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File: 1613537327892.jpeg (144.77 KB, 1200x1200, pregnant.jpeg)

No. 1163464

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, and What’s Left

The Rundown:
>Anna hoards Evian water >>>/snow/1152545
>@brainstormn admits she looks 40 >>>/snow/1152677
>Anna is pregnant and still calorie restricting >>>/snow/1153262
>Dasha deactivates twitter. Did her agent or publicist make her? >>>/snow/1153378
>Jack’s vagina envy shows yet again >>>/snow/1153834
>This thin-lipped goblin called Jen Psaki ugly (leia jospe) >>>/snow/1154697
>photo of Anna K at 16 (from her IG) >>>/snow/1154940
>Red Scare adjacent e-girl @p00di3pi3 accuses @topshelftyson of abuse >>>/snow/1154992
>Aimee and Anna confirm they’re working with pedophile supporter and NAMBLA member Camille Paglia on a project together >>>/snow/1155431
>dirtbag cow @bimboubermensch and Estée Fatass complain about us gossiping again >>>/snow/1156104
>summary anon gives us a recap of the 2/8 episode of Red Scare >>>/snow/1156497
>another photo of @internetkendra looking terrible >>>/snow/1156679
>lexaprofessional (Sidney, @queasy_f_bby) warns @brainstormrn about being posted on redscareforcishetmen >>>/snow/1156686
>Hari Nef pathetically wades into subtweeting e-girl twitter >>>/snow/1157073
>photo of Adam Friedland and Witten >>>/snow/1157099
>lexaprofessional posting pro-ana thinspo >>>/snow/1157515
>Kantbot claims @HegelBot is a Bronze Age Pervert alt account >>>/snow/1157737
>Adam Lehrer openly flirting with asian e-thots on twitter. Divorce coming? >>>/snow/1158034
>Nick Mullen and Amber Frost both admit they’re still on twitter >>>/snow/1158387
>poster for Dasha’s new movie, The Scary of Sixty-First Street >>>/snow/1158678
>new Jack orbiter: sloppy gaijin troon who lives in Japan >>>/snow/1159443
>yet another Aimee Terese account is banned @leftismo >>>/snow/1159705
>speculation that @carltonautism was a Nick Mullen alt account >>>/snow/1160099
>Anna K goes on Tim Dillon’s podcast (candid) >>>/snow/1160383
>lexaprofessional tells class redux killa (@blckd_com_pilled) to “an hero” >>>/snow/1160558
>rich girl defense industry heiress Liz Bruenig scolds the poors and minorities who might be hesitant to call the police if they witness a crime >>>/snow/1161171

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No. 1163483

File: 1613538481543.png (73.24 KB, 739x725, jackweather.png)

Jack taking the weather well.

No. 1163584

Is there anything he won’t give his “hot takes” on?

No. 1163610

twitter people keep talking about this thread so i thought i would check it out. Are you guys like radlib pronoun people, burned out channers or just apolitical people who love drama? It's hard to get a read on you guys(newfag)

No. 1163613

This is just for gossip. Take spergy politics back to Twitter.

No. 1163616

File: 1613553820922.png (47.2 KB, 597x576, aaaaa.png)

Adam Curtis, who has been doing the same shit since the 80s, actually ripped off ham planet Jack!

No. 1163631

the cope and seethe of the bloated nobody with the bloated ego, holy shit, that unwarranted self importance

No. 1163635

File: 1613557108472.gif (525.85 KB, 644x800, 4e0.gif)

>Are you guys like radlib pronoun people, burned out channers or just apolitical people who love drama

No. 1163759

Who does he even mean by “we” here?! He’s a fucking nobody. More importantly Adam Curtis is at a larger discretion to talk about any of this because he’s clearly way more educated.

No. 1163760

he thinks he has any kind of real world influence because people make fun of him online sometimes lmao

No. 1163771

fatso and you could tell Anna and Dasha during the episode got triggered really hard when Adam Curtis says he sees hope in BLM

No. 1163803

It's over when his phone finally dies. Poor Jack's freezing grandmother having to listen to the wailing.

No. 1163873

what is this moron even talking about, the alt lit scene and every other indie filmmaker and every single “performance artist” have been making “art about how Now feels” for at least a decade

No. 1163933

File: 1613587891811.png (248.29 KB, 730x850, jackmeltdown.png)

Making fun of how cringe I am is IGNORANCE! If these people were more OPEN MINDED they'd understand how important some random dime a dozen art fag who goes on racist rants and watched entry-level Criterion films is!

No. 1163958

lurk moar

No. 1163964

File: 1613590403616.png (408.31 KB, 738x1580, blm.png)

I don't know man maybe you just hate black people.

No. 1163968

Literally they think black people are stupid and are fooled by banks tweeting black lives matter and other obvious pandering.

No. 1164005

Geoff Reacher used “how now feels” as a strapline back in the early 2000s, when Paul Blart Mall Fart was still in high school.

No. 1164056

File: 1613595778729.jpg (97.35 KB, 1300x866, farmer-holding-out-his-empty-p…)

kek "from the pastures" sounds like something that annie skinwalker would call herself
>mfw we're the uwu steppe gfs

No. 1164104

File: 1613598101708.png (264.37 KB, 727x592, cbs.png)

Anna on the Chris Buskirk show
Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation.

No. 1164106

No. 1164154

File: 1613602567427.png (37.12 KB, 743x365, jacksnow.png)

Jack has reached new levels of being unable to accept reality.

No. 1164239

Anna’s barreling towards being just another Republican

No. 1164242

Literally neoliberalism in its purest form.

No. 1164248

hes mocking kantbot here

No. 1164249

File: 1613610421059.png (343.68 KB, 589x588, cb.png)

She tweeted it out on her alt

No. 1164255

do people really listen to these edgescold nagfests? podcasting will forever be an enigma to me

No. 1164258

File: 1613611127298.png (324.89 KB, 593x381, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.1…)

She would never believe she could 'get got' cos too smart for that but she's not being cultivated for nothing

No. 1164275

Feel free to move out of a huge city into nature and a hut with no plumbing and pigs to feed while your FAS baby squalls naked in yhe dirt, Anna. Insufferable. They make a point to be so contrarian they actively contrast their own cunty existences.

No. 1164286

File: 1613613079564.png (33.24 KB, 578x123, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.5…)

No. 1164287

not sure if he's engaging in typical lefthot projection or pointing out that half the anons here are smol wellbutrin angels from twitter dragging each other

No. 1164296

I feel like she’s aiming for Kardashian with this new hairstyle she always does but she’s really just giving lunchlady.

No. 1164304

Anna seeking moving advice from two people who can barely make an Amazon order without a full-blown crisis.

No. 1164311

watch red scare rebrand to a faux southern trad podcast after anna moves to a gentrified neighborhood in savannah. if her boyfriend isn't living with her now will he even follow her across the country?

No. 1164313

She'll never move there, even those two desperate to be seen fools didn't even respond

No. 1164346

Savannah as in Georgia? Whatever happened to LA where she looks French?

No. 1164354

she's always so behind on trends

No. 1164368

Him, Logo and Kantbot all do this constantly, claiming people are 'stealing' their ideas. They really think they're some kind of intellectual vanguard lol. Insanely out of touch with reality. Probably the most severe cases of Dunning-Kruger ever recorded, to the point that it becomes almost psychotic

No. 1164369

Love talking to a 50 yr old man about art-thots

No. 1164379

she really did go for instathot hair when anons here called her mullet a cope kek

No. 1164383

File: 1613626847361.png (41.7 KB, 780x213, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.20…)

Love being the next generation of American Conservatism

No. 1164405

"How nice she is IRL"

Who gives a shit if she's nice to the five people she encounters in day-to-day life if the words she said online are so toxic and nasty and reach thousands of people?

With so much of our lives online now it's such an intellectually bankrupt idea that if she's good to the tiny fraction of people she sees in-person, it wipes away how terrible her views are

No. 1164418

Why is "nice" even a good thing if 9 times out of 10 it just means "chickenshit" (which perfectly describes Anna every time she's confronted). Of course an approval seeking and thoroughly cowardly pickme won't parade her deranged views outside of the internet.

For example, can you imagine her engaging in her typical skitzonagging about black women in front of actual black women irl?

No. 1164439

File: 1613636327924.png (413.61 KB, 1600x900, m1.png)

This man should not be allowed near women.

No. 1164440

File: 1613636354295.png (24.55 KB, 603x273, m2.png)

No. 1164475

That doesn't even read as genuine disgust. It reads as some guy seething that he doesn't have a vagina, and wanting to punish women for reminding him that they exist and he can't have one. The fact that he brought morals into it makes it clear, just like when he was seething about women bringing cupcakes to work and "making him fat".
Buffalo Bill ass bitch.

No. 1164485

I mean, he’s already talking about skid marks without censoring it, so he’s not really setting an example or anything.
It’s funny to see retards like that thing seething over stuff they will never understand.

No. 1164493

are we sure estee lardass is even gay at this point? having actual shit in one’s underpants and naive, childlike disgust about normal female biological functions just scream hetero scrote.

No. 1164503

He's gay because even disgusting ham beasts can get a quick fuck on Grindr but no woman would want to come near him.

No. 1164603

File: 1613662250775.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 127325D5-0576-4C5B-9318-84FE54…)

8 month bump. Did she really not gain any weight? Sweatshirt is super baggy around her arms, face and legs look about the same. Not to medsperg too much but you can look up bad effects of staying underweight while pregnant. Not good

No. 1164656

File: 1613668789401.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.56 KB, 510x856, HglBbEcWPHeXO3d-DzVo8A3OrfJFk-…)

Only when we don't have to constantly hear about your smegma encrusted dropped hotdogs and whatever vile, fetid sludge that's oozing from them. Also, you're still too fat for heaven.

No. 1164664

Ya I’ve heard that when women restrict/don’t gain weight during pregnancy it can lead to metabolic issues and obesity in the child.. its hard to Not gain weight if you’re pregnant so Anna must be trying to keep her skinny bmi for pro ana clout
Imagine the karma when Anna gives birth to what she hopes will be a chad ubermench and it ends up just fat af(medfag)

No. 1164683

He just has a severe case of pussy envy. Listen to some of his podcast, no way is he straight. Straight men don’t speak in a faggy voice while caring deeply about perfume and art. If you know a straight man like that they’re probably closeted

No. 1164690

She posted a selfie with her legs recently and you can tell she had put on some weight. Hopefully she's just being vain in not posting pics.

No. 1164732

bisexuality exists

No. 1164750

Is this a Lexa subtweet or is e-girls talking about crohn's like a common thing

No. 1164775

Still probably not getting enough nutrients to make up for her chugging Diet Soda. She was a smoker too, wonder how far along she was when she quit. As for Eli, sperm health matters and he often looks sickly. If the baby has no health problems they will be very lucky tbqh

No. 1164811

Jack is clearly AGP.

No. 1164823

It's an educational twitter account, I don't see women posting pictures of their discharge just to show off. Why does Fat Jack always seek out things that he knows will make him angry? Like how he talks about how much he hates searching his own pdocast name on Twitter but still does it. He needs to replace seeking outrage online with a new positive and constructive hobby.

No. 1164851

anon get help this needlessly overthinking about a unborn child is not healthy either.

Worrysome and milkier would be a mom that surrounds herself online with friennd of the pod fauna like Jack and similar

No. 1164878

Cope imo. In my country there are lots of naturally slender women that would be skinny according to what I assume are your standards and they all bear healthy babies kek. Anna (and Dasha) obviously are naturally slim too, otherwise their weight wouldn't be that consistent. They only play along ana-chan lines for lame trolling.

No. 1164890

File: 1613687478877.jpg (74.11 KB, 720x644, 20210219_002831.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is about Perfume Goering

No. 1164925

most AGPs are bihet

No. 1164935

File: 1613691891005.jpg (128.74 KB, 475x713, 1586638050162.jpg)

>Anna is naturally thin
Issa no from me dawg

No. 1164954

File: 1613692625621.png (152.53 KB, 1180x572, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 6.54…)

Why are these people obsessed with thinking people they like are secret neoreactionaries when they're clearly aligned with the left if not just libs? Because they're insecure about their own intellectual vapidity or are they trying to trick people? Because they'll never create anything or anything of quality?

No. 1164955

I love that he thinks him being too fat to adequately wipe his lard ass without trailing shit everywhere is the same as the normal function of a healthy vag

No. 1164957

That PMc stamp.
Anna is short and a size 2-4 who starved herself to a 00.

No. 1164958

Also, her particular type of facial haggardness is a tell tale sign of yo-yo dieting and rapid weight loss/gain.

No. 1164968

>”naturally slim”
>anorexic women can’t have consistent weight
CICO, dumbass. Genetics are hardly a factor. Plenty of anorexic women have a consistent weight because maintaining is relatively easy. Hers isn’t even consistent.
Lmao she really thinks becoming right wing is an inevitable development for “intellectuals” like her. It’s like the trot to neocon pipeline but she was never even a leftist at all

No. 1164980

Waiting for her to discover Evola, kermit memerson, quilette and other groundbreaking polisperg trends from 5 years ago

No. 1164991

File: 1613697236620.jpeg (683.8 KB, 1242x1531, D93D3A9D-2E38-4D77-A00E-57CFE6…)

Sage for spoonfeed request but people say that Sam Pritchard transitioned right when assault allegations came out. Does anyone know the milk?

No. 1165011

File: 1613699449265.png (73.36 KB, 517x466, aimee.PNG)

FEMALE! FEMALE! Is Aimee living on an extremely make-work Zoom job that allowed her to tweet 20hrs a day or off her parents? Either way, her blogger career isn't taking off.

No. 1165013

There isn't any

No. 1165023

There are cheaper and faster ways to throw off accusations than gender transition. Pritchard is online poisoned weirdo, but that would be once-in-a-lifetime dumb.

No. 1165032

I could easily see him trooning out in a year or two if nothing changes. Being that envious of women and obsessed with vaginas never ends well.

No. 1165054

File: 1613702463595.png (188.84 KB, 757x659, barrettstorm.png)

lol eat shit loser

No. 1165055

>feels like i'm being targeted, like this is the second resurrection of christ
Imagine being this solipsistic

No. 1165056

File: 1613702623511.png (255.75 KB, 646x741, Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 4.45…)

Option 3: NEETBUCK$ + Patreon

No. 1165070

like others said there isn't any but it's an easy way to ruin her reputation by even having the rumor out there. which makes no sense because her actual entire existence is all you need to do that.

No. 1165072

File: 1613703760880.png (19.92 KB, 530x233, Capture.PNG)

took at peak at this account. wow it's really just some average run of the mill college educated young republican (that's not a crazy evangelical) normie-posting, haha. so lame

No. 1165079

More cope on your end if you can’t see that Anna’s looked sick for the last few years or so. If you saw her legs they were a dead giveaway.

No. 1165081

One of the cows in this thread is Anna and I’m talking about Anna. You want the whole thread to be screencaps of some fag’s Twitter then make a thread just for him

No. 1165084

This was her when she was “chubby”. Pretty sad she looks much lower body now that she has an actual baby growing in her.

No. 1165090

File: 1613704744961.png (65.87 KB, 586x205, ps.png)

No. 1165104

Good lord she’s awful at writing.

No. 1165109

I'm the anon you're replying to and ok, I totally take it back, kek thanks for showing this to me anon

No. 1165115

What her writing lacks in quality is made up for in word count.

No. 1165139

It's always the mousy fuggo horse girls who are obsessed with sex appeal, especially if they at some point reach what they perceive as "baseline attractiveness" (aka not fat). Doubly funny coming from Anna, an eternally scowling, nagging hag who perpetually looks like she just caught Eli mid fap to AOC. She must be dating exclusively jewish mama's boys, because that would be the only population capable of finding Anna's "martyred Jewish mother" look sexy in a putrid Oedipal way.
Local femceloid seethes about women men leave her for, finds another humorless old nag relatable, more at 11.

No. 1165161

File: 1613715958023.jpg (51.35 KB, 828x543, ET2wactWoAEdPLk.jpg)

sam pritchard is definitely a psycho who would do this just like picrel

No. 1165163

File: 1613716427708.jpeg (125.05 KB, 1200x1004, Euh1cn5VkAA1KiO.jpeg)

do you think she felt the same way about any movie with a male villain origin story?

No. 1165164

Any woman or female character in a movie must be a pandering to feminism, made for all those girls to self insert themselves on the villain therefore brainwashing them to become evil!

No. 1165166

Had to check if this was real, it is.
It's like an Aimee tweet

No. 1165175

File: 1613719161068.png (73.69 KB, 735x661, adamtheater.png)

What a melodramatic faggot.

No. 1165178

File: 1613720131694.jpg (80.28 KB, 720x960, 16864408_10107593957245689_764…)


Im gonna pull this old photo of her from facebook circa 2016 and say nah bro. Whatever she is doing, she is not healthy or doing well and hope for the sake of her baby she isn't starving herself or smoking at least while she is pregnant.

No. 1165179

File: 1613720173421.jpg (74.94 KB, 960x540, 526542_10101824079212519_16757…)

No. 1165184

Theatres were still open for a while but with socially distanced seating, even I went to see one. Wasn’t Tenet a huge hit at the box office this past year? The theatres will come back soon enough.

No. 1165188

File: 1613722321688.jpeg (126.01 KB, 750x443, 248A6904-1B96-4290-8649-2385FC…)

In her recent ftagged pics. She must tell a lot of lies..

No. 1165192

mfw these autismal cringelords think this sort of commentary is radically distinct from some woke tweetstorm about how Trump is literally voldemort (1/24)

No. 1165194

Truly a face that oozes sex appeal, AOC and Jen Psaki could never

No. 1165195

The one thing that can be said in her favor is her stated objection to nose jobs, in stark contrast to all her other positions.
She looks a million times better in this than in any of her fake selfies

No. 1165196

File: 1613723861181.png (151.25 KB, 790x429, ame.png)

No. 1165197

It's not like a nose job would help her. Her face is entirely fucked, in particular her unfixable retarded spaniel eyes. It's a perfect feature for an authenticity LARP/pretending to be "racially proud of".

No. 1165208

She looks like a witch. In most selfies she looks trans

No. 1165210

Bruenig's entire twitter presence is all performance, it's best to just regard her tweets and takes as building blocks of her brand.

No. 1165215

She’s not inherently bad looking but the smoking, starvation and styling she chooses make for the end result
And of course the booze, coke and who knows what else

No. 1165216

That particular tweet is such a generic and dull take, it could have come from any number of podcast orbiters.
Liz probably should have added another prayer selfie to stand out.

No. 1165222

I still think she looked strange and witchy when she wasn’t so drugged out. Her and Jack are objectively some of the ugliest cows, in their present state

No. 1165239

File: 1613732055797.jpg (116.56 KB, 279x741, Anna-Khachiyan-Feet-4592105.jp…)

Imagine having a face like this and calling a normal looking woman "sour faced"

No. 1165240

This is such a gimp girl outfit it's insane. I never thought GG would have skinwalkers

No. 1165242

In one of those twitch streams recently she said she gets what money she doesn't make from her replyguys by tutoring

Ah yes, the dude with the fat ex-gf she couldn't stop sperging about. Is he actually her stalker or is she just super paranoid?

No. 1165256

File: 1613735168123.png (204.39 KB, 1080x1005, IMG_20210219_124310.png)

apparently being mean on the internet translates to wanting to kill someone

No. 1165282

no bully pls, i am twans. sam if you died we'd have one less autistic retard to laugh at

No. 1165334

File: 1613746901299.jpg (19.72 KB, 500x380, 45b0ee6d8d59f5effcab7a6bec8dce…)

No. 1165347

isnt he constantly dunking on anna and greenwald? so he wants to kill them then?

No. 1165355

File: 1613749324500.jpeg (95.06 KB, 828x655, 20B1A867-EFFB-4569-A2FF-A30E00…)

No. 1165365

Idk about wanting her dead but honestly I do agree a lot of people in this circle seem to have a weirdly intense hatred of her. What has she actually done that’s so bad?

No. 1165369

She just used to get in fights with everybody and accused everyone else of not being as real of a leftist as she was.

No. 1165390

kevin gibes tier disgusting. obnoxious wrecker. deluded narc

No. 1165391

Considering everyone usually in these threads, she was at least correct about them.

No. 1165396

no one gives a shit about politics here, their cows because of their milky behavior and pickme antics just like pritchard. dye a late phaggot

No. 1165398

isn’t she friends with ashley? sam is mad these people won’t be her friend she has no morals

No. 1165429

Holy shit, not even a week later

No. 1165511

Is aimee in danger of slipping into obscurity without twitter? I can’t imagine that law career will get back on track :(

No. 1165523

File: 1613758115243.jpg (146.28 KB, 828x1472, 152048620_417913642604838_3373…)

No. 1165542

I think that's why she's been getting so into twitch on the pod channel

No. 1165562

Didn't she turn 30? At least she doesn't have twitter anymore where her replyguys would start to harass her about it.

No. 1165565

File: 1613761760767.png (132.63 KB, 1246x506, askingforit.png)

B-but anon, she's asking for it!

