoil opinion

No. 1590365

No WK but doesn’t look like a nose job to me. Her nose in this pic looks the same as in this most recent pic >>1590139 , slightly crooked, w/ hanging columnella.

Agree that it looks different/better here but that could easily be lighting/angle/shoop >>1590180

Besides the teeth and boobs she might just do botox

No. 1590391


pattern of plastic surgery medfagging about whatever cow is the hot topic is derailing and tiny bit sus, but I've done it too for amber's filler so I can't really talk. liz's face mostly looks like she went on a 6-month crash diet to me.

>how many times she’s had to inject botox into her gums to hide her horse mouth
lmao I thought you were being sarcastic but apparently this is a real thing so maybe you all are on to something

No. 1590404

File: 1658097601248.png (321 KB, 1280x600, the_idol.png)

Do we think this is the mystery TV show that Dasha said she was invited into the writers' room for last year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5trYh8m1vs
Quite a few RS-related and RS-core talent involved. (Rachel Sennott, Hari Nef, Kate Lyn Sheil, Troye Sivan, Lily-Rose Depp, Troye Sivan, Sam Levinson, and of course The Weeknd)

No. 1590415

No. Dasha literally wishes. But no. Honestly Lily Rose Depp is everything Dasha larps as.

No. 1590419

off topic but Lily Rose Depp looks like the creature in Splice (2009)

No. 1590431

what a porn sick line-up, can't wait to totally ignore this and the constant ads shilling it.

No. 1590437

File: 1658101927650.png (1019.08 KB, 708x1356, therapy quest.png)

adam was on wet brain (halfway through ep). he doesn't know he's on the pod when they call him and says something that's redacted with a 10-second beep. they tease Honor for being rich/ having a beautiful family home in France, and Matthew comes up for being an annoying religious nerd. adam says the piggies can't figure out how to spell his girlfriend's name so he's fine saying it on the show (she's chilling in the hamptons btw and they also dox the specific 6-square-mile neighborhood she's staying in). He and Nick are burning money on setting up The Adam Friedland Show (set, equipment, studio, costumes, etc) but adam sounds mostly amused by it not actually worried.

adam's cousins have a dumb video game podcast, which is only interesting to me because it has zero followers and adam could change that in 10 seconds if he wanted to. I'm know I'm shilling by posting it but lol @ the premise

honor quit adderall too, must be a fad. or supply chain shortage hitting the podcast sector.

No. 1590443

feel like nona is on to something, it's never been more obvious that she's had fake tits hacked on

No. 1590446

This might actually make me feel sympathetic towards Nick if true

No. 1590462


>> honor quit adderall too, must be a fad. or supply chain shortage hitting the podcast sector.

A lot of “adhd management” pill mills are having issues with the US DEA now, and large pharmacies are not filling their prescriptions.

No. 1590489

I'm convinced the timeline is that his parents divorced, his mother took him, got involved with the cult, some fucked up shit happened resulting in his dad taking him and leaving his mom with the cult. This was just a feeling I got binging through Cum Town episodes and parsing through his childhood stories.

No. 1590505

it seems like she would have to already be involved in the cult since the leader died in the early 90's, and everything was imploding already before the 80's. nick's wiki says he was born in 1988. the articles also said the leader decided who would mate with whom, so maybe a Jewish psychiatrist with a god complex engineered the most gay and retarded autistic millennial comedian. if that's the case then nick living in New York is like exposure therapy to acclimate to artists and bohemians.

No. 1590527

I was just making shit up in my head. For all I know, she could have joined it before even Nick was born. I only parsed glimpses of his childhood life from Cum Town.

No. 1590530

File: 1658115537722.jpg (109.98 KB, 471x798, image_6483441.JPG)

No. 1590552

He’s got that hard lumpy hernia belly and a whitehead in every pore. Starting a prayer circle for the zoomer girlies

No. 1590553

I hate that you showed me this.

No. 1590556

god save the female cum town orbiters

No. 1590565

mousy mid thinks she's a 10 because she's twenty, many such cases. she could've bagged an skinny-fat ophthalmologist or an actuary, but now she's got the stink of a greek pedophile on her. sad

No. 1590568

File: 1658119728592.jpg (95.62 KB, 900x750, hari-nef-1.jpg)

he's probably barely in it but its a mystery to me why hari nef gets any work. he's pudgy, can't act and more more unappealing to look at than say the pose troons or hunter schafer. it was always weird to me how quickly he shapeshifted into this crowd, as if it didn't get his "career" started by being an idpol-obsessed wokeskold, lecturing caitlyn jenner for clicks for not being a democrat

No. 1590574

this is extremely depressing

No. 1590577

ruining your life and body by intentionally giving yourself a hormone disorder because you wanted to jump the line in front of natal women.

No. 1590581

we already have aidy bryant at home

No. 1590595

it’s literally because hari nef was part of a stupid clique on tumblr in the early 2010s so all these people have nostalgia that deludes them. had a couple modeling gigs in 2014-2015 and everyone went wild, that’s it. and i think hari nef wound up becoming edgier (and fatter) and gravitated towards red scare shit in 2019ish

No. 1590631

File: 1658129240309.png (144.46 KB, 768x488, Aimee on Chapo.png)

No. 1590636

File: 1658129695598.png (90.01 KB, 1254x164, lolcow post.png)

I wonder if dasha or liz herself posted the boob job rumor here last year

No. 1590642

does she have a new/secret account yet or has she really lasted a whole month off twitter? that's a new record for her

No. 1590647

File: 1658131535930.png (5.97 MB, 2244x1680, elizabeth stoker bruenig.png)

thank you. these pixels have been tampered with. I would point out the wavy arms but why bother nitpicking when the whole situation is crazy.

a devout catholic with a masters degree and a position writing for The Atlantic poorly shooped her tits and posted them on instagram (caption "out on da town with matte") in a slide with random pictures of her children and cats and baked goods. that's fucking weird. it's not even really a joke or a troll the way she did it (assuming she isn't delusional) unless it's specifically targeted at lolcow, which would be pathetic.

No. 1590660

File: 1658132794960.jpeg (59.33 KB, 508x680, not on the left.jpeg)

right, because she's not on the left her views are just >>1588434 on the extreme left margin. and also she has been very clear about her views so it's really ridiculous people asked her to clarify them under the debdrens QT.


No. 1590680

I mean, it's not out of the realm of possibility. HBO execs know who she is; she guest starred in the latest season of their most popular show, and two characters were based off her on their second most popular show.

No. 1590686

Looks more like facetune

No. 1590751

she must've gotten them recently seeing as they haven't dropped yet

No. 1590767

this isn’t a remotely new or unique thought and all non larping marxists have maintained this stance well before amy.

No. 1590771

lol i didn’t even notice the wavy arms. the boobs are super wonky already too. getting a boobjob just to keep shooping them is so sad and pathetic

No. 1590786

File: 1658157394389.png (5.27 MB, 2114x1372, Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 11.0…)

did she buy her Reformation top at her big trip to Nordstroms that she posted multiple pics of to IG like a teenager visiting New York for the first time lol. The tacky moto jacket, the poor-fitting knockoff Vetements jeans, the fake Docs…..congratulations on discovering the hottest fashion trends of 2014 liz

No. 1590790

File: 1658157861983.png (6.04 MB, 2340x1554, girlboss liz.png)

more Liz Bruenig fashionposting because the cringe is killing me. why is she suddenly dressing like a 2016 instafluencer with her blazer and hoop earrings, and someone please tell her to get her $14.99 Ross dress for less pumps off Matt's dashboard in Henry Hudson traffic lol

No. 1590801

Why does she look 15 here, bet Dasha is seething

No. 1590811

File: 1658161240001.png (940.94 KB, 1400x700, 1_yJrfAz-5WsRFXjct90x56Q.png)

>You kiddin' me right here? Pink designer pumps, okay, these are funky, these go with a lot of things – thirty bucks? At Ross? What?

No. 1590812

This is painful to look at. Clinging to youth so hard she ends up like an SNL tier caricature. Fuck. The out of fashion hipster haircut you otherwise only find on children, the unflattering mousy brown she’s too stubborn to dye, ill-fitting everything not meant for her body type, the trying to be sexy tongue bite juxtaposed with those fugly teeth jutting out. Reminds me of troons trying to be cutesy. So forced and awkward. Just wow.

No. 1590821

Why doesn't she even attempt to whiten her teeth? Why not just get veneers or crowns at this point? She can definitely afford it.

No. 1590822

She looks nothing like an actual 15 year old, but anyway, it’s the haircut. I’m sure she knows they’re infamous for making people look younger and it’s why she got it. But the bobs make anyone without either extra delicate or sharpened features look like a berries and cream choir boy. It just makes Liz look like a frumpy old woman with gender confusion imo, not a kid. The candid makes it obvious her body is that of a mom reaching 40, not a prepubescent 4’7 girl like she wishes.

No. 1590823

File: 1658161578505.png (3.33 MB, 1844x1074, liz quimby.png)

>out of fashion hipster haircut you otherwise only find on children
ever since she got that haircut all i see is Ramona Quimby

No. 1590838

>nick's wiki says he was born in 1988
And this is what he's doing with his life at fucking 34 years old? Why do we only shit on the girls for acting the way they do at their age when this manchild who's almost 40 is getting eye infections to own the libs

No. 1590840

Shoe pic just makes me think of Aretha in her coffin ngl

No. 1590887

I’m sure if nick posted details of his personal life at the same volume as the rs girls he’d be laughed at just as much. Also he seems more self aware.

