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File: 1598838117939.png (1.05 MB, 700x871, 61B895B5-8D20-4078-AB25-707F13…)

No. 1031222

In light of recent popularity of socialism, there is now a distinct breed of pickmes who embrace leftist/Marxist rhetoric to vent their personal resentment towards their more successful/attractive peers under the guise of caring about the poor and to garner attention with increasingly retarded takes. They’re also ugly and aging hags. Common examples include Anna Khachiyan, Dasha Nekrasova, Amber A'Lee Frost, Aimee Terese, Heather Habsburg, Caroline Debnam, Liz Franczak, and their gay, woman-hating buddy Jack the Fragrance Fascist.

>Anna Khachiyan is the ugliest hag to ever consider herself a fashion arbiter: >>>/snow/1025064
>And this is Dasha, the cashew shaped face of the left: >>>/snow/1030199
>Jack the Perfume Nationalist and ex-FtM freak Dianna Dragonetti/@christlover2000 bond over their shared cow status: >>>/snow/1031174
>Rachel Olson/@HeatherHabsburg/@tolstoybb, Aimee Terese, and Caroline Debnam/@as_a_woman continue to obsessively check this thread every day: >>>/snow/1024756
>Anna’s good pals Kantblimp, 500 pound star of an incel documentary, and Logo Daedalus remain in the midst of a months long public meltdown: >>>/snow/1028823
>We haven’t forgotten about bug-eyed Liz Franczak: >>>/snow/1025152

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1030945

No. 1031223

ty mod for fixing the thread

No. 1031245

ashley makes regular posts about how beauty is the only thing she lives for, no wonder she's "dying" when she says her idea of beauty is jack

No. 1031247

File: 1598844252996.png (169.64 KB, 331x588, wat.png)

this was posted on the redscareforcishetmen sub two days ago…what does it mean?

No. 1031251

Blondewithatwinkbody is posting under UhHuhHoney96 and she's oddly defending Jack now lol

No. 1031263

Bloo is a crazy bitch but no way is she Jack or Jugs. I think someone said she was disabled? If you engage her in conversation she's pretty funny and her insults are spot on. I think she's been fighting with the mod a lot latley and getting banned.


I don't think so, this account might actually be Jack himself but not sure.

No. 1031283

File: 1598860677616.png (152.53 KB, 1080x576, IMG_20200831_095524.png)

was it schizophrenia?

No. 1031286

File: 1598861247699.jpeg (157.4 KB, 1241x498, 6BDC856F-9EF5-4AC2-9460-7F496D…)

What world do these people live in? Does anyone know anything about this guy? I know he seems friendly with Jack and was the centre of Anna’s autism thing but what’s the back story with him? It seems like he just popped up out of nowhere.

No. 1031289

Recently he’s been sperging pretty much daily about how evil college is but I think he’s a PhD student? He used to post about getting tenure but the tweets seem to be deleted deleted now.

No. 1031307

File: 1598870958857.jpeg (628.79 KB, 1208x1283, 43D6C714-744D-4B83-B8B2-344C83…)

Samememe used to make lots of racist inane posts on a somethingawful offshoot forum.

No. 1031314

File: 1598871526393.jpeg (856.88 KB, 1188x1702, 0CB90438-0E54-4CCD-B373-583DBB…)

More about samememe

No. 1031317

Lmfao omg? That's so embarrassing…these people are all such losers. I really wish there were caps of his old posts he sounds like a complete cow.

No. 1031318

File: 1598872720922.jpeg (339.56 KB, 1242x619, 67FB89E9-858E-411A-8062-07C7C3…)


I found this from 2016 so he’s been doing this for at least 4 years. I guess his friendship with Jack makes sense. Interesting Anna choses to follow this guy.

No. 1031320

This from previous thread was quite the self-own kek, funny how quickly he and his cohort revert to woke tactics the second they're attacked, complaining about anonymity when the entire RW twitter is anon.
>wHy dOnT yOu PoSt yOuR fAcE sO mE aNd mY fAt cO-HoSt cAn bULLy aNd dOxX YoU

No. 1031324

Are they all collectively reverting to 2007 /b/ intellectual levels, or did samememe just never evolve past that? This is extremely embarrassing, even by alt-right standards

No. 1031329

The appeals to christianity and tradition are so weird coming from this fat gay nerd guy

No. 1031330

File: 1598876292806.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1000x3833, D5548642-70EE-4927-81F7-16593A…)

Yeah it definitely seems like the Asian girls are the ones with the obsession…

No. 1031346

It's honestly bizarre. In almost every iteration of religion, he would be punished or killed.
In almost every iteration of ideology he would also be considered an abomination.
No wonder he can only exist in the vapid, postmodern sphere of twitter.

No. 1031354

File: 1598882736774.jpeg (831.48 KB, 1194x1720, CE1A3BFC-4412-44BA-B63F-12B9BA…)

Yeah, Vaush is fat, stupid, and opportunistically jumping on the Leftist/Breadtube fad, but how is he any worse than Brace’s cohost Franczak and her numerous Scarethot buddies?


No. 1031358

oh wow, i wish we knew more about his ex bc im starting to think she mightve been asian

No. 1031360

brace is an actual communist and vaush is a "market Socialist"

No. 1031362

File: 1598884424280.jpeg (502.47 KB, 1242x1464, 525E2BE6-F0C0-4B38-BCFB-9D91F8…)

when Anna tweeted that samememe was the “best follow of the fiscal quarter” her little shadow and bug eyed bitch Liz Franczak was right there responding how he was great, too. She’s deleted it since then tho and all interaction with the dude. Like good for her for realizing that dude is racist but his intense hatred of women wasn’t enough I guess. Makes sense since that’s the space where she and Anna get to show off how they aren’t like the other girls to these absolute losers.

No. 1031363

> Like good for her for realizing that dude is racist but his intense hatred of women wasn’t enough I guess.

Anon, don’t you know that being concerned about misogyny is white neoliberal feminism?

No. 1031366

Am I supposed to believe Franczak is an actual communist too and not even more confused and squishy than Vaush?

No. 1031368

File: 1598885527135.jpeg (511.52 KB, 1191x1173, DC109DDA-619C-4AEC-A3DD-D6972E…)

lol these cringe podcasters and their simps sincerely think they’re entirely above and separate from the cringe Youtubers rather than two different flavors of nerd faggotry

No. 1031370

Liz was posting about the same political stuff she posts now back when she had no followers, she's not a fake socialist girl like Dasha at least.

No. 1031371

But started posting Pepe memes and following people like Jack and samememe when she started simping for Dasha which is honestly worse than just straight up being apolitical or transparently far right tbh! I

No. 1031375

This is almost guaranteed that his ex was Asian. Racist losers like him choose Asian girls because they think they'll be submissive. I guess his ex told him to fuck off and he's never been able to recover!

No. 1031376

Franczak is a fan and friend of almost every cow in these threads: Anna, Dasha, Aimee, Kantbot, Amber, Caroline, Heather, and yes Jack and samememe before she realized being associated with them might hurt her clout. She’s no less retarded despite the efforts of her white knights to pretend otherwise.

No. 1031381

How is this women's fault though? Aren't more women than men employed in the service industry? And if most white women (or are they asian) are just doing useless "cute creative careers" what's stopping men from still doing so-called "great things"?

No. 1031386

what does he even consider to be a "great thing"?

No. 1031392

Anyone have any dirt on Honor Levy (girlfriend of director of Dasha’s first movie)? She seems cringe

No. 1031393

Is this the example Dasha gave of a friend who had a young gf but she was really mature and it was a good relationship? lmao, it looks like she just graduated from Bennington. Imagine being a balding D list indie director and waiting in your girlfriend's dorm while she goes to class.

No. 1031396

File: 1598889482201.jpg (201.57 KB, 1600x1600, 399a3ec.jpg)

>mad about career women
>mad about Asian women
>says mostly "white career women" because the coward knows that race twitter would rip him a new pozhole if his sperging was about Asian, or, God forbid, Black women

Confirmed for having dated/creeped upon an upper middle class asian girl in a bar who promptly dumped him for some doctor/engineer because she has her own money and has no reason to settle for a white bum with a humanities degree. Funnily enough, the only women who would even consider tolerating you are white. Asian girls have no time for "artsy" cockfags with "cute creative careers", the culture is pretty conservative about who is marriage material. Don't you like trad shit, faglord? I'm guessing you don't like the "must make a lot of money and fully provide" part, not to mention "must not be a useless faggot whose job consists of listening to himself talk". You really want to be one of those unfireable tenured parasites munching on someone else's student debt, don't you? I understand - a real job would actually require you to continue competing after getting hired.


>shitnerd losers like me would be doing great things!

What you actually mean is "my objective mediocrity would appear more impressive by default due to lack of competition". The proportion of these "great men" of yours has always been vanishingly small, and men who were meant to be great continue being great today with little effort or competition. The likes of you, however, would still be filling piss jugs, complaining about corruption in video game journalism, boring random women in bars, bug chasing, ejaculating on cartoon pony figurines - whatever it is these "great" men like you currently occupy themselves with. Before you ask, no, your diatribes wouldn't be considered "great philosophy", as any useless humanities parasite like you might assume. Without women, you'd still have to compete with millions of other self-important meat poles with internet access.

It does seem clear why you and Anna get along so well - you're a fag who thinks it's women in the workforce stopping you from getting recognition and a qt asian bangmaid, she's a decrepit hag who believes that it's feminism stopping her from marrying rich. Hey, maybe you should propose to her?

No. 1031408

File: 1598891547836.png (496.75 KB, 960x392, juyr1yuvwbk51.png)

from the red scare sub

No. 1031411

I mean actual dirt not just screenshots of her instagram

No. 1031412

>The Edge, New York

No. 1031413

File: 1598892051965.png (64.69 KB, 922x441, tyrantmagcringe.png)

well barely anyone knows who she even is so you're probably out of luck.
she's also barely relevant to this thread aside from maybe this article where she mentions having a vapid conversation with Dasha http://magazine.nytyrant.com/cancel-me-honor-levy/

No. 1031447

>14 foot notes in a 1500 word story

No. 1031449

God I'm so tired of these fake-unique rich wannabe art kids. They're soooo damaged and edgy and medicated because their parents just threw money at their problems. None of them are good at anything and most are marginally attractive. It doesn't have any of the fun, winking, sleazy self-awareness of TheCobraSnake

No. 1031456

Right? The least they could do is be hot and glamorous. They’re sometimes entertaining but not in the ways they try to be, lmao

No. 1031460

Why do they look so dirty all the time? Same with Dasha, she just looks unwashed.

No. 1031466

File: 1598901529639.jpeg (138.58 KB, 640x1014, AEDD7919-A4DE-473A-B78E-95CA0D…)

No. 1031473


The entire scarethot scene is just an AltLit offshoot.

No. 1031478

She's like a mashup clone of Deanna Havas and Dasha, it's hilarious. Art/poetry hoe living off daddy's money, dating Eugene Kotlyarenko, posts edgy fashy memes on the internet as her "art"

No. 1031484

>Silhouettes are people too
>That's what you'll learn in the rain
god this sucks. Caroline Calloway ass

No. 1031500

File: 1598906903318.png (200.15 KB, 1202x588, Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 4.47…)

ever since ben mora was "exposed" by the daily beast or whatever and was shot into twitter fame, he's been pandering to his new followers who are pronouns in bio BLM freaks

No. 1031504

better than literally all of the cows here though lol

No. 1031509

File: 1598908324901.png (54.07 KB, 600x299, 1597750054519.png)

Kind of like how one stupid tiktok video by some literally-who girl devolves into days-long twitter rants about how all women fake autism and mental disorders for attention and are to blame for everything wrong in the world.

No. 1031518

Deanna Havas is so annoying. Like really, I don't think she deserved to be basically cyber stalked by some random Jewish guy with a vendetta until her career ended, but after following her for years she was just completely insufferable. Living with parents and constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY talking about how she could be rich and famous by now if not for cancel culture. It's nonstop bragging with nothing to show for it, and of course all the typical "sex is bad actually" and "rioting is evil plz stop" tweets, when we all know she's got at least 30 bodies and doesn't actually care about politics.

No. 1031539

Deanna is annoying as shit, her profile picture is extremely misleading (she's ugly and brunette not hot and blonde) and her art sucks. She is obsessed with how important she "could have been" and how much the "world is against her", huge victim complex

No. 1031540

Meh, another gay man who thinks sucking dick gives him the right to shit on women like he's one of the girls. Same psyche as the fragrant fascist.

No. 1031546

Where are you even getting that

No. 1031556

Yeah, i was about to say… obvious pandering is annoying no matter what, but all the faux edginess and indifference from scarethots has made me soft towards the earnest BLM crowd.

No. 1031571

File: 1598917430015.jpeg (808.79 KB, 1536x1321, 19409DEA-28BA-4F19-9B8D-C5AC1D…)

No. 1031581

File: 1598919085464.jpeg (333.73 KB, 750x1173, 44C6DB98-93AF-4885-9083-C09115…)

It’s pretty funny yet retarded that the retard mod Alexandrawallace69 still thinks bloo was jack or jugs. “Chubby goth”

No. 1031582

I've noticed quite a few posts like this from these people. "Why are there so many incels and misogynists in the Red Scare podcast subreddit?" and "How come these people who do racist irony 'jokes' everyday on Twitter actually turned out to be seriously racist?" etc. They have zero self-awareness.

No. 1031586

I think she mentioned chronic pain then someone started saying she was disabled. You can have chronic pain and not be disabled but I think the people in that sub are too retarded to know that

No. 1031594

This quote is funny because Dasha used to call herself autistic. I think Anna’s covertly shading her along with tok girl

No. 1031622

The sub is a cesspool it’s like 80% incels, hysterical gays, pedos and their apologists and wannabe anachan losers who call you fat for not agreeing that Anna and Dasha are the hottest shits alive lol(samefagging, not saging)

No. 1031623

File: 1598925777726.png (19.09 KB, 391x88, brain rot.png)

"I really don't know if a 16-year old girl dating a 40-year old man is wrong".

No. 1031628

These braindead comments are so common there, these people have to be teens or very socially stunted, right? I don’t know what other explanation there is

No. 1031631

File: 1598926944889.jpeg (362.52 KB, 1242x650, F0201F7E-3C0B-4291-8EAD-6C9A98…)


I thought he was kind of a troll just saying controversial things for engagement but I guess he’s been like this consistently for years. I wonder if he’s lying about the tenure thing, he seems like too much of a sperg to really function normally irl.

No. 1031635

He pissed some girls off with his tweet about girls allegedly having an irrational obsession with true crime podcasts or something

No. 1031645

File: 1598929196023.jpeg (3.6 KB, 171x128, fua80weurfiwaofew.jpeg)

she wrote a fake cancellation of herself that the jon rafman call out instagram published then took down. she is a "rich jewish brooklyn post-internet irony-poisoned chan-culture-aping art-hoe, comes from old money. stereotypical, they're a diamond dozen."

No. 1031646

this reads like a joe keskold post, my god

No. 1031666

I love you, anon

>your diatribes wouldn't be considered "great philosophy"

>as any useless humanities parasite like you might assume
As an useless humanities parasite though, I need to add that his diatribes are garbage by humanities standards too. Does he really have a masters degree? I find it hard to believe that someone with tenure would ever acknowledge him beyond rolling their eyes and giving him a passing grade, if he has more than a basic degree then the american standards are really fucking low lmao

No. 1031669

You’re so right. Why is it always the people who have benefited the most from feminism, secularisation and ‘modernity’ who would have been even at best even bigger losers and at worst punished or even killed in a ‘traditional’ and Christian society advocating the hardest for it

No. 1031683

they're always comparing the girls to actual hot people like…. who's gonna tell them?

No. 1031687

is deana ketameangirl on twitter?

No. 1031690

don't think so. her main is @realdeannahavas

No. 1031700

yes absolutely these losers are alllll connected in an almost incestuous manner, lest we forget dasha and brace dated for 2+ years lmao

No. 1031709

There's a difference between qualified people in humanities and social climbing humanities parasites who accrue 250k in debt hoping that they'll get to score a comfy tenure and do absolutely nothing until they're retired. When this plan obviously bombs, they tweet about Bernie's loan forgiveness plan without actually voting for him (like everything else, that's someone else's job).

No. 1031727

Why would you have that much debt? Your grad school should be funded

No. 1031744

File: 1598954579093.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.86 KB, 776x1024, 1507614191872.jpg)

lmao im p sure that one of the guys mentioned in this story, either "jack" or "roger", is cameron moreno aka former /fa/ trip wilguen, who was canceled by a bunch of artsy girls at columbia and barnard in addition to his ex gfs in arizona for being a rapist and abuser, pic related

No. 1031747

File: 1598954773429.png (1.57 MB, 1644x1264, lmao.png)

if you search wilguen or his name on warosu you can find his narcissistic pastebin manifesto https://warosu.org/fa/thread/S14167332#p14167930

and he's friends with anna and dasha of course

No. 1031749

what is the deal with the laya chick?

No. 1031776

As far as I can tell, an annoying hanger on. She interacts with the Estee Lardass hangers on too and thinks she's very qUiRkY.

Honestly, not surprised that A & D are friends with a rapist. Anna probably says he's too handsome and the dumb bitches made it all up lol

No. 1031779

She’s ugly and annoying and vacillates between raging at people for no reason to sucking up to her cool friends and bragging about how amazing they are. Rich kids are so lame, but she lives in Manhattan and tweeted once about making like $11k last year kek

No. 1031796

Wow low even for them.
The roommate is one of those people who think all discussions about age gap relationships are an attack on her, as if anyone cares that she at 28 has a boyfriend in his thirties. She's been tweeting about how she's against abortion now lol again no one asked. She was on an early episode of Red Scare but everyone hated her so she's never been invited on again, she's trying to get fans to buy buy a subscription to her pictures. She pops up on the sub and the discords when people talk about her. Another braindead alcoholic trust fund kid parasite.

No. 1031800

Exactly - grad school is only funded for legit students at legit schools. Lots of these indebted perma-baristas actually paid for their bullshit phds.

No. 1031804

Same reason why the SJWs who screech the most about anime are weebs themselves, the post-modern desire to appear iconoclastic will always have people raging against that which is most vital to them. Sad, really.

Why can't any of them dress themselves? It's like these girls compete who's ugliest

No. 1031831

Seriously, another shitty boring modcloth dress and some chunky heels. Makeup? Forget about it. Don't these women live in New York City?

No. 1031843

idk i like liz and brace. they associate with some vaush-tier people but other than that they seem nice. also they really delivered the milk with this vaush thing

No. 1031845

last time i checked liz isn't a pedophile sex pest and vaush is. why do ppl get so wildly defensive whenever their poly neckbeard daddy gets criticized

No. 1031875

>idk i like liz and brace

So you’re retarded then.

I didn’t see anyone in this thread defending Vaush. It’s possible that both parties are full of shit. Why is it always either/or in the minds of scarethots and their defenders?

No. 1031890

Both idiots, brace seems a little more earnest but they ultimately both profit handsomely off of making goofy jokes about pedophilia and pretending to be communists. Liz in particular is very clearly just a bandwagon hopper. She won’t be a “leftist” anymore in a few years

No. 1031957

File: 1598989076632.jpeg (785.2 KB, 1187x1715, 30DE5FAA-F450-4B81-9A73-97A577…)

There’s a massive void where Caroline’s personality should be

No. 1031982

Classic BPD.

No. 1031989

How old is Caroline? Nice call to make fun of a cougar when she looks close to middleaged herself

No. 1031994

She's got to be in her 30s at least, the age where pornsick men start viewing you as a mommy surrogate. That being said I'm not sure coconut oil is the best lube choice.

No. 1032020

>she at 28 has a boyfriend in his thirties
he's in his seventies lmfao

No. 1032047

Who’s the boyfriend?

No. 1032049

sage because this has been going on forever but it seems like there are some people in the same world as the red scare girls so who has the tea on why Meg left

No. 1032054

I have zero actual insight but i think a fair guess is that the other two kicked her out once it started to turn a real profit so they could have a bigger portion of the money

No. 1032058

Meg had legit BPD &I heard she stole money from them

No. 1032060

At the time people suspected they had a political falling out: Meg was perceived as more of a normie liberal than Anna and Dasha and after the backlash from the Cut profile where they were expounding about making conservatism cool again some thought that's why she left. That's bullshit though; they all have the same politics, and Meg even follows Jack on instagram and subscribes to his patreon.

And Anna has since inferred that something along the lines of >>1032058 happened

No. 1032077

Wait, where did you hear this?

No. 1032083

> Meg even follows Jack on instagram and subscribes to his patreon.

Wtf is the appeal of Jack to these people? He is a completely uninteresting person aside from his embarrassing behavior.

No. 1032090

it's brokebrain unity or sticking around to laugh at the sweaty balding circus, you can guess which one it is with her

No. 1032091

He knows about perfume and movies, ianti-sjw. Anyways regarding meg bpd and stealing money, this is interesting because someone wrote a long ass comment in some gossip sub about Dasha and how she stole her old friend’s credit card (someone posted it to r/redscare and mods deleted of course) I’ve a hard time believing that Meg’s exit was 100% her fault, but who knows

No. 1032123

File: 1599007715063.jpeg (207.18 KB, 671x465, 38A0F7FB-0218-4F4E-98E4-C50D17…)

anna has some thoughts about the covid 19 lockdowns

No. 1032126

File: 1599008370237.png (51.11 KB, 1002x206, Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 8.55…)

Why does Dasha think that any normal person would view her as any different or less cringe than a Portland pink haired barista. Why does she care so much about making fun of people that even if they are cringe losers at least they believe in something. Not getting bad tattoos is the only positive decision she's ever made in her life.

No. 1032127

This is probably the least cringe thing she’s ever said. Tattoos are cringe and ugly for the most post

No. 1032132

Weren't the authorities already enforcing the policy pretty heavily early on though? In some places you could've been fined for having large parties and jailed for not staying quarantined when required. China even welded people's doors shut.

No. 1032137

are you saying Leya's boyfriend is 70 years old?

No. 1032138

There’s a lot of ugly tattoos but people like Dasha who see them as an attention-getting tactic are just projecting. Not getting tattoos bc you have delusions that youre a sexy loli at age 30 isn’t a sign of taste lmao

No. 1032145

I like how every time on the pod they talk about sex work Dasha gets closer and closer to admitting she did more than go to dinner or did karaoke with guys for money.
I think her bf is in his 30s-40s, the 70 year old guy she was sugaring for? But without sex? Anna briefly mentioned it on the most recent podcast episode.

No. 1032147

that's roommate leia??? what the fuck
she looks like a fucking gym teacher

No. 1032148

One of the funniest moments of the pandemic was when Heather Habsburg spent a few weeks complaining that the lockdowns were bullshit and the virus was fake, only to get infected with covid the same week the lockdown was eased in California. I wish I had her tweets saved.

