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File: 1655397960442.jpeg (111.7 KB, 1121x1073, 00B93BA2-A2C6-4DB0-8C6F-9DD764…)

No. 1562748

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Some, like Dasha Nekrasova, have become TradCath LARPers.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1562752

File: 1655398176129.jpeg (405.5 KB, 1335x997, B15F78A0-2F5A-4DFA-B377-2BCFF4…)

Who is this @scotchfields nerd? He tried defending Dasha with this lameass shit and then locked his account when the quote RTs started ripping him to shreds. The internet was a much better place when religious cranks were a minority on most websites.

No. 1562767

“a diet of internet platitudes and irony” is this entire goddamn scene.

No. 1562799

I fucking HATE this stale, wannabe-coquette style of typing everyone in this scene has affected.

>"how could u godless irony poisoned cringe meanies bully poor little ME, God's uwu perfect angel"

No. 1562857

File: 1655405602109.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1320x1887, D7810341-9675-40E2-B6A1-5F9178…)


No. 1562878

I know this Orwell passage has been posted before, but it’s too perfect not to share again. Just change “man” to “woman” where applicable:

>One of the analogies between Communism and Roman Catholicism is that only the ‘educated’ are completely orthodox. The most immediately striking thing about the English Roman Catholics—I don’t mean the real Catholics, I mean the converts: Ronald Knox, Arnold Lunn et hoc genus—is their intense self-consciousness. Apparently they never think, certainly they never write, about anything but the fact that they are Roman Catholics; this single fact and the self-praise resulting from it form the entire stock-in-trade of the Catholic literary man. But the really interesting thing about these people is the way in which they have worked out the supposed implications of orthodoxy until the tiniest details of life are involved. Even the liquids you drink, apparently, can be orthodox or heretical; hence the campaigns of Chesterton, ‘Beachcomber’, etc., against tea and in favour of beer. According to Chesterton, tea-drinking’ is ‘pagan’, while beer-drinking is ‘Christian’, and coffee is ‘the puritan’s opium’. It is unfortunate for this theory that Catholics abound in the ‘Temperance’ movement and the greatest tea-boozers in the world are the Catholic Irish; but what I am interested in here is the attitude of mind that can make even food and drink an occasion for religious intolerance.

>The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting.

>To this you have got to add the ugly fact that most middle-class Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige. I remember my sensations of horror on first attending an I.L.P. branch meeting in London. (It might have been rather different in the North, where the bourgeoisie are less thickly scattered.) Are these mingy little beasts, I thought, the champions of the working class? For every person there, male and female, bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real working man, a miner dirty from the pit, for instance, had suddenly walked into their midst, they would have been embarrassed, angry, and disgusted; some, I should think, would have fled holding their noses.

No. 1562881

File: 1655406510325.png (438.7 KB, 1172x790, 6543456765432.png)

Aimee for some reason using this joke tweet Anna did years ago to refute that Anna used to pretend to be left-leaning. Full circle. Scarethots used to freak out if this joke was taken even a little seriously.

No. 1562914

>dasha snorting adderall, calling matthew and studying for 6 hours before replying to Liz Bruenig lmfao
i honestly don't know who i hate more, Dasha desperately grasping for relevance by pretending she, a syphillitic whore who converted last week, is keeper of esoteric truths of catholicism……or fucking Liz, pretending to take Dasha's catholicism seriously so she can blatantly flex her obnoxious nerd credentials she got studying catholicism abroad to own her McMansion Methodist daddy for being mean to her

No. 1562931

my eyes totally glazed over when reading this lmao. two retards thinking they’re smart using each other as props for religious vanity

No. 1562944

Lmao I love Dasha constantly shit talking spiritually bankrupt "American Catholics", as though she isn't the quintessential example of one herself. This is one of their dumbest LARPs yet.

No. 1562946



No. 1562950

Just some filmbro irony guy

No. 1563031

Seeing two women put on this pantomime of a debate for the pleasure of their incel fanbase is beyond depressing. All of this effort expended (a lot of googling went into these vocab-heavy tweets), all for the approval of internet losers who think that women are incapable of original thought.

No. 1563067

File: 1655415578552.gif (581.64 KB, 320x180, tenor-2858177714.gif)

all these anti-woke people do is move on to the new, on-trend way to scold, bully and pile on people shielding themselves with this totally transparent, sanctimonious religious act. imagine wanting to repeat the moral majority culture war of the early bush era, but with the roles reversed. it is all so tiresome.

No. 1563082

liz b is obsessed with and derives satisfaction out of obeying rules and meting out judgement to those who don't, so it doesn't surprise me that she is drawn to an extremely niche arcane doctrine and taking it autistically seriously as if has any application to modern life, but it is a mystery why dasha wants to try to compete with her in this domain of useless knowledge.

No. 1563098

File: 1655419989259.jpeg (348.34 KB, 1314x718, 19C6AC3C-0C20-4FB7-9FD9-A287A7…)

lol what the fuck is “cool” about any of this retarded wankery? these losers desperately want to be seen as cutting-edge but react like the most humorless 1980s schoolmarm the moment you make fun of their hocuspocus. this is like the 9553th iteration of PrisonPlanet’s “conservatism is the new punk rock” we’ve had from the last decade which has blown up in their faces.

No. 1563101

Around 1hr23min of the Lindyman episode Anna starts advocating for race purity and against the aesthetics of race mixing lmao come on
Dasha actually tried to disagree before conceding Anna was onto something

No. 1563109

Hit the nail on the head, they hate wokescolds but can't even critique the bullshit in any legitimate way because they are actually jealous of other control freaks and want to be the ones doing the scolding and policing of other people instead. This entire twitter sphere is defined by being mad that people are being talked down to by some other online political grifters instead of being talked down to by their online political grifters

No. 1563124

File: 1655422222325.png (251.44 KB, 1264x958, 45678987ffdefgt.png)

Ten years of wearing a cross while sinning makes her better than everyone else who doesn't know who the real legitimate priests are.

No. 1563127

>Anna starts by saying this is her most racist opinion, there's a drawn out silence
>Anna: I'm just saying that… there's beauty in homogeneity
>Dasha: WHAT? Are you serious?
>Dasha says she likes "mutts" and asks Anna for some examples of what she means
>Anna gives example of a small tribe in Africa from some book about seed oils twitter doctor Benjamin Braddock recommended to her, they are inbred but really good looking or something
>Dasha: Yeah, you're probably onto something… yeah
>Anna changes topic to "the thing that offended her the most recently" which was Dunkin Donuts changing its branding to just Dunkin

No. 1563129

she was wearing the cross because it made her feel like she was in the virgin suicides at age 27 lol. she was openly atheist and edgy for the entire duration of those ten years. the cross was kitsch. pretending it had any meaning is funnier than any nick mullen bit tbh

No. 1563130

makes sense for someone as busted as anna to think peak beauty is inbreeding. hapsburg jaw realness! very convenient for her only example to be a fringe african tribe, lmao, you know she doesn’t give a shit about their beauty standards.

No. 1563131

She’s so transparent with her bullshit. She spends days on drug-induced Twitter spergouts trying to police Catholic theology, asserting her moral authority, claiming the Pope isn’t Catholic etc. And then when anyone questions her LARP she’s like “who, me? I am but a humble lapsed Catholic returning to the church.” Then just go to church and stfu about it?

No. 1563135

she said it was her "most racist hot take" which, like…lol. she kinda went beyond the limits of what saying "hot take" can let you get away with saying

No. 1563144

She has a baby with a non-Armenian

No. 1563147

File: 1655424602580.jpeg (676.57 KB, 1336x1714, 82106E71-1E03-40B0-A8B3-429003…)

This is the correct take.

No. 1563153

praying for everyone to have the strength to collectively ignore this shit until it goes away

No. 1563160

File: 1655425539094.jpeg (283.11 KB, 1279x761, D49AEBCE-E659-4CC3-90E7-4ABE72…)

“Superfans of a TV show no one watches anymore” accurately describes Twitter Catholics. The Church is in decline both in the United States and Latin America.

>Both Protestantism and Catholicism are experiencing losses of population share. Currently, 43% of U.S. adults identify with Protestantism, down from 51% in 2009. And one-in-five adults (20%) are Catholic, down from 23% in 2009. Meanwhile, all subsets of the religiously unaffiliated population – a group also known as religious “nones” – have seen their numbers swell.

>Furthermore, the data shows a wide gap between older Americans (Baby Boomers and members of the Silent Generation) and Millennials in their levels of religious affiliation and attendance. More than eight-in-ten members of the Silent Generation (those born between 1928 and 1945) describe themselves as Christians (84%), as do three-quarters of Baby Boomers (76%). In stark contrast, only half of Millennials (49%) describe themselves as Christians; four-in-ten are religious “nones,” and one-in-ten Millennials identify with non-Christian faiths.

>Only about one-in-three Millennials say they attend religious services at least once or twice a month. Roughly two-thirds of Millennials (64%) attend worship services a few times a year or less often, including about four-in-ten who say they seldom or never go. Indeed, there are as many Millennials who say they “never” attend religious services (22%) as there are who say they go at least once a week (22%).

>Catholics no longer constitute a majority of the U.S. Hispanic population. In Pew Research Center RDD surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, 47% of Hispanics describe themselves as Catholic, down from 57% a decade ago. Meanwhile, the share of Hispanics who say they are religiously unaffiliated is now 23%, up from 15% in 2009.

>The Latinobarómetro study shows trust in the Catholic Church is also at an historic low, most notably in Argentina and Uruguay, where the church has been accused of turning a blind eye to past dictatorships’ human rights abuses, and in Chile, where clergy sex abuse scandals blew up in recent years.



No. 1563171

File: 1655426576681.jpeg (127 KB, 1264x539, 4D599815-4BD5-45D1-8727-3F48D4…)

Did we ever get milk on the ASU sophomore? A little too specific there…

No. 1563206

tbf as cringe and 6 years behind these people are they're still ahead of a lot of leftist media figures who are forever stuck in tumblr memes from 10 years ago

No. 1563215

Is her bf still posting on Reddit?

No. 1563218

I think Liz stopped responding the moment this got posted here, lmao

No. 1563227

wow, must suck to be her
imagine your husband leaving you for a college student, kek

No. 1563231

File: 1655431254726.png (98.45 KB, 1174x414, alt lit stays dead.png)

dasha retweeting this. at least he converted because he used to be a heroin addict. maybe he should help dasha and honor with their pill problem and anna with her alcoholism?
yes, username is dashasbf. most of the comments are really boring fake pope catholic stuff so think it's real.

No. 1563234

Are the right-wing Trad incels actually buying this wrt Dasha? As horny and stupid as most of them are, even they don’t seem to trust someone with her past and body count.

No. 1563327

Jfc your posts stick out so much with the wrt

No. 1563392

autistic men can't help but be "ephebophiles," they don't have the executive function to control their urges. crazy how perfect little miss b comingled her genes with a literal retard.

No. 1563394

Having an increased focus on religion or religious activities is a possible symptom of mania and hypomania in bipolar disorder. This heightened focus isn't necessarily unique to bipolar disorder, however, as it is also associated with schizophrenia, schizophreniform disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and other psychotic disorders.

Religious delusions of grandeur: "God has exalted me above you, normal people. He tells me I don't need help, don't need medicine. I'm going to heaven and all of you are going to go to hell," or "I am Christ reborn."

No. 1563433

Huh? I haven’t posted in these threads in months. You’re an awful detective if using “wrt” is what you consider a lead, lmao

No. 1563476

File: 1655444907267.png (147.34 KB, 640x1136, BA808FD5-C5EE-44D7-8A28-47522F…)

so true bestie

No. 1563477

File: 1655444960552.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, 7A10AC70-C80C-432B-9A50-DCC783…)

New Honor Levy poetry microdrop

No. 1563505

There is definitely more financial reward for being a right wing media figure in the US than there is for being hard left.

No. 1563524

tbh I don't think she was really speaking from personal experience. Matt exudes asexual vibes.

No. 1563563

Yes he is so asexual. Life’s such a bitch that’s why you have to find someone to call you mommy so you can be so very happy like me

No. 1563592

File: 1655461041837.jpeg (311.6 KB, 828x772, DAD30E50-57FF-43FE-94A2-556ACB…)

Aimee comes across as illiterate

No. 1563619

File: 1655464659763.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 0372387D-A319-4CEF-B914-2F5D61…)

Damn, Dasha having a breakdown. This is only going to fuel her martyr complex.

No. 1563621

No. 1563627

Are they going for the Daily Shoah audience now? Dollars to donuts the Chapo Traphouse guys still don’t publicly disavow Anna and Dasha. Either there’s some mutually assured destruction or the girls know some amazing coke dealers.

No. 1563679

What would "disavowing" A&D do? Are the chapo hosts even that friendly with them aside all going to the same parties, because they're NYC podcasting bohemians?
I don't like Chapo, they're cringe and creepy, but if they're going to start "disavowing" people they should start with Virgil, or any of their guests who have turned out to be abusers or harassers of women.

No. 1563685

God her grift is getting so stale, glad she's fading into obscurity where she belongs. She's been recycling the same tweet for how many years now??

No. 1563755

File: 1655480532732.png (1.8 MB, 1120x1118, Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.3…)

posting crying selfies for attention for 10 years and counting, glad she's not bored of her own schtick yet

No. 1563807

the dutch boy hair cut, the smooth philtrum, thin upper lip, crooked piggy snout, old lady tretinon alcoholic jowls, pyramid chin, and steve buscemi eyes…yep, this is dasha nekrasova.

No. 1563840

im drunk and this is still awful

No. 1563895

You can take the egirl out of Tumblr, but you can’t take the Tumblr out of the egirl

No. 1563901

File: 1655486580833.jpeg (224.63 KB, 1298x481, 70C21406-59E0-46C4-AECF-6E3D5C…)

Orwell lived in a time when actual fascist movements were seizing power and volunteered to fight against them, but for “New Right” intellekshuals the worst dystopia they can imagine is having a female boss

No. 1563927

Accounts like him and samememe make this same exact tweet every 3 days but still think its something clever

No. 1563948

These brave soldiers of masculinity could very easily avoid this harrowing fate by just not having a #girlboss made up email job. Go pick up a trade or something instead of whining on twitter about this same exact thing every other day

No. 1564025

nah, if they were plumbers or whatever they’d just complain that their women clients were harshing their testosterone high
they should go work on oil rigs

No. 1564031

File: 1655491308188.jpeg (311.89 KB, 1180x1275, 283673DF-4188-4346-9F52-A72571…)

Beyond parody lol

No. 1564043

this guy is such a lowbrow neckbeard loser. why do people even interact with this dipshit nerd in the first place

No. 1564073

They are so collectively terrified of childless 34 year old women, probably because talentless failsons can't compete with these women in the workforce kek

No. 1564086

It's bizarre that any these guys are somehow considered left wing, or that people who identify as leftist associate with them at all. Every man in this clique is a downwardly mobile incel, they sincerely believe that "HR ladies" and (((landlords))) are conspiring to keep them from their oh so totally deserved Mad Men lifestyle with a six figure office job and bangmaid housewife. They're all indistinguishable from each other aside from whether they mask it in irony or pseud language.

No. 1564094

Blue collar work is a no-go because they're actually terrified of the working class men that they worship from a distance. The whiny, passive aggressive tone just screams guy who washed out of traditional masculinity. They get clowned on by normal men, which is why they haunt spaces populated solely by women, gays, and other failmales.

No. 1564110

File: 1655494246353.jpeg (325.55 KB, 1170x1513, 4D73D615-2234-40B3-91B5-0352E8…)

This doesn’t happen

No. 1564145

it's such a waste that this candycrush dev wants to spend his energy on doing this when he could actually write something with characters and a plot, leagues ahead of everyone in the "downtown" scene.

No. 1564158

have you tried talking with men who make 300k in all moid tech jobs whose only contact with women are hr? they aren’t hiding deep insights into human nature or creative genius

No. 1564174

It’s so pitiful, it was the exact same situation with English literature teacher samememe. They’re all very transparently socially inept freaks who cling to spaces that are predominantly gays and women bc women are generally nicer about it and they’re terrified of other men. It is very weird they’re all like, extremely proud of that for some reason and seem to build 99% of their self perception off how intelligent and special they are for being the most Based and Epic guy on Lululemon’s digital marketing team or whatever, and how this makes them some kind of tortured lone wolf bravely standing alone against the world

No. 1564230

emotionally devoting yourself to false illusions is a quintessential characteristic of schizophrenia

No. 1564300

Mobile phone games aren’t exactly known for their deep plots and characterization. Even big budget video games rarely rise above the narrative level of a passable Hollywood popcorn flick.

No. 1564314

they say "childless" as if they will ever carry their own "legacy". women are rightfully more picky than ever. men are repulsive these days. they act as if women are missing out, somehow, yet they are obsessed with them.

No. 1564416

File: 1655513721263.png (163.64 KB, 1184x612, thot topics on aimee.png)

the perfume gays are starting to turn on aimee. its funny, they all agree with her when she repeats her "racism isn't real" schtick but apparently homophobia is VERY real and nothing to joke about. jack v aimee will be an event

No. 1564418

he’s also mexican and married to an obese woman

No. 1564447

>nobody has cared in my lifetime
that's obviously a lie, aimee is 65 years old.

No. 1564461

Aimee was destroyed by the Mert Accords. Makes you wonder.

No. 1564464

i thought it was odd the chapos didn’t mention anna and dasha by name in the recent episode about thielbux. also didn’t join in the recent pile-ons on dasha.

No. 1564466

This dude unlocked but he deleted the tweet. Calling the deserved ridicule of LARPers “extremely merciless” cracks me up.

No. 1564473

has he been face doxxed?

No. 1564475

it's common knowledge, he's also fat

No. 1564483

File: 1655518890014.png (94.28 KB, 603x432, KDAT.png)

No. 1564485

Are we talking about Zero HP Lovecraft?

No. 1564488

the subtext here is that they’re 34 or older childless men, who can they blame? themselves? …nah, it’s women

No. 1564494

the what?

No. 1564496

I'm sure none of the Chapos like Anna, but Dasha is still nominally friendly IRL with them, despite their drifting apart politically.

No. 1564497

projection, she's describing herself

No. 1564500


No. 1564503

what have you read by 0hpl that you thought was any good? asking honestly because I tried a novella he wrote and thought that the prose was little more graceful than HPMOR

No. 1564506

katherine had a milesty / mifaggot avi as recently as 2 or 3 weeks ago. Have paid little attention to her but that alone (compounded w/ her association to Justin Murphy and their attempt to make a "based" dating website) rules her out as a voice worth listening to.

No. 1564509

she is the most boring person in this scene

No. 1564525

lol what a dumb bitch.

No. 1564527

the gig economy.

No. 1564558

Did the Jewish Catholic steal her phone again

No. 1564574

she wouldn't shut up about how being sponsored was a part of life and neither good or bad but just something artists needed when the thielbux shit came out

No. 1564857

if anna at least has contrarianism guiding her, default_friend is just an empty husk who writes blatantly unresearched thinkpieces for conservative think tank outlets like the american conservative. she will shill whatever stupid cause, be it miladies, tech pedophiles, etc. that pay her.

No. 1564892

what does she shill for? i can't find anything she's written about miladies

No. 1564899

ty for the new thread, anon i usually make them but i got a job and haven't been as online

No. 1564923

I'd never heard of this either but found it on Twitter:

>poster named mert said anyone drawing attention to "post left" idiots catches a mute, the idea is if they don't get the backlash boost for their tweets, they won't make as many.

No. 1564933

Nta but weren’t you just doing exams last thread? Congrats on finding a job so quickly nonna!

No. 1564955

File: 1655568977866.jpeg (3.49 MB, 4096x4096, C2E3D844-907C-4BAF-9F08-555F6C…)

Can’t bring myself to care about Katherine Dee/default friend, she seems like such a nonentity in this scene, but as long as we’re discussing her I’d like to remind any noobs or tourists that she has one of the most lolworthy spreads between her avi and her real appearance of anyone in this thread. She looks like her hot avi’s fat cousin with a deleted chromosome lmao

No. 1564959

she’s a nonentity and yet she keeps getting posted… the only thing she talks about “constantly” is how ugly she is and it’s more sad than anything else

No. 1564961

can’t help but marvel at how fucking bad this is

No. 1565047

File: 1655574494649.jpeg (267.77 KB, 1310x1435, C3247594-8AF5-40C2-A486-AFC0AB…)

Why are the replies mentioning his parents? What did I miss?

No. 1565051

LOL geez you weren’t kidding. What a fucking hideous cow. No wonder she’s so desperate for attention.

No. 1565054

he posted some dorky ass pic with his mom and dad, the guy talking about how we need to retvrn to trve masculinity turned out to be a huge twink wearing dickies polos and skramz chinos with oxfords

No. 1565056

>her association to Justin Murphy and their attempt to make a "based" dating website
lmao no way. first time hearing about this. is that still going on? jmurphy is such a clown

No. 1565059

her whole shtick is being ugly

No. 1565060

like the milady icon, she memoryholed that arranged marriage plan within a month lol. re: the anon asking for proof about the milady icon, do search in her mentions for "milady" and you'll see a bunch of nft grifters cheering her on. she dropped that when bitcoin crashed.

