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File: 1691633176358.jpg (427.01 KB, 1620x1080, _R1A8758.jpg)

No. 1878929

Post-Leftcows #44:

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Recent Red Scare guest and Dimes Square staple Delicious Tacos is a middle-aged sex pest and all-around creep:

In her own mind, Anna Khachiyan is just an innocent smolbean:

Anna Khachiyan rallies her groupchat goons, including rape apologist Mike Cernovich, to dogpile Audrey Horne for calling out her bullshit:

Aimee Terese continues her bizarre meltdowns:

Aimee has fantasies about her Black exbf:

Shia LaBeouf quits Eugene Kotlyarenko's film with Dasha due to "unprofessional and unprepared nature of the production":

Dasha defends troon @Basic_Chanel over Aimee:

Jack/The Perfume Pisspig thinks other rw grifters are being problematic and need to do better:

Nonnas report on Angelicism/Kaitlin Phillips @yoloethics/NYC media connections with Dimes Square:

Closeted homo Costin Alamariu/Bronze Age Pervert continues malding about e-girls:

Rapist samememe/@EmpathyHaver rues the time when women couldn't escape moids like him:

Laughing at various Red Scare orbiters/replyguys like @SnakeSkin_J, @HowlingMutant0, @ElectionLegal, and @TradCatBoy:

Silicon Valley ghoul Jason Calacanis is a big Red Scare stan:

Isn't the new "based" right-wing so cool?

Rina Sawayama calls out Ghetto Gaggers fan Matthew Healy. Seething from the usual suspects:

Write-up on the Dimes Square music scene. Tl;dr version: "They all share this incredible talent of levitating up the music industry by making unremarkable music" and "This is not the next big thing because it is good, this is the next big thing because they said so.":

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No. 1878973

They’re all such mutts. Lol.

No. 1879041

can someone name one actually attractive person from this scene? I’ll wait, genuinely curious.

No. 1879120

File: 1691666098754.png (2.83 MB, 1088x1488, 88b56242e03fc81dc53909dfb91bb3…)

$2,700-$3500 per month for this

No. 1879123

File: 1691667018927.png (112.17 KB, 393x237, 4k.png)

lmfao that was quick

No. 1879175

There was the one mixed girlboss from a couple threads back, something Soliman. Don’t know her backstory or relationship to these people, but from the singular picture I saw, I thought she was pretty.
Other than her, yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen a good-looking person anywhere near this charnel pit. Attractive, decent people who retain the option of spending time with the same generally don’t seek out the most spiritually and physically ugly group in a hundred-mile radius.

No. 1879185

File: 1691677455122.png (1.61 MB, 882x882, thememer.PNG)

No. 1879222

It should be illegal for scrotes to be this ugly. I'd even pay extra taxes to build prisons for them. Nothing of value would be lost.

No. 1879238

File: 1691686398971.png (96.49 KB, 1182x460, 10k mattress.png)

coping well with downgrading to a midtown studio after getting "priced out" of her soho place

No. 1879241

It's so embarrassing watching this middle-aged woman type like a teenage incel trying to sound cool.

No. 1879254

>murray hill
>renting not owning
you will never convince me Red Scare's patreon numbers are legit, they're obviously still broke but have fun shopping at gristedes and dodging fratboy barf at santacon i guess dasha

haha so cool how you don't need much space due to no man wanting you, go off chad

No. 1879257

Just noticed it has been an entire year (thread#32) since the OP stopped including "Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left"
Why did we shift it to just RedScare's gay orbiters? Granted What's Left is dead and cumtown changed names but the rest of them are still there.

No. 1879263

Trannies have been shouting down anyone posting on topic in these threads for years, culminating around christmas last year when the site was having downtimes they forced through the thread name change to "post leftcows." Now they're apparently too lazy to even come up with edition titles.

No. 1879270

OP of this thread seems different since she left out milk from last thread and the thread pic isnt a funny edit, but this is nitpicky. half those podcasts are defunct, the brooklynite troonchasers split from the dimes crowd a while ago, and no one is stopping you from posting antifada milk kek.

No. 1879279

Yep, Bimboubermensch is the only person I can think of too. I got the feeling she was just an attractive mouthpiece for her husband or whatever guy she was associated with because her tweets didn't seem like they were written by a woman

No. 1879280

Dasha is in her mid 30s, doesn't have a husband or kids or stable film career, and still feels the need to randomly put down women to make not owning property seem "based". Sad

No. 1879281

File: 1691691502279.png (4.32 MB, 1764x1746, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 14.15…)

Yes! I remember that. Something that literally 14 people voted for while the site was basically non-functional.
You know I don't care what antifada is doing lol. Just making an observation sorry to be meta. I think you're wrong about the split, if you mean chapo split off; it's true most of them moved to LA so they seem a bit more removed but it's not like they don't have any connection to eachother anymore. Just look at this lineup from earlier this year. It used to be common knowledge when they openly talked about eachother on their pods but that upset their fans too much so they stopped. Now sometimes it feels like I'm an insane tinfoiler if I try to point out they still work together, or as if it's totally off topic even though …it's right there.
maybe I'm just annoyed I have to hear about [calf who bores me] instead of [cow I no longer farm but would like to hear about]

No. 1879285

she went from sleeping with d-list directors to twitter fascists lmao

No. 1879286

Milk seems to have dried up in the leftist trannychaser podcasts and the Thielbuxxed post-left people unfortunately

No. 1879287

This bitch is so mad she lives in a dying shithole city

No. 1879288


Is this an official dox or just random image? The image she posted really obviously shows tudor city IMO; They have those windows and it's located directly next to the UN. It's a quiet area with no noise, homeless or drugged out zoomer neighbors, I think getting out of chinatown and moving to midtown is the best decision Dasha has made in years

No. 1879289

Very true.

No. 1879290

File: 1691692212247.png (5.15 MB, 2616x1688, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 14.02…)

lol at Matthew Donovan saying he's a precarious worker, give me a break. also cuteanon (littlesecrets organizer) chiming in – I don't actually know much about her, she could be telling the truth but her job now is basically organizing political events that she sells out with her chapo connections (she is Amber Rollos BFF) so I think she's free of waiting tables for the time being

No. 1879308

The fat wives are happier than her ugly high body count ass

No. 1879379

I don't think Dasha gets priced out anywhere in nyc, she has 25k a month off Patreon alone

No. 1879389

File: 1691703003099.png (1.39 MB, 1296x1332, average dij fan.png)

I know, but that's her story. Dasha was freaking out over her soho rent going up by 500 a month. Something fishy.

No. 1879395

you can see the water tower.

No. 1879399

You know why.. because these threads have become infested by DSAtards, Chapo irony bros and 12 year old Hasan fans who plagiarise us every day on Twitter

No. 1879402

Lol tell me about it. that scrote kulwin was posting a few weeks ago about how alicefromqueens was totally a male which was something that this thread had figured out years ago.

No. 1879418

Anna, Dasha, and Liz Bruenig are attractive but that's not the point. They are cows in need of milking. There are plenty of lolcows that can be attractive but still very milky. Sure, people nitpick and say that Dasha has flabby legs or that Anna looks like a troon.
Recall that she was asking the anonymous freaks in the subreddit for a place to stay after breaking up with Adam? Finding accommodations is not their forte.
Fat Jack use to wear a "Death in June" shirt as well, isn't wearing that a dog whistle that one is gay nazi adjacent? Death in June refers to when Hitler killed loyal gay nazis in the Stormtroopers I think.

No. 1879421

>Anna Khachiyan rallies her groupchat goons, including rape apologist Mike Cernovich, to dogpile Audrey Horne for calling out her bullshit:
Calling Mike Cernovich a rape apologist is understating how disgusting he is, the moid is a literal, actual, no-shit rapist. First result I could find: https://www.thedailybeast.com/mike-cernovich-hounded-on-rape-allegation-in-reddit-ama
Sounds at least 1k too low lmao, I can hope at least(this is an imageboard)

No. 1879433

wrong, it’s wesley yang’s now exwife

No. 1879457

dasha is constantly dog whistling Nazism. Le based waifu dasha. She watches anime and loves Nazis… she’s /our girl/!

No. 1879473

Dasha, how does it feel knowing even fat women can get a man to marry them & buy them a nice big house in the burbs, while you slut yourself out to every scrote in NYC yet barely can afford a shitty studio? I bet it’s the same seething jealousy you feel that “fat” Florence Pugh’s career effortlessly mogs yours, huh? Binge, purge, cope & seethe about it you absolute clown

No. 1879477

>loves Nazis
>only dates Jews
Just schizo things

No. 1879491

File: 1691713609110.jpg (151.75 KB, 820x820, devious hacker pepe.jpg)

Wait, so if the SAG strike is still ongoing by the end of the month, Dasha's not going to be able to walk the red carpet with Seydoux and Bonello in Venice, right?

No. 1879503

come on you can't just say that and not post source. where did you hear it and do you have a screenshot or anything

No. 1879522

I have a feeling Anna didn't split the Thiel check equally.

No. 1879525

not that crazy. if i genuinely believed jews ran the world, i would only date them too.

No. 1879531

These threads have always been Red Scare (or Dasha) centric. Chapo and Cum Town were relevant because there was lots of crossover between them but they've all distanced themselves from each other now. Also they're both apparently boring as hell now so there's not much lost. Anyways no one's stopping you from posting whatever NYC based cow you want here.

No. 1879543

Dasha's also admitted to spending thousands on clothes and luxury mattresses, so…

No. 1879563


none of these people are actually nazis - many are literally jews (BAP) and mischlinge (most anon influencers - 'second city bureaucrat' etc.); the rest are philo-semites (dasha) or jew-LARPers (1/8th ashki anna). they flirt with fashy aesthetics because they have none of their own, but it's all transgressivity for transgressivity's sake: the unironic zionism is a bit of a giveaway.

No. 1879564

hi df(hi cow)

No. 1879566

get a grip.

No. 1879573

> mischlinge
hi pol scrote. any reason why you're doing a cover-up here?

No. 1879577

yes, that's how you spell it. it's retarded to characterise a bunch of jewish chauvinists (khachiyan self-describes as a 'jewish supremacist') and jew-worshipping whores like nekrasova as 'nazis'. not everyone you hate is a nazi, and that's ok. and cry more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1879584

Right, they're just latching onto whatever ideology seems transgressive. Dasha was literally going to convert to Judaism for Adam. Everyone in this scene is just apeing and promoting edgelords on Twitter

No. 1879618

Correct, it’s the trannies pushing the nazi angle because they can’t seethe about women making money. True farmers hate A&D for selling out women and being scrote ball polishing handmaidens

No. 1879626

This whole sector really is filled with mischlinge. Not confirmed, but Alamaru is a mischling too. His father is jewish no question, but supposedly his mother attended an orthodox church. He also claims to have been baptized into orthodox church as a baby. Of course he could still be fully ethically jewish, but it is unlikely, since, as I understand, it is almost unheard of for a jew to convert to christianity in Romania unlike in some other eastern european nations.(racebaiting)

No. 1879641

She looks like a grunge boy from 1995

No. 1879688

Looks like Dylann Roof here

No. 1879713

File: 1691765392891.png (24.05 KB, 598x295, Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 15-50…)

this woman is about to turn 40

No. 1879721

She’s assuming everyone who hates on the scene wants to be in it

No. 1879723

File: 1691766357198.png (157.22 KB, 1406x678, compact.png)

They really have to think up a better response than calling people jealous when they disagree with them.
This time she's bitter that Michael Lind, who she was invited to introduce at a Compact magazine reading last fall, wrote an article against her more racist buddies.


No. 1879756

who is she even referring to here? the only people with chips on their shoulders about "the scene" either have an ideological problem with her for being racist or were orbiters who she bullied for no reason, like default_friend and audrey horne.

No. 1879763

maybe she’s talking about dimbulbs like Mike Crumplar, who writes thousands of words about how very unbothered he is by the Dimes Square/Red Scare/ExPatPress/Russian Samovar crowd mocking him?

No. 1879780

crumplar hates them because they're fascists

No. 1879794

File: 1691775230904.jpg (185.13 KB, 1170x1501, F3NQVUMXkAAlH6H.jpg)

No. 1879798

that must be why he attends all their parties

No. 1879799

File: 1691775505175.png (74.35 KB, 598x797, Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 18-37…)

No. 1879812

Crumps is in the scene

No. 1879815

nonsense, that would be a reasonable thing to do, but he loooooves them and is super jelly
also nonsense, he is the Uncle Rico of that scene

No. 1879816

Other than Fat Jack, who else is an unironic zionist? We can see from Jack that zionism and white nationalism are not incompatible. They agree with white passing israelis driving donuts with their tanks over brown people's homes in the West Bank. While Dasha and Anna might be Jewish adjacent, they seem to be somewhat opposed to zionism "uh, I think it's bad that a Jewish man from NYC evicted Palestinians and took their home"

No. 1879817

Based? And re: Anna's tweet about people inviting themselves into the scene, I guess it's true considering how many trannies have infested the Red Scare orbit

Lmao this chick enrages me so much. She's so milquetoast and such a kiss ass idk why she seems more irritating than people like Anna

No. 1879818

Yeah, Anna and Dasha pay lip service to Jews but don't support Israel. I think they're intentionally incoherent here (as opposed to actually incoherent because they're retarded like everything else)

No. 1879819

i have never seen a coherent description or criticism of her besides that she's boring

No. 1879820


No. 1879841

File: 1691782320510.jpg (235.19 KB, 1170x2080, Snapinsta.app_366445216_118403…)

pariah is officially an ugly chad waif now, RIP.

No. 1879846

File: 1691782629856.png (762.21 KB, 2638x628, 1658912330169.png)

we've gone from perfect onlifans salome to this in such a short time. what mental illness will do to the face.

No. 1879848

you really bumped the thread just to post this mouthbreather's latest selfie? most obvious lolcow self-poster after dasha

No. 1879855

File: 1691783482283.jpg (338 KB, 1536x2048, FdXQBivXwAI6m6M.jpg)


No. 1879864

File: 1691785214727.png (54.91 KB, 886x234, Screenshot 2023-08-11 162225.p…)

i think he actually might be right and is not being dramatic for a change about his face

No. 1879868

Same with yarvin

No. 1879870

It’s going to be pedopandering not-quite minors of both sexes from here on out, isn’t it? Bunny Rogers and it’s consequences

No. 1879872

It’s pretty obvious if fat Jack and all the troon horrors got in that it’s not very selective.

No. 1879873

File: 1691786157926.jpg (144.25 KB, 1280x840, camille-paglia.jpg)

Miles is going for the old and wrinkled Camille Paglia look, apparently.

No. 1879876

>they're not even real nazis like me!!! jew worshipping whores!!
so? they're still in bed with the far right and parrot their retarded bullshit all the time. i'm sure they'll go full on nazi when they've exhausted all other grifts. also kill yourself(alogging)

No. 1879877

Aging as a male is inescapable

No. 1879902

Katherine "the Dee stands for Doormat." somehow her obscene lack of self-respect is almost as bad as the extreme pickme misogyny

No. 1879922

yes, jews will go 'full on nazi' any minute now. fuck off back to reddit.

No. 1879930

maybe people are just mean to her and it’s not that deep

No. 1879933

honor is cute

No. 1879940

do you mean ivy wolk? shes ugly and she copes for it by styling herself to be somehow uglier

No. 1879943

no ivy wolk is ugly and her tweets border on poop humor – nasty ho

No. 1879958

File: 1691794315123.jpg (156.75 KB, 1024x683, 1691787377885688[1].jpg)

pol claims this is Dasha's new documentary. Is this Dasha and where is this from?

No. 1879962

dasha doesn't use condoms.

No. 1879966

nonna be honest, how fucking new are you that you've never seen this pic before?

No. 1879967

can't be dasha, only 100 guys here and some are attractive

No. 1879971

you have be from twitter. she looks like caroline calloway if she was stung by bees

No. 1879999

stop posting yourself, get a job

No. 1880000

Katherine Dee

No. 1880009

I'm reporting live from the gutter and no she doesn't

No. 1880013

This pic is over a decade old

No. 1880015

she’s not a zionist…

No. 1880019

samefag but df gets painted at this giant libtard when she capes for literal nazis in her unherd column every week

No. 1880063

I still believe the age truthers, she's 42 and took young Costin's virginity in 1998.

No. 1880067

File: 1691807900124.jpg (256.27 KB, 1170x2080, 50609_2896040225980294649.jpg)

why is Huma (Hilary's old right hand woman) tagged?

No. 1880070

File: 1691808030212.jpg (149.23 KB, 1170x2080, 650_5456633981848405.jpg)

No. 1880076

Did anybody ever find any concrete evidence about Eli being on grindr? I can see on his face that he’s gay but

No. 1880078

Maddie was there too. She posted some pics and vids from it on instagram the other day but I initially thought they were throwbacks from that wedding they all went to out West last year.

No. 1880080

dasha looks like she has some kind of hideous deformity but she and anna have ascended to nyc elite

No. 1880085

im like 99% sure that was just made up by coochiebone

No. 1880089

File: 1691810677147.jpg (200.72 KB, 2548x1700, Dasha-Nekrasova-Madeline-Quinn…)

No. 1880098

It's spiritually true because everyone even Anna's therapist believed it could be true.

No. 1880106

File: 1691813256724.jpeg (47.96 KB, 320x320, 3886E5A0-BB0B-4675-8DE2-588656…)

This is what the world looks like from outer space(sage your shit)

No. 1880108

Erm…. Sage belongs in the email field(sage your shit)

No. 1880110


Thank you nonna. Never really thought about it this way before(sage your shit)

No. 1880111

>pariah's off his meds again

No. 1880113

You’re welcome, nonna. Have you ever touched a girl in… a scissoring way?(sage your shit)

No. 1880116

File: 1691814754390.jpeg (391.86 KB, 1080x943, IMG_2514.jpeg)

No. 1880117

You don’t think about much, nonna… and that’s a fact! One of these days, there’s gonna be a thread about YOU… and don’t come crying to me when it happens.(sage your shit)

No. 1880119

Her face just keeps getting longer

No. 1880124

Nonna… there’s no easy way to say this, but you’ve been doxxed. You are posting from the center of Stonehenge. Surrounded by fertility idols. You must be a priestess of some kind. Very unbecoming(sage your shit)

No. 1880128

This could be very bad news for me if this gets out. Is there anything you can do to help me?(sage your shit)

No. 1880129

Don’t worry. I’ve put instructions for you in the email field of this post. Be well!(sage your shit)

No. 1880146

She tries to be friends with everyone while positioning herself as an enlightened outsider who supposedly doesn't subscribe to the viewpoints of the people she kisses the asses of

No. 1880148

Looks like default_friend has crossed the line from lurking to posting in her own defense. Everyone is fair game here

No. 1880156

were on like a second generation of scrotes seething about this picture

No. 1880157

she writes for tablet

No. 1880160

they both look so unnatural in femme outfits

No. 1880188

her outfit is cute, but her head is so oddly shaped and of course the face is tragic.

