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File: 1621400014468.jpg (196.43 KB, 1024x1016, 1621038791742.jpg)

No. 1233341

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread
>Aimee suspended again, who knows what # account this is >>>/snow/1207813, analysis of her replyguys being mostly the PMC types she claims to hate >>>/snow/1212902
>More recycled Camille Paglia takes from chaoticitgirl >>>/snow/1208368, who deactivates and reactivates
>Perfume fationalist is still a loser >>>/snow/1209477
>Caroline as_a_woman makes a new account >>>/snow/1209500
>Discourse about the longevity of "the dirtbag left" and Chapo's patreon revenue >>>/snow/1210679 >>>/snow/1210693
>Discussion of how Dasha got her role on Succession since she can't act >>>/snow/1210678
>Shoe0nhead is mentioned, when cows collide >>>/snow/1210962
>Aimee used to be a chapo reply guy and is still bitter about it ever since >>>/snow/1213202, >>>/snow/1213347
>Bruenig bluecheck commiseration >>>/snow/1215373
>More people dunking on Aimee, including Chapo hosts liking tweets that make fun of her >>>/snow/1217259
>More Dasha drivel in an interview >>>/snow/1219791
>Azealia Banks and Dasha meet up >>>/snow/1222135
>Debate about whether Anna has had an abortion >>>/snow/1223067
>Reactions to the new CIA woke recruiting ad; Anna's reaction is mostly projecting about her own insecurities (what's new) >>>/snow/1225061
>Aimee suspended again >>>/snow/1226496 twice in the course of one thread is a new record. Later confirmed to have come from a rich background >>>/snow/1226681
>Suspicious twitter account thought to be Liz Bruenig's alt >>>/snow/1226793 even if it isn't it would be weird for a verified account to follow a private one with less than 50 followers
>Bruenig writes a mother's day column that upsets people >>>/snow/1228323
later moves from the NYT to the Atlantic >>>/snow/1228910
>Infighting about Dasha's weight and her unfuckable boyfriend >>>/snow/1230919 >>>/snow/1232154

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
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Thread #17: >>>/snow/1207734
Apologies if I left anything out

No. 1233343

File: 1621400235020.webm (1.35 MB, 640x360, h9LO4_MiiJYOrIhb.webm)

glad more people are seeing how much of a cow jack is

No. 1233344

Based OP

No. 1234101

File: 1621469233586.png (261.18 KB, 657x451, anna x eli.png)

Anna makes an appearance in the Roommate Leia-directed music video for the first single off Eli's upcoming album

No. 1234259

literally indistinguishable from How To with John Wilson footage

No. 1234264

kind of hilarious that he releases a song called "the accident" after having a kid

No. 1234297

only staceys like john wilson ilu anon

No. 1234389

File: 1621510681280.png (77.51 KB, 691x711, Untitled.png)

been obvious for a while now but heres official conformation

No. 1234421

File: 1621513099649.png (767.38 KB, 640x1136, 57608062-0C78-43A3-B8B7-951EBC…)

Leia posted a vid of her drunk and nude ranting about how shitty Dimes Square is last night to her insta stories, then quickly deleted.

No. 1234423

good riddance tbh

No. 1234471

i wonder how bad the falling out between him and matt was

No. 1234511

how hard do your ancestors have to fuck up karmically that you end up with lips that thin?

No. 1234594

she’s not wrong though

No. 1234756

File: 1621547189486.jpeg (131.69 KB, 630x1010, 6558875F-275F-400E-A8DE-93662E…)

Michael Tracey got burned so hard by Nick the Spic he deleted this kek

No. 1234776

i mean, he's not wrong. most of these patreon grifters have never worked a day in their lives, unless you count all the backstabbing and interpersonal "intrigue"

No. 1234780

anna k as a bungling matriarch, an unsubtle kris jenner. it's not a baby trap if i wait a year and have a false flag abortion

No. 1234875

these threads will die for a while, but they're worth keeping around for when anna inevitably begins to air out her relationship miseries kek

No. 1234957

File: 1621570938372.jpg (46.02 KB, 500x301, hyuuga laughing.jpg)

This is amazing. I'm in awe of this shit. Thank you friend for sharing this.

No. 1235002

She should move, can’t imagine she’s getting paid enough to justify the expense of living there

No. 1235019

I'm too retarded to understand the burn here. Was Fuentes not on Team MAGA all the way to the end? Or does this have to do with the US government forced to play nice with Israel so they wouldn't shit themselves?

No. 1235092

File: 1621602058825.png (497.18 KB, 744x1323, SCREENSHOT.png)

aimee: i'm not like those leftists with POSTGRADUATE DEGREES, i just spent 10 years in college without passing the bar

the average age in palestine is ~21 so needless to say most haven't attended grad school

No. 1235109

All the hexbear Patreon links got taken down. Anyone know an alternative?

No. 1235157

File: 1621609360383.png (104.77 KB, 1248x376, Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 10.5…)


I wonder if Leia's Wall Street banker daddy helps her

No. 1235207

File: 1621612946563.jpeg (373.7 KB, 828x1094, F268B805-9A0F-4C4E-AE2F-10A42D…)

Haha this account is corny but yes Aimee is a lying retard

No. 1235261

Literally everyone in this milquetoast milieu come from the most painfully bourgeois backgrounds with the exception of Dasha

No. 1235330

Fucking chapos can't even steal podcasts right

No. 1235382

Amber legit comes from the working class and Matt comes from a normie background.

No. 1235387

dasha gets paid 15000 a month to warble in a mic for a few hours, no longer working class lol

No. 1235426

lmfao of course her daddy's a wall street exec. literally no other explanation for how her shitty, boring photography gets her gigs on hbo and adult swim shows.

No. 1235438

Praxis Girl Was Right All Along

No. 1235464

File: 1621639851243.jpg (43.11 KB, 749x352, sdfadsf.JPG)

but what does it mean aimee??? (uppers)

No. 1235470

Does this mean if we close our eyes really hard and pretend Ted Cruz doesn't exist, he'll fade from existence like Marty McFly?

No. 1235472

Tracey and his daddy Greenwald made a few Twitter threads pointing out the incongruity between being America First and Pro Israel. Glenn even mentioned multiple times in his daily Twitter deluge how cool it would be to talk to an America Firster opposed to Israel. Attention hungry Spic Fuentes threw his hands up screaming MEMEMEMEMEMEME but Senpai Glenn did not acknowledge him. So Tracey decided to “one up” Spic for @ing Glenn so fucking much and this is what happened.

No. 1235484

I don’t think being performers technically fits the definition of working class, her parents worked for cirque de soleil at one point and circus performing was taken very seriously in the Soviet Union, acrobats would’ve received formal ballet training

No. 1235485

Didn't she also go to private school, and then bougie Mills College? The Nekrasovas definitely weren't struggling lol

No. 1235509

she went to some specialized public high school for the arts i think? and then a private liberal arts college? someone a few threads ago found her parents' website and it seemed like they had some high profile clients from the las vegas strip

No. 1235553

Her parents are middle class, they rent a townhouse and don’t even own a home. Immigrant kids get scholarships and financial aid. Did she even go to mills for all 4 years? She seems like the type who would drop out then pretend she finished

No. 1235555

i don't know if she officially graduated, but i know that the mentioned on the podcast that she wrote her senior thesis on "menstrual dialectics" but it wouldn't surprise me if she was lying about graduating

No. 1235579

File: 1621657781855.jpeg (150.66 KB, 626x533, DCE6F0A3-1036-4F33-BA08-82F2A4…)

Pritch got suspended and her former friends are celebrating lol

No. 1235592

she’s also an only child (explains a lot)
An only child in a two income household will definitely have a bougier sounding upbringing that won’t totally reflect their parents income

No. 1235601

No. 1235612

Leia worked on that show.

No. 1235614

I think that's the point that anon was making, it just looks like b-roll footage from that shoot

No. 1235623

anyone know what got him suspended?

No. 1235624

File: 1621667241811.jpeg (242.95 KB, 1080x1999, E18Q3wbWEAQb72M.jpeg)

pritchards new account, from what i can tell from 2femcel2furious' tweet replies he got got for talking about kink at pride to a 17 year old

No. 1235626

File: 1621667418878.png (32.44 KB, 607x421, alt.png)

Their alt was suspended too

No. 1235630

come the fuck on

No. 1235669

So is that Refn/Dasha collab legit or was Jack just wishcasting

No. 1235728

File: 1621690006319.jpg (30.2 KB, 736x179, trad.JPG)

considering that aimee's 34, single, and doesn't leave the house she's rapidly barrelling towards geriatric pregnancy or more likely no children ever. pretending to be a mom to own the libs arc?

No. 1235757

It sounds like one of Jack's Buffalo Wild Wings fever dreams but the world is weird.

No. 1235832

Wasn't Anna 35? She still has time. But then again she was constantly getting pregnant and then having those babies being "murdered" her words not mine.

No. 1235834

anna was at least dating someone. aimee has a dozen simps on another continent.

No. 1235840

This sounds eerily like Jack and his latent womb envy. Isn’t she from money? She could just do ivf if she can’t conceive naturally

No. 1235916

Sounds like a meme but being an only child would explain so much really with her, only child pathology is weird but accurate. Inb4 self posting but I say this as an only child myself. Also had middle class upbringing where people thought I was rich but I just always got new shit I didn’t have to share. Not being used to sharing, compromise and conflict resolution is very indicative of this.

No. 1236027

File: 1621732890018.png (176.06 KB, 747x629, serb.png)

IDK what the post was, but it was Serb from Kemonofriendzone (chaser Twitch stream) that reported him.

No. 1236118

File: 1621753244651.png (81.16 KB, 485x487, womens sports.png)

No. 1236122

File: 1621753919490.png (84.31 KB, 506x478, context.png)


No. 1236163

people on twitter are surprised at this from her but i don't get why it would be. in a way i respect people like her outing their apathy so straightforwardly, because this is ultimately how all TRAs feel.

No. 1236176

I don't even think this is TRA nonsense, I think Liz is just that much of a misogynist that she sees no value in women's sports.

No. 1236303

bridgietherease is a trump republican who was fired from the university of montana for advising her students to take hydroxychloroquine rather than the covid vaccine.

No. 1236368


No. 1236391

File: 1621798262585.png (1.51 MB, 1235x1384, oedipa.png)

her name is bridget guildner. she was a grad student then instructor at u of m. her acc is full of incoherent rw ramblings. not a leftist or pseudo leftist, but hilarious that trueanon is so cozy with a mediocre academic with terminal twitter brain poisoning.

No. 1236513

Oh wow I didn’t realize she’d been doxxed. She’s fucking weird, yea.

No. 1236540

there's value in women's sports?

No. 1236576

Aimee’s chances of having a kid are very slim. A fail daughter “podcaster” with hobbies that include incoherent 4am tweets, creating pepe memes, and harassing Liz Bruenig. I’m a childless loser too but that’s a new level.

No. 1236594

File: 1621820301309.jpeg (267.25 KB, 750x827, 851F01F2-CBA6-4542-AA80-32D7F0…)

Liz bragging about her dumb fat husband peaking in high school. You have to laugh

No. 1236596

Jack we get it you’re fat and gay. If you’re going to shit on women at least lose weight

No. 1236600

>L-let me just talk about my husband and how smol I am instead of answering the question

You're shit at sports because of your amorphous dairy cow genetics, not because you're short. Keep telling yourself that your neckbeard hamplanet is that one athletic Chad you were too lame for in high school, however.
The funny part is that she could be one of those happy world traveling designer clothes wearing childless girlbosses, but she's a shit lawyer with no future beyond perhaps traffic court. Shit at girlboss, shit at tradwife, trapped in a femcel limbo of aimlessness and mediocrity. Sad!

No. 1236601

File: 1621821897622.jpg (31.72 KB, 732x262, SCREENSHOT.JPG)

the thing about aimee is that when bruenig comes out with a sincerely dumb take she's already too busy fighting a bruenig who doesn't exist. bruenig is a pretentious lib with a very conventional stance on the rights of children. who is this woo woo pro trans windmill aimee's tilting at?

No. 1236611

Jesus Christ why do I find her more pathetic than Aimee and Anna combined despite being vastly more "successful" than both?

No. 1236624

Because she is hands down the most dweeby and smarmy looking, her "credentials" are in bullshit fields and she very obviously has a complex about not being accomplished enough. A normal mother who's happy with her choice to stay in the kitchen doesn't need to mention having 5 master's degrees every 5 tweets or so.

No. 1236636

I think you are correct that Bruenig is lying about her husband. They both went to James Martin Highschool according to her wikipedia page. She's 30 but I don't know his age but I assume it's close. Since they're 30 now that would mean they went to high school from 2004 to 2008. This website has records going back to 2005 for their football team. Unless Matt Bruenig only played ball as a freshman in high schol, she's lying. https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/martin-warriors-(arlington,tx)/football/all_time_roster.htm
Really weird thing to lie about.

No. 1236645

She knows he’s a geek so she’s trying to flex on people by saying he was athletic once. Sad that she cares so much about randoms on Twitter that she has to brag about something that might not even be true

No. 1236652

Matt is two years older than Liz so he graduated high school in 2007

No. 1236659

Thank you for the correction. Point still would stand though since we have records for 2005, 2006, and 2007 and he didn't play football on the team any one of those years.

No. 1236661

yeah this is very sus, either she's lying or he only played as a freshman

No. 1236674

File: 1621829200276.webm (3.53 MB, 1336x746, Haz_Women.webm)

How to trigger infrared:
>Go to his discord (invite is on his website)
>Use an arabic/mongolian name to get vetted faster
>Talk about LaRouche and Kesha Rodgers
>Paranoia(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1236677

does anyone have a seeking derangements rss? only left pod i cant find a link to

No. 1236816

File: 1621864876100.jpg (43.93 KB, 746x329, anna.JPG)

anna's new target audience is rw race war teens i guess

No. 1236840

baste femcel farmer

No. 1236885

Highlights from latest episode of Red Scare (Themi Lovato):

- Dasha confirms she still trolls the subreddit

- The girls clumsily stumble over trying to differentiate that enby and “true trans” are different with absolutely no qualifications to those statements

- Anna goes off about how frozen yogurt is full of “chemicals” and “micro plastics” claims she doesn’t know what orthorexia is

- Once again calling other people BPD with zero self awareness (so the usual)

- Comment on how Courtney Stodden wasn’t a “typical” victim because she looked like a porn star at 16, 16 year olds “want sexual attention from men” (projecting their own Lolita complexes once again)

- Go off about how marrying teenagers make sense because they are “most fertile” (ignores fact that maternal and infant mortality rates in those born to mothers under 19 years old are incredibly high)

- Claim Courtney Stodden, a traumatized former child bride, “came out on top” of this situation because, among other things, she’s running an Only Fans??

- More brain dead, sexually depraved ramblings

No. 1236930

Dasha said on an episode that she has no student debt because her parents paid for her expensive private college. Not saying her parents never struggled but they were doing well during that time. She conveniently never mentions that they run a small business. She and Anna both love to larp as working class.

No. 1236935

How does someone that paranoid use their real face and name on their twitter? Is there any proof on the firing?

No. 1236936

doesn't she say her dad was a card dealer?

No. 1236964

this is possibly their worst collection of takes yet

No. 1236974

lol, if she was smart and paranoid she would pick a different icon and name, but the abandoned linkedin page is still up. bridget = “bridgie”, oedipa maas is a pynchon character. firing is a rumour

No. 1237041


Hasn't Dasha talked about being molested as either a child or adolescent? It's truly depressing that someone who has experienced that can extraneously blame a 16 year old for being a forcible childbride. I'm sure if it was her, she would magically feel differently.

No. 1237047


Particularly Anna likes to harp on the fact that her dad supposedly didn't make much as a Rutgers professor and that his salary had to support the whole family or something. I have to say I find it very unlikely her mom has never worked at all like she claims.

She talks about growing up in some drab apartment in New Brunswick or somewhere else in New Jersey like she grew up in South Central, LA or something.

No. 1237076

Yes and Anna was apparently in a “Epstein like” situation where she was being pimped out to wealthy men as a child

No. 1237080

Dasha's talked about "dating" a 25 year old when she was 16 and her parents not minding and she insists it was totally normal and fine. And messaging perverted men online a little earlier than that. She talks about her parents working late as the biggest trauma in her childhood so doubt there's worse. She likes to adopt the hurt girl aesthetic for sympathy and to be edgy.
Anna said that happened at 16 or 17? Which I would consider a child but Anna and Dasha continually say that they don't. It was in the episode where they respond to porn stars being mad at Anna.

No. 1237133

i think anna talks about this in either "tell your kids this is a swerf" or "terf wars." i remember the episode was from 2019.
does anyone have a link to their patreon or rss feed?

No. 1237188

nta but rutgers is a state university. my mom teaches at a UC and makes a little under 70k which isn’t shabby but i have 2 siblings. googling salaries isn’t very reliable because the doctors and coaches salaries skew a lot of the medians.

No. 1237218

Her dad could be making 15k and still not be "working class" because that's literally not what a professor is.

No. 1237221

>talks about how there is no class mobility in the US and le gabitalism
>says she grew up "poor" and "working class" but is now rich doing absolutely nothing

Logic is neoliberal

No. 1237281

How does she make that little at a UC? My sister teaches at a community college (California) and makes 90k (not STEM). And no, it's not Santa Monica or anything.

No. 1237285

Probably adjuncting; even STEM adjuncts can barely scrape two pennies together. Tenure-track professors make substantially more.

No. 1237296

That makes sense. But Anne's father wasn't an adjunct. He was fully tenured in fact he was actually a step above most professors, Professor II.


There's no fucking way they were anything working class and he was making anything less than 100k (or whatever the equivalent was back then). My sister's brother-in-law is a distinguished professor at a Cal State and makes 140k a year.

No. 1237332

But wait, there's more!

Tenured professors are a parasitic bourg class that cannot be sanctioned, fired or reprimanded. They can do absolutely anything they want to their sweatshop slave grad students (barring perhaps murder), and not lose the job. They are absurdly overpaid for very little work (their salaries and athleticsmaxxing being a major source of overblown tuition costs, particularly at Rutgers), they get insane benefits and there is absolutely no incentive for them to improve themselves or their field at large, which is why they tend to be into the whole academic dogma thing. Did I mention that they can't be fired?

This is Anna's "working class" dad.

No. 1237393

Most small businesses don’t make much money these days and didn’t she attend college when the economy tanked too? Sticking to she dropped out, I could buy she got some immigrant scholarship and went for a year then decided it was too hard or she couldn’t keep up her grades and lost her scholarship

No. 1237394

They must have lost patron subs from people finding r/blackscare where all the paywalled stuff is posted. Need to reignite the drama and pedo baiting somehow, best to say “16 year olds are like so fertile guys!! We are not pedo pandering at all for money I swear”

No. 1237398

Wasn’t that the same episode where she said she talked to pedophiles on the phone when she was a teenager? It was an episode about Epstein, I remember that much. I believe her when she says she has weird sexual encounters with older men. It makes sense why she’s so promiscuous as an adult

No. 1237402

Just because Anna’s dad made money, doesn’t mean he was willing to give much to his adult daughters. She might be embarrassed that her father, the one man who is supposed to take care of her, was unwilling to financially

No. 1237413

Oh don't even defend her. Considering how much she praises her father, I highly doubt that happened.

No. 1237419

She’s so full of it, Leonid Khachiyan became professor of Computer Science at Rutgers in 1992 when she was 7 and she left the USSR when she was 4

Imagine having a father so academically well respected and you sit around pretending to be working class it’s embarrassing

No. 1237514

Pretty sure it was the SWERF ep. It makes the thing she said in the recent movie episode about mothers being procuresses for these situations extra grim, it made me remember that old episode right away

No. 1237569

File: 1621950258582.png (1.19 MB, 1092x662, paglia.png)

a red scare/perfume nationalist/adam lehrer fan is selling paglia t-shirts that look like they were painted with her feet. the real essence of paglia.