No. 1590902

she nailed them, and it applies to many others in that sphere. and then they had the balls to cry about redscare doing it with the red team. imagine what she could do if wasn't brain-starved and running on redbull fumes.

No. 1590903

why did she make herself orange? maybe she's colorblind

No. 1590909

the boobs make her head look small and her proportions dwarf-like.

she's giving anorexic grandma in talbots spring collection.

No. 1590918

she’s a reactionary and a total retard with delusions. doesn’t matter that she was right about chapos when every non retard already had the stance before aimee ever said anything. even a broken clock is right twice a day. the aimee simping itt needs to end lmao.

No. 1590919

File: 1658172418585.jpeg (738.84 KB, 828x1125, 8D031885-0E98-405E-BFAC-0149E3…)

Apologies if this has been posted already but what the fuck are these hobbit feet

No. 1590920

sage for nitpick but forget the feet, that brow bone made me think it was a troon at first glance

No. 1590921

you know ebruenig stock is crashing when she's resorting to feet pix

No. 1590923


if you look closely at the middle bottom of the picture it kinda looks like there's a wiener taking a poop

No. 1590925

Might need moldbug to weigh in on this

No. 1590927

my fucking sides

No. 1590928

To match the fake tan of the pin up model she stole those tits from lol

No. 1590932


i love how everyone is like "she's a deluded retard, but also we were deluded retards first so stop giving her points for it"

No. 1590954

how is her stock crashing, she's never gotten more attention this past week

No. 1590975

File: 1658177475750.jpg (75.83 KB, 640x480, EUcBaA5WsAE1G3k.jpg)

Liz isn't like Dasha tho where a lifetime of being mid at everything made acting out her only way to get (negative) attention. Liz is picrelated, a dyed in the wool daddy-pleaser/teacher's pet desperate for approval from authority figures. the fact that the entire internet, including large portions of her fanbase, took away her super special good girl points this week is killing her i'm sure. i mean she's never been desperate enough to put on this sort of display before >>1590139 that says something

No. 1590980

putin in a wig

No. 1590982

saying chapos are libs is just obvious though. it’s like heralding a 5 year old as a genius for saying we breathe oxygen

No. 1590991

The boob job is so obvious in retrospect. Her bustline starts like an inch under her collarbone, that shit ain't normal unless you're a troon.

No. 1591009

Yeah lol, it didn't seem obvious until the across the table pic above where you can tell her breasts are clearly high-up, circular bolt-ons

No. 1591019

because scarethot pickmes still want to fuck him and a million moids with even worse life prospects would swoop in and scream, cry, and stamp their feet to control the narrative. he's discussed endlessly everywhere else.

No. 1591020

he's not more self aware, the standards for women are just higher.

No. 1591025

Yeah but nick thinks of himself as a pathetic retard. Rs girls consider themselves it girl public intellectuals. What little does get posted here about nick, like the eye infection, is brought up months later with disgust. There are double standards but it doesn’t seem to be the case here.

No. 1591048

he doesn't actually think he's a pathetic retard, it's an self-deprecating act much like brunig's little goody two-shoes routine, which is why stav going for it lit a fire under his ass, because he believes he is actually the talent and that stav and adam skate on his largess. he's doing the adam friedland show, using adam as a proxy because he's a coward who is afraid to fail.

No. 1591061

Right. Women’s natural breasts don’t look like that. No matter how young you are (she’s not) or how naturally perky your breasts are, natural breasts don’t look like this. They are saggier and more humble.

Speaking of humility, isn’t Modesty one of the basic values of Christianity, the religion that Liz famously subscribes to? I can’t think of anything less modest than getting breast implants and posting a pic of your cleavage for the whole world to see.

No. 1591080

No. 1591086

that sub is 100% men at this point.

No. 1591093

Seems kind of stupid to directly compare arguably the least hatable cow posted in these threads to easily the most hatable.

No. 1591095

File: 1658188109213.jpeg (534.63 KB, 1000x1000, adam friedland show.jpeg)

promotional images for AFS getting weirder.

new gag on latest ep is they will turn it into a true crime podcast, but one where they kill women in studio as part of the show

No. 1591096

Are you the woman who had sex with that fat Greek piggy? Did you enjoy seeing that bald ponytail as he ate your pussy?

No. 1591125

yikes. can't shit on the plastic surgery but maybe learn the bare minimum of flattering styling first

No. 1591134

a christian tradwife getting a bob is the equivalent of a normal woman shaving her whole head. wonder why she did it.

No. 1591138

>getting eye infections to own the libs
When did he say he got the infection to "own the libs"? What world do you live in?

No. 1591150

File: 1658192544549.png (666.06 KB, 1362x834, ooze.png)

lurk more

No. 1591153

That just seems like projection and empath-speak. Numerous times he's said that he's pathetic, doesn't have real job or art and definitely doesn't deserve the success he had (which I agree with, even though I like him) and the only reason he pushes on is because of the money. I will agree he's arrogant though but that's because he's a moid. They're bred to be that way and probably because he spent much of his youth and young adulthood being broke, homeless and being the bottom bitch at various jobs that he overreacts at slight criticism. Even then, he's gotten better.

No. 1591157

You are aware that was more of a tongue in cheek comment right? That it literally wasn't to "own the libs" or defy medical protocol but him beating himself up for associating every little detail in his life with twitter arguments(sage your shit)

No. 1591162

have u considered it's just the source of the 'own the libs' phrase and not an analysis of your sad gay boyfriend's writing?

No. 1591174

aw did insult your comfort podcaster?

No. 1591175

I love that Anna is posting here

No. 1591176

wash your balls nick defenders

No. 1591179

yeah, because as we all know, people are what they insist that they are and not a culmination of their behavior.

No. 1591240

her side profile is truly tragic

No. 1591241

that's the point. he is 34 years of age and admitting that his brain is so melted by twitter that he's rubbing fecal matter into his eye. everyone gets it, nobody needs it explained to them. are you fucking autistic?

No. 1591282

File: 1658205968867.png (3.87 MB, 828x1792, A01C61C3-4DD3-459D-9B70-716263…)

She looks like she has a frog filter on but that’s just her face

No. 1591302

File: 1658209096608.jpeg (18.08 KB, 295x171, B04D526B-3E2D-4B90-9009-53E364…)

Her uwu petite skull legitimately looks like a cro-magnon woman’s.

No. 1591355

They absolutely look nothing like the breasts of a woman who nursed two kids, even in the best case scenario. Liz has collarbone-high tits in spaghetti strap dresses. Natural looking breast implants exist, but she opted for the retro style because her pornified brain somehow thinks it’s a good look.

>where is the Christian humility

Liz has bizarre views on modesty and sex that don’t quite align with the Church. She’s posted her bare breast at least 3 times, but I think her sickness goes beyond a simple desire for male attention. She’s obsessed with being perceived as a middle schooler by complete strangers but she also sees herself as a Christina Hendricks-esque bombshell. She advocates showing pornography to young children as “sex education.” She thinks her seizures are literally God speaking to her. Liz is a complete nutter if you haven’t already noticed.

No. 1591364

File: 1658213765137.jpeg (993.91 KB, 3330x2851, F9743E8D-CA9C-4DF9-BC86-CD4BC1…)

Upcoming schizopost.

Does anyone think her implants look different now? Top-left is how they looked July 2021, while the other two images are current. I thought implants dropped slightly over time, but hers look higher now than ever before. It’s likely just a change of posture and weight loss causing the outline of the implants to become more visible, but I wouldn’t put it past Liz to go under knife again and get a larger set.

No. 1591367

>She thinks her seizures are literally God speaking to her.
that's normal for religious narcissists

No. 1591371

the difference between those images is the top two are normal photos and the bottom one is badly photoshopped. also a gingham cotton wench dress and a swimsuit hold your rack differently, fake or not. are you even a girl, nona?

No. 1591395

I am a woman, just joking around and entertaining my autistic inner voice. I still can’t believe she actually fucking posted the bottom one though, I mean one side of the breast has an obviously jagged edge, not to mention the arms. Hilarious how Dasha declared war on Liz when the two are both going through the same kind of early 30s self-image crisis.

No. 1591408

File: 1658219575588.jpeg (78.65 KB, 628x939, 5C6AF970-C1A4-4389-A95C-C3B34F…)

This is Liz in 2006. This is what an actual 15 year old looks like.

No. 1591436

she's waiting for people to post it on twitter & call her a fake bitch so she can report them for sexual harassment / talk about needing a security detail again

No. 1591504

Someone needs to tell scarethots like Liz & Dasha that there’s an age limit on pedo pandering. Liz looks exactly like what she is - a short, squat 30-something mom of 2 with breast implants. I get that they’re desperate for male attention, but the “uwu petite schoolgirl” LARP gets really sad when you have visible wrinkles on your face.

No. 1591537

Did Nick really fuck this?

No. 1591551

Leia would sure like us to believe it

No. 1591554

Believe it or not she was a high-class sugar baby in her early 20s. She had hedge fund multi-millionaries eating out of the palm of her hand. Baffling.

No. 1591570


No. 1591611

he does. that's basically what cumtown was.

No. 1591614

While nick shares personal stuff on the pod, a fairly obvious comparison can be made: everyone knows dashas body count and all about the zoomer bf and that Anna does not live with her baby daddy, but no one has any idea who nick is dating. His life is less posted about or shared than that of the rs girls.