No. 1565064

she’s talked about why she left several times

No. 1565067

I saw an article of hers being shilled by Sohrab Ahmari, yet ANOTHER adult Catholic convert psycho. Probably only a matter of time until Sohrab appears on Red Scare. I think both @default_friend and Justin Murphy are shilling urbit as well.

No. 1565092

File: 1655578317764.png (58.1 KB, 1216x230, 456789iugfghjk.png)

She's crushing.
Justin Murphy's entire youtube that no one watches is shilling for milady and urbit. He posted "The Bull Case for Milady" 2 days ago. Default Friend and other people too boring to talk about have been on.

No. 1565107

File: 1655579044895.png (447.59 KB, 599x693, 1637976635370.png)

He posted this pic about six months ago >>1376576

No. 1565109

File: 1655579146052.jpeg (983.06 KB, 1332x1793, B6FB94BB-3DFF-4079-85FF-CA732B…)

No. 1565112

greta thunberg lookin ass

No. 1565114

we may as well start posting about Nate Hochman

No. 1565152

File: 1655582595557.jpg (90.47 KB, 828x1141, FVd9QqGWQAEgxqD.jpg)

Look I'm not saying we're all dead and this is hell, I'm just saying that if someone said it was true I'd have trouble dismissing it

No. 1565200

imagine being a man with all his hair still joining the ranks of losers like samememe. mental illness.

No. 1565211

to be honest, she is really ugly, so give her credit for that self-knowledge

No. 1565213

every other sentence that comes out of her mouth is about how she is a hideous femcel

shes started wearing a ski mask to urbit meetups

it's still attention seeking

No. 1565273

this loser is just as annoying

No. 1565296

>Being a dissident associated with Frog Twitter is not a form of rebellion against the system in your eyes?
This is so astronomically cringe

No. 1565356

File: 1655605022348.jpeg (182.73 KB, 828x590, 504AE431-559A-4C62-8234-0A134E…)

Aimee still holding out for kids at 34.

No. 1565379


No. 1565402

I've met Aimee IRL through friends. she had a bf, at least she did a couple of years ago.

No. 1565404

File: 1655613955351.png (1.36 MB, 1207x731, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 2.44…)

No. 1565420

Given how secretive Aimee is about her appearance and social life, this is a bigger development then you may think. We’re gonna need deets. Did she seem normal then? What was the bf like? Is it really a wig?

Omit nothing.

No. 1565441

File: 1655617201414.png (1.12 MB, 2016x1248, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 9.39…)

These are the hotties that worship Anna and Dasha

No. 1565457

ohhh nooo single for a whole year, hang on to your pearls.

No. 1565513

Why wouldn’t she be able to have kids? What are you stupid

No. 1565516

You don’t need a boyfriend to have kids you can buy sperm on the internet. More women would be better off doing this than having kids with manlets who cheat on them

No. 1565519

sounds like a moid

No. 1565520

Probably a dick sucking one too maybe starting with J

No. 1565521

Because she’s actually 72 years old

No. 1565540

File: 1655627368867.png (48.15 KB, 595x255, as a post leftist.png)

she fell off so hard lmao

No. 1565667

as if aimee could stop tweeting long enough to meet the standard of care for an infant

No. 1565691

She’s rich they get a baby nurse

No. 1565708

File: 1655648825995.png (271.23 KB, 756x730, df.png)

default_pickme downplaying misogyny to cry about the audience of nazis she cultivated by defending incels

No. 1565825

Urbit sounds like a giant cringefest.

No. 1565828

Was she on “Love on the Spectrum”?

No. 1565859

The best Caroline Debnam moment was when her then bf showed up in one of the early leftcow threads to defend her honor. I think they broke up shortly after lmfao

No. 1565872

she's about to post screenshots of anonymous hate mail that she sent to herself

No. 1565931

thank you!

someone in a past thread said that will menacer's girlfriend was the first chapo patreon subscriber— before they had even met or started to date. does anyone have a source for that? iirc on the 500th chapo episode the hosts said that the first patreon sub was their producer

No. 1566130

The producer wasn’t the first but he has the oldest subscription that’s still going. As in there were others before him but he has never cancelled his so he’s “#1” now in a list of all subscribers from oldest to newest. They told him he can stop paying but he likes being #1. Very dumb but whatever.

No. 1566177

File: 1655680112358.png (439.58 KB, 491x755, vandervoorts.png)

Bruenig's surrogate family posting weird shit on father's day

No. 1566178

She wouldn't be nearly as ugly if she lost weight, fixed her posture, and styled her hair better, her face is actually fine. But she probably wouldn't get as much attention as a Stacy and not as much attention as she does with the pity party, so I can see why she'd rather stay ugly.

No. 1566437

File: 1655695840216.png (2.29 MB, 1724x1326, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 7.28…)

Why do these people get off to ironically supporting drunk driving? I get that some people have a ~dark sense of humor~ but these same posters love to moralfag about commonplace things. I don't get it.

No. 1566444

best take on liz v dasha

No. 1566456

The Daily Shoah guys are apparently cokeheads who live in a Jewish gated community, so there is a ton of overlap with them and the left cows. Makes sense why Anna would try to appeal to them b/c last I heard their pod was in shambles and now there are thousands of lost simps who need a new pod to give $10 a month to.

No. 1566465

George "I've never been able to dislike Hitler" Orwell was the leftcow of his day

No. 1566512

old unfunny weird twitter meme that retards adpoted because they took the irony seriously.

No. 1566552

File: 1655707363195.jpeg (235.61 KB, 626x644, F6BE5924-0A91-4270-AB5C-C43FB1…)

the scarethot backlash is getting to her

No. 1566554

probably her manager stepping in to tell her to stfu (or she got fired from the NZ film for her tweets)

No. 1566557

File: 1655707880332.jpeg (224.33 KB, 640x837, 2B135652-EF3E-404C-A3CA-DF840B…)

is this what grooming looks like?

No. 1566605

File: 1655714481657.jpeg (98.35 KB, 640x342, FD03638E-CE14-4FA8-A265-0B0066…)

most gigantic faggot of all time alert

And he weighs a lot toox

No. 1566610

he's clearly drinking again

No. 1566703

31 years old baybee. dasha and elizabeth b's internet personas are so wildly immature it's amazing their agents/managers/bosses haven't interfered earlier.

No. 1566728

File: 1655732448978.png (17.22 KB, 620x181, filthy armenian.png)

It still makes me laugh that they expected social conservatives to welcome a bunch of decadent entryist homos with open arms. I laugh even harder seeing they're still smarting from getting smacked down by reality

We're uwu smol gheys, we totally don't expect special treatment

No. 1566737

File: 1655733347587.png (26.54 KB, 648x308, perfume nationalist revolting.…)

Twitter removed the Tweet he was responding to:

>many normies only support the LGBT thing because they have a sanitized view of gay relationships—“it’s just like a straight relationship but with two men!” they’d hate it if they learned the revolting realities (100s of partners, STDs, child abuse & worse)

He'll never stop pining for straight men and wondering why they prefer even a fat woman to him. And people say The Boys in the Band is dated

No. 1566760

wow Jack so the men you dm begging for dick pics are in sexless relationships with ugly fat women with no jobs…..and they still don't want you? fags posting their Ls - try not to cringe challenge

No. 1566830

Let me get this straight: on the latest ep Anna and Dasha are pushing their audience to purchase the debut novel by their friend about a guy who takes a dump while thinking about writing a novel…is this the pod's rock bottom?

No. 1566984

as if that isn't exactly what jack will be to whoever has the misfortune of shacking up with him

No. 1567028

What ever happened to this faggot leaving academia

No. 1567056

color me surprised the catholic academic red scare orbiter has a rapist as his avi

No. 1567060

Who is that in the avi?

No. 1567066

It’s from the original poster for this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-Up_(1990_film)
The director raped a woman and took credit for films she made herself.

No. 1567091

wtf seriously? And how "likes Hitler" are we talking about?

No. 1567142

very generous of you to even consider the possibility of someone ever shacking up with jack

No. 1567239

Chapo also had a bullshit ep recently where they were just shilling something stupid. The pods really need a major election or other even to keep the braindead takes flowing

No. 1567246

The episode where they had on some lady shilling her girlboss heidi fleiss audio drama that for some reason featured felix?

No. 1567265

File: 1655767533219.png (223.36 KB, 745x573, teresian stats.png)

Aimee's glee at her engagement numbers.

No. 1567383

I heard about it secondhand but it did have something to do with felix so that sounds right

No. 1567392

who’s gonna tell her 99% of large impression numbers consist of bots and automatic data scrapers

No. 1567465

Briahna Joy Gray moment

No. 1567509

File: 1655789753466.png (1.11 MB, 1036x1840, Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 16.4…)

did people get mad at her for this?

No. 1567787

File: 1655824037080.jpeg (101.87 KB, 564x610, Orwell-socialism-2.jpeg)

Eating your own is tale as old as time for leftists, but it's still sus that most of what Orwell did was criticize and rat out other socialists while tacitly approving the other side. He also sees fascism as a legitimate form of socialism, albeit an undemocratic one, and he's stated that many times in his writings even during the war

the mein kampf review:

a list of other shitty things he did:

This barely scratches the surface honestly but it's a good start since a ton of his essays are not easily found online and are only in print.

No. 1567793

>it was a miracle the soldiers didn’t find her sexy
Joan of Arc was sexually assaulted while imprisoned and there are accounts detailing how she had to try to push away guards trying to force themselves onto her every day. It’s quite obvious she was raped but that was never documented explicitly because she was a prisoner and it could have affected the outcome of the trial. But even without that, there are records showing she was constantly sexually harassed; but that doesn’t have to do with being sexy, it has to do with being a woman that men wanted to humiliate.

Dasha has such a hollow skull she still equates men’s depravity with genuine desire and validation. Projecting that bullshit onto Joan of Arc of all people is fucking insane.

No. 1567805

File: 1655825259129.png (1.16 MB, 1514x1086, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 11.2…)

i am absolutely fucking weak that you really posted a link to a socialist FAQ on lolcow.farm with readymade talking points as to why socialism/communism might TOTALLY work, with 80% less genocide this time, you guize!!! and the handy guide to why George Orwell, Gandhi, Chomsky, and Barack Obama are ACKSHUALLY thuper problematic (meanwhile Mao was "not that bad" KEK my fucking sides). Not you trying to retroactively cancel Orwell for his thoughtcrimes, do you have any sense of irony you absolute fuckwit, please go back to twitter with all this dumbfuckery

No. 1567814

File: 1655826133291.gif (206.51 KB, 320x192, tumblr_e17ad0aa7161445b13a2d21…)

>what good did Stalin do?
>what GOOD did Stalin do??
>what good did STALIN do?????

No. 1567887

File: 1655831340018.jpeg (118.01 KB, 750x1333, 289129475_583843299744129_1821…)

No. 1567927

she looks so fucking grey

No. 1567946

File: 1655834228985.jpeg (119.3 KB, 1080x720, liz b.jpeg)

not milk just liz b looking a little unwashed

No. 1567948

File: 1655834329046.jpeg (111.99 KB, 1080x720, e bruenig and cat.jpeg)

No. 1567976

That's a very cute cat at least

No. 1567988

I don't think that girl who posted pictures with nick was lying about his medical situation. he does mention it in his live show and it's not part of a bit / there's no joke attached, he just says he didn't need money from touring before but now he has medical debt so he has to. maybe his heart condition did get a lot worse? there's also a long bit about going to SC to get an abortion with his ex and how that just keeps happening to him because no one he knocks up wants to start a family with him (which was a real bit but in the sad self-depreciating way.)

No. 1567998

File: 1655836657643.jpeg (151.49 KB, 750x1334, willmenaker.jpeg)

chapowatch: the trust fund baby is in paris

No. 1568001

File: 1655836763450.jpeg (122.05 KB, 750x938, katherine.jpeg)

not to drag her into his but they did the shitty lock thing

No. 1568006

fatmericans really trying to collapse multiple French bridges with this stupid bullshit huh

No. 1568009

dasha ready for her exciting new career arc playing corpses on CSI and L&O, congrats bb i knew you'd make it to the top!

No. 1568026

File: 1655837944403.png (182.6 KB, 592x505, hardly working.png)

surprise surprise samememe doesn't have an actual job after all that sperging about women in the workforce and calling all women with jobs girlboss harpies. looks like he has part-time custody of the baby?

No. 1568030

merde. je vais chercher les coupe-boulons…

No. 1568046

File: 1655838859814.png (273.62 KB, 1258x492, dash_eats.png)

my bad I said in the last thread dasha was still mixing adderall and wellbutrin but I guess she's literally been off her meds

No. 1568066

you don't get it anon, when they do it it's based

No. 1568078

File: 1655839809781.png (2.26 MB, 1200x1538, average french lolcow browser.…)

bonjour frenchfag, ca va? i made a drawing of you, hope u like it

No. 1568079

File: 1655839970213.png (74.03 KB, 762x428, Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 20.32…)

kek i love translating random things on here

No. 1568081

File: 1655840067719.png (1.24 MB, 1186x1190, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.33…)

…fiona? is that you??

No. 1568102

dasha is a Wellbutrin stan, she credits it with saving her from the life of suicidal NEETness she was living before the pod and with keeping her skinny. i have to believe Matthew is behind her going off it, she would never do that on her own. wonder how long she's been off her meds, i started noting her acting hella cracked out, manic and obnoxious back in like March but i'm not the closest follower

No. 1568196

yeah they had molly lambert on to talk about her new podcast about girlboss pimp heidi fleiss. it was awful.

No. 1568200

molly lambert is one of the biggest ambulance chasers in this scene, nothing's really taken off for her. so she ditched the anti-olympics schtick for some kind of "sex work is work" revisionism thing?

No. 1568214

the only reason Molly Lambert didn’t take off is that she wasn’t as hot as e.g. Molly Young(sage your shit)

No. 1568221

i know it's a cringe tankie site, i was hoping you would look past the retardation. it's the only thing i could find with an actual list about orwell.

No. 1568236

File: 1655850888341.jpeg (258.1 KB, 1170x491, B8B295D8-3405-4DBC-9B97-AF0922…)

Damn she's never going to give up this lame ass genre of tweet huh

No. 1568268

Retvrning to tradition by taking my rape baby to go look at Funko Pops.

No. 1568288

yup, a significant portion of the episode was dedicated to giggling about the Chapo hosts dicks. she’s insufferable

No. 1568297

Molly Lambert used to talk a massive amount of shit about Red Scare and Dasha especially on Twitter but it was always in a jealous seething way

No. 1568303

I saw her at a party once and she could hardly stand up

No. 1568369

File: 1655860937786.jpeg (206.98 KB, 1170x1006, 6B269C69-8ADA-404E-9DCF-9C1207…)

are we supposed to believe that he’s able to turn down mcdonalds?

No. 1568375

Yeah this is total cap. No chance that he isn’t shoving McDoubles into his blue whale throat by the handful while the homeless gaze on in abject horror that something so gluttonous could live.

No. 1568400

What the fuck is “grey neolib design”
How fucking stupid are you that everything you see is political
I hope this person has this kind of reaction to all assumed architectural designs, everywhere, all of the time.

No. 1568438

McDonald’s self ordering kiosks are political tho, it’s patently obvious they’ll have zero customer facing employees within a few years and stress the mobile app to eventually replace drive thru employees altogether. it’s a progression towards decreasing labor and streamlining the assembly line. fuck jack but it’s true

No. 1568457

god. i until seeing this i hadnt thought of her in years. knowing she’s still doing this and is like 30 is so bleak

No. 1568471

Is there any proof she isn’t a troon because she looks like one

No. 1568499

eh she’s just a short Asian bitch with a big ass head lol not everyone ITT is a troon

No. 1568500

I didn’t say everyone in this thread is a troon but remembering other pics she looks distinctly like a ladyboy

No. 1568510

File: 1655880863282.png (431.63 KB, 640x1136, 683B9D0E-D180-4B9B-99AF-18395C…)

Matthew smells so bad he's driving Dasha into the convent…

No. 1568552

when did she start spelling her name with two s's

No. 1568553

File: 1655889951323.jpeg (126.34 KB, 640x910, F6E70A1F-FE90-47FD-9FD2-404D18…)

That's the actual spelling, it was only when she began her acting career that she dropped the extra 's'

No. 1568562

Every single link headline reeks of fart sniffing poorsplaining. Can someone grab all of them up by their $1200 haircuts and dump them into Venezuela? North Korea? I'll take their money and live quietly.

No. 1568712

does anna sit back and watch when dasha spirals and publicly humiliates herself on social media like this?

No. 1568735

Uhhh is this about her dumping Matthew? That would be very good for her. Amazing that an ugly controlling loser could completely take over her personality and get her off her meds in just a few months, imagine the damage he could do in a year or two

No. 1568828

Could be OPN, could be her manager, could be Adam. She only dates Jewish guys!

No. 1568833

>"why Venezuelan moms feeding their children rotten meat is actually a triumph of socialism!"
seriously this site was eye-opening, idk if you knew evangelical kids growing up but in my high school they'd carry around "youth bibles" with things like "homosexuality" and "abortion" easily indexed so they could look up bible verses in a hurry when the other kids challenged them on their beliefs.
this website is like that but for low-T antifa types getting into socialism slapfights on twitter.
it's why you should never debate these people, only mock them - debate is useless when they're literal NPCs spouting propaganda from somebody's github

No. 1568853

it probably is about him, he’s the only one of those who would actually throw a hissy for calling her anti semitic for any reason. he does it constantly to random people, opn and adam don’t give a fuck about being jewish. matthew wants the best of both worlds: catholic in name and able to scold everyone, devout untouchable jewish boy in body

No. 1568856

Accusing a woman of anti-semitism because she won't fuck you is the most Adam thing of all time. It's also hilarious to imagine how he'd phrase it.

No. 1568862

Lol why is this self-professed aesthete denigrating Mcdonald's on the basis of a "gray neolib design" (red and yellow colors? clown mascot?) instead of on the basis of their fattening processed foods…

No. 1568867

File: 1655912472224.png (439.47 KB, 753x411, neoliberalhell.png)

I mean, not to defend Jack here, but the McDonalds restaurant redesign was kind of baffling. Who in their right mind would prefer this corporate gray blandness to the inviting red-and-yellow scheme with the iconic mansard roof?

No. 1568871

yeah he's not wrong but your use of the word "mansard" alone reveals that you probably know more about architecture than Jack pretends to, he prob browsed McMansion Hell a couple times and now fancies himself an architecture critic lol. all he knows how to do is call everything modern and ugly "neoliberal" design, he's trying to make it a thing like how everyone learned the word "brutalist" a couple years ago and incorrectly started applying it to any building that was somewhat imposing or without adornment because it made them feel smart.

the real tea is that Jack doesn't give a shit about vintage McDonalds architecture for any reason other than it evokes nostalgia for the time when he could eat massive amounts of their food without getting fat

No. 1568904

I don't know but it gave me dejavu, feels like a reference to something. she was also posting about missing him right before that.

No. 1568973

most men aren't family worthy
case in point

No. 1568975

File: 1655921289689.jpg (30.74 KB, 275x201, 1611678814586.jpg)

ugh imagine having to pretend "this" >>1567998 is desirable

No. 1568997

Dunno if that pic of dasha is new or old but she is 10 times more annoying looking when we can see up her nose. Wonder if she thinks it makes her look sexy

No. 1569038

Not every McD location looks like shit, the one in the shittier area near me actually looks amazing for some odd reason. No corpo gray anything.

Also fuck Fat Jack for making me defend McDonald's of all things.

No. 1569057

File: 1655926707768.png (967.09 KB, 868x900, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 12.2…)

checked in on wetbrain, they've been lurking. not sure why they bothered to remake a nearly identical version instead of just saving the image they saw here

No. 1569073

Of course they're lurking. Honor keeps a written record of everything anyone's ever said about her online, she probably has this thread permanently open on a tab.

No. 1569081

this is extremely embarrassing, why would she even post this? i’m pretty sure that’s the orthodox st. elisabeth convent in minsk. they are lovely women who do a lot of good work. she really should not be bothering them and should just leave them alone. her larp is so so cringe

No. 1569162

late to this but the chapos will never disavow anna and especially dasha because the last thing they want to so is fuck up a chance to get to go to some kind of premier, they are after all starfuckers and fame chasers more than they are “leftists”

No. 1569210

> I'm sure none of the Chapos like Anna
We’ve established many times over that they are all friends but people still come here and say things like this

No. 1569213

no offense anon but the idea that dasha is some sort of hollywood insider handing out passes to premieres is a little daft. dasha only goes to premieres of things she's in, and her credits are woefully scant since succession.

No. 1569228

>Who in their right mind would prefer this corporate gray blandness
It's a more mature look for a restaurant that used to be marketed primarily to children. They've been moving in this direction for a while, and I don't blame them. There are fewer and fewer families and kids, and that number is only decreasing, so making it look more modern makes people feel less like arrested development adult children for eating there.
They have much more in common being cloutshark media grifters. Any petty political convictions or moral stances are irrelevant to hanging out with cool musicians and authors. They're exactly like Obama in that way

No. 1569229

Wait he thinks all women have do-nothing email jobs and he has a do-nothing email job? You don't say. No wonder they were all so upset about that tiktok from the project managers in the pool. Oh and he definitely reads here because he deleted it. Just nonstop L posting from these people

No. 1569240

it's true the only people the chapos turn on are the ones that won't give them access for whatever reason. they threw a shit fit for about a month because mariame kaba didn't want go to on the show.

a lot of their idpol critiscim is roundabout resentment at not being able to get the kind of guest\attention that would "validate" them culturally.

