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File: 1708051555216.jpeg (3.26 MB, 3266x3271, 1704368130494.jpeg)

No. 1966502

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Milk from the last thread (#47: >>>/snow/1941018)
Ivy Wolk gets called a rapist on twitter: >>1941197, >>1941200
Anna and Pariah the Doll attend a Pornhub “party”: >>1943070
Anna says that selfies are worse than porn, Fat Jack agrees: >>1943603, >>1944349
TrueAnon make a Jan 6th boardgame: >>1949841
Discussion over the possibility of Dasha being cast in the MYORAR movie: >>1955981
Anna and Dasha are paid to promote organic cigarettes: >>1958677
Ivy Wolk is pretty much just doing porn after racking up medical debt: >>1961532
Claire Penis and other trans influencers named in a troon’s suicide note: >>1962650
Rspod subreddit is obsessed with Taylor Swift: >>1963456
The scene is predictably cringe at the premiere of a troon movie: >>1963671, >>1963674
Kanye is going on TAFS: >>1964441
Anna has a meltdown over a lack of Armenian solidarity in response to a slightly critical review: >>1965937

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No. 1966503

Thank you nonnie!! I was literally wondering where it was right now

No. 1966504

File: 1708052078711.png (47.8 KB, 720x375, FailDaughter.png)

No. 1966505

how ironic whenever i think of meatballs suddenly anna pops up on the front page(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966510

File: 1708053210642.webm (1.76 MB, 720x720, dasha.webm)

No. 1966513

File: 1708054537476.jpeg (Spoiler Image,9.66 KB, 284x177, images.jpeg)

No. 1966601

Oh she bald

No. 1966603

File: 1708090294680.jpeg (297.08 KB, 828x1330, 19B99359-E34D-4E41-872E-1A8B7F…)

How much has this been shooped? Looks uncanny

No. 1966643

she's actually bald kek

No. 1966662

Why are the men in this scene so ugly? No wonder the roidpig thinks he’s god’s gift

No. 1966663

File: 1708104320004.jpg (282.93 KB, 512x910, 20240216_122452.jpg)

why r all dimes squ podcasters 40 years old? expired milk

No. 1966665

Imagine starving yourself for privilege of entertaining these slobs, it’s tragic

No. 1966680

Any man who would thirst over this wants to rape 10 year old boys too but I have a feeling she doesn’t mind. She would be raping kids already with an Epstein dupe if she knew she wouldn’t get caught

No. 1966701

idk, immediately I thought her thigh had been altered but there's no warping in the surrounding areas at all. just straight up anorexia, I guess

No. 1966719

File: 1708114493114.png (4.04 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7334.png)

Totally shopped. if anything she’s put on weight. Hopefully, as that would help the hair thinning problem.
She darkened her hair and it looks better but no idea why she did that greasy strand combover the other day.. it looks worse than a slightly thinner hairline.

No. 1966727

Its probably shopped but that pic is also from like a year ago. She's gotten fat since then(*bones rattling*)

No. 1966731

This is recent but the hair is a wig or shopped in. The combover video from the other day with Peter Vack was from Eugene’s gram where she couldn’t shop anything

No. 1966738

File: 1708117456303.jpeg (237.22 KB, 675x390, IMG_6642.jpeg)

Another still from the video. Her selfies will never be trusted again

No. 1966745

Jesus christ. Is she ok? I’ve never seen her hairline look this bad.

No. 1966757

holy shit i never go on this thread but she looks so fucking bad. imagine how she looks without the low quality blur

No. 1966761

Look at my flat ass that I went bald for, guys

No. 1966763

File: 1708121830546.jpg (136.29 KB, 668x1122, legs.jpg)

More importantly, where is Anna's torso

No. 1966765

dead to rights. literally 'just shave it off bro' tier

No. 1966766

Tim Dillion was on the recent scuffed realtor with nick. Still no sign of mde2. Sam is making epic tinder seethe content still looking like a lynchian dumpster ogre. Charls no where to be found, probably a Hiroshima ash stain on a wall somewhere. Seems like the man show era joe schmoe comedy revival is coalescing, this time with a gay-straight hog alliance. Sooey! Maybe we’ll get twinks on trampolines this time around.

No. 1966771

i love watching dasha in motion, her affected mannerisms - the coquette eyes, duck lips, looking down in false modesty, covering her mouth like a teehee anime girl, smiling seductively all while looking like Sloth from the goonies. her looks become more odd and offputting by the year and no amount of money seems able to reverse it, it's fascinating.

No. 1966775

Norwood 4

No. 1966781

cool, and this relates to the topic how?

No. 1966782

The thumbnail tricked me, I had to check if Tim Dillon lost a bunch of weight (nope, he’s still obese).
They’re on topic somewhat they just don’t come up much. Not very milky

No. 1966799

Hate to admit it, but Peter Vack got a better hairline than her

No. 1966800

Nick Rochefort hangs around sometimes and Dasha was in the recent PGL pod with Sam

No. 1966818

File: 1708133871172.jpg (331.29 KB, 828x1285, GGfSD7EW4AEyrn9.jpg)

>"some of the mystique"
>thought she'd have guest list


No. 1966820

woah is she losing her hair?

No. 1966830

File: 1708137090333.jpg (187.48 KB, 800x1260, Greta_Thunberg_in_Stckholm_(cr…)

pure scandinavian phenotype

No. 1966843

I can tell you’ve never been to Scandinavia, the women there are shockingly attractive with ruddy cheeks and an air of vigor and good health. Dasha in Scandinavia would be regarded as a deformed gypsy and be given polite smiles and alms

No. 1966845

no one cares about the episode Dasha did with Sam and Nick? It's extremely boring and awkward. Sam asked her in the beginning if she knows "seeking arrangements", but she tried to ignore the topic so they focused on killing fruit flies and her suggestion to throw up for them

No. 1966850

I feel bad for the women who end up with these types of bloated, leather-faced boars who think their brand of materialism is tasteful

No. 1966853

Boring even at 2x speed, if this is the highlight reel I wouldn’t bother with the full ep. They ask Dasha if she has a maid and she says she does, they ask her how much it costs and she meekly says “about $150” and seems to want to drop the subject when they act shocked. Then she starts some pointless braggy statement about how “40 dollars is 200 dollars is 16,000 dollars, like it’s all the same amount of money.” She’s going for cunty rich bitch but lacks the charisma or cleverness to pull it off. They never seem to find a rhythm, Dasha tries her usual “laugh hysterically at anything a man says” routine but it’s low energy, I think because she doesn’t want to bang these particular men. She works better as laugh track to Anna’s bits imo (but thx for the link anon)

No. 1966854

read the filename

No. 1966856

Not sure what you think the filename proves. Those are not scandi faces, they’re FAS faces. And even so Greta still mogs Dasha

No. 1966870

Her new hair color looks terrible lol it looks like she box dyed it herself. I thought she was seeing Chloe Sevigny’s colorist but maybe she got dropped as a client

No. 1966871

She’s always looked weird in motion but it got a lot worse after she started getting work done, like the ways her muscles are compensating for the Botox makes her look extra ghoulish.

No. 1966872

I love how Sam and Nick, two Rhode Island rich kids who attended high priced art school, are needling Dasha for being a rich kid.

No. 1966873

When i first saw Sam and his whole shtick I thought he was a blue collar or disenfranchised male complaining about out of touch rich art school kids, it was really weird to find out he was one as well.

No. 1966876

nick is a rich kid, too? i heard sam's dad was a doctor or something… never anything about nick. damn.

No. 1966891

File: 1708159011003.png (374.63 KB, 535x1022, hvkhvkhv.png)

Still absolutely seething.. Something I was going to put in the last thread, I don't get why they're so upset at big outlets like WaPo writing about this. I was very surprised serious fashion writers would even give this adhoc amateur shit show the slightest attention.
Given that the whole thing was barely above what you'd see a fourth year fashion major put on I'd have thought they'd be overjoyed that proper fashion writers had even heard of them and their little clique.

Anyway, how many times have A+D 'walked' at a 'fashion show' and it not been a debacle for them with people laughing at them. Just thinking back to that first one they did way back in the begging.

No. 1966892

No babe, it's all you little libturds who are the ones seething. High praise from Vogue and angry screeches from WaPo and NYT, that's elite brand management.(sage your shit)

No. 1966931

I thought she was trying to say something insightful/philosophical about how money are man made and their value is subjective. You can see that Nick already knows she will say something vapid and ridiculous when she mentions money. He also seemed to know she has a big, expensive flat for NYC standards and can afford a maid

No. 1966943

File: 1708178435599.png (265.42 KB, 1338x360, Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 8.39…)

agree with everything but out of interest i'll mention that dasha's apartment is neither big nor expensive for new york, studios in midtown east start in the low $2,000s, considered a bargain by new york standards and well below average rent in manhattan which is closer to $5000 these days. her area is kind of depressing to walk around and is choked with fumes from the FDR, altho she gets good light and i love her casement windows. not trying to "ackshually" you, just pushing back on the idea that dasha's living some unattainably glam nyc lifestyle, she and anna both rent so modestly compared to their income that it's always made me doubt the patreon numbers tbh.

>high praise from Vogue
show me one line from the Vogue article that constitutes high praise, the article barely mentioned the clothes and heavily implied that Elena Velez is making the unwise choice to dig her heels in with this goofy scene and "make a statement" instead of making beautiful clothing.

if Anna thinks that's insulting she must not have seen her friend Elena call her "post-beauty" in Vogue lmao

No. 1966947

Does anyone still listen to Chapo? How bad is it since Matt's brain exploded? Is Felix still showing up to work high on Benzos?

No. 1966961

suicide fuel on par with "body positive" or "inclusive"

No. 1966964

File: 1708181045025.png (44.28 KB, 1045x260, why.png)

Podcasting with cancelled nazi Sam Hyde and giving shoutouts to Nick Fuentes. Is it safe to assume she's given up on her acting career?

No. 1966968

File: 1708182028518.jpeg (283.51 KB, 1170x2080, dash_cam-19700121_042828-42768…)

Dasha did a shoot for that $80 porn magazine

No. 1966969

She still looks a mess but the darker hair is definitely an improvement, the dishwater beige was doing nothing for her already sallow complexion

No. 1966972

Felix seems more engaged and less drugged than last year, I guess because he has to be now. Will's wife seems to be on a lot more and amber's even come back for a few episodes. They've made no mention about matt's possible return.

No. 1966988

I’m screaming. She literally just said she hired ugly controversial people as “models” to get more press. And Anna thinks this girl is her friend? Lmao

No. 1966990

Wow, bleak. So this is why they’re both on this “well ackshually, porn is totes empowering!” campaign lately. I knew the Thielbux dried up but I thought they were just doing promo for Pornhub or something. Redscare OF launch coming soon.

No. 1966993

i love the classic 2009 pro ana pose. hips tilted back, slight pigeon toe, one leg slightly bent and boom! thigh gap!

No. 1966997

File: 1708187659443.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.79 KB, 750x397, IMG_6641.jpeg)

She’s already done porn

No. 1967005

why? because this is all paid PR. NYT wouldnt be writing about it if it werent. even annas cringe sanctimonious bullshit is engagement farming

No. 1967012

He felt persecuted by his rich classmates for being ugly and gay

No. 1967016

i think it’s the opposite. blonde is a cheat code for bland bitches, elevates them. you need a beautiful face to pull off brown hair

No. 1967018

her immigrant parents live in a duplex in Vegas kek they’re not rich

No. 1967019

Kek, obliterated. I don't think she even has the emotional capacity to feel the burn though, she's a cheap attention ghoul who probably thinks her father would've been better off becoming a trump-like rich attention-getting POS instead of wasting his time contributing to society

No. 1967021

File: 1708191361543.jpg (135.38 KB, 1283x1615, GGZLpFwW8AA3_BP.jpg)

It's great how often things like this happen to her online

No. 1967022

The WaPo article was actually complementary toward Elena’s fashions but it’s funny how Anna spiraled after that review, making it about herself. Meanwhile Elena was probably glowing that she got compliments, regardless of her industry friends catching strays lol (I assume their friendships are all just clout chasing in every direction)

No. 1967024

Not bone rattling because she's not fat or anything but damn bitch be looking chunky like a cookie. Doesn't she have a personal trainer or whatever? This could be a Wikipedia illustration for "skinnyfat"(nitpicking)

No. 1967044

Kek, if the shoe fits…

No. 1967049

File: 1708196738284.jpg (267.15 KB, 1170x1991, ragebait.JPG)

She posted this on her stories after the wapo article dropped, still seems a bit salty

No. 1967058

He looks undeniably male even with ffs. Is he actually trying to be a woman and not an autopedo trying to look like a little boy?

No. 1967060

No. 1967062

Velez won a CFDA two years ago of course serious fashion writers are going to cover her shows. Outing yourself as knowing very little about the fashion world

No. 1967063

NTA but what a joke, the fashion world is fucking stupid and fake

No. 1967142

Lol, absolutely raked herself right in the face with that

No. 1967146

File: 1708226729878.png (577.26 KB, 1075x859, ljsbhdabkew.png)

"czarina', Anna would love that, the rest of the criticism would just wash over her. All she cares about is having her various 'identities' validated to activate the narc supply endorphins.

No. 1967239

Wouldn’t the czarina (fucking lol) for the IDF be Bari Weiss, who gave Anna a larger audience with that dumb debate on the Free Press? She has way more followers on Substack and is actually a journalist instead of some washed up shock jock. Anna does not have influence outside her niche

No. 1967280

File: 1708273253887.png (133.36 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20240218-162053-003…)

a tranny wants to talk about what it's like to be normal and to be a woman

No. 1967346

Her weight looks pretty normal here, like, she doesn’t look super skinny here. so what’s up with the hair loss?

No. 1967376

File: 1708290535530.jpg (355.73 KB, 1179x856, virgil.jpg)

lol i had suspected amber was still getting paid while she was away from the show but i wouldn't have thought they were still paying virgil.

No. 1967379

Has Felix ever made a comment since Virgil left? I’m pretty sure he was the closest to Virgil and was loyal enough to him to not laugh at Nick’s chinese jokes about Virgil on Cumtown. He was even trying to protect Virgil’s identity when Nick kept saying his real name. In retrospect, it was an incredibly suspect thing for Felix to do. Makes me think there are more accusations out there. Could also be why Amber said she never trusted him.

No. 1967380

She never trusted Virgil or Felix?

No. 1967387

Did the Kanye TAFs appearance actually happen?
There's a rumor that Bri still has to pay him. Virgil wasn't a founding member of chapo so I'd doubt he's been on the payroll since he officially left. He was getting paid for the months he went awol after Bernie lost though.

No. 1967391

If he had a contract with Chapo and Bad Faith, then yeah it makes sense he would still receive payment from them at least until it runs out. Unless they took Virgil to court for breach of contract, which we would probably know about. Either way I don’t trust tinfoilfag Dimitri to actually know anything about well, anything.

No. 1967416


No. 1967439

Amber confirmed she still gets paid her full cut wether she’s there or not (I think it was something she said on Dial Dan, it’s in old threads)

No. 1967491

Neither Anna nor Eli posted about each other or their son on Instagram or Twitter for Valentine’s day

No. 1967518

Eh, I mean they’re not high schoolers. This isn’t surprising for 40 year olds, even as social media addicted as Anna is. But like most in this thread, I don’t think they are together.

No. 1967572

File: 1708351174297.jpeg (160.06 KB, 1125x1981, IMG_3411.jpeg)

Dasha is writing a book ig. I suppose anons were right and her acting dreams are really dead, she’ll be an autheur now.

No. 1967575

File: 1708353307547.png (3.15 MB, 2138x1096, Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 9.35…)

this sounds more like short fiction vs. a book but yeah this is as good an admission from Dasha that Hollywood regards her as shit on her shoe as we'll get. remember before she was an "actress" she was a "poet" in her LA low-rent prostitute days, pivoting back to writing after 10 years of trying for something more glamorous is pretty funny. here's hoping her fiction is half as good as her choke me daddy tumblr poems

No. 1967582

The Rupi Kaur of Dimes Square

No. 1967586

File: 1708355681625.jpeg (138.47 KB, 1357x758, IMG_3412.jpeg)

these are… her poems? i thought you put picrel as a parody. this is instagram poetry tier.

No. 1967590

File: 1708356303331.png (2.36 MB, 1136x1426, dasha poetry 2.png)

yah these are dasha's actual poems, she used to do little readings in LA and self-published a poetry zine called "feeling worse about the same" or something similar. the one in picrelated became one of her character in "softness of bodies" poems, it's funny to hear her read this stuff out loud like it's deep when it's literally rupi kaur tier only instead of hitting you over the head with "i'm sooo deep" it's "i'm sooo sexy and sexually available, would you have sex with me? i'd have sex with me." autoerotic poetry

No. 1967625

File: 1708366143196.jpg (533.01 KB, 1358x2048, F9pxZ5VWsAAfHuZ.jpg)

We know who you are and what you're doing, troon. We've been tracking you for quite some time. And we're going to do something about it you won't forget, just watch.

No. 1967639

goes to sov house once(unintegrated posting: roleplay talk, no sage)

No. 1967695

Absolutely incredible that Dasha will have a book out before Anna.

No. 1967708

Why is that incredible? Anna is a retard.

No. 1967736

It's not a book you dummies, it's a short fiction piece in No Agency's next porno mag.

No. 1967740

File: 1708386474123.png (224.32 KB, 1542x1144, writtenwhenshewas33.png)

Much as a novel by Dasha would be morbidly interesting the writing is an "erotic short story" hidden away in the no agency $80 porn magazine. Anna's already "published" her own "erotic fiction" as those who have kept up with these threads will recall.
However the website it was on doesn't work anymore.

No. 1967741

Puke. Spoiler this

No. 1967745

Nice facial hair, bro

No. 1967748

It’s a dig at Anna obviously

No. 1967807

File: 1708401629024.jpg (80.09 KB, 850x1272, 20240128_011534.jpg)

>let's get vitamin drips and have rough sex

No. 1967809

I'd still take this over Anna's softcore pedoshit story.

No. 1968009

File: 1708448138204.jpeg (515.16 KB, 640x545, 154D5B8C-A2F8-406D-B1DD-C0AF98…)

What did she mean by this?

No. 1968013

Is pariah a tranny? I’ve never seen a more disgusting looking person in all my life. She looks like a person who’s been stuck in an underground cave for 40 years and become accustomed to the darkness.

No. 1968016

With a PAJEET no less.(racebaiting)

No. 1968022

>We know who you are and what you're doing, troon.

Who is he? What is he doing?

No. 1968026

yes it's a tranny kek

No. 1968042

Wait, he's post-FFS?? if so, LMFAO he got swindled

No. 1968047

you should consider going to an optometrist

No. 1968065

holy shit this is hilarious

No. 1968078

I remember seeing years ago a poem on her instagram, it was along the lines of: "I went to an Apple store pretending to look for a device, but I came to look at you"

No. 1968093

This style of writing is obnoxious. But imo it implies that Dasha is the mean girl. Not sure if that's what the author or Charli meant tho

No. 1968111

File: 1708466912326.jpeg (100.45 KB, 459x540, 9AA1D066-9151-4962-99C1-E746F4…)

ew what even is that? i thought dasha was the self-infantalizing one, it doesn’t suit anna at all

No. 1968120

Kek, the filename. Writing a self-insert 'fuck me daddy' fantasy while praising your own bleak takes at 33, only Anna would be pathetic enough to do that.

No. 1968134

File: 1708471318712.jpeg (135.42 KB, 640x1166, lda4t4qubtjc1.jpeg)

from reddit mod and head of the red scare unofficial discord, tsehany/genuine-girl-666


No. 1968154

>i am apolitical

No. 1968155

I think she runs stupidpol. Not redscarepod

No. 1968156

>serious sway in the cultural/poltical sphere

No. 1968157

File: 1708473761266.png (177.81 KB, 2210x688, rikki k.png)

No. 1968172

Lmao please be a joke. Is a physical handoff even a thing for selling reddit accounts?

No. 1968175

Does roshit do anything else besides post online? I hope Liz fong jones or brianna wu buys it for 250k and tranifies the sub, destroying any cool kid capital this group has worked so hard to build. You will have to include gross, control freak autists in your based social scene and you will like it.

No. 1968177

You aren't fooling anyone tsehany, you're a mod for redscare lol

No. 1968181

> implying they had any capital to begin with
> I'm a girl
digital troonface

No. 1968183

If any big name trannies put out offers, remember that they are multimillionaires with war chests to drain. 25k is not nearly enough.

No. 1968191

Against hate subreddits must be closing in if the top mod is jumping ship and trying to recoup time spent

No. 1968214

File: 1708484583593.gif (Spoiler Image,3.03 MB, 640x640, chtorrr-reddit[1].gif)

Someone called her out in the main sub but she deleted it. One of the other mods made fun of her in the spin off sub and she demodded him. Honestly, good for her if she can make money off it. She says in her replies that someone offered $25K but I think it's just a matter of time before the admins find out and demod and ban her. It's quite obvious that the twitter account is her. Admins watch the sub and many of the mods and more active users like hawks, especially that fatty possible troon admin Chtorrr (see gif). Reddit admins will especially be on top of this because she said she deletes pro-trans discourse lol.
I've seen her pic and she's actually cute. Doesn't look like a troon at all. I agree with her that she's a retarded girl because she's involved with that milady bs.

