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File: 1702229906646.png (101.23 KB, 1152x321, IMG_8615.png)

No. 1941018

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Last thread was pretty dry, but here’s the gist:

dasha x jennifer connelly collab trailers released >>>1902234
“Women infiltrated the gaming industry like cancer MUHH” >>>1903181
Curtis and Razib crossover episode: >>>1903568
BronzeAgeShawty writes a halfassed medium essay about being a “bronze age e-girl”: >>>1903943
Aimee Terese looking stitched up: >>>1904280
And then the thread was locked because of racebait for two full months
BAS gets fired for being chronically online: >>>1932231
Ivy Will decides to become a prostitute for the lolz!!1: >>>1937869

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No. 1941020

My apologies the threadpic totally sucks, there wasn’t a particularly interesting screenshot in the last thread.

No. 1941047

File: 1702234242214.jpeg (33.48 KB, 558x558, 200077896.jpeg)

>Not Dirtbag finally released edition
Anyone read it yet? Or have a epub copy to share with the class?

No. 1941079

There are no links to the last thread, wtf

No. 1941084

This scene is dead

No. 1941130

Not thread maker but

No. 1941165

>thread maker

No. 1941197

File: 1702254826155.png (650.6 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20231211-003140.png)

People on twitter calling Ivy Wolk a rapist for this story kek

No. 1941198

I apologize I thought the links worked I was wrong(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1941200

File: 1702254886972.png (277.44 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_20231211-003543.png)

No. 1941223

that is literally the most pathetic thing I have ever read
imagine trying to bully any moid into fucking you, but particularly one that disgusting

No. 1941310

File: 1702269754684.jpeg (699.72 KB, 1170x1633, IMG_8650.jpeg)

I don’t really care about what happened but why do zoomers feel the need to post personal occurrences online to everyone. I don’t understand that compulsion. And I am one.

No. 1941320


It's so dull I don't think I can finish it. Enjoy https://mega4upload.com/g82muhq123s3

No. 1941327

Imagine aligning yourself with edgy retards who'd absolutely tear you to shreds if you weren't aligned with them politically/morally and still having to descend to shit flinging on twitter against the opposite side who you were trying to avoid in the first place.

No. 1941335

So Anna and Dasha got their Kissinger apologia talking points from whatever Thiel-backed individual is laundering money through their patreon, right? Bc it sounds like they’re reading from a script. I also remember their episode on Butler/gender theory having the same awkward rehearsed energy, like their “docket” was written by someone else entirely.

No. 1941337

File: 1702272254627.jpg (156.44 KB, 1170x1784, 41wwno9vs6u81[1].jpg)

Latest episode, Dasha indicated that she saw the Napoleon film with Matthew. Weird relationship. He's a former Jew turned TradCath, his girlfriend a recently baptised Eastern Catholic. They didn't fuck because premarital sex is a no-no. Then they broke up and she fucked homosexual BAP yet they still watch films together.


Couldn't download the file and the site tried to send me to scam sites. Antivirus went nuts.

No. 1941342

It definitely sounded like someone was giving them a script: "People blame Kissinger for bombing Cambodia but that wasn't completely his fault, there were Viet Cong there. The Khmer Rouge would have come to power regardless of the bombing. Don't be a Chapo and hate on Kissinger" How the fuck do they know how the Khmer Rouge came into power?

Weird thing is that Mommy Milkers was also posting Neocon adjacent stuff with regard to Iran prior to Hamas doing their prison break and she was shilling for Israel afterwards. There seems to be a concerted effort to get the post-left to push the Neocon message.

No. 1941345

What men think is rape:
>losing a match in call of dooty
>ugly leftcows looking at them and saying words occasionally

What men don't think is rape:

No. 1941347

Because being a leftoid/cryptofash/alphabet soup of obscure political identities hasn't been "counter culture" for like 10 years already. Literally every muh lenial or zoomer is some kind of demonrat hating contrarian anarcho-autist with post-posadist characteristics, who occasionally enjoys baathism. Today, it's the kind of sad suburban mom mainstream you can see at Home Goods - I'm sure they'll be selling discounted "from the river to the sea" merch in about 2 years.

Because of this, unironically the only way you can be a SHOCKINGLY CONTRARIAN, ENGAGEMENT GENERATING, DEEPLY TRIGGERING special snowflake these days is by being a neocon/neolib. Soon they'll all be poasting their CONTROVERSIAL TAKES about how Janet Yellen is based.

No. 1941393

men LOVE pretending to be abused by women, nothing makes them coom harder than playing the victim and DARVOing

No. 1941424

>They didn't fuck because premarital sex is a no-no.
Kek what? That’s not true. Is dasha saying that now?

No. 1941471

dasha and delicious tacos are both horny for @megantheevalium

No. 1941514

Not surprising, she is ugly as shit

No. 1941521

No. 1941552

not dasha still fucking this zero-clout sweaty soyboy. i'm sure in 2021 she thought she'd be married to nicholas braun and directing the scripts greta gerwig rejected by now. dashas dwindling options era

takes a special kind of crazy to take a pic of amanda lepore to your injectionist

No. 1941646

File: 1702340861714.jpeg (851.36 KB, 1576x1473, IMG_6161.jpeg)


No. 1941647

File: 1702340910603.jpeg (800.84 KB, 1523x1433, IMG_6162.jpeg)

No. 1941648

File: 1702340955841.jpeg (976.74 KB, 1427x1724, IMG_6160.jpeg)

No. 1941712

File: 1702350213553.jpg (131.4 KB, 1080x1350, 401240780_18403779871056873_38…)

posted in november. will anna start an onlyfans?

No. 1941717

what a bizarre and physically difficult selfie pose… it's not even flattering, I don't get it.
two women making up fake beef between their troll accounts. embarrassing.

No. 1941777

File: 1702362344230.jpeg (264.9 KB, 1125x655, 193BD800-9B0E-4F48-B0D2-BF420D…)

zoomers like ivy think it’s funny and relatable to overshare especially with the most intimate and disgusting detail, yet get buttmad when their ebic funny poast doesn’t garner the reaction they wanted. It’s hilarious she is getting bullied, that’s what happens when you put everything out there, ivy

No. 1941795

Probably to create the illusion that a waist is present in her barrel-like, comically short torso.

No. 1941819

What's the picture in the background?

No. 1941826

They both come off kind of retarded but in different ways. Like why was RFH cooking for an unemployed loser? If you date an unemployed guy, fine, there are other reasons beside employment to be with a guy. but cooking and trying to play housewife for a slacker is objectively retarded behavior kek

No. 1941849


She has to lift herself up with one hand for the pose too. She’s so pathetic. She is married, has a child, nearing 40 and she still acts like a desperate, unmarried woman. And for whom? Ugly men like the one posted above with Dasha? Does she hope to get BAP’s approval like he did with Dasha?

No. 1941861

you just know she thought she ate with this one

No. 1941863

I hope her rightoid followers shamed her for this lol

No. 1941891

Anna really radiates former fat girl energy, most women by 25 are disgusted by the kind of male attention she obsessively courts at 40. The other day in the subreddit men were discussing busting nuts to Anna’s IG, the sub census also pegged the average user as a 25 year old leftist male cumtown fan so good luck with those prospects girl

No. 1941964

She literally thrives of any attention. Stories like that only add fuel to her fire.

No. 1941975

wow so edgy you call your vagina your cunt and talk about your yeast infections? i'm so shocked, you're so nlog, tell me more zoomer amy schumer

No. 1941980

she is not married kek

No. 1941989

I think Audrey horne is having a rw e girl manic episode again after attending some bullshit fash party in NYC.

You can almost smell the BPD coming off these people.

No. 1941994

This is an imageboard.

No. 1942002

does anyone know what anna is doing in LA?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1942006

If she’s going to do thirst traps she should get into advanced yoga poses. This phoned in, bad lighting stuff doesn’t work for her

No. 1942014

File: 1702407798365.png (250.8 KB, 898x871, Venti_AT_01.png)

Aimee got trolled by Brittany Venti. That quote is from Elliot Rodger but replace "men" with "women"


No. 1942015

You nailed it. And yes, she used to be fat - there's a pic in threads #1 and #2.

No. 1942023

Genuinely don't know which one of the two is more pathetic at this point. Literal catfight.

Always knew rfh was a retarded pickme but cooking and playing tradwife for an unemployed moid? Tradthots truly are the way they are cause they are dumb as rocks holy shit.

No. 1942030

The sad part is that’s not trad. Girl is bitter over tradshit despite not ever engaging in it. I remember she QT one of those stay at home gf videos and seethed about it. Now we know why. poor girl is jealous she did labor for a useless moid

No. 1942058


Monkey paw moment for Amber's book

No. 1942059

Is Matt Christman still in a coma or is he dead yet?

No. 1942060

He's at home tweeting but sometimes it's incomprehensible. Discussion of Matt is in the previous thread.

No. 1942063

File: 1702418519593.jpg (551.41 KB, 1200x2000, untitled.jpg)

This is who goes around calling people "a 3" on the internet

No. 1942084

I'm surprised RFH is even giving this dingbat the time of day. They're both cows but completely different levels of cow.

No. 1942096

File: 1702421129450.jpg (193.61 KB, 1346x938, image (1).jpg)

He's home from the hospital according to Amber's twitter, they might have also mentioned in on chapo by now I don't know. We don't really know if he was "in a coma", people just keep saying that. He did imply he had a stroke in his first coherent tweet after he got home. Sometimes Amber says something about it online but nothing specific.
He was going to be away anyway for podcaster paternity leave anyway so the show is continuing as planned without him, it didn't change much there. Presumably Matt is not doing much caring for the child in his current condition and Amber is just taking care of both of them.

No. 1942104

When doctors ask you if you’re in a medical career, it’s a passive aggressive way of us saying you’re a Google addict and reminding you that you are not, actually, a medical professional. We ask it to hypochondriacs using medical jargon all the time. It’s not a compliment lol.
t. Doctor

No. 1942120

typical moid bullshit

No. 1942139

I’m not a doctor but I raised an eyebrow at that because it sounds kinda passive aggressive not like a compliment. Starting to believe she really does get a high off of being a “caregiver”. her current situation just sounds bleak to me. She’s kinda cringe but she’s not the most annoying cow here by far and I prefer to make fun of more ridiculous milk not this

No. 1942167

This must be a -3 then

No. 1942216

File: 1702438678852.jpg (617.21 KB, 4096x4096, GBLAgb6aAAEWaFk.jpg)

Am I seeing this right, is monica/milkers trying to pass this off as a picture of herself as promo for her podcast…


No. 1942247

Maybe that moid sees them in his head that way when he jerks off to them? Who is he?

No. 1942285

That is so clearly AI she'd be an absolute retard if she did

No. 1942313

Holy kek can you share the quote tweet??? I don't really read her tweets much anymore cause lately her tweet get on my nerves easily but I want a good laugh.

No. 1942319

File: 1702468875918.jpeg (835.25 KB, 1242x1583, IMG_2405.jpeg)

Yeah, they’re lurking…

No. 1942323

>when literal who desperate selfposters collide

No. 1942327

Aimee is such a disgusting dick rider, its a wonder that people here even simp for her.

No. 1942351

No, she didn’t even post that. Are you high or are you just self-promoting that retarded podcast?

No. 1942352

File: 1702479890723.jpeg (856.08 KB, 1179x1253, IMG_6696.jpeg)

Aimee’s new pod venture is with Inez Stepman?!?! What the fuck… did not expect that. I’m not familiar with Peachy Keenan, what’s her(?) deal?

No. 1942356

>she’d be an absolute retard if she did
so then she did, yeah?

No. 1942363

More details? Don't forget to sage.

No. 1942365

Monica’s podcast is so bad you can’t even hate listen to it(pointless post)

No. 1942410

File: 1702489228483.png (698.81 KB, 640x1136, 3CAFBBA6-42C4-4BD3-A5C9-8DA734…)


No. 1942411

File: 1702489713608.png (51.17 KB, 796x253, IbT1pba.png)

Big piece on the post-left here complete with a big pic of Anna and Dasha with Roger Stone immediately after the r-word/n-word part. https://inthesetimes.com/article/former-left-right-fascism-capitalism-horseshoe-theory

No. 1942418

>"They're from Moscow and Minsk.."

But they're not though, like at all.
Bet Anna was made up with that line.

No. 1942421

the vaguely ethnic butterfaces are lurking

No. 1942422

Nothing behind those eyes

No. 1942440

That girl is such a boring Washington DC normie trying to find a personality by co-opting NYC edgelord aesthetics, the desperation in her tweets is palpable

No. 1942447

Tbh this thread should stay locked, it’s the only thing that is keeping these losers from falling off completely. They were all depression posting and almost offline a few weeks ago. They’re all back suddenly with thirst traps and narcissistic vigor

No. 1942454

only the last thing is true and it's not even that true if we count the minutes of race realism vs bland petty bitching

No. 1942462

File: 1702498257710.png (321.16 KB, 1280x400, Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 12.1…)

this is not a new point and it has been made many times before. just looked at her feed and it's the same as always. lattes and movie quotes and shading "haters".

anyway the NYT Praxis article finally came out and no one has mentioned it here yet? kek that it's always been framed as a Thiel project but he has actively ghosted them

No. 1942647


No. 1942718

File: 1702521574637.jpeg (458.2 KB, 2216x1718, IMG_6730.jpeg)

Went to her hair colorists account to look for pictures after she posted this story and lol at the difference in her face. (The colorist’s photo is from May that’s why the hair looks different.) The facetuning is escalating, she should know better.

No. 1942745

the blurring tool is out of control
who is she fooling? lol

No. 1942783

File: 1702537459377.jpg (190.02 KB, 914x1199, GBPEZM-XcAEXKdl.jpg)

Most of the broad outlines of the Dimes cow connections have been posted here before.
Except this part doesn't get mentioned in the article.
>more and more girls in the 14-16 age range are showing up to the Praxis parties and it seems really sus and creepy

No. 1942794

Teenagers have been attending adult parties in cities for years. It doesn’t really mean anything

No. 1942811

Maybe you're missing a memo and I don't know what kind of events you're used to going to, but usually if underage girls show up at parties people know they were invited by some pervert with bad intentions as adults in their right mind wouldn't knowingly be in an environment drinking and partying with children, and scrotes within and adjacent to Thiel's Praxis Society are known to be pedophiles.

No. 1942930

>the glamorous (their word)
love to see a moment of shade

No. 1942955

Apparently stav was set to go on CTH as part of his netflix special promotion podcast tour but backed out at the last minute. There's some speculation that it's because the chapos have been so outspoken about israel.

No. 1942957

He was on Pardon My Take and will be on How Long Gone this week. It could be that but also that there's no benefit of going on Chapo any more. He's not gonna sell more tickets or look better.

No. 1942966

It would have been much sweeter if they also put that after the "beautiful" part

No. 1942975

I always thought it was ironic that Chapos and their fans decried liberals for loving liberal rednecks in a "see?? anyone can hold our beliefs!!" way when that's exactly why they love Stav. Like, did no one notice the identical circlejerk of "see?? even a dumb guy can like socialism!!"

No. 1942985

File: 1702575137916.png (33.61 KB, 598x356, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 17-31…)

No. 1943021

The parties are filled with gay men and women

No. 1943040

more and more people are calling her out for her smol bean act lmao. she’s exactly what she accuses audrey horne of being and she knows it.

No. 1943069

File: 1702585338714.png (337.97 KB, 1074x1248, JackHittingHimself.png)

Isn't Perfume Jack literally describing himself? Wasn't that the point of his show? Imagine being this delusional

No. 1943070

File: 1702585496580.jpeg (198.32 KB, 1620x1080, _R1A2678.jpeg)

No. 1943074

File: 1702585735780.jpg (625.14 KB, 1200x800, Camille-Paglia.jpg)

Disgusting. She's morphing herself into Paglia while she's at it. I guess it's true what they say, all coreless, contrarian women look alike. Not to say anything of the ill-looking troon, who is of course right at home at a pornhub party.

No. 1943076

File: 1702586026381.jpeg (759.67 KB, 1655x1241, IMG_6183.jpeg)

What’s really funny is Amy posting a very small segment of this article, unlinked and unnamed, to claim it’s vindicating something she has invented

No. 1943079

File: 1702586229092.png (74.24 KB, 974x414, Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 12.3…)

kek, reminds me of this

No. 1943080

File: 1702586343978.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1620x2120, IMG_6184.jpeg)

Why didn’t she post the rest of what was written about her or where it was from I wonder

No. 1943081

>whines about seed oils
>douses hair in bleach and inhales the fumes on the regular

No. 1943082

if this is even real how does anna not see this as a massive self-own lmfao

No. 1943093

I think Anna regrets pretending to be right wing lol

No. 1943149

File: 1702594623870.png (26.01 KB, 598x262, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 22-50…)

Was going to post this the other day.
'leftists' yet socializes with grotesque MtF trannies, respects the pronouns etc. But now it's 'socializes with trannies at pornographer events'.

I suppose in fairness to her they probably never gets invites to anything at all worthwhile in New York, so this cheap, obscene, bottom of the barrel 'party' with the scum of the earth is probably the best she can do.

No. 1943154

File: 1702596073656.jpeg (25.74 KB, 460x258, DqUIwjQX4AAwVYm.jpeg)

kek that filter

No. 1943182

she should

No. 1943186

she needs to start doing side parts. it would balance out her wonky face

No. 1943198

How did you find that? I didn't see them in the link provided but imagine the smell.
They do look alike and they both look like Paglia, more so for the troon.

No. 1943249

Why is pariah the self proclaimed tradcath organist at a degenerate pornhub party kek

No. 1943251

need waifmaterial milk(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1943254

File: 1702608930722.jpg (79.07 KB, 680x890, a84.jpg)

The type of sad men who turn up to a porn company 'event'.

No. 1943271

File: 1702610468464.png (70.33 KB, 850x725, Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 03-09…)

This is so sad, you almost feel sorry for her, her life must be circling the drain. Turning up to cringe shit like this with scum like the troon clinger on is the best she can do now, the absolute dregs.
A few years ago they would have been mocked stuff like this, it would have been well beneath them.

You can seen them about half way down.

No. 1943310

absolutely bleak

No. 1943314

These pictures linked here >>1943070 show that most of the performers there (the women in PornHub clothing, or who were dancing) are black or Asian. Most of the revelers were white and dopey millenial former Vice faggots (much like Anna) invited guests to witness the debauchment of non-white women. Like obviously inviting Anna and the troon is already dogwhistling rightoid retards, but having a bunch of black women strip in PornHub onepieces while moneyed white dickweeds in beanie hats look on? Seems like catnip for her Twitter followers. That's the thing with a lot of these 'counterculture' rightwing, irreligious movements, often it's all a big play for them to talk about morality in society, but in their heart of hearts they're the sickest fucks. Debauched to the core while they LARP 90s Christian conservatism, it's retarded and as see-through as Julia Fox's fake dominatrix back story.

No. 1943337

File: 1702629895072.jpeg (526.71 KB, 1124x2003, 4B842B28-89CB-4E94-8C5A-A4455C…)

Anna is back at it again, filming random strangers and teens without their consent and posting it on insta like some snarky old loser who thinks she’s better than them somehow

No. 1943346

Those people look normal and are likely having more fun than she is

No. 1943383

Imagine what she told the babysitter. "Hey, sorry about burdening you with the little monster on such short notice, but mommy had to go to the porn party with her pet tranny tonight!"

No. 1943460

The babysitter is probably Eli's rich parents. I hope their documenting incidents like this for the custody battle.(tinfoil)

No. 1943470

File: 1702663358510.jpeg (325.13 KB, 750x851, D3A2DD1F-DA6A-4D6E-B21A-17A46F…)

Samememe has been back on X for a while just so he can nag radfems like rfh. I think he resents her for being accepted by the dissident right crowd

No. 1943473

If RFH is a radical feminist I’m the queen of England.

No. 1943475

To them anyone saying something slightly favorable about women is a radfem(sage your shit)

No. 1943477

File: 1702664961173.png (42.87 KB, 598x476, djsbdfkbd.png)

No. 1943479

If you're going to selfpost here rfh at least sage

No. 1943480

This guy is Muslim and so glad he got accepted by this crowd it’s embarrassing

No. 1943483

It’s funny how offended insecure losers like samememe get when a woman talks shit about her ex. You can tell they’re worried they’ve acted similarly in a relationship

No. 1943486

Remember when lexaprofessional talked about him basically raping her? he thinks we forgot

No. 1943488

this guy is genuinely the worst out of all of them, even fat jack has at least managed not to rape anyone

No. 1943497

I never believed her. She's way too ugly to rape kek(bait)

No. 1943510

>anna: single mother, porn party attender, pronoun respecter
this woman literally cannot stop losing

does this man have any idea how hilariously obvious he makes his own self-loathing when he implies women are forever tarnished simply by banging him. "you can never unring the bell of fucking me" lmao wow that bad huh

No. 1943515

Anna seems like she’s spiraling since contributing to this mag

No. 1943526

File: 1702670312700.png (Spoiler Image,2.91 MB, 1816x1536, Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 2.48…)

just looked up some covers, the mag is as porn-brained and misogynistic as anna and dasha are. gee, wonder why a magazine that posts women trussed up, strangled and naked wants to commission a piece from edgy anti-feminist Anna Khachiyan about the excesses of #MeToo (a topic that's been stale for 5 years, but sure anna, you're the brave deboonker). i can't imagine being this level of self-hating but i'm well past the point of giving a shit about the type of hags who make their living justifying and celebrating male abuse. genuinely enjoying watching A+D continue to circle the drain and remain bitter alcoholic and alone

No. 1943529

Pariah the troon’s psychotic gaze, must be hard being a fake model if you hate being photographed and despise your own reflection. Anna looks six drinks deep, she has to be to not jump out of her skin being around such a deranged troon trying to one-up you at the coomer convention. Women-hating women underestimate trannies and think they are non-threatening pathetic mental cases who need help and they never see the sabotage coming. He’s trying to take your place right under your nose.

