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File: 1623819528008.png (376.36 KB, 479x427, 1623680382323.png)

No. 1257839

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>Aimee has some deranged takes on Palestine >>>/snow/1235092 and just about every other subject you could imagine.
>Samantha Pritchard suspended from Twitter >>>/snow/1235579
>Speculation about Anna and Dasha's adolescent life and their mentions of having been in "Epstein like situations" on the podcast >>>/snow/1237076 Also speculation about how much money Anna's father made as a Rutgers prof as it relates to her working-class larp.
>Merrick and her boyfriend are visually repulsive, what's new >>>/snow/1239587
>Dasha potentially having a bigger part in Succession >>>/snow/1240215
>Jack making up people (usually women) to get mad at >>>/snow/1240554 Bringing cookies to work at the office is a human rights violation because some hamplanet can't control himself >>>/snow/1242844
>Infighting about Florence Pugh >>>/snow/1241901
>Gang's all here >>>/snow/1249403
>Dasha's movie wins best feature award at the Berlinale >>>/snow/1249542, she makes a political statement during her acceptance speech, something she and Anna would have made fun of had some American actress done it at the Oscars or any other awards ceremony. >>>/snow/1255668 More ana discussion and whether she has gotten any plastic surgery or fillers.
>Former Chapo host Virgil Texas accused of grooming by an anonymous account >>>/snow/1250753 Unsure of who the accuser is and whether it's someone within the online dirtbag lefty twitter scene >>>/snow/1252322
>Current Chapo host Matt Christman is now in a relationship with Amber Rollo >>>/snow/1251309

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
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Thread #17: >>>/snow/1207734
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Apologies if I left anything out

No. 1257914


No. 1257960

File: 1623846160072.jpeg (99.18 KB, 1080x875, F578DD4E-AB96-4CAE-AE67-AEF710…)

tweeting and raping all the way to the funny farm

No. 1257987

nta who requested in last thread but i’d love to include alt lit/drunken canal too. emily marnell’s tiktok exposes of cat are fresh milk

No. 1257993

Caroline Calloway, too(sage non-contributions)

No. 1258002

Caro deserves her own thread. otherwise she will just take up most of this one.

No. 1258035

I hope she spends that $25k on injectables to plump up her sagging smokers skin or maybe a new pair of titties hers are looking quite low hanging and deflated

No. 1258037

File: 1623855395938.png (673.54 KB, 1200x672, thepancakeof62ndst.png)

Short clip of Dasha's movie and video of her award speech. In the 10 second clip you can tell Dasha can't act and there's two (flat) ass shots.

No. 1258042

Can tell just by the screenshot that shit is pretentious and corny.

No. 1258044

kind of off topic but are there any girls talk backups out there just realized ashley deleted everything again

No. 1258147



It doesn't have nice people show unfortunately. I'll see if I can track that down.

No. 1258155

He's so fucking gross

No. 1258193

Pls summarize I’m dying to know. Used to love Cat but her schtick is so played out now

No. 1258223

Don't know who she is (not deep enough in leftcow scene), what's her shtick?

No. 1258236

No. 1258246

Cat's not really a leftcow, just a NYC pseudomedia fixture with a drug habit she milks for a living.

No. 1258284

hot femcel summer amirite Imagine being bitter and pathetic like OP to take their time to save and post something like this ahaha Bet your parents and significant other would be proud.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1258288

lmao when the person who introduced her had to yell at her to take the award(sage non-milk)

No. 1258298


what does she say at the end? Je vai belarus? Is it meant to be in french or just more horrible runglish gobble gock

No. 1258303

File: 1623886302723.png (788.37 KB, 640x1136, DE8B5D0B-FF85-4DFC-803F-CEA81C…)

Keszler x Curtis x Jospe x Calloway

No. 1258334

Retard, that's how you say "long live Belarus" in Russian

No. 1258391

Is there any milk in the feud between TYT and Jimmy Dore and friends?
Anna's blackmail and their lib allies calling Jimmy's defense of the so-called sexual harassment allegations is pretty funny in my opinion.

No. 1258412

fuck Jimmy Dore(sage your shit)

No. 1258415

not because of that ana shit but just in general(sage non-milk)

No. 1258418

Not much to say, he admitted to workplace sexual harassment because she was simply too sexy for him to not comment on it. Seder and friends talked to Anna about it and said he was lying about what she was wearing on top of it.

No. 1258429

Eugene Kotlyarenko who directed and acted with Dasha (on Wobble Palace) dated Honor Levy (dirtbag leftist “writer prodigy” before she even graduated college. Honor is somewhat milky. She is talentless and pointlessly edgy, posing with swastikas, that kinda thing. Openly admires Dasha and borderline skinwalks her with the “sad girl drugged out ana-chan” style. I notice that Eugene moved on from Honor quickly and got married to Sofie Royer less than a year after he stopped posting about Honor. Sofie claims to be a classically trained musician and DJ, but she also looks like an ana-chan. Eugene sure has a type

No. 1258435

File: 1623899668498.png (747.88 KB, 976x751, mkultramoney.png)

jack deseperately trying to defend adult pokemon card enthusiast womenpostingLs/MKULTRAMONEY as an attractive man to very little engagement from his demented followers.

No. 1258438

i snorted at “my gifted best friend”

No. 1258439

Ana Kasparian

No. 1258440

I don't think Honor would ever have been grouped as "dirtbag left," not just because she came on the scene after that phenomenon had lost its luster, but because she's clearly a right-winger.

No. 1258470

Ugly people stick up for each other.

No. 1258472


Nonny, her pronunciation is so bad she didn't even put the "hit" (don't remember the right word for this) in Belarus in the right place, she pronounced it like you do in english. At this point both of them should only speak english, it's embarrassing

No. 1258491

You mean stress anon

No. 1258521

sorry about your nasolabial folds dashka

No. 1258523

he looks like a FTM who detransitioned after 15 years of T because she realized that she'll always look like the pooner meme

No. 1258524

Ana is a prolific liar so I wouldn't trust her either. She is just bringing this up now because Dore is attacking TYT prolifically. She is just a cynical girl boss, not some Harvey Weinstein victim.

If she was genuine, she would have just gone straight to the press or make announcement on TYT. But she is not.

No. 1258525

I never even knew they did shit like camel toe/crotch shot news segment. I was surprised Ana did that, I know Cenk is a serious sexual deviant thanks to my old edgy fedora ways when I was really into neo atheism and was a big fan of Syeten Atheist who spilled all the tea on his livestreams what a freak Cenk was including watching white girls getting fucked by dogs (and yes they had to be specifically white).

No. 1258526

ah, roachcels and their eternal hate-lust for white women(racebait)

No. 1258621

just remembered dasha's mom's facebook and why do her parents look better than her in that picture of the three of them together

No. 1258627

File: 1623933627576.png (1.04 MB, 1175x843, aimee get help.png)

aimee terese reaching cartoon bestiality levels of femcel

No. 1258668

File: 1623939775878.jpeg (494.06 KB, 640x782, FED29449-9F92-4C23-9ED8-CD8A73…)

Dasha and baby Leonid at Eli's launch party

No. 1258671

Is that Kyle Dasha's ex roommate the bald guy the back? He looks like he's aged 20 years and is textbook Virgin meme with that physique and posture.

No. 1258675

Forehead botox confirmed and something has been done to her face that is making her smile show gum in a way it wasn't. Dasha's smile was one of her only really nice features before.

No. 1258693

She cheated on Adam for that guy? Adam isn't a stud, but Christ.

No. 1258707

does anyone know who runs the perfectangelicdasha account? is it run by her or just some obsessive stalker who compiles all of her pictures

No. 1258712

She looks kinda cute when she walks towards the stage, whatever she's doing now seems to be working

No. 1258717

she used to be so pretty based on her college photos. wtf happened

No. 1258718

>significant other

No. 1258727

internet addiction, stimulant abuse, and isolation. she stopped going outside and being with her other rich girl friends to tweet and podcast into the wee hours of the night with americans. she can't even hold down a completely frivolous paralegal or personal shopper job anymore. aimee used to have friends, now she has frens.

No. 1258730

File: 1623945548220.png (10.01 KB, 246x204, download.png)

She shouldn't post photos of her smiling, it looks demonic

No. 1258822

File: 1623957104815.png (236.21 KB, 586x519, az kb.png)

Did Azealia Banks actually copy from a tweet that was originally about kantbot?

Also when did he get married? I noticed he's been constantly dropping that he has a wife for some time, hope its genuine and not a psychotic cope from all the incel stuff he was involved with

No. 1258848

No, that "miya" retard was featured in this >>1225204 orbiter's art thing and has been hyping himself again since, circulating fake screenshots is how he does his meme magic (oh, sorry - hyperstition!). After his original account got banned and he was outed as an ugly pajeet and got shit for literally grooming underage e-girls on instagram he became irrelevant and the esoteric right dropped him completely, he's since been looking for a way to make himself relevant again.

No. 1259088

File: 1623974293079.png (24.39 KB, 220x183, 220px-Trollface_non-free.png)

lmao you're tripping, her smile always looked like this

No. 1259108

File: 1623976355375.png (104.8 KB, 946x518, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 8.31…)

who are the film guys in this, Maddie seems to take it personally

No. 1259158

i think she’s just being a bitch cos marie probably shit talked the movie or something

No. 1259188

the ion pack

No. 1259189

no maddie is friends with ip

No. 1259205

ip is eugene and vish velandy, i thought that was common knowledge

No. 1259213

File: 1623986329167.png (1.52 MB, 1788x730, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.1…)

I'm sure they're involved but Eugene isn't in New York where they record. Caroline Calloway posted a picture with them and it doesn't look like either.

No. 1259217

hm i dunno! i’ve just heard rumblings it’s eugene and figured it was because dasha was an early guest. my friend was an art PA on an alex ross perry film with marie and she wasn’t exactly nice to the PA’s. from what i gather her scene of film ppl aren’t friendly with the eugene/dasha scene

No. 1259220

Can confirm Marie is a bitter failure/loser. ARP’s wife was just posting pics of Dasha with their baby, and his cinematographer did Wobble Palace, so there is some overlap.

No. 1259226

Well if I as a native Slavic language speaker (not Russian) was able to pick up on it then surely you should've as well

No. 1259238

lol it isn't either of those people

No. 1259261

File: 1623990614115.png (228.11 KB, 340x337, yawn.png)

Matt Christman descending into grade school-tier pop history for tweens with yet another Stitcher Premium podcast

No. 1259264

I wonder if it'll be as phoned in as the TV show podcast he does with felix

No. 1259310

jesus christ that is an embarrassing illustration style. no shade

No. 1259323

File: 1623997532070.jpeg (160.38 KB, 1002x1024, E4EDaqmXMAA-QRT.jpeg)

No. 1259328


the eyes look like they were ripped from one of those obnoxious, disturbing cartoon boob diversity illustrations

No. 1259361

miya’s indian? does anyone have caps

No. 1259362

File: 1624004347191.jpg (128.18 KB, 905x862, aimee terese break the rules.J…)

Four hours of Aimee Terese on Break The Rules podcast


No. 1259380

>doesn’t speak Russian

I mean neither do either Dasha or Anna


No. 1259421

what she say?

No. 1259476

Yeah, it was pretty obvious in her Berlinale speech that she’s done a bunch of work to her face recently. Her Lolita ingenue phase failed since she’s aging like a smoker, so I guess she’s going for the nipped & tucked girlboss aesthetic now that her career is finally getting some traction.

No. 1259479

This is why I laughed when anons were sperging about how Dasha couldn’t possibly have had 70+ sexual partners in the other thread. It’s super easy for an ugly woman to rack up a body count that high if she goes for bottom-of-the-barrel moids like Dasha does.

No. 1259657

I don't know if it's the 10 days of silence or what but virgil texas is striking me as extremely innocent(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1259680

File: 1624049712721.png (166.22 KB, 948x694, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 4.49…)

The scarethots make me kind of feel bad for Dasha. The braindead girls that over identify are scarier than the school shooter scrotes.

No. 1259682

They’re legit terrifying and I feel like it’s these same exact people who come here whenever she gets mentioned and spam post about how much of an ugly whore she is

No. 1259703

god that's fucking grim. i only know two people irl who listen to red scare, one admitted she only listens to them to trigger her ED. the other is obsessed with it and relapsed severely after years of recovery, presumably because of them. i can't begin to imagine all the harm they're singlehandedly causing to their listeners honestly

No. 1259710

Eh idk if you can really blame them for that. If you’re going to be that affected by a podcast you have deeper problems going on to begin with. They do seem to attract a disproportionate amount of people with various forms of severe mental illness though.

No. 1259715

Is that anna? because that's technically better then I imagined, I'll give her credit where it's due I guess, she's understandable

No. 1259720

She says her russian is at the level of a fifth grader (I think she means kindergarten, five year old) but her pronunciation is good because her mom refused to learn and still can't speak english. She says some mildly weird stuff because her vocabulary is highly limited like using word "accent" instead "pronunciation" and uses english sentence structures but otherwise is better then average tbf.

No. 1259724

Oh for sure, those posts are so unintegrated and are obviously coming from a place of a lot of emotion about her. At that point it goes beyond laughing at a cow

No. 1259728

I'm another anon in favour of including alt lit people itt. Also, please post the milk about Cat Marnell, I missed her sister's tiktok

No. 1259737

she’s replying to comments calling her sick and mentally ill with videos of herself. in one of them she claims Cat and her friends all harassed her, and that her family tried to put her in a “$50k rehab center” kek

No. 1259745

>If you’re going to be that affected by a podcast you have deeper problems going on to begin with.
you mean, like an eating disorder?

No. 1259754

well yeah, young women tend to have the deep problem of being very susceptible to developing or relapsing into eating disorders.. which is precisely why it's disgusting and irresponsible for washed up 30-somethings to drone on about how sexy and cool anorexia is to their adoring audience of young women every week

No. 1259756

File: 1624056672357.png (168.26 KB, 1184x762, Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 8.46…)

dasha cucking adam with a balding, weedy, unemployed, useless leech like kyle is one of the most evil things she's ever done. still can't get over that he's apparently NOT an actual faggot, just pretends to be one to get degenerate art hoe pussy. these people are sick

No. 1259758

Why do people always say she slept with this guy? It seems to have just come out of nowhere.

No. 1259766

File: 1624057010793.png (141.8 KB, 1180x612, Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 8.53…)

still don't get what is so offensive about Shant's stupid tweet to warrant a 3 day meltdown from grifter podcasters and their fans but Dasha has sided with the Chapos while Anna has sided with Aimee/Shant based on their likes

No. 1259768

File: 1624057152539.png (126.36 KB, 1182x486, Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 8.57…)

even though Red Scare literally made this a trend in the first place, Anna has officially deemed shoplifting as cringe because Aimee says so

No. 1259774

His little tirade wasn't offensive, it's just hilariously idiotic. All the big leftist pods that he's complaining about have extremely-easy-to-find pirate feeds, yet they still manage to do okay.

No. 1259775

Dasha is definitely more of the shoplifting defense type than Anna. The day she denounces it is the day the pod is over.

No. 1259779

no offence but your friend sounds weak imho. this is the same defence used for school shooters and media violence, it’s pathetic really

No. 1259781

They lived together after her break up is why. I don't think he's one of the main guys she cheated with if they've ever even hooked up.
>>1259768 Anna seems too much of a goody goody scared of her parents to have had a shoplifting phase. Now she has to pretend her being a chickenshit rule follower is because she's moral.

No. 1259787

kek, i promise she is not my friend, she's obsessed with red scare. just an observation on the behavior of the only longtime listeners i know of

No. 1259789

Anna has actually talked about stealing from Sephora on the pod a few times. They may've been just testers though

No. 1259790

The podcast does that, as well as validating their average looking listeners who are envious of hot celebs. Either directly talking negatively or implying select famous women aren’t that good looking. They’ve said not so nice things about the appearances of Taylor Swift, Christina Hendricks, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence. I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed but it’s very obvious why they say these disparaging comments about attractive women’s appearances, they are resentful that men find them more attractive

No. 1259792

having body image issues is the same as shooting up a school

No. 1259796

Should add, it validates incel resentment too. Incels love to disparage attractive women

No. 1259815

There’s no link between media violence and school shootings, but there is evidence to suggest eating disorders are socially contagious.

No. 1259828

Felinas husband was real after all

No. 1259831

File: 1624062180042.png (383.63 KB, 598x606, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.20…)

i find it so hard to believe aimee isn't a troll or a right wing plant. every single take she posts is so fucking batshit insane, picrel. alex jones type shit

No. 1259832

>Christina Hendricks
Let me guess, they called her fat.

No. 1259836

Personally I don't find it "offensive," it's just retarded. Patreon RSS feeds are shared among everyone and even the Chapo forum until recently had a whole directory of them. He could've found a better analogy to make his point but no

No. 1259840

she has to be fictional. fucking matilda? I don't know whether to commend her for the commitment to the bit or to throw my hands up in surrender.

No. 1259879

I can't believe she saved that image, attached it to a tweet, and decided to post it seriously

No. 1259883

you better believe that all of the "dasha's role in succession makes me want to kms" or "dasha is NOT ugly REEEEEE" posters itt are these entities and dasha

No. 1259888

if tubby dashka triggers your ed you need glasses more than mental help

No. 1259895

>Muh Adam

Cucking a cumcel is the only based thing she has done in her life.

>still can't get over that he's apparently NOT an actual faggot, just pretends to be one to get degenerate art hoe pussy

Literally no faggots in the redscare orbit are actual faggots. I know the idea is offensive to many, but everyone from Jack to samememe is an incel jailhouse fag. Believing whatever men say they're into instead of observing what they say and do is full rainbow lib retard.

No. 1259904

Oh come on. If Jack wasn’t gay he obviously would have like raped and murdered at least few dozen women by now.

No. 1259919

Same, despite how viscerally disturbing the idea of a male red scare listener is, Dasha is like the only person ever I think is genuinely way more likely to be killed by one of her reply girls than reply guys

No. 1259923

File: 1624072085717.jpg (22.54 KB, 439x440, margotrobbie-wolfofwallstreet.…)

>calling Margot Robbie ugly
>expecting this to come across as anything but dumpy femcel seethe

This is just straight up sad, Anna And Dasha are better off killing themselves at this point. The fact that Margot and all the other Stacies are girlboss libfems probably makes them cope, binge and purge even more.(a-logging)

No. 1259925

File: 1624072232029.png (712.26 KB, 1284x649, parasocial friendship creep.pn…)

not that anna fans are any less freaks (lofi republican the biggest). why would you photoshop someone else's selfie onto a bag and sell it? anna's a wealthy podcaster, not an actual celebrity.

No. 1259927

He'd have to be not a hamplanet to do that.

No. 1259930

she will get bored and turn on them in a few months just like anarchist dj and bill kezos did. her politics shapeshift around white dick much like anarchist dj does for white pussy and kezos does for dirty crust punk white bussy.

No. 1259931

I think Jack is honestly worse, does anyone else remember how much he used to orbit the red scare girls in the early days? I know he loves to call people parasocial but I have never seen anything that excessive or that shameless.

No. 1259932

When has Bill Kezos ever been a fan or lofi republican or any of those people? What were his old politics?

No. 1259934

lol the only reason he even ascended to his level of micro e-celebrity in the first place was because he gained a reputation as a prolific A + D orbiter.

No. 1259938

there are 2 hosts

No. 1259949

NTA but how is this blogposting? Is it because the anon said the word ‘me’? Lmfao

No. 1259951

It’ll be more because it’s unsaged. Because of the CSA thing lolcows userbase like doubled and there’s a bunch of newfags not saging so mods are being stricter about it for a period of time.

No. 1259958

Fair enough. Maybe redtexting in a way that will promote healthy board culture without confusing them would be more beneficial. Like, sage your non-contribution. Speculating in a alleged left-sphere groomers innocence doesn’t strike me as too offensive either way, but blogging?

No. 1259968

Blaming your body image issues on a podcast is the same as blaming school shooting on video games. I know the ol' starved brain doesn't work good, but at least try to think before you post.

No. 1260024

NTA but I think those anons were talking about people who already had those mental problems going into the podcast, not saying that the podcast gave them those issues

No. 1260025

eating disorders are proven to be socially contagious and are not comparable to shooting up a school

No. 1260054

blaming school shooting

No. 1260118

File: 1624115334804.jpeg (219.82 KB, 471x794, 20281016-38DA-4E18-B509-B756BA…)

Nothing like some Lost Cause revisionism and Jewish race science to kick off the weekend for Aimee

No. 1260359

No they haven’t. This is a theory some people have but it hasn’t been “proven” as fact and there’s not really any more evidence supporting it that there is for the video games cause violence thing.