No. 1968218

sorry if this is a retarded question but is this the person you are saying is cute

No. 1968222

No, that's the admin Chtorrr who watches the sub like a hawk and suspends many of the users lol

No. 1968224

why are you caping for a random tard? this seems like a selfpost

No. 1968234

I suppose I have a grudging respect for people who can make some quick cash by scamming reddit and the subreddit lol

No. 1968236

I must say that desperately reproducing with whoever she could find and raising the child herself is very authentic Russian woman of her

No. 1968249

You are fucking retarded that bitch is fat and ugly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968250

I mean Charli does know Dasha. She even went on an episode of her pod.

No. 1968252

Charli’s last album catering to the mainstream failed so now she has to reinvent herself as an edgelord for PR. Too bad the Dimes Square set already has its preferred mediocre, busted pop star (Caroline Polachek)

No. 1968267

This song is a harbinger of doom. Dasha is the mean girl. She built a career off being a mean slut. She’s akin to a reality show star except uglier

No. 1968286

i never comment in these threads but after a 30min catching up of the last six months you all need to stop being terminally online, it's honestly weird. most of the people posted are pushing 40 and should stop acting like they're hipsters in a 2006 cobrasnake or misshapes photoshoot. so much secondhand embarrassment

No. 1968288

>Admins watch the sub and many of the mods and more active users like hawks, especially that fatty possible troon admin Chtorrr (see gif)
Read again, and sage your outbursts next time

No. 1968295

probably a zoomer, but you too will eventually push 40, so does that mean that past 30, you can’t comment on very public figures? as long as they post and embarrass themselves, criticism will always happen. are you new here or the internet in general? if you don’t like it, you can just leave

No. 1968296

holy shit anna's 'erotic' 'fiction' is the most embarassing thing i have ever read. i'm leaving this thread for another six months because how do these adults and posters still act like they're in english 101 in highschool but think they are artistes?

No. 1968297

i think women of all ages are beautiful lmao but these people are acting like absolute idiots and it again is giving me secondhand embarrassment. grow up if you feel like it applies to you, because it probably does(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968299

samefag but what zoomers do you think remember misshapes? they were out looking at NYC party pictures in 2006? again, log off

No. 1968306

Them being embarrassing is the reason there are so many threads in which people laugh at them. I don't know what is your point, they are too old to be cows?

No. 1968315

You aren’t aware of “indie sleaze” and anything y2 -2009 being really popular and trending on tiktok. you’d be surprised

No. 1968339

File: 1708525986075.png (19.26 KB, 282x300, AF8F5809-C53D-4D52-944F-8F8A8E…)

Uhh how is Miss Polachek connected to these people?

No. 1968346

I don't think Dimes can really claim Polachek or Charli in their camp. They orbit one or two Dimes figures sure, but thats only as far as they go and not in any significant level.

No. 1968349

I think Charli did kind of imply that she thought A+D were mean girls and was intimidated by them when Dasha was on her podcast.

No. 1968357

Is chtorrr longjumpingrow or someone else on the mod team? is that why the sub made it to 100k? Is there some kind of chapo/ex somethingawful poster and league troll crossover that lets these people promote their mid content without any interference by reddit staff?

No. 1968359

Does charli think she’s not a mean girl who hangs with mean gays?

No. 1968373

come on, it’s fucking hilarious how the same tired shit gets resurrected over and over
drunken canal is misshapes reboot, Anna is trying to be Camille Paglia Junior, Caroline Calloway is blonde-ish Julia Allison, etc., etc.

No. 1968384

No Chtorrr is a paid admin and not on the mod team. My understanding is that admins are regularly interfering with the sub either directly or through the "anti-evil operations" account. Many of the mods of the subreddit have also been suspended by admins, probably by Chtorrr.

No. 1968389

You’re right, they’re all derivatives. Add to the list Dasha as edgelord Chloe Sevigny

No. 1968451

Laughing at objectively ugly midwits that act hot and intelligent is entertaining. Simple as.

Also your cultural references imply that you are older yourself, which makes you equally (if not more) pathetic being here at all.

No. 1968547

File: 1708566609068.png (3.47 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_0283.png)

Lapuff panicking about the stalking rumors.

No. 1968553


What an insufferable faggot

No. 1968684

What’s the source of the rumor? Did we document it here? Sorry not trying to be spoonfed if I missed it. Just from reading that he sounds guilty because it’s such wordsalad

No. 1968706

>she and anna both rent so modestly compared to their income that it's always made me doubt the patreon numbers tbh.
I don't see why they wouldn't have fake subscribers to make them look more relevant. Dasha said in the episode with Sam and Nick that a half of what they earn goes to taxes. There is some editor for the podcast who wants to get paid, they probably have some student debt. After paying rent, I would say they have $1000-2000 of disposable income and spend it on clothes, alcohol, fillers. Dasha said she doesn't know where the money goes.

No. 1968735

That’s a little white lie to placate potentially aggrieved and bitter fans so they don’t pick up the pitchforks. They’ve incorporated to lessen their tax burden, they definitely don’t pay over half in taxes or they need to fire their accountant. I’m sure chapo, cumtown, trueanon, and redscare all use the same accounting techniques to make podcasting a viable business model.

No. 1968765

File: 1708616841534.jpeg (18.39 KB, 505x652, ED188551-D3D8-4EDD-842C-412957…)

(no context unsaged)

No. 1968768

File: 1708617781343.jpeg (444.22 KB, 1179x2085, IMG_0282.jpeg)

DSGG posted something

No. 1968774

Sorry but even Cum Town and Chapo both have the same complaints as does anyone who lives in NYC. The city eating up half your income is the kindest option available. Its why nobody permanently stays in New York unless your making big bank and why tons of people are being priced out.

No. 1968794

Eveything related to "lapuff" is just cows from GCs trying to gas up someone who literally never came up before in these threads and is just some internal meme of theirs. They spammed that shit until the thread was locked the first, last, and only time it came up.

no1curr, stop trying to make fetch happen and scurry back to your twitter bubble

No. 1968814

File: 1708626866819.jpeg (476.91 KB, 1170x684, 9750851D-7BF1-477D-9339-9ABB2C…)

Tsehany, third from left

No. 1968837

File: 1708631941978.png (1.21 MB, 1549x952, rich incel.png)

Has Felix Biederman ever had a gf? I've seen countless pictures of Matt and Will with their women but can't recall Felix posting a baeshot. Makes me think the rumors about him dating teen girls have some truth to them.

No. 1968855

Wasn't there a rumor going around he was dating that onlyfans egirl freshhel?

No. 1968859

File: 1708635931774.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1436x1949, IMG_6480.jpeg)

No. 1968902

Do people seriously believe A&D are right wing? They are just being ironic/trolling/saying whatever gathers attention and brings in money

No. 1968927

They definitely are now, not out of any genuine interest in politics or ideological conviction but because they think it makes them look cool and counterculture

No. 1968943

caps for nonnas with no twitter account pls? very interested in this

No. 1968946

You mean teen boy. The chapo guys are all chasers except Matt

No. 1968953

I don’t know why people think it’s genuine. Their lifestyles aren’t conducive with the right wing at all

No. 1968955

You're not missing anything nonna it's just a zoomer moid posting stuff that everyone's known for years now like it's a revelation

No. 1968967

Dasha doesn't believe in anything, she just passively absorbs the opinins of the people around her. Anna is genuinely right-wing, which any retard can tell from hearing her talk for five minutes or perusing her X feed.

No. 1968979

NTA but thats exactly what they said. They're just being ironic/attention grabbing

No. 1968981

Neither is Trump's, and yet. It doesn't matter whether you walk the walk, so long as you keep parroting the correct things

No. 1969003

is this supposed to be fat anna…?
jesus christ those two are so disordered

No. 1969007

Trump doesn’t hang out with troons and gay men at least. He tries to keep up some appearance of being traditional. Anna and Dasha do not(derailing)

No. 1969043

is anyones on the right? they're all degenerate pornsick coomers and you're deluding yourself if you fall for any of the LARPs they switch out on a biannual basis. the closest you'd get out of all these cows is varg and see his thread at how fake his lifestyle is

No. 1969102

You are a terminally online freak if you think all right wingers do drugs and hang out with trannies in shithole cities run by democrats(infighting)

No. 1969120

Yes. She was just technically medically overweight, she was never obese. She's short so that's probably like 145lbs if I had to guess. Not sure what you were expecting.

No. 1969130

this spaz out is definitely not proving my point

No. 1969146

File: 1708692734810.jpg (161.78 KB, 719x599, 20240223_075356.jpg)

No. 1969153

>He tries to keep up some appearance of being traditional
kek how, surrounding himself with hookers and saying profanities, making sexual comments etc? he's even more openly degenerate than they are, stop derailing

No. 1969167

Populist Trump is a retarded example, but right-wing isn't about not being degenerate. none of what you wrote implies he is a progressive communist supporting trans rights and lgbt for instance

No. 1969189

has there ever been a tard meetup like this where anyone actually looks good or even okay? kek

No. 1969203

Degen men turn 30 and rightward as they try to launder away their whore years, all while projecting on the women they grew up and partied with.

No. 1969218

Isn’t it commonly thought that gay men model themselves after their mothers and other female archetypes? Pariah would fit into this model as a tragic character passively suffering by pursuing what can never be possible. So many hets also self-infantilize well into adulthood too, it would actually be better for society if the behavior was exclusively gay behavior, but it isn’t and now we have altmans and thiels to contend with. Also strict, orderly administrative gays in local government and accounting are really common everywhere else that’s not nyc or la. They aren’t teenage hedonists, far from it. It also doesn’t explain the extremely gender conforming Tim Dillon baron harkonnen types who relate to but also have to hide themselves to gain their father’s approval, but neither does this half-baked analysis. It just seems like if no one is forced to grow up from external forces like family and economics then no one actually wants to.

No. 1969233

File: 1708710025902.jpg (4.42 KB, 200x200, tsehany.jpg)

I suppose Tsehany is just as much a facetuner as the rest of the subculture
I believe Caroline Calloway's scam tard meetups have attractive people attending

No. 1969265

Those things were said on a hot mic you fucking idiot and it was like 20 years ago. God some of you are so stupid(infighting)

No. 1969266

Stop posting this ugly tranny’s tweets. We’ve given it enough attention for a lifetime

No. 1969270

File: 1708714712127.png (1.04 MB, 855x717, elena velez.png)

Puking up alt right Twitter memes is media literacy? Women are chthonic longhouse beasts, buy my clothes modeled by repulsive troons lol. It's the same contempt for the female audience shown by any luxury brand, so edgy

No. 1969273

"people" in this context are abject retards

No. 1969277

vogue doesn't write negative coverage of shows ever, because the people they review are also often their primary advertisers.

rachel tajishan's opinion does in fact carry more weight in the industry lol

No. 1969297

have you actually paid any attention to right wingers with money because the ones who aren't used car kings of their sub-100k towns looooove doing this shit. fox news could've moved up to connecticut decades ago if they wanted to but they know their own are allergic to fun(derailing)

No. 1969322

No they don’t. You are a fucking retard(infighting)

No. 1969357

this, clearly that anon can't read between the lines bc the Vogue article was as non-enthused and skeptical as it gets. the writer treated the scene as the sideshow it is and didn't even really dignify it with a review since Elena Velez was outspoken about this season being "not a commercial season, more of a world-building exercise" - which honestly makes it sound like her label is in trouble. like girl it's your Fall collection - wdym it's not a commercial season? she's talking like it's resort or some throwaway season. and there's only 7 looks, did funding fall thru?

Vogue also would never trash one of its own CFDA winner darlings, although Elena seems like she's well on her way to falling out with that crowd with her edgelord antics. curious where her career is going, i actually like that someone is breaking with the standard politics of the Vogue/LVMH/Kering set, but Elena doesn't seem smart or visionary enough to be a viable alternative. i also wonder if she's secured some "alternative funding" since running afoul of Anna/Vogue can easily kill a designer's career

No. 1969374

File: 1708730743014.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1435x2120, IMG_6485.jpeg)

Maze of quote tweets around this not really anything new, unsurprisingly as lurking maybe even posting on here

No. 1969375

how is this derailing? mods in this thread suck now(take it to meta)

No. 1969399

NTA but you're coping hard if you don't notice self admitted right wing resentment towards Hollywood/whatever other examples of lib/leftoid monopoly on "coolness" kek(derailing)

No. 1969400

Elena is just a dollar store (dime square?) dilara, no one will remember her in a year

No. 1969517

File: 1708772279730.jpeg (339 KB, 640x984, A9911DBC-38DF-4914-81CA-F63EAF…)


No. 1969719

Tsehany is a 2/10(sage your shit)

No. 1969724

Most unflattering pic of charli ever kek. Dasha is that less hot friend who cant handle her hotter friend getting attention, this friendship wont last long

No. 1969732

There's no way they're really ever going to be friends.

No. 1969787

I always see troons say this but I have never heard one rumor, let alone seen any evidence, to support this claim. Same when they try to claim Nick sleeps with troons with no evidence. Felix is a serial egirl dater and its not hard to figure out who he’s with at any given time.

No. 1969831

File: 1708860380444.jpeg (160.07 KB, 1170x518, IMG_3775.jpeg)

No. 1969852

nta but they seem like a level of porn-sick, that they would fuck anything.

No. 1969876

File: 1708875874670.jpeg (85.11 KB, 530x640, 04D14328-D1FA-4C45-BB26-D1D153…)

Imagine being so ugly you have to simp for this. Her trooncaths should say a rosary for her

No. 1969877

Don’t they have the same body?

No. 1969926

The way she goes on about it in earlier episodes, I was expecting at least visibly fat. This is wild.

No. 1969956

yeah. I mean losing weight is hard but she talks about how fat she was like it was a crime. "I had to lose 30 pounds!!!!" and she went from (guessing) 140 to 110. she talks about it like she was 30 pounds overweight. that's just how the pod is.

No. 1969979

The cosmic joke is she is ugly either way

No. 1969982

File: 1708904710932.jpeg (128.94 KB, 503x391, IMG_6653.jpeg)

No. 1970094

Anna reads/retweets way too much race science stuff for it to be pure ironic pandering.
I would bet $1000 Anna believes in her heart that black people are lower IQ than her.

No. 1970095

Anna’s low Armenian IQ was so funny

No. 1970097

She’s 5’4 which is the average height for an American woman so I wouldn’t call her short. Still sucks to loose weight at that height, she reminds me of HRH collection who was also fat then lost weight and now has a persistent obsession over weight and thinness. I wonder if it’s sort of like a former fat woman syndrome

No. 1970098

File: 1708935324773.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3024x2480, A059666E-BF37-4E90-9461-8E2A02…)

A couple pages from Dirtbag

No. 1970099

File: 1708935591997.jpg (150.42 KB, 1080x785, 1222453.jpg)


No. 1970104

File: 1708937089175.jpeg (1.69 MB, 2313x2732, 86E8FE68-8717-4F55-921E-5B687A…)

Smash cut from Bernie "winning" NH to the post-Super Tuesday malaise, and then it's on to the Afterword.

No. 1970111

She’s shorter than that

No. 1970123

she is shilling her own edited selfies or some mouth breathing Sam Hyde fans are

No. 1970156

How do you “accidentally” baste chicken with codeine?

No. 1970162

File: 1708955008515.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2438.png)

dasha posting nika on her story is not the crossover i expected to see this morning

No. 1970176

all these hetero women demeaning themselves for moid attention fight to insult eachother b/c it's a coping strategy. be demeaned and disrespected by moids you're with and take out that resentment on other women b/c your thirst for male approval isn't abated by being surrounded by literal trash.

there's zero solidarity amongst these right wing grifter women. that will def. serve them well

No. 1970178

It’s like millennial twee mega cope from one of Mao’s concubines. “They were jealous of us!” We ushered in social democracy with the power of friendship! Unreal delusion. Can’t believe not one of the chapos couldn’t tell fans to stop calling her a Sami quadroon and fat titty amber or that any of them expected a base of people who couldn’t give up their dudes rock casual sexism and racism to be able to accomplish anything.

No. 1970179

She’s good at expression but her thinking is so childlike.

No. 1970184

The chapos were always smarter than the average cow for putting the money first and never airing out their dirty laundry

This isn't unreadable but it is embarrassing

No. 1970188

Haven't seen the audiobook version pirated anywhere but the epub for Dirtbag is on libgen libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=250A89007A4277F8082AF53102513E29

No. 1970197

this is such a shit meme tho, it tries to play up a stereotype too much and comes off like typical loser talk. grow up, dasher.

No. 1970209

File: 1708965055989.png (393.43 KB, 474x889, Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 01-49…)

I take it Kaitlyn Philips isn't repping Dasha anymore (also anna?), she's always RTing lib stuff, but since october she's being tweeting a lot of pro Palestine and getting very angry about the israel situation. I can't imagine she could remain friends with anna and dasha given how they've been behaved during the whole thing.
I'd thought for a while now they'd parted ways, then I noticed even she couldn't help mocking the elena velez disaster show.

It's been pretty grim watching a fake jew like anna take such joy and callousness over what's happening in Gaza, seemingly feels it's her 'duty' as part of her pretend jew larp. She's been positively gleeful over the guy that set himself on fire yesterday.
Especially on behalf of people who would laugh in her face at her claims of being jewish, as someone on the RS sub posted, she wouldn't qualify as jewish even under the third reich's racial laws, much less qualify for 'right of return' by the israeli government.


>Anna reads/retweets way too much race science stuff for it to be pure ironic pandering.

Her entire interest in race science is based purely in her desire to bolster her own insane ethno identity claims. She's quite happy to indulge a bunch of head caliper wielding 19th century race phrenologists so long as they validate her delusional claims of being a "MENA-Armenian-Assyrian-…" etc. Even if said race scientists class her as subhuman, the narc supply is activated.

Victim/identity larping seems to be the driving force behind everything in anna's life and thinking, it is spectacularly bizarre and sad.
She seems to have real problem with being a normal unremarkable suburban white American woman, which she is.

No. 1970226

Kaitlyn Philips is playing chicken with her career if she’s vocally supporting Palestine.

No. 1970227

>She's been positively gleeful over the guy that set himself on fire yesterday.
Did she delete some tweets? I'm only seeing one retweet about it on her tl

No. 1970231

File: 1708970068355.jpeg (98.39 KB, 640x1007, v8pf9j3swykc1.jpeg)

nta but her likes are full of tweets mocking it. as though her, dasha, and all their right wing friends aren't constantly confessing to being mentally ill self-destructive addicts.

No. 1970236

Philips trying to be a voice of moral authority is so grating, like bitch we know you spent the last 5 years deepthroating martinis and Artforum editors, the act isn’t convincing anyone.

No. 1970237

File: 1708971069345.png (739.48 KB, 1338x763, jewlarping.png)

left Kaitlyn Philips' timeline, right from anna's like tab.

No. 1970239

Is the left tweet not supposed to be hysterical?

No. 1970242

>commies are evil and luciferian
>leftists should set themselves on fire exdee
either be an edgelord or commit to the moralist larp, this is just stupid and cringe

No. 1970244

Conceited gay man plays a power game with the institution generous enough to support and employ him by suicide-baiting with an easily preventable terminal illness to gain a statement that would not help Palestinians materially in any capacity. It’s beyond virtue signally for these people and is just careerist self-aggrandizement, there is nothing noble about siding with this person, but right wingers do not have the rhetorical skills to accurately call it out without devolving into reeeing about brown faggots because they aren’t meant to. They are the useful idiots in this equation and are playing their role perfectly. Everyone has moved onto a Soviet style double consciousness with this woke regime and nothing will fundamentally change until the money is gone. Americans should treat america like the rest of the world does, an insane zoo to loot during your prime working years while dodging all the traps of poisoned food and allure of pointless consumerism with an exit strategy to a small country that is experiencing enough de growth that people are a scarce resource and actually have value as a commodity.(derailing)

No. 1970270

white women don’t do this and dasha is hardly white anyway judging by her fucked up eyelids and poop brown skin tone. I don’t know any white women with those facial features(racebait)

No. 1970286

File: 1708984021492.png (86.46 KB, 676x830, sfdsfgsdfdsfdsfsa.png)


>Noticed this creepy british guy has managed to force his way into the scene. He is constantly following Anna around, white knighting her, attacking her enemies on twitter. Literally every time Anna gets into an argument with someone he's there reply guying like mad.

Every time I see him he's wk'ing Anna desperate for her attention, v. creepy. He's not even in NY, he's just some posho British guy.


The whole 'dimes' crew absolutely vicious about this Aaron Bushnell guy like sharks with blood in the water. Anna loving it, liking it all, remember that next time she's playing the 'harmless smol bean' routine again, reveling in a person's agonizing death.

No. 1970289

Is bushknell getting misgendered? He live-streamed his act on twitch as “LilyAnarKitty”

No. 1970293

File: 1708986086941.jpg (Spoiler Image,158.97 KB, 1080x1350, 430074434_1428039588098260_247…)

No. 1970296

why is she posting this stuff implying being a slut with an onlyfans and drug addiction is bad, while purposefully wanting to come off as an uwu coquette pill addict herself, and also doing this >>>/snow/1970293 herself?

No. 1970301

The juggalo behavior really contextualizes Matt’s stroke

No. 1970302

So disgusting kek. No one asked for this. Looks like some unreleased shots of Michael Jackson after he had his hair bleached.

No. 1970307

but that literally happened(sage your shit)

No. 1970310

File: 1708989812406.jpeg (704.08 KB, 750x855, IMG_6660.jpeg)

I bet her biggest twitter simp asked for it. Too bad he looks like an unwashed sex offender

No. 1970312

her baby daddy is jewish and she converted, she's mad about it and wants to deprive it of gravity by mocking it without being too overt since going full loomer would hurt her own status.