No. 1237571

wtf these are actually really cool designs, much better than the boring pastiche that paul cupo designed for anna and dasha's last merch drops

No. 1237594

I think she went to community college first then transferred. I don't know why she'd lie about her parents paying out of pocket, it doesn't make her look good. The dropping out is an interesting theory. She's said she almost went to grad school at USC for philosophy but didn't want to be an academic and everything about getting in could have been a total lie. There was a post here showing a screen cap where she was pretending she got into the creative writing mfa program at Columbia.

No. 1237795

If she is handmaking each one my bleaching the design then I respect the effort, but they do also kind of look like a kid's school art project. I can't really imagine even Pagliathots wanting to wear this

No. 1237830

No college graduation photos? You would think someone like Dasha who loves to brag would have those

No. 1237831

…uhh, what? They're hideous.

No. 1237834

Does she praise her father though, really? Only seen her say strange psychosexual shit about him on Twitter kek. She doesn’t seem to bring up his accomplishments much. We don’t know how he handled his money, he might’ve been putting it away and not letting his family enjoy a better lifestyle. I’m just saying it’s a possibility he was an asshole with his money

No. 1237840

File: 1621971561558.png (2.44 MB, 2022x970, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.38…)

No. 1237841

File: 1621971643277.png (2.16 MB, 2072x978, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.37…)

fake columbia story, posted june 2013

No. 1237849

File: 1621972175181.png (238.95 KB, 926x1152, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.49…)

deleted tweets are from Dasha

No. 1237929

Why the Versace Medusa? (I read only a few chapters of Sexual Personae btw)

No. 1238022

the amount of horny shit says about her dead father is genuinely disturbing

No. 1238101

Her daddy issues are borderline comical. I haven't seen anything like this outside of perhaps unfunny comedy sketches. Papa really wanted a son and it shows.

No. 1238131

talking about your trauma is gross and BPD hoe behaviour but repeatedly stating that you want to fuck your dead father is fine

No. 1238140

Anna seethes at traumablogging borderlines because they remind her of what she is. They're basically what she would be if she wasn't terminally afraid of being honest with herself.

Sadly, vehemently denying BPD and desperately wishing she was a stoic and unfeeling cluster A instead won't stop her obvious symptoms (like malignant attention seeking she later regrets, or spontaneously broadcasting her Electra complex).

No. 1238246

No. 1238358

If you have soulseek, there's a user on there called podking who usually has all of the previously pirated ones

No. 1238425

File: 1622036091852.png (19.63 KB, 530x144, mmm.png)

No. 1238460

Don't agree with armchairing her, but I don't think it's a reach to say that most of the people who come up in these threads are merely a hair's breadth away from being the exact type of people they are always bitching about

Holy shit lmfao

No. 1239027

File: 1622062593840.png (552.41 KB, 622x1042, Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 4.56…)

No. 1239396

File: 1622069161324.jpg (44.19 KB, 1024x819, depositphotos_121656872-stock-…)

No. 1239404

No. 1239479

she finally washed her hair

No. 1239579

The comment is from a Succession actor. They're now filming in Italy.

No. 1239583

You can look up where her parents live, they’re not rolling in dough. I don’t know why some people are trying to present her as if she had some lavish upbringing

No. 1239587

File: 1622086591662.png (2.6 MB, 1180x1820, Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 00.3…)

one of the most disgusting couples ever

No. 1239631

Somehow I really don't think this was a forced feminization. If anything she probably had to dial him back a notch.
>the foxtail buttplug is too much sweaty

No. 1239681

Why would she post a picture with so much grease in her hair?

No. 1239696

absolutely vile

No. 1239732

no hope for white people

No. 1239807

File: 1622124665421.png (77.35 KB, 1480x465, postleftonpostleft.png)

today in the post-left: wealthy suburban australian postgrad fights wealthy brooklynite postgrad about the nature of the "working class", which amounts to what they've read on twitter

No. 1239966

Behold the working class

No. 1239968

By retarded leftist definitions, humanity is inherently reactionary. Fighting over resources is nature and you can only invent so many crutches to temporarily bypass it until it blows up into war/inequality again.

No. 1240215

File: 1622161105427.jpeg (267.76 KB, 828x649, F4974CB8-7FE0-443A-A270-0F929E…)

Looks like Dasha doesn’t have that insignificant of a part on Succession after all. They’re filming in Italy next month and seems like she’s going

No. 1240226

have a sinking feeling Comfry is going to be the breakout fan-favorite character this season

No. 1240237

late but most ivy league mfa/ma programs are trivially easy to get into because they are mostly scams for $

No. 1240249

File: 1622164669374.jpeg (475.02 KB, 828x1235, 1829B42E-E7FB-48CE-B817-5E382C…)

No. 1240270

She’s so full of shit it’s hilarious, she’s never set foot in the US, has clearly never read an American history book and doesn’t have the slightest clue how race & class interact in this country and it shows.

No. 1240271

File: 1622167558002.jpg (49.29 KB, 743x456, SCREENSHOT.JPG)

in an era of inflated hysteria about microaggressions, this is sincerely, wildly racist. dead giveaway that she grew up in a <1% black north shore suburb and only understands black people as characterized by fox news and rw twitter.

No. 1240287

File: 1622169997952.jpg (40.71 KB, 853x480, meiko snatch is mine.jpg)

Holy shit she went down the Cassandra Fairbanks route. Truly amazing.

No. 1240300

things you say when you live on the other side of the world and consume a lot of right-wing media but have never met a single solitary African-American person in your life

No. 1240310

Everyone who said Aimee was a shitty cow undeserving of milking needs to apologize after this.

No. 1240324

for me i get annoyed with the aimeeposting because it fills up the thread and as far as i can tell she is a nobody in this scene. might be better as a spinoff thread, idk

No. 1240329

Aimee is racist but she’s basically correct that ethno centric striver capitalism is a huge Scrooge

No. 1240336

Be that as it may, it was a literal pogrom and it's a bad take to say they deserved it. I know what you mean and agree on some level, but Aimee's retarded ass obviously couldn't help herself and went full /pol/.

No. 1240508

nta but it seems like Aimee is way less of a nobody in this scene than Bella, Bimbo, etc. She has a friendship with Anna and crosses over the with some other threads' more well known cows like Lauren Southern and Cassandra Fairbanks from time to time

No. 1240554

File: 1622209681775.jpg (68.04 KB, 749x695, E2aMF4BWYAEJo0B.jpg)

can't believe jack doesn't also live in a basement where he seethes about caricatures of women all day. i don't go in for armchairing the red scare women, they're just rich and paid to be stupid, but jack and aimee seem actually schizo at times.

No. 1240560

honestly the majority of people I’ve seen engaging in the pride discourse are like white tenderqueers and various breadtube debate bro types

No. 1240603

I have literally no idea what he’s trying to say in this schizoid word salad apart from hating women and black people, which is hardly news.

No. 1240633

Also most of the dirtbag left that hates her do talk about her but don't make it public (or code speak like Matt Christman) aside from a few like Jamie from the Antifada

No. 1240679

Aimee's spiral from chapo replyguy who was a co-host on a well considered leftist publishing house's podcast to crazy but Liz F. and other people would still defend her to complete laughingstock and raving pariah alienating everyone who ever worked with her in only 24 months is almost impressive. She was on Dead Pundit's Society still in 2019.
Anna has to delete her twitter or go back to her alt if she only wants to interact with Aimee orbiters because she's too insecure for anything else. She's going to ruin Dasha's career with these associations.

No. 1240742

Is this even English?

No. 1240743

Cool story Dasha. Although I somewhat hope you become a fan favorite, because then tumlrs and reedits will start digging through your unwoke history kek

No. 1240752

I don't think her ego could handle it if the consensus is that she sucks or if she gets actual backlash.

No. 1240825

they already have

No. 1240855

u havent seen all the radfems sperging about how bdsm is literally terrorism

No. 1240863

He's basically talking about gays who act like incels towards attractive and fit white gays.

No. 1240869


Casting Dasha is embarrassing enough without giving her character that stupid fucking name

No. 1240885

File: 1622241738010.png (444.21 KB, 1172x2136, Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 8.42…)

what has sydney done now?

No. 1240899

that's still her twitter username though?
this scrote just seems like a bitter rapememe apologist.

No. 1240923

File: 1622245136571.jpeg (449.55 KB, 640x882, 69D029EB-B34D-458A-A7AD-AC860D…)

No. 1240930

Sydney told the rapememe story on here https://open.spotify.com/episode/7xAkxeMSDWtv4BXAHbbPDD?si=LyHxa4QISJ-mYR3b8oAcxA. Go to about halfway through and listen until end. Unless she’s a compulsive liar (probably not) I think it’s safe to say the dude is just a MRA “trad” creep who doesn’t believe in rape. I think she made a mistake hanging out with him in the first place, but still

No. 1240940

Pickme leftthots could learn something from this but they probably still think they're different and it won't happen to them kek

No. 1240942

File: 1622248260176.jpg (30.55 KB, 741x287, groyper.JPG)

this guy is not a reliable source for anything. balding, mentally 15, libertarian.

No. 1240946

Oh is that what he’s talking about? I have seen that, but they’re literally always doing that regardless of pride, and “femme brown characters” didn’t really make me think of radfems.

No. 1240962

Found the smol wellbutrin amgel

No. 1240963

So Jack is once again accidentally dragging himself then

No. 1240967

>LTR live in gf

Imagine writing a tweetstorm only to destroy what's left of your already nonexistent credibility by uttering this nonsense kek

No. 1240988

i dont think it's what he was talking about

only delusional pickmes would disagree that gay guys in leather present a great threat to womens liberation

No. 1240992

Anna is so obsessed with fucking BLM even after Adam Curtis schooled her ass on the subject. Jesus fucking Christ, go full Aimee already you guilt ridden aspie. This is cute contrarian image of yours is fucking old.

No. 1241014

Amen queen, hope your 52 year old daddy dom doesn't choke out the rest of your brain cells

No. 1241026

when a 16 y/o twitter lesbian sees a bear in a pup mask at the sanfran pride rally, thats child abuse

No. 1241040

Did she say something about it on the podcast recently?

No. 1241072

Watching her have to apologize and grovel to the wokies she hates so much would be very satisfying.

No. 1241085

File: 1622260360471.jpg (86.51 KB, 1080x747, 20210529_004911.jpg)

jo is so fucking stupid. these people live in a fantasy world

No. 1241092

listening to the lastest episode of lexa's pod and she reveals that samememe tried to insult by calling her a "third rate dasha"

No. 1241095

she also reveals how one of her friends sent her screenshots of a nazbol group chat where bimbo ubermensch was posting "protecc samememe" shit

No. 1241100

I assume it's some tradcel fic, so he's gonna need the entire world's supply of copium to survive the next decade. Here's what the data from the land of Aimee Terese and other spiders says:


No. 1241106

File: 1622263644122.png (307.3 KB, 640x1136, 598E9BB2-E6AD-4D97-8EBC-7F65B7…)

like her or my not dasha will always be skinnier than you :)( :))

No. 1241108

sorry but there's obviously some filter trickery going on there, bitch looks like a string bean

No. 1241141

They probably made it up :^)(:^))

No. 1241142

File: 1622267181685.png (22.66 KB, 742x116, Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 07.40…)

no surprise but does anyone know anything about this? lol i want to hear about how pathetic this man is

No. 1241145

don't know any details but could tell that felix was a chaser. will and kath are also open and i know will is in the dms of lots of very young twitter troons and subscribed to their onlyfans

No. 1241147

While her bf is busy jerking off to julia fox’s naked scenes in pvt chat

No. 1241157

how out of touch are these women? that's happening now to some extent due to the pandemic.

No. 1241168

>will is in the dms of lots of very young twitter troons and subscribed to their onlyfans

No. 1241198

Will has made some references to liking pegging, and I think they do femdom shit, not polyamory.

No. 1241217

File: 1622286425883.jpeg (387.26 KB, 1242x802, 922F59F6-2F2C-4520-9650-8E8710…)

No. 1241218

File: 1622286713414.jpeg (505.42 KB, 1000x2124, D45FF2FD-6E94-485F-924D-058051…)

No. 1241219

Jack has repeatedly talked about having zero irl friends because of “insectoid commitment to racial justice” lmao

No. 1241228

>bimbo ubermensch was posting "protecc samememe" shit
>Noteriety-driven, pickme shitposter with no real concrete opinions or beliefs except adopting whatever memes the people she orbits use to solidify her place in the in-group continues to do so

No. 1241234

wasn't his girlfriend looking for a third a while ago lol
the red scare subreddit also says felix keeps dming girls on instagram. he's also in some barely twenty girls' dms as well, like the maya girl

No. 1241236

It's been common knowledge for years that Felix hops into young girls' dms; think he gets away with it without much negative attention because he just comes across as rather pathetic in a harmless niceguy way and never ends up in a relationship with any of them.

No. 1241237

that is to say, if he was being abusive or excessively/comically cringe/desperate we would have heard of it by now

No. 1241238

He’s so jealous of women it’s insane. Probably jealous because he wants to fuck rapememe

No. 1241239

File: 1622292510640.jpeg (215.41 KB, 750x611, F0A2F815-278D-46BD-880D-E9263C…)

He thinks attractive people don’t use Twitter. Projecting

No. 1241241

File: 1622292751714.jpeg (360.02 KB, 737x865, 04262887-418C-4692-AA33-28985B…)

Yes, not an autogynephile but loves perfume, has a pfp of a blonde actress from the 80’s, works in retail and lives with his grandma(?). Totally doesn’t want to be a woman at all

No. 1241242

I do agree there is no one attractive in this specific twitter subculture, but I think it’s not really to do with twitter and more that anyone who would even know the terms “Chad” or “Stacy” are obviously neither. Those kinds of people tweet but not about the things the people itt do.

No. 1241244

Idk if you’re joking but completely sincerely that’s what I think is the root of this too. He and samememe (and that Berto guy) used to constantly “joke” by writing out these extremely detailed sex things about each other to the point that the majority of people just assumed samememe was openly gay. I think this is about him being extremely jealous Lexa slept with samememe more than him “sticking up for his friend” or whatever.

No. 1241245

I don’t think that’s 100% true. Maybe 5 to 10 years ago the only people who knew the terms Chad and Stacy were unattractive incels, but these terms have permeated the Internet and gotten around by now. It’s the same thing “only unattractive people use online dating”, it was once true some years ago but it isn’t true anymore

No. 1241247

File: 1622293355797.png (255.47 KB, 1172x1309, tr1.png)

thought it was weird how many members of the leftcow cohort twink revolution managed to get on their podcast given their lack of knowledge or charisma.

No. 1241248

Yeah I didn’t think of that but you’re right actually, I think with younger people it’s like unavoidable to know what they mean. I feel like you’d have to go out of your way to not have come across it at some point.

No. 1241251

File: 1622293912226.jpg (185.82 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20210529-140911_Twi…)

She deleted this one, does she ever shut up with the basic takes

No. 1241252

File: 1622294058518.png (1.61 MB, 1172x2249, tr2.png)

it's because "gian" is a former startup ceo and head of engineering at an elite sf tech company working remotely. probably at the 500k tier on the total compensation ladder. anna and dasha love cozying up to thiel types, huh? to the 10 losers who donated to their patreon: kek

No. 1241259

putting all this effort into having all these guests (Felix and Glenn at least have fans) and shilling so hard and still having only 30 patreon subscribers, pathetic

No. 1241267

I swear that it's one person who keeps posting tedious dasha content, followed up by an obligatory "another win for dasha? I'm just SEETHING with JEALOUSY." There's never any response or engagement from others, they're basically talking to themselves.

What kind of childhood leads to someone behaving like this? I don't know why they're so invested in a random D-list actress, but I wonder if they realize that they're no different from k-pop stans or people who lovingly tweets at chrissy teigen. It's so hard for me to imagine these individuals in real life; do they talk about dasha like they're a distant friend?

No. 1241270

It’s really strange, she seems to have a disproportionate amount of skin walkers and attracts particularly unhinged fans who have this creepy love/hate obsession with her. I would never want to do any kind of public meet up or live show if I was her.

No. 1241273

File: 1622299525773.jpeg (309.35 KB, 927x555, EAF789EB-AF61-4031-BCAA-3C5C5E…)

Imagine aspiring to be picrel
Dasha herself?

No. 1241276

I am genuinely curious why some people seem to have such an intense obsession with her. It's not like she's been majorly successful with her acting career and I feel like objectively she is relatively average looking. Maybe because it seems relatable or attainable to people or something idk.

No. 1241291

The only reason I can think of that people aren’t more public about it is that they don’t wanna get called woketards for calling her racist/sexist/whatever. Also she’ll just harass incessantly.

No. 1241294

felix likes every single custardloaf's picture on instagram. that's pretty tragic to simp for her of all people

No. 1241298

Maybe she's still lurking and angry because of the thing with that Jezebel writer

No. 1241312

bdsm is bad and a huge red flag. it smells like zoomer in here

No. 1241322

File: 1622306035802.jpg (70.13 KB, 1024x576, evilwomenwithbakedgoodslaughin…)

lexaprofessional is not my fav but this is absolutely hateful. he is so fucking jealous of her and women like her it is unreal. i hope she's getting a good laugh out of watching these retards cry.

No. 1241327

what's up with supposed skilled professionals like this trying to slum it as bullshitting podcasters? i guess money can't buy being popular in high school.

No. 1241337

bimboubermensch and twink rev are rich yuppies trying to buy their way to microcelebrity with hot takes, wignat pandering, high profile podcast guests. they make for lousy milk bc they're successful off twitter, unlike overeducated failsons like aimee/anna who have nothing but podcasting going for them. red scare knockoffs are a plague.

No. 1241339

exactly him saying that obviously isn't even going to be hurtful or impactful in any way because it's just so derange and hysterical that it ends up being funny and coming off pitiful more than anything

No. 1241347

How is he in his mid 30's and has been desperately trying to get any drop of trickle down red scare attention he can for years at this point and still be this fragile, to the point that someone posting a screenshot of his birth of a nation tweet just saying 'word salad' warrants a three tweet long seething meltdown about their "corroded uterus"… Someone that sensitive about people saying anything negative about them shouldn't be online at all, let alone devoting years of their life to trying to be an antagonistic twitter personality. I feel like one day someone's going to tweet him a picture of paul blart mall cop and he's just going to keel over and go into cardiac arrest.

No. 1241349

can you imagine putting your established career on the line for something as worthless as e-celebrity? nothing is ever enough for these people.

No. 1241367

Meh they have their trust fund money to fall back on. Once this podcast grift is over, many of these people are fucked.

No. 1241369

>Nyc tards actually fuck these goblins enough to know their bedroom reputations

I thought new York was supposed to be fashionable and elite and sheit?

No. 1241372

It's Dasha lmfao

No. 1241374

Why don't you add the word "fat" to that list, fat?

No. 1241377

The past couple of weeks there’s randomly been so many tweets like this from people who used to be friends with Jack and samememe just seemingly out of the blue about how she’s a sociopath and the accusation was fake and going so overboard talking about how much they miss him and trying to paint samememe in a sympathetic light, acting as if lexa literally killed him or something. I wonder if they’re trying to prime people for him to return?

No. 1241381

His “rape and racism aren’t real, but fatphobia is and is a very serious issue” thing is so funny

No. 1241384

File: 1622312111055.png (334.72 KB, 1198x1428, Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 2.11…)

I didn't know Lauren Southern follows Aimee Terese… even more reason to not take this bitch seriously lmao

No. 1241385

It's funny that fat BPD fags like Jack are so widely and rightfully despised they try to guilt trip others into approving them by whining about "insectoid commitment to racial justice" and other supposedly real things that make others repulsed by them. Anything to avoid acknowledging that you're a dumb, rotten manosphere of lard.

