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File: 1645225072935.jpeg (429.06 KB, 1063x1594, D34CDBD3-3ADF-4AE1-ACB0-C267E8…)

No. 1446507

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1446523

File: 1645226207653.jpeg (184.98 KB, 1139x1425, 3F7EFC28-E1F8-4331-85DC-DDDD8A…)

Wtf is going on with Dasha’s face lately? Even in these grainy retouched pics (the extra blurring around the jowls makes me lol) she looks so weird and stiff, like she’s missing teeth or something. The excessive Botox in her forehead isn’t helping either.

No. 1446586

File: 1645230768008.jpg (213.43 KB, 1280x1930, gskp2pzt4mi81.jpg)

crescent moon face

No. 1446622

Should’ve named it “Dasha in pisspants” edition.

No. 1446642

File: 1645235147341.jpg (95.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Witch skull

No. 1446665

i really don't understand how both dasha and anna manage to be so delusional about their appearances. dasha is ok at best, she looks like any flyover state schoolmarm who only has her thinness going for her, but that's basically it? she'd only be considered especially desirable by kansas PTA dads because she hasn't ballooned. i don't really understand what these two see when they look in the mirror, same with liz.

No. 1446669

she's gonna look gross soon(ish) bc of her ED & thinness + ageing

No. 1446675

Wow a slight frown, the stiff smile of a 13 year old with braces, mouth-breathing while looking down, and mouth-breathing while looking to the side. The range!

No. 1446681


there's the botox in her forehead but i'm pretty sure it's also the masseter botox she's admitted to getting. it atrophies your jaw muscles & can make your face progressively more hollow and saggy, leading to loss of volume and that exact "missing teeth" look. i think undereating doesn't help. this girl on yt has a video about getting it with some pics that show a pretty similar melting-face look, she had to do ultherapy, facial yoga, & get fillers on top of other things to "fix" it. if it gets real bad dasha might just get filler lol

No. 1446689

File: 1645239865126.jpeg (130.65 KB, 640x482, A11CF44D-B8B3-40DD-91E3-4405C3…)

Uhh does she think she's relevant to the scene, like at all?

No. 1446691

Jaw too narrow, chin too pointy and jacked to the side. The combined effect imitates the lower-face collapse you typically only see in methheads and toothless old ladies. Gaining weight would help her face but hurt her bod (remember her Rachel comey model pics, she quickly gets thick waisted and heavy legs). Tbh the easiest thing she could do is smile in photos - it adds fullness to her face, makes her look several years younger and she has a dimple which is cute. But she’s too obsessed with this idea of herself as an uwu Lanapilled dead eyed sexy waif, so she serves mouthbreathing cashew instead. Dasha always chooses exactly the wrong qualities to play up in herself, it’s fascinating.

No. 1446717

she didn't need masseter botox at all, she did not have teeth grinder face or even notably visible masseter muscles. bad move.

No. 1446762

At least Anna has enough self-awareness about her appearance not to pursue an acting/modeling career. Ironic that Anna is the skinnier and more photogenic one, like she at least has a symmetrical face and interesting bone structure whereas Dasha looks likes her face is melting even after heavy editing.

No. 1446770

Dasha is painfully average by American standards. By Eastern European standards I dare say she is below average. You could easily encounter dozens of more attractive women roaming the streets of Moscow or Kiev on any given day.

No. 1446774

I mean, Alice is definitely a cow.

If Joe Bernstein is reading this for his article, don’t forget to mention that Liz Bruenig also has connections to Moldbug and was still friendly with him a recently as a few months ago.

By the way, why is Alice locked?

No. 1446777

File: 1645250911865.png (652.84 KB, 640x1136, C9E73102-9A7B-42DB-8BFA-78DED3…)

Did anyone catch the New York premiere of Betsey Brown's movie?

No. 1446784

Honestly I actually really hate whenever a hit piece about the cows comes out, they always plagiarise this thread and are written in that embarrassing Tipper Gore "nazis are lurking in the suburbs!" alarmist style that only makes these retards sound cool and "dangerous" in comparison and they just end up with more subscribers. if the buzzfeed lib did a puff piece praising them it would kill them faster, all this Gwen Snyder style alt-right hysteria just projects a kind of grand importance and mystique these whores don't have or deserve

No. 1446788

I only remember one other hit piece, the Daily Beast one, and yes it was pure cheese and author himself was compromised in ways I forget, but I don’t think it necessarily made the people he discussed more popular? IIRC it talked about Kantbot quite a bit and that fatso fell into irrelevance soon after.

No. 1446801

File: 1645254754115.jpeg (417.23 KB, 1125x1984, E4DF1E6D-E867-42C9-ACA6-FE48BA…)

Speaking of witch skulls…

No. 1446805

I know nothing about this hit piece or what it will be like, but some of you have a very simplistic teenager understanding of how this stuff works. Not all publicity is good publicity. After Trump won in 2016 there was a deluge of mainstream media articles about the Alt Right, about Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Andrew Anglin. Matthew Heimbach, and so on. There was that notorious Mother Jones article calling Spencer a “dapper young Nazi” and almost deliberately making him seem cool and another with a glowering Anglin looking far more intimidating than a 5 foot 2 sex tourist in Thailand could ever be.

Fast forward to now, and Spencer is a joke among everyone while only the lowest trailer park wignats still care about the other three named above. As lame and wrong-headed as those articles were, they didn’t help their subjects much.

Remember Milo? He seemed unstoppable circa 2014-2017 and look where he is now. Same for Stephen Molyneux and for numerous TradThots from 2017 and so on. Again, I don’t know what this article will be like. Maybe it’ll have no impact at all! But the reality is often more complicated than “lame Tipper Gore moralizing article=more popularity.”

No. 1446806

extremely sexually fucked up family, as anyone who has seen Assholes can attest

No. 1446834

If anything, giving them publicity makes them implode faster. Milo's fame went to his head and he blew all his money on drugs and hotels until he fell and started advocating for pedophilia. Leftcows would absolutely take their 5 Minutes of Fame money and waste it poorly while torpedoing their careers with retarded thoughts

No. 1446903

File: 1645268352531.png (1.05 MB, 782x1210, 1B8F84D1-9141-423B-BC48-BD1647…)

Idk if smiling is the answer

No. 1446905

Her hair is thinning out badly lmao

No. 1446909

It looks like she’s wearing a wig in the vogue pics.

No. 1446917

File: 1645270974248.jpeg (37.54 KB, 716x420, skinnyfat.jpeg)

>she quickly gets thick waisted and heavy legs
This is the result of being skinny fat though. Dasha and Anna are at the age where muscle tone is imperative not only to avoid future health complications but also for aesthetics.

No. 1446927

It’s their bone structure, they have short legs and wide ribcages. Gaining muscle wouldn’t help it would only make them look wider.

No. 1446952

lol I wish someone would write an article on Liz Bruenig using the information and examples compiled in these threads. It’d be entertaining at least, both the article and the Twitter drama that ensues from it.

Joe Bernstein, that’ll be your next assignment. Tell your editors the article will generate lots of clicks from all the angry Bruenig simps.

No. 1446955

Any exposé that touched on the Bruenigs' perverted sex life would have to come from a outsider conservative rag, no mainstream or liberal publication would ever go that far lol

No. 1446959

Most of her simps probably fantasize about her being kinky behind her tradwife veneer, so I’ve never understood why this was supposed to matter. I can’t stand Bruenig because she has the entitled, arrogant, credentialist, and manipulative personality of Hillary Clinton but hides it behind her fake Catholic mommy persona, because she’s been promoted way beyond what her talent or abilities justify, because she has stupid politics, and because she can’t take even modest criticism without melting down and calling in her simps to defend her, not because she might be having 3somes with her neighbor.

No. 1446987

short legs but they have normal ribcages, just shit fat distribution

No. 1447065

why is she private what a loser

No. 1447106

Seriously, Dasha. mousse, dry shampoo, thickening spray. Now is the time. She truly only seems to care about being thin, not actually being attractive.

No. 1447148

the alt girls on tumblr and twitter idolize them so i can see why their egos maybe inflated

No. 1447179

it’s not from masseter Botox. You can look up before and afters and they look normal. Dasha’s thin lips and Jay Leno chin gives her that toothless witch look

No. 1447218

File: 1645306944654.png (224.9 KB, 1182x876, nick & leia.png)

rumor has it that these two fucked/are fucking

No. 1447278

Leia is fucking hideous, even Nick could do better

No. 1447363

damn, nick mullen doing an indian parody account in 2022? kinda washed tbh

No. 1447397

Mullen has been on a slow self-destruct since COVID. Somehow the Patreon numbers are still going up though: https://graphtreon.com/creator/cumtown

No. 1447412

they've fucked but that's not nick running that account anymore

No. 1447415

who is running it then?

No. 1447417

Isn't it? Just the other day it reference uploading the pod late and doing a show with adam

No. 1447421

i understand why nick is suicidal if true, but don’t think his standards are that low

No. 1447424

being a nyc comedian making a tidy sum off of patreon must be a miserable existence if you still spend your days becoming an increasingly paranoid schizo on social media and sleeping with fuggos like leia jospe

No. 1447462

She hooked up with Riff Raff once, her taste in men is embarrassing.

No. 1447480

I'm sure they all have but even nick isn't mentally ill enough to actually date leia, that's gross.

No. 1447484

nick is funny guy and seems fun to be around, but based on everything I know about him I assume he is miserable to date. she'd have to be pretty dumb to date him. no amount of clout could be worth it

No. 1447550

seems like he's so weird and online that every normal thing he does (having a clean apartment, cooking a meal) comes off as charming and delightful when he does it. he does not sound fun to be around….

but leia is in her 30s and "curating tiktoks" of teenage boys bouncing their dicks under gray sweatpants so I think her mental problems are worse by far.

No. 1447566

File: 1645334308286.png (80.64 KB, 347x288, Trollface_non-free.png)

No. 1447575

Is 30-somethings obsessing over teenage cultural trends a new phenomenon? Usually people at that age accept that they’re a little out of touch with what teenagers like and are at peace with that.

No. 1447597

nick post-2019 seems like a miserable schizo tbh. cumtown has its moments but from the sounds of it he's spent most of the past 2 years shut up in his Brooklyn apartment getting fucked up, watching movies and scrolling instagram.

No. 1447621

No idea. She’s obsessing over the teenagers themselves though and trying to make money off them, which is why I thinks it has crossed the line into being gross. Making merch and a patreon for stolen tiktoks is shitty. she has a bunch of well-off friends so maybe it’s just an excuse to beg $5 from them for her “art” project

No. 1447764

File: 1645356786345.jpg (31.19 KB, 742x441, lrdivorce.jpg)

for a tarditionalist, anything that in any way prevents him from cooming and consooming as much as he'd like is an insanely evil grave sin, perpetrated by actually existing demons
see also: "i will not live in a pod, i will not eat the bugs"

No. 1447785

moids who say this are almost always repulsive in multiple ways and just want to lock down their wife like a slave

No. 1447807

File: 1645364479352.jpg (94.36 KB, 640x1137, UumZBzjdPFkSWsJsll-GU_6ycn4Cp7…)

nick on drugs with those hateful mde guys

No. 1447812

Do you think the IBM thing really did him in or he just has normal depression

No. 1447823

This was at a Shane Gillis set in East Providence, RI. I don't think Sam was there.

No. 1447825

it's nick from mde's post

No. 1447827

"guys" is plural, and the context was they were both there to see Shane.

No. 1447829

this guy and samememe are the anna khachiyan pets im most convinced have committed sex crimes

No. 1447843

File: 1645370445322.jpeg (163.82 KB, 1242x861, samememe2.jpeg)

you are right, samememe has raped lexaprofessional, check leftcows #9 for more info

No. 1447846

File: 1645370794372.jpg (8.21 KB, 180x225, Sartre.jpg)

what drug makes your eyes repel each other like magnets?

No. 1447876

is it even depression if you have genuine good reasons to hate your life? for all the podcast money and e-clout he's still a massive loser and knows it. he's "successful" but in a sense that's like sitting at the popular kids' table in a mental hospital. nobody dreams of the kind of success he has and it's not anything you can really brag about it. and he still fucks goblins like leia. even adam, who's "successful" in the same sense but probably even worse since he's the butt monkey fucks a model-type art hoe once in a while. from abby to leia, only busted women are into nick and for a man who has money and some type of status that's gotta sting

No. 1447877

damn, what is he on? he looks like absolute hell

No. 1447884

I mean I guess that's a theory. I think his life sounds pretty comfortable except he's miserable. excessive drug use probably isn't helping the "happy" levels in his brain.

No. 1447890

The leia rumour is like something she would post herself so she can later tweet about what insane lies everything here is and fish for sympathy. Only having ugly chicks throw themselves at him is not what nicks problem is.

No. 1447899

I also thought this . they're liking eachother's tweets but that's not much to go on

No. 1447900

File: 1645378084012.jpeg (489.79 KB, 632x831, 12581940-F6C9-4A7B-8BA0-8D2057…)

Dasha from Jowlarus

No. 1447921

God she's ugly. Why hasn't she gotten her face fixed?

No. 1447926

File: 1645379252953.png (2.7 MB, 2300x1560, average scarethot.png)

Soo this is the 29 yr old who called Loveline for advice on "aging gracefully" and Anna and Dasha pearlclutched about how fillers are godless for 20 mins. Now she's thanking the ladies for saving her from fillers. Red Scare is like a containment zone for unfortunate women's Stacy LARPs, Anna and Dasha included

No. 1447931

File: 1645379768470.png (357.96 KB, 1080x2340, eu82ge1rd0j81.png)

See picrel, Dasha literally doesn't know that she's one of the retarded looking uggos lol

No. 1447934

is dasha entering her epigenetics phase? the girls should go on whitney cummings pod and have an intensely deranged 2hr instagram-science conversation

No. 1447937

veering into food crankery is a classic symptom of that uniquely American libertarian paranoia that affects millions entering middle age, where your precious bodily fluids are constantly under attack and you desire purification of mind body and soul from all outside influence.

No. 1447941

I mean a trip to any Walmart will tell you 98% of American's diets could desperately use purifying lol, I just think it's funny Dasha of all people is vehemently hopping on the anti-seed oil trend when she's been bragging about subsisting on fucking Taco Bell for decades. Seed oils are genuinely trash, the sudden hype around it feels astroturfed tho

No. 1447945

i can save him

No. 1447986

What’s this from? Has Dasha actually been cast in something else besides Succession?

No. 1448007

File: 1645388023181.jpg (760.43 KB, 2249x3000, DASHA-Extra-1.jpg)

No. 1448020

although nick is attractive and has some money, he is a lot more mentally ill than either adam or stav, comes from a poor working class background so nothing but drama and toxicity to marry into, and even totally unperceptive straight dudes suspect nick is a repressed homosexual. only goblinas would willingly sign up to be the live-in maid of a white trash bpd fag. one (1) million dollars is really not an impressive amount of money to accumulate over a lifetime.

No. 1448021

The bleeding lip, the bitten-down nails, the ungroomed brows, the nicotine teeth, the greasy sheen of last nights beer sweat…..it’s called fashion you ugly bitch

No. 1448032

> food crankery is a classic symptom of that uniquely American libertarian paranoia
have you ever been to the UK or Australia because food crankery is absolutely batshit both places
:Gillian “Poo Lady” McKeith laughs in Scottish:

No. 1448033

my apologies for the non-sage there, I fucked up somehow

No. 1448037

File: 1645391333830.png (147.22 KB, 1204x864, Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 4.06…)

I'll be honest, I thought she was going to make like $20. I'm surprised at how many subs she's gotten. Just goes to show how many useless retards living off mom and dad's money there are living on the LES.

I guess this annoys me so much because it epitomizes how people from wealthy backgrounds are lazy cheap freeloaders who never work a day in their lives

No. 1448099

File: 1645396973512.jpeg (4.85 MB, 4032x3024, 2EC7C735-DA34-407E-BF43-21B9BA…)

Don’t forget she also used to have a paid substack for her John Wilsonpilled “street art” aka a weekly dump of iPhone photos of dirty new york street trash, puddles of barf, dead pigeons, and her struggle selfies. Idk how many people paid $5 a month for picrelated but I assume all Leia’s “projects” are just schemes to extract monthly pity payments from her more successful friends

No. 1448103

I assume this is already known but you can browse Bruenig’s deleted tweets here: https://polititweet.org/tweets?account=1471542956&deleted=True

Not sure if it’s all of em

No. 1448107

LMAO this post is the epitome of "2/10 elbows too pointy"

No. 1448109

File: 1645397704862.png (3.53 MB, 1504x1474, roomate leia.png)

said struggle selfies. something about her energy is very 45 years old. she's giving first time on the dating apps post-divorce

No. 1448110

Her face here looks like Miss Piggy wearing eye shadow

No. 1448112

I assume the anti-seed-oil stuff originated with Bronze Age Pervert's crowd and the greater manosphere circles, but the first person I saw aggressively pushing it on Twitter was that Pericles/ElectionLegal guy

No. 1448114

let me get this straight: a 30 y.o. woman's "livelihood" is scouring a retard app for footage of teens doing "risqué" things and reposting them to a paywalled feed?

No. 1448117

File: 1645398009385.jpeg (42.34 KB, 222x275, 5B2D7C81-0232-4015-AB07-CC205B…)

Scarethots are so repulsive lmao

No. 1448118

i think the gist was more pointing out dasha's obvious lack of hygiene and effort in a photo shoot vs. just hurr she ugly

No. 1448124

Childless winemom (winemaid?) vibes, except instead of watching The View like actual winemoms she obsessively scours teenagers’ social media for content

No. 1448161

imagine being in like FTB and this middle-age rectangle waddles up and says she's a big fan of linking to your vids sksksk

No. 1448164

>muh abandonment

BPD king

No. 1448168

Ah yes, seed oil bad but chain smoking, ketamine, alcoholism and fucking 70 men is very good for you. Food crankery is mid-age cope for people who have been wrecking themselves for 30 years, then one day saw themselves in the mirror and decided that they can reverse whatever they did to themselves with vegan/keto/paleo/gluten free/no seed oil.

No. 1448172

Fucking Christ, pickmes really do age like dogs. All of them look a decade older than they are and like they have 5 kids each on top of that. It's remarkable how it's not just marriage to men that ages you ahead of time, but also online pandering to them.

No. 1448181

File: 1645402886048.gif (829.34 KB, 320x180, 0A11154A-5002-40FF-B2EC-874592…)

Me knowing every word you said is objectively true…but knowing ima still try to fuck Nick Mullen

No. 1448279


so so ugly and trashy, I’d be so embarrassed to have these as “fans” lol

No. 1448315

I’m not exaggerating when I say he looks like a homeless dude you’d encounter trying a bum a cigarette.

No. 1448320

>he's "successful" but in a sense that's like sitting at the popular kids' table in a mental hospital

lol nailed it

No. 1448324

Wasn’t Adam the only guy desperate enough to put a ring on Dasha despite knowing her history? I don’t think she’s been engaged to anyone else. I always thought Stav was the most likable of the cumboys even though his laugh gets annoying.

No. 1448339

>from abby to leia, only busted women are into nick and for a man who has money and some type of status that's gotta sting

iirc Caroline “dog face” Debnam fucked Nick and trailer park Tara wanted to fuck him, so yes you’re correct.

No. 1448348

Stav has no personality. He’s an empty husk.

No. 1448355

stav is like a feral boar. his mind only thinks of food and sex. he's also constantly ripping ass.

No. 1448423

>is it even depression if you have genuine good reasons to hate your life?

He has the money to fix whatever's wrong with his life

No. 1448426

Say what you will, but aside from the acne and bad hair she looks totally normal to me

No. 1448474

I’ve heard that Tara was pissed that pics of her family and links to her family restaurant reviews were posted here. That’s why we had anons white knighting for her in the last thread and trying to claim she’s not milky.

No. 1448500

When Dasha did LA Apparel ads recently the profiles of the scarethots commenting on their feed with "yasss kween" shenanigans were ungodly

No. 1448506

post some examples? scarethots deserve humiliation as much as the cows themselves tbh

No. 1448517

Maybe she’s mad because you cherrypicked bad reviews from her husband or baby daddy’s family’s restaurant because you have some vendetta? I don’t even know if you had the right restaurant btw but this is it https://www.opentable.sg/giovanni-ristorante-and-bar-italiano
Unless you’re going to give milk involving the kid she allegedly neglected then she remains milk free

No. 1448524

This girl could use a little work. Not fillers but maybe a peel or two. Anna is an idiot and hypocrite for telling these women to accept aging while she facetunes herself to death

No. 1448531

Is this a woman? Something looks very off here. They attract a lot of disgusting troon fans. What a legacy

No. 1448537

Most of their fans are some combination of fat, tattooed, or aging badly. I guess that’s the art hoe trajectory

No. 1448546

It’s a picture of @dickexpert

No. 1448589

File: 1645455390227.png (204.35 KB, 721x361, womp womp.png)

Bad Luck Betsey can't find a distributor for Actors…

No. 1448591

Speaking of which, Scary of Sixty First really kind of fell off, huh?