No. 1165586

File: 1613763408601.png (264.64 KB, 600x537, Screen Shot 2021-02-19.png)

She's going viral because of the reaction of her creepy replyguys to this picture

No. 1165627

how many times is he going to change his name

No. 1165660

That Woke Capital account is so bad. Just misogyny and racism disguised as "anti consumerism"

No. 1165675

File: 1613774410749.png (26.03 KB, 739x285, jackmcdonalds.png)

Jack is possibly the most childish person on the entire internet.

No. 1165698

She is inherently bad looking.

No. 1165712

This is a fucking imageboard, post pictures. She doesn't look pregnant under that hoodie, I don't buy it yet

No. 1165744

There is no reason to believe her until the child is brought to term.

No. 1165766

Now that Dasha's officially 30 is she gonna stop with the kinderwhore shit or doubledown?

No. 1165779

Jack wheezing at some hapless cashier because his debit card kept getting declined. It's all in the presentation.

No. 1165789

File: 1613780680259.png (440.2 KB, 1194x1842, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 11.2…)

LOL they are soooo mad at Dasha/Anna for the Adam Curtis episode

just a bunch of jealous, artless, reactionary LOSERS who have and will never make something on his level in their lifetime

No. 1165801

Jack, Adam and Barrett aren't really mad about Adam Curtis' lib takes, they're mad because Anna/Dasha aren't praising THEM as original, groundbreaking thinkers. its so transparent and pathetic. Jack has the same tantrum whenever they praise Glenn and Tim Dillon

Dasha/Anna even had that interview with Adam and they never promoted it and Anna even made fun of it on the pod ("don't bother about the article, just look at the photos") lol

Barrett especially is probably the worst of the three, what does he even do? what has even made? at least jack has a small following of retards and adam had a journalist "career" at some point. all barrett has is a painful podcast with sam peckinpah's failgranson where he just rambles in the most boring, sing-songy stoned cadence, has he ever had a compelling or original take ever?

No. 1165807

Please, she got exactly what she wanted. She loves the horny reply guys, she's admitted as much before on her pod.

No. 1165814

File: 1613783108381.jpeg (120.61 KB, 354x414, D4FC4BFD-8D18-4E9F-97BE-77A1F0…)

This is her husband, no wonder she enjoys attention from other men so much

No. 1165820

Barrett has a tiny following but a weird amount of clout among artscrotes. I don't know his background or where he got these connections but it screams "rich parents".

No. 1165822

File: 1613784400492.png (114.61 KB, 742x1166, jackjob.png)

God this shit is so deeply satisfying.

No. 1165828

File: 1613784950281.png (174.54 KB, 1080x870, IMG_20210220_023340.png)

pritchard is currently having a meltdown bc this woman is insinuating hes a creep and not real trans. some high profile twitter leftoids like garbageape have been liking suckerjawns tweets

No. 1165832

eli looks like a serial killer

No. 1165833

Wtf is "e-girl nudes chat"? This is seriously something leftthots are doing now?

No. 1165839

she is correct

No. 1165844

I don’t get how anyone could take that as anything other than a joke. Not finding it funny is one thing but obviously no one is transitioning to get into a group chat and if they did they obviously wouldn’t publicly announce it?

No. 1165848

There was some girls chat where nudes were posted that Lana del Raytheon (later outted as a sex pest, claimed to be nb not a cishet man) was in. Supposed once he posted himself all the girls, who had I guess assumed he was a girl because of the name, quietly left.
I think Sam is a creep and psycho but that doesn't mean they're not also transitioning for real.

No. 1165863

3 years ago all of the OG leftist egirls posted “tits out until morale improves” in support of Nick Mullen

No. 1165865

File: 1613787918850.jpg (114.57 KB, 828x1472, 152403817_769779093945866_7438…)

public semi-acknowledgment from her bf of a year, happy birthday

No. 1165867

ugh, are you one of the anons who keeps calling pritchard “she”? men absolutely transition to gain access to women-only sexual spaces and proceed to make unfunny “jokes” about it in public

No. 1165869

Anyone know anything about Kaitlin Philips or Naomi Fry?

No. 1165873

Can you hear yourself? No one is transitioning to get into some leftist group chat. Even if you genuinely thought that was a thing, what’s the basis for making this accusation against Sam? I feel like for literally over a year now I’ve constantly seen people refer to these supposed “accusations” against Sam but no one ever actually provides any evidence or specific allegations or even names of anyone involved. I thought it was just a joke at first but I guess not. It just seems like a baseless harassment campaign, I can understand people disliking Sam but these accusations about predatory behaviour don’t seem to be based on anything.

No. 1165875

Naomi is just some normie lib New Yorker lit critic who happens to be friends with the Red Scare girls and Brett Easton Ellis for some reason. Pretty sure she's how Anna got on BEE.
troon seethe

No. 1165878

Naomi is kinda charming IMO. Kaitlin is a try-hard intellectual who’s too much of a pseud to make it in the art world and has been riding Durga/Sarah Nicole Prickett’s coattails for half a decade with little success.

No. 1165879

File: 1613789112264.png (23.54 KB, 593x108, Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 9.38…)

Samantha Pritchard is unstable and milky for sure but she's also got irony guys obliquely joking about killing her and making up false accusations on her.

Suckerjawn's post was basically giving the irony bro Mullen wannabe crowd cover to harass her more so it was good of here to delete.

No. 1165882

Prichard has a huge and ugly penis which he has dm'd to random women without asking throughout the years. He also has NO problem medfagging Anna and claiming she's a self-loathing trans man, and clearly not even bothering to go on hormones or planning any surgery, so who gives a fuck if we offend his delicate sensibilities by calling out his "transition" as we see it. He's a degenerate fetishist, just like that psychotic Alice Avizandum, "trans" "muslim" "communist", who literally jerks off to the idea of doing s/m with "Muslim subs" being forced to eat haram meat/drink alcohol.

No. 1165883

Learn to sage, troon.

No. 1165885

"ban all the Nazis and Samantha Pritchard" = death threat? fuck off Sam and stop self posting

No. 1165886

sam go dilate

No. 1165889

File: 1613789687867.png (390.5 KB, 588x743, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.5…)

No. 1165893

imagine getting pressed about men shit-talking you when actual women get harassed by men making deep fake porn out of their selfies. troons are proving once again that they are deluded histrionic men

No. 1165894

lmao ah yes, the extremely serious death threat of “talking about banning someone from twitter”. you must be a thread subject, cause none of us think being kicked off the bird site constitutes murder (that, and you don’t know how to sage)

No. 1165895

Not Sam, it's a reference to a joke where one guy says "I'm going to kill all the Jews and one clown," the other guy asks "why one clown?" and the first guy says "See no one cares about the Jews". Irony guys love Jew jokes you see.

No. 1165896

yes, absolutely.

No. 1165897

still not seeing "kill" in the post, you lunatic.

No. 1165898

women only sexual spaces? why do a bunch of women pushing 30 need to send lewds to one another? demented

No. 1165899

did that dick pic ever end up leaking? supposedly it looked like a field hockey stick

No. 1165900

hmmm. it could be a reference to a joke about killing jews, where “banning from twitter” is substituted for “killing”, and fucking “nazis” is substituted for “jews”

or it could be a reference to the extremely common left-wing twitterati trope that twitter is full of nazis and jack dorsey refuses to ban them


No. 1165901

He's taking it for clout, yes. Case closed.

No. 1165903

you're either Pritchard or his retarded anarcho-commie reply guy Bill Kezos, you're just as dumb as Jack and Anna K if not worse. sorry you're mad this isn't a safe space(hi cow)

No. 1165904

he probably got erect exhibiting his slut serum to the world.

No. 1165907

File: 1613790785172.jpeg (186.64 KB, 828x1093, 9365BB66-5D55-43F7-9A24-66AC23…)

No. 1165909

what's the story behind Sam Grady, what's his deal?

No. 1165914

>They’re not nice people

No. 1165919

He is a creepy man. That's that on that.

No. 1165921

Provide some actual milk then? What has Sam actually done that’s creepy because I’ve never seen someone show even one example despite how much people talk about it.

No. 1165923

Terminally online guy who has been on Twitter forever. Developed from a teen libertarian to the archetype of a creepy DSA guy. Irony poisoned to the point where it's impossible to tell what's real and what's a "bit". Famous for making a bizarre map of every Twitter account sorted into different cliques. Published a really fucked up and bizarre (fictionalized?) account of having hookup sex at an Occupy rally in Matt Forney's far right magazine and then claimed to not know the nature of the publication. Reply guy to basically every left wing or Nrx account at some point. Unsuccessfully ran for state house in Ohio in the last election.

No. 1165929

Seconded. With how terminally online Pritchard is and how long people have been saying this it's sus that nothing's dropped. People find Bella/chaoticitgirl's full name, address and nudes within a couple of days of her being posted here, but nothing on Pritchard aside "he's a creepy man" ?

No. 1165940

People white knighting for a nasty coomer troon with an ass on his chin is so fucking funny

No. 1165941

She looked a lot better but kek at her claims that she has "big naturals", she was much heavier here and those are some tiny mosquito bites

No. 1165946

No I love you, nothing suggesting she's his girlfriend, this is something you'd say about someone you just have a professional relationship with. Anna's boyfriend was warmer.

No. 1166012

they literally are lmfao

No. 1166029

Learn to sage.

No. 1166068

Men absolutely do transition to gain access to women only spaces for perverted creepy reasons. you are naive for thinking otherwise

No. 1166078

File: 1613797993003.png (22.96 KB, 595x215, election.PNG)

republican definitely. rich parent vibes too.

No. 1166102

Jack and Barrett acting like living in Texas makes them superior to New Yorkers is so funny when Austin is much more "lib" than any coastal city in a more suburban and obnoxious Warren voter type way.

No. 1166107

File: 1613798532191.png (62.35 KB, 717x789, credentials.png)

Barrett's a 30-something arts scene guy who knows Ariel Pink well enough to have helped him finance TFW No GF. He brags about moving to Austin, but he moved there a few months ago tops. Probably another Adam Lehrer.

No. 1166154

Yes, people decide to undergo extreme scorn from the majority of society by adjusting to a gender not assigned at birth, and, usually, undergo ridicule and condescension by medical professionals… all so they can get in on women’s or men’s (private) chat channels.

That just does not seem like the point.

No. 1166207


go back to twitter, newfag

No. 1166227

He was married for a while before meeting her, for most divorced men it takes a lot to fully commit again. Unless she traps him with a kid, who knows if the relationship will progress much further. She should’ve just stayed with Adam and married and had kids with him

No. 1166234

read up on the mtf thread to get blackpilled on the lengths men will go to coom

No. 1166249

How is Aimee not locked away in a mental hospital somewhere? She types like an unstable wackadoo.

No. 1166264

File: 1613801582928.jpeg (213.65 KB, 960x1792, EupTB1EXAAgpaIZ.jpeg)

will this go better or worse than dating a 5'5 nazi?

No. 1166265

That’s anecdotal evidence at best.

Because that would require someone to actually care about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1166467

it's him and his twitter fags

No. 1166499

sydney's face looks chubbier than usual.

No. 1166535

who is that?

No. 1166604

That’s the tragedy of her repeatedly getting herself suspended, Twitter is the perfect place for her, and she thrives there.
Good to see an exchange where Ross refutes her delusions directly and supports her being on Twitter too.

No. 1166690

samelpan and lexprofessional.

Samara moved to NYC to live with her bf, he seems normal but i'm sure he is just as fucked up as the rest of the guys she's friends with

No. 1166736

File: 1613836006517.jpeg (132.17 KB, 1312x926, 7E6AC45E-A914-4E5F-ABA0-7DF011…)

anyone is better than shawn

No. 1166740

It's like someone distilled /pol/ into one tiny body.

No. 1166824

File: 1613851291263.png (1.34 MB, 1529x935, barretthouse.png)

The passion of our lord and savior continues.

No. 1166888

these people really don't have a life. that third reply down is just complete word vomit. its hilarious that anything not explicitly right wing is just "retarded lib shit". literally no one outside your niche twitter circles know what youre talking about, these people wouldnt know how to interact with actual working normies to save their lives.

No. 1166891

You're absolutely right, Austin is probably the most comically radlib city in the country, it's just so much more distilled than NYC, LA or like Seattle/Portland. Most Texans outside of Austin, (progressives AND conservatives) would assume young rich austin transplants are dumb hipster tech bro libs or trust fund 'starving artist' types. You don't really count as "living in a red state" in Austin, and this is an opinion that crosses the political spectrum. Austin is cool ngl but all the "real people" have been pushed out due to cost of living. Existing in literally any other of the big cities in Texas would give you so much more cred and allow you to peddle this contrarian right wing shit more efficiently.

No. 1166971

File: 1613873796231.png (74.52 KB, 214x464, roun.png)

Pritch just lost one of their biggest defenders

"only posting this bc it’s getting out of hand and no one knows what’s going on. I won’t talk about this further because it’s painful and I won’t be engaging her in the future because she is sick and cannot be reasoned with. It’s a shame this had to happen. Please leave her be."


No. 1166984

Philips is completely insufferable. her early appearance on Red Scare was the first episode that was universally hated by the subreddit at a time when it was way smaller, and the people who 'hate listened' were a very small minority. i would say to go back and listen to that if you're really curious but it's honestly not even worth it. Fry is fine. Doesn't really bother me, I don't particularly like her or think she's a very good or interesting writer but seems like a fine person.

No. 1166995

kp is some poor little rich girl from idaho or something. she probably pays people to hang out with her

No. 1167008

pritch goes full inquisitor and starts purging his only handmaidens kek

No. 1167012

File: 1613878449292.png (359.22 KB, 1186x1566, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 8.55…)

Fatbot triggered by Anna telling him to exercise (he actually blocked her for this)

No. 1167025

File: 1613880067474.jpeg (181.79 KB, 1080x1617, 5F97ED16-1F42-4617-8742-475B12…)

I don’t care for Pritch but I saw the screenshot that went around and if they’re friends I don’t understand why she wouldn’t DM Sam “Hey that was a joke” instead of doing this.

No. 1167037

honestly I don't get why you would make any of this public

No. 1167039

imagine thinking this harmless interaction was a vicious slight. pritch needs a mood stabilizer.

No. 1167043

She's besties with coochiebone now. What did she think was going to happen lol

No. 1167072

File: 1613884461918.png (372.44 KB, 1080x1292, butheyneverwenthigh.png)

KB is insane but A&D are going back to doing what they are best at- being trolls about women's bodies. Seems to be what kicked off his sperging? Don't worry KB they love fat uggo men.

No. 1167076

File: 1613884659615.png (192.12 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_2021-02-20-23-10-41…)

Lol lmao. Nobody believes this. Notice how she doesn't go to bat for Dasha because that would be an even harder sell.

No. 1167080

File: 1613885339920.png (206.66 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_2021-02-20-23-22-44…)

Oh it's that uwu smol bean from one of the other threads, who has the honour of having her selfies liked by fat nationalist Jack, and is really into cats killing native birds for some sicko reason. All these people suck each other off desperately lol.

No. 1167093

File: 1613886027308.png (334.44 KB, 731x769, adamthesaurus.png)

reaching for a thesaurus to find a creative way to say "people shouldn't be protesting white supremacy"

No. 1167097

File: 1613886265150.png (154.48 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_2021-02-20-23-35-08…)

A fat Jack orbiter who ekes out a living by dressing up and acting like a certain type of man's idea of a woman- retweeting this without commentary is so hilarious. Notwithstanding the time this hulking Ben Shapiro looking beast said a beautiful small Japanese woman was literally him.

No. 1167098

File: 1613886479417.png (41.35 KB, 747x521, artfagsocialism.png)

Sounds like shit fam!

No. 1167103

>Republican Artfag Socialism with Finance Punk characteristics

That sounds completely schizo and incoherent in every possible way. This guy has his head so far up his own ass. No wonder he physically haunts malls with Jack.

No. 1167104

Isn't this the guy who had Dasha on his podcast and mentioned lolcow multiple times?

No. 1167106

File: 1613887161503.jpeg (4.26 KB, 259x194, justinmurphy.jpeg)

I believe you're thinking of his friend Justin Murphy.

No. 1167110

Yes, she is going on an awful lot of "literally who" podcasts for somebody moving up in the world. She said it's because she feels a comraderie with podcasters on the gaijin drag queen/prostitute guys show. Interestingly enough (or perhaps not at all) I think pretty much all of the shows have been hosted by men lately.

No. 1167112

My bad. They all sound the same. Holy shit though, that picture screams insufferable douche.

No. 1167126

pritchard is as classic of a cow as you can get but i fucking hate that disgusting and pervertedly unfunny coochiebone guy.

No. 1167137

@childsouljaboy? ( They all have these handles that suck too) Or is their yet another degenerate coomer reply guy I don't know about? Lexa/Sydney will do something that gives me hope that she has enough of a brain to escape these people eventually despite her narc tendencies but then I remember she willingly pals around with disgusting irredeemable filth and bottom of the barrel girls like Felina and the onlyfans "70 pound" cum tribute prostitute and uh lol. We need a field identification guide for all of these disgusting filth encrusted reply guys. They keep multiplying.

No. 1167191

pig and buscemi eyes. welcome to brooklyn!

No. 1167192

oh yeah that's childsouljaboy, coochiebone was his previous suspended account

No. 1167199

he's a disgusting scrote with a sad backstory who is thirsty for twitter clout and left egirl pussy. playing the whole "leftist union blue collar" schtick while rapidly approaching 30 and spending time with like 18-23 year old nick mullen impersonators in group chats

No. 1167217

File: 1613903469167.png (41 KB, 605x436, ela.png)

Estee Lardass is having another schizophrenic episode

No. 1167229

he couldve just tweeted 41 and it wouldve both been funnier and make him look less mentally ill

No. 1167243

If Anna cared about being “in shape” she wouldn’t have ever starved herself in the first place

No. 1167244

Anna’s take is absolutely retarded as well though. “Don’t worry about your body because we will all be dead soon”. Her takes are all obviously based on her being ugly as fuck and resentful of others

No. 1167248

No, now she’s a pregnant woman with an eating disorder. If she wanted to sell that she has a “healthy lifestyle” maybe she should’ve gained a little baby weight and drank green juice on Tim Dillon’s podcast instead of Diet Coke

No. 1167284

Bitch looks like David Spade

He’s way too old to be thinking about kids all the time

No. 1167297

Why won’t this fat cunt ever shut the fuck up? I hope he loses his fingers to type 2 diabetes

No. 1167306

I feel the same about Lexa. She definitely seems more stable than most of the people itt but she seems to exclusively associate herself with the worst kind of people.

No. 1167309

He could just use the voice to text. Maybe even does that already considering how much he tweets

No. 1167321

what's funny about this faggot is that he has no problem making fun of other people with tragedies or other unfortunate things but the moment someone makes fun of his dead parents he quote tweets or posts a screencap about it all dignified, inviting all his other disgusting friends to pile on them. he's such a baby. epic gay posts man, never seen it before.

No. 1167375

Seems cucked to me for Dasha to make Uncut Gems a cult classic when she didn't get a role in it like she hoped

No. 1167391

barrett's the son of la lawyers avner & avner, his sister a yale grad and alum of a 40k a year prep school. i assume barrett also got the prep school treatment, but he has a "native american" working class persona to maintain on twitter.

No. 1167399

It's going to be even more cucked when she doesn't get a role on the next Safdies project.
I was looking up what other movies have been announced for Berlin and it's funny that Dasha now benefits from Support Female Directors and Woman Led Horror blogging.
Of course the poor boy who works as a landscaper trying to get his voice heard act is a complete larp.

No. 1167412

File: 1613932150958.png (25.05 KB, 725x281, jackfurry.png)

Jack sexting with a Brazilian furry is very funny.

No. 1167471

It's extremely funny. But why would you share that lol. Unless you were trying to be the winner of "most depressing thing I ever did", at a party?

No. 1167493

not sure if this was discussed, but in the episode mentioned in picrel, dasha makes a joke about anna "having any milk to spare"

No. 1167496

File: 1613937057453.jpg (80 KB, 640x1084, 3tphupxo8f741.jpg)

don't forget that lexaprofessional, an admittedly huge red scare fan and avid redscarepod poster, sought out and fucked adam just after he broke up with dasha, and also posted photos of her with his dog on twitter to troll her. that's some creepy single white female shit. all podcast groupies are deranged

No. 1167531

her takedown of lexa here with a singular screenshot made me like dasha for a few months

No. 1167536

lexa is a red scare orbiter who wants to be dasha so bad that she'll willingly fraternize with the worst people ever, she's not stable she's just a 6 with brown hair

No. 1167544

Oh I didn't know this, I didn't realise she was a fan of the pod before. Are her and Dasha friends or not? It seems weird for Dasha to befriend her but didn't she tweet out something in support of her during the samememe thing?

No. 1167550

They don't really seem like enemies just searching through interactions

No. 1167588

I like to think of myself as having a kind, enlightened position on the concept of dancing as a universal human expression of joy, one that should be encouraged among anybody at any time, at any skill level, but there's an e-girl in the Red Scare orbit that has singlehandedly made me reverse this position. I’m now a worse person. Every single day he posts videos of herself dancing to multiple platforms and they're just dreadfully terrible. I ought to stop watching but it’s a digital car crash.