No. 1241388

"Startup CEO" is as much of a "career" as "opened my own restaurant and bankrupted it within 4 months" or "ran a podcast". Most startups will never amount to anything.

No. 1241389

but it's so hard to support any political ideology that centers tranny diaper furries.

No. 1241412

File: 1622314996587.jpeg (770.73 KB, 1242x1732, E1F34D69-C6CD-49B9-BDFA-1711C9…)

I know people joke about him being schizophrenic but whenever he gets posted here and I look at his tweets I genuinely think there has to be something actually wrong with him. Beyond bpd. He believes there is a gynocratic cabal targeting men and conspiring to imprison those who name its crimes and existence, despite the fact that this is all he has talked about for literally years and nothing has happened to him other than people calling him fat online.

No. 1241419

Based, pinkpilled and fatphobic

No. 1241421

in techbro world quitting a company, doing something else, and reapplying for a position at the same comapny higher up the management ladder is a common striver tactic. he clearly got a promotion out it. these guys have way more financial security than someone blowing their inheritance to open a restaurant.

No. 1241423

gyns, we need to stop the pornsick coomer moids (offline married homosexual men getting dressed up once a year)

No. 1241445

File: 1622318393308.jpeg (398.81 KB, 1000x1225, 1E53A567-E263-46B4-91BC-822C83…)

Sydney posting that screenshot of his tweet seems to have triggered one of his episodes

No. 1241450

Glad you and your gaggle of pussy envy jailhouse fags admit that you're autogynephiles

No. 1241451

Horseshoe theory

No. 1241459

File: 1622319256842.jpg (107.63 KB, 1255x1020, 6.jpg)

I can't help but cringe whenever she refers to herself as a waif or visibly ana.

No. 1241462

I mean, she is skinny compared to like, Jack.

Compared to everyone else, bitch is built like a 45 year old twink who trooned out in his late 20s because he started losing his twink looks & then detransitioned upon realizing the futility of it. Now he's cursed with moobs and a tubby pear shape for life.

No. 1241463

Hank Hill realness

No. 1241466

File: 1622320416623.png (1.07 MB, 1536x2048, 76D099D2-B7F9-4D5A-B3F8-5375DC…)

No. 1241467

Lauren is definitely going to try following in the footsteps of her friend shoe and rebranding as “post left” now the alt right is dead

No. 1241483

It's Aimee, she was never actually a leftist.

No. 1241503

Scarethots genuinely buying dasha's ED schtick betrays how geeky and unworldly their fanbase actually is.

She's definitely on the skinny side these days (any attempts to call her fat feel like cope), but she's not thinner than the average midtown white collar libfem. That's what's hilarious about the red scare hosts pretending that their body weight opinions are super edgy and unconventional; despite their body positive mantras, most upwardly mobile coastal women thrive on the boundary between normal and underweight BMI.

No. 1241518

Do you know where you are, newfriend? This is a /cgl/ offshoot board full of actual anachans. By actual anachan (not normal, mentally sane people's) standards, Dasha is a fridge shaped tub of lard.

In fact, she is a Klinefelter's looking fatty by her very own standards, since she called women like Florence Pugh and (top fucking kek) Taylor Swift fat, so if anyone's coping it's her and her equally tubby simpettes.

No. 1241527

File: 1622327640325.png (315.12 KB, 583x481, tracy flick.png)

What did she mean by this?

No. 1241571

liz is literally grown up flick

No. 1241573

bdsm, a totally offline activity.

No. 1241577

can you take it to the pride thread in /ot/ or something

No. 1241598

>normal men… including gays
Normal men? Is this code for white men or…?

No. 1241602

Yes he often uses “normal men” meaning white men. It’s funny that he has to specify that he is included as a normal man even though he’s gay because he knows full well how most of the kind of people who follow him view him.

No. 1241605

The only status these "gay normal men" have in societies that treat women the way Jack wants is "hanging from a tree", "flying off a building", or "being fashioned into a lampshade".

In fact, if it wasn't for second wave feminist dykes and their anti-NAMBLA LGBT sanitization efforts, everyone would still think that sodomites are repulsive child molesting degenerates. But hey, then Jack wouldn't be a faggot in , because he's just a coping jailhouse gay incel like samememe.

No. 1241606

If I saw her nudes and heard her voice I would think she’s a troon the vocal fry just make her sound more like one but she thinks it’s cool and hip

No. 1241609

pride parades happen on streets, not the internet. hth

No. 1241612

Attempts to call her fat are to rile her up but these people don’t know that women like Julia Fox upset Dasha more because she will never be that hot at a higher weight. Tell her Julia Fox is hotter than her, anachans ruminate on this shit for days because they know deep down it’s true

No. 1241626


This is true. Nothing pisses an anachan off more than a hot chubby woman, because no matter how much they starve themselves they still can’t compete with her. And that goes double if the woman is also more successful than them, since (according to their ana brained logic) being skinny is synonymous with beauty and success, and fat girls who mog them literally break their algorithm. The repressed psychosexual rage Anna & Dasha direct at women like Julia Fox and Florence Pugh is so hilariously transparent.

No. 1241627

He’s literally a morbidly obese, mentally ill, extremely feminine gay man with a history of drug problems and in an open relationship constantly begging for nudes from furries on twitter. I don’t get how he has deluded himself into believing he would be considered “normal” in the white ethnostate or whatever he wants when realistically he isn’t even considered “normal” by a significant portion of current modern American society.

No. 1241629

the fascist homosexual is an age-old figure, they paper over the internal contradictions with a blinding hatred of women and minorities.

No. 1241636

she looks solidly 21-22 bmi. which isnt even bad but shes so adamant to larp as anorexic and act like she’s 107 lbs lmaooo

No. 1241637

sry 4 off topic

>In fact, if it wasn't for second wave feminist dykes and their anti-NAMBLA LGBT sanitization efforts, everyone would still think that sodomites are repulsive child molesting degenerates.
nonsensical fabricated view of the history of gay rights activism. it was lobby groups like the ngltf which were most involved in the effort to dissociate from nambla, by like 1995 every gay leader had condemned them and they were widely ostracized w/in the mainstream gay mvmnt. this was not an intervention from feminists; it was necessary for respectability reasons bc conservative pushback
"then the lesbians came in and totally saved everyone!" delusional lmao

No. 1241642

Anachans love to yell about how busty or big assed women are fat, it’s so blatantly jealousy because they don’t say a peep about the actual plus sized obese women who have actual health problems from being fat

No. 1241647

Sometimes I think he has to be playing a character or something because I don’t get how someone could genuinely be like this. Literally every single post from him is about either the scheming mulattos/insectoids/woman cabal persecuting him or something to do with women’s genitals, like he’s referenced women’s genitalia in some way 5+ times just in the past 24 hours.

No. 1241663

I think he’s just trans and is too cowardly to transition. Didn’t he grow up in Texas?

No. 1241669

I think he did? I kind of think that too, he repeatedly goes out of his way to make a huge thing over how much he hates trans people which comes off like over compensating.

No. 1241697

Is @barf_captain samememe’s new account?

No. 1241711

File: 1622346097349.jpeg (771.68 KB, 1000x3333, 3C4AC5C2-95C8-4A6E-9108-B502ED…)

This seems exactly like him, phd in the name, obsessive hatred of asian women, claiming to work in education, complaining about women having jobs and not being tradwives because he “wants them to be happy”

No. 1241712

File: 1622346138157.jpeg (477.17 KB, 1000x2149, 0D9A9F26-E001-49ED-B85C-0831A4…)

Sperging about neoliberalism, teachers, black people

No. 1241722

Still making the same old complaints about women, asians, black people, and teachers. I can't decide if he hates asian or black women more. Does he have anything original to say after all this time away?

No. 1241723

The tweet sperging about asian women sums up how dumb these rightoid guys are. The reason Asian women complain of being fetishized by white guys is because many of them are incels and they’re not interested in them. This seems obvious but I guess not

No. 1241756

Is there any proof this guy is married and wife pregnant? For someone terminally online like him, you would think he would give proof like a photo of her bump or something. I think he’s lying and he’s single and closeted gay

No. 1241759

File: 1622348371670.jpeg (730.31 KB, 972x3603, 8FF61CDF-8457-48CA-83D3-B53D32…)

I think this has to be him? These are all his old talking points and the account has interacted with Aimee a lot and Jack. Its a weird coincidence for there to be two of these freaks with this many similarities.

No. 1241776

The thing about her filming in Italy next month is a little sus, I don't see where they got that info if it's just an anon. Some of the cast is there right now so why would anyone know exactly when Dasha was scheduled?
There's a guy with a donkey kong avi who posts just like this too and says he has a wife and kid. Samerapist having multiple schizo accounts going at the same time for a few years is a possibility. Otherwise I think all these guys are in a group chat and echo chamber themselves into a frenzy so they sound alike. Anna's definitely in there too.

No. 1241791

I honestly think it's posturing in an attempt to develop his own brand of twitter traditionalism. Everyone in that circle has their "unique" twist on the same predictable retardation (old world slav trad, bimbo trad, etc), and his pitch is a return to a conservative, closeted, bitchy older bachelor watching Gilligan's Island with his aging mother version of homosexuality - basically, what passes as traditional among flyover gays.

His attempts at playing the irreverent old queen don't land though, because his discomfort with his own unfuckable body is all too obvious. He can pretend to be discerning and cultured, but the obese incel always shows through.

No. 1241794

Dasha (unsuccessfully) focuses on being skinny because she's dogfaced. Problem is, it doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin with a mug like that. A thin butterface is like a busty hamplanet, it just doesn't count.

No. 1241809

she looks great

No. 1241825

Hasn't it been confirmed that lolcow caps sometimes get shared in red scare-sphere group chats? I feel like it's some creepy little hanger-on trying to socially engineer a closer relationship by attempting to manufacture salt ("can you believe this?? they're obviously sooo jealous of you.")

No. 1241826

Florence Pugh is a bad example. She literally looks like a pig

No. 1241830

This Florence Pugh body shaming incident gets brought up so much I literally feel like it’s Florence Pugh herself repeatedly posting it. I do not believe anyone else would be this outraged about Florence Pugh getting called fat.

No. 1241837

Its the same psycho anon every time too

No. 1241838

I 100% agree, I think a lot of posts (especially ones about small accounts) are obviously from some creepy hanger on posting it themselves then running back to the person to talk about how mean it is. It gives me the vibe of like in middle school when people would send their friends anon hate messages on formspring or tumblr or whatever.

No. 1241840

What do you mean getting fat? She’s always been kind of thick. Either way she’s “better” than Dasha based off her face and acting talent alone. Dasha is below average looking for Hollywood

No. 1241843

She isn’t a butterface. A butterface has like a porn star type body and a bad face, like Kendra Sunderland who happens to be one of Adam Friedland’s favorite porn stars funnily enough

No. 1241864

My bad, butterface actually implies a decent looking bod.

No. 1241901

File: 1622355414440.jpg (8.26 KB, 229x220, 9k=.jpg)

>One mention of Florence
>entire group chat chimping

No. 1241919

No. 1241929

>We’ve been starving and vomiting all over to be skinny and hot then this fat bitch comes in and gets the A list movie career and dates a washed up actor? That should be US!!!

No. 1241931

Literally no real actress would have time to defend herself on a Lithuanian terf basketweaving forum, Dasha. Only BPD z-list literallywhos like you do that.

No. 1241933

Cope, seethe, binge and purge.
Kek, I wonder how many pages in their hugbox group chats are dedicated to agonizing over A-list actresses Cashew-chan thinks are unfairly favored inferior versions of her, and which ones. My bet is on Elle Fanning.

No. 1241935

Dasha says on the latest ep that she's getting her teeth whitened. The body mod / plastic surgery journey begins.

No. 1241936

Too bad it's too late to get her pig snout and cashew jaw fixed.

No. 1241937

Aimee is far from a nobody for this thread's standards, but the constant aimeeposting gets tiresome because that's just how she always is at all times, it hardly feels like milk because it's all equally unhinged. Other people have more texture.

No. 1241938

yall hoes are jealous af, Dasha obviously can act. for isntance:

>dasha as Shayna
>dasha as KT

that's some RANGE, i can't believe hollywood is ignoring this talemt

No. 1241960

kek you had me and the stray group chat thot fooled, 10/10

No. 1241969

>they're successful off twitter
Maybe true for the guy but bimbo is a complete faildaughter. Bitch had to post herself here for fuck sake

Goog god she looks like an tranny pre-HRT

No. 1241970

They live in the same suburb

No. 1241977

Twink Rev is definitely not milk, they're boring but they distinctly pushed back on Anna and Aimee on their show

No. 1241980

Gays are known to be very self-destructive, from trying to get aids to eating cum from discarded condoms to supporting extremely homophobic regimes and then being killed for being gay. Bunch of those in the good old SS

No. 1241981

File: 1622365333001.png (106.99 KB, 589x356, atls.png)

Do tell, which one ?

No. 1242008

lol okay samememe

No. 1242029

cope harder

No. 1242092

they wouldn't be aimee replyguys who've had her on three times if they pushed back against her in the least. super rich expat fawning over petty bouge faildaughter.

No. 1242098

why is the account dated 2018 though? was it an alt samememe sat on?

No. 1242115

You post this exact same thing like word for word in every thread. Also this isn’t a ‘terf’ forum, go back to your containment thread.

No. 1242132

its pretty funny that one half-failed podcast has had two contributors outed as exceedingly wealthy "class-first" larpers. what is it about "class first" politics that attracts the 1%?


No. 1242139

File: 1622390011338.png (45.59 KB, 522x322, memenumber.png)

No. 1242149

I feel like Twink Rev debated her and pushed back when she was on the show. Plus they're not on speaking terms and none of them follow each other anymore

No. 1242207

of all the things going on here, I'm stuck on the fact that I've never met an aspiring k-12 teacher who didn't want to get married and have kids. it would be very convenient for him if women were weird hypocrites who claim they hate children but who are inexorably drawn to them biologically, but most women are internally consistent nice people who love their friends and families. I guess the Matilda movie got to him at a vulnerable age and he never interacted with a real woman again after that

No. 1242218

liz feels like a wallflower who first hit her girlboss stride in college, the opposite of tracy

No. 1242232

>this isn't a terf forum
>taking female cambodian cave etching memes seriously

Back to tweddit, newfag

No. 1242238

go chase some bugs

No. 1242248

>5+ times just in the past 24 hours.

That's how you know he isn't interested in women's genitalia in any way or form, obviously. As we all know from observing incels, men love seething about things they're completely indifferent about.

No. 1242267

File: 1622398656872.jpg (77.87 KB, 726x715, kek.jpg)

>none of them follow each other anymore
this takes 30 seconds to disprove. enough with the simping.

No. 1242325

It isn’t, it’s a gossip forum and it’s annoying you spergs spread to every thread desperately trying to act as if it is.
>Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.
go back to your containment thread

No. 1242339

Gj visiting the info page once. Now quit skipping your risperdal and lurk more, newfag.

No. 1242389

Been here since sr, and that’s not even from the info page. Everyone who finds you spergs annoying isn’t a newfag or twitterfag as much as you wish that were the case.

No. 1242393

Nobody except twitter gigaspeds would take the terfchan meme literally. Just leave.

No. 1242403

cope lol

No. 1242411

>this mad ppl tell u to stop constantly mentioning radical feminism / transsexuals like a special interest retard
shes right just go somewhere else lmao

No. 1242428

she tries so hard to come off as aloof and been-there-done-that it's pathetic

No. 1242448

>this mad she unironically chimped at le board culture meme like a newfag
Go tweet about it

No. 1242450

autismo rage

No. 1242458

Sorry to hear that, I heard risperdal and dilation helps

No. 1242475

File: 1622417929277.jpg (33.92 KB, 600x400, poorsammyboy.jpg)

kek, he didn't even last a year

No. 1242478

guess it really is impossible to fill that chad chin

No. 1242479

File: 1622418358821.png (624.29 KB, 1525x927, lmao.png)

jack guesting for a 400 dollar podcaster '''''retreat'''' in a wignat's backyard in texas. can't wait for this to flop. https://renegadeuniversity.com/product/renegade-weekend-texas/

No. 1242480

epic dunk on the gendies

No. 1242482

this is probably just a cover for some nrx homo-fash orgy or something

No. 1242490

Never heard of any of these people besides Fat Jack. Wonder how many will attend.

No. 1242497

sorry about ur chin

No. 1242499

gendies owned by rad gyns

No. 1242505

jack is probably the least famous. scott horton is an editor of antiwar.com, cody wilson invented a 3D printed gun, deirdre mcloskey is a MTF economics professor at University of Chicago, and hotep jesus is a black nationalist social media scammer. jack is the odd man out, the rest are all free market libertarian types.

No. 1242506

Why do you retards insist on constantly infighting and derailing every single thread, just go back to your containment thread while you still have it before that gets locked like all your other threads did bc you can’t stop acting like spergs.

No. 1242508

we did it reddit

No. 1242511

cookwarestan is his new account

No. 1242515

Oh wow I think you’re could be right actually, within literally seconds of you posting this he deleted all the tweets then deactivated the entire account?

No. 1242520

How on earth did he see this and delete all his tweets and account so quickly. He posted a picture of his baby on there too so I guess he wasn’t lying about that.

No. 1242522

it's almost like he's been in the thread trying to direct hate at women he dislikes and create some interest in himself but then freaked out when he actually got it

No. 1242526

How embarrassing for a 40 year old with a new born. He’s such a coward, he immediately deletes whenever he gets any negative attention but can’t resist coming back. Lexa said he has zero friends outside of twitter so he probably won’t stay deactivated for long.

No. 1242532

oh andera dworking were really in it now!

No. 1242545

File: 1622427446394.jpg (22.85 KB, 740x437, buhbye.JPG)

and now he's GONE gone. samememe is so repulsive that id rather not read anything he tweets. hope the women and children he may or not be involved with get away.

No. 1242547

might wanna crop out that 'also follows' list or else interested parties could triangulate ur account lol

No. 1242570

File: 1622432107424.png (66.46 KB, 1206x230, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 11.3…)

lol it was only a matter of time before she started co-opting the white genocide conspiracy theory

No. 1242581

So is barf_captain also him or not?

No. 1242587

Probably not, I thought it was at first but stanwarecook is definitely him and I think it’s unlikely he’d have two accounts going simultaneously plus the barf_captain one was made in 2018. It must just be a coincidence.

No. 1242592

He’s a Twitter addict I’m sure he could’ve had the foresight and time to make a backup account in 2018

No. 1242594

KEK it was just mentioned on here like a day ago that he hasn’t posted anything about his baby. He obviously reads the threads. I still think he could be lying tbh it would be easy to google a newborn baby photo

No. 1242602

trasnphobic mongolian tapestry forum owned in 1 tweet

No. 1242609

I doubt he would be using them both though and I think the barf_captain guy is a year or so older than samememe was and a different denomination of Christian

No. 1242614

rad aligned moots

No. 1242620

>muh skuline trad nietzschean god among men
>DFEs in fear as soon as he's found by a mauritanian mud sculpture community

No. 1242625

How would you know his age? Sus

No. 1242626

Because he tweeted about it and it was posted in these threads?

No. 1242635

He's been tweeting on that account in the exact same way he did on the samememe one, replying to the exact same people, since like late December, so he was barely actually gone for 2 weeks. I'm surprised it took so long for people to notice him.

No. 1242636

Him having been using it for so long with no one noticing if makes it seem more weird that he deleted it within less than 2 minutes of it being posted here. I feel like it would make more sense if he has just made the account to be monitoring the thread that closely.

No. 1242643

Most of his tweets from this account are on internet archive, it's 100% him. It's so weird no one noticed him because he wasn't being remotely subtle about it at all.