No. 1032150

iirc she didn't think it was fake, but she was anti-lockdown while thousands of people were dying

No. 1032152

Her reasoning was basically that she couldn’t go out to the bars and enjoy nightlife anymore, and so the lockdown should be lifted, kek

No. 1032155

>70 year old guy she was sugaring for?
disgusting. I wonder if she's mad at Anna for talking about it in front of thousands of people on the podcast

No. 1032156

File: 1599014971947.jpeg (95.49 KB, 1125x1595, heather habsburg corona not go…)

No. 1032157

File: 1599015179118.png (401.25 KB, 921x472, comments.png)

Both Dasha and Anna (but mostly Dasha) were also getting shit for not following it

No. 1032158

The ones where she was complaining about the lockdown were funnier. IIRC Todd Hitler/@HillaryFan420 called her a big baby retard over it.

No. 1032162

if you look at Dasha's comments on reddit, there are ones where she is downvoted to minus 100 because everyone was hating on her for not staying locked down while New York had the worst corona epidemic outside of Italy. This was probably June, it was pretty funny.

No. 1032164

File: 1599016378076.png (35.75 KB, 365x182, minus96.png)

Although that sub is a cesspool, at least some of them are comfortable frequently criticizing Anna and Dasha for their stupidity. Better than a lot of fanbases who will defend anything.

No. 1032165

File: 1599016912369.png (546.09 KB, 720x1280, vlcsnap-2020-09-01-23h21m53s67…)

She's also such a liar, she went to a hotel and kept going to them, not just one person's apartment.

No. 1032167

It’s honestly really embarrassing that she’s 30 and dresses this way.

No. 1032169

Adam may be a bug but he deserved better

No. 1032173

File: 1599018541886.jpeg (415.77 KB, 690x750, 4B1C9A3A-5510-4059-9401-08E307…)

Looking like a combo of these two

No. 1032181

Tell us more, please

No. 1032195

im now in a group chat with franzak ill let you alll know what happens

No. 1032198

don't get yourself exposed

No. 1032199

don't get yourself exposed

i mean who knows what i could offer as proof but she is in this group chat and talkin

No. 1032200

in a chat with franzak – i think she is fine? i dont. get the problematic shit she seems realy nice not trying to be a type of way but she actrually seems really nice

No. 1032216

how did you find lolcow, jaya@gmail.com?

No. 1032240

That’s such a short email, I doubt it’s really theres.

No. 1032251

This feels like it was written by a friend of Franczak trying to disassociate her from the other cows, even though the other cows are her friends and she’s often explicitly supported their views

No. 1032307

I don’t know what’s true about meg but it’s kind of sus this person didn’t give any more details than “bpd and stole money”

No. 1032309

File: 1599055591335.jpeg (556.43 KB, 1000x1306, 4FBA20CF-217E-4D26-B851-74DD28…)

Anna has hinted at that herself and also recently said Meg’s departure was ‘solely her own doing’ or something like that

No. 1032310

I guess. That is only Anna’s side of the story though. Meg was the producer and 3rd mic so it seems natural she would make more money, since she did the most work? The episodes got pretty stale without her

No. 1032312

God why is Anna always posturing herself as some beacon of morality and kindness when she virtually rubs elbows with literal rapists? It’s kind of funny how fast she goes into assuming the role of victim and shirking any accountability. Seems like the kind of thing she’d make fun of another woman for doing.

No. 1032314

It definitely is something she'd make fun of another woman for. She constantly interprets others in the most uncharitable and cruel way (apart from the neo nazis she follows I guess) but then writes a novella on reddit every other day crying about how this evil world continuously misjudges her pure altruistic soul uwu

No. 1032315

Not sure I'm buying that Meg was stealing, before this all of Anna's vague comments on the situation were calling Meg a drama queen. If Anna and Dasha actually came off well in this story I feel like they would have spilt more of it by now.

No. 1032316

I agree but also I guess the same could be said about Meg? I feel like people would be more inclined to be sympathetic to her, the fact she hasn't said anything is a little suspicious

No. 1032319

There’s something deeply fascinating about the way the Red Scare girls express their insecurities, and how it is generally inconsistent with the way they believe others should. Even when they harp about how women should be pumping out babies instead of focusing on a career when Anna’s straight up running out of time. If Dasha hadn’t cheated on Adam she could be a tradwife by now, but it’s clearly not in her nature.

No. 1032320

I don’t buy it either. I think they had a disagreement about how much money Meg should make, I don’t buy that she “stole” any of the money. It’s funny the “bpd and stole money” accusation is exactly what’s been said about Dasha. She brags about stealing from Sephora and other places so it’s probably true

No. 1032327

She really is completely void of any personality. She comes off like an AI tweet simulator based of every ‘post left irony’ account put together. She seems so insecure and boring. It’s transparent that she’ll just mimics whatever is trendy at the time like she did during her neolib phase in the hope it will get her some kind of attention and approval.

No. 1032328

Didn’t Dasha steal Audrey Wollen’s credit card? I’m almost positive Dasha has BPD as well even though she keeps denying it

No. 1032332

She says she doesn’t care enough about being abandoned which she doesn’t really seem to tbh. You can just be a embarrassing attention whore kleptomaniac without being bpd.

No. 1032333

I heard Lauren Avery, they were both in some movie “the lotus gun”

No. 1032340

This shit looks retarded as fuck. Of course the director is the daughter of John Milius. And Lauren Avery is an heiress. What a joke

No. 1032346

It’s funny because she will mention wobble palace and other movies she’s been in, but not this lotus shit. The rumor she stole that chick’s cc is probably true along with the rumor she cheats on all her boyfriends kekk

No. 1032369

Only embracing part is the shoes anon.

No. 1032384

File: 1599063775596.jpeg (491.23 KB, 1188x1171, F715B7D5-3FB8-49D5-99D3-11E94F…)

Jack and Lil Miss Poopbrush have some opinions!

No. 1032388

File: 1599064266035.jpeg (675.13 KB, 1192x1307, 7483B129-5185-473A-A7AF-279337…)

speaking of which

No. 1032392

File: 1599064764948.jpeg (740.48 KB, 2048x1536, fat as a cow.jpeg)

Pretty sure that sort of thing still exists in the form of amateur porn, this is just him being angry about women again. If he really is a nazi as many people here say wouldn't porn (and also being gay) be considered degenerate? As usual all of these people are hypocrites.

No. 1032399

The nazis hated gay men too so that’s funny

No. 1032401

File: 1599065483286.jpeg (601.97 KB, 1242x1521, E76F4E3F-6F0F-4C0E-894F-FF1641…)

Being a gay porn addict would definitely be considered degenerate, as well as being an obese glutton who’s too fat to get into heaven, has a fat voice and will never be loved by anyone etc etc

No. 1032402

File: 1599065561131.jpeg (240.15 KB, 1190x457, 62E5F53A-4D5F-41B9-8879-F2D932…)

Someone post the pic of his shower wall, kek

No. 1032405

Tbh i think he’s right to some degree that people love to eat up “inspiring” weight loss narratives that are often just really empty and depressing but we all know he’s just coping with being a glutton and weight loss would actually do him some good

No. 1032409

I agree with him to an extent too I just don’t think that’s genuinely his reason for not losing weight

No. 1032410

why does he look at women's hole pics in the first place?

No. 1032412

I mean, I agree that people will never give you the response you deserve and will still nitpick other things, but you don't do it for other people. It's to not die at 40 lol.

No. 1032414

for real, for someone whose whole persona is about brazenly having the hottest takes and fancying herself some kind of truthteller against neoliberalism, she gets so fucking whiny and DEFENSIVE when people call her on her word salad. it's just a clear reminder that she feels just as entitled to ~freeze peach without any sort of repercussions or even discussions? tinfoil but maybe she got so worked up about "female autism" bc she's embarrassed about her own lack of social grace

No. 1032424

Because he wants to be a hot woman, desired by handsome men everywhere. That’s where a lot of his misogyny comes from.

No. 1032432

Anna picks and chooses when to hate rapists based on cloutmaxxing and contrarianism. She will condemn leftist "creeps" and so on, but is quick to defend every guy that was metoo'd by a left or liberal woman.
Anna once retweeted something from a woman about how she'd rather kill herself than be around Matt Mondanile (Ducktails musician, abused and stalked Julia Holter, raped several women). But I guarantee you if Matt ever reached out to Anna with some kind of business offer she'd be all over it, considering she literally defends Harvey Weinstein.

No. 1032446

Would be SHOCKED if Dasha didn’t fuck Matt Mondanile kek

No. 1032447

Any confirmation she cheated? No offense to the bug but OPN is a real upgrade for her

No. 1032452

I am certain that the only reason Anna retweeted the anti-Mondanile tweet is because she must know someone who dated him or was assaulted by him, and she felt the need to performatively stand by her friend. If she hadn't known anyone with ties to Matt, I bet money she would've scorned his accusers as grifter attention-whores.

No. 1032453

Samefag, but I agree on the Dasha and Matt theory. They were both living LA for years at the same time so it'd make sense.

No. 1032463

>People who screech about neoliberalism are just retarded magahats who want their nonexistent jerbs back while subsisting on cheap shit from China and benefiting from other products of globalization

Unironically true

No. 1032464

She said on red scare that he’s a porn addict and has erectile dysfunction. Not sure it’s that much of an upgrade from the bug, I doubt opn will want to marry her

No. 1032465

He left his wife allegedly, she was really pretty

No. 1032468

omg which episode?

No. 1032469

It was sometime at beginning of quarantine I’m not sure. She definitely said it though

No. 1032473

It was earlier this year but wasn’t about him, she’s never acknowledged their relationship but hasn’t denied

No. 1032478

It was about him, he was her quar boyfriend that she kept talking about

No. 1032484

He was but the story about the porn addict who couldnt get it up was about someone else

No. 1032489

I’m not following, how do you know it wasn’t about opn? I’m pretty sure she mentioned this in the context of her “quar bf”

No. 1032490

He tries so hard to convince himself that his being fat and gay is fine because he enjoys life to the fullest, he wants to believe he's a joyful soul that loves art and fine pleasures. Maybe he wouldn't need to try so hard to convince himself by posting about it 24/7 if he actually lived like that, it just comes across as coping and fetishistic. I know it's a social network and followers only have access to what you post, but him and christlover don't even know how to LARP joie de vivre properly, they just say they have it then spend all their days bitterposting. Everyone can see they're not what they say they are.

No. 1032491

If he was actually just a joyful soul that just loved food and art I don't think anyone would criticise him for being obese but he's so transparently hateful and self indulgent it comes off as repulsive

No. 1032510

Fascism and homosexuality go hand-in-hand, many of the top Nazi brass were flaming gays in their private lives. There was a tradition of cross-dressing in the Wehrmacht. Hell, two of the most prominent fascist active in politics today (Peter Thiel and Richard Grenell) are out and proud!

No. 1032511

They're vacationing together in Cape Cod this weekend, that's a big step up

No. 1032514

I think it’s immature for them to vague post about it like this, like just say the reason or say nothing. It’s as if they want people to speculate and assume the worst.

No. 1032515

they can't slam her and risk burning a bridge with her boyfriend. there are no good people in the podcast universe

No. 1032520

I mean they put known gay men in the concentration camps in nazi Germany

No. 1032527

File: 1599084878593.jpg (216.82 KB, 1321x1319, 050218_CLEMENCEPOLES_0177.jpg)

Wait how are you guys so sure OPN is Dasha's "quar bf"??? I thought that was just a rumor / meme.
Pic related is who I thought his wife was. He's legitimately retarded if he left her for Dasha.

No. 1032535

She's worn his merch, she's said her quar bf is a Ukrainian Jew from Boston, they were seen together at the last live SNL where he played background keys for The Weeknd, etc.

No. 1032537

someone on the sub said that he's been separated from his wife for a bit before he started dating dasha but isn't officially divorced yet, they started going out in feb or at least by march

No. 1032538

Lmaooo what a downgrade
And tbh opn isnt even that much of an upgrade for dasha- he’s more successful but imo just as weird looking as bug if not more

No. 1032541

The rs sub figured it out. Anna’s bf Eli knows opn so they were introduced. In some of Dasha’s posts she’s in a more upscale dwelling, lot different than the dump she usually lives in kek. Look up ‘Daniel Lopatin’ you can find the uncut gems interview. He’s a nasally nerd, would def date someone lame like Dasha

No. 1032551

File: 1599087053468.jpg (28.1 KB, 357x648, p8qyfg7vxmg51.jpg)

weird, i browse the rs sub but i've only ever seen one guy pushing the 'dasha and opn are an item' thing. he claimed opn took this photo but it's impossible to tell lol https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/i8m2s0/dasha_oneohtrix_bf_reveal_42320/

No. 1032557

How much do you want to bet she's going to try and get herself a role in a Safdie Brothers film? kek

No. 1032565

She was one of the 200 girls who auditioned for the Julia Fox role in Uncut Gems, back when I think the role was smaller and different.
Dasha's career has been at a standstill, besides literal one minute roles on tv shows and her own movie she's done nothing in the last year besides playing a murdered woman in one episode of a Netflix show that's still filming. The cam worker movie starring Julia Fox was filmed a year or two ago, guess getting an audience podcasting hasn't paid off, should have stayed sucking dick in L.A.

No. 1032569

She also auditioned for the role of the love interest (Zazie Beetz's character) in Joker lol

No. 1032575

That’s hilarious. She must have a great agent because she’s an awful actress.

No. 1032578

I genuinely don't understand why Dasha doesn't invest in some (tasteful) cosmetic work. Injectables, brow lift, even some light surgery, etc. It seems like succeeding as an actress is really important to her and now that she has some income, I legitimately don't get why she doesn't make this investment. Has she ever spoken about this anywhere?

I similarly don't really understand why she doesn't work out and is okay with her arms looking like that, but that's a different convo.

No. 1032584


My two cents, both her and Anna seem delusional about beauty standards in 2020. They remind me of a lot of millennial women who are still mentally stuck in the 90s-00s where you could still be considered hot or a celebrity if you only had one or two flaws.

On Dasha specifically I think she is trying channel a Mariel Hemingway circa Manhattan type persona with her style and the way she presents herself, like bitch I love the 70s too but that was a whole ass 50 years ago

No. 1032588

She doesn’t have a natural, striking beauty, though, so it falls flat. She’s cute enough but too asymmetrical facially to even approach gorgeous. Plus, you can tell in her skin she’s starting to age poorly.

No. 1032589

Because Dasha is convinced she is a natural beauty, and talented. She also ascribes a lot of beauty value to being "skinny", but I don't get how she thinks she's Hollywood slim. Maybe if she'd ever actually rubbed elbows with Elle Fanning she'd realize how much less beautiful she is than her. I don't enjoy shitting on another woman's beauty, and if Dasha was just a normal girl in my neighborhood I wouldn't think she was ugly by any means. But she comes off incredibly delusional about where she would rank in beauty-specific industries like film and television. She's cute for a podcaster, or a bank teller, but she's not Hollywood anything.

No. 1032624

I think her confidence about her beauty comes from her fucking so many guys, hanging out with gay guys who gas her up, and doing drugs. Having sex with so many guys can trick you into feeling more desirable and thinking you’re hot shit

No. 1032634

I genuinely don't see how she would succeed in Hollywood anyway. Cancel culture is unlikely to ever go away and how many producers want someone calling people retards and faggots as recently as 2020 on their hands?

No. 1032635

She's so bad. The sub is always saying stuff about how Dasha should've been cast for certain roles and like no she shouldn't have lol delusional I also remember them distinctly acting like Elle Fanning is ugly. What was that about?

No. 1032641

I’m really confused as to why she decided on being an “actress” when she’s so bad at it. Does she just want to be famous?

No. 1032642

She could land roles in Kevin Sorbo films for sure.

No. 1032644

File: 1599093888170.webm (2.86 MB, 312x334, 1577762002848.webm)

yes here's a clip of her 'acting'

No. 1032650

No. 1032656

Whatever she's attempting in either of these is not acting…if anything she's just a more self-conscious version of herself.

No. 1032659

I think the answer to that is an emphatic yes. Acting just seems like the easiest path to that for her. That or wearing cosplay to a protest.

No. 1032661

What protest ?

No. 1032664

she said outright in one or more episodes that she's fucked producers for roles. it probably underpins her anti-MeToo stance and pro-Woody Allen pro-Hollywood sleazebag positions

No. 1032665

File: 1599096141721.webm (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 640x640, 1599095576096.webm)

What was the point of Dasha doing this? Being edgy?

No. 1032666

So she's admitting she's not good enough on her own merit to get roles. It's not like it's a requirement as a young actress to fuck people to get ahead, but if it works and makes you a huge star, cool. She just fucked her way to the middle.

No. 1032671

my bad, it was South by Southwest when she did the sailor socialism thing.

No. 1032672

File: 1599097516930.jpg (73.35 KB, 660x495, sad-pug1.jpg)


this would be cringey if this was a drunk sophomore at a house party, but this is a 30 year old woman still trying to LARP as a mid 2000s manic pixie dream girl, flashing her boy chest for the lowest level denominator of berniebro incels. feels bad man

No. 1032682

Exactly. Jack is not desired by the general population of the gay community. Gays have very stringent ideals of beauty, and he doesn’t really tick any of the boxes—fat and not in a way that it’s distributed masculinely, receding hairline, small rat teeth in a huge head, autistic interests, etc. He basically takes all of the critique gay men have on him and inverses it on to women like a miserable fucking baby.

No. 1032690

i feel like she'd have more success playing villains

No. 1032722

Cosmetic work is generally undesirable in real models (not hadids) and actresses. It's only acceptable when your potential to be super hot is already apparent, and you have some acting ability. If Dasha gets surged up, she will be another mediocre looking extra who's not hot enough for AAA leads but also not interesting enough for art films, whereas with her ugly looks she can continue pursuing the pretense of being an "avant-garde" option.

No. 1032724

Her face would be really hard to fix, though. Her nose is too short and the whole mid to lower half of her face is genuinely skewered to the side like a crooked penis. She doesn’t even have a cute or common kind of asymmetry that is considered acceptable for talent, like a high eyebrow or an uneven lid.

Like how is it that she managed to make her face look crooked even with the mask on.

No. 1032725

she wasn't as droopy in her younger pictures, does she have bell's palsy from drugs and alcohol abuse?

No. 1032726

kek her having a half-paralyzed face would explain so much

No. 1032728

File: 1599107336583.png (94.31 KB, 500x407, 1809F230-3BFC-450A-904E-DAD009…)

Nah that’s not how palsy works. If she had palsy her face wouldn’t be literally crooked, one side of her mouth would be droopy and her eyelid and brow would be afflicted, her entire jaw wouldn’t be uneven. Features like this tend to get worse as they age because they’re finally developed and gravity is already pulling the soft tissues and skin down for all of us over time, it’s more pronounced on people with even mild deformities.

No. 1032729

Getting divorced and kicked out for cheating

No. 1032740

File: 1599110088616.jpeg (65.26 KB, 1024x500, 1934E8F3-9811-427E-A1B6-09C558…)

So uhh apparently there’s a Kantbot sex tape of him with a tranny that got leaked? If you search Twitter for “Kantbot video” lots of people are talking about it but I have not viewed it and I’m not sure I want to inflict it on myself.

No. 1032751


can't tell if he just backwards admitted to being gay and only pretending to care about woman for the doc or bisexual OR implying that he slept with this person on the basis that they were a transwoman or that he just fucked a guy just to have sex in any capacity like they do in prison. Very confusing. Tried to search the video on Twitter but no one is posting it

No. 1032756

File: 1599113857582.png (17.68 KB, 599x240, kb.PNG)

Fucked up that they're censoring the "just saying" part to make it look like he's admitting that there's a sex tape. He's not, he's saying they're making up a rumor (and the censored screenshot proves it).


No. 1032758

custardloaf never learns. she's going along with the kantbot sextape thing even though the people who made it up are likely the same people who leaked her nudes. she just doesn't get that her "friends" will never see her as one of the good women no matter what she does.

No. 1032761

think they're just memeing about the "sex tape," trying to egg on those making fun of viddy for coming out as trans

No. 1032771

Someone post the fucking sex tape of kantbot and the tranny already

No. 1032774

it doesn't exist

No. 1032779

File: 1599119433886.png (1.37 MB, 1216x1446, kb_no_values.png)

still funny as fuck he can't take all the trolling and dunking that he used to heap onto others. he was explicitly rw before and is now gaslighting to make out that he's always been apolitical or above it all.

he wants leftthot money so bad, he wants chapo to care about him, he wants a book deal, he wants fame.

No. 1032781

hilarious when he kept pestering cushbomb to debate him on a stream back in the spring but matt refused fatbot couldn't even drop the smug bad-faith persona in the dms

No. 1032784

File: 1599120258423.png (74.04 KB, 556x660, 2E601809-4058-42EC-A72D-FE24BC…)

Kantbot used to refer to transgenders as “dysgenic masses” along with Somalis. I wonder what happened since then.

No. 1032786

File: 1599120496632.png (21.94 KB, 494x216, 8EE007E8-FB55-4BBD-BD0C-CFD12D…)

With tweets like these, I wonder why Kantbot attracted an audience of malcontents who are now out for his head.

No. 1032787

File: 1599120889776.png (431.09 KB, 478x588, liz bruenig kantbot ecofascist…)

they all scurried away from the term after the Christchurch shooting but this sphere was heavily into "eco-fascism" in 2017

No. 1032793

File: 1599121418549.jpeg (609.12 KB, 1192x1713, 298D766C-8168-47BC-A37F-AB51E0…)

Not sure how much in this Twitter thread is accurate but Alex Lee Moyer seems like a psycho


No. 1032801

He's right about these lil camgirl "sex workers" needing to clean up their rooms tho. Is he really failed MtF or was that a joke? It's weird he's so obsessed with women despite being gay.
>porn addict
>erectile dysfunction
a-at least she got picked!!!
This would be wise, but I also think Dasha is the type of woman who wants roles she's not cut out for because she's delusional about looking like a beautiful 18 year old when actually she's an averagely pretty woman obviously approaching 30 (which there's no shame in)

No. 1032818

If there's a grain of truth in that thread, it's under gallons of radioactive waste.

No. 1032826

File: 1599137840191.png (42.16 KB, 1039x517, 45g3456f546.png)

he must have deleted this recently, of all the edgyboi tweets he could've deleted he removed the trans one, he really do be trying to cultivate a tranny audience

No. 1032852

kek, I just realized Liz Bruenig liked this ecofascist tweet. You can even see her old avi in the bottom right corner.

No. 1032876

Dasha and her whole image and career are kind of sad. If she was attractive she wouldn’t need to rely on her age or style as a selling point so much. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think genuinely beautiful women lean so hard into the (bullshit) angle “I’m 30 but I look like a helpless teen!!”

No. 1032877

If she had talent she wouldn't need anything else to rely on.

