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File: 1681249990870.jpg (1.31 MB, 3465x3465, posteastercows.jpg)

No. 1807147

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

#40 Recap:
>Schizoid retard Barrett Avner admits to shooting and possibly killing a man a year ago during twitter fight with dimes square incel project No Agency New York

>Accusations about Nick giving several lady comedians herpes without telling them and about how him Adam and Felix all fuck teenagers and brag about it

>Weird Adamfriedland X Sam Hyde crossover

>Dasha saying the "hentai" BAP retweets is beautiful, even though what he actually retweets includes lolicon

>Angela Nagle and Katherine Dee were in the new episode of the JK Rowling podcast talking about tumblr identity politics

>Sex pest irony freak Pedocles Abbasi trails behind in the polls showing his following of other freaks doesn't translate to real success

>Pedophile James Ferraro continues to be beloved amongst the Dimes Square crowd, detailed allegations involving Matt Mondanile/Ducktails who got kicked out of Real Estate for being a hack and predatory creep, still interacts with conspicuously young girls and an NFT company started by a groomer

>Chapo hosts on "gender affirming care", calling NYT article exposing a trans youth facility fake news

>Liz Bruenig invites BAP on the pod

>Tranny Cumtown have finally got crusty chaser Eric Andre to hook up with them

>Dasha jokes(?) about leaving her boyfriend for Keith McNally, known for supporting Woody Allen and Ghislaine Maxwell

>A + D + Pariah troon did an event with Roger Stone

>@credenzaclear2 got a boyfriend

>Matty Healy and Dasha spotted together

>Some info disputing claims about Radfem Hitler being a doxer

>Jordan Castro in PI shilling an NRX/Thiel venture (Praxis)

>Amber Lee Frost coming out in favor of funding the police

>Peter Thiel's boytoy Jeff Thomas "commits suicide" after making an attempt to leave him

>@bog_beef whining about the democratic establishment when he sees women and racial minorities taking residency at Stanford

>@default_friend called Anna a fake racist for attention, Aimee terese claims not to care about race >>1795637

>Midget Rohit/CharlotteFang77 threatening to duct tape the egirl who he tried to groom and spurned him

>Jack V Aimee

>Zach Langley trying to push Aimee out of "the canon" after her spat with Jack

>A peek at Dasha's self-posting tells on lolcow, like calling everyone who hates on her fat dykes

>Anon claims their friend fucked Dasha and she gave them herpes, then spazzed about how everyone has herpes (fake and gross)

>American Mind (funded by Thiel) piece on Red Scare's "dissident edge"

>Dasha doing her hardest to not deny being racist, Anna sticking to her lib bit and denying it on recent RS episode with Thomas Chatterton, an author and critic who wrote about physically assaulting his black college girlfriend and blamed his violence on "hip hop culture"

>How to Blow Up a Pipeline Event Summary

>Pariah the groomer troon thinks only high iq males need an education and supports pederasty

>Norman Finkelstein on cumtown/TAFs, Nick brings up how he respects troon pronouns

>In the new loveline ep Anna says she is Dworkinpilled

>RFH made her podcast debut with Medgold a brown guy who likes hornyposting about teens and following minors tiktok, and rumors about RFH being a troon

>A+D talk about lolcow on the latest RS episode

>Amber Rollo is pregnant

I tried to look up and include everyone mentioned in the last one in the threadpic, my bad if I missed anyone or included less relevant people I don't keep up with all of the cows discussed itt

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No. 1807163

kek how long did that thread image take you OP

No. 1807166

This is the second Chapo-listening mass shooter

No. 1807195

File: 1681255173268.jpeg (849.98 KB, 2940x3465, 3D2BFDCA-E4FB-428B-A238-9D9205…)

RFH is spreading a pedophile meme that went viral and was first posted by a milady freak. In it he was sexualizing a young girl by comparing her to a "roman towel boy", the kinds who would get molested by pederasts. Gio says herself she is 16 now in Italian sources, as well as her mother, she was 15 last year when the tweet went viral and is disturbed by what has been posted about her. Not that RFH's word means anything but if anyone should get shit for associating with pedophiles and spreading their memes its her, she's pretending to be a radical feminist and dragging its name through the mud while she's at it

No. 1807200

The women in this scene that try to have it both ways, posing as "radfems" or "enlightened observers" while appealing to moids like this are the worst, goddamn

No. 1807203

File: 1681256240636.png (286.36 KB, 606x849, aimeeslurp.png)

Aimee pisses her life away pulling straw men out of her ass. If it's wrong for women to tar all men with the same brush, why is it okay when she does the same thing to us? There are what, a million "creators" on OnlyFans? She makes it sound like two entire generations of women are flashing their snatches on the internet.

Aimee will never be anything but a useful empty egg carton to the men she grovels before. Imagine abasing yourself for such low quality men.

Small-c conservatism is about being rooted in an actual community, not Tweeting 24/7 about the politics of someone else's country. She has no life beyond shitposting - being antagonistic and acrimonious per her own projection. So trad!

Working class women don't want "girlboss feminism" and Aimee knows it, she's just a shill. Actual working class men or women are never anything but a cudgel to them. As always with these conservative e-girls, they're free to follow their own rules, but somehow they never do.

No. 1807204

Jia Tolentino got her family's human trafficking scrubbed from Wikipedia, I'm sure the media nepo babies can bury this

No. 1807206

jannies can we pls get a dasha post history reveal? i think it would be really milky and since she's admitted she posts on here on the podcast multiple times now i don't know why we haven't gotten one already

No. 1807209

File: 1681256579556.png (14.86 KB, 668x358, aimee mulvaney.png)

Aimee shills for her libertarian paymasters with the laughable idea that Dylan Mulvaney has fans

No. 1807210

File: 1681256724636.jpeg (473.49 KB, 3345x1407, A4680256-3403-45E3-B042-0FAFFD…)

For context @SCHIZO_FREQ posted this sexualizing Gio when she was 15 years old as her 16th birthday was in December, here is her mom's birthday post for her. It would be a different story if this was a teenager but this man is around 30 years old. This pedo scrote is the reason so many disgusting coomers go around the internet jerking off to an underage girl

No. 1807212

Bud Light's customer base is shitlibs? Time to stop posting about a country you know nothing about, Aimee

No. 1807255

>Milady pfp
>utterly deranged pedophile
Checks out

No. 1807294

aimee read about the urinary leash, women were given more freedom and accommodations by business when they began working. why can't these women just say they personally don't want to work? why do they have to drag the rest of us into precarity?

No. 1807295

i think kid rock was paid to shoot those cans

No. 1807297

even ryder is still holding on to milady, nobody gives a shit about women and girls

No. 1807301

I’m surprised Matt decided to have a baby, he’s in poor health and he thinks the world is garbage.
Also surprised no one here called his sperm old and low-quality (until now lol), or doubted he was the father since they’re swingers (or was the Will? I can’t keep track)

No. 1807349

he probably didn't have a say in the matter, that nutter probably babytrapped him and thinks she's carrying the next mao. but yes he's a shit tier scrote and having a child with an autistic man should qualify as child abuse. (same to you liz)

No. 1807361

That 19-yo girl calling in on the latest loveline episode talking about having a massive crush on Nick Fuentes had to be doing a bit, right? Or are there really young normal-sounding women out there going to Nazi rallies where the speaker calls to eradicate Judaism from America while a screen of a desolate wasteland littered with skulls plays in the background?

No. 1807383

The idea of Matt raising a child is legitimately terrifying

No. 1807426

This weird bitch is all over the place, no coherent values at all. She (he?) tweets so much that I can’t find the tweet, maybe deleted, but she scolded some guy who posted a 50 year old woman’s dating profile, that had a photo of lady with her daughter. The guy was like “why post a pic on a DATING PROFILE with your hotter daughter” and RFH scolded him saying the woman looks fine and called him a pedo and that she looks underage

No. 1807429

Mind you, there was no proof of this lady’s daughter being underage. She looked like she could’ve been college age. Weird that now RFH is being adamant that this Gio meme girl HAS to be 22 lol

No. 1807435

File: 1681294168337.jpeg (42.05 KB, 750x446, FB4849D6-4B86-434B-A594-23C994…)

Found it. The original tweet was deleted but it’s ironic they are adamant the Gio girl is 22 while calling this guy a pedo

No. 1807437

I feel this is even more proof of troonhood. Troons love to promote pedo shit and gaslight people about it

No. 1807438

File: 1681295202593.jpeg (25.81 KB, 750x225, A52D70C4-1DB7-4AD1-BC9F-113947…)

Sounds like a lame joke that a troon would make. the hands looks over 40 in this pic from last thread

No. 1807470

nah, that's very typical libfem humor. have seen office mates make similar jokes.

No. 1807474

I don’t know much about Matt outside his podcaster personality but as far as I can tell it’s not a bit that he periodically gets belligerently drunk - that’s the only thing that would obviously be a huge problem with raising a baby. But he definitely has the free time to take care of the baby otherwise, as long as his general health holds out.
I thought it sounded 100% like a gag and was genuinely surprised they answered it seriously

No. 1807490

No it’s not lmao

No. 1807519

>Constantly rants and raves about how the eminent future is going to be an unlivable hellscape due to climate change
>Lives exclusively on the coast and still has kids
Many such cases

No. 1807566

fake radfem lays down with nazi dogs, surprised at getting fleas kek

No. 1807602

The pedo agenda has been exposed as closeted homosexuality once again. They look for girls that remind them of boys. Probably why the milady remilia freaks want women to have eating disorders, they just want to pervert the female form

No. 1807659

she never looked like a boy and i thought her promotion was men trolling other retarded men into doing gay shit and getting mentally scarred from the experience since they are so ruthless in minimizing competition. the "femboys" the greeks and romans were fucking looked like jet neptune

No. 1807686

File: 1681337511922.jpeg (123.82 KB, 1170x1261, 9B79C2B2-7D83-4F01-BCCB-4E87B4…)

Rfh has a fake sounding bio. Even though she’s not really a feminist and her desire for attention clouds her judgement, she publicly hates on a lot of the tradthots discussed in the other thread like 30 day fiancé Megha Verma

No. 1807699

Wow sure sounds like a troon just making up some shit

No. 1807764

She’s filling a niche on social media. Not to parrot something than Anna said but… someone had to do it. There’s a market for man-hating and she picks the lowest hanging fruit to mock. Scratch the surface and it’s not sincere but it probably gives some people a laugh. She shouldn’t be taken as a serious radical feminist and the fact that hitler is also in her handle is kind of a giveaway it’s a hate-bait account.

No. 1807782

nta but picking on low hanging fruit while collaborating with pedophiles just shows she has no backbone. you don't have to take her seriously or agree with all her politics to point out that affiliating with these kinds of people is disgusting and hypocritical when you claim to be any kind of feminist, no one expects anything from menarche worshipping rw scrotes and their pickmes, but if she's going to act like the antithesis to that she can expect some pushback. protecting women and girls from exactly the types of scrotes whose memes she's spreading and who she's appearing on podcasts with is like the bare minimum. you're still pandering to moids when you give ones like medgold and milady pedophiles a pass and an audience because they can help you grow your account and attract attention within rw circles, the niche has actually not been filled since anyone can go after low hanging fruit and compromise morals in the name of what, networking? followers? make a hate-bait account all you want, but if feminism is also part of it the moids you're hate-baiting should include the pedophiles you're fraternizing with. the market for man-hating in these spheres should be filled by an assertive woman with a backbone, not a larper who spreads memes sexualizing children. no wonder so many people think it's a troon

No. 1807797

Yeah. I don’t disagree with you. I wasn’t trying to say she’s “just joking” or anything, just saying she full of shit.

No. 1807799

On the one hand I agree that she should be targeting those pedos she hangs out with, but on the other expecting them to abide by a code when at the end of the day they're just internet weirdos larping is expecting too much. Her aim isn't "protecting women and girls" but pissing people off is.

No. 1807812

anon….did you mean monarchy

No. 1807818

File: 1681352054334.png (4.72 KB, 474x140, menarche.png)

was supposed to refer to the pedo moids who are dying to groom and impregnate a girl right after she gets her period as if that means she's ready, and who think that's trad

No. 1807823

true yet protecting them pisses off the worst kinds of moids out there, pedos. but i guess she doesn't want to step on any toes since her thing is making low hanging fruit mad and not anyone who's too popular on rwt and could in turn help her grow her audience. spineless

No. 1807830

Is that a widespread thing? …wait I don’t know why I’m even asking this, of course it is. I just thought we were past that kind of shit but of course it persists. I want to believe it’s only internet pedos and conservative religious sects which are sadly widespread

No. 1807862

Saged because it's not real milk but in the latest episode of TrueAnon the ever elusive Liz Franczak opens up about her rebellious teen years of dyeing her hair bright colours, showing up at her private all girls Catholic school Convent of the Sacred Heart and getting yelled at by "school marm" Anne Wachter who told her she needed to book an appointment at a hair salon immediately to fix her hair. She talks about this as if it's a normal teen experience whereas most of us public school skids dyed our hair with Kool-aid in the high school bathroom sinks lmao no one gave a shit. Wildly out of touch and privileged life she comes from.

No. 1807863

File: 1681360187640.png (91.41 KB, 1110x489, bmrs.png)

New "black metal" merch straight outta the early 2010s lmfao

No. 1807866

> no wonder so many people think it's a troon
Still no proof that it’s not one. It really is typical troon behavior

No. 1808006

I've been gone for a while so I'm confused how radfemhitler became part of this thread, but anyway she's not a troon and whatever podcast she was recently on is not the first time she's been on one. I can try to find the first one if anyone cares. She just likes getting people riled up, if you get mad at her then congrats, she got ya.

No. 1808010

Yeah same can be said for practically half of all the cows on this thread, doesn't make them any less cows

No. 1808011

She is spineless but in the sense that she has no consistency. In this tweet she's obviously on the calling out pedophilia train >>1807435 but she's also being obtuse about the Gio thing. You expect too much from her. Shit on her sure, she deserves it like everyone else here but don't project anything else.

No. 1808027

Inside job. Ignore

No. 1808052

pickme shit for women who think it's still 2012
tbf half the moids in this scene think burzum is le edgy edgelord shadow the hedgehog shit and can't shut the fuck up about it

No. 1808160

File: 1681411432177.jpeg (112.3 KB, 1169x1296, 548D9243-1259-4ED9-82E0-0575F4…)

Yeah RFH is spineless in the same way default friend is (eg they simp for delicious tacos who visited prostitutes in SEA). All of these women are boring outrage trolls tho

No. 1808202

i guess its too much and projection now to expect the one "radfem" woman in these spheres who seeks to rile up scrotes instead of other women for once not to befriend pedophile sex pests and spread their coomer shit about how they wish they could have sex with children like everyone else here does. nothing is beyond their perversion

exactly this ive only ever seen tryhard and pickme women who attempt to portray themselves as edgy wearing this type of stuff it somehow manages to be more cringe than the rest of their merch

No. 1808213

Ironically you can thank the zoomer hall monitors who try to cancel anyone wearing a Burzum shirt for that.

No. 1808240


No. 1808256

two sides of the same coin tbh

No. 1808261

df is weird because she has all the same views as these scrotes but pretends she's above it because they hate her

No. 1808285

File: 1681428790513.png (762.4 KB, 734x784, ceramics2.png)

online ceramics honor versus dasha modeling

No. 1808287

File: 1681428888055.png (370.87 KB, 1040x986, ceramics1.png)

she'll say it's because it's horror themed but noticeable how all the photos from this shoot used by the brand are the ones most hiding dasha's face

No. 1808293

futch erasure

No. 1808298

from afar I thought this was grimes

No. 1808345

>I guess its too much and projection now to expect the one "radfem" woman in these spheres who seeks to rile up scrotes instead of other women for once not to befriend pedophile sex pests and spread their coomer shit about how they wish they could have sex with children like everyone else here does. nothing is beyond their perversion
First of all stop thinking they're actually "radfem". All the beliefs in this scene are just accessories. Actually thinking they are "on your side" is genuinely classic projection.

No. 1808382

maybe youre right i cant help being disappointed, she was a breath of fresh air at first. but you're correct i suppose it's.. naive to expect any better from anyone involved this scene just because they claim to be a a feminist. i just didn't realize how involved she is.

No. 1808416

>She just likes getting people riled up
It's so obvious when you read her tweets. She's not a feminist nor a nazi.

No. 1808421

None of these people have ever played Silent Hill lol

No. 1808502

So she’s just some bitch who wants attention, possibly a troon. Cool. Still a cow

No. 1808504

She’s so ugly. It’s funny how much shit she talks on her public social media

No. 1808539

File: 1681482486689.jpeg (275.21 KB, 1169x1662, 5D2E6190-01D2-4FC5-A61D-CBF6C4…)

No. 1808544

File: 1681482879639.png (1.52 MB, 2096x1542, Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 10.1…)

so this is the "special project for otaku oomfies" dasha posted about for a week, a low budget photoshoot for some hoodies? damn, acting career terminal

No. 1808564

File: 1681487371708.jpeg (39.33 KB, 1170x441, 5679C341-E0BC-425D-8703-7A873D…)

Do they all check this thread daily

No. 1808566

everyone in the threadpic has had this thread open in a tab since 2020 and i'm not exaggerating at all

(btw OP great job on the recap and threadpic, some real jumpscares in there)

No. 1808568

There hasn't been a living recorded otaku in the wild since the 90s, she has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 1808571

She’s the one self posting saying she’s not a troon

No. 1808580

I thought there was something fishy about all the posts excusing/defending "her"

No. 1808593

On the newest TAFS, Nick appeared mostly drunk and confirmed he was off the wagon.

No. 1808615

That's been known and discussed. What's more interesting is that they are getting more desperate for money and Nick made several appeals to the paypigs. Mania catching up to him. Adam wasn't even on the ep until the end and he looked wasted, ill, and distraught. TAFS on suicide watch.

No. 1808616

File: 1681495522528.jpeg (256.02 KB, 1146x2167, 849A8271-F068-48DF-B49B-B05F94…)

correction she was ≤ 14 in the video @SCHIZO_FREQ used, since it couldve been recorded earlier than the day it was posted in june 2021, 6+ months before her 15th bday (pedophile scrolled all the way down her profile to find tiktoks from over a year before for him to post sexualizing a straight up child in october 2022). now this may strike some viewers as harsh but i believe everyone involved in this should die. in fact if i was his gf and found out the grown ass moid im dating tweeted thirsting after 14 year olds i would have him killed, scrotes like these shouldn't be allowed to live let alone be near children or procreate.

who are 4 and 8? 1,2 and 6 deserve the rope. 3 caters to pedophiles but pretends to be ignorant about it, 7 compares women who travel to sex tourists and is friends with the pedophile mentioned above, idk enough about 5 and 9 to see why they were included

No. 1808617

He’s been in a relationship for a few months too. His poor gf has in fact not been able to fix him

No. 1808622

it appears that fat honor truthers can rest easy for another day

No. 1808623

picrel seems like it was tweeted by a man, Dasha and Aella are inarguably horrible human beings but idk what Audrey Horne has done aside be a scarethot in denial about it and get dogpiled/QRT ratioed by moids once every month or so, which also answers >>1808616 question

No. 1808627

counting down the days til Alice From Queens makes this "her" new profile pic

>fat honor truthers
just figured they were all Dasha lol

i am begging these Red Scare bitches to be less cringe in 2023

good post anon, aimee is being very sneaky in implying that the troon agenda is imposed on billionaires and corporations by dumb woke millennials instead of the exact opposite. aimee is smart enough to know this and it makes me wonder what sinister billionaire's checks she's cashing

>jannies can we pls get a dasha post history reveal?
seconding this!! who do i need to talk to to make this happen, would be the best milk in years

No. 1808636

One of them is me, I think she’s intolerable, an attention whore, and frankly boring, but also a woman. I mean she posted her bathroom counter. That’s some real woman cosmetics and skincare…. What troon uses Sunday Riley

No. 1808651

Matt's a lot less doomer than he used to be. Says he believes in God and salvation now etc.

No. 1808654

File: 1681501286031.jpg (92.51 KB, 1186x602, Flores.jpg)

I know he's almost too irrelevant to be posted even ITT but the Jake Flores blackface incident has to be recorded for posterity

No. 1808669

She's always lurked /snow/, she was mentioned in tradthots a couple years ago and she responded to it by posting screencaps to twitter right after

No. 1808679

Troons do research on what all kinds of women do. They've been infiltrating skincare and makeup communities for women for years now

No. 1808684

Ulysse posted that Gio towel boy meme in 2019, there's no way she was still 12 back then. Not that these people are not pedos, they are, but I don't believe Gio Scotti was 12

No. 1808698

Zoomer "fashion" is a joke

No. 1808702

You can't really remain relevant in this scene without budding up with some bad people and espousing some of their beliefs tbf, without the partial RW adoption she'd just be another edgy twitter radical feminist. Which would be much better of course, but like anon said, she is filling a niche in this scene. Smartest thing Anna has said in years, she probably stole it from some GC like p8stie does all her tweets, at least RFH isn't an obvious puppet with GC moid hands up her ass using her as a mouthpiece

Is she selfposting and forcing the troon meme to gain relevance or do we have a deranged troon obsessed with her?