No. 1569244

I'm assuming shasti is still doing the same thing but with Dark Souls

No. 1569245

Was she just that fucked up?

No. 1569277

big_boy_berto is a /product/ manager, even worse than a project manager lol. i assume samememe is in the same sector. or, considering his vaunted ba in english, in marketing.

No. 1569289

she literally looks male

No. 1569293

it just sounds too much like a fan cope to say chapos aren't "real" friends with the red scare girls. imagining the pods have some sort of deep secret distaste for eachother because Principles is totally delusional.

way back when, chapo boosted cumtown then cumtown and chapo both boosted red scare because they were all friends. all indicators point to them having remained friends. whenever this is pointed out it causes some kind of mental dissonance in certain people.

so many huuuge reaches to try to explain it away, like they are all shrewdly keeping eachother in orbit as a grift. NONE of them has the social skills (or acting ability) needed to pull that off.

No. 1569302

File: 1655948252137.png (37.52 KB, 629x417, filthy armo.png)

Forever smarting. lmao at the reply

No. 1569310

Looks like the average product manager salary is 114k per year, yet these guys obviously hate their lives. You’d think these geniuses would have just leanfired their way to freedom by now. Whoops no they’d rather bitch about girlbosses on Twitter all day

No. 1569322

lol bc it isn't conducive to his feudalistic fattie cope. males devoted to aesthetica don't have a problem with being fat and other conventionally degenerate traits because they believe it's indicative of aristocracy

No. 1569347

they have class solidarity by being grifter podcasters

No. 1569367

No. 1569508

They’re the only ones who want her. At least she knows her lane I guess

No. 1569689

File: 1655986248440.jpeg (347.22 KB, 640x948, F2BF8D5E-6881-4B65-8723-8622BD…)

What are the odds Dasha's civil war movie is going to veer into lost cause territory?

No. 1569690

File: 1655986306095.png (598.86 KB, 640x1136, F2AA714B-FB1A-4707-BECA-46E3A1…)

Also she and Matthew look like they're probably still together

No. 1569700

dime store adam driver…are we sure her bf is """Catholic""" catholic??

No. 1569762

100%, she said it's set in the "aftermath" of the civil war.

No. 1569845


What is Dasha recording in NZ?(sage your shit)

No. 1569852

File: 1656000754531.png (99.33 KB, 1202x328, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 12.1…)

In what world has Zizek not been a leftist?

No. 1569879

looks like she's insisting he is a leftist (presumably arguing with people who are saying he's fash now or whatever? I'm not following her current tangent)

No. 1569893

It’s funny she tells people to read when it’s obvious she doesn’t read herself. She screams book club pedants!(learn2sage)

No. 1569900

File: 1656004311667.png (235.2 KB, 1222x832, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.0…)

what secrets is she referring to? that she had a boyfriend?

Dasha article from November last year: https://archive.ph/gsCoF
some previous discussion here >>1374163

Brock's pronoun piece: https://archive.ph/HXWQt

No. 1569910

File: 1656004753281.png (659.58 KB, 1480x654, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.1…)

…that's because Nick literally told dasha and anna they should start a podcast lol.

I like when journalists group these pods together as if it indicates some vibe-shift cultural trend when half the people involved were roommates.

sorry for old milk, I didn't read this article before

No. 1569916

File: 1656005071017.png (609.91 KB, 1304x774, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.2…)

not sure if she's just shit-posting to draw attention to it or if Dasha is mad at the pod being called "right-wing media"?

No. 1569923

Wait, does this mean they're all going to start hating Paglia now? Kek if so

No. 1569939

i doubt there's any secrets of any importance in this piece so yeah, prob the boyfriend thing.
not gonna lie tho, dasha's shitlording is A++ here, her use of "they was" to lampoon singular "they" pronouns is very funny and all of us should steal this immediately, i know i will

No. 1569945

helen andrews is an american conservative think tank ghoul with a ba from yale. way to show those elites aimee

No. 1569957

I feel like if her agent is letting her do this she's definitely not returning to succession lol

No. 1569971

the crypto bro is right

No. 1570105

File: 1656019319284.png (384.3 KB, 1222x652, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 14.1…)

super lame if true

I was just gonna screenshot liz but alice was there too so why not

No. 1570141

I think they'd sooner turn on aimee than turn on paglia

No. 1570202

left and right both say paglia is actually on the other side and argue back and forth about it. they argue in their own circles about it. I don't think most of them actually care, they probably aren't reading paglia, and as usual it's just something to tweet about. I would screenshot but no reason to post twitter randos infighting

No. 1570244

i found milady be reading the original lolcow post, the one that was in all the twitter posts. i minted and 9x'd my money XD

No. 1570245

who actually reads Paglia? she’s a vapid cunt who just spews out contrarian clickbait

No. 1570251

Some of her analysis of art and its themes is pretty interesting and she has a very vivid writing style which is enjoyable, but I agree that she is contrarian politically nonny, I don't know why so many people put her on a pedestal

No. 1570252

Eli did the score for the Alex Jones doc… did I miss that in a previous thread? is that actually how they got AJ on the pod?

No. 1570266

paglia is a faithful devil's advocate and amoral to the core, her stances are malleable and many interpret this as "critical". this is what bolsters her up to that pedestal

No. 1570281

Yeah I doubt she read that Helen Andrews book. Aimee had her on the pod so she's probably extrapolating whatever it is her stance on Paglia is on that

No. 1570324

File: 1656031755459.png (174.46 KB, 1214x758, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 17.4…)

more NFT shit but from chapo this time

if you wanna read it: https://archive.ph/KjJya

>The morning after the party, I signed up for my first crypto wallet

cool, molly

No. 1570328

get a job

No. 1570364

legitimately pathetic, can you imagine being their age and openly admitting youre so addicted to tweeting you have to have it forcibly taken away from you otherwise its all you do

No. 1570375

on the Novelist ep they start talking about religion and addiction, functional addicts (lol), regulating your feelings with drugs, etc. dasha says it was un-christian of her to take wellbutrin

>went I went on wellbutrin in like 2019 – and adderall – I was like, my depression just really got to a point where I was like I just actually need to pharmaceutically be regulating my emotions. I was profoundly unchristian. like, I was like "I shouldn't have to suffer."

No. 1570385

same uwu steppe wife with balding husband bit just replace dark souls with elden ring

No. 1570396

File: 1656039150687.png (25.59 KB, 583x255, aimeecrying.png)

Waaah! I'm crying bout bortion!

No. 1570417

File: 1656041016363.png (71.52 KB, 670x575, um.PNG)

cushy privileged inner city kids are incapable having empathy beyond their own periphery, a classist tale as old as time itself. this woman wouldn't have a clue about what poverty looks like in australia let alone america

No. 1570418

Who is in “Alice”’s new profile pic?

No. 1570433

File: 1656043044306.png (1.01 MB, 1184x812, tard.png)

maddie hates matthew as much as we do

No. 1570436

holy fuckin shit aimee

No. 1570439

suffering is pious; therefore, by staying with him she becomes closer to god

No. 1570442

The Godard muse Anna Karina.

If Alice is a woman (eh), absolutely 0 chance she’s that attractive.

No. 1570443

Is this thread just all zoomers now

No. 1570445

Amazing how any nuance or depth of understanding is ground away like this. Poverty is absolutely a factor in all things related to health, including reproductive health. When talking about overall health of a country, you aren't talking about 'that woman you knew in grinding desperation' , but factors that contribute to a multitude of women's decisions.

Public health stats and chemistry seem to be a big 'I don't understand it so I'm just going to make something up' category for people

No. 1570446

>trafficked women choose to be hookers

Good heavens, she’s loathsome.

No. 1570449

me, an American whore, not in grinding poverty, happily selling my pussy and butthole to be slammed by strangers like red raw meat on a butchers bench top, with a thick Italian accent:
“POOOOOSSEY for saaaaale, getta you fresh POOSSEY and-a BAAAAHTHOOOOOLE here!!! I put-a da baahthole on da bench top just-a for yoooooouuuu, just-a like Aimee says!!”

No. 1570451

Imagine not knowing your friend is too busted to date a professional athlete

No. 1570456

Yes Maddie, handsome pro sports playing chads are lining up to date a depressive drama queen whose main hobby is Adderal spergouts about the pope and posting crying selfies on Instagram. Say what you will about Dasha but she’s actually less delusional about her romantic prospects than most in her circle which is why she dates a succession of doughy Jews

No. 1570463

not to sperg but WAGs can be quite ugly. it would suit her well.

No. 1570469

Maddie is so fuckjng weird looking I can’t get over it. Somebody (maybe it was on this thread?) said she was built like Mewtwo from pokemon and I can’t unsee it

No. 1570475

File: 1656047182865.jpeg (79.89 KB, 1284x1081, dasha.jpeg)

Sounds like she's subtweeting someone

No. 1570476

she’s too much of a troon to have any shape like mewtwo

No. 1570482

a hot slav male would never go for dasha so she has to prey on younger weens with religious hangups

No. 1570491

She just looks like a horse girl to me. Her eyes have this vacancy in them like she’s thinking about something else (horses) constantly. Even in Scary every time she was on screen it was like she’s thinking about horses.

I mean I don’t know what her thing actually is but it’s something.

No. 1570537

Also Heji Shin did the official photography for the posters and promo material. Seems a bit risky for both to involve themselves in this project; then again, they're both riding the Theilian vibe shift.

No. 1570540

All her friends do. The way Anna, Eugene, Peter all talk about him is so telling lol they all sound like they want to punch him in the face for being so annoying.

No. 1570713

File: 1656081159214.png (47.85 KB, 339x259, antiabortion liz.png)

tweeted and deleted minutes before Roe was abolished

No. 1570718

Let's see you try to raise children on $7.25/hour Aimee baby

No. 1570725

lmfao whole timeline just wiped. No more twitter for Liz until she feels it's safe to come back without reply guys goading her into saying something inflammatory!

No. 1570740

oh my god she is so self obsessed. to the core. it’s always about her and the fact that she had babies and that’s so brave and special of her and everyone should be interested and enamored

No. 1570741

>”i’ve never had more than a few female friends in my entire adult life”

No. 1570754

thanks for the context nonny, damn i can't believe she really went off meds just to suffer more "as a christian." ironically Dasha could actually find happiness if she threw herself into the "we have a moral responsibility to feed the poor and comfort the afflicated" kind of Catholicism - the whole "good works" thing that Catholics are supposed to center is a powerful antidote to the narcissism and misery Dasha specifically suffers from. but donning a hairnet at the soup kitchen is a harder bar to clear than just sperging on Twitter about theological minutiae all day, so as usual she chooses easy attention. crazy that she's literally a millimeter away from her cure and throwing it all away for some stupid emo teen idea of "muh Christian suffering."

No. 1570766

So the people in this scene saying it was just another roe v wade scare among many to drum up political support were wrong this time and the ones melting down before had it right huh

nick will finally be able to become a father

No. 1570772

The minimum wage in Australia is double that and increasing 5% like next week plus they don’t have tipped wages and they have healthcare. Aimee is on the other side of the world trying to make a “job” out of tweeting about US politics/society when she doesn’t even live in the same universe. Someone put her in a work camp or something for fucks sake.

No. 1570774

File: 1656086265904.jpeg (516.59 KB, 1242x1411, EA48F8A9-1B43-49FB-B7D8-66F47B…)

Having important and coherent conversations this morning

No. 1570775

lol are the girls doing a little engagement pod now? planning their stupid bait tweets and replies in the DMs. people really seem to be tiring of their schtick, i think they're finally feeling the vibe shift

No. 1570820

Doubtful. Nyc will never ban it and even if he impregnated someone in an illegal state they could leave the state to get one if they have the money. His last ex Abby was rich

No. 1570831

just trying to bring some levity to the situation, nona. let me joke that nick will finally get his beautiful downsy son.

but yeah NY did enshrine abortion in its constitution for what that's worth

No. 1570852

Just saying. It should be clear that this doesn’t affect rich people at all. Nick is rich and he’s even said he likes rich girls. Unless he goes around fucking random women in the Deep South I don’t think it will affect him one bit

No. 1570857

You people have no idea what you’re talking about lmao

No. 1570862

It’s normal to only have a few friends but ok you fucking 15 year old retard

No. 1570866

go ahead and share your knowledge then

No. 1570882

lol wtf. calm down. if you have only known a couple women like aimee has and you’re 40, that’s not normal. most women who think like her on prostitution and abortion haven’t known anyone to have experience with either, not because they’re uncommon but because they’re not actually talking to many women intimately!

No. 1570890

You people gossip obsessively about these people who aren’t even famous but you get approximately half of the intel wrong, it’s sad. Why even bother when you miss so much right in front of you?

No. 1570892

go ahead and give us your top sekrit intel since youre so wise and in the know, then

No. 1570894

Absolutely not.

No. 1570895

Orr maybe most women don’t go around telling everyone they had abortions? Even some people only tell one person and that’s it. If you know tons of women who’ve had abortions and have had lots of experience with it maybe you know a higher proportion of unstable women. Sorry but it’s true. Not pro life just saying

No. 1570897

you're an unsaging retard but also not incorrect. it's annoying how many basic details anons here get wrong.

No. 1570900

girl i think youre a little too insecure about having few friends and lashing out about it. sorry to burst your bubble but most women who get an abortions aren't unstable. 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. the average woman who gets an abortion is already a mother, late 20s, went to college, and has never had an abortion before. most do it because they simply cannot afford a child. youre regurgitating rightoid talking points about hypergamous mentally ill women being the only ones to get abortions when really youre just coping about not knowing many women in the first place. it's okay nonna there's still hope for you to make friends

No. 1570903

i hate her so much. she's a teacher's pet and a traitor

No. 1570904

Ok again none of this means that women go around telling every single one of their friends or acquaintances. So you’re wrong either way. It’s a private thing and should be kept that way. Telling every woman you know that you had an abortion doesn’t help you move on any easier from it

No. 1570905

it's because drag queen brice williams who often performed for children was charged with twenty five counts of child pornography and libsoftiktok is having a field day. we all know anna and paglia's stance on child pornography, and dasha's too.

No. 1570908

i've struck a nerve with each post. are you seriously upset that no woman has told you she's had an abortion before? the fact that your social insecurity is so triggered on lolcow of all places is tragic. close friends tend to tell close friends about things that go on in their lives including painful experiences. who are you to tell women they shouldn't be sharing that experience with other women close to them?
just like aimee your views are rooted in your failures.

No. 1570911

it's probably a scrote

No. 1570916

>tee hee hee i have sekrit knowledge but im not gonna poo-oost~
>u silly bitches are soooo obsessed with us and yet know nothing, sad!!
either post the milk/correct the anons getting basic things wrong or shut the fuck up, don't clog up the thread with this shit. I swear to god you cows are so narcissistic you find a way to brag on a literal anonymous imageboard

No. 1570917

It reeks so hard of bpdfagging, (internalized?) misogyny masquerading as concern, and self isolation to the point I wondered if it was Aimee herself. At the very least it's either someone who orbits these cows or a cow themselves. There are already plenty of people posting here who can't help but make it obvious they're some of the cows discussed ITT.

No. 1570918

>u silly bitches are soooo obsessed with us and yet know nothing, sad!!
I mean that is literally 100% true though LOL.

No. 1570919

Most normal woman tell like one person and a relative maybe. They don’t send a mass text or talk about it loudly at a party or something. You do know unstable or immature women if you personally know a bunch of women who’ve had abortions. Taking birth control also reduces your risk of pregnancy and many of my friends have been on it or they take plan B or use condoms

No. 1570921

it would be true if this crowd weren't obsessed with chasing fame and documenting their manic episodes online every day

No. 1570923

hold up, hold up– gossip isn't 100% accurate? you mean lolcow isn't a library of inch-perfect interpretations of individual events and actions? it doesn't have rigorously enforced standards on factual journalistic reporting? woah. this changes everything. oh my god. this is blowing my mind, you're unravelling me, this is all meaningless, I'm gonna kill myself

No. 1570926

>They don’t send a mass text or talk about it loudly at a party or something.
literally no one implied anything like this, and no one implied every woman they know has had abortions. now stop shitting up the thread with your autistic copes about not having having many close female friends

No. 1570927

some people dont need to “move on” from abortions, i understand it emotional for some women, but for others its really not, and keeping abortions secretive does nothing for the women who are actually strongly affected by their abortions/the process of coming to terms with the fact that they need one.

No. 1570928

Ok. Tell the unstable retards in your life, I mean your friends, to get iud’s then

No. 1570929

You're posting here so you literally are one of "us" now. Every thread we get a new normie idiot who doesn't understand how imageboards work and thinks this is an own coming here to make a pathetic fool of themselves kek. All the cows and their friends are posting here and have been for over a year now, sorry it took you this long to learn about this place

No. 1570930

go back to r/vindicta, scarethot.

No. 1570931

Yeah I mean, the fact that you can’t even do the one pathetic, godless, immoral, vulturistic thing you spend so much time doing (gossiping about nobodies) right, maybe you should kill yourself?(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 1570933

thats great and all but next time youre saying shit no one cares about can you at least sage it?

No. 1570934

it kills me how every selfie on r/vindictarateme is busted to hell and back. lurk for a good time and a reminder that every hoity toity scarethot talking about either being a hot mankiller or a sexy-but-modest trad stay at home girlfriend to a "rich guy" (makes 70k) is compensating for something.

No. 1570935

>pathetic, godless, immoral, vulturistic
lmao this is beyond parody, thank you for coming here to deliver the milk straight to our doorsteps, been a long time since we last had a cow like you

No. 1570938

oh shit, I'm acting godless too? fuck fuck fuck I didn't know any of this, can't believe this is real

No. 1570944

Scarethot? Anna has admitted to fucking married men and having multiple abortions btw. You are just like the people you criticize

No. 1570951

go back

No. 1570966

why do you think abortions are something to be ashamed about? they literally dont matter, ive had blood clots on my period that effected me more.

No. 1570979

did dasha break up with you because of the thread?

No. 1570993

This is pretty much on the money. Lolcow is best viewed as communal scribbling on a bathroom stall. Of course it’s vindictive, of course it’s full of half-truths.

No. 1571005

it's also weird to get huffy about gossip in defense of leftcows who make a living off gossiping (especially if they're a scarethot)

when these cows observe & speculate for a paycheck it's "cultural critique" but when we observe & speculate casually it's "vulturistic" ungodly behavior. ok.

No. 1571018

Was Abby rich? Isn’t she a shitty stand up comedian?

No. 1571032

one in four women in the US have had abortions.
most of us were using birth control, which isn’t 100% reliable.
people don’t talk about it because it’s a boring and routine medical procedure in most cases, not because it’s shameful.

No. 1571067

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1571081

File: 1656109221138.png (95.7 KB, 1128x438, Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 15.1…)

anna retweeting mocha (the account liz b was "trolling" >>1554613 )

No. 1571092

File: 1656109661036.png (183.54 KB, 744x593, Untitled.png)

Anna and Moche went on Aimee Terese's podcast together in March.

Monica uses the phrase "let's be honest about the Holodomor".

No. 1571095

anna's only politics are her own petty grievances

No. 1571096

this is pretty much everyone in this sphere

No. 1571106

i'm glad maddie cares about her friend, it's nice to see. she's getting called a lesbian by scarthots and cumtards for looking out. sad.

No. 1571127

I find this projection hilarious. Men who no one wants jacking themselves off to the fantasy of women being heartbroken because no one wants them. That 40 year old millennial girlboss can go online and find a date in 5 minutes, all while pasty sunken-chested incel reply guys seethe & cope.

No. 1571137

>His last ex Abby was rich
not his last by a long shot. nonny

No. 1571167

Dash is that you? While you’re here please learn to sage.

No. 1571190


lmao it might actually be Dasha

No. 1571249

spill it. nick's pr agent in threads on on reddit has been lurking bragging about mullen's supposed reckless DMs but no proof ever emerges.

No. 1571447

Yes her family is rich and Nick has talked about liking rich girls

No. 1571536

File: 1656151186613.jpeg (237.11 KB, 750x571, 822E4E95-62CE-41BC-B194-E98F2F…)


Here’s another her follow up.

No. 1571538

File: 1656151295412.jpeg (419.15 KB, 750x751, 7DE3B89D-8502-457B-8319-3ABC6E…)


Same anon. Maybe not milky but the illustration is so cringe. Over 40 and being this Internet poisoned.

No. 1571600

Wow that image is fucking gay. This is what happens when retards try making money off of internet culture. Reminds me of Disney adults.

No. 1571787

File: 1656177935850.jpeg (147.05 KB, 1170x1170, B6C0B7CC-BE06-4465-ADC9-B4B8E2…)

It’s happening.