No. 1242669

The lefthot thread easily has the most insane cow to farmer ratio on the whole website. I wouldn't be surprised if samememe is in whatever group DM the butthurt newfags/Dasha wks itt are from kek

No. 1242679

>The lefthot thread easily has the most insane cow to farmer ratio on the whole website
thats bc we pretend any random with 1000+ followers who interacts w/ a scarethot is milky themselves. like lexaprofessional or mcrumps or w/e arent rly actual cows even if they post stuff u dont like

No. 1242688

Correct, they're not inherently milky as individuals, but they're milky as fuck in groups. Lexa was essential to samememe's DFE analpocalypse, even though on her own she's just an average tweddit wellbutrina.

And instead of taking advantage of farmers' 3 second attention span and simply containing their REEEEing to their group DMs for a day, their BPD keeps making them come over here and wk themselves, which progressively cowifies them. I salute them on reviving this thread, all we need is samememe's standup routine now.

No. 1242695

I agree, with most general threads the people who get posted don’t really interact and it’s just used for general cows of that scene so I get what anons mean bc a lot of the people itt aren’t be milky as individuals and wouldn’t be posted in other threads but the way they all interact with each other is what makes them interesting. I agree sometimes the posts about randoms with like 1k followers are obviously vendetta posts but if we were to limit the thread to only Anna and Dasha like some people seem to want the thread would be extremely boring.

No. 1242701

>I agree sometimes the posts about randoms with like 1k followers are obviously vendetta posts

or retarded self posts kek

No. 1242814

Looked at his mentions to see if Anna stooped to still talking to him and don't see her but see that Tara mess, Class Redux Killer, and that incel freak from the scarethot sub JJBoobie. Strangely no Fat Jack.

No. 1242815

He has interacted with Jack a lot, you can see them on internet archive, but you won’t see them in the mentions because Jack deletes his tweets every week or so because of the spectral rapists and scheming mulattas

No. 1242819

File: 1622471853924.jpeg (357.41 KB, 1242x612, AA9CCBEF-68B5-464B-AE05-CB8E46…)

One he hasn’t deleted yet from a couple of days ago

No. 1242844

File: 1622474769344.jpeg (569.45 KB, 805x1195, 3579C94D-6D6E-4A16-BAB4-DD0B47…)

Well it seems like we didn’t really miss anything new (it’s archived in Finnish for some reason). It’s pathetic that he is so scared of being to talked about but too desperate to be on twitter just so he can tweet this same boring shit every day that he can’t just leave for good and spend time with his newborn. He was only gone for like a week.

No. 1242986

>when you’re fat and complain about working around fellow cookie munching fatties

No. 1243004

Who TF asks you to eat someone else's food, worthless freeloader? Or are you entirely devoid of willpower like a proper muh skuline scrote?

No. 1243177

Somehow finding out that the cookies they can't resist are these sugar chalk discs from Walmart instead of real cookies makes them even more apparently retarded

No. 1243205

that's how you know they're afalfa males who totally get buried in home cooked gourmet meals as soon as they enter a femoid's field of vision

No. 1243219

is samememe a failed academic, a ghostwriter, or a schoolteacher? getting mixed messages on who this guy actually is.

No. 1243220

No. 1243229

The ghostwriter thing I think is people mixing up him and Jack bc Jack’s old job was as an editor of erotica for Walmart or something, not a ghost writer. Samememe’s old badgame posts talked about being a teacher but in his old tweets he talked about being an adjunct and not showing his face until he got tenure so idk.

No. 1243231

I know they both did their undergrad in English literature so I don’t get how either job (humanities professor or teacher) would line up with his claim that he “built his entire life around avoiding girlbosses” or whatever he said.

No. 1243240

>Built my entire life around avoiding girlbosses

That's a weird way to say "failed at everything and pretended I wanted it this way"

No. 1243244

The girlboss comment is so weird because he’s talked about dating a gender studies major, then the Brooklyn feminist ex he tried to turn trad, and then recently begged lexaprofessional to have his kid so the girlboss thing is definitely a lie. If anything the opposite seems to be true. He works in a female dominated career and has spent his life chasing the exact kind of women he spergs about.

No. 1243271

I mean, that's pretty par for the course for a male - seething about women he can't have. Samememe is just extra obvious about it because of his emotional dysregulation, whereas other men try to hide it.

I wonder how much he hates himself for being a clingy "posting selfies is c-cheating ladies" beta.

No. 1243321

He’s a classic closet case, they can’t hide their jealousy of women. Listen to him on the perfume nationalist, this is not a straight man we are dealing with. Another anon said he used to joke in graphic detail about gay sex with Jack and berto too

No. 1243356

Thad, the host, is a le cancelled professor and continental philosophy pervert who is infatuated with Nagle and Aimee and a major Red Scare simp.

No. 1243359

He spent like the first 20 minutes of his interview with Dasha just sucking her off and opining on how brilliant a thinker she is

No. 1243367

>continental philosophy pervert
afaict hes only published in history, not phil. am i mistaken or are u making up things to sound smart

No. 1243373

it is. this is what fashionable people do; this is fashion

sorry to break it to you like this

No. 1243397

He was a history professor but he's really into Foucault and the other Frenchies.

No. 1243424

>we pretend

Farmers who've been here longer than this thread don't do this, it's just the cows themselves and their friends. We only knew Anna, Liz, and maybe Aimee. Literal whos are posted by red scare hanger ons.

No. 1243431

Don't forget Amber; wasn't she still producing a trickle of milk when these threads started? She's practically disappeared off the face of the earth.

No. 1243464

the fact that he supposedly has a tradwife but this trashy bachelor chow is what he finds irresistible is SENDING me

No. 1243535

>Jack’s old job was as an editor of erotica for Walmart or something
Is that the Joker origin story for the weird way he refers to vaginas?

No. 1243584

File: 1622553574793.png (97.69 KB, 744x899, gradschool.png)

if the post left is made up of edgy lawyers and academics, the fedpost is just a bunch of republican grad students with the money to drop out.

No. 1243731

good point

is she still writing her horrendous looking book

a shit ton of historians engage w/ foucault doesnt mean theyre 'continental philosophy guys' lmao

No. 1243734

She is already done with it. I'm just wondering where the fuck she is.

No. 1243738

She's gonna re-emerge during the next election if there's another opportunity for socialist ambulance chasing. "S-shoulda been Bernie, buy my shit book!"

No. 1243740

The book was pushed from this fall to next spring so I'd guess she's not done yet.

No. 1243759

File: 1622571938062.jpeg (283.03 KB, 828x1689, AF355563-7ACE-4E32-A2E3-539C3E…)

funny when she would post cope about how it’s virgin mindset to “stan east asian/weeb culture” and how it’s chad to “appreciate steppe culture” and she does this weeaboo shit along with replying with stuff like “ganbatte! uwu” to bigger accounts kek

are you having fun skinwalking shyster? you’ll always be an uglier fatter white waif0000

No. 1243764

I know you’re joking but he’s actually really insecure about this, there was some joke tweet going around a couple of months ago to the affect of “why are you as a straight man ordering desert” or saying it was a feminine trait or something and he made multiple response tweets about how it was “actually Chad” and men should be unconcerned about female opinion and how it was evil for women to call men gay for “enjoying a sweet treat”

No. 1243765


No. 1243780

It's hilarious because samememe and Jack are grotesquely effeminate, like "misogynistic bimbo caricature that only exists in the mids of men" level. Literally no real woman is this fem even. A constant state of testeria, art hoe mindset, film/poetry/continental philosophy/teaching, emotional binging on disgusting sweets, verbose, dramatic manner of speech, BPD DFEing, you name it. They're basically male wellbutrinas.

No. 1243789

Don’t forget his purse and his delicately eating pizza with a knife and fork. And lexaprofessional said he randomly send her a list of “the things I hate most about you” like literally 13 year old bpdfag going through her first break up behaviour, and they weren’t even dating. Jack and samememe are the most BPD people in this thread (which is a high bar) and had the most dramatic meltdowns over it compared to everyone else.

No. 1243827

File: 1622577202489.png (169.34 KB, 890x680, Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 3.52…)

out of all the untrue things in the first tweet "hot friends" is the most delusional

No. 1243840

I don’t think anyone has listened to red scare and walked away with the impression their life is fabulous, I don’t think Anna and Dasha themselves would even agree with his characterisation that that’s the message they’re putting forward. I’ve only listened to max 3 episodes and even just that was enough to have heard multiple accounts of abuse, anorexia, or how they were considering killing themselves from both of them. Every episode is them being “pissed off” about some “woke” trending topic.

No. 1243845

File: 1622578196648.png (111.33 KB, 749x948, samemeorgy.png)

samememe is back and fantasizing about watersports with berto and jack. and he gets off on calling women degenerate.

No. 1243851

he constantly tweets complaining about 'low status males' with zero self awareness when he is literally 40 with a newborn tweeting about getting pissed on by his morbidly obese nazi twitter friend. like imagine if this was the person you just had a baby with.

No. 1243856

Ah, the carefree happiness that is Red Scare:

"Neoliberalism fucked my dog and killed my mom"

"Muh culture war"


"NOOOO you can't just not enjoy being sexually harassed because I personally think it's a compliment noooooo"

"I am a stoic truth speaker whomst cares not about anyone's reaction to what I say"

"Y-you are misunderstanding what I said! It was a Rorschach! Let me show you how unbothered I am by making a 13 page Instagram story explaining what I really meant so people can stop being mean to me,"

"I-im not BPD! Dasha and I are cluster A actually!"

"Muh neobliberal dystopian Hell"

"I bet whatever A-list starlet I'm jealous of at the moment is using l*lcow"

"Any men who disagree with me are sexist and just want to backhand me across the face in public lmao!!!!"


No. 1243859

By "overheard" he means "saw a wellbutrina tweet it on her private".

No. 1243861

No joke, one of them I think Dasha said she couldn't enjoy her nice walk with a friend on the Brooklyn Bridge because it was ruined by all other women's voices being so irritating to her. Their only emotional registrars are miserable and smug.

No. 1243872

File: 1622579895301.png (624.24 KB, 1399x607, a.png)

gayliaronline is a misogyny gay who simps for angela nagle and tweets in rejected standup bits.

No. 1243885

Kek, typical BPD (and male) overcompensation.

>If I talk in a semi-retarded monotonous lisp, it will look like I'm a being of logic and reason who's not currently chimping at all

No. 1243897

ages ago he tweeted something that sent floods of kpop stans into his mentions & one of the stans tweeted about him living in florida. he went berserk & started ranting about gun laws & threatening them as if a teenage kpop fan would actually show up to his house. pretentious fag

No. 1243900

this was right after he doxxed a gay guy for working at a PR company that works with Saudi Arabia. doxing for thee but not for me

No. 1243936

he used to have river page as his display name. since when is typing that into google a doxx. if you go by daddy river page on facebook that is a you problem.

No. 1243947

i want to know what goes on in the mind of samememe’s wife/baby mama/whatever. no sane woman would willingly procreate with a “man” like that. if she’s even real

No. 1243950

File: 1622588228291.png (42.45 KB, 290x411, firefox_PbSBhKfcYe.png)

why does she keep doing this

No. 1243951

I mean if she’s this desperate for engagement maybe she keeps tweeting it because it gets her a lot of (negative) attention each time

No. 1243961

bitch you have 350k followers, nobody fucking cares about your twitter analytics. Have you considered that maybe your follower count isn't rising that much because people are unfollowing your entitled ass too?

No. 1243966

Bad Faith is the only left political podcast on patreon that has lost money this year. Earnings down 5.8%, patrons down 7.5%.

No. 1243977

when did they talk about killing themselves?

No. 1243980

File: 1622592850074.png (73.54 KB, 1420x501, Thats Right.png)

No. 1243983

I don't think Anna has except as a joke maybe. Dasha constantly talks about how she's feeling depressed or manic. She put "suicidal starlet" in her twitter bio as a joke and pity play awhile back. I don't think she's seriously said she's suicidal but when she was with Adam she confessed multiple times about daydreaming of leaving him and her career and everything behind.

No. 1243991

Twitter just did a big bot purge. Every largish account has bots following them. It’s not that deep!

No. 1244009

What can possibly be going on inside the mind of a fictional character

No. 1244012

Hahaha yeah it's all a j-joke (help)

No. 1244015

Dasha once said on the sub that she was waiting to see the final installment of Evangelion before she killed herself.

No. 1244017

Lmao, Virgil picked the wrong horse. What else is new though?

No. 1244056

>30 with no recognition

@ fanartfags draw a 45 year old Dasha still wearing Peter pan collars and infantile for love and lemons babydoll dresses kek

No. 1244062

If scarethots were actually happy and living the high life men would be psychotically seething about them 24/7.

No. 1244084

They both still lurk on Reddit

No. 1244088

Anna has complained multiple times about being “harassed” on Reddit, and made like various essay length posts about it

No. 1244137

Lol, didn't she DFE?

Every other post from happy and unbothered Anna is some sort of whining about how she's perceived, or how the capitalist apocalypse is nigh.

No. 1244376

she's pretty in the face thou, anyway digressing (she also looked the same in those library live cam caps) anon what did Adam said about it?

No. 1244378

there are actual female Dash stans out there

No. 1244383

File: 1622663364055.jpg (72.73 KB, 640x640, waifishnymph.jpg)

>focuses on being skinny
what's funny is that despite this, historically she has always been the frumpier friend

No. 1244407

idc but she looked skinny! in that dancing cycling pants with tags lil video lol she has thin legs, just a big ribcage and not much waist definition

No. 1244420

I find Dasha annoying af but this comment sounds scrote-y. "It doesn't count" for what? Women aren't all required to be skinny with D cups and perfect faces, get over it.

No. 1244421

File: 1622666317321.jpg (88.16 KB, 909x476, softness-of-bodies.jpg)

sage for nitpick but this is not a girl whose defining feature is her thinness

No. 1244422

ok captain save-a-lefthot

No. 1244423

If she was thin she'd be in the ana thread, not here.

No. 1244429

go back to PULL

No. 1244431

we are aware that many frumpy wannas identify with her

No. 1244513


i didn't think it was a huge success but i didn't know it was doing this bad. she really does it just for love of the game

No. 1244567

I can see why they were drawn to each other. Similarly wonky faces and failed weight distribution

No. 1244569

is the one on the left her Epstein victim friend or is that someone else?

No. 1244577

no thats alison peery. the epstein victim is someone else

No. 1244587

in her defense (?) she doesnt put nearly the same amount effort into what's left as brie puts into bad faith.

No. 1245128

File: 1622736781216.png (129.52 KB, 595x1051, healthy.png)

saw this on kwf*rms, is kantbot ok?

No. 1245135

kantbot was never okay
none of these people were ever okay

No. 1245175

anyone have the link to momaps5 new models?

No. 1245226

In light of creepshow art post history milk, I really wonder if we could clock Dasha or bimboubermensch self posts here kek

No. 1245368

Bimbo is kind of old news at this point, but if Dasha has posted then a reveal would be milky

No. 1245762

>with a newborn
>samememe’s wife
These are all jack or samememe selfposting and pretending to be shit talking samememe. There's no way anyone believes this failure actually has a wife or child.

No. 1245770

He’s posted a pic of his kid on his new twitter

No. 1245774

File: 1622800130043.png (177.66 KB, 568x351, iv4AU_I3.png)

>clock bimboubermensch self posts here
She got her start selfposting here. Like on thread 8 or 9. She's the most shamelessly clout-starved person in this entire circle, which, considering how she's not acually ugly, makes me wonder how bad she must have failed in life to end up like this.

Woah, a picture of a kid? Now that's something that's difficult to obtain! The only way to get one is by having a kid, obviously.

No. 1245776

I don’t get why it’s so unbelievable he has a kid to the point of constant tinfoiling and hi cowing. Like many horrible people have kids every day.

No. 1245777

There was a photo of him and his family posted and what looked to be his siblings. The baby he recently posted could easily be his niece or nephew.

No. 1245778

What is the timeline though? I don’t think it makes sense

No. 1245782

Which timeline? He said the baby was due in spring which lines up exactly with when he started posting pics with the baby but I don’t know the timeline with his fiancé. Cant have been more than a year because the lexaprofessional thing was the end of 2019

No. 1245783

People did the same thing for Anna’s entire pregnancy. It’s extremely annoying.

No. 1245786

They weren’t actually together though, it doesn’t sound like they had an exclusive relationship based off what she said. They didn’t even live in the same state and only hooked up a handful of times. She refers to him as only having been a friend in that podcast she did recently. That said she did say he was extremely clingy and would text her multiple times a day when she was sick with crohn's whining that she was ignoring him, repeatedly said she would have his kids whether she liked it or not, was extremely mad that she hooked up with Adam (but this seems to be more so because he was Jewish) so idk. I think it’s possible he was talking to this other woman at the same time.

No. 1245817

Anna was pronounced pregnant for years before the actual pregnancy, the fact that it was true this last time doesn't make the previous times true too.

No. 1245821

So when did he meet his wife, marry her, get pregnant? Sounds shady

No. 1245822

>it’s possible he met his wife at the same time he was emotionally abusing some woman and telling her she was going to have his kids
Yes it’s possible. Not that likely though. He could be lying to in an attempt to smite her like “haha look how quickly I replaced you”. This is what abusers do

No. 1245829

It was very obviously true last time and people were way too defensive over it

No. 1245832

This guy is far worse than Anna though. I don’t know why you’re comparing the two. A guy who rapes and emotional abuses and posts incessantly online complaint about women? You don’t think it’s possible he’s lying about having a kid?

No. 1245833

He didn’t marry her, they definitely weren’t married when she got pregnant by his own words and afaik still aren’t

No. 1245834

He could be but I guess I just don’t find it that unbelievable because like I said, horrible people have kids all the time.

No. 1245845

Horrible people have kids all the time, but incels as pathetic and as desperate as him are not usually the kids-having kind of horrible.

No. 1245852

File: 1622813190337.png (297.71 KB, 1182x1122, stanware.png)

new account or was this already posted?

No. 1245872

Like I said it’s possible but to act like anyone who doesn’t agree must be samememe or Jack “pretending to be shit talking samememe” is stupid and tinfoiling

No. 1245973

Jamie of the Antifada admits what we all knew already, much of the "dirtbag left" hate BJG (for being Dore's friend) and hate Virgil (but not hate-hate, just don't like the decision) for making a podcast with her.

No. 1246034

File: 1622834146006.png (1.35 MB, 1698x2048, Screenshot_20210604-141400.png)

Queen of the pickmes groveling for her conservative masters again

No. 1246059

She's been on a huge anti-abortion sperg today, I kind of figured the euthanasia sperging of the last few weeks was testing the waters for this since those got a lot of attention from prolifers

No. 1246074

Yeah, who cares about unwanted pregnancy being #1 cause of injury, poverty and entrapment for women worldwide? Working class women should be caring about some rich barren hag's femcel rage instead.

If she desperately wants someone to cum in her, no one is allowed to wish otherwise! #justmarxistthings

No. 1246116

I will never understand embracing religious conservatism.

No. 1246119

what's the context for this, when and where did she say this?

No. 1246177

> He didn’t marry her
LMAO why do these people suck so much at being actually trad

No. 1246195

Antifada discord. Someone showed a video of Jamie allegedly being followed by a Proud Boy and then Jamie started blaming Jimmy Dore for this (because he has video where he interviewed one) and then they brought up Brie and Jamie said she loves Virgil as a friend and has to keep her mouth shut up about Brie to preserve their friendship.

No. 1246196

OH and this was yesterday.

No. 1246388

File: 1622860702962.png (40.22 KB, 743x328, jack worship.png)

love how the perfume nationalist cult believes that the thousands of people who liked a viral screencap of one of jacks dumb tweets are all in the same group chat. its rude to not fawn over a fat racist with a podcast at all times.

No. 1246398

not only is this a cringe tumlr tier tweet, she gotta be 500 years behind on her fandoms too

No. 1246405

lexaprofessional apparently posted a nude accidentally but she deleted it straight away.