No. 1260453

File: 1624142272131.png (297.68 KB, 933x503, scary61.png)

Looks like Dasha's movie leaked

No. 1260465


No. 1260468

okay so maddie is trans? this movie is pandering to autogynephiles to get zealous tranny fandom bux?

No. 1260473

Really can't tell if she's trans or not. She said she was on the redscarepod sub once, but she might have been joking. She's clearly on the spectrum. She's very tall, has a noticeable adam's apple, small tits, trans-sounding voice, and a stocky build. Who knows.

No. 1260487

serious question but what’s wrong with being trans?

No. 1260488

dasha won an award for blowing a tranny on screen.

No. 1260489

literally nothing, just some people living lol

No. 1260491

it's cringe

No. 1260494

i mean its their life so

No. 1260497

yeah. part of why these cows are insufferable is cos of their constant mean spirited judgment and i feel like you’re no better than them if you’re also attacking people for something very personal to them. just my 2p.(bait)

No. 1260500

If she was trans and was going around being public on reddit no way Dasha wouldn't be saying "my trans friend" to defend herself or using it to promo their movie.

No. 1260501

coddling mentally ill people, it is all so tiresome(not a gc thread)

No. 1260503

It's not just "their life" when they're demanding everyone else, including medical professionals, cater to their personal issues and throwing a huge fucking fit whenever anyone has the audacity to call a spade a spade.(not a gc thread)

No. 1260521

This isn't a Gender Crit thread. Focus on the cows.

No. 1260523

i dont really know who these people are but the last name 'nekrasova' really sounds like "ne krasevaya" in my head. russian anons will get it

No. 1260534

i swear the maddie poster is samefagging, i never even heard of her before these threads.

No. 1260535

still not on any torrent sites so its clearly being shared around some discord/group chat thing, who has it? leak it here

No. 1260538

File: 1624149205547.jpg (89.36 KB, 960x960, pikabonita_202556502_510408923…)

Not really what i was expecting him to look like

No. 1260575

That's exactly what I would expect him to look like

No. 1260579

Same but I am curious what >>1260538 was imagining

No. 1260580

No. 1260588


No. 1260593

File: 1624154412180.jpg (387.41 KB, 1536x2048, dasha blood pressure.jpg)

compare the eyes there to here. definitely had some work done recently

No. 1260615

couldn't she just be performing c*nnilingus

No. 1260634

File: 1624163489114.png (168.94 KB, 322x312, tired of your shit.png)

Ugh, Felix is already a crap cohost (sans Will), Chris will be much worse. As much as Virgil sucks, his dynamics with Matt are much better, not these two fucks.

No. 1260639

Late reply, but fuck it.
This guy is extremely ugly. The way Dasha always tries to play up Kyle previously on the pod you would expect him to be some good looking typical youtuber white gay, not some disgusting bird looking freaking.
I can't imagine anyone with any self respect fucking this guy.

No. 1260698

All these people are unattractive, but there's this weird vested interest in claiming they're attractive when it comes to their fanbase, themselves, etc.
It's a really weird LARP.

No. 1260731

File: 1624186428659.png (103.87 KB, 498x552, tiresome.png)

god these people are so fucking lame

No. 1260780

This picture is taken with Snow, you can tell by the smoothing filter. That could account for making her eyes look weird from picture to picture, as well possibly

I love how Alice and Aimee are supposed to have each other blocked or something but are still posting about each other

No. 1260826

Ugh Alice's constant simpbait is so tiring. Her whole acct is just this and strategic sucking up to bigger accts. The red scare/Aimee circle spit her out so now she's suddenly Liz Bruenig's bestie. Still not convinced she's not a 40 year old dude.

No. 1260853

is she really? i thought she was just the "autistic friend" dasha and nick mullen would bring up. she has the same weird PS/lip filler that a lot of mtfs get where their face looks frozen and painful (contrapoints and hari nef)

No. 1260921

I would easily bang Nick Mullen (minus his insane terrorist beard) and Felix in a heartbeat. The rest? Fuck no.(no1curr)

No. 1261002

File: 1624224030302.jpeg (31.99 KB, 400x400, 23D66AEA-6806-42D4-8A49-3336B6…)

One anon said if she was trans then Dasha would milk it for the movie, but there are trans people who don’t want to be publicly recognized as trans. She could just be a boyish looking cis gal. Hard to say

No. 1261044

Alice isn't real who cares

No. 1261065

ugly, vicious nerds.

No. 1261066

is she the autistic girl from the oreo story?

No. 1261069

yeah it seems more likely that she's just an unfortunate looking woman
apparently she's the girl mentioned in this

No. 1261074

too bad there's no pictures of these two that could humorously highlight their height difference

No. 1261077

this is about carsx911/alison, it’s mentioned in a red scare episode

No. 1261084

are there any What's Left rss feeds out there since the blackqfeed guy took all his feeds down?

No. 1261119

Lol. Anna confirms what we all know, she reads these fucking threads.

In the latest episode she finally goes full patriot, I'm not Russian, and I have never claimed to be (even though that's the whole point of your shit pod and you have been playing up your Armenian/Russian bullshit for 3 years) so haha my haters I gotcha.

Anna, I know you are here, you are an ugly pig and no amount of anorexic body routine will fix that. Eli will leave you and your kid will probably become the very leftist degenerate pride riding leather belt sluts you hate.

No. 1261126

tl;dr. did she fuck your boyfriend?

No. 1261128

Ok not to wk but thats not at all what she said. You're giving yourself way too much credit. also she gets shit for that all the time on the main subreddit (which she def still lurks) no way at all does it "confirm" she reads these threads. You sound pretty desperate

No. 1261129

File: 1624242667349.png (391.33 KB, 600x461, 2fd.png)

>not to wk
>but let me gaslight everyone here
Lmao, the only thing right you got is that he is desperate.

No. 1261132

Anna vacillates between Russian, Jewish, Armenian, and American identities whenever it most suits her. Seem to remember her and Dasha ragging on AOC for "code-switching" yet it was just total projection.

No. 1261134

File: 1624243685692.jpeg (30.36 KB, 562x226, 4AECC64E-915A-475C-AC2D-A21C11…)

No. 1261136

Lmao, A&D have directly referenced (and stolen) topics and talking points from these threads on the pod. This wouldn't be thw first confirmation, she has chimped about this place before.

No. 1261143

this is such a fantasy. literally name one thing. they take stuff from the subreddit which has thousands of people on it, not here.

No. 1261149

File: 1624245385018.png (940.91 KB, 1550x1114, leiaispudgyandlipless.png)

They do all read here but I don't think they've taken topics from here.

No. 1261150

lol Maddie isn’t trans she’s just Dasha’s plainer friend she latched onto to feel prettier than and exploit the “talents” of

No. 1261154

File: 1624246214660.png (106.65 KB, 2384x204, modlol.png)

well the head red scare reddit mod def lurks here

No. 1261155

>this is such a fantasy
NTA, but this is really weird wording. Who would fantasize about something so banal? Are you from their subreddit, lol?

No. 1261160


No. 1261162

Chapo was doomed to fail after biden won the whitehouse

No. 1261164

Why would the mod ask the subreddit about that? What a moron

No. 1261178

We have thread about leftcows. Why dont we have thread about rightoids?

No. 1261179

There's a tradthot thread, check the catalog.

No. 1261187

isn't this mod literally maddie? even says the same equinox working out line in the post history.

No. 1261191

Go to 26:10
>”I consider myself an American and I consider myself a patriot”
>”I have a lot of love for America and I’m not one of these liberals constantly looking for problems in America..you and I are philosophically Russian”

No. 1261192

Didn’t someone say it was Maddie in a precious thread? Interesting if true. She mods r/leftysnark and posted photos of herself in third person as well

No. 1261194

Chapo was doomed to fail because full-blown AIDS is always fatal.

No. 1261217

kek you can always tell of it's a scarethot or an orbiter by their psychotic fixation on infidelity bc their bugmen are openly attracted to other women

No. 1261221

probably some deluded wellbutrina who desperately wants scarethots to be above lurking on lolcow but thinks that taylor swift and julia fox post here to shittalk dasha

No. 1261269

Idk, I think she has definitely lurked since in her interview with the Russian dudes she kept referring to her haters "on forums"

No. 1261284

I mean she liked that bimbo girls tweet about femcel 4chan or whatever and will have seen when Dasha was posting about the Jezebel thing so she obviously knows about it

No. 1261352

Alexandrawallace is honestly too smart to be Maddie based on post history

No. 1261353

>no patience for American moralism
>gripes and scolds a woman for euthanising her dangerous dog

In the U.K. it’s a criminal offense for your dog to be out of control like Bonnie was and this is a country much stricter about animal welfare than America

No. 1261359

File: 1624290650301.jpeg (202.21 KB, 509x808, 789A248F-5217-4D79-8C4E-04B1FE…)

We're reaching new levels of avant-garde brain poisoning, this is hilarious

No. 1261361

File: 1624291050265.png (1.18 MB, 1294x1328, wtf.png)

No. 1261387

File: 1624292505091.jpg (139.94 KB, 1200x628, scale_1200.jpg)

literally everything Anna tweets is some sort of a moralfag whine kek she reminds me of pic related both in looks and demeanor

No. 1261388

Not defending Anna, but is ranting about someone who impulse-got an animal like a toy then used euthanizing it as a way to make click money really excessive moralism?
>simp, give money, loyalty, attack others to defend her honor
Pot calling the kettle black, if you replace "facist" with "Democrat" or "libtard" this is just how Aimee encourages her own followers to act in her defense

No. 1261391

File: 1624292733011.jpeg (57.77 KB, 400x618, 8C487FAF-18E5-4EAC-BA9E-17A82B…)

if only being a hysterical messy bitch could get YOU friends Aimee

Isn’t Russia quite famous for not being a dog loving nation?
They have to euthanise all their stray dogs every time they host a major sports event and murdered one of said stray dogs by shooting it into space

No. 1261417

Aimee "why use 1 adjective when you can use 18" Terese back at it again. It's like she's making magnetic poetry exclusively with 10 year old 4chan buzzwords.

No. 1261439

I have no idea how a shelter got away with adopting out a dog with such severe behavioural issues to a first time dog owner by lying about its history

No. 1261457

Her jaw is so weirdly skewed to the side, she should see a jaw specialist doctor instead of buying discount Jaquemus dresses

No. 1261466


There's an interesting, if unoriginal, point here. Tradwifery is sexual roleplay that makes the "accidental" breastfeeding pics exciting for both parties.

But Aimee can't write a coherent sentence and she can't go five minutes without pandering to groypers

No. 1261475

Is Aimee on crack? Her word salad tweets and memes are even more schizoid than usual.

No. 1261477

There’s an entire tradthot thread here (and many other places) making that point, it’s beyond unoriginal. All Aimee did was filter it through her mental illness/amphetamine addiction and say it more obnoxiously and less coherently, like a drunk hobo trying to sing a Top 40 song.

No. 1261489

Unironically yes, and/or other stimulants, and the grossest part of this scene is how they meme Aimee as an unheralded genius instead of an obvious addict circling the drain. Anna K in particular loves to defend AT's "beauty" in the "garden witch" pic like Aimee's biggest problem is not being considered attractive online. Depressing scene full of fake friends.

No. 1261545

>like a drunk hobo trying to sing a Top 40 song
My sides, anon

No. 1261562

I often do wonder what actual Russians and post Soviet immigrants who left when they were much older think of Anna and Dasha’s little Russian LARP

No. 1261615

File: 1624312159768.jpeg (178.16 KB, 640x429, 0028904C-6668-4543-8FE9-DF1741…)

"Why is everyone so obsessed with little old me?"

No. 1261619

she’s been a Catholic for like ten seconds

No. 1261628

wonder if this is actually referring to a specific essay, or it's just more brand-building wankery

No. 1261668

She has to be aware that this applies equally to her herself as it does to Liz. So that begs the question, how does she rationalize it to herself?

No. 1261730

Liz Bruenig try not to humblebrag for 1 tweet challenge (impossible)

No. 1261793

the way scarethots sing praises to deformed mentally ill femcel fuggos while seething with venom over Hollywood stacies never fails to send me
the same way she rationalizes being a failed girlboss

No. 1261824

File: 1624336273268.png (2.39 MB, 1164x1612, Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 12.2…)

in italy?

No. 1261825

Shooting Succession, it's what that passport photo she posted a few weeks back was for.

No. 1261837

How do you know? Source?

No. 1261838

The guy who plays Greg commented on that picture and another cast mate. It's in the last thread. Succession has been filming in Italy for the last month.

No. 1261909

Damn, that's some next level desperation for relevance, no1curr'd about those literal whos, they literally got those posts and that's it

No. 1261950

File: 1624359459241.jpg (273.43 KB, 1125x861, IMG_2982.jpg)


No. 1261968

clips or it didn't happen

No. 1261971

File: 1624362219775.png (12.37 KB, 548x140, Screenshot_2.png)

Huh, post deleted…? Why?

No. 1262026

File: 1624371021551.png (168.65 KB, 1475x876, sirens going.png)

samememe advocating impregnating a 10th grader for posting dumb shit on tiktok. the scarethots are annoying but it's horrendous that they back a freak who belongs in a cage.

No. 1262055

has it actually been screened anywhere? or did someone get a link to it on a torrent site or something

No. 1262058

It's been screening outdoors in Berlin recently as part of the festival. Critics who recorded it from their festival screener and friends who got a link have been spreading it among themselves. Will most likely be on the torrent sites soon.

No. 1262107

Worst part is he’s a teacher too. I truly feel sorry for any female or minority students in his class.

No. 1262145

I love how rapememe correctly conceptualizes pregnancy by him as a horrible fate akin to becoming a pooner

No. 1262208

File: 1624391923227.png (271.9 KB, 797x1470, pseudoslavaristocracy2.png)

tepid redscare wannabe paranoidlikes is slowly trying to climb her way up the knockoff podcast ladder. she was posted here before, but that she's rich wasn't. what do you mean not everyone went to private school for the children of european aristocrats uwu

No. 1262218

Wait is that true that she did? May I please see receipts anon?

No. 1262219

Is this meant for Liz B? I thought they were friends?

No. 1262231

which part? jana surkova admits to being rich in the tweets, private international schools aren't for poor people lol. wrt to the lowbie podcast social climbing she appeared on lehrer's podcast, asukahomo's podcast, then started her own and invited felina (yes that one), anna k bag seller girl, and lehrer to guest. would rather pour bleach in my ears than listen to any of the above.

No. 1262269

Have you been living under a rock? Aimee turned on her about a year ago after she wrote some pro-BLM stuff in the NYT.

No. 1262270

aimee doesn't have friends, just future enemies

No. 1262290

so true being a teen mom and getting married to some terminally online pedo will definitely stop people from becoming a “libtard genderfreak”. It worked out really well for Onision’s wife/husband, for example, who did literally exactly what rapememe recommends.

No. 1262312

It's because Anna regularly likes and parrots Aimee's posts. I thought her and Liz B are friends, which is baffling because most people wouldn't be friends with people that regularly associate with people that call their partner a cuck.

No. 1262324

Anna seems to have taken Aimee's criticism of Liz B to heart. If you listen to the Bruenig Derangement Syndrome ep, she spends the latter half passive aggressively critiquing Liz using all of Aimee's talking points. Liz sent her a care package after she gave birth to Leonid so there's still some goodwill there, but you can tell she's a little annoyed with her constant tradwife bait.

No. 1262325

Ah gotcha. It makes sense now. Thanks anon.

No. 1262330

This is what I got from that too. Dasha was being really defensive and Anna kept trying to sneak in critiques. Sad thing is Anna prefaced their discussion with how Liz had sent her a baby care package weeks before. Pathetic to have some random insane woman's rants on someone you've met become your own opinions.

No. 1262333

does dasha even like aimee? dasha never seem to be around when anna guests on podcasts or streams aimee hosts. though staying away from a vengeful twitter addict is a good pr move.

No. 1262336

For better or worse, Liz B does have connections unlike Aimee. It's best not to poke her if you want to progress in the media landscape. Anna is unironically the retarded one of the duo because Dasha is trying to hedge her chances in case this podcast grift dries up so she is trying to make sure she doesn't burn bridges with too many people. Anna is fucked if the podcast money dries up and Eli leaves her.

No. 1262342

Reminds me of Anna’s scene in PVT chat where she comments on art and looks bored and old. Her and Dasha are both horrible actresses

No. 1262365

DASHA says whatever whore shit that she thinks betas will think is interesting. Yeah I'm sure she was close friends with Epstein and used to be the top sex trafficking idol

No. 1262390

Imagine being a loli-larping pickme so delusional you wish you were trafficked by Epstein because it would validate your angelic wellbutrin teen delusions kek

No. 1262453

Something about rapememe in particular saying the words "becoming a mom at age 19" is extremely creepy and disgusting, like he's typing it with a coomer face literally drooling over his keyboard, fingers crusty with dried cum

No. 1262455

There is no way this movie isn’t horrible. There is a lesbian scene in but it hasn’t leaked on any streaming site? That means it sucks

No. 1262459

It’s extremely creepy and pathetic. He supposedly has a newborn but is still spending his time online seething over tiktok videos from 16 year old girls fantasising about them becoming teen moms.

No. 1262476

He’s either just turned or is about to turn 40 years old at this point too. He is truly one of the most disgusting freaks ever posted here, like being a 40 year old man with a baby watching tiktoks of tenth graders and complaining about them not being teen moms, and feeling compelled to publicly express this thought, is beyond pathetic. I hope his kid is made up.

No. 1262860

File: 1624483045113.jpg (25.13 KB, 579x588, EkisS-sXUAIGlKB.jpg)

This is one of the pictures that was going around of Miya / Sonya, there are 2 others. He's 5'5" apparently, very high caste. There was quite a detailed video at the time that showed how he slipped up by reusing some poetry that he'd written on his own facebook page and an old blog but I can't find it any more.

No. 1263013

File: 1624498235361.png (412.6 KB, 348x1026, Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 9.25…)

Anna making parent friends with another right wing think tank loser. He works for something called the Charlemagne Institute. "Charlemagne Institute is an educational nonprofit organization leading a cultural movement to defend and advance Western Civilization".

No. 1263015

File: 1624498264120.png (281.74 KB, 1280x1240, Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 9.23…)

That place is a big fan of Hitler.

No. 1263065

local churka worries about the huwite race, more at 11

No. 1263460

Someone posted a dl link for Dasha's movie on the subreddit

No. 1263477

post it here, the reddit servers just went down

No. 1263489

No. 1263490

these LARP tanks are so juvenile. what a joke that they are actually taken seriously. billionaire class posting L's having donation receipts to these

No. 1263511

does anyone know if anna's bf has moved in with her yet? i remember speculation that he hadn't yet in the last thread, seems embarrassing to be pushing the tradwife and mother angle if you're basically a single mom.

No. 1263668

is this a rough cut or a bad rip of it?? just flicking through it now and i didn't think the cinematography would look so amateurish after dasha's hype about "using real film". the promo pics of it look way better. I'll watch it later but it seems more jess franco meets lena dunham than giallo meets kubrick lol, dasha's performance at least seems entertainingly trashy

No. 1263670

File: 1624587513705.jpg (344.62 KB, 1251x739, Untitledk.jpg)

hairbrush girl reviews Dashas movie

No. 1263673

sounds about right

No. 1263699

only retarded billionaires like thiel do this

No. 1263702

File: 1624592151423.png (885.52 KB, 1208x643, Scary.png)

>Her face looks much better at a higher weight.
Oh, 100%. Never seen a selfie where she's this heavy, and she honestly looks her best here.

No. 1263736

pritch has been suspended again

No. 1263737

No. 1263739

the scene in question lmao https://streamable.com/p53j61

No. 1263756

jesus christ, is this the moment Red Scare finally jumps the shark?

No. 1263759

Tbf this is exactly what I expected.

No. 1263761


Ghislaine didn't dress like this at all

No. 1263762

that's glenn

No. 1263763

it's Glenn, Glenn Maxwell

No. 1263766



No. 1263771

holy shit thats hilarious

No. 1263778


Im now convinced this movie was a comedy and dasha is in fact a comedic genius

No. 1263784

File: 1624608732423.jpg (193.33 KB, 1080x785, IMG_20210625_101027.jpg)

This is quite creepy considering the shit he said here


No. 1263785

This makes me feel like the movie may actually be enjoyable in the so bad it’s good way

No. 1263786

Why are these types always so obsessed with birth control? Lofi republican is the same, he has like 100+ tweets about it or something.