No. 1591619

File: 1658244273481.png (2.36 MB, 2144x1060, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 11.1…)

anon is referring to Leia's appearance in a sugar baby documentary a few years back, but from the doc it's extremely clear she was the opposite of a high-class sugar baby - picrelated is not the appearance, clothing, or apartment of a woman making good money sugar dating lol. she prob went on a couple Seeking Arrangements dates, made a hundred bucks plus cab fare to be an old man's fuck sock and told herself she was an uwu high class escort. Dasha admitted to prostituting herself on Seeking Arrangements on her old ask.fm too


No. 1591631

Who would pay thousands of dollars to sleep with a fat Dasha? kek

No. 1591639

we all know about every ex he ever had and what kind of shit she liked in bed.

No. 1591648

how is this any different from the faux self depreciation the Anna and Dasha do

No. 1591650

the nick dickriding in here is crazy. you can tell half the anons here are from the redscare reddit because of it. he's a massive attention whore faggot. he whines about how mentally ill uwu he is all the fucking time like every other cow. i do think if he were a girl you guys would make fun of him more instead of sincereposting like a bunch of fangirls.

No. 1591656

this. the women have crushes on him and the men want to be him. it’s pathetic. anons are dickriding a guy who can’t go a month without fungus invading his whole body

No. 1591676

Just skipping over any Nick discussion makes the reading experience more pleasant

No. 1591709

Normally I don't care about how women wear makeup or not, but I don't understand why she couldn't put on a little bit of mascara and blush to sell being a sugar baby better. How can you not bothered to look nice for an interview?

No. 1591747

There's really not much to discuss re: nick. It just seemed like one nona vendettaposting tbqh.

No. 1591748

That just seems like projection and empath-speak. Numerous times he's said that he's pathetic, doesn't have real job or art and definitely doesn't deserve the success he had (which I agree with, even though I like him) and the only reason he pushes on is because of the money. I will agree he's arrogant though but that's because he's a moid. They're bred to be that way and probably because he spent much of his youth and young adulthood being broke, homeless and being the bottom bitch at various jobs that he overreacts at slight criticism. Even then, he's gotten better.

No. 1591752

how is it vendettaposting to say it’s weird that so many people itt are obviously defending nick because they’re cum town orbiters from reddit
most things about him itt are sympathetic

No. 1591770

did anyone look into all that creepy shit Barrett Avner did that led to his move to TX?

No. 1591777

she looks so much like a troon

No. 1591787

Unsaged question asking for rumor no one’s ever brought up before, that doesn’t seem like bait. I figured he moved for political or money reasons based on the fact he was very thiel associated at the time of his move.

No. 1591795

I don't even like cum town that much but the way some of you are framing this is frankly insipid. he clearly didn't "intentionally rub poop in his eyes", he's just slovenly and has hang-ups about treating himself because he apparently views any medical precaution as lib-coded (really dumb of him)

No. 1591797

After they end the call with Adam Honor mentions that she was in Vegas at the same time as Anna and Dasha and they wouldn't meet up with her group for some reason. Then she says she has something "really juicy" about that for off pod and said that it doesn't have anything to do with her or zoomer bf Matthew. Adam also said he was glad Honor said she was dropping the being right wing thing and makes fun of Walt for the Catholic conversion because he had just found out Walt's Jewish.

No. 1591802

>Honor said she was dropping the being right wing thing
Well this is unexpected. I assume she's not going on adderall-fueled race science rants at milady raves anymore?

No. 1591804

File: 1658263936831.gif (429.81 KB, 500x375, dfjsklsdafjdwas.gif)

finally, some sanity

No. 1591806

lmao at talking about being right wing like it’s a lifestyle choice or crossfit. fitting

No. 1591808

intentionally refusing to wash your hands to own the libs despite knowing risks = intentionally putting shit bacteria in your eye

No. 1591809

It's possible he just never washes his sheets or pillow cases, that's a surefire way to get an eye infection.

No. 1591811

he wrote an entire substack article detailing it was because he refused to wash his hands as a political protest and the type of infection was specifically caused by SHIT. please make it end

No. 1591812

Oh, ok then. That sounds both pathetic and deranged. Carry on.

No. 1591818

Nick's never had a substack. Do zoomers just think every blog is a substack now or something?

No. 1591830

calling a wordpress blog a substack is unintentionally hilarious.

No. 1591831

literally every annoying tradcath larper in new york is secretly jewish its insane how its rarely brought up

No. 1591834


She’s so unremarkable looking.

No. 1591835


She posts like a woman who regrets marrying and having children early.

No. 1591836

Remember the whole Luke Turner vs. Mathieu Malouf affair? Daniel Keller posting black suns on instagram? Self-hating Jews are a real phenomenon among this demographic, it's weird.

No. 1591837

don't want to get schizo but are they pretending not to be jewish because of epstein? walt had a modelling agency tied to epstein (midland agency) which i don't think he's ever been confronted about

No. 1591839

no i just never read the full article, only screenshots. i assumed it was substack since that’s what all his gay friends use

No. 1591840

100%. she talks about being a nerd in high school on a regular basis and how she feels like she missed out. the trad larp is just her doubling down instead of facing her regrets honestly. pushing out babies and begging to be praised for it while bashing other women is a helluva lot easier than confronting the jealousy and resentment she has built up

No. 1591845

Dasha isn't

No. 1591847

Just wait for the 23&me results. Quarter Mongol, quarter Tatar, quarter Lithuanian, quarter Jewish.

No. 1591851

wait til /pol finds out there's a cabal of media darling new york Jews larping as incredibly obnoxious Catholics, thus making Christianity more loathed than ever before. new conspiracy just dropped

No. 1591882

File: 1658271997961.png (200.04 KB, 1406x976, polish lithuanian commonwealth…)

i don't know, she's basically polish. maybe she is a jew and her grandma had her baptized roman catholic because the USSR just collapsed & the nazis might come back. roman catholic church was a pillar of german society in her grandma's day. put on your tinfoil hat and think about it lol

No. 1591912

File: 1658274501177.png (265.33 KB, 1504x1224, anna reviews mull dot dog.png)

maybe you're right

No. 1591918

I unironically think it might be better for her to confront it, have an early midlife crisis, whore around a bit, and maybe become sane when she realizes she didn't miss that much. I don't think she has the capacity to do that though or she would already have

No. 1591928

maybe she’ll end up getting a divorce and end up like peter coffin’s ex wife. similar case of settling down too soon after being a goody two shoes nerd in school, having babies with a nerd husband, having obvious regret over missing out, then getting all kinds of cosmetic procedures done.

No. 1591947

this anon is right on the money. Poles and Belarusians near Sokółka and Kuźnica in PL and Grodno in BY, where Dasha was ~baptized~, are largely an ethnic mish-mosh of various assortments of East Euro and distant Jewish and Tatar heritage

but even if she is ethnically partially Jewish or Polish, it really means nothing. cultural/racial/religious identities in EE aren't like those in the West. no one bothers to claim their 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc heritages. even if someone is of significant mixed heritage, personal identity tends to align with national identity (which is usually consistent with religious identity as many EE countries were partitioned along religious lines post WWII). conversion is extremely special snowflakey by EE standards as you are practically renouncing your national identity at the same time. tradcath larping as an EE is just as absurd as a Pixyteri-tier weeb

t. east euranon

No. 1591953

99% of people itt aren’t going to know who pt is but i appreciate the effortpost anon. very hilarious that they go on and on about how different things are in eastern europe and use that as a prop when they themselves don’t even know

No. 1591979

No. 1591982

stop autismsplaining Nick to us and fuck off loser

No. 1591985

>as absurd as a Pixyteri-tier weeb
We still have OG farmers ITT? What a sight for sore eyes

Surprised they're not saying this yet, probably just a matter of time until caths start going on a proper purity spiral

No. 1592068

Why do people ride Nicks dick so hard? What is so great about him? People defending him. I’ve only seen his stand up and it sucks.

No. 1592092

I don't have a screenshot but twitter user @collnsmith "personal anatomical" tweeted "LB has breast implants", corroborating the discussion herein. she deleted like a minute after posting. She either came to this conclusion independently or got the info form dascha

No. 1592101

or, maybe, just maybe, this literallywho uses reddit and saw the hundreds of recent comments from people saying liz has implants, saw it on twitter, etc. maybe she even lurks here. it’s everywhere now.

No. 1592110

this was posted before the roe meltdown etc

No. 1592128

I listened to this, Jack has the worst vocal fry out of all the podcasters. This guy sees himself as a major taste maker and artist but all he's doing is talking about other people's art and crying about it. It's really telling his brother just disappeared from the show, does he even post?