No. 1246413

is there any documentation or screencaps of people talking about it or are we just supposed to take your word for it

No. 1246495

File: 1622866103170.jpg (1.78 MB, 2048x2048, VKrlvbj.jpg)

No. 1246665

Because then they’d actually have to commit to something

Like I don’t believe either Dasha or Anna have ever suffered from an eating disorder, maybe they skipped meals occasionally due to poor life skills and their own incompetence

No. 1246676


>not evil little twits on the internet
So… everyone but jack and his "friends"? Gotcha

No. 1246875

File: 1622912211831.png (925.25 KB, 809x1555, take ur meds aimee.png)

aimee admitting to adderall abuse brain damage while sending frog pictures to a cancer patient.

No. 1247250

happy and Thriving™ scarethot

No. 1247330

i saw it. it wasn't anything special but she's hot. pierced titties too.

No. 1247368

I truly believe all these post-left edgelords are summerfags that swarmed 4chan after it became "cool" and keep appropriating it to stay friendly with the fringe /pol/ lunatics

No. 1247369

Because the alt right/left stuff aren't real political ideologies, they're fashion statements for rebellious kids and manchildren

No. 1247600

And fringe /pol/ lunatics in turn keep taking them in because they think it'll be their ticket to finally being seen as cool by le normies. Everything currently wrong on the internet is a result of the unholy union of ressentful failed normies and ressentful autists who wish they were neurotypical.

No. 1247725

I'm honestly surprised how long Anna has stuck with Eli. Either that or they are in a poly relationship (ironic) and one of them is stuck being the "cuck."

No. 1247770

do you have the pic?

No. 1247806

As if she can do better than him

No. 1247864

given that Anna likes to post about fashionable art hoes being cheated on with fat poorly dressed bombshells, my bet is on her being the cuck

No. 1247869

I don’t feel like Anna is the type to actually accept being cheated on at all, I feel like if she gives off that impression it’s just to pander to her audience. Most of the things she says about relationships/ men she claims to be attracted to doesn’t reflect how she actually acts irl at all.

No. 1247969

They don’t live together, if he ever did she wouldn’t find out

No. 1247973

File: 1623016367160.jpg (54.97 KB, 500x500, crying wojak.jpg)

Anon, she likes to project, like a lot. Her whole hatred on Chicanas, her hating on scores of more successful women, her stance on abortion, etc, is just a massive cope on her part. I can totally see Eli fucking scores of subaverage (but hotter than Ana) girls and Anna just accepting it but later saying shit on the pod about those that allow themselves to be cucked. But unlike some of those people, she clearly doesn't enjoy it.

Picrel it's Anna trying to cope as a cuck.

No. 1247976

Dasha said she went on the new podcast (Celeb Book Club) that ex Red Scare producer/co-founder Meg now produces. I think Meg is off mic on that podcast but not sure, the Dasha ep will be out next week? Doubt it will be addressed in any way that they used to work together until Anna and her kicked Meg out or Meg left.

No. 1247981

I still don't know exactly what happened there. Why did Meg leave again?

No. 1247986

All the women she’s called or implied are fat are taller and prettier in the face. I think it all started after the Cut piece where people started calling Meg “the hot one”

No. 1247989

File: 1623017269570.gif (73.71 KB, 320x232, luffy laughing.gif)

>All the women she’s called or implied are fat are taller and prettier in the face.
Yep, it's hilarious how much it pisses her off that her standards of beauty are not on par with the majority.

No. 1247991

Best guesses are money issues or conflict about how the show was going. Dasha bitched about Meg cutting out a joke making fun of the Parkland kids in an early ep. Whatever happened it ended Meg and Anna's years long friendship.

Creepy how they've erased Meg out of the history of the podcast when I don't think Anna and Dasha would have been able to get the anything started on their own since both are useless and technologically illiterate. Seems clear Meg was the one doing the pr work with getting Red Scare into The Cut in their first months. This new podcast already has a few write ups in magazines. Now Red Scare has to rely on scarethots and simps to get any good press.

No. 1247993

File: 1623017518781.jpeg (556.04 KB, 1000x1306, 4A95D946-FE76-4F01-B902-8508D2…)

No. 1247996

They still don’t live together? I thought they moved in together over quarantine?

No. 1248001

Excellent. I hope Meg succeeds and Red Scare starts to decline especially with how it seems people are over the dirtbag left after Bernard threw in the towel again. It would be the greatest thing to see them grovel back to Meg.

No. 1248003

She is such a lying scumbag. No wonder people hate her. She is no one's moral superior despite trying to claim otherwise.
I feel more disgust towards Anna than I do towards Aimee.

No. 1248008

Reading between the lines it sounds like Dasha and Anna wanted to cut Meg out for more money and because she's not an edgelord. I'd guess Meg had to act like their boss mommy instead of friend because she actually has a work ethic and that got Dasha and Anna to resent her. They use the excuse of Meg wanting to keep more money for something she was running by herself like the original merch to attack Meg. They call her a thief and diva, Meg walks away and they say it was all Meg's choice and play innocent.

No. 1248012

Did they sign an NDA? Why would she not just say what happened, I feel like saying all that is probably more dramatic than just outright saying what she actually did.

No. 1248021

iirc the animosity was mostly between Anna and Meg, who were IRL friends long before the podcast.

No. 1248026

I guess now we know who Eli cheated on Anna with

No. 1248028

“taking money out of friends’ pockets”. So. Meg was doing more work and wanted more money than Dasha and Anna? How awful of her

No. 1248038

It's funny how these podcasters split the money equally but there's almost no equal distribution of labor. Like take Chapo, Chris the producer gets paid the same as fucking Amber.

No. 1248047

File: 1623020571405.png (341.37 KB, 640x1136, F2036CC3-0189-4890-9EEF-BF2811…)

A peek into the Scary of 61st group chat

No. 1248048

He didn’t let her move in permanently. Same with Dasha and OPN

No. 1248049

if anna and eli don’t live together then is she looking after the baby alone?

No. 1248051

I think they do live together. Has she said publicly she moved back after quarantine?

No. 1248151

It's their idea of socialism in action kek
Look at her pre-ana pics in the previous threads. Anna is a dogface with a very unfortunate skeletal structure - a typical short, bottom heavy Armenian pear. Unlike hot women, she simply can't afford to be over 100 lbs.

Granted, Anna is still a fugly hag when skinny, but at least this way she gets to convince some 19 year old depop reseller that she's very hi feshun.

No. 1248156

It's funny you say that, they have tried defending that system to their fans (they all work equally behind the scenes, bullshit), but while their fans might be double digit IQ knuckle draggers, they can still spot out the hypocrisy. When that happens, they are usually told to fuck off by the Chapo boys.

No. 1248244

That's not a woman.

No. 1248471

If he uses a condom with you he’s not that into you but if he doesn’t want you to live with him that means he totally super duper likes you

These two have so obviously given their youth to older men who have left them bitter and remorseful and instead of coming to terms with what happened to them they pretend it was glamorous and street wise of them.
They both make me incredibly sad

No. 1248546

I get what you mean, but they in particular aren't really trying to appeal to the dirtbag left or berniebros anymore. I think that was the whole point of Dasha clarifying on the pod recently that she's conservative now and that Anna was never a leftist, that's how they intend to make profit now

No. 1248558

File: 1623074387601.png (268.09 KB, 1586x1090, Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 9.57…)

Anna went on another dark money right wing podcast by random internet losers trying to pretend to be esoteric actually Russian Red Scare but by men. Anyone know what the old podcast was?

No. 1248600

They're ugly. It's not like they had a choice.

The likes of Anna and Dasha are usually the type of young women old farts are reasonably able to get, because hot young women want hot young men. Homely mentally ill young girls are not particularly attractive to their peers, so they cope by pretending that Zizek and Bannon are very hot.

No. 1248789

That's true, but the problem is that postleft is basically an extremely tiny minority because there are hardly any of them beyond those online, so they are not going to find much success. You either stay as Aimee or go full blown Cassandra Fairbanks when it comes to postleftists.

Anna and Dasha are basically fucked because either they go full right and must compete with an already saturated market or keep tapping the Michael Traceys and Aimees of the world.

No. 1248805

Either because there's more to it or because no one else likes her Anna has sided with the post-left and borderline wignat right this past year. Dasha said she's still left on a zero books youtube show but goes along with whatever Anna says and is pro-life now. Dasha has had to play it safe for her career and to not humiliate her rich boyfriend. Anna is flirting with more IDW stuff and Dasha is having to be a hollywood lib so not sure how they'll handle that tension.

No. 1248807

>no one likes her
To be fair, Dasha burned a ton of bridges with the Dirtbag Left with her cheating stint with Adam, so Anna was just a casualty. Nick doesn't seem to have any contacts with Anna anymore.

No. 1248847

File: 1623095331949.png (154.41 KB, 1304x500, femcel.png)


No. 1248855

File: 1623095611205.png (76.88 KB, 1190x322, closeasdashagetstocannesincomp…)

will there be a certain Scary movie there?

No. 1248856

Loool, pure cope for either of these weirdos to think they had the option of being trophy wives for rich doctors. A lot of leftthots who fetishize "trad" lifestyles couldn't hack them anyway.

No. 1248880

File: 1623096937659.png (1.28 MB, 1125x1104, tumblr_5421e434e2c924f3ea56f46…)

>where was my self respect
>implying you have it right now

mfw lefthots are literal femcels

No. 1248890

If she was attractive to begin with she'd still be able to pull a man with a high paying job, she'd just probably have to go for a 40 something since men seem to prefer dating at least a decade down. The problem isn't her age, it's that she's unappealing in every way.

No. 1248896

>Fuck, I'm too busted for a rich man now! Why did I spend my youth doing meth and NLOGging for betas?

And this is what's really hiding behind that shrieking about self interested libfems cashing in on #metoo, or marxcel whining about how any sort of female self interest in relationships "destroys the mystique" and "capitalistically alienates". Aimee just really wants you to be a bitter hag like her!

No. 1248909

It's all a massive cope/projection.

>seethes over girlbosses

>literally are failed girlbosses
>claims libfems ruined their chance to be tradwives
>couldn't be tradwives anyway with all the drugs, abortions & shit tier fashion sense

No. 1248961

It's going to be Amanda Milius with some Trump dick-sucking doc, Alex Lee Moyer's sympathetic-to-the-rioters capitol riot doc with Ariel Pink & John Maus, Scary of 61st, something from Mike Bilandic, …

No. 1248969

File: 1623103165318.png (74.81 KB, 607x425, juan water.png)

No. 1248971

Anna waxing on the "old days" before "top down project to incite race war" on the latest podcast, about 20 minutes in.

No. 1248972

File: 1623103422691.png (26.88 KB, 612x133, leonid.png)

She reveals the baby name on that pod

No. 1248981

Not sure if he's the one involved with the festival but the guy who was metooed for being a shit boss and alleged rapist, Hadrian Belove, follows Anna, Dasha, Aimee, a bunch of her replyguys, BAP and IDW guys, people who worked on Dasha's movie, Dasha's ed account, Kyle Brown and a weird amount of scarethot's irl friends, and a bunch of feminist film accounts for some reason.

No. 1248982

lmao the daddy issues are PALPABLE

No. 1248983

He's the one running the festival according to the people in that thread

No. 1248986

File: 1623104223524.png (670.02 KB, 1184x846, willjackbethenextdougbenson.pn…)

Looks like Dasha movie retrospective forthcoming then.

No. 1248987

Aw that's sweet

No. 1248990

OT but we are all Jeanne. Beautiful movie. Not looking forward to a retrospective.

No. 1248996

File: 1623105510468.jpeg (112.78 KB, 495x256, 99DAFEE7-E1C8-4BC5-B668-FDD384…)

No. 1249007

I thought he looked like Aaron Mate, yikes he is hideous. I guess not all Jews can look like Adam or Felix.

No. 1249023

File: 1623108212844.jpg (284.19 KB, 1128x2048, E0WjJNVUYAAWs7O.jpg)

meet the anti-woke dimes square's new best friend, might be the death knell of any cool red scare has tired to cultivate if their sugar daddy makes them participate in this, he's widely hated in the film community beyond the sexual harassment claims

No. 1249044

tbh this makes me like them a little

No. 1249057

Is this a site where fat ugly dykes complain about skinny queens. Lol this we should impose Sharia law and save whatever dignity you pigs have left. Oink oink


No. 1249077

Massive cope. Aimee is what, 35? and this woman doesn't look much older than that either. Women in their 40s bag rich men all the time, let alone fucking DOCTORS. They're just ugly and unlovable, trying to blame it on their age same way trad thots blame their poor choices and failed careers on feminism lying to them.

No. 1249085

aimee didn't spend her 20s early 30s dating she spent them posting on drug binges. unless exchanging frog memes with /pol rejects is dating "artists and musicians" now lol. >>>/snow/1184964

No. 1249092

Sorta wish she didn't doxx her fucking BABY but that's a cute name it's and sweet that she chose it after her father. I don't care what retarded shit she does or what daddy issues she has, we have no reason to shit on her as a mom (not yet anyway) and it's a really sensitive subject

No. 1249099

But Aimee hasn’t aged like a normal 35 year old though

No. 1249102

She hasn't shown his face yet and has no plans to. Props to her for that, at least she isn't pimping out her progeny for the simps like a certain mommy blogger does.

No. 1249113


Being turk and muslim are not the same thing. Stop capitalizing on stuff you don't even know about

No. 1249125

wtf are you talking about. adam is hideous

No. 1249137

youre on lolcow, were not about to stop dragging a cow just because she doxed her child lmfao

No. 1249140

This simp posted the same shit before then deleted bc no one reacted lmao

No. 1249403

File: 1623139950511.jpg (66 KB, 640x480, 5tflepeh8y371.jpg)

Wtf is going on here?

No. 1249407

Dean Kissick's birthday party

No. 1249410

I really hope this goes through as advertised. An "anti-woke" film fest sounds like a trainwreck

No. 1249416

Lol is that nick in the back. Good riddance with that wizard beard he had

No. 1249473

r/redscarepodprivate is going to be the nail in the coffin for the main sub. They already have over 1,000 people and most of the OG users from the main are probably just going to stay on the priv from now on. Inflection point in the community.

No. 1249533

So Scary of 61st (Dasha's film) won an award at the Berlinale…

No. 1249542

File: 1623159159035.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2055, 1863D971-03B0-4268-86D2-6B2F62…)

Samefag but here’s a screenshot from IG

No. 1249546

File: 1623159392917.png (178.23 KB, 1598x636, Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.35…)

An actual win for Dasha. 60,000 dollars. Funny how the jury thinks she's someone who cares about sexual abuse.

No. 1249555

Damn, good for her. I wonder what the other contestants' films were like though, if she's the winner

No. 1249557

She was up against famous German actor Daniel Brühl's first feature, so that's something.

No. 1249569

No one knows who that is but you

No. 1249571

It’s a film festival no one has heard of. No one in America cares because the movie sucks

No. 1249572

Is winning money common with film festivals, or was this a ‘pay to play’ operation?

No. 1249576

File: 1623162036269.png (218.95 KB, 1018x281, bruhl.png)

most people at least know his face, and he's probably the most famous actor working today in the country where this particular film festival is held alongside Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender.

No. 1249579

This guy is some side actor, hardly anyone knows him by name. Come back when Dasha and Co. make waves at a more prestigious film festival. The movie sucks

No. 1249581

The gang's all here

No. 1249582

It’s a big deal in Europe. Cannes is the top of course, but Venice and Berlin are just a tier below.
I have no idea how Dasha managed to do this, because she’s a moron, but pretending it isn’t actually a major success for her is heavy-duty copium.
The money prizes are common for the “new filmmaker” categories, because the idea is to help them find their next project.

No. 1249588

You’re the one with the copium. If it was a good horror movie, it would’ve gotten picked by Hulu or Netflix. Straight 2 shudder Nekrasova

No. 1249590

He's a big enough name to get his first feature film as a director into the main competition at one of the top three film festivals in the world, so the fact that they awarded other actor/first-time-director Dasha over him is a big deal

No. 1249593

Maybe his movie sucked even worse? Even if Dasha's movie isn't very good it has being made by a woman, being a lesbian movie, and being topical going for it. Some of the reviews said Dasha raves about socialism in it so people think it's a socialist feminist movie.

No. 1249598

File: 1623163319937.jpeg (286.05 KB, 2000x1333, 808D1D96-C1E5-4B66-B9F6-910D89…)

I am sure there was no bribing or nepotistic activity behind it Maddie “my daddy’s rich” Quinn, who happened to be dating famous actor Kevin Cline’s son

No. 1249615

Cannes, Venice and Berlin are the “Big Three” festivals and her movie will probably get theatrical distribution after this. She’s an idiot but this is major unfortunately.

No. 1249617

Agree that it’s likely a shit movie, but pretending the Berlinale isn’t a major film festival is the stupid copium. Shit movies win prizes sometimes. Honestly it may just have been so the judges could virtue signal about hating Epstein.

No. 1249621

I mean yes, pretty much everyone involved in the production of this movie is a beneficiary of nepotism except Dasha to a degree; that's just the way this industry works.

No. 1249627

The screener has been out for a long time now. If this was such a breakout film, a bigger streaming service than Shudder would have picked it up. It’s not. The stellar reviews are from red scare fans

No. 1249628

File: 1623165130805.png (622.66 KB, 1340x931, 1am in sydney.png)

ilhan comms guy goes viral for bringing back one of aimee's egregious hot takes, she descends into racist vitriol against ilhan omar. how does she pretend her politics are anything but rage against a rotating cast of enemies.

No. 1249630

Let's be real, Dasha is tied to bigger people than regular actors, sugar daddies with ties to Epstein. There were only three jury members for her prize. Two of them could have just liked her movie the most with nothing weird going on.
I don't think anywhere outside of NY and LA or other small rep places will play the movie though, it has the same prospects as before the prize. Maybe Dasha can get more funding on her next bright idea.

No. 1249632

File: 1623165297731.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 40AAA417-8568-4A95-9142-2C968B…)

How do they know each other lol

No. 1249636

The screener isn't anywhere public

No. 1249638

A screener (SCR) is an advance screening of a film or television series sent to critics, awards voters, video stores (for their manager and employees), and other film industry professionals, including producers and distributors.[1]

No. 1249663

File: 1623166734435.png (62.08 KB, 1286x244, OliverBateman.png)

Anything to add to Aimee's wiki?

No. 1249761

who are these people

No. 1249788

File: 1623173694165.jpg (67.83 KB, 733x343, anna.jpg)

delaney taking the piss out of anna for that one

No. 1249853

> we have no reason to shit on her as a mom
She takes her baby to a chiropractor

No. 1249877

>it would’ve gotten picked by Hulu or Netflix
Are you retarded?

No. 1249882

Excuse me?

No. 1249884

This is enough confirmation for me that she has a chronic adderall abuse issue

No. 1249888

yeah taking your infant to a chiropractor is borderline child abuse imo

No. 1249897

Are you retarded? This isn't pre-covid times, Hulu, Prime and Netflix is where you find AAA titles these days. Shudder, on the other hand, only hosts film school undergrad tier garbage nobody except starved horror fans cares about.

No. 1249977

nah they just bot-invited all users who posted in the last 5 months or something. No milk for now.

No. 1249984

Sydney @lexaprofessional and John Vanderslice, 50-year-old musician and producer who's collabed with a bunch of indie bands

No. 1250006

nta and definitely not defending the quality of Dasha's digital spawn but I think the ~edgy~ subject matter would keep Hulu, Prime and Netflix well away.

No. 1250029

Where's the anon that said they had a picture of her?

No. 1250037

Why not? They have had horror movies on Netflix with sex and blood in them, like the French horror movie Raw was on there a while. They have the Epstein documentary where the victims talk about being molested. There’s no reason why this movie couldn’t get picked up other than it sucking

No. 1250038

File: 1623189906719.png (740.93 KB, 1520x1602, oh so you do nothing.png)

and twinkrevsam is a career makework/think tank employee who probably lives quite well on his boyfriend's minimum 350k salary. is red scare also a fucking llc?