No. 1032891

Disagree. As a woman you need to have some sex appeal to get anywhere in entertainment

No. 1032909

File: 1599152751624.png (36.62 KB, 593x301, abtv.PNG)

No. 1032913

the sad part is I think this was from before the break up when she went to california without adam to party with her friend annie, val kilmer's kid, and some other unknown celeb offspring
he's right but also it's his fault he was friends with these people who have probably been nasty to countless other people and he didn't have an issue with it and stayed friends with them or was cultivating these people as fans, also he's like 30 now so it wasn't like he was a dumb teen

No. 1032917

Did this person express some kind of alt right sentiment in the documentary or something? I don't get why you'd have to 'come out' as a leftist

No. 1032936

File: 1599159104441.jpg (11.69 KB, 300x162, 1542235621891.jpg)

i'm gay(derailing)

No. 1032966

File: 1599163949169.jpeg (896.57 KB, 1242x1987, 7E2DDD5D-CF62-47EE-A30F-283F52…)

No. 1032970

I hate people who sympathize with incels. Burn them all.

No. 1032974

I feel like it’s a trend currently where people are obsessed with ‘humanising’ incels. Maybe to look contrarian? It makes me think they just don’t have much exposure to them because this idea of the good incel who’s just been failed by society and doesn’t harbour any hateful beliefs or entitlement really isn’t as common as they seem to think

No. 1032976

You've all done such a number on poor Jack that even he is underselling himself.
It's a XXXL bootleg Death in June shirt from Redbubble. The sort of quality you can expect from The Fragrance Fascist.

No. 1032980

I haven't seen the documentary and I never will but from what I've heard, what was even the point of it? "tfw no gf" is a phrase associated with r9k users and incels, so why did she pick random twitterfags like Kantbot to interview? False advertising.

No. 1032981

His artpop could mean anything

No. 1032983

I've seen it, it was a bunch of Twitter randos as you said. Kantbot came off as very pseudo-intellectual and VERY fat, but not necessarily rightwing. I don't know about this Viddy except for from the doc, and he was a creepy freak with his brother. Then a couple more men who post on Twitter who don't have sex because they're low value males. One started working out, viddy and the brother just continued to shitpost in a hovel waiting for ironic e-girls to blow them, or apparently, waiting to become them. It was a very bad documentary, poor flow, clearly sympathetic to the incels, and incredibly shallow. a documentary about this kind of guy could be good if it had the stones to address the reasons why men like this seem so predominant on the internet. Could even be sympathetic, a lot of them are products of a shitty environment, bad upbringings, and a lack of economic opportunity for people born into poverty who aren't incredibly intelligent or talented.

Anyway it was a sucky documentary and the director definitely wanted to cultivate some incel orbiters, god knows why.

No. 1032987

"haha the performative nazi shit is just an act, you're too stupid to understand it. also voote trump, build the wall, blue lives matter, bomb those muzzies in the middle east into perdition, we have to save western civilization from the degenerate liberal menace!" okay

No. 1032989

File: 1599167187598.png (26.6 KB, 349x642, 2D6D8CD3-EEC5-46AF-9272-9568E6…)

No. 1033004

Genuinely beautiful women don't placate the teen trope in any capacity. Teen tropes are for butterfaces with horrible bone structure who only appear moderately fuckable when they're young, which also happens to be the same population that's actually affected by the "wall".

There is no A list hollywood bombshell who aims for the lolita look instead of pursuing the "ageless femme fatale" style like Angelina Jolie et al.

No. 1033008

Explain talents like Gwendolyn Christie, Octavia Spencer or Elizabeth Moss. You can't be a conventionally attractive it girl who stars in fighting fucktoy blockbusters, but you will still be in very high demand.

No. 1033025

File: 1599171304010.jpg (25.52 KB, 321x414, Jean-Seberg-in-Breathless.jpg)

This is such a good point. Dasha is holding on to the two beauty points she thinks she still has: looking young for her age (debatable, but I'll grant her that) and being relatively slim (not a big deal in the entertainment industry).

I think she tries to appeal to a gamine look, like Jean Seberg, but by the time Seberg was Dasha's age Breathless had already been and gone. She was looking a little rough by the 70s. Basically you're right anon, age is inevitable and women who's beauty value ends at "looks young" get used up and thrown out in Hollywood by the time they're Dasha's age, so its pitiable that she is still trying. Ask Tuesday Weld how it felt being the second fiddle at age 30 in Mr Goodbar to the less "youthful" Diane Keaton.

No. 1033052

At least two of those women have more alive, piercing eyes and the eyes are pretty important in acting. Dasha has vacant dark eyes with weird eyelids

No. 1033070

The dead inexpressive eyes and the fact that she sounds like she's choking on her tongue during every line, on the rare occasion she gets lines.

No. 1033200

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!!!1!

No. 1033204

But Dasha can’t be any of those things because she isn’t talented, and most certainly could not hold a candle to Elizabeth Moss who, in spite of her meager looks, is a memorable and skilled actress and doesn’t have a crooked Keebler elf face.

All of this is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand which is pointblank that Dasha’s delusions of grandeur will never come into fruition.

No. 1033320

What, exactly, does he know about perfume? And he's not "anti SJW" he goes full retard when he's triggered.

No. 1033324

It's amazing to witness that he's still trying to pretend he's not a neo nazi and that it's all about that t shirt. I guess this is his strategy, deny, deny, deny. It's kind of incredible.

No. 1033328

Ok but someone like him being a nazi? Top tier milk.

No. 1033332

File: 1599222534893.jpeg (397.3 KB, 1242x866, F5E71376-1C26-453C-A9CE-086421…)

They seem to be kissing up to Jack a lot recently. I don’t get how anyone thinks these people have anything interesting to say or believe they actually care about anything, they’re obviously just trying to milk as much clout as possible from the parasitic relationship they have with each other and build up their platforms for more patreon money. Jack and that same meme guy were open neonazis for years and are now trying to rewrite history to make themselves more profitable. They’re everything they criticise and accuse other people of being.

No. 1033336


Let's pretend, for a moment, that Jack is just a regular MAGA tard and not a neo nazi and in fact, hates neo nazis, like he claims. Pray tell, how does someone like this find a woman on a huge platform like twitter that is explicitly a white nationalist and makes her his co host? How does this type of friendship blossom? How does a proud Zionist gay man who just loooooves Jews and sassy black ladies meet and get along with a woman who blathered on about the Jew menace with wignat #1 Eric Striker, "spics," and who puts "Has anyone seen Kyle?" in her twitter bio get Jack's attention? How does Jack accept that his co host is engaged to a man who tweets about making lampshades out of Jewish girls? It couldn't be because of her perfume knowledge or interest, since she admitted to only ever using Angel and even if she were a perfume genius, there are many people on that platform who are knowledgeable without denying the Holocaust ever happened. Gosh, Jack must be so open minded.

No. 1033340

I hate the way these faggots talk. It’s so pretentious.

No. 1033341

Dasha thinks she's a Chloe Sevigny type of gal. Someone a bit unconventional looking but sexy, super stylish and an indie darling. But what she forgets is that Chloe is actually a great actress with a much better style and a much, much better body. Everything Dasha does is a Chloe LARP, including her frantic search for a discount version of Harmony Korine.

No. 1033344

I was going to say, I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t done a Brown Bunny unsimulated sex scene yet. Easy edgy art house clout!

No. 1033345

Good point tbh. Kinda thought the “actress” thing was just a “bit” she does for the podcast

No. 1033346

File: 1599225133629.jpeg (242.76 KB, 1125x1175, Eb48wDzWoAAk1h3.jpeg)

Jugs first appeared on Jack's podcast on July 1st, 2019. Jack sent her her "first perfume sample" which is so odd, since she's such a fraghead and all. I mean, she openly admits she wasn't and that he got her into it, so what could have brought these two together in the first place? Hmmmm much to ponder

No. 1033347

did she just delete her twitter lmao

No. 1033348

Some of you guys don’t seem to get that she’s not attractive. Chloe is. That’s why she got noticed. If Dasha did a blow job scene, no one would care

No. 1033351

I’ve never even seen her act. Should I watch wobble palace?

No. 1033352

File: 1599225582567.png (268.96 KB, 716x862, Screenshot_20200813-033243~2.p…)

On August 21st, 2019 Jugs does Eric Strikers failed Red Scare wanna be podcast where she openly and at lenght talks about her personal beliefs that Jews run the world and how hard it is for her to buy make up because she boycotts all Jewish owned companies, that "spics" and "niggers" make her physically sick and that the Holocaust never happened. The two episodes have been posted in previous threads, you can listen to hours of her spewing this garbage with her fellow white nationalists. So Jack can keep denying all he wants and he can try to gaslight 'till his fellow cows come home but these are the facts, simple as!

No. 1033353

I tried once and she was so bad I physically couldn’t take it.

No. 1033354

Yeah but I need a good laugh

No. 1033355

Lol she just did. She does this periodically and then comes back all dramatically, saying how her and Jack's blonde sTaLkEr is after her and she just had to deactivate for a bit. This bitch can't stay off twitter for too long, she has zero life outside of it.

No. 1033356

Why do you sound like you know her personally or something?

No. 1033357

I feel like a lot of posts itt sound like they come from someone who knows the cows irl. I guess it makes sense that anyone who knows these people would hate them.

No. 1033358

I think what they meant was it sounds like the same person sperging out writing a hysterical paragraph about eric striker and using words like “fraghead” (?) and talking about jugs routine as if they’re living in her basement with her and her mom

No. 1033359

Oh shit I didn’t realize dasha helped write wobble palace as well. Now I need to watch this

No. 1033360


No, they're responding to Jack's claim that he's not a neo nazi and his co host isn't a neo nazi with proof that they are, in fact, neo nazis. "Fraghead" is a term used for perfume enthusiasts and collectors. Funny that someone would object to proof that Jack is a liar but ok.

No. 1033361

I kind of wanted to come up with a drinking game for it but was too lazy. If I took a shot every time Dasha scoffed and rolled her eyes I would have alcohol poisoning.

No. 1033362

It’s really not worth your time. Her acting is bad and the other main character is ugly and it’s really hard to watch him be so physically repulsive. And I didn’t even finish it, because it was that bad.

No. 1033363

It doesn’t make jack any less of a liar but the posts seem very personal. Weird to get so butt hurt about an observation.

No. 1033364

Okay so I watched the trailer and you’re right lol.

No. 1033365

Idk what you mean by hysterical but all info is publicly posted stuff from them that anyone can find in two seconds, which makes Jack's denials even more funny. Anna, Aimee Terese, Liz all went on and Dasha is set to appear on Jack's show so it's kind of important to show reciepts when he claims it's just retards who don't get his ironic nazi shirt.

No. 1033368

Do you want milk or what are you here for? "Hysterical" "butthurt" ok, "anon" lmao Hope Jugs finds the courage to activate her twitter again, after another episode with the shadowy Amy Dunne like character, who is obsessed and consumed by her existence.

No. 1033370

Not here for perfume reviews don’t give a shit what jugs wears, how is that relevant? “Fraghead”? Is this jack trying to throw all blame on jugs (easily done since we have proof of her rubbing elbows with actual neo nazis). How do you know her personal perfume collection? Have you been to her house? Do you actually listen to more than 15 minutes of their dumpster fire of a podcast? Is this Jack?

No. 1033371

File: 1599228081671.png (81.62 KB, 706x542, Screenshot_20200904-095300~3.p…)

I think Jugs deactivated because Jack sperged out on her about her fiance openly shit talking Kantbot all the time.

No. 1033372

File: 1599228213670.jpg (217.74 KB, 1012x1500, Eg_JEt5UYAAMeeO.jpg)

the incel documentary that could have been

what do we call this fusion of leftthots and nrx incels?

No. 1033373

File: 1599228214866.jpeg (261.06 KB, 1242x723, D84C82D4-A371-4936-B095-813B1D…)

Ok jack!

No. 1033374

Lmfao this is amazing

No. 1033376

Are you legit retarded? What don't you comprehend here? The point is that he claims NOT TO BE A NAZI and that Dasha, Anna etc parrot that as well, when it's obvious that he is. He claims he named his show ironically when he has a literal neo nazi as co host and the point of talking about how they met and that she was not into perfume shows that they had something in common and it wasn't perfume. Nobody made any perfume reviews, what are you talking about? Calm the fuck down retard, you seem a bit too sensitive about this subject.

No. 1033383

Is the ‘blonde stalker’ who Jack was talking about in the previous threads when the was acting like the whole thread was one woman who had been obsessed with him for years or is this someone else?

No. 1033384

Her perfume collection isn’t relevant unless you know her personally and it doesn’t prove Jack is a Nazi. His words, tweets, things he says on his podcast does. You’re the one getting bent out of shape here.

No. 1033386

Yes the “blonde stalker” from twitter and reddit

No. 1033387

Everything posted about Jugs specifically seems weirdly personal. She’s such a tertiary character to Jack (who is already a minor character just a red scare orbiter) that no one other than somebody who knows her would give this much of a shit. Few threads ago she was introduced into the fray by some unsaged namefag. Sus.

No. 1033390

It’s probably jack trying to throw her under the bus. Would that surprise literally anyone?

No. 1033391

Uh she said on the podcast that she never wore anything but Angel before she went on his show and has admitted to not seeing any of the films that they discuss before so why make her a co host that talks about perfume and films? Are you retarded? Lmao My point is drumroll that they made such good friends on twitter because they share the same political beliefs. I hope this really clears it up.

No. 1033393

Is this the person who somehow had screenshots saved of this rando "blonde stalker" from years ago but zero from Jugs and Jack? You people are so obvious lol

No. 1033395

Which episode? Shill for your show jack!

No. 1033397

Is this not a thread where leftthots are discussed? Anna, Dasha & co. are friend with and promote their good buddy Jack, who also happens to be a white nationalist. He denies he is one and they defend him as well so one of the keys to proving him a liar is Jugs. She is someone that he can't really deny is a wignat and that's a big problem for him. He can let her go because she will throw him under the bus and expose him, or he can pretend this is a big conspiracy and there is a crazed stalker and none of it is true, despite all the proof being posted several times over.

Anna, Dasha, Aimee Terese, Caroline, Amy, plus all their orbiters follow and promote a neo nazi. That is the entire point of exposing Jack's co host.

No. 1033398

Are you new here? Are you seriously saying that jugs is the only key to prove jack is a fascist when there’s how many threads of proof that’s come out of his own mouth?

No. 1033399

wait why would the person saying jack and the jugs bitch were friends bc they're both neo nazis be the anon accused of being jack not the one playing dumb acting like how does that prove anything, let's move on?
if jack is here first off you're fat, second off you knew all this about jugs and made her your cohost and paid her patreon money for a year, nothing you can do or say will scrub that stink off of you even if every terrible thing you've personally said is deleted or hidden

No. 1033400

This is absolutely jack throwing his cohost under the bus lol

No. 1033402

Post any receipts that show that Jack is a white nationalist? All there has been posted is MAGA tier shit that he just laughs off when it's posted. He openly says now that he is just a normie type Trump supporter and that's exactly what he wants everyone to believe. If you think MAGA shit is the same as "the Holocaust never happened" wignat stuff, you're uh wrong.

No. 1033403

jack stfu fattie

No. 1033404

Lol oooooookay jack!

No. 1033405


Why would Jack post proof that he is a neo nazi? Make it make sense.

No. 1033406

Whoever this person is saying oh this doesn't matter etc. and deflecting and accusing the person providing screenshots is highly sus. Really sketch.

No. 1033408

HURR DURR how dare you post screenshots that prove beyond a doubt that Jack is a neo nazi HURR DURR what does his co host being an open nazi have to do with anything HURR DURR I'm not freaking out, you're being hysterical HURR DURR Let me post some more screenshots of an irrelevant random blonde women from 2019 and call her Jack's stalker HURR DURR

No. 1033409

I’m so confused…Does Jack have a stalker or not?! I didn’t follow him before these threads but he’s been talking about it since either the second or third thread. Is it just him trying to minimise criticism against him by pinning it all on some crazed individual?

No. 1033416


Why would anyone stalk him? Or Jugs? This is the card he pulls when he's confronted with proof of his lies, oh I have a stalker and she's lying about me etc. When he went crazy about the posts about him on these threads, he blamed a single "stalker" and said it was all her. Plus the person he says it is is some tiny rich blonde who lives in Brooklyn and works for the company he loathes the most: Glossier. The dude is either insane and truly believes it or it's all bullshit. Take your pick.

No. 1033417

Screenshots were posted of a blonde he had beef with (who apparently jack and jugs bullied off twitter and reddit) and it turned out she was also a fascist Eric striker orbiter but that’s irrelevant and sus I guess

No. 1033418

I think the blonde stalker does exist though jack might be exaggerating a little. Someone posted screenshots in the last threads. Blonde girl avi and went by alabamaworley1 and lostinparkslope on twitter

No. 1033419

He doesn’t

No. 1033420

What exactly was posted and was it proof she's a stalker or did Jack just say it was a stalker? Or was it just one of many women he and his co host harassed over the years? Nothing that sus anon posted was proof of any stalker, just that they both had fights with someone on twitter, like they do every day. Plus also sus because totally random screenshots were posted from this woman from 2019 and when anon was asked if there are any she saved from Jack or Jugs, she says she didn't. Why would anyone save the blonde chick's posts from 2019? Who would have a reason to?

No. 1033421

Yeah, not to mention that when anon was asked why she saved the blonde' s tweets she claimed she did it bc she hated Jack but that makes zero sense bc she never posted anything by Jack or Jugs.

No. 1033422

it is very obvious that there are a lot of people here who personally know a lot of the cows, specifically Jack and Jugs. Jack is a fat retard and Jugs also seems to be a fat retard. Jugs however doesn't seem to give that much milk (post screenshots of any funny public freakouts she has though, maybe I'm wrong) but Jack is hilariously schizo so it makes sense to post him. The Jugs thing seems really personal, the first time she was mentioned in this thread at all it was just like "ER look at this fat bitch who's friends with perfume nationalist!" who at that point wasn't even being posted here that much. Is she even cohosting that guy's podcast anymore? I am not going to bother to listen to it. It just seems like a weirdly irrelevant person to bring up, and she's always mentioned by an unsaged source. I am on board with the its Jack throwing her under the bus tinfoil which is hilarious. Also the same person who had years old screenshots of some random blonde nazi "stalker". whoever this person is circled the drain of white nationalists enough to get into their drama YEARS ago…again, highly sus.

No. 1033423

File: 1599231795619.jpeg (645.72 KB, 1242x1744, 64857B4C-46D0-42AD-8F2E-8E6438…)

I saved it from the last thread because I thought it was funny. Like yeah jack is nuts and gay but this chick seems equally retarded

No. 1033424

So a screenshot where he bullies someone and accused them of being his stalker and where she denies being a stalker, is proof he has a stalker?

No. 1033425

Just that this girl took umbrage with this random fag “feeling like he’s apart of red scare” like why the fuck does she care? She comes off almost equally retarded and crazy as jack in this exchange

No. 1033426

Plenty of milky stuff has been posted about Jugs and yes she still co hosts his show. She has privated her account as soon as she was doxed and at the exact same time, Jack started to rewrite history re his political beliefs. Dasha follows her so it's interesting, at least for me, idk about anyone else.

No. 1033428

No one said it was proof it was just mentioned that the screenshot was posted so someone reposted.

No. 1033429

The same exact stuff has been said here before by a lot of people as well though, one of the deranged things about Jack is that he truly believes he is part of Red Scare and is a creepy orbiter, that' s not a novel observation. We also don't see how this conversation started, this a snippet that someone felt the need to save, for some reason

No. 1033430

File: 1599232306417.jpeg (461.78 KB, 1242x2085, 06F3BD47-78DD-435F-A8CF-69A9DF…)

And here’s the other ss. These people are all so fucking pathetic.

No. 1033431

Why are you defending this loser so hard? It’s not that serious anon.

No. 1033432

I still don't know why anon would have saved these particular screenshots and claimed she did it bc she "hated Jack." Saved screenshots from the same women from two different twitter accounts. Seems to be that it's actually this blonde cow who's got a stalker but idk

No. 1033435

Are you stalking this blonde cow or what? Why do you have these saved but none of Jack or Jugs, not sure what you're trying to prove here, there is a blonde neo nazi chick on twitter? We been knew, anon.

No. 1033436

I’m not the OP of the screenshot but who cares if someone has a screenshot shared? Why does the person screenshotting jugs private account not produce any milk? Because it’s jack.

No. 1033437

Listen, I know everyone hates jack but you don’t think it’s sus that this chick cared enough to argue with jack on twitter, in the first place? Im not trying to defend jack but I do think it’s possible that she could’ve cyber stalked him, at the very least. You can tell she’s kind of unhinged just by her creepy passive aggro language “omg stop tweeting me. I’ll buy your book if you do!” Girl just sounds creepy

No. 1033438

No. 1033439

Uh very sus

No. 1033440

…you just outed yourself you fucking retard. nay a single farmer would go out of their way to ever so aloofly call some random cartoon icon posted twice creepy and sus in order to defend hamhock nationalist.

No. 1033441

"I'm not defending Jack at all but look this blonde bitch is defending herself and saying she's not his stalker and that's like, the real tea here sis! It is totes proof that Jack has a stalker and she's a blonde and she dares insinuate that he's a creepy Red Scare orbiter!"

No. 1033442

>don’t think it’s sus that this chick cared enough to argue with jack on twitter, in the first place?
No one is going to validate you here, perfume schizoid. Off to the slaughterhouse with you.

No. 1033443

Outed myself as what? That I think jack isn’t completely fabricating this “blonde stalker” shit? Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he just made it up out of thin air. Use your brain retard

No. 1033444

When Estee Lardass sends in his own, he's not sending his best!

No. 1033445

We’re all using our brains here, it’s you that’s doing a very bad job at blending in.

No. 1033446

Ahahahahahahahahahahha! wipes tears ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

No. 1033449

>Estee Lardass
God it gets me every time

No. 1033451

Nothing anon said disproves Jack is a fat Nazi loser. Why are you so mad?

No. 1033452

Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean everything they say is a lie. thought we learned this in like 5th grade

No. 1033453

that scary blonde stalker with 0 to 2 likes on her tweets, and the original screenshotter liked Jack's response hahaha. That exchange was so funny, provided you actually knew who the fuck Jack and Jugs and this blonde girl are. Why else would you screenshot it? It's so obvious some scorned white nationalist is posting here. Probably Jack, being that he is a fat dramatic slob.

No. 1033454

You guys are just as crazy as him. Jesus Christ lol. He did have a “blonde stalker” get the fuck over it already

No. 1033455

But nothing anon said makes any sense in the grand scheme of this thread in any way. Readily posted two screenshots from a year ago so quickly that don’t really show us anything at all and expecting us to bang our gavels and proclaim this random literallywho a menace and outrage…?

