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File: 1672708431479.jpg (506.53 KB, 2037x1512, postleftcows2023.jpg)

No. 1736212

#37 Recap:

Ann Coulter went on Red Scare, A+D asked her if she regretted women being granted the right to vote and they seemed to agree it was a bad thing

Aimee Terese got unsuspended on twitter, speculation that she's on Claremont/Thiel's payroll

Removed reddit thread calls into question the profoundly weird thiel + wignat guests on A+D's washed podcast

TAFS managed to get Mac Demarco on the recent ep

Movie Dasha filmed earlier last year will be at Sundance this month

Fat Jack's troon sycophants talking about how they perceive women as their own Frankenstein's monster

Pariah Troon using 0HP's "she could lose weight" meme despite getting dragged by him, quoting NAMBLA supporter Paglia's overestimations of homo pederast influence in the arts, then getting sent to the psych ward and telling doctors that he's actually a runway model

Some more cowish behavior from Samara/Samelpan who dated wignat Shawn McCaffrey/Prince Hubris (has his own KF thread and has been involved in a litany of depraved scandals within the fuentes America First scene) now thinks Remilia CEO who sexualizes minors is good company, added post explaining the alleged rape of a minor that happened at her and her exes house

Anna does not approve of Megan Markle's POC status, unscrupulous ethno-larping for me but not for thee moment

Filthy Armenian and their gay entryists trying to shut down groomer discourse because "if men can't diddle children they won't be inspired to produce the most important thing in the world, pop culture for dollar store Paglias to bloviate about"

Jugs aka Christina Murgo from the Perfume Nationalist podcast has resurfaced on a nazi women's podcast alongside Emily Youcis, Jugs about to expose Jack

Anna responding to self-hating brown anorexia fetishists who want to be white(r)

Justin Murphy is now a father and missing his drug use and other manchild activities

Maddie plays a writer on TAFS who yells at a fictional pair of sex pest writers. Adam plays himself in a relationship with fake mail order Dasha played by a Russian woman

Elizabeth Bruenig mad at the Atlantic newsletter's comments about her pickmeism

Anna celebrating women losing their access to work and education in Afghanistan with pedophiles during Christmas

Dasha went to lunch with Salo Forum's @FistedFoucault then had him on the pod

De Vere Winter Ball announcement with performances by Ariel Pink and Pariah the troon, presented by Phoebe Nir

Crumps is huffing his own farts again

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No. 1736217

File: 1672709359582.png (33.67 KB, 590x358, afqgir.png)

Alice from queens being, like, totally a girl

No. 1736220

>I’m wammin bc I can’t read gud tee hee

Very convincing, Alan from Queens

No. 1736223

File: 1672709904601.jpeg (973.32 KB, 1179x2194, 6270B247-9D94-4031-B9F1-432776…)

niccolo also wrote about it on his substack. It’s like 3 hours long and as far as I can tell they just wander through the topics listed but I didn’t finish. if anyone gets to the end let us know of any milk besides niccolo is retarded and thinks he’s a very smart person (which is kind of a funny combo in this if you don’t find it too irritating)

No. 1736228

Forgot: Dasha’s boobs fall out of her shirt somehow and it derails the pod for a solid minute. Lots of drinking, probably gets more deranged towards the end.

No. 1736243

File: 1672713177400.png (65.04 KB, 937x500, sGWWqxb[1].png)

I know you don't care about the subreddit all that much but this drama is just too fucking good!
Too big to screenshot and a long read but lots of delicious milk.
Backstory: Have a look at this >>1709583 apparently a well know crazy attention whore on the sub gave a 3 second blowjob to a moid that posts on the sub. Turns out that moid is a predator that preys on emotionally and mentally disturbed brown women. If he sees a woman he that wants to target has certain interests, he starts making posts about those interests then DMing them and eventually meeting them IRL. He made a post about playing the oud to get the muslim women interested, he started making catholic adjacent posts to get this crazy catholic mentally disturbed woman interested. Some autist documented it all in the first link I posted and the predator went apeshit and started physically threatening him (picrel).

No. 1736247

It astounds me that Red Scare has European fans

No. 1736249

it's hilarious how hard men cry when not even a third of the posts are female pov centric i hope their little art hoe meet market gets banned

No. 1736252

That sub attracts the most mentally ill terminally online shut-ins on Reddit (which is saying a lot) and that goes 10x for anyone who could be described as a “power user.” Also these women are retarded, who the fuck hooks up with random moids off REDDIT of all places? You’re 100% guaranteed to end up with a pedo, a predator or an incel school shooter.

No. 1736263

If you hook up with a moid off of reddit, you are basically asking to be raped

No. 1736291

File: 1672724733202.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1992, F9E9E112-5C9D-4820-B427-04AFE1…)

Aimee for some reason thinks her opinion on a dead bill in Congress is relevant

No. 1736301

File: 1672726669246.png (29.21 KB, 759x319, file.png)

Ariel Pink's ex subtweeting RS

No. 1736306

interesting she’s brought up here bc she’s a cow in her own right and a rival pickme to A & D. she got run out of LA for burning bridges with various scenes, ones not ariel related. a lot of people got freaked out that she claimed her half-brother sexually assaulted her but then it came out the timeline didn’t match and she changed her story. she moves around from guy to guy about once a year and lives off him while searching for one with more clout or money and then going onto the next.

No. 1736308

> They begged me to do their show

Literally no one knows you, not even Google search(I checked), and red scare is starving for guests since A+D cant produce a single original thought that was already rehashed a billion times on twitter. Kysposting just needs to come back for these types

No. 1736317

Saying “they begged me” is his idea of humor.

No. 1736404

File: 1672742604716.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1620x1881, CDF4A314-5A9C-4324-949E-19F334…)

Some of his previous “interview” subjects

No. 1736412

Was Niccolo just a Salo power poster? I was under the impression he started Salo

No. 1736419

File: 1672745209283.png (207.14 KB, 750x1334, 90103A76-F5B7-4CC1-BE44-23FC12…)

ftr the AIDS spiel he does on the latest episode is a beat for beat 100% rehash of the infamous Salo AIDS thread with less slurs so he’s had nine years to come up zero new interests lmao

No. 1736424

Scratch that it’s 2023 TEN YEARS fash males are so pathetic

No. 1736489

Niccolo is irrelevant in the face value way but relevant in like the dark triad way ie he’s the reason BAP is around. He started the extremely far right Salo forums in 2010 which is where pretty much all the frog Twitter pricks Anna fraternizes with (including BAP and why he had a built in following when he moved to Twitter) hail from originally.

See archives here: https://archive.amarna-forum.net/salo/

Of note, Thomas777 greatest posts. Tons of the Twitter reply guys posted here are just trying to be this guy.

Yes I am a huge loser for knowing all of this but nothing is real anymore one of these people will be elected to office someday

No. 1736492

oh and I’m positive Eli posted there and that’s why she fraternizes with these people and became a fucking megalomaniac asshole when they started dating like real classic believe whatever my boyfriend believes scenario. Fin

No. 1736518

File: 1672759192761.png (145.65 KB, 640x1136, D2EF334B-4F28-4DC9-917F-289064…)

Matty Healy texting with Dasha about people calling him the male her.

No. 1736520

File: 1672759244930.jpeg (529.78 KB, 2048x1152, F83399E2-9A88-4304-8506-D4666C…)

Brace showed up in the new Andrew Callaghan doc on HBO

No. 1736523

File: 1672759724880.jpeg (204.56 KB, 2048x1152, A8DC65F4-1819-4C10-B166-930815…)

Sarah Squirm continues her meteroric rise through the NBC gauntlet, gets invited by Miley Cyrus to participate in her and Dolly Parton's New Year's Eve special

No. 1736530

kek this screenshot, is the show worth watching?

No. 1736538

i didnt listen to the ep but judging by the comments he spent the entire episode ranting about AIDS. textbook closet fag behavior

No. 1736578

>positive Eli posted there
No shit really? How could you tell did he post music or something?

No. 1736579

He calls Africa a country at one point lol

No. 1736602

How does one’s boobs fall out when they have none?

No. 1736606

He looks fat and sweaty and like he can’t stand up straight, much like Adam. Are all of Dasha’s exes this repulsive?

No. 1736613

is she a theybie yet

No. 1736617

I almost feel bad for Dasha when I see photos where she’s covering half her face. You can tell the cashew head comments got to her. Then I snap out of it and remember she’s a bad person

No. 1736636

He is a pig for orbiting the podcasters who accused his ex FKA twigs of lying about being abused by Shia Labeouf

No. 1736670

not gonna lie I wondered that as well. she didn't notice it happen either.

No. 1736751

Thomas777, the only poster with some credentials as a lawyer is perhaps the most pathetic poster since he ruined his life with heroin and spent the past 10 years posting deep in heroin addiction, a vagabond on the streets of Chicago. He should have worried about getting clean and putting a roof over his head instead of posting well worded diatribe. The rest of them never accomplished anything in life to mess up in the first place. I doubt him or any of those losers will be running for office.

No. 1736783

File: 1672782652453.png (64.8 KB, 696x492, Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 1.48.…)

>kamala harris erotic fanfiction
>My specialty is the fuck job. You should thank your lucky stars that my Big Bavarian Cock was around when shit popped off with the Fulani Nuclear State (it's ok if you haven't heard of it); the all-female royal guard was entranced the moment I began the helicopter spin, and they didn't come to for a whole 9 months, when they woke up in a maternity ward in Antarctica and their Warlord in Chief had been cucked so hard he killed himself. They say you don't work a day in your life if you love what you do, but that's ridiculous. It takes a hole lotta work to get my Aryan seed into the right womb, and just because I do my duty for my race doesn't mean I don't bust my ass.


No. 1736802

What? Is this the red scare moid?

No. 1736814

I think she’s one of those insecure girls who claims they’re “not attracted to men who are TOO good looking!” but it’s really just a cope because she’s afraid she won’t be able to keep a hotter guys’ interest. I think she feels safer and in control by dating uggos

No. 1736815

don't know who wrote it it's just a sample from the Salo forum archive. I regret looking.

Does anyone know what FistedFoucault/Niccolo's handle was on Salo?

No. 1736819

I'm bored, nona. give me more backstory on Salo. did Slavoj Zizek actually post there? In spite of anna mentioning him constantly I still don't know/care who Thomas777 is, is he milky?

No. 1736905

With EU's draconian speech laws, I can see how a podcast like Red Scare could be appealing to some Eurofags.

No. 1736911

File: 1672796432788.png (61.18 KB, 693x183, b7be7831516c89e2499ed04dc2b3d2…)

Isn't salo a film about a cult that tortured teenagers? I imagine this is what the forum name is referencing

No. 1736925

No. 1736941

It's a Marquis de Sade book. Probably the only one anybody knows because of the movie. Pure degenerate movie and book, sorta drives home where these people really stand

No. 1736946

It’s probably invoking the pasolini movie as well but it was most likely named for the Republic of Salo (think last stand of fascist Italy during ww2)

No. 1736955

Is that Weev center top row? Christ, he’s truly uglier than shit. And I don’t recognize any one in the lower two rows besides Anna and Peg Obry… and the only reason I recognize him is because he maybe has the gayest pfp I’ve ever seen

No. 1736988

the movie is set in the Republic of Salò, it’s the story of The 120 Days of Sodom (by de Sade) but the torturers in the movie are fascists, not French aristocrats as in the book

No. 1736992

Middle is odious wignat Darren Beattie
Bottom left is Anna kasparian ?
Next two are Paul poulos and Chris rufo maybe
He’s done greenwald too
Stenographer/hagiographer for this crowd

No. 1737016

thats exactly what they are referencing. fascists also reference emperor tomato ketchup in the same genre(look it up)

did he really use aimee's old redbull catfish pfp on this? she has never looked like this as its from the era of macbook pictures where everyone looked "just alright"

No. 1737065

Bottom left is Alex Kaschuta, Romanian(?) pickme fascist

No. 1737069

A-log but I hate brace so much, he thinks he’s so fucking cool with the ironic “babe” language, such a fucking 5’5 tough guy who loves his guns. I think brace is one of the worst people in this entire scene. He’s also an inveterate liar and nothing about his past and being sent to a CIA Mormon camp in the wilderness can be proven.

No. 1737070

Emperor tomato ketchup and Salo are both so explicitly anti fascist…

No. 1737071

Andrew seems like the type of guy who gets metoo’d. Something about him is so gross.

No. 1737072

Means tv cringe shouldn’t be in this thread, I imagine Squirm would be freaked out by Anna and dashas blatant white nationalism

No. 1737073

Roommate Leia is her official photographer. But she's personally ideologically in the Brooklyn Chapo DSA camp.

No. 1737074

Isnt she they them? I just can’t imagine that working in this group

No. 1737075

File: 1672829416543.jpg (33.04 KB, 300x417, arthur.jpg)

>is he milky?
NTA, but kinda. he posted his life story on salo once, it's fascinating reading since he seems to have been a regular guy at one point and then just fried his brain with drugs and nazism and pissed his entire life away (which also makes it a good cautionary tale)
today, at the age of 46, he runs a private stormweeniekorps from his dad's house, trying to substack the fourth reich into existence, while also looking like a motley crue roadie for some reason. anna dressed up as him for halloween, so i suppose we're in full "hitler did nothing wrong" territory now

pic related is 777 the elder, a professor at carthage college, and what appears to be the only remotely normal person in the entire family if thomas' account is to be believed

No. 1737076

Yeah I don't think she'd be caught dead with A or D but I'd still place her tangentially related to this milieu.

No. 1737112

samelpan caught a ban. not sure why, she seems to have been spiraling in recent days but I missed what led up to the actual suspension. she must be freaking the fuck out being that she’s been so intensely addicted to twitter for so long lol

No. 1737168

that doesnt stop retards on twitter from beating themselves off to the fantasies theyve concocted from both films.

No. 1737175

fascists are stupid as hell and also contrarian
it’s like those ancaps who need to publish “actually, Scrooge was cool and good” op eds every fucking Christmas

No. 1737179

I'm just now catching up after the holidays and imo the thread name change was dumb because it's just going to be used by chapos to shout down nonnas posting anything about anyone on the left connected to this scene. It's already started with >>1737072
These threads were always Chapo/RS and to a lesser extent cumtown along with their orbiters, mutuals, guests etc. and you're never gonna get away from that. Also narrowing the scope of these threads during a milk drought is stupid to begin with.

No. 1737210

OT but why is she using the Jack Nicholson dril pic, are there still people who see dril as some sort of novelty in 2023

No. 1737211

another wise and discerning brace-hater

No. 1737213

is her agent the same as all these people too?

No. 1737214

nta but agree. he is repulsive and it's creepy the way the tone of his voice shifts so much depending on who he's talking to.

No. 1737250

co-sign, nothing was wrong with 'leftcows'

No. 1737251

10,000 layers of irony

No. 1737253

His username is Niccolo and Donkey.

Anybody have a link to the Jim Jones Jonestown thread on Salo? Niccolo mentioned it on the redscare episode and it seems more interesting than the aids stuff I cannot seem to find it though.

No. 1737300

It must be weird to have the only men who really like you to be gay or Jewish

No. 1737309

File: 1672863961855.png (110.53 KB, 1456x290, gravespinning.png)

For some reason Kaitlin was put in charge of casting a reading of David Berman's republished book and crammed Dasha into it.

No. 1737343

There was a poll because some people kept complaining that they aren't leftists anymore, you can still post about the same cows you always posted about but having people constantly complain about A+D and some of the other main the subjects of the threads not being leftists and urging us to discuss leftists instead got annoying

No. 1737349

I wonder if ARP is going to cast Dasha in the Pavement movie he's making. Malkmus is all over Dimes Square now.

No. 1737350

The “ironic” misogynistic way he talks to Liz, who seems like one of the more normal people in this scene, is disgusting

No. 1737351

How Malkmus involved in the scene?

No. 1737353

File: 1672869335826.png (2.4 MB, 1080x1920, ctYavKp.png)

lol at maddies's troon friend

No. 1737354

is that not just maddie…?

