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File: 1663284707659.jpg (88.52 KB, 854x697, tafs.jpg)

No. 1649198

Unsourced rumors about Felix and a 17 yo girl

Possibly Aimee has a bun in the oven

Interesting write up of the ties between the leftcows and urbit

Moar selfposting by Pariah the Troon

Sam Pritchard planning to get a BBL

Moldbug pontificating about him being a dark elf

Christman and Rollo are ugly, who knew?

Dasha photographed her Jewish boyfriend in front of Kike's flower shop

Maddy does not like Moldbug

Mullen possibly has autogynephilia

as_a_woman wrote an article

carcrashgirl is Paul Schrader's sugar baby

Stav with a 22 yo troon furry artist

Hari Nef's beauty desires

Adam's new girlfriend is prettier than Dasha, surprise surprise

Amber Rollo had Christman on her panel beside a stripper activist and he mostly kept quiet

Logo Daedalus dumped by his wife ;;

Honor got fat

Sean Moorhead threatens to murder people and supposedly has friend log him off and take him to hospital

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No. 1649226

Thread #33: >>>/snow/1626640

sorry forgot, also sorry i never make these but the other attempt someone did got locked so i thought i'd make post this with the summary someone made in the locked thread.

No. 1649296

logo and kantbot are in a pissing match on twitter arguing about whether starbucks workers should unionize

https://twitter.com/wydna00/status/1570521342583377920?s=20&t=DkcZXwFXHMmpcixZ7amQMg(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1649340

File: 1663291217824.jpg (23.96 KB, 732x549, hand_burning_sage.jpg)

Blessed OP. May this thread be good. Remember not to engage with bait.

No. 1649360

when did kantbot become a Marxist wtf I thought he was a chud

No. 1649361

File: 1663293235041.png (85.32 KB, 593x781, tworetards.png)

Oh my god who the fuck cares. This is why they say marxists are all bored bourgeois

No. 1649362

Why are all of these people trying to move to LA now? I have seen more than one chapo in echo park. Go back to New York

No. 1649363

he's been pivoting since he got into fights with BAP and all the other nrx accounts, logo too

No. 1649371

What was that fight about even? I know he "doxxed" BAP (the doxx was widely known before, idg why they got so butthurt over it) but not why or what happened before

No. 1649380

idk what instigated it but at one point Kantbot said bodybuilding was body horror and not about appearance or health and then BAP and all his bodybuilding friends started calling him fat and he sperged out about it

No. 1649382

god, thank you OP. may we never have a cumboy/scarethot-made thread again.

No. 1649383

Fatman and Fobbin fell off hard

No. 1649384

File: 1663294123364.jpeg (110.77 KB, 683x663, 5BEAC129-A3B4-4786-A01A-D7FBFA…)

how funny would it be if they started being body positive because the waifish anachan dasha look got too popular. The way this is going they’re all going to become ironic 2016 liberals after being ironic fascists

No. 1649386

their socialist revolushion fizzled out in brooklyn so now they're trying to infect LA

No. 1649387

so is Soph actually being groomed into feederism by remilia rejects or was that just shitposting in the last (aborted) thread?

No. 1649389

We should link to the tranny-made #34 thread in future OP's to keep the record complete, there was still some slim milk in there despite the retarded infighting.

No. 1649390

File: 1663294499817.jpeg (189.33 KB, 640x578, 17DCFB3E-18FC-4F21-81DA-C74497…)


No. 1649394

i have noticed a trend in the past half year of recognizable RS hanger-ons suddenly retvrning to 2016 bernie era political stances. really, it’s the healthier choice no matter your personal opinion on being that kind of socdem lib. at least it shows they’re giving up trying to be kneejerk contrarians and kiss the asses of larping podcasters and just thinking for themselves. i think roe v wade was genuinely a breaking point. the hanger-ons either doubled down and went along with the terminally online rightoids on the issue or got a wake up call to how fucking insane they’ve been.

No. 1649396

id actually say the crumps article was another breaking point, people realizing how embarrassing they’ve been and scurrying away as quickly as they can to get dunks in on the scene with everyone else. it was insane to witness in real time the sheer amount of people suddenly pretending they were never involved

No. 1649397

I think hanging out with moldbug and bringing ugly nerdy right wing gamers into their hipster nyc circle probably freaked some of these people out too. What is the official scarethot take on roe v Wade? Are they gonna pretend they haven’t gotten abortions?

No. 1649402

>Are they gonna pretend they haven’t gotten abortions?
yes. I’ve seen the remaining scarethots tiptoeing around the issue while liking groyper tweets openly celebrating roe v wade being overturned. I never listened to the Red Scare episode on it but I remember nonnies saying they were unserious about it but made it clear they oppose abortion, rich considering they’ve both probably had more than they can count. I know Anna at the very least has gone on record about her multiple abortions. but it doesn’t matter and they’d never consider it hypocrisy. people like that just tell you sinners are the most devout believers and most loved by god or whatever. truly a waspy prot mindset from a bunch of catholic larpers

No. 1649405

it would be seriously impressive to impregnate irregular period/anorexic dasha

No. 1649407

I’ve seen a few basically try to twist RvW overturning as empowering to women and the end of hookup culture. As if a conservative moid would touch any of these people the minute they find out they’ve been with +50 men

No. 1649417

Its basically the same stuff Liz says. “Oh this is actually a huge win for women and a blow to corporations! They don’t want you to have babies because uhh they don’t wanna pay you overtime or something.” It’s so dishonest and they know exactly what they’re doing. A very concerning and sad amount of women think this way, because in a way it does make sense. They recognize corporations don’t have their interests in mind and they crave family but ultimately reach all the wrong conclusions which of course only benefit men in the end anyway. That “reactionary feminist” angle needs to die already, but like Dworkin said, those right wing women aren’t wrong about leftist men, they aren’t wrong about the world wanting them to be prostitutes, they aren’t wrong about a lot of what they hate in the world in their experience as women. But their diagnoses are completely off because they’re still under the spell of male dominance and reacting from a position of submission and deep fear of being afloat. This excerpt from Right Wing Women gets the scarethot pathology down to a tee:
>Right-wing women have surveyed the world: they find it a dangerous place. They see that work subjects them to more danger from more men; it increases the risk of sexual exploitation. They see that creativity and originality in their kind are ridiculed; they see women thrown out of the circle of male civilization for having ideas, plans, visions, ambitions. They see that traditional marriage means selling to one man, not hundreds: the better deal. They see that the streets are cold, and that the women on them are tired, sick, and bruised. They see that the money they can earn will not make them independent of men and that they will still have to play the sex games of their kind: at home and at work too. They see no way to make their bodies authentically their own and to survive in the world of men. They know too that the Left has nothing better to offer: leftist men also want wives and whores; leftist men value whores too much and wives too little. Right-wing women are not wrong. They fear that the Left, in stressing impersonal sex and promiscuity as values, will make them more vulnerable to male sexual aggression, and that they will be despised for not liking it. They are not wrong.
>Right-wing women see that within the system in which they live they cannot make their bodies their own, but they can agree to privatized male ownership: keep it one-on-one, as it were. They know that they are valued for their sex— their sex organs and their reproductive capacity—and so they try to up their value: through cooperation, manipulation, conformity; through displays of affection or attempts at friendship; through submission and obedience; and especially through the use of euphemism—“femininity, ” “total woman, ” “good, ” “maternal instinct, ” “motherly love. ” Their desperation is quiet; they hide their bruises of body and heart; they dress carefully and have good manners; they suffer, they love God, they follow the rules. They see that intelligence displayed in a woman is a flaw, that intelligence realized in a woman is a crime. They see the world they live in and they are not wrong. They use sex and babies to stay valuable because they need a home, food, clothing. They use the traditional intelligence of the female—animal, not human: they do what they have to to survive.

Of course, that’s a very sympathetic moment and she promptly tears into them as being complicit and contributing to violence against women but I don’t wanna post the whole book here. It’s worth reading and I wonder what a scarethot would actually think if she read it, can’t imagine anything short of a breakdown if they actually read it without immediately dismissing it.


No. 1649418

File: 1663296256832.jpeg (298.6 KB, 750x744, 536E6603-1670-40F3-B831-4A67AA…)

If you were wondering why there’s a sudden stench in NY

No. 1649421

it’s a combination of great replacement bs (we need to make more white children is explicitly what tweets they like say) woo about birth control and general elitist New Yorker hatred for poor working women. Bruenig would never admit that maternity leave is on its way out and assistance for poor / single mothers is practically nonexistent

No. 1649422

If you think Starbucks or the concept of a company/firm monopolizing the coffeehouse space is bad, then Logo is right. But orthodox Marxists are supposed to support monopolization and homogenization, so…

No. 1649424

she was so based, thank you dworkin anon.

No. 1649427

this is way more about conservative suburban women than these freak shows. I don’t compare scarethots to women raised in right wing environments because they’re completely different

No. 1649430

I think kantbot has lost about 20K followers from his peak, he's now down to around 12K.

No. 1649434

ntayrt, but i disagree. i see anna's decision to secure the bag by having a child with Eli in the thinking that "it is better to sell to one man than to hundreds," at least physically. she can double-dip and intellectually whore to thousands of men, by being a token women regurgitating their mra opinions.

No. 1649440

The anti birth control poster from the scrapped thread is a great example of scarethot brain worms. They already concluded a priori that birth control is metaphysically bad, so they take anything they can to damn it to hell and back. It doesn’t actually matter how much it has in fact helped women, individually and on a mass scale—they only care about the ways in which it has harmed women, and instead of blaming these bad effects (namely in physical and mental health) on the male doctors involved, they just say “Women shouldn’t need birth control anyway, just don’t sleep around, it’s easy. Oh you’re in a relationship and just don’t want to get pregnant? Well then you’re not in love sweaty. Oh you use it for cramps? Well, those cramps are your fault because you don’t eat healthily. Oh you’ve tried various diets and lifestyles to no avail? Well, um, well, that’s not normal, uh.” All blame falls on individual women. They really love pretending everything exists in some made-up vacuum where women are just making choices for no reason.

No. 1649442

I miss her every day nonnie. To be honest I think a lot of scarethots wound up this way because they think the only options are A&D thought or the worst of liberal feminism. If those are the only two options you think exist then I can see why so many pathetic women fall for it.

No. 1649444

File: 1663298901922.png (1001.17 KB, 1784x1210, theft.png)

why did this who? lift Brace's joke relationship advice for her self insert fan fiction

No. 1649447

Literally plagiarism lol

No. 1649450

File: 1663299348838.jpg (204.15 KB, 1080x1080, bloph.jpg)

they have been obsessed about soph in their discord for months and infighting and doxxing in the e-girls thread: >>>/snow/1508968

the worm dox posted in the last thread is in response to the doxxing of the balding indian manlet pedophile and the other losers hangers-on.

everyone involved looks as you would expect. for all the talk of aesthetics there's not even an average, decent looking person in the bunch.

No. 1649451

why do mentally ill yellow fever 4chan pedophiles always lecture others about what is and isn’t normal sexually

No. 1649456

>if they actually read it without immediately dismissing it
I don't think they're capable of that, even though it would do them a lot of good. Thank you, based Dworkin anon

No. 1649489

File: 1663304626607.jpeg (298.12 KB, 750x953, ECF68104-021E-4BE4-83A6-28EF60…)


No. 1649548

Kb is a marxist? I had assumed he came from the alt-right given the content of that stump speech about Trump he did that went viral a while ago

No. 1649590

Because they need to be steadfast in their own rationalizations or else they would have to face the cognitive dissonance arising from being complete degenerates

No. 1649601

Goddamn can Anna get any uglier
Shit(can you learn2sage?)

No. 1649684

Yes, he was an OG alt-right twitter personality. Gleefully partook in Moldbug- and Evola-inflected LD50.

No. 1649766

File: 1663342223793.jpeg (107.57 KB, 499x1396, DD2D5B63-DD05-451A-94BD-1EDC79…)

they’re so gay for each other. men really are all homo, whether it’s -social or -sexual

No. 1649771

File: 1663342541229.jpeg (171.59 KB, 1138x637, A68AEA2D-8C2E-48B3-ACD6-66765D…)

You guys are too, but this is the most embarrassing tweet I’ve ever seen. So artistic and edgy to basically say the same things a fat weeb 6th grader would say for attention.

No. 1649778

This is a new account. I do wonder if he ditched the old one and created the new because of this though

Kek, so it really was just him being touchy about being a fat fuck

No. 1649785

File: 1663343826777.jpeg (782.18 KB, 828x1151, 0125CE81-6430-4D23-9DC8-992F91…)


No. 1649811

what is this unsaged phonepost closeup supposed to be

No. 1649814

ntayrt but I heard she's in LA meeting with a major director this weekend…

No. 1649821

did Anna fly out with her? if you know it's a "major director" drop the name

No. 1649826

what does that have to do with a random creepy closeup selfie of her being posted without saging lol

No. 1649839

File: 1663345518098.jpeg (332.03 KB, 1132x935, 741C6CD5-DFD8-43A3-977F-BDF67D…)

Dasha currently getting ratiod to hell and back by a ton of people into oblivion for being the hypocrite she is.

No. 1649844

No. 1649849

Least surprising. She's probably telling him he was totally right about what he said about Polanski on Stern.

No. 1649857

Calling the marthas vinyard political stunt "human trafficking" is the most disingenuous shit and no one who isn't a rabid lib is falling for it

No. 1649860

i’m crying nonnies why do scarethots try treating this thread like it’s their chance to be gossip girl and act all cryptic and powerful what the hell is this

No. 1649875

You should kill yourself or go back to your little scarethot bubble right now immediately.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1649896

anna looks kind of hot tbh
dasha bleurgh tho

No. 1649898

>anna looks kind of hot tbh
She really didn't look half bad on TAFS.

No. 1649902

immigrants were lured into planes under completely false pretenses and fake promises to be exploited by a bullshit governor and left with nothing. what is there to laugh at? they’re completely disenfranchised and empty handed and dasha thinks it’s funny because “uhhhmmmhaha libtards.. like”

No. 1649904

>catholics totally care about the poor and downtrodden guys please listen i swear they do!

No. 1649905

that has nothing to do with sex trafficking of children and the brown scrote only compared the two to shit on 'privileged white whores' as usual
i hope more of them show up in martha's vineyard and other liberal enclaves with 'no resources', i also hope more deranged troons show up in these places too

No. 1649907

Sorry nonna but libs getting their own hypocrisies rubbed in their faces will always always always be fun.

No. 1649909

Dasha spends 4 fabulous days giving Tarantino foot jobs while they gas each other up and say the n word to each other. He makes big promises, she’s on a manic high for weeks. 2 months later, Dasha reads in Variety that he cast a normie hot blonde like Uma Margot or Sydney. Screencap this nonitas

No. 1649912

this is so funny to say because they just took them in and are securing jobs and housing for them now

No. 1649913

What hypocrises? The migrants were welcomed with open arms and provided with food and shelter. Who knew the godless libural hypocrites were more neighborly and Christlike than the wannabe Trump homunculus from Florida?

No. 1649916

you know there is non sexual trafficking right? and that this is what that is?

No. 1649926

Lol they told reporters they were in a housing crisis and immediately shipped them all off to a military base

No. 1649928

Mental retardation from starving themselves for the anachan larp.

No. 1649931

i was gonna reply this but dont even bother. in order to pretend that some community of wealthy mostly white assholes care about 'le subaltern downtrodden' any more than dasha and are so christlike in the flesh while not hosting a single refugee in one of their spacious mansions or estates, you have to already go through tons of mental hoops. the party line is more important than anything for handmaidens

No. 1649963


They have to make up some bullshit deflection like human trafficking because there's no logical reason the left should be against the wealthy having to bear the burden of supporting the migrants. i don't even like desantis but he caught those fuckers out.

No. 1649964

>that has nothing to do with sex trafficking of children
>human trafficking has nothing to do with human trafficking because uhhh there's no sex involved
Back to twitter.

No. 1649965

you are genuinely braindead

No. 1649966

I hate this scrote's HIV medication commercial face

No. 1649972

>privileged white whores
someone touched a nerve huh? no one said that and even if it were said about dasha it’d be true. she only ever cared about epstein because the online right and fringers like brace did. she doesn’t give a shit about anything outside her bubble, so yes, she also doesn’t give a shit about immigrants being trafficked, big surprise from the same person who defends rapists and loves portraying women as hysterical liars. dasha is getting rightfully called out. cry me a river

No. 1649981

File: 1663353330448.png (309.89 KB, 535x1020, FZ0BwbIWYAEKzFg.png)

it's not plagiarism it's an inside joke. dasha's still simpatico with brace

No. 1649982

There are no wealthy people in Texas or Florida? These people had to be shuttled across the country to reach the only available "wealth"? Weird.

No. 1649988

They probably get a little thrill and feel very, very badass.

No. 1649990


Texas and Florida don't even support the policy in the first place. I can't believe anyone on the left thinks Martha's Vineyard of all places is scoring a win here. Any reason the migrants can't live there is just as valid for anywhere else in the US.

No. 1649992

t. Martha's vineyard HOA member

No. 1650007

Looked like she got stung by a bee. Hair was cute

No. 1650015

why is it always gay Latino men complaining about white women? Beyond fucking annoying.

No. 1650019

these two nerds are made for each other and they should kiss and make up

No. 1650022

maybe she isn't faking PCOS

No. 1650024

File: 1663356417252.jpg (28.97 KB, 474x417, 8497583798.jpg)

No. 1650026

no they weren't lmao go back to bunkerchan or the discord you crawled out of. ywnbaw

No. 1650039

no matter how hard you try to simp for them right wing men hate you because you’re a woman

No. 1650044

To be fair, picking a location like Martha's Vineyard is pretty funny even though it's shitty to use migrants this way to score points with chuds.

No. 1650057

Because it was a stupid political stunt, and Dasha is a handmaiden for evil shit. Many of you don’t have the range to weigh in on immigrants’ rights or politics so shut the fuck up already and move on

No. 1650068

I mean it's kind of darkly funny how they're kicking them out with the national guard after like 2 days, you know half these houses have those In This House signs

No. 1650072

File: 1663360816360.jpg (590.98 KB, 1542x2048, Fcs3S3nXEAAOnBE.jpg)

I'm happy to see the residents of martha's were above stupid political stunts and spared no expense in welcoming the immigrants during the (brief) time they spent there

No. 1650083

Wtf they’re still pro RBG?? Even after Roe??

No. 1650088

The day after the Roe decision leaked my neighbors across the street put up a Women Belong In All Places Where Decisions Are Being Made sign with RBG's face on it. I didn't really get it either.

No. 1650104

it isn't one or the other. both parties hate women.

No. 1650108

why don't you shut up?

No. 1650109

damn at least trump would've sprung for mickie d's. everyone is gay, both parties fight for different types of scrotes. a-log the world.

No. 1650118

I remember years ago how that nut paz de la huerta was publicly all over him too for a supposedly role he was scripting for her. Never materialized.

Speaking of, was Dasha's five-minute Paz friendship before these threads existed?

No. 1650125

So we're just taking it as fact that some rando claims sekrit knowledge of Dasha and Tarantino linking up with no proof? Do better, nonnies.

No. 1650157

wait is this drrtypharms

No. 1650185


Liberal enclaves like most major US cities are already a common destination for migrants. They are there to work, including in the rich areas. This is not, in fact, the first time migrants have been sent to high GDP areas that tend to vote Democrat, not by a long shot.

The rich people are not currently at Martha’s Vineyard. That is where they summer, and it is the off season. The year round population is poorer than average and thousands are immigrants from Brazil. That is who helped.

The Republican governor of Massachusetts was the one who called the national guard. That base is a frequently used shelter for humanitarian relief. If rich libs did this at the first sight of illegal immigrants sanctuary cities wouldn’t exist.

Great psyop indeed though, because not only did it create a false narrative for conservatives, it gave rich libs credit for the charitable actions of the people who do cheap labor for them when they’re summering. The two parties truly do work together flawlessly against the working class.

No. 1650189

File: 1663564998896.png (65.54 KB, 1055x546, wahmmen.png)

What no dick does to a bitch

No. 1650193

Frankly this did surprise me quite a bit – as far as I know the only time Kantbot and Logo have ever publicly disagreed on anything. I know Kb has ingratiated himself and then discarded tons of people before (perfume jackm, anna and dasha, moldbug, etc) but I truly thought that Logo and he were inseparable

No. 1650216

File: 1663567593906.jpeg (531.61 KB, 1108x1308, 8FB90CFF-4F06-4248-BC30-42F13F…)

glad the site is back up and running, thanks farmhands for trying to improve the place. now let picrel be a cautionary tale to any lurking agps
and lmao at him saying he simply needs hormones to survive and he wouldn’t take them if he didn’t need them, when he still calls himself a doll and tries looking like a woman and goes out of his way to skinwalk scarethots any chance he gets. he’s on hormones because he likes them, just like he likes everything else in the troon world except for calling himself one

No. 1650227

File: 1663569005503.jpeg (566.14 KB, 1170x1174, C84ECB4D-BEA7-470E-BC19-A3F557…)

red scare and its consequences have been a disaster for women. mental illness.
and before any of the insane scarethots lurking reply to this to rant about how birth control does cause real changes: we know. it can cause changes in behavior, so can pregnancy, so can periods, so can anything hormonal. you know what also causes preferences to dramatically switch? being a retard who’s so severely impressionable you find yourself doing political, sexual, and aesthetic 180s twice a year depending on who you’re currently parroting, and thinking it’s normal.