No. 1033456

oh my god can you goons sage or at least PRETEND to integrate it's embarrassing

No. 1033457

Sage what? Bunch of crazy retards in here

No. 1033458

You use the term stalker so often, I wonder what your basis of comparison is?

No. 1033463

Does it even matter if he does or doesn’t have a stalker? Even if he did, his implication the threads are all one person devoted to sabotaging him would still be delusional.

No. 1033464

It’s the schizophrenia.

No. 1033465

What else am I supposed to call it? It’s clear he did have someone with a blonde girl avi who would follow him around on twitter. Just because he’s fat and gay doesn’t mean he’s lying. Maybe the psycho stalker chick is in this thread lmao

No. 1033468

How is it clear, exactly? Because he accused her of it? Which screenshot proves it? He also accused everyone here being one single person, this stalker.

No. 1033469

what the fuck, no one cares that a year or whatever ago Jack had a literallywho blonde tweet him a couple times? The only people who would give a shit about this enough to screenshot it (and like his response!) are clearly people who were invested in this drama. Jack and Jugs and this blonde are all neo nazi shitheads, so anyone who cared about this drama must also have been. Does that track with you anon? I don't care about some nobody on Twitter who is so far out of the orbit of lefthots that her username is never even used, she is just called 'blonde stalker'. NO one gives a shit about her except someone who KNOWS these cows.

No. 1033470

Exactly, this is the most awkward fucking attempt to derail I've ever seen.

No. 1033471

Twitter is not a private platform, especially when your account is not locked. Not being liked on twitter does not mean you are being stalked. Having people read your posts for personal entertainment because you’re pathetic does not mean you’re being stalked. You’re so melodramatic. There are a lot of people itt, there is no conspiracy. We are all simply laughing at you.

No. 1033472

I don’t know any of them lmao. I don’t know why some of you have to bitch and moan so much about the idea that he’s not lying about this blonde girl. Weird

No. 1033473

You’re the one sperging out over a screenshot lmao

No. 1033474

File: 1599234120705.png (19.18 KB, 535x388, 7C82F6F1-65D2-4800-BE79-377664…)

So you’re under the impression that if you keep repeating something it will automatically make it true? You’re in the wrong place for that

No. 1033476

Look, he's trying so hard to sound like a woman.

No. 1033478

I repeat, there are multiple people itt. I haven’t ‘sperged’ about anything, but you get a gold star for adapted some lc lingo. Now if you could only learn to type sage into the email field.

No. 1033480

What am I supposed to sage? Why?

No. 1033481

When you’re just adding commentary and not milk (news, updates, relevant screenshots etc) type sage into the email field so it doesn’t bump the thread

No. 1033483

Ok lmao. I mean i added a screenshot and you guys bitched like a bunch of retards lmao

No. 1033484

Boy, even when attempting to integrate with women, Jack can't help but microaggro them.

No. 1033485

You have to sage your bullshit, waddles. This might help you blend in.

No. 1033486

I don’t want to blend in if you losers can’t handle someone posting a screenshot after the topic was literally brought up

No. 1033487

Ugh we’ll never understand his level of intelligence and taste! Maybe if we bought a death in june bootleg shirt for $15 from etsy and purchase some cancerous vintage frags from ebay it will help us understand.

No. 1033488

I’m not jack, you’re genuinely retarded if you really think I am just for posting a screenshot of a topic that was BROUGHT UP

No. 1033489

Go away then.

No. 1033491

But you didn’t bring anything of value to the table, you just proclaimed over and over that we should care about this actuallyrandom without any proof or insight whatsoever. Hardly a contribution, heifer.

No. 1033493

Ok jack

No. 1033495

Sage but the person who posted the screenshots said they saved those two because they hated Jack, specifically said this in the last thread when questioned, but it would make no sense at all since they liked Jack's reply to the blonde? It doesn't make sense anyway since she admitted having no screenshots of Jack or his co host but nor do they prove anything except that Jack harassed a chick on twitter and she told him to leave her alone? lol How do these people function?

No. 1033497

Maybe you should read the posts preceding my screenshot? Because someone brought her up. Duh

No. 1033499

I like how you all are being played by some random psycho with bpd lmao. Just because jack is a fat nazi doesn’t mean he didn’t have a psycho retard stalking him. GET IT YET? Jesus

No. 1033500

No ones saying you shouldn’t post screenshots relevant to the discussion they’re just saying that if it’s not new screenshots/milk then you’re supposed to sage. It’s not a personal attack.

No. 1033501

You’re so thick in the head jfc give it up already

No. 1033502

This got a hearty LOL from me

No. 1033503

I’m thick in the head but you can’t grasp that there could very well be some psycho who stalked jack and he’s not totally lying? You’re a retard

No. 1033504

Think it is less about grasping the concept and more about giving a shit about it. If Jack had some nobody on Twitter talk to him, why should we care? Did her stalking go beyond these two screenshots? Is it funny or interesting?

No. 1033505

Did you follow him while this ‘stalking‘ was happening? What did this person actually do, just argue with him on twitter? His claim was they went on a harassment campaign across multiple platforms for years.

No. 1033506

File: 1599236204499.png (77.39 KB, 560x315, gone-girl.png)


Here is the deranged blonde BPD stalker, plotting her next move on how to destroy Jack, a very very important person who doesn't at all claim everyone who dare say a bad word about him is a stalker and also the Chapo guys steal all his material.

No. 1033507

Ok if you don’t want anyone talking about this girl then maybe make it more clear before I posted the screenshot? I’m not a mind reader. Also, I didn’t post the second screenshot fwiw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033508

Sagefag but wasn't it Jack who constantly was posting pictures and trying to dox some blonde on reddit? He has done it multiple times and the mods would have to delete it but this one survived


Idk if this was Jack or Jugs but at least once a week they'd post this girl's picture and then come back with a new sn and do it again. He seems to have taken a twitter fight too far over several platforms, not the other way around.

No. 1033515

Kind of OT but red scare mods are losers, they delete a lot of shit that aren’t a big deal (shitposts, anything mildly negative about Dasha or Anna)

No. 1033516

That’s why he’s so angry about lolcow, practically frothing at the mouth that he can’t find out each and every one of our identities and create hefty folders full of screenshots, therefore we’re all one person.

No. 1033519

It’s just so pathetic for a grown man to do this. If you start a podcast and go out of your way to gain attention and cultivate a following (especially in the antagonistic way Jack does), obviously everyone isn’t going to like you. Why would you care to the point of doing this. Why make yourself a public figure if you take criticism this badly.

No. 1033520

just a reminder for jack, you are to fat to get into heaven

No. 1033521

you also have a fat voice, and will never be loved by anyone

No. 1033530

Jugs has deleted both her twitter account @a_nausea and her instagram @jugs_tpn. Her personal private instagram is still up @increduloss_

No. 1033536

Dasha posted snippets of her cape cod vacation and it looks like shit. Isn’t cape cod supposed to be bougie?

No. 1033541

Some parts are nicer and bougie, a lot of it isn't. It's not the Hamptons

No. 1033544

honestly these threads made me respect dashanna more bc theyre at least smart enough to just ignore us instead of having shart attacks

No. 1033547

I watched it the other day. She’s just doing her normal personality and demeanor with the vocal fry and everything. There’s no acting

No. 1033548

Seconded. They know it comes with the territory. Jack is the hysterical one, which is rich considering how much he complains about women being unreasonable.

No. 1033550

out of all of them, Dasha acts the least embarrassing on social media and I feel like she probably genuinely doesn't care that much about this kind of thing. Anna isn't too bad either but she does go on these frequent reddit spergouts after she says something controversial to backtrack which I find kind of cowardly.

No. 1033553

Do you think they even know about the threads?

No. 1033554

Do you follow her? She acts embarrassing all the time

No. 1033556

Sage but something is definitely going on. Jugs deletes all her socials connected to the podcast and someone here freaks out that she's being talked about on the same day. I think Jack really went off on her and probably blames her for everything. Plus her fiance is making fun of Kantbot, which we all know is something Estee Lardass does not tolerate. I bet he told her to shut it all down because maybe Dasha expressed some concerns over her upcoming appearance on his pod.

No. 1033557

I know, I'm saying she's probably the least out of that group, not that she isn't embarrassing.

No. 1033562

lol I was wondering if jugs is on eps with Jewish directors and actors in them (the Ghost World director and Scarlett Johansson)
Probably not, I'd expect Anna to cry about how cruel everyone is but maybe she'd ignore it, and Dasha to ironically add screenshots to her ig like she does with 4chan.

No. 1033568

It’s confirmed that Heather, Caroline, Ashley, Sydney Custardloaf, Jack, and Liz Franczak all know about these threads. Probably Aimee Terese and AliceFromQueens as well. Not sure about the Red Scare girls but Lolcow has been mentioned on the sub and on pol.

No. 1033570

Do the red scare girls get mentioned on /pol/ a lot?

No. 1033572

Aimee Terese for sure knows since the minute her nazi lover was mentioned on here, he deleted his account. Like, within seconds.

No. 1033573

Nitpick but I found it strange how in that film they used Dasha's actual instagram page as her character's instagram. They couldn't take 5-10 min to set up a fake instagram?

Sometimes I come across threads about them on /lit/ or /pol/ through google images. They seem to mostly debate whether Anna and Dasha are attractive or fugly and not comment about any of their opinions or ideas which is no surprise, these sorts of men they're trying to fit in with are just sexist perverts and don't care about women's opinions.

No. 1033574

File: 1599243215535.jpeg (125.44 KB, 1295x164, F9DDCD09-35AC-428E-9807-4E6871…)

I think they get mentioned on /tv/ more often, but I spotted this thread a few days ago:


No. 1033583

File: 1599244352552.png (19.78 KB, 1317x211, anonslooksmatch.png)

No. 1033594

Le blondie is back to making new accounts

No. 1033597

Anna’s spergouts are nearly Jack-levels of pathetic cringe. Posting on reddit at all is a thousand times more cringe than a gossip imageboard

No. 1033599

File: 1599247419826.jpg (43.34 KB, 1000x667, basic-instinct-catherin-tramme…)

Tell us about it, anon.

No. 1033601

The way this is completely insane and also not the cause of her asymmetries at al, that’s typically a congenital defect that is more pronounced over time. My sides at these deranged incels thinking she can mew her way out of a crooked face.

No. 1033606

Yet this is the type she and Anna pander to, and say such sympathetic things about. Imagine being so pathetic, they're more pathetic than the incel who wrote that.

No. 1033609

>she’s my looksmatch
Can’t believe people try to have a go at farmers for liking a good gossip here and there meanwhile there are chimeric, hunchbacked creatures with their tongues pressed to the roof of their mouths turning themselves gay because they hate women just that much.

No. 1033610

File: 1599248151383.jpg (460.96 KB, 1000x749, luka9999.jpg)

this cracks me up, reminds me of a certain other internet-obsessed homosexual who would invent blonde women to plague him at every turn in order to create drama and make himself a victim. Nice try Luka Hamhocka.

No. 1033616

Luca Hamhocka and Estee Lardass, god this man is just too easy

No. 1033621

Omg anon LMAO! Yes, Jack is a fucking psychopath, totally inventing these foes straight out of a movie and pretending he's a victim. I love that his "proof" is screenshots where a chick is like "Leave me alone, stop talking to me" lmao Luka Hamhocka

No. 1033640

File: 1599250852822.png (140.54 KB, 720x628, Screenshot_20200904-161637~2.p…)

Luka Hamhocka is gonna kill a woman someday, walk around wearing her skin and call it his ~performance art~ TPN Season III coming up

No. 1033641

Yeah, she always talks about how she takes criticism well but I‘m pretty sure she’s literally never publicly accepted a critique of anything she’s ever said, every time she just complains the ‘miserly souls’ are maliciously misrepresenting her as always

No. 1033646

I guess ‘it was just performance art!’ is like the leftthot version of ‘it’s just a prank bro!’

No. 1033648

you're both new here. for the love of god please sage

No. 1033654

File: 1599251978249.jpg (289.43 KB, 1536x2048, youthful.jpg)

it's all a giant rorschach

No. 1033665

the mods deleted a post a while back about ashley from girlschat findomming kantbot and tricking him into thinking they were in a real relationship, anyone know if there's any truth to this?


No. 1033668

File: 1599253488652.jpeg (355.08 KB, 1242x925, 403DC629-9A13-4D00-9A9F-51A43E…)

I’m so glad Anna decided to intervene and single handedly save feminism

No. 1033674

Dasha was talked about in worse ways on the cumtown sub when she was dating Adam so she’s probably used to it, same with Anna I think. This is new for everyone else. But I still agree with you.

No. 1033682

Whenever someone would question the wisdom of being friendly with the likes of Jack, BAP, and Kantbot, Anna would say that the left needs some “tough love” and “brutally honest criticism”, retarded shit

No. 1033691

She has this incredibly redditlike affectation where she talks like a neckbeard who thinks theyre a suave anime villain

No. 1033695

File: 1599255959346.png (76.73 KB, 905x322, Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 5.43…)

Anna revealing herself to have never actually been in France or Italy, there are a range of sizes there which isn't dissimilar to NYC or any other American metropolitan area. Keep telling yourself they'd appreciate your totally unique beauty in Paris, though. It is just us grassfed American retards who don't get it.

No. 1033697

if you get praised by any of the cows mentioned in these threads, you should start to consider where your life went wrong

No. 1033698

This is so telling that she has some American fantasy of what European women actually look like. She is the type of American that she makes fun of. Just a Jersey cow.

No. 1033701

Even in east asia where eating disorders are rampant, the women are very rarely as gaunt and sickly looking as her.
>>1033654 bitch looks like she has chronic wasting disease

No. 1033703

I think Anna is clearly fighting against her body's nature, she looks ghoulish and gaunt instead of slim and petite. I bet a picture of her mom and dad would show a couple of happy little plumpers excited for their future in America, ready to stuff their cheeks with seed oils and cheap white bread. I almost feel sorry for how much cope she posts about how she looks.

No. 1033704

“Sinewy but robust size 0” doesn’t make sense. Smh at her dumb fans who ‘yas Queen’ this shit

No. 1033705

What kind of food do they eat in Russia anyway? Mayo laden and potato heavy stuff, not the picture of health. Why does she have such a hate boner for the US and ordinary Americans?

No. 1033707

File: 1599257389806.jpg (235.55 KB, 1200x1865, lea-seydoux-at-beauty-and-the-…)

Literally was just gonna post the same thing anon, what the fuck does that even mean?? She makes zero sense. Her "ideal" woman, Lea Seydoux is not a skeletor but I bet this is what Anna thinks her body looks like

No. 1033708

A lot of random people have called Jack retarded on twitter because he is retarded and crazy, it's not like you need a blood feud as motivation to diss a dipshit on the internet

Anyone know what's Jack's stance on the KB vs BAP thing? I'm pretty sure the same alt-right types who turned on KB still like Jack a lot, and the red scare girls themselves like KB a lot too. Weird shit

No. 1033709

And she's French no less! Lea Seydoux looks to be about 5'4 120-ish lbs, well proportioned, slim but not skeletal. This is almost sad though because I'm pretty sure this isn't HER ideal woman, its her boyfriend's. She often talks about harsh looking women as being attractive to her, and they don't come much more doe-eyed and soft than Lea Seydoux. She isn't a million miles off of ScarJo, and she not that long ago bemoaned how Americans preferred her to Angelina Jolie (retardedly she claimed this)

No. 1033713


Jack lost his fucking mind when BAP got into it with Kantbot. At first Jack was tweeting how BAP followers are retarded and they don't understand BAP like he does etc. Until BAP himself made it clear just how musch he detests Kantbot and immidiatley Jack went ballistic and said he never even liked BAP! Lmao he now regularly will subtweet BAP and make snide comments. Jack knows he's a fat loser and has to stick with other losers like Kantbot and Logo.

No. 1033716

Didn't someone post a screenshot of Anna's reddit post or tweet, don't remember which, where she describes Lea's face as "adult and weary" or something equally retarded? Like you said, can't get any more doe eyed and soft as Seydoux.

No. 1033722

File: 1599259004451.jpg (247.43 KB, 750x1334, 118765506_237042357681303_5740…)

Anna posting this photo where her tits look the biggest they've ever looked after yesterday sperging out on people saying she doesn't have big naturals.

No. 1033728

She also looks about 50 and like she just realized she left a borscht cooling in a window sill somewhere.

No. 1033730

Looks a lot like Jlaw body-wise, and she implied jlaw was fat on rs. Or maybe that was Dasha..

No. 1033731

File: 1599259632631.png (105.87 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_20200904-184138~2.p…)

She has no idea what she's talking about

No. 1033734

File: 1599260052701.png (341.91 KB, 600x384, fragrance-fascist.png)

"Art/performance" means sitting and ranting on Twitter 12 hours a day, 7 days a week?

No. 1033737

LMAO! Anon, you captured the entire vibe of TPN so well lololol

No. 1033753

What happened to her non-basic hip to waist ratio?

No. 1033756

Without the breasts, you’d assume she’s a man.

No. 1033764

Are those platform Crocs x Adidas?

No. 1033786

it's also funny that jack cozied up with kantbot and logo given that those two are anti-right now and jack was one of the most openly right wing people on that side of twitter. they should be enemies but they don't have real values and people outside this "friend group" are "evil"


jack's first account was retweeted by BAP early on, jack was a BAP orbiter for a long time. the switch to suckling at kantbot's teet started around the time tekwars and tpn were gaining traction.

jack, kantbot and logo are fickle people

No. 1033826

they’re from a new adidas collab with the russian designer lotta volkova, milking the “im slavic” thing for all it’s worth

No. 1033832

She's barley a Slav and looks nothing like one, either.

No. 1033868

Her entire standard of beauty revolves around passive aggressively looking down on people who are actually attractive (how the hell do you backhand compliment someone beautiful like Lea?) while also trying to shill ugly girls that she thinks look like her (they don’t) in order to get people to indirectly feed her ego by calling them attractive

No. 1033869

With breasts, you’d still assume she is a man.

I watched an interview she did on youtube and the entire time she kept bringing up how she was a drunk Russian, an alcoholic Russian, etc. just constantly calling herself Russian. Why would you have to mention your Russian heritage so many times in one hour?

No. 1033874

>>1033572 are there any screenshots of the aimee terese thing? Seems hard to believe

No. 1033875

File: 1599292173162.jpeg (449.34 KB, 750x1064, 327DA11F-1C5A-42EA-B41F-A45838…)

got hundreds of likes lmao i can guarantee jack blocked everyone in the replies too

No. 1033887

You don't even need to talk about Jugs Striker affiliation. Just listen to the first few perfume nationalist episodes lmfao

No. 1033900

File: 1599298141148.jpg (167.73 KB, 800x1025, 5b6b73883e75114d55b8c1ef2e2de9…)

kantbot is a findom paypig now or just another meme like the tranny sex tape?

No. 1033911

File: 1599301878130.jpeg (96.69 KB, 512x512, F98E9B4A-EA7C-4EE2-9E4F-9F4469…)

> Why would you have to mention your Russian heritage so many times in one hour?
She’s insecure

No. 1033951

She knows she’s ugly by american standards. If she keeps asserting her russianness it makes her seem exotic. Just an extension of her “I’m pretty in europe!” delusion

No. 1033959

Lol are these people reading the threads as well?

Aimee thing happened in the previous thread

No. 1033960

For a few weeks Kantbot claimed to have a “gf” without giving further details and now I’m wondering if he was referring to Ashley or the Viddymalchick tranny

No. 1033982

If you're a generic leading woman type I agree it's important, but you can get a foot in the door without it and women who can act can have careers longer than just hot girls.

No. 1034040

Like who though? Even “unconventional” actresses are more attractive or have some better feature like thicker hair (Meryl Streep), pretty eyes (Elizabeth moss) etc.(derailing)

No. 1034056

Having one or two more desirable features doesn’t mean someone would be considered ‘conventionally attractive’ overall though

No. 1034108

File: 1599341457219.png (57.55 KB, 867x403, kb.png)

A pretty good lesson for people like Kantbot and Sydney

No. 1034110

File: 1599342419928.png (72.54 KB, 594x384, hairbrush in pooper.png)


No. 1034122

Aren't they Jack's super close friends? He's been having constant meltdowns about the thread, you'd think he'd go to his dear friends for emotional support… lmao

No. 1034146

First they were all "SJWs" on tumblr just a few years ago, now that it's cool to make fun of them they're on twitter being edgy "dirtbag left". When the next cool thing comes along they'll change all of their opinions again. Not that people can't genuinely change their opinions, but it's clear that a lot of these girls are just social media clout chasers who don't actually believe in any of this or try to do anything like reading theory/history books and helping their community.

No. 1034187

I was gonna say, Evan was clearly subtweeting Kantbot and Logo.

And that’s why threads like these exist, so when these thots and opportunists and trend chasers inevitably change their opinions again, everything will remain here for posterity to remind others what these people are like.

No. 1034196

File: 1599360615119.jpeg (617.28 KB, 1189x1269, FD60A796-B0F7-4B3F-9660-702ADE…)

This one is pretty good too

No. 1034209

I've skimmed through every thread on these weirdos and I honestly can't fucking understand what they're talking about 90% of the time. Is this irony?

Imagine being ESL and trying to work out what these try-hard pseudointellectuals are saying… Also why does Anna call everything a rorschach? All I understand is that they all hate women kek

No. 1034214

File: 1599364868618.jpeg (146.85 KB, 750x504, 675D213C-3367-4490-AAAE-CEE6EE…)

Kantbot current trying to convince Nick Land to go on his podcast and even Nick, an actual philosopher in his 60s, can’t resist dunking on fatbot, LMAO.

No. 1034226

File: 1599366536792.png (77.21 KB, 608x768, 3F438C02-D850-4E89-AFEE-866D60…)

Sometimes I forget Nick Land is still on Twitter but he’s pretty much a cow himself.

No. 1034227

File: 1599366618510.png (768.36 KB, 1120x1782, Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 9.29…)

damn trouble in group chat paradise

No. 1034229

File: 1599366784751.jpeg (70.8 KB, 786x960, 814EE92F-D2CF-4C70-B5BE-2D4638…)

And here is the follow-up to that screencap once he finally figured out the joke

No. 1034232

Lily Lynch has posted some shady stuff in the past but she’s smarter than most of these cows and she’s correct here. It’ll be interesting to see if Bug Eyed Liz or any of the Chapo simps rushes to their defense. I never hated Chapo but I’m sick of podcasters being treated with reverence on Twitter even after their entire approach to politics imploded over the last year, so if they get knocked down a few pegs, great.

No. 1034249

he's a boomer so he gets a pass. he's also funnier than any cows itt and at least used to be smart and leftist

No. 1034254

File: 1599375524598.jpeg (130.08 KB, 946x2048, Egx90IdWsAAF_g-.jpeg)

Instagram doesn't want people following Anna

No. 1034263

We can see your profile picture anon

No. 1034290

This annoying trust fund idiot from LA thinks she's an expert on the Balkans and will even talk condescendingly to the people there when they try to correct her. That lesbo Heather Hapsburg and Aimee Terese are planning to visit her this fall, three ghouls haunting Belgrade.

