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File: 1693889435602.jpeg (592.11 KB, 1027x1026, IMG_3998.jpeg)

No. 1893432

Post-Leftcows #45:

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.
last thread was mostly milkless like many others.

Previous thread: >>1878929

ivy wolk traps herself into being called ugly for attention, again: >>1882518

ugliest wedding photo i’ve ever seen: >>1883584

really fucking funny dasha self poasts: >>1883215, >>1884283

internet slapfight about sandra telling a whole live audience she was fucking someone’s husband: >>1884622

pathetic posts from constituents: >>1885275

tranny being fugly: >>1885783, >>1885775

anna looking like and acting like a robot:
>>1884390, >>1886070

retard gossip: >>1886557, >>1886583, >>1886692, >>1886814

anna ages: >>1887341

dasha shits herself: >>1887370, >>1882062

crumps retires: >>1893027

there’s nothing else that’s notable

No. 1893433

I don’t know why some of the tags don’t work so my apologies

No. 1893450

You have to put a comma between links for them to work also don't Reddit space next time. The thread pic had me on the floor though, absolutely hilarious

No. 1893457

pretty sure tai Lee orchestrated the crumps callout. It's obvious she and him been fuckin they was on a road trip cross country and suddenly he's cancelled now? She's such a grifter and rebrands. She used to be in dimes square and broke off and became a maoist. Now she's some weird radfem. The language on his self cancellation sounds like it was ghost written by tai lee(learn2sage)

No. 1893462

KEK THE FUCKING THREADPIC. Whoever said that, go apologise to Lauren Bacalls grave NOW!

No. 1893473

it was clearly pariah self post

No. 1893560

File: 1693930481323.jpeg (160.28 KB, 1170x561, IMG_4001.jpeg)

Unfortunately the audience is gonna be full of gay men dressed as women who are half your age

No. 1893562

File: 1693931287748.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1200x1200, average red scare fans.jpeg)

>the men in question: sinister, dysgenic, unwashed, hairlines best eliminated from the gene pool

No. 1893566

What’s the name of the guy in the upper right hand corner he looks identical to someone who served me in a restaurant as a child

No. 1893567


It's Eric Weinstein, the conservative jewish ethno-nationalist that Anna somehow convinced she was also jewish, and did the whole pastiche 'oy vey!! schitck' with on his podcast.
I'd love to know if he ever followed up on that and found out she's about as jewish as Himmler, he must have been fuming.

No. 1893570

she’s such a shameless liar

No. 1893585

File: 1693935762414.jpeg (369.23 KB, 1125x1901, IMG_2605.jpeg)

Dasha reposted this on her Insta reel and almost all comments are asking who she is or recognizing her only as Adam’s ex fiancée. Remember 'Dasha is huge on the internet' self-post from last thread?

No. 1893586

File: 1693935792255.jpeg (300.38 KB, 1124x1887, IMG_2604.jpeg)

No. 1893587

File: 1693935908038.jpeg (213.79 KB, 1125x1805, IMG_2606.jpeg)

No. 1893595

idk if anyone is familiar with pilleater, he's a bit of a cow himself since he tries desperately to be part of the right wing substack sphere but talks shit about virtually everyone in the scene other than robert stark, seems he's taken to attacking dimes square now

No. 1893596

Can we go back to the comment from the last thread that mentioned Softness of Bodies is non-fiction, including the murder? Tell us more? I always kind of assumed it was autobiographical and how one might start working with the feds to escape the charge (schizoposting).

No. 1893605

File: 1693938982743.jpg (178.97 KB, 946x2048, EMS272IXsAAG4hP.jpg)

it was so gross watching Eric Weinstein hit on Anna during that podcast, and Anna flirting back with this toad - tapdancing for that Thiel money (Weinstein is Thiel's capital manager if anyone didn't know).

anyway i can't believe we never discussed it here but my personal tinfoil is that Eric Weinstein was the "right wing personality" Anna heavily implied she had a threesome with and regretted. they were both sloshed by the end of the pod, Eric was clearly interested, and Anna was dropping a lot of breadcrumbs toward Thiel around that time, posting pics with his book, talking lovingly about Thiel's essay "The Straussian Moment" on the pod out of nowhere. obviously she was desperate to secure the bag. their body language and Anna's facial expression in picrel is telling.

i just wonder who the other guy she banged was, obviously not Thiel but Anna said it was the first guy's "sidekick." shortly after that podcast appearance Red Scare's Patreon exploded.

No. 1893609

Imagine all of his facial skin tags bearing down on you as he’s panting away. Let’s hope the money has been worth it.

No. 1893613

imagine being desperate enough to want to fuck anna. i feel bad for weinstein…

No. 1893622

is Blake Masters straight? Eric Weinstein mentions first meeting Anna at dinner with Blake and Anna very sheepishly confirms it like "….um yeeeaaah?" i always took it as Anna not wanting to admit such direct involvement with Thiel's camp, but maybe she was remembering the night of disgusting passion they all shared afterwards lmao.

it's not too late to delete this queen

No. 1893626

>jumping from fred nietzky to mike crumplar
she sure knows how to pick 'em, huh

No. 1893631

she definitely is. her substack seems to be alluding to him sleeping with a "transmisogynist" female writer, but my best guess is the girl who wrote the play with peter vack in it

No. 1893632

why do all these people beef about insignificant things(sage your shit)

No. 1893633

tai thinks she's fighting some holy war jihad since she's into radical feminism now. first it was fighting Adam Lehrer, then fred. Now crumps.

No. 1893642

Messed up intro post but thanks for making the thread nonna and the thread pic beyond redeems you KEK

No. 1893658

lol that was me, I was just referencing an old meme from the early days of the pod; it was one of those iceberg memes with tiers of estoeric Anna/Dasha lore, and on the very bottom was "Softness of Bodies is non-fiction"

No. 1893677

File: 1693953292462.jpeg (261.59 KB, 1170x927, IMG_4049.jpeg)

Saged cause obviously not milk but she’s been spamming about the Obama faggotry Tucker interview that's coming out tomorrow for like 30 minutes kek…someone’s rolling

No. 1893719

Where is the "Crumps retires" image from? His Substack is still up. I honestly thought that Crumps' self-mythologizing as an engaged journalist exposing fascists was a self-aware bit. In a weird way, it makes me respect him a little bit more if he actually believes his own hype and lacks self-awareness about being a clout chaser.

Regardless, it does not surprise me that he met his end due to tranny drama. Many such cases! Can someone explain who Tai Lee is, I don't remember her from previous threads and her blog seems like standard "dopey art school Marxist" stuff.

No. 1893721

File: 1693965573692.png (59.81 KB, 972x444, Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 9.02.…)

making plans to doodle. how long til the OF?

No. 1893722

Someone can explain better than me, but Tai Lee was in the punk band Bodega and she's been Crumps's parter in rhyme in NYC this past year or so. Shaved head, academic feminist, very invested in the trans community.

No. 1893748

tai used to have a pod and was close wit adam lehrer. was deep in red scare orbits. they had falling out.
she rebranded into some decolonial frankfurt school marxist calling out racism 24/7
now she rebranded again into 80s/90s radfem calling out the dimes square "fascists" shes in bed with lol(sage your shit)

No. 1893752

So it was Anna doing the sucking and fucking all along??

No. 1893754

Wasn’t tai a he/him how can she claim to be a rad fem?

No. 1893763

Leave it to Dasha to be carrying the Cum Town torch

No. 1893767

>radfem who hangs out with trads and loves trannies

How or why do these people exist? Why is it that no matter where you land on the political spectrum you are catering to trannies at all times?

No. 1893843

She's a trans inclusive radical feminist, despite her saying that terfs deserved threats of violence and rape.

No. 1893885

Who is the "Max" he talks about?

No. 1893893

Does anyone know what samememes full name is? And are there any pictures of him online?

No. 1893916

Just a 32 year old in knee socks, pigtails with red ribbons and a Male Fantasies t-shirt performing a ribbon dance routine

No. 1893928

She looks stupid as fuck, all that equinox personal training and she still has tech neck lmao

No. 1893932

What is it with art hoes who “have trainers” and it making no discernible difference. Your average marketing/ pr girl normie is more toned and fit than any of the layabouts. Cows forever

No. 1893933

File: 1694018368105.jpeg (508.3 KB, 1170x1859, IMG_4808.jpeg)

Cow crossover kek

No. 1893937

The original working title for that film was at one time "Dasha" according to IMDB so maybe you are actually on to something and it was autobiographical.

No. 1893943

File: 1694020748123.jpeg (366.7 KB, 1125x1773, 0351BDBF-5B87-490A-A2CD-BFF3C6…)

Not sure but it seems like twitter anons who he’s met irl

No. 1893955

I almost wanted to buy tickets but I just know this is gonna be one of those dumbass events where they lock your phone in the little bag so you can’t record anything. Not having it

No. 1893967

Two unwedded mothers who can’t get any men to commit to them and marry them on this panel… totally balanced perspective on the sexual revolution

No. 1893969

2 baby trappers** sorry

No. 1893982

why are you typing like a retard

No. 1893987

She would be the type to go to the gym to take pictures, do like 3 reps, then go home

No. 1894023

Nah you should go if you can, I would (but might not tell anyone irl)

I assume this is going to be streamed?

No. 1894032

the "fast-adjacent transmisogynistic poet" crumps tried to fuck while still with his wife was sighswoon

No. 1894033

What do they even have to debate, don’t they all believe the same things? Girlbossing bad, women (except special smart women like me!)should go back to being personal incubators and servants of men and troons because men are lonely and angry and will threaten violence if you don’t.

No. 1894035

What did she do that’s trans misogynistic, she seems like a total handmaiden

No. 1894038

File: 1694031910015.jpg (119.88 KB, 689x1106, 9ppbdkyb1pmb1.jpg)

Dasha's "networking" finally paid off (too bad the movie was rejected by Cannes and she didn't have to stand next to Lea Seydoux on a red carpet).

Don't even see any connections to dimes crowd. Is this callout just wild jealousy? Why was Crumps traveling across the country with another woman if he was actually still married? Or did she go with them?

No. 1894044

Hollywood is so dead. only reason she’s getting these pithy bit roles

No. 1894051

File: 1694033131640.jpeg (790.52 KB, 750x1236, 22C6A07D-73C4-46AC-89AC-5019E7…)

Dasha isn’t in any photos. all Lea. So much for her two or three scenes

No. 1894078

sighswoon is a part of all this? she seems like such a normie lib

No. 1894079

It says “no radio, no TV” so I think this is just a strictly live event? It’s not a Red Scare event so they aren’t going to be able to upload it to the patreon, and I assume the “no TV” means there’s not gonna be a live feed. I’m hoping someone crashes and films kek

No. 1894092

File: 1694037792296.jpeg (245.18 KB, 1169x1169, IMG_2764.jpeg)

“lots of silent dinners”

No. 1894093

I come here to make fun of Anna’s weird Peter Griffith all legs body and Dasha failed attempts to be an actress and remember these women and their retard associates believe birth control is bad, think you should marry your high school boyfriend at 17, and claim family matriarch is a powerful position and not servitude

No. 1894100

you come from saltychat?

No. 1894116

Nick is the community boyfriend for girls and gays, just like he’s every straight dudes bestie. Kinda aging into an ethan hawke tho

No. 1894118

that woman is batshit insane what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1894120

Post caps pls

No. 1894136

check her ig story(post screenshots)

No. 1894152

nice try

No. 1894167

lmao he almost sounds embarrassed, like if he had known about the pod he would have had second thoughts

No. 1894178

Wait, Crumps has been married this whole time? To who?

No. 1894179

damn this is boring, she could've at least made up an interesting lie about some deviant art sex. she's leaving the door open just in case for another opportunity down the road.

No. 1894205

File: 1694053196585.png (178.3 KB, 424x408, 5786786.png)

This guy? Autistic and difficult to get close to? No way!

No. 1894207

They all are, skinny fat / no discipline

No. 1894227

cue Marnie telling Hannah that Adam's not her boyfriend

No. 1894252

File: 1694062966256.png (146.14 KB, 1150x360, idiot.png)

Not even she knows kek

No. 1894256

File: 1694064897724.jpeg (169.87 KB, 1169x1278, IMG_2768.jpeg)

I hope they finally get picked someday, they’ve worked so hard tearing other women down it’s gotta be any day now that their prince will come sweep them off their feet!

No. 1894261

this would explain why anna is so dead in the eyes.
why do you think she's so secretive about her sexual experiences compared to dasha?

No. 1894278

alex lee moyer is a piece of work too

No. 1894279

Is that our old friend the necrophilic deleuzeian on the left?

No. 1894280

They’re both dead behind the eyes it’s called being ugly
It’s a troon

No. 1894294

Does anyone have any info on samememe (empathyhaver) ? A real name? A photo? Any info at all? I know there’s a rape allegation going around about him so some people must at least know his name and what he looks like.

No. 1894302

File: 1694073472175.jpeg (221.78 KB, 1010x1212, IMG_2771.jpeg)

From leftcows #9

No. 1894307

File: 1694074991478.jpeg (206.74 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_2782.jpeg)

Is Alex really trans? Her digit ratio looks male but it’s hard to tell with the press on nails

No. 1894314

Holy shit he’s so old? I assumed he was a young guy.

No. 1894318

I hate the permanent smirk etched on his face, like he knows he's feeding you carefully tailored bullshit.

No. 1894324

You know the digit ratio thing is bullshit for identifying men and many women have it from higher prenatal T exposure? Even the makers of that so called test admitted it’s not actually sex specific. Dumbass.

No. 1894334

It’s not definitive but you’re right she’s probably just an ugly high t woman thanks for the help

No. 1894349

>in their thirties, sexually active since 13
>three digit body counts
>both have done sex work
>casual alcoholics and have used every drug under the sun
>do not use condoms
>claim to never have had any std in newest loveline episode

Surely this is a statistical impossibility, no?

No. 1894360

Cases can be asymptomatic, also they’re probably just lying like they both do about their height, etc.

No. 1894365

Having an asymptomatic std is still having an std

No. 1894379

Honestly I miss Nick/Adam/Stav and the Chapo guys. They were the best cows in the scene imo. Will/Felix especially, I always felt they were just one slip away from a full lolcow breakdown

No. 1894394

Same. I still remember some gaming stream felix was on where he got so angry he nearly had a heated gaming moment. I wonder if chapo would've been able to survive that?

No. 1894444

Wait what? They both said they’ve sold their asses? When? I’m sorry for latefagging but I’ve listened to the episodes too and I do not remember them going over this kek

No. 1894454

With Grimes drama imploding I’m eager to see whether she will still make it to the debate with Anna K in 5 days

No. 1894457

search the photo on pimeyes to get more info

No. 1894461

anna makes a big deal out of who has sex appeal and who is sexless in hollywood and i thought she was projecting her own lack of sensuality on other women. i still don't really know what to think of this new information, is it the ultimate scrote people-pleasing or means-to-an-end dark girboss behavior? and why does it feel so different than when dasha alludes to spending time with directors?

No. 1894468

I miss Virgil Texas the most. There was obviously all kinds of untapped milk there that's now lost in time, like tears in the rain.

No. 1894469

Chapo used to be on here a lot, what happened to them? Have they gotten really so boring that milk just dried up?

No. 1894470

Honestly yes. Nothing going on. One of the hosts is 40, one is about to have a kid, and Felix seems to be depressed/low energy and unable to not talk about whatever video game lore he's into.

No. 1894482

they learned their lesson after cosbygate and have kept it lowkey since. also ignoring the virgil thing completely aside from matt liking a few tweets making fun of him.

No. 1894488

Outside Amber and Matt everyone involved with Chapo is from an upper/upper middle class family. Daddy Menaker probably got them to draw up legal agreements and get social media handlers once they started making real money off Chapo.

No. 1894496

There is no doubt in my mind that they have gotten chlamydia or syphilis before. It might be the one thing they’re unwilling to share

No. 1894497

Bc Anna is on/off in a relationship with Eli and a lot of men don’t want you to mention your past sexual experiences. Dasha dates men she can control so it’s different for her.

No. 1894504

File: 1694108744884.webm (Spoiler Image,3.93 MB, 496x360, seydoux.webm)

This is Lea Seydoux in The French Dispatch. A reminder of the mediocrity of Dasha's appearance and acting skills when compared to the lead actresses for the films she's in.

No. 1894506

dasha has herpes

No. 1894508

plus dasha has a history of sleeping with
>homos and bisexuals
these girls don't take care of themselves.

No. 1894511

Dasha has for sure been burnt lmao

Anna mentioned it on a semi recent ep. I wish I could remember the episode where Dasha first admits she'd been "sex trafficked" – Anna's reaction is priceless.

No. 1894523

wasn’t anna the one who was sex trafficked?

No. 1894529

I'm sure they've both claimed to be, but I distinctly remember they were talking about some sex trafficking news and Dasha mentions that she was sex trafficked very frankly and Anna was taken aback and flabbergasted

No. 1894583

File: 1694116020295.jpeg (197.4 KB, 640x680, BE7C6D8A-EFA4-4430-951C-C09976…)

Nike x BAP?

No. 1894588

File: 1694116466262.jpeg (138.05 KB, 720x900, 5F554B06-7192-4C30-A831-9BB2D5…)

The voice and brow ridge https://youtu.be/X_aR7IRe5Tw?si=7yprtZ1Vbk0I-YyV another nonnie said they’re trans back when she first came on the scene

No. 1894633

I was skeptical at first but that pic is reaaallllyyy clocky

No. 1894638

the rumor came from crumps who she was trolling and he took her seriously. i can't remember what name she did it under but she did a suicide girls shoot a decade ago and showed her pussy (and it didn't look surgery) so I don't think so

No. 1894641

File: 1694121159402.jpeg (504.54 KB, 1170x1464, IMG_2772.jpeg)

Her full name is Alex Lee Moyer Jr. right? Cis women generally don’t have suffixes in their name.

No. 1894647

File: 1694121606933.jpeg (279.9 KB, 1170x1705, IMG_2787.jpeg)

No. 1894648

she had a baby and took the virginity of one of the incels from tfw… apparently she was a huge psycho about it too

No. 1894650

Elara sounds a lot like Aella these pick me bitches share a single brain cell lmao

No. 1894653

File: 1694122131685.jpeg (330.11 KB, 742x696, 97222B84-A5F2-4395-9727-2AC7B9…)

>showed her pussy
I looked at the SG link photos and no pussy to be seen. Only face shots and a bikini one

No. 1894659

No. 1894666

I'm trying to find it but from memory she was in a bath and it was a big close up of her pussy with bubbles all over it. but in the other ones she has no bulge in her underwear and i can't see how she would hide a penis in that angle where she's nude from the side. also would be weird for suicide girls to include a troon in the models alongside all the real women in 2004/2005, even in "alt" circles at that time it would have been a bridge too far

No. 1894668

File: 1694124906484.jpeg (82.12 KB, 539x649, 1520631499278.jpeg)

they were openly anti-troon at least in the beginning, from an article in 2016 but screenshot may be earlier. unless alex had surgery as a teenager they wouldn't have let her on set

No. 1894676

If I recall, the rumor came from one of the previous threads. I recall the sequence of events as follows
>Kantbot reveals he has a girlfriend
>One of the incels in the TFW film troons out
>It is also revealed that Alex was fucking the incels in the TFW film
>Farmers in the previous thread speculate that Kantbot's girlfriend is the incel troon and that Alex is also a troon and they're all having troon orgies

No. 1894677

Kantbot does have a gf, now a wife, and a daughter. The wife is named Laura Streeter, has the Twitter handle inspektorbucket. Granddaughter of a former U Chicago dean.

Yes, viddymalchick trooned out. Hasn't been heard from since.

Alex fucked "seanguy," the little blond boy from the movie. And he later did a Twitter thread wishing death upon her, and saying he had warned her that Cody Wilson was a pedo before his arrest, and she ghosted him for it.

"The Kantbot video" was a hoax.