No. 1448592

File: 1645455954380.png (15.09 KB, 599x171, Untitled.png)

Wasn't she pregnant a couple of months ago? I guess she had another miscarriage

No. 1448598

File: 1645457529877.png (286.38 KB, 1170x1190, boxoffice.png)

Like she would have distributers knocking down her door if it was a movie about a non-controversial topic? Bosum Buddies but make it a histrionic indie family drama.
It's in the Shudder line up for March. It's made less in theaters than what the podcast gets in a month.

No. 1448600

Those photos are not flattering at all, the food looks like total pig slop. And Tara is relatively milky in her constant seething at single childless women, likely because she got knocked up at 18 and ruined any chance she had to experience young adulthood without the responsibility and restriction of children and marriage.

No. 1448623

Her and Dasha both have that vaguely inbred face and boring body combo. Wonder why such bland looking women can’t get further in Tinseltown

No. 1448687

File: 1645468360640.png (4.83 KB, 651x77, chapoUMG.png)

On the official Chapo merch store the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy link to the Universal Music website. Did they just lazily copy the HTML or are they actually working with a major label?

No. 1448702

kind of a fucked up thing to make fun of someone for, ngl

No. 1448717

At this point you should be aware that /snow/ dwellers will roast people for anything, even if it's fucked up

No. 1448796

File: 1645474338799.png (208.48 KB, 1186x932, emphasis on GAY.png)

Meghan Mccain's totally straight husband is also pimping Red Scare. A sign of a cutting edge daring podcast.

No. 1448820

this looks very anti-troon and therefore I really want to see it and hope it goes well tbh

No. 1448834

File: 1645477267741.png (1.1 MB, 1176x1172, freak.png)

average dasha stan lmao

No. 1448843

Aktually God loves ugliness because the pursuit of beauty is vain. Imagine being from a primarily Orthodox country of all places and not knowing how much christians hate beauty and health kek

No. 1448941

why all the gold and velvet and ikons in the churches then?
not that Domenech or Dasha are ever right except by accident

No. 1448969

can the film be streamed anywhere?

No. 1448970

>podcast shirt
>dasha poster
>perfume bottles cluttering a filthy bathroom mirror

exemplary male red scare fan phenotype

No. 1448971

>fat andro
>shitty Target perfumes
>filthy mirror
>ghostjail shirt
this is a TPN superfan

No. 1449016

Imagine how ugly their kids would be lol

No. 1449028

dasha supposedly says she has a zoomer boyfriend on the most recent ep

No. 1449036

File: 1645492176941.jpeg (110.5 KB, 380x729, 11194762-1473-477E-ACCF-2381F4…)

omg based Anna and Dasha!!

Conservative freaks like this and the uggos posted above are much of their audience now

No. 1449057

File: 1645493619304.jpeg (128.26 KB, 955x1200, FBF854C7-FEDE-474D-9859-2AC4EA…)

Has Matt Walsh declared his Red Scare fandom yet? We already know Domenech, Rod Dreher, and Ross Douthat are fans, so they just need Walsh to complete the collection of middle-aged conservative men with bizarre psychosexual hangups.

Pic related is an example of Ben Domenech’s radical and cutting-edge economic ideas.

No. 1449074

In a just world this would be the kiss of death for the pod's popularity, but most will ignore it.

No. 1449081

File: 1645497205772.png (98.38 KB, 596x819, Capture1.PNG)

No. 1449082

File: 1645497232343.png (77.92 KB, 595x661, Capture2.PNG)

No. 1449083

File: 1645497273802.png (27.86 KB, 586x329, Capture3.PNG)

what prompted the thread

No. 1449084

Hm, not really? Crypto isn’t popular because most people are shut out by the early-adopter advantage and it just looks like a MLM scheme now from the outside. Whatever you think of it it isn’t an unpopular opinion

No. 1449091

Like 16 min from the end she says “my zoomer boyfriend likes Taleb” but that’s it

No. 1449101

the Domenech endorsement, not the NFT talk.

No. 1449114

didn't seem to me like that anon was making fun of her, just posting gossip. that said, if it's true that she tried to get pregnant by a wignat for money, then it's good that she miscarried.

No. 1449154

This was the latest loveline episode, right? What the fuck is this bourbon bastard fat tub of lard doing listening to bad dating advice for girls and gays?!

No. 1449159

File: 1645508937651.png (91.17 KB, 1320x236, 4567898765.png)

review of Dasha's on stage energy

No. 1449164

any pics of the new boyfriend? i wonder how opn feels getting dumped for some simp just out of high school

No. 1449228

There’s a difference between beauty and youth, Dasha has the latter going for her but not the former. It’s the difference between “aging gracefully” and “hitting the wall”

No. 1449230

wasn't her ivermectin connect a zoomer? it might be him.

No. 1449247

my god he looks like a corpse that’s being propped up.

No. 1449249

he looks like a corpse that’s being propped up

No. 1449254

>assuming she dumped him
>thinking she had the upper hand in that relationship

No. 1449258

OPN is a major beta boy, Dasha absolutely was the one who dumped him.

No. 1449260

I don’t know. She’s a fame whore and he was the most famous guy she has been with

No. 1449269

You’re right about the childless seething, but since then, there hasn’t been any good milk on her. Unless someone wants to leak the group chat

No. 1449297

>even adam, who's "successful" in the same sense but probably even worse since he's the butt monkey fucks a model-type art hoe once in a while
Have you fucked him because this seems like a generous description of the women he’s fucked

No. 1449309


Almost guarantee that’s you posting your own thread, lmao.

No. 1449312

We were doing so well keeping aimee out of this thread. She’s a bore. Better content out there.

No. 1449340

Well he’s correct that none of these leftcow podcasters are anyone’s friend nor do they care about anything but their own grift

No. 1449351

Yeah liking taleb seems in character for “obese retard” aka honors former epic catholic bf. The funniest thing is that he’s like 24 or something, not really a zoomer, just like supposed voice of gen z honor, or 26 old wannabe gen z member Walter Pearce. They’re all trans age lol, although none as bad as 30 year old Sean Thor Conroe, the 200k advance voice of a generation

No. 1449353

Underrated post.

The majority of people are attractive when they're young. Only beautiful people are attractive as they age.

No. 1449362

File: 1645540201858.png (19.66 KB, 344x105, two thousand and late.png)

Amber's book pushed back yet again? Now it's coming out Feb. 2023(!)

No. 1449363

Anna spends ten minutes denying the getting work done rumors. Dasha says they look better because they're not alcoholics anymore. They deny the Thielbux rumors unconvincingly. Anna says he's sending a lot of money to a lot of people because that's his strategy but says he doesn't give any to them or to change fashion trends. Dasha says he couldn't afford them and Anna says what? Anna she got contacted by, guessing, the Buzzfeed reporter about him. She also says she's been in a lot of zoom meetings for unknown reasons. It's going to be funny to see if Dasha adopts the personality of her fake zoomer boyfriend
They name drop Fuccboi on the episode. Anna has the book around and Dasha says she's looking forward to reading it.

No. 1449408

If I had to bet, Kaitlin Philips wants them to push it

No. 1449773

if you ever want to see this in extreme detail just compare dasha's performance in wobble palace to kate lyn shell in a wonderful cloud. I actually like Eugene's movies but I seriously can't understand what anyone sees in Dasha as an actress

No. 1449774

He's 100% correct about mediagoonery and Left vs. Right. And this is coming from someone who is adamant that real liberal values are superior to conservative ones.

No. 1449813


No. 1449823

File: 1645580892006.png (164.38 KB, 1198x778, midlifecrisis.png)

5 months later and apparently Felix is still in a mid-life crisis >>>/snow/1319479

No. 1449892

Where is this from? Letterboxd?

No. 1449925

Amber's in seclusion writing and re-writing her memoir that's never going to come out, Matt's experiencing a new ego death every other week on his two-year-long "spiritual journey" that saw him divorce his long-suffering wife and hook up with a younger comedienne, Felix is getting fat and experiencing periodic bouts of crippling depression, Virgil is up to god know's what…Will seems to be the only Chapo who came out of 2020 undamaged.

No. 1449947

nah Will jerks off to nudes of teenage troons from Australia and gets pegged by his fridge-bodied bisexual gf at cringeworthy "socialist" orgies, all the chapos are embarrassing freaks

No. 1449956

What happened to Virgil Texas anyway? How long has it been since the grooming accusations?

No. 1449961

Will was joining in Leia Jospe’s cringe Tiktok streams a few weeks ago

No. 1449963

lmao felix reply guys are the worst. he's a "socialist" millionaire who gets 100,000 a month to lazily recap movies and twitter takes from his Brooklyn apartment in between trying to fuck the latest daily beast hire, cry me a river

No. 1450043

NTA but his current gf is pretty and especially so if you compare her to someone who's the definition of mid like Abbey

No. 1450047

File: 1645605900619.jpeg (357.07 KB, 1188x911, AB03A09A-BB1F-4FCF-B933-1B3B5D…)

Pretty sure this is referring to Blake Masters, who was also the guy Eric Weinstein mentioned introducing him to Anna Khachiyan.

No. 1450049

It is referring to Masters, but don't really see how this is relevant to the thread…like, it isn't revelatory information that he's a Thielite rightoid running for Congress.

No. 1450071

Open links to Anna Khachiyan, moron. It’s not milky (hence the sage) but it is relevant.

No. 1450078

We all know he's linked to Anna, but this particular instance of him doing/saying something is not related to the red scare-verse in any way… It'd be like posting something Alex Jones said on his show or Steve Bannon said on a podcast. What's the point?

No. 1450099

Isn’t he dating Honor Levy’s friend Maia?

No. 1450111

Short film she made of Honor acting like a schizo at Bennington.

No. 1450122

damn, and she's still markedly more coherent here than in 2022. drugs and urbit ruined her

No. 1450125

A professor at Bennington had to sit through this and then give it a grade lmao

No. 1450260

All of this is correct. I think the anon to whom you're replying, however, only meant that Will is no more damaged post-2020 than he was pre-2020. He's still the same pervert he always was.

No. 1450267

I was surprised Anna and Dasha gave so much air time to Victoria's Secret considering the major Epstein connections that company has. It would have made sense for at least Dasha to mention that it's been exposed as a front for trafficking girls which makes any other news about V.S. significantly less interesting…

No. 1450280

Will has gotten way Way fatter since 2020

No. 1450318

lol legit?

No. 1450374

File: 1645646474982.png (200.52 KB, 1416x738, Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 11.4…)

Epstein used to tell girls he was a scout for Victoria's Secret and even though that was just a lie he told them to get them in the door, he was working for Les Wexner inside Lexner's mansion so it had some credibility to it (the girls were never actually auditioning to be models but they didn't know that). Epstein also sourced girls from Jean-Luc Brunel (RIP), an actual talent scout for MC2 (MC2 supplies models for Victoria's Secret fashion shows).

It's an industry problem but V.S. was heavily implicated in this case. It seems likely higher ups were aware of what was going on too.

I just went and looked this up because I don't follow the details of the epstein case too closely (so I hope I got it right) but even I remembered there's a victoria's secret connection because it was a big deal at the time it came out.

No. 1450526

File: 1645658446102.jpeg (645.28 KB, 2048x2048, C13AF173-AA0A-434E-81BE-0115C2…)

They all ignore her and she keeps seething.

No. 1450685

Liz blocked her a while back.

No. 1450716

File: 1645672888425.png (47.81 KB, 616x275, earnest prayer.png)

lmfao Americans are so self-righteous. If this isn't the textbook definition of virtue signaling…

No. 1450925

god americans are insufferable. the god complex is real

No. 1451040

if God himself came down to Liz Bruenig and told her he'd prevent bloodshed in Ukraine if she'd just capitalize her tweets from now on, I bet she'd say "sorry lower case sweetie is my brand lol"

No. 1451042

File: 1645717022287.png (2.73 MB, 1912x1222, Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 10.3…)

Aimee's forever seething mostly due to meth, but whatever her freakish shortcomings, her takes on the Bruenigs are fire and pretty fucking funny. She's got their number big time and someone needs to criticize these power-hungry phonies.

No. 1451254

Only Liz B can end the war in Ukraine

No. 1451467

yes, all Americans are like Liz Fucking Bruenig, you’ve cracked the code

No. 1451473

I mean, everyone ignores her, because she’s a fucking tard
“uwu, so racist against oligarchs! their feefees might be hurt!”
we should call Murdoch/Bezos/Gates/Koch/Adelson/Thiel/DeVos/etc. oligarchs, though, she’s accidentally correct

No. 1451490

Bruenig has never caught my interest. I’ve heard her talk but it was boring and forgettable. Literally who. Why is she special here?

No. 1451506

Nick spent a good amount of the latest ct episode talking about jerking off to the Euphoria teens and “joking” about a sexual fantasy in which he dismembers and rapes Sydney Sweeney… he has porn-induced brain rot but pickmes are still like “I can fix him”

No. 1451519

What's the over under that Anna and Dasha are going to blame the Ukranian conflict on the US/NATO's fault? Seems like all the dirtbag left guys are still not thinking the war is Putin's fault

No. 1451539

They are not political figures. Who cares. They’re stupid. They’re gonna have a stupid take for sure, if they bother to talk about it at all in the event another thing doesn’t catch the media’s attention before they record another episode for 50k/month in subscribers.

No. 1451556

Double replying to add if either Dasha or Anna could say what the acronym “N””A””T””O” stands for without googling it I would be genuinely shocked

No. 1451558

this is just wishcasting but it'd be hilarious if they finally had on supposed fan-of-the-pod and friend-of-Dasha Whit Stillman, who's infamously rabidly pro-NATO.

No. 1451593

File: 1645769322942.jpeg (41.33 KB, 749x513, 1645500359570.jpeg)

so patrick batemen-esque women-killing fantasies to assuage his repressed homosexuality? he probably wants to suck hunter schafer's ladydique

No. 1451600

File: 1645769797404.png (286.92 KB, 1538x1130, Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 1.08…)

No. 1451609

so many self-employed individuals and small businesses have dipped into ppp loans

No. 1451615

Are we sure this is Anna's Eli? He spells his name Keszler, with a z.

No. 1451638

Coming around to this after looking at old photos and listening to dasha insist her face changed a lot from not drinking as much. I don’t even care what work people get done but they wouldn’t stop talking about Dasha’s face being really different now. a lot. A weird amount.

Alcohol can change your face but it’s mostly weight gain/loss and skintone, maybe acne, not in the way her face changed. The whole shape changed. Aging doesn’t explain it either.

No. 1451655

Some people get longer faces and more asymmetric bone structure as they age especially if they’re a mouth breather like Dasha.

No. 1451695

Anna may/will probably say it’s all NATO’s fault, Dasha might be all muh both sides considering she’s spoken out against Lukashenko before (though with the added dirtbag left caveat that “west bad” too)

No. 1451817

He’s like 5ft 3 I’m sure he fantasizes about violence almost daily. Napoleon complex is real

No. 1451822

I know, I'm wondering if the 'z' spelling is a stage name type of adoption because there are several things spelling his name as Kessler.

No. 1451828

eli kessler art comes up when I google it and it’s another guy who does sculptures >>1451506
whenever nick mentions the dsa he’s making fun of his former friend jake flores who was saying the show is swerf propaganda because zendaya getting almost sex trafficked is shown as bad

No. 1451837

File: 1645804941930.png (2.02 MB, 1936x1506, liz and matt bruenig ppp loan.…)

good find. the Bruenigs took out a PPP loan too. Gotta love Matt Bruenig lying to the plebes that "mass inflation is a conspiracy" when he was knowingly taking the free fake government money that made mass inflation inevitable. There's a reason the Broonigs relentlessly promote a "welfare state," they love free money and think the wealthy should get it too.

No. 1451838

I'm the anon who said "I can save him" about Nick but even I wouldn't stoop so low as to actually listen to cumtown lol

No. 1451911

File: 1645813234277.png (124.9 KB, 1766x500, Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 9.19…)

Am I the only one who doesn't get this attitude? Like these people are always screeching about Jews bombing Palestinians but when something happens in Ukraine it's "not our business." Can anyone explain this?

No. 1451930

File: 1645815203188.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1000, f608f0ac7b3700c37ed913754b4213…)

if Dasha's zoomer boyfriend is Honor's ex, that explains the bizarre uptick in Dasha's Catholic LARP on the pod. She blathered on Loveline about "we have to pray for our priests, people always forget that" - lol not if you go to mass dummy, they literally pray for priests every week and hammer it into you to do the same at home. Only to fakers like Dasha is this some obscure Catholic doctrine.

On another recent ep she said about her haters "no weapon forged against me shall prosper, BITCH!" and giggled at her le epic Catholic pwnz. It was so cringe even Anna, who's been pretending to be religious too, refused to acknowledge it and quickly moved on. Dasha's so BPD that any sudden personality change you can be sure is an attempt to get chosen by some new low value moid. Tragic.

No. 1451935

She never gave up her whoring ways since "rediscovering" her faith post-Adam and her body count has probably doubled since the infamous clip. The Catholic act is just a cope to deal with the shame she feels for passing through countless, perpetual fleeting hookups and relationships.

No. 1451964

File: 1645818062671.png (222.99 KB, 1192x674, 76584930284783.png)

She's been posting more random pages of Catholic books too. The zoomer bf writes like the world's gayest 8th grader.

No. 1451978


you can make an argument that lots of people post 2020 have spent their time exactly like that though.

No. 1451983

File: 1645820193167.png (102.6 KB, 1998x288, Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 11.1…)

More moralizing from /r/redscarepod

No. 1451985

very different situations and the US doesn't arm/fund Russia like it does Israel.
assuming those posters are americans it would make some sense for them to care what israel does since the US sends tons of aid and money to israel. generally americans don't want to pay to wipe palestinians off the face of the earth to make more room for jewish settlers to get comfortable. quality of life is declining in america so it's probably extra insulting even if they don't care about brown people.
in this case it looks like those guys are just parroting the whole "america isn't the police of the world" sentiment you see a lot. I wouldn't get too twisted about some throwaway reddit comments.

No. 1451986

Given that Dashew was bleating something about "freeing Belarus", I doubt that she has even the slightest clue about what's going on in Eastern Europe.

No. 1451988

He's just an incel (yes, you can be one even if you have sex with a million groupies), it's not that deep

No. 1451990

this made me lol irl

No. 1451991

you're kinda wrong here, the destructive aim towards beauty if it takes you away from God is sinful. To praise him through art, music, etc is not.

No. 1451993

File: 1645821068281.png (87.68 KB, 600x550, lizcollage.png)

Liz Franczak: before and after

No. 1451995

but it is US fault

No. 1451997

Imagine thinking some random retards on reddit are worse than the guy who’s invading a whole ass country right now (sage for ot)

No. 1452007

File: 1645822450488.png (2.71 MB, 2208x1088, double chin dasha.png)

Dasha's Catholicism was always completely fake, see this interview from the height of her Latin Mass days, she extensively discusses her "Catholic beliefs" including:

>doesn’t believe anyone goes to hell “because god is merciful”

>admits being a shoplifter, says it's "just” and “not necessarily wrong" if you steal from corporations
>defends her "pornographic" persona
>doesn't know difference between a cross and a crucifix
>has never been to confession
>says the value of prayer is that it's a "meditative, relaxing way of being present." when host says "prayer is just attention, it's not supernatural" dasha says "no of course not"
>defends her drunkenness and ketamine use, calls Adderall “a holy experience”

She spends the whole interview explicitly contradicting Catholic beliefs to the point of heresy (the sperg male host does the same lol). She's every new age “seeker” making up her own self-serving version of Christianity that conveniently excuses her sins because "muh merciful god" and imposes zero consequences. just admit you're a hedonist thot who cried on a church tour once dasha

https://youtu.be/E2L3g5YPaGk - main discussions at 12 mins and 31 min

No. 1452029

I'm going to admit I'm a lib and not a leftist but the Ukraine invasion was the last straw for me on being sympathetic to people on the rsp subreddit. I liked browsing there because they were more artistic than the rest of reddit and they had some interesting critical takes. But now they are bitching and moaning about how redditors and the rest of social media dare show support for Ukranians and dislike Putin/Russians. All the while being extremely moralizing and judgmental of everyone else.