No. 1571794

which one one them wrote this though

No. 1571797

File: 1656178738698.jpeg (209.3 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpeg)

you ever think about how they get paid to do this? aimee and oliver and the guy who drew this and all these podcasters have such fake ass jobs. they're like as bad as middle managers and the "PMC bugmen" they used to cry about (what happened to that?).

that's why I check out on aimee a lot because even though she's acting insane on the TL it doesn't seem genuine. it's just like "well, there she goes, doing her dumb job"

No. 1571798

No. 1571799

File: 1656178841698.png (1.01 MB, 1084x1356, Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 10.3…)

No. 1571802

too bee fair, the artist who drew that isn't some nobody

No. 1571805

this might be a controversial opinion but I think being a freelance cartoonist is also a useless job

No. 1571815

aimee wishes she was that pale. deeply embarrassing.

No. 1571825

Welp, one can hope Chapo, Red Scare and TrueAnon aren't far behind but all their hosts desperately need the patreon buxx to keep flowing in because of their inability to successfully break out into any other ventures. Brace and Liz are especially in a bind because they had steady day jobs they quit lol.

No. 1571829

aren't the corps just rephrasing an existing health insurance benefit to make themselves look good while everyone is mad about roe? kinda misleading to say the company is paying your expenses. insurance has a frugal attitude towards contraception & abortion (it's cheaper than pregnancy) so this isn't surprising or new

actually I wonder if insurance companies will lobby for abortion rights if expensive pregnancy-related claims start rolling in…. but that's kind of a crackpot horseshoe idea and plenty of women don't have insurance. I'm derailing sorry

No. 1571842

what did brace do before true anon besides being a drug addict?

No. 1571850

File: 1656182179078.jpeg (43.54 KB, 640x355, FWC3RhEXoAAiuxO.jpeg)

No. 1571863

After the CIA-funded Syria sojourn, he worked at and organized a union at a craft brewery. I think he quit like half-a-year into the podcast.

No. 1571864

File: 1656183030317.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1420x945, flower shop.jpeg)

brace was a simple flower attendant

No. 1571867

File: 1656183167519.jpeg (130.36 KB, 950x634, Warkrime hardcore band.jpeg)

brace was a hardkore musician

No. 1571873

File: 1656183492043.jpeg (67.92 KB, 960x540, Brace-Belden.jpeg)

brace went halfway around the world to fight in a foreign war. this is different from the american neonazis who go to ukraine or wherever, because they're bad. brace did it because solidarity. don't think about it too hard. he's just hardkore like that

No. 1571875

File: 1656183764251.png (2.87 MB, 1526x1162, Marxist political activist .pn…)

sometimes, brace is described as a "Marxist political activist" http://theguardsman.com/brace-belden/

No. 1571876

File: 1656183820061.jpeg (724.96 KB, 1536x2048, dasha brace belden throwback.j…)

It all comes back to solidarity

No. 1571883

File: 1656184324395.png (1.19 MB, 1834x1410, speaker for socialists.png)

DSA helps simple brewery line worker organize his workplace. I'm sure he's still there now with his coworkers enjoying their union.

No. 1571884

File: 1656184469717.png (117.34 KB, 1264x350, 3456789ijhgcdftyuj.png)

from the same article "Downtown scenester Soph Vanderbilt is suing NFT platform Milady" https://news.artnet.com/news-pro/libbys-canned-food-company-settles-its-beef-with-libbie-mugrabi-art-world-gossip-2134941
aimee this could have been one post

No. 1571887

File: 1656184575150.jpg (923.11 KB, 1536x2048, podcaster.jpg)

now he's a podcaster. that's his podcasting gun, he's quirked up like that.

No. 1571888

Do we think Leo knows about Red Scare or nah
There are already two known A-listers who listen (RPatz and Elizabeth Olsen)

No. 1571889

Is she an actual Vanderbilt?

No. 1571909

he deserves nothing

No. 1571973

no, she’s an obese whore trying to get attention by using a famous name.

No. 1572018

Reddit now has the equivalent of twitter spaces, and the red scare sun’s voice chat is going about as nicely as you might expect. Incoherent babble.

No. 1572035

I appreciate the artist getting Aimee's scarecrow hair right though

No. 1572038

Every leftist male looks like a Napoleon Dynamite extra I swear to god

No. 1572150

aimee's never held a gun in her life. or looked that pale.

No. 1572222

it will be glorious watching this cretin's downfall

No. 1572276

I think he’s like the most normal person discussed here and he’s usually just doing very ordinary comedian stuff. At least he bought a house in his childhood neighborhood instead of buying crypto or something.

But his next project is probably, like, becoming Greek Hasan. When that happens I’ll come around to your view

No. 1572288

i always found it interesting the cumtown mic most open about sex is the healthiest and the most normal to women too. not that that’s saying much.

No. 1572314

Nick told Tim Dillon the pod is ending in six months. Nick’s going hiking with Amber and Felix soon in CA. Tim said Ambers boyfriend is a groundskeeper at Bohemian Grove and I’m sorry but it was hard to tell if he was joking, sue me I don’t listen to him much. Nick went on a tangent about how China is enslaving blacks in Africa and he actually was serious.

No. 1572315

oh my GOD lmao

No. 1572356

File: 1656221879598.png (125.06 KB, 1362x418, Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 9.37…)

the enlightened posters of /r/rsp inform us it's "spiritually ugly" to call Ivanka Trump a hypocrite

No. 1572358

File: 1656222161972.png (45.01 KB, 587x381, at least it's something.png)

No. 1572365

he's a nasty pig

No. 1572601

He ended his relationship with rachel sennott by demanding that it be open and she refused. i don't know what nick gets up to but there's no way he's worse than that. adam's a freak though too, if dasha is to be believed.

No. 1572611

Sameposter sorry I forgot about Stavs creepy chaser phase that was fucking abnormal. It’s like he was saying he’d fuck a trans woman to get woke brownie points or something but also he was just obsessed with talking about it
Also didn’t know that. That’s more self sabotage/ loss for him though, unless he cheated first

No. 1572640

im not someone who’d praise open relationships but that’s really small potatoes compratively. nick has talked about hitting women and pissing on them and using them as moms, adam is a really obvious manipulative fuck masquerading as a sensitive soft art boy. in this context it’s hard for me to care much about a man admitting he wishes he could have sex with more women (shocker, a scrote is a slut)

No. 1572669

also nick has given women herpes

No. 1572677

Nick is very open about having herpes though, like if you literally just ask him he openly says he does

No. 1572757

>if dasha is to be believed
that's a heavy load-bearing "if"

No. 1572906

File: 1656271622048.jpg (149.27 KB, 1284x1390, liz name searching.jpg)

Good to know that even in these trying times Liz still name searches like a fucking lunatic

No. 1572913

When did Nick and Stav stop being mutuals on twitter? This split seems to be worse than anyone is letting on.

No. 1572953

Such a coward. Disappears for two days to celebrate in silence. Own it girl, you got what you wanted. Fewer and fewer people keep buying your cutie-pie conservative Christian socialist act, the brand is stale.

No. 1572961

File: 1656275410459.png (627.55 KB, 1184x1368, lewokecapitalismxd.png)

One of the tweets she liked in her absence (along with Aimee)

No. 1572973

Liz could just tweet that she's not happy about Roe being overturned if that's actually how she feels. Given her answer on the old Red Scare ep about pregnancies from rape I doubt it. It was something about how well gosh the baby is innocent.
Anna liked it too. All they have to focus on is gotchas about corporate pr because they don't want to look at the real ramifications. And none of them have even had a real job unless you count Anna being a hostess.

No. 1572987

when did nick admit he hits women? this seems big. do you mean as a bdsm thing or some kind of kink, or did he really say he's beaten his girlfriends

No. 1573006

Idk why that nonnie is trying to exaggerate so hard. Nick said in an episode that he tossed his keys to his gf one and it hit her. Also the pissing thing was him getting pissed on in the shower once.

No. 1573010

>Also the pissing thing was him getting pissed on in the shower once.
are we sure he didn't just lift this anecdote from Girls lol

No. 1573040

I wonder if the pig wanted a bigger cut. I’m glad he won’t get a cent of the Patreon cash anymore

No. 1573125

Why do so many Jewish men have this affliction for turbulent / depressive women?
It's the same with Anna and Eli

No. 1573137

it gives them a reprieve from their own self-loathing

No. 1573139

why do people think this? why aren't people concerned about rapists propagating their dark triad genetics?

No. 1573153

They suffer from magical thinking

No. 1573166

Reminds them of mama

No. 1573170

A while ago I noticed Adam started doing the Cumtown ad reads because it was suddenly “his job”. Around the same time Adam joked his girlfriend was pregnant a few times in a weird way. I wondered if it was actually true she was pregnant and Nick gave Adam ad-read duty so he could change their patreon money split and send a bigger cut Adam’s way because he’s gonna be a papa (long ago the rational for Nick getting 50% was he does the producing & ads - come to think of it, Adam has done both recently.) Stav hops on the ad reads too though and I don’t know how they split ad revenue so there’s probably more involved there.

If there was a “restructure” because Adam was starting a family and Stav suddenly made less than Adam I bet that would sting, especially considering Nick once told Stav he was never gonna have a family because he was going to die prematurely from being a fat piece of shit (that time they had a real fight and he was being serious)

Just a theory

No. 1573326

you seriously need to think about your life

No. 1573334

File: 1656310002360.png (441.57 KB, 1174x1634, john dios holy agony drama 1.p…)

another tradcath podcast down the drain, anyone know what happened here?

No. 1573337

File: 1656310154372.png (485.27 KB, 1174x1766, john dios holy agony drama 2.p…)

jess vs john dios cont'd

No. 1573362

Thanks but seriously who the fuck are these people? lol

If we were to put lets say the perfume orca, wet brain, and crumps as the B tier to this sphere’s A-tier players (Chapo, Nick et cum boys, Red Scare, Liz Bruenig), then John Dios, someone who’s only ever been on the periphery of my attention as Jack’s replyguy / catamite, and whoever this bitch is aren’t even the C-tier. They’re way the fuck down in the e or f-tier. You can’t tell me that more than three dozen people listen to their pod regularly (and I might be being generous). It’s just not happening.

No. 1573460

This John Dios person is less relevant than the smol beans, who are barely relevant

No. 1573595

The only vaguely interesting thing about Dios is he appears to be another art fag/aging punk rocker who changed his LARP to Latin Mass Catholicism when he realized he was getting too old for the first one. Twitter is crawling with men who converted to the Catholic or Orthodox churches five minutes ago and immediately hung up a shingle. Many of them aren't even baptized/chrismated before they start jabbering like they have the first clue what they're talking about. It's easier to start a grift (sorry, "art") than work on yourself. It's only bad when e-girls do it though, men are instant experts whatever the subject

No. 1573605

File: 1656342894977.png (35.04 KB, 615x334, john dios.png)

It's bad for you react to me locking you out of the account by posting on Twitter because you weren't polite enough to call me first. Look at me taking the high road! Like he'd take the call after such a weasel move. Piety my ass.

No. 1573625

File: 1656344418124.jpeg (457.64 KB, 828x1184, D581AF35-67D8-4300-8B2D-49D8D9…)

Aimee being racist again

No. 1573630

I thought leftoids were the root of all evil and Trumpers could do no wrong. Has she ever set foot on American soil? Her obsession is pathetic.

No. 1573637

I think she's saying reformacon talking heads pushing for more welfare/stimulus checks are doing Democrat (therefore evil) shit and tainting the GOP brand which she wants to remain strong? idk

No. 1573655

File: 1656347306200.png (272.62 KB, 622x836, john dios2.png)

Pretty much what I figured. He's nobody but the cradle Catholic in me always enjoys these pricks getting a takedown

No. 1573680

Agreed, I don’t want to talk about this homeschool weirdo who probably wants to fuck his daughter

On the other hand I think Anna made a sideways reference to him recently re pathetic fathers with children spending time on twitter shit-flings but there’s a million of those so who knows

No. 1573682

File: 1656349376267.jpeg (19.97 KB, 251x201, 35D093F4-5BD6-402A-A395-1F60B6…)


No. 1573687

>Shaniquas 3rd welfare dependent kid
Mm, wow she’s really lubricating her hole to receive USD from the republican conservative demo. If only she wasn’t in Australia she could personally suck them all off.

No. 1573712


This scene is my favorite spectacle–Justin Murphy the mediocre weirdo, Evan Zenker aka Paul Town the schizophrenic arsonist, convicted felon Martin Skreli, even scum rapist stalkers have had Miladys like Matt Mondanile (of Ducktails and Real Estate, stalked Julia Holter and has assaulted countless women, currently dating a teenager).

From the top to the bottom and vice versa, Miladys are engineered to appeal to striker faux-rich yuppie freaks who will shell any amount of money forward as long as relevance and feeling like they're part of the "in-group" is promised. That's all this is, and insane, race-obsessed pedophiles are making bank off of it.

No. 1573758

agreed, i was happy to not look at moche’s botoxed shooped monstrosity of a face while she was banned.

No. 1573806

File: 1656356462970.png (83.6 KB, 604x457, the chaser becomes the chased.…)

…so how far down the autogynephilic rabbithole do we think Felix and Hasan have fallen?

No. 1573847

these fags don’t want to have a pussy. they're literally allergic to pussy.

closeted weightlifting forum gays

No. 1573863

File: 1656359332394.png (734.92 KB, 1280x849, felix.png)

don't really care if felix is gay or whatever but remember his thirst pics? lol
sage for prehistoric milk

No. 1573864

File: 1656359355167.jpeg (790.58 KB, 1170x1161, thicc felix.jpeg)

No. 1573867

File: 1656359445235.jpeg (48 KB, 1024x683, Love That Boy What Two Preside…)

No. 1573870

File: 1656359503318.png (496.18 KB, 754x543, his little Biederman.png)

No. 1573884

File: 1656360705321.jpeg (348.15 KB, 1125x911, E50E507F-BC18-4147-9547-6F66B2…)

Look who is missing from the Succession season 4 additional cast members. Some might be announced at a later date, but I highly doubt Dasha has been filming with them because if she was we’d know about it

No. 1573933

most of their simps are trannies so they have to toss them a bone once in a while, but i think felix would actually fuck one eventually, much like lowtax. men will fuck anything significantly teenage-looking enough

No. 1573962

No. 1573964

aimee terese having a meltdown on twitter rn over jokes made by sean mccarthy

No. 1573967

Aimee having a meltdown? Must be a day that ends in y

No. 1573972

anon can you do one of these photo comps for Will Menaker. his "publishing scion" upbringing is bound to be milky

No. 1573976

File: 1656366248887.png (442.85 KB, 542x625, aimee sean.png)

Girls, girls, you're both dysgenic freaks!

No. 1573980

File: 1656366461084.png (37.44 KB, 605x130, potatoboy.png)

Nah this is so fucked up though. The dirtbag left are the nastiest, most lecherous, most sadistic misogynists on the internet and it's not even close.

No. 1573986

No. 1574008

File: 1656368036026.png (659.69 KB, 1236x920, Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 15.0…)

supposedly it was about oliver… doubt that's totally sincere. big tone shift from the initial tweet to "I don't mean to be disrespectful" lmao

Oliver is profiting off aimee's psychotic coke binge episodes (as much as her conservative dick-sucking and little engagement-driving screeds help them get subs) but I think this might be one of those "everyone involved in this story should die" situations

No. 1574031

File: 1656369415554.jpeg (316.72 KB, 1186x571, D61D347F-F8D6-493D-A0AA-B74668…)

Here’s one of Liz Bruenig’s fellow “pro-life” Catholics. If nothing else I hope this SCOTUS ruling exposes the barbarism and hypocrisy of Catholic teachings.

Not enough people know about the Catholic Church’s sympathy for Confederate slaveholders, so the more people become aware of that sordid history the better. The Church’s track record during the 1930s is even worse, but they whitewash that too.

You mean this TradCath trend is just another grift? Color me shocked.

No. 1574037

File: 1656369806210.png (92.54 KB, 595x466, jackratio.png)

They're turning on Jack now

No. 1574039

thought that already happened last week when homeschool-dad said Jack was gonna die alone from AIDS

No. 1574043

File: 1656370094316.jpeg (118.38 KB, 430x1200, AEA39896-7787-430F-9841-927B73…)

It’s obvious this bitch has severe regrets about choices she made in her life and wants other women to suffer along with her. The whole “pro-life” cool mommy act is just a mask for that.

No. 1574063

lol as if this board isn’t guilty of the same shit(learn2sage)

No. 1574108

all I know about Will is he won the adoption lottery.

No. 1574113

god they're both 35 and childless screaming at full volume on the internet about politics all day on the computer, its really depressing. they really think this embarrassing high school drama is kind of eternal, necessary battle for their respective side (DNC/GOP) instead of 2 sexually frustrated losers chimping out on the timeline cause they used to dm each other nudes

No. 1574121

>childless sexually frustrated losers chimping out
Reading your post feels like listening to one of these people talk, your kinda parroting all the same insults they use

No. 1574136

sean is married to a brazilian woman

No. 1574144

Anna, is that you?

No. 1574156

Nta but Leftcows have admitted to posting in and reading the thread. If you ever see see someone insulting anons or complaining about the thread, it could very well be one of the Leftcows.

No. 1574163

i can fix him

No. 1574183

these people are all still in their enchantment with imageboard culture phase so they unironically probably think its based and chad to be dark triad

No. 1574219

It's nice to see Oliver called out for exploiting aimee, but that Sean tweet is weird. These threads has speculated aimee has brain damage. She admitted to be in a coma, which explains the wigs and erratic behavior.

No. 1574222

>chimping out

The moo is coming from inside the house

No. 1574223

Aimee and Sean's beef started when Aimee mocked him for mourning Michael Brooks' death. Sean is weird and aimee is ever weirder.

No. 1574247

she believes she did the "right" thing every step of the way and if that's not true then she's wrong and that thought is too terrible so her brain doesn't let it get any air.

the truth is she did make mistakes she's just not learning from them.

and you're right in a sense that she wants other women to suffer, but it's probably wrapped up in a nice package her head where she views it as helping them also do the "right" thing.

No. 1574268

This type of person is becoming increasingly common and I’m sure most people here have personally known at least one. Shut-in dweeb hates self for being lonely and a loser, develops a superiority complex. They go from sad about being a virgin who’s never been to a party, to seeing themselves as this beacon of morality obsessed with their lack of experience and opportunity because they think it means they’re a good person, unlike the degenerate party goer heathens and slutty drug users that permeate society, or whatever. Meanwhile they just hate everyone who has had more fun and experience than they have.

Plenty of these cows are detestable, I know, but Liz takes the cake as the most narcissistic and pathetic. She pretends to be declawed and claims this makes her good.

No. 1574313

a lot of people age into this person, sadly

No. 1574330

File: 1656391973796.png (33.69 KB, 579x385, aimeeshaniqua.png)

The Shaniqua meltdown has been going for quite a while now.

No. 1574353

File: 1656394271861.jpg (64.59 KB, 960x600, pphq918vs9891.jpg)

tweeted and deleted

No. 1574355

just nonstop arguing to drive up her engagement numbers. not making a lot of sense honestly.

wonder why, she left everything else up. I wonder what has her so triggered lately.

No. 1574356

Dash could never date a hot slav because they would realize how busted/average she is for a slavic girl.

No. 1574391

no wonder Succession dropped her lol. The social media crisis manager in constant need of a social media crisis manager, how ironic.

No. 1574420

File: 1656407388827.jpeg (120.11 KB, 640x710, 4DD7F621-B4B8-48B1-8D74-BA292D…)

If she comes back for a third time on this account it'll be a miracle

No. 1574431

AMBER ALERT Amber Frost slunk out of her cave to make her biannual appearance on the latest Chapo to talk abortion. Not really any milk, but she sounded pretty plugged out from the news, didn't even know about the juul ban.

No. 1574446

No. 1574464

File: 1656418615789.png (82.17 KB, 615x716, meltdown.png)

moche tries to position herself as a black people expert bc she lives in brooklyn then melts down when dirtbags point out (they're right on this one) that her face is mostly plastic. she's probably getting a ban next.

No. 1574550

What is her job and does she act like this and post face? Is she a literal cop? I wonder if Anna has ever met her irl since they live in the same city or if Anna avoids these twitter freaks.

No. 1574552

she posts face constantly and posts short videos where you can hear that she literally has a lisp from her lip fillers.

No. 1574555

File: 1656426890873.png (428.58 KB, 1092x714, Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 07.3…)

No. 1574600

The thing with Aimee is that the more people on Twitter ignored her, the more she was forced to say outlandish and racist things for attention, and the more she would fight with her own allies and self-destruct. This was the strategy behind the Mert Accords.

No. 1574602

File: 1656429903813.png (1.29 MB, 1282x976, Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 11.2…)

Wonder if this is her or just a coincidence (see handle)


No. 1574607

File: 1656429991178.jpeg (66.55 KB, 750x1333, body check 6-28.jpeg)

is dasha's current level of bodychecking thighgap pictures normal for her or has it been increasing lately? genuine ask

feels like trolling since she went on that rant about not being anorexic

No. 1574618

Is this why Anna is suddenly defending drag queens again? The Megyn Kelly audience thought Anna and Dasha were retarded and rejected them, so Red Scare has to dial back the social conservatism to retain their current following and stay relevant.