No. 1592149

before the discord leak too? >>>/snow/1581265

No. 1592184

File: 1658314498925.jpeg (269.59 KB, 1242x562, 87DC6638-98DC-4232-862F-48FE58…)

She does lurk here lol she made a tweet pretending to find it pathetic a while back and then has been obviously reading the thread ever since

No. 1592187

he is a manlet and is shaped like crash bandicoot

No. 1592210

No. 1592225

File: 1658321521213.jpeg (214.49 KB, 1242x456, EB8EACCA-992D-481C-973B-1F5A3A…)

I know it doesn’t really matter bc it’s just some “anti woke” adjacent literal who but it’s actually so pathetic how these women just change their opinion to mirror whatever they think will appeal most to @ironicrapist420 at any given time, for literally zero gain on their end

No. 1592226

>boards about twitter
Clearly not lurking enough to understand what a thread is

No. 1592246

it’s honestly been kind of surprising to me that seemingly every single “extremely online” person in this sphere has never used an imageboard before based off their reactions to this thread

No. 1592266

These people diarypost on Twitter then are shocked when people talk about them

No. 1592267

File: 1658325585235.jpeg (416.48 KB, 750x957, 0EFF80E2-F5CC-4820-B66E-287B04…)

>looking like this while talking disparagingly about aging women

No. 1592270

No one had ever mentioned her let alone talked about her at that point, this was during the peak of when these irony accounts would get mentioned in passing one time then make like 10 tweets about the cruel harassment they’d received and come here asking for the thread to be closed, so I think she was just trying to pander to her loser followers as always

No. 1592272

I’m so glad the period where every irony guy and their weird female hangers on would pretend any minor negative comment towards Liz was “evil roasties seething because she bravely dared to love her kids” is over

No. 1592274

Calling women roasties in defense of a woman who’s birthed multiple babies is a good bit

No. 1592277

File: 1658326413846.png (86.34 KB, 627x823, lol.png)

checking in on the red scare fan to global warming denialist pipeline (op is a social media manager)

No. 1592285

lol I remember that psycho was an organizer for Bernie 2020 then after he lost she almost immediately went full post-left pro-Trump

No. 1592291

honestly nonnies she's right, i myself am exactly 38 years old, have never known love, and dream of being an anorexic twitter addict who flirts with death row prisoners for attention and fantasizes about my elderly married neighbor while climbing ole Matt mountain every night.

No. 1592295

File: 1658328305867.jpg (142.06 KB, 895x471, Screenshot 2022-07-20 104432.j…)

The perfect encapsulation of the LizB aesthetic, tee hee I'm just a smol bean don't hurt me for being a raging lunatic

No. 1592301

Can you please link the full article? Saged

No. 1592304

They’re all turning on her now because it’s popular but it’s genuinely pathetic because these guys actually believe — or want to believe — that being a virgin until you marry an ugly sperg (them) and then devote your life to having his babies and baking is genuinely every woman’s secret dream so badly that the idea it isn’t and there are other reasons someone could dislike something about Liz was unfathomable to them and would literally like enrage them

No. 1592305

No. 1592312

File: 1658329100714.png (410.46 KB, 1482x522, Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.5…)

holy fuck. Liz Bruenig patting herself on the back for having "dutiful" and "icy, spiteful" marital sex "without complaint" tells you everything you need to know about this woman and why she's so eager to project her specific misery onto the world

No. 1592322

eh, she looks fine. aging always hits women who disparage aging women like a train, i don't understand how that's such a normal thing when "everyone ages and dies, including you" is usually learned by age 10

No. 1592325

File: 1658329793964.png (557.05 KB, 1348x1138, spon con.png)

Ion Pod dead in the water but do these people get that they're doing sponcon for real estate developers who are about to price everyone out and back to Brooklyn? And rumor is all the little galleries and stores there were propped up by the developers to make the make the area into a hot spot for yuppies.

No. 1592337

nonnies, is Matt raping Liz while she sleeps…? Wtf?

No. 1592348

especially wild that Liz wrote this in 2015, when she was 25 and only one year into her marriage. typically a very horny time but Liz already seems intimately acquainted with every type of perfunctory, angry, resentful, and sub-consensual form of sex there is. never forget this is the woman they think represents domestic bliss, that we're all jealous of. like nonna said above it's because she represents a man's idea of domestic bliss - aka having a live-in fleshlight who cooks and cleans, too


No. 1592364

Piledriving Liz onto a copy of Intercourse by Dworkin

No. 1592372

The point is she’s not giving off some vibrant and young vibe

No. 1592387

File: 1658333733120.png (317.21 KB, 557x480, gg.png)

I"m old enough to remember Glenn saying going on Alex Jones' show was a bridge too far for his conservative "outreach."

No. 1592389

File: 1658333796873.png (227.69 KB, 521x585, 2019.png)

No. 1592402

File: 1658334924963.jpg (75.19 KB, 828x664, FYH0gbqWAAE4KtU.jpg)

God this whiney little freak is just always the victim isn't she. Women fucking bleeding out in hospitals and she can't be bothered to say anything because people might dunk on her for being a moron

No. 1592425

funniest part of that was that whenever any random 2k irony guy got posted here, it was probably another irony guy vendetta posting him, trying to use the farms as their personal army over some group chat drama

No. 1592427

Unexpectedly good article tbh

No. 1592428

I read this as glenn saying he 100% WOULD go on alex jones' show before I looked at the date. he'll go anywhere there is large audience listening to him.

No. 1592430

It wasn’t even just rw frog twitter freaks or incels whatever, that was the majority opinion across “left twitter” men (not even just the “dirtbag” types), including ones who otherwise seemed like relatively normal or at least not as bad as usual

No. 1592435

On this podcast the hosts out Sean Price Williams and Nick Pinkerton as taking Thiel money for their movie. Can't tell if they did that to be spiteful or not. Adam and the other people doing a nonspeaking extra role got 300 dollars for one day. The Ions then claim Thiel offered them a job running "Parlor" an "anti-woke streaming service". They also pretend they didn't see the Adam picture with Gina Gershon here. Adam is kind of funny and keeps saying "this is all my fault?" about the right wing tradcath dimes square trend. No one mentions Stav when talking about the end of Cum Town.

No. 1592436

Even if you suspend disbelief and ignore the fact that this is not remotely desirable to the vast majority of women, what I never understood was the idea that it was somehow difficult to obtain if that’s what you did want? Like “ugly and socially inept autist who has decided he would like to marry you and have babies with you as soon as possible” is and always has been one of the most common types of guy out there lol. Like truly one of the most universal experiences anywhere in the world at literally any point in history. If anything most women have had multiple experiences of having to go out of their way to avoid this kind of thing

No. 1592447

I think it’s possibly a projection thing or more likely a genuine blind spot that they aren’t even aware they have and inability to imagine the world from a womens perspective, bc not being able to have children is something men do genuinely have to worry about. As a women if you’re really so desperate to have kids (unless you’re infertile, in which case your inability to have kids has nothing to do with your romantic prospects), you can go get pregnant tomorrow. Sperm is dirt cheap and valueless. Essentially any woman could do it if it really mattered that much to them, but the same isn’t true for men who in the vast majority of cases wouldn’t be able to afford an egg donor or surrogate etc, and so if no woman picks them they don’t really have many options.

No. 1592453

the handful of clips I've heard of TPN are like listening to a 14 year old's slumber party. he's enamored with gossip and prone to factioning on any slight perceived or otherwise

No. 1592458

he really is like a young girl. always complaining about how some person is "copying" him kek

No. 1592461

Every queen thinks he's Oscar Wilde. It goes with the territory. He's even less self-aware than most

No. 1592462

asukahomo's whole shtick is just saying "artful" and "willpower" over and over again about anything and anyone. literally of no value and how he considers this art is beyond me.

No. 1592465

Where's adam? The guest is some girl.

No. 1592472

sorry reuploaded the wrong one, Adam ep is here


Adam comes on about 30 minutes in. The gossip about the movie is in the last 15 minutes, time stamp 90 minutes in. They leak it as a "joke" but guessing Ions are bitter about other people not getting called out for Thielbux when they did while insisting they turned it down.

No. 1592480

Does anyone have the photo of aimee terese dressed in a nurse costume? Can someone post it please

No. 1592530

ugh this self-hating woman who transed herself is the psychotic opposite extreme of the liz b's of the world and shouldn't be allowed to say "dyke."

No. 1592534

It’s a good article. No one wants to do slur discourse in a lolcow thread

No. 1592565

Does anyone know what happened to @tankiesanders

No. 1592585

It's not true. The financiers of SPW and Nick's movie are no longer associated with Thiel.

The Dirtbag Left is dead. The Ion Pack guys fucked up by unmasking. Whole scene is about to implode. Question is, who's gonna be there to pick up the pieces and start making cool indie movies when it's all over?

No. 1592588

>The financiers of SPW and Nick's movie are no longer associated with Thiel.
Who are they though?

No. 1592594

Just some techies. Techies are going to be the next wave of investors into art and culture. They've got all this money and nothing to do with it and they're tired of being looked at as sexless losers who do nothing but collect Warhammer 40K figurines. You're going to see lots of ex-Meta, Amazon, Apple, Thiel employees start throwing their weight soon. It's not nearly as sexy or conspiratorial as the scenesters have tried to spin it.

No. 1592595

Rise of the dark elves lmao

No. 1592630

>Liz B got further than most dirtbags because she’s not (openly) an asshole.

She is openly an asshole though? She got further than most dirtbags because she’s a decent writer, despite being a raging asshole.

No. 1592633

The real reason she got further than most dirtbags isn't because of her sophomoric purple prose; it's her Marshall scholarship. That thing's a golden ticket into the elite strata of American society.

No. 1592638

In many parts of the world paid surrogacy is illegal too, and I can't imagine a woman bearing them a kid out of the goodness of her heart. Would that even be allowed anywhere? Men are complete monsters, if single ones had easy access to kids abuse would be rampant. It already is even with the mother in the picture

That's already Yarvin and Thiel though? Anyone of note? Being backed by small fry tech losers is even more pathetic than being backed by Thiel

No. 1592643

I feel like the article just meant more in the sense making trad Catholic mother who Loves Her Family!! as your image is more palatable to the general population than failson Nick Mullen clone #1654718 or tortured Wellbutrin angel that seem to make up the rest of the “dirtbag left”. I also kind of don’t get why Liz is considered part of that group at all other than just by association I guess?