No. 1880215

She is becoming more troonlike with age

No. 1880234

df’s whole shtick isn’t that she’s an enlightened centrist, it’s that she won’t argue because she’s too dumb

No. 1880243

These are the exact women you think look nice from afar then you get up close and you’re like, oh

No. 1880250

fashion brands usually pay a big celeb or two to attend their events in hopes of getting press coverage, this brand is using Huma, not a very clouty choice but could appeal to an older moneyed crowd. with going rates Huma was probably paid 30-50k for an appearance of 2 hours max, all other guests probably paid with a free handbag from a gifting suite, and i assure you dasha was allowed nowhere near Huma lol. dasha's just @ tagging the guest of honor like the thirsty little wannabe influencer she is

dasha is not "nyc elite" because she went to a dinner for a Revolve-level handbag brand no one's heard of lol. it's easy to do things like this if you make friends with a PR girl or have a few thousand followers and live in nyc or la. the question is why dasha with her 6-figure following isn't going to PR events every night and for way better brands, the answers you can conclude on your own

i actually love dasha's dress, the bag doesn't go at all but looks nice quality, but my god she has to start leaving maddie at home when she goes to stuff, it's so cringe how they never mix with other people and take selfies in the corner when there's actual photographers there. they act like total hicks.

No. 1880260

this one has manov written all over it, the loser.

No. 1880285

Honor and The Troon have both openly admitted to self-posting before; it's basically a given that others are doing it too. Wouldn't be surprised if Kaitlin Phillips is the one always posting about Dasha's career advancements for publicity.

No. 1880287

Dasha admitted to self posting too

No. 1880309

Anna said she fucked black men in high school. Poor costie lost his virginity to a coalburner then

No. 1880310

Is it just me or does she edit her pics so that her head looks bigger? What’s the point of that?

No. 1880316

Makes her body look smaller, makes her look proportionally shorter or more childish. Dasha is pretty convinced that her 'appeal' is in the fact that she looks young, and I can't quite understand what has convinced her of that. If you watched Succession, she was completely believable as a 30something professional, but in her own inner world she's an uwu lolita forever. Aberrant psychology.

No. 1880317

the delusion that dasha is even passably pretty is the most annoying gaslighting campaign this scene pushes

No. 1880321

hes in his late 40s and used to post prostitutes on twitter while begging underage girls for their snapchat. "coalburning" would be the least of his sins

No. 1880366

File: 1691863207297.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.51 KB, 680x663, FrGw8MpaAAEqqTZ[1].jpg)

Maybe they partook in a Frazzledrip type ritual together?

No. 1880411

it's not just gay face, he also has gay voice.
he doesn't even have sex with his whores, he buys them for random guys he meets at the gym and watches in the corner. obviously he is wanking to gym bro, but he still needs plausible deniability to cope even at 43 years old.

No. 1880415

Dasha lost her facial fat quite dramatically in the last few years, presumably from poor lifestyle and stress. Maybe her brain hasn't caught up with the change.
She ought to go much heavier on the makeup. Her hair and skin are the same shade of light beige, there is nothing to balance the contrast of the dark eyes.

No. 1880422

Maddie looks like a man tbh… not a feminine face at all. No wonder she’s always posting her boobs
I’m always defending DF against Anna on here (as do others) but she doesn’t deserve it. She’s a glutton for any attention. At least Audrey’s stopped engaging

No. 1880426

DF is in their social circles and Audrey isn’t. DF is no different than any other Anna knock-off, she’s just bad at it. She probably still secretly hopes she can ingratiate herself to Anna.

No. 1880427

Wouldn’t put it past her.

No. 1880446

i always got the impression that her constant body checking is because she knows her face can’t be saved. at least the dress is cute.

No. 1880451

File: 1691879099968.jpeg (155.39 KB, 828x1347, DE0FFEDF-B5C8-41A1-96FC-E856E6…)

Nobody’s posted about her in a while but custardloaf accused some Twitter scrote she was visiting in England (Moby_Requiem) of choking her until the police showed up, then she 180ed a couple hours later and is living with him and shared this disturbing video today

No. 1880457

jarring to see her without all the filters

No. 1880459

File: 1691880204109.jpeg (236.51 KB, 1369x1707, EE16F5F9-E8ED-4C9F-88E8-4C716A…)

Loaf and scrote

No. 1880462

Let this be a lesson for all you Nick Mullen replygirls ITT, the men in your orbit are nasty pigs with daddy issues who hate women, NOT funny little herpes guys.

No. 1880499

it looks like she cried off all the foundation on her face and only the perimeter is left. her hair looks like she or someone else has been pulling it out. i hope she gets away from him. i hate scrotes so much it is unreal

No. 1880502

File: 1691884321997.jpg (27.18 KB, 533x680, e84.jpg)

No. 1880554

it's always the "male feminist" looking scrotes

No. 1880614

Nick only having herpes (as far as we know) still makes him by far the cleanest guy in the Cum Town scene.

No. 1880704

God what an ugly motherfucker, I hate men

No. 1880735

The video is gone what did she say in it? I don’t follow her but I assume she doesn’t normally look like that, her appearance is concerning

No. 1880737

My bad no it’s not, I thought it would be a live/reel. That’s very scary, literally looks like he’s gonna murder her, she’s just crying and then he comes over and manhandles her phone away and calls her unhinged

No. 1880743

She’s clearly in on it tho

No. 1880744

File: 1691916488780.webm (16.21 MB, 1080x1920, custardloaf.webm)

Here's the vid for posterity. Moids are a disease.

No. 1880755

It's crazy to me that Aimee tHerese is more insane than she's ever been in her life but you almost never see anybody in lw circles QTing her or even mentioning her anymore

It's like some hackneyed horror story where a monster is only powerful when you pay attention to it, and when the protagonists realize this, it starts lashing out in a fashion that's garish but ultimately pathetic

No. 1880759

Iirc Jack also has Death in June tattoos? But the political affiliations of Douglas Pierce are not that clear cut tbh. Might be a classic gay fetish thing

No. 1880777


No. 1880782

File: 1691927128983.png (366.16 KB, 498x884, Untitled.png)

i'm sure Anna has nothing to worry about

No. 1880784

Lol has BAP really admitted that he’s into cuckoldry? Where can I read / hear about this?

No. 1880810

Transitioning into the creepy janitor physiognomy I see.

No. 1880813

He always looks so miserable. There's a deep well of pain behind those eyes.

No. 1880833

File: 1691933644083.jpg (227.66 KB, 1170x2080, 366469018_664293352290200_8971…)

>She ought to go much heavier on the makeup.
look what you've spawned

No. 1880835

its giving surfer boy

No. 1880844

Mert doctrine in action

No. 1880851

best shes looked in a long time. she should cut bangs again.

No. 1880867

In on what?

No. 1880868

Why the hell would she facetune herself like this? Does she genuinely think no one would notice like cmon ma’am

No. 1880871

how about you keep your good boy weird twittee moids out of this okay?

No. 1880881

Speaks to how ghoulish most nyc dwellers are. the weird attention seeking kids from high school move to nyc, the hot ones move to L.a.

No. 1880887

Just remarking about the trend that nonna noticed. Also what thread do you think you're in? lmao

No. 1880888

video still up, looks real. “he poured juice on me” he says call your parents then comes over and says she’s been unhinged and grabs the camera then it’s over

No. 1880893

>believing the kayfabe
I'm disappointed in you nonita

No. 1880896

Douglas Pearce has been playing the game of "is he just making edgy transgressive art, or is he really a Nazi?" since before most of the cows in this scene were born. Credit where it's due, I guess.

No. 1880897

The Rina Sawayama screaming into the microphone over “microaggressions” video always giving me a good hearty kek whenever I’m feeling extra down lmao

No. 1880903

That's more of an indiecow thing

No. 1880904

At least she nailed the stoner SoCal beach bum aesthetic.

No. 1880920

File: 1691945057912.jpeg (89.05 KB, 567x800, IMG_8371.jpeg)

btwn this and the Bari Weiss-hosted “debate” it’s clear the containment zone of Dimes Square has been breeched. East LA now at risk of being flooded by fat 35+ edge lords espousing pedophilic Nazi ideology.

No. 1880924

her head size is always changing, it's like the size of a little acorn squash today

No. 1880928

Her hairstyle is so unflattering

No. 1880939

Her look is wasted on a straight girl.

No. 1880975

LA has been at risk ever since Thiel moved there in 2018

No. 1880999

This lmao. I always see her and think…I could fix her we could be happy Slavic lesbians…but then I remember everything about her kek

No. 1881042

File: 1691959122915.jpeg (2.4 MB, 4032x3024, CF042FF6-061A-4463-8101-3DF017…)

I was flipping through next weeks lidl flyer & came across a BimboUbermensch wtf(sage your shit)

No. 1881066

File: 1691963172829.jpg (41.94 KB, 526x526, dashdog.jpg)

the ol' saluki ears

No. 1881081

Maybe some people have a semblance of a conscious or are self aware enough that engaging with her will make them look bad and they just feel sorry for her because she is so obviously unwell

No. 1881086

He would’ve been an attractive male. Too bad he couldn’t be normal and be a musician on his own merits, it’s bittersweet and unfulfilling this way. But he sure is getting a lot of mileage out of orbiting redscare. He’s trying to kardashian his Hilton.

No. 1881087

File: 1691965368710.png (37.94 KB, 200x300, Untitled.png)

Surprised she didn't do this sooner

No. 1881088

She was crying and shaking and saying “he threw juice on me”(or something like that?) And then the hideous British moid grabbed the camera and said “she’s been unhinged since she got here” and turned it off. People were expressing concern in the comments and she said she’d called the police. Very disturbing.

No. 1881089

Bjorn Andresen maxing

No. 1881093

Chapo already has that base covered.

No. 1881095

Ikr god hates us

No. 1881165

once again maddie i am asking you to stop posting here(hi cow)

No. 1881178

She’s a professional model, this is not remotely milky

No. 1881188

Anybody know what Anna Slatz is up to? AMC tanking pretty hard, down over 25% in Friday afterhours alone. I recall she was buying at over $50 lol. Will she open an onlyfans to recover her losses?

No. 1881198

She’s fighting the good fight on reduxx. This thread is about leftcows, not women troons hate

No. 1881209

she’s a garbage person and a cow who’s high on her own farts
being accidentally correct doesn’t change that

No. 1881212


She's an utter embarrassment


No. 1881246

File: 1691991126438.png (846.14 KB, 1080x778, IMG_20230813_223059.png)

Simone Films/The Ion Pack heads KJ Rothweiler and Curtis Pawley posing with Alex Jones.

No. 1881250

of all the dimes square edgelords the Ion bros piss me off the most because they're such tryhards. and curtis' music is so bad, almost as tragic as his hairline

No. 1881252

They have recently attempted to engage in feuds with other indie film producers in an attempt to reclaim relevancy. It hasn't been working out in their favor at all and they're bleeding cult members left and right. Their music sucks, their astroturfed Thiel-backed right wing politics are shit, and they've now produced three unsellable films and two failed TV pilots. It's over for these dorks.

No. 1881255

I think this was posted here before

No. 1881256

>They have recently attempted to engage in feuds with other indie film producers in an attempt to reclaim relevancy
Can you expand? Also lol at everything they produce being unmarketable garbage. Is Rachel Ormont going to be stuck in perpetual post-production limbo?

No. 1881257

They accused the guy who ran Screenslate of being a pedo and launched a series of meme attacks and trolls on their podcast last year. Now they are attempting to stir up a feud with another indie producer in the scene by posting revenge porn and antisemitic memes because they're jealous he got two features financed in 7 months. Truly pathetic shit. The producer they attacked flipped out and instead of engaging in a flame war, starting texting and calling filmmakers who knew them that he would never work with them if they associated with the Ion Pack. He also called the meme account holder's employer and a series of high profiles agents and managers warning them off. Tbqh I'm scared of posting more details about him because he's not publicly in the scene and I don't want to piss him off.

No. 1881260

RachelOrmont hasn't sold. Salamander Days hasn't sold (shot in 2017) and Messy, starring 40 something year old influencer, probably won't sell. Many Dimes Square rejects who can't sell their movies hire a company called Circle Collective to distribute and market for them. They are paying to screen their movies.

No. 1881282

What are the failed tv pilots?

No. 1881288

No. 1881322

File: 1692014387680.jpeg (228.8 KB, 828x1466, D7D76CAB-CFCA-49E1-91CD-19A2BD…)

Concerning wrist cut, but who is loaf tho and how is she related to post-left?

No. 1881323

>professional model
>modeling cheap nightgowns for fat old ladies that live in poverty

No. 1881348

These posts are about Jonathan Daniel Brown and by use of the phrase “revenge porn” it seems like selfposting. the guy was in some indie sleeper hit “Project X” and is bitter no one wants to work with him because he’s annoying. he sent emails to people’s agents using contact info he got on imdb pro. the emails are so short, poorly written, and out of left field that it’s just leaving agents scratching their heads and laughing. the irony of his obsession with thiel money is that the only “acting” he’s done recently is one line in thiel-funded “The Sweet East.” he keeps rambling about thiel money yet his only income last year was thiel money. The guy is a fat mess

No. 1881393

I remember him from Struggle Session aka "Geek Chapo" where he was ostricized as a cow among cows. Then he tried to grift stupidpol Redditors into funding a podcast with Aimee Therese. This whole thing is really a small, incestuous pool isn't it?

No. 1881419

So, how do you know this?

No. 1881446

every self-posting accusation is a confession

No. 1881452

some egirl that got a bunch of followers from posting a NSFW video of her putting a hairbrush into her butthole

No. 1881463

he was also on Cumtown.org trying to crowd-source a screenplay for a comedy film

No. 1881474

this is just an outright lie. she was an incel orbiter and Paul towns gf.
also it was a photo not a video

No. 1881574

That's just sad. Paul Town is literally a schizophrenic meth head.

No. 1881812

Well I mean she did get paid for this presumably so it was a professional modeling job. Though it’s not exactly Vogue.

No. 1881879

BAP on new redscare ep

No. 1881880

ana reading nietzsche for the first time at 40

No. 1881952

We have a lot of resident RW lurkers who can't help but sperg about how they're not fashy enough for them and cryptolibs acskshually lmao

No. 1881972

File: 1692104595668.png (189.54 KB, 510x392, lvt.png)

Dasha has the opportunity to do the funniest possible thing

No. 1882015

He’s a crazy popular director. I’m sure he can do a little better than the D boy

No. 1882062

File: 1692114082893.jpg (390.43 KB, 1366x2048, 14MOSTDRESSED-huma-09-jwbl-sup…)

No. 1882073

lmfao she looks terrible here. the exposure really shows her age too

No. 1882086

one of the ugliest women alive

No. 1882149

File: 1692123297645.png (6.81 MB, 2002x1640, Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 1.56…)

this is funny, i always thought dasha does too much with her wannabe model poses that she can't pull off. like most non-models she looks better just facing the camera and smiling, but she's too NLOG for that.

anyway notice how the only other person at this event who attempts the "over-the shoulder" pose is Pat Cleveland, a literal legendary model. when Pat does it, she still looks tall, has length in her neck, and emphasizes her dress's shape. but when Dasha does it, her neck disappears, she gets a hunchback, her head looks big and mannish, making her body look shorter, and her dress has no shape at all. meanwhile all the other guests just took straightforward smiling portraits and look lovely. she'll never learn lol, serving cunt is above dasha's paygrade

No. 1882167

what is the dent in her cheek, botched buccal fat removal?

No. 1882172

it would've worked a little better if she dropped her shoulder and lifted the opposite one and the photographer didn't zoom in

No. 1882173

File: 1692125383027.jpeg (16.68 KB, 341x148, IMG_0409.jpeg)

Pam: It’s the same picture

No. 1882191

How did she get an invite? This is clearly a w. As much as we talk about how she's ruining her career with her online behavior, she can still schmooze with the libtardiest of libtards lol

No. 1882231

lil monkey fella

No. 1882235

how would one make a SFW video of themselves putting a hairbrush into their butthole

No. 1882241

very carefully

No. 1882325

looks like a horror movie cast photo with that lighting kek

No. 1882340

Who cares what she’s modeling? It’s still a job and non milky.

No. 1882380

it’s a dimple or a smile line. either way it’s not a scar from buccal fat removal, retard.

No. 1882389

So did anything interesting transpire on the episode? Surprised there isn’t more about it in the thread. maybe I shouldn’t be – it was inevitable but also tedious

No. 1882400

No milk is going to be worth slogging through an entire RS episode featuring a guy who sounds like the count from seasame street

No. 1882432

File: 1692150193864.png (43.29 KB, 598x288, heightweight.png)


No. 1882450

he did a cringe accent

No. 1882454

debunked by the tulsi gabbard pic

No. 1882476

So do people still….listen to their podcast? It seems like a high percentage of their subreddit isn't. Is their listenership declining?

No. 1882481

She’s busted and old enough for libtard women to accept her as their own

No. 1882482

not according to their official sub stats… which are definitely legit.

No. 1882484

At least half of the subscribers have to be banned accounts at this point

No. 1882507

Lmao, why is Alex Lee Moyer posing like that…

No. 1882511

It's absolutely milky, she always sold herself as a model, you know, a ~real~ professional model unlike these wannabes, and it turns out she's the most boring, least glamorous, "just looks like a regular person" kind of model. Besides, she did all that grifting and shameless attention seeking only to end up still having to take that kind of job? Kek

I don't understand why she insists on this lie, lolitas are supposed to be smol in height too

No. 1882513

the ep is worth listening to if only for the fact that we get a funny reminder of just how high and grating anna's voice is when she's not employing the old howard stern trick of artificially lowering it. legit sounds like a different person by the end of the episode.

No. 1882518

File: 1692158901657.jpeg (421.03 KB, 750x1150, A7806AA7-33EC-48EC-A037-44A09E…)

Ivy Wolk is spiraling over this tweet

No. 1882522

Here's a really long and boring diatribe one of the bapists transcribed from the ep. The podcast sounds like it was 15 minutes of Anna trying to impress him, 10 minutes of Dasha forced cackles and 3 hours of him droning on trying to maintain the accent
"I'm not really with the HBD neoreaction right, the Hanania types especially, in attacking blacks because of their low impulse control and criminality. I think those are good traits, actually." - Bronze Age Pervert
"It's not that I think being a criminal ape is that good, but being against that, the way that a large portion of the right is, including Steve Sailer who I love by the way […] But I don't agree with his general take on the world which is similar to Hanania's." - BAP
"The coalition of so-called difficult women with closet case neurotics like Obo*go makes a huge portion of especially the new dissident right that came in 2017 and replaced the older so-called frogs who are people who just want to have fun." - Bronze Age Pervert
"The people who attack blacks for that aspect, and they could be attacked for other things, a political criticism of blacks, because for example any ancient thinker would see America's black population as one in stasis, which means in revolt. They are in a condition of
revolt. But they are actually a political nullity in almost any country that they've been a demographic of in history. They are not a political actor. They are very, very easy to, I don't want to say subdue, that's rude, but they are actually a very docile population. If you look
at the American South, the whites in the American South after the Civil War were in some cases very very far outnumbered, and they were an occupied population. But the American whites very easily through political organization retook their territories and this other population
we're talking now, I'm sorry if I have to talk in code, this population is very docile. When you look in Africa itself […] It's a sociological anthropological thing, that major anthropologists like Pierre van den Berghe have talked about. You look at Rwanda, right?
Rwanda is ruled by people who look sort of like Somalis. They are cattle herders who came from the north, not quite North Africa but from the north. They are so-called Nilotics, these are the Tutsis. Thy have always been a minority. They have easily, easily ruled a Hutu, which is
Bantu population, which in Africa is understood to have the qualities that peasants all over the world have. They're extroverted, they're not very bright, I don't want to be rude. […] My point is the blacks are not, as such, a political threat. They become a so-called problem
under conditions of mass democracy. And the focus on crime and on so-called low IQ and so on, which I believe it's not really what the problem is with this population. The implicit alternative presented by people like we just named, the neoreaction people, the human biodiversity
people is something I've called IQ nationalism. It's an exaggeration but they think IQ and docility and things like ability to work in an office are just the most wonderful thing. Unfortunately Steve Sailer has some of these same aspects. He believes that the medieval let's say
shopkeeper or the engineer is the basis of Western civilization. I think it's an enormous distortion of history and of human greatness to believe that. […] I'm sorry, with all due respect to this population, and they have their virtues, they're good at music and some athletics"


No. 1882523

can confirm that i'm unable to recall any other episode in which the guest talked for so large a percentage of the time. i'd guess BAP spoke for over 90% of it.