So many people there complain that society is soooo alienated these days and that they can't make friends but I feel like it's because they are extremely nasty to everyone else around them.

They are constantly batting for conservatives and being trad, even though the hosts are unmarried. I just feel like the whole edgy left scene are pickmes for conservatives. Not to mention the huge amount of them who think it's great for 14 year old girls to date adult men.

No. 1452037

I must protect my corporeal meat temple against seed oils but a million filthy condomless HPV dicks is ok

No. 1452042

File: 1645825394876.png (116.69 KB, 1966x292, Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 12.4…)

Seriously it's like these people have no friends and can't socialize without bothering literal strangers

No. 1452071

Tbh this whole Russia-Ukraine thing has really shown the true colors of the eDgY contrarian left, no wonder these people have trouble socializing and have no friends, no one wants to listen to you sperg about how based Daddy Putin is and how all Ukrainians are Nazis and CIA agents (tho tbf the True Anon sub is even worse in this regard)

No. 1452106

can the absolute fucking morons trying to turn this into a serious ukraine/russia political discussion
go back to reddit, none of you NATOcels know what you're talking about and you're
stinking up the thread

No. 1452114

you have to keep in mind that the sub is 80% men and 20% women who will agree with whatever men say. liberalism was fine with those types of dudes when it meant hooking up and doing tons of drugs, but now that liberalism means no more dating 18 year olds indiscriminately and no more ironic, casual racism, they're all conservatives now.

No. 1452116

t. buttmad tankie

Go back to reddit and cry about your student loans

No. 1452119

RSP isn't just stupidpol incels and vindicta femcels. They're like whatever an incel is, but for literally every interaction in the observable universe instead of just sex.

Not only do they not have friends, they can't even have acquaintances. Tomorrow they'll be rejected by their pets, and they'll become petcels. It's fucking incredible that a group of people so unattractive even exists, they should start their own separate forum or something. Existencels.

No. 1452121

If you want to post anti-NATO, pro-Russia takes you're also welcome to post in /r/rsp

Is anyone on the sub actually "trad" or are they all LARPing?


No. 1452175

>They're like whatever an incel is, but for literally every interaction in the observable universe instead of just sex
This is the best way you could possibly describe it, thank you

No. 1452229

They’re not true nihilists bc they’re just BPD rejection-sensitive losers. The sentimentality yet lack of any real empathy is off the charts. Existencels is perfect lol.

No. 1452230

So what do you even like about him? His Twitter feed?

No. 1452238

tragic tbh. You can tell in her voice at times that she seriously regrets making Epstein speculation her whole life. 37 and no partner? It's over.

No. 1452246

bitch u fake

No. 1452249

>can’t socialize without bothering literal strangers

you realize a large part of socializing and making friends is interacting with literal strangers though right?

No. 1452250

maybe if trad means 'turned 30' there's tons of trads there

No. 1452265

I see your point but these people are obsessed with being able to "connect" with strangers. That's why they oppose WFH and love chatting up waiters and cashiers. They are terminally lonely. And I'm only so critical because they think they are so much better than everyone else even though they are so lonely.

No. 1452271

I don’t read his Twitter feed, had barely heard of him before following this board, tried cumtown a couple times and find it completely obnoxious, always turn it off within a minute. I’m not actually on some mission to fuck nick mullen lol, just think he’s cute. What can I say, he reminds me of a guy I used to bang in my 20s, maybe he trips some dormant weakness for self-loathing alcoholics who haven’t completely lost their looks yet

You can talk like an illiterate zoomer anywhere else on the internet, why do it here?

No. 1452281

like yeah RSP users are losers but you sound terminally American and projecting tbh chatting up cashiers and shit is normal and healthy in most parts of the world

No. 1452288

File: 1645845654492.png (49.76 KB, 607x232, liz franczak ambien posting.pn…)

No. 1452309

Relatable and same tbh.

No. 1452313

I got you non. The weird guys who come up to you and start babbling and don’t know when to shut up and they hate online dating because they’re not attractive enough to get matches

No. 1452316

back to twitter, retarded cath moid

No. 1452319

lol just button mashing

she said on the pod she wasn't using twitter as much because social media is so hateful and damaging or whatever, I suspect the real reason is that she's embarrassing herself

No. 1452323

>they think they are so much better than everyone else
>even though they are so lonely

it's literally coping with rejection, anon

No. 1452335

and they're so fucking shit at it they want to make phones, headphones and other means of ignoring pestering schizos illegal. literal suicide fuel tier socialceldom

No. 1452351

She didn’t have anything better going on when the CIA was scouting for someone to do TrueAnon pod with Brace, so she took them up.

No. 1452540

File: 1645895463282.jpeg (160.97 KB, 1125x1692, 99798EE0-990F-40DA-96E4-53F9E4…)


No. 1452544

File: 1645896041996.jpeg (74.54 KB, 750x777, 26F4FE63-D0B1-4C6B-BFD2-A14543…)


Wow, very cool Dasha thank you.

No. 1452545

File: 1645896075162.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, 416FCC90-236B-49F8-83C4-FAF8EB…)

Any idea where they're flying off to? Don't think there's a Scary Q+A coming up.

No. 1452549

"anyone who does not know this geographical trivia is LITERALLY responsible for WAR" - dasha enjoying doing an idpol and not being the stupidest about a particular topic for once

No. 1452552

rumor has it they are joining the war effort

No. 1452553

File: 1645896597458.jpeg (217.14 KB, 1536x2048, maddie boarding pass.jpeg)

No. 1452554

A woman born in Eastern Europe and her creepy autistic friend can name the countries bordering Ukraine. Groundbreaking

No. 1452560

SAG awards I think

No. 1452565

90% chance Dasha and the rest of the Succession cast are going to win this one, so prepare yourselves nonnies. Squid Game could be a spoiler, but it's doubtful.

No. 1452569

Doesn't Dasha have a very small role in a show with a lot of characters? RSP fans act like she is a main character lmao

No. 1452572

Maddie really thinks flying Delta domestic first class is a flex lmao, showing off her free lounge Bloody Mary that's visibly watered down with dried-out celery. So funny when bitches who never go anywhere post every little detail of their struggle trips like they're balling on a Gulfstream lol

No. 1452578

It's the ensemble category, so everyone in the cast is on equal footing and gets the same award, same recognition.

No. 1452641

If people think of the show when they hear about the win it's still going to be the actors who play the main characters who will come to mind. Yes, it's the same award for the whole cast but the same level of recognition is only given to each person on paper, not necessarily by the audience. I'm not trying to say that it's not an accomplishment, it obviously is, but it's more of an award for working well with great actors for the supporting cast than it is an award for their own acting merits.

No. 1452656

you are either an american or from some place like scandinavia where people take pride in being aspies

No. 1452682

Can’t tell if sincere but she does appear to double down in the comments …

No. 1452688

File: 1645912506575.png (1.16 MB, 1182x2472, round 1.png)

dasha vs logo just now (who is going through one of his most embarrassing phases)

No. 1452689

File: 1645912536209.png (631.72 KB, 1182x2376, round 2.png)

part 2

No. 1452694

File: 1645912672529.png (514.44 KB, 1214x1906, round 3.png)

part 3

No. 1452700

I'm American and most RSP posters are American. Even if it's normal in the rest of the world why would it affect what social norms in this country are?
And lots of people like WFH because they get to spend less time commuting to work and more time with friends/family. Personally I prefer working in person but I can understand why other people would want to avoid it, especially if you have very long commutes like in America. RSP listeners are so selfish they would rather force everyone back into the office because they "need" to socialize at work.

No. 1452709

haven't listened to it yet but on the latest red scare they have some PBS lib on to mansplain Ukraine and apparently at some point he yells at Anna and accuses of her of being pro-Putin

No. 1452735

File: 1645915253800.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, fae.png)

man i always disliked dasha but she didn't used to be this cringe? all this phony religious sanctimony - "read the Bible and venerate God" lol pretty lofty talk for a girl who spent the last 15 years smelling like last night's musty balls.

No. 1452750

I had no clue she was almost 40, lol

No. 1452764

File: 1645917510804.png (551.8 KB, 1080x1076, hkuusg.png)

shes on a roll with the christcuck larping today

No. 1452770

File: 1645918023031.png (722.79 KB, 2374x272, redscarepod turns.png)

Dasha's been getting more cringe for a while now, even the lames at r/redscarepod are noticing, they're roasting her about her "i can name 7 countries" brag.


No. 1452773

Is it me or does Dasha have "old poster" energy now. Like the shitposting spark is gone, she's just arguing over religion and posting her trivia results like a fucking facebook boomer lol. Mark my words someone younger and cooler will replace her bc she's so boring now

No. 1452775

Is anyone a member of r/redscareforgirlsandgays? It's a cringe fest

No. 1452777

what's wrong with the pope

No. 1452782

yeah i was just thinking that. I can't see the shitposting in this, she's too serious about it and you can see some actual offense bubbling under the surface.

No. 1452787

No, but if you are post screens pls. It's so satisfying seeing RS fans pics because I always suspected that only the truly unfortunate could look up to Anna and Dasha (see >>1447926 >>1448117 and >>1448834 )

No. 1452794

Dasha going full sedevacantist would be hilarious

No. 1452798

he thinks rich people should help poor people, obviously Dasha isn’t going to go for that
but it’s part of her stupid “tradCath” cosplay, because rejecting the Pope’s doctrinal authority is super mega trad, you see

No. 1452827

In Dasha's case, it's because she's being influenced by a trendy strain of faux-TradCath zoomers who repeat things like "the Pope is an agent of Satan infiltrating the Catholic Church" to get likes on Twitter.

But to give a more fair and neutral answer - Pope Francis represents the apex of the morally relativist, modernist movement that became the official position of the Church post-Vatican II, and which breaks with historical Catholic Church teachings in some pretty fundamental ways. Pope Francis stresses Ecumenism (vs. the historical stance that Catholicism is "the one true apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ"), and expresses approval of non-Christian religions (conservative Catholics would say the Pope should be more concerned with teaching the central Christian truth that "no one goes to the Father but through Jesus Christ" than photo ops with Muslim clerics and such)

Francis is also a proponent of Liberation Theology, a South American strain of Catholicism that considers social justice a main mission of the Church - conservative Catholics feel the Church should exercise care for the poor through charity vs. government influence, but moreover thinks the Church should put less emphasis on material conditions of the world, and more on their unique spiritual role of converting and saving souls. Could say more but that's the gist. As usual there's a grain of truth in Dasha's beliefs, they're just filtered through her low IQ and terminally online cloutchasing

No. 1452834

Listened to like five minutes of it so far and the guy is already making up people to be mad at so I think he’s a little high strung

No. 1452842

Nick Mullen reply girls are fucking weirdos.

No. 1452847

Ok yes I got to that part. he explains that Russia/Putin is the aggressor and states Putin purely wants to control Ukraine. Then he loses his shit because dasha and Anna try to say maybe Putin’s reason for invading is because of nato expansion and he just goes off. I don’t know what the general consensus is here so miss me with your geopolitical opinions but it’s such a combative conversation considering Anna and dasha have just been saying “hmmm” most of the time it comes off as funny

No. 1452849

thanks for the reply anon, i learned something today!

No. 1452866

I think that might be the point, shes trying to post stuff that appeals to conservative boomer men. Thats the audience she’s trying to cultivate now that the pseudo Chloe sevigny it girl thing she was doing is played out and she and Anna have completely alienated their original audience of relatively normal girls and gays.

No. 1452887

isn't there a catholic discord full of other religious studies doctoral candidates you could post your theses to instead of haunting this thread? lolcow is for laughing at trannies, gossiping about sex workers, and enjoying tasteful nude renderings of arthur morgan with other ladies of the NEET. no1currs about the useless information you've accumulated and can recall.

No. 1452892

>you can just read the bible and venerate god
remarkably protestant advice for this supposed Catholic lmao

No. 1452923

We have now reached the "I'm more Catholic than the Pope" stage of the larp. Orthodox conversion is traditionally the next step, though the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe makes that a bit complicated atm

No. 1452939

Why do you seem so mad about someone trying to explain a cow?

No. 1452950

File: 1645933944876.png (179.98 KB, 917x583, girls and gays.png)

here are the current top threads

No. 1452974

Heather Habsburg (@tolstoybb) is doing this funny thing after she was posting tankie tier shit about the Russia-Ukraine conflict and denying Russia would ever do anything where she's now liking tweets that would seem to be supporting Ukraine

No. 1452976

I like how they started it as a refuge from the main sub but they can’t stop talking about it

No. 1452985

oh god that zelensky post is very troon cringe "how you doing fellow ladies?"

No. 1452995

It's been alleged that the current boyfriend of a certain leftsphere podcaster who accused a certain photographer of sex abuse, has sexually harassed colleagues at the elementary school where he works

No. 1452996

jamie peck's bf? who he?

No. 1453001

is this "as_a_worker" or someone new?

No. 1453010

If they want to avoid Russia-Ukraine in any future orthodox larp, there’s always the Greek and Serbian churches

No. 1453012

>ladies of the NEET
you sound like a "hikkicore" cow

No. 1453013

there isn't a single male leftist podcaster who isn't a sex pest, it's an iron law of the universe.

No. 1453015

they divorced years ago

No. 1453017

you sound like you have no sense of humor

No. 1453018

File: 1645945001051.jpg (70.9 KB, 640x751, elmo hate liberal modernism.jp…)

she is trying to be trad cath now i guess, they hate vatican 2, and pope francis for being half a commie

No. 1453049

damn who hurt you

No. 1453122

File: 1645965674390.jpeg (306.02 KB, 1125x1125, C52C2C2C-47AA-4628-964B-B74160…)

Fucking horrible. Another casualty of red scare health advice where you convince yourself that you’re anorexic but really you’re losing weight bc you’re smoking a pack a day.

No. 1453146

File: 1645971215786.png (332.06 KB, 598x565, foxhunt.png)

roun_sa_ville getting slammed for going fox hunting with wealthy family members

No. 1453154

Yikes, I was under the impression she was poor? Or is this being taken out of context by haters?

No. 1453164

very cool to be against the church helping the poor when you're in manhattan making nearly 60k a month for shitposting with vocal fry

No. 1453174


No. 1453178

can’t help but relish in it every time this retarded tankie gets owned online. it’s also so funny how no one believes she’s in her 20s because she looks busted as shit

No. 1453183

File: 1645978213935.png (93.45 KB, 1186x472, 76543456543.png)

Caroline's podcast debut? No clue how or why she's on something with real writers. https://christianlorentzen.substack.com/p/truth-and-beauty-episode-1-with-matthieu

No. 1453186

>truth & beauty
i can already tell that this is gonna be insufferable to the max

No. 1453200

File: 1645980249237.png (97.08 KB, 409x499, wut.png)


No. 1453203

>mom is tweeting about 4chan again

No. 1453207

Maybe she's dating Lorentzen? Sounds like this is going to be a podcast they'll co-host.

No. 1453214

Dasha is posting her terrible audition tapes on "actorscellectuals" insta.

No. 1453217

my god, it's a wonder she ever gets any roles whatsoever. no talent.

No. 1453229

Shes been submitting these overexposed heavily facetuned self tapes to professional agencies!! The one where’s she’s pretending to drive a taxi is especially bad lmao

No. 1453235

Dasha running with the Dimes Square children is super embarrassing overall

No. 1453242

File: 1645984514967.jpeg (353.26 KB, 1125x2000, F6241A8D-A982-4292-B466-7DE566…)

What a catch.

No. 1453250

No. 1453256

…you should repost without the EWS theme drowning everything out

No. 1453269

Apparently Liz F went mask off as a Putin shill (“Russia’s military is 20 years ahead of the US, Russia isn’t deliberately targeting civilians,” among other spicy takes) and the TrueAnon sub responds in a divided fashion. Lots of coping, seething and realizations that perhaps Daddy Putin isn’t the based anti imperialist socialist he was sold to these people as.


(sorry I know it’s an imageboard but link to the ep and the comments are at the link)

No. 1453280

Paywalled, and blackepsteinfeed has stopped updating. Anyone know any other free feeds?

No. 1453284

Current Dasha is just an edgier and (somehow) dumbed down version of how Ashley christlover used to act

No. 1453293

This is the dude Dasha’s turning the Catholic larp up to 10 for? A dirty Jon Cryer lookalike. Her trajectory is sad, even as a hater I admit Dasha used have a certain rakish charm, now she’s humorless, sanctimonious and a hanger on to these dimes square zoomers. She’s turning into the sad 40 year old man who trolls for college students because no sane grown woman will have him.

No. 1453296

what ever happened to DashaxCousin Greg? Wishful thinking on behalf of the RS g&g?

No. 1453297

It takes twelve and a half minutes for Caroline to say a word.

No. 1453298

File: 1645990075674.jpeg (527.77 KB, 1434x2031, 3FC27E8F-7FE5-47B1-ABAE-1230B1…)

what does this even mean

No. 1453301

File: 1645990530382.jpeg (116.95 KB, 1176x790, FMlPd7ZVgAUeNYI.jpeg)

Delaney finally coming out as a troon

No. 1453311

troons freaking out over the "genocide at home" and trying to guilt people about caring for ukraine is sick

No. 1453352

File: 1645994315098.png (1.28 MB, 1238x2070, nick and leia 2.png)

there's something really gross and desperate about this couple, like they're only together cause they've already fucked everyone else in the circle

No. 1453355


They are not together lol.

No. 1453361

i feel like Nick wouldn't touch Leia with Stav's dick and tbh these tweets don't even sound like him. what's the scoop nonnies, why are we being psyopped with this weird fake relationship?

No. 1453365

I can see them being friends, they get to bond over how much they both hate women.

No. 1453366

i think it works because nick is asexual and needs a beard. leia needs clout

No. 1453369

He was friends with Amber idk I think he just likes hanging out with autistic nlog women

No. 1453377

yeah not buying that they're together at all. their exchanges are completely dry, plus who makes plans with their girlfriend over twitter. tbh i wouldn't put it past Leia to self-post these "rumors" here, she's a cloutchaser and there's ample evidence of her posting here before ("namaste" if any old heads remember the Ashley Reese threads lol)

No. 1453385

File: 1645996143609.png (48.88 KB, 598x518, lol.PNG)

she indicates having a bf recently

No. 1453386

File: 1645996198314.png (90.5 KB, 592x843, lolpt2.PNG)

No. 1453389

File: 1645996314998.png (166.17 KB, 852x848, rsv.png)

Followed up by this tumblr teen tier "YOU WANT ME FUCKIGN DEAD IM CRYIGN" tantrum kek
Half of the big names on left twitter come from money, so if she just ignored it or went "yeah I have rich parents so what" it would immediately blow over and her simps would defend her like they do with every other eat the rich trust fund kiddie

No. 1453401

lmao she identifies as "disabled" and a "guy" now??? in what way is she disabled? and when did she become trans? she's one of the dumbest, most easily influenced tards in this scene

No. 1453403

not normal for a 30something to tweet this much about her fucking boyfriend. makes it seem fake or like she's trying to make her crush jealous

No. 1453405

File: 1645996925828.png (83.96 KB, 1194x280, hailey troons out.png)

lmao its all such a larp

No. 1453408

File: 1645997056108.png (1.31 MB, 1194x1672, lol.png)

> wearing flannel and pants means i'm actually a guy

No. 1453409

incredible how these meltdowns keep occurring. i wonder how much time and effort it will take for the human race to evolve and understand shit like twitter

No. 1453422

It's always hilarious when these people don't realize they can just post through it and they have public meltdowns instead. If she stuck to her podcasting/streaming/whatever schtick without acknowledging this she'd be fine.
nvm somehow the twitch channel she has in her bio doesn't even have a Patreon, wasted opportunity for a twitter leftist. These people love to do that and go "muh Engels! Lenin was from a rich family!" like starting a podcast with some other retards they met in Matt Christman's replies is similar.

No. 1453427

During the latest loveline episode Anna predicts that “single aging girl boss types” will start dating younger men and Dasha sounds aghast and horrified about the idea lol.

No. 1453440

It’s weird how much he looks like male honor levy

No. 1453441

no shit you're dirt poor when you're buying all the latest gadgets!!

No. 1453446

hilarious. maybe it's dawning on her that she's become the girlboss stereotype they rail against - 31, whole identity is her career, not young and hot enough to bag a rich man, makes good $ so will always be breadwinner to her less successful bfs, and in her 10+ years of desperate fame-seeking she exposed her BPD so thoroughly no sane man will have her. i actually just kinda bummed myself out thinking about it lol

No. 1453447

They both have close-set eyes and a dead predatory gaze.

