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File: 1618355318337.jpg (152.5 KB, 750x1333, 1617549138172.jpg)

No. 1207734

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread
>Anna has a Soviet-themed baby shower >>>/snow/1178699
>Rumors of Adam Friedland and Honor Levy hooking up >>>/snow/1178845
>An article in The Daily Beast mentions several cows from this thread and dirtbag lefties as sympathizing with the alt-right, ends up upsetting a lot of the people mentioned >>>/snow/1179268
>Kantbot bashes the laziness of the Red Scare hosts >>>/snow/1180173
>Perfume fationalist is still hysterical about women he makes up in his mind >>>/snow/1180499
>More debate about whether Anna and Dasha are on Peter Thiel's payroll >>>/snow/1181144
>Aimee still tweeting incessantly >>>/snow/1181848
>Apparently Amber is writing/has written a book >>>/snow/1190846
>Matt Christman (Chapo host) likes tweets about Aimee being deranged >>>/snow/1197633
>Anna gives birth, seems happy >>>/snow/1199601
>Amber and Matt move from NY to California >>>/snow/1199808

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
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Thread #16: >>>/snow/1178548
Apologies if I left anything out

No. 1207740

hi, i'm the OP of this thread and the other most recent one. apologies if i left anything out and for taking such a long time to make a new thread. in all honesty, these threads are getting more and more dead considering 1) it's mostly just aimee-posters, 2) anna is busy, and 3) dasha has a mandate to stay offline and as little as possible to not tank her movie or acting career.

No. 1207759

Would the Antifada be considered part of the Dirtbag Left?

No. 1207761

You are good OP, if others have an issue, they should make the damn thread and not wait for you to do it.

No. 1207764

i think so? jamie peck was a host on the majority report which would frequently host the chapo guys and all sorts of other lefty types so i don't think it's off-topic to discuss them

No. 1207789

I for one really enjoy the Aimee posting, especially as she spirals, having been banned again for like the 7th time.

No. 1207813

File: 1618360309021.png (191.48 KB, 2048x1827, Screenshot_20210413-192225.png)

Yeah it's hard not to post about her when she's on retard crack 23 hours out of every 24.

She's banned again, shortly after wading into the troon pool. Fastest way to get banned tbh

She got a new account yet?

No. 1207841

I wonder how she feels about Virgil being friends with Brie (who Seder hates and is friends with Jimmy Dore), Amber (Anna, Anna, fucking Anna), and Will (his family are family friends with the Taibbi clan, obviously Matt Taibbi included).

No. 1207843

that baby gonna be hella ugly

No. 1207845

Yes the antifada would fall into t he dirtbag category. Sean KB is a frequent aimee target and he is close to Matt Christman.

No. 1207847

File: 1618363746900.jpeg (171.43 KB, 828x450, F0091487-ED01-49FA-AB08-1AFC83…)

Not yet but Oliver has gone into lockdown and block mode. His paranoia is allowing aimee to post tumblr links on their podcast page. I’m starting to think Oliver is as bad as aimee.

No. 1207848

File: 1618363756491.png (283.6 KB, 596x460, arbeit.png)

One of her last tweets, quickly deleted and replaced with same but without reference to work, wonder what she been working on

No. 1207849

File: 1618363803192.jpg (63.38 KB, 829x552, AP19004059763206-e154719830661…)

>when the whole group chat seethes

forgot to add, OPN would rather fuck Taylor Swift and AOC also

No. 1207856

she had a boy, I feel like there's at least some hope

No. 1207877

christ i lurk these threads but never post but seriously how do they even get away with this crap? none of these people are leftists or even educated on politics in any way, and anna and dasha are just 100% american (culturally) and just what, pretened that they're not and everybody believes them? they both only speak english ffs

No. 1207895

Aimee was right when she kept saying a few years ago that the left is dead, there is no left, all these grifters and cows are not left in any way shape or form.

No. 1207906

File: 1618369579476.png (323.52 KB, 593x512, left.png)

No, the Left is dead to her, she is now Right

No. 1207917

File: 1618370391779.png (751.05 KB, 992x835, Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 1.17…)

Anon is right tho that none of these grifter cows are left

No. 1207938

>ends up upsetting a lot of the people mentioned
Literally who? Fucking Jimmy Dore was giggling like a schoolgirl because they used a pic of him from two decades ago. If anything, the DB made themselves look like asses and made these grifters look cooler than they really are. Tired of libs and conservatives making these people look like they are some edgy threat and not some braindead tards.

No. 1207939

Aimee doesn’t know jack or shit about what’s happening in the real world

No. 1207955

She thought she was giving Julia Fox but that baby is going to look like mr bean

No. 1208109

Nah, there’s a left (not that Aimee would know since she’s never set foot in this country) but this little crowd of idiots isn’t part of it. The “dirtbag left” was a very short-lived, mostly online phenomenon that coalesced around Bernie Sanders but otherwise had no connection to any actual leftist movements. Most of them don’t even have any leftist beliefs beyond “wanting free health care, honey.”

No. 1208114

File: 1618402977940.png (242.22 KB, 474x596, effina neg.png)

She knew exactly what she was doing here, honestly pretty funny (she's a confirmed lolcow lurker). Check the sam hyde thread if you're not aware of charls carroll's gf and her notorious editing.

No. 1208313

I think i find kantbot's girlfriend. It's transgender cartoonist @PartyPrat on twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1208368

File: 1618426359037.png (33.15 KB, 620x354, bel.png)


No. 1208373

The dirtbag left is just a coalition of hipsters who've turned 30 and have mastered no useful skills outside of "having opinions" and arts and culture grifting. They can't even make a well-produced podcast, there are twitch streamers with a better product.

No. 1208376

File: 1618426897449.jpeg (96.41 KB, 576x1024, Edz8DV_XoAAm9eG.jpeg)

lmao taking estrogen to just get fat. it's over for mentalcels

No. 1208379

The idea that these dweeby lenadunhams and their adamfriedlands are sex gods is sending me. This is what happens when femcels and incels read too much Paglia, who is a typical sex obsessed dweeby tryhard as well.

No. 1208392

Why are people in animation always sex freaks with insane kinks?

No. 1208466

File: 1618430877089.png (65.24 KB, 475x739, kantbot.png)

how the fuck is this what you take away from what ppl say abt kantbot here? all people do here is call him a fat retard lol

No. 1208471

They want to feel like they're more important than they really are

No. 1208472

ah yes, the usual leftoid "when people call me a retard they actually think I'm an evil mastermind" cope

No. 1208481

I like how he pretended to be unaware of these threads

No. 1208484

Why are you shit talking a fucking baby? Give the kid a chance, jesus christ, if he's unfortunate looking but not a piece of shit that's a W in my books.

No. 1208520

File: 1618434546589.jpg (269.95 KB, 1536x2048, Ey4dquZWgAMdczF.jpg)

the last thing you see before you die (emphasis on thing)

No. 1208522

Why can't they be like Matt Christman and run with the fact that they are losers? Christ, Kantbot and his orbiters are so pathetic, is he still harassing Dasha?

No. 1208537

Which tortured Botticelli angel ballerina on Wellbutrin is this

No. 1208563

File: 1618438544253.jpg (45.46 KB, 744x368, carsnarkk.JPG)

reactions to some Lexapro woman twitter video impersonating Caroline C. ummmh

No. 1208583


No. 1208586

>all of us

The only time anyone says anything about this bitch is to comment on how irrelevant she is.

No. 1208592

Scrolling this on web is the weirdest thing, it's like a 40 yo woman's head, then from neck to skirt it looks like a scrawny femboy, then from skirt to feet it's a 60 yo woman's legs. Why would anyone willingly post this? If even a single person had a picture of me looking like that I'd be mortified, I can't imagine how delusional you'd have to be to share it

No. 1208602

Anna will be milkable one month after she weans the baby

No. 1208629

Yeah snarking on cows is fun but it's pretty gross to come for a newborn baby. Bad anon!

No. 1208632

This is what happens when people fall for Red Scare propaganda that a low BMI is all you need to be hot.

No. 1208640

File: 1618446675809.jpeg (81.81 KB, 828x508, 86993A85-A117-4A85-9610-32D8C8…)

Was that the post that made her delete?

No. 1208648

lmao i came here to ask this

No. 1208651

Is Virgil no longer part of Chapo? He wasn't even on the 500th episode, even fucking Amber Alert made time for it.

No. 1208655

No. 1208656

Dasha is literally just normal (if not slightly tubby) weight, I don't know who deluded her into thinking she's ana. The only weight she's losing is in her brain.

As for Anna, I guess nobody told her that being skinny when you're a dogfaced chain smoking alcoholic druggie is like having double Ds when you're a hamplanet. It doesn't count.

No. 1208712

Wait it has been confirmed? Sauce me with links please.

No. 1208719

this mentally ill kangaroo that’s never stepped foot in America has so much to fucking say and people actually eat this shit up. Really sad

No. 1208723

>Amber (Anna, Anna, fucking Anna)
What does this mean?

No. 1208741

why the long face?

No. 1208746

She'll be back soon. Remember when she posted a whole speech about improving her life and logging off and then re-activated less than 24 hours later. These people are completely addicted to Twitter. I wonder how that side of Twitter managed to find her tweet and ratio her.

No. 1208778

I really don’t get why people post deliberately inflammatory things if you’re just going to freak out and deactivate every time you get any kind of attention or negative pushback, like is that not the exact reaction you want/expect? She’s on her alt whining about this and being reassured by all the usuals how based and correct she actually was.

No. 1208785

She's an elite faildaughter who goes to community college and posts porn of herself in post-left discords for sweaty losers to jack off to, she isn't very bright.

No. 1208833

Anna from Red Scare is long time friend of Amber of Chapo.

No. 1208921

jaw surgeon go brrr

No. 1209011

I can't even imagine what would be going through someone's head to put on those wrinkled musty clothes, take an under the chin angled photo like this, and post it online

No. 1209044

File: 1618498002302.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1000x2312, 06D407C1-E22B-44DC-8336-C23E07…)

She’s already back

No. 1209051

Wasn't Bella outed as living in her daddy's multi million house in Marin county? She can't even "nurture" a community college degree, much less a job. Not that she needs to with the kind of family money she has.

No. 1209065

Yes and the corporation she’s ‘nurturing’ is some made up email nepotism job working for her dad

No. 1209078

File: 1618500291775.png (108.04 KB, 944x462, Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 6.07…)

the origin story of all of these accounts is trying to get clout from one set of people then failing and jumping to the next grift and fake persona

No. 1209160

lol, yeah pickme's STAY HOME

No. 1209257

OT, but am I going crazy or does anna k have a head full of gray hairs in the OP pic? fucking rough man

No. 1209273

That guy is the funniest person to be throwing around that accusation because that is EXACTLY what he's been doing for the past decade too. Surprised I haven't seen him pop up in these threads more.

No. 1209297

>RTing "read books!"
>never reading anything
>love a man and enable him to build something
>posting nudes to discords filled with nothing but degenerates

No. 1209310

File: 1618514310025.png (159.28 KB, 734x1491, lmao.png)

is bella's '''communist''' buddy with prematurely aged boobs some kind of nestle chocolate heir

No. 1209317

Do you follow her alt?

No. 1209321

File: 1618516150157.png (232.31 KB, 950x978, Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 3.45…)

is she joking? why does she have an only fans and is giving out so many details about her life if she really is from a super rich family

No. 1209345

i don’t know a lot about bella, can someone fill in some blanks? she seems to make reference to her parents being public figures pretty often. i tried to look into it but am coming up with blanks so i’m guessing her mom probably had a secondary role on a cbs sitcom in the 90s ? something to that effect

No. 1209351

what is brainstorm girl’s OF?

No. 1209367

No. 1209414

File: 1618523240251.png (86.56 KB, 1186x560, Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 7.44…)

look at him lying just now. i've known this anarcho-retard since tumblr days and this is all he's done for a decade, he's now alienated every group he was a part of that he's struggling to get even 1,000 followers on this new account (K-Hive libs, afropessimists/wokes, "post left"/anti woke, socdem Brooklynites). his current form is totally incoherent, zig zagging between calling Kamala a cop to rambling about pro-Assadists and tankies and how we need to invade Syria/China to "i'm in my bag" materialism to kill all white people to whining about not getting white pussy.

btw Kezos we know you post and plagiarise this thread daily. stop posting here, you're the reason why these threads have died. you bring no milk

No. 1209431

Why is that rattleclaw simp always in every one of these leftthot's mentions, it's pathetic.

No. 1209442

If it’s her sister why would she have to “grift” her way onto the private plane? Sounds like bullshit

No. 1209447

File: 1618525436792.jpeg (355.62 KB, 1538x2048, 2C4685AA-33CD-4E3E-BE34-A010BA…)

Rather low ceilings for being an heir

No. 1209449

Her dad is a doctor. Not sure about the mom

No. 1209454

File: 1618526031907.jpeg (146.96 KB, 750x430, 302C5FF3-FA44-4E1E-95D5-5D7644…)

because as we all know sanctions only ever hurt the state and not the powerless citizens living in that country. and he calls himself a communist. this is where fixating on race gets you, lol

No. 1209462

File: 1618526479675.png (445.88 KB, 770x1200, willywonkaonlyfans.PNG)

her parents are likely fed up with her for dropping out or she's just slumming it for shits and giggles.

No. 1209465

slightly OT but were Bella and Hobbs @hobbsreturns dating last year?

No. 1209468

Maybe she got partially cut off because she has a drug problem. I mean she posts pictures of drugs online. Should've hid it better

No. 1209474

No her hair is very gray. No wonder she’s so fixated on America’s obsession with youth. If you saw her from behind you would think she’s at least 50

No. 1209477

File: 1618529071201.jpeg (91.87 KB, 750x531, 3BD8B8FC-A29A-42E0-B98D-6B717B…)

No. 1209487

Scent-free deodorant exists.

No. 1209491

No. 1209492

obese fuck who doesn't use deodorant but in a sophisticated way, whew

No. 1209499

File: 1618530378944.jpeg (168.26 KB, 750x917, B08B1AC2-5595-4662-A115-693CEC…)

thank you anon. does anyone know if this was this Hobbs?

No. 1209500

File: 1618530477705.png (184.38 KB, 422x536, Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 7.47…)

the only people caroline on her new account follows are podcasters and people who guested on red scare

No. 1209503

to my knowledge, they were. they lasted a whole two weeks together lol

No. 1209504

Why would she delete her old account with the thousands of followers just to create a new one with the exact same @? Unless she changed the @ for her old account so she could keep it as a backup.

No. 1209505

lmfaooo thank you

No. 1209506

File: 1618530938510.png (87.01 KB, 1176x392, Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 7.54…)

It could be a fake I guess. The first person she followed and who followed back is a book critic and that's how I saw it. Second person followed was Anna.

No. 1209514

It's weird that her full name is there. Maybe since she got doxxed she just decided to embrace it or it's fake and someone out there has something against her.

No. 1209515

File: 1618531448294.png (65.36 KB, 268x257, 555BB756-E292-47A4-A7A1-C134F2…)

No. 1209517

are you cussbro
She also followed that Dean person who was on Red Scare recently, the art blog he works for and other places like that. Maybe she's trying to be a writer now and that's why she has her name up.

No. 1209569

He is a good example of the Twitter #communist id-pol obsessed dorks the antiwokies like to rage bait each other with…he’s really cringe and lame.

No. 1209576

So… I don't mean to "hi cow!" but are we all gonna ignore this post that sounds suspiciously like bella trying to sniff out who among those she let into her alt is coming her to shit talk her?

No. 1209581

>i wasn't raised by rich people to have only 1k followers on this irrelevant corner of twitter

So when she's in a place where normal money and connections don't give you an adavntage she's less the mediocre? She's so close to self-awareness.

No. 1209588

I don’t understand any of this. The owners of the Naylor Corporation have two daughters who are both in their 40s, are married, and have kids. What connection does the company have to Bella, or to that Carla girl?

No. 1209601

The male owner remarried, he's carla and therefore brainstormrn's father.

No. 1209632

why do all cows idolize this website and secretly shittalk other cows here. this is giving me "hacker known as 4chan" flashbacks

No. 1209642

I agree but also to some extent I feel like the fact they all frequently interact with each other/the thread is part of what makes this thread entertaining compared to some of the other general threads like the tradthots one

No. 1209759

File: 1618571743463.png (20.11 KB, 541x226, guywithbignosefetishweighsin.p…)

this must be subtweeting bella

No. 1209762

Probably, but I feel like it could honestly apply to pretty much any of the women itt

No. 1209781

it could be (the phrasing is a little strange) but honestly a lot of people just want to see the milk from inside a cow's alt, either are plausible

No. 1209844

fuck, the mom was 46 when she had carla, that is so crazy old to have a kid
i just assumed they didn’t have kids because they were so old when they got married

No. 1209846

I feel even worse for his poor coworkers now, even the strong perfumes he favors aren't enough to drown out the kind of BO you'd get being his size and not using deodorant

No. 1209853

File: 1618585649906.png (36.14 KB, 738x276, maskoff.PNG)

do not have access to the poiseditgirl acc, can only imagine it's a clique of smug bay area faildaughters and desperate thirty-something simps.

No. 1209874

>when twedditors try to insult lolcow but this thread is literally 80% them backstabbing each other

No. 1209877

Rich girls date hot young guys. You're an upper middle class she-fail.

No. 1209888

It’s very obvious none of them genuinely dislike being talked about here

No. 1209947

File: 1618597057424.png (58.13 KB, 598x329, s1.png)

Found this on his page. Can't believe Shasti is still doing the uwu steppe gf thing. Still has the Annie skinwalker icon too. Sad.

No. 1209970

Was fat jack raised by his grandmother? He seems like a grammas boy idk.

No. 1210009

Yeah, I'm not Bella, lol. It just wasn't clear to me if they could actually tell what was going on or were just speculating

No. 1210012

old parents, he's what 35? and i think he's said his mom is in her late 70s.

No. 1210031

You either die trying to become a girlboss or fail long enough to become a Paglia waif
A perfect example right here

No. 1210058

File: 1618605836662.jpg (343.6 KB, 1318x872, pickme.jpg)

Angie Speaks/speaksangie still claims to be a socialist apparently. Imagine being so desperate for chud approval that you invite a guy who openly despises black people on your podcast. I think Jack deleted the especially racist tweets after the samememe incident.

No. 1210069

i havent followed him in awhile but last i saw the only coherent ideology he had was a general distaste for women

No. 1210071

yeah the gramma who shit talked her daughter/daughter in law so much in front of the norman bates-y grandson so much he just adopted it as a personality trait

No. 1210074

File: 1618607830133.jpeg (380.01 KB, 1214x1613, 5E55E633-AECB-4DE1-9E14-906BC2…)

No. 1210078

We’ve already had this exact same concern trolling “misogyny” take like 5 times now, it’s so predictable and transparent.

No. 1210079

I have a soft spot for these wannabe tradwaifus with no career or domestic skills, raging personality disorders, and literal free porn of themselves floating around the internet. The level of delusion is hilarious. You’re both unemployable and unmarriageable, but keep pretending you really have a choice between being a “girlboss” or a “tradwife” kekekekek

No. 1210085

i'm going to put 'great of the misogyny genre' on my résumé

No. 1210093

yeah he's definitely a misogynist. and he goes on about terfs a lot, his old account had a slew of posts about how the U.K. is a terf island

No. 1210103

Someone not being a terf isn’t milk and doesn’t make them a misogynist. I agree he does say a lot of misogynistic things though.

No. 1210111

oh no it's not really milk which is why i saged. I just think going on and on about terfs is retarded

No. 1210115

File: 1618610723619.jpeg (263.25 KB, 750x996, 80B7FE02-FDEA-4580-B16A-03DAB4…)

Anna is catching heat for this. did she delete it or is it something old that resurfaced?

No. 1210118

File: 1618610790632.jpeg (569.07 KB, 1242x1373, E2E15B40-2BBA-4675-9D4B-337EAA…)

He did but idk why because he still tweets the exact same way. He’s currently tweeting about the great replacement.

