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File: 1634682306637.jpeg (102.4 KB, 1312x950, 67449FE9-9F3B-40B3-BB58-4CC69E…)

No. 1351471

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>Dasha debuts on Succession looking like a middle-aged scarecrow, barely remembers her lines, and unsurprisingly gets outclassed by her peers: >>>/snow/1349938
>Dasha Nekrasova slowly transforming into ContraPoints: >>>/snow/1342539
>Dasha comes out in favor of wammen’s voices when it suits her career: >>>/snow/1346710
>Dasha also admits her replyguys disgust her: >>>/snow/1351302
>Meanwhile Dasha’s cohost Anna Khachiyan can’t stop endorsing fascists: >>>/snow/1350729
>Liz Bruenig spends most of the month melting down over criticism from Twitter randos and cultivating her simp army: >>>/snow/1328748
>Is AliceFromQueens a woman or a man or a troon? The debate continues: >>>/snow/1341651
>AliceFromQueens rues her floundering Substack and blames Twitter shadowban for her declining engagement: >>>/snow/1345880
>Aimee Terese also becomes increasingly paranoid in response to declining Twitter engagement and turns on more of her erstwhile allies: >>>/snow/1344730
>More leftcow failure: Adam Lehrer’s book flops and his podcast falls apart: >>>/snow/1345774
>Glenn Greenwald continues to piss away his legacy through his Twitter addiction: >>>/snow/1349746
>PickMe gremlin Ann Manov AKA @personality_grl, whose chief claim to fame is sleeping with an indie director old enough to be her grandpa, seemingly gets picked by homely tech libertarian Curtis Yarvin then denies it the next day: >>>/snow/1332130
>The cameo that Ann Manov won by sleeping with grandpa: >>>/snow/1333865
>Ann also helps launch an NPC Film Festival catering to scarethots. A day before the event starts, the festival’s account has barely 200 followers: >>>/snow/1338690
>Ann’s cohost @default_friend tries to ride the tradthot wave: >>>/snow/1333919
>The latest Bimbo Untermensch scam: >>>/snow/1336243
>Red Scare replyguy mentally deteriorates further: >>>/snow/1339186

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
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Read updates about the site >>>/meta/25695

No. 1351487

File: 1634683129590.jpeg (710.94 KB, 1194x1691, 5008DCAC-6370-478D-B82A-FCA7BC…)

This event starts in NYC tomorrow and look at those engagement numbers. Where is the anon who was trying to convince us that “dime square” or whatever was on the verge of breaking out?

No. 1351490

Thx for the new thread anon, love the new pic. Would have done it myself but per the last thread's instructions, I was busy killing myself because we are all so fat here

No. 1351601

love to see this nonsense flop like a dying fish

No. 1351605

File: 1634693570175.png (237.39 KB, 612x410, perfectangelicgirl.png)

The trailer for NPC fest incorporates Dasha's viral crabwalking video. More evidence of her reification into cultural immortality


No. 1351687

>cultural immortality
>gets 11 likes

No. 1351691

Pretty sure that anon was being sarcastic though given the recent attempts of the Dasha simp(s) to derail the thread I was unsure for a few seconds as well.

No. 1351695

That image is horrifying.

No. 1351758

idk what's crazier about the thread image, her literal baby teeth that are gray and dead in the front OR the fact that she traded them in for arguably worse yellow horse tooth veneers instead of like, idk, regular ones?

No. 1352007

File: 1634742473829.png (195.13 KB, 407x560, liz abortion.png)

What did she mean by this?

No. 1352009

she’s saying that if they’re for legal abortion (not cool with the Catholic Church) they are implicitly cool with the death penalty (not cool with the Catholic Church) but that is a completely retarded argument and also disingenuous considering how many anti-abortion tradCaths think the death penalty is great

No. 1352012

"abolish democracy and impose a theocracy because a majority of people want legal abortion and the death penalty"

No. 1352017

The Catholic Church's position on the death penalty isn't even coherent. Many of the great philosophers and theologians of the Church supported it throughout the ages, including Liz's favorite, St. Augustine. The last few popes have spoken against it, reflecting the liberal humanist turn after Vatican II, but Francis' addition of a moratorium on it to the catechism was highly controversial. It'll be hilarious if Cardinal Sarah becomes the next pope and reverses it.

No. 1352035

File: 1634745676973.png (940.88 KB, 640x1136, D50FE931-C4CE-42F4-82DF-BB22A1…)


No. 1352038


No. 1352078

Its a filter on instagram

No. 1352122

Yeah, exactly. I never understood how Catholic bullshitters maintain with a straight face that Catholicism represents a consistent moral guide against secular relativism. “The Catholic Church is against usury” - no, the Catholic Church developed all kinds of casuistry to permit usury during the Medieval era, especially in the Italian city-states when they stood to materially gain from it. “Catholicism opposes racism” - no, the Catholic Church accommodated the apartheid laws passed by Fascist Italy in Ethiopia, not to mention the Church’s role in propping up Latin America’s caste system over the centuries and providing justification for imperialism.

You can do this for almost every issue.

No. 1352144

>Cardinal Sarah
Isn't Francis doing a Xi move and purging all the Cardinals that don't jive with his more humanist lib message? I could swear I have read articles about that.
I might (probably am) wrong about this.
Well if he is doing that, Sarah has no chance.

No. 1352187

thanks for the new thread, anon. nice to know that i'm not the only one who is willing to make the new ones

No. 1352189

this thread is mostly going to be screencaps of dasha every sunday night isn't it

No. 1352190

You would think that Liz’s interactions with right wing Catholics such as Matt Walsh and Patrick Deneen would teach her by now that most Catholics are hypocrites and always have been.

No. 1352221

Literally my fear. Dasha's my most-least fave cow, but even I'm over the she's so ugg/NO SHES NOT!!#!!11 debate every time she gets posted. Would help if we stop feeding the Dasha troll(s?) invading the thread, let 'em sperg into the void, get bored and go away. Sick of the tourists.

No. 1352233

Better than anons arguing about Catholicism

No. 1352267

i think dasha might need her own thread

No. 1352281

I think my favorite type of post-left/right-wing (same difference) grifter to emerge over the last few weeks are the guys who opposed “globalism” until the very moment when supply chain issues caused the local grocery to run out of Cool Ranch Doritos.

No. 1352297

File: 1634769258498.png (1000.25 KB, 640x1136, C7253AB0-7784-499C-BEEA-8D78D1…)


No. 1352300

>complaining about screencaps of a cow. On an imgboard

No. 1352302

File: 1634769638895.jpeg (518.12 KB, 1191x1433, 0038F784-2F20-4BB5-9483-42DAEC…)

Remember when Liz Bruenig and her circle were trying to sell everyone on the idea that a Re-Alignment was happening because Republicans like Marco Rubio mumbled a few words about Catholic social doctrine? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 1352304

That production website has nothing of note besides short films. Think it's just going to be some stupid youtube series. Roommate Kyle is "directing".

No. 1352307

oh wow, i can't wait for the meandering and obnoxious tweets about the female extras.

No. 1352345

She's always been friendly with the non-racist integralists like Vermeule and Deneen, though they noticeably stopped interacting with her after they became more insular when they started making inroads with the Trump administration in its latter half. She was recommending Deneen's book pretty heavily in 2017, and she often used to quote Vermeule on some reactionary De Maistre-esque "man doesn't have the right to error" line.

No. 1352384

File: 1634776083338.jpg (147.34 KB, 805x886, dasha.jpg)

Someone in the last thread said Dasha was complaining about people calling her asymmetrical, so I thought I would join in.

Some degree of asymmetry is normal and necessary for beauty but Dasha's asymmetry is distracting. It's hard to tell how bad it is from her posts because she always poses with her face at an angle so she must be self-conscious about it. It's definitely easier to see when she is on video.

The left side of her face is significantly smaller and kind of curved in. The mole on her chin also gives the illusion that the face is more curved than it really is.

On the plus side, she's does look a lot better when she smiles with her teeth. It shortens the face and adds volume to the cheeks, completely distracting from the skull shape.

No. 1352449

File: 1634782185377.jpeg (85.77 KB, 608x1340, D033CBAC-3ABF-43E6-AF89-03598A…)

and that’s a relatively flattering picture of her. what about the photos where she looks like this?

No. 1352456

File: 1634782743037.png (72.37 KB, 621x366, nrx girl.png)

dispatches from the happening

No. 1352458

File: 1634782825898.jpg (183.94 KB, 828x1472, dashascared.jpg)

disgusted she wore a bra with that dress

No. 1352459

File: 1634782826074.png (33.37 KB, 600x210, ugly.png)

No. 1352460

File: 1634782898219.jpg (186.24 KB, 828x1472, elderabuse.jpg)

Anna and her fresh LA face looking good for her

No. 1352466

File: 1634783272283.png (1.16 MB, 1176x940, hgdsfvdc.png)

their friend Dan, Anna reposted

No. 1352469

File: 1634783392467.jpeg (102.08 KB, 1136x640, 5EE08D14-5E35-4433-972C-30BBCD…)

So much for "it's gonna flop!!!"

No. 1352472

Is this a personality girl exclusive? How's the ticket sales on any of the other events?

No. 1352485

are they drinking milk

No. 1352491

let's see… in the first row we got Anna's pet fag Dan Allegretto, Roommate Leia (her stony visage inspired the name of the festival), Maddie, her boyfriend the possible Ion Packer… in the second row that kinda looks like Amalia Ulman? And then Mike Bilandic with his arm around personality girl?

No. 1352509

She wants to be curvier so bad, thrusting the fridge hips to create the hourglass illusion. Poor girl

No. 1352528

File: 1634785799792.jpeg (82.42 KB, 778x592, AFF42916-C976-411F-9DFB-160AD4…)

Have to admire this level of sperg. But Dasha wishes she looked like that pic, like everything she posts it’s Snow app’d to hell and back. Picrel is her true plain Jane little goblinface. She catfishes as a hot girl but it’s all filters and her fans’ willful delusions

No. 1352534

File: 1634786212277.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, C8BF4E39-39A9-48EF-8AE3-1DE81D…)

"A few years ago I came up with a new word. I was fed up with the old art-history idea of genius – the notion that gifted individuals turn up out of nowhere and light the way for all the rest of us dummies to follow. I became (and still am) more and more convinced that the important changes in cultural history were actually the product of very large numbers of people and circumstances conspiring to make something new. I call this 'scenius' – it means 'the intelligence and intuition of a whole cultural scene'. It is the communal form of the concept of genius." - Brian Eno

No. 1352535

File: 1634786213245.jpeg (73.57 KB, 275x241, 633D069B-048C-4888-A42C-0A09DE…)

>snow app to hell and back
Pic very related. Imagine looking this beat at 30. She looks like the Snow selfie’s mom

No. 1352541

File: 1634786590691.png (827.62 KB, 3360x990, Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 11.2…)

nice subtle edit. how embarrassing for you as a mod

No. 1352548

Hotter than all three of the fat girls that regularly post here :)(:))

No. 1352552

Why do you say they're a mod ?

No. 1352554

You think 3 people post here? You must be retarded. I’m sure some anons here are objectively hotter than her either way

No. 1352555

No. 1352556

No. Nice try trying to 5d chess as a mod. fucking retard scarethots up in here

No. 1352558

3-7 fat british girls who wish they were florence pugh

No. 1352560

They deleted the post then posted a similar screed but with a different pic. You don’t have to be a mod to do that

No. 1352564

lol touchy someone called you out for your mistake?(idiot )

No. 1352566

That isn’t me. Do you not know how this website works? You can delete posts. Go back to Twitter retard

No. 1352567

They are a fucking retard and think only mods can delete posts

No. 1352568

it 100% is you lmao

No. 1352569

Eli looks five seconds from suicide, some one get him a drink. Leia hideous per usual, the fat bruised legs. Paul looking like the king that he is <3

No. 1352570

Dasha is Belorussian not British

No. 1352572

You’re 100% a fucking retard. Go back to vomiting up your dinner scarethot

No. 1352577

third seething girl

No. 1352579

She’s giving jowly

No. 1352582

U got me I’m a mod, everyone knows only mods can delete posts and there is a conspiracy to double post in the left cow thread that goes all the way to the top. Now take your meds, clutch your lolcow gotcha screen caps tight, and drift to sleep imagining dasha crowning you her fav white knight and super best friend forever….

No. 1352583

second seething girl pretending not to sage

No. 1352588

File: 1634789244149.jpeg (331.61 KB, 640x639, A1A8B2FB-C35E-471A-9C69-4D8EAD…)

No. 1352589

It's not a conspiracy theory I can literally see it. Or theres two people posting in the same neighborhood

No. 1352596

You are too dumb for this game. Go back to cherry emoji Twitter or whatever hellhole you came from

No. 1352599

File: 1634789733250.jpeg (370.33 KB, 640x957, 3902060B-8D56-47BF-BE2E-461E1B…)

No. 1352601


No. 1352602

File: 1634789824383.jpeg (403.49 KB, 640x892, 1D0D5C0E-07FC-40C4-8315-3BC861…)

Average scaresimp

No. 1352606

This thread has somehow attracted a second elaine. Fully ready to get called a skid at this point.

No. 1352607

Florence is a talented actress, has an ass, and is dating a washed up Jewish millionaire. Dasha wishes she was Miss Pugh

No. 1352608

File: 1634790241605.png (1.1 MB, 1274x732, 5294867D-1FE3-4E5C-A1A9-12B2C6…)

Dasha is objectively prettier than Florence Pew, it really isn't even close.(derailing)

No. 1352610

uh yeah lol

No. 1352612

Notice how nonnie did not dispute the talent part of the comment

No. 1352614

florence pugh looks like a fat anglo pig nosed cum dump with cellulite covered thighs that rub together with every step

No. 1352617

Haha cool, now do one with Dasha’s actual face

No. 1352620

funny you mention that because maddie constantly posts excerpts from eno’s book like she’s some kind of genius for knowing who he is

No. 1352622

I'm Maddie

No. 1352623

no i’m maddie

No. 1352629

File: 1634791160863.jpeg (77.56 KB, 540x700, 8C1D1F2B-40B7-49E5-B7C8-D89E7D…)

Florence is more talented, has better hair, and glistening hazel eyes. Dasha’s eyes are as emotive and dimensional as a turd. The eyes are very important in acting. Seethe harder anonny this is hysterical

No. 1352630

File: 1634791234953.jpeg (53.12 KB, 480x360, E0EC9E36-D1EF-42E8-A3E8-505AE5…)

>Florence Pugh cum fat pig thigh nose dump CELLULITE REEEEE
Yeah sooo..you nonnies know about that report button for schizoposters and derailers right?

No. 1352633

florence is a literally pig blow up doll for men to jerk off to

No. 1352634

If you’re Maddie hey you’re even more hideous than Dasha

No. 1352635

a bitch with cellulite thighs detected

No. 1352641

File: 1634791715453.jpeg (57.17 KB, 1280x720, fp.jpeg)

No. 1352650

Did you know you’re dasha’s DUTF (designated ugly troon friend)? if you were any hotter you would have a fractured friendship with the DashCam. Look how she treats her prettiest friend Annie H.

No. 1352654

Yeah, I know. It makes me really mad sometimes but theres not much I can do about it. Do you have any suggestions about what I should do to get rid of Dasha's prettiest friend Annie?

No. 1352655

File: 1634792655078.png (66.82 KB, 792x324, buyingfriends.png)

Don't know who the people making these tweets are but it's literally true. No offense to John Waters but he'd do any old event if they paid his speaking fees but now Anna and Dasha are going to act like he's personally blessed them for the rest of time.

No. 1352656

Be happy you won Dasha’s “makes me feel better about myself so I work with her and hang out with her more” challenge

No. 1352660

File: 1634793023346.jpeg (317.45 KB, 640x890, 0CE21B4C-EA66-4C95-9715-85FCCF…)

Dasha and John are old friends though.

No. 1352661

Ok, you're talking to Maddie btw and not an anon who just said they were

No. 1352662

File: 1634793175579.jpeg (570.71 KB, 1341x1253, B56C0D62-3E7A-4436-9FDF-9B8B74…)

Funniest thing AliceFromQueens has ever done.

No. 1352664

File: 1634793252477.jpg (60.32 KB, 510x769, DashaNekrasova-2018.jpg)

She really messed her face up with pills and anachanning during the pandemic.>>1352535
The babyfat hid her skull deformity. Now she has to chase recreating this with fillers at only 30. This was 2018 and she's aged 15 years since.

No. 1352667

@wynda00 looks like it's kantbot's new account. didn't even know he deleted the old one, his star has fallen considerably since TFWNOGF

No. 1352669

Dasha looks like she grew up during the occupation of Poland. Skinny ≠ pretty ana-chan. Sorry to break it to you.

No. 1352672

File: 1634793690703.png (493.68 KB, 768x792, psyop.png)

Seems like it. He was right about all of that stuff, hate to hand it to him.

No. 1352673

fatso cope lol

No. 1352674

Looks like a troon.

That’s Leia first in the front row? Jesus Christ she’s ugly.

No. 1352677

Says the troon anon

No. 1352678

Hate to say it but Kantblimp is correct here.

No. 1352679

What is that fat loser "right about" exactly?

No. 1352681

That Red Scare is thinly veiled conservative propaganda, probably with at least some support from Peter Thiel. I mean, fatty is probably just mad that he couldn’t get on the Thiel gravy train as well, but the point stands.

No. 1352683

Thiel bankrolling this whole scene and everything they do. It's all an op.

No. 1352684

That these people pushing Red Scare, crackhead filmmakers, fake twitter novelists, and other losers have a certain daddy funding them and trying to astroturf a "right wing is the new punk rock" movement. Or at least throwing money at it to hedge their bets. It's an open secret.

No. 1352685

doubt. but i guess we'll see in 25 years when the CIA papers come out on the "podcasting craze"

No. 1352686

what about chapo? is their growth just organic? true anon?

No. 1352687

Saying “op” makes it sound too conspiratorial and the CIA is unlikely to be involved in this scene, but c’mon Milo Yiannopolous received plenty of funding from billionaires like the Mercers back when he was the popular “right-wing is the new punk rock” guy. It’s not far-fetched to believe people like Curtis Yarvin monitor online subcultures and report back to people like Peter Thiel on which ones should be funded or coopted.

No. 1352691

yeah sorry it seems like a stretch/paranoid thinking

No. 1352693

Uh why? Because you’re a scarethot and don’t want to believe you’ve been conned? The connections between Red Scare and Yarvin and BAP and Bannon and others in that circle aren’t even hard to establish! They’re right in your face!

No. 1352695

Where is the evidence that Thiel is paying all these people in the Dimes Square scene? And what is he getting for his patronage, exactly? The normalization of skinny girls? Does he have stock in ketamine or something? It all seems quite fantastical tbqh

No. 1352697

I know what red scare is but haven't heard of yarvin or bap. i know who steve bannon is obviously but what connections are supposed to be made exactly?

No. 1352699


The disparity between media coverage and popularity is way bigger with Red Scare than Chapo or True Anon. Chapo got a hit piece in the New York Times last election and the New Yorker recently and they don't even do anything very edgy anymore. Cum Town is way more popular than Red Scare but no press. Dasha gets positive mentions in multiple articles talking about tulips and the Sopranos. One less weird reason is that Dasha and Anna are famewhores with pr agents and those other podcasts are content with just raking in patreon dough. Red Scare's patreon numbers started going up when Anna went on Weinstein and they started associating with right wing people.
He literally does have stock in psychedelics. It's just the same old "politics is lame, don't care about them young people or if you do support the real rebels, neocons".

No. 1352700

He gets to normalize personalities like Yarvin and have them mingle within this scene and influence it. Look at the rapid shift in @personality_grl’s politics once she became a scarethot:


I know you’re arguing in bad faith and if you had been paying attention in previous threads you’d be aware of all this already, but I’m reposting it for the benefit of newfags and lurkers.

No. 1352701

File: 1634795487024.png (209.34 KB, 1212x720, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 1.50…)

This is also just because a lot of millionaires see money in other drugs now that weed is becoming legal. Not saying it's related to Dimes Square bullshit.

No. 1352703

maybe Cum Town gets no press because it's called Cum Town

No. 1352705

uh i think one of your mistakes is thinking that me (or any newfag) is going to read all of that. media writes about red scare because it's buzzy and female fronted. plus they are probably friendly with a lot of the media scene and not autistic shut ins like chapo. you kind of sound insane

No. 1352706

>He gets to normalize personalities like Yarvin
What does this even mean? Dude's got some extremist, boutique, hothouse political views that I very clearly disagree with, but so what? He's an interesting figure in the discourse, his perspective is an important one that can't just be hand-waved away.

No. 1352708

>i know who steve bannon is obviously but what connections are supposed to be made exactly?

He was a guest on Red Scare, you retard. Do all scarethots have the memory of a goldfish?