No. 1650235

you can see people nocebo effect-ing themselves in real time in this thread because they saw some terminally online account or podcaster say they saw a study on birth control mentioned on some website that said so and so. it’s not a debate about whether birth control is good or bad (it’s neither, case by case basis, only far gone ideologues will say otherwise), it’s just hilarious to see people without any ability to think for themselves based on their own actual experiences, completely floundering like this in waves based on whatever is deemed en vogue. there is now a huge wave of (ALL unmarried, of course) scarethots larping about how they’re only doing the “natural family planning” method because anything else is neolib scammery that turns you into a man or controls your mind. because those same scarethots will know this is about them and angrily reply to me i have to say that i’m in favor of women taking health into their own hands if birth control isn’t an option, and it rules to chart your internal temperature and cervical mucus. the problem is that this at the end of the day an empty sad larp that will get them pregnant on accident with an ugly scrote they complain about on their privs, and they will just give up on it in time like everything else they’ve clunge to just to discard.

you could tell them toothpaste has phytoestrogens that have been documented to cause bloating, acne, worsened menstrual cramps, mood swings, and weight gain, and you know they would all immediately decry toothpaste as libtard nonsense, a scam, something you only use if you hate being fertile and feminine. it wouldn’t matter how many women confirm they’ve never experienced that, it wouldn’t matter how many teeth toothpaste had saved, they’d tell those women they just aren’t self aware enough to notice it and maybe if they just changed their diets they wouldn’t need toothpaste either, of course, all of them hiding their extensive history of rotting teeth. man they’d literally be swishing raw egg whites or something.
it amazes me to know that no matter how many disclaimers you put about not being a fan of bc, any defense of it riles the scarethots itt up and makes them accuse you of shilling it and denying that women have any issues with it

No. 1650298

isnt he supposed to be in prison for another 10 years

No. 1650385

you’ve had this one on your chest for a minute huh? good on you though nonnie you’re right lol

No. 1650464

lmao sorry nonna i was drunk and it was 2 am

No. 1650487

inb4 prude scarethots go "reeeeee degenerate drinking on a sunday"

also funny you mention toothpaste >>1650235 because fluoride bad for teeth is also an actual right-wing conspiracy yes, scarethots and resident moids, we know excess fluoride is bad for you.and you can actually change your diet so that you don't need tooth paste, it's just not feasible for most people post-agricultural revolution

No. 1650556

This guy is a tool but I guess he's not wrong here

No. 1650579

File: 1663602451000.jpeg (34.82 KB, 349x400, Hulk-hogan.jpeg)

I don't understand why they can't just learn from reality and looking around them. "Manly" men are attractive to proportionally testosterone driven 5'10 women with a DD cup and healthy tan, they aren't and have never been attracted to spider monkey looking anachan scarethots with perma circles under their eyes in wednesday adamms cosplay. That shit is for the twinks

No. 1650598

File: 1663603774201.jpg (94.72 KB, 360x549, 2-1501177576.jpg)

Eh, I don't think athletes or masculine men have one specific taste, I knew plenty guys who an american might call "jocks" who were masculine school athletes, who dated alternative girls, academic involved girls and many girls who also did sports

No. 1650607

This is especially true now that more "incels" and people who are usually considered losers are lifting. It's just that no type of men is attracted to pickmes kek, see "audrey horne". Even moldbug chose a normal lib woman instead of a trad pickme

No. 1650618

they think hormones will stop the clock when it actually speeds it up. he's an autopedophile terrified of the twink wall. he could taper from estrogen if he wanted to, it's easier to get off of than test. this guy was never the phenotype to chad out anyway. i'll grow a full beard and sound like barry white!!! hilarious.

No. 1650619

File: 1663604622144.jpeg (44.27 KB, 760x428, tom brady.jpeg)

Not to derail but you can be alternative or academic and still have that "strong and healthy" energy and strong features, it's more of a personality style than a fashion aesthetic; I just used hulk hogan as the most visually extreme example. Obviously there are outliners like everywhere

No. 1650622

incels are lifting now? god help us

No. 1650623

isn't this just called growing up?

No. 1650638

File: 1663605231230.png (528.78 KB, 2888x1620, gymcel.png)

some are, most Incels think its pointless and futile, so mockingly call those guys "gymcels"

No. 1650641

completely correct nonnie. of course the scarethots will see this as a hilarious dunk on rich libs rather than having a modicum of compassion for someone who isn't one of their despicable twitter mutuals

No. 1650652

No, just a lookalike

No. 1650655

spot-on about Audrey Horne aka credenzaclear2 she's a pick-me just like Dasha and Anna–one of the worst traits they've propagated in scarethots

No. 1650673

we ignored you the first time for a reason. go back to reddit

No. 1650680

i dont normally agree with commie diatribes just a broken clocks twice a day situation

No. 1650681

File: 1663607506228.jpeg (544.92 KB, 828x1470, A5B7C982-8C8E-48FA-ACD5-7F5FE7…)

From Anna’s ig stories

No. 1650685

Is this milk or just tragic? They need to get offline and sort their shit out

No. 1650692

Anyone who tries to undo tranny brainwashing with catholic brainwashing is a lost cause. Because of his complete absence of critical thought he created these hells for himself and doesn't deserve pity.

No. 1650694

I was literally about to say this about toothpaste lol
it was such a big thing for a while, it comes and goes. It was a slow news day thing where I grew up (“is your toothpaste making you fat? Learn more at 11” etc)

No. 1650695

File: 1663608708672.jpeg (991.46 KB, 828x1214, B24D3EE9-1B22-4C36-BFEB-D38A15…)

Any milk on Olive Parker?

No. 1650700

Deserved. Hope his bones disintegrate into dust.

No. 1650702

>milkless bikini pic asking to be spoonfed
Moid behaviour

No. 1650707

File: 1663609185030.png (10.54 MB, 1242x2688, F51ED906-5E97-4ED1-9ADB-400E01…)

in case you missed it

No. 1650709

whenever they try to go formal they look like high school students who don't quite know how to dress yet attending a costume party whose theme is "hollywood"

No. 1650711

File: 1663609468266.jpeg (601.2 KB, 1241x2250, 73836807-D000-45D3-B886-DEFC07…)

Does dasha not have friends who could have told her the dress is bad when she posted her “fit check”???

No. 1650717

Dasha's posture is atrocious as always; next protruding like an old crone. However, Anna looks stunning here, no notes.

No. 1650721

File: 1663610353180.jpeg (250.74 KB, 1170x2080, c3RwTREM1NOd1pvZWpBQVg4.jpeg)

Dasha needs someone to sit her down and tell her to stop wearing only yellow and beige.

No. 1650763

When she did that livestream fundraiser thing where she talked about her movie and succession I think, she claimed to have a “whole team of handlers now” closely monitoring her online presence and was talking about it like it was a positive change, I don’t get why she’s become like extra annoying recently or what happened to the team she supposedly had

No. 1650764

Pariah, stop self-posting and replying to yourself, you're awful at being discreet.

No. 1650766

This bitch has been getting ratioed on Twitter lately. Deeply unlikeable

No. 1650781

that's a man, calling him female slurs probably gives him a chubby

No. 1650862

How she unironically claims to be “a very aesthetic person” who thinks that “truth is beauty” is beyond me.

No. 1650919

>Schizophrenic episodes
He's being so dramatic. If anything, it's his body coming to it's senses. Anytime he takes estrogen, his central nervous system is weakened. He's afraid of taking testosterone because it'll ruin his high voice and that's it? I bet if he actually does take testosterone he'll be even more healthy all around, but he survives off being a self made victim.

No. 1650946

they don't have rights because they aren't supposed to be here, it's a shame it's not up to the states to deport them
you're right, if only states had the authority to send them back themselves

No. 1650953

You clearly don’t know immigration law yet decided to mouth off for some reason…
They have rights and have a right to be here while their asylum claims are heard. Learn to Sage

No. 1650959

>>1650707 when your weird aunt shows up at the family reunion in her old prom dress, with an inflatable tube guy as her date

No. 1650971

File: 1663622174251.png (4.44 MB, 750x1334, 6EF67B50-5934-4ABB-8899-65366B…)


No. 1651002

That one was much better. It fits her unlike the yellow one. Sorry, fashion discussion is boring but I’m really confused by her choice to wear the yellow dress. It so clearly doesn’t fit and is wrinkly, extremely unflattering. Is it a special brand/vintage???

No. 1651012

Thanks for posting, Dworkin’s writing is always a treat to read - so powerful and incisive.

No. 1651013

ntayrt I'm starting to legitimately think she's colorblind…

No. 1651016

This is the closest I have ever seen women to thinking like retarded 4chan moids. Impressive

No. 1651021

File: 1663623500754.jpeg (945.34 KB, 828x1651, F4D9093D-85BB-412D-A27E-0B1D97…)


No. 1651022

don’t forget the people telling them to do “natural alternatives” to birth control and populist rhetoric are literal Silicon Valley bug freaks like Thiel

No. 1651023

She’s such a nasty, empathy-deficient piece of shit that it’s actually fun to watch her waste away into a withered, prematurely aged hag while her “career” flounders. Pure schadenfreude.

No. 1651029

File: 1663624110624.png (121.97 KB, 419x421, main_722a7306-7676-46a8-89d6-4…)

terminally autistic take inbound but holy fuck the stem of a wineglass is not for decoration, i hate when people who act sophisticated and debonair grasp the wine glass in their sweaty claws by the bulb like an animal

No. 1651033


Damn I know Dasha seething rn bc she's not the pretty friend anymore

No. 1651038

File: 1663624309418.png (462.43 KB, 530x432, lasagnaanna.png)

I always thought "lasagna anna" was a figure of speech for how fat she looked. Not an actual reference to an image

No. 1651040

thinking it must be vintage, there’s a hole near the bottom visible in the side profile picture. this being the best old silk nightie she could find is very bizarre.

No. 1651042

Anna looks fucking incredible here. Hot damn.

No. 1651046


No. 1651049

a troon with a "singing career"? dios mio

No. 1651051

frumpy accountant dressing to impress at the office christmas party

No. 1651053

I don’t think Anna is necessarily better looking than Dasha, but she’s waaay better at dressing for her lines and body type. She also gained a bit of weight after the baby and looks much healthier now. And at least she manages to dress like an adult woman, while Dasha still clings to the “consumptive Victorian waif” larp even though she aged out of it years ago, and instead ends up looking like Miss Havisham with her haggard appearance and wrinkled stained old Etsy nightgowns.

No. 1651059

Sorry for having something positive to say, but Anna is looking great here

No. 1651091

I noticed Matthew is not with Dasha at this wedding which probably means nothing but I hope she dumped him since he’s clearly sucking the life out of her. I remember her saying she copies the personality/mannerisms/likes/dislikes of whoever she’s dating and if that’s true Matthew myst be unbearable and lead a depressing indoor lifestyle because that’s what she’s been doing since she met him

No. 1651093

He doesn't actually have a singing career. He wants one, but his voice is shrill and uninteresting.

No. 1651094

Is this supposed to be an example of a masculine guy? Pretty twinky looking

No. 1651096

honestly I agree, she's looking very well

No. 1651103

i'm hopeless at being able to notice plastic surgery, but do you guys think she might have had something done recently? there are a lot of photos where she looks …homely at best, but ngl when she was in the recent tafs thing i thought she looked really pretty - iirc dasha looked better than usual too

No. 1651108

samefag i had another look and i was slightly exaggerating how good she looks, she looks very tired, but you get what i mean kek

No. 1651110

>growing up is becoming a seething contrarian reactionary with no personality and changing stances on things every month depending on what podcasters say
hmm something seems off to me

No. 1651115

Have you ever seen the movie Sister Act where the nuns were all off key? That's literally the career he has

No. 1651117

are stemless wineglasses a mark of a wine pseud? genuinely asking because that’s steadily on the path to become more common than regular wineglasses and i never understood it

No. 1651120

anyone who says their politics is just “beauty” and aesthetics matter above all else is just a wannabe fascist who’s too afraid to actually be one. it’s funny they go on and on about valuing aesthetics in the political but at the same time decry libs for doing the same thing

No. 1651121

i have never seen such a sad photo of two women lmao. god what the hell happened to make anna and dasha actually go in reverse directions so hard. anna looks genuinely beautiful and dasha looks like a homeless mtf in his 40s. can’t imagine how she’s coping with the massive influx of people who think she’s ugly after so many groypers and scarethot orbiters sucking up to her years ago when she still had collagen in her face

No. 1651122

Don't worry, most will abandon it like they abandon all forms of self-improvement

No. 1651124

I get your point nonna but using pro wrestlers as an example is bad because even amongst real athletes they're all retarded

No. 1651126

Is it self improvement if lifting has been literally proven to make moids even angrier and prone to rage bursts?

No. 1651129

ntayrt but so true, lmao, they get addicted to lifting and become even bigger rage fueled narcs from what i’ve seen, but think it’s made them enlightened because they no longer feel as useless because they now lift heavy things and put them back down again on repeat a couple hours a day instead of only playing video games. “gymcel” types are scarier than regular shut in skinnyfat neets because they’re the same guy they’ve always been except now even angrier and can physically hurt people. worst of all they think they’ve earned the right to women and the right to be cocky and arrogant after getting big

No. 1651133

Men go to the gym because they see therapy and actually working on your problems as emasculating. Simple as. Don’t date gym bros and don’t date gymcels, they’re going to kill you in a fit of rage one day.

No. 1651136

tbh lifting doesn’t cure autism, BAP guys attempts at integrating into normal society and being cocky or charming comes across as pathetic and creepy. It clearly doesn’t work.

No. 1651142

File: 1663628228690.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1242x2049, BAD3BB94-2172-4C58-AB98-21FCF3…)

Is it possible Anna is being catty here

No. 1651164

I would argue that lifting requires severe autism.

And remember, if you ever get attacked by a gymbro just run away, their cardio levels are the same as the morbidly obese. Or just run around behind them, their muscles prevent them from full range of motion. Not even a joke.

No. 1651166

Where in Europe is this? Anna's dress is amazing

No. 1651169

File: 1663629404466.png (757.39 KB, 748x776, olb.png)

Oliver Bateman goes from podcasting with Aimee to doing a WWE press release.

No. 1651177

He's clearly a teenager, roided moid

No. 1651182

Anna looks really nice actually

No. 1651183

Am I autistic or is there nothing catty about this

No. 1651185

Pretty sure that anon means preferring more masculine, "realiable"-looking moids over more androgynous younger-looking ones is a result of growing up, not of quitting BC. Though tbf yeah her preference change is more likely a result of online memes than aging, plenty of women continue to like cuter men as they age

No. 1651191

File: 1663630256029.jpeg (648.37 KB, 1650x1242, 6EA1E9DA-5C66-4140-BAB2-248B27…)

I think just the hair looks better.

I said upthread she looks like she got stung by a bee and I still think that but I don’t actually want to tinfoil about her face or possible work because that’s boring

No. 1651192

imo anna looks silly dressed in a red carpet dress at an outdoor wedding. i think dasha's midsommar dress is more appropriate but not the best color.

No. 1651197

anna is going to pull this dress out when lil leo brings a girl home.

No. 1651199

>fashion discussion is boring
go back

No. 1651201

No I think you’re normal, I’m probably autistic for even asking or thinking it. based on things Anna has said and the way she normally posts/talks about women this was out of character. and those dresses are hideous

No. 1651202

Exactly, gymcels are just regular incels on roids (literally), except even angrier and more entitled when they still can’t get women despite their AeStHeTiC PhYsIqUeS. Turns out women aren’t as stupid as they think we are, and can easily sniff out a terminally autistic misogynist creep regardless of the state of his abs.

No. 1651204

anna has had tons of work done

No. 1651207

i think it's gross how many people let anna off the hook for her awful personality and Thiel promotion because she bimbo-fied herself. i guess you can do whatever you want as long as you fit the mold.

No. 1651210

is that actually from lifting or from the roids and other drugs?

No. 1651222

I just think it gets nitpick-y fast.

No. 1651228

I’m not a moid but ok. Why did that anon put that picture to portray a masculine man then? It’s like a troons idea of masculine

No. 1651229

>Troon says he needs to keep taking Estrogen or it will ruin his singing career
I suppose he styles himself as the castrato singers of the 19th century and that's why he calls himself a eunuch.

No. 1651233

Yes it’s normal when you’re a teen to prefer a more boyish look, think Leonardo in Titanic, then you get up into the 20’s and start getting into more masculine types, it’s not seed oils or birth control, it’s more or less “becoming a woman” as cringe as that sounds. I’ve noticed it with my friends and other women and how their crushes and tastes in men have changed

No. 1651234

No one is saying she's a good person nonnie just that she's looking good. It's so rare for people in this scene to look even marginally presentable we're just taken aback.

No. 1651237

Christlover2000 hands typed this

No. 1651238

Your friends sound bleak

No. 1651243

They talked about Moreschi on Cum Town too when they were making fun of Wayne Newton

No. 1651245

Being into twinks as a grown woman is a lot
more bleak

No. 1651247

File: 1663633529513.png (276.67 KB, 592x522, screenshot-twitter.com-2022.09…)

will she answer for this

No. 1651251

Skin looking dull and sallow even at golden hour

No. 1651256

NTA but how is it “bleak” for mature adults to be attracted to other mature adults? The opposite sounds bleaker to me.

No. 1651267

This will never not read as a cope for your scrote husband gaining 200 lbs and balding the moment he hits twink death

No. 1651270

i don’t think it’s only hair, something with her eyes is different but I can’t put my finger on it

No. 1651275

Ok. If you picture a fat guy when talking about masculine men that’s your own retarded problem

No. 1651279

When scarethots talk about it that’s what they mean. They think Dasha’s boyfriend is masculine.

No. 1651283

Matthew has noodle arms, a burgeoning humpback, and a bad case of ratface kek

No. 1651284

It’s that classic meme about DDLG’s doms being ugly nerd soyjaks

No. 1651318

This is exactly as effective as and not functionally different from "real" penance and that poster is the same person who said people in abusive marriages should use "love" to fix the abuse instead of getting divorced. I have to laugh.

No. 1651319

File: 1663637531673.png (759.29 KB, 640x1136, 4CEE14F7-D471-46E9-96C1-0D64C1…)

Nonnies, I'm scared

No. 1651324

grown woman in her 30s still pandering to incel groypers from 2016. she is a sad, sad person in so many ways, but her being this out of touch is weirdly what elicits the strongest reaction from me. it’s the one thing that almost makes me pity her. like seeing your grandma trying to write an email but she keeps messing up and it almost makes you cry because it is as pathetic as it is effortful

No. 1651345

in general you want to hold a stemmed cocktail or wine glass by the stem so you don't get your grimy fingerprints on it and so you don't warm the contents. stemless wine glasses are kinda cool in that they aren't as easily knocked over (good for alcoholic wine aunts) but for the reason above they're not ideal to autists who care abt shit like this (like me). it's an etiquette thing.
it's totally normal and fine for the average person to not know or care about this but seeing people who LARP as sophisticated make this mistake while smirking and posing in social media photos trying to look classy…idk they look like children playing dress up. all the attempted elegance and they clench their stemmed glass in their claws sweating up the glass and sipping their hand-warmed elderflower spritz.

No. 1651366

File: 1663640543540.jpeg (271.94 KB, 1141x762, A4722DC7-8642-4AC3-8CB3-881D6E…)

immediately thought of estee lardass, but they’d all be doing this shit

No. 1651373

Nobody is letting Anna off the hook for anything nonna, calm down. Wait till someone posts a twitter screencap for everyone to go back to business

No. 1651401

didn't these exact same fake screenshots go viral like two months ago

No. 1651463

Oh so it’s tarot readings for pickmes who hate liberal art hoes

No. 1651551

File: 1663652717256.jpeg (289.83 KB, 640x806, 95A4F3E0-39DB-4B27-93E1-2C4D19…)

No. 1651573

Not too long ago dasher posted something on that account like “men should be grateful to women for not psychically destroying their lives” how tf is dahsa going to destroy a man’s life? Be ugly at him?

No. 1651585

Her lip filler looks so lumpy and unnatural

No. 1651643

Do you think they’re in Europe? I’m pretty sure that’s Colorado.

No. 1651698

What a funny young lady! Hilarious. She looks better than usual here tho, the coquette 'looking upwards' pose doesn't look nearly as bad on her as anons said it would, her eyes look bigger and her eyebrows have a nice shape. That along with the softer light and blurriness really softens her bad features. Hair looks miraculously non-greasy. Tilting the head down makes her massive forehead/top of the head look like a result of the angle and not what her cashew head is actually like. Cute pic tbf

No. 1651723

lady, you're 30

No. 1651726

File: 1663679451293.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2476x2180, 592D7F60-432E-4DFD-A31F-D681D4…)

Cryptic sadposting

No. 1651728

I feel like I’m terminally online but I had a really hectic job when this became a meme, I have never know what he’s supposed to signify. would a kind Nona help me understand please? I think he’s the guy from the short video reviewing a Starbucks drink??

No. 1651730

He's a mass shooter. You're thinking of Reviewbrah. If you look up "The supreme gentleman" you'll find his info.

No. 1651731

Why does her eyes look like tranny stinkditches?

No. 1651732

oh god nonna lol its elliot rodgers he killed like half a dozen people

No. 1651735

Annnd she looks like a regular office worker who hates her job and mondays.

No. 1651747

He will never, ever come close to being a eunuch. He WISHES he was a eunuch. He will never have the voice of a boy, the body of an adult perpetually stuck in boyhood, he will never have the longevity of a eunuch. This is why he’s so hysterical and pathetic all of the time. No actual pedo would be satisfied with the meat sack he calls his body. The horse piss will give him heart attacks and clog his arteries, he will develop cellulite despite being a man and he will hit the wall harder than even regular men which is saying something as most men look geriatric by 22. His life will only get worse by time, the havoc testosterone has wrecked in his body is irreversible damage. He will keep digging himself into a deeper hole until the day he finally understands. He will beat himself with the shovel, break all of his bones with the cold hard metal then drop dead inside the hole he has dug for himself. He will resemble a truck driver and the transvestite he just murdered at the same time.
The only reason anyone is interested in his “singing career” is because they’re horny bi men looking for an adventure. He will never have the chasers he dreams of, because no straight-seeming male would ever look in his direction. He would need to pass as a young boy who has not yet developed male sexual dimorphism yet for that. You can’t go back in time and castrate yourself as a 7 year old boy. You can’t fake never having been through male puberty. Real eunuchs would spit on his face, push him down and trample him to death for even thinking he’s one of them. The deed is done, his fate sealed. 41. Just wait and see.

No. 1651755

Thank you. Sorry just completely missed that whole year and then it was too late to ask, plus general aversion to incel lore I guess

For the record I was thinking of this video, or maybe one of the edits people turned into a fake Starbucks commercial.

No. 1651785

Idk if Anna has had work done, but if she has it’s been very, very subtle and tasteful. She’s obviously aging (not a diss as we all are) but she wears her age way better than Dasha. It could just be the dissonance between Dasha’s heavily filtered wannabe loli waif selfies and… reality (lol), but it really does make Dasha look 5-10 years older in her natural state. I think a few pounds would do Dasha some good by filling out her face and making her body look less crunchy.

No. 1651794

i dont know how to explain it but dasha reminds me of those videos on youtube of the korean chicks with hyperrealistic crunchy clay? like i think if you poked her your finger would go right through

No. 1651801

jesus christ nonnie. true though

No. 1651841

Anna is gorgeous! I find Dasha beautiful as well

No. 1651857

How old are you? Or were you genuinely living a life disconnected from the internet? Every piece of media from television to newspaper to websites used that exact photo of Elliot Rodger.

No. 1651872

They're both pretty average in their natural state but Anna got a lot of work done + wears more makeup now. Dasha is pretty but not A list actress beautiful. They're wayyy too stuck up acting for what they are and represent. And way too harsh on other women when they're not in the position to be.

No. 1651877

>not to wk Dasha but…

No. 1651885

sorry ot and am an eurofag, but I was listening to RS some years back and Anna said most people find it interesting that she doesn't benefit from whiteness but decides to identify with her Eastern Europeans roots more so. that sentiment never left my head, is it something that can make sense in contemporary American life?

No. 1651889

lol, literally no one finds her pathetic ethno-larping 'interesting', much less told her that.