No. 1894680

File: 1694126534172.png (1011.47 KB, 1192x1713, PjQhWeG[1].png)

This long deleted twitter thread was implying that she was fucking all of them and that she left the poor incels emotionally scarred. What is the kantbot hoax video?

No. 1894681

RW twitter meme. logo/kantbot sextape

No. 1894688

Try two decades ago.

No. 1894702

the rare female creep

No. 1894721

File: 1694131110739.jpeg (632.38 KB, 1170x771, IMG_4299.jpeg)

Ok I’m looking through reddit posts and I can see some mentions of it from March to November 2020? I’m gonna try to search for the episode and report back with more actual quotes kek. For now here’s a photograph I found on reddit that is apparently from the same era when Dasha claims to have been “trafficked”

No. 1894730

Godspeed nona, and that skinnyfat Julian Casablancas mfer does not belong in skinny jeans!

No. 1894731

…that's Brace Belden. Pls, newnonnies, lurk some moar.

No. 1894736

you're too kind

No. 1894738

didn't recognize him without glasses

No. 1894743

I can’t be bothered to doing any research on brace belden I hope more is revealed through the old episodes lol

No. 1894767

Don't know much about Belden but a fun fact about his TrueAnon cohost Liz is that she once dated Robert Mariani, who gathered a lot of people relevant to this thread to publish on the now-vanished Jacobite site. (Kantbot blurted this out on Twitter when he was seemingly pissed at Liz for not helping him spread the BAP dox.) Mariani also dated Anna/Dasha-stalker "Katherine Dee" (Katya Ungerman).

No. 1894787

File: 1694139396539.png (328.38 KB, 1302x1180, praxiskanye.png)

No. 1894788

File: 1694139789435.png (500.04 KB, 676x486, happycouple.png)

party from June full of Dimes people that flew under the radar. I see Dasha, Matthew, her old L.A. friend, that male blonde dj, the no agency owner and his girlfriend, a lot of 19 year olds.
"Succession actress Dasha Nekrasova, a leading light of the so–called Dimes Square set and a co-host of Red Scare—a once-socialist podcast that has taken a turn to the right—attended a June black-tie banquet at the Yale Club for current and prospective members."


No. 1894791

Omg Matthew's got a bit of a cashew-head going on as well, I can see now why Dasha might have been attracted to him

No. 1894797

You should try posting this on the redscare sub and see how fast the mods delete it kek

No. 1894802

Anna said she has been ”sex trafficked”. Has Dasha made the same claim? She certainly seems to fantasize about it.
Dasha for sure had a Seeking Arrangements profile in her early 20s, branding herself as a down on her luck ”angelic russian girl”. It was posted on one of these threads.

No. 1894803

They look like siblings. Well, Dasha has always mourned being the only child.

No. 1894806

all three in that pic look related kek

No. 1894824

I never participate itt but threadpic triggers me so bad.

No. 1894849

Even Julian Casablancas in his bloated middle age doesn't look that bad.

No. 1894856

Tragically bad panel. Could have been interesting if they had actual diversity of perspectives, like a real radfem and a sex-positive libfem alongside the trad/“heterodox” perspective. Every one of these women is a mother as well despite a lot of this discourse being pearl-clutching about childfree women. Guess that’s what you get from Bari Weiss and her shitty “heterodox” career telling conservative boomers what they want to hear.

No. 1894872

Anna also said she was a literal whore at some point, not sure if it relates to the sex traffic incident where teenage Anna was supposedly taken “across state lines” by her middle eastern boyfriend and presented as a “wedding gift” to his uncle or something like that. If she wasn’t a whore before podcasting she definitely is now, she sold her body to Eric Weinstein. But none of this matters Nona, she’s of “a French persuasion”.

No. 1894876

Dasha prefers men who are already in long term relationships, so her odds of getting an STD are statistically lower

No. 1894877

"sonya qafi" is miya or whatever name he uses now. he's an ugly india p-word that makes shit up for attention, not a reliable source

No. 1894880

Its prolly one of those paywalled pics. Of course visiting the original site won't give you the pics.

No. 1894895

Episode “Tell your kids this is a SWERF” ~7:30 minutes Dasha said she was a “financial dominant” (a claim confirmed by her seeking arrangements profile) and Anna said she was a whore and that she was trafficked against her will Epstein-style in suburban New Jersey. Dasha mentions later that she had straightforward transactional sex, but avoids the term whore or prostitute, unlike Anna.

No. 1894901

Anna had a boyfriend when she was 16 that once tried to pimp her out to his friend but the friend bailed before anything happened. Unclear if any money was exchanged or if he was just trying to “do his friend a favor.” That’s what she’s talking about when she calls herself a trafficking victim.

No. 1894904

File: 1694162906546.jpeg (185.79 KB, 1166x846, IMG_2795.jpeg)

>A woman in her 30s surrounded by 19 year old girls at an event hosted by creepy old men
Dasha is trying to position herself as the next Ghislaine Maxwell

No. 1894913

File: 1694165703181.jpeg (304.88 KB, 744x569, 0655293A-E3D7-409A-B134-201525…)

Some haunted looking freaks

No. 1894914

File: 1694165733036.jpeg (371.89 KB, 750x602, 0182BE2E-FADC-430E-8BAE-C64C05…)

Spit take

No. 1894915

Is this Dasha self posting again

No. 1894916

Appears to be in Russian women’s genetics to be disgusting whores(bait)

No. 1894922

Dasha would never post her arms looking this fat

No. 1894927

kek thought the same but felt nitpicky, bitch needs some weights

No. 1894928

Boredom of American suburbia/mommy issues/sexual trauma/patriarchy made these girls whores it has nothing to do with genetics.

No. 1894930

Far from “Epstein style.” It was a Muslim man, he probably bailed because he realized she was female and pubescent.

No. 1894937

I also remember a Cum Town clip where Adam mentioned a gf who had a sugar daddy/findom relationship with someone else. While he stated that no sex happened he did feel really uncomfortable when she brought him to one of his shows.

No. 1894938

Patriarchy? You sound like a fucking retard(moid)

No. 1894943

male violence and patriarchal societies literally forces some women into prostitution

No. 1894958

Why the fuck are you even engaging with a person who’d say something so stupid? That reflects worse on YOU than them.

No. 1894984

In the middle is Sabrina Fuentes aka “sickysab.” she’s cousins (or second cousins? some relation) with Nick Fuentes (!) so her being there makes sense

No. 1895006

File: 1694183262617.png (558.66 KB, 664x716, clapforclout.png)

desperate dean also seen

No. 1895013

What else would it be?

No. 1895039

File: 1694188422372.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1200x1200, findom dasha.jpeg)

here's some scenes from Dasha's life during the time she advertised herself on Seeking Arrangements as a "financially dominant" sugar baby with "Substantial Lifestyle Expectations" >>1837626
she lived in a filthy illegal studio in Pasadena with no running water, no kitchen, shower or toilet, drank Barefoot wine, took the bus everywhere, constantly had a cracked cell phone and laptop screen, she couldn't even afford her library fines lol. "sugar baby" my ass, she got used as an inexpensive prostitute while living the lifestyle of a literal crack whore

No. 1895048

I thought they were crashing in someone’s basement, surely there was running water in the house?

No. 1895055

>she's cousins with Nick Fuentes

No. 1895069

>prostituting yourself for years and still living like a roach
at some point you have to conclude the pussy is trash

No. 1895070

>>1895039 that literally looks like a drug den kek, hilarious that she’s trying to sugarcoat it as some findom thing that sounds better than being a literal failed cheap prostitute

No. 1895073

File: 1694192322818.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.37 KB, 1080x1342, 375508065_962587538366134_6016…)

maddie + ion guy via IG

No. 1895076

yes, @nnie hamilton has also admitted to selling sex for 1k a pop, and having discussed doing so with dasha.

No. 1895090

deeply unerotic

No. 1895091

Looks like AllGasNoBrakes crime scene photo

No. 1895130

none of these people look like they are having even a tiny bit of fun.

No. 1895170

go back to twitter

No. 1895181

i spy a forever 21 bag lol. damn dasha you had to sell pussy to afford $4.80 jeans ??

No. 1895184

Moid and newfag, gross
Pics like this make it clear she views herself as a butterface too.

No. 1895197

was dasha an undocumented immigrant? i find it hard to believe a US citizen with a college education would live in such squalor and only work jobs that require no papers. i was undocumented for all of my childhood and early 20s with a graduate degree from an american univerity but could only work under the table jobs after graduation, i lived in squalor but never this bad. i can only remember this level of squalor from my childhood when my family first moved. dasha also has a fondness for koreans, most koreans i knew in college were also undocumented.

No. 1895202

Come on you know if she was legitimately “marginalized” in any sense she’d actually feel shame or insecurity about being undocumented or poverty level. These photos of her squalor would not exist. She was (is) just dirty and another child of suburbia trying to make it in LA without asking her parents for $

No. 1895207

This, she probably thought this way of living was virtuous if anything

No. 1895210

Yeah you are right, the pride of it doesn’t make sense.

No. 1895211

File: 1694208356700.jpg (71.58 KB, 768x1024, CT96nIeU8AAbh-o.jpg)

posting pictures of her nasty food and dirty living situation was her brand pre-rs

No. 1895212

The patriarchy is the reason ugly insecure bitches like Anna and Dasha become massive whores starting in their teens. Ok(moid)

No. 1895220

File: 1694208976521.jpg (19.02 KB, 326x313, misshapen.jpg)

No. 1895222

Bad parenting. If you’re going to blame patriarchy for how your kids behave then don’t have kids

No. 1895229

File: 1694210456906.jpeg (141.2 KB, 699x804, IMG_4105.jpeg)


No. 1895232

No one has total control over their children. Many bad parents have good kids. Many good parents have bad kids. Do you think Anna’s sister had different parents? She’s not selling her body. If you think you can control every outcome in your child don’t have kids.

No. 1895241

Men can't blend in without chymping out over the consequences of their actions being highlighted kek.

No. 1895250

Grimes doesn’t even have custody of her son right now, she seems to have a lot more important things to do than this debate

No. 1895258

No. 1895262

We know nothing about Anna’s sister’s background because she doesn’t have a podcast where she talks about it

No. 1895275

Was on Instagram but got flagged and removed

No. 1895288

it's a matter of influence, not control

No. 1895317

crusty hipster had a moment in the early to mid 00's were people who were actually downwardly mobile could blend in and mingle with trusties who were just pretending

No. 1895352

the hideous troon face of the modern far right

No. 1895380

i know family around dashas's age who was also involved in that hipster poverty aesthetic. illegal immigrant but obviously not in real poverty, he would destroy all his things just to look worse. seemed like bizarre larp, but all his friends and girlfriends had wealthy parents so this strategy worked for him. i assumed dasha was of the lower-middle class going lower variety, didn't realize she lived in a suburban single family home most of her childhood.

No. 1895383

I still don’t understand this person’s relevance but I hate whenever she (he?) gets posted, she gives me the ick SO bad. Just horrible demonic funky ass vibes.

No. 1895384

as cringe as it was it was almost preferable to the extremely class and race segmented membership-DAO-subscription barrier art and social scenes have now

No. 1895385

Dasha and Anna have both admitted to doing prostitution. I don’t necessarily believe they were “sex trafficked” but I believed they both turned a trick or two.

No. 1895387

The modern day equivalent of crusty hipsters are those train hopping oogles who look like they’ll stab you for a sandwich but have trust funds waiting for them at home in Massachusetts.

No. 1895389

those people are all trans gofundme grifters or queer socialites now

No. 1895390

anyone trying to make it in nyc or la who doesn't come from money has most likely tried out some form of light prostitution

No. 1895438

She grew up in a rented townhouse condo situation in Vegas. Not poor but not wealthy either

No. 1895440

Troons have a knack for that

No. 1895509

>not to whiteknight Dasha but every girl in nyc and la prostitutes herself
what are you talking about, this is absurd and could not be further from the truth. smells like whore cope in here…..

No. 1895513

lol wtf? this is not true at all.

No. 1895526

Have you ever heard of a “job”? It’s how girls get money when they a) aren’t being supported by parents and b) don’t want to fuck random degenerate scrotes. Life-changing, highly recommended, look into it sometime

No. 1895535

that is not at all true. dasha was just lazy and didn’t want to get a real job because she was banking on being an actress. and she’s a misogynist who loves to pander to scrotes anyway. it’s not like she was actually an immigrant down on her luck with no other options like her “natasha the russian girl” hooker persona thing, she probably could’ve asked her parents for help or anything else but she chose to prostitute herself instead which is actually insane.

No. 1895567

This, Dasha also stole her best friend’s credit card during the time she was a low-rent prostitute in LA and made shoplifting her whole personality. Hilarious that “someone” wants to spin Dasha’s various felonies as “just your typical broke girl in the big city!” No, she’s a sociopathic scumbag who’d do anything other than get a job.

No. 1895577

that's kinda hot, TBH. we could be partners in crime.

No. 1895578

Why do people think undocumented economic migrants are virtuous?

No. 1895631


No. 1895645

Sage for off-topic blogpost, but I disagree. Kids who came from normie middle class backgrounds (not actual poor) could seriously fuck their lives up with permanent downward mobility if they got involved in that scene and didn't realize the difference between themselves and the trust fund kids until it was too late. I'm glad that world is mostly dead. Class segregation sucks and socialites are jerks, but at least it's "honest" about the underlying social realities.

No. 1895650

The Beast was completely shut out from any awards at Venice, official and independent.

No. 1895673

you're right about how middle class young people can destroy their future getting mislead by these scenes, but it is equally bleak that those people are now stem mercenaries who can expect diminished wages in the future. arts and culture, especially journalism suffers without the half-in-half-out perspectives of people situation squarely in the middle

No. 1895733

File: 1694297979469.jpeg (292.14 KB, 1200x1804, F5nebywXgAA7lOb.jpeg)

Pictured: scene-adjacent poet influencer class enemy. And a guy who writes gibberish.

No. 1895742

the troon has a stronger jaw and more 5 o'clock shadow than crumps. crumps has child-bearing hips in this photo

No. 1895745

she desperately wants to have her jane birkin moment, doesn't she

No. 1895766

it's really amusing to me watching people damn themselves with association with this scene. to be conned by dasha is such an L

No. 1895767

like the fact that she made it onto Succession… what retards

No. 1895771

Was it shut out because of Dasha or because it simply didn’t qualify to be in the running for any awards? And there are some directors who submit their films “out of competition” because they just like the pomp and circumstance of the festivals kek

No. 1895781

It was in the main competition slate. There's also a ton of independent awards presented. "Out of competition" films are usually from more established directors that will put butts in seats, but the festival programmers don't think are of high enough quality for the main competition. It's also where they dump the occasional blockbuster Hollywood release that wants to have a festival premiere to add to its prestige.

No. 1895798

We're going to be seeing more and more "dissident right" troons because they're obsessed with wielding social power.

No. 1895831

Liz was really imbedded with that crowd in the early days of Trueanon. She was one of Jack's first guests. She just quit because she was getting yelled at by Chapos. Honestl, the energy and temperment of both hosts lies closer to the Manhattan right than the Brooklyn left.

No. 1895843

holy shit is he in his 50s/60s??

No. 1895845

I think she's gunning more for Charlotte Gainsbourg Nymphomaniac aesthetic.

No. 1895846

ummm…is crumps jewish?

No. 1895848

exactly nonnas. in the prior gen, I had friends who would follow along with the drug use + malaise combination of these types only to find out too late that the nepo babies they thought were their friends had well-paid and influential jobs lined up by their parents as soon as they "cleaned up their act." even if they didnt dabble in the harder stuff like heroin. the same is happening in this scene - maybe the drugs arent as harmful overall, but if you're a hiring manager its an easy rejection seeing this >>1895229 in your social media sphere without a monied parent urging the hire.

No. 1895853

why do you ask? because he's short?

No. 1895855

no because he’s a psycho liar(sage your shit)

No. 1895867

nta >>1895855 but his face just looks extremely jewish in that pic idk

sorry but a person's choice to do hard drugs/be a general layabout is entirely their prerogative and responsibility lmao, doubly so if you wanted to be part of a "scene" jfc

No. 1895883


No. 1895892

File: 1694332660179.png (13.49 KB, 324x240, jdb.png)

JDB sperging on Brad's insta

No. 1895905

Boomers were lucky that they could have a bohemian period that wouldn’t preclude them from having a nice life. Guess that’s why all the following generations are still working off of what they made in art, music, activism, and culture.

No. 1895970

after suffering a humiliating defeat in his battle against hipster fascism, the crumpmeister is switching lanes and becoming amerikkka's first jason mraz tribute act

No. 1895973

File: 1694347862637.png (80.32 KB, 614x464, sede.png)

Dasha's back on her sedevacantist shit

No. 1896005

AYRT and I'm an (ex-)journalist so I agree with this 100%

This is exactly it. The 2008 financial crisis was the final nail in the coffin of the mass middle class prosperity that made "I'm going to LARP as poor for a while" seem fun and exciting rather than stressful and miserable to generations of ordinary suburban white kids. Boomer hippies were the first and the worst because they had the least to lose.

No. 1896006

Can someone give me the rundown on who this troon is and why they're a "class enemy"

Other than to the biological sex class of natal females, of course

No. 1896032

Great point, this never occurred to me before. Playing at being far right is a status signal that you don't worry about employability, just as much as being a gross oogle used to be.

No. 1896040

TA recently did an episode where Brace goes to a Dimes Sq event and reports on some party that was a showcase of Thiely presentations about charter cities. Unclear why they needed to comment on this scene at length. I constantly get the feeling that these podcasts are like "okay we all need to represent a different angle on the same subject at the same time." Feels like astroturfed polarization/any PR is good PR. Thanks for the scene report Brace

Also it's funny to hear them dunk on NPR/Bloomberg podcasts when they sound more like RadioLab every episode

No. 1896043

>I constantly get the feeling that these podcasts are like "okay we all need to represent a different angle on the same subject at the same time." Feels like astroturfed polarization/any PR is good PR
I mean not to defend them but that's literally what a scene is. That's why people congregate to big cities. You don't go there to mind your own business. I mean it is still a Thiel funded psyop but your kinda missing the forest for the trees.

No. 1896064

File: 1694364702633.jpeg (340.44 KB, 1170x1253, IMG_2667.jpeg)

Here’s a resurgence of RW males blaming Credenzaclear2’s Penny tweet. Only took a single tweet from a woman Cernovich and Braddock (anyone know his real name?) don’t know irl, to be a coward for good.
I know that most men were looking for an excuse to never intervene

No. 1896068

I also get the sense the Braddock account is similar to Delicious Tacos— another 40 something unmarried loser moid in a coastal city who can’t do well in the dating market. But I’ve been on these threads a long while and haven’t seen any personal info

No. 1896087

> Feels like astroturfed polarization/any PR is good PR. Thanks for the scene report Brace
fully agree with this. Dimes has not put out any "art, music, culture" of note so there really is no need to write about it, unless you wanted to bring attention to what your network of "creative" friends are doing. Besides the mother jones article on praxis, everything written about this scene in Vanity Fair, Atlantic, etc. all seem like friends in media doing them a solid. dead giveaway is how they seriously act like nothing else is going on in the entire city. hilarious assertion.

No. 1896101

I think podcasters are all just hacks copying each other

No. 1896112

>That's why people congregate to big cities. You don't go there to mind your own business.
Sure you do, if you grew up there and are just trying to live a normal life. Not everybody in NYC/LA/SF moved there to be cool. (Sage for off-topic, and I know you probably didn't mean it like that nona, but the way you worded it really got under my skin.)

No. 1896114

Remarkably, that is not a troon. There are pics of her as a (female) child on her Instagram.

Crumplar left his German (Polish actually) wife to chase trans-presenting cis women in NY. Give the bland mofo 1 point for eccentricity there.