No. 1352711

so what? so was tulsi gabbard. so was adam curtis and zizek and natasha stagg and brontez purnell. what does that have to do with peter thiel???

No. 1352712

File: 1634796317585.jpeg (348.92 KB, 635x900, 89B9A953-6ACB-4411-A0DF-18D352…)

No. 1352715

Whatever. You clearly are reading it. I'm not saying them getting press is a conspiracy and I said they're fame whores for mainstream coverage unlike the other podcasts. The rise in patreon subscriptions after courting right wing figures is a fact though.
>>1352711 Kantbot does say there's a sketchy Curtis connection but you can look that up in the old threads. Stagg and Purnell are just acquaintances on press tours for their books like Zizek was, no one brought them up.

No. 1352716

File: 1634796381201.jpeg (336.41 KB, 640x636, EE99086D-7155-4A31-BA69-B36D30…)

No. 1352717

put down the meth pipe and look outside.

No. 1352718

The point was if Chapo and True Anon got the media coverage that Red Scare does and if they started fawning over Bannon and twitter right wing freaks it would make me think something was up.

No. 1352723

Not the anon you replied to but fuck off trying to make her sound like a schizo. Her posts are totally reasonable and it’s no secret that influential people get paid to shill. Nice try tho, fed

No. 1352724

No. 1352731

Stop with the infighting this isn’t Twitter ffs

Ugh I miss the red text on this shit

No. 1352732

is that guy seriously dating maddie? is he blind?

No. 1352734

It’s pretty much just one obvious interloper trying to sow doubt about Red Scare’s easily demonstrable right-wing connections. We include links to the previous threads in the OP for a reason!

No. 1352747

the gossip about chapo and true anon is that they put their own money in their patreon as starter subscribers to get the ball rolling. kind of like how a beggar always has starter change in their cup

No. 1352748

wow this thread went downhill fast. flooded by obvious tourists triggered from the john waters interview

No. 1352750

you are right about ketamine and ketamine clinics being pushed as cool and normalized. another incoming disaster.

No. 1352754

I'm Maddie and no we aren't dating

No. 1352783

I knew the photo was problematic since it was posted by her but it was the best one with her face perfectly straight on. Realistically, she could not do much with the basic planes of her face in an app. The deformity is definitely more visible in video stills like the one you posted.

I do think she has some minimal lip injections too, on the upper lip at least. In older photos she has absolutely no upper lip and looks like she has some degree of fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 1352799

File: 1634804532548.png (270.97 KB, 480x476, eyelids.png)

Why are her eyelids so much larger now? Surely this can’t just be weightloss.

No. 1352811

Good to see more people realize how thin-skinned and humorless AliceFromQueens is.

No. 1352814

Either eyelid tape or surgery

No. 1352815

haven't heard of yarvin or bap but you've heard of literally who's at the red scare???

michael anton was gifted bap's book (bronze age mindset) directly from yarvin. yarvin is a well known associate of thiel for at least a decade.

No. 1352833

uh yeah i have heard of the "literally who's" that this thread is about. still don't know what the fuck bap or yarvin are

No. 1352835

think it's just weight loss/angles. she's got uneven eyelids that change their folds from time to time

No. 1352839

maybe tape because her eyelids are back to normal now, but probably just makeup tbh. the large eyelids were at the succession premier when she had a professional do her makeup. the artist emphasizes her actual eye socket, which is well above where the eyelid fold.

No. 1352878

thomasfreeboy is a wealthy advertising makework fag, truly average redscare listener

No. 1352885

File: 1634818901107.jpeg (219.76 KB, 623x587, 935A58DF-3D36-44B4-9240-11F07E…)

Cope and seethe, ugly. It must have felt so patronizing for Anna & Dasha to tell their fans to stop criticizing your looks. I'm sure they had a good giggle about it after they finished recording.

No. 1352889

she's kind of right. she isn't even a cow

No. 1352895

these threads blow when it turns into posts about friends of cows who don’t really do anything noteworthy themselves imho

No. 1352912

File: 1634822600448.png (1.75 MB, 958x1219, E_NGLN3XoAQ84It.png)

not a cow, fren

No. 1352917

I don’t love her getting criticized since afaik she’s not a delusional attention seeking cow. That said, she needs to be mad at whoever sent her screencaps from here, a “friend” who runs to tell you some random overheard insult is as good as an enemy

No. 1352919


No. 1352980

File: 1634828637597.png (275.9 KB, 599x612, cringe.png)

Felix can't be doing well on raya if he still has to pick up cringy red scare fangirls on twitter lol

No. 1352994

File: 1634829993191.png (127.09 KB, 1430x578, spotthelie.png)

She's mad about this reddit comment I guess. Could agree it's not nice for people to point out that she's busted out of nowhere but she has no problem talking shit about everyone else in the world, calling other people ugly, and being friends with rapists.

No. 1352999

Redditors make a good point. Anna would definitely be shitting on Daria for her FAS looks and inability to act if they hadn’t joined forces for the pod.

But why sexless as the new adjective du jour? white girls stay getting piped by ugly moids.

No. 1353016

File: 1634832388809.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, 50BAC717-2C35-4BA3-BDA0-8760EE…)

Never seen her look more autistic

No. 1353018

that audrey girl is so hot. don't blame felix

No. 1353028

File: 1634833311829.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1498, 338D425C-00BD-46F3-8837-1DACB7…)

Uhh…her? You know her avi is from Twin Peaks right? She’s just another dead plain girl doing the bitchy I’m so hot schtick on Twitter for attention. She captioned this pic “I give the gift of my fits to the Maryland suburbs every day with no thanks” kek ok girl we’ve never seen a thrifted blazer with Target jeans before

No. 1353030

i know what her avi is. she's hot and has great hair and body

No. 1353034

File: 1634833691096.png (4.78 MB, 1886x1518, who wore it better.png)

Wow such style icon, Dasha is unironically dressed like the queen of England right down to her signature drop handle granny handbag

No. 1353036

i think she was doing an homage to john waters as the flasher in hairspray

No. 1353037

at least she's prettier than her friend that erica girl on twitter that felix is also simping for

No. 1353047

Extremely awkward pose and ugly shoes. Autism would be a compliment for this fetal alcohol syndrome Chernobyl mutant

No. 1353051

She looks like a completely different person when she isn't being filtered to shit. The stans always go silent whenever real photos of their angelic kween get posted huh.

No. 1353052

nope. she looks good

No. 1353055

wrong. dasha doesn't have fas. she has a clear philtrum.

No. 1353058

So many ugly girls seething 24/7 over dasha(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1353062

And so many ugly girls white knighting for a podcaster who doesn’t know you and would probably make fun of you.

No. 1353115

What the fuck happened to this thread? Did the thots and scrotes from the discord and subreddit invade or something?

No. 1353120

Damn, if this is the scene that will define 20s culture we really are in hellworld

No. 1353121

Idk, the biggest sperg in here is a criminally stupid Dasha stan whose big burn is YOURE ALL FAT KYSSSSS!!!11!@ I'm guessing she accounts for 80% of the tourist posts. Report and don't engage people

No. 1353122

The youngest people in that picture are mid 30's. Their time has already come and gone.

No. 1353124

Eli and whoever's on Maddie's arm agree with you kek

No. 1353135

Is there a single person in here you would honestly describe as “hot”? A bunch of em are average looking. Some downright fuglies. No one I’d say would stand out as hot in NYC or any other big city.

No. 1353142

With lip filler and rehab, Eli would be a ten in my book.

No. 1353143

I'd legit fuck Eli, but I have very low standards in men.

No. 1353159

Yah no one's mega hot but imo Maddie's cute and her boy looks like a lost Stroke and could def get some attention at the right bar. Eli triggers my lifelong weakness for sad eyed Jewish boys, which I honestly probably need therapy for

No. 1353182

File: 1634848087936.jpeg (581.23 KB, 1199x1702, DC5B5C91-143E-4CEF-A2B6-7E72B8…)

>Yarvin has links with the website Breitbart News, the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, and with the billionaire investor Peter Thiel. Ideas of his have been particularly influential among radical-right libertarians and paleolibertarians, and the public discourses of prominent investors like Thiel have echoed Yarvin's project of seceding from the US to establish tech-CEO dictatorships. Journalist Mike Wendling has called Yarvin "the alt-right's favorite philosophy instructor". Bannon, in particular, has read and admired his work.

>Peter Thiel and investor Balaji Srinivasan have echoed Yarvin's ideas of techno-corporate cameralism. Thiel wrote in a 2009 essay that he "no longer believe[d] that freedom and democracy are compatible… Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women—two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians—have rendered the notion of 'capitalist democracy' into an oxymoron,"

No. 1353190

File: 1634848909081.png (2.56 MB, 2288x1212, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 4.32…)

Honestly you do not have to go deep to find proof that Anna and Dasha take money from Peter Thiel. I knew it from the moment Eric Weinstein had Anna on his podcast and told her: "I just got introduced to you by a colleague of mine, Blake Masters, Peter Thiels’ coauthor."

Notice the choice of words - "introduced to you" not to the podcast. It could mean either of course, but the wording implies that Anna and Eric both mutually know Blake Masters.

And Weinstein is actually underselling Blake's connection to Peter Thiel — he's not just Theil's coauthor, he's president of the Thiel Foundation, the org that…..wait for it……gives Thielbucks to various people and causes. It's such a no-brainer you have to be paranoid to deny it.

Also worth noting Anna appeared on Weinstein's podcast in February 2020. Right when Red Scare started a massive uptick in popularity, Patreon subscriptions, and media appearances. It's not farfetched that Thiel was promoting his new shills.

The podcast, Weinstein gives the whole game away in the first minute lol, and Anna sits there with her pre-Patreonbucks face. She also flirts with EW a lot in this, it's so cringe.

No. 1353227

File: 1634851861409.jpeg (87.44 KB, 699x810, partial_FAS.jpeg)

not everyone with FAS has a perfectly smooth philtrum, it's a spectrum of disorders

No. 1353239

>dumb slut kek
if you're the same anon as >>1352384 you're on fire, i'm enjoying the phrenologysperging. never understood how anyone can look at dasha and not see a fucked up little FAS goblin, then again most moids don't know filters exist and turn 3s into 8s every day

No. 1353241

lmfao already insisting this is the next thread pic

No. 1353245

This unsaged schizo bs has convinced me kantbot is now posting here. Truly pathetic to see you reduced to this, sniping over people who blocked you a year ago and have moved on.

Just a reminder that lolcow isn’t for obese spergs who have a personal vendetta against the cows involved, we don’t actually have strong feelings for these retards and it ain’t that deep. That goes for the boring Florence Pugh obsessed autist posting Dasha‘s skull shape over and over again. 70+ replies in an hour is not fucking healthy, post milk or gtfo

No. 1353252

It wasn't meant to be saged, it's a new screencap that sheds light on an ongoing question about Anna, Dasha and Thiel money.

These threads have always been equal parts petty bullshit and substantive critique — you can try to discredit me by tinfoiling that I'm kantbot, but you can't discredit that >>1353190 shows clear proof of a connection between Red Scare and Thiel money

No. 1353256

NPCfest is also clearly Thielbuxxed. If there was real demand for something like this it would have started years ago.

No. 1353260

>Just a reminder that lolcow isn’t for obese spergs who have a personal vendetta against the cows involved, we don’t actually have strong feelings for these retards and it ain’t that deep

While it is true that we consider these cows retarded, it’s also clear that you’re one of the post-left/right-wing tourists who come in these threads to run interference for the cows whenever anons point out who their sugardaddies are and what kind of political agenda they push.

And btw, Nazis, TradCaths. lolberts, and other right wingers are almost always cow material, as demonstrated by the True Viking thread, the TradThots thread, and numerous others. This is not /pol/ and trying to reverse psyche us into giving right wingers a pass will not work.

No. 1353284

Wasn't Eli also taking a number of selfies with Thiel and Masters's book around that time?

No. 1353294

Yes good point, it’s in the old threads but Eli posted a pic holding “Zero to One” which Masters and Thiel wrote. More recently, Anna posted the same pic to her Stories with the caption “a year ago today.” Which only makes sense if she’s talking about meeting/getting involved with Thiel — no one says “I read a book a year ago today” lol. It’s so obvious Peter Thiel is buxxing them anyone who denies it is either very naive or a shill

No. 1353300

"scenius" sounds like the kind of word you shouldn't say to your mom kek

stop biting jfc

No. 1353304

She looks like the autistic girl I went to high school with who always smelled like spoiled milk and spit

No. 1353324

You must not know who Yarvin is

No. 1353325

this is such a retarded argument
VCs funding podcasts and substacks is an open secret

all of the big ones are funded
paul skallas, yudkowsky, aella, julia galef, red scare, aimee terese

the mainstream media already uncovered this when they did their hit pieces on yarvin. kantbot is right but its not new info

No. 1353351

any milk on Skallas? I always thought he was just peddling Nassim Taleb's ideas to coomers but wouldn't be surprised if there was more behind him

No. 1353354

is the thiel money thing even a conspiracy at this point? i know people in their circles who have confirmed that anna is getting paid.

No. 1353357

lmfao famous Weird Twitter molester John V/WET BUTT was apparently called up to curate a day of this, in case it wasn’t clear enough it’s fake bullshit for losers

No. 1353358

I think it’s more or less established by now, but can you name some names who have confirmed it?

No. 1353362

>Weird Twitter molester John V/WET BUTT

spill the milk?

No. 1353363

File: 1634866702753.png (86.32 KB, 656x1088, toquoteadolphreed.png)

If John Waters let them take a backstage picture with him none of them have posted it.
There's a sad substack for the festival with barely any likes. Usual suspects writing for it (the Zahedi weirdo is just out for attention and ogre faced pussy I'd wager).

No. 1353364

but for what specifically? how does it work? does he email her talking points, topics to tweet about? tell her to do more selfies? the thiel thing just seems like cope from leftists like "anna's really a socialist she's just pretending to be reactionary for money". what has changed about the pod since the thiel bucks came pouring in on Feb 2020? nothing really

isn't this more the reality: thiel and his friends are patreon subscribers because the pod naturally attracts reactionary gays + anna's politics have shifted based on who she's dating (as with every woman) + eli's a Thiel fan. is it that complicated/sinister?

No. 1353365

lol Angela Nagle. remember when Adolph Reed said she was a dupe for writing for American Affairs and the entire post-left flipped out and called him a Judas?

No. 1353370

Bri is currently insta-blocking anyone who mentions Virgil in her mentions or quote tweets

No. 1353381

speaking of, it's sounding like he was a no show at that interview thing he supposed to be at a few days ago

No. 1353387

Peter Thiel has a documented history of manipulating the media and court system to achieve his desired ends, and throwing many millions of dollars at people and causes to advance his political agenda. If you think billionaires like Thiel and the President of his foundation just kick the Red Scare Patreon 50 bucks a month because they’re just feisty sassy gays who love bitchy celeb gossip — you have zero idea how the world works and how men like Thiel operate.

No. 1353393

gonna sound gay but i can't unfortunately, don't want to out myself as a gossiper lmao. i just like reading these threads since they usually confirm feelings i have about people. that whole scene is simultaneously as boring and funny as you'd think.

No. 1353411

ok but his "political agenda" is the same libertarian/technocrat/credit score bullshit favored by the Davos/Great Reset crowd, just Biden's Build Back Better plan with a different coat of paint. where does red scare fit into that?

No. 1353420

>can't read all that
>two paragraphs
sasuga scarethots, anna would be proud

No. 1353431

were dasha and nicholas braun actually fucking at some point?

No. 1353434

It makes her unintelligible screed on the back of Eli’s album all the more hilarious. Something something patronage networks.

No. 1353440

deuxmoi spotted them going into and out of a hotel a while ago, so probably

No. 1353444

File: 1634873905174.png (1.28 MB, 1304x1266, scariestsimp.png)

Scarethots also think she was hooking up in Italy with an unidentified older actor who used to be a cop because of the way she was talking about him.
I think straight men have reclaimed the scariest Red Scare fans title with this guy Dasha encourages.

No. 1353446

The point is to give conservative ideas and personalities a “countercultural” sheen just like when the Mercers funded Milo to get more young people voting for Republicans.

No. 1353460

The Mercers funded Milo. He tried to co-op the term alt-right from actual fascists and mainstream it by completely watering down the racial/anti-semitic aspects and made it into like a homosexual acceptance movement for conservatives.

No. 1353461

It was the other way around, his mission was to move normie conservatives into the alt-right. He's not even gay, his whole public persona is an act. MechaBonald, who used to be his ghostwriter, confirmed it on his old account.

No. 1353491

File: 1634879520861.jpeg (704.35 KB, 640x1030, 60E95974-E284-48C8-B914-0988F1…)


No. 1353504

the least problematic part of these cows is the thiel money. that’s the only thing i find myself aligned with them wrt honestly.

No. 1353506

File: 1634882268786.jpg (56.92 KB, 400x522, 786412341.jpg)

Bruenig's brand has the same vibe as this. Not really related to that tweet but just had to put it out there

No. 1353511

They’re both so goddamn ugly

No. 1353541

i think you mean jewish

No. 1353544

File: 1634889273387.png (1.5 MB, 1534x793, waters.png)

No. 1353583

File: 1634898996123.jpeg (803.66 KB, 1288x1618, 297DA1F1-39B3-4535-AC9B-52457E…)

Fatty’s latest brainfart

No. 1353612

Daria’s legs looks so fat and stubby and she has drooling tard face. No camera presence. John blink twice if you’re ok

No. 1353636

why is john waters being excused from taking thiel money? his speaking fee paid by npcc is from thiel. he shouldn’t be off the hook.

No. 1353640

facebook couldn’t have happened without thiel money and now you use all of their products

No. 1353645

Why is Thiel so uniquely evil? We're all benefiting from the largesse of soul-sucking billionaires in one way or another, from the food we eat to the computers we type on to the television we watch. Everyone's got to make a living, and there's no ethical consumption under capitalism.

No. 1353668

You sound like a freshman Econ major. White knight a little more for your precious smol bean billionaires who bank on your immiserization. They are enemies to progress. Please, go back to r/redscarepod

No. 1353672

Go back and look up the meaning of largesse. (I know it must have been exciting to you the first time you heard Anna say it on the pod) The 1% are richer and hoarding more than ever. They put their money into space travel and money laundering fronts, not us.

No. 1353683

File: 1634915221907.png (586.18 KB, 644x868, obese.png)

jack calling himself starved and thin. catches anna and dasha in the crossfire

No. 1353701

If you losers want to argue about politics go and do it literally anywhere else

No. 1353709

We're not arguing politics, we're discussing proof Anna and Dasha take Thiel $$ (>>1353190), and how it influences their content and audience. It's extremely on-topic and we won't stop talking about it. But I think it's interesting so many people seem to want us to..

No. 1353714

This isn't about "capitalism bad but YASS get ur bag gurlz!" Thiel's stated vision for the world should scare you: highly centralized technocratic/corporate control of every aspect of your life. That's actual fascism and trust me, you won't like it. Anyone who takes Thiel money should be regarded with utmost suspicion. What they're selling is bad for you and it's not worth a couple cheap laughs.

No. 1353733

>But I think it's interesting so many people seem to want us to..
It's cool that your autism allows you to realize that you're annoying everyone here but stops at "IT MUST BE A CONSPIRACY."

No. 1353736

Multiple people discuss this topic in this and past threads so clearly people care. And clearly you're trying very hard to discredit us with "autism, conspiracy." You should try calling us schizo next, maybe that'll shut us up :)

Hey in case anyone missed it, here's Anna Kachiyan and Eric Weinstein discussing their personal connection with Peter Thiel's money man on a podcast from 2020. But remember, this verifiable fact is only a conspiracy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs8NGrWs3mc&t=30s

No. 1353751

Not the anon you're replying to but I'll do it for them. You're a fucking schizo and none of this matters at all. Plus it's fucking boring.

No. 1353756

You know this board can host multiple conversations simultaneously right? If you're bored with this one, feel free to start another fascinating debate about "Dasha ugly/no she not/no u fat tho/no florence fatt!!!"

No. 1353759

Anna has returned to her troon cut and daria looks like a bobble headed alien. It blow my mind how scarefans regard them as beauties. Do their fans live in podunk towns where every woman looks like Rosie O’donnell?

No. 1353761

>Why is Thiel so uniquely evil?
Because he's trying to shape the world according to his uniquely fucked up picture of the future, is trying to destabilize the country + erase opposition to achieve it, and has been quite successful so far. Just because billionaires are shit doesn't mean that there aren't different degrees of shit. Learn to incorporate nuance into your thinking.

No. 1353764

This is literally the same thing as the Hillary children's books these people make fun of.

No. 1353778

File: 1634927755248.png (2.19 MB, 2178x1540, alice the macbook whore.png)

In other news, Alice from Queens is e-begging yet again, this time for a Macbook.