Her body is stiff and uncoordinated, there’s no organic flow or rhythm to her movements and those movements have only the faintest relation to the tempo of the song, like third cousins twice removed and living in different hemispheres. Her dancing looks like it was programmed by an A.I. that hadn’t been given any reference for what dancing is except those inflatable noodles that you see outside used car lots. She looks as if she’s only just recently learned how to stand, like a toddler, and her arms have only recently been attached, like a Barbie doll, and she hops around like a bunny on Adderall. Fortnite dances would be difficult for her. She has made the case for the concept of shame as a human conditioning tool because her clear lack of it is an ungodly aberration.

To be clear I am not shaming her for attention seeking, it’s a human need, would you begrudge somebody for seeking food and shelter? But BY GOD, you’d think she would get better at dancing with all of the practice she’s been getting.

But hey, she’s attractive, so nobody’s gonna tell her.

No. 1167595

Whats lexa's r/ username?

No. 1167596

File: 1613944372839.png (2.2 MB, 1862x1024, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 4.52…)

is this a joke or did this person and Eugene from Wobble Palace really get married?

No. 1167611

Lmfao, seems like exactly something Dasha herself would do. She got out Dasha'd by an even skinnier girl. She can't really complain tbh.

No. 1167646

She's in the scarethot circle for sure. She directly interacts with Anna. Haven't seen her directly interact with Dasha in recent months.

No. 1167657

what's his sad backstory?

No. 1167661

this shit was so weird, imagine orbiting literal podcasters

No. 1167662

Post link and caps along with your sperg wall of text, this is a fucking imageboard

No. 1167664

yeah that person was trying way too hard with that whole post lol. think theyre talking about @thisyearsgurl

No. 1167667

'husband' obviously refers to the dog lol you guys are so desperate for milk sometimes

No. 1167673

I couldn't find any videos on her media tab, she looks average and not too milky beyond the bandwagon "waif" alt

No. 1167674

if this post was not unsaged I would have thought this was a parody of the average retarded dirt bag leftcel. How does someone become so pretentious that they have to describe themselves as kind and enlightened in there first sentence.

No. 1167680

she posts fleets every morning of her dancing so they wouldn't show up on the media tab, but im assuming thats who the op was talking about. i dont know why it bothers them so much tho she seems fine to me

No. 1167692


No. 1167694

they're fleets

No. 1167710

eug is still with honor "the ironic nazi" levy iirc

No. 1167725

why do all these girls literally look the anorexic crackhead cryptkeeper, disgusting sunken faces, nasty veiny old lady hands, anna, dasha, this chick, all of them

No. 1167731

File: 1613958882381.jpg (133.91 KB, 828x1472, 152716817_3870263416365965_403…)

Honor is the only one of these people besides Red Scare with any actual accomplishments, getting published in the New Yorker before graduating college, under her belt but still comes off as the thirstiest.

No. 1167741

Honor and Eugene have been broken up for months. Last week Eugene got married to a girl he met through the ioncellectuals IG. I’m sure it won’t last.

No. 1167743

she's not really one of 'these girls', she's a fairly accomplished musician and this is the first time ive seen her associated with any of the regulars in these threads. also she looks fine lol kind of cheapens those insults if you're going to call someone who looks like that disgusting

No. 1167750


Tea on Dagsen?

No. 1167757

i could be totally mixing him up, but i thought he was pure 2016 frog twitter altright but then in like 2018 started unironic "cool it with the racism guys" posting and it turned out he was dating a black girl. pepe avatars turned on him, he deactivated for a while and is back now posting in kantbot circles.

No. 1167778

the model?

No. 1167786

do you have any idea what a drag queen is? drag has nothing to do with being a retarded tranny. get off of twitter for like 5 minutes

No. 1167801

i have no idea how i mixed up hunwald and some male model.

No. 1167810

What is/was his Twitter @?

No. 1167820

There's one currently up. Anon is deranged but her moves are indeed very stiff and unsettling

No. 1167822

Yeah, she looks healthy and clean which is better than you can say for any of the musty scarethots

No. 1167825

Where did I say he was a tranny? Even though he does have creepy Ed Gein vagina envy energy, like his buddy Jack. Learn 2 sage before you start calling other people retards over something they never actually said. He gets paid to dress in drag for men in fetish bars, which is what I said. Calm down.

No. 1167829

File: 1613971148177.png (77.69 KB, 751x691, adammichaelche.png)

I'm all for problematic jokes until someone I dislike because of podcast drama from 5 years ago make them. Then I have to invent an ideologically incoherent reason rooted in personal pathology to scold them.

No. 1167835

File: 1613971859347.jpeg (295.2 KB, 1242x1624, F48AD283-5900-43CA-AA8B-0034AC…)

Anyone know who the ex is? He’s been making these hysterical “we need to believe men” posts on a daily basis for a while now.

No. 1167836

File: 1613971883948.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_2021-02-21-23-17-46…)

You answered your own question lol. Sustained anorexia/alcoholism/drug abuse takes a heavy toll on the body. You can get away with it in your early 20's usually. And longer with good genes but after that you usually start to look like a dead/dying woman. They all think they look like hot 90's actresses but they usually look like internetkendra (tacky generic ny girl with bad tats and a lot of sun damage) or warmtoned (grumpy faced mom compensating with expensive fashion).

No. 1167842

There's a weird penchant among scarethot-adjacents to be against BDS because they view it as too radlib…Caroline Debnam is anti-BDS too, as is Aimee.

No. 1167844

also Anna is "ironically" into IDF themed pornography

No. 1167865

File: 1613977389193.png (1.02 MB, 1176x762, 2021022215508.png)

I guess by 'deactivating indefinitely' she meant 12 days. Could not wait to foolishly post her face some more.

No. 1167878

Lmfao, making her big comeback in a red scare shirt of course. Sadly the brain rot had reached terminal status before her very short deletion.

No. 1167902

File: 1613982725508.png (68.13 KB, 605x383, sure.png)

No. 1167904

What does the inside of her discord look like?

No. 1167909

File: 1613984385096.png (60.01 KB, 439x187, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 1.48…)

This poor girl is possibly the single most clear example of the Rescare effect.
Sure she's not the smartest girl around and obvs. vulnerable to manipulation.
RS deliver a virtual lobotomy but to get a comfortable, wealthy, privileged girl to go from left liberal to unironically pumping out propaganda from the sort of cunts that would have Anna and Eli's ancestors eliminated ?
This is why cunts like Buskirk cultivate Anna, and the poor dumb cunt is too arrogant or stupid to even consider the reality of what a complete fucking useless idiot she is
Sorry for the overly blunt blog, but that's how it is.

No. 1167911

USEFUL IDIOT, not useless

No. 1167912

Jealous of what? That's always their kneejerk. The only thing this girl has that I want is the piles of cash and the free guest house. Everything else about her is pathetic or repellant.

No. 1167919

File: 1613986535794.jpg (263.28 KB, 1080x1456, 20210221_081958.jpg)

>agriculture led to a decline in living standards
What did he mean by this

No. 1167923

File: 1613986906818.jpg (345.95 KB, 1079x1454, Screenshot_20210221_082453_Chr…)

No. 1167924

Lol @yungneocon, is that a joke handle? Uh idk. From a nihilistic viewpoint the mass industrialization of agriculture equalled a major population boom which meant way more people to toil and suffer and die (and more animals to be used and abused in this process). Have heard people make the argument that medieval peasants worked less days in a year and thus had it better (they ignore things like labour rights, medical care, legal rights, etc., in this argument)

No. 1167928

File: 1613987956952.png (32.78 KB, 1438x173, Inside.png)

Talk about narcissism.
Her simps are there too.

No. 1167929

The irony of these selfie generating scarethots worshipping Lasch is really delicious, beyond parody. It would be thrown out in a writer's room for being too much.

No. 1167936

True, but it is Redscare that they are following, the book and T-shirt are just because of that

No. 1167942

File: 1613991669286.jpeg (91.8 KB, 512x368, 14F8C846-65EA-4F40-B2DB-1A4690…)

No. 1167943

File: 1613992003993.png (26.46 KB, 595x250, aaaaa.png)

Jack is off his meds

No. 1167945

What is this cliques thing with the total historical revision of Nixon. He carpet bombed Cambodia and empowered Kissinger. APUSH 101 shit.

No. 1167946

File: 1613992314927.jpg (19.96 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I hope these brain dead degenerates start stanning Kissinger and his legacy of war crimes next. Blowing up Cambodian farmers was so sexy of him.

No. 1167947

He btfo libs and they see parallels between CIA taking down him with Watergate and the agencies fucking with Trump for the past four years. Some tankies ironically prop him up with the "NixBol" meme for his efforts in opening up trade with China, but the post-left crowd just like him because they see him as having had the right enemies.

No. 1167948

Jack is in the prime demographic for ending up in the ICU from Covid complications so maybe he should cool his jets. He isn't some spry slim 22 year old. He's an obese smoker and admittedly inhales fast food in one pained gulp.

No. 1167951

File: 1613992979487.png (70.01 KB, 749x659, adamnazi.png)

"Yeah, man art these days is like too clouded in 'repugnant ideology' so I just read books by guys who supported Hitler in the 1940s" sounds like a bad stock "hipster" joke from 2011 but it's a real kind of guy now I guess.

No. 1167952

Crying on international tv and fleeing under the threat of being shitcanned is a really poor way to btfo the libs lol

No. 1167953

Mark my words, they'll pull the same thing with George W. Bush eventually. Post-left crew following in the footsteps of the trot-to-neocon pipeline. Jack is already there, as is Nick Pinkerton (lol) who loves talking about how naive he was for protesting the Iraq War back in 2003 and the whole thing wasn't actually that big of a deal and in fact might have been a good thing because it increased patriotism at home.

No. 1167954

Well just like Trump leaving the White House with his tail between his legs after throwing his supporters under the bus and getting a few of them killed, they just memory hole the moment of downfall.

No. 1167958

Might as well be a copy-paste of a logo tweet from 2017. He'll come after you if you invoke Wyndham Lewis, he thinks he's the preeminent scholar on the man and anyone who "discovers" his writing post-Trump is just trying to copy logo's act.

No. 1167959

They're just Living Marxism/Spiked mark 2. Vapid right wingers who can only cloud their true colors in theory speak until they get those big think tank checks.

No. 1167969

This guy delving into black metal and Mishima in his 30s is so funny. Sex pest with a stunted brain.

No. 1167977

File: 1614000969284.png (93.78 KB, 604x438, twitter has ruined her brain.p…)

No. 1167983

Do you have a screencap of the 2003 quote? I've liked Pinkerton's writing so was surprised to see his twitter and constant sad sack drunk tweets (that part not surprising) and back and forths with Leia and Dasha. He seems like a standard bernie leaning lib but because he's in his 40s he hates Communism and thinks online tankies are a threat or something, but is mostly mad there's isn't good Hong Kong cinema anymore who cares if people are way better off now than they were then.

No. 1168001

What is her goodreads @?

No. 1168006

File: 1614004927905.png (176.2 KB, 650x352, gr.png)

Harry Potter still listed as one of her favorite books lol she must not keep this updated very often


No. 1168008

He's not exactly wrong, but agriculture ultimately trumped hunter-gathering despite the lower living standards, same as modernity/industrialization (see the black plague - industrial cities were death traps rife with filth and disease, but just like with agriculture their productive power was more than enough to offset that). But this is always a retarded discussion, technology doesn't roll back, primitivists are retarded LARPers

Kek as insane as it is this one made me genuinely lol

No. 1168023

he is correct that early neolithic farmers had lower life expectancy than hunter-gatherers, but his broader point is, as usual, extremely retarded.

No. 1168030

most of this list is just her name-dropping weirdly, but I would definitely pay money to listen to calloway, clymer, and aimee terese locked in a room together

No. 1168045

every time this guy adam lehrer types anything, my eyes glaze over and i just see the post he made about how he watches porn even though he knows the women in it are dehumanized, and how much he fetishizes asian women. how can anyone see anything other than that when they see his posts is beyond me

No. 1168046

ever time I see a pic of kendra I think "actually passing pretty well for an MTF"

No. 1168075

Sad to see that a lot of these leftcows are in their 30s and 40s. If they were in their early 20s you might have some hope that they'll grow out of it but if they're in their 30s I doubt they will. Some of these leftcows even have kids but still stay shitposting on twitter all day.

It really is a virtual lobotomy, it's strange to see how so many women drop IQ points as soon as they start listening to Red Scare.

No. 1168154

File: 1614022608810.jpeg (299.07 KB, 1242x2062, 87D4F46D-A231-45E3-A2E8-F1F300…)

Another podcast doing perfume pairings and she’s doing the same ones as perfume nationalist. Jack follows her but there’s no way he isn’t seething over this

No. 1168155

File: 1614022639953.png (34.63 KB, 539x355, screenshot 22-2-2021.PNG)

what the hell are they talking about?
as if that depression, anxiety and insecurity doesnt exist universally across genders…

original tweet was liked by a few people in these circles

No. 1168162

File: 1614023617981.jpg (29.09 KB, 466x440, 44s46gzbz3251.jpg)

The person tweeting it is Dasha's old roommate Kyle. Who is exactly what he's describing, everyone thought he was gay when Dasha would post pictures of him and I'm sure everyone who sees him in person thinks the same. His own contrived personality is the bottom of the barrel worst traits of that whole group. He's the one on the left who looks like an ugly girl in this picture.

No. 1168163

Is there anything these people won't blame feminism for? Considering how much they like Evola and hate modernity one would expect them to demonize therapy on the grounds of it being a degenerate hellspawn of secularisn, the entire theory it's based on was created and developed by men.

But no, of course not. It's obviously feminism's fault.

No. 1168165

File: 1614023982837.jpg (95.65 KB, 720x565, 20210222_215810.jpg)

Lardass has been googling himself again

No. 1168175

File: 1614025202813.jpg (100.59 KB, 718x675, 20210222_221900.jpg)

Sounds like projection

No. 1168178

I agree with him in the first part about refusing to do the bare minimum honestly. These men would literally rather form entire online subcultures about how 'blackpilled' and oppressed they are for being ugly than even consider putting like 1/100 the time, money and effort just the average woman puts into their appearance but the rest seems like projection and jealousy.

No. 1168179

File: 1614025545572.png (150.5 KB, 591x354, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 10.4…)

No. 1168181

noted left-wing icon richard nixon

No. 1168186

He's not wrong, but it's not about doing justice to (actual) women, regarding how incels and trannies treat us. It's just another "I'm totally not like those other loser men!" post to make him feel like less of a failure.

No. 1168197

he's basically describing himself lol. follow your own advice jack, lose some weight and stop being a hysterical woman over "libs" on the TL

No. 1168209

File: 1614027413108.png (127.88 KB, 1174x726, Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 7.56…)

He literally does this every single day on twitter

No. 1168210

File: 1614027424676.jpg (92.48 KB, 702x591, 20210222_225505.jpg)


No. 1168212

Kek he literally does all of these. He constantly seeks out things online that he knows upsets him and posts about them. Reminds me of how his pal rapememe was constantly picking on random teenage girls from Tiktok.

No. 1168213

Beards are gross and unattractive, it's more effort to not have one lol

No. 1168214

wow this is hilariously cringe. what if I tell her all the warren loving, resistance wine mom boomer libs talk about nixon like he was great as well?

its funny how one latches on to some edgelord-y idea and they all run with it, they dont have minds of their own….man have we really gotten to the point that caping for Nixon is edgy? jesus christ, horse shoe theory is real and these retards are proving it

No. 1168218

So he applies this to himself too, right? Cause his subtweets and screeching about that Sydney Lexapro chick were exactly the same thing he is describing here

No. 1168253

wow that's a guy?
…and he thinks feminism is what emasculated him? im sorry you're so fucking deluded bro

No. 1168258

Got around to listening. Notable moments were Anna and Dasha wanting the waif look to come back, Anna says “there’s a fine line between pawg and fat”. Anna says Emma Stone is too “pretty and young” to play Cruella Deville. A minute or two later she suggests Margot Robbie should’ve played her. Some eps back she suggested Amber Heard was far more attractive than Margot Robbie. Margot Robbie’s mere existence as an actress must be triggering to her because she’s hot and blonde, probably just thinks Heard is way hotter because she’s thinner

No. 1168263

Logo is such a fucking moron. Lewis is literally one of the major modernists in English lang literature, there's a fucking Oxford World Classics edition of one of his novels, that's like saying you 'discovered' D.H. Lawrence or something. It genuinely kind of bothers me that he will go through his whole life with this sense of superiority because he's too stupid, and too lacking in self awareness to ever realize how dumb he is. Such a fucking dipshit

No. 1168270

File: 1614036589987.jpg (148.85 KB, 971x689, tumblr_m6lta6wzrO1rxxacmo1_128…)

Bruh her face is literally collapsing onto itself. Until all this 90s anorexia chic shit came along you would only see proportions like that on old women or victims of social disintegration/famine/war.

No. 1168276

File: 1614037531365.jpeg (342.23 KB, 750x1082, C2E62683-FA3B-4FEE-8651-FEE4A5…)

Retards in r/redscare think a girl cheating on them (and then not caring about the guy’s feelings 2 years after the relationship ended) means she has bpd.

No. 1168277

Lol I don't get why they keep saying this? Super skinny is still extremely popular all over the world. Plastic surgery has made skinny but with big boobs and butts popular in certain circles (instathots mainly) but the fashion and art world that they are obsessed with is still completely entrenched in the curveless waif camp. They also said they wanted Margot to replace Carrey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman. Obsessed. They are so lazy. These Disney reboots are supposed to throw a wrench in the conception of the original character are they not( see Maleficent)? Also don't they want every woman to be hotter and younger anyways? Make up your minds.

No. 1168279

Probably just jealous of pawgs and don’t like them being praised in the media (Like fit/ average women with big asses, not plus sized women) Men have always liked the small waist/ big butt thing though, even before it was popular in the media

No. 1168280


Are they unaware that their perfect angel Dasha has this exact pattern with men? But yeah, barely remembering a guy who cut all contact with you after you cheated on him years ago doesn't really scream bpd. If simple cheating equalled personality disorders the occurrence in the general population would be enormous. I thought these people thought psychiatry was fake mostly.

No. 1168281

Them being into the fashion and art world is mostly because they’re not that attractive. If they were conventionally hotter they probably wouldn’t even have a podcast. Dasha would have become some hot actress or Instagram influencer, and Anna would’ve became a housewife or married some old dude, since she’s obsessed with ugly older men

No. 1168283

Yeah, lots of people cheat that don’t have bpd, especially when you’re young and immature. Not to blog too much but I was cheated on in college and cut contact. It would feel psychotic to contact them 2 years later and expect some grand apology. The normal thing is to just move on and not expect anything of that person

No. 1168284

Seething over Julia Fox and Jennifer Lawrence (who I don't think are even thicc but don't have teen boy bodies so whatever). Oh yeah for sure, I have even noticed it ever so slowly inching into East Asian media. And they are the king's of "if you aren't -45kg you are literally a fat cow". It's a cruel joke that super skinny with a bubble bum and enormous boobs probably remains the most popular body type with men when it is the rarest genetically, like unicorn levels of rarity.

No. 1168286

It's really surprising that she didn't mean any of what she said before her hiatus

No. 1168288

This person himself claims to have bpd so I think he is telling his own ‘bpd story’ opposed to saying his ex had bpd

No. 1168289

File: 1614039549334.jpeg (381.58 KB, 750x1097, 426B3097-2E93-4F40-ADB8-07051C…)

He does? I guess. Some poses in that thread are ridiculous though. They don’t consider that maybe they’re part of the problem. “I get jumpy when a girl cries”. Yeah. Maybe that’s something wrong with you, dude.

No. 1168291

again I think this person is talking about having bpd

No. 1168292

Uh no they’re not. They’re talking about having had experiences with alleged bpd women then in their next relationships dumping and blocking the woman when she showed any slight sign of emotion

No. 1168294

Oh sorry I read the suddenly dumping and blocking them thing as them describing the 'splitting' thing with bpd

No. 1168300

I'm so shocked this narc rich girl who was posting porn of herself in some shithead's discord couldn't stay off twitter for even 12 days. Even after posting a whiny screed about how her life was like totally changed by this experience.

No. 1168304

File: 1614041087594.jpeg (135.5 KB, 750x1334, liz bruenig alt avi.jpeg)

Liz B just tweeted out this screencap…anyone recognize the avi bottom left? probably her alt.

No. 1168312

He's scared girls who cry are going to get his gun and what? Shoot him in the head? Jesus.

There is this other guy in the sub who remains a fan for some reason, but likes to bring up the time he was listening to the episode (while making dinner) about how every woman above a size two is super fat and how his girlfriend got home right at the harshest point. Apparently his girlfriend (he made sure to say she was at least a size 4) started crying and wouldn't eat dinner. He brings this story up in the sub every chance he gets. Too bad he didn't get dumped. What kind of straight man listens to two anorexic psychos trash talk other women's bodies, out of enjoyment?

No. 1168315

People especially men in that sub are fucked up in general. I don't know how any women can stand to post there, they probably have tons of self-loathing.