No. 1970315

anna converted? news to me. what's your source?

No. 1970316

i just assumed it because she constantly mentions jews, jewish traits, her minor jewish ancestry, she probably didn't actually see a rabbi since they're not married but i feel like she wants to be accepted by eli's family this way

No. 1970330

>Sami quadroon
Ngl nonnie, I never heard this one before and it made me kek

No. 1970337

No idea who @DerekFromBmore is but he nailed it

No. 1970346

Serengeti is Kenny Dennis

No. 1970354

She talks about being Jewish because of her family background. Eli is not a part of her Jewish identity story as it’s been told. She did mention having family in Israel a long time ago but it wasn’t elaborated on, it was more a reason for her to not be pro Palestine but also not explicitly say she was pro Israel (normal doublespeak to keep all listeners paying and subscribed)

No. 1970372

He gained some weight back too. He’s not as skinny as this anymore (I live in Chicago).
She claims her ancestry is a tiny bit Jewish (she still wouldn’t be genetically Jewish through her maternal line). >>1683474 see here to learn about her Jewish fetish. She just wants to believe she’s (what race scientists claim) a high iq ashkenazim, bc she will never produce proof of her supposed intelligence otherwise.

No. 1970374

Also, another one: >>1611180
Anna was obsessed with race, even before her RW turn. She’s a true “ethnonarcissist” like everyone she claims to hate

No. 1970422

To add to this: he's still joking about drinking or his incoherent twitter, meaning he hasn't given up the booze - and will absolutely stroke out again. I've seen this pattern in alcoholics before, and the next stroke might be a hell of a lot sooner than any of us think.

No. 1970459

>anna's fw she finds out the nazis wouldn't have put her to death for being jewish
>anna's fw she finds out the nazis would have put her to death for being retarded

No. 1970488

No. 1970508

I think it was meant to be a self-effacing joke

No. 1970537

File: 1709058648954.png (253.17 KB, 598x522, Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 18-11…)

Funny juxtaposition of Anna and the gang spending he last 24 hours relentlesly posting gloating, cruel mirth over Aaron Bushnell, one of them's dog has died, so they interrupted their mocking of a dead man to post sincere mournful RIPs.


No. 1970540

Can you post Anna’s actually tweets otherwise this isn’t milk

No. 1970547

Are you really this ignorant or just posting in bad faith? She would absolutely be allowed to make aliyaah if her mothers soviet era documents say “Jewish” under ethnicity no matter what percentage dna she actually has. DNA is not the basis for Aliyaah, I absolutely know people who immigrated to Israel based on the soviet ethnic classification of just one parent. If that’s what you think should be the basis of her Jewish self ID then yeah, she is right and you wrong lol

No. 1970549

If she actually could qualify for "aliyaah" then she already would have done so by now. It would be her dream come true to finally be part of a very special identity 'oppressed minority'. Not a normie suburban white American (who she resents and looks down on), and she would make sure everyone knows about it all the time.

Same with how you know she can't speak Russian, because if she could she would be doing so all the time to let you know.

No. 1970556


Israel is not a greatest country to live in? Not everyone wants to go there? Shitty weather, very extremely ugly infrastructure (do you like beige concrete?), ultra orthodox exert more and more influence on society, laws ect and make life more and more miserable for everyone else, insanely high taxes to support them and their 8+ kids because they don’t work (this demographic is predicted to make up 1/3 of isreali society in 15-20 years), real estate in cities insanely expensive, every couple of years Palestinians fire rockets at you, stabbing people more like yearly occurrence, absolutely retarded government, ect. Only falush mura are crying bitter tears to be let in because they are literally living in the third world, actually many educated Israelis have been leaving for the last 10-15 years because they don’t want to pay insane taxes.(derailing)

No. 1970616

File: 1709073324781.png (28.08 KB, 598x296, Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 22-24…)

It's amazing how she now feels totally comfortable describing herself as a 'mischling' (half jewish). I've watched her over the years slowly get more confidant to claim to be more and more jewish as bit by bit no one calls her out on it so she takes it a step further up until this point.

I don't get why a real jewish person doesn't call her out on it, it would devastate her if done in public. The time she got on Eric Weinstein's podcast, and claimed to have "epigenetic trauma' from the holocaust", was a real coup for her, once she got away with that she was always going to go full tilt with it.
She once claimed in IG to be a quote: "survivor of the holocaust and the Armenian genocide", in some pious self pitying narc drivel post. You almost have to admire the chutzpah…

No. 1970641

File: 1709082288902.jpg (228.15 KB, 536x993, 20240227_200706.jpg)

ivy web3 ad

No. 1970683

Lol her pfp did she borrow Zach’s wig?

No. 1970687

Really poor work from McGinley. Another diamond in the rough only Heji Shin could reveal.

No. 1970758

She can’t face the fact that her path to wealth was ingratiating herself with rich kids and preserving that connection at all costs.

No. 1970854

File: 1709148088528.jpeg (338.77 KB, 1117x1162, IMG_7767.jpeg)

Her maternal grandfather is the Jewish person in her family lineage.
At the end of the days this is all about Anna wanting to pretend for her half Ashkenazi kid that they have a modern Jewish household. But like many people, her culture/ethnicity is different than her child’s. She’s not going to find fulfillment Shaun Kinging as Jewish when she herself had an Armenia father and Russian mother. Not sure when she will figure that out, maybe never cuz of all that alcohol

No. 1970857

Doublepost but it goes without saying too that Anna wants her kid to be indisputably Jewish, hence the self inflation of her Jewish heritage and willingness to ignore the hardline of her absent maternal inheritance. But now her kid is exactly where her mom was and a lot of more-than-cultural Jews won’t accept him either.
She needs to do a pilgrimage to Glendale and get an Armenian tutor

No. 1970884

falash mura are just christians and muslims larping as jews so they can escape ethiopia and come to israel. all the evidence you need to prove you’re one of them is some paper signed by tribal elders. enjoy the oromo hordes coming(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1970909

If she wants to be a Jew, let her. She certainly looks the part(bait)

No. 1970917

no, her maternal grandfather can only be half-jewish: anna is 1/8th jewish. the remainder is 3/8ths russian and 1/2 armenian. that's it.

No. 1970919

She thinks the Jewish heritage makes her and the child look smarter and more interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if she chose Eli mostly because he is a Jew

No. 1970937

Anna sincerely believes that a Jewish elite run the world and that is why she is putting in overtime fudging her pedigree to try and get into club, along with having a child with a man from an old money jewish family. Misrepresenting her heritage is really not the worst thing she’s done, most people don’t care about analyzing how many theoretical drops of Jewish blood runs through her veins except maybe the people trying to gate-keep her out of the club or maybe the skull measurers who don’t think she’s pure enough to pander to them. Anna has said that Eli’s family will keep her and her son comfortable no matter what so she already made it “in.”

No. 1970942

It’s not skull measuring, matrilineal heritage is a pretty big part of Judaism outside of Reform Jews. It would/will come up for her son in Jewish spaces like Hebrew school and a lot of Jews with only Jewish fathers do feel ostracized by others, even when they share that they were raised Jewish and that their families experienced the Holocaust. It is what it is. But I agree that if she wants to Dolezal, sure. Why not.
Because the bigger loss is she put Eli ahead of finding a compatible husband and marriage. She even compromised on the dual parent household, that she herself once grew up in. Her monthly drunk sad posts don’t lead me to believe it was worth it, but she handpicked this life, family, and outsider status. L.

No. 1970961

wait why can her maternal grandfather only be half jewish? couldn't both of his parents have been jews? i don't know anything about the lineage thing

No. 1970974

The perennial dilemma of the American Left

No. 1970986

that howlingmutant retard has been sperging up a storm over that bushnell guy. really pathetic when an open fascist has to just “cmon guys stop being mean to israel”(sage your shit)

No. 1971001

because she's only 1/8th jewish.

No. 1971002

>Anna sincerely believes that a Jewish elite run the world
who do you think does? WASPs? guffaw!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1971134

Didn't all of the big "open fascist" accounts of the moment out themselves as being jewish right after October 7th? I know graduatedben and citybureacrat did and we already knew about bap. They tried to whip their followings into supporting israel by painting the conflict as whites vs. browns and when that didn't work they just settled for "we gotta support israel because the left supports palestine."

No. 1971150

Kind of poetic that the No Agency founder is a total dysgenic lardass IRL

No. 1971156

File: 1709227351457.png (17.07 KB, 598x214, Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 17-13…)

Remember Chloe Mackey posting this a while back… Girl literally no one is in your comical potato man husband's DMs trust me.

The contrast is very funny, normally they're choked in this nihilistic detached "why do you care, are you some kind of liberal?!" attitude to everything. Now they've been having ongoing tantrums and meltdowns since October over people not being sufficiently pro Israel. This Aaron Bushnell thing just the latest iteration.

No. 1971183


It was complete obviously from the gitgo that the dissidents were going to end up pro-Israel.

No. 1971222

It’s “get-go,” you dirty programmer.

No. 1971257

post a picture of him I've never seen him.

No. 1971262

File: 1709251489306.jpg (420.45 KB, 1536x2048, Fl_YrW1XgAEmcry.jpg)

Form a queue…
If you go through Chloe Mackey's old IG posts back from when she was a big 'tumbler influencer' to now you can almost pinpoint the exact time she got with him and stopped looking after herself and put on a ton of weight. She must have like zero self esteem.

No. 1971305

normally i’d think it’s disgusting but he’s greek so it would be weirder if he wasn’t fat as fuck

No. 1971370

Has neoliberalhell ever been discussed? Ana is friends with a lot of the post-left crowd. If you don't know her she's a meme page on IG and Twitter.

No. 1971374

Tragic! I shouldn’t have asked to see kek but thank you

No. 1971576

File: 1709337453301.jpeg (496.76 KB, 1179x2023, IMG_9001.jpeg)

Ghosthardvvare died but someone took over the blackscare feed and it’s still updating. What happened there?

No. 1971600

If a sub has no active mods (inactivity defined as being either suspended or not having done anything with your account for one month), you can make a request to admins on a dedicated request sub to become a mod on the sub in question.

Although looking at r/blackscare in particular, it appears there was a second lurker mod under u/ghostHardvvare who granted mod status to u/Fun_Appointment_9658 who runs it now.

No. 1971611

Shut up no one cares about you(infighting/hi cow/learn to sage)

No. 1971651

this has captivated me. surely many of them are jewish, but theres more to it than this. their entire existence online is defined by advocating the opposite of what the leftoids are supporting. usually it works when its some weird troon, but in this case they're cheering on the wholesale slaughter of starving women and children seeking aid, yet the genuine antisemites they've consciously allied with dont support it either. so they've gone certifiably insane kek. not a single one of them has a job I bet

No. 1971657

Michael “saltypickles” is a known druggie sex pest in this scene who is trying to cover up a bunch of shit by writing mopey Substack posts… unfortunately for him there are still people downtown that remember his behavior and would gladly break his manlet face in if they catch him south of Houston Street

No. 1971750

I thought Kaitlyn Phillips / @yoloethics was the head of No Agency. What's this guy's deal, besides being fat and greasy?

No. 1971761

When will zoomers have their own chapo/cum/rs? Any prediction?(sage your shit)

No. 1971766

zoomers aren’t into podcasts

No. 1971867

please go back to /pol/ and stop ruining this site, where did all these newfags who can't integrate come from?

No. 1971882

File: 1709438077301.jpeg (80.52 KB, 1170x501, IMG_7909.jpeg)

A comment on something Anna said on this week’s pod (from the subreddit)

No. 1971965

File: 1709465541019.jpg (453.35 KB, 1648x2522, linkedin.jpg)

I had not heard that Kaitlyn Phillips was working with No Agency let alone running it.
According to linkedin and some articles the (co?)founder and managing partner is Alexander Tsebelis; the other listed Partner is Chloe Mackey, and they're married.

No. 1971976

File: 1709466953234.jpg (584.68 KB, 2742x1500, articles.jpg)

In some articles Ashley Smith is credited as the founder or co-founder of No Agency but she doesn't seem to be involved at all anymore. She's a DJ now? So I guess that was PR to make the agency look better? being founded by a model is a better story than being founded by a fat greek pervert, I guess. That, or he took it from her or she quit. I couldn't find details. If someone knows more details feel free to chime in.

Ashley Smith insta: https://www.instagram.com/therealashsmith
screenshot sources:

No. 1971989


The thought of any of the noodle armed passive aggressive downtown twerps breaking a face is comical. Saltypickles is safe as houses south of Houston, ah reckon.

No. 1972049


People have asked why Amber still gets an equal share of Chapo money despite not doing any work and I think it's because she could break bad on them and cost them money. Same probably goes for Virgil.

No. 1972115

File: 1709500578385.jpeg (337.47 KB, 1170x1532, IMG_7941.jpeg)

her ex husband was a scrawny lanklet Jewish Canadian big 4 consultant but good for you Sandra. Try it with a male with actual muscle mass and heft and you’ll get why people call you porn brained

No. 1972162

This is just her inner arab speaking. Those women love being manhandled.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1972164

a lot of zoomers listen to rs, the retarded coquettes and wannabe anachans

No. 1972187

Divorced before age 30, lol. what could she knew about healthy sex, love and relationships?

No. 1972264

Omg that’s so sad she looks like a TIM who started estrogen a week ago.

No. 1972328

I think the point there is that people in other, actual creative NYC scenes don’t want rapey Dimes Square washouts around.

No. 1972441

File: 1709590051867.png (1.17 MB, 966x1172, bimboprivate1.png)

Bimbo Ubermensch looking for 'clientele', as she tries to moonlight as a private chef

No. 1972442

File: 1709590086343.png (871.54 KB, 910x1182, bimboprivate2.png)

No. 1972443

File: 1709590249195.png (179.1 KB, 650x1028, bimbo3.png)

an Ubermensch, who would scrub toilets for money

No. 1972462

The last account in that screenshot is one of the weirdest guys on british rw twitter which is saying something considering half the movement is being led by a troon (legallyevelyn). Maybe brits should be replaced…

No. 1972478

Does she seriously think she can find someone to hire her as a private chef from her deranged horny followers? Her bohemian adventures until she stops playing poor and goes to med school like her parents (or marries another upper middle class man)?
I can’t imagine there’s much modeling in NM either.

No. 1972598

File: 1709622481734.jpeg (37.15 KB, 267x400, IMG_4183.jpeg)

This was him when he was in his early-mid 20s; There has to some kind of story here

No. 1972599

They already do it’s hasan, Vaush, destiny, Nick fuentes, Andrew tate, zherka, sneako, etc

No. 1972625

File: 1709632515605.png (2.72 MB, 1008x1442, tsebelis.png)

Damn is that really him? He must have hit the drugs a little too hard that year, he doesn't look that thin in any other photos.
This was him at a halloween party in 2015 (the woman is ashley smith) which is the year he graduated NYU according to linkedin so he must be in his mid 20s here too.

No. 1972690

Chapo, CT and RS IS zoomer shit. Most of their fanbase consist of people 96 and younger

No. 1972696

Men get metabolic syndromes from eating disorders too

No. 1972721

He just looks exactly like a guy I knew who had a drug problem in his youth so it reminded me of that. Super skinny in old photos, gaunt, pale in spite of being Mediterranean. Most of the cows ITT are addicts of some kind so it’s not a stretch, but obviously I don’t know. Wasn’t trying to tinfoil.

No. 1972765

File: 1709669115947.png (133.79 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_20240305-140513~2.p…)

This girl is delusional, you're not a socialite Aimee you're a druggie fuck up

No. 1972782

stop self-posting, sandra.

No. 1972847

Gerard Way phenotype

No. 1972892

Why did I get boo'd when I tried to discuss neoliberalhell when Matt was just posted? Ana and Matt (who is a self admitted former tranny) are friends with Yung Chomsky from True Anon who have direct ties to Chapo.

No. 1972911

aimee is 36 at the youngest, anna k is turning 39 this year, and they’re both getting in twitter spats with faildaughters half their age

No. 1973034

nona do you mean this post? >>1971370 The single reply boo'ing you was an unsaged retard who literally got a ban. Get thicker skin. Go ahead and post the milk if you got it. she doesn't come up that often so you might need to add context.

No. 1973098

File: 1709744292538.png (482.61 KB, 598x602, Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 16-53…)

That reply isn't even aimed at her, it's at one of Anna's hanger oners. It's so pathetic watching Aimee's desperate grovelling attempts to re ingratiate herself with the gang. Aimee, they've made it very clear several times now they don't like anymore, deal with it.

In the last few months she's resorted to desperate slavish pro jewish/israel worship posts since anna/BAP made pro zionism a mandatory part of the clique.

No. 1973112

If only Australia had kept their white Australia policy and prevented her Lebanese father from entering the country…(racebait)

No. 1973435

This place has been dead since getting temp shutdown for the Gaza thing. Does that mean this red-scare-o-centric scene is on the wane? Just not feeling the energy.

No. 1973456

I dunno its been at the same pace since the Gaza shit. It was nearly even shut down again because of Taylor Swift

No. 1973476

Yeah, their niche relevancy is on the decline. What's even worse is that A&D and the rest are boring and predictable. That's the scene's death knell

No. 1973494

When did he tweet about drinking?

No. 1973530

File: 1709831967210.jpeg (177.13 KB, 1125x1311, GH9MjwrWwAAVfQq_format=jpg&nam…)

It appears that homosexual man dropped a delicious tacos dox

No. 1973545

Pedo phenotype. Looks like such a stereotypical Asian fetishist.

No. 1973550

Pretty much everyone with morals has been disgusted and saddened by the neocon backed genocide currently taking place in the Middle East. Even the people who are happy about it are generally a bunch of poltards who hate Jews even more than they hate brown people. The Thiel ship has sailed. The two party system isn’t popular anymore, nobody wants to identity as left or right wing anymore because both sides are evil and cringe, everyone is disgusted by politicians and politics in general.

So all that’s left now is nothing but a small group of irrelevant zionist tryhards wanking each other off in a circle. Even their ironic reddit fanboys have jumped ship. So yeah, their movement is dying.(baiting/derailing)

No. 1973553

Why do people have to come into this thread to moralfag about Gaza? Aren’t most post left people against Israel too?

No. 1973593

Their subreddit turned on them for the zionism. That’s where having no real opinions and just going with whatever is more contrarian at the moment finally gets you lmaooo

No. 1973637

Anna attempted to get Tariq Nasheed to go on Red Scare and decided to start by introducing herself as a "wigger" then attempting to claim it was a gesture of Russian solidarity with black people. Tariq then asked her a series of questions about her identifying as Russian that she fumbled and then asked why people suspect she's a white supremacist. 13 minutes of Anna attempting damage control and backpedaling while Tariq roasts Anna.

No. 1973653

File: 1709850969069.png (36.26 KB, 1166x279, Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 22-24…)


wrong, wrong, and wrong. Her dad is Russian, born in Russia, who's grandparents (possibly great grandparents) were from Armenia, who didn't 'identify' as Armenian, and by Anna's own drunken admissions, didn't even like Armenians.

Her parents didn't 'speak Russian' to her, she can barely speak a word of it, she came to America as an infant and has no memories whatsoever of life in Russia.
She's a normal, middle class, white, suburban, American, from New jersey, who's deep snobbery and narcissism and makes her resent being as such.
The End.

No. 1973656

File: 1709851392753.png (657.53 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20240307-224512-135…)

dasha selling her milady, is she really that strapped for cash?

No. 1973659

Damn I think of Nasheed as pretty much a moron yet he easily owns Anna this entire conversation. The moment he pushed on her use of “wigger” Anna immediately put her tail between her legs, played dumb about her entire le based racist schtick she’s been doing for years now, talked about how much she actually loves black people, and started teeheeing “I’m so drunk!” “I’m just a stupid bitch!” So embarrassing how she and Dasha both become totally servile around any man, I’d respect anna more if she at least had the courage of her shitty convictions. Massive L.

No. 1973662

Kek, this is hilarious. Anna can never recover from this.

No. 1973671

Aren’t all the mildly ceos suing each other? I hope there’s more rohit corpo drama. Sort of related but has anyone else seen radlibs use the acronym TESCREAL instead of fascist/nazi to label yarvin/aella tech right people and know what it means?

No. 1973674

>Aren’t all the mildly ceos suing each other?
i think that blew over…im sure they are just riding high on the recent crypto boom, much to my dismay. i was just lamenting that it is a dumb time to sell when it could be worth a lot more just a few months down the line.

No. 1973692

The part where she tried to backpedal on opening with "I'm a wigger" to a black person she'd never even met was so entertaining. Tariq managed to make her see the ridiculousness of that and the routine she does through repeating her words and some short Socratic questions, like asking how often she saw family in Russia, if she spoke it, why they hadn't brought more family over if they were in a bad place, what similarities she saw in Russian and African American culture, etc. Then this exchange:
>Anna - "You're right, that [saying wigger] was the wrong opener."
>Tariq - "No no, it was an honest opener. You let me know who you were right away. Which is, I'm not surprised.