No. 1896117

Rw men pay lip service to the protector social contract to justify the “naturalness” of male supremacy but have absolutely no intention of carrying out their end of the bargain. Wow it’s almost like men are trying to trick women into wasting time and energy lobbying for male interest for absolutely nothing in return.

No. 1896172

Penny received millions donated to him, if the disagreement of 1 woman makes rightoids claim no woman is deserving of concern, protection was never a possibility. They claim modern society has neutered men and degendered them from their natural roles when they ran to air conditioned jobs, created SUBSTACKS, circlejerk on podcasts and gossip in their GCs. They fight women with large accounts online for clout and coins from their equally retarded male simps.
Women don’t buy their promises and as you mention, the protector contract scam. He is all talk, I’d sooner bet a group of teen girls would lift a finger on the train before any of these technecked twitter addicted Substackers pretending.

No. 1896184

the game rw moids are playing is the very definition of a Protection Racket

No. 1896233

why is she paying for twitter though…

No. 1896254

File: 1694386125201.jpeg (451.47 KB, 1169x1992, IMG_2814.jpeg)

Predicting it now that at some point in 2024 Sam Hyde will try to infiltrate dimes square/re enter mainstream discourse a la Matty Healy to promote the second season of his show. Proof is Adam going on Sam’s podcast a few weeks ago and Dasha randomly interacting with his cretins on twitter.

No. 1896258

I had the same prediction. Kinda sad.

No. 1896264

File: 1694387113763.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2151, IMG_2815.jpeg)

>More proof
Some event that Sam is trying to sell tickets to on insta. Like why is he hosting it in Chinatown of all places?

No. 1896280

Mullen's hanging out with Rochefort in RI too

No. 1896289

It's going to collapse from anyone who had online clout and then lost it in the last decade trying ride it back to relevance. A year from now, Ray William Johnson wll be doing poetry readings at Sovereign House.

No. 1896333

sam and his crew are too dysgenic, fat, and white trash adjacent to be apart of dimes square

No. 1896337

Dimes Square is by far not the only scene in New York that could be reported on. They're hyperfocused & seem to mysteriously have no curiosity about other creative groups in a city of 8m people.

Brace has personal history of being involved in the punk scene in NY & SF. the TrueAnon tour manager is a punk guy who's as deep in that world as you can get, their merch person too. No analysis of any of that scene. Even if it's not as cutting edge (or whatever) as Dimes, there's still plenty to say there re: subculture & politics. And that's just one example.

No. 1896356

I hear the AVGN and Nostalgia Critic will be hosting an sedevacantist podcast next year.

No. 1896362

AWW Two nicks in a pod

No. 1896367

File: 1694402202293.jpeg (229.75 KB, 750x912, 65E38DBF-319A-43BE-B767-C0ED90…)

There’s been a murder

No. 1896393

Is anyone able to say what Brad Troemel's relationship with dimes square is? I can't tell if he's pro or anti. He follows all of them

No. 1896425

What's a mint party? Is lt like an NFT/crypto thing?

No. 1896466

In the last video, he downplays the influence of Thiel on scene and claims that, despite not producing much work, they point to a problem of liberal dominance in the arts.

No. 1896526

What's the problem here? He's right.

No. 1896527

File: 1694442159478.jpg (608.41 KB, 1179x1481, otheramber.jpg)

Matt's wife has been in the hospital for a week to give birth and is now vagueposting about the details

No. 1896532

Only taking money from the blue billionaires is allowed

No. 1896577

Lol, whatever you say. Dimes Square exists to build a magical Nazi city. It's out in the open now. Pack it up. Dead scene is dead.

No. 1896590

a nazi city full of jews and gays

No. 1896607

File: 1694455183524.png (798.74 KB, 640x1136, 5CA8B868-7D89-4934-A7BF-1B5BB5…)

Dasha's philosophy of never going to the dentist because she thinks it's a scam may be biting her in the ass

No. 1896609

Is that plaque? Imagine how bad her breath smells

No. 1896611

Are these supposed to be her lips? juvederm pout is so 2018

No. 1896612

yes lmao literally so pathetic to be a crypto grifter in this era

No. 1896618

Brace and Liz are dumbasses and I wish I realized it sooner.

Brace’s insight on things personal to him (abusive boarding schools having cult connections) were sometimes good, but he and Liz are not serious journalists. There was a 9/11 ep in early 2020 I think in which they were so uncritical of the insane conspiracy theories it was appalling. Liz’s valley girl inflected midwittery as the “straight man” of the operation rarely scratched below the surface. Their whole schtick is quoting like 1990s news articles they they found by having a JSTOR account as if they’re discovering Atlantis. Sry 4 rant.

No. 1896628

putrid seed + geriatric womb does not a healthy combo make

No. 1896629

Reminder that Liz unironically believes the moon landing was fake https://mega.nz/folder/JdJRQCgC#93skkB48_YY4axVz8otz9g/file/1RQlUKhC

No. 1896656

File: 1694462485037.jpeg (205.86 KB, 1242x399, IMG_4066.jpeg)

radfraud shitler and pariah the BAP loving troon who advocates for pederasty have been sniffing each other's farts a lot recently and probably meeting up while she's in manhattan. saged cause not news and unsurprising from the pretend hapa hate baiter in cahoots with pedophiles like medgold and @schizo_freq as well as other faggots and pickmes in the indian moidlet groomer's entourage aka remilia

No. 1896662

That one tooth is all "\" kek

No. 1896663

wish we still had a Sam thread, Jet is such a fucking freak lmao

No. 1896664

it’s clear RFH’s avowed Midwest anonymity is being challenged by her extreme desire for IRL clout that all people in this extended scene eventually own up to. At a certain point, getting in flame wars with Cernovich or whoever gets boring. I suspect she’s unfulfilled socially in Chi, so her going to Chinatown/LA to show face and get validation was inevitable.

Even maybe married Medgold and pervert Tacos can’t resist the Urbit meetups and alt lit readings. And BAP almost facef@gged in El Salvador but had a last minute charge of heart purportedly. All of this is to say what we know and Crumps attempted to convey: that any of their philosophies are just bait for personal celebrity.

No. 1896672

No shit, they wouldn’t be simping for whores like Anna and Dasha if they had any principles whatsoever

No. 1896683

Is there any truth to the rumor that Chapo Felix is dating freshhel/Helena the Onlyfans thot? She's advertising that she has a b/g vid coming soon…

No. 1896688

>Crumps attempted to convey: that any of their philosophies are just bait for personal celebrity.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

No. 1896691

Same. wp2 is going to bomb from the looks of the trailer and there might be enough milk from the coping and seething to resurrect the thread

No. 1896695

why are they still playing the working class underdog about no insurance and having too much debt when we know matt is a multimillionaire raking in at most $180,000 a month??

No. 1896704

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she moved from the south (Austin first, then to ? Idk) to Chicago in the last few years.
Instead of making IRL friends she’s hanging out with other delusional freaks who have 19 hour a day screen time. Really lends itself to a deeply mentally ill, drama loaded social circle.
So much for a radfem, hanging out with troons.

No. 1896708

I’d like to hear the Jet milk if it’s not too ot. He has the scariest eyes I’ve ever seen, just completely dead and empty like a shark.

No. 1896713

is the grimes vs anna debate today or tomorrow?? will it be streamed anywhere?

No. 1896714

Wednesday. It will not be officially streamed, but hopefully some brave anon will sneak their phone in

No. 1896722

File: 1694471024578.png (207.27 KB, 1186x306, delu.png)

>is bffs with anna, mommy milkers, etc.
>posts this

No. 1896724

File: 1694471049157.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.23 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

When did she say she never goes to a dentist? Eventually her teeth will look like picrel.

No. 1896733

fuck nonnie whyd you have to do this to me i'm logging off forever lmfao

No. 1896739

on the latest loveline ep

No. 1896743

dont be disrespectful nonna, it's a louise perry vs sarah haider debate with grimes and anna as dancing monkeys

No. 1896760

File: 1694476694438.jpeg (118.7 KB, 790x448, 2F4BF31E-EE9D-4838-9DFF-B29DDB…)

Liz is 100% Thiel backed. She was a part of the group starting the Bellows way back when. In the early days of TA, before she got savvier (which took her way longer than it should have, a testament to her airheadedness) she was giving shout outs to BAP and Zero Hedge on the pod. If she’s not a plant she’s a dupe who’s susceptible to flattery and money. She doesn’t believe in anything.

No. 1896768

That’s trench mouth it’s not from not going to the dentist kek, it’s from never brushing and being really unhealthy. Many addicts get it then again dasha is one

No. 1896794

The weirdest thing about her is pretty sure she’s lying about having a kid. That or she’s batshit insane and lost custody because she said the kid lives with their dad in another country

No. 1896797

she has a kid who lives with her in Chicago

No. 1896798

File: 1694484377839.jpeg (642.13 KB, 1920x1136, 6BC1FF65-B47C-43CF-8E6A-A4BB81…)

Was Leia Jospe developmentally disabled? On the left we have 10-year-old Dasha's letter to the 9/11 victims…and on the right, 13-year-old Leia's 9/11 diary entry.

No. 1896800

I’m surprised, I’ve thought for years she lied about having a kid. Do you know her real age? Is it really 35?

No. 1896801

She literally said the kid lives with the father in another country. She deleted the tweet for some reason

No. 1896803

File: 1694484698410.jpg (198.9 KB, 1600x900, remilia.jpg)


this remilia?


wonder if Bradley W. Madsen knows his manlet jeet pedo client likes to talk to little girls on the internet

No. 1896804

I think she’s lying about ever being divorced and having a kid. She had a boyfriend she lived with and that was it. She made a reference recently to how she used to trad larp and I think that’s why she lied on her last account then she decided to continue with the lie. She not so secretly craves the approval of right wing incels and they treat women with kids online better

No. 1896806

File: 1694485093263.jpeg (250.28 KB, 750x935, C17C2645-050A-4178-A686-05272E…)

No. 1896813

To be fair, more effort is put into a letter to the class than a personal diary. But Leia has never really struck me as being all that intelligent. I would say she's probably the second dumbest person in this crowd next to Stav. People will disagree but I think Dasha is average to above average intelligence.

No. 1896820

Sounds fake

No. 1896822

leia has autism handwriting

No. 1896836

She's talked about it a few times.

No. 1896840

Braddock isn’t Pariah he was in El Salvador for that event with the losers (that Pariah was banned from). The rumored tea is that a recently married and haggard egirl hit on him in front of her husband. He declined.

No. 1896841

Apparently Anna is freaking out about the debate and has had two full-blown panic attacks in the last 24 hours. The biggest stage of her career is nigh; will she shine bright like a diamond or will her nerves bring about her downfall?

No. 1896842

oh okay, that must make it true then.

No. 1896848

I think she’s dating will sennett now

No. 1896851


No. 1896879

this is just a marketing stunt meme i assume

No. 1896884

she posted DBC's bare ass then deleted it. shes a b*tch

No. 1896894

who is DBC?

No. 1896923

>>1896851 who else could have been there? male/female ratio likely 100/5 or something

No. 1896928

What am I even supposed to look at? Is this a disguised lip thirst trap?

No. 1896932

Maybe her fight or flight will kick in and they’ll all go fisticuffs on stage

No. 1896936

it’s well known cheats on her husband with incels

No. 1896946

They’ve been bffs since college - when JS88 was an avowed Marxist - so it was prob a joke. bit shes def an evil B and often spotted berating her husband (“Adam Neumann Chief of Staff”)

No. 1896947

Dumb bitch capital

No. 1896951

File: 1694523445359.jpeg (476.93 KB, 828x1165, IMG_2947.jpeg)

Married AND smashing incels on the low? “What’s your excuse femcels” etc

No. 1896952

she talks shit about yarvins fiancée kristine while pretending to be her friend too.

No. 1896953

samefag but she’s competing with dasha for biggest disease vector in the dissident right

No. 1896956

DBC is cuter with the hotter husband so of course NPD Catherine would try to humiliate her on the TL. I hope DBC recognizes what’s happening but she seems like a follower.

No. 1896961

well I suppose if you are dumb enough to marry the dark elf king with a fresh baby mama you wouldn’t notice being surrounded by snakes!

No. 1896965

Didn't he have a fucking child with his wife and then kept whining on twitter about how he hated being a parent? I swear to god the girlbossest of all girlbosses is more family-oriented than these "form families and convert to a traditional religion!" freaks

No. 1896967

Justin Murphy, who tried to repopularize arranged marriages (how’s that going?), is a whiny beta male husband and dad. What a surprise.

No. 1896972

do we have any specifics? I’ve been hearing this rumor for a while but I wanna know which incels shes bustin it open for kek

No. 1896996

"Biggest stage" kek. I mean you're not wrong, it just goes to show how pathetic her career is if this debate is the big leagues for her. Where did you see these panic attacks?

No. 1897012

I’d like to know details as well, she’s far too close to ppl like Anna and Monica to not be awful. But she has flown somewhat under the radar despite being in that circle (last I knew of her personal life, she was just engaged)

No. 1897029

she got married in July and was back to posting pickme shit for incels minutes later
Monica (dressed like a cheap h00ker) and Yarvin’s fiancée and maybe Yarvin were in attendance - can only imagine what the extended family thought

No. 1897034

imagine being 35 and having half of the guests at your wedding be losers you met on twitter within the past year… the cheating makes it even sadder

No. 1897048

Especially bad when you factor in she's been probably smoking since she was in middle school. I certainly see a pair of dentures in her very near future.(sage your shit)

No. 1897057

File: 1694542775033.png (106.39 KB, 1102x540, Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.20.…)

Pr*xis is leaving NYC. Is the reactionary Thiel moment over?

No. 1897081

because some random faggot on twitter said so?

No. 1897088

Wait, Yarvin has a new fiance after the hippie babymama who he had a dramatic split with? Tell us more

No. 1897095

File: 1694547390736.png (88.94 KB, 1168x392, k.png)

yes and she obvi doesnt read LC kek

No. 1897109

File: 1694550157475.png (1.66 MB, 1210x4073, miladydramasonora.png)

looks like Charlie/Charlotte/Rohit/Krishna filed the bs lawsuit to before co-founders could sue after mediation failed. his filing is very sloppy - clearly just meant to bog things down. typical startup drama tbh. milady price already crashing and crypto moids seething.

No. 1897116

When I think of Curtis Yarvin I see projared in my head kek

No. 1897122

File: 1694551916519.jpeg (201.32 KB, 900x1200, IMG_2751.jpeg)

Yes iirc you go into the last couple threads 43 and 44, it’s this hard faced redhead with glasses who hangs out with Pariah, Monica, Catherine.
But I didn’t know Catherine subbed her and talked shit. Is she jealous of her dark elf hubby kek. Or is it just a group of petty fake women who throw shots at eachother in all directions

No. 1897129

File: 1694552502588.png (1.17 MB, 758x1152, Screenshot 2023-09-12 170443.p…)

it wasn't bare

No. 1897131

i hope all these guys end up with nothing or they physically harm each other over the money like that coinbase guy who was murdered

No. 1897137

Kek she looks like Allison Mack

No. 1897139

they will simply subtweet each other and reply "milady" until the money dries up
what happened with the lawsuit against milady from "sophia vanderbilt" last year I think she was dating a cofounder?

No. 1897142

File: 1694553735519.png (476.06 KB, 442x848, michigan.png)

>it wasn't bare


No. 1897147

>I didn’t know Catherine subbed her and talked shit

would like to see proof of this they seem close maybe OP is catherine leaving hints kek

No. 1897149

File: 1694553922828.png (117.31 KB, 598x419, Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 22-27…)

she wishes she was 10% jewish

No. 1897152

This woman is 38 years old, btw.

No. 1897154

She stole this meme off /pol/. Yikes.

No. 1897155

File: 1694554378246.png (91.78 KB, 1184x308, Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 2.29…)

i think this may be an inside joke idk

No. 1897156

Silicon Valley is over. Everyone’s moving to Texas now. He’s incredibly late to the party.

No. 1897167

it wasn't bare, but it was lewd enough that a married woman should not have posted an ass pic of an engaged woman

No. 1897197

File: 1694558634453.jpg (1.21 MB, 3258x1899, wrathoftai.jpg)

Crumplar's estranged lesbian sidekick continues to speak out.

No. 1897201

About once a decade, Austin gets spun into an "it city", a bunch of people live there, realize it sucks, then it became a punchline. It happened in the 90s, the 2000s, the 10s, and it's happening right now in the exact same way.

No. 1897209

bitch is acting like he stole the ghostbusters theme lol

No. 1897221


rohits korean wife looking longingly out her bedroom whispering "henry u madman u really did it" grasping for a coat on her shoulders that isnt there

he's going to Have A Seat Over There again

No. 1897227


He claims to be married with a child now (toddler aged). When Lexaproffesional Me Too’d him she said the incident occurred in fall 2019. So that gives us roughly three years between the time he met his wife and had a kid and now.

No. 1897235

File: 1694564983049.jpeg (22.35 KB, 245x275, 090409EE-5965-44ED-9BE6-5BBB87…)

Another pic of Samememe I grabbed from an older thread

No. 1897249

I’m team no one but I hope we get a Rohit’s wife Substack piece out of this

No. 1897259

joe Biden needs to cut off the coke supply to dimes square and all of this beef will cease

No. 1897263

This is pariah before?

No. 1897264

File: 1694567864525.jpg (234.2 KB, 1098x1352, Fv9UrXbXoAQuv2Y.jpg)

No. 1897266

What thread is this from?

No. 1897278

anyone else feel like these questions about samememe are a little sus

No. 1897294

File: 1694572531764.webm (5.79 MB, 1080x1920, elena velez the longhouse.webm)

Ok fashionista nonnies, how do we rate Elena Velez YR004 The Longhouse?

No. 1897296

File: 1694573208415.png (596.18 KB, 1212x796, pighouse.png)

reception has been it's a desperate gimmick and not even fresh, Balenciaga and Kanye did mud just last year and did it better

No. 1897297

File: 1694573366702.jpg (91.57 KB, 1125x2000, pighouse2.jpg)

No. 1897304

chatGPT-ass creative hypothesis

No. 1897306

Dimes Square pick-meism distilled

No. 1897312

never "befriend" men all they do is drain you for everything you've got.

No. 1897313

File: 1694574931476.jpeg (91.18 KB, 416x502, IMG_1930.jpeg)

I will never get over how unfortunate his face is, kek.

No. 1897315

and yet trannies are walking

No. 1897316

Werehouse theme with industrial music has been done over and over for a least a decade now.

No. 1897320

File: 1694575884635.jpg (457.66 KB, 1280x1920, pariah longhouse.jpg)

It's giving foreskin

No. 1897321

it's giving PROLAPSE but I think that's intentional bc that's soooo "chthonic"

No. 1897323

File: 1694576533217.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 860x1352, Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 8.44…)

is this botched milkers topless at the show? KEK

No. 1897326

Yes. Dryden realizes that anorexic BPD teenagers aren’t going to join his Fyre Fest network state. Declares scene dead as he gets #metoo’d by Katherine Dee who fakes her own suicide after getting blocked by Anna. Only Pariah is available for comment. “I like cock and BAP. Hit me baby one more time. Based ass ho isn’t Praxis. I am Praxis. It’s me!”

Grimes won’t open the pitch email.(unsaged babbling)

No. 1897330

File: 1694577247128.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 662x1006, mmmmmud.png)

another angle

No. 1897331

Mommy just threw up my milkers.

No. 1897333

She stole her content off /pol/ too.(spamming moid)

No. 1897335

File: 1694577536277.png (4.25 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2761.png)

It looks like Yeezy + same old Y2K and athleisure influences everyone is drawing on. not that Yeezy is particularly original either https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2024-ready-to-wear/elena-velez

No. 1897336

elena velez is trash, and pariah involves himself because he hates himself

No. 1897339

Not to defend crumps but how is it plagiarism if he’s quoting her in the piece kek.