No. 1882525

This has been going on in LA for a long time, Factory Made LA regularly has Thiel guests read at their things.

No. 1882550

>legit sounds like a different person by the end of the episode
So does BAP, he loses like 60% of his accent by the end. Why does he sound like that, didn’t he grow up outside of Boston?

No. 1882579

This makes no sense (even for BAP). Was he too distracted by keeping up the accent to think about what he was saying? It's like a weird bit, I feel like I just read one of those 3-page borderline stream of consciousness paragraphs in American Psycho.

No. 1882615

File: 1692189203463.png (88.34 KB, 1172x460, url.png)

saving this for posterity

No. 1882639

In the last 20 minutes he pretty much roasts Dasha to her face while talking about the online right
>ex roastie with a complicated past who found Jesus and now they want a husband to make them not do what they did in their past

No. 1882725

File: 1692202569158.jpg (587.58 KB, 1200x800, neanderthal_woman-4x3[1].jpg)

She does look like a neanderthal

No. 1882730

he’s not talking about her, he means holistic honey and other trads. he loves dasha and thinks she and anna are above critique.

No. 1882734

His moid fans stopped mentally developing at age 6 so he does the funny accent to keep them engaged and entertained, it's like baby talk

No. 1882739

not dasha expecting us to believe she has a 16 bmi, that's runway model skinny. girl, i know you've been posting here on the reg lately so don't make me go find that infographic of your squashy arms that made you stroke out last time

>BAP is talking about those OTHER hoes 4 Jesus, n-not dasha
riiiight tootally

No. 1882756

File: 1692206172410.jpeg (656.01 KB, 803x914, F9003E38-4A00-4F6D-B1D5-C1A6C0…)

he did, according to the bap article posted last thread he’s been doing the cringe accent for a while, but his brother has no accent. it’s some adopted affectation for sure
I’m starting to think bap is basically just your average 2edgy5me anime club autist but instead he’s a balkanboo. he even has the trench coat and Nietzsche obsession! you can’t tell me that this man wouldn’t be kinning lelouch or light yagami if he was born 5 or 10 years later

No. 1882760

As laughable and pathetic as anna's ethnolarping is at least she's never tried to do a fake russian accent.
I suppose she's got a shred of dignity left…

Actually she's probably thought about it but realized it would be too much effort to pull off. A+D seem to put zero actual effort into their respective attention seeking "identity" larps, (catholic conversion/judaism/speaking Russian) while building their entire personalities around them.

No. 1882795

What is she anyway? Old world German Slav? I’ve never seen a nose with so much unusual structure have absolutely zero bridge

No. 1882839

she actually did kinda lean into it a few times during her appearance on russians with attitude recently

No. 1882840

looks like a cross between ivy and meg bitchell

No. 1882843

That’s cute but no. He took forever to come on the show for a reason, he doesn’t like women

No. 1882847

he obviously simps for dasha

No. 1882856

Is talking to someone on twitter simping now? Retard. Show anywhere he called her attractive or complimented her in a sexual way

No. 1882858

No. 1882859

>one in stasis, which means in revolt
that is so fucking retarded
how does anyone who can tie their own shoes think that this dude is an intellectual(sage your shit)

No. 1882866

So one reply? Kek. He has never called her attractive publicly or been horny at her. If he’s into her it’s because she’s the closest approximation to a twink

No. 1882871

File: 1692217747957.png (383.73 KB, 598x827, gfhh.png)

I wonder which one at no agency posted this, Chloe Mackey or her comically hideous fat husband?
Or is this irony upon irony (thats really not irony but seething)

No. 1882879

both of them are ugly as sin, the one on the left leans more towards mid but still ugly and horselike

No. 1882894

how did her response get 50K? this scene needs to be less obvious with the paid likes kek. woman on the left looks normal but has an ED and is into bloodletting(? wtf?), ivy doesnt.

No. 1882971

Why do nonnies post this kind of shit without screencaps or even links? These kind of posts reek of self-posting or advertisements.

No. 1882972

what was this in response to?

No. 1882973

Someone said Oliver Bateman leaked some DMs. No context.

No. 1883003

File: 1692230956880.png (26.91 KB, 598x244, Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 00-42…)

I think we can see here the exact reason anna hates DF…

No. 1883014

Also, around the 2 hour mark, BAP asks if he could take a break because "Brendan is giving me a blowjob". Who is Brendan?

No. 1883030

a finance guy off grindr

No. 1883039

I’ve read this like 4 times over and still none of it makes sense.

No. 1883041

Looks at least 45. If I didn’t know who this was I’d assume it was another ‘how to feel foxy at 50’ grandmother article.

No. 1883096

crazy how insane gay men are with networking thru sexual favors but women always get accused of fucking their way to the top

No. 1883097

??? She’s such a faggot. Like does anybody have a problem with Biden saying that he’s of Irish stock, or think that’s even nearly the same thing as Warren trying to claim tribe membership for the drop of native blood she may have?

No. 1883098

Goblin. Not the 4chan meme goblin but an actual fairytale goblin.

No. 1883129

Not to wk Dee, but white Americans dubiously claiming a smidgen of Native American heritage is an extremely common phenomenon across the South and Midwest. Stems from an unconscious desire to be more "authentically" American. Tons of families have tales of a sole Native American ancestor who mixed with the family tree going back generations.

No. 1883174

plus for all the bs df gets up to a joke tweet is the least milky

No. 1883196

File: 1692281902507.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)

>Like does anybody have a problem with Biden saying that he’s of Irish stock

umm yes… lol what, Biden is seen as an international embarrassment because of his pathetic faux "Irish" larping. He isn't 'irish' in anyway shape or form, he's just as bad as what Warren and anna do, all of them are delusional narcissistic fantasists.

No. 1883214

> "I dispute the reductive and binaristic American racial discourse"
> literally only associates with race deterministic ethnonationalists who come from a centuries-long American eugenics movement
she is so dumb

No. 1883215

getting word Dasha, BAP, maybe Yarvin are all in El Salvador for the "Palestra Society" conference. I guess Praxis fell apart and there's a new wave of grifters trying to start a tropical white utopia or wtvr. not even kidding apparently you have to submit BMI to attend. probably no age of consent!!(smells like self promotion)

No. 1883256

This is news to me. It was pretty believable due to drug use, mental illness, and general chaos from the men in that family.

No. 1883271

praxis society received $15 million from Peter Thiel in Series A and another 4 million from various donors in Series B. Where did the money go? for all their shitting on third world countries while being backed by feds and billionaires, they cant even build housing for a couple hundred people. perhaps the IRS should spend less time investigating young families and more time in the millions in money laundering going on here.

No. 1883281

Actual Irish people who live in Ireland are actually somewhat proud of Biden/were excited that he visited. Most Irish people who aren't Dubliner zoomers/millennials tend to be at worst curious or neutral about fake Irish people so long as they're respectful.

Sage for absolute non-contribution

No. 1883283

Aren’t these fraudsters more afraid of being on thiel’s shit list than the fbi?

No. 1883303

NTA but biden's old as fuck, he's from a time when ethnicity actually affected your life and being of irish descent very much affected how you were perceived, especially as a politician. if you don't believe me ask your oldest relative how they felt about john f kennedy back in the day. there's a difference between doing an Elizabeth Warren style racegrift and just being an oldfag talking about ethnic differences that no one really thinks about anymore

No. 1883313

White people aren’t fit for that jungle climate. will attract many off whites(racebaiting)

No. 1883323

Irish have high rates of childhood sexual abuse. Sinead O’Connor spoke on this

No. 1883346

moldbug and the most obnoxious RS orbiters are all there with the exception of veronica who didn't make the BMI cut.

No. 1883453

Wait what? Where's the proof?

No. 1883455

how would Moldbug get in if there’s a BMI cutoff, or is that only for women?

No. 1883473

No. 1883475

File: 1692310066621.jpeg (122.08 KB, 800x418, IMG_2339.jpeg)

Idk what OP knows but all the usual characters are posting about El Salvador incl moldbugs gf/wife

not sure if her @ has been revealed here but just look at Circe and Catherine’s likes

No. 1883506

op is exactly correct

No. 1883511

Holy shit, I'm in San Salvador and Dasha just flew over my house!

No. 1883545

Are her and Catherine white? They look middle eastern and jewish

No. 1883566

catherine is as white as pedro gonzalez

No. 1883575

Anyone else feel like these people had their moment? It all seems way less relevant compared to 2 or 3 years ago.

No. 1883577

anna is being promoted by bill maher, are you kidding?

No. 1883581

Circe? You mean Maria.

No. 1883584

File: 1692325262535.png (3.34 MB, 1470x1268, Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 7.23…)

Kaitlin Philipps tragic looking wedding to a gayfaced nobody in Page Six
beyond parody that she is is all of their publicists and is just being mocked in the write up

No. 1883585

If you're referring to him promoting Bari Weiss's upcoming panel with Grimes and Anna, it's because he's friends with (and has a weird old man crush on) Bari. However, he's almost certainly going to fall in love with Anna when he sees her contrarian act live in the flesh.

No. 1883588

If Anna plays her cards right she can retire into being a pet millennial to Boomers and Gen Xers like Bari.
Dasha posted a newspaper in Spanish but it's gone now. Thing is Jonestown meets anime convention.

No. 1883589

oh my god this is pure People of Walmart

No. 1883590

none of those men are straight

No. 1883595

> Jonestown

god willing

No. 1883596

Anna and Dasha will be mainstream this time next year

No. 1883615

Ill fitting dress makes her chest look matronly and her egg needs a bang. Her gays dropped the ball

No. 1883616

File: 1692329331118.jpeg (346.89 KB, 1170x1630, IMG_2553.jpeg)

Wasn’t she dating visitor design/Chris Habib? I wonder what happened there…

No. 1883620

File: 1692329603987.png (842.27 KB, 1235x702, Untitled.png)

One of the saddest things I've ever seen, I almost felt bad for her..
The met a year ago, he's British and unemployed, looks like a classic green card wedding, someone should contact ICE.

No. 1883623

What does "mainstream" look like beyond where they're already at? Fox News guest appearances?

No. 1883625

She gets a free name change to discard the Philips brand while possibly accessing some across the pond trust bucks

No. 1883626

Does Kaitlin come from the Phillips Van Heusen garment fortune? Her face in the second pic suddenly looks really familiar, I used to work in a building with a big painting of one of the patriarchs of the dynasty because he had donated a bunch of money there

No. 1883627

Whats aimee's new acct?

No. 1883630

No. 1883633


No. 1883655

Delusional, nobody outside of New York cares about New Yorkers.

No. 1883660

Maybe, but if it does it will happen due to their connections with Thiel and the alt-right, not because they have anything of value to say or contribute to.

No. 1883662

Anna and Dasha are already mainstream, idk what you people are talking about. Literally every girl, gay, and conservative guy I know at uni listens to them.

No. 1883695

You're right. It feels like even though they're getting shilled by more famous people, their moment has come and gone. The Thiel money made them lose their juice. If COVID didn't happen, I actually think it might have been possible for them to be known by more than just podcast listeners and online scenesters.

No. 1883697

This picture is so try-hard. Why would you want to look all disaffected in that glazed-eye Chloe Sevingy way on your wedding day

No. 1883699

Yup, that guy is definitely gay.

No. 1883710

I've only heard one gay 4channer speak about Dasha in my life. I don't think they'll ever be well known outside of chronically online spaces.

No. 1883803

File: 1692364249130.jpeg (4.73 MB, 2986x2833, not to WK dasha but.jpeg)

haha totally, keep saying that and it's bound to come true one day! btw just checking, has anyone seen Dasha's Chanel billboard in times square yet?

No. 1883816

Cope and seethe

No. 1883825

haha totally, ppl are seething that you can't get cast. anyway i'll keep watching that cannes red carpet for you

No. 1883878

They used the alt right playbook to become celebrities and are too smart to make the same mistakes. Neither one of them have families to hold them back and nobody seems to care that they’re both hideous inside and out. Cope and seethe, they won.

No. 1883883

Who cares for Bill Maher? Their platform has already peaked, their moment passed. They can’t even go viral. These are all just crumbs

No. 1883884

I don't think you know what that means

No. 1883903

what is this based on?

No. 1883923

Sailor socialism goes viral like every three months on tiktok

No. 1883927

right, like search dasha on any platform. she's huge. i'm not a fan of either of them but it's delusional to pretend like they aren't coming out on top here.

No. 1883947

If she was huge you wouldn’t have to search

No. 1883964

new season of fargo looks terrible

No. 1883967

>bragging about being an unloved girlboss from your studio apartment
my dear, can you hear yourself? please stop self-posting, these glimpses into your bleak little life take all the fun out of mocking you

No. 1883969

she has alluded to a "montana inheritance" at one point, perhaps oil

No. 1883974

File: 1692386244413.png (514.73 KB, 1630x598, Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 3.16…)

i love how the "dasha winning" goalpost has shifted from "Oscar-winning director and Chanel muse by 2022" to "uhh a 5 year old clip of her pops up on TikTok FYP sometimes?" (picrelated)

No. 1883988

saying dashew would ever win an oscar is just as delusional as denying that she's famous.

No. 1883993

looking forward to reading anna's son's memoir about his distant alcoholic mother

No. 1884000

File: 1692388673951.png (119.05 KB, 1068x420, howtobabytraplikeanna.png)

reminder that she's had at least three accidental pregnancies
picrel, she keeps talking about how she wants one or two more kids pronto, meanwhile Eli hasn't acknowledged her or their child in ages

No. 1884002

Eli is an interesting specimen, I feel like there has to be some weird milk to him. Do him and Anna even live together?!

No. 1884012

No. 1884014

>>1883969 her dad is a judge(sage your shit)

No. 1884059

why does this bitch have so many white knights lmao

No. 1884066

File: 1692399686024.jpg (110.62 KB, 1080x970, IMG_20230818_190413_566.jpg)

Um..birth control

No. 1884073

Men literally can not conceive of the fact that for a long time children weren't a choice. You had them because you had to have sex with your husband, it wasn't an option from the beginning of humanity right up until like literally our grandmother's generation. Fucking stupid moids

No. 1884086

>children are no longer forced on you by biology and society
>people have less kids
Wow guess we'll never be able to figure that one out. Good job lindyman you faggot

No. 1884088

>his brother has no accent
That is is interesting since his brother is older and presumably was in his mid-late teens when he moved to the States, while BAP was only 10 yrs old. I does make sense though, his brother is a professional while he is the Buster Bluth of the family. BAP does a bad Russian accent for his show, but he admits that even in real life he plays up his actual accent because he "gets away with more." Even in the most "real" clips I know of, he has a discernible accent and a pretty high pitched voice.

No. 1884090

Kids fucking suck, it’s not that deep bro

No. 1884093

Race essentialist Dracula

No. 1884096

File: 1692404068842.jpg (124.21 KB, 1200x764, F3rM0OWXIAASZ0b.jpg)

Is this the event Anna is complaining that she was banned from? Banned from an event at the PT dark money Urbit post-left/neu alt-right clubhouse? Does this mean Anna's star in that scene is falling?

New Models unlocked their episode with the Forever mag girls talking about the ambushed reading there, if anyone's still interested.

No. 1884103

Where was she complaining about it?

No. 1884108

lmao Bhaskar is such a weasel. Also if Anna was banned from there it's probably because Dasha's been antagonizing Sohrab (in the midst of his ultramontanist leftish-Catholic arc) on twitter for a while now. That clown cycles through new ideologies every five years.

No. 1884116

File: 1692405868262.png (53.04 KB, 690x348, banned.png)

No. 1884135

There’s a dasha chanel billboard?

No. 1884136

BAP's accent sounds Romanian, maybe from Transylvania. Wikipedia says he was born in Romania and came here as a kid. They say that if a kid learns a new language before age 10 they can speak it without an accent but it varies depending on how much the language is used. If his brother speaks without an accent it could be that his brother was outgoing socialized more whereas BAP may have been autistic and bookish and kept to himself. I didn't notice that he lost his accent in the last 15 minutes of the podcast ep and I listened to the whole thing but not in one sitting. I think it's his real accent maybe slightly exaggerated. Someone in the subreddit posted this YouTube of BAP trolling Bill Crystal. Why would he do that with a fake accent and his real name? If he wanted the identities separate he would use his accent for his BAP identity only.

No. 1884145

He sounds like my Jewish grandpa. Also Alamariu means ‘merchant of brass’ in Romanian and many European Jews have similar names for being involved in the metal working or jewelry business (like Messing which is a relatively common Jewish surname and means brass in German) so yeah.

No. 1884149

No lol of course not, that was one of Dasha’s many delusional self-posts

No. 1884156

He's always playing a character, even when he used his real name. Why? I assume neurodivergence. It could also be a protective mechanism. People judge the actual words you say less harshly the thicker the accent.

No. 1884178

> It's unclear what Joseph does, exactly.
This describes the entire dimes square "scene" and the media doesnt even know it

No. 1884187

> muh tiktok viral
I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you tourists from twitter, but when someone "does numbers" on your platform, nearly all of the - what, 50K? - likes are from bots. tiktok has more users than you can fathom, so even 2 million plays is a regular sunday afternoon for a tiktok account. granted Im not watching leftoid content on tiktok, but Ive never seen sailor socialism appear on my feed, which usually happens when someone duets it.

No. 1884210

OT but it reminds me of how none of the Kirke sisters have British accents besides Jemima. Such a weird thing to fake especially when you have siblings that won’t commit to the bit with you.

No. 1884234

you're describing a b-list internet personality, not a celebrity. idk about that even since she never gets invited to events that anyone cares about. normie girls blogging from their dorms get levels of engagement that the rapidly aging rs hosts could never dream of.

No. 1884245

I don't think she's B list? From what I see people consider B list celebrities actors like Jason Bateman, Cillian Murphy before Oppenheimer, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson, Jodie Comer etc. All with main roles in notable tv shows or movies and recognizable for most normies, but not Pitt or DiCaprio level famous. One supporting role in HBO show (in which she was for like one season?), a few indie movies and semipopular podcast are NOWHERE near it. She's c list if anything. But hey, she still has plenty of time to make it!

No. 1884254

more like d-list, people that aren’t in severely online spaces have no clue who she is. the average person doesn’t know who dasha is but some ironic gay on Twitter does.

No. 1884261

File: 1692432852087.jpg (302.19 KB, 800x1000, Lea-Seydoux-Louis-Vuitton-Capu…)

Agreed, I just decided to be generous kek. No idea what is it with 'Dasha famous' anons or if she's just self-posting again.
I really can't wait to see her in a movie besides Léa Seydoux. Being next to truly beautiful woman will just highlight how ugly and haggard she is, despite Léa being six years older.