No. 1943536

Dasha would love to pose for this garbage but she’s not hot enough

No. 1943563

wtf is a basil pill(sage)

No. 1943567

ah so this explains why her last 5 tweets or so have been obsessing over why porn isn't that bad. gross and seedy.

No. 1943589

Leftist nlogs always talk like the most degenerate predatory scrote because they think it's ironic. Anna does the same shit.

No. 1943591

it’s that dude talking about his own ideas, his name is Basil

No. 1943599

File: 1702680426942.png (40.54 KB, 598x311, Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 22-45…)

You can't go five minutes without reading some demented breathless trannie screed about how the US State is 'literally trying to kill/erase' them.

I'd largely forgotten about Aimee Therese, just had a quick look through her twitter… and wow, she is really ill these days it seems.

No. 1943603

File: 1702680752703.jpeg (526.33 KB, 1170x1243, IMG_8911.jpeg)

I don’t like that this woman is raising a child
> Ok I’ll say plainly banning murder is the most retarded platform because personally I think things like graffiti and speeding are much worse for the human psyche than murder but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation

No. 1943604

I don’t understand why she needs porn. She had a child with someone, doesn’t that require getting naked with them? If she’s able to have that in real life, what does she need porn for?(sage your shit)

No. 1943605

is this mag named after the photographer(Terry) who notoriously coerced his women subjects into sex? the shot composition is very similar to the American Apparel era

No. 1943606

I can’t comprehend why the fuck these right wing wannabes continue shilling so hard for trannies?

No. 1943607

>too weak to not take selfies

No. 1943610

File: 1702681367393.png (1.79 MB, 1170x1583, eyeroll.png)

some 2016 tumblr style posts. this woman is almost 40 years old

No. 1943611

>selfies do what porn does
so a random person taking a selfie is the same as an industry built on rape, trafficking, abuse and exploitation of women? and a person sharing their face to their friends and family is more psychologically damaging than a man cooming himself to the point of sexual dysfunction whilst watching airbrushed women (and literal children) be strangled and raped day in and out?
is pornhub paying her? or did they just give her a really nice gift bag? but really it's her narcissism that shines through here. putting so much power in her stupid lil selfies. get a grip.

No. 1943619

Holy shit, this take is retarded even for her. At least this gross magazine finally got her to put pen to paper instead of regurgitating her bile on the internet where anyone can see it.

No. 1943629

>woman existing = porn
she should convert to islam and wear a burka with that philosophy

No. 1943635

File: 1702684169685.png (129.66 KB, 1176x706, 4567ytgfgh.png)

Perfume Fattest Jack trying to take credit for something that no one thinks in a reply to a tweet about Jeremy Fragrance (youtuber who has 1 million followers vs. Jack having at most 150 patreon subscribers, and 75% of them are straight incels who aren't influencing anyone). https://twitter.com/lotus__point/status/1735453523746107702

No. 1943636

They noticed the was a feminist backlash to the trannie madness and had become anti-trans, hence the natural reactionary response was to back the troons

No. 1943644

Because they shill male interests and trannies are men

No. 1943650

Perfume is a southern thing because of the climate so I guess that makes it right wing? Wish he would’ve connected not wearing a scent to the oppressive Nordic autism-coded yankee liberal northerner sensibility/slavish devotion to conformity and the social contract of invisibility in public. He’s really phoning it in these days, I don’t think he’ll ever deliver another white woman pad thai banger.

No. 1943654

>most women's selfies: awkward close-up of their smiling face in front of a sunset
>Anna's selfies: squatting on bedroom floor with legs spread in a bikini
Anna, a retard: "So, as you can see, selfies clearly perform the same function as pornography!"

No. 1943659

This is probably the most retarded take I’ve ever read in my entire life. Anna was always awful, but this is actually troubling. Yeah Anna, taking a selfie next to your grandma and sending it to other family members operates on the same level as porn. You know, the same industry that’s based on debasing women and children for the benefit of mostly men. The same industry that regularly creates child porn and exploits millions of poor and young women.
I can’t believe this woman has a child. Anna truly deserves to wither all alone like the old, bitter contrarian hag that she is. Never understood how a woman could be so self hating and self flagellate herself for the most degenerate ideas and men. It’s so sad actually. Whenever people stop caring about her and redscare, she’ll regret ever bending over backwards for the worst of them

No. 1943682

File: 1702693209264.jpg (Spoiler Image,275.15 KB, 1620x1080, _R1A2875[1].JPG)

Comparing selfies to the porn industry is retarded but she doesn't mean selfies for families. I believe she is referring to the the thirst traps. On the podcast, they always say "a selfie is a cry for help" and sometimes it is. To be fair though, the chance to meet Julia Fox would have been tempting for most people regardless of their views on porn. The porn industry needs to be banned but social networks also need to be banned.

No. 1943692

I understood the nuance of the tweet, but if she is going to compare a selfie, even a desperate one—such as her own posted earlier in this thread; it still doesn’t justify such a shitty comparison to that of porn? Sure, narcissism is at an all time high with social media, but you know she said this only to appease her scrotey fanbase. That’s the sad part. She not trying to incite a much needed discussion of the implications of social media, she is just stealing talking points from her incel crowd. I’m lowkey glad that she doesn’t have a daughter, because who knows how fucked up that child would be having a mother like her. I’d like to imagine that after she posted that tweet, she went back to feed her kid right after, what a freak and also how sad considering she is pushing 40

No. 1943715

Tangential, but I don't think anyone who wants to ban porn would be ok with gore or think highly of selfies. But thats giving her argument more credit than it deserves

No. 1943716

the scrotes in this case are anti porn. she was arguing with some nick fuentes groyper which is what sparked the tweet

No. 1943726

Most likely what she’s trying to do is appease her “point with one hand jerk off with the other” fan base. They’re butthurt that women’s selfies get male attention, that’s what all the whining about narcissism comes down to. Naturally if their selfies got the same reaction from women they’d be doing it en masse.

No. 1943728

File: 1702702843312.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x2588, 99E02A0A-DDB8-4340-96FA-6004D3…)

I forgot about posting this cause the new thread wasn't up but this reminds me, how delusional is this woman? I get the post is about celebrities you've been compared to by other people but I've also been compared to celebrities I look nothing like and ones where there's at least some resemblance and I wouldn't use the totally off comparisons. I can tell she's just a white woman but she looks more like these random asians than the celebrities she posted, and even more like these random other white women. Multiple people have said you look like Zendaya really you're not just doing your racist bit about pretending to be other races and ethnicities to bait BAPists and their ilk? I'm not even saying she looks bad, she looks fine and idk her face is just uninspiring and is giving nothing, its food equivalent would be a loaf of bread is the best way I can put it. Which is fine, averageness is attractive, just nothing about it stands out in a good or bad way to me. Point is for someone so involved in race science she certainly has a blind spot when it comes to identifying her own phenotype and this kind of self-unawareness is so typical of narcissists.

She's a racefem as far as the dissident right is concerned, racist, can say favorable things about women, but also has no qualms about befriending and podcasting with pedophiles. It's the only kind of "feminist" palatable enough for them which is why they embrace her.

No. 1943729

so based and trad to confuse Christmas and Easter

No. 1943733

What did happen with Eli? Does he even see her anymore or cut her a cheque?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1943735

File: 1702705484310.jpeg (Spoiler Image,330.24 KB, 750x732, IMG_6628.jpeg)

No. 1943773

Eli’s family don’t live nearby

No. 1943774

Posting my tweets doesn’t make them flawed lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943785

porn addicts stop liking sex and just wanna goon by themselves at a certain point

No. 1943788

Why are you on lolcow at 3:30 AM lol

No. 1943819

Aimee is anti-troon (correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t followed her for three months or heard the new podcast), she’s just comparing something bad to something else bad in her mind to try to make a point but she’s not even making sense as usual, it’s all rage bait. Kinda tinfoil on my part but I don’t even think she’s particularly crazy I think she acts like this on purpose to drive engagement and she just has a weird internet job that clearly someone above her supports because she keeps getting unbanned.

No. 1943820

>9 out of 10 women on here
shocking, the most self-obsessed women love to take pictures of themselves but then project that onto the rest of us.

No. 1943825

Speak for yourself goofy, 9 out of 10 women aren’t neglecting their toddlers to take bikini shots on their dirty floor for their audience of incel groyper weirdos.

No. 1943826

My God, does Chapo talk about anything but Israel/Palestine and simping for Hamas? I listen to it out of habit while doing chores but I think even that's gotta go. It's agonizingly dull, whatever juice they had is so gone(pointless post, not saged, newfaggotry)

No. 1943827

Did anyone watch Nick Mullen's special? It was decently funny, 7/10.I can't see him breaking big, he's not presentable enough, way too easy to cancel and doesn't have the freak show appeal of Stav but it was a pleasant surprise to see him still be reasonably funny after how bad TAFS has been(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943829

File: 1702734733757.png (62.07 KB, 1094x314, Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 08.52…)

capping this for posterity in case Anna gets her whole post history deleted for trolling elsewhere. the cows walk among us.

No. 1943832

File: 1702735328610.png (968.05 KB, 2164x826, pod of the valkyries.png)

I listened to the first fifteen minutes of this and the handmaidendry is off the fucking charts holy shit. Basically they say men aren't to blame for being violent during sex it's ackshually women asking for it and if you run into a guy acting out rough stuff in a hookup it's probably because his past female partners trained him to do that (and also it has almost nothing to do with porn except maybe in ultra rare cases –maybe). Most guys are "actually really uncomfortable with mixing violence and sex", it's all women's fault.
vocaroo link in case you want to listen without giving it hits https://voca.ro/17I7ooW6ceA9

No. 1943835

File: 1702735665666.jpg (363.98 KB, 982x2342, inez.jpg)

the "viral" tweet for reference
sorry I know this is from october but the thread was locked

No. 1943841

Women cope with fear/disgust by sexualising it. Watch men and evil women twist this truth on its head when they are the ones who traumatised women in the fist place. Btw men enjoy getting raped in the ass always

No. 1943849

Yeah when men rape women or act violent towards them, it was actually "women's demands and training" that made them do that and not something wrong with their minds.

No. 1943866

you dont even need to go back a month to get another incredibly fucked up tweet of hers. like a defense of russell brand despite him having allegations back to 2005. agree with everything else though!
imagine believing this. every single one of them is a coomer degenerate. they just lie. those same "anti porn" rw fuetnes scrotes had no problems posting revenge porn of the BAP guy when they were beefing.

No. 1943868

*the BAP guys fiancee

No. 1943869

who’s the BAP guy’s fiancée?

No. 1943872

what are the chances this "data" was diluted by troons and misattributed female from gossipy scrotes who peruse sites tailored toward women?

No. 1943873

Typical “th-those whores MADE me do subhuman things” male externalising cope. Imagine applying this argument to anything else, “well this heroin addict ASKED me to inject them with heroin so I awkwardly complied which makes it ok”.

No. 1943874

you'd have to go several threads back but the two camps of twitter retards were beefing and one of the BAP guys, "achilles", had posted his fiancee and all the "anti-porn" fuetnes scrotes had no qualms posting lewds of her they saved on their coomphones

No. 1943875

"No, officer, I didn't rape her and beat her up, she totally asked for it!"

No. 1943888

annie skywalker has an onlyfans, that’s not revenge porn

No. 1943894

How many are troons identifying as women

No. 1943898

I grew up around whitoids. Rfh has something else mixed in there

No. 1943899

These studies are always done with porn website accounts which can easily be faked and more likely a coomer who put “female” on his profile. I don’t think most women are searching for these things. I think maybe a minority of women with severe issues may but definitely not most women. Also if you think about what kind of actual woman has a porn site account it’s usually one who doing sex work themselves so I lean towards the severe issues theory that women who have viewed a lot of porn bc they create it themselves are probably desensitized.

No. 1943902

That doesn’t sound like Anna. I don’t know if she’s capable of not writing confusing lengthy responses kek

No. 1943903

If some anon is pretending to be Anna to defend her tweets thats honestly even more cringe than if Anna was on here at 3am

No. 1943904

I never heard either the left or right in general blame men for it. The left defended it as "their choice" and the right defended it "because women want it", in the same argument she just said. Only some feminists were discussing this as a major problem. She just invented a persecution story for scrotes where none existed.

No. 1943909

Not nearly enough misuse of vaguely academic words that she's seen others use online but that she doesn't herself comprehend.

No. 1943916

what about men taking selfies? why isn't that a problem for her?

No. 1943940

Because once again men are allowed to have it both ways, take selfies and not be accused of being manipulative or feeding their ego with the attention they get from it. Anna’s just showing her age with this bc gen z girl go absolutely crazy over cute male tiktok stars posing for selfies

No. 1943944

File: 1702754404955.jpeg (93.76 KB, 750x265, EF106197-68D4-4F87-9C81-575025…)

Is there any info who nick is dating? Luis gomez made fun of him for having a hot teen gf in a podcast

No. 1943945

More like "they came from Vegas and Jersey"

No. 1943948

Felix is clearly entering another one of his "too depressed to spend 2 hours a week away from gaming" era. If Strokeman doesn't come back soon, they're in trouble.

No. 1943967

Nick is a depressed manlet there’s no way she’s that hot

No. 1943978

The rumor was Ivy Wolk and she’s ugly as sin. Not outside realm of possibility since Ivy spoke about fucking older guys

No. 1943984

It’s not Ivy. His girlfriend’s 22 and she’s a dancer, she did the choreography for one of their tafs episodes

No. 1943998

Which episode

No. 1944003

File: 1702763176729.jpeg (558.22 KB, 750x1222, A6AEA771-1279-4B5C-8DC5-AE3349…)

This is the only female choreographer in their credits

No. 1944005

Yeah that’s her

No. 1944011

Wow he really has a type. Can’t remember the name of the celebrity he said was hot once (like way back early cumtown days and the other two were disagreeing but he was really adamant about it) but she looked like that. Wish I could remember her name and check my memory sorry.

No. 1944012

Arimee? What in the sam hill kind of name is that?

No. 1944013

File: 1702764596686.jpeg (376.59 KB, 739x857, IMG_0230.jpeg)

She is wearing the same boots the mistery girl next to nick wore in that pic of him falling off the waggon again

No. 1944015

File: 1702764763602.jpeg (586.51 KB, 735x926, IMG_0231.jpeg)

This one

No. 1944017

Nick dates a 22 year old after making fun of Adam for dating a child bride in the jim norton show

No. 1944018

He’s got a type, his social worker ex girlfriend was also a skinny white blonde chick. D’you think he was ever into Dasha? lmao(newfaggotry)

No. 1944020

She looks like the blonde version of abby his ex

No. 1944023

She is cuter and a better dancer than Dasha meaning the relationship won’t last

No. 1944025

His type does not look like Dasha so no. Pronounced nose petite slightly curvy is the type.
Learn to sage please.

No. 1944028

Kind off feel bad for these e-girls who end up dating the male version of a manic pixie dream girl but aren’t allowed to post /show off anything about their relationship because nick doesn’t want it

No. 1944034

Doesn’t sound like Anna but it could be her considering the fact she’s brought up lolcow in the last few episodes

No. 1944043

He has commitment issues and blows up every relationship by cheating or withdrawing. I hope she’s not taking it seriously

No. 1944053

More reason these threads need to be locked again its just these losers posting themself and talking about each other

No. 1944061

The Kissinger one or paywalled?

No. 1944067

Damn you nonna for bring that podcast my attention. I just listened to the November 8th episode and I dropped 10 IQ points listening to 15 minutes of it.
>"Those anti-Israel protesters really just want to kill whitey".
>"We need to decolonize as well and everyone who came to New York in the past 25 years needs to go back from where they came from".

No. 1944076

a paywalled one(unsaged retard)

No. 1944090

From her opinions to her “sexy”/“sultry” selfies, everything she does is so tryhard. It’s bordering on giving me secondhand embarrassment lol.

No. 1944091

I’m genuinely sorry kek

No. 1944092

Export it from your podcast app and upload it to mediafire or vocaroo so we can hear. Share with the class.

No. 1944093

I highly doubt it. This woman, Abby and the nurse really aren't that skinny not to mention her facial features are different from his type.

No. 1944119

File: 1702787895753.jpeg (307.9 KB, 828x1133, IMG_5550.jpeg)

No. 1944154

damn i wish i had that username

No. 1944157

they're no better than the leftists they whine about

No. 1944158

>a lesbian who writes philosophical dick-rides for men

God has a sense of humour

No. 1944194

File: 1702807836896.jpeg (474.52 KB, 750x925, 58F72F75-062A-4FB8-9F7F-8FF053…)

She does post little snippets of him though, they just can’t help themselves

No. 1944213

I really don’t blame nick for keeping the relationship under wraps and also sparing his girl from his shitty fanbase.
once his listeners find out who this girl is, I promise you they would bombard her pics with comments or references to certain cumtown bits and just be annoying overall.
Adam and dasha have been broken up for years, but she still gets ton of ct fans saying stupid shit in the comments.
keeping her in secret is the better choice because she seems like a nice normie kind of girl

No. 1944247

File: 1702826288873.jpg (284.85 KB, 2340x2013, tafs patreon.jpg)

TAFS surge is officially over, they're back to the patreon dollar levels they had with Stav as Cumtown (actually slightly below). They really fumbled that opportunity, they could have just kept the show the same but added a youtube video component to increase the friendship-simulation levels and made more money honestly.

No. 1944260

I wonder how much they get from youtube now, or their sponsors considering there's now a visual aspect to their ad reads.

No. 1944292

Many such cases, a lot of lesbians view themselves as closer to a man than a woman and their attraction to women just reinforces that view

the desperate selfposting didn't work for BU and she's a lot more attractive than you

No. 1944349

File: 1702842346302.jpeg (307.95 KB, 1108x709, IMG_0749.jpeg)

Fat Jack spending the holiday season rampaging yet again. It’s just Groundhog Day at this point.

> Anna has insane take

> Sarcastic responses from orbiters
> Meltdown from Jack and co

No. 1944359

This girl is not thin or hot. Who is she the nepo baby of?

No. 1944361

who’s worse- fat ass jack or single mother anna who deploys her faggot gestapo against random e girls?

No. 1944372

I don’t think their fanbase is the reason but I can see him using that as an excuse. Nick has real commitment issues. The way he talks about relationships is always like they are going to be temporary. He is a fucked up guy with bad parents. The CT fanbase came for Dasha because of things Adam said and speculation of her cheating, it was not only because they went public with their relationship. They didn’t harass her until Adam started bad mouthing her and making references to her cheating, and her body count admission didn’t help

No. 1944383

File: 1702847327396.jpeg (249.22 KB, 1170x2080, cointelproana2-19700121_030042…)

I guess Ivy really did become a stripper

No. 1944405

Looks like she pulled about $17. It’s so sad when fuglies are selling themselves for the price of a Big Mac no fries no coke to prove they’re desirable too. She should’ve kept her dignity and worked her mtf connections to get a QA job. Sad

No. 1944418

File: 1702852024220.png (375.37 KB, 1170x1367, you’re trying too hard to soun…)

By this logic she must think that 8 year olds taking selfies on their iPads are also “fantasizing about making porn without suffering its indignities”

No. 1944421

why doesn’t she take her own advice and go back to being a mother instead of trying to sound like a philosopher when really she just sounds hypersexual

No. 1944427

she took all those sexy selfies for BAP only for him to fuck dasha… tragic…

No. 1944432

Where is the evidence she funked BAP

No. 1944465

Twas assumed. We don’t know for sure. Whatever they had went nowhere, as expected

No. 1944466

She comes off jealous some girl’s selfie got more attention while she must spread eagle to get the same amount

No. 1944495

What did his parents do?

No. 1944500

The cum town base was coming after her from day 1 long before they broke up. They were coming after Sennott too. They're no different than fan girls that get upset when they think the object of their adoration is dating someone that's not good enough. They weren't as hard on Abby but they would regularly make fun of her too.
>Adam started bad mouthing her
I don't recall him bad mouthing her unless you consider that tweet where he said that she acted sociopathic to be bad mouthing. I recall he told them to leave her alone when they took things too far.

No. 1944510

I always assumed Anna was the one to take BAPs straight virginity when they were teens
why else would she fly all the way to Madrid to be with him

No. 1944517

Its more than just keeping the show going. Adam and Nick genuinely have almost no rapport on camera. A show with them two alone would have been bound to decline no matter what

No. 1944547

Are all the Chapos still friends with Anna and Dasha, or just Amber?

No. 1944553

Untrue, I am addicted to porn, and yet sex is still satisfying with the one I love.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1944557

You recall wrong then. They came after her because he implied she cheated. This, and with her talking about her high body count clip is what made her a harassment target. The feedback towards her before that wasn’t nearly as negative

No. 1944568

No. 1944575

Is there any evidence amber is still friends with them?