No. 1897341

BRUH. the lopsided tits…

No. 1897343

A manifesto for a runway show? This is the most 4chan influenced idea

No. 1897345

File: 1694579696064.png (445.36 KB, 390x592, ev.look15.png)

I understand fashion is supposed to be artistic on top of being wearable but this is neither. Why is Vogue reporting on it.

No. 1897348

the right wing art and culture Thiel is investing in

No. 1897352

pariah tagged her in the pic on an instagram post, so yes.

No. 1897358

it's funny to me that elena velez is legit more beautiful (face + body) than literally every other woman in this scene, and is the only one with an actual job. lmao!

No. 1897359

File: 1694582334312.jpeg (314.92 KB, 1536x2048, ivy wolk legs.jpeg)

Ivy Woke is not beating the neanderthal allegations

No. 1897360

I don’t think she looks Neanderthal personally. She’s weird looking and ugly sure but she doesn’t have the Neanderthal features. Her nose is too pointy and sharp, for one.

No. 1897361

File: 1694582668342.jpg (201.33 KB, 1170x1706, F5hx7pZXkAA3-QS.jpg)

corroborating evidence. (yes i'm a simp.)(thirstposting)

No. 1897362

Its more like an "actual fairytale gremlin used to scare children face".

No. 1897363

Spot on.

No. 1897364

Then why is she simping for these cows? Is there not a creative Right with money that isn’t involved with Anna and Dasha’s panties?(lrn2sage)

No. 1897367

Fillers & buccal fat removal. She took the call.

No. 1897368

I can see the commensalism between her and others– people like Anna are impressed Elena a “working class” designer from Wisconsin (!) and that she, a Wisconsinite (!) married a moderately known Swede artist 20+ years her senior. & Elena covets the disaffected apathy ppl like Anna have in spades compared to her Midwesternisms, as well as their circle’s relative intellectual clout and associations. (Btw fun fact: did you know Elena is from Wisconsin?!)

No. 1897371

Actually not really, lots of ppl have talked about the modern death of any cultural works coming from a politically RW person (idpol for me not thee) or creations promoting seemingly RW views. w/e those are, I mean, they’re now cool with troons? Kek.

No. 1897372

File: 1694584900990.jpg (126.37 KB, 866x1202, FyS4aP5WcAA7WQZ.jpg)

no buccal fat removal, she just lost weight after having the babies. face facts: she's a babe.

No. 1897373

File: 1694584989542.jpg (274.16 KB, 1132x1356, Fy1Z73xWwAEdkIq.jpg)

No. 1897374

File: 1694585151968.jpeg (506.76 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2766.jpeg)

She doesn’t look like this in a single online photo of her. She is fine, normal looking.
This is the same thread that pretends BimboUbermensch is plain tho so I can’t trust people’s judgments here.

No. 1897378

ivy and jet look like siblings

No. 1897380

File: 1694586373375.jpg (290.62 KB, 800x1200, Fx0JfYvXwAE7vIG.jpg)

she looked great in that shot, but a little heavier: post baby. she's just a babe imo.(thirstposting)

No. 1897381

File: 1694586499867.jpg (202.77 KB, 1170x2080, 375291850_238809365827911_4306…)

this is the latest from ava pearlman. ava and elena velez are the hottest in the whole scene, but you've got to give elena maximum props for having a work ethic and a real job in addition to having babies. what a woman tbh.(thirstposting)

No. 1897382

This is Yarvin’s fault. He didn’t have to pull this dark elf experiment. He could have funded a real Right art scene. He just chose not to because he is anti-bohemian at his core. Art scares him. He only wants influence.(unsaged babbling)

No. 1897383

anyone got any milk on stephanie lacava? i'll explain later why i ask.(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1897388

There are pictures of Monica years before she had all her work done (early 2000s maybe?) where she honestly looks really pretty. Always made me kinda sad lol

No. 1897412

Ears below eyeline means jew. Bad genes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1897417

On the girls rewatch podcast she talked about dating older guys then elaborated and admitted they don’t commit to her. She’s only 18 too. Whenever a guy brags about “banging 18 year olds” rest assured they are busted like her most of the time

No. 1897421

Did't she just lose her virginity like 6 months ago? This bitch is speed-running self-destruction.

No. 1897445

File: 1694602969770.webm (2.77 MB, 720x1280, lBRdHhAQ60yRn7tE.webm)

Absolutely mortifying…
lol at monica/milkers flailing around confused and embarrassed by the whole thing. The state of it

No. 1897446

File: 1694603347717.webm (660.4 KB, 720x1280, ezgif.com-video-cutter.webm)

its giving rapey foreskin

No. 1897462

>married a moderately known Swede artist 20+ years her senior
There’s no way her sons don’t have autism. Maybe that’s why her designs are so underdeveloped and derivative, she’s too busy tard wrangling

No. 1897466

The dark elves are not sending their best

No. 1897470

It’s never not funny how Anna and Dasha will call a size 6 fat and then try to be friends with women with a normal BMI. Like when they had Amber on the pod and were like “oh no you could totally fit into Brandy Melville it’s really stretchy” lmao

No. 1897474

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9owNUjnXM8(the embed field is there for a reason)

No. 1897507

This is delusional

No. 1897520

File: 1694616069536.jpeg (32.92 KB, 322x268, IMG_2767.jpeg)

Their relationship is toxic rage and drunk fights too like Anna and Eli, they just actually got married (more incentive esp since he’s foreign). Scarethots are seriously the dumbest women in dating and relationships

No. 1897546

oh look, a twitter faggot shitting up this thread because we made fun this freshmen term project looking Derelicte collection

No. 1897552

File: 1694619376822.jpeg (504.59 KB, 929x995, IMG_4533.jpeg)

The massive chin is very neanderthal like but unfortunately we can’t see it here because now she’s insecure about it and covering it up. Her head is like the shape of an olive. She needs to go into hiding honestly

No. 1897553

Is there any evidence that Thiel knows who elena velez is? Like were there photos of him writing her a check? Because if she’s not on his payroll then that’s just tinfoiling

No. 1897558

i usually respond with no1curr to krishna drama because it tends to be manufactured to make people talk about them but i hope this one is real because it would be hilarious and well deserved. who in their right minds forms any kind of partnership with a guy like that kek

No. 1897563

She looks like that girl defined woman, bethany

No. 1897577

it's giving Universal Studios HHN haunted house on a weak year

No. 1897580

>fashion is a medium that has always claimed to be a reflection of values and aesthetics of women
How the hell did this woman become a fashion designer? And these bitches need to read a different book, it's giving harry potter

No. 1897585

No. 1897591

nyart but thiel is hardly the only far right financier of this scene. his funds are just ran by bleating scrotes who demand being in the limelight like the weinstein brothers so its easiest to connect dots to him.

No. 1897627

she looks like shit


No. 1897635

If Dasha and her fridge waist could fit into it
I’m sure Amber could

No. 1897636

Zoomers are so disgusting

No. 1897661

File: 1694636526881.jpeg (409.87 KB, 1982x992, IMG_2857.jpeg)

Dasha and Sam will hook up and have a baby with the biggest forehead in the entire world

No. 1897663

Zoomer physiognomy

No. 1897671

the recent sam hyde standup is one of the worst pieces of shit i have ever watched. he can't even talk on stage for an hour without getting so out of breath it sounds like he is going to pass out. any potentially funny premise is fumbled by his terrible delivery. most of the material is the worst sub-sub-sub babylon bee 4chan tier shit ever, just incredibly lazy and worthless all around. how anyone has any reverence toward him is bewildering.

No. 1897684

No way. Her body count is way too high for someone like him and she has talked about getting a period twice a year

No. 1897685

File: 1694640320383.jpg (106.34 KB, 1170x1028, F57SvJeWMAAHRDZ.jpg)

now deleted

No. 1897689

why are they doing all of these live events? Nick did a live scuffed realtor, who the hell is going to these events? Being a Sam Hyde fan in 2023 is just…

Sam's body count is also definitely in the hundreds he's a degenerate sex addict

No. 1897695

It doesn’t matter. He’s one of those guys who thinks women’s should be low and men’s should be high

No. 1897700

his whole ‘my live comedy is a troll’ act is so dead by this point. after that show he posted on his story super self deprecating and basically doing damage control for that shitshow, asking his fans to help him workshop his act.
now hes getting all his goons to play at whatever fucking venue this is, getting it to like half capacity lmfao

No. 1897701

It’s not a venue it’s literally a high school lmao

No. 1897709

Anna and Dasha are probably lying about their "N count" for cred tbh. I'd bet money they're lying/exaggerating their lack of condom use too. They've probably had a few "raw" hookups, but they are also running an entertainment business and know the deal.

And in the circles they run in, STDs are pretty rare tbh. STDs run rampant in groups who don't have good access to healthcare and can't treat/detect them. In a circle of big city rich kids, people who catch something get on drugs/take a break from fucking around so they don't spread it as much. A lot of STD cases come from gross scrotes who fuck anything that moves and bring it home to their GF.

No. 1897714

Sam obviously only cares about body count because he’s a pedophile, another perversity him and dasha have in common

No. 1897715

nonna, it is literally known that both Adam and Nick have herpes and spread it to most of Dimes Square

No. 1897746

Anna never said her count so we don’t know hers. Dasha has admitted to cheating and trying to poach taken men. Women like that always have high body counts. They use casual sex as an ego booster

No. 1897749

File: 1694647531438.jpeg (74.71 KB, 1194x658, F58UjIoWgAA9tWs.jpeg)

No. 1897755

When they talked to Kaitlyn Phillips, both described theirs as “high” (Dasha at the time. 4+ years ago, said explicitly 70s). If you don’t believe it it’s fine. But as a (somewhat single) pick me, Anna would no doubt be forthcoming if it was a low number. She would tout being less sexually experienced and only having had sex with say, 4 men.
Your perception of STDs is just inaccurate. Their circles are teeming with them.

No. 1897759

Embedded in this statement is the assumption that violent hate crimes by racists to minorities don’t happen, and that all that’s happening is name calling. The limits of behavior in Twitter is not true for the real world Katya

No. 1897765

If you can’t tell those two are insecure sluts who fuck a lot due to low self esteem, you need more life experience

No. 1897791

She's a presence at all the Praxis and urbit events and is friends with all the people involved.

No. 1897796

Plenty of white trash, aimless millennials and zoomers in Woonsocket and suburban RI that flock to internet edgelordism.

No. 1897807

File: 1694654652621.jpg (46.82 KB, 742x297, rightwingcringe.jpg)

Dasha Nekrasova liked this tweet, lmao. Is she getting sick of the right-wing scene?


No. 1897810

Yeah, I was about to say, Katherine sets up this false dichotomy where "racism" is limited to "saying slurs online" - when she knows most of the avowed racists have goals which go well beyond that - and then assumes anyone who has a problem with that must be a prison abolitionist or Liz Bruenig crying over violent criminals on death row. It's really fucking stupid.

No. 1897814

Any nonas at the Bari Weiss debate tonight?

No. 1897828

Generally people who think others are racially inferior don’t just tweet about R1a, Steve Sailor, and say slurs— eg the recent Jacksonville shooting. racists irl are not a mutually exclusive group vs rapists/murderers. She is a dumbass through and through.

No. 1897834

there are more racists than criminals. it’s a dumb tweet, but the average republican boomer is probably at least tacitly racist.

No. 1897836

What exactly has Ivy done wrong apart from refusing to pluck her unibrow? Seeing grown women bully a child really makes my skin crawl to be honest.

No. 1897842

nothing, there are a few people on this thread who are cringe but there’s never milk.

No. 1897844

File: 1694660087482.jpg (176.3 KB, 1284x2282, missbotez 377562074_8390506542…)

Chess YouTuber Alexandra Botez is at the debate. (via IG)

No. 1897846

She's 19, grow up. The on my reason she's clouted in the first place is because she hyped up her "cancellation" on tiktok for saying a bunch of racist shit

No. 1897849

File: 1694660399227.png (693.63 KB, 640x1136, 9D3C84E9-B946-484B-BEA6-A86984…)

Anna's fit for the evening. (What is this pose? lol)

No. 1897851

scoliosis jones aka the iggy pop

No. 1897852

her makeup looks atrocious

No. 1897854

also this is a completely fucking false premise altogether. racists dont get their "bank accounts taken." getting banned from a service provider like paypal is not having your bank account taken kek. when that did happen with paypal, its because violent crimes were committed and the racism was just an internet-brained cherry on top. this psychopath is just virtue-signaling.

No. 1897855

File: 1694661661545.jpg (135.01 KB, 768x956, xx unnamed-1.jpg)

this is who you're being mean about btw(whiteknighting)

No. 1897860

File: 1694661943051.jpg (210.5 KB, 1200x900, F59E6GraoAAjUuN.jpg)

grimes made it

No. 1897861

Anna looks so haggard

No. 1897862

File: 1694662057491.jpg (4.24 KB, 98x104, Screenshot_20230914_123030.jpg)


No. 1897863

Ughhhh Anna should just gain 10lbs for her face. It’s all skull. Looks more gaunt than ever

No. 1897864

tim's got that tarantino posture. oy.

this feels like it should be below anna's dignity. good to see the depths to which bari weiss has fallen tho.

No. 1897865


tbh her skin/wrinkles seem not as prevalent. shes had fillers right?

No. 1897866

>this feels like it should be below anna's dignity

lmao what

No. 1897867

she’s so ugly it’s depressing

No. 1897868

yeh u right my bad

No. 1897871

Why does she look so waxy? It’s giving Madame Tussauds

No. 1897872

Why is Grimes dressed like a pirate

No. 1897874

apparently Anna is performing well

No. 1897875

Anorexia isn’t based.(neither is not saging)

No. 1897880

Anna could really benefit from gaining a few pounds. Her massive bobble head looks so odd and disproportionate from her thin frame and spider legs. Looks like a big rock on top of two short chopsticks, not a good look

No. 1897881

why is tim dillon at this thing? he's so gross

No. 1897882

actually some terfs have been debanked

No. 1897883

tim dillon with a worse fit than grimes

No. 1897887

Anna looking away from the camera–ever the contrarian, aloof and above it (but the most self-conscious one there)

No. 1897893

you seriously cant be that stupid to believe someone being mean to trannies had all their assets seized lmao. besides, this is irrelevant. im talking about people who sent money to mass shooters which is terrorist financing whether katya likes it called that or not.

No. 1897899

Where was this streamed I wanna watch and give a tl;dr

No. 1897900

Nobody cares

No. 1897903

File: 1694668696244.jpeg (489.51 KB, 1170x1344, IMG_4596.jpeg)

Kek is this a joke? Aella is only like 25…

No. 1897904

she has an extremely spherical forehead

No. 1897906

File: 1694669010780.jpeg (115.52 KB, 381x415, D136B399-96B3-4F4F-8329-CBF28C…)

The skin editing is so obvious. Put the vape down and stop drinking, whino

No. 1897910

Wait, really? I thought she was in her 30s, damn.

No. 1897913

She’s 31-32 and means growing up in her fundamentalist family

No. 1897918

she's gorgeous. the reputation of this place will suffer if we're needlessly catty about the looks of objectively beautiful women. reel it in.(whiteknighting)

No. 1897926

Not that I think she’s ugly but you must be new here if you think that isn’t exactly what the reputation of this site already is. You might pass out if you ever hang out in the celebricow thread kek

No. 1897927

No one said she wasn’t pretty you fucking idiot

No. 1897928

>'spherical forehead'
you stupid fucking faggot. back to reddit with your dumb ass.

No. 1897929

None of those mean ugly. Were you dropped on your head

No. 1897930

No one said she was bad looking. Must be a self post. Ignore

No. 1897935

Clash of the Cows

No. 1897936

Poor retarded kid raised by equally retarded parents

No. 1897938

The hard pill to swallow for Hyde's little incels is that he was never funny off the cuff. He was doing pretty standard internet shit but what set him apart was his aesthetic sensibility and his clinging to 2000s edginess well into the 2010s. Now both of those things are outdated and now he's just doing an impersonation of himself.

Imagine the hairline of the poor thing.

No. 1897939

She is by far the most mid looking woman on this thread. Nothing remotely notable about her.

No. 1897949

rewatching Succession at the moment and Dasha's presence is breaking my immersion(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1897964

Anna is a butterface.(non-contribution, nitpick, lack of sage)

No. 1897966

Thiel isn’t funding Elana. He’s not even fundung Pariah. Yarvin is funding the Dimes Square on his own. Thiel is just funding Praxis and Anna. He’s not even funding Dasha.(newfag)

No. 1897994

No. 1898028

Elena Velez has narc eyes and seems like a creepy sex pervert with her romanticization of domestic violence and the pornographic mud wrestling that she calls art. I feel bad for her daughter.

No. 1898038

File: 1694696843895.png (34.08 KB, 631x417, media_F58JTzTbgAE0xh9.png)


why not ask Euna Okhandiar herself why her husband spends his time talking to 15 year old girls online



No. 1898040

File: 1694697446674.jpg (103.38 KB, 1243x402, kurabbumaxwellroux.jpg)


based off of the aliases listed, and the Montana location, Maxwell Roux is the former Kurabbu as well:



No. 1898041

Whenever I see a picture of Sam Hyde it just reaffirms that the Y chromosome was a mistake. All that retard strength and for what? Longhouse this and longhouse that but his shows are a glimpse of what society would look like without it, just complete retardation

No. 1898044

No. 1898060

File: 1694701269939.jpg (80 KB, 750x440, i34523552.jpg)

It's funny because if the racists/antisemites she associates with had their way, both her and her brown friend @Indian_Bronson would be tossed out on their asses and sent packing to Israel and India. This Twitter account with the David Koresh profile pic is part of BAP's crew.

Speaking of Indians, does Lolcow have a thread dedicated to creepy/rapey Indian men? This recent viral video of the Korean streamer getting assaulted by an Indian man in Hong Kong made my skin crawl and I know there are lots of similar incidents.


No. 1898063

That’s not “pre-sexual revolution” though KEK that’s like the 90s. One of the most pornified times in history (other than now of course). What Kool Aid is this retard drinking?

No. 1898065

Of course Grimes thinks the sexual revolution has been “good” for women. It allowed her to rent other women’s bodies to give birth to her children for her!(sage your shit)

No. 1898068

File: 1694701882262.png (3.33 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4599.png)

Elena, shut the fuck up. You’re mentioned in this thread maybe once a month. Go breastfeed your fucking baby, seriously you actual loser. You’re never gonna be part of the joke because you are one kek(hi cow, no sage)

No. 1898070

DF has admitted as much. She has this weird obsession with people not being “authentically” racist. She called IB out on it after the Vivek debate.

No. 1898074

It gets into racebaiting and that’s a no-go here.

No. 1898075

It's kind of funny to complain about racists and in the same breath ask if lolcow has an indian rapist general thread lol

No. 1898079

Eleggna Velez

No. 1898090

What do we know about Elena Velez’s parentage? All her bios scream PUERTO RICAN but this is the face of a girl who’s half white at minimum. And her whole personality/aesthetic is so white girl I feel like she was raised by a white mom, like she prob barely knew her Puerto Rican parent if she even has one

No. 1898092

File: 1694706509349.jpeg (83.87 KB, 1080x1920, download (6).jpeg)

@itstailee felt her 10 minutes of fame as a victim was fading so she threw out ED allegations against crumps in a bizarre wigger-voice rant sitting alone in a filthy apartment

No. 1898098

File: 1694708239965.jpeg (226.19 KB, 1169x709, IMG_2806.jpeg)

Yeah, exactly, one presumably mestizo Puerto Rican parent & one white.
I looked up her mom (a ship captain) and she is actually really cool. But yeah I don’t think Elena was too in touch with her PR side, esp growing up in white ass Milwaukee. It’s not surprising much of her NYC gang is also vaguely ethnic whites

No. 1898111

You sound testerical

No. 1898113

She’s talking about her insane fundie upbringing which is true, it really did mess her up. Which is why osscillating in between extremes is not the answer, she’s living proof. How did they determine the winners? Where’s the public part of this debate, shouldn’t the public have a say?