No. 1574622

Those legs belong to an anorexic

No. 1574632

she's straddling a line so she can appear like she's defending drag to one of their audiences (the gays) while pivoting to a focus on "more important" gay-panic think-of-children stuff for another audience (conservatives afraid of trannies)

it's almost like she just says whatever sustains the most financial support & attention because that's her job

No. 1574648

She and Anna both love to shoop the shit out of their legs to cope with being womanlets. Classic online ana-larping behavior.

No. 1574666

lol she’s trying so hard. contorting in the weirdest ways to force it. cmon dasha you need to own up to never being below a bmi of 17, it’s fine

No. 1574676

Why do you anachans always crawl out of the woodwork to pretend dasha is fat. You’re as bad as her talking about BMIs and shit. Go back to /fa/ and cry about your moms keeping snacks in the house.

No. 1574681

>>>1574420 >>>1574600>>>
That might explain why aimee would lash out at allies she agreed with a few months ago.

No. 1574683

File: 1656438817659.jpeg (454.37 KB, 828x1171, A889073F-D161-4BC9-95AA-FC49C4…)

Is this aimee’s boyfriend?

No. 1574735

She's busted/average for any type of girl, that's why she can only get with weird incel zoomers who'd likely be virgins otherwise

No. 1574744

Her right leg looks twice as long as her left lol, blows my mind she and Anna can’t see how shitty their shoops are. Time to leave the uwu anachan angel shit to the kids you decrepit old crones

No. 1574797

No one called her fat, weirdo. It’s just obvious Dasha is obsessed with trying to seem skinnier than she is with all the cringey classic poses.

No. 1574799

Why are her ankles contorted in such an unnatural and awkward way lmao

No. 1574828

File: 1656450832954.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1447x1930, 2CC9E050-DD38-4AFB-AEAF-05FECE…)

No. 1574905

File: 1656453064638.png (256.95 KB, 1214x498, 2019.png)

>I went on wellbutrin in like 2019

can't stop thinking about how she went off wellbutrin even though it worked for her and now she's saying it was unchristian to even start taking it

No. 1574924

Orthodox cross in the corner there?

No. 1574946

The Dasha Eugene ep went up on the bootleg feed. Mostly boring. Dasha perks up when she's sperging about religion to an uninterested Eugene. Says she was cut out of a Nathan Silver movie where she played a "junkie". Sean Price Williams was going to shoot Scary but had another job so didn't. Says she sent a tape in for the "Russian whore" role on Tokyo Vice. Mentions a script she's writing with Maddie about a Russian-Armenian karaoke host that might be a tv show script but "I might not be ready to tell my story". Doesn't say anything new about the Civil War movie she's working on. Dasha sounds hysterical and upset when she says she has to trust that her "cultural criticism" career and being an actress will work holistically together. Eugene asks why she gave Scary such a dumb name and she says her instincts said it was good. Her producers begged her to change it but "couldn't come up with something better".

No. 1574963

her avi is so shooped and filtered it reminds me of my mom’s facebook friends’ profile pics. god

No. 1574964

File: 1656456083743.jpeg (95.72 KB, 768x1024, may 13 2018.jpeg)

> Says she was cut out of a Nathan Silver movie where she played a "junkie"
a long time ago? she vagueposted about acting and posted a selfie along with this shot but that was in 2018

No. 1574979

File: 1656456974932.png (94.13 KB, 964x655, surkova vs delaney.png)

Speaking of podcasts with declining fortunes, Jana Surkova (paranoidlikes) finally gives up on the grift. Hate fiction goes out with a wimper as Katya Delaney joins and is her usual whiny, clout thirsty self. Default alternates between naked plagiarism and stating the obvious.

No. 1575017

what was the gist of her spiel? I only ask because I can't think of anything she's ever said about it before.

No. 1575031

File: 1656463045347.jpeg (282.2 KB, 750x847, 1B5CBCD5-4DB6-4954-A39C-974BC0…)

One of the post-lefties that Estee Lardass associated with confirms what we already knew.

No. 1575032

File: 1656463090168.jpeg (441.72 KB, 750x1007, C15D3B8A-558A-4CB9-825D-4C9E19…)


Having a normal one over Chris Pratt.

No. 1575040

File: 1656464454269.jpeg (181.83 KB, 1157x1113, CC1BE3EA-5CA9-4C31-BF4B-FCB6CF…)

Oh dear. The rightoids are having a field day with this.

Also, that is a rough 27.

No. 1575061

Hard to tell who the bigger loser is here between her and the irony guys

No. 1575067

Anyone could make this profile
Only info blacked out is distance, which prob says 'less than a mile away'
Embarrassing for anyone that'd fall for it

No. 1575109

Nothing interesting or new except maybe that she specifically said condemning Republicans for this is a retard move because the Dems' lack of action was inherently more evil than the right wing ideology itself. Not sure if I agree with that. Yes the Dems absolutely let this happen but this specific evangelical brand of pro-life shit in America right now is a creation of the right

No. 1575116

>Yes the Dems absolutely let this happen but this specific evangelical brand of pro-life shit in America right now is a creation of the right
exactly, the online left letting the right wing off the hook is so lame because this isnt even like hokey pronoun-esque culture war shit that you can roll your eyes at, its so much worse. anyway one could have guessed that lazy take from her, why even have her on? I feel like all the guys were posting pretty lib takes on it.

No. 1575123

>condemning Republicans for this is a retard move
well that's chapo's whole schtick. dems are beyond useless but republicans don't get a boys-will-be-boys pass. I think the DNC see nothing but dollar signs and numbers when they think of the american people and that's ghoulish, but in this specific case they're not the ones turning quiverfull gospel into law. absolutely a-ok to condemn republicans for it.

No. 1575137

When the ex-Tumblr conservative girls finally break into the mainstream Fox News sphere, culture is going to be completely insufferable for at least another 10 years.

No. 1575145

isn't this old

No. 1575153

Chapo has a really bad habit of talking about republicans like they're a powerful force of nature while telling their audience that it's more bad that democrats are vampiric mealy mouthed cretins. Even when it's a republican policy that's 100% going to kill people they can't help complimenting how hardworking and effective republicans are at this whole government policy thing. GOP couldn't pay them for better work.

No. 1575160

lol I didn’t even know this existed. Good riddance to anything involving that fuggo @default_friend though.

No. 1575162

this is old milk, but rightoids are digging it up because it makes Will’s rabid hysterical pro-choice tweets look like he’s just trying to continue not wearing condoms in his threesomes with 19 year olds. which, to be fair, is probably his primary motive

No. 1575163

File: 1656474857094.jpeg (34.19 KB, 572x276, 79F470A4-9149-4173-AF09-B6224C…)

I’d respect Amber a lot more if she posted something like this again and not the predictable and boring “contrarian” takes she usually offers. Seriously you could’ve made easy money betting that Amber would find some way to argue that Dems are worse than the GOP.

No. 1575175

File: 1656476071990.png (831.93 KB, 1224x1374, liz bruenig everybody.png)

hahaha "everybody" as in pro-life people?

she came out just to remind us they won and challenge her fellow pro-lifers to step up and put that kind of energy into being actually pro-life like her. tacked on a skinny beverage zinger in case you forgot she's teensy weensy.

No. 1575176

She knows the vast majority of “pro-life” people are like Matt Walsh and just enjoy controlling and punishing women. She pulls shit like this so she can advocate for the same conservative causes as them without running afoul of her leftist friends.

No. 1575181

imagine being stupid enough to let dasha be on your show. nice artistic vision stupid

No. 1575184

I'm just hearing Bruenig was making a "joke" about how "everyone" she's referring to is a HYPOCRITE for saying they're pro-life but not fighting capital punishment.

this crusty nippled catholic cunt… does she not see she's the same type of hypocrite? banning abortion kills so many women, it's not pro life either.

>we're killing the criminals so they can't theoretically hurt people

>we're killing the women so they can't theoretically hurt people

No. 1575185

File: 1656477232842.jpg (118.6 KB, 1440x1080, simpsons vote.jpg)

democrats do suck, biden and the establishment are basically going to do nothing.

No. 1575187

File: 1656477334040.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1489x1859, A94FF372-C0E1-4AC4-A141-CDDFE6…)

Don’t forget this is what Liz Bruenig was writing in the NY Times during the Amy Comey Barrett hearings. Won’t someone pweeease think of the real victims: conservative Catholics.

No. 1575188

Isn’t Coke Zero still fucking terrible for you? lol like I get that there’s no calories so maybe you’re replacing calories with that, but isn’t that internal damage going to hit your outside appearance like an avalanche

No. 1575189

yeah but she's an anorexic malnourished 4 so she drinks it while she bakes cakes for matt to inhale

No. 1575190

stupid self aggrandizing bitch can’t even pretend to care about women or casualties of callous policy. everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

No. 1575191

that's all true but chapos still said that eventually even in a very conservative country abortion will be legalized once enough women die …and Democrats are going to let them die. I don't know how chapo does it but somehow conservative government comes out looking better when the chapos are done talking. it's magic.

No. 1575303

nonnie i listened to the episode and you’re being really dramatic lol

No. 1575342

yeah you're right, they get under my skin too much. ep itself was bog-standard.

No. 1575346

What does Liz think she's fighting for? The anti-capital punishment crowd have already won, unfortunately. Only 17 of the most vile criminals were executed in 2020 (20 people in 2019). We literally have millions of people in overcrowded prisons in this country and her primary goal in the "pro-life" movement is to save a couple dozen rapist-murders a year. Meanwhile, at least 800 women die during childbirth every year and that number would surely increase if there was an abortion ban, not even mentioning those who would die from unsafe home abortions.

No. 1575360

not to be petty, but I honestly can't imagine waking up every morning to that face. I'm not even harping on about the importance of looks either, but there is not even one redeemable physical feature. Even ugly dudes can be attractive in ways. His nose isn't charming like an Adrien Brody or Adam Driver. It's actually upsetting that Dasha has taken a 100% downgrade in a partner. At least Adam was likeable and had nice eyes, at the least. This dude looks like a mouth breather. But Dasha isn't much of a looker either, so I guess they fit each other.

No. 1575361

I love how she just openly admitted in this piece that faithful Catholic politicians should be more loyal to Rome than Washington and that she thinks that's a good thing.

No. 1575373

This made me feel so much better. I can’t believe these women speak like they’re some IG level Stacey

No. 1575390

It's not only the busted faces anon. I was literally on this sub for 2 minutes and clicked on some random commenter, the first thing I see in their post history is "My bf told me he has ED. We’ve not had sex yet." They are long distance and haven't even met after 2.5 years of "dating" and she "loves him even more" for telling her about his broken dick. She also has autism, a chin implant, is self conscious about her tongue and thinks her mom is jealous of her. I love redditors.

No. 1575453

that’s real convert zealotry bullshit
i would be shocked if even 20% of people raised Catholic believed it

No. 1575464

Speaking of amber the release date for dirtbag has actually been moved up for once to next summer.

No. 1575523

dasha has agency and is a moron herself but this dude is taking advantage of her hardcore. i’m glad at least maddie sees what’s happening and openly disses the guy lmao, because you just know once it ends it’s going to be like a spell has been broken. hopefully that’s sooner rather than later bc for now, it’s like a train on a steady path to crash. he’s very obviously having an unhealthy influence on her while she’s off the rails manic and he’s making her a lot worse by giving her these obsessions to cling to, making her stop her meds, fostering an emotional dependence on him. idk he’s a total sleazeball in a way adam could never have been

No. 1575529

this screencap made me feel actually a little sad. hard to believe this was nearly 6 years ago, when all the grifters itt still pretended to be leftist and a lot of them were openly bleeding heart libs. i hate to admit it but i still have a weird soft spot for amber because this is how i remember her. she was very take no shit and i was only tapped into the reasonable things she’d say. genuinely feels like it was so much more recent than 6 years ago. i don’t blame her for leaving but i wish someone like her could just obliterate people like aimee and liz. sorry this is cringe lmao…

No. 1575561

I feel like she got "rich" and basically retired (in her financial situation I would definitely be tempted to do the same). plus she doesn't seem to enjoy having a big spotlight on her personal life anymore just judging by the way her socials are all gone. if I'm being a catty bitch the plastic surgery might have something to do with that too.

I think she gives money to Appalachian-area stuff and that's about it. I sometimes wonder what she even does in LA. her book sounds like a non-project and the general outline sounded really embarrassing when it was announced.

I know what you mean. there are people who are really good at cutting through bullshit and saying something real and that's totally missing in this group of argumentative little contrarians (anna is the only one who occasionally just says what she thinks but unfortunately it'll be something like "race purity is actually beautiful sometimes" lmao)

No. 1575576

File: 1656519780933.jpg (20.08 KB, 1170x2080, 2905295809999.jpg)

She's already posting "jokes" like this. Sad to say about a grown woman but hope she doesn't legally tie herself to this loser. This time last year wasn't he engaged to Honor?

No. 1575597

what you said about anna is exactly why so many people were originally drawn to her, before she dropped everything vaguely left. i think the main appeal to her was that she wasn’t afraid to deviate from whatever was being parroted at the time, even if that was because of her being a pathological contrarian it was like a breath of fresh air for a lot of people.
but back then it was more about how trump was not that different from obama and how establishment libs aren’t a substitute for genuinely left presences, not “race mixing is bad ackshully.”

No. 1575602

lmao wtf. this is a cry for help. dasha’s friends need to plan an intervention. like yeah i dislike dasha as much as the next person itt, and she dove into this relationship on her own volition, but she’s being straight up abused. forcing someone to quit their meds because they’re “satanic” just to encourage their manic episodes then get mad when the mania is anything but about religion… yeah that’s abuse. she’s broken up with him multiple times just to get back with him which is a huge red flag too.
i had no idea he was engaged to honor. sounds like he goes around targeting mentally unstable quasi religious girls then tries grooming them into psychotic trad wives.

No. 1575606

The harsh truth is that everyone involved in this scene is trash and they all deserve one another.

No. 1575610

I for one am glad Dasha is involved in a miserable abusive relationship. what goes around comes around

No. 1575617

maybe she’ll read Right Wing Women and come around nonna

No. 1575631

In general I'm tired of people speaking like they're trying to convince me to agree with them.

No. 1575682

on god, it's 2019. no one buying a book called "dirtbag"

No. 1575683

Pretty sure Dasha quit taking Wellbutrin back around when her movie started getting shitty reviews and she tried to make it sound like her Wellbutrin/Adderall/vyvanse abuse was to blame.

No. 1575709

she explicitly stated her bf is the one who had her stop taking it recently

No. 1575714

wait really?

No. 1575727

File: 1656529575283.png (681.02 KB, 1490x2004, 6bfc5afb13213bc75e79eed29afdc2…)

looks like the floodgates may be opening on cum town stav

No. 1575728

File: 1656529641079.png (385.36 KB, 1762x360, Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 1.50…)

No. 1575754

where is this from?

No. 1575765

File: 1656532721743.png (365.68 KB, 1484x714, Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 12.5…)

No. 1575767

>two literallywhos gossiping that a podcaster is weird and gross even though they’re the ones who fucked him
yeah this isn’t noteworthy or significant

No. 1575769

Having sex with Stav would give anyone PTSD. Good for them for leaving.

No. 1575785

File: 1656533850887.png (586.72 KB, 1520x854, wellbutrin reddit.png)

according to dasha she went off wellbutrin over a year and half ago because she was feeling much better

I can't remember this

No. 1575791

i think i just misinterpreted her bf getting her to see wellbutrin as sinful as her saying he was the one to get her to quit taking it

No. 1575811

I mean, it was a pretty big change from "I am no longer suicidal lol" to calling it unchristian to have taken it at all. I'm not sure I believe that she just felt much better in Fall of 2020 like 6+ months into quarantine but that's what she's saying.

No. 1575854

absolutely annihilated in the replies and quote tweets, you love to see it

No. 1575862

Post some examples for posterity? She deletes her tweets often so it’ll be hard to see all the quote tweets once that happens.

No. 1575866

her current stance (ofc from him) is that wellbutrin bad because suffering good, which makes me think she must have brought up considering going back on it to him just for him to say it was sinful

No. 1575874

File: 1656541199608.png (73.02 KB, 310x507, qts.png)

There's over 120 qts, I don't want to screenshot all of them but here's a few for posterity. 90% are leftists dunking on her sanctimony, the rest are tradcaths angry at her for her spectacularly pathetic waffling. Literally nobody is convinced by her triangulation anymore.

No. 1575882

File: 1656541652251.jpeg (722.73 KB, 1242x1455, 0678E05F-1148-4ECB-B15F-1D923F…)

No. 1575883

File: 1656541676363.jpeg (458.45 KB, 1242x1089, 7A614922-5215-4D86-B5FA-2ADF92…)

No. 1575888

File: 1656541884480.jpeg (373.94 KB, 1242x895, 22BBEEF5-952A-4F76-9028-B4D6D9…)

And the other side of the coin

No. 1575890

File: 1656541965725.jpeg (422.73 KB, 1242x876, DD79B705-F9B8-44E9-9B19-AE45C5…)

Really being embraced by her people here (lol)

No. 1575922

Based, Anna and Dasha never fail to mock female victims of abuse. What goes around comes around. Eli-san, your time will come too.

No. 1575953

Wait, Amber Frost had plastic surgery? Her face is so weird looking that I don’t know what difference anything short of a complete overhaul would make.

No. 1575980

i don’t think she had surgery, a couple anons tried “proving” it with pics that were already old and saying she must’ve had a fox eye lift because she smiled hard in a recent pic which made her hooded eyes look even more tilted

No. 1576006

I meant fillers not plastic surgery sorry. I don't know if she's ever explicitly said what she's had done. fillers is what you can see. not a big Amber farmer so maybe I missed something.

this video had good image quality but it's 2 years old:
I'm not trying to say she looks like a monster, it's just a lot of filler and it seems like she keeps getting more.

there's a more recent video but the image quality is low:

btw, is she dating Danny Bessner? they look like a couple in the jacobin videos where they're touching shoulders but I don't know what kind of remote work setup they have going

No. 1576018

Am I having an aneurysm or are you two having an aneurysm? She's saying she was on it for a year and a half and went off it four months ago. Meaning she went off it in February or so. When did she start dating Matthew again?

No. 1576025

nta but that post was from 2021 saying she went off them in late 2020 when she was with OPN

No. 1576056

Ah sorry you're right, I was the one having an aneurysm

No. 1576061

How old is Amber?

No. 1576066

File: 1656557857699.png (304.49 KB, 535x970, seed oils.png)

Local cashew head lectures perfectly normal looking women on how to look more like her.

No. 1576071

File: 1656558514530.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4096x4096, 7F19D30B-9779-49F5-B165-01C293…)

You’re exaggerating what that post said, it called out her fillers and only said it “seems” like a fox eye lift. Interesting that anons keep popping out of the woodwork to white knight whenever someone mentions Amber’s very obvious cosmetic work, anyone with eyes can see she’s done a lot to her face. Picrel doesn’t even show the height of her filler abuse

No. 1576073

This woman is prettier than Dasha

No. 1576076

Knowing Liz has this sick death row obsession makes her tweets so much more fucked

No. 1576079

File: 1656558863868.jpeg (133.17 KB, 1125x1350, 6CAB873E-CA7C-4DC3-A535-E5C1F9…)

Amber?! Filler?!?? How dare you anon, Amber is the pinnacle of au naturel beauty, clearly she was born looking like Janice the Muppet having an allergic reaction to shellfish!

No. 1576083

it’s basically normal in LA to be pumped to the gills so she’s fine

No. 1576095

I have a feeling that most of those 255 quote RTs are not agreeing with Dasha.

No. 1576105

lol the seed oil physiognomy

No. 1576107

Makes sense she was still on wellbutrin a few months into quarantine, she was at her lowest weight then. It kills appetite.

>your face shape might change if you get off seed oils
The projection, lmao. Sorry Dasha, your moon head is not going to suddenly change shape because you stopped eating canola oil.

No. 1576108

>this is a cry for help
>she's straight up being abused

Oh nooo, poor wittle "I make a living mocking & trolling abuse victims" Dasha is being abused now? Oh well, karma's a bitch. Kek

No. 1576111

I wonder if Liz is going to be principled when Dylann Roof gets executed.

No. 1576114

I dunno looks like she's provoking the incel on purpose. I can't believe that caused a pile on lol

No. 1576135

File: 1656563647887.png (1.42 MB, 1156x1194, Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.3…)

Dasha, you are not Eurasian. You have fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 1576142

File: 1656564005390.png (698.66 KB, 576x1440, tww.png)

and to think, this is just one qrt and the replies from it

definitely not. she actually believes the seed oil meme. she and anna have shilled anti seed oil books on their pod and complain about them being in everything and making people fat and ugly, lmao. the fact that she replied so many times within minutes, including double replying unprompted 9 hours apart, is honestly kinda worrisome. she's definitely having some kind of manic episode holed away knowing succession shooting started without her

No. 1576144

File: 1656564101062.jpeg (77.49 KB, 992x992, F98027BE-7F9E-4A53-B27D-79069E…)

>Dasha advising a perfectly attractive, well-adjusted woman with soccer player physiognomy how to improve her appearance
Girl shut up you literally look like the FedEx shooter

No. 1576145

weightloss as a side effect is way overblown but if that reputation helps anorexic girls take the pill and not want to kill themselves anymore so be it.