No. 1210131

I love how these deformed cluster B incel-nympho monstrosities (Anna, Jack, Paglia et al) are obsessed with calling conventionally attractive, well adjusted and successful people some variation of "sterile" while praising other unwashed and/or fat geriatrics like Zizek or Cain as having some sort of "inner hotness". Even the fuggest fuggos have the sense not to cope so obviously.

No. 1210134

Every time Anna and Dasha talk about wanting to fuck Steve Banon, I want to fucking vomit.

No. 1210135

You'd love our manhate threads then, they were too spicy even for this website. Also

>this bubonic theater faggot typing style

No. 1210137

File: 1618613179833.jpg (128.74 KB, 475x713, 1586638050162(1).jpg)

big "dweeby girl who's still seething over not getting to sit with the blond Stacies" energy emanating from Anna's every post

No. 1210140

She literally admits her family were fucking serfs, why would she want her lineage to be fucking known.
This is retarded.

No. 1210141

Every time they think they're anywhere near hot enough to shill a radically different male ideal, I kek

No. 1210167

>>1210074 the ironic thing is that the girl who posted this (Athena Raven Rapp) is one of the biggest lolcows going

No. 1210204

just another anime avi enby dipshit trying to get attention for their failed podcast through "cryptofash" panic. her tweet is basically lukewarm tankie garbage, imagine still being a truffle pig for "fascists" in 2021

No. 1210215

File: 1618619869028.png (41.74 KB, 595x121, Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 10.3…)

No. 1210222

What kind of mental illness do you need to have to be this fucking pathetic? Pickmeism is insane.

No. 1210226

you're pathetic

No. 1210236

File: 1618622448795.png (374.33 KB, 528x412, Gday.png)

No. 1210240

about as cringe as being a truffle pig for "neoliberals" in 2021

No. 1210252

Jack is so scared of women and black people it’s fucking hilarious.

No. 1210265

File: 1618625638006.jpeg (241.88 KB, 750x711, DB9618A9-FD2A-4E1B-B088-6B7F53…)

No. 1210266

woke male moment

No. 1210268

its really funny how so much of the populist right grievances are really just "there's too many black women in commercials". I swear that's what most of r/stupidpol is these days.

No. 1210281

doinkpatrol subtweet

No. 1210329

>Amber and Matt move from NY to California
Odds the chapos are trying to get into the movie/TV business? They've been leaning hard on the movie related subjects and guests ever since Bernie fizzled out.

No. 1210340

She's right though, gold diggers are notorious for marrying old men and it's definitely not daddy issues kek

Imagine being so retarded you think cheap labor is le evil plan to REPLACE le white race and not just capitalism working the way god intended

No. 1210342

why cant you believe it? these threads ran her off, her tweets are going to be impersonal repetitive jokes forever now

No. 1210343

>we made fun of her for posting these retarded tweets and impersonating annie, the obvious choice here is to only do the things she was mocked for and nothing else

No. 1210362

she doesn't do that though

No. 1210363

Can you blame them? After the last Matt Taibbi interview (not the other ones), it's clear even to their simps that they have dog shit views on politics. It's why Virgil no longer wants to be that closely associated with them.

No. 1210375

yes, she has done numerous videos with a bbc dildo

No. 1210406

File: 1618640259653.png (40.63 KB, 738x520, deannaswab.png)

Wow, how trad of you, Deanna.

No. 1210411

wait does she actually trad larp now? i thought she was always just "fuck the libs based trump muh frens" posting, chasing whatever high her and aimmee got from pepe avatars liking their tweets in 2016.

No. 1210420

Nah she doesn't tradlarp, it's just funny to see a self-identified "Christian conservative" post "uwu I'm a girl but I post about gross stuff like FUCKIN ANAL" ethot routine.

No. 1210424

File: 1618643445252.jpeg (146.65 KB, 640x342, 838DECBD-C6EC-44E0-982E-5F22EE…)

Wonder how OPN feels about his gf trading sexual favors for roles

No. 1210436

kantbot and logo know about these threads, one of them even posted here a while back >>>/snow/1129801

No. 1210441

This is an incredibly embarrassing cringe post, a screenshot from months ago bearing no relation to the assertion being made.
She could've sucked of all of Hollywood for all I know but just saying this with no basis in every thread is just sad.

No. 1210443

It’s so obviously the same person every time as well

No. 1210464

cumtown whiteknights many such cases

Just go look at comments on a Dasha's movie post in r/Epstein

No. 1210512

The profile pic makes me feel kind of bad for her. Her smile and optimism: gone.

No. 1210523

File: 1618666231979.jpeg (606.43 KB, 828x1023, CEBC89C2-2F5D-4B8D-AC15-742F8B…)

What are you talking about lmao she’s just not smiling in one selfie.

No. 1210526

Not op but this is from Wet Paint last week. The expanded role is new and I guess I can see how it could be seen as shady phrasing, it's from a gossip column.

No. 1210553

Nta but “his smile and optimism: gone” is just an old 4chan joke

No. 1210587

File: 1618675349112.jpeg (394.96 KB, 750x822, 6108CE4B-574D-4A0D-842A-26A27B…)

neither of these people are attractive by any stretch of the imagination. he's such a loser

No. 1210638

Also the "dirtbag left" is basically over. Its moment has passed, they're just coasting off legacy influence. It's a slow die-off.

No. 1210660

No, not the same anon because I said it in the last thread. Maybe you don’t pay enough attention but it comes from her openly admitting to fucking directors in the past, along with her being a horrible actress and not being that attractive. It’s doubtful she got the role based on her own merit

No. 1210668

She’s not right though, there are sugar babies trying to get with older rich dudes but those girls rarely come from money

No. 1210672

LOL - and who do you suspect she fucked to get an expansive role on an HBO show? No doubt she has fucked indie directors but if you knew anything about the industry you would know that television casting is an extensive process, major cope to suggest she traded sex for her part, especially in the post me too climate. Take your cumtown white knighting back to Reddit

No. 1210678

This has nothing to do with cumtown. “Jesse Armstrong liked her performance so much” she’s a horrible actress. Do the math

No. 1210679

>think you are dumb and full of shit
>check Chapo's patreon
>it's 170k even though more than a year ago it was 250k if memory serves me
Oh shit you are probably right. No wonder they are doing stupid shit left and right. The money train is starting to leak.

No. 1210693

File: 1618689737503.png (119.56 KB, 1074x1010, Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.58…)

Chapo peaked at $175,000 a month last March and dipped down but are now back at $170,000.
Cum Town patreon is up 54% in the last year and Red Scare patreon is up 69% so either the show will burn out or will get more popular when Dasha gets mainstream exposure with Succession.

No. 1210697

I could have sworn they had hit 250k. I remember the shitty faggy reddit sub would whine about their money and I remember seeing that number thrown around. Guess I was wrong.

No. 1210720

Keep seething, Jesse Armstrong is remote showrunner, based in UK, unless he has been flying “not very attractive” Dasha out mid pandemic for sex

No. 1210724

Cum boys are wrecked because Dasha has upgraded majorly post Adam and surpassed their favorite misogynistic podcast

No. 1210732

You’re so right, only cumtown guys think Dasha is not that hot and a shitty actress

No. 1210734

Is she not hot or is she building her career on sexual favors?

No. 1210735

The casting director is a woman anyway. She worked on Uncut Gems which is why Dasha was on her radar. Dasha has surprisingly gotten to audition for some high level roles like Uncut Gems, Joker, Euphoria, some Tom Ripley tv show that Dakota Fanning got cast for. For those they just went with prettier or more talented girls.

No. 1210736

Are you the same anon as the last response? If so you’re the one who sounds like you are seething. Maybe Dasha or one of her friends since you’re going so hard for her. You think fucking the creator of a show wouldn’t help a shitty actress get cast as a side character. Just lol

No. 1210740

File: 1618691775783.jpeg (309.13 KB, 750x658, 5CBE4ECF-DB5E-4F30-9B5C-047DA5…)

“Remote showrunner”

No. 1210742

Can we please stop talking about Dasha on Succession? Im literally suicidal that her role has been expanded, its my favorite show and this has unironically been devastating(retarded bait)

No. 1210743

This has to be Dasha or one of her friends trolling. Suicidal over her getting a side character role? You’re mental

No. 1210745

She’s a 6 at best and a shitty actress. If you think she’s not sucking dick left and right in hopes of getting a throwaway role then you’re kidding yourself

No. 1210749

The fact that her role has been expanded and she’s rumored to play Greg’s girlfriend makes me think she’ll be in the next season too. Seems like she is posting from set every day

No. 1210752

Remote as in not in the US you fucking RETARD

No. 1210753

She isn’t a main character. Whoever you are you’re trying to inflate her importance to the show for some strange reason

No. 1210754

Yes because there is no such thing as a plane? You have to be mentally retarded, maybe even Dasha herself

No. 1210756

Is the actress who plays Shiv posting a lot? No, because the most important actresses in a series don’t have anything to prove

No. 1210757

Why would he fly Dasha to the UK for sex when literally any actress would kill for a part on his show

No. 1210759

You think he doesn’t have a place in nyc or visit there often? How fucking stupid can you be

No. 1210760

No one is going to kill for a side role in a show. They will suck dick or let the creator put in their ass, though

No. 1210767

>literally any actress killing for some literallywho tv series

Hi Dasha, a real actress like Florence Pugh or any other A lister would probably say no tbh

No. 1210772

>Dasha has surprisingly gotten to audition for some high level roles
does anyone have proof of this? she'll namedrop shows that she supposedly auditioned for but nobody who has seen her act would say she's a good actress

No. 1210778

The Uncut Gems is doubtful because if you watch interviews Benny Safdie said he had Julia Fox in mind for the role. Then again big movies like that sometimes audition 100’s of actresses. Either way she was nowhere near hot or talented enough for that role, not like she had a shot in hell

No. 1210783

I know lefthots are retarded and have BPD, but genuine question here: how is being nurturing and humble mutually exclusive with loving yourself, having a big apartment and a healthy dose of ambition

No. 1210787

I don't follow the pod that closely…is just normie lib takes or what?

No. 1210808

Her not being hot is exactly why she has to rely on sexual favors. The pretty actresses can get by without it

No. 1210830

no sage lol could you make it any more obvious

No. 1210834

She could be lying but yeah hundreds of people try out for roles. I think she tried to make it sound like she tried out for the girlfriend in Joker but it must have been the psycho Mom in flashbacks. For Uncut Gems it was inspired by Julia Fox but the role was going to be smaller and they tried out over a hundred girls until going back to Fox.

No. 1210836

File: 1618702884787.png (379.21 KB, 484x878, kdfjksghsfsfq8fh8ndks.png)

what made her think these lenses were "uwu smol steppe gf" of her she looks so scary compared to her friend who looks normal

even without the mask you can tell her face is busted

No. 1210838

julia fox was on the ion pod and said that scott rudin joined uncut gems and made them audition other actresses first

No. 1210846

maybe are dash was just right for the part. everyone on succession is an asshole anyway

No. 1210859

her face looks so red and her eyes are so gross and saggy, ew

No. 1210867

i did not notice the redness but do agree that her eyes are gross and saggy. she should do herself a favour and edit herself to look human.

No. 1210951

File: 1618713701174.jpeg (117.5 KB, 828x658, CD9274C9-893C-47B8-9FCF-4018AE…)

so they reunited after her fling with… who was it again?

No. 1210952

does anyone know what the hell happened to Ashley/christlover2000? why did she delete the patreon/her entire podcast?

did she have a falling out with Jack's brother? this is now the 4th producer she's burnt through in a year

No. 1210958

no one but reply guys and some reply girls are following back

No. 1210962

File: 1618714740725.jpeg (730.82 KB, 1242x1716, 6DAEFD6E-6B63-4616-8CF3-1B9E08…)

No. 1210966

when cows collide

No. 1210977

are they friends? no fucking way lol
the redness is kinda only under her eyes I'm thinking maybe it's blush and she did it on purpose. doesn't look cute though

No. 1210981

Funny for multiple reasons. I wonder if she’s aware of Shoe’s history with lolcow.

No. 1210989

File: 1618717079673.jpeg (180.58 KB, 450x480, 81922CC7-01B9-4A50-B9C2-3D5537…)

>I wonder if she’s aware of Shoe’s history with lolcow

No. 1211024

Leftthots and shuwu, can't think of a more annoying cow combination.

No. 1211031

Other than Dasha and Anna, why is this thread obsessed with literal whos on the dirtbag left? Fuck sake, Jake Flores is a huge cow to milk in on himself, please stop bringing up fags with 1k follower counts, it's unironically cringe.

No. 1211033

File: 1618722496153.jpeg (146.58 KB, 828x800, CC945875-4164-479C-8E68-5099DD…)

No. 1211034

bella is a classic cow. anyone who’s been here for more than a month knows

No. 1211035

She got doxed years ago and someone found court docs showing she gets child support from the Italian baby daddy and she had all these tickets from speeding (one or two with “infant in car” or something) and she lost her license or it got suspended. She might’ve gotten married to the baby daddy since then, otherwise she’s lying

No. 1211038

File: 1618723002196.jpeg (105.25 KB, 651x900, DD42BE35-31D3-4C2F-AD0A-39CE65…)

her life is a movie

No. 1211062

i would love more on this cow she seems like a wreck

No. 1211068

File: 1618726678262.png (646.49 KB, 1080x862, IMG_20210418_081701.png)

No. 1211070

did that dick pic of hers that was going around all the leftist group chats last year ever get posted publicly? everyone was saying it was disturbingly big and shaped like a paddle

No. 1211093

Why not both? Capital's been trying to do that since the mid 1800's, but the Rockefellers failed and the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed. The reason why Capital is able to do it now is because it's more than just a few rich families and corporations, it's now an entire movement across media, academia, NGO's, and finance with its core made up by a single tribe. They themselves admit it.


No. 1211145

Shalom goy

No. 1211162

post milk instead of complaining then

No. 1211165

File: 1618740364748.jpeg (82.39 KB, 827x570, 4B470EF3-4A7F-4295-A832-563118…)

No. 1211194

Dasha looking pretty stunning here

No. 1211216

>dick pic of hers
come on now

No. 1211239

So this girl is friends with Shuwu and Ash?

No. 1211266

Shoe literally used to be a mod here. The old admin/guy who created lolcow was best friends with Shoe and part of the reason he even made lolcow in the first place was as a honeypot so Shoe could collect ip’s of people gossiping about her. Nothing really came of it because no one really used Shoe’s thread back then and by the time people here started talking about her the old admin had left.

No. 1211274

tl;dr obvious tweddit transplant newfags continue to be cringe even when they try to "integrate"

No. 1211280

it’s more cringe to know all of that

No. 1211282

It’s very obvious you’re a whiteknight from twitter because this isn’t even some kind of deep lolcow lore. It’s in the OP of every shoe thread.

No. 1211288

Yeah but it has nothing to do race on it’s face. These guys take this shit personally like it’s an affront to their really weak sense of self. It’s literally just because brown people live closer and they’d rather bitch and moan and larp than try and unite labor across the board. That’s tells you how much they actually care about the proles.

No. 1211352

File: 1618765575027.png (240.04 KB, 1048x1036, Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 1.02…)

bella following the caroline, heather, jack and others nobody red scare simp to twitter laughingstock pipeline but at least the others got attention from dasha and anna

No. 1211419

some californian pepe, more of a pine tree guy i think actually, she met up with him and samelplan in arizona like summer 2019 after edating him a while.

No. 1211422

>pine tree guy

No. 1211456

I know someone who knew her in real life, her baby daddy wasn’t from Twitter he was just a local Italian guy

No. 1211457

I mean the insane tankie commies on twitter think they are radlibs for being friends with Glenn Greenwald/Matt Taibbi and the other reprobates like Red Scare/CumTown. I honestly don't know nor really care.

No. 1211467

NTA but some eco-fascists put the pine tree emoji in their name on Twitter.

No. 1211469

you know like "the industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race… im going to spend saturday drinking beer and shooting guns in the woods 4 hours from my suburb"
i know, but she wasn't with her baby daddy for a couple years and dated a pinetree twitter guy from california. >>1210951 asked

No. 1211586

This has to be childsouljaboy or one of the other guys in his clique

No. 1211588

maybe mom and dad told her fun's over, it's adulting time

No. 1211618

Was that the Taibbi one where they talked about how cops are actually good and workers or something? I thought they did push back on him for that or maybe I remember it wrong.

No. 1211635

>insisting this hard that Dasha is secretly a super good actress that got her role for her acting alone when we have all seen her "imma boet" acting

No. 1211674

Of course shoe needs to come in and defend the walking cliché with a pickme personality manufactured to fit internet men's tastes, being a walking cliché with a pickme personality manufactured to fit internet men's tastes herself she probably felt as offended as if it had been directed at her kek

No. 1211691

They did but it wasn't enough for their simps. Many of them turned on them for not being aggressive. Never mind that they turn a blind eye to Virgil making a pod with Brie (a good friend of Jimmy Dore and his group).

No. 1211692

File: 1618797807765.jpeg (125.7 KB, 640x940, 4DEC5E16-4385-41AE-99DE-8298E6…)

Shoe has been doing this for what like 10+ years now? It’s depressing that she hasn’t progressed at all. Hopefully Bella drops it before she ends up like June, I feel like if the only people encouraging you are shoe0nhead and like desperate 30 year old reply guys it would hopefully make you reevaluate.

No. 1211697

>obsessed with
It isn't, "obsessed with" would make sense if most people ITT were simple spectators watching the people and the scene from afar. Thread is littered with literal whos because it's all people from the same scene and wider circle posting, smaller relevance gets magnified. Which is why the cows crying on twitter about how much "we" care are so ridiculous, it's they themselves and their own friends posting here.

This >>1211288

"Knowing all about that obscure 4chan stuff" is considered cool in dirtbag spaces, it's what got Anna interested in a retard like samememe to begin with, it's why Aimee uses Apu images. You don't get to "ha ha I actually have a life and I'm better than this" now, especially because aren't and you don't. None of you do.

No. 1211713

Exactly, as if random farmers who just follow the thread for milk are the ones posting these 1k accounts with like detailed knowledge about them going back years lol. This thread attracts so many offsite posters self/vendetta posting compared to pretty much any other thread, which I do think can be entertaining as a “spectator”, but it’s delusional to act as if it’s random stalkers who are “obsessed” with them. It’s very obviously them and their friends.

No. 1211719

Fair enough, I was dumb to not think critically of why these people are so dead set focused on literal who cows. It's just these no name losers who want a slice of the pie that Anna and Dasha grift, making yourself "famous" by a amassing a large following of haters to prove how edgy and special you are.

No. 1211744

what exactly is the "power" here unless those old men simp for you hardcore

No. 1211749

Dasha is posting her BPD chimpouts here now that she can't tweet, just look at the previous thread

No. 1211845

>"Knowing all about that obscure 4chan stuff" is considered cool in dirtbag spaces
shoe threads are not "obscure 4chan stuff"

No. 1211882

it's so funny that angie and peter coffin went on rants for months about the left and leaving the left and leaving breadtube. people were making joke about how they were going to turn reactionaries in a couple of years but it took this angie girl just a couple of months to get the perfume nationalist on her "socialist" pod (she kicked out peter coffin before this tho lol)

No. 1211894

In your opinions what is the milkiest thing jack has ever done/said?

No. 1211912

Nothing, ever
Just a constant supply of thin gruel

No. 1211929

when he tagged like 30 people including dasha asking them to defend him against bill kezos

No. 1211935

NTA, I wasn't aware of that either and holy kek. The only time I have ever lurked on a shoe thread was during the brief time I mistook her for boxxy, but now this degenerate cup of milk make me interested in her. How did she plan on making use of a honey pot like this though? Match IPs of shittalking anons on here with IPs on pseudonymous social media?

No. 1211984

According to Anna (aka actually according to Paglia and Anna parrots it) being young and beautiful gives you power and advantage over men because they will do whatever they want in order to have sex with you. Ironically it does more to infantalize men, when the point is supposedly that you should not infantalize women.