No. 1168319

Dasha doesn’t have BPD she’s a sociopath, completely invulnerable.
Her getting cast on Succession is proof that good things happen primarily to vile people. It makes me feel suicidal tbh(Blogpost, no1curr)

No. 1168320

No idea why any straight man would enjoy red scare or why he would listen to it loudly in the kitchen while knowing his girlfriend is coming home (unless he knew for sure she enjoyed it) Maybe he made up the story and doesn’t even have a girlfriend, wouldn’t be surprised if all of their “straight” male listeners are incels.

No. 1168321

Wish I had caps but on an old post asking "why are you here/why do you listen?" a bunch of women and girls said they only listen because it's fodder for their eating disorder and keeps them motivated to hate their bodies. Otherwise they don't care about A&D or their opinions on anything but shaming women's looks. I'm sure A&D saw it.

No. 1168322

unless she suddenly learned to act in the last two years don’t worry, she’s only ever going to be cast as a stunt or because of who she fucks. she’s always going to be limited by her lack of talent and self destructiveness.

No. 1168323

Oh yeah, I think 50/50 chance the story is fake, but either way dude is psycho. If it's true there is something deeply wrong with him and if it's fake that's incredibly weird to make up.

No. 1168324

File: 1614042538464.png (68.66 KB, 615x895, image1.png)

The founder of Chapo.chat (the place CTH fanboys migrated to after getting booted off of reddit) got outed as a discord pedo

No. 1168325

if the sub is anything to go by a huge portion of their male listeners are. there was this one relentless jack and samememe incel (not like just a guy that can't get laid, ideologically incel) reply guy who stuck out to me bc he would constantly sincerely post about how 'the liquidization of sub 8 men is imminent' who now doesn't even use twitter and exclusively posts on the sub. they're like a magnet for the most deranged kind of people, I would be scared to ever do any kind of meet up or live show if I was them.

No. 1168326

File: 1614042617632.png (98.12 KB, 609x907, image2.png)

No. 1168327

File: 1614042720614.png (44.6 KB, 601x427, image3.png)

No. 1168328

File: 1614042762890.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 2286724E-0BD4-4F7F-A2C2-962C4B…)

Dasha filming for Succession today

No. 1168333

Shes a bad actress because she has no feelings. And she continuously posts from set causing me to think that her part is perhaps big-ish, or at least in more than 2 or 3 episodes. Heard she was cast as Gregs girlfriend or love interest. Why does anyone take her seriously or give her the time of day? Succ is the best show on television she doesn’t deserve to be on it

No. 1168334

File: 1614042937702.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20210222-185626~2.p…)

No. 1168337

Their admin team is saying it's a false story and possibly orchestrated by people who hate Chapos. This site has constantly been a dumpster fire from the start.

No. 1168339

A lot of the guys who post there said they don’t listen to RS though. They came from chapo or cumtown after it got banned, then others found the sub because of its relation to another sub

No. 1168342

Lmao, these people. Nobody has told them they can keep stuff like that between close friends and family and their doctors. They don't have to proudly declare their disorders everywhere like 13 year olds on tumblr. Hope they continue to though, it's funny. And now we can call her bpd without medfag accusations.

No. 1168348

Yeah, if it’s real she was maybe crying because he didn’t make it a point to say he disagreed? Kind of doubt she just started crying because she heard two random women say that, unless they’re really young maybe. Also weird that he knew her size at all. None of my exes ever had a clue about my clothing size and I’ve lived with two of em. Unless his girlfriend was legitimately plus sized, so he just knew she was far above a 0 or whatever

No. 1168349

File: 1614043848082.png (92.86 KB, 823x823, image.png)

You're right, and the mods' reasoning actually pokes holes in the story. Whoever made the accusations is a complete piece of shit if this was a fabrication.

No. 1168351

Filming is a lot of hurry up and wait so she would definitely have time to post. Can't really judge her screentime by social media.
Plus she'll probably be trimmed down to a sixteen second cameo when they notice she sullenly mumbled every single line.

No. 1168356

If he listens to red scare regularly there is no way he acts normally about women's bodies. A huge chunk of the pod is eating disorder content and bitching about women's looks. What straight man sits through that voluntarily unless he's a super petty incel freak? Almost sounds like he did it on purpose. Right? Men (who don't deserve them) call their girlfriends fat all the time but I can't say I've met one who knew their gf's clothing size. Maybe he went and checked some of her outfits after listening to his queens A&D.

No. 1168365

when did anna and dasha stop interacting with jack? and did they just silently unfollow and stop interacting or what? same with liz F, assuming she interacted with him (i know she was going to go on the show). seems weird how its just been sort of forgotten that they openly associated with this guy with such abhorrent views

No. 1168367

lol. didn't kpunk also say basically the same thing in 2006 too. it's a pretty common observation that many smart people have made before you buddy.

No. 1168370

Anna likes and retweets Fat Jack pretty often. Dasha did too before she deactivated. Liz F used to interact with Jack and Samememe's tweets all the time but stopped when people called her out for going on a Nazi pod, after ignoring people who did tell her before she went on.

No. 1168371

lol the “specialty beers” thing and the Omaha Steaks jumped out to me too, like I was waiting for the story to turn into “and then he told me he fucks kids”, but no, OP was the kid (whose parents just shrugged when they got $200 of steaks in the mail ig?) fuck false accusers

No. 1168375

I remember she used to retweet him a lot but has she interacted with him at all since he’s had the lotus__point account?

No. 1168377

Liz I don't think so. Just looked at Anna's account and she liked a tweet from him from less than 24 hours ago.

No. 1168391


no idea but this dude is an underrated cow, a lot of his orbiters are awful ironybro ex-somethingawful posters which makes me wonder if he is too

No. 1168411

are there any likeable dirtbags? or any ones that actually seem sincere…I guess there's Brace. The rest are lazy contrarians with these influencer jobs and then Liz B who writes for the NYT who went to harvard and yale and oxford and cambridge or whatever.

No. 1168412

File: 1614053791887.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_2021-02-22-22-10-39…)

Yeah she likes both his schizo and banal tweets all the time. I noticed that she ignores all of his woe is me tweets crying about his fatness though. Like him complaining that target doesn't carry enough nice clothes above a size XXXL. She liked this lol. Paglia looks so prematurely aged here. Should have spent less time looking at nude kids and used some moisturizer. These people being obsessed with this unattractive pedo hag is so funny. You have to read like 700 pages of her droning to even hit on something vaguely interesting.

No. 1168413

File: 1614053981363.jpeg (308.52 KB, 1242x498, FD5A3FAA-C917-4065-A712-89DA32…)

No. 1168414

does she seriously think the concept of a lolcow and the desire to make fun of them is only a year old? retard alert

No. 1168415

It's really cute that Bella thinks she would be classified as a "Stacy". Not to medfag but maybe her doc got that bpd diagnosis wrong, lol.

No. 1168417

Gossip is literally normal. “Cultural criticism” is mental illness.

No. 1168418

Laughing at lolcows isn’t a new thing or “female” thing, literally all the other lolcow sites (kiwifarms, encyclopediadramatica, /cow/) are majority male. Also when I think of a “Stacy” I don’t really think of some nazbol egirl posting nudes in a twitter reply guys discord. No one would say men making fun of chris chan or whoever are ‘targeting chads’. It’s not our fault the men in this group are boring and have no personalities.

No. 1168419

File: 1614054460513.png (108.88 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_2021-02-22-22-20-26…)

Men posting their l's online. I think other anons are right and this guy has a legit mental disability. Sad that Anna likes his tweets.

No. 1168420

Uhh.. which female-dominated imageboard does he think was created in 2020? Is it just because you came across it for the first in 2020 then that's when it started existing? That's not how reality works. If these people are consistently getting basic facts about this website wrong then then imagine how wrong they must be about other things.

No. 1168423

File: 1614054737466.jpeg (175.83 KB, 1197x315, C5F86839-4A2D-4A33-A768-0D3707…)

No. 1168424

File: 1614054802772.jpeg (220.76 KB, 827x1607, 35526813-0B56-4DD9-9F94-F6B6CA…)

anybody else notice Reddit user u/SnooAvocados1233 only posts photos of that hag @brainstormrn on r/redscareforcismen? Most likely self posting. No other posts from this Reddit user that don’t have to do with her. Seeing as she self posted on here I wouldn’t be very surprised if it was her. Really pathetic attempts at bringing attention to herself

No. 1168425

She has to be wanting people to talk about her at this point.

No. 1168426


No. 1168427

File: 1614054991118.png (283.62 KB, 416x551, 1613977389193~4.png)

These people are clueless for spending so much time online. They think this site was invented for them. Nobody in here uses incel terms like "Stacy" unironically but come on, no guy who uses that term is going to call this girl one. She's conceited as hell.

No. 1168428

How long until she deactivates again?

No. 1168429

File: 1614055009917.jpeg (621.12 KB, 828x1381, 9BA5B531-C290-46BF-8AB7-982653…)

No. 1168431

Cumfry herself.
That these people always point to jealousy as the reason anyone dislikes them is telling.

No. 1168432

File: 1614055188115.png (535.88 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_2021-02-22-22-27-12…)

Anna's newest bimbo obsession. Pretty embarrassing for Glenn Greenwald though. He has no shame.

No. 1168434

Love the cognitive dissonance and self righteousness from these scarethots. She was just wearing a t-shirt for a podcast that prides itself on how low it can go, specifically how vicious it can be towards other women.

No. 1168436

The name and bio literally seems AI generated do they make these people in a factory? They’re literally all the exact same.

No. 1168437

Is this the bitch who was calling lexprof a liar and defending samememe? No one has photoshopped shopped this bad since 2005.

No. 1168438

File: 1614055559908.png (300.98 KB, 1190x998, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 11.4…)

a nasty bitch

No. 1168441

>the people who have what you so lack
maybe the reason she abandoned socialism is because this rich bitch doesn't want to get taxed lol

No. 1168443

Bella, what would really rile the haters up is if you donate all your money to the homeless

No. 1168444

Daddy's taxes. As far as I can tell she leeches off of her parents completely. Lives in daddy's guesthouse and "works" for him lol. True proletariat girl.

No. 1168445

This is honestly one of the saddest things I’ve seen itt. I truly can’t think of something more pathetic than being a samememe white knight. Jack is one thing because they were like friends but did he even know or ever interact with this woman?

No. 1168446

It's true. I would be so irate. Just inconsolable. Shaking with rage at the audacity.

No. 1168449

Wait are we supposed to believe some bimbo blow up doll looking freak, testifying on behalf of the deranged misogynist, over the "drugged up twitter hoe"? Why on earth?

No. 1168453

File: 1614056597666.jpeg (131.52 KB, 1225x516, 7B764D6F-6F37-471E-B7B6-5E7922…)

What does she think she has that people lack, she seems like a very unlikeable and unoriginal person. Or is she just talking about money?

No. 1168457

This account is most likely samememe himself. Puts blm in the bio to throw people off lol

No. 1168459

I think Bella is hilarious because she makes tweets like this as if she's somehow different. She just a mean, cynical, narc, e-girl bitch, who lionizes eating disorders. Like all of the others. The only thing that sets her apart is her parents money, like you said. And there are other girls out there who sit online or live out their dreams entirely on their parents dime. That's not particularly special either.

No. 1168460

File: 1614057348851.png (173.36 KB, 632x823, Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 12.1…)

He was at least a lurker. Considering he makes 50+ posts a day and likes to mention he was such a machine learning expert he turned down a job offer from Google he's likely middle management at another billion dollar+ tech company or CTO at some startup. He also likes to talk about how he gave a grand plus to Bernie's 2020 campaign, which is oddly specific because the average senior engineer at Google or Facebook could easily afford to hit the $2700 contribution max without even noticing it.

Whoever the ex is, she's probably the only person he's put his semi-erect penis inside.

No. 1168461

The fact that these ~extremely online~ twitter addicts are so clueless about internet culture and history beyond the /pol/ and reddit refuse that drifts into their own little hidey holes is unironically really annoying.

No. 1168468

Dan Allegretto is kinda funny and I like his photos. Never listened to his pod but he seems pretty self-aware re: his loser behavior. I also think some of the ppl itt who trend towards the alt lit side (Rachel Rabbit White, Cat Marnell) are interesting though kinda gross but not politically repulsive to the point that there’s any question of them being Nazis.

No. 1168469

he's shading troons

No. 1168470

It really is. You log onto twitter several times a day and know what pepe the frog is? Wow, so does everyone's grandparents.

No. 1168473

It's funny that the sub is mostly cumtown posters who think they are essay posting for attention from ladies and not farming updoots from other loser men.

No. 1168475

File: 1614058894638.png (602.7 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_2021-02-22-23-38-33…)

I wish I had the brain disorder he has where he looks in the mirror and sees Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1996.

No. 1168476

File: 1614059162595.png (729.67 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_2021-02-22-23-38-44…)

If that's the case why does he perpetually dress like an Arby's manager or in grubby t-shirts. Nothing else. And why drag women into his complex over being overweight? Your a fat man Jack, not a fat woman, definitely not a girl.

No. 1168477

I find it weird that he literally posted this selfie for the thread. Like he had to add that reply to be sure it would get posted here. With the huge threads he tweets every few months about how disgusting he is and how much he hates himself maybe he actually on some level enjoys anons here calling him fat and ugly.

No. 1168481

Never noticed that fivehead until now

No. 1168482

how did he only discover asos recently?

No. 1168485

He's a huge idiot. Despite considering himself some hip tastemaker and cultural expert he has like 10 things he talks about over and over. He sucks, basically.

No. 1168486

He's very schizo about his fatness (he goes between saying that gay men find fat attractive or actually prefer fat to saying being fat has negatively impacted his life in a huge way) but otherwise I find he has held himself to be very attractive lol. He acts like without the fat he would be universally regarded as very handsome.

No. 1168487

File: 1614059793185.png (1.35 MB, 824x1092, 1613174264116.png)

Also he looks fatter when someone else is taking his picture. Unless this is an older pic?

No. 1168491

I was searching her account because of the samememe thing and this bitch is literally obsessed with rape. Look up how many times she’s bragged about being a ‘rape baby’ or just spoken in a positive/weird way about rape in general. I feel like she’s clearly genuinely unwell.

No. 1168496

Lol I think this is recent, when he went shopping with that retarded republican @textile_ranch guy right before the storm hit. Maybe he photoshops.

No. 1168501

File: 1614063535614.png (599.62 KB, 1080x1267, IMG_20210223_075747.png)

anyone wanna volunteer?
sage for no milk(Cowtipping)

No. 1168506

Do any of these women not have major issues around rape and sexual abuse? I think lexaprofessional is the only one who has stood for sex abuse victims in any capacity. She's still a scarethot though. And serious journalist Glenn Greenwald is following her. Gross. Contrarian brain is a real disease. He should stick to his dog shelter, an actual good thing.

No. 1168516

predicting it now, this discord will collapse within a month due to grooming allegations and infighting

No. 1168536

This guy is such a massive loser. He's constantly tweeting about how smart he is. Completely delusional.

No. 1168537

Yeah well, Great Value Lea Michele thinks he's brilliant.

No. 1168538

Lol, right? Women are fucking around online like everyone else = "pandemic of female loneliness". Shut up dork.

No. 1168541

imagine thinking twitter is not moderated enough in trans favor

No. 1168553

They're all constantly whining about how they're single and have no future but people here are the lonely ones? Their Twitter feeds move faster than this feed and it sounds like many of the women on here are married/in relationships

No. 1168558

File: 1614071936467.png (577.91 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_2021-02-23-03-13-10…)

He tells people to get offline and be trad from his twitter perch, and posts about his food processor, between retweeting the likes of Jeff Vandroux and Sean P. McCarthy. Predictably he has absolutely galaxy brain takes about women. Seems like an underrated cow. Really dumb guys who think they possess unique wisdom are going to be incredibly dull or hilarious depending on your perspective I guess.

No. 1168559

wtf. i've been suspended on twitter so many times for misgendering or calling people trannies.

this person is insane

No. 1168560

File: 1614072295801.png (17.84 KB, 602x219, aaaaa.png)

How is gossiping on an entirely different platform and not at all interacting with the cows harassment?!?

No. 1168562

They (he seems to consider himself a red scare fan, lol very cool) considered calling Dasha anorexic, after she called herself anorexic for years, to be harrassment. Also people who were in private groups with chaoticitgirl leaking her porn was also apparently harrassment, even though they were either her friends or "simps".

No. 1168563

According to his definition of harassment, Red Scare is a pod dedicated to harassing women

No. 1168565

Lol anyways, imagine actual incels thinking Dasha, Anna, internetkendra, chaoticitgirl, brainstormrn or whatever her name is, felina, etc., all being "Stacy's". Incels aren't art hoes and they don't go by the criteria of a low BMI being all it takes to make a "Stacy".

No. 1168566

It's very very mean and cruel of us to make fun of the things these angelic women voluntarily post online. I think most people would agree that A & D cackling while reading the testimony of domestic abuse survivors or encouraging recovered anorexics to get sick again is closer to harrassment than this site. They have more visibility than lolcow for sure. He's a hypocrite as well as dumb. Sad.

No. 1168593

Yeah it’s always seemed weird to make fun of him compared to the others. Like he might actually hurt himself if you were to tell him to his face that no one in the real world cares about Aimee or Anna liking his tweets and everything about all of this is absolutely meaningless.

No. 1168594

I guess I'm such a mega bitch that I can't bring myself to care very much. He's pitiful but he is too annoying for me too feel that bad.

No. 1168605

File: 1614083260144.jpg (51.25 KB, 600x600, 87324578.jpg)

William Thomas Clark (kantbot) and Cameron Fuller (logo) anyone confirm?

No. 1168617

File: 1614085687555.jpeg (1.13 MB, 4000x2666, excuseme.jpeg)

I'm sorry, what?

No. 1168619

>cruel to the people who have what you so lack
Is this not just A&D to nearly any female actress/model? Every time these people describe what a "hater" or "loser" is they just describe themselves or the ones they're orbiting

No. 1168627

File: 1614086941326.png (467.27 KB, 632x909, newaimee.PNG)

Look at those follows, look at the following, look at the Carl Beijer obsession. Aimee's back and not on new medication she desperately needs.

No. 1168632

the madness only increases with each new account. she's like a dope fiend, she'll unironically lose her mind if you take away her toy for too long

No. 1168638

her new spiel is that trans people are a conspiracy to reduce birth rates invented by the dsa.

No. 1168642

No but seriously, how does "Carl" keep a straight face accusing Aimee of sheep-dogging for the GOP and then like an hour later tweeting about how Romney is a leftist now because he partially modeled a policy on a Matt Bruenig idea.

No. 1168704

File: 1614095921988.jpeg (834.79 KB, 1242x1195, 3FB16D58-2686-4865-A941-D4F330…)

He seems so stupid. It’s so annoying that this is such a common thing I see men like him say about lolcow and they think it’s some unique and intelligent insight. It’s not ‘misogynistic’ to criticise any woman ever or not like every single other woman, if anything its misogynistic that they seem to expect women to. No one expects men to all get along and no one would say the men making fun of Chris Chan on kiwifarms hate men and have like internalised misandry.

No. 1168715

men calling women muh soggy kneest lol clean your room rodger

No. 1168721

File: 1614098540441.jpeg (363.85 KB, 1000x872, B969D9DC-F297-4A12-93C0-8EFA88…)

Doesnt Samara have some kind of connection to Nick Fuentes? I don’t really know what to make of Lexa. I kind of get people who say she doesn’t seem as unstable as other people talked about in the sense she seems to at least have like a job and irl friends and doesn’t really act that cowish online but even though she criticises the scarethot/irony reply guys a lot literally all of her friends are those types of people. I also just can’t get over why she would pursue a relationship with samememe when he has been an open neonazi for years.

No. 1168723

At least Dasha is working and not just saying awful despicable things all day like she used to. She’s a terrible actress but I’d rather see her on Succession than on twitter tbh. She said her manager made her delete her account on the pod so she must be getting more famous and less milky

No. 1168728

idk, who tf would willingly call themselves thick anna? selfposting nudes and calling yourself the fat version of a ugly podcaster is the biggest self own imaginable.

No. 1168732

Paul Blart Mall Fart needs glasses or something

No. 1168756

>Doesnt Samara have some kind of connection to Nick Fuentes
Pretty sure they met offline

No. 1168795

File: 1614105983295.png (238.5 KB, 964x1100, Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 1.45…)

one of the dumbest takes I've ever seen, is this some veiled (((illuminati elites))) thing

No. 1168796

they're all obsessed with the same shit and people. literally a hivemind

No. 1168801

I don’t get how to these people what Anna and Dasha say about other women is totally fine but if some of us want to comment on it anonymously suddenly we’re the misogynists.

No. 1168807

I hate the way he constantly talks about others in the most crude and antagonistic way but is so humorless and immediately switches to this "middle school teacher who is very disappointed the class was mean to the substitute" voice when anyone says anything about him

No. 1168848

They're anti idpol until they can use it to shield their loser egirls

No. 1168884

Because they see us as a monolith of femcels whose brains and opinions are all interchangable, and everyone in their circles a super special unique free thinker. It's why they think this site is horrible for dealing in gossip when Red Scare does largely the same thing, because they think there's something about it that becomes intellectual when done by one of their own

No. 1168915

The aimee substack must stink if she’s back on twitter. I wonder if sinking into irrelevance had an influence on the 7th twitter comeback.