No. 1592644

Liz was on a super early episode of chapo and they were always very tight with her and matt on twitter at least in the early days of the show

No. 1592652

Liz and Matt have been twitter friends with the Chapos since before the pod even started, they were all weird twitter celebs (Matt moreso than Liz). Liz has hosted Will & Kath at her house several times since she moved to CT and she appeared on two of the Chapo debate livestreams, as well as numerous eps. All involved also intimately tied in with the people running the Bernie 2016-2020 movement. She was also on one of the earliest Red Scares and gave them an endorsement in that 2018 profile in the Cut.

No. 1592659

Also the Jacobinghazi (which was more focused on Amber, but this was Liz's first big twitter controversy) and Bruenighazi affairs basically rallied the troops around them and anointed them as figureheads of the burgeoning dirtbag/Jacobin online left.

No. 1592676

oh great more ironic futa porn

No. 1592681

it's because the chapos respect matt b as a fellow autistic socialist

No. 1592697

need to see this too

No. 1592699

No, it's not. Independent film in America is dead. You take the money from whoever is willing to piss it away with minimal creative interference.

No. 1592724

They're gonna keep commissioning more terrible Takahashi Murakami garbage and finally kill anime and I am so fucking here for it

No. 1592726

It's not going to implode, they already moved on to Steve Bannon-adjacent frogtwitter

No. 1592739

>Whole scene is about to implode. Question is, who's gonna be there to pick up the pieces and start making cool indie movies when it's all over?
are you implying this scene was making the cool indie movies until now? lol come on

No. 1592740

File: 1658362555357.jpeg (322.6 KB, 1242x647, E38B2FD5-5942-4E10-8306-90E215…)

She’s one of the least likeable out of the women who orbit this circle to me. She’s such a spineless worm who seems to have no endearing qualities or literally any convictions or beliefs besides an insatiable desperation to be accepted by the most autistic middle aged edgelords imaginable for some reason. It’s really disingenuous to act like taking it upon yourself to frame any women critical of Liz as jealous resentful harpies who just can’t get a man as simply “being chummy”. They would all immediately jump on anyone who mildly criticised Liz so I don’t get why they all suddenly care now.

No. 1592750

File: 1658362939457.jpeg (3.08 MB, 1100x6678, 2E2F8C24-2F1E-4315-B3BD-A1B783…)

were they getting paid by her or something? Acting this way should get you put on some kind of watch list

No. 1592751

File: 1658362958268.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1100x4018, 2A5647E1-E099-4724-925A-E576E0…)

No. 1592770

File: 1658364240801.png (595.64 KB, 762x653, yarvan.PNG)

>getting money from these mouthbreathers is not pathetic
Back to reddit, unsaged scarethot

No. 1592790

File: 1658364793954.jpg (128.37 KB, 621x958, lol.jpg)


Honestly, cinema is dead all over the world .

No. 1592801

no idea who this is - never heard of her - but that tweet is very wormy. totally the tone of someone who is scared people won't like her, not someone who actually believes what she's saying.

No. 1592839

>got further than most dirtbags
Chapo makes 6 figures a month, cum town and rs are probably making the same. Liz isn't a good writer, if she's further than the dirtbags it's because of the dirt bags on her chest, which she isn't shy about showing off at every possible opportunity

No. 1592862

god. seeing it all in one spot like this is just insane.

No. 1592910

Lol he even made sure not to refer to Sadie Doyle by her “deadname”, cucked on so many levels

No. 1592912

Very surprised to see Joel simping for a girl without a dick? Thought he only thirsted for troons decades younger than him

No. 1593000

I think someone said here before the chaser thing is not true and just a meme among his friends. although tbh I think many of them are at least a little bit transphobic because they want to distance themselves from wokeism and identity politics, or they just hate freaks and uggos. they only make exceptions for the troons who have a lot of clout, like Claire Penis. pretty much everyone in this scene holds no beliefs or will instantly renege on them if it might affect their social standing, see personal anatomical upthread for a shining example of that

No. 1593005

same anon but it's so pathetic to only just now come out and say ummm I guess being friendly with people who are anti-abortion is bad haha oopsy! only after seeing Liz's rapid descent from grace and realizing it's probably best to distance yourself from that so your own follower count doesn't take a hit. "eek, socially disqualify her, not me!!" these people's priorities are fucking wild.

No. 1593027

No. 1593033

Watch The Adam Friedland Show blow up. The first few episodes were better than any cumtown episode in years. The funniest part is that Nick is willing to spend all this money out of spite just to shit on Stav.

No. 1593038

Christ almighty what a faggot. I mean we knew of course but even so. He can’t still be this enamored of Liz… right?

No. 1593046

>They're transparently envious of Liz,
she's a pretty and kind "trad" Catholic
wife and mother.
Will probably be memory holed now all these guys are suddenly pretending to be Passionate About Abortion Rights so they can get their updoots from their epic dunks on Liz, but the way that this was the ‘leftist’ male response to any critique of her for literally like 5 years — even if the woman making it very clearly was not someone who would want these things — is actually disheartening. How retarded do you have to be to 1. Believe that Liz is “kind”, 2. see women criticising somebody who does not believe they should have basic bodily autonomy and be like “well obviously they’re just jealous she’s a based Catholic trad wife to an ugly and autistic man (just like me!!)”

No. 1593049

Never forget Heath Mello. Anti-abortion Nebraska politician received a rare Bernie endorsement in 2017 and the entire dirtbag left establishment mobilized to explain to their skeptical followers and other wary leftists how Bernie was just being practical, how maybe the left needs to adopt social conservatism in order to win and how actually abortion is a settled issue, we don't need to talk about it anymore, it's just a distraction! It's no wonder they think critcizing Liz automatically means you're a frigid harpy; deep down they hate any woman who isn't a cosplaying lil tradwife uwu

No. 1593068

they don't worship God, but worship evil and engage in bizarre rituals. if you don't want to use the term "demons", ok sure, but it isn't good. also the concept of demons isn't exclusive to catholicism.

No. 1593121

oh god not this again. literally every time one of the irony literal whos gets brought up one of you comes here and posts this. Anyway no you’re not right, the vast majority of the threads are not about “you and your friends”. They’ve been mentioned a handful of times, exclusively in relation to their interactions with the actual cows.

No. 1593133

Stalking is not reading someone’s tweet that they willingly publicly posted

No. 1593148

hi, nick(hi cow)

No. 1593172

File: 1658406890015.png (44.67 KB, 745x369, Untitled.png)

It's always the same with these cows

No. 1593200

Who cares if they know me. That sierra armour writer girl read my super mean post about her here and clearly responded to it on twitter and in the wet brain discord

No. 1593217

Is there something that goes on in Twitter spaces? Or does it unfold somewhere else like in some random Discord channel? I've noticed there's almost an overlapping of these leftoids and the cows from the femboy thread seemingly orbiting each other.

No. 1593243

we spend a couple minutes talking about the miserable lives you've created for yourselves which you're forced to live with 24/7

I feel sorry for you, stuck in the never-neverland of NYC desperately pumping out medicore art as you age out of relevance

No. 1593253

leftcows posting their L's

No. 1593265

>me and my friends
subscribing to their Patreons doesn't make the cows your friends. the inner circle was onto these threads 2 years ago, wannabechan

No. 1593269

If you only just found these threads, they are not "your friends", you are a literal who hanger-on we may have mentioned in passing. This isn't even invite-dependent like a GC or discord and many of the cows have openly tweeted about it, if you hadn't heard until now you are nowhere near, not even in the same galaxy, as "part of it" as you seem to think

This is just depressing.

No. 1593270

Mids defending mids what else is new

No. 1593274

You’re jealous of anyone who has the mental fortitude to keep their personal life off the internet

No. 1593277

tbh nonnie is right, cumtown is a guilty pleasure of mine and tafs episodes arent funny the whole way through but there are def more genuinely funny bits

No. 1593282

Fond of her? A normal guy wouldn’t care about Liz at all

No. 1593283

this is always the only kind of response these people can muster… cope by imagining we must think about and keep tabs on them all the time like they’re Regina George when the reality is most of us just entertain ourselves with how cringe you are in order to kill some time while we’re on the toilet

No. 1593285

File: 1658415188275.png (616.1 KB, 596x844, tbt.png)

This collnsmith chick used to be a Michael Tracey groupie but she's deleted all traces of that from her account

No. 1593290

Didnt get the memo, huh?

No. 1593295

i started at 30 min and still no adam. the one who dates maddy is talking about how he loves that she cleans up after him lmao. her cleaning habits honestly sound OCD and concerning…

adam comes on at 41 minutes for those who care.

No. 1593303

my fav is the fact that they act like they’re above it even though the same things go on in their gay group chats

No. 1593309

>loves that she cleans up after him
the fact that she has to clean up after him is disgusting lmao, what’s wrong with moids that compels them to live in their own filth leaving shit everywhere hoping someday a woman will come pick it up
she’s diagnosed with autism which is similar and has high comorbity rates, wouldn’t surprise me, but its more than likely it’s just her being terrified that her first bf with muscles will leave her if she’s not a perfect bangmaid for her manchild bf

No. 1593318

hi, adam(hi cow)

No. 1593321

truly terrifying that this is apparently supposed to be the non pathological male response

No. 1593328

you can tell by the way Maddie constantly abposts that she is gassing her mid man 24/7 but cleaning up after him too? girl…..

No. 1593339

File: 1658418691743.jpeg (442.26 KB, 1242x1826, E54E3CBB-7E94-4A3A-9824-9F0623…)

No. 1593343

literally proving Doyle's point
>I'm not going to address anything actually in the article, jsut remind you all that this scary creep is obsessed with me and wants to kill me! Please protect me, simps!