No. 1212043

and what exactly have men done to have sex with Anna, Paglia or Dasha

No. 1212054

According to this thread they’ve cast her in HBO shows, paid her rent, and left their wives

No. 1212082

Dasha might actually have had some luck with this to be fair, but not PagliAnna

No. 1212086

When Dasha was what she considers young she just got to be in some music videos and guys taking her on vacation while living in some miserable basement apartment. The success of Red Scare isn't because they're pretty. Dating Adam, who is only like 3 years older, got the podcast off the ground and getting him to let her live rent free was a good get but Anna is the backbone of the show. Nick's then girlfriend started a podcast around the time of Red Scare and that went nowhere.

No. 1212094

>Nick's then girlfriend started a podcast
Lol forgot about that. She made zero impression in that whole little scene.

No. 1212181

To be completely fair it doesn’t seem like Abby has tried as hard as Dasha, and I don’t think she’s as promiscuous? How many of the 100 guys Dasha fucked were actors, directors, producers, men close to entertainment? She admitted some of them were directors and she befriended heirs and famous kids to try to social climb and network. Sad to say but prettier girls who have slept around in the LA scene have climbed much higher in Hollywood than Dasha and in a faster time to

No. 1212200

No. 1212244

redscare thots be like "men will do anything to have sex with my tortured wellbutrin angel self" & then get a candle for Christmas

No. 1212265

File: 1618856244636.png (60.7 KB, 723x617, adamquote.png)

being smart is when you copy-paste an old guy saying something from wikiquote when you could just say it more succinctly and coherently yourself

No. 1212280

File: 1618856887540.jpg (15.85 KB, 640x661, yankee-candle-cheese-pure-natu…)

No. 1212298

Does anyone get a weird vibe from Virgil and Amber? Like they are not really friends and only get along with each other because they are friends with their other cohosts? I could be wrong, but it has always seemed that way, especially from Virgil's end.

No. 1212385

Chapocels only tolerate her in the first place because she's a token "I don't care if I have to work next to a rapist" wamen.

No. 1212405

No. 1212468

Power and control over what? She can't even control her Twitter addiction. I thought she only got flowers from a man once in her life and they were breakup flowers? The delusion is strong in these scarethots, scrotes are not thirsting fo these mentally ill 5s and 6s. This girl had to post photos of herself literally sucking dick to get any attention, even from teenage incels on Discord.

No. 1212544

even in the case of casting the women come to the men, producers dont need to troll young women for casting couch shenanigans…the 'talent' will come to them. All they have to do is give them some bit role that was already earmarked for a piece of ass anyway.

No. 1212545

Caroline even got mentioned a few times by Chapo. Everyone after her was merely an afterthought.

No. 1212565

sage bc its not really important or interesting really but greenwald is having a meltdown over facts about the capitol riots. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1384273764297232386

chill the fuck out dude

No. 1212582

I'm sure if the rioters found AOC or Pelosi they would've just had a nice friendly chat, Glenn.

No. 1212651

just a while ago he postedan article defending matt gaetz and adults having sex with teens, the comment section was full of "actually it's ephebophilia" guys

No. 1212811

The office cake thing was pretty funny. Also when he said Black Lives Matter is the reason why he has no friends.

No. 1212857

Dasha just straight up calls herself a conservative and speaks approvingly of her friend's newfound "homoerotic fascist" aesthetic on the new ep. Think they're completely done with any pretenses at calling themselves leftists.

No. 1212873

No. 1212874

Can you all follow my twitter im deepwebegirl

No. 1212884

Then she sounded like she was reading a groyper twitter AI while stiltedly trying to explain her opinions

No. 1212893

File: 1618920635202.png (26.74 KB, 413x147, nwr.png)

If true, this is basically the zenith of Dasha's career. If she's his new muse (not impossible, she has been compared to a lesser Elle Fanning) and not just a side character, then the sky's the limit for her career.

No. 1212899

File: 1618922787268.jpg (68.76 KB, 576x1024, Ej7EjCGWoAIvPqm.jpg)

Dasha's droning rambling this ep confirms she could never go solo unless she had a gay cohost to go full cackling hag mode with. It was unnerving hearing her talk for so long.
Her movie supposedly has socialist themes and was made barely a year ago. She's still going to be wearing the leftist feminist girlboss mask when promoting it and succession.
The homo fascist (but only to lure girls to him) leaning friend? This leech and walking future metoo crisis, pictured.
Miles Teller and Elle Fanning's careers aren't doing too well but he is a director I could see her limited skills working with his autistic style.

No. 1212902

File: 1618923290679.png (210.67 KB, 738x2178, teamproletariat.png)

amazing how many of aimee's most ardent replyguys admit to being academics, lawyers, and landlords to each other while tweeting about the tyranny of the pmc

No. 1212920

The film industry is dying

No. 1212930

lol thank you for this anon

No. 1212934

The neon demon guy? Man, she really is skinwalking every piggy looking blonde trying to look like a young Slavic fashion model.

No. 1212947

File: 1618934445149.jpg (216.85 KB, 1021x1432, SCREENSHOT.jpg)

the egg god's poetry
is rupi kaur
with internet jargon
but don't worry
this mfa credentialed professor
is fighting against
the bourgeoisie

No. 1212948

File: 1618934567637.png (27.55 KB, 658x417, Screenshot_2021-04-20 Red Scar…)

anyone know why /u/ghostHardvvare isn't a redscare mod anymore? he/she was one of the original mods of the sub, account still active…possible mod in-fighting drama??

No. 1212955

can only speculate that they outed maddie and got culled.

No. 1212972

I think he made a post saying he was too busy to be a mod but it could have been someone else.

No. 1212998

Imagine being so weak willed that you unconvincingly admit to being culturally conservative to court groyper Twitter bc blue hairs made leftism lame and cringe. The non overly online conservative men want nothing to do with some indie actress art hoe. These people don’t claim you. All these dirtbag pickmes are gonna look back on this era and be pretty embarrassed.

No. 1213001

sage because not really milk but aimee's original account got resurrected for 20 minutes then she went private and got suspended again lol

No. 1213025

Love that for her

No. 1213028

i remember one time some posted a pic of this dweeb to the cumtown sub saying he looks like an oblivion character

No. 1213030

her account is back up again

No. 1213031

File: 1618943965195.jpeg (227.18 KB, 750x725, 50EBAACF-5307-47A7-80BB-6D9567…)

already sperging it seems

No. 1213033

Resurrected in time for some Chauvin “humor”

No. 1213035

lol is this her balding roommate?

No. 1213037

Are all of these freaks academics?

No. 1213051

File: 1618945453786.gif (3.78 MB, 498x286, Madara laughing.gif)

>google image this
>the result, "hair loss"

No. 1213057

Imagine thinking this is remotely true, or that the "power" you get from men wanting to have sex with you isn't completely divorced from or can be freely converted into real, meaningful power.

I don't get these idiots, everyone knows hot young beautiful women get treated like cattle by the fashion and the porn industries (actually worse, you don't starve or torture cattle), "men want to fuck you" has literally never meant anything.

No. 1213059

He looks like "the worst guy you know" from the Onion.

No. 1213061

Eat your veal anon

No. 1213062

File: 1618946390865.jpg (94.92 KB, 1021x731, masterpiece.jpg)

for the wl crowd? yes. even anna k dropped out of a phd program. surprised that amber, adam lehrer and this guy have book deals.

No. 1213116

It's called borderline personality disorder anon

No. 1213123

Dashanna says this but then copes and seethes about supposedly "less hot and actually really ugly" fat hollywood blondes/PMC girlbosses/whatever getting further than these pagliapilled r/vindicta users ever could, all without fucking hundreds of men (if any at all).

Taking scarethot insights on sexual economics is a great way to die alone after years of buxing some cumtown tier soyboy, kind of like how Caroline is going to end up.

No. 1213132

you may be able to help me with this one but i've seen many times references to kantbot being sissy dommed by christlover. is that true or just a meme? if it's true, how did people find out?

No. 1213171

I'm surprised she even used the phrases "gay for pay" and "homoerotic" so kyle is apparently hetero and not an actual faggot??? lmao so this confirms she fucked him while dating adam, absolutely disgusting he looks like he smells like cheese

No. 1213176

Holy shit yeah I caught that. Damn, I thought it was weird that she fucked a gay guy, guess it was all meme and she now fully admits to being a cheating bitch. Christ.

No. 1213190

>outed maddie
don't know if it's a secret or not, but one of her accounts is u/equinoxmember4

No. 1213193

So this probably means he has an "in" at twitter HQ. Whether it's a sympathetic employee or Anna's contact who got her own account unbanned a couple years ago is anyone's guess.

No. 1213194

IIRC Kyle is a self-hating gay who's tried to force himself to be straight for several years now because he wants to be le epic trad pepe

No. 1213202

File: 1618958701500.png (191.52 KB, 562x502, lol.png)

was Aimee the canary in the coal mine with the Chapo simp who got no attention from the Chapos-to-deranged post-left pipeline?

No. 1213203

File: 1618958839341.png (214.74 KB, 475x523, sad.png)

No. 1213212

File: 1618959494015.jpg (133.96 KB, 488x901, aimee punch a nazi terese.jpg)

April 2018, Aimee Terese criticizing Jordan Peterson for not being anti-Nazi enough

No. 1213213

Not two years later and she's carrying on an skype affair with a married neo-nazi and churning out new groyper edits every day for a smattering of likes from wignats and other assorted racists

No. 1213223

So he is going to kill himself before he turns 40 right?

No. 1213227

File: 1618961069657.png (118.51 KB, 484x903, aimeeyawn.PNG)

lol @ aimee using twitter lib speak to say absolutely nothing about the situation. Never mind the fact that she had been joking about it for months and exploiting it to win brownie points with alt right twitter.

No. 1213251

File: 1618964534944.png (67.26 KB, 758x567, aimeebackstory.png)

2018 aimee was almost honest about her class position and education status. (the private school is loreto kirbilli ifirc)

No. 1213253

can someone give me the backstory on this guy? ive only been aware of him for like the past few months, seems to be going absolutely insane over post-left r*tards but is also apparently a DJ? what was he doing on tumblr 10 yrs ago? whats his whole deal? just curious

No. 1213256

Last summer he wanted to try and talk anna and dasha out of their pro-cop anti-blm stance. I think he might be irl acquaintances with them.

No. 1213265

yeah it's weird, i guess i probably started seeing his account around then and it seemed like his whole thing was like kind of the opposite of what it is now?

No. 1213268

when was she mentioned?

No. 1213277

Wow, all of the chapo hate is because they didn’t like her tweets?

No. 1213281

File: 1618968507978.png (1020.48 KB, 2048x1110, Screenshot_20210420-203147.png)

the aimee terese vault has some amazing shit

No. 1213283

File: 1618969196933.png (1.22 MB, 1152x1985, Screenshot_20210420-223555~2.p…)

felix and Matt both liking this tweet making fun of fatbot. waiting for him to see it and lose it

No. 1213286

Hasn't he subsequently had a falling out with warren and sam? He'd probably agree that parking lot meetup was incoherent cringe.

No. 1213288

Haha is she deleting all these?

No. 1213291

he had a falling out with his ex cohost for sure. idk about hyde but wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1213293

idk but i'd be quick to grab some screenshots

No. 1213295

She vaguely has a point, but it's absolutely hilarious that she's the one making it.

No. 1213296

That Chris-chan fit

No. 1213299

File: 1618971769959.png (450.1 KB, 929x405, arp.png)

Alex Ross Perry confirmed scarethot simp

No. 1213301

The grifflightning person that's tagged with Dasha is Griffin Newman who is an actor/podcaster and major lib. He was in A Rainy Day in New York, Woody Allen's second to last movie. He denounced Allen after to save face even though he had full knowledge of his crimes before agreeing to work with him.

No. 1213304


Idk why people here want her to completely fail at acting and only then will they be satisfied. She will never get the big money A-list role like Liv Taylor in Lord of the Rings, Jolie in Tomb Raider or any other major franchise for the obvious reasons plus her voice is horrible. Her peak is being a c-list "cool girl" actress at best, coasting by on playing herself for a few years like her BFF Paz de la Huerta only with even less range then Paz because Paz had a nice rack was plugged into the soho social scene from childhood. I can't imagine being jealous of someone for the potential that they may be a more obscure, less attractive version of Zooey Deschanel x Paz that's already hitting their 30s before they even begin their career in an industry where most actresses have peaked by their late 20s.

No. 1213306

kek funny how that turned out

No. 1213318

I don't want her bad acting in things I like but agree I hope she does climb to C list. It'll be funny to see how she handles mainstream attention.

No. 1213337

Can someone please tell me why so many Chapocels hate Brie? Is it because she is MUH STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO NEED NO MAN and wouldn't play nice with Daddy Sam Seder?

No. 1213342

Mostly because she made a fool of herself and the M4A cause with her pathetic #ForceTheVote stunt.

No. 1213345

File: 1618980336844.png (59.71 KB, 611x367, three wise men.png)

My my my, how the turn tables.

Also Aimee used to defend Liz Bruenig against accusations of her being anti-abortion from the more socially liberal online left; think that might have played a role in her gradually slipping into the contrarian/reactionary sphere.

No. 1213347

File: 1618981269788.png (50.76 KB, 595x269, 1619 project.png)

holy shit

No. 1213354

File: 1618982641749.jpg (322.29 KB, 2000x1500, aimeepainting.jpg)

What is this? Did Aimee really do these paintings?

No. 1213355

File: 1618982659529.jpeg (637.35 KB, 750x1317, 5F9E63EA-76E4-402D-A0E2-87C434…)

perfect angelic dasha. anapilled, hasn’t eaten for a week, everyone

No. 1213357

File: 1618983381855.png (43.98 KB, 735x407, dsapilledaimee.png)

Different times!

No. 1213359

I want her to become a good actress. I want millennial ex-hipsters to make good content and not be grifters or operate like sleazy, evangelical youth pastors siphoning money and energy from their discord flocks. I am dying for this generation to shed this Stasi behavior and political bullshit and to make something good, something worthwhile.

No. 1213360

quit being a faggot loser

No. 1213363

elle fanning but with extra chromosome

No. 1213366

File: 1618985902459.png (46.6 KB, 604x215, lefty.png)

simply lol

No. 1213368

File: 1618986154712.png (46.04 KB, 595x204, fugees.png)

Flash forward to her salivating over Trump's border rhetoric

No. 1213381

Oh because she pissed of AOC simps, gotcha. Pathetic, I'm glad the left is dead in the US, nothing but a bunch privileged white brats and their poor, powerless POC allies.

No. 1213382

She's a cow herself, just scroll back through previous threads

No. 1213383

Oh I know, Brie is full of shit, but it's still retarded that they hate her literally because she at least tried making the squad do jack shit. All Chapo does now is do shitty reviews of shit movies, basically a much worse Red Letter Media. AIDS Moby could probably do circles around these faggots. Sorry for my gay rant.

No. 1213384

Now that Aimee has her official twitter account back can the same 3 people that post her twitter screencaps with "just lol" comments and other lazy commentary make their own thread please.

No. 1213385

Sage your posts, Aimee.

No. 1213386

Hi Aimee, try to be more subtle next time.

No. 1213406

She looks 40 here. She’ll probably hit her stride as an actress if she starts doing mom roles.

No. 1213461

her boobs are so saggy ew. granny titties ass mf. anna an actual mom has better boobs

No. 1213484

This is cope, she looks fine. Not great but not what you're projecting

No. 1213547


listened to some of this. incredible trash. mediocre even for the standards of this thread.
in case someone doesn't remember this was peter and ashleigh coffin's podcast. last year when peter and ash broke up ash disappeared from the pod without an announcement or even a mention. then a couple months ago they kicked out peter coffin and said it was because of his addiction to twitter drama and only wanting to talk about his twitter beef of the week. now the pod is just this chick angie and his boyfriend who barely even speaks on the pod. angie seems to be an aimee terese wannabe and has been announcing his departure from the left from some time now and has gone in less than a year from podcasting with ash coffin larping as a communist taking selfies with guns and the soviet flag to having jack on to discuss how the metoo movement is puritanical and anti male sexuality and complaining about the ban on indoor smoking and lil nas x
she has a little cow potential but it's probably too irrelevant to be featured too much in here

No. 1213624

>if you don't like coercive sex pests you are against male sexuality
>male sexuality is inherently repulsive and predatory

Accidentally based and pinkpilled

No. 1213625

She doesn’t even have to be a “grifter”, just incredibly weak minded and weak willed to flip this hard and quickly. Especially bc as far as I can tell she hasn’t even accounted for her previous opinions. No “I was once a stupid lib but has have since seen the light”. Weak and incredibly narcissistic.

No. 1213628

yeah cus pointing out that she looks like a bug eyed freak due to her 18 mm circle lenses compared to a very normal person and not the "smol steppe uwu" gf she projects to be is cope

No. 1213629

Calling these losers grifters is giving them too much credit. What you're seeing is just garden variety unpopular kids saying what they think will get them the social approval they couldn't get in high school. Anna and Aimee's fixation on being "strong independent unapologetic cluster A truth tellers" followed by explanatory textwall chimpouts upon the slightest pushback only makes it more obvious. They live for what others think of them and shape their retarded opinions accordingly.

No. 1213636

Ew her face looks quite swollen and wide; You can tell from her puffy eyebags. Try reducing your sodium intake Shaista so that you can be the steppe gf cooking lamb skewers in your smol yurt in the exact same clothes that Annie has from aritiza or zara.

No. 1213650

The anons seething and posting pictures of Dasha we've already seen ages ago needs to go too

No. 1213779

honestly just seems like "radicalization", not in the twitter lib sense of the word. it doesn't take long for that stuff to happen. there are lots of examples of people getting into radically stark politics in spans of a year. while it does mean they dont actually know much about the belief, it doesnt mean they dont actually believe it

No. 1213798

File: 1619045011340.png (70.75 KB, 587x255, y.png)

No. 1213858

File: 1619049798551.jpg (1.87 MB, 2964x2046, EzhK371WEAUCW1V.jpg)

too bad artist didn't have the snapshot of prematurely middle age aimee smirking and raising her fist https://twitter.com/_JackDump_/status/1384954426012622850/

No. 1213891

lol Aimee said she would do a 3 part series on her "analysis" on assisted suicide and hasn't followed up after a week. Just the first part was out where it was her reading the Jacobin article that pissed her off so much. What was she doing all this time between then and before she got her Twitter back?

No. 1213902

3 pt series?
three maxed out tweets more like lol
She probably deleted her own account and claimed she was banned again so she wouldn’t have to do it.

No. 1213958

I should've clarified that the "series" in question is on What's Left. The first instalment was released after she had already been banned, so I don't think that has much to do with it

No. 1213963

bet she sidelined it to do a 7 part series on the chauvin trial instead now that the artificial euthanasia furor has died down.

No. 1213977

it's no wonder they are neurodivergent

No. 1213978

You can't fake a ban, an account is either self deactivated or banned and it's pretty easy to tell which it is.

No. 1214063

angiespeaks is a troon?

No. 1214098

File: 1619091438610.jpeg (284.64 KB, 750x837, F7BE5982-813A-4AE4-A387-1B091B…)

aimee picking a fight with former cohost malcom kyeyune

No. 1214118

File: 1619093943615.jpeg (248.17 KB, 750x1075, 86C15FFF-8814-4519-85BA-EEC7DF…)

post left on post left violence part 1

No. 1214119

File: 1619093981579.jpeg (243.63 KB, 749x1086, 89122886-A4C5-4C08-8447-9AC9F4…)

post left on post left violence part 2. obviously there's more to it but they're arguing about the makhia bryant situation

No. 1214154

File: 1619099421386.png (138.07 KB, 1386x792, postleftrollcall.png)

Found a Substack piece where Adam Lehrer explicitly listed the members of the post-left and described the movement as against the PMC. Then listed the lengthy credentials of its members.

No. 1214174

Wow a post left-tard not cop defending? That’s a first

No. 1214194

File: 1619105466184.png (29.38 KB, 551x149, hmmm.png)

Anyone with access know what this is about?

No. 1214240

anorexic chelsea clinton vibes

No. 1214242

File: 1619112508287.jpeg (121.88 KB, 750x480, 01D100B7-D527-4732-98B4-A3E680…)

a scrote trying to tell women what the Right kind of feminism is lol

No. 1214250

moids always think that anti-capitalist feminism = male pandering feminism because men can be poor sometimes and that's, like, the worst thing in the world

No. 1214298

What boobs are you even talking about? She's nearly flat chested. The real ew is the face.