No. 1973705

"Transhumanism, Extropianism, Singularitarianism, Cosmism, Rationalism, Effective Altruism, and Longtermism"

No. 1973710

v funny that anna sooooo drunk lol! sounds identical to her normally(sage your shit)

No. 1973749

imagine being so thoroughly bodied by a simpleton

No. 1973761


No. 1973763

she was 4 or 5 so not an infant

No. 1973770

File: 1709886701837.jpeg (222.46 KB, 1125x1318, IMG_3489.jpeg)

No. 1973784

what's the difference? She was so young she doesn't remember anything
The way she said it was also very unnatural. It's obvious she learned the expression just to prove she knows some Russian in case someone asked her

No. 1973852

File: 1709910957600.png (1.65 MB, 1306x1248, Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 10.14…)

Is this Matt Christman? He looks so different. Anyone know what this this surgery treats?

No. 1973861

Holy shit I'd never leave the house or post again after this. But looks like she's just pretending it never happened

No. 1973885

Smart move actually, everything crypto has been melting up in price and it's unsustainable. She's asking for 11 eth, that's like 45K. Milady has always been very very gay.

If what he had was a ruptured aneurysm, sometimes a surgeon has to remove a piece of the skull to let the blood drain out.

No. 1973895

Not that I don’t think continental immigration at 4 or 5 isn’t a big deal or formative event, but isn’t this the same scene who mocks south East Asians and Koreans constantly for carrying grade school lunchroom diaspora angst into adulthood as a power chip? But hers is acceptable?

No. 1973946

File: 1709930532061.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.18 KB, 1098x1216, bimbo GIKwpcCXYAAIBO1.jpg)

bimbo graced us with a nude selfie for IWD. for some reason i find myself liking her now.

No. 1973952

a pathetic cry for attention from faggy RW moids

No. 1973961

anna really got smacked in the face with how little her "aren't i sooo naughty?" edgelord act plays outside her own fanbase. she also clearly overestimated her intelligence in relation to Tariq's, and thought she could condescendingly flatter him into submission ("my cohost and i looved buck breaking!"). delights me that he gave not one shit about what a "pitbull faced russian" thinks of him lmao. if this is how anna humiliates herself in public while drunk imagine the drunk "pls take me back" texts eli must get.

No. 1973966

She learned it? If she memorized it off of Google translate it would make sense. It’s obvious she was trying to say “they don’t believe me” but used the word “trust” instead because they have the same root.

No. 1973967

milady is gay as fuck but personally I think it is going to be more valuable in the future, it's a weird time to sell right now.

No. 1973969

her body is nice but she is a terrible person>>1973946

No. 1973980

this isn't milk and you sound like a moid

No. 1973984

File: 1709941089396.jpeg (856.77 KB, 739x1982, IMG_2045.jpeg)

sometimes i wonder if anyone who knew these people in high school or something ever look them up, imagine you’re like in your 30s with a nice family and kids or whatever, and you come across an old classmate online just to see him being pornhub’s strongest soldier in an incomprehensibly retarded flamewar with his weird replygirl hooker friend

No. 1974022

Please stop posting this Egyptian mulatto please. I hate her and her english replyguys(racebait)

No. 1974029

Samefag but it seems the milady she's selling is owned by noagencynyc.
Counteroffers are currently about a third of what she was asking. They seem to have a few Dasha NFTs

No. 1974040

What the fuck is Felix doing

No. 1974121

i don't think you understand what samefag means

No. 1974138

No wonder they've been hiding him from his fans while he talks like a retard on twitter. jesus christ. They're never letting him on their podcast again.

No. 1974142

i feel very bad for their family and what they went through was awful but i see his wife’s posts all the time and i do think when you willingly post about such sensitive things publicly so often, you do it with the knowledge that some vulgar speculation might come along with that. that’s all to say, it would be so funny if that person who was in here like 6 months ago talking about her having a cripple fetish was right

No. 1974149

Who is going to buy that dumb thing for 40k and if noagency owns it then why is she presenting it like she owns it

No. 1974167

File: 1709993098711.jpg (4.63 KB, 329x67, c98.jpg)

there are miladys being sold for over 100k

No. 1974201


"the best guy I know" Has anyone noticed that the way these people talk about their dogs and their husbands is converging?

No. 1974228

aside from simple racism, both the scarethots and ironybros hate upwardly mobile Asian immigrants ("disaporoids") for daring to be conventionally successful. They love seething about Asians who like, work as doctors or at Google or something and also maintain a connection to the place they're from because they're downwardly mobile failchildren who can't explain their jobs (if they have any) to their grandparents

No. 1974232

Well, I mean… look at the new shape of his skull. Read his twitter feed. There's not that much difference between the two.

No. 1974251

She said it’s hers but she noagency owns it. I don’t understand. Does she only own part? Who is buying this shit? Maybe they are trying to sell because they realized they’re useless

No. 1974289

File: 1710013204313.jpg (2.55 MB, 1182x3407, 1653087494588.jpg)

i did some digging in the old threads and it seems she gave it to her agency. i got this image from leftcows #28 if you wanna read more about it.

No. 1974310

most of these expensive garbage NFTs are whats called "wash trades," which means people with money are trading the NFT to themselves to inflate the price. noagency is making the right decision in getting rid of it

No. 1974322

OF thot is mad about women having a problem with their husbands using porn… wonder why

No. 1974425

Yep, they are denigrated as “strivers.”
Then they also hate white women who are product designers or project managers or marketers. “Fake jobs”.
No work is legitimate except for mostly male trade jobs, that none of these critics actually have.
She’s a loser and needs to stop. Also her hips look oddly wide here ( compared to her actual photography) and hands/wrists flat. Edited. And even if it isn’t, still an L to post this.

No. 1974441

I don't want to dox them but Nick Mullen and his gf are listed at the same address now

No. 1974526

if you mean hart street he said that one on the podcast at least a couple times

No. 1974532

Nick makes 40k a month and still lives in Bushwick with all the bedbug ridden 23 y.o. they them transplants? Either Patreon is lying on everyone in this thread or the money is wasted on them all

No. 1974575

Does anyone have any idea who 'A' is in Bimbo Ubermensch's book? I initially thought it was @verymoisturized but based on her substack,'A' seems to be a Man who is also mutuals with Mommy Milkers/Dimes square crowd.(sage your shit)

No. 1974577

Also I don't understand why she incorrectly keeps claiming Mommy Milkers is in her 40s whereas we know for certain that she is 32/33.(sage your shit)

No. 1974582

So 'A' is a Canadian? man and apparently a redscare groupie, aspiring "artist", and married according to her substack https://bimboubermensch.substack.com/p/the-ocean

Bimbo basically blames him for divulging her secrets to mommy milkers because she rejected his advances.(sage your shit)

No. 1974584

no one gives a fuck about your shitty book

No. 1974591

Sandra we know it’s Adam Lehrer

No. 1974614

File: 1710099836582.jpeg (237.07 KB, 1125x1093, IMG_3496.jpeg)

Ironic to post shit like this on a fan sub of these two broads out of all places. The cognitive dissonance of Anna and scarethots acting like the smallest beans while being genuinely horrid is infuriating.

No. 1974661

File: 1710106252210.png (Spoiler Image,166.86 KB, 219x361, BU2.png)

When you reply to your own post, no?
Maybe sells quicker and at a higher price with her "I love this but unfortunately I'm selling it, please take good care of it uwu" tweet?
WTF is going on with her hand (picrel)
I doubt even your simps are gonna read that long screed, they just wanna look at your nudes (I have to admit you do have a great bod despite the photoshopping lol).

No. 1974713

How long has he been living there? His ex Abby moved in with him for some time but I don’t know if it’s the same place. I think he’s too lazy to move. Very curious if he covers the bills, or if he only moves gfs in because he’s cheap and wants to split

No. 1974744

NTA but I don't think you're ready to post here yet. Lurk more and keep the posting to whatever other imageboard you hail from.

"Being sold" as in some retard actually paid that much? I know they deserve to get fucked over for buying into the hype but I feel kinda bad for the latecomers who will end up holding the bag. Milady grifters deserve nothing, but at least we know they'll also lose all of it in some rug pull down the line

No. 1974791

These nyc podcasters take home less money than it appears because ny state income tax is crazy. Nick has an assistant and the show has employees to pay too. Patreon scoops off a percentage

No. 1974808

On top of what other nonna said, I believe he is sober enough to save disposable income for the future. No way any of these people think podcast will last forever or that it will always bring in significant money. Maybe he is also saving to make an investment like buy a property for rent.

No. 1974823

Please, nona. They get 90k-140k per MONTH, I'm not gonna be sad they pay taxes or employees or other random expenses. They took in over 1.25 million dollars just in the last year. Regardless of what's getting scraped off that's a ton of money. Everyone pays taxes and everyone has bills, but most people aren't making a yearly salary of $625,000+ through crowdfunding after they split it with their buddy like Nick and Adam are. It's not like they have a label that pays them 10% of the profit margin or something, they're getting the majority of the money.
A minimum wage worker in New York state would have to wage for 20 years full time to earn what one of them collects from patreon in one year.

No. 1974839

I never said to be sad, no need to freak out

No. 1974846

If you don't want a reply like that then don't come in here and post about how a cow that makes over half a million dollars a year has to pay taxes, as if we should consider that when speaking about how much money they make.

No. 1974888

Damn, Bimbo is such a wordcel.

No. 1974895

ntayrt but jesus christ calm down lmao

No. 1974941

Do you pay them or something? Yeah we shit on them, but actually getting pissed at financing is the ridiculous.

No. 1974958

i'm the anon you were replying to and yeah i know how expensive new york state and city taxes/cost of living is, but it's still kinda cope-y to imply the cows in this thread don't make a shitton of money, more than enough to have purchased apartments in more desirable neighborhoods by now. it's really common for transplants to move to crappy neighborhoods like bushwick, ridgewood or the eastern part of bed stuy, live the scuzzy hipster 3-roommate lifestyle for a few years until their hasidic landlords either jack up the rent so high on their illegally deregulated apartment that they end up back in their hometown, or they do well and upgrade to nicer neighborhoods once they start making $100k, and we're talking abt people who make 3-4x that.

anyway point is, the people in this thread live like dogs compared to their income, yes even in new york city. guess i attribute it to their mental illness/alcoholism/chronic loserdom, and maybe fudged patreon numbers but that's just my personal tinfoil

No. 1974990

You sound a zoomer retard who is in debt and has no concept of financial planning for the future

No. 1974993

I assume Nick is the type of guy who'd live in semi-squalor even if he made a million a year. Plenty of manchildren like that, just look at people who got rich off making games in their early/mid 20s.

No. 1975004

File: 1710184420430.jpeg (108.43 KB, 473x1024, IMG_0641.jpeg)

No. 1975014

File: 1710185099989.png (347.03 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8123.png)

Skimmed this. It’s a lot of words, she even created a sea metaphor, to describe feeling isolated in her marriage and being a middling model, ugly duckling syndrome, being attracted to/wanting to fuck two different men during her marriage, one of whom trashed her rep to Mommy Milker’s ugly ass. Hopefully she learned to stop being friends with men.
This screenshot tho, does anyone know who this could be? “One particularly insidious Deep Sea Anglerfish, a female, assumes the guise of a Baba Yaga Witch with various Slavonic monikers.”

No. 1975015

Textbook “Siblings or dating” couple

No. 1975016

Im blind as fuck i thought thats Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet lmao

No. 1975026

File: 1710185859458.jpg (620.82 KB, 1500x2250, GC9W_t6b0AEhUed.jpg)

It's definitely Anna, that was the consensus here when it was first posted.

What's so funny/tragic is that the man she's sad about is this dimes' freakshow specimen… this is what she considers her 'sophisticated intellectual' peer

>I entertained it seeing as you were my ultimate friend and confidante. I certainly did think about this all during the height of lockdowns and my imprisonment when I felt neglected by my husband. You possess a striking handsomeness, albeit not precisely my preferred aesthetic. There's a certain debonair charm about you, a blend of machismo and sophistication. Your vast knowledge of underground music, literature, and cinema is truly impressive, reflecting a poetic sensibility


No. 1975034

god its so cringe when people post their embellished diary entries as some artistic writing, she really does need to learn some
>poetic sensibility
from this dude

No. 1975044

She has a poor understanding of men’s nature and is too trusting. Plus this is the substack equivalent of sending a man a long text paragraph. She would do better to engage only with “vetted” males from friends of IRL friends, coworkers, classmates. Her low self esteem jumps off the screen.
I’m okay to cheer on the spiral if it produces milk but this is all pathetic and embarrassing and never ending. Hopefully she posts more shit about Anna.

No. 1975053

i don't buy that it's anna, though i did notice they don't follow each other on twitter/ig, whereas bimbo and dasha do so. i assumed it was monica.

No. 1975055


>"You've betrayed my trust by divulging my vulnerabilities to one of the most toxic Wave Courtesans in our Coral Reefs

>her mouth is nothing short of a grotesque prolapsed bunghole. I hesitate to even call it a mouth; it's more like a repulsive sewer. She's made up of at least seventy-five percent carboniferous byproduct"

Is Monica

>"Deep Sea Anglerfish, Baba Yaga Witch with various Slavonic monikers"

Is Anna, she's describing two different people.

No. 1975056

No there are two sections in the write up. There’s the “dumb cunt” which is Monica, her botched blow up doll fake friend in NYC who was a mail order bride that no one currently wishes to wed. Then there’s the anglerfish Baba Yaga Slavonic character part of the ecosphere (it feels so retarded to use her metaphors), who is also detestable but just a small bother.

No. 1975081

are you a cow or one of the aforementioned 23 year old they/thems, otherwise i can't imagine why you're seething so hard over my innocuous comment. anyway i'm not a zoomer or in debt but feel free to elaborate on how blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on coke, discount Yoox clothes and horsehair mattresses instead of buying a home constitutes sound financial planning

lol i've been waiting for Cory's comeback as the tiktok zoomers discover indie sleaze. an it-girl upgrade for adam

No. 1975082

Shitty writing that would get called navel gazing purple prose in even the worst state school MFA program

No. 1975084

if anyone “won” NYC podcasting it was Adam. keeps private life private, has a job where he doesn’t have to do anything, makes good money, can throw his weight around in other creative avenues, dates beautiful girls, does the Hockney impression painting thing, never jumped the shark and got into the Yarvin crap, looks Semiticly chic with the longer hair and dresses pretty well.

No. 1975086

the baba yaga is an oceanographer and marine biologist and has more than one slavic name. doesn't sound like anna.

No. 1975091

I didn’t realize Corey was only 34. So she was a teenager still in high school under 18 for most of her party girl years. I wonder how she feels about that now.

No. 1975114

Bimbo U should just tag people, this subtle shit is annoying

No. 1975117

yeah, Mark Hunter began dating her and made her his unpaid intern when she was 15 and he was 20, soon after she was partying with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins. i can't imagine how fucked the power dynamic is between a random high school girl and these incredibly wealthy famous tabloid celebs 10 years her senior, not to mention the men i'm sure were creeping around. i always liked Cory and wondered if she'd have another moment. the influencer economy was so underdeveloped back then, i doubt she got paid much for how exposed and exploited she was. maybe she can do better this time around.

No. 1975124


It's me, SaltyPickles.

I'd love to see you try. You aren't going to do shit, faggot!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975130

File: 1710200541327.png (1.07 MB, 1115x1913, pariah the doll obese.png)

Can We Talk About How Fat Pariah Troon Used To Be, nonnies?

No. 1975141

This has been posted before, isn’t milk and no one cares.

No. 1975157


"that's a nigga"

No. 1975168

Was this before he decided to LARP as "Pariah" / started pretending to be a woman?

No. 1975188

he looks like big chungus with those two big front buck teeth

No. 1975206

you might be onto something nonny! Anna lives in Brooklyn, not in the ocean like it says in Bimbo’s story.

No. 1975216

Within the underwater metaphor, that’s how she meant oceanography. Someone who studies and is within the scene. Not a literal marine biologist lmao.
I originally thought Defaut Friend (her name is Katya) but she’s friendly with BU. Anna is the best guess. And it doesn’t hurt she’s friends with plastic Monica/mommy milkers.

No. 1975218

I thought DF too but I can’t see DF getting into drama with BU

No. 1975219

File: 1710211823768.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)

It's obviously Anna. The "various Slavonic monikers" is her mocking Anna's plethora of 'identities'.

No. 1975222

Anna isn’t a failed e-girl

No. 1975231

No, she’s jealous of e-girls and their shallow posting mocks them regularly.

No. 1975237

So he dumped the zoomer he got pregnant?

No. 1975240

Did she abort the bastard child?

No. 1975243

The photo was for a fashion shoot, Adam isn't dating her. His gf being pregnant was probably a joke. Kennedy was recently or still is going out with Dasha's other ex, 0pn/Daniel Lopatin.

No. 1975249

Kek, don't flatter them like that

No. 1975250

>keeps his private life private
Not really. People already know his girlfriend, his family, and can easily track down where he lives

>can throw his weight in other creative avenues

Like what? He hasn't done anything of note besides TAFS and Cum Town

>has a job where he doesn't have to do anything

Everybody in this scene also has that. And the sad thing is that its clearly declining. TAFS was pretty much supposed to be Adam's retirement fund but now more and more people are leaving as the Patreon stats indicate that its at least at the same level as when Stav left and its clear he doesn't have personality enough to carry it on his own.

No. 1975251

Did she stop developing mentally beyond 14? This is painful to read. Even Elliot Rodger wasn't this up his own ass.

No. 1975252

He gets bit roles in films and I would put money on him pivoting and doing something arthouse in the next five years or angling for a solo showing or something. Idk, I get an air of respectability from him Nick is too mentally ill to achieve despite being more talented and Stav is too normie to even want. I think at this point they can afford to bleed some patreon money, TAFS get guests at a caliber that indicates they’re more interested in being “artist’s artists” type of guys than reaching the lowest common denominator of cum town fan. I’m not saying that approach is adjacent to the quality, but I think if anyone from the whole lot quietly breaks into the actual serious entertainment world it’s Adam.

No. 1975256

idk, he already got a gf an abortion back in college. She was only 23/24, she wasn't keeping it at any rate.

No. 1975268

He’s doing well on other aspects but I don’t think his interpersonal relationships are great. He complained about the redhead gf Maya not respecting him on TAFS a couple times, and Nick always used him as a punching bag. This seems to be a theme in his relationships and friendships
It was abortion unless the pregnancy was a total joke to boost intrigue in the pod since they said it around when they debuted TAFS. I could see Nick coaxing him to make up a scandalous rumor to boost their numbers

No. 1975271

File: 1710225899262.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x1882, IMG_6055.jpeg)

Worth noting he got a lot of that shitty ink in the past two years. He did not look like that at Basel 2022. Mid life crisis.

No. 1975375


It is definitely not Anna, default_friend could have been prime candidate as marine biologist, but she is not slavic despite have slavic first name. I wonder who she is talking about, who else could match the criteria of oceanographer, Alex Kaschuta ? but she is Romanian, not slav.

No. 1975392

@default_friend has multiple names (katya, katherine), fits marine biologist, and is a failed wave courtesan

No. 1975426

looks like discount johnny depp. disgusting.

No. 1975432

bimbo is probably dumb enough to think that Romanians are slavs

No. 1975433

Bimbo and DF were just talking on Twitter last week. Kaschuta is a possibility for sure though I don’t know her propensity for lifting content. Doesn’t she just mostly feature other people?

No. 1975436

kaschuta is too mature. maybe @alexandrovna?

No. 1975440

I mean if you think getting bit roles in arthouse movies a "win", then Dasha is an Olmypic gold medalist

No. 1975458

The only ones out of Anna, Kaschuta, DF, Alexandrovna who play victim are DF and Anna and the only one of those two who don’t seem externally friendly with bimbo is Anna. Dasha and bimbo are mutuals.
There might be other prominent personalities I am not aware of

No. 1975460

DF doesn’t play victim, Anna does. DF is just spineless.

No. 1975463

File: 1710262994838.jpeg (349.26 KB, 1170x1555, IMG_8150.jpeg)

A tiny bit more context - “showing no regard for gender.”

No. 1975479

the leviathan is anna

No. 1975483

It’s always really obvious to me that the substack hoes go straight from reading Sarah J Maas chick lit shit to trying to tackle Nietzsche and Kant within a couple years and totally skip any intermediary fiction or essay work so they end up with this really tortured, stiff, metaphor heavy, self important prose that has no grounding or natural rhythm. They all write like this and it’s so much worse than they think it is.

No. 1975486

soz if anyone saw my post wrong thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975496

File: 1710268672320.png (428.73 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8152.png)

Leviathan - Anna
Cluster B/toxic Wave Courtesan - Monica
Dearest former friend/A - Adam
Anglerfish/slavic monikers/victim complex - idk

No. 1975497

What I find funny about Bimbo Ubermensch is that on twitter she claims to be bold fearless young women while not having the guts to even clearly name the people who wronged her, have to resort to excessive use of metaphors. None of these characters have any real life influence and in no way could have any power to make her life miserable, yet she fears them.

No. 1975500

I remember Bimbo writing about how the founders of the keeper dating app (Indian Bronson and co) used to neg her(about her looks by praising her friends to be too hot for certain roles in their company,but not her) in order to make her feel bad about herself.Lets see whether she calls them out in her substack.

No. 1975506

Alexandrovna doesn't have any russian ancestry but she does use slavic soudning handle and definitely talks shit about bimbo all the time, but the Anglerfish/victim/biologist metaphor doesn't apply to her.(sage your shit)

No. 1975530

The criticism of diaspora culture is pretty on point tbh, speaking as a (non asian) diasporoid myself.(learn2sage)

No. 1975532

Omg stop and SAGE. Stop blog posting

No. 1975537

It sounds like DF… what did she plagiarize?