No. 1250040

nta but they had an agreement with Shudder before it even premiered at Berlin, so.

No. 1250042

so this pampered twink was a Tucker Carlson-employed card-carrying libertarian in college lmao…would really like to know how he became a "Marxist"

No. 1250052

Netflix produced that documentary, very different from a small arthouse film. I haven’t seen it but its an impressive win for her

No. 1250057

I don’t get why she keeps getting posted or why people keep coming to this thread asking for pictures of her, how is she related to the leftcows? What’s milky about her?

No. 1250070

Probably some reply guy orbiter

No. 1250092

lol streaming platforms are notorious for allowing stuff that would be considered offensive, pornographic or too violent for actual television or cable

No. 1250167

ah yes legalzoom, so official. any freelancer can be an llc, it's for tax purposes and to puff yourself up. it isn't dark money.

No. 1250190

Why do you care? Is it detracting from 90% of the threads being Red Scare and Aimee Terese?

No. 1250227

because it's annoying the way newfags from twitter keep coming here to self post or vendetta post about literal whos. It's boring and not the point of the thread or this website.

No. 1250253

Your bitching about it is even more annoying

No. 1250278

this isn't a thread for embittered reply guys to beg for selfies of random anon accounts. you have posted this girl in these threads multiple times and every time get the same response.

No. 1250306

I don't know who you're talking about but you can just ignore things you don't care about

No. 1250310

File: 1623207083488.jpeg (248.72 KB, 640x676, 279EA46D-6D51-470C-8EED-C004CB…)

The rw integralists have really taken a liking to Aimee

No. 1250312

File: 1623207254701.jpeg (197.83 KB, 384x653, 9E0DDE4E-817C-4C1B-BC0A-E4A180…)

No. 1250350


How do you know they don’t live together? Honest question

No. 1250361

they don't know for sure. most of this thread is full of conjecture, straight up lies, tons of armchair psychoanalyzing, and cope

No. 1250374

File: 1623214795732.png (92.89 KB, 744x582, EwH1LwpXYAIUpvf.png)

Old news and grain of salt because it's kantbot but seeing the cinefamily Belove person constantly talking to Red Scare's friends like Leia on twitter adds more credence to his story. I wonder if there's more to how Dasha's movie got funded than is public.

No. 1250404

he's thinking he's turning people against them instead of building up their mystique kek

No. 1250447

honestly Vampire Pederast is known for choosing to spend his cryptofash bux on the most retarded and ineffective shit possible, so i can see him investing in podcels and actually expecting a race war to come out of it

No. 1250689

aimee: academics are evil puppets of the democratic party except for wealthy tenured catholic conservatives who are my friends

No. 1250712

File: 1623249685247.jpg (98.27 KB, 742x886, lol.JPG)

already mutuals w/ notre dame's patrick deneen, aimee's following more cool new friends.

No. 1250729

lol that this thread would rather pick through aimee's garbage can for the millionth time than talk about virgil texas getting outed as a groomer

No. 1250731

post screencaps

No. 1250753

File: 1623252427584.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1000x4573, FCF728F7-2876-407C-A98C-ED4BE6…)

No. 1250759

I believe her but this is old news. If you Google “Virgil Texas Groomer” the first result are some something awful posts from 2019 talking about this and how it was old news back then. That’s probably why no one itt is talking about it. Did something happen to make this current again?

No. 1250760

Other than her posting this I don’t think so

No. 1250761

Did she post this recently or is that an old screenshot?

No. 1250762

He was on some shitty media men list years ago but this is the first time someone actually spoke out

No. 1250763

is the Marie Calloway connection old news too?

No. 1250764

No it’s recent, the screenshot is from just now

No. 1250766

not saying this as a joke, but isn’t Virgil Texas gay?

No. 1250767

How old is Virgil Texas?

No. 1250769

“Small arthouse films” now we are going to pretend that’s why it hasn’t been picked up?It’s just a bad movie. Most movies are bad. Stop this already

No. 1250771

He had a girlfriend who would be in videos they did a few years ago.
mid thirties now, mid twenties then

No. 1250772

You can look up someone’s address if you know their full name. You guys are amateurs

No. 1250782

Red scare should be renamed to red spinsters because their boyfriends are both 40 and won’t live with them or marry them

No. 1250783

Then do it? I don’t why people always come itt like “why aren’t you doing this why aren’t you talking about this” instead of just posting about it themselves

No. 1250793

You’re not allowed to post people’s addresses it’s against the rules. I’m saying. neither Dasha or Anna live with their boyfriends

No. 1250849

File: 1623259188361.png (59.67 KB, 1388x260, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 1.20…)

the lesbian anti-metoo scarethot mod who bans people who saying they don't like her favourite movies getting into a catfight with another mod for being tyrannical

No. 1250910

can't imagine expending any time to defending these people. funny how during the alt lit era justin cass was just cruising marie calloway's fb friend list. they all were.

No. 1250918

File: 1623263565557.png (213.85 KB, 1296x684, pickme.png)

No. 1250922

I was wondering which one would come out on top, her hatred of Virgil and Chapo or of MeToo and other women. Did she have to flip a coin to choose a hot take for this one?

No. 1250976

aimee lives in an alternate universe where the democrats back free trans surgery for minors when they don't even back free tree surgery for adults. or government sponsored healthcare of any kind. considering aimee backs matt gaetz, maybe the chapos weren't real men to her until the child grooming accusations.

No. 1250978

that's what I love about Aimee, you expect her to zig and she zags. one of her hated lib chapo enemies gets outed as a predator? she Defends him! and accuses the accuser of being a TRA!

No. 1250981

op is 100% a straight girl and didn't mention the trans topic. truly a zag.

No. 1250989

we're turning adults into trees now?

No. 1251003

autocorrect error but aimee would be so much happier with leaves between her ears where her gray matter isnt.

No. 1251059

>AAA titles
Exactly. Dasha wasn't going for AAA.

No. 1251078

lexa isn't a literal who by this thread's standards, she gets brought up because she has ties to this circle. anons just wanted receipts of what someone else posted, quit bitching

No. 1251086

pre-Chapo “Virgil” was involved with a teenage girl named Emily whose handle was literally @teenirl and I think they met through alt lit because she wrote garbage poetry in that “style” lol

No. 1251089

No one was talking about Lexa

No. 1251090

Breathtaking and stunning Kwueen, hope the boys see this and finally dispense you a doctor husband

No. 1251095

Definitely her hatred of other women. Washed up hags like her have a psychotic fixation on making young women as unfortunate and unhappy as possible. If she fawned over "interesting" and "funny" old groomers when she was young, no one else is allowed to deviate from that path.

No. 1251096

Receipts? I don't doubt it but with the amount of shit that gets said about Virgil Texas, one would assume that screencaps of whatever sketchy shit he's done would be getting spammed in the replies to all his tweets.

No. 1251099

god imagine having a daughter lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1251107

File: 1623273778713.png (54.69 KB, 766x550, hard drive wipe worthy.png)

aimee talking about the "POWER" of the breasts of teenage girls with this guy. what is the point of being such a pickme for these freaks when you're 20 years over their desired age group. >>>/snow/1229033

No. 1251121

wish I had any! this was the early 2010s and no one had any inkling the “Emoprog Army Radio Hour” would become Chapo Trap House and make a bunch of cringe nerds mildly famous millionaires

No. 1251144

Wow, people with similar views who inhabit the same media mileu have ties to each other? And they exchange favors? Hold my hat I think I'm gonna pass out from this groundbreaking conspiracy

No. 1251151

A movie about how bad Epstein was being paid for by associates of Epstein would be a story.

No. 1251170

File: 1623277823801.png (92.68 KB, 599x491, vt.png)


No. 1251171


What POWER does a man seeing your boobs get you? Political power? Wealth? Land?

When will these pickmes stop lying to themselves that having sex with a man gives you any kind of power over him

No. 1251176

File: 1623278367138.jpg (128.25 KB, 764x895, lehrer.JPG)

lehrer weighs in on aimee's teen grooming tweets. lol he and barrett hang out with other wealthy podcasters from upper middle class families.

No. 1251178

Scrote mad because every teenage girl recoils in disgust from him while he invents "muh neoliberalism" excuses for why everyone is rightfully repulsed by him.

I also don't doubt for a second that both he and Aimee like to whine about men "getting exploited by thots", even though by their own logic the dumb simps just shouldn't send money.

No. 1251186

Yeah, where is Aimee's POWER from decades of being a pickme whore for assorted limpwristed Virgils? What did she acquire from being an internet bedwench for a married man? I don't even see a doctor husband, let alone anything of actual value. Someone's really salty that her thottery never amounted to anything so she's kneecapping a groomed child to feel better.

It's really amazing how little it takes for our diamat marxoid bogwitch to start defining POWER like a jezebel libfem.

No. 1251309

File: 1623290000133.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1966x3251, 31C213A5-A6C5-45AE-B2AB-E1CBE6…)

It would appear that Matt Christman has left his poor wife of nearly twenty years behind in New York and is now in a relationship with comedian Amber Rollo. Really puts this "spiritual awakening" trip he's been on for the past year into perspective lol

No. 1251312

finally some fresh fucking milk

No. 1251342

god he's so ugly and gross. i hope his wife can squeeze some money out of this autistic manbaby for wasting two decades of her life.

No. 1251400

File: 1623296818855.jpeg (100.74 KB, 1241x555, E312ED24-4283-4DCC-AE44-BCBB86…)


Kantbot is saying that Daniel Keller’s, Deanna Havas’s, etc cancellations are fake (both LD50 artists), that Luke Turner is fake. He claims that it was a publicity stunt orchestrated by Peter Thiel and someone named “Mark Fischer”.

No. 1251408

No. 1251464

i believe this girl accusing virgil but can we agree that account is really sus? like it showed out of nowhere with this as soon as he leaves chapo, her first follow is another account making fun of virgil and she's trying to fucking milk this thing replying to AOC begging her to say something about virgil. wtf does aoc has to do with virgil!?

No. 1251476

honestly even if it's fake you have to be a terminal penile shieldmaiden to openly give a fuck about it. it's kind of astounding that pickmes proudly engage in this sort of pitiful simping lmfao

No. 1251508


oh for sure. whatever aimee is doing is absolutely pathetic

No. 1251557

It's probably to threaten BJG to tell Jimmy Dore to shut the fuck up about AOC.
He might legitimately do it if Glenn Greenwald, Katie Helper, Matt Taibbi, and his other friends tell him to cut it out. Or he could go full rogue and go total postleft, which will be very milky tbh.

No. 1251665

nta but i got milk on the financing yesterday. hadrian belove was trying to buy dasha’s movie with peter thiel’s money to debut at the aforementioned festival and on his new “anti-woke” streaming and distribution service. apparently the guy who funded dasha’s movie is the grandson of the owner of best buy.

No. 1251793

It must have sold for a lot if Thiel couldn’t afford it but I guess Mr. Best Buy doesn’t need the money

No. 1251811

>16 year olds getting memed into HRT by old trancels on discord are victims
>16 year old getting groomed by an old famous man had all the power AKCHYUALYU

Kween of legic

No. 1251816

Virgil was probably 26 when this happened. Hardly an old man.
Still I'm shocked this happened to him and not one of his moronic antifa friends like Sean.

No. 1251817

File: 1623346629391.jpg (86.72 KB, 400x600, 88e5a976758ab5fc54ded175874821…)

god imagine having a son lmfao

No. 1251821

lol r/redscarepod mods banned talking about virgil and lots of posts speculating about christman leaving his wife are getting deleted

No. 1251829

Apparently, word on the sub, the accuser is trying to find posts by leftist men either calling her a scam artist or saying she deserved it.

No. 1251833

Caps? The accuser hasn't posted recently that I see.

No. 1251838

26 is a grandpa for 16

No. 1251854

She was 17.

No. 1251856

This sucks :(

No. 1251857

Can’t provide caps of the DMs because my source deleted their account but credible rumors about Virgil being a creep with underage girls have been going around for years. Someone even mentioned it in previous threads. I didn’t even know this victim existed but I know about another girl he did this to when she was 16.

No. 1251873

She lives in Pittsburgh. This story is retarded. It's being shoved in with the credible story of Virgil to try and gain legitimacy.

No. 1251879

File: 1623349674391.jpeg (645.8 KB, 1242x1428, A3821D9F-A5AC-4D4C-86FD-73BAAA…)

No. 1251908

Am I the only one who thinks it seems kind of cartoonish, like the essay literally being about “turning 16”, the daily caller reaching out, the fact she randomly mentioned Sam Hyde (there was an old rumour that the Virgil grooming rumour was started by Sam Hyde fans), “he liked the novelty of my virginity”

No. 1251917

>>1251908 yeah i don't doubt that Virgil has some skeletons in his closet and that one of the grooming stories is true, but imo the verdict is still out about this particular recent one

No. 1251941

Yeah I agree. The most credible seeming thing about this specific one to me is just that he hasn’t addressed it or posted anything since.

No. 1251959

Alex Press lives in Pittsburgh. The Matt-hooking-up-with-Alex rumors are from several years ago and just hearsay. There is irrefutable photo evidence of Matt and Amber Rollo's new LA relationship.

No. 1251982

File: 1623354701541.jpeg (258.96 KB, 1242x408, FA5AB46F-7B22-4F9E-B072-4995C7…)

She claims to have been 16

No. 1252000

File: 1623355368080.jpeg (312.5 KB, 1242x721, 0DE1EEBD-5BF2-4E5D-B1AA-E83AE9…)

I agree, and the “nice chest for your age” thing. Idk. Any one of those things individually wouldn’t seem that weird but altogether just seems like someone laying it on too thick and trying to cram every single “grooming” trope they could think of into one story. When I was first reading the thread I couldn’t until the end that it was an actual accusation and not a set up for some elaborate joke. This follow up post about the vape also made it seem like a troll to me.

No. 1252005

>moid runs around peddling his rotten cum to every kid in the vicinity

>someone falsely accuses him because it will sound legit

wow, he totally couldn't have seen it coming! gentlemen, if you don't want to be falsely accused, maybe you should keep it in your pants and not be insufferable whores? just don't be a sex pest, dumb creep! :^)

No. 1252022

I feel conflicted because I’ve heard a lot of people say this so it seems like there probably is something there but they literally all say that they don’t have ANY remaining evidence at all. Including both >>1250753 and >>1251879 and I kind of feel like surely at least someone would have some kind of evidence that would have come out by now? There’s also been this long running rumour of the grooming thing being started by Sam Hyde trolls which makes me suspicious as well.

No. 1252050

File: 1623356593870.jpg (49.2 KB, 500x500, clockwork orange pepe.jpg)

The Jennifer Seberg account is direct reference to Jean Seberg a woman smeared by Cointelpro until she killed herself. This seems like a fucking troll.

No. 1252055

File: 1623356762442.jpeg (26.17 KB, 640x853, 7A1DCC62-040D-4046-9FB6-CB3B49…)

and the name of the account is Jen Seberg like the famous French actress which could just be a coincidence

No. 1252064

File: 1623357027207.png (789.72 KB, 842x606, E3fzFl-XIAM3yoF.png)

I really doubt that. The name is way too specific. This is just a pickme trying to get her 5 minutes of fame while Virgil is no longer being protected by the Chapo brand.
Here's the facts, Virgil (Justin) is a creep and it has been documented for years now that he has done this shit to other underage girls.
This one though has no receipts except PLEASE BELIEVE ME I'M SERIOUS GUYS, even the people accusing fuckers like Biden, Trump, Kavanaugh, etc had other sources to back their claims.
I can't believe we are taking her as legit at face value.

No. 1252069

Has it been “documented for years now” though? I’ve heard it be said for years, but that makes it even more weird to me that I’ve never seen a single receipt of any of it in all that time.

No. 1252078

I can easily believe Virgil is a creep but have seen zero proof. The previous evidence is some random posting that someone on a discord who said they were friends with a victim and an anonymous list. Both with nothing backing them up like pictures of texts or anything showing a connection between Virgil and a teen.

No. 1252082

File: 1623357689702.png (14.66 KB, 968x832, 5b5cc01b1ecf2e71c151cea30d23d7…)

great now the virgil defenders are here shitting up the place now that they can't spam redscare sub.

No. 1252085

did virgil date calloway ? and was that known before ?

No. 1252087

File: 1623357842632.png (495 KB, 1366x768, smug qb.png)

How the fuck am I defending Virgil? I'm sorry I don't believe in serious accusations on just testimony of the witness. Go cry about it somewhere else.
Either give receipts about "Miss Seberg" or fuck off

No. 1252090

I have zero interest in defending him at all, I just do feel like if someone has had rumours of them being a groomer for literally years (I think it’s going on a decade now?) there would be some evidence. Even at least one single screenshot of him even just talking to them? Like any evidence at all he has ever even communicated with one of these people? The fact that there isn’t even that, and has never been in all the years I’ve heard it, makes me doubt it.

No. 1252091

File: 1623358054936.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1604, 323CABE8-BC85-498C-8F52-511FBC…)

>four years ago
From February of this year

No. 1252094

Defend what? People just want proof. I do too. Slandering people on false pretenses is something Chapo does, so I think you might be projecting here and might be more of a fanboy then you are trying to lead people on.

No. 1252095

>posting soyjaks and even knowing what’s going on in the red scare sub in the first place
Go back

No. 1252162

Not just that but the smear was literally about her having sex with someone she didn’t. It’s so obviously a troll.
I thought that at first too but if he’s pursuing legal action they would have advised him not to say anything

No. 1252178

i’m sure whatever morbidly obese sam hyde fanboy 4channer is running the jennifer seberg account appreciates the support! I don’t care about virgil at all, but it’s just so frustrating how easily people still fall for these obvious troll campaigns. I really didn’t expect farmers to be this naive.

No. 1252260

He's a tourist from reddit, not a farmer. Pay no attention to him and his ilk.

No. 1252286

every single person who says "rumors of virgil being a creep have existed for years" is referencing the same /pol/ and mde post that made it up in a text post. there's never been proof.

No. 1252322

File: 1623369527368.jpeg (467.36 KB, 1242x1031, 70AEEF01-0FD2-4C12-8F03-D8EBAD…)

This guy was the first person followed by and the first person to follow the Jennifer Seberg account. I think he’s friendly with the Delaney girl who always gets posted here.

No. 1252323

File: 1623369618951.jpeg (517.36 KB, 1000x2475, 8D1BA6A0-2BBA-4FDC-8ADF-EC092C…)

No. 1252328

File: 1623369884576.png (93.31 KB, 578x533, SuCFkuL.png)

dylan's first followers were these dudes, I think they were posted abt here though I dont remember anything abt them.

No. 1252330

File: 1623370139556.jpeg (418.38 KB, 1000x2141, 337C62C2-5640-4FFB-AA5B-F5E77B…)

He clearly has some kind of vendetta/personal investment, either bc he has some connection with whoever “Jennifer Seberg” is, or more likely because he made the account and accusation himself

No. 1252332

Did something happen on June 1st?

No. 1252339

Don’t know about any of them other than @nariokohomeboy who I was going to say is extremely unlikely to be involved bc she is generally drama free, but then upon rereading the initial accusation thread she was actually somehow one of the very first people to interact with it which is a little odd.

No. 1252355

File: 1623371605759.jpeg (53.77 KB, 828x690, 0E46CD43-6586-43BE-9FD2-4EF38F…)

No. 1252358

The accusation post was also immediately shared around the cumtown forums, before it had gained any traction at all

No. 1252360

File: 1623372188547.jpeg (252.39 KB, 1242x499, 86712C00-6E6F-4C67-8A99-068904…)

No. 1252362

God this is so obviously a lie. So this girl just happens to find this random <200 follower account has made a bunch of weird joke tweets about the guy who ““““groomed”””” them and because of that they decided to make this the first person they reach out to about the issue? A random 200 follower account? Lmao they aren’t even trying to make it believable. They obviously know each other or are the same person. The whole thing is extremely weird.