No. 1168926

Their real names apparently

No. 1168932

File: 1614118498972.png (695.6 KB, 1788x2048, Screenshot_20210223-170547.png)

Andray Domise (who is apparently changing his name to Q. Anthony, excuse me for tinfoiling but possibly due to the abuse allegations that come up when searching his name) is tired of people calling him out for defending the USSR allying with the Nazis/defending Chinese uyghur policy. He's having a moment for sure.

No. 1168939

Isn't he the the guy that beat his wife/gf

No. 1168946


yep and got off with jian ghomeshi's lawyer, somehow still has a ton of clout.

No. 1168955

>Hating women

This guy loves Anna K. Have the connections between his neurons been severed? Does he have styrofoam peanuts in place of grey matter? Very cool how men talking about women like we're inhuman is normal to them but us calling a woman they like a dumbass triggers them into spouting idpol shit.

No. 1168970

File: 1614121301358.png (244.38 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_2021-02-23-16-58-01…)

Tankie gf beater and anti-racist activist having a commie spergout? He writes for Macleans, a shitty centrist publication in Canada. He seems to have been set off by the Canadian gov debating whether China is committing genocide against the Uighurs. Because if Canada says so the U.S. is totes gonna do a ground invasion of China asap lol. The eternal tankie argument of "yeah well x totalitarian regime treats x minority better than your x democracy!" Chef's kiss. None of these people have ever stepped outside of the western world lmao.

No. 1168983

To be fair, what is said on here about them is way meaner and cruder than what they say about women on the podcast

No. 1168991

Imaging orbiting podcasters, having sex with the degenerate samememe, and then harvesting social capital from it by framing it as rape!

No. 1168994


lmfao i forgot he's now retweeting maoist dr phil guy blackredguard like crazy, he might be the most successful flags-in-bio type on twitter to be fair (domise).

No. 1168997

what social capital did she harvest? she never even tweeted the accusations she posted them on her curiouscat which had like 3 followers

No. 1169008

I think mild twitter fame has gone to her head

No. 1169019

She's been on this beat for a while, she think the entire Cold War was some Freemason ruse and the USA and USSR were just playing kayfabe and were secret allies the whole time and JFK was the white knight who could've stopped them from creating the NWO or something.

No. 1169026

Oh get real. You just outed yourself as having never listened.

No. 1169030

Actually the Chinese state loves racial, ethnic, religious, and all sorts of minorities! They treat them so well. Just like our lord and saviour chairman Mao did, is the dumbest take. I want them to take a flight to China lmao. I used to get genuinely mad at tankies but they are so stupid that I can't even muster it anymore.

No. 1169032

Both of these posts smell like twitter troll

No. 1169039

For real. Probably the same person, contradicting their own point. The meanest things I have seen on here have been said about Jack. And a) He totally deserves them for being irredeemable as a human being and b) are hilarious because he's such a nasty piece of work. Nobody on here has approached the levels of callous misogyny and bile that Anna and Dasha do on every episode. When the odd person goes too far they catch a ban.

No. 1169048

File: 1614129640286.png (715.41 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_2021-02-23-19-13-56…)

Lol yeah there definitely isn't a large chunk of mostly evangelical American christians who fervently believe Jesus looked like a stereotypical Swedish man. Nobody said all christians. Not 2 blog but I had an Evangelical lady cry once because I told her Jesus was Jewish lmao.

No. 1169050

File: 1614129825340.png (634.48 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_2021-02-23-19-12-54…)

Anna getting in on it, with some added vanity.

No. 1169052

>high yellow
oh c’mon paul blart, you can’t even be racist correctly? just an utter failure in every possible way

No. 1169060

He's so off-putting in every way. He would definitely freak out other fat racist white guys. He would start acting schizo and saying weird shit like "high yellow" and yelling about perfume and they wouldn't want to sit with him.

No. 1169076

honestly I have to agree with this person. on their podcast they just sound like run-of-the-mill normie girls. I think that twitter has brought out the absolute worst in them since their most shitty bullying tweets get the most interactions/boosts because of how twitter works.
like someone else said on here I'd rather see Dasha on Succession than on twitter. By the same token, honestly i'd rather see Anna be a mom than on twitter. God knows she's been mom-ing & wagging her finger at "leftists" for so long seems like it's about time she just gets her own kid & takes it offline.

No. 1169077

File: 1614132785834.jpeg (997.38 KB, 1242x1824, D7D3F0DF-319F-45CE-B83B-D0F32C…)

I feel the exact same way like it seems so mean to make fun of him because it literally feels like making fun of a disabled child who just doesn’t know better or something but ultimately he is a grown man and this kind of thing is extremely sad

No. 1169079

I agree they are a lot worse on twitter, when you actually listen to the pod it's not usually as bad as what you would expect after seeing them on social media. I feel like they are both (Anna especially) clearly reactionaries though and I think that's more why people criticise and dislike them. Saying anything mean about a woman isn't itself misogynistic.

No. 1169082

I feel like you guys are high or trolling. Or have never listened to more than 30 seconds of an episode. Calling models and singers and actresses ugly/fat/haggard constantly , saying women deserve/ want domestic violence and rape, the constant pro-ana shit, saying women are intellectually inferior to men… The list goes on.

No. 1169083

Sorry I meant it in response to the post saying lolcow was misogynistic! Obviously I agree many things they've said on the pod actually are misogynistic.

No. 1169091

File: 1614135241083.jpeg (585.17 KB, 1242x1238, 661947E3-132C-4327-897F-F7BC18…)

No. 1169099

why are people with these kinds of beliefs always so obsessed with making memes about how attractive they are like who are you trying to convince

No. 1169100

showing hole on discord doesn't make you better

No. 1169101

She was sending that aoccummies guy pics of her masturbating and sucking dick as part of her quest for deep self fulfillment and inner meaning. Not male approval! Also all feminists are ugly fat bitches and anti-feminists are hotties. Great meme.

No. 1169103

A guy who tweets about his second hand food processor called them Stacy's. So it must be true.

No. 1169109

File: 1614137392877.png (97.4 KB, 1080x435, Screenshot_2021-02-23-21-28-01…)

Did this girl just graduate from middle school? Has the humour of an adolescent boy.

No. 1169110

Lol that they chose that image to represent them. Not a single one of you is 1/10 that hot, uglies!

Comments like this are so sensational. After reading something like this I'll listen to the pod expecting the worst, and ultimately I do think it's more tame than what's said in this thread. What they say on the podcast is obviously flippant provocative jokes. And yes, I've listened to many more than 30 minutes unfortunately. I agree that they're far worse on Twitter and their likes, retweets and reply guys are also telling.

No. 1169113

it's weird because they spend so much time online and are relatively young but all these people have such a dated sense of humour. this feels like meme you would see in 2009.

No. 1169117

File: 1614137944532.png (909.6 KB, 1064x1448, Screenshot_2021-02-23-21-37-26…)

Another e-girl larping as a tradcath.

No. 1169119

So what there’s literally hundreds of them

No. 1169120

At least it looks like she washed her hair

No. 1169125

Yeah, just pointing out Bella has gotten even worse with her return.

No. 1169135

>Comments like this are so sensational. After reading something like this I'll listen to the pod expecting the worst, and ultimately I do think it's more tame than what's said in this thread. What they say on the podcast is obviously flippant provocative jokes.

Eh, not buying it. This is a convenient coward's excuse for Anna and Dasha. They can say every statement ever made is just a joke. Dasha admitted to past anorexia. Can she still say all her pro-ana stuff is just jokes? I guess we have different senses of humour if you think extended laughing overtop of reading domestic violence testimony is funny or clever. Whatever.

No. 1169138

Give the Succession hair and makeup people some credit.

No. 1169140

Feels very vintage 9gag. If I didn't know better I would tinfoil that all of these post-left e-girls were fronts for guys in basements. Which is what they say about us. But they actually post like them.

No. 1169141

hasn't bimboubermensch admitted that her husband runs all her accounts? so there's that lol

No. 1169143

File: 1614142264961.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1794, getsomehelp.png)

Jack is just letting all of his personal racial, sexual, and body issues, spew out everywhere. He really should stop posting and seek out a professional.

No. 1169153

Does he think Obama is the only famous black man?

No. 1169158

File: 1614144998843.png (155.78 KB, 295x423, 1614059793185~2.png)

I get the sense Jack avoids black people as much as possible in real life and media. Mostly I think he's jealous of Obama's lithe limbs. Jack has that weird fat guy stance going on where he can't stand with his legs together. Also imagine calling yourself a tastemaker and not being able to appreciate "I'm On Fire" by Springsteen. Couldn't be me.

No. 1169165

She has a Substack? Link?

No. 1169166

oh no no no

No. 1169169

File: 1614147612912.jpeg (328.42 KB, 1242x1489, BD4BF658-FC2C-4E63-92CC-2D75EF…)

Is this about the thread or something else

No. 1169172

Idk she does look a lot better than Anna from behind. Could see it being a self post

No. 1169174

What? Did his horrifying man-baby visage give you night terrors?

No. 1169175

Go back to modding your subreddit where you remove any slightly negative thing about Anna or Dasha, psycho

No. 1169177

Typical salty racist faggot behavior, he needs to get off the internet

No. 1169183

Normal girls say Taylor Swift looked better with an eating disorder and imply Jennifer Lawrence is fat and that women are hottest when they’re waifs? I don’t think so. They are goofy looking fag hags/fashion model wannabes, with a carefully crafted “high fashion” sense/aesthetic. Not exactly normal women

No. 1169184

Perfume Hamplanet must not see many black people period–or just ignores every human skinner than himself.

This tweet is so baby brained, even from him: does he think black people are clones? And he's so incapable of humor this doesn't even pass as a Mullen-style "joke"

No. 1169185

He cries on his public account about how being a lardass has ruined his life and then expects us to buy that he thinks Obama has a bad body and ugly legs. I howled at this comment about him >>1167297. Props to anon for not catching a ban.

No. 1169190

I'm the anon you replied too and i was earnestly curious for examples of misogyny I might have missed, but no, it's always the Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence one, which is laughable on so many dimensions. This is proof for their misogyny? They rave about a lot of famous and non-famous women on their podcast all the time too btw.

I'm inclined to agree with >>1169076 as I only listen to the podcast and get insights into their twitter from screenshots on here only.

No. 1169192

Give me a break. Anna has said herself she’s a misogynist when guesting on other people’s podcast. They said they hate women’s voices in one episode. Call it “just provocative humor” all you want, the writing’s on the wall

No. 1169196

Honestly a lot of you must be on the spectrum, because the things they say about women being intellectually inferior or that women should be banned from sports are obvious jokes/trolls, playing along fulfilling the worst stereotype people have of them in an over the top fashion. I don't get how this is not obvious for people. An example for the spergs: clearly, from their demenour one can interfere that they themselves (and foremostly Anna) think they are more intelligent than almost anyone else, thereby already contradicting the "woman are inferior intellectually" line. The truth is, sometimes, what people mean is different than what they say, my autists.

No. 1169200

The anon you replied too, I agree, Anna does exemplify borderline misogynist pickme-behaviour like in your example. I don't even want to defend her on her own that much. I just think the pod is much tamer and also appreciative of various portrait's of women in a sweet way, contrary to what is said on here

No. 1169201

You sound a lot more like a sperg than the anon you’re replying to. The ban women from sports thing wasn’t a joke at all. It’s 100% based on resentment that they’re both physically awkward and lazy while other women are athletic and energetic. Dasha even said something retarded like “teenage girls should just do ballet”

No. 1169203

Right, Anna and Dasha are doing 3D autism chess. Your comment is autism btw.

No. 1169206

Dasha wasn't joking when she said her parents were scared of her doing sports as a child because they didn't want her to get fat legs. Had a fucked up childhood obviously and it shows. They also aren't joking when they speak at length about women's emotional power over men in relationships and how they are complicit in their own physical abuse. What's with the influx of white knighting? The A&D are just "normie girls" comment was especially shit for brains.

No. 1169208

Ofc the women in sports thing AND teenage girls should only do ballet thing were jokes.. don't you see that their own behaviour sharply contrasts with stupid shit like this they say? This is oftenly an indication that the person didn't mean what they said like they said it. I'm not defending this "humour", I agree with most of you that it's lame and dumb, but it's certainly an attempt at humour and "ironically fulfilling the worst stereotype people have of them by hyperbole" rather than meant in earnest.

No. 1169211

If sounded more a lot more like something her bpd ass made up when she found out Alex Cooper from Call Her daddy played college soccer and is also hotter and more athletic than her. But sure, let’s pretend Dasha’s parents actually told her as a child “don’t play soccer, you’ll get fat legs”. As if soccer was even an option, she went to a fucking performance arts high school

No. 1169214

How do two anorexic podcasters (who said starving themselves into a runway show was the highlight of their existence) who have never participated in sports and think going hiking and to the beach are disgusting contradict this in any way? Please tell us.

No. 1169215

jfc irrespective of whether they’re joking it’s glaringly obvious Anna, Dasha and their orbiters are bursting at the seams with internalized misogyny. There’s nothing subtle about it, they’ve built their careers on being uberpickmes and projecting their shit onto anyone and everyone

No. 1169216

To add insult to injury, Call her daddy girl l is at the top of the podcast charts and is dating a very famous producer. I’m sure Dasha isn’t jealous at all and would never lash out over something like that

No. 1169217

No shit. Can't believe this is even an argument here. Laughing at Twigs's abuse, saying Dylan Farrow made up her sexual abuse (cause they like Allen), saying most women would want to be abused by Armie Hammer. Christ.

No. 1169218

White knighting might only be me, one anon, at this time rn, kek. Idk I don't even want to white knight them, I just think some criticism is overblown on here. F.e. I listened to their episode on fka twigs you referenced about the dynamics of violent relationships and I found it was discussed on here in bad faith. They weren't victim blaming, but talking about the sphere of autonomy of the victim and how violence gets perpetuated in a perverse dark twist by both parties. I didn't think this was misogynist, on the contrary, it was to my knowledge pretty consistent with what a female victim would discuss f.e. in a lot of schools of psychotherapy, with the goal in mind to get the victim the means and autonomy to break the cycle.

No. 1169219

You aren't any more of a Dasha Nekrasova mind reader than I am. Kids sign up for recreational sports all the time. Parents passing terrible body image issues onto their daughters who later publically cop to anorexia doesn't sound far fetched to me.

No. 1169220

Her anorexia bullshit is a cope for not being conventionally attractive. Same with Anna. Not hard to figure out

No. 1169223

Well okay, I'll try spontaneously from memory kek. Didn't Dasha say that she loves the wallstreet equinox location and misses it? Implying she goes there to practice … Sport?

No. 1169224

ikr, and of all places to wk them, a fucking radfem imageboard. back to twitter and reddit with the apologists.

No. 1169225

You're trying really really hard to defend these two stupid podcasters and I just don't get it. A good faith discussion doesn't usually entail reading the victim's testimony in a nasally mocking voice (Anna) while your co-host (Dasha) cackles in the background like a gremlin. Also making comments about how women subconsciously crave male brutality. Anyways this is so boring. I'm out.

No. 1169227

No, the example I made was precicely not an example for "3D autism chess", it was an example for non-autist normal human communication that sometimes involves irony for fun and coping.

No. 1169229

I'm the on wking right now and I am radfem, I can assure you. I interpreted the criticism of red scare that I intended to question not as radfem but as lib. But who knows, I might have gotten it wrong, I can adapt my stance.
What certainly isn't radfem however is picking apart selfies from women in a gross way like it's done on here and then justified this grossness with an "eye for an eye" logic

No. 1169232

Ok I also give you that, the nasal mocking voice they do is terrible, I totally agree.

No. 1169236

Being a feminist and wanting to anonymously mock the appearance of women (and men) who are garbage people are not mutually exclusive. It’s not even about being “an eye for an eye”, anyone who meets the criteria for a cow or flake is fair game. Yes it’s bitchy but that’s the whole point of this site, no one is here to take the moral high ground (or if they are, they’re in the wrong place)

No. 1169237

Ok I'm stopping the wking rn aswell and I'm totally accepting some of the points you all made. I don't want to absolve them of any criticism.
However with this screenshot: this is self-deprecating humour. Showcasing a deranged hyperbole of their most stupid but sincere fantasies.

No. 1169239

Always an element of truth behind the joke, anon

No. 1169243

I love milk and mocking people in here for deeds and behaviour and for what stupid shit they say, but I really detest picking apart appearances of others, regardless of whom. I think if it goes into details, it's base and not funny. Also, picking apart the appearance of your enemies influences your relation to your own appearance aswell, fostering a fear of someone else doing to you what you do to them, thereby fostering you worrying about your own appearance. Not feminist.(moralfagging)

No. 1169246

Has links to SS and Blog, both so far total fail

No. 1169247

She’s never had any visible muscle tone, if she ever exercised it was very light activity. Still sticking with she’s too awkward and lazy to ever do any real sport or strenuous activity

No. 1169250

Not to reply to a banned post but criticizing their styling is fair game. They have control over how they dress, you know?

No. 1169252

Ah yes this old canard. Feminisim is for ugly women just like how republicanism is for old fat bald ugly men.

No. 1169253

File: 1614156691966.png (128.56 KB, 702x383, Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 6.44…)

Mod on the verge of being No.1 Simp made a very rare post critical of Kyle 2 days ago, >>1168162 posted 2 days ago too, has Kyle wronged D in some way to incur this ?

No. 1169255

he's knock-kneed because he has thighs that are 4 inches long lmao

No. 1169256

this isn't a radfem imageboard

No. 1169258

Pouring one out for Rush Limbaugh, in memoriam. It cracks me up that these "nice catholic" girls are posting memes like this. Not very godly of them. They should be baking cookies for after mass or volunteering for the local catholic hospital. Put some effort into that larp sweetie.

No. 1169262

People have the wrong impression because it's one of the few places online that won't ban you for "misgendering". Let alone saying tranny. Radfem refugees allowed is more accurate.

No. 1169264

You can be happy for him that he lived long enough to see "Leftists" gettin scooped up by American Affairs, American Greatness, First Things (publisher of Thiel's writing)
and more

No. 1169283

I’m sure he does, he’d be a real easy target. Super sensitive, unable to handle criticism, would take any sort of playful banter as bullying. He probably raises his nose because they’re “uneducated” and “classless” for not liking his stupid dated interests or talking like a schizophrenic. I’m positive it triggers his (justified) feelings of inadequacy too.

Fatty gait

No. 1169299

she's 18

No. 1169304

Literally go to church.

No. 1169348

the part about fashion people taking note of them is obviously ironic, yeah
the part about being willing to give up her relationship to be a "hot model" sounds like a genuine deranged fantasy

No. 1169387

tbh I listened to an earlier ep of Jack's pod after he had his freakout over these threads last year, and if you hear the anger in his voice as he spergs about how women smell dirty after they are college educated and are too weak to wear perfume like him, nothing that gets posted here about him really seems that bad. He's so deranged and holds so much hatred for others, lacking any empathy

No. 1169444

How is this post moralfagging? They’re not wrong.

No. 1169455

This is a gossip imageboard not a feminist imageboard or radfem imageboard. If you don’t like people making fun of someone’s appearance go somewhere else.

No. 1169515

File: 1614186870608.png (473.43 KB, 1080x879, IMG_20210224_181257.png)

bill kezos might be trying to pick up the beef w jack again
also this thread is fucking shit jesus

No. 1169545

Criticizing appearances has nothing to do with being a radfem you mong, most of lc users are terfs and have never had an issue with going in on anyone. This is probably just another twitter pc faggot trying to preach her gospel like we give a shit.

Is it summer already?

No. 1169549

File: 1614189805085.png (503.61 KB, 749x773, postingls.png)

This guy has sunk to Healey levels.

No. 1169555

"First few 100 followers"? This is tinfoiling but he types like he has some sort of learning disability. Could be ESL but he doesn't make the sort of grammatical errors I've seen from people who learned English as a second language.

Also he literally retweets every post he makes on his other two accounts. Desperate for engagements.

No. 1169561

'Most' lc users arent terfs no matter how much you repeatedly try and force this narrative. Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology and is an anonymous imageboard, you have no way of knowing the ideology of 'most' farmers.

No. 1169570

His parents died

No. 1169574

oh wait he's behind that acct? kek
funny because every post he has in an L.
how does that tweet he's quoting even make sense. It's just a headline and picture of AOC. Not even a tweet of hers. I swear this guy is special needs.

No. 1169579

I don't think most of these post-left, fash adjacent influencers would have the balls to say any of the contrarian shit they post out loud to an actual useful activist or even just generally well informed progressive…or literally a normie with some life experience and perspective.

No. 1169596

it will never stop being funny when you scare thots come into these threads trying to act like you know lolcow when you literally are to lazy to read the site rules,you know trannies are not even allowed to post on lolcow right? admiting to being a mtf gets you an instant ban just like being a scrote.

No. 1169606

I've been here since stamina rose. What the rules actually say is they aren't allowed to 'identify' themselves. GC derailing is also an instant ban. All radfem/pp/gc threads are banned. The site rules clearly say "LC doesn't pander to your ideology", you have no way of knowing the ideology of the 'majority' on an entirely anonymous imageboard.

No. 1169633

He is low functioning. You can tell instantly when he speaks on his podcast.

No. 1169643

What is his podcast?