No. 1898116

Yarvin will pretty much at least consider anything you pitch him if you can at least humor him. he’s not a scary guy, unlike thiel. He’ll shrug off a low roi. Surprised Sam hasn’t taken this route, it seems a natural connection.

No. 1898117

Everyone lower middle class and above raised in America is white(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1898135

talking about people's parents: seriously low class. almost as bad as talking about someone's kids. be ashamed, e-cretin.>>1898090

No. 1898140

File: 1694714705370.png (11.57 KB, 598x98, Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 18-58…)

I know maddie is one of the stupider members of the gang, (nearly up there with leia imo), but do you'd think by now she would have realized that anna's whole fake "Russian" act is meant entirely to insult people like maddie, and all of anna's contemporary white middle class Americans that she grew up with who she thinks she's so much better than/hates.
Penny not dropped on that yet maddie… oh dear, carry on gassing up her pathetic "russian" larping then.

No. 1898146

Wait wym fake russian? Was she outed for lying about being an immigrant or something?

No. 1898150

Just remembered Grimes has a similar hyphenated identity larp, and has in the past claimed to be able to speak Russian/Ukrainian (can't remember which). It would have been great she actually could, and mid debate busted out the fluent Russian and humiliated anna and her non existent russian speaking.
… Or even just the two retards trying to out 'russian' the other shouting their broken handful of russian words at each other on stage would have been amusing.

No. 1898154

strict achievement fixated Eastern European UMC educated parent(s) that make you learn physics at 12 vs distant rich white entrepreneur American parent(s) who put you in boarding school.
They both ended up thotting online for attention and making shit “art” so same difference I guess?

No. 1898171

File: 1694719928071.jpeg (498.53 KB, 1170x1314, IMG_8619.jpeg)

Anna confirming she is an intolerable loser whose gay boyfriend left her

No. 1898192

these tweets are funny and make them look cool. it's so hard because anna and dasha are selling us out but they make reddit troons seethe…

No. 1898196

The original post by Brittany is try hard aspirational porn. Dasha and Anna’s replies are better than the essay on how attracted this catfish is to her husband.

No. 1898206

>these tweets are funny and make them look cool.

no they don't lol

No. 1898211

File: 1694724037517.jpg (712.34 KB, 3000x2000, F6Ai-t-aIAEij09.jpg)

oh my god

No. 1898215

File: 1694724317892.png (144.65 KB, 660x761, Screen Shot 2023-09-14 at 4.48…)

don't be obtuse nona, its fucked up but banks in the UK are closing people's accounts for retarded reasons, some of which include having odious political opinions, such as "being a TERF". no one here is going to support sending money to mass shooters.

No. 1898221

File: 1694724624950.jpg (37.58 KB, 786x272, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1898227

Dasha, that is just getting sad now. Doesn't she have any friends? I won't even say she's ugly or whatever, to each their own, but wearing a dress that could pass for a seifuku in your 30s, at anything other than like, an anime convention or some shit? I guess she must want to be recognized. But its all just getting very tired and more than a little Baby Jane.

No. 1898231

Amber Frost and Alex Lee Moyer (that's her, right?) somehow look even worse than Anna and Dasha here.

You'd have to pay ME a handsome sum to get me to be seen around these hags.

No. 1898234

KEK she is an insane BPD hoe, he is a psychopath, and they are likely making up all this shit for clout. My bet that the story behind the snake performance was made up too.

No. 1898236

File: 1694725588234.png (148.3 KB, 1206x494, bimbosheets.png)

absolutely sure they have never met IRL

No. 1898237

Regrettably…Anna kinda mogging on everyone else here

No. 1898239

So chapo has laid off of RS only because of the amber connection, right?

No. 1898241

I mean, it seems like punching down. Chapo is like one of the top ten on patreon, RS shifts between 20 and 30th.

No. 1898247

Not that it was hard though, but yeah, she looks good. Dasha’s more gaunt than ever on the other hand.

No. 1898248

Is Amber pregnant

No. 1898264

he dated the third host of red scare. i feel that reveals the angle of his "satire" as well as his "subversive" doritos tacos art

No. 1898271

File: 1694728221866.png (57.84 KB, 596x490, Screenshot (3524).png)

Dasha is probably butthurt over getting ratioed by her fellow right-wingers.

No. 1898282

who is the sunburnt troon

No. 1898286

File: 1694729974784.jpg (175.72 KB, 977x867, 433921212.jpg)

This is all kayfabe btw. Brittany Martinez and her husband are the founders of Evie Magazine, which - you guessed it - has connections to Peter Thiel.

>Since it was launched in 2019 by husband-and-wife team, model/influencer Brittany Martinez and Gabriel Hugoboom, Evie has baffled many like Baxter who have come across the site while searching for, say, fitness tips, or the perfect sundresses for spring. (The brand has also launched an annual print edition, available on the website.) With a soft pastel-hued layout and breezy, girl-next-door tone, Evie’s right-wing slant is apparent only if you know where to look.

>Yet with links to prominent right-wing influencers and think tanks, Evie has the potential to gain significant ground in the culture wars, positioning itself as a girlboss-ified Breitbart of sorts. Exclusive interviews with influencers like Abbie Herbert and Christy Carlson Romano have appeared in the print magazine; the cover of that issue features a wide-eyed, dew-skinned model in a flower crown who would not look out of place in an Instagram ad for Free People.

>“I honestly did not know how conservative Evie was when I got hired. It seemed like they became more conservative as time went on,” she says. Although the writer was later asked to contribute more to Evie, she declined. “I didn’t enjoy writing the types of articles they wanted published,” she says, adding that she felt pressured to conform to the publication’s “agenda.” “If I were to continue writing for Evie, I would have felt like a fraud, because I didn’t believe in what I was writing. It is so important to be true to yourself in this world and I want to set a good example for my children.”

>Martinez and Hugoboom attracted a fair amount of press attention for the launch of their female wellness app, 28, which encourages people to adopt natural family planning methods (a popular cause on the right) and purports to offer personalized fitness and nutrition recommendations based on where a user is in their cycle.

>Others, however, profess to being horrified by what they view as Evie’s right-wing turn, saying they had absolutely no idea that their health or beauty or skincare stories would be published alongside pieces about, say, the dangers of women having multiple sex partners. Nunzia Stark, a freelancer who wrote a story for Evie in 2021 about seasonal affective disorder, says she did not consider Evie anything other than an unbiased women’s magazine when she started contributing.


Pic related is another Evie contributor replying to Anna's post-debate pic today.

No. 1898287

Thanks nonna, I had forgotten the failed model and gay looking husband had Thiel ties

No. 1898289

woman on right has to be a troon right? the huge skull and over arched brows make her brown bone look huge and her gaze is that look you give when you want to skin someone alive

No. 1898292

>I guess she must want to be recognized.
That is exactly why she wore it; hoping to catch the attention of one Bari's monied boomer simps who might remember Sailor Socialism.

No. 1898295

They never criticized them in the first place. They have the same accountant handling their finances, it's all one big club.

No. 1898298

File: 1694732247700.jpg (178.96 KB, 1284x1696, F6A-38wWAAAx5to.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 1898304

Serial rapist Terry Richardson on the left for those who don't know.

No. 1898308

neither is terry richards. trying to be funny?

No. 1898309

It literally is. He's tagged in the instagram version.

No. 1898310

do you really not know what terry richardson looks like? weak troll attempt.

No. 1898317

File: 1694733996689.jpg (113.18 KB, 1080x1282, the-world-is-pretty-funny-some…)

No. 1898320

File: 1694734213387.jpg (195.96 KB, 640x878, Terryrichardson01.jpg)

yeah, that looks nothing like him. and where was that even posted? an obvious joke, retard.

No. 1898322

File: 1694734344873.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 08ECF9D8-BA42-4804-86E8-5BABE0…)

Average rs fan

No. 1898336

blows my mind people still subscribe to the patreon of chapo, much less red "twitter recap" scare. I wonder if expired debit cards are still counted to inflate the numbers

No. 1898337

please connect the snackwave tumblr era taco to nazism

No. 1898341

parents laundering money to their kids, tax-free!

No. 1898343

File: 1694735642545.jpg (86.42 KB, 901x583, 22172344566.jpg)

Basically this "scene" in a nutshell. If they had talent, they wouldn't waste their time with the E-Right and Dimes Square. Hilarious how Katya's tiny brain couldn't figure this out.

No. 1898344

dasher is giving… imitation game? a "cracking the nat-zee codes while her sweetheart is away fighting the battle of britain" vibe

No. 1898345

what's the joke about /pol/lacks all being mixed?

No. 1898347

is he Filipinx or Latinx?

No. 1898354

thank you nonna for this! Brittany Martinez seems like a bit of a cow herself, her feed reeks of pickme
> Nunzia Stark, a freelancer who wrote a story for Evie in 2021 about seasonal affective disorder, says she did not consider Evie anything other than an unbiased women’s magazine when she started contributing.
I dont see how thats possible. the last time Evie magazine was brought up here they were pushing articles about how women shouldnt be on birth control and the 28 app was assumed to be selling cycle data for law enforcement purposes

No. 1898356

File: 1694736563246.png (2.66 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4643.png)

I came here just to post the Dasha sailor outfit kek…of course she had to.

No. 1898362

Worst part is, they're all (or at least most) doing it knowing full well there are several easy-to-find free feeds out there.

No. 1898374

I’m also wondering. Bad posture, weight gain, or pregnancy

No. 1898375

To be fair most kids are really fucking retarded and can’t write legibly. Dasha was probably well above average in a public school setting (I think she also graduated early), she is only a retard because of mental illness not lack of IQ.

No. 1898386

Pretty sure the guy is a troll because the account that is @ed is Richardson magazine, which is run by ANDREW Richardson

No. 1898387

Wait so is her whole thing to do a mysterious look at me. You can’t tell if I’m a racist pretending to be a journalist or a journalist pretending a racist. Tehe.

No. 1898392

god damn, the chapos are all liars who only believe in green, huh?

No. 1898393

I hadn’t made the connection until just now but she’s acting like it’s a fandom, which is her other shtick. I don’t think she’s racist either.

No. 1898394

File: 1694739796625.jpeg (722.51 KB, 1268x3181, 7B098334-0563-43A0-B1CC-E2145A…)

lol @ the pics they're posting of rohit with his wife using some skin bleaching korean filter vs a candid

No. 1898395

But does she want you to think she is? Or does she want you to think she’s a journalist? Is this some bizarre double agent in public larp?

No. 1898397

My honest impression of @default_friend is that she does not like or care about Black people, but she gets along well with every other race.

In fact, the same description probably applies to many of the women in this scene. The men tend to be more indiscriminately racist.

No. 1898399

My impression is that she only cares about getting Anna to like her and has no real beliefs. She is also not in the scene.

No. 1898400

Where’d you get that impression from? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her comment on it.

No. 1898401

Asian and arab women are some of the biggest photoshop offenders. Reminds me of mde charls wife

No. 1898402

she even used it on his nose

No. 1898403

Her whole writing career is about Anna? Explain?

No. 1898409

no lips, fucked up yellow teeth, dead eyes, neck roll, fried hair meets crooked nose, receding hairline, gaptooth, effete faggot wrist

no wonder he prefers to talk to girls half her age online

what even is the purpose of this union? korean and indian? godless admixture. his daughter gets Special Attention while a son would just off itself like he is too cowardly to do

No. 1898410

Zero Black friends or acquaintances online or IRL from what I can tell, despite living in Chicago/NYC; largely insensitive and uninterested in anti-Black racism; friends with people who are virulently and obsessively anti-Black; etc. Sometimes you can tell a lot by omission.

The same is true of Dasha, AliceFromQueens, and a bunch of other women and "women" that have been mentioned here.

No. 1898411

how do you know who her IRL friends are?

No. 1898414

"From what I can tell." Although Katya is very much addicted to Twitter and her social circles are mostly made up of people from Twitter, so in her case there probably isn't much difference.

No. 1898418

Yes. She wants to get close to Anna so she can boast her writing career. That’s why she sucks up to anyone in her circle. It’s stalker behavior.

No. 1898419

Amber just looks like some woman. She's not dressing up hard like Anna or Dasha or looking weird like Alex.

No. 1898425

Can someone explain why Anna is so into rapists? Are they the her version of the liberals pet blacks?

No. 1898427

It’s likely she’s going for the Caroline Calloway angle with her too. She wants to be her disgruntled ex-bestie. Yet that would require Anna to let her in, which is never going to happen. So Katya just keeps humiliating herself. It’s sad to watch.

No. 1898434

That can't be Richard Ayoade introducing Tim Dillon, right??

No. 1898435

TBH this is probably what America's future will be like. It'll become multi-ethnic with lots of intermarriage between Whites/Asians/Hispanics as there is already, but Blacks will continue to face higher levels of exclusion and be treated as the main Other.

No. 1898447

That is Andrew Richardson not Terry Richardson. Learn to sage newfag.

No. 1898455

> shes just tweeting with violent misogynists and racists all day ironically. you know, for research purposes
can someone point me to an actual piece of journalism she's done that isnt bloviating on how cool 4chan is or longwinded "think" pieces on how wokes being wokes are why shes against women having bodily autonomy?
my perception of her as well

No. 1898458

Amber is smoking here so she’s probably not pregnant, just fat

No. 1898464

I don’t want to defend DF but that’s not a good characterization of her work.

No. 1898465

and yet here you are, doing just that. ive read her Unherd pieces and have gone as far back as her ATO podcast with personality_grl. can you answer the question?

No. 1898469

Most of her unherd articles are about random internet topics

No. 1898477

File: 1694747291475.jpg (76.39 KB, 636x849, F6CERhmWgAAIO2z.jpg)

BAP is facefagging

No. 1898479

File: 1694747532479.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x1604, 933958EB-4072-4E43-9448-129331…)

omg nonna you're right. at first I thought it was Purikura but it looks so different, she must've done it herself with Snow.

No. 1898481

he’s fat and doing a myspace angle kek

No. 1898484

is that tpn jack?!

No. 1898485

The face of a middle-aged man who has never had a long-term relationship with the opposite sex, or any long-term relationship at all.

No. 1898487

No. 1898488

Damaging the mystique, wonder what the motivation here is.

No. 1898494

Before this pic I laughed off the Alex Lee Moyer tranny truthers, but I'm a believer now

No. 1898497

Whenever a guy has nails that long and groomed you know he’s a faggot

No. 1898506

kind of funny that Anna fancies herself an intellectual and she lost a debate to Grimes of all people lol

No. 1898520

File: 1694755641926.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1867, IMG_4653.jpeg)

The editing in this photo is literally making me scream kek…yet another overuse of the eye whitener and smooth filter

No. 1898522

holy fucking shit smoothed to oblivion lmao that doesnt even look like a living breathing person
(edit for gore in tim thread, dont scroll sensitive nonas!!)

No. 1898529

Smooth Dasha, the patron saint of pickme would make a great threadpic here for the next one

No. 1898570

I feel like dash is less of a pickme than Anna. Like her insane bpd antics, terrorizing and cheating on her boyfriends, she doesn’t exactly seem submissive, I guess? Anna is the more spineless apple polishing type.

No. 1898583

Going after a supposed friends wife whose wedding you attended is insanely low, I feel sorry for the other people in the cult(sage your shit)

No. 1898600

I'm sure that's why she wore it but come on lol that's not a seifuku, it's just a kinda retro sailor dress, it looks age-appropriate. Certainly a lot more age-appropriate than her usual coquette getups

No. 1898605

Sickysab always left such an impression on me because she had to have been 14 or 15 in the early breakout modeling days and was just very obviously being groomed by hoards of sick self interested adults buzzing around her. There’s a real Taylor Momsen parallel in there or at least taken-advantage-of child starlet to vanity project band with a dumb name (the pretty reckless and the pretty sick, right?) is a funny thing to have happened twice. Anna and dasha both have questionable boundaries with girls who obviously look up to them. Hope she gets out of NY someday

No. 1898610

It's giving TPN jack as another anon said kek

increasing irrelevance maybe? seems this account has been posting for a while but this is the first i'm seeing it, maybe he changed the name and @ recently though

i'm surprised he hasn't been poisoned or roofied yet

No. 1898621

Bpds are huge pickmes they imitate their partners and people they look up to and latch onto trends. The cheating comes when they want to hurt their partner it’s not about being submissive or not

No. 1898641

Anna and Grimes are now mutuals. Will she go on red scare?

No. 1898644

does anyone buy the Conan the Barbarian LARP coming from a guy with such manicured nails?

No. 1898649

KEK not at all he could not look more like a well-kept faggot imo.

No. 1898654

quit pearl clutching, there's a difference between "talking about her parents" and talking about Elena Velez for playing up her little Latina LARP when she has no connection to the culture, while denying her whiteness for obviously careerist reasons. it's the same identity politics Anna and Dasha constantly do, yet criticize when lefties and progs do it. seems like you're mad people are noticing and exposing the grift.

No. 1898660

Her proportions look like a midget in every photo where she can’t use the leg lengthening app. I don’t believe she’s anywhere near any of the various heights she’s claimed.

No. 1898661

I think she made it up too. bpds gonna bpd. I imagine the wife was some woman her crazy ass was jealous of

No. 1898662

Why would any black person want to be friends with her?

No. 1898665

I don’t think there’s any evidence she has no black friends

No. 1898666

BAP looks like he's on the prowl for the nearest gay disco

No. 1898668

File: 1694785997440.jpg (267.42 KB, 1440x1080, roxbury.jpg)

lol I do get strong "Will Ferrell in A Night at the Roxbury" vibes from him

No. 1898669

No one in this scene has black friends. Cumtown had one guy who came on a few times, briahna joy grey is persona non grata post bernie 2020, and the rest is chapo bragging about having the late gangsta boo on once and anna talking about losing her virginity to a black guy.

No. 1898670

That can be a perfectly normal female stomach if you are normal weight.

No. 1898672

Dasha looks like a Woodstock hippie guy and the troon on her arm looks like an 80s jc penny model morphing into a demon

No. 1898712

Adam wants so bad to be black. That's sure to either repel black people or attract absolute psychopaths.

No. 1898733

mossad just released the new version of richard spencer

No. 1898765

do the chapos, nick, hasan, any of these people have black friends? is that really the metric?

No. 1898766

No. 1898769

lmao. nailed it.

No. 1898771

File: 1694800217253.png (617.87 KB, 535x1000, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 18-52…)

No. 1898774

Self post, we can tell from the time stamp

No. 1898779

I was getting tired of the Bimbo Ubermensch (shouldn't her name have been Uberfrau? oh well) posting, but I really hope she tears into this troon, who ranks with Jack and Anna as the most insufferable people in this crew.

No. 1898797

File: 1694804245547.png (3.74 MB, 2880x1472, Alison_Remilia.png)

Reading up on the Remilia drama, and this person just referenced "Alison Cars"

That's Dasha's old friend Alison, who's been involved with Remilia. She was friends with Epstein survivor Jane Doe and supported her in court, see pic.

These people are so two-faced

No. 1898800

File: 1694805378604.jpeg (702.37 KB, 1170x1692, IMG_2824.jpeg)

Early Red Scare adopters called Dasha opportunistic for this when it happened. I imagine the listener base is almost an entirely different group of people than it was then.
I think it’s sweet Anna Dasha and Amber are still friends. Amber’s cringe but never made any big divorce from being a socialist. Seems like they’re genuinely just good friends despite incongruous scenes.

No. 1898802

I can't decide what's more insidious: Dasha knowing that this headline/photo would make it seem like she was one of the Epstein victims, thus gratifying her abused loli fantasy or her becoming close to one of the victims and then making Scary of Sixty-First to exploit their abuse.

No. 1898823

File: 1694809442978.png (118.94 KB, 1308x352, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.24.…)

No. 1898830

File: 1694810026776.png (521.67 KB, 1285x626, katyakatya.png)

It's rough.