No. 1453450

Replace “young and hot” with “respectable and hot” but yeah.

No. 1453454

File: 1645999414466.jpg (7.45 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

anyday now she'll be wasted reeling from rejection of one of her zoomer one night stands, realize Adam was her last good thing and get back in his DMs…..and that's how the bug finally wins

No. 1453460

I'm still rooting for them. If those two crazy love birds can make it, we all can!

No. 1453469

File: 1646000176354.png (4.98 MB, 2800x1526, i ship.png)

we need to R E T V R N to this timeline bls

No. 1453472

crying thinking about them

No. 1453474

New gf is about equal to dasha in the face department, but with a hotter body. I don’t think Adam will be ditching her anytime soon

No. 1453475

File: 1646000518528.jpg (264.63 KB, 2000x1000, 87458934yhuire.jpg)

No. 1453476

damn i wish

No. 1453477

it's not about looks! what about her character?

No. 1453485

>it's not about looks
have you ever met a man tho

No. 1453492

You think Dasha has good character?

No. 1453504

File: 1646003238874.jpeg (264.2 KB, 1125x2065, 24465A4B-FB27-4F01-BBBB-F92E9B…)

Loving the SAG awards lewks Maddie’s terf bangs and the hard lump of filler in Dasha’s cheek really pull things together

No. 1453514

yes but their loves transcends
good? eh. but it matches adam

No. 1453515

dasha either got a fuckton of lip filler or it's the snow filters. we'll see how it looks in candids, her filler was already looking botched here >>1414766
she and maddie crack me up, two plain janes feeling like 10s with their chinatown hot dog lips

No. 1453527

the only convincing love story of our century

No. 1453529

File: 1646005538655.jpg (326.34 KB, 1365x2048, FMo8B2UWUAIid2m.jpg)

think it's just the filter

No. 1453537

always wondered what his coworkers at citadel would think about all the insane shit he posts

No. 1453549

Dress too big

No. 1453562

I think she looks good here, she's better when she goes more masculine with the hair/makeup, its more flattering to her features than the dumb lace/ribbons/little girl shit. a dykey lesbian realtor power suit vibe as she ages would work for her. its funny how she still tries so hard to be "feminine" while anna tries to be more masculine when the heji shin shoot proved they look better when the roles are reversed

No. 1453563

If Sarah Paulson had FAS

No. 1453567

that dress is ugly and ill-fitting. the color is particularly offensive and dated. the clutch doesn't match and looks like a cosmetics pouch. again dasha proves her idea of being fashionable is no different from what her flyover state fans would think. she just has no eye at all, it's actually amazing considering every would-be or actual influencer on the internet seems 100000x more capable than she is. hell, even anna is better at it

No. 1453576

File: 1646010247319.jpeg (481.67 KB, 1125x2075, 4248CC04-C6CB-4342-8E64-B51FFB…)

Idk those Getty Images pics are always really edited this pic looks like filler abuse to me

No. 1453581

That hoverhand, hooooooly shit

No. 1453582

Hard to say. She may just need to put on like 6 lbs.

No. 1453587

It’s interesting how they express their internalized misogyny in opposite directions, Anna with the edgy nlog locker room talk and Dasha with the autogynephilia coomer pandering

No. 1453598

thank you, the cheapo cosmetic pouch used as a clutch makes me sad, as does pairing maroon and hot pink, the dress' droopy elastic waist, the way she couldn't even be bothered to steam out the wrinkles. dasha really is terrible at this, looks like a 17 year old Indiana girl's prom look

No. 1453621

first time posting here and havent been lurking for very long, so sorry if this is old news. but they def “dated” for a little bit if im not mistaken. someone spotted him surprisinh her at a premiere for her movie a while ago. he has a reputation for sleeping around (and has since been seen with other women) so it probably wasn’t very serious

No. 1453625

so far squid games has been winning every category over succession so very possible that dasha misses out tonite

No. 1453632

succession just won best ensemble cast so you might’ve just jinxed it

No. 1453635

Dasha is right behind Brian Cox making the craziest faces as he gives his speech holy shit

No. 1453636

File: 1646015288559.png (315.54 KB, 750x1334, 64E23961-1E56-4FEC-B95F-645F11…)

No. 1453637

File: 1646015345974.png (1.59 MB, 1606x774, screenshto654.png)

you are not joking holy shit

No. 1453642

File: 1646015678869.png (702.89 KB, 628x878, S.33.39 PM.png)

In the clip you can see Dasha shamelessly maneuvering to be behind the mic by hugging the one guy who was already there. She was mugging for her life in the most painful way.

No. 1453643

i don’t have anything smart or funny to say i just hope she dies(a-log)

No. 1453645

bit rude tbh

No. 1453648

grow up

No. 1453652

LMAO this is some valerie cherish in the comeback type of shit

No. 1453661

good lord the absolute cringe desperate to be noticed overemoting she does every second here, it's exactly like her performance on Succession actually.
BIG NOD when Brian Cox says "thank you to the crew" as tho Dasha isn't one of the little people herself. looking uwu VEWWY CONCERNED when Brian Cox mentions Ukraine, MANIC APPLAUSE bc he says the president used to be a comic. this bitch is doing the absolute most trying to get noticed over the actors who had more than 5 mins of screen time, absolute fucking cow in her Ross Dress for Less lmao

No. 1453668

Everyone on stage is avoiding making eye contact with her besides that one guy she’s standing next to and only because she forcibly hugs him. Everyone’s body language is so closed off from her it’s so clear that they all hate her. Also lol at the way the camera tries to cut away from her face but can’t because she’s standing right next to Brian. This is so incredibly embarrassing for Dasha, she already looks retarded so you’d think she’d be extra careful not to act retarded on top of it but no.

No. 1453672

Dasha spent every second as part of this "ensemble cast" trying desperately to extract maximum attention at the expense of everyone else. It's tacky and sweaty and exactly how you should act if you want to never get cast in anything decent again.

I saw that too, people actually open up a little circle around her to get away from her attention whore amateur energy lol. It's like she's actively trying to be unhireable.

No. 1453674

So transparently calculated, just like Sailor Socialism was. She's such a pernicious poseur.

No. 1453681

File: 1646018420143.png (5.33 MB, 2764x1432, dasha professional actress.png)

L-R, Dasha interrupts her own fake concern for Ukraine to stare deadeyed directly at the camera for a while; Dasha when she hears the aCtOrS aRe iN dAnGeR
has she considered pretending to faint onstage next time? it would be more subtle

No. 1453682

The way this is going to go viral just like Winona Ryder's faces at the Golden Globes did several years ago…
>who is this quirky young actress with so much personality?

No. 1453683

File: 1646018667068.png (3.22 MB, 1566x1536, Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 10.2…)

when you know you're on cam but take a mo to sniff the Paul Reiser on your fingers

No. 1453687

she fucking wishes, Winona had 30 years of fame making her viral worthy, people will just half-think "who's this tryhard bitch behind Brian Cox" and forget about it on the next category. good try though Dasha, i'm sure your big break is right around the corner you 31 year old ingenue

No. 1453693

File: 1646019223488.jpeg (263.44 KB, 640x694, 673A8985-F3C7-4AFD-8D97-BF3EDF…)

Anti-Dasha Succession stans are so catty lol

No. 1453694

when you look at reactions it's all Succession fans hating her, only positive comments are from her podcaster barnacles like Perfume Nazi and the drag queen expat

No. 1453696

did she get robbed on the way to the show? no one trusted her enough to lend her some jewelry for the night? christ someone teach this bitch what an accessory is

No. 1453699

File: 1646019520004.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, 6E434E28-3C44-4BF8-8175-D3C208…)

No. 1453702

So on one hand there’s a group of talented actors being empathetic, or at least performing empathy, because they’re professionals who want to be supportive of their coworker’s speech. And then there’s Dasha, just completely unable to suppress or perform anything other than the narcissistic grandiosity and glee she’s experiencing simply because she happened to end up on the winning team. She contributed nothing of value to the show and I am just so repulsed by her narcissism she makes my skin crawl.

No. 1453709

She was literally on the very edge of the group and at the last second just pushed her way past everyone to the middle!

No. 1453721

File: 1646020814144.jpeg (112.52 KB, 828x692, 46E1648D-DF1F-49AA-8459-7CAD7C…)

No. 1453723

File: 1646021258282.png (1.65 MB, 936x1554, Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 10.5…)

i'm with you, know you're supposed to be "lol idc" here but if you've known narcissists like dasha irl they're really unnerving because they so clearly don't give a shit about anyone or anything except advancing themselves and extracting maximum attention from a situation. dasha gives off that hollow inhuman vibe bigtime, she's especially creepy when she tries to mimic human emotion. tbh most sociopaths are better actors

No. 1453732

Is this a real contingent of people? Cuz I saw several other posts where people had drawn over her face and was wondering why

No. 1453733

she took too many uppers before the awards

No. 1453735

File: 1646021997588.png (3.47 MB, 2480x1062, r:successiontv.png)

it's a very real contingent, dasha is widely hated among the show's biggest fans based on twitter and the subreddit. r/successtiontv is roasting her now. would love to see the group chat of the actors dasha shoved out of the way tn..

No. 1453738

>Dasha, just completely unable to suppress or perform anything other than the narcissistic grandiosity and glee
Everyone's missing her intentions her; her wild expressions and pushing herself to the center of the stage behind Brian Cox are a deliberate performance to increase her notoriety. Whether she feels genuine unsuppressed glee is besides the point, she is deliberately memeing it up so people will talk about her.

No. 1453745

i think a lot of ppl here get that, it's Dasha's MO for like 10 years now after all. regardless she didn't make the splash she thought she would. very few tweets about her, and of those the majority are succession fans who hate her or podcast fans licking her bipolar ass. her continued fruitless flailing at relevance beyond her obese midwestern podcast fans is a perpetual delight, YWNBF dasha

No. 1453747

File: 1646022871467.jpg (137.9 KB, 800x1043, numero.jpg)


dasha looks best in cool hustler twink edgy styles. this pink thing looks like a halloween costume.

No. 1453749

why do the women in this circle act so desperate and unhinged about having boyfriends? i thought the femcel memes were ironic, but it looks like they genuinely struggle to find partners. grim.

No. 1453751

honestly besides being born with a face like that, not being a dyke is the worst thing that's ever happened to Dasha

No. 1453755

>Dasha will never have a lead role in an indie movie
>Dasha will never go viral
>Dasha will never have a succesful podcast
>Dasha will never direct a movie
>Dasha will never have a movie accepted into a major film festival
>Dasha will never an award for directing
>Dasha will never become a cultural icon
>Dasha will never be cast in a prestige tv drama
>Dasha will never win an acting award
You are here
>Dasha will never have a lead role in a prestige tv drama
>Dasha will never have a lead role in a major arthouse film
>Dasha will never have a lead role in a hollywood picture
>Dasha will never win a golden globe
>Dasha will never win an oscar
>Dasha will never direct another film
>Dasha will never win the palme d'or
>Dasha will never direct a film ranked in the top 100 of the decennial sight & sound poll
>Dasha will never move back to belarus and run for president and win an overwhelming victory against lukashenko and declare herself queen daria the first

No. 1453757

garbage bait but BPD scarethots who finally learned how to sage will definitely bite

No. 1453760

Dasha will never have the respect of her peers, Dasha will never find a husband, Dasha will never have a gay son,

No. 1453763

why was she even at the awards ceremony. she was barely in the show

No. 1453768

File: 1646024488162.png (1.1 MB, 722x1292, sag afterparty.png)

Dasha and Maddie were back in their hotel room listening to Oasis on the TV by 11.30pm like a couple absolute losers. They definitely did not get the invite to the afterparty lmfao, Succession cast hates Dasha confirmed.

No. 1453769

Indiscriminately fucking men in entertainment

No. 1453774

File: 1646024907843.png (100.92 KB, 640x1136, 2472ED02-923A-413C-8EA4-EE906E…)


No. 1453776

File: 1646025108747.jpg (128.04 KB, 1080x1920, 274959907_324477399699820_1033…)

i mean…

No. 1453780

that’d be the frumpiness, Dash

No. 1453783

File: 1646025485486.jpeg (555.39 KB, 1125x2026, E929E065-B265-4B5E-9AD9-B6711F…)

“congrats on being a beautiful actress” @ hoyeon ONLY

No. 1453787

hoyeon is the only beautiful actress in the picture kek

No. 1453789

Dasha stealing champagne from the table for her little afterparty of 2 with Maddie lmao this bitch really is tacky

No. 1453791

File: 1646026068675.jpeg (536 KB, 1125x2041, 39724C5D-1D0A-413F-AB53-F11FD0…)

When Dasha reposts it suddenly it’s just “congrats babe” lmao

No. 1453792

Dasha “asiatic features” Nekrasova

No. 1453794

File: 1646026822840.jpeg (285.69 KB, 1125x2019, EDAC7F2C-749E-42E4-B2BD-C5DA00…)

Maybe she saw the lesbian snuff porno film you wrote and filmed together? Or maybe it was the super funny photo shoots you did during the ceremony? Idk!

No. 1453796

nice try, the lesbian fans are long gone and never coming back!!

No. 1453797

Point still stands, might as well have nothing at all it’s so oooooo boring. What else would we expect though

No. 1453800

Every single quote tweet of the SAG awards tweet for the Succession win is about Dasha. She won the night, she's the only thing about the ceremony anyone on twitter is talking about.

No. 1453801

god she looks so desperate and unnatural. this benchwarmer should be satisfied with getting a super bowl ring off the hard work of her teammates, but no, the attention seeking behavior is too strong. she may as well have held up a “please hire me” sign.

No. 1453805

File: 1646028096197.png (259.51 KB, 605x473, brace jack.png)

No. 1453806

I'm sure he passes very well

No. 1453807

this is just false. seeing as youre running here to defend your kween your algorithm probably feeds you dasha. in actuality everyone is talking about squid games and euphoria

No. 1453809

File: 1646028345931.jpeg (252.23 KB, 867x849, 43F773D0-9062-4EC0-8B3D-D11A3B…)

She looked stunning tonite

No. 1453839

People Magazine's list of SAG red carpet stars…127 in total, all the minor actors included…but no Dasha?


No. 1453943

we know she's got bad taste but what the fuck is that dress. at least anna dresses like it's 2022

No. 1453964

File: 1646063740748.png (274.75 KB, 575x414, dasha superstar.png)

This is going to have a million views by the end of the day. Let's face it, Dasha has one-upped Winona Ryder.

No. 1453980

i’ll do no such thing. what i will be doing is laughing at all the tweets 1) calling her a coked out attention whore and 2) wondering why a literal who of the show is even on stage.

No. 1453982

lmao are you kidding? she hasn't one-upped shit and this is so embarrassing it's painful to watch. winona is a planet apart from this mess

No. 1453984

Hollywood doesn't care if everyone who watches it is making fun of her, they care that everyone is watching it. She's pulling in huge numbers for this stunt, it's the biggest boost for her career since the InfoWars interview all those years ago.

No. 1453988

File: 1646066500548.png (60.21 KB, 2308x180, Screenshot 2022-02-28 11.39.23…)

"all press is good press" is some elementary level cope nona. she's made herself even more unlikeable. if I were Brian Cox and I saw this I'd be pissed. people who pull this attention-seeking shit at their first gig do not get rehired.

No. 1453990

File: 1646066652848.png (183.04 KB, 456x542, Sede.png)

Did Dasha ever have a definitive falling-out with her Brooklyn leftcath buddies who were swarming all over her when she first started the religious larp, or did they just gradually drift apart over time? The orangutan dude here is the guy who filmed Dasha's sojourn through lower Manhattan on the day Epstein died. Mecha hasn't interacted with her since October.

No. 1453995

only dasha could manage to make valentino look like davids bridal

No. 1453997

She's going to get rewarded for attention-seeking diva behavior, same energy as extras trying to over-emote and ham up their "walking across the screen as Citizen #17" role hoping to get noticed.. shameful

No. 1454000

File: 1646067667562.png (71.92 KB, 600x343, RIP.png)

WCT was truly a bizarre phenomenon. What did we get out of it? Legitimation of integralism in the conservative discourse, every online political faction that spun out of the Chapo Grey Wolves of 2016 being convinced that Left Catholicism was a real thing worth taking seriously and that Liz Bruenig was the smartest person on the left, an embarrassing NYT profile from TIB past the clique's prime, and the head scarethot herself a spiraling reactionary tradcath larper.

No. 1454025

File: 1646070044790.png (3.3 MB, 1578x1538, Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 12.2…)

In no world is that dress Valentino. Dasha wants us to think it is, hence why she vague-tagged the brand - but it's way too cheap and ill-fitting to be. At first I thought the sad little makeup bag might be Valentino, but you can see in the Getty closeup it's some other brand. Dasha really clout-chasing with those fake brand tags lmao

She also appeared in this red carpet roundup with zero brand credits - compare her to all the celebs with their Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Tiffany and Chopard credits. PR brands always send press a list of the celebs they're dressing and the outfit credits so Dasha having none means she "self-styled" — i.e., she has no clout and is industry poison so no one lent her anything and she bought all this with Maddie at TJMaxx the day before.


No. 1454028

it seems like she got a fake valentino resort 2022 off the real real or something

No. 1454030

I wonder what Aimee thinks about Russia-Ukraine. Bound to be deranged.

No. 1454031

She's pro-Putin and retweeted a pic of someone wearing a shirt saying Ukraine has always been Russia. Not surprising.

No. 1454033

File: 1646070800779.png (5.99 MB, 2828x1300, where dasha.png)

Seriously, it's very notable that Dasha was in bed by midnight and that while she was backstage with the whole cast, there are no photos of her palling around and posing with anyone, not even her supposed boy Nicholas Braun. It's clear the cast snubbed her for making an amateurish ass out of herself, as they should. How to blow your shot 101, with Dasha Nekrasova

No. 1454068

That’s not the after party tho, that’s the reception area where the actors pick up their awards after they exit the stage. And she was there. It does seem as if the only person who wanted to get in photos with her tho is the actor who plays Colin. I’ve seen no after party photos- there probably wasn’t one because of Covid and being at war- not exactly a great look for our coastal elites to be partying right now.

No. 1454072

>I’ve seen no after party photos- there probably wasn’t one because of Covid and being at war- not exactly a great look for our coastal elites to be partying right now.
were you born yesterday? you couldn't be more out of touch with celebrity behavior

No. 1454073

Never mind I just read your comment thoroughly, am idiot disregard

No. 1454078

she really took advantage of the gap created by Sarah Snook not being there, especially in the cast portrait. The only female front and center, where Sarah probably would have been. Very savvy and willing to assert her presence in a way the other cast members are not. It’s shameless but it’s paying off in terms of attention. Justine could have easily been in her place and makes more sense since she’s actually a more regular part. Doesn’t have the killer instinct unfortch. Probably is respected tho.

No. 1454081

I didn't say that was an afterparty, and I literally said in my comment that Dasha was backstage with the rest of the cast, just that no one interacted or posed with her. That's telling. And just because there's no official afterparty like after the Oscars, doesn't mean no one hung out afterwards lol — you think the cast didn't celebrate with a drink somewhere? Do you think celebs just head straight home and jump in bed after these events? No, only Dasha does, bc she's an unlikeable loser. Lord save us from these unsaged scarethots.

No. 1454084

I love all the scarethots in this thread who think that Hollywood fame is a natural result of shoving yourself in front of a camera, and just like, getting observed by thousands of people. What a naive dumbass fandom full of flyover goblinas. Talent, looks, being liked, not fucking over your much more famous costars - nope, none of these things matter, just stand behind Brian Cox for 3 mins and ur basically Angelina Jolie!!

No. 1454094

>willing to assert her presence in a way the other cast members are not
Narcissism and having no shame will do that

No. 1454100

which one are you?

No. 1454114

Maddie looks like Bo Burnham

No. 1454117

So do these gals have any real opinions on the war in Ukraine or was their whole schtick just vapid and self-serving grifting? They seemed pretty political but I guess by avoiding the most important political event of this generation they are basically acquiescing to the notion that they're know-nothing grifters. It's especially glaring since they always talk about how they're le soviet immigrants. Give us some incisive analysis ladies. Prove to us that you aren't at least total pseuds

No. 1454119

On the latest ep, they had a guy on to talk about Ukraine, he’d apparently been there as a journalist and knows a lot about the place and the conflict. Anna was super contrarian and Dasha was retarded. I’m sure it’s on blackscare somewhere if anyones interested in listening lol

No. 1454123

>coastie roasties
anna, dasha, and their fans in a nutshell

No. 1454125

they don’t have any opinions on anything except “not like other girls!”