No. 1651902

the vast majority of americans would see her as white, no matter what she calls herself. this is so weird to type out but she absolutely “benefits from whiteness” in the way anyone else would, her insisting otherwise just seems like a cope for being less attractive if anything

No. 1651906

In NYC maybe but most suburbs are predominantly nordic white and she would stand out, she looks middle eastern.

No. 1651925

I was really suprised to see her calling out meghan markle on her attempt at narcissistic ethno-larping.
Anna must think, unlike markle, her particular brand of exotic IDPol play acting is valid, and she's totally not just a run of the mill American basic white girl from suburban NJ (not that there's anything wrong with that).

At least markle has never embarrassingly tried to speak broken swahili or whatever a la anna's 'russian', and made a fool of herself.

No. 1651935

She's seen as white by 99% of people she's ever encountered. There's a million Italians in NJ who looks more Middle Eastern than her. New Jersey has some of the highest diversity stats and number of second gen immigrants in the US outside of Queens. Being Russian would have been slightly more exotic than MENA where she grew up.

No. 1651946

Racial discourse in America is probably not as granular as it is in Europe, with the main broad groups being Whites (which includes most Jews), Blacks, Latin Americans, Native Americans, East Asians, and Middle Easterners (aka West Asians).

It gets a little tricky in who is seen as “white” as there’s a lot of white-passing ethnic people from Latin America, the Middle East and the Near East (like the Turks, Armenians, etc.). Like Anna, I also have an eye for racial taxonomies so I could probably clock her as Armenian, but I’m not sure if most Americans would notice that distinction. I would be shocked if Anna has been treated differently for being Armenian, especially since she spends most of her time in very diverse cities like NYC and LA.

No. 1651951

learn 2 sage. anyway, most americans don’t think of race in such an atomized way, especially suburbanites. you’re either white, black, hispanic, native, asian, middle eastern (which only covers very specific subsets of phenotypes, e.g. most iranians would be seen as white in passing), or indian basically. there’s no “i’m not white i’m italian” for these people unless you’re from europe or terminally online and into gay fringe race science. it’s just part of america

No. 1651954

Maybe in more ethnic enclaves of NJ and NYC but not in most suburbs of the North East. She's considered a marginalized minority but she looks unquestionably different from most European White Americans. Most Italians do not look whiter than happy merchant Anna.

No. 1651958

>happy merchant
>insisting most americans actually think anyone not obviously waspy isn’t white
>still not saging
go back

No. 1651960

*do. I live in Wasp central though most Italians and Middle Eastern/Central Asians would stand out. Its like that for most of the North East once you get away from the cities. If you were an immigrant in the 90's you were considered an other period but especially from a poor ex-soviet country.

No. 1651973

She doesn't look 'non white', or even mildly exotic, her claims are laughable. If she made those claims anywhere outside of the 'US race science' world, like russia or armenia or syria, she'd be laughed out of the room.
When I first started listening to RS I was told it was a left wing anti 'identity politics' type podcast, I honestly thought Anna was doing 'a bit' when she started with the whole 'oy vey' look at me I'm so special, russo-armenian-mena-jew shit she does, then slowly realizing she was serious with it…

No. 1652003

shut up you deranged troon. /tttt/ is that way. they all look like obese men no matter what they do or how young they start, seen kim petras lately? there is literally no way to stay in perpetual adolescence forever for either sex. if you are an adult who desires a perpetual child please seek chemical or physical castration immediately.

No. 1652020

he can detrans and live a normal life as a gay man and can still sing tenor or whatever. chill. i think further pariah discussion belongs in the femboy thread.

No. 1652041

lol thank you nonnie, i had the same thought, deranged troon hands most definitely wrote that post

No. 1652061

Something that sort of bothers me is the whole bronzeagepervert fascist male ideal Anna and Dasha both promote as well as gassing up their right wing simps. Dasha mostly dates artsy sensitive Jews and Anna is married to one. If they weren't with sensitive and emotionally intelligent men they wouldn't have half their confidence and they must know this..they have an impressionable audience that doesn't realize most male redscare listeners are abusive on an unprecedented scale.

No. 1652075

What’s with all the histrionicposting since the site came back online? It’s like a bunch of crystal cafers got tracked back here or something.

No. 1652084

many people are dumb or naïve enough to believe what people say about themselves and not understand that other people are what they do. they know they get paid to be token women for right-wing moids and that their money is conditional on shepherding more impressionable teen boys and girls into this ideology, more angry moids to fill the ranks and more handmaidens to serve them. more numbers to vote for moid interests and grievances.

No. 1652090

I only say this because from my brief venture into talking to a few redscare subreddit posters their vitriol for women is unmatched. When Anna and Dasha shrug off rape allegations or joke about knocking women around like its some normal primal manly thing to do I question well why aren't they dating the blue collar Alex Jones listener type? Oh..its because they're abusive and if they infact were with a man like that they'd be stuck at home popping out babies and getting std's from all the cheating they'd do. At least be open about the fact that you want what most mature grown women want which is an emotionally stable and sensitive guy with normal political views and a respect towards women.

No. 1652128

I meant to describe how he feels about himself. Eunuchs are pathetic creatures, but I can tell he wants to be one. I don’t believe any of that shit.

No. 1652136

because they want that for themselves and are fine sacrificing other women to pacify the rape apes. same thing with libfems and their pro sex-work and kink attitudes. "rape her, not me." "hate the girlbosses and pussyhat neo-liberals, not me." anna is exactly like paglia; she thinks because she has depth and humanity that she has a man's brain in a woman's body, and that she's special, rare, and unique among women. she doesn't realize or care that the rest of us have humanity too, and is fine with however the other women are treated as long as she stays the exception. but to these men, all men, there are no exceptions, she can step out of line in her actions, but not in her rhetoric. i think a lot of the hate dasha is getting and the praise anna is receiving here lately is because of dasha's old tweet bashing men surfacing. she's getting some behavioral reconditioning and is being punished, and that she'd get praised again like anna is currently if she doesn't step out of line again.

No. 1652150

Basically, Americans have no identity or cultural heritage, so they feel the deep need to wear the skin of the people that do.

A 3rd generation American with a distant Swedish ancestor will make it their entire personality. They will never learn swedish, they will never go to sweden for more than a 1 week vacation (the longest time off any american can take), they will not observe any swedish traditions nor learn more than a cursory wikipedia skim of its history.

But they'll shop at IKEA religiously and be really loud about it, because that's what they think a swede does. It's the cultural equivalent of HRT

No. 1652184

in the current political climate, Americans feel they have to find a tribe they belong to and represent to not be cast as evil whitey and to be allowed to do create in the public spotlight, and they will go great lengths not to be the current political scape-goat, much like men will transition into women or enby to escape the cis het male accusations, and to be granted more privilege points than they had before. anna and dasha play up their immigrant heritage to be allowed to be podcasters in the public sphere without white feminism karen accusations.

No. 1652205

samefagging to add one more thing. a+d have no actual base of support because they fuck over women to make money pandering to men, and men will always hate them because the podcasting money is still money going to two women. this causes resentment and threatens the simps because in men's minds, that's money taken from men that belongs in men's hands. women's economic empowerment will always threaten male dominance. if anna and dasha were smart they could invest their money and resist being dreaded into throwing their money away fitting into some starlet ideal. if anna was as clever as she think she is, she could have found a way to make men feel like they were being sufficiently pandered to while secretly boosting women, but that would take true guile and effort.

No. 1652206

File: 1663709323704.png (34.06 KB, 995x300, 36oszm0.png)

Honestly thought this was satire at first

No. 1652243

Could not agree more. They’ll lose their fanbase in due time, when they’re no longer able to appeal to their target demographic’s dicks and subsequent wallets. And like you said, it’s a tale as old as time: women think they have men “on their side” because they go out of their way to prove they are not just any old girlie, they’re different, they acknowledge the flaws of women that men decry which other women won’t! And those men they pander to are the same ones who will inevitably hate them most. Time is ticking, they’ve already lost most of their old female support, eventually the men will go too, and harder. They need to start saving and using their money responsibly. Or not, I don’t really care either way since that money is made through total bullshit, Thiel, and ass backwards rape apologism, and I don’t think A&D “deserve” it anyway, not that it matters.
>inb4 scarethots sperg at us and accuse us of doing a heckin girlboss liberal feminism
Ladies, it’s not good to be financially dependent on men even if you love them. Most cases of abused women not divorcing is because they’re completely financially dependent on their husbands. Men like that. Men literally don’t want you to be have more money than them, they don’t want you to have money period in most cases. Don’t bother citing random fantasies from twitterfags or your ex bfs either; they’re bsing but even if they weren’t they’d be the exceptions which prove the rule. And let this be a reminder that hating women as a woman won’t make men like you. You’ll just end up surrounded by men who hate you, too.

No. 1652320


I don't know, it's sad but I think there will always be girls & gays who want to pay other women to remind them that they are bad & deficient & men who are simps that want to pay women to tell them why they're superior.
Sure they'll lose audiences here & there but there will always be more self-hating wellbutrinas waiting in the wings.

No. 1652326

I love how someone used the phrase "culture-jamming" here a couple threads ago and now Dasha and Honor have added it as a frequent staple of their vocabulary. They are, of course, still glued to this thread.

No. 1652331

File: 1663713083667.jpeg (1.42 MB, 2441x4223, ACB43CC9-9392-4AAC-8BB3-86AA4B…)

No. 1652335

the face blurring. the scoliosis pose to make her butt look like it has an actual curvature beyond bone. the horrible dress. can’t handle it lmao, she genuinely looks 40 something now. truly channeling cheryl from curb here

No. 1652343

why is this dungeons and dragons club having a western-themed night

No. 1652382

why are you posting these uninteresting side by side mirror shots for no reason with no caption

No. 1652420

Sensitive? When Adam and Dasha were together adam openly talked on cumtown about jacking off to porny bimbos with huge tits, I don’t think sensitive guys are doing that, least not publicly

No. 1652424

Is she wearing butt pads? No way her ass looks that round naturally

No. 1652435

Alex Jones listeners aren’t all blue collar but I guess that’s beside the point, the plain truth is waspy Republican guys can get with prettier girls. That’s it

No. 1652438

nonnie, it's all angles and posing…

No. 1652448

Nah she’s wearing butt pads or padded underwear. Arching your back doesn’t change your ass shape like that

No. 1652452

It works perfectly to their delusion of being some hip counter-culture that's redpilling the normies and not a bunch of useless podcasters screaming on Twitter all day

No. 1652454

File: 1663717862749.jpeg (342.38 KB, 1170x861, 84FAB803-E0CF-4568-A096-DEF12D…)

from the same mind that brought us such hits as “i have never gone more than two months without a fungal infection”

No. 1652467

he 100% has a fungal infection in his ear. god damn.

No. 1652470

File: 1663718904403.png (300.54 KB, 407x548, crackhead rounsaville.png)

Most well-adjusted tankie

No. 1652476

I believe what nonnie was doing with >>1651747 was the YWNBAW copypasta but replace woman with eunuch https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/you-will-never-be-a-real-woman

No. 1652486

i hate to ruin the moment but that is a meme pic

No. 1652499

Maybe she's wearing a diaper because ketamine abuse destroyed her bladder control…

No. 1652501

between that and weakened pelvic floor muscles from an eating disorder maybe you're onto something kek

No. 1652517

Is there any new Urbit grift milk?
I wonder if it is a sign of all the Dark Enlightenment/Nick Land shit finally getting more widespread appeal outside of literal incels. All the "cathedral" shit is a perfect replacement for "bourgeosie" in the minds of failed lefties like Anna and Dasha. It's also an easy allegory for just "the jews" in the minds of chuds. Also I feel like retardomode internet lefties could easily retrofit the feudalism of it all into some bolshevik tankie stalin thing. The whole anti-Kant bent also fits perfectly for all the contrarians, right and left, who've been ranting about We Live In A Society for however long.
Anyway thats my blogpost, I know a former Urbit employee IRL whos pretty weird

No. 1652533

thanks nick, very punk

No. 1652536

urbit remains a completely dead project despite shilling, moldbug himself has basically called it a scam, most of the og people involved jumped ship except for those being paid to promote it like alex lee moyer. also nick land has been awol for like 4 or 5 months now which has never happened

No. 1652541

File: 1663721514927.png (186.02 KB, 1483x1024, ywnbaw.png)

when people use ywnbaw picrel is the version used. what was posted strayed too far from the original language that the meme didn't come across, if that was the intent.

No. 1652542

File: 1663721594995.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x2161, CC6B847A-64DC-451C-9738-4C1798…)

Yellow dress makes more sense seeing it with the fur. Kind of a whorehouse-madam western theme, reminds me of costuming in McCabe & Mrs Miller. I still hate the dress and it’s really terrible without the fur but at least it’s a less confusing choice now.

No. 1652554

Are they anti-Kant because they're Hegelians, or what's the angle there? I try not to read much of this dribble, Moldbug really thinks reinventing the wheel that is the concept of hegemony and slapping some LOTR larp over it is some groundbreaking shit

No. 1652569

that, and why did they delete them right after you posted this lol

No. 1652586

Not sure how much detail I want to put into this but simply put the moldbuggians want to create sandboxworld where you're sort of free to do whatever you want but only within corrective boundaries set by techno monarch (literally just peter thiel on a throne in san francisco). To use Yarvins own shitty LOTR larp, he would be Worm Tongue in both appearance and duty.
You can see how this goes against anything Kantian when it comes to democracy, liberty, and even the categorical imperative, since the moldbug is so very prescriptive of what is moral, how society should work, and who gets to decide these things.
Yarvin gets caught up in the weeds of the culture war too much to ever really address metaphysics to a degree that you could poise him as much of a Hegelian or Kantian in that regard, or at least imo.

No. 1652588

> former Urbit employee

Could you spill the milk on him (assuming it’s a him) if you don’t mind? Obviously not the subject of our thread but it’s been pretty dry here

No. 1652591

i think it was a moid from reddit lol, only type of person who’d think posting completely out of context random normal selfies is interesting. same with that weird close up pic of dasha that got posted a couple days ago

No. 1652601

File: 1663724082489.png (67.81 KB, 612x426, baleted.png)

anyone know what the op dasha tweet was here?

No. 1652602

>sensitive and emotionally intelligent men
What? Nonnie pls. But yes, it is true that none of these girls who hype "rough blue collar men who look like they could build a simple house with their own hands" ever date said men, even after "their preference changes "because they quit BC". None of the men in this sphere come even close to it either. It's a really bizarre homoerotic fetish. They're all LARPers though, so feeling superior for stating a preference on social media (despite the fact that their revealed preferences say otherwise) is a given.

No. 1652607

Also that Nerozzi guy is very sus. Tradcath, lives in Japan, former Daily Caller writer, now writes for FoxNews.com (also was the one that broke the Shia LaBeouf becoming Tradcath story), and long-time reply guy to the TreuAnon hosts, and Rachel/tolstoybb among other dirtbag diaspora.

No. 1652614

>a lot of the hate dasha is getting and the praise anna is receiving here lately is because of dasha's old tweet bashing men surfacing.
She's getting bashed for her looks. Everyone praised that tweet. People are praising Anna for her looks. She got shat on last thread for her "wahmen be vain!1!!1" tweet. It's not that deep.

>It's the cultural equivalent of HRT
kek anon, perfectly put

No. 1652617

yo thank you very much for that explanation, it put a lot of this into perspective for me. I happened upon Yarvin's blog somehow way back when I was in high school and even then it didn't hold up to any amount of critical thought. Him coming into the limelight is the main reason I look at this thread because he seemed like a really unlikely character to have been boosted to this level. The Thielbux shilling is so fascinating and hilarious to me, he seems very out of touch with contemporary media/culture industry and fails at being the dark mastermind he fancies himself.

No. 1652629

File: 1663724993327.jpeg (794.88 KB, 1170x1867, CDA94909-11DE-4CDA-A5CE-AA0DED…)

reminder that even nick land thinks moldbug is a massive fucking retard and refuses to engage with him seriously, and moldbug is too much of a retard to actually read land and has gone on record saying he never has.

No. 1652635

File: 1663725119516.jpeg (785 KB, 1170x1935, 1F049A3A-9CED-4CA2-AE57-268EEC…)

kinda miss nick land being on twitter, his compulsive cattiness was really funny especially towards people as dumb as moldbug

No. 1652636

File: 1663725135413.png (1.41 MB, 1439x1439, 1596694112849.png)

I don't really get this accusation as she looks literally the same as here to me despite the obvious near neglible signs of a maturing face. Do you have proof?

No. 1652654

she mad

No. 1652655

the internet is so boring nowadays

No. 1652656

>moldbug himself has basically called it a scam
say more? i don't remember this

No. 1652666

I wonder if he disappeared because he saw this shitstorm a-brewing and didn't want to get caught up in it

No. 1652669

This was from about three years ago too.
She's only become more belligerent with this bs.

No. 1652682

very possible especially considering that, his contemporary qualms with moldbug aside (i think land mightve liked his much older blog posts but i could be misremembering), i know land was an early stock holder in urbit and got an account earlier this year. maybe he planned on hiding out there as an alternative to twitter but realized it was completely dead except for washed up hipster pseuds in nyc parroting podcasters then gave up lmao.

No. 1652687

>Real eunuchs

Rope yourself, pedo creep

No. 1652716

Literally a rambling old man at this point. Getting back on twitter was a big mistake.

No. 1652745

File: 1663731059250.jpeg (984.54 KB, 1125x1593, 881706B2-DD53-4BB3-A771-51A345…)

The pic you posted is from like 2009, by 2019 Anna looked like picrelated. Anna’s clearly had quite a bit of lip and cheek filler since then as well as the tret and some sort of laser lifting treatment she admits to. She’s too vain to cop to fillers but used to discuss them in great detail on the pod and was especially spergy about their potential links to miscarriage, all this around the time she got pregnant and the pod started making money. Not too hard to put that together but some people cling hard to Anna being natty for some reason

No. 1652765

L2read obviously it's from her younger years that's the point of the post. Your reply doesn't counter nor prove anything, all I see is her lips are most certainly of the same shape/size and her cheeks are clearly much more sunken and do not look full at all here. She literally looks haggard in the photo you've posted and you're telling me this is the reference for supposed cosmetic enhancement? ? ? Dunno I'm not buying it + it's nitpicky as fuck

No. 1652771

File: 1663732299695.jpg (292.89 KB, 1167x600, ethnicity.jpg)

sage for OT but its not just americans, I come from a multi-ethnic 3rd world nation, and in my country over the generations people have started dressing similar and due to schooling most people speak the national language, but they still hold on their cultural/ethnic identity, many Punjabi's in the cities do not speak the Punjabi language or have even been to Punjab for a long period of time but they still identify as Punjabi, and similar phenomenon's happen in the middle east with Berbers and Kurds, so its very clearly not just an American thing in anyway, I'd argue its a human experience of wanting to identify with a solid identity rather then a made up vague arbitrary one like being just "white" or "brown"

No. 1652787

Hm I don’t think you’re following me, I’m saying she looked haggard in 2019 and in 2022 she looks much younger and fuller in face and lip. It’s fine if you don’t believe that’s due to fillers but no need to get pissy about it, idle gossip about a podcaster is not that serious

No. 1652793

I don’t understand why anyone would willingly be pathetic at 33 years old.

No. 1652802

I would like to understand how someone who tries so hard to emulate old money completely misses the mark the way Dasha does. How could you have the resources and money to change yourself positively but you instead continue to look like a stinky unwashed rotting corpse.

No. 1652818

you make some good points anon but it’s remarkable that you’ve managed to sound just as completely out of touch as what anna said.

nationality, race, and ethnicities are different you retards

No. 1652998

TFW you realize trannies are just an expression of the larger problem of Americans

No. 1653053

Anna will probably be able to get a solid grift going with some glowie conservative think tank.

Dasha’s absolutely fucked though. She’s losing her mind and is at high risk of becoming a bag lady now that her looks have deteriorated so much.

No. 1653072

Does Nick Land have anything to do with Urbit? I thought it's just Moldbug

No. 1653076

I agree, but the only person who seems to be starting discussions about pariah is pariah himself. He considers himself someone on par with the others, not just a random femboy or troon

No. 1653127

Why wouldn’t Dasha get the same outcome as Anna? I wouldn’t worry about either of them. You don’t have to be a genius to work at a think tank. Dasha likes to put on this facade of “dumb blonde” but she is more than capable of going into that line of work imo. Dasha also seems to have a decent amount of work ethic and is actually producing things unlike Anna.

No. 1653142

Lmao i thought the fedora phase was a joke
Bronze age pervert is also an emotionally sensitive half-jew (allegedly). He has fashy politics but that is such an autistic thing for an ivy league educated person to believe in that it kinda means he’s le sensitive boi who is not like the other guys. He is constantly railing against engineering (daddy issues) and claims to be a lover of art. He fits the phenotype too, skinny with cute face.

No. 1653147

You sound like a lost scarethot kek, all "identities" are vague and arbitrary. "Identifying" with an "identity" is a very modern phenomenon, the human experience tends to be that of forming and belonging to groups and sharing their culture and customs. There's nothing natural about LARPing as part of a group you don't actually belong to beyond a genetic link, that's just the modern identity formation through consumption extended to the more recent turn towards the consumption of experience instead of goods. LARPing to one-up peers and gain clout is ~neoliberul~ through and through and it's hilarious when trad-leaning people use that as evidence that they're right.

But you're right, it's not an american phenomenon, it's a post-modernity phenomenon. America is just post-modernity incarnate so these trends are most visible there.

No. 1653155

File: 1663765327877.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1520, A6F63F4F-95BD-47E9-BACE-77A29B…)

Something for whoever was so offended Leia flipped the bird at a camera a while ago

No. 1653159

File: 1663765849461.jpeg (756.58 KB, 1241x2167, 3425C18C-9625-4B21-BF79-071F27…)

Dasha’s new man is such a huge upgrade I’m so glad she left the zoomer worm boy. kidding

No. 1653179

When did Anna get married to Eli?

No. 1653181

I think Dasha is finally going to get picked and prove her naysayers wrong

No. 1653191

Hate how Anna actually got an outfit that suits her

No. 1653249

it was said above, but: land hates moldbug, loves (or loved) urbit and was one of the earliest investors and stock holders like 7 years ago, only getting an account earlier this year. it would not surprise me if he’s either dropped his support entirely by now because of urbit being dead and moldbug involving himself with the shitshow of nyc trust fun kid fantasies, or if he’s so tuned out from being off of twitter that he’s just chilling on urbit now, who knows. hard for me to believe he’d stay on urbit though considering it’s dead.