No. 1884266

it was delusional from that anon from last thread that said that léa and dasha look like sisters or something. Just the audacity to even have them mentioned in the same sentence. léa is effortless and naturally a beauty. Symmetrical, great body, healthy and not to mention, actually talented. It must suck to have a 38 year old woman who is almost about to enter her 40s, who already had a child to look a billion times better than a barely 30 year old who tries so hard to maintain her skinny fat physique by smoking and begging for some crumbs of affection from terminally online 4channer incel no chin losers.

No. 1884283

File: 1692438031135.jpeg (894.24 KB, 2572x1546, B6EBB8D9-0B8A-4BDE-BD9C-494B2E…)

Y'all are delusional, sorry. D mogs Léa so hard it isn't even funny(yawn)

No. 1884284

I remember that anon kek in reality the only way Dasha could look like Lea’s sister would be if Dasha was her older retarded and physically handicapped half-sister or something

No. 1884285

you chose a very heavily edited photos of miss asymmetrical dashew derp face versus a movie still where lea has her face scrunched up mid scene. there is so comparison. This is obvious bait. Keep white knighting your hideous queen.

No. 1884289

File: 1692439961846.jpg (1.18 MB, 3000x3000, dasha lea.jpg)

No. 1884295

File: 1692441722667.jpeg (169.25 KB, 887x887, IMG_2588.jpeg)

It’s so funny how trashy Dasha looks in comparison. Cheap highlights, garish makeup, ugly dress, sallow skin… she looks like a corpse next to Lèa.

No. 1884298

Not saying Dasha is pretty but this woman is very ugly. She looks like she would work on a a farm or in the mines if she were born a few centuries ago. Big and manly.

No. 1884304

This thread has levels of Dasha self-posting not seen since she used to come on here and screech incoherently about Florence Pugh. Mods can we please get that post reveal?

No. 1884305

Wait, Dasha is the one always complaining about Florence in the celebricows thread?

No. 1884309

File: 1692445847605.jpeg (345.11 KB, 1125x1685, 403F7105-0DFC-46A7-A8F1-B25F34…)

get your eyes checked nonna léa exudes youth and beauty. she can also pull off any haircut, color and look, she also looks miles prettier without makeup too. but it’s stupid to argue who is prettier though. clearly all the dash simps are either dasha herself, one of her friends, or army of scrotes defending her.

No. 1884310

she is super pretty. I recognise her from the latest bond movie.

No. 1884322


No. 1884341

File: 1692451918930.jpeg (3.11 MB, 1881x2646, lea v dasha.jpeg)

nah you gotta compare apples to apples, not Dasha's most Facetuned pic to Lea doing an ugly cry.
picrelated is the best Léa Seydoux ever looked, and the best Dasha ever looked. if you can't see the difference….well, Quentin Tarantino Woody Allen Wes Anderson and Louis Vuitton can

No. 1884342

File: 1692452172031.jpeg (47.53 KB, 720x720, 6F538200-3A25-452D-9A56-E0DACF…)

>big and manly
She was a Bond girl, what drugs are you smoking

No. 1884346

Lea is a beautiful woman and Dasha is troll face atop a scrawny boy’s body. No contest

No. 1884364

who tf thought that bubblegum pink is best color for dasha with her pale skin? the updo hair shows how footlike her face shape is and the makeup makes her look more gaunt than usual. the stylist must've hated her kek. sucks that this will forever be the biggest moment of her career and she looked like that.

No. 1884390

File: 1692457913346.jpg (1009.44 KB, 1125x1843, anna loves nick.jpg)

wait nonnas how have i never seen this before, apparently a couple years back Anna took a pic of Nick Mullen's girlfriend sitting on his lap at a party and posted it to her IG stories with the caption "i want to be that girl." imagine you're at a party and you see Anna jealously staring at you all night, taking creeper pics of you and your BF, furiously hunched over her phone typing out dramatic captions while you're two feet away. literal psycho behavior.
i will never stop being amazed at how genuinely pathetic and unhinged these bitches are, like how can anyone be like this. nick was probably so relieved when eli rocked up on the scene lol

No. 1884396

is that abby? that era seems so long ago.

No. 1884413

This was back when red scare wasn’t as popular so d&a were their authentic jealous hag selves. I remember when they seethed about JLaw and Tswift being too big KEK.

No. 1884426

i'm so shook that any adult would post like this, having 5 followers see this is too many. and Anna has the nerve to act like some elder stateswoman now, droning on about how women mustn't act "undignified" lmao

and funny how the only actresses Dasha seethes over are blonde leads - JLaw, Florence Pugh, Elle Fanning, Lea Seydoux, Sydney Sweeney….couldn't possibly be jealousy though…

No. 1884427

File: 1692464156863.jpeg (131.39 KB, 1250x2000, A469DD2D-17D8-417C-83D2-146359…)

Don’t forget she was drugged out of her mind at that awards show, so at least she wasn’t fully aware of her wardrobe disaster.
When did she start getting so gaunt? I miss “fat dasha” (pic rel), back when she was drinking raw milk and Peating.

No. 1884441

I'd hardly even call them b-list internet personalities, there's a swarth of random youtubers twitch streamers and normie podcasts that get more traction online

No. 1884457

when she started trying to appeal more to gay incels

No. 1884468

agree with this, nonna. c list would be those actors that are regular side characters or have had a TV series like Tina Fey and Luke Wilson. internet celebrities would maybe cut into d list like rogan…podcasters wouldnt even scrape the bottom of that barrel kek

No. 1884471

dasha looked so much healthier and younger there. tbh i think her face is kinda cute when she weighs more and her face is fuller. the unevenness is way more noticeable when her face is all sallow and gaunt. she looks really unhealthy now, sad.

No. 1884478

It really is so pathetically transparent when Dasha bitches about all the far more beautiful versions of her that are in Hollywood getting roles. She really shouldn't draw the comparison, imo. I'd grant her Florence Pugh because I seem to recall they truly auditioned for the same thing once and Dasha lost out, and she is, I suppose, a bit milkmaid-y. I think she looks fine but if you are obsessing over being thin like Dasha, I can see the issue. But the rest of them are just straight up objectively more beautiful versions of the same 'look' Dasha is going for. Petite, slim, youthful blonde. Particularly Elle Fanning, like Dasha, be honest…you would kill to look like her.

No. 1884480

She said on the pod that her retarded stylists told her that “you need to wear a brighter color because you will stand out, everyone is wearing monochrome” and I know for a fact he told her that just to sabotage her kek

No. 1884486

Yes, and she seemed to have a bit of a grudge against her too based on the way she would refer to her in the subreddit.

No. 1884491

They're all random thin fakeblondes, I dont see why anyone would be jealous of any of those actresses as they're just mid looking bottle blondes with little acting talent. Dasha is objectively ugly but even then, she could find much more talented women to be jealous of, idk why she obsessed over some randos like that.

No. 1884502

iirc she picked out the dress herself and then had her hair and makeup professionally done. It looks like the makeup artist tried to match her lipstick to her dress in a desperate attempt to pull the look together last minute but it’s not an exact match so it just looks clownish. The hair looks bad too but idk how else they could have styled it with a dress like that.

No. 1884507

File: 1692478634869.jpeg (175.2 KB, 1486x991, IMG_2559.jpeg)

I thought they were supposed to be color-coordinated as a cast? Like she was supposed to match Jeremy Strong’s suit and color scheme was supposed to be pink-black-green with a bit of golden? Idk.

Last of looks sperging, but Dasha is nowhere near Florence face-wise. There’s nothing unique or attractive about being an anachan if you have nothing else going for you and Anna always had much nicer body anyways kek.

No. 1884514

You must be an insecure teenager. all of those actresses are attractive

No. 1884516

File: 1692480196978.jpeg (86.83 KB, 640x225, 6062AF02-5702-4CD6-ADFC-CCF308…)

Dude's on the verge of becoming a statistic

No. 1884524

just you wait until pariah drops the hottest dark ambient record of 2024

No. 1884528

Dasha only has spoken highly of Sweeney fwiw

No. 1884531


No. 1884534

She didn’t have a stylist, she bought her dress secondhand off the realreal

No. 1884540

File: 1692483692432.png (168.33 KB, 1074x722, unprompted.png)

No. 1884551

I’m sure he does hate HBDers, who doesn’t hate pseuds, but Bap can’t say too much against blacks, he said later in the episode that he lived in a majority black area most of the year.

Did anyone else notice that he said he genuinely thought he was going to die and that this was what compelled him to publish BAM? When he was a post-doc at Emory he also claimed to have an illness that prevented him from teaching in person. Does anyone know the story here? Was it literally AIDS or stage 4 syphilis?

No. 1884583

Can someone document the current bimbo ubermensh and mommy milkers cat fight on the timeline? Lots of milk

No. 1884622

File: 1692488379531.png (1.78 MB, 1178x2128, whore.png)

sandra/bimbo (who is living in london now??) did a "performance art" piece where she told a crowd that she was fucking a man while his girlfriend was in the audience. monica/mommy milkers subtweeted her which lead to a bitch fight

No. 1884626

File: 1692488469605.png (722.6 KB, 1178x1576, catty.png)

see their timelines for the full bitchfest before they delete

No. 1884627

File: 1692488510194.png (77.71 KB, 1170x330, catty 2.png)

i guess the guy who does all of sandra's posts left her

No. 1884628

File: 1692488556876.png (163.89 KB, 1276x1012, F37X9QVWYAEUnln.png)

part 1 from sandra's book about monica

No. 1884630

File: 1692488598183.png (124.73 KB, 1262x776, F37YB3dWoAABlac.png)

part 2 (even gets in a dig at pariah)

No. 1884658

File: 1692490083175.jpeg (22.01 KB, 452x678, 473E6867-012F-4ECB-9D9B-67B5C8…)

She’s giving Richie Shazam

No. 1884659

Could be Crohn's or some kind of gastrointestinal disorder. He's got the characteristic skinny neck/haunted eyes in old pics, and could explain where the nutritional obsession comes form.

No. 1884665

Dissident right is now aping tumblr-era SJW-tier feminist performance art…Sad!

No. 1884667

>If brains were chocolate, her's wouldn't fill an M&M.
Kek this is a good burn

No. 1884693

File: 1692492299200.png (57.93 KB, 652x645, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 01-45…)

Well I think it's clear now who was jealously posting about ubermench's Lidl modeling

>modeling cheap nightgowns for fat old ladies that live in poverty

yep that sounds like her…

No. 1884697

Bimbo’s early life (domestic abuse stuff etc) sounds terrible. Not surprised considering she’s Egyptian though. Mutt-y arabs all seem to be unwell

No. 1884721


What is Monica’s “six figure income”?
Is A supposed to be Anna?

No. 1884723

No. 1884727

everyone in this scene is so mentally ill and narcissistic and LOSERS I’m actually appalled by today’s arc. And monica calling out BU for cheating while bffs with engaged/marriage women who flirt with Nazi incels on the TL and god knows what in the DMs… like…

No. 1884735

Flirting online is a little different than fucking a guy with a gf or wife

No. 1884745

if A is anna, then surely she would have made a big deal about the "uncle rape". She's addicted to presenting herself to the world as a tragic victim, she would make that front and center of her victim narrative.

As is, the closest thing to genuine sexual trauma she has to sell is the 'sex trafficking' anecdote, that then fell apart under the lightest bit of scrutiny

No. 1884752

Makes sense, gastro intestinal problems are classic for jews(retarded bait)

No. 1884754

What was the sex trafficking thing? I missed that. Also LOL at the idea of anyone paying to have sex with Anna. She wishes.

No. 1884758

no lol that was me. i still hate that fat broad and DON'T think she's pretty

No. 1884767

Imagine getting gassed up and raped by bums. He must be visibly mentally ill to attract this sort of engagement

No. 1884769

nta but i remember in one of the older threads anna said her "brown pedo ex-boyfriend" trafficked her across state lines, and turns out it was obviously made up, anons poked holes in her story pretty easily
A has got to be Anna though like who else would the ex-soviet armenian former bernie voter who hangs out with trannies (paraih?) stuff apply to
>if A is anna, then surely she would have made a big deal about the "uncle rape". She's addicted to presenting herself to the world as a tragic victim, she would make that front and center of her victim narrative.
i hate to suggest this bc it's such an awful thing to potentially be dishonest about, but if anna did tell this girl some rape story, maybe she made that up too. if it were true she probably would have milked it. she loooves to make herself seem like a victim to get attention/sympathy. she lied about being sex trafficked already so she's definitely not above lying about being raped

No. 1884772

People lie about being raped/molested all the time unfortunately for pity and attention. The uncle rape story is likely fake which is why only friends of hers know about it: way less risk of getting caught out than if you tell everyone about it, but still let it be known enough that you can get sympathetic whispers from people in your circle

No. 1884774

How sad that these grown ass women haven’t evolved past middle schooler insults based on appearance.

No. 1884776

difficult to parse but A seems to be a separate person that betrayed her to the other "group chat harpies". could be Anna, could be Ann Mannov? another A name?
>ex-soviet armenian former bernie voter
is "Mommy Milkers"? who's also Armenian and came to America with a green card marriage? idk what her past politics were.

No. 1884778

Didn't she move to the US aged 4, when the USSR/cold war was still on. How would an uncle also get permission to emigrate from the USSR too? From what I understand this was extremely difficult.

Also monica/milkers has bragged about her large salary before, which surprised me given the shocking standard of work she's had done. Her getting it done in Moscow makes more sense now. I was thinking it looks like the kind of cheap, low end work you get in places like Turkey or Mexico.

No. 1884783

wtf is this deranged low IQ word salad claptrap. the worst part is you know she thinks she's clever. i'm gonna need the full name, home address and SSN of whatever horny moids gassed this poor girl up and told her she can write. she needs to go back to modelling the flammable German nighties. Bimbo Uberdense lmfao

No. 1884785

agreed. horrible prose.

No. 1884790

thats more of a mauve and dasha sticks out like a sore, coke-addled thumb compared to the rest of the cast there

No. 1884791

>"the uncle rape"
no no you nonnas have it all wrong, clearly Bimbo is saying that Anna Khachiyan raped her uncle.

No. 1884798

Anna detected. Still miles better than yours lol.

No. 1884801

i'm not Anna, i hate her writing too and i resent the fact that you think anna could have come up with sth as funny as bimbo uberdense!

No. 1884810

Thanks for clarifying, that makes way more sense

No. 1884823

It’s about Monica. Monica is close to 50. That’s why she started lashing out

No. 1884835

A few weeks ago, I was watching the schizo /lit/ manlet’s video on Baudrillard and I wondered where he found a brown girl willing to collaborate with him. I just realized that girl was Bimbo Ubermensch.

No. 1884846

I’ve been an age truther about Monica forever and her bio only makes sense if she was in her tweens/teens in the 90s. Absolutely 40+. This is so satisfying lol

No. 1884849

True it’s even worse bc their partners get to watch it happen in public

No. 1884850

British people don’t like cheating or polygamy stuff at all and they also hate these kind of pretentious wanky performance art things and if you try something like that here you just get laughed at, she should have stayed in her NYC freak compound with the degenerates who find this kind of stuff charming.

No. 1884857

Same, I remember thinking there was something very fishy when she said she came to the US on a student visa at 19 on her own, then married an American man for the greencard.
If she really is in her early 30s like she says then that would have happened post 9/11, after they severely tightened up the rules on this, that would make that story more or less impossible.
Mid to late 90s though it could happen.

No. 1884912

Stop fucking pretending like Brits are immune to this shit. London was groundzero for this way way back.

No. 1884933

Stop acting like every Brit exists solely in London.

No. 1884946

Is this IIED?

No. 1884961

most Brits look down on that scene in London since it's fake and full of rich kid nepo babies who are the only people that can afford to live well there

No. 1884975

They're cute but I see prettier women who look like them without the amount of hairdye, makeup, etc those actresses use. Sydney is the only one that looks pretty out of them and even then she looked prettier natural without her boobjob and dyed hair.

No. 1884984

Thanks for agreeing with my point. You have your own weirdos. Now stop acting like your above people.

No. 1885034

>You, my dearest former friend, A, divulged my weaknesses to one of the worst harpies in our group chats.
in terms of opening lines this is up there with anna karenina and pride and prejudice

No. 1885040

it’s anna. anna grooms people and selects for the lowest common denominator simp. i believe the uncle rape stuff, it would explain why she’s so deeply fucked up. she’s so toxic and narcissistic that you don’t need to be in her inner circle to know it, she advertises it. she is an abusive, malignant narcissist.

No. 1885081

What's the over/under on DF cracking and going full SPLC or freaking out like BimboUbermensch? I just remembered she introduced Soldo to Marc Andreessen. That has to sting.

No. 1885090

do you think most normal Americans outside of big cities are doing polyamory lol

No. 1885093

It’s very moid-like

No. 1885137

Good thing her performance art piece happened in London then, wtf are you trying to defend, no one in Brighton would go for this shit or something? Britbongs stay lashing out spitefully because their empire collapsed with a witsy-bitsy whimper.

No. 1885149

right? i hated when nonnies tried to correct me several threads back, shes way older than she claims to be. in fact, I feel most of this entire scene ran the "3 years a 27-year old" circuit.

No. 1885161

stupid question but is Mommy Milkers the same Monica that Jack always talks about on TPN?

No. 1885164

They both kind of look and behave like troons. Maybe they are deeply repressed lesbians and attracted to one another

No. 1885165

she’s said she was an Armenian refugee which would prob be due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in ‘88-94 - did she ever say (or lie) she was a baby or kid when that happened?

No. 1885169

Paul Skallas is out there demonstrating that legendary Male Intelligence for us

No. 1885181

File: 1692556888911.jpeg (211.96 KB, 750x574, E5A1F844-8E36-4CED-B3E7-312F60…)

No. 1885186

Dasha hasn't posted so much as a scenic sunset and none of the other girls have posted a picture with her so I believe it.

No. 1885196

Stealing opinions from John Waters to sound like a cool funny gay instead of a creepy crossdressing weeb

No. 1885230

I say this as a fan of both of those people, the "peak behind the white picket fences" shit, where ooh the suburbs are the REAL villain, is an extremely trite interpretation of any Lynch post-Blue Velvet, and Lana…well, Lana is deeply personal with her music and just gives voice to the experience of a lot of young women with big dreams who get exploited.

No. 1885249

Lana glorifies exploitation of women and she’s also a gross anti feminist pickme irl.(sage your shit)

No. 1885252

400lb hamhocks typed this post.(sage your infighting)

No. 1885262

Wtf, either Bimbo Ubermensch is undergoing a manic episode or she's clusterbee herself. This is garbage writing and her performance was stupid

No. 1885265

Bimbo Ubermensch has always reminded me of DF. There's a non-zero chance of that happening someday. It has to take up a lot of energy to try to make everyone on right wing Twitter like you while also saying nothing at all

No. 1885266

Yes, I'm pretty sure. From how he describes Monica, she sounds like a woman who's older than him

No. 1885267

Sage your off-topic posts, anachan

No. 1885272

Monica was born in 1992 , which makes here 31. Don't know why people are claiming she is in her forties. she probably earns around 100k as she is a wealth management associate. She did arrive as a student in 2011 and then got marries, got the green card and then started her education again in 2015.