No. 1263794

The main reason women are opressed is our reproductive capability and they hate women

No. 1263810

simple. women are weaker than men(shit baiting)

No. 1263868

>I thought it was a Raid: Shadow Legends ad
Fucking lmao

This is like a parody of someone trying to act. I almost can't believe it's possible for it to be anything other than a comedy at this point

No. 1263882

File: 1624625398270.png (38.94 KB, 1231x786, jana co.png)

sage for possible non-contribution

>>1262208 Jana (@paranoidlikes) tried and failed to set up a bookshop in London last year during all the lockdowns. Great business sense.

No. 1263899

What does it have to do with anything

No. 1263903

of course she has the money to start a business in a london shopping district at 21.

No. 1263916

File: 1624629998980.png (80.79 KB, 739x649, illiterate aimee.png)

aimee does not read anything but twitter posts and jacobin/bruenig articles (to combat chapo trap house)

No. 1263917

They are beta males who want to make sure you can't opt out if they do somehow manage to nut in you by miracle.

No. 1263919

You forgot Marx, Aimee.

No. 1263923

maybe i'm being too optimistic but has anyone seen the full thing? if so was this possibly supposed to be funny when watched in context?

No. 1263924

it’s being described as very comedic by critics and i definitely got that vibe while watching from the pastebin link. hate to say it but i laughed several times. i do think she’s overly serious the way she thinks about herself as a filmmaker in a way that’s hilarious after actually seeing it.

No. 1263930

File: 1624631682530.jpg (357.72 KB, 1080x1818, Aimeesmad.jpg)

Seems that Aimee didn't take his tweet very kindly. Probably felt called out.

No. 1263939

Don't forget the one where she claims feminism has no theory and only memes, right before reminding everyone she never reads theory

If they hadn't presented it as so serious up until now it would have made more sense, intentional or not there's definitely some real hilarity in this. The gay boyfriend joke was kind of out of date, but some of the "serious" parts are making me cackle

No. 1263951

Engels and Marx wrote some feminist theory. But she never read them, so how would she know?

No. 1263969

made for tv hallmark ass 'film'. just lol.

No. 1264011

That doesn't fit her narrative of Marx and Luxemburg being baste owning the libs antifeminists just like her

No. 1264033

File: 1624642604101.jpg (196.4 KB, 828x1472, comfreyandgreg.jpg)

for the anon asking for proof dasha is filming in italy

No. 1264222

File: 1624656460808.jpeg (264.26 KB, 620x768, EE21238C-362C-46FE-8D2D-EA6C40…)

What exactly is she trying to say here?

No. 1264229

File: 1624656757073.png (113.01 KB, 1184x358, Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 5.29…)

She has to know her writing is bad right? She does this for attention? And she ignores anyone who critiques her even in good faith then acts like no one can match her intellect. How long until she's back to writing long essays at random redditors.

No. 1264254

I watched it. It’s marketed as a thriller or horror movie, solid 3/10, not scary or thrilling at all

No. 1264263

can we get another, working link? plzzzz

No. 1264265

someone posted a mega link on /tv/ a few days ago. Should be easy to find in the archives

No. 1264390

She is just morphing into Aimee

No. 1264580

When the postnatal schizophrenia hits

No. 1264613

Imagine typing that and accusing anyone else of "word salad".

No. 1264693

She's not. She's calling the phrase word salad a "leftist" thing the way Aimee does aka she thinks it's an insult that doesn't mean anything, that Chapos/DSAs only use against them to silence their brilliant analysis. It's beyond their grasp that anyone might genuinely not get what the fuck they are rambling on about. They do the same thing with the phrase "log off."

No. 1264699

File: 1624709957048.jpeg (234.8 KB, 750x765, FDD2685E-5D0F-4BA8-A5F5-C6DFF4…)

does anyone else brownnose as hard as this obese lump? How do they not see through it

No. 1264701

Ah yes, this totally banal observation that has been made by everyone even mildly critical of woke culture for the past six years was invented by Anna just one month ago.

No. 1264713

even woke libtards have been talking about performative wokeness for like five years now

No. 1264721

Anna claims calling wokeness performance art not just performative is her own brilliant insight. Never mind that that exact phrasing has also been used for years.

No. 1264843

Women bad, men good. Donate to my Patreon

No. 1264856

Weird how she said she dislikes AGPs but Jack, a complete AGP who spergs about how evil vaginas are while imagining having one constantly, is a-ok

No. 1264858

"Through EVERY account and podcast" - lol the incredulous way he says this is Jack outing himself as someone whose intellectual life is exclusively limited to Twitter and podcasts. Hence him thinking Anna's regurgitating one (1) Paglia and Lasch book endlessly for years makes her an intellectual giant. Such a sad little circlejerk of a scene full of midwits and, worse, their hangers-on.

No. 1264864

Sorry to Peefumes Nation and all the other hanger ons but Dasha said on the celebrity memoir podcast that it's the only podcast she ever listens to.

No. 1264969

File: 1624739817798.png (1.18 MB, 743x1992, darling angel.png)

dasha is so fucking dumb

No. 1264983

File: 1624741238500.png (1.22 MB, 1284x1216, Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 4.55…)

What do we even make of this? Of what interest is a percussion album to Adam Curtis?

No. 1265034

File: 1624744925781.jpeg (186.45 KB, 366x717, C49A2DF1-0D5C-443E-9FEC-9C6211…)

Cope. I know she feels an obligation to defend her friends no matter what, but she has to know deep down how embarrassing that clip is. Then again, she is a total pholistine, so

No. 1265049

That woman is too ugly to even skinwalk the likes of D&A so she resorts to white knighting them whenever she can. Tragic to see a grown-ass adult never grow out of their DUFF phase.

No. 1265083


Just watched the whole thing and can concur it's about as good as a hallmark TV movie. It's awful lmao

No. 1265093

how did you watch it?

No. 1265103

You don't really read the thread, do you.

No. 1265105

link to the scary of 61st if the older one posted expired https://1.filedit.ch/1/DyUSHGykJMciKruXvFZE.mkv

No. 1265109

Guarantee this cow googled “acclaimed thriller films” immediately before tweeting bc nobody who’s seen Marathon Man or Don’t Look Now would compare them to Dasha’s tryhard, vacant schlock that’s shot like a Redbox original lmao

No. 1265115

File: 1624752139861.png (81.23 KB, 694x277, simpin.png)

Haven't you heard? Dasha is the next great arthouse horror director, there's a direct through line from Polanski to Argento to Nekrasova!

No. 1265117

File: 1624752300775.png (314.63 KB, 1127x1106, dashadeepthinkercinephile.png)

This poor film blogger trying to mine something smart from Dasha's movie ripping off Polanski. When it's just some of the only horror movies Dasha has seen, one of the only serious directors Dasha is familiar with, and she's on record as it being fine that he's a pedo rapist. It literally makes her horny.

No. 1265128

Take a shot every time someone says "retarded" or "vibes"

No. 1265130

that clip is real???? I saw it on tiktok and thought it was a skit they did from like 6 years ago or something

No. 1265132

It is, which makes it seem kind of weird to me that she had that freak out on twitter a few months ago about how people saying she looked like Ghislaine were idiots and “tainting her with her energy” or something

No. 1265138

wow, distant reading queen!

No. 1265160

Dasha will use Tommy Wiseau's "it is intentionally comic" cope but sadly unlike The Room there are sycophants who will fall for it.

look at the pathetic behavior in the comment section of this youtube reviewer. two normies from canada with only 3,000 subscribers called every vile name in the book for not liking princess dasha's dreck. how is this any different from melting down over a bad review for a marvel movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpaLXl2f8pg

No. 1265167


Didn't see this posted here, sorry if it has been. I'm assuming it's supposed to be satire but the delivery is so bad?

No. 1265170

Am I crazy or does Maddy's acting btfo of Dasha's here? Can't stop noticing how it looks like Dasha is in a parking garage and keeps looking up like the other character is three stories higher.

No. 1265171

Anyone else a little miffed by Dasha dedicating the movie to "Stan" with that fancy ass font at the end? You didn't know Kubrick, D. You aren't on a first-name, let alone nickname basis with him.

No. 1265172

I'm genuinely shocked by how bad it is, like I thought people were just being unnecessarily harsh because they don't like Dasha and to be fair there would have been people who would have acted like it was terrible even if it was really good but it is just actually bad

No. 1265174

File: 1624759883230.png (2.85 MB, 2846x1560, help.png)

I think you are crazy, because they're both fucking awful

No. 1265178

The movie is awful but that scene worked for me because I took it to seem like it was happening as the vyvance was hitting

No. 1265182

File: 1624761399285.png (74.71 KB, 1186x284, recognizemygeniuspleasepleasep…)

Dasha isn't upset.

No. 1265188

the reaction from dasha and her simps is funny but @MoodyKnowsNada is a giant faggot for stealing the clip from this thread. what kind of man lurks on lolcow? and obviously from a flyover state because he thinks anything set in New York iS liKe a LaW aNd OrDeR ePiSoDeEE

No. 1265189

It doesn’t even make sense like people aren’t victimising themselves in their criticisms of the movie, at least not from what I’ve seen?

No. 1265190

Was the clip posted somewhere else before the thread? I’ve seen popular posts of the exact same clip from the thread on ig and tumblr too

No. 1265193

File: 1624762611570.jpeg (697.68 KB, 1217x1256, 5F1C9651-4125-4EE6-9C86-BE8311…)

It’s strange because he’s their biggest orbiter but every other post of his is about how annoying “dirtbag leftists” are (and also Epstein truther types), which if that’s a thing wouldn’t Anna and Dasha be exactly that? Also if anyone else made some movie about Epstein similar to Dasha’s he would be posting lamenting the destruction of real Art and Beauty in post 2010’s media alongside like images from Birth of a Nation or whatever

No. 1265199

The worst thing about Anna and Dasha to me is just that they’re so humourless and have such thin skin. You would think that they would be able to take a joke considering how much they make fun of other people on the podcast/on twitter but any light joke or criticism at their expense is literally never just taken in stride or laughed off it’s always something like this or in Anna’s case several essay length Reddit posts

No. 1265203

can anyone explain to me who kyle brown is, why he is so ugly-looking, and why all these people keep him around? does he have rich parents or something? he is grotesque!

No. 1265206

he was friends (and roommates?) with Dasha back when she lived in LA and came with her to NYC, so he was a foundational member of the Dimes Square clique. He and Dasha have insisted he's straight, and their hooking up for one night was the straw that broke the camel's back re: her serial cheating on Adam, but he is at least 80% gay. Gives off massive fag vibes; if you even just hear his voice your gaydar will go off.

No. 1265208

this has made me feel empathy for Dasha like nothing else. imagine having this low self-esteem, damn

No. 1265212

>thinking Dasha and Maddie have the talent required to make a respectable movie

No. 1265231

File: 1624769349834.png (76.79 KB, 666x479, comments.png)

The movie was pretty terrible, I have a pretty low opinion of Dasha but I thought she could at least make something better. The comments on the video are pathetic, scarethots absolutely seething.

No. 1265237


The British Royals are infamously totally irrelevant

No. 1265238

This is reads like exactly what gets posted itt whenever Dasha gets brought up either in response to someone saying something negative about Dasha or about Dasha. I’m kind of curious what the age demographic is for red scare because it’s hard to imagine people over 16 writing these comments.

No. 1265256

i feel like pretty much all british leftist "public intellectuals" are also in the hardcore continuum industrial complex. People love to be writing articles for the quietus and shit. This makes me proud, to be, british, this makes me proud, to be british, this makes me proud, to be, british

No. 1265263

He lovers or hates this crowd based on when it's convenient to him.

No. 1265271

Imagine her response when Succession drops and people criticize her distractingly bad acting. There are higher stakes with it being an Hbo show. Meltdown incoming

No. 1265272

as if any of you could make a better movie.

No. 1265274

Whoever runs the red scare merch store might want to look a little more closely at the pictures of their mentally ill fans before using their pictures on the website. Different issue but guessing they asked permission but assuming they didn't pay.

No. 1265276

NPC dialogue

No. 1265277

just took a look, doesn’t seem that strange to me. most brands feature or link to photos of fans on instagram nowadays.

No. 1265278

I could and it would be very easy for me :^)

No. 1265281

is that the best you got? drink some more vyvanse water next time and maybe your retorts will be wittier.

No. 1265284

letterboxd was awful in 2016 and has gotten so much worse. tenfold worse. my God

No. 1265291

ntayrt but same. we should co direct

No. 1265325

File: 1624783380691.jpg (220.21 KB, 1080x662, IMG_20210627_104058.jpg)

What the fuck… Is this something that actually happens in the movie or is the reviewer just trolling?

No. 1265340

File: 1624785148421.jpeg (62.89 KB, 840x473, E2762B2C-E7C8-40DF-BDE7-053C0C…)

and while moaning like a child she fingers herself in front of this door and wipes her discharge over epstein’s initials

No. 1265377

Dasha is more fucked up than i realized.

No. 1265381

The Addie character (who "loves to be a victim" but calls herself a survivor and wears a shirt that reads "sisterhood," apparently a commentary on MeToo according to the review linked upthread) also either bloodies her vagina with her nails or uses her menstrual blood (not clear which) to cover pictures of Prince Andrew in her blood while she masturbates to him

No. 1265428


They dub in a cheesy demon voice on the last line because they can't commit to it being fucked up or any ambiguity about if she's possessed or not. The childish voice also verges into parody because Dasha can't commit to taking anything seriously. And if Noel is possessed by Epstein's ghost then Dasha did manages to make a movie where she fucks Epstein but then is the hero for killing him.
Hard to tell if Noel is meant to be a huge bitch when she makes fun of her abused roommate's "victim complex" because Noel turns out to be evil or if it's supposed to be anti-metoo feminism commentary since it's indistinguishable from things Dasha has said on red scare for years.

No. 1265452

this sounds like the dumbest fanfic ever, not an award winning movie or whatever. who watches this shit besides the coomers who want to fuck dasha and the brainless redscare fangirls who want to skinwalk her

No. 1265473

File: 1624805712691.png (15.74 KB, 550x224, meltdownincoming.png)

down from 3.1 before the movie leaked

No. 1265486

I hope stan twitter comes for her, the show strangely seems to have a lot of wokie fans.

No. 1265489

the best part of all the scary of sixty-first mockery is how the critcs aren't woke. dasha cant act and the writing sucks. i think dasha was ready to defend the edginess of the content from libs but not the shitty execution from everyone with a brain cell.

No. 1265495

Yepp, she's stuck in that epater la bourgeoisie phase, like the critics are normies who don't get her sooper edgy ~art. Nah girl we get it, it's just laughably amateurish, artless and boring. It'd maybe be acceptable from a second year film student at a state university but from a 30something it's howlingly incompetent. Her future obscurity awaits.

No. 1265498

If she was a film student and made this movie I don’t think she would get top marks either just my opinion. It is amateurish to that degree. Wonder who she fucked to get the award

No. 1265519

File: 1624809682134.png (155.71 KB, 731x483, boxd.png)

Wait, is this really what Dasha is most well known for among non-Red Scare fans?

No. 1265540

the fka twigs and beyonce comments are probably what got red scare the most normie attention aside from the isis shirts thing

No. 1265545

nah the sailor socialism video Dasha reuploaded on twitter has over 7 million views. Who knows how many the one infowars posted had.

No. 1265579

Yeah, I wouldn't have realized that it was meant to be about MeToo if the magazine that interviewed her hadn't said so, pretty vague

No. 1265702

File: 1624823244847.png (805.13 KB, 960x687, su0q4es6i2j31.png)

Does anyone remember when she went to court with one of the victims?
Wonder how they feel about that now that she's exploited it as much as she can and made this shitty thriller about it.

from this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/cwbpl0/dasha_at_epsteins_court_hearing_for_some_reason/

The pivot from '#metoo is a vehicle for mediocre talentless hacks to ride the abuse of others to leverage fame for themselves' to 'I'm going to stand outside Epstein's jail and muse about his suicide like it's Twin Peaks or a teen lit for me to solve and hang out in the park with other posers and turn up to the court case' is pretty severe.

No. 1265742

File: 1624828147413.png (60.78 KB, 1438x300, sure.png)

the coping on the red scare sub is actually hilarious
>it's actually supposed to look super low budget
>the script is supposed to be bad
>the acting is bad on purpose
>the color grading was meant to be awful
>the entire thing is supposed to be bad, that's why it's good
>b-b-but it's her first film

No. 1265753

It's amazing how of leftovers are some of the only cows who come here to defend themselves. This kind of retardation can't be faked, thank you for the milk.

No. 1265754

>of leftovers
leftcows* kek

No. 1265755

Pretty sure "word salad" is easy to define since it's a clinical symptom of schizophrenia. And leftists (including post-left film school nazbols or whatever scarethots are) produce the majority of postmodern word salad.

No. 1265756

Tumlr went over this 6 years ago. Fashion icons stay current as always lmao

No. 1265757

The show has really good ratings, 8.6 on IMDb and 92% on rotten. I predict she will have a small role so her bad acting won’t be noticed, or she will have a bigger role and her remedial acting will stick out like a sore thumb

No. 1265771

its a show with like… 20 main characters and she got cast in a supporting role as a "crisis PR rep" i am assuming she has maybe like 5 minutes of on screen time lmao

No. 1265779

kek this is going to be exactly liek the time she got a 1 epsiode side character role on Mr Robot except way funnier because all of her stans are touting this as her 'hollywood break through' when in reality she's just being flied out to suck on some harvey weinstein-esque cock

No. 1265782

>wonder who she fucked to get the award
This, or the panel was all men who bumped it up because they liked the gratuitous nudity/partial nudity. If it didn’t have the Epstein angle to give it some edge, it would be downright awful

No. 1265787

In a way these people always have their bases covered. Every time something A/D do is received poorly, it is just a rorschach and iNteNtionAl aRt that normie plebs aren't meant to understand, and if the film had been received almost entirely positively by normie reviwers then it would just be "see? haters owned." No matter what reaction the film got, they and their orbiters were going to act holier than thou about it because that's how they handle everything to avoid accepting that anything they do isn't revolutionary cultural critique. It's a deep psychological defense mechanism they've built up so they are the "winners" no matter what. The irony is that if they were as cool and above it all as they say they are, then they would literally just be able to ignore the critiques they hate so much without coping so hard.

Sure, you're right anon, but once you have terminal Aimee brain stuff that's easy to define will have a completely different meaning. Like how "log off" is now a modern slur against them cooked up my Chapo and Jacobin etc.

No. 1265792

File: 1624831984210.png (69.45 KB, 1042x330, Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 6.12…)

i am fairly new to this cow, but damn these people are fucked up lol

No. 1265801

this comment is correct though

No. 1265809

You absolute philistines don't get it. Dashka's movie is obviously a brilliant satire meant to show that arthouse cinema is retarded and everyone is just pretending to find it "deep" and "brilliant" as a means of refinement-signalling. If the human centipede 2 was marketed as an obscure art film, the critics would treat it like it's something by Lars von Trier. It's the Sokal affair of film.

This is the cope she's gonna use soon kek

No. 1265813

Every time I’ve ever heard someone talk about having an encounter with Adam irl its always negative

No. 1265816

>the childish voice verges into parody
If she was smart, she would have marketed the film as a comedy but she’s too stupid to do that

No. 1265817

in one of her podcast things sydney said he randomly dumped a bunch of traumatic things about his life on her after hooking up one or two times then never talked to her again

No. 1265818

Kek have you met men sweaty? What kind of man doesn't spend most of his time orbiting women's forums like the sperm orbits the egg, all while performatively sneering at "petty feminine things"?

No. 1265820

They literally post butthurt retorts in this thread and publicly agonize about lc on twitter. I thought their potential was low in the first thread, but they truly are cows that only become more cowish the more you post about them.

No. 1265822

It’s not correct. She cheated on Adam out of insecurity and he dumped her and kicked her out

No. 1265824

I'm sure that they accompanied the victim who had a press conference with Gloria Allred.


Apparently either Dasha or Alison accidently identified the victim with an instagram story by tagging her account.

No. 1265830

Same, I thought they seemed kind of boring and the thread wouldn’t get past 1 or 2 threads then just slowly die but it ended up being one of the funniest threads on the site to me. I don’t think any other cows have ever really had a comparable reaction to a thread.

No. 1265846

File: 1624836803674.png (40.47 KB, 596x391, gone.png)

Looks like Dasha got so butthurt she DMCA'd the clip of Anna/Ghislaine that went viral. What a thin-skinned bitch.

No. 1265848

damn i wanted to laugh at it

No. 1265878

Oy vey, I believe this is what Anna is calling "winning by being a loser"!

No. 1265879

God, even special ed BPD tards like Shayna who obviously lurk here have the braincels not to escalate by posting here. That says something about the degree of mental disability of leftcows.
100% the dashafag cow who chimps about Florence Pugh here. Might be worthwhile to find her twitter kek

No. 1265881

Completely sane and normal reaction by a Hollywood breakthrough/emerging genius director.