No. 1808716

File: 1681510051629.jpeg (804 KB, 2899x2666, 05D2C885-89B4-44C7-A68B-3F39BE…)

are you saying her own mother is lying about her age lol? who tf is ulysse? she wasn't on tiktok or instagram in 2019 and yes she was 12 then. this pedo came up with that, he says so himself, he plays dumb because he thinks it gives him plausible deniability but we all know what a catamite is and what was meant by roman warriors who had sex with boys, the cows who love paglia and bap itt like pariah are always going on about pederasty. 28 year olds are not boys. he chose a child for this reason, she has an androgynous haircut and makes him think of other children. in picrel she looks like a 13 yr old because it is one and if you can't tell you're actually retarded. this should come as no shock since the milady owner he works with explicitly sexualized 13-14 year olds in his tweets, this isn't an isolated event. its a pedophile in another pedophiles payroll and thats old news

No. 1808720

The deranged troon obsessed with her = her

No. 1808721

File: 1681511129528.png (34.7 KB, 1312x558, Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 6.22…)

even dasha's biggest simp won't buy the ugly shit she shills kek, actually the most respect i've ever had for this gooner

No. 1808727

I want to shit on him, but honestly, good for him. He seems the most normal out of the Chapo hosts.

No. 1808729

The fucking point is that she's not left, post left, or anything else that belongs in this thread, cow or otherwise.

No. 1808765

Where did you hear about that? I want to listen to it.

No. 1808774

Nta but not sure if you noticed, BAP, Thiel and Moldbug aren't leftists either and they're still talked about here because this thread is less about politics than about people in this scene, it says in the op including the dissident right. Post-left refers to a form of anarchism, but the term isn't used that way here, these aren't anarchists. Main cows like a+d were just acting fed up with the left and started flirting with the right, in this context it just means subsequent to leftism.

No. 1808779


Is this what you are talking about? I watched all of it. To me this is just some esoteric Marxist analysis of Christianity. He says, “I'm not a repressed believer, I'm a believer. It's cool" . Idk I’d like to see him talk about why he believes in Christ now though. The whole video is a total mess tbh I’m glad I’m not a leftist anymore. It seems like such a retarded analytical framework.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1808836

Its kinda funny seeing something as sucked off as Cum Town, split up and settle into mediocrity and their fans having to cope with it by turning on them and nitpicking every single thing they do like what happened to Two Best Friends Play

No. 1808843

Damn imagine looking at a group with Matt Christman in it and being told that he's the normal one in that group.

No. 1808884

At the end of the new RS ep, Anna reveals (to the surprise of Dasha) that Tucker's team had invited them onto his daytime show a while back but they declined because they felt it "wasn't prudent at the time" to go on

No. 1808895

for what it's worth i'm pretty sure the amber matt baby thing was extended april fools bit

No. 1808908

what are you basing that off of? kind of a weird thing to joke about if true

No. 1808919

Sounds like bullshit

No. 1808927

From what you said, that sounds more fit for the Breadtube thread. Unless she interacts with the main cows from this thread, this ain't the thread.

No. 1808929

Wasn't she the one who was sperging out about how some commentary YouTubers found out her scat sex work porn-riddled past?

No. 1808931

Isn’t that thread already closed? We used to have leftcows threads but it seems that’s no longer the case. Guess I’ll look for it, thanks.

No. 1808934

Update: found it!

Well this is news to me, ew! Not only is she a trannylover but a degen too? I’d hate to wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

No. 1808940

File: 1681561443870.png (212.49 KB, 640x1136, C7C9ADAD-0303-40C5-9C9E-A43F66…)

Oscars, here we come.

(Dasha's flying to Japan, don't know what for)

No. 1808951

there's an argument it could be Will despite being a polyamorous dwarf tbf. It's not Felix, who's been doing his Drake act on every early 20s communist egirl for years

No. 1808959

As long as Matt doesn't drink too much he's markedly less embarrassing than his rich kid cohosts who are either addicted to gaming and pills or trying to rope every tranny half his age on twitter into a throuple.

No. 1808991


how did you get flying to japan from that post again

No. 1809021


"are you saying she looks 12 in this pic???"

yes she unironically looks like a 12 year old in this picture. if you think there was "no way she was 12 back then" then you yourself might be the pedophile lol(learn2integrate)

No. 1809102

She asked for hotels.

No. 1809230

I'm starting to doubt Total War is real. Is it gonna be a short film or something? She's posted almost nothing about it and there's no info about it online, just a couple instagram pictures and interviews where she mentioned it

No. 1809317

She wrote the script years ago, before the pod started. I remember she talked about it in an interview before Epstein was even arrested. She's probably had trouble getting financial backing, while also being hampered by her general laziness and ineptitude.

No. 1809351

File: 1681602335200.png (87.64 KB, 640x471, 7EA0AFA3-048B-4C7E-B5A2-39FBD0…)

Not much but pariah playing dumb about obvious racists in his group. Idk who did it or said things (probably Mochak123 maybe jardinsecret888? other suspects?) but nothing like ppl who tweet all day about the fall of society, who have receded into intolerance far below than the idyllic “90s liberalism” they reference. Somehow, everyone else is to blame except their own personal indecency.

No. 1809495

File: 1681616293782.png (37.04 KB, 739x647, Kate and Jake.png)

Thank you, nonna. I thought of doing the same, but he has little relevance.
However, my own reaction to him has shifted to disgust ever since I came across this Reddit thread. It's from r/theadamfriedlandshow, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Yet, Kate's standup in the linked video, and the given context of her and Jake's relationship, paint a portrait of a moid who tried to pressure a grieving woman into acting out his pornsick fetishes.

No. 1809521

ikr. even hasan coincidentally also talked about the pedophiles tweeting about this girl 3 days ago and hes such a halfwit he clicked the link to the italian article, read one sentence, said "those claiming she's 15 have no reading comprehension it says she became famous when she was 15, not that she's 15 now", then closes the page instead of scrolling down and reading the interview where she directly states her life is a normal 15 year olds. hasan cant read, everyone saying this girl is 22-23 is either retarded or using that as an excuse to sexualize a minor girl whos 14 in the milady pedophile's post responsible for all this

No. 1809527

At this point I believe everyone discussing this girl is a pedophile, Hasan included

No. 1809568

File: 1681626044242.png (106.52 KB, 561x757, 457567567568.png)

Imagine finding a look worse than your previous hipster leprechaun fit.

No. 1809653

I'll never understand the hate some of y'all have for this beautiful man. As long as I have a tongue, Nick will have toilet paper.(sage your shit)

No. 1809693

The fact men can meme themselves to becoming gay pedophiles is a major blackpill, like I bet to God that some of these guys obesseded with "Greek towel boys" have molested children.

No. 1809694

At least he’s finally shaved that beard

No. 1809706

They’re not being meme’d into it, they’re just gay, a good chunk of gay men have pedophilic tendencies. People try to cope but the term “twink” originated from homos being attracted to teenage boys

No. 1809753

Not great vibes from that ep between Adam being too drugged out to be on set and obviously drunk Nick.

No. 1809825

File: 1681662572340.jpeg (156.47 KB, 1170x1214, D4FA3B3E-93BD-4668-BEB2-98DFED…)

Shit for brains

No. 1809829

I dunno if its just me, but it seemed like Nick nearly made a sympathetic to JK Rowling point before his zoomer guest made him walk it back.

No. 1809911

I remember that, she was posting some ridiculous histrionic bs about Lukashenko being a 'strong arm authoritarian' and not being able to visit Belarus because they would "harm" her or her family.
Her parents are trapeze artits or some shit, not dissidant poltictians or whistle blowers, like the regime has any idea who she and her family are, lol.

Remember anna, despite building he entire personality around "being Russian", didn't actually bother to visit Russia until she was in her mid 30s, (I think she too had some bs excuse about USSR passports or some convenient shit)

For both of them the 'Russian'/'Bellarussian' shit just an attention seeking LARP that they put no actual effort into, much like the catholic larp, but they're remarkably good at finding excuses that add even more exciting lore to their fantasy backgrounds.

see also dasha not having to go through the catholic sacraments because she was suddenly, conveniently became a sedevacantist when she saw how much work was involved.

No. 1809919

File: 1681674152144.png (22.26 KB, 1026x402, XvCE4Aj.png)

The most recent Red Scare episode had Saagar Enjeti. That guy glows in the dark AF! See this trueanon post for more info https://old.reddit.com/r/TrueAnon/comments/qel5u1/the_realignment_podcast_and_all_saagar_enjeti/
I recall Media Roots also connected Saagar with Thiel through the Hudson Institute. Anna was also interviewed by Saagar and Krystal Ball https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHjNXtRpcxo

No. 1809946

zoomers are the worst

No. 1809949

why would A&D care about that. Not sure what’s surprising here.

Unless you’re saying it’s worth mentioning because they’re friendly with TrueAnon & that proves TA is associated with the people they make episodes about. I have a slipshod theory based on passive things both of them have said that Anna & Liz F hate each other though. My evidence isn’t bulletproof tho

No. 1809958

Saagar is obviously not someone that fans of the show would be interested. I think it demonstrates an effort by the Saagar and his backers to "neocon-pill" the Red Scare fanbase.

No. 1809961

Liz and anna are very close in age but Liz looks younger. This stokes Anna’s old hag insecurities because she failed to age well

No. 1809964

Caleb Pitts is the most annoying cumtown guest. I haven’t listened to this one so I don’t know if he keeps doing it but on the other one Caleb came on super strong with edgy/offensive jokes but in a droll tone like he was too cool to make them, it was obnoxious and ultimately awkward. Maybe he got a rundown of the show without listening and was also nervous so he just played the part he thought he should in a weird snarky way so he could walk it back as ironic later. I might not be explaining well but it was annoying to hear. Also he went to college for podcasting which I know has been mentioned here before but it’s so funny. I feel bad for zoomer women sometimes, the zoomer men seem so shitty…

No. 1809967

I haven’t seen a picture of Liz F in a few years, she was looking kinda west-coast-filler-freak. Does she look better now?

No. 1810008

is ZeroHP Lovercraft a wignat? I've seen him on twitter alogging Nick Funetas and America First.

No. 1810028

File: 1681685208659.png (298.95 KB, 503x586, 249e7eea7471463be31fb759e83c93…)

could she be attending the milady/remilia pedophile's rave in tokyo? it's also spring which is when people tend to travel to japan to see the cherry blossoms, the kardashians are also there

No. 1810035

>became famous this year
>became famous when she was 15
>therefore she is 15 this year

i dont understand why are pedophiles so retarded?

No. 1810046

>is ZeroHP Lovercraft a wignat?
Yes lol

No. 1810050

File: 1681688818071.webm (5.24 MB, 294x220, Dasha220.webm)

This is really bad, worse than I imagined. She's off key the entire time. I suppose Cameron Diaz didn't have a good singing voice and she had moderate success in acting but not so much after age 30.

No. 1810053

wow she almost manages to ruin the end of evangelion

No. 1810069

File: 1681691348043.png (347.89 KB, 640x1136, 648FB732-4129-4735-9C1B-317643…)

From the TrueAnon live show the other night

No. 1810073

No. 1810089

Girl you must be new here. He is a racist criticized for not being racist enough (eg being e-friends with minorities), but has been consistently very misogynistic. More secular or atheist than the many self proclaimed Christians in that place. Has started kicking up the racism since 2022 to prove himself. One of the moid personalities Anna reveres and subjugates herself for but nowhere near the level of her BAP worship. uses a chodey voice changer when on podcast

No. 1810098

Did they intentionally make everything here wrong?

No. 1810100

This just reminded me, does schizo freq still have that anorexic bpd girlfriend? I saw her in one of the threads a million years ago but I haven’t seen her at all maybe I missed the breakup(sage your shit)

No. 1810101

>he went to college for podcasting
I think that was a joke nonnie.

No. 1810124

I hate to defend Anna but it is hard to visit Russia as a non-citizen, you need a visa, even if you lived in the Russian USSR. She is basically larping as Russian anyway.

No. 1810125

he goes to the same college as ivy wolk. pretty sure they're being serious but in an ironic tone

No. 1810162

I remember he said that he either interned or took classes in UCB, which is just as embarrassing, don't get me wrong but, its not college for podcasting. In fact I don't think that's even a thing.

No. 1810173

It is not insurmountable tho. I’d chalk it to financial reasons for most people (you usually don’t come into travel abroad money till you’re older unless you’re well off or using school funds), but I know pre red scare she’d throw money at dumb shit like designer clothes and drugs. Just a matter of priorities

No. 1810200

That’s true. She even went to Ukraine before but not Russia lol. Shes just the Slav version of spicy white.

No. 1810273

Caleb is a literal, unironic AFOL. Literally the most disgusting type of moid possible.

No. 1810296

>this pedo came up with that, he says so himself
Oh if the clout-obsessed pedo is claiming he came up with the successful meme then it must be true! Ulysse was @you_need_a_lift, a kinda-leftist theory guy who tried to "own" RW twitter for a while in 2019 with some kind of "degeneracy is what's trad and based actually" shtick. He posted that exact same Gio video on the first tweet of this collage, with a caption to the same effect
>are you saying her own mother is lying about her age
The mother of a child model? No, she would never, parents of celebrity children are all upstanding citizens who protect their babies!

No. 1810300

she really needs to get off the psychoactive meds and face reality. everything she's doing in life is a larp and it's getting embarrassing

No. 1810307

nowhere near as pretty Cameron Diaz kek

No. 1810308

She looks cute, something anna never accomplishes. At her best anna looks like a cartoon villain

No. 1810333

Thought this was amber from the thumbnail

No. 1810357

File: 1681745865319.jpeg (123.83 KB, 1242x702, 3382FE16-8BFF-4F70-AD3A-8AAAA8…)

yeah he posted the exact same meme including a video of her from 2021? are you dense? she's a child, she wasn't famous until early 2022, and your insistence that she isn't makes you look like the pedophile here like the other anon told you. she stated her own age in the article, the meme did not exist until october 2022, just because someone else made a joke about pederasty doesnt mean it included the same person. post proof or get the fuck out of this thread you do sound like a pedo moid or a confused retard

yeah hasan is a moron and so is the anon im replying to above the fact scrotes have to lie about girls ages to excuse making sexual jokes about 14 year olds is disgusting, shes a child

No. 1810397

File: 1681750611694.jpeg (169.39 KB, 1242x1769, D5B1BBD4-F0CD-4651-9C67-086614…)

And ofc there's the same pickme woman mentioned in a previous thread who has a whole child >>1749749 going : "no please dont change, we love you just the way you are!" in this pedophile's replies

No. 1810398

Mostly she looks old.

No. 1810401


I saw TA live and they call RS nazis multiple times. Neither pods seem to interact with each other anymore

No. 1810404

File: 1681751638279.png (318.49 KB, 1222x1018, Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 1.13.…)

This guy isn't happy just being "paid" to host parties, he also has to keyboardwarrior defend his friend's shitty bands.

No. 1810405

File: 1681751700559.png (86.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9257.png)

No. 1810424

They were probably joking

No. 1810438

File: 1681756585838.jpeg (604.17 KB, 3141x1544, 6AC896B8-2DB5-48A3-8D0B-2DBBC4…)

Didn't know this is how Ashton turned out until right now, how ironic. Doing porn is extremely nasty so I cant tell who turned out worse if I had to choose, but if her onlyfans is just lewd cosplays I'd say Ashton's much better off. Plus she's a lesbian so there are probably no videos of her sucking dick for coomers to watch, if that were the case I'd reluctantly pick Dasha's life.

No. 1810474

Dasha literally has a sex scene uploaded to pornhub with an Indian guy from that awful indie movie she did

No. 1810496

The sex scene is fake though

No. 1810502

File: 1681762767786.png (355.78 KB, 787x499, dashew.png)

lol, I was going to post this earlier. I don't think even the original clip went this viral. Nice to see everyone in the replies and qt's pointing out the freaky friday switch they did kek

No. 1810512

File: 1681763833937.jpeg (93.31 KB, 740x740, 27D8211B-3B3C-4AEC-910A-D17E99…)

Didnt dasha admit she had herpes? If Ashton doesn’t have them then she wins. funny how she’s like a prettier version of Dasha kek, she pulls off the blonde damsel look way better. I feel like her body count is also way lower

No. 1810513

I swear the clip goes viral at least once every year since it happened

No. 1810514

she fucked baked alaska tho

No. 1810516

Her onlyfans literally is just lewd cosplays, she doesn't even show nipple. There's an onlyfans leaks forum where the coomers are complaining about the $50 PPVs she sends out that are just IG outtakes lol.

No. 1810517

Dasha has fucked Indian men and jews(racebaiting)

No. 1810520

Can you go back to kiwifarms?

No. 1810523

No. 1810530

is she an ethnic russian?

No. 1810535

File: 1681765625484.jpeg (168.61 KB, 1290x1599, 45E02A37-2FB4-40C3-BE93-741797…)

I find it pretty funny that Brace's older brother is a software engineer "interested in Artificial Intelligence" when Brace has spent several episodes railing against AI

No. 1810548

Brace has a brother??? He looks exactly like him too lol. Wonder what he was up to when Brace was in-and-out of those troubled kid institutions as a teen.

No. 1810552

His brother is only 18 months older than him so I imagine he was going through all of his own shit around that age when Brace was in and out of trouble. I'm sure they were both fucked up in their own ways after their mom's suicide.

No. 1810560

AI is the current thing sucking up all the funding, every software engineer has to get into it. brace was probably the beloved golden child fuck up and his brother is the hardworking scapegoat who can't earn his parents love

No. 1810563

Smash that connect button and get him on here nonna

No. 1810567

oh yeah & everything else on pornhub is REAL

No. 1810580

Dasha admits she's been a literal prostitute in the past tho, and just a month ago she bragged on twitter that her price for sex is $20,000. she's also mentioned engaging in "prostitution-adjacent" activities like being paid to crawl around on the floor at a party and fucking for acting roles. Dasha's entire sexuality is built around self-loathing and depravity (which is why she appeals to low-status coomers and incels, because they can sense she has no standards) so she's really not "winning" over some porn girlie or OF thot in that respect

No. 1810595

he goes to emerson in boston

No. 1810607

File: 1681773353527.png (204.92 KB, 1068x1156, 765454r7654.png)

Dasha just unwittingly repeating Chapo lines from 2017 that one of her ex boyfriends repeated to her. Is Dasha going to get a new boyfriend/personality soon or what.

No. 1810612

File: 1681773538201.jpg (115.04 KB, 1170x2080, 6543454343.jpg)

After all the denials these people really do just want to brag because they think they're funded because they're special and not because they're easily manipulated and expendable. They've been doing it in person the whole time. pic shared by Dasha.

No. 1810613

christ these people really wanna be like lain or john wick or something, 2020s female equivalent of a proto-incel wanting to be the 1337 anonymous haxxor

No. 1810623

I really wanna know who Dasha fucked for film roles because she hasn't been in any that are particularly good. Eugene?

No. 1810627

They first connected when he DM'd her on facebook trying to get in her pants. They hooked up for a while, he cast her in a few music videos he directed, and then wrote Wobble Palace together about the dissolution of their relationship.

No. 1810637


OK confession: I actually thought Wobble Palace was pretty funny and smart only because I know so many fucking people exactly like that and it perfectly satirized them.

"You look like a fat Skrillex" lives rent free in my head, too accurate.

No. 1810648

So Eugene and Matthew have both slept with Dasha and Honor. Anyone know of other guys who make them eskimo sisters?

Wobble Palace and Spree were both good, maybe I should check out Scary 69

No. 1810659

Eugene's a creep for sure, but he's also legitimately a good filmmaker. He got his start in the biz as Agnes Varda's intern, after all.

No. 1810666

Is Dasha rightwing?

No. 1810683

Oh yeah Spree is so good. It's one of the few found footage type films that are actually watchable, like the Creep films. Scary of 61st was actual dog shit.

No. 1810685

What are these retarded unsaged questions? Do your own research journo loser.

No. 1810686

The cherry blossom viewing time is over. it’s only a week where they bloom and the trees turn green for the rest of spring. So I’m not sure it’s that, but prices for tickets do drop around this time.

No. 1810688

Yeah well the sex in porn is real, while the ones in movies are just flailing around. You don't need someone to explain that to you.

No. 1810690

>Who's worse Dasha or Ashton
Not even fucking close. Dasha is a milky almost b-list actress and winner of an award at the prestigious Berlinale. She has a high body count and probably cheated on all the men she's been romantically involved with. Ashton is a complete bipolar nutcase who cuts herself and was romantically involved with Paul Joseph Watson and Baked Alaska. They're both really milky and both probably have herpes. Milking Ashton for the lulz might be a bit cruel based on her psychological condition but who am I to criticize another farmer lol. https://streamable.com/mdnr9

No. 1810714

This must be a self post. She’s not that pretty outside of these selfies and she’s crazy eg pulled knives on her exes and would suicide bait on live. She’s nuts, regardless of her body count or being a touch cuter than Dasha… I hate on Dasha here too but Ashton is legit insane

No. 1810877

Not a selfpost lmao, and I didn’t say she wasn’t insane. Just that if you’re comparing the two, Ashton seems better off overall. She does the blonde pickme princess shtick better, naturally fits her look and features more. When Dasha does it she just looks like a pathetic tryhard

No. 1810882

>probably has herpes
Dasha has admitted to having a sky high body count AND herpes AND fucking guys in relationships/married. All we know about Ashton is she’s fucked 2 guys? Lol. I highly doubt her body count is as high as Dasha’s. They are both kinda whorey and unstable sure, but Dasha seems way worse. Like dasha is genuinely a horrible person in more ways than one

No. 1810885

The hilarious part is she’s not attractive enough to get anything bigger especially for a main role. No wonder she seethes over people like Jennifer Lawrence and Florence Pugh
who would pay that much to fuck someone who looks like her kek. she’s such a liar. Probably got the idea from Emrata’s autobio where she talks about Miranda Kerr whoring herself to some Asian billionaire for crazy amounts of money and gifts kek

No. 1810892

Hide your maleness better guys.