No. 1975538

Who is Alexandrovna?(sage your shit)

No. 1975639

No. 1975651

File: 1710295581040.jpeg (112.07 KB, 1170x765, IMG_8163.jpeg)

@verymoisturized calls herself Sasha, so that fits. And @alexandrovnaing now @alexandrovna805 is obviously a Slavic username. Both are possibilities for the anglerfish.

No. 1975653

And neither have any affinity for their own gender, plus BU has spent time with @verymoisturized irl before. I don’t know which of @verymoisturized or @alexandrovnaing is the “biologist” of their sphere.

No. 1975709

No one cares who these 5th grader analogies are referring to. Good job on simultaneously being insane and hanging around the thread subjects, but we don't want any of what's coming out of your udders.

No. 1975712

Nailed it in the head.

Reeks of trying too hard to be fake schizo

No. 1976168

The show is horrible but I hate listen to it sometimes. He mentions his gf Maia here and there but has never said a peep about a pregnancy or baby. I’m guessing they got the aborto a long time ago or it was all a bit

No. 1976176


I think it is Katya Ungerman aka "Default Friend"

Bimbo Ubermensch is mostly likely referring to Katya as slavic due to her Eastern European background (whether or not she's slavic specifically)

No. 1976181

>Cluster B/toxic Wave Courtesan - Monica

Any truth to her being a former escort / sex worker?

Zukiman seems to be adamant about seeing "proof" of this claim


No. 1976187

what did she plagiarize? i don’t see it. say what you will about default fed but she’s been one note on her takes for years

No. 1976192

>say what you will about default fed but she’s been one note on her takes for years

Weird phrasing. What does this even mean?

No. 1976226

Last week DF and BU neutrally interacted regarding those gross “liking choking is normal” tweets BU posted. Could BU dislike her, interact with her on the timeline, and still sub her? I guess it’s possible, Anna does it often (eg subbing/arguing with Audrey Horne)

No. 1976421


zukiman is a psycho and spreads lot of bullshit about women on twitter. apart from he himslef being a deranged person and a druggie, he comes from a family where bad behavior is common in his generation, his own brother die of drug overdose & his korean family are extremely embarressed due to his and his brother's behavior. despite this he still refuses to become sober and spends all of his time harassing RW women.

Mommy Milkers was never an escort, she actually comes from a decent family despite her financially poor background. Though she did work as a Bottle service girl which some RW men think is equivilant to sex work.Hence all these bullshit rumors.

No. 1976422

default_friend claims to have read and enjoyed Bimbo Ubermensch's book.

No. 1976429

There is also Ann Manov, who is slavic and atleast is a pretend writer. But she is a small fish in the "Infinite Scroll" as Bimbo says.So unlikely Bimbo is referring to her. I have also not seen Ann posting Anti Bimbo content.(sage your shit)

No. 1976473


Fun fact: Austistic Matt, one of the most miserable & mentally ill people in the scene, would sext Curtis Yarvin pretending to be Ann Manov.

He's a closeted bisexual, most likely due to lack of access to women (prison gay).

He works at Sovereign House, and take orders from the little manlet Nick Adams.

His twitter is:

He is pushing 40, and spends his time mining teenage content creator pages on TikTok, to copy & paste to his Twitter, in hopes of gaining further engagement.

No. 1976475

>Mommy Milkers was never an escort, she actually comes from a decent family despite her financially poor background. Though she did work as a Bottle service girl which some RW men think is equivilant to sex work.Hence all these bullshit rumors.

Sounds like you're a friend of Monica's.

No. 1976519

Yeah so I don’t think it’s her. I’m circling back to thinking the Anglerfish is Alex Kaschuta as she has a substack and that would give an opportunity for plagiarism. Alex was also big on talking to micro accounts and getting them on her podcast, she may have struck up a convo with Bimbo. Bottom feeder bc she can’t make her own content and must feature others. She is one of the few accepted women in the RW sphere, wrt to the gender traitor thing. Merely “a trifle” because she wasn’t close enough to do personal damage, just lift ideas. More known in 2020-2021 before falling off, same as Bimbo.
I agree with others Anna is the Leviathan.

No. 1976545

When is Sandra planning on releasing her gay little book?

No. 1976574

They’re really not, it’s all based in resentment and racism because everybody—literally everybody—in this scene is a total failure to launch.
Also stop leaving an unsaged rely to every single post that catches your eye on here you utter fucking spastic

No. 1976592

No, but I have been following her since 2017 when her original account was @iampersonofcolor or something like that, don't remember exactly. She used to talk a lot about her job as hostess and sex life.(sage your shit)

No. 1976595

100%- they are self-loathing podcasters mocking people who become doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. As if Anna wouldn’t love if her son became a dentist. they are jealous, it’s apparent when they devalue these jobs as midwit bs or a striver’s empty goals.
that’s why they created their own status alternative, a gay and ineffectual arts and culture clique (that’s devoid of artists). They act like they’re bauhaus or Warhol superstars. It doesn’t matter how much Anna calls herself retarded, she is delusional and lies to herself that she could do all of the above, she just didn’t want to.

No. 1976597

df promoted bu on her substack today too, but idk why kaschuta would plagiarize

No. 1976598

The crushing reality that having the discipline to do something is as important as having the intelligence to

No. 1976608

I swear to god at least half this scene is closet bisexual or fully closet gay but LARPing heterosexual desire. I don't even know what mental illness causes this. + if links to people's obvious cultural shill content pushing pages are milk, I find unsubtle agents or hanger ons on reddit all over, but doesn't seem entertaining or milky tbh

No. 1976617

>I don't even know what mental illness causes this.
slav genes

No. 1976626


Autistic Matt (MainstreamViews) has no slav genes.

Fat Autistic Matt is half Jew / half Irish

Interestingly enough, that is the same exact ethnic mix as "Pariah the Doll"

No. 1976627

>She used to talk a lot about her job as hostess and sex life.

What'd you learn about her sex life, after following her for 7 years?

No. 1976628

>the little manlet Nick Adams.

Nick Allen

No. 1976638

There's no shortage of Russians or Jews (same thing in a lot of cases TBF) in those jobs either, I'm sure plenty of them are racist but they don't seethe like scarethots or chapoids about those uppity Korean project managers who work at Facebook or whatever
No offense but there's nothing interesting about that unless you're from cousinfucker county Oklahoma, there are tons of half Jewish/half Italian or Irish people in the northeast and pretty much any metro with a jewish community

No. 1976640

>there are tons of half Jewish/half Italian or Irish people in the northeast and pretty much any metro with a jewish community

No way. You're telling me now for the first time!

No. 1976650

Anything to cope with the fact that they're monkeys dancing for pennies while telling themselves they're not "striving" because their aspiration of choice is useless, oversaturated and unsustainable.

Being a podcel/streamcel truly is a moid version of being a proud sexworker looking down on "wage slaves". Sure jimothy, you'll be living off fortnite next year. Just gonna get 50 other aspiring streamcels with 3 viewers to trade follows with you.

No. 1976651

NTA but their point is obviously who cares if two random internet losers are the same race makeup unless you’re trying to needlessly racebait about Jews and/or Irish people.

No. 1976675

not actually interesting, super common combo

No. 1976679

Super common in causing autism

No. 1976708

Wait which Matt is this, what's his last name

No. 1976828

Not a lot,she just used to mention the amount of sex she used to have and basically admitting that she is a porn and sex addict.
But she did reveal one thing which most people here don't know.
While a lot of people seems to be aware that she is a divorcee(Bimbo Ubermensch also confirmed the same),only a few are aware that she aborted her child with her ex-husband. She mentioned that the process of abortion was mentally very difficult for her, her mom being in St.Petersburg and unable to help due to visa issues and her husband didn't have enough money to support the child. This was like a few years after she arrived in US, so i think she was like 22-23 at that time.

No. 1976884

if you aren't going to sage at least post pictures

No. 1976915

File: 1710618905414.jpg (869.15 KB, 1638x2048, botoxed-monster.jpg)

what is with these people being total degenerates and wearing gold crosses around their neck?

No. 1976918

I see we have a fan following her Instagram, and then talking shit about her on /snow/

No. 1976921

>posting a literallywho
> "total degenerates"
>the file name
you have to go back

No. 1976924

NTA but I wouldn't go so far as to call Mommy Milkers a literallywho, she's very milky

No. 1976927


You know "sheboon" means black, right?

No. 1976928

This isn't milk it's just a slut and you sound like a moid

No. 1976964

I agree with you, she’s been posted in at least half of these threads going back to 2021. She used to argue more online and was milkier when she was a grad student and not working, but her antics are enough that she is still the current THREAD PIC.

No. 1977079

File: 1710663683798.jpg (367.05 KB, 828x1158, 1710661413893870.jpg)

No. 1977144

File: 1710684357871.png (216.84 KB, 598x442, Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 14-04…)

Anna liked this, i wonder if it's finally sunk in just how much of a fool she made of herself with him, or if it's just her narc rejection lashing out. She generally seems to be impervious to embarrassment even when she completely humiliates herself, as she has a habit of doing.

No. 1977154

afaik Anna didn’t have any interaction with Ta-Nehisi Coates, are you thinking of Tariq Nasheed? still cringe of Anna to be liking “black ppl are the REAL racists” tweets she’s so afraid to commit to an opinion

No. 1977212

If A is Adam Lehrer in Bimbo's book, then who is 'X', the person who she had affair with while she was married.She claims that X is someone Adam knows.(sage your shit)

No. 1977218

examples of milk for a noob farmer?
(unsaged newfag)

No. 1977219

Where does Pariah talk about his ethnicity?(sage your shit)

No. 1977235

nobody cares. don't bump the thread for this shit

No. 1977245

much of this thread is not milk, but crass racism(unsaged)

No. 1977272

File: 1710713514579.png (762.63 KB, 1280x1074, selena_milk.png)

seems like i have stumbled upon some new cow, ie milky_selena(selfposting)

No. 1977273

lol at stealing the Thomas777 affect for her substack handle, these women are so corny

No. 1977292

File: 1710720310270.png (49.91 KB, 598x529, blhlhll.png)

No. 1977308


No. 1977313

Ok? Thanks? & the sky is blue Anna. It’s always a dig at someone, but it’s only a matter of time before she just bitches at them in the TL or gets her shooters Fat Jack and the melting sex doll to do it for her.

No. 1977361

Not unlike how jardin got an abortion a whileback when it was her husbands kid(sage your shit)

No. 1977465

File: 1710771292189.png (561.49 KB, 1067x600, Self Help - EnvyDesire (2024) …)

Aimee and pariah's troon movie is up on youtube


No. 1977492

most egregious self post should be deleted(sage your shit)

No. 1977493

no one cares + every pariahpost is a selfpost (but if anyone's bored enough to watch, watch on yewtube so you don't give them $)


No. 1977501

I don't know what is worse, this troon cow, or the fervent antisemitism here(sage your shit)

No. 1977502

Why would you want to become a woman when you’re this busted? Should have stayed a man where looks don’t matter so much.

No. 1977503

wtf is this shit? two minutes in and its opened with a weird tiktok and then acting that matches a porno opening scene ( i guess they do watch it all day)
what is antisemetic

No. 1977513

Paying money and going through surgery to be a jawcel

No. 1977540

I'm surprised he's a better actress than Dasha. A low bar, but he clears it.

No. 1977557

The worst thing is easily all of the unsaged retards

No. 1977560


this whole board is very unmilky(sage your shit)

No. 1977591

I don't know who this is, but my God I've never seen such an obvious mouthbreather in my life

No. 1977594

yeah he's got pretty extreme mouth-breathing autist face, I don't think his lips would even touch if he fully closed his mouth with his teeth together. probably had shit loads of orthodontic work done when he was younger (including a palate expander)and got ostracized for both that and being fat. now that his teeth are as fixed as they can be and he's skinny fat instead of fat he thinks he's a sex symbol. pathetic, but pretty fucking funny and explains his unwarranted self-confidence.

No. 1977665

>Should have stayed a man where looks don’t matter so much.

He did stay a man.

He will never be anything else.

No. 1977687


Mommy Milkers, Pariah the Doll & Bimbo Ubermensch are much more interesting than Dasha now

No. 1977746

He looks like Taylor Swift here. Sexlessness and age and all.(non-milk posts should be saged)

No. 1977754

Disagree. He completely embodies what leftcows think the opposite of "sexlessness" is - fetid, mysteriously sticky, deeply conventionally unattractive yet completely preoccupied with desirability and lust. Not even in a "fat bastard from hentai" way, but "literal retard/elder gonzo porn from Germany" way. Equally disturbing, pitiful and castrating to behold, like you're a nurse watching a low functioning autist or a dementia patient display an erection. On a rational level you know that these people have a sexuality and it's healthy, but it's so viscerally repulsive you pretend they're completely asexual for your own sanity's sake. That's the kind of sensuality people like Anna and this troon represent - the harrowing Freudian realization that sex is something deformed people also want and often partake in.

No. 1977764

>two's a crowd, three's a clock
Gagged a bit, tbh. Why y'all have permanent hate boners for Aimee and Salomé I'll never truly understand; they're doing more for calling out the troon menace than anyone else at this point!(wking)

No. 1977771

>scarethot punctuation

No. 1977780

Anna just has nothing left to say so the only way she can drum up engagement is spilling whatever’s left in the gas can out on mild speculation and group chat panic re: who she’s subtweeting. It’s sniveling and pathetic.

No. 1977815

File: 1710826811106.png (70.51 KB, 1034x515, bimbo's pussy is bald.png)

bimbo bantz. she DGAF.

No. 1977816

File: 1710826855636.jpg (343.38 KB, 1536x2048, bimbo GI-dgJ9WQAA8XMq.jpg)

also: she dropped a nice dress selfie earlier.

No. 1977819

It's kind of sad how you can be attractive and still end up scraping the bottom of the barrel for incel attention because you have no confidence.

No. 1977828

Bimbo's problem is that she has visceral disgust for Non-white men and have internalized race science ideas to a level that she can't imagine being with anyone other than white men.Add her hatred for her own doctor parents and anyone STEM associated,the only Men left for her are pretend artists and other useless bums.(learn2sage)

No. 1977829

Bimbo would rather chase a married White man with no carrier prospects or a druggie or alcoholic rather than marrying a non white man with STEM carier. This is the sad state of every POC in white nationalism circles.

No. 1977834

You know what I meant kek

No. 1977869

I thought this was a picture of someone wrapped in a towel like in a gym changing room from the thumbnail. That dress is bad.

No. 1977884

File: 1710851843629.jpg (255.46 KB, 1440x1800, 1.jpg)

Dasha posted her piece in Noagency's little magazine No Erotica #4. She titled it “Cassandra’s Dream”, it's supposedly fiction but the details are awfully familiar.
small imagedump incoming I will sage

No. 1977885

File: 1710851883542.jpg (412.79 KB, 1440x1800, 2.jpg)

No. 1977886

File: 1710851913960.jpg (253.78 KB, 1440x1800, 3.jpg)

No. 1977887

File: 1710851955333.jpg (279.13 KB, 1440x1800, 4.jpg)

No. 1977890

File: 1710852006405.jpg (382.64 KB, 1440x1800, 5.jpg)

No. 1977891

File: 1710852194532.jpg (Spoiler Image,248.72 KB, 1440x1800, 6.jpg)

got past the instagram filters because it's so blurry but I'll spoiler anyway.
No Agency NY is trashy for running this softcore porno mag shit.

No. 1977892

File: 1710852252714.jpg (374.98 KB, 1440x1800, 7.jpg)

No. 1977893

File: 1710852355143.jpg (290.53 KB, 1440x1800, 8.jpg)

No. 1977899

i hope she gets paid? but this magazine is perpetually broke so prob not

No. 1977912

Exactly what a good Catholic would publish during Easter lol. Is it worth reading the whole thing?

No. 1977917

Yes exactly. it’s harrowing to watch.

No. 1977919

>Exactly what a good Catholic would publish during Easter lol.
It's not Easter yet, dummy.

>Is it worth reading the whole thing?

That was the whole thing.

No. 1977929

having such complete contempt for men that they are nothing but obstacles to deal with to further your own goals is what FDS/ the black pill should have been about. I wish I knew women who would actually admit to being even 1/10th as based on the moid question.

No. 1977930

Well Lent

No. 1977932

I have no idea who these people are but holy kek this is bad. Is this what all these people sound like?

No. 1977939

diminutive contempt for the opposite sex only ever comes from profound sexual trauma or abuse and messed up internal messaging about shame and violence tbf

No. 1977940

you must be a freak moid jealous she won’t fuck you or meet you despite being low self esteem and posting nudes online.
Welcome to LCF newfag, which is supposed to be antagonistic toward men.
There’s so many men here, it’s disgusting

No. 1977941

I'm with her regarding STEMcels but only on that front

No. 1977944

So what explains mens contempt for women if that were true?

No. 1977946

File: 1710860874934.jpg (147.2 KB, 1440x1080, downwardtrendemoji.jpg)

No. 1977948

being antagonistic to men is good, carrying that baggage in an identity defining way is a recipe for being maladjusted and forever emotionally handicapped. hundreds of threads on this very site are essentially case files for this fact.

No. 1977949

Now thats the blackpill for LCF

No. 1977958

No. Men need to pay. bless Dasha for taking on the task.

No. 1977964

the primordial injury of not being women + being made to orbit women

No. 1977965

It's just an average brown mystery meat scarecel with racial/reproductive ressentiments, just like the average scarethot is a fat girl from vindicta(racebaiting)

No. 1977968

Does anyone here know what's the deal with Michelle Ivana is? She is an instagram model, but orbit around trad women on twitter and posts bait on twitter.

No. 1977969

So Unusual for an instagram model to trad post in RW circles. Please don't compare her with Bimbo as they are not in the same league.

No. 1977972

Dumb Bitch Capital @dumbbitchcap has a beef with her, see this tweet

No. 1977974

>Does anyone here know what's the deal with Michelle Ivana is?

Her "deal" is to make you mad.

And it's clearly working.

No. 1977978

>Dumb Bitch Capital @dumbbitchcap

Dumb Bitch Capital is the biggest tryhard in this whole sphere.

She's painfully unfunny, but her humor appeals to Redditors like you, so you begin to have parasocial feelings for her.

No. 1977979

you're accusing people of being redditors while reddit-spacing yourself, i beg you to please develop some self-awareness before your next post

No. 1977982

>you're accusing people of being redditors while reddit-spacing yourself


Nice attempt at deflection.

Looks like me calling you a Redditor hit close to home.(learn2integrate)

No. 1977991

Nta but you're Reddit spacing. It definitely looks like you're hitting the enter key twice to start a new paragraph like you have to do on Reddit because it's retarded instead of just once.

No. 1978014

this is just unspeakably bad. for it to be corny or annoying is one thing but like… this is the most sloppily made thing i have ever seen from start to finish. completely unwatchable

No. 1978017

reddit behavior

No. 1978028

Michelle Ivana used to be fat till last year, now that she lost a lot of weight, she is trying rile up at many people as possible by posting clickbait/ pickme stuff on Twitter, Instagram clearly is not giving her mental satisfaction.
Checkout her fat photos for miami 2023 swim week.(sage your shit)

No. 1978033

Lol at Audrey Horne whining about how everyone thinks she is annoying(true statement).
https://twitter.com/credenzaclear2/status/1770163473445499084(this is an imageboard)

No. 1978037

kek we’ve been saying that. What did he say about it when he showed that?

No. 1978039

File: 1710878819019.png (602.96 KB, 590x768, ss3.png)

Reddit spacing accusations are dumb for long posts but holy shit kek lrn2integrate
And you should have posted a screenshot. I don't like the addition of literal insta models to this scene as it risks having them fail up, but it is hilarious to see the hot girl LARPers get mogged. Also post style, lack of screenshot and not knowing how to quote suggests >>1977968 and >>1977972 are samefagging, so… yawn, another desperate, hot but boringly unhinged selfposter?

No. 1978044

Sandra Soliman (@BimboUbermensch) is better-looking than Michelle Ivana, IMO.

No. 1978048

he's obviously playing it up but holy fuck he looks so bad here. he's going to look like what if woody allen fucked the happy merchant in 10 years if he's lucky. 5 if he's not.

No. 1978052

thanks for that update on the standings in the Miss Literal Who beauty pageant

No. 1978054

File: 1710881572667.mp4 (1.92 MB, 720x900, 674BBBF3BD1DD9A113AC0B5A903688…)

you're welcome.

No. 1978057

what the fuck are these posts? this isn't a fanclub

No. 1978058

File: 1710882189412.jpg (190.16 KB, 1080x1350, 228446192_182487007206185_6577…)

not with that attitude!

No. 1978059

Nice tits, Sandra Soliman

No. 1978060

File: 1710882538390.jpg (100.26 KB, 1080x1350, 313038404_798530411251116_6212…)

i'm not sandra, i'm one of her simps.(spam)

No. 1978062

One of the things this scene “enlightened” me on is that every woman in this circle wants to be Jane Birkin so badly. They are muses for ugly men.

No. 1978063

Nick's exact words were
>Probably the greatest repudiation of a product by a customer base of all time

No. 1978073

>dasha is based on the moid question
the same dasha who proudly admits her porn addiction, sucks up to any male in a mile radius, and has given over 100 ugly men commitment-free sex? just cuz she cheated on a couple bfs doesn't make her le based misandrist, that's just her cluster b leaking. dasha literally lives for male validation, anna too.