No. 1576151

still more symmetrical than Dash

No. 1576160

who is that pic supposed to be

No. 1576166

lmao nvm ignore me.

No. 1576200

"Provoking the incel" by ranting about the same topics she's been ranting incessantly about for months? Sure Jan.

The "she's just trolling/doing a bit" people can never explain why she does it so obsessively, to the point of harming her career & public reputation and prompting even her fans to question her mental stability. She's only trolling herself at this point.

No. 1576205

I didn't say she was joking but whatever. they're having a misogyny slapfight, it's ridiculous. sometimes this shit is too stupid to get me worked up and I just laugh.

No. 1576212

Good stuff. I wish someone on Twitter would mention Liz Bruenig’s friendship with eugenicists like Curtis Yarvin/Moldbug. You know, because Liz is such a principled pro-life Catholic.

No. 1576261


No. 1576265

Personally I don’t like when scrotes abuse women. Might just be me tho.

No. 1576267

File: 1656570502136.png (718.63 KB, 640x1136, 55D0C465-37B1-4FF5-B6A3-864125…)

Dasha's mystery NZ film revealed. Englert is Jane Campion's daughter btw lol


No. 1576300

How much you want to bet this is another Comfry esque role with 5 min of cumulative screen time?

No. 1576305

imagine being manipulated and abused by someone that looks like that

No. 1576309

movie must be pretty shit if cashew would rather spend her time having panic attacks on twitter than being on the same set as jennifer connelly

No. 1576322

She’s there to suck off the director

No. 1576327

File: 1656576266366.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x2204, F66CF0EA-2CFA-4424-A4D2-4B30C0…)

I figured she was stuck in her hotel room for covid reasons
How long was she in Italy, couple weeks/a month? Only in NZ for 3-4 weeks so it’s not like they could shoot that many scenes. She posted that bloody head picture and a selfie of her in a hospital gown (with hair and makeup done it looks like, so I assume it’s a set costume), probably has a scene where she gets hurt

No. 1576328

They acted together in the Serpent, that's probably how they met.

No. 1576329

Director is a woman lol, unless you mean something else

No. 1576397

If it wasn't this scrote it would be the next, some girls just have to learn the hard way.

No. 1576438

Jesus she's never looked more horsefaced or piggy nosed

No. 1576456

>30 years old, aging horribly, and still can’t land leading roles

She’s never gonna make it, huh?

No. 1576465

isn’t she 32 now?

No. 1576467

She’s going to look even more like a grandma among all the Tiktok zoomers.

No. 1576485

>She's only trolling herself at this point
Exactly, kek


Did she choose the numbers in her name based on not only her own birth year but her bf's, since he's 25 right now? That's kinda cringe

No. 1576505

File: 1656595875956.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.5 KB, 608x1280, IMG_20220630_102933_009.jpg)

dasha looks exactly like this girlmoder/tranny I saw on twitter the other day

No. 1576568

File: 1656601481490.png (89.95 KB, 1192x322, fatjack.png)

Fatass deleted this tweet

No. 1576572

Nobody in Jack's world will ever forget that he voted for Obama twice

No. 1576575

File: 1656602153269.jpg (1.52 MB, 1324x1952, matthew handwriting.jpg)

not that it matters but I think she used the tiktok app to make a video for her IG stories, didn't see it posted to tiktok.

and lol at matthew's handwriting

No. 1576576

kind of a wide net he's casting with that

No. 1576612

Stop selfposting, sir. It's transparent and sad.

No. 1576618

gotta be weird to realize all the freaks youve surrounded yourself with werent joking about thinking gay guys are evil

No. 1576663

File: 1656607528244.jpeg (713.49 KB, 1196x1604, BACB9716-DF4C-4414-9A24-AA7F6D…)

lmao the replies are even better than the quote tweets. I’m gonna post a bunch.

No. 1576666

File: 1656607812176.jpeg (378.06 KB, 1204x1736, 7B287372-637F-4607-B9B5-9EC766…)

The guy at the bottom here is correct that the Catholic Church didn’t start to oppose the death penalty until the 20th century, although he forgot to mention that most of those Catholics under threat of execution were fascist collaborators who facilitated the Holocaust.

No. 1576668

File: 1656607968845.jpeg (877.7 KB, 1197x1716, 31CFA4D4-A0A4-4152-8F11-9FF8E1…)

No. 1576669

These people are insane

No. 1576670

File: 1656608094491.jpeg (873.09 KB, 1202x1754, 876EB280-0B5D-42A6-AD89-14D819…)

No. 1576671

File: 1656608193573.jpeg (451.52 KB, 1196x1731, 06ED4ABD-4524-4A91-858A-D69426…)

More people seeing through Liz’s bullshit.

No. 1576672

File: 1656608366791.jpeg (788.8 KB, 1204x1742, D08BCC6A-73DB-4D3E-838B-AAD18B…)

I know Liz will check this thread eventually

No. 1576676

File: 1656608510119.jpeg (727.81 KB, 1177x1682, 76F3EF46-88EC-4A2F-B37D-7284AA…)

No. 1576679

You know you're down when even the failed replyguys are getting in jabs at your expense

No. 1576681

File: 1656608626290.png (352.62 KB, 1250x620, let me see your sadness.png)

liz's thirst for the spectacle of human suffering knows no bounds.

can't wait to see what dumbfuck article she's writing (probably a valid point about the cost of having a baby wrapped up in catholic pro-life morality bullshit)

No. 1576685

File: 1656608723203.jpeg (839.45 KB, 1197x1711, EB555286-BF46-46A3-9FC5-A46484…)

Last one for now. Liz, you really should take their advice and log the fuck off permanently. Hardly anyone likes you anymore. For a long time you’ve been barely tolerated in leftist circles and now more and more people realize how much of a smug and self-aggrandizing phoney you are.

No. 1576687

File: 1656608818609.jpeg (159.09 KB, 640x433, 2A913AE0-D06B-43A7-AD9F-08EFBB…)

let's go

No. 1576696

lol I love Rachel. She’s the one person from the early threads who I feel is not a cow and doesn’t deserve to get any more shit from us. I think she’s still friendly with a few weirdos like AliceFromQueens but whatever. I like Don Hughes/getfiscal as well and he’s also friendly with Alice.

No. 1576704

>doesn’t deserve to get any more shit from us.
Fuck off back to your crypto charts Rachel

No. 1576710

I’m not her. It’s been almost two years since she’s posted anything slightly “milky.” She’s not a cow by any reasonable standard, you fucking retard.

No. 1576718

Any time some nonnie comes here and talks about how we should lay off someone it's always either them or one of their friends. Also imagine defending a literal Hapsburg lol.

No. 1576719

nta but she hasn't really gotten any shit here in a long time because, as you said, the milk dried up after she dropped the obnoxious Heather Habsburg persona which was like trad post-left before that was even a coherent thing.

No. 1576727

She’s not even a Habsburg, you dummy. You know damn well she hasn’t posted anything milky in the almost two years since she deleted that account. What’s the point of going after one of the few people who has actually abandoned the obnoxious and destructive behavior criticized in these threads unless you have some of kind of weird personal vendetta against her? I fucking wish most of these cows would take her trajectory and try to be chill and normal.

No. 1576730

>I like Don Hughes/getfiscal as well and he’s also friendly with Alice.
that "friendliness" is irony and he does it to every one of these cows because he thinks it's funny (it is)

No. 1576733

something is wrong with getfiscal, don't like him.

while we're talking about random accounts: debdrens would be perfect if she(?) didn't jerk off to covid deaths so much. detty would be a cow because she looks haunted, but she's not drama-seeking, doesn't have clear politics and no one understands the economy stuff she posts lol (she definitely has a rich family some of which worked in government but this seems to manifest in self-hatred instead of being a dumb bitch)

No. 1576736

>Pretending that Don Hughes is funny
Oh are we larping as left twitter circa 2016 ITT today?

No. 1576740

he's completely harmless but the 'something is wrong' being picked up on is the fact that he's an overweight autistic guy whose peak was shitposting on somethingawful and rhizzone 15 years ago, still living with his parents in his 40s.

it's just funny when he insults these cows to their faces in his usual way and they think he's being nice to them and they're all buddies. you'd have to be pretty dense to not realize don hughes is fucking with you, but somehow they all fail the test

No. 1576753

Apparently Don Hughes is one of the few people who knows AliceFromQueens’s real identity.

No. 1576766

File: 1656611882852.png (192.29 KB, 1054x783, 4DB58C3A-7DCE-4438-A5AA-B579F7…)

Democrats at the national level are feckless more often than not, but Democrats at the local level are usually solid when it comes to protecting abortion access and that can make a big difference to the thousands or millions of people living in those areas.

No. 1576785

says who?

No. 1576787

Says Don and Alice themselves.

No. 1576789

"not all democrats" isn't exactly a balm on my soul but good luck to that AG, more of them should just not enforce the fucked up laws that get passed

No. 1576794

post caps then.

No. 1576806

does Don really still live with his parents?
Please say it ain’t so

No. 1576825

I think Don Hughes is on disability. He struggles with work. It’s why he didn’t like ganging up on aimee terese like the other irony accounts.

No. 1576831

File: 1656614219803.png (53.09 KB, 609x460, don2.png)

i was going to compile the tweets he mentions living with his parents but its probably thousands that he mentions it in. not sure he's ever moved out at any point.

what's with all the weird "i know sekret info about alice and aimee through don, he likes them and theyre totally secretly chill" going on itt, he has dunked on aimee countless times

No. 1576833

I know there are a couple of those chapo affiliated accounts that do like seanrmoorhead.

No. 1576848

Dunked on Aimee yes, but I don’t think he’s ever dunked on Alice. Since you’re already searching Twitter, you can look at their interactions with each other and report back.

No. 1576879

The “everybody” in this tweet is particularly obnoxious, as if pro-choice activists should just surrender without a fight.

No. 1576908

File: 1656617118091.png (1.49 MB, 1128x1816, Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 12.2…)


No. 1576933

Milk on detty? Always wondered about her.

No. 1576935

Yeah I think Don has a disability and lives in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure he can drive or has a car either. So you can't really blame him for spending a lot of time online.

No. 1576940

Lol I’m loving all this Liz Bruenig milk. At least a few awful people are getting their comeuppance.

No. 1576954

yeah, i dont think it was brought up to make fun of him. its weird but whatever, hes certainly not someone deserving of scorn like the cows itt

No. 1577016

He mentions moving out at some point if you scroll down further. It looks like he moved back 4-5 years ago. Probably ran out of money and couldn't keep a job.

No. 1577017

More like 2018/2019, 3ish years.

No. 1577026

File: 1656623711477.jpeg (24.64 KB, 276x182, 2617623D-5A3F-42AC-8CF3-FC4976…)

No. 1577046

kek is this an original meme, non?

No. 1577051

File: 1656625124720.png (1.14 MB, 2032x906, jack shade.png)

honor and dasha throw shade at jack's month long meltdown (dasha liked this)

No. 1577077

File: 1656627034655.png (158.51 KB, 940x866, Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.10…)

According to him he wasn't always disabled

No. 1577078

File: 1656627110895.png (2.01 MB, 2044x1258, beady.png)

Does anyone else think Liz looks like David Cross with her gross beady eyes

No. 1577082

File: 1656627643124.jpeg (173.29 KB, 960x1280, DXUVdzFVwAA6C-B.jpeg)

Whoever he is, this Don Hughes guys looks like such a gross scrote. Why are so many people here caping for him?

No. 1577085

I recall don calling out carl beijer to leave aimee alone. He recognized her mental health problems. They all stopped paying attention to her in 2022 except Sean McCarthy.

No. 1577090

not a crime to be ugly

bound to be some irony twitter accounts anons are fond of. I think they can't like him that much if they're posting about him here lol. I can't remember why I dislike him personally

>carl beijer
he is such a cocksucker. the way he starts arguments with bigger account to get attention and keeps it going for 50 replies then retweets then subtweets is desperate and annoying. and he's fucking stupid on top of that so he winds up embarrassing himself. not as principled as he pretends to be. been a couple years since I checked in on him, not sure if he's still doing that.

No. 1577099

>They all stopped paying attention to her in 2022 except Sean McCarthy.

Yes, because of the Mert Accords.

No. 1577117

because he's just, idk, fine. i think the only criticism people could come up with him if they don't like him is that they find him annoying and not attractive. not that i'm some don fan but he started off on rhizzone and never once veered right unlike the rest in the same crowd. and ignoring the irony shtick he has going on he's the one of the few men (maybe the only) discussed in these threads that isn't a misogynistic sex pest

No. 1577136

File: 1656632708172.jpg (41.04 KB, 750x400, The-Fantastic-Story-Mandy-Pati…)

late but he looks like inigo montoya?

No. 1577153

She looks creepy. At least DC is funny

No. 1577191

She genuinely looks like a shark. Maybe those weirdos are right and physiognomy really doesn't lie.

No. 1577193

File: 1656637675465.png (669.74 KB, 1210x964, adam friedland show.png)

Cum Update: The Adam Friedland Show soft launch is off to a rough start. All cumtown episodes disappeared from spotify when they tried to change the name so I guess that didn't work.

They said they're getting a studio and will film the recordings for youtube, same model as joe rogan / tim dillon etc. First episode immediately got struck down by youtube.

Not sure if they're really doing this or if it's a bit.

Adam and Nick both have covid and sound audibly sick.

No. 1577194

File: 1656637774779.jpg (245.79 KB, 852x1080, latest-3199486229.jpg)

No. 1577201

Bizarre series of choices to make instead of just ending the show, lmao. They both hate the podcast but it brings in cash, but even that doesn't seem worth it. The fact that they literally named it The Adam Friedland Show can't be anything but a total joke in itself, it's clear they've both given up–why shell out so much money, time, and effort for a whole studio with a fancy filming set up?
They both have one foot in the "fuck this pod I'm over it" door and the other in the realm of "this is my only real 'accomplishment' and I need to nurture it."

No. 1577219

File: 1656640279130.png (1.19 MB, 1840x1614, cumtown patreon.png)

Adam seems to not like the name very much, he keeps saying it can't be called that. Nick said Stav's departure had 'abrupt timing' and that they're scrambling to fill his shoes.

The studio thing could make sense, they can make additional money on YT. Most big podcasts do some kind of video don't they? But if nick is the producer (which he insisted he would be) does he even know how to edit video footage?

it's retarded to abandon a 100k per month patreon, they won't. they're lucky it even happened for them. and they keep saying they're broke & need more money. what the fuck did they do with all the money they got so far?

No. 1577229

Any milk on the real reasons for Stav’s departure?

No. 1577233

no one cares

No. 1577234

>they keep saying they're broke & need more money. what the fuck did they do with all the money they got so far?
I've wondered the same thing. Unless they're both cripplingly addicted to burning money with gambling and prostitution I literally cannot imagine what they're blowing so much money on. It genuinely makes no sense.

They all hate the show. Every episode lately has been them talking about how much they hate it, and doing extended ad reads for more money, and they are even more boring now because they started losing sponsors for being too crass about the companies giving them money. One recent episode they played an entirely different podcast for the most part, commenting on it here and there. It is a miracle no one left sooner.

No. 1577235

girl that buried post is from a damn week ago

No. 1577238

nooooo not godless!!!!!

No. 1577240

Anyone got milk on that Pericles/@ElectionLegal creep who is always orbiting Anna and Dasha? I’ll be shocked if he’s not a sex pest.

No. 1577243

No they just all use the same little phrases because they get all their knowledge of the world from the same Twitter accounts and reddit, it could literally be any random scarethot lol

No. 1577255

milk on Mondanile dating a teenager?

No. 1577262

I don't remember how long ago it was posted here but he was bragging in dms about a client setting him up with prostituted "maybe legally aged" internationally trafficked girls.

No. 1577267

Don Hughes does not live with his parents or have a disability you morons lmao, it’s a bit. He lives in California and has a government job, or a think tank job, I can’t remember. Makes good money.

No. 1577278

Nyc income tax is very high and it’s not like they have a studio covering their travel expenses

No. 1577288

travel for what?

No. 1577292

They travel for their comedy shows

No. 1577295

He's canadian, retard

No. 1577298

He hasn’t lived in Canada for awhile, at least last I knew

No. 1577302

What? Adam does local shows and Nick only started touring like a month ago for the first time in years.

No. 1577303

File: 1656644780616.png (177.27 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20220701-033548~2.p…)

Anna never tired of it

No. 1577306

bitch what..

No. 1577309

I thought Anna didn't believe in insulting your family in public

No. 1577327

you weren't here two years ago then she was easily top 3 most insufferable out of all these people at one point. also Don Hughes is just an annoying loser 99% of the time, like yeah he's occasionally funny but all his posts use the same corny millenial 'le irony guy' humor that i just associate with that picture of his fat face in the blue hat smugly grinning it's like they all discovered sarcasm when they were like 25 years old and still haven't gotten over it

No. 1577336

lol Anna barely reads. She always references the same 5-10 authors. Such a stupid and inane personality. Everyone who ever boosted her should feel embarrassed.

No. 1577339

sorry i just wanted to make sure they knew

No. 1577344

I mean get used to it, when there’s no specific milk this thread returns to mocking Dasha’s Catholic larp for days at a time, its repetitive but easy pickins

No. 1577345

File: 1656646854995.png (840.72 KB, 1540x1260, stav theories.png)

no but they're being weird about it on the pod. neither one said anything specific.

the patreon subscribers are asking as well and making guesses (his agent made him quit, he's gay, he was bringing bad vibes it's better without him, money dispute, someone said "glad the baby diddler is gone"???, etc.)

No. 1577346

File: 1656646946416.png (1.55 MB, 1568x1786, gay.png)


No. 1577359

i cant imagine writing that much about cum town, ever. especially what this guy wrote, lmao. tbh you have to be pretty stunted in some way to only hear cum town for the first time in the past 6 months, and also think it's good.
>the podcast helped me find god in a way
stopped reading after that, scrolled down, saw the guys agreeing with him, and im just so glad none of the men in my life have listened to cum town.

No. 1577362

Liz Bruenig was a BAP fan as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liz recommended the book to Anna in the first place.

No. 1577377

No. 1577396

it wasn't the mocking that i was responding to, it was the annoying effort-posting diary entry shit about 'helping the poor' and whatever. whenever catholicism comes up people can't just make fun of the cows they have to try to start earnestly trying to explain what REAL catholics do and get in all these weird arguments and it's like just shut up

No. 1577415

File: 1656651766803.jpeg (156.22 KB, 750x1016, 1DC6A919-1CF0-4D08-AA27-169CF7…)

He says on his website he’s lived in Toronto area almost his entire life

After some tweet combing it sounds like he’s on disability for mental health

No. 1577438

File: 1656653089010.jpeg (343.27 KB, 1196x1024, 6D52FB0D-3FF9-48C9-9D60-109303…)


No. 1577446

Lmao, as if anyone would be dumb enough to do this. Liz is too smug to realize she has zero credibility.

No. 1577453

No. 1577454

File: 1656655254554.jpeg (198.69 KB, 1121x1158, 4F899935-1F26-4044-BACA-BFCC57…)

Liz Bruenig’s friend Bronze Age Pervert in a nutshell

No. 1577457

File: 1656655768771.png (152.68 KB, 605x686, samememe2.png)

One fake unrealistic tech job recruitment ad equals 100,000s of women apparently

No. 1577462

File: 1656656328872.png (128.64 KB, 908x516, Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 1.16…)

If this sounds like it was co-written by your parents, you have some explaining to do Anna.

No. 1577471

Wtf then I knew a fat leftist don huges in the Bay Area and always thought it was the same dude, lmfao. Sorry my bad

No. 1577487

don't forget being told that exercise is good for you and makes you healthier and stronger

No. 1577497

wow a whole whopping 50k???

No. 1577501

File: 1656661230022.png (93.65 KB, 916x435, dogbrained.png)

"women, dog-brained and always hamster-wheeling, am i right, fellas?"

what's a snappy name for the insidious not-like-other-gays whose always railing on the glory of greek and rome to try and push boundaries and groom straight guys into homosexuality?

No. 1577515

Costin and Anna are pretty similar. Both are Slavic mutts, half jewish, and failed academics unlike their fathers. Anna admitted that could never even teach her own kids differential equations, pathetic.

No. 1577516

On the new chapo Amber accidentally called Matt Christman Dad LOL

No. 1577535

The girls and gays started a red scare parenting sub r/redscareparents

Private for now, any of you nonnies get in?

No. 1577543

Holy shit Liz really is being roasted alive by all of Twitter lmao. This is my fucking Christmas. Lot of pent up resentment coming to light, hilarious

No. 1577544

File: 1656667973152.jpeg (418.99 KB, 1764x1412, 8C0A3C54-1325-4607-95B4-557C34…)

forgot pic

No. 1577571

File: 1656672278635.jpeg (385.33 KB, 640x1038, 6B372382-F59B-4BCE-A7F1-B85F11…)

Forgive me if this has been posted here but maybe the most embarrassing thing about Liz is that she follows an account called “People Whining About Liz Bruenig”. (Said account has been conspicuously silent for the last week lol)

No. 1577577

It would be one thing to be flattered by this. But following back a Bruenig Haters posting they ls gimmick account with a laser eyes avi? It’s a little cringe. It’s really more than a little cringe.