No. 1266020

Spot on. The only thing I would add is the Fortress of Cope isn't impenetrable, and the fact they obsess over critique means their strategy doesn't work as well as they think. It's a good thing for them this movie might fly under the radar, because of it got mainstream attention all of Twitter would find out how retarded these two are and would clown on them hardcore

No. 1266081

they've been pretty diligent at taking clips and uploads of it off the internet so far, which is annoying because I wanted to watch the full thing

No. 1266092

File: 1624871154300.png (161.42 KB, 347x583, virgil update.png)

Brie posted this on the BadFaith patreon

No. 1266098

so he hasn’t even told BRIE if it’s true or not. wonder what that means lol

No. 1266111

calling it now: we're never hearing from Virgil again

No. 1266142

what the fuck I never heard about that. how did that even come about?

No. 1266153


I'm not sure how long they've known each other, but either Dasha or Alison Peery knew one of the victims. They both followed her on instagram and one or both of them outed her in a story. See >>1265824.

No. 1266163

It was Greg, their trustfund producer who bought his way into an acting role, who's making all the DCMA claims. He has all the time in the world since he's functionally unemployed. A&D are too lazy and tech illiterate to pull something like that off

No. 1266249

a friend of mine told me that he roleplayed stepsibling incest with her friend (who was also named dasha)

No. 1266290

the ep of the pod where dasha says that role playing as a 14 year old for an older guy and crawling around on the floor is just something all us girls do really puts this into a fresh new perspective

No. 1266306

Kind of remember Adam and Stav a few years ago saying how they hate when their girlfriends make them do role play. I guess Adam was trying to recapture Dasha's bs with that other girl. Dasha has been long obsessed with getting cheerleading, schoolgirl, maid, and other outfits off ebay.

No. 1266411

dasha is like 30, how tf old is adam?

No. 1266436

>mental disability
They're just desperate attention whores, they love it

No. 1266463

LOL love u deanposter

No. 1266596

Dasha cheating on Adam and leaving wasn’t some triumphant premeditated act like this comment suggests. Listen to red scare eps following the breakup, she sounds near suicidal. No way she had the stability and foresight to plan to ruin her relationship with him

No. 1266597

ironically, he was the best actor in the movie lel

No. 1266766

File: 1624933417518.png (107.12 KB, 1334x312, thefemalepolanskithefemalekubr…)

Guessing this person just looked at the rt score because I've even seen tons of frothing Dasha stans giving the movie just 2 or 3 stars.

No. 1266820

she went on Wellbutrin and turned evil and tried to be Catholic. Many such cases!

No. 1266843

>P-people laughing at a literal BPD retard are actually morally crusading
>I bet all of them post on the hacker known as lolcow just like Beyonce and FKA Twigs
>Muh craft and substance in the film, not gonna articulate what it is and where exactly I saw it tho
>pls rt me Dasha

No. 1266910

Why does this clear sighted impartial defense have the Hello Fellow Whomans bacon ranch dressing stench of Jack all over it?

No. 1267052

>jezebel-twitter writers
>almost always mentions she's problematic
Kek >>1265489 was spot-on, if the criticism isn't coming from libs they're still going to pretend it is. They're a perfect mirror of what they hate, the same way libs are mobilized to defend garbage movies because "it has a female protag, people only hate it because they're bigots!" they'll defend this garbage with "people only hate it because they're wokies!".

No. 1267215

Why are so many irritating Internet personalities Armenian? Anita Sarkeesian, Roosh V, the entire Kardashian family
Is it something about their intergenerational trauma that drives them to pursue showbiz careers but lacking the Ashkenazi humour and wit find themselves as Youtubers and reality tv stars

No. 1267231

File: 1624977171511.png (606.82 KB, 746x909, daily schizo check.png)

aimee losing followers, nobody likes her tweets, must be the bruenigs. only shadowbans could stop aimees 50th trans flag jeff bezos from going viral.

No. 1267237

File: 1624977526766.png (Spoiler Image,388.28 KB, 957x475, jamie peck.png)

The reason her account now has a "sensitive" warning that users who aren't logged in have to click through before they can view her page is because she posted this the other day. It happened shortly after.(Spoiler)

No. 1267279

Hard to imagine anyone not liking this content.

No. 1267287

anna k liked the tweet. normal trad mom behavior.

No. 1267315

File: 1624981351316.png (154.99 KB, 1350x512, copinglevelsrising.png)

These are from the true anon reddit but a certain type of scarethot is taking cues from his tweets. Now they're saying "it's just camp" and Dasha is a horrible actress on purpose, so rude. At least give it to her that this movie is her trying her very best.

No. 1267546

The replyguys are going to go full conspiracy over this

No. 1267620

File: 1625000738730.png (145.7 KB, 1182x664, stateofdashastans.png)

All this for a movie this girl gave 2.5/5 stars.

No. 1267626

File: 1625001466181.jpeg (152.94 KB, 750x573, D3663616-EC9B-48F5-A244-2EC128…)

i think this is what sent her into a tailspin, she’s tweeted over 30x since.

No. 1267636

ohh shit same poster, but this is dude who posted the "omg, it's glen!" clip with the law and order caption. no wonder that bitch is coming for his head. sad!

No. 1267639

OT but I really wish this thread had cow fanart, like the June thread.

No. 1267641

File: 1625002129917.png (531.19 KB, 1408x724, Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.22…)


The most liked review of "Scary" on Letterboxd is a 1-star review from a popular Twitter poster lambasting every aspect of the movie.

This movie is dogshit. Red Scare fans threatening a Black man's life for mocking it on Twitter dot com is low, even for these types.

No. 1267657

the plight of being colored looking white people

No. 1267672

>The fact that no one points out how cringe it is to play the leading role in a movie you directed
The lambasting doesn't go far enough. Guess casting herself is literally the only way for her to ever be the lead kek

No. 1267736

No. 1267749

File: 1625011701727.png (853.27 KB, 1416x843, podcastdeath.png)

anna k on angie's dying podcast to talk about the only writer she knows, camille paglia. doubt even anna can't save her plummeting engagement rates.

No. 1267760

I think this review is good, but that edgelord tweet obviously wasn't really threatening anyone, anon
Incredible, and thankfully immortalized forever. Also his face is so hard to look at, what a rank ass man

No. 1267787

>women, Paglia, narcissism
Shit's been done to death, does she have anything else to talk about?

No. 1267801

>implying anna k reads books and not tweets

No. 1267863

File: 1625023398072.png (133.35 KB, 1186x1008, panic.png)

No. 1267867

Can't stop thinking about aimee meticulously obscuring his big ugly cawk, taking care to ensure her hand is not covered at all

No. 1267872

Never encountered such a group of people so unable to accept any criticism

No. 1267876

She's either having an imposter syndrome-induced meltdown after seeing so many people on the internet trash her award-winning movie that caused her supposedly ironclad ego to shatter into a million pieces, or the producers are being cunts. Either way, this makes Dasha look incredibly petty.

No. 1267898

You forgot our favorite Armenian, Anna Kasparian. It seems people are now calling out Kyle K to address the whole Greyzone/Jimmy Dore vs TYT matter, I wonder if this loser exfrat boy will keep straddling the fence or not.

No. 1267913

Ever since Creepy Pete left, that show has gone to complete shit. Not that it wasn't before.

No. 1267914

Wait how would you DMCA a text post? I don't get what this means? Is he talking about other peoples tweets?

No. 1267919

How loyal is the Red Scare fanbase? I know the Chapo kiddies will start to help out podcasts that has the dry boys as guests, but it doesn't seem to the be case for Dasha and Anna and their simps.

No. 1267942

wait.. that's aimee? i keep up with all this bullshit but wtf is aimees backstory

No. 1267957

i'd guess around 5-10% of their regular listeners are rabid fans. maybe 30% of their patreon audience idk. from my observations over time a significant amount of people listen to it very critically and a lot don't even really like them. it would be sad if they were even slightly sympathetic but nope.. even their insane fans usually can't and don't defend them lmfao

No. 1267961

As if pickme she-cuck beckies ever have anything to talk about except "men good women bad, actually the fact that my boyfriend of 8 years hasn't proposed means he's very into me, better go pay his onlyfans bill"

No. 1267968

It was a clip from Dasha's arthouse masterpiece embedded in a tweet that got hit by the DMCA, anon.

No. 1267971

The pic is of Jamie Peck , Amiee posted it and presumably is who very carefully censored it

No. 1268003

No. 1268004

File: 1625037428444.png (76.86 KB, 1756x198, Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.15…)

They think they're above it

No. 1268042

>the dmca i got listed every single tweet that was flagged for being taken down and 80% of them were just text only tweets that were semi critical of the movie

No. 1268091

File: 1625050641310.png (54.27 KB, 487x288, lmaowhat.PNG)

In his liked reviews:
>bloodlusting, seething
I know it gets said every thread, but the state of scarethots lmao

No. 1268136


WTF are you serious? Do you have a source for this?

No. 1268179

lmao smol wellbutrin angels on suicide watch

No. 1268201

Not the anon you replied to and I didn’t see Aimee’s tweet (checked her thread yesterday and it may be deleted, or maybe I just got sick of scrolling her hundreds of daily posts). But this is def Jamie Peck. She came out a few years ago as one of the models Terry Richardson took advantage of after another model got a lot of press for doing the same. She told New York Mag she only posed for him once (she did it because “I’m a vain girl with nice tits who likes attention” as she put it), he took his disgusting dick out as always and she jacked him off then felt dirty afterwards. The writer found photos from a 2nd shoot she did with him, which Jamie claimed not to remember due to trauma and wrote an essay about it in the Guardian. This was all maybe around 2016. She was 19 at the time of the shoot.

No. 1268256

It's been a loooonnnngggg time since I've seen someone this dedicated to deleting fucking EVERYTHING outside of that one kardashian pic. Either they're paying out the ass for a reputation management firm to pour over social media or they're spending hours doing it themselves. Sad!

No. 1268329

Paglia and Lasch, anon! Anna know TWO authors, not one!

No. 1268370

Excuse u anon, Anna doesn't just KNOW Lasch, she single-handedly introduced him iNtO tHe DiScOuRsE!

Seriously see her and her simps make this claim on Twitter regularly, which is funny because Lasch was literally the most famous cultural critic of the 80s. My copy of Culture of Narcissism says something wild like "40 million copies sold," it's so ubiquitous you can still find a copy for a dollar in any used bookstore. But Anna and simps keep bragging like he was some obscure academic Anna personally discovered. He's more like the Malcolm Gladwell of the 80s lol.

Sage for sperg, but Anna's love of Lasch and Paglia fuel my conspiracy that's she's actually at least 40. Both were very prominent in the early-mid 90s, especially Paglia who had an early column on Salon, and Lasch's work was liberally quoted in a 1995 bestseller by a different feminist author. If Anna were discovering them then as an early-to-late teen that'd make her a good 5 years or more older than her official bio.

No. 1268379

File: 1625076777086.jpg (114.16 KB, 742x989, EMlZAO7XUAEXjSw.jpg)

Anna used to never shut up about The Last Psychiatrist who she says models himself after Lasch. Seems like she only read Lasch in the last couple of years. Her old book recommendations of what she read over ten years ago is much better than the trash she reps now. Twitter pickled her brain. https://twitter.com/annakhachiyan/status/1209595838953140224

No. 1268386

Just listened to a podcast from late April in which Alex Lee Moyer says her new film will be distro’d by the distro company Play Nice that her crew founded “with some help from some Silicon Valley people”

No. 1268400

it’s fucking hilarious that Anna’s fave is also Hillary Clinton’s fave

No. 1268411

The Ion Pod apparently posted a bitch fest podcast about the "anti-woke film festival". It was mostly about being reported on instagram for mocking a film critic but they do seem to be involved in whatever this is. Or the whole thing was a joke they made up? They denied it wasn't "inclusive" which I think means it's not all white men but didn't say a word about the Cinefamily guy or any shadowy funders. You'd think that would be the first thing they'd want to deny. These guys are just dupes who are bitter about not getting into parties 5 years ago and want to be the gatekeepers now.

No. 1268436

File: 1625081875757.jpeg (348.52 KB, 1242x531, BDE23522-987A-4A59-B52F-7EFBFF…)

Anna seems to have started interacting with samememe again. She must know that it’s him because the new account only has like 600 followers.

No. 1268437

If Anna actually read anything about narcissism instead of skimming through synopses, she'd fucking HATE that literature because it would tell her which gender is actually more likely to have narcissistic traits kek

No. 1268438


No. 1268441

File: 1625082591174.jpg (118.49 KB, 736x981, EMlZAPLWkAQ6KuZ.jpg)

Just now noticing that on the other part of the list she doesn't cite Sexual Personae or and of Pags' famous 90s work but a greatest hits essay collection from 2017. She also lists a book on Sontag but no actual Sontag. Anna might want to read what Sontag wrote about Leni Riefenstahl.

No. 1268457

Do you think she would still include Capitalist Realism now that Aimee is against it/the publisher?

No. 1268494

File: 1625087719601.png (1.11 MB, 1174x1196, epsteinofdimessquare.png)

posting 17 year old Mischa Barton in a normal way, making "joke" tweets about dating 17 year olds

No. 1268570

there's college age pics of her where she looks much younger with some weight, she's really just aged from anorexia

No. 1268571

paglia and lasch are probably what her mom had in her house when she' was growing up

No. 1268572

>“with some help from some Silicon Valley people”
So, Thiel.

No. 1268616

the f in men stands for funny

No. 1268618

File: 1625100724692.jpeg (175.73 KB, 828x1305, 3DEAFC62-DE18-4A49-9AE6-60ACFA…)

She looks like a bug eyed freak lmao.
Her boyfriend must have dumped her for her to post such a bad attempt at being sexy. At least Annie had become somewhat normal now…. Shasti is still a pathetic tryhard loser pandering to horny freaks.

No. 1268644

stop nitpicking/a-logging

No. 1268655

Are you Shasti? A majority of the people posted on here is going to be nitpicked to a certain degree. It’s the basis of gossip.

No. 1268663

File: 1625105168480.png (691.15 KB, 1460x1058, starpacked.png)

All the stars of stage and screen.

No. 1268664

i agree that this is nitpicky but not a-logging

No. 1268668

She looks normal and this isn’t milky. This seems like a vendetta posts tbh. There’s always one or two of these spergy posts about this person in every thread that pretty much nobody else engages with. It seems like it’s the same person posting it every time.

No. 1268676

Of course it’s not milky. She has been laying low since she got caught posting on here. Maybe it is vendetta and maybe it isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with putting a spotlight on your favorite cow once in a while. Come back, Shasti….

No. 1268679

is this the fabled anti-woke film festival?

No. 1268703

Annie still tweets some of the cringey gamer bf stuff but not as a frequently now, maybe she moved on from the dirtbag left thing.

No. 1268715

Annie used to be my favorite cow but she posts less now. I wish more of these cows were milky. It was so much more entertaining before they all found out about lolcow.

No. 1268718

If the festival is real it hasn't been announced yet. This is a party for fans of that podcast or people hoping Anna and Dasha will show up.

No. 1268723

it's gonna be the film kid dashcon

No. 1268724

Can't believe they've finagled Abel Ferrara into their douchey little scene. Bleak.

No. 1268749

dashes movie was the funniest thing I've ever seen

No. 1268770

File: 1625118987664.png (96.83 KB, 628x498, mattb.png)

Matt Bruenig and crew making fun of Aimee for being obsessed with him and his wife and misreading his infamous "9/11 paper" where he argues that the logic of liberalism leads to the justification of killing civilians in war…failing to realize that Aimee started tweeting about the paper an hour before the episode went up, and it was Liz who brought it up on the episode, meaning it was either a coincidence or it was Liz who was reminded of the paper while scrolling through Aimee's TL on her alt while they were recording.

No. 1268786

it’s so bad i saw clips off it circulating twitter before being taken down for copyright

No. 1268815

its lit lol. Come thru if youre in nyc. stand in line

No. 1268857

File: 1625138743777.png (20.23 KB, 352x151, viperwave.png)

Dasha's twitter buddy who talks abotu anime with her gave Scary two stars

No. 1268900

File: 1625145623032.png (18.67 KB, 586x197, vp.PNG)

All the qtweets and some replies are roasting her for thinking Rumsfeld was the vice president

No. 1268930

former simp turned chaser

No. 1269016

File: 1625157422366.png (61.49 KB, 744x542, head of senate.png)

aimee terese realized her mistake and made another two basic us government mistakes in explaining herself. rumsfeld, who retired in 2006, definitely played a pivotal role in the obama administration.

No. 1269043

how are these peoples brains all so fucking fried

No. 1269044

or here’s an idea, this tard could just shut her trap about us politics entirely

No. 1269045

must be all that "sugar free redbull"

No. 1269071

File: 1625162421600.jpeg (277.44 KB, 750x769, 0B32C5E9-A9A0-442E-AA15-656865…)

why does Eli always have red rings under and around his eyes I have only seen this on the street homeless and the occasional Irish Traveller

No. 1269076

File: 1625163529712.jpeg (55.8 KB, 640x985, wvN9viRhJwAwSG2s7L_pFPLgm_p3ON…)

He's up late every night reading great books like this. (Why did Anna post this today?)

No. 1269082

>the amorphous skinnyfat fridge physique
>the hank hill ass
>the tard cashew-shaped face
>the tard moans
>the youtube comedy sketch quality cinematography

It's like I just watched Shayna's porn debut

No. 1269131

File: 1625168201098.jpeg (46.45 KB, 537x255, D85E1905-4A60-436C-8E02-1CEFD6…)

very unfortunate moans

No. 1269189

It’s a tell tale sign of alcoholism

No. 1269283

this is really embarrassing. she says she's a christian but puts out garbage like this? idgi

No. 1269305

is she actually christian though? i always thought it was just a lame larp but it doesn't matter as christians are notoriously hypocritical

No. 1269315

rocky has always been a fucking piece of shit. just a spineless follower changing his opinions to suit the Felix reply guys he runs with.

honestly the absolute fucking degenerate losers who licked dasha's ass for years but are now negging her because "hey everyone else is doing it" are more repulsive and transparent than the simps. if their little Twitter circle liked the movie they'd be praising it. I guess dasha is too "problematic" for him now cause she doesn't have a girldick he can suck

No. 1269320


didn't she only start larping catholicism once adam dumped her for being a cheat? was this movie made pre-breakup?

No. 1269335

its convenient that he's formulated his opinion once everyone else in his circle has already shared theirs, typical rocky

No. 1269349

>didn't she only start larping catholicism once adam dumped her for being a cheat?
>was this movie made pre-breakup?

No. 1269353

There's a Red Scare ep where she recounts how looking at old churches in Montreal religiously inspired her and then she graphically describes having sex with Adam at a porno theater.

There's nudity and sex scenes from everyone in her Epstein movie, clearly not a concern.

No. 1269447

File: 1625192324464.png (642.24 KB, 756x1277, peanutgallery.png)

cringe all around. paranoidlikes is a london estonian and bimboubermensch moved to canada but hey when you can't recognize a lame joke and your post mfa flop of a life revolves around podcasts.

No. 1269451

Liz blocked must have immediately blocked him: his tweet's still up but doesn't appear in quote tweets.

But she wasn't joking lol, she's always vocal about "I deserve this esteemed position because I'm the best"

No. 1269498

File: 1625197142484.png (491.64 KB, 1182x840, Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 11.1…)

Aimee affirming with a retweet that she is a far-right radical

No. 1269523

File: 1625201803094.png (82.02 KB, 1760x412, Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 2.52…)

viperwave turned on Jack too, troon bussy was just too important

No. 1269526

Paul Blart spews nothing but misogynist, racist histrionic screeds about how the black women he works with are trying to make him fatter by leaving donuts out in the break room, but viper only takes offense when he takes a couple digs at trans people…okay.

No. 1269540

File: 1625203418469.jpeg (148.19 KB, 779x1200, E5RElWPVgAYd7BY.jpeg)

No. 1269559

>Nobody cares about this tradcath thot, what 45 year old moms who watch the view really care about is post-ironic pagliathots and assorted jailhouse gay weebs who want to fuck their dads

No. 1269565

I just realized that Joe Rogan is friends with Jimmy Dore and really fucking hates TYT and especially Cenk. Any possibility he might chime in?

No. 1269570

File: 1625207342680.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 3539031E-80EC-402B-AEBA-387A2F…)

Ion scrotes up close

No. 1269586

hilarious image. foundation on point. wow

No. 1269681

I get that dude is rocky, but who's felix? Pls say more

No. 1269741

“trans shit” was the final straw? is viperwave alt-lite?