No. 1885275

Bimbo has turned out to be worse person than I expected. She cheated on her financially unsuccessful husband, got divorced.Then had an affair with a guy already in a relationship.Her religious conversion probably caused tension with her family and they seems to be no longer on talking terms.(namefagging)

No. 1885289

LOL hi Monica and/or friend of who can’t use this site properly. this is sooooooo transparent. Show us the redacted immigration docs since you’re so in the know.

No. 1885298

File: 1692566829499.jpeg (Spoiler Image,822.02 KB, 828x1091, IMG_2375.jpeg)

she shouldn’t be claiming 1992 with those saggy eyelids (see prior threads), fried 2013 blowout hair, hatchet job surgery and fillers, etc. even if it’s true. She looks like a ”preserved” 45 on a good day.

Spoiler for MM jumpscare. You’re telling me this woman is YOUNGER than Dasha?

No. 1885301

I’ve never understood why people say she doesn’t say anything when she’s always giving talks and publishing. She’s a cow because she wants this group’s approval while having a career.

No. 1885303

stop sending your wks in here monica nobody cares what BU is up to these days. she’s always been a deranged side character. but you are a nasty troll who regularly starts fights by calling every (younger) woman ugly/stupid/washed up whatever because they call you out for caping for Nazis, despite being a minority (Armenians are “the blacks of Russia” according to your bff Anna). you look like a used up streetwalker, which would explain the very aged appearance. we know you’re mad your (much) younger minions got invited to do ayahuasca with buleke and you didn’t. you are a hysterical jealous woman, not “male brained” like you claim. you're a regular Sunset Boulevard sweetie.

Sorry for sperging nonnies this woman is so uniquely vile and hypocritical it really riles me up!

No. 1885309

come now, nonna, LARPing as a war refugee who literally escaped hollywood-style bomb explosions on either side as you rushed to an escape helicopter really ages you. nevermind your skin looking older than a 48 year old divorced smoker aunt, at least she made it to America, okay?

No. 1885310

no Jack's Monica is a Hilary lib who stopped talking to him after Trump won, he revealed in a Q&A episode (where he also admitted that he fired Juggs because they weren't getting along behind the scenes)

No. 1885314

What about Alexandrovna? The mixed black and white late 30s nurse who tweets pickme shit. She used to be in the same harpy group chat as DF, Monica, Ann, BU.
And Monica has a MS in Accounting I believe, so she has a decent job (still not amazing money for NYC though).
Crazy how Sandra cheated on her husband— predictable though considering she married at 22. He was 10 years older than her, a management consultant who worked long hours, and she immigrated to Canada for him. But it’s crazy how she would give dating and marital advice online. (And yes, Egyptian Copt families are very abusive)

No. 1885325

not sure why nonnies are running with the coptic egyptian reason for why bimbo is the way she is. her father was a euro league basketball player, probably more absent father than hardcore religious case. raised by the internet just like most of the cows here.

No. 1885326

Was there any proof bimbo was married? From what Monica said maybe she was living with some old guy and failed to lock him down

No. 1885329

Ok I figured, would've been hilarious if it was the same Monica though. That's a shame he fired Juggs – her, Ty E, and Ortant made the show a lot more enjoyable

No. 1885331

Could she live in Toronto for multiple years without being married to a citizen? Idk personally

No. 1885352

were you in that chat, nonna?

No. 1885379

Yeah. But I don’t know who “A” is. It would have to be someone that Sandra confided in, that would spill to Monica/moche. I have a hard time believing that Sandra/BU and Anna K were close friends like that. An A name (or handle) could also be a man, and BU had a lot of male friends online.

No. 1885385

Same— does anyone know @verymoisturized ‘s name? She and BU hung out irl. And I know she has hosted spaces in 2023 with Mochak123/mommy milkers.

No. 1885406

Zach Langley Chi Chi, is that you?(hi cow)

No. 1885425

Alexandrovna is not mixed, she just pretends to be. Her last white ancestor was some slave owner. If that makes her mixed then no AA is black. Her stringy, relaxed hair is disgusting.

No. 1885426

juggs was authentically far-right before it was cool in this sector

No. 1885428

true and zach is a perfect example of Americans looking strange!

No. 1885430

Her dad is white. What are you talking about?

No. 1885449

verybalding is friends w actual Thiel inner circle - there’s pics of her w his former VP at DeVere (feel weird doxxing bc they don’t work for Thiel anymore AFAIK). I wonder what she really does if she runs in that crowd.

No. 1885516

Unrelated and unsaged but your right

No. 1885517

If David Lynch and fucking Lana del Rey are the only people he can think of that do that well, he hasn't seen anything beyond the most surface level pop culture let alone the high culture he fancies himself a part of.

No. 1885616

File: 1692613874249.png (1022.61 KB, 640x1136, 9F2AB216-3BF8-4D79-9CAA-026272…)

I guess the El Salvador sojourn is over

No. 1885706

*stepdad. We grew up together.

No. 1885708

Scarethots have done more to undermine the far right than the splc and ADL combined lmao. Lauren southern’s pussy could never ig

No. 1885712

What’s that?

No. 1885718

File: 1692630385287.jpeg (96.54 KB, 675x1200, IMG_2114.jpeg)

So it makes sense if @verymoisturized is A, former friend to BU and tight enough with Monica to spill everything BU told her. But who knows, really.
BimboU is a very pretty girl, but she can’t write for shit. Clunky ass prose

No. 1885724

She pretends her dad is white? So both her parents are black American?

No. 1885728

@verymoisturized calls herself Sasha, so doubt it's that "A".

No. 1885730

Sasha is short for Alexandra

No. 1885734

File: 1692633194345.png (1.04 MB, 1228x869, Screenshot 2023-08-21 115435.p…)

OK, today I learned…

Before and after pics. Yikes.

No. 1885735

File: 1692633258595.png (1.25 MB, 1276x865, Screenshot 2023-08-21 115459.p…)


at least she looks good from behind

No. 1885741

… does she bleach?

No. 1885743

heavy makeup at the very least, i'd think. maybe even some work done.

No. 1885768

okay so Monica may be a rough 32 but this is a solid 42 tf. Where did you find these!

No. 1885774

with a little bit of autistic thermonuclear pattern detection skills, they were easy to find on Facebook

No. 1885775

File: 1692637300028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,349.83 KB, 2048x2048, 5E8B3264-A638-4C95-9347-46440D…)

Remember everyone: when you see tweets from any of these people (verymoisturized, dollpariah, jardinsecret88, mochak123) about beauty, eugenics, race, womanhood, motherhood, dating culture, how much men are obsessed with them, how they’re not like other girls, how other women are hideous and mousy etc. it’s all a fantasy in their heads

No. 1885780

did catherine get a nose job? almost looks as bad as her filler. can’t believe that hag is under 30

No. 1885783

File: 1692638626912.png (518.63 KB, 622x705, Screenshot 2023-08-21 132637.p…)

pariah can be something else at the wrong angles

No. 1885784

I was looking for this pic actually tyvm nonnie

No. 1885789

yw, doll

No. 1885790

this reeks of vendetta-posting. ok so some literal who that BimboUbermensch hates lost a few pounds and got a makeover? i fail to see why we should care.

No. 1885791

isn't this whole entire thread series about people that nobody should really care about? why not add one more

No. 1885797

ESP considering Anna and Dasha arent over sharing like they used to

No. 1885799

File: 1692639801943.jpg (861.31 KB, 1536x2048, FdIgDElXoAAXR6u.jpg)

i wish he'd poast more tit pics though, i can't stop thinking about suckin' 'dem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885800

It's giving glasses/fucked up teeth era liz bruenig

No. 1885804

@verymoisturized was in past threads. No, not a main character in them, but still mentioned

No. 1885807

File: 1692640620019.png (85.34 KB, 1000x384, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 10.5…)

I have no qualms exposing this Gen X troll who is constantly posting "women be like" and racebait garbage while begging for attention from incels with mid selfies.

No. 1885844

File: 1692644152563.png (34.58 KB, 883x179, Screenshot 2023-08-21 145346.p…)

No. 1885851

This feels like when Anna (and Catherine and Monica, etc) started fighting with Audrey. I don’t like Bimbo_Ubermensch, she is insufferable, but Monica and her associates seem to always find someone and drag them(usually due to jealousy), then claim they’re the victim.

No. 1885855

Same, if Monica is in wealth management as an advisor/accountant she is the most foolish cow in this thread. She can lose her job for posting shit like “Shaniqua” as she has done before. The other losers racebaiting online have nothing to protect

No. 1885868

she’s an imbecile. I guess that does make her male brained.

No. 1885884

>very pretty girl

No. 1885889

Mildred looks fresh out of the typing pool, ready to make a mean jello salad

No. 1885891

How can they be so small yet point straight to hell?

No. 1885919

She’s not pretty at all you are completely blind lol.

No. 1885933

Seriously? She’s an absolute cow but she’s not ugly

No. 1885938

Jack seemed like he was too before he became obsessed with getting attention from the rs girls and being a clout chasing fag in general

No. 1885941

No. 1886003

File: 1692662094324.png (456.38 KB, 731x865, Screenshot 2023-08-21 191316.p…)

No. 1886020

Wow I’m the anon and it was an educated guess but damn…. small world of geriatric cluster b e-“girls”

No. 1886022

File: 1692664348452.jpg (73.9 KB, 750x1333, anna khachiyan high school.jpg)


No. 1886024

File: 1692664410043.jpg (259.66 KB, 2692x1424, bj novak bap prank.jpg)

lol I wonder if BAP will show up to this (they did this prank together in high school, as revealed in that recent Atlantic piece on BAP)

No. 1886052

She used to be really beautiful but she has always looked kinda old. She ages like milk, maybe her horrid personality has something to do with it.

No. 1886065

She was only slightly pretty when young, and not a beauty even then. She lacks decent to good bone structure, and that’s why she aged poorly even with full lips, brows, and nice enough eyes.

No. 1886067

ok can you explain the deal with alexandrovna? I thought she had a german dad, a trad large family etc lol

No. 1886070

File: 1692670159119.png (Spoiler Image,245.42 KB, 412x439, eek.png)

This is her today, for comparison.

No. 1886076

The Botox brow lift looks insane with her sleepy half lidded eyes that will keep drooping with age.
Similarly, her lack of smile lines/nose folds and supersmooth forehead look at odds with her gaunt cheeks and hollow temples.
She thinks her work is good, but it’s still uncanny valley.

No. 1886077

lol supposedly aimee, despite being banned, is still getting charged for her twitter subscription

No. 1886080

the anachan, smoking and drinking took a toll

No. 1886082

are you shocked that self hating black women who cater to white supremacist retards on the internet would inflate their proximity to whiteness? plus learn to sage

No. 1886085

"inflate their proximity to whiteness" is different from talking about being german every 5 tweets lol and half her tweets are about her parents – weird lies especially since she's using her real face and name

No. 1886090

File: 1692672140330.png (712.44 KB, 616x1002, 56787678.png)

dashew's been editing her pics so hard lately her cross necklace looks like a scar

No. 1886092

File: 1692672278698.jpg (13.96 KB, 338x316, pastie.jpg)

i swear to fckin' GOD i will dox the absolute sht out of p8stie/"Marie" if she DM's me once again cyberbegging for cash@pp simp money(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1886099

>lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes

No. 1886100

i’m consistently stunned by how ugly she is

No. 1886103

The gall of this woman to Facetune herself into Mean Seberg when we’ve all seen how she really looks, recently, photographed professionally. Dasha should give up the ingenue gimmick and lean into skinny older woman with a nasty attitude. Like Joan Rivers!

No. 1886105

will admit this hair does look good on her but the editing, especially the blur tool is out of control.

No. 1886116

File: 1692676527877.jpg (245.83 KB, 1179x1948, F4Gvvt5WAAA9pMI.jpg)

jack is the most comically mad person on twitter. countdown to a heart attack in 3… 2…

No. 1886120

>lists three black artists
>”those things”

No. 1886125

nobody has ever been more obviously mad specifically because of jealousy than jack seething over everyone who's smart, talented, accomplished, able to afford the occasional pad thai takeout, not a doorman, etc

No. 1886126

File: 1692677969351.jpg (106.11 KB, 593x854, xScreenshot 2023-08-22 052138.…)

"Yeah don't ever reply to my tweets again you uppity bug. They're not for you. You're not smart enough."

No. 1886132

The Dimes Square crew are trying to start a white ethnostate in El Salvador.

No. 1886147

He's so unhinged. His recent appearance on btr was funny too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0g_HlJ6-mA(learn to embed)

No. 1886159

Is she Native American?

No. 1886162

Am I going crazy or does the "live audience" on the latest Chapo sound like a laugh track? I guess they really did have trouble selling those tickets in Montreal…

No. 1886190

File: 1692689349934.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1160x1644, ew.png)

BAP orbiter Med Gold posting his own rape victim to the timeline?? NSFW or anyone's eyes really just a warning

No. 1886223

The sunken eyes and the cheekbones reminiscent of buccal fat removal make the biggest difference. Not having any fat in her face is not good for her.

No. 1886260

"pay for my tampons, piggy"

No. 1886266

she probably thought this selfie was a slay, but it’s giving bert from the muppets

No. 1886275

Explain the fuck am I looking at? I mean, I know I am looking at a prostitute who got asked to pose for a creepy photo, but what exactly should that be about?

No. 1886277

What the fuck…a man posting this is so…idk it makes my skin crawl. I can’t even explain what about the photo in particular it is, just the sinister vibe I guess? It’s giving drugged and unconscious rape victim. I wanna vomit.

No. 1886311

It’s a troon and he’s injecting their estrogen

No. 1886313

Her father isn’t white. Her real dad is a black guy that she doesn’t claim and refuses to see. She’s been doing this for years and would tell everyone her father was white and that she was biracial and would bitch about black girls all the time (I’m not ghetto like them because I’m mixed etc) the usual weird stuff mixed people say. When it was revealed that her bio father was black, she told us she feels biracial as her white stepdad helped raise her and many people mistake her for mixed (untrue). I thought she would’ve grown out of it by now but it’s sad to see she’s still lying the same way she was a decade ago. She claims her stepdad’s German family (the kids he had before he met her mom etc) but from what she would tell us, they would exclude her and her mom as they looked down on them.

No. 1886317

Her edits are sad now. She wants to be a bimbo so bad but isn’t pretty enough

No. 1886319

why does pastie have to ebeg still? doesnt she make enough from her scam toothpaste product kek

No. 1886321

their trust funds and thielbux are not nearly deep enough to do this, even with western puppet dictator Nayib "el bitcoin" Bukele backing it

No. 1886335

>Let’s start an ethnostate with jews browns and other people Hitler would’ve exterminated

No. 1886346

File: 1692717425929.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.9 KB, 1125x1368, 20230822_161210.jpg)

Is she fully losing it or is this just more awful publicity for her "book"?(spoiler this)

No. 1886350

LOOL british scrote got brush girl custard's pussy?!?!? kinda based. the fuck happened to her? shes fucking incel orbiters now that her twitch hadnt blown up during covid(sage your shit)

No. 1886352

That's p8stie. Guess where she just landed yesterday?

No. 1886353

doesn't matter, the plan is to bleed the idiots who got sent there dry and for them to recruit more people into the scam

No. 1886360

She got with Paul town years ago and he is a schizo incel type

No. 1886365

A few people I know who got married too young and ended things had their own embarrassing messy episodes after. I think that’s what’s going on here, made far worse by trying to be an artist. If she didn’t think she was so clever and creative, she’d probably just sleep around and get really into acid or EDM kek

No. 1886366

what happened between them, did he throw juice at her too

No. 1886368

File: 1692719916078.png (630.61 KB, 510x680, IMG_2140.png)

No. 1886371

Haven't listened to Adam and Nick in a while and honestly they seem to be dumber than Dasha and Anna, seriously they over analyse the song to the point of redundancy, just to sound smart

No. 1886383

no thats a prostitute. the piercings give it away(moid bait)

No. 1886386

uhh, why do you think she travels so much and uses a fake name…lol!

No. 1886390

As far as milk goes this is nothing. I mean the song is lame and they're not going as hard on it as Chapo is/would.

No. 1886392

I don't get why leftist moids are freaking out over this song so much.

No. 1886396

File: 1692723154264.png (33.44 KB, 735x316, Marie B -.png)

p8stie got deported, but she could just be trolling idk. she had planned to go to New Zealand straight from Japan so it is strange that she went back to the US.

No. 1886397

her john fell thru

No. 1886404

how are people still talking about that song? it's been like two weeks, is there literally nothing else to talk about?

No. 1886406

It’s so gross how this is all erotic roleplay for men and society caters to it. Grandma can’t get her hrt because men need to coom. The only upside is it gives these men hypothyroid disorders that do not cease with drug cessation and strokes.

No. 1886412

File: 1692726429817.png (420.66 KB, 469x650, p8stie.png)

No. 1886413

isabella gotta pee? lmao

No. 1886416

her adoptive parents were clinical psychiatrists, so it's understandable why she went the unlicensed mindfucker career route instead of continuing to fake being Catholic for the teaching recruiting job

No. 1886422

hopefully one day his wife will find his account

No. 1886424

Is he really married

No. 1886427

A guy who met him at I think Urbit conference told me that a while back. Could be divorced now I guess idk.

No. 1886476

dasha says she auditioned for a background barbie role, was rejected, and is seething about the movie with anna in the new ep, i’m sure unconnected

No. 1886503

Change my view, Bimbo Ubermensch is an effective troll and did nothing wrong:
>"You, my dearest former friend, A, divulged my weaknesses" LMAO
>Makes Mommy Milkers seethe
>Sells her soul as an NFT to some stupid moid
>Modelling with a snake and painted in gold
>Getting people angry by saying that she doesn't like black men because her black dad left her family

No. 1886506

Background Barbie role as in one of the many C/D-list stars with a quick cameo, or as a literal background blink-and-you'll-miss-it extra? Lmao either way. That's now two billion-dollar movies she auditioned and was rejected for (Joker being the other one).

No. 1886516

Who trolled Anna by saying methylene blue is a nootropic? It’s not. Vets use it to treat micro parasites in exotics and it can stunt the animal’s growth.

No. 1886526

File: 1692742334304.jpeg (213.23 KB, 750x722, 3307AC2A-F924-4C71-BEBB-F62023…)

The poor thing has been reduced to begging Elon for her account back in his replies lol

No. 1886529

She’s playing the game and having fun it seems!

No. 1886533

File: 1692742563343.jpg (59.11 KB, 1125x577, F4FW17aXoAIrENx.jpg)

No. 1886536

Bimbo Ubermensch posting about this guy she had an affair with- who could this be?

No. 1886541

File: 1692743242425.png (33.5 KB, 878x182, Screenshot 2023-08-22 182959.p…)

No. 1886542

File: 1692743249725.png (Spoiler Image,349.53 KB, 2308x1446, $$$$.png)

BAP brought in the big patreon bucks after a year of slow decline, watch them go even further right for the bag

No. 1886548

File: 1692743652697.jpg (83.12 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eb3c440e8ded13dd…)

and here i thought three hours of race science with picrel would be where most people jumped off the scare train. guess atlantic did a good job with their 'right-wing supervillain' piece. timing couldn't have been better

No. 1886555

She doesn't specify. "When I auditioned for it they sent like dummy sides, like a fake script that was in the same tone of vapid Barbie talk but mentioning more sophisticated intellectual concepts. The notes I was given from casting was to like be cheerful but knowing but ironic. It was a while ago…must have even been pre-covid." Says she never thought she'd get it and fell in the snow before her audition. She doesn't drop that info until an hour into the podcast. Anna says she could have been asymmetrical Barbie.
Anna sounds only slightly drunk and Dasha is in a pissed off miserable mood.
Dasha: women are more evil for sure than men, definitely more capable of cruelty…the most evil women are those who pretend they're not evil
Anna: like liberals
ten seconds before
Anna: when I read that in the group chat I thought but I'm not evil
Dasha is upset over that Eva girl blocking her after Dasha implied she's a fat whore. Dasha says Kate Upton should have been Fat Barbie and was really upset about there being a fat barbie, calls the actress ugly. She can't stop bringing up how upset there being a fat barbie made her. Otherwise the Barbie review is just them repeating for over an hour that it's bad and liberal and that children wouldn't enjoy the movie. Anna and Dasha went to Tim Dillon's bbq at his Hamptons mansion. No mention of Dasha's doomed visit to the Central America incel compound.
After seeing Maddie buy twitter likes I don't believe any of these numbers.