No. 1944583

Bu has the face of a smol Afghani boy

No. 1944584

She was at the debate Anna, Grimes, and three others participated in. Might have been something about the sexual revolution? Anyway she was photographed hanging out with her.

No. 1944635

But he was also the one who deliberately prevented CT from discussing the subject for a year precisely so that the fans wouldn't harass her so much. Point is I wouldn't be surprised if Dasha did actually cheat.

No. 1944638

How are we still discussing this million year old drama? Dasha said she cheated to tank the relationship because she was unhappy and that it's something she's done to end more than one relationship.

No. 1944674

She cheated with her gay roommate, it's barely a secret.

No. 1944720

File: 1702923932976.png (176.52 KB, 1170x760, sex is my whole personality .p…)

I hate this whole tryhard slut phase she’s going through, it’s like when a kid moves out for the first time and is all like “My parents can’t stop me from having sex!1” as if that’s the most important thing in life

No. 1944727

Based. Men think cheating is akin to rape. Adam had to reign in his fans because crazed scrotes could actually hurt her. Some delude would think he could be besties with the cum boys if he took out Dasha for them.

No. 1944735

She’s like a female stav, undesirable but trying to use sexual attention to boost her self-worth but it isn’t working so she has to get more and more extreme. Her desire to use sex as a way to dominate others like a scrote and not in the power-bottom way Dasha does it is so unappealing to men and gay women you have to wonder who it’s for. It’s so embarrassing to see an actual woman try tranny tactics. She should lose weight, bathe regularly, and try to be less foul if she actually wants sexual validation, but that would take effort and it seems like she’s on the path to be a goblincore FTM. Her younger pictures look less masculine, I wonder if she has a hormone disorder or if hanging out with troons covered in HRT gels fucks yours up.

No. 1944759

You need to learn how to follow a thread

No. 1944768

The point is, why we are talking about this at all, Nick is using the fans as an excuse for not going public with the new gf. Dasha was harassed because there were crazy rumors of her cheating. She wasn’t harassed for being Adam’s gf. The fans are such a stupid excuse. Nick isn’t a normal person and has commitment issues. Anytime he talks about dating or women, you can see something isn’t right. I don’t know why anyone would date him knowing this

No. 1944784

I think he’s hiding her because of the massive 13 year old age gap between them. The chapo guys (Felix) and chapo adjacent people (Sean McCarthy) always try to hook up with women much younger than them, but don’t talk about it publicly because they know the lefty feminist crowd would call them out for it.

Plus there’s literally no benefit to dating nick (except monetary benefits obvs) he can’t communicate, will cheat on you & overall be completely indifferent to your existence. It gets even worse he will use the "I’m a tortured artist“ trope to attract more young women. The only advantage these e-girls have in dating nick is the clout they would get but he’s not even giving them that.

No. 1944787

Cumtown doesn’t have any lefty feminist fans. This theory makes no sense

No. 1944796

Nick is definitely not going to be "canceled“ by his own fandom for dating a younger woman but there is going to be a backlash by the chapo crowd who have a soft spot for him. I‘ve noticed that nick (even when making the most edgy jokes about women) makes it a point to stand for the right thing, which is why he’s so beloved by chapo fans. He defended the metoo movement on Tim Dillons podcast recently whilst his Tim Dillon and Luis Gomez were arguing that"women lie all the time“. Nick definitely takes advantage of the fact that he’s so beloved as he gets away with almost anything and bears no responsibility for spreading herpes to his hook ups and even joking about it publicly. Not to mention the atrocious comedy special he has just released.

No. 1944804

No there isn’t. You sound retarded

No. 1944806

He defended women and metoo once, that changes his entire relationship track record and the way he approaches commitment. Keep telling yourself that

No. 1944807

She is just ugly and Jewish. It’s not that deep

No. 1944820

Nick hangs out with MDE and on the call her daddy live was like I have money who want me? He’s only reining in the hot takes because he’s jealous and wants to compete with stav. He frequently compares himself to a toxic cloud wilting everyone around him and can only be motivated by spite. He’s not a good guy tortured in a corrupt system because he has integrity, he’s a bitter, petty, selfish man with a narcissistic wound that will never heal and is just as self-serving and Machiavellian as everyone else in the entertainment industry.

No. 1944822

Isn't McCarthy married?

No. 1944824

Will Menaker's GF is like 15 years younger than him and no one gives a shit.

No. 1944830

how is this any different than 2013 amy schumer vagina jokes?

No. 1944838

I don’t think anyone cares enough about Nick to get bothered. He’s not famous or attractive enough to attract such dedicated ire and I’ve a feeling he will do something to sabotage it like he always does

No. 1944862

You seem to underestimate how loyal and deranged his fansbase can be though. I’d argue that mde fans are very similar to cumtown fans. They are so dedicated and have this strange parasocial relationship. This is evident if you’ve ever come across them online

No. 1944867

Are you his gf? Sorry Nick won’t go public with the relationship but it’s not because of his fans

No. 1944868

What? What are you talking about?

No. 1944891

yup I’m his girlfriend, anyway you’re retarded(infighting)

No. 1944912

Trouble is coming your way

No. 1944921

I know she gets a lot of flack here but I think Ivy is more naturally charismatic and good natured than Anna or Dasha and when she grows out of the cringe sexual coming of age and girlish voice phase she’ll be better off than either of them, she also seems to avoid most of the actual hard right stuff.

No. 1944927

File: 1702962509835.png (218.8 KB, 524x900, 1702956995138297.png)

what did nicks gf mean by this?

No. 1944930

So are your parents blue names or what? Do you let him pee on you?(infighting)

No. 1944948

Follow the thread if you wanna know why we're discussing this.

No. 1944951

That's because she's young and impressionable, not malicious and when she acts retarded its easier to forgive

No. 1944952

>Pour tons of money to a show that is declining in viewership
>Reluctantly crawls back to comedy despite swearing off it numerous times on the show because he has no prospects
>Has gone back to drinking
>Is dating a mentally ill woman
Nick is literally spiraling in front of our eyes

No. 1944959

I agree with you. He’s not a good guy tortured by an evil system. I’m saying that that’s what he wants his fans to believe or at least he’s fine with people believing that about him.

No. 1944960

lana lyrics. shows she is retarded but we could tell by her face already

No. 1944961

When did I say it changes anything? He’s going to treat her like he treated all his ex gf‘s etc. I was just making sense of how he never seems to get into trouble and why his fans adore him even after releasing the worst comedy special after Brendan Schaub.

No. 1944962

I‘m pretty sure Will and his gf are close in age.

No. 1944979

>Phil Spector who?

No. 1944989

I hope not, he openly hates women. Remember the "Anne Frank was just a white woman who had her favourite weapon (the cops) turned against her"?

No. 1945014

You have to be at least older than 12 to post here

No. 1945040

File: 1702989569333.jpeg (78.03 KB, 2048x556, 8608CC0A-F5C2-4858-ACE6-5F9192…)

She was tweeting like this at 15, she is not “good natured” just some antisocial zoomer who thinks being raised on the internet gives her a free pass to act like she’s in Project X or something

No. 1945049

You forgot the most pathetic part, his one sided rivalry with stav

No. 1945077

wasnt she also saying the n word on tiktok? anyways, she has no talent and her well-connected parents could keep her in hollywood if she abandoned the freaks of dimes

No. 1945097

Lana is 12 y/o core though. Especially if you take it at face value

No. 1945111

File: 1703005702346.jpeg (Spoiler Image,773.37 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3748.jpeg)

Ivy Wolk is cute and I would have sex with her. Ivy if you’re reading this I love you and I want to take you out to dinner. I am not a moid, I’m a girl your age please give me one chance(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1945117

ivy’s been lurking lolcow and asking her orbiters if she’s ugly. did dasha teach you that tactic?

No. 1945119

unfortunately not Ivy, just a sperg with a crush. I hate follow this scene but have developed an unironic attraction to Ms. wolk. She’s the modern version of Hannah from girls and I can’t get enough of her.

No. 1945129

>She’s the modern version of Hannah from girls
LMAO that's the meanest insult I've seen in a while

No. 1945134

nonna, I'm the same with dasha except her personality is so rancid I can't imagine ever actually dating her.

No. 1945148

What can I say- I love terrible women.

No. 1945164

They aren't Lana lyrics. If they're in a Lana song it's a reference.

No. 1945181

Shoulder-checked by her. She should’ve skipped theater and gone into field hockey or lacrosse.

No. 1945186

Miss maddy x Dasha era

No. 1945188

File: 1703016255435.png (338.51 KB, 800x438, 36EEC194-A827-46B3-B11D-FF99A1…)

She reminds me of Casey but high energy

No. 1945191

Damn she's wide as fuck no wonder she never shuts up about being a former anorexic

No. 1945216

not to wk but even her more vicious tweets are pretty tame these days and rarely unprompted. she seems to have already learned a lot of lessons as a teenager that women like anna and dasha have not at 30+

No. 1945223

midget with an evil boy face. Isn’t she fucking jet neptune from the sam hyde crew. Barf

No. 1945231

File: 1703024278695.jpeg (312.97 KB, 1284x603, IMG_6218.jpeg)

Just last week he ‘pleaded guilty to six charges relating to his unqualified legal practice, allegations brought in a private prosecution by the Law Society of NSW.
The charges stemmed from allegations he had acted without a licence as a solicitor in NSW courts, including cross-examining witnesses and making submissions before magistrates’
and convicted
Of all the times for her to post about him

No. 1945232

I recognize her face but can't place her. Was she in some Dis Magazine thing forever ago?

No. 1945262

Sage for blogpost but I had a run-in with a personal lolcow - a troon who works at Disney as a princess character actor - and he called me "discount Dasha Nekrovosa" apparently bc I'm thin, eastern euro and the dreaded "transphobe" lefty. Lol, you know a movement has lost its countercultural cachet when the troon brigade latches on to it.

No. 1945271

You missed the point nonna. those aren’t original Lana lyrics, she did not come up with that herself. It is a reference to a much older song by the crystals written by Phil Spector in 1962.
All lana does is copy and paste stuff from the past and of course zoomers think she came up with it all by herself.

No. 1945272

didn’t fat jack coin discount dasha. only gay men and troons think she’s this untouchable creature

No. 1945275

Yes, Fat Jack and Rapememe call skinny girls either "Discount Dasha" or "Dollar Store Dasha"

No. 1945288

Shit guess I am retarded

No. 1945290

Was Dasha eve known as a transphobe

No. 1945298

Is she trying to say she's the reason his life is currently ruined?

No. 1945447

File: 1703083902857.png (561.93 KB, 1950x1676, interview.png)

Dasha interviewed John Rafman for interview mag
I don't know Rafman so it's not milky to me but some may be interested

No. 1945450

File: 1703084757940.jpeg (920.54 KB, 2160x2160, the sweet east Q&A.jpeg)

follow up on this >>>/snow/1837629 now dasha is moderating a panel for the film. also I missed the part where the Vack siblings were cast in the movie but they're not part of the main cast so I'm not sure why they are in the Q&A panel but whatever.

No. 1945466

His meltdowns and constant seething over nothing are so fucking funny. Just a frustrated fatty malding day after day.

No. 1945493

anna obviously encourages this.
audrey and to a lesser extent default_friend live in anna’s head rent free and her dancing monkeys harass them for her.

No. 1945569

Troon works at Disney to touch little kids while hidden in a costume. Who are the retards hiring these people? Why even interact with an obvious pedophile?

No. 1945570

They latch on to movements they can’t cancel because they are desperate to normalize themselves and redscare is a vehicle to do it, literally what Anna and pariah’s “friendship” is meant to do. It’s about getting to gen z and gen a, it doesn’t matter if their millennial peers think it’s lame.

No. 1945985

File: 1703195492619.jpg (287.05 KB, 1179x862, twit.jpg)

Saw this and it felt about as much of an epitaph as this scene deserved

No. 1945989

they've turned on bernie now?

No. 1945998

Yes the guy didn’t even call for a ceasefire until it was to late. The whole chapo hosts including ct crowd hate him now.

No. 1946039

The Chapos are too committed to Bernie to call him out. The only leftists actually calling out Bernie are the types that watch the Greyzone or Ben Norton. That reminds me did anyone here cover anything about that shitty spat between them? Or about Max's dumbass brother confronting Ben on a bus in Central America full of tired overworked peasants?

No. 1946090

That's not true. Before I got bored and stopped following him, Felix had begun qrting Bernie with very descriptive ill wishes about how he is salivating for his humiliating downfall.

No. 1946100

Really? I still follow that dumbass and never saw anything of the like. Then again (blog cancer), I was dealing with the death of my father so I could be wrong. Receipts?

No. 1946110

Sorry, I didn't cap it. Would have been a month ago, I guess? I'm not incentivized to go back and look, although if someone else wants to, you'll get to see all the qrt death wishes he sent to john fetterman on the way. Someone on the trueanon subreddit might have capped it/shared it because of how heckin' based it was of Felix or whatever.

No. 1946136

I don't think somebody named "buzzfeed jenny" was inclined to be in favor of Bernie in the first place.

No. 1946505

File: 1703313865091.png (590.04 KB, 748x904, Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 17-44…)

the delusion

No. 1946609


No. 1946663

why is alex jones being on the podcast treated like dasha's biggest crime. he's a piece of shit, sure, but does anyone treat him seriously and not like a meme/the gay frogs guy? nothing about dasha and anna makes inviting him to the podcast a betrayal of their values.

No. 1946677

He doesn’t look that young but even if he did he’s a man pretending to be a woman and therefore disgusting

No. 1946678

They should do a study on how often men with dicks below 3 inches become troons. The results would be illuminating

No. 1946720

It does show how things changed from when the Sailor Socialism video happened.

No. 1946742

I mean, if someone thought based on this video that Dasha will be next leftism poster girl, that's on them. It's not like 2018 Dasha wouldn't have Alex Jones on the podcast.

No. 1946745

they went from being contrarian to racist

No. 1946748

he told grieving parents their dead children weren’t real, that’s not a funny meme

No. 1946763

Yeah, like I said, he’s trash and should be left in a ditch but he’s memey in certain spaces and it’s not like Anna who is telling rape victims that they’re lying from day one would have much problem with it.

No. 1946926

File: 1703443519916.jpeg (265.65 KB, 741x748, CF5C19DC-DBFF-4CBD-9CF7-0BCBCC…)

They’re currently obsessed with Gone With The Wind because to them it accurately describes how much more important marriage and children should be to women as opposed to men. It’s a way of distancing themselves from regular trads who want to ban adult films and argue that men should also get married and give up their hedonistic urges etc. As usual, Anna has been pandering to lonely men who find solace in knowing that lonely old women will be even worse off than them.

No. 1947231

File: 1703537533603.jpeg (215.56 KB, 640x582, 2629B0E2-90E3-4398-A16B-B34C41…)

I guess we aren't going to see Eugene x Dasha's new flick on a mainstream streaming service anytime soon

No. 1947233

Why is there a breadtube streaming service but no art right dissident channel? The horseshoe must be complete. Merry Christmas to all lurking dookie apes and rotcrotch-havers.

No. 1947496

There is, it's called BitChute.

No. 1947526

>it accurately describes how much more important marriage and children should be to women
Are we all reading the same quote? I'm not very familiar with american literature (non-burger) but that reads like a description of what a shit deal marriage is for women, like the character was lured by pretty things only to be entrapped in abject misery as a result. It accurately describes why marriage and children SHOULDN'T be a priority to women. What the fuck am I missing? That character would clearly be the queen of girlbosses if she had the chance

No. 1947685

Anna always had the wrong reading for lots of thing

No. 1947688

Read the beginning again. Observe how Anna has highlighted "brief" - she's saying any discontent is temporary.

No. 1947734

File: 1703669485836.jpg (50.55 KB, 872x278, GCUoIjTWQAAyk6A.jpg)

The "pathologically lying about your identity" part about Anna is 'chefs-kiss'.

No. 1947751

How do you know it's about Anna?

No. 1947764

oh yeah it's definitely "for a brief moment" because the objectively abject misery of marriage will soon magically become non-miserable, not because she only has a brief moment for contemplation before another retarded thing comes up kek

No. 1947778

this could be about anyone. possibly even about this thread lol but probably twitter nobodies

No. 1947787

File: 1703686066917.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)

Pretty clear it's about A+D and their clique of hanger-oners:
the cult blogger, the group chat, Anna's demented identitarinism etc.

No. 1947797

I’m reading Gone with the Wind right now and yeah, it’s about how marriage is generally miserable for women until you find a moid who can dominate you (in this case it’s a rapist who constantly nags main character and is male embodiment of BPD). Interestingly, the author of the book based Rhett on her real life husband who was a drunkard, beat her and after he raped her one time she slept with a gun under her pillow for decades.

No. 1947815

Isn't this the book Jack insists every woman wants their life to be and constantly goes on about Mitchell wanting to suck cock?

No. 1947818

File: 1703695189648.jpeg (324.7 KB, 1170x512, IMG_5695.jpeg)

df is pathetic in her own way, but a+d’s orbiters are weirdly obsessed with her. picrel, anna superfan ted posts about DF 10+ times a day.

No. 1947822

>>1947787 It certainly applies to Anna, but also applies to all kinds of mentally ill Internet people. Don't see anything specific to Anna. Isn't DF's whole beat mentally ill Internet people

No. 1947826

I don’t think she thinks they’re mentally ill judging by some of her recent stuff.

No. 1947914

File: 1703716361719.jpeg (761.52 KB, 1179x1130, IMG_7003.jpeg)

Seeking Derangements had Kevin Leonardo (the guy who nair’d his bare asshole on youtube) on as a guest.

No. 1947946

File: 1703724111815.png (230.76 KB, 1170x983, anna getting ratioed.png)

>ugh akshyually a video of beautiful women posing for a calendar shoot is far worse than porn
I fear for the future of her sons cognizance and sociabilities

No. 1947947

samefag but I reread this tweet and I now realize she is saying that the people arguing about the calendar is more pornographic than porn. Chernobyl fallout really has a bigger effect on the human brain than we thought.

No. 1947993

Can someone explain what she means by this

No. 1947997

Latest red scare episode is with some black gay guy. Do they think this makes them less racist?

No. 1947999

Anna is going though an "everything is porn (and bad) except for porn itself (which is neutral)" phase

No. 1948001

does she have a single original take lmao

No. 1948051

So the thielbucks stopped rolled in and were replaced by pornhubucks and now she has to post at least one tweet a week telling her followers to get off twitter and go watch actual porn because it's "less pornographic"?

No. 1948054

>dumbest shit youve ever read
>'but y'all ain't (lmao) ready for that conversation'
yeah wonder why

No. 1948059

She's doing the exact same thing she makes fun of other people for doing. It doesn't matter if its ironic, its still practically the same.

No. 1948071

File: 1703771087469.jpeg (126.81 KB, 802x420, IMG_7033.jpeg)

This man hit the wall bad

No. 1948072

File: 1703771524262.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1179x1979, IMG_7039.jpeg)

Lmao why is this man a guest on red scare? First the nair asshole guy on SD, Ben and Hesse on Chapo, Ian on TAFS and now this? Was it gay week?

No. 1948080

The break-up with BAP must have been bad

No. 1948090

I don't like Anna but
>shape-shifter with no real stance on anything, spends all day on Twitter sucking up to literally whos
Pot kettle black, etc

No. 1948091

Sounds about right. This reminds me of when Anna first started dating Eli and kept talking about porn to seem edgy. Iirc they started talking because "she looked like his favorite porn star"

No. 1948104

barf, that was Eli's opening line? that's like classic shit some pornfried creep tells your friend in a bar and you have to spend the rest of the night running interference to keep him away. meanwhile anna mistakes it for flattery and has the creep's baby, she don't love herself

>so the thielbucks stopped rolled in and were replaced by pornhubucks
i've wondered about this, remember last thread dasha almost accidentally spilled the beans about the podcast's new funders >>1900864 and it seems like their guests have taken a turn away from thiel-funded types, then the pornhub party and now anna's frequent vocal support of porn just feels bizarre and unnatural even for degens like A+D.

lolcow sleuthed out the Thiel funding years before anyone, nonnas keep an eye out for where the money's coming from now.

No. 1948105

Default Friend is dissident right Aella. She’s not a shapeshifter, she’s retarded.

No. 1948106

File: 1703783587687.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, 3A5D0AB0-5133-444F-980A-1471C8…)

Her face…

No. 1948110

Aella is already dissident right aella. Df is more like alt right taylor lorenz but not quite as bad yet

No. 1948116

Hamburger eyes crusty grifter to diaper tranny degen grifter pipeline is emerging

No. 1948117

I wish they were funded by the United States military to funnel their shit tier male fans into the meat grinder.

No. 1948118

Lil nas x plagiarized this guys whole schtick. Can’t wait for diapers to be worn as a showpiece at a network broadcasted red carpet event.

No. 1948119

Used to make culture now reduced to imitating the same brain rot excreted from 4chans mtf board. People age out of scenes and have to resort to this. Many such cases.

No. 1948135

So THIS is the faggot who got all sad at me because I told him no one wanted him on the podcast kek?(cowtipping retard)

No. 1948145

lmao what? give context

No. 1948147

imagine if df started drama like taylor lorenz does

No. 1948165

ted is an alt-right jewish lawyer with an internet addiction.