No. 1653267

Is this her new boyfriend or is she just sitting next to this guy? Wasn’t autistic enough to notice that she unfollowed Matthew or something kek

No. 1653320

at first i thought he was cafebeef

No. 1653322

File: 1663778313515.png (604.12 KB, 1087x1600, latest-2940281949.png)

No. 1653327

the scream that i scrumpt

No. 1653378

BAP is Jewish

No. 1653428

File: 1663785174816.png (187.12 KB, 628x391, a.png)

you could really fill a binder entirely with batshit misogynistic things anna and dasha have said

No. 1653431


a binder full of women so to speak

No. 1653438

lmao christ nonnie. 10/10

No. 1653443

File: 1663785977428.png (227.42 KB, 1184x862, pic.png)

I know Anna has not read more than a page of Nietzsche.
Anna would just be a pathetic self-hating case if she wasn't telling naive scarethots that they deserve to be abused by men and are evil harpies if they don't like it. She told a story about being groped at a bar but said she was asking for it because she told a risque joke to the man.

No. 1653450

Precisely because she’s branded herself as “dumb blonde” and has aged out of it so hard, and also seems to be becoming progressively more unstable.

And of course you don’t have to be smart to do think tank type grifting, but the whole job is a combo of fence-sitting and making hackneyed conservative talking points seem novel, subversive, and articulate, which is like Anna’s whole schtick.

No. 1653466

File: 1663787036669.png (120.75 KB, 453x486, advanced race science.png)

Dasha's DNA results are in, and Anna's psychotic mom who "doesn't speak English" weighs in

No. 1653470

File: 1663787202886.png (73.31 KB, 606x386, super slav.png)

Super Slav Dasha

No. 1653477

what happened to “sorry for being eurasian”

No. 1653482

does anyone remember when anna's mom had a public twitter and insta? this was in like 2018 or early 2019, and her posts were entirely in english. anna was obsessed with sharing her posts and dms

No. 1653485

She's probably read those two pages Dasha posted and that was it kek. Would be funny if Dasha dodged the dumb blonde shtick and became the smart friend, wouldn't even be hard

No. 1653486

File: 1663788070018.jpeg (161.2 KB, 1170x1423, B665BDD5-D01F-442D-808F-89136C…)

Honestly I can’t make sense of this but it’s not because she doesn’t speak English. I’m sure she does speak to her mom in russian but the reason was such a weird lie.

It’s cool to hate China now, can’t be associated with asian anything

No. 1653488

I remember. I haven’t looked in ages, didn’t know it was gone / private

No. 1653491

Literally nothing wrong with being a bag lady and honestly she would be happier without a man she should try that instead of going off birth control and getting IV bar drips to replace lost fluids from burst ovarian cysts

No. 1653492

i'm not sure if it actually is gone, i just only remember it from 4 years ago and the memory just came back to me all of a sudden. it was mostly political commentary and opinions on celeb fashion. i remember her talking about melania a lot lmao. i had totally forgotten it until today but it was pretty concrete proof her mother is fluent in english.

No. 1653493

this tbh, if anyone would benefit from being single for a long time if not forever it's dasha. she herself has said she becomes whoever she's dating and becomes unhealthy in every relationship.

No. 1653494

Gay too

No. 1653503

Anna let this slip a few years ago, that her mom is also really into this insane racial psuedo science to make herself feel better than others, (she's big into pretending to be Latvian iirc). This is where Anna gets it from.
It not just something she uses as a crutch to make up for her 'embarrassment' at being a typical middle class suburban American white woman.
She's garbage that was dragged up by garbage, two generations of sad ethno-LARPing.

No. 1653506

Damn, nonna. Harsh.

No. 1653512


No. 1653519

File: 1663789949202.png (273.19 KB, 598x871, JbUnLGJ.png)

But you're not a 'soviet immigrant' anna, not in any way shape or form.
You can't remember living anywhere other than the US.

No. 1653522

How so? He literally calls out jews and how they're directly opposed to Hellenism

No. 1653532

We’ll if you believe the age truthers she was like 15 but I think it still counts if you immigrate as a child and having parents who are adult immigrants is its own whole thing. But culturally and socially it’s more like being homeschooled than being an immigrant if that makes sense.

No. 1653536

Like a quarter of all of the people who've ever been discussed in here are some flavor of self-hating Jew.

No. 1653542

She says 'she' (her parents) left before the soviet union collapsed, so 1990 at the latest (aged 5). She's says this is why it's very hard to get back in as they don't recognize USSR era parerwork or something.
She uses this excuse as to why she didn't bother to 'go back' to Russia until she was like 35.

No. 1653549

What’s the beef between Land and moldbug?

No. 1653562

one is smart and insane, the other is dumb and boring. old land read moldbug’s old blogs and liked some aspects then began to hate him over time and consider him a pseud who basically just likes caste capitalism and his ideal is hardly different from what we have now. he differentiates between “moldbug” and “yarvin” to show where he thinks there was an epistemological break once moldbug threw his anonymity away altogether and, in land’s eyes, started becoming cheap.

molgbug said once on a podcast that he’s literally never read anything written by nick land because land already read moldbug and that fact makes moldbug self conscious lmao, and he “didn’t want to create a loop,” but it’s obvious land’s writing is just way beyond his scope of knowledge and compression. and i say that not to frame land as a genius but to show just how stupid moldbug actually is. land was first and foremost drawn to moldbug’s old blog posts because they were criticizing the stagnation of the world in a way land was always drawn to which led him to the point he’s at now.

No. 1653569

oh and land actually reads and knows what he’s talking about because he used to be very left and drenched in critical theory and philosophy in college, and his disillusionment with the state of the left is what propelled him to this point. but unlike “post leftists” and other nrx guys like moldbug, land earned his salt and has a lot to show for it. as much of an insanoid he is.

No. 1653575

Land's little college group spawned the whole accelerationism thing, as well as xenofeminism, and heavily influenced transhumanism. It's tragic how he became a cheap online boomer, if he ever comes back I hope he finds a way to counter his catgirl troon fans that isn't just turning to boomer conservatism

No. 1653579

>land spawned all of this retarded shit
>he can fix it tho
pls nonna

No. 1653628

It’s so strange to think that Land spawned xenofeminism since he isn’t exactly aligned with his catgirl fans. Huh.

No. 1653635

Samefag. The dress looks good on her but there's also the "don't try to show up the bride" rule or there used to be. I guess I'm old fashioned but I don't think it's the proper arena to wear something so revealing either.

No. 1653642

xenofeminism or accelerated handmaidenism is a bitter joke (maybe if men can become women, it will be in men's interests to decide that women are worthy of humanity! you can have a little humanity, as a treat, now that men have decided to move on and shed it.) and society's resources directed towards transhumanism will be it's undoing. (thank fucking christ)

No. 1653648

i thought it was helen hester and laboria cuboniks that spawned xenofeminism inspired by land's accelerationism, and land's academic circle created cyberfeminism, but really shulamith firestone would be the prototype for accelerating "gender" and positioning that if men had a stake in being female they would allow the life and role of a female to improve. a nauseatingly obsequious way to achieve equality.

No. 1653661

Anna Khachiyan's mom has a public twitter - her account is @trinitycard. Followed by Anna, Dasha and Dan Allegretto.

Her instagram is private though - @foodchainglobanalyst.

No. 1653685

wow thank you nonnie. it’s been so long since i looked at her twitter, im surprised she’s still at it. ridiculous woman, no surprise of course since she allowed anna to look at porno mags as a toddler and go home with old men

No. 1653699

File: 1663800868193.jpeg (720.49 KB, 816x1786, 96F7F514-79EA-437F-B06D-5A196A…)

No. 1653702

File: 1663800957562.jpeg (248.71 KB, 1170x743, 03C68015-6A6D-4F0E-8299-65AEFA…)

she’s truly her mothers daughter

No. 1653816

Holy keks. I only read these threads when something interesting pops up so idk if I missed this according to >>1653685
but dayum if the Apple does not fall far from the tree, shit. I’m dying. This reminds me of anisa’s mom but more and Venus’ mom but less.

No. 1653831

>helen hester and laboria cuboniks
Isn’t Helen part of Laboria Cuboniks? Anyway, I think part of the natural conclusion to Land’s ideas is xenofeminism. Shulamith Firestone was and will always remain the spark for xenofem/cyberfem, with her ideas about divorcing the organs from the body and freeing women from nature and its constraints through artificial wombs. If that happens—and I don’t think it’ll work the way one would ideally imagine—women will be the first to hate it. And even then, I don’t think women will achieve existential transcendence. Shulamith’s ideas, as novel and admirable as they may seem, are just juvenile and short-sighted.

No. 1653869

wtf I feel sorry for Anna now

No. 1653891

is there any smoking gun proof this is really her mom? I thought she said her mother was functionally illiterate in english, which is source of her total fluent russian, which is never heard outside of a few broken phrases lol

but besides that, there are no photos, and according to anna she was also an artist who copied old master paintings- I would expect some art sperging mixed in as well as the lit/classic music sperging that all soviet era boomers love to do. I would totally believe this some thirsty femcel middle aged fat twice divorced relative of anna's… just not sold on that it's her mom

No. 1653895

Anna has retweeted her and said it's her mom…

No. 1653901

ok this is indecipherable. I was wondering where the urbit poster was going this time so I was just observing quietly but wow. I showed this to a normal person who does not lurk here and we both laughed at this because each line makes less sense than the last

No. 1653908

Correction: One used to be smart but went off the deep end and is now struggling for relevancy and money now that he basically alienated everyone in his academic career. Nowadays, you can't deny Nick is closer in spirit to Moldbug, that is pseud provocateurs with little substance to say.

No. 1653910

It was Sadie Plant from the CCRU who helped developed xenofeminism. Land might have played some part with Accelerationism though.

No. 1653920

she used to advertise her moms account and tell people to follow her lol

No. 1653931

yeah one would wonder what shulamith firestone would think if had lived to see trannies forcing their wives to let their infants suckle their moobs.

>>1653901 it's okay to not know about this subject. although i think her personal life would be interesting to scarethots since she starved herself to death. she gives christine chubbock a run for her money on who lived a more painfully misunderstood life. it's probably a bad idea to out yourself to a "normal person" that you lurk a place like this.

No. 1653955

I finally got round to watching Peter Vack/Brown's "Actors". It's actually not bad. Vack's character troons out for the clout and gets a ton of acting roles for being a troon. His sister, Betsey, is jellyous. Near the end, he gets beaten up then gets facial reconstruction surgery and his face looks exactly like his sister's face. She is then happy that he's going to make them both famous. She also starts looking more androgynous near the end and so does their dad. Anna also gets name dropped in the film. It always puzzles me as to why she gets so much clout for just being a shitposter and shit-talker. What exactly has Anna done to gain the clout that she has? Why would Vack choose to name drop Anna? Neither her or Eli were involved with this film. Why did Thiel, Blake Masters, and Eric Weinstein all of a sudden get an interest in her? I think Betsey mentioned in an interview that this was the first time she was actually jelly of her brother because she felt like she was competing against another woman and not her brother in this film. I have to say that Betsey is a decent actress, better than Dasha or Rachel Sennott and has some athleticism as well.

No. 1653956


Wasn’t Firestone schizo? Fits her brand. She would have been a stellar poster: 23 year old Jewish schizo estranged from family harping on about breaking out of the biological constraints of sex. (Did you know that Helen Hester has a book called Fat Sex, kek?(
I’d love to take a peak into the future to see how it all pans out. I’d say that if they become a thing (and I doubt that) it’ll be a sort of tightly-controlled affair for ultra-rich people like Elon Musk or something trying to breed to fight the fertility rates, and then it’ll become common enough that natural pregnancy will become high-status. Conceiving away from the government will be the new thing - sex for procreative purposes, no longer divorced from its potential for life. I do still think women will absolutely hate it because some part of inherent value will decrease, but isn’t that just part of attempting to achieve transcendence? Most won’t like it either way.

No. 1653957

I'm lolling because I read all of that in a very thick Russian accent

No. 1653962

Wait do they really namedrop Anna? I was under the assumption Betsey shot the film in like 2018, so it was around when Red Scare was barely getting started.

No. 1653964

Yes, Peter pronounces it Anna Ka-chach-yan

No. 1653971

File: 1663817882996.png (217.3 KB, 1378x834, interview.png)

Dasha seems to get cut out of a lot of things.
Anna and Dasha have brief separate scenes in PVT Chat that Vack starred in. The Wikipedia says it filmed in the winter of 2018 right before Red Scare started.

No. 1653975

Peter namedrops Anna because he's stupid, and they share an anti-woke affinity

No. 1653978

idk nonnie that sounds pretty bad. just because something is troon critical doesnt make it compelling or good art automatically lol, or even ideologically consistent.

No. 1653981

>natural pregnancy will become high-status
simply not true, in no way will artificial wombs become the default when they would be insanely expensive. fucking and getting pregnant on the other hand is completely free and simple.

>women will absolutely hate it because some part of inherent value will decrease

roundabout objectifying incel logic. women already aren't valued, even the rightoids who claim women are good because they are baby machines dont actually value women due to that. there is no set value for women, as women arent trinkets for sale anyway, even if thats what men treat us as.

No. 1653991

she spent a lot of time in nyc alone, she had a mental break later than the usual range for schizophrenics in her 30's. perhaps isolation and drug use played a role? i think women who can afford it are already unshackled from reproduction through surrogacy, but imo when the power of reproduction changes hands from women to men, and men begin to debate what purpose children will serve in the future is when the real horror will start.

No. 1653996

File: 1663820828861.png (1.38 MB, 2560x639, pvt chat dasha and anna cameo.…)

Didn't even notice Dasha or Anna when I watched PVT Chat.
Dasha's scene starts at 24:47-25:14.
Anna's scene starts at 29:12-29:28.

No. 1654005

Sorry about your mental retardation

No. 1654011

If it ever gets to the point where government controls births that way we'll have much worse problems to worry about. I don't understand why this is such a meme that it always crops up in discussions about artificial wombs, command economies don't work and that's just inanimate goods. Imagine controlling the production and allocation of people, it's just not gonna happen

No. 1654054

Anna wearing overtly feminine clothing only highlights her harsh features. She should try gaining some weight in her face so she doesn't look like Izma. Why is she wearing an evening gown during the day? It looks so try-hard and clueless.

No. 1654059

this episode is PAINFULLY weird and awkward. I've heard eugene on podcast before but he's never sounded so neurotic and insecure. it sounds like they got into a fight over dasha's martha's vineyard tweet before they recorded this and he's giving really weird energy with Anna, like he's trying to neg her into fucking him in front of Eli or something.

No. 1654063

he's also really sexually inappropriate in a cringe try hard way, his first question is how do they orgasm and then he asks Anna if she got wet when she met Dasha's father. just a nasty vibe, the patreon comments are also a mess making fun of him

No. 1654098

File: 1663831973465.jpeg (177.09 KB, 1125x508, 9140DB73-5DDA-4302-8E64-51EFE1…)

Wow, Anna’s mom really is the quintessential scarethot. Conservative think tank arc when?

No. 1654110

File: 1663837185309.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 897CD6A3-C36A-4BE9-AC61-67CFF0…)

No. 1654123

Strange. In that short span of time he appeared in Cum Town with Leia, he seemed like he actually had charisma and carried the convo harder than Nick and Adam.

No. 1654125

File: 1663839620731.jpeg (Spoiler Image,536.3 KB, 824x1029, 3589BE4F-1B6F-40A5-82C0-DBF0C0…)

Stav and that zoomer hyperpop troon from the last thread

No. 1654127

not to nitpick, but this current look on hari is so awful. it’s not fashion, it’s not edgy, it’s not avant-garde, it’s absolute garbage.
hari looks best with eyebrows and dark longer hair.

No. 1654226

Anna and Dasha actually make a great case for pro-life. The world would be a better place if they were offline and raising kids.

No. 1654259

His dad is probably Jewish. Bap was also a protégé of David Sidorsky. He’s always been a full on Zionist. He toned done the philosemitism for his current audience but even on Caribbean rhythms occasionally he lets his preference for Israel slip. He really only “hates” jews in the west, the diaspora, because they are libs. However, you can’t trust what he says on the show to be his true beliefs. He’s had plenty of Jewish and anti-semitic guests and he always agrees with them all. Ironically, the fascist provocateur has an agreeable personality and is not one to start conflict. He will agree on the Holocaust with Yarvin and then also agree with Bishop Williamson.

No. 1654274

There was the release of an ethereum l2 a few days ago that uses the urbit name and an accompanying airdrop to account/ship holders.

No. 1654279

gollum energy

No. 1654292

File: 1663857465978.png (1.87 MB, 1980x1230, tyr78eiuhdfdjs.png)

Anna is speaking at their conference this week. From this looks like she's also on Urbit now herself.
Tao Lin published an essay of "curing" his autism (He still score in the definitely autistic range by his own admission.) on one of the Urbit fake lit mags. Seeing who has anything positive to say is a good measure of who's a shill now.

No. 1654330

>all those professional headshots beside a peace sign selfie

No. 1654333

1) You didn't need to bring that back up again.
2) Regardless of connection, that's a fucking disgusting picture to have saved on your computer.

No. 1654336

Guess the troon that Stav is fucking posts here

No. 1654339

Yeah he brings himself back up after everyone's forgotten him

No. 1654340

reminder that tao lin groomed and raped a 16 year old when he was almost 30, gave her strict rules on how to dress and starve herself (she was anorexic and he took pleasure in encouraging it), and traumatized her so badly she’s now a ftm aiden. anyone still waxing poetic about tao lin is a fraud, even with what i just said aside, his old work serves no purpose other than as a publicized diary, except he was too much of a coward to simply publish them as such, he had to change big names and big details to save himself embarrassment. meanwhile his biggest book is about his relationship with the aforementioned 16 year old girl which used copied and pasted emails from her without her permission.
and now, his current work serves no purpose other than to inspire the washed up hipsters and their hanger ons into becoming antivaxxers who think microwaves cause cancer, phone towers are the root physical cause of blood pressure problems, toothpaste is toxic, 9/11 was done with energy field weapons, and we should be taking psilocybin and ibogaine every single day.

he’s just a convenient pawn for thiel and co because he’s already deranged enough to peddle ideas like this while already having stale hipster clout from 2009. what’s even more perfect is that he’s a well documented and insane rapist and has no issue surrounding himself with other rapists and rapist-defenders.

No. 1654349

there’s an entire chapter in his latest book about how he harassed his elderly parents into getting all their fillings removed one by one, by a shady dentist in taiwan, because he convinced them they were going to die in pain because of the fillings being toxic

No. 1654509

Samo Burja has been turning into a cow himself, the siren song of flattering men with big egos is too enticing to resist. Paul Town was right to hate him kek

No. 1654511

who and who

No. 1654558

Petition to make a separate urbit thread. I know I’m not the only person who has said it needs its own thread. It has a tendency to highjack this thread and there’s obviously plenty of background for it. It’s just like how Hasan goes elsewhere even though he’s doing a lefty grift, anachans go elsewhere even though dasha has an eating disorder, etc. It can’t all go here.

No. 1654568

File: 1663873753849.png (23.94 KB, 587x253, undermines.png)

yes gosh why would people think that

No. 1654584

wait what i was just reading that guy's essay on autism and now i find out hes a pedo is this mentioned in the book? or how do you know

No. 1654586

it's so funny how they don't realize they are out of touch rich people now. no no i'm working class because i wear carhartt and smell bad

No. 1654592

remember when nick mullen said the spa tranny shit in LA never happened and was made up by transphobes kek

No. 1654596

Would have to listen to hear the tone but Adam is playing dumb. The Ion Pack (after crying all year about how they've been smeared) either snitched out their other friends to Adam for taking money for a movie or they lied about it on a public podcast to be bitches. And Ions admitted to Adam they had offers to run a right wing streaming site. The only thing up in the air is who takes the deals.
Nick thinks the online left is Jake Flores, other twitter freaks he sees, and whoever in the DSA Amber is feuding with on facebook.
Lucky of you to have never heard of him.

No. 1654601

Samo is just a rando from San Francisco trying to get some scraps off the good ol' CEO kings grift, he's an enthusiast of great man theory and wannabe "thought leader" trying to be the more serious, better dressed, more put-together moldbug. Hated by Paul Town, another rando wannabe writer that was big-ish in the alt-right twitter circle. Iirc he set fire to a barn. I was never too close to these people but they're vaguely adjacent to this thread's subjects, Samo to the tech reactionaries and Paul Town to the old alt-right, there's a post in a past thread mentioning a connection to Liz >>1539326

No. 1654604

File: 1663875120520.jpeg (659.4 KB, 1242x1556, DF222D71-6541-4EA5-AABB-75AD05…)

had never heard of him before but now i'm not surprised the miladies/remilios are supporting him knowing he's a pedophile.

No. 1654616

Dasha went into detail the recent episode with Eugene about how she does nofap and that she did nofap the whole time she was doing her film. A lot of people attribute her high body count to some psychological issue but I think it's just a very high libido. High libido can be a symptom of PCOS which has she said she suffers from.

No. 1654625

Tao Lin was an extremely popular figure among NYC hipsters in the aughties and early 2010s—the American Apparel era. The ex “girlfriend” aka victim came forward about Tao Lin’s extensive abuse and detailed various parts of their relationship including his forcing her to starve and forcing her to have sex with him in her parents’ bed. There’s a long blog post about it by her (who now goes by him, whatever), I believe it’s been discussed here and linked before. I can’t find her original exposé but there are still plenty of articles about it from nearly a decade ago. Tao’s response to it was admitting to everything but insisted it was consensual and she “never complained,” and that it did not matter she was 16. The entirety of Richard Yates was a 1:1 telling of Tao’s statutory raping of and relationship with this teenage girl, much of the content having been written and lived by her herself.

The alt lit scene which this current NYC scene is a direct child of died for several reasons. None of them actually cared about art beyond making something of themselves and getting cushy jobs and clout in the end. The time in between those two goals was spent doing drugs every single day and using their clout as a sexual weapon, primarily against underage teenage girls. Christlover2000 was an admirer of Steve Roggenbuck during this era, and a few years ago she leaked DMs between them from when she was underage and Roggenbuck was probably 30, somewhere around there. Roggenbuck tried pressuring her into sex and dumped all of his fetishes onto her, including a fetish for shit, expecting her to reciprocate. Due to the victim-blaming, reactionary, misogynistic nature of this current scene, Christlover2000 internalized all of what she had seen be inflicted upon her female peers and immediately deleted all the posts detailing Roggenbuck’s preying on her, blamed herself, and said it was entirely her fault. Other women came forward in that time saying Roggenbuck, Tao, and other alt lit writers had preyed on them, but it got little attention since the scene was long-dead already. Roggenbuck, like Tao, admitted to everything.




No. 1654637

I should add, both Tao and Roggenbuck self-identified as “feminist” at the time. It is no mistake that pedophiles who distanced themselves from feminism after being caught as creeps have now seamlessly integrated themselves into the second iteration of their has-been community of wannabe artists, now having shed all their past facades. Perfect opportunity for them to be back in the spotlight, now that no one even pretends to care about women; in fact, caring at all about anything except what they personally deem cool is just “cringe.”