No. 1169645

File: 1614199840802.png (180.12 KB, 529x674, classreduxpritch.PNG)

It'd been awhile so I went to look as his acct. I don't understand why he thinks he's making a point with this one. Yeah its Sam P, i know i know but still, Pritch is not wrong and that's why the (online) left is incoherent and full of infighting.

No. 1169650

Idk if he actually doesn't get what she's saying or if he's just wilfully misinterpreting it. Also are people are joking/exaggerating or is actually disabled?

No. 1169679

We don’t “officially” know of him being simple but he definitely seems pretty special and many people here have individually come to that conclusion.

No. 1169712

File: 1614205955347.png (30.52 KB, 745x355, healey.png)

He got the official Healey Stamp of Approval.

No. 1169739

>women smell dirty after they are college educated and are too weak to wear perfume like him, nothing that gets posted here about him really seems that bad. He's so deranged and holds so much hatred for others, lacking any empathy

Oh, I totally agree. It's completely well deserved. That's why when people say they hope his fingers fall off so he finally has to stop typing I don't feel bad at all. He's a terrible person. I think he's one of the most genuinely irredeemable cows on here. I can't think of a single pleasant trait or characteristic he has. He even hates nature and animals lmao.

No. 1169740

File: 1614209490479.png (68.88 KB, 747x713, jackrape.png)

He continues to die on the dumbest hills imaginable.

No. 1169742

Same, he genuinely seems to have absolutely no redeeming qualities other than being funny to laugh at during his various episodes

No. 1169747

File: 1614209733951.png (106.84 KB, 740x1156, joshuatruck.png)

How are so many people still buying this loser's grift?

No. 1169754

Yeah, being a horrifying spectacle publically is the only thing that could be called "good" about him. What a mess of a person.

No. 1169757

I know we call him schizo but does he genuinely have a disorder that prevents him from accurately perceiving reality? We don't live in a world where men aren't praised in the workplace on a regular basis. If anything is psychosexual and demonic here it's the ostensibly gay man being absolutely obsessed with the idea of false rape allegations against straight men.

No. 1169760

It’s all projection, he is a horny creep who wants to bang all the straight men who get accused of rape so he can’t imagine a woman ever feeling violated by them

No. 1169764

How do these people think they are edgy and super online when they're such huge newfags, every single word of this is wrong

No. 1169766

I think he does, some of his meltdowns are concerning. Sadly he has no irl friends to help him and tell him to stop, he says Black Lives Matter is the reason why he has no friends.

No. 1169767

I mean is it really surprising? They all think they have some kind of enlightened insight to offer with literally every single other topic that they know nothing as well

No. 1169773

everyone who posts here is like an angry unfunny version of anna and dasha and you aren't even being paid 40k a month for it. pathetic! kys ladies(oh no our feelings)

No. 1169777

>>telling us to kill ourselves then saying we are the angry ones

The absolute projection and retardation of scarethots

No. 1169783

for people who love to "dunk" and constantly get into petty internet arguments you sure do seethe a lot when someone lightly pokes fun at your friends for once, don't you?

No. 1169787

They came all the way here because the very existence of people who don't like Anna and Dasha is triggering to them. To be fair I do wish I got paid almost 40K to mumble absolutely brain-dead takes into a mic. I would have to sacrifice all of my dignity though.

No. 1169789

you never will lmao

No. 1169792

File: 1614212994637.jpeg (93.48 KB, 750x233, 800F544C-A56F-4566-AB49-623FB5…)

>>If you don’t want to fuck a fat corpse or some actor from the 80’s, LEAVE!!!
Lol @ r/redscare’s attempt at gatekeeping. These people were all viciously bullied in high school for being insufferable nerds

No. 1169794

In the episode after the cumtown and chapo subreddits got banned Anna and Dasha said they didn't agree with censoring "free speech" online even if it was literally a online community solely devoted to criticising them, so they should be fine with this place. what do you people think you're going to achieve by doing this? this website is 7 years old, you're not going to get people to stop posting about your favourite podcaster no matter how much you complain itt.

No. 1169795

No shit. I said it would be nice to be paid 40k for a low effort podcast. Not that I aspired to it lmao.

No. 1169796

who were they talking about with "if you wanna have sex with men that look like this"?

No. 1169798

File: 1614213365903.jpeg (610.71 KB, 750x1033, 936BA8C4-823C-49AB-8AA9-F7C765…)

Looks like a douche but anyone who would rather fuck Zizek has mental problems

No. 1169799

Anna loves yammering on about parasocial relationships. Maybe for the fans they feel good because it's akin to having defended their friend or something. Despite Anna and Dasha's disaffected cool girl thing they have replied to criticism from really small accounts on twitter before so they are sensitive to attacks. They probably like to see it.

No. 1169800

They have unhealthy parasocial relationships with them. Remember the femcel who bought a Dasha cut out?

No. 1169801

You'll never get paid that much for anything you fat worthless cunt

No. 1169803

Lol, calm down and take your meds. I have a real job that actually benefits society and a low BMI actually.

No. 1169804

pretty funny you think you have any dignity to begin with

No. 1169807

I don't get why this thread continuously attracts so many twitter white knights and cows posting about it compared to others

No. 1169809

you absolutely do not hahaha

No. 1169810

Take some deep breaths. I have more dignity than two pro-ana NY podcasters who worship Camille Paglia, and shit on rape and abuse victims for patreon bucks, yes.

No. 1169811

File: 1614213996943.png (20.38 KB, 745x269, fryan.png)

This guy's entire schtick is posting almost exclusively about Jack's podcast and retrofitting all of his interests and opinions to be exactly the same as Jack. Truly bizarre behavior.

No. 1169812

File: 1614214074563.png (780.69 KB, 640x686, y.png)

No. 1169813

you absolutely do not. you have nothing

No. 1169814

Genuinely the extremely online, free speech advocate anti-wokes may be the most sensitive group of people talked about on this entire website

No. 1169815

They think they are going to neg me into posting pics and my work ID by calling me fat and worthless. Like I'm a 13 year old girl who just discovered 4chan for the first time, lmao.

No. 1169818

Kitten is just asking why you are so angry

No. 1169819

Because you are fat and worthless lmao. I don't have to neg you into doing shit because you've done that to yourself your whole life. It kills you that two "mean girls" can make a living doing in public all the shit you do in private and are so ashamed of

No. 1169822

I’d much rather be making 45k a year and not be a drug addict/failed actress with a triple digit body count

No. 1169824

cope. enjoy poverty retard

No. 1169825

If you're only making 45k a year you're also a failure btw

No. 1169826

Not in poverty at all. My parents aren’t poor Russian retards who had to escape their barren country

No. 1169827

Good thing I have intelligent parents who worked their whole lives to give me a safety net. Seethe harder retard

No. 1169828

no you don;t lol

No. 1169829

do you get this angry at the thought of people gossiping about other public figures or like social media "influencers"? Idk why so many red scare fans seem to think its a uniquely awful thing to gossip about podcasters or twitter personalities specifically

No. 1169832

Dasha and Anna wouldn't even like you in real life, do they even fave your simp tweets to them? And if you're some friend of theirs irl that's even sadder, you don't think they talk shit about you? They love the attention.

No. 1169833

If your parents are so smart then how come they gave birth to a retard like you?

No. 1169836

Ah yes, classism. Very leftist of you.

No. 1169838

Scarethots are all ugly losers who got bullied growing up. They look up to Anna and Dasha as awesome controversial queens and want to be them. They see their lives as aspirational. Very weird

No. 1169839

I’m the retard? You have a parasocial friendship with two ugly edgelords who get paid by incels to mumble into a mic

No. 1169840

You're not going to make me fat by repeating that over and over.

> I don't have to neg you into doing shit because you've done that to yourself your whole life.

This doesn't even make sense.

I'm not ashamed at all actually. I would happily share my opinions on Red Scare with anyone, because they aren't detestable pro-abuse and pro eating disorder views that get people into trouble lol. Anyways, this is shitting up the thread. You can post into the abyss now.

No. 1169842

you made yourself fat

No. 1169843

File: 1614215844578.png (926.96 KB, 2048x1701, 1554040786473.png)

Yep, they think Anna and Dasha are like the mean girls from high school who are their friends.

No. 1169844

Yes you are the retard.

No. 1169847

Nice reply to yourself

No. 1169849

That was a completely different person replying to me lol. You really are a retard just like every other redscare stan

No. 1169850

You;re a mean girl who doesn't get paid for it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1169854

File: 1614216682206.png (24.9 KB, 723x293, barrettelectricty.png)

Nothing brightens my day like seeing this man suffer.

No. 1169855

Not profiting off of making fun of women to an audience of tens of thousands is actually more admirable.

No. 1169858

File: 1614216847286.png (88.83 KB, 749x850, adamcoon.png)

Jesus Christ

No. 1169866

I feel bad for the normies suffering in Texas but this guy should take this as a golden opportunity to live out his republican bootstrap trad living dreams. Where are his manly survival skills?

No. 1169877

If you’ve been here since SR, you would know that gc has always been a common topic regardless of the ban, which wasn’t issued until after the PP and various gc threads were popular. Strange posturing you have going on here, trying to change the entire opinion on lc’s general userbase as if it’s totally ambiguous just because you don’t want to be associated with common sense.

In their defense, she is a human bean bag. If you reap the benefits of rewarded mediocrity, you should be able to handle the criticism you receive.

No. 1169883

This is derailing but it wasn't always a common topic, it became a common topic like 2017/2018 and it has been the repeated source of constant pushback and disagreement among the userbase, with a entire containment website being made for it and endless debates in /meta/. The ban on men you're talking about was supposed to be temporary to deal with an /r9k/ raid and wasn't because lolcow is 'a radfem website' which the admin has repeatedly said is not the point of the site. The rule about lc not pandering to a specific ideology has always been there. My point is just that you do not know the majority of a bunch of anonymous people's views, all you're doing is basing 'most' off 'loudest and spergiest' and it's annoying when people claim to speak for everyone.

No. 1169884

Wasn’t this site founded by a scrote?

No. 1169885

yes, Ian

No. 1169887

that dj HEVALENCIA guy is one of the worst people on twitter, surprised we haven't talked about him yet. spent years tweeting 24/7 cooning for the anti woke crowd but is now freaking out and trying to pivot because he's realised all his followers are just Aimee reply guys. his politics are totally incoherent and basically amount to "woke bitches hate black men, let me get my ass eaten by white women"

either one of the dumbest people alive (he's an anarcho-anti-civ retard like bill kezos) or just grifting to get streams to his terrible music

No. 1169889

One last aside, this wasn’t the same ian who was admin of 7chan?

No. 1169893

not sure sorry I never used 7chan. if that was the one shoe0nhead used to post on then probably.

No. 1169899

i repeat, lehrer is a man with two graduate degrees in his mid-thirties who freeloads out of his wife’s mother’s spare nyc apartment because his dumb podcast rakes in less than < 500 a month. who wants race talk from a yellow fever moron?

No. 1169909

I'm amazed that his wife or especially her family tolerates that.

No. 1169915

File: 1614223325297.png (345 KB, 318x783, al.png)

Never opened this crackers pic b4 and thought it was of a black cat.
So neither he nor his wife are even capable of dressing him ?
Does he think he looks good here ?

No. 1169918

Better than wearing his Gummo shirt in public. Although he does look like a grown up cast member.

No. 1169930

oh cool so the one mod who is constantly posting here and replying to herself decides she's black now? cracker? lmaooooo

No. 1169936

The idea of being a primitivist techno DJ is very funny. Just spending your existence as a Futurama gag.

No. 1169939

Divert criticism away from Adam Cracker ?

No. 1169943

You can believe he's a dumbass loser and also believe the people he surrounds himself with are as well.

No. 1169947

File: 1614227644235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,734.08 KB, 828x1431, 0478586F-2662-4271-ABA6-5317CA…)

Caroline Calloway embarrassing herself while Dasha and Anna continue to ignore her is too much

No. 1169951

CC elevating the RS brand immensely

No. 1169963

Dasha wishes she could sit around topless and make 6 figures. She has nudes strewn about and did a sex scene

No. 1169975

Garbage scene at that

No. 1169978

she has the money and enough "room" that they wouldn't look like bolt ons, i'm legitimately wondering why she hasn't already.

No. 1169981

Wonder how much they paid her

No. 1169999

holy shit lmfaoooooo

No. 1170003

You think? She does have more followers than both of them combined

No. 1170006

Is that the reason for his pivot lol? I occasionally liked his anti-woke pro-labour takes too

No. 1170016

File: 1614239341116.png (80.32 KB, 605x447, lizb.png)

Bruenig 2028 is happening, she really thinks she's predestined for this.

No. 1170020

File: 1614240465634.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1415, IMG_20210225_090409.png)

Greenwald has been getting dragged on mogai twitter for commenting on the rise of kweer identification among zoomers; he mentions katie herzogs “disappearing lesbians“ article
no opinion on this but maybe other farmers can elaborate

No. 1170034

They would have if they were smart..oh
Srsly tho who knows but why else would CC make such an elaborate show of it and mention RS so much ?
She'll prob pick up a few RS simps but still doesn't seem worth her going out of her way to promote them so hard otherwise

No. 1170043

File: 1614244487800.png (65.75 KB, 597x677, aaaaa.png)


No. 1170051

Theres a ton of things to legitimately criticize her for but this just seems like it's posted by someone just like her

No. 1170055

Nta but the fact that she wrote out this big explanation is kind of funny. Don't know why she is so bothered. Weirdo reply guys who take trad life seriously must have been dming her lol.

No. 1170068

Because she's desperate for Anna and Dasha's approval after they publicly humiliated and then ghosted her

All Caroline does all day is sit around in her grandmother's apartment and buy fake followers. She doesn't have any friends and she's not mentally well

No. 1170110

since when are boob jobs just expected as a standard practice?

No. 1170114

yeah all the “she has enough money she should get plastic surgery“ posts irt anna & co are extremely pathetic
plastic surgery is evil and women deciding against it is good

No. 1170136

She really thinks people doubt she's capable of raising kids because of her appearance, and not her raging personality disorder? Ok hon.

No. 1170173

Literally no one thinks any of that. It's because she's obviously unstable

No. 1170187

one of Anna's rare good takes was being suspicious of fillers and not trusting plastjc surgeon propaganda iirc. Everything about that cottage industry is underregulated and cursed

No. 1170189

File: 1614269592279.jpeg (338.54 KB, 828x1154, 8066C4BC-DB26-42AD-9B8B-A632C8…)

Aimee hating on freddy. Same with the rest of the post left crowd.

No. 1170209


No her take was retarded tinfoil of a bitter, aging millennial hipster. Also sorry to break it to you but if you ever had dissolvable stitches for dental work or a wound you have had filler type material dissolving you body, exposing you to ToXiC aUtoImmOne diSeaSe

No. 1170214

Two retards fighting

No. 1170231

File: 1614274348094.png (764.25 KB, 2048x1886, Screenshot_20210225-122947.png)

Andray Domise got dissed by the hosts of the Canadaland podcast (which he used to host years ago) for his batshit takes. He's been tweeting about it all day of course.

No. 1170243

What happened between them? I thought they used to defend her on the pod?

No. 1170248

They've never said anything negative about her after the live show, they just also haven't engaged back when Caroline posts about them.

No. 1170275

whats wrong with the grayzone orbit? i thought they were just regular old boomers doing investigative journalism lol. isnt blumenthals dad friends with clinton? i feel like most of the grayzone people im familiar with are way more sane and normal than the edgy lefties mentioned in this thread

No. 1170278

Yes anon… it's all a rorschach

No. 1170289

Gonna feel only a little bad when it comes out that class redux killa is a 20 yr old autist neet.

No. 1170290

He supposedly has a wall street job but that could be a lie.

No. 1170294

just did a little more research on grayzone and seriously, i don't get the hate that zoomers/millenials have for these guys at all? like you can criticize blumenthal as a psyop or a russian mouth piece but he seems way more respectable than andray "reasons with vaush" domise and the rest of the leftoid crews on twitter? he was friggin complimented on his very inflammatory anti-irsael work by a then-sitting US Secretary of State which is more than most of these edgelords can say?

No. 1170314

I don’t believe that for a second.

No. 1170329

>their own behaviour sharply contrasts with stupid shit like this they say
>This is oftenly an indication that the person didn't mean what they said like they said it

It's called hypocrisy, anon, look it up

No. 1170338

>clearly, from their demenour one can interfere that they themselves (and foremostly Anna) think they are more intelligent than almost anyone else,

To me, this is unintentionally funnier than anything else they do.

No. 1170341

As recently as August this girl was still a standard wokelet posting about the gender wage gap and within that short time frame has not only been converted into a scarethot but has had multiple public meltdowns about people mocking her sudden change. Not even Caroline Debnam imploded that quickly.

No. 1170347

Andray is in the right and there's no milk here. Also, learn to sage.

No. 1170384

Anon… the picture of AOC is from when she visited the place where they supposedly had children in cages and had a dramatic emotional breakdown for the camera. People have been making fun of it because leftists are acting like Biden is the second coming of jesus christ undoing all the ills of the Trump administration when he's just continuing the same shit that's been going on for the past decades

No. 1170411

File: 1614286763076.png (41.37 KB, 747x381, jackjoke.png)

If you're going to steal a joke and make it shittier, less funny, and less succinct, the least you could do is not retweet the original right before you do it.

No. 1170430

>doesn't even know the term "samefag"
Not very le epic /pol/ pepe of you

No. 1170435

>the filename

No. 1170436

It's like one person posting him repeatedly trying to make it happen

No. 1170445

We probably all have the same opinion on this as the cows ITT tbh, I imagine they'd agree with Glenn

No. 1170447

File: 1614289203667.png (968.75 KB, 1184x680, 45678.png)

>>acting as if getting complimented by the secretary of state is an achievement when your dad is Bill Clinton's attack dog (Sidney Blumenthal)

Max was a fine journalist in 2014 when he was mostly covering Israel/Palestine. He's been in decline ever since.

He mocked Syrians for worrying about chemical attacks and circulated a tortured woman's false confession.

No. 1170449

speak for yourself

No. 1170451

File: 1614289314179.jpg (206.48 KB, 1080x1504, EvFuk92XIAAPJHb.jpg)

lol at anna following this guy

No. 1170453

There was a video compilation of this guy’s simping for the Chapo hosts last year. He seems to have gotten mad that they never replied to him.

No. 1170455

People are clowning on Glenn because he cited a table that showed that 1.4% of Millenials are lesbians compared to 0.8% of GenX and used it to argue that lesbians are disappearing. Either he can't count or forgot what years the generational monikers represent.

No. 1170457

I know where the picture is from but what he posted didn’t make sense, neither was an AOC post. Making an unoriginal ‘dunk’ acct then doing the low hanging “hurr dhrr aoc dumb” in a way that doesn’t even match the format of the account is profoundly stupid.

No. 1170461

This is a prime example of how the Bernie loss really did break the brains of the weak minded. You’d have thought these people had never experienced a political let down followed by hopelessness before. Did they just start giving a shit? …well yes I guess they did. Answered my own question there.

No. 1170467

File: 1614290281713.jpeg (304.34 KB, 1242x1200, 7277DAF2-1712-4881-BB3A-701F9F…)

So he’s admitting to larping as a Russian because he’s a self-hating Jew now. Never mind that a lot of Russian Jews were just imported Germans and Poles. How long before he starts “ironically” calling himself a mischling?

No. 1170470

If he’s still claiming he has no power…chances are he’s lying.

No. 1170481

File: 1614290812024.jpeg (912.4 KB, 1195x1689, ADA532DD-935C-4498-96DB-84A1D4…)

Glenn Greenwald is the Russell Crowe of Twitter: constantly picks fights with random people for the most trivial reasons.


No. 1170501

File: 1614292916885.png (52.86 KB, 573x194, pl.png)

No. 1170502

File: 1614293033909.png (514.39 KB, 600x838, aj.png)

No. 1170561

Heather Habsburg/ Rachel Olson's alt @tolstoybb is unlocked

No. 1170573

King shit tbh

No. 1170586

Definitely possible that they paid her. Both Dasha and Anna follow her and couldn’t even throw her a like? Seems weird, maybe calculated on their end

No. 1170588

That’s literally what Dasha wish she could do though? Instead she gets high and mumbles her way through podcasts

No. 1170590

Canadaland usually sucks ass. The podcast doesn't need to exist, like almost every pod. The most basic idpol bro takes on everything usually. Agree with them here though, lmao.

No. 1170591

I have noticed this crew will retweet the same outrage bait with the exact same commentary. Natural next step. Lol, Jack hates animals like he hates women. A definite undercurrent with him. A joyless person. Millions of Americans own pets. Including the poor. And because they aren't shitty people like the goblin roommate and the perfume fascist they actually tenderly care for them themselves in their own age, even while poor and living in small apartments and houses! Shocking, I know.

No. 1170593

I mean if the red scare girls want to be seen as “hot women” so bad, plastic surgery is kinda their only option. They’re just not that attractive naturally

No. 1170597

Agreed. I think Anna is lying about not having cosmetic procedures though (not actual surgery tho). I guess it's kind of surprising for Dasha considering the industry she is in but not when you consider she is into the pro-ana thing, at least pertaining to the boob job. Generally women who idolize the anorexic school girl look don't want large boobs.