No. 1593344

Ofc she doesn’t actually address anything specific also
>this person once said they couldn't do public book readings because they feared matt bruenig was going to physically attack them.
Is ironic coming from someone who claims she can’t go the grocery store without a security team because of all the people constantly out to assassinate her

No. 1593346

Also the infamous burner account that was threatening to kill Doyle's baby was definitely either Liz or someone in her elite group chat. It was a brand-new account with like 20 followers, including Liz, Matt, all the Chapos, and some other of their friends.

No. 1593351

Them being so scandalized by this place shows how socially retarded they are. If someone puts their life online people are going to discuss it

No. 1593369

They had moms who did that for them so they look for the same in a girlfriend

No. 1593374


A lot of these ppl don’t put their lives online you all just speculate endlessly and end up getting it all wrong. It’s honestly cute. The jealousy is palpable.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1593378

Who specifically do we “speculate endlessly” about here who “doesn’t put their life online”?

No. 1593379

File: 1658420426668.jpg (78.15 KB, 617x462, eqwrq.jpg)

you're so predictable that it's more interesting that jack and his closeted gay cultists put up with you than to gossip about you as an individual.

No. 1593382

I don’t think anyone here is jealous of these cows…

No. 1593384

go back, faggot redditor

No. 1593389

File: 1658420891627.jpeg (3.04 MB, 1500x3395, B302D521-EA77-42E2-AB58-0FA34F…)

does anyone know what happened with samememe is he actually just gay now? Recently he always likes the tweets of this random black body builder who only has like 200 followers and doesn’t seem to interact with anyone else in that sphere

No. 1593391

Are you that ugly bitch who complained about aging women for attention on Twitter?

No. 1593397

I'm so curious what posts they made on this site while they were figuring out how to "navigate the UI" lol

No. 1593401

Does it not just have essentially the same UI/UX as every other imageboard? Was is there to figure out

No. 1593414

these people have never been on a site other than facebook and twitter

No. 1593415

so he jacks off to black men in between his race science tweets about all the crime (he doesn't personally experience it) in his upper class stl suburb? kek

No. 1593419

Abposts where? Doubtful

No. 1593422

lurk moar and learn to sage, many examples of Maddie thirst posting her bf's 4 pack in these threads.

No. 1593425

File: 1658423036726.jpeg (800.47 KB, 1284x1165, 64E93697-76C2-461B-A655-78DCA6…)

maddy in a nutshell ❛ ﹏ ❛(❛ ﹏ ❛)

No. 1593429

wow who could have ever expected this from the guy who spent ten years talking about his weird sexual fixation with black men and how much he despises women

No. 1593433

lmao what a narcissist, typical troon can’t resist flaunting even the most negative attention and getting high off it. rent free. definitely posting here daily, already admits to posting in those tweets. just lol

No. 1593436

born catholic aka parents were catholic, got baptized as a baby for show, went to church until age 7, became a reddit atheist and trooned out, became religious as an adult to feel hip with twitter and now tells everyone you were always catholic

No. 1593441

Taking a brief break from your daily posts about the plague of interracial relationships, degeneracy, bugmen, soy boys and the fall of masculinity to like thirst traps of some half naked black guy

No. 1593444

this and that lofi republican mreg smug pepe seething wojak bliss of pregnancy thing explain everything about them

No. 1593464

every time

No. 1593474

This thread is my laundromat reading. Really makes the time fly by

No. 1593476

Actually hilarious, I was wondering why this literal who is ending up being followed by many in this group lately. How do they just cling onto the most narcissistic detranners? He's on Twitter currently begging for more follows.

No. 1593479

lol i come here during boring work meetings. these people are projecting because they spend all day on twitter fantasizing that a bluecheck will retweet and make their dime a dozen lowbie contrarian acct blow up

No. 1593510

File: 1658428611425.png (936.43 KB, 978x1398, matt gaytz.png)

this is getting very funny now. what are you doing glenn?? lmao

No. 1593512

File: 1658428796675.png (664.5 KB, 972x1032, thiels wedding.png)

>Blake Masters said in the WP today he "teared up" at Peter Thiel's wedding
is glenn just not aware of how he sounds anymore or ??? that's such a hilarious thing to write in this situation

No. 1593516

Many such cases nonna, you'll find a looot of interracial porn in the search histories of irony bros who racebait on Twitter constantly

No. 1593526

Right? I have lolcow open along with 10 other random tabs so I have something mildly funny to read when people ramble on in Zoom meetings. Cows love to pretend we sit here all day, seething in obsessed envy, when it's just a bunch of people scrolling while procrastinating. Who could be "jealous" of someone who acts so retarded online that they literally serve as unpaid entertainment for random strangers?

No. 1593591

the simple minded selfie-as-avi person cannot grasp the concept of anonymity and thinks it's only for mouth breathing NEETs

No. 1593615

That’s anna

No. 1593623

They’re probably just seething because they’ve made brands surrounding their face/real names and have to make it work until they die because no normal job will hire deranged posters with questionable optics. I give it 5 years before everyone starts sucking up for book deals. The grift has sailed…

No. 1593629

You sound exactly like the "u guise r getting it all wrong teehee" faggot who showed up last thread, so I'm guessing you have brain damage and periodically forget you've been here. Get well soon. Good job on retaining your ability to form sentences

>almost figure out how to navigate the UI
Another one with literal brain damage. Their herculean efforts to participate in society instead of staying in an institution with a nurse to wipe the drool off their faces where they belong should be celebrated. It's so brave and strong of them to attempt to be functional human beings

No. 1593634

File: 1658436506419.jpeg (771.25 KB, 1212x1853, 57A039D1-1C7A-49BA-A7D3-1F492C…)

Has now pivoted to claiming the article is sexual harassment I guess

No. 1593635

File: 1658436535519.jpeg (770.1 KB, 1242x1861, 7B797948-C750-4FD6-99F1-777B4A…)

She also has kids, in case anyone forgot

No. 1593636

File: 1658436746783.jpg (332.43 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_2022-07-21-15-50-11…)

Delusional man's ego can only survive off numbers and pity interactions. The autism is off the charts.

No. 1593637

File: 1658436925296.jpeg (428.57 KB, 1242x845, ED1CB057-043D-49A4-8402-66D14C…)

she’s the only woman who experiences sexism. Also the article is very obviously referring to how she’s characterised by her supporters not literally describing her that way

No. 1593638

File: 1658436977898.jpeg (308.29 KB, 1242x700, BAD37064-D54B-4296-B272-E8D65A…)

No. 1593639

liz girl, stfu and just go away for a while, these snotty non-answers to this article just make it obvious you're seething. at least post a cookie or a tittie and give the simps what they came for, no one likes you in pissy little brat mode

No. 1593640

Literally Doyle’s whole point..

No. 1593641

>how she’s characterised by her supporters
not only that, she cultivates it. she knows it, everyone knows it. so disingenuous.

No. 1593644

Wow r u fucking kidding me

No. 1593645

All already deleted lol

No. 1593646


it never fails. once they get any kind of of pushback from the public there's an immediate retreat back to the liberal idpol safeguards regardless of how much they critiqued them before.

No. 1593649

because the cows are coming to threads again I just want to reiterate that junker_jo and her pawg sister are great suck-hogs and I wish they werent cyber-retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1593650

File: 1658437735707.png (46.48 KB, 596x265, embarrassing.png)

Simping twitter priests are a scourge

No. 1593651

I get that they consider a fetus a life but “member of society” lol?

No. 1593674

>member of society
and yet
>can’t be insured
>can’t get child support
>can’t be claimed as a dependent
>can’t have custody disputed
>can’t give immigrant women right to residence
>literally not sentient

No. 1593679


I know we clown on Anna but if this is Eli's apartment setup I think I can understand why they wouldn't live together, he doesn't exactly have a regular 9 - 5

No. 1593680

The way she writes this makes it obvious she gets off on it and savors every last one of these disgusting simps ogling her. Liz whips out the feminist language any time she’s cornered when in reality she’s a convenient handmaiden for reactionary men who want all women to be how they perceive her, she enjoys this perception of her being validated and valorized because at least it’s some form of sexual acceptance from men. It’s always been about this for her.

Liz has cultivated an entire identity rooted in subservience and fetishization of Christian roles, and is surprised when everyone comments on it, but only negative reacts when the commentary is critical.

No. 1593687


I kinda wish she had the guts to just go argue this out, but then I guess the cushy media gig disappears.

It's one of those things that shows how weak this whole sphere is. She's basically proposing an american christian democrats party, the dems spent years fawning over merkel, and there have been pro lifers even on the most extreme fringes of the left ever since there was a left. But they can't risk the bag for even a second and have to do all this weirdo shit.

No. 1593698

Because you do accept it, and not only that, you thrive off it, Liz.

No. 1593764

Jude Doyle can be annoying but he is just so capable of getting in Liz's head it's incredible. 36 hours later and LizB still seething lmao

No. 1593769

Eli is giving off Willard vibes in this if that makes sense

No. 1593794

Honestly I think he's really hot, albeit in a very Jewish intellectual way

No. 1593818

Sady is insane but she was spot on with the Liz takes

No. 1593847

don't worry you don't need to do that here anon

No. 1593888

average depraved catholic. couldn’t be more transparent that she loves the idea of men jerking off to her

No. 1593912

how do i unread this. for the image she’s desperate to portray her whole presence online is so gross

No. 1593914

this woman is very mentally ill

No. 1593924

nta but it didn't connect until just now that Jude Doyle is Sady Doyle's new name?? what the fuck lol. I guess I lost track of her like 10 years ago…

No. 1593947

She decided at 38 while married with a kid to mainline T and lop off her tits. Bizarre.