No. 1948170

you probably don't want the actual answer but he's been on the show before and has been dasha's friend for well over a decade

No. 1948197

File: 1703806659549.mp4 (6.34 MB, 1280x720, dasha inward.mp4)

HBO fired Dasha for this

No. 1948199

I’m not a fan but she is actually really beautiful

No. 1948200

This is from god knows how many years ago

No. 1948202

The rumors that he was on grindr are true

No. 1948204

This existed before she was hired. They fired her for sucking at acting and bothering the audience

No. 1948206

Her eyes give me the creeps

No. 1948221

everytime i see her all i see is an ugly version of phoebe bridgers

No. 1948235

File: 1703816801565.png (140.29 KB, 1170x645, dhsk.png)

Sometimes she makes me smile kek

No. 1948238

File: 1703817738509.mp4 (500.86 KB, 1280x720, ewww.mp4)

I'd be depressed if I looked like him

No. 1948240

Why the fuck is Felix twitching like that?

No. 1948248

No. 1948255

>brittle hair with ugly haircut
>dysgenic bone structure
>malnourished pallor
>terminally online posture
>tits look like gynecomastia

No. 1948256

Nonna say more. This is the first time I have heard about this.

No. 1948257

Hopefully stav can get cancelled for this next

No. 1948269

She looks pretty here because she looks like a completely different person.

No. 1948283

She should have stuck to the brown hair

No. 1948305

Why is his face so puffy and bloated? Is that normal? When was this from?

No. 1948307

You sound like an annoying moid(unsaged scrotefoiling)

No. 1948327

She has been facetuning her photos into oblivion recently and almost never looks like she does in real life, pathetic for a mean girl in her 30s tbh.

She looks even worse with it and completely unremarkable.

No. 1948331

Its better than the bleach blond

No. 1948345

File: 1703855597392.jpeg (630.2 KB, 1179x1012, IMG_7054.jpeg)

Damn, Felix is tweaking. I completely missed this is it from November? This is so funny lol. In the recent chapos he sounds like he’s recording while high again.

No. 1948347

He's a 30-something year old man who just found out two months ago that some politicians you like are not necessarily to be trusted, it's a very difficult time for him right now, please understand

No. 1948364

The patina on this man. I could fix him (bring him a wet wipe)

No. 1948366

Jesus Christ it's insane how Stav here is skinny in comparison to how he is now

No. 1948367

Felix for the next chapo health incident?

No. 1948369

Coke or #cartdemic?

No. 1948383

he’s a former bernie bro from LA

No. 1948387

File: 1703866987439.jpeg (335.53 KB, 620x1048, 75C92263-787F-4415-BEC9-D8A157…)

The crushing weight of all those years wasted whoring is finally being acknowledged by Dasha

No. 1948392

Damn, that nonna who speculated that BAP spurned Dasha because she doesn't look like a boy enough might actually be on to something.

No. 1948418

>then you might as well open your mouth to food
fucking kek

No. 1948432

Sage for autism but you're right, she does the same "inquisitive" shit Aella does. Not smart enough to intentionally manipulate anything

No. 1948530


> Felix for the next chapo health incident?

He's been having a slow-burn mental health incident since October 7th

No. 1948540

Listened to the latest Red Scare episode with the black gay guy. The guest was bringing up "white supremacy" and "patriarchy" unironically for a good 10 minutes and A+D were noncommittally going "uh huh" "yeah" the whole time lol. Dasha admitted to throwing up food sometimes. Says pasta comes up easy. She says she's not bulimic, just bacchanalian.

No. 1948851

File: 1703979431926.mp4 (3.55 MB, 300x400, aa.mp4)

i can see why he trooned out

No. 1948906

I don't know who this is

No. 1948929

File: 1703993324004.png (718.14 KB, 712x1129, lack of self awareness.png)

Are any of these freaks at least average looking?

No. 1948960


What's this guy's deal? Didn't he get divorced recently or something?

No. 1949000

File: 1704008891514.png (29.81 KB, 524x340, felix ''kill yourself'' bieder…)

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1949001

I think its Pariah

No. 1949010

he's right though

No. 1949097

not trying to do any racial sperging but that's been the case for all of the jews in this crowd

No. 1949112

I didn't even notice that he said that the day of the attacks. I thought it was weeks later. Unhinged.

No. 1949134

based to be honest

No. 1949265

Ignoring whatever you may feel on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Fetterman is objectively a terrible person and the place would be a better world with him dead. Of course this is true of everyone in the Senate.(derailing/alogging)

No. 1949422

I’m convinced that John Fetterman is an atavism of a prehuman ape ancestor

No. 1949624

Honestly Anna has been pretty vocal in support of porn for years. She’s mentioned her frequent use of it in a ton of episodes even when they were still getting Theil money

No. 1949634

she's also said she's not right wing on the pod a million times

No. 1949700

File: 1704194734914.png (313.57 KB, 598x483, baksdbksa.png)

It's been quite funny watching maddie's moral turmoil during this Israel business. She clearly has a conscious and has let slip she's repulsed by what Israel is doing, but being the push-over of the group she's terrified of offending anna and dasha so has meekly resigned to posting stuff like this pretending to be above it all.

She posted a similar thing muting all words connected to it right at the beginning of the conflict, it's like she's developmentally arrested and failed to develop a spine or personality of her own, terrified the cool girls will turn on her. She's still stuck in high school.

Imagine letting a cackling halfwit like Dasha Nekrasova constantly walk all over you while trying so hard to project an aura of snobish detached cool girl.

No. 1949747

Cope and seethe, Hamasnik. It's far braver to side with Israel among her rabidly anti-Westerb demographic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949748

File: 1704209082801.jpeg (366.44 KB, 613x560, E2A40067-9549-4F08-A30C-16DE0C…)


No. 1949750

Is this from the new subreddit?

No. 1949761

Post paid for by Anna Khachiyan

No. 1949762

Mommy milkers is hosting a gone with the wind ball in April

Dasha looks like a cancer patient and Anna looks like a monster from a Guillermo del Toro movie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949831

File: 1704221295959.png (201.66 KB, 598x793, iigygiygygi.png)

No. 1949841

File: 1704223211139.jpg (425.19 KB, 1354x1354, ta.jpg)

Trueanon's been hyping something up and it's just a board game. You have to admit it's kind of funny watching all the cows try to cash in hard on their waning fame as this scene winds down.

No. 1949856

need them all to eat each other

No. 1949857

possibly controversial but i would rather have dasha's fate than a short baby daddy who i cant tolerate unless im wasted

No. 1949864

Missed opportunity for guess who but it’s made up of everyone in epstein’s little black book.

No. 1949866

Forgive them, they’ve been hard pressed since their share of the Thiel money dried up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949932

>dasha and anna setting a google calendar alert to remind themselves to post their bimonthly selfies in pigtails + sucking on phallic housewares / wearing skimpy black outfits in their west elm tenement apartment in order to attract their audience of self-hating flyover women, PrEP twinks, and fluffy haired str8 men in Vogue brand eyeglasses like Mary Shelley Step on Me

No. 1949955

File: 1704234682676.jpeg (739.16 KB, 1170x1923, IMG_7529.jpeg)

Funny how he hides in this screenshot which accounts he follows that follow this person, at least one of whom includes Anna…

No. 1949958

File: 1704234925385.jpg (233.03 KB, 947x2048, GCvkFNraQAAoPOk.jpg)

why are people so pissed about Benedict Cryptofash's posting of some couple holding their dog? i read through the replies and legit have no idea what people are fuming about.

No. 1950002

I mean he's been braindead for years. Turns out gaming and vaping all day for years isn't good for you.

No. 1950059

funny that this crowd uses “Reddit” as a perjorative constantly and then gobbles this shit up.

No. 1950074

File: 1704254767536.jpg (118.97 KB, 1178x1240, jnMTKTa.jpg)

Man, this guy's probably never gonna talk into a microphone for a living ever again. Sad stuff.

No. 1950097

Yes, they were friends from Dasha’s Oakland days. He used to make cutesy zines about black queerness but I guess this is what he’s up to now.

No. 1950105

Damn, that pic is depressing. Feel bad for everyone involved.

No. 1950111

Jack has done so much caping for Israel.

No. 1950112

Jesus it only takes 6 months for this guy to start tearing through mutuals

No. 1950117

What do they have in their mouths?

No. 1950118

File: 1704264454702.jpeg (658.67 KB, 1242x834, IMG_7382.jpeg)

did costin really reject her? i noticed he changed his @ so him and dasha are twinning

No. 1950131

but his tweets have never been better

those party horns that unfurl and make a toot when blown into

No. 1950239

If the milk about her is true she's loving it

No. 1950276

Uh what the fuck is wrong with that guy? Why is she sitting on his lap if he’s catatonic

No. 1950280

Anna making $19k a month and then going on her little podcast and saying “It’s easy to have a baby on a low budget!” when she literally makes 6 figures a year?? Not everyone needs to reproduce. Encouraging their listeners to recycle their genes into another child (who they can’t even afford to finance) is just natural selection. I hope that poor woman aborted the child.(double posting, unsaged)

No. 1950281

File: 1704298159321.png (440.42 KB, 468x584, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 11.0…)

mfw my infant is out at midnight and my stolen husband is a vegetable but i secured the bag

male BPD is severely underdiagnosed

No. 1950283

I just don't understand her outfit at all

No. 1950301

File: 1704302845739.jpg (499.07 KB, 1210x2788, image.jpg)

>but his tweets have never been better
wow you're not kidding.

No. 1950305

File: 1704303238489.jpeg (261.5 KB, 640x727, A76AD685-ACA5-4028-9729-9C7688…)

From Euphoria to a shelved Peter Vack flick to an ad for the TrueAnon board game… Chloe Cherry needs to fire her agent!

No. 1950410

So many retarded people are reproducing while the smarter people aren’t having kids. it’s depressing

No. 1950506

File: 1704336061597.jpg (156.7 KB, 1048x800, leo.jpg)


I was like "where have I seen this picture before" and then it hit me:

No. 1950644

File: 1704367427771.png (364.58 KB, 598x521, iabnsdjska.png)


In the end when you think about what the RS/Dimes Square devolved into at it's close:
Veneration and worship of Trannies,
Boiler plate boomer Zionism.

So basically positions indistinguishable from your average establishment Democrat politician then. How transgressive…. way to 'own the libs' anna, what an embarrassment.

No. 1950648

File: 1704368130494.jpg (3.26 MB, 3266x3271, freakshow.jpg)

So there's Monica/MommyMilkers, fat Jack The Perfume Nationalist, A+D plus Pariah troon.
Who's the top left one?

Absolute carnival freaks, looks like something you'd see documented on Kiwi Farms or similar.

No. 1950688

File: 1704377389089.png (302.33 KB, 598x546, assabik.png)

Not wrong there though is he


No. 1950715

New shoes

No. 1950723

Matt Christman he had a stroke, he's on Chapo

No. 1950724

He's just mad his twink ass wasn't invited

No. 1950736

File: 1704387217465.png (30.81 KB, 602x366, AnnaKZionistShill.PNG)

So ridiculous how all these "fearless dissident truth tellers" have a six pointed blind spot

I wonder what young man Yarvin kissed at sovereign house nye

No. 1950743

whose the moid on the top-left?

No. 1950759

Who is Amy Sacco supposed to be?

No. 1950765

File: 1704392556896.jpeg (164.93 KB, 816x612, 22y02zw0qgac1.jpeg)

Taken while Shia was waiting for his uber to get him off set before his agent let Eugene know he's quitting his movie, probably.

No. 1950779


No. 1950785

File: 1704395721225.jpeg (15.25 KB, 290x174, IMG_0471.jpeg)

Amy Sacco is a lady who used to own the Bungalow 8 nightclub in New York, which was popular 10 years ago
I think Anna means Justine Sacco, the lady who got fired after Tweeting the dumbass “joke” in image

No. 1950792


I missed the fashion shoot that MM in the top-right did. Those breasts are uneven and lopsided. She has nerve to have the confidence she has to purport herself as an ethereal goddess with that body.


Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones’ former favorite boy and recipient of Lauren Southern’s rejection will be a father.

Hard to support women at times when dummies keep spreading their legs and making the worst type of men fathers.

No. 1950816

My father grew up with that woman, I’m shocked she was mentioned on lolcow of all places.

No. 1950843

adam lehrer from safety propaganda/system of systems(learn to sage)

No. 1950850

File: 1704404374070.jpg (90.01 KB, 1280x1096, 1000007701.jpg)

Shia was confirmed into the Catholic church recently. I wonder if they've bonded over that.

No. 1950852

File: 1704404581919.jpg (103.77 KB, 1170x1549, 1704297807464018[1].jpg)

The subreddit can be based despite the milquetoast views of the hosts kek

I believe that's Andrew Tate. I recall they talked about him on the pod but I didn't listen to that one.

No. 1950924

That’s not Andrew Tate ffs lmao.

No. 1950925

Dasha never took confirmation when she was pretending to be catholic. IRC She looked into it, decided it was too much work what with them expecting you to take part in mass, sacraments etc, and so decided to pretend to be orthodox instead.

No. 1950942

You're right. In my defense, the image wouldn't enlarge when I made my post and it kinda looks like him with the small image lol

No. 1950962

File: 1704435007767.jpg (170.32 KB, 750x1334, GDCI4uLbUAAEatc.jpg)

apparently Dasha is going to appear on Sam Hyde's fishtank thing

No. 1950963

that sounds fun

No. 1951068

I'm like 90% sure I just saw Dasha at a Dunkin in Providence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1951078

Still not going to watch that shitshow

No. 1951085

Dasha applying to be the next Channing

No. 1951098

being from belarus, wouldn't dasha probably actually have been baptized in the orthodox church as a kid? or do you mean a tradcon, "more based than thou" arc of rooshv style bullshit

No. 1951112

Dasha was baptized Catholic in Belarus as a baby and >>1950925 is wrong. She was confirmed (Chrismated actually) a few years ago.

No. 1951118

hey thanks for clearing that up, so what did you order at Dunkin?

No. 1951123

So has she completely given up on the acting “career” now?

No. 1951131

Tbh a lot of “people” seem to be predicting a Sam Hyde comeback, for whatever reason, so maybe Dasha thinks it is safe to work with him. Also she shilled for BAP who is arguably even more of a freak to the mainstream. Sam Hyde can at least argue he’s a comedian for a lot of his shit. Minus the rape accusations I guess.

No. 1951139

File: 1704480545920.png (1.39 MB, 1544x628, Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 1.42…)

pretty sure she just can't get cast in anything decent, she's got 2 films coming out this year but one of them cast her in 2019 when she had a little clout, she's become unhireable since and i'm sure can't even get auditions for decent projects anymore vs a few years ago when she was at least going out for a lot of stuff like Barbie. I'm sure she'll still get roles in Eugene and other friend's films and do small roles in low budget stuff just to keep her SAG insurance but yeah the dream is over.
RIP the dasha who was so gassed on herself she used to come in here and self-post like picrelated and screech at anyone who dared suggest she wasn't Hollywood's next big thing

No. 1951150

>all those confident predictions of imminent success
>timestamp "2 years ago"
One can only laugh at the delusion

No. 1951152

Omg that was a hilarious era of Dasha schizoposting. She also tried to start “anonymous” beef with a Jezebel writer in here, and would have autistic meltdowns whenever Florence Pugh was mentioned (who will always be prettier, more talented and more successful than you Dasha kek)

No. 1951153

>chanel billboards on times square
Meanwhile it’s some shithole modeling agency with other irrelevant e-girls. She just can’t stop winning!

No. 1951160

that was just MSSOM(sage your shit)

No. 1951161

Is she the infamous Florence-chan in celebricows??

No. 1951163

File: 1704484683248.png (1.9 MB, 1002x1302, SPOILER_Screen_Shot_2024-01-05…)

No. 1951169

> diabetes calves

No. 1951189

I guess she responded to his instagram casting call for a “simpable mid” lol gross

No. 1951194

That wasn't dasha that was me you sperg. so you're the fat british chick who worships florence because you both have similar ugly pig noses(infighting schizo)

No. 1951198

I would love to be a "simpable mid" lol

No. 1951203

Tinfoil but I always wondered if Dasha was Florence-chan, if not they both had very similar meltdowns over her existence.

No. 1951218

Wow and 20 months ago she was on stage at the SAG Awards. She seems to be on DGAF wave this week - gun pic, breakup posting, hanging w Sam Hyde. I have some ideas on what it would take to salvage her Hollywood career, but she would never do it since it involves hard work behind the scenes.

No. 1951223

Sam is radioactive. He’s producing one of the most chaotic reality experiences since early Big Brother and it has a decent audience, yet not a single major news outlet has covered it. A few years ago, it would have had breathless Buzzfeed coverage. Now he only gets press when Doja Cat wears his shirt.

No. 1951227

Why is the Sam Hyde thread still locked

No. 1951290

File: 1704503757641.jpeg (129.27 KB, 2002x1101, 69AA0B3A-AE64-4581-BC35-7600A5…)

These two are so viscerally disgusting, I’m glad he’s out of commission and not leading anymore impressionable morons into knee capping their own potential by devoting themselves to communism and his secular cult of personality.

No. 1951322

brigading(seething) and no milk. case and point, this newfriend who thinks his show is fun: >>1951223

No. 1951367

I don't believe he was any worse than the other hosts. Recall when they all supported Antifa? The subreddit was far worse than the hosts in terms of kneecapping potential before it got banned. I haven't checked out the chapo chat forum but I heard it was just a troon forum with occassional discussions of the podcast.

No. 1951439

Strokeman and his friends are degenerate libs who have never lead a single soul to communism, because any time the possibility of "what if rules weren't just for heckin' based wholesome commie China, but the US as well?" they all throw fits and scream about how nothing must interfere with their treats, Americans are too special and superior for things like "coming together for the common good".

No. 1951465

like a farcical Dirlewanger Brigade

No. 1951480

I’m laughing at the anon who thought Chapo was leading anyone to communism. No one in that whole crowd ever articulated a single coherent political stance. And no, being a disaffected Bernie bro and “I just want free health care honey” doesn’t count.

No. 1951540

sage for nitpick but her cheeks look so weird to me. very droopy and grandmaish for her age.

No. 1951562

Chapo's legacy was that they found another way to sell t-shirts

No. 1951678

Went on sale today and sold out in 20 minutes lol

No. 1951710

File: 1704583115593.png (961.63 KB, 1341x385, bracehasan.png)



Brace talks to Piker at the 1 hour 57 mark about the Storm the Capital game. He says that originally in game you could hang Mike Pence but then on the advice of their lawyers they removed that from the game. He also talks about the botched circumcision he was given by a Moyle at the 2:20 point, his penis can be played like a flute because of it. Brace is getting fat and has bitch tits.

No. 1951734

>make epic leftist podcast about pedophiles
>aging into looking like famed pedophile woody allen
really makes you think

No. 1951772

File: 1704593398261.png (610.75 KB, 710x960, Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 21.11…)

is that Adam Friedland as Lizard Chuck Schumer?

No. 1951792

No. 1951841

she has really nice teeth. don’t know what she saw or wanted in christman, I strongly believe in a Christian way his stroke is a punishment for leaving his long-suffering normie wife tbh

No. 1951844

Im not surprised she's hanging out with a pedophile when she compared herself with underaged girls.

No. 1951853

No. 1951919

File: 1704635871199.jpeg (81.08 KB, 633x767, n85x00uhuuac1.jpeg)

Will Liz Bruenig be getting a GF based on the recent news?

No. 1951921

His bulge looks strange is he stuffing?(sage your shit)

No. 1951922

The only woman in this ad is a victim of pornography. It also demands we view men with porn addictions as women. Rape on tape has conquered culture.

No. 1951946

Every person in these pics is so old

No. 1951947

Same anon, I apologize and issue a correction: every moid in these pics is so old, while some of the few women present are distressingly young

No. 1951969

How are you getting that from a cringe board game ad?

No. 1951971

What is this from? Would any woman take her after the things she’s said publicly?

No. 1951973

A lesbian produced wolfe margolies. And anecdotally, daughters of lesbians who are straight have no clue what they are in for and get absolutely rocked the first time they date a man, because they are used to being able to fairly negotiate conflict with authority figures which men do not do at all, barely with each other. Women need a father to know how men operate and manipulate and straight women need more leverage in their relationships to stop men’s selfishness and override males might makes right programming. Men are spoiled and need the rod, it’s all they understand. Boys need corporal punishment back in schools to fear and respect female authority and to force themselves to actually live up to their potential and be worth breeding with instead of degrading into the modern hylic of coomer gamer.(derailing)

No. 1952039

File: 1704657776322.png (857.17 KB, 630x1032, Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 12.0…)

twitter schizo 6ukima9 said in a Space he poured a white claw on Fat Jack at the afterparty to filthy armenian event last night and Jack started crying and made everyone leave
he also said they (jack, jardinsecret88, ?) were passing around a baggie and the afterparty was hosted by someone who was MeToo'd

nothing else interesting of note

No. 1952041

young lol? pariah is the only one under 32 if were looking at the same pic

No. 1952054

Pariah isn't a woman. Join the 41%

No. 1952056

That's the sentient potato talking (making a troll argument), not little miss mousy. It's from a politico roundtable discussion on marriage/family benefits discourse published a couple days ago.