No. 1737358

Alison is just mentally ill, she's not a troon

No. 1737360

File: 1672870390364.jpeg (201.07 KB, 475x713, dasha alison.jpeg)

No. 1737364

I honestly can't tell one way or the other, look at those hands

No. 1737408

yeah I don't keep up much with the luminaries of Frogtwitter / the dissident right but wasn't thomas 7777 in like law school or a grad student in history before he became a powerposter? quite the tumble.

No. 1737417

Yeah but these people are terminally stupid and identify with the fascist pedophiles in those movies, even though they were intended to condemn fascism (but still disgusting for featuring underage actors in sexual situations.)

No. 1737422

does anyone remember when she was married to a member of iceage for a year? dasha used to hang out with that crowd too

No. 1737472

It's all the same shit; the Means/Chapo people are just quieter about it.

No. 1737491

Are you sure it's the Pavement movie or is it the David Berman/Silver Jews movie? Those are two different bands though Malkmus did play a role in both

No. 1737523

File: 1672888468007.jpg (24.98 KB, 945x732, ynykfxntn5aa1[1].jpg)

From the subreddit. This is awesome including the cashew hole in place of the mole lol

No. 1737585

it's curving the wrong way…

No. 1737588

File: 1672894382766.png (113.91 KB, 768x796, Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 8.52.…)

never heard of Means TV until you mentioned it. what's up with them?

No. 1737630

DSA and this shit is like networking at a church for millennials

No. 1737632

her head is too small to be a man

No. 1737648

Extremely stupid money laundering under the pretense of leftist politics. They made videos with a bunch of nobodies who briefly tried to share the socialist podcast spotlight with chapo like Minion Death Cult and Trash Future or Street Fight. All the Brooklyn people are open Nazis now so that 2018 DSA tranny era feels extremely weird and old

No. 1737685

>father is Harvard phd and military intelligence officer
>oldest brother is successful lawyer and US marine
>youngest brother went schizo
>mother went schizo
>law degree but to autistic to get a job
>brainrot from extensive bouts of social isolation and neurochemical dependency
Many such cases

No. 1737702

>Mac Demarco
>Matt Healy
>Now Stephen Malkmus
Whats with the slow invasion of indie bands in this scene?

No. 1737704

Don't forget Charli, Caroline and Weyes Blood

No. 1737740

Oh right. Forgot that Dasha went to Charli's pod. Don't know about Caroline and Weyes though

No. 1737743

They've both DJ'd at Ion Pack events

No. 1737747

File: 1672926615056.png (315.05 KB, 638x303, scene.png)

Speaking of which, Simone Films' (Ion's production company) first project is out: TOMORROW!, a web series about the adventures of up-and-coming Dimes Square personalities.

No. 1737751

>ain't no bigger scene like anywhere in the world
>871 views in 3 days

No. 1737752

Newfags have outnumbered farmers ITT long ago

Yeah those are called newfags. You tell them to lurk moar or, ideally, ignore them, and carry on

No. 1737788

File: 1672931068075.png (22.43 KB, 598x158, jlAEiF3.png)

No. 1737797

how does she keep getting unbanned lol

No. 1737837

File: 1672937298019.webm (14.71 MB, 1280x720, meanstvpedo.webm)

the most i ever heard about means tv was when this video was circulating. the woman is from the chapo adjacent pod trillbillies and she's shilling for some sex positive summer camp for toddlers.

and zola jesus

No. 1737839

It's 2023 Aimee. You're 30 years old. You need to do more with your life than play schizo on twitter.

No. 1737876

Aimee is at least 35.

No. 1737895

And Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz. Crumps is going on a reteat into the Wisconsin wilderness with him and ZJ.

No. 1737914

I think they're attracted to the naughty contrarian vibes and don't really care about or understand the fascist posturing. Even "smart" musicians are usually pretty dumb.

No. 1737918

Agree. All the musicians or other celebrities are drawn to the “anti woke” free speech side because they’re terrified of getting cancelled. Usually not deeper than that. And they have creepy assistants or younger family members telling them this is the in thing.

No. 1737957

File: 1672946691153.png (201.58 KB, 403x439, fatforney.png)


No. 1737995

File: 1672948182488.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.72 KB, 1280x960, mattforneyfeet.jpeg)

this is low hanging fruit but ew his toes

No. 1738012

This one is funny you have to admit

No. 1738020

Does Dasha have any friends who don’t look like bull dykes? Every girl I’ve seen her with looks like a masc dyke. Even Anna did at some point. I can’t tell if it’s because she relate to dykes or she’s too insecure to befriend prettier women

No. 1738021

They both look like troons. Maybe they’re out talking about dilating together

No. 1738024

she has "needs to be the prettiest one" syndrome. problem is, the pickings are slim for her

No. 1738042

Must be why she fell out with Annie Hamilton

No. 1738064

File: 1672952997312.png (136.52 KB, 1174x512, stupid leia.png)

the lack of self-awareness is off the charts… in what universe is she the "normal woman"

No. 1738085

Aimee stop wanking to Blacked.com before writing your tweets challenge

No. 1738112

Who is this directed at?

No. 1738193

she's pretty futch herself (positive)

No. 1738211

Old irrelevant white hipsters clout chase regardless of medium of art or politics.

No. 1738237

there was some drama with them in the Detroit area leftist/socialist sphere but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was

No. 1738258

That's probably more than half the women on NYC. Including her.

No. 1738279

Obviously she wants headpats from her groyper followers

No. 1738315

Holy shit nonna, this is an amazing find. If I didn't know it was real, I would think this was somebody's MFA litfic submission because the irony reads as so intentional and heavy-handed.

>Oh, you want to hear my life story? I'm a junkie from a family of schizophrenics who lives in a flophouse motel because he couldn't hold down a normal job. I'm so socially isolated that I can't use the cashier line at the supermarket, and when my one drug buddy died I realized that I had no other friends and could disappear forever in prison and nobody would care. Anyway, back to my explanation of why National Socialism is the way and degenerates should be exterminated…

The only reasons I know this is real is that (1) the guy has a nearly 20 year history of posting in online nazi forums, and (2) in their offline lives they're all like this

No. 1738317

oh god don't tell me the gengras brothers are getting involved with dimes square now too

No. 1738319

>Malkmus is all over Dimes Square now
wait what
source please

No. 1738324

i think it's bullshit, i've been waiting for an answer to this for days

No. 1738337

probably because Alex Ross Perry is friends with Dasha and he is making the pavement movie. https://pitchfork.com/news/alex-ross-perry-is-making-a-pavement-movie/

No. 1738340

if i had a band and someone wanted to make a movie about it i'd shit in their lawn, fuck malkmus

No. 1738345

You do know Malkmus had no say in the making of the movie right?

No. 1738349

ok its good that that's the case and i'm just retarded

No. 1738387

its funny because they still see her as a brown woman and tell her shes not welcome in australia and remind her of that when she steps "out of line." she had a spergout against that woman celtrevived that got posted here a few threads back and started calling her a leftist kek

No. 1738392

I think it is the former. She's basically a closet lesbian.

No. 1738395

>>1738345 sorry to shit on your wishful thinking but he’s pretty involved in it kek

No. 1738396

Knowing her, she's more of a narcissist than anything at all.

No. 1738397

What's your source?

No. 1738401

A lot of groypers don’t like Tate. There was a big catnat account that responded saying that someone should rape Aimee (deleted before I could archive).

No. 1738407

various social media photos of malkmus and mark ibold with alex ross perry and a pavement “musical” they scored for the movie

No. 1738410

She's as "lesbian" as grimes is which is to say she is a pickme, male-pandering weirdo who dissects women's bodies/facial features through the male gaze

No. 1738411

Glad my instincts for Malkmus being a massive sell out are vindicated! And a fucking MUSICAL at that! Thank you!

No. 1738412

you should have realized this around the time of Crooked Rain tbqh nonna

No. 1738416

i meant massive more in the sense of "somehow even bigger than previously thought"

No. 1738435

I was talking more about if Malkmus actually commissioned any of that shit. That could conceivably be just them being obliged by their label to do promotion for Pavement related media.
I mean it is possible for Malkmus to be a narcissist, but the man spent two decades trying to escape the shadow of Pavement and nearly every promotion he did for the recent reunion had him looking dead and I'm pretty sure he practically said this reunion would be the last.

No. 1738453

haven’t been following news about the biopic but didn’t perry direct a music video for them? Seems apparent that they at least know each other

No. 1738471

No. 1738481

idk if just working with perry really implies that someone is dimes square tainted. Is elisabeth moss a leftcow now? Are aly & aj?

No. 1738500

i think there is a possibility dasha is female-attracted. going to a feminist women's college in bay area is sus. she also claims to have dreams about having sex with women.

No. 1738502

you're right, i forgot about the mills part. hmmmm. yeah i could settle for calling her bi after considering that lmfao

No. 1738532

File: 1672992684629.jpeg (129.63 KB, 640x682, 972CCFB3-2075-4E26-84B1-D405C3…)

Jesus Christ, it happened again and the bluecheck couldn't even save her this time. Starting go suspect someone is coordinating mass-report campaigns on her most inflammatory tweets to trigger an automatic suspension, which is why she keeps getting unsuspended by sympathetic ears at twitter HQ

No. 1738616

Sage for blogpost but this is such a blast from the past, I killed a lot of time during recession era unemployment in like 2009-2010 lurking and laughing at these cows and memories of their drama are flooding back to me. Best Thomas777 moment was his epic slapfight with Brian "PLEASUREMAN" Uecker, the Godzilla vs. Mothra of Gen X failmale fascist shut-ins. I can't believe Zoomer nazi scrotes and aging art hoe pickmes are scraping this guy's droppings from web.archive.org and treating them like they're Renaissance scholars editing a Latin manuscript, next the girls will discover RIPPEDPHREAK and start telling people on Twitter that they're in a "lawgic trap" and should "stawp poasting"

No. 1738652

this is cope. the reality is aimee is too drug-addled to hold back from saying things like black people are subhuman, and it gets her suspended. there are plenty more racist than her like BAP who tweet away just fine.

No. 1738655

What I mean is, I'm guessing her continuous suspensions are mostly automatic and not personally dictated by a mod, or else she wouldn't keep getting them lifted.

No. 1738676


No. 1738677

Going to a feminist women's college means nothing these days

No. 1738690

Grasping at straws there. You could be all that and still be a male pandering pickme

No. 1738702

Also who cares if she's "female attracted"? She's a woman hating pickme, the moids can have her. WLW have enough issues dealing with troons nowadays, we don't need to claim male-identified autopedophiles like Dasha too.

No. 1738726

Then explain the phenomenon of Dasha collecting all the nyc willowy boyish babes?

No. 1738727

File: 1673024988173.png (253.36 KB, 597x465, jmurph.png)

I get why this tweet got award-winning Succession "star" Dasha upset, but idk why it received so much vitriol from others. Seems like a rather banal observation that's been made many times before and could have easily been floated by one of the Chapos, but I guess since the Thielite necrophile said it everyone's gotta be offended on behalf of their favorite shows (which this technically isn't even a critical critique of)

No. 1738731

I normally find dasha cute and attractive but she looks AWFUL here. Why is she so bloated? Is she pregnant?

No. 1738734

it's a very old pic from back when she was on birth control

No. 1738751

Her bfs are skinny fat at best, guys who prematurely have the body of a 75 year old retired Jewish accountant at worst, not willowy twinks or w/e

No. 1738752

nvm misread I’m a retard

No. 1738762

I’m talking about all the cool girls (“butch dykes”) she is pictured with

No. 1738882

Malkmus and Berman have always been complete frauds. Every pavement fan I’ve met is a girl who thought Malkmus was cute as a young man. Totally untalented musically

No. 1738894

Isn't he also like infamously a closet reactionary? Rivers Cuomo too.

No. 1738900

I have no proof of Malkmus being that, but Berman is like OG rich kid socialist larper

No. 1738941

Brace is like the textbook definition of "antisocial personality disorder" aka sociopathy.

No. 1738998

Bimbo Ubermensch deactivated again

No. 1739010

>Berman is like OG rich kid socialist larper
Early Pavement was good but this is true 100%, his dad was a big time corporate lobbyist
In a reddit interview he did when Purple Mountains came out he admitted that he would comment at Slatestarcodex under a pseudonym and get into flamewars about economics with libertarian tech kids lol

No. 1739017

Random question, but why are rightoid race scientists constantly claiming black men are “hypersexual” and obsessed with raping white women? I’m black and this isn’t a thing in our culture. A lot of black men I know aren’t even into white women like that; if there’s any group of nonblack women they fetishize constantly it’s Latinas, especially Brazilian & Dominican women. The only people I’ve heard pushing this meme hard are right wing racists, which leads me to believe they’re just hornyposting their BBC cuck fantasies on main.

No. 1739020

To be fair, it's better to have a Dasha than a man skinwalking a woman enter WLW. At least there's a slim possibility of fixing the former.

No. 1739021

That's literally just the pretentious art scene in NYC. That's like living in China and wondering why your friends and acquaintances are all Chinese

No. 1739022

I was gonna say, has nonna ever been to downtown NYC? Futch & skinny is just a popular look there kek

No. 1739023

Where'd you hear that? He lives smack dab in the middle of liberal Portland, which I feel does breed that type of internally seething reactionaries.

No. 1739025

It's more a historical thing than an actual social phenomenon at this point.

No. 1739046

Maybe you would know if The Last Psychiatrist has anything to do with these people or was he a totally separate thing? Anna used to go on and on about him like she does with these guys.

No. 1739048

maybe she pivoted to the Right so she can blame her alcohol bloat on bc and be applauded for it instead of being called out for lying lol

No. 1739050

NTA but TLP was his own thing, unaffiliated with anyone in this scene beyond Anna namechecking him as an influence ever so often. I do wonder if Anna ever tried reaching out to him to get him on the show.

No. 1739064

This was when she was on a combinations of wellbutrin, adderall, ambien, and alcohol while beating/cheating on Adam.
Malkmus said he's a Bernie guy last election for whatever that's worth. ARP is basically a normie lib with taste that was barely edgy in 2011. The actresses he casts are very talented if they aren't model pretty so not holding my breath on Dasha booking. The overlap is because the Dimes scene latched onto the long standing New York indie film/music scene for any shred of credibility and the connections made through Dasha's decade of social climbing. If this movie is filming on the Lower East Side it's because that's where these types have been for decades, not because of the latest clout demons.

No. 1739076

nah, you see that shit in all of these oligarch-funded “think” tanks these days
if they actually try to bring “drapetomania” back I would not be shocked
the goal of the plutocracy is to get ordinary white people and black people to fight so they don’t bring back the guillotine
“they’re assaulting our pure white women” is always effective red meat for the rubes

No. 1739081

They’re projecting their sexualized fears of emasculation onto race cuck shit.

No. 1739109

It’s just another ridiculous old and tired racist belief. It’s ripe for psychoanalyzing but also you could just not bother because it’s nonsense. I’d be surprised if there weren’t whole books theorizing about it but I haven’t looked for them so I don’t know.

No. 1739133

It goes back to effete Southern slave owners being psychosexually jealous of the physical prowess of the masculine slaves working the fields and fearing they would rise up and rape their wives and daughters. There's even a ton of instances of slave masters writing about how they feared the size of the their slaves' cocks, literally psy-opping themselves into a BBC cuckold fetish.

No. 1739190

They’re all part of the same putrid “manosphere” scene from around that time but I don’t recall a direct link beyond that

No. 1739244

This seems like bait but it comes from historical fears and inferred from modern black music

No. 1739289

AYRT, The Last Psychiatrist was definitely in the broad orbit of the late aughts and early 2010s fringe right blogosphere, but there were degrees of separation. TLP was on the highbrow quasi-respectable end alongside tech-adjacent libertarians and Boomer conservatives like Sailer and Derbyshire. In the middle you had pickup artists who dabbled in racism. And then at the far end there were openly fascist forums like Salo and MPC, most of which had spun off of Something Awful. (These were the biggest cows because they were constantly at each other's throats over petty differences and personal drama.)

Manosphere pickup artist blogs were a conduit between the two scenes. Matt Forney in particular started out as a pickup artist but evolved into an open white nationalist, which is why it's so funny that now he's part of Gay Shakespeare Club with the daughter of a Jewish hedge fund billionaire whose grandfather is a famous Holocaust survivor.