No. 1594012

wow. I used to read tiger beatdown lol. the last thing I remember (vaguely) is she got involved in some feminist infighting IRL, like at a conference or something, and it was very petty and weird and everyone wrote too much about it so I checked out.

No. 1594035

After hearing him speak he has ditzy blonde kind of energy IMO. Trust fund kids can be endearing in that way.

No. 1594048

no way, his body language is r-tarded and he can't talk without nervously hesitating over half the words. unless that's what you mean by Jewish intellectual

No. 1594065

she's as unhinged as bruenig, just from a different angle. a raging AWFL caricature literally on hillary clinton's payroll who got so triggered by the "white feminist" critique she ran screaming to the troon grift and became "male"

No. 1594094

File: 1658472149589.png (146.58 KB, 1224x652, 2020.png)

catching up on doyle. whew

No. 1594111

Samememe will die of monkeypox (gay plague) on March 25, 2023.

No. 1594202

The particular derangement of Doyle is always a sight to behold.

The fact of the matter is that Elizabeth Bruenig has the only morally correct and politically winnable position on abortion. The vast majority of working class Americans disagree with "abortion on demand without apology." It's a morally complicated matter, and the number of aborted pregnancies would drop off a cliff if we instituted a robust welfare state to provide mothers with an actual choice, and not one informed almost entirely by their financial situation. A politics that encourages life and human flourishing is what the left needs to win, not one that celebrates antinatalism and nihilism.

Hopefully Elizabeth runs for office one day, her mode of politics (socially conservative, economically socialist) is the only chance the left has at national victory in the States tbh.

No. 1594204

No, most Americans (70% I believe) agree that women should have the right to an abortion, atleast in the first trimester.

No. 1594217

No. 1594218

Go back.

No. 1594226

No. 1594235

why do you all have this same exact gay writing style

No. 1594242


They're probably bots if I had to guess.

No. 1594287

>and the number of aborted pregnancies would drop off a cliff if we instituted a robust welfare state to provide mothers with an actual choice
Right, but we don't have that, and I don't envision an imminent world where we do have that. The political machine of America would rather force millions of mothers to die in childbirth than provide any kind of adequate social spending

No. 1594315

I can’t believe the only two people in this thread who don’t know how to sage both decided to post within 10 minutes of each other, great minds think alike!

No. 1594337

$4 has been deposited to your account.

No. 1594339

No. 1594340

Why does she write like a scrote? This is gross. She’s gross.

No. 1594344

Lmao log off Liz

No. 1594346

No. 1594351

Casual reminder that the People's Policy Project slack is where the most dedicated Bruenig simps like @porn_horse and @maccspowers congregate and coordinate. If you subscribe to their podcast on patreon, Matt will send you an invite to the slack if you ask nicely.

No. 1594406

>financial state
Anyone who thinks this is the only reason for abortion is fucking retarded

No. 1594456

This is a pretty good irony post anon. I do hope Liz runs for office because it would be funny to see her blown the fuck out when normal people get an idea of what a whacked out weirdo she is

No. 1594473

I'm sure someone will notice and there are tons of links to it in the recap but whoever makes the new thread remember to add a direct link to Thread #29 >>>/snow/1562748 - it's not in the #'d list in OP currently

No. 1594505

>tbh at the end

No. 1594506

The Bruenigs podcast https://www.mediafire.com/file/rn2ght2finzq5pf/7-18-22-abortion-ep.mp3/file
personally unwilling to listen, leaving it here in case someone else wants to find out if it's milky

No. 1594517

Listened to it a few days ago. Spends most of the first half of the ep (second half is answering listener questions) whining about how everyone is mean to her on twitter and no one understands her. Pulls the "the left used to care about free speech" card to justify her writing in conservative rags for conservative audiences. Stands by the naive, dishonest reasoning that her prior abortion writing's sole purpose was to convince the pro-life movement to support the welfare state (as if). At the end of the segment, she floats some contemporary Catholic theologian's belief that abortion could be permitted up to 8 weeks, doesn't explain the reasoning, but leaves it open that it would be a "fair" compromise between the pro-life and pro-choice camps. Sounds dejected throughout; she knows she finally caught that car she's been chasing and struggles to form a coherent response to save face. Not worth wasting your time on.

No. 1594547

I believe you. I skipped to 45mins and heard this bit

Liz: I'm trying to speak to pro-life people and get them more interested in welfare stuff.
Matt: Right.
Liz: Now… was there success? I mean I ended up meeting and persuading a lot of people over time. I think, you know, Right pro-life people at least see me as someone they have to contend with. They see me as an enemy! They see me as someone they argue with.

No. 1594554

>Right pro-life people at least see me as someone they have to contend with. They see me as an enemy! They see me as someone they argue with.
lol. rw pro-life people see her as a useful idiot who seeds pro-life rhetoric into left spaces.

No. 1594622

Americans are so fucking deluded, there are already countries with robust welfare states, you morons realise you can just look up what the stats are in those countries instead of making up fairy tales, right?

>USA: 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women

>Sweden: 16.4 per 1,000 women
>England and Wales: 18.2 per 1,000 women

The NHS will cover everything - prenatal appointments, cesarean, overnight stay in the hospital, midwife for a home birth, plus 26 weeks of ordinary maternity leave and 26 weeks of additional maternity leave.

You're laughable.(unsaged blog)

No. 1594628

can you go back to r/politics please, this thread isn't for political debates and no1curr about your blogposting

No. 1594638

i wish you didn't feel comfortable posting here.

No. 1594639

it's probably matt wking his qween

No. 1594642

shut the fuck up about "muh based robust welfare state" matt and liz, your time is over, go read to your kids

No. 1594645

File: 1658518079301.jpeg (300.15 KB, 398x1004, E798C1D7-291D-4502-83B8-47568B…)

Are you one of these fags from kf?

Thank you! I actually noticed it a while ago and hoped nobody else would, but I'll try to make a better thread next time because I was slightly confused.

No. 1594646

America will never be a welfare state. NEVER. it's just too big, and there will never be a labor shortage big enough to win any gains on that front. it will never be a place that even cares or cultivates it's own citizenry, why would it when it can already pull matriculated elites from every other country in the world with zero expense or investment. the tabula rasa debooking so popular on stupidpol is laying the groundwork already for "why should poor kids and chuds be invested in when IQ and class is destiny" rhetoric. and it's not just the neo-feudalist right wing that thinks this way. this country doesn't need "families," or robust education, it only needs enough consumers to buy shit, current tech to trade money around, and space to become china's farmland. most people in the us will migrate to places that desperately need bodies if they can afford to or will serve as indentured patients and addicts to the medical and carceral industry.

No. 1594654

You sound deluded. Nobody from the US is migrating anywhere. It’s incredibly hard to immigrate from the US and there really is no point

No. 1594676

How is it a Chinese political bot? Sounds anti Chinese to me

No. 1594681

NTA but what the hell are you guys on about? This >>1594622 anon is literally arguing against Liz-Logic. The countries with the strongest welfare systems that take care of mothers the most also have higher abortion rates than the US, so Liz and her orbiters insisting that banning abortion is ok as long as we provide for the babbies is delusional. They half heartedly argue that abortions are purely due to financial reasons which is easily proven as false.

No. 1594689

File: 1658521301402.jpg (61.87 KB, 640x639, 2mna6qx6lr781.jpg)

And are these CCP bots in the room with us right now?

No. 1594697

bloomberg just released an article about americans moving to italy, spain, and portugal.

No. 1594700

wouldn't it be hilarious if the one yuan army knew about moldbug and nrx theory?

No. 1594701

Your old age is showing.

No. 1594703

you're a stupidpol reddit faggot

No. 1594711

go back to 4scrote

No. 1594767

Calm it, schizo-chan. I happened to be the first reply, it’s not that deep.

No. 1594769

That's Leia's look. She probably hooked up with some trust fund dude in the tech industry looking for that girl next door type. Does she still live in NY? That look seemed to have a popularity a few years ago.

No. 1594792

some liz simp was quick to take this down

No. 1594794

i hope liz does run for office because i will make it my life's goal to tell the world about her boob job and leaked nipple (with her child, seems pedophilic) photo(sage your shit)

No. 1594802

Are you one of Leia's simps? She doesn't look like a "girl next door" type at all.

No. 1594814

the bruenig pod has a theme tune!? what the fuck

No. 1594822

Lol nice try Leia, being lipless with greasy hair and looking like a 52 year old woman at age 30 is not a “look” and it’s never been popular with anyone, much less tech guys with money lmfao. You’re hilarious tho, keep posting cope if you want

No. 1594854

the ugly look?

No. 1594875

AYRT, tbh I didn't realize the term girl next door was so modernized now. I actually thought it was a woman who just let herself loose, as in no care to look feminine. She looks like she just got out of bed and walked outside to pick up mail.

No. 1594884

everything descriptive of women is a hollywood trope or a porn category.

No. 1594889

Go back, we don't want you here

No. 1594969

oh my god you're right. why is it so long??

No. 1594975

File: 1658543146566.jpg (27.92 KB, 480x360, Stav left this for fame and mo…)

Apparently the latest episode of The Adam Friedland Show (deadname: Cum Town) implied that Stav had his fat Albanian roommate print out NDAs for women he hooked up with so they won't try to MeToo him in the future. That or he had him print those NDAs to prevent him being mentioned on the show, it was kinda ambiguous but that situation Nick described is too specific to be just riffed off his ass.