No. 1952061

File: 1704659924944.jpg (138.68 KB, 819x1024, GDMuprIWwAA2aeK.jpg)

This event was at the same location this "debate" is going to be hosted at. For some reason the event listing on their website just shows talks about hiking.

No. 1952103

Ugh John Early is better than this.

No. 1952136

not on the calendar because not club-hosted events. private hire more likely.

No. 1952169

File: 1704678929208.jpg (426.83 KB, 2000x1333, patrick-crusius[1].jpg)

Old news but has anyone commented on the similarities in appearance between Anna and the Incel Walmart shooter?

No. 1952177

I was talking about the Bennington girl who looks like she's in her early 20s. Pariah is a man lol

No. 1952278

imagine the smell

No. 1952298

I think it’s because WMAF couples are always seen as lame, creepy and somewhat sinister and the fact they’re holding dogs photos instead of kids shows they’re one of those ‘fur babies’ weirdo couples.

No. 1952302

I didn’t see many black women, they were mostly black trannies, I guess because being trans and black are the two biggest hallmarks of subversiveness in the hipster world. And I guess the Asian women were roped along because a lot of NYC white dirtbags have an Asian fetish and Asian female performers are probably seen as less trouble and less likely to speak out about being groped or exploited because of their stereotype as docile and passive.

No. 1952429

He clearly isnt given his willingness to rub shoulders with these people, he’s a gay moid none of them are “better than” anything

No. 1952462

Are you referring to the woman in the top right? That's "Mommy Milkers" and she's probably close to 40.

No. 1952520

File: 1704751636005.jpeg (494.21 KB, 1179x1454, IMG_1098.jpeg)

Jardin and co melting down over 6ukima9 being a schizo and ruining the rw’s “credibility” is high comedy. Fat Jack, Pariah, et al are reasonable thought leaders but this Korean PTSD guy is a threat to everything they’ve worked for!!11!!

No. 1952542

File: 1704756328530.png (261.59 KB, 598x594, Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 23-26…)


No. 1952543

AYRT and no, I'm talking about the party pics that you can see when you click through to the full blog post >>1951853

No. 1952545

File: 1704757088467.jpeg (2.73 MB, 3000x4500, https___substack-post-media.s3…)

That Lehrer dude looks like he has a micro-dick, like Hunter Schafer from Euphoria sized. Is that due to roids?

No. 1952567

Definitely, roids shrink your pp.

No. 1952570

he has major hgh gut.

No. 1952572

disgusting, he looks like a sentient bratwurst

No. 1952578

Thighs that touch on men are juicy, but the jacked trend is already over, why are so many aspiring artfluencers getting in on it so late?

No. 1952579

No. 1952595

I'm going down the rabbit hole of this White Claw drama (protip for any nonnas who don't know, you can view Twitter without an account by replacing twitter.com with nitter.net) and this all gets even funnier when you remember that most of these people are in their forties

What's the story on 6ukima9, are there pics, is he actually a motorcycle gang member (press X to doubt)?

No. 1952633

the motorcycle thing is a LARP and he has posted here before several threads back when alex lee moyer was brought up.

No. 1952672

Is being freakishly ugly a requirement to get into this crowd? Serious question. I haven’t seen even a single semi-attractive person attached to this scene and that seems improbable in downtown NYC.

No. 1952683

Inside job. only people who live in nyc speak of the incredibly attractive people there

No. 1952686

File: 1704780218209.png (377.81 KB, 628x620, Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 10.0…)

he got permabanned on twitter so maybe he'll grace us with his presence again

No. 1952722

File: 1704788994730.jpeg (Spoiler Image,375.27 KB, 1500x2250, _R1A2451.jpeg)

Eww some of them didn't even tuck

No. 1952783

This guy is new to me but I'm starting to like him as a cow in his own right, swaggering around on twitter boasting about how he's in a biker gang and will fuck you up in real life. Not that this makes the rest of them any less of cows.

No. 1952808

File: 1704813727199.png (202.21 KB, 1051x877, lmao.png)

Tbh Brace should have been suspended for ban evasion years ago

No. 1952833

Praying Elon hits the Chapos next

No. 1952845

I hate when this shit happens. It never sticks and they always come back acting tough while all their followers treat them like they were martyrs for being banned for 45 minutes.

No. 1952865

NYC has plenty of ugly people but its downtown art scenes tend to attract models, hipsters and other people with at least a modicum of aesthetic sense. This is the first one I’ve seen where 100% of the participants are notably ugly and horribly dressed, to the point where it seems to be a requirement.

No. 1952868

Most of the Asian performers looked like troons too

No. 1952880

Considering how Ivy Wolk's been shilling Sam Hyde to her twitter fanbase since a year back (when the first season of Fishtank was airing) it was always a matter of time for these roads to cross. Inb4 Ivy joins in on being Sam and friends below mid girl of the week.

No. 1952897

What's the deal with Ken Klippenstein? Why is that name familiar

No. 1952955

He put a group of retarded, people-pleasing zoomers in a rented house and he streams them. Big fucking deal. They're busy making edgy race jokes/challenges and thats it. The first season was much more interesting. This isn't shit buzzfeed would be reporting.

No. 1952966

Based on the clips I've seen, I don't see the appeal. "Let's watch a morbidly obese moid trip on the stairs" boring. Even Dasha could do better.

No. 1952970

Intercept guy know for FOIA-ing everything. I think he's had tussles with Elon in the past.

No. 1952980

he’s just a random reporter
he is often confused with the terrible Krassenstein brothers, who used to be shallowly left-wing Trump haters, and are now shallowly right-wing Elon fetishists

No. 1953024

File: 1704852957623.jpg (97.56 KB, 499x1045, hollowearthterf GDWlRpiXkAAywr…)

No. 1953079

I don't believe any of the shit she posts, she always gives catfish vibes. Also, does she really need to be posted on here and the radfem thread? I promise she's not that interesting.

No. 1953110

kek he is milky but him and his circle get suspended every few weeks for sending death threats / generic deranged posting. idk from where they keep getting verified numbers from since you need an SMS enabled phone to use twitter and most services that handle this for you are banned.
oh, one in his circle got popped for distributing CSAM and his last post on twitter was claiming it was planted on his harddrive lmao

No. 1953223

She's not a radfem and she's neck deep in this scene. Yes, she belongs here

No. 1953239

smart choice to take up padded bras since the last braless pic that made people think she was a troon

No. 1953388

File: 1704913231782.png (423.02 KB, 598x570, hvkvk.png)

No. 1953430

File: 1704917341028.jpeg (284.79 KB, 609x632, 4F721405-873A-4893-AB28-7143BB…)


No. 1953432

does she know that actual roman vomitoriums had nothing to do with throwing up? they were just entrances/exits from amphitheaters designed to accommodate large crowds, the name is derived from the verb "to spew forth." the puke-fest decadent dionysian vomitoriums are just the stuff of legend and myth

No. 1953490

File: 1704925641218.png (2.97 MB, 1534x1326, Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 5.27…)

dasha is such a goblin. "it's dionysian iykyk" lol you binge ramen and taco bell and barf it up stop trying to make it sound aesthetic. bulimia explains her thin teeth, receding gums and waistless physique tho

No. 1953493

oh lord

No. 1953495

File: 1704927013241.png (169.58 KB, 1164x664, soberera.png)

She's been teasing going to rehab lately, probably for downers.

No. 1953499

ohhhh pleaseeee she just wants attention from whatever guy (BAP? Matthew?) she was crying about in her “I’ll never find love” posts last week. people who are serious about rehab don’t talk about going they just go

No. 1953542

File: 1704936550559.jpg (960.83 KB, 1054x1341, u1l1us9tgud21[1].jpg)

BAP and Matthew are into alcoholics? I wouldn't doubt she is one, there are plenty of pics of her double fisting drinks.

No. 1953561

>the white chicks looking troon in the back
jesus christ, what a cursed picture

No. 1953563

Didn’t realize just how massive and huge Anna’s head is right next to others especially with such a unflattering haircut that is flatly stuck to her head like that too

No. 1953599

Props to that background woman(?) for managing to make all three of them look decent

No. 1953634

It’s because of bap. She feels like a failure that she wasn’t able to pin him down. Her breeding was not good enough for old gay boy

No. 1953654

not to wk Anna but she's closest to the camera

No. 1953828

Could dasha be any thirstier. This is so embarrassing…

No. 1953834

They sound like they've both been cordycepted

No. 1953864

god i forgot how awful the both looked at the start of the podcast kek. ironically they were at their most normal back then.

No. 1953894

File: 1705006574325.png (3.06 MB, 1628x1358, tretinoin anna.png)

wdym nonna they look exactly the same as 2019, it's just tret, anna's eyebrows just naturally arched up to her hairline like cruella deville, she'll tell you if she gets fillers guys

>wheezing, cackling and literally screaming at everything this man says
someone tell dasha she does not need to work this hard to catch a dick

No. 1953905

File: 1705007507285.jpg (37.66 KB, 936x720, mdR3NF5MmFbz000m.jpg)

i find anna way more attractive now, she looked good at the debate (although there's no way she didn't get fillers and brow lift kek). picrel is the best she ever looked imo. dasha stays goblin looking, only in her facetuned pics she looks decent.

No. 1954034

This is from months ago

No. 1954074

Not that it contradicts your point but she looks like she could be Frank Zappa's lost daughter

No. 1954119

totally agree, that is the best photo I've ever seen of her. She looks so much better with softer styling its actually made me sad that she chooses to make herself look at harsh as possible

No. 1954244

this is what girls at my high school wore in 2014. I am in shock that people still dress like this 10 years later

No. 1954361

she definitely gives the vibes of a former normie who peaked in high school, this shit is identical to the live laugh love pumpkin spice taylor swift enthusiasts of the time. that or she's just using an old photo kek

No. 1954422

File: 1705107683728.jpeg (143.31 KB, 1170x547, IMG_6201.jpeg)

This seems like an old picture, picked to display her full body. I don’t doubt RFH is skinny, all her pics she’s thin. But I’m a “RFH doesn’t have kids” truther.
Unrelated pic of other RW deranged Twitter addict, snagged from the RSP subreddit (I know, I know

No. 1954645

"The worst person you know just made a great point"

No. 1954721

She hopefully included herself within the categorization of “mentally unstable losers”

No. 1954726

They court the same people they openly contempt lol

No. 1954793

Always the funniest part about them posting stuff like this is that all these people were normie liberals until about five minutes ago.

No. 1954833

File: 1705191650862.jpeg (173.39 KB, 744x735, 3b98jym445cc1[1].jpeg)

BAP is an average looking faggot catfishing as a ripped rugby player https://twitter.com/christ_gnosis/status/1745831075933536673. BAP fans are seething.

No. 1954836

magnificent, the sooner that fuck vanishes the better

No. 1954856

this has been known for years(sage your shit)

No. 1954885

File: 1705209437889.jpeg (465.43 KB, 686x1089, IMG_0894.jpeg)

I think she just started grooming them better? Because you can see the high arch in them in photographs from her youth where they’re also better groomed

No. 1954899

File: 1705217632604.jpeg (Spoiler Image,349.1 KB, 2189x2189, IMG_6291.jpeg)

Sorry to give a speech: Your brows and lids sag with age. She has the botox brow lift lifting the line and tails of the brows— see attached pic. That’s why she has more lid space now, closer to when she was younger. Also in pics with her hair back/no bangs, you’ll notice her super shiny forehead— huge Botox indicator, esp when they’re wearing foundation. See Nicole Kidman.
At Anna’s income level, she’s making the same $ as a lot of mid level SM influencers. & she is just as vain and shallow as they are. Shes getting the same cosmetics package they get, and she likely looks less botched bc she goes to a doctor vs a med spa most of the time. No, she doesn’t actually look as good as any of her selfies IRL or in motion, but she did soften a very hard face with premature aging.
It’ll be interesting to see as Dasha ages, if she will follow Anna’s path of copious procedures (tbf most women in their mid to late 30s (eg future us hah) will not get or need the level of what Anna got, if you practice an ounce of self care and layoff the booze

No. 1954900

I avoid this thread like the plague, but:

No. 1954901

And yes she looks nice here, even with apparent filler/the jigsaw cheeks. The wavy hair softens her face. I was wondering why she’s done every gross art hoe haircut except a nice 2013 Alexa Chung shag.

No. 1954902

File: 1705218454507.png (5.41 MB, 1284x2778, 3A41D6C5-AA30-4E7E-87BE-1A8C78…)

Not op but this was informative, thanks. I, too, wonder if Dasha will be getting anything done. She’s already facetuning herself into a different person in her selfies which is apparent even to someone like me, who isn’t a turbo autist about these things.

No. 1954920

File: 1705227117428.jpeg (355.63 KB, 603x774, AB8E7631-8AA9-4061-8FBF-DB46A5…)

Funny because I noticed when they take pics or video together now, they always look blurry to an almost cartoonish point. Perhaps the classic Vaseline over lens trick

No. 1954931

Who's the moid in the middle?

No. 1954934

That looks like Bryan Johnson, the 45 year old tech millionaire that thinks he's "bio hacking" and aging backwards.

No. 1954935

Samefag, they just released a teaser with him for the podcast

No. 1954946

Dasha totally puts Vaseline or doesn’t clean her iPhone camera lens to give off that blurred look to her photos

No. 1954966

Hoooooly shit no way. kek Seeking Derangements guys must be seething with jealousy, they want to interview him so badly; they have a running gag about him being an “egg” and they obsessively mention him on their pod

No. 1954995

Whoever took this pic was very kind to all of them lol. It’s blurred so much Dasha’s mole is gone.

No. 1955013

I cannot get over how this fucking guy looks his age and nobody will tell him

No. 1955055

I'm not sure what the hag is trying to say. Is this, like, the gay ass female redditor argument of "porn is bad because it's cheating" and not because it's coom chimps cooming to sadistic exploitation?

No. 1955061

someone literally drew fanart of that in past threads

No. 1955066

His simps are currently coping because he hired a Herbalife exec and is openly selling shake mixes to them. A fatherless man and his money are soon parted.
He's a bisexual, rapidly aging faggot with an epic fear of mortality and irrelevance, which makes him similar to Thiel. I'm not surprised he ended up on RS. Besides, the hags have the same exact issues with aging.

No. 1955087

what the fuck. did he literally give himself a dorky teenage boy haircut and clothes now so that he can look even younger? What a weirdo

No. 1955118

Female redditor would be more likely to defend moids being unfaithful whores. Besides porn is cheating but that's not the only bad thing about it

No. 1955125

Yeah and not to shame women for a little nip tuck.
It just drives me nuts how she positions herself as superior for being a mother, pulls it out as her trump card for the internet fights she cant avoid, when it hasn’t cleansed her of her self centeredness or vanity. She’d rather live in her slumlord apartment and get regular chemical peels I guess and buy Egghead SSENSE clearance shit.
How many times has she mentioned “Culture of Narcissism” when she lives a lifestyle similar to every frivolous NYC influencer mom, including the subtle nonstop facial tweaks over time? (Btw she’s a podcaster kek not on camera).
I’m actually surprised Dasha hasn’t gotten more work as her income rose. Honestly, good for her bc they’re pushing this shit on everyone every time you go in for a normal facial.

No. 1955208

Not that OP, but I agree. While I find dasha not attractive at all, I will applaud her for not going the Anna route. But it’s funny to see her a little haggard since she loves to talk about how waifish she is and still wears school girl clothes.
I find Anna to be the most vain of them both, so preoccupied with keeping up with appearances. It isn’t the tretinoin Anna, it’s the constant filler and facials. I wouldn’t even have a problem with her getting things done as long as she was honest and admitted to them. I remember exactly an episode on the pod during 2020 where she was making fun of women who regularly get filler having their filler dissipate because the clinics were closed for a time being and her just being so smug about it even though she herself participates in it too. Anna is just not a good person. Dasha is just retarded.

No. 1955313

Female redditor would be sending cosplay nudes or making porn herself to ensure that her coomer only faps to HER self debasement kek

No. 1955315

have you missed the part where he's jealous of his 18 year old son and wants to be him? I can't wait for him to go on that pod so his cow career truly takes off here. He needs a thread yesterday.

No. 1955317

In the latest loveline Anna and Dasha tell three people to keep their unplanned pregnancies, express negative opinions on surrogacy, reiterate tretinoin is amazing and also talk about niacin-flush for way too long, tell a girl who deleted her Instagram because of what Anna said about selfies being pornographic/evil that she shouldn’t have done that and selfies are fine, spend a while hating on tradwife tiktok accounts, Anna wants an African Gray parrot and hates Canada geese, Dasha is going to have Maddie take care of her when she gets Alzheimer’s, and somewhere is there was a joke (that Anna made) about Dasha entering an age-gap relationship with Lenny. In case anyone was curious.

No. 1955378

>Tretinoin is amazing
These women just can't stop being redditors

No. 1955475

> Anna and Dasha tell three people to keep their unplanned pregnancies
and all three of them are plants.

No. 1955501


Is that why dasha is starting to look mummified? having uncanny smooth and tight skin on an aging and unhealthy face isn’t a win in 2024, maybe if she was a trophy wife circa early 90s

No. 1955525

>joke (that Anna made) about Dasha entering an age-gap relationship with Lenny

No. 1955587

Who the fuck is Lenny?

No. 1955590

File: 1705372489763.png (20.7 KB, 598x158, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 02-30…)

This is just another straight up lie, she's let slip previously that she moved to the US as a baby. She'd have no recollections of Russia whatsoever, America is all she's ever known.
This is just a tale her mom has probably told her that she's refashioned to burnish her ridiculous fake 'Russian immigrant' narc back story.

"I remember when…" lol no you don't, you'd have been two at the time at the most.

No. 1955591

Anna's almost 4 year old son she had with Eli

No. 1955594

Almost 3 year old son. He was born in 2021

No. 1955599

Her mommy content always sounds so contrived.

No. 1955610

Alright, thats kinda funny even if I wouldn't rule it out for Dasha.

No. 1955831

certain she typed up this lie just to use the word "chimpout"
plus the post itself implies shes not even with her son. instead, shes sitting in her unfurnished apartment staring at twitter groupchats "working" while Lenny's caretaker raises him kekkkkk

No. 1955981

File: 1705454993017.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2011, IMG_7936.jpeg)

Imagine thinking Dasha would get cast as a main character in any Moshfegh film adaptation but especially this, the narrator being explicitly "a slender and beautiful blonde from a wealthy WASP family, recent art history graduate of Columbia University." She is supposed to look disheveled but still tall and like a model

No. 1955983

File: 1705455783816.png (68.11 KB, 972x318, Screenshot.png)

I have it on good authority that Anna and Eli are no longer together. I wonder when it happened. They seem to remain on good terms though

No. 1955988

this would be a really good decision for the marketing of the film based on the fans of MYORAR/Red Scare. That venn diagram is a circle

No. 1955994

Yeah fucking right. She sucked the air out of every scene in Succession.

No. 1956020

It would be funny if Elle fanning or even Florence Pugh got cast in it. Her ultimate nemesis

No. 1956024

gonna have to agree she would be perfect in an adaption of that cringe ass book

No. 1956072

Even if Dasha had the look, her acting is garbage

No. 1956082

How long Has this nonna been on this shit? Its been nearly a year and theres literally no milk

No. 1956116

The narrator of MYORAR is an unreliable narrator. She's a delusional narcissist and Dasha would be perfect for the role.

No. 1956122

Hate to say it but it might actually work

No. 1956125

She’s supposed to be 22/23 and beautiful

No. 1956176

File: 1705508658169.jpeg (733.68 KB, 2048x2048, 5668E798-EF3F-4479-B65D-1EE748…)

The book is good cringe, not bad cringe.

24, but point still stands, the youngest Dasha could pull off would be 29, and a rough one at that, but even that's beyond the point as she's supposed to be beautiful.

Dasha doesn't look WASPy enough, pretty enough, tall enough or young enough. The narrator is a narcissist, and may be self-aggrandizing to an extent but Reva's descriptive comments in their dialogue reveal she's still supposed to be attractive. She's compared to several actresses and models throughout the book, seen in picrel, by herself but also by Reva. Dasha looks extremely out of place amongst the alleged lookalikes, and even if she didn't she still can't act.

I can't even quite see any of these suggestions fitting the role perfectly at all but most of them would still work better than Dasha.

No. 1956202

Dasha’s sex appeal is astroturfed

No. 1956261

File: 1705520518342.png (4.35 MB, 1204x2164, foreverandever.png)

apologies for 0 images to prove it but my sinister homosexual friend saw him on grindr

pic unrelated and belated from the taylor lorenz book release party in september. brace looking spectacular as usual. is that joshua citarella behind him?

No. 1956282

Reva was jealous of the narrator because she was skinny and Reva was a bulimic. People with eating disorders are warped like that, they will be jealous of anyone skinnier than them regardless of looks. I don't think the narrator is supposed to be ugly, but I don't think she should be portrayed as a 10/10 knockout either, that's not the vibe I got from the book while I was reading it, other people's impressions differ but that was my feeling. I envisioned her as grungey and unkempt.
As for the acting, Dasha's subpar acting ability might even work well here because the fans of the book and the demographics of the movie tend to identify and self-insert w the narrator, and the narrator is nameless and all, so a monotone delivery is fine, especially for some of the deadpan lines like the comment in >>1955981. Most films it's important for the actress to "make the role their own" which is why overall Dasha is a bad actress, but I could see it working here. If I were Dasha's agent I would be campaigning to get her the role because like someone else in the thread mentioned, the venn diagram of Red Scare fans and fans of this book is just a fuzzy circle.