TLP was an obvious pseud who read one old book (The Culture Of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch) and was passing off its ideas as his own.

No. 1739290

>TLP was an obvious pseud who read one old book (The Culture Of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch) and was passing off its ideas as his own.
You're right about him not being manosphere but TLP was very upfront that he was running with Lasch's ideas

No. 1739292

God stop deleting and reposting your shit and making me look like I don't know how to post lol

No. 1739349

File: 1673122887268.png (395.79 KB, 952x1508, Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 12.21…)

new article in the NYT about red scare and its stupidity https://archive.is/9Y1NN (archived bc of paywall)

No. 1739353

Haha sorry nonna I have autism for my own typos, that's on me

No. 1739357

I’m sorry that’s one of the worst things I’ve ever read. How the fuck did it get published?? Again the thing I hate most about Anna and Dasha is their most public haters are the most annoying, low iq people on earth

No. 1739358

A man(emoji)

No. 1739364

I love how this is basically word-for-word of half of the comments on any episode thread from the last two years but the sub's still ragging on it

No. 1739365

What does it say about you if you get suckered into earnestly listening to the two of them in the first place though? The reactionary contrarianism and pickme nihilism was always there.

No. 1739376

Honestly JohnstonSteel (the self-admitted autist who posted an essay about the other user) is just as bad as the "power users". Both he and them need to go outside more and browse the internet less.

No. 1739404

I got to the end of the 3hr Niccolo red scare ep and I literally can’t remember what they talked about. They did get more drunk but it didn’t exactly get more interesting. Niccolo asked them both if they wanted to fuck, seemed like he wasn’t kidding. Mostly A&D were laughing along but that made them stop and chide him. Dude gave me the creeps to be honest.
There’s like five minutes of dead air at the end and the audio is clicky and echo-y, it doesn’t seems edited except they that they put intro and outtro music in this one for some reason.

No. 1739415

That’s how she looked before she lost a little weight and started getting Botox like Anna to make her face looked more snatch, and this was before editing selfies was a big craze

No. 1739416

Her being mad at that ugly zoomer for lifting weights did seem pretty lesbionic. What woman cares if a man puts on a little muscle? I think she was a lesbian who had some early sexual experience with an older man and that changed her attraction

No. 1739419

>willowy babe
Willowy? None of her boyfriends crack over 5’8 ft. Brace is confirmed to be only 5’5, has a big head so doesn’t look it. Adam is 5’8 and zoomer was around there too

No. 1739421

anon some of us just have bad taste, i am inexplicably attracted to skinnyfat disasters for reasons beyond my control

No. 1739422

Brace is definitely taller than 5'5", I've seen him in person. He plays up the short king bit for laughs and his online persona does give off short guy energy but he's probably around 5'9"-5'10".

No. 1739423

File: 1673134699068.png (1.1 MB, 1212x902, Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 6.36…)

Anna admitted on today's RS that this account was hers

No. 1739424

farmer sleuthing vindicated yet again

No. 1739427

It’s because she’s a lesbian and doesn’t like masculinity or because it’s all she can do. No other options. Short and skinnyfat is disgusting on men

No. 1739447

File: 1673137595029.png (285.88 KB, 1478x1318, herpes.png)

No. 1739450

No one was talking about her men

No. 1739456

He isn’t 5’10, these aren’t the proportions of a 5’10 man https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueAnon/comments/nnffi0/is_this_brace_with_andrew_from_channel_5/
Says unknown file when i try to post this pic so here’s the link

No. 1739472

andrew callaghan is like 6’4 nonna lmao i think brace is 5’9 at least

No. 1739490

Stop projecting.

No. 1739491

Damn do most of you not even bother to read the replies in case your queries were already answered?

No. 1739495

He’s not 6’4. Retarded moids always lie about their height so I could see why you’re confused

No. 1739516

Nick has said on the pod multiple times he has herpes, but he doesn't tell the women he sleeps with? what the fuck.

No. 1739528

Men under 5’6 are demons who need to lie by omission to women to sleep with them

No. 1739553

vaguely related through the same blogosphere but he's gone into hiding since like 2015 due to being doxxed and has evolved into his own thing

which is honestly the smartest + most dignified thing he could've done..imagine TLP RTing aimee or bap (embarrassing!)

No. 1739580

File: 1673152960173.jpg (259.17 KB, 1080x1420, redscarepod.jpg)

No. 1739581

Dasha trying to placate Anna after this made it funnier

No. 1739766

Official IQ test scores are bullshit and I’ve been to Belarus, people there genuinely are fucking morons

101 is actually a very average and unimpressive IQ btw

No. 1739786

File: 1673189987776.png (520.62 KB, 1027x645, malnourished.png)

Matt Bruenig looks like he's dying of cancer in his recent youtube lectures

No. 1739797

File: 1673192871040.jpg (161.96 KB, 1080x1363, 322535593_1254016551811781_870…)

I haven't been listening to their podcast, is he sick or did he just go on a diet?

Liz posted new headshots for 2023. A couple serious black and white ones and this one. The photographer she chose seems sleazy (@claytoncubitt)

No. 1739814

CJ is sleazy as hell, and a very milky cow himself. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s associated with this scene at all.

No. 1739837

He worked with the Bernie 2016 and 2020 campaigns, that's probably how they were introduced.

No. 1739897

lmao @ andrew callaghan getting exposed for having sexually harassed seemingly the entire female population of seattle a week after brace is on his documentary - between this and continuing to go on hasan’s show when he’s at best a john, and at worst one who bought a trafficked woman, as well as having autopedophile dasha “the epstein girls were asking for it” nekrasova on the show (referring to the bret easton ellis thing), these people just seem like total unscrupulous fucking morons

there’s plausible deniability for callaghan, a lot of people were surprised about those allegations, but everyone knows the fucking score with perv hasan, and brace has known dasha since they were teenagers, he knows what type of person she is

i hate that they can just cop out by saying “oh we’re just a funny podcast haha”, they’ve literally had epstein victims on the show and cried with them, you can’t do that then claim it’s all for fucking jokes, pick a lane and cut your rapist friends loose

No. 1739899

Wait Dasha went on Hasan's show?
But yeah, you could see those allegations coming from a mile away jej

No. 1739901

no i don’t think so, sorry i worded that weirdly! trueanon have went on hasan’s show a couple of times, and dasha has been on trueanon lol

No. 1739913

where can i read more about the callaghan allegations?

No. 1739927

File: 1673208204016.jpeg (284.43 KB, 474x724, CA65ABA1-57ED-435E-9362-D5CC74…)

didnt post because im phoneposting and it’s super annoying to post it without the video, but a girl made a tiktok basically saying he had pressured her and other girls into sex - she claimed to have texts backing her but didn’t provide them in the video, so people reflexively tried to say she was lying (which is stupid, the point of making a video like that is so other people will come forward to bolster your claims, saving you from having to disclose private texts about an extremely sensitive topic) or that she actually consented and was just trying to get back at him because she regretted it (even though if you’re in a situation where a man with probably half a foot and 50lbs on you is trying to force you to have sex with him, your options are either let him do it, get outright raped, or worse) - the entire comments section was filled with people saying they had either heard about him doing stuff like that, or that he had done the same thing to them, so both of those arguments were immediately proven to be completely retarded

thread where a lot of this has been collected - https://twitter.com/babytriggy/status/1611148034808627201

No. 1739929

not sure why i saged this given that he’s pretty involved in this scene and it is actually milk, force of habit

No. 1739936

Perhaps Liz has fallen in love with a death row inmate and is now poisoning/starving Matt so they can be together

No. 1739937

This pose….

No. 1739978

Amazing, called it

No. 1739981

holy shit nonna LMAO gj

No. 1739983

I think it’s the jewfro + nice quirky white hipster outfit. Anyone presenting like that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, like indie rock guys.

No. 1739984

Laughing ty nonna

No. 1739988

Has he always had that weird red blotch on his upper lip?

No. 1739990

>tfw you love prison inmates so much you start dressing like one

No. 1740043

lmao nonny

No. 1740051

File: 1673227493003.webm (15.46 MB, 576x1024, andrewcallegations.webm)

an update

No. 1740058

Other than a rash on the face, it looks like an improvement to the Down Syndrome look he had before.
Looks like she's sitting on a Sybian lol

No. 1740073

You are nasty.

No. 1740074

her teeth are shopped like that right?

No. 1740080

File: 1673231110387.png (115.92 KB, 1196x498, shot.png)

No. 1740082

File: 1673231446712.png (110.92 KB, 1024x672, chaser.png)

They're both giving single and in crisis lately.

No. 1740105

This photographer took similar photos of porn stars reading books while using vibrators in the early 2010s (stoya, etc). Repressed sex freak Liz might have been sitting on one for this. So catholic!

No. 1740167

Sage for non milk but the zoomer hyperpop hoe that posted pictures bragging about getting docked down by stav is now dating Kirb LaGoop who is the most disgusting fat white creep from the og SoundCloud rap world pre like 2016 here’s a music video from him where he holds a gun to a prostitute while getting head https://vimeo.com/112330850

No. 1740168

*dicked down sorry

Worth noting that kirb is much fatter and has much less clout now, these r the mentally disturbed egirls that fuck stav

No. 1740281

>thread gets renamed less than a week ago
>thread already littered with bernie literal whos that were never relevant ITT

No. 1740282

do you guys have to complain about everything, take a day off

No. 1740338

People who fuck stav have a degradation fetish centered around eroticizing viewing themselves defiled, stav is just a tool or object in the equation

No. 1740412

People who fuck Stav seriously need therapy and a shelter. Praying for them right now.

No. 1740445

The comments on this are so disgusting, scrote orbiters saying she couldn’t have been sexually assaulted because she’s fat

No. 1740476

that’s fucking insane lol she’s not crazy skinny or anything but saying she’s fat is a huge stretch and she’s very pretty (not that it actually matters because the guy is a sex pest not a model scout but jesus) i hope it doesnt get to her too badly but that seems unlikely, absolutely all the support in the world to her, she’s really brave for being the first one to say something when this has clearly been a problem for a long time, knowing the kind of ire that would be focused on her for it

No. 1740492

It happens every single time someone comes forward and it's always so blackpilling. Most of the time there are never any consequences and the the accuser herself just becomes a pariah for everyone to shit on.

No. 1740513

File: 1673294439480.jpg (150.21 KB, 924x902, rape2.jpg)

Who tf are these people?

No. 1740518

nona this isn't remotely milky. that's just reddit.

No. 1740519

and a few pick-mes

No. 1740523

you either go out in a blaze of ignominy like the cumtown and chapo subs or you balloon to 75k subs and are just… reddit

No. 1740695

Red Scare is just coomertopia

No. 1740707

File: 1673312645780.png (1.36 MB, 2334x2730, skinnygossip.png)

Slow days on lolcow lately has me looking other places for gossip and I found an old thread on a thinspo forum discussing red scare.
It's a short thread, made me laugh though. They're brutal with their critiques and really rip into both of them. All agree the "skinny girl" message of the pod is good though.

>Hosted by two US/Russian women in their late 20s, who have a very characteristically Russian body-aesthetic and discipline preferences

>late 20s

No. 1740709

File: 1673312696618.png (178.65 KB, 2308x494, Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 4.51.…)


No. 1740953

skinny gossip broads are absolutely off their fucking gourds but some of their roasting is pretty immaculate lmao

No. 1741036

This isn’t loading for me, what’s the jist? The only thread I remember reading off SG was saying how horribly fat Elle fanning was kek. Little too mentally ill for my taste. Feel like if it’s aimed towards an attractive slim woman like Elle, it’s mostly female jealousy atp. Not that Anna or Dasha are as hot as Elle, but they’re not fat either, just kind of goofy looking

No. 1741037

there’s a bot that replies with images of Amber Heard to any tweet that mentions Andrew Callaghan. They’re obsessed

No. 1741047

File: 1673332594945.png (156.14 KB, 288x439, dimessquarebilly.png)

Cringe overload

No. 1741068


pretty sure she got veneers

No. 1741070

So we all agree dimes square and the podcast scene is dead right? Everyone who might have a career later is getting out, all the patreons are down from their 2020 peak, they’re all hanging out with indie boomers now…some new trend or scene is going to come out and get all the scarethots attention in the next year or two.

No. 1741071

File: 1673335336433.jpeg (298.49 KB, 1691x1032, D99C7D0E-CF74-4AB2-97BD-9F5C26…)

No. 1741086

File: 1673338264798.jpg (301.84 KB, 1080x1486, dasha.jpg)

Thanks for sharing nona. It's a pretty interesting site.
Also kek @ this comment

No. 1741088

He's always been out there but these last few years have been rough. What's going on Billy? So cringe.

No. 1741113

kek at confusing “zeitgeist” and “vanguard” there

No. 1741125

Adam is a uniquely incompetent writer.

No. 1741145

the "vibe shift" they felt = their own collapse into irrelevance

No. 1741237

Still can't believe Hasan hasn't been metoo'd. He threw Andrew Callaghan under the bus the other day, as if he 100% isn't guilty of the exact same shit, not to mention his sketchy john habit.

No. 1741241

The Skinnygossip thing was discussed in detail on previous threads, just a heads up.

No. 1741248

Oh I absolutely understand why it hasn't happened yet. Look at how much pushback there was on supposedly progressive subreddits when the Callaghan allegations dropped, and Hasan's dumbass zoomer fanbase is so much bigger and practically a cult who worship him.

No. 1741250

Damn. I had a feeling when I saw the page had already been archived, but I couldn't remember it. Forgive me for being so bored

No. 1741267

She does it on purpose, she has to be the smolest bean in the picture

No. 1741317

Anyone got a working patreon rss feed for thebruenigs pod? Looks like Matt finally shut down the one on their subreddit

No. 1741320

He’s so disgusting. I think he is a grosser person than anyone in this thread. The fact that he tries to accuse anyone who calls out his underage brothel visits as a SWERF misogynist and gets away with it is insane. What an absolute worm. Anarkiddies stay losing.

No. 1741362

same i hate him so much, can't wait until the roids give him heart failure.

No. 1741388

What 'draconian speech laws' does the EU have kek

No. 1741419

I know a way to get the pod (a feed with an ep dated yesterday which I assume is still good unless he literally just shut it down). but if he's going after them right now it's probably a bad idea to post it here.

No. 1741420

I didn't even know the bruenigs had an active subreddit

No. 1741448

It's not active, some anon just used to post the soundcloud links there back before they made almost every episode paywalled on patreon. Zero discussion on any posts.

No. 1741652

The newest chapo had “Claire Penis” mocking a terf feminist who took a photo at Susan b Anthony’s birthplace. Sooo gross. They all hate women.

No. 1741698

honestly chapo moids are so shit tier they deserve trannies

No. 1741820

kek your moid radar is working incredibly well

No. 1741858

File: 1673452514541.png (135.63 KB, 1084x770, Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 7.47.…)

I'm noticing dasha adopt some radfemy/manhatey (she's neither of those things so I'm not sure what to call it) terminology lately. it's like it's slowly increasing in frequency. has anoyone else noticed this? like on a recent episode anna read her christmas card from dasha out loud and D had signed it with "long live the matriarchy"

No. 1741867

frogs constantly hounding her for her body count is getting to her, and who can blame her?

No. 1741881

shes not wrong. though this isnt really "radfemy" since theres tons of LARPing twitter soldiers and they say these things all the time while not enlisting in the military themselves

No. 1741892

Dasha redemption arc soon?

No. 1741894

She has a movie premiering at Sundance this month, her social media manager just told her to dial up the liberal feminism a bit temporarily.

No. 1741897

dasha is manhatey/misanthropic and puts it into practice by terrorizing the scrotes in her life which is why she is so much less pathetic than anna

No. 1741921

lol @ Anna and Dasha making fun of Liz B’s height (around 59 minutes in) —cow crossover.

No. 1741963

Dasha would have died in childbirth back then

No. 1741966

Anna said she gets in screaming fights with Eli. Probably because he wouldn’t give her a baby fast enough. Men are becoming so spineless they’re afraid to have kids when they’re near 40

No. 1741989

File: 1673465484346.jpeg (114.52 KB, 750x309, DFCC8935-FBBE-4CEC-A5D1-035058…)

Imagine publicly talking shit about manlets when the only men you’ve dated fall into that category. Have either dated a guy who has cracked above 5’9?