I have never seen a russian woman as asymmetric as her. I blame it on growing up in America. The allergies in America are crazy. She probably had to mouth breath the dry Vegas air and ended up with this a downy/underbite look.

No. 1214307

what's next, feminism that isn't male inclusive isn't worth bother with? FOH

No. 1214410

Not that anon but for such small boobs they do hang pretty low

No. 1214415

File: 1619129096402.png (214.26 KB, 946x1086, Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.03…)

Drunken Canal is lame but how delusional do you have to be to think women's interest in perfume could only have come from some gay fat nazi. Is this the husband writing again.

No. 1214433

i feel retarded for not knowing Tinkzorg was Malcolm Kyeyune until recently

No. 1214439

Like upper middle class white boy nerds talking about how they hate “white feminism”. Lol

No. 1214535

File: 1619142331320.png (932.91 KB, 1438x2030, logodaedalusmeltdown.png)

left: aimee and logo daedalus have a weird unprompted tangent about baby genitals, logo gets the breaking bad meme treatment
right: logo has a meltdown about the concept of memes bc people are laughing at him for saying freak shit

No. 1214574

File: 1619147434403.png (303.71 KB, 605x527, fight fight fight.png)


No. 1214578

File: 1619147954294.png (108.39 KB, 491x551, continued.png)

she has some points tbh

No. 1214580

but felix didn't mock aimee for being anti-euthanasia? he mocked her for suggesting it was cowardly not to watch the suffering of loved ones. not interested in chapo or defending them, but they, unlike carl beijer, have been careful to only dogpile on aimee when she's said something so stupid only her simps will side with her.

No. 1214590

File: 1619149593622.png (90.17 KB, 585x378, qt.png)

How it started

No. 1214601

File: 1619151505577.png (725.66 KB, 1200x1244, Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.1…)

No. 1214610

I have been listening to Chapo for years, I have never heard them reference Aimee, fucking ever, are you people on thorazine?

No. 1214613

File: 1619153581472.jpeg (206.9 KB, 1217x2048, Ezmi0gSUUAA0aPd.jpeg)

what is this style of writing called?

No. 1214636

but he's right for once?

No. 1214659

Aimee's going to go ballistic when she listens to the latest episode of Chapo, they spend the whole hour talking about how cool Hunter Biden is and Felix unironically makes the case for Biden being the best president of his lifetime.

No. 1214686

File: 1619169083556.png (128.26 KB, 590x487, Like.png)

No. 1214688

File: 1619169503224.png (956.56 KB, 1298x725, not.png)

Right about the memes

No. 1214690

of course

No. 1214691

File: 1619169946893.png (346.68 KB, 601x740, Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 1.53…)

No. 1214693

so bizarre that aimee got such an old account back. Didn't that one get banned for posting really gross sexual stuff about a journalist or something or did I confuse that with one of the other 9 times she's been banned?

No. 1214694

Of course she'd back the blue but to so openly burn the predatory homosexual who was one of her strongest supporters

No. 1214705

yeah it was very unlike her to throw a 'fren' under the bus like that

No. 1214708

he said he was friends with Anna but since his insane sperging about TPN and Aimee (calling her things like a 'germanic forest witch') and just about every prominent post-left figure I kinda doubt it

No. 1214709

I think she was banned for saying Warren 'needs to be beaten' and some people interpreted it as beaten as in beaten up, rather than beaten in the presidential race

No. 1214717


It wasn't really interesting, there was just a thread where people agreed she is annoying

No. 1214732

it's funny how his attitude to race totally differs from his attitude to women, feminism is worthless if it's not "anticapitalist" because some moid said so (lol girlbosses amirite guys!) but it doesn't matter that BLM has support from just about every major corporation and the BLM org supported Biden in the election, because race is his personal pet issue. it's so pathetic

No. 1214771

Was her account from 2 years ago restored now? strange

No. 1214801

Liz is so sanctimonious and annoying

No. 1214866

i don't think that "i can attack any person who hasn't publicly defended me even tho they are not even my friends or anything" is a good point

No. 1214894

Local moid attempts to purity test you while embracing his own pet non-issues, more at 11. Men are inherently narcissistic and that's a fact.

No. 1215165

sounds fucking awful… what did amber say during this? does she agree?

No. 1215172

File: 1619215463582.jpeg (800.92 KB, 1170x1302, F6631F6E-80E9-4A47-B727-EAD917…)

What is appealing about this look, she looks like a degenerate crackwhore

No. 1215184

She was sucking up to all of these people within the last year or two, Carl included. No one is buying that it isn't personal. Making memes of people's kids is really creepy even for her.
She's not on it. They make fun of Hunter a lot, that description isn't accurate. Saying Biden is better than Clinton isn't high praise.

No. 1215185

Liz is calling out Aimee for "writing fanfiction about strangers" re: herself in a thread in which Carl is doing the same to Aimee. Aimee's correct in noticing the Schmittian friend/enemy distinction impulse among the dirtbag lefties; Felix goes on a two-day viral crusade in support of euthanasia that would have inspired a thread of denunciation from Liz if if had come from anyone that wasn't her fren.

No. 1215191

File: 1619217306112.png (736.25 KB, 771x747, aaa.png)

No. 1215210

this has got to be an aimee simp. aimee tweets about her enemies (chapo, bruenigs, njr, carl) 10 to 50 times a day. besides carl, who is as dumb as she is, nobody tweets about aimee as much as she tweets about her podcast enemies.

No. 1215225

>besides carl, who is as dumb as she is
that's the point, cow recognizes cow

No. 1215365

File: 1619234611898.png (65.49 KB, 919x737, 2BE863D9-0C4E-4185-B4DD-9AD64E…)


No. 1215373

File: 1619235271302.jpeg (340.98 KB, 508x1022, 1AD075CD-F025-4C8B-823A-EA2311…)

blue checks have 0 self awareness ffs.

No. 1215415

bruenig is one of the absolute worst people on twitter unironically. it really catches you off guard because if you see one or two of her tweets she comes across as okay and reasonable, but then you see her timeline and how she responds to stuff and you realize how insufferable she is

No. 1215433

ew she has boobne

No. 1215454

File: 1619240489675.png (105.91 KB, 616x481, aimee.png)

I mean…

No. 1215458

If this is what she looks like at 20-something, imagine what a trainwreck she's going to be in her 40s, let alone 30s. Balding, lipstick on the teeth, deflated tits drooping to her belly button, HPV warts on her lips squirting pus as she tries and fails to pick up the last guy left at the truckers bar at 4 in the morning.

No. 1215485

>if this is what she looks like at 20 something
She looks exactly that, 20 something. You fucking retard. Not even defending her but people like you are clapped in the head.

No. 1215505

something big seems to be going on with that Socialism Done Left guy who seems to be dating Merrick Deville but I still haven't read to understand what

this guy has a big thread https://twitter.com/umbrosious/status/1385822026322034689

and merrick is fighting people over it too
also somehow a pic of merrick sucking dick showed up in my timeline

No. 1215537

Anon didn't say she looks older, just that she looks like a trainwreck. Which she does. She also looks older and haggard but that's because she has an unfortunate auntie facial structure and chooses to accentuate it, not because she looks aged.

No. 1215558

File: 1619253307639.png (264.79 KB, 1194x1274, Screen Shot 2021-04-24.png)

Aimee shades new Fedpost fav Mommy Milkers

No. 1215566

What in the FUCK is up with her tits? It looks like she has a rash all over them.

No. 1215568

File: 1619255480545.png (244.99 KB, 594x696, fed.png)

Shades the whole of fedpost and their boosters too

No. 1215574

You have Bruenig Derangement Syndrome lol

No. 1215626

But she follows her and even retweeted her tweet promoting her guest appearance on that pod almost as an endorsement, so that's strange

No. 1215683

aimee loves cops and feds. why else do you think she follows bap, vandrew, and the editors of american conservative magazine?

No. 1215722

Podcows say this & then rage at lolcow for criticizing them lmfao

No. 1215767

her account getting unbanned singlehandedly saved this thread

No. 1215853

File: 1619293522707.png (36.32 KB, 811x217, boobyhugger.png)

Boobyhugger is a former Spumco animator and current total freak.

No. 1215903

Amber has been on record on previous episodes saying she finds Hunter cool. Hell Anna and Dasha are singing praises of Hunter's book and don't think this shit is ghost written (which the dry boys of course think is bullshit but still like Hunter). All the dirtbag left likes Hunter except for weird outliers like Brie or Jimmy Dore.

No. 1215907

>All the dirtbag left likes Hunter
They only "like" him because their infantile minds are thinking "dude, crackhead failson of the president, lmao" and will just shine a light on him

No. 1215920

Dasha is creepily horny for Hunter. Is there any mention of weedslut and the deleted podcast with her on this ep?

No. 1215949

OT, but I was waiting for the dirt on Hunter from weedslut , since she was the only person conclusively IDed on his cloud but she never did. Why even bother to do SW if you don't want to capitalize your ability to attract fame and make the max amount of money before you turn 30? she fucked up her once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the dirtbag left's monica lewinsky, lol.

No. 1216029

Dudes like him all get their hookers to sign scary NDA’s, that is why she can’t talk about it

No. 1216030

She’s not even hot enough to be hired as an escort for a politician’s methed out son

No. 1216042

File: 1619318539959.png (717.93 KB, 1567x1487, itsokaywhenitsthem.png)

aimee's straight up posting articles from obscure british right wing think tanks, including linked to koch brothers money.

No. 1216052

File: 1619320519194.png (741.85 KB, 572x756, ogm.png)

No. 1216053

Lol amber? Really?
I thought her schtick was being the true ‘working class whisperer’ who doesn’t put up dorky meme shit…it’s been awhile since I listened so I could be wrong.

No. 1216065

this coming right after a a tweet praising Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson decrying wokeness. Just admit you're a bog standard Republican, Aimee.

No. 1216131

I thought Logo's whole brand was being the "wise guy" and not caring about anything? Clearly I haven't kept up.

No. 1216134

File: 1619340600074.png (477.65 KB, 2048x849, Screenshot_20210425-034808.png)

jesus I can't imagine being her age and still being such a pathetic male pandering pickme

No. 1216138

You freaks want every woman to get hideous bolt ons

No. 1216139

Um yes there literally is? Read a goddamn book Aimee.

No. 1216140

No, that is not what she is at age 33
She is a woman with uniquely correct insights and interpretation of the works of Marx
Also the reincarnation of Rosa Luxemburg, certainly the one to carry on her intellectual legacy, although Aimee has suffered more than Rosa ever did

No. 1216141

File: 1619341753047.png (53.45 KB, 591x209, lb.png)

No. 1216142

>one of the helpful things about being a fucking idiot is that you feel you don’t have to do any actual research or thinking, rather you can just jump to conclusions and make assumptions based on your personal feelings and narratives

No. 1216144

File: 1619342585504.jpeg (300.14 KB, 640x809, 771FF720-DB25-436F-81A2-59CC64…)

Here, seeing as you can’t read books, have a neat little Wikipedia article.

No. 1216146

Anna K and Matt C have both said similar things lol. Anna admitted on a recent pod that she hasn't even read Marx and Matt copped on a stream to having learned most of the stuff he knows from wikipedia. They're all pseuds dressing up grayons-brained takes in flowery prose

No. 1216152

Seems like Aimee hasn’t even bothered to do that.

No. 1216189

File: 1619355244071.png (37.06 KB, 1266x142, Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 8.51…)

On the Philadelphia show years ago Dasha says a girl she personally knows told her that she was anally raped by Noe, in between gushing over his mediocre last movie.

No. 1216239

idk if i believe that about matt, he's given some great book recommendations

No. 1216281

I can imagine exactly that. She's old and ugly, what does she have going for her except licking dirty ballsacks online?

No. 1216304

File: 1619372209169.png (51.31 KB, 590x486, MWSnap147 2021-04-25, 14_35_06…)

it's amazing how stupid these people are and how they post this kind of drivel they dedicated two second of thinking to like it's some great intellectual discovery

No. 1216313

Hi Liz, how about you get off the computer and take care of your fucking kid.

No. 1216316

It depends on Matt. I have read most of the books he has talked on his livestreams, and he gives more info/commentary than the book reviews. So he has done some reading. Anna, oh hell no, doubt she has even read most of Paglia which is obviously hilarious considering how much she licks her roastie cunt.

No. 1216317

File: 1619373298688.jpg (89.93 KB, 933x942, aimee euthanasia.JPG)

Aimee continuying to be fuckin cueless about assisted suicide.

Houellebecq doesn't represent nothing in France except the opinion of a despised minority, the wealthy ultramontanist tradcath. Ackchyually 96% of french people are in favor of euthanasia . https://www.lequotidiendumedecin.fr/actus-medicales/ethique/euthanasie-96-des-francais-y-sont-favorables

Please Aimee stop exporting this culture war neurosis on other countries. All the proles I know are in favor of assisted suicide and you're the pedantic PMC on this controversial topic.

No. 1216334

Now we know how she got the role

No. 1216351

Cow crossover, Kaschuta is underrated for how much of a narc she is

No. 1216377

I would believe this if he didn't come off as an absolute pea-brained moron, who leaves laptops with sensitive content at random repair shops and then forgets them

This actually seems plausible (he's a mediocre early 00s hipster era director on the decline who loves to use amateur hour talent in all his movies) but he has no upcoming projects listed and I can't find anything online "confirmed" her working with him. As these just dasha sockpuppet accounts or mentally ill skinwalkers? This is the second " dasha working with (insert big break name)" rumor that's come up in the kast 2 months

No. 1216380

these dumb fucks just love houellebecq because he hates muslims
they don’t even know that he’s a monarchist ultramontane asshole

No. 1216386

The first one about Nicolas Winding Refn came from Jack's podcast so that seems like a possibility. This one supposedly came from Dasha herself in the newest red scare episode. Noe hasn't worked with anyone semi famous in America since Paz in 2009. Maybe it's just a music video or something.

No. 1216397

File: 1619381261136.png (153.51 KB, 1266x640, Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 4.07…)

The account that posted the Noe news has a bunch of stupid racist posts. Would not surprise me if it was a Perfume Nazi sock puppet.

No. 1216406

A repair guy getting into his computer doesn’t just nullify an NDA. That’s not how it work

No. 1216408

I meant in the sense that he is too retarded to pick up his own computer full of sensitive information, but is somehow on top of his shit to hire a lawyer to draft and make all these random strippers and escorts sign NDAs at 12am at night while smoking crack.

No. 1216420

Ime this is so untrue. All the rich sheltered autist kinds (like Elliot Rodger type people) are picky eaters.

No. 1216424

aimee takes a deep drag on her scryin' pipe

No. 1216427

If she didn’t sign one I’m sure she would be talking about it

No. 1216469

Completely nonsensical tweet - these ppl really stay extrapolating from their extended social circle to paint class relations with these bizarre broad strokes. News flash, being a picky eater is now a based proletarian behavior! Only wealthtards can walk into an ethiopian / Cuban / Thai / insert other ethnicity here restaurant and not immediately walk out due to the lack of ketchup, French fries and other good ol American fixins. You have to be a based white poorfag from a flyover state to appreciate the SUBTLE NUANCES of the 100 page Cheesecake Factory menu

No. 1216503

Dasha didn't say anything about it on that episode. I don't know which would be sadder, Dasha confiding about her career to Fatso Jack or him doing some creepy thing where he lies about having insider info. Maybe he makes things up to try and get her attention? Scary.

No. 1216506

She didn't say anything about Noe on the latest episode either. Maybe this is some psychotic, futile campaign by Jack to meme her into future roles

No. 1216515

File: 1619394608904.png (87.86 KB, 594x261, 101.png)

No. 1216516

wtf is this

No. 1216519

No. 1216521

she posted from the wrong sock puppet lel

No. 1216523

It's just an edit, her mrsmcgee account is still gone. It's not like Aimee is actually on the right (tm) anyway, she's just a Shuwu-tier fence sitter who will go with any grift in vogue

No. 1216577

I stan this tinfoil

No. 1216582

S-see, I don't have a rich daddy because I'm an autist who hates tomatoes but loves ketchup. It's literally impossible to be like that if you're rich.

No. 1216583

I s2g none of the redscare "gays" are gay, it's just a congregation of online jailhouse faggots. They're all samememe tier coping incels. No man who's actually homosexual would beta orbit a woman this way.

No. 1216663


Is there anyone on the online left that isn't a grifter or some paid CIA psyop (Will is literally the grandson of one)?(imageboard)

No. 1216678

image board. screenshot.

No. 1216699

File: 1619418959742.png (1.8 MB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210426-033223.png)

why the fuck is he uploading these shirtless selfies everyday? is he trying to be the reactionary stav?

No. 1216709

Beta orbiting women is gay men’s favourite hobby, that’s why they tend to be the spergiest and most aggressive stans of popstars like Charli xcx and lady gaga

No. 1216712

Omg how old is he? He looks so fucking old. He is literally so fucking disgusting. He must have a humiliation fetish to publish this.
Probably showing off his weight loss after that famous Reddit comment that almost made him kill himself.
How long ago was that? Over a year ago. It’s taken him this long to lose a few measly stone and he’s done no exercise to counteract it, so he’s just going to be a saggy blubbery shar pei looking fuck.
At least if he gets bitten by a dog he can turn around and bite back with his flabby loose wombat skin. He needs surgery. He needs breast reduction. He’s losing his hair. He’s so pasty and just looks sticky all the time. Is he bulimic? He looks like he’s severely lacking in folic acid.
Even if he was thin, he’ll, even if he was ripped he’d still have a disgusting hooked schnozz and dead, hollow little pigs eyes.

If I had to inhabit this blubbery washed up whale carcass I would write a lengthy suicide note apologising for anyone that has had to physically behold me, apologise to my mother, demand to be immediately cremated and my ashes scattered in the wind, and kill myself.

No. 1216715

All those products and he still looks like shit, sad. Also why does his chest hair seem to naturally be a boatneck neckline?

No. 1216716

what about the thot topic guys? are they hot gay?

No. 1216717

Samefag, no amount of perfume can mask the scent of your pasty blubbery flesh. Everyday he has to embalm himself like a fresh corpse so that nobody can smell the methane constantly emitting from his foetid guts. Jack you are so disgusting why do you even bother to live?
Run yourself a nice hot bubble Bath with your sweetest essential oils, close your eyes, and then maybe you can convince yourself that you’re actually a beautiful women and feel a semblance of happiness for once.

No. 1216718

Samefag again why bother getting a neovagina? He can just lube up that 10 inch deep belly button.

No. 1216722

i hate jack and no offense to you but lol you got problems

No. 1216726

why does this thread attract the most psycho people???

No. 1216735

lol it really doesnt, lurk moar

No. 1216739

What problems do I supposedly have, sanity-chan? The man who goes on misogynist 20+ tweet rants about a woman making sexual assault allegations deserves nothing less. Plus he used to lurk this thread, and I hope he still does so he kills himself. Fat men don’t deserve to live.(a-log)

No. 1216752

but there is some such thing as a "marxist" pickme who retreats back into accusations of misogyny when the criticism gets too much for them. in fact there are multiple!

No. 1216753

No. 1216810

Because the thread subjects and their adjacent twitter circle make up at least half of the posters

No. 1216831

Meh, the pictures are disgusting and he's still disgusting but if these are about weightloss and he's actually looking into improving his diet and exercising that's a good thing, one thing his nazi-vitalists friends are right about (but never fucking act on) is that cultivating beauty and becoming healthier makes you an overall better person. Who knows, maybe he finally realized he isn't the beauty-loving life-enjoying gay he liked to believe he was and decided to become it. I'm sure if he spends more time outside and reads more poetry than tweets he'll become less disgusting.