No. 1252363

>taking issue with feeding the proof that moids are the only ones le falsely accusing for personal gain

No. 1252368

Either a typical intra-leftoid podcel slapfight or typical scrotal sockpuppet performance of the type of woman he desperately wishes to exist. Anyone who gives a fuck about whether it's credible or not instead of watching retards destroy each other is a redditor.

No. 1252371

I’m curious what the motive is. Who is this? From looking at the account he’s been around on left twitter at least 4-5 years, someone must know one of his old usernames or something. And what happened June 1st?

No. 1252405

File: 1623375207995.jpeg (365.68 KB, 1242x1714, 0AA68E92-D8F5-482A-98BD-728C5B…)

No. 1252406

So we’re supposed to buy that “Jennifer” just decides that this random Delaney reply guy irony account is the person she must share her extremely personal grooming story with, with no prior contact? Why on earth can’t they just say “we’re friends, but she wants to stay anonymous” or whatever? Why go with the extremely obvious lie that this totally new account just happens to find this 200 follower Dylan guy making jokes about the person who groomed her being a groomer and despite him being a random stranger reaches out to him?

No. 1252407

whaaaat the fuck
is this all just some performance art from postxamerica? lol

No. 1252409

postxamerica is currently arguing with every single random who says anything critical about the accusation, for some reason.

No. 1252418

So the email address is the username of the Jennifer account?

No. 1252435

File: 1623376897647.jpeg (471.99 KB, 1242x909, A64C40BE-1CFF-47ED-8870-33660D…)

No. 1252437

“No amount of evidence” there has been literally zero evidence.

No. 1252438

File: 1623376971228.jpeg (575.12 KB, 1212x1053, D66E38A8-724B-4029-BF68-8BE184…)

No. 1252439

File: 1623376992952.jpeg (383.78 KB, 1242x845, D509C176-4997-4CA7-A8A7-78D8A8…)

No. 1252441

File: 1623377074818.jpeg (239.37 KB, 1242x871, B535C602-081E-4C16-BEC5-EFDE96…)

No. 1252444

@agraybee is an unhinged centrist lunatic and one of the primary pushers of the "chapo-to-fash" pipeline conspiracies. they also repeatedly go after brace belden, good twitter friend of postxamerica.

No. 1252447

Shes posting comparing Virgil to Weinstein and Epstein lol. The entire situation is bizarre and the accusation is imo obviously fake but even if you take it as fact there’s clearly more going on than is being let on.

No. 1252454

If these two truly did just want to help this random victim then they would just stop talking and making it look more suspicious

No. 1252457

Tbh I know nothing about the DSA so may be wrong but I find it hard to believe “none of them ever cared”. Like if what he’s alleging is true I feel like it’s inevitable someone would have come out about it, if not exclusively for clout chasing/virtue signalling purposes.

No. 1252462

DSA has a long and storied history of protecting rapists and abusers. Nearly every chapter has some story. LanaDelRaytheon being the most infamous example. Hailey Rounsaville left the org because they wouldn't discipline someone who abused her.

No. 1252464

But those were both (afaik) just random twitter users whereas Chapo is maybe the most popular political podcast there is. I don’t doubt what you’re saying but don’t think it’s comparable.

No. 1252467

They are on here right? No one Twitter fucking uses that term. Are they from kiwi main site making shit up? Because if so, bravo.

This story has been rather amusing for me regardless of the "truth."

No. 1252476

I think they must be because from what I can see on twitter the vast majority of people believe the accusation

No. 1252492

yes and yes

No. 1252517

dm jenniferseberg and ask if shes emily sipiora

No. 1252525

Major troll vibes

WiseExecutor aka Freddy is a notorious Aimee hater/roaster

No. 1252526

This guy has been weird for a while. He’s been hanging around the “post-left” corner of twitter constantly remaking and changing his identity for years. He is clearly hiding something himself. It’s strange because every time he comes back he interacts with the same people/they all follow him/he replies to their posts yet for some reason they all barely interact with any of his posts ever. Anyway anyone with even a vague awareness of who this Dylan person is would 100% know that he is not a good person and is absolutely not helping Jennifer (if they actually exist) out of any kind of altruism or concern for victims.

No. 1252541

File: 1623381729385.jpeg (402.92 KB, 1242x910, C05BD458-CD2F-4999-B744-ED8648…)

No. 1252555

No. 1252571

“The Podcast Left” lmao she’s obviously just meaning this thread because pretty much nobody else has mentioned cointelpro, and the posts itt weren’t even calling the accusation cointelpro they were just talking about the name. Does she really think anyone here cares about Virgil and that’s why people are making fun of it? or that a gossip thread on lolcow is “The Podcast Left”?

No. 1252574

I wonder if this will just get memory hole’d or if the truth will actually come out. At first I was convinced it was just a chan troll so had been written badly on purpose but now it seems like there’s probably something else going on.

No. 1252581

Holy shit, first off, I stopped being fans of these people years ago. If anything, I want these allegations to be true so I can milk this shit even further.

Second, I wasn't calling this shit COINTELPRO, I was referring to the person the username is based on. Also, the FBI doesn't care what a bunch of emotionally unbalanced tards like you have to say. Nor do they care if Justin Cass is brought down.

Also if you are reading this, you are a hysterical moron and my heart goes out to your poor parents for having to deal with your cancer for 20+ years

No. 1252591

No except the tourist from r/redscare thinks this is legit. Everyone else is just enjoying the melodrama unfolding. Granted it'll probably amount to nothing.

No. 1252592

What do you mean, you think the accusation is a troll? Bc I don’t think they were trying to troll I think they clearly want people to take it seriously.

No. 1252594

File: 1623384278216.jpeg (194.76 KB, 554x442, F178BD75-C729-42CA-840C-B17300…)

Chapocels aren't taking cushbomb's philandering well.

No. 1252597

There’s pretty much no one in this thread believing it? Also there isn’t really any other milk to talk about currently. If you have anything then by all means post it but it’s a little suspicious you’re trying to get people to stop talking about this while it’s still unfolding and your post is unsaged…

No. 1252609

File: 1623385001502.jpeg (146.24 KB, 1242x453, A1919AD7-AC32-47D7-B6F2-DA5DED…)

Talking about Aimee, like I’m sorry but there’s no way you know who @InsaneClownPoz but don’t know who Aimee is. They obviously are someone from that circle of twitter but even if we entertain the lie that they just were totally new to twitter and by some miracle immediately found the 200 follower Dylan account who just so happened to be tweeting about their groomer being a groomer (lol), he tweets about Aimee all the time! He tweeted about her multiple times just on the day he made the Virgil Texas groomer tweets. So why lie about that? Why make a point to say you don’t know who Aimee is when you could have easily just said nothing.

No. 1252614

File: 1623385331291.jpeg (538.22 KB, 1242x879, 0C3D98C8-081A-468F-88C7-E9F26C…)

So this person was also one of the first people they followed? >>1251879
And the cathercutie person who has also been tweeting about Virgil non stop.

No. 1252620

I think the nannerneff person is also maybe a troll bc when someone asked why she has posted this >>1252091 she immediately made a bunch of mental breakdown tweets and threatened suicide and took a picture with a gun then locked her account

No. 1252653

i think you guys may be uncovering something here. i really want to see what all those people will say, the ones who replied to her post and believed it immediately

No. 1252660


This is kinda where I'm at as well. I listened to a bunch of the CushVlogs and he seemed very genuine.

I don't know the details of his marriage and so it's insane to cast judgement (especially over divorce which is retardedly common) but I dunno. I guess I'm a cuck.

(I don't give a shit about the Virgil stuff. He's not even on Chapo any more and Bad Faith sucks.)

No. 1252661

keep digging. you're close

No. 1252706

Good God, the Chapo episodes have been getting worse these last few weeks, with this week batch being an all time low.
Tonight's episode was absolutely awful, no Matt and the Seeking Derangement faggots were painfully unfunny. Who the hell pays money to listen to people? Even Jake Flores is funnier than these turd bombs.

No. 1252710

The absolute worst episode they ever did was the one last year where Will just talked for an hour about his favorite washed-up movie star twitter/insta accounts like James Caan and Mickey Rourke. Dreadful.

No. 1252717

the best chapo episodes are the more political ones. some of these newer ones are nonsensical and incredibly boring

No. 1252798


Who are you again?

No. 1252829

major tinfoil but could the dylan account be waspappin or a bappin orbiter of some kind? because bappin hates chapos for being "assadists" or whatever, also has a grudge against the DSA bc he was kicked out for being a sex pest, is completely unhinged….

No. 1252835


ive never seen waspappin make any sort of jokes, especially the kind dylan kebold made, also the sex pest thing was probably bs, he is unhinged though.

No. 1252838

that was dylan roof, klebold did columbine

No. 1252852

This really is a particularly interesting detail

No. 1252886

No. 1252907

He's a closeted gay?

No. 1252925

Nick went to Anna's NYE party so I don't know about that

No. 1252948

It was a mutual friend's party.

No. 1252974

more like the irony and left twitter people don't want to interact with her twitter persona like they did before red scare

No. 1252988

Postxamerica deleted all her posts about this apart from this one

No. 1253001

not gonna lie, i believe that virgil did groom teens back in the day bc of what i've heard from his buddies who were on SA back in the day. it was basically normal 10 years ago pre-metoo and before things started really getting documented on the internet so i don't understand why people doubt it. when he left chapo he also went MIA for a bit and thats when the rumours peaked.

whether this one is true or not, idk. i sort of believe it because i don't see why someone would come out and subject themselves to the hate of virgil fanboys/redscare coomers/aimee stans.

if it wasn't true he could easily just deny it. instead he has gone MIA again just like the last time these rumours came up (right before he left chapo)

not sure why people are bothering to defend him. even his own coworkers consistently keep leaving him every time these rumours re-emerge. the guy is like a massive liability lol.

another thing i think is odd (and his coworkers probably also do as well) is the guy works over time to hide his online blueprint prior to adopting the moniker virgil texas. no one even knows how old is he is unless you do a detailed google search w/ his last name lol, he's uni. class of 08 so he'd be about 35. how are you going to be one of the biggest identities in the chapo-sphere and hide? bonkers

No. 1253004

Lol everything they ever say about this website is always completely wrong. During the samememe thing we were apparently all pronoun in bio blue haired tenderqueers, during the Jezebel thing we were all woke black libs, during the chaoticitgirl saga we were all morbidly obese femcels. Now apparently farmers are all ‘the podcast left’ chapocels.

No. 1253009


i don't see why people are on about the cush stuff and say it's ruined their image of him being a stable genuine normal guy. regular people break up and move on lol. its not like hes dating some super hot 20 year old either, she's 35 which is his age and in his line of work? these comments take parasocialness to the next level.

No. 1253020

People doubt it because it’s been said for about 10 years without even one (1) single screenshot to back it up in all that time. There hasn’t even been a screenshot just as evidence he talked to them at all let alone groomed them. Even if you for some reason believed this specific allegation was true, the Dylan person and postxamerica are clearly lying about their relation to it for some reason. I don’t believe anyone in the world genuinely believes this >>1252360. People aren’t defending him but no one is just going to blindly believe something especially where there’s very clearly something questionable going on in regards to it. Also there is barely anyone outside of this thread even doubting the accusation.

No. 1253024

i don't know why you would expect people to have screenshots of them talking to someone in 2011-2013… do you have screenshots of your text messages from back then? i don't… i don't even have anything prior to 2018 anymore in all honesty.

what is more damning is the people that basically grew up with him back in the day, spent a lot of time on the same forums as him, basically developed these online connections/communities early on, who were a part of this culture, don't want anything to do with him and won't defend him. because they probably know it is true and know that in the odd case someone does have screenshots, it will look bad on them.

No. 1253035

NTA but there's screenshots of other Something Awful posters like dril and Jon Hendren. Virgil is a creepy nerd but evidence would still be appreciated.

No. 1253036

A lot of these accusations have been more recent than that though. I definitely would expect one of them to have screen shots of something. Or just any proof at all, of anything? This Jennifer person wouldn’t provide any evidence whatsoever. She claimed to still have access to the initial email she sent, so why wouldn’t she have his initial response? She couldn’t even post the supposed essay, or name the journal she apparently submitted it to.

No. 1253089

Imagining hypothetically the accusation is true, if the daily caller did reach out to “Jennifer” about Virgil I’m assuming Jennifer must be some kind of public figure who had been publicly associated with Virgil previously for them to even know who she was? She’s probably also associated with postxamerica and whoever the Dylan person really is. The Dylan account kind of seems like a side account for someone who’s primarily known on another account, because it’s followed by and interacts with a lot of bigger “post left” accounts, but usually only gets 0-1 likes per tweet and has less than 200 followers.

No. 1253094

>>1253089 yeah, I don't believe for a second the daily caller reached out to some complete rando, unless they have a literal sperg of a private investigator on their payroll that's dedicated to finding dirt on Virgil

No. 1253098

come on he barely passes(tranny bait)

No. 1253099

The tell was how funny their posts can be.

No. 1253103

My tinfoil is that the accusation isn’t true (it’s written in a way that just too obviously makes it seem like a troll), but that Jennifer did/does actually have some relationship with Virgil that was publicly known and that is why the daily caller reached out (if they did). I don’t think it was necessarily related to grooming specifically. The Dylan account is probably also someone who publicly knows Virgil and has some vendetta for whatever reason. Him and a handful of other post left accounts clearly know this Jennifer person, helped her plan everything (they followed each other before she even made the accusation), helped initially spread the post by being the first people to respond and retweet it etc.

No. 1253106

Why do people think Delaney is trans? Or is it just a joke I’m missing?

No. 1253107

read the old thread, they are a transwoman sex worker living out their best weeb life in japan. go back to twitter tourist.

No. 1253109

You’re mixing her up with one of Jack’s followers

No. 1253112

That's asukahomo

No. 1253116

Lol clearly you are the one who needs to go back

No. 1253203

It’s insane how delusional you people are. Like the men on this side of twitter are all literally indistinguishable from one another and consistently the most boring and least funny people imaginable.

No. 1253224

File: 1623441760473.jpeg (806.98 KB, 1242x1804, 1C2420F6-EC28-4C77-8E22-5D8E2A…)

Postxamerica posted a tweet of the photo used in the display pic and reverse google image searched it showing it had no matches, but then deleted the tweet. I think “Jennifer” does actually know Virgil in some way.

No. 1253226

Why are you, as a man, posting on a girls gossip forum

No. 1253244

fwiw she deletes most of her posts within hours

No. 1253253

File: 1623443548849.jpeg (484.92 KB, 1242x939, 0EC39B77-1062-4D3F-8A32-77CCEA…)

The Jennifer account deleted the weird tweet asking AOC to make a statement about Virgil. AOC was the second person they followed. Idk it’s so weird. Everything about both the account and accusation is like what I would do if I was specifically trying to make an accusation look fake.

No. 1253327

literally only one weird sperg from kiwifarms argues that. If you actually know anything about Ian and where he is now you'd know it's physically impossible for that to be true.

No. 1253339

H-haha I'm gay with my dad guys xD femle drone pilots

No. 1253342

>>1253339 tweeted by rapeenjoyer69

No. 1253345

retweeted by ThielsPozLoads420

No. 1253354

kek. they really are all the same

No. 1253365

File: 1623451143435.png (106.98 KB, 1607x669, contrarian brain.png)

lehrer, jack, and samememe weigh in on the jeffrey toobin debacle. the result: new yorker writers are cringe except when they are fired for jacking off an a zoom call and then they are based. who even talks like this at 35.

No. 1253369

asukahomo is a gay man who wears drag makeup that cannot conceal his hideous brows.

No. 1253396

File: 1623453421481.jpeg (131.09 KB, 828x580, CD63727C-296C-448C-BD5E-79A65B…)


No. 1253415

That guy is a total BPD schizo freak. He's a truNB type tranny furry who hornyposts about Hazbin Hotel all day. He was an Aimee/CRK stan before rebranding.

No. 1253436


No. 1253442

Pretty much no one here even believes the allegation? But people probably think that because she says she was “16 when it started” >>1251982

No. 1253459

Don't forget the one budget Karen at Chemo wig he was able to afford.

No. 1253462

Did you skip to the part of red scare where they talk about Virgil too? This is Dasha's take even though the account has made numerous tweets saying she was 16 turning 17 when these chats were happening, not 18 or 19. It's still a fake account but on this point of its fake story it's been clear.
The Red Scare take is that Virgil is annoying (tedious, bloviating are Anna's words which also sounds like someone describing her) but did nothing wrong. They don't come down one way or the other on it being fake. Dasha says Virgil needs a make over and to grow up and says it feels really bad to have twitter piling on them and this reminded her of that. They seem to have zero insider knowledge and Anna says she thinks leftists used liberal as an insult only in 2015. Anna seems to be taking shots at Chapo and venting about all leftists as usual, says all leftists are liberals. Wonder if Amber has dropped being friends with Anna? Dasha doesn't know who Jean Seberg is. Anna gleefully says Virgil will have to go trans to get out of this. Dasha says he has the pear shape to transition. Dasha says they shouldn't criticize him because he's going through a hard time then says he probably does have pedo urges. Anna says all leftist men are pedophiles because they are babies. Anna (in subtle ad mode) "has to admit" she read a Moldbug piece and thought it was really cool. Admits she's lying to the audience because, as the article says, once you have money you lose the fire and self-censor.

No. 1253497

Had never heard of this person before but was looking at their account yesterday when they got posted here and that whole saga was very funny. Someone just asked them like one question about it and they immediately tweeted about how everyone wants them dead, how “the voices were coming back” calling them “the little tranny that couldn’t”, took a picture with a gun, pretended to be dead for a few hours then just came back like “ok I’m normal again now lol” and locked their account

No. 1253502

File: 1623462258932.png (222.66 KB, 490x485, pebble throw.png)


No. 1253524

He used to go on Kemonofriendzone's stream sometimes. Just a very sad schizo furry prog rock guy.

No. 1253543

File: 1623465042953.jpeg (156.67 KB, 1242x282, 1AC12C7F-873A-4212-83BB-50ABCE…)

Are they trying to pretend that isn’t samememe? Also lmao at “his disappearance” as if he got kidnapped or something

No. 1253569

those were bad but it's gotta be the avatar episodeS (plural)

No. 1253616

File: 1623472216860.jpeg (87.76 KB, 1242x449, FC65AAAD-4ABD-41E3-8302-17A7C4…)

is the Dylan account some ex samememe reply guy?

No. 1253618

this is the guy who supposedly just really cares about outing sex pests and helping victims or whatever?

No. 1253621

This account is so suspect. Their recovery email starting with je should be considered the smoking gun that this whole Jennifer Seberg saga is an idiotic prank/revenge scheme.

No. 1253628

Immediately deleted the RT after this was posted

No. 1253632

File: 1623474658990.jpeg (315.67 KB, 1242x669, 03DF09C1-7A47-466D-ACEB-5619EC…)

No. 1253643

File: 1623475894871.png (127.9 KB, 265x488, daria.png)

who added this baby-faced pic to dasha's wiki page lol

No. 1253645

im telling you, its @teenirl emily sipiora. they had a public flirtation in like 2014. that’s what virgil’s entry on that bad twitter guys pastebin was referring to

No. 1253649

What does she look like

No. 1253650

File: 1623477360330.jpeg (55.72 KB, 552x552, 2291D8E8-2C27-4AD7-B549-55CC92…)

No. 1253655

Is that her, she looks fine to me(sage non-contributions)

No. 1253671

File: 1623479535367.jpeg (164.82 KB, 640x1136, 5187B81E-3B8B-49D1-94FF-5D15C5…)

she looks

No. 1253679

File: 1623480339573.jpeg (124.3 KB, 828x866, E0B0B28F-A180-4B3A-B8DD-979F01…)

No. 1253683

wait KEK what is that girls name i used to cringe watch her all the time

No. 1253685

dasha nekrasova

No. 1253687

fucking lol god bless you anon i am so excited to go down this rabbit hole again

No. 1253697

bpd and permissive parents

No. 1253723

File: 1623490690215.jpeg (232.33 KB, 354x805, 54C5E462-D342-4AF6-8913-DB4F62…)

Honestly? I can see it.