No. 1742075

what drives scrotes to talk like this lmfao Christianity is the most pussy thing in existence

No. 1742103

File: 1673470842853.png (42.68 KB, 576x439, jackavatar.png)

Jack has been sperging about Avatar for like a week now and goes into meltdown mode whenever he sees someone try to defend it.

No. 1742130

Lol he can’t like anything popular ever

No. 1742133

i will never understand how and why Claire Penis is popular/has 69k+ followers on Twitter

No. 1742144

can we get a little betting pool going on how long it’ll take the podcast based on investigating sexual violence (read: cashing in on epstein) to address the fact that someone they’re close enough to that brace would travel across the country with him for a youtube video is a rapist

No. 1742158

Funny how these people can listen to all their episodes shitting on women but can't handle a comment about short men

No. 1742160

isn't "avatar bad" the common take?

No. 1742163

Lol didn’t listen to the most recent show but they were praising manlets just a few episodes ago. Anna said she liked men “wider than they are tall”, a description that I am sure describes the majority of their fanbase. Dasha said she liked fat guys, blatant fan service given her previous partners.

No. 1742167

they would never investigate anything like that or andrew tate and pornographer men like him profiting the most off of the lessened stigma of sex work or the projected money big pharma makes by tracking gender non-conforming kids into medical patients for life. that would actually be investigative journalism and could get them in big trouble with the powers that be. the podcast exists so that the hosts can feel clouty and hip while making a comfortable living boosting canards on behalf of the neoliberal establishment. fuck them

No. 1742168

fucking tards if you're gonna shill proana content why not be consistent about your applications of it

No. 1742174

Well brace is a filthy rich child of intelligence-connected people from Marin, the wealthy intelligence capital of the west coast so in all likelihood they have handlers.

No. 1742185

They will never acknowledge it. Something tells me Liz knew the guy was a creep, because it was only ever Brace hanging out with him irl.

No. 1742190

True Anon did do an episode about Tate back when he was dating Jordan Peterson's daughter.
The entire scene has a never apologize policy. Liz probably caught the terrible vibe. Guys like AC give weird because stoners not weird because sex pests to men if they'd even care.
Anna said she wants to move to the Upper West or East Side soon. No more buying a house and moving to the Connecticut suburbs with Eli?

No. 1742193

Chapo praised the first one a while back so now every lefty/irony person has to love them

No. 1742208

Avatar does suck he’s right

No. 1742216

I think they only like fat guys because they make them feel tiny and smol in comparison, not because they find them more visually attractive

No. 1742221

There has been a shift on it from the chapos, they irony’d so hard they did a total 180 and now it’s fun and based to like it actually. Don’t ask me why.

No. 1742230

Weird of him to point at his age as the reason he hasn't been "sissy hypnoed" into enjoying the franchise considering that calling avatar a masterpiece is a notoriously funko pop (read: MILLENIAL) take

No. 1742233

i agree that his proportions make him look short but i know for a fact he's around 6 foot at least, my ex was 5'11 and took a pic w/ andrew and andrew was taller than him

No. 1742237

to be fair she's said that for years, but i assume it's in the way that girls post tony soprano edits, a pick me move to subvert their secret desire for pete Davidson or whoever

No. 1742242

she's finally rolling back her most recent extremist ideologies, classically 6-8 months behind the rest of the "downtown" people

No. 1742273

is it the torrent feed? because the magnet links for the last two eps are broken

No. 1742307

Tony soprano is charismatic and doesn’t look like the majority of fat incel orbiters who like Red scare lmfao

No. 1742320

sissy hypo is his new white women eating pad thai

No. 1742323

praising tony soprano and other ogre-esque fat shitbeast monstrosities is a high iq stacy move to nudge men into destroying themselves

No. 1742387

How about a betting pool on when allegations drop about true anon's producer whose corny fake name i refuse to type out

No. 1742400

what does this mean

No. 1742412

File: 1673499659272.jpeg (551.02 KB, 1000x2892, 51DFF6FF-4864-4081-869F-EC125D…)

He used to rage about pad Thai lol

No. 1742415

fucking unhinged lmfao

No. 1742420

For example have a look at this: https://4w.pub/eu-crackdown-on-online-hate-speech/
Nick Braun is 6'8 or something but that didn't last very long and maybe that could be considered casting couch adjacent rather than a real relationship lol

No. 1742423

File: 1673500398340.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, FCAA18D9-F037-45B0-9951-C2C506…)

Something’s definitely off

No. 1742429

now thats the ugliest fit ive seen in a minute

No. 1742433

2010 menswear fashion blogger

No. 1742439

For a while I thought Nick really jumped off the deep end and was returning to his mid 2010s hipster look with a vengeance

No. 1742447

File: 1673503594043.png (546.84 KB, 550x609, tradcathlarpers.png)

tradcath larper meetup with pariah troon and some other literalwhos from twitter

No. 1742690

Men will literally wait until their telomeres are as short as their dicks to have kids then blame women for the rise in autism

No. 1742744

yeah that's the one. I don't think it's broken but it has been slow as shit for the past couple weeks.

No. 1742776

I'm still kinda shocked that p8stie girl turned out to be real and wasn't just some moid's sockpuppet account

No. 1742795

File: 1673539882238.jpeg (347.78 KB, 716x728, B3A83D04-F678-43FE-BA93-9156BF…)

pariah i know you’re reading, just detransition already, you look like an emaciated 11 year old boy with that condition that gives you long screwed up limbs - and if you wont, stop putting pictures of it on the internet you ugly fuck, this goth buffalo bill shit is grotesque

No. 1742802

File: 1673540697570.jpeg (495.32 KB, 2048x1534, FmPGCaOXoAAQGgP.jpeg)

yesterday @p8stie also posted this (caption: Having so much fun hanging out with @TheRevAl !! Head of the NAACP)

these have to be fakes lol I feel like I'm looking at an AI image

No. 1742807


No. 1742813

cp bump

No. 1742815

>when you're making your way to the confessional and the babylonian demon spirit that's been stalking you flashes you a menacing glare form the back pew

No. 1742843

File: 1673543606351.jpeg (902.83 KB, 1170x1594, 6621B9B6-DE4B-4289-85AC-0ED6F6…)

I’m not even religious and even I think that dressing like this in a church is widely disrespectful

No. 1742848

fyi, if you want to see Dasha's Sundance movie online in two weeks, tickets just went on sale and are going fast

No. 1742859

Why does he or she not sure look like they are wearing a badly made Kim K mask?

No. 1742867

Perfectly reasonable for Eli to be apprehensive about Anna being a mama. Look at what the kid has been through so far with the baby chiropractor and the weird poses she does holding him, likely taking her cue from Emily Ratajkowski. Imagine how the kid will grow up hearing and seeing his mom's podcast and online behavior lol

No. 1742891

Wtf is Al doing there

No. 1742892

the fucking kyphosis ogre hunching over in the back, is it physically possible to be more dysgenic than pariah? i mean at least he has the decency to not breed…

No. 1742914

OT but I don’t think podcaster offspring are ever gonna listen to their parents podcast, especially not topical ones and especially not while they’re a child/teen (too boring). Literally not something anyone would do until their parent dies and then they would only do it to remember them, like looking at old photos.

No. 1742916

File: 1673547178416.png (18.19 KB, 587x233, adamposer.png)


No. 1742942

samefag. confirmed the magnet links are not broken, just slow to start and download. try again, >>1742273

No. 1742976

is this one of the milady hot pot whores who had any onlyfans or which one was that again. which one posted hole for money again. i forget

No. 1742986

She said on rs he didn’t swipe on her on raya before they met. He never publicly owned her. Only Adam has claimed her publicly and he is not tall

No. 1742989

He’s a soft spoken manlet. Not like women were ever banging down his door to have kids with him

No. 1742995

Can’t tell if the one on the right is a plastic surgery addict or a troon

No. 1743008

On the heightism episode, Dasha mentioned that she had been with a guy who was around 6'5 who she alluded to having a small penis. Could it have been Nicholas Braun?

No. 1743026

someone record it and leak it here

No. 1743027

File: 1673554333272.jpeg (460.22 KB, 750x946, 972D212B-234C-4EB1-A94B-A8ABE5…)

Ah. This is why Dasha and Anna looked so haggard in pics from 1-2 years ago. before they went $$$$ on skin procedures

No. 1743034

>Sundance online
No thanks

No. 1743065

File: 1673556560137.jpeg (140.49 KB, 750x607, 8DF73593-8E73-4000-94F7-59860A…)

No. 1743082

imagine being a tranny and picking this pose and not wearing gloves

No. 1743085

anna tried to baby-trapped him but that ploy only works with UMC families, old money families can afford to not recognize bastards and it won't affect their reputation or drain them financially

No. 1743094

this looks like a troon, the lips are insane and they have an enormous skull

No. 1743098

Jack has 100k in student loan debt? Where on earth did he go? Also his concierge job had to be lmc at best

No. 1743101

its funny how the presence of even one troon makes them all look like troons

No. 1743104

as always, they continue to drag women down

No. 1743108

I agree. A priest in any halfway trad parish would tell them to go put some clothes on. Bare shoulders on either sex is considered disrespectful. People who are serious about their faith don't take selfies in church either. What a goon.

No. 1743112

File: 1673558903211.png (24.59 KB, 634x300, pncollegedebt.png)

He was signaling hard against "don't go to college" tweets a while back but he deleted all of it. I thought he was just doing his usual contrarian act but I bet it's cope from being deep in debt lol

Also his perfume debt must be at least half that

No. 1743122

Do these guys think they’re ever getting a beautiful 18 year old virgin? I do think some are dumb and socially inexperienced enough to believe it. I predict mass suicides when they realize it’s not real

No. 1743127

Never befriend troons. Not even once

No. 1743131

Based. I do this, but with shilling roids and accutane to sub mid men.

No. 1743146

Even destitute manlet aspiring musicians treat Anna as a last resort option, F

No. 1743201

File: 1673562570086.jpeg (153.5 KB, 614x397, 96AF0150-F2AE-40B6-AFF4-B3657D…)


No. 1743211

Think the “never apologise” policy is back in effect, new TA episode just dropped (it was long as hell and fucking blew btw and I tend to like them, give it a miss)

They didn’t say anything about Andrew, and even funnier, around 47m Brace alludes to a “time he saw Sidney Powell speak” which I’m 90% sure was actually with Andrew lmao, nothing on Twitter either. If they had only ever interacted once or twice it wouldn’t really matter, but it’s literally a podcast about sex crimes, and Brace at least was close enough to him for them to be galavanting around Texas together and showing up in his documentary lol, there’s no denying the allegations this point either given the sheer number and how long a timeframe they stretch, but not even a 30 second “sorry for helping promote the guy who used his clout to be a prolific sexual offender” at the start of the episode? Cowards

No. 1743221

The only times I’ve ever seen adult men pedophilically marrying “virtuous” 18 year olds is when they themselves are 30 yo virgins who don’t even speak to women. Lofi Republican (RS reply guy) is a good example. Gross sex addict coomers meanwhile tend to settle down with people exactly like themselves.

No. 1743230

those men are still pathetic cradle robbers who ruin those poor 18 year olds lives before they even have a chance. those girls are often coming from strict religious households and move from being oppressed by their patriarchal family into being oppressed by their fat loser moid husband, they think they're escaping but all that's happening is just ownership is changing. an even sadder fate than being a degen women

No. 1743257

File: 1673566304014.jpeg (322.63 KB, 828x1438, DA0E4C2F-ED2F-40CB-8137-645EBA…)

The amount of teenage scarethots currently being groomed by trad psychos is deeply worrying

No. 1743259

this is giving hucow fetish LMAO

No. 1743260

The past couple of days I've been reading through some of the (supposedly) leftist subreddits dedicated to online personalities adjacent to Callaghan and it's incredible how they've all ended up at the same point of "the hosts don't owe you anything" + "you just want drama" + "they're probably just waiting for Andrew to address it himself before they speak out" and then go back to their regularly scheduled programming of posting the same boring shit you would've seen on left twitter in like 2017.

No. 1743269

>who's obsessed with cows

Nonnies watch out

No. 1743295

>breast milk ice cream
These former coomers can’t help themselves

No. 1743310

>loving, homeschool kids
I know of a pretty blonde mom who looks and dresses similar to the photo. She’s in her 40s now, no homeschooling, and she left her husband because he didn’t make enough money kek. Not that any of that is bad, but it’s funny how much terminally online retards try to extrapolate from a pic. Beautiful women are rarely incredibly loving, they don’t need to be

No. 1743322

Damn, imagine Anna's kid listening to her takes on IQ as a remembrance

No. 1743326

Seems that account Carnivore Aurelius is run by a woman >>1739142

No. 1743356

It doesn't matter whether he's right or wrong when he's not above "ironically" enjoying lowest common denominator shit like Gap fragrances and the Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie

No. 1743358

too lazy to shop an "if only you knew how bad things really are" onto this but he's making that face alright

No. 1743395

Claire Penis tailors his content to a very specific species of moid that is edgy enough for Justin Whang but not quite edgy enough for The Adam Friedland Show, thus needing his supply of misogynistic jokes to come from a troon in order to enjoy them.

No. 1743400

File: 1673580222570.png (59.61 KB, 776x435, Screenshot from 2023-01-13 03-…)

andrew callaghan's lawyers spoke TMZ - trying to insinuate andrew's first accuser blackmailed him over text prior to the allegations coming out



No. 1743401

File: 1673580358614.png (244.58 KB, 368x796, Screenshot from 2023-01-13 03-…)

*spoke TO TMZ, my bad

on /r/channel5ive, /u/veryniceofyoutosay claiming to be a friend of said victim shared a screenshot of the text he wants to claim was extortion. can't prove the text is real, but it doesn't seem too far fetched. fuck this guy, fuck his shitty lawyers, this is clearly not a serious request for money, it's twitter "hit my cashapp" shit that is obviously a joke. wonder what he has in store for the other two-dozen people who have anecdotes or personal experience of him being a massive creep

No. 1743405

thank you for listening and giving us a rare TA update. I am curious what they're up to but I hate listening to the pod, can't do it even for milk.

No. 1743406

Of course she is, she got her big break with the boyfriend-stealing thread, but for a long time before that she was just a regular run-of-the-mill minor tradthot grifter pushing her crunchy toothpaste. She kinda became a sockpuppet after that though because the disgusting moids she orbits started ghostwriting her tweets and built her shitposting 'brand'

No. 1743408

I'm not convinced.

No. 1743409

Not saying it's a real text but that doesn't sound like a joke request.

No. 1743413

Would be happy to do them more often if anything crops up nonna, the show is a vice of mine even though I think the hosts are definitely low-level cows, but I'm piggybacking off a friend's Patreon link so it's not like I'm bankrolling them or anything kek

No. 1743415

It doesn't sound like a joke it just sounds like a passive aggressive way to tell him he seriously psychologically harmed her. If the text is real tho

No. 1743419

chaotic evil girlboss jerky dropshipper

No. 1743463

she went to a women's only college.

No. 1743473

the sub has just become a peacocking ground for stupidpol scrotes who think they have "taste"

No. 1743487

I wasn't expecting the reveal to be that she resold jerky lmao

No. 1743493

Guess what we learned in the 00s remains true - the only people who even care about 'posers' are posers lmao

No. 1743529

File: 1673595591807.jpg (10.68 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

Don't scroll porn below

No. 1743582

nah if this is real this bitch is retarded. like yeah everyone of a certain age would interpret this as that "pay women for their emotional labor!!" type of tongue-in-cheek shit but you can tell it's not really a joke to her, it springs from that brain damage women who believe "sex work is work" have. the pay to talk to me, pay to DM me, pay me to get my attention, transactional way of viewing any and all interaction with men. so epic so girlboss.

reading this text is fucking embarrassing, just pathetic to me because like, do you really expect a response? do you really expect money? you accomplish literally nothing doing sorry shit like this and now it might even undermine whatever case you could've had against him. and like…if I sent something like this to my ex bf for raping me in my sleep it wouldn't change his mind. it would make his day, he would probably fucking laugh. how could you even dream of giving him the satisfaction, the opportunity to ignore you and your pain?

inb4 I'm called a pickme, but they deserve each other. skeevy opportunistic moids and women who go boohoo you inflicted a trauma now you must pay for my useless therapy are a match made in heaven. torture each other and stay away from everyone else.

anyway Tim Heidecker cut all ties very publicly on his podcast kek. Andrew should just stay in the psych ward he's squatting in because there's nothing good waiting for him in the outside world. career's over bud

No. 1743629


No. 1743636

Jeez, wasn't she like 18 or 19 when this happened? Give her a break, it's okay if she handled it immaturely.