No. 1810904

Yes, he posted the exact same meme, he steals posts all the time and ghostwrites most of p8stie's tweets, are YOU dense? Where are you getting that that video is from 2021? I might be misremembering dates, but I'm very sure Ulysse was off twitter by mid-2020.
>your insistence that she isn't makes you look like the pedophile here
Take your meds, schizo, celebs lying about age isn't new and I'm not excusing sexual comments, I just remember a post from someone who's also relevant to this scene (and a troon cow himself now, though I can't remember his new username) that adds context to this freak's posts and makes me wonder if she's lying. She's still basically a child even if she is actually 17, and even if she wasn't the comments would still be disgusting. That's literally not the point

No. 1810907

Maleness? Because only men think ugly cheating whores with herpes are gross? lol. Lmao

No. 1810909

What does kiwifarms have to do with anything? Its facts. Dasha fucks nasty guys because she can’t do any better. What’s with the sudden defense of her? Retarded scarethots/ Dasha kek

No. 1810917

Don't kid yourself. Sometimes nonnies here bend over backwards so hard to try to shit on Dasha that they'd raise up a piece of hardwood as a better alternative than Dasha

No. 1810918

A lot of women are better alternatives to dasha. She’s bottom of the barrel. No one cares that she won some award that she sucked someone’s dick for. The movie was horrible

No. 1810928

>A lot of women are better alternatives to dasha.
True but none of them are OF whores who fucked baked alaska after they got fired from their internships at infowars for getting owned by DSA era Dasha.

No. 1810950

why are people acting like dasha is so different than this woman, they both seem mentally ill and sexually unfortunate and no sane woman would want their lives. the narcissism of small differences

No. 1810960

Dasha has posted nudes online and there is a literal sex scene on porn sites. this girl does mild lewd stuff on OF. You can’t even find nudes of her even though a lot more men would want to see them

No. 1810962

No one is saying Dasha is a well adjusted, normal person, just that Ashton is a straight up BPD cow who will try to stab her boyfriends. Dasha is a messy & bitchy but you’re probably not going to need to call 911 on her. Besides mentioning ashton so much might cause a new spiral, she is really sick

No. 1810965

File: 1681833806066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.13 KB, 1170x1476, DDA2E5BD-AB2A-4D25-8014-1C4142…)

RW women’s infatuation with faceless anons

No. 1810979

So every actress who's done sex scenes are practically doing porn? Also
> even though a lot more men would want to see them
Really making a strong case for selfposting

No. 1810980

So this is the pool that RW have too choose from. How sad.

No. 1810986

File: 1681835708105.jpeg (90.42 KB, 1170x544, 3D4CA744-D7E1-4461-BCC9-C393F5…)

Idek her but she indulges in cow behavior. She looks 35, hangs out with pariah and moche/ Monica, and is pick me spinster posting

No. 1811020

if he posted the exact same meme he posted it of a 12 year old, you're the schizo lol making up reasons why a girl and her mom would both lie about her age by like one year, you sound insanely retarded. again she was not on social media in 2019. the video itself did not exist in 2019, anyone who would trust some freak anon with a shitty memory about how old some teenager is, is as much of an imbecile as you are. its like if some freak posts inappropriate sexual images of a minor and a random comes in saying no axually theyre lying about their age, no im going to trust the person whose pictures its of about how old they were, not a retard like you saying they were older making people think its not as bad. she was 12 years old, whatever youre trying to pull here isnt working weirdo

No. 1811075

File: 1681845661687.jpeg (402.36 KB, 2709x2104, B9C89860-3466-463B-AF10-0E7370…)

Only know who 1, 5, and 8 are from looking through her following list. Whats the lore on them and 9? Aimee picked 2 of those. Dasha is horny for bap. Idk who @biocompound is I've seen RFH RT her posts but her reply is beyond cringe "if he'd let me" "not going to be a meanie" then marries anorexia fetishist 0hp. I'd have him, bap and medgold beheaded. Steve sailer likely the only ok one all he does is tweet racial crime stats but he isnt a fetishist, pedo or gay afaik.

No. 1811117

When has she ever stabbed anyone? Show the arrest records

No. 1811119

You’re genuinely retarded. Do you even know any normal men? It’s just obvious they prefer the way Ashton looks

No. 1811121

take your meds

No. 1811141

nta but your insistence that you know this girls age is quite creepy, seek help

No. 1811149

File: 1681853148424.jpeg (361.64 KB, 1237x3368, 9B5E6889-13F8-4F68-906E-69E976…)

I don't think it is one either (face looks like a womans, sounds like one) but it's hard to beat the troon allegations when you post coping about looking like a man by stating that it's actually ideal, and agree with groomer troons like Pariah in the replies, he is a textbook example of stunted development as well (I think he went on HRT before he hit puberty). I don't have a flat chest nor narrow hips and was a late bloomer, I developed boobs and got my period years after other girls my age. It's like they're using the fact that early puberty is indeed linked to deleterious outcomes to extrapolate that it's therefore preferable to look like an androgynous child as you age

No. 1811180

Dimes is coming to Cannes for the second year in a row. SPW x NP's The Sweet East is premiering in the Director's Fortnight section, and a Rachel Walden short is also showing.

No. 1811189

Hi Ashton. Sorry Dasha makes more money than you

No. 1811194

"right wing men risk their reputations" lol no they don't. all the rightwings i see on twitter are anonoymus and don't use their real name.(sage your shit)

No. 1811282

Sure thing Ashton

No. 1811447

Hi Dasha. Not even the Ashton girl, you’re just a creepy bitch and pretty much any cute normie girl is better off than you. Keep doing drugs, maybe you will forget you have herpes

No. 1811449

File: 1681903555572.jpeg (68.27 KB, 750x721, AA9FC385-178D-4339-BB5C-6DA268…)

Jury’s still out. I personally think it’s a troon

No. 1811468

yeah what reputation are they risking kek. this is such a lie. i can see how employers wouldnt want to keep someone whos main belief is wholesale massacre of millions who you deem "your enemies." but the feds agree with them, they are on their team.

the real "reputation risk" is people finding out how ugly and nerdy they all look, if Hanania is any reference they all look more hideous than matt walsh

No. 1811505

RFH writes like a man trying to sound like Anna Khachiyan and the rest of the Paglia-aping women on this side of Twitter

No. 1811533

damn spot on nonna. i have been trying to put my finger on what it is about RFH's posting style that annoys me so much and this is it exactly. feels very much like a man or a woman who's constantly performing for male attention (so like, a pickme or just anna lol) doing a performative fake and gay version of radfeminism. you can just feel Anna and RFH awaiting their male headpats after every tweet. and anna has made it very clear that this is the new personality she intends to adopt now that the scarethot routine is tired. ugh make it stop

No. 1811543

Wow you hit the nail on the head

No. 1811547

That Attorney Fren retard got outed a month or two ago. Surprised there wasn't any handwringing about that from any of these cows, especially in the Aimee Terese/Good Old Boyz section of the post-left

No. 1811548

That Attorney Fren retard got outed a month or two ago. Surprised there wasn't any handwringing about that from any of these cows, especially in the Aimee Terese/Good Old Boyz section of the post-left

No. 1811564

is he part of this postleftcow scene? got a link kek

No. 1811847

Latest chapo episode is shilling this flick and interviewing the crew. Movie Mindset Menaker asks the music supervisor about the score and she has to tell him that's not what a music supervisor does lol.

No. 1811915

File: 1681951505919.jpg (328.61 KB, 1536x2048, FuGZ0JfWYA08CXg.jpg)

No. 1811917

File: 1681951533627.jpg (355.56 KB, 1536x2048, FuGZ0JhWYAQH2Lj.jpg)

No. 1811931

Love this for her lol

No. 1811935

>a drunk 40 year old mom squatting in leggings, shiny high tops and a moto jacket
Why is Anna so uncool, this is exactly the cheesy kardashian wannabe Instaho aesthetic circa 2014. Also what happened to Eli, these are some “need a man” ass pics

No. 1811939

men acting gay is the biggest turn off, most women universally hate queeny men who are useless.

No. 1811941

her hands look like chicken feet, eli really isn't going to man up for his kid is he

No. 1811952

Borderline AI art looking hands

No. 1811962

she's a single mother now

No. 1812026

Her apartment has less personality than an airbnb bedsit. So bland

No. 1812062

File: 1681973430274.png (9.89 KB, 598x210, elenavelez.png)

No. 1812075


No. 1812175

It really does look like shit. I wonder how much she pays for the place

No. 1812178

This pose is borderline pornographic kek. No way her and Eli are together, she is trying to get dudes in her dm’s

No. 1812179

these iPhone timer ass selfies are so embarrassing and undignified. Anna would mock someone else for pics like these.

No. 1812240

She's been posting lewds the whole time she's been with Eli

No. 1812241

File: 1682016938166.png (62.17 KB, 1310x828, z0x0aqitrwoa1[1].png)

Did we miss this juicy New Yorker article featuring Dasha discussing her tinfoil theories about Jews and Masons controlling the Catholic Church at the Roger Stone event?

No. 1812256

oh shit, nailed it. that really is her whole existence in a nutshell.

No. 1812257

Identity politics, not for people with noticeable brown skin or apparent disabilities, but for Dasha and her fringe religious belief she’s had 7 months

No. 1812262

If Anna were to comment on her own midlife crisis and boyfriend/baby daddy won’t claim her-behavior, she’d say something like “At a certain point, being a late bloomer is more unseemly than accepting your ugliness” or some shit like that. But I’m not enough of a bitch to emulate her scathing tone

No. 1812317

Hanania is a weird troll freak specifically, he's very proud of unreasonable and harsh takes, even calling for death of undesirables but because he doesn't align with populism specifically he's not describing himself as a 'right-winger'

No. 1812319

she's trying to make him jealous but he doesn't care about her

No. 1812329

File: 1682028486685.jpeg (23.5 KB, 750x203, 0521FAEC-7326-4CF3-B59B-9206C4…)

Can red scare mods be any more pathetic? They ban one criticism of D or A but let gooners run rampant

No. 1812370

File: 1682033441169.jpg (92.22 KB, 1079x709, Screenshot_20230420_182317_Kiw…)

Aimee projecting her bpd/addict degeneracy onto normal women per usual

No. 1812373

literally who the fuck even cares about conan the barbarian in 2023

No. 1812395


i don't know why but "hornypoast" is making me crack up so bad rn

No. 1812405

Nope, already talked about last thread

No. 1812413

It's probably the last remaining functional VHS tape in her filthy schizo drug den.

No. 1812430


when you think about it, it really is the perfect cover for an aussie failtrad who peels off her crusted star spangled panties as the enthralling james earl jones fills the screen.

No. 1812437

we like leon you dolt!

No. 1812438

she was trying to come up with guts from berserk

No. 1812498

eli is a talentless creative, these type of scrotes have to just stomach their more famous partners thirst trapping while they desperately try to make it before they get ditched.

No. 1812526

File: 1682053704469.png (31.07 KB, 866x518, d y.png)

Dasha did a pod with Yasha. Anyone have the full audio?

No. 1812531

File: 1682054712922.png (57.84 KB, 825x361, 97697897808.png)

There is literally zero difference between Nick and Moldbug lookwise

No. 1812560

Physically coping with failure about as well as sam hyde

No. 1812586

File: 1682065527694.jpeg (122.8 KB, 1242x1056, 436B5BBA-A33D-4CF6-9FFB-1554F3…)

dasha thirsting after gay pedo bap again

No. 1812673

no offense ma'am but it's pure online brainrot to consider Anna the more famous one in this relationship. they're probably a similar level of fame, it's just Eli built his the normie way, by making a well-respected body of work over a long period of time whereas Anna's main talent is cheaper, but more visible - accruing attention to herself by saying provocative shit. the artist vs. the troll, basically.

i’d almost prefer the narrative that Anna is cucking Eli with these attention seeking selfies but all evidence points to the fact that Eli sees Anna as a liability and not vice versa. seems like he’s always resisted commitment to her and she acts out/gets drunk/posts thirst selfies to cope.

No. 1812682

File: 1682089054126.png (3.68 MB, 2332x1442, bruenig.png)

Broonig update if any1curr: Matt looking trim, Liz so short she could barely see over the lectern at her recent University of Chicago talk. if i were her I'd have demanded one of my male simps in the audience come onstage and be my stepstool, she's only 80 pounds it'd barely hurt

Also I started to watch Liz Bruenig's chat with Agnes Callard for the milk but found Agnes' voice and affect so viscerally disturbing I could not watch. Seriously she gives mega mentally unstable psycho vibes which is not surprising given what she's known (see >>1788630 and >>1788634 ) for but here's the link if you nonnas are braver than me:

No. 1812700

I would've been a good gf to Eli I'm not usually into men of my tribe but I like that he's quiet and reserved. Tfw no rich Jewish bf to spoil me..(no1currs)

No. 1812707

Eli ? Spoiling? You don’t know how these men operate

No. 1812708

Eli ? Spoiling? You don’t know how these men operate

No. 1812714

It’s on the black scare rss. Listened to a little and it’s just a boring chat about her dna test and the basics of when and why her parents immigrated, didn’t get to the religion discussion. Same as any other podcast where Dasha gives her life story. A little weird given Yasha’s views and feelings on every guest they’ve had on in the last two years after his appearance, is he going to have Glenn on next and just talk about his dogs? Wish I hadn’t seen that he’d liked Anna’s thirst traps. Maybe she’ll go on too and recount her harrowing Soviet experience waiting in line for a toy one time.

No. 1812717

lol oh my god that picture of Liz is so good
Matt must have lost like 80lbs at least

No. 1812726

Isn't this e-girl pushing 40? How long does she think she's gonna get paid for this shit? Take your own advice, pillhead

No. 1812749

god this is fucking pathetic. who is this supposed to impress exactly? does she think the pigmen she sucks up to will think she's super down because she can take a joke? imagine prostrating yourself to sound cool in front of a middle aged man who types shit like "shud gril mudshark sl00t dox on anons etc"

No. 1812769

seriously, what a lip flip, tretonin, a good haircut, weight loss, filler, botox, and face-blurring technology on the iphone does to a mfer

No. 1812799

File: 1682105492461.png (377.87 KB, 1040x1058, Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 3.20…)

i agree with every procedure you listed and more so it's kind of amazing the end result is this mousy and downsy. Anna doesn't realize that only hot young zoomers can get away with that sexy open-mouth pose, the effect is just not the same on a 40 y.o. sad mom with a negative canthal tilt. oh great i just made myself sad analyzing this lol

No. 1812806

Par for the course. you don’t get a body count like hers by having enough self worth to not pander to losers

No. 1812911

Matt's probably got an undiagnosed eating disorder like his wife; he was chubby in high school, skeletal in college, ballooned in size in his 20s, lost weight again, got fat again during the pandemic, and now has been living almost exclusively off those soylent shakes and has lost a ton of weight agian.

No. 1812926

Local Retard Not Eating So Good When He Can't Steal PPP Loan Money

No. 1812931

The last time I listened to their podcast Liz was commenting on how very large he was and the way strangers working death row called him a big boy. She may have called him cornfed I can’t quite remember…

No. 1813189

ugh thanks for reminding me why i hate these grifters nonna. i knew quite a few people back then who were actually laid off but didn't apply for a PPP loan bc they thought "other people need it more than me." not thinking those people would be a lawyer and bluecheck journalist with rich parents, a house in Stamford, and plentiful Patreon money….
The Bruenigs really exemplify a certain class of people who don't think of themselves as elites because they're "compassionate," but who have the knowledge needed to ruthlessly work the system and take what they don't need, while regular people are afraid to or simply don't know how. loathable.

honestly i'm no fan of Anna but she's prob about as good a girlfriend to Eli as he deserves and look what it got her, a whole ass son and they've barely been seen in the same pic together. Eli seems like one of those dudes who'll tell a girl for years he's "not ready to commit" when secretly he's just waiting to snag some imaginary "better" girl he thinks he deserves for no particular reason. avoid at all costs

No. 1813198

When Eli’s 45 he’ll be chasing 25 year olds. He’s just that type. Anna knew better

No. 1813204

Little bit of milk in the latter half of the pod; when they were talking about Dasha's film career, she spoke of Total War as in the "pre-pre-production" phase, insinuating any real work on it was far off, and also seemed kind of embarrassed by Bad Behaviour, the movie she did last year with Jennifer Connelly and Jane Campion's daughter directing. Apparently it still doesn't have distribution after its premiere at Sundance in January. She didn't outright say it sucked, but you could tell from the way she was talking about it that she wasn't exactly proud of how it turned out lel

No. 1813339

Liz lives for moments where people have to watch her talk behind a podium that blocks her out. Cute cat though.

No. 1813406

Kek accurate

No. 1813546

big dog matt looking more presidential by the day. patience, my fellow bruenigsisters

No. 1813607

File: 1682233332714.png (27.83 KB, 618x442, lesbian.png)

Aimee's having roommate troubles

No. 1813633

an Australian republican with roommates at 40. Hahaha

No. 1813654

Tweets like this are at a minimum, a million times more interesting than whatever it is she’s churning out non stop rest of the time

No. 1813864

File: 1682279710797.jpeg (64.36 KB, 1242x1043, ED8F85CC-26A7-4F97-8B40-8812F8…)

Probably still together, she wouldn't break up with him because he's a ~30 yr old pedophile who sexualizes 14 year olds. She's friends with other pedos, Rohit/Charlotte/Miya/Sonya she allegedly defended in a podcast even though she'd seen his many posts thirsting after minors like picrel, Medgold, CovfefeAnon, her bf being one too doesn't change anything. Type of woman who'd tweet how "pickme" is a term "jealous, maladjusted" women use to refer to "normal" ones, justifying pedophilic scrotal behavior as long as they are picked and can feel like they're a part of something.

No. 1813875

lol what is this emo

No. 1813878

yeah Attorney Fren got exposed by a Antifa account

No. 1813880

"How long does she think she's gonna get paid for this shit?"

she does it for free

No. 1813935

What is Aimee’s job? Why does she need to share rent

No. 1813960

any tinfoiling nonas think they know whats up? dasha used to be a pretty frequent guest/correspondent on early Trueanon

No. 1813964

straight women are the most openly homophobic(b8)

No. 1813978

It’s just like what chapo did for cumtown. They know each other, they boost eachothers media products to get new subscribers, and then they never interact again because they’re marketing themselves to slightly different demographics and need to retain their existing listeners who wouldn’t approve of the other podcast

No. 1813985

And also Brace loves whipping people up over moral issues to get their support so of course he called red scare a nazi podcast to distance himself from his ex girlfriend he still hangs out with. If he wants to take it back later he can say it was obviously a joke. These people think the listeners who take anything they say seriously are retarded and obsessive which they kind of are.

No. 1813995


I think they've given up on the idea the nagle people will ever do anything useful since about 90% of them are just open reactionaries now. christman was saying the same thing whenever redscare comes up. like jokes aside it seems like they believe anna and dasha are genuinely shitty people.

No. 1814032

tbf sydney has one of the world’s worst housing crisis’
fuck aimee tho

No. 1814101

can i have a source for this claim?

No. 1814109

nta but straight woman here and i just love to call moids faggots, but tbf i do it irrespective of whether theyre gay or not, i just love being like, youre acting like a faggot, or just pointing out some faggotry they did, its emasculating. its a great insult, ive tried maggot but doesnt hit the same. my particular usage of the term is not necessarily homophobic, ones like bap are unironically faggots though

No. 1814223

File: 1682332797591.jpg (664.07 KB, 2662x1446, cringefest.jpg)

Cringefest 2023

No. 1814227

Girl, same. Love 2 hear it, love 2 say it(sage your shit)

No. 1814235

Wew, that extended bit on the latest ep of Anna and Dasha doing fake black preacher voice was verrry uncomfortable. They couldn't even get a solid joke in and it went on for way too long. Took the "ironic" racism a bit too far with that one, ladies.

No. 1814299

What? Felix and Will are pretty frequent guests on cumtown, and they used to hang out regularly when they all lived in NYC.

No. 1814304

File: 1682343229533.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, A9375B0E-0CE5-4B3C-B1FD-718AC8…)

Dasha and a few of our other regulars included in The Cut's "Century of the New York It Girl"


No. 1814340

agreed - pretty sure dasha and brace were friends before they started their retrospective pods and she lived in LA. From listening to TA they are either living in NY or split their time there. idk you’d think there would be some sort of interaction between them, TA associates with chapo, hasan, andrew callaghan kek

Some nonnas had access to Braces private IG threads ago maybe there would be milk there

No. 1814347

That's every episode of Cum Town though. Why would that shock anyone?

No. 1814348

>dasha and brace were friends before they started their retrospective pods
lol they dated

No. 1814354

Menaker was on TAFS like a month ago.

No. 1814363

When they do it on cumtown, it’s at least funny though

No. 1814391

File: 1682354807785.jpg (724.96 KB, 1536x2048, 1612322120141.jpg)

just using this excuse to post a pic from their SF dating days, Brace looks like Neil Hamburger and Dasha has the profile of a 200 pound woman at age 17

No. 1814397

>i only know how to charm MEN
i love how every maladjusted harpy in this thread teehee posts like they're just the daintiest little dolls so full of feminine wiles that men just can't resist! anna loves adopting the same "carefree sexpot" character when she gives dating advice despite her eternal air of sourness and romantic defeat. meanwhile aimee's main talent is making dicks shrivel when she starts screeching Turning Point talking points in her little Aussie squirrel voice

anyway i am begging aimee to set up a 24/7 livefeed in her apartment because it is the only content from any of the cows i would ever consider paying for

No. 1814405

was he sober already when they dated? dasha looks awful

No. 1814409

listen, I'm really not trying to be antisemitic here, but Brace has the absolute worst case of Hollywood pedophile face I've ever seen

No. 1814414

i don't know much about brace but i doubt he was sober yet, according to dasha they started dating when she was 17 and he was 19 and i think they dated for 2 years

>dasha looks awful

it kinda fascinates me cuz it's rare for someone's "bad side" to be this bad. guessing that's why she rarely lets herself be photographed from this side

No. 1814438


I think this is spot on. Taibbi is a moron but I once heard him say that there's a lot of money to be made if a media/news network appealed to both the right & left since currently in the US the mainstream media only caters to one or the other. I think he's onto something there. Though these podcasts are distinct entities, most people who listen know they're all associated. It might not be a "network" in a traditional sense, but as nona said, they boost each others media products to get new subscribers, etc. Let's not forget, Chapos, Brace, Liz, Anna, Dasha, etc… they're all wealthy people.