No. 1577609

Is this the one carl beijer runs?

No. 1577639

NTA but posting "this person shouldn't get any more shit from us!" is always received poorly, you can just say she's not a cow anymore and leave it at that. Like >>1576719 said, you're right and she simply hasn't been posted since.

who the fuck is "detty"? post @s if you're gonna discuss randos

No. 1577642

File: 1656680626696.png (176.76 KB, 436x391, why.png)

What's up with all the dirtbag shilling for JB Pritzker 2024 lately? I guess the "every billionaire is a policy failure" mantra gets thrown out the window by the electoralist obsessives when a mildly left-of-center Democrat politician has a sliver of on ounce of swagger. These people have no principles.

No. 1577650

File: 1656681282335.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, allthatshit.jpg)

No. 1577665

i regret to inform you that don hughes is an extremely common name and that you won’t find milk slapping it into google. he’s a middle aged loser but he is canadian.

No. 1577673

I didn’t google the name, I knew a fat jokey leftist with a similar look and vibe and just always thought it was the same dude. Ngl I actually feel pretty autistic rn, because I used to casually mention Twitter or chapo to the Don I knew years ago, and now looking back he always had this sort of “oh, you read my tweets? Really?” reaction which makes so much more sense. Fml

No. 1577679

lmao no get your eyes checked

No. 1577680

doesnt seem worth it to work 6 hours a week and make 30k a month? wtf are you talking about

No. 1577700

We live in an era where you can self-publish books cheaply and make movies with a fucking iphone. Why don’t any of these geniuses create something (besides a podcast full of whining), however simple? Imagine what a super smart guy like him could do during his self-described dumb WFH home job. Instead he wastes his life posting the same Tweet forever. Take your own advice dickhead. He and all the assholes in that thread can stay seething

No. 1577742

I thought I imagined that! None of them made fun of her for it

No. 1577768

File: 1656690273030.png (376.88 KB, 1074x1016, patreon graph.png)

and it's more now without stav. patreon takes a cut but it should still be around 45k each

No. 1577780

File: 1656692074896.jpeg (221.23 KB, 1258x525, CDE99CA9-0A19-42B4-8CB0-E46473…)

Maybe I’ve become too jaded with the American Left over the years, but the shilling for Pritzker is almost a breath of fresh air compared to the braindead accelerationism from smug contrarian podcasters like @as_a_worker. Tbf, he’s getting his asshole torn apart in the replies and quote tweets for this take.

No. 1577784

he asked for it.

this man thinks he's karl marx because he's in a union.

No. 1577789

just looked him up and he has Rob Ford vibes. wonder if he also smokes crack.

who's shilling him? his background looks insanely evil lol, I have no idea why you would get behind him. generational wealth
and he's obviously just a pro-business democrat.

No. 1577790

tbf Pritzker is def preferable to Trump or Biden but he's literally the wealthiest currently-sitting politician in the United States. Like, at least be honest with yourselves, there's no "socialism" on this front.

No. 1577791

It’s definitely Felix biederman being ironic

No. 1577846

No. 1577859

this is a total aside but ive seen so many variations of this tweet about women in particular and idgi men do most of thesr fake jobs women just post about it more

No. 1577885

I feel like the fake job men post about is "entrepreneur" (real life example: parents bought him a house and he's charging his girlfriend rent.)

No. 1577945

File: 1656703839908.jpeg (566.13 KB, 1202x1724, A85E92B3-EB91-40F3-B784-DA42EE…)

No. 1577953

File: 1656704369813.jpeg (352.29 KB, 1189x882, 36994A73-449F-4BBE-A406-8BFC2F…)

It really is Christmas in July.

No. 1577958

File: 1656704837211.jpeg (728.56 KB, 1179x1506, A4520331-59E4-467B-A5C6-92CDA1…)

lol check out the numbers on the first tweet. Bruenig has no idea how many people can’t stand her.

No. 1577962

File: 1656705030459.png (1.49 MB, 1100x1808, Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 12.3…)

she deleted it and QTd another journalist(?) who was saying Liz's method was not a respectable way to gather information for a piece (especially if you have the resources of the Atlantic at your disposal)

I guess that got under bruenig's skin

No. 1577968

NTA but this isn't the kind of work that you go in, put in the hours, and then forget about it until next time you have to work again, it's a lot more personal and interferes more with your everyday life than any regular job. I can imagine the "fame" weighing heavily, especially if they're depressed failsons with no sense of responsibility. If they don't have a ton of money saved up after all this time the pod has been on they're irresponsible enough to piss away 30k/month

No. 1577982

One of the few times I want to see Aimee tweets

No. 1577984

making these tweets about women is itself a major fake job for men. rapememe and others itt are too stupid and bitter to make money off it but the internet is filled with male grifters - i mean, coaches, masculinity gurus, "day traders" and "enterpreneurs" - posting normie sexist takes and charging other gullible men for consultancy. it's the same way men make up the majority of the cases of munchausen's but you only ever hear about the women. it's not even that women post more about it, it's just plain old monkeybrain prejudice

No. 1577996

> I can imagine the "fame" weighing heavily
I can't.

they're only internet famous. they barely go online anymore. according to them they barely think about the show. the more-like-5am thing is the only negative result and it's definitely been made up for financially.

the three of them made $3,250,000+ together in five years. a lot of people don't see that kind of money in their entire lifetime. I don't think they're suffering from work stress and if they are I wouldn't feel bad for them, that's life.

No. 1578011

yes my point is precisely that they don't know the value of money

No. 1578013

All the failsons in this crowd do is sit on Twitter all day dunking on random women for having jobs. I saw one the other day where it was just a TikTok of some LinkedIn employee giving a tour of her office, and she was a mildly attractive white women so all the SameMeme clones were sperging about how she was a godless useless human being with an e-mail job who should be at home raising kids or whatever. It’s all such a pathetic projection of their own impotence and uselessness.

No. 1578014

lmao she'd probably just defend liz without naming her, or quote tweet someone dunking on liz to call them satanic

No. 1578017

100%, its always a projection of their own jealousies and insecurities. they literally wish they were the women with these jobs. the right calls them failures of femininity and the left calls them girlboss parasites, both are deeply jealous and think it's unfair that a woman could be in the same position as them but doing far better.
and this isn't a defense of bullshit jobs or lib feminism, lol, it's just painfully obvious these guys are frothing at the mouth out of envy and misogyny instead of any real principles about capital and labor aristocracy or w/e. there's a reason they never make fun of the males with the same jobs.

just kills me they spend their time orbiting podcasters for christ sake, who literally do jack shit even when compared to any rich kid slapping a macbook keyboard in silicon valley

No. 1578018

you must be new, Liz is Aimee's mortal enemy

No. 1578020

Out for Smokes pod has been making little digs such as how they need to smoke in front of recines new baby to get that red scare money
I’m the Roe v wade ep Sean brings up unspecified group of nyc/twitter types who are unwilling to publicly condemn the overturn because they can’t (financially) afford to alienate the base they’ve cultured

No. 1578023

*In the ep

And he seemed like he was more mad there was a financial incentive for that than he was mad at the unspecified people who won’t say anything

No. 1578031

File: 1656711371662.jpeg (516.6 KB, 1343x1403, 8E8787D9-E59C-49FB-ACC9-91EB38…)

Liz Bruenig Trick #3422: when you’re feeling the heat, find your most ridiculous detractor, preferably someone making an easily falsifiable claim (Matt is not a teacher), to let your simps rally behind you.

She was trying this here too but it’s not working because only a few of her simps even bothered attacking the other woman.

No. 1578032

Hmm I wonder if she applies this same standard to her good friend Freddie DeBoer…

No. 1578035

Lol I forgot Freddie got run off Twitter for fabricating rape allegations against someone he was arguing with.

No. 1578045

File: 1656712407853.png (102.07 KB, 1178x540, jacko fat house.png)

Jack racing to upload a clip of Matt on Chapo mentioning him and the others laughing at the mention. The ep came out last night and Jack posted this barely an hour later at 1 am. Logo is in the replies repeating his and Kantbot's old shtick of pretending that they really think leftists are stealing their ideas when they ever bring up anything they've brought up before.

No. 1578064

I swear to god a few months ago she was in some kind of spat with Sean (who was it?) and made a very thinly veiled insinuation he was a predator or had a thing for young girls/ teens. Because wasn’t it her babysitter or neighbor or something she claimed was a victim? And it turned out he had DMed her about a comedy show or something blithe and innocuous he was entirely forthcoming about? This stupid bitch can never play by her own damn rules, lmao!

No. 1578065

Yeah, that was Sean. Babysitter is her sugar daddy Adam Vandervoort's daughter.

No. 1578075

Yeah, she strongly implied Sean McCarthy was a pedophile and then he shot back that Bruenig is an adult convert to one of the largest organized pedophile rackets in the world, lol

No. 1578092

lol it's coming back to me now. didn't she give some awkward pseudo apology in the replies afterwards or something?

No. 1578110

No. 1578118

> tablet magazine
> lol

No. 1578119

would rather have trump again honestly.

No. 1578120

People can hate Trump all they want but one thing is for certain, his ass was fatter than any other US president.

No. 1578121


No. 1578125

What are the deets on Tablet Mag?

No. 1578128

as if any left leaning places would publish anything against their donors. be open-minded, give it a shot

No. 1578129

nothing its just another felix talking point. that anon is just another dirtbag dem who regurgitates all their opinions from chapo, probably the one who said they'd vote for pritzker lol

No. 1578131

it has an openly zionist slant

No. 1578145

Total Dirtbag loser mentality. Trump’s judicial appointees are currently destroying this country.

No. 1578156

the country is being destroyed by all sides in an endless good-cop bad-cop routine. the damage being done to kids caught up in transgender ideology is worse than what the republicans are doing, kids born into poverty at least have their body intact and aren't medical patients for life–yet. jb pritzker works in tandem with the rest of his family to promote his "aunt's" mind virus and make his medical companies tons of money on the front end of transitioners and on the back end when they detransition. dems want to flood the country and reduce the power of labor with open borders, republicans want to do the same with with forced birth. each want to increase their block of voters, each want to increase their own power and wealth. no one cares about ecological conservation, the quality of life of the average person, or creating a healthy society that anyone would want to be a part of.

No. 1578160

Hell, most of these moid losers get exposed as having e-mail jobs themselves or being NEETs. They’re just mad women are competing with them and outshining them in their own fields, and they have no economic clout to hold over our heads anymore. The jealousy and bitterness are palpable.

No. 1578175

Is felix capable of being anything other than ironic at this point?

No. 1578177

I totally agree. I hope more people are seeing how Trump was based

No. 1578178

I wish chapo was ending instead of cumtown

No. 1578182

it’s also a crank rag that will let anyone, no matter how internet poisoned, publish there
they’ve published post-lefties like galexybrane, sweeteggperson “the egg god”, and silicon valley/think tank plants like curtis yarvin and michael lind.

No. 1578185

Same tbqh

No. 1578195

I hate the transtrender fraud and I’m aware of the many problems with Democrats, but anyone who posts about how Trump or any other contemporary Republican is “based” or how both sides are the same is promoting the same fucking mind virus as all the cows in these threads such as Anna and Dasha and >>1577780

It would be great if America had a viable third party but the contemporary left can barely organize its way out of a paper bag so for now we are stuck with two parties. And that means I have zero tolerance for those who regurgitate all the same post-left talking points as the cows, who tried to argue that the Peter Thiel funding was no big deal because Dems also have wealthy donors, who think tranny issues must outweigh all others (and I cringe at hackneyed woke phrases like “birthing bodies”) and so on. Of course as long as grifters like the cows discussed in these threads continue to command any influence on the small American left, the left as such will remain marginal and hopeless and useless.

No. 1578196

Felix's uncle was a partner for 30 years at the Pritzker's family law firm.

No. 1578227

A lot of you are just like the cows. Has Trump been “based” this whole time?

Thank you for your sanity

No. 1578230

Forgot to sage don’t acknowledge

No. 1578232

lol its a well known rag even aside from the zionism, calm down

No. 1578246

le epic dirtbag moment

No. 1578257

>the damage being done to kids caught up in transgender ideology is worse than what the republicans are doing
>women dying from ectopic pregnancies and being thrown into jail for removing a clump of cells is nbd, enby kids are the true cancer
>kids born into poverty at least have their body intact
>fuck the mother
back to twitter, retard. go call people godless or something

No. 1578309

>dems want to flood the country and reduce the power of labor with open borders
Very interesting way of saying you love ICE's work.

>the damage being done to kids caught up in transgender ideology is worse than what the republicans are doing

While that is a real a problem, it's not worse, and I don't care if kids want to switch clothes and fuck around with language, which is what 99% of trans kids are doing. If only the American right weren't worse than a 12 year old boy dress. This is all coming from someone who worships Dworkin and Solanas like Jesus, by the way, so don't get it twisted and think I'm some libfem troon handmaid. You guys get so obsessed with owning the libs you end up deluding yourselves at every corner for the sake of it.

No. 1578334

lmfao at "Stav couldn't leave Cum Town at the office" jesus christ

No. 1578340

Stop derailing the thread with long boring politics spergs, normiechans. R/politics is over there

No. 1578382

open borders is a koch brothers wet dream. and it's surgical procedures that are irreversible, it's beyond putting on makeup and playing dress up

No. 1578389

any caps to back this up?

No. 1578394

Literally no kids are getting SRS, and if an adult troon wants to fuck up their body, that's their decision (even if it makes weirdo doctors rich). Bodily autonomy. Sure, open borders are a neolib (in the actual sense, not Khachiyan sense) dream for the purpose freeflow of capital but that doesn't mean immigrants shouldn't be allowed, just lmao.

You post-left fuckers are so bleak. It must be truly amazing to view the world in black and white through the lens of 20 podcasters butthurt they voted for Bernie, all at once.

No. 1578396

post milk or fuck off back to twitter/reddit jesus christ this is not a political debate thread

No. 1578414

>no kids are getting SRS
that is verifiably false anon and you know it. go back to your troon moderated subreddit.

No. 1578448

File: 1656747432895.jpg (465.88 KB, 1212x1964, red scare tulsi.jpg)

cleansing this thread with a throwback

No. 1578467

File: 1656749558948.png (73.91 KB, 604x381, shes right you know.png)

>ecological conservation
shut up moid, it's the environmentalist malthusians' fault we have sky-high gas prices now. you mother nature cultists despise human flourishing.

No. 1578475

File: 1656751618540.jpg (20.41 KB, 480x360, hankheadache.jpg)

Oh no people are talking about politics in a thread about political grifters MY LORD!

No. 1578546

File: 1656761721236.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, 6A89D69E-0549-43E9-9E5E-0EF5B4…)

Defaultefriend is on Instagram now

No. 1578554

Katya Delaney goes on and on about ugly she is, but she'll love IG because she can see everyone who views the stories. Don't take the bait, she's a known doxxer.

No. 1578594


Very end mentions Jerry B, that's Felix's "neocon uncle" who has been mentioned on the pod. Neal, Gerber, and Eisenberg used to be Kanter & Eisenberg, which was founded by Burton Kanter of Castle Bank and Trust fame (Prtizkers were major clients, Kanter was on the board of Hyatt hotels)

No. 1578613

>she's a known doxxer
What do you mean?

No. 1578616

She did the same thing Bruenig did with the medical bills, except she was begging for people to send CVs for bogus start-up jobs. There's also multiple dating agencies and arranged marriage services she's tried to get off the ground, including one she started with Justin Murphy.

No. 1578621

Nice try dumbass. No one cares about your long winded normielib speechifying. We make fun of cows here, plenty of other places for you to sperg about politics at excruciating length

No. 1578731

so like is she gonna post a screenshot of the instagram accounts that look at her stories or use it to sell them a dating service or??

No. 1578734

chapo should be mocked for being trust fund kids blatantly shilling for democrats, but this connection seems extremely tenuous at best. it’s already been established felix is From Money, and having an uncle at a shady big law firm is pretty typical among the From Money set.

No. 1578751

File: 1656781760543.jpeg (1008.63 KB, 1344x1819, 5934A35E-22A0-4F99-A836-4D0E43…)

Goddamn I wish other anons had posted some of the brutal replies to Dasha. I’m not sure who got more humiliated online this week: Dasha or Liz Bruenig.

No. 1578757

File: 1656781865881.jpeg (995.16 KB, 1376x1828, 246A7493-3DF3-46DC-90A3-E5E35B…)

Some more. And these are the tip of the iceberg. Dasha got ethered.

No. 1578794

Agreed, go back to Reddit if you want to debate Dems vs Reps or argue about communism

No. 1578815

Katya should be required to use the pic on the left here on all her social media: >>1564955

No. 1578842

either this is a self post or the same anon

No. 1578908

>it’s actually good half the country is on fire regularly because it owns the hippie liberals
Dirtbag leftists are so pathetic

No. 1578931

I know there’s an anon desperate to find milk on her, but this isn’t it. The Green Parties in both the U.S. and Europe are all deeply corrupt and really do give Green progressivism a bad name. This has nothing to do with “owning the libs.” Degrowth is a dead end electorally and everyone knows it. The left is divided on nuclear energy, there are strong arguments both for and against which are too long to detail here. As for pipelines, it doesn’t make sense to be for or against them without knowing the specifics. But this is all political sperging, not milk.

The only questionable thing about her is her friendliness with fashy conservatives like IndianBronson (self-hating Desi who grovels so much for White approval that he defended Amy Wax’s comments about Indian immigrants despite being one himself) and @eigenrobot (old NRx adjacent account). Take a look at their Twitter feeds and you’ll see what I mean.

No. 1578967

thank you!

No. 1579033

stop self posting you fucking loser nobody cares

No. 1579049

When did she lose the irony bros, I thought they were some of her most rabid defenders

No. 1579057

He get's really caremad about Palestine, which is ironic given he wants to suck off Assad

No. 1579123

some guys i follow are her "simps" and they always shat on both her and matt. much like the other cows itt, their biggest fans are also their biggest haters. that's what makes them cows

No. 1579124

I mean, he’s not wrong(learn2sage)

No. 1579144

File: 1656813836880.png (317.31 KB, 1118x570, Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 18.5…)

he's sincere all the time but who cares? no one should want him to be sincere.

he's being sincere right now. I don't think he realizes the thing he's saying happened to colbert is currently happening to him lol. all the chapos are getting a little out of touch from being so financially comfy.

No. 1579146


>There's also multiple dating agencies and arranged marriage services she's tried to get off the ground, including one she started with Justin Murphy.

There's got to be milk on this but I haven't been able to find any

No. 1579269

Has this retard not made a couple mill over the last 6 years? Is he not investing any of it? Is he that bad at networking that he can't parlay any other gig out of a very popular comedy podcast?

No. 1579275

File: 1656838330872.png (317.94 KB, 423x501, 4575667867.png)

Why's he so mean to the midwest and west coast? It's not like that unermarkable Maryland suburb he grew up in has any more of an identity than Cleveland or Portland.

No. 1579289

If there’s no milk it’s not because it isn’t a transparently awful idea that was destined to fail (it is), it’s because normal people will take one look at murphy, default katherine and the rationalist /nrx milieu and realize that it’s a club for the socially graceless. A dating site that caters to this set would be full of poly sex nerds and people who would be better off getting into train sets. Like you I have no real idea what happened to this venture but I think it’s safe to assume that the applicants were heavily male dominated, and it might have been like the Bored Ape Dating Club where they shut down because no chicks were involved.

Aella would probably be dumb enough to sign up but she’s already making bank off these retards so who knows

No. 1579297

because every blue collar city is full of guys like him and he gets triggered

No. 1579397

Sage for OT but anyone else surprised by Cashew head's total silence on what is happening right now with possible unification of Belarus and Russia and mobilization of Belarus's army for training? It's kind of common knowledge in the russian speaking world that if Lukashenko sends in the army, he will have no one left to control and beat back the population so any direct military participation by Belarus in Ukraine is a basically a acceptance of some kind of future client state relationship/assimilation with Russia. I understand she never really gave a shit about Belarus, or anything but her own vanity and status as a "speshul" white, but this is a life changing event for her family back there as the country they grew up will actually cease to exist, and male members of her extend family could be sent draft notices

No. 1579403

I think she's just blocking herself off as much as she can from Eastern European news because it triggers her epigenetic trauma. On the other hand, I was surprised Anna briefly mentioned the Karakalpakstan protests on the latest ep lol she is definitely more plugged in global events that Dasha atm.

No. 1579408

The only reason Dasha started caring about Belarus was when she thought she had a chance at an acting/directing career and she wanted to use it for clout while the protests were still in peoples minds

No. 1579429

I'd bet that she doesn't give a single fuck about her original country, except to keep up the "UwU I'm so Soviet" grift

No. 1579564

File: 1656871201848.png (56.83 KB, 586x475, hi felix.png)


that's gotta be Felix.

No. 1579569

I can't recall this being a a thing he's known for. can't even think of a time he's talked about the midwest…he probably has but I can't remember. he said a few times that he likes going to portland and the comedy venues are good or whatever.