No. 1170603

Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both secretly jealousy of her and that’s why they avoid her so much. They both follow her yet don’t like her posts. Blonde girl born rich and now makes money posing in little outfits or topless in nightgowns. Anna is resentful of that type of woman. Dasha
envious of her ability to sit around drunk and topless while making bank off her only fans. She would love that kind of attention and reaffirmation.

No. 1170617

They have enough fans and reply guys telling them they are. With the added bonus of the occasional fashion designer and for Dasha specifically some casting directors. Maybe that's enough for them. Obviously it bothers them a lot that they don't look like Amber Heard or Margot Robbie but plastic surgery isn't going to fix that and the fear of being botched is a realistic one.

No. 1170620

Yeah I think a lot of people itt hugely overestimate what plastic surgery could do for them even if it was something they wanted

No. 1170651

Yeah plastic surgery can't literally transform you into another person. I mean, it can, but those are the botched horror examples. Even those South Korean "miracle" plastic surgeries I see touted so often are wearing an absurd amount of very skillful makeup in the after photos.

No. 1170680

Looks like Rachel deleted half of her tweets before unlocking.

No. 1170770

not endorsing everything anna said but, based on how salty this reply is assume you're a filler addict. These are not the same thing and the there are actual complications with fillers and very little empirical research not tainted by industry. And getting stitches once is not the same as pumping yourself full of juvederm routinely or, similarly, literally atrophying your face with botox poison. I don't want to derail but there are a lot of "safe" claims made by the plastic surgery lobby that are not actually proven

No. 1170773

Nobody is jealous of Caroline Calloway. Two seconds of research shows that she does not live a life worth envying in any way.

No. 1170817

He has done this before. I remember when samememe was still around, they were each tweeting about how cities have allegedly become unaffordable because of PMC women with bullshit jobs, and as such men are being left behind. Right, because every apartment unit in Manhattan is occupied by some Jezebel or Refinery29 writer

It stuck with me because it amazed me how they managed to manufacture this and not find it the least bit contentious

No. 1170822

She has better boobs, hips, and hair than Dasha and she’s prettier than both Anna and Dasha

No. 1170838

And she’s an embarrassment. Not white knighting for Anna and Dasha. It’s just that Caroline is falling further and further off the deep end every day. Even though she is obviously better looking than them, they would not envy her. I won’t derail any further. I understand what you’re saying. I just strongly disagree.

No. 1170843

Oh they absolutely are. Caroline is basically Anna and Dasha to a tee with the whole “overeducated” drivel. The difference is that CC is hot and remains relatively unbothered because of it.

No. 1170845

You can be jealous of someone’s looks and not of other aspects of their life

No. 1170848

Right. Dasha in particular because Caroline is basically an augmented version of her. Prettier and wealthier. Certainly could’ve been become an actress if she’d fucked as many directors that Dasha has

No. 1170850

File: 1614319423011.jpeg (248.54 KB, 1887x826, 785130EE-3E1F-4038-9A9E-EDC26A…)

No. 1170853

Is this supposed to prove she’s not jealous? Lol. Caroline didn’t even peak in high school, she looks better now. Anna is one who peaked as a teen. Sad

No. 1170855

honestly I agree, I don't think Caroline is really someone worth being jealous of

No. 1170864

And Dasha said on the pod she sometimes regrets not getting a boob job and becoming a "bimbo sex slave" lol.

No. 1170866

these guys are so funny/pathetic because they have to portray themselves as masculine etc., but in the end they're basically just rehearsing the talking points of two female podcast hosts from Brooklyn. like it's bad when someone like @chaoticitgirl does it, but at least you can understand why a younger girl would look up to them but imagine being a straight male repeating Anna Khachiyan takes lmao

No. 1170871

CC is a hot fucking mess, but she gets attention just for wanting attention and she can be carefree wasted all the time. Anna and Dasha actually have to put effort into their schtick instead of getting to chill and be IRL dumb bitch memes, because they’re not even good at being messy. They can’t even keep this thread’s attention lmao

No. 1170875

this is so exaggerated lol. you dont need to make up more stuff to dislike about them theyre already annoying af

No. 1170878

Oh god, this argument again. Which part was exaggerated?

No. 1170880

i haven't followed him that long, but i dont' remember him ever '24/7 cooning for the anti woke crowd'. he's definitely critical of idpol but i remmeber him pushing back on anti woke stuff for a while, not just now. i could be wrong tho like i said i haven't followed for that long.

No. 1170881

Just straight guys being dudes by aping the hot takes of a pro-ana, art hoe, celeb gossip podcaster in NY. Totally normal expression of masculinity.

No. 1170882

it's fine i don't think there's any point in arguing about it

No. 1170907

Caroline Calloway fucked a dog??

No. 1170915

Yeah it was me, what of it ?

No. 1170917

File: 1614328681800.png (119.14 KB, 1178x442, Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12.3…)

No. 1170954

Why would they be jealous of that and not idk, a doctor? Or a musician? I know they're fucked in the head but I'm still amazed sometimes.

No. 1170957

who invited these CC stans? turbo normies with bpd are even worse than scarethots. go back

No. 1170965

Why do you think they started a podcast? They both don’t want to work a 9 to 5. Dasha especially is a “free spirit” exhibitionist with bpd. She wouldn’t be jealous of a doctor, she would be jealous of a ‘rich girl gone wild’ type like CC

No. 1170966

“white girls fuck dogs“ possibly one of the least funny memes to come out this decade

No. 1170989

What is his account now?

No. 1171002

You must be a white girl.

No. 1171010

Why do idiots deny white supremacy exists in America while having no comprehension of recent American history? This is the same aussie with US civil war takes. Do something productive.

No. 1171016


I could have chosen anything Anna has said and linked it to her own baggage and anons here would agree. The filler thing for some reasons triggers people here. In terms of side effects, there are side effects from everything. People have fucked up their liver taking over the counter painkillers; is it common? no. The only serious complication I can think about for fillers is accidentally puncturing a vein if the injector is a third-world hack doctor who isn't qualified.

Botox is actually used all the time in non-cosmetic surgery, for treatment of various neurological disorders like stroke, MS, muscle disfunction including in infants. I personally think botoxing your face muscles is dumb idea in the long run your muscles are important for maintaining youthful contours, but the assumption that it's just frivolous "poison" being pushed by ebil plastic surgery industry is just retarded sorry, same for other shit like PRP and othe technologies that people think is just for cosmetic use exist across all board. You might all well just be suspicious of all doctors and all modern medicine as tainted and treat yourself by drinking urine and colloidal silver /medsperging

No. 1171021

ok coomer

No. 1171068

Ok nigger

No. 1171079

Dasha isnt BPD though, she’s clearly a sociopath and a narcissist. CC is annoying and not worth envying but she is much more of an authentic person than Dasha is even if she is troubled and clearly jealous of A&D herself

No. 1171085

Nta but it isn’t a meme. If you trawl through the archives of lolcow you can even see anons confessing to liking it in action multiple times dating back to like 2014.

No. 1171087

gleefully tearing down white women with the dog fucker meme means you're either a scrote or a secretly self-hating PoC

No. 1171094

It’s blatantly obvious Dasha has bpd. Caroline doesn’t have much to be jealous over. She didn’t grow up with immigrant parents in a rented condo and doesn’t have a sex addiction leading to a body count of over 100 that we know of. She just shows her boobs online and gets paid for it, something Dasha secretly wishes she could do instead of being valued for her “brain” and mean girl takes

No. 1171099

This is weird to me, because pretty much all the male Red Scare fans are racist guys who would use being "ethnic" like Toni Braxton as an insult. The last thread or so was teeming with them trying to racebait because they thought everyone here was the Jezebel editor or clones of her or something.
I don't get how Anna constantly obsesses over being swarthy and "exotic" or something, but her and Dasha's simps have the opposite view.

No. 1171105

I don’t really get why people are so insistent Dasha has BPD like she doesn’t really have intense emotional reactions to things, doesn’t care about being abandoned, doesn’t ‘split’ on people so why do people think she has it? People constantly say the same thing about Anna too despite her having even less bpd like traits than Dasha.

No. 1171109

Dasha probably gets that title because she's sexually promiscuous and really tries to fit into that whole "mad ingenue"/"nymphet" archetype in every way besides her personality (which is pretty dry). Having BPD is basically part of her uniform, but she doesn't actually seem to wear it. If she does have it, I guess she's smart enough to keep it offline. Quiet BPD also exists.
I doubt Anna has BPD, but I can buy her being a narcissist.

No. 1171112

Never said Anna has it, she has more narcissistic tendencies. Dasha has many of bpd tells attention seeking, drug addiction, stealing, lying, cheating (method of pushing people away when they get too close), manipulative tendencies. If she befriends someone at a higher station than her she steals from them or shades them constantly. That’s very bpd. Her and Anna have only been able to remain friends because Anna isn’t more attractive or wealthier than her

No. 1171116

All of those behaviors are possible with BPD but also other pathologies? the main thing with BPD is being emotionally intense and fear of abandonment, neither of which Dasha seems to exhibit. BPD diagnosis gives her too much credit while she’s actually quite conniving and shallow

No. 1171117

Being a whore = bpd apparently

No. 1171120

I mean she could have BPD but those things aren’t specific to it and could really mean anything. She could just be an impulsive person. I just think the constant armchairing itt and the way everyone is desperate to diagnose every annoying person online with a personality disorder gets boring.

No. 1171127

honestly the only person who seemed bpd to me in these threads (other than bella who actually has it) is kantbot

No. 1171131

Maybe the problem is you don’t understand what bpd is. Cheating on your boyfriends is part of the fear of abandonment. When people get too close to bpd cases they freak out because they’re afraid of that person leaving so they do something to fuck it up. Exactly what she did

No. 1171132

there has still been zero proof she cheated on adam besides a random tumblr anon and cumtown incels saying it

No. 1171134

You think the girl who admitted to a body count of nearly 100 isn’t a cheater? Man some of you are hopelessly stupid

No. 1171135

anna and dasha literally have bpd meltdowns every other week for always getting called out about there lying attention whore bs and then do something to blow everything way out of proportion. are you forgetting about the jezabel saga that just happened.

No. 1171136

File: 1614357312764.jpeg (66 KB, 828x177, 2AF8A3F4-3689-4787-80DD-CD7769…)

Big brain aimee. That market logic says no minimum wage hike.

No. 1171139

As sad as it all is, that's literally their job. Their whole thing is dependant on them garnering outrage for publicity and getting people to hate follow them.

No. 1171151

it's not like they have to try let's he honest no one in the scene seems to be mentally stable, well adjusted or bright.

No. 1171152

aimee’s biggest replyguys like vandrewattycpa, wokehuggies, and moustacheclubus all have law degrees. they’re all right-wing heavily credentialed losers with the leisure time to tweet all day.

No. 1171153

No. 1171158

Nobody sane would choose this as their "job"

No. 1171160

with that logic Adam is bpd too

No. 1171167

Bpd is not some highbrow illness. Yes they are manipulative and they lie, but that doesn’t mean they’re any good at it. Explains why she’s been dumped for cheating many times

No. 1171177

File: 1614359911230.png (40.1 KB, 608x527, 8.png)


No. 1171182

It was very annoying when people kept being like ‘we warned precious uwu smol bean Adam about that harlot Dasha!’ as if Adam has not slept with every art hoe in New York.

No. 1171184

I thought she wanted a husband?

No. 1171189

i feel like it was at least partly because he does that same exact thing 99% of "comedian" men do where they just like relentlessly portray themselves as some pathetic virgin loser and a significant amount of their material is just about that

No. 1171190

The dude isn’t a cheater though. The witten and art hoe sexcapades all happened after the breakup

No. 1171192

People act like it’s definite that Dasha is a cheater solely because she has a high body count so why would the same not be true for Adam

No. 1171193

What I don’t get is why it’s always people like this who decide to larp as tradwives

No. 1171198

Several people said she cheated and her past relationships ended over cheating. Put it together

No. 1171199

What several people said she cheated

No. 1171200

Are you the same anon who's been pushing the "Dasha is a sociopath" for the past few days? These people are crazy and unstable but they're not evil masterminds, you sound deranged

No. 1171201

bella's future is moving out of daddy's millionaire dollar house and into the house of a sf tech bro with a 500k salary while continuing to tweet and lounge about all day. rich girl doing rich girl things.

No. 1171209

File: 1614361982266.png (185.95 KB, 610x321, bestialityregardless.PNG)

I'm assuming you're a retard from twitter counting on no one actually looking it up, but "the archives of lolcow" is just the next pages of the other boards, this place is too slow for old threads to autosage and disappear. The one thread I found with people talking about it had 3-4 anons mentioning it and I'm not convinced they're real farmers, it showed up in only one thread 5 years ago during the same period we were being raided by robots and never again since.

However, for my efforts I was rewarded with this hilarious post. Please don't comment on the subject, I don't wanna racebait, I just thought it was funny.

No. 1171210

Her gay friend Cameron and they talked about it on cumtown. It wasn’t just “cumtown incels” who made it all up. This is funny though because you sound like Dasha attempting to rewrite history to look more appealing to future boyfriends

No. 1171211

I don't have screenshots but there have been multiple people saying they know the guys she cheated with, Adam has said he was cheated on and on stage multiple times. I don't know why out of all the things to defend Dasha on cheating keeps coming up.

No. 1171212

Because no one ever actually provides any evidence for it. There hasn’t been any ‘multiple guys’ saying that posted in this thread. There has been one anonymous tumblr post that was sent to some girl who lives in Brazil’s blog that said it and that’s it. They’ve never talked about Dasha cheating on Adam on cumtown.

No. 1171213


On the podcast he said he was cheated on by a fiancee twice and he's only been engaged so many times. He's also alluded to women tricking him to think they love him, he alludes to dating bdp women, and Nick called Dasha bdp recently. There's been other allusions to being cheated on and mistreated.

No. 1171215

Dasha listening to cum town to check if they talk shit about her is so funny.

No. 1171216

I’m not Dasha nor do I even like Dasha, I just dislike this completely forced smol bean Adam victim narrative more.

No. 1171217

What evidence do you want? A sex tape? Here’s a hint, tons of people manage to break up with someone without getting multiple accusations that they cheated on the person

No. 1171219

Unless you’re talking about the bit they did about his black son (before they broke up) then no they haven’t. If you remember the episode or have a clip or something then post it but they have literally never talked about Dasha cheating on Adam.

No. 1171220

Adam's only a victim of being stupid enough to fly out the first "model" who paid attention to him and then staying with her. I just remembered he mentioned something about someone saying they would stop cheating or that they didn't but it turns out they did. I don't think anyone feels that bad for Adam here.
Not talking about that. They've brought it up at least a dozen times post break up, sorry I'm not going to track down time stamps for you.

No. 1171221

Where are the multiple accusations. Please post even one of these multiple accusations.

No. 1171239

It obviously is. The reply guys now read and constantly tweet about this place unfortunately.

No. 1171241

Lol this is sounding more like you wanting to spite the cumtown listeners than anything else. Who cares. When there are rumors like this about a hardly famous podcaster, they’re often true. No one can 100% verify it but she probably did cheat

No. 1171243

Not asking for anyone to 100% verify at all but the rumours are based on literally nothing other than Dasha having a high body count

No. 1171244

Other anons have said they talked about it on cumtown and some gay kid that knew both Dasha and Adam told Adam she cheated. I don’t know what other “proof” you need. Why would people make something like that up about a barely famous couple. Doesn’t make sense

No. 1171247

Because Adam is obsessed with being cucked? And cumtown fans are notorious women hating scrotes who would perpetuate a rumor like that to support their misogynistic ideations

No. 1171248

They literally have not talked about Dasha cheating on Adam on cumtown, ever. And it does make sense why people would make it up when you look at the kind of people who were saying it but agree to disagree I guess.

No. 1171250

that's sad. can't be free from their attempts at 'comedy' anywhere.

No. 1171253

He's literally said he's been cheated on by two fiancees two separate times. They have some sort of agreement (which Dasha has broken) to not talk about each other on their podcasts so that's as close to "Dasha cheated on me." as you're going to get. People who went to the live shows last year also said that Adam made jokes about how Dasha cheated.

No. 1171257

Other people said she cheated on past boyfriends too. And sorry but body count does say something. You think men in their 20’s who have triple digit body counts aren’t cheaters also? Give me a break. Not sure if you’re just real young or what

No. 1171258

What people? Can you people actually post caps of what you're talking about? And the original thing that started this whole debate was that people automatically assume Dasha is a cheater just because of her high body count but Adam also has an extremely high body count but is perpetually seen as some poor virgin cuck victim

No. 1171260

If you're not Dasha and worried about the high body count part no one is saying that people who have slept around can't be faithful, but if they also cheated in multiple relationships and were the other women like she's admitted she has been in the past that's why people judge.

No. 1171265

>no one is saying that people who have slept around can't be faithful
You're clearly being disingenuous, this what most people were saying when they originally broke up and before they even broke up. The cheating rumour did originate with cumtown fans and it was for this exact reason.

No. 1171268

I meant no one besides teenage cum town fans and misogynists, and the key part is the admitted history of cheating. This sounds like something to deal with in therapy.

No. 1171273

But no one is saying she hasn't cheated before, that still doesn't mean she cheated on Adam. She's said a million times she didn't cheat on him. Considering she's happily talked about cheating before and everyone thinks she did anyway, I just don't really get why she would repeatedly deny it.

No. 1171282

There are no caps you retarded zoomer. This stuff was all said on their podcasts

No. 1171287

What? The post you're talking about said

>Other people said she cheated on past boyfriends too

So they aren't talking about their podcast. What people said this?

No. 1171294

Dasha is a liar. You are pathetically stupid huh

No. 1171345

File: 1614373922549.png (44.45 KB, 727x541, deadgrandpa.png)

Ah poor little Barrett is crying about how his ghoulish republican senator grandpa is roasting in hell right now.

No. 1171372

Lmao, who is this have they been posted before? The image of someone listening to the perfume nationalist as a friendship simulator is funny. Jack has repeatedly said no one even wants to be his friend irl.

No. 1171376

These people behave exactly like the stereotypical spoiled suburban rich girl

No. 1171378

File: 1614376001772.jpg (1.06 MB, 1274x1698, 14.JPG)

No. 1171388

if someone wrote a fictional account of a socialist claiming art school edge lord who became a nick land loving right wing failed podcaster and his granddad was a republican senator everyone would reject it. Ariel Pink’s backstory being that his beverly hills doctor father scammed people into getting uneeded invasive surgery to make millions and fund his methhead failed indie pop star son would also be too outlandish for fiction.

No. 1171426

It's a guy who talks about almost nothing but jack and his podcast. He frequently posts pictures of himself in podcast merch or buying perfumes because jack mentioned them on the pod. He has also posted about unsuccessfully trying to start irl conversations with normies about the podcast.

No. 1171430

File: 1614379303515.png (591.33 KB, 741x767, jackmara.png)

Looks like Mara Wilson is Jack's latest AGP lust object.

No. 1171437

sorry but making fun of the lib obsession with george floyd and how they turned some common criminal into a saint is funny

No. 1171541

she's not going to fuck you

No. 1171599

the thing that puzzles me the most is why that Dasha carpet munching anon is so obsessed. my tinfoil senses are kicking in

lmao she wishes, but filthy rich tech bros aren't into crusty e-girls with a lack of interests, skills or striking beauty

No. 1171629

File: 1614399256361.jpeg (438.95 KB, 1536x2048, C61B4B23-621B-4D57-932B-E72284…)

Jack in high school

No. 1171631

literally looks trans

No. 1171644

He still does.

No. 1171704

File: 1614402929290.png (499.16 KB, 751x743, fatjack.png)

Does a more delusional person exist?

No. 1171829

Audibly laughed

No. 1171839

Were Kantbot and Logo doxxed?

No. 1171841

Pritchard vibes

No. 1171869

Same. He looks like the obnoxious polysexual student about to troon out any second.

No. 1171872

In this circle? I honestly don't think so. People have said similar things but he looks like the manager of a fast food chain who enjoys terrorizing his employees. Everything about his look is so boring and unpleasant for a supposedly avantgarde tastemaker. The ugly tattoos, the ill-fitting corporate mall goth clothes.

No. 1171895

damn what happened?

No. 1171920

File: 1614436606037.png (10.22 KB, 464x56, brihanna.PNG)

I don't think Brie has ever been brought up in these threads, but she recently posted this after Twitter announced they are rolling out subscriptions and people in the quote tweets are pointing out how she makes almost $400k a year just off of Patreonbux.

No. 1171924

File: 1614437092031.png (151.58 KB, 530x443, bjg.png)

Nah she's been brought up a couple time for cowish comments on the n-word and the FTV debacle. Her fall from grace has been a long time coming, it should have always been easy for DSA lefties to see she was a liability but her being Bernie's press secretary gave her considerable clout. Aimee's right that no should take her seriously anymore after that disaster of a campaign, for which she ironically focused too much on posting and making a name for herself lmao.

No. 1171931

Aimee is right about Brie, but she’s also a retard for saying Bernie stole $200 million from working people. Yeah Bernie held people at gunpoint for political donations like one does. Aussie clown.