No. 1269755

File: 1625234191584.png (129.99 KB, 1180x536, dashasonefan.png)

At least Dasha has one loyal fan.

No. 1269769

Lmao the delusion of tradthots, no one on earth wants to see any of these literal nobodies on the View.

No. 1269770

imagine explaining what a trad cath thot is to their intended audience or perfume jack's deal

No. 1269790

Wait, I thought this person kys'd themselves. Sad

No. 1269791

File: 1625237161683.jpg (241.58 KB, 1444x614, SCREENSHOT.jpg)

worst black person impression from a credentialed podcaster in a white enclave challenge

No. 1269795

Ah yes, the essence of Americana. Two foreigners who asskissed their way into minor twitter infamy, an unwashed would-be Buffalo Bill, a weeaboo drag queen who lives in Japan, and Candace Owens

No. 1269860

Why is this worthy of being posted

No. 1269999

he probably jerked off to it

No. 1270047

File: 1625253714973.jpeg (44.52 KB, 640x931, bdv7ydqyls871.jpeg)

Dasha hanging with the Succession cast. Unrelated fact, this woman once wrote a whole book of poetry about being beautiful.

No. 1270069

i like it tbh. dasha's not pretty, but it's an interestingly shot scene. i like the air mattress to show time passing thing

No. 1270110


When I see tweets like these–and there are so many–it brings me comfort to think of Aimee entering her mid-thirties without a husband or children in sight, just sitting alone at the computer tweeting 200 times a day until 5 o'clock in the morning.

No. 1270227

He deleted the review. Or did the producers pull some strings to get it taken down?

No. 1270264

The whole review was likely a stunt, he's a mouthbreathing Chapo guest who pretends he doesn't know what Red Scare is when he has been subtweeting Dasha and Anna for years

No. 1270267

That's disappointing, the movie had a lot to critique but there's absolutely no reason to give a shit about what someone who orbits Chapos has to say

No. 1270302

this guy is such a lame chapo syncophant tbh

No. 1270326

Both of those Bernhard books (and all Bernhard) are so good, perfect short novels to read on the train or plane. Unironically, Bernhard novels are such an ACTUALLY great treatment of what Anna & folks are always going on about, e.g. a new generation of undermotivated and impotent petit-bourgeosie layabouts grappling with the existential horror of the fact that their own lack of willpower and direction has rendered them unable to rival or even comprehend the true passion and dedication of actual genius and/or their elders.

I feel like a lot about Anna is summed up in that she would never talk about Bernhard now! When a novel like Frost would unironically be so funny and interesting to see Dasha try and adapt for screen.

Anyway anons of this thread, check out these Bernhard books for something to read on the beach .. polite sage

No. 1270389

>undermotivated and impotent petit-bourgeosie layabouts grappling with the existential horror of the fact that their own lack of willpower and direction has rendered them unable to rival or even comprehend the true passion and dedication of actual genius and/or their elders

aka anna and aimee whining about neoliberalism and feminism being the reason they haven't bagged rich chads

No. 1270399

I have pretty high tolerance for shit but god damn dasha's movie was terrible lmao. I got as far as the scene where she goes to the apartment and is like (emotionlessly) "hiiiii im a brokerrr i need to come in" then comes in and pukes and instantly turns to the other girl like "do you know about jeffrey epstein?". Serious dogshit

No. 1270417

Anna on the pod has gone on record saying she only got 22k each year for her PhD. I can see why she quit, however, she must have been real retarded to get that little (I essentially got twice that) so it makes sense she walked out (especially with her inability to read anything beyond blog shit or MSM).

No. 1270424

That's literally everyone on the Online Left except for ancoms and extreme MLists that hate Will and Virgil (well when he used to be on the pod).

No. 1270440

File: 1625280478145.png (194.8 KB, 1192x668, Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.4…)

Oh, to be all the way in Sydney, Australia and getting emotional over mean Brooklynites and their takes on the American heartland

No. 1270447

has aimee been in a walmart in her entire life?

No. 1270448

This is literally normal Rutgers grad student pay. Keep in mind that her PhD was in theoretical basket weaving too.

No. 1270451

Lmfao an antifeminist "Marxist" quoting ROSA LUXEMBURG, my fucking sides. Not only that, it also has to be a quote that directly shits on her retarded tradthot ideas! The state of Australian graduate education, holy shit.

No. 1270452

I believe she lived in the US on some working holiday visa many years ago so probably. Still doesn't make it any less retarded that she's so concerned about what urban leftists think about Walmarts in rural America

Anna did her PhD at NYU

No. 1270454

Oh that's retarded then kek, literally below rutgers grad pay. What the fuck did she study again?

No. 1270456

Art History with a focus on Soviet or Post-Soviet Architecture iirc.

No. 1270458

You must be unaware of Aimee's long-running "I am the modern-day heir to Rosa Luxembourg, who was the quintessential anti-feminist" bit

No. 1270459

>I believe she lived in the US on some working holiday visa
IIRC she was a ski instructor or something like that in Colorado

No. 1270461

File: 1625282281149.jpeg (158.93 KB, 1125x1167, 9E1214D8-F255-4C64-8C3D-916AE8…)

adam friedland’s secret girlfriend is in a lot of honor levy’s tiktoks

No. 1270464

Yeah I recall the same thing. I haven't seen this academia.edu page before, how strange that she went from writing about architecture and post-Soviet dictatorship to running a podcast about celebrity and Twitter micro-drama

No. 1270465

eek. who is she. she looks like an ugly child / adam

No. 1270468

Adam's dog is in a lot of these, is he just hanging out with recent college grads all the time? Honor is 22?

No. 1270470

File: 1625282976769.png (938.07 KB, 752x968, ???.png)

No. 1270471

Indeed I am unaware. I guess the "post leftoid who can't and won't read" thing remains consistent with her.

The only thing she has in common with Rosa is femcel seething about bourgeois women she herself represents, and the fact that she will get nuked by the very moids she grovels in front of kek

No. 1270476

her name is maya

No. 1270478

File: 1625284050713.png (479.12 KB, 898x1128, annagoesfacebookconservative.p…)

Is the first retweet an Amber and other ex? friends subtweet.

No. 1270484

File: 1625285080146.png (18.62 KB, 313x76, Oh.png)

No. 1270493

Chubby face

No. 1270500

My PhD is equally as worthless, History.
She is just retarded and probably had to settle with how little they offered her.

No. 1270503

Anyone here ever gotten access to Amber's private twitter?

No. 1270504

If you're referring to @amberaleefrost, that's not her. Her account was deactivated long enough for the handle to become available again and some frog twitter guy took it and went private.

No. 1270509

No I knew about that, but I heard a while back from Red Scared discord server that she has one that is extremely private and only her close circle of friends (Anna included) know about it. Of course this is probably bullshit though.

No. 1270513


That’s not a chubby face, that’s youth

No. 1270601

She makes at least one tweet per week about how Luxemburg was the original female antifeminist and rejected feminism in all forms. But yeah, it's hilarious that she makes a woman's house being the world a bad thing then turns around and shits on any woman who has a career and doesn't want to be a housewife because all workers are male ackshully

No. 1270607

If it’s gauche for a Brooklynite to speculate baselessly about the lives of poor rural Americans, imagine how it looks when an Australian who’s never set foot in the country except to work as a fucking ski instructor in Colorado does it kek

No. 1270625

Aimee has stated she spent time living in Canada. I don’t think she’s ever lived in the US. Still a rich weirdo in the wealthy suburbs of Sydney.

No. 1270658

Ya i remember her talking about visiting Vancouver and hurting herself skiing.
Never heard her reference setting foot in America. Which makes the whole thing even sadder.

No. 1270701

that culture war tweet about cartoons is from a single 40 year old nyu professor child of another professor, filthyarmenian is a wignat friend of samememe.

No. 1270717

Huh u get paid to be a grad student? Is this an American thing?

No. 1270726

File: 1625327625535.jpeg (124.42 KB, 524x524, 11DBCF51-4F79-4DEB-9E5D-929A09…)

dasha ruminating

No. 1270738

competitive Ph. D programs pay stipends, yeah
humanities around $20K, STEM usually quite a bit more

No. 1270802

Ah yes, Clara Zetkin's best friend, notorious antifeminist

No. 1270804

Granted, Rosa spoke extensively about "parasitic bourgeoisie wives who spend the surplus stolen by their husbands and thus defend capitalism more than any other group". The funny part is that it's something Aimee is publicly agonizing about failing to achieve. She literally wants to be a rich trophy housewife, so she probably took Rosa's words as sour grapes femcel seething. That's why she thinks she's Rosa.

No. 1270805

File: 1625338536604.jpg (356.08 KB, 2198x956, LIBERTARIANISM.jpg)

jack's libertarian friend advocates lowering the age of consent to 13 and jack weighs in 👁️

No. 1270807

File: 1625338807130.png (831.1 KB, 1362x982, whenkantbotisrighthesright.png)

Dasha for some reason went on his show a few months back.

No. 1270828

>Jack weighs in
kek though

No. 1270839

Sensing a pattern here. She also went on Justin Murphy's show shortly before he tweeted out some libertarian-brained pedo defense back in 2019 when the Epstein saga was still hot off the presses

No. 1270864

God, I HATE when these pedophiles use other countries' age of consent as a gotcha moment, ignoring the fact the age of consent often just means teens can fuck other teens without legal repercussion.

No. 1270882

File: 1625348278344.jpeg (173.81 KB, 960x990, elialbum.jpeg)

bro what

No. 1270908

lol this garbled mess is all over the place, what was she trying to accomplish here?

No. 1270925

it’s even funnier when you remember it’s an experimental percussion album

Eli is pretty accomplished despite his alcoholism

No. 1270967


Lmao. Was this posted on twitter?

No. 1270968

"patronage networks"

No. 1270984

No. 1270991

who is julia cooke? cat marnell’s insane tiktok sister posted screenshots of her DMs warning her about cat and now she’s on anna’s ig story.

No. 1270997

this woman is beautiful and deserves better

No. 1271080

File: 1625371222538.jpeg (239.33 KB, 750x570, 4BD881C0-E652-4D7E-8602-8D7120…)

Who is this bitch?

No. 1271086

Armenian bimbo who tweets at Anna

No. 1271142

File: 1625385075550.png (529.44 KB, 749x796, 79AD4C7E-AFEA-4856-98C7-ED13DF…)

Aimee exhaustive analysis of contemporary politics from a pseudo-Marxist lens is complete? She sounds tuckered out.

No. 1271169

I think she’s referring to when east coasters visit places like the south west or just further upstate and find parochial aspects of it charming or amusing, as if people from Texas don’t visit NYC or LA and do the exact same thing in reverse

No. 1271199

Yeah, imagine people talking about concepts that have no bearing on how anything actually operates. Would be super weird if someone were on twitter doing that, every day until 5 AM for example

No. 1271221

Why the fuck do both of them keep going on these Literally Who podcasts do they really think they take them seriously as “intellectuals” or free thinkers?

glamourous “It Girls” don’t need to go on pathetic podcasts

No. 1271303

Repost tiktoks?

She’s a wingman of Cat Marnell who shows up at parties with her sometimes

No. 1271587

Bitch sounds like the glyphs in Returnal.

No. 1271592

The message of these tweets is "you need to know people to get shit done in society" with a dash of "the evil liberal media elite are taking away your rugged, middle class identity."

I will forever be in awe of Aimee's ability to drag out simple concepts using words she pulled out of political thesauruses

No. 1271593

Because no one of worth actually knows of or cares about Red Scare, no matter how badly Dasha and Anna claim otherwise

No. 1271594

This. What they really want is Amber but she is so weird and picky where she makes her presence.

No. 1271624

>I don't think of myself as someone with too much online brain

Doesn't this guy spend like 9 hours a day on twitter lol

No. 1271629

how do you know its her?

No. 1271637

why would you call yourself worthless

No. 1271638

did she delete her tiktok since this was posted? i cant find it

No. 1271640

No. 1272171

Aren't we fairly certain that Adam fucked Honor herself at some point?

No. 1272219

File: 1625542648525.jpg (115.61 KB, 599x600, bitty commit suicide.jpg)

So it's official that Matt is separated/divorced from his wife?
Damn what an asshole, I feel sorry for her supporting that lard ass. Hope she fucking wins in the courts.

No. 1272225

Holy shit the Jimmy Dore vs Anna/Cenk war is better than all the Aimee/Anna/Dasha bullshit.
I really fucking hope Joe Rogan gets involved just to make this shit more milky.

No. 1272236

File: 1625544968580.png (127.02 KB, 783x574, afq.png)

AliceFromQueens finally got into the substack grift


No. 1272240

File: 1625545583330.png (302.19 KB, 1428x1192, annoyingalice.png)

Is the joke that all these are made up? If getfiscal submitted this it's clearly sarcastic. What is Bruenig talking about? Alice is almost entirely followed and responded to by weepy horny men over 30.

No. 1272241

She nailed their writing styles pretty well if they're all made up. Also the Jeet comments are from real tweets lol

No. 1272257

File: 1625550194903.png (110.21 KB, 970x471, divorced.png)

It's official and in the public record.

No. 1272265

so it's a pseudonym… is alice a dude?

No. 1272386

>interesting, heterodox, unpredictable, thought-provoking

What? That bitch is the blandest poster in this entire circle. I don't get the hype, and I don't get the hate. I really think everything surrounding her "fame" is her doing the "tee hee you'll never guess my identity!" shtick and people playing along for the mystery alone. Boringest gossip girl ever

No. 1272427

Why does Anna constantly LARP as this hard nosed cold no nonsense Russian lady? Isn’t that a solely Western stereotype of Russians and in the East they’re seen as loud and over the top like Italians are in America?

No. 1272507

But wait, there's more! She's actually Armenian, who are stereotyped by Russians as loud, obnoxious and over the top "nonwhites".

No. 1272535

File: 1625599859687.png (205.61 KB, 1070x754, alicenoonecares.png)

"Alice" is obsessively replying to every random twitter accounts saying anything negative about her substack.

No. 1272538

I have genuinely never seen a population that's more psychotically obsessed with being liked than lefthots and their orbit. The "hot and unbothered" LARP only makes it look worse.

No. 1272564

File: 1625604478164.jpeg (243.21 KB, 640x765, 497CC552-6855-40BC-8CAA-D4688B…)

She's really hyping this up like she has a major role and not just a side character who's out of focus half the time she's on screen

No. 1272567

She was bragging about Mr.Robot before it came out and she had one minute of screen time.

No. 1272584


Oh so you're telling me when Anna does her "I used to be an immiserated prole only making 22k a year" its because she couldn't get paid enough to pursue her stupid vanity phd.

No. 1272611


Who is she? Why was she using Darien Shader's image? If I recall she has connections to academic philosophy, including having a kid with a bf's philosopher dad? Feels like a Yashar Ali type grift

No. 1272612

Completely normal behavior from a very important actress. You can picture Florence Pugh posting something like this prior to one of her AAA grade releases, to own her haterz from a Chinese wall tapestry forum.

No. 1272638

lol lauren oyler is such a dipshit.

No. 1272669

Her book really just came and went. Endlessly hyped by certain segments of twitter for nearly a year, and then poof within days of its release no one mentions it anymore.

No. 1272672

>Retweets trailer to brag but doesn’t appear in it
Womp, womp

No. 1272682

File: 1625617307674.png (481.17 KB, 1021x570, whos that girl.png)

you can briefly see her in the background of one shot

No. 1272730

File: 1625624774224.png (1.22 MB, 758x1092, mirror.png)

fag who instagrams himself taking a dump in his perfume stained mirror tries to talk about female behavior with samememe

No. 1272745

From what I have learned from PhD youtubers, the average stipend pay for non STEM is 17k but some people can get up to 50k (someone in this thread claimed something close and it is quite possible). Anna probably saw that and also realized she was terrible at doing anything academic and quit.

No. 1272752

Is this whole “discourse” going on just because of that tinderdistrict person saying she didn’t want to go hiking on a first date or did something else happen

No. 1272890

File: 1625649942850.png (131.75 KB, 451x489, queasy.png)

Woof, I wonder if this was about rapememe

No. 1272955

I wonder if this is what lexa was referring to in the podcast thing about these people supporting rapists

No. 1272965

yes no one will shut up about it

No. 1272978

I kind of don’t get why so many people latched on to that tweet specifically? I feel like not wanting to go hiking on a first date or whatever is really one of her least controversial or antagonistic tweets and generally a popular opinion irl. The tinderdistrict person seems very jarring and unpleasant, but the grown men who have spent like over three days straight now whining about it or going on about how they’re Passionate About Hiking or whatever are at least as pathetic to me if not more so. Idk I feel like this always happens with the men in this group of twitter where they randomly latch on to some (usually very boring) tweet and every single one of them has to tweet the exact same take over it for days and it’s always so transparent and forced. It becomes very boring and annoying.

No. 1272983

Am I misremembering or did this exact same discourse happen here maybe a year or so ago and they ended up having to make a containment thread for it?

No. 1272988

Lol /abg/? I think it was the same idea but about chain restaurants vs non chain restaurants.

No. 1272994

File: 1625672687041.png (53.08 KB, 593x465, trf.png)

I'm pretty sure it's about the radfem hitler tweet about coffee dates, pic related. Search her twitter for "coffee date", she spent the entire 4th and 5th sperging about it, must have had a bad tinder experience

Wow, so mysterious!

No. 1273000

Is that nicotine staining on the fucking walls Jesus Christ
the way this crowd sperg about how not smoking inside woke and neoliberal is so retarded, I bet they all stink like shit
it also just goes to show how geeky and naive they are if they’re in their 30s and still think smoking is cool

No. 1273003

late but in case anyone's wondering, check out hellokittyrazorb1adee on instagram, their stories have the full dox of these kaliacc losers. I'm surprised they don't have their own threads yet, their doxxes are pretty funny

No. 1273008

File: 1625675937173.jpeg (78.04 KB, 750x556, 3392BF02-CF5F-426E-9CEA-AE3FBC…)

>I feel like this always happens with the men in this group of twitter where they randomly latch on to some (usually very boring) tweet and every single one of them has to tweet the exact same take over it for days and it’s always so transparent and forced.
just like with this post from a few months ago. it was annoying but there were men who spent hours agonizing over it.

No. 1273054

Kind of like when you talk about muh skulenity, male ingenuity, retvrn to tradition and emotional stoicism when you're a useless service industry faggot with a faggy feminine degree and an imaginary kid, chimping at twitter all day. Granted, that's every man who speaks of those things.

No. 1273061

Scrotes mad (x20)

No. 1273067

PMCs whining about their slave labor not bringing them the right brand food product deserve way worse than getting ratioed on twitter for a day.

No. 1273068

File: 1625682491376.jpg (14.65 KB, 680x383, e00.jpg)

No. 1273079

That tweet was one of the ones I was thinking of! It’s very obviously just a (bad) joke. Idk I think it’s just especially annoying bc it’s literally always these exact same men who consider themselves “anti-woke” or whatever and spend 24 hours a day “ironically” posting about how stupid and annoying women are, but if any woman jokes about anything even vaguely negative towards any man ever, they’re all suddenly extremely delicate and sensitive uwu and go so far out of their way to be outraged and twist it into something “problematic” by being as hysterical and uncharitable as possible. Some irrelevant female comedian will make a dumb throwaway joke about like, a tinder guy not having a bed frame or something and a bunch of accounts with names like rapeenjoyer69 will post 17 quote tweets every day for a week straight about it like “Did this evil cunt not consider that perhaps this atomised, disaffected, working class male couldn’t get a bed frame because he is likely neurodivergent? Truly sickening to see the contempt this privileged girlboss clearly has for a traumatised neurodivergent man” in between their usual hilarious epic irony posts about like, Hitler/aids/rape etc. and like you said, it’s not even that the op isn’t annoying/dumb/unfunny/whatever, but they’re just all so transparent and disingenuous. It just feels like the “edgy” 35 year old man version of when pronoun in bio, picrew avi 14 year olds do those #charliedamelioisoverparty things. They’re both doing it for the exact same reason, and care the exact same amount (so, not at all) about whatever the supposed injustice of the person was.

No. 1273088

No. 1273095

Exactly, if you're going to try to make yourself a voice against IDpol online then it looks pretty retarded to turn around and get offended over anything critical that vaguely applies to you. So many cases of this.

No. 1273100

Every "reeee idpol" is inevitably followed by some variant of "dudes rock/muh working class h'wyte men/muh evil whuite women/black asian girlbosses and their Walmart cookies are the reason why I'm fat". At this point it's pretty much a physical law of the universe that anyone who complains about idpol unironically is usually the biggest idpolyp.

No. 1273107

welcome to twitter generally

No. 1273113


Locked account, can you post screencaps?