Comments mostly mocking ("do you need all that computing power to blog?"), some "jokingly" saying they'll do it for feet pics and Alice making it quite clear she'll oblige. She promised one replyguy a pic "wearing only the Macbook" lmao gee you're clearly not shy, what could you possibly be hiding Alice?

No. 1353782

Did anyone catch that on the first episode of Succession s3, they discuss rebranding Willa's play as a "camp trash hate-watch" because it's so bad. Just kind of a funny parallel to Dasha's movie

No. 1353788

The constant shitstream of "dissenting", "transgressive", and knowingly "problematic" right wing work that has been completely cluttering the artworld in the past 5-7 years is entirely Thiel's doing.

No. 1353811

File: 1634931198217.png (53.8 KB, 656x567, SCREENSHOT.png)

the red scare knockoff lovechild of a head of engineering at square and a libertarian work has finally shuttered its doors. guess the thielbucks dried up?

No. 1353836


No. 1353839

File: 1634934212305.png (1.83 MB, 1052x980, postpostwoke.png)

The festival is so lame. There's "transgressive" movie screenings constantly in New York. Straight up vintage porn screenings aren't uncommon.
Lol at moma.ps5 being involved in this after show. What happened to his woke thing? Betsy Brown and Larry Clark himself at another afterparty. Only two likes on both tweets announcing this. Would love to know how empty most of these movie screenings are, if they haven't started giving out the tickets for free.

No. 1353849

but how is it different from Build Back Better that everyone from Hilary libs to AOC and Soros-funded squad-friendly media outlets (TYT etc.) are pushing. they are ALL suspicious and working together for this evil technocratic, credit score future. Thiel just wants a Republican at the helm, and AOC wants a Democrat queer POC. again, Thiel paying the girls would make sense if its just about trying to normalise an "edgy, cool" brand of conservative but they've never pushed anything like that. as opposed to TYT, Hasan, Vaush who basically order their audience to go along with anything Biden says, even if its the techno-fascist bullshit. Push the "Thiel is an all powerful supervillain" meme all you want, but bring the same energy to all the "leftists" who get their bucks from Open Society

No. 1353850

Thanks anon. Keep documenting where the money for these hos is coming from.

No. 1353851

File: 1634935221376.png (788.92 KB, 598x1236, fakefriends.png)

I can't keep up with her but Bridgie is finally manned up saying fuck True Anon publicly after hinting at sinister podcast cliques for awhile (while loving Aimee), after riding their shared interest in Epstein to getting all her followers a few years ago and supposedly talking one on one to them of course. Do these idiots think the podcasters make the laws that require vaccines for venues.
>>1353849 Sorry if you're nta, but "Stop talking about this and ruining the thread." "But wait tell me more." Bit of whiplash.

No. 1353854

moma.ps5 is friends with trevor bazile, who is one of the people running the fest, so that’s probably why. idk if anyone in this thread ever followed trevor’s instagram but i always thought it was funny that leia basically copied him with her tiktok account and now acts like she’s genuinely running a creative project by reposting tiktoks.

No. 1353857

This is whataboutism tho. No one said only Anna and Dasha are selling out this way, or that only Peter Thiel is pushing this agenda. I agree completely with what you're saying re: Vaush, Hasan, AOC etc all being blatant astroturfed shills. But they're not the subject of this thread, Anna and Dasha are.

No. 1353858

File: 1634935701800.png (227.25 KB, 1184x962, twinkrev vs anti-troon twitter…)

is this because their girl @endclasssociety got a CNN special? they recently turned on all the anti-troon perfume twitter types for clowning on her for it

No. 1353859

File: 1634935971410.png (332.26 KB, 900x966, fakefriends2.png)

She was talking to the True Anon account last November, Brace's alt in February of this year, and Liz in April. But trust her guys, she knew they were deep state frauds the whole time.

No. 1353860

>Sorry if you're nta
They aren't. I'm not going to argue with these retards and shit up the thread any more than they already are.

No. 1353865

Holy shit Liz Franczak really is transforming into Miss Piggy. Look at that face.

No. 1353870

File: 1634936914813.png (5.09 MB, 2094x1276, subtle liz.png)

Sry not to derail your topic but fucking kek at Liz Franczak's tagged pics vs. selfies. Just casually editing out 50 pounds making her eyes bulge like Marty Feldman.

(Also relevant to the Red Scare convo, if anyone has deets on True Anon's alleged state department ties, bring it. These three glow bigtime.)

No. 1353875

yung chomsky screams "male feminist ally is secretly a rapist". any milk there?

No. 1353882

yungchomsky had a cameo in the film here


No. 1353893

I think this is the first pic in which Dasha somehow looks even more like a man in drag than Anna does.

No. 1353908

is thiel pro or anti tranny?

No. 1353942

File: 1634942336768.png (185.05 KB, 1344x728, Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 6.36…)

He does in fact says this on his Chapo ep if you listen to it. Don't know where in the ep tho sorry

No. 1353954

File: 1634943112421.jpeg (287.06 KB, 640x479, DC651530-2402-4B3B-85AA-585F0C…)

We been knew, nonnie

No. 1353956

woah what a hog

No. 1353966

File: 1634944024530.jpeg (70.05 KB, 640x214, A1ED4F58-256B-49A9-B805-F997E8…)

Did we already know she was a fan, or is this the reveal?

No. 1353968

I saw Sky in her mentions the other day too

No. 1353970

Don't you understand anon, the great artists of our day are unemployed daughters of banker dads who sit on their asses all day watching tiktok and reposting the good ones

No. 1353972

Makes sense, aubrey plaza is the dried up last year’s model for slack jawed actresses hindered by their autistic monotone

No. 1353982

Leia J's dad is a banker?

No. 1353984

It’s funny how quickly the scarethot defense shifted from

“they’re not taking Peter Thiel money and you’re a schizo if you suggest that”


“so what if they’re taking Peter Thiel money? what’s the big deal?”

No. 1353987

Yeap. That’s not happening — and if it is happening it’s not a big deal — and if it is a big deal, everyone else is doing it too!!

No. 1353991

You're a schizo anyway

No. 1354002

File: 1634946927730.png (278.99 KB, 1004x785, Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 9.52…)

Just a reminder of this, AK didn't promote anywhere that I saw
Look up Claremont and Earhart foundation and see what they do and how well funded they are

No. 1354006

File: 1634947185596.png (493.7 KB, 1501x899, 65D68EA9-A675-46C4-BE09-7E2C2F…)

Yeah, lots of the Claremont ghouls promote Aimee Terese and others in that scene as well

No. 1354011

Yeah it’s in one of the recent old threads

No. 1354013

File: 1634947802123.png (532.48 KB, 1517x1354, 67CF148A-BE09-49C7-80BB-530082…)

lol it’s literally the same argument Glenn Greenwald uses to deflect criticism whenever he praises Thiel COO Blake Masters and fellow Thiel beneficiary J. D. Vance.

No. 1354016

File: 1634948108272.png (580.81 KB, 755x858, 51750116-11CC-4573-B439-728263…)

And here is Greenwald using the same argument to deflect criticism of J. D. Vance’s Thiel connections

No. 1354017

He said a while back on one of TrueAnon's Syria eps (or it might have been a Twitch stream discussing Syria) that he has nightmares about having been an unwitting CIA asset while he was fighting over there. I don't think he's a conscious op, he was just naive at the time and still doesn't know how to process what he did.

No. 1354019

Anna collabing with Claremont is really the nail in the coffin for the Thielbuxx proof, anyone still denying it is just willfully ignorant.

No. 1354020

File: 1634948402414.png (988.37 KB, 1194x672, Hungry eyes.png)


No. 1354021

>Thiel COO Blake Masters and fellow Thiel beneficiary J. D. Vance.
Should be noted that both Masters and Vance are running for the Senate from Arizona and Ohio, respectively! I'm sure Glenn can't wait until Republicans take back control of Congress so they can pass another big tax break for his billionaire buddies and outlaw gay adoption!

No. 1354023

File: 1634948804948.png (44.82 KB, 845x140, dsa president.png)

That's an old picture, weev used to be friendly with a lot of people who'd be permanently cancelled for associating with him now back when he was just a le epic hacker. There's a Childish Gambino song about him lmao. Nick Mullen is still friend with him though.

No. 1354024

“Unwitting.” Sure Brace. (No salt intended anon, appreciate the deets I just have serious doubt about this guy, this statement and the True Anon podcast as a whole give me big limited hangout energy)

No. 1354031

File: 1634951286723.png (397.28 KB, 1393x504, Hagiographies.png)

It is old but was reminded of it by GG and >>1353182

No. 1354050

literally and unironically the same exact tactics limbaugh et al would use to deny taking money from their handlers.
weev had been an outspoken white nationalist, e-beggar, and attention whore for years by the time all of these histronic scrotes paid him mind.

No. 1354055

I would be shocked if they didn’t have CIA ties. Brace literally went to Syria and joined a CIA funded militia. And the username “PissPigGranddad” … you can’t get more CIA than evoking the image of a gay boomer orgasming with a mouthful of piss.

No. 1354060

average .org poster

No. 1354061

File: 1634953906960.png (1021.32 KB, 1174x738, delusional internetkathy griff…)

lmao she's STILL comparing herself to actresses a zillion times hotter than her

No. 1354075

The delusion of these cows. Natasha was smoking hot in Slums of Beverly Hills. This girl has the plain pinched face of an 1870s farm wife

No. 1354113

He has a musician friend who’s a rapist

No. 1354115

Gwen Snyder is so awful kek can’t believe one of her takes finally landed

No. 1354130

File: 1634961373090.png (185.5 KB, 558x493, down horrendous.png)

Has AFQ's most obsequious simp found a new host?

No. 1354178

File: 1634970886700.jpg (82.62 KB, 588x666, liz b.JPG)

lol liz humblebragging about being pretty but matt her pet is just so "rad" because beauty fades!!

No. 1354182

File: 1634973352187.jpeg (729.24 KB, 1917x1641, 02AD17BE-0038-4FBB-A227-5F1A88…)

When you both look like this, you have to invent all kinds of cope

No. 1354269

Remember when she fictionalized an entire high school football career for this sack of rolled oats? Good times.

No. 1354276

It's so weird in the John Waters ep, when Anna jokes (?) that they're all taking Peter Thiel dark money and the whole crowd cheers?

No. 1354350

File: 1635005220353.jpeg (183.28 KB, 1125x594, 2CA1F8D0-69C3-46ED-BA15-6BB64A…)

Because Anna knows Scarethots are idiots who worship them, so she can tell them the truth to their face and they’ll think she’s doing an irony - YASSS kuween own the narrative honeyy!! Also, as this thread has shown, some Scarethots know they take Thiel money and just don’t care. Different kind of idiot.

No. 1354352

File: 1635005321904.jpeg (41.72 KB, 700x394, BA768025-635E-4941-8D7A-656846…)

No. 1354355

The cheers sounded especially loud from one section, everyone involved in running the festival was probably there. It was creepy.
>>1354006 I get having doubts about some of the leftist podcasts, but doing that while stanning Aimee, Red Scare, and their spooky orbiters is a laugh.

No. 1354422

File: 1635015151780.jpg (70.9 KB, 640x751, elmo hate liberal modernism.jp…)

who would win in a fight peter thiel or george soros

No. 1354471

I wish you tiresome flying monkeys would make the SLIGHTEST effort to integrate. I swear scarethots have the dumbest shills alive.

No. 1354491

american gothic

No. 1354506

File: 1635026110687.png (128.96 KB, 1180x564, retarderaended.png)

The era of the recent owners of Zero Books clutching onto the Mark Fisher books they had the rights to and publishing no other books of any worth is over. Never forget that era brought us Aimee Terese in her star making role on Dead Pundits Society and academic flop/queen of not using spellcheck Angela Nagle.

No. 1354520

Ok. Can this thread be about Anna and Dasha doing milky things again please?

No. 1354542

File: 1635031624479.png (72.44 KB, 597x470, kween.png)

I threw up in my mouth a little

No. 1354549

File: 1635033069359.png (67.24 KB, 611x278, but that is what you believe.p…)

casual admission?

No. 1354555

File: 1635034497101.jpeg (309.96 KB, 1125x1769, AD03C73F-4416-406A-B212-5295AF…)

Accurate read, poor girl’s getting torn apart by NPC simps of course: you’re deranged, you’re projecting, why do you hate seeing Liz happy?? Blows my mind ppl can’t see how self-objectifying, gross and humblebraggy Liz is. Who tf goes on Twitter.com and talks about “all the libs who wack off to me,” talk about deranged

No. 1354603

Just looked and sure enough that @seaewitch person has a mere 250 followers. Why doesn’t Liz just ignore what these randos say if it doesn’t bother her at all?

No. 1354618

Kantbot is nothing but a librarian now. He just posts about archive systems, taxonomies, his PDF collection, paper trails. Autism and stims to cranky MtF librarian pipeline?

No. 1354628

literally where is the feminism?

No. 1354629

so how easy is it to get thiel money, it seems like you don't need to really give any sort of ROI? can you just fund whatever you want to do as long as you slightly allude to something thiel supports? why isn't everyone getting in on this gravy train?

No. 1354632

Wait, has Want it fully transitioned?

No. 1354635

File: 1635047866540.jpeg (166.05 KB, 828x1472, 9956B17D-BC4F-404D-93C2-3D26A7…)

If this really Allie then she’s way more attractive than Liz Bruenig ever was

No. 1354637

File: 1635048382267.jpeg (120.72 KB, 1198x784, 5C076BB8-C4ED-4D53-B887-199C5D…)

Car selfie face off. One of these women constantly tells people how hot and desired she is

No. 1354639

Thiel "funds" all the bad podcasts and ideas, all of the good ideas are funded by the proletariat

No. 1354641

File: 1635048523098.jpg (11.14 KB, 250x350, Horse.jpg)

No. 1354689

File: 1635058688880.png (111.9 KB, 1003x951, BetaBux.png)

What was the ROI on the CIA's literary magazines?

The Partisan Review was a pretty cheap way to tell leftists that they could be anti-communist and still be an intellectual; podcasters are a cheap way to tell retards that they can be Josh Hawley and still be fuckable.

Writers and podcasters just aren't that expensive.

No. 1354692

brb putting together a slide deck for my anti woke drag bar sarin spa

No. 1354693

Listen lady, I mean no offense, but the only thing keeping a communist uprising from happening in the west is fucking communists. None of you can agree on anything and you're all so off-putting that the CIA doesn't have to really do anything. If you're so concerned about the revolution you should probably spend less time pocket watching podcasters on an anon gossip forum and more time out on the streets or whatever. People come here for milk and I, for one, don't give a shit who's paying for it

No. 1354700

File: 1635060799612.jpeg (266.13 KB, 360x859, 0CD4738D-25B8-432B-8AE6-87E221…)

Middling reception for Scary from the Chicago screening. That theater must have been packed with letterboxd users, there's tons of new reviews.

No. 1354704

The idea that any of these people 'glow' is bullshit. It's just a pathetic ploy to gain clout
>s-see! I-I'm so subversive the CIA had to co-opt me
The CIA has better things to do than deal with economically illiterate grifters that don't understand how the world works. A bunch of idiotic larpers trying to crawl out of a crab bucket

No. 1354705

>muh truth to power
all these people are morons lmao

No. 1354709

File: 1635062386302.jpeg (427.64 KB, 828x1077, 08A190C0-5D48-44BB-A69A-D3B95D…)

Seawitch is hot lol such a cope for Liz :/ “you’re just jealous!!!”

Here’s her admitting she panders to her simps! As if we needed it(:/)

No. 1354715

Yeah that’s me lol. I appreciate the support here, my mentions are flooded with her pathetic simps, which just proves my point

No. 1354718

File: 1635063392648.png (301.84 KB, 603x533, ilhans press secretary.png)

Normal behavior for a recently married man

No. 1354720

I love how she always pulls out the "See a doctor" line for her quote tweet tirades. Anyone who finds her off-putting must be mentally ill! A healthy attitude to have about your own self-importance.

No. 1354721

Like what are you 12? Get a new comeback you gummy Protestant

No. 1354722

you're kind of ugly, huge forehead, nose ring looks pathetic, hair looks greasy and dry/damaged at the same time, and you did an awful job with the snow app but cool that you post here i guess?

No. 1354724

File: 1635064192834.jpg (8.37 KB, 201x175, cranky.jpg)

odious film scrotes rush to epicly own edgy lady podcaster movie

No. 1354764

File: 1635070485307.png (701.94 KB, 1170x2532, 030722EF-535F-463E-B0E9-431C9B…)

Aimee is so desperate for new enemies that she has turned on the twink rev boys

No. 1354796

She's not wrong about prostitution though

No. 1354799

Lol aff3rm (endclasssociety’s org) is against the legalization of prostitution, not for it. The organization seeks legislation to punish pimps and johns.

No. 1354825

Not the anon but these delusional cows LARPing as counterculture while secretly accepting evil billionaire buxx is the very definition of milk. If it’s not to your taste, start a different convo. But you’re not gonna shut down ours just because you don’t like it.

No. 1354831

Lol Liz simp cope

No. 1354832

File: 1635085563146.jpeg (318.45 KB, 640x908, C0C0A67C-752E-4D3B-A558-23C0C9…)

Another bad review which mentions her yelling at an audience member. She did the same thing during the John Waters event too. So sloppy daria. People pay money to come see your disaster of a movie/embarrassing interview of a living legend, and you insult and disrespect them? This is why we don’t have to worry about her becoming a force in the industry—she’s unkind, unstable, and lashes out due to substance abuse. No one wants that around their projects. And her true colors will always shine through since deep down she’s a narcissist with brain damage.

No. 1354835

This does not mention Dasha yelling at anyone. Not sure if this is a weird troll

No. 1354836

Do you know how to read?

No. 1354837

You really made up a whole short story based on this one post huh

No. 1354844

But nonnies muh dasha sucks Second half is true even with the misreading of the letterbox review

No. 1354852

Was there and Dasha was actually very sweet and charismatic at the Q & A and regarded the audience member with graciousness. She looked really pretty too. Made me really get why her star was rising.

No. 1354856

Well I’m glad she decided to stay sober enough for this event to impress you anon. She was literally a drunken slob wit John waters, yelling shut the fuck up at the audience. Now back to twitter with you

No. 1354865

Haha sure thing, worstie. No one believes you

No. 1354885

Did anyone who listened catch that John Waters said he believes epstein DID commit suicide, pretty much negating the whole idea of dashka’s movie? She started to sperg but he didn’t care.

No. 1354898

anon you never sage and always refer to her as “daria”, you come off even more retarded than the scarethots

No. 1354900

File: 1635093656213.png (5.53 MB, 2880x1800, deeply concerned dasha.png)

Kek at any filmgoer expecting an insightful treatment of the Epstein case from the woman who put on hot pants and skipped on down to Epstein's apartment the day after he died to "investigate" - aka pose grinning for the New York Post cameras like she was getting a star on the Walk of Fame. She's the "concerned" about any topic insofar as she can attention whore off it.

If anons want to watch her looking very FAS and accusing "the Clinton crime family" of murdering Epstein - tsk tsk, very cancellable Dasha!


No. 1354922

not to wk a cow but epstein died in august and wearing shorts in the nyc humidity is a necessity.

No. 1354946

So this indicates the truth was in between and she was neither an evil witch or remarkably gracious in any way, simply shocking

No. 1354959

oh ok then guess it's cool to get dressed up in a sex trafficking-themed outfit complete with Eyes Wide Shut tee to go grin and pose and attention whore at the scene of countless underage rapes, because muh NYC humidity. don't be obtuse, you're WKing whether you admit it or not

No. 1354964

Be sure to check the last few threads if you want more milk on Bruenig.

Glad that impartial observers can see that Dasha is a talentless hack.

This. And the recent posts from Dasha simps and other assorted scarethots have not even been subtle, such as…

Back to Reddit with you.

No. 1354966

File: 1635101069900.png (276.49 KB, 964x1132, annashumourlessrightwingera.pn…)

Irony twitter accounts making jokes about a single image want to rip the milk cartons from the nation's children, these two bright minds have found out the truth. Both of them pretending they make anything more complicated than toast on any given month.

No. 1354972

combined IQ in this exchange: 20.

also i’m not a big chapo fan but what “stochastic terrorism” have they inspired?

No. 1354978

File: 1635101710505.jpg (159.19 KB, 720x1263, FCUzxiOXEAAmeli.jpg)

This is what Logo and Anna's twitter friends have been seething over all week for context. In 2018 Anna would be rolling her eyes at soft maladaptive Amerifats who need everything handed to them every second of the day unlike strong resourceful Russians/Armenians/Jewish women. Now she and Dasha are crying that the only supply shortage they've noticed, aesop scrub being out for a few weeks, is them suffering what their parents left the Soviet Union to escape (ignore that Dasha left in 1994). Dasha has been half-joking that having to show her vaccine card activates her epigenetic memory of the Nazi devastation of Belarus.