No. 1978074

Definitely self poster. This thread has the most of any here.
Unless Michelle picks a fight with someone notable in the scene, we don’t care. Trying to make oldfags and farmers here care about the endless “hot RW e-girl” competitions… we are not men

No. 1978080

I said in an earlier thread they were trying to hop on some fake internet radfem bandwagon, boosting rfh etc. It's pathetic.

No. 1978100

>Miss Literal Who beauty pageant
Don't these cows have threads on KF? They should go selfpost there. BU in particular should keep posting naked pictures and humiliating herself, I'm sure something great will come out of it!

No. 1978111

Imagine being named Sandra in 2024 kek. Embarrassing.

No. 1978139

they’re on KF?

No. 1978180

Yeah this bitch has nothing to say, kinda sad to see these Twitter losers who thought they had an actual following spiral and resort to posting atrocious Substack posts to delude themselves. At the very least her replies are a good barometer for indicating who in the downtown literary scene is most likely a pedophile

No. 1978185

File: 1710910557562.png (322.36 KB, 1079x1120, Screenshot_20240319_064021_Kiw…)

Pushing 40 and still getting trashed like a stupid sorority girl. Bleak.

No. 1978203

She's just a mentally retarded whore, no different than Dasha

No. 1978205

Maybe some, but big names here like Anna and Dasha definitely have a more proactive role. Anna wants to be an intellectual so bad while Dasha apes whatever 4chan subculture is big at the moment rather than any particular person.

No. 1978216

Whoever this future washed up tradthot is, I’m amazed she’s managed to keep her Ford contract interacting in all these right wing circles even if she’s technically with the D-list Miami division as a D-list swimsuit model. This stuff is like Kryptonite to agencies that drop girls for much less, because you never know what client will be turned off by political opinions, drunk selfies ect and just go with another model. Also it doesn’t seem like she has booked a single paying job in her career, just editorials

No. 1978242

File: 1710940114503.jpg (222.7 KB, 1528x1154, mullen.jpg)

Better or worse than nick looking like he's in palliative care?

No. 1978251

File: 1710941289671.png (343.28 KB, 924x748, Screenshot Audrey Horne.png)

Look at this shit.Who the hell is interested in hearing anything Audrey Horne writes? Sad state of affairs in DC.

No. 1978253

You can tell these people are all privileged because someone from a working class background would take a job opportunity seriously and not post slurs on twitter, damaging their reputation when they don’t have a safety net to fall back on. Honestly surprised Anna doesn’t have a better filter, being a true and honest Soviet woman and all, lol.

No. 1978255

Her face is not as attractive as her body

No. 1978256

Michelle has the face of a pretty woman. Sandra has the face of a chubby Iraqi boy

No. 1978257

Trying so hard to look sensual and failing kek

No. 1978258

Sandra is not in the same league as Michelle,Sandra is a butterface.Michelle is someone people would not deny as a beauty.(no1currs)

No. 1978261

I'm surprised that the image dump anon posted is the whole thing. When I was done reading, I was like… is that it? It's sparse to the point of being dull and devoid of craft. More soft-core porn meets an ad for LA Apparel, which is the same schtick she's been doing for years, with some navel-gazing sentences attached.
Does this dumb bitch really not know alcohol's effect on the heart? She downed four drinks in three hours. She wasn't poisoned by anyone but herself.

No. 1978263

That’s what they tell themselves but they’re all not pretty enough to attract better looking guys even if they wanted to

No. 1978272

File: 1710945083509.jpeg (299.26 KB, 1171x1755, 9346AD5C-159C-4B33-8FBB-11A25E…)

This is her substack

No. 1978277

She kind of has a Habsburg scowl-mouth and an overall recessed appearance. Something is seriously repulsive about that face.

No. 1978280

Mindnumbingly boring and she somehow has over 1000 substack followers

No. 1978291

Funny that creeps like Ryan Ruby and Christian Lorentzen will spend all day on Twitter bemoaning the state of literature today and then gladly read along with someone who writes dreck like this…

No. 1978294

She’s dull and irritating but not a cow recently

No. 1978295

just an escort then? looks like she's lived across a few cities you'd need some cash to put yourself up in. I feel like most prostitutes that market themselves the way she does are actually much more even tempered than her.

No. 1978298

>> 1978251
She’s got a decently sized follower base; makes a lot of sense to invite her if you want to expand reach. She has enough association with downtown scene that her followers mostly have literary pretensions but without having the baggage of goofy BAP era stuck to her too.

Grimes was invited to the sex revolution debate because she’d sell tickets with her name, not because anyone thought she’d be insightful. This is micro-celeb version of that.

No. 1978301

they’re only mad about the state of literature because men don’t read or buy books so publishers don’t care about them as an audience anymore
I don’t really dislike Audrey but if you’re positioning yourself as a literary scene up-and-comer and you write like WASP mommy blogger, it’s fair game

No. 1978304

I can’t get the image of his sloppy ass in a diaper out of my head. He is losing it, he gets a little vicodin and starts writing sketches where he can paw Adam all over. Poor Adam, no worker’s protection when you aren’t in a real industry and your employer is your friend.

No. 1978388

File: 1710971460786.png (2.3 MB, 2654x1420, 63728907576890.png)

the BAPthots are shilling a memecoin with Milady hangerons thats already tanking. somehow more cringe than NFT rugging.

No. 1978398

One of the most pointless things I've ever read, this is not even worth the ink and page it's printed on. All this told me is that EQUINOX has 18 locations in NYC. An ad

No. 1978401

File: 1710974884420.png (4.14 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_6619.png)

No. 1978402

It’s so insulting

No. 1978403

Fuckin sad

No. 1978406

I recognize Mommy Fakers, Pariah the Troon, and Anna. Don't know who the other three are.

No. 1978409

I actually listened to her podcast out of boredom and it piqued my interest. She says that her parents were immigrants from Russia/Ukraine, she looks very extremely similar to the stereotypical “Ukrainian Jewish” (Mika kunis, shlomit malka), if you go down back in her social media she had a stint at one point trying to model in Israel…. Is this the first pickme to fake Christianity to appeal to incels, frog twitter and the most bottom of the barrel men in society? You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.

No. 1978439

This is like an anti-smoking ad ..they look horrendous and sallow

No. 1978444

Isn't this an old pic, I swear I've seen this before

No. 1978447

Is there a reason this thread has devolved into daily updates on boring nobodies like Pariah, Bimbo and Mommy Milk or whoever? I know the dirtbag left podcasts have all fallen off lately, but nothing about these hangers-on or their loser ass “creative projects” is interesting or milky. I’m convinced it’s all self-posting bc why the fuck would anyone else would care. The obese gay Nazi is more interesting than these hobos and that’s saying something.

No. 1978448

Definitely selfposting or promotion. This is now almost no different than their twitterfeed.

No. 1978450

They've all had abortions which is funny considering how tradcath some of them pretend to be(learn to sage)

No. 1978456

Yeah but their contradictions have been long established. I take it you’re new

No. 1978538

File: 1711019003427.jpeg (213.68 KB, 1179x404, IMG_9384.jpeg)

The core group of people discussed does not post online as much so there’s less to screenshot. Matt is posting the most of all of them but it’s brain damaged gibberish ever since his stroke or whatever. I would like a pod recap or someone to go through Ambers book for milk because I’ve been too busy but I can’t really begrudge another farmer for not having time either (I skimmed the book and nothing was really jumping out at me as new information.)

No. 1978544

I read her book and felt it was mostly her better baffler pieces cobbled together. It was fine. I wish it committed to being an actual book or doing more serious politicking

No. 1978545

File: 1711026093125.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1549, IMG_7056.jpeg)

I wish she had expanded on this piece and her old charnel house drama days than chapo. It’s the more interesting part of her life and most of her best writing.(sage your shit)

No. 1978553

File: 1711028260379.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

>>1978456(ban evading)

No. 1978555

Nah she’s right. That anon is an unsaged newfag complaining about abortions. They are new.

No. 1978564


From Anna:

Anna Khachiyan
Alexandra / Sasha (@verymoisturized)
Pariah the Troon
Don't remember her name
Phoebe Nir (@allthefrensy) [She dated Matt|@MainstreamViews, and said that he has severe erectile dysfunction]
Mommy Milkers
Catherine (@jardinsecret888)

No. 1978647

File: 1711053398716.jpeg (419.83 KB, 1170x1623, IMG_8425.jpeg)

Anna’s too insecure to pose normally. RFK, Tim Dillon, and Cheryl Hines (RFK’s wife)

No. 1978657

anna looks very hot imo. the petite thing works for her - she should drop her 5'5'' larp.

No. 1978661

What’s the context? Did she guest on his pod?

No. 1978694

Idk Tims caption was just something like “the presidential cabinet coming together.” I didn’t see anything in Tim’s or Anna’s stories explaining what was up.

No. 1978708

anna looks like a bitchy high school math teacher who's lowkey competing with and jealous of her female students, could be worse

No. 1978715

Cheryl is 5’5 btw

No. 1978739

What was her drama with charnel house? Ross Wolfe always gave me strong sex pest vibes

No. 1978764

anna confirmed at 5'1''.

No. 1978783

5 foot nothing. Her son is going to be so short kek

No. 1978789

She only looks good and young here because she is standing next to a man 30 year older. Makes sense why she said she dated old men, they make her look less like shit in comparison

No. 1978814

This is a rerun of that time she posed next to confirmed 5'7 Tulsi Gabbard and she towered over Anna, now it's happened again… lol.

See also the Marianne Williamson ep a few years back.

No. 1978874

nightmare blunt rotation

No. 1978922

I remember someone posting a transwoman Mike Crumplar was in a relationship with recently

Here's "her" escort ad on Tryst

https://tryst.link/escort/leilanight(this is an imageboard)

No. 1978924

trans bimbo dream girl
slavic art hoe
trashy surrealist whore

https://www.instagram.com/leila_nightangel/(this is an imageboard, post caps. No emojis)

No. 1978941

File: 1711137095981.jpg (Spoiler Image,285.32 KB, 851x1200, bimbo.jpg)

Bimbo Ubermensch posted nude again shilling crypto

No. 1978946

fantastic tits tbf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1978950

If you go through the likes of the nude bimbo posted, you will see Lindy Man @paulskallas. That guy is married and liking nudes on Twitter,lol.

No. 1978951

No. 1978955

File: 1711138957257.png (Spoiler Image,660.13 KB, 738x857, Screenshot 2024-03-22 202501.p…)

holy fuck you're right
what the fuck hahaha

No. 1979009

Her legs are too long in comparison to the rest of her; it's uncanny valley for me.

No. 1979015

It’s the proportions Anna fakes in her mirror selfies but BU is actually 5’11.
Ew this is definitely a cry for help. She hates herself. The girl is lost

No. 1979016

he's married? i know about the screenshot of him replying to a 16 year old (way worse) but didn't know that

No. 1979026

File: 1711150494752.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.86 KB, 650x650, marqueemoon.jpg)

The one in the middle between Pariah and Phoebe Nir is Tom Verlaine, such a shame he trooned out

No. 1979033

No he’s divorced. He got divorced in like 2020 or 2021. He dated some e girls too.

No. 1979048

Oh my god the one with the baby poo mud foundation is a man, of course.

No. 1979053

File: 1711159506027.png (60.35 KB, 607x551, Screenshot_582.png)

weird attempt at trolling but ok

that person might be a man but they're not tom verlaine, there's no record of him trooning out and he died last year

No. 1979058

Autism levels off the charts

No. 1979074

you say that but someone has to defend tom verlaine's dignity when people are this gullible: >>1979048

No. 1979119

Presumably Anna is still sleeping off a drunken stupor, I'm surprised she still hasn't made the Moscow situation all about herself yet by way of her deep 'Russian-ness' and authentic muskovite knowledge.

No. 1979135

perhaps im being too charitable but wasn't anna much sharper than this in years past? i thought that was part of her appeal

No. 1979155

File: 1711201881553.jpeg (599.71 KB, 1289x2582, IMG_8632.jpeg)

Instagram of the transgirl that's been fucking Mike Crumplar in the ass

No. 1979157

All men are gay

No. 1979158

It did nothing for his follower count but maybe self posting here will.

No. 1979168

File: 1711205877718.jpeg (502.66 KB, 1290x2408, IMG_8639.jpeg)

Leila is describing Mike Crumplar in the last line: submissive, beta, cuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1979177

File: 1711207751409.jpg (434.71 KB, 1179x1012, doordash.jpg)

Left twitter arguing with disableds about doordash yet again. Menaker even did an entire segment about it on the latest chapo. It's kind of insane that anyone could have ever thought there was even an outside chance that these losers would've been politically ascendant a few years ago.

No. 1979180

Business must be terrible if they’re spamming Chan boards. Life is so hard for fags

No. 1979202

>replying to @jewstein3000
all of the jokes write themselves with this crowd

No. 1979215

Aren't most people with serious mobility issues too poor to afford doordash, seeing as they are people with serious mobility issues

No. 1979225

Yes…. too disabled to work people are on disability. I think this cohort of disabled people on social media are like, disabled email remote workers with FT jobs and private insurance. Not people who get $1100 a month from social security, have to send household paystubs, and have little to no assets

No. 1979241

Kek, I didn't expect anyone to think I was serious. His Marquee Moon photo was what the lankmoid in the middle immediately reminded me of, but I assume that if he were alive and still in his 20s/30s, Tom Verlaine would have way too much dignity and good taste not to get involved with this crew of poseurs. No disrespect intended.

No. 1979282

What was the point of this “gotcha?” To shoe-horn a special interest into the thread? The troid mind is truly an enigma.

No. 1979292

File: 1711235602430.jpeg (291.98 KB, 640x682, E31F8AD4-C41E-4A52-A560-39B367…)


No. 1979310

looks like he's gonna live :((:()

No. 1979318

Outside of women being taken advantage of by their partners, the only disabled people who are in situations where they can't receive food/have someone else cook are old farts who abused their family their entire life and are shocked no one wants to take care of them

No. 1979383

Is this his first coherent tweet in half a year? I guess the surgery worked.

No. 1979439

The spoonies who tweet at DoorDash support to get gig workers fired for leaving their food in the lobby, and the chapoids who dogpile them to feel “woke” by telling themselves it’s a worker’s rights issue and not because they want to be sexist or just plain dickheads online really need each other. It’s been an ongoing thing for like years but it’s never been as bad as it is now, kinda surprised it’s never come up in the leftcows threads before tbh.

No. 1979441

He did this to himself

No. 1979450


I mean if Matt escaping by the skin of his teeth means Will or Felix are the Chapo death….

No. 1979611

I don't think "woke" is the feeling they're chasing

No. 1979832

>>1979794 Sandra, you are not even an art hoe, just a hoe. (sage your retardation)

No. 1979846

She’s not wrong though. Looks like she should be showing off Talbots finest in the fall of 2005

No. 1979886

Still mogs the fuck out of Dusty Dasha and Archaic Anna.

No. 1979917

That’s seriously like bragging about getting a C when your friend gets an F. If she were hotter she wouldn’t have to pander to incels on twitter, end of discussion.

No. 1979921

More like bragging about getting a higher number of corrects when you still fucking failed. Honestly, strop trying to pretend she's any better than Dasha.

No. 1979930

Sandra will always have to pander to lowest common denominator because of her own fetish for race realist white/Jewish men. No normal white man will be willing to be in a relationship with her.Had she been not brainwashed believing white nationalist tropes, she would have had better prospects in finding mate on Instagram.

No. 1979935

File: 1711442436647.png (804.24 KB, 939x730, z.png)

Does anyone know where this new pickme girl came from ,suddenly she has more than 2K followers out of nowhere and posts most cringe redpill stuff, orbits the worst people in RW twitter sphere.

No. 1979939

she's indian and she's had other accounts before, the one right before this zinnia_2 had over 3k before she deactivated

No. 1979976

so is this scene pretty much dead? there hasn't been that much activity here recently (aside from the obvious self posters) and the cultural climate seems to be on the right currently anyway.

No. 1980049

I think a couple of posters with good knowledge of this scene have stopped posting here so it feels like there isn't much going on in this thread.
Few things I have noticed:
1) Dasha has peaked, 2023 was the peak Dasha year especially when it comes to twitter fame.2024 Dasha has very little twitter presence.
2)Anna seems to be getting busier with the kid and seems to be loosing interest in this space.
3)There is a rise of twitter e-girls from 2021 but outside of dimes square/red scare they don't have the pull to create a new scene.No New Anna/Dasha equivalent have come up in last 2 years.
4) E-girls who have beef with redscare crowd like Audrey Horne and Bimbo Ubermensch don't have what it takes to create an alternate scene.
5)People like Aimee Terese have become a joke, even people within this scene no longer pay any attention to her.
6)Most important point, there are no <25 Anna/Dasha, so this scene will probably die off in an year or two when these e-girls become too old to influence younger crowd.

No. 1980052

dasha fucking bap killed the scene

No. 1980053

i wonder who we'll get in replacement of A + D in a few years

No. 1980057

If you really think about e-girls with even modicum of presence on twitter who are those girls?
Anna Khachiyan
Dasha Nekrasova
Alex Kaschuta
Aimee Terese
Katharine Dee(@default_friend)
Mommy Milkers
Dumb Bitch Capital
Radfem Hitler
Audrey Horne
Bimbo Ubermensch
There is a new upcoming young e-girl @megantheevalium but she seems too dumb to be able to influence anything.

No. 1980058

To replace Anna & Dasha the e-girl needs to use her real name and own what she says instead of hiding behind anonymous account. without that it is not possible.

No. 1980070

File: 1711485634671.jpg (55.73 KB, 333x500, 9781648210747__16175.jpg)

the actual cover of dasha's ex's book.
There's a couple podcasts and substackers trying to be "early rs" cultural critics but they're uninteresting.

No. 1980080

podcasts in general are losing influence

No. 1980103

what even are the current equivalents of cumtown, o&a, sleepycast etc? I can't think of any podcast where their currently releasing 2024 episodes are what those were at their peak cultural relevance. there aren't even any current podcast implosions/feuds remotely like o&a or biggest problem, and the only pods I can think of whose subreddits would continue to be active if they ended are rs and maybe trueanon/deprogram

No. 1980114

pariahs on the latest red scare. why do they have such low rent guests lately?

No. 1980116

they are always trying to gas up their male faggot friends, like jack, dan and now pariah

No. 1980121

either sheila heti will blurb anyone for a buck/out of sheer pity/in a desperate attempt to be down with the kids, or she simply has dogshit taste in lit (she also praised fuccboi). in any case, i feel increasingly vindicated in steering clear of her

No. 1980123

exactly nonna. her problem is her obscene internalized self-hatred stemming from years of consuming "dissident" twitter bullshit. if she wasnt mentally ill, she'd go as far away as possible from this scene and find a rich guy to subsidize her instagram backdrops.
twitter is a dead medium and thiel money went to LA. the big media money aiming to shift "culture" already won so dimes which really created nothing of worth to begin with serves no purpose.
the current equivalent is that video format "discussion" table podcast the likes of FreshNFruity host. zoomers watch that way more than washed up audio format garbage like rs/chapo. these types have been discussed in the tradthots thread(RIP)

No. 1980126

Pariah the Troon being welcomed with open arms killed this scene more than anything else.

No. 1980127

>they are always trying to gas up their male faggot friends, like jack, dan and now pariah

Thank you for calling Pariah exactly what he is - a faggot.

No. 1980130

The scene is obviously dead. The “dirtbag left” evaporated when Bernie dropped out in 2016, Thielbux dried up, Dasha's attempt at mainstream fame flopped etc. Everyone relevant has either moved on, or is too retarded to realize the party’s over. If it weren’t for the crusty washed up “e-girls” trying to self promote here, the thread would be dead too.

No. 1980131

If hepatitis was a person

No. 1980139

>what are the current equivalents of cumtown, o&a, sleepycast etc
None thankfully. Those were blips in a certain niche. Also I don't see any connection between the three of them. One's a radio show, ones an internet focused pod and the other is a NY scene comedy podcast

No. 1980140

Never heard of sleepycast, it sounds trash

No. 1980159

>If it weren’t for the crusty washed up “e-girls” trying to self promote here, the thread would be dead too.
That proves it’s dead actually. Whole scene is a pathetic bust

No. 1980168

What’s funny is like 1, maybe 2, are under 30.

No. 1980214

How did they win?

No. 1980237

Authors do tend to blurb just about anything, but some are especially indiscriminate about it like Sheila Heti. She’s very overrated

No. 1980273

the right owns the supreme court, most of the lower district courts, the court of appeals, the legislative branch of government, and in 9 months they'll have the presidency too. they own the media: from local news stations to national news, Sinclair has been buying out media entities since the Obama years. and they have online social media companies too. no matter what a retard on twitter tells you, in every sense of the word they "won."
the problem they have now is they still have no cultural power. no one finds conservatives "cool." to win this, the right has seemed to flail around aimlessly, throwing millions at hundreds of efforts across the world. one of these failing efforts was two washed up podcasting hags in the lower east side of NY.

No. 1980338

Bimbo, @bronzeageshawty & @glassdelusions have launched their podcast. first episode is with an "astrologer" who whines about academia.

No. 1980381

Yeah, culture is what I thought you were talking about, which is I was confused when you said they "won".

No. 1980429

she’s desi, she deleted her old account because she would constantly post random black women and ask why white men were attracted to them and fight with divestors (black women who worship white men). she’s mutuals with that barbar freakwho is the indian/paki guy that started the gio scotti towelboy joke. just another megha

No. 1980472

she is so bad at writing but overconfident (i didn't even have to write who)(vagueposting, bumping without milk)

No. 1980494

So this is why Bimbo has been shilled recently here?