No. 1454126

Mecha was the worst red scare guest of time so if she's alienated that crowd of losers that's a good thing

No. 1454127

so embarrassing holy shit. its like the winona ryder incident, but unlike ryder, its so unnatural and calculated.

No. 1454169

can see where she bites and picks at her disgusting fingernails lol

No. 1454227

File: 1646084457660.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3264x3264, 99AA0F1C-EFEF-4CE0-8274-1105B4…)

they look like siblings

No. 1454309

If Valentino had actually dressed her the color of her dress would have been harmonious with what the rest of the cast is wearing. Everyone else is wearing black and muted jewel tones and then there’s Dasha in hot pink acting like a retarded 5 year old.

No. 1454316

The only “designer” (very loosely speaking) that would dress her is whoever is behind Brandy Melville

No. 1454318

File: 1646090127374.jpeg (270.05 KB, 1125x1692, 6180083D-201C-42AD-BF1E-14C480…)

SAG awards but make it a meme I guess

No. 1454329

File: 1646091052492.jpeg (448.33 KB, 1125x1209, 72E50B7F-CC4D-4206-B336-55DAB4…)

This sanctimonious overexplainy bitch. Did Liz really think it was necessary to explain the concept that “ackshually, mothers typically don’t WANT to steal their babies’ food” like it’s some obscure sociological concept lol.
“Sadly this mother has been reduced - and to be clear reduced means to lessen or make smaller, helpful grammar lesson from Liz for ya”
Absolute pseud, i don’t understand how anyone can read her work, she writes like a precocious 13 year old.

No. 1454331

delaney being a troon is super obvious. the irony bros sussed him out on like day one

No. 1454332

300 words to explain that the main cause of stealing food from your infants mouth is hunger. Thank you Liz, very deep.

No. 1454350

absolutely, the way he talked about women you could tell he was seething with jealousy. would love a facedox at some point to confirm if he is as balding and obese as he sounds like

No. 1454357

Honestly I feel kind of bad for Dasha, it’s obvious that’s she was trying to orchestrate a viral moment for herself but Brian Cox threw her a curveball with the Ukraine stuff and she wasn’t able to recalibrate her performance on the fly because, believe it or not, she’s not a good actor. She was actually doing an okay job up until Brian starts talking about the invasion and Dasha realizes that she’s fucking up and starts to panic and overact. She also miscalculated getting high during the event, it could have been fine if she didn’t have to improvise her reaction mid speech but the way it all played out was an absolute disaster. It doesn’t help that she’s still trying (and failing) to pull off these stunts in her 30s, I’m sure her Jewish manager is so pissed off right now.

No. 1454359

Idk what this is but underrated poast

No. 1454363

File: 1646094695852.jpeg (155.66 KB, 942x942, 3539FC07-1C02-40AB-AB63-294C65…)

No. 1454403

File: 1646100193136.jpg (101.94 KB, 1811x417, obese.jpg)

No. 1454410

looks like i was right lol, antony and the johnsons looking mf

No. 1454426

Amber reactivated her long-dormant instagram. Hasn't posted anything new yet though.

No. 1454438

File: 1646102605313.jpeg (138.28 KB, 640x659, BCD90494-71E6-48E6-8280-658965…)

No. 1454459

Aimee just takes the opposite stance of mainstream liberal media opinion. Occasionally she will overstate the online left’s consensus and take a contrarian stance. Trump calling Putin a genius really exposes these clowns.

No. 1454505

Just noticed that all the hardcore leftists and conservatives are stating the same opinion that Putin is right or that both sides are wrong. Not saying that they're correct or not, just putting it out there.

No. 1454588

that's clearly a comme des garcons clutch. you people suck at stalking

No. 1454626

File: 1646128665182.jpeg (384.96 KB, 1242x1870, 64A17892-5ACD-44AB-B5B4-5567A2…)

the dig about scouring therealreal for past-season crap couldn’t be more accurate lol

No. 1454633

comme des garcons or not, it still looks like a promotional parfums bag/cosmetics bag. it's seriously hideous.

No. 1454634

i followed his acct when it was very fresh and he routinely brought up being a troon and he obviously spoke like one. not a stretch

No. 1454649

What was his old username?

No. 1454659

eugene is the gateway to this scene, every dasha obsessed girl gets through him first

No. 1454671

I think it's hilarious that she tried giving her takes on this and barely anyone took the bait to bring up her engagement so she just went back to posting about Dave Chappelle

No. 1454711

File: 1646145408048.png (96.37 KB, 594x826, scarethotruination.png)

anna khachiyan has singlehandedly created a cult of aging straight women who believe that living with and having sex with boyfriends or husbands is demeaning. anna and eli's glorified sperm donor relationship has been a disaster for the scarethot population.

No. 1454714

are you insane? anna would ruthlessly mock this woman, her friends, and their husbands in her dumb girl voice for being “feminists.” she’s been very open about wanting to serve a man sexually and doing what he says.

No. 1454715

Well a broken clock…

No. 1454732

I mean, blowjobs were generally considered demeaning in Anglo (and thus American) culture prior to the proliferation of internet pornography which fried everyone's brains.

No. 1454764

I agree. Only pickmes give blowjobs

No. 1454772

File: 1646153499173.png (152.01 KB, 602x667, feed.png)

This lady's feed is sad. The type of person I imagine who would listen this podcast, and she does retweet Anna, although I don't think this take aligns with anything Anna or Dasha has said as the other anon mentioned.

No. 1454821

This is bullshit, it’s not normal to never have sex with your partner regardless. These men are either cheating or porn addicts

No. 1454858

lol, at least he's not dressed like a toddler

No. 1454867

Their dicks are almost certainly broken from porn

No. 1454984

He’s been dressed like a hip toddler by his mommy

No. 1455094

File: 1646177791477.jpg (44.97 KB, 561x681, hand.JPG)

Is this what they call "social distancing"?

No. 1455139

that's gone beyond hover and into orbithanding

No. 1455159

Paul Raiser’s no fool, girl’s probably got a hundred STDs on her shoulders

No. 1455161

^Reiser, fuck autocorrect

No. 1455189

LMAO I feel bad for laughing at this

No. 1455214

What's her problem with capitalizing words and sentences?

No. 1455282

Is this a joke?

No. 1455299

File: 1646187991696.png (1.01 MB, 796x1000, 274078406_374807471140205_4980…)

Can anyone, even if they are playing devils advocate, explain how they aren't fucking?

No. 1455312

Neither is fuckable

No. 1455351

Pretty sure people find Dasha through the pod or twitter, that's giving Eugene too much credit

No. 1455356

For who, Dasha and Honor?

No. 1455375

tbh I find it hard to believe just because they’re all so gross and I’d rather not even think about it

No. 1455378

liz is painfully straight

No. 1455380

didn't screenshot it, but she tweeted a long time ago about how she always felt like 1/3 lesbian

No. 1455409

lol every white girl has their own spin on appropriating queerness.

No. 1455433

1/3 lesbian lol sounds like every straight woman who pretends to be bi. i can’t wait for tiktok to start obsessing over asexuality or whatever instead of “queerness”

No. 1455461

File: 1646210001813.jpeg (319.04 KB, 1125x1566, 085EB68D-4441-46F7-BC85-EE5F1B…)

Caroline Calloway spotted at RRW’s wedding afterparty I guess she’s still in New York?

No. 1455463

That poor cat lol

No. 1455465

She lost control of the cat multiple times throughout the night lol

No. 1455471

File: 1646210695220.jpeg (317.89 KB, 1125x1810, E66E6014-253B-4E8B-8390-9F18B1…)

It’s not the Botox

No. 1455473

How is she paying rent without social media? Did she somehow get a real job?

No. 1455493

File: 1646212269806.png (61.81 KB, 602x361, alt lit drama.png)


No. 1455500

she's such a bad dresser. the hair and top isn't my style but i see where she's going but then the pants ??? they're probably culottes too lol. remember that fucking horrible outfit she wore to berghain? 2015 realness

No. 1455501

No. 1455554

why can't alt lit just stay dead?

No. 1455577

Dasha describes Total War as a mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, and The Beguiled in this interview

No. 1455589

You can literally see her biting her nails during the interview no wonder they always look so gross. Dasha just looks so unhygienic and unwashed all the time, she’s like a cartoon character with stink lines but irl.

No. 1455592

They seem happy, I just feel sorry for the former Mrs. Cush. Hope she's thriving.

No. 1455597

I wanted it to die with Fuccboi but alas

No. 1455601

damn hot opinions coming thru. next up: what arcade fire's grammy win means for indie rock going forward

No. 1455650

Where’s Marie Calloway? She was the only interesting writer in the alt lit scene.

No. 1455657

>She was the only interesting writer in the alt lit scene.
>who is tao lin

No. 1455658

>aspie fuck journal #5307
yeah truly riveting stuff

No. 1455659

Idc about tao lin

No. 1455685

>lost her baby fat
>in 2020
Is this… possible? I feel like most people lose the babyfat in their face by the time they are 5-10 years younger than her depending. This just feels like her lolita larping again

No. 1455692

File: 1646232551378.png (173.58 KB, 988x359, godless.png)

Soooo Dasha's producer went behind her back and is selling Scary NFTs LMAO


She explains how she has nothing to do with this (allegedly) itt

No. 1455703

ok but has anybody read fuccboi? embarrassing ik but for some reason i imagine it might actually be good

No. 1455706

File: 1646233582271.png (31.3 KB, 407x129, amazon.png)

It flopped. Also only 134 ratings and a 2.54 average on goodreads.

(I still want to read it too though, non)

No. 1455725

they've only sold one btw

No. 1455734

remember when the trad neckbeards were praising Dasha for her critique of NFTs? Lmao

No. 1455779

Hit the nail on the head

No. 1455798

File: 1646240143536.jpg (114.91 KB, 575x960, tumblr_e8b4042cf6195a9a7483cd2…)

trust me it's hard to agree w/ dasha on anything but a 25 year old definitely has more baby fat than a 30 year old, facial fat loss begins in your 20s and is progressive through middle age. the thing she's being sneaky about is what thins out first is your midface - cheekbones, buccal fat, temples. lower face doesn't dramatically thin until your 40s. the change in dasha is the result of weight loss and masseter botox - contrary to some posts here, one dose of botox can make a significant difference in jaw size — the atrophy takes 3-4 months to fully show, and it takes at least year to build that muscle back with no further treatments.

related but look at recent pics of anna for a glimspe at how thinning temples ages you, i've been noticing the skeletal hollow look around her eyes for a while, then discovered the "tret" she loves to attribute her glow-up to actually makes you lose facial fat - which proves what a lie it is that she swears tret magically filled in her deep facial lines. always amazes me these two knowingly cultivate a catty, vain personality but are still too vain to admit their copious work, they both look like totally different people than 5 years ago.

No. 1455821

not disagreeing with most of your post but tretinoin causing fat loss in the face is still unproven. it's just a theory and the anecdotal evidence is usually reports from very young users (not anna) with more fat to lose.

No. 1455887

It's completely unproven, people are mostly basing this assumption on how oral vitamin A affected adipose tissue in rats, and that was due to systemic effects ie. metabolism. Which is completely different from these non-existent topical effects

No. 1455917

kek I love you

No. 1455931

damn i just listened to the recent Trueanon and i've honestly never heard Liz sound like that (though admittedly i haven't listened to every episode).

like the actual substance of what she says is like 70% what you'd expect, though with some insane stuff thrown in there. but just the way she's talking is so weird. she sounds extremely defensive and like, psychologically invested in the whole thing. i guess when your whole identity is based on being that type of Marxist then Russian shit becomes weirdly sensitive to you or something lol, cuz it's not like she's actually from there or anything. so fucking weird

No. 1455932

oops meant to sage

No. 1455946

A bunch of chapoids like the true anon crowd overly identify with Russia despite having no connection to the place because they’re retarded enough to think that somehow Russia is still communist

No. 1455950

joe bernstein story comes out 2morrow according to his twitter

No. 1455954

If it's about what those people are afraid it's about and he has real proof I wonder if they'll admit they're getting right wing billionaire buxxed and it's nbd or if they'll say it's all witch hunts and lies. Honor "New Yorker publisher writer" Levy is the only one with anything to lose.

No. 1455955

I think it's because since Chapo are against libs and Russia is against libs they ought to be on the same page

No. 1455959

yeah definitely.

>>1455955 i was talking about liz from true anon lol. i mean ur right that some of its just kneejerk contrarianism but that would apply to all these people, none of whom were freaking out like liz (plus here 'ukraine should not exist' comments before the ivnasion lol)

No. 1455962

A bunch of RT’s foreign staff has resigned since the invasion started, wonder if Liz is angling for one of their jobs

No. 1455970

tao lin is responsible for all these brute-forced untalented strivers. had gawker just ignored him we wouldn't have all this awful shit we have now.

No. 1455971

why are baby bangs back, can't they at least be jagged. i hate the techno bowl.

No. 1455974

you are literally describing tao

No. 1455979

kill me but she looks hot here. being a dyke is the worst sometimes

No. 1456000

She’s having a full melty today because someone (accurately) called her fat even though she makes fun of people for being fat all the time.

No. 1456001

Sounds like she’s on the verge of tears the whole ep.

No. 1456076

here's hoping blockhead joe caught honor's "race science is good, actually" improv ted talk and doesn't let her off the hook

No. 1456125

what a loser. good men are found offline, unfortunately none of them could want her

No. 1456134


I hope this war makes it impossible for any of these Trump era culture war grifters to continue functioning in any meaningful way. I am from Russia and this is disaster for the humanity and almost a play by play of the second coming of Hitler and it's astonishing that either of these wretched clowns, who can barely managed a single sentence of broken gibberish in Russia, can just go about their day. Russian economy is in a death spiral, rumor is the parliament will impose martial law in a few days, ration food and close the country off from internet and communications to the outside world. People I know are selling all their life possessions and trying to catch the last flights out to Dubia and whatever other countries russian airlines are still able to travel to before they begin to seal the borders. Both of freaks have dug themselves into such a hole with their pseudo-pro Putin "rusky" edgylord contrarian viewpoints, that are recorded all over the internet, that they will never escape it now. Anna can maybe continue to exist in her little bubble of scaretards willing to pay $5 to subscribe to her thoughts but Dasha needs to take a sobering look at her life. She was already on thin ice with the alex jones shit but this on a different level. This Sag awards shit, this is her peak as an actress and in life. she will alway been remembered as the mentally deranged, psychotic creep that bragged about how she can name the 7 countries that border Ukraine and posed with her pathetic award when cities and cultures that she claimed for internet clout points were being invaded

No. 1456146

No but the author constantly posts in the redscare reddit and is a cringey loser.

No. 1456160

lol sounds like you're getting owned

No. 1456198

File: 1646271285446.png (5.11 MB, 750x1334, 951DE519-580B-4C80-A619-37D9B6…)

Walter Pearce bought a house in upstate ny

Why does his wife look like that?

No. 1456203

What's that mark on his forehead?

No. 1456210

Have a bad feeling it's going to make the same mistakes as that Daily Beast hit piece and go too far with the insinuations to the point where he's roping in obviously "clean" leftists into the Thiel web to make the whole thing seem like paranoid fantasy.

No. 1456213

Who cares what she looks like when he looks like a balding Cro-Magnon with a missing frontal lobe

No. 1456222

It’s for Ash Wednesday because he’s Catholic

No. 1456229

well that's certainly in line with how he sounds as well

No. 1456260


No. 1456286

they legitimately look like trailer trash

No. 1456294

Caroline Calloway is leaving New York and “writing her book” (i.e., Bank of Mom said no more rent checks)
and nothing of value was lost

No. 1456305

Literally who?

No. 1456308

File: 1646279822887.jpeg (124.4 KB, 567x933, FA8AADDA-DB54-432F-B07C-FE07CD…)

What does this mean?

No. 1456312

Because she’s one step below a supermodel in looks intelligence and status

No. 1456316

File: 1646280871755.jpeg (231.77 KB, 1125x1906, 5101A280-CD32-45D5-91F3-594FCB…)

She’s a model from Russia, my theory is that she’s the daughter of some oligarch family who was too uggo and retarded to do anything so they sent her to New York to “get into modeling.”

No. 1456317

No. 1456343

what the fuck is she modeling for, Chromosome Deletion Monthly?

No. 1456364

She's an "I'm with her" style democrat who loves Pelosi. She sees the comparison in a flattering light.

No. 1456377

File: 1646287625233.gif (939.26 KB, 240x240, 00-promo-image.gif)

looking inbred af. only in jew york shitty could these 2 mongloids make a living modeling

No. 1456382

File: 1646288054575.jpeg (203.42 KB, 750x1204, 85DB31A2-6F2D-4C0B-B5CE-734AFC…)

lol telfar must have brought her in for the flyover junkie demo

No. 1456384

I mean they don’t make a living from it, Walter comes from money he went to like Dalton or something, idk about yunya tho.

No. 1456394

Tbqh a good chunk of high fashion models are fucked up or unwell looking in some way. Not to get on a soapbox but there’s a lot of human trafficking (agencies pimping out their models) and pedophilic stuff going on in the industry- Ali Michael has spoken out about it, it’s why models start in their teens and “expire” in their early 20s, and the Epstein connections to different agencies aren’t a coincidence

No. 1456401

No one talks about how him and Honor (not girl in picture) are jews 4 Jesus

No. 1456410

Sure they can look fucked up and unwell but underneath it they still have beautiful features and good proportions. Yunya just looks like a caricature of high fashion model.

No. 1456425

What’s going on with Walt did he get fucked in his ass by balenciaga ceos or something? There’s no way I’m buying that this guy just naturally became a talent scout for modeling agencies as a teenager

No. 1456428

Wasn't Walt literally accused of human trafficking as well?

No. 1456430

Don't know about Walter but Honor gets a pass because she's only half-Jewish. I'm sure Bernstein will touch on the tradcath phenomenon in his piece dropping today though.

No. 1456470

Apparently Rachel Rabbit White is taking over her apartment https://www.tiktok.com/@carolinecalloway?lang=en

No. 1456493

is this the same hysterical jew that got sam hyde cancelled?(racebaiting)

No. 1456496

yeah but by QAnon people

No. 1456497

yes, but sam got himself cancelled

No. 1456511

Yeah it’s clear that despite their heritage, they see Slavs and Slavic culture as just some cool “aesthetic.” If they really cared about Slavic people and culture they’d ditch their retarded ironic contrarianism for once during this time but

No. 1456512

lol please, NATO are the aggressors in this situation and if we're making any WWII analogies I'd say the side with Neo-Nazi militias fighting for them are the ones more akin to Hitler. Putin currently has a 70% approval rating and the anti-war protests are tiny. You sound like a diaspora reject mad at Dasha's success for some reason. Sure, she retarded and her career has probably peaked but just because she is from Belarus it doesn't mean she has to be following and commenting on this conflict 24/7.

No. 1456514

i'm also disgusted at the neo-nazis fighting in ukraine
people in this thread should google "wagner group", "interbrigades", "russian national unity party", "russian orthodox army", "russian imperial movement" for more info about them

No. 1456558

>Putin currently has a 70% approval rating
lmao yeah according to putin maybe
>just because she is from Belarus it doesn't mean she has to be following and commenting on this conflict 24/7
that's the problem, she's shamelessly leveraging it for her low IQ contrarian schtick. poor bait go back to twitter etc

No. 1456599

Joe Bernstein is the journalist who wrote infamous spurious hit pieces on Pewdiepie and Sam Hyde, right? This guy sees muh white nationalism behind every corner. The entire purpose of his career seems to be smearing any up-and-coming celebrities who he thinks present a challenge to the liberal cultural hegemony as evil Nazis deserving of cancellation. This latest diatribe is thankfully going to land with a thud, though. The vibes have shifted, less and less people care about depersoning people with "problematic" personal views.

No. 1456609

Walt does lots of different casting jobs, he’s alway traveling around to different places and that’s why wet brain releases so few episodes. He casts commercials and stuff and does stuff for telfar and other brands like that. Yuniya is shockingly a well paid model, probably because she looks weird in an “interesting” way

No. 1456628


which cow is this

No. 1456663

His agency partner Rachael Chandler was 19 in a photo with Bill Clinton on a private jet and I think it spiraled from there…. lots of insane Q shit on her but they can't seem to decide if she was a victim in the photo or if she's a satanic pedophile now lmao

No. 1456726

Yes, how dare he write an article on Sam Hyde. What a stand up guy.

I hate Putin but the only sources I could find do show that he has a high approval rating of around 70%. I think the latest events could have lowered his rating or actually bolstered it:

But Putin does has a strong control over the media. I remember watching an interview with a Russian lady (who spoke English, so she wasn't a total hick) who insisted that the war in Ukraine couldn't be true because television said so.