No. 1253726

annie waif should make a thread about coochiebone’s trauma inducing cum tribute

No. 1253780

I don't think she's wrong, in fact it's a good possibility. But it's hilarious that she is accusing him of faking his own metoo without evidence after screeching at the original metoo-er for making an accusation against him without evidence. Sasuga Aimee.

No. 1253828

What's the Morse accusation she's referring to?

No. 1253829

No. 1253870

File: 1623508407675.png (99.26 KB, 1186x322, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 10.1…)

Anna's likes are a cesspool of BAP, Peefumes Nationalist, standard republican grifters, Aimee and reply guys posting drivel. She's really lost it in the last 18 months. Capping this one for the next time she acts like she supports trans people and cries about people calling her a terf "for no reason" and starts crying about how everyone unfairly judges her, the nicest kindest person ever with no hate for anyone. (Please save the she's right comments, this is about being dishonest.)

No. 1253959

I mean these people are objectively retarded if they keep calling women who are milquetoast conservatives “terfs” and “Nazis”
gives them an edge they don’t deserve and these peoples dislike of trans people has nothing to do with any kind of feminist framework they just want to say the word tranny

No. 1254000

Speaking of coochiebone, what's going on with his new account, @cuntenjoyer? It says it's temporarily restricted and shows 0 following/followers

No. 1254026

is he at @virgintexas now?

No. 1254135

I guess so

No. 1254241

Also speaking of Coochieboner, is he the person Cathetercutie was subtweeting?

No. 1254278

the very same. hmmm.

No. 1254303

Cathetercutie was subtweeting @probablyalissa

No. 1254306

>>1253828 who are these people again?

No. 1254340

File: 1623537742310.jpg (180.24 KB, 1080x780, IMG_20210613_004032.jpg)

>I don't have female friends because girls are stupid, it has nothing to do with them not wanting to be friends with me!!!11

No. 1254361

File: 1623538428067.jpg (441.33 KB, 1080x1635, IMG_20210613_004730.jpg)

What the fuck has to go wrong in a woman's life for her to end up saying shit like this? Not even her being dependent on Twitter validation by scrotes can excuse this.

No. 1254385

Aimee ranting about the age of consent it must be a day that ends in y

No. 1254391

or just "consent" in general*

No. 1254534

why did cathetercutie delete?

No. 1254547

File: 1623544869206.jpeg (79.67 KB, 703x571, 48DB470C-8394-4FA3-95B0-04EF4A…)

No. 1254549

Cant remember exactly what she said but she didn’t really say why it was just like she was “in a bad place” or something

No. 1254556

Is the account real an actually the author of this? Is it someone who used to know her? Or is it a random internet weirdo using the previous rumors involving her for their own purposes?

No. 1254562

File: 1623545922458.jpeg (157.65 KB, 828x1062, 480F5809-B20D-4C63-B49F-6EDC70…)

No. 1254563

t. muh nufacturing consent chomskyoid

No. 1254566

Is it kind of like when you dedicate your life to being a girlboss lawyer but then suddenly begin opposing these things as soon as it becomes evident that your tweaked out ass will never make it?

No. 1254568

The dates from the twitter account line up, her screenshots are from summer and fall 2013 and the ones here are from fall 2013. She mentions Brooklyn Guy and talking to a guy online in her room while he's smoking in his basement apartment. Not enough from this to tie it to Virgil or the twitter to this person though.

No. 1254571

File: 1623546672553.jpeg (280.22 KB, 1242x685, 89260D35-AECD-426E-A68E-7BFD60…)

No. 1254574

Was Emily Sipiora one of the “post left” accounts on twitter? Why are those people involved in it?

No. 1254577

Does she still have an account? Did she ever say why she was leaving the @teenirl account?

No. 1254585

File: 1623548305212.jpeg (47.75 KB, 828x244, 6274FBB8-764D-41D4-A240-694A00…)

No. 1254590

What do you retards think "post left" means?

No. 1254592

idk who the jenniferseberg account is, but afaik this is who the old rumors were referring to

No. 1254596

>No sage
What do you post left retards think it means?

No. 1254600

I don’t think anyone itt really cares what it means, it’s not really relevant. It’s just the easiest way to refer to that specific group of people.

No. 1254602

Who is the greasy fag? Kek

No. 1254607

Its you.

No. 1254610

No. 1254611

File: 1623550917902.jpeg (218.46 KB, 1242x621, 9B3ED835-F5EB-4FAE-854E-FFAC9A…)

Check the difference in dates. I bet Emily is the girl and this guy Joel knows about Virgil

No. 1254612

Joel is a close friend of the Dylan account

No. 1254614

Yeah, you're Stacey

No. 1254648

Why would you reply to the tweet 4 years later though? This makes it seem like the reverse of what they said happened, they heard rumours about him and this girl and tried to find out more info on her/sought her out, not the obvious lie that she just randomly reached out to them after somehow seeing Dylan’s tweets.

No. 1254656

File: 1623553956992.png (1.42 MB, 1844x1162, guysmysmellyrichguyfilmfestiva…)

Have the Ion Pack guys been ided yet? This is a fan account that might be totally unrelated to the views of the podcasts but seems like a preemptive defensiveness because they or friends are involved? There's a dozen posts on that meme page about it. Dasha said her movie is showing once in New York in the summer.

No. 1254661

If Eugene Kotlyarenko isn't one of them, he's at least heavily involved with the project.

No. 1254662

Does anyone know who @BALTHASARLIKER is/was? They’re tagged in this tweet

No. 1254663

Joel may have only learned about the Virgil allegations last year and replied to the most recent tweet about “Emily Sipiora” as a way of subtweeting it. He and his friends make cryptic tweets about rumors but for the record it is always tossup on how true or fictional the rumors they spread are kek

No. 1254770

What was this image & why did the farmhands delete it?

No. 1254785

The tweet isn’t wrong

No. 1254798

It was a photo of @Cathetercutie and she deleted it because she didn't want it on here

No. 1254814

Hope he sees this

No. 1254878

File: 1623573807454.jpeg (167.53 KB, 827x872, F879E5D7-5BC7-4EF0-9190-DD6DEF…)

word? she didn’t see no problem clowning on sex workers https://twitter.com/fingerbiaster/status/1192473850753122305?s=21

No. 1254890

Now she's deactivated after someone pointed out she fucked her cousin and she's playing the csa victim card. Wonder how long until she parts way with the incest guy once she realizes consensual incest isn't possible. I hope she uses this time away to finally kill herself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254904

File: 1623576506431.jpeg (111.7 KB, 828x636, D3DE82B6-0651-4B92-9007-8F7CF0…)


No. 1254915

That guy killed his wife

No. 1255018

In her audio interview with those Russian guys she said she dislikes online autogynephiles but likes old school campy transsexuals, so she seems to have chosen a take to stick to on the matter at least and isn't just vagueposting about it anymore

No. 1255056

File: 1623591785091.png (88.54 KB, 1147x619, lol.png)

a bunch of radlibs sperged out on one of the twinkrev men, leading gian to spout out about how real marxism is in favor of workers not bosses. problem is, "heads of engineering" and "software engineering managers" manage wealthy software engineers for a living and are even wealthier for it. they even have a tax shelter llc registered to a 2 million dollar sf apartment.

No. 1255081

lmao i'm sure this 'head of business banking' is a proletarian threatened with starvation

No. 1255085

everyone involved in this shit is dumb and none of them are working class

No. 1255088

i wonder if gayliaronline knows how wealthy sam and gian are. he's the only one of the bunch without a high paying job. got outed as working at a car dealership when picking a fight with kpop teens. still an egotistical grad student trying for those petty bouge ma credentials.

No. 1255114

irony kid from the UK called Cam. I think he retweeted the bluecheck’s question and then that second guy replied to the RT. my guess is both Cam and the second guy know about Virgil

No. 1255146

Sage for spoonfeeding request but could someone give us the TLDR on cathetercutie?

No. 1255386

File: 1623618047396.png (1011.51 KB, 640x1136, 6E54CF51-060F-4A8E-AD1F-421D5C…)


No. 1255391


Dasha and I literally have the exact same body type only I have never actually been or even larped as anorexic. Fucking kek.(no1curr)

No. 1255401

She looks like a mom

No. 1255434

convinced these "former" libertarians are just running an op. right-wing freaks adopting "Marxist" language to position themselves as the "real" defenders of the working class against the left.

No. 1255503

aw someone in the cast brought their mom with them <3

No. 1255511

Shes hot and you're all clearly jealous of her success despite being just as stupid as she is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255521

so convinced of her own sex appeal she couldn't be bothered to iron her frumpy dress

No. 1255522

A close source said she showed up high out of her mind to the set and barely did any work

No. 1255524

shes so hot its crazy.(no1curr)

No. 1255553

File: 1623626939611.jpg (989.74 KB, 1610x2048, gettyimages-1233436191-2048x20…)

All you need to do to "direct" a good movie is hire a good cinematographer and she at least got that right. Quit the Dasha stanning. It's probably meant to make people insult her more.

No. 1255557

It happens every time she gets posted >>1241267, all her creepy schizophrenic fans come out of the woodworks either obsessively stanning her or hysterically a-logging her

No. 1255571

what a weirdly demonic smile she has here

No. 1255640

Did she put on some weight? I thought she was ana(nitpick)

No. 1255644

who is reanimating alt lit? don't

No. 1255649

so glad there's some millionaire transphobes

No. 1255650

is the movie she directed worth watching

No. 1255668

File: 1623634264039.jpeg (250.85 KB, 620x642, 14365D67-BC10-43D3-8C2E-352F2F…)

Dasha just put herself on Lukashenko's hit list

No. 1255672

isn't she going to be in Succession

No. 1255677

What do you mean lol, does the show have a connection to Belarus?

No. 1255683

Looking at the account its just unironic incel posts like “women should stop lying about the fact they only care about looks and money” and arguing with random girls who post stuff like “I like fat men” being like “no you don’t. women only what Chad” in between extremely embarrassing epic irony jokes about aids or whatever. It makes no sense why this girl would reach out to that account with their grooming story.

No. 1255685

no it doesn't i just don't remember if it was that or another tv show

No. 1255686

I doubt we’ll get answers about it, I don’t think it looks like much is going to come from the allegations either way. Most people on twitter seem to believe the allegations but I don’t really see many people talking about it and I think it will just get swept under the rug. PostxAmerica did imply that “Jennifer” was working with a journalist though so maybe there’ll be another article about from somewhere more reputable than daily dot.

No. 1255690

I think that's the style of dress, like the fabric. She looks hot there in my opinion

No. 1255691

File: 1623635326976.jpeg (302.2 KB, 1242x450, D76BAEFF-50CE-4038-8813-6A67EA…)

No. 1255692

He was literally just defending samememe

No. 1255700

it’s an open secret they were all actually drinking vyvance water and that hunter (the cinematographer), the camera crew and madeline were all hands on in directing

No. 1255705

ok now this is a wild claim! Why is it so unbelievable that she's a competent, maybe even good director?

No. 1255713

File: 1623637103049.jpeg (69.21 KB, 750x523, D826C897-2055-4124-984C-5D21FA…)

Finally these faggots become self-aware

No. 1255723

how does he have anyone following him? he was a pick up artist writing guides on sex tourism in south east asia was he not? didn't sam hyde even make fun of those guys?

No. 1255729

>>1255683 idk when you search stuff related to virgil texas grooming on twitter before this girl's story came out that guy is the first to come up and she might not have looked through the profile to see all that

No. 1255734

who is postxamerica?

No. 1255738

She’s lazy and self-serving

No. 1255744

the first person to retweet the allegations

No. 1255749

What about the women who say being a mother is the hardest job lmao

No. 1255752

If true I wonder if she feels like a fraud that she gets all the glory and money or if she had no shame.

No. 1255753

File: 1623639425182.jpg (62.34 KB, 960x728, yrwpb9rbt3571.jpg)

Maddy always looks like she stinks bad, does anyone else get that impression?

No. 1255754

these types of men always performatively and disingenuously agree that being a mother is the hardest most important job as well (not saying it isn’t, but they definitely don’t think it is) but then simultaneously can’t fathom why that wouldn’t be desirable to everyone

No. 1255758

obvious nose job and lip injections

No. 1255763

I feel sympathy for her since learning she's who Dasha is always calling her autistic friend. Doubt it's a coincidence that all of Dasha's creative pursuits went nowhere until she found someone to "co"write with her.
Has Dasha done some things to her face or has she just gained some weight?

No. 1255764

>looks like she stinks bad
not bad per se, but definitely weird

No. 1255769

>>1255754 I can't stand when women say that being a mother is the hardest job. Imagine sitting at home doing nothing but caring for something akin to a hamster and buying whatever you want on your husband's debit card. it just blows my mind how some women are like waaaaaaah my life is so hard being a mother is so hard

No. 1255770

go back

No. 1255776

Why are dashas feet and knees so big…also she clearly got cheek filler and blepharoplasty(nitpick)

No. 1255777

I might be misremembering but isn’t Dasha actually quite tall? I don’t think she got cheek fillers or anything done I think they’re just fuller from weight gain.

No. 1255778

no but only because i have it on good authority that she’s never worked a day in her life and lives off daddy’s money

No. 1255779

She's 5'7", not that tall. Maddie is like 5'10", 5'11" though.

No. 1255780

she should use daddy’s money to get a canthoplasty

No. 1255782

>>1255780 i genuinely don't understand plastic surgery beyond deformity

No. 1255783

I feel like it would look too sharp/ out of place on her face

No. 1255790

File: 1623642385050.jpeg (864.78 KB, 2048x1365, BF283C57-94B9-45E5-AA82-5FF926…)

never noticed before but interestingly there is a surgery scar. cheek implants?(nitpick)

No. 1255792

That’s not a surgery scar that’s just a regular scar that could be from anything, and no one gets cheek implants people get fillers or a fat transfer which wouldn’t leave a scar.

No. 1255797

a blepharoplasty is way too invasive for her to not allude to or say something about, even post a waify hospital bed leg shot after imo, more likely something like strategic Botox in the forehead or even PDO thread lifts. she got masseter Botox (slims the jaw) a while ago & probably still keeps up with the appointments for it now bc it wears off after a few months. she made a comment about getting it in the girls & gays sub at some point

No. 1255801

he was joking about the samememe defense, started mocking berto in the next tweets. a run of the mill irony poster afaict.

No. 1255802

Men posting their Ls

No. 1255803

love the libfem "cause" LARPing already

No. 1255805

Did he delete them all? Bc there’s no tweets on his page mocking Berto

No. 1255808

Anna and Dasha would make fun of any other immigrant actress for doing something that

No. 1255816

i think the entire point of their bit is that they are essentially hypocrites

No. 1255821

She looks great (also pics from the event arent milky maybe her speach and her aftermath tweets were though?)

but not the maryjanes with that dress… sandals.

No. 1255822

haircut on point

No. 1255823


No. 1255826

Anna and Dasha desperately try to mock everything they wished they were, more at 11

No. 1255834

i think its the texture of her hair or that shade of brown combined with her droopy features, i think she would smell like wet, poopy dog fur(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255840

it just looks dry

No. 1255843

isn’t she like a quapa or something

No. 1255850

File: 1623647443713.jpg (43.64 KB, 650x488, 1549307196_1.jpg)


No. 1255851

dasha’s circle of random friends isnt milk, next

No. 1255855

is that supposed to be rice or another grain

No. 1255866

pearl barley

No. 1255875

More like 5’4” and 5’7”. Everyone looks larger and a couple inches taller in photos

No. 1255878

She’s so ugly she makes Dasha look like hot

No. 1255879

Dasha is actually 5’7”, it’s Anna who’s 5’4”

No. 1255881

idk she’s pretty hot(no1curr)

No. 1255882

Dasha is very attractive

No. 1255883

You’re a dog with a grating voice(infighting)

No. 1255887

She would be legitimately below average in a group of girls spending daddy’s money

No. 1255889

Anna lies about her height. Don’t be a retard

No. 1255891

Why would someone lie about being 5’4”

No. 1255895

Why would anyone lie about their height at all? To seem taller. If she said she was 5’8” people would know she’s lying so she goes with 5’4”

No. 1255905

>being ugly whores who are bitter at hotter whores for getting further in life doing the same thing

No. 1255907

File: 1623651497005.png (4.66 MB, 828x1792, B5F7F030-635F-4E48-83C0-E3967C…)

Dasha is so fucking ugly and she’s getting fat

No. 1255910

File: 1623651652955.jpeg (613.3 KB, 2047x1406, B6478450-3561-4E0F-B433-7521FD…)

Looking fat LOL

No. 1255911

OT but it kinda worries me when people call normal weight cows fat, because there's anachans on this board.

No. 1255912

File: 1623651701656.jpeg (931.73 KB, 1365x2048, F54C2AD8-38D1-4684-8379-49C9C6…)

Fat 30 year old wins meaningless award

No. 1255914

The state of the thread whenever Dasha gets mentioned. Why is she such a sperg magnet?

No. 1255915

tinfoil but it could be someone mentioned earlier who wants the thread locked faster

No. 1255918

Maybe because she’s a fat worthless whore

No. 1255924

The first femcel terrorist attack whenever it inevitably happens is 100% going to be done by one of Dasha’s stans

No. 1255932

It worries me when ugly whores like Dasha think they’re talented

No. 1255934

Seeing her smiling with her fake award is sickening, and even more people will fawn over her once she’s on succession even though she’s a cheating lying BPD pro ana slut with the worst voice I’ve ever heard

No. 1255937

Exactly, her getting validation for her efforts is infuriating. She’s not hot, not talented, not smart, not a good actress, she doesn’t deserve to be celebrated and cast in things and seeing her success is depressing

No. 1255938

File: 1623653514455.jpeg (138.21 KB, 795x850, 21C586AB-51EE-4DCE-83AE-FB2C55…)

was this actually something she did

No. 1255939

>being this homely and thinking you can pull off that wrinkled dress while reading off a phone
What a mess

No. 1255940

File: 1623653572410.jpeg (707.05 KB, 1365x2049, 641CFB46-553F-44CB-AB41-B221B9…)

Looking old and fat(sperg)

No. 1255942

Who’s Hermit Thrush was it just a random person or are they some kind of public figure?

No. 1255943

Shiv on Succession was fawned over but she has a round butt. Dasha doesn’t have any above average features to fawn over. It’s why she hates FAT women so much

No. 1255944

He’s a longtime irony twitter guy. Tweets a lot about being very autistic and wanting female twitter followers (fefos).

No. 1255947

Yeah, it's obviously one unhinged newfag who can't sage and keeps posting meaningless text like "fat lol".

No. 1255948

She probably did then, idk why anyone would make a fake account pretending to be her for this >>1255938 and he sounds like just her type.

No. 1255949

File: 1623654542927.jpeg (492.37 KB, 1242x955, 1CE5FEF5-033D-472E-BB99-5A8B80…)

Is this his current account?

No. 1255950

File: 1623654795332.jpeg (76.74 KB, 460x864, 2063D151-45E6-469D-8778-BB1BE2…)

No. 1255952

I’m looking at the account and kind of ot but I feel like so many of these guys online who go on about having autism have misdiagnosed themselves and have bpd…

No. 1255953

It’s funny she is willing to be objectified but only manage a small part on an hbo show that’s about to jump the shark. Anna and Dasha had small parts in PVT chat, Julia Fox has nude scenes. You know it kills them that a FAT woman is much more desirable. Dasha did a sex scene and no one cared except red