No. 1595000

hi, nick(hi cow )

No. 1595023

hi, stav

No. 1595027

you guys didn't invite me?
t. adam

No. 1595035

trust fund tech bros are not spending on girls who look like this lmao

No. 1595051

can confirm i listened… they said he stuck them in his suitcase "just in case" so clearly referring to women on tour

No. 1595380

File: 1658594677219.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2764x3016, TINFOIL WOMAN.jpeg)

nothing has made me so tinfoil as the sudden cumtown split. stav's still doing shows with chapo, nick is weird about it on the show, anna is suddenly being more vocal about how great nick is, the pod is totally rebranded and adam is on a little press tour through his less prominent friends' podcasts lol … it's like a weird version of virgil texas the way everyone can't say anything specific

it's cumtown so I can't take it seriously but I do hope someone eventually gets around their NDA or whatever. such a weird ass circle of people.

No. 1595394

Anna is always desperately sucking off Nick and Sean Mccarthy even though they think she’s an idiot. Besides her and Dasha wanting to start a feud with Hasan for attention think it’s same as usual on their end. The chapos seem to be friends with all the ct guys so I’d wager it’s more an awkward position of already having Stav open for them than picking him in the divorce. Agree there’s more to come out with why he left so abruptly.

No. 1595401

My conspiracy take is that stav is tired of cumtown's stagnation and is trying to follow the chapos to LA and break into show business with them. My deeper conspiracy take is that the adam friedland show is nick reacting to this by creating a parody of a tv show to illustrate how ridiculous it is to think stav or any of them could actually do this.

No. 1595409

adam and nick were friends with him and didn't say anything about it until he slighted them. why should i care? they're all sycophants

No. 1595410

speaking of TV shows, the return of the Home Improvement music is also strange, I thought they got rid of that because they were worried about copyright claims. what's the other music in the the new theme song from? it reminds me of an applebees commercial or something, can't place it

No. 1595413

gossip and lols

No. 1595414

i don't trust you nonnies to not turn it into another nick dickriding session

No. 1595499

can't blame you, that keeps happening. "I can fix him" never gets old lol, I hope they're joking

No. 1595729

> I thought they got rid of that because they were worried about copyright claims
my understanding is that you're allowed to use up to like 6 seconds of copyright audio, hence why it cuts off and goes into the blues riff at precisely 6 seconds

the other music is literally nick googling "royalty free blues hardrock"

No. 1595761

I think everyone’s way over thinking cumtown being over. Stav didn’t like that it’s Nick’s show and that it’s incredibly stupid and wanted to do his own thing. There’s definitely some feelings/rivalry involved, but I still think cumtown/tafs will be over by the end of the year

No. 1595764

because stav has been gaining popularity outside of cumtown fans/dirtbag left, there's nothing wrong with him leaving before it's too late. i know i would lol

No. 1595768

I hope rachel or someone metoos him mid chapo tour

No. 1595792

Stav acting like he’d outgrown the childishness of Cum Town while he has consistently been the most braindead dick joke retard on the pod is hilarious. Glad he could mature to promoted tiktoks about squirting.

No. 1595795

i don't listen to cumtown because im a cool person

No. 1595810

>I still think cumtown/tafs will be over by the end of the year
exactly, adam's still going to law school, we've got only a month or two left of this

No. 1595813


No. 1595825

There really is something wrong with the abrupt way Stav left. If they were serious about ending in the year, why couldn't Stav just soldier on for 6 months? Or if it was that serious why not a proper send off besides a tweet that doesn't even mention his co-hosts (one of whom definitely carried him)? They've also stated in the ep after Stav left that the action was definitely surprising. I do lean to the idea that TAFS is a way to mock Stav's desire for mainstream appeal and that eventually they'll have a youtube channel with shitty thumbnails and clickbait titles specifically takin potshots at the LA scene.

No. 1595852

>why should I care
Cause its milk? Cause it implies a much deeper feeling of resentment and drama than what the surface says?

No. 1595853

He really is the most immature one of them all. A few shows ago he was giggling like a retard while watching some hentai on the show. Everyone else had to eventually ask him if he was still there, mentally because he was almost going full cooler.

No. 1595892

>why couldn't Stav just soldier on for 6 months
why couldn't Stav just put down the fork or book a dentist appointment? oh right, he has No self-control because he has the brain of a baby

No. 1595909

File: 1658633010407.jpg (1.35 MB, 2000x2000, 627e7cd5ff7686729019bcf8_stavv…)

Yeah he is an immature baby, but those six months could have paid him a nice little sum before they wrapped up. I dunno, I lean towards conspiracy nonna now with some LA scenesters taking advantage of his open contempt of the show to make him bail. He's now selling merch that looks like a dirtbag cosplaying as a breadtuber.

No. 1595917

No the Stav shirts have been that way for a while, they’re pretty bad. Very breadtube yes

No. 1595920

File: 1658636226003.jpeg (304.52 KB, 750x749, A08C74AA-D34B-470C-9E7D-2FB19A…)

Michael Tracey is currently trending on Twitter and getting dunked on for his latest take.

No. 1595944

can we stop promoting this fat hog. he's going to blow all his money on trying to brute force his way into entertainment and the crowd will shrug.

No. 1595977

Michael, if you're jealous of the attention Liz B gets here you have to do something more scandalous than tweet about Guam. Post a picture of a new shirt with a little bit of dick showing at the bottom, release a self-suck tape, rehome your dog very publicly, that sort of thing.

No. 1596020

yea. what happened to the good milk from aimee and river

No. 1596052

File: 1658660334872.png (211.57 KB, 753x582, hailey ebegging.png)

It's hard out here for Hailey Rounsaville

No. 1596054

isn't the bf she lives with rich? come on now

No. 1596122

File: 1658671533503.jpg (94.43 KB, 739x262, freddie.jpg)

Idk if Freddie De Boer qualifies as a leftcow, but I'm posting this here because I don't know where else on the Internet to ask, lol. What happened with his comments this time?

Last time he nuked the comments section, it was because people wouldn't stop making uncomfortable posts about how maybe not everything about trans activism is 100% sane and reasonable. Freddie's gigantic blind spot about troons is baffling.

No. 1596126

Doesn't she come from money?

No. 1596151

lol this serial liar literally goes on fox hunts and parties on yachts with Goldman Sachs executives. Who is she fooling?

No. 1596199


The pet stuff is honestly one of the things that made me hate Liz B. What is up with the disappearing purebred dogs and the cats from a breeder? Hilarious from Mrs. Morality. What a fucking idiot. Did she not realize she'd have to look up from her fucking phone a few times a day in order to walk the dog? That her obese hubby certainly wasn't going to do it? I feel bad for the new cats because they're just there for Twitter content, just like the kids.

No. 1596203

Wait did she actually do that one? I was just making up stupid things to post lmao

No. 1596214


Yeah. I have no receipts, but from what I remember, there was a dog one or two years ago that was around for a bit and then she suddenly stopped posting about it. She posted about a golden retriever puppy on her ig and that post is still up, but I don't think they have the dog anymore bc she's an obsessive poster and we'd be getting twee anecdotes about it if they did. I think the golden is a different dog from the first, but since I don't have receipts, I don't know for sure.

No. 1596220

>wonder how many Americans have ever heard of Guam
he clearly just heard about Guam three days ago, now he’s an expert

No. 1596226

Sage because I don't have caps on hand, but she's tweeted about being from northern New Jersey, one of the richest parts of the USA. It's where Wall Street execs live so they don't have to see the urban poors, and lots of the the ones that don't live in western Connecticut, where Liz Bruenig lives kek. One of Trump's main golf courses is around there, etc etc etc. iirc the fox hunt was on family land.
Obviously not everyone from these places is loaded, but if someone from there is sharing the rich people shit they do, then it's a safe assumption.
Didn't FDB groundlessly accuse someone he was arguing with of rape then when he got called out, he blamed it on being off his meds? Insane behavior for someone in this "sphere" who tries to sell themselves as being a serious person, why are people engaging with this psycho

No. 1596257

File: 1658684675862.jpg (92.12 KB, 1026x394, freddie.jpg)

Who even knows about the left part anymore but freddie is definitely a cow. He loves to brag about his writing success on the redscare sub.

No. 1596273

>Didn't FDB groundlessly accuse someone he was arguing with of rape then when he got called out, he blamed it on being off his meds?

Malcolm Harris from The New Inquiry. He permanently burned his bridges with the rest of lefty journo twitter with this incident, which makes it even funnier that he's so desperately scared of being called a TERF. Especially when his entire personal brand is "I'm the True & Honest Marxist who tells hard truths about how social media groupthink hurts real-world progressive politics."

>He loves to brag about his writing success

From his most recent Substack post:

>I have a harder and harder time writing straightforward argumentative essays these days; after 15 years I’m just tapped out on the form. Increasingly I pepper my writing with little challenges or formalist tricks, oblique references, paragraphs where I will challenge myself to avoid using a particular grammatical form or where the sentences proceed in length in terms of number of sentences by the Fibonacci sequence. Anything to stay interested.

jerkoff hand motion

No. 1596289

it's because troons are men and men support men. didn't you know, everything is the fault of karens and AWFLs!!

No. 1596331

File: 1658688555689.png (92.68 KB, 597x450, liz freddie.png)

The Bruenigs and Beijer still vocally defend him whenever they get the chance lol. Supposedly he gave his twitter password to Liz when he left so she'd be able to shut him down if he was ever tempted to return on main.

No. 1596332

File: 1658688592072.png (88.94 KB, 454x468, bruenig deboer.png)

No. 1596345

i think aimee got banned, river is just mind numbingly boring

No. 1596349