I think Dasha's appearance on Yasha Levine's podcast seals the deal on this. Yasha is still a vocal supporter of TA. Just another way TA is is directly connected to a program that supports/is supported by the exact people they (and Yasha) rail against. But hey, hypocrisy is in the political tradition. If we all tacitly get along, the rest is just gravy.

No. 1814445

>Let's not forget, Chapos, Brace, Liz, Anna, Dasha, etc… they're all wealthy people.
It's funny that Adam is spending >$50K/month on his retarded TV show idea only to find out that his mong fans just want to hear him and Nick Mullen do racist voices kek. It was on the last episode of "The Adam Friedland Show Podcast" where one of them said they're putting over $100K a month into it total.

No. 1814525

Someone shoulda told the poor girl to focus on voice acting instead

No. 1814553

Speaking of, brace was so cringe on adam friedland show. He tries so hard to be cool I can see why him and Dasha linked up

No. 1814562

Because TAFS fans don’t care and probably also listen to chapo. Nick and Adam don’t go on Chapo because it wouldn’t work the other way (could make chapo lose subscribers); kinda sad for them since they want more funds right now for their expensive ass show and a chapo-bump would help them. Maybe they’ll make themselves normie enough to be on chapo soon though. I know Stav went on but only to promote his very normal comedy solo projects.
Obviously I don’t know but I think that’s what’s going on. Thanks for listening to my theory.

No. 1814572

She’s just sleeping in a weird position with her mouth open. Everyone looks bad in that situation. Some of you are really eager to have something negative to say about her but you don’t bring any milk and you post retarded insults and old photos instead because it’s easier. So lazy!

No. 1814583

my semi-informed read of the situation is that Chapo would have Nick & Adam on if they asked, every indication is that they were friends before either group had any fame and they've remained friendly since. Adam's been on Chapo a few times but Nick could very well squash the idea, if it came up, because he's a weird retard in his own way

No. 1814584

my semi-informed read of the situation is that Chapo would have Nick & Adam on if they asked, every indication is that they were friends before either group had any fame and they've remained friendly since. Adam's been on Chapo a few times but Nick could very well squash the idea, if it came up, because he's a weird retard in his own way

No. 1814596

File: 1682376649838.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, 463ECF64-DE3D-4AC8-AD96-4C990F…)


No. 1814601

I’ll admit, I’ve laughed out loud at Cumtown episodes but Adam, Stav and Nick are boring as hell on their own. Adam really thought he’d hit the big time by himself but he’s only funny when he’s the scapegoat for Nick to roast

No. 1814608

File: 1682378706290.jpg (30.38 KB, 580x327, softness-of-chins_Dasha-Nekras…)

nah most normal weight women don't suddenly develop a double chin just because their lips are slightly parted but if it bugs you maybe better posture and mewing could help. also you forgot this part
>not to whiteknight dasha but…

No. 1814616

File: 1682380362159.jpeg (16.54 KB, 320x240, ECD12A31-31B5-4B2E-9414-4509FE…)

double chin dasha isn’t as bad as undercut dasha though

No. 1814631

lol at file name
Have to disagree but that’s just my personal taste. Actually a much better look for her than anything stylists have given her or any faux-effortless tousled hairstyles she’s tried lately

No. 1814636

Sorry to reply to something that’s like two weeks old but dasha is a mobile poster and it would probably be impossible to identify all her different IPs for a post reveal, she doesn’t exactly announce herself every time. Unless I’m an idiot and there’s some way for a mod to do that but I was under the impression it’s not possible because of the way IPs work.

No. 1814637

my semi-informed read of the situation is that Chapo would have Nick & Adam on if they asked, every indication is that they were friends before either group had any fame and they've remained friendly since. Adam's been on Chapo a few times but Nick could very well squash the idea, if it came up, because he's a weird retard in his own way

No. 1814648

Anna K cadence…interesting

No. 1814660

File: 1682385488548.jpeg (50.45 KB, 515x461, 4BA80978-2E9E-4070-9019-A95678…)

anon are you sure about that? dasha seems to have a weird shaped head, the shaved side emphasizes it imo.
it’s also funny that dasha on the pod had made fun of someone with an undercut, only to find out that she had one like in 2013 or something when everyone on tumblr wanted to look like alice dellal

also sorry for the non-milk nitpick

No. 1814661

ok this actually has me curious for how a shaved head, Natalie Portman V for Vendetta-style Dasha would look…

No. 1814662

I’m so mad you’re right and now I feel like I have to apologize for posting it lmao

No. 1814665

she could do it with a lot of styling/makeup/accessories but it would look really bad without that I think
It distracts from the asymmetry by leaning into it / looking at her you might think it’s just the hair that’s asymmetrical not the face especially if the hair covers part of her face on one side. It’s a good trick.

No. 1814667

I laughed out loud at A&D mocking Justin Pearson's MLK cadence in the newest episode tbh. Wasn't a fan of them caping for Dylan Mulvaney. I feel like they're scared to be transphobic because they're friends with Pariah.

I'm guessing our mods are straight.

No. 1814670

File: 1682387364978.png (20.2 KB, 606x375, o.png)

Nick Land is an Aimee reply guy now?

No. 1814674

File: 1682387966844.jpeg (110.82 KB, 946x2048, dasha alpha male summit.jpeg)

No. 1814681

>Alpha Male Summit
Is this one of the incel group chats she’s in?

No. 1814707

Damn, how far he's fallen. Take a few notes from your student, Nick. Maybe don't as far as him, but maybe disengage in some way.

No. 1814770

The “dissident” Thiel alt right will always defend trannies because trannies are incels and all those people hate women and womanhood including A+D

No. 1814772

I know we "scarethot detected" alot here but come the fuck on

No. 1814774

> Yooooo
38 year old scrote hands typed this

No. 1814776

Nah. It was stupid and anachan to call her obese over that picture

No. 1814851

if Dasha doesn't go 2007 Britney one of these days she's lost her edge(sage your shit)

No. 1814861

You have shit exclamation point scarethot typing style but I agree tbh, that particular lack of definition/under-chin fat is fucking normal

No. 1814865

File: 1682414483637.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.04 KB, 1760x2047, FuVlHX7acAABRkI.jpg)

idk if anyone here still cares about the perfume universe but how does zach manage to look so consistently busted every time? hes been doing this for however long and still looks like he did his makeup for the first time ever kek. spoiler for fake drag queen tits

No. 1814869

File: 1682416792570.jpg (79.77 KB, 800x591, bild_gross_2686.jpg)

this fag's face makes me want to puke every time, good lord

No. 1814911

I only frequent these threads now for the Perfume stuff, but I suppose even they're now too boring for their own good. Waiting for the next inevitable bickering session Jack incites between friends.(sage your shit)

No. 1814920

File: 1682429248760.jpeg (33.32 KB, 822x534, 6D1C89DF-EE70-407C-AE9F-06560D…)

her jaw area looks better now but same giant nose and beady eyes kek. both could play witches in movies with the right hair and costuming

No. 1814924

nta but they called her profile obese, not her. You can be healthy weight with a fat looking profile

No. 1814928

I wonder if he was ever really in Japan working at a drag bar or if it’s all a made up online personality. That is not the makeup of someone who does their makeup for work. He should have gotten at least a little better over time.

No. 1814930

It doesn’t surprise me they support trannies. They both have that androgynous type of vibe that makes them sympathize with trannies more than normal women kek

No. 1814966

Nah she looks great.
>not to whiteknight anna but
I despise Anna’s misogyny and think her attempts at humour are painfully funny. The glowup, however, is undeniable.(sage your shit)

No. 1815002

>Wew, that extended bit on the latest ep of Anna and Dasha doing fake black preacher voice was verrry uncomfortable. They couldn't even get a solid joke in and it went on for way too long.
Sorry but it got funnier the longer they did it. By the time they started doing it while talking about NGE I lost it.

No. 1815005

She also looks good to me, but you have to admit it's weird for a 40 yo mom who's supposedly married to post thirst traps of herself bent over in bed. Does Eli have a cuck fetish? Or does she really need online validation from bottom-tier incel wignats that bad?

No. 1815024

she and dasha both do and they get it in spades

No. 1815037

File: 1682449902970.jpeg (66.58 KB, 1169x526, 2D54C331-1534-4AEC-84F8-B4025D…)

A glow up to be average pretty at age 38 after being mid for 2 decades is nothing.

I’d guess she posts a slutty drunk pic every time she and Eli argue.

No. 1815070

dylan is more connected than they are, that's the reason

No. 1815072

he can't see that well with his eyes shoved so far into his skull and he has the fine motor skills of a scrote

No. 1815075

>Wasn't a fan of them caping for Dylan
agree with what other nonas said but also to add that they just love being contrarian. it's "expected" for them to perhaps be critical of DM so they double down on being fans of his

No. 1815076

he's probably just a sex worker and his appeal is obvious man in a dress

No. 1815081

>>1815005 Idk at this point I think Eli's just sick of her and she knows it and is acting out. They've "joked" about Eli being mad at them for smoking in the house with the baby so much it's clear that he's sick of them and they're trying to make it out to them being sooo quirky

No. 1815087

File: 1682453900618.png (733.04 KB, 1228x1268, Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 4.16…)

>wdym eli? my mom smoked around me every day and i turned out fine

No. 1815093

he has every right to be mad about that, it's trailer trash behavior to smoke in the house. her baby is going to have frequent ear aches, diminished hearing capacity, and learning disabilities from smoke exposure. how is leo supposed to get into a competitive elementary school with dyslexia? it's such dirty, shameful behavior. if she was a smarter narc she'd be positioning her son to succeed so she could play mommy regent in an old money family.

No. 1815271

anna you're still this ugly

No. 1815272

File: 1682470400807.jpeg (203.78 KB, 1169x1755, 5075A812-F0CE-440B-A96A-553C03…)

She’s so fixated on beauty. Cope for being ugly. But even worse she’s transferring her fixations to her child. I only wonder how terrible of a mother she’d be to an unattractive child, especially girl

No. 1815279

i'm so glad anna's baby is a boy. she would be such a horrible girl mom. she would project her insecurities onto the girl so badly and probably make her grow up thinking she was fat and ugly and in competition with her mother.

No. 1815283

File: 1682471837895.jpeg (74.83 KB, 1170x648, IMG_7623.jpeg)

Dasha’s facetuning is out of control these days

No. 1815287

File: 1682472071340.png (277.22 KB, 640x1136, F2875278-FA26-48E3-B9D1-3A91CD…)

Matthew's POV kek

No. 1815294

I also find Anna painfully funny. I don't like it, but I've actually laughed at some of the things she's said.

No. 1815313

Mentally ill reply guy retardation on display kek, why on earth would anyone pay for a geriatric movie star’s sperm? Worthless

No. 1815314

guess you can’t facetune away retard eyes or maybe it would be too obvious

No. 1815327

They're back together?

No. 1815331

Who knows? They're obviously not fucking. I think she's just keeping him around as an orbiter and he's too cucked by religion and self-resentment to let go.

No. 1815366

I dunno if they even left. In the most recent ep (the one with them doing the Justin Pearson impression), she mentions watching a movie with him.

No. 1815392

I mean just cause they weren't explicitly shitting on him doesn't mean they were caping for him.

No. 1815419

is she left or right wing?(sage your shit)

No. 1815454

Woah had no idea how Bogged Anna is when she’s not in a good angle.

No. 1815455

Fuck off journo.

No. 1815568

Neither of them can cope with aging, so their thirst traps will become more & more pathetic and shooped. Love to see it. It’s the righteous fate of all pick-mes who mock other women’s bodies and defend pedophilia on main.

No. 1815573

i don't understand why dasha is with a younger man who's obviously not thinking about starting a family

No. 1815594

File: 1682522418597.jpeg (49.04 KB, 640x485, 70E0562D-ECEB-498F-8063-1A9230…)

Went to the NYC influencer subreddit just to read about random influencers, saw someone posted about the RSP women. Topkek

No. 1815595

File: 1682522536701.jpeg (273.16 KB, 1170x1702, 84DFB843-444C-41D3-980E-D6AF99…)

Samefag this seems like a former scarethot in NYC posting but still major kek

No. 1815609

Screams bitterness tbh

No. 1815615

She said doesn’t even get a regular period and has pcos kek, doubt he could get her pregnant naturally even if he was ready for kids

No. 1815635

She definitely doesn’t want kids yet, but she’ll have one like Anna did suddenly at 35-38

No. 1815641

She might not be able to have them. Anna never talked about having irregular periods and she’s also had abortions so she had been pregnant before. Dasha hasn’t

No. 1815644

Eh not to derail but you can definitely conceive with PCOS. there’s ovulation meds like clomid and letrozole to help ovulate. Cheap and you do multiple cycles. Lacking ovulatory cycles is one of the easiest infertility fixes. I think that’s why Dasha is Ray Peating vaguely, his focus is on progesterone which is key to ovulatory health. A lot of totally infertile PCOS women where the meds aren’t helping often also have obesity.

No. 1815650

She has to be willing to do that and really want kids, when has she ever expressed any desire to have them?

No. 1815656

yeah that anon seems to not realize that anyone who posts on nycinfluencersnark is as stupid as the cows themselves

No. 1815658

I clicked through the post history of one of the most active commenters and she’s coping about being overweight kek

No. 1815660

The PCOS and irregular periods thing might just be part of her pickme routine, just like how she started bragging about having a shallow cervix when she was getting into it with Varg Vikernes. Lots of the male cows in this scene are loud about not liking condoms (Felix, Stav, the guy Sam Pritchard did a podcast with who got cancelled for taking them off during sex)

No. 1815685

It’s probably a pro ana dogwhistle, a lot of ana women flex that they don’t have regular periods. Sick behavior

No. 1815695

anybody read matthew's new story? seems like some veiled resentment re: Dasha. https://forevermag.net/The-Romantic-Lie-Matthew-Davis.

No. 1815696

>screams bitterness tbh
it screams "intense dislike" but that's not the same as bitterness. bitterness involves an element of envy, and i think you'd have to be pretty low down in life to envy anna and dasha, it's why their fanbase is largely comprised of mentally ill social misfits and incels.

No. 1815705

Sounds like cope. From everything shes said the bitch is infertile and I doubt she wants kids enough to go through the trouble of remedying it

No. 1815708

Some of the racism stuff is eyeroll everyone knows damn well those women talk shit about the way white women look too. Being white doesn’t mean you have bulletproof confidence in your looks

No. 1815709

File: 1682535980644.png (705.96 KB, 2518x1132, Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 3.01…)

thanks for the link anon, here's some caps for anyone who can't take 4,000 words of Matthew's writing, it's about a horny Zoomer who hires a "slender blonde" whore to take his virginity, but even she won't bang him

>she's probably been with like… a hundred men in her life and wouldn’t expect any sort of commitment or intimacy out of me

sad kek

No. 1815710

File: 1682536116623.png (93.42 KB, 948x1546, Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 2.58…)

No. 1815714

For real, and normies trying to learn about Danielle Bernstein’s breakup on the NYIS Reddit are incredibly more sane than red scare fans on Reddit or twitter. Or the entire deranged twitter space Anna and Dasha occupy where ppl slonk raw eggs and raw meat and advocate for child/arranged marriages, race science and calling black people joggers, and letting your husband cheat. These people fucking suck and are bottom of the barrel

No. 1815721

File: 1682536984317.png (50.59 KB, 1124x974, story.png)

>>1815695 kek
this actually has some funny moments. he should use dasha to get a book deal and then find someone sane and healthy

No. 1815728

yeah, it was decent enough. Don't think it has anything to do with Dasha.
i liked the Sub(uru) bit as well.

No. 1815744

Horrible writing but also hilarious, since he’s not even trying to hide who is the $15000 mattress owning, old slender blonde whore with old books, eastern european religious ephemera and a bodycount of 100.

Is Dasha really a born-again virgin?

No. 1815752

he's ripping off the elliot rodgers manifesto, it's a decent bit

No. 1815753

The fuck even was the shallow cervix thing about? Pandering to microdicked scrotes?

No. 1815754

>I get that but why are you seeing an old whore like me
Wtf kek

No. 1815776

Idk dude it was insane. My memory is likely off but: Varg dude said Dasha was larping as trad and she said in response that she’s not a degenerate like him who went to jail. Varg guy said Dasha couldn’t last in prison and does she know what female inmates do with bananas? And she said, I have a short vagina I’d have to cut it in half. (????) And then since then Varg has commented 1-2x that Dasha should eat half a banana bc she’s a waif (he did this for attention ofc)

No. 1815823

Nick on the episode of TAFS that just dropped says it was $17k. Also I guess him and Dasha still talk.

No. 1815834

File: 1682546996582.jpeg (217.36 KB, 1767x1325, IMG_5195.jpeg)

No. 1815841

“This is 40”

No. 1815882

You can have PCOS and irregular periods and still have seven kids conceived naturally (yes I'm thinking of a specific example). PCOS doesn't instantly equal infertility which seems to be a common misconception.

No. 1815889

Found it, >>1416455 Varg said they cut the bananas in half so inmates can't masturbate. Kek still a bizarre "brag"

No. 1815910

Yeah maybe with proper medical help

No. 1815943

No. The woman I know with all the kids is just one example but even my OBGYN told me PCOS doesn't mean you will have trouble conceiving or that you need to do anything special to get pregnant. It's just not true when people say it means you're infertile. My heart goes out to women who are struggling with it if they want kids and PCOS is the issue (know they exist) but everyone I know with PCOS got pregnant within a year of trying even if they had strange cycles and thick body hair. Then again none of them ever had a cyst burst like Dasha so maybe her situation is more dire but I'm not an OGYN so I don't know what that indicates.

No. 1815961

Wait, Eli doesn't live with her?

No. 1815987

File: 1682563894783.png (164.9 KB, 817x901, 5756756867.png)

Nick's just getting more bogged as the days go by. Further accelerating by getting back into drinking.

Also a relatively recent ep apparently confirmed that Nick and Stav fought constantly between episodes during CT's dying days. Milk that would never be found.

No. 1816018

his transformation into adam is almost complete

No. 1816060

This is widely known. No cohabitation, no marriage, no sexual fidelity. Basically a shitty situationship. Such trad

No. 1816077

Not to cape but isn't his home basically a small studio? How are you going to have a small family living together in that? NY apartments are tiny.

No. 1816111

That’s a major cope. They certainly earn enough to afford a family home. Eli simply doesn’t want to settle down with her.

No. 1816155

They'd be looking at moving out of NY to actually afford a family home, musicians are't actually taking home that much.

No. 1816163

Eli is a trustie. Anna is 100% getting played

No. 1816178

He could keep his basically a studio apartment as a studio and move in with her. Moving in together doesn't have to be this grand, expensive 'building a home' type of thing, broke young couples do it all the time.

They are married, on paper. There just wasn't a wedding

No. 1816180

>They are married, on paper. There just wasn't a wedding
Are we sure? Is there a public record?

No. 1816185

Is this woman into drugs and obsessed with being a specific weight in her 30’s

No. 1816191

You left out the good stuff he says it was for a twin bed and why not a Queen and she doesn’t use a mattress protector and Adam goes “so she smokes crack raw on a 17,000 dollar mattress” kek. Poor girl can’t catch a break

No. 1816193


Any details on the Nick-Stav fights?(sage your shit)

No. 1816228

How is she getting played if they (supposedly) have a marriage certificate?

No. 1816241

Unfortunately none except that it arose from watching Sentinel.

No. 1816251

I wonder if the penny dropped with dasha over the last few days of the 'body count discourse', that her scarily high number (that she boasts about) drives 99% of worthwhile men away, and all she can hope for at this point is the absolute dregs.

… and thats before we get into the herpes thing too.
She's so fucked now I almost felt sorry for her.

No. 1816273

I forgot, have we ever heard what anna's bodycount is?

No. 1816274

I'm lowkey fascinated with the dynamics of the Nick/Adam/Dasha relationship, Nick almost seemed angrier about Dasha cheating on Adam than Adam himself did, but they still talk and he like openly shits on RS. Meanwhile Anna thirsts for Nick on her pod sometimes…New Yorkers are fucked up people

No. 1816284

She said she will never share it. Like her iq.
Dasha weirdly inserts herself into convos about body count when she could just be quiet and move on.

No. 1816336

Dasha got suspended. Anyone see why?

No. 1816337

not yet, but give it a few hours and someone on Twitter will be posting screenshots of their reports on her

No. 1816342

What? Her account's still up.

No. 1816360

Ehhh, I doubt there's a single person under 30 in NYC that doesn't have Herpes/HPV, so less of a negative for her, the real issue is her personality, beliefs, values, and general lack of morals. No one wants to date a She-Ted Bundy(sage your shit)

No. 1816369

dash_eats is down and she was using that account to comment on body count stuff yesterday

No. 1816418

From the way Nick said it, doesn’t sound like they hang out. maybe they are in a group text together. possible bond over having herpes

No. 1816421

What’s Dasha’s body count?