No. 1034295

Lily Lynch denies war crimes on the reg plus anytime a foreigner makes himself an expert on a region and declares her word as The Only Right Opinion while not even speaking the language is so gross. Heather once casually tweeted how the Balkans are a "shithole" but quickly deleted, yet Lynch is her friend. The entirety of the Balkans is paradise compared to shitty LA.

No. 1034327

clocked Annie’s ass lol

No. 1034353

Does Lily really not speak any Serbo-Croatian? That’s almost as good as finding out Kantbot can’t even read German despite presenting himself as an expert on German idealism.

No. 1034386

Do you know what German idealism is, anon?

No. 1034406

Much more than Kantbot. You’re not defending fatty, are you? That’d be very embarrassing for you.

No. 1034411

I'm just saying you're retarded to think someone has to speak German to be into a philosophy movement

No. 1034415

They make you study German for philosophy grad school iirc, and isn't Kant bot secretly doing a program at Columbia or something? For a casual fan not required, but he's an academic and trying to be an expert.

No. 1034420

Nope, she relies on the locals to speak English, no joke. Peasants in the countryside speak enough English yet she can't be bothered to learn their language.

No. 1034422

Like the other anon said, any philosophy program worth a damn requires you to study a foreign language if you pursue a degree beyond the undergrad level. If your chosen field is German idealism then yes you should have a reading knowledge of German at least, especially since there’s often relevant scholarship and primary sources which aren’t available in English. Sounds like you’re the retarded one.

No. 1034432

File: 1599411438641.jpeg (700.49 KB, 1191x1288, 5E3EE663-ADD2-4640-B8F4-4039A6…)

Just looked at her full thread and have to admit that she nailed Brace Belden here

No. 1034442

File: 1599412856046.jpeg (318.75 KB, 1187x1296, FB953261-C6A6-4803-9E09-2EC580…)

Lol there was definitely some falling out behind the scenes. @eponawest and Aimee are still gone and our cow Heather is still in hiding. Caroline is much more restrained as well.

No. 1034444

Brace actually went to Syria and fight for his beliefs. What does lily do? Moan on twitter about how everyone is mean? she's an apologist for Serbian genocide and war crimes. she's probably a trust fund brat like all these cows
Aimee still tweets from @WhatsLeftCast

No. 1034458

Yes and she's re tweeting people that go by "Nazbolita" lmao

No. 1034471

>kantbot is an academic
you must be joking, anon

No. 1034475

As in he's a graduate student at an ivy league university.

No. 1034483

lol there’s an anon who gets defensive whenever Brace is mentioned, that you Liz? in any case, let all these cow bite each other.

he’s neither published nor written anything of note (his medium essays were rambling and amateurish) but his orbiters will try to claim he’s a towering intellect because he knows how to namedrop.

No. 1034484

>to fight for his beliefs
He went to syria bc he was a suicidal mentally ill idiot who wanted to live out a cringe byronic hero fantasy. the socialism thing is just incidental

No. 1034491

Does anyone know what kantbot's real name is? Maybe he has published, but wasn't calling him smart when calling him an academic who should have learned German.

No. 1034493

>kantbot's real name
Carl Wheezer.

No. 1034499

Brace is CIA, can nobody convince me otherwise.

No. 1034509

File: 1599424739093.png (101.34 KB, 1214x352, ash.png)

I feel you… I feel like I have to diagram their tweets to make sense of them

No. 1034511

File: 1599425221952.png (899.86 KB, 601x1225, 52247A0C-F10B-42C8-BC96-7E1963…)

I know June and Ash have their own thread already, but does anyone have milk on the other two?

No. 1034513

he does give me very strong CIA vibes even though i quite like both him and liz

No. 1034516

Sometimes they just straight up don't make sense. A lot of Anna's world-salad is incoherent.

No. 1034518

total definition of LARP combined with capitalist alienation making women turn themselves into willing sex objects for the male gaze. good job ladies

No. 1034520

This tweet makes sense but only if you're unfortunately familiar with theory twitter, there are all kinds of insane people with convoluted and contrived ideologies like "g/acc egoist with dengist characteristics" who constantly fight over analyses extremely pedantic and irrelevant things.
I agree though much of what's posted is genuine nonsense and Ash is a coping attention-leech. She will realize in due time that the audience she panders to doesn't care about her or her politics at all

No. 1034521

So anti-idpol!

No. 1034523


I've been trying for a while to find any instance of either of these two speaking russia for more then one or two words or writing in russian or twitter, or reading/watching anything in russian, and can't find anything. I'm starting to suspect that neither of them have any intact russian language infastructure anymore (or whatever you call this). Do they even count as russian at this point?

No. 1034525

They don’t. Otherwise, they would be interacting with Russian-speaking twitters and milking it, just like Anna has to call herself a Russian drunk 13 times in a single interview

No. 1034526

I think it’s confirmed that neither Anna nor Dasha are fluent in Russian. They can probably only hold a very rudimentary conversation at best, like what you’d find in a beginner’s textbook.

No. 1034533

sage for ot but you don't have to be a fluent speaker of any language to get into grad philosophy stuff. you only have to have basic knowledge that can be filled in, at most. also a lot of master's degrees in philosophy are known to be scams, it's either phd or nothing.

No. 1034534

this cringe got old after gosha rubchinsky, imagine still clinging to this "cutting edge feshun"

No. 1034539

Dasha has some russian lines in wobble palace but doesnt really count as speaking if its memorized

No. 1034543

File: 1599428545301.jpeg (803.47 KB, 1080x1767, 1B6E40FD-606F-4421-8C0B-B74484…)


No. 1034551

And certainly not in trashy aliexpress outfits.

No. 1034569

She’s more fluent than Anna probably because her family is still in Belarus

No. 1034571

not wrong, grounds for revolution are only ripe in predominantly non white countries. god those outfits are so bad and theyre all butterfaces except ash

No. 1034580


didn't she say she hasn't been there since she was 14 tho because she's afraid of being arrested?

No. 1034583

Dasha also said her relatives in Belarus aren't anti-Luka and she's been quiet about that since saying that on the pod. Afaik they're semi-fluent because Anna's mom and Dasha's parents still primarily speak Russian, they can barely type it though.

No. 1034585


foreign parents who still speak the old language at home are not a guarantee their americna raised kids won't be almost totally illiterate, I've seen way too many examples of this from all different nationalities

No. 1034615

Like other anons said, if they were more competent they’d be flexing it

No. 1034639

File: 1599441840206.jpeg (919.96 KB, 1188x1719, 41084396-7767-40D5-B4F6-239FA1…)

I’m getting a kick out of all the anti-Kantbot subtweets

No. 1034640

kek this "expose the CIA" thing fatbot's been on for a minute is so amateurish…like, you'd think this would have been common knowledge for someone who developed their political consciousness on NRx forums for years. What did he think the "Cathedral" was referring to?

No. 1034652

It's so pathetic when I meet other immigrants and they are illiterate in their own language. It's a sign of laziness and/or stupidity lmao

No. 1034669

shoe is hardly even a leftist let alone a revolutionary lmao

No. 1034693

Dasha took time off of her cape cod vacation to record the Paul Blart podcast, what a loser. OPN is never going to upgrade her from secret side chick.

No. 1034704

File: 1599463265036.jpg (530.02 KB, 1440x1675, Screenshot_20200907-032139_Twi…)

glad they're getting shit on for this. let's turn communism into a pickme contest

No. 1034734

File: 1599476562921.png (141.56 KB, 784x522, 15239441840206.jpeg.png)

remember when logo and kantbot were saying the riots would last a week and we'd all forget about them cause we're all CIA psyop puppets?

this was part of their new narrative of enlightened centrist takes and how they were above it all lmao

all of their predictions have been wrong so far

No. 1034740

This is why Jugs had to delete twitter and instagram lmao Dasha is dumb though, everyone has the reciepts already.

No. 1034752

Kantblimp and Logo are two of the dumbest people online who have convinced themselves that they’re smart.

No. 1034852

File: 1599502401208.jpeg (378.24 KB, 1242x1757, D2F042CA-9061-4B5D-A1A0-0D2048…)

90% of what Anna says would not be ‘broadly legible to the majority of people’

No. 1034894

Here, lefthots, I've got an insult that fits the bill: panderhandlers.

I.e.: Panderhandling for money and attention only works under capitalism because no socialist would want to waste resources on y'all parroting what your audience wants to hear since you will inevitably flip flop for whatever is profitable and trendy.

No. 1035007

File: 1599514166768.png (593.35 KB, 954x1496, Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 5.29…)

Dug this up on Lily Lynch. Someone tried to cancel her for endorsing a podcast Carolyn [sic] Calloway was on of all fucking reasons lmao

No. 1035022

90% of people have no idea what “radlibs” or “red fash” are and if you explained it to them they’d think you spend way too much time on social media.

No. 1035046

File: 1599518033467.png (167.71 KB, 720x806, aimeealt.png)

Does anyone know who this is? Sounds a whole lot like Aimee Terese, might be her alt account

No. 1035059

Radlibs are basically just SJWs and most normies know what that is

No. 1035073

Most of the time I’ve seen it used, it seems to mean “self-identified socialists I think are lame because they aren’t edgy enough” like Micah Uetricht or however you spell his name. I even saw Michael Brooks get called a radlib before he died.

If it’s not Aimee, whoever that is has her entire schtick and tweet style down pat.

No. 1035082

No. 1035093

kek, these cows can never stay away from Twitter, they’re too addicted to the attention

No. 1035117

File: 1599522575131.jpeg (169.43 KB, 1188x722, 74EC74BA-872A-457E-BBAD-03E14B…)

Retards and sociopaths like the cows in this thread, lol

I just glanced at Aimee’s new account and in a single day she’s already quote RTing Bhaskar Sunkara, Carl Beijer, Benjamin Dixon, Richard Seymour, Nathan Robinson,
and Jamie Peck’s cohost. She’s playing all the hits.

No. 1035125

Aimee Terese is genuinely a very mentally unstable person and I can't even begin to understand how or why people follow her. I had a pretty non political twitter, pretty much it was lame and I'd never spend much thought or time on it but I somehow attracted the attention of the maga creep and Aimee Simp #1 "Bog Beef" and when I told him to fuck off, Aimee came at me like I had murdered her grandmother. All I said was something like "Beat it, creep." And that justified Aimee going through my entire twitter, taking screenshots and sticking her followers to harass me about being a "bad leftist." It was pretty surreal to see her go full on schoolyard bully. My response was just like "lol you look like Momo" and suddenly she acted like a victim and I was bombarded with threats by the neo nazi accounts, it was fucking nuts. Not surprised that she's dating a nazi.

No. 1035153

look at the first two people she is following. It's none other than fascist incel creeps @bog_beef and @maarblek of Good ol Boys podcast. That's definitely Aimee Terese. Other Aimee reply guys too
>benedict cryptofash, "abolish the left"
>@tinkzorg, Organizer for and member of far-right neofascist Sweden Democrats Party. (also the party collaborated w/ the actual German Nazi Party in 30s/40s.)
>bronze age pervert
>estee lardass
and a bunch of other admitted reactionaries and neofascists.

No. 1035175

why are these people considered left again

No. 1035297

I checked out the Perfume Nationalist podcast ep with Dasha and Jugs was not on this one so whoever predicted it on here was right. Dasha must have set the condition that she not be on there and that's why Jugs deleted all her socials, probably threw a temper tantrum. Wondering if Jack wised up and this is permanent or not.

No. 1035326

>make sure the insults you direct to people you disagree with aren't based in a historical reference that people won't understand
>'idk what tankie means btw'

No. 1035335

Jack and Jugs are the same but the fact that Dasha is ok with him but not her shows that she's a pickme. Even with gay men.

No. 1035501

I read all the prior threads and was wondering - can someone spoon feed me why Amber Frost is in this (most recent) thread with the other libfem Cringe Queens? I thought she was funny, and she only comes up a couple times by mention of chapo pick-me-ism, and maybe unwarrented proto-narcissism (by being the only girl in a guy group). Is that it or am I missing something?

No. 1035508

File: 1599595080222.jpeg (121.67 KB, 826x916, 56928A25-1E9E-4C53-89F9-CA1625…)

No. 1035543

This is just a cover for them switching from being pickmes to right-wing men to left-wing men simply because being left is trendy now and they'll get more attention. Aside from that, many of the people online who claim to be leftist now actually did used to be far-right because they surrounded themselves with far-right youtubers such as Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and absorbed all of their opinions. Then one day they discovered Contrapoints and Destiny and suddenly in a few days they all switched to communism. This is the exact same story of all those "how I got out of the alt-right rabbithole" videos on youtube. They basically get their opinions from whoever they surround themselves with and don't do any reading or research to form their own political opinions. A lot of people might be suspicious of someone who lacks so much critical thinking that they were able to turn into a full-blown neo-nazi because of the youtube algorithm. And even if they were just teenagers at the time, if they were being racist and misogynistic to their teenage peers irl that can also cause trust issues for some people.

No. 1035575

File: 1599602436969.png (28.26 KB, 598x344, ss51.PNG)

No. 1035579

"What everyone wants to belong to is a community but they keep winding up in audiences instead"

No. 1035608

Amber is probably my favorite person from the "leftverse" of twitter. Definitely not perfect, but who is. She's not a compulsive contrarian like most of these cows. I think she's just featured in the pics because she's closely related due to being on Chapo and the fact that she used to live with Nick. She's not comparable to Anna and especially not Dasha or anyone like Aimee. She even left all social media like 2 years ago because she found it too stressful.

No. 1035616

I don't know if that's accurate, but it's less you and more of these people using increasingly niche political alignments (some which aren't even real) as a personality despite knowing nothing about how society runs

Like, when I see someone label themselves Leftist, I can confidently say they know less about how politics work then even the edgelord groypers

No. 1035725

File: 1599621398489.jpeg (114.83 KB, 850x1275, A63865E3-FF90-4624-B9DE-6491BB…)

Has Anna’s resemblance to Masha Gessen been discussed yet? Same gene pool for sure

No. 1035727

File: 1599621972068.png (192.33 KB, 597x419, yes.png)

kinda funny to see Aimee clowning on Liz Bruenig now; Liz used to defend her back when she was on the og @aimeeterese account

No. 1035811

They've definitely split recently over AOC and most mainstream DSA/Berniecrat figures who Aimee loathes more than Trump.

No. 1035812


No. 1035854

lol clearly you haven’t followed her that long, she was basically chased off for doing and saying reactionary bullshit and calling everyone left of her a “wrecker” constantly

No. 1035888

File: 1599660174706.png (109.29 KB, 1169x796, ambermask.png)

Lol Amber is an absolute cow and if you aren't her friend who came to defend her then you have to be really dumb

No. 1035897

File: 1599662560278.jpg (22.92 KB, 585x230, capture.jpg)

Why didn't shoe and crustybrush dunk on this tweet too? did it hit too close to home?

No. 1035900

File: 1599662940219.png (89.1 KB, 781x526, 902281475930.png)

even shaun subtweeted this topic

No. 1035901

I've read this article and, correct me if I'm wrong, but she does say she will wear the mask after all, even thought she hates doing it.

No. 1035919

File: 1599666165250.png (120.03 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_20200909-113358~2.p…)

Jugs is officially out of TPN, the poor cow. I wonder if she regrets spending so much money on repellant perfume to please Estee Lardass? That she got doxed? Maybe Estee Lardass will dissapear the first season of his pod as well? These hoes ain't loyal.

No. 1035939

Embarrassing clickbait title, then.

No. 1035978

Did he boot her to get the Nazi accusations off his back? I mean the damage is already done and he's proven enough that he's fash too

No. 1035986

tinkzorg is not in that party. he is in some sort of conservative think tank. also what you say about the sweden democrats is not correct, not like i care.
tinkzorg is an absolut /pol/tard if anything

No. 1035987

He 100% kicked her to the curb because of this and he thinks that just denials and pretending to hate nazis will save him. He's that retarded but maybe not, Dasha agreed to be on only after Jug's departure.

No. 1035989

That farmer is incorrect about SD collaborating with the Nazis in 30s/40s but the reality is not much better.
>The party's first treasurer, Gustaf Ekstrom, was a former member of the Waffen SS, and its first leader, Anders Klarstrom, had been active in the neo-Nazi Nordic Realm Party, the Nordiska Rikspartiet.
>at least eight current SD election candidates are former members of neo-Nazi groups, with one paying membership fees to the Nordic Resistance Movement as recently as 2016.
tinkzorg might not be a member but his rhetoric is not so different from SD. He just puts a "immigrants are stealing jobs… from the working class" spin on it

No. 1035998

File: 1599676378919.jpg (221.7 KB, 1030x1200, EhfVgi6UYAEW3XP.jpg)

Sydney finally slightly toned it down with the filters so she doesn't look as much like an egg anymore

No. 1036005

Does she wear circle lenses?

No. 1036017

Not as egregious as liz franczak but still some obvious eye editing

No. 1036039

Lmao sorry for being really dumb, anon - I was literally asking for your insight, which is really smart.
Thanks anon. Not the anon you were replying to, but I didnt know that. I left twitter 5 years ago.

No. 1036055

One of the anons you replied to. This is disappointing, but I should have expected it. Still think shes better than most of these freaks, though that's a very low bar being set.

No. 1036056

how quickly we forget Amber was interviewed alongside Anna for a fawning piece in Koch-funded right-libertarian rag Sp!ked called “Meet the anti-woke left”, lmfao.

No. 1036059

File: 1599686388997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.15 KB, 709x350, E4A2B14D-5A1F-45A3-AAD6-B97BCA…)

pull-quote from a 2019 piece Amber wrote for the Baffler in which she posits it’s actually fine that Joe Biden raped

No. 1036117

File: 1599693189668.jpg (113.92 KB, 960x720, doh9vnb5t6m51.jpg)

anna is going for it!

No. 1036124

what is going on in this image

No. 1036129

This is true and so fucking lame. I wish people who weren't truly interested in learning about politics just stayed disinterested, like they used to be back before they could think they're digesting complicated rhetoric because a tranny or a nazi spoonfed it to them on youtube. You used to have to read a book, apply some critical thought, whatever - and it wasn't cool to be politically engaged, it was just something you either were, or weren't. Now its trendy (and of course, profitable) to be extreme and you get idiots like the lefthots and the tradthots.

I wish these people would go back to liking movies and music, and leave politics to people who cared even pre-2016.

No. 1036238

she's comparing transgenderism to transracialism

No. 1036256

jugs come spill plz i promise ill stop calling you a fatass

No. 1036286

It is the exact same thing, though.

No. 1036328

She was already in here complaining about being mentioned lmao she needs to realize that her fag doesn't give a fuck about her and discarded her as soon as it became convenient for him. How humiliating. Jugs, come spill the deets on Estee Lardass! He made you buy a bunch of shitty perfume that you know are really gross!

No. 1036343

Damn I wanna know what happened with Jugs

No. 1036356

I think everyone has lost interest in red scare besides incel fans, none of the people who yell at them on twitter have taken the bait of Dasha going on a nazi podcast or them saying trans people are fake. It's gotten boring to everyone. Anna just autistically rants from her notes and Dasha just fake laughs and couldn't sound less engaged with any of the topics.

No. 1036367

Yeah, they just removed her from the show with no explanation on why she left, no announcement, nothing. Last week she got into an argument with Logo on twitter, which she knows not to do as Jack doesn't like that and she's always been such an obedient lap dog to Jack. Plus her boyfriend has been making snipes at Kantbot too so I really wonder what went down.

No. 1036382

Meg all over again

No. 1036387

i feel like ever since covid, the podcast has become less and less relevant

No. 1036397

I think them having Steve Bannon on was a dumb move. It confirmed for even stupid people that they were just cloutseekers, and their tee hee fawning over him was super gross.

No. 1036455

File: 1599764357550.jpeg (219.12 KB, 1219x1791, FullSizeRender-8~2.jpeg)

I swear she sends these to herself or if this dude is real he must be repellant enough to simp for a whale like Jugs. She can only attract a guy with a fatty fetish or someone that hasn't been touched by a woman in 10 years

No. 1036458

File: 1599764727825.jpeg (229.26 KB, 1215x1544, FullSizeRender-1~2.jpeg)


No. 1036460

File: 1599764868527.jpg (176.13 KB, 1896x1358, 16422597_372031663175443_88298…)

Tfw your fag kicks you out of his life and off his podcast

No. 1036475

That's every ideology, you retarded cunt. Iron law of bureaucracy.

You are a fairly good example of a useless, dim witted grifter mad that she isn't an Executive Manager of Leftism.

No. 1036479

Can anyone answer me why Aimee Terese is so emotionally invested in American politics? I get that what happens here affects the rest of the world and all but she LARPS as someone who lives in Brooklyn and knows all these people intimately. She's an Australian who grew up upper middle class and works as a lawyer, why is she having psychotic episodes about American politics on twitter?

No. 1036489

File: 1599769140586.jpeg (Spoiler Image,346.9 KB, 960x1280, 1593833142123.jpeg)

Amber is a stupid urban bougie art hoe cumrag who's so out of touch with actual work she actually thinks that being a housewife is like doing nothing and getting tard bux. She also thinks that working class housewives have "more recourse against their men due to their proximity to their labor" than paid, contracted employees do against corporations. If you don't see how utterly batshit insane this take is, you're probably a champagne succ whose parents own a boat.
There's nothing baffling about her behavior once you realize that she comes from a very wealthy family, but she's an unattractive, deformed, autistic faildaughter. She's hoping to weaponize working class rage against her more glamorous peers, which is pretty classic communism actually.

Her misogyny is fuggo resentment because she can't experience the gallantries enjoyed by attractive females. You can clearly see it when she whines about performative victimhood as "soft power exercised by women" and then proceeds to play wounded gazelle when people reciprocate her toxicity.

No. 1036501

Who is this in the pic? And very well said re Aimee, anon.

No. 1036505

Nta but the pic is of Ashleigh Coffin. Peter Coffin’s (ex?) wife trying to rebrand as leftist gun girl

No. 1036507

File: 1599770361617.png (86.7 KB, 712x590, Screenshot_20200910-163400~2.p…)

As if he wasn't talking about onlyfans 24/7 and having freakouts over it on the daily. Now that Estee Lardass has tossed his wignat into the gutter, he's decided to adopt the very faggot ways he once denounced aRe tHe StRaIgHtS oKaY?!

No. 1036511

That's the redhead with the giant tits?! Wow. Did she get a boob job or just pushing those bad boys up real high? Lmao

No. 1036512

File: 1599770633331.jpg (Spoiler Image,633 KB, 3056x2130, Manyfacesofashleigh.jpg)

No. 1036550

Which podcast?