No. 1898840

Half of those were from spaces she was in with Dasha

No. 1898874

File: 1694813927905.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2053, IMG_4664.jpeg)

“Grimes, she’s not actually here today, she’s going through a lot right now so that’s a hologram of her” kekk

No. 1898875

Before minimods come in here and ask me why I didn’t embed the video it’s because I can’t be bothered and it was on twitter not youtube

No. 1898878

this was shockingly unfunny and poorly delivered.

No. 1898879

Katya, stop the self posting. Get back to your groyper farm/NYT ambassador larp.(sage your shit)

No. 1898882

Was Dasha exploiting the victims or was she trying to create a new Epstein underground? Like a safe space for working class rapists in the underworld of Hollywood. Some conceptual leftist psychosis kink.

No. 1898893

No. 1898917

Mensch means person, not man

No. 1898924

File: 1694819680964.jpg (90.24 KB, 631x621, 783235422245.jpg)

Normies are seeing through Anna's bullshit. That Amy Schumer comparison stings lol

No. 1898925

Anna is Amy Schumer of the right. Simple as.

No. 1898933

where the full debate video???

No. 1898934

File: 1694822152764.jpg (104.23 KB, 597x657, 67432343211.jpg)

I love how Bronson's fellow rightoids remind him every day that he's not and never will be White

No. 1898945

File: 1694823646167.gif (3.12 MB, 500x500, stache.gif)

lol. i miss spencer, he was unbelievably cringe in a mark from peep show way.

all this self doxing is promotion for a new book. he say's it will be his dissertation. not sure if it's the same dissertation that was actually accepted by yale (that one is easy to find). i heard he had to completely rewrite the first draft of his submission because his advisor wasn't too happy about the eugenics discussion.

No. 1898949

It's established that Dasha was literally a cheap prostitute living in illegal housing. Anna positions herself as a high end escort that Thiel's ghouls can intellectualize with. Anna has to be more pickmeish, it's the nature of her job.

No. 1898954

File: 1694826293815.jpeg (53.89 KB, 1200x675, AC4FBA2F-D6A4-49D7-BFB8-45D330…)

Bap is way too much of a pussy nerd to show his face in public and risk getting punched

No. 1898967

Is that Anna? What the fuck, did she lose like 15lbs for this debate? She looks like the crypt keeper.

No. 1898979

Spencer was a theater kid but also neurotypical enough to be on the football team. He was willing to let go, sincerely karaoked Depeche Mode, and fucked everyone's wife in "the movement" despite presenting as a gay man. Bap is deeply closeted with an anxious voice. Bap tries way to hard to be funny and chaotic, Spencer was a natural trainwreck.

No. 1898983

She seems more and more depressed, too

No. 1898985

I'm sure the debate was embarrassing for her, she's much more self aware than Dasha

No. 1898987

File: 1694831364593.png (49.64 KB, 611x290, grimes x dasha.png)

Grimes skipped the afterparty, didn't link up with Dasha

No. 1898990

File: 1694832203490.png (214.65 KB, 361x504, grimes x anna.png)

No. 1898998

Takes one to know one, good on you Matty.

No. 1899004

nonna, this is how anna really looks with Honest lighting and no retouching/filtering

No. 1899015

File: 1694839182197.jpg (139.3 KB, 740x755, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1899018

Jesus Christ, jumpscare

No. 1899021

File: 1694839712303.jpeg (793.22 KB, 1170x1870, IMG_4567.jpeg)

I hope this is bait. what a fucking embarrassment

No. 1899022

This isn't a normie, it's a Substavk freak.

No. 1899024

this has yuri potential

No. 1899027

Anna: "I'm a woman, I'm so dumb"

>>1898924 nailed it lol

No. 1899028

File: 1694841049669.jpg (61.87 KB, 603x365, LoIQRepub.jpg)

>I have good taste in non-midwits

Every book and Twitter account Anna has recommended has been fucking awful. We've been through this before in previous threads. Remember when she promoted Lo-IQ Republican as an insightful critic?

No. 1899029

File: 1694841122753.png (138.35 KB, 1188x542, bestedbygrimes.png)

She's been coping so hard.
The bar is truly on the floor.
Dasha was trying to bring to mind the boy in Death in Venice with her sailor outfit, she knows her audience.

No. 1899030

Christ. No wonder her baby daddy won’t marry her. She’s going to look like a straight up spooky corpse in 10 years

No. 1899033

Longhouse is the new over socialized pearl-clutching? I think it would hurt his masculine pride more to be called a pearl-clutcher. Longhouse is such a funny concept, men really think women invented pointless bureaucracy as if male scribes weren’t performing their e-mail jobs and airing out their status anxiety on cuneiform tablets.

No. 1899064

I think he's a retard but he's right about Halloween.

No. 1899075

Really a fucking flac? U fucking autist

No. 1899146

Is Tim Dillon a fat ogre or is this more evidence for Anna height trutherism? (It's both)

No. 1899147

Why does Anna’s (and actually Elena’s too) forehead look so round and smooth and egg like (despite Anna’s low face fat)? Is it botox or filler?

No. 1899148

>Dasha was trying to bring to mind the boy in Death in Venice with her sailor outfit
Dasha isn't that smart, it's just a callback to her 15 minutes of viral fame

No. 1899158

Anna looking like she just got off a rollercoaster

No. 1899162

File: 1694877257783.jpg (149.12 KB, 888x786, 55227432216.jpg)

No. 1899169

Botox to relax any lines and possibly filler. Early stage pillow face

No. 1899175

File: 1694879766593.png (79.66 KB, 910x538, IMG_357.png)

lel these kinds of Indians never learn. Their behavior just makes them look more pathetic and no one respects them.

No. 1899187

Thought this was Pariah at first, now I understand why she and her crew gas him up so much despite him looking like a literal goblin. Why do youth-obsessed anorexics willingly age themselves prematurely by putting their body through so much stress. Maintaining low body fat just gives you elderly vibes and fine lines if you're over 25, I don't get it

No. 1899189

lmao right? eli must have posted it.

No. 1899196

File: 1694883932075.png (206.84 KB, 500x375, 50e.png)

sage for OT, I don't use this thread but I was surprised learning Indian Bronson is a right-winger, cause I have only seen his posts retweeted by socialists and some communists(the one's related to exploitation of workers and bad economic planning)
whose Vivek?

No. 1899206

File: 1694885125199.jpg (277.34 KB, 946x2048, F6KChbdWYAASOov.jpg)

Were they quote RTs dunking on his asinine takes? Because those are the only times I've seen him get RTed by leftists.

This is also slightly tangential, but now is a good time to remind everyone that Mark Fisher's 2013 essay "Exit the Vampire Castle" – which was so influential on the Dirtbag Left and its anti-woke/anti-cancel culture sensibility – was mainly Fisher complaining that leftists were being too mean to Russell Brand, a true spokesman for the working class.

No. 1899208

File: 1694885567103.png (396.94 KB, 602x990, CAPTURE.png)

They were just retweets of stuff picrel, I assumed he was just some some Indian bro-socialist like Hasan,

No. 1899216

Gay Frankenstein

No. 1899218

she looks great here. idg why she never smiles in selfies, makes her look younger and she has nice teeth

No. 1899219

she looks like a middle-aged aunt with sallow skin. gtfo with this wking

No. 1899223

Probably went viral and a few leftists RTed them without vetting/looking at the account in question. Otherwise, yeah, I never see Bronson RTed by or being friendly with leftists/

No. 1899224

The official audiobook for Capitalist Realism is narrated by Russel Brand. Most people who read it independent of being a K-Punk fan or really into Zero Books found it when he was constantly talking about it in 2015/16.

No. 1899225

I think it’s kind of a funny photo of Anna kek. I also believe she looks better when she just smiles instead of mewing in photos and trying to look as skinny in the face as possible

No. 1899227

None of Anna’s problems include her face, she has good bone structure. All Anna face hate are girls who think ethnic noses are scary or that you should look 22 forever. If anything she’s looking less like she’s fillers bogged lately. Stfu

No. 1899231

File: 1694888895142.jpg (86.98 KB, 597x604, 1599046741028.jpg)

>nothing wrong with Anna's face

I swear the gaslighting "akshually Anna and Dasha aren't that ugly" anons are the fucking worst. Probably friends/orbiters of the cows too.

No. 1899238

File: 1694889413474.jpg (153.02 KB, 1200x900, d142b520dbd44f80c8f6d08e95f3f3…)

Russell Brand is more proof that men definitely hit the wall. Decent-looking when he was young, now he looks like a stereotypical middle-aged creep who doesn't shower often. And this is probably one of his better recent photos lol

No. 1899240

unflattering pic, unflattering haircut, obviously drunk or on MDMA. are anons like you schizo PULLfags who latched onto this scene to deal with your body dysmorphia or something

No. 1899241

The women whose honor you're defending build their entire identity around their body dysmorphia. Go back to /r/redscarepod where you belong.

No. 1899243

I will never understand why some Jewish people who go to far-right scene. it seems counterintuitive for them to associate themselves with such movements. like they should know the end result of every insane ideology always results in them and their people being sent to labor camps or holocausted, like why even risk it?
if they hate woke-shit, why not just be regular republican conservatives?

No. 1899245

DF has always struck me as more libertarian or IDW than far right.

No. 1899246

There are some Jews who develop a form of Stockholm Syndrome and start deriving their self-worth by how much they can be accepted by people who hate their demographic. The same is true of other ethnic minorities like Indian_Bronson.

No. 1899249

Most deranged part of the article:

>In May 2007, Brand called Jimmy Savile, who suggested the pair could meet if Brand brought along a sister. Brand doesn’t have a sister, so instead offered to bring a female employee — agreeing, on Savile’s request, that she should be naked.

>“I’ve got a personal assistant,” he said. “And part of her job description is that anyone I demand she greet, meet, massages, she has to do it. She’s very attractive, Jimmy.”

It sounds like he never actually slept with anyone under the UK age of consent. I wouldn’t be shocked if this led to or is being funded in part by a lobby group trying to raise it to 18.

No. 1899252

File: 1694890562060.jpg (367.96 KB, 2952x1660, 95d55f6909f64c6ffbf11f565e675b…)

as >>1899245 kinda stated, it really does depend on what you consider right-wing, like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro are right-wing Jews but not far-right, they don't support fascism or full state control regarding morality and they definitely support the current status-quo and world order.

No. 1899253

File: 1694890702541.png (213.3 KB, 893x754, KendrasLaw.png)

Houston, we have a death threat.

No. 1899254

> getting mad at people being mean about a cow you orbit and outing yourself as a tourist

No. 1899255

Should be obvious someone who called you a pullfag isn’t from reddit. Infighting and derailing because you’re too schizo to accept a single she looks good post ITT is pathetic.

No. 1899257

funnily enough, this type of stupidity is nothing new. look up the "Association of German National Jews" and their demise in the 1930s. the freaks of dimes square think they can cozy up to the far right and believe find common ground in hating black people is sufficient. people like Anna and BAP sincerely believe they'll receive a medal when republicans form a one party totalitarian government

No. 1899265

File: 1694892469483.jpg (158.27 KB, 592x873, 5238211545563.jpg)

The expulsion of troon Pariah, which WILL happen eventually since even Zero HP Lovecraft is bitching about troons being allowed into rw spaces, promises some milk. He might even join the 41%.

No. 1899268

>wokesters to the left of me, fascists to the right, stuck in the middle with Jews

No. 1899276

File: 1694893039026.jpg (222.01 KB, 1205x844, 1788433758843.jpg)

lol the replies. Not surprised that Pariah was at a Default_Friend meetup.

No. 1899278

Honestly I'm actually starting to buy into theory of controlled opposition of various fringe extremist groups, I mean the CIA literally promoted Focault to destroy the left in the 70's and so I could see a similar situation with the RW.

No. 1899282

File: 1694893932402.jpg (45.4 KB, 679x364, Fs9rmxPWAAARfAc.jpg)

I don't think any feds are involved or there's a vast conspiracy, but I do think some Jews are afraid about the possibility of antisemitism being mainstreamed and are trying to sheepdog the far right away from it. That's why Nick Fuentes gets deplatformed while BAP and his crew like Benjamin Braddock (also confirmed Jewish) are allowed to stay. I don't think this will succeed though and trying to hardness edginess or edgelordism for this purpose is almost guaranteed to backfire.

No. 1899284

that should read "harness* edginess or edgelordism"

No. 1899289

I don't think these people will accomplish anything other than wasting their own time, but I do think they will influence one or maybe a few more who get radicalized but aren't complete morons and so heavily modify their rhetoric so it can work in mainstream politics. Lenin was essentially that; cause unlike all the other theory-obsessed Marxists, he could actually talk and rile up the working class.

No. 1899291

Why is stormfront allowed to be online and why is weev pardoned and stationed as it’s webmaster?

No. 1899292

A watered-down version of BAP's ideas would be a generic Republican platform, lol. You can't run on TND (Total Nggr Death), but you can use dog whistles about urban thugs/welfare queens, which is what the GOP already does.

Stormfront is irrelevant. I forgot it still existed until you mentioned it. AFAIK Weev has not been allowed back on mainstream sites like Twitter.

No. 1899293

Everyone knew this would happen. They’ll ditch the kid like they’ve ditched every other friend who fell on the wrong side of what the most fringe antisocial RW twitter men believe and Pariah will have an e-legacy of Nazi jokes to show for it. Remember when they were close with the Not Really gays and ditched them too? At least Pariah used a fake name but it’s sad to see someone who ultimately just craves acceptance be used like this. They both need to be adults and stop befriending or fighting with anyone who can’t rent a car.

No. 1899300

How is it irrelevant in a time when everyone right of center is accused of being a nazi white supremacist and threatened to be deplatformed while a website with the express purpose of promoting white supremacy is ignored and allowed on the clearnet?

No. 1899303

they barely make enough in annual donations to keep the servers running. maybe a few thousand active posters, search engines don’t index them. it’s better to let them have their playpen than have to deal with them on websites people actually use and see.

No. 1899304

I'd wager it would probably be result in a more extreme version of DeSantis.

No. 1899308

Why are you crying over an obnoxious tranny narcissist? Dude needs a fucking wake up call

No. 1899326

I think a fundamental problem with these morons, as well as many people on the far-right, far-left, and many liberals, is how they refuse to accept how apathetic the majority of people are. As long as their basic needs are being met, 95% of the population is just fine existing in whatever state they're in, regardless of ideology. The Bolsheviks lost the 1917 elections against the social-democrats, and the Nazis never gained more than 30% of seats in parliament. The only reason both managed to take power was because in Germany, all the communist and socialist parties refused to work with each other and constantly formed splinter groups based on ideological differences, while the social-democrats tried to appease everybody at once and lacked a proper leader to rally under. People just want to live their lives for better or worse. Our current social climate is a result of liberal capitalism being the dominant ideology in the western world. If another ideology has enough mass appeal to take power and game the system, the majority of people would just go along with it, provided their basic needs are met.

No. 1899334


No. 1899339

Anna is for real around 5 ft tall. Makes sense considering her mom is a Russian Jew and her dad’s armenian. All the Armenian women I know are very short

No. 1899340

It seems monica/milkers has survived her doxxing and is back posting like nothing happened

No. 1899344

Agree. Politics has always been a cope for ugly bitter losers. Most people just want to be comfortable.

No. 1899348

These threads are full of whiny unchecked libfems, how can you all do the sniveling “actually that very clockable mentally ill person is a Biological Male” thing

No. 1899352

I don't know about that. Most of the people discussed in this thread, including BAP and Anna/Dasha, have been pro-Trump and anti-DeSantis. Don't forget that Peter Thiel is gay so the extreme anti-LGBT platform of DeSantis doesn't really appeal to him.

No. 1899356

Libfems would never call a male in a dress a male

No. 1899359

so much for
>I’m not going to go around and try to destroy your reputation, I don’t have the energy for petty bullshit.

No. 1899366

I had no idea who this woman was until she showed up in this thread as Crumps' crazy ex, but yikes, he sure knows how to pick 'em. I have to admit, "Crumps seriously believed in Maoism the whole time and is about to get his bunny boiled by a girl from a minor-league Bushwood punk band" wasn't on my Dimes Square bingo card.

No. 1899370

This always seemed like the obvious subtext of Yarvin's entire career to me

No. 1899374

I think grimes is jealous of Anna and feels stupid for the Elon shit and that’s why set up this whole debate to try and clown her while looking like an autistic retard and crowing “ I won! I won!” like a child.

No. 1899378

Grimes is much more successful than Anna, why would she be jealous?

No. 1899387

I think Dasha was just with Patrik at the debate the other day

No. 1899390

It literally is. His entire “how Richard Dawkins got pwned” book was written as Dawkins was touring in 2007 and talking a lot about how successful the “Jewish lobby” had been in regards to militarizing Israel. The ADL hated him. He is cringe, the verbiage is dated, but he was a prominent Anti-Zionist and the line was that this shouldn’t be happening on a policy level. Moldbug saved the day to epically pwn him and make sure everyone knew he wasn’t doing atheism correctly.

No. 1899393


No. 1899397

Bari Weiss set it up and invited Anna and grimes so she’d sell tickets. Most came for grimes and everyone is acting like they came for Anna.

No. 1899398

Great point. The same is obviously true of tradthots, pickme gays and RW e-girls like Aimee who say misogynists are "hot"

No. 1899399

File: 1694904697707.png (1.72 MB, 1202x1266, Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 3.53.…)

not sure if she was responding to this comment, the similar one in the Grimes thread or something on twitter but AKSHUALLY nonna…

No. 1899417

File: 1694905778959.jpg (196.29 KB, 597x873, IMG_2566.jpg)

For perspective, here's a barely concealed antisemitic tweet that went viral yesterday. You're supposed to "notice" that the newly elected mayor of Nashville looks stereotypically Jewish and his wife looks rather butch. It's currently at 23,600 Likes and counting. Compare that to the engagement that BAP and Anna or Dasha get on their tweets which rarely if ever break 5,000 Likes despite their army of replyguys who RT everything they post. These urban hipsters are delusional if they think their anemic scene is going to "contain" the far right in a way that's more congenial to them and their friends.

It doesn't help that Twitter, especially under Elon, incentivizes edgelords to keep pushing the boundaries to generate activity and revenue. If you think "TND" is "based" then it's hard to draw the line at antisemitism or Holocaust denial.

No. 1899422

Her veil isn’t covering enough hair to pull off the neofeudal pantsuit

No. 1899423

She looks fine front facing but her profile is horrendous. Spooky skeleton tim burton ass

No. 1899424

Maybe they should stop calling everything that doesn’t directly cater to them antisemitic and assimilate already

No. 1899425

Ok Anna. Ethnic noses are scary when combined with anorexia

No. 1899427

File: 1694906897815.jpeg (31.13 KB, 630x450, 66F33080-0449-4D59-B640-A18ED7…)

He always had charles manson sociopath eyes

No. 1899431

>He might even join the 41%.
God willing

No. 1899434

Looks like a 50s villain that would challenge your boyfriend to a hotrod race for the right to rape you if he wins
I have to admit that BU makes some good points

No. 1899443

She would be incel if she was male with the same pheno. Terrible genes.

No. 1899445

Anna is objectively hideous nona, even in Armenia she would be considered a 3-4. Huge bulbous hook nose, bug eyes, disproportionately short wide Elliott Rodger style chin, and massive balding forehead.

To steer it in their desired direction, obviously. Making racist stuff about IQ rather than old school Nazism which was based on ethno-racial background and identity means that Ashkenazim can shoehorn themselves into the movement as honorary Aryans. Original Nazism was never about intellectual elitism, Nazis despised intellectuals as so many of them were Jewish which is what led to the whole genocide of intelligentsia, Frankfurt School exile to America and book burning stuff. Notice how modern neo nazism revolves much more around racial IQ statistics and race essentialism, Feds and Jews quickly infiltrate any movement full of right wing white males to prevent it from getting out of hand, there is no right wing movement anymore that isn’t already glowied out to high heavens.