No. 1816429

you might be the newest fag to ever fag

No. 1816449

because they’re not married even just on paper

imagine having to spread a false rumor about yourself on imageboards to cope with the humiliation of your deadbeat fuckboy baby daddy

No. 1816461

No. 1816462

as if adam isn't deep into his own addiction

No. 1816463

HVM want a subordinate, i think she prefers subby guys to avoid power struggles. hope her and adam have one more round

No. 1816510

She's a born again virgin nonnie, prior body count doesn't matter

No. 1816512

File: 1682633329939.jpeg (69.71 KB, 819x649, 7659D926-C97B-41B3-B286-E1AB01…)

That's a man, baby!

No. 1816530

File: 1682635347189.jpeg (85.9 KB, 922x2048, 2D5BDDF4-24FC-4162-B359-4EBF8A…)

Is this really radfemhitler? She’s so cute

No. 1816533

Self post

No. 1816537

It's not. She's really cute.

No. 1816542

huh, she is cute. that is not what i expected her to look like at all.

No. 1816547

She's cute! 10/10 would befriend and share secrets with

No. 1816565

She looks extremely familiar. Can’t remember why. I’ve seen this picture before for sure.

No. 1816583

>shaved browbone
>low eyebrows
>generic rhinoplasty
>massive man jaw
>long limp programmer hair with unmistakably male hairline
>AGP smirk
lmao coomers stay losing

No. 1816587

Can her female simps leave the thread? She’s a fake feminist with lukewarm takes appropriated from female dating strategy/ hypergamy BS that’s only news to low self esteem women and she hangs out with browncels and pedos.

No. 1816589

She also has this retarded running joke that she’s 35, she’s 29/ is turning 29 soon

No. 1816591

i'm not convinced this is her, where is this pic supposedly from? it's potato quality and looks like it's from 2013

No. 1816600

It’s her, it was leaked like 2 years ago and she basically confirmed it

No. 1816602

tbh I love Hesse. They make me crack up and joke enough about being a bi faggot. I think Hesse is pretty aiight .I also have come to enjoy Pariahs unhinged bs lol.

No. 1816628

>not to wk dasha but
>not to wk anna but
>not to wk radfem hitler but
>not to wk hesse but
>not to wk pariah but

No. 1816629

Unfortunately for the troon, I don't think anyone ever caped for him. Looks like LC culture was just too strong.

No. 1816649

File: 1682648906969.jpeg (24.67 KB, 449x574, 816E2D25-EE90-4808-9117-C33994…)

More like Radfem Chinler am I right

No. 1816650

he looks like he's holding a bird captive in his mouth

No. 1816654

how do you know this? looked close to 40 in the leaked body pic from last thread

No. 1816663

this is a hilarious way to retroactively try to lie about your age. "oh I was just jokingly pretending to be slightly older. I'm young now though"

No. 1816669

She was active on Twitter since 2021, she actively posted her age (27 at the time), her city, her job field even and a post bachelors certificate she did. I followed her when she was small and claimed she had a toddler son, was a SAHM for a bit, and had an ex husband. She started deleting when she got more popular. That’s why she’s friends with Default Friend, DF is 2 years older. I remember all of it. A lot of men were raging about her back then, but you know men have no memory for details and the small stuff.

No. 1816673

File: 1682651788061.jpeg (424.88 KB, 1536x2048, BFC40B1F-DC33-40EF-BA8A-4A8B91…)

Samefag RFH has “lore” but her background is really a mix of lies and truth, but mostly lies. She’s definitely not 35-40, her circle of twitter people she even met IRL and hung out with like “Hank” were all the same age (late 20s to early 30s, and a few zoomer friends sprinkled in). If she looks 40 it’s low body fat or bad lighting and photos. She posted this on her old account like 2 years ago and it’s still in twitter cache

No. 1816684

nta but i lurked the kaliacc server for a while and the former troon running it, sunny, said he liked her, invited her and she joined the server. she was always friends with them and still follows and is in gcs with pedophile milady accounts, so i agree with what >>1816587 is saying, her simps should leave the thread. im sure they all lurk these threads since theyve been doxed or talked about here and some of the "not to wk" posts >>1816628 are just them wking themselves.

this is a whitepill tho

No. 1816695

> She was active on Twitter since 2021, she actively posted her age (27 at the time), her city, her job field even and a post bachelors certificate she did.
reeks of self posting if you’re not going to post any real proof

No. 1816698

None of this makes any sense, if she’s lying it’s probably about being younger. Anyone can hang out with people younger than them and that pic does not prove anything. If you have more concrete info then post that

No. 1816702

also nta but they aren't lying cause like i said, she was in the kaliacc server, she was friends with the owner of the server who would also say the same thing (that she is 27-28 2 years ago) so she's 29-30 now. ever since she was doxed, or at least face doxed by BAPists (who were claiming she was the doxer) she lies about stuff that makes her personally identifiable, including age, in a joking manner going along with what some scrote said about her, and i think everything about her marriage to a 50 year old is a lie as well. dagny redbad is probably also just an alias, it sounds like a fake ass name

No. 1816704

these people could easily be in their 30’s, not sure what this pic is supposed to represent

No. 1816705

Oh yea let’s believe kaliacc, a group of loser pedos. Give milk or fuck off

No. 1816706

File: 1682656203506.png (38.81 KB, 1051x859, dagnyredbad.png)

samefag but based on the pic posted above, i think the facedox could be real. but dagny redbad isnt her real name. some liberal im assuming was keeping track of dissident right wing accounts and i found this googling her "name", apparently she even had her name set to dagny redbad at one point. doesnt seem like something someone who would call themselves "radfem hitler" would do, display their real name on twitter. https://github.com/travisbrown/evasion

No. 1816711

she met up irl with people, they knew her age, posters from that community knew people shed meet up with. you dont have to believe me lol all i know is what i remember and others who knew her account recall the same thing clearly. she's avoiding giving away personally identifiable information now by lying and making a joke about how she's "post-wall", or whatever the scrotes who argue with her all day think. seems like that's all there is to it.

No. 1816712

That’s obviously not her name. That was her pseudonym 2020-2022. Those were the years she was e-famous, took a hiatus in mid/late 2022 till this spring when she returned. Her Twitter @ was hyperboreanterf. People still refer to her as Dagny, in reference to that past time.

No. 1816714

Idk you two are both stupid and new to this whole space. You guys are probably the ones constantly asking “who’s BAP” “is zero HP racist?” RFH is not new, she was even posted about on past leftcows thread. Stop asking to be spoonfed. The only people who don’t know her and also orbit RSP are like, faggot journos or 19 year olds that learned of this corner through dumbass Crumps articles this yeah. If you don’t believe us who cares? None of that milk we reference is easy to find bc it’s 2020-21 screenshots

No. 1816715

>dagny redbad is probably also just an alias
No shit. Sounds like a fantastical troon name and the lying and deflecting when she gets called out is such troonish behavior. Maybe she’s one of those troons with creepylib parents who got put on hormones at a young age. The murky backstory and lying would make so much more sense if it was a troon

No. 1816716

Saying to post proof of something that happened 2 years isn’t asking to be spoonfed you retard

No. 1816721

I’m sure she didn’t lie to the pedo retards she met up with about her age. Fucking idiot. She just knew she couldn’t get away with saying any younger because she looks too old

No. 1816723

God help us, go to google type in “leftcows” or “lolcow” + “radfem hitler” or “RFH.”

No. 1816724

nta (im the other anon who replied to you) but how the fuck was anyone supposed to know she would say she's 35 in 2023 and screenshot her claims of being 27, or anyone else saying she was 27, to prove that she said this? several of us evidently remember the same thing. if you think she's new/believe what she's saying now as opposed to years ago, you must be new to these threads, and are thus asking to be spoonfed. read old threads idk what else to tell you, she may have been active as early as 2018 according to the lib github stalking rw adjacent twitter accounts

No. 1816725

Are these really all her accounts? Why are some of them literal male names kek. This person is so weird

No. 1816726

You can flip this and ask the same, how do you know she wasn’t lying back then and is telling the truth now?

No. 1816727

File: 1682657653938.png (9.31 KB, 612x189, mbd.png)

Liz B referencing tweets every episode of her pod now, including one that only received 10 likes on the latest one. 100% she's still posting on twitter using an alt.

No. 1816728

i don't, but usually when people reveal too much about themselves, and then something leaks (like a picture of their face, or a full dox) they become more likely to lie later on to avoid more getting leaked. i think as her account grew, she started to lie more and avoid giving away PII. just how these things tend to go

No. 1816731

who cares either way? You must be some rightoid obsessed with her middling takes. But yes she’s literally done stuff like meet up with e-girls in Miami. People know and have vouched for her over the years. Not mega accounts but people she’s befriended. You gonna ask for proof of that too? & she might be lying about her age in -either direction-, but she kinda should be. These right wing people she pisses off are trigger happy to dox. And she wasn’t as tight with her internet hygiene a few years back.

No. 1816732

The real question is Anna and Dasha pretty blatantly ignored RFH over the years, and maybe Anna even subtweeted her? Possibly bc RFH was beefing with alot of large RW accounts Anna was e-shaking her titties for, as a figure of speech. But now Anna is in Radfem’s replies all the time. Maybe some angst about Eli kek

No. 1816739

How do you know all this exactly? This was not mentioned in old threads so don’t use that excuse again retard

No. 1816741

So she’s friends with browncel pedophiles and the owner of a pedophile group. This sure makes a strong case they’re not some troon desperate for attention

No. 1816744

> But yes she’s literally done stuff like meet up with e-girls in Miami.
Why the fuck are you dropping shit like this and acting like it’s common knowledge? This specific detail was never mentioned in previous threads. Stop doing that, it’s fucking annoying

No. 1816745

Ok fine. She is a troon. The end.

No. 1816747

stop self posting you annoying bitch. Fuck off

No. 1816749

>But yes she’s literally done stuff like meet up with e-girls in Miami. People know and have vouched for her over the years. Not mega accounts but people she’s befriended. You gonna ask for proof of that too?
that’s the point of a gossip thread. Go back to Twitter, only place your multiple personalities/pathological lying will be coddled

No. 1816751

Something off about these posts.

No. 1816759

Not hapa women, and definitely not hapas with an Asian dad. They usually turn out fine. This Chinese claim is giving “my son lives in Europe” “I’ve been married 2x, now to a 50 year old.” I guess she’s allowed to make up anything she wants

No. 1816760

I explained >>1816684 I lurked the server. I didn't see grooming, it was happening in @CharlotteFang77's twitter gc and server. That one had a bunch of 4chan autists and they'd talk about other twitter users like RFH, the detrans server owner said he liked her. She was invited, but they locked down and kicked lurkers, so I didn't see if she ended up talking.

Nta but it's been posted about in the tradthot thread how she's from Miami. Like that anon told you, there are posts about her in old leftcows threads as well that were linked in the previous one, and those of us who were lurking for it, like me and ayrt, remember them. (the lefty tech journos i think are the people she met up with in miami)

I think they're her accounts yeah, the moid names are real celebrities (David Icke, Craig Wright) if you click the post I'm tagging above she had a gender swapped pfp of David Icke while using that account. Her current pfp looks like a Ken doll with long hair. She could be using feminized males as pfps because she's a troon, or because she claims to be autistic.

No. 1816763

File: 1682661300088.jpeg (42.95 KB, 434x657, B1F5C7D6-BFD3-4DB2-8611-915728…)

I could believe this. Her eyes look it. The lying and hanging out with browncels adds up if she is HAPA. If she was a basic white chick she wouldn’t feel sympathy towards those losers kek

No. 1816765

samefag but i personally still don't think it's a troon so i said she. i still dislike her because she affiliates with gross pedophiles, tbh her disses are so mild they come across as her actually flirting with scrotes like medgold and that hairy guy she's always qrting who has her pfp over his wife's face

No. 1816778

I don't buy it at all , she's as WASPy as they come

No. 1816780

thank you, i was surprised no one else said anything. the fucking post numbers are like 5 off of each other. clearly her groupchat of retarded moids are here, this is worse than pariah del troons selfposting.

No. 1816781

File: 1682664704055.jpeg (8.83 KB, 353x286, 15FE2F10-863C-4503-ACDB-387BB7…)

Bruh. Maybe dyed blonde hair is throwing you off but these are not wasp eyes. I know many a wasp

No. 1816821

maybe it's partially hooded lids/bad quality, she could have light eyes too you can't tell. i think sitting here questioning lies she brings up about her personal life and identity just amuses the individual in question who reads this thread and this isnt exactly milk. i would've respected her if she was actually "tumblr leftist seeking dox on anons" >>1812586 as suspected by the BAP crowd and went after the types of pedo moids shes mutuals with. instead she spreads their memes and semi-flirts by slighting them as they have tediously long conversations revolving around run-of-the-mill gender discourse

probably used to think shes a feminist so counter-signaled; but since it's obvious RFH isn't serious nor a feminist and also fraternizes with the kinds of the scrotes anna e-shakes her titties for as you put it, they are more comfortable engaging with her now

No. 1816824

chicken wing

No. 1816833

File: 1682675402447.jpeg (95.09 KB, 828x1166, 49690F62-F309-4C02-AC46-84C5B6…)

flashing puss in front of tucker like a true conservative

No. 1816859

File: 1682679473163.jpeg (169.76 KB, 1242x1731, CD0F4934-CF9E-4C9E-BA14-33B99E…)

Rightoid kiddy diddlers into 13 yr olds also asking what happened, Aimee got her account back so many times Dasha's suspension prob wont last either. I wish she really got perma b& for being a massive slut who spread herpes to half the jewish moid population of Manhattan, the thought of that makes me laugh.

No. 1816930

i believe it, her face looks like she has partial asian ancestry t. hapa so i can usually spot the features

No. 1816937

This is still an improvement over her mommy milkers era, eg privately posting for like 20 people to read

No. 1816943

This is all common knowledge, I can't believe we have this many newfags. Always a whitepill that no1currs about (or remembers) kaliacc sour "milk" tho

No. 1816959

seriously, wtf is going on? Why are there so many people here who have no idea who BAP/RFH/Bruenig etc are? The characters in this scene have remained fairly static since 2020, what’s shifted is the relationships between people (eg TAFS). Did someone drop a new shit article on Dimes Square

No. 1816982

Why do all those accounts have the same twitter accounts? Always some incel shit paired with some medieval/classical art piece?

No. 1817048

Does it bug you she is part Asian? Why are you bothering to argue this kek

No. 1817051

He’s right about there being no light in her eyes but it’s because she is Russian and they all suffer from that dead eye freak look kek

No. 1817052

Her using male names for her accounts is not common knowledge gtfo here

No. 1817058

Yes not only the eyes but the cheeks and chin. I think she’s telling the truth about this one

No. 1817067

men really don't get the internet

No. 1817075

I feel like all the people here digging for dirt on RFH are right wing moids mad that she called men gay this week or something. Can’t imagine a woman being that incensed by what she says enough to beg for spoonfeeding

No. 1817099

Maybe she isn't lying when she identifies herself as a "Chinese national".

No. 1817105

File: 1682712174691.png (56.75 KB, 800x419, FrXWuB2XsAQZh73.png)

Going by conjecture Anna and Dasha attended this last night. Today Dasha posted a picture of herself in a formal dress and a ceiling that could be the club location.

No. 1817107

File: 1682712243320.png (45.08 KB, 860x812, anna.png)

And last night Anna tweeted this.

No. 1817109

File: 1682712456353.png (4.23 MB, 2044x1358, dashaonright.png)

Dasha's photo on right, picture of venue on left.

No. 1817115

If you had a nickel for every time D+A said “the elites” disparagingly in the last 3 years, to end up at events like these. They called it when it happened to Bernie and libleftism, but they won’t call it for themselves. Can you believe these women mocked “strivers” who got jobs as engineers and doctors, only to end up here?

No. 1817124

the only thing that bugs me about this woman are her pedophile associates, and she would post about being a white latina before or wasp, i just dont buy it.

No. 1817129

imagine attending this without a bombstrap

No. 1817137

File: 1682716083192.png (90.74 KB, 1232x1026, annadasha.png)

No. 1817138

She would also say she’s a northern European ethnicity that looks Asian, like bjork. People lie on the internet. The only reason /an anon/ has to lie as much as Rad fem is because they shared the truth and are near dox.
Their finances kept separately yet claims of marriage seem odd. I feel if Anna was married she’d want everyone to know. Just like if she had a 131 IQ

No. 1817141

Supporting the gala? Did Anna and Dasha get invites by donating?

No. 1817143

File: 1682716618839.png (292.66 KB, 1442x1516, anna before thiel bucks.png)

i remember getting called a schizo in these threads for saying years ago that Anna and Dasha were obviously meeting with and getting funded by Thiel. i also remember Anna vehemently denying it with some word salad tweets. well they may be ideological whores for a murderous billionaire but at least they were able to purchase new mattresses and faces

No. 1817149

I didn’t post at the time and only lurked but I always believed you nonna

No. 1817152

Samefag even old r/redscarepod was rational and acknowledged the weird Thiel connections and explicit ass kissing in 2020, much more so than the BEC here who’d rather wax poetic about Dasha’s exes. It was a crazy time

No. 1817156

File: 1682717629876.jpg (463.7 KB, 2048x1536, Fuz0aSQWcAcC_bF.jpg)

No. 1817207

Yeah. Kantbot would go on nutty rants about it if I remember correctly.

No. 1817213

damn she wasn't joking about injecting kratom

No. 1817217

sneerclub tards

No. 1817220

germanic goblin

No. 1817222

doctors right now are giving kids puberty blockers and saying human beings can change sex while sneering at country bumpkins using harmless dewormer. let's be honest, being a doctor or lawyer is just as dirty in this era

No. 1817228

what is the psychology of gay men who want to indulge in secret but have a veil of heterosexuality and family? is it just gay autism, trying to double dip and secure a maid and children, or were they excluded by the art and culture ones that make them this way? every man in this tragic photo is a rigid closet case with a too-young-to-be-so matronly wife. men: terrible in every instance and iteration that they can possibly come in.

No. 1817229

anybody can post here, there's often outside blitzes

No. 1817232

entertaining these types is so tedious, they don't even drink and make it impossible. spread looks bland

No. 1817243

Fuck off rightoid

No. 1817244

Nitpicking but love how Dasha is woefully underdressed at the fanciest event she’s been invited to in ages

No. 1817249

nta but if you have something against nonnas disagreeing with putting kids on puberty blockers you don't know where you are if you think that's the consensus here, troon dickrider

No. 1817251

go back to reddit and dilate

No. 1817252

Acting as if doctors and nurses en masse support children transitioning is my issue. It’s not the case at all, fuck off with your right wing misrepresentation of the medical field. Most people are normal and appalled and don’t know what to do, esp when baited with “I’ll kill myself without this”

No. 1817254

Samefag log off and touch grass if you think most practicing health professionals support this shit and are the ones pushing it and are “holders of power” and “elites” when hospital admins and pharm sales reps make X times more than a normal practitioner. It’s the same shit as when right wingers condemn teachers for pushing drag and trans stuff. It’s propaganda and you’re buying it

No. 1817267

>Can you believe these women mocked “strivers” who got jobs as engineers and doctors
I can't really remember them doing that tbqh

No. 1817276

i'm center-left and going "but there are good doctors and nurses" isn't the retort you think it is, no shit i am well aware many don't support it, that should go without saying, but yes if they did not receive support en masse trans affirming "care" bills wouldn't be getting passed left and right in the majority of states where parents are sometimes villainized as abusers if they claim it's not in their child's best interest to give them hormones and puberty blockers while the government tries to make it as easy as possible. if you search this, healthcare professionals are "split" and "divided" on how to evaluate minors. it doesn't mean they're ultimately at fault and i don't even agree with the other anon's generalizations, but support indeed both exists and is widespread which is why more teenagers than ever are seeking transitions.

No. 1817297

anyone know which episode(s) of eugene's radio show were dasha-(co)-hosted?

No. 1817320

I find it hard to believe anyone subscribes to red scare, much less 13K people. Well maybe a few dozen idiots with money to burn like Matt Healy. Do we think Thiel is probably funding Red Scare somehow through patreon “subs?”

No. 1817324

you are so far out of touch with reality if this is seriously your response to someone bringing up the profession of "doctor"

No. 1817337


i don't know how you would prove it but even before the thiel stuff people always suspected something was up because the amount of engagement has always been really low compared to the subs. it's the same red flag with all the substack stuff.

No. 1817348

they aren't innocent bystanders and not enough are speaking out

No. 1817350

File: 1682735706134.jpeg (90.83 KB, 750x720, 3A595721-9B72-4A66-8196-7906F8…)

imagine tweeting this and including a pic where they both look ugly and busted as fuck

No. 1817360

Wish journos would stop reporting on this dimes square social scene crap and dig into this

No. 1817369

File: 1682739699356.png (559.82 KB, 897x460, td.png)

Trollface Dasha
Trollface Dasha

No. 1817384

File: 1682740841152.jpeg (218.17 KB, 1125x1755, Fu2IpLaWAAMma5p.jpeg)

sober era over?

No. 1817387

flight deck alert but it's the words 'deploy bangs' over and over

No. 1817393

nitpick but her hair looks so limp and dirty as usual, she can't even bother to wash/brush it for a formal event? i feel embarrassed for her

No. 1817399

> The award, which was first presented to Dr. Henry Kissinger in 2012, pays homage to the legacy of Edmund Burke, the eighteenth-century political philosopher. Previous honorees include Charles Murray (2015), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2016), Victor Davis Hanson (2018), Conrad Black (2020), and Larry P. Arnn (2022).
kek this list includes a war criminal, a white nationalist, a lolcow who renounced his canadian citizenship over trudeau then begged for it back, and the founder of the Claremont Institute

No. 1817400

samefag, lolcow again was correct about the thiel ties, years in advance.