No. 1036555

Perfume Nationalist

No. 1036573

Why is this spoilered?
There's so many unnecessarily spoilered images on this site lately.

No. 1036575

Every time I tried to upload the image I would get a message saying that "image could not be resized". It's only when I put the spoiler that I could upload it properly

No. 1036600

she’s clinically stupid :-/(:-/)

No. 1036613

File: 1599785571334.jpeg (239.99 KB, 828x641, 9B99E8F1-D5E2-46BF-97D0-AEA583…)

Logo gaydalus was defending the french pedo movie

No. 1036619

>the scott greer/nick fuentes wing of what was once frog twitter has been defending rape all week
>the kantbot/logo wing of what was once frog twitter is now defending pedophilia

No. 1036621

Predictably, so were Estee Lardass and Kantbot. Estee is doing the "I'm not like the other girls" contrarian bit now, trashing both wignats and SJWs. He's just a free spirited Trump supporter, you guys, and not a neo nazi at all!

No. 1036628

File: 1599788677023.png (186.37 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20200910-213612~2.p…)

Estee Lardass is seething about this thread and losing his mind, per usual. Imagining "former fans" turned "Batman villains" lmaoooooooo It's not the blonde Amy Dunne character this time, at least. Jackie, stahp reading the "obscure forum of choice" if you can't handle a little bantz. How is Christina Murgo doing btw? He's also accusing another Chapo of ripping him off, the delusions!

No. 1036632

this is actually insane and bpd tier levels of identity recycling, does she have KIDS?

No. 1036635

No one is obsessed with this fatty, his shitty perfume podcast is not that important. If anything he's the one who's constantly obsessed with other people and also checking this thread, hence why he sits on Twitter 12 hours per day ranting and zero hours doing exercise.

No. 1036642

File: 1599791160585.png (99.22 KB, 598x454, virgil.png)

Virgil Texas is back on twitter and he's got a new podcast with Briahna Joy Gray, seems like it's going to be Chapo-style Berniecrat political analysis but for normies. Could provide some decent milk.

No. 1036646

Is that the "it's okay for poor whites to say the n-word of you give them $100" cow?

No. 1036647

Is he still on Chapo? Stav from Cumtown also made his own side podcast. I wonder if these leftists podcasts are going to last, especially if Biden wins.

No. 1036649

File: 1599792175864.png (24.09 KB, 584x321, hashtag Khive hashtag NeverPod…)


he's on once in a while but doesn't say too much. longest recent appearance was one night of the DNC twitch streams and then hung out with the FYM guys talking about a shitty laptop he paid way too much money for while they played Fall Guys.

No. 1036651

don't know the whole story, but: after Super Tuesday when it became clear Bernie wasn't going to win the nomination, Virgil had a meltdown on Hasan Piker's stream, gaming out wild scenarios how Bernie could still win, completely delusional, he quit the stream in frustration; he appeared on one more Chapo episode after that, a Beltway Garage ep with Matt where they spent much of the hour arguing with each other, then he disappeared from the show for a couple months, Matt said on one of his instagram livestreams that Virgil was not answering any of the other Chapos' calls; few weeks go by, Matt mentions how he was talking to Virgil about Rick & Morty and how he had submitted a pre-recorded bit for a Chapo ep but Will rejected it because he was refusing to communicate with the other hosts; people were speculating that he's spiraled into drugs and depression, some even thought he was transitioning; eventually he started appearing on Chapo again, but very sporadically. He called in on a couple of the DNC/RNC twitch livestreams but never showed his face. Matt was saying on twitch the other day that Virgil had something in the works that was keeping him busy, obviously an allusion to this new podcast.

No. 1036659

File: 1599793193793.png (204.62 KB, 594x393, aimee.png)

the ego!

No. 1036667

File: 1599794197000.jpeg (498.83 KB, 1242x1439, 21810622-416F-432A-BC38-919A89…)

I thought other anons were exaggerating but he genuinely does think the Chapo hosts are spying on him and stealing his ideas. As if this is some totally new idea and he is the first and only person to express it. Between this and the thinking the thread is one person maybe he does unironically have some sort of paranoia/schizophrenia.

No. 1036693


He's legitimately not ok in the head. A blonde girl once said his podcast is boring on twitter so he made her out to be some sort of super villain in his head to justify his insane stalking and harassment of her. You've seen it in this thread as well, he cannot let this girl go. I thought he was just bullshitting and enjoying bullying a girl he wishes he was but now I genuinely believe that he believes in his head that she is his stalker and it's all real. How do people like Anna follow him not see that he's completely insane? Because he flatters her?

I got second hand embarrassment from this, the cringe, the cringe…..

No. 1036708

this image won't load, was it deleted?

No. 1036712

File: 1599801382423.jpg (274.07 KB, 1200x1200, DtDjGbGUUAAs717.jpg)

>culture of critique
"i'm not a reactionary nationalist at all!"

No. 1036713

File: 1599801466978.jpg (231.07 KB, 1200x1200, DzdfNhGUwAAg8u_.jpg)

>camp of the saints
>the clansman
>come and take it
"How am I a reactionary? I have middle aged boomer mom energy!"

No. 1036716

File: 1599801799429.png (167.4 KB, 1142x582, lardass.png)

"It's ironic, I'm just tired of SJWs"

No. 1036738

File: 1599812169939.png (149.23 KB, 951x895, 42358567.png)

funny since logo himself brings up people's backgrounds as an argument, now he's mad when it's done to him lmao

No. 1036746

'failed podcast' is literally every single political podcast

No. 1036779

Estee Lardass is gonna shuffle and jive extra hard today, pretending he's not a wignat lol He was rejected by the far right guys he lusts after so he became really bitter about so he projects the "fan turned hater" thing onto others now.

No. 1036787

File: 1599827185755.png (328.08 KB, 720x854, Screenshot_20200911-080656~2.p…)

But how would her family that was murdered at Auschwitz feel about her being chummy with people who deny the Holocaust even happened? What makes her bf Eli, an actual Jewish person, decide that he's ok with this grifter? He must have a tiny penis or something horrible wrong with him if he lives in New York City but settled for this ghoul

No. 1036792

File: 1599828964187.png (102.64 KB, 720x528, Screenshot_20200911-085125~2.p…)

Anna liked this tweet lol PICK ME, BRONZE AGE PERVERT, PICK ME!!!!!

No. 1036799

He just released a podcast with Briahna joy grey called 'bad faith', probably way less money than chapo, but more social cachet. Almost all of the "dirtbag" Brooklyn podcasters are frequently out of their depth when talking about actual politics so let's see how he does.

No. 1036800

I love when Anna pulls the “I’m Jewish/Armenian/ethnic” card

No. 1036805

Eli is a squinty soy manlet. I dont think that even with his relative clout he could do much better

No. 1036811

“Delivered to an audience of no one”, so he’s just finally admitting he’s an attention whore and the hottest take he ever has is “This is contrarian enough for retweets”

No. 1036823

File: 1599834864808.jpeg (585.75 KB, 1242x1461, B9ED2BAA-124C-4A5F-90ED-6D13B7…)

What’s the tea on this girl. Everyone says she’s a grifter and she’s raised more than $50000 over a 2 year period for her “bills” but decides to get tattoos/concert tickets instead. Just scrolling through her TL she’s got a lot of milk

No. 1036824

Dunno this girl but anyone who gives money to these random losers should ashamed of themselves. Just look at the first sentence of that tweet, holy fuck

No. 1036829

Anna taking a hardline on calling people nazis in a flippant way, despite calling random germanic blonde celebrities and silicon valley billionaires nazis being one of her routine jokes, is really something. She loves faking outrage over things she does herself. I wonder if that magazine offered to publish her and she's failed to write anything as usual or if she just simps for right wing losers for free.

No. 1036839

File: 1599837287621.jpeg (196.78 KB, 828x1200, B1C1B795-114B-4679-A58B-B037BE…)

No. 1036885

I just looked at her insta and whoever is dumb enough to send this grifter a single penny is legit retarded.

No. 1036941

File: 1599848549201.png (288.44 KB, 1200x496, podcaster.png)

Liz Franzak is criticizing AOC again. Shes saying AOC is wrong about automation being good in the long term. Liz makes $20,000 per month as a rich podcaster and does no work. She thinks it's good for poor people to work but not her.

No. 1036943

File: 1599849007853.jpeg (238.24 KB, 640x640, 15B6E4AE-AC2C-4974-99F2-7678A9…)

No. 1036944

AOC wants open borders and says machines replacing workers is cool. Sorry, but I'm with bug eyed Liz on this one. Where do you think people will get money for shelter, food, clothing etc. if they're not working? Where is the money gonna come from?

No. 1036949

Did nobody read the statement that immediately follows or what lmao
“Automation SHOULD be good BUT under current circumstances it’s actually bad” - for socialists, this should be uncontroversial

No. 1036970

I should have read further anon lmao sorry! Isn't bug eyed Liz from some rich family too? She seems to not be interacting with Estee Lardass anymore, they used to kiss each other's ass 24/7.

No. 1036984

I watched some interview with Eli talking about his music and I think he’s just very shy and reserved. Lot of shy men often end up settling even if they’re good dudes because they don’t put themselves out there enough

No. 1036985

aoc is to leftthots what donald trump is to blue checkmarks

No. 1036986

Spot on lmao

No. 1036994

He has money though and seems like a relatively mature and private person. There are rich manlets who end up with gorgeous, sweet women. Anna just comes off mean and bitter a lot. I think he settled a bit and probably knows it

No. 1037025

Not for open borders but you are joking right? The whole idea behind leftism is to take control or at least redistribute the fruit of the means of production, thus a massive increase of productive capacity under automation can be used to enrich the lives of the working-class. Obviously, automation under a capitalist system could be quite catastrophic with millions of workers thrown out their jobs, if not rendered superfluous but that's an argument for socialism not opposing automation.

No. 1037032


No. 1037036

According to Anna, they initially hit it off at a party when Eli told her she looks like his favorite pornstar. He's just a coomer at the end of the day.

No. 1037039

File: 1599860414916.png (50.82 KB, 591x193, letsgoooo.png)

Matt Christman liked that tweet lmaoooooooooooo

No. 1037040

Idk where all these eli simps come from bc he’s clearly a nasty little cretin

No. 1037048

Eli is cool hot and talented(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037050

Almost all men are coomers to some degree though. It’s an unfortunate reality of men now. They know at least one or two porn stars by name and have favorites

I don’t know if I believe Anna that he said she looked like her. Their body types aren’t similar at all either. Anna is a pickme so she might’ve tried to be cool girl and appeal to Eli by bringing up porn.

No. 1037051

lol no and learn to sage

No. 1037068

Which porn star?

No. 1037072

Rachel Rabbit White was discussed a bit in the first thread along with Marie Calloway, Cat Marnell etc cause their in the same "leftist" kinda art circles in NY, anyways, apparently now she's married to Nico Walker, the heroin addicted bank robbing veteran who wrote the book Cherry.

This interviews really cringey and kinda embarrassing and I feel like this is going to end very badly, cause she seems naive and pornsick and he probably has more crippling PTSD from being in jail for ten years? I wonder if the anon who knew her from the first thread is still around, would love any insight into the situation.

Sorry if this is irrelevant but she was discussed a lot in the first thread and I find the leftist art hoes a lot more interesting than twitter people noone would give a fuck about if they weren't rs twitter orbiters.


No. 1037079

Wasn't it a mutual friend who introduced them to each other saying they like the same porn star or same type of porn or something? That's how Anna explained it in one of the quar era episodes, she was definitely not compared to one lol

No. 1037088

File: 1599865450781.jpg (37.92 KB, 550x440, large_11235_1370368.jpg)

Wasn't Rachel saying she was a lesbian for the last few years? She's creepy, Ghislaine vibes. Pictured here in 2015 before her surgeries.

No. 1037092

>RACHEL RABBIT WHITE: There’s this tweet format going around, “What was the one thing you did as a bit that just ended up becoming a part of your life in complete sincerity…” I texted that premise to Ben Fama and I was like, “Marrying Nico Walker.”
Don't know what you're talking about, this definitely sounds like the foundation of a lasting relationship!

No. 1037120

can someone make a thread of nyc druggie art hoes

No. 1037132

These people seem to be such gross degenerates with personality disorders.

No. 1037151

She looks like a completley different person, I wonder what kind of surgeries she's had. Was she really a prostitute?

No. 1037160

>I'm jewish! I'm waman! Btw idpol is liberal

No. 1037172

>The state should artificially create technologically irrelevant jerbs just so I can be employed!

Amen anon, we should also abolish the wheel. So many werkers wouldn't be out of menial jerbs if we only had straps to move heavy objects.

Shouldn't she be busy flicking her bean to Peter Thiel?


Lmao @ thinking this irrelevant, eternally aspiring musician "settled" for a girl who probably pays all his bills.

No. 1037181

Eli is a trust fund baby from a wealthy family. I don't doubt that Anna pays for shit but he could do a lot better, tons of babes around Manhattan. Maybe he wants to appear "deep" by dating someone like Anna idk

No. 1037339

lmao trust funds are finite and he's not husband or even hot fuckboy material, why would manhattan babes want him and not some young stock broker… he is an ugly art dude, he may want julia fox but all he'll get is an equally ugly art hoe kek

No. 1037364

File: 1599894690572.webm (919.77 KB, 886x494, PeBQ1nuq9jTwgnHe.webm)

Imagine paying to watch this

No. 1037402

File: 1599900862409.png (24.53 KB, 342x98, she back.png)

Rachel/Heather Habsburg returned on main, but for a brief moment

No. 1037455

lmao my 55 year old mom has the same collection of angel stuff, she gets it from the drugstore.

No. 1037479

He tries to make Angel sound like something it's not, something "edgy" lol that he says smells like a dude's ass, no joke. Before reformulation it was a masterpiece but now it's a mom scent for sure, it's Hillary Clinton's signature scent. Dude just makes up shit as he goes along. You can't recommend perfumes to a group of people and tell them to go blind buy stuff, 9 out of 10 people will find Aromatics repulsive.

No. 1037480

I'm sorry anon but I live in New York and the dudes hot girls will settle for is depressing. Eli would be considered a catch, sad but true.

No. 1037485

There's some really weird quasi-apologism for Eli in this thread. "Why would he be with Anna?" He's an ugly edgy conservatard who is never going to be as respected and successful in his field as his peers. Why would it be surprising he got together with an ugly edgy conservatard who's failed in everything but podcasting? Especially when she's made it clear she will bend to his every whim in order to seem like a cool girl.

No. 1037534

Yes, Rachel claimed to be a lesbian for like a decade I think, lmao. She's addicted to plastic surgery and has written at least a dozen articles on how gay she is and how much she hates men but had sex with them out of self-harm or something, now she's married to a man. She's genuinely not all quite there in the head and I feel bad for her but she parades sex work as some virtuous divine feminine thing and rails ketamine with even worse off people regularly

Yes, she was a prostitute, an "escort" kek. So was Marie Calloway.

All the best milk on the NYC druggie art hoes has been dried out from 2011, sadly.

No. 1037538

Samefag but I just remembered that Rachel also claimed her cheating on her ex boyfriend was feminist praxis

No. 1037543

File: 1599927865466.png (765.4 KB, 714x606, rachel b&a.png)

She's had an insane amount of surgeries and clearly edits all her pictures now. Boob job, nose job, cheek fillers, brow lift, tons of lip injections. It's surreal and not in a good way

No. 1037544

I think she was way cuter pre-surgery. How sad that beautiful women feel the need to do this bc of dysmorphia

No. 1037611

I think a lot of anons ITT are redscare sub transplants and they're really into his type

No. 1037620

>Chanel #5

This is a perfume connoisseur? Literally everybody and their grandma buys this, they don't need some fat plebsnob to recommend this stuff. The masses instinctively like it. What's next, axe body spray? Victoria's secret?

Inb4 he starts shilling Aventus and smelly CDG shit when he can afford it kek

No. 1037640

Solid take

No. 1037655

Yeah idgi either, why do people go to him for recommendations? He knows shit about perfume plus he gets really bitter about brands that he can't afford or that are popular with people he dislikes. He haaaaaated Serge Lutens, always talked shit about the brand but after Anna said her signature is a Lutens, he totally switched and praises it now all the time.

No. 1037675

>some even thought he was transitioning
It's inevitable, he's going to have to come out sooner or later.

No. 1037733

I think the brow lift at least was an improvement. She looked like Gollum before.

No. 1037749

isn't he like 36 now? I've noticed men only transition when they've failed at life and he has a pretty successful podcast despite how lazy and sad he looks.

No. 1037768

His film recommendations are just as mundane and wishy washy. What isn't Jack bad at?

No. 1038048

File: 1600019265657.jpeg (591.97 KB, 1656x3375, 973000AA-9789-48DA-9E09-ADA0C0…)

No. 1038052

Dasha would love to be a ghislaine for hollywood producers if given the chance.

No. 1038056

Anna too.

When is The Scary of 61st Street coming out?

No. 1038058

I doubt anyone big is buying it to distribute unless it by some miracle it's actually good, she's said she might dump it on amazon prime or youtube if no festivals want to pick it up. And unless she thinks she's too good for them, if no horror festivals pick it up it must be really awful.

No. 1038081

some of the examples on that thread were a little ridiculous (like a 22 year old dating an 18 year old) but they way they are so quick to defend huge age gaps is a bit cucked

No. 1038133

Dasha’s boyfriend is 10 years older so doesn’t surprise me she’s doubling down

No. 1038138

World of difference between being attracted to someone and pursuing a relationship, another world of difference between perpetually childish celebrities and normal people. Doubling down on this as women in their 30s really is some Ghislaine shit

No. 1038143

Dasha is grossing out the actually young people on twitter and arguing with them, pathetic. And she's putting a poster from dead pedo David Hamilton's teenage jerk off softcore on her stories.

No. 1038153

File: 1600032871823.jpeg (65.53 KB, 466x600, FBC141D5-1782-419A-835C-1CB166…)

>David Hamilton
This nasty ass bitch. She’s literally just an old haggard version of ddlg tumblr cottagecore nymphets

No. 1038161

is dasha dating Daniel Lopatin AKA Oneohtrix Point Never??

No. 1038177

They’ve been together discreetly since March, some anon on here saw them at SNL after party after his weekend performance … keeping things very incestuous since Eli is in his band

No. 1038181

Honestly think it's just a rumor at this point. She's said that her bf is an Ukrainian Jew but OPN is a Russian Jew. I'll believe it when I see it.
There were also rumors of Dasha dating Robert Pattinson and Duke Nicholson. Wouldn't even be surprised if she was the one spreading those rumors to seem more glamorous.

No. 1038187

notice how almost all of the likes are from men

No. 1038191

anyone get a screencap of the david hamilton poster story? she deleted it

No. 1038201

lol yes anon, I can't get over it. Do you think upon sight of a line that primer cannot blur she'll wise up and stop indulging the worst of scrote's pedophilic tendencies? It's either that or Ghislaine out. You can't get grandfathered in to some hollywood producer pedophile's underage harem because you could pass for 16 at 25… 5 years ago.

Anna at least seems to acknowledge her 'beauty' is offbeat, mature and womanly. They both have the confidence of a high school quarterback, somehow, even living in a city surrounded by more beautiful women. Gassed up by gay men and their subreddit, I guess.

No. 1038237

File: 1600043683924.png (59.75 KB, 598x277, at.png)

Wonder where Anna got this idea from

This is gross. She could have picked any example of that thread that was actually reasonable (where both were 18+) but she chose this one instead. Retarded pickme

No. 1038240

naomi russel

No. 1038243

File: 1600044685160.jpeg (65.15 KB, 750x129, 918EE854-1E06-4715-8DE0-8FEADD…)

though very skinny doesn’t mean great waist to hip ratio

No. 1038254

Interesting, because it seems very much like all the girls in the g&g sub are neurotic, lonely office workers with bpd

No. 1038255

Yes because the loser incels definitely leave their houses, especially to go to yard sales in Manhattan to buy women’s clothes

No. 1038357

Honestly the whole "New York is FULL of beautiful women how do these trolls fit in?" thing is getting old. There are plenty of normal to ugly people who live in New York and are active in the art scene - it's not the like Sex and the City in real life. You sound like weebs sperging about how everyone in Japan is pure and polite.

No. 1038562

This and the “Eli could do so much better” shit. There’s so many more interesting things to dig at.

No. 1038580

Eli thinks he could do much better. He's with Anna because he can't, and she's honestly the best deal money wise. He can't afford the women he likes.

It's not like some actually rich girl who would get written out of her inheritance if she dated some pitchfork literallywho would go for him. A hot girl with a semblance of clout would want someone reliably rich, not some trust fund beta with a steadily declining net worth and the 15 minutes of fame he had a decade ago.

A youtuber/podcaster is a solid choice for him, all the rs sub refugee office nymphets need to calm down.

No. 1038589

i love the op image
anna as mr bean just kills me lmfao

No. 1038667

File: 1600107828561.jpg (338.37 KB, 1531x2048, Eh49gLKXkAEO-th.jpg)

I wonder if Rachel Rabbit, on the left, ever listened to the Red Scare ep on her party.

No. 1038674

Robert Pattinson? That’s out of nowhere. Isn’t he still with Suki?

No. 1038691

Dasha looks GROTESQUE here

No. 1038789

Straight up looking like a more macho Cillian Murphy.

No. 1038792

File: 1600116698142.jpeg (95.13 KB, 828x331, 2270E82D-58B3-4209-A91B-DE4708…)


No. 1038793

Agreed. I think women tend to confuse being well-dressed and fashionable with being hot. Really, there are more actually-hot women in LA than Nyc

No. 1038798

Are you getting Cillian Murphy from her deepset eyes? Because other than that she mostly resembles the elephant man.

No. 1038807

Cat and RRW are each fucked up in their own ways but imho way more interesting than Dasha will ever be. Wonder if she realizes it looks like she’s suckling these OG alt NYC party girls for clout crumbs.

No. 1038809

Personally, that forehead is giving me Neil Patrick Harris.

No. 1038849

Cat is 38 just like Dasha’s boyfriend

No. 1038867

is this pic from twitter? who posted it?

these women are so reliant on blaming their sexual hangups on "leftist men" it's pathetic. just admit you attract scumbags and go after scumbags, it's okay ladies. they love pretending that if they just ~sacrificed their values~ and dated a right wing man it'd magically make their relationships better. nope, you're a lonely 30 year old for a reason and it's not politics

No. 1038879

RRW posted it on twitter and Cat put it on her ig.

No. 1038891

Who is the second to last girl in op pic and what is she milky for? I just remember her when she was dating Nick "Send Nudes" Robinson for a while and her jokes were stale but somehow very popular.

No. 1038899

it's https://twitter.com/w0a0i0f, she's lame because she posts incel bait & just cringe let me be your asian waifu internet creeps! shit. She's not the worst of the thread by any means, but she is a pickme.