No. 1355000

logo and anna are being overdramatic of course but these irony accounts are some of the biggest losers on twitter.

No. 1355020

File: 1635106547720.png (37.37 KB, 587x274, FlameForMoths.png)

oh come on

No. 1355022

File: 1635106819057.jpeg (589.2 KB, 1125x1587, 69548722-1A40-4D37-9572-E21046…)

An artful attention seeker Liz is not. Then again, why bother with subtlety when your every banal utterance is met with simp rhapsody like this

No. 1355025

File: 1635107284679.jpeg (536.99 KB, 1125x1651, E5B03983-78DD-4999-8538-6635EC…)

On a related note, Liz is now trying to convince people her haterz are jealous of her obese lump of a husband and indulges in some very unconvincing tough-girl talk…which her boomer simps lap up ofc

No. 1355038

Not that anon but her real name is Daria

No. 1355061

These two give the Chapo losers a lot more credit than they deserve if anything. Why make a bunch of smelly dudes beloved by reddit troons out to be supervillains and boost their shitty egos even more?

No. 1355077

This bitch is trolling or else she’s really really autistic

No. 1355114

File: 1635117561157.jpeg (625.4 KB, 1346x1009, 21AD75EC-28C4-4F75-82F5-180FB0…)

Lol Jack getting roasted again

No. 1355115

My jaw is on the floor, I've never seen such groveling simping lmfao.

No. 1355121

File: 1635119172857.jpg (263.64 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20211024-164255.jpg)

No. 1355134

File: 1635120293676.jpeg (40.39 KB, 489x627, Z40-nXli1j2IoThJR88kIroOUCjh6V…)

Jack reminds me of pic related

No. 1355139

How much respect does Matt have left for her at this point? We all know that despite what they say, males are repulsed by this sort of behavior in their wives or girlfriends

No. 1355150

File: 1635121458488.png (907.3 KB, 1341x693, F233C295-D4D9-4C45-946A-F5A882…)

Immediately follows the first tweet with the second. Sick in the mind!

No. 1355156

The 2019 Dayton shooter liked a bunch of posts from the Chapo hosts on his twitter account. There was never any sign that he went postal because of his political beliefs though. Unlike most of the other mass shooters from the Trump era, particularly the El Paso shooter from the very same day who traveled across Texas to massacre Mexicans because he was a /pol/cel white supremacist.

No. 1355162

Sounds like that poetry reading the NPC fest people put together with Honor Levy

No. 1355181

Between this guy, Jesse Singal, and the horde of others who have been posted, I’m convinced Liz Bruenig has the most embarrassing assemblage of simps possible.

No. 1355183

File: 1635125315248.jpeg (80.73 KB, 509x900, CC060AD7-1438-4EDD-8040-3E7F61…)

Never forget this is what Jack looks like

No. 1355186

i still do not understand how this is a different person from kevin james

No. 1355190

File: 1635126035377.jpeg (845.79 KB, 1425x2206, C59C773F-8859-41ED-A16D-FBA598…)

Never heard of this @Richard_Vixen person but that tweet is getting faved/RTed by a bunch of right-wing freaks and @default_friend

Pic is Curtis Yarvin btw

No. 1355191

I can never get over how god damn ugly everyone in this scene is

No. 1355195

She's a WCT reject, she was posting some minor cow-tier stuff a while back about not being able to find a job even though she went to Yale. Haven't seen her pop up in a minute, guess she's thrown in with the downtown nu-NRX freaks now.

No. 1355197

File: 1635126673372.jpeg (350.34 KB, 750x856, 624303FC-EA37-4148-8D7E-B67737…)

No. 1355212

File: 1635128252226.png (73.52 KB, 480x331, yale.PNG)

You must be lazy to graduate from Yale and not get a job

No. 1355213

File: 1635128281901.png (80.77 KB, 750x353, yale2.PNG)

Is this her? Sounds about right. Yale '19 and worked at Cato

No. 1355217

File: 1635128580955.png (368.96 KB, 512x592, stealingtheshow.png)

Sorry jealous haters, Dasha is killing it in episode 2!

No. 1355225

Mine sides nonnie

No. 1355245

I frankly find it hilarious that failed alt-right personalities from years ago are now being rebranded and shilled among the post-left podcast crowd…and people are actually falling for it.

No. 1355246

She had zero lines or screen time yet her name rolled in the credits, for all the simps that used IMDB as their trump card

No. 1355249

"only girl in debate club" is kind of liz's whole thing, and she's got the dweebish simps to show for it

No. 1355263

File: 1635133552535.jpeg (21.64 KB, 300x210, 7D5077C5-D57A-41C2-BA1A-B2452F…)

All the ladies are jealous they didn’t stand in line to score this sack of potatoes

No. 1355264

I think this is the best Dasha has ever looked

No. 1355271

No. 1355272

These are some of the most hideous, libido-killing moids I’ve ever seen

No. 1355274

Every time a troon shows you his pre op pictures, it's one of these three.

No. 1355275

>"Now he's doing the rounds, people are like 'oh, he's so cute,' he's not setting off Google security alarms anymore." - Barret Avner "Yeah, we did that. We did that." - Justin Murphy
Reminder that Liz Bruenig was planning to do this exact same reputation-laundering for Moldbug in 2017 in a piece on the alt-right for the Village Voice that never ended up getting published, and she still defends him to this day as a "boutique" intellectual. Really makes you think.

No. 1355279

WCT = Weird Catholic Twitter? They got a NY Times article about them last year courtesy of Liz Bruenig and Tara Isabella Burton. It’s funny how they presented themselves as “left” and anti-capitalist and yet this Sophia Morales girl interned for the right-wing libertarian Cato Institute.

I don’t think the “LeftCath” subculture accomplished a single thing except to unwittingly provide cover for their much more numerous right-wing TradCath counterparts.

No. 1355280

tbh I referred to her as a WCT reject because she interacted with them a lot but they would make fun of her behind locked accounts. But she's a relative newbie to Catholic twitter, the leftcath inner circle all go way back to the tradinista days.

No. 1355287

Justin Murphy has always given me major creep vibes. He was mentioned in some of the earlier threads.

No. 1355302

Justin Murphy is a good natured attention whore. He's the only one who'll be getting out of dirtbag left or post-left with any diginity.

No. 1355344

Was gonna ask if any NYanons went out to that moldbug poetry event thrown by personality girl. Hilarious they were requiring proof of vax at the door, so honor levy didnt go

No. 1355346

he also links to thomas777, who is a literal outright neo nazi that posts selfies wearing nazi shirts, rings etc.

not sure if anyone here has read the awful "bronze age mindset" but it is outright neo nazi shit too lol

No. 1355356

Liz Bruenig was also very friendly with Bronze Age Pervert a couple of years ago. Not sure when or why or if they stopped talking. I think she’s still friends with Alex Forrest and Helen Andrews.

No. 1355402

File: 1635157286155.png (843.34 KB, 534x918, leia.PNG)

Leia's touring with Anamanaguchi… does she just basically couch surf? Also Luke looks like he's weeks away from trooning out.

No. 1355406

aren't she and Peter Berkman friends or something?

No. 1355411

File: 1635159960955.png (1.3 MB, 846x1002, atmh4yrpeiv71.png)

can a farmer pls explain the optical illusion that makes a person look both 5 and 45, fat and skinny all at once?

also kek at Anna, Dasha and now this girl discovering those Carel shoes 3 years after the fashion girls stopped wearing them, Mercari shopping ass bitches

No. 1355413

File: 1635160243020.png (32.01 KB, 596x206, no ragrets.png)

No. 1355414

pls no one tell me if she's actually awful but I kind of love roommate Leia and her appearances here, she seems capable of having an unpretentious good time unlike all the other tryhard hoez itt

No. 1355416

File: 1635161695692.png (1.31 MB, 1582x548, I'm in your house.png)

How many mins after you meet her at a party do you think she tells you she used to date that sadsack old coot with skin flakes in his beard (loved him in Lost Highway though)

No. 1355421

I have no fucking clue what the supply shortage is actually supposed to entail, but it's pretty funny seeing the same thing that happened to the alt right in 2017 happen to the online left that won out over them nowadays. They're just not angry or energized enough to defend the cultural gains they've made, they failed to learn that boring ass "facts and logic" arguments and half baked memes don't really have a lot of sway when the opposing side is more passionate about what they believe in (or at least better at appearing that they're more passionate). They're boring, complacent, and insulated.

No. 1355438

File: 1635165606220.png (44.53 KB, 534x392, the end question mark.png)

Not too much milk ever stems from the pod itself, but the latest ep of TrueAnon features a particularly cringe-worthy extended monologue from Liz at the end, pontificating on the necessity of revolutionary art in the face of the decadence and stagnation of the bourgeois left intelligentsia. Self-aware in that Liz indicts herself as part of the podcasting cliques of layabouts, but still grasping in desperation at some semblance of a reason to justify the continued existence of this obviously artistically and politically exhausted endeavor. The burnout is real, and she sure sounds desperate trying to convince herself, her co-host, her producer, and most importantly her audience that they are all participating in something revolutionary.

No. 1355451

I think the worst you could say is that she’s a rich kid trying to make it in a creative field with little talent/vision and no sex appeal. Otherwise she seems like a loyal friend to Anna, if not a desperate hanger-on.

No. 1355455

Trueanon makes 90k a month and they still charge fans 5$ a month to listen to half the eps behand a paywall. There is nothing revolutionary about paywalls.

No. 1355463

I find it completely incomprehensible that there are over 20,000 people willing to pay a monthly fee for a podcast that every casual fan knows has an extremely easy-to-find pirate feed. Why pay for slop that's easily accessible with a few extra clicks? Only possible explanation is they're paypigs who think they're funding the revolution lol

No. 1355502

NPCfest director Kate loudly bragging to people about posting on lolcow for festival publicity lmao

No. 1355520

That’s actually not a bad marketing choice. Given the amount of stan spergouts and self posts here, at least half the people following this thread appear to be leftthots themselves. Talk about parasocial…

No. 1355528

I’ve always insisted that it doesn’t make sense to post leia on here simply for being a friend of the pod. she’s just not a leftist and the posts seem personal and are never actually milky.

No. 1355536

No farmers bought tickets. No stans bought tickets bc they’re flyover as fuck. And it’s New York City, 60 seats to a famous filmmaker’s talk sell themselves but yeah sure you’re a publicity genius astroturfing an obscure gossip forum, you go girlboss earn that 40k a year!

No. 1355538

There are quite a few who are fine. @piagnone is a gay actual socialist, Dawn Foster (RIP) too, and so on. Many deacc and only exist on tiny locked accounts though, from what I can tell.

No. 1355540

File: 1635178775489.jpeg (242.5 KB, 1125x723, E3151FAE-BD92-4A4C-9718-927A8F…)

Your months-long genius viral marketing plan got your Twitter a whole 273 followers kek, a Zoomer with a cracked screen iPhone 5 and spotty wifi could do better in a day

No. 1355550

If they had thielmoney it wouldn't suck so bad and be such a failure

No. 1355595

personality girl's a yalie cozy with indie directors and silicon valley types like moldbug, it's not a lack of funding lol

No. 1355611

It seems like the Ion Pack and their meme accounts didn't want to be involved after posting a lot about "The Anti-Woke Film Festival" a few months ago. Zero mention of the NPC festival since. The remaining people thought they could rebuild the hype on their own but failed. Hideous outdated 4chan meme branding and outside of the John Waters event nothing else was interesting.

No. 1355615

apparently they fired the ion guys

No. 1355630

No. 1355638

File: 1635189927356.jpeg (624.08 KB, 1197x1719, 702DAA4F-7068-48C4-88FE-97AF27…)

Bruenig’s bestie AliceFromQueens is getting dog piled

No. 1355646

No one’s going to listen to her shitty podcast a century from now. These are all period pieces.

No. 1355653

File: 1635190796613.jpg (98.81 KB, 786x1674, FCg2Nk7XoAYP2cZ.jpg)

Vintage "Alice" pic from that thread.

No. 1355662

>milk hoarder
>poasting Macbook milk from upthread and the male-looking pics we always discuss here

This has to be a farmer right? Well done @lib_crusher this is so overdue. Anyone notice Alice briefly changed her display name to "Everyone is ganging up on me" lmao stop noticing her blatant grift you guys

No. 1355667

File: 1635192016851.png (1.77 MB, 1980x964, Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 3.45…)

Alice is now claiming she begged simps for a Macbook "as a bit I've done a bunch before." Hm, guess when she constantly e-begged for crypto in January and posted multiple screens of her donated balances along with "gee can someone help me understand, I'm just a dumb girl who can't do a finance uwu" that was just a bit too! She does this a lot!

She also just tried owning it with "DUH, my Cashapp has been in my bio for years." So to recap, Cashapp begging = sincere. Macbook begging = a bit. And negotiating lewds for the Macbook in the replies - definitely also a bit. And Alice's simps = still the most cringe obese Walmart shopping boomers in the game.

No. 1355682

nothing screams "I am a man" like the blurred background to hide warp tool overuse

No. 1355683

This is one of the dumber comments I’ve read on here. The problem with the Alt Right in 2017 was not that they got too staid and bogged down in “facts and logic” arguments, but that they organized events like Charlottesville and turned public opinion against them.

As for the online socialist left, their problem is not that they’ve suddenly become the “Establishment” (Establishment vs anti-Establishment is always dumb and dishonest framing) but that they cling too hard to increasingly irrelevant doctrines, namely Marxism, which have limited appeal or practical application in the Western world these days.

No. 1355684

kek, she's wearing that awful synthetic bright red wig she always used to wear in this pic too, a Party City-level female LARP

No. 1355691

lol whenever someone calls Alice out on her bullshit, she claims it was “just a bit”

No. 1355717

Personally I still think the troon tinfoil about Alice is right, it just seems too accurate with how willing this person is to go along with this kind of thing along with the uwu posed pictures

>I-it's a bit
So fucking predictable

No. 1355721

dishonesty aside, just her use of the word "bit" is enraging due to this bitch not saying one funny thing in her entire 3 years on twitter.com. she's funny like liz bruenig is cool

No. 1355727

They backed out from what I’ve heard. They were onstage at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday and seem to be well beyond this scene at this point.

No. 1355764

File: 1635203460394.jpeg (960.65 KB, 1187x1714, 3DBCBB3D-FF5A-4BF2-942E-FA43F3…)


I don’t even mind tbh. If I weren’t busy with assignments right now, I’d dig through the old threads and repost the best milk to help ‘em out. Maybe another farmer can do it in the meantime.

No. 1355765

yeah, they went libtard and backed out at fear of cancellation for associating with npcc

No. 1355767

Fuck off, post-left shill. NPCC is retard shit. I’m glad the Ion Pack guys had the good sense to disassociate themselves from it.

No. 1355768

File: 1635204371214.jpeg (267.13 KB, 640x794, 0590FE7F-A0CC-49C7-A1FA-8BA35C…)

It's called we do a little quid pro quo, we do a little quid pro quo

No. 1355770

No. 1355791

And yet one half of the duo, Maddie's bf, was at the John Waters event?

No. 1355795

File: 1635208219963.jpg (78.6 KB, 1151x1280, photo_2021-10-25_17-26-45.jpg)

nice keyboard

No. 1355804

File: 1635208892280.jpeg (64.61 KB, 400x600, 93D79D57-8E5B-4571-8477-32670E…)

any milk on npc director?

No. 1355805

who is she?

No. 1355811

File: 1635209162227.png (119.09 KB, 1117x814, saga.png)

gayestepdad69 on reddit confirmed for gayestepdad on twitter. also confirmed for 40+ and still sperging out over anna and dasha.

No. 1355819

File: 1635210645621.jpeg (192.96 KB, 343x915, 3723FAAE-7302-4370-97BC-795291…)

No. 1355824

Idk what this twee word salad means but I wish Liz would leave her daughters feet “shrouded in shadow” a little more often, know what I mean

No. 1355825

He isn't, it's not particular unethical in and of itself, but getting that kind of funding takes away all the grassroots cred they might have, which is pretty fucking important considering how central the appearance of being populist and against the anti-woke elistes is to the right-wing narrative

No. 1355828

It's just boilerplate medieval Catholic shit: "don't let the serfs learn how to read or they'll start getting ideas"

No. 1355831

File: 1635211754986.jpeg (221 KB, 1338x646, B0458057-1193-4CA2-89B9-F8F522…)

Anyone know about @personality_grl’s ties to @tolstoybb/Rachel Olson/Heather Habsburg? I had a hunch Rachel didn’t fully detach herself from this scene.

No. 1355838

They both are friends with default

No. 1355853

he wasn’t doing anything at the event besides serving as mediocre arm candy because his ugly girlfriend probably made him go.

No. 1355887

I hope she is at least 40 years old, otherwise she has aged like shit

No. 1355895

If Nathan Lean opened his mouth just a little wider, he’d look like an almost perfect replica of a Soyjak

No. 1355912

Idk…I can’t stand @personality_grl but I’ve still sort of taken a liking to Rachel. I guess we’ll see.

No. 1355933

And with the hairline of the coomer meme. Ngmi

No. 1355958

File: 1635225969679.jpg (68.75 KB, 1280x720, lizzz.jpg)

do we think liz needs her own thread? i can make one if we all think she's milky enough (she is)

No. 1355970

Nah, Bruenig has connections with almost all the cows discussed in these threads. Splitting it up would just make it harder to keep track of everything,

No. 1356040

She can never hide those massive hands though

No. 1356071

Why are they using the name of an essay on japanese aesthetics all of things?

No. 1356367

File: 1635284508417.png (369.31 KB, 1068x912, confesseverythingtoushonor.png)

The description is probably a tease but this ep is free if anyone wants to check. Honor if you're reading, and I know you are, you could get a plum paycheck and more microfame if you wanted to write an expose.

No. 1356386

They start talking about it at 1:28 minutes in. All just saying yeah it’s Thiel and propaganda. Guy they have in who was there says the festival party sucked second day. Says the poetry reading sucked and people were angry and screaming. They were “ushering people inside” from the streets with the open bar because not enough people showed up.

No. 1356489

Crumps is a literal spook whose own father is as sinister as Thiel

No. 1356491

File: 1635297309483.jpg (19.29 KB, 480x360, crumpsvdad.jpg)

but he saw big floyd die on camera last year and now he's genuinely trying to do good

No. 1356509

File: 1635299524406.png (1.71 MB, 1764x1244, bullyinghonor.png)

He should make fun of Anna again. His tweet about her where she looks like a court jester was spot on.

No. 1356564

"murdered by clintons" is such a breitbart comment section boomer take. everyone knows it was mossad.

No. 1356566

File: 1635308153516.png (822.37 KB, 640x1136, 3A9A327E-21E9-43A0-9563-D8694D…)

No. 1356575

This Logo Daedalus faggot is a stay-at-home cat mommy with a Harvard educated software engineer wife who runs a failed dating app.

No. 1356729

his wife is a former think tank ghoul turned startup ceo, not a software engineer

No. 1356731

Does that toothpick actually have a wife? Is there photographic evidence that she even exists?

No. 1356732

yea someone dug up their wedding photos (published online) a while back

No. 1356742

File: 1635344243354.png (58.56 KB, 197x196, curious.png)

look at that jaw…could logo's tr00n hate just be projection?

No. 1356767

File: 1635348285773.jpeg (359.11 KB, 640x1008, 6CF77EFA-366D-43DC-BEF4-30B25F…)

New pandemic/George Floyd riots-themed Bilandic joint dropping in December with the Dasha co-sign. Should be provacative.

No. 1356778

File: 1635348961398.png (40.06 KB, 1282x124, toodumbfornytoouglyforla.png)

Will this be provocative? Sean Price Williams is talented but the plot description sounds like LES Malcolm and Marie. And it wants to engage in the liberal fantasy that no one left their apartments between March and summer 2020? Is how ugly Kyle is the provocative part?

No. 1356785

same kyle brown that caroline calloway said verbally abused her?

No. 1356792

This could be his twin honestly, wtf

No. 1356798

Kyle's character will probably be "racist who the audience is initially expected to hate but he ends making some wink wink nudge nudge points about FBI crime stats and IQ that yhe director thinks will make for provacative discussion"

No. 1356800

File: 1635350897126.png (16.88 KB, 851x202, lmao.png)

there's no way this contest is actually real, how much money could they possibly need to willingly let a fat autistic fan into their home to hang out

No. 1356804

really icing on the cake the mullen won't be present

No. 1356839

I have my doubts that this is real. But if it is the winner is going to be a fat autist or one of stavros’s pathetic pick me reply-girls.

No. 1356841

File: 1635354251120.png (490.64 KB, 600x626, 2c4.png)

Is this a real contest or is it an op to get a list of the saddest men in America?