No. 1456732

File: 1646327065047.jpeg (180.06 KB, 952x500, 67at2u.jpeg)

lmao nonny I made this into a meme

No. 1456740

File: 1646327804177.jpeg (223.66 KB, 750x819, 10BEB083-C2CF-4FA7-8910-0FAE0B…)

No. 1456746

So it's just focusing on the Anti-Woke Film Festival? There's so much more to be investigated, but this is a good start I guess.

No. 1456754

What else should they investigate next?

No. 1456759

you're a retard if you don't think hyde is a white supremacist

No. 1456762

they think white supremacism is cool and good, so pointing out that Hyde is in on it is just a “hysterical Jew” thing
follow your leader, Nazis

No. 1456770

looks like something you'd meet in an enchanted forest. give it a biscuit and tell it to be on its way and watch it limp off excitedly into the bushes

No. 1456775

File: 1646331020032.jpeg (80.32 KB, 750x270, 3E80A469-6BEB-42E5-8B56-84EEB1…)

This is the company that Alex Lee Moyer had mentioned before. So indeed, funded by Thiel

No. 1456779

File: 1646331257781.png (218.23 KB, 1060x1126, 3456789876545678.png)

angelism and the whos? are pressed that they didn't get name checked

No. 1456780

This went in a different direction than I anticipated; basically an elegy for Trevor Bazile adorned with snapshots of the ephemeral nihilism of the post-left. It all feels like the whole thing was an arcane sacrifice ritual by Thiel. Good piece.

No. 1456782

they should read the article, it's more nuanced than they're imagining.

No. 1456785

As if Thiel isn't a huge dork and could do anything remotely as cool/esoteric

No. 1456793

Love when Twitter literallywhos get mad about not being namechecked lol

No. 1456801


>just because she is from Belarus it doesn't mean she has to be following and commenting on this conflict 24/7

If she feels comfortable living her best life when the entire east slavic world is turning into a warzone/North Korea then she (and Anna) should just call themselves american like my cousin does and never speak a word of their mangled gibberish again except when needed to communicate with their parents. Anna shouldn't teach her son Russian, and Dasha should pretend her family is Belarus is dead, which they will be by de facto soon if they really do implement this total internet and phone disconnect from the rest of the world in Russia, cause Belarus will follow immediately.


His entire career has been contingent on people's standard of living improving since the Yeltsin era and now he has taken people's standard of living back 30 years to the 90s. His "approval"rating will drop but who knows what it really will be, because it will be impossible to know.

No. 1456804

File: 1646333229847.png (216.99 KB, 617x531, kb.png)

Kantbot knew

No. 1456810

Interesting how Dasha has ditched her “Free Belarus” act now, probably because it’s not ironic or contrarian enough

No. 1456897

yeah, you are exactly right. dean kissick has been talking about this. joe thinks because we critique people in these threads that we are waiting here with bated breath for his "investigation" to drop so we can see him strangle even more emerging creatives in the cradle for the comfort of the neoliberal establishment. funny how what the farms are doing is cyberbullying and gossiping, but when some old dry ass scrote scoops it up and smooths out the edges for the taste of his audience it's journalism.

No. 1456904

putin justifying his invasions of reclaiming lost soviet territory as muh righteous nazi-hunting is pure pottery. westerners, when will we learn?

No. 1456907

No. 1456912

File: 1646339600421.jpg (48.46 KB, 1280x720, hejter.jpg)

No. 1456922

can the "russia is… le bad" posters go derail another thread already? i know you're mostly JIDF shills or the same middle aged reporters who lurk here to plagiarise cause one of them owned you on twitter but we literally don't give a fuck about your political analysis on the situation, this isn't what the thread is about. your posts are going to age worse than neocon takes about the iraq war btw

No. 1456928

hmmm not so sure a dead black and brown body should be manipulated in this way, particularly to advance a narrative.

No. 1456930

>your posts are going to age worse than neocon takes about the iraq war btw
How so? Just wondering

No. 1456934

sam hyde and weev, the webmaster of storm front, are both jewish. you are allowed to critique both sam hyde and joe bernstein. quit crying white supremacy at any and all critique.

No. 1456938

why is bazile a "genius", wasn't he just an addict?

No. 1456943

black body as a commodity, this shit is just as racist.

No. 1457034

i guess that's one good thing online porn did

i hope that cat fucks her up, why does she keep taking it to social events?

No. 1457043

File: 1646346697308.jpg (83.36 KB, 1053x1200, FM9BINXUcA0o18e.jpg)

Logo D is releasing his dms with the journalist and tweeting about the ketamine angle not being covered. But he is also dumb because cross contamination with fent and all powder drugs happens often, it's not always intentional spiking. I have no idea why both seem confident they know what happened.

No. 1457065

kek my sides

No. 1457102

>i'm not a literal who! i'm not a literal who! i know all about the vibe shift that definitely happened (a millenial boomer woman on the NYT said so)

you are not "cool and esoteric", you're a grifter arriving six years late to the "alt-right is the new punk rock" party. go back to twitter

No. 1457118

Sam Hyde canceled himself by literally harassing other Adult Swim employees you stupid slut. You can't do that at any job, and he would have known that had he ever had one before. But sure, it was ThE jEwS

No. 1457119

File: 1646350401365.png (29.03 KB, 595x312, roomie.png)

roommate leia's gotta weigh in

No. 1457130

regardless of what happen it couldn't be more classic Logo to use someone's death as an opportunity to display his expert 'knowledge' of something, like jesus dude

No. 1457131

her dumbass is lucky she wasn’t named as one of the white people ripping tb off

No. 1457133

yeah you'd like that wouldn't you. even a bond villain like thiel draws the line at 'favetiktoks420'

No. 1457150

she looks like Die Antwoord’s kid

No. 1457154

samefag trying to get people to engage with their retardposting about muh based russia

No. 1457158

i mean "bartender from philly." you couldn't get a better chekov's gun than that. ketamine! really!

No. 1457164

is anyone really surprised that it's the deplorable people who believe in blood and soil nationalism that stay and fight in a conflict they have no hope of winning? you can be a cosmopolitan neoliberal anywhere, who even believes in a homeland?

No. 1457179

well, tardette, if you want Bezos money try writing something that the Washington Post or the Atlantic would publish
it’s not like it’s hard, idiots do it every fucking day

No. 1457182

File: 1646353157558.jpeg (18.7 KB, 253x199, C4A893BA-0F4D-4E22-AF84-2DA6DD…)

you have to feel bad, their paychecks are in rubles so it needs a wheelbarrow full of simping just to buy a loaf of bread

No. 1457200

Actually Jonty this is come up several times in previous threads

No. 1457207

File: 1646356095224.png (1.1 MB, 1072x1008, 101010001010101.png)

Dasha getting dragged on this tweet. She's become a punchline so fast it's kind of sad.

No. 1457212

spoken like a true retard. sperg somewhere else

No. 1457217

Didn't the actor from the Wire who played Omar (Michael K. Williams) die of fent-laced cocaine? It's just so ignorant to say that dealers don't do that. On that note if you're going to do coke get your shit tested.

No. 1457229


heroin, not cocaine. but yeah.

No. 1457255

Wikpedia said that they found cocaine, heroin, and fent at the time of his death, so I'm not sure. But here's another article on fent laced cocaine killing someone so it absolutely is a thing:


Fent is so much cheaper than cocaine per gram so of course people would want to lace coke.

No. 1457284

Yeah, like three weeks ago lol

No. 1457291

File: 1646362156193.jpeg (268.7 KB, 828x801, 2949AC15-C9CC-4A47-AEE0-C03CAB…)

Desperate times for aimee’s pod. Anna to the rescue.

No. 1457325

File: 1646365426623.png (90.17 KB, 327x528, stfu.png)

This bitch…

No. 1457335

who did he harass at adult swim? joe canceled him for having anti Semitic imagery in his skits and motion graphics.

No. 1457336

Fucking love that movie, good post anon

No. 1457358

File: 1646368328530.jpg (180.88 KB, 1170x2080, eug.jpg)

Yet another new pod from these freaks jumps into the shitheap

No. 1457364

god they're all really broke aren't they

No. 1457427

Has she since been officially cast in anything post-Succession? All I’ve seen is her auditioning for roles she clearly will not get, like this one

No. 1457441

File: 1646380109551.png (4.24 MB, 750x1334, A4C83338-CFC0-4555-A815-DD43B0…)

This is Caroline calloway right? Just judging from the white floor lol

Pic is from Instagram story of https://twitter.com/babybaudrillard?s=21 who used to be a reply girl for the fedpost guys, then her boyfriend I think wrote the Dimes Square play and now she’s going to clandestinos and trying to be part of that crowd

No. 1457442

File: 1646380345548.jpeg (348.4 KB, 1234x1715, 08B08AF2-909C-4E88-8349-DA1882…)

She was even on an episode of the fedpost https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fedpost/id1534461892?i=1000521947384 after she bought some fedpost merch

She’s the first on the top left

No. 1457465

Maybe cc will go on fedpost

No. 1457528

File: 1646398362737.jpeg (8.13 KB, 237x212, download.jpeg)

comparing fentanyl to caviar, god how are people this dumb. it's cheap and insanely potent so people will cut anything with it
sry for sperging but anyone this retarded deserves to OD on their fent-laced shit

No. 1457542

"I do not know how the fentanyl got into the sippy cup"

No. 1457616

how is getting on your knees to throat a man's worthless waste pipe not demeaning in any culture lmfao. literally no man sees it as not demeaning, not even when they're trying to meme you into it. blowjobs being demeaning is a feature, not a bug kek

also, wonder how dasha the deep throat feels about this

No. 1457628

you're actually sick in the head lol

No. 1457642

fine if you feel this way but can you not turn this thread into a blow job debate lmao, when since high school have blowjobs even been a thing men particularly care about? i'm currently more offended you made me read the words "waste pipe" today so pls enough with the r/vindicta posting, lolcow could be a dickfree space if u just believe

No. 1457660

never told this story anywhere but i met this bitch a few times, she had me over for one of her notorious "floor salads" and i have never felt so weird being in someone's presence, she barely stopped speaking for 4 hours getting us both progressively drunker while she endlessly droned on about her adderall-induced sob story, heavily hinting that she'd make me instagram famous if i did her certain favors, and the only time i talked i could feel her faking empathy and gazing at me very intensely while mentally picking over my story for anything she could use to benefit herself (i later found out she habitually fakes sympathy when women tell her about their breakups, while pumping them for info and DMing their ex-bfs later so yeah she really is that bitch). after i left her apartment i had a gross, weird feeling for days. she's a true narcissist and fake to the fucking core, worse than you can possibly imagine. not bragging or doxxing myself bc she did this to literally hundreds of women in nyc, her only move is to get you in her lair so she can post you on IG like she has some interesting life full of friends, while trying to suck you dry of whatever clout or usefulness you might possibly have to her.
one reason dasha interests me actually, she's clearly the exact same personality, only with different branding, caroline is "cringe millennial" to the core and dasha is "edgy poaster" or whatever, but they're the exact same NPD bitch with zero empathy, sage 4 blogging sorry just hate this girl so much!

No. 1457670

don't shoot the messenger hunty, im merely telling you how men see it

No. 1457676

File: 1646413626444.jpeg (293.3 KB, 1125x2014, A726B6EA-08DA-43D6-A8FB-5E2229…)

Joya drops an Eli Keszler-inspired candle feat. Roommate Leia’s shitty tumblr photography. Literally who is this for?

No. 1457692

NAMALT ofc but in reality the majority of men do view it as degrading even if they won’t admit it. Blame pornography or whatever I guess but it’s foolish to think it’s a neutral act, I mean “suck my dick” is literally an insult.

No. 1457693

This isn't even their first collab, they previously put out a candle together with the release of the deluxe edition of Eli's latest album last fall.

No. 1457696

or maybe this is the same candle and they're just doing a soft relaunch of the product to coincide with his new single because nobody bought one last time?

No. 1457706

Selling candles like a middle aged MLM shiller is so subversive, obviously

No. 1457717

are her floors as ugly in real life as on instagram

No. 1457720

samefag forgot to sage sry

No. 1457725

From what I can tell Caroline seems legitimately naive in a way that Dasha is not. Like I think Caroline is less intelligent and so her conniving is more transparent compared to Dasha who truly seems like a scary and probably borderline sociopathic person.

No. 1457768

How did she meet you? And what kind of favors did she want you to do?

No. 1457776

lol the floors and whole apt were cluttered as fuck but not dirty, except her kitchen whose counters, stovetop and sink were full to the brim with dirty dishes that had that musty gray dishwater smell, her apt is tiny so it filled the room, she actually acknowledged it and lit a wild number of some kind of fancy candle (maybe Byredo?) all around the floor where she served the salad and i realized she doesn't do that for the aesthetic on IG, she does it to make her apartment less nauseating to eat in.

i know what you mean but naive isn't the word i'd choose, she gave huge sheltered rich girl vibes, like she literally told me "i mean i'm a clueless white girl who just discovered what racism is 3 months ago" lmao and i think she meant it. that said she plays up the quirked out clueless girl bc she thinks it's cute, but i found her extremely canny when it came to probing me for personal details of my life and career that she could use to benefit herself, and she was shockingly bold about asking me for multiple favors despite me hardly knowing this bitch. i think she plays up her naivete but my main impression was she's incredibly cold calculated and self-interested. if anything dasha seems like she'd be smart enough to try to cover her intentions, or like she spends more time sucking up and off to men to get her way, vs. caroline who does the girl power bullshit while trying to suck you dry

she DMed me on IG, can't give too many more deets at risk of doxxing myself, but suffice it to say she rode me hard as fuck about the things she wanted from me while dangling the supposed promise of IG fame from her tagging me "if we get involved" and i left her apt feeling like i'd been to a fucking timeshare sales pitch or a cult meeting. it was exhausting and weirdly disorienting

No. 1457781

I think Caroline is so incompetent it makes her harmless unless you're really young or something. In any case she is 30 and completely unsuccessful.

No. 1457828


caroline and dasha not comparable because caroline is actually pretty and dasha isn't

No. 1457841

File: 1646423069994.jpg (57.65 KB, 668x959, rt7n46i3n0c71.jpg)

>actually pretty
they're actually very comparable imo.

No. 1457846


not at all. despite being a candid where she's in the middle of talking, you can still tell she's a photogenic person and would look great in a staged photo: clear skin and symmetrical features (which dasha most definitely lacks). also notably compared to dasha, she doesn't feel the need to starve herself to fit into size 2 brandy melville clothes, because she's confident enough in her physical appearance. dasha is consciously aware of her misshapen cashew head and consciously restricts food because she thinks it'll cure her looks. it won't. i'm not saying caroline isn't a narcissistic or stupid person, but you have to remember: caroline got famous for her "perfect" life, which intrinsically includes good looks, particularly if you're a woman. dasha got famous for her voice, lol.

No. 1457850

idk anon. in this pic caroline looks stuffed to the gills with fillers. not pretty

No. 1457859


i understand when it comes down to individuals, beauty is subjective but if you compare them in similarly staged high-definition professional photos, i mean, i feel like i'd know who most people picked.

No. 1457862

File: 1646424010770.jpg (69.16 KB, 940x753, 4096.jpg)

a published professional photo of caroline

No. 1457867

didn’t caroline get famous for scamming? her mason jar workshops and all that bullshit

No. 1457868

File: 1646424105474.png (1.29 MB, 910x1092, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 2.57…)

No. 1457869

and some person made that super detailed long twitter thread everyone loved

No. 1457875

If Caroline was better at styling and just presenting herself in general the contrast would be more stark but yeah even with the obscene amount of filler it’s clear the Caroline is more attractive.

No. 1457877


look at the redcarpet photo of dasha i posted… even if you don't think caroline looks great in that, you can't claim dasha looks better.

she was an C-list online celebrity before then, i think she had like 300k instagram followers before she got in hot water for promising a book that she never published (the mason jar thing was after i believe, when she was already labelled a scammer). bear in mind this was years ago when 300k followers was worth a lot more than it is today. if you read the cut article and all the narrative around her when she was briefly trendy to talk about, a lot of it was how she was this perfect white girl with a million boyfriends who got away with scammy shit because everyone loved her. plus had some facade of family money, which i'm sure dasha from some nameless belarussian hamlet would love to have. again, i'm not saying caroline is a good person bc she's a cute looking blonde girl, but it's pretty obvious based on how they present themselves that they've historically been treated very differently for their appearance.

No. 1457882

i didn’t ever follow her on insta but i kept hearing about her like a year or something before the cut article so i just thought she’d always been known for the scamming lol. ot but the girl in the article natalie is there any milk on her

No. 1457884


yep, this goes along with what i was saying before, she can wear ugly shit trying to follow niche trends, have greasy unkempt hair, and have 40lbs on dasha, but facially, she still wins. because she's been told she's attractive, probably by lots of people, and feels secure in her looks. dasha takes pride because she fits in a size 26-27 jean. because's that's the closest she can get to that kind of validation. an anon deleted their reply to me that i'm blinded by my hatred of her, but i think i'm being pretty impartial here: dasha isn't UGLY, but her wide nose, miniscule upper lip, and totally uneven jaw aren't doing her any favors.

No. 1457885

File: 1646424696612.png (6.46 MB, 2336x1532, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 3.10…)

caroline had a large IG following since 2014 for being a standard pretty rich girl influencer type, she'd also been written about in Vice, Daily Mail etc, all years before the scammer thing broke in 2019.

she's a fucking mess but she is genuinely very pretty and has an interesting sense of style, hence getting famous quickly as a normie influencer whereas dasha spent 10 years relelntlessly posting and attention whoring before her goblin looks and personality caught on. no hate intended but lets be honest, these two are barely the same species

No. 1457901

what the fuck is the point of all this comparison. they're both disgusting and they're both shit people. who cares one is less ugly than the other

No. 1457903

Dasha is way more successful than Caroline
People who have a hateboner for Caroline are pitiful. Why does she bother you so much? She's a nobody

No. 1457914

i think it's funny that anybody would allow themselves to be scammed by a chick who's so obviously high on adderall like all the time.

No. 1457915

this, looks aside they're still the exact same kind of psycho. if you've met one NPD grifter ho you've met 'em all.

No. 1457932

File: 1646428121150.jpeg (634.98 KB, 1125x1915, 556FCB92-ADF5-4C29-B4E0-F5A2C7…)

Whenever I see a pic of Elle Fanning I feel bad for Dasha, she’s literally everything Dasha tries and fails to be.

No. 1457976

File: 1646430722741.png (837.5 KB, 1168x1028, Screenshot 2022-03-04 4.50.37 …)

Caroline and some other Dimes people liked this thread which is ironic. Any milk on this account? Caroline and Dean Kissick follow it.

No. 1457983

File: 1646431275101.png (24.08 KB, 600x500, 3GTYVkbWn1.png)

Dasha's in the comments trying to "own the narrative" lol. Noticed she did the same thing on her actorscellectuals takeover, feel like she knows her acting career peaked and is workshopping "I never get roles" as her ironic new brand

No. 1457990

Nah. She is better looking than Dasha. Looks better naked too, although that’s not saying much because Dasha has negative tits

No. 1457999

> (i later found out she habitually fakes sympathy when women tell her about their breakups, while pumping them for info and DMing their ex-bfs later so yeah she really is that bitch
She has a subreddit, dedicated to her shenanigans, if this happened why hasn’t anyone exposed her for it?

No. 1458004

>workshopping "I never get roles" as her ironic new brand
Ah yes, the "struggling edgy alternative actress who never gets roles" - a rehashing of the old "struggling edgy alternative writer who never gets published" trope.

No. 1458033

Anyone remember Hanson?

No. 1458055

File: 1646438112216.jpeg (445.01 KB, 475x713, 2830150F-E1E4-4ED5-957E-5E0ECC…)

That’s Caroline after a nose job and filler though. Before that she looked cute but fairly on a par with Dasha’s earlier candids.

No. 1458064

Damn! I don’t think I’ve even seen this pic in Caroline’s thread. Thanks, anon

No. 1458084

idk how much time you've spent in that subreddit but it's a bunch of annoying AWFLs and stay at home moms. they're not plugged into caroline's circles so they don't know the gossip. guess i could be lying but a) why would i on lolcow of all places, and b) have you never met a bitch like Caroline? being fake and creeping on your "friends" exes is not exactly unheard of behavior for Cluster B pickmes

No. 1458104

But other people on SBS have met or have known of Caroline, like there are a lot of people who knew of her at Cambridge. And AWFLs are exactly the kinds of people in Caorline's social circle lmao

No. 1458133

she's giving young hillary.