No. 1956341

File: 1705538840624.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x2520, 9DA19C69-B8ED-43AB-B7B1-A5478A…)

Grungey and unkempt isn't really much of a permanent state of being, and you're actually wrong, I just found a tweet expressing your same exact sentiment and most of the replies are pretty much how I feel about it. Moshfegh intended for the narrator to be beautiful, it's an integral part of her character, with that said I didn't imagine her as having the most striking features or gorgeous face but rather being mostly considered hot by virtue of being tall, skinny and blonde. I can also imagine Dasha saying that line, she may have the voice for it but that's it, having or not having the necessary acting skills aside, lacking beauty alone makes her ineligible. And it looks like some podcast host has already been trying to fancast Dasha by personally recommending her to the author, from the reply following that tweet it read as if Moshfegh realized she had heard of Dasha before but still wasn't having it, but I'd have to listen to the actual podcast to see how she reacted, linked here:


No. 1956344

I think Dasha playing her could be pretty funny but this is way too much of a good thing for her, so I hope it never happens.

No. 1956368

Ayrt. I didn't see that interview, but evidently, the Word of God has spoken so I was wrong lol. I'm surprised Mosfegh hasn't heard of Dasha, good for her, I hope she never interacts with her "coquette" fanbase and can continue to write books in peace.

No. 1956398

File: 1705555834624.png (63 KB, 598x321, Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 05-23…)

It's not that long ago Anna used to play around the edges of trying to pass herself off as a non white 'MENA POC woman', thankfully she seemed to realize that was a stretch too far and then dialed it back to 'spicy white "literal survivor of the Armenian genocide"'.
and now she's doing stuff like this, amazing talent for grift really.

No. 1956405

as A&D were in LA for the anti-ageing weirdo, my bold prediction: Sailer on the pod next, or certainly soon. does RS have any of its original listeners left?

No. 1956500

I'd wager so. They've always attracted artsy contrarians. Even when they tried tying themselves with the Chapo and Cum Town crowd, I'm sure no one from their fanbase was listening to their show.

No. 1956543

File: 1705600393520.jpeg (293.59 KB, 608x811, 9F43993B-909B-4198-B80D-EBB689…)

It's all so tiresome.

No. 1956545


No. 1956546

This is serious cope lol. They've brought legions of Bernie-curious left-leaning extremely online millennials and zoomers along for their ideological ride over the years. A solid majaority of the scores of reactionary e-girls pantomiming Dasha were little socialist revolutionaries like her once upon a time.

No. 1956551

It’s so obviously like an Elle fanning type of role? Anyway real talk what is Dash even planning to do with her career?

No. 1956602

Why not just someone like Anya Taylor Joy? She’s actually wealthy, can act, close to the age range. Or Elle Fanning like someone suggested. Maybe Lucy Boynton. Dasha is an incredibly off pick

No. 1956617

I hope they cast someone who will cause her to seethe for months.

No, ATJ is overexposed and I haven’t read the book, but if >>1956176 is right she looks nothing like these women. Not a fan of Elle either. What the hell happened to Sharon Stone classical blonde beauty type, with actually proportionate features?

No. 1956618

Since forever mag is platforming both eug and taylor does that mean the right-left ideological split is finally over?

No. 1956620

Classic blonde beauties are white supremacy, unless they are trans

No. 1956621

They focus on fashion/beauty influencing tbh for a reliable income, not acting…

No. 1956674

Heard this word of mouth in NYC. So there's no internet screenshot for you. Anna clearly doesn't want people online to know. Because being a Retvrn person whose baby daddy already left her with a 2 year old is moronic

No. 1956675

If the groypers found out she got used as an incubator by a down-low man, they’d probably speculate on the odds of her son being gay.

No. 1956681

This is way off topic and I love Elle Fanning but what makes you think she’d be good in this role? Everything I’ve seen her in she’s always a down to earth girl next door type and the narrator of my year of rest and relaxation is exactly like Dasha although Dasha is way too old and unknown to be cast.

No. 1956687

i hate this shitty book so much i almost hope the troon gets the role kek

No. 1956693

whats so bad about it? i've only ever seen people calling it trash or really hyping it up and i'm not going to read the shit but i want to know why it's so polarizing

No. 1956700

File: 1705626771262.png (1.08 MB, 1644x900, IMG_2040.png)

Is this a man or a woman? I’m confused.

No. 1956702

File: 1705627131422.jpeg (50.56 KB, 640x480, IMG_2041.jpeg)

>pfp depicting painting of an 18year old girl
>im a bronze age goddess
>incels don’t deserve hot girls like me
Pic related is her staring at the phone screen tweeting 123 times a day.

No. 1956709

I kinda feel bad for Anna but it was inevitable with how many weird and offputting men she surrounds herself with.

Maybe once this movie is over and done with we can finally move past this fucking book and the pseud girlies who worship it.

No. 1956712

nonna the entire premise of the book is stupid. wikipedia the plot. like Lolita before it, it has a cult following of women online who literallyme the narrator. and that group of women are all rs fans like the other nonna said about the venn diagram

No. 1956717

thank you

No. 1956723

Doesn’t surprise me that someone who posts daily about wanting a husband looks like this……

No. 1956759

What is this diarrhea. If you want the watch the busted bitch do nothing for two hours then watch Scary. Myorar needs a more compelling actress for the plot to work at all

No. 1956764

It’s funny because the only reason Dasha is getting cast in anything is she’s white but not a classic beauty in any sense, and she looks like a troon

No. 1956812

>A solid majaority of the scores of reactionary e-girls pantomiming Dasha were little socialist revolutionaries like her once upon a time.
Precisely why I said their fanbase were, at its heart, edgy contrarians.

No. 1956813

I think the only reason Dasha is a popular pick is because people mistake her dry monotonous "acting" to be cool detachment and not a lack of acting talent

No. 1956815


Maybe for the my year of rest and relaxation mumblecore adaptation. I just can’t see her holding her own in any other kind of role or style of film.

No. 1956900

NTA but she's perfect appearance-wise. I doubt she's like Dasha - a shit ass actress only capable of playing herself, typecast to oblivion. Elle has range.

No. 1956901

Is that bronzeageshawty?

No. 1956915

File: 1705684536428.jpeg (87.11 KB, 768x995, 0F55E09B-A8AF-4349-BC54-520126…)

Did Liz F get some work done? (Photo from Interview Mag feature published a few days ago)

No. 1956917

How bad did she look before?

No. 1956932

File: 1705688021354.jpg (317.65 KB, 1152x2048, EHhoyswVUAAGIpT.jpg)

i'm starting to believe dasha's entire acting career was astroturfed tbh. sus that after years of toiling in obscurity she suddenly landed a decent role on HBO and even won a Berlinale for her hokey little film, all at the same time Peter Thiel was throwing millions of dollars to elevate the downtown nyc scene. also sus that her roles and filmmaker dreams vanished right when the dark money dried up. people imagining her landing a lead in MYORR are dreaming, her career's been dead in the water since 2021

nah, Liz looks slimmer than recent pics, but she actually looks like a normal early 40s woman here unlike her ridiculous smoothed selfies with the giant bugeye edits

No. 1956977

She's a controversial figure so when she's cast you get people arguing over the project and more publicity. Also, casting her in a project automatically gets a bunch of Red Scare fans interested in it. I wouldn't say her career is dead in the water if she's getting cast next to Jennifer Connelly.

No. 1956988

>casting her in a project automatically gets a bunch of Red Scare fans interested in it
is this how you think casting works? i promise you Hollywood is not clamoring to cast Dasha so their projects can gain the coveted attention of 20,000 anorexics, incels, twitter race scientists, and PReP bottoms worldwide.
also dasha was cast in Bad Behavior in 2022, The Beast in 2019. that's not exactly big career momentum. tbh even dasha seems to have given up on her actress dreams, only her fans can't accept it

No. 1957028

Ah yes, Red Scare, the #221 podcast on Apple charts in Sweden (not even included in the US) and its glamorous audience of chronically online Twitter retards.
Bad Behaviour was released in cinemas two weeks ago, yet has less than 500 reviews on IMDB, dreadful rating of 4.6 and no awards.

No. 1957054

The point is that Dasha's notoriety sometimes helps her get cast for things. Typically when they are looking for a skinny bohemian c-list millennial. Betsey Brown is arguably a much better actress but Dasha seems to be having more success.

No. 1957058

File: 1705707705090.png (142.42 KB, 1170x659, Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 3.41.…)

>you must be chronically online to be anti-porn
Pretty sure it’s the other way around? Aren’t those who either no longer use or significantly cut back on exposure to social media the most anti-pornography?

No. 1957060

kek hi betsey

No. 1957061

Betsey's career is dead on arrival due to making Actors which is considered anti-Trans or w/e. Also it's bad.

None of these people will find success, they'll alternative between Eugene and Peter Vack films.

No. 1957070

She's not very young for Hollywood standards, not very good looking and has very specific voice and demeanor which gets her typecasted. Sure, she can do medicore 4.6 indie films for the rest of her life (although even this is not going too well, like the other anon said the last time she got casted was in 2022 and I don't see any upcoming credits on her page) but that's pretty bleak for predicted Chanel it girl, Gaspar Noe's muse and MCU director. She could've had her moment with Succession in 2021 but it was just one season and people cheered when she got kicked off, so we're here now.

No. 1957074

This is an insane and incorrect POV, based off the skewed sample of everyone in their universe that’s addicted to social media. Who is Jack subtweeting?

No. 1957075

normiecons and reactionary feminists

No. 1957078

Also, why would you ever think a gay pervert’s interpretation of the world around him is accurate (especially wrt women’s interest in porn and acceptance of whether their straight male partner views it)? What special insight does Jack have about men and women in relationships? Anna is so detached from reality.

No. 1957145

except millennials arent even cast as the characters you're speaking of anymore. that has been the terrain of zoomers for the past 3-5 years. rs fans largely still havent realized they're old news now

No. 1957170

I’ve noticed that their fanbase is increasingly zoomer-ish as the old, more “pure” RS culture is waning out. You can see this with all of the pearl clutching about the girls’ one-liners and more questioning of what used to be taken as “spiritually true”. It’s all zoomers who worship Lana and RS aesthetics and 2000’s american pop culture but are too afraid of being too un-PC.

No. 1957179

the fat slob gasses them up so he is basedpilled

No. 1957212

Watched Bad Behaviour. Dasha had like 3 scenes with Jennifer Connelly. She wasn’t terrible but she wasn’t good either and looked ugly as shit too

No. 1957277

I only saw clips. It seemed like it could be a decent movie but I was startled by how sallow Dasha looked. It was a shock every time the camera cut to her.

No. 1957366

What's wrong with tret?

No. 1957546

Isn't she like 40, how long is she going to do this "Fellow kids" schtick

No. 1957600

Nothing is wrong with it, but it’s become the it buzzword for especially the past few years amongst people who claim that it has anti-aging benefits. It’s a cream prescribed for those with extreme acne, yet somehow dumb people on Twitter and Reddit claim that it’s this life saving must have cream for having a glow up. Those that get filler or any plastic surgery claim it’s their tret use that make them look so good when that’s not the case at all

No. 1957606

What? Literally almost every skincare resource I've ever read cites tret (retinoids in general) as a gold standard in anti aging. There are probably counterarguments for that but I don't think it's a "buzzword" that people are "claiming" has anti aging benefits, there's a lot of research on it.
But yeah it is dumb to claim it can give the results of PS or fillers.

No. 1957622

She’s always looked sallow and gross because she has the undertones of a corpse. It’s disgusting

No. 1957631

Why would she leave the prominent smile lines untouched

No. 1957633

she literally looks fine, esp compared to the goblins in this thread. women aren’t required to blur away every line on their face

No. 1957639

Ok? That nonnie said she had work done. I’m asking why she left the smile lines untouched if she had work done

No. 1957700

Off topic but it’s too strong for a lot of people and if you go outside with any regularity you need to practice a level of sun protection that is too anal retentive for most to adhere to so it leads to accelerated sun-damage and papery crepey skin in 3-4 years. People should talk to dermatologists and get what’s right for them if they want to deal with prescription strength stuff but they just buy the full strength tretinoin and try to DIY a routine that blasts their skin and it’s tragic. They don’t understand the sun and environment can damage their skin much faster than the rate at which tret can condition the skin to renew itself.

No. 1957715

he's not subtweeting anyone, anna is wandering the GCs yelling at everyone in them to post pro-porn takes. convincing someone at pornhbub she could influence the entire scene to pivot towards 'porn good' was probably part of the deal she made with them to keep RS afloat and her biweekly botox injections paid for

No. 1957786

how is a woman posting a bikini pic on instagram worse than an industry where women are constantly abused? every time this guy opens his mouth shit falls out.

No. 1957817

File: 1705855365677.jpeg (423.61 KB, 1170x932, IMG_6164.jpeg)

anna says the same thing about herself lol

No. 1957843

my god, is she twelve? yes, the only reason people might dislike and mock a self-proclaimed “public intellectual” is jealousy

No. 1957861

Newp. I’ve known a handful of women who have had their wrinkles improve massively with tret—and these are women who are deathly afraid of injections.

No. 1957891

anna thinks people are jealous of her and resent her for her success. her defense of paglia is her defense of herself.

No. 1957892

Anna is also mainly driven by jealousy and feelings of inadequacy, she can't imagine anyone feeling any different.

No. 1957895

annas spamming the TL with her usual accusations of covert narcissism. jack and veronica are backing her up.

No. 1957934

Idk if what she’s saying is yet another strawman of a random libfem she doesn’t like, but this isn’t some kind of gotcha. It’s completely consistent for someone to say that they like Paglia’s spirit but thinks she’s retarded on substance. I honestly think that these rw losers who rely on falling back on “natural” and “spiritual” truths always try to steer discussion away from analyzing the actual content and move it towards their fixation on their emotional attachment to aesthetics. Make your opponent look like a typical lib femininist who isn’t willing to be scrutinized and held accountable and we don’t have dig too deeply into Paglia’s ideas (Anna’s ideas by proxy).

No. 1957940

>Anna’s ideas by proxy
kek she wishes, as retarded as paglia is anna can't hold a candle to her

No. 1957968

Unlike Anna who is retarded in spirit and a vacuous void in substance.

No. 1958136

File: 1705901805848.jpeg (282.96 KB, 750x938, 7D20873F-5E05-4BAE-8D95-A7FE0D…)

does anyone have tangible proof this bitch has kids? I don’t believe it. I think she made it up for attention back when she was pretending to be trad on a previous account

No. 1958153


She's left the 'likes' tab on her account open to view, so it's always quite the contrast when she's doing her tired "Who me? I'm a harmless smol bean, I'm such a good person" routine next to the kind of spiteful, vile trash she cheers on.
Since she's gone full zio in the last 6 months it's quite funny watching her liking RW 'memes' from the BAP ecosphere that basically consist of:
"HAHA LOOK AT THESE DEAD MUSLIM CHILDREN" replete with disturbing graphic images,
then to switch to her main tab where she's whining about what a harmless but moral, virtuous person she is whose haters are only motivated by jealousy.

No. 1958178

Lol she’s spineless

No. 1958189

>it's quite funny watching her liking RW 'memes' from the BAP ecosphere that basically consist of: "HAHA LOOK AT THESE DEAD MUSLIM CHILDREN" replete with disturbing graphic images
Despicable. Her latent perversity and psychopathy is why I’ll never take Anna’s moralizing and finger wagging seriously. Girl, sort urself out first. Same thing with default_friend, whose likes used to consist of alternating posts of vile racist shit peppered in between pictures of kittens. Pretty dark stuff.

No. 1958204

At least DF writes her retarded thoughts in some semblance of long form essays. Anna likes to fashion herself as a public intellectual, but she doesn’t write shit. How are you going to be the next Paglia without even one book? Paglia started writing her most influential book as a senior in high school and it’s a tome. Anna is just a pathetic layabout shit-posting single mother and that’s all she’s capable of doing.

No. 1958211

Jack thinks he’s the next Paglia too. His episode about Sexual Personae was all about how nobody recognizes that.

No. 1958223

File: 1705940778181.jpeg (139.24 KB, 352x368, 254B429D-FB4B-41B9-A7EF-6EEF2B…)

Dimes just a permanent fixture at the major film fests now, huh.

No. 1958227

File: 1705942042530.jpeg (421.89 KB, 640x880, 2FD1794F-6FD4-48AA-9DC6-CB6406…)


No. 1958242

File: 1705945320018.png (1.12 MB, 1640x774, cropped.png)

More like people who will never rise above dimes square footnote like on the right befriended aging ex mumblecore filmmakers (or cinematographer in this case, no shots at Silver) who need younger friends to play out their midlife crisis with. On a similar note does anyone know what's the deal with Joe Swanberg's affiliation with no agency? Their twitter tweeted and deleted a picture of a young woman posing with what the tweet implies is his exposed penis.

No. 1958246

Oh my god, that was unreadable word salad. Also,
>Amber is a mainstay on CTH
Maybe four years ago, but she basically quit the pod to write this irrelevant book for the most niche audience on earth. I'd love to see her sales numbers.

No. 1958247

I remember he hosted a screening of Scary on 35mm at the little theatre he owns in Chicago a couple years ago.

No. 1958248

I do not believe RFH has kids but it’s an impossible thing to disprove online (& she knows it)

No. 1958255

File: 1705947423636.png (46.34 KB, 598x403, ansabhdsa.png)

Noticed this creepy british guy has managed to force his way into the scene. He is constantly following Anna around, white knighting her, attacking her enemies on twitter. Literally every time Anna gets into an argument with someone he's there reply guying like mad. Anna went on his podcast to talk about Peep Show about a year ago, he came across as a desperate looser on that. That sort of nasally resentful upper middle class bully victim. He kept remarking about how similar he was to Mark on the show (awkward loser), and how much he could relate to him and you could just tell Anna was a bit weirded out by him.

Anyway he's managed to get on the latest TPN podcast, his twitter feed is just comic books and video games, and resentment about things that happened to him is high school (bigger boys probably).
This is the sort of interesting, stylish 'high culture' types Anna and Jack are bringing to us now…

No. 1958265

he’s been in the scene for a while now. jack’s paglia defense was also insane.

No. 1958266

That explains why the book is so facile and generally retarded

No. 1958267

Who the fuck actually admits to being able to relate to Mark, from what I can tell his self-assessment isn't wrong though lol

No. 1958273

lmao is this in the teaser? This is one episode I'd like to hear - sounds like a banger on the order of his drunken sobbing with Unfrozen Caveman Drag Queen. I don't suppose there's a bootleg source as with RS?

No. 1958275

this episode is 3 hours of him sobbing about his unrecognized genius

No. 1958349

It's a cream fat female redditors use to make themselves look like a shiny porous leather bag & then lie to each other about how great and young they look

No. 1958441

What should people be using instead?

No. 1958458

Is Dasha just openly bulimic now? Last three episodes she's mentioned throwing up after binging.

No. 1958497

it is weird how much she's mentioning it. she has said it in the past too but it's kinda frequent now.

No. 1958519

That anon is weird. Just ignore her.

No. 1958534

Nta but if your skin is at all sensitive you shouldn’t be using tret. Use a gentle exfoliator once a week then you won’t ruin your skin

No. 1958557

File: 1706026909751.png (45.33 KB, 594x527, dsfsdf.png)

"our"… "we"… from the 51st state: Australia

No. 1958561

Anna is still sperging about Paglia

No. 1958563

I think she's back, at least she was back for the Jewish tunnels episode lol

No. 1958597

Lmao. i guess foreign conservatives from anglo speaking countries are now just outright begging to be folded into america.
>We can do the opposite with charm
what charm does aimee thinks she has? even when she thinks she’s being cute and charming she comes off as incredibly desperate and manic to all normal people. i guess all of the gassing up from antisocial moids is making her think that looking like an anorexic husk with a bad wig who suffers from periodic mental breakdowns is somehow “charming”.

No. 1958631

Thank you nonna, I'm just starting it. "Someone else is taking credit for Gone With The Wind being a thing right now." His inflated sense of his own importance rivals Paglia's. He sounds like one of the office fraus who shoved donuts down his throat against his will.

"I hate breaking the fourth wall and talking about myself and my Twitter, but I have to release it" Oh this is gonna be good.

No. 1958649

File: 1706049806691.png (405.53 KB, 1170x720, striver.png)

kill the striver within, pay $5 to listen to a more retarded red scare

No. 1958677

File: 1706053567943.jpeg (632.5 KB, 2358x2091, IMG_7792.jpeg)

Can tobacco companies get around advertising laws by using podcast influencers? lmao not to be a square but I didn’t expect to see them using their clout to peddle a cigarette brand openly like a paid promotion (for anything else I would assume they’re being paid but who knows, the cigarette company would have to have bad lawyers right?)

No. 1958687

>Can tobacco companies get around advertising laws by using podcast influencers
yes: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/24/style/hestia-cigarettes-downtown.html

(hilarious that a cig brand thinks Anna and Dasha's thin-skinned, ghastly looking sallow and sunken faces are anything but a grave deterrant against smoking tho)

No. 1958693

Huh, I’ll be damned. I would have assumed it falls under regular advertising laws since it is just advertising, essentially. The more you know.