No. 1216845

that's fatbot

No. 1216850


lmao, there's literally a trope among rich, east coast private schools (ie the one Ivanka Trump went to) that all the kids hate the "regular" food the schools serve so they binge on candy and junk they bring from home and gain weight. these people will legit do anything to glorify the alleged superiority of rich people while still trying to be the based class conscious marxist hot girl

No. 1216854

to be fair to her Jo isn't claiming to be a Marxist or anything like that. but it's still a dumb tweet with no basis in reality

No. 1216871

Right. I question anyone who can listen to a few minutes of his podcast and conclude
that he’s straight and just “pretending to be gay”. People get confused because he gushes over women but it’s because he puts certain women on a pedestal and sees them as “icons” like that one rando blonde actress from like 1975 he used as his profile pic

No. 1216872

identifying as gay is bisexual men's favorite hobby

No. 1216881

He orbits Dasha because she’s been on his podcast, he’s hoping Dasha will become a big actress so more people sub to his shitty podcast. that’s all it is.

No. 1216882

Bisexual men are so rare they practically don’t exist. Most are just gay. Ever notice men “come out” as bisexual then never date or fuck a woman ever again

No. 1216945

Have tim pool and Aimee interacted? I feel like he’s the closest brand of retard faux intellect that she is.

No. 1217066

File: 1619461600825.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20210426_142503.jpg)

Sanpaku eyes

No. 1217241

File: 1619473145401.png (313.12 KB, 1192x962, Screen Shot 2021-04-277.png)

Snackvampire is a cow all on her own and should really keep her mouth shut

No. 1217259

File: 1619474680269.jpg (60.36 KB, 740x382, ouch.JPG)

a tweet dunking on aimee in all but name is picking up more momentum in an hour than her last 100 matt christman conspiracy tweets

No. 1217263

>I question anyone who can listen to a few minutes of his podcast
Just this, period

No. 1217265

all sides of this low-level twitter war are completely incapable of accepting criticism. enemies living in enemies' heads rent free.

No. 1217273

File: 1619475475368.png (712.26 KB, 746x1281, christmanbrain.png)

example christman screed, schizophrenic linking a series of articles about dsa's online recruitment and another about chapo posts. aimee thinks that logging off will mean losing to the dsa. or chapo. or brace belden.

No. 1217284

File: 1619476209747.png (138.92 KB, 311x507, lol.png)

Aimee and Cassandra bonding over shared fake outrage at politician sharing his colleagues' public office phone numbers in order to pressure support for policing bill (literally every politician/political activist does this)

No. 1217286

see >>1217284 pretty close

No. 1217295

They all deserve each other

No. 1217338

Yeah, bisexual men are rare until you put a bunch of straight men somewhere with no women.

Please stop believing how moids self identify, grandiose self deception is the cornerstone of maleness.

No. 1217426

You know people can fuck each other and not be attracted to each other right. It’s not unheard of. Gay men do it all the time before they come out

No. 1217434

Aimee doesn’t even post about politics. She just finds what ever strand of culture war is being talking about and takes the edgiest take and makes it into a shitty word salad tweet. That’s not “talking politics” no matter how much she thinks it is.

No. 1217439

I was wondering when she was going to go full Cassandra Fairbanks. Maybe she already has but Fairbanks is to her credit more ideologically consistent and just plain readable. Even tho she also seems mentally ill and pretty damaged as a person.

No. 1217503

File: 1619496075270.png (1.36 MB, 1224x471, cringe collection fat lex luth…)

Jesus fucking Christ, I thought the Red Scare subreddit was filled with disgusting whores and self hating fags, but the official discord server is much worse. Also it's filled with even uglier people that think they are hot. I think Dasha and Anna saying Banon and Roger Stone are hot has really warped these people heads.

No. 1217518

File: 1619499175596.jpeg (456.75 KB, 2000x2000, image.jpeg)

So any milk here regarding Briahna Joy Gray, she's the former Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders and now has a Podcast with one of the Chapo boys, Virgil Texax
The Whole left decided to hate her when she did a episode with Noam Chomsky, where she claimed that voting for Biden would solve nothing

No. 1217541

File: 1619502441233.png (936.49 KB, 1191x830, merrick.png)

the amount of shit coming out about that socialism done left dude is astounding and so is the levels of cringe his girlfriend merrick is posting

No. 1217555

They also hate her for force the vote, still advocating medicare 4 all, 15 dollar minimum wage, and not being mean to AOC. Basically the online Left is schizo as hell.
Oh and Sam Seder and all his fanboys hate her because she is friends with Jimmy Dore. In fact, the whole argument Seder had with her on her podcast was simply Seder still seething over Jimmy Dore.

No. 1217686

Stop forcing this retarded meme

No. 1217694

Even if this was true, it's so trite and middling. Do these people just sit online all day, trying to have as many 'takes' as possible?

No. 1217712

Post caps pls

Everything Merrick posts is astronomical cringe, not surprised she thinks the concept of comfort women is woke but that she's very upset by "transphobia"

No. 1217739

File: 1619529923373.png (833.42 KB, 1121x1593, bigleagues.png)

aimee terese tweets cited as a source in drivel for the american conservative. amcon is owned by a paleocon think tank. starting to believe the conspiracy theories about aimee's original twitter being restored on behalf of wealthy republicans.


No. 1217741

First of all, you’re like 5 months behind on this so no one cares anymore. Also your reasoning for why people don’t like her is one thousand percent wrong.

No. 1217744

No. 1217776

File: 1619535970841.jpg (72.28 KB, 911x618, aimee vaccine.JPG)

After denying the usefulness of masks in her podcast with Leila Mechoui, Aimee Terese is going full anti-vaxxer paranoid activism.

No. 1217825

anyone who's not an idiot should be skeptical of these 'vaccines'

No. 1217826

It's literally because she friends with the wrong people, implying otherwise is retarded. The only reason Virgil is untouchable is because Chapo is the King of the Left and attacking them will destroy your base. It's why Amber is probably more despised than people like Anna/Dasha but they, her detractors on the Left, must hold their fire or fear getting slapped by the king's hand.

No. 1217854

you don't even need a vaccine aimee, you live in australia

No. 1217885

we don't talk enough about how aimee lives in australia but her whole life is posting about american shit and american culture wars. it's the female ian miles cheong

No. 1217957

Bri one of my all time favorite cows atm. She’s the definition of an attention whore. However, she’s not really a pickme or sucks up to men constantly (that’s one positive thing I’ll say about her) so she appears in this thread rather sparingly.

No. 1217981

conservatives finally getting a little cunning. so much leftist hypocrisy they can't point out because they serve the same masters. chase the bag aimee, i know they pay so much better.

No. 1218073


according to some post from @LVDunceCap some time ago, the original @aimeeterese account was run by them and has since changed hands several times. May or may not be true

No. 1218092

No. 1218280

File: 1619565248556.jpg (71.84 KB, 727x619, tul.JPG)

No. 1218316

No. 1218365

I totally get that feeling of the chapo dudes, they seem to do no wrong. I don't get the Amber thing tho…why is she more despised? Just because she's not a fat dude? I seemed to miss all the Amber episodes and she doesn't have a public twitter so I don't really know what her deal is.

No. 1218368

I've been hearing this for a year now. The whole aimee shift post bernie was a psyop.

No. 1218385

we have aging selfies of the same woman, claiming the same private school/law school background. aimee "terese" laba is a real woman with multiple substance abuse problems who performs for an audience of anonymous internet trolls 20 hours a day.

No. 1218411


this is nonsense. we've seen photos of here from the last ten years, she has a podcast, has been a guest in many pods. she's real and insane

No. 1218429

File: 1619574993819.jpeg (622.76 KB, 828x1465, B1446ED0-29FF-4A4E-87C1-3A9C17…)

I don’t care for Ben Burgis but this is a decent summary of why aimee terese is a shitty person. Everyone is fair game except for Angela Nagle.

No. 1218437

don't care about burgis either but well said. she can be spewing vitriol against everyone all day long online but then anyone says anything about her or nagle and it's a crime. same as the other post above when bruenig had a similar reaction to burgis and she went "oh you ask me not to fuck with you but you never defended me when other attacked me". insane

No. 1218454

Bernie thots out there thinking berncels will spare them from their white middle class penile rage lmfao

No. 1218513

She looks like every single woke black girl I knew in collage who dated exclusively bland white guys

No. 1218612

I'm not in favor of promoting libtard mask zealotry or punishing anti-vaxxers. But Aimee is not skeptical about vaccines and mask, she has notoriously claimed to his audience that masks are useless. Let's admit that this is true, the cost of wearing masks will always be lower than the cost of not wearing them. All the Asian countries which have a mask culture are mysteriously the least exposed to the Coronavirus.
If your brain isn't totally hijacked by the culture war, you will agree that it may be in the statistical interest of the population to wear temporarily face diaper.

No. 1218626

asian countries also totally closed their borders and enforced a stricter lockdown. american didn't because that's racist.

No. 1218631

File: 1619602483633.png (47.07 KB, 438x355, DR.png)

No. 1218637

It didn’t do those things because of profit and capital, nothing to do with wokeness lol

No. 1218685

Australia is at phase 1a and 1b. the only people getting the vaccine are customs officers, frontline medical workers and people over 70. there's also only average of 24 new cases a day. for comparison florida, which has 5 million less people than australia, has an average of 5,500 new cases a day.

she is thinking about covid and fantasizing about being a bug chasing moron far, far more than anyone. its totally abstract to her. for someone like ian miles cheong its just obviously a scam, she has let american politics colonize her brain.

No. 1218687

File: 1619614864976.jpg (59.09 KB, 754x411, lmao.JPG)

you don't say aimee???? (also the idea that capitalism would suddenly become less revanchist is preposterous)

what kind of australian fantasizes about the american republican party all day?

No. 1218695

"if someone offered to wave a magic wand and the world would permanently transform into what the white American middle class experienced for a vanishingly brief window of time in the mid-20th century, I'd take it" lmfao

No. 1218697

aimee: america was better under jim crow actually

No. 1218706

File: 1619616512159.jpeg (218.35 KB, 828x686, 272D66D0-5914-4599-8A6C-574AE6…)

I mean she’s right about Alice here but it’s funny how when these two argue it’s the most tedious, completely circular and shamelessly self aggrandizing interaction.

No. 1218709

“I thought she was a Marxist…?”

No. 1218905

File: 1619630056009.png (263.87 KB, 890x1088, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 1.12…)

Is Alice really going to start a substack? Or is she doing a joke about saying she'll start one. It comes through in everything she writes but her 40 year oldness really comes out when she writes about book culture.

No. 1218933

But anon, obviously the biggest Marxists of all are the members of America's Republican Party

No. 1219171

File: 1619646941839.png (2.6 MB, 1834x1597, richgirlhubris.png)

bella gave up the left facade after being outed as a rich faildaughter. now she's booking herself as an egirl for what seems to be, from the frames i grabbed, a flailing far right youtube talk show.

No. 1219172

i hate men.

No. 1219227

She's been on there before

No. 1219373

There were about a dozen of livestreams archived on the What's Left Twitch account and now they're gone. Oliver must've removed them for some reason?


No. 1219378

>Bimbo Ubermensch
Isn't like the half black chick who hates black men cause her dad abandoned her

No. 1219408

This has to be the most retardedly convoluted way to begrudgingly acknowledge medical science while still rimming qtards

No. 1219416

retarded, that is how anatomy works. breasts are made of fat and sagging to that degree is totally normal.

No. 1219420

Most small boobs are perkier you fucking retard

No. 1219429

She’s literally so retarded. I hope someone is looking after her at home so she doesn’t Darwin herself.

No. 1219475

you're a man if you really think so, or have never seen another woman in your miserable life

No. 1219478

File: 1619689292251.jpg (186.57 KB, 933x1798, abortion aimee terese.jpg)

Why vulgar marxists like Aimee Terese are so retarded?
The interest of the capitalist class is to have new consumers and therefore to maintain a reasonable birth rate. Billionaire Jack Ma asked his employees to have more children https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jack-ma-to-alibaba-employees-have-more-kids-142525026.html
The legalization of abortion no longer has anything to do with economic realism, low fertility rate worries all governments and bourgeois economists.
Also these two catholic has never heard of scandinavian social democracy which successfully combines flourishing birth rate, record of children born out of wedlock, shamelessly bugmen feminism and aggressive exports.

No. 1219499

At this point I feel like this bimbo chick is just the Brittany Venti of the post left

No. 1219523

Japan didn't

No. 1219530

Yeah not to mention that aged care is a booming industry with a big future. If anything it makes more sense to tinfoil capitalists trying to block euthanasia and abortion.

No. 1219538

No. 1219539

File: 1619703902330.jpg (54.98 KB, 910x445, 050264.JPG)

At this point I think Aimee decided to alienate his most sane followers.

No. 1219569

File: 1619706830574.png (254.02 KB, 576x764, pickone.PNG)

>"uhm akshully hardly anyone gets euthanasia because they are in pain, it's mostly because they don't have affordable healthcare"
>"if I could wave a magic wand and put the party that is even less reserved about keeping healthcare unaffordable in power, I would!"

No. 1219588

Aimee fearmongering about a Soylent Green dystopia is ridiculous. Compare the number of deadly cancer and assisted suicide.


-In 2019, there were 5,631 cases of medical assistance in dying reported in Canada, accounting for 2.0% of all deaths in Canada.
-Cancer (67.2%) was the most commonly cited underlying medical condition of persons who received MAID, followed by respiratory (10.8%) and neurological (10.4%) conditions.
-The majority of persons receiving MAID (82.1%) were reported to have received palliative care services.


-In 2019, an estimated 220 400 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer and 82 100 will die from cancer

No. 1219593

File: 1619709182705.png (90.35 KB, 604x442, what.png)

Dude's a swamp creature lobbyist but why'd she attack his name like that lol it's a tad racist

No. 1219602

Why does she have a little freak out every time someone calls her a columnist? I think she recognizes that writing for the New York Times ultimately hurts her cred on the left so she tries to affect this "I'm like barely working there, I'm just a lowly intern at the bottom of the totem pole, I'm actually still an outsider you guys" attitude when convenient. But then other times of course she's never afraid to pull out the credentials to win an argument.

No. 1219696

It’s hard to not care when people’s daily lives are affected. Clearly this aussie lives in cuckoo land. It helps if you live on the continent you obsessively comment on.

No. 1219726

Sage your shit, where did this new crop of newfags even come from?

No. 1219745

has she deleted it yet? lol i swear she's constantly deleting tweets she realizes were fucking mistakes

No. 1219747

i mean ok not a columnist but she's an opinion writer…i mean cmon that's the same shit and you're splitting hairs if you want to argue that its not. she's so fucking corny.

No. 1219780

she and her gross husband met in debate club, and it shows
“I’m technically correct! I win!”

No. 1219782

little miss loves to do homework

No. 1219791

File: 1619724439772.png (161.54 KB, 1706x526, dashapretendingtocare.png)

No. 1219793

>A practicing Catholic
I thought she gave up that larp ages ago, how does she reconcile living in sin with OPN then?

No. 1219877

Lmfao she is so transparently fake. Who is buying this religious cosplay?

No. 1219879


how does she reconcile this with the last podcast were she was wishy-washy and nonjudgemental on the topic of Foucault diddling little kids? Who knew all those years ago when she was talking about worm brains sit was actually about her

No. 1219883

its Aimee obsessives who plagiarise and mine this thread for content and screenshots, they arrived and destroyed this topic a few threads ago. they are easy to spot because they don't sage and constantly derail the thread trying to turn everything into a serious political discussion and unironically use the term "post-left". can't tell if its just Carl reply guys or if its actually Carl himself

No. 1219884

She went Catholic because she cheated on Adam. He was her fiancé so she carried a lot of guilt about it and “turned to GOD” kek

No. 1219905

I remember that, I just meant that if she really somehow stuck to being "Catholic" after that it would make no sense since she immediately started a new relationship where she would be living in sin with him if she were practicing. I wonder if she's going to keep trotting this back out now that she's self identifying as a conservative.

No. 1219913

I don't think she was even trying to be celibate or follow other rules at any point and I doubt went to church more than a few times. She hasn't used her money or free time to help other people at all in the past year or ever but trots it out to promote her movie. Her Catholic branding is all about trying to be an intellectual and morally superior. Catholicism is posing with books, buying lace veils, and taking pictures of old churches to Dasha and all the girls copying her.

No. 1220002

Holy shit, Virgil defending Gawker was so fucking cringe. I know Peter Thiel is a disgusting lizard faggot and he bankrolls other nasty worms like JD Vance, but trying to pretend what happened to Gawker was a threat to journalism is so fucking retarded (and in fact, Gawker did illegal shit and got was coming to them, they are not fucking Julian Assange and Wikileaks). Real libtard hours from Virgil but that's not surprising. Not sure why people hate Brie more than him when she usually doesn't have shit takes like that.

No. 1220078

File: 1619753027682.jpeg (89.09 KB, 750x1334, E0L5bREXoAIdRGj.jpeg)

should we start a seperate thread to discuss these retards? only the dustiest, no-pussy-getting men in one group, just needed to add crumps

No. 1220084

did she actually admit to starting the tradcath larp because of that? i thought the timing was just coincidential and that sort of trad/waif LARP was getting popular online at the time

No. 1220090

File: 1619754282241.jpeg (111.63 KB, 960x720, gjlylykahda31.jpeg)

IIRC she had been interested in it for the vibe for a few months before but right after the break up she got recruited by some weird TradCaths but for Bernie like the one they invited on the podcast. Brunch group pictured here.

No. 1220094

File: 1619754852953.png (235.96 KB, 1192x834, Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 1.52…)

god he really loathes Liz F and wants her to know it, I've never understand why he wanted her on his pod so much

No. 1220097

who even are these people? im sorry you don’t like your friends but i dont see obscure twitter accs loosely connected to unabashed misogynist nietzky providing much milk.

No. 1220108

File: 1619755570846.jpg (112.21 KB, 784x1024, dasha skull.jpg)

The TradCaths are very interested in phrenology

No. 1220110

So that Fifty Shades ep with Liz F is definitely never happening then lol

No. 1220149


was there a falling out there? she was on TPN at one point and he's not the kind to turn on anyone who can provide a chance of clout

No. 1220180

File: 1619764782789.jpeg (332.77 KB, 640x725, 55FE8068-6BB7-474B-8E88-AD8DC7…)

This magazine is going all-out promoting their Dasha issue

No. 1220197

TrueAnon does suck tho lmao

No. 1220206

fully retarded take, this guy is more concerned with queermos getting beaten up for saying nigger on Twitter than if there is an international conspiracy regarding pedophile rings, or even just world economies? In what world is it more important to discuss how mean it is when Democrats say mean things than to talk about even 9/11 truther shit? Conspiracies are far more entertaining, and if real, far more pressing, than a bunch of gawping at the camera takes about how "SJWs" are ruining college campuses. fat retard

No. 1220207

"The Scary of Sixty-First" is such a stupid fucking title, I can't get over it

No. 1220277

File: 1619783267206.png (763.07 KB, 1171x537, deranged and aimee pilled.png)

This may just be her masterpiece

No. 1220392

Ironically Aimee has a point about the Gawker portion since Virgil is lamenting it's well deserved demise.

No. 1220410

why does aimee need to fight a shitty magazine that’s been dead since bernie’s first campaign? talk about fighting windmills.

No. 1220529

he hitched himself like a parasite to the dirtbag shit then pretended he had nothing to do with them once they started to find him annoying
they're ex-NRX guys who turned into wokies once they started to realize how cringe the post-left stuff was getting

No. 1220539

File: 1619809522936.png (131.06 KB, 1084x1044, lol.png)

pot calls kettle black. american affairs is one of the few outlets that will publish nagle. aimee can't fathom that people find both angela nagle and amber frost rw morons.

No. 1220606

Lmfao @ implying that Julian Assange is some kind of cutting edge "journalism"

No. 1220939

File: 1619874006521.png (65.57 KB, 598x321, ldr.png)

Jack looked at all the "Lana is a secret white supremacist" craziness and said "Yes, and that's a good thing"

No. 1221177

File: 1619897534029.jpg (30 KB, 350x439, 1352887269305.jpg)

>Lars von Trier
>publicly and unironically being a babbys-first-artfilm larspleb in 2020+1

No. 1221425

File: 1619928469336.png (62.63 KB, 597x242, khg.png)

Love to know what she's referring to here

No. 1221545

File: 1619947049843.png (128.72 KB, 422x560, sorry.png)

Aimee's original co-host has some regrets

No. 1221585

By “lvt levels of subtlety” he obviously means “none”

No. 1221622

Another indication that kantbot, greenwald and red scare are controlled opposition is that they never mention (KB) or not really question (Greenwald and RS) any part of the pandemic narrative.