No. 1038917

Dasha looks like a literal MtF here, if even that, she just looks male as fuck, not even trans.

No. 1038921

Ok? I think she looks awesome.

No. 1038982

File: 1600137621911.jpeg (50.85 KB, 303x500, CF6D63EF-14A3-41B1-8214-73D913…)

I think she doesn't do it as much anymore but she used to post cringey irony jokes about having an incel gamer bf and being their asian waifu to pander to Red Scare and especially sexist Cumtown fans as the other anon said. She sometimes hints at wanting to look like a gravure idol and some people say she uses deceptive camera angles to make herself look way better than she actually looks. Used to be popular on tumblr (bopeep.tumblr.com) and was apparently all into social justice, she just adopted this current persona to get more attention. The girl next to her is sh44sti who is her skinwalker and is less funny and says just more downright sexist things.

No. 1038999

File: 1600143808433.jpeg (35.31 KB, 675x307, 7FF9199F-4259-4103-9965-E67F6A…)


No. 1039006

no way LOLLLL

No. 1039013

holy shit

No. 1039020

Maybe the problem is that you’re finding your leftist men by housing deadbeat twitter losers

No. 1039021

File: 1600147611133.jpeg (59.58 KB, 470x462, 872EBC0C-3DC2-48FF-B201-6CE81B…)


Oh fuck yes

No. 1039024

i have been waiting for this day, lmaooo. shashti absolutely confirmed annie stalker and lolcow poster, but we been knew. need to see that post history

No. 1039025

lmfao she even deleted her post

No. 1039078

Lmao, glad to have summoned her skinwalker

No. 1039089


That's bullshit, lol, I've literally heard Lily speak B/C/S

I highly doubt Aimee Terese is traveling to Serbia lol where did she say that?

Balkanist has published a ton of articles on the Bosnian genocide and Serbian war crimes, people here hate her for it when she does it. There's a weird group of cows who try to cancel her for the weirdest shit, like calling her David Lynch's spoiled daughter from LA, she's not even from LA. She does criticize NATO and humanitarian intervention, which drives them crazy

She's right about Brace

No. 1039093

>clearly not someone who uses lolwcow regularly
>shows up just to defend lily "hated by all of actual balkan twitter" lynch
>dumps on people who dare criticize her ("fat arnessa")
yeah i'm thinking you should share any actual milk you have or gtfo whiteknight

No. 1039094


I'm from the Balkans and Balkan twitter :)

Arnessa is known as a fat liar, at least in Serbia, but also by a lot of Bosnians who don't like her condescending "woke diaspora" bullshit

Lily thinks Jake Hanrahan and Bellingcat are ops/CIA pretty sure that's where the falling out came from

No. 1039096

shasti confirmed certifiably deranged LMAO. i wish i could say i don't believe it!

No. 1039101


Looks like one of the regs here is a white knight for someone else and a weirdo watcher of our region :)

No. 1039106

My sides

No. 1039113

File: 1600167429824.png (1.33 MB, 1021x1502, Screenshot_20200915-055748(1).…)

Never heard of shasti before but Lord… Those roots

No. 1039123

That’s a terrible angle for her. It’s like she really has to copy Annie down to the angles.

No. 1039127


Don't really care about Bosnia genocide politics or Uighur genocide politics or the Balkans can we please stay on topic

No. 1039148

This is one of the best things to come out of these threads, my god

No. 1039159

Remember when shasti was feuding with felina? She lives for drama

No. 1039163

On the day Felina was cancelled for criticizing Islam @strong_piss said he agreed with her and guess who Shyster still follows and kisses up to

No. 1039210

File: 1600180481112.png (104.96 KB, 893x628, Untitled.png)

He's obsessed with even the tiniest bit of criticism

No. 1039211

Arnesa is a fucking sociopath lmfao she has the nerve to call herself a "dedicated Marxist" while living in London and milking the NGO-academic industrial complex. And yeah her use of woke language for contemporary Balkan issues where there is no context is retarded

No. 1039216

She knows she'd drop to triple digit followers if any of them revealed that she has a bf

No. 1039223

File: 1600182253860.jpg (26.41 KB, 349x642, images.jpeg-52.jpg)

>jokes on them it is only theater

No. 1039249

>it's a rorschach
>it's theatre
How many other pretentious ways are they going to come up with to cope with their retarded posts?

No. 1039258

Nazism is Camp!

No. 1039278

File: 1600189868006.gif (21.19 KB, 285x43, paul blart bingo.gif)

He left something out.

No. 1039286

To give him credit, I think this kind of hysteria and entitlement pairs well with his dusty old lady interests. I just don’t think it’s deliberate lmao

No. 1039297

Lmfao. Annie absolutely fucking sucks and even Cute Asian Girl Twitter is only pretending to like her and talking shit in private but damn, she can’t compete with Shasti on being embarrassing

No. 1039303

I wonder if any of the lurkers here will mention this on twitter. She got away with skinwalking but this is even more embarrassing.

What’s cute asian girl twitter?

No. 1039333

That filename anon, lmao

It's for sure going to come up on twitter at some point, too many of them lurk this thread for it not to.

No. 1039339

Tell your parasocial friend to GTFO the Balkans, what does some bitch from LA have any business in the affairs of the people there? Like she knows better lmao Reminds me of those dorky expat nerds who become eXpErTs and pretend to know better than the locals, despite not even knowing the language. Lily, Amber and "Heather Habsburg" are planning a meetup, that's a fact FYI but you'd know this if you weren't just a pathetic simp

No. 1039346

those circle lenses don't make her look cute or young at all she looks like a demon

No. 1039347

nta but there are cliques of rich pale asians working in stem on twitter and they all pretend to be friends while making fun of each other behind their backs, a lot of annie's friends are old Tumblr cows because Tumblr had a similar community

No. 1039348

I wouldn’t call that humor and hyperbole. It literally just reads like schizo word salad.

No. 1039353

>GTFO the Balkans
Yeah you're probably in St Louis and can't speak a lick of """Bosnian""" and you think you get to gatekeep who gets to live in the Balkans loool also is it Amber who's joining Lily and Heather Habsburg in Belgrade or is it Aimee? At least keep your madeup story consistent bb

No. 1039356

Is there any evidence anyone Aimee talks to online has met or seen her in even video chat.

No. 1039373

Lizi mi kurac, kravo jedna

No. 1039376

Before Heather locked her twitter and Aimee got kicked off, they all were talking about a trip to Belgrade. It was supposed to happen during the summer but bc of corona they were planning to reschedule for the fall.

No. 1039380

Did Lily Lynch delete her twitter account? Bitch is lurking here and trying to defend herself lol pathetic. All these cows are so creepy, no better than this shasti psycho

No. 1039387

What’s her deal is she actually david lynchs kid

No. 1039393

No relation I'm almost positive. One of David Lynch's failsons did do a movie with Dasha a few years ago that never came out.

No. 1039412

did they even film it? they might have only done that cringey proof-of-concept video

No. 1039441

Like who? I only know of Annie

No. 1039449

twitter fags stop sperging about the Balkans, Shasti just confirmed that she posts on here to talk shit about Annie. We just had our Dasha/Mina situation handed to us on a silver platter and it’s being derailed for nothing

No. 1039453

LITERALLY!! how is anyone focused on the balkans shit over what just happened??

No. 1039457

Bc it's clearly Lynch herself.

What is the deal with this Shasti psycho? I only know her through this thread. So she is a skinwalker for Annie the pick me Asian? Lol why?

No. 1039462

shasti is probably the worst skinwalker ive ever seen, she copies annie down to the username and hair color, hairstyle, makeup, exact poses, style of posts, etc. even milks being asian even though one anon itt thought shasti was white and indian and another thought she was fully white. she refuses to acknowledge how creepy she is and now she's even in this thread posting about the girl she pretends to not know exist lol. at this point id consider shasti a stalker. farmhands need to bring us some milk

No. 1039469

If the farmhands can see deleted posts IP it'd be funny to show all her other posts.

No. 1039472

After seeing her shitty blonde hair roots I think she’s half white and half uzbek
Farmhands I beg u

No. 1039542

Not to take away from the A+ skinwalker milk, but anyone notice Anna suddenly throwing around a bunch of broken russian phrases in the latest pod after farmers repeatedly dragged her and Dasha on her for not speaking russian?

No. 1039544

File: 1600213653770.jpg (5.74 KB, 185x185, cdn_1578816184_96350423_5e2c1e…)

kek how is shasti coming for annie's shooping when she makes her pics look like this? cope

No. 1039547

File: 1600214861058.jpg (23.63 KB, 400x400, v_wbcf_Z_400x400.jpg)

I also noticed she tried to disprove that most of their fans are incels (>>1038237) which seemed to be mentioned a lot here recently.

Where did you find this? She has zero idea how to style herself. Even when she just blatantly copies someone, she picks a style/aesthetic that doesn't even suit her.

No. 1039550

Bewildered by how she poses in a way that makes her receding chin even more invisible

No. 1039562

File: 1600216951978.jpeg (52.72 KB, 339x607, 3BCF3CA9-50B7-4C0F-ACE2-0ED590…)

No. 1039563

is Shasti an MtF?

No. 1039564

File: 1600217368614.png (206.59 KB, 1194x708, ShastiShaista.png)

kek sorry that's not actually her it's a picture I found that looks like how she does her makeup. I dug around, found her Facebook. Her real name is Shaista but her online persona has been Shasti for 10 years, her username was @shaasti. I think she might be like 27 lmfao

No. 1039566


No. 1039576

funny how she replaced the double a with two 4s to have numbers in her @ just like annie. psychotic.

No. 1039577

She’s prudent enough to have her fb mostly locked down, not post personal details on twitter…seems almost sane on the surface but her obsession with annie is PATHOLOGICAL

No. 1039578

File: 1600219929989.jpeg (194.35 KB, 828x1295, 3877F023-4481-41B4-A80D-BB4A84…)

Is this really her?

No. 1039581


Yeah the eye shape is the same. I thought she was wearing circle lenses in the pictures we’ve seen so far but those are for sure the same eyes

No. 1039582

I think it's kind of dumb making your pickme and skinwalker persona on an old Twitter account that people you know/knew irl could easily find again. Probably wanted to keep the old followers she had.

Her instagram is shasti4444 like waif0000. This girl copies literally everything Annie does kek

No. 1039584

File: 1600221990220.png (101.31 KB, 720x500, Screenshot_20200915-220247~2.p…)

Anna liking this post/essay by Emrata when she would be making fun of it if any other woman had written it just shows what a shameless grifter she is. Her oh I'm a good person, the best and most moral person shtick is just that, a shtick.

No. 1039587

File: 1600222112237.png (161.33 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20200913-165715~2.p…)

Dasha is a very sad person. Imagine being this retarded.

No. 1039595

File: 1600223570974.jpeg (56.38 KB, 828x266, 7FBF0C67-DB00-4F29-B3F6-105400…)

No. 1039598

No. 1039608

only ones i can think of are ellen and junie

No. 1039625

File: 1600226994087.jpeg (722.04 KB, 1242x1470, BC175ED0-3893-418E-BF2A-33B950…)

I don’t get why I keep seeing this take from his corner of the Internet. There are more women in hospitality than men?

No. 1039629

File: 1600227170430.jpeg (885.33 KB, 1242x2102, 55CECC1C-1CDE-4A21-9B60-A44AE0…)

No. 1039630

File: 1600227779294.jpeg (120.17 KB, 828x846, 441E9EB5-F5C2-4CBC-A482-CE091E…)

No. 1039638

Looked at the kickstarted and as of last september of last year it wasn't finished, no updates after that and filming was in 2018.

Why is Dasha fishing for attention by saying her bmi is 16.6 when besides her face looking ghoulish she looks not deathly underweight at all.
She also said pick me today and deleted that perverted poster pretty fast so I think she might have found this thread.

No. 1039645

Tweets by adults.

No. 1039654

what is shastis ig?

No. 1039660

Why is she obsessed over BMI and weight? Weird to be 30 and care this much. Thought most anachan wannabes were like 20 tops kek

No. 1039680

dasha simply wishes she were a 17 year old actress dating an old man, pure projection here

No. 1039697


smh I'd almost started to respect Dasha for being the only person discussed in these threads who seemed to be capable of ignoring them or at least acting as if she was

No. 1039726

Maybe it's Shasti herself trying to derail kek, is anyone in this thread NOT one of the cows?

No. 1039762

This retard has admitted to being 100k+ in debt. What did he major in that the best job he can find at 33 is a doorman? Such an intelligent and charming man he fancies himself to be, he surely can find something better than tweeting how much he hates women 24/7. I'm not even knocking down being a doorman, but he seems to think it's so beneath him.

No. 1039816

@shasti4444, but it's private right now

Honestly it's doubtful she wasn't reading here before now, she's too self obsessed

No. 1039891

because they think women “deserve” to have underpaid shitty hospitality jobs, but the minority of men in that field are outrageously persecuted especially if they’re white and native English speakers

white English-speaking dudes in their 30s deserve to be at least regional managers

No. 1039943

File: 1600281066128.jpg (63.03 KB, 600x900, young-businesswoman-laughing-h…)

Get a load of this shit, it is beneath Sir Lord Scrotum to engage in hospitality work! What outrage! I want to speak to Marx directly!

What did you think was gonna happen after you get your economically irrelevant starbucks degree, cock flaps? Would you rather work a "manly" menial job? Obviously not, since being in hospitality is much cushier, easier and safer, or at least that's what you think. So what's the plan?

It couldn't be that you want the economy to artificially create a bunch of tenured philosophy and literature professorships so you can be employed according to your useless bourgeois major right out of college, right? I heard Bernie was gonna guarantee employment, is that what you think he meant? A budget allocated entirely for the purpose of sparing your penile dignity from having to greet customers and making soy lattes?

No. 1039949

Anna also grew out her fugly mullet, started dressing like a fashon nova instathot and posting selfies like she's out to prove something and supposedly sold her ugly designer crap, all precisely after farmers said that her avant garde art hoe lewks are a cope for being fugly. Her and Dasha are absolutely following this thread, but unlike literallywho lefthots, they can't afford to chimp out about it in public. They know that this sort of reaction only attracts more trolling.

That being said, they can't help reacting in more subtle ways. Inb4 Anna contemplates posting something about "narcissism" after this post.

No. 1040005


>designer crap

Literally all I saw in the stories was basic NYC bitch Zara mules, she and dasha need to put some of that simp money toward an actual stylist and potentially plastic surgeron instead of relying on fashion tips from Paul Blart the Perfumed Nationalist

No. 1040045

She still insists that her mullet is her fave and she would, like, sooooo run to the hairdresser to get it cut like that again but she can't bc of corona. Never mind that hair salons are open and all and she still hasn't gone. Estee Lardass keeps telling her she needs the mullet back, he loves to give women bad advice.

No. 1040056

anna regularly spergs out about how any model with a mullet is copying her

No. 1040070

Ugly Caucasian women and ‘ironic’ mullets have been around for decades. What a narc.

No. 1040078

She is so full of it, that haircut has been popular forever, my older sister had one in 2009 lol

No. 1040080

definitely not an exhaustive list but annie was a part of the "cool asian sjw tumblr scene" but now associates with asian millennials in the tech scene/indie art stuff. i used to be in that tumblr scene
as well back in 2016/17 and it's mainly people like ellen (me.2 on instagram), junie (yeoja on instagram), malissa (okmlsa), sweetiealert on twitter, ginsengmasque on ig, avina (warmtoned), and boyprison (ig)

No. 1040091

File: 1600298989562.png (56.94 KB, 691x332, Screenshot_20200916-192616~2.p…)

"Chicken coop woman" lol

No. 1040102

File: 1600300444961.jpeg (622.33 KB, 1536x2048, EiBlFpHWsAAYC9v.jpeg)

Hahahhaha! Peep that Thayer's witch hazel too, I bet he got that right after he was told he has horizontal forehead lines. So clueless.

No. 1040105

File: 1600300774916.jpg (131.15 KB, 720x897, 1579272222515.jpg)

So basically this?

No. 1040106

annie's tumblr was posted a few threads ago and she was a completely basic tumblr girl always posting about how she loves books and how anachan she is, and lots of libfem posts. junie is a cow of her own, so is okmlsa but she keeps it under cover

literally yes, they all date white men kek

No. 1040108

I remember cow warmtoned posting shit like "how can white women sleep with the enemy" kek

No. 1040109

the stained shirt.. the fat rolls poking through.. the cut-off sleeves that i thought only fat fathers in their 40s did.. the shitty tattoos.. the receding hairline.. it's all so tragic

No. 1040110

She did a complete 180. She was catty and bitchy and now she has a white boyfriend and is a widdle bunny just like Annie.

No. 1040113

And they all talk shit about each other?

No. 1040114

they all realized that being a bratty bitch only attracts losers who are just as bitchy as they are, now they're having to grapple with the fact that a tryhard angel persona only attracts manipulative softboys or predators. ladies be yourself!

No. 1040119

File: 1600301698140.jpg (193.62 KB, 786x1022, 1269321.jpg)

But they weren't always ugly anon! If Anna was hotter and/or talented she could have pulled it off.

No. 1040148

publicly planning a private trip for you and your friends. lmao god damn so pathetic

No. 1040153

File: 1600305562070.jpg (130.49 KB, 1080x1350, JD6Zgzq.jpg)

Red Scare and their orbiters can literally only conceptualize beauty in terms of being thin. Which, sure, being in shape is a part of being beautiful but it's not the only part. The sad part is they're not even actual ana-chans so you can't say the starvation rotted their brains. They just love the aesthetics of it (take all the girls who copied Dasha and started their own food accounts for example) but their pictures show they really don't have eds. I love that skinnygossip thread about Red Scare where actual ana-chans discuss them and say Anna let herself go and shouldn't have even posted pic related https://www.skinnygossip.com/community/threads/the-red-scare-podcast.11125/

No. 1040160

lmao ohhhh myyy goddd nick robinson. I went to college with him. He was an insanely creepy guy when I knew him

No. 1040165

Not to mention that fucking Hope I Catch Dick This Month face he pulls in each one of his Scruff bathroom selfies.
It just makes him look like Whataburger accidentally gave him extra fries.

No. 1040174

Really hope there’s a follow up to this bc I live for outing creepy sex pests

No. 1040175

PLEASE give details - what did he study? what did he do?

No. 1040179

She's still catty and bitchy but also a coward hiding behind uwu angelic ingenue bs.

No. 1040182

She probably saw all the matronly freudian nightmares in Eli's stash

No. 1040211

File: 1600313104882.jpeg (73.7 KB, 750x374, 8BCA602B-4FD1-40BA-8564-2FB86C…)

B-b-but I’m so smart too!

No. 1040213

died when users started discussing dasha's pro ana persona
>is it a joke?
>she's a lot shorter than she thinks she is

No. 1040217

File: 1600315540264.jpeg (67.14 KB, 750x326, E154DA44-DCE6-494D-B8D0-048A78…)

You hear that, lolcow?

No. 1040220

File: 1600315892342.jpeg (91.77 KB, 828x462, 2EDC59D9-50CE-4137-9657-9296BB…)

There are points where Ashley sounds uncomfortable

No. 1040245

Well, she has little in common with Jack and she seems to have a sincerity that he lacks. He kind of just ‘omgggg I agree’ or ‘zomg I understand’s everything. She speaks very slowly and surely while a lot of things he says while pretentious he kind of just vomits out of his mouth. This was the first time I’ve listened to one of his podcasts and I was actually a little taken aback by how retarded he sounds for someone so sure he’s a purveyor of the arts. Also he can’t go a single podcast without mentioning how women hate him like it’s some sort of trophy? The condescension is funny all considered.

No. 1040283

>Also he can’t go a single podcast without mentioning how women hate him like it’s some sort of trophy?
If he craves straight male approval so badly why doesn't he get into some less faggy hobbies?

No. 1040329

A while ago he posted what someone sent him or posted on his blog, don't remember which. But it was this funny rant saying he's too fat to get into heaven, like some crazed Catholic wrote it lmao It occured to me that it must have been her!! These people are so fake and psycho, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 1040336


OT but this link just reminded me why I legit hate anachans. This is prob Anna's best photo ever but "Muh snejana onopka"

No. 1040338

I listened to his podcast once too, to see if it's as great as it's hyped to be but it was laughably bad. And boring! It felt like the ugly kids table in the cafeteria in high school. We have the obese fag, his dorky nerd brother and the obese mean fag hag. I have no clue why anyone would find this enjoyable or entertaining but diff strokes, I guess.

No. 1040368

Despite everything, I actually like Ashley. She gets constant shit from podcast creeps like Angel, Jack, and Justin but she just keeps going on trying to die with some dignity

No. 1040381

File: 1600355560310.jpeg (264.03 KB, 750x887, 2FCA21C6-BE04-43B9-9C50-7E3CB5…)

Ashley liked this, makes sense since already knows how to be ugly

No. 1040386

her twitter LARP is a strange definition of dignity

No. 1040421

pickmes are so funny

No. 1040443

there’s a thread on weeb artists and musicians in /w/ where he got talked about some.. can’t link rn, on mobile

No. 1040518

She has stolen money from Angel, who is constantly on the verge of homelessness. If it weren’t for that I might agree with you, but the nonbinary art school cow behavior is clearly still all there

No. 1040538

ashley doesn't even wear heels

No. 1040539

ashley larps as a "pure uwu christian" pandering to incels all the time. most contrived person on twitter, it's an act, there's no dignity here

No. 1040573

File: 1600377483749.jpeg (197.84 KB, 828x592, 625011EA-B61F-497E-A25C-7E250D…)

This is Buttigieg levels of saying absolutely fucking nothing

No. 1040595

what is she even referring to here?

No. 1040649

She wants both altright and altleft boys to pick her, and both altright and altleft women to pay her.

No. 1040701

I listened to the latest RS and she sounded pretty eager to bring up how certain races mature sexually earlier. She mentioned middle eastern women as well, which she’s admitted to partly being.

No. 1040703

File: 1600389521248.jpg (48.56 KB, 828x1447, pxuq6jk89bf51.jpg)

She even quotes herself on her own instagram story thinking she's saying profound things.

No. 1040704

File: 1600389551637.png (526.4 KB, 444x960, 5807BE0A-C26E-410B-896E-02365F…)

That came from this insta story

No. 1040708

Is she under the influence right now

No. 1040714

I don’t discredit her experiences but she’s painfully pretentious, which I guess is fine since she doesn’t deliver it with the same kind of weird, aggressive condescension a la Jack. But her “‘my body is only an instrument of god” thing is unironically, wholly autistic and she constantly talks about how she’s been treated as a sexual object her whole life and that she’s a fetish. She has nothing else to talk about, just the same four topics over and over meant to other her from everyone else.