No. 1886557

File: 1692744527149.png (2.25 MB, 1760x1158, sandrabitch.png)

"you and your mistress"? was he in on the python shit?

No. 1886571

>dissident magazine
it’s going to be some literally-who that only autists who spend 16 hours a day on Twitter will have heard of
this girl is such a pathetic freak

No. 1886579

well, we know it’s someone balding from Monica
She completely deserves to be doxxed bc she’s a rancid person and clearly someone’s coming close to her trail (bet Sandra/BU knows her workplace)

No. 1886582

black dad? i thought he was a generic sudani mulatto..?

No. 1886583

File: 1692747628059.png (1.74 MB, 1166x1728, bap sissification.png)

I think something happened in el savador and BAP rejected Dasha because she's been emoposting ever since that trip (and sounded really bitchy and negative in the latest pod though it may have been recorded before). he posted that weird apology for his holocaust denial on the timeline (it actually happened, just to belarusians!) and ever since then has stopped liking and retweeting her posts. she probably got too drunk and embarrassed herself again like she did at the roger stone show and freaked all the rightoids out

No. 1886585

Isn’t she just Egyptian. Egyptian dad Egyptian mom. She doesn’t even look biracial black/white

No. 1886586

I hope we will soon get to see "The Ambush", like the recordings from all 3 cameras. This woman is so dumb and sociopathic, no regret milking her

No. 1886589

I assumed she was like 10% black from some great great grandmother who was a nubian slave or something

No. 1886598

that info is easy to find in fact

No. 1886603

so which 'dissident' dumped the ho?(learn to sage)

No. 1886641

These busted bitches need to get some humility

No. 1886644

lol Dasha was mogged by Hari Fucking Nef

No. 1886648

he namedropped her for Twitter likes and she thought he was simping kek. overshot her appeal. Sucks to suck

No. 1886655

File: 1692756889543.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 83B0E432-0F5A-4281-AE17-D47EA9…)

Spitting image

No. 1886659

doubt it, she’s still loved by these dysgenic freaks.

No. 1886663

Because its astroturfed and forced. Rightoids literally made a whole grift out of doing that with modern media.

No. 1886665

I thought her dad is an Ethiopian Jew. She has a Jewish name.

No. 1886669

She is Coptic and converted to Judaism as an adult for her ex husband. I think she has eluded to having a small bit of Jewish ancestry genetically

No. 1886670

Where does Mommy milkers work?

No. 1886681

she really converted to judaism? yikes. i noticed she follows literally every jewish chauvinist twitter account i've happened upon. is there anyone in the RS sphere who doesn't fetishize jews? (i thought she was coptic-swedish tbh.)

No. 1886685

Yes, and she met her (ex I assume) husband off a Jewish dating app.
She is totally American, from a nowheresville town— I think in North Carolina?

No. 1886689

they’re together they went to El Salvador together, internet will lose its shit when this gets out

Eli left anna, she’s obsessed with racist group DMs, she spends like fourteen hours a day messaging frog guys

No. 1886691

File: 1692761394259.jpeg (102.16 KB, 750x439, 7CC38EFE-FA70-4E38-B3A4-25CDE9…)

If she got her man I don’t think she would be emo posting

No. 1886692

is there any proof Eli dumped Anna

No. 1886695

Proof is living in NYC and not the internet, hearing people talk, and real life gossip, stuff everyone knows

No. 1886699

why hasn’t it gotten out yet?

No. 1886700

samefag but if it’s true maybe people IRL know and that’s why she’s emoposting

No. 1886814

Eli was in the recording studio with Salome just last week. Either this is bullshit or they're all still amicably in the same friend group.

No. 1886880

they're still amicable but yes they broke up nonnie

No. 1886888

So I take it Anna’s trying to find a baby daddy for the second kid, in the racist group chats?

No. 1886894

File: 1692803928364.jpg (153.03 KB, 1170x1170, F4OTEjcWoAAboZI.jpg)

No. 1886902

Bap is a comedian, he use to also joke that Anna tried to rape him and sit on his face. But who knows, maybe it is all true, he sounded really nervous on that pod.

No. 1886910

any guesses on who this is?

No. 1886924

Richard Spencer

No. 1886931

File: 1692810859822.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1557x1200, spencer swoop.jpeg)

Richard Spencer was my thought too, this guy looks slimmer but the hair's a match. Anna's got that awkward glowy giggly look of a middle school girl who's crushing hard, is this a soft launch?

No. 1886940

This is BAP

No. 1886944

anna very obviously wants him and even from this highly edited photo he is very obviously gay

No. 1886949

BAP is gay lmao. He is literally repulsed by the female form.

No. 1886954

Dasha and Anna fighting over the attention of a gay man. Very on brand

No. 1886957

Doubt it. On the last ep of Red Scare she talked about being in Cape Cod with Eli's family. I've never heard of a breakup THAT amiable

No. 1886964

they are coparenting though and it’s grandparents’ time. And eli is probably useless as the main caregiver.

No. 1887025

File: 1692822680360.png (601.27 KB, 640x1136, 8708E63A-A8E5-4CD6-8E72-1BE35E…)

Another angle

No. 1887028

He was literally spotted cuddling up with Dasha in public yesterday. Sorry to break it to you, but the homoeroticism is just a bit.

No. 1887029

lmao definitely not spencer - anna spoke about him a few times in early episodes and was/is obviously repulsed by the guy.

does anyone know if bimbo ubermensch has an IG @?

No. 1887030

Bimbo twitter fighting the guy whom she confronted with the snake clowning. Bitch really tries to put the lit fag down, but instead just shows how pathetic and vulgar she is. https://twitter.com/goodartcritic/with_replies(imageboard)

No. 1887034

No. 1887037

File: 1692823594340.jpg (112.07 KB, 1074x1280, IMG_20230823_164928_116.jpg)

Soyboy thinks life is a marvel movie omg

No. 1887040

thank you! only followed by jack and dasha… interesting.

No. 1887057

its Niccolo / FistedbyFocault, not BAP, the Madonna pic is a clue as he is obsessed with hating on her

No. 1887059

that’s funny.. another burnt out alt right guy who liked dasha more than he liked anna

No. 1887061

imagine the green line edit of this pic. Anna's practically perpendicular to him lmao calm down girl

>BAP's homoeroticism is just a bit!
right…straight men famously love pretending to be gay…for years on end…sometimes they even suck a little sack…as a bit…

No. 1887064

plus BAP won't come to America because he thinks the agencies will come for him and Anna didn't go to El Salvador as far as i know, they only met in Japan and that looks like New York

No. 1887067

Would anna want a second kid by a different dad?

No. 1887068

is his hair grey? damn these niggas old.

No. 1887069

This dude’s an asshole, she needs better judgement. Any normal woman would know he’s obnoxious and condescending a mile away

No. 1887073

He does bodybuilding and that means he is gay. Bodybuilding is a gay activity much like interior decorating. Bodybuilders are no lower than 4 on the Kinsey scale. The fact that BAP self-stylizes as a "nude bodybuilder" is even more gay.

No. 1887083

It's common knowledge RW guys view all major events as scripted.

No. 1887091

I need Mercury to just keep on retrograding so this bitch deactivates forever

No. 1887100

Random skallas tweets aren't milk, they're just boring

No. 1887103

They're not random. Most of his shit is far more boring. A pseud right winger talking about real life like the marvel soyboys they make fun of is definitely milk. Nitpicking dasha's looks is totally so much more fun

No. 1887131

Niccolo's in his 50's I think

No. 1887163

Nothing says heterosexuality like cuddling up to a woman with a literal troon body

No. 1887166

>nitpicking Dasha’s looks
You either look like Dasha or are a moid either way go back to Twitter

No. 1887171

Receipts please

No. 1887172

Reminder that Lindyman is a documented egregious plagiarist / midwit and it remains incredible how platformed he remains

No. 1887185

You probably are one of the people that's all like hmmm Dashas collarbones look uneven(sage your shit)

No. 1887194

Leia shot the trailer for OPN's new album.

No. 1887212

True but who on Twitter isn’t a plagiarist?

No. 1887228

No one ever said that. They say she is an ugly useless whore who hits on gay men

No. 1887231

who online isn't an anything?

No. 1887244

He’s a hideous Greek pedophile

No. 1887257

File: 1692846745661.jpg (76.23 KB, 1031x486, Screenshot 2023-08-24 041452.j…)

anyone think this cringe shit is part of bimbo's performance art? would make it somewhat interesting, at least - it's hard to believe this person is real.

No. 1887258

i mean just get a look at this

No. 1887278

He definitely deserves discussion in here, especially how he hangs in these circles but presents himself as an objective person(sage your shit)

No. 1887284

File: 1692850100251.jpg (217.37 KB, 1170x2080, hbdanna.jpg)

when you don't get the el salvador invite but you've still got your girls

No. 1887293

Not beating the aging cow allegations

No. 1887298

File: 1692853285752.jpeg (409.27 KB, 1170x1685, CF39758D-A397-4128-ABF9-5595B3…)


Custardloaf flat out filmed herself after her boyfriend threw juice at her cause shes a fucking insane BPD hoe

he could have just shoved a brush up her ass instead lolz

No. 1887299

File: 1692853525796.jpeg (597.51 KB, 1170x1066, 5D5F62F2-14AC-458B-9B2D-50E1EE…)

Custardloaf accusing her boyfriend of abuse to win money on a lawsuit

No. 1887300

Funny how the trick dyed her hair pink like a resurrected ethot

No. 1887301

File: 1692853745519.jpeg (306.18 KB, 734x796, 75A59D62-C50C-405E-BE09-BC56FB…)

without the korean photoshop. justa ‘nother nasty

No. 1887302

i could tell from the 5 second clip that guy deserved to be doxxed

No. 1887314

veronica maldonado is even uglier than milkers. impressive

No. 1887341

File: 1692861797029.jpeg (1.14 MB, 4502x1136, 25837658-8E0A-4811-8DC1-BE38D0…)

Scenes from Anna's b-day party (Eli nowhere to be found)

No. 1887358

Men are so retarded thinking their ability to hold a ‘good job’ has nothing to do with men inherently trusting other men with more responsibility and being more forgiving of men’s fuckups. They want to think it’s because they’re so special and intelligent and better than women

No. 1887370

File: 1692867206718.jpeg (443.41 KB, 1170x1518, IMG_2673.jpeg)

This picture makes my skin crawl it looks like she’s wearing a diaper.

No. 1887384

where'd her boobs go

No. 1887385

Since when has Dasha even had boobs?

No. 1887386

>get this. What if Sarah Paulson was ugly?

No. 1887389

She’s gotta have some of the worst breast genes ever. how do such small breasts sit so low on the chest? God fucking hates her KEK

No. 1887396

She was going for Nicole in Eyes Wide Shut but she just looks like the world’s oldest sex trafficking victim.

No. 1887432

Oh? What forum is that nonnie?

No. 1887463

do you think anna and dasha know how ugly they are or have they been gassed up too much by simps

No. 1887477

Anna’s retarded side twist pose to show off her jaw and look thinner

No. 1887481

he’s literally at the end of the video she posted

No. 1887484

File: 1692886225867.png (4.45 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3359.png)

No. 1887543

hope she wins fuck scrotes

No. 1887555

source on this screenshot?

No. 1887559

File: 1692894472967.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5061.png)

Oh yeah they def broke up. Trust me guyz

No. 1887567

nonna, the cows themselves are the ones spreading this gossip. is it so hard to believe that the man who refuses to marry or live with this woman would dump her?

No. 1887570

the cows all hate one another. it doesn't matter if it's true. her friends are posting it either way because they hate her lol

No. 1887575

https://twitter.com/BimboUbermensch/with_replies some bitch @moidhunter dissing Bimbo for shagging the ugly loser and announcing it with the lame ass snake performance(imageboard)

No. 1887577

can you post caps instead of links nona

No. 1887579

File: 1692896951802.png (367.84 KB, 1190x1278, bimbofight1.png)

No. 1887580

File: 1692896995201.png (306.4 KB, 1236x1202, bimbofight2.png)

No. 1887629

File: 1692900929474.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.74 KB, 1125x1668, F4O9ezfW4AI7bxI.jpg)

being left to rot in jobs like the grandma dress really hurt her ego kek, but thank you "nonnie" >>1887575 for the link, it's hilarious how few people are biting, she's so insipid and transparently just attention-seeking picrel was totally ignored and even her thirst trap barely got 50 likes

No. 1887660

>you get the face you deserve

No. 1887685

is that you custardloaf? hows the brush doing(hi cow)

No. 1887688

utterblax friend

No. 1887736

This guy is delicious tacos.(sage your shit)

No. 1887760

Did anyone see peter vack is starring in a new clouted dimes-ridden play?(learn to sage)

No. 1887781

Does anyone else think that Bimbo Ubermensch is a superior version of Anna?
>Seems more intelligent
>Better at shitposting
>Makes people seethe more
>Has contrarian opinions that make more sense
>Creates cool performance art - painting herself in gold to humiliate the moid she slept with
Will the video of that snake performance ever come out?

No. 1887810

>slept with a bald married man

No. 1887820

The intelligence thing is highly debatable. It’s a difficult comparison anyway because even though Anna isn’t exactly subtle, she’s much more paggro and underhanded, and so a lot of her opinions are less easy to parse to most people until she just comes out and says it. And even then, people revile at her shallow and cynical view of the world—a worldview that usually falls apart upon closer scrutiny— until she cowers and tries to backtrack by injecting “nuance” into her opinion, to which everyone forgets her initial retarded opinion.

Bimbo is just predictable in doing the most attention-seeking behavior possible and thus more viscerally controversial. She’s probably more closer to Dasha, in that sense.

Not to mention Anna has more clout meanwhile Bimbu is still a Literal Who? despite her desperate behavior. And, yes, while Bimbo is objectively more attractive, she’s also brown, which demotes her significantly with the moids in this space.

No. 1887824

She is everything Anna wishes she was (tall, good figure, naturally attractive, got a ring, actually brown kek), but clearly troubled, obnoxious, untalented, attention seeking, unreflective and a social media addict so…. She’s not winning at all.

No. 1887828

+ an incisive hot take on Twitter isn’t a strong sign of the talent AND discipline needed to make good works (of any kind— one’s academic passion, but also just being a mover in your career and having a high salary). Especially when hot takes by Anna and BU are just a means for cheap easy dopamine

No. 1887835

DT doesn’t do his hair like that

No. 1887840

Anna never had to selfpost. Bimbo youbermensch is closer to Shayna or Pearl or Aella, rushing directly to the most controversial thing she can think of, thinking "there's nooo way this won't draw attention" like a retarded wile e coyote (with the retarded overwrought prop to match too kek) and then hitting her boring catalog model face against the wall. She did the most despicable thing she could think of, that would, in theory, make the entire "online right", to which she so badly wants to belong, either condemn or support, showed her bare body to their huge pool of horny incels, gave them an opportunity to call her a whore jezebel, got delicioustacos himself to quote tweet her multiple times, announced a book… and still no1currs. It's astounding really. The stench of desperation is so strong no one wants to associate with her.

No. 1887841

No one cares if you’re tall and have a good figure if your face sucks. She has retarded eyes and no cheekbones

No. 1887842

I don't really get the impression that anna wishes she was brown

No. 1887845

so does no one know who tf the baldie is

No. 1887848

Nta but to men the body absolutely matters more than the face. And it’s male attention that Anna desperately wants. That’s why A+D are more body than beauty focused.

No. 1887860

Kek if d wants her body to appeal to men she is failing miserably

No. 1887871

reeks of desperate self poast

No. 1887876

File: 1692928178166.jpg (54.36 KB, 533x869, Screenshot 2023-08-25 025104.j…)

are delicious tacos and jack TPN feuding? (perhaps i'm late to the party - i just noticed they don't follow each other.)

No. 1887878

As desperate and pandering as BU is, Anna, Jack, Dasha, Monica will always be worse, more desperate, and more tryhard in my eyes. Im having secondhand embarrassment though bc I know losers like Fat Jack and Jigsaw Monica and Single Mother Anna are bashing her in their gc. I would just log off forever

No. 1887885

can you post screenshots? i assumed they'd be glad to have her on the scene because her objective good looks bring the group average up a little. i can see jack hating her if she knocks about with soldo and other homophobes - jack only tolerates that of his queen bees.

No. 1887891

Jack still likes her. Anna hasn’t posted a passive aggressive subtweet, so she might be apathetic too.

No. 1887902

I don’t have screenshots, I’m just assuming bc they all have hivemind behavior and Monica had strong words against her

No. 1887909

BU's marketing team working overtime in here huh?

No. 1887911

Lol half of those are straight up false and the rest debatable. Stop trying to force Bimbo

No. 1887931

File: 1692935337534.jpeg (247.03 KB, 1169x965, IMG_2210.jpeg)

No. 1887950

He's so bad at the sassy mean gay thing. He always sounds so aggro and hetero. Also, he's more likelY than anyone else to be hospitalized or fall down a flight of stairs.

No. 1887958

I swear Jumbo Jack was on at least polite terms with this dumb bitch as recently as last month (we’re all calling him jumbo Jack now like he’s an elephant btw)

No. 1887963

>Seems more intelligent
this is the funniest white knight. you can't even commit to calling her smarter kek

No. 1887967

No. 1887972

to me, jumbo jack is legit the most unpleasant person in this whole sphere. there's a real spitefulness to him - he's mean to people online almost ceaselessly. a real bully.

No. 1887996

She's got a very nice-looking body. Other than that, she seems like an insufferable BPD cow and an emotional hurricane of a person who's one lucid thought away from a complete nervous breakdown. She reminds me a lot of Aella, especially when it comes to the pseudo-intellectualism and daddy issues that she's somehow managed to turn into "performance art" when it's a pathetic tale as old as time: BPD woman with an absent father and little to contribute to the world but her sexuality is a menace to the world, other women and their relationships as revenge.

No. 1888020

Jumbo is so obsessed with Audrey and this is at least the third time he’s openly insinuated killing her. She should get a lawyer.

Chloe’s pickmeism makes me sad. The men on “her side” clown her constantly.

No. 1888034

File: 1692962107833.png (587.51 KB, 1110x496, dasha on the left.png)

New Dasha lore, from the latest ep: She reveals she was an extra on 20th Century Women for some of Greta Gerwig's scenes, and how she got the impression that Gerwig was "no friend of women." Elle Fanning was also in that movie, so that might explain some of the long-standing ressentiment there kek

No. 1888040

File: 1692963057341.png (199.51 KB, 399x455, ap.png)

oh shit, Alison was there too

No. 1888041

File: 1692963150365.png (426.46 KB, 833x590, dasha annette benning.png)


No. 1888045

times square billboard any day now

No. 1888065

What an unflattering screenshot kek she looks like a British male

No. 1888082

I agree that she's pretty but she's humiliating herself way more than the moid she slept with.