No. 1171950

lol what do you mean what happened? He went from looking like a goofy ass to … looking like a goofy ass with an extra 100lbs

No. 1171967

Twitter is rolling out subscriptions? Wonder what Anna will do with that, Alex Kaschuta of this scene will be thrilled to add it to her grift finally after talking about monetizing her tweets for so long

No. 1171971

Too many hard years of workplace harridans forcing their baked goods upon him

No. 1172015

What is it with anons casually mentioning the scarethots ~poor immigrant~ upbringing? Anna's dad was a math professor. Dasha's parents are acrobats who own their own event company. They aren't rich, but they aren't dirt poor immigrants either.

No. 1172022

Is Bella the most pathetic Leftcow to emerge over the last month or so in these threads?

No. 1172045

Is this not meant as a joke?

No. 1172070

File: 1614454518276.jpeg (309.77 KB, 1080x2009, 8BCC6918-71D9-435C-A5F6-6F098A…)

I wonder if his dating situation has changed since then

No. 1172130

Without a doubt

No. 1172136

She's only second place to Jack, the two of them leave all others lagging behind when it comes to hysterical reactions to this thread

No. 1172140

Their parents are poor compared to Caroline’s family. I’ll just say that

No. 1172160

does anyone ever get the feeling this dude in particular is running away from something being semi anonymous yet not at once? why leave california beyond the "muh taxes" thing

No. 1172166

A lot of people are leaving California because of the taxes and crime has gone up a lot there since Covid

No. 1172175

File: 1614466152343.png (869.36 KB, 1178x846, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 9.48…)

Ben Mora and Matt Christman liking Jack shade

No. 1172181

Can't wait to see this meltdown

No. 1172196

I guess he can identify a fellow perverted traveller because he also gives off strong vibes of "flirting with kids" (nice euphemism). Still true though.

No. 1172212

brainstormrn had a meltdown over these threads, came here and got banned. But even that couldn't make anyone care, lol. She's still calling herself "lolcow's most hated" on reddit. She can't even succeed at accruing haters. And now she's spending time with Bella in real life. What a duo.

No. 1172220

File: 1614470242954.png (770.73 KB, 1080x1236, delusion~2.png)

Don't know if he had seen that tweet yet, and his enemies liking it, but he posted vintage pics of Kevin James to soothe his ego. When people say mall cop they don't mean that and he knows it.

No. 1172225

File: 1614470825845.jpeg (460.64 KB, 2048x1538, lardass.jpeg)


No. 1172239

Nooo he looks like a buff Kevin James in the 80's. Not a fascist mall cop who puts his body fluids into his female colleague's food and drinks.

No. 1172256

strong Kyle Nathan Perkins vibes, except Fupa is actually somehow less pathetic?

No. 1172263

This thread has become pure cancer, the cringe and fremdscham is too much for me.

No. 1172268

I feel like the cows are too aware of it now and there's way too much cowtipping from the posters and like reverse cowtipping from the people itt

No. 1172355

literally no one has said “Kevin James” once
but “Paul Blart” many many times

No. 1172385

File: 1614484037235.jpeg (101.82 KB, 640x380, E1B27FA0-CACB-4BA5-AF95-EC9B43…)

Looks like Dasha is going to be in two eps for Succession S03

No. 1172387

In every single Leftcow thread since the very first one someone comes along to complain that “this thread is cancer” and yet the milk and meltdowns continue apace.

No. 1172390

maybe more, they only have info for the first two atm

No. 1172392

His psychological defense mechanisms are strong. Everyone was thinking Chuck and Larry or Paul Blart so naturally he scrambles back in time several decades to the buff version.

No. 1172396

File: 1614485030087.png (12.05 KB, 746x169, zlxDvkZ.png)

No. 1172404

File: 1614486052535.png (Spoiler Image,7.65 MB, 1170x2532, 25F28A5D-A770-455E-B7FD-E22F40…)

Saggy disgusting 40+ year mom tits. Sad seeing this on a 22 yr old.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1172406

Her breasts look great, spoiler next time bitch.

No. 1172413

her boobs are the least of her worries when her face looks like that

No. 1172424

you're right, they're actually into extremely mediocre asian women

No. 1172428

Her tits are fine, it's the rest. Facially hideous and looks like she's predisposed to gaining a ton of weight before she's 27. There's a reason that pic stops right above the belly button

No. 1172434

Why are these threads always infested with mentally ill males?
This and the "had all of their holes raped" shit. Take several pills.

No. 1172438

because this entire scene is infested with mentally ill men

No. 1172444

File: 1614490540446.jpeg (186.87 KB, 750x725, 696F76B4-AF5F-44D8-BEA1-600C70…)

Aimee is admitting to being a recipient of right wing think tank funds after all?

No. 1172449

File: 1614491089057.png (104.26 KB, 231x318, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.38…)

No. 1172475

twitter just did a massive banwave and my account that i don't even post on, only use to screenshot milk got nuked.

No. 1172478

Did anyone pertinent to these threads get banned? Was it a targeted banwave or just one of those inactive account purges?

No. 1172480

A lot of leftist irony accounts got banned, harold and menace_2_society were two big ones that were taken down.

No. 1172481

Looks like it was mainly targeting groypers. I'm guessing it either has to do with their new safety features or maybe the Nick Fuentes conference thing.

No. 1172485

File: 1614497147474.png (149.44 KB, 413x410, nick fuentes fucking black guy…)

How that dude hasn't been banned yet is a mystery. Either it's like with Richard Spencer and they let him keep up the account so there's a public record of his views and they're all out in the open, or it's also like with Richard Spencer and he's got some glowie connections lol.

No. 1172487

File: 1614497266661.jpeg (484.53 KB, 750x1079, 9F2ED2B7-66BA-47D2-A5B8-2A36FA…)

Not so subtle “look at my pregnancy boobs” pic. Almost looks like she’s just wearing a padded bra. Still not showing the bump either. Weird

No. 1172489

This file name is going to give him the vapors.

No. 1172498

911VICTIM? Nooo he was a good one. His reply to Joe Arpaio will always be a classic.

No. 1172505

File: 1614499619838.png (18.42 KB, 557x147, kantbot logo real names.png)

from a kiwifag

No. 1172508

no it was another harold lol, @clay_png. @chiweethedog got got too

No. 1172522

One of the most revolting dudes I've ever seen

No. 1172528

RIP to the tiny minority of red scare haters who happen to watch Succession I guess. Glad I don't.

No. 1172531

She’s in 2 episodes and not a series regular. Doubt she’ll have much screen time

No. 1172536

In the post I replied to, she went on the subreddit and told someone saying the same thing that they can suck on it. Implying that she is. Looks like she will be a recurring character with lines at least.

No. 1172549

There are tons of characters on shows that are only on for 2 episodes that don’t get killed off though? Like they just serve a specific purpose on the show then they’re done, doesn’t mean they’re killed off. There is already a pretty large main cast of characters on Succession, just kind of doubt she will be on for more than those 2 episodes but we’ll see I guess

No. 1172558


Oooh what was the thread?

No. 1172578

That's true. I don't think she has the chops from what I've seen of her acting but it's not like HBO hasn't cast terrible actors in acclaimed shows before. I just think people are too eager to write this job off completely because they dislike her. I'd like to see her crash and burn as much as everyone but I'm not so sure.

No. 1172582

Sure, but isn’t the script already done? Like the writers and cast directors would know if her character was going to be in more than 2 episodes because the script is already written?

Either way, most actresses who go on frequent auditions don’t ever break past small side character roles. Seeing her little indie movies, just can’t see her being attractive or talented enough to get better roles

No. 1172583

Can't be ruled out that John Wilson put in a good word for her. He's got a little bit of clout there now after the relative underdog success of his show and Roommate Leia's his cinematographer, so…

No. 1172585

Don’t know who that is. Think it’s more likely she did sexual favors for the role tbh. She’s even admitted to doing this lol

No. 1172587

Another anon said they’ve only posted info for those two episodes so far. >>1172390
Could be a lot more

No. 1172591

I agree with everything you said about her. There's a reason she has as of yet only played bit part drugged up party girls outside of her own projects or friends projects. The script is done but only the first two episodes are listed on IMDb, and she is credited as being in both. So technically she could be in every remaining unlisted episode.

No. 1172623

Yeah and from the perspective of an actually poor person they're all well-off. It's all relative, right?

No. 1172629

Does anyone have milk on the TwinkRev clowns who claim to be Marxist while courting the attention of Aimee Terese?

No. 1172643

True. Just not buying that her role is going to be anything significant. Not to blog but I watched the first season and looking at the credits, there are some actors credited anywhere from 2-5 episodes and I don’t even remember their characters? Just saying, the role is likely going to be pretty small and not memorable

No. 1172676

Link to thread?

No. 1172707

seriously don't understand the appeal of that guy. he's unfunny and annoying.

No. 1172710

they haven’t listed all the episodes. look at kendall or roman’s imdb’s, they’re only listed for two episodes too. are they now minor characters who are getting killed off too?

No. 1172750

She isn’t a major character. The major characters have already been established, they are the Roy family. Have you even watched the show?

No. 1172789

yes you fucking idiot, that’s my point. going off that logic is retarded because there’s only two episodes are even listed on imdb. she’s going to show up in more episodes and you’ll need more copium.

No. 1172793

your credits in a tv show depend a lot on favors your agent can call in. actors can appear in one or two episodes in a season, but be listed as supporting cast every episode.

dasha is a bad actress, but she is also an obnoxious NYC personality. Succession is a show about obnoxious NYC personalities, so her performance could be fine or it could be a trainwreck.

No. 1172806

You compared her to the Roy brothers. The Roy brothers are main characters. They don’t introduce main characters in the third season of a show, fucking idiot

No. 1172807

Obviously she’s not going to be a fucking brand new member of the Roy family. Her character breakdown that someone posted said she is an assistant crisis publicist “who forms a bond with Greg”. It seems like she has been filming since December so she’s probably in quite a few episodes and will likely be some kind of love interest - not a major character but obviously much more than a bit part. Not a fan of hers by any stretch but downplaying her role is major cope.

No. 1172808

That’s not what the show is about at all. It’s about a family and the dynamics within it. Hence why the Roy family takes up like 90% of the airtime. Duh

No. 1172827

File: 1614539839156.jpeg (171.12 KB, 1125x1125, D232D634-3E60-48EE-8AE4-635161…)

because only two episodes are listed on imdb . go OD you braindead retard

No. 1172834

You’ve obviously never watched the show or didn’t pay attention to the flow. All of the characters outside the Roy family get hardly any airtime or lines. The show is literally 90% interactions between the people in the Roy family. The longest scenes are of that. What about that do you not get?

No. 1172836

dasha go back to live tweeting your eating disorder

No. 1172837

and the roy family is made up of obnoxious people who live in NYC. her personality fits well within the setting, it is not a reach beyond what are her (limited) acting abilities.

No. 1172838

File: 1614541542121.jpeg (36.68 KB, 750x252, A23E0282-D0C9-4CBB-AC0A-A13F12…)

Here’s an example, this woman is in all these episodes and had some lines yet still no one knows or cares who the fuck she is. She could’ve been played by almost anyone. Dasha’s character is the same. They could have cast nearly any shitty actress but she sucked some guy off and got it

No. 1172843

File: 1614542067525.jpeg (70.68 KB, 1334x328, 8887FA12-3F7C-46F0-A979-5AE7E8…)

He had several different camera people, 2nd unit camera on one episode does not make you even remotely close to being his cinematographer

No. 1172845

Juliana Canfield is an amazing actress though. Dasha would be lucky to be on the show for the amount of time she is.

No. 1172854

File: 1614542534238.png (117.83 KB, 1066x452, dashapersecuted.png)

Old news but apparently Dasha was stretching the truth when she said the New York Times pulled a profile of her about last year. This is from the gossip column of the guy who was asking about AlicefromQueens.

No. 1172874

File: 1614544741909.jpeg (188.55 KB, 1792x960, EvTc5u0XYAEuYUl.jpeg)

Kathy Griffin and her gays

No. 1172877

Dasha and leia both bullshitters. No wonder they’re friends. Remember that milk of leia answering “what happened to Meg” and said meg was a horrible friend? Probably a hhge lie

No. 1172882

File: 1614545156856.png (143.97 KB, 1184x740, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 7.39…)

low cow self poster bill kezos with another retarded take

No. 1172884

File: 1614545232632.png (166.16 KB, 1192x612, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 7.47…)

some reactions lol

No. 1172891

what's with these girls always hanging out with teenage gay guys?

No. 1172908

No one their age wants to hang out with them

No. 1172930

Just like Nicole Kidman. Is that @HeWhoIsSpicy between her and samelpan

No. 1172938

Funny that both recent pictures of samelpan have been at this low angle. Sydney was confident enough to show her face squarely but she has to pull this wacky angle to hide her piggishness.

No. 1172948

Her Twitter icon has always been a cartoon pig I think she knows she has pig nostrils. She tilts her head up to be funny it’s like a long running joke

No. 1172970

If you told me that kendra was 45 years old i would believe it based on this image

No. 1172979

File: 1614551363275.png (397.18 KB, 938x952, annasrts.png)

part 1

No. 1172981

File: 1614551466897.png (162.4 KB, 954x616, part 2 anna says don't look at…)

part 2, anna doing her usual how dare you judge me by what I say and publicly endorse to thousands meltdown

No. 1172985

Anna's said numerous times that she's anti-birth control, this isn't really like a "mask-off" moment.

No. 1172995

why aren't more people against chemically castrating themselves

No. 1173009


Yeah, there are plenty of pictures of her, she's good looking aside from being a Nazi troll.

No. 1173021

It's really funny to see these guys get all carehard about something

No. 1173038

that's not what birth control is

No. 1173051

that's not even what hrt is as prescribed

No. 1173052

File: 1614556207619.png (51.05 KB, 610x121, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 9.48…)

Lo fi, Anna K and this scrote are stupid ignorant cunts,

No. 1173053

plus she always says she's a guy since she looks a bit manish and gets confused for a troon

No. 1173073

File: 1614559700300.png (203.41 KB, 554x671, clubhouse.png)

Leftcows upset that some black people called them stupid on Clubhouse


No. 1173081

the Weinstein-esque anti-woke academic brigade is truly in their own little universe lol, their tweets and lingo are as inscrutable as the 2015-era SJWs they criticize

No. 1173103

File: 1614563934948.png (963.51 KB, 640x1136, AD428256-172C-423A-AFDC-E3A7DC…)

Just a disgusting individual

No. 1173155

Tinfoil but I always felt like this whitefeelings person was the guy who had that meltdown in one of the old threads when someone said hereditarybpd wasn’t milky

No. 1173173

the kantbot thread is in the prospering section where you need to login to see it

No. 1173176

File: 1614585188033.jpeg (551.8 KB, 1242x1123, E0B89B91-A849-47F7-8243-97478D…)

No. 1173177

File: 1614585394955.jpeg (456.3 KB, 1242x880, 127FB8ED-8B87-46C3-A7D3-E03F18…)

He’s literally talking about people taking screenshots of his tweets…

No. 1173179

File: 1614585539205.jpeg (140.93 KB, 1242x832, BBE1B291-E8C1-4295-9F78-585FFF…)

he “““spectrally raped””” someone for not liking Paglia a couple of days ago

No. 1173181

How do these Twitter "socialites" not realize the irony of literally everything they tweet? Jack especially. Every single person he hates but simultaneously seems to dote on is built upon parasocial relationships.

No. 1173182

It's more like 80% laughing at his dumb schizo tweets and 20% laughing at his fatness because we know how much he gets offended. The first time he had his meltdown and started livetweeting the thread was when somebody simply called him ugly. I don't think anyone here wants to suffer through his podcast so that's why it's not discussed that much.

No. 1173187

File: 1614586990367.jpeg (515.19 KB, 1242x1038, B3F005BA-93FC-4BBE-ACBA-894541…)

No. 1173188

File: 1614587013889.png (92.34 KB, 984x754, 60293256-405D-48FE-9902-E180EB…)

No. 1173189

is he expecting people on a gossip forum to like seriously debate him about white nationalism or something? does he think if he got posted on a male dominated lolcow board like kiwifarms they would all be very respectfully ignoring the fact that he looks like paul blart and seriously engaging with his concerns about the insectoid question

No. 1173200

its so funny how obsessed he is with women online considering he apparently has a bf, a moderately successful podcast and enough asskissers to sustain a pileon industry
youd think hed be content enough with his life to not enter a weird parasocial relationship w a kabal of faceless women on an obscure gossip site
just take ur nemesis kezos' advice and stop checking these threads jack sweetums

No. 1173244

Without serious therapy, he will always be pressed and obsessed. It's a sad existence.

No. 1173259

>women discuss their experience of actual rape
>Perfume Blart: These attention whores simply want you to think about their vaginas in unnerving detail, as I do. Ignore them.
>an anonymous women’s gossip board points out that he’s chunky and self-absorbed

No. 1173260

Is this Leia? So many people in this circle have that dead sociopath eye thing going on.

No. 1173323

File: 1614612598182.jpeg (144.69 KB, 640x1000, 38CFCD95-EDAA-4228-B77C-C53F25…)

Lots of posts roasting him on the red scare sub. I wonder if he’s aware?

No. 1173344

I thought they liked fat men over there

No. 1173365

File: 1614617305533.jpeg (125.1 KB, 928x523, C51E05AA-84ED-4D48-B2D0-E312BF…)

It's looking increasingly like Comfry is a full-on supporting character, not just a bit role.

Also Scary received a glowing profile in the Hollywood Reporter today.


No. 1173366


BoDy pOsItIvItY is only conferred on those who deserve it, and can be revoked.

No. 1173367

Red scare fans haven’t been a particularly body posi group anyway, no? I think it has less to do with fat shaming him specifically for his size alone and more because he’s insane and always blaming women for being huge and miserable.

No. 1173370

What’s the tl;dr of Anna and Jacks politics from someone on the left’s perspective?

I assumed they were on the right/too stupid to actually be political (the only reason I know about either podcast is because fellow lolcow Eric Striker talked about the pod, who if you don’t know is literally a Latinx NatSoc manlet larping as Italian who does a WN podcast with a fat guy who is wedded to a Jew and has a Jew stepmom).
Jack’s podcast is literally called the Perfume NATIONALISTS, and the one episode I listened to was all about Mishima and in my opinion had fragrances I would consider fashy.
I’ve listened to red scare a few times and but never followed anything outside the RSS feed. I am genuinely shocked to find out that any of these guys consider themselves part of the left (except maybe Dasha). I had to stop listening a few months ago because of how normie-tier conservatard Anna’s takes were. I was also annoyed at the constant Russian-larping.

I know left and right dichotomy is not very accurate these days, but how do they get away with it??? I too get the “commie” quadrant on the political compass, but I am never going call myself a leftist when I know I am a conservative with socialist economic values.

No. 1173390

What’s with all the Dasha carpet munchers up in here? There’s nothing in this article that suggests that

No. 1173393

File: 1614619641488.png (301.27 KB, 590x474, tfw.PNG)

tfw you accidentally subtweet Camille Paglia while trying to dunk on "the left"

No. 1173398

What did he want to know about Alice? I’m pretty sure she’s unemployed and in her 40s.

No. 1173402

Funny how paglila became a flimsy mascot bc they all have to like the same shit.

No. 1173406

and the piece is glowing but it's not really a review, more like a quick reaction saying wow so crazy with an interview after

No. 1173408

is this what constitutes a glowing profile? the only words they use to describe the movie are "highly provocative" and "envelope-pushing", which just soundss like a fancy way to say "3edgy5me"

No. 1173409

File: 1614620244978.png (247.15 KB, 1510x854, alicefromqueens.png)

Just asking if anyone knew her identity and saying he heard a rumor it was a Jesse Singal alt.

No. 1173417

I don’t know when it’s supposed to be released but seeing as it’s meant to be a horror movie I’m sure it will get pretty bad ratings

No. 1173442

I’m curious why you think Alice is in her 40s and unemployed. I know she’s a prolific shit poster but I kinda do believe that she’s a late 20s currently living with her dad in Vermont. That’s the only thing I believe about the breadcrumbs she’s tossed. I do think she’s way smarter than the red scare crew. At the very least, she has informed opinions that don’t change with the breeze. A little too contrarian at times but not an idiot.

No. 1173556

Of course Anna retweets it

No. 1173698

File: 1614643071503.jpeg (70.79 KB, 822x315, CA395F4B-E537-436E-8420-D12F93…)

When an aussie talks about American politics all day and still has no clue.

No. 1173724

File: 1614644680437.png (45.99 KB, 595x185, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.2…)

Moment of clarity

No. 1173735

aimee makes ad hominem attacks constantly, in a rotating cycle of enemies she circles back time when she nearly runs out of content for that 99th tweet of the day.

No. 1173785

It's been a while since he went on the hunt for her real identity, his sleuthing skills must suck

No. 1173793

“Conservative with socialist economic values”

Limonov is dead but you still have navalny

No. 1173825

it's insane that there are people who value her analysis of US politics while she's saying stuff like this.

No. 1173846

File: 1614652582149.png (49.94 KB, 592x513, lib fems.PNG)

No. 1173854

She's right

No. 1173867

File: 1614653862980.png (400.06 KB, 495x711, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 12.5…)