I also wonder what Christlover2000 thinks now after a few years have passed since she revealed she was groomed by Roggenbuck just to immediately take it back and blame herself, specifically because of Dasha making fun of her. It broke my heart a little to see her directly quote Dasha at the time when explaining why she revealed the abuse, insisting she “just wanted attention.” As if needing validation isn’t a quintessential aspect of being a victim of grooming and other abuse.

No. 1654643

The tldr of Tao’s essay: he thinks GMOs and pesticides cause autism and autism wouldn’t exist without this. He grows all of his own food now and drinks raw milk on some farm in Taiwan, insisting he’s cured his autism, but it is painfully obvious to everyone that he’s still autistic as hell. He’d benefit more from rejecting autism as a medical condition with a physical basis and just accept he’s a weird guy born into an awkward family of immigrants who had the misfortune of getting into literature and skramz as a teen.

No. 1654651

AFAIK this is Paul Town aka Evan Zenker https://hudsonvalleypost.com/police-upper-hudson-valley-man-sets-fire-to-barn/
I think he got banned after he had a schizo meltdown at Felix Biederman, dunno if he has a new @ or what he's up to lately.

No. 1654654

christlover2000 had PUA rapist Roosh V on her podcast, didn't she?

No. 1654659

m*ladies like tao lin because hes a conspiratorial autistic pedo who said he would never date a girl over 100 pounds, it makes perfect sense

No. 1654662

Makes sense if she did, I never listened to Girls Chat or anything else she was involved with but she’s extremely self hating. I mean, it’s obvious. Even if she hadn’t said she was asking to be abused and liked it and just wanted attention while buckling under Dasha’s pressure, she still openly mingled with misogynists and was mtf herself for a very long time. A few years ago in these threads her old mtf photos and name had been posted. She is a severe case of misogyny internalized.

No. 1654665

Samefag but I should clarify, Christlover2000 Ashley being a victim doesn’t absolve her in any way. She’s a piece of shit and treated MaryHailer and everyone else around her like human trash. I’d like to know if she’s still terrible but I got no clue what she’s up to and saying now. The last thing I remember hearing is she finally had brain surgery and tried blaming every single bad thing she did on brain damage.

No. 1654704

repulsive. trying so hard to link the tranny body to the preteen girl. you are not slick. give gay men an inch and they take a whole mile, just like straight men.

No. 1654705

>a weird guy born into an awkward family of immigrants who had the misfortune of getting into literature and skramz as a teen

No. 1654706

as if stav could lift his heft to thrust.

No. 1654710

switching literature with finance and it's martin shkreli

No. 1654712

anna and dasha should be the last people on earth to have kids. they should stay and grow old in their nyc containment playground and break the cycle of narc family abuse. too late for anna.

No. 1654719

god, tao is such a blithering idiot. benefitting a lot from azn stereotypes.

No. 1654725

tao pied pipers stupid hipster kids into melting their brains with research chemicals so they can become a "genius" like he is. he is an autistic menace that strivers are happy to leech clout off of. he needs to log off and his parents should hire a tard wrangler to baby sit him.

No. 1654727

his parents are so fucked up that they humor their golden child this way that they kind of deserve it, i feel bad for his actually successful older brother.

No. 1654731

this self-destruction is the logical conclusion of Asian son-worshipping culture and i'm here for it

No. 1654739

nick did a 180, he used to be anti trans but mean girls called him gay online so now he loves trannies and their money. everyone does because they are hardcore fans easily parted from their money. but they can be just as rabid if you stray from their rhetoric.

No. 1654744

Yes, one of the better episodes actually. She was trying to convince him to be an Armenian priest throughout the episode. Afterwards, Roosh put a new rule in his forums that there will be no more discussions on pickup artistry and only discussions on how to find a nice wife to live happily ever after.

No. 1654745

meanwhile there is actually a class action legal suit against Tylenol because there is evidence that acetaminophen plays a role in causing autism when taken by women during pregnancy.

No. 1654747

she has a high body count because she is a clout-sexual.

No. 1654795

Couldn’t agree more. There was some old Vice piece I don’t feel like finding where Tao gave a tour of his apartment in NYC at the time, and there was a huge kiddy pool in the kitchen exclusively used for vomiting while high out of his mind off RCs. Autistic does a lot of drugs, realizes he’s a hedonist, instead becomes addicted to “natural” drugs, makes himself retardedly schizo and arrogant, spends the rest of his life trying to tell everyone he’s got it all figured out and they need to follow his life advice or they’re going to perish. Meanwhile he’s still the same insane autist with the same issues. Many, many such cases.

No. 1654801

Dworkin anon? Is that you? Either way, you’re so right. I find it hard to believe Dasha is even attracted to men. She is devoted to feeling desired, not desiring. She empties herself out in pursuit of it and there’s little left over to feel to anyone else. It is very sad, as much as I dislike her, she too is a victim of this awful society filled with misogyny at every corner. She tried to adapt and it became malignant. Obviously she has much more going on than just that though and she’s still just a shit person, but it is interesting.

No. 1654803

NTA (what ayrt say? Deleted) but agree completely

No. 1654809

Wow, damn, idk why she deleted her post. Nonnie said Dasha ruined her sexuality with long term porn addiction that started as a kid (something Dasha has talked about on the pod) and as a result she sees herself almost in the third person, her sexuality is entirely narcissistic and autosexual, only involving herself. So while she seems hypersexual, in reality she’s very desexed and lacks desire for others. She has made it her utmost concern to be the girl she saw in porn being desired, the girl wanted.

No. 1654821

Ha I’m not Dworkin anon but honored to be confused with her, thanks for your kind reply and sorry I baleeted, I struggle with whether I should post here or not, feels toxic sometimes to rake these girls over the coals even tho they deserve it.
Anyway good summary of my post and I completely agree that I sense no desire for men in Dasha beyond their being tools to reflect her desirability back at her. Of course if that really worked she wouldn’t need to be so hypergamous. Dasha’s generation is probably the first to have many women whose sexuality developed completely through the lens of ubiquitous, free, addictive and extreme internet porn and I think Dasha’s a very good example of exactly how it warps us as females specifically. Women groomed by coomers, to serve coomers - almost too depressing to contemplate. “She tried to adapt and it became malignant” is a poignant way to put it.

No. 1654825

File: 1663887587256.png (17.97 KB, 508x214, Screenshot_10.png)

Sorry for reposting but I had the tab open and it's a good post. I don't think we're raking these girls over the coals, if anything this is acknowledging they are themselves also victims, or at least they were at some point.

No. 1654842

AYRT, I feel the same way about posting here and try to limit it but these are genuinely awful people. There’s no moral crusade or much high ground to take but it’s about as neutral as can be to call it as you see it here.

No. 1654909

apparently she's posted on the RS subreddit too, but that was back in 2019 no clue if she still does

No. 1655001

"Popular medicine isn't that safe" and "drinking your own cum won't cure your autism" are not exclusive ideas, nonna

No. 1655021

remember when dasha pretended to read lacan for like 6 months and made it her identity

No. 1655031

There was a whole year of A&D and every scarethot hanger on posting about seeing their quack shrinks in Manhattan all the time.

No. 1655035

Around the time the Epstein story broke Dasha was crying on the pod about being underage and talking to pedophiles on the phone, and I think she mentioned an adult boyfriend as a teen? All that can cause future hypersexuality. Unsure if the porn addiction came before or after but pedophiles notoriously tell victims to watch porn to groom them

No. 1655046

Christlover2000 Ashley was also Tao Lin’s 16yo victim iirc

No. 1655050

File: 1663906817301.jpeg (184.09 KB, 750x474, 6616DE7B-29DD-4E05-98A4-E8B6AF…)

I see Geoff Shullenberger also published for the same issue. This guy flies under the radar but interacts with these cows. Previously he published a lot about Rene Girard who is Thiel’s favorite philosopher. I would guess he is a core part of Thiel’s project here

No. 1655065

no she wasn't. she just wrote about it.

No. 1655093

Pro tip: 90% of the chuds you look up to are self hating Jews.

No. 1655096

>read zeros and ones
>like it
>every person I’ve ever seen who brings up Plant is a tranny even though Sadie has intense terf energy


No. 1655101

No. 1655102

troons are just insane and self hating (and woman hating at the same time) enough to latch onto anything. i’ve even seen more troons obsessed with solanas than actual women kek. they’re into anything that insists on the end of maleness and anything vaguely “cyberfeminist” because it makes them think cutting their dicks off makes them revolutionary and “in” with the most radical of radical feminists, including the ones who think peace isn’t possible without maleness being banished. and ofc they love the idea of artificial wombs because they think it means it closes the gap between the sexes and would mean they could finally be seen as women; when the feminist goal is destruction of gender as it stands. they still wouldn’t be seen as “female.” it’s delusional, they’re dumb enough to think trooning out means they’ve negated male socialization and biology to boot.

No. 1655104

They seem to think Xenofeminism is everyone becoming women. Again, I’ve never met a chapo tranny who actually reads theory.

No. 1655195

Agreed, there’s lots on his drug use in this memorial piece he did for the owner of Tyrant Books for those interested : https://muumuuhouse.com/gian.11may2021.html

No. 1655217

and then she made that weirdly appropriative, creepy clout goblin of a movie??
I sympathize with her for going through that but there’s a point where you have to be honest and say these type of women are complicit and push their own noncery themselves. Put some work into therapy and keep that shit to yourself.

No. 1655236

These two are such unfortunate looking women

No. 1655366

File: 1663937457904.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1694, 599C3E11-BF0D-4813-9BCD-FACF0D…)

This is over a month old but who is this guy Anna and Eli are with? (fernando mesta)

No. 1655380

EXCLUSIVE: AMC Shares Sneak Preview of What Critics Call the "Ex-Yugo Sopranos"

No. 1655386

He’s a gallerist for this gallery in Mexico called House of Gaga

No. 1655388

File: 1663939208992.jpeg (784.23 KB, 1241x5181, E8BEB591-1E5B-4AE9-98AC-768210…)

New York / Milwaukee fashion designer Elena Velez posted a clip from Red Scare (I did not listen to that ep - anyone want to recap? - but in this clip dasha is talking about how Velez was breastfeeding her baby when dasha met her at her studio to get a linen nightie, and dasha seems amazed how young Velez is to have two children - guesses she’s 26 then 24 [shes 28] then Anna calls her a hot baby breastfeeding two other babies which was awkwardly unfunny but I guess Velez liked it enough to post)

No. 1655411

File: 1663942034510.jpeg (955.33 KB, 1242x1741, ECA4945A-4C48-43A7-B82E-F114AF…)

Adam’s new shirt design

No. 1655432

Couldn't even hang dry it to get the wrinkles out? Everything they do is not even half assed but like… 22% assed. Some designer.

No. 1655436

Doesn't Anna still have Lasch as part of her schtick?

No. 1655452

File: 1663944620822.jpeg (490.54 KB, 1242x1317, 91062693-F7AD-440D-8C33-D86112…)

Dasha retweeted the essay on her disordered eating account

No. 1655455


No. 1655472

>epstein? evil bad guy for dating 15-16 year olds, worst guy ever…. we should make a movie about him!! right?
>tao lin? oh yeah that autistic schizo who raped a 16 year old and thinks 99lb teens are his ideal? that guy is sooooooo cool can i go to his reading party?

No. 1655482

Anna reveals that she got an invite to walk in Elena's show but turned it down due to miscommunication and regretted it. She's also, apparently, a long-time Red Scare fan.

No. 1655497

File: 1663947469695.jpg (121.83 KB, 900x563, Fc9ElOeaAAEB7NK.jpg)

No. 1655499

No. 1655510

This is ten minutes in the new cumtown and is not really what they said at all. Adam says he doesn’t understand all that and Nick’s reply is in a pompous nerd voice making fun of that retort not seriously saying it. The start of this episode is making fun of rs fans and Nick does a good impression of Anna.

No. 1655519

No. 1655521

dont care lol

No. 1655525

go here with that >>1391941

No. 1655534

lmao, how do you miscommunicate your way into saying NO I DONT WANT TO WALK YOUR RUNWAY ACTUALLY

No. 1655536

Just a spiritually and physically repulsive person.

No. 1655555

Funny, because I can think of nothing more autistic than cataloging what foods you're eating and analyzing whether or not you feel more retarded after eating them. Tao Lin was an overrated hack nearly twenty years ago, and now he's nothing. Super pathetic!

No. 1655559

Anna and Dasha both seem acutely aware of what fucked them up early in life (porn, prostitution, grooming) and would probably do better than their parents because they aren’t immigrants anymore. They have a large social circle, a lot of money, and a job with plenty of time to see their children. They don’t have this soviet mentality anymore. Of course if they are actually narcs they will be unchanged, but I personally think having a daughter changes some women for the better.

No. 1655570

she's a wall-eyed peanut-headed hanger-on for Dasha and Anna, who probably wants to/is fucking Adam or Nick.

No. 1655595

yeah you should ruin a kids life and give them your body dysmorphia and bpd to make yourself happier. It’s ironic trads don’t realize how liberal they sound with this shit

No. 1655600

exactly lol, and he says he read nearly a thousand essays and studies about the subject too. like wow man yeah, you sure cured your autism and proved it by uh, compulsively reading about something you're passionately interested in to the point it consumed all of your time, very un-autistic for sure

No. 1655622

What are you talking about? No it isn't

No. 1655628

>having a daughter changes some women for the better.
very rarely. most commonly, women with severe internalized misogyny just fuck their daughters up. the problem wasnt immigration, the problem was their mothers hated themselves and projected that onto their daughters. its a viscous cycle and if dasha is going to teach and kids she might have all this self hating trad bullshit shes currently steeped in, no, that kid is not gonna be okay.

No. 1655644

please when these women have daughters these poor girls will grow up like Jennette Mccurdy. but their daughters won't even have the benefit of achieving stardom to share her story like she did and make enough money to get out, and only end up fucked up and miserable.

No. 1655652

he praises her "online presence"

No. 1655656

average nick mullen fangirl. making shit up to protect his image in her imagination.

No. 1655660

i hate to say it but i agree. most of the criticism I've seen for the film seems to be people grasping at straws. in my opinion actors is critiquing the push for representation and the evil urge to queer-code for clout more than anything. it also serves as a pre-emptive critique of the post-liz trad-cath 'urbanite women should have babies' movement. say what you will about betsey and peter, they are clearly committed to actually making art and speaking from a place of sincerity which makes them far more admirable than anna, dasha, or their other dimes square counterparts

No. 1655663

he is stuck in 2019 forever

No. 1655665

oh god we have hipster faggots earnestposting about art in here. the politics and dworkin shit is bad enough

No. 1655668

he moved to a remote island and stopped living within society's limits, I'm not sure how he could possibly measure his autism there. if a tree falls and no one is around…

No. 1655669

>annoyed about politics in a thread about left-wing influencers
you aren’t beating the retard allegations anon

No. 1655674

dont care lol

No. 1655681

> it also serves as a pre-emptive critique of the post-liz trad-cath 'urbanite women should have babies' movement.
say more?

No. 1655710

We get the movie's "critique". The thing is…the movie is not good and not impressive.
They aren't intelligent, and their posturing as avant-garde artist provocateurs feels very cheap, tired, and gimmicky.
Their critique isn't a novel critique either, and many of the podcasters in this thread have been echoing this tired-ass critique for a while now. I promise you that there are infinitely better movies and artists out there.

No. 1655713

no milk but she has "extremely rich dad" energy. like great-great-great-grandparents-once-owned-a-caribbean-slave-colony wealthy

No. 1655719

I followed her on tumblr almost a decade ago. She’s boring, just a typical tumblr teen turned scarethot. She gets modeling gigs every so often, and the results are painfully dull.

No. 1655721

dworkin posting is based, gtfo.

No. 1655759

Why would I ever read anything written by someone who was fatter than fucking Stav?

No. 1655771

she looks 30+ lmao what is dasha on

No. 1655777

Having children is correlated with higher stress, lower rates of overall life satisfaction, and shortened lifespans compared to women without them. "My kid saved me/made my life better" is always a cope that people put on because they of the sunken cost fallacy and the fact that they can't unbirth the kid. Plus any kid born today will almost certainly die violently in a water war or some global warming-related catastrophe.

No. 1655779

oh my god conversations can be discursive and cover multiple tangential topics?? are you actually 12 lol

No. 1655786

whats wrong with this dumbass

No. 1655811

this isn’t a motherhood or anti children doomer thread
what’s will all the whiny derailing

No. 1655823


No. 1655827

File: 1663973604553.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.73 KB, 480x548, consider.jpg)

dworkin posting is working as expected.

No. 1655879

kek exactly, don’t forget dworkin anon’s goal was to make moids and scarethots expose themselves and drive them out. it works like a charm.

No. 1655885

Internalized misogyny and being an immigrant in this case is linked. Misogyny almost part of their DNA. Their mothers are from places where good men are a scarce resource and the sex ratio is completely off, pickmeism is unfortunately a reasonable mating strategy in that environment.

Maybe you are correct that they will never break out of it, even if they see their daughters suffer, but I think, especially with Anna, that she doesn’t believe a word she says. Anna is just like her doppelgänger Ben Shapiro in this case.

No. 1655945

Why hasn’t Elizabeth Bruenig published an opinion piece for The Atlantic in over a month? She usually puts out 3-4 every month. Plus the whole social media manager thing where she left twitter (a lie apparently since no one is posting on her Twitter) — is there something going on there? Haven’t listened to a bruenig pod in a while not sure if she has said anything there

No. 1655961

How old are these people? The dudes look 50

No. 1655994

Man, I know this is going to sound bitchy, but Dasha really does look to be about her late thirties in other people’s pics. She’s not even ugly looking in these pics, she just looks like an attractive 40 yr old woman. Whereas In her low-light, heavily filtered pics she looks about 26-27ish.

No. 1656001

Hasn't said anything on her pod to indicate why she hasn't published for a month (she's had similar-length droughts before, this isn't new). As for the "social media manager," I'm pretty sure it's her friend who runs a bakery near where she lives (@bakebythepound, @FlourPowerNY); since she ghosted twitter, her account has retweeted some ads for the bakery a few times.

No. 1656026

Ok so her mama is kind of funny lmao. I’m a lil surprised that Anna told the truth about her mom breaking out the calipers because Anna sounds like such a tryhard when she tries being edgy like she practices it the mirror or something lol.

No. 1656041

File: 1663986952200.jpeg (648.87 KB, 1536x2304, beautifulangeliccashew.jpeg)


I read your comment and decided to look up some old photos of her to compare and this came up in google images. Judging by the armpit hair and baby fat I'm guessing this was taken right around her sailor socialism period, so mid 20s, and even then she looks about 40, even more so then now because she clearly got fillers since then.

No. 1656050

Damn, I’ve never seen this pic but you’re right. I think the issue is that most of what I’ve seen of Dasha throughout the years has been her tampered selfies and professional heavily shooped photos. I should have clued in after seeing how much older she looks like in video (Though I’ve only seen her at the emmy acceptance speech where she’s high) than in pics.

No. 1656055

It's ironic how she basically took every piece of advice farmers gave her (lip fillers, undereye fillers, gain weight, wash your hair, stop dressing the ghost of 2011 tumblr) besides jaw surgery, the board should get a honorably percentage of the patron for being her unpaid stylist/life coach

No. 1656131

Considering how much it made her look worse, she should be suing

No. 1656140

horrifying. literally looks edited with an aging face app filter. how does this even happen, i know literal junkies who look younger at the same age

No. 1656145

fwiw, this pic is back from when she was on birth control…

No. 1656218

theres really only so much that can be done tbh

girl shut the fuck up already

No. 1656279

oh wow

No. 1656342

No. 1656345

physiognomy is real, and this is criminal/coomer/sinister AGP physiognomy to a T

No. 1656347

mental illness

No. 1656358

You mean Anna right? I think you’re confused. Dasha has not done any of that (probably, definitely not most of those things)

No. 1656364

dasha and anna both have completely new faces since 2020 and dasha to her credit has actually admitted to getting fillers on the pod (unlike anna who's too vain to admit it). idk why people act like it's blasphemy to suggest they had work done, cosmetic work is extremely common among normies now, even more so among women like A+D who have money and want work as influencers/entertainers/pundits

No. 1656365

anna's face looks so sunken tho kek what filler

No. 1656382

File: 1664031683854.png (3.93 MB, 1894x1570, Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 10.5…)

>the face you see staring in through the crack in the ladies room stall in a gender self-ID state

No. 1656401

I more meant she does not wash her hair, didn’t gain weight, and hasn’t stopped dressing like that

No. 1656436

believe it or not it was once much, much worse

No. 1656438

Recall truther anon’s wisdom, Anna is 10 yrs older than Dasha. She’s definitely had work done, though it’s quite minimal. I doubt Anna would go under a knife, however she is no stranger to the needle. Probably has lip filler, but not much filler outside of that. Probably has Botox in various places. Could have had facial fat dissolved under the chin. Most of the change however is likely from weight loss, having better skincare, and doing various skincare treatments. Also, being rich makes you less stressed which does wonders for the skin. Might have had body work, but I am not sure. Anna said she was planning on getting cool sculpting but decided against it after the linda evangelista lawsuit.

No. 1656446

La criatura de Chernóbil.

No. 1656455

File: 1664035218948.png (4.21 MB, 2030x1262, Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 11.5…)

i mean a medspa injector is not a miracle worker but anna's cosmetic work has improved her looks enormously. brows lifted, 11 lines gone, fewer undereye wrinkles, fuller lips, much more volume in cheeks/face, nasolabial folds dramatically reduced. her work makes her look her age vs. 15 years older like she used to.

No. 1656514

Zoom in are those track marks on her feet? Maybe the old rumors about her being a heroin addict were true

No. 1656613

File: 1664047308440.png (150.85 KB, 1066x636, 574839urhfjd.png)

Anna appears to have dropped out from speaking at the Urbit conference. Her name is off the weibsite. Kaitlin Philips is there for some reason at this sad art world talk.

No. 1656639

lol good for her i guess, i wonder why she backed out. too passé? maybe someone told her about tao lin and others? maddie has been trashing moldbug so it was only a matter of time before they all realized how gay this is, but they are being paid to shill it so maybe it’ll just keep going

No. 1656659

>deviant art
Oh give me a break. Pompous dilettantes with zero lasting cultural caché, this lot.

No. 1656690

File: 1664051795535.jpg (137.08 KB, 620x620, disney-castles.jpg)

Kek all those insane unqualified statements. It's so hilarious that reactionaries' artistic tastes always boil down to the blandest cheapest commercial kitsch.
>so beautiful… we must retvrn..
The kind of shit they like was already mass-produced, but now SD/DALL-e can just pump metric tons of it in a few seconds

No. 1656708

God I saw that too. What are they talking about

No. 1656722

File: 1664056608449.jpeg (193 KB, 2048x1365, dashaboosterpack.jpeg)


No I mean Dasha. Maybe the hair thing is debatable, but it seems to me she has been looking cleaner lately, and her clothes seem to be more high fashion casual then that trashy American Apparel coquette style she had for years, so that's at least an mild upgrade

In terms of fillers, she had literally no lips before and now at least has some. The undereye bags are also much better, it also looks like she may have maybe lifted the bridge of her nose with some filler

Also did anyone listen to new episode? Why did Eugene dox Dasha as living in absolute filth and squalor in LA? (his words). Anna even tried to change the subject and he brought it back to how her living situation resembled CHAZ. Some kind of unresolved animosity?