No. 1888083

>Anna isn’t exactly subtle, she’s much more paggro and underhanded, and so a lot of her opinions are less easy to parse to most people until she just comes out and says it. And even then, people revile at her shallow and cynical view of the world—a worldview that usually falls apart upon closer scrutiny— until she cowers and tries to backtrack by injecting “nuance” into her opinion, to which everyone forgets her initial retarded opinion.
Kek you laid out Anna's behavior perfectly

No. 1888100

File: 1692973755769.png (300.4 KB, 673x673, bimboscreensh.png)

Yeah. Her crime: sleeping with a bald and ugly loser.

No. 1888103

listened to the last pod and anna was covertly dunking on audrey and saying she was a narcissist

No. 1888108

File: 1692974151924.png (4.46 MB, 2880x1800, dasha lol.png)

thanks for sharing, i love Dasha's wannabe actress LA era. seems like she saw what Alison and Lauren Avery were doing, decided it beat being a "poet" (waitress and low-rent sugar baby) and glommed onto Alison hard. they were in some low rent videos together, that one awful nude photoshoot for Vice.
i'm sure Dasha seethed over Lauren and Alison like she does every prettier more successful blonde, but of course she "evened the score" by stealing Lauren's credit card lol and i'm sure some other jealous psycho antics we don't know about

this girl really needs to stop, she's clearly having some kind of manic episode yet somehow manages to still be boring despite being the biggest BPD trainwreck currently going

No. 1888116

Nailed Bimbo Umbermensch in the head. At her heart, she's just another BPD arthoe cow with nothing new to say. She's not bad looking but others have looked better and others have said more meaningful things.

No. 1888119

File: 1692975678126.png (2.61 MB, 1406x1624, 60 ft anna.png)

Anna's selfies have reached deeply delusional levels of editing. in addition to her usual body edits she's now using Dasha's technique of blurring and shrinking her entire head by half, which is one way to manage a problem area i suppose

fun fact, the average human head is 9 inches long, therefore if this pic is unedited Anna is 6 foot 5. height truthers btfo

No. 1888125

Oh gross

No. 1888126

She definitely uses the Spring app or Snow app or whatever people are using now to lengthen their legs in photos Kek

No. 1888136

>kek, the moid has the bigger boobs then both of them.

No. 1888144

I wish one of the nonnas posting here has better memory and knows about the Indian(?) anachan Anna was trying to skinwalk back in the day, these selfies always remind me how she is trying to reinvent herself as lithe when in reality she is a hobgoblin

No. 1888148

Isn’t she just some chick with like 20k followers?
How has someone so innocuous gotten in their heads so badly? Anna, Jack, Monica are all constantly seething over her but they can’t land a punch.
Calling someone a narc is the new “neoliberal” anyway. It’s not a real insult just a diversion.

No. 1888151

>40 yr old unwed baby mama
>uses 5 editing apps per pic like a Dubai hooker
>makes ~30k a month sitting on ass and having dumb opinions yet still miserable
>birthday dinner was a collection of losers and sycophants
>obsessed with younger women that lightly criticize her
>spends 12 hours a day in GCs with self-hating gays and clusterbees instead of parenting her child

Wow! Nice mirror pic hottie!!!

No. 1888161

She has never talked to Audrey in person, it’s actually crazy and bitter that she continues to make digs to someone who once was a mega fan
Really telling how Anna’s birthday celebration was populated by twitter heads she’s met in the last 3 years. She doesn’t have a single real friend from anywhere else. the fixation on Audrey makes sense since Anna’s world outside her child is more online than anything

No. 1888163

I’m the one who mentioned Anna wants to be brown (tho others disagree), and yes this is why. I don’t remember the original woman’s name but it was fucking weird.

No. 1888165

File: 1692981885768.png (2.85 MB, 1740x1050, Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 12.4…)

anna's been "joking" about kardashianmaxxing for years now, picrel is from 2021. she really thinks she achieved her final form in these middle aged thotwear selfies with morticia addams hair lol

No. 1888171

this does look better than her short hair looks tbh

No. 1888197

anna's edgy personality worked with the experimental mullet and jeans, even the choppy girlboss lob with wispy bangs is better than the tranny blow up doll look, it doesn't even look good on the kardashians.

No. 1888199

She probably sees herself as Kourtney K… squeezing out one more kid from her dysfunctional relationship w Scott/Eli then magically finding love at 40 and having another baby/baby daddy

No. 1888200

File: 1692986092577.jpg (100.23 KB, 1200x675, FbMPYx_UEAIIBnU[1].jpg)

The BPD label gets thrown around a lot, I think it was memefied by the subreddit. However, I think the only person who is really BPD is Aimee. I see BU as more of a Sam Hyde type character but in a brown hot girls body. Sort of kamikaze performance art.

No. 1888202

that's funny because sam is male bpd personified.

No. 1888225

Shes too manjawed and looks like a gulper eel

No. 1888231

that’s a good point nonna. her only friends are orbiters she met online. she can’t stand to be challenged which is why she also responds to every criticism and grooms her sycophants to attack anyone she feels remotely threatened by. i feel so bad for her son, there’s a nonzero chance that she’s abusive or will be… she plays the poor mother card to total strangers like audrey imagine her own kid. dasha is a hideous and talentless whore but next to anna she seems like a good person.

No. 1888243

She got the following from pfp halo effect of a hot twin peaks character and not everyone knowing the reference

No. 1888245

Much like Heather Habsburg's Langenkamp pfp? What's going on with Habsburg? Her twitter is private but says she's "Cofounder/GP at Kern River Ventures"

No. 1888246

HH is a pathological liar like AFQ

No. 1888247

"Heather"/"Rachel" is a moid and it blows my mind that so many nonnas still think it's a woman running that account

No. 1888259

Yuppie gentrifiers turning the language around on this stuff like everyone has just forgotten they arrived in 2015 is never not gonna be funny.

No. 1888277

I thought she's been doxxed? I recall she's a tall brunette with glasses

No. 1888279

Yes, she was doxxed in an earlier thread and she's not a moid.

No. 1888282

Revisiting the leftcows thread is so funny because it is completely infested with self posters, their bitchy friends or people who desperately want to be now kek just crawling with faggots

No. 1888285

Dasha’s alot of things but I don’t think she’s ever been a yuppie lol (bc she’s worse)

No. 1888291

File: 1692994915977.webm (1.06 MB, 320x568, BUclip.webm)

I saw this posted on BU's twitter, would still like to see the whole snake performance kek

No. 1888309

File: 1692995905671.jpeg (596.4 KB, 1510x1163, bitter hag.jpeg)

Anna used to openly tweet jealous hag shit all the time lol, here's a small selection. imagine being so bitter that a couple holding hands offends you. or being so jealous of your friend's apartment you run home and brag on twitter that you broke their shit. she either got smarter about posting these thoughts to the timeline or she's not full of seething resentment anymore since the pod got successful, but this is the real anna, she's toxic as hell

No. 1888323

Anna should get more shit for being a former leftist

No. 1888325

that is so sad (Kern Ventures, no “River”, is a huge venture capital group)
scammy scammy to make up a business with that close of a name

No. 1888329

Seeing these tweets makes me question if the fallout with Meg had to do with Anna being haggardly jealous of Meg’s relationship. Anna tried to say it was because Meg was a lib but I don’t know if I buy it. Maybe Meg being labeled the ‘hot one’ was the straw the broke the camel’s back

No. 1888354

There was a post in an earlier thread showing an "ask me anything" by roommate Leia. She talked about how Meg kept talking shit about her behind her back. The falling out likely started due to infighting between Leia and Meg.

No. 1888356

kek on the BAP episode she said she "never went through a communist phase" like ???

No. 1888362

not only that but she constantly disavows the right because she’s too afraid to commit to it

No. 1888371

right they're not political at all they're just doing their retarded made up proana russian jewish catholic larp while innocuously having the worst moids possible on as guests – really have to wonder who is making the decision to START paying these hags in 2023>>1886542

No. 1888373

File: 1693005925847.jpg (299.52 KB, 1080x1400, IMG_20230825_182739.jpg)

Watch out for our favourite botched cow. She has been creeping through Audrey Horne and Ivy twitter comments for months. More face tunned than ever, of course. I imagine they are all "imaginary friends" now, sharing the same right-wing Twitter sphere cluster fuck.

No. 1888374

so funny how she pushes this wholesome twee persona on twitter while her husband is nonstop tweeting schizo ramblings about conspiracy theories, often with homoerotic undertones

No. 1888375

u gotta be a retard to believe that mog. she just posted her bruises soooo…..rip uttercowfag or whatever..

No. 1888386

lol at women here talking shit about this. Guaranteed she looks better than every single one of you

No. 1888391

girl shutcho boo da goo goo binky ass up!! dasha is an ash tray and her chin has a cig burn on it USE YOUR EYES

sincerely from: your mother

No. 1888392

hi cow. did you gain weight?

No. 1888394

you have to be really addicted to twitter to find anything attractive about this washed up hag with no tits smoking pot on the dirty floor of a chinatown apartment

No. 1888395

One look in the mirror and you know I'm right

No. 1888398

She looks cute and all you can do is talk shit anonymously because if your face were attached everyone would laugh

No. 1888400

don’t call your mother ugly now

speaking of which, where do you live? ohio?! dasha looks like a dash of fecal mater

No. 1888403

You will never be anyones mother you silly cat lady

No. 1888406

and all you can do is whiteknight for her anonymously? honey you are B E A T

No. 1888409

oh I know who this is. I can tell by the way you’re talking

No. 1888414

lolcow is fag as fuck!!! roasties talking about the same shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1888418

lmao at being pushing 40 and sending your group chat simps to wk you on an imageboard.

No. 1888427

Maybe by "moid" that nonna meant that she's a tr00n, which I do remember her being accused of in the early leftcow threads

No. 1888428

Oh so you mean actually and genuinely BPD?

No. 1888429

BU or her agent is def here promoting her

No. 1888430

Getting knocked up in a permasituationship at the age of 36 is surely an honor though

No. 1888431

I do recall that. Some people thought she was a troon based on her fivehead but I believe it was found that she had a skin condition that was causing a bit of hair loss.

No. 1888441

File: 1693012654026.jpeg (134.26 KB, 1024x768, heather habsburg cute.jpeg)

She's a lesbian, not a tranny

No. 1888503

File: 1693022712953.jpeg (32.88 KB, 463x382, 64B94010-DD61-40CA-ABFA-94836C…)

Never forget

No. 1888505

I remember that. She said something about Meg having bpd but I don’t know if I trust her as a reliable source

No. 1888528

File: 1693030578401.png (987.84 KB, 828x1792, 7533337E-E044-4FD4-B805-47D8F1…)

For posterity

No. 1888529

File: 1693030611961.png (2.45 MB, 828x1792, 4D9E3438-A663-440F-B737-D00709…)

No. 1888530

File: 1693030696207.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, F0D1A6BC-7012-4E27-9394-6B03AE…)

No. 1888531

File: 1693030754806.png (Spoiler Image,2.66 MB, 828x1792, 41BD1D9F-DD31-4D40-BA10-CDD720…)

No. 1888532

File: 1693030818341.png (Spoiler Image,2.91 MB, 828x1792, 56355CB8-69CE-4463-933D-65F640…)

No. 1888534

File: 1693030885754.png (618.73 KB, 828x1792, E0620D2B-FD14-4E42-9E64-7AD799…)

I only meant to spoiler the bruises pic sorry

No. 1888536

Jfc I hope she presses charges. Fuck scrotes

No. 1888548

>overly online moid with no social frame of reference gets gf, isn’t used to normal drunk girl behavior, spergs out over her embarrassing him, abuses her
How many women who met some overly online twitter addicted moid have stories like this? Stop meeting these losers moids cannot handle social media it breaks their brain

No. 1888551

looks like drunk ass stumbling to me who tf is hitting someone’s legs like this lmao

No. 1888554

she’s talking about this on her iG story and he’s required not to? This cow just gloating for sympathy now classic BPD behaviour

No. 1888556

known BPD women before this is 100% the kind of shit they pulland the ones I have known don’t have many friends bc of this behaviour

Will make you want to run when they get going that’s why they have no real connections, often terminally online as cope. it explains why she wants to tell her “fans” about this because she probably has nobody else to spin this all to

No. 1888559

I wouldn't believe a word said by anyone with BPD. BPDs lie about abuse all the time. They will split on their partner, self-harm then frame their partner for the injuries, spreading serious false allegations against someone innocent. Manipulation, triangulation and victimization. Victimization is their way of life. They love the attention they get from victimizing themselves and the pandering they get from people who they've convinced. It's a slap in the face to real victims. BPDs are the worst. Interesting how she didn't record any of the abuse taking place at the time of the incident on her phone; BPDs frequently record people in an attempt to catch them out, grasping at anything to frame someone for something. Seriously, fuck BPDs. They're fucking sick, twisted and dangerous. They will split on you and try to destroy your life if you so much as talk to them in a tone they don't like or laugh at them.(sage this shit)

No. 1888560

What the fuck did I just walk into

No. 1888562

A lot of these women just don’t go outside and don’t have social capabilities, dasha and Co are overly socialised from podcasting and grifting but a lot of these ppl are just doing a LARP as though they have a social life yet never leave the house. They expect people to act like their online simpies when they do

Idk where hairbrush lives but It doesn’t seem like she goes out much(learn to sage)

No. 1888565

Nope. Women have more social sense built in that moids don’t

No. 1888571

Wrong. Depends on their personality, whether they are introverted or extroverted, and if they were abused as children I.e raised by narcissistic parent(s). That will destroy any social sense and make navigating a healthy social life extremely difficult.

No. 1888574

I really wish people would stop spreading this myth.

No. 1888580

Definitely written by a woman with minimal social skills lol

No. 1888583

hope she pays for this iif it’s as cooked as it sounds , u sound like an incel
My instinct is that this is something like this like why are there just a bunch of drunk type injuries and nothing else idgi, being white girl wasted isn’t being abused this stinks

No. 1888589

abusive moids also slander women constantly by claiming they have BPD, keep this in mind

No. 1888590

Yeah that may well be, but the people who do mask these conditions can be an absoloute wrecking ball on your life very suddenly, the guy at >>1888559 pretty much nailed it when it comes to this stuff, and let’s not forget she’s an egirl with a history of manufacturing drama like this, she’s trying to stay relevant(sage your shit)

No. 1888591

>the guy at >>1888559
Go back.

No. 1888592

>Guaranteed she looks better than every single one of you
You can prove it? Or are you just taking nonsense, repeating the myth that only ugly people can judge someone's appearance negatively out of envy?

No. 1888595

She’s lives in Seattle

No. 1888601

File: 1693043684851.jpeg (98.25 KB, 401x307, IMG_0479.jpeg)

anyone remember this makeup? she loooves acting like shes been abused for attention

No. 1888602

File: 1693044899760.png (1.99 MB, 958x1128, bimbocringe.png)

god, she is so cringe and tryhard. Too tryhard to be a real lolcow. Guy must be a nobody random fag, so that is why he has not been doxxed yet. These people are not even real lolcow material. Just BPD trainwreck cringe.

No. 1888603

It’s just 4chan bait from them most of the time, wowww so edgy wowwww mossad mentioned stfu

No. 1888604

That explains being socially inept Lmfao

No. 1888607

>>1888603 likely exaggerated or even made up that whole story with the moid because she thrives on dumb drama yeah stfu cringe bitch

No. 1888610

Was that supposed to be a bullethole? e-hoe to zombie

No. 1888611

Moid clearly shot her in the forehead for thottin(sage your shit)

No. 1888613

did not stop her thottin on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1888615

What’s custardloafs dating history? Has she ever been with someone offline before, is she capable of that, I know she tried to brown nose dasha and co but like does this person have any experience with life besides twitter racebaiting and then getting her nudes leaked with hairbrush

No. 1888618

god she wants an "abusive ex" so badly like every BPD case does so they can talk about their trauma with another dude who has to endure them igaf about ths
didn't happen fr lol(sage your shit)

No. 1888625

never seen an image of her with anyone else besides her korean filters, idk if they count as a bf tho… think she tried to cosy up to nick mullen around her hairbrush times

No. 1888629

Why are so many of the posters itt pickmes and angry faggots? Is it so hard to believe a random moid is abusive without banging on about bpd bitches(unsaged derailing)

No. 1888630

simp(sage your shit/infighting)

No. 1888632

this thread is such reddit bottomfeeder content(sage your shit)

No. 1888636

Yeah she seems very sheltered and internet brained. I can easily believe she was abused by one of the disgusting Sam Hyde esque men in this circle.

No. 1888639

>an ugly British male, abusive? No way, couldn’t happen!
>where’s the evidence? Bruising doesn’t count, abuse didn’t happen unless it was recorded!
>m-moids are innocent victims, those evil BPD hoes are the REAL villains!!

Why does this thread suddenly smell like pub farts and unwashed scrotum?

No. 1888643

Literally every 'woman' who uses this board is a BPD case with a victim complex lmao, most of us know this is the kind of shit mentally ill women pull online for clicks and simping from losers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1888644

Cope, seethe, wank and cry stupid moid, no one is falling for your shit anymore

No. 1888645

go back you unsaging fuck

No. 1888652

the retards responsible for the unsaged mess above have been banned, no need to further report their posts.

No. 1888657

It's truly hilarious how men cannot blend in for even a second kek.

No. 1888663

I always forget about Meg. She was actually hot and other than their try-hard anorexia I'm pretty sure A & D seethed for years over men liking thicc women because of her

No. 1888681

Right. That whole wall of text reads like some abusive loser shifting blame. There are some retarded moids in this thread right now

No. 1888718

she is not helping her case by throwing out information on the internet. either way im not siding with the scrote either. the mf actually looks slightly crazy too. they both seem that way

No. 1888739

If I’d had any doubts that Custardloaf was abused they’ve evaporated now that I’ve seen the smear job being done by what’s clearly one poster

No. 1888749

Beating someone is low impulse npd and bpd male behavior, scrote is projecting and trying to cover his ass

No. 1888784

File: 1693074140372.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 876x1036, beingacatholic.png)

is richard kern the no agency guy's godfather or something?

No. 1888790

File: 1693074499899.png (730.88 KB, 626x1016, crosson.png)

No. 1888797


No. 1888802

File: 1693075903038.jpg (275.25 KB, 1440x1440, judeolatinx wow thats quirky.j…)

what ever happened to this scrotesque

No. 1888803

the only reason men like dasha is because they are closeted gay and dream of fucking the 12 year old boy they never got to in middle school

No. 1888808

they split months ago. delicious tacos asked about the relationship pretty early in his ep iirc.

No. 1888809

File: 1693077022132.jpg (82.54 KB, 1180x1475, Dasha-Nekrasova_Press-Photo_20…)

dasha's genetics are so weird, she really struggles to look lithe even at a very low weight. like how is it possible to be so thin you have a visible spine yet still look this wide with no waist definition? looks like a man in a wig from the back.

honestly i think dasha can look quite pretty in the right photo but she should never let this man photograph her, Kern's a pornbrained hack who lives to make his subjects look as abject, sweaty and oversexualized as possible. of course dasha loves that cuz she's pornbrained too but the look only works when you're a naturally stunning model type. let's just say Kern does not have a great track record of capturing Dasha's unique beauty

No. 1888810

agreed re: kern. i think ava pearlman is a real beauty and he doesn't flatter her at all.