No. 1273119

anon youre so right

No. 1273127

File: 1625690211824.png (1.36 MB, 1068x964, catandabelonlyoneswhodeserveto…)

I hope Ferrara got a couple hundreds bucks for showing up to this.

No. 1273266

A lot of people legitimately don't believe women, or anyone else they dislike, is capable of making jokes

No. 1273284

Yeah I feel like every single time some woman’s tweet blows up that they all start moralfagging over, it’s literally always either just an extremely painfully obvious joke that is interpreted as genuine stupidity, or some benign statement that they all decide to randomly latch on to because they dislike the person for some other reason and then disingenuously frame it as like, an international human rights atrocity so they can all be fake outraged and spend a week quote tweeting it with the same identical take.

No. 1273301

Men use humor as a means of consequence-free shit testing in the social hierarchy, so they perceive any humor at their expense as a threat, especially if it's from a woman. There's no population less capable of taking jokes than men, because they're never really joking.

No. 1273309

Serious question, is there a reason why all smol wellbutrin angels are obsessed with giving head

No. 1273351

just more "pick me" signaling. they don't realize it's about as desperate and appealing as men who are always mentioning how much the love eating pussy.

No. 1273364

Check the cards/stories, they didn't post anything on the main images page. They deserve their own thread and I'm kind of surprised this site isn't already on them considering they actually have doxxed and groomed young girls.

No. 1273393

Search up NYU, 22k is abysmal all around. Even if she did Art History, it shouldn't be paid that badly. Look up other Art History PhD programs and compare them to other similar departments at the same school, they are generally the same.

My guess? She probably got waitlisted and was given leftover scraps that the department only relented after she probably haggled them for more (probably only 3k more at the most).

No. 1273454

is the friend that camgirl skinwalking dasha from earlier in the thread/that the subreddit was freaking about?

No. 1273623

I think they don't have and won't ever get a thread because you need to either be way too close to them to get the milk or trust anons who are, which as a format is more suitable for a horror story in a "internet creeps general" than a thread proper, threads are sustained by multiple anons keeping tabs. If you're close enough to do that you're either one of them or you know that the ugly pajeet would love nothing more than to be known as an underage groomer legend or whatever. The milk isn't worth giving him the satisfaction.

No. 1273681

I've met that girl (dasha 2) in person. she used to fuck adam and she currently fucks justin roiland (rick and morty creator). She's really obnoxious and strung out but has giant tits.

No. 1273709

File: 1625784292843.png (31.68 KB, 659x183, what the.png)

Sydney/Lexaprofessional is playing "Pregnant Prisoner 2" in the upcoming film The Secret of Cuck Island

No. 1273710

File: 1625784589335.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1280x714, shereallydoeshaveapiercednippl…)

She also stars and gets naked in this lame Troma short from last year

No. 1273711

File: 1625784835623.png (1.34 MB, 1280x716, kiss.png)

I wonder how this makes samememe feel

No. 1273725

File: 1625786659332.jpeg (106.89 KB, 640x853, hqzme2kj52171.jpeg)

why did I think that liz bruenig was better looking than she actually is? why does everyone simp over her

No. 1273728

You should've seen her before she fixed her teeth.

No. 1273733

Kaliacc is attempting a revival amongst the altlit/ Barett hanger ons. They seem to think it was Ccru 2.0 when in reality it was just a pajeet tumblr posting on twitter.

No. 1273763

File: 1625789848799.jpeg (45.57 KB, 1200x630, download (2).jpeg)

No. 1273783

shes really photogenic in some photos

No. 1273786

the whole scene is uggo nerds, bruenig is just less deformed than most

No. 1273792

File: 1625794886122.jpg (32.07 KB, 747x644, E5zcU0RXIAIVc5W.jpg)

apparently people found out porngum did a gloryhole porn video and twitter is making fun of her

No. 1273797

lmao she’s been telling people she’s fucking justin roiland since 2019, it’s not true

No. 1273799

No. 1273800

who is this again?

No. 1273803

weird twitter girl who grew up in a hare krishna cult, she's friends with a bunch of leftist twitter people like samelpan and lexaprofessional

No. 1273807

she's also buds with the tpn crew

No. 1273808

File: 1625796313975.png (Spoiler Image,535.67 KB, 594x732, um.png)

this is incredibly depressing, wtf did I just watch

No. 1273814

this is actually very strange and gross, she didn't just start an onlyfans first? she went straight to hardcore interracial gang bangs?

No. 1273817

yeah i knew she used to model but she did nude stuff too and only recently decided to do professional porn videos. and there's a lot apparently


No. 1273847

Why does EVERY lefthot look like she smells?

No. 1273855

Because they are all clones of Amber and Amber lived with Nick and Felix who everyone attests are gross as fuck, even grosser than Matt.

No. 1273859

men seriously need to get some hobbies besides jerking off

No. 1273873

File: 1625812450680.jpg (Spoiler Image,628.38 KB, 1250x2222, 1250x2222_07ff7149812c88d10935…)

do men really find this sort of thing atractive?

No. 1273891

of course not, she looks like a dried up old pillbilly. men don't find it attractive, they get enjoyment out of women degrading themselves because they hate them.

No. 1273949

It looks like she doesn’t floss or brush

No. 1273953

She always kind of freaked me out because she looks like a young version of Mama June

No. 1273955

She drinks like 5 coke zeros a day, that's why her teeth increasingly looked like they were rotting in addition to them being crooked before she got them touched up

No. 1273994

Liz has mastered the fine art of the flattering pfp and "good girl next door who sometimes posts lewds" routine. Add in her youth and low body count and it's everything a certain kind of dude fetishizes. The simping when she posted this pic was wild - feels like I'm staring at a "magic eye" waiting for the supposed hotness to pop out but all I see is a milquetoast girl with crusty lips and giant yellow teeth.

No. 1274002

File: 1625845651930.jpeg (317.47 KB, 750x888, DEA3DBF9-6C99-4AE3-B490-4E0C2B…)

Judging by old photos on her Instagram I don’t think Anna has had any work done - it’s slight weight gain and not having such a viciously unflattering hair style

No. 1274005

File: 1625845962592.jpeg (70.79 KB, 640x800, bdu567hle1a71.jpeg)

She did not have these cheekbones even at her lower weight of a year or two ago.

No. 1274011

File: 1625847141069.jpeg (377.84 KB, 750x683, EB9155AA-5B57-4025-82AE-228478…)

she could just be sucking her cheeks in would explain why she always looks so tense

No. 1274016

File: 1625847790422.png (920.51 KB, 1592x940, screen-shot-2019-07-09-at-4.12…)

She's definitely had work done imo. Old pics aren't the best to judge against since we have more facial fat in our youth even at low body weight. Compare her appearance now to candids from 2018 before the Patreon money rolled in, it's a completely different face — deep eleven lines and nasolabial folds, bigger nose, weak chin, significant facial drooping. Overall she was aging poorly, you'd believe she was 45 in this pic. Weight gain would reduce deep lines somewhat but not correct sagging. I believe she's at least had fillers, possibly also a nose job and a thread lift to correct sagging and add volume to cheekbones. Maybe subtle lip filler too.

Honestly I think her work is amazing. She's retained her strong face structure but lost that homely/haggard/hard look she had in 2018. I'd unironically love to know who does her work - assuming all her friends read here, anyone want to drop her doctor's name?

No. 1274020

File: 1625847959510.png (62.28 KB, 1822x192, anon with no self respect.png)

There's an anon on the confessions thread who says she used to hook up with one of the cum town boys and another one of them tried to do a threesome with them. I wonder which one was which? And who she is because you know she's probably still orbiting them.

No. 1274021

Better than Dasha but still terrible. And she's prettier than Dasha too, but also insists on not styling herself at all. What demon possesses scarethots that make them keep yelling about how hot they are while simultaneously presenting themselves as frumpy and unwashed as humanly possible?

No. 1274043

That's pretty vague, where do they say it was one of the cumtown guys?

No. 1274049

Sorry, someone downthread guessed them and she confirmed it

No. 1274074

File: 1625852255198.jpeg (138.47 KB, 826x826, A05E5B6C-96D1-4CBF-BBC7-771300…)

Oh I have my suspicions but I also have my doubts, the photo on the left is from 2018.
She’s definitely gone to a beautician and had her brows properly waxed which can really open up someone’s face
She takes a lot of her pics much further away from her face and in better lighting too but she is incredibly vain and has admitted to looking into thread lifts

They both cope hard about how avoiding smoking and drinking don’t make you look that different but it really does a number on you especially after about 25

No. 1274116

Girl idk if brows can lift and tone an entire face! If they can I'm gonna need the name of Anna K's threader too.

I can definitely see she's using better angles and grooming too, I just think it's not so farfetched she's also had work done. It's pretty universal for urban women of a certain class, and she's very open about being vain and nouveau riche. I'm close to Anna's age and considering a couple tweaks so when she talks on the pod about fillers potentially giving you autoimmune reactions, etc., I'm like, "oh yeah, me and Anna are def reading the same RealSelf reviews" lol

No. 1274120

by "thread lifts" I think they mean pdo threads, not eyebrow threading

No. 1274127

oh yeah i know, little confusing since we're talking abt both thread lifts and brows in this thread! i was just joking that i think there's a lot more than eyebrow grooming going on in this glow-up.

funny, i actually hadn't heard Anna mention looking into a thread lift but her results scream that procedure to me. the overall lift to her face is very evident and imo more than what fillers/botox/microcurrent facials etc can give

No. 1274145

That second pic is from using airbrushing and filters. She looks like shit in recent unedited pics

No. 1274167

File: 1625862495431.jpeg (51.37 KB, 643x643, 293E6289-469B-43B2-AA7E-D8C467…)

No but sucking in your cheeks and raising your brows when you take a selfie can ;)
Here’s another side by side, a year ago on the left and 4 months ago on the right
The nasolabial folds are still there but the lighting isn’t as harsh and she’s 8 months pregnant on the right but the cheek hollows are gone completely she just sucks her face in when she takes a selfie
She mentions thread lifts in the goop review ep. if she has had work done I’m surprised she’d flat out deny it seeing as she’s happy to admit to all sorts of other things and bragging about how much work you’ve had done is a very nouveau riche Russian thing to do kek
If she truly hasn’t had work done it totally ruins her own assertions that thinner = better and that smoking and drinking don’t make you look bad

No. 1274198

Genuine question nona, do you know anyone irl with a PDO (not silhouette or any other suture suspension) thread lift?

No. 1274218

honestly none of the combinations would surprise me

nick and adam because they seem like closer friends and stav is too ugly to have a fuck buddy

nick and stav because they are gross and gay and adam's usually in relationships while they are single

adam and stav because nick is too autistic and always sounds like he's never having sex

No. 1274220

I wonder if nick and adam ever fucked dasha together based on their weird energy, and the fact that stav seems to have more resentment towards dasha than nick or even adam (jealous he didn't get a turn too?)

No. 1274233

Maybe the friend was someone in that scene but not also in Cum Town. Adam is he most likely suspect for being the fuck buddy.
Nick seemed to be attracted to Dasha when she and Adam first got together and Dasha was clearly horny for him whenever they interacted on mic. She kept liking his (and Stav's) tweets even post break up. By the time of the engagement or before with their trip to Japan Nick seemed to have disdain for her turning into hatred during the last few months of that relationship.

No. 1274239


That nuclear Armageddon photo of her that’s passed around here, she was smiling, hence the horrible lines. She never smiles in her selfies for a reason. Someone dug up an old photo of her circa 25 or something smiling with lasagna and even then she looked weird.

No. 1274242

who is this?

No. 1274243

File: 1625870373090.png (2.33 MB, 1770x1372, cumtown posts.png)

Here I compiled the posts, sorry for the bad layout im not in PS. i'm guessing its a combo of nick and adam?
>guy I hooked up with is a podcaster and one of his cohosts/friends tried to join

No. 1274245

File: 1625870547652.png (474.38 KB, 1190x1634, benedict cryptofash meltdown.p…)

Aimee reply guy Shant committed the deadly sin of using the term "elite overproduction" so Benedict and Aimee have turned on him and having been subtweeting him for 3 days straight

No. 1274253

File: 1625871246234.png (1.05 MB, 1944x960, fivefour.png)

anachans exposing Dasha's true height

No. 1274271

Shart literally used to do comms for Pelosi, his arc is Obama-era lib>anti-Bernie Hillbot>IDW anti-woke "classical liberal"

No. 1274280

The fact that this fridge on legs actually needs to be "exposed" is utterly hilarious to me. Only her pudgy Lena Dunham looking fans who come here and call everyone fat believe that she's a skinny legend.

I refuse to believe that Dasha herself actually thinks she's thin. She must be committing an epic cryptolibfem HAES psyop in which she infiltrates anachans, calls herself skinny and thus tricks aspiring anachans into thinking they're dying angels at 120 lbs and 5 ft. That sounds like a wonderful way to prevent them from actually losing weight. Absolute queen of treating eating disorders in young women!

No. 1274307

Lol I didn't expect anyone to be invested. It was them well mainly nick, funny enough I found lolcow because of him

No. 1274314

this didn't happen but cute role play :)

No. 1274315

how would you know tho
also, integrate

No. 1274340

supreme kek

No. 1274359

Dasha is 100% the type to try to fuck her boyfriend’s friends behind his back. Maybe where Nick’s hatred started? I don’t think Nick would for fear of Adam finding out

No. 1274389

i thought dasha knew nick first and met adam thru him?

No. 1274407

Was he ever anything resembling a leftist or does he just know that by inserting pseudo-Marxist psychobabble he can attract posties? I'm noticing an uptick in guys who do the "oh I'm so disaffected with the left thing" even though they were never "part" of it in any meaningful capacity.

No. 1274415

How do you know that and why is it relevant to >>1274359

No. 1274458

Is the dick big? Did he make you come? Does he really have a piss fetish? Is he an annoying self important faggot in real life or not really? I like nick for the record but he seems like the type to not like parties since everyone doesn't listen to him.

No. 1274459

Is he a farmer?

No. 1274512

i'd like a source he used to work for pelosi. I searched google but I couldn't find anything. I know he used to be a researcher for Media Matters (hence the MM in his twitter handle).

No. 1274539

he definitely worked for the obama administration, even did an interview with glenn greenwald about it.

No. 1274575

Parasocial obsession strong. Do you still hang out with Nick??

No. 1274620

Brandon Wardell said once on his podcast that he and Adam almost had a threesome with a girl too

No. 1274622

File: 1625939843786.jpg (73.32 KB, 733x459, posting is activism.JPG)

dim bulb this one. actually believes arguing with people on a cumberbatch themed troll account will take down the ruling class.

No. 1274648

Yeah two people I know have had it done, one is just an acquaintance so we didn’t discuss directly but the other showed me her before/afters and it was honestly very impressive. Used to work in a very vain industry and was shocked how much women spend on face and body maintenance, the $300 facials, Pilates, waxing etc, then around 27 they start with “preventative” Botox which often leads to fillers and other little tweaks.

So yeah guess I’m biased but I tend to think people are a little naive when they doubt Anna’s had work done, it’s so common in bougie NYC circles ppl are shocked when you tell them you haven’t had anything done. It’s almost considered downmarket not to - or if they’re being generous they’ll say it’s very “European” of you lol

No. 1274668

File: 1625949392546.jpeg (1013.17 KB, 1242x1933, CA2328F5-68EA-4ADE-A889-D2B142…)

did lexa and default_friend fall out?

No. 1274671

File: 1625949713129.png (82.58 KB, 1184x214, sixmightbegenerous.png)

self-drag of all these people

No. 1274677

samememe must keep his wife shut in the basement lest she divorce him or touch his perfume collection

No. 1274680

Imagine being so desperate for attention you become a post-left subcelebs replygirl, a rapememe replygirl, and then go on lolcow to post yourself replygirling, when you already posted "omg guise look at this based #ourgirl owning the post left!" in the past both here and in the tradthots thread and no1curr'd

No. 1274702

File: 1625957509958.png (161.25 KB, 404x529, liz bruenig fishing for compli…)

Fishing for compliments from the simps, must be in a bad mood today.

No. 1274708

Liz Bruenig go one day without baiting your simps challenge. No wonder she and alicefromqueens are so tight, they both constantly seek male attention in the most hamfisted way - a mix of fake self-effacement and literally just mentioning sex a lot lmao. So cringe, it's like watching 14 year olds flirt.

No. 1274726

File: 1625962031792.png (39.44 KB, 578x266, when shes right shes right.png)

No. 1274751

Oh, I'm not doubting you at all. I was just asking because PDO threads are somewhat notorious for being ineffective, bad in the long term (overstretches the skin, makes you need a facelift sooner) and/or downright dangerous (can cause permanent dimpling, may not fully dissolve and are hard to fish out surgically). Plastic surgeons tend to screech at the slightest mention of them. Did it really work for your friends, have you seen them before and after?

No. 1274753

holy shit the abandonment issues lmfao. bpd king!!!

No. 1274757

What does she mean about the “birth decline debate”? Are they saying they think that making it so people can’t get divorced if they have kids would increase the amount of people wanting to get married and have kids?

No. 1274761

Is there any chance her and Anna don’t know its samememe?

No. 1274782

File: 1625971856306.png (162.64 KB, 1180x668, dashaafterdark.png)

manager's asleep time to post

No. 1274789

kek she absolutely knows deep down the movie is amateur drivel and she only got the award because the jury wanted to seem hip, it's why she lashes out like this

No. 1274794

File: 1625974268068.png (191.27 KB, 1192x842, Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 11.3…)

It's really interesting to see Aimee at odds with her right wing simps

No. 1274881

“The feds are gagging for it”
Aw Aimee just learned some new American slang! Good job Aimee, but remember, cutesy Gen Z twink words don’t fit in well with your 40 year old paranoia poasting.

No. 1274883

Is Anna really in that kind of circle though? She seems more the bourgeoisie bohemian type, roommate Leila certainly hasn’t had any work done
And those types of people usually don’t deny they’ve had work done, I guess for all her LARPing she isn’t ethnically Russian and is going for the trashy Armenian “this is my real nose!!” route

No. 1274887

going on about The Race War but randomly taking on this laganja estranjaesque affect out of nowhere like “Yaaas!! Those thirsty feds are absolutely gagging for it mawma!” is honestly really funny and makes her sound like a fed herself

No. 1274901

Perfectly said, she's giving big fed/fellow kids energy here. (YES GAWWWD Aimee coming THRU with that fed energy, I'm so gagggged sis - translation so Aimee can understand)

No. 1274919

File: 1626011519501.png (61.14 KB, 609x366, dashagotacallfromthemanager.pn…)

No. 1274939

>Is the dick big?
>Did he make you come?
he tried
>Does he really have a piss fetish?
not that i'm aware of but I wouldn't be surprised
>Is he an annoying self important faggot in real life or not really?
one on one he's not annoying and nice but seems to be a different story in group settings

>Parasocial obsession strong
idk what you mean by this, I wasn't a fan and i've never even listen to his podcast
>Do you still hang out with Nick??
no, I ghosted him more or less, but he still drunk texts/calls me sometimes. I am not and was never involved in that scene so I never run into him

>Is he a farmer?
not that I know of but after I stopped hanging out with him I was searching to figure out what his deal is and came across lolcow/this thread

No. 1274966

noticed some people on a podcast criticizing our system of government
why don’t you make one yourself you policyless dumbass

No. 1274993

No. 1275004

Noticed you called Taylor Swift fat on your podcast why don’t you lose 20 pounds you muscle definitionless dumbass

You’d think someone who runs their mouth on a podcast multiple times a week would be a bit thicker skinned

No. 1275043

Exactly, I don’t even care about most of what she says on the podcast it’s the fact that she’s like that but also can’t take any joke at her expense. No one interpreted her tweet as a joke because that’s exactly how she always reacts to anything critical.

No. 1275047

Bitch is literally built like boobless Shayna, except unlike Dasha, Shayna was actually skinny at one point. It's actually uncanny how she manages to nail a bizarrely undesirable in-between look - pudgy yet not curvy, flat yet not skinny, infantile yet washed up, out of shape but not in a fashionably fragile way. She attempts all these "high fashion" contortions in her staged pics, yet you can clearly see her round webbed shoulders, stumpy neck and lunch lady arms in her candids and movies.

If I had to guess the inspiration for her retarded larping, it's probably mass produced slav models from 2010s, like Anna Selezneva or Monica Jagaciak. She sees them and thinks "omg this is literally me" because she too has a wide bulbous slav nose. Truly troon-like levels of delusion.

No. 1275065

yeah I don’t know what it is (I think it’s her eyes and forehead) but Dasha just looks really manly, unlike those models you listed (and there are other ones like there are a lot of the type you mentioned, etc Sasha Pivovarova). Most of them have like big wide foreheads and big wide set eyes, whereas Dasha has a pretty smooshed face and tiny eyes that are close together.