No. 1958709

Anna did some dishonest unconvincing product placement for these cigarettes on the pod around when the brand first started courting these people. She said something like "Wow I stumbled upon these Organic Cigarettes! They happened to be the cheapest ones at the bodega so I picked them up!"

No. 1958735

Lol the cigs are not sold anywhere in New York State, Anna’s so cheesy and dishonest. Serious sign of the times that RS went from rolling in thielbucks to scraping together under the table cigarette and porn sponsorships but it fits their depressing and degenerate brand to a T. Maybe Dasha can nab some breath mint sponcon for her new bulimia arc.

No. 1958779

Good find and good point. Below average Anna pic though, even with the troon to make her look better in comparison. They facetune so much why wouldn't they facetune when they are shilling?

No. 1958856

With the chain smoking and bulimia Dasha will be dead or gravely ill soon

No. 1958923

yeesh. this is the result of anna poopoo-ing sunscreen and denying the physical effects of smoking. hey maybe its actually anna posting here as the anti tret anon lol.

No. 1958984

I remember that! and she claims she never lies on the pod, tsk

No. 1959010

File: 1706135155772.jpeg (191.37 KB, 808x772, E30A8F7F-FD72-4B6E-B3F1-5B6861…)

It’s too bad a multibillionaire like Megan Ellison can’t become a patron to move the pod in a direction that prioritizes women’s interests and instead a pornhub-backed pod will continue the onlyfans lumpen-ization of women.

Did anyone catch amber’s new article? Was hoping for a sort of scene postmortem; an honest and unflinching examination of the effects of Chapoism on the left wing touching on identity politics as an elevator for elites of color to access political and academic institution of power, how the dirtbag snub of women’s issues in politics lead to the valorization of porn sickness, kink, and contradictory hyper-capitalist trans ideology, where men can reinvent themselves as a persecuted minority, draining time and resources from other advocacy groups on one side of the male coin and a colorblind class first stupidpol male grievance chauvinism on the other. How a looming middle age and professional envy led to a race to monetize bedroom activism between a loose cohort of friends and scenesters; podcasts, magazines, and streaming careers were launched to perform political kabuki theater to thousands of plebbitors for rich political donors’ interests. How did that work out? Did she make any money? Was it as much as the DSA’s grievance officer? What does she believe now, was any of it worth? Did she feel similarly to nick Mullen, “we sold out, but not for enough?”

And what do we actually get? Excuses and more theater and of course a little promotion of fellow friends in the scene. It is all so tiresome.


No. 1959087

That seems more like topics for a book than a single article.

No. 1959095

File: 1706152273715.webm (1.09 MB, 852x480, lf2n9n.webm)

I have to admit, the latest episode is pretty funny. I'm a bit jealous that they can just shitpost, talk about Jewish tunnels on their podcast, and the Talmud while earning six figures for minimal work. If I ever mentioned anything about Jewish tunnels at work, it would be a career limiting move.(not your personal blog)

No. 1959258

>that entire paragraph on what you actually expected
Nonnie you are too involved and earnest for your own good, these people only care about that shit insofar as it draws in paypigs

No. 1959267

>Did she feel similarly to nick Mullen, “we sold out, but not for enough?”
Those little moments of nick's continuing existential crisis are the only things keeping me watching TAFS tbqh

No. 1959444

Amber was always the dumbest Chapo

No. 1959561

WRT to article snippet— millenials weren’t/aren’t all messing around without jobs in “scenes”, wasting time making podcasts, going to stupid parties and social climbing till her late 30s like her. Especially not the people from the rural poor background she claims. Most people aren’t juvenile career DSA activists like she was. She needs to stop generalizing her lack of ambition, immaturity, etc, as well as stop blaming delayed milestones as a personal failing or choice vs the consequences of the economy we live in (that she used to fight against instead of work a desk job).

No. 1959595

File: 1706242191809.jpeg (362.32 KB, 1170x2040, IMG_4277.jpeg)

No. 1959610

Was Dasha invited to the Patou show or did she just fly out to Paris to wear one of their dresses in a hotel room? Zero pictures of her taken at any fashion week events and today was the last day.
Wonder what's in the Amber episode they recorded. She hasn't been on since 2020. Does Amber just talk about adulting with them while Anna does her contractual Sailer name-drops and they both fail at hiding that they didn't read her book?

No. 1959615

agree nonnas. ambers whole shtick was sitting back and saying something poignant or quippy and she sounded smart because men who rant for 10 minutes straight at a time inherently seem dumb. she promised a book for YEARS and despite calling other millennials children couldnt finish anything she set out to do and probably hired a ghostwriter to finish her book kek. and now shes doing podcast features with washed up cows who do paid promos for Ned Flanders sounding neonazis

No. 1959660

TAFS output is now so low that the subreddit has just turned into a place for gooners.

No. 1959697

TAFS sub is basically redscare sub 2.0, with more than half the posters not even listening to the show anymore.

No. 1959704

Spot on, nonnie. It’s total projection. The experience she describes is unfamiliar to the people I know irl. Of course she’s navel gazing and not actually engaging with a broad cohort of American millennials. The millennial discourse is so tired at this point. Does she really have nothing more interesting to write about? >>1959010 had great ideas. Even one of those points developed into an essay would be more interesting than this narcissistic fart in the wind.

No. 1959706

>Especially not the people from the rural poor background she claims.
Yess nonna, this is exactly it and it always seemed sus to me. Just admit you're a social climbing transplant gunning for a media career, because for better or worse this is a perennial NYC social type.

I find Kim Kelly's "working class metal bro, but I'm a girl and a communist!" schtick annoying and pickme-ish sometimes, but I respect her for actually going out and doing longform labor reporting about real people in uncool parts of the country. Like >>1959615 said, Amber only sounded smart because the rest of the Chapo guys were so dumb.

No. 1960218

File: 1706422812303.jpeg (174.99 KB, 477x360, 17F9602F-3564-4DC4-8A57-FDB03B…)

>it's real
Ngl, kinda thought the TrueAnon Jan. 6 board game was an elborate prank for a minute

No. 1960451

I literally don’t know anyone irl that is a Disney adult or fit any of the descriptions of this kind of millennial she is harping about. Of course I know they exist, but not at the amount amber likes to think.

No. 1960633

She looks so old and gross when she’s not editing her pics to shit

No. 1960645

File: 1706544103898.png (635.49 KB, 888x1211, afc champs.png)

Stav collabing with the Baltimore Ravens


No. 1960742

Kind of wild that he’s getting paid to do his old Twitter sports-fan bit now.

No. 1960762

Rules that Dasha and Anna are doing the rounds for Steve Sailer the same week that he tweeted 5,000 times about the genetics of black intellectual inferiority

No. 1960783

Amber Frost just went on her first appearance on Red Scare in nearly 4 years to promote her book

I haven't finished the episode but Anna admits about half an hour into it that the first time she's been to LA was in 2019 when Peter Thiel flew in her and Angela Nagle to have an "intellectual discussion"

No. 1960795

File: 1706581112576.jpg (189.84 KB, 1170x2080, anna merch.jpg)

new merch drop https://www.redscaremerch.com/(this isn't milk, it's free promo)

No. 1960840

rooshv trooned out?

No. 1960929

she has absolutely no idea what the bottom part says.

No. 1960933

Is that really how their supposed OG russian names were spelled like? Hers is fine but Dasha's Nyakrassava was weirdly transliterated if so, would make more sense if all those a's were o's, since afaik pronouncing every o as an a (unless it's the stronger syllable) is the norm but no a's turn into o's for a russian "krassAva" to become an english "krassOva".

Sage for linguisticsperg, I'm just really curious if those are legit or if they got it from a bad source.

No. 1960936

That's supposed to be Belarusian for Dasha's name

No. 1960938

File: 1706632855485.png (8.39 KB, 536x110, Screenshot_2.png)

Ah right, I keep forgetting they're not literally russian. Still a weird transliteration if that's her actual Belarusian name because a's still get transliterated as 'a', did her parents try and make it sound more normal and russian by turning it into a less weird, more recognizable -ova? Kek

If she had the tiniest shred of sensibility for japanese aesthetics and didn't just post evangelion for strictly pandering purposes, she'd milk the shit out of that initial "nya". She wore a sailor fuku but will not don some nekomimi? Weak.

No. 1961018

File: 1706649648904.png (20.59 KB, 530x200, Screenshot_470.png)

lol how are people on the sub so delusional

No. 1961043

That’s the cinematic and creamy troon, he’s always trying to course correct that ship, his tentacles are everywhere in the Chapo/Cumtown/redscare verse. He supposedly tried to bribe a cumtown mod with nudes femme fatale style for mod privileges, but got rejected.

No. 1961062

anna adopting an eastern orthodox fundamentalist larp and disappearing from the internet like rooshv did would be a net benefit to society.

No. 1961072

Is Madeline still with her boyfriend? I either saw her making out with a guy at a bar or someone who looked exactly like her named Madeline who name dropped Red Scare then bristled when the guy said he used to like it emphasis on used to.

No. 1961120

Looks like she’s in the UK via instagram

No. 1961144


Later on she calls Virgil Texas an "estrogenic, vase-shaped man" and that she's glad he disappeared

No. 1961286

Accurate description. Do we know what he's up to?

No. 1961502

This post made me realize it's been several threads since we last got posts speculating on what would make the cows happy if they stopped being cows. Even Shayna and Luna still get the occasional "oh if only she would…" yearnposter, A+D became so detestable not even their fans wish them well. Everyone just wants them gone.

No. 1961532

File: 1706809090433.jpeg (Spoiler Image,216.82 KB, 640x699, 3E1DF47F-428C-4AC2-B6FB-6A907B…)

Ivy "The Creature" Wolk is basically just doing porn at this point


No. 1961540

mmmm flabby skinny fat body with somehow no ass to speak for, definitely worth degrading yourself to show off to the world

No. 1961545

she recently had a cancer scare and racked up medical bills. i can understand why she did this.

No. 1961548

Love the troon-style messy, soulless big box overhead LED lit room. What kind of sad sack finds these people aspirational? Oldfag normalcy makes you CZ Guest in comparison.

No. 1961553

Also frequently talks about having a deadbeat dad and an incompetent mother so this seems like a last resort from someone who is too young to know better. i fear a lot of the girls in this thread would do the same if they were in thousands of dollars in medical debt at 19

No. 1961560

do you nonnas defending ivy's actions seriously believe someone poor would be at the epicenter of Dimes "nepobaby" Square? her family is rich, google them. she was in hollywood and had human interest pieces written about her as a child. they can pay her medical bills. shes grifting. this exhibitionism isnt for money, its because A+D groomed her into it. they told her its "edgy and subversive," likely in opposition to women being upset about AI porn.

No. 1961608

File: 1706825979999.png (411.87 KB, 1408x602, ivy wolk.png)

>her family is rich, google them
deets on this? my search didn't turn up anything except the article i think you're referencing about Ivy's girlhood fascination with roller derby. ivy being the subject of a random LA Times piece + "rare allergies" + "taking several weeks off to rest and undergo medical tests" is so rich coded it's laughable, sounds like a trust fund munchie girl i used to know who covered up her exotic vacations as "medically necessary for experimental stem cell treatments"

No. 1961611

lmao i feel like everyone i've ever known who claims to have a food allergy is at least upper middle class for some reason. maybe they just make a bigger deal out of it because their lives lack any actual strife

No. 1961675

Wait what? Post screenshots I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about.

No. 1961678

you're right. I googled them from that samw LA times piece, found out her parents were divorced and the dad is in hollywood (hence her having an imdb and no talent, and him being a deadbeat), then felt weird spending any more time on dasha's pet zoomer.

No. 1961729

Nice try scrote. nobody is going to do that for you, you find out yourself.("hi scrote")

No. 1961743

File: 1706848849434.png (125.08 KB, 592x618, custard.PNG)

What's going on with the custardloaf and YeOldeMoby drama? I need to know the lore behind this.

No. 1961746

How is this at all relevant to post-leftcows? She was evidently physically and mentally abused by that scrote and hes trying to DARVO her by posting videos of her blackout drunk where she isn't doing anything crazy lol, her behavior is pretty mild and literally just that of someone who's shitfaced, I don't think anyone making a fuss about this know what actual abuse from a female looks like. Thats literally it. I remember last time she was posted here some subhuman tried to victim blame her for having literal child porn leaked during a contest started by nasty manlet pajeet pedophile miladymaker ceo rohit, so I sure hope she isn't being brought up for more scum to victim blame her about being domestically abused this time.

No. 1961760

you're witnessing one of many PickMeWomenOnline willingly retweeting and amplifying violence against women for attention in the most embarrassing and humiliating circumstances. they know exactly what they're doing staying with abusers who post their meltdowns on twitter. to them its a game, to their "boyfriends" its another example of why women shouldnt vote.

No. 1961762

sage for sperg but what really gets me is the "teehee, we should lose all rights as women. please take away my rights to vote uwu" mantra of all these degenerates. if this is the direction you guys want, so be it, but there's actively a problem here.

No. 1961765

yeah if they don't want to have a voice so badly then why don't they ever shut the fuck up

No. 1961772

please post a single instance in which she advocates for repealing women's right to vote. hers isnt even a political account, afaik you're attributing all this nonsense to her because she's maybe mutuals with some right wing accounts. it's interesting how freaks like you claim to be feminists up until you see a woman you perceive as having different political views be abused by an ex she's not even with anymore, then you use the exact same talking points rw scrotes make about how if a woman is abused, she basically deserves it because she picked the wrong guy. like actually post proof these are her beliefs or kys, you're disgusting.(alogging)

No. 1961788

I assumed they translated the names like everyone who doesn't speak Russian - just swapped the letters from Latin to Cyrillic.

No. 1961809

It's hilarious how you pickme whores shit on women and play bothsides when other women are abused, all until you pay the ball fondling toll. Then it's "where are all the feminists to pity me????"

No. 1961835

scrote hands typed this("hi moid")

No. 1961844

this isnt a reddit debate. we arent playing your game of simon says. to anyone with a brain, follows = endorsement.

No. 1961853

actually to anyone with reddit brainrot that might be true, you can follow an account you disagree with entirely just to see memes or certain takes or even just keep up with what their antics, you say follow = endorsement like that's an objective fact. plenty of farmers here themselves follow anna and dasha again because they're cows and to get updates on what they say to post here lol. like you must be literally retarded to see a follower number and think this many people endorse this person, you don't understand how the internet works. you realize being a pick me entails actually acting against the interests of your own group right, not just clicking a button. so your reasoning this entire time for accusing her of wanting to repeal women's right to vote, and for posting the exact same rightoid scrote take about how if a woman is abused you should milk that and mock her for picking wrong is… she may have followed someone who posts the same kinds of takes you just posted? lol. again, kill yourself.(alogging)

No. 1961862

terminal gen z post
abject retard(infighting)

No. 1961868

im sorry your mutual got fleas from laying down with stray dogs.(infighting)

No. 1961869

I scrolled past that video on the tl the other day and couldn't even tell it was custard.

No. 1961973

I find it funny that Anna’s last name sounds very similar to хачик which is a slur for middle eastern people.

No. 1962000

File: 1706913605673.jpg (173.16 KB, 1080x651, dashaloaf.jpg)

I thought it was relevant because she frequently interacts with post-leftcows and alt-right weirdos. The womanbeating manlet of an ex, Michael Reiners, is in a similar sphere.

Anyway, Dasha is talking about it now. We love to see women support women.

No. 1962012

>women should be cherished and helped off the ground
i fucking can't with this bitch, half of her fucking schtick is accusing women that come out with public stories about their abusive exes of lying

No. 1962020

I personally had not seen her interacting with this crowd before, and I'd bet on Dasha commenting on it because she lurks this thread and saw it here. Either way, I don't think a woman defending herself from a public humiliation ritual by the scrote who abused her is something to be milked. Now idiots here are accusing her of amplifying violence against women for simply standing up for herself, and accusing her of advocating for things she's never advocated for.

No. 1962023

File: 1706918309338.png (3.88 MB, 2872x1352, dean as always.png)

it's nice she's siding with the woman for once I guess, but it's one time out of a hundred. the other day anna and her and the rest of that coterie were hanging out in the penthouse of a billionaire who's had dv charges filed against him.

No. 1962027

File: 1706918578137.png (148.71 KB, 1298x682, said gallery owner.png)

No. 1962092

Where was the scrote

No. 1962218

File: 1706978580465.jpg (150.83 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20240203_133416_X.j…)

Cat ears, huh? At least our desperate lurker-selfposter is putting in some effort. Wonder how long Dasha will stay on friendly terms with her, this bitch is always on my timeline and gaining a lot of ground very quickly, I can see her leaving Dasha in the dust, especially now she's on a pornhub-funded downward trajectory

No. 1962220

Right, and swapping Cyrillic for latin doesn't turn nyakrasava into nekrasova

No. 1962227

File: 1706981465153.jpeg (334.84 KB, 1170x1988, IMG_6855.jpeg)

Old but this exchange between Mira Gonzalez and Grimes private account (@scholarsmate8) regarding A+D

No. 1962237

As if she wasn’t a total pickme for all the nasty alt-lit scrotes so they wouldn’t nitpick her mid poetry. She treated other women no differently than they do, same with grimes. Guess it’s ugly to see your own behaviors reflected in others.

No. 1962255

maybe shes changing her tune nonnie, shes almost 40 im pretty sure shes gotta grow up someday kek(sage your shit)

No. 1962256

there’s no milk on blassie

No. 1962264

I know it’s not supposed to be positive, but why they always have to mention fucking ugly dudes. It’s gross and feels almost like they brag about it.

Like they care lol. The 'I stand with Russel' tweet was a few months ago, none of this shit puts them off.

No. 1962275

Standard simp bait. It’s meant to make them seem “attainable” to their ugly replyguys.

No. 1962300

Kek Dasha's reminds me of не красивая meaning not pretty

No. 1962305

I think it’s funny they are afraid to say the obvious, that they fuck ugly dudes because they’re bad looking themselves

No. 1962324

Don’t know this Mira girl but she is kind of cute. Dasha is a certified uggo, gay BAP may be the best she can do.

No. 1962328

Maybe ugly is strong but if you’re consistently fucking ugly men it starts to say something about your own looks

No. 1962352

Dasha has made this observation on their podcast many times. Pretty sure Anna also mentioned this >>1961973
something something american immigration botched their family name was what she said about it. she posted an old form in polish that should be from before she immigrated and has another version of her family name as "niekrasowa" but I don't read cyrillic so I don't know if that's closer or further away from being accurate to the original name. >>>/snow/1558614

No. 1962355

I’m late to the party but I liked when Amber on RSP asked Anna when she got so anti-social and Anna had no response lol.

It was pretty interesting when Amber started talking about the Chapo guys. She’s obviously still loyal to them and says that “they’ve been good to me”…but I wonder what was the problem then? All I can think of is them confronting her on her “transphobia” by telling her to not trigger their troony degen fanbase with her AGP takes.

No. 1962397

I think you’re right, they can’t abide her feminine intuition that told her the troon shit was going to be the death of their “movement”. Genuinely I don’t even think the CTH guys care about trannies, the way every ‘dirtbag left’ guy about-faced on “identity politics”as soon as BLM and tranny causes started picking up steam…it is just performative. Didn’t ALL these screwheads love Bernie because he wasn’t an identitarian? Now they’re all Donkey Kong Trans Rights superstars who give big ol’ shits about everybody. Amber, afaik, has stayed more true to their original USP, the one that attracted all the Bernie bros pre-transition.

No. 1962575

File: 1707066414681.png (1.14 MB, 1170x1139, Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 9.07.…)

I’m gonna keep telling myself that she’s just trolling and the unedited pic is just her wearing a tube top that says something stupid like ‘bad bitch’ because I know this 19 year old child does not want a boob pic floating around on the open internet for the rest of her life

No. 1962584

>>1962575 as much as its fun to scorn these people I do feel bad for Ivy she shouldn't have to resort to this… how bad must your self esteem be to sell nudes rather than get a normal job(sage your shit)

No. 1962588

Fully given up on expecting any of these girls to have strong parental figures in their life to tell them to stop, but still— not a single person? Isn’t she dasha’s little project, I can’t imagine letting any teen I even vaguely know go through with this without reaching out & asking if they need help idk

No. 1962590

decent chances of will and felix being chasers, trannies have a stranglehold on social media discourse which chapoids basically need to survive, but still likely they're chasers.

No. 1962605

she's doing nothing to provide counter-evidence to the zoomer premature ageing theory

No. 1962607

she doesnt looks old shes just ugly

No. 1962611

File: 1707072940974.jpeg (52.57 KB, 1136x342, IMG_8360.jpeg)

I'm guessing almost no one here still subscribes to be able to provide a summary but if anyone does could you give us the gist of what they had to say about this here? Dasha and Anna are known to support rapists and pedophiles and accuse women or lying as >>1962012 said so obviously Dasha's "support" post was followed by them using DV, which they call "high quality slop" provided by the abuser, for content

No. 1962617

this is a fake screenshot. no such episode exists

No. 1962618

she has the facial structure of a middle aged mom from the midwest

No. 1962620

I'll do a writeup of their most recent solo pod in a few hours I apologize for lacking, they also released another guest episode with that Aging Backwards guy and someone else so I'll try to compile those for you guys soon

No. 1962621

Any relation to a younger woman Anna and Dasha will have will be like a madam to a trick. There’s nothing really left for them to do on the track they’re on except procure young women for their financiers. Is that why one of them wanted a parrot or something, to heidi fleiss-max? I really think that all the Epstein case did was introduce new standard operating procedures to upper middle and middle class people. Grim.