No. 1899449

Like I said, intellectual nazism was a short lived fad and it’s over now. Old school, Varg tier, blood and soil Nazism is what is popular now. Actual nazis and wignats will immediately dismiss anyone who is even 1/8th Jewish or whatever. They don’t care what their politics are or whether they even agree on the same issues, they’ll simply slap a metaphorical gold Star of David on that person and ignore anything they say from then on. Actual Nazis don’t give a single fuck about Anna, BAP, or Yarvin or if they even have heard of them they’ll look up their bio, see they’re part Jewish and immediately dismiss anything they say from then on. These people make up the vast majority of hardline Nazis which is why a random anti Semitic tweet by a nobody will always get way more interaction and likes than some IQ differences among the races Twitter essay or meme podcast by a Jewish right winger trying to steer the movement.

No. 1899459

>"oy vey shut up and let jews run things in peace!!"(bait)

No. 1899460

this fills me with optimism. perhaps there's hope after all!

No. 1899461

>"Nazis despised intellectuals"
oy gevalt. did your jew professor teach you that? lmao(bait)

No. 1899465

File: 1694912832486.jpg (107.74 KB, 767x1024, F6MFxSAaAAAQ_p5.jpg)

Catherine is looking so much like a troon these days

No. 1899470

she aged herself prematurely with all that botox lmao

No. 1899471

Can someone explain to me why people meme about RedScare giving them eating disorders? I have like very surface level knowledge of them. Do they actually encourage that?

No. 1899472

Anna and Dasha lead by example

No. 1899475

Being pro-ana was a very explicit and integral part of their brand in the early days of the pod.

No. 1899476

Say more about the Richard Spencer wife fucking?

No. 1899477

Still mogs A&D to suicide

No. 1899478

File: 1694915613810.jpg (220.74 KB, 1080x1791, F6ML3-Sa0AAqAN6.jpg)


No. 1899479

why does she automatically love all rapists?

No. 1899485

File: 1694917017094.jpg (74.94 KB, 744x542, IMG_453.jpg)

Of course Anna sides with the rapist. Check out the replies and quote rts:


No. 1899487

Grimes would have faded away and would have been far less talked about than Azealia is today, if not for fElon. Anna at least didn't need to hook up with the rich son of pedo blood emerald magnate.

No. 1899496

File: 1694918272392.jpeg (282.07 KB, 640x857, 27AA53BA-D370-44A6-9308-BC854C…)

Costin's dissertation is finally out in print. Already a hit on Amazon.

No. 1899500

No. 1899510

File: 1694919761725.jpg (93.05 KB, 527x829, jack russell brand deleted.jpg)

jack deleted this. why? seems pretty standard for him. (sorry for the shitty cap.)

No. 1899511

Does she ever brush her hair?

No. 1899515

File: 1694920370519.jpg (102.87 KB, 594x659, 17843247737.jpg)

Red Scare's most annoying replyguy is also rushing to defend Russell Brand

No. 1899523

Anti-establishment, right-wing coded moid accused of rape = automatically innocent, and if he's actually guilty then it's based. Friend/enemy distinction, disgust at formerly held liberal beliefs leads to overcorrection into reactionary misogyny, generalized self-hatred.

No. 1899544

File: 1694923055875.jpeg (Spoiler Image,539.81 KB, 796x1200, 37FDFC0D-92F1-4B6D-B794-30481B…)

Im kinda shocked that it took this long for russell brand of all people to get metooed. narcissist sex/drug addict with a microdick. obviously a rapist.

No. 1899547

>eminently literate as only British people can be

No. 1899561

she'd be making fun of anyone for being such a corny, anglophilic nerd if it wasn't in defense of a woman hating sex pest.

No. 1899567

They have a bunch of young teenage girls starving themselves and emulating them on their Discord channel. Many of them are the suicidal kind of BPD. They have no other role models.

No. 1899569

How is she the only publicly woman to constantly side with and promote rapists without getting cancelled? What kind of security clearance does she have? Nobody even remotely famous during the early alt right was at this level of rape promotion. This constant rape promo is far more degenerate than even the troons.

No. 1899570

Because you can't fucking edit the Red Scare Wikipedia page for the normies who don't log in to Twitter or read Lolcow regularly, so many people have no idea what she's said or done over the last 2-3 years.

No. 1899573

She has defended Epstein and Weinstein (Harvey) too. All of it is easily captured on her own podcast. She is a proud rape lover. She might as well go to prisons and sing and dance for the rapists there as some kind of Patch Adams gig.

No. 1899574

If you were to compile an audio collection of her rape loving comments on her own podcast, it would be several hours long. This woman is truly sick and deranged.(sage your shit)

No. 1899585

She is an ugly bitch with offputting energy who never got enough male attention. She has to resort to this for asspats from misogynistic losers

No. 1899587

You just know the little goblin she gave birth to will turn into rapist soon enough with a mother like this.

No. 1899590

She joked about her kid being raped on one of the most recent Red Scare episodes.

No. 1899592

No. 1899638

is anna really a former liberal? imo she's always been a contrarian and dog whistled the right. anna realized that she doesn't have to censor herself anymore to maintain her income.

No. 1899639

Holy fuck that thing is like a Greek statue. What happened to him? Was he dropped on it at birth?

No. 1899640

He’s pretty good looking. It’s a real shame he has the vacant stare of a porn addict.

No. 1899709

File: 1694961678044.jpg (160.41 KB, 878x672, IMG_738.jpg)

deleted, but this guy was going off on p8stie last night

No. 1899710

Are Anna and Eli still together?

No. 1899711

This is already reality in California
Only this part is actually racist, as a black woman. You don't have to have black friends and a person shouldn't force themselves to have black friends just to prove how "enlightened" they are

No. 1899712

this guy is a 30 year old salesman from Canada who virtue signals to teenage groypers all day. Anna, Catherine, and mommy Milkers all love him.

No. 1899721

ok explain the civil rights movements, or any other movement by a minority seeking a better life. Should they have sat on their asses?

No. 1899722

File: 1694963816582.png (172.25 KB, 1522x826, backonreddit.png)

the smug backpedaling begins

No. 1899723

Anna was a Marxist until 2018, but she’s always been obsessed with becoming Camille Paglia. She needs to be intellectually validated, probably something to do with being ugly and her parents being ashamed of her.

No. 1899724

Can't wait until she gets a taste of her own medicine

No. 1899725

tnd is based, same with being against ziokikes(racebait)

No. 1899727

>K-Punk fan
Sage for OT, but I never understood the Mark Fisher cult. As an oldnona who's the same generation as him, I was underwhelmed by K-Punk. He had good taste in music, but he was a clunky and verbose writer, and his ideas were just the standard "left-wing grad student in the early aughts" conventional wisdom. Is it that he was the Introduction to Critical Theory online course for a lot of Millennials who discovered him through his music and pop culture blogging? I'm not trying to make fun of him or make light of his suicide, which was a tragedy, I just honestly don't get why so many people seem to look up to him so strongly.

No. 1899728

She sounds like a teen girl with a crush she’s such a loser

No. 1899729

do you think she even likes him kek

No. 1899730

Semi OT but I'm seeing a lot of people using David Koresh as their avatar lately. Is he the new e-right daddy figure now that Uncle Ted having tranny thoughts is common knowledge?

No. 1899734

File: 1694965097851.jpeg (473.57 KB, 1170x1822, IMG_2929.jpeg)

RSP subreddit walking from Anna l

No. 1899737

He fave midwits an excuse to talk about movies and pretend they were actually talking about politics.

No. 1899745

File: 1694966961747.jpg (66.95 KB, 1163x611, BAP 23andMe.jpg)

BAP revealed his 23andMe result and he turns out to be actually Jewish, this is honestly utterly hilarious.

No. 1899747

Who could've possibly imagined that a zionist would turn out to be jewish

No. 1899752

I hate to bring up race politics out of nowhere and apply it to theoreticals but his analysis of revival movements screams "I only listen to white indie music". To be honest his taste in music wasn't even that good but I guess that's more arguable than something you can point to.

No. 1899757

How the fuck does his cracker ass not even have that.2% african that we all seem to have? Ooohhhhhh that's right.. he inbread as fuuuccckk

No. 1899760

The same way people don’t know men who wear women’s clothes and know Haskell aren’t just sad gays but actual pedophiles

No. 1899763

File: 1694969393085.jpg (81.44 KB, 596x605, 732263578.jpg)

And of course Pedocles Abbasi is rallying behind Russell Brand and Anna

No. 1899767

Declining education standards for that generation

No. 1899768

nonna, that's normal people barring Americans in the Southern United States.

No. 1899776

File: 1694970841916.jpg (108.58 KB, 795x805, IMG_2742.jpg)

>But now she's nearing 40 and it's clear that she isn't original enough, well read enough, funny enough and especially not intelligent enough to ever reach that status.

Well duh. That was obvious from the start. So glad I was never a fan of this stupid podcast so I don't have to rationalize anything.

No. 1899778

OT but now dasha is dating BAP, he just tweeted about her on his costin account(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1899781

Why did Monica and Alexandrovna fall off?

No. 1899782

She is so ugly and annoying. Her hair always looks like shit too, so frazzled and damaged somehow.

No. 1899785

Completely insane if true for BAPs credibility.

No. 1899786

I don't think they're dating, but it's hilarious if true: Dasha has a body count of over 75 different men. BAP is settling for that? She's a "worn-out hole/roastie" in the parlance of his crew.

No. 1899787

Most people, especially eastern euros, aren’t getting trace African. Most people are also slightly inbred, especially jews due to the fact they are a persecuted minority living in insular communities for thousands of years.

Wouldn’t be Dasha’s first gay boyfriend but those tweets don’t confirming dating.

No. 1899788

This is a stupid radlib critique

No. 1899789

Funny how these people seem to not know on which sub they are, this is absolutely on brand for Anna. Since it seems it reached wider audience I hope it dunks Dasha's career even further by association, The Beast was already too much for her.

The gay allegations never stop. This is an imageboard btw.

No. 1899790

File: 1694972274065.png (513.51 KB, 467x820, Screenshot 2023-09-17 134101.p…)

she looks homeless because she is an opiate addict, which is why she is so desperate to beg for money on her timeline

No. 1899791

>Since it seems it reached wider audience I hope it dunks Dasha's career even further by association

Taylor Lorenz quote RTed it, so it's definitely on the mainstream media radar.

Anna quote RTed Pedocles here, in case any of her retarded fans claim her initial tweet was "ironic" or a "metajoke."

No. 1899792

He was under fire by the trads a few months back for having relatively liberal opinions on women with high bodycount.

No. 1899795

I remember that exchange and I think BAP was tacitly defending Anna/Dasha with those comments. Too lazy to dig up the tweets rn.

No. 1899797

Wow, is this true? I need more milk on her. everyone that I know who has interacted with her has said she’s really shifty and weird

No. 1899798

Anna defended Harvey Weinstein of all people not too long ago on the pod. A court proven rapist. That take seemed to slip under everyone’s radar and is far, far worse than assuming innocence for Brand.

No. 1899799

Dasha has a history of dating closeted fags so it figures. Being a beard is the closest she’ll ever get to having a real boyfriend.

No. 1899801

Grimes claims to be part Ukrainian and is also obsessed with Russian language/got Russian tattoos/took Russian at college for like a week that she attended. In reality her great grandparents lived in Ukraine many decades ago but they were fully German immigrants (Many Germans used to live all over Eastern Europe), so she doesn’t actually have any Ukrainian or Russian blood at all. She also claims to be Native because her 5x great European grandfather raped a Metis slave woman that he owned, which would literally make Claire less than 1% Native anyway. She’s just a mentally ill generic Canadamutt.

No. 1899802

Jews are so obsessed with IQ tests. Very sneaky of them to conflate IQ with whiteness, even though East Asians and Ashkenazism score higher.

No. 1899803

Just looked up his life and wow he was pathetic. Wrote a bunch of garbage thinkpieces then killed himself due to depression at 50. Why are all these people such unenviable losers, what a sad life.

No. 1899805

He deleted all his posts (but not replies). Been a while since he did a big flounce.

Why would the MSM bother destroying a D-lister like Brand over his ho-hum populism? Only bottom feeders like Jack who swim in the Twitter toilet all day believe this. They're like academics, fighting low-stakes battles with extreme viciousness, only they do it for free. Pathetic

No. 1899808

I don’t know about the US but Brand is still very popular in the UK and definitely one of the most popular YouTube political commentators here atm. Even my old boomer neighbor was talking about his videos. He was probably getting too close to naming the Jew, so they are cancelling him.

No. 1899810

Can you fuck off with the racebait about Jews and the pseudoscience? Pedocles is Greek, not Jewish.

The "East Asian IQ" you mention is based on skewed samples of immigrants and fabricated data from Richard Lynn. The average IQ of Chinese in rural areas is around 87:

>According to our data, a relatively large share of students in our sample is cognitively delayed. Fig. 1 presents the distribution of WISC-IV scores in our sample. The mean WISC-IV for sample students is 88.2, and the share of students with low IQ (defined as IQ below 85) is 40 %. The distribution of Raven’s IQ scores, shown in Fig. 2, is similar to the distribution of WISC-IV in our sample. The mean Raven’s IQ score is 87.36


The studies of Ashkenazi IQ are likewise based on extremely small samples, with N values of around 20. Fuck off.

No. 1899811

Jannies will give bans for not saging or nitpicking or hi cow, but this kind of racebait is allowed to remain lol

No. 1899820


Sounds like you’re the Nazi tbh

No. 1899825

File: 1694974879429.jpg (139.12 KB, 1284x936, F6Oh-dhbsAAWb4f.jpg)

lol reaction from the sub is really not good

No. 1899827

Asia is bigger than just China, retard. And yeah no shit peasants who can’t afford to attend school have lower IQs. Retard.

No. 1899828

Idk why this is surprising. Other than a handful of genuinely servile losers and spineless NEETs the sub has never been uncritical of either of them. Red scare is most successful at accidentally branding themselves as an umbrella for Bohemia, wether or not you like them was never a barrier for entry on interacting with it.

No. 1899829

I hate Anna but on this occasion I have to admit she is probably right, an Brand isn’t a rapist. He was an honest and open sex addict who was able to seduce hundreds if not thousands of easy women, he likely pump and dumped them and hurt their feelings and now they are crying regret rape to get back at him, that’s not actually rape tho.

The Weinstein stuff is a grey area, I definitely believe he was pushy enough to force himself on women and commit rape, but there are also obviously women who willingly slept with him to advance their careers and cried rape later, so both should be factored into consideration. Unfortunately you can’t talk about the subject of sex and rape without hysterical idiots who are only capable of black and white thinking screeching that you are a rape apologist.

No. 1899832

did you read the article though? the rape kit and depictions of fairly violent assault seem like weird coincidences for someone who doesn’t have a little bit of a rape problem

No. 1899833

Asians and Jews are smarter than goyim, everyone knows this and the proof is all around, sorry hon.(racebait)

No. 1899836

File: 1694975450304.jpg (140.57 KB, 710x930, F6Nhp0SaQAA8Jmv.jpg)

There are medical records showing that one of the victims was treated at a rape crisis centre on the same day

Where are the fucking mods to get rid of all the obvious rw moids invading this thread

No. 1899839

I don’t believe Anna is arguing in good faith here. She hates and is jealous of other women, especially attractive women who receive attention from high status men.
Okay but what was she doing at his home? And why didn’t she call the police? Just because you text someone and get a rape kit done afterwards doesn’t mean you were actually raped, just saying. She easily could have been setting the stage for a fake accusation, it’s not like some women wouldn’t go that far to spite a famous man who used them for sex. Not a moid btw.(learn to read)

No. 1899841

Nta but sure. And how common is that?

No. 1899846

File: 1694976138144.jpg (203.5 KB, 738x1512, F6Nhp0TacAAOcSv.jpg)

the jury will have final say, but this all sounds way more substantial than cases that turn out to be bogus

No. 1899847

What proof would satisfy people like you exactly? It’s a highly private crime full of shame for both parties that rarely gets prosecuted. If you think it’s more likely a woman was trying to frame a man who dozens of other women have had similar anecdotal experiences than it is for him to have done it, do you believe rape ever happens at all?

No. 1899848

seething trailer trash fatties(report and move on)

No. 1899851

File: 1694976362855.mp4 (326.66 KB, 640x360, 3ba62c9547708b1266ce71a995fe6e…)

No. 1899852

It's a retarded moid, ignore him.

No. 1899853

He’s a sex addict for sure but that doesn’t make him a rapist. It’s understandable to seethe and be upset when a man doesn’t call you after you let him fuck you in the butt, but that doesn’t make it rape and it shouldn’t be classed as such.

Women and gay men try to extort famous or rich men all the time.

You realize that like 95% of rape cases are thrown out precisely because there is no proof, right? Nearly all rape cases come down to his word against hers. The conviction rate for rape in the UK is less than 2%. I believe in the US the incarceration rate for reported rapes is like 5-8% (according to RAIN anyway)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1899854


No. 1899857

Never heard about the addition. She seems to findom from what I see. She has a findom twitter darkp8stie

No. 1899858

her skin does look terrible tbh. she has the money to gallivant across the world but can't afford skincare? what drugs is she on?

No. 1899859

take it to /meta/ nonna tbh. the hi cow gets me since the cows itt openly discuss reading here and its pretty obvious when its them or their groupchat orbiters, like the scrotes you're replying to now.

No. 1899861

Didnt Brand write about how his dad took him to Asia when he was 16 or something and his dad picked up and had sex with Chinese and Filipino prostitutes in front of him and encouraged him to have sex with hookers too? Then after his dad told him he was really proud of him and that he had become a real man. No wonder Brand turned out fucked up when his own dad was a John who groomed him into fucking prostitutes raw when he was still in high school.

No. 1899867

He's right, you people never learn

No. 1899868

File: 1694977609488.jpg (182.39 KB, 1020x1020, 11141116_873567759418630_45437…)

I wonder what Isabella Gadapee's Catholic employer thinks about her obnoxious findomming?

No. 1899869

File: 1694977898198.jpg (114.1 KB, 603x873, IMG_795.jpg)

I know Oz Katerji is retarded in his own way but it's still funny how many people think Anna and Dasha are on the "left." Someone really has to update their Wikipedia articles.

No. 1899870

Ayrt and this is pretty much what I meant by saying that his ideas were conventional wisdom, you don't even need to bring race into it.
>Rock music doesn't sound as fresh and exciting as it did when I was 15, this must be neoliberal capitalism's fault
These are the stereotypical thoughts of a clinically depressed indie listener who is doing a Ph.D. in the humanities. Frederic Jameson and his consequences

No. 1899872

BTW, if you're interested in the actual personality of p8stie, a whole podcast episode:


No. 1899875

Sage for being a 9yo but I'm giggling that her last name is "got to pee"

No. 1899876

Mark Fischer trying to connect lil Wayne to Marxism would get into some very amusing accidental racism that libs are so prone to. If he didn’t stay in his lane, he would’ve either shown his ass or be accused of pandering.

No. 1899907

Not from there, and I'm sorry your parents are cousins? Cause genetic homogony is a bad thing….

No. 1899920

File: 1694983036939.jpg (107.52 KB, 594x808, IMG_9581.JPG)

@Snakeskin_J going through all the quote RTs to defend Anna, what a nerd lol

No. 1899923

imagine white knighting these hags out of all people when their own fanbase turned on them, bizarre to think there are people even more pathetic than them

No. 1899925

Wow, so she findoms but also recruits teachers for a tradcath school? Sorry if this is a spoonfeed, I'm surprised more farmers aren't talking about her.

No. 1899927

idk but that's alexandrovna's pattern she gets friendly with people in this sphere and then blocks and subtweets them for "stealing" her tweets or being a jealous bitch. someone also said in a previous thread that she's lying about being half german. sounds stable

No. 1899933

File: 1694985360846.jpg (207.58 KB, 1080x1066, F6JnXAKXAAAWQq_.jpg)

lol if this is the kind of behavior Russell Brand has already admitted to, imagine what he's covering up

No. 1899942

All these paragraph replies nitpicking how gross they think A is are so spergy and homosexual.