No. 1888818

unique beauty is too generous. A+D are scary ugly in person.

No. 1888825

File: 1693079378434.jpeg (555.47 KB, 750x1067, 0F655C85-DE54-4BCF-A741-B2617C…)

Picrel is all by Kern. Julia Fox was a unique beauty before she bogged herself. Dasha and Anna are plain ugly broads who try really hard not to be

No. 1888847

this is almost like the opposite of thinspo

No. 1888848

Imagine being Dasha and priding yourself on your sexual prowess while your fiancé goes on his podcast called CUMTOWN and talks about how much he loves porny hoes with giant jugs. Now he’s on podcasts talking about his new gf’s big naturals. She has to convince herself men like her boybody or she will end up in a strait jacket

No. 1888851

File: 1693082459684.jpg (144.63 KB, 1170x2080, scaryofchamberst.jpg)

whatever this is and the elena velez casting pictures are giving junior league epstein vibes

No. 1888852

Delicious Tacos, FbF and BAP are all tripping over themselves because they’re so into her. She’s fine.

No. 1888854

Delicious tacos is a sex tourist who would rather fuck children and bap likes men

No. 1888855

old pedophile, old freak, weird homo – yeah she's a real catch for "straight" men

No. 1888857

A middle aged sex tourist who tweets daily about how he can’t get a gf/wife being into Dasha…. your other two examples aren’t quite the prize either

No. 1888858

isn't BAP a not so closeted gay man

No. 1888870

Not closeted

No. 1888909

File: 1693088770566.png (309.91 KB, 291x518, opp.png)

Isn't this the crusty Maoist who's been performing situationist disruptions at all the Dimes Square readings?

No. 1888910

File: 1693089034163.jpeg (700.34 KB, 1535x2048, elena velez.jpeg)

Elena Velez posting thirst traps repping Thiel merch while her neglected kid crawls around in the background

No. 1888914

good god

No. 1888923

That’s a New York 10

No. 1888929

omg it's brittany venti

No. 1888934

Why is Dasha acting while the SAG/AFTRA strike is still ongoing? She is a member of the union.

No. 1888937

is she poly too?

No. 1888945

agree, suddenly the thread got infested by either crusty scrotes or pick me losers
that girl might have bpd, but she totally got abused by her online Twitter loser bf, both can be true, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

No. 1888964

I think she's shooting something for Elena's upcoming fashion show. Obviously a non-union gig.

No. 1888978

she’s doing a betsey brown film too

No. 1888983

I got the impression it was Loaf and her scrote arguing with each other. Fuck them both, I bet they'll get back together again. I have no doubt that he was abusive but I'm calling bullshit on her leg bruises.

No. 1888986

Isn’t Elena’s BMI a little too high to be friends with Anna and Dasha? I thought they were disgusted by anyone as huge as Taylor swift (size 6)

No. 1888988

Her new hair color looks unflattering on her. She obviously doesn’t understand color despite being in fashion. Must be why she only designs in black and white.

No. 1889001

SAG members can act in independent films that meet all the conditions of the requested SAG contract

No. 1889048

You cannot be serious. If dasha had no clout to leach off of these pedos and gay men would have absolutely no need for her.

No. 1889050

File: 1693115048211.jpeg (443.29 KB, 670x1793, E719870A-C3FF-4C4C-9ABE-5C6507…)

C’mon Anna we’ve all seen your unedited photos be forreal now.

No. 1889054

File: 1693115523379.jpeg (53.2 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg)

It's Tai Lee of the band Bodega (the bald one). At least she's the ringleader of that group. The anti-Dimes are a little more elusive than their right wing counterparts.

No. 1889068

there’s no “betsey brown film” that’s her brother’s movie you retard

No. 1889074

File: 1693125384788.png (162.18 KB, 1249x949, freddiespergout.png)

Hands down the worst English language writer working today.

No. 1889087

Who anointed this fucking loser as the r/redscarepod content cop lmao get a grip Fredo

No. 1889105

using the 9 inch head estimation, anna comes out in this pic to be 5 foot 3. someone needs to tell these girls it's ok to not be a supermodel

lol i was being a little cheeky calling dasha a "unique beauty" but i always figured she'd look better in person cuz she wouldn't be doing her goofy xanned out heavy lidded sexpot routine which again, works when you are gorgeous but on Dasha just looks clinically low IQ

>not to wk dasha but Delicious Tacos, FbF and BAP are all sooo into her
interesting that this comment quickly appears in the last several threads wherever Dasha's looks are criticized. anyway, please stop pretending sexual attention from men is meaningful, every woman in the world can name three losers who wanna smash. like ok so dasha has the disgraced gay pedophile contingent on lock, let us know when a handsome straight man with a job wants to lock her down

thotting next to your baby's crib, tragic

No. 1889172

The thing that frightens me about Freddie deBoer is I don't actually know what he is supposed to be good at.

Because it isn't writing. Or political analysis.

No. 1889178

reading reddit destroys your ability to write, but i love when men double down and make spectacles of themselves. dudes rock.

No. 1889179

he hates seeing all his reflections

No. 1889180

File: 1693155338569.webm (3.27 MB, 1280x720, weepydeboer.webm)

>Quit fucking crying and get cool.

No. 1889187

>using the 9 inch head estimation, anna comes out in this pic to be 5 foot 3.
Yeah you’re pretty accurate, isn’t she like 5’ 1 or 5’ 2?

No. 1889202

Elena Velez casting line wrapped around the block

No. 1889204

anyone can join SAG as long as you've been an extra for more than a day and can pay the fees. dasha just uses membership for clout and would immediately scab given the chance.

No. 1889209

put 'sage' in the email field when leaving comments.

No. 1889211

i've met and talked to both anna and zoe kravitz (not at the same time!) and they're both the same size: 5'1''ish. very petite.

No. 1889215

that doesn't look like tai lee at all lol. nose and eyes are totally different plus different tattoos. what happened to her though? i just remember her simping for fred nietzky until he turned out to be the psychotic incel creep irl to her, that you'd assume he was from his tweets

No. 1889219

File: 1693162103313.jpg (131.13 KB, 1170x2080, lookmomimabigstar.jpg)

those poor actually attractive girls waiting in line only to have pariah and other group chat mutants picked over them

picrel, another vack movie that'll never be released
the blonde is a different person who's doing some separate witch anarchist thing. she's the one who disrupted the DT dimes square reading.

No. 1889233

The most clouted designer for fashion week is funded by Thiel and has Bronze Age Midset as the key inspiration for her show. How dis maek u feel?

No. 1889236

People like this >>1889233 show it’s fucked in here. Elena’s clothes are shit and everything’s on sale.

No. 1889239

Also the “I’m from Wisconsin!” “I’m working class with a single mom” shit Elena repeats (as she gets cash injections from billionaires) is no different than the idpol shit they all pretend to hate but spew themselves (Anna reminding everyone she’s an Armenian 4x a week). It’s good Elena left Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents shouldn’t be subjected to her annoying airs and the delusion from big fish/small pond syndrome

No. 1889256

Thank you nonnie. I started questioning her reported height when Anna mentioned a few stories where dirty homeless men tried to grab her or attempted kidnappings. I knew a very tiny girl that happened to. Sadly that stuff happens way more to petite women because they’re easier targets. Another reason is for Eli to seem less a manlet

No. 1889295

File: 1693173603226.png (451.02 KB, 728x768, so called 'rs bf'.png)

r/redscarepod posters are real interesting to me

No. 1889315

humanities need weed out classes

No. 1889375

>crptocatholic art house terf flick


No. 1889504

She always tilts her head up and to the side because otherwise her sunken bug eyes and huge potato nose become too obvious

No. 1889505

This is the most New Yorker picture I’ve ever seen. Bunch of scruffy xannied out mutts, not a single person over a 5.

No. 1889509

How is this bitch so square. Or rather… rectangular? You could use her upper body to teach children geometry

No. 1889535

Her back looks like a block of cheese kek(sage your shit)

No. 1889537

File: 1693223597102.jpeg (506 KB, 1170x1446, IMG_2698.jpeg)

Her skin is looking crispy, hopefully it’s just a spray tan and not sun damage

No. 1889539

illuminati one-eye sign, lol

No. 1889544

vile, impure

No. 1889545

How does she manage to not have one single attractive feature.

>thin, wormy lips

>pig nose
>long philtrum
>unhealthy vitamin deficient complexion
>gross moles/dents in her skin
>boring poop color eyes with uneven lids and eyebrows
>huge gross ears
>ugly asymmetrical trollface skull
>boxy frame
>fried, dishwater color dyed hair (unsaged nitpicking)

No. 1889573

She’s definitely not a model but going down a list of “conventionally attractive” features and marking them off because she doesn’t have them is kind of stupid. There are a lot of unconventionally attractive people and the “long philtrum” thing is really giving an incel who calls women ugly on those rate me subreddits

No. 1889597

Cope harder philtrumcel.

No. 1889598

>thinking Dasha is unconventionally attractive

No. 1889618

pariah and mommy milkers are both prettier than dasha

No. 1889620

Ew no both are bogged sewer dwellers

No. 1889647

pariah is by far the most hideous "human" I've ever had the misfortune to glance at, he's like a mixture between nazi untermensch drawings and an actual goblin. yeah dasha is ugly but defending a blindingly ugly troon to get that point across is retarded and reeks of self-posting

No. 1889653

wtf i know her. her name is Sarah Hollman and when i knew her she was a performance artist hooker in New Orleans going by Alice. used to schizoramble on the gram about how she shits on mens chests for money and how "that's real alchemy baby unlike all you fake witches!"
what's this tea about her disrupting Dimes Square readings?

No. 1889661

nope. Dasha’s just mid/plain/average (like the female equivalent of the “you can go to the gas station and find 4 of them” Justin beiber meme); Monica and Pariah are actually disturbing and ugly. Especially Monica, absolutely botched

No. 1889686

NTA but Dasha is disturbing and ugly in the same way Pariah and Monica are

No. 1889692

Kern is disgusting, in his late 60s now and into fucking 20 year olds who look even younger than that. I’m sure she feels like a special geriatric Lolita posing for him

No. 1889709

File: 1693250626614.jpg (198.8 KB, 900x1200, Fo5NCTRWYAIKS38[1].jpg)

There is no way that Dasha's cute FAS look is anywhere near the abonimation that is Pariah the Troon.

No. 1889712

File: 1693250835481.jpeg (2.14 MB, 5317x3721, C72B8C2A-8321-4517-B7E6-BA03D4…)

>cute fas

No. 1889716

I know it smell crazy in there

No. 1889718

Ya she’s still a ciswoman. She can’t be more busted than a hormone addled troon or a plastic blow up doll

No. 1889735

They all look like they are playing dress up in mommy’s clothes

No. 1889746

Dasha and Anna are both ugly but they look like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer next to this ghoulish moid.

No. 1889764

What's her username? I know she was posted about in one of the other threads, but I can't find it

No. 1889849

She seems like a hideous person inside and out. what a very unfortunate looking person

No. 1889853

Do any Troemel paypigs have the link tO his latest?(sage your shit)

No. 1889869

she is. her shitty white trash upbringing made her a BPD mess, slightly psychotic and incapable of loving or respecting anyone. she thrives on the "my life is way worse than yours and im crazier than you!" card. i ain't shitting on geezers chests for shekels so she's right about that. "true alchemy, turning shit into gold" she called it (to cope ofc)
was she? sadly i don't know her current username because she changes usernames constantly and i got tired of her making backhanded remarks and vagueposting about me and baleeted her back in like 2018 or 19. how the hell did this new orleans scat prostitute become dimes square adjacent?

No. 1889871

File: 1693271938502.png (633.59 KB, 1062x584, 6CCB7210-86E0-4394-B2A0-0DFE7B…)


No. 1889882

go away cow

No. 1889892


No. 1889894

male tranny faceblindness and overconfidence truly have no upper limits kek

No. 1889911

whatever you're using, it's time to stop

No. 1889915

File: 1693279665800.jpeg (303.18 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_2706.jpeg)

No. 1889916

Why is Anna so ashamed of her height? She had a precocious puberty and spent her formative years in poverty (allegedly), she should be grateful she isn't under 5'0".

Maybe it's just because she's smiling and wearing makeup, but it's the best she's looked in a while honestly. She doesn't look hollow here.

it's called being slavic and mid

No. 1889920

i like dashas two piece, color suits her. anna looks like a tragic collage as usual. the eunuch needs no comment.

No. 1889921

Not really

No. 1889924

even the hsts wish they were gay women

No. 1889927

Women aren't innately more socially apt than men. Men are far more variable in their IQ (and many other factors) because of their tiny, fragile Y chromosome. Someone with dirt poor social skills is most likely male, but women certainly aren't excluded from that group. Occasionally women are also born with frail genetics (usually coming from an inept autist father).

No. 1889933

Lmao the only reason BAP and FbF (both unironically gay) "simp" for Dasha is because they want more engagement and to broaden their audience. Gotta keep the new subs and books sales going. This is networking for podcasters.

No. 1889938

tired of this debooonked scrote science.

"Since 1894, some scientists have suggested that men have a greater variability in intellectual ability than women, a simple statistical quirk that would result in more male prodigies. This was the controversial hypothesis that Lawrence Summers mentioned in his now-infamous speech at the National Bureau of Economic Research Conference in 2005:

“Even small differences in the standard deviation will translate into very large differences in the available pool substantially out… In the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.”

To test that, Hyde looked at data from maths tests in Minnesota and compared the numbers of boys and girls who scored in the top 5% of their year. The ratio was 1.45, meaning that for every two girls in this elite group, there were around three boys. In the top 1%, the ratio was 2.06, meaning two boys for every girl. That seems to vindicate the Variability Hypothesis, but those figures only applied to white American children. In other ethnic groups or, indeed, in other countries, the picture was very different.

For Asian-Americans the ratio was actually 0.91, meaning more girls than boys in the top 1%. International studies have found similar trends. One analysis of tests from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) showed that 15-year-old girls matched or outnumbered their male peers in the top tiers within Iceland, Thailand and the UK. Two studies found that 15-year-old boys and girls were equally varied in their mathematical skills in most of the countries taking part in PISA and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). In some, like the Netherlands, girls actually turned out to have the wider range of ability.

So much for the idea that a greater variation in ability underlies the larger number of men in the top ranks of mathematics – if that had any biological basis, it should apply to all populations regardless of ethnicity or nationality. Clearly, that’s not the case. Instead, the evidence suggests that whatever gender differences exist are mostly down to social factors." https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.0901265106

No. 1889949

How many women get called creepy for existing in public? Men get called creepy more often because they’re bad socially. It’s not that deep

No. 1889967

Does that mean Moldbug is Humphrey Bogart?

No. 1889993

kill yourself

No. 1890024

He looks more like Donald Sutherland playing a sissified Vulcan and that is the kindest possible comparison I can think of

No. 1890034

he looks like a nice-guy sexual predator. like if he was cast in a role he would be a kindly offering a ride to a highschool girl in the rain.

No. 1890115

File: 1693321323815.png (45.6 KB, 733x338, Screenshot (6).png)

Rationalist moids reaching the parenthood age has been a tragedy, now they share retarded takes on childbearing and parenting in addition to everything else.
Rich of a scrote who'll never give birth to call women who get cs (a serious surgery) 'pillow princesses'.

No. 1890117

>shits on men’s chests

that has to be a mega cope, and she’s deluded herself to call it “wichery” lol she’s just as degenerate as the men she services with her poop. looked through her ig and she can’t stop talking about dimes square and dasha. reeks of jealousy to me that her scene or art isn’t getting any traction, yet redscare adjacent people are. kinda pathetic

No. 1890118

File: 1693321844087.jpeg (21.66 KB, 200x200, 02FC03C0-9CC6-41B3-B79B-AD23F1…)

Lucas Werner phenotype

No. 1890119

It’s funny that they think the “ease” of a cs is for a woman and not for the medical system and doctor.

No. 1890138

File: 1693324046503.png (26.83 KB, 539x107, ur a WHAT.png)

this tracks with his followup

No. 1890163

Kek your file name nonna. This sounds like the kind of guy Shayna would thirst after tbh Aka complete trash who deserves NO women.

No. 1890174

I hate scrotes. I dont have a single girlfriend who "elected" for a cesarean. there are dozens of scenarios where its required to save the baby and/or mother, and the cesarean recovery time is an extra few weeks on top of regular pregnancy recovery since you are literally cut open. rats hitting childrearing age just reinforces they shouldnt breed dysgenic twitter-rotted kids.

No. 1890175

what an unfortunate looking creature

No. 1890187

C-sections are being forced on women not out of necessity because doctors and hospitals get paid more than a vaginal birth

No. 1890212

File: 1693331763959.jpg (43.71 KB, 592x475, Capture.JPG)

Charls Carroll, Erick Hayden, Andrew Ruse of MillionDollarExtreme fame to collab with Jumbo Jack, Zach Langley Chi Chi, and company

No. 1890229

Face looks like a skin graft lol

No. 1890276

this shouldn't be in this thread.

No. 1890288


Looks like utter shit.

No. 1890321

united in women hating

No. 1890335

File: 1693345845398.png (73.22 KB, 610x364, milius connect.png)

Basically inevitable that Trump and A+D are going to link up at some point on the campaign trail.

No. 1890347

Will Trump go on Red Scare?

No. 1890348

nightmare timeline

No. 1890351

No surprise to anyone but they're so fake. Dasha didn't vote for him in 2020 and Anna swore up and down she didn't either (said she wrote in Aimee Terese or her mom or something, would probably lie about it now).

No. 1890354

hopefully Trump recognizes them as the fair weathered supporters they are

No. 1890358

File: 1693347746880.jpeg (532.03 KB, 1170x1404, IMG_3653.jpeg)

best case he calls them ugly but we truly are on the worst timeline

No. 1890361

No. They’re bad socially + they are more easily seen as a physical threat.

No. 1890366

I don't see why Trump wouldn't go on Red Scare, Tulsi and Marianne Williamson went on. TBH it would be really fucking cool for many reasons. It would also be funny seeing A&D tried to flirt with that disgusting orange blob of suet. I bet he'll try to grope both of them as well.
Trump holds no loyalty to anyone so I doubt he'll care as long as they bring him more votes.

No. 1890368

Marianne never went on the pod. (I had to double check, I thought she had too)

No. 1890380

I don’t think either of them are attractive enough to get his attention

No. 1890386

Being seen as a threat is one way to be bad socially. If men don’t practice being social and get out there they come off weird and threatening real fast. Women do not have this problem, so, better socially. women are always calling men creepy and men don’t call women the same. Arguing any different is men trying to cope with their innate freakiness or women trying to be quirky and different

No. 1890411

File: 1693353967439.jpg (99.55 KB, 659x681, E._Jean_Carroll_(cropped)[1].j…)

You're right. She did go on Chapo but Amber wasn't there.
But it's not about attraction but misogyny and being able to do whatever he wants. Recall he was found liable for sexually abusing a 53 year old back in 1996.

No. 1890420

MDE crew is going to look so swish in comparison to Jack

No. 1890427

apparently charls is a tpn fan, at least they interact on twitter a lot