No. 1962624

If they're procurers of young girls they really suck at their job, half of them have penises and the other half look like school marms

No. 1962625

Even their political opposites, the MDE guys are chasers, Sam fucks trannies and Nick recently got caught with shemale porn in his browser. Dworkin was right about leftwing men vs rightwing men.

No. 1962626

Porn sickness is a hedonistic treadmill that leads to strange and ghoulish tastes.

No. 1962627

I'm 21 and I'm not aging particularly graceful. If i poasted a selfie I know you guys would think I'm like Annas age. The years have not been kind to gen Z kekk(derailing/no1curr)

No. 1962629

Gen Z had to grow up watching millennials become downwardly mobile failsons and faildaughters, they had to grind their childhood away in hopes that wouldn’t be them only to have to compete for white collar jobs with the entire world’s middle and upper class. Millennials also benefitted from tobacco regulations while gen z had no activists groups fighting vaping and are actively assaulted by schizophrenic ad campaigns meant to get them on drugs if they aren’t and get them on drugs if they aren’t constantly. They are global serfs, object commodities as cannon fodder for men and whores for women and have no utility past 20s.(derailing)

No. 1962631


i'm sorry nonna i didn't check, but when i saw this i thought it sounded exactly like something a&d would do. looks like the abusive moid or some friend of his photoshopped it if there's no chance it could be an upcoming ep one can't see unless they have a higher tier sub or something.

No. 1962635

Sam hyde? Is there a source for this?

No. 1962637

No it’s truth. Mid women fuck ugly men with “personalities” because that’s who they can get. The mid guys who aren’t enormous losers get taken up by hotter women for relationships

No. 1962639

the fact that Moby is still trying to milk his relationship with custardloaf for attention shows what a sociopath he is

No. 1962640

File: 1707076545591.jpeg (426.75 KB, 1080x2801, 5CFB7272-7BC1-4D76-AC37-6A5E6E…)

No. 1962644

The tranny rumor has been around for years. From the other things I’ve heard from people who knew him, I believe it. He looks like the type to be into weird sex shit

No. 1962650

File: 1707077879777.png (58.7 KB, 1024x791, DA27FE44-FF14-4779-B181-D92481…)

Claire penis and other trans influencers named as part of 13 reasons why troon committed suicide. Unearthed by kiwisite

No. 1962653

Okay, I don't know if this is a trite point or whatever by now, but how the fuck does Claire/Hesse/whatever his real name is have nearly 100K followers now? Is it just because trannies all have a dozen accounts (one main, one backup, ten alts to shit talk specific tranny friends on), or what?

No. 1962661

Isn't he on some podcast? I know he does "movie mindset" with will chapo as well.

No. 1962672

Small powerbroker group that boosts each other and is vicious to people they don’t like, bought some starter followers, podcast circuit, etc

No. 1962674

people buy followers and join engagement pods

No. 1962684

Not Nick, but one of their zoomer faggot crew.

No. 1962688

This dude would not last a day if he was actually a woman.

No. 1962693

The link was from ancient porn site like milfx and there’s no way zoomers know any urls outside of pornhub. Nick also showed his worse than Lena Dunham tattoos; an extremely bisexual unfinished tramp stamp of his own name and he also has a tattoo of dual emo pistols on what could have been an adonis belt 20 years ago.

No. 1962699

>cannon fodder for men

Reddit moment(replying to derailing/infighting attempt)

No. 1962701

>he suffocated me in public and magically no one heard and i chose not to call the cops or leave him even though i had the ability to go back to my own home
This just makes people take real victims of domestic violence less fucking seriously. I’m getting exhausted of these zoomers with vape metal induced psychosis.(derailing)

No. 1962710

A zoomer could Google a porn category, and not only pornhub would pop up. It could be a goof too, sick sense of humor type. Hard to say. The reason I believe it might not be Nick is because he’s been around for years but no one has come out with any weird sex stories, compared to sam having all his crazy sex shit exposed like the troon messages and his exes saying he liked ass play. If Nick is into weird sex shit then he’s done an okay job hiding it at least

No. 1962711

I don't like the fact that you obviously had this planned out then deployed it on lolcow of all places(replying to derailing)

No. 1962712

you lived in that fucked up inbred part where every woman looks like marjorie taylor greene. sorry bro, i live in the posh but still inbred jewish part of the midwest.(blogging, derailing, retardation)

No. 1962713

DIE BITCHES! My ex's name became Claire after he trooned out, my best friend's ex became Claire after he trooned out, my best friend's current gf's ex became Claire after he trooned out. Beware of fucking tranny Claires.(sperging, blogging)

No. 1962725

Your people are objectively worse looking(infighting/bait)

No. 1962727

At some point it'll come out Sam's fucked a horse or some animal. I feel thats the next step in his degeneracy.

No. 1962839

>Nick also showed his worse than Lena Dunham tattoos; an extremely bisexual unfinished tramp stamp of his own name and he also has a tattoo of dual emo pistols on what could have been an adonis belt 20 years ago.
post pics. was this recent?

No. 1962848

File: 1707144114965.png (1.58 MB, 820x1714, Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 09.42…)

lmao if this isn't viral marketing he is retarded(sage your shit)

No. 1962852

File: 1707144482837.png (232.64 KB, 1220x460, depression posting.png)

anna acting depressed on the timeline, wonder what it's about.

No. 1962861

No. 1962865

File: 1707147677964.jpeg (135.89 KB, 828x639, A4F7F68B-9E48-4F4C-9BE3-760C3D…)

No. 1962869

File: 1707148414616.mp4 (947.77 KB, 946x948, Richard Spencer Default Friend…)

On the latest episode of Richard Spencer's podcast Richard and his right hand man Mark Brahmin discuss their friendly interactions with non political centrist Katherine Dee


starts around 15:30

No. 1962915

sounds like he really needed the sleep if 10mg of cbd knocked him out

No. 1962928

Other than posting herself here, following the fat jack playbook for ingratiating herself with these people and becoming part of the entire cow "scene"? She may not be a full fledged cow yet but for now she's definitely a calf. And as far as desperate selfposters go, she's at least more interesting than bimbo ubermensch kek

No. 1962930

all they said was they invited her on their podcast and she said no, but was nice about it

No. 1962969

So Richard Spencer does not like Anna or BAP because they are Jewish but gets along with DF who is also Jewish? He was going to have Aimee on but she was a no-show so he got DF instead? Weren't Aimee and Spencer having Twitter slapfights because she accused him of being an FBI informant? Probably true and Aimee is right about a lot of things.

No. 1962975

sup aimee(hi cow)

No. 1962981

Oh I think she's nuts and I like making fun of her like everyone else but she does get things right a lot of times. Examples: Elizabeth Warren, The Bruenigs, The DSA.

No. 1962984

all of those things are aimee’s own mythology for herself; but you would know that, aimee(hi cow)

No. 1962987

DF didn’t go on Spencer’s podcast, in the clip they say one of their listeners suggested her as a guest and she politely declined.

No. 1962998

I just wanna know who jookiller is

No. 1963021

>Shits on tons of things
>Gets almost everything wrong
>One thing she shit on turned to actually be shit
>Get to claim that she's some soothsayer
Pls nonnie

No. 1963025

"I've had some conversations with Katherine Dee"

No. 1963052

So a neo-Nazi and probable Fed asset along with a literal who discuss super boring non-milky Katherine Dee (who is not a guest) on a paywalled substack episode? Why would this be of interest to us?

Why can't we be nuanced enough to acknowledge that a super milky loon of a cow can often get things right? In Aimee's case she saw straight through Elizabeth Warren's bullshit when the Chapo and Red Scare crowd were saying that she would be a good alternative to Bernie. She also saw through Liz Bruenig's bullshit far before everyone else. I was around for the early threads when it was called Left Thots and there were anons trying to say that Bruenig does not belong in the threads. Another super milky cow that gets things right is Kantbot. He saw the Thiel connection with Red Scare long before everyone else. Some people say that he actually FOIAs things for many of his podcasts.
Are they good people: No
Are they nuts: Probably
Are they very milky: Definitely yes
But they can be right as well.

No. 1963056

Theres no nuance to be had here. Just saying something is shit, and then it turning out to be shit just means you hit the right button at the right time. How many times have they gotten shit wrong? How many calls have they made that have been so far off that its been shat on here? Way too many times. So much that they make the times she did get them right stand out. Stop buying into this "she's craaaazy but she's actually right" bullshit because more often than not that never happens in reality.

No. 1963125

File: 1707226940032.jpg (226.37 KB, 838x2048, GE76cH3WcAAFHTE.jpg)

https://twitter.com/RinnaStrikes is his unlocked private account, by the way. There's more stuff there.

No. 1963162

dimes square leaks twitter(USER BEEN PUT PASTURE)

No. 1963193

So weak he can’t even take accountability for his own retarded actions. I hate suicidal moids who lay their choices on others. Definition of manipulative cluster B assholes. Literally could have logged off and his problems disappeared.

No. 1963216

I’m a big fan of how even with their supposed dying breath this person takes the time to call out people (and include their handles) on microaggressions. Maybe it would be best if they really did die.

No. 1963218

He’s a big fat slut

No. 1963221

File: 1707240395853.jpeg (207.25 KB, 818x355, IMG_5115.jpeg)

This retard admits to killing his cat via neglect and still makes it about him

No. 1963243

In fairness I drank one of these and got really relaxed and sleepy kek but I didn’t think it felt druggy or anything(derailing)

No. 1963281

I am not sensitive to nootropics or CBD but I bought a recess and drank it while grocery shopping once then passed in my car. There aren’t a lot of FDA regs on this stuff I would buy that potency varies a lot by batches.(derailing)

No. 1963286

File: 1707257038481.png (348.36 KB, 734x946, zoomerbf.png)

Does dasha/honor's ex boyfriend really have a book deal or is this a joke?

No. 1963299

i can't find info on it but i don't doubt it, most publishing pays pittance so it's pretty low risk to give a little known author a book deal. Publisher's Marketplace has its own elaborate lingo so if the deal was a particularly juicy one, they'd mention stuff like additional rights sold (adaptation rights), territories/translations sold, a multi-book deal, if there was a bidding war for acquisition, and phrases ranging from "good deal" to "major" or "six-figure deal" if it was especially well-paid.
This announcement containing none of those means it's your typical one-off lowbie 4 or 5-figure deal, 90% of these books don't end up earning money and the maybe 10% that do are a nice surprise and you get another book deal out of it. Now we sit back and see how many times he misses his publishing deadline, and how much of a market there is for navel-gazing autofiction about banging Dasha

No. 1963350

I didn't know he was a nurse and his parents died. sounds like it will have plenty of milk though if autofiction>>1963299(unintegrated chatting, no milk, no sage)

No. 1963356

i remember when that girl threw oj at him while he was reading at sov house(unintegrated chatting, no milk, no sage)

No. 1963392

Bimbo Ubermensch has a confessional diary now https://bimboubermensch.substack.com/p/salutations-to-all, but the style is so self-indulgent, I actually have no idea what's it about(needs screenshots)

No. 1963396

I tried to read it also and I can’t figure it out either.

No. 1963405


No. 1963413

File: 1707307636681.png (1.72 MB, 1298x1770, Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 07.03…)

>Upon perusing my Twitter account, or “X” dubbed whimsically by Elon, one would observe a set of guidelines firmly affixed atop the page.
>As evident, it bears a striking resemblance to the Dogme 95 Manifesto, a fact well-known to those familiar with my lore.
>What Lars von Trier achieved cinematically is precisely what I aspire to accomplish in my writing.
these people really take their bits too far sometimes

No. 1963415

File: 1707308228402.jpg (743.57 KB, 1125x1783, nobody cares.jpg)

Writing about writing is one of the most masturbatory, boring topics unless it’s done by someone with experience who has some wisdom or advice to share. It’s so common in novice writers, but it’s tedious to read. And that’s all this post was, just a narcissistic overwritten self-indulgent essay about how she’s… going to write. But does she have anything to say? If this is exemplary of what’s to come, no.

No. 1963439

>>1961532 Ivy Volk got booked on Yarvin's Tlon PR rodeo after RS (Neoliberalhell, Dream Baby Press) and that was it for her, the network squeezed her for whatever it was worth. fin(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963453

File: 1707317528602.jpeg (903.44 KB, 1170x1659, IMG_7037.jpeg)

Sage for OT, 4chan moids simping over dasha.(no1curr)

No. 1963454

Cope tbh

No. 1963456

File: 1707319013026.png (136.25 KB, 2002x426, Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 9.18.…)

What's up with the red scare girlies needing to make a thousand posts a day about Taylor Swift?

No. 1963477

'Loser' lmao, very ironic word to use for fans of two nobodies, failed chronically online cockettes and incels.

No. 1963480

Sub is majority men and has been for years. They want to erode support for Taylor swift and her possible AI porn lawsuit by calling her music basic. That subs only purpose is to steer women into supporting want men want, ai porn as self expression, 30 year olds dating 18 year olds, women not competing with men in the workforce, getting only good plastic surgery. It’s very easy to tell that none of the content is in women’s interests and the off-shoot subs are even worse.

No. 1963490

Trying to divide women by pitting Lana fans against swifties.

No. 1963492

>The arbiters of coolness: obese bogdanoff clone making choke me daddy music and obese vindicta posters who listen to podcasts

No. 1963508

No. 1963526

Valid except for moids in that sub don’t want women to get good plastic surgery because then they would be out of reach to them

No. 1963528

These posts are always suspect because she has nudes around from the shitty shows she’s been in. You would think simp moids would post those and not clothed pics makes it look like an inside job since Dasha admitted to posting here. I think she knows she looks better clothed than nude

No. 1963531

not all girlies, many rs fags and bisexual deviants resent her for being the archetypal all American blonde

No. 1963541

Everyone knows that Taylor is so transparently calculating about her image in order to package her soulless music to make her fans parasocially obsessed with her lore, we don’t need a million threads about how she’s boring and sexless. I think RSP moids just hate late-20s to mid-30s y/o pmc white women.

No. 1963545

that one arab british fag on there is the worst

No. 1963551

I think it’s more simple than that. She is an attractive white woman who only dates tall Anglo men. Rs moids are largely not tall or Anglo looking, MSSOM being one glaring example

No. 1963558

lol you’re probably right. They love Sydney over there and, sure enough, her fiance is ugly enough for her to be perceived as more accessible.
It’s so transparent when they try so hard to paint a tall, pretty, leggy blonde like Taylor unattractive.

No. 1963597

>cringe feminist is a tall skinny blonde every scarewhore wants to be
>ethereal sadbby lolita idol looks like PT
I mean yeah, that must sting

No. 1963612

ugly girls hate attractive women

No. 1963622

They really do love calling her sexless. I think it’s mainly just because she’s one of the few female celebrities at her level of fame who doesn’t present herself in a hyper sexual way. Yes, she is corny and awkward which doesn’t translate into sexiness very well but they harp on this point way too much for it to not be motivated by typical moid seething. It’s also their pathological need to be contrarian and hate anything that is popular.
Their love for Sydney is a combination of her being conventionally attractive and willing to sexually objectify herself, and their contrarian bullshit again. Sydney got a lot of flack for the family party photo with the guy in the maga hat in the background with a lot of annoying libs framing her as some kind of secret far right racist. So of course these guys love her because it pisses off the kind of women that they hate. If Sydney was more vocally liberal or spoke up about sexual harassment in the industry, best believe they’d immediately turn on her.

No. 1963624

Dash was on nick and Sam’s podcast. I could only get through 35 minutes, there wasn’t any new information, Dasha just retold her vape story. Basically nick tried to girl and gay it up and show off his EQ; he loves celebrity scuttlebutt, he says tampons in his Portuguese voice, basically trying to appeal to the art hoe contingent, but Sam is constantly sabotaging it with hoe-scaring behavior. Sam makes Dasha touch his feet, he talks about how he pees in the garbage disposal and doesn’t know how to clean up after himself, he tries to get her to say she’s prettier than grimes and other women to start beef but she doesn’t, he tries every redpill technique in the book to like display masculinity and only listens to what she has to say in order to like entrap her into confirming incel’s belief that she’s like the penultimate city roastie whore, but she deflected it by leaning in and not caring. Sam just came off like what he is, an under-socialized gross loser who can’t hang, wish it could have been nick and jet.

No. 1963634

I actually enjoyed the dynamic between Nick and Dasha, but I've always considered him fairly personable and charismatic tbh. Sam is essentially a caricature at this point, I couldn't even take his schtick seriously enough to have an opinion on it.
Episode wasn't terrible, though.

No. 1963640

I'd rather be "sexless" than represent this fetid, dirty, saltburn bath drain licking/reddit polyamory/smells like wet dog tier idea of sensuality that scarethots have. It's always the ugly pozzed women who compensate by advertising how theyre down for anything. No one tries harder than a 5 after all.

No. 1963671

File: 1707360351752.jpg (205.01 KB, 1283x1793, GFrsuIZWUAAWwFs.jpg)

Looking at some of the photos of the "premiere" of this troon movie (played on a projector in a pokey bar they all hang out in), it definitely came across like this, good to see it confirmed.
Every photo of their 'events' in the scene are more and more cringe worthy, you can tell from a glance you'd be mortified to be at. Even the things from a few years ago like the "Shakespeare is fake" thing they were obsessed with for five minutes, looked like a carnival freak show, you can tell the crowd is entirely made up of smelly former reddit pronouns chapo troon types. I'd guess this must really bring down dasha and her ego.
Wonder when the first big sexual assault accusations will begin.

No. 1963674

File: 1707360739971.png (9.17 MB, 2336x2540, dgfsdasd.png)

No. 1963680

The subversive, slimy dolls are more insidious than AGP's at this point tbh.

No. 1963681

She’s hot. Thats literally it. She is attractive enough to have standards which explains why males and scarethots both hate her. It’s funny how ex radfem Megan Murphy bitched about her too under the guise of ‘defending art’ or whatever when it’s obviously just jealousy. Not even a Swiftie just not blind.

No. 1963684

Why did they tolerate this film but seethe about actors?

No. 1963686

File: 1707362161146.png (18.36 KB, 598x134, Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 22-24…)

How is this not in "the woke sphere" exactly? It's a trannie propaganda film that, as far as I can tell, the gist of which is;
AGP are gross fetishist fake trans, unlike us 'dolls' (gay guys/sensitive effeminate loser men) who are the true and real trans'. It seems to try to slyly insert the notion that 'transgenderism' and it's ideology is real and correct, just the smelly AGPs ruining it, so 'let us in ladies!!'.

Textbook definition of the "reify the premise, critique the excess" idea of social manipulation.

No. 1963693

They think they are being magnanimous by even admitting AGPs are real.

No. 1963701

its not 'a pokey bar' it's curtis yarvin's bachelor pad he literally owns the gd business(emoji)

No. 1963704

Guy in the front left is literally Pariah if he hadn't trooned out.
Who's girl in the front right with bangs, I feel like she's a cow from these threads but can't remember who

No. 1963705

Many 4chan boards ban for nudes but I wouldn't put it past Dasha to self-promote herself there. She use to self-promote herself on the long banned cumtown sub before they found out it was her.

No. 1963709

She literally shilled herself here. >>1951139

No. 1963710

black dude with the dyed hair is that terrible scene photographer

No. 1963711

marcus maddox literally the only person he photographs is pariah total fraud

No. 1963714

Pariah has the hallmark autist lazy eye

No. 1963733

"Out of" as in stemming from, not "outside of". Your reading comprehension is atrocious.

No. 1963755

Almost no one considers her really hot or desirable. Pretty, yes, but not hot or sexually attractive.(derailing)

No. 1963758


No. 1963814

Sorry but I don’t buy it. I’ve heard plenty of guys talk about how hot she is. The only complaint I’ve ever heard from them is that she seems prudish. There’s literally nothing about her that indicates that other than her not being super explicit about sex or dressing provocatively. She’s referenced sex in her songs (albeit in a more subtle way than overt talking about dick), she’s worn sensual outfits (again just not super revealing), and she dates hot guys (several of whom have been known to get around). The woman clearly isn’t “sexless”.
For a lot of these dudes, her alleged prudishness seems to even turn them on more. They like the whole “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” idea. These dudes only bitch and moan about Taylor in this way because they know there’s really not much else they could use against her. They know they’d sound ridiculous calling her unattractive, so they have to spin it in a way that still allows them to get a dig in on her attractiveness (the only way they know how to insult a woman) without making them look like jealous losers. She’s a supremely famous and successful billionaire who epitomizes the American beauty ideal - thin, white, blonde, etc. They know a woman like her would never want them so they’re pulling the classic moid move of “Well I didn’t want you anyway!”(derailing, wall of text edition)

No. 1963889

Fwiw I have heard some normie guys describe her as hot. She is pretty, good waist to hip ratio and comes off energetic(derailing)

No. 1963901

she never had nudes leak either. this upsets porn addicted losers

No. 1963905

Sam is such a nasty person. There are rumors he has an Asian egirl baby mama that he’s hiding away and won’t marry. Dasha is not any prettier than Grimes either. Sam only brought that up because he’s threatened by Elon Musk and any man more famous or richer than him. Same reason he’s obsessed with Hasan fucking Piker, yes he’s cringe but who cares