No. 1458135

dealers don't have the tools to carefully measure out .00005mgs of fent to not kill their customers. every era people are saying drugs are laced with other shit. mdma cut with heroin, then xanax laced with fent, now coke and ket laced with fent. people do drugs, people mix drugs.

No. 1458136

Dasha is only more successful because she sat on like 5x more dicks. Is that really meaningful success?

No. 1458140

File: 1646443970019.png (99.13 KB, 1172x392, before its deleted.png)

this loser is 30 years old btw

No. 1458145

maybe you know the sub better than i do, i don't spend much time there bc i find the people there cringe and very "r/politics." anyway it's fine if you don't believe me, i obviously can't say who Caroline did this to without violating their privacy and potentially doxxing myself so idk what to tell you. just offering the "tea" they're always thirsting for on that sub here because i like lolcow better.

No. 1458155

she has that female transitioning into female caricature look.

No. 1458157

this seems like an alt-7 vs normie-7 debate.

No. 1458158

when you can have it all, the power dyke realtor blouse and the kawaii sugoi bow.

No. 1458161

Nick will bb

No. 1458178

File: 1646446996258.jpeg (185.05 KB, 1125x1128, 84286337-7A5D-4023-B3EB-1406FA…)

Nick has ringworm and doesn’t use soap. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone not even Leia.

No. 1458179

Still a better SAG awards look than Dasha’s maxxinista ensemble.

No. 1458185

Pewdiepie and Sam Hyde are both "real Nazis", dumbass.
Kissick has been carrying water for white supremacists for a decade now.

No. 1458189

I would say they're both problems, you don't get the latter without the former

No. 1458190

Elle is like if Dasha was actually talented and beautiful. She’s Sofia Coppola’s muse, starred in a Woody Allen film and currently plays a Russian princess in a period drama series. She even has the same blocky body type and underbite as Dasha, but to a much lesser degree obviously. There’s a reason Dasha doesn’t follow her on insta

No. 1458205

Don't forget her next big role is as Michelle Carter, a character Dasha was born to play if ever there was one.

No. 1458249

You seem very bothered people don't believe your random story about Caroline

No. 1458250

How is Caroline successful in any way?

No. 1458264

thousands of people talk about her online all day every day.

No. 1458271

Love how sickly he constantly is but jokes that Stavros will die first.

No. 1458291

Can you please fuck off? This isn't your blog you attentionwhore.

No. 1458293

File: 1646457233634.jpg (2.19 KB, 87x105, kek.jpg)

No. 1458295

Men and projection, name a more iconic duo.

No. 1458304

she wasn't born to play that role she's just equally evil and strange looking

No. 1458305

Stavros… healthy at any size!

No. 1458335

Nick… healthy as a drug abuser!

No. 1458363

Rachel Rabbit White is currently in the process of moving into Caroline Calloway’s former apartment and is recording everything to her stories. I can not overemphasize the degree of squalor that Caroline left behind. It is really incredible how much destruction of property she did, she painted pretty much everything in the apartment white, not only the floors but also like the landline phone and the microwave?? And everything is absolutely filthy, it’s truly awe-inspiring.

No. 1458365

a. being a woody allen muse is nothing to be proud of. even if he wasn’t a pedophile he hasn’t made a good movie since the 70s b. catherine the great wasn’t a princess lol. that comment makes me wonder if you even know she was a real person c. i actually like elle fanning but that nose job is so distracting . she has half a nose left

No. 1458369

Caroline Calloway has her own thread here >>862657

What do you all think of RRW? I think she is just as cringey as CC and Dasha.

No. 1458374

File: 1646468793500.jpeg (367.77 KB, 1125x1269, 16225CAC-0D5C-4313-A7BB-CBBACC…)

She was literally born a princess? The series is ahistorical anyways so idk why you’re being so pedantic.

No. 1458376

Elle Fanning’s nose has looked the same since childhood it’s not a botched rhinoplasty.

No. 1458380

I think she’s an example of cis autogynephilia but at the same time I admire her commitment to the bit.

No. 1458383

Okay Kaitlin. Your writing style is transparent. We get it.

No. 1458384

Did she record the filth partly to make fun of her? Isn’t this bitch like 40 kek. A little old to be acting like a snotty teen talking behind her “friends” back

No. 1458386

Kaitlin Phillips? That’s genuinely horrifying, thank you for the wake up call.

No. 1458388

File: 1646472124797.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1642, 6D1ACDA2-47A7-4886-B667-7BF5E5…)

Yes. as in the writing from previous anon reads like it was written by picrel

No. 1458391

Did Kaitlin and that Visitor Design guy (Chris?) split up? He sounded really controlling from what I heard.

No. 1458450

I hope you nonnies realize Kaitlin is responsible for probably 10% of the posts in these threads since the beginning; she uses us to promote her friends and clients and gin up controversy, drive engagement.

No. 1458482

What’s the Kaitlin Phillips primer?

No. 1458506

heard a rumour that caroline was fucking sean thor conroe, can anyone confirm/deny

No. 1458507

Message him on reddit

No. 1458508

File: 1646492725458.png (146.06 KB, 1360x466, 6543456y7u6543er.png)

The NYmag blog says she went to his book launch and he was at one of her going away parties. Honor also makes her way into another Dimes trend piece.

No. 1458514

>the poet Rachel Rabbit White
kek my sides

No. 1458519

File: 1646493885874.png (1.07 MB, 1070x1040, fatalattraction.png)

Why are Anna and Dasha obsessed with bringing up Nick Mullen? Giving spurned crush vibes from both of them. Any allusion he's made to them has been negative since before the Adam break up.

No. 1458521

That piece said there's a movie in the works about her directed by Lena Dunham starring Maude Apatow and the girl who played Diana in The Crown?! Wtf?

No. 1458535

Anna, Dasha, and Leia what to be in a polycule with Nick

No. 1458536

Ever seen the Red Scare livestream video where Anna and Dasha are sitting on a bed doing their best sexy baby routines in Urban Outfitters dresses, Nick surprises them by coming in to drop off his keys so Adam can watch his cat, they both shamelessly flirt with him and he’s clearly disgusted, mocks them (“are you camming right now?”) and runs away as fast as possible? It’s the best. Anna and Dasha have always been thirsty for Nick and he’s always been repulsed by them, makes me respect him honestly

No. 1458537

No. 1458539

are you sure she didn't have tip reduced? it kind of looks like it to me

No. 1458546

I always thought Dasha was the one who looked like Hillary but now I see the Pelosi comparison from the post upthread too

That would look and smell worse than most "polycules" already do kek

No. 1458550

Love this era when Anna was clearly considering doing Dasha’s “baby slut 4 clout” routine but she’s a 35 year old NLOG who still hadn’t fixed her permascowling Camille Paglia face and insisted on that horrible skinhead girl haircut. IIRC she’s flirtier with nick than Dasha is, her whole vibe shifts when he walks in

No. 1458558

i still can’t figure out if anna and dasha actually like each other

No. 1458563

I’d “like” anyone if it meat 50k worth of paetreon money every month

No. 1458572

They seem like biz partners mostly, Anna’s an annoying pickme but is older, smarter, and a lot more sane than Dasha and probably finds her hard to be around when she’s doing her ketamine fueled attention whore bullshit. Dasha’s the type of girl to have a new bestie every couple years, currently Maddie but telling that it’s never Anna

No. 1458573

important to remember they hadn't even been friends for very long when they first started the pod.

No. 1458591

when dasha was trying to convince anna to watch succession it was extremely awkward for some reason I couldn't pinpoint.

No. 1458609

go pitch that to the mods, if it's true and/or milky they might reveal which posts are her

No. 1458615

File: 1646503382554.png (130.87 KB, 400x479, metrograph.png)

Leave it to the trust fund babies to side with management smh

No. 1458616

no, that piece says she SAID that, and the writer says elsewhere that Caroline says a lot of delusional things
there is no movie, just as there is no book

No. 1458621

wait, what? not doubting you but what makes you say this/who are her clients?

No. 1458635

I’m the anon that posted >>1458363 I am NOT Kaitlin Phillips. Idk if she was posting in earlier threads but this is not an example of that!

No. 1458641

new rs ep is called A Thiel as Old as Time, like with the fillers denial i don’t get why they don’t just ignore this

No. 1458646

give us the goods non, how are they reacting to the buzzfeed article?

No. 1458648

the ep just went up, from the description it sounds like they cover it in the back half

No. 1458728

LMAO glamdemon2004 who is so corny and woke and thinks she's above this crowd but is kissing the ass of Caroline Calloway of all people

No. 1458793

Glamdemon is like 20 and looks 35

No. 1458892

Didn't seem too worked up about it. They said they didn't get paid to be there (because John Waters appearance fees are so exorbitant) so they did not receive any Thiel monies directly (+low merch sales and no noticeable subscriber bump). They spent more time talking about Trevor's death being sad.
Dasha said she told the organizers she couldn't sign up for something called The Anti-Woke Film Fest (her publicists or whatever would never approve) and that's what made them change the name.

No. 1458907

What a sell out

No. 1458914

File: 1646530555959.png (282.7 KB, 1064x1124, metro.png)

Now Leia's saying little ole' me doesn't know anything. All these people are such kiss ass liars who back down with the tiniest pushback.
So they try to deny they knew? Anna makes a gay little kidding-not kidding quip about it on the Waters episode itself and all the organizers were aware who was footing the bills.

No. 1458918

>So they try to deny they knew?
seemed like more of a joke about how John Waters got the Thiel money but I wasn't paying great attention to be honest

leia has a habit of inserting her opinion and then replying with a heart when it goes beyond her knowledge. she needs to log off.

No. 1458946


No. 1458954

I didn't get the purpose of spending so much time on him. I'm surprised this was published on buzzfeed, I'm familiar with some of this from this thread and I found it kind of boring. I doubt the average buzzfeed reader gives a shit about random instagram meme account people from New York.

No. 1458964

They don't say they didn't know, just that they didn't get paid to do it

No. 1458975

I just watched those, it’s pretty shocking. How and why did it get to that level? Literal trap houses/squats are in better condition.

No. 1459043

File: 1646544953467.png (970.3 KB, 640x1136, F594BD71-412B-4B66-838A-C57646…)

Dashew finally booked another acting gig and it's Gasda's follow-up to Dimes Square

No. 1459061

this thread is starting to feel like a dasha pr campaign

No. 1459076

File: 1646546968530.jpg (420.8 KB, 1080x1344, IMG_20220306_000542.jpg)

enlightened take

No. 1459121

File: 1646550704185.png (247.68 KB, 418x758, hispanicincelist.png)

even the most ardent marxist-incelists who were proudly gloating about how putin is sticking it to the woke baizuo dangerhair HR ladies (picrel) have already switched their tone after russia was undeniably destroyed
if there's one thing that 2016 brain prevents you from doing, it's admitting you were wrong

No. 1459152

how so?

No. 1459219

File: 1646562257755.jpeg (165.9 KB, 828x1474, FD6F9333-47CD-4C2E-BB9D-9C7102…)

is Felix or yungchomsky fucking this insta meme page girl? i can’t keep up

No. 1459288

?? op is a canadian nazi race-realist buddy of aimees

No. 1459319

I know calling the tweets of these people word salad is long since overdone and all, but there's really no better description for whatever this is

No. 1459378

off topic but i’ve heard yung chomsky’s following in the footsteps of many a creepy incel “””leftist””” podcaster? something about dosing 20 y/o’s and needing them to pretend to be asleep to get off. any milk there

No. 1459402

I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s friends with Owen Pallett who he had on one of his livestreams a year and a half ago. He deleted all comments in the chat alluding to Pallett’s history: https://pitchfork.com/news/owen-pallett-settles-defamation-lawsuit-against-woman-who-accused-him-of-sexual-assault/

No. 1459541

wtf i thought owen pallet was gay?

No. 1459631

File: 1646605966144.jpeg (131.76 KB, 750x805, C455A11E-2E04-4F8C-A24D-8578FB…)


No. 1459671

I'm assuming they're being sarcastic about Liz being intellectually braindead and still prancing the "Putin is anti-soylib" dance while Russia gets it's ass beat and Putin's reputation is dissolving into dust

No. 1459681

woman blazing towards middle age trying to make a career of ogling teenage boys on tiktok blames fast food for her bf dumping her.

No. 1459789

if you honestly think Russia is getting their ass beat and Ukraine has any chance at "winning" this thing, you're a fucking retard who has swallowed too much lib propaganda. stop derailing this thread and go back to the redditor echo chambers where you can post your little marvel memes to your heart's content, we don't want to see it

No. 1459856

They probably made it all about Trevor because that was the only way to get an approval for the article. Dead controversial black artist definitely funded by Thiel is way more mainstream media-friendly than possibly funded by Thiel literal whos.

No. 1459867

lol mad

No. 1459877


No. 1459880

Nick coming in for the rebound

No. 1459881

Does Felix just not hang out with anyone his own age

No. 1459896

nobody with a brain thinks Ukraine is “winning” it’s just increasingly obvious that Putin miscalculated and the invasion is fucking Russia over. go back to twitter and cry about it with the other marxist incelists

No. 1459945

look up “Pyrrhic victory” when you get a break from astroturfing for Pootypoots

No. 1460351

File: 1646673148206.png (72.44 KB, 597x379, LizB.png)

I know it's been said here before, but the way she frames all these executions she researches, writes about and attends as a personal crusade of narcissistic enlightenment is nauseating. She's rendering these men condemned to death into characters in her own personal hero's journey. The journalist brain rot is real.

No. 1460383

capital letters for capital punishment

No. 1460424

they shouldn’t have let her watch that movie about Sister Helen Prejean

No. 1460465

Almost all "gay" men in these spaces are heterosexuals looking for an excuse to assault woman.

No. 1460774

It doesn’t occur to Liz that nobody cares to read the details of state executions because a) we’re not morbid ghouls like she is, and b) it’s obvious that it’s gross and sad, and we don’t need our noses shoved in the gory details to understand that. But all Liz has to offer is her narcissistic self-insert in the moral issue she’s chosen to define her brand, so she’ll go on pedantically overexplaining death like she overexplained starvation in her tweet upthread. She really thinks she’s the only one with morals and it’s her job to enlighten the masses

No. 1460849

File: 1646706506872.jpeg (414.18 KB, 1170x1845, 98C8A484-1929-42CB-85E4-C4AE20…)


nothing on many of the actual, unhinged sociopaths in this scene? pic related is not just pedophilic and unhinged on twitter like the rest of the vibe shift remilia lainpilled kaliacc malady schizophrenics, but has a restraining order from his ex-wife for domestic abuse . blockhead joe. didn't pay attention in school .

No. 1460875

this reminds me of a line in lolita: towards the end, when the master villain is desperately trying to save his own skin by tempting the narrator with money and all sorts of forbidden pleasures, he tells him that he can "arrange for [the narrator] to attend executions". maybe liz gets a sordid kick out of all this; the tension of the build-up, and both witnessing and later detailing what transpires in the death chamber

No. 1460886

i'm calling selfpost, they immediately deleted the tweet and had an exaggerated "meltdown". these people are meaningless literal whos, their memeing is totally derivative from japanese trends and the good illustrations not the "stylized" children scrawls are all made by actual illustrators who want nothing to do with them. they can say "hyperstition!" as many times as they like but no actual media will ever report on them, because they have no actual impact in the world

No. 1460898

Is it hyperstition to be one degree of separation from people who work at the cut or buzzfeed and then claim cultural supremacy when you are referenced as indirectly as you’re connected to tradition media? Yeah their whole thing is obsession with Tulpas and egregores and how posting all day makes your imagination come to life Disney style

No. 1460904

The main character in this story isn't the psychopath being executed, and it's not his victims. It's Elizabeth Bruenig. This entire article exists for no other reason than to let her humble-brag about her ability to find depth in worthless monsters. It's about applause for the author, not justice.

No. 1460906

who even is this person and what is their connection to the scene?

No. 1460924

I would love to see the x-ray if her skull to know what is really going on. Are those jowls or is her gonial angle just small?

No. 1460929

Objectively well below average. In Eastern Europe obesity is pretty rare so her thinness isn’t gaining her any points.

No. 1460963

File: 1646721230373.jpeg (464.46 KB, 1125x1330, C64356D6-CA97-463D-96D7-673C96…)

Posting for the meta

No. 1460986

No. 1461007

Stop self promoting.

No. 1461010

no one cares about this depraved faggot.

No. 1461024

so ugly. bag that face

No. 1461047

Are you guys mad he has a girlfriend and you can’t date him anymore?

No. 1461062

File: 1646733048668.jpg (Spoiler Image,530.91 KB, 2235x2232, FNSYrlPXoAgIo9U.jpg)

No. 1461067

File: 1646733844082.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1683, A37D1FDB-BF31-4192-8365-CD2359…)

No. 1461114

Listened to the newest Red Scare, this is probably the most entertaining one I've heard ever. Dasha the perfect Belorusian angel says Belarus has been under the Lukashenko regime for 30 years vs the actual 25- not a big different, but it's telling how she doesn't feel the exact passage of time like any actual Belarusian would. Manages to mangle the name of Dzohd/RainTv. Anna namedrops her exclusive, 100% organic real Russian opinions sustainably harvested from unnamed (probably imaginary) "Russian friends" then does a 180 and says they are elite 1% cosmopolitan libtards which totally defeats the purpose. Both complained that the war derailed their theoretical vacation plans to visit Moscow and/or Belarus to see their families, since Dasha hasn't bothered to visit for years and Anna hasn't ever tried to go even once in her 35 years of life, which is how you can tell this was very important to them. Dasha complains about being censored for being Belurusian and not being allowed to speak about the war at SAG awards b/c histrionic personality disorder. Anna has the genius, never-before-seen take that the quality of life of regular people improved with Putin in power vs the miserable 90s, but Putin was in power in the Kremlin all throughout the 90s and was directly responsible for large amounts of that misery by stealing 93 million in food aid and warmongering in Chechenya, so this take doesn't even make sense. Theorized that Russia "may" have a culture of glorifying WWII in culture and movies; complained that their favorite russian beer at KGB bar is gone. Dasha masterfully segways into an anachan sperg about giving up food for lent. I wonder how long they can keep up with their slavic grift when they keep missing the ball so badly.

No. 1461132

It was funny to hear Dasha talk about the Succession cast as if they don’t all hate her. Talking about how Dagmara should come on the pod because she’s Polish lol I think she has better things to do.

No. 1461151

Pedocles. Annoying. 40 y/o balding closet-case

No. 1461195

Omg…so the Bruenigs did a livestream through their patreon yesterday…Liz was high the whole time…the first fan who they brought on to talk with (who is an investment banker), Liz awkwardly calls him "cute" and is generally flirtatious, then he proceeds to ask her about all the hate and vitriol she gets online and if it's because all her peers are jealous of her. The real Bruenig Derangement Syndrome is the simping she inculcates. Matt's just sitting there with his head down and this dude is wondering aloud how anyone could ever possibly hate Liz or find her annoying and she's laughing and blushing and calling herself an "acquired taste."

No. 1461216

lmao dasha can't even get the succession cast, including the one she fucked, to pose in a photo with her backstage at SAG and thinks they're gonna come on the pod. they don't like you, dasha.

No. 1461226

Her jawline is normalish on one side and nonexistent on the other. She rarely ever allows anyone to photograph her “bad” side which is why she’s always doing the same boring 3/4 profile pose in all her photos.

No. 1461286

File: 1646762948258.png (3 MB, 1222x1546, Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 1.07…)

idk how many doses of Serum 114 it'd take for me to "acquire a taste" for a mousy self-obsessed holier than thou pampered princess daughter of feds austerity promoter with teeth straight out of Churchill Downs but inshallah i shall never find out

No. 1461328

File: 1646766498924.jpeg (444 KB, 1500x2250, CE913FCB-E57B-44FC-8D1C-F1B5F2…)

Dasha’s modeling portfolio is so funny just the most amateurish low effort styling and posing https://www.noagency.nyc/dasha-nekrasova/

No. 1461339

why does she always look slightly damp

No. 1461422

looks like a wax sculpture

No. 1461546

File: 1646779883290.jpeg (367.56 KB, 828x845, 83137ACC-23FE-4394-A178-AF5A07…)

No. 1461553

File: 1646780648569.jpeg (490.13 KB, 1125x1919, 9C9034C4-FA5C-4AF4-9E19-58BB33…)

Richard Kern did her so dirty with this entire shoot

No. 1461571

She has that thing where she obviously wasn't raised to be glam, and now she's trying to be glam in adulthood, but the result ends up looking forced and kinda goofy.
I relate with this a lot more than I would like to admit.