No. 1357029

File: 1635373957833.png (204.95 KB, 1058x668, Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 11.31…)

lol all the stars showed up in the replies

No. 1357033

File: 1635374376716.png (1.3 MB, 1042x798, knowitsmellcrazyinthere.png)

I count maybe 15 girls and about 70-100 dull boys.

No. 1357043

he's such an embarassing psued.

No. 1357051

isn't this obviously a joke??

No. 1357076

File: 1635377100982.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, 8BC80985-6D34-4963-A7B1-4D8BC6…)

New Dasha project alert. What do those socks say?

No. 1357091

This screams, "Take you pills, Alice."

No. 1357112

Kate Levitt (sometimes known as Kate Silver), a recent graduate of Stony Brook's TV Writing MFA program. She appears to be a lecturer at the same school now.

No idea her relation is to the left thots other than looking like one.

She made an appearance on Judge Judy in 2010. It's mentioned that she was 24 years old, making her about 35 yrs old now. She looks her age imo.

Judge Judy segment:

Village Voice article:

Vice article:

No. 1357138

File: 1635385861449.png (45.05 KB, 182x192, femoid_hand.png)

Dasha, now this girl. What is it with all these troon look-alikes with chin asymmetries?

She majored computer science AND philosophy. Now, that really updates my Bayesian priors.

There are very few biological women, especially white American women, interested in those fields. Just a stroll on YouTube will show you that tr00ns abound in philosophy departments. And every other Reddit tranny is a programmer.

Here she is giving a speech in college.


-At least a foot shorter than the man who introduced her
-Typical female voice
-Narrow shoulders
-Normal breast development
-Small skull compared to the man
-Female digits
-Female-brained speech topic

Aside from the tranny bangs and nose ring, she's clearly a woman. Even if she was a child transitioner, she would not have these results.

No. 1357143

Must be merch. The socks just say "Анна и Даша" (Anna and Dasha).

No. 1357151

>There are very few biological women, especially white American women, interested in those fields.
wtf are you going on about? Of course most people interested in that are men, but even if women are only 10% of the field, that's thousands of women if not more.

No. 1357154

oh come on, i was exaggerating, joking.
troons are obviously a very tiny fraction of the population.

No. 1357171

What a whore all spread out like a thot

No. 1357296

Are you ok anon?

No. 1357394

File: 1635417984839.png (92.2 KB, 610x532, skittles.png)

KB casting all our faves in his pilot. Dimes Square ascent continues, Thielbuxx paying off.

No. 1357430

File: 1635424165872.png (14.37 KB, 592x139, politicsareover.png)

now that the libertarians are done playing communist, all of left politics is over. we just needed a drag queen to tell us.

No. 1357467

File: 1635431743357.png (185.6 KB, 617x476, powerful.png)

Matt Bruenig single-handedly notched a major policy win in once-in-a-decade legislation, getting the White House to change the child care phase out through the power of posting.

No. 1357472

Damn anon thanks for the research and peak Hipster Runoff era nostalgia. "We only smash stuff outside" was an IRL meme for a minute there. Gotta disagree that this girl looks her age tho, that's the kind of hard 35 you only get from 10 years living in a fetid band house with no heat and taking the kind of shitty drugs that make you visibly tweak in front of Judge Judy lmao

No. 1357564

Seems like a creative person then and now. Good for her!

No. 1357566

God I am so sick of this talentless twink

No. 1357609

one of the npcc organizers trevor bazile either accidentally overdosed or took his own life. all joking aside that’s really sad.

No. 1357693

link?? had no idea he did the npcc thing. i follow his private and he openly bitches about all the leftcows cause they're "cryptofascists"/racists, expect for spice boy from fedpost who he lusts after

No. 1357696

yeah it's really sad, it's good you did the sensible thing and posted the news about his passing on an image board so anons can spill their tea >>1357693

No. 1357709

you mean "bitched" and "lusted"

No. 1357719

and yet he books moldbug? Make it make sense.

No. 1357728

File: 1635460143739.png (544.97 KB, 1182x1326, example 2.png)

why would i lie? most of his feed is sarcastically responding to aimee posts calling her an idiot and bitching about "post-left" people. he probably used to post here

No. 1357784

I don't think that anon was accusing you of lying, they just thought it made no sense

No. 1357792

did you hate him or something? why would you post this here

No. 1357798

File: 1635469077517.jpeg (313.84 KB, 750x886, 0EEF298B-1524-4970-B159-CF3AA9…)

Anyone know the backstory here?

No. 1357808

File: 1635469996952.jpeg (513.38 KB, 1170x1359, E178EE43-DB99-43C9-9D37-0888D6…)

i guess she figured out who he is…

No. 1357809

Can we stop posting Leia? She isn't milky and the hate against seems especially performative and unjustified. She's good people.

No. 1357811

sorry i forgot that we had decided earlier to stop posting her. I thought this was pretty funny in the wrong way though

No. 1357812

Apology accepted. Please just leave her alone, she doesn't deserve this.

No. 1357814

I’ve always echoed this. Leia and Maddie posts are always boring and seem like someone’s weird personal outlet. Being annoying does not make a cow, and at that, they aren’t even political.

This thread is about leftists, as suggested in the subject name…

No. 1357826

rapememe unlocked

No. 1357833

why do all memers do heroin?

No. 1357834

This. Leia is openly a Republican, she doesn't try to hide it or make pretenses towards leftism. She doesn't really fit here.

No. 1357849

Lmao “good people”, isn’t she the one who charges people to see her camera roll pics? She’s a blow hard with the rest of them

No. 1357885

Her broke ass always begging for money and clout from her friends will never not be funny

No. 1357888

Then cross Anna off the list. She’s said a million times she’s not a leftist

No. 1357911

Eh, I'm all for not discussing Leia since she lacks the narcissism and delusion that make cows like Dasha so fun. But "apology accepted" is sanctimonious, and the constant refrain in here of "don't post poor pure Leia" makes me wonder if we're dealing with white knights or maybe even Leia herself. If you don't wanna see a cow covered, don't respond to the posts about her. Even better - start a more interesting conversation. It's more effective than trying to shut people down.

No. 1357976

Haven’t billionaires defined and promoted most common notions of “progress”, to the point where there is almost certainly at least one billionaire that’s promoting your notion of it?

No. 1357981

File: 1635500809493.png (70.79 KB, 594x341, Sad.png)

Periodic reminder that this woman is Australian. Her mind is completely colonized by American politics lmao. Log off and touch grass!

No. 1357985

You won. This >>1353857 is total capitulation. Zero ability to respond

No. 1358015

I’ve noticed a lot of the very online are or were junkies and/or raging alcoholics. the internet addiction must flip a similar switch for them

No. 1358063

also untrue. she was australia's most enthusiastic bernie sanders supporter up until her account got banned during the 2020 dnc primaries.

No. 1358070

File: 1635519577378.png (466.74 KB, 435x581, two fashy bitches.png)

woof, avi is bit of a catfish (she's on the right here)

Woman on the left is Catholic New Agency reporter Christine Rousselle. She's autistic and was involved in the nascent alt-right, long before Trump, as a campus activist with Youth for Western Civilization. Left the racism behind a while ago, think she got jolted out of it after Charlottesville.

No. 1358107

Agreed, and all the "she is good people uwu" type posts are weird since she is clearly capable of being as harsh as any of the rest and inserting herself in drama. See: when they were all sperging/pretending we are all Jezebel writers because of that one questionable screenshot of that Ashley girl and she was trying to dogpile people on her as hard as she possibly could and making jokes with fat Jack about her. I agree she's largely boring, but it's silly to pretend she is too pure and angelic to be discussed or something

No. 1358156

File: 1635530469166.png (3.27 MB, 1120x1544, "vixen".png)

>bit of a catfish
Don't give her too much credit anon, she shooped off a good 15 years and 30 pounds for her avi. Her IRL pics look like her avi's mom.

No. 1358185

it’s always funny seeing yet another “[amount of time] clean from [substance], fuck you [substance]!” tweet from every male in this sphere

No. 1358201

File: 1635534348662.png (1.05 MB, 1044x1550, uwu.png)

Liz still out here simpbaiting by portraying herself as a tiny smol incompetent bean, like her "puny insect arm" tweet upthread — my poor little female brain can't do a direction uwu. Funny part is here she admits it's a power move to act this stupid and weak.

No. 1358210

File: 1635535132564.png (2.36 MB, 2134x1204, Liz Bruenig, Welfare Queen.png)

Samefag but anyone else find Liz and Matt Bruenig's obsession with welfare extremely creepy? They're constantly tweeting about the supposed future welfare utopia they're working to create, Liz recently wrote "I don't care if middle Americans are uncouth, as long as they vote for a huge welfare state," and when asked to describe Matt a few weeks back, she said "when he seems distant and unengaged, it's because he's genuinely just always thinking about welfare policy!" like that's not completely insane.

An emotionally fragile, sheltered millionairess and her autistic policy wonk husband with a welfare boner — gee, what could go wrong. Think the Bruenigs plan to give up their cushy elite jobs to go on the dole? Or is that just their plan for the unproductive unwashed masses?

No. 1358218

not really no

No. 1358227

Ok so you like when wealthy autists decide your economic fate, cool no judgements man, hey did you know Liz sells $80 cakes for your findom fetish?

No. 1358236

>"post-scarcity welfare utopia"
Tell me you've never been on welfare or been around people on welfare without telling me etc. Such utopia.

No. 1358240

>An emotionally fragile, sheltered millionairess and her autistic policy wonk husband with a welfare boner — gee, what could go wrong.
Realistically? Nothing.

No. 1358242

>findom cakes
kek. honestly think there's something to this

No. 1358288

I mean considering the way her reply guys, even those in the church, grovel before her? Yeah, it feels like the men attracted to her have some kind of fetish about it, really weird dynamics she upholds on twitter. It wouldn't be so gross if she didn't try to keep up this mommy account thing at the same time

No. 1358290

idk she's pretty talentless and relies on Anna and Dasha to get work

No. 1358295

agreed, it's a really queasy mix Liz talking about "all the libs who wack off to me" literally next to pics of her small daughters. but of course anyone who mentions this is "psycho" bc Liz can do no wrong.

as for the cakes, she's meeting with people in NYC weekly to deliver them - feel like she's basically selling $80 meet and greet tickets bc let's be honest, if a New Yorker wanted a great cake they can go to Ladybird or Ovenly or any number of places that don't make cakes as a cutesy hobby between bong rips and twitter rants

No. 1358313

Does she actually smoke weed? lel

No. 1358314

So she says, but the childish twee way she talks about it "light up a fat jay," "partaking of the devil's lettuce" casts some doubt. Wouldn't be surprised if she's just using CBD oil or something lel

No. 1358322

File: 1635555372853.png (72.79 KB, 601x393, liz bruenig babysitter harasse…)

A bluecheck was harassing Liz B's babysitter. Who do we think it was? David Brooks? Ross Douthat? Noah Berlatsky?

No. 1358348

File: 1635561123737.jpeg (236.94 KB, 914x2048, 4E568F4A-3157-45A5-9EA5-739958…)

No. 1358433

Why do trannies love the Wet Brain podcast so much

No. 1358445

because they are men

No. 1358538

One of my roommates volunteered at NPC. Said Ann was a train wreck but everyone else was sweet. Feel bad for them right now, honestly. Kate's IG post seems sincere.

No. 1358683

File: 1635623075341.jpg (261.84 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20211030-154407.jpg)

No. 1358690

File: 1635624445125.png (121.08 KB, 673x274, meme.png)

No. 1358733

samememe seems chunkier than this guy tbh

No. 1358737

I think that was supposed to be an old photo of him though. Either way he looks like he belongs at a shitty poetry reading of his own

No. 1358739

dadbod if you choose to believe in his made up wife and baby

No. 1358745

I gotta say, lot more frog twitter posts in this thread than leftcows threads of past. Lame!

No. 1358780

File: 1635635719594.png (504.25 KB, 640x1136, 6E4A8AB3-C062-41E4-BD78-AB5D96…)

Dasha's a DJ now.

No. 1358781

Forget about Dasha, check out noted good person Roommate Leia on photos.

No. 1358783

File: 1635636358531.png (143.26 KB, 1460x620, firehazzardlaborviolations.png)

Familiar with that place.

No. 1358789

there was a movie i seen one time, i think i sat through it twice. all i remember about it was it starred gregory peck; he and his boys trapped the nazi high command in a cramped cinema and blew the whole damn thing to bits

No. 1358795

Anna leveled some light criticism at Liz Bruenig for commodetizing her baby, now scarethots are using Leo as a prop for their Halloween costumes.

No. 1358796

File: 1635637832044.jpeg (128.02 KB, 768x1024, C34FF474-765A-456E-875C-C5BE6E…)

No. 1358804

this shit sucks so much ass. these people and their fans are a bunch of theatre fags/faghags who never grew up.

No. 1358811

Stephen who? Phillips-Horst?

No. 1358820

Probably Gurewitz

No. 1358863

kek. my prediction is that a playlist full of lana del rey and a few obvious dance songs will make them think they’re dj’s.

No. 1358875

based on what?

No. 1358881

That he was a producer/actor with Scary and he's always hanging out with Maddie?

No. 1358900


when that group says “stephen” without specifying it’s always that guy who looks like sean penn. the gay guy from click hole also spells it “steven”

No. 1358901

they have an audience?

No. 1358908

That Sean penn looking guy is the ugliest Jew I’ve ever seen in my life

No. 1358909

File: 1635661278823.png (71.31 KB, 640x1136, 754757CE-48AF-4822-B4BD-B783E7…)

Cope. This is actually going to be lit and legit.

No. 1359109

I had the same thought. Multiple Lana Del Ray tracks, the Smiths Panic, whatever New Order song Sofia Coppola put on the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, maybe some OPN or other somewhat obscure music she learned about from an ex boyfriend

No. 1359115

Imagine being so stupid you think the poor will be better off when they’re 100% at the mercy of the state. The Bruenigs make cracks along the lines of “when we’re welfare tsar” pretty often too, they clearly see themselves not as people who will be subject to the welfare state, but as its future politburo, which she deserves bc she has a Marshall scholarship after all anon!!

No. 1359150

Almost all Ashkenazi men are ugly

No. 1359168

File: 1635713346292.png (44.87 KB, 753x357, heatherhabsburg.png)

Rachel Olson goes mask off

No. 1359183

There is a 0% chance this bitch’s offline life has any meaning at all and a 100% chance her blackpills are a projection of her own mental problems. Imagine following someone who tells you life is this bleak.

No. 1359248

Thiel hit

No. 1359249

isn't she working a six-figure finance makework job at this point lol

No. 1359253

She’s such a pathetic, balding dyke

No. 1359272

she really took the collapsetard pill hard, her portfolio must have had a bad week lol

No. 1359274

You'd think an organizer of a literally vampiric Thiel-sponsored counter-cultural event dying under mysterious circumstances immediately following the Rasputin of the movement showing up to read his esoteric poetry would spawn some Epstein-level blood sacrifice allegations, but I guess this crowd only has to the time to weave conspiracies about liberal elites.

No. 1359369


what does that sentence even mean, holy run-on

No. 1359385

if George Soros sponsored a gay pride film festival and then one of the event organizers died a day after Steven Pinker showed up to read some poetry, we'd never the end of the conspiracies.

No. 1359387

File: 1635739618776.png (706.39 KB, 640x1136, 962D35BC-8D68-4E92-B529-661212…)

DJ Dasha on the 1s and 2s

No. 1359399

File: 1635742382807.jpeg (106.47 KB, 640x457, AD076CD4-45A7-49A6-9CB5-FD863A…)

Rachel Olson's new project she was talking about on twitter earlier

No. 1359472

File: 1635759338130.png (65.69 KB, 837x421, comfry gq.png)

No. 1359474

File: 1635759844460.png (120.78 KB, 623x517, poor lil dasha.png)

No. 1359475

File: 1635760002814.png (73.35 KB, 614x329, hubris.png)

the ladies are shifting the overton window

No. 1359478

big ep for dasha tonight. lots of scenes and they planted the seeds for a comfry/greg plot line, indicating that she won’t just be standing around doing blocking for shots

No. 1359492

She's clearly fast becoming the breakout star of the season

No. 1359509

>lots of scenes
how’d she do?

No. 1359513

The girls have been getting a lot of puff pieces recently.
The woman who wrote this article is a fashion writer, she has no other articles interviewing tv actors. Probably just a friend of Dasha's doing her some PR.

No. 1359520

>She's good people
Hahaha what

No. 1359522

>Probably just a friend of Dasha's doing her some PR.
Or, maybe just maybe, Red Scare has wide appeal and people genuinely enjoy the show and find Anna and Dasha's insights valuable? Not everything has to be conspiracy lol

No. 1359523


No. 1359525

No. Rachel is a friend by way of Kaitlin Phillips, as name dropped in the article. I don’t even know how good a friend because the interview could have been edited to make Dasha sound less dumb and narcissistic. This might be the article she mentioned where her pr agent had to stop her from ranting about covid.

No. 1359529

Also fashion writers who've never covered entertainment don't randomly do interviews with guests stars from HBO shows. Presumably GQ actually has someone who's assigned to cover Succession. The only reason this woman would be the interviewer is if she has some kind of personal connection.

No. 1359569

File: 1635774074063.jpeg (166.81 KB, 574x348, 00B21C5D-37A8-4A42-ADF6-D1F164…)

Incredible episode for this scene-stealer

No. 1359571

good, to be honest. i’m not a huge hater but was not fully optimistic. to me this ep showed that she’s well cast for the role and not bad by any means. ziwe being cast as herself felt like true stunt casting that was 1:1 with her actual persona, and it contrasted well with comfry. it made me more aware that comfry is a different concept than the idea of “dasha from red scare,” or else they would’ve fictionalized the idea of kendall going on the podcast or something. comfry is more like someone with the same consciousness as dasha irl but on the other side of the aisle.

No. 1359574

and i know that comfry was always a pr employee from the get go, i mean to say that it clarified things about dasha’s casting, to see them import a persona directly into the succession universe like ziwe’s. like if they wanted dasha’s presence on the show to be about the idea of the podcast, they would’ve done it.

No. 1359576

No. 1359591

She didn’t have any insights like >>1359525 said she sounded fucking stupid. Red scare isn’t known for thoughtful, intellectual analysis. They talk about doing anal in hotel rooms and how hot Roger stone is.

No. 1359596

File: 1635777330881.jpeg (163.97 KB, 640x970, 3A2F76D2-0736-4F2C-A134-8E8FAD…)

I laughed out loud here. Luxury? It’s more like common sense. She’s trying to remain optimistic fully knowing she shot herself in the foot. Hollywood libtards want nothing to do with Steve bannon or the frequent right wing talking points discussed on their show , sorry dash that Overton window is firmly shut.

No. 1359604

File: 1635778563401.png (982.28 KB, 1238x932, dashasuperstar.png)

Out of context it looks like she's supposed to be playing a mentally slow woman getting murdered. Lifeless eyes.

No. 1359607

Her eyes look beautiful???(whiteknighting)

No. 1359611

Actor's eyes are supposed to be expressive and communicate emotions that fit with the scene and their character.

No. 1359614

Sorry but this is such a reach. You're lying to yourself

No. 1359615

And they did…(samefagging)

No. 1359617

this might be the post when the thread jumped the shark

No. 1359618

farmers, succession is lost. discussing it from here on out is done. she won. did anyone catch her stupid dj set and can they confirm the predictable playlist?

No. 1359620

Yeah Dasha will NEVER make it as an actress with big expressive sparkling eyes

No. 1359623

judging from the instagram stories it seemed pretty lit, though all Dasha did was dance while Maddie handled the mix

No. 1359635

>she won
tfw you're going to be seeing Dasha on TV and movie screens and internet articles for the rest of your life

No. 1359640

She'll be an Oscar-winning actress by the end of the decade, her trajectory has weathered enough speedbumps to break on through to an audience large enough to ensure cancellation becomes impossible.

No. 1359642

Dasha will be a prominent actress/director/cultural figure for the rest of our lives.

Liz & Matt Bruenig will be a political power couple influencing Washington and potentially wielding power themselves for the rest of our lives.

The Chapos and TrueAnons will be commanding their podcast armies and shaping political discourse online for the rest of our lives.

personality_girl, Honor Levy, and all the other downtown personalities will be defining cool NYC culture for the rest of our lives.

Aimee will be screaming into the void to her frog frens for the rest of our lives.

No. 1359650

Realistically most of these people will be dead from a fent overdose within five years.

No. 1359653

Obvious money is Felix, Dasha, or either Brace/Liz.

No. 1359659

Lmfao this fanfic.

No. 1359660

Who gives a fuck? Famous cows are still cows and we will continue to make fun of them.

No. 1359664

No. 1359666

That’s a stretch.