No. 1743641

“they deserve each other” is a fucking abhorrent thing to say

No. 1743678

yeah I mean the venmo me for my troubles is pretty cringe but I don’t think this is extortion

No. 1743717

you’re being a little too hard on her but you’re right she completely torpedoed her case by sending this. I totally believe he’s a creep and he basically admitted it himself but this was an extremely stupid text to send. It’s obviously not a joke request for money, though I doubt she was actively trying to “extort” him for real or truly expected him to send anything

No. 1743721

>this is clearly not a serious request for money, it's twitter "hit my cashapp" shit that is obviously a joke.
I don't think anyone who isn't a zoomer would understand that. It's a good thing there have been more women coming forward because I can see lawyers and pr people picking apart the first accuser's case on this point.

No. 1743753

It doesn’t read that way at all

No. 1743763

Looking forward to this case becoming a beacon for MRA weirdos like Depp v Heard

No. 1743791

Chill out, you're projecting and listening to Dasha and Anna has warped your perspective.
There's no reason to shit on this girl for trying to handle this without an attorney.

No. 1743795

File: 1673635407001.jpeg (320.65 KB, 1106x741, 91437F93-8989-4DC4-816A-CE34DA…)

Anyone remember “dasha 2”? I remember her being with Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty creator now accused of domestic violence) around the same time these allegations were said to take place.

No. 1743815

That girl looked like she had a nice body in clothes but her nudes leaked and she had really saggy tits. She was early 20s I think and fucked Adam friedland too at some point? This is the genre of woman men in their 30s are usually fucking

No. 1743827

Are you talking about witten?

Where are the nudes?

No. 1743829

Not witten. This girl was a brunette and looked racially ambiguous

No. 1743830

Not sure what’s going on but images not uploading. She was both blonde and brunette. This is not witten, it’s another bpd groupie


No. 1743840

nonna i think you're onto something

No. 1743936

>they deserve each other
>boohoo you inflicted a trauma
Right because a young women not being a perfect victim and sending an ill-advised text that is clearly just a display of trauma and anger and not legitimate blackmail in any way is totally just as bad as a man sexually coercing and assaulting multiple women(many of those accounts have been corroborated by people who know him and he's apparently even admitted to it!)
You're no better than the retarded scrotes on the subreddit saying the same shit, desperately reaching for anything to discredit her to assuage their guilty consciences. A woman being greedy (which is the most uncharitable interpretation of that text, one I don't even buy into) is not on the same moral level as a man wearing down a woman in a vulnerable position for sex.
Unironically kys.

No. 1744092

Gone Girl and it's consequences have been a disaster for the resdscare BPD mid-Becky race. They all think it's not only a documentary, but also something dark triad Stacy coquette female manipulator tier and therefore enviable and desirable. Literally all of them think it's a) something many women do and b) "missing huwite waman" syndrome is a real thing and it plays out IRL the way it did in Gone Girl as opposed to a more realistic outcome of everyone blaming the missing woman and eventually discovering her when she's dead, because they don't understand that it's a delusional wish fulfilment fiction. So they proceed to fight these perceived "gone girls" irl while being low-key envious of their imagined machinations. Pure mental illness.(Autism spectrum)

No. 1744126

Very obvious scrote 0/10 go crawl back to your hole

No. 1744197

Back at you. Literally nobody except moids, moid worshiping scarethots and obese gen X boymom Johnny Depp fans believes that Gone Girling and other le falsely accusing is something that happens and actually works.

No. 1744202

Here onlyfans got leaked a long time ago and her boobs looked impressive, I doubt the leak is still available. She had sex with Adam and said that it was underwhelming. I believe that she's a TERF now and has left all the camming and thottery behind, good for her.

No. 1744224

nta anon but
>obese gen X boymom Johnny Depp fans
loving the specificity here

No. 1744247

I guess it’s open to interpretation if they look good or not, but from the only pics I saw her boobs were saggy for sure and she was pretty young too. Some moids like saggy boobs so doesn’t really matter

No. 1744389

File: 1673682492168.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2070, 9271ED9E-AEF2-48DF-A69C-CD7C9E…)

Looks like hyperpop furry girl has hopped off Stav’s dick and now she’s on Nick’s

No. 1744399

File: 1673684182679.jpg (39.62 KB, 680x679, FmZ8DbdXoAAuaJ5.jpg)

No. 1744412


No. 1744450

File: 1673693809667.jpeg (141.42 KB, 750x449, 7F61FA5C-B5F7-445B-A661-1A2BA8…)


No. 1744468

He probably saw Caroline call out misogyny in the stan community in that new Guardian profile and decided she's now an Enemy

No. 1744650

nick's quirky beard hair grooming is cringe.

No. 1744669

that pilled halter top from 2015 forever 21… makes me shudder

No. 1744671

judging by the other pics of her her boobs look saggy as hell. im sure i would be turned off from thottery if i made an onlyfans and fucked half the men in NYC as well. she probably just ran out of E listers that were willing to fuck her. hardly an accomplishment

No. 1744673

making himself unfuckable is his trauma response to these hideous scare thots thirsting after him

No. 1744675

next thread pic pls

No. 1744754

When you are dealing with that caliber of man anything beyond tattered lounge wear would look ridiculous.

No. 1744817

I think he just has bad judgment because he’s an idiot

No. 1744820

No. 1744822

Lol at p8stie but pariah got off too easy

No. 1744854

File: 1673732136061.jpeg (414.18 KB, 750x988, 9B18B61D-7825-4E09-85D5-D1034B…)

Has anyone noticed this random “straight” “stylist” who was just on the Contain podcast? He’s been part of Ion Pack’s events in LA

No. 1744881

If you're going to post an article, at least include a screenshot of a relevant excerpt and some context. If this is just about Yarvin I don't see what it has to do with this thread.

No. 1744908

Men think this is fashion

No. 1744974

File: 1673738403373.png (92.08 KB, 488x468, woah.png)

Always fun to go down the twitter archive rabbit hole and discover some prescient conversations

No. 1745021

Posting from the Residence Inn, or Mom's house? Don't know who this guy is but the room is as beige as his soul

No. 1745024

He was on an early episode of Trans Regret Snoopy's podcast.

No. 1745032

is TRS still doing that catholic thing or did they drop the act

No. 1745080

No idea who this is but I've seen samelpan retweet them often

No. 1745089

Literally who is this girl and why does she matter?

No. 1745141

still going

No. 1745150

they don't care what his beard looks like they think it's funny. I know he blamed a breakup on his wizard beard but if he really believes that he's stupid. I just think it's cringe which is part of the point I know but he's done it like three times now, it's a lame old bit at this point.

No. 1745154

he always looks extremely uncomfortable around women

No. 1745285

old money? i thought he was run-of-the-mill trust fund jew.

No. 1745291

Braun is 6'7". Dash's been with hundreds of guys so it could be anyone’s guess.

No. 1745294

I genuinely think its because he played RDR2 during that breakup. He's genuinely retarded like that.

No. 1745297

File: 1673777239828.jpeg (441.45 KB, 640x720, CBF41443-B4BA-4B00-85D4-4B232C…)


No. 1745320

I know u guys hate these comments but I used to think he was so hot lmao, sorry for thirsting(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1745393

He's making the pivot to Howard Stern lite entertainment isn't he?

No. 1745435

Ok I'll say it. He's sexy

No. 1745457

it is 100% that simple nonna lol. he is grasping at the straws of an extinct brand of masculinity

No. 1745520

How is he hanging out with noam chomsky?

No. 1745580

No. 1745592

It wasn’t funny in the sub and it’s not funny here

No. 1745610

File: 1673820555131.png (37.88 KB, 587x429, lofirape.png)

Insane post and even crazier backpedal.

No. 1745614

U know he has a bedazzled butt plug in milking his prostate as he slays his little pose for the camera. Like u know he’s LOOSE lol.

No. 1745644

andrew callaghan/all gas no brakes/channel 5 made a response to the allegations - he denies not saying no for an answer, thanks the victims for coming forward, claims some of it is true and some isn't

basically what you'd expect, as good as a response as one could give, says he's getting sober and whatever - better than trying to imply he's being blackmailed like he was the other week, but there are just way too many girls who have talked about him acting insane (take this with a grain of salt coming from a lolcow anon, but personally i know people who have said he acted like a freak around them and had a meltdown when told no) atp that i don't believe he didnt understand what he was doing

thinking of the girls who accused him rn, this frenzy must have been incredibly difficult for them

No. 1745649

No. 1745655

yeah was thinking its a better apology than most but on top of all that did you see the statement his team released the other week while he was supposedly in hospital? some shit about not wanting the conversation to turn into asking him for money since the first woman who really blew the lid on everything on tiktok had texted him and let him know if he had any cash leftover from his big break, she could use some for the therapy she's had to undertake since. scummy, scummy shit

No. 1745656

*on his teams behalf. just want to make that clear. anyway adios andrew, definitely not looking at this dude or his content again willingly

No. 1745687

why do moids keep repeating this? the oldest profession is midwife.

No. 1745701

It's probably something more like a farmer merchant. And sex workers are the ones who repeat that the most. Moids don't care if that's the oldest profession.

No. 1745705

He's gay little homo who uses butt plugs

No. 1745728

You sound transgender.

No. 1745730

cavewomen helping other cavewomen through child birth was around before farming

No. 1745736

they do care and they repeat it because it's how they argue that it's "natural" or inevitable. all the good nonnies must've moved on to the grimes or aella thread

No. 1745737

Why hasn't he pulled out the "permafried from shrooms" as an excuse? Supposedly he got so high he never came down and has some kind of long term psychedelic psychosis, kind of seems like the perfect alibi.

No. 1745739

You sound obssessed

No. 1745741

That was just a thing they did nonnie, might as well say hunter gatherers were the first profession

No. 1745750

so also women then

No. 1745780

File: 1673834576954.jpeg (365.55 KB, 2048x1291, FmaHM7dWQAAjgaq.jpeg)

No. 1745796

If it was Braun with the small dick that’s even sadder if she couldn’t get him to publicly commit. Could have gotten more publicity to help her career. Dasha sucks at life once again

No. 1745800

It’s 100% because of the show Firefly. lol

No. 1745807

Men crack open a book and not learn everything from television challenge

No. 1745867

I'm dying nonna
I like that it isn't standard wojak style, there's a 20C illustrator this pic reminds me of but I can't think of who

No. 1745882

This guy is the og retarded reactionary Twitter pseud, it pains me that online culture followed this pedo groomer out of anyone else.

No. 1745889

if it makes you feel better I only know him from this thread. he seems boring and very stupid.

No. 1745915

this is beautiful, well done

No. 1745925

those aren't even the subjects of the thread why would we make this the new threadpic? they're only adjacent to the cows and pariah is the only one that's been written about because he selfposts and supports BAP's pedo takes

No. 1745984

I prefer this >>1745780 If only someone could do this to Dasha and Anna then that would be perfect, instead of these irrelevant cows.

No. 1745995

File: 1673864063791.jpeg (251.76 KB, 625x771, B43B0F50-0BAD-4CAA-A1A9-3A3C0A…)

Is this a reference to something?

No. 1746056

Would be so funny if she was going through a phase of being obsessed with the Titanic as a 30-year old woman. Sorry Dasha lol the window of opportunity for that was when you were 10

No. 1746088

I'm afraid I can't take credit, I just found it on some lowbie's account and it made me lol

No. 1746229

Ackchyually the phrase likely came from Rudyard Kipling https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldest_profession_(phrase).

No. 1746231

Two FTMs

No. 1746244

File: 1673900092067.jpeg (15.02 KB, 259x194, 2DAD0147-1BF9-4ABE-B4C4-E1B234…)

Ralph Steadman, maybe?

No. 1746259

she asked where moids we're parroting it from and we already know the stats on how often men read (never, which is why they lag behind in education)

No. 1746395

The music box theater cancelled the screening of Betsey Brown's movie, Actors, lol

No. 1746590

Speaking of actors, does anyone have that torrent of it that was being passed around a couple months ago. Can't find it anywhere

No. 1746615

yeah i lost my download too, can anyone reupload it?? i never got around to watching it

No. 1746616

that's not a good thing unless you're an ugly deformed troon like jane schoenbrun

No. 1746638

Download this sooner rather than later it'll get deleted soon
And since we're begging in here does anyone have access to brad troemel's patreon and can slide me the interview he did with carles from hipster runoff?

No. 1747864

File: 1674086881170.webm (5.21 MB, 886x1188, nickfuentesegirls.webm)


BAP quote tweeted this post so now like clockwork nick fuentes is addressing the tradcath egirl summit kek

No. 1747869

File: 1674087570866.png (154.02 KB, 534x692, p8stienick.png)

P8stie replied agreeing they were dressed like sluts but not her

pariah troon thinks nick is jealous of him

No. 1747873

the most controversial american film since passion of the christ

No. 1747881

chicago sucks so much

No. 1747930

Just found this clip of some deranged Dimes Square faggot sucking off Liz's tradwifery on his struggle podcast lol. Whole episode is free on his patreon if you want the full convo

No. 1747932

Jesus his posture is terrible. How does he still have an audience after constantly embarrassing himself? Predicting he ends up coming out within the next five years and dating a troon.

No. 1747968

yes! ty

No. 1748289

No. 1748341

File: 1674158388792.jpeg (396.61 KB, 750x834, 1F0D6348-EE49-4855-B496-1D1E46…)

The perfume fationalist has been posting and fuming for days about girl who said Red Scare is over

No. 1748350

He's talking about @credenzaclear2 with the Audrey Horne pfp who's been oscillating between retweeting Dasha and stanning everything she does, and saying Red Scare is "over" and the misogyny it promotes is tiresome and played out for months now.

No. 1748365

File: 1674160422799.png (255.53 KB, 1186x1014, shitty tweets.png)

broken clock is right twice a day, "audrey horne" is just another Alice From Queens, annoying pick me and intellectual midwit forcing herself into this circle and kissing dasha's ass while pretending she's above it, she's no feminist

No. 1748373

File: 1674161000834.png (248.08 KB, 1250x578, kantbot.png)

Kantbot is getting tired of incels

No. 1748385

the actors cancellation was bullshit but this is legitimate. the FOP can't stomach both racism and pedophilia "it's just a bit!" isn't a defense for someone in his field making moves like this. pericles and schoenbrun are two sides of the same pathetic scrote

No. 1748389

File: 1674163060583.jpg (83.93 KB, 960x540, cmoylchukyv21-547459145.jpg)

he's right and probably embarrassed his "team" keeps losing. those videos are bait made with those specific vermin in mind. pathetic men tricked by marketing majors yet again

No. 1748406



my first impression about coldhealing and his predilection for reposting young girls’ tiktoks was that it was stunning there was 0 reflection on whether one has a right to yank things out of the OP's control, to disseminate without even notifying – like who are you to be musing about cost-benefit in the first place, it's not your video

but also i had to pause because… reposting is about the context? you don't have a context on tiktok other than what bytedance assigns you, not even to the level of tag users on tumblr.

it's harder to beat the drum of "you are not entitled to do every mean thing you want to do with some rando's thing" to someone who is only seeing that thing because the rando offered it to an opaque algorithm to do whatever it wanted.

i don't have a real thesis but i'll bet the truly staggeringly self-centered attitudes evident in the production of social "person-on-the-street" content could be helpfully braided in here. do you have a right to exist apart from some mid-20s incel’s “neoteenager studies” “tiktok anthropology"

No. 1748407

File: 1674165336778.png (122.69 KB, 653x706, perrysimps.png)

no idea how much trouble he's in because I'm not a lawyer, let alone one licensed in Chicago, and wouldn't powerlevel if I was, but Perry's got his simps out in full force yelling at the author. No collage because idk how to do that + short on time, but you can just look at the replies and QRTs on the original tweet. Hopefully the greasy little sex freak learns that ratios aren't real life.