No. 1980503

Stop posting your mediocre posts twice, it's really fucking annoying

No. 1980574

Kaitlin Phillips try not to shill every single Dimes project here challenge: impossible

No. 1980618


Matthew Davis is the ugliest scrote I've ever been exposed to at a party. He tried to hit on me, and I couldn't hold myself back from laughing. He was sweating, smelled bad, and had horrible breath. He's absolutely disgusting. He's also laughably short.

No. 1980669

This makes me think Dasha stinks too. She smokes and doesn’t seem very hygienic

No. 1980738

consider the audience: brain-rotted interent leftoids
this shit is entirely on brand

No. 1980795

nta but there's nothing even vaguely leftist about this scene

No. 1980809

I need to know what it is about them you think is left wing

No. 1980818

They support troons and porn, left-accel adjacent(baiting)

No. 1980820

I think if you can only think of two things out of however many to pin on them, they're probably not that thing. This is like saying anyone who supports marijuana legalisation and abortion must be left wing.

No. 1980868

People here are complaining about selfposting RW ladies but where else would you discuss anything about e-girls? I think e-girls listed in this thread are a separate category from likes of Megha Verma who rightfully belong to trad wife threads. the term post-left only applies to Anna & Dasha and maybe Aimee Terese. Others were never left, so i think this thread righfully belongs to discussion arounf any e-girls who are red-scare adjacent.

No. 1980869

financial woes of these paint a very bad picture of dissident rw circle.outside of Anna/Dasha, none of these girls are able to sustain themselfs off the scene.Even A&D are barely living upper middle class life. The dissident scene is smaller and poorer than what people expect.

No. 1980878

Anna and Dasha have been over 25 for almost a decade, you sound like a moid saying women need to be that young to have some influence on the younger crowd. Even the shiny new girl Sydney Sweeney is 26 though I don't think rightoids caping for her know that, I've seen several of them calling her a "hot 22 yo with big boobs ending the reign of post-wall 25+ hags"

No. 1980882

Brown women and troons(racebaiting)

No. 1980883

and they live in neoliberal dumpster cities(bait)

No. 1980987

File: 1711749680239.png (193.58 KB, 1162x870, Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 5.59…)

melon is siccing his lawyers on Jack Dorsey to wk for bronzeageshawty what a time to be alive folks

No. 1980993

scene’s not dead anymore

No. 1981000

Bronzeageshawty needs to start mewing asap

No. 1981002

File: 1711753053175.png (356.7 KB, 1054x1247, Screenshot_20240329_174748_Kiw…)

When normal levels of pick me stop working to get the attention of the slimiest men on the planet, you have to ramp it up to genocide.

No. 1981008

He’s trying to take down his opp

No. 1981026

No. 1981035

Does she even have eggs left?

No. 1981042

"she" actually deleted " her" account once when accused of being rohit krishna okhandiar the indian manlet pedophile ceo of remilia and miladymaker, and the one who started the towelboy meme sexualizing gio when she was 14 was okhandiar's dickrider employee friend and pedophile schizo_freq

No. 1981054

so now there will be two guests with male voices and not just anna

No. 1981080

according to her suit she was fired with no notice and no severance for a dumb joke about being afraid to run into a tranny in the bathroom. shed never had a bad performance review and HR wouldn’t tell her how they identified her anonymous account. absolutely sinister, if companies are allowed to fire ppl for mocking troons then every nonna on lolcow would be a neet. hope she wins

No. 1981086

>HR wouldn’t tell her how they identified her anonymous account. absolutely sinister, if companies are allowed to fire ppl for mocking troons then every nonna on lolcow would be a neet.

Thank you for giving us this background.

No. 1981088

Busted ethnic bitches have no other option but to girlboss it up

No. 1981090

>Busted ethnic bitches have no other option but to girlboss it up

What's her ethnic background?

No. 1981092

Busted and ethnic

No. 1981096

the other anon’s either baiting or confused, I googled the name in the suit and she looks like your basic Midwestern blonde girl.

No. 1981100

What are you talking about? Bronzeageshawty has posted face and she’s ethnic

No. 1981102

File: 1711768450996.jpeg (710.89 KB, 750x995, IMG_6709.jpeg)

Big nose brunette

No. 1981103

>the other anon’s either baiting or confused, I googled the name in the suit and she looks like your basic Midwestern blonde girl.
The girl who's Instagram comes up when you google "Chloe Happe" isn't BronzeAgeShawty

>Bronzeageshawty has posted face and she’s ethnic
This anon is correct.

No. 1981104

>HR wouldn’t tell her how they identified her anonymous account.
she posted face more than once. it’s not anonymous after that

No. 1981128

She lives in New Mexico and it’s an at-will employment state, meaning a company can fire you at any time, for any reason. I don’t think she has a good shot at winning. Maybe Musk knows there is a low chance at winning but he wants the publicity that comes with a lawsuit

No. 1981133

how much money did she make from $egirl?

No. 1981134

File: 1711775829579.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1231, IMG_9914.jpeg)

exactly. stupid bitch thinks facial recognition doesn't exist. posting face and about work-related events, her entire handle and account is based on supporting a white supremacist extremist pederasty and lolicon enjoyer costin alamariu, and most of her own follows and interactions are other people trading nfts by a known racist pedophile who equates black people to gorillas. so she is primarily posting and interacting with the kinds of posts and people no reputable agency or business would ever want to affiliate with. this while living in an employment at will state. she didn't even have plausible deniability. even grimes refused to get anywhere near milady and now melon is supporting this and that's the majority of her interactions and follows. they're not going to win though. companies have been firing people for much less inappropriate social media posts and endorsements for a long time, and they have absolutely every reason not to want an employee running an account that is as much of a glaring red flag as hers. they didn't even have to provide a full reason to fire her, they were right to and none of this stems from unlawful discrimination or retaliation.

No. 1981138

Pretty sure every state in the US (except, strangely, Montana) is at-will, but at-will doesn’t give employers the right to fire people for illegal reasons like discrimination, retaliation, or if the firing violates labor laws (which is what this lawsuit alleges).
Not an expert so no idea how likely she is to win but think it’s interesting her lawsuit just asks for her job back, lawyers fees, and $2,000 in damages - seems like a laughably low amount to ask of a massive tech company, wouldn’t even cover her time out of work. Doesn’t seem like she’s looking for a big payday or publicity, but Musks motives could definitely be otherwise.

No. 1981144

File: 1711777073065.jpg (137.18 KB, 1170x1717, GCT6IhJXIAAF9vv.jpg)

for those curious this is bronzeageshawty's DNA test results.

No. 1981147

She ripped this off somewhere else. She’s a mixed girl who wishes she was white

No. 1981148

you forgot she’s a dumb mexican whore pretending to be white to get attention from racist guys. one of the most pathetic women in these threads yet(posting racebait all over the thread)

No. 1981149

This is the last, desperate dying call of a pickme on the verge "expiration".

No. 1981153

Doesn’t matter. The laws are built to protect these companies. They could say she was not performing her tasks on time and that would be it. The case is weak

No. 1981261

BAS is so ugly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz4BJ8lwKH4(this is an imageboard/learn2embed)

No. 1981270

File: 1711819407053.jpeg (68.61 KB, 433x834, IMG_6711.jpeg)

>>1981261(no context)

No. 1981281

Below-average mestizo girl LARPing as only 1.8% Indigenous American with someone else's DNA test results here: >>1981144(racebaiting)

No. 1981282

This. Would become an aritzia fascist in a second if it meant I never had to be around troons socially ever again.

No. 1981284

>Would become an aritzia fascist in a second if it meant I never had to be around troons socially ever again.

No one's stopping you from no longer going to parties with troons. You're a loser with no active social life with well-adjusted people, so you're relegated to going to parties full of troons. You admitted a lot more about your low social-status than you realize.

You aren't a "based fascist" either. You're just another depressed, ironycel who doesn't get laid.(infighting)

No. 1981285

File: 1711821945212.jpeg (583.23 KB, 3115x1407, FBEA0A32-067D-4990-BD64-74B758…)

she's ugly but her side profile is surprisingly okay >>1981102 compared to the atrocity that is the girl she's with, isabella gadapee aka p8stie's side profile and i don't come just for people's looks but they're both pedophile supporters. the fem norwood 4, fried hair from bleach, premature aging and overall witch skull facial convexity all make it truly hideous.(phrenology sperg)

No. 1981287

P8stie’s side profile sucks but still better looking than BAS(nitpicking)

No. 1981291

Whenever you are out or in a group, the women around you wish you weren’t there.

No. 1981293

This >>1981153. Wrongful termination/retaliation suits are borderline impossible to win unless someone in management is on record as saying "we fired them because they're [black/Asian/a woman/pregnant/whatever other protected class]," AND the employee in question has a spotless personnel file. Employees can e.g. fire a woman who was about to take maternity leave for taking it as long as they can claim that the woman was going to be let go for any other reason at all, even if that reason and the evidence for it is sketchy. Pretty doubtful that Elonbux (even if he sticks with it, and he's known for behaving like an impulsive retard) would change that.
It will be entertaining to see it play out, but BronzeAgeRetard here isn't going to be getting her job back.

No. 1981301

Why do people dislike aquiline noses so much? I think they look distinguished, like Greek statues.

No. 1981304

File: 1711828856138.jpeg (624.23 KB, 3242x2059, DD844883-3E06-468A-8B3E-2A0A0A…)

edited her to give her a nose that more closely fits the beauty standard and she still looks ugly, compared to bella hadid who still looks pretty when edited with a nose that resembles her original one. making it about that is such a cope. but if there's one thing these people have a point about is that physiognomy is real, it's really rare to come across an attractive person in this sphere, so above so below = ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside. good people who aren't lookers still don't resemble witches and often have a friendly soft glow to them.(nose sperging)

No. 1981305

File: 1711829171495.jpeg (17.88 KB, 275x183, IMG_6712.jpeg)

They look good in combination with a strong chin. Otherwise you look like a nerd from the side
Bella had a nose job, tardo(nose sperging)

No. 1981306

wdym no context. It’s Bronze Age shawty

No. 1981308

File: 1711829699857.jpeg (155.68 KB, 994x1069, 6D187FE1-111A-43ED-9B9B-D1D418…)

you're clearly the retarded one here considering that it states in the post the image is photoshopped to give her old nose back, posting pictures of her at the age of 14 doesnt change that. the point being what makes p8stie ugly isn't just her nose since it suits other people(nose sperging)

No. 1981322

“Aritzia fascist”
Jesus Christ is that the state of the discourse, brands? Sams Club fascist. Oscar Meyer fascist.
Many jobs have civility and morality clauses….expectations for offline behavior. There’s a reason why most working professionals lock their IGs, and if they’re public, don’t say anything controversial. This was true even before “wokeness.”

No. 1981324

File: 1711831996718.png (124.06 KB, 901x514, dbc.png)

dumb bitch capital 'clarifying' that she is 'not' part of redscare/dimes square scene. Her best friend catherine literally hangs out with Anna all the time.

No. 1981325

She keeps posting her side profile but a good side profile means nothing anyways, it’s just a broken social media age obsession to look good at all angles. She should just accept being mid.

No. 1981327

File: 1711832449931.png (112.25 KB, 912x701, 254325667.png)

Darren Beattie calling out Dumb bitch capital and Mommy Milkers.

No. 1981328

this scene is over lmao

No. 1981335

this has once again become the worst thread on the site and should probably be locked, but how could I advocate for that when this nose and ethnicity sperging is just so riveting

No. 1981376

this board is like the RW scene. Boring racial insults. No milk either way(sage your shit)

No. 1981397

Did she or any of the idiots on twitter bother to check the timestamps on her tweets that clearly tell the world she was tweeting on company time?

No. 1981462

you're nasty, pleb trying to make money off a pump and dump shitcoin made by ugly groupies that simp for nazi pedos(infighting)

No. 1981473

>why do they have such low rent guests lately?
I've been wondering about that but with chapo lately. Seems like it's been less guests and more of their orbiters. I wonder if they're diverting more of their patreon money to matt's medical bills or something and can't afford them anymore.

No. 1981485

Their cultural relevancy is nil so the only guests they can snag are their retarded peers. No one significant cares about them or the pod. They’ll never have someone with relevance like Alex Jones or Dr. Drew back on again. Not saying that those two are the paragons of mainstream acceptance or respectability, but at least they could draw an audience outside the cesspool of Dimes Square’s immediate circle.

No. 1981544

nobody cares about them now that they’re openly right wing but not succeeding on right wing terms
if you want to hear people talking about how Alex Jones is based and eugenics is good actually and birth control is really really bad and men are smarter than women, you can find pretty married women with beautiful houses who are doing that, not disheveled permasingle uggos living in shitty apartments

No. 1981625

File: 1711927253485.jpeg (395.79 KB, 828x701, IMG_7125.jpeg)

what is with this bitch and wishing she got groomed, molested or raped as a child?

No. 1981626

File: 1711927450107.jpeg (206.41 KB, 828x647, IMG_7124.jpeg)

also seemingly jealous of anybody who did experience sexual abuse as a child and wanting to revel and live vicariously through “getting someone to admit to it” like it isn’t one of the most shameful and embarrassing things you could possibly admit. no one will be indebted to someone prodding this information out of them

No. 1981631

what is "sexual and emotional anorexia" lmao

No. 1981659

File: 1711939019250.jpeg (431.83 KB, 1284x1155, IMG_2922.jpeg)

this lady has a newborn + a husband who literally just narrowly escaped death, and is devoting enough emotional energy to twitter to be circling back to posts made 12 hours ago so she can argue with strangers. khachiyanesque levels of “be quiet sweetie mommy’s posting”

i dont even necessarily disagree with what she’s been saying btw, but even before all the stroke/baby stuff happened she seemed batty and now she’s just airing random shit out every day on there. marrying this chick after being used to the peace and quiet a normal, offline wife afforded him, it probably hasnt even hit yet that all that privacy is a thing of the past. love the wife of your youth!

No. 1981661

>i went to church so i'm absolved of all guilt but let me still respond to tangential gossip about myself because i'm not aaactually that Christly and above it all
well she's certainly nailing the Catholic boomer archetype if that's what she's going for

No. 1981675

She gives me the creeps. Really sinister, datk vibes from her.

No. 1981690

she seems slightly smarter than the garden variety cloutchaser who weird/grossmaxxes and overshares on social media for engagement so it's sort of uncanny to see her doing it because she should have the self awareness to not engage in it + it feels very calculated

No. 1981696

she always alludes to becoming famous (lol), saying her online posts will be of importance or interesting to look back on one day. that’s why she’s broadcasting anything she can. she really is under the impression she’s some special one-of-a-kind voice, when in reality, it’s akin to the shit azealia banks posts on instagram when she’s manic.
her self-importance is kinda embarrassing, considering she’ll be in her 20s soon, and nothing she says will be impressive anymore. her whole identity is being a wunderkind, probably planning the whole drug addiction thing that comes after too. she wants the child starlet spiral despite being in 2 episodes of some sitcom nobody watched.
if you pay attention, she’s very calculated

i wonder if her obsession with molestation is because every child star gets touched and in her mind it’s a rite of passage she’ll never have

No. 1981772

I don’t like that lesbian she hangs out with. Grace or whatever

No. 1981803

yeah that's how it works exactly
cry more(infighting)

No. 1981804

the precocious child to deluded internet village idiot pipeline is truly devastating that's a ROUGH 19 too, I assumed she was mid-late 20s. she's too young for her lunch lady body, zoomers really are zooted on endocrine-disruptors or something

No. 1981851

File: 1712010316075.png (392.7 KB, 1197x657, Screenshot 2024-04-01 5.20.50 …)

Nonnas is this medgold? Reverse image search doesn't come up with anything. I'm aware that he was "doxxed" as indian but that was never confirmed…

No. 1981870

File: 1712015370830.jpeg (155.8 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_8571.jpeg)

That's not him. This is him.

No. 1981893

there was never any confirmation this is him that was just an image circulating in gcs on twitter

No. 1981894

>there was never any confirmation this is him that was just an image circulating in gcs on twitter
MedGold, pls

No. 1981949

Well he looks Italian that’s for sure

No. 1981954

That’s not Italian physiognomy. It’s Indian or middle eastern

No. 1981956

I don't see Indian, looks North African to me.

No. 1981962

A lot of Italians (southern ones at least) could pass for North African, Middle Eastern and even Indian.(racebaiting)

No. 1981963

>A lot of Italians (southern ones at least) could pass for North African, Middle Eastern and even Indian.
Amerimutt knowledge of other cultures on full display. He doesn't look Italian at all.(racebaiting)

No. 1981978

Same. Gives me Myra Hindley vibes.

No. 1981993

lmao grown man with a ring light

No. 1981997

Maybe you have face blindness

No. 1982005

File: 1712064667985.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3464x2315, 1DEE7DD8-9E73-433B-9864-37B61B…)

This took place in Missouri but your point still stands.
She is confirmed to be a member of Okhandiar's NFT cult. Everyone who's been following this needs to hit up every journo they can and give them a rundown of Elon banking the lawsuit of a cult member led by an openly racist pedophile.

No. 1982015

Grimes was never affiliated with Milady she was tagged to DJ at their rave and replied asking about it but minutes later tweeted that she would be exiting because of the members actions and didn't want to put that stuff on her fans' feeds

No. 1982026

If you mean what I said about Italians, its factually true. There has been lots of intermixing between Italians and surrounding Mediterranean cultures. Don't be mad if those cultures outside your orbit don't see others the way you see it.(racebaiting)

No. 1982028

Do you believe the Muslims in Europe are European too?(racebaiting)

No. 1982096

He probably does. What a clown. And he'll continue being pedantic about it.

No. 1982133

No they’re not European excluding Albanians/Bosnians but this doesn’t change the fact that many Italians resemble Medgold. I live in London and see Italians who look just like him everyday working at cash in hand restaurants. Idk why Italians are so ashamed of their nafri admixture.(racebaiting)

No. 1982193

I think it really shows how aggressively overly-online she was in the height of sam hyde and lena dunham and tavi gevinson, she really thinks people in online social circles are clued into the “lore”/persona/cultivated presence of a small handful of people anymore rather than everyone trying on their own end to cultivate a “microinfluencer” presence and engaging with others based on that. “Fans” don’t exist anymore except for faceless reply guy orbiters and autistic flyover overweight women with tiktok/instagram edit accounts. All her hanger-ons just see her as a stepping stone or their direct superior in the internet food chain but because when she was 10 she was watching shane dawson she thinks she’s like a god to them

No. 1982204

Uh no. some of you need to lurk moar, and its easy to crop and distort an image so its not reverse image searchable. plus whats so rare about light brown eyes?

No. 1982231

>I live in London and see Pakis who look just like him everyday working at cash in hand restaurants.
Fixed that for you(racebait)

No. 1982239

Stop putting words in my mouth. Also, that question is borderline non sequitur. I was talking about historical racial intermixing, not cultural/political. Thats why tons of the Italian diaspora could pass for Latinos.(racebait)

No. 1982246

>Thats why tons of the Italian diaspora could pass for Latinos.
Wrong again. Saying something in a definitive tone doesn't make it true. I can tell you spend a lot of time on Reddit based on your tone.

This isn't the Reddit hugbox you're use to. We'll bully you mercilessly if we feel like it.

No. 1982315

>borderline non sequitur
It was a valid question

No. 1982318

I doubt it’s him, unless it’s heavily edited. Radfem hitler claims to have met medgold and she likes to hang out with brown people. She has Indian friends. Many of these people are not who they say they are

No. 1982328

Typical American retard. Pakis mainly live in the north of the country not in London. Italians are mulatto arabs and there is nothing wrong with saying so(responding to bait)

No. 1982330

File: 1712153857502.jpg (527.69 KB, 1536x2048, mg.jpg)

dumb bitch capital also hung out with medgold in miami. She posted this as a joke. Medgold around same time also posted a photo of DBC.

No. 1982336

A mulatto arab would be darker and have kinkier hair than Italians do. Just because these people came from Italy doesn’t mean they are full Italians(derailing/racesperging)

No. 1982339

Nice try projecting reddit speak on other people instead of actually addressing what I said

Why is this being labeled racebaiting? I never said it was a good or bad thing either way, Jesus and I'm the one being told this isn't a hugbox(ban evasion)

No. 1982344

I see Italians in london with the same kind of curly hair east africans have. Nobody says anything about it because they’re “Mediterranean” which is just code for mixed-mutt people. Italians and nafris are indistinguishable, I can only tell who’s who by their names or their behaviour towards women(derailing/racesperging)

No. 1982398

this post has more substance than any in the past 3 days put together

No. 1982406

File: 1712173080282.png (25.57 KB, 752x307, Screenshot 2024-04-03 203728.p…)

this faggot should stay away from babies

No. 1982407

DBC's husband lets her fuck around, since he is always away in Australia. So you can imagine what happened.

No. 1982408

does anyone here pay attention to nathan gene (@mainly.manhattan)? he has a dimes square podcast. i'm not sure if he's having a breakdown or what, but he seems to think he's the victim of a conspiracy instigated by peter vack, involving taylor lorenz and the whole peter thiel, red scare sphere. i'll try to post audio later.

No. 1982412

File: 1712175343215.png (1.03 MB, 1295x886, nathan gene 1.png)

No. 1982414

If you can’t tell the difference that’s fine but other people can. Having a common feature or two doesn’t mean they look the same(derailing)

No. 1982415

What did it say?