No. 1461593

the slavic squat with the tracksuit pants…it's intentional, right?

No. 1461633


No. 1461634

I'm surprised (but not really) that Anna has never visited Moscow but considers herself soooo Russian. I'm a second generation immigrant (from a non-western country) myself, but that I have a huge connection with my parent's home country. I've even been lucky enough to visit several times. She didn't even grow up in any kind of ethnic enclave either.

No. 1461645

I mean her parents are performers in Las Vegas, don’t they like own a pole dancing company or something? She also went to a performing arts high school but despite all of this she still has zero stage presence or performance ability.

No. 1461650

Modeling is my passion

No. 1461712

I think Dasha's problem is she has never worked hard at anything in her life besides social climbing, drinking and seeking out male attention. If she had bothered to ever apply herself to anything to she tried to do like acting poetry, filmmaking, food/nutrition, learning a beauty routine, belarus politics, ect she wouldn't even be on here except as an occasional side mention to anna's BS since her actual personality and life is so banal if you remove her cringe/fail/cope. I don't think I've ever heard her mention taking a single acting class or acting coach, unless I'm wrong she started her career thru pay-to-play by fucking eugene for her role in Wobble Palace

No. 1461750

File: 1646795522828.png (66.47 KB, 432x858, dasha jobs.png)

Wobble Palace script.
She's talked about her (gay) acting coach from LA and described the group as cult-like. But it's clear she just wants to be famous and doesn't care if it's through acting, "modeling", "poetry" or other dilettante ventures.

No. 1461978

File: 1646822753391.jpeg (394.62 KB, 1125x1193, 41792C53-29D2-4DAE-920F-303E2F…)

I love to imagine both her parents absolutely fed up hear their daughter drone on about troon americans

No. 1462267

Has anyone managed to listen to the most recent episode of Aimee’s podcast where she talks about Russia with Anna? I need to know how deranged it is

No. 1462305

She used to tweet about going to acting class so some attempt has been made.

No. 1462306

idk who this is but she sounds based

No. 1462321

She tries harder than she presents

No. 1462327

File: 1646861038145.jpeg (198 KB, 1592x1052, FNWBktJVkA07YLH.jpeg)

one of the co-founders The Trillbillies, a "socialist" podcast from Kentucky is now teaching a "sexy summer camp" for children where she teaches hands-on masturbation lessons. the absolute state of the podcast left https://mobile.twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1501225322401787904

No. 1462364

Disgusting. Reminds me of Liz Bruenig’s “we need ethical porn classes in our schools” crusade (guessing her daughters won’t be attending). Say what you will about Aimee but her “NAMBLA left” critique is spot on.

No. 1462366

Almost all "gay" men in those spaces are jailhouse gay and coping hard.

No. 1462384

anna just said everything she already said on red scare and aimee is just using it as an excuse to talk about liberals and use the same buzzwords she always uses. the other woman barely said anything but I only got an hour in

No. 1462410

Adding: Anna did call the PBS guest they had on red scare a government op

No. 1462433

How does this person belong in the leftcow thread? It's not a thread for socialists. Make a SJW thread or something.

No. 1462486

this is her only correct take. why does aimee attract so many butthurt bunkertroon discord groomers? is it because both are sallow, malnourished ghouls who wear ugly wigs from alibaba?

No. 1462505

yeah man better post about some nazi fat fuck bald guy with a podcast instead

No. 1462518

File: 1646871755820.jpg (130.19 KB, 1080x1383, 20220309_190849.jpg)

Its quite ironic to see the misogyny thrown at jk Rowling from internet leftists for having shitty takes, even if its a (shitty moid humor) joke like picrel. Gotta love seeing them do a 180 and resort to ironic/unironic misogyny when it comes to women they dont like

No. 1462530

Fucking Vaush the pedophile horsefucker trying to "ratio" JK while daring to put Ukraine's flag in his username.

No. 1462541

>americans literally and voluntarily identiyfing as 'fat'

No. 1462547

vaush literally looks like a ftm.

No. 1462573

Vaush stop sexually harassing women over discord challenge

No. 1462574

File: 1646875523080.jpg (29.2 KB, 486x309, 009760d7c69c54cebfa76b6108ed27…)

wow jk rowling on suicide watch because obese soy commie tranny chaser horse cock enjoyer is mad at her! literally shaking and crying into her billions and countless upcoming spinoffs and video games! 5 year olds everywhere suddenly not nagging their parents for a trip to universal because some 25 year old twinkhon tweeted that harry heckin potter is cringe! it's truly over for pottercels this time! y-youre canceled, you hear?

>moids stop coping and seething for 1 day challenge

No. 1462577

>women be quiet and start apologizing
What the fuck. the likes and retweets are disgusting. this is actual sexism

No. 1462584

there is truly no better summary of front poles than this tweet coming from a fat pedo horsefucker. if aliens come to earth and ask what a male is, this is what they should be shown

No. 1462587

She may or may not be correct in the above tweet but she is a huge retard.

No. 1462588

No wonder he is wig0nhead's new twitter buddy

No. 1462590

>Women be quiet

Surely that includes trans women, who are totally women? Isn't that right, you fat ginger manosphere?

No. 1462599

I hope she never shuts up. I love moids raging against a woman that won't ever even notice them let alone respond. I like to think she sends her tweets, shuts her laptop then sits in the quiet sipping wine and laughing.

No. 1462601

File: 1646877368056.jpeg (374.09 KB, 1170x827, 8D23D359-4DAE-476E-802A-94CF42…)

Chapo comrade jamie peck begging her poor socialist friends for birthday money

No. 1462602

File: 1646877495797.png (678.33 KB, 1170x2532, A1463D25-F9C6-4FD8-8305-145112…)

samefag but here’s her medical attorney father sending a sum that is likely large enough for her to not also beg her friends

No. 1462617

JP’s current boyfriend allegedly sexually harassed a 22yo woman out of her job completely at his workplace

No. 1462626

File: 1646879132430.jpeg (398.96 KB, 1125x1980, 8BEF1761-2D0F-47CD-AEAC-F96311…)

Anna’s mom is a landlord apparently.

No. 1462632

Nice find anon. Dad paying for her vacation? And her insurance? And she still has to beg internet randos for money. How about getting a job since you’re like 35 years old?

No. 1462638

What app is this that just publicly displays people's payments?

No. 1462644

I'm not able to find any properties for either of her parents in NYC, only a single middle class house in NJ

No. 1462655

venmo i think

No. 1462660

it's venmo. someone found joe biden's account like a few months ago i think. it's weird. you can make your transactions private, i think. but not a lot of people do.

No. 1462665

the default setting is public. super weird to make money transfers a social media.

No. 1462672

File: 1646881944570.jpeg (208.58 KB, 1125x2155, DB71AE2B-BC2B-4F5D-A558-E6CCFF…)

Venmo girl. Best way to stalk. Just pulled up Dasha’s feed for shits and giggles and she was constantly paying Adam back in the day, including 4 separate monthly payments for [ring emoji]. Did he make Dasha pay for her own engagement ring because if so fucking KEK

No. 1462676

he was pimping her out

No. 1462678

File: 1646882188188.jpeg (214.8 KB, 1125x1847, DC705355-A69B-47B5-BD66-C9BC16…)

Also love Dasha’s super dramatic wilting rose emoji - sent with her last payment to Adam right around the time they broke up. That’s what happens when you bang ur gay friend Dasha!

No. 1462681

Remember when leftists were actually talked about here

No. 1462684

the online left feels super dead rn (obvi IRL pretty dead). The "thought leaders" are all dumb and politically are aimless and directionless. Maybe they get a cheap shot in at Biden or AOC, but there are no sails in the wind.

No. 1462688

She wishes. I think she said he started insisting she help with rent once the patreon started making money. He did all the cooking and cleaning and paid for everything for her before that.

No. 1462691

can't believe she threw it all away

No. 1462698

File: 1646884228087.png (1.42 MB, 1168x1810, 1610657618161.png)

absolutely pathetic grift. this is the wealthy neighbourhood in Connecticut this "communist" grew up in btw https://www.thehour.com/business/article/Jennifer-Dulos-estranged-husband-fails-to-make-13936920.php#photo-17610565

No. 1462706

>no money
>no cooking
>no cleaning
>no kids
>no fidelity
Imagine bringing this little value to a relationship that even your cuck boyfriend asks you to start contributing, then fucking that up too. Still think Dasha’s barreling toward a “need Adam back” timeline any day now, he made good money, seems chill and clearly worshipped her. Since him all she’s got are broke losers or C-listers who’ll never claim her, it’s legitimately sad

No. 1462709

No, because the threads have always been about the same group of people and they just grifted as leftists for money before and grift as dissidents for money now

No. 1462714

Bernie has retreated into his 6th lake house until it's time to election grift again so internet leftists are dead for now

No. 1462715

Heard them on Chapo once and they had the fakest, most played-up Southern accents of all time lol

No. 1462717

>paying that creaturo to fuck her

No. 1462721

we support adam here

No. 1462723

OPN is one of the most influential living musicians and the DJ for the world's biggest pop star, he was a huge catch for Dasha.

No. 1462752

This. The thread was always about RSP/dirtbag left types, not random SJW socialists.

No. 1462765

Could one of Dasha’s friends who lurk here tell her to set her venmo private? It’s pretty easy to figure out where she lives from the info she has on there. Even I, a Dasha Hater, don’t want her dying at the hands of a deranged scarethot before her Adam reunion arc

No. 1462797

File: 1646896149041.jpeg (449.13 KB, 1125x1409, EF1BE4F8-7AEA-48FD-9D78-D459CA…)

I miss them so much.

No. 1462882

If anyone was going to kill her it wouldn’t be a scarethot it would be one of their hairy incel simps

No. 1462886

What’s with the Adam and Dasha shipping? This almost feels like some psyop orchestrated by her to get them back together

No. 1462889

> This almost feels like some psyop orchestrated by her to get them back together
As someone responsible for a lot of Adam/Dasha posting, it’s absolutely an op. I’m manifesting them.

No. 1462922

Imagine if they coincidentally got seated next to each other on a plane back to Vegas to visit their parents! But I think they're happier apart, especially adam

No. 1462928

That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be together

No. 1462979

I might have started the ship posts. I’m not Dasha and wouldn’t actually wish her on Adam, I just think it’s funny she had a funny little Jewish man who treated her like a princess and she’ll never do better but she won’t realize it for another 3-5 years

No. 1462990

And yet in every rendition of these threads someone shows up to complain about "uhm where are the leftists? this person isn't a leftist etc." instead of making a new thread for the random twitter liberals they want to discuss kek

No. 1463106

I don’t get how red scare and their fans fetishize life in Eastern Europe so much. I get that the hosts have Slavic roots but their parents came to the US for a reason (life in Eastern Europe is pretty shitty). These people couldn’t survive a month living in Eastern Europe on a local salary without any western savings I bet.

No. 1463108

That's always been more of an unearned perception from outsiders and new listeners, Anna's consistently upfront about post-ironically preferring the cosmopolitan Western liberal life to the dregs of late Soviet Russia. Most people who are aware of the pod but aren't astute listeners still think they're these "old leftist"-style "based" commies (because of the name, the Chapo association, and Dasha's Sailor Socialism bit), but Anna's's been anti-communist, pro-West from day one.

No. 1463112

Sean Thor Conroe, the Fuccboi himself, is the guest on the new ep.

No. 1463118

Yeah, no, it wasn't all the same five people

No. 1463219

"Leftism" is a grift and now that they can't make money off of it, they moved on to their next autistic scam, barring Breadtubers

No. 1463220

Wait really? I've listened to OPM's stuff back in the day and while fun it's also big weird electronic music. Also, OPM is a trainwreck himself so it's not like Dasha got all 7s on the slot machine

No. 1463244

tribillies aren't random SJWs. they are associated with this scene, they've been on chapo a few times (two of them was just on their live show) as well as ashley's podcast

No. 1463347

Really boring midwit off. Anna and Dasha both claim to have read and really liked the book. Anna says she relates because she's an immigrant wigger and praises the book for being brave enough in his book to, in her words, say abortion is bad, gender roles are real, and having beers with coworkers is fun (?). Dasha is sighing and audibly wants to kill herself and/or fuck Sean during this interview.

No. 1463358

Anna starts sperging about how he should read BAP's book and calls it life changing. Dasha says he should read her zoomer boyfriend's novel.

No. 1463365

do we have the identity of dasha's zoomer boyfriend yet?

No. 1463370

Yeah, both of them are very open about not wanting to live anywhere besides New York or Anna floating the idea of LA a few times. I think it's more that a lot of their fans, mostly those from two years ago or longer, fetishized Eastern Europe in terms of aesthetics-only without much interest in traveling there or the culture. The fans they have now are mostly coquette zoomers obsessed with Dasha and jailhouse gay Trump fans that see Anna as an unsung genius, who don't have a lot of interest in the host's origin stories beyond maybe a few ironic memes here or there

I can't believe she is still going on about BAP

No. 1463372

what did fuccboi pay for his rs appearance?

No. 1463434

No? The link for the first thread is in the OP, at least skim through it, it has always been about these people

No. 1463438

think she says his name is Matthew Davis?

No. 1463495

What a sad existence. Peck had an easy job at on Sam Seder’s show. Brooks dying and Bernie flopping on Super Tuesday killed her “career.”

No. 1463516

Didn’t he leave his wife lmao! He needed a rebound

No. 1463599

brooks dying killed this entire movement. he was the only genuine person in this field

No. 1463612

I'm pretty sure his wife cheated on him with jordan wolfson

No. 1463639

Isn’t it this guy >>1453242

No. 1463699

hahaha based

No. 1463701

lol no

No. 1463705

he looks like someone dasha would fuck

No. 1463758

File: 1646980860540.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 32EE50A3-FEE7-4CD2-BF29-BB4118…)

Looks like A+E are on vacay. Is this Seville?

No. 1463793

I think this is Oaxaca, Mexico lol

No. 1463879

would make sense since vaccines aren't required to enter Mexico

No. 1463923

bought tickets to a showing of scary and Q&A… will report back

No. 1463930

uhh, where? I thought the tour had ended.

No. 1463938

it's showing in a country that is not the US

No. 1463947

File: 1647009160600.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1863, 3869E6C6-3BC5-4693-8EC2-3BB32A…)


don't you Get It? the new art is taking and reposting women's photos without their consent or knowledge and writing that you'd assault them. sexually repressed miserable freak.

No. 1463981

They love talking about lolcow on the wet brain discord, it’s interesting that a tweet from a suspended account ends up here. And oh yeah sorry sierra I wrote that one really mean comment about you once it was obvious you read here lol

No. 1464005

the fuck is that cosplay of
“Midwestern social worker appearing in court” tan suit with black grandma pumps, the zipped canvas tote, and then the hippie/bougie baby sling
absolutely demented

No. 1464014

I’m pretty sure that’s a Trader Joe’s tote, that’s so depressing Anna you’re on vacation

No. 1464041

Wow, I know she would be really happy about this and all but she looks so much like Camille Paglia here kek

No. 1464125

why would you pay for this kek. gtfo scarethot

No. 1464330

I can't find anything on Matthew Davis, no twitter or instagram, lots of writers/authors with that name but none that are zoomer age

No. 1464331

I hope someone posts a link for actors soon, I really want to see how much of a shitshow it is

No. 1464567

File: 1647048986806.png (335.21 KB, 515x511, jonty.png)

Do they know this is what angelicism looks like? Or did 5 years ago, he's even older now.

No. 1464570

No. 1464605

File: 1647050327093.png (69.73 KB, 591x317, notedrussiaexpert.PNG)

the russia experts weigh in

No. 1464684

File: 1647053711377.jpeg (185.83 KB, 750x963, D482B5A6-89DC-4D00-9C24-297BEE…)

Could Jonty be short for Jonathan

No. 1464725

Jonty is a posh twat nickname for Jonathan, yeah

No. 1464735

Jonty (short for Jonathan) tiplady is his deadname guys. But yeah all the biggest Angelicism fans and nonfans know it’s actual name and stumble over it’s pronouns all the time and call it him lol. And he wrote a piece on doxing so he preemptively called everyone “dumb” for wanting to know who he is, that means you don’t get “extinction qua extinction”. I don’t know if he’s really a cow because his whole persona is a calculated project to be gossiped about or elided in the cut magazine, but it is funny to think that a 47 year old man makes it part of his art project to pretend to be a 19 year old girl.

No. 1464758

100% a pedo

No. 1464761

It is, I have been to that cathedral. It's Oaxaca City. Literally the hipster capital of Mexico after CDMX (Mexico City).

No. 1464780

have you been in Mexico like… at all besides Oaxaca? Oaxaca hipster central, really? Kek
have you been in San Cristobal? Tulum? Guadalajara? Sayulita?

No. 1464781

Why are you samefagging?

No. 1464786

File: 1647060495352.png (293.59 KB, 680x496, expert.png)

>anywhere hipster
What? I'm from Ocosingo and the only people that come here are tards looking to interact with the Zapatistas only later to told to gtfo.(derailing)

No. 1464795

dude, come on, San Cristobal is full of anglos and Europeans in general, the city is so fucking expensive because of them. Obviously not all Chiapas but San Cristóbal, specifically, is colonized by "enlightened", "laid back" euros and anglos. A friend lives near Tapachula and when he wants his fix of pretentious, promiscuous people, he goes to San Cristobal because all the night life and "underground" culture is centralized there.(derailing)

No. 1464800

Not a flattering look for her. She looks like a skeleton

No. 1464801

Lol as though anyone should give a shit about slavs

No. 1464805

File: 1647063109540.png (85.56 KB, 476x793, Untitled.png)

The head mod of rdrama.net, a refugee camp for all of reddit's biggest scrotes, is simping for Dasha and trying to get her into his alternative site full of /pol/ rejects pretending to be 4chan oldfags (which is honestly an accurate description of Dasha and the whole post-leftosphere).

Saged for who gives a shit.

No. 1464806

classic look! i cannot possibly think of a time when i've NOT travelled internationally in a mid-manager Anne Taylor no-stretch beige pantsuit, paired with JCPenney 40% off sale black heels meant for Kansas secretaries, and what appears to be an adolescent Horsegirl inspired Goodwill-bound canvas middle-school relic

No. 1464807

File: 1647063240608.png (8.19 KB, 475x81, Untitled.png)

No. 1464809

isn't carp a troon? they ruined their ironic femboy site with all the dumb updoot currency and play-money gambling.

No. 1464811

Carp is a hardcore moid, the whole woman/troon thing was another rdrama's lie attempt to deflect from being Kiwi Farms but with more "ironic" gayness

No. 1464817

Yeah, Dasha "my manager says I have to be careful on social media now that I'm famous" Nekrasova is going to publicly join diet /pol/ and post about how much she loves Putin and hates black people and Jews. Sounds legit.

No. 1464845

How does being born somewhere and having family there make one an expert? Bitch I have family abroad too

No. 1464849

Standpoint epistemology, identity politics. If the libs can run with it, the righoid grifters will too.

No. 1465020

yeah that'll definitely get not creep out a woman and get her to respond to you in a positive way

fucking insane scrote pornbrain bullshit is thinking "please step on my balls & fart in my face queen" is a compliment and not straight up disgusting sexual harassment

No. 1466186


It was 50% her saying "I have no idea what's actually going on inside russia" and 50% her best hits of dunking on the libs for their russophobic hypocrisy

No. 1466564

File: 1647206296893.jpeg (643.11 KB, 1125x1904, 7453DFFC-0113-4F97-BF4F-784A55…)

So true Alice, as biological women my besties and I are literally constantly talking about our “p-vibe levels” am I right fellow p-havers?

No. 1466795

File: 1647218498520.jpeg (74.29 KB, 546x750, B024F635-B22F-426D-BE55-0B7670…)

No. 1466804

Who is Angelicism, and why do they seem to have a presence among this who parapolitical scene?

No. 1466812

I'm so secure I have to talk about it on a social media platform!!

No. 1466845

File: 1647222516111.jpeg (993 KB, 1125x1494, 08366F7B-D059-460D-AF86-DF5E34…)

Ur living in the past nonny…..

No. 1466849

I scrolled alice’s timeline, every other tweet for the past month contains the word vibes. So clear “she” is a male boomer who learned a new word when the vibe shift article went viral

No. 1466884

tfw your coke habit is so expensive that you’re forced to start touring again

No. 1466902

>Got dumped for being loving and good at sex
New cope just dropped

No. 1466912

this is so sad. not even ever attracted to him, horrible personality and unfunny, but he was bieber cute. he looks 10-12 years older than he is

No. 1466926

File: 1647229002173.png