No. 1817408

poorly skinwalking anna and dasha and extremely skinnyfat except for mancalves

No. 1817409

File: 1682743642425.jpg (317.62 KB, 1339x2048, the last journalist.JPG)

read up on old leftcows threads, someone here posted kantbot dropping receipts on thiel donations plus someone posted patreon numbers spiking after the Weinstein episode
from what ive heard, journos are afraid of investigating thiel because thiel took down gawker when they outed him as a homosexual, among other things swept under the rug. this is why I dont trust journalists, they arent willing to stick even a toe into real journalism. picrel reported on trillions of dollars of money laundering from multinational corporations and got assassinated in 2017.

No. 1817410

File: 1682743702641.jpeg (88.22 KB, 750x958, 5F006783-D76A-4E9F-8242-0A7351…)

Lots of cleavage at this event from unattractive women, why
Anna and Dash were such cunts to KB back in the day. Esp Anna (her dorky nerd insecurity complex coming out to bully the fat kid). Granted Kantbot was 1. Annoying and 2. fought back, but it was interesting how shitty she was to him Vs every man in that space. He had her number as early as 2019.
It was p much LC, KB, and some far right guys suspicious of NYC artsy-but-not-artist losers parroting conservative talking points. Over the years the skepticism toward them has shrunk, probably due to their pickmeisms and more and more explicit sexism and racism.

No. 1817411

File: 1682743825852.jpg (108.33 KB, 863x587, latest-3414979207.jpg)

No. 1817412

File: 1682743908157.png (120.31 KB, 942x1075, rfhdoxxer.png)

the jury's still out on whether she's a doxxer

No. 1817417

Yeah a lot of us were here for this nonna-moid. It was 2 years ago and even in an old thread someone linked to last night (#21?).
Clawson was doxed by Hank bc he was a creep to his and RFH’s common friend Steph, who was seeing him. He’s conveniently leaving that out. Don’t ask for screenshots bc the other parties were nobodies and who cares.
The interesting part is everyone in your screenshot is reading LC clearly, or else they wouldn’t be triggered to bring it up again two years later. So say hi, Nonnas, to our lurkers

No. 1817419

Samefag sorry all, I and the other oldfag nonnies should stop engaging the moid newfag obsessed with RFH cuz he’s mad she says men are trash kek.

No. 1817423

Can anyone ID the people in this photo?

No. 1817425

>for of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: lolcow was right again

No. 1817433

File: 1682748583883.png (724.07 KB, 1170x2532, A0E4BB0B-2D5A-4D81-9259-097BAA…)

cheeks out for Thiel.. appropriate

No. 1817451

guy on the left's name is christopher buskirk, conservative journo writes for the NY times "editor and publisher of the journal American Greatness and a co-author of “American Greatness: How Conservatism, Inc. Missed the 2016 Election and What the D.C. Establishment Needs to Learn.” goes to turning point usa events and such https://www.nytimes.com/by/christopher-buskirk

blonde guy in the middle next to dasha went to dartmouth wrote an article about being a conservative farmer for this site, name malcolm salovaara https://www.frontporchrepublic.com/author/msalovaara/

who cares if she posted that freaks face or said his name but lol @ the pedophile trying to "cope an explanation into existence" to defend her. also obvious but top left account standing up for their "fren" is a moid pretending to be a woman, pfp is a brazilian model named monique bourscheid. attractive women don't say "fren" or care about "rw men online being doxxed", nevermind that none of them are against doxing in principle and will do it if they think they have a reason for it, it's all posturing

No. 1817452

okay dasha serve

No. 1817455

I almost feel sorry for anyone whose brain is so fried they can get through listening these guys rambling aimlessly for two hours. Then I remember they pay for this.

Will really is a cautionary tale of what happens when parents don't let their kids watch any TV. They don't end up any better than the Disney/Marvel adults.

No. 1817457

will mennaker looks almost exactly like brian peppers

No. 1817463

I honestly prefer this hair for Anna

No. 1817473

Anna was on Chris bus Kirk podcast, in earlier threads, post about this was removed from rs reddit by mods
Incredible he’s been inserted to nyt as he’s very clearly just a Claremont thiel etc. op

No. 1817474

> Lots of cleavage at this event from unattractive women, why
I’m sure you know

No. 1817475

File: 1682760888310.jpeg (252.29 KB, 1899x1620, IMG_5210.jpeg)

Lucky she never posted this on main

No. 1817476

File: 1682761431780.jpeg (184.75 KB, 1515x1136, IMG_5211.jpeg)

No. 1817478

Why, in every candid photo of her with her mouth open, does it look like her face is about to melt off?

No. 1817486

Are you new here? Mocking career-focused girlbosses, saying STEM is for men and claiming that every professional woman would be happier as a barefoot and pregnant housewife sucking dick for a roof over her head is the main building block of the whole podcast. The other one is being obsessed with the unique evils of the neoliberal elites.

No. 1817493

>sucking dick for a roof over her head
Well said

No. 1817503

I wonder what their prepared statement for why they went to the Thiel gala is? They’ve denied ties completely for so long. Or maybe they will never mention it on the pod.

No. 1817512

is that kaitlin phillps?

No. 1817563

They especially mocked children of immigrants/immigrants like them, for securing solid careers and doing LinkedIn posts and partaking in careerism. Meanwhile these faildaughters are double embarrassing as media and arts strivers (with no decent works to their name). The one book they read in completion was a Lasch book and we never heard the end of it.
Guess it all paid off though— to be funded or at least receive the social benefits of a billionaire murderer pushing a trad style yet also promoting people like the prostitute Aella

No. 1817579

File: 1682783621716.jpeg (13.27 KB, 455x427, 736E389A-4301-4C31-A54F-40FD55…)

You need to get better at identifying phenotypes nonnie. mom is euro, dad is Chinese. makes sense based on her phenotype. Picrel Chinese woman with very similar face shape to RFH

No. 1817583

Let’s not forget Anna and Dasha have also been sex workers

No. 1817598

Also like phenotype and race typology is faggot rightoid shit. Better things to do than measure craniums

No. 1817606

This makes her look like she has an ass and is curvy but she isnt.

No. 1817619

When you’re short you can cinch your waist and get a big butt effect very easily. Notice she didn’t edit herself to look taller for once.

No. 1817645

It’s a lot of photo/high camera+mirror combo/arching back tricks too… there’s a reason this isn’t a photo taken of her back view by someone else face on. Although her ass is out, I think the slits of this dress are slightly less revealing in person

No. 1817646

Samefag I can’t imagine how much scorn she’d have for another single mother doing an ass pic in a slutty outfit.

No. 1817666

noticed the rs mods have started deleting any threads related to A+D and thiel even ones complimenting them

No. 1817690

because she is ugly

No. 1817695

kngdx dead?

No. 1817697

it's been said before but the Chapo Trap House mode of politics as name-calling and appearance-mocking is so fucking rich coming from these fucking dysgenic freaks

No. 1817701

Maybe still salty from being booted from hexbear and isn’t keeping up with his/her project. the free cumtown feeds have been dead for a while and I can’t be assed to look for new ones, don’t care, I guess they’re all on YouTube or something if you search by ep name?

No. 1817704

Thiel cares about society at large and believes Christian morality to be good guidance.
He's not really supporting anything anti-gay afaik, but I suppose he draws the line at an agenda that tries to convince people to either change their sexuality or biological sex.

No. 1817707

Was the link to her on his podcast which would seem relevant to the sub
This was two years ago and one f the mods, long jumping row had even commented

No. 1817708

File: 1682804945201.jpeg (70.91 KB, 1344x343, IMG_5221.jpeg)

‘Fun and interesting’

No. 1817709

Strong pro Thiel energy and an unsaged post, fuck off. Thiel’s founders fund has funded people like Aella (a prostitute who justifies sleeping with married men) to give lectures, and Thiel has personally cheated on his husband and got his side piece murdered.

No. 1817710

Samefag Thiel “cares about society at large” jqvdghzbe just like Anna and Dasha do. A misled leftist who somehow earnestly believes in land attributions and checking for pronouns has more good in their heart

No. 1817714

Uh not to butt in but cheating on spouses is like one of the least bad things either of them has advocated for lol, it’s not good but it’s weird to pick that as an example of how they’re bad

No. 1817718


nta but it's worth bringing up because these people are not christian even in the superficial "easy" way of someone who is at least making a genuine attempt to use it as a moral guide or at least absorbed the values through osmosis.

No. 1817725

I disagree, it’s not really worth pointing out Peter Thiel is not living the real deal Jesus life. Like no shit. Maybe it’s news to someone though, not trying to put nona down it just seemed so obvious and there are so many other things…. If its what makes anyone see him as a phony that’s fine I guess

No. 1817727

I was brief, not intending to be comprehensive. It would be its own thread to describe the many ways Thiel is not a model of Christian virtue and his interests in promoting that model is based in typical gay man misogyny

No. 1817729

you guys are bad at identifying a bit, shes clearly lying

No. 1817732

yep. Zoomers are quite literal about the internet and don’t realize ppl make up stuff or are joking

No. 1817735

this user is a psycho who posts shirtless thirst traps with his children in the photo, hes married but spends his time attacking RFH on twitter.

shes obviously taking the piss out of the incels and rightoids who she angers on a daily basis, i am worried about the reading comprehension level of the users of this site

No. 1817740

A true hapa who dyes their hair light blonde would have to be insane, kek. I’m 90% certain Clawson or Slum, or their fans in their GC, are the ones who shared that old dox pic and the fake compliments and keep demanding screenshots (bc they can’t navigate the threads) to bring to their homo group chats to trash her. None of the typical leftcows audience give much of a damn about rad fem hitler and didnt years ago either.

No. 1817743

File: 1682809781327.jpeg (174.11 KB, 1158x1110, 2024B35A-475F-48E0-BCC8-0F218B…)

No. 1817749

Who knows because she can’t write or express herself for shit and it’s a tweet but what Anna says here could be read as her coping pretty hard. But I don’t think she thinks what she does is bad so she’s just narcissistically calling every one of her haters jealous as usual.

No. 1817750

Sometimes I remember being 15-24 and it’s shocking to reflect on how gullible I was so I have sympathy for them.

No. 1817757

I wonder who she was subtweeting here

No. 1817763

File: 1682812631766.png (43.45 KB, 1176x678, hatelife.png)

Could the left twittertards stop being lazy and get on the Red Scare tits out for Thiel at the Kissinger award gala beat so I don't have to see this shit? Could someone tell me Yasha is being cynical with picking his guests to get more subscribers? Or is he just dumb? Having Keith Gessen on after talking shit about him and his sister for years might mean the former.

No. 1817766

does anyone have dasha's other twitter account?

No. 1817771

Why is the envy narcissistic exactly? Escorts have enviable lives but I would never be a whore - and that absolutely is on principle. Maybe Anna can’t understand that because she has no morals.

No. 1817772

oh wow the journo finally learned to sage

No. 1817775

Obvious self post. looks HAPA more than any other ethnicity she has claimed to be. keep your 50 personalities tighter next time. we got you

No. 1817778

Very true nonna. It is a mirror image to Anna’s past casting couch discussions, claims that it’s a great equalizer and that many women would do it but aren’t hot enough to get the chance.
Nonna is correct about these men’s poor reading comprehension bc her tone and writing style is incredibly different from RFH

No. 1817780

she’s subtweeting us lmao and she’s coping hard. “you’re all JEALOUS” - Anna you are an alcoholic podcaster with a baby daddy

No. 1817789

do you think Anna realizes that being a catty self absorbed cunt is why her friends post about her on an anonymous imageboard?

No. 1817795

She’s only saying this bc she trashed “elites” for years but deeply envied them herself. Like no Anna people just don’t like you and find you trash. If anyone is jealous of your money, reminder that making $200-$300K for 3 years is desperate catch up for Anna missing out on 15 years of income and savings by never having a stable job

No. 1817814

Eli posted an insta story about going to city hall to get legally married, but no evidence they are actually together in the traditional sense. He probably just wants a better chance at getting custody.
I think baby chiropractor was Eli's idea but at least he has the decency to not smoke in baby's face.

No. 1817822

>Lots of cleavage at this event from unattractive women, why
no looks, no personality, no fashion sense.

blockers are are just another pharmaceutical racket. unethical doctors will always exist.

No. 1817823

Terrible move from Yasha and Ames, what next, Aimee on war nerd to discuss China

No. 1817828

Yasha was a guest on Red Scare a couple years ago and I think he and Anna already knew each outside of the context of internet personalities. Russian immigrant solidarity and all that.

No. 1817865

go back

No. 1817892

i dont i said anything crazy. the use on trans kids is a very new and niche, but its part of a bigger problem. puberty blockers have been over-prescribed for ages at this point to kids that don't need them (on- and off-label). the TAP lawsuit had the largest settlement ever in pharma industry at the time and literally nothing has changed.

No. 1817910

Everything Anna says is projection coming from insecurity, regret and envy. She has said on the pod that she used to be ”a literal whore”, selling herself to New Jersey lowlifes in seedy motels, being left with nothing but regret. Of course she tries to cope.

No. 1817940

I guarantee you she has never brushed her teeth in her entire life.

No. 1817976

dash_eats unbanned

No. 1817980

can explain why her teeth are like gray, but smoking probably doesn’t help either.

No. 1817990

>None of the typical leftcows audience give much of a damn about rad fem hitler and didnt years ago either.
She interacted with Anna and Dasha and alt right Twitter figures and pedos and wife beaters like Indian Bronson, medgold, and Richard Spencer. No one is forcing her to interact with any of these controversial figures, or talk about her fake or real marital status, ethnicity, and age. She keeps spilling it herself. She is a lolcow and belongs here

No. 1818031

I think this is fair, but we should be wary of moids mining for info about her and claiming to be seeking milk

No. 1818035

why does default_friend continue orbiting this scene when everyone hates her?

No. 1818038

Why do you think only moids are interested? This comes off like wk or self posting to act like she deserves special protections from anyone kek. If she wants people to stop talking she can be an adult and stop posting. No one is forcing her

No. 1818045

You know I’m not RF. If you see where this thread went this weekend, new moids who hate her derailed asking dumbass elementary questions like “is Radfem Hitler’s account name Dagny Redbad?” It’s annoying like how the last thread was filled with “is Anna racist” posts

No. 1818047

How do you know those were moids? No I don’t know if you’re her coz this is an anon image board like?

No. 1818050

nta but i've known of her account for 2 years and i'm the only one here who said dagny redbad and that it's an alias, so like, develop some reading comprehension maybe

No. 1818053

File: 1682879768972.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.42 KB, 1169x1384, E2B60B83-30DF-4F4E-888A-555A83…)

Is Maddie like subtly competing with Anna on being the most desperate for attention 40 year old? Late (or never) bloomers & butterfaces strike again

No. 1818055

Samefag and just post the desperate topless pic, minus the sardonic distanced caption. This is the mid version of when an Instathot adds a quote to a bikini pic

No. 1818056

File: 1682880758615.jpeg (82.66 KB, 1242x636, 49E5F917-598D-40F1-BAEC-5E7D1C…)

also nta but i agree she isn't an exception just think that some anons here eat up the lies she tells about herself concerning specifically her identity and personal life. why wouldn't she mix in some fake stuff to make it harder for them to fully dox her and get some laughs in the process? even if she was part chinese thats hardly milk. what is milk however is how her face leaked in the first place by being drunk on voice call with rightoid and wignat scrotes she was attempting to bond with over their "glowie" adjacent families

also you sound like a shitty wannabe race scientist and don't have a knack for identifying phenotypes yourself lol. one of her eyes looks like it has a semi epicanthal fold in the single blurry picture of her face suddenly you're buying into whats most likely just another one of her several different ethnicity larps she comes up with to troll scrotes? be fr.

No. 1818060

She has a victim complex and enjoys the pile up>deactivate cycle.

No. 1818069

>even if she was part chinese thats hardly milk
It is kind of milky that a cow that acted so deranged that everyone assumed they were trans turned out to just be a hapa lol

No. 1818076

File: 1682883368470.png (154.88 KB, 620x833, Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 3.34…)

It's amazing how literally everyone in this scene is just repulsive looking. NYC used to be considered the place where all the beautiful people lived, not like, podcasters addicted to research chemicals and screen poisoned retards pretending to be Catholic
>yeah I style myself like shit, drink excessively and smoke, it's called irony sweatie!!!

No. 1818087

Nobody really followers her that closely since she’s really not apart of the subject of this thread. She makes right-wing scrotes mad and is the only one doing it on that side so good for her

No. 1818092

His eyes look like a hostage’s

No. 1818099

Why are you so bothered by this? Her being hapa makes the most sense. It is not only her eyes it’s the cheeks and face shape. A normal waspy blonde wouldn’t ingratiate herself so hard with these troubled terminally online rw men to begin with. Classic hapa racial angst

No. 1818104

bc default_friend is genuinely addicted to the internet
major self-report from the adderall bogwitch. its always election season for this Claremont shill. go ahead and search her name + "democrat" on twitter and see thousands of tweets politicking 24/7. need to know who makes the call to undo these "permanent" suspensions whenever the leftcows have TOS-breaking meltdowns online.

No. 1818106

what did she do to piss everyone off?

No. 1818129

she's a hapa according to her the same way she's a white latina and a wasp according to her but seems that went over your head. plus people said she looks like a troon because of how she's built, if anything her face leaking made it more believable its a woman

like an anon said earlier in the thread, her simps should leave. rwt scrotes get mad at women, including and especially those on "their side" on the daily, there's nothing unique in that aspect. but it's funny how she oscillates between bickering with and getting drunk on call with them and sharing their jokes about wanting to have sex with 14 year olds

No. 1818131

what hasnt she done? read older threads if you're so inclined. every time DF deactivates its because she either pissed off some group or got too nosy in groups shes not a part of "for research purposes." her narcissism combined with her internet addiction keeps her in the abuse-deactivate cycle the other nonna mentioned.

No. 1818133

what does teeth have to do with it? she was just born with a caved in head and lost a significant amount of cheek fat.

No. 1818136

Anna is trying to find a spouse, Maddie is merely autistic

No. 1818149

>she's a hapa according to her the same way she's a white latina and a wasp according to her but seems that went over your head.
She has to be something and she looks the most hapa with dyed blonde hair. The more mad you get over this the more it reads like self posting, like you’re mad you’ve been found out kek

No. 1818153

Anna's "trafficked across state lines" story has been discussed in an older thread, and iirc it was completely bullshit

No. 1818158

Even though it's obvious it's always worth pointing out that none of them believe in God and only like "traditional" values to keep the rabble in line and justify their place at the top of the "natural" order. Just like they pit working class men against "fake email job" having women, despite working 24/7 to screw prole men

No. 1818161

what’s an example?

No. 1818164

No spoonfeeding for the newfag

No. 1818165

Yeah the nonna who said Anna was a prostitute doesn’t realize prostitution is too much work for Anna.

No. 1818168

Don't forget the shitty sub-Residence Inn apartment she's too busy drunkposting to furnish. Imagine staring at those blank white walls every night, 20 oz wine glass in hand, convincing yourself someone envies you

No. 1818257

Did anyone else see the reply thread with some moid asking rfh about the eytomology of the word scrote and her specifically taking credit for it. I'm trying to find caps

No. 1818274

she steals heavily from FDS without ever mentioning it. Not an original thought in her head except what she makes up about her life to prove her points

No. 1818282

Imagine managing to make Dasha seem modest.

No. 1818284

I dunno when people called NYC a hot place or if they even still do. LA was always the "hot place" while NYC is where the weird looking "intellectuals" went.

No. 1818330

File: 1682918318848.jpeg (34.32 KB, 750x309, A0AC3E05-24CD-43B9-9579-7E8983…)

No. 1818332

why is this bitch posting like she's on the cusp of starting an onlyfans all of a sudden?

No. 1818335

Is this the guy that duckalertsnow "cheated on"

No. 1818337

duckalertsnow "cheated" on all sorts of these retards, including mjkea who was featured on here a while ago

No. 1818341

i hate that ugly nigger(racebaiting )

No. 1818377

File: 1682928849991.png (91.95 KB, 479x484, kinky.png)

No. 1818390

This is fucking terrible.

No. 1818420

Despite the smut she doesn’t have an ounce of sex appeal

No. 1818475

Knowing she doxxed rw moids >>1817412 at first who care they’re rw moids but if she doesn’t like them why talk outside of Twitter, voice chat, podcasts, meet up offline? Twitter accounts in the past years under male and female names >>1816706 I see why nonnies think it’s a loony troon or identity confused person. easy to shrug and call it a bit but the frequency of identity switching then gaslighting when anyone calls her out seems mentally ill. I think the nonnies trying to get us to stop talking about her have an agenda kek

No. 1818481

Does anyone have proof/seen proof Radfem Hitler even is a mother?

No. 1818536

File: 1682961421833.png (17.18 KB, 686x532, dashasbigcomeback.png)

Dasha got booked as a voice actress on a few episodes of a cartoon show. Came out a few weeks ago, haven't heard anything about it.

On the most recent Succession they had another frazzled dirty blonde doing the exact same job Cumfrey did last season. No script reason to not ask Dasha back if they had wanted her to return.