No. 1748415

the author is getting this much frenzied pushback because he struck a main artery, hopefully perry's flying monkeys will cause a streisand affect and perry will lose his license

No. 1748416

Did pics ever surface of his supposed wife?

No. 1748419

very alarming how many blue checkmarks are happy to get their hands dirty for this shitposter

No. 1748422

nowadays you can literally buy the blue checkmark for $8/month. which is damning in another sense; you have to be a twitter addicted freak to think that Pericles "Perry" Abbasi, who's admitted to being okay with child pornography and has claimed that a client paid him in trafficked women, is funny or otherwise likeable.

No. 1748448

I thought coldhealing was a woman

No. 1748454

no hes a cutie

No. 1748460

File: 1674169074122.webm (3.34 MB, 500x1080, redditsave.com_twitter_livecha…)

dasha getting negged about not shaving on a twitter space

No. 1748491

hes right. incel moids as a whole get treated way too kindly by modern journalism and society in general. in no other point in human history have incels ever been treated with such kid gloves. instead, people should be "twisting the knife" so to speak.

the video hes referencing was 100% an incel compilation and was posted unironically to RSP - all of the clips were irrelevant (some even featured the kind, sweet women online scrotes gush over), and you could tell by the background music within 3 seconds it was incel coomer hypno porn.

No. 1748495

Pericles fucked up big time by thinking he could get away with running for public office. His whole career is essentially rubber-stamping papers for politicians in between elections; one client has already fired him and more will quietly do so as this article spreads

No. 1748506

good. hope he doesn't enjoy another restful night of sleep in his life.

No. 1748523

What a fucking dumbass. Being popular with random Twitter groypers and shitposters doesn’t translate to having any clout in the real world. Running for political office is basically career suicide for someone like him, we love to see it kek

No. 1748527


ragged mid-20s man with acne scarring

No. 1748557

File: 1674182588518.webm (9.28 MB, 640x314, p8stie.webm)

The sockpuppet account is @WomanLukas but yes like this anon said she gets a lot of her tweet ideas from scrotes. Her and this other girl are a part of something the pederasty tweet guy @schizo_freq running the alt @womanlukas using her face calls pussy protocol

In their own words every female needs a pimp daddy due to a fundamental lack of agentic drive so they are fractionalizing the female into a portion of equity that is controlled by the pimp daddy. P8stie and other women are going to go head to head trying to out-tweet each other for money and validation from these moids

No. 1748565

This is the first time I hear of coldhealing, what a parasitic creep.

What does he look like? This is kind of like what Leia Jospe does with that weird favetiktoks420 account

No. 1748610

File: 1674188828573.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1411, 022D66F1-5EB5-4309-8F0B-E63EE6…)

she's repeating the pederasty tweet guy's scrotal talking points in this clip insinuating women who go on vacation must do it so they can have sex with many men, projecting because that's what she does obviously, and making fun of the fact that thailand is a center for sex tourism and particularly child sex tourism and child prostitution. meanwhile pariah next to her looks like the creepiest pedophile to a point that even the fake smile they edited on the brunette next to him doesn't look as demonic in comparison.

No. 1748615

>>1748557 "Pussy Protocol"?
"Fractionalizing the females into a form of equity that is controlled by a pimp"?
You are such a huge retard. This is obviously a joke. There's no website, nobody's tweeted about it, it flat out doesn't exist. Where did you even find this? What sort of retard hole is your head stuck in?

No. 1748630

Nta but if you look it up on youtube its there its not something that has even started yet, theyre talking about a plan to do this. This guy is in the same crowd with the pedophile who runs milady, if you think they're above this you don't know who you're talking about kek.

No. 1748631

Welcome to the leftcows thread. You're either replying to a zoomer-age European poster who only kind of follows the cows or an actual cow/calf. Of course they're retarded.

No. 1748632

File: 1674191467524.jpeg (454.89 KB, 1125x1015, EC2DCD33-35F2-46FD-9561-FB49C9…)

Oh yeah?

No. 1748633

>the pedophile who runs milady
that just means it's self-promoted and not worth paying attention to lmao fuck off

No. 1748634

Definitely sounds like some Remilia fucktardation, I’m sure they’re already itt seething

No. 1748640

Nonnies dont listen to these retards its a well known fact cows and the scrotes they orbit support a pedophile's NFT and there are newfags here who have no idea how many crypto scams they are a part of, they'll call everything jokes or performance art just to get away with being disgusting

P8stie looks like she's as old as Anna it's always busted bitches catering to these gross scrotes and validating their views for brownie points

No. 1748643

Oh we know nonna, remiliafags and scarethots constantly shit up threads in here because they’re mad when their crypto scams get exposed

No. 1748647

>newfags here who have no idea how many crypto scams they are a part of
who the fuck here is invested in crypto and getting scammed?
remilia/milady people selfpost too much it's annoying. and personally I find it pretty milkless, as if I don't already know anyone selling an NFT is a huge piece of shit. there's no surprises there. nonnas who like to talk about it refuse to make their own thread and I'm tired.

No. 1748648

File: 1674193079169.jpg (288.37 KB, 1080x1253, Veryseriousaccount.jpg)

>>1748632 It's literally a crypto satire account. He tweeted once about it like half a year ago and never mentioned it again because it was a joke. See picrel, this is not a serious account

>>1748630 ya girlie theyre rly srsly gonna do this… they jus havent gotten around to making a website since mentioning it and nobodys talked about it since August but its totally real… Pussy protocol is in the room with us rn n ur sooo valid

No. 1748656

File: 1674193973444.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2098, 5A81500E-7609-4919-9FFD-8323F1…)

Milady owner thought he could be a pedophile and misogynist and call it performance art and no one can say anything about it, you're just falling into their trap lol. Yes let them spew misogyny and no one gets to say anything about it because according to them its satire. We're going to say whatever we want about it, the world isn't their stage and just because you're a useful idiot laughing with them doesn't mean the rest of us are

One in the left in this picture participated in another scam also with the same people, heard of retards who invested in it, that was before milady

No. 1748658

>>1748557 set the playback speed back to 1x when you export a clip, pedo freak. it's bad enough listening to your crypto self-promotion without it being sped up

No. 1748664

>i-it’s just satire, it’s performance art, no one is getting scammed, it doesn’t exist, y-you anons are retarded
Ooh, what’s this song called? I’ve heard it before.

No. 1748669

>>1748664 >>1748656 Nobody is getting scammed because "pussy protocol" does not exist. There is no place online where you can donate or pay money for "pussy protocol" because it does not exist. There is no website because it does not exist.

No. 1748671

whoa I didn't even play it because i don't care but that's unlistenable lmao wtf

No. 1748672

So if it doesn’t exist, why are you so adamant about convincing people it doesn’t exist? Why do you even care what anonymous people on an obscure imageboard think about something that doesn’t exist, unless you’re somehow connected to this nonexistent thing?

No. 1748674

>>1748672 if I was connected to it i'd be trying to convince you it does exist + you should be giving it money lmao

No. 1748675

They really think they can do and say anything and as long as they call it satire or art we can't talk about it lol.

Nobody cares if they're scamming dumb crypto scrotes or not that isn't the point and we can say anything we want about a misogynist who supports a pedophiles NFT since the cows engage with them.

No. 1748677

>>1748671 yeah im siding with whatever sides the opposite of hers based on the the size of her brains she revealed to us here

No. 1748679

>>1748675 imagine being this upset over an imaginary cryptocurrency

No. 1748683

File: 1674195972182.jpeg (180.7 KB, 769x1161, E68AE49C-1852-4B25-9CC9-8BFB55…)

Do you think if his girlfriend miraculously developed a top lip maybe he would stop being a racist misogynist who fixates on hispanic and latina women online and stop fantasizing about the prospect of being a pimp kek?

No. 1748685

>>1748683 that girl is like 14 years old

No. 1748693

>>1748685 lolcow once again posting minors to own the pedos

No. 1748694

Oh no the pedo is posting again, nonnies plz stop responding and he’ll eventually go away

No. 1748698

File: 1674197213158.jpeg (429.46 KB, 1242x886, 115CC633-EB12-44F7-AB42-AC82D2…)

picture i saw posted from 2018-2019 she turned 22 last year and is part of remilia, he joked lamenting about her getting older and since they both hang around a pedophile who talks about his attraction to 14 year olds and gets minor girls to write his username on their bodies this shouldn't come as a shock

No. 1748700

He posts pictures, sort of skeletal face with long hair

No. 1748703

just in time for national sex trafficking awareness month!

>Type of Trafficking Labor – being forced (via force, fraud or coercion) to work against your will


No. 1748704

File: 1674197962156.jpeg (416.19 KB, 2048x2048, 580E01B7-D64E-4821-A824-DE4BAD…)

projection from the remiliatards again this is the same person >>1658243 multiple of her friends actually talk about their sexual attraction to 13 and 14 year olds though, but you already knew that

No. 1748705

I saw that girl in the old threads and couldn't tell its the same person. I'm about her age and I look the same as i did 4 years ago and if not the same surely recognizable. Why are filters like this?

No. 1748706

No. 1748711

That's not a filter, that's the standard photo processing used in the iPhone 4s. It's probably what was used to photograph this highschool girl ten years ago

No. 1748715

>>1747932 Everyone calls him short because of the posture. When he stands up straight and fixes his spinal alignment he's almost 5'7

No. 1748716

File: 1674199374898.jpeg (173.51 KB, 1170x548, 610001FF-8210-4F0C-9A1E-4AC1C7…)

The way that Lenny is fucking eagle screeching throughout the entire 2 hour long new episode like he’s being severely wronged in some way is just ridiculous. Someone commented about it and anna just said
>He’s not being abused we were just trying to put him down for a nap lolz
But for two hours straight though?
Anyways they could force him to be in choir when his old enough because lil bro can absolutely hold a note…

No. 1748718

Do they ever post milk here or just vendettaposting

No. 1748722

Filter is referring to the other post that was tagged are you that stupid >>1658731 This is also the same and it looks like her without the filter. Curious how come anyone here is acting outraged like cp was posted and have their panties in a wad because of an image of a face to wk a woman who's friends with pedophiles and misogynists? Sounds very performative

No. 1748723

I followed her on more recent accounts when she used to post more pictures and it’s definitely her but most of the doxxes of her I’ve seen posted here have to be over four years old. Weird she 180’d to fit in with this crowd when she used to posture as the exact opposite

No. 1748725

File: 1674200927418.jpeg (310.7 KB, 2048x729, CF255FF1-23F8-4604-8617-7E10C2…)

speaking of sex trafficking awareness i'm not surprised how one pedophile's immediate reaction was to defend another pedophile, tate groomed 15 year olds into prostitution and trafficked them, even tried it with a romanian politician's daughter. siding with this is so vile i know it's remiliafags in here whiteknighting themselves or people who are guilty of the same thing, catering to scrotes and pedophiles. don't you know it's all satire retard? you have to shut up take our word for it and let us say whatever we want cause we're telling you it's satire and performance.

No. 1748728

This feels so canned

No. 1748730

I agreed for the first half but the second part got kinda confused. I don't think he's doing satire, it seems like he's just unironically endorsing Andrew Tate.

No. 1748733

She's talking about the remilia satire defense

No. 1748734

File: 1674201870333.jpeg (480.11 KB, 2048x2048, 58351B1E-FD6F-4BF3-A787-90835F…)

rohit likes making memes about other groomers, this ones from a couple days ago, he relates from when he was exposed for posting an underage anorexic girl who wrote his username on her body.

No. 1748737

>>1748728 shut up Charlotte(hi cow)

No. 1748740

Last year she had an account with pictures in her pinned tweet that looked way more recent, right? I've never seen those posted here though

No. 1748749

Yeah about two years ago, more recently she’s had very long dark hair. She always seemed pretty unstable and just looked more and more sickly until she attempted to go fully anon

No. 1748754

File: 1674206016986.png (417.04 KB, 598x736, DbZLC4F.png)

She's learnt the word 'ethno-narcissism' despite being the last person on earth qualified to use it derisively of someone else.

No. 1748755

File: 1674206072047.png (34.06 KB, 995x300, 36oszm0.png)


No. 1748766

File: 1674207498496.png (20.56 KB, 598x257, uNr7KwA.png)


No. 1748767

File: 1674207598161.jpeg (703.26 KB, 1170x977, A4C952FA-D855-4A5C-9D8A-B92495…)

No. 1748770

based mall cop, he's right

No. 1748795

File: 1674214653545.jpeg (367.09 KB, 1242x629, 2128306C-DFF7-4C56-B9FD-ECF525…)

only pics i saw covered her face or used filters. a recent filtered one was tagged itt, idk all her accounts or ever saw recent pictures of her face without them. i did see underwear pics of her covering her face in a previous thread, and i remember she'd post about how she wasn't a leftist anymore and liked moving over to the esoteric side of twitter lol.

they get mad if you notice they're too unfunny to make that defense, or that their posts lack any artistic value so performance art doesnt work either. satire should be funny, pussy protocol is just another narcissistic and performative display of their misogynistic views and behavior for their circlejerk to enjoy. its not about if theyre scamming other halfwit cryptofags this time or not, thats not commendable, but no shit nobody really cares about that.

anna too is a narcissist wanting scrotal approval who seems to not have enough theory of mind to imagine a world where women dont hold the male gaze to a high regard like her, she projects her ethno-narcissism like she does her desperation for male validation. i was just watching a video of a girl wearing hijab instead of burka in saudi arabia recording men walking by ogling her, but if the male gaze makes you feel uneasy and unsafe and you dare voice that in any way you must be self-indulging according to the ugly chudjak looking bitch who celebrated afghan women losing their right to education.

No. 1748844

thanks for uploading nonna, I really enjoyed this

No. 1748857

She’s the queen of ethnonarcissism herself, so who better to rant incoherently about it on the pod?

No. 1748858

He’s right this time, but he’s still a fat sweaty seething sex pest misogynist who smells like the inside of a thrift store purse

No. 1748862

Who is @proetrie on Twitter? been all over my feed lately

No. 1748867

Rich Indian tech guy who reposts dating takes from ten years ago

No. 1748870

No. 1748871

I understood every word in the recording kek and I'm ESL I'm sorry that you're mentally very slow

No. 1748874

I can tell how much sleep you got by the break in your posting between here and your last string, you really need to treat yourself better.

No. 1748883

Coming back to defend your recording fumble like we can't all tell it's you again lol

No. 1748885

bleak. why subject yourself to this abuse?

No. 1748888

>when he stands up straight and fixes his spinal alignment he's almost but still not quite king of the manlets
lmao ok

No. 1748889

File: 1674226476619.jpeg (119.34 KB, 810x1070, B906A8F2-F08F-4B4E-80F5-4F1CF9…)

I see you're still projecting about how you're too retarded to understand a sped up video so you can defend this pedophile manlet and his crew

No. 1748891

this man sounded so sweaty and nervous as he ran through his rapidfire "alpha negs" that he clearly practiced alone in his apartment for months between wank and cry sessions. dasha could have ended him with one well-timed insult and i was surprised she didn't. it actually made me feel bad for dasher, feel like beneath the cool-girl persona she's meek and freezes up. ready for her radfem arc any day now.

No. 1748897

you're welcome, glad someone did lol
ty nonna!

No. 1748903

File: 1674228496596.png (495.5 KB, 1064x1534, qrts.png)

lol people started dragging her ass in the qrts for this and most of them are feminists, love to see it

No. 1748905

why are people on twitter so easily trolled

No. 1748926

I love them

Why do busted chinless women who orbit misogynists and hang around pedophile troons try so hard to get attention online they have to resort to saying promiscuity is like child sexual exploitation?