No. 1656729

That’s weird for him to do. I’ve noticed he’s just kind of a jerk like that though. Her apartment photos don’t look horrific but they’re not great. Is that when she lived with the blonde roommate? (Allison?)

No. 1656792

She unironically looks better on the left, like an actual human. Left is cute and dateable, right is a botched uncanny valley low self esteem red flag.

No. 1656800

ᵏᶦⁿᵈᵃ ᶜᵘᵗᵉ ⁿᵍˡ

No. 1656812

File: 1664061612721.png (21.25 KB, 112x128, olivia wilde's lesbian lover.p…)

she looks like something between those newborns who's faces get all fucked up and squished for a few days during childbirth, and harry styles

No. 1656823

Dasha’s whole LA persona was posting her two dozen empty starbucks cups and messy basement apartment so doubt he saw it as outing. Eugene and Anna not picking up that Dasha is desperate to believe she can change in the conversation she started about human nature was kind of sad. They were both in agreement that people are mostly who they are and make the same mistakes, basing this on The Sopranos.

No. 1656862

File: 1664063860305.jpeg (476.1 KB, 1170x1475, E69808DB-8FDE-404E-B3B2-9FB701…)

Scarethot realizes how insufferable scarethots are

No. 1656870

wasn't brace a junkie as well? it makes sense

No. 1656876

eugene is toxic, wildly insecure, and very bald.

No. 1656884

She looks like the intersection of FAS and PCOS

No. 1656885

does she really look pcos though? i know any and all women can have it but the stereotype seems to be overweight women with flushed faces, overgrowth of wiry hair, overly textured skin, bad acne, hyperpigmentation

No. 1656886

imo she looks “fine” in both; it’s just on the left she looks at least in her mid 40s. filler anna looks just like lasagna anna, she successfully deaged herself by a decade and a half

No. 1656969

i love how you’d think this is something from the mind of a 17 year old just graduating high school but instead it’s a community of people who average mid 20s to 35

No. 1656979

File: 1664071636364.jpeg (526.87 KB, 1129x1274, 8B283BB2-BBCF-43E5-AD8A-14AD2D…)

Anna fraternizing with the proana groomer art collective again

No. 1656992

File: 1664072854975.webm (8.8 MB, 1280x720, 2975823759738.webm)

Little reminder of who runs Remilia, he's getting paid by this guy

No. 1657004

>I started weird internet cult for you bby jurl

No. 1657017

File: 1664074707711.jpeg (169.14 KB, 2048x1058, 0D6E24D0-BEAA-4EF3-9E4F-D0A8FA…)

No. 1657018

File: 1664074722457.jpg (200.6 KB, 1170x2080, 30863409.jpg)

Maybe Anna ditched because she's had enough Eugene for the month. He's poolside there for some reason.
Physiognomy checking out.

No. 1657026

There is no pcos stereotype, this is getting silly. do you even have ovaries? Who told you this?

No. 1657029

God, spoiler that shit. All those scrotes in the Miami heat…

Eugene is poolside at the Miami urbit thing? Not on Eugene’s twitter or insta. If he’s in that picture I don’t recognize him. Not exactly doubting he would go but how’d you find out

No. 1657030

It probably literally is a 17 year old though. Did you hear how young all their loveline callers were last time?

No. 1657038

Anna was heavily pregnant in the right photo though, no? That adds tons of fat to your face which would reduce wrinkles

No. 1657040

File: 1664077062286.jpg (119.33 KB, 1170x2080, 308722476.jpg)

Anna wants to make sure that 100% of the twitter accounts she interacts with are sex offenders by the end of 2022. She's already at 98%
Kaitlin's instagram with Lucien Smith and art dealer (metooed in 2018, noticing a trend here) Aaron Bondaroff. They could be back at a hotel and he's just stopping by tbf.

No. 1657055

Anna still looks like the “after” though. So do you think shes been pregnant for over 2 years or do you have some other explanation for how she lost this magical de-aging pregnancy weight everywhere but her face after giving birth? It obviously couldn’t be fillers, no vain homely nouveau riche woman would ever get those….

No. 1657057

What happened to Sunny? I remember seeing someone post something about him moving in with a troon a few threads ago.

No. 1657069

this little creepy belongs in jail

No. 1657091

seriously, i wish that would happen already.

No. 1657127

no surprise his years-long schtick has been pretending that sending messages to little girls online is art

No. 1657183

File: 1664090733009.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x2435, FD82A1AC-57B1-4865-93AB-FE1DBE…)

Concerning. I suddenly feel like the proana shit they spew on the pod might be doing some real damage to this girl specifically

No. 1657187

guys I really think dasha doesn’t know she’s in her 30s
what stunted brain development from untreated anorexia does to a mf

No. 1657190

File: 1664091480499.png (7.77 MB, 1242x4845, 1F979AF4-C745-470A-9930-9CB9AC…)

(Samefag here) Hard to believe this is a real person but it genuinely looks like someone’s thinspo insta, follows nothing but aesthetic pink thinspo princesscore type accounts. Dasha looks so out of place to me in the middle of everything else

Not trying to dunk on whoever this small random account is or bring her negative attention (no idea who this is). Are there more like this? actually makes it seem like RS is a bad influence

No. 1657194

File: 1664091897603.jpeg (889.62 KB, 1242x2018, 23E4D493-71AB-4CA4-9D72-3E6BDE…)

This is so weird. Who created this image

No. 1657203

Seeing this pic makes me glad I quit vaping, it looks so retarded to me now when people post these ~coffee & cigarettes uwu ~ posts

No. 1657210


Messed up and even kind of predatory to enable someone like this.

No. 1657221

Stfu braindead scarethot. Imagine being retarded enough to critique someone so influential with “ew she’s fat”

No. 1657230

>not to wk Anna but

Begone scarethot

No. 1657270

I don’t know if this one is supposed to be Sasha or Anna but the first one confessed to crawling on the floor dressed like a schoolgirl pretending to be 14 for men as a grown adult. ‘Somewhat controversial’ means people make fun of her for that. Lol

No. 1657277

Which dna test did Dasha take? If its heritagedna its not accurate and a lot of Eastern Euros show up as significantly baltic. I have a really hard time believing she's mostly baltic especially of noble heritage. Next she'll clam to be nordic or something…

No. 1657280

File: 1664104049340.jpeg (30.97 KB, 190x365, A759A97F-9B4E-436E-9B96-F846C0…)

His anorexic girlfriend goes to UT Austin and represents Remilia in podcasts, she is a big fan of red scare.

No. 1657291

If Dasha just worked the whole relatable angle and stopped larping as some socialite of "noble blood" she'd be a lot more likeable. No Dasha you're not any more baltic than most Russians would show up on dna tests, you're a poor slav and that's not a terrible thing work the b movie indie actress thing it worked for you.

No. 1657330

super optimistic anon

No. 1657334

No. 1657479

>actually makes it seem like RS is a bad influence
gee, ya think?

No. 1657519

ha I know but it's just hard to believe sometimes that anyone finds her inspirational or aspirational, let alone girls. this person seems younger than the usual scarethot or reddit moid that the fanbase is comprised of, but I guess they can vape and drive so maybe they're an adult coquette wannabe like dasha.

No. 1657544

Teenagers vape and drive. But yeah we do have tons of arrested development adult wannabe coquette scarethots, it wouldn't be surprising either

>t. unsaged scarethot newfag

No. 1657545

File: 1664123843590.jpg (720.77 KB, 2063x3672, marianne Williamson little sec…)

checked in on amber rollo's littlesecretsLA democratic fundraiser with marriane williamson (if you all remember Rollo was working with the DSA and the baby unions to fundraise at the other friday night little secrets events). there were not a lot of images posted online this time, only this short clip and something from a local candidate I lost the screenshot for saying like "yasss queen preach" to a video of williamson saying they had raised a lot of money at the venue so far and everyone should donate through an actblue type site

No. 1657552

File: 1664124206243.jpg (779.69 KB, 2057x1838, night before and wedding.jpg)

also Rollo and Matt Christman got married at LitteSecrets over the weekend

No. 1657556

File: 1664124406675.png (2.81 MB, 1060x1858, codydad420.png)

bonus Will Menaker wedding fit (what's the badge about?)

No. 1657561

Classy choice of wedding dress

No. 1657562

whose instagram posted that anon

No. 1657565

okay nonnies who’s cheating on who first lets make this interesting have a little friendly wager

No. 1657566

Why do all Ambers dresses have wizard sleeves, look like they came from prettylittlething.com, and why could she not spring for a strapless bra on her wedding day of all days? Giving Anna’s “tits out at my friends wedding” outfit a run for its money in the tackiest wedding looks category

No. 1657567

all i can see is the lines kek

No. 1657571

Green lines? I see it too. Imagine that overgrown obese toddler mashing his sour sweaty soybeard into your face as you try not to recoil too hard for the pic. Lie back and think of the Patreon money, Amber..

No. 1657593

I think the strap is part of the bodysuit, there's no bra involved. whatever it's her wedding she can wear what she wants. this bell sleeve shit is just what's she's into. it's pretty bad, yeah.

No. 1657612

File: 1664128612074.jpg (1.7 MB, 1242x2248, olive parker.jpg)

Eugene's gf was posting photos from a miami urbit party so I think eugene was there for a while. he also posted a very bizarre video where he was harassing someone there by being weird and obnoxious. the edgerunner netflix anime was playing on a big screen and I think I saw three whole women in a sea of men.

No. 1657615

File: 1664128843334.jpg (781.41 KB, 2314x2001, image.jpg)

There's a guy (new_username_22 / James on insta, I don't know him) posting from the Urbit conference that also has recent pictures together with Adam & gf at a mall. no big cows since anna dropped out but their friends are there

No. 1657622

lmao. what a fall from grace for olive. from modeling to gucci from connections she made at college her daddy paid for, to standing in a sea of awkward podcast orbiters and sucking up to anna and dasha.

No. 1657623

there’s a whole sea of 13 year old girls trying to revive 2013-2014 tumblr “nymphet” lolita stuff that dasha used to also be obsessed with. theyre huge on pinterest and tiktok, and there’s a thread dedicated to them here. they call themselves coquette, which was chosen because tumblr banned the word nymphet a very long time ago (for obvious reasons, aka promoting eating disorders and pedoshit). dasha once said her biggest goal was to show up on teen girls’ pinterest boards, seems like she got that wish, but it’s nothing to be proud of. teen girls with eating disorders who look up to the characters from black swan, virgin suicides, and gone girl aren’t exactly the people you want to look up to you too. they are all very sick girls looking for people to skinwalk

No. 1657625

samefag, but it’s very concerning dasha would post that pic on her story. that’s very obviously a mentally ill underage girl with an eating disorder who looks up to dasha and emulates her. why dasha would enable this is beyond me, other than she’s a total narcissist. even then, jesus christ, it’s hard to digest.

No. 1657629

ayrt yes lol

never seen someone quite so dead behind the eyes as this lol, why would she let him post that pic

No. 1657634

her face always looks like that

No. 1657691

No. 1657744

that’s not why she won a sag lol, she would be pretty far down there in terms of cast and crew when it comes to actual work

dasha and all the racist/fetishists who like this look don’t even have the fluffy cute style, it’s all another sloppy, edgy internet aesthetic that’s far less feminine then these unoriginal pink clones

No. 1657749

what a shitty aesthetic

No. 1657756

File: 1664140316774.png (1.47 MB, 1272x1668, rohitokhandiar.png)

Nobody ever said that, unfounded rumors only used as an excuse to dox one of the individuals who wasn't a proana groomer like Rohit Okhandiar. Sunny isn't involved with Milady either. But I do know of one troon going around spreading these rumors whenever Rohit and Milady are brought up

No. 1657757

This is just looping back to girlboss culture in the weirdest way

No. 1657763

I know, dasha is more like grubby-perpetually-hungover-sloppy-hookup-core not this Dior & pink marshmallows virgin aesthetic.

No. 1657766

was marriane williamson's position on the Ts?

No. 1657803

File: 1664142658981.jpeg (465.05 KB, 1170x1023, C3777FFA-1EF9-4187-80A3-E43144…)

she literally is incapable of not surrounding herself with nazis, sex pests, and pedophiles

No. 1657814

This looks like a retarded shitpost but there are actually men who are obsessed with finding a blue eyed woman and having blue eyed children like it’s a race purity thing. I find this really repulsive mostly for personal reasons because they were some of the most disgusting people I’ve ever met in real life, but also it’s obviously psycho

No. 1657817

I hate that this culture gives attention and validation to disgusting 4chan faggot men

No. 1657821

not a shitpost. he’s made nearly identical posts about blonde hair and basically everything imaginable without explicitly mentioning ethnicity kek. they’re such spineless cowards

No. 1657822

OT but white men who obsess over Aryan aesthetics in women are almost always homosexual or pedos

No. 1657826

nonnie you almost frightened me with this post because i was literally about to say that if these retards care so much about preserving homogeneity in their lives they should just start sucking dick

No. 1657833

scarethots think looking ugly is "hot girl shit"

No. 1657843

File: 1664144673332.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x2331, E93A62CE-101D-437C-A9B5-40CEEA…)

?? Not sure what you’re asking. In that clip she’s talking about “the need for spiritual practice on the left” according to the woman who posted it (@themollyzone). There’s a longish video of her stagetime on the insta account @janakwilkes (just a random woman there) but not the full thing. If you’re asking about her trans politics she was there to support multiple local dsa-backed candidates that included a trans/nonbinary candidate (@maebeagirl) so I would say “pro trans” probably, maybe someone here who follows Marianne or has read her books would know more. If you look through her tagged posts on Instagram you can see she did a few events around LA… I wonder what her speaking fee is

She had some goofy fans there, pic related. Sage/ sorry if this is getting derail-y

No. 1657844

this is 100% true!!

No. 1657858

off topic but it’s weird how the internet has diversified much of mainstream fast fashion yet made it so copy-and-paste… it’s not a style, it’s a costume

No. 1657945

File: 1664150159364.jpeg (448.73 KB, 1170x1964, D1C06A64-9DB3-49A6-AC59-F7E110…)

Update on Moldbug: got left by his wife.
>please do not say anything bad about her in my presence. I will be forced to leave the room.
possibly the funniest thing any of these cows have said

No. 1657953

This shit is so stupid, if you're going to look at if from a rightwing bioessentialist standpoint brown eyes are "objectively" better/have more evolutionary fitness value because blue eyes are less resistant to sunlight/UV rays and result in much higher rates of cataracts and other eye problems

No. 1657956

that really is the funniest thing i've seen in these threads yet

No. 1657964

File: 1664151126707.jpeg (23.69 KB, 350x392, 45464f72-252d-50c7.jpeg)

>pregnant with a moldbug

No. 1657966

don't get roped into into, nonna. you're already thinking about it too much if you're speaking from a "bioessentialist standpoint". eyecolor making someone inferior or superior is already stupid, you don't need to craft a complicated argument against it.

No. 1657977

File: 1664152393885.png (717.73 KB, 1076x1384, Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 17.3…)

moldbug's now ex fiance made a post when their engagement was announced that included links to love poems and a "mean" poem he wrote when they were broken up which are so cringe https://www.edencircle.net/vanity-fair-has-announced-that-i-am-going-to-marry-curtis-yarvin/

anyway maybe this is harsh but maybe yarvin should have waited longer after the death of his wife and not put out a fucking open call for a new partner to immediately knock up. what the fuck. it's disrespectful to her memory and obviously it wouldn't work out.

No. 1657982

File: 1664152929029.png (285.91 KB, 1480x1430, Lydia Laurenson.png)

oh I didn't realize Lydia already wrote about it.


they were trying to get pregnant before they got engaged… I thought he basically put out a call for a new wife. did he just do that because he wanted to spread his seed? psycho.

No. 1658002

Didn't he like just leave his wife

No. 1658036


she's still on twitter under @Eq9BveioEAjkksd btw

all of the worst twitter femcel kittycat esoteric retard egirls are in that thread and look just as sweaty and pathetic as the receding hairline manlet pedophile they debase themselves for

No. 1658040

File: 1664158939283.png (94.8 KB, 1182x420, cushbomb.png)


No. 1658043

mollyzone is Chris Wade's (Chapo producer) wife

No. 1658077

>it’s so cringe that i love my wife ha ha right? lol you guys feel this way too right? Right?

No. 1658081

What the fuck is that mention of anal sex

No. 1658093

honestly I read it like he was having anal sex with his work husband and chatting at the same time. but I've never been very into poetry lol

No. 1658127

Ridiculous to compare wrinkles with the right image, it looks blurred and lower res.

No. 1658162


No. 1658164

surprised it took y'all so long to get onto james.(learn2sage)

No. 1658243

File: 1664185407025.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1661, 2B8154AD-23BF-426F-92A1-A1C2C7…)

Her eyes aren't blue

No. 1658276

Terminal irony poisoning

No. 1658302

scrotes who get remarried in <2 years after being made widowers are ALWAYS batshit insane, which is obvious in the case of moldbug, but sometimes you see it in ostensibly nice people too, their lunacy always ends up showing tho

No. 1658306

good fucking god, this could be cribbed verbatim for one of his streams, using the exact same language to describe your wedding as you use to describe knocking doors for bernie or whatever is so funny

mr christmas is such a sleeper cow i feel we’ll see more of him in the near future

No. 1658313

they are "shitposts" to trigger specific demographics and farm engagement he's a painfully unfunny tryhard anna liking his posts only serves as a testament to her NPC sense of humor. he used to be a sunny reply guy before his account got big he's just copying what he's seen others do in a mediocre way and npcs all eat it up. he lied about sunny in the paul town stream, tried to pin him as a proana groomer when anyone who was around at the time knows rohit is the reason kaliacc is known for what it is. it used to just be a group of autists with special interests in anthropology, astrology, comparative mythology, things like that, miya just went after teenage edtwt girls using the label now it's associated with anorexia and pedophilia because rohit is a nasty fetishist.

imagine your bf reusing the same jokes about preferring other girls features, it becomes obvious it's really only half a shitpost because when the themes are that recurrent you know there's truth to it. that image has a filter that make her eyes lighter so you can see it gets to her, irony poisoning is real

No. 1658314

The divorce saga will be funny

No. 1658338

>calling your girlfriend a placeholder to your followers
Terminally online “men” are something else

No. 1658350

I think it is a reach to say being into blue eyes means a guy is abusive. One of the nicest guys I’ve known really liked blue eyes while the most verbally abusive guy I’ve known said blue eyes are creepy, armie hammer’s wife and mistresses all had brown eyes. Many serial killers target brown eyed brunettes too

No. 1658353

>a reach to say being into blue eyes means a guy is abusive
No one said that

No. 1658372

nta but obviously not in every case some people just have preferences and that's fine, the ones who are vocal about it like that and turn their preferences into generalized statements about women who have X feature being superior and good taste are indeed repulsive. it's ironic but it has truth to it because a lot of men especially in these twitter spheres do think like that and girls like her start using filters to look like that. he unironically likes his bitches anorexic though as the miladies say and brags about his gf having lower BMI than other girls, she used to post half naked pictures too and then acts holier than thou telling others to dress modestly now that she's been picked. they are right up anna and dasha's alley

No. 1658441

exactly. we said guys who look for aryan features specifically so they can breed blue eyed women for blue eyed babies are usually either gay or pedos and some of the most disgusting people you can meet. and we were talking about real life not the internet. and it's true.

No. 1658449


hes saying that he's so intimate w/ his ""work-husband"" bc they started a company together that they don't need to have sex

No. 1658473

such a totally normal way for him to think about it

No. 1658546

all autistic moids are nasty fetishists.

No. 1658599

This still doesn’t make sense, brown eyed kids get molested all the time

No. 1658658

Stop it. What a nasty thing to say to keep the stupid derail convo going you little creep.

No. 1658677

File: 1664217230132.png (163.28 KB, 473x544, omg.png)

So apparently the nona who broke the news here that Moldbug was fucking Pariah the Troon was telling the truth…

No. 1658701

Where's this faggot's sources? Hilarious if true though, especially after he initiated the "tranny chaser" thing on Crumps, and the random mention of anal sex with his work husband. He and pariah are looksmatched too.

No. 1658705

File: 1664219876094.jpeg (897.12 KB, 1242x1808, 93CC1EAF-BD5C-4122-8FAF-C04774…)

probably not true but quite funny

No. 1658707

This bitch really thinks "fucked a tranny" is what will ruin Yarvin's reputation, not literally everything he's written and people he associates with?

No. 1658710

She's worried her idol Moldy's reputation will crater with her reactionary pals if they believe he's a tranny fucker. Everyone else hating him because he's a racist monarchist who praises white nationalist mass murderers is immaterial.

No. 1658711

lmao pariah the troon working overtime with his lies to get attention.

No. 1658712

How is that nasty? You’re delusional and retarded if you think pedos strongly prefer blue eyes. They like children you fucking retard

No. 1658718

hi cow That “anon” posting that Moldbug fucked the troon was the troon himself, and he is most definitely the same person spreading such a blatant made up fantasy outside of this thread too. He’s a classic narcissist, as all troons are, completely obsessed with themselves and trying to convince everyone they’re desirable to both women and “”normal”” men. Remember, this is the same troon who started the tranny chaser chant at the failed attempt at a Crumps hazing. He’s obsessed with trying to say all these men secretly want to fuck him when in reality he is just another incel.

No. 1658731

File: 1664222691274.jpg (1.56 MB, 1242x1707, nasolabialfolds.jpg)

Don't call her esoteric boys and girls NPCs, they are based and clearpilled and in the know. She is a woman of god, her boyfriend simply loves talking about labial folds with prostitutes for esoteric purposes. You just don't get it

No. 1658741

File: 1664223289636.jpg (84.53 KB, 898x455, Screenshot 2022-09-26 161415.j…)

Shanley is fucking back and it's going just about as well as anyone could expect. Does she go into the leftcow thread or does she get her own lmao

No. 1658752

File: 1664223808670.png (357.23 KB, 720x709, Screenshot_20220926-162051.png)

saw this ad and immediately thought of dasha

No. 1658759

why has every single pic ive seen of her been fed to faceapp and spat out looking like a dall-e render

No. 1658775

She could probably have her own thread but I'm good with some sorta-unrelated milk to drown out the retardation

No. 1658807

I want to say Amber because I can't imagine not regretting marrying a schlubby man child like that but knowing men it will probably be Matt.