No. 1899944

File: 1694986292285.jpeg (602.46 KB, 1170x1765, IMG_4701.jpeg)

Russell Brand has the long hair rapey yoga instructor vibe so siding with him is just an immediate white flag wave to the rest of your career

No. 1899945

I double-checked and all the replies about Anna's appearance are one sentence long. Sorry, but your hag is ugly.

No. 1899946

File: 1694986492950.jpg (376.38 KB, 2770x822, crumplarcaust.jpg)

More bald lesbian wrath: Michael Crumplar is impotent, and uses his secret Polish wife as slave labor; and Eli Keszler got caught on Grindr??

No. 1899947

Caitlin Flanagan is Liz Bruenig's friend and colleague at The Atlantic. She also defended Madison Cawthorne as a "good Christan boy" or something to that effect and has a history of casting doubt on rape/sexual harassment accusations.

No. 1899948

We’ve seen much uglier heifers on this board kek. A woman having a large nose and being raile thin with papery skin and some misplaced injections isn’t really the worst of the farms, but that’s just my thought as an oldfag.

No. 1899949

Liz also has a history of doing this. Anyone else remember the Amy Chua thing? That woman was so vile I'm glad shes gone.

No. 1899953

I don't want to name names and bring undue attention to them, but there are lots of people on Twitter throwing shade at Anna over this.

No. 1899956

The ideological precursor (along with the Daily Show) to Chapo Trap House

No. 1899959

Everyone from Anna Khachiyan to Liz Bruenig to Freddie de Boer to Angela Nagle has admitted to being influenced by Mark Fisher. As was mentioned earlier, he did so much to shape the sensibility of the "Dirtbag Left" which peaked from 2015-2020. Again, if you go back and read the Vampire Castle essay, it's hilarious how much of it is about Russell Brand.

No. 1899962

lol at filename

No. 1899967

I thought the Grindr thing was another thing that coochiebone the sex pest made up

No. 1899986

U are speaking truth, even race obsessives with half a brain cell know that national IQ data is garbage. Lynn is a fraud that manipulated all his data, he didn’t even bother to make his estimates mathematically/statistically sound.

No. 1899998

remember when Anna and Dasha went on Megyn Kelly's show and completely flopped? lol

No. 1900001

Are you in the wrong thread? Who are any of those people?

No. 1900003

File: 1694993955980.jpeg (60.05 KB, 1170x327, IMG_4732.jpeg)

Mod deleted the original post. Someone claimed she’s one of the ugliest cows on this site which is vehemently false kek

No. 1900004

>Who are any of those people ?
Oh goodness twitterfags have just completely taken over this thread, haven’t you?

No. 1900009

Yes, his dad (who he rarely saw, surprise) took him to thailand so they could fuck prostitutes together. his also let him watch porn and had porn magazines throughout the house. brand was also obese as a teen. he was fucked up well before fame.

No. 1900013

Stop the wk. She is the worst in this thread not because of Botox but because she’s anorexic and has a giant nose. If you think that looks good you’re mentally deficient

No. 1900018

Wait. How do you know a mod deleted it and not the nonnie? You must be the mod

No. 1900019

File: 1694995969158.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 964x1284, file.png)

THIS is what crumpo threw it all away for? time to hand in your hetero card mike, the fag one is in the mail

No. 1900024

He plagiarizes him or fucks him?

No. 1900025

It literally is, Tai Lee is just not very bright.

No. 1900026

I think thats the troon he plagiarized, not the transphobe poet he was trying to have sex with

No. 1900027

Tai Lee isn’t transphobic she’s literally a he/they mad that transitioning didn’t stop the misogyny and is trying to brand herself a radfem to try and rustle up some support, the corresponding end of the horseshoe to Anna’s rw scrote pandering.

No. 1900031

?? apparently there is some transphobic poet that crumps was trying to sleep with, thats what caused the falling out btwn him and tai lee and the other troon in >>1900019 no one has said who the poet is yet

No. 1900033

Sigh swoon

No. 1900040

How many newfags are in this thread? You only have 10 minutes to delete a post yourself after it’s been posted. 30 minutes if there’s a photo/file link, which there was not. Good fucking lord some of you need to lurk the board further than just /snow/.

No. 1900063

File: 1695002458022.jpeg (275.65 KB, 640x736, 5B8CC499-3AA7-4E33-9A9F-EC1BFB…)

Stay vigilant, Anna. Eli's on the prowl…

No. 1900065

File: 1695002606469.jpg (27.42 KB, 600x600, crookedtits.jpg)

No. 1900066

Just realized Anna and Caroline are the same age but Caroline looks a decade younger.

No. 1900070

Only a mod would know such specific stuff like this. i bet you had that little WK hissy fit because you look like Anna

No. 1900072

people say it's sighswoon who seems like a normie girlboss poet, no one has posted the transphobic evidence as of yet. fingers crossed that she has based thoughts about the troids. p.s. she's out of crumps league either way

No. 1900074

he's not even looking at her

No. 1900075

File: 1695004570558.png (132.25 KB, 1544x474, dispatches.png)

I saw Alex Lee Moyer posted from the opening but thought the Caroline part sounded fake. Who is Anna in an upstate cabin with then?

No. 1900076

Jordan Castro and Heji Shin.

No. 1900081

You should lurk more.

No. 1900091

No you’re just retarded.
You’re also retarded. You have 30 minutes to delete any post.

No. 1900092

they were just both posting pictures somewhere in the woods with Heiji… the anna and eli are not together rumors are just delusional

No. 1900093

Congrats you’re a big enough of a fucking loser to know the time frame down to the minute you can delete a post here. Still think you’re a mod

No. 1900101

>Also believe it or not - there’s only one farmhand right now, and he’s definitely not patrolling this thread.
How the fuck do you what thread he’s patrolling? You’re such a fucking idiot

No. 1900103

File: 1695006534598.jpeg (193.89 KB, 750x664, D49FEB40-FAE9-4A99-85E8-556332…)

I tested it after 4 minutes and it’s not letting me delete it at all. You are a mod and you’re doing shady shit. Saving this in case you delete it too

No. 1900105

File: 1695006624068.png (1.09 MB, 776x756, heji.png)

nta anon but I guess Eli is there. Anna is doing sad single posting. See >>1898171

No. 1900108

There is 100% a mod here and they’re lying like a snake

No. 1900111

The mod deleted a post a few hours ago saying something simple like Anna wasn’t hot enough to be a conservative talking head. Why was that deleted? The mod is whiteknighting Anna’s ugly ass for some reason KEK

No. 1900112

File: 1695007037582.png (8.51 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3756.PNG)


No. 1900113

Mod and admin. same fucking thing who cares. Whoever it is they’re whiteknighting for Anna and it’s bizarre

No. 1900115

File: 1695007090369.png (6.46 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3755.PNG)

same ashtray/table on both their igs

No. 1900116

File: 1695007163572.png (9.38 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3757.PNG)


No. 1900121

nta but we know. it's their friend heji shin who is with them. that's why she's tagged.

No. 1900123

i already posted the pics they both posted from the same place on their stories. sorry but you're giving delusional right now

No. 1900124

Sage for OT but are you remotely aware of the current political state of Israel? The Jewish homeland has turned away from socialism and is edging towards religious ethnostate. Jews can be right wing for more than takes please look outside of your bubble for five seconds

No. 1900126


No. 1900129

He wrote about Drake.

No. 1900134

i just threw in the heji photo because in my original post i said they were with her you weird freak

No. 1900137

can you post some evidence to kiwifarms lcf thread?

No. 1900139

He wrote about Drake.

No. 1900170

File: 1695020344976.png (91.2 KB, 972x385, rip.png)

Elfbars are slowly killing Dasha

No. 1900226

the slut got syphilis

No. 1900255

Did she get it from BAP?

No. 1900269

He got it from a troon prostitute I bet

No. 1900287

Dasha’s letter is so cute kek

No. 1900322

File: 1695048713068.png (45.5 KB, 1436x144, if you say so.png)

No idea if they're repeating bullshit they heard, but the How Long Gone guys are saying that there's talk of the Sexual Revolution debate getting put on tv? Because of lack of new shows? They later say netflix (discussion starts 10 minutes in).


No. 1900366

elfbars were recalled for having absurd nicotine content, cashew is ODing on vapes kekkkk
retarded terminally online claim. this space doesnt even touch netflix's foreign content numbers, production aside. whichever rw billionaire set up the "debate" would have to cut a massive check for that to happen since they can just put up yet another cooking competition, autism dating, or documentary for content if needed.

No. 1900399

Could Anna siding with Brand be Thiel related? I thought Brand was IDW adjacent.

No. 1900402

RS, Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, and Russell Brand are all under the Thiel-umbrella. Possibly Greyzone also, but that's not definitive.

No. 1900406

Thiel stopped funding them.

No. 1900414

Him being Canadian explains the Indian tweets

No. 1900415

Also former radfem cow Meghan Murphy. She just had an episode singing the praises of Cucker Tarlson.
If that was the case, we'd see a huge dip in their Patreon, no?

No. 1900417

no, sadly that’s real people

No. 1900431

Megan Murphy is a gender critical centrist. Tucker is mainstream, is it a conspiracy when guest go on anderson cooper?

No. 1900442

Meh, I can see Bari finagling some streaming deal. But I'd wager it'd be with like Rumble or The Daily Wire or Fox Nation, not Netflix. Afaik they don't do Ted talk or lecture/debate-like content, right?

No. 1900446

Tucker is a CIA asset, so is Maddow. They're good friends. Tucker's dad worked for Voice of America, a CIA cutout and Tucker himself applied to work for the CIA.
>In b4 "CIA is not Thiel"
I don't know all the relationships between these power brokers, that's why I come to anonymous message boards to talk about it.
>Meghan Murphy is a gender critical centrist
I use to enjoy listening Feminist Current. She doesn't identify as a feminist anymore and I find it suspicious that she's parroting all the COVID talking points of Greenwald, Dore, Greyzone, Brand, and other Thiel funded talking heads.
>Is it a conspiracy when guest go on anderson cooper?
I think it should raise a lot of red flags when someone you wouldn't expect starts praising him.

No. 1900453

ntayrt, but Anderson Cooper is also "former" CIA, so I regard frequent guests/collaborators as suspect. Including Cornel West lol.

No. 1900458

File: 1695071184180.png (663.28 KB, 2048x1228, dasha_ratio.png)

do chaste traditional Catholics frequently attend sex and love addicts anonymous?

No. 1900460

File: 1695071415005.jpg (50.97 KB, 480x922, starting fresh..JPG)

jumbo jack has nuked his twitter

No. 1900463

he always does this before a big guest i wonder who he got

No. 1900476

Adding to this, but Tucker and his dad did some shady things down south of the border. He's the conservative version of Anderson Cooper who also has glowies connections and his mother is a Vanderbilt.

No. 1900477

Anderson Cooper’s family is old money with a shit ton of connections and skeletons in their closets, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is CIA at all, both the left and right and center are completely compromised by spooks.

There were rumors Anderson’s mother Gloria would pimp her sons out to pedophile friends of hers who had dirt on her at parties and such, and that one of her sons killed himself by jumping out of a high storey window after getting into an argument with her. She also wrote a weird detailed novel about a little girl who gets groomed then brutally raped by a pedophile, and she would make strange art about child murder victims like JonBenet Ramsey. Very weird fucked up family.

No. 1900490

File: 1695073735634.jpg (23.04 KB, 910x223, 834723.jpg)

No. 1900493

A pic of the "poet influencer" is already on this page. Search for those words. It isn't sighswoon.

No. 1900499

Does Dasha actually attend SLAA or am I being autistic and missing the joke. If so where has she talked about this? I always thought Anna would have her 12-step arc before Dasha but after those few AA meetings Anna talked about on the pod that she attended “as support for someone else” (sure) seems like she went right back to heavy drinking.
Anyway, if anything could drive a girl into sex addiction recovery, waking up next to Michael Tracey should do it.

Idk what I thought syphillis was but I googled it and Dasha described the symptoms to a T. Holy shit. Know you read here girl, unironically please go to the doctor and stop letting men hit it raw. Untreated syphillis is the real “worms in your brain” lmao

No. 1900505

she talks about it on Silicon Valley Skanks which is a few episodes before Delicious Tacos went on to discuss his own SLAA experience

No. 1900509

Thank u nonna, will go listen and maybe transcribe a lil for anyone else who’s curious

No. 1900540

Nick Mullen went on tucker, does he glow?

No. 1900554

no he didn't

No. 1900558

I thought he went on Red Eye and that was in like 2016

No. 1900566

Dear Katya Ungerman,

You aren't Nick Mullen.

You aren't "IDW."

You aren't "heterodox."

You're a marketer with an ethnic humiliation fetish. And if you really have a husband, then he's a cuck.

No. 1900576

It sounded like she went to at least one SLAA meeting maybe more but she stopped

No. 1900582

Crazy how some posters can think normally when their hero is on fox

No. 1900605

Lol remember how Katharine chanted for 3 years that “I’m not political I don’t care about politics I want to be in a new corner of the internet”, her mantra and defense everytime she was flamed for her dumbass takes. then she was interviewed by Tucker last year.
Anna called it the “smol bean act” but Anna did (and still does) the exact same thing for years—play dumb while her views grew more radical. Then everytime Anna or DF has to eat crow it’s mumble mumble I didn’t care that much anywhere (see the Anna Blake Masters example someone named/see DF saying, “I don’t want to talk about politics anymore”). That conflict is how you end up with Anna’s defense of Russel Brand and DF’s stupid “just be nice if you want a boyfriend” “jailing criminals is good” attempts at appropriate heterodoxy.

No. 1900621

But jailing criminals is good?

No. 1900624

has Katherine had an Anna Russell Brand type take?

No. 1900625

It's up!

The trailer Ion Pack's feature film Salamander Days has dropped. Maybe you give a watch and like?

No. 1900626

No. 1900632

Syphillis or some other std. I checked her vape thread and no one else said they had that reaction kek

No. 1900633

It’s about high schoolers? Pedo Pack

No. 1900634

wasn't one of them just recently shitting on Euphoria because he's sick of hearing about "poor high schoolers"? Lmao

No. 1900651

166 views..you’d think having rich parents and connections would get more mileage

No. 1900655

Just saw @feraljokes burn of dasha has 1,000,000 views now

No. 1900656

nah, we’re good without whatever this murky purple nonsense is

No. 1900665

are you jake flores

No. 1900667

yeah she's not a prison abolitionist… jail serves a necessary purpose in society, she thinks people who are prison abolitionists and support debanking as punishment, which would push someone into criminality, are illogical positions to hold

No. 1900670

The point is that Katya is saying “jails are good” as some meekly heterodox take. It’s only controversial to the “woke.” And that’s basically the heart of her explicit political and social discourse. Everything else she actually believes is hidden in likes and group chat messages, or teased at (being anti birth control, etc).

No. 1900679

File: 1695098470965.jpg (95.81 KB, 1600x360, maxwellrouxcomingout.jpg)


coming out? dad disappointed in MSU failson godless pedophile?

it's real btw:


No. 1900685

No. Katherine is a deranged Anna stalker and status whore willing to say whatever will get her into the Dimes Square scene, but she isn’t pro-rape. She wouldn’t go that far for attention, and still wants to maintain a veneer of respectability for her fellow journalists.(unsaged, not milk)

No. 1900686

Yeah, she’s data mining. She doesn’t believe in anything at all. Anna resents her for having no skin in the game. Katherine in courting actual nazis because Anna won’t go further than BAP, but she’s doing it under the guise of research. I actually hope that Katherine exposes Anna and takes her down. If she had any real spine, she’d write an article about what a disgusting pickme Anna was. Then Katherine would become the respectable journalist she’s always dreamed of being, and start developing a real set of beliefs. It’s incredible she ignores this opportunity.

No. 1900690

File: 1695100414784.jpeg (226.48 KB, 720x1124, 1651172081711.jpeg)


whatever happened to scatgirl

No. 1900724

I wish Sarah Haider lurked here so I could relay to her that this style is IT for her. The subtle makeup, the outfit, her hair.. She looks so, so beautiful and classically feminine

No. 1900769

Let's be honest though, whoever Dasha fucked that night isn't any worse than fucking a down syndrome girl.

No. 1900812

File: 1695131677025.jpeg (355.67 KB, 1170x591, IMG_6721.jpeg)

What makes Aimee think she's any better than aborigines who sniff gas

No. 1900847

nonna do you seriously believe Katya in these circles for hard-hitting journalism? maybe I dont understand real journalism and it will take another 5 years of "research" for her real hit pieces to come out kek
I thought the same thing!

No. 1900863

And Aimee is an unemployed 30 something woman, what was her point?

No. 1900864

details on this? i ask because i caught a weird moment at the end of the recent Loveline episode where Dasha was hints at Red Scare having new, non-Thiel funding. transcribing it:

Anna: “We should have Dan back on the pod”
Dan: “Yeah you should, you’ve had every fucking Twitter reply guy under the sun [Dasha does her obnoxious attention-seeking cackle here] but haven't had me on in 2 and a half years…"
Dasha: “Well we’re pivoting [away from the Twitter reply guys], now that we’ve acquired-“ here she quickly catches herself and doesn’t complete her thought, trailing off with a blank “yeahhh…” as Anna quickly jumps in and changes the subject

many people commented on how Red Scare went from a "girls and gays talk pop culture" podcast to having constant obnoxious RW/heterodox Twitter personalities as guests like Yarvin, BAP, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Logo Daedalus, etc, and suspected this shift was due to Thiel's influence. Now RS is "pivoting away" from the Twitter political guests because they've "acquired new" — what, funding/sponsors? anyone know more about this i'd love to know details.

clip is at 2 hours 3 mins here: https://redscarepodcast.libsyn.com/back-to-school-loveline-w-dan-allegretto

No. 1900868

acquired a following maybe? or they got acquired by a network. it sucks that they're being rewarded for being grifters. i hope their right wing reply guys turn on them and drive them offline.

No. 1900885

voting no on what?

No. 1900904

File: 1695147431121.png (682.7 KB, 1184x1124, pro rape anna.png)

Anna's extra desperate for attention this week. Did she get a bluecheck and is banking on twitter outrage bucks?

No. 1900910

I dream of someone putting her in her place, wish it happened at the debate

No. 1900929

You need to conjure a more plausible voice for these self-defense posts.

(Hope you're healing well from the surgery btw. Cosmetic, right? Jaw? "For TMJ.")("hi cow")

No. 1900938

why would Bari ever put anyone who wasnt a rightoid on the debate stage with anna?

I wonder this too. Its likely the tech recession has impacted Thiels bottom line so hes not investing in so many of his failing "for the culture" endeavors anymore. my guess is another billionaire, more neocon.

No. 1900940

thiel pulled out after that film festival bombed

No. 1900954

She's so unserious. Can't even come up with her own dumb ass clapback but instead tweets some stupid moid from 2019.

No. 1900958

Even if true someone else with similar motivations is funding all the Urbit, Praxis, that trip BAP and Dasha went on, shitty plays, Sovereign House and other related events in NYC/LA/Miami/SF in the last two years. Sovereign House just opened but wouldn't shock me if there's a massive pullback soon since nothing has come of any of this but think pieces.

No. 1900959

Nice catch nonna I thought it was fucking weird for anyone that’s ever read this thread to talk about prison abolition in such a way.

No. 1900964

sovereign house is out of pocket. they just want clout

No. 1900966

she’s a nepobaby and she’s obsessed with fame

No. 1900995

Referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament that all conspiracists, racists, anti government and anti Labor types are voting no to

No. 1901001

File: 1695160983670.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1620x2120, IMG_5689.jpeg)

No. 1901004

I really can't with the way these people are raging against "the sexual revolution" when they're such massive degenerates over 80% of them have some STI

No. 1901024

Who are her parents?