No. 1748932

It's not like the replies are wrong but isn't it embarrassing to engage so earnestly with bait posted by said chinless woman who craves attention? What happened to just not engaging with obvious bait? People on twitter act like it's their moral obligation to reply to even the dumbest bullshit and "combat" it. Like, they should have some faith in their fellow human beings that no one needs them to step in and debunk the claim that women are going on vacation to rape men in Italy.

No. 1748953

>the FOP can't stomach both racism and pedophilia
you may be thinking a little too highly of police unions nonna, I only have knowledge of NYC but there the cop union heads would be blubbering about how any sort of criticism is literally equivalent to wishing death on the police and a promotion of lawlessness

No. 1748993

autism manifesting?

No. 1748994

Is it true that Italy is Thailand for women or is she just talking shit

No. 1749000

I think that's one of the few ways she can get attention

No. 1749006

getting even balder. would a kumail roid skull make his fleshy nose fit his face?

No. 1749008

he is disgusting and makes himself look bad. i don't think there was any way for her to win that one, if she said anything all the coompanzees in the chat would chimp out all at once.

No. 1749017

because a false consensus could be formed and grow out of control if it's never countered. the next gen are always watching and don't understand the meta of how adults don't even deign to respond to something so obviously stupid or crazy which is how we got to sex work is empowering, it's possible to change sex liberalism that we have today

No. 1749022

File: 1674239425519.png (118.47 KB, 562x767, fn61v6oaz6da1[1].png)

Yup, she's back and with even more red meat for her manosphere fans.
Much as I enjoy making fun of Anna, -74 downvotes? WTF, obsess much? Touch grass lol

No. 1749024

i think pedophilia is where actual officers draw the line, at least in the midwest, although law is a career that attracts sexual predators of all types so it doesn't surprise me that pericles has a network of other pedo attorneys trying to recreate what goes on in the new jersey suburbs.

No. 1749028

File: 1674240186650.png (312.59 KB, 398x556, dasha x perry.png)

This shit is so gross

No. 1749031

flight attendant is like a top career for service industry gays. women have better vision than men. it is imperative to stick to the flight path and follow instructions, more things men can't do very well. the only draw back is that companies think they can pay less for a career when women prove they can do it, which is a problem with societal misogyny. anyway aimee will never leave her stoop so what does she care?

No. 1749036

File: 1674240483354.png (140.21 KB, 649x802, skallas perry.png)

Paul "LindyMan" Skallas is defending Perry too, hopefully he drags at least one of these other freaks down with him
original tweet: https://twitter.com/PaulSkallas/status/1616222467680538624

No. 1749049

Ofc Pedo Perry wanks to Dasha's nudes, she's literally built like a teenage femboy with that square torso

No. 1749067

File: 1674245144353.jpg (683.69 KB, 1920x1080, durgasoftceo.jpg)


i'm impressed he had the time to find a bloated mail-order bride between grooming little girls for his durgasoft classes and defecating in the streets

No. 1749076

God, some of the creepiest ugliest losers go so hard for Dasha. I would be so embarrassed if I was her that no normal looking guys were into me sexually. This Perry freak is so disgusting, inside and out

No. 1749077

alcohol calories beginning to catch up with her

No. 1749080

If I wasn’t lazy I would literally troll this guy about teenage boys having bigger dicks than him and watch as he has a mental breakdown

No. 1749082

The reply tweets sun it up. Plenty women go to Italy just to eat food and see the sights. Men who go to Thailand otoh are by and large going to fuck troons (ladyboys) or kids, or to find a bangmaid half their age

No. 1749093

Sorry but has his wife even done anything besides marry him? She probably doesn’t even know what’s going on if she’s a mail order bride

No. 1749115

File: 1674250807334.jpg (207.52 KB, 1874x992, minicooper.jpg)


mini cooper lol

No. 1749117

Italy ranks high on all those "countries with the most beautiful women" lists too, ironically. But this terminal pickme would never make a joke about men going to Italy for sex tourism because that'd be too close to criticizing them. Thailand is fine though, moids who visit Thailand or the Philippines are a universally acceptable target, even in this circle that's an outgrowth of redpill bullshit

No. 1749119

stop shitting up this already shit thread with your samefagging unsaged bullshit you fucking schizophrenic. nobody knows who this guy is or understands your word salad schizobabble about indian pedophiles or whatever

No. 1749127

men desperately want women to be equal to them in depravity and violence but nothing else

No. 1749130

actually, i posted his other picture, and that's not me. a lot of farmers do know who he is, and plenty of other cows who are similarly adjacent to dimes square by association are posted. this hasn't been banned because again, it's no different. seethe harder, and get out of this thread cause he's been part of plenty of OPs and is fair game like every other cow.

No. 1749137

File: 1674252842453.jpg (312.52 KB, 778x719, 71c6f19bd6f40048cc0e61656f642f…)

that's so funny nonna. i already knew him asking people to call him krishna and saying that's his given name was just a messiah complex and narcissism and not his real given middle name but this just confirms it since his real one is PANDIT kek, i didn't know this. he wants to be referred to as a god, or charlie, the whitest name you could possibly pick, cannot accept his own name, very telling. ethnic self hatred runs deep with this one which makes sense since india is the most racist country in the world.

No. 1749142

Even he realised the Krishna thing was cringe, as far as I was aware he just said his name was “Kris” IRL

No. 1749144

He's gonna be so owned when you start posting about all those teenagers penises
Get his ass girl yasss

No. 1749149

At least stop repeating the same points if you want to make it look like you aren’t samefagging. This thread is so shit

No. 1749156

I never said i was going to post photos fucking retard

No. 1749161

moid detected

No. 1749166

Every thread on this site has been shit ever since it's been going offline intermittently. Somehow this has drawn in the absolute dregs of society. I honestly have no idea why I continue to spend time here, it's become uniquely retarded and abrasive

No. 1749167

You have to ignore or she samefags harder. Everyone knows it's her but if you say anything she just fucks the thread even more.

No. 1749168

File: 1674255759614.png (19.56 KB, 541x254, suchbeauty.png)

what points? that genuinely isn't me lol. just because people are posting things you don't like doesn't mean you have to cope in your head by pretending they're the same person.

i'm not a moid lol. that word isn't exclusively used by scrotes, sorry.

i think they mean that sexualizing teenagers even if they're 18-19 isn't a good way to go about replying to the pedophile. regardless it does make me laugh when i see the most godless people use this retort- you hate beauty! no just pedophiles and the women who cater to them. this is the same shit dasha says

No. 1749169

Glad to hear you're only discussing the size of the teenage penises, that's totally fine and normal and not weird!

No. 1749179

>>1749161 I think your radar's a bit busted

No. 1749186

File: 1674259099336.jpg (79.35 KB, 520x777, 898498.jpg)


> Totally not remiliafaggot(s) or pedo panderer at multiple farmers: nobody knows what youre talking about nothing to do with the thread shut up samefag, youre a moid, now youre a she

> Meanwhile, the very subjects of every single one of these threads promoting the indian pedophile’s nft his circle directly profit off that lost most of its value when he was exposed

At least their targeted audience are pedo-panderers like dasha and anna and cryptofags so its all already memoryholed or they just bought into their narrative, dont worry though we remember

No. 1749199

Hate beauty thing they get from BAP

No. 1749242

> i think they mean that sexualizing teenagers even if they're 18-19 isn't a good way to go about replying to the pedophile.

Why? They are fucking losers anyway. You get inside a losers head you have to sink to their level. scolding them with “its wrong to sexualize teens” does nothing. Instead you should torment them about how they’re all worthless by 22, same thing they do to women

No. 1749248

My gut reaction to these pick me bitches is always "If women are as bad as you say, why should anyone pay attention to you?" Thiel et al think women shouldn't have a public role at all. Imagine engaging in such self-abasement.

No. 1749260

Jack Antonoff sex pest vibes

No. 1749268

Which male figure in this scene is going to be the next to be #MeToo'd? Still think Felix is always on the cusp on cancellation, there has to be loads of DMs waiting to be leaked; but I think Yung Chomsky is going to be the first to face his comeuppance this year.

No. 1749280

if anna or dasha would spill they could probably cancel multiple people in the scene. especially dasha.

No. 1749288

Felix and Hasan feel like sure bets eventually. Adam feels like he could catch a metoo but for something especially pathetic. How Stav hasn't been metoo'd yet is beyond me. Also wasn't there a rumor recently that Nick was giving women herpes and not telling them before hand? Did anything happen with that?

No. 1749289

Stav most likely makes people sign NDAs (based on an overly specific and longwinded joke on TAFs after Stav left).

No. 1749312

well theil is a gay male separatist who would love all women to be dead except for a few broodmares

No. 1749320

what’s up with yung chomsky

No. 1749363

this is correct but its not worth playing the 2011-era "no u" game with open pedos plus it smells like moid in here

No. 1749373


No. 1749397

lol you're right she's doing it again. it's like an ai from 2004

No. 1749415

still would and still is hot to me sorry nonnas

No. 1749443

Who does this pick me loser blow to get unbanned over and over?

No. 1749445

you are now aware that twitter issues tempbans

No. 1749538

it escalates in time for each tempban. plus shes already received the 7day which is usually the final one before perm

No. 1749547

No one gives a fuck

No. 1749549

She’s been “permanently” banned too, she just makes new accounts to sperg and race troll on. Incurable Twitter addiction, many such cases in that scene.

No. 1749609

thats not an ai youre literally retarded

No. 1749637

who are the other 2 people talking

No. 1749657

File: 1674328062057.png (85.08 KB, 641x361, its_over.png)

From a new Indiewire interview with Jennifer Connelly ahead of the Bad Behaviour premiere this afternoon.

No. 1749740

File: 1674341125507.jpeg (1.88 MB, 3465x3444, C6CBB254-2A10-4E9C-AF49-75D0A4…)

This british scrote who nonstop posts about the sexual marketplace value or women and girls as young as 15, his account was locked before so I didn't post

No. 1749742

File: 1674341195326.jpeg (2.23 MB, 3465x3465, 44A52962-4F4C-4624-8B29-8A4B69…)

Pt 2 and there are his dms with P8stie/Marie/Isabella being a pickme

No. 1749749

File: 1674342027302.jpeg (261.23 KB, 1242x1242, D2C3A7D0-D515-4FE0-B7C7-2F7801…)

The woman talking is a mother and probably a single mother @protectedkt, who these same scrotes parroting Andrew Tate talking points would deem as having extremely low SMV value because she has a child and is >23, debasing herself to take part in this display of their scrotal views they defend as jokes because then retards let them say whatever they want. Like spreading these ideas for attention isn't also a display of how immoral and disgusting they are

No. 1749752

She needs to go take care of her kids

No. 1749769

Make your own thread and stop shitting this one up with your obsessive vendettaposting. None of this is milk and nobody knows who any of these people are.

No. 1749775

>>1749749 who the fuck are you talking about

No. 1749777


i asked who the 2 people in the video are why are you so mad? i have no vendetta against any of these ppl never talked to any of them or seen them before. p8stie and her associates were discussed for multiple threads since anna and dasha talked about her on the pod.

No. 1749779

Wow. Dasha was magnetic in Bad Behaviour. Her performance is going to be one of the highlights of the fest, the whole audience laughed at all her comedic moments, she stole the show. This is going to be a major boost for her career.

No. 1749783

Cause we're posting about their friends lol its the same people complaining about the milady pedo dasha retweeted

No. 1749785

Wow another samefag how surprising

No. 1749786


Nobody believes this

No. 1749789

Why do you keep accusing farmers of being each other to defend cows including one who's a pedophile again including ones who are discussed in various OPs and their affiliates, if you're not a cow or affiliated with them? Leave the threads if you can't even read the OPs or keep up, or do what I do and ignore posts that don't interest you

No. 1749791

it sounds like those posts triggered you

i hope dashews career tanks

No. 1749798

File: 1674346908577.png (25.77 KB, 534x298, incelfreak.png)

Does anyone know who this incelfreak character is that supposedly has a fanclub >>1711646
D keeps going in spaces with him and @ing him

No. 1749831

Thanks for the update, Kaitlin Phillips

No. 1749839

no one’s defending those retards we just don’t fucking care. Farmers have told you to just make your own thread so many times and you’re a retard if you think that’s in defense of these other freaks you keep obsessively posting about

No. 1749866

This thread has always allowed for and discussed freaks that A&D promote and talk about on the pod which applies to the pedophile nft and the toothpaste seller, >>1742802 >>1742447 these are some of the most popular posts in this thread, others have brought her up, the ones you're complaining about are about the freaks p8stie is involved with which you'd know if you read or not be bothered by if you ignored, counter-signaling against something that has always been allowed in these threads (especially when its pedophiles, misogynists, their pickmes and their grifts A&D shill) is suspicious and if you don't care don't read but I'm not the only poster and if you have a problem get out of this thread

No. 1749867

you don’t have a right to derail the thread with this bullshit that only matters to you without people telling you to fuck off. you leave the thread, you’re the one that keeps annoying everyone

No. 1749868

File: 1674352441925.webm (4.25 MB, 786x492, dimessquarerpg.webm)

from the sub this is some of the most reddit shit ive ever seen but kindve amusing

No. 1749869

Other anons have replied and added things i didnt know lol theres no derail people are still posting about the cows, nobodys forced to obey you

No. 1749874

>>1749869 Your multiple personalities don’t count as other anons

No. 1749882

so happy to know that low value autistic men who have no world outside of their reproductive urge breed with pickmes all who age rapidly after their first child. so much "theory" to be totally enslaved to their lizard brain. men are inferior truly in every way.

No. 1749886

thiel part is funny but is there any truth to it or is that just a rumor they denied that never dies

No. 1749891

Ughh, even when you try and post on-topic it's awful. You are such an unfunny tryhard

No. 1749896

That isnt me lmfao but accusing different anons of being each other wont make it true no matter how many times you samefag saying the same thing

No. 1749898

I know that's what he is functionally but has he ever outright said he believes in gay male separatism anywhere, I'm just curious

No. 1749902

right back at you, the second one wasn’t me. get over yourself

No. 1749907

Get a job!

No. 1749910

if you stop mini-modding and accusing different farmers of samefagging maybe they won't do it to you and you can stop being a waste of space in the thread

No. 1749912

File: 1674355271368.jpeg (84.13 KB, 605x421, 9326DE66-AB4D-4726-BB07-2A7EA3…)

Homosexual detected

No. 1749914

maybe if you have multiple people accusing you because of your same low iq typing style and autistic fixation on this off-topic group of people there’s something to it

No. 1749917

You're the one who sounds lukewarm iq accusing different people of being each other with a shitty broken radar then expecting to be treated any differently the toothpaste poster and the pedophile nft have both been discussed by several people, in the pod and the cows still rt them and shill their grifts but keep repeating yourself and mini-modding retard

No. 1749918


infighting is getting so old shut the fuck up thanks

No. 1749920

kill yourself

No. 1749922

File: 1674357487291.jpeg (140.33 KB, 633x960, DF400903-5D76-4D47-83ED-6A0F84…)

I wonder how Matthew feels about BAP and Dasha flirting with each other I saw her tweet asking for more pictures of him after the last one leaked. Dashew claims to be into smaller ugly jewish types but I wonder if its a cope and she'd rather be with a bodybuilder if she could actually get one to settle for her

No. 1749924

The low-iq remiliafags are back again to whine about me from exposing their Indian pedophile ring. Another really embarrassing samefag attempt. Lurk more moidies!