No. 1275077

did you catch herpes from him? what's his real height? why did you ghost him? was threesome adam or stav?

No. 1275096

>Truly troon-like levels of delusion.
If dasha actually looked like the frail anachan waif she larps as she'd probably have more important roles in mainstream shows/movies instead of minor, one episode background characters.

No. 1275100

File: 1626038948946.jpeg (283.32 KB, 1242x1154, CCD0AF30-F478-406C-AB91-902D24…)

Why doesn’t he just come out

No. 1275102

Just go to a gay bar…

No. 1275106

She could have had ultherapy or a buccal fat removal. Maybe a combo. Ultherapy is noninvasive and can really tighten things up. And probably some standard issue Botox which isn’t unusual.

No. 1275107

File: 1626040928559.jpeg (537.22 KB, 1000x2210, 978017F2-D8CD-45DE-803F-D934E1…)

This started bc he was doing his usual daily rant about how women have jobs now and that means they’re taking away men’s spaces so he wants sex segregated bars, which seemed to annoy even CRK and Aimee.

No. 1275119

She said in an episode once that she’s convinced everyone she meets wants to fuck her

No. 1275120

kek if she did she's fucked because literally causes premature aging and sagging later

No. 1275121

File: 1626043597199.png (241.56 KB, 467x550, horny.png)

What are the odds this shell of a man furiously masturbates to Liz's thirst traps every night? (100%)

No. 1275122

I agree, I don't even always disagree with them but they are too thin skinned to be honest with others. Like in Anna's recent interview with Angie where she says that she and Dasha critique what women do but not individual women, like why would you bother to lie about that when you are always mentioning individual women? Again, I don't even think what they say is always wrong but if you are going to attach it to your name you have to own it more than that

No. 1275124

That poor little girl

No. 1275126

File: 1626044230765.png (603.94 KB, 956x1120, notmad.png)

Dasha is incapable of doing even the simplest gestures naturally.

No. 1275138

The way that even crazyass Aimee is against his retard tradwyfe take… love to see it

No. 1275143

I know bpd gets thrown around a lot here but he has to genuinely have it, like with how Lexa described him constantly calling asking if she was mad at him when she was hospitalised and then suddenly switching and sending her a ‘list of things he hates about her’ like a 15 year old, but also just that he’s spent 10 years straight having tantrums online.

No. 1275147

He ended up getting run off both online communities he’s tried posting on, one of which was a literal race realism tolerant video game forum which sounds insufferable yet he was still somehow too annoying even for them. I wonder how long it’ll take for them to get sick of him and if there’ll be a repeat of last time. Anna going out of her way to interact with him again seems especially pathetic even for her.

No. 1275152

He just deleted all his tweets?

No. 1275154

File: 1626050851949.jpeg (192.43 KB, 1242x511, D80B0CFA-5D79-4074-82A9-850A84…)

No. 1275156

File: 1626051168040.png (41.77 KB, 619x217, hmm.png)

someone got suspended in the replies?

No. 1275163

Did Syndney and Anna know each other? Her last podcast was quite interesting about that general group and why she wanted to disconnect from them and the second half seemed like it was probably about Anna but I’m not 100% sure. She said that “the people who go on and on the most about narcissism” and constantly accuse other people of being one are genuinely narcissists, which could be a lot of people but it seemed like Anna specifically bc she said that there’s “something disgusting and pathetic” about them supporting rapists and that this person had initially supported her and claimed to be on her side but in a shallow way. She was describing the person as being one of the edgy/anti woke types and said that it’s all a performance and that it’s as narcissistic and insincere as woke types talking about their trauma or whatever, and that these people use it as a replacement for a personality or soul. Anna’s the only one I can think of with the “supporting rapists” because she started interacting with samememe again?

No. 1275187

Ah yes, typical penile leftism - women can and should work dead end wagecuck jobs to feed a moid and his spawn, but a career to support herself would be too "atomizing". Homie can't decide what he hates more - being expected to pay the bills or no longer being able to date out of his lane by having all the money.

>one women don't seem to like

Moid suicide rates are high because they fundamentally can't tell the difference between what's true and what they'd like to be true.

No. 1275188

Another tell tale sign is his obsession with projecting his melodramatics on women and a grandiose false self in which he's a "le dispassionate logical masculine god of no emotion". That's common in men (who are all low-key clusterbees) in general, but full blown BPDs in particular tend to be entirely obsessed with the idea of having absolute control over their feelings - understandably, since feelings are the #1 cause of their daily misery.

See also: daddy issues Anna and her Wikipedia diagnosed "aktually cluster A" personality.

No. 1275190

He definitely also doesn’t think they should have jobs at all or go to school or uni or even learn to read lmao, it’s not just careers he has an issue with he’s just sucking up to Aimee. He spent like over a year on his old account tweeting about how he thinks women should all be teen mom tradwives and divorce and birth control should be illegal.

No. 1275191

I'm talking about that blackedpilled front pole. But rapememe is probably the type to talk about this while secretly posting in some r9k gentle femdom mommy gf thread.

No. 1275193

samefagging here - its about blackedfag and Aimee of course. If she failed at being a girlboss, so should every woman. Job good career bad.

No. 1275194

Sometimes I’m not convinced he actually believes these things because it seems just cartoonish almost but tbh if he doesn’t then it’s almost even more weird because what motivates someone to do this every day for 10 years? I would 100% think he was a troll account being ran by a teenager if I hadn’t seen pictures of him/ there are people who actually interacted with him irl. It’s so unsettling that he’s actually 40 and a teacher or something.

No. 1275198

File: 1626056841667.jpg (460.33 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20210711-222702_Gal…)

lmao why do you care about "middle class and above" women? shouldn't you be happy that these Rich Neolibs are (supposedly) unhappy?

or maybe they're not unhappy at all and "atomized single breadwinner" is just butthurt pseudspeak for "will never settle for me or be my sugar mama"?

No. 1275200

>what motivates someone to do this every day for 10 years?

psychotic fear of abandonment

No. 1275219

File: 1626059724244.jpeg (370.65 KB, 1242x1169, ABB499E0-AD0C-40CB-AC07-7B6C95…)

No. 1275229

ah yes, stay at home wives, a population known for not popping pills
bpd king

No. 1275234

I don’t get what he even wants. If he maintains he did nothing wrong why does he care about making sure people don’t know it’s him, all his old friends already know it’s him and clearly none of them care. And if he truly just can’t live without twitter and wanted to come back that desperately without being identified as rapememe then why not put in even the tiniest amount of effort to avoid drawing excessive negative attention to yourself by at least just not tweeting the exact same daily screeds about how women shouldn’t be allowed to read and possibly avoid quote tweeting random tenth grade girls tiktoks to say how much happier they would be as a teen mom. Is he just physically unable to resist sperging about this topic? Like he deactivated in the midst of being accused of rape and then reappeared and made zero attempt to fly under the radar whatsoever, what reaction was he expecting?

No. 1275236

I don't think they've ever met. Look it sucks she had to deal with rapememe but Sydney is a fucking psycho and has no room to talk. This is someone who by her own admission was an obsessive Red Scare listener for years but who sought out and fucked the host's ex-fiance the first chance she could. Podcast groupies are demented and never to be trusted. Also ANYONE can see what kind of man rapememe is from a mile away and she still entertained him

No. 1275242

lol he has BPD nona, he is actually unable to not draw negative attention to himself bc it's better than no attention

No. 1275429

File: 1626105040776.png (532.48 KB, 1517x1354, glenn thiel connection.png)

the dirtbag left and red scare/aimee's favorite journalist all but outed himself as a thiel collaborator.

No. 1275433

File: 1626105378452.jpeg (235.68 KB, 1080x2184, E6DsFUzX0AAlweo.jpeg)


These people can barely hide it anymore.

No. 1275448

File: 1626107767701.jpeg (589.34 KB, 828x1339, 55417E72-9935-4273-BB28-B171AE…)

genuinely not sure what to make of this post by paul skallas

No. 1275461

I don’t quite understand the significance of this?

No. 1275468

i for one think that aimee would benefit from a lindy walk.

No. 1275490

Extremely based and correct, whoever she's talking about. It could be literally anyone, because they're all exactly like that, especially the using it as a replacement for a personality part

No. 1275500

File: 1626112093000.png (580.81 KB, 755x858, lol.png)

this year, peter thiel has donated the largest senate campaign contributions ever to two candidates: jd vance and masters. jd vance is a long time collaborator, masters is the coo of thiel capital. thiel is a defense contractor billionaire who built his wealth through facebook and y combinator. they ARE big tech. as of this morning, glenn greenwald has endorsed both thiel puppets as anti big tech, making him either braindead or paid off.

No. 1275518

>this is descriptive, not normative
The fuck does that have to do with anything

No. 1275540

he has said that unironically about girls in the past when they follow him. i think this time he's joking.

No. 1275627

Dasha fans are the worst. Yes it was about those topics but it wasn’t executed well, hence why it was a bad movie

No. 1275698

>did you catch herpes from him?
>what's his real height?
i'm 5'6" and he's taller than me, unfortunately did not have the foresight to measure him
>why did you ghost him?
1. started dating my now-boyfriend and liked him more 2. a friend of mine told me his deal and I worried that potentially being associated with him would affect my job/career/reputation due to the nature of my work. also it was exhausting to be around him at a certain point, he was constantly coked out and is not the type of person that's "good" on coke
>was threesome adam or stav?
adam, but it never happened because I said no

No. 1275750

does adam have fake teeth? I heard he does

No. 1275766

no clue but wouldn't surprise me he is one of the weirdest people i've ever met

No. 1275773

isn't it amazing how samememe DFEs every time this place starts talking about him in more than a couple posts

No. 1275809

omg how do you mean??

No. 1275838

i was trying to figure out who the 'disabled' person was that she was talking about. obviously not anna or dasha

No. 1275841

lol this is so funny because im almost 100% sure this is all made up but my brain literally will not accept that someone could be so pathetic that they would lie about sleeping with the hosts of the cumtown podcast

No. 1275847

I know you’re lying because of the height. Nice effort anyway

No. 1275854

have you seen the ballistic mullenfags in the previous threads? they think it's like fucking an A list actor or some shit lmao

No. 1275862

I can not defend women anymore, i am no longer a feminist

No. 1275911

It's bizarre and pathetic that they make such a big deal over men who look like overcooked turkey meat

No. 1275917

literally why would I make it up lol, and like i said not a fan

No. 1275918

How was Adam weird? What year was this? Did you meet any other related people?

No. 1276001

adam is a weirdo.
on the latest cumtown he shit himself


No. 1276011

>wore white linen pants and checked the weather in case rained because was worried people would see his dick if he got wet
Is this podcast genuinely just three guys making penis jokes

No. 1276043

>How was Adam weird?
he just seemed like he was putting on a character, idk if he was actually just like that or was putting on a character. he just acted weirdly pathetic if that makes sense?
>What year was this?
>Did you meet any other related people?
hmmm maybe not sure, but didn't really hang out in those social settings much

No. 1276044

it's three guys thinking they're funny

No. 1276099

2018/19 - so when Nick was dating Abby? and Adam was dating Dasha? Like somebody else said, i don't exactly believe this but it's too tragic to lie about

No. 1276129

It really does feel like I’m back in high school sitting next to the autists who keep talking about throbbing veiny cock and wanting to have gay sex with each other
Honestly this whole postleft / alt right podcast scene gives off “most undesirable table in the cafeteria” vibes

No. 1276156

File: 1626213599353.png (185.68 KB, 1182x882, aimee vs river.png)

Aimee turns on Twink Rev

No. 1276159

File: 1626213922559.png (186.28 KB, 1188x718, aimee hates gays.png)

Aimee also turning on CRK because he's not anti-gay enough

No. 1276164

if you look at the reactions to that CRK tweet all the usual suspects are replying and quote tweeting and unironically equating all gay men with pedophiles and rapists. the same retards that Jack and GayeStepDad tap dance every day for

No. 1276166

>Honestly this whole postleft / alt right podcast scene gives off “most undesirable table in the cafeteria” vibes
it always has

No. 1276172

File: 1626215439576.png (253.5 KB, 678x1435, cool new friend aimee.png)

that aimee no longer jives with the milquetoast twinkrev republicans and has switched over to this guy says a lot.

No. 1276174

To imagine how guys act in this scene just insert the behavior of the worst boys you knew in high school in the earlier 2000's

No. 1276192

Everyone who has ever tried to coddle her and act charitably towards her bullshit from Brooks and Burgis to CKR to half a dozen ex-cohosts gets turned on eventually because she wakes up one day and decides she has to prove she's better than them.

No. 1276199

Why is she so resentful towards women who have careers? Sorry those "harpies" are actually making something out of their lives instead of being some terminally online wastrel like you, Aimee.

No. 1276205

she played the game and lost and now she's upset that other women do what she tried to do but are happy

No. 1276207

because she was born filthy rich, went through all the motions (private absurdly expensive Catholic school, prestigious uni, PMC law major etc) and yet ended up as whatever the fuck she is

No. 1276209

to quote that bogwitch anna khachiyan, they're "winning by being a loser"

No. 1276224

Nta but you act like these dudes wouldn’t cheat …. Adam definitely did

No. 1276238

File: 1626225125051.jpeg (94.55 KB, 1437x1185, 8hu1nb15w7b61.jpeg)

it sounds like nick did cheat on abby

No. 1276300

honestly the cumtown guys don't bother me a fraction as much as the other people in these threads. at least they don't pretend they're smart or cool or whatever else. if you want to make a podcast just doing like mtv jackass humor go ahead i really don't care lol. obviously the fans are another story though.

No. 1276303

i really wonder where she's 'going', in a long term sense. i don't keep up with all minute developments, but it just feels like whatever she's been doing for the past like 1 or 2 years just is not sustainable but i can't picture her just gradually disappearing in the way i can most of the people in this orbit. i really can't imagine what her everyday life must be like, it's pretty chilling lol

No. 1276307

File: 1626238663994.png (208.43 KB, 496x529, felix.png)

Things are looking dire for The Atlantic. Industry rumors abound of them possibly folding within a few years if Laurene Powell Jobs pulls out. Make one wonder what Liz Bruenig was thinking joining them. Assuming she really did leave the New York Times of her own volition and wasn't let go, it's baffling why she would take a position at a less relevant publication potentially in its death throes. Now, she has said on her pod that she got a salary bump with the new gig, but the job security at the NYT was far more sturdy and far more prestigious. She was also unhappy with the NYT for not running her op-eds as often as she wanted them to…but she's only published two pieces at the Atlantic since joining in May, the second one on June 14, exactly one month ago.

No. 1276322

File: 1626241830394.png (66.53 KB, 1080x314, IMG_20210714_074950.png)

sam pritchard changed his name and is larping as cassandra of troy now

No. 1276331

File: 1626243664140.jpg (51.42 KB, 1080x371, Screenshot_20210714-141924__01…)

Someone please drop the link

No. 1276338

it must have been deleted from the private sub, can't find it anywhere

No. 1276400

she's had more than 1 bf and this tweet was written over 1 year after they had split up. adam is more likely to cheat than nick although i don't believe he cheated on dasha but who could blame him if he did

No. 1276405

File: 1626270318165.jpg (134.23 KB, 838x1200, witten.jpg)

adam did cheat on dasha. all this caping for nick is weird as fuck too.
also are you new, don't put an actual email in the email field you idiot

No. 1276408

This was months after their break up. I only see Adam cheating if he tried to do an open relationship to handle Dasha's cheating because he was obsessed with that relationship, but who knows.

No. 1276414

How do the anon not know if it was in 2018 or 2019? Sus. I don’t care if Adam or Nick cheated, just smells like someone trying to start drama

No. 1276431

It could have been a fling extending from 2018-2019.

No. 1276434

How did you not know anything about him or the podcast? Did you not like …. talk or discuss anything ever? Confused

No. 1276439

>because he was obsessed with that relationship
Did I miss something?

No. 1276443

A fling that lasted months? Wasn’t he dating Abby at this time? This sounds really sketchy, could be vendetta posting, someone trying to get back at any of the people involved or even Dasha or Abby

No. 1276445

File: 1626275738596.png (647.5 KB, 936x640, andpostingstufflikethis.png)

Was saying he loved her and moved her across the country after a few months, engaged a year later, chose to ignore all the red flags, was supposedly devastated by the break up.

No. 1276451

as far as I know, adam did not actually cheat at least not in a capacity that I was involved in. and as for nick, I never asked him if he had a gf and he never said anything about one, and if he was cheating then i'm very sorry

it started in 2018 and continued into 2019, it was pretty infrequent because I travelled for work a lot at the time

he said he had a podcast and talked about it some but at the time everyone and their uncle had some shitty dumb dead end podcast so I just assumed it was one of those and didn't really care enough to ask about it lmao

who or what would i have a vendetta against? like i've said before i'm not involved in leftypol or w any of the people discussed here so i'm not sure what you think i have to gain from lying about it. i don't really care if you believe me, it's not that important

No. 1276463

Ok so if you knew nothing about his podcast or his girlfriend then where did you even meet him? Did you not know his last name or something? It is just weird that you had a fling with a guy who you barely even cared to learn anything about. If this is true maybe stop fucking guys you barely know

No. 1276466

If a couple is posting stuff like this you KNOW they’re miserable and should’ve split up long ago

No. 1276477

Nta but idk if most people google or deep dive people they date or talk to…a cursory glance at the IG at most for me kek.

No. 1276486

met him at a bar, lol where do you guys think people meet? like i have said, we were just hooking up, not dating and it's not exactly like we often had deep conversations about whether he had a girlfriend or about the precise context of his podcast.

keep in mind i originally posted this in the confessions thread for a reason, it isn't like i'm going around bragging about this like it's a high point in my life lmao

No. 1276501

Honestly the people here that don’t want to believe you for whatever reason won’t. They mostly don’t go outside/interact with people in any realistic capacity. Idc if it’s true or not, but the holes people are trying to poke in the story are retarded.

No. 1276504


Because it’s obviously untrue lol

No. 1276505

Wow who knew there were so many jealous Nick Mullen fan girls who simply cannot believe he would cheat on his girlfriend with someone who isn't them

No. 1276508

fucking an ugly coomer isn’t an achievement even if he has a podcast that makes money

No. 1276512

Who said it's an achievement? Anon said
>keep in mind i originally posted this in the confessions thread for a reason, it isn't like i'm going around bragging about this like it's a high point in my life lmao
It's pretty funny to see all of the fan girls so triggered.

No. 1276513

this isn't even surprising. Nick used to constantly flirt with female fans in DM's and arrange hook ups "if you're ever in town"

No. 1276519

It’s probably untrue, as are most anon stories posted in chan threads for attention, but I wouldn’t put it past this gross coomer to cheat with randos either. And I don’t get why the thread is filling up with debates anyway. These people aren’t celebrities, it’s not impressive or noteworthy to fuck some literal nobody with a podcast kek

No. 1276528

This pretty much confirms you posted this just to piss off any fangirls ITT but ok. Try harder next time, no one with half a brain believes this bullshit

No. 1276533

File: 1626285545189.png (116.15 KB, 750x1334, 70A77692-4842-4838-A922-C4AF5A…)

Did anyone post this yet? I could do without the overused Nazi comparisons at the end but here’s some good dirt in here.


>There has been a concerted effort among think tanks and their right-wing publications to make inroads in left media and gussy up tired Reaganite claptrap with phony Marxist jargon and edgy shit-posting to make “get off my lawn” conservatism seem counter cultural and hip. Capitalizing on the defeat of Sanders, these think tanks see an opportunity to exploit the ire and distrust of former Bernie supporters towards the Democratic Party and redirect this free-floating hostility to their ends.

>The Bellows describes itself as “an online magazine for class-centric Left-Populism.” Incidentally, its homepage lists Jeff Vandrew Jr. as a contributing founder of Vandrew LLC, a New Jersey-based wealth management firm, just in case you doubted its left-wing credentials. Not impressed? Little Jeff is the son of Republican dentist/congressman Jeff Vandrew Sr., who in 2020 supported Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

>When Aimee Terese is not reflexively defending Neo-Nazis engaged in anti-PC demonstrations in her native Australia (she deleted that tweet) she’s dunking on the libs, accusing everyone of being a secret Democrat and refashioning conservative talking points with ultraleft gibberish. She also uncritically platforms conservative think tank figures like Manhattan Institute fellow Oren Cass, who, friend to the working man that he is, wants to cut overtime rates and bar public sector unions from supporting and donating to political campaigns.