No. 1040723

> friend to all
> relentlessly mocks other women’s appearances

No. 1040746

Claiming that ideas as vague and nebulous as “feminism” or “antiracism” let alone fucking “leftism” can be ~fundamentally~ anything is brainlet shit. I’d love to see her define any of those

No. 1040750

Why can't she express a clear thought? Anna wants the right to do race science and make fun of other women because she's telling it like it is. She's been easing into being against lesbian transwomen for some reason so maybe this is about that. There was a thread on the sub begging her to not autistically start obsessing over this.

No. 1040767

anna going the jk rowling route will make for some really fun dramu>>1040750

No. 1040768

It's hilarious to see how she's sucking up to the alt right because they are massively smarter and more well read than her kek, her takes are only new and interesting if you're giganormie who's barely aware of such things as a culture war or the existence of moral ambiguity.

People who can tolerate moral ambiguity aren't fighting the culture wars, Anna, they're sitting in the bylines eating popcorn as it unfolds. Nobody fights for ambiguity, people fight for things they believe in with certainty.

I see she's been reading The Bellows, they must be thrilled.

No. 1040774

the endless lols of Armenian-Central Asian mutts trying to get on the “race science” train

girl, you’re not in their in-group and never will be, just blow it all up like the idiotic cope that it actually is

No. 1040777

How stupid that magazine and Red Scare and some other figures in that fake group are makes me think the dark money funding theory is real. Hard to believe people would be this cringe if they were just trying to impress Aimee Terese reply guys, the only people who like this.

No. 1040798

why would dark money fund something so retarded and ineffectual?

No. 1040807

idk, the right funds tons of conservative magazines and people no one normal has ever heard of.

No. 1040824

File: 1600405080721.jpeg (200.04 KB, 828x1084, 4E3524CF-D875-43A0-A17B-5D0C1E…)

No. 1040829

I always found it unfair that people always claim she cheated on Adam with no real evidence but it’s interesting that this comment seemingly touched a nerve.

No. 1040830

File: 1600406602863.jpeg (435.16 KB, 1242x892, CF6AEA9E-BA1C-4824-8C5A-A663A6…)

No. 1040838

She was vagueposting shit like "Sometimes you have to do unforgivable things just to go on." around the time of the break up. She was desperate for him to propose ever since the pod started even though they had been going out for less than a year but at some point she decided she could do better I guess. The podcast money has gone up by a lot but her career is still trash, her boyfriend is keeping her a secret, and it's not even cool to like Red Scare among art hoes anymore like it sort of was when they got invited to do fashion shows last year. Feel like they lost a lot of clout for being so anti-protest, Bernie's done, and now they're moving towards being anti-trans and even more reactionary. Her moment is done.

No. 1040909

How is an aspiring celebrity gonna personally attack someone for gossip? She and Anna both post on the sub a lot more than they used to and it reflects what this anon is saying >>1040838 theyre losers now.

No. 1041013

Imagine letting your micro fame go to your head that much that you'd write this and think it's profound.
Did anyone see the drama when Adolph Reed (who is black but 'anti woke' so they all love him) said that Angela Nagle (who they love as well) had been ''got'' by right wingers and all the anti woke e-celebs including Anna melted down over it

No. 1041128

Angela Nagle asking questions that legitimately concern the working class of this country does not make her a nazi or a nazi sympathizer. The people who went after her are insane, it's insane to me that asking questions elicits that kind of response. Adolph Reed is a retard for shamelessly calling people nazis, what a disappointment. This kind of stuff is also the reason actual real neo nazis like Estee Lardass slide under the radar and nobody takes the accusations seriously. I think Anna is the biggest cow out of all of them, a bitter, fake mean woman whose ego skyrocketed with her "fame" but she is not wrong re: Nagle.

No. 1041148

>let me write this tl;dr dissertation to prove how little I care

No. 1041150


>People who can tolerate moral ambiguity aren't fighting the culture wars, Anna

We have already established that it's a dirtbag left staple to LARP ironic detachment while chimping and seething internally kek


>abhors denying reality

>denies it every day in the mirror
>plays along with Dasha's geriatric lolita delusions
>thinks estee lardass actually likes her
>thinks Eli is going to marry and impregnate her
>thinks feminism is what's stopping her from being a trophy wife instead of ketamine snorting, wellbutrin popping alcoholic
>Claims her fanbase isn't incels and femcels


No. 1041153

Redscare simps who normally shriek about cheating and cucking are defending dasha's cheating because "she wanted out". El oh el.

Most women who cheat do it because they want out.

No. 1041157

File: 1600452419396.jpeg (173.22 KB, 750x1083, 857B3858-C03C-4EEF-8C28-F8925D…)

This girl is so annoying. Every man is supposed to grow up and want a girl just like me! This really shows how delusional she is.
Also “a part” = subset of group, “apart” = separate from group.

No. 1041162

File: 1600452947063.png (203.1 KB, 1187x825, Screenshot 2020-09-18 191559.p…)

I don't want to get banned for starting drama itt, but to me it came off as people who are micro famous because they got lucky or are entertaining or are just grifters like anna and the people in the Aimee terese orbit, melting down after a very mild call out by somebody who's actually an intellectual. That Swedish guy was melting down the whole day, anna put out some really weak cope about it on her reddit.
Yeah it was hyperbolic for reed to say that guy was a nazi but he's obviously not all that far away from the perfume nationalist and all them, just with way more money from shady right wing sources. Nagle's post Bernie output has been embarrassing.

No. 1041172

it bothers me how classist these people are

No. 1041173

>Honey, it's 4 pm! Time for you to stop buxing Stacies, begrudgingly settle for a Becky bangmaid like me, resent me forever while keeping me around for convenience, and orbit Stacies behind my back!

Ok pickme

No. 1041175

Did some searching, all I could find were these and a few replies to the posts
He also has a thread on KF from the AlolanMeowth saga

No. 1041205

lmao i'm from the GTA and know exactly what this type of asian girl is like and i honestly can't get how she got involved with dirtbag left twitter or w/e. she was a social justice cow on tumblr posting about "evil white men" not long ago, she was almost certainly a kiss-ass teacher's pet for most of her life and clearly resents anyone who isn't well paid white collar

No. 1041206

This Annie chick is so pathetic. Seething at the hot blondes, love to see it.

No. 1041209

Reed was a retard for calling this dude a nazi. I have seen no proof that this guy is a nazi and what's more, Jack The Shitty Perfume Nazi can then point and say, see! They're calling everyone they don't like a nazi so it' s meaningless. Being right wing or being paid by the right wing means you're a shill and serve the interests of neocons and Zionists. Nobody is funding actual real neo nazis and wignats.

No. 1041235

Yeah sure, but this is only in the ultra micro space where edgy internet personalities like anna interact with right wing micro-celebrities, nobody cares about that really apart from 5 people.
When you get rid of the hyperbole he is basically right that right wing weirdos with money are trying to 'recruit' edgy people like amee terese, nagle and anna because they think they're influential and calling it would be beneficial to the fringe left that is much bigger than the fringe right with young people.

No. 1041238

love how Annie somehow got lumped in as a "leftist ethot" when she's a blatant social conservative and economic techno liberal. she really doesn't give a single shit about poor people or the working class and she doesn't really pretend to but people think she does because…some of the people who follow her are """"leftists"""??

might as lump felina or savannah in there as well, they're leftist ethots too by that criteria lol

No. 1041242

File: 1600461240265.jpeg (185.31 KB, 828x1088, CAE4CF3D-3B51-464E-8189-85D1AC…)

Do you think she’s doing this on purpose now, the third person thing

She’s mad her orange hair looked like shit


No. 1041250

>>1041157 lol that's what her white boyfriend dashiel did.

No. 1041251

File: 1600462636477.jpeg (330.98 KB, 810x819, F94A26BD-F313-4568-AD8E-96EDE7…)

Also does it while simping for an ugly anglo monarchist

No. 1041254

File: 1600463274626.jpeg (47.42 KB, 640x544, 0F9D8D45-7A82-4F87-B807-5F5C70…)

She’s joking but it isn’t funny

Is anyone else weirded out by how different she looks now? People change throughout the years but this doesn’t look like the same person. >>1039578

It might just be because we only see her making this face >:* in selfies

No. 1041255

this is a fair critique but I find her way more interesting than the other people in this thread because she’s at least kind of good-looking and has a tech job, so there’s no reason for her to court le epic dirtbag left orbiters and the unfunny irony assholes they sprung from except the fact that she is missing something deeply important inside

No. 1041259

definitely. she's not a leftist by any stretch of the imagination - definitely a technolib, though i imagine that to an extent she mirrors the politics of whatever guy she's dating - just a red scare orbiter with a major following and a lot of gravity in that universe somehow, i guess due to being a waifish twitter famous 'hot' (lol) asian girl who knows how to work her angles and pander to men and has no blue check. which imo the fact that the biggest clique in the red scare scene is a bunch of skinny long-haired girls who work in tech and worship men and shop designer sales online all day long speaks to how '''socialist''' dasha and anna really are

No. 1041269

>Nobody is funding actual real neo nazis and wignats.
Peter Thiel and the Mercers

No. 1041297

Who are these nazis he's funding?

No. 1041303

It's cringe as fuck but that's the whole point, exacerbating her supposed low status to make herself more attractive, as it makes her look attainable to her hordes of simps (even though she'd never look at them, just like Stacy. Might as well simp for Stacy)

No. 1041307

What are the deets on her ex?

No. 1041312

lol this is more or less proof that dasha really did cheat on adam

i don't hate nagle but she's not very smart, she unironically thinks the reason trump won is because the left doesn't post enough epic pepe memes. adolph reed is at least someone you can take seriously despite the dumb nazi accusations

this is the most narcissistic post i've ever seen, it's almost poetic. the immediate deletion… she's so insecure, her constant body checks and self-insertion posts were enough to reach that conclusion but this takes the cake as her worst, most delusional tweet

No. 1041363

She's not from the GTA, and when she was a SJW on tumblr she had a white (Scandinavian, iirc), boyfriend that she wouldn't stop posting about. She had a small meltdown for a while on her tumblr when they broke up one of the last times.

No. 1041378

File: 1600479108057.jpeg (135.72 KB, 827x844, F4D1B24C-F277-40BB-9D46-9101AC…)

Since when

No. 1041380

So he can hide all the junk food he must eat?

No. 1041382

He definitely has binge eating disorder. It is impossible to eat a healthy amount and become that big. Of course he is ashamed. It’s really sad that he’s admitting this publicly.

No. 1041405

File: 1600488767227.jpeg (10 KB, 268x188, download (1).jpeg)

my biggest tinfoil is that all the "bloobird" alts in the scaresub are jack trying to rile all the simps and incels up

No. 1041411

>I have burgers under my bed

No. 1041424

definitely in the realm of possibility

No. 1041425

i honestly believe that she’s an unhinged woman, no comment on how hot she claims to be. i wish there was enough info on her to make a thread here because her freakouts are milky and her personality (?) is kind of hilariously vile

No. 1041426

File: 1600491896571.png (445.81 KB, 596x674, classy.png)

No. 1041429

she get some kind of fillers or something? her face has looked different recently

No. 1041435

File: 1600492635939.png (106.82 KB, 598x469, an.png)

Great to have people like this fighting for the working class

No. 1041452

that pose trying to make herself look like she has tits and a waist cant erase her jowels

No. 1041515

That top is too small, Squasha. If the buttons are puckering it doesnt fit. How waif like and ethereal~
Yeah nitpick but she does marker herself as teeny waist smart dancer bby hag.

No. 1041610

She definitely edits her pictures with SNOW

No. 1041616

>pump iron
>bean water
>cow phlegm
Reddit ass writing style

No. 1041650

So Jugs is exiled from TPN? Dasha is a homewrecker and Jack is her simp.

No. 1041653

LMAO anon that's exactly what I was thinking

No. 1041655

File: 1600528063600.jpeg (243.2 KB, 767x673, 23B56E90-D838-43E4-A64F-9F293C…)

People in the replies to that tweet kept being like “epic post, queen” and she threw a fit about it.

No. 1041683

File: 1600531999431.png (119.58 KB, 580x349, 0384750.png)

how long until logo threatens to quit twitter again? this is the only kind of engagement he gets now other than his fart huffing with kantbot

No. 1041701

File: 1600536334149.jpeg (547.19 KB, 750x1144, 9DA72FBA-D29F-4709-995D-E6257D…)

Heather Habsburg is back on the subreddit to post this of all things

No. 1041790

People should actually read American Affairs. Probably the best periodical in the country these days.

No. 1041796

off topic, but it's really not. Julius Krein may not be a literal Nazi like Adolph Reed called him but he's as far-right as is acceptable in US politics.

No. 1041814

It’s a character she plays up for the sub, dum dum

No. 1041827

File: 1600551549277.jpeg (69.85 KB, 828x533, 3EE56AE1-5BAB-4C21-8E05-D619B1…)

No. 1041866

Does anyone on here remember Thomas Langmuir from these Twitter circles? He's the son of the founder of Bite Beauty and scrubbed all of his internet presence when he launched some brand with his mom.

No. 1041867

no, but do you have some good milk?

No. 1041870

File: 1600557691642.jpg (238.88 KB, 1080x1422, 20200920_072111.jpg)

IIRC, he used to interact with BAP and was part of the esoteric bodybuilding circles. He might be more suited for the right wing thread, though.

No. 1041879

Fatbot is furiously commenting under everyone that brings up this tweet lol such LOSERS

No. 1041888

she's definitely got some circle lenses that are slightly bigger than her natural eyes to try to appear more kawwawii like annie. also her makeup application and hairstyle do not fit her face at all. she definitely looked youthful and sane in that "well this says a lot" profile pic.
also i'm sorry if i don't lurk moar but her elmo style typing is cringe.

No. 1042245

File: 1600628391210.jpg (165.73 KB, 750x1334, fyhbp7qyb7o51.jpg)

No. 1042269

File: 1600633902868.jpg (35.17 KB, 588x301, 8646213466234.jpg)

is it true it was her ex, Angel (@maryhailer)?

No. 1042314

>"remember what was good about her, not the stuff that was bad about her that I am now reminding you of"
so bitchy!

No. 1042386

File: 1600653358676.jpeg (138.38 KB, 828x666, DD1FF7D2-53DD-4075-ADAE-4F3A91…)

“Nevermind” linked to Ashley’s post. She probably felt so alone. Horrible news.

No. 1042392

this is genuinely really sad

No. 1042485

This is totally on par with Ashley’s character. On Fatbot’s podcast they were about to wrap it up then she was incredulous at the fact that Fatbot hadn’t asked her any questions about her personal life and past relationship…so proceeded to weave a sob story for half an hour taking no responsibility and blaming her ex for everything.

Ashley was so caught up in her Tiny Tim woe is me I’m frail and dying narrative that she didn’t seem to care about the damage she was doing to her ex, another person who was in poor health and struggling to survive financially. So obsessed with her own potential death that she can’t see anyone but herself.

No. 1042505

File: 1600672704229.png (55.01 KB, 594x544, 645667568755.png)

who's kantbot's new girlfriend he's talking about? or is the same findom one as before?

No. 1042516

half convinced she may just be a tulpa he manifested in his head

No. 1042522

File: 1600675907342.jpeg (92.36 KB, 828x514, FD897075-AF42-41D5-941D-0E7ACC…)

No. 1042557

>me me me ME ME ME ME ME

No. 1042560

What an ugly person

No. 1042682

Can anyone find any evidence other than Ashley that angel is gone? I googled her dead name and can’t find anything. I knew Angel when she was Rebeka Refuse/ jobhaver and I’m very sad. Just wondering if there’s confirmation beyond Ashley.

No. 1042688

File: 1600710492595.jpeg (179.23 KB, 807x502, C0B1997D-80D6-450F-807C-C38B7B…)

I’m sad too. Hope it’s not true. Her former roommate tweeted this which seems related

No. 1042694

good riddance

No. 1042732

File: 1600714764649.jpeg (224.55 KB, 1242x673, 02FA785F-86C7-499F-AADB-A3E686…)

Yeah looks so. Sad awful shit.

No. 1042755

File: 1600717197012.png (146.2 KB, 593x748, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 3.38…)

seems true, really sad that they weren't discovered for weeks. Goes to show that internet notoriety doesn't amount to shit. I didn't and still don't get this corner of twitter, catholic anti-porn trans, but I respect the anti porn stance so it is a loss right there.

No. 1042758

Holy shit that’s just horrifyingly sad. Wow. I’ll probably attend that service, thanks anon.

No. 1042761

Be sure to let the family know where you heard the news.

No. 1042768

Lmao, cut them some slack anon.

Sorry about your old friend, double sorry that Ashley harassed your old friend and told people to ignore her tweets about suicide then tried to make the death all about her. Eh I know it's lolcow but it's just a really sad situation overall and it's sickening to see Ashley make it all about her given how she was treating Angel and literally tried canceling them on a podcast.

No. 1042772

Im just surprised that twitter account never made it to the mtf thread because it was a fever dream to scroll through.

No. 1042790

File: 1600722125808.png (776.08 KB, 624x1500, ce0e9e9.png)

when worlds collide

No. 1042792

File: 1600722286013.png (238.68 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20200921-230100~2.p…)

bonus compelling commentary from some trad peons on edgy nyc it gurls' IG

No. 1042804

Why do trad retards think that equating freaky looks with attractiveness is a new thing? This has been around for as long as alternative subcultures have existed. Not defending it, I think it's super outdone at this point. But it's not new to try to make yourself look like a caricature or as fucked up as possible for attention or as some weird attempt at being hot. Feels like this debate happens every decade and people think it's new every time

No. 1042819

File: 1600727709635.png (643.34 KB, 594x591, literally who.PNG)

Not to clutter the thread with this literal who, but it's funny how in many pictures she has the same empty, faux-blasé facial expression as Dasha, these NYC girls are literally all the same.

No. 1042858

shame on you, freak

No. 1042875

Maybe I'm too tired, and is best for me anyway, but can't comprehend why she's semi flexing that bronze age p. book. And charlotte kemp comment too lmao

No. 1042894

@maryhailer was jobhaver? That's a name I haven't seen in a long time from the tumblr days. Was Angel a mtf or no? Was this a suicide?

No. 1042913

File: 1600740100040.jpeg (185.01 KB, 750x611, C296D994-3595-4F86-8C35-464039…)

apparently yes. this is news to me. what a throwback scrolling through the jobhaver tag was

No. 1042922

2014-2016 really broke a lot of terminally online people's brains

No. 1042952

File: 1600747272248.png (18.23 KB, 373x128, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.0…)

Let me get this right Angel was a mtf who was dating Ashely who was ftm at the time. They were a straight couple? Then Ashley detransitioned and they ran a podcast called Girls Talk.

Didn't realize that @maryhailer was male this time. I guess they wore a mask for a reason. '

Does anyone know when/why Angel stopped posting things like pic related and started becoming a reactionary?

No. 1042961

oddly enough angel passed decently. no idea when the tumblr poison left their brain, though. any idea when that post was made? i looked at the jobhaver tag on tumblr and there were some tweets capped from 2015 by angel about how evil it is for trans people to use intersex people as ammo in their arguments against the binary, so the tumblr poison must have left their brain before that. maybe not tho

sage for blog but in all seriousness i am pretty sad about angel's death. definitely way more sane than ashley, much more honest too. it's just such a shame that ashley was stealing money from them, humiliating them on a podcast, telling people to ignore their suicidal posts, then when angel finally died ashley just makes it about her. ik it's lolcow but i hope angel is alive somehow and there was some misunderstanding

No. 1042964

File: 1600750620641.jpeg (33.9 KB, 828x162, 1CA77850-1CF2-4DA8-AA30-1E5D18…)

No. 1042965

holy shit

No. 1042966

So the body was rotting for two weeks? I'm not familiar with this cow but why did nobody check up on them before?

No. 1042972

Not all troons have the same opinions. And a lot of people on tumblr had opinions that were different than the norm. I'm curious when they stopped hanging out with the Marxist crowd and courting a reactionary one. Horseshoe theory much?

I'm curious about that too. They've been homeless (for being trans?) so not the best relationship with family I guess.

No. 1042984

dude, fuck Ashley. This bitch had the audacity to hog the money and steal from Angel, intentionally ignore Angel at their worst, now she's pulling this shit. The pure angel act is the most contrived bullshit ever. I hope Angel's family are already aware of what Ashley put their kid through.

No. 1042987

Unironically the most deranged and sociopathic thing in any of these threads so far.
>I may have ruined my friends life until they killed themselves but I know they're up they're in heaven, crying for ME even though they just died. This is about ME! She's crying for me!
>I ain't crying for her though

No. 1042990

pleasantly surprised that the ftm is the psycho narc in a mtf/ftm troon couple for once

No. 1042997

File: 1600755814567.png (47.46 KB, 422x555, ash.png)

I'm in a retarded left twitter groupchat with someone who notified Ashley on Angel being suicidal and needing help, and tried to get Ashley to talk to Angel or contact Angel's family somehow to intervene. This was Ashley's response, again making it about her.
Almost posted this a while back when it was shared with me but decided against it because lazy kek

No. 1043007


I try to cut Ashley some slack on account of literally being brain damaged but this is so enraging to see, it's like she only gave a shit about Angel as a source of attention and now she's dead she can romanticise it because dead people can't set the record straight. I feel awful for Angel, was really hoping that she'd dropped off twitter because she'd realised it wasn't good for her.

Truly deranged narc shit to say only wanting to speak to someone through a mediator is cruel and abusive rather than level headed and trying to avoid harm by lashing out.

No. 1043010


I can understand not wanting to deal with a bpd person who threatens suicide often

No. 1043013

Can this invalid please just lose ability to tweet already

No. 1043017

File: 1600760848556.jpeg (387.4 KB, 1536x2048, 9F2CA71B-B7ED-4876-955F-1EC68C…)

>angel passed decently
Its not nice to lie about dead people anon

No. 1043025

Good riddance. These troons are ugly as fuck. Maybe Ashley will be next..

No. 1043029

based, who gives a shit lmfao

No. 1043032

Being edgy adds absolutely nothing to the thread

No. 1043033

neither does performatively wailing bc of a dead tranny no one actually liked while he was alive

No. 1043034

How is it performative if we’re all anonymous? And that’s not true, not everyone disliked Angel. They were hardly even talked about, we mainly criticized Ashley.

No. 1043036

first it was kantbot now it's BAP trying to get a slice of that NYC market share

No. 1043039

Calm down Sam Prichard

No. 1043040

File: 1600765800346.jpeg (1 MB, 1920x2560, 05469BCA-A199-4CB0-9C86-0AE43B…)

Scrolling the twitter account idk what type of anons legitimately liked him. Find it ironic Angel is too scared to face a man who is beating his gf (screeching on twitter rather than calling the police too lmao) but heaven forbid nobody played first responder to a chronically suicidal mtf.

No. 1043042

You have permanent internet message board damage if you think the sum of a person is their twitter feed shortly before killing themselves.

No. 1043077

File: 1600774982636.png (37.72 KB, 505x275, Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 6.33…)