No. 1658839

File: 1664228006160.png (1.3 MB, 1670x740, wt3w4ts.png)


What kind of people see this and think yes this is exactly what I want to align myself with, I'm going to work for this guy and also defend him in podcasts if anyone asks anything about this

No. 1658852

nta but that's the same person as all of these posts if you can't tell. blurry image clarifying AIs do that not faceapp.

No. 1658867

File: 1664229743366.jpeg (549.43 KB, 960x960, 12yo5474y8q91.jpeg)

recent photoshops from r/redscarepod

I don't know why they pander to their subreddit when it's the way it is.

No. 1658869

File: 1664229780651.jpeg (556.25 KB, 960x960, 1611v6ryo9q91.jpeg)

No. 1658875

Not even a question that matt will cheat first

No. 1658884

how come anna looks like yassified anna but yassified dasha doesnt resemble herself in the slightest

No. 1658897

This is just claire penis

No. 1658904

The photoshopper wasn’t as passionate about it, they did a sloppy job for the sake of being “fair” after someone requested it

There’s a pretty good shoop of them standing on either side of jeffrey epstein but it gave me deja vu didn’t know if it was actually new material

No. 1658928

What the fuck is up with Matt, man. The guy is coming up with retardedly obvious epiphanies like “love is fulfilling” and “being kind is good”. This guy must have been severely repressed if he’s acting like he’s unlocking the secrets of existence lmao.

This is so fucking funny about the nu-right. They’re shtick is about preserving western culture when the extent of their appreciation is , like, Moonlight Sonata and Thomas Kinkade-tier kitsch. The irony is that it’s actually the libtards in the humanities who are doing more to study and preserve western culture than some roman bust NPC on twitter.

No. 1658931

File: 1664235511532.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1499, F66BE477-0422-4D6D-92A9-0F402B…)

I was starting to wonder if Felix and Frost went to Matt’s wedding but obviously they were there.

No. 1658947

jeez Felix, you could at least try to look like you're having a good time at your friend's wedding

No. 1658954

>This is so fucking funny about the nu-right. They’re shtick is about preserving western culture when the extent of their appreciation is, like, Moonlight Sonata and Thomas Kinkade-tier kitsch. The irony is that it’s actually the libtards in the humanities who are doing more to study and preserve western culture than some roman bust NPC on twitter.
kek, so true

No. 1658956

has this guy been faced doxed yet? very curious

No. 1658963

weev is a fed. he's also ethnically jewish.

No. 1658964

this is the most normal i’ve seen amber look. the hair and dress suit her well, kinda adorable doesn’t look beestung either

No. 1658975

no, no, you don't get it nonna, this is like totally grey eminence dark design machiavellian persuasion art!!! girls don't have hopes and dreams they are just bodies to shill shitcoins and products with, it's darkly brilliant to refurbish them with prepubescent diets and pay them in esoteric spirituality capital!! maybe they can also have a buck or two if they are good gurls and don't gossip.

No. 1659008

File: 1664239877982.png (84.33 KB, 598x307, dasha origins.png)

ummm ok

No. 1659015

kek dasha really did take the stringy hair comments about her here to heart, like she already admitted a month ago. inadvertently comparing herself to kate moss like this is a new narcissistic low. dasha, you are nothing like kate moss and your hair makes hers look like a lion’s mane.

No. 1659019

File: 1664240253916.png (318.71 KB, 708x648, 4cow.png)

Happens to be promoted by stenographer/propagandist too

No. 1659029

>every day I look at pics of kate moss
this is so sad. like I honestly wish she would get help for her eating disorder

No. 1659031

File: 1664240979680.jpeg (190.65 KB, 1080x1350, 308579468_819795182386881_8803…)

new Elizabeth Bruenig picture dropped. it's like she and dasha are doing ghoul auditions to replace aimee terese. what's going on with her here

No. 1659043

oh no she got lip filler… looking botched with the gait and figure of a 70 year old woman. sad

No. 1659046

Wasting away, trapped in her no twitter allowed isolation chamber

No. 1659047

she looks like the next possible m. night shamalayan film's paranormal antagonist. horrible. nothing here works, which wouldn't be worth commenting on were she not chronically into herself.

No. 1659048

looks eerily similar to a gas chamber

No. 1659055

Is that what it is? I thought it was just weird lighting but they look strangely huge. She photoshopped her boobs in her last picture so I don’t even know what she’s going for anymore

No. 1659058

idk nonnies, she looks more normal here than the recent string of simp-bait selfies showing off her tits or awful attempts at dressing hip

No. 1659069

File: 1664242842329.jpeg (867.7 KB, 1170x1867, 1651294284026.jpeg)


incredibly retarded, poser tradcath with a huge fear of looking at herself in the mirror and black people. pathetic philandering pedo e-bf grifter a decade older giving uncanny valley effina carroll vibes

>>1658731 not anglesmaxxing on this one. bloated, fat in the face. is this before the coke addiction?

No. 1659073

She looks like she literally has Downs here

No. 1659074

Was she always this emaciated?

No. 1659079

did she get the bolt-ons removed?

No. 1659087

she did get thinner the last two years but she looks more wasted away here than usual (different clothes and lighting but I wouldn't have guessed her clothes would hang off her like that if she was the same size as the 4th of july pic >>1590919 )

No. 1659092

Hari Nef hit the wall

No. 1659094

How retarded do you have to be to overthink this much something as innocuous as a corny teacher trying to look after his students by telling them "you won't be pretty if you smoke, do drugs and don't look after yourselves, girls!"? That's not some ~attack on beauty~, it's just normal responsible adult behavior Dasha, refusing to mature isn't gonna keep you young, you're just turning into a stringy-haired retarded mummy.

Ironically, this is more like the kind of thing that conservative, religious teachers tell their students, but Dasha lacks the theory of mind to understand conservative views. It's like she can't recognize a conservative take unless it comes from a hecking based @Peepeepoopoo_chad statue avatar twitter profile.

No. 1659095

its good to know he isn't fucking a tranny. he was a out bisexual fringe weeb autist who did HRT and had a blogpost about the results of racemixing with different types of asians despite being a a white supremacist so it makes sense to think he'd fuck trannies despite criticizing trannies. As >>1658546 said autistic scrotes are especially bad with this and will fuck anything especially what they hate. (sorry for kaliacc sperg)

No. 1659096

She has a boxy figure, even with the boob job. She boasts le 22 inch waist without realizing that doesn’t mean anything when she has the skeleton of a 12 year old boy with no hips. Her clothes hang off of her because she’s short and stocky, not because she’s super skinny. It wouldn’t be a problem if she knew her lines and how to style herself decently. The outfit in this most recent pic is like the worst thing she could pick for her body type. She could look good, but somehow has the fashion sense of someone who’s literally autistic.

No. 1659099

i will never get over the fact that she has any girls looking up to her, let alone women. how does she have female fans that are over 16? or older gay male fans, even?

No. 1659108

Was thinking the other day how funny it would be if an actual Russian woman entered A+D's social circle. Like Eli's brother started dating a fresh of the boat one or something. The stark difference between an actual eastern european and these two deluded American larpers would be immense. Anna absolutely raging at being in the presence of an actual Russian speaker who could humiliate her at any moment.
The seethe would be incredible.

No. 1659114

So weird of her to frame some guy telling women that they'll be more attractive if they shower and stop smoking as a lib thing. Conservatives/incels are constantly whining about how modern women are smelly and unfeminine, does she really think that they better appreciate her crusty style?

No. 1659115


Bc all Anna’s face sculpting fillers and softening Botox began her yassification already

No. 1659118

she probably assumes any male teacher or academic is necessarily a stuffy "liberal academic" even though like most public high school school male teachers are most likely conservative leaning, and this guy sounds more like a conservative. HS isn't college.

No. 1659123

This was obviously a gay man, if it even happened

No. 1659125

hard to dress for your lines when you're < 150cm tall, she could be a much weirder shape all things considered

No. 1659127

she's not really that small is she?

No. 1659135

The strangest part of Tao Lin's rise and fall is how the book world pretends it didn't happen. The New York Times published a book review by him this weekend and put out a glowing review of his flop comeback book last year. The Dimes Square scene is trying to suck the blood out of alt lit but the liberal mainstream media is right there with them. No one else has cared in a decade.

No. 1659137

she is. she looks pretty normal when she's sitting (head and torso longer than legs) but she's a short little freak

No. 1659139

File: 1664249178893.jpg (976.1 KB, 1752x2208, liz.jpg)

hm, she does look small in some of the photos taken of her alone. she claims to be 4'11" but next to other women wearing similar shoes she seems normal-short height, not sub 5 ft. if she's under 5 feet that would explain a lot about why she thinks she's still a precocious, too-smart-for-her-age, sexy childbride-mom. maybe people have been infantilizing her for a long time due to her height despite her, no offense, looking kind of older than her actual age.

No. 1659146

James K.A. Smith is a manlet, I've seen him before irl. 5'5" max.

No. 1659147

everyone in that picture is a midget and she's the shortest one.

No. 1659150

honestly she's well proportioned for being so short. the boobs must look extra weird now that i know she's so short

No. 1659163

it’s really not, you just have to avoid most clothes that aren’t form fitting and cut well. the clothes she wears are made for people a foot taller than her who have actual body structure. she needs to wear things that aren’t paper bags and h&m jeans and jacket combos

No. 1659184

File: 1664255101600.jpeg (399.65 KB, 750x938, 4ACE0ECD-3E25-4652-9F3D-389198…)

Deeply stupid

No. 1659192


Bruenig liked one of the Instagram comments that called her emaciated— it said “in her emaciated era.” Hmm

Liz if you’re reading this: for your hot girl era, stop the bangs, grow out the bob an inch, side part. Selena Gomez lob not Edna Mode

No. 1659193

Kek. I would not show my face if I showed this level of public retardation.

No. 1659196

for the him the public retardation and dead eyed sweaty mirror selfies are a package deal

No. 1659207

File: 1664258903657.png (7.48 KB, 110x75, 1664249178893.png)

No. 1659225

File: 1664263087327.png (534.74 KB, 1057x514, jowday.png)

It's giving

No. 1659229

pretty sure that crowd would not give a fuck if their resident "intellectual" had sex with a femboy.

he also referred to Matthew as an ex of Dasha? but it sounded like a slip up. Anna also said, emphasizing past tense, that Matthew had a lucrative dayjob. I hope they have split because it sounds like they were ruining each others careers kek.

No. 1659267

He’s running for LA city council next year

No. 1659479

pls be joking

No. 1659522

is he really?

that's hard to believe. he looks like he wants to die in every live interaction I've seen, I feel like he would just off himself if he had to go through a political campaign. sounds like way too much stress for someone with his level of substance use and chronic pain. legit might kill him, if Amber Rollo lets him do that she's not a good cripple lover.

No. 1659525

this would be hilarious considering he moved there approximately 20 minutes ago

No. 1659535

File: 1664292949004.png (89.22 KB, 1200x384, lewifeguy.png)

Do you think she made him tweet this?

No. 1659544

if my husband exclusively talked about me in half ironic twitterspeak i’d kill him then myself

No. 1659651

Like half his tweets these days are just shilling her shows and events

No. 1659675

Was Virgil Texas at the Matt Christman wedding?

No. 1659682

Almost definitely not since Matt and the other Chapos have been liking snarky tweets making fun of his disappearance.

No. 1659721

whats bri-bri been up to these days? I bet she knows where he is if only to send the checks

No. 1659733

lmao love you for this reference nona

No. 1659778

File: 1664305960472.png (2.3 MB, 1284x2778, A5869BF4-7B03-474A-9EF6-F875A3…)


tao promoting jordan peterson’s hot daughter’s podcast is pretty fucking based

No. 1659888

god lol this is just abraham hicks for people with dogshit vibes

No. 1659962

I’m not, Christman is running for a representative seat, he’s been working with Nithya Raman’s office for the Los Feliz / Silverlake district. I went to a Cushvlog live event in LA about three months ago (lol) and he’s basically trying to drum up a quiet coup by electing dirtbag leftists to Los Angeles’ city council chairs

No. 1659985

you are a man. leave.

No. 1659994

is it really a coup if he's working with democrats in a blue city/state? although maybe that doesn't mean anything since every politician is a "democrat" in CA.

No. 1659995

you can't divorce a fiance. also this was already posted upthread nonna

No. 1660033

Coup as in ousting people in seats who have been there for decades

No. 1660040

That makes it sound good

No. 1660051

Representative as in for the state of federal legislature? I thought you said city council.

No. 1660083

LA Council has reps.

No. 1660087

it’s cute you think Newsom and Garcetti will allow the host of Tranny Trap House to be in their machine

No. 1660096

File: 1664322383823.jpeg (12.8 KB, 300x168, 243AA0F6-00FD-4C05-8E5F-A2AB31…)

>jordan peterson’s hot daughter
begone, scrote

No. 1660130

No I don’t really even believe the poster who says Matt’s going to run. He sounds borderline suicidal every time he opens his mouth, not sure how he would even pretend to be optimistic about making changes etc during campaign speeches.

No. 1660132

Does he actually not know what "financial speculators" means or is just just pretending?

No. 1660221

Everybody on the "new right" is a fed or at the very least a little glowy.

No. 1660230

Literally none of the Chapos are electable but Matt may be the least electable
None of the post-leftists can go for too long without directly saying "it's all the fault of the Jews and blacks." They make Fox News talking heads look extremely subtle in comparison

No. 1660274

File: 1664333003316.jpg (441.75 KB, 1536x2048, FdjzsRiWIAAoX5s.jpg)

new lows. they were selling this shirt at the "assembly" Anna didn't even go to.

No. 1660318

File: 1664336033457.png (128.23 KB, 584x541, belden buzzfeed.png)

Brace of True Anon on his experience working at Buzzfeed

No. 1660321

File: 1664336104937.png (105.24 KB, 584x575, belden dog.png)

No. 1660324

File: 1664336140283.png (68.23 KB, 584x317, belden dog 2.png)

No. 1660325

File: 1664336163501.png (115.95 KB, 584x541, belden dog 3.png)

No. 1660328

File: 1664336229231.png (76.38 KB, 584x391, belden carianne.png)

No. 1660344

No. 1660349

File: 1664337697415.jpeg (808.87 KB, 1125x882, FF43C999-0844-49DE-AC60-540852…)

No. 1660351

Speaking of Matt they were making fun of Tucker Carlson for talking about the hentai boob tranny and said the vast majority of voters think it’s weird that he thinks it’s weird. They said right wingers are the “20%” of the country that is transphobic. It really just shows you how much of a bubble these nyc guys live in and how little they understand common sentiment in politics.

No. 1660353

Why does every white guy think they’re Andy Kaufman? Brace is an Extremely unfunny manlet jew

No. 1660378

sage but i love you wine sperg anon

No. 1660386

Lmao I almost commented the same thing, I also loved the anon who chastised Anna’s attention seeking wedding outfit as the height of poor manners, blessed sperg anons trying to teach these hoes some class

No. 1660392


No. 1660401


how the fuck did you think this was serious you imbecile

No. 1660402

That is so genuinely embarrassing. Literally even most of the most radical left would still think a middle aged man wearing fake tits hanging to the floor to teach children is weird.

No. 1660404

kek no hate to the nonnies who thought it was serious but they basically got don hughsed by brace. sad day

No. 1660406

That’s mostly what I was talking about. There are troons openly disapproving of this guy. To defend this is really bad optics

No. 1660414

hentai titty shop teacher man is not real. come on. you can’t just believe shit you saw on tucker.

No. 1660422

it's been a spectacle to watch orbiters of this scene like soph, allie, myco, goov, and others become ugly, insane e-whores over the past 2 years. if ur going to pander to schizo pedos for clout in an art collective for neochibi nft money at least don't dress like shit if you claim to be fashion students. make art or write if you claim to be artists. don't be bloated sweaty disgusting goblins if you're going to sperg about nutrition and beauty. and don't disingenuously make " friends " on the internet when your art and poetry twitter gc girlies find your friends and behavior disgusting and act surprised when everyone gossips around ur back lol what a thread

No. 1660423

they are so gross i wish they'd disappear already.

No. 1660424

it's real you stupid troid.

No. 1660432

Blatant Lying just makes people hate you and distrust you more tranny, you’re not doing a favor for your community

No. 1660444


No. 1660445

it doesn't matter whether it's serious or not

No. 1660456

Omg Shanley and that other chick she runs with are insane. I follow them just for the freak factor although sometimes I find myself kind of agreeing with their takes just because men are so utterly loathsome and deserve nothing lol

No. 1660461

what 16 year old left their laptop open and had their mom use it while they were at school? i'm seriously crying at this boomer response

No. 1660470

this is the only picture i've ever seen her look nice in. it looks like someone washed her hair? i don't follow these threads or know who any of these idiots are. the dark haired one looks nice in that black dress.

No. 1660555

Are you retarded? The "funny young lady" is clearly sarcasm

No. 1660654

File: 1664372210583.jpg (531.62 KB, 867x1300, 36092099-cheers-beautiful-youn…)

cheers, ladies

No. 1660745

File: 1664380763654.jpg (23.11 KB, 920x920, tour-stemless-red-wine-17oz[1]…)

I've tended to like this type of stemless wine glass as it seems to enhance the aroma the most. I tend to drink Cabernet Sauvignon or similar red grapes at room temperature so I doubt holding the glass in my hand would warm it up much.

No. 1660776


Heiko Julien was a huge part of this scene too who also was revealed to be using his social media pages to creep on girls. Instead of acknowledging anything though he just nuked himself from the web.

No. 1660819

I prefer the stemless as well. Enhances the aroma and less likely to break the glass. I love reds like Chianti and Rioja, I also prefer room temperature to chilled. Sangiovese is another favorite and Bolla makes a surprisingly good, inexpensive Sangiovese that doubles as a cooking wine. My go to for guests who aren't experienced with wine.

No. 1660831

when she's not doing her pouty disaffected nymphet schtick she turns into a normal 31 year old woman with a full range of facial expressions. she just looks like a happy person at a wedding in that photo so she looks good/fine in comparison with the way she looks in a lot of selfies (morose and distorted) and through the lenses of the creepy male photographers who shoot her (an object)

No. 1660858

I agree. Brace is fucked in the head.

No. 1660887

the pouty affect is what happens when you're trying to skinwalk Lauren Alice Avery

No. 1660894

File: 1664390114079.jpg (1.36 MB, 970x1740, Ffff.jpg)

what happened to anna's lip

No. 1660933

I had to google who that was, and considering Dasha has been doing this shtick since 2012 on tumblr, I really doubt that’s the case.

No. 1660942

File: 1664393546104.png (641.48 KB, 958x536, 15241981_10154795060548011_506…)

Dasha was irl besties with Lauren Avery around that time. They acted together as lesbian lovers in a student film by Amanda Milieus. Lauren ran Dasha out of town after Dasha allegedly stole her rich grandmother's credit card.

No. 1660960

too many orbiters romanticizing mental illness

No. 1660978

File: 1664396090202.jpeg (320.79 KB, 1080x1351, 309236363_1161162384474439_620…)

some colorado ski reporter (johnlaconte) who was there posted a picture where she looks like a barn owl with diabetes ankles

No. 1660980

they all look horrible

No. 1660992

No. 1661012

the stem has fuck all to do with the "aroma" and your hand will definitely warm it above room temp but only if you're walking around an event grasping it underhand like so many retards do. maybe not if you're at home alone scrolling leftcows and drinking cooking wine and setting it down often. regardless, fingerprints all over the glass is classless and so is carrying a stemmed glass by the bulb. idc what normies do with their own cooking wine in their own homes but these are people in their 30s who LARP classy prancing around a wedding smirking in photos like they're hot shit for social media.

No. 1661045

Least autistic lolcow user

No. 1661110

Imagine being so braindamaged that you are wed in ironic clothing at a ceremony surrounded by others in ironic clothing.

No. 1661112

going to get in trouble for this but Felix looks normal. no goofy sartorial choices, suit and shirt looks like it fits him (though his trousers are too long), he looks in shape, shirt tucked in.

No. 1661116

File: 1664402544194.jpeg (5.49 KB, 124x107, 1664396090202.jpeg)

>shirt tucked in

No. 1661121

that seems pretty minor in a candid picture when you compare him to the groom lol. and idk who the guy on the left is but the tucked in Hawaiian shirt with a cut-off bottom design looks terrible.

No. 1661139

>the stem has fuck all to do with the "aroma"
For this glass, it's not the stem but the way it is tapered that gives the wine the pleasant aroma. Near the bottom, there is more surface area exposed to the air then it's tapered off to concentrate the aroma.
>and your hand will definitely warm it above room temp but only if you're walking around an event grasping it underhand like so many retards do.
Let me just see if I can out-autist you on this one lol. Room temperature is 72 degrees, body temperature is 98 degrees. Hands are extremities so probably slightly cooler, let's say 95 degrees. I can't see how holding the bulb would heat the contents all that much, the effect should be minimal. Wines served chilled could definitely be a problem.
>regardless, fingerprints all over the glass is classless
I agree here but the stemless glasses are also easier to clean, especially considering I have limited kitchen space for a dishwasher.

No. 1661153

>Lauren ran Dasha out of town after Dasha allegedly stole her rich grandmother's credit card.
What did that involve? Threatening to get law enforcement on her if she didn't leave town? I imagine Lauren telling Dasha "you lost your L.A. privileges" like this scene in Pulp Fiction.

No. 1661171

read the old threads

No. 1661175

That’s the chapo producer. He gets an equal cut of the patreon money. The show brings in nearly 2 million dollars a year and they dress like this…

No. 1661293

She’s a neocon at best lmao. Why are people hyperventilating about this chick?

No. 1661302

Weak deflection. You sound like conservatives who sperg out about mUh aNtiSeMiTiSm whenever someone criticizes israel

No. 1661305

No. 1661312

all these people are creepy disgusting nerds and should have nothing do with policy or legislation

No. 1661319

Imagine Liz with a tan. She would look just like Aimee.

No. 1661353

Samefag & shit bait

Damn so not only they knew each other, she's the friend Dasha stole from? That makes Dasha's skinwalking so much creepier

No. 1661394

Oh no, not the scawy fascist who checks notes is a member of the aspen institute and is also an ardent supporter of NATO lmfao

No. 1661484

File: 1664424382809.jpeg (40.47 KB, 1200x675, download.jpeg)

>Amanda Milius
It's all coming together

No. 1661486

Yep. Her dad was deep state.

No. 1661565

nato, famously hostile to italian fascism

A for effort kek

No. 1661777

Where’s Virgil?

No. 1661865

File: 1664468965488.jpg (107.99 KB, 828x1210, a8lkbe9njsq91[1].jpg)

She's firmly b-list now, more successful than Dasha, so does this behavior help her career?

No. 1661868

What does Rachel Sennott have to do with…any of this

No. 1661873

Dated Stav and played a scarethot in a film done by another scarethot

No. 1661879

I thought she was that British girl from the anachan thread, who makes the disgusting slop concoctions with all kinds of syrups

No. 1661889

this is sexually aggressive self-sabotage, why do people think this exhibition and harassment is comedy? what else can seth meyers think except "wow, gross!"