>After receiving heavy criticism for his piece, Adam Lehrer gloated on Twitter that writing for American Greatness allowed him to make a living writing and doing his art. As far as I know he’s now writing a book about heroin and the avant-garde, which is a 15-year-old’s idea of what’s cool.

No. 1276534

File: 1626285873120.png (82.86 KB, 487x440, 2C105F05-39E3-4713-B296-DB73C8…)

>It might surprise you to know that Michael Lind, the porcine conservative academic (pictured), Heritage Foundation alumnus and author of radical screeds such as Vietnam: The Necessary War, has a lot to teach young socialist intellectuals about class warfare. In his book The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite, Lind paints a picture of an “uneducated underclass” living in low-density areas and a “metropolitan elite” of university-credentialed professionals who he defines as a “managerial overclass.”

>Left media influencers picked up where Lind left off, propagating this anti-solidarity talking point and demonizing the “Professional Managerial Class.” In 2019, Chapo Trap House host Amber A’Lee Frost penned an essay on this theme in American Affairs, lifted largely though bastardized from the great Barbara Ehrenreich. To her credit, she later distanced herself from the publication, but podcast co-host turned guru Matt Christman echoed these talking points in his interminable Vlog sermons.

>Peter Thiel is also a fan of American Affairs and the National Conservative movement, helping them orchestrate the National Conservative Conference that featured Yarvin, Oren Cass and Tucker Carlson as a keynote speaker, as detailed in a recent piece from Harper’s, “Trumpism After Trump, by Thomas Meaney. Khachiyan appeared on The Portal with Eric Weinstein, managing director of Thiel Capital, to introduce her naïve, impressionable audience to a figure they would never have heard of otherwise.

No. 1276539

i didn't even post that lol

No. 1276544

Or maybe the right hates PMCs because they're liberals and the dirtbag left hate them because they wish they were them.

No. 1276558

Good. They all deserve to get dragged to hell for their transparent pandering to some of the most retarded right-wing factions in the country under the flimsy guise of “post-left critique.”

No. 1276586

>It is just weird that you had a fling with a guy who you barely even cared to learn anything about

I'm sure Dasha knows all the hopes and dreams of all those 70 people she fucked

No. 1276607

>It is just weird that you had a fling with a guy who you barely even cared to learn anything about.
NTA but that’s the textbook definition of a “fling” anon? You don’t need to be an avid listener of someone’s podcast to engage in casual sex with them kek

>If this is true maybe stop fucking guys you barely know

I doubt the type of woman who picks up an ugly moid like Nick Mullen in a bar, fucks him and brags about it on lolcow is looking for moralistic life advice but pop off.

No. 1276633

everybody’s been fucking saying this for years, but appreciate the receipts
the dirtbag “left” are just dirtbags

No. 1276638

This is their shot at becoming them lol

No. 1276647

ok lol my bad. yes i am, usually lurk. thanks for telling me - thankfully not my real email. also, not caping, just trying to work out if its larping or not because i thought i knew who the larper was but the dates don't match up..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1276667

A lot of the post-left figureheads are very clearly on the take, so to speak. But in Aimee's defense, I'm fairly certain she's just a useful idiot who they interact with and suck up to on twitter to boost their pathetic movement. She's too volatile and methed out to be an actual op.

No. 1276670

Yeah. The mother site has been calling these people grifters from day one. And it's funny how easily triggered they get by being called that. Sure that word is being overused, I get that criticism, but it's painfully obvious that is what you are so we will call a spade a spade.

No. 1276682

>The mother site

No. 1276697

File: 1626303382618.png (51.43 KB, 753x467, radfem.png)

Who'd have thought someone who goes by Radfem Hitler would be miserable?

No. 1276698

her being a boymom makes a lot of sense now lol

No. 1276702

File: 1626303791167.png (47.06 KB, 891x171, gang.png)

someone quoted a piece of it in the girls&gays sub

No. 1276716

source? not denying it just curious

No. 1276717

she doesn’t even mention her partner. no wonder she’s Radfem Hitler online

No. 1276718

File: 1626305554596.png (104.48 KB, 1200x554, fromoneallegedstatrapisttoanot…)

Washed up Alt Lit/Dime Square desperate wannabe crossover. Is every single review of Tao Lin going to ignore the reason he's laid low for years?

No. 1276733

Kiwifarms, newfag

No. 1276734

the way I know this person is full of shit is she’s failing to mention nicks halitosis which is the worst i’ve ever smelled (didnt date, just been in the same group a few times)

No. 1276736

describe it

No. 1276740

File: 1626308378083.jpeg (31.17 KB, 750x356, F0CFD1FA-8215-4E8C-85FA-509C7B…)

there goes her anonymity

No. 1276748

Seek divorce, forfeit custody, fuck off to a foreign country and not pay child support. If you actually wanted freedom you'd have it already.

No. 1276749


No. 1276753

I had sex with Stav. I'll only admit that anonymously. It was worse than you could imagine. I don't know what's wrong with me. I mean I do but. Rock bottom, baby!

No. 1276754


"Jennifer Seberg", I presume?

No. 1276756


No. 1276768

File: 1626310395074.png (156.15 KB, 592x1780, virgil ''the zoomer groomer'' …)

No. 1276775

but source for it being this emily person?

No. 1276790

I swear this thread sucks so bad bc it's all just orbiters of these people

No. 1276792

I didn’t even know what Alt Lit was until I started browsing these threads and I can see that nothing of value was missed. Hilarious how so many of these contemporary fads only produce cows and creeps but no lasting artworks.

No. 1276793

Speaking of Alt Lit, what happened to Ash/christlover3000? She seemed increasingly unhinged after her ex committed suicide.

No. 1276795

*was murdered by steve roggenbuck

No. 1276798

Nta but I’ve been here since SR and have literally never seen anyone refer to kiwifarms as “the mother site”

No. 1276815

everyone and their uncle has a podcast? wtf are you talking about?

No. 1276817

its always funny how many white americans think they can just pack up and "move to europe". immigration laws apply to you too not just brown people!

No. 1276855

Ikr do newfags really think that a /cgl/ containment site is younger than redditfarms lmfao? Also does redditfarms actually discuss leftcows?

No. 1276858

you understand that this is referring to a separate and common thing right, to apply for a WWOOFing position on an olive grove in the mediterranean somewhere or au pair for rich neurotic french or german parents so that your room and board is covered, in some instances you earn a bit of spending money and largely only have to cover the cost of transport and whatever personal activities or sightseeing you would like to do
that's a very common thing for a lot of middle class young american women and it has nothing to do with a double standard with regards to being a great replacement schizo because it doesn't involve immigrating there. don't even post in this thread but it's a weird reach, like saying an exchange student program or overseas internship runs contrary to those sorts of deranged beliefs.

No. 1276865

It's an idiom, basically means that a ton of people had podcasts. Sometimes you guys disturb me with your low reading level

No. 1276908

Ignore, it's a KF scrotefugee trying to make Null Farms seem important

No. 1276913

did you misspell motherfucker or something?

No. 1276937

Are you a girl? Or twink/trans/femboy?

No. 1276944

File: 1626330385900.png (714.15 KB, 600x740, 1622585633171.png)


No. 1276952

Lol I wasn't questioning the phrasing, I'm questioning what you said you dunce

No. 1277002

check the last thread

No. 1277041

File: 1626354470369.jpeg (93.97 KB, 1024x647, AB4B7B25-EF10-45A2-94E0-44C09C…)

Imagine helping to make fascism cool but instead of promoting health and athleticism you drone on about how being sallow, dull eyed, doughy and shrivelled from anorexia, drug use and alcohol is the epitome of beauty

No. 1277095

agreed. she would look a lot better with atrophied muscles, unwashed hair and a cheap t shirt with an “ironic” graphic.
He needs to gain at least 200 pounds, have a poorly maintained neck beard and ideally stained yellow teeth

No. 1277160

Right, or maybe if he spent less time being athletic and more time making a nationalism podcast he could go for the jailhouse look. She needs to start eating more sardines.

No. 1277184

LC is not nullfarm derived, newfag scrote

No. 1277194

It's just the people themselves, there's always at least one literal who selfposting in every single thread.

No. 1277224

File: 1626372824957.jpeg (692.86 KB, 1192x1678, E1B4E799-D120-4825-9807-FBC149…)

How did Paul Skallas/Lindyman gain an audience and a NYT profile? He’s not even that controversial, just deadly dull and promoted by stupid people with middlebrow taste. Well maybe I just answered my own question.

No. 1277292

I straight up do not know if everyone is playing a prank calling him the greatest living writer. Hes a bald-faced plagiarist!

No. 1277339

Does he plagiarize anyone besides Nassim Taleb?

No. 1277384

There was a twitter thread going around very recently where some classicists were accusing Skallas of plagiarizing their work, in some cases straight up copy-pasting.

No. 1277402

File: 1626384154928.jpeg (295.75 KB, 620x663, 9B6CE992-A736-427F-BBB0-F4F7CB…)

Dawn Foster died. OG Jacobin/dirtbag/leftcath twitter personality/writer, she hit peak relevance during the original Bernie/Corbyn runs. Anyone know what sickness she had?

No. 1277412

File: 1626384565452.png (385.67 KB, 1202x1044, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 7.28…)

Anna shades Brace by liking this tweet (actually agree with her here)

No. 1277416

is Caroline Calloway discussion allowed itt? I’ve been following her new skincare bullshit and it sounds like a disaster. It’s basically essential oils that irritate the skin in a carrier oil. It’s $75

No. 1277417

I think she had epilepsy but I’m not sure if that’s related to her death.

No. 1277419

glad to find aimee still keeping it extremely based

No. 1277422

I’m sure courageous Anna will follow this up by voicing numerous opinions which alienate her right-wing fanbase and patrons.

No. 1277425

what's being referenced here

No. 1277426

She is projecting too. She wants to go full hard right but knows she will tank the edgy "leftists" that still follow her pod.

No. 1277432

File: 1626385830142.png (455.91 KB, 1226x874, trueanoninnocent.png)

Anna is such a dumb coward. No way she'd insult Brace infront of Dasha. He was never for anarchist autonomous zones or "abolish the police".

No. 1277434

…is she implying that Brace never talked about the CHAZ anarkiddies until now? He was mercilessly criticizing them in real time last year.

No. 1277440

yeah i dont get it, is she calling brace a centrist dem for not supporting "anarchists" at chaz? isn't he some kind of redbrown tankie stalinist?

No. 1277452

File: 1626386994737.png (583.04 KB, 1170x1266, chaz and ypg.png)

he did some corny irony "I'm the president of CHAZ lol" tweets but has never moral posted about the shooting of black teens until now when its safe to do so. also CHAZ was crawling with ex-YPG guys (google Daniel Alan Baker) which Brace has conveniently never mentioned.
yeah that's not what she's saying. read it again.

No. 1277455

File: 1626387295950.png (115.07 KB, 1166x456, screenshot.png)

Did you miss this? >>1277432 And the screenshot here from literally today. Last year he and Liz talked about it on their twitch show a lot from the beginning.

No. 1277458

Go listen to their podcast eps from around that time or scroll back on his TL far enough. He talked about that the black teens being shot a lot.

No. 1277502

Yeah, her separation from TA and Chapo is interesting but the criticism of them is still correct because those podcasts are way worse than RS

She has a thread that's been active fairly recently on /snow/

No. 1277521

>those podcasts are way worse than RS

Not really.

No. 1277531

rating the relative smelliness of turds is a fool’s game

No. 1277533

she has her own thread

No. 1277537

Thanks, I'll check it out. I wonder if she'll ever go back on Red Scare again. She thought she did so well

No. 1277544

This is Caroline's thread



No. 1277549

This is like one of those /pol/ infographics about how all the American news organisations are run by Jews, but instead of an overwhelming autistic/schizoid level of detail it’s got 2 posts from the same twitter thread and informs you that Peter Thiel is the founder of the Thiel foundation

No. 1277554

Ask Glenn about Pierre Omidyar instead.

No. 1277559


I don’t want to be a product of my cafeteria. I want my cafeteria to be a product of me. Years ago we had the Opie and Anthony show. That was only a way of saying – we had each other. The Cumboys were real left wing activists; true chuds. They took over their piece of the left. 5 years after an incel couldn’t get a fucking job, we had a presidential candidate. May he rest in peace. That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this – no one gives it to you. You have to take it.

No. 1277680

Being just irreverant isnt all it takes to be funny, at least Opie and Anthony weren't unfunny tryhards, faggot.

No. 1277707

File: 1626421186637.png (81.92 KB, 1188x252, bimbo shades anna k.png)

can someone give the lowdown on Joshua Citarella? Anna appeared on his latest podcast thing and its getting some backlash

No. 1277708

File: 1626421308411.png (92.3 KB, 1180x282, more josh cinderella shade.png)

so he's like brad troemel without the sense of humor?

No. 1277725

File: 1626425988400.jpg (163.18 KB, 804x919, Steven_Burnett.jpg)

in the latest loveline ep, dasha admits to be ghosted by caleb landry jones after "an intense week long sexual relationship" just after "get out" came out and anna admits she got ghosted by her former coke dealer https://www.instagram.com/thelouismaldonado/ who is now married to annemarie from vanderpump rules

No. 1277728

Anna also refers to Eli as her "life partner"…that's a big, flashing red warning sign. He has absolutely no intention of marrying her.

No. 1277751

Is this a copypasta?

No. 1277765

nine times out of ten women who are mean and catty to other women are treated poorly by men in their life
Anna talks about getting botox and going to a fancy dermatologist, they also talk about moving in with a partner and Anna is noticeably quiet about her own life
marriage is a neoliberal institution obviously

No. 1277780

This is literally the dueling banjos kid as an adult


I find this hard to believe given that he was a serious drug addict/alcoholic on and off for most of that time period. He and Brad are symbiotic narcissists that have been attached to the hip for most of their adult lives, but recently haven’t been as publicly associated anymore. If you want a good laugh read the profile of brad troemel that was published in New Yorker in 2015 where he espouses Randesque “rise and grind losers” libertarian sounbites while josh citerella factors in the background as a npc

No. 1277783

fuck they deleted what you are replying to. what caused their split?

No. 1277790


I don’t think they split, they just stopped working together as much because the whole internet art bubble burst and no one was giving them shows anymore for doing that type of work. I’m assuming this because neither of these people are or were ever my friends and the last I saw either of them in person was probably 2016. I was too young at the time to understand how cringey and flash in the pan this whole scene was and that I was wasting my life trying to integrate, although Brad is probably the most talented one out of all them, he probably could still have an active art career if he wanted to. Josh also used to have a actual career as a photographer that he’s basically abandoned to be a based meme master and breadtuber. Idk man

No. 1277814

>marriage is a neoliberal institution obviously

That's not very Slavic of you anon

No. 1277824

well anna isn't very slavic either

No. 1277829

File: 1626443717242.png (2.62 MB, 1564x1992, asdf.png)

ugh im so glad this guy came up i fuckin can't stand this dweeb. his whole thing is interviewing underage kids about their political beliefs under the guise of 'research.' total creep.

If you listen to him speak he has the cult leader tone down: self important, speaks as if everything he says is a proven fact, peppers in fake humility here & there to be 'charming.' He's just some guy who's terrified of aging & deals with it by inserting himself into teenage communities under the guise of contemporary art dressed up with academic jargon. It's stunning to me how many people take this guy seriously & throw money at him.

Pic is the intro page to his book. Take a look at the meme on the lower right, he knows what he's doing.

No. 1277846

File: 1626445742789.jpeg (97.04 KB, 750x630, 786BFBDC-9855-456B-AEF8-3369E7…)

they should be laughing

No. 1277848

File: 1626445865045.jpg (46.25 KB, 513x342, blissfulgirlboss.jpg)

finally some leftybro slander

No. 1277920

File: 1626453923286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,162.72 KB, 828x1277, 1613358598630.jpeg)

What's really funny is freak shit like this

No. 1277927

>marriage is a neoliberal institution obviously
That's just a massive cope from Anna. Like everything is.

No. 1277945

what is this from

No. 1277947

very suspect of men who talk about a collective "gen z" because it's a slippery term that groups college grads and literal children together. are you reposting tiktoks to own the libs or mainlining hours of weird high schoolers filming themselves for content.

No. 1277972

Damn I'd like to see that, I buy it. Do you remember any of the participants?

No. 1278023

its riffing on the monologue from the movie 'the departed'

No. 1278189

bet shyster wishes that was her

No. 1278253

nice composite selfposting kek

No. 1278295

Right? I don't believe anyone ever posted bimbo here other than bimbo herself

No. 1278330

it will never not be hilarious how all of these thots desperately want to be relevant to lolcow "femcels"

No. 1278362

he is complete gammon pulling a “Hello, fellow kids”

No. 1278507

Blake is deeply plugged into this scene. He regularly favs and RTs Shoeonhead and Lofi Republican amongst others. He is following an incredible amount of lowbie Left Twitter people. This is all incredibly incestuous.

No. 1278601

File: 1626495015953.jpg (78.83 KB, 490x355, why.jpg)

>memers have become more politicized, better educated

No. 1278752


any thoughts on angelicism?

No. 1278907

Because they are literally the most undesirable table in the cafeteria who think they can finally be the cool kids and be a big fish in a little pond
That’s why they go on these literally who nazi podcasts and sit there like “I’m such a little bimbo I dropped out of my PhD program because I’m such a bad girl gosh I’m practically Peaches Geldoff to these people”

No. 1278966

Seems kind of pathetic. 30 something year old man who seems to have inserted himself into the dimes square scene to get attention from young girls. They seem to eat up his pseudo intellectual twaddle. Steve Roggenbuck vibes.

No. 1278968

I think that it can be that or it says a lot about the relationships they have with the women in their mmediate family

No. 1278980


>he doesn’t know

angelicism is literally 45…

No. 1278987


when i force myself to listen to barrett fagner’s podcast for the amusement of hearing certain guests, barrett is always name dropping angelicism, spouting words from angelicism’s writing like backwash (with no new riffs or spins) and on occasion implying that people mistake him for angelicism or believe that he is angelicism since angelicism is anonymous. it really makes me laugh….

is there anything more fucking cringe than barretts “finance punk” “transcendental cringe” schticks? “when you want to make money more than anything and don’t identify with the process” alright…so basically everyone who is middling and has to live their life? “when stuff is so bad it’s le epic and goes sooo much further!” like…… the fuck….. i guess he has some ancient clout from being in a garage rock band with ty segall? LMAO

No. 1278992

File: 1626545779713.png (413.23 KB, 1452x1340, washedupvicefreelancer.png)

wtf, the Adam Lehrer interview with Anna and Dasha was posted months ago. I can see why neither of them acknowledged it.

No. 1278996

File: 1626546028118.png (308.94 KB, 1416x1090, noonecares.png)

Correction, the intro is by the editor, the interview is by Lehrer. He instantly goes into talking about himself.

No. 1279004

lol even dasha and anna seem exasperated with adam.

No. 1279007


>angelicism is anonymous

angelicism was previously known online as jonty tiplady, not sure if thats a real name or what. i don't think he's quite 45, i'd put him closer to ferret's age, mid 30s. idk though, ferret loves underage girls so maybe they just bond over that (both seem obsessed with honor levy?) and in that case he could be any age.

No. 1279010

yeah, he is actually forty five, in one of his texts he wrote something about ‘its 2017 and i’m 41’ and he has written a lot about being a teenager in the early nineties.

No. 1279012

File: 1626547342344.jpeg (659.4 KB, 1170x1632, B97ED189-D6E6-48D7-B30A-D6275F…)


from one of his poems

No. 1279017

lrn2 integrate, newfag

No. 1279024

File: 1626548838434.png (493.7 KB, 1501x899, aimee.png)

aimee's engagement is dwindling, even while being promoted by a breitbart/newsmax think tank crank with a position at the claremont institute. and several other conservative groups. all aimee has are spooks and shutins now.

No. 1279036

will you people please sage your opinionposts?
you type the word “sage” in the email box
that way the thread only gets bumped for new milk

No. 1279103

It's been said before but I'll never get over how embarrassing it is that there are grown adults, who take themselves extremely seriously and expect others to do the same, making pepe frog edits of themselves and referring to their views as "(name)pilled". And these people legitimately believe themselves to be thought-provoking intellectual wolves in a world full of sheeple. How do you get this far in life having all of your opinions and views determined by imageboard culture?

No. 1279163

What? Aimee is the one who makes those edits …… herself
It wasn’t someone making fun of her and she appropriated it? I …..

No. 1279170

File: 1626562754755.png (491.9 KB, 623x790, yeah.png)

yes, aimee's mentioned it a couple times. even the femcel frog fantasy ones.

No. 1279245

Lol what?? How is this guy not a bigger topic on here. That’s prime material right there.

No. 1279318

File: 1626579906692.jpeg