No. 1221638

File: 1619961626809.jpeg (119.25 KB, 640x709, 24BA0AA1-BAA7-48FF-BA76-2C43B3…)

Anna continues to dress like a Fashion Nova basic bitch and she said on the pod that she took her one month old baby to a chiropractor

No. 1221640

File: 1619962705598.jpeg (234.13 KB, 828x1217, DE3800E6-14BE-42AB-8BD1-00D244…)

Who’s Hailey

No. 1221645

probably @roun_sa_ville

No. 1221657

This is not fashion nova…this is post norm core nyc transplant Im too cool for the suburbs dress, peep the ironic sneaker.

No. 1221661

The Ella Emhoff pose jumped out. Gumby-looking-ass bitch colonizing dimes square

No. 1221662

File: 1619965228951.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.54 KB, 828x645, 6A297D93-C6B6-456A-B452-819D69…)

yuck wth hailey

No. 1221663

she's autistic and has a long record of being easily suckered into friendships and relationships with creeps. supposedly she's currently dating a normal dude though

No. 1221671

File: 1619966175923.jpeg (94.49 KB, 828x703, 8E40862F-38D6-4F76-92BD-975C73…)

Jon is replacing his POC friends with white ones

No. 1221675

File: 1619966627922.png (111.9 KB, 1208x1044, thepivot.png)

peter's new podcast with his fangirl girlfriend (10+ years his junior) is a flop. his yt engagement sucks. now his girlfriend, who's been quickly roped into caring for peter's children so he can tweet 20 hours a day, has taken to twitter to blame the haters/ash/angie for his financial struggles.

No. 1221681

Sometimes I hate that these threads force me to see the worst twitter handles out there. A new account gets introduced and it's usually some dude with a name like @daterapefactory who resembles a boiled chicken

No. 1221693

File: 1619968964180.jpeg (271.25 KB, 614x886, 89DF4192-7C16-4F9B-A9B5-48D351…)

Why is Alice shilling for Jacobin lol

No. 1221711

File: 1619970953910.png (210.84 KB, 892x1138, Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 11.5…)

Is this related?

No. 1221825


this loser got unceremoniously kicked out from his own podcast because of this twitter addiction and alienated everyone from the community he was supposed to be a part of to become "post-left" and now is everyone else's fault.
just get some real work. not everyone can live from making content, specially if no on want to watch and everyone hates you. become a roofer or some shit like that.

No. 1221829

Is she autistic? I thought she made that up when she was being dogpiled for saying retard. She used to say she was BPD

No. 1221831

You say this on the day when red scare releases their wishy washy anti-vax podcast. Dasha took the vax because she had to for work but was bitching about how she doesn't believe in science and didn't want to get it. Anna isn't getting the vax and said she'll only give her baby the vaccines she got as a kid. She said she's afraid the vaccine will make people infertile and she wants her son to have siblings, multiple. They try to say they aren't against vaccines to cover their asses but can't resist being contrarian and Dasha seems to think the pandemic is fake but can't say it because of her career.

No. 1221832

Dasha also said she got the vax to protect other people she could infect and pretends she cares about that but was bragging about going to hotels, parties, and getting her pussy waxed throughout the height of the pandemic.

No. 1221833

Lol did you see the tweet where Felix made fun of her? She literally posted shit like "why am I not getting x amount of likes"

No. 1221848

Her face is evil looking and she has the withered body of an anorexic professor in her 60’s. She could dress differently but it wouldn’t help much

No. 1221849

If one of these scrotes is posting here regularly I hope he outs himself and gets banned

No. 1221850

>h-he is definitely a lolcow contributor!
Terfchan dot pasture truly is a sword of damocles for all the leftist podcels, better at pitting them against each other than CIA and hillary

No. 1221863

File: 1619989698289.jpeg (80.34 KB, 665x330, 9D3FB405-62D7-4D3C-867A-D5CA9F…)

M’ladychan. Imagine thinking having sex with 70 people means you are highly attractive and isn’t indicative of a brutal personality disorder. Loling at the idea of Dasha and her awkward body being good in bed too

No. 1221868


>35 year old anorexic drug addict with gray hair

>wants at least 3 kids

By the time she has any time to take care of a another kid she’ll be 37-38 and then 40 for the last one. Also isnt Eli in his 40s? His sperm isn’t going to be in the greatest condition either soon and recent studies point to that’s it’s actually old fathers who raise the risk of mental illness in their offspring significantly. Lmao this dumbass is going waste all the money she is ever gonna make in her life on fertility treatments for her withered body so she can have a bunch of potentially schizophrenic kids. Lowkey this is why America needs a one child policy

No. 1221887

I thought this coochiebone guy was openly gay? so this is another kyle/dasha situation when a dweeby, balding irony bro acts like a total pussy faggot just to get some dirtbag leftist pussy?

No. 1221891

No, both in their 30’s, but it took Anna at least a year and a half before she conceived and that’s not good. Even at 35, it shouldn’t take you almost two years to conceive. 1 year, tops. Eli looks like the walking dead so I can’t imagine he’s healthy and fertile either. If she continues to be underweight and rely on various stims for energy it will probably take even longer to conceive the next round, might even need IVF

No. 1221894

File: 1619993423495.jpg (11.68 KB, 210x240, terriermon wondering.jpg)

Oh God hearing Felix rant about California is so annoying, if he straight up didn't say California every 5 seconds, you'd thinking he was talking about New York. What is about New Yorkers thinking their shithole is any different from that place? Especially those on the Left.

No. 1221918

It's very obvious when you hear her speak

No. 1221932

I believe Eli is 37

No. 1221933

Is Dasha still filming Succession? She said on this pod she doesn’t wear her mask on set. If I have to see her lopsided face in more than one episode I’ll kill myself

No. 1221934

So fucking funny to see these guys fight

No. 1221937

She was posting from a trailer recently. I'm guessing she's in a lot of episodes but doesn't have more than 2 minutes of speaking time per ep since the cast is already so packed.

No. 1221948

How do you know that time frame? Guesstimating or she said it somewhere?

No. 1221960

Listening to Brace and Liz reminds me why the Left is so weak in this country, it's full of retards that are unwillingly to compromise with other Leftists.

No. 1221975


didn't see it. do you have the tweet?

No. 1221980

It's a north eastern establishment thing and always has been. I know he's from Chicago but that's basically been the north east since the eisenhower admin.

No. 1221982

>hot women fuck dozens of fuggos for free
Cool story simp

No. 1222006

File: 1620006809543.jpg (49.9 KB, 965x584, tumblr_inline_p301e9Mn0h1vo02i…)

>still thinking actual homosexual leftcels exist
It's this picture but for polispergs

No. 1222064

get ready to kill yourself then :(

No. 1222086

lmao right, literally all these dudes are the same exact guy. they're gonna miss being massive creeps together. now they must go alone.

No. 1222135

File: 1620019456975.jpeg (647.33 KB, 750x1093, 00903C33-B343-40C6-B4FC-243030…)

i cackled

No. 1222144

dasha not washing her hair for even azealia

No. 1222145

she’s gonna start beefing with her soon just watch

No. 1222158

lmao WTF even is this?? on the pod Dasha talked about how scared she was last time Azealia came for her lol

No. 1222159

>cashewface still didn't learn to sage before selfposting

No. 1222162

File: 1620022624035.png (156.22 KB, 1176x800, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.05…)

chubby white DSA tard (who has had sam pritchard's girl dick in her mouth) currently having a meltdown over the dasha/azealia pic because azealia "zayn malik is a sand nigger" banks is a delicate flower being corrupted by "white devil" dasha

No. 1222166

File: 1620023249278.jpg (861.77 KB, 4000x3000, 35d5c546-6866-4bbb-99f7-504198…)

hailey is like kaitlin bennett but a cumdump for tankies instead of nazbols, maybe even more cringe since she uses terms like "strasserite" completely unironically

No. 1222172

funniest thing about hailey will always be her insisting she got "groomed into making an onlyfans" lmfao

No. 1222173

File: 1620024397192.png (805.42 KB, 1413x837, 6nei1eolixl61.png)

No. 1222184

It's over, Dasha is untouchable now

No. 1222195

its so funny how you bunch of retards know nothing about anyone beyond anna and dasha who feed you drama and shit in their own lives cause theyre so pathetic they feed on it and are so confident in the shit you say about random 5k follower accounts. stick to podcasters

No. 1222201

>random 5k follower accounts

No. 1222202

Hailey has 33k followers, scrote

No. 1222203

This kinda made me cackle, I can’t wait for the milk from this cow-crossover. Who wants to bet they’ll do a podcast and argue on it?

No. 1222213

File: 1620030066742.png (58.04 KB, 1180x194, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 6.10…)

anarchist dj is also having a breakdown over it lol

No. 1222250

what was the context for this? was this one of the George Floyd protests last summer?

No. 1222252

File: 1620036122952.png (315.49 KB, 812x515, blm.png)

found it

No. 1222280

File: 1620044700181.jpeg (154.81 KB, 750x755, D024039F-7029-4444-9681-F777A1…)

complaining about the overton window then acting incredulous that someone could point out the good things putin does (because liberal media has painted putin as an evil far right russian mastermind even though he's closer to bernie than to trump)

No. 1222288

< 5000 followers rule. this guy and kezos are embarrassing for copying lolcow posts directly to twitter, but this isn't milk. tankie? twinkrev guy?

No. 1222326

Sage for spoonfeed, who is this about?

No. 1222344

Do you think she would even do IVF? I feel like it's unlikely since it's a "girlboss" stereotype, plus she doesn't seem to like medical stuff involved in the actual birth

No. 1222356

File: 1620056488830.jpeg (137.83 KB, 750x523, C3B1A4F9-6D23-4E4D-BC25-A102EA…)

nta but this dude has quite a following on instagram, idk about twitter tho

No. 1222357

File: 1620056573023.jpeg (95.46 KB, 1080x710, EvqhJ4rWQAIqZGJ.jpeg)

Reminder that Hailey/roun_sa_ville took this meme from Daily Stormer and just changed it from "Jews" to "Israel"

No. 1222362

Amber Frost doesn’t have a persecution complex like Angela Nagle and Aimee Terese. It’s why she still gets published.

No. 1222369

File: 1620057958854.png (202.62 KB, 308x545, liz bruenig lil b clare feet p…)

This is a weird thing for her to post, right?

No. 1222373

My informed armchair is she might be a schizo kek. Notice how she only likes women if they have more clout than she does like Ash Coffin and June

No. 1222385

That’s creepy as shit, especially in context. I don’t find Liz B as annoying as a lot of people do, but her constantly pimping her small children for internet attention is irritating af

No. 1222417

What the fuck is wrong with this woman? I already couldn't stand her and her bespectacled Michelin man husband, but this is a new low

No. 1222462

He might be "bi"

No. 1222523

>The angle
>The unwashed hair
>The bunched up grandma stockings
>The band aid that looks like a piece of American cheese stuck to AB's leg

Wow, Dasha's truly made it.

No. 1222535

>good things Putin did
>this is what western tankie lobotomites actually believe

No. 1222544

>implying Anna's performative distaste for girlbosses is anything but seething envy

No. 1222557

Azalea isn’t even a stunner but she looks fine at this unflattering angle while Dasha looks like an actual hog

No. 1222584

They both look weird. Horrible angle.

No. 1222607

knowing azealea she probably took this picture to mog a scarethot

No. 1222617

“I love Daddy Vlad” is more of a weird Greenwald stance than a tankie stance

No. 1222618

samememe now does stand up comedy kek

No. 1222633

sex pest to "comic", what a classic malefail progression

No. 1222655

> most of this is either factually wrong or poor faith argument
>sage your retardation

No. 1222675

If she wants another kid that bad she might not have a choice

No. 1222680

She first talked about trying for a baby on a red scare episode and she didn’t get pregnant for a pretty long time after that. I would have to go back and check but i think it was almost a year and a half. Their subreddit was always making speculative “Is Anna pregnant?” posts and she wasn’t

No. 1222688

Right. With that grey hair, the smoking, the eating disorder, her biological age has gotta be at least 40. Even that might generous, more like 45

No. 1222691

File: 1620073350850.jpg (83.73 KB, 740x1316, img.jpg)

i'm praying the fallout will be as catastrophic as it was with grimes

No. 1222695

I don’t see Azealia being jealous enough of Dasha to start a fight like this. Think Azealia had a crush on Elon and she lashed out at grimes because of it. In another screenshot azealia says something like “you’re not woman enough for him”

No. 1222723

Lol wait how do we know samememe is a stand up comic

No. 1222741

she must be straight up retarded. better than if she knew the implications and still decided to post this in response.

No. 1222742

yeah is there footage of this anywhere? can anyone describe his set

No. 1222758

and he had more on twitter prior to his suspension, I think it was around 5k if I remember rightly

No. 1222774

Why can’t someone just say his real name? Wasn’t Caroline as a woman’s full name put on here?

No. 1222779

its Evan right?

No. 1222786

>lolcow contributor
Do these people not know the difference between reddit and imageboards? The absolute state of failed normies

No. 1222789

File: 1620081816192.jpeg (277.07 KB, 811x788, 21B0AEE0-A0D4-41A3-8430-090DFD…)

Speaking of, she seems much less annoying now. She has some tweets (mildly) criticizing the post left circlejerk

No. 1222792

Cows have no concept of anonymous posting culture (or rather saying anything online without trying to farm clout/updoots/retwats)

No. 1222796

when the pickme antics fail and your freeloading couch entity leaves you

No. 1222799

Why would I know his real name

No. 1222804

tbf she did admit to having an abortion shortly after hooking up with Eli

No. 1222808

I refuse to believe someone who is as online as her and has been a twitter power user for as long as her doesn't know who Lil B is or about his creepy feet thing

No. 1222814

Were you the anon who said he’s doing stand up? I mean how do you know that if you don’t know his full name

No. 1222826

I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about that to to try to prove she’s really fertile. I’m sure she had an abortion earlier in life like her 20’s though. Around the time she said she had the abortion with Eli, many people saying she was too skinny and looked anorexic then she said something on Reddit about how people think it’s curvy women who are most fertile but actually “small and wirey” women like her are most fertile. In her mind she’s always competing with taller size 6’s even if she has to make shit up, so maybe it’s tinfoilish but I think she might’ve lied just to claim she’s really fertile and healthy and “not anorexic” lol

No. 1222827

i’m the anon who said he’s doing stand up. i’m in a left/“post left” gc on twitter with a few of his old mutuals & they’re discussing him. supposedly he still lives in nyc. gonna see if i can ask about his teaching job & that fiancé he was always on about

No. 1222828

> she doesn't seem to like medical stuff involved in the actual birth

is anna going to rebrand as an edgy crunchy mom

No. 1222829

considering the fact that she already took her weeks-old infant to one of those baby chiropractor sadists, the answer is yes

No. 1222831

She used to look like a typical tubby armenian horse girl, so she probably would let random fuggos fuck her raw. Hence the whole "actually when men refuse to wear a condom with you they're just very into you" cope kek

No. 1222853

File: 1620086314586.png (60.26 KB, 774x593, sean.png)

sean mccarthy has turned on aimee recently, but he works to cultivate a salt of the earth persona too. he's so desperate to a working class whisperer from a brooklyn apartment.

No. 1222863

Did she finally realize this after the guy she dated went on that huge spergout here on /w/ promoting Red Scare?

>turned on aimee recently
Haven't they been in a feud for quite a while?

No. 1222865

meant recently as in more recent than his double major in poli sci and econ. but yeah he stopped simping in late 2020 when aimee denounced michael brooks after his death.

No. 1222866

No comment other than it’s funny how obsessed these people are with saying the elites are pedophiles, as if there aren’t kids being molested all the time in section 8 housing or trailer parks

No. 1222868


You people are such fucking retards if you still think that guy was her boyfriend. Half of the “milk” that gets posted here is complete bullshit. There might still be interesting threads if there weren’t so many fake drama stirrers. So embarrassing that you all think it’s all real!

No. 1222891

the one episode i listened to in 2018, all i remember from it was her saying pulling out is 100% effective and condoms are neoliberal

No. 1222894

It’s like pro wrestling. Much more fun if you suspend your disbelief a little bit.

No. 1222896

Older thots like Caroline have dealt with enough male fuckery to know it’s both stupid and dangerous to build your identity around pleasing scrotes while creating nothing for yourself. Men aren’t raised to be stable providers anymore. That’s why young thots like Bella sound extra dumb shilling for “tradwife” lifestyles they can’t achieve and would absolutely hate if they could.

No. 1222899

Was her boyfriend like a known public figure? It just seems so random for someone to pretend to be someone as relatively unknown as Caroline’s boyfriend and it wasn’t even in this thread it was in some cosplayer’s

No. 1222915

When did she say that? I remember she is adamant of never having one. She went off some insane tirades saying she would never associate herself with women who have had them (funny she says that since Amber has had two).

This person is right. She might have had one, but has never admitted to having one. I'm certain she has but I have never heard admit to it.

No. 1222916

She said it on an episode, don't remember which one. She has talked about having multiple abortions before in the past and even talked about it a few times on reddit back when she was active there

No. 1222918

>theyre so pathetic they feed on it
>unlike me, even though i'm coming here to post this and out myself as a butthurt random 5k followers account

No. 1222920

I think she talks about it in this episode. https://soundcloud.com/red-scare-727066439/shame-theory

No. 1222921

Well at least he got a hobby instead of shitposting on Twitter all day. Hope he also doesn't start a shitty podcast soon.

Can't wait for the other leftthots to wake up and realize how embarrassing this entire phase was now that the dirtbag left is losing relevance.

No. 1222925

>not having a BV encrusted yeasty blue waffle with antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is neoliberal

we stan a bug chasing anti-establishment qween

No. 1222929

Lmfao please, she was bob-the-building some beta soyblob and rescuing boys online a few threads ago. This is a fairly new take for her, guess he found his forever home after using her for free rent.

Also, you're looking at absolute bottom of the barrel omega females. Finding a provider is easier today than ever, they're just such gigabeckies that they can't even get a guy to buy them starbucks. In the good old pre-girlboss times they'd starve and die, become $5 hookers or be daddy's money old maids until death.

No. 1222932

He is 30 years old

No. 1222933

Which episode, I know she is a piece of shit cunt grifter but making up shit about her isn't a good look.
Ok links? Screenshots?

I'll check it out.

No. 1222935

that cosplayer was his ex or something like that

No. 1222937

Her mommy probably had 50, like any other Soviet married woman.

No. 1222940

That probably explains why she is so deeply against them.

No. 1222941

most of the milk that gets posted here is from bitter women who wish they could make money doing nothing and are bitter about their 1k follower twitter accounts. its 98% projection. thats why its so funny.

No. 1222943

Her mom comes across as an actually attractive and funny woman who probably hogged all of daddy's love and attention, while daddy obviously wanted a son and treated ugly, mousy and talentless Anna with mild disdain.

No. 1222950

that's a very long way to say "this thread is aspiring podcel redscare hanger ons self posting and backstabbing each other" because you're obviously one of them - gj saging for once.

who else would know any milk about these literallywhos except other BPD thots in group chats with them?

No. 1222966

Fwiw I can second the anon who said Anna has talked about having multiple abortions. At least on two different red scares. You can look through her Reddit u/tsoiboy69 but I’m too lazy to root through all of it. I’m just not convinced any of the abortions were with Eli. I think saying that was just her attempt at firing back at the haters calling her anorexic or hating on her age

No. 1222972

my post was shorter literally than yours

No. 1222975


No. 1222980

Wonder how long it will take for dasha to start claiming that she never banged 70 men and was a pure catholic virgin before Adam

No. 1222986

File: 1620097024090.jpg (48.8 KB, 604x453, 1934644_708162963669_715270_n.…)

she actually has a sister, I think slightly younger then her. Idk why her mom would have any abortions of her siblings since they seemed to be a happily married couple, until anna's dad died.

No. 1223001

I found nothing and I just finished watching the episode that anon thinks Anna fessed up.
I'm not saying she hasn't (I'm 100% sure she has), my autistic problem is that I want proof not
This isn't 4chan, source or gtfo.