No. 1579570

pretty pathetic if so. it makes for sense if it's a chapoid who just bases his whole personality off felix (there are thousands of them)

No. 1579572

not really. ukraine flag bios would swarm her and there is no discourse to be had with her followers

No. 1579573

I deleted that way before you replied because I thought it wasn't milky enough. do you just have this thread open in a tab permanently or what?

No. 1579808

The way Anna brings BAP up in every single episode is creepy and insincere. Most recent ep she pretends she doesn't know that BAP has been doxxed for years and says she has no idea who he is irl. Recently she was getting embarrassed talking to the also dumb but way more well read authors they've had on and muttered that liking him is a bit.
Twitter demolished her brain. Every single actual writer she talks about loving was read over a decade ago.

No. 1579899

Can't name the exact episodes but he shits on the midwest when comparing them to Texans and does so again when he was on Red Scare. Him shitting on West Coast is a lot more obvious whenever Adam is brought up. I specifically remembering him saying the Pacific side is just a reflection of the Atlantic side and in a recent ep he said Portland has no history or culture.

No. 1579938

What’s Dasha’s BMI even likely to be though? Because in my not so expert opinion as a recovering spoop it really doesn’t look lower than 17. Like if it’s 15 or under you really can’t function at all whether it’s professionally or just leading a fully independent semi-busy life because your body and brain are too deprived. I feel like she’s full of hot air about this issue of hers.

No. 1579957

File: 1656908221627.jpeg (404.91 KB, 1125x1901, 0CA77EF4-21BA-4681-A33D-AA1DE0…)

She obviously has a normal BMI and I doubt she’s ever been underweight enough to be considered anorexic. Also wft is going on at No Agency? I thought they were like one of those “inclusive” modeling agencies (lol) but now they’re trying to rebrand as edgy or something? So embarrassing and unprofessional.

No. 1579974

>I don't think he realizes the thing he's saying happened to colbert is currently happening to him lol
I think that's why he picked 6 years specifically

No. 1579993

simple as

No. 1580167

such waif-like anachan legs!

No. 1580188

Strategically placed Chanel bag and box lmao

No. 1580197

ewwwww imagine them droopy thighs going plap plap when she walks. how does this happen to a fit 30-year-old, is this lithuanian genetics at work?

No. 1580204

Her thighs are fine, you moid

No. 1580355

File: 1656963364129.png (175.15 KB, 1726x1138, Anna Khachiyan writing 1.png)

Anna's anal piss play s+m fan fiction or autofiction. Have to hit the arrow at the top a few times to get to it.

No. 1580356

File: 1656963484103.png (268.71 KB, 2598x1172, Anna Khachiyan writing 2.png)

No. 1580358

File: 1656963576498.png (287.77 KB, 2612x1144, Anna Khachiyan writing 3.png)

Anna wondering why she doesn't beat the coked up dimes square barfly allegations.

No. 1580363

>'Tis true.
what's this huckleberry bullshit

No. 1580371

Who the fuck wrote this?

No. 1580418

Hilarious find anon, well done. How’d you find it?

It’s a text exchange between Anna back when she was a chubby loser and some artist she was fucking. Very believable that it’s her, her tedious fart-sniffing writing style is very consistent. Even pre-success you can tell she’s her own biggest fan

No. 1580434

great reminder that all these self hating pod girlies took their fetish for being pissed on and made it their politics.

No. 1580441

Lmfao so true. Man pleasing uggo behavior as politics

No. 1580452

wait a second, Nick Mullen said that a girl he used to date made him pee on her. i wonder if it was Anna…

No. 1580454

moldbug is on newest Red Scare
no way

Think this story is about a mix of Eli and other mouth breathers she picked up before him. It was published in December 2018, idk if she was already dating him then.

No. 1580457

It's weird how on the sidebar there's a link for everyone else's stuff but you need to click a bunch of times to get to Anna

No. 1580461

File: 1656971336200.png (1.43 MB, 1620x1008, 45678987678.png)

Miss this abject cretin Anna. Better than rich and at the same parties as Leonardo DiCaprio Anna.

No. 1580464

>moldbug is on newest Red Scare
Softball Bannon interview -> fawning Alex Jones interview -> hagiographic Moldbug interview. Have there ever been any mea culpas from dirtbags who used to defend them, or did they all just become reactionaries themselves?

No. 1580543

File: 1656979792987.png (623.55 KB, 640x1136, AD8514AE-3DA1-4EA1-98FB-74B6B3…)

Dasha's hard-hitting prepared q's

No. 1580561

Accounts like Audrey Horne et al have disavowed current Red Scare, but most either went quiet or off the deep end of reactionary bullshit with them, all while claiming to be apolitical. Average scarethot alignment now is "I don't care about politics but think it's retarded and capitalism's fault that I can't find a rich man to pamper me as I sit at home while he works instead and uses me like a sex slave while I wear a rosary as a necklace. Did I mention I love saying the word retarded and I'm very brave?"

It says a lot that their biggest fanbase is no longer adult women but rather high school girls who post Dasha on pinterest alongside the Virgin Suicides poster, Lana Del Rey, and that same tired ass bottle of Miss Dior.

No. 1580596

atrocious handwriting

No. 1580603

it’s literally a bunch of children listening. last love line was almost exclusively <24.

No. 1580606

I’m surprised she doesn’t write in print letters just to pretend to be younger lol
Maybe im wrong but I feel like something happened in schools and very few people under 30 use cursive. I run into people who literally can’t read it at work and if they aren’t ESL they’re zoomers

No. 1580641

completely normal and fine legs. idk why she puts out the narrative that she has disordered eating and that she is very skinny? lol she looks like an average shaped woman her age.

No. 1580649

She should get a refund from her trainer. Legs of a 45 year old aspartame addict and upper body of a schoolboy

No. 1580650

Sometimes if you say something untrue often enough and loudly enough on social media it becomes true to those dumb enough to believe it. But the real truth is if she had genuine problems with disordered eating she wouldn't treat it like a fun little quirk.

No. 1580681

Really feels like the dirtbag left and alt-film scene died last month:

-Red Scare became a parody of itself
-Cumtown is basically over and Chapo continues to disintegrate.
-Brie and Glenn have basically gone full mask-off and joined Anna and Dasha as right wing agents right as RvW was overturned, neutralizing any potential "contrarian cool."
-Ion Pack unmasked and the show makes no sense anymore to have two nobodies acting as scene insiders.
-NPCC is a failure yet again with another lame event with zero buzz.
-Crypto has collapsed, rendering all of that Urbit and Milady shit moot.
-Nobody in this thread is particularly interesting to follow anymore. Leia? Maddie? Perfume Nationalist? Boring.

I don't see how any of the "current crop" make it. Time for a reboot. It's all become so dull.

No. 1580687

Hey, The Adam Friedland Show is coming on the up!

No. 1580693

>NPCC is a failure yet again with another lame event with zero buzz.
Didn't even know about this one. What was the event?

No. 1580694

Genuine question here - I don't understand how Anna and Dasha are supposedly so "European". They literally came to the US when they were both four. That's somehow supposed to give them a unique perspective on things? It doesn't seem like either have been back to their parents' home countries or if they even speak the language.

Blogpost incoming but as another second-gen immigrant, I could never imagine branding myself as exotic because of that. My family is Chinese, and I've gone on a lot of trips there growing up across the entire country, but I would never claim I had a special insight into Chinese culture or politics. The fact that people think Anna and Dasha are particularly European is just baffling.

No. 1580726

It's just a form of branding and a way to exoticize themselves. They're about as European as Americans who listen to British music or watch soccer.

No. 1580731

not a fan of her in the slightest, but her cursive is not that bad

No. 1580735

File: 1657005576146.jpg (383.77 KB, 1080x1484, FW2-bXSUEAEd5MS.jpg)

I had the same thought earlier, prompted by seeing this. It's all diffusing and becoming more and more irrelevant. Similar feeling to when blogs (and alt-lit) started dying, and you could see the engagement and interest dwindle down to 0. But before that 0 came there was still traction, and yet it still felt like a ghost town already. A lot of out of touch people trying their best to remain relevant as the memetic cycles and net zeitgeist discard them.

Maybe they'll sustain themselves by drifting their grifts into a different direction another time, I dunno, but it all feels so stagnant. They've all peaked and they know it.

No. 1580805

this has been a growing thing in the US for a while, i remember laughing at a story about a girl who was crying because she couldn't read cursive back in the early 10s.

tbh her legs look pretty toned there so they're definitely not "average", those are nice legs. just not fucking ana-chan

No. 1580809

2016 for new yorkers was so short-lived compared to the real thing, which is arguably still going on. you can only go so far and stay relevant for so long when you're pure unadulterated self-aware contrarianism with zero substance. kek at them calling this sorry excuse for a subculture a "vibe shift"

No. 1580821

Is that a pic of angeliscism at right? Didn’t know he’d been doxxed as a fat soyboy. Never seen a scene full of more dysgenic freaks than this one

No. 1580822


One thing that sticks out is how insular it has all gotten. They don't interview anyone interesting, they don't have any interesting antagonist.

It's just this tiny circle of non profits, lawyers and socialites who all sound the same. I don't think it will get better because the first thing all of them did once they got enough podcaster money was withdraw from doing anything other than the kind of superficial charity work they needed to maintain at least a little leftist credibility.

Their reaction to inflation made it especially clear that none of them are in touch enough to even have the insight into things the financebros did. They aren't brave enough to go terf. They just pretend there's no contradiction between the gender specials and 90% of the shit they used to say. It's just this completely neutered little enclave.

No. 1580830

They rented a skate park in Bushwick and had bad readings and cartoons. Acoustics were terrible. No AC.

No. 1580882

Remember when they first found these threads and all the fans were coming in to screech about how these people were the future of power in America and anyone who wants success would need to be connected to them? kek

No. 1580903

Uh…you nonas know "taking the piss" is a European expression for making fun of people, right? It's a grotesque exchange but there's no literal reference to piss play.

No. 1580908

That was nearly as hilarious as the scarethots who came here to seethe about Dasha being the next big Hollywood star and how she'd win an Oscar and have a huge career by now

No. 1580927

You got the wrong thread anon, but you still have 20ish minutes to delete this

No. 1580937

You love/hate to see it. This entire year has been one gigantic L for the American left; so many redbrowns, misogyny, Russia fandom, a puzzling amount of Serbian genocide denial, paralyzing incompetence at a time where Americans might be primed to accept leftist ideas, etc. It's absolutely fucking depressing that there's no coherent alternative to the woke scene that isn't primarily made up of retirees, and that the public face of the alternative are clowns like Anna and Liz. Ugh!
That's exotic to Americans who don't have much exposure to euro immigrants, I guess. Their fanbase strikes me as largely middle-class midwesterners and suburbanites who vicariously live through what they perceive to be a fast-paced cosmopolitan style, similar to why people watched Sex and the City back in the day.

No. 1580943

as_a_woman caroline's boyfriend coming here to say that was so embarrassing, i almost want to dig it up

No. 1580955


Once again you people are off the reservation if you think that moid was actually her boyfriend.

No. 1580972

I hope someone recaps the Moldbug ep. Usually I can listen if I’m curious but last time Anna and he appeared on a pod together it was a really retarded irredeemable snail-paced conversation. Swear to god this man never leaves his house. Too burned from that to listen to this one

No. 1580979

If RS was smart they would ask moldbugs S&M wife/gf come on but they had to have a scrote again

If they’ve basically pivoted to the right they should start having liberals on and really do a 180 with their setup. It’s getting stale & boring like other anon observed

No. 1580994

Anna's fanfic reads like it was written by an A.I.

No. 1581006

Idk why anons are sperging about her (normal looking) legs when her hair is looking so greasy, clumpy and thinning. She looks unwashed and seems unwell lately.

No. 1581013

dasha's hair has always been thin though. constant bleaching probably isn't the best. she should give up trying to be like chloe sevigny and give in to her natural hair color, which suits her more.

No. 1581016

DALL·pick mE

No. 1581017

Good times. I think these threads and the fact that they spread around the twittersphere so quickly was actually a huge part of the fall of this pathetic little “scene.” The same people who rushed to defend them of course still checked this thread daily and saw just how full of shit everyone involved actually is. It was obvious they were vendettaposting about each other at times too. The beginning of these threads definitely correlated with red scare thottery going out of vogue. But even without the threads, people in general are just sick of it for good reason.

The only people still orbiting these losers are out of touch trend hopping losers themselves who will move on in due time.

No. 1581027

No. 1581037

>keeping this thread perma-open
>calling others who post here "you people" whilst rabidly lurking and posting here
kek, you're still around? i'm sorry but if you only just learned about this thread a week ago and are still seething about it i doubt you have any ~insider knowledge~

some of these people selfposted so shamelessly that to this day any post remotely referencing them gets accused of selfposting too. we should mention more often that even before these threads the cows were already selfposting elsewhere, dasha on /fa/, annie on /r9k/, etc

No. 1581044

Were you there?

No. 1581051

>really retarded irredeemable snail-paced conversation
This ep was that. Put it on at night to help you go to sleep

No. 1581063

File: 1657043990748.png (268.51 KB, 1692x654, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 9.58…)

This is what I'm talking about. Comments like this are baffling to me. I thought based on what the poster said, Anna and Dasha might have immigrated when they were eight or nine. But no, they both immigrated here at four. At that age you can remember jack shit.

No. 1581099

File: 1657046813894.png (1015.04 KB, 1558x1556, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 2.37…)

checking this thread for the first time in a while and wow, the vibe shift around these cows is fucking delicious. i'm especially enjoying Dasha losing all her "cool-girl poaster" appeal and becoming officially recognized as cringe, and the whole world seeing Liz Bruenig as an insufferable misogynist psycho at the same time.
tbh i think this place had a lot to do with exposing these freaks, pretty sure the caps of these insane deleted bruenig tweets originated here and got spread all over twitter >>1554613
well done girls, damaging these cows' credibility genuinely helps the world imo. at least Liz hasn't tweeted about a presidential run in a few days kek

No. 1581154

>It was never politics, ever.
This person is delusional, it's always been heavily political

No. 1581176

Dasha was always gonna lose her scrotes when she became "famous", but the gig was to become famous enough to make a new horde of worshippers. Except she sucks and is terrible at everything so she's stuck in the twilight between "underground podcast for hipster nerds" and "actor".

No. 1581179

I'm not sure it's really this calculated but to me it seems like she's trying to tap into a younger demo, but she's failing at it. probably because her middle-aged zoomer bf is influencing her and he's actually already too old. her schizo posting is kinda half-assed which alienates everyone (not extreme enough to be funny, not mild enough to come across as a joke; stuck in cringe zone.)

No. 1581237

dasha deleted it right away but i'm in a red scare discord server that dasha is in and she said that liz b got a boob job

No. 1581239

what was the context? was she speculating or saying it as a known fact? liz did mention last year that she had a minor operation but never gave any indication what it was for…

No. 1581241

Damn dasha is a fucking merciless cunt for that tbh… you’re really gonna shit talk a friend on a server with a bunch of randos

No. 1581246

She was angry about the pope Francis convo that she had with Liz lmao and posted that she got a boob job then immediately deleted it.

No. 1581247

File: 1657057853809.jpg (110.61 KB, 1080x508, jdqwipxf9jp71.jpg)

fwiw dasha never seemed to particularly like or consider liz a friend. their personalities don't seem like they'd vibe at all, and on the Bruenig Derangement Syndrome ep of Red Scare Anna seemed a lot more invested in defending Liz than Dasha did, Dasha's seemed bored and half-annoyed with the topic

Anyway I can believe it, picrel are not the boobies of an 80 lb woman who's breastfed two children, they're too big and sit too high. Liz giving her coomers and Adam Vandervoort what they want

No. 1581248

i also went through her feed (sadly i think she only created ig in 2019) and i think she had them in between children… when she had the little one that looks like matt she started posting hella breastfeeding pics.

No. 1581249

>Anna seemed a lot more invested in defending Liz than Dasha did
iirc they were both snarky on that ep lol, Anna basically parroted some Aimee tweets verbatim about Liz knowingly tempting the simps with mommy fetish roleplay

No. 1581250

anna was a total cunt on one of the eps they discuss liz and it was right after liz sent anna a baby gift. i hate liz but that shit is so two faced

No. 1581251

omg I just realized Mr. Vandervoort probably paid for them! what a pervert

No. 1581252

Boob job or no, this pic is so nasty. Including your kids in a thirst trap is repellant, I can't believe that liz doesn't get criticized more for this shit.

No. 1581255

don't forget Matt's in on it too, he's the one taking the pictures!

No. 1581256

she's literally a disgusting freak and she does it all the time. like when she posted clare's toes for the simp that asked for foot pics

No. 1581259

How is it two faced? They aren't friends and sending a baby gift is meaningless nicety, especially coming from Liz

No. 1581262

File: 1657058868341.png (Spoiler Image,240.26 KB, 627x407, tml385y7fql61.png)

yep, liz loves including her kids in her thirst traps because she knows mommy fetishists are a big part of her demo. my fave was her "accidental" nude where she took time to edit out her kid but apparently didn't notice her full titty was out. like her mean tweets, she hastily deleted it and pretended she didn't want anyone to see it. so subtle liz!

No. 1581265

File: 1657058903594.jpeg (316.01 KB, 828x1309, 22CF7EE8-597D-4F08-B247-7E36E1…)

Screenshots 1/2 from the discord, zaitchka is Dasha

No. 1581266

File: 1657058935103.jpg (231.86 KB, 1467x1521, emilia wtf.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 1581267

File: 1657059054719.jpeg (452.52 KB, 828x1402, E77A38E6-5511-4188-814B-D5DECC…)

Screenshot 2/2 from discord

No. 1581268

what the fuck LMAO

No. 1581269

incredible. that's so good lmao. this is what I come here for. thank you.

No. 1581272

don't forget honor selfposting on lit and mu

No. 1581275

same here, thanks for the milk (ew) anon, moar discord caps welcome

No. 1581276

thank you for your service

No. 1581278

>It's not Christian of me to come in here and say that
Faux humility right after dishing out secrets to humiliate someone to feel above them on your fan discord. I'm in tears nonnas. Pretty funny someone as uwu omg pure wholesome chrischin like Liz got a boob job and tried keeping it secret, glad Dasha delivered but still, what a bitch move.

No. 1581280

the pepe icon is so embarrassing, tough 31 for dasha

No. 1581282

i wish there was more but it's been mostly crickets from her since she joined, except for when she was angry at liz pope francis fight lol.

No. 1581285

Liz and Dasha play the exact same game, post fucked up shit and quickly delete because uwu so christian, knowing the person they're targeting is already hit. They're the same type of cunty just with mean vs. nice girl branding

No. 1581286

File: 1657059912432.jpeg (230.09 KB, 1600x800, frogthots.jpeg)

it's redscare fanart if you're curious, not that that really changes anything

No. 1581290

File: 1657060217639.jpeg (135.54 KB, 828x942, 340D2C20-35FE-4FAE-A5B9-0121AB…)

damn. thank you for this tea anon. i always thought her boobs looked really fake like in picrel. can’t wait for liz to address these rumors on twitter

No. 1581292

love the depiction of Dasha as an Alex Jones-style exposer of elite corruption (he did a famous doc early in his career on Bohemian Grove, supposed site of human sacrifice) when her movie made a masturbatory fantasy of actual global child sex trafficking and also her entire personal brand is pedophilia. scarethots are actual retards.

No. 1581297

if she comments on it she's definitely gonna try to make it about how people cant refrain from commenting on mothers' changing bodies or something lmao

No. 1581308

File: 1657061664764.jpeg (106.37 KB, 961x640, 17760454-7398981-There_were_we…)

>her movie made a masturbatory fantasy of actual global child sex trafficking and also her entire personal brand is pedophilia
yeah I'm surprised that doesn't bother more people. and she says she was supporting her friend who got epstein-trafficked but considering her personality it looked like she had just glommed on to the spectacle for clout & had a morbid fascination with it. I'd believe she doesn't think of it that way but it's how she comes across, moreso with the movie than anything else.

No. 1581395

Pretty obvious now that she mentions it…I thought it was disgusting how she would coyly show off her "wholesome christian cleavage" at every opportunity so is anyone really surprised

No. 1581409

Don't forget she did this twice, absolute garbage

No. 1581421


women don't deserve the right to choose but look at my juicy fake christian tits. i had a child at 25 to my first lay to completely no detriment!

No. 1581452

yeah now that it’s known she got a boob job there’s no possible way for people to believe she’s just so happening to innocently post cleavage pics featuring her children on a regular basis. it’s a convenient way to flaunt herself sexually while making sure people give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s all accidental and theyre the pervs for reading this into pics of her with her kids

No. 1581456

Screencaps of this?

100% believe you for the record… if the one episode of Wet Brain I had the misfortune of listening to is at all indicative than Honor’s entire personality is “that’s not what I saw on 4chan! o_0”, but I could use the cringe

No. 1581460

The person who drew this needs to be euthanized.

No. 1581462

File: 1657074321213.png (725.1 KB, 1756x1344, honorspamming.png)

nta but if you search her name in the archives there's dozens. can only search for text not images so there's probably way more.

No. 1581469

even people at the scary of 61st showings admitted it sucked lol

No. 1581470

What did Honor get popular for besides dating Eugene? She had like one essay published

No. 1581479

Having a maybe she did maybe she didn't with Adam Friedland.