No. 1818546

File: 1682962567368.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.6 KB, 611x1200, maddiefull.jpg)

I don't follow Maddie closely but my impression is that she's a shitposter and this is a funny shitpost. This should also put to rest any discussion of Maddie being a troon. Check out the waist in the full pic, that is not the waist of a troon. Not really clear on why she's considered a cow other than being friends with Dasha and being a somewhat bitchy rich girl. The later is probably part of her shitposting persona.
This was on the latest Succession where Shiv played the bitey game with Tom. Either she's horny for him again, she's planning to use him in her machinations against her brothers, or both. I use to play this game with boys at school and I would always win, women have a higher pain threshold lol

No. 1818571

it's the sucking up to rw moids while also negging scrotes with some light FDS pillow talk that makes her seem troony

No. 1818572

pic is so shooped to hell it should be considered AI

No. 1818573

Nudes aren’t shitposts. For the past 2-3 years she’s been churning out thirst traps to make up for being a forgettable mousy girl with fucked lip filler. No one in this thread in the last few iterations or on Twitter has speculated she is a troon. Everyone knows she’s a homely woman. consistently posting these slutty pics, being Dasha’s friend, and producing Scary makes her a cow. That’s well established, I don’t care if you’re her friend and hate Anna too

No. 1818575

Samefag I really hate the psychology of scarethots pretending their thirsty photos driven by insecurity are somehow post ironic meta jokes. They (you) literally just have your tits out. Must be triggered by the tweets about pathologically seeking validation through selfies.

No. 1818587

> No one in this thread in the last few iterations or on Twitter has speculated she is a troon.
that’s just not true. don’t know why it’s such a popular speculation but it is.

No. 1818591

Well, posting your breasts and torso for the internet sure showed us!

No. 1818601

She was promoting the show on instagram a couple weeks ago and I noticed she had been mutuals with the creator for some time (she had liked some of his old posts). Guessing they knew each other when she lived in LA?

No. 1818604

File: 1682967531406.jpeg (56.1 KB, 828x1271, IMG_7680.jpeg)

Liz wrote a book

No. 1818612

Kek a new Liz social media era is gonna drop

No. 1818620

File: 1682968659938.png (Spoiler Image,101.82 KB, 887x487, sk0jvim7x1771[1].png)

My impression is that she's spent a lot of trust fund money and put a lot of hard work at Equinox and is proud of her accomplishments. She looked impressive in Scary as well. Writing Scary does not make her a cow regardless of what you think of the film. It won an award at the Berlinale.

No. 1818624

I hate that the most boring leftcow is brigading this thread. Can Anna or Dasha selfpost instead?

No. 1818631

>crowing about maddie's "hard work at equinox"
>calling her looks "impressive"
>she wrote a film that won a Berlinale 3 years ago mmkay sweatie?!
this is some of the most retarded self-posting this thread has ever seen. you simply can't meme people into giving a shit about maddie, i'm sorry, she's as boring and forgettable as they come no matter how many times she posts titty on the timeline

No. 1818649

It's just a collection of her Atlantic essays on the death penalty, it's one of these:

No. 1818650

Poster paranoia is out of control itt. Get a grip. If you want talk to the cows DM them on insta.

No. 1818672

Pic gives more credence to the nonnie thinking her topless pic is photoshopped kek. Her waist is straight up rectangular I can see why someone thought she was a troon if this was all they saw of her

No. 1818691

Extreme “I have sex” vibes, is she trying to trade up her man like Anna? I know nothing about Maddie except that she has a twinky boyfriend who wants her family money (definitely not into her looks or talent — more so the lackthereof)

No. 1818707

File: 1682977410573.png (22.26 KB, 2246x272, TTD.png)

this sub is getting as bad as r/ChapoTrapHouse, total troon takeover. you'd think their last interview with a terf would shake them but its still reddit I guess

No. 1818710

dasha is my fav top

No. 1818712

maddie should just own being mousey that would be cool

No. 1818714

some criminals can't be rehabilitated and eliminating them from the gene pool is the most humane course of action, sorry liz

No. 1818742

>her family money

No. 1818760

You can check out past threads but her dad is a tech guy who got rich like a decade+ ago (but she was always upper middle class at minimum). Did stuff like go to rich troubled kid high school, etc.
Someone here complained about suspicion for self posts, but Maddie has quite autistically posted here before, and continues to (eg thread 22)

No. 1818761

Criminal behavior isn’t genetic and very few people are breeding in prison and no death sentence extends to offspring so what even is your point? Are we doing crime-based eugenic purging now?

No. 1818765

>rich troubled kid high school
It was supposedly a Provo Canyon style “school”. Literally the only sympathetic thing about her (if true), those places are awful.

No. 1818792

He was the main one, yes.

No. 1818858

To be fair, that pose is the worst for accentuating an hourglass figure. It causes the obliques to flex making the waist seem wider than it really is.

No. 1818933

File: 1683000886856.png (23.13 KB, 1135x284, zando.png)

Real-life Shiv is the one funding these Atlantic essay collections lmao

No. 1818996

File: 1683013309077.jpeg (26.07 KB, 330x461, hesse.jpeg)

No. 1819069


I will say though, she is looking much better than Anna or Dasha

No. 1819077

mousy, desperate, terminally online and admitted to giving trash head. i wouldn’t

No. 1819080

In RW internetspeak, "elites" is just synonymous with woke, we have the literal richest man on earth reeing about "elites".

No. 1819093

It's the combination of troon-bashing and defending rightoids taking dewormers, retard, not just the troon-bashing. Stop trying to smuggle in RW bullshit, we're not stupid.

>no qualms about RW men online being doxxed
Um, based?

No. 1819097

Sneering at rurals is always good

No. 1819101

next thread pic

No. 1819103

Go back to hexbear

No. 1819105

Is she me?

No. 1819108

No. 1819111

File: 1683034645028.png (Spoiler Image,97.93 KB, 563x487, manmadehorrors.png)

Pritch update

No. 1819117

>Stop trying to smuggle in RW bullshit, we're not stupid.
ntayrt but stop trying to make this thread your lefty safe space. there's always been nonnas of all political stripes here and there always will be. this isn't reddit, stop trying to make it be.

No. 1819120

genuinely horrifying, not the lip flip scar and copious filler….who tf goes out and gets instagram face in the year 2023 when it's clear the vibe is shifting away from that aesthetic anyway. still doesn't look good or like a woman, just looks like a man having a terrible allergic reaction.

No. 1819121

File: 1683035168372.png (334.75 KB, 444x489, pariahthemoviestar.png)

Scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Is there a single ounce of talent left in the New York film scene?

No. 1819136

Nonnas can we please hear more about my boyfriend Nick who I swear I can fix?

No. 1819174

I think she makes up stuff for attention. why would a married woman with a young kid be meeting up or even talking off Twitter with rw moids? If she’s divorced maybe that’s one reason kek. To me she reads as a bored single woman with a PMC job that’s addicted to attention online

No. 1819186

File: 1683043171817.png (71.51 KB, 623x521, 346457586.png)

Sure nonnie, tell us how you can fix this

No. 1819221

Go back to plowing your field

No. 1819226

Yeah I think so too. There’s no fucking way she has a kid and works FT and posts as much as she does or visits other Twitter people— and moreover, she claimed the kid lives in Europe with their dad which goes against everything she says trashing the dad and what she claims about women doing more domestic work & providing care. I don’t get why her endless lies don’t affect her following, I guess everyone just accepts she’s a psycho liar who makes up everything for attention ? And her e-friends must be gullible as fuck and believe her (and they are, Default Friend being one of them) or they’re in on her lies and it’s a whole shtick

No. 1819234

She’s not a real person she’s a made up persona so it’s not even worth worrying about

No. 1819237

default_friend is weirdly naive for someone so online

No. 1819267

DF is a fascinating character. she seems naive at times but also appears to know exactly what shes doing she does the "im just a sweet jewish woman" upon critique. she claims to be an internet historian but her retelling of history matches 1 for 1 with that of a 4chan scrote: blames tumblr for the modern state of the internet and pretends steve bannon didnt fund a multi-year project where every corner of the internet was filled with concerns about ethics in gaming journalism

No. 1819272

default_friend is self-absorbed but she also seems pathetically retarded or naive more than manipulative

No. 1819273

There's never been "nonnas" into horse dewormer and being pregnant barefoot in the kitchen, newfag.

No. 1819287

Exactly nonna

No. 1819295

File: 1683057619706.jpeg (181.16 KB, 1170x1662, F6103159-CE66-4CAB-9355-A043D8…)

She RTd it today, shout out to her alcoholic single mom selfies

No. 1819297

Nobody said that shit you butthurt tranny

No. 1819301

File: 1683058800716.png (8.59 KB, 652x315, Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 21-20…)

troon handmaiden says

No. 1819306

>muh troon-bashing
>muh horse dewormer
are you a bot programmed to spit out 2020 chapotard talking points or just a tranny who got lost on your way to r/politics

No. 1819312

"horse dewormer"? what year is this? go back

No. 1819320

How are these repos able to link a 2018 alt with a different ID to the others? Disturbing

No. 1819368

File: 1683068005859.jpeg (300.66 KB, 1449x2013, IMG_5235.jpeg)

No. 1819399

If there’s a woman who could be more narcissistic than a troon, it’s totally aimee

No. 1819407

>sneering at country bumpkins using harmless dewormer
begone, rightoid samefag(tranny)

No. 1819415

They’re the same ones who didn’t know how to find old threads for RFH stuff. A moid who prolly got mad she said that men don’t wash their ass

No. 1819429

No. 1819451

File: 1683076071390.jpeg (132.66 KB, 1169x958, E4604369-6E2A-4B2C-A7C4-AEDFA3…)

Not milky at all but noticed she has this habit of aggressively quote tweeting other e-girls. Beef in the GC maybe

No. 1819489

File: 1683080231279.png (33.38 KB, 951x846, harrington.png)

This always happens whenever there is a podcast episode that even mildly touches upon the topic of troons. The troons will flood the subreddit with pro-troon posts. When they had Hari Nef as a guest, there were posts from new accounts about how he's so beautiful with soothing vocal fry. See the attached stickied comment from one of the more senior mods, a little birdy told me that it was significantly upvoted but also heavily reported. I'm surprised that the comment is still up. Also lol at the flair.

No. 1819584

Genuinely based(troon)

No. 1819664

The sheer force with which Nick hit The Wall would celebrated world over by moids if he was a woman

No. 1819710

What the fuck has this site come to that calling tranny shitting based is grounds to get called troon?

No. 1819711

That’s not what happened

No. 1819751

You'd have to be blind to not realize that >>1818707 is clearly baiting trannys. That's the reason why its heavily downvoted. Somebody just trying to play a joke but ending up making trannys seethe is apparently not LC approved.

No. 1819754

Trading one addiction for another, abusing cocaine to the point of heart failure, getting back into drinking in your mid 30s and a vegan diet which strips your 5'2 frame down to 80 pounds will do that nonna

No. 1819756

>>1819754 Samefag he was very cute like 8 years ago though

No. 1819797

File: 1683133384725.jpeg (271.51 KB, 1169x1888, ABC4A510-ED1E-4432-9587-DD2AC4…)

No. 1819798

File: 1683133408555.png (114.55 KB, 1350x1306, 698D3DBA-12B7-4185-A4BF-B61311…)

No. 1819803

Is the person quoted not satirizing the men who make these proclamations?

No. 1819804

File: 1683134141346.jpg (182.04 KB, 1170x2080, picbyanna.jpg)

Picture by Anna, T Chat not beating the divorced and gay rumors.

No. 1819805

Thank god one sane mod. Trannies took on deep social debt trying to short the oppression stack that they are absolutely desperate to do anything to bolster their value and seem cool or they will be utterly bankrupt. they absolutely have to colonize the scarethots and other edgy female spaces like their lives depend on it to have access to any social currency. Much like gay and straight moids, their value depends on having proximity to desirable women.

No. 1819810

too much reddit discussion going on here. newfags need to go back

No. 1819818

Is it drugs and veganism that destroyed all his skin collagen or was the vegan claim just a cover for the drugs?

No. 1819819

Rdrama on a blitz

No. 1819885

I say let the farmers farm reddit in case something interesting happens but yeah it’s not really giving us much

No. 1819889

Haven’t you heard, eating vegetables and legumes is like super bad for you? Instead, you should consume raw milk, cheesy gordita crunch wraps and kratom capsules for eternal radiant beauty. Just look at our permateen goddesses A&D

No. 1819890

File: 1683145507475.jpeg (260.52 KB, 1179x2189, IMG_7881.jpeg)

Book from the latest red scare guest is getting shilled on 2X

No. 1819892

I'm not that experienced with drugs tbh I'm boring but I guess it could be just a horrific relapse. Is his skin like that forever now?

No. 1819894

Personally I want the Liz Bruenig diet to go up four cup sizes overnight and get an army of simps(learn to sage)

No. 1819931

God I hate Mary Harrington. Ever since men were violent to women for working the looms and taking their jobs, evil trad hags like her with family money who push out one baby at 38 are obsessed with women in the first world being dependent upon men again.
She shouldn’t be allowed to call herself even a reactionary feminist, bc she denies the true nature of men in favor of some ideal that’s never been true—men rarely treated women well unless/till women had some say in things (eg being wealthy of their own volition, or having a large stake/dole in running the family farm, or being a decent earner etc). AND EVEN THEN…….So fuck this hag

No. 1819937

Kek of course. How pathetic.

No. 1819947

Mary Harrington has also appeared on various radfem and more centrist conservative podcasts as well, her appearing on redscare once doesn't define her views.

No. 1819978

Imagine the smell

No. 1819985

I’m leery of the “honoring the mother figure” rhetoric because it seems like another sleight of hand to get women out of the workplace and public life like how transgenderism is tricking undesirables to self-eugenicize.

No. 1820000

No mention of Dasha…

No. 1820013

She's a "reactionary feminist". If anything, her appearance on "various radfem podcasts" is an indictment against those podcasts, red scare is a lot more fitting

No. 1820017

…did she say she was there?

No. 1820027

File: 1683156450468.png (116.64 KB, 802x1200, annaqueenofcompassion.png)

Classic wormy Anna reply, increasing the dog pile while saying of course she has the same opinion but any other woman saying it is a narc bitch for saying it. She's also subtweeting Adam Lehrer but won't go after him as aggressively.

No. 1820054

It says "the entire cast of Succession" and does not include her. It's funny she was memoryholed

No. 1820065

File: 1683160058048.jpeg (77.21 KB, 1108x642, EC6EA466-7185-4832-85AD-15C18E…)

Oh we would know if Dasha went kek
1. As for the NYC point, DC’s problem imo was worse for longer than NYC, it was shitty to be on it in 2019. 2. Anna’s such a grimey hater bitch.. Audrey is whiney but that tweet was fine and Anna is BEC at her.. I don’t really care about these ppl’s e girl beefs but I do want to document Anna’s trashy 38 year old single mother behavior.
Here’s Monica being desperate online

No. 1820066

File: 1683160254128.jpeg (193.81 KB, 1170x1674, 17E01C59-342C-4C13-8EA5-97E91B…)


No. 1820100

I don’t care for this Audrey person but this was a FLAWLESS read of Anna’s retarded tweeting style kek

No. 1820117

I mean its a campy declaration, the way a villain would say it or said in an ironic tone but I don't doubt (her being an e-girl and such) she also believes what she said.

No. 1820165

Why the cunty reply Anna? You’d think a woman who makes her entire living spewing her opinion on every issue in the world wouldn’t clutch her pearls over someone else doing the same. She’s mAkInG iT aBoUt hErSeLf - just say you’re jealous that another woman got attention online and go

No. 1820170

I would respect Anna more if she told this sanctimonious bitch that her tweets only get attention because she uses the hot twin peaks actress as her pfp

No. 1820174

File: 1683170752505.png (61.5 KB, 394x543, larp.png)

ugh who does she think she is??

No. 1820197

I think she's too far gone as a pick-me for Dworkin to have any impact on her shriveled brain

No. 1820201

her legs are so cockeyed and retarded

No. 1820208

File: 1683177422126.jpeg (68.69 KB, 750x621, A10FCA1E-9FF0-4D51-A0BE-1082D6…)

Who is this Veronica chick? Seems like a former close friend to credenzaclear2 (and she and Anna orbit eachother).

No. 1820216

Did she scan these threads, see Radfem hitler getting some traction here and decide to adopt a new phase? Though I did feel the seeds for adopting radfem rhetoric to piss people off were sort of already present in her before.

No. 1820217

Anna comes through once again with an unwarranted diss. Audrey Horne is annoying in her preaching about Christianity… but Team Anyone willing to call out Anna. She’s unlikable, nasty, aggro, and jealous. She feigns humility and deprecation (“oh I’m a vain woman like all women!”) but couches each of her flaws as one of the female sex’s, rather than herself as a person. Like no one should reply to her chunky insults anymore, they are nothing compared to the major L of taking 15 minutes to write them. Anna next time you wanna say something mean online, count to 10

No. 1820220

> Didnt dasha admit she had herpes?

No, she literraly never did.

No. 1820246

>body count in the low 100s

No. 1820257

sorry absolutely no sympathy for this bitch who has been kissing all their asses for years. you lie with the dog you get the fleas

No. 1820334

Well, the ”cel” is for celibacy, not virginity. Aren’t femcels about shitty sex, lovelessness and disillusionement with hookups? Being just a hole for gross losers is hardly better than not getting any.

No. 1820335

Nick says he’s not vegan anymore on the podcast, he’s still vaping even though he quit for like a week

No. 1820337

Oh TIL, I thought it was the literal female equivalent

No. 1820338


Samefag but has the Adam Friedland Show gotten good? I gave up in like November last year

No. 1820354

The magic's gone. Latest ep was just them drawing. It was amusing for a while but it lasted an hour and 17 minutes, nearly movie length.

No. 1820360

well their original schtick was criticizing liberal feminism so this isn't that much of a left turn. I guess we're doing radical feminism now.
a bunch of the younger generation conflates being a terf or radfem with being a conservative gender essentialist so it's the perfect time for dasha to get into it and make it more cringe and muddied.

No. 1820361

Damn. I hope there's something funny in the future arc and it's not just Nick slowly dying, Adam constantly on benzos and Stav eventually getting MeToo'd and then immediately eating himself into the grave(learn2sage)

No. 1820396

They've ratcheted up the output after the massive amount of negativity going on in their Patreon and subreddit, the quality of which is variable. Their last actual 'show' was with Babish that had some real effort put into it, I think they know they're kicking themselves for giving up on what was securing them their money without overheads for years.

No. 1820405

The adam interviews a guest episodes are unwatchable but I guess they finally realized that the paypigs want nick above anything else so i guess they're doing regular nick and adam video episodes and the occasional celebrity guest episodes. Idk how long this can last since their patreon numbers are slipping and nick makes a plea for subscribers every other episode.

No. 1820407

Nothing prepares you better for femceldom than a three digit body count

No. 1820411

oh wow I hadn't looked in a while, they're down to 114k/month. Still a ton of money but weren't they making like 145k a while ago?

No. 1820417

Yeah it briefly peaked there for a second. Somehow chapo's is trending up, pulling in 180K now, which seems… suspicious.

No. 1820421

tranny bucks because of the will and hesse podcast?

No. 1820423

more like Matt’s history podcast if it’s any one factor

No. 1820426

File: 1683209900620.jpeg (131.58 KB, 1169x965, 3A8E1EA2-59C9-4AF6-8978-A1D5B3…)

Isn’t Dasha with Matthew? How could someone who’s had lots of sex partners and boyfriends, including a current one, be any type of -cel?
Attached is a reply to Anna’s tweet last night, a lot of people think she’s retarded

No. 1820431

You can become celibate regardless of your sexual history. Dasha’s a born again virgin and won’t fuck Matthew, he’s so mad he wrote a short story about it

Also, every incel is really celibate by choice, because if the point was just to have sex, even the ugliest dorks could just do it with each other. Picky bitches smh

No. 1820434

File: 1683210845975.jpg (31.22 KB, 775x216, chapo.jpg)

I just don't buy that matt sperging out about history or will doing the same movie podcast that's been done a thousand times before but now with a giggling troon is compelling enough to bring in new subs. Lol the top comment on will's show on the blackfeed sub is asking why it exists.

No. 1820445

>Dasha’s a born again virgin
This isn't a real thing. Stop trying to make it a real thing.

No. 1820447

It's just the new version of suddenly being ready to settle down after whoring through your 20s

No. 1820449

File: 1683212809797.gif (3.03 MB, 480x270, DC37DB1A-E1CB-4BF1-B426-E8D67A…)

Uh according to slovak ruthenian greek orth christianity with the byzantine rites, sex before marriage is a mortal sin. Is she married?

No. 1820451

I actually think the self imposed celibacy is a good move for Dasha considering her history, but I’m not sure she’s even attracted to Matthew so it might be easy

No. 1820493

op is veronica maldonado, a brooklyn publicist and personal assistant with fake graduate degrees in fashion and journalism. she is not being murdered on the train by vagrants on a daily basis.

No. 1820518

File: 1683225536530.png (95.33 KB, 1070x1346, maddie.png)

fracturing between the complete sociopaths of dimes square and the ones who are still slightly human

No. 1820521

File: 1683225920691.png (22.33 KB, 1180x416, maddiequinn.png)

maddie's time in the spotlight part 2
and the reed guy's reply is sarcastic if that was unclear

No. 1820534

File: 1683227312850.jpeg (17.6 KB, 500x500, 1529959429130.jpeg)

i too would hide behind an unintelligible drawing of my face if i looked like this

No. 1820536

File: 1683227504258.png (38.14 KB, 1384x740, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 12.12…)

Doubt this person has ever taken public transportation

No. 1820537

What’s jnsane is none of these people like Maddie or Anna would have the same views 3 years ago about this. And we know they’re going to return to that prior position again, bc they don’t have principles or values

No. 1820542

This is really repulsive, I didn’t realize Maddie is just as sociopathic as A+D

No. 1820543

isn’t parsons the same school that kamala harris’s stepdaughter went to? truly untalented and bitter trust fund kid energy

No. 1820549

When will Nick announces he will eat, exercise, party, and tweet a normal amount?