No. 1359668

Just watched Succession ep 3 and Dasha's still laughably bad. In the limo scene she continually lunges in front of the camera at least 5 times in a 90-second scene. Classic desperate actor shit, like a background extra who tries to emote EXTRA BIG bc they think it'll be their big break. She's probably seething Ziwe got so much airtime, Z is clearly filling the "cool internet provacateur" niche Dasha wants

No. 1359673

She overacts to an insane degree, the director should've dressed her down for it because she's clearly trying to steal scenes and it's amateurish and distracting. Her costars probably have a groupchat about her, this kind of attention whoring is really bad form in an ensemble cast

No. 1359684

Fanfic cope.

No. 1359685

Low IQ scarethot who thinks :O :O :O is good acting

No. 1359686

You're just hyper focused on her because you obsessively hate her. She's actually doing a decent job and fits the character really well.

No. 1359688

lol Dasha killed it this episode

No. 1359691

critiquing an actor's acting = obsessively hating? this is braindead stan logic. if it hurts you so much to see your favs criticized, stop visiting lolcow

No. 1359692

This degree of obsessive simping has to be a personality disorder lmao. These people don't know that you exist, their accomplishments have nothing to do with you. If they knew about your existence, they'd find you embarrassing.

Anyways dasha continues to look plain as fuck in succession, haggard and low class. Your eyes kind of just drift over her when she's on screen. I guess some people are just plain janes!

No. 1359693

Except yours. Seems like all you were looking at was her you fat dyke(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1359697

>her costars probably have a group chat about her
What kind of delusional mental illness is this

No. 1359699

ooh, someone's toasty. There's a difference between noticing and appreciating, yes? I appreciate the other actors on succession for their charm and talent, I notice dasha's sagging face every time she's on screen.

No. 1359700

lmao you legit type like a 40 year old woman's idea of a mean girl. Clean the dorito crumbs out of your disgusting fupa and go outside you fat dyke. "someone's toasty?" fucking loser

No. 1359702

Someone give it up for this guy, simp of the year for sure. Never too tired to defend his turkey necked kween!

No. 1359703

report the sperg everyone. and pray for her, she spent all last week self-harming because Dasha wasn't in ep 2, poor thing.

No. 1359704

report the sperg everyone. and pray for her, she spent all last week self-harming because Dasha wasn't in ep 2, poor thing.

No. 1359705

You have a negative parasocial relationship with a podcaster. You should kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1359706

report the sperg everyone. and pray for her, she spent all last week self-harming because Dasha wasn't in ep 2

No. 1359709

You literally spend hours a day defending an aging podcaster online lmao. I'm supposed to be the parasocial one for noticing dasha's gnarly laugh lines?

No. 1359711

You spend your entire life seething over someone way more successful than you on an anon message board for fat shut ins. This is my first time here :)

No. 1359715

Totally unconvincing, much like dasha's pathetic acting.

No. 1359717

Keep telling yourself that. Good luck with your mental illness and try not to self harm too much when Dasha's status keeps rising <3

No. 1359721

way to steal an insult against you kek, did >>1359703 hit a little close to home? or are you just too low IQ to come up with anything more interesting than "KYS fat dyke!!!11!!" seriously, you're embarrassing yourself and your behavior is not normal. but thanks for confirming that Dasha's fanbase is exactly as low IQ and BPD as she is

No. 1359725

i don't feel embarrassed at all. i feel second hand embarrassment from all of you spending so much time thinking about people you supposedly hate and still using the word "kek." you should also KYS you fat dyke

No. 1359731

NTA but lol if you think your behavior, or really anyone who posts here's behavior is "normal"

No. 1359732

oh yeah i took your advice and KMS'd myself three weeks ago when you first told me to (oops forgot it's your "first time" here ;D) everyone on this board actually killed themselves weeks ago, because we're all so fat. and gay. you're arguing with our fat, dead, dyke ghosts. and Dasha will still never be your bestie.

No. 1359733

File: 1635791258509.jpg (45.07 KB, 1280x720, orochimaru tranny mode.jpg)

>RS thots are throwing another tantrum because we don't respect their kweens

No. 1359734

I can’t tell if you’re one of dasha’s ugly friends or a fat midwestern scarefag. Either way you’re still on here defending someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you. Will you just go back to twitter, dasha will need some defending from this alleged wide audience she now has as a poorly acted background character on a declining hbo show.

No. 1359735

It's so funny, every scarethot this thread attracts crytypes the exact same way, i.e. "n-n-no! I-it's you who's the m-m-mong!" I always imagine them as that sad asian chick with the cardboard dasha cutout on reddit that was capped in one of the earlier threads. Humiliating behavior.

No. 1359736

This is not a defense of Dasha. Try having some self awareness

No. 1359737

If someone normal in your life found your post history on "lolcow.farm" you would be fucking humiliated.

No. 1359738

wasn't here three weeks ago to tell you to kys. sorry that multiple people think you should :((:()

No. 1359739

Not the "background character" cope again

No. 1359740

File: 1635791789974.png (27.26 KB, 647x289, screenshot.png)

glenn greenwald branching out into tv criticism

No. 1359783

>Dasha does adequate job in supporting role on TV show
>stan predicts OSCAR
my nice thing I am going to say about Dasha in this episode is that her hair looked way, way better than in the first one
my other comment about Bruenig fanfic is that if they aren’t divorced within 10 years I will eat my hat

No. 1359791

File: 1635795516617.png (533.27 KB, 1270x946, Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 3.33…)

Anon, did you ever read this piece in The Cut which was discussed in an old thread and heavily suspected the Liz Bruenig wrote it? Maybe-Liz says she became close with this married couple when she stayed with them while giving a talk in their town, and afterward the husband kept texting her. She makes a big deal about "my insecurity made me think he must want sex, and my abusive dad said so too, but maybe, just maybe he liked for ME."

Only his texts were, in fact, totally inappropriate. Cringily flirtatious, flattering, and overly intimate. It made me uncomfortable just reading them, much less to see that this couple friend became the Bruenig's besties.

Picrelated is the worst one. I'd be livid if my partner sent or received a text calling them "God's most perfect creation." I think Liz's need for validation makes her seek out "iffy" situations like this, same vibe as her simpbaiting and poor boundaries on Twitter. Long story short: yeah, it's hard to see the marriage lasting.


No. 1359793

dasha and anna are the latest token women to pander to dudes rock penile idpol by throwing all other women under the bus. hopefully they'll get a lauren southern reckoning

No. 1359801

this weird post convinces me that the florence pugh obsessed troll here is actually bloobird from the sub. you got a shoutout on the latest episode btw dasha and anna miss you

No. 1359802

Anon, I've always suspected that the florence pugh poster was bloobird lol she's unhinged

No. 1359808

i knew i’d have to get the popcorn out for the delusional farmer dasha hatewatching, but this is just sad…

No. 1359810


you think the people who didn’t think dasha did a terrible job are the crazy ones??? if you watched last nights episode and thought she was caricaturish or distracting you’re hallucinating from your rage over her being on tv. just watch honestly and assess reality. she’s fine. the person screaming oscar is trying to be sarcastic. she’s not sarah snook or brian cox, but she’s a far cry from madeline quinn’s acting, to put it in perspective.

No. 1359811

Yeah I watched it too and felt like she was pretty competent. Thought the flirting with Greg scenes were believable. She's not like distractingly bad or anything, just not really impressive either

No. 1359814

is she so bad she reeks up the entire screen? no. but she overacts, does amateurish shit, and is noticeably several levels below the other actors in her scenes. fwiw, i felt the same way about Ziwe's performance - too over the top, overexaggerated facial expressions, generally doing too much. only for her it's less annoying because she plays someone who's doing an over the top performance. when Dasha does it in a scene full of very skilled subtle performances it's annoying and distracting. i'm tired of the stan logic that any critique is jealous obsessive hatred of Dasha, she's an actor, she's not above criticism for her acting.

No. 1359819

File: 1635799551539.png (650.08 KB, 1328x890, stfu Alan.png)

this is tragic. i wonder what this man's wife and daughter were doing while he's texting a 20 years younger journalist that she's God's greatest creation and sending 1,000 word messages about his almost-suicide while humblebragging about his physique. this dude gives off so many narcissist red flags and Liz eats it up. what a lifetime of no male attention does to a mf.

No. 1359821

Did not notice any of those things you mentioned. Sorry, thought she was fine.

No. 1359824

she’s not over the top at all

No. 1359829

no need to apologize, i have no problem with people who like Dasha. i'm just tired of the idea that anyone who critiques her is "hallucinating, seething with rage," whatever. it's tired and just causes infighting

No. 1359833

you’re acting like she’s jim carrey in the mask contorting her face in response to all her scene partners

No. 1359834

File: 1635800840372.jpg (120.59 KB, 828x1792, 183nnfniaww71.jpg)

It looks like they only had room for 50 people there.
Who cares. Go support her on twitter or something.

No. 1359836

Her character is obviously supposed to be nervous/not used to such a high profile case. I think she did a good job of conveying worry every time news broke about Kendall(sage)

No. 1359848

Yeah I read that, it was fucking grim and depressing. The husband was totally creepy and lacking boundaries, and Liz (or whoever it was) just ate it up because it was positive male attention I guess. This is what happens when people don't get therapy for their daddy issues.

No. 1359853

The great thing is that women who bank on their appeal with edgelords never need a reckoning, because they start getting phased out when turn 35 anyway. It's unavoidable, because men aren't interested in women who are mom-aged and there's always someone younger and more interesting waiting to take their place. Aging is rough for edgy women, and most end up like cat marnell or rachel rabbit white - wrecked wine aunts in outdated makeup, embarrassing themselves by refusing to reckon with their irrelevancy. It's just what happens, and dasha the 30 year old lolita isn't going to be the exception lol

they look cute!

No. 1359857

Writing puff pieces about your friends is pretty standard practice, hardly a "conspiracy"

No. 1359870

Anna is an obnoxious tryhard but credit where credit is due, she really glowed up in quarantine. She looks cute lately.

No. 1359880

I don't get why scarethots even come into these threads. You just know it's gonna make you mad.

No. 1359882

same. what the scarethots don't get is it's kinder to critique the cows here than on twitter or reddit where they namesearch. this place is like a containment zone, extremely easy to not visit lolcow.farm if you can't handle negative opinions about the cows

No. 1359886

Another Halloween costume of Anna dressing up like the Stacy she wishes she was. She's giving me Morticia here more than Kourtney, but it's pretty well done, definitely beats Dasha wearing her tired Richard Prince nurse costume yet again

No. 1359887

He still creeps on her on twitter, like he'll reply to one of tweets with some random image or gif of a hot soccer or tennis player or something

No. 1359895

really? would want screens if you have them anon, i'm so curious about this situation. wonder if he and his wife are "open," if he's an unfaithful piece of shit, or if his wife and Matt have truly convinced themselves that 1,000 word flirty soul-spilling text conversations are ok. like Liz Bruenig really wrote a 5,000 word essay justifying her emotional affair and it's insane to me.

No. 1359913

File: 1635809882960.png (2.65 MB, 2210x1546, just a friend.png)

checked this out and it's worse than i imagined - literally all he does on twitter is reply to Liz Bruenig, and occasionally this other much-younger woman. interesting that Liz never seems to reply back.

No. 1359926

File: 1635810969941.png (418.74 KB, 1634x878, Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 6.51…)

Found his LinkedIn, he has creeper face for sure

No. 1359927

File: 1635810997016.png (181.72 KB, 1428x940, Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 6.52…)

No. 1359929

barf, this is the guy telling Liz she's god's most glorious creation? I pictured a salt and pepper 40something hot dad. this is just…an old man. exploiting Liz's daddy issues to sleaze on her. hopefully she figured this out, i find her annoying but this is just sad.

No. 1359931

File: 1635811761546.png (350.91 KB, 557x474, florence.png)

Anna's influence

It all comes full circle

No. 1359932

It's confirmed Liz wrote the piece? Thats crazy

No. 1359937

I think it's hilarious how the scarethots come in weekly with their same repetitive insults as if anyone on a cgl offshoot gossip board is going to take being called a fat bitch personally and hasn't heard it a hundred times. But they don't know that anyway, they are borderline internet illiterate "shitposters" deluded into believing Anna and Dasha invented being catty women online and that buying Pepe plushies is culturally subversive

No. 1359938

NTA, but don't think it was ever confirmed. People sleuthed it out in one of the early threads - may have literally been #1 or 2 - because Liz tweeted the story out multiple times, biographical details and geography fits, and an anon in the thread claimed to know the family the Bruenigs befriended. I also found the author's self-description the spitting image of Liz: "black, round eyes, snub nose, diminutive chin." I actually like this a lot more than her political writing, her naivete aside it's vivid and moving.

No. 1359939

It actually makes me feel a little bad for her…

No. 1359941

Archive link to the maybe-Liz Bruenig anon piece if anyone's curious: http://archive.is/n7Iz2

No. 1359943

yeah same. her parents fucked her up good and sorry to armchair and blogpost, but it seems very revealing of her issues and tbh i related to her story. hope she's working through it bc this shit makes you vulnerable

No. 1359948

>hopefully she figured this out
would be kind of awkward for her to come to this realization after moving her whole family to another state to go live next door to him lmao

No. 1359954

do they literally live next door? must have missed this detail…that's fucking insane.

No. 1359956

not literally, but like two streets over from each other; they're in the same neighborhood.

No. 1359959

It's so tiresome. I imagine these people are very young given the middle school insults and bizarre devotion to Anna and Dasha like they're the blueprint and not just the latest model of online microceleb, bitchy edgelord woman subtype.

No. 1359961

File: 1635815216643.jpeg (167.96 KB, 640x787, 6E98A237-DD7D-4758-922E-0E1992…)

She can’t help herself, even with this harmless and jokey piece. The name searching is so pathetic and shows how deeply insecure she is.

No. 1359962

Everyone's been bashing this piece all day

No. 1359963

Also calling people fat online is dumb since you can't even see what they look like. If they're fat, they're likely well aware already and don't care if someone else says so. If they're not fat, it doesn't even land as an insult. But terminally online anachans stay telling on themselves by thinking "fat" is the worst thing you could ever call someone and they'll dissolve into a puddle of existential horror at the mere mention of the word kek

If true, it definitely makes me feel bad for
her and puts her more obnoxious qualities into perspective (i.e. her nonstop virtue signaling and attention whoring.) Her parents sound fucking evil, her creepy old man "friend" is gross, and her husband is a charmless autist. No wonder she's constantly seeking praise and validation from strangers on the internet.

No. 1359965

File: 1635815538868.png (67.82 KB, 597x457, another billionaire patron.png)

No. 1359966

Who is that???

No. 1359970

File: 1635815762997.png (65.94 KB, 600x417, vampire.png)

No. 1359972

They aren't even really "terminally online," just terminally on reddit and clueless about the internet culture they think they are defining. Sad.

No. 1359973

A guy who got rich from the dot com boom. He’s literally in Epstein’s black book.

No. 1359976

They’re all stupid for taking the bait.

No. 1359977

File: 1635816074505.png (445 KB, 1514x598, gawk.png)

such an insecure reaction to a piece that doesn't even target Dasha specifically, more this trend of casting online microcelebs on shows. feel like it's an opinion most people agree with on par with "put models on Vogue covers, not Kardashians," Dasha just can't handle a) any criticism and b) the implication she was cast as a gimmick and not as zomg next ingenue taking over world

No. 1359985

>evil parents, creepy old man "friend," charmless autist husband
Yeah this is why her simps' claim that everyone is jealous of Liz holds no water. She's obviously accomplished, but does not strike me as emotionally mature or secure. Tbh she seems lonely and kinda sad. I empathize on some level, yet also can't stand to see her relentlessly seek attention and approval online to fill the void

No. 1359986

They are generating clicks for Gawker. I never would have clicked on their awful site and read that dumb article if it weren’t for these hoe’s advertisement.

No. 1359987

yeah just using fAAAtTTT!!! as a blanket online insult always makes me lol. bitch you can't see me, am I supposed to have my feelings hurt. do my fingers type fatly, how are you assessing the fatness of my written opinion

No. 1359989

lmao same, and thanks to the endless scroll on this stupidass site i also now know Kim Kardashian is fucking Pete Davidson, which is disgusting, and i say this as someone who finds Eli bangable

No. 1359992

you can tell that they're redditors because they kind of just take their standard set of neckbeard insults and replace gamer with dyke lol

No. 1360002

100% this, they think their insults are good because on reddit they get their little updoots for it but really they just sound like retards projecting

No. 1360005

everything in these threads is projection. and i called you a fat dyke because you are a fat dyke(ban-evading sperg)

No. 1360024

File: 1635819602921.png (69.3 KB, 594x335, Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.1…)

No. 1360026

Why are you showing us a screenshot of your 5 like tweet? No one here is going to follow your twitter

No. 1360027

Pete Davison is one of the fucking ugliest celebrities I’ve seen in a while and his string of hypergamous relationships strongly triggers my disgust response. Not even remotely talented to make up for it either. Also coming from someone who finds Eli bangable, even though he’s supposedly 5’3” he has a serious, masculine energy about him.

No. 1360028

File: 1635820257532.jpg (45.41 KB, 640x1127, kween dasha.jpg)

I truly can't imagine what tragic life circumstances could make you find this dirty, deformed FAS case attractive or aspirational, but I personally think you deserve better

No. 1360030

I absolutely mean this in a loving way, but if eli reads as someone with strong masculine energy you're probably spending a little too much time engaging with this group of people

No. 1360033

>fat dyke poaster put out to pasture
>she was also ban evading kek

Thank you mods. Finally I can be a fat dyke in peace

No. 1360037

yeh if you don't compare her to anyone attractive, talented or charismatic she's pretty good

No. 1360040

if he's really 5'3" this proves once and for all that Anna's lying about being 5'4" - i think she's a feisty 4'11" and 41 years young

No. 1360046

there is no way anna's 5'4", someone posted a photo of her at whole foods or something a while back and she looked like a hand puppet (4'11" to 5'1" maybe)

No. 1360059

Do you really think that’s an accident? Everyone in this scene is an obsessive clout chaser to the point of namesearching and retweeting anonymous haters. They’re THRILLED to be mentioned in Gawker, even if it’s a negative review.

Imagine going on noted TERF haven lolcow dot farm and calling people “fat dykes” like anyone here cares or thinks that’s a bad thing lol. Read the room bitch.

No. 1360061

File: 1635822691735.png (70.9 KB, 308x529, ngmi.png)

LOL at Liz trying to use flowery Jesus woo-woo theology to convince evangelical psychos to take the vaccine. These people think you're a demon, they're not listening girl!

No. 1360064

File: 1635822981906.jpeg (61.68 KB, 639x612, liz bruenig angels demons supe…)

oh right, but this is just performative wankery to show the lefties how she's one of the good Christians, not one of those crazies who believes angels and demons are real!

No. 1360072

What is she on about, belief in angels and demons is not a white vs. ethnic or Prot vs. Catholic issue, Southern Baptists and Pentecostals are still white and Protestant when they're casting out demons, screaming shaking and speaking in tongues. For someone who studied religion she sure does make shit up a lot

No. 1360075

>evil is real, but it cannot enter you through a needle or germ, oh no, i will now tell you how it enters you: through the miiiiind. now to summarize, once again, not by injections
Why does all her writing, to any audience, have such an annoying didactic over-explainy tone, like she's constantly addressing a group of 6 year olds

No. 1360078

>like she's constantly addressing a group of 6 year olds
You fool. She won the Marshall Scholarship, was a finalist for the Rhodes, and has a PhD in Christian Theology from Cambridge, she's Smarter Than You™

No. 1360082

u right, as an individual of lesser credentials who was never the only girl on debate squad, my academic betters must assume i have the brainpower and memory retention of a retired boxer, it is just and fair

No. 1360083

I never say he had strong energy, but you’re right the word masculine was too much. I meant it in a more autistic sense, not physical sense.

No. 1360085

just remember, if you're not currently taking part in a class action against a chemical sealant that melted your frontal lobe, you're not liz's target audience

No. 1360086

Fat dyke anon is 100% Dasha or troon friend Maddie

No. 1360087


No. 1360092

Lmaooo anti-vax Ameridumbs are fucking retarded beyond belief. Imagine not knowing “luciferase” is just a generic term for any bioluminescent enzyme when Google exists. I guess they think the words “lucid” and “illuminate” are also Satanic dog whistles? I never thought I’d feel zero empathy for people dying on ventilators but here we are. And Liz is so desperate to sanctimoniously lecture literally anyone that she’s engaging with these morons and actually taking them seriously kek

No. 1360102

As stupid as Amerifats are, I refuse to believe genuine people (trad cath twitter is not genuine and never will be) think the government wants to track you with firefly juice when literally everyone and their baby has a smartphone on them at all times.

No. 1360105

spend five minutes in a small town diner in a red state, hell even most blue states, and you'll change your mind.

No. 1360116

You're wrong, they genuinely are this stupid.