No. 1223002

File: 1620097737678.jpeg (201.12 KB, 1170x2048, 4C3DC94F-2668-4775-BB06-0DF4BC…)

I don’t go here but does anyone know anything about @clownesvanzandt? I swear I used to follow this girl on tumblr and she was a ~soft romantic aesthetic~ blogger with a white pop punk boyfriend but I don’t remember the URL. Positive it’s the same girl but she did not read or listen to any of the stuff she does now, not milky but it’s funny seeing her blow up in artsy esoteric post-left Twitter when she was not like this just a few years ago.

No. 1223022

Sometimes I'll be having a bad day and then I'll remember that happened, picture how much she must have yelled at him over it, and it instantly brings a smile to my face

No. 1223034

there was no contraceptives (and condoms were a huge deficit) in the ussr so abortion was more or less used as birth control

No. 1223039

So you want people to go back and listen to each episode of red scare until they catch it? You know that is spoonfeeding technically. It was said in a podcast this isn’t as easy as typing in keywords and finding it. I don’t know why you think someone would make this up, I don’t give two shits if Anna had an abortion or not

In the episode I heard it in they got on the topic of regrets they had and she said something similar to “sometimes I think how my life would’ve ended up if I didn’t have an abortion at 20”

No. 1223043

I don’t know her but this looks facetuned to the max

No. 1223044

File: 1620103125157.png (115.66 KB, 288x289, 1509316609532.png)

Just admit she never said that. I have already looked throughout the subreddit and the "sources" you people have presented.

>I'm not going to give you the source, because that would be spoonfeeding

Oh are you just retarded, carry on.

No. 1223045

If you care this much then listen to the podcast you annoying weeb piece of shit. How stupid are you really

No. 1223047

The source is THE PODCAST you mouth breathing autistic cunt

No. 1223052

all her selfies are super FaceTuned it’s funny because she trad postures but posts edited thirst traps constantly kek

No. 1223056

you imagine things these people did.. like in your head?

No. 1223057

Can i get an episode link?

No. 1223061

I stop listening to it this year but I have heard every episode before 2021. Anna has never once stated she has gotten an abortion, the only thing that has changed consistently is her retarded stance to be an edgy contrarian for when the need arises.

>it's in the book, TRUST ME
Not how it works dumbass.

No. 1223065

Do you think multiple people are just hallucinating this or lying to you? Do you have amnesia? She's mentioned it multiple times on the podcast and before this year.

No. 1223067

Yes because no one can give a damn episode. I'm not even asking for a fucking timestamp, I'm asking for a definitive episode where she says this. Not even on the subreddit is there any proof of this beyond one person doing the exact same thing
>Anna multiple times has said she has gotten an abortion

Mind you this was only one person/one post (out of thousands of posts) and every time abortion is brought up on the pod, the subreddit goes insane because of Anna's extremely retarded takes on it compared to Dasha's. Had she had one, the subreddit would constantly bring up her hypocrisy on it. Fuck there was a huge controversy over her claiming she couldn't be friends with someone who got an abortion so easily (when she is friends with Amber who years earlier used it as a joke to fuck with a stupid trad Cath larper that was debating Chapo). So yes I think it is something you all have think exists but it clearly doesn't because none of you have provided any evidence beyond
>Source? My ass

No. 1223069

Source on the not wanting to be friends with someone who had an abortion? Dasha is the one who said she's pro-life now.

No. 1223071

It was along the lines
>I don't want to associate with someone that could so callously get an abortion and not think of the moral ramifications of it

The episode is titled Berkeley Brain

No. 1223072

Iirc it was mentioned in one of the old threads even

No. 1223090

You lurk the sub? If you do you would know most of the subreddit doesn’t even listen to the fucking podcast, or they don’t listen in full. That’s why they don’t bring it up in abortion threads A DUR DURR

No. 1223091

>no video of your birth so that means you were not born
Like do you realize how fucking stupid you sound? Shut the fuck up already.

No. 1223092

Neither of them have said they've had an abortion (on the pod not sure about the sub) its just projection for people looking for hypocrisy. dasha def said she's against abortion personally but it shouldn't be banned via law. can't remember anna's take

No. 1223093

It’s almost like humans sometimes say one thing and do another

No. 1223094

Anna said she had one you fucking idiot. Are you Anna trying to backtrack? She’s known to do that

No. 1223096

she literally did not ever say that.

No. 1223097

Yes she did. You’re just fucking stupid and didn’t hear the exact episode she said it and so you think it doesn’t exist

No. 1223098

yess. hi its me anna. Im here posting for a bunch of 19 year olds who hate me. up trying to feed my baby. AMA!

No. 1223099

haven't heard the exact episode because It doesn't exist

No. 1223100

No it exists you are just fucking stupid. You think people listen to episodes and jot down the episode name every time a host says something personal

No. 1223101

No. 1223104

I've listened to every episode and she never said she had an abortion. I would remember that because I'm pro life

No. 1223105

>I'm pro life
scrote detected

No. 1223107

Oh so there it is. You’re pro life and also a fan of Anna, and just like most people on their subreddit, you don’t even listen to their fucking podcast. Almost like you’re worried they’ll say something that will make you dislike them. Seriously just go fucking kill yourself already

No. 1223108

Sorry I wouldn't kill my kid

No. 1223110

Not a fan of Anna, too left wing for me personally

No. 1223112

You’re either an incel who will never pass on your genes or a woman who had a kid too young and regrets it. Either way please kill yourself, it will make others happy and make them want to have more kids

No. 1223113

Not like you'd ever get one in the first place.
A fascist with some mildly socially liberal beliefs is too left wing for you lol.

No. 1223114

when will you learn to sage?

No. 1223117

It is saged what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1223122

>thinking there’s no way Anna would ever post here
The retardation is too much

No. 1223125

There is no way anna would ever post here

No. 1223126

>thinking someone who spergs out on Twitter or Reddit would never post on lolcow

No. 1223127

She's not socially conservative you retard. She's fiscally liberal which is what I disagree with.

No. 1223128

She wouldn’t gain anything from it the way she does by posting on twitter/reddit

No. 1223129

No one cares incel stop sperging about politics

No. 1223130

You post like you want her to read this and post here so bad that its almost like you are a fan of hers. like i said, i'm not. she's much too liberal.

No. 1223133

stop sperging about abortion then you dumb scrote

No. 1223134

There’s some pro life incel here who doesn’t know how to use lolcow. Twitter ban for going too hard with the incel ideation I guess

No. 1223135

Her mom comes across an ugly cunt, like mother like daughter

No. 1223137

>just learned keeping up to date on news and pop culture, starving yourself so ugly women and gay men will like you more and give you more money, and sucking off men for side character roles is called “doing nothing”

No. 1223139

seethe scrote

No. 1223141

The real tragedy is that the personality disorder that caused her to fuck too much and cheat in every relationship is the same one that caused her to impulsively blurt out how many men she’s fucked. I’m sure she regrets saying it now looking back

No. 1223145

File: 1620117365723.jpg (121.54 KB, 590x682, Untitled.jpg)

cow crossover.

They live pretty close to each other, if Aimee was more social IRL they would actually meet in person.

No. 1223146

Would have loved to witness a post-mental-breakdown Aimee's commentary on Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's infamous Australian tour lmao

No. 1223148

What’s the context here? What did they say?

No. 1223175

Calm down, it's like >>1222894 said. It was an offhanded joke

If they ever meet irl the milk will be great

No. 1223218

Not in detail, but yes, I do enjoy periodically amusing myself with thoughts of pathetic people doing embarrassing and humiliating things. I don't understand why they think "h-heh, r-rent free!!" is such an own, imagine having such low standards for interpersonal relationships you think you have an upper hand over those who spit on you because "a-at least they're looking at me!"

No. 1223219

File: 1620132518537.png (18.18 KB, 593x149, twittermoment.PNG)

No. 1223221

Lmao who the fuck is this fucking sperg

It's not spoonfeeding to ask for receipts, it's basic farm protocol you fucking newfags. Find receipts or STFU

No. 1223256

why is she saying “merked” she sounds like a black teenager from england. do australians copy british slang?

No. 1223263

Lmfao “murked” originated with American rappers and then UK teens copied it. Her outdated slang filled word salad tweets sound exactly like a retarded Aussie Ameriweeb trying to mimic what they think is typical American speech from consuming trashy US media. She’s a moron.

No. 1223268

I wish aimee would just move to the US. She wastes her life talking about a country she has no experience living in.

No. 1223270

Holy shit you tard, how hard is it to understand?
I want fucking proof, not the shit spewing from your mouth.

I am confident that this roastie whore has had hundreds of abortions, problem is, she has never owned up to.
I'm not asking for the abortion clips, I'm asking for Anna admitting it on the pod or fuck some other pod. How hard is this for you to understand? Are you underage? Is that why you are acting like a bonafide tard and that's why this isn't getting to you?(infighting)

No. 1223273

She wouldn’t survive in the capitalist hustle culture of the US without welfare or daddy’s money, the average American is too busy grinding to sit on Twitter impotently bitching about leftist strawmen 24/7.

No. 1223274

fuck, we don’t want her
maybe a kangaroo will eat her

No. 1223291

>roastie whore

Go back to 4chan

No. 1223292

Anyone know why Honor Levy was banned from TikTok? Did she post some Nazi stuff again?

No. 1223306


Yaron Brook is the father of Edaan Brook, of the very small very failed online-recruiting cult Daylife Army. Kinda surprised none of them have ever been mentioned on lolcow

No. 1223326

File: 1620144457503.jpeg (405.41 KB, 1125x1370, E47EB013-A74D-4F8D-AE7D-07A55C…)

No. 1223341

File: 1620145282732.jpeg (651.81 KB, 1125x1271, 4C12A2F8-3426-4CDE-A4FE-AB9BD8…)

She was pro choice and publicly blathering about her abortions a year ago, anon. If you think these girls are capable of a consistent stance on anything, you’re even more retarded than they are.

No. 1223365

Thank you based anon

No. 1223451

wow lefthots being hypocritical? impossible!

back to reddit, simp

No. 1223454

>Implying that shitposting and ignoring your kids isn't a leftist thot staple
>Who are Liz Bruenig and Ashneigh Coffin

No. 1223464

This is not the place for testerical chimpouts because the thots didn't DM you back. Go make a kiwifarms thread if you want an incel cumswap hugbox, you newfag front pole. These were posted many threads ago, lurk moar:

No. 1223518

Oh please. Anna has openly discussed her multiple abortions on the sub AND the pod, and Dasha's had 70+ male casual sex partners and doesn't believe in using condoms, so you do the fucking math. No one has to go out of their way to "look for hypocrisy", their new uwu pro-life tradcath schtick is just another LARP and these thots contradict themselves every 5 minutes on literally every topic.

No. 1223542

Are you seriously this stupid? Really? It was already said that multiple people HEARD her say it on an episode or two, but they DONT KNOW THE EPISODE NAME. You are asking people to go back and listen to like hours of podcasts just to find a tiny snippet of something Anna said and then hand feed you the episode name. DO IT YOURSELF BITCH

No. 1223543

How do you know she doesn’t live here? Maybe she did a 90 day fiancé

No. 1223584

File: 1620166104579.png (27.08 KB, 590x204, E0kJqU3XsAIStWF.png)

No. 1223585

This is seeming like a vendetta at this point like how is this milk. Nothing about this guy has been entertaining.

No. 1223587

i'm getting real tired of seeing this dude's droopy the dog looking face

No. 1223589

It's also the one that compels her to post here.

No. 1223596

bruder these threads have been 90% jack and aimee for ages now

No. 1223612

File: 1620169566213.jpg (35.29 KB, 745x338, nagle.JPG)

anna and aimee are rejoicing, angela nagle's back. what has angela even accomplished besides a few articles in conservative rags, a book plagiarized from wikipedia, and an appearance on tucker carlson?

No. 1223615

Does Angela ever talk about Irish politics? I know she lives in Pittsburgh now but it was weird how she was like another Ian Miles Cheong/Aimee Terese in that respect.

No. 1223625

>a book plagiarized from wikipedia
i was under the impression she just found some pick up artist subreddit and was like "capitalism is why these guys get NO PUSSY" but more importantly, doesn't aimee have beef with nagle?

No. 1223629

File: 1620170844223.jpg (51.35 KB, 887x199, SCREENSHOT.JPG)

daily beast isn't the best of sources, but that nagle published a book under this guy does not speak highly of her work. https://www.thedailybeast.com/kill-all-citations-sloppy-sourcing-plagues-kill-all-normies-book-on-sjws-and-the-alt-right

no, aimee considers angela a victim of "the left" and treats her like she died rather than logged off

No. 1223630

nope. obsessed with america & americans just like aimee

No. 1223632

She will never get the frog avi husbando she's looking for on twitter

No. 1223637


Tinfoil I never believed her on that , it honestly sounds like something she said to be edgy. She’s not a particularly attractive person and the look she does have is a very specific type of washed out, hipster Russian fruit stand lady x annie hall look. IIwould believe 70 guys agreed to fuck her it if she looked like Caroline Calloway, like kind of a basic bland girl next door look.

No. 1223638

I don’t find it remotely unbelievable she found 70 guys willing to fuck her. The least attractive woman in the world could do that and probably get them to pay for the honour.

No. 1223640

She's a self confessed alcoholic co-dependent love/sex addict who was trolling around san francisco and la for years trying to start a career or find a rich bf. She wasn't being picky and this was when tinder was at its height.

No. 1223644

have you seen the men she fucks

No. 1223649

Lmfaooo are you joking or just a clueless male? Any old plain Jane could find at LEAST 70 desperate scrotes willing to fuck them just by walking around town or existing online.

No. 1223650

Judging by her insta stories, she hooked up with at least 5 guys between Adam and OPN

No. 1223654

If anything I'm surprised she didn't get much out of those 70 bodies. Even 4/10 goblinas like her are generally able to get a decent amount of favors and suitors out of a body count like that. Dasha must be some kind of an anonymous gloryhole.

No. 1223656

File: 1620173703486.jpg (248.53 KB, 1080x966, Screenshot_20210504-201332_Twi…)

oh dear

No. 1223659

Gullible much? She goes out all the time and has lived in big cities her entire adult life. More attractive women tend to have less sexual partners, if anything. Think closer to 0 than 100.

No. 1223669

File: 1620174831752.png (235.31 KB, 332x380, bruh.png)

No. 1223671

Guys will literally fuck anything

No. 1223724

he's mimicking what he believes straight men want but he's too gay to do it right, it's kind of endearing

No. 1223753


That OP, I just know that every man I known personally who is aware of the podcast does not think she is or was ever attractive, but think anna used to be hot back in the day. So, unless she was sleeping with absolutely horrorcore stubby NEET Peter Doherty looking dudes that are borderline incels… I guess that one could be possible. it’s just very bizarre to imagine a woman having absolutely no standards even self-loathingly low standards, and fucking anyone with a pulse just to fuck, I usually associate this with men

No. 1223791

1. Men lie about who they're attracted to out of shame
2. Men fuck women they don't find attractive all the time
3. Look at Adam Friedland and OPN and tell me they don't look like absolute incel NEETs

No. 1223795


Have read it and can confirm that Nagle’s book is highly plagiarized from Wikipedia, sentence by sentence, it’s honestly incredible

No. 1223913

>unless she was sleeping with absolutely horrorcore stubby NEET Peter Doherty looking dudes that are borderline incels
I mean, this is probably more or less true, just look at the guys she has been with publicly. Dasha might not be a supermodel, but the dudes he fucks are butt ugly

No. 1223917

straight men would have no idea who anna and dasha are

No. 1223954

So… multiple? Damn, what the fuck is in the new york water?

>every man I known personally who is aware of the podcast does not think she is or was ever attractive
Exact opposite here, every man I personally know who listens to red scare thinks they're both hot, if a bit ugly and busted. "Men only care about appearances" is a myth, their peepees obviously get hard for women performing the ritualistic submission that is parroting their views

No. 1223992

Thanks for the irrelevant anecdata about your personal friends, but if you scroll the subreddit or her Twitter mentions for 5 minutes you’ll see TONS of reply guys publicly thirsting for her. And she is known to be slutty and not picky, so that alone will attract desperate scrotes regardless of her looks. Who do you think is buxxing her Patreon? Women uglier than Dasha get laid all the time, you sound delusional or just very naive.

No. 1224002

I’ve lived in different places and I think American politics are just more entertaining than a lot of other countries’ politics. We have a 24/7 sensationalistic news cycle, permissive free speech laws, tons of billionaires to buy up our corrupt politicians, a bipartisan system that lends itself to brutal ideological turf wars, and an armed-to-the-teeth batshit crazy populace. How many other wealthy developed countries had armed militias invade the capitol during their last election? Watching and commenting on our politics is like a spectator sport for these bored lonely Ameriweebs.

No. 1224092

4chan's /pol/ regularly has threads on them. The gays on there have no interest in them but have weird antisemitic desire to be breed by Felix as if they were getting fucked by a dog.

No. 1224111

>both hot, if a bit ugly and busted

No. 1224135

I think some straight men are fans but they are like shit incel tier, but they did not attract those types because they’re beautiful, it’s because they’re women who were “bold enough” to publicly shit on metoo and excuse pedophiles like Roman Polanski. It’s this novelty act they are doing where they appeal to gross men by being “not like other girls”

No. 1224140

File: 1620244901629.jpg (128 KB, 731x851, bap.JPG)

maybe bap paid off twitter to get aimee's original acc back. he's got that yale/fed money.

No. 1224177

Why does Aaron Mate looks so much like Eli?

No. 1224302


Don't think she really fits into esoteric post-left twitter. She barely posts about politics and doesn't seem like a right-winger, crypto or otherwise.

No. 1224305

>when corporations co-opt feminism it means feminism is inherently capitalist
>when cia co-opts tumbler race discourse it means it's very threatening and effective

Woke blackcel moment

No. 1224345

Agree that she doesn’t belong in this thread because she doesn’t post about politics or do anything milky (besides pander to beta males) but she is sort of on the fringes of weirdo leftcath twitter in terms of who she associates with

No. 1224362

so basically another warmtoned

No. 1224564

File: 1620307421462.png (132.85 KB, 1136x976, wokemargaretthatcher.png)

broke: horseshoe theory
bespoke: ronald reagan and the bushes were actually leftists.

No. 1224565

Well, she's right that the actual original neocon ideologues were really all ex-Trotskyists. Reagan and Bush advanced their foreign policy preferences, but they weren't the intellectual backbones of the movement and afaik were never in their lives "on the left" at any point.

No. 1224566

Also if @glypticfille wants to use the European political axis when discussing American left/right politics, he should at least use its modern iteration where socially conservative capitalist parties are placed on the center-right and not the left like they would have been in the first half of the nineteenth century

No. 1224596

File: 1620311916449.jpg (348.2 KB, 1080x1396, 20210506_103323.jpg)

Genuinely surprised that farmers haven't been interested so far in this twitter scene's token radfem poster, who seems to only avoid being shunned by the antileft antifeminist posters by also being a nationalist. Regularly makes others orbiting Red Scare twitter sperg out because she's mean to right wingers and men and not exclusively leftists and women like she is "supposed to be."

No. 1224606

Their brains are broken. Everyone is a capitalist and the right wing have never held power in the US.

No. 1224608

I don't think she's a leftist, she's part of this group of women on there who agree with a lot on the right but are against misogyny and tradism from right-wing men because it drives a lot of women away from their movement. They're literally called "racist feminists".

No. 1224614

I don't think she's a leftist either, antileft is just the twitter label Cryptofash, Aimee etc. have been using instead of "post-left" recently. The group of women you are describing are usually Red Scare orbiters (for example she is mutuals with Bimbo Ubermensch etc.), so they're part of this twitter circle regardless

No. 1224627

Take a chill pill nonny, Her replies and patreon are heavily populated by absolute incels living in a some basement in small town chanville fly over states that she will never met, who almost never see or interact with woman. I brought up own my personal anecdotal experience only because they all live in the same city where she claims to have slept with so many men.

No. 1224856

All these esoteric post-left/post-right whatever-the-fuck they call themselves all roll into one and become completely indistinguishable. Mostly because they all seem to be motivated by grudges and clout-chasing.