No. 1982416

Where’s the proof this is him? He’s walking pretty far ahead, could be a random

No. 1982423

File: 1712178174905.jpeg (257.63 KB, 1289x1268, IMG_9730.jpeg)

What an ugly, bald faggot.

No. 1982483

it was an unsaged post whose only content was the letter 9

No. 1982586

this looks like something an early chatbot wrote, just gibberish

No. 1982610

What's with these idiots thinking that if they put on a stupid hat, no one can tell they're bald faggots?

No. 1982696

File: 1712260415213.png (156.91 KB, 372x725, a.png)

Who's the lucky man this time?

No. 1982737

No. 1982788

File: 1712289461119.jpeg (373.26 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_5374.jpeg)

No. 1982789

Not beating the balding allegations here.

No. 1982846

in spite of my stubborn obsession with this scene this is incomprehensible nothingburger, this is like some coked up grifter's attempt to latch on because he thinks he can also make patreon dollars and that these podcasters who totally know who he is (not) are obsessed with him. Actual schizo shit. He also sounds like an asshole but not in a fun way.

No. 1982860

do you think it occurred to her at any point while writing and posting this that most women her age who intend to have some prospect of getting married and starting a family + this is what she dumped her fiancee for (i wouldn’t marry adam either but i also wouldn’t fuck him and she definitely did that so)

No. 1982888

Nick made Adam simulate eating poop on their latest short so i guess things could be worse for dasha

No. 1982895

She didn’t dump him. He dumped her for cheating with a gay man. She made a dramatic post about needing a new place to live, since she was living in his apartment kek

No. 1982946

>He dumped her for cheating with a gay man.
I guess he wasn't that gay, if he cucked Adam, by fucking his girlfriend's pussy.

No. 1982951

Kyle fucks women often but I guess thinks it’s cooler to describe himself as gay
of all the idiots in this scene, he is the single worst writer, which is quite an achievement

No. 1982960

There was no confirmation it was intercourse. Maybe jerked him off or blew him. Considering she looks like a twink without her shirt, it makes sense

No. 1982961

This is the Houthi Rebel boat guy isn't it? I thought she was a full blown extreme zionist now, shouldn't she hate these guys?

No. 1982963

She has bpd. Her views change with the wind. You sound like a moid

No. 1982964

File: 1712343553910.jpeg (90.07 KB, 600x800, IMG_0121.jpeg)

>I thought she was a full blown extreme zionist now, shouldn't she hate these guys?
Pic related is you.(infighting)

No. 1982965

>There was no confirmation it was intercourse.
We're all desperately waiting for your eye witness testimony. Let us know when you get to the bottom of the case.

Please keep us posted on when you're in the room the next time Dasha gets her pussy fucked.

If you didn't confirm it, it never happened.

No. 1982966

anna being invited to dinner with RFK at sergey brin's ex-wife's house is demonstrative of how far political elites are flailing. why tf would she be capable of insight for these people? and for nicole shanahan to actually answer anna and tell her she didnt fuck musk is pathetic(learn to sage)

No. 1982967

Learn to Sage, retard.

No. 1982995

You sound like a retarded coomer

No. 1983069

File: 1712372165523.png (2.47 MB, 1988x1558, Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.46…)

So Peter Vack has a book coming out called Sillyboy I guess, and these -celectual accounts are part of his orbit either run by him or the wider online Dimes Square intelligentsia? Not sure what's real or not here but it all seems very embarrassing and unfunny.

No. 1983094

File: 1712381354940.jpeg (7.63 KB, 200x113, mengenal-rashid-al-haddad-pemb…)

Yemeni Adam Friedland. She definitely has a type lol

No. 1983118

Never forget that Hasan, Destiny, Keffals, and Vaush were invited to the White House and only were disinvited because of Hasan’s 9/11 takes
Our current “political elites” are incompetent when it comes to choosing influencers to grift through

No. 1983149

File: 1712403554592.png (199.25 KB, 931x736, Screenshot.png)

Marc Andreessen promoting Bimbo Ubermensch's substack. WTF. Why is he doing this? is he going insane?

No. 1983232

in a recent episode of scuffed realtor (actually really good 'show') nick says his dad was head janitor at some private high school so he went to private school for free. he probably got some scholarship to go to risd.

No. 1983250

File: 1712426055267.png (203.09 KB, 299x609, jgmfg.png)

Mommy Milkers and radfem hitler both thinking about their divorce. radfem hitler must have been a really stupid women to marry a guy she loathes so much. She is literally traumatized by her ex and in laws. Mommy Milker despite being divorced doesn't display same level of mental inbalance.

No. 1983253

File: 1712426492408.png (200.08 KB, 264x469, zz201jf.png)

I listened to everything uploaded in the Dimes Square Spy Game collection for far.

99% of it is babble that this guy is recording this on his phone but there's some milk

Matt Donovan faces accusations of gangstalking and weird misconduct from a woman that calls in to a recent episode

The host describes some sort of meeting or gathering outside his recording studio that he avoided. He's retarded so he describes it as democrats and spies but I think it was probably a small group of reporters since Taylor Lorenz was there (?)

my guess is this guy is facing an impending #metoo and is trying to get ahead of it by airing dirty laundry. The problem is that he's framing and describing things like a retard

No. 1983255

File: 1712426757251.jpeg (67.06 KB, 720x1280, 435550804_734996375152680_1090…)


detransing but keeping mtf clusterbee behavior is very funny

No. 1983262

Curious to see Meg Bitchell's shelf life after moving to New York. She was at some thing with Ivy Wolk or maybe that substack pseud Rayne Fisher-Quann a while back. She's not quite funny or otherwise talented enough in any way to really stand out. Cashing out on nudes then seeing what her degree from UNT can get her after trying and failing to make being a recurring character happen, could be several years of slow burn ahead.

No. 1983263

Wasn’t her ex a manlet from the uk. I think she posted a couple pic years ago. Green card much

No. 1983268

Mommy Milkers married some american guy she met in miami i think then divorced him after receiving green card.
radfem hitler married some american conservative guy who came from money.
None of them were married to british guys.

No. 1983270

Radfem Hitler's ex was a manlet but american, not from UK.

No. 1983275

rfq deserves her own thread

No. 1983279

How long were each married? They both have such strange plotlines. I don’t buy that rfh ever had a kid. I think she made it up for trad twitter points

No. 1983284

Both for not more than couple of years.Mommy Milkers definitley within 3 year or maybe even less.RFH 3-4 years max.RFH probably has a son but don't have custody of him.

No. 1983291

Mommy milkers I get because green card but something seems off with rfh’s story. She married the guy, had a kid, lost custody? For what reason did she lose custody? I wouldn’t be surprised if she cohabitated with the manlet for a couple years then invented the married with a kid story. Why? For more attention on trad twitter, because they respect married women more

No. 1983297

radfem hitler's identity is only know to people within redscare scene or others she met irl.The scene seems disciplined enough to not reveal her identity.without knowing who she is it is hard to confirm how much says is true.

No. 1983300

>Mommy Milkers married some american guy she met in miami i think then divorced him after receiving green card.

You sure she met him in Miami, and not New York / New Jersey? Cause I know she was living in New Jersey, after moving to the US.

No. 1983309

Not sure, could be new jersey/NY.I know for fact that she worked as a bottle girl before she joined college and continued with it at least for few years while studying.Also she talks about tall blonde men all the time but all of her exes were unattractive.

No. 1983336

Oh god, just please stop posting about this awful, desperate woman.

No. 1983346

File: 1712442475866.jpeg (Spoiler Image,967.3 KB, 3464x2131, FD81E759-6844-4E0D-A97E-9BD53E…)

The $EGIRL devs in all their glory, it's crazy to see what elites are funding these days

No. 1983355

File: 1712444651267.jpeg (86.93 KB, 945x2048, IMG_7266.jpeg)

This picture is posted in her replies occasionally and people believe it is her. Idk (sorry if not allowed)

No. 1983372

Kek of course

No. 1983402

He's been licking the balls of braindead rationalists/tpot hacks and calling himself "e/acc" on the trail of beff jezos for a while, she's adjacent enough. Muskrat being a retarded lolcow and protesting BAS getting fired should have taught everyone a lesson - rich powerful dudes in tech are stupid and desperate to be perceived as one of the "cool"
kids". They are not cool kids though, so of course they dun goof constantly

No. 1983404

if meg didn’t have the distortional rack she did, she wouldn’t have anything

No. 1983406

Her traveling to nyc a few years ago and very clumsily trying to fuck felix was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen in this scene.

No. 1983414

More details on this?

No. 1983506

Part of me feels bad for her tbh, she was selfposting on the Cum Town subreddit years ago, and men that are attracted to tits that big are almost always fetishists who see her as a replacement for mommy
I tried searching old threads but didn't find it, must've been a screencap. Anyway she tweeted that she was visiting nyc and tagged him asking if he wanted to hang out, and he didn't respond at all. Might've tweeted at him a couple more times asking if he saw it etc.

No. 1983510

Her identity was leaked by someone already. Her name is Alicia Tjarksen https://youtu.be/jmofglQ6Amk?si=e1_DOGXK48hWxGPN
Same voice as on other recordings and she’s talked about visiting Miami

No. 1983514

That doesn’t make any sense. Most mothers don’t have huge tits

No. 1983536


this whole thing is a bit. guy's a failed/struggling artist from florida. the podcast started out as something where he interviewed people who were actually his friends & has now devolved into a "gossip" podcast that's all name-dropping theater.

the patreon subscription thing is basically like dropping $5 into a hat being passed around the audience of a bad performance. guess that's all podcasts tho

he is married & does not live downtown.

No. 1983553

I recall they flirted a little on twitter but probably nothing came out of it because he was too busy playing video games.

No. 1983568

She isn't his type anyways. Will always makes fun of him on the pod for being obsessed with blondes.

No. 1983599

explains his simping for custardloaf while he looks like a melting wax statue of sacha baron cohen. good reminder that as the online fringe right is filled with self-hating brown people, the online fringe left is filled with self-hating jews.(racebaiting)

No. 1983617

>She isn't his type anyways.
She's not a troon

No. 1983624

I remember her tweeting once with DF about having “ethnic first names.” Not that a white woman couldn’t be Alicia ofc (Alicia Silverstone) but it’s not as common. No web presence either which tracks.

No. 1983737

File: 1712582189549.jpg (579.32 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20240408_140732_Chr…)

Article about Camille Paglia in The Spectator last week mentions RS as 'left-ish' and quotes Jack the perfume nationalist. The author is in the private girls and gays sub and is saying Paglia sent her a nice email about it


No. 1983793

File: 1712594288018.png (871.96 KB, 1389x887, schizo 1.png)

should we be concerned?

No. 1983794

File: 1712594313819.png (463.08 KB, 1388x889, schizo 2.png)

No. 1983796

>Red Scare Podcast Universe
Like some shitty MCU spinoff character

No. 1983797

>>1983793(self promo)

No. 1983844

File: 1712606884329.jpg (538.57 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_2024-04-08-15-03-49…)

Effina Carroll (Fotouh Al Sahlamm), the wife of one of Sam Hyde's fair monkeys, still being a cruel bitch, despite parroting the tradwife troupe.

No. 1983851

File: 1712607862579.png (6.27 MB, 1876x1558, 412.png)

Something about Matt Weinberger's photos feels like ragebait seeing the most annoying-looking people in NY with some Dimes Square overlap in high definition at the various interchangeable publications/clubs/events.

No. 1983852

Please, stop trying to force this here. It's a horrible bit. If you are not selfposting you are taking some rancid bait.

No. 1983858

>It's a horrible bit.
That's your opinion. I'm expecting a murder-suicide situation. This guy is nuts.

No. 1983878

File: 1712617744785.jpg (583.79 KB, 750x1044, Ann Manov Curtis Yarvin moldbi…)

How did Ann Manov scrub her moldbug Curtis Yarvin entanglement?

It's a book that doesn't exist. The account is to parody or promote Dasha's ex's book.

No. 1983886

this is so retarded lmao her thread is locked for a reason

No. 1983891

The absolute ugliness of her babies was the only interesting thing about the thread

No. 1983892

She and DF said this was a joke, that she did not respond to Yarvin’s personal ad. They met at an event

No. 1983897

recently saw her hating on skinny blondes and being more desperate for white dick than even the regular megha types so checks out, she was doxxed as some ugly low caste on the zinniaa_2 account

No. 1983898

the indian thing is a joke, he's palestinian

No. 1983901

File: 1712626143602.webm (1.2 MB, 894x480, 397F947F-6E7C-41B6-ADAF-51F464…)

the alicias i know are white, no idea in what world alicia is considered ethnic, her first and last name are both germanic. the lack of web presence is a result of her deliberately trying her best to cover her tracks after her face was leaked and she predicted her name would follow. to no avail though since here's proof its her on medgold's podcast talking about the terminally online as if she isn't just that, on twitter all day with the likes of her pedophile friend known for posting "epstein did nothing wrong" and sexualizing children aged 11-16. alicia tjarksen also likes pretending to be a member of minority ethnic groups, as well as shilling crypto scams by her friends in this scene who support fetishist pedos just like her. first 12 seconds are her former employer's video, rest is her as rfh

No. 1983906

just looks like more neo-indie sleaze bullshit that no one asked for

No. 1983913

Voice sounds the same, I am convinced.

No. 1983926

Fucking hell i remember, they were nauseous

No. 1983978

I'm convinced. I don't even notice that the clip changed.

No. 1984001

She keeps changing her ethnicity all the time. I remember she first said she’s straight up Anglo + Chinese (which is most likely) then she started bringing up more obscure ethnicities like Kazakh, Latina, Kaifeng Jew etc to appeal to moids with an exotic fetish.

No. 1984003

that's because she is trolling, she used to mention being frisian when she used to post more racist stuff, nowadays she has stopped posting racist stuff for whatever you wanna call it

No. 1984004

her account is now big enough that she has to be careful what she says on twitter

No. 1984015

She's doing an edgy misogyny bit for internet clout and followers so she can monetize her account in some way. That's all. Every once in a while she says something true (not hard, men are scum) but it's not like she's writing radical feminist theory. The way I've seen her baby radfem followers act completely betrayed when they find out the "radfem" in radfemhitler isn't sincere is hilarious.

No. 1984035

Last names normally come from your paternal grandpa and first names don’t always mean anything in relation to ancestry. With her personality, general views, and face, Asian and white would add up to me

No. 1984037

kek her username is radfemhitler why are they so shocked she's just an edgelord

No. 1984038

Even trolls will leak out truths here and there. I’m thinking the Anglo/Chinese or Asian was the truth. Who knows about the percentages of each though

No. 1984040

palestinian makes sense. middle eastern and Indian guys have similar vibes online. always knew the med was fake

No. 1984053

Exactly. Also sorry I >>1984015 meant to type "misandry bit" not misogyny bit, hopefully it's clear from context.

No. 1984068

Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if she was only a quarter Asian. She has also shared that she went to UMich, she shared that she worked in tech (proven to be true). She lacked impulse control it seems in her early days, and didn’t expect to be a larger account. So she later shared a lot of fake things to obscure what she shared originally. Like others I don’t believe she’s a mother. All these people have met her IRL, but not her baby.

No. 1984105

File: 1712699552182.jpeg (266.81 KB, 1170x1380, IMG_9258.jpeg)

Not super relevant but I was scrolling Twitter and saw some people talk about Indian Bronson being anti American. I remember a long time ago a nonna had posted the same photo of him here bc he was in her friend’s DMs

No. 1984107

File: 1712699612376.jpeg (426.89 KB, 1170x1986, IMG_9260.jpeg)

More here including a name

No. 1984127

I’m not sure is anyone in this thread listens to the podcast anymore, but in multiple episodes, they have backpedaled their stance and support of Israel not that it means anything.

No. 1984150

RFH went on a (now deleted) white supremacist podcast called Mommy Bloggers a long time where she talked about having a son. It was run by a 50 something racefem who eventually disappeared from twitter completely. I have no clue if she actually has a son but it's something she pretty consistently talked about from close to the begining at least

She also worked (and probably still does) for a company called Zen Ledger that is related to crypto

No. 1984156

File: 1712711214839.jpeg (767.78 KB, 1284x2148, IMG_1343.jpeg)

Is that really him

No. 1984158

File: 1712711380749.jpeg (425.93 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_7285.jpeg)

Felix’s twitter is amusing bc he’s always operating in five layers deep irony BUT the moment he sees someone talking about sex, porn or prostitution in a slightly negative way he suddenly becomes deeply serious about defending it with infinite cope

“there are the good sides (people finding out what they actually like).”

You’re a disgusting ugly mong like all the rest of the pathetic men you mock, Felix! lol

No. 1984167

Do you mean the beginning of her account? Because she says herself that she used to be trad, as if she was trying on a personality. That’s why I think the son and maybe the marriage was a fake plotline for more attention and followers. All this other stuff has leaked but nothing real about the child

No. 1984180

No, I remember this time too. It was with racist feminists like this woman Grace. RFH was pretty popular back then too- like 2021. She wasn’t trad then, but she dabbled in racist feminism (all traces of that are gone now). Like I remember when she’d call men browncels, and quickly delete, all the while being friendly with brown guys like the black guy Vers La Lune and Indian Bronson. I don’t think anyone knows her handles from when she supposedly was trad and a misogynist

No. 1984184

travis brown has archives of her accounts dating back to 2018 when she started as a trad called glutenfreevolk and other retarded name changes that probably coincide with her marriage failing

No. 1984212

yes, he has done a good job erasing his internet presence prior to 2021 when he decided to become a groyper. before that he was a sex worker with an onlyfans

No. 1984271

RFH was actually not on friendly term with Indian Bronson in 2021. In fact they had quite a tussle about dating discourse and I remember Indian Bronson celebrating in 2021 when her account got suspended for the first time. RFH called out IB on his obsession with dating behavior of white women.

No. 1984310

he isn't joking around when he occasionally mentions he has HIV

he's also still taking money, gifts, etc. for sex, but thinks he can go confess his sins every week to a Catholic priest and get away with it in God's eyes. laughable.

No. 1984312

Sure, but they would talk on clubhouse for hours…

No. 1984359

It’s nice to know many of these retards who seethe about white women are Indian or middle eastern like medgold. Puts it in perspective

No. 1984443

File: 1712796767422.jpeg (494.33 KB, 1512x1512, 88F43DC4-BB5A-4504-8873-EFBB8D…)

POV: You're a Dimes Square ho about to become elevated into the indie film stratosphere after a coom-brained world class arthouse director casted you in his latest Cannes bait

I don't think the world is prepared for the ghastly sight of Ivy "The Creature" Wolk writhing across the Croisette.

No. 1984444

>the half-assed "uhhh industry bad BUT" bits he adds to the beginning and end of these in order to maintain the shallow facade that he's still some kind of "leftist"

No. 1984523

Yes exactly, I wondered if anyone else would remember when she was friendly with Grace, that was the woman with the podcast. It seemed like RFH was full on racefem back then, I always assumed that was the entire reason behind her name tbh.

No. 1984529

Anyone who followed her in 2021 would remember she used to post race based theories and used to be friendly with Sunny from kaliacc.Also remember her podcast appearance on mommy bloggers with Grace and another women who's name i don't recall. Right now because she is so much exposed to the redscare circle that she can't really post racial stuff.But i don't think she has moved on from that phase, she is just pretending to not care about race anymore.

No. 1984635

File: 1712860027102.jpeg (334.38 KB, 1170x1565, IMG_9319.jpeg)

Who is her husband/baby daddy? Someone said a few threads ago that she wasn’t with the phd in math (now working in finance) younger guy anymore…

No. 1984650

I think she reeled back the racism after she failed to get with Richard Spencer. Around the same time she started throwing shade here and there at white guys too

No. 1984677

What do you mean by this?

No. 1984679

why are you acting like a fanboy but posting her here, sort your shit out moid

No. 1984735

Apparently he’s Muslim

No. 1984743

They’re dating, that’s why she’s on his show all the time. Dimes square people confirmed but they don’t post about it publicly because she’s half Asian.

No. 1984747

Samefag. No kid, she admitted to it in a dm with Slumzog (he leaked it in a bunch of GCs). I think she lies about a child for tradwife points.

She works for Boeing, she’s referred to the company several times in her tweets/podcats appearances. She claims she dated the CEOs son but I’m sure now that’s a cover for why she keeps talking about the company because she’s told people in person that she works there. It’s also a way to imply she’s hot which she’s constantly doing even though everyone knows what she looks like.

No. 1984775

he tweeted and deleted something about watching SATC… does anyone have the screenshot?

No. 1984791

What show? I thought she was dating a short brown guy

No. 1984796

lol no, she has a sugar daddy who funds her apartment but she’s dating Richard. All of this confirmed by people who know her in person. She’s hinted at having a sugar daddy before and just isn’t very careful about what she tells people off screen.(sage your shit)

No. 1984797

I’m screaming. Has Richard “white genocide” Spencer ever dated a white woman before?

No. 1984798

Nina Kouprianova? He’s always liked hapas though

No. 1984802

So the crypto job doesn't pay?

No. 1984805

This sounds made up

No. 1984808

I would not believe it until they show proof. Maybe it is rfh trying to throw in some foul balls to distract from people knowing her name now

No. 1984813

You’d be surprised by how many girls in this scene are “funded.” Sovreign house is basically a brothel at this point. Search her tweets for “sugar daddy” and you’ll see she hints at it a lot