No. 1360124

shes looks nonbinary… so gross

No. 1360126

And yet she's still far more famous, wealthy, desired and successful than your peanut head kween Dasha

No. 1360127

i agree and i think she kept up comedically too in her little moments– the comment about the photo of kendall being tongue in cheek was funny and well delivered

No. 1360128

dont need to be a fan of dasha to notice that florence pugh is a fat dyke(ban-evading sperg)

No. 1360221

Someone on the sub found Dasha's 2 girls 1 cup reaction video from 13 (!) years ago

No. 1360223

No. 1360273

File: 1635866014536.png (1.51 MB, 1506x1126, bb trollface Dash.png)

Lol she still does the exact same Xanax smile, weird smug nod, and limp-wristed way of holding something when she's trying to be hot. Sad that her acting peaked at 17.

This other vid from her channel is unironically a better film than Scary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boRI4l1cxDU

No. 1360276

It’s really sad what cigarettes and substance abuse can do to one’s face

No. 1360285

I think it was mostly the recent weight loss, as someone pointed out earlier she looked much younger in 2018. Facial fat is what saves you after 30 and she just threw it away, revealing a skull deformity in the process. Weight gain won’t always reverse that.

No. 1360291

This is probably partially the case, but I think you're underestimating how much the effects of smoking catch up with a person the longer and more habitually they do it. You can smoke for a decade and notice relatively little effect and then start aging in dog years before you know it, it has a cumulative impact on your skin

No. 1360294

File: 1635869703125.png (3.55 MB, 1544x1598, drunk desperate pickme dasha.p…)

I searched her YouTube username and found this trove of Dasha's teenage posts at Terminal Boredom.

Let's see, desperate for fame, copious stories of being blackout drunk from age 14, being on the internet 12 hours a day, attacking successful blonde actresses, and defending Polanski the child rapist because "famous people should be allowed to rape" and "being raped by a rich famous person is not as bad as being regular style raped." Hey at least you can say z-list fame hasn't changed her.


No. 1360297

File: 1635870073999.png (218.41 KB, 1744x406, dasha.png)

wow maybe she and Adam really were soulmates

No. 1360302

File: 1635870850271.png (275.17 KB, 1744x402, dasha termbo.png)

these are crazy. if Dasha was really binge drinking nightly two years before this post, she would've been 12 years old then. it's clear from uh everything about her that she's damaged but this is bleak.

No. 1360304

14 right? She told this story on the podcast

No. 1360305

oh wow, confirmed it's her i guess. i figured she wrote this post at 14 so would have been 12 when this happened, but i could be off on my math - or she's fudging the dates here for a more badass story

No. 1360306

well she's 30 now so in 2007 she would have been 16

No. 1360307

File: 1635871488048.png (225.72 KB, 2510x1082, empathdasha.png)

No. 1360308

The Terminally Bored acct is definitely her, she gives her email address with first and last name in one of the posts. I also found her old home address (not on Terminally Bored and I won't doxx it in case her parents still live there) - it's a half-million dollar home between two country clubs. Lol why am I surprised the dirtbag thing is an act.

No. 1360312

That salty dig at anna paquin lol. Is there a single petite brown-eyed blonde actress that she hasn't been out of control jealous of?

No. 1360313

>get fired from min wage job
>make multiple jokes about going postal and killing self
Why does no one appreciate my edgy humor!?!?

>my boss was a 30something who wears pigtails, gross

Haha yeah would be so pathetic if someone were 30something and still trying to be a smol AliExpress lolita angel uwu

No. 1360315

Dasha is such an odd combination of insecure yet delusionally overconfident. She genuinely looks at actresses with twice her looks and 10 times her talent and says "why her and not ME???"

No. 1360317

>insecure yet delusionally overconfident
That's just a garden-variety millennial narcissist. Wait-

No. 1360324

This is too good. Thank you nonnie.

No. 1360327

File: 1635874213149.png (178.38 KB, 1286x906, fatherless behavior.png)

lmao this anon from the subreddit agrees, and is actually more brutal than we are here calling out Dasha's corny sexy baby rouitne

No. 1360338

The fact that these people are rich and famous for pining about some Great Society consensus welfare state demonstrates just how truly clueless these people and all these 'policy wonks' in D.C. truly are. They don't understand what they are talking about and are paid for it. They don't understand how the welfare state worked, why it stopped working, and what the current situation is now. Apparently midwit cargo cultism is what passes for cutting edge in America nowadays. It's pretty remarkable. Vive la grift

No. 1360363

Her music taste is so trash kek, peak skinned-knee tumblr core. Explains why her stans are all homely lana del rey listeners.

No. 1360398

File: 1635883034591.png (24.83 KB, 597x832, bye.png)

lol at the anon who believed personality girl was going to tear up nyc with her 5 retweet overwrought personal essays.

No. 1360412

That 30 year old in pigtails remark is so poorly aged that it really is a gem of a find

No. 1360425

Her Polanski comment is telling re: her antipathy toward MeToo actresses. She's desperate for fame and thinks being raped is an honor as long as it's by an important film man and she genuinely can't understand that other women could have self-respect or just don't want fame that badly.

Usually I wouldn't hold someone's teenage opinions against them but Dasha is literally still this person down to shitting on successful women and Polanski comments on the pod. 30 going on 13 year old edgelord

No. 1360428

I read a few threads on that website and man people on there were annoying

No. 1360487

Her parents currently live in a rented townhouse in LV. Maybe they lost money in the ‘08 recession?

No. 1360491


wtf in what world is a 500,000 house a good house???? are you nuts?

No. 1360499

Settle down Dasha

No. 1360501

She said her parents don’t own anything. People think she’s a rich kid because of how she carries herself but it’s all an act. She moved to LA and glommed on to trust fund kids like Lauren Avery and appropriated their behavior

No. 1360503

The kind of house that was sold for $500,000 in 2005 and is located between two country clubs. Or is this the part where we LARP that $500,000 is chump change to flex on lolcow dot farm

No. 1360504

Why do they live in a rented place now if they’re that rich?

No. 1360511

I’m not privy to the details of Dasha’s parents finances and I didn’t say they were rich. Just saying if they owned the home I looked up, it’s indicative of being solidly upper middle class. Maybe they had to sell the home in 2006, or maybe they rent it from the person who bought it then, or maybe they live somewhere totally different now. I don’t actually care that much lol

No. 1360523

so is it evil and demons are real or trust the science? these two things conflict.

No. 1360526

a house being worth 500,000 is not the same as liquid 500,000 you fucking retard.

No. 1360527

hi Dasha, hated you in Succession!(hi cow)

No. 1360531

what are you talking about liquidity for lmao, no one's talking about that and it's very sus that you're this triggered by someone mentioning the worth of Dasha's childhood home. in fact, there's only one person on earth this would bother…

No. 1360544

They’re renters and it’s a townhouse or condo anon. Not a house

No. 1360546

did they finally fuck off to urbit?

No. 1360547

>Maybe they lost money in the ‘08 recession?
I'm like 90% certain she's said this somewhere before

No. 1360553

that was the implication of “500,000 is chump change” it’s obviously not a small amount of money in liquid form. But for the value of the house, it’s pretty bad.

No. 1360562

File: 1635901534037.png (40.44 KB, 1092x654, inflation.PNG)

$500,000 in 2005 is equivalent to $700,000 in 2021, factoring in inflation. Las Vegas is also not an expensive market - in 2021, median sales price for a single family home was ~$400,000. It was a solid upper middle class house.

This is autistic as fuck either way though, why are you obsessed with the idea that she was poor

No. 1360569

Heard thru the grapevine that there may be a skit on SNL this week (Kieran Culkin is hosting) that brings together the cast from Succession and that may include Dasha.

No. 1360578

Mazel tov if that actually happens and I’ll eat my words but seeing as she’s not a recognizable cast member to the gp nor a part of the main ensemble I doubt she will be included

No. 1360582

File: 1635903572128.jpg (229.66 KB, 1170x2080, prscramble.jpg)

Self aggrandizing babbling from someone about Scary. The full pivot to "it's camp" and pretending people dislike it because it's too extreme and truth telling is in motion.
Incredible own on Adam and all wannabe comedians if true. Typically hypocritical of her since I think she and Anna have shit on SNL tons.

No. 1360585

They shit on current SNL (which everyone does in any time period; the show has always been shit, but fans remember the good sketches from whatever era they watched it in when they were kids) but Dasha is a huge stan of the show, she used to practice her opening monologue when she was a teen with dreams of stardom and the opportunity to host. She was also on set for the famous Daniel Craig/Weeknd episode last year when OPN was helping out with the music.

No. 1360586

Speaking of Adam I haven’t listened to cumtown in months. Have they done any bits on Dasha in succession yet?? It was one of Adam’s favourite shows

No. 1360588

Anon I’m not trying to make you feel bad but these figures are irrelevant if they’re renters. You don’t need to be upper middle class to rent

No. 1360589

This post made me realise most of you are under 18

No. 1360591

Why that one? If anything the idiocy about home prices did it for me.

No. 1360592

Because the movie was very obviously "camp" from the beginning

No. 1360596

Oh. Hey dasha. Your movie sucked.

No. 1360597

it's giving cope

No. 1360599

I think Nick said he Dasha were at a premier together recently, but didn't take any digs at her. Adam then said Succession is good and this season is off to a good start.

No. 1360600

Hi cow! Didn't say it was good camp. Its obviously going for campy

No. 1360607

It was going for eyes wide shut and searing critique but the general incompetence provided a convenient camp affect.

No. 1360612

Sorry but this is so wrong. it was GOING for polanski atmosphere meets bruce robinson camp dialogue. Its not successful at either really but if you can't see the campiness inherent in that dialogue I really can't help you. Even dasha herself said it wasn't influenced by EWS formally, just spiritually

No. 1360625

I looked up the supposed home in their county's property records and it still lists her parents as the current owners, but I guess it could be out of date because the site is pretty awful and giving me a lot of errors. It was $450,000 in 2005. Even if they own it, what's on paper doesn't always represent the reality.

No. 1360627

Oops yes I meant the house price talk

No. 1360640

I'm aware, this was in response to the person insisting that a house priced at $500,000 in 2005 is inherently a dump. I don't know that it matters if they were the owners or renting, she lived in a nice suburb anyway. It's something that I don't think she even tries to disclaim, so idk why anyone is trying to disprove this

No. 1360643

File: 1635909902381.png (51.27 KB, 541x505, wompwomp.png)

The Broonigs pod been on a steady decline since April, they may very well end the year with less subscribers than at the start.

No. 1360644

What site is this? I wanna check red scare

No. 1360647

File: 1635910050528.png (50.29 KB, 541x508, allthethingsshesaid.png)

No. 1360648

No. 1360649

Nick eating crow and sucking up to dasha to try and snag a writing gig perhaps? didn't he make a big show of standing up for his boys and riling up his incel horde to go after dasha after the cheating scandal? hope he gets left out in the cold.

No. 1360651

people…the pod is free…why give them your hard-earned money?

No. 1360653

Lotta sharp drop offs on podcast patreons this month. Is the bubble finally bursting?

No. 1360654

I'm not 100% sure but I think those are delayed auto renew requests. Its weird that they all dip down so sharply at the end of every month and then go back up

No. 1360656

happens every month, do you know how to read a chart you fucking troon

No. 1360658

File: 1635911018650.png (109.52 KB, 1026x990, luckygals.png)

The patreon really going up after Anna's Weinstein appearance in December 2019 sure is a funny coincidence. They've plateaued between September and right now this year. They were also plateauing this past spring and summer but went up in August and September for some reason.
It's weird because Nick is friends with and Adam is close friends it seems with that Stephen Sean Penn person Dasha is friends with. >>1360028
Nick had him on a podcast over the summer. I don't think he's sucking up to Dasha, he just brings her up to bug Adam.
She's mentioned in the first few minutes here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF6_eC-WlFY

No. 1360662

No fucking shit retard, except that this month chapo, true anon, and cumtown have less subs this month than they did at last month's drop off and red scare is barely up a couple hundred subs.

No. 1360674

September increase probably Tim Dillon episode

No. 1360691

omg that Stephen Sean Penn guy was one of those horrible nasally guys on this ep of Cumtown??? one of the worst guests ever, both sound like junkies its so uncomfortable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2BAJKxWt8Y

No. 1360694

they probably still live there, her mom's business still uses the address i think you are referring to

No. 1360696

File: 1635916037134.png (981.57 KB, 1186x2108, aimee good ol boys drama 1.png)

Aimee has been subtweeting her old friends the Good Ol Boyz every day this week because they didn't post an episode that she probably embarrassed herself in 18 months ago… but its totally "not personal" and just about the discourse

No. 1360699

File: 1635916447295.png (558.73 KB, 1178x1974, aimee good ol boys drama 2.png)

anyone I disagree with and who doesn't have me on their podcast every month is a liar and grifter who wants to manipulate people into voting Democrat. NOTHING personal by the way!!

No. 1360704

I don't know much of what's going on here, but she's right about Huey Long stanning in 2021 being really fucking weird. Feels like it's just contrarianism that the irony-poisoned can never get enough of. "Look at this historical Democrat who was…actually BASED?!?!?!?!"

No. 1360730

White nationalists have been stanning Huey Long and Father Coughlin for decades now, it's only become mainstream recently with the dirtbag "left".

No. 1360759

read too much Jane Austen

No. 1360802

File: 1635939006641.jpeg (74.9 KB, 640x212, 9682D998-EA61-4E0D-AF60-5AA102…)

Her mind

No. 1360829

good ol boyz has jeff van drew jr on as an unofficial third member once a week. it is, in fact, a democratic party/silicon valley podcast.

No. 1360884

i would love to see the income of the most bitter posters on here

No. 1360904

But you never will, because it’s an anonymous imageboard. All you can do is cope, seethe and pretend they must all be broke fat dykes to soothe the ego wound of people not stanning your podcast kweens. Or you could just stop following the thread but we know that’ll never happen, right?

No. 1360905

i’ve probably been here longer than you tbh, there’s just a certain vibe that’s different from old school laughing at the cows and some of the newer and unhinged borderline personal seeming posts. just my 2p.

No. 1360964

imagine some random American being obsessed with 1930s Australian politics but getting every detail wrong

No. 1360977

File: 1635958448069.jpeg (189.55 KB, 640x443, 5B797470-760A-4E18-AD15-0CB32B…)

Bitch you are Australian SHUT UP

No. 1360985

File: 1635958857921.jpeg (159.11 KB, 736x1070, AB266542-CE37-4CC4-93EF-2AAE83…)

How Aimee pictured herself when she poasted that tweet

No. 1360997

crazy that she keeps leaning on kindness

No. 1361012

I get that American politics are fucked up and dominant worldwide therefore easy to have an opinion on, but why in God’s name is she so obsessed? Does she live in USA now? Do you see any Americans staking their whole identity on Australian politics? It’s baffling. She’s more brain wormy than any libtard

No. 1361023

I didn't even notice the popsicle was part of a sexy act, gosh, coomers are the worst. To think this is the audience they court and we're the obsessed fat dykes

No. 1361077

Sex, murder, winter in New York, rabid search for the elite’s secrets, the word for word copy of “give up your inquiries which are completely useless” note, the dedication to “Stan” … a little more concrete than just a spiritual influence

No. 1361084

File: 1635969873868.png (2.97 MB, 1738x1364, brave truth telling.png)

Soo true bestie, Dasha would never skim the surface of serious issues for "content" or clout, she has a long history of going DEEP to expose the wealthy's moral rot like in picrel, doing a grinning photoshoot outside Epstein's rapehouse, and bravely coming out as pro-Polanski "skeeting on young girls"

No. 1361134

The income of a bipolar, reactionary thot with self-image issues who thinks Polanski dindu nuffin and calls herself poor because she didn’t grow up in LA or NY is not enviable.

I don’t have Thiel patronage or podcasting work hours, and I have not struck simp-gold, should I be ashamed now?

No. 1361143

> why in God’s name is she so obsessed?
Very simple anon, it’s Griftonomics 101. Americans men are the most dominant group online and will give you their money.

No. 1361265

File: 1635985371634.png (190.94 KB, 595x521, coooom.png)

This guy is frothing at the mouth obsessed with this Comrade Brigid girl just because she makes tweets about how she doesn't want to date men who watch porn.

No. 1361270

Oh, so that's why she started sperging about Long all the time

No. 1361279

Isn’t a DSA rapist who was cancelled in 2018 hiding behind that account? Connor something?

No. 1361281

unsubstantiated rumor that that account has played into, but is probably false

No. 1361284

File: 1635988010773.png (206.57 KB, 592x735, Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 11.0…)

No. 1361288

File: 1635988405079.png (34.74 KB, 606x150, large if factual.png)

big if true

No. 1361289

Literal shillposting into the void

No. 1361356

File: 1636001980535.png (426.12 KB, 1184x762, annasmugnesscorner.png)

Reminds me of when Dasha kept saying "sorry about your grandpa but I'm different" about covid while Anna's ancient grandpa had died in a nursing home of maybe covid. Diseases aren't real if they mostly just effect the old and already in poor health, no real people (under 40 yuppies they personally know) died!

No. 1361363

“Sorry about your grandpa but I’m different” lmao

No. 1361364

>History will out
I hate these appeals to a future reckoning of the historical record; is there a single mass event since the dawn of the printing press that has been orthodoxically narrativized without dissent? Ludicrous.

No. 1361366

That piece she linked to is actually good and doesn’t say anything like that

No. 1361367

god damn, had no idea something this miserable and online existed. Read a fucking book instead of cyber-stalking people more interesting/smart than you.(are you lost?)

No. 1361368

okay so a combined income of roughly a hundred grand. that’s middle class. not trying to say she was dirt poor. she wasn’t rich or upper middle class, upper middle class is a mil house

No. 1361370

>>1361364 Anna was bravely resisting the plandemic by pretending she didn't get vaccinated for twitter clout and refusing to wear a mask in the reception room of her baby chiropractor or in bloomingdales (until politely asked to).

No. 1361371

a quick glance at the author's twitter and she's very clearly a lead-poisoned boomer conservatard who thinks covid isn't real

No. 1361372

not a single interesting or smart person has been mentioned

No. 1361376

You clearly didn’t even read the fucking article and are only dismissing it cause a stranger you find annoying on the internet retweeted it. Absolute bird brain

No. 1361379

File: 1636004992073.png (51.79 KB, 601x235, boomer.png)

All you need to know about it is in that paragraph. The Covid crankery doesn't have anything to do with what she went through with her son; her whole bit just seems to be "the US government does bad things, therefore everything it does is bad, everything it says is wrong. Go guzzle down some asbestos milkshakes, that shit's actually healthy."

No. 1361380

zoomer retardation at its finest

No. 1361381


????? two people who only bring in a little over a hundred grand is not upper middle class

also if you’re a millennial posting here seek treatment

No. 1361383

>read a book
Wow cool you sound smart, what are you reading lately feel free to recommend something since me no read noting but lolcow — oh, Lasch, Paglia, and Hoellebecq? You don’t say..

No. 1361392

>upper middle class is a mil house
that really a dumb anon, it completely depends on the market in the city you live.

honestly your house doesn't even always tell you much. i know plenty of people who have elite education and upper-middle class jobs but are into minimalism. it's not even a new trend, i remember when i was in high school i was friends with a girl who was an heiress to a oil fortune with real estate all over this country but she lived in a super average house in an average neighborhood because her mom was Christian and wanted her to have a simple public school life, not materialistic and suicidal like the school that was in the rich enclave of town.

>two people who only bring in a little over a hundred grand is not upper middle class

anon we are not talking about san francisco.
in nevada that income situation puts you in the top 5% of earners.

No. 1361398

calm down lmao, everyone talked about in this thread is a super online millennial. Where are you even getting this 100k combined income thing? Current median household income in vegas is $56,000.

No. 1361401

>i was friends with a girl who was an heiress to a oil fortune with real estate all over this country but she lived in a super average house
Oil heiress in an average home in an average neighborhood? Anything’s possible but seems more she was pulling an Anna Delvey

No. 1361402

it would be the amount needed for the mortgage for the value house they are talking about

it’s one thing to be a millennial working being online for money like dasha and co, it’s another thing to be parked on lolcow in your thirties popping varicose veins over them

No. 1361405

How are you this dumb. The 500k valuation was in 2005, $100,000 in 2005 was a lot more then than it is now (and frankly, it's still debatably upper middle class for vegas in 2021).

Go worry about dasha's veins, the millenials posting here are all younger than she is lol

No. 1361410

two people whose combined income is only 150,000 are not upper middle class.

No. 1361414

Thanks for letting us know that Millennials aren’t allowed to read gossip online

No. 1361417

the absolute state of current leftism

No. 1361445

No one knew this. All our conversations had a therapist-client dynamic, and even then she would not mention too much. However, I have autism when it comes to osint and looked into her mom. They moved to a fitting place after graduation too.