No. 1225061

Oh God, Anna was fucking self projecting so much at the last part of the recent episode

>they don't understand the cultural difference [of their heritage and the Americanized version of their culture]

Holy shit, this is you to a fucking T. If anyone is doing a LARP, it's you and not the Chicana scum you despise. For fuck sake, your Russian is dogshit, even my nephew's is better.

No. 1225067

What led up to her saying that?

No. 1225074

It was in regards to the new CIA recruitment video and Dasha explaining who the people the CIA wanted in their fold. Essentially, first generation kids of immigrant from academia, I think Anna took it personally (bitch clearly couldn't handle the PhD) and started rambling about these kids not understanding the culture of their parents or the people back there. She was massively self projecting and it seemed butthurt about what Dasha said.

No. 1225076

I should add, I know people in the CIA, the kids they want are clearly more intelligent and familiar with non American cultures. Anna is just massively throwing a tantrum that libtards that use woke language are probably more intimate with Russian/Armenian people and culture than she could ever hope to be. It's just cringe. You are an American and no amount of trying to have a working class normie affect will change that. Seethe more cunt.

No. 1225113

She isn't even Russian for fuck's sake, she's what they call a "churka". It's pure American Brighton Beach shit to call anyone from the Eastern Bloc Russian. In Russia, she wouldn't even be considered white, let alone anything close to an authentic expert on any slav cultures.

No. 1225123

File: 1620352335566.png (264.68 KB, 1407x1381, simporalt.png)

was not convinced this was aimee's alt until i compared the pool of emojis and dated internet slang. aimee's simps take aimee's phrases, but aimee types like a xillenial.

No. 1225132

File: 1620352695842.jpg (223.04 KB, 821x678, 1608857182223.jpg)

People usually don't call someone Churka if they are from Belarus or Ukraine, it's usually for people with black hair from the Caucuses. Ironically, Dasha who barely gives a shit about Russian culture wouldn't be called what is essentially a "Turk," but Anna who is obsessed passing as a Slav would. It's so delicious

No. 1225137

I would love to watch her "rugged anti-PC Russian cykablyat" LARPer self try and survive in actual Russia. She'd be eaten alive for being a limpwristed dweeb. Only Wellbutrin popping burgerinas and post-leftist omegas think she's some kind of a Russian bearwoman badass.

No. 1225145

uhh you know people in the CIA? that sucks lol

No. 1225162

завидуй молча

No. 1225182

My aunt married into a family of spooks. Her nephew (not related to me) is also in it and we are fuck buddies but he wants to marry me (hell no). Sage for blogposting.

No. 1225197

fuck the CIA

No. 1225204

File: 1620359571860.jpg (19.71 KB, 304x304, unbridled.jpg)

does anyone have any tea on this honor levy/tfw no gf crew orbiter unbridled_id, she seems like someone attempting to orbit this shit, currently co hosts a podcast with TFW No GF producer barrett avner.

No. 1225208

File: 1620360388335.jpg (43.44 KB, 500x500, 518kq6OsehL._SL500_.jpg)

tragic how many red scare fan girls have much larger legs than the pathetic slightly older men they date

No. 1225212

she’s a babyfaced private college student dating aging “finance punk” barrett avner. not sure if she’s guessed his parents are avner and avner of beverly hills yet. her tweets are silly bc she’s edgy and 20. the L is on barrett for scrounging liberal arts colleges for dates at his age.

No. 1225217

it's hilarious (and not surprising) how the producers of an "expose the alt-right" documentary (Age of Rage) become so embedded with their subjects they end up as sympathizers and fellow travelers

No. 1225224

>say you're into fat old men so you can stand next to someone who makes you look skinny for once
>still look chunky

The state of lefthots

No. 1225242

File: 1620366939093.png (901.88 KB, 720x1341, Screenshot_20210506-224059~2.p…)


I've been following honor for a while. The reason she's on leftthot radar is bc she dated eugene kotryalenko, who has directed the only movies that dasha is in. I believe she's either in grad school now or just finished grad school, her parents live in LA and seem rich af. Oh and she posted some photos with Caroline fucking Callaway today. She's a writer and a troll but I think she can be funny. She's not as young as she looks and def does a whole kinderwhore persona thing

No. 1225251

these people are so boring and terrible. what haven't rich kids ruined?

No. 1225298

she's a right-wing libertarian. there's not really any milk on her because she's not a pick-me and rw moids hate her

No. 1225364

Her twitter and entire way of branding herself seems pretty cowish, she might not like rw moids but she's still embedded herself in a social circle that worships them and other mediocre tools for attention

No. 1225404

File: 1620401897139.png (63.03 KB, 596x243, pickme.png)

I wonder where Aimee learned that term…

No. 1225407

Imagine expecting to be featured in comp-lit textbooks for failing to write a book after getting a book deal. Cat Marnell doesn't need to be Photoshopped in because unlike these two losers, she actually wrote a book even while cracked out of her mind.

No. 1225440

File: 1620404779523.jpeg (254.87 KB, 378x779, 75D32314-F04F-4BE0-960B-CB3C00…)

For the anon wondering why DSA-types hate Brie now

No. 1225448

Lol she’s retweeting groypers now

No. 1225531

File: 1620415428221.jpeg (339.55 KB, 750x1001, 6215C48C-2429-4305-B708-C661B1…)

puke worthy

No. 1225532

File: 1620415468379.jpeg (305.07 KB, 750x721, ED73E5C0-0FFC-43EF-9856-FF0C6E…)

some cringe in the replies too

No. 1225550

Ahahaha, this dumb bish is gonna try and scam right-wing scrotes like she’s been scamming left-wing scrotes and find out she’s dealing with a whole different animal. Reactionary men don’t bother to hide their misogyny behind a veneer of irony like leftbros do. Plenty of tradthots (many of them smarter, more attractive and less autistic than her) tried to pull this hustle during the height of the “alt-right” a few years ago, only to get viciously bullied off the internet by their male followers. This is gonna be fun to watch kekekek

No. 1225578

File: 1620421836714.png (673 KB, 1407x1381, siddak.png)

AlexeiArora is Siddak Ahuja, who might be the richest member of the post-left. Siddak was head boy at a Dubai private school with 69,000$ per year tuition before moving to Canada. Hilariously enough Greenwald seems to take his diatribes about real working-class politics seriously enough to retweet them.

No. 1225615

wait what happened to sam peckinpah's failgrandson who used to host it? did he and barrett fall out?

do any of these people stay friends for longer than a year?

No. 1225695

I mean hey, Aimee went to an expensive as fuck Catholic school. Most twitter "proles" are country club spawn.

No. 1225716

these threads are dying. someone please drop a video of samememe’s stand up

No. 1225740


In Russia most people wouldn’t micro management her separate ethnic identities bevause it isn’t the US and wouldn’t give a shit about the slight variation of her skin tone from perfect beige Jesus Christ. She is a LARPing tard of the absolute grossest variety but the first gen Russians that come here to offer their “expert opinions” are honestly are bad lmao. Try and watch some contemporary Russian tv or something besides your babushka’s old Soviet era movies

No. 1225767

Yeah but Anna would immediately be called a fucking Turk because she looks more Armenian than a Slav. My friend was called a fucking chukra while were doing archival research in Moscow despite being a fucking Salvadorian who is lighter skinned than Anna.

No. 1225815

>In Russia most people wouldn’t micro management her separate ethnic identities

Burger pls, my sides. You know jack shit about the place.

Russians are literally obsessing over Ukrainians rn, whom you would 100% perceive as Russian. They'll seethe at you if you're a slightly different shade of white with a slightly non-Russian surname, let alone obviously a post-USSR bloc churka. Next you'll post more wokeburger wisdoms like "people in Moscow don't care if you're a Tajik or an Uzbek and totally wouldn't immediately perceive you as a migrant toilet scrubber".

No. 1225820

File: 1620456343160.jpeg (49.68 KB, 500x377, 5D736076-A4E9-468B-B358-BB30B6…)


No Brighton nonny , normal people don’t micromanage your ethnicity in the same way Americans do. People aren’t blind and there is obvious racism like everywhere on this planet, but at the same time race it isn’t a topic of bizarrely specific conversations like in the USA. None of this matters, because both scarethots are affectively Americans therefore they will have their asses kissed, just like Russians have been kissing foreign ass since the late imperial period. But whatever gatekeep your speshul white status I guess idk

No. 1225823

>they don't micromanage race
>Чо там у хохлов?

Ещё один пиндоиксперд по парашкинским реалиям, начитавшийся англоязычных школьников с твитора.

No. 1225827

she was retweeting logo. is she trying to do his and kantbots annoying contrarian thing but "for feminism"

No. 1225858

Her whole thing seems like it's like being a contrarian pick-me (in Red Scare twitter, surrounded only by other pick-me women) but being "so different because of being a 'radfem'"

No. 1225873

I think it’s just like everything that can be said about this people has been said at this point, the whole “dirtbag left” thing feels like it’s on it’s last legs and all the main cows have been boring for a few months now. I do kind of wonder what the next “trendy” online politics subculture will be

No. 1225879

Poor Eli; Anna shit talks marriage on the latest ep, questions whether it would ever even make sense for her to get married. She has a kid with him!!!

No. 1225920

File: 1620475684942.png (67.11 KB, 608x386, grad student.png)


No. 1225951

didn’t they already get married when she was pregnant? they had a small wedding because of covid

No. 1225962

apparently not, unless she was lying on the pod the other day, which she didn't sound like she was doing

No. 1226009

Dasha the "practicing Catholic" thinking there's no point to marriage was a pretty hot take, too

No. 1226034

are they completely unaware of the major legal benefits that being married grants them? they can keep playing themselves i guess

No. 1226035

I didn’t say Russians are not racist, or even LESS overtly racist, I said they don’t MICROMANAGE race in the same unbearable way that Americans do, I would rather some drunk wignat call me a zhid or churka because retards exist everywhere and I don’t care what they do, then having a 15 minute conversation everytime I met a new person about why “what nationality are you “

Also you keep referencing Ukraine hate when there is a literal border war going on right now being utilized for political theatre and propaganda by state apparatus 24/7, totally not a red herring argument

No. 1226091

File: 1620504947986.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.34 KB, 320x481, 1599196798518.jpg)

Up next: Anna shittalks monogamy and gushes about how enlightened and non-neoliberal paying for her husband's hookers is.

No. 1226094

Probably a small "fuck off" ceremony that wasn't legally binding. If it takes you being pregnant for your foreverbf of 159 years to marry you, you can be sure that he never wanted to do it.
Anna is probably very aware of the fact that she's buxing Eli, and Dasha is finally realizing that she'll never get an old rich man, so they're both trying to save face.
Poor Anna*

No. 1226107

File: 1620506835992.jpg (37.54 KB, 363x463, absolutely ningen.jpg)

You are fucking retarded. That's just some crock of bullshit made up anti American leftist that only Americans care about MUH DIVISIONS. People around the world do a give a shit about ethnicity, not race.

No. 1226180

Right. Unless someone can give proof of marriage, not buying it. Who wants to marry a woman who looks 50 at 35 and fat shames 18 year old pop stars for a living

No. 1226203

I’ve always thought that account was an aimee alt. Carl Beijer said it was another simp but they behave exactly like aimee.

No. 1226217

She has a problem with typos

No. 1226221

Lol so she spawned a bastard

No. 1226241

i don't have as much of an issue with aimee as most people here but has anyone else just found her recent tweets like literally incomprehensible? like literally what does this even fucking mean: https://twitter.com/aimeeterese/status/1391088051208605698
the bruenigs are annoying but he's just making an observation, this doesn't even warrant a response. she needs to lay off the meth, since she got her new account back she's been even more unstable than usual

No. 1226255

Aimee, staying true to her neo-Bordigist convictions, is stridently opposed to Matt B's brand of naive social democracy which she sees as strengthening the bourgeoise state

No. 1226257

Something tells me that her wedding dress "just got back from the courthouse" post was just a selfie. I bet even the ceremony never happened.

No. 1226280

File: 1620527027883.png (192.8 KB, 1080x1185, Screenshot_20210508-212225~2.p…)

Isn't she white

No. 1226288

she's also a troon whose whole thing is being transphobic to her trans enemies, isn't it?

No. 1226292

Is she really? I know she's denied it

No. 1226296

File: 1620527957195.png (72.5 KB, 596x307, troll.png)

Aimee, staying true to her(self) stridently opposed to Matt B

No. 1226318

bruenig isn't giving an opinion, he's just making an economic observation about how blackrock makes money. he's not saying it's good or bad. it's nonsensical for her to respond to something which is just an observation on the economy, it has nothing to do with political theory or ideology

No. 1226324

They should put Gimp Girl on the pod. She's also a pickme, has similar viewpoints on gender and an enviable BMI.

No. 1226373

They'll never do it because they know gimpgirl will mog them both physically and intellectually

No. 1226404

a white, try hard, pick me troon. her joke tweets are so fucking corny. did u see her face pic that was going around?

No. 1226413

Lmao no way. Link?

No. 1226427

It's literally one of the seven sacraments of catholicism but whatever! She could at least pretend for the LARP, but that wouldn't make her a Cool Girl to her beta male simps.

No. 1226428

File: 1620551646408.jpg (158.56 KB, 899x2187, aimee bruenig drugs.jpg)

This dumb bitch is against the vaccines for individualistic reasons but will milk on Bruenig accidental lolbertism about drugs.

No. 1226432

Poor crazy aimee the lawyer debater can and will take any position opposed to her imagined adversaries, pursue relentlessly and call it demystification or whatevs
She's obviously mad but also just living her best life online so good luck to her I guess

No. 1226433

Abortion is a sin but all those times she fucks her not-husband? Totes coolsies.

She's only socially conservative when it suits her, which sounds suspiciously liberal to me.

No. 1226438

File: 1620553121483.jpg (119.63 KB, 912x872, aimee bruenig cops.JPG)

According to Aimee Terese, criticizing police brutality and the consequences of war on drugs is perfectly equal to making bloodthirsty vigilantism and supporting the same imperialist war machine as unionized cops

Aimee Terese is officially the dumbest person on Earth. This is your brain on ultra-leftist hypercriticism. https://twitter.com/aimeeterese/status/1391315360679223299

No. 1226450

She’s crazy not dumb, her brain is aggressively antagonistic and adversarial, that’s all

No. 1226451

Bruenig's takes here were absolutely insane. Sure, have a little empathy for the poor guy, but don't pretend like it's something that's completely normal and should be brushed off and isn't a serious indicator of a decaying society

No. 1226452

>She's only socially conservative when it suits her
lol to her credit this is classic American Catholic behavior tbh

No. 1226458

Nta but if Dasha is giving up on finding a rich old man to marry because of her age she couldn't be more misguided (those men don't stay away from women aged 26-34 as much as some people like to believe, for them it's a way to be with someone younger than them without being judged for getting with girls half their age or younger).

She would do much better without claiming she's had sex with +70 men (>>1221863 which i believe it's a lie to look cool/'more independent' anyway, unless all the dudes she's fucked are at least 8/10 chads I doubt she was horny enough to sleep with all of them) and moving among other spaces (how many wealthy old men in need of trophy wives are there in dirtbag left circles?).

No. 1226472

anyone know why kezos privated his account? was there drama?

No. 1226473

>I doubt she was horny enough to sleep with all of them
>Implying she would have fucked the 70+ men out of genuine desire for them and not just for the male validation she needs to survive as a pickme

No. 1226477

>implying dasha is attractive enough to get the kind of older rich man she wants

No. 1226496

File: 1620570534843.png (32.43 KB, 617x458, press f.png)

High chance someone successfully reported her for harassment after posting at least like 100 tweets attacking the Bruenigs in the past 24 hours

No. 1226511

well schizo 4am harassment/dnc conspiracy tweets are kind of what aimee does now. aimee's warren ban was undeserved, but mid-2021 aimee does nothing but violate twitter's tos.

No. 1226517

Oh cool, I remember 3 weeks ago when being anti-cop was bad because it took power out of the hands of government and put it into privatized security forces
Glad to see Aimee's brain has done a complete flip since then and now it's actually extreme state imperialism somehow

No. 1226518

No. Post it

No. 1226522

File: 1620574278821.jpg (54.14 KB, 653x692, nicoleksubstack.JPG)

red scare wannabe internet kendra now has a substack where she posts mediocre poetry to no acclaim from her 3000+ followers

No. 1226526

Aimee repeatedly using the janitor/"he does it for free" meme like it's 2012 on /sp/ is still one of the most bizarre things to me

Where in the hell did she pick it up from? Is it still common on fren twitter or some other bizarre internet subculture or did it just stick in her brain out of nowhere?

No. 1226550

She namedrops Paglia in one of her poems lmao

No. 1226580

Oh, this is not about her age. It's about her everything else.

She will have to fade into obscurity for at least 5 years, not tweet or post anything, get her mug fixed and then reinvent her personality entirely to maybe have a shot at cuffing what she's aiming at. As of now, she'd be an embarrassment to any rich man - not hot enough to be a long term thicc secret, not refined enough to be a trophy wife.

No. 1226611

You think Eli is some kind of prize?

No. 1226639

File: 1620588171497.png (215.57 KB, 726x1974, simpfuneral.png)

the mourning aimee simps. they can't decide who's to blame for the suspension the dsa matt christman the bruenigs carl beijer the dnc, but those are one and the same according to their absent cult leader.

No. 1226656

The sad part is it’s probably Aimee’s Israel posts. Nothing to do with Beijer, Bruenigs or Chapo. She flings mud all day.

No. 1226681

File: 1620591665775.png (2.02 MB, 1386x3044, deets.png)

another former usyd student just confirmed the aimee terese rich girl backstory.

No. 1226689

Right? What are these anons smoking? Dasha isn’t nearly attractive or educated enough to be a trophy wife for a rich man, regardless of her age or the circles she runs in. Even when she was younger, supposedly hotter & unburdened by her current reputation, she never managed to rise above a low-tier sugar baby.

No. 1226740

What's coochiebone's real name?

No. 1226744

Do the Bruenigs even respond to Aimee?

No. 1226758

File: 1620598553734.jpg (243.48 KB, 1148x930, E09BJ1nXMAEIJSd.jpg)

No. 1226768

Holy shit, there really is a North Shore princess to university trotskyist pipeline. The Socialist Alternative must have built it.
This has been happening for decades now.

No. 1226770

Matt showed up to defend himself in her replies yesterday. Liz has only acknowledged Aimee's ceusade against her twice: once in passing on her podcast last year, and the other time a few weeks ago when she told Aimee to stop harassing her amd then blocked her

No. 1226793

File: 1620601473708.png (192.82 KB, 608x508, interesting.png)

twitter radfem found a possible Liz B alt


fwiw i noticed this account awhile ago too and thought the same thing

No. 1226829

File: 1620604058594.jpg (287.25 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20210509-194709_Twi…)

No. 1226831

To an omega pickme like Anna, yes. To any woman above 2/10, he'd be lucky to be allowed to pay to sniff their chairs.

No. 1226846

File: 1620605506054.png (61 KB, 599x248, liz bruenig nyt credentials.pn…)

Here come the credentials

No. 1226847

File: 1620605547079.png (473.67 KB, 651x541, Untitled8_20210509201135.png)

The pipeline opens once your rich parents give up on you in favor of a more well adjusted, less busted sibling, which Aimee no doubt has. She went a bit too hard on the BPD/meth and they cut off the gravy train, which in her demented rich mind made her LITERALLY a prole.

No. 1226853

if aimee wasn't getting financial support from her parents, how could she afford her own apartment in sydney? does the 2000/mo she gets from podcasting go that far? it's not like she can stop tweeting long enough to hold down a job anymore.

No. 1226862

Ah, I see. Make it "we're writing you out of the inheritance" then.

No. 1226870

No. 1226872

he's a good looking guy with art world clout and a trust fund lol. he could be pulling way hotter and younger ladies.

No. 1226875

Ok Eli

No. 1226879

File: 1620608738949.png (184.28 KB, 611x810, image_2021-05-09_210551.png)

Idk if it's confirmed but if she's trans herself This is really funny projection

No. 1226890

>All these "credentials"
>Doesn't know that social monogamy was enforced by