No. 1820553

File: 1683229413104.png (54.37 KB, 970x839, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 2.43.…)

yeah she's psycho

No. 1820558

File: 1683230191625.jpeg (106.4 KB, 1170x834, IMG_3260.jpeg)

No. 1820559

But becoming a born again virgin to troll a man is funny and cool

No. 1820560

Does any of this matter? We just can’t devolve into serving as executioner of public nuisances. Combatting lawlessness with more lawlessness…..

No. 1820562

mousy girls who seethe on twitter 24/7 pretending to be unbothered baddies: the anna khachiyan and maddie whateverherlastnameis story

No. 1820564

As a New Yorker, good riddance to bad trash

Eric Adams let's average citizens live under siege daily and this is the result

No. 1820569

File: 1683230985306.jpeg (229.35 KB, 1169x1900, F0B6D7E3-DCAC-48DA-A960-97644E…)

I don’t really think anyone is talking about the incident directly anymore (eg Veronica’s hurt raging last night)

No. 1820572

They broke up. Matthew is free from shackles of celibacy.

No. 1820573

same. the cows are being performatively “spicy” and obnoxious but the core of what they’re saying isn’t that out of line. it really sucks having to feel like i’m on patrol of my own well being when i’m just trying to go to and from work

No. 1820574

The excessive positivity whenever someone brings up RFH is such blatant self-posting. Post number 3 on this thread is proof she’s not actually a radfem troll infiltrating the right wing. She’s a pickme pedophile defender even if she isn’t a tranny. Log off sweetie

No. 1820578


Aren’t all of them in some “white latina” chat that went down hill according to Horne? They’ve been collectively chimping out at each other for months.(sage your shit)

No. 1820579

What’s with the Ruthenian larp? I can think of another Catholic Ruthenian Manhattan transplant with died blonde hair who also made shitty porn-adjacent films.

No. 1820588

I didn’t know this, this makes sense. Everything feels so petty. But mochak123 isn’t a white Latina and neither is Anna? But they subtweet Audrey constantly. Maybe there are multiple group chat beefs occurring

No. 1820597


I think Anna and Moche Mommy Milkers just hate Audrey for being a natural pretty waif but the Latina chat thing seems totally separate, probably some infighting that hasn’t surfaced.(sage your shit)

No. 1820598

based Maddie(sage your shit)

No. 1820609

Agreed. I don't think the guy necessarily deserved to die but neither can I feel bad for him. The "ackschually, sweatie, it's fine when a huge man is doing drugs or having a psychotic break on rush hour public transit, have you ever considered your discomfort with it is fascistic racism???? fuck the police!" shit is beyond tiring, especially when it comes from rich kids and wannabe Nick Mullens.

No. 1820611

Agreed esp since I live in SS Chicago and the red line is a war zone but people like Monica Mochak123 asking for the blonde’s phone number is just BPD behavior. And I think they were all wanting a reason to fight online too

No. 1820615

Speaking of Chicago, remember when Roommate Leia asked if some part of Chicago was safe to walk through with a bunch of camera equipment, and literally hundreds of irony bros dogpiled her? Saying nigger is fine but a woman being concerned about her safety when walking alone in a strange city carrying expensive shit isn't, according to guys who want to be the next Coochiebone.

No. 1820622

its exists because will likes girldick in his ass, that's literally it

No. 1820625

yeah those nonnies moralfagging are clearly tourists who need to go back to reddit before they get banned for medfagging/armchair psychology ("a/d/maddie are sociopaths!!!")

No. 1820626

File: 1683235108066.jpeg (73.8 KB, 640x488, B57AC363-AE26-4ABC-8BB4-DB3E1F…)

He captures one of the strategies Anna does: “let your friends say what you won’t.”

No. 1820628

>let your friends say what you won’t
does she though? Moche/Monica/whatever is way more deranged and sloppy on main than Anna but she's generally pretty open about who and what she is beliefswise.

No. 1820635

you hit the nail on the head. I can't side with the irony bros dogpiling the cows right now. they say nothing when women are getting raped and assaulted on subways by schized out crackheads and have a lily white friend group but immediately fall for every media psyop when its involves black people or the homeless (who they treat like animals who have no agency, "they just can't help it!")

No. 1820639

there was video of a homeless guy taking out a gun and shooting another homeless guy in the head in St Louis circulating a month or so ago and there wasn't the same outrage from this people, its so performative

No. 1820646

Ok, but this is not that. It's not performative to be outraged about the extrajudicial murder of a homeless guy. The sudden burst of replies sympathetic to Maddie are operating on a Aimee Terese level of logic.

No. 1820647

File: 1683236716858.png (50.72 KB, 641x677, aimeeshuck.png)

Sorry, but the guy who was literally going through a mental breakdown screaming about how he doesn't care if he goes to jail or dies, and that's according to the news outlets trying to paint him in a favorable light, isn't a Trayvon Martin type of victim. He wasn't just some random guy being attacked by a racist piece of shit lunatic. Multiple arrests for assault isn't "muh institutional racism" The system is fucked up and underfunded, but bums legitimately refuse to go to shelters because they're so addicted that they'd rather hit the crack pipe or shoot up on a dingy subway car. I don't want to be an asshole, but my sympathy's limited, ok?
Anyway, to apologize for my sperging out here's some milk from Aimee Terese, literally on the opposite side of the planet from New York City. She's using 1920s race speak to discuss something that happened in 2023 10,000 miles away from her. Isn't she like, 34?

No. 1820652

A lot of them also denied the covid rise of “Asian hate”, brought out their statistics to claim assaults weren’t happening, they do this every time there’s a crime discussion
Nonna I think people here are just sick of experiencing crime and disturbance in public. But not as unhinged and attention speaking as Maddie to make controversial claims on social media

No. 1820654

she was born into extreme wealth and ended up best friends with dasha. obviously she is a sociopath

No. 1820655

Same. I don't care about Maddie. I care about how the discourse on any urban crime reporting is either "you don't want someone shooting up heroin next to you on the train? that's heckin' problematic!" or, like, 1488-level racism. I feel like we went over this a few threads back when Liz "literal security guards in Rich Asshole Township, Connecticut" Bruenig went after someone for daring to complain about crackheads on public transit.

No. 1820670

File: 1683237859827.jpeg (117.93 KB, 1125x2204, E9724531-80D3-488D-B44E-FAAB7F…)


Do we know it wasn’t his idea? Matt is an obnoxious tradcath proselytizer while Dasha is bpd and lacks boundaries.

I hope Dasha keeps at it tho, her virginity is a very funny bit

No. 1820671

File: 1683237749135.jpeg (117.93 KB, 1125x2204, E9724531-80D3-488D-B44E-FAAB7F…)


Do we know it wasn’t his idea? Matt is an obnoxious tradcath proselytizer while Dasha is bpd and lacks boundaries.

I hope Dasha keeps at it tho, her virginity is a very funny bit

No. 1820672

File: 1683237657866.jpeg (117.93 KB, 1125x2204, BB92679D-C9CB-4287-A18A-1E0E4F…)


Do we know it wasn’t his idea? Matt is an obnoxious tradcath proselytizer while Dasha is bpd and lacks boundaries.

I hope Dasha keeps at it tho, her virginity is a very funny bit

No. 1820676


Do we know it wasn’t his idea? Matt is an obnoxious tradcath proselytizer while Dasha is bpd and lacks boundaries.

I hope Dasha keeps at it tho, her virginity is a very funny bit

No. 1820680

Sorry to ask but I’m simply not on Twitter enough to understand what’s being discussed here. Can I get some recap angles on what death or murder is even being discussed?

No. 1820682

Honestly don’t worry about it

No. 1820687

>will suck dick and do anal born again virgin

No. 1820691

homeless michael jackson impersonator previously arrested 40 times (including for beating up a 67 year old woman) started harassing and threatening people on the subway, the people on the train restrained him including one white ex-marine who had him in a chokehold for 3 mins. he ended up dying accidentally. its all on video and involved a white guy defending other people from a black guy, so "class-first" leftist men and irony bros are using it as excuse to send death threats to bad women on the internet

No. 1820700

Just google "Jordan Neely"

Who did he threaten? I haven't seen that in any of the reporting…

No. 1820701

> homeless michael jackson impersonator
Wow stopped reading there, I think maybe >>1820682 is right

No. 1820704

>"class-first" leftist men and irony bros are using it as excuse to send death threats to bad women on the internet
pics? everything that's been shared in the thread so far about this has just been various members of the red scare extended universe angrily quotetweeting eachother

No. 1820711

NYC has been letting literal criminals roam the streets and terrorize people for a bit now. I don’t like any of the cows but they do have a valid point about this. I’ve no idea how women are still living in that city anymore with these beasts roaming wild, especially anna who has a child to worry about

No. 1820713

Redefining virginity is likely the least illogical take of the RS ladies

No. 1820717

Her pfp isn’t her you retard, it’s a twin peaks character

No. 1820718

That was lame of the ironybros but also asking a bunch of Twitter retards if some random area of Chicago is safe is kind of a stupid move. Like just Google it and if it’s unsafe get an Uber and don’t risk it

No. 1820720

Not to bring race into this, but as an Asian in New York I am hyper aware of this. Every week my university email has another alert about ANOTHER anti-Asian attack taking place near campus.

No. 1820722

She is some ugly bitch hiding behind an Audrey Horne pic, aka actress sherilyn fenn. As if she would be able to attract a strong guy who can defend her against some crazed criminal

No. 1820723

File: 1683242260071.png (290.11 KB, 1384x1180, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 7.17.…)

Liz Bruenig published this high school essay of an article in the Atlantic today


No. 1820727

You’re operating on a mongoloid level of logic. Go live in the ghetto and see how you like it

No. 1820730

>A New York police spokesperson told Newsweek that Neely's record has 42 prior arrests, dating between 2013 and 2021. They include four for alleged assault, while others involved accusations of transit fraud and criminal trespass. At the time of his death, Neely had one active warrant for an alleged assault in connection with a 2021 incident.
How sad a violent criminal isn’t alive anymore. Cry more retards

No. 1820731

rest in piss, won't be missed

No. 1820732

Log off, Maddie.

No. 1820737

rw moids are also saying they hope Audrey and other twitter women get attacked and raped, Aimee had a post about anti gun libs wives being raped a few days ago, all sides are playing this game of saying the nastiest shit to women.

No. 1820746

File: 1683244555680.jpeg (45.85 KB, 640x429, 74696214-F39B-4EFD-A347-DAACB2…)

Honestly, pictured. I didn’t even grab the worst of the tweets. I fucking hate moids and their pick me defenders like Aimee, I don’t fucking care what politics any of these internet freaks have. They always make it a woman’s fault, whether it’s a leftfag saying “why don’t you go back to your suburb” or a rightoid blaming women for crime “it’s your fault for how you vote.”

No. 1820751

Samefag the misogynist leftist denies women’s claims of crime, the misogynist right winger blames women for crime.

No. 1820753

this behavior is no different than what the homeless man was doing.

No. 1820773

Remember when Liz said it was no biggie to see people shooting up heroin on the subway and it didn't harm anyone because it would just look like they were "sleeping"?

Thar being said, we really don't have to post every glorified blog post she writes for that mag unless it's really milky.

No. 1820774

>anna who has a child to worry about
Ha ha, good one nonnie

No. 1820779

i remember her articles being posted in numtot and adjacent groups. you cannot say you feel unsafe around homeless men shitting in the car or doing drugs or screaming or trying to steal from you or otherwise being aggro, or else you are a complete slimebag baby piece of shit who needs to check their privilege. these same people are mystified about how wonderful transit is in various European countries and, "well why can't it be like that here”. hmmm i dunno, you tell me

No. 1820785

You sound like you’re Maddie doing damage control, obsfucating the issues, and shitting up the thread. You’re pulling statistics out of your ass in an unconvincing attempt to make us sympathetic to a racist gentrifier who’s a handmaiden to the conservatism advancing NYC’s shitty conditions.(hi cow)

No. 1820794

Those damn conservatives running NYC

No. 1820799

File: 1683248037805.jpeg (130.8 KB, 750x1049, 460C258D-60DF-4425-AB58-E87AAE…)

No. 1820809

How much would this cost?

No. 1820838

depends on how "real" the accounts activity are. maddie despite being a trustfundie who never has to take public transit to begin with clearly went for the $0.01/like cryptard tier.

No. 1820841

Dasha's personality is just a loose collection of cluster B symptoms. She's jumped from socialist to alt-right to incel pickme to radfem within a few years because she doesn't believe in anything she can't use to gain edgelord points. There's no "there" there.

No. 1820842

without admitting or denying responsibility…. i would guess…..$8. worth it to make her spiral.

No. 1820850

I see what you did there

No. 1820868

All due respect you are fucking retarded

No. 1820926

He specifically targeted older women and young girls. One of his assault charges is from picking up a random 7 year old girl and running down the street with her until he was stopped.

No. 1820947


No. 1820957

File: 1683258674208.png (113.3 KB, 744x951, file.png)

No. 1820968

File: 1683259148599.png (458.44 KB, 1806x2048, Screenshot_20230504-225306~2.p…)

it's topkek these people are defending him. he is scum just like the rest. but victims of crimes from him, or others, are invalidated and told to get over it. 11 people died at the hands of violent people on the subway in NYC last year, one of which was the big story of the (east asian) woman pushed in front of a train by a homeless (black) man.
when will the actual problems be addressed from these people who act like they care about social issues

No. 1820982

the guy was only 30, usually mentally ill homeless family members get abandoned at 45 or older. the media describes him as someone's son but where was his family?

No. 1820984

If this guy had no criminal record would choking him to death still be justified, if not, why?

No. 1820986

Seems like it would be easier if they just came out and said it's ok people who make feel scared to be murdered

No. 1820987

he served 4 months in jail for attempted kidnapping, I'm sorry, "endangering the welfare of a child” in 2015

No. 1820990

Mother was strangled to death by her boyfriend, after which he refused to take his meds and became homeless

No. 1820992

what can you do with these people except put them in facilities or group homes, which would be fascism too to these people.

No. 1820997

Fix families and fix America's culture of kicking kids out once they turn 18. I have a middle aged schizophrenic uncle who talks to himself and smokes cigarettes all day, if he didn't have a family to look after and house him he'd probably be one of those vagrants who shouts at people on the subway.

No. 1820998

You know what.

No. 1821003

No. 1821010

They just knew what the world really needed was another irony film bro podcast

No. 1821013

Hesse is Claire Penis on Twitter, right? Sorry I'm way out of the loop

No. 1821017

No. 1821020

Ah I always thought they passed well in their selfies. But the second I heard that voice on the podcast I could tell right away it was a man.

No. 1821025

Lol rightwing e-thots are always lightskinned Latinas and other not-quite-white girls. Even Dasha's a fake blonde with brown eyes. I wonder what the psychology is here.

No. 1821033

like their scrote counterparts they were raised by the internet and no one told them most of the scum instilling their self-hatred are indians and stormfags well into their 40s at this point

No. 1821041

he doesn't

No. 1821095

proper mental health programmes. guys like this need to be in assisted living where they can be semi-independent but also someone can oversee their medication.

the problem is that no one funds stuff like this and the residents end up being abused like those in aged care or more infuriatingly underfunded womens shelters.(sage your shit)

No. 1821113

Unsaged for the breaking news that women>>>the elderly

No. 1821114

No. 1821117

NTA but "fixing families and culture" takes time. These people are out there right now

No. 1821134

I really really hate when irony accounts do their I just care so much act

No. 1821147

andy warhol. who, despite everything else you can say about him, was at least sincerely, devoutly religious and kept it pretty quiet.
lol keyvan has been making tweets every couple hours over just how sad this makes him and how it could've totally been him, like he's not some LAfag who's permanently in grad school.

No. 1821150

I've always wondered what Felix's relationship to the Red Scare crowd is. Back when it started he posted a glowing recommendation of the podcast on his instagram grid but has deleted it since. He would also defend Red Scare on Hasan's stream but only because "women also need mean-spirited entertainment" which doesn't really feel like an endorsement. He would never engage with any anti-Red Scare posts or ever take sides on twitter whenever there was Red Scare drama and also joked about dming the girls who would post selfies in Red Scare merch. now it feels kind of weird though since even all of his orbiters on twitter are openly hating on Anna for being pro murder but he still won't say anything.

No. 1821177

Is Felix Biederman really dating the onlyfans helena girl or was that just a rumor?

No. 1821181

Ya he’s cheating on u lol, don’t date him, he’s just using u

No. 1821223

Who is going to take him when his mother dies and he’s close to retirement age himself with no work experience or ability to care of himself? It’s a huge expense taking on a mentally ill dependent. Not all families can do it which is why it happens

No. 1821230

There used to be places just for taking care of people like this even/especially into old age when they have no one left. The government shut those places down on a large scale. Now people are just on the streets which is way worse but everyone pretends there’s not an obvious and workable solution for it, as if we didn’t used to take care of them and we just can’t do anything about it now. America is retarded.

No. 1821244

>showing humanity
Kek meanwhile she hides behind her tv show character pic. Real humanity on display there

No. 1821245

This is a retarded response, she posts a lot of selfies. You can disagree with her finding the death sad but being a BEC over using a twin peaks avi is stupid

No. 1821270

File: 1683309902849.png (169.09 KB, 959x1111, Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 1.04.…)

No. 1821274

File: 1683310056189.jpeg (Spoiler Image,316.92 KB, 1354x2031, F3D9330D-1E36-4776-A6E6-F04394…)

Is this milk?

No. 1821327

Maddie went private. Couldn't take the heat or worried about her alleged tv writing job?

No. 1821347

It was really embarrassing for her to flex this

No. 1821348

File: 1683318027278.png (11.55 KB, 220x183, 6B271B67-DD7E-4739-A288-28BB47…)

No. 1821353

Who is the man behind her?

No. 1821361

You can tell that ”drindle” is from the overweight kids’ section

No. 1821387

File: 1683322764785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.88 KB, 730x804, D6AFF8BC-9A01-4F68-B5EE-09983B…)

She hides behind it because she looks like a witch

No. 1821388

felixcels on suicide watch

No. 1821389

i think all the chapos have a policy of not talking shit about former interviewees and guests. which makes sense I suppose

No. 1821393

They seemed like they got really allergic to being involved in twitter drama after the cosbygate thing. Now they just keep to yelling about opinion writers and politicians who will (probably) never acknowledge they exist. Notable exception being christman liking tweets making fun of virgil.

No. 1821396

She is a perfectly normal looking woman

No. 1821399

The fags are fighting! He’s right but they both look like shit

No. 1821400

yeah my running theory is that because they're from decently rich and connected families (felix's parents were lawyers, will's dad at the new yorker or whatever) their parents convinced them to stop getting being as retarded on socials as most other left twitter people are

No. 1821401

yeah my running theory is that because they're from decently rich and connected families (felix's parents were lawyers, will's dad at the new yorker or whatever) their parents convinced them to stop getting being as retarded on socials as most other left twitter people are

No. 1821412

File: 1683326014063.png (45.12 KB, 550x290, hesse double chin.png)

wow first time ever I'm on jack/zach's side, i truly loathe hesse and his passive-aggressive attempts to pander to both chapocels and the "edgy" rw gays (even his response to this was just more "who me?" bs). never forget pic related

No. 1821485

I listened to pirated seeking derangements episodes for about a year after Hesse joined and he spends a lot of time talking about how deranged MtFs are. Like what he says is honestly not far off from what you hear on here except of course he’s a woman (BUT some of the trans people out there are crazies who pretend they menstruate and things like that, not like him though because he’s actually dysphoric and needs his hormones etc etc)

No. 1821495

She looks fine. I’m glad she renounced Red Scare. It’s way more pathetic to be an eternal simp like the Perfume Fationalist

No. 1821525

Bro is as puffed up as keffals

No. 1821536

Felix is the most Dimes Square adjacent one, probably because he is gay (trannies).

No. 1821539

File: 1683340030590.jpeg (198.7 KB, 1123x1682, 355A33C6-11C9-4699-8C87-895C73…)

“Bangs so hard” is giving corny boomer, here is Anna complimenting someone for tweeting basically what she tweets every week

No. 1821563

Maybe it’s just really dry skin but it looks like she has warts on her elbow

No. 1821569

How did Hesse get 81 thousand followers on Twitter? Are they bots? It’s hard to believe so many people would follow for Hesse’s “humor”

No. 1821575

S to spit on his grave

No. 1821585

>alleged tv writing job?

No. 1821588

File: 1683347689454.png (90.98 KB, 584x503, maddiethetroon.png)

lol she's totally lurking these threads

No. 1821590

>I’m glad she renounced Red Scare
She does this at least once a month and then is back to faving and retweeting Dasha within a few days.

No. 1821593

I think the milk is Perry having access to a treasure trove of private Dasha pics.

No. 1821598

Can't screenshot it now but she responded to all the insults about her dogshit acting and writing for Scary with saying she's currently involved with an unnamed tv show.
She must have added him to close friends or is sending him pictures personally.

No. 1821600

i wondered this because she recently tweeted that she looks like a man since she’s part french. i would post a pic but the twitter is locked and i’m not stupid enough to follow it

No. 1821609

all trannies have like 1000 alts at all times

No. 1821638

she looks like a snobby rich boy, real cute

No. 1821639


No. 1821670

very nice, really brings out the 'tism

No. 1821678

it’s giving “eww”