No. 1661892

Because if there’s one thing fascists love, it’s the globalist consolidation of military power!(derailing)

No. 1661904

she is so scary. will never understand why people like her. zero charisma

No. 1661914

File: 1664471894425.png (1.11 MB, 1168x1398, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 1.15…)

No. 1661915

File: 1664471945111.png (633.93 KB, 1180x1412, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 1.17…)

You tell 'em

That's Moche/Monica/Mommy Milkers in the screenshots he posted btw

No. 1661921

i like to pretend that it was jack schooling us all on wine etiquette while at home on his laptop swilling pickle juice from the jar.

No. 1661934

File: 1664472852133.png (3.13 MB, 1572x1568, rs.png)

>more witch skulled than dasha
>more fridge bodied than dasha
>more willing to fuck uggos and sexually humiliate herself for attention than dasha
>more successful in like 2 years than dasha could make herself in 10
truly hate it for the world but love it for dasha seething purposes

No. 1661941

but dasha isn't a nepo baby so i guess she has one underdog quality.

No. 1661943

>gets called bait
>insists on derailing
This is not reddit, retard, go discuss this elsewhere

No. 1661951

love love love the normalization of mid white women in Hollywood now! go us!

No. 1661957

The female twitter personality to middling celebrity pipeline needs to be eradicated now, its like these casting directors open up their twitter feed and cast from there… so lazy… I miss when random hotties would be scouted at the mall or a football game a la Pamela Anderson

No. 1661978

wasn't Marilyn Monroe working in a weapons manufacturing plant when she got scouted for a military propaganda video that snowballed into a movie career? (or is that just some shit people say online? I have no idea) supposedly social media psyops are the new weapons of war so it's not that different lol, these girls are working in the factory

No. 1661994

and despite everything you just said she’s still 20x prettier than dasha

No. 1661998

Maybe to u, she ugly af

No. 1662008

You know damn well the only beverage Jack drinks is the XXL coke at McDonald’s

No. 1662009

File: 1664477503999.jpg (682.4 KB, 1890x3000, pam.jpg)

completely agree, i feel like women who were "famously hot" in the 90s and 2000s like Pam Anderson and Angelina Jolie were insane, nuclear hot and no modern celeb can touch them. Like picrelated was a TV actress and puts every modern A-list actress to shame….Meanwhile I guess being "sooo relatable" posting your sexual Ls on Twitter and having one decent angle is enough to make you a middling indie actress these days whereas back in the day you had to be at least Chloe Sev level pretty and actually talented. don't get me started about what happened to fashion when the nepo babies came in, i'm already depressed

lol maybe but it's such a low bar, i'm sick of all these chicks and their wannabe sexy xanned out zoomer stares. pic at right is literally the face you picture when someone says "drooling mongloid" >>1661934

No. 1662010

>played a scarethot in a film done by another scarethot
Huh? I don't think Shiva Baby or Bodies Bodies Bodies were directed by scarethots.

No. 1662021

kek and dasha isn’t? nice try.

No. 1662028

scrote hands wrote this post.

No. 1662031

I don't get Jack defending Lizzo here. Is it obesity solidarity?

No. 1662035

ah yes men who famously don't find literally any woman hot and who have strong opinions about the Russian street urchin vs. nepo baby model era!

No. 1662066

Can’t blame her for imaging it was him, there are definitely some Jack-level dumb shit conservative scrote posters itt the past couple days trying to sound smart and whining about bygone days the way he does

No. 1662072

yep. just like the gay scrote going on about pamela anderson and chloe sevigny itt

No. 1662105

Ganer or Ham?

No. 1662109

NTA but N2F

No. 1662146

File: 1664483760940.jpg (35.75 KB, 640x484, fut.jpg)

Ngl nonnie as much as I agree the wannabe sexy xanned out is cringe and nepo babies are a blight to this world, I can't help but feel like this kind of complaint is 'old man yells at cloud' hag shit, 90's and 00's "hot women" were different from the ones that came before them too. Picrel

No. 1662147

She has so much charisma, I'm so excited to see where her career goes!

No. 1662240

File: 1664490734213.png (37.87 KB, 854x478, its over.png)

redscareforcishetmen is down, I repeat redscareforcishetment is down!

No. 1662325

take that baseball hat off and show us your receding hairline playa

No. 1662337


No. 1662341

But where oh where will those poor coomers go to look at nude pics of women?

No. 1662346

A lot of them weren't even women

No. 1662353

File: 1664495108340.jpg (160.17 KB, 1200x1156, Fd3A8rdWAAA9KXB.jpg)

Anna with her sexy fans tonight.

No. 1662373

Is that Vermeule on the right?

No. 1662374

nona didn't specify that they were straight scrote hands

No. 1662384

File: 1664496517029.jpg (431 KB, 4096x2142, FbcGGmQXEAACXvF.jpg)

I believe it's Michael Lind who she's introducing at this event. But they could be twins.

No. 1662405

Sorry to out myself as having not paid attention when Compact mag was explained before, but what is their angle and why is Anna there?

No. 1662429

the red scare sub is insinuating it was Hailey Roun_sa_ville who issued the fatal DMCA. I never lurked that vile place so sage for no evidence besides secondhand Reddit gossip

No. 1662443

File: 1664501252772.png (349.27 KB, 501x286, 57de2ffcf76546342e1e907884be88…)

No. 1662481

Aside from trying to do Paglian contrarianism millenial-style he's embracing people hated by the alt-right prudes who rejected him, e.g. Lena Dunham. Just another facet of his totally incoherent worldview.

He's also seething because some Mexican is more accepted on the right than he is.

No. 1662502

Your overall point is true and it bothers me as well.They realized that appealing to certain losers will increase their patreon bucks. In one episode of RS, Anna once said that richard spencer is a fed shill grifter who does not embody his words and I was stunned by the cognitive dissonance. Also, little richard got incensed and called the redscare girls ugly on his twitter space but I digress.

No. 1662533

File: 1664509862599.png (69.6 KB, 188x200, buhhhhhhhh.png)

I miss when beauty was gatekept better, maybe not in a racist way but in a way where I'm not gaslit into pretending every white woman who poses with an open mouth is pretty

No. 1662544

she’s just an actress you weirdo not every woman your eyes meet on a screen needs to be personally sexy to you. fucking moid brained

No. 1662547

No one is calling her a sex symbol kek calm down moid

No. 1662548

It could have also been because they posted Rachel Dolezal's onlyfans leak

No. 1662549

lol what the fuck is this even about, is she vocal frying their ears off about how bad BC is or some equally stupid shit or was this a ghost writer type thing like that irrelevant shakespeare ball everyone was "into" for fifteen minutes?

No. 1662570

Rachel Sennott isn’t even Jewish she’s just ugly

No. 1662593

If I were a racist like fatty Jack I would make sure I would be in top shape and have my shit together if I pretend to be apart of the master race. Otherwise, it really does make it seem like whiteness is the only thing you can use to feel superior to others.

The self-esteem fatass Jack gets from signaling that he knows slightly more outré cultural references than the average person and being autistically faggy about sniffing shit smelling indole perfumes is not doing enough to differentiate his sophisticated and esoteric taste from the mass brown hordes of low IQ people. He’s such a pathetic fag lmao.

No. 1662604

What an awful segment, just 8 minutes of her nervously talking about how she fucked some Seth Meyers intern in her college hoe phase, every other word an "um"

No. 1662646

they're only fighting because jack defended lizzo kek who cares

No. 1662695

>not to wk Rachel Sennott but…
btw this post >>1662533 is by a different person than the one yesterday lol but keep screeching that anyone who doesn’t like Rachel Sennott is a man, it’s not annoying and unhinged at all

No. 1662769

No one is WKing her, did anyone say she's pretty other than "prettier than Dasha"? which tbf she's really not, she's just less hateable. That poster was called a moid because
>in a way where I'm not gaslit into pretending every white woman who poses with an open mouth is pretty
She's not some sex symbol, she's not paraded in media as a beauty ideal, "uglier women having any visibility is muh liberul media gaslighting me into wanting to fuck uggos and fats" is moid paranoia.

No. 1662869

Or maybe they could do neither of those things and instead cast women with actual talent. Ideally.

No. 1662873

Chloe was no prettier than most of these scarethots tbh

No. 1662880

Angelina Jolie was just a Hollywood nepotism baby tho. Her being super hot is a lucky coincidence

No. 1662903

this. chloe sevigny has always been a lovable homely girl who just knew how to style herself cutely. her face is not conventionally pretty and definitely not hot. the moid sperging about retvrning to true gatekept beauty and using chloe as one of the examples is just too funny. i know models are supposed to be off kilter but let’s be honest, she is just homely and got lucky, which is fine! but don’t use her as an example of gatekept classic beauty lmao

No. 1663111

nah girl that post just called chloe "pretty" and compared her looks favorably to today's indie actresses like rachel and well dasha lol. you're making up the rest in your head and getting mad about it

No. 1663113

def not true… she was a very prominent model and then transitioned into acting, don't put slander on her pretty privilege, she is literally so breathtaking

No. 1663124

not everyone has to be sexy, but if you are stepping onto a red carpet, i do expect you to be able to turn it out and get your angles right, I also expect you to cover up your chest acne before you go onto a red carpet. it's all fake bullshit, and I expect the fake bullshit production, not some girl in an ill-fitting tube top.

No. 1663246

what the fuck is going on here

No. 1663251

lots of in-fighting and no milk

No. 1663278

she is pretty overrated honestly. yeah she fits some sort of platonic ideal but it's really boring in the context of acting and hard to find compelling.

No. 1663290

Imagine having this horrible take

No. 1663326

Chloe has a great body and is otherwise conventionally attractive

No. 1663376

the lizzo flute riot on the right was insane tho, i get why he defended her, people are acting like she literally stuck that flute up her pussy, she played it a little bit, that's all

No. 1663381

File: 1664600342473.png (613.49 KB, 1274x990, Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 12.5…)

Luke Turner who famously got Anna banned from Twitter for awhile is currently trying to cancel the admin of Beyond Woke and Problematic meme page, and get him fired from his job

No. 1663420

lmao Luke Turner is also the one who got Deanna Havas "canceled" and exiled from the NYC art world, he's best buddies with Shia LaBeouf

No. 1663626

File: 1664636263888.jpeg (519.88 KB, 1284x1606, 98AFF028-4576-4752-A5D1-2DA37D…)

I wonder how much Dasha got paid to retweet this. The Right Stuff dating app is funded by Peter Thiel

No. 1663632

is anna k going have to rapidly pivot to /not/ shilling urbit et. al now that yarvin and thiel have been disgraced in the last week

No. 1663639

literally every qrt i've seen of that saying "finally a dating app for feds" so unoriginal, it's like all the retarded scrotes who call retarded right wing egirls glowies when they're just desperate for attention. it definitely comes across as an ironic promotion. comments masking themselves as if they're intended to deter people from joining when it's actually the opposite and people will gravitate towards it out of curiosity now even if only to see how much it really glows. BORING and REPETITIVE thiel isn't sending his best

No. 1663677

when you are a member of an oppressed class you can use a powerful organization to eliminate speech you don't like.

No. 1663717

What happened to Yarvin and Thiel last week?

No. 1663732

File: 1664641088904.jpeg (142.65 KB, 640x719, 9176BD74-47EB-4F2A-89FC-994D4A…)

Looks like the coomers got their revenge

No. 1663743

Yarvin split with his pregnant gf and had the tranny fucker rumours proliferating… maybe with Thiel, it's Masters shitting the bed in the Arizona Senate race? idk

No. 1663745

the thing with the emergent group of zoomer schizophrenics is that they are extremely ironic about their own illness, to the point that they are able to mask how bad it’s getting to loved ones and often to themselves. I thought my friend was just a meme-brained wannabe outsider artist until he was drawing on his face

No. 1663774

they're such babies

No. 1663823

One of the absolute worst people in these threads, you love to see it. At least those pathetic chaser coomers did one good thing on their way out.

No. 1663872

she’s barely even discussed here and the worst she’s done is be rich and annoying kek. certainly not the worst cow, vendetta chan

No. 1663885

why do we hate her again?

No. 1663890

hailey rousaville is a very special they/them communist onlyfans sex worker.
Show some pronoun repspect please.

No. 1663897

Actual rapists have come up in these threads plenty. Samememe, Hasan is tangentially related to some of the cows here even though he's more a leftuber type. Anna, Dasha, and Aimee like saying that women who came forward as part of #MeToo were lying or wanted it, Sam Pritchard is a psycho troon, you can go on and on with this.
Rounsaville is an annoying rich girl who larps as a marxist-leninist-maoist, and it's funny she got banned, but she's not a straight up disgusting evil person like a lot of the other leftcows

No. 1663908

I said one of, and go cry into your caviar at the yacht club about it hailey
Probably because she’s your standard corny chapo runoff account forever stuck in epic 2018 dunk tweet mode plus larps as a disabled sex worker (she just has an OF page) while her only real disability might be that she’s physically incapable of not casually mentioning how she comes from insane wealth and privilege every few weeks.

No. 1663916

i think the milady people are the worst and also the chapoverse because they can do tons of damage in office with their stupidity.

No. 1664064

Don't even say that word, the ugly p-word is gonna show up with his retarded unspaced posts quoting half the thread with some irrelevant screenshot attached like he always does kek

No. 1664083

>hi cow
lol she’s annoying and rich as someone already said but that’s a lot less bad than being a scarethot or a literal rapist woman hater like the rest of the people itt.

No. 1664089

>the ugly p-word
You're not going to get banned for saying pajeet here nonna.

No. 1664096


No. 1664191

Oh no, not a scarethot!

No. 1664195

You're completely right, ignore the white knights who barely know who she is

No. 1664204

I did get banned for calling him an ugly pajeet on the last egirls thread where he was posting random girls he hated. I'm pretty sure there's a mod that's close to him who deletes reports of his posts and bans people for shit talking him where they can reasonably say the person was breaking a rule

No. 1664205

File: 1664667965716.png (210.17 KB, 598x895, pR7rkEw.png)


Someone should report this for misgendering.
Something to talkabout at the next fox hunt/pheasant shoot/debutante ball/communist meeting.

No. 1664303

Social media giveth and it taketh away. We might all be happy when a disgusting coomer subreddit gets banned for dubious reasons but those same reasons will also be used to ban the person(s) that got the subreddit banned. This is why I will stick to anonymous message boards where I can call Jack a fat faggot and Pritchard a disgusting autogynephile to my hearts content.

No. 1664382

you probably got reported for racebaiting because pajeet is a dumb slur that le epic racists moids love to use. sorry if that comes out harsh, but it's true. might not be the grand conspiracy that you're making it out to be. milady-man is ugly as shit though, no wonder he pretended to be a girl online.

No. 1664398

File: 1664679411739.png (66 KB, 1090x286, 4567567876.png)

Did they talk about the Compact event on the podcast?

No. 1664403

File: 1664679658110.png (834.62 KB, 1608x964, zora.png)

some minor reporting on the miami thing. briefly mentions Katherine Dee and Moyer. lol @ linking the red scare episode as their hyperlink for Sam Frank.

>The gender ratio is unbalanced. There is a half-hour wait for the men’s bathroom while the women’s is empty.

not surprising. all of this sounds really faux edgy. now it's a cult? maybe in the sense that they want your money.

I don't know madeline cash (the woman who wrote this piece) so if she has a relevant history, sorry. also ZoraZine is backed by crypto/nft money so read at your own risk, it's not a great online zine.

No. 1664435

File: 1664682128621.png (6.37 MB, 900x1591, oie_rEhQJ4NJbCmc (2).png)

samefag: I only saw that little zine article because Anika Jade / @susweekly shared it (cofounded @forevermagla with Cash and another woman, perfectly imperfect featured them https://archive.ph/umYZf - did not read, looks like a mag for and by scarethots) at the same time she was posting pictures of Anna from the Compact Mag event. So I shared, but sorry it's not terribly milky.

is there not a video of the compact mag event? I'm curious because I saw @InezFeltscher was there and she's a true enemy to women, just the worst lol

No. 1664436

Madeline cash is one of the Forever Mag (theil-funded “”downtown scene”” lit mag responsible for the alt-lit/autofiction revival) editors, iirc

No. 1664446

File: 1664682862513.png (265.73 KB, 560x472, ebruenig.png)

In other conference news, Liz B was slated to moderate a conversation with playwright Will Arbery at this Catholic literary conference in Dallas tonight but she was replaced at the last minute. Nerves? Depression? Travel conflict? Family issues?

No. 1664454

File: 1664683360543.png (204.7 KB, 1128x328, inez.png)

oh I see. didn't notice the thiel connection, just saw it was a shit mag and thought it was weird two of the three founders were covering events Anna was going to appear at

pic not related, just a screenshot of Inez mentioning Anna at the Compact thing. if you don't know Inez is an "anti-feminist" woman who works at a conservative think tank called "Independent Women's Forum" where as far as I can tell they do nothing but cloak horrible conservative policies in a lot of woman-power freedom language. I saw debdrens roasting her on twitter for having a soyboy husband but that's the least offensive thing about her.

interesting. I lost the screenshot but Matt randomly replied to someone on twitter saying Liz was going to have a new article out soon

No. 1664455

File: 1664683370343.png (2.35 MB, 4360x4062, miladyvillagedrama.png)

I second the other anon >>1664382 that I don't think they know mods here, too many Miladyfags have been doxed here for that to be plausible. I was just lurking their server and the pajeet was recently having a meltdown threatening to ban a Milady holder who met him IRL and brought up the fact that he's nonwhite. Even other Milady holders are turning against him now for claiming to be anti cancel culture and losing his marbles whenever someone innocuously brings up his race. It's fucking hilarious the projection about "unresolved issues" people have to walk around eggshells near this brown manlet so as not to tick him off and even his supporters think he's a joke.

No. 1664459

File: 1664683699602.jpg (398.73 KB, 1242x1087, matt.jpg)

oh found it. I guess he lied, no new Liz story this week.

No. 1664472

File: 1664684834349.png (5.32 MB, 899x1609, compact outfit anna.png)

very unflattering for an all-black outfit. her face looks different, or maybe she's using a bad photo filter

No. 1664481

kek, welcome back you complete retarded pajeet, took you long enough to show up

I don't think "having a mod friendie" is much of a conspiracy tbf, this kind of shit happens all the time in forums. This uggo in particular got as far as he did only because the one thing he's good at is identifying influential/key people and flattering them so that they help him

No. 1664482


you're straight up retarded if you think the pajeet would call himself out for any of this lol. like you really do not know who you're talking about, he prides himself in being anti cancel culture and thriving in chaos but he's a little beta bitch so insecure about his race he can't stand his appearance being brought up at all. you would almost think you're one of them saying this just to cause confusion from how oblivious you sound. as per usual remiliafaggot or useful retard, rest assured it's hysterical how rohit reacts to casual comments about his ethnicity kek. he's like the male fotouh

No. 1664483

The massive "p-p-please talk about me!!!" screenshot gave you away.

No. 1664487

speaking of pritch did he get his bbl yet?

No. 1664489

File: 1664686831604.png (1.46 MB, 2500x1728, urbitwriteup.png)

funny you frequent a gossip site such as this one, the kind that is often targeted (lots of people want it shut down, namely the cows and troons we talk about, the pajeet and his orbiters included) and the simple act of archiving is so foreign to you that screenshotting a pro anorexia groomer self-hating racist pajeet's laughable behavior is enough for you to hi cow, 0 critical thought in that pea brain of yours.

Here's another write up on urbit and the pajeet too since yes he's loosely related to this sphere and also a proana groomer and that's the literal only reason he's talked about, and not one he particularly enjoys. Your pattern recognition is just bad enough that you can't discern what's what when anonymity is involved, must suck

No. 1664493

her goofy shoes always make her feet look enormous

No. 1664496

I got nothing to say about this whole crowd except they're literally evil. I know it's simplistic, moralistic, whatever I'm drunk. They're evil.

No. 1664498

take your meds, your schizo word salad samefaggotry is super obvious. muh totally related to red scare and dimes square proana groomer pajeet

No. 1664500

File: 1664687684081.png (Spoiler Image,8.57 KB, 458x241, sdfjksldafjdaslfs.png)

it's true, the backlash to the dominate cultural malaise is even more regressive.

No. 1664505

the zorazine writeup was already posted upthread. stop it with the low effort infighting.

No. 1664523

File: 1664689985927.png (571.88 KB, 1600x900, aryancowboy.png)

curious how the recent Cancellation of the kaliacc-hot pot-milady cult made no reference to one of the members @aryancowboy grooming a 17 year old girl and leaving his wife for her. some of the fellow travelers like @__rahab__ still have tweets up addressing this and you can see tweets from wretched worm, sixthreeirl, ngola tesla, gil Martin as thick as thieves with this fellow.

curious no mention of this. or how the tweeted screenshots of kurabbu grooming an underage girl and soliciting her for nudes also tagged all of these same people >>1538604 or how even after the vapid e-whores were posted on his instagram >>1514324 afterwards

No. 1664535

No. 1664585

Hi vendetta chan, your just as much of a cow as she is.

No. 1664615

Holy run-on sentence. I swear I’ve never seen so many dumb cows who fancy themselves intellectuals as in this scene.

No. 1664620

It’s hilarious how stupid you are and how easily your rambling solipsistic walls of text give you away.

No. 1664642

Go back to hexbear chapo

No. 1664669

What's even more hilarious is how you hi cow anytime anyone wants to expose proana pedo groomers and are so unintelligent you can't tell that I wrote the first two posts but not that one, you aren't able to discern between different typing styles and if you were and also able to use the logical part of your brain you'd know neither of us are Rohit Okhandiar. Yea dimes square were into miladies for a while and they still attend the same events, plenty of people are discussed here who attend those events, and we aren't saying good things about any of them. Use your fucking brain you're too retarded to use anon imageboards

No. 1664673

The boris guy in my screenshot I was just told also groomed a 17 year old girl and he hangs in Milady village even though they're aware of this, aryan cowboy is one of the people who exposed miya so I don't think he hangs around miladyfags tho.

No. 1664695

Oh yeah definitely on par with rapists, rapist apologists, actual pyschos and their orbiting sycophants. Unless you mean worse as in the most boring, in which case, yeah. She's a zero quality milk of a cow.

No. 1664697

How do you even know about hexbear?
>inb4 "Because we're being invaded!"
Nobody knows or cares about bringing up that site other than users

No. 1664718

I’ve seen some pathetic posts in these threads but rabidly wking hailey rounsaville might just take the cake.

No. 1664726

Not to nitpick but her proportions are extremely off or maybe it’s just the awkward angle

No. 1664741

no one is wking her though, just saying she’s nowhere near on the level of actual rapists and rapist defenders and pedos lol