No. 1361447

are wet brain racist

No. 1361456

File: 1636022768994.jpeg (136.45 KB, 827x792, B3AF6D0E-6158-401B-A83C-B74F4E…)

white nationalists are hounding her en masse now

No. 1361493

It's still so hilarious that the people who are supposedly anti-IDpol and pro everyone being able to be as offensive as they please also have little bitch meltdowns like this from people cracking jokes about them on the internet.
>Y-you can't gossip about us, we are a special group, wah wah wah

No. 1361500

thought it was LanaDelRaytheon

No. 1361513

they’re conservatives with a massive tranny fan base

No. 1361584

LMAO isn’t this the pornsick bastard who immediately could name several alternatives to OnlyFans when they threatened to pull support for sex work? incredibly disgusting individual

American “leftists” reeing about people who are anti porn always reminds me why this movement in the US to could never ever be anything more than an unfortunate gathering of degenerate perverts and drug addicts

No. 1361592

Yeah, he's tight with biboofficial

No. 1361622

Right? Millennials literally invented bitchy gossip sites but keep pretending they don't use them kek

No. 1361624

>also if you’re a millennial posting here seek treatment
imagine being a zoomer and wasting the best years of your life posting in this thread lmfao

No. 1361635

Nta but
>imagine you peaked in high-school
Yikes anon

No. 1361640

lol this. imagine commenting on message boards and WKing podcasters twice your age when your cheeks are plump with youth and the mere sight of you could prompt a midlife crisis. take it from an old hag, don't waste your power zoomers!

Redditor detected

No. 1361645

At least I can reply to the correct post kek

No. 1361650

i knowwww so yikes of me right? updoot for you kind sir!

No. 1361666

>hellhammer shirt
why do her and anna both pretend to be metal fans? the pickmeism and larping goes so deep

No. 1361669

I'm not even a redditor, you sperg. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1361672

I was thinking more early 20's but if there are actual high school kids posting in this thread then that explains a lot.

No. 1361673

Her Terminal Boredom posts were absolute apex turbopickme shit. "Oh tee hee my faves right now? Flipper, Pissed Jeans, Bone Awl, Void, and Daisy Chain!" Lmao sure Dasha. Occasionally she'd throw in hiphop that only white hipsters listen to to impress themselves. "LOVING Kool Keith and Biz Markie too!" Lmao double sure Dasha.

No. 1361680

The funny thing is Dasha doesn't even pretend to like music anymore, when it used to be the cornerstone of her personality. Think she just picks up her current friend group/boyfriend's tastes - Brace was in those teenage threads so she was prob trying to impress him. Now acting and politics are more reliable sources of attention, so she dropped the music thing completely. BPD behavior.

No. 1361684

Except for recently when she was trying to remind everyone how much she loves Kanye's music for whatever reason

No. 1361697

why do the absolute worst pickme poseurs choose tryhard interest in music, "film", internet politics and substances as their defining traits? they obviously suffer deeply while keeping up the larp.

>A while ago I ate a medicinal pot brownie and watched the Twilight movies and had a super bad breakdown, vom-ing, crying etc. Totally scary.


No. 1361800

I am officially mad I wasn't the one who came up with this roast, holy shit lmfao

No. 1361803

File: 1636060071114.jpeg (206.8 KB, 1363x455, 79FD1A71-B809-4547-9695-E04D1B…)

No. 1361804

He got fat lmao

No. 1361806

Damn missed this the first time and actually loled, a brutal perfume-based roast

No. 1361827

Lol, she has ~3 lines and <1 minute screen time the entire episode

No. 1361829

girl you know dasha fans can't count shit but calories in taco bell

No. 1361837

Dasha fans are mostly fat so (x) doubt on being able to count calories

No. 1361870

File: 1636066529681.png (57.43 KB, 580x489, screenshot.png)

aimee terese must be coming off of medication much stronger than adhd meds.

No. 1361932

File: 1636074053041.png (92.69 KB, 625x440, flotus.png)


No. 1361936

i unironically rebuke this and every other unhinged power fantasy Liz spins on social media (that aren't even slightly jokes). these two really sit around in their sweatshirts and greasy ponytails lisping about how the world will be better when they're the boss

No. 1361937

>That piece she linked to is actually good and doesn’t say anything like that

It's a bunch of rambling about her dead autistic son with some tacked on boomer complaints about covid at the end.

No. 1361960

her fat ugly sperg husband couldn’t be elected president of a retard club

No. 1361983

it's always been like this, i dont get why you or the person above talking about leia is saying this. it's just about a certain group of people on twitter who are associated with/used to be left wing and it so happened that a lot of the milkiest ones have become post left . if you have content of left wing twitter people doing milky stuff go ahead post it

No. 1361986

lol not even a liz fan but this pretty deranged when you think about it. are you seriously saying they be worse than the austerity reptiles in power now? christian welfare state sounds kind of based, and most americans would support it if it was on the ballot. liz, for all her faults, is also a great judge of character and has a trained philosophical mind, she would be a competent ruler.

No. 1361991

File: 1636082960950.jpeg (33.95 KB, 678x266, 8E83C4C0-B9B9-4369-9BB4-10FB3A…)

This will probably be the most intolerable podcast episode ever recorded

No. 1362001

File: 1636083982703.png (175.86 KB, 765x464, WURST.png)

You would have to listen to both to know

No. 1362008

File: 1636085781060.jpeg (307.17 KB, 640x791, 16FE8C4D-5DB1-4F49-838F-0063A8…)

Are cum town pickme's still a thing in 2021?

No. 1362011

File: 1636086656271.png (84.04 KB, 461x453, uh oh.png)

SO many red flags here, goddamn

No. 1362013

Lol she was chasing after Felix not too long ago.

No. 1362014

When Liz Bruenig says something is “humiliating,” translate that in your head to “here’s another great thing about me” and it makes a lot more sense. Ugh soo humiliating having teeny tiny insect arms so men have to do things for me, and how all men on the internet jerk off to me, and how I’m soo in love with my husband even tho he looks like he smells like earwax

No. 1362017

>This random internet cow would be a competent ruler
The state of lolcow

No. 1362018

Imagine wanting to be “ruled” by a terminally online sheltered rich horse girl with daddy issues visible from earths orbit. No thanks but lmk how that Christian welfare state works out

No. 1362020

File: 1636088355297.jpeg (743.35 KB, 1917x1641, AD5C900C-819B-468E-8F1D-3E63DC…)

>look at this pic of us!
The pic in question

No. 1362021

chuckling to myself because you know how bad she hates the thread photo of herself and you KNOW she's googling

No. 1362022

matt single-handedly bullied the biden admin into altering the child care portion of the build back better plan, but go off

No. 1362023

Liz constantly Notebookposting like she and Matt spend all day giving each other googly eyes but guessing their relationship is 90% frowning at their respective screens in 4 day old pajamas

No. 1362024

I'm afraid to ask for proof because of how deluded this sounds

No. 1362025

Maybe Matt can send Biden his policy paper on why killing civilians during war is “not bad ackshually” next. Or his recent banger about how policies that oppress workers (like - in his opinion so pls don’t debate me on it - vaccine mandates do) are good, because they may make workers more interested in unions. Hate to break it to you but he’s an austerity reptile too

No. 1362026

>a decade plus and his prick/brown/taint-area p0wns my bruenussy

No. 1362027

>most americans would support a christian welfare platform if it was on the ballot
this is what twitter does to your brain

No. 1362028

at first i was going to say we caught a live simp (not you the anon you're replying to) but i think they may be trolling

No. 1362030

File: 1636089039412.jpg (30.5 KB, 600x600, bruenussy.jpg)


anon my sides

No. 1362034

I thought it was commonly agreed that the bruenigs and their simps are the worst people in this thread by FAR, they're vapid attention whores like Dasha, Anna and their clones, and just as mentally ill and twitter addicted as Aimee and her circle. but their shared delusion is way creepier cause they are so ambitious and really think they deserve to be in charge, despite being completely out of touch with every day people. they're also worse cause while the others are dismissed in most media circles as loons or bimbos, the Bruenigs are still considered "serious journalists" despite their antics and obvious stupidity

No. 1362059

The Kanye thing is probably related to her born-again Catholic phase and millennial nostalgia for when his music was actually good

No. 1362068

it sure is hilarious how the wignats Aimee's cultivated as part of her fanbase are freaking out at how her all-consuming hatred of "the left" has forced her into supporting basic bitch petty bourgeois GOP politics while regarding Nazi antics as a bad look that prevents her new private equity daddies from winning elections lmfao

No. 1362073


I'd venture to say they're worse (specifically Liz) because at least Anna doesn't post her child's feet to thousands of adoring pervert simps. Anna also doesn't belittle Eli the way Liz does Matt. Liz is the worst leftsphere woman and she's a complete idiot who thinks God should elect the next president.

No. 1362079

File: 1636097170985.png (68.29 KB, 1180x334, aimee on israel.png)

lmao, aimee "owning" the nazis has been an entertaining story arc today

No. 1362085

File: 1636098877692.jpeg (128.97 KB, 828x596, A71DFDE2-F29D-4AF5-88A6-BB7FF5…)

No. 1362123

File: 1636109293326.jpeg (422.38 KB, 1319x990, 68966E50-D416-464D-AC82-715F3B…)

Amazing thing is she’s not disagreeing with their position, just how they present it
She’s mad that they won’t follow her directive of posting relentlessly racist stuff with a degree of plausible deniability
Just like with Bernie, she’s telling them how to win and being rejected

No. 1362185

File: 1636117602152.png (71.12 KB, 606x351, dumb.png)

Does she not realize Youngkin is the exact same type of chamber of commerce Republican as Lindsey Graham?

No. 1362216

Liz B is really refining her pitch for running for office, she's 100% serious about it. On this morning's episode of LRC she took a question about why India Walton lost in Buffalo as an opportunity to lay out her own childcare- and death penalty-abolition-focused fiscally liberal/socially conservative platform and why it would theoretically win over most Trump voters.


No. 1362249

>White nationalists were the real leftists all along!

So… she actually wanted these guys to simp for her? Sad. Also none of these women look even remotely like Aimee.

No. 1362294

Is Dasha related to Kremlin former Kremlin mouthpiece and billionaire Alexander Nekrassov and if so, is a direct descendant of Tolstoy? I would be impressed tbh


No. 1362349

berncels never did learn did they

No. 1362356

ah yes, another "trump voters are cryptocommies, we just gotta do X idpol concession and it will work this time" take, this worked so well in like 5 recent elections uwu

>DSA cucks stay taking Ls

No. 1362393

Her entire personality is just "girl who likes Sopranos and Cum Town"

No. 1362395

I'm glad even she could realize that it was so pathetic that she had to delete it

No. 1362396

Not true! She also makes having massive tits part of her personality.

No. 1362403

Surprised she hasn't made an OnlyFans like her sister

No. 1362418

can someone explain to me how liking a cringe tv show for alcoholic white housewives is, like, part of some edgy film hoe beta cum gargler grindset

>i like downtown abbey and perfume nationalist

>i like gossip girl and chapo trap house

make me understand

No. 1362420

NTA but I assume it's a combo of liking media that's geared towards them (women) while also having "pick me" tastes? Not sure of Downton Abbey's demo but I know Gossip Girl was for teens and young adults.

No. 1362454

File: 1636145399733.png (1.22 MB, 1180x1040, panderingsubstacker.png)

This article is fine but why is it that every time a "new voice" on substack or podcasting, and it's usually a woman or gay man, pops up that gets circulated by these people's they have the exact same follower list (Alice, Anna, Perfume Nazi Jack, Wesley Yang, Glenn, Zaid, Taibbi, Bari, Lee Fang, libertarian or right wing think tank academics, Angie Speaks, Catherine Liu, Matt Stoller, the Shant deformed looking guy, Andrew Sullivan).

No. 1362465

File: 1636146455980.png (70.26 KB, 1176x254, insanewhalenazicheckin.png)

Any time one of these "I care about art and beauty" girls like Default GF/Personality Girl/Twink Rev (rip to all of them) show up and I see they're Perfume Nationalist fans I know they don't have any taste and aren't fatphobic I mean discerning enough to value their opinion.

No. 1362532

>thread slowing down

reminder that Dasha is ugly

No. 1362543

And a reminder that Nick Mullen is also ugly.

No. 1362555

And jack the perfume nationalist is fat

No. 1362557

the same shitty circle of the post woke will support token girls and gays who will act as proxies for their MRA talking points until their agenda is complete

No. 1362569

Are we playing two truths and a lie?

No. 1362573

File: 1636156270239.png (325.19 KB, 487x409, ay tone.png)

Anna will tell you that she is solely responsible for kicking off the millennial obsession for the Sopranos on twitter; she was, after all, the one who took the particular "this sounds very gay" screenshot that everyone uses.

No. 1362574

Wait, do the fragrance fascists seriously like Downton Abbey? That show is riddled with sly nods to progressivism, there's an entire season where one of the main plotlines is an interracial relationship lol.

No. 1362600

tru. Jack isn't fat, he's deathfat

No. 1362601

no, that person doesn't know what he's talking about and thinks sopranos is a "cringe tv show for alcoholic white housewives"

No. 1362604

who is Filthy Armenian anyway? another frustrated academic/failed writer/failed journalist who fakes being gay like the rest of this crowd?

No. 1362609

it is and im tired of pretending it's not

No. 1362616

no, it's an example of how retarded their "edgy interests" would look with any other cringe tv + cringe leftoid podcast. although jack himself enjoys gargantuan amounts of stuff for boomer women despite hating their guts, really makes you thonketh

No. 1362617

the renewed interest in the sopranos is obviously cope fuel for post wall follicularly challenged middle-aged bloat scrotes who knew deep down they were always middle brow suburban conservatives.

No. 1362619

the ironic pube beard jewcel to bloated hog tony soprano lookalike pipeline

No. 1362847

what's the tl;dr on that article?

No. 1362920

Aimee is colossally retarded and never does her research. She’s just a terminal contrarian like most of her kind, not even sure how she gained a wignat following given her constant defense of Israel. Actually I do know why, she appeared on their podcasts and her Australian-accented, “sexy” baby voice made them coom. It’s hard to understand how they like it because to me her voice sounds like something they would torture Abu Ghraib prisoners with.

No. 1362927

Sopranos was pretty gay and progressive at times too. I put down the remote on the last season, I couldn’t handle it because it triggered my homophobia.

No. 1362961

They make fun of "right side of history" libs then post shit like this

No. 1362967

The same stuff that has been said for ages about art not being a didactic tool to make the world or individuals better, but strung it out for a dozen pages. Nothing groundbreaking.
"To conclude, empathy has no inherent value when it comes to aesthetic appreciation…How the individual values art is a matter of personal judgment, of cultivated aesthetic sensibility, which is an aliveness to the full emotional, psychological, intellectual, and sensual dimensions of one’s life. Great art can intimidate, alienate, disorient, and disturb. I hold that even ambivalence, when aroused by art, is a more significant—more involving—feeling than empathy. Ambivalence urges us to compare this with that, to ask ourselves why one work is more compelling than another. Ambivalence thereby develops our aesthetic sensitivity."

No. 1363043

op is a professor anon with a fledgling shitty podcast lol.

No. 1363074

lefthots stay having 0 concept of what empathy is, and not even in the "i am an ubermensch devoid of all petty feeling" way their BPD asses would like kek

>Imagine being an overeducated pseud and thinking that empathy is when u feel bad for someone uwu

No. 1363090

File: 1636221963777.png (1.45 MB, 852x1026, nosferatu.png)

Dean Kissick falling backwards into being a mascot to the talentless 5s of the Lower East Side. Red Scare, Cat Marnell, and Drunken Canal are allegedly doing an event where they play basketball today.

No. 1363101

TPG and DF hated and were hated by TPN

No. 1363133

Is Cat Marnell a pickme?

No. 1363144

She’s pretty open in her writing about doing sad and desperate stuff for male attention, so she’s kind of a self-admitted pickme.

No. 1363168

File: 1636230451427.png (131.67 KB, 1189x798, red scare extended universe.pn…)

gayestepdad/doomergroomer starts his own red scare knockoff podcast with another gay white twitter addict. not even anna k could bring herself to retweet this one.

No. 1363239

Can’t wait for Dasha’s appearance on SNL tonite, seethe and dilate haters :)(: ) )

No. 1363292

File: 1636243396036.png (102.47 KB, 467x552, adam_driver.png)


No. 1363296

is it really?

No. 1363299

When referring to a man of considerable sexual prowess, "buck" pretty much exclusively applies to black people in an offensive manner. Calling someone a "young buck" is race-neutral, but that refers to an energetic young man, not the way Liz is using it here.

No. 1363308

so defensive and sheltered for someone who boasts their resume all the time. so little humility for the eternally bleeding out of self inflicted stigmata. god bitch just say “no I don’t, enlighten me” lmao

No. 1363363

“I’ll never get sick of you saying that bestie” — Alice is such an embarrassing suck up to Liz bruenig, imagine treating that soft toothed halfwit like the alpha in the relationship. And somehow the guy who called out Liz’s use of the obviously racially offensive term buck ended up not only apologizing for his “confrontational tone,” but trying to get other commenters to lay off poor pwecious Liz uwu. Remember when professional writers were expected to know what words meant?

No. 1363407

she's a driverfag, that explains a lot.

No. 1363465

what generation do you expect them to be? i think most of the people that post on this site are millennials or at least were until recently

No. 1363480

liar. not even a succession themed skit

No. 1363487

dasha owned by dashafag

No. 1363492

what’s the deal with that, hate to be the “isn’t he, like, 40?” person but isn’t he like 40…

and i know that older people are friends with them and anna is basically his age, but he runs with the drunken canal like he graduated parsons with them… just look at the cover lol

No. 1363510

File: 1636274999460.jpeg (575.43 KB, 1170x1515, 1AECB2F6-A4C3-4D6A-A6D0-F17E58…)

I get the vibe that they’re trying to replace Honor Levy with this girl in the dimes adjacent neo alt lit scene. You might turn around and say “two girls can be in a scene” but I get the vibe that she is directly taking honor’s position at her expense, filling the role of “quirked up zoomer writer girl.” and honor has been mentioning a lot that she has been getting left off a ton of readings lately…

honestly if this is accurate I think it’s partly honors own fault because she seems self sabotaging about her own work. When it comes to the actual writing, I think this writer is mid, kyle brown is just bad, and honors work can be impressive at times, but her public/podcasting persona is flippant and shock jocky in a way that’s not worth the risk and could potentially be very damaging

No. 1363511

File: 1636275065900.png (32.8 KB, 618x499, rip.png)

Carl Beijer deactivated, hopefully for good. Might have to do with all the heat he was getting from retarded conservatives who took his handing-out-masks-for-halloween bit seriously

No. 1363512

File: 1636275118054.jpeg (789.61 KB, 828x1488, BBFFB9D3-4F7E-4685-BBA9-204A27…)

She’s such an absolute freak. She’s bragging about being 80 lbs

No. 1363515

i've followed liz bruenig on twitter and read her columns for years but somehow never heard her voice until today. i thought she was a tiny uwu girl, really shocked by how low it is. her and her husband really sound like a lesbian and a fag.

No. 1363520

What is this pilot that everyone's talking about?

No. 1363522

what'd you listen to, nonnie?

No. 1363529

A mini web series type thing that I think the ion pack is making with her and kyle brown? they haven’t posted anything official about it besides talking about shooting and posting casting calls for extras

No. 1363530

some random episode of the breunigs podcast about tik tok (i was hoping it would cure my insomnia). she even has a bit a lisp. i know all these left cows have vocal fry, but idk i thought liz wouldn't for some reason. very wrong.

No. 1363531

i'm team liz on this one. fuck tone/word cops and y'all-posters

No. 1363536

Why does Wet Brain hide their subscriber count on patreon? What are they afraid of?

No. 1363553

File: 1636281560185.jpeg (989.95 KB, 1334x1779, 9366941B-F8C0-4733-B0B9-51A717…)

No. 1363559

imagine being married to a ball of dough and talking like this public. matt's gotta be crying internally whenever she does this.

No. 1363609

File: 1636292556153.jpeg (332.73 KB, 1062x1735, 63D2AD65-F81E-4344-BE83-0ADDF2…)

For some reason the RSP subreddit is pissing me off more than normal today with them talking non stop about the Astroworld tragedy. I think there is just something absolutely hypocritical about them acting so upset about the event while simultaneously complaining that modern life is so shit and regulated these days. They have to hand wring that the deaths were due to “sacrifice” while shrieking that PMC women are sanitizing the world and making things too safe these days.

The fact is crowd crush accidents used to be way more common at concerts in the past and so did movie set accidents. But I thought those were the good ole days huh?

No. 1363612

>human sacrifice to the invisible hand of the market
crowd crushes are as old as crowds lmao. were the 1,200 killed during the crush at Nicholas II's coronation victims of the "invisible hand of the market"? not everything bad in this world is the fault of muh neolibruls