No. 1749928

Poster above is also not me but clearly also has enough against the pedo nft to insert that lol. Mods can tell this no one needs you to minimod. Maybe kys instead
This is performative so they can grow their audiences off each other she's too old for him as a woman according to what he's posted before and realistically he would rather be with men

No. 1749933

I was mocking you retard(infighting)

No. 1749936

So now you're wasting space pretending to be other anons lmfao when I wasn't even the one to initially expose or post about them and several other anons do, but you're calling me a retard. Literally wasting space in the thread. I didn't expose anything, I joined in with others who did. Nothing I'm doing is against the rules and you're minimodding tagging other anons pretending to be someone else, actually derailing the thread. You sound really mad

No. 1749941

>Writing paragraphs complaining about others "wasting space" and "being mad"

No. 1749942

>>1749936 lol you’ve accused me of being another anon for the second time now. this is so sad, maybe if you keep posting these people you’re obsessed with you’ll get a reply to it every now and then but it doesn’t change the fact that more people have told you to take this somewhere else. not even saying you don’t have anything, it just doesn’t belong here

No. 1749947

>>1749936 this is better than the cows at this point

No. 1749948

Ditto, and I wasn't the one to first post about them in lolcow lol I just reply to other posts and add more and these cows still promote their grifts I can say whatever I want about it, stay mad

Yes when tagged by others to stop infighting its really basic knowledge that you shouldnt reply by pretending to be other farmers, that actually is wasting space and derailing

No. 1749954

how can it be the same person when the last posts you’re accusing of being a samefag came in at the exact same time you dumb bitch

No. 1749955

that cow is mentioned in the ops everyone knows you can talk about anyone in the ops usually twitterfags a+d interact with you are in fact acting like you have the right to moderate and samefagging

No. 1749959

stop infighting you can prepare a post ahead of time or post from different devices that's a dumb bitch question to ask, move on for fucks sake

No. 1749963

Tbh it's really not crazy at all to think that it could be people who like them who started using lolcow and are here defending them asking for them to have their own thread bc ive seen the same users in their discord as lolcow discord when i was lurking their server once

No. 1749971

There are so many ways you could write two posts at once if you want to, is this a serious question?

No. 1749983

peak male desirability at 40 is such a lie too old fathers (≥ 40 years) increase the risk of cardiovascular abnormalities facial deformities, urogenital abnormalities, chromosome disorders all kinds of mental illnesses and so much more always remember old moid sperm is defective

No. 1749998

go read old threads on thiel newfag stop derailing

No. 1750084

the queen is back

No. 1750116

File: 1674383634360.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1821, 9BF68A37-4F0E-46CF-8391-A37CF6…)

to repeat what anon in that screenshot said: is there anything worse than being a pickme for incels? serious question. why would they need their own festival
in other news dasha has come out in support of pericles after the journo's piece cancelling him >>1748289 as did his followers who are tweeting: "The Red Scare vote will push Perry to electoral triumph" perry who said child porn sentences are too long. all these pedo and pedoish moids are talked about more than they should be here but it makes sense given these cows are always coming out supporting them and this time helping turn one into an elected official

No. 1750124

You are now aware that her main account has been supposedly permabanned numerous times but she keeps coming back, most likely because she's connected to a tardcon think tank

No. 1750180

This could be potential threadpic. I don't get who Anna was supposed to represent though

No. 1750259

has to be it. no one who isnt connected gets past a permanent suspension. aimee has been permed at least twice. someone is making calls to safety team on her behalf.

No. 1750266

ive literally never heard of a temp suspension on twitter that shows up with the "account suspended" screen/message. or heard of someone getting unperma'd multiple times. especially some australian lunatic who posts pepes and cries about burgerland politics 23/7/365. there's something really interesting going on here that backs up all the stuff posted/written about aimee terese's connections to claremont or whatever conservative think tank

No. 1750272

Right, temp bans are always with the account still up but they just can't tweet for like three days or a week. Account suspended practically always means you're out for good.

No. 1750300

The only other ones I can think of who got a reinstatement are literally Trump and a couple of other burger conservative accounts who got banned for COVID misinformation, like Bill Mitchell. Aimee has literally been unbanned more times than Trump lol. This is like her third or fourth.
Not trying to be a "hurr durr everything is CIA" style Sean McCarthy conspiracy faggot but it's definitely interesting.

No. 1750303

This dude is gay, if he’s flirting that says something interesting about how he sees her. Not a shock, most Dasha simps I’ve seen are also into trannies and talk about sucking dick

No. 1750316

I swear felix once got a perma for something and was reinstated within a few hours, and i'm not talking about when he was swarthyvillain.

No. 1750318

File: 1674419123797.png (43.82 KB, 1212x150, dashas big break.png)

There's Oscar buzz already i fear

No. 1750321

I can easily believe that

No. 1750322

File: 1674419428187.png (981 KB, 1176x2102, ed.png)

another TruAnon guest outed as a pedo

No. 1750324

i feel like "very funny" hasn't been a compliment for the last 60 years or so

No. 1750328

Brace Belden literally has sex offender registry phenotype. That's not meant to be a stealthy antisemitic dig, he just looks like a smug little creep with skeletons in his closet. Then again, literally 3/4 of the moids in this scene have that look.
Any more milk on this Opperman guy?

No. 1750333

File: 1674420742076.jpeg (356.01 KB, 1415x943, 43F91C2C-A683-4D19-8653-3E572B…)

Dasha’s head is so huge compared to the other women

No. 1750334

File: 1674420884296.png (413.4 KB, 1252x1314, sundance.png)

Reviews for the movie Dasha's in are mixed. A lot of bad reviews from general public audiences rolling in. Dasha plays an obnoxious shallow model named Beverly who gets beat up by Jennifer Connelly.

No. 1750335

Pretty sure roun_sa_ville and samelpan got their accounts reinstated after getting suspended

No. 1750336

custardloaf too. Aimee's been reinstated a bunch of times which is pretty unique

No. 1750337

Ben Whishaw is 5'9, which means if Dasha's not wearing flats here, she's lying about her height…

No. 1750339

File: 1674422335999.jpg (262.27 KB, 1365x2048, dasha sundance hat 1.jpg)


No. 1750340

Miss Jennifer Connelly herself beats up Dashew??? Now this I need to see

No. 1750350

Does she have to make that retard face in every picture?
She's wearing what look to be 2-3 inches high heels. If she's 5'4, that puts her at 5'6 to 5'7.

No. 1750361

terrible outfit

No. 1750364

t r o l l f a c e d a s h a
t r o l l f a c e d a s h a

No. 1750394

File: 1674435179845.png (163.29 KB, 1186x648, aimee.png)

Her ass is not cleaning anything

No. 1750397

Anna and Dasha height truth. Anna says she’s 5’4” and Dasha says 5’7”, more like 5’1” and 5’4”. They say taller to make it look like they don’t date manlets, and when they say their weight or dress size it seems more impressive to anachans if they’re taller. Being a size 0 at 5’1 isn’t anything crazy, it’s a normal size for a tiny lady

No. 1750400

I've seen dasha in person she is at least 5'6

No. 1750409

With all that Adderall in the system, why wouldn't she be cleaning in between posting?

No. 1750419

These are the only pics I've seen of her where her hairy doesn't look limp and greasy. Also, did she get blepharoplasty? I remember her eyelids looking a lot more hooded and asymmetrical

No. 1750420

File: 1674437848904.jpg (698.61 KB, 3000x2000, GettyImages-1373210805[1].jpg)

Dasha looks over 6' tall in this pic.

No. 1750426

Exactly I don't know if the anon who was like "duh temp bans are a thing" just doesn't know how to tell temp vs perm bans or is running interference for the Adderall queen but anyone who pays attention knows that she's gotten out of multiple bans that some rando couldn't come back from

No. 1750443

looks like the way my old high school principal would dress minus the hat. i really loathe those boots they look so dated to me.

No. 1750444

Braun is 6’7” and she’s at least 10 inches shorter than him in whatever heels she’s wearing. Brian Cox is very short, like 5’5”.

No. 1750446

File: 1674440941906.jpg (243.64 KB, 1323x1532, FnGTzRDX0AEcE-r.jpg)

Anna got embarrassed and deleted this tweet.

No. 1750450

Jeremy Strong is 5'10.5 according to IMDB and she looks a couple inches taller in the pic

No. 1750456

lol ok. It’s a little word salad but I’m not sure why she deleted. Too dog-whistle? Didn’t want to seem too American talking about “we”?

No. 1750460

File: 1674442291825.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1125x1849, 66066534-F169-4227-B23F-49DBAD…)

Dasha wore giant 6 inch heels that night, see picrelated. She’s 5’4” and has always lied about it. On a recent pod ep they spent literally 90 mins talking about their totally real heights of 5’4” (Anna) and 5’7”. But Dasha kept giving the game away saying to Anna, “you’re so tiny, you’re my shortest friend” when Anna’s supposed height is dead average. I love their short girl cope because they bring it up on the pod so much you can tell it REALLY bothers them that anyone think they’re anything less than statuesque, it’s like a little crack in their narcissism where the truth almost gets in, like when a troon sees a mirror, and the seethe is just delicious

No. 1750465

I've never seen a more desperate manosphere shill than Aimee. You'd think Anna was worse, but she looks like Dworkin compared to her

No. 1750466

I thought the height discourse was boring until your comment. You really stepped it up. Please bring more energy like this to the thread. (I guess this might sound sarcastic but it’s not lol)

No. 1750473

Yeah and Nick Mullen is 5’8. Sure

No. 1750485

All this. TY anon. Makes it even funnier they brag about being below a 6 when that’s a normal size for someone of their heights and statures. For Dasha not exactly difficult to fit into a 2-4 when you’re 5’4 with no tits, ass, and a shit WHR, and for Anna, not hard to fit into a 0 when you’re barely over 5 ft

No. 1750496

>Dasha as a model
Fucking kek, who did the casting?

No. 1750502

File: 1674448795257.jpeg (335.4 KB, 750x603, 6E86E3C0-0A1C-41B4-8678-A58999…)

Why are bridge trolls being cast as models named Beverly? What’s happened to Hollywood?

No. 1750573

I don't know what to tell you, she was that tall in person

No. 1750637

File: 1674477792281.png (609.47 KB, 640x1136, D1F50D76-6AD6-4C86-BF46-92A9FF…)

Interesting…the director of Bad Behaviour, Alice Englert (who Dasha met while working on The Serpent – they both acted in it), has only been reposting the stories of this Maori actor from her film while at Sundance, including this one where Dasha is cropped out and not tagged…

No. 1750644

the height fixation is boring. i've also met dasha and she's at least 5'6". i'm 5'4" and she had a solid 2 inches on me. why is this a thing. move on.

No. 1750710

im not going to argue height either way but just wanted to note how crazy it is to me how often A+D pathologically lie about everything so much that they cant even be consistent on a fake height to LARP as

No. 1750719

She's not even a good actress, so I really don't get how she keeps getting these roles. Who she sucking off

No. 1750728

The height discourse is boring but still kind of funny since they bring it up constantly and it clearly bothers them so much. I remember Anna claiming she wanted to be 5'7" and saying "what I wouldn't do with an extra 3 inches!" Don't you mean 7 inches you insecure little womanlet? Kek I also think they both exclusively date manlets to look taller in comparison.

>"not to WK Dasha but…"

No. 1750733

Bad Behavior Q&A

No. 1750787

Brace has baselessly named at least three mainstream journalists as having impending #metoo's over the past three years on TrueAnon, yet in the past month we've found out at two of their guests have been sex perverts lmao

It's a matter of time before something comes out about him or Felix and then this whole scene will quietly recede back into twitter

No. 1750804

I think they’re all under a million layers of legal agreements and NDAs because Virgil Texas basically doesn’t exist anymore but some contract somewhere must stipulate his face had to be on the Bad Faith show banners and it’s clear they can’t legally take it off or they would lol (he’s probably still getting paid too). Not that I know anything about it but obviously something is weird there and with the Stav split etc.

No. 1750810

What journalists?

No. 1750812

It's honestly remarkable that nothing substantial has come up about Virgil in over a year and a half. I get why the Chapos can't do anything aside click the like button on snarky tweets from their orbiters like GarlicCorgi and Coochiebone, but there's literally been nothing of substance since Briahna Joy Gray or whatever her name is since saying Virgil would make a statement "soon" right after the accusations.

No. 1750824

this, anna brags about her 19 BMI which may be supermodel skinny on a tall girl but is just normal slim on 5 foot nothing. these narcs can't be normal tho they have to be soooo tiny, they basically INVENTED the skinny revival ok haters?

semi-related, in this same Christmas episode mentioned here >>1750460 Dasha gleefully brought up "lasagna Anna" in the context of ways their fans/haters embarrass them. Anna let out a little groan, you could tell it pained her to have it mentioned, and started coping with, "well, lasagna Anna is an affectionate nickname, the pic is kinda cute…" and dasha backtracks "oh yeah totally." then when D opened Anna's gift of a chess set she mentioned Anna was the third person to gift her one. idk if something's up but it was pretty cunty to neg Anna's height, former weight, and Christmas gift all one episode. the frenemy vibe was noticeable.

No. 1750832

Nonas stop bone rattling. It's not normal/expected to be a size zero or 100lbs or a low BMI just because you're short. Sorry if I'm misreading but that's what it looks like you're all arguing and it's fucking weird anachan shit. I'm officially triggered lol, stop it. That's not how BMI works and that's not how height and clothing sizes and adult female hips etc work. Are you all even grown women in here? (don't answer that)

No. 1750846

No one said that though? They're saying A&D are inflating their heights to make their weights sound more extreme and supermodel skinny, rather than just admitting they're petite small-boned women and their size isn't especially rare or unusual for their frames. No one is saying all short people need to be thin, just that these two are LARPing as thinner than they are. And duh 100 lbs looks thinner on a 5'7" woman than a 5'0" woman, it's literally the difference between being normal weight and underweight. Stop getting triggered by basic physics kek

No. 1750847

You’re misinformed, go look at a height/weight chart. 95 pounds and size 0 at 5 ft is a normal and healthy weight. At 5’4 it would be underweight. They both know what they’re doing

No. 1750854

Sorry not buying it. Seen way too many bitches in my time try to claim obvious taller heights than they are. Bitch is dead average at 5’4, she can get as thin as she wants she will never look like a model because she’s not tall or pretty enough

No. 1750856

That would mean Anna is like 5' even

No. 1750858

>why is this a thing. Move on
Fucking kek.

No. 1750860

Idk what it is but there’s something so ghoulish and creepy about Dasha’s body language… Like she’s not saying anything “wrong” per say but when she starts talking about “having empathy as an actor” or whatever it actually makes my skin crawl… it’s giving sociopath

No. 1750861

Yes. Her dad is an Armenian manlet and her mom is a womanlet. This produces a woman that’s also very small. Glad we got that cleared up

No. 1750862

File: 1674509264518.jpeg (90.53 KB, 289x524, 3B6B876F-F012-46E5-8021-F23A30…)

How are her boobs this saggy when she barely has anything? She’s so disgusting all around

No. 1750864

She fucked a casting director. Why the fuck else would she be playing a model while looking like Elle Fanning if she started doing crack and heroin?

No. 1750865

File: 1674509959897.jpeg (127.24 KB, 750x633, FFE21C72-7A71-415A-824D-37AC1B…)

No. 1750869

The casting director seems to be a New Zealand only guy so more likely Alice Englert was a fan or thought she’d be believable as a narcissistic influencer. They were both in the forgotten netflix series The Serpent.

No. 1750872

She says in the q&a that Alice sent her the script.. either way several reviews on letterboxd and in the press have mentioned what a standout she is in the role. keep coping and seething tho

No. 1750874

Why is Englert cutting her out of photos and not tagging her? Dasha is a woman who bragged about fucking directors years ago. A lot of feminists hate women like Dasha and for good reason

No. 1750876

Maybe she lied and that’s why AE is cutting her out of photos on ig

No. 1750878

> D opened Anna's gift of a chess set she mentioned Anna was the third person to gift her one
What’s her body count at now?

No. 1750884

Ah so she was too lazy to find a more attractive woman and relied on a previous coworker. Makes sense. I wonder if she was even paid for the role. I bet all the money went to the great JC

No. 1750888

File: 1674512313544.jpeg (82.03 KB, 750x320, 683CA5A0-4B2D-4744-AFBE-9A9E17…)

If she did her own hair and makeup why does she look like a bag of shit whenever she’s not attending some film event?

No. 1751214

I know I'm late but I was a lurker at both Salo Forum and The Phora around a decade ago so I'll tell you people a few things I remember.

Yes, Niccolo and Donkey/@FistedFoucault ran Salo along with his brother who used the handle "Broseph." Many Salo posters were crossovers from The Phora, which was a White Nationalist forum where people like Hunter Wallace/Occidental Dissent used to post.

In addition to being a fanatical Ustaše and Hitler apologist, probably the most memorable thing about Niccolo/@FistedFoucault was his long-winded defense of the Anders Behring Breivik shooting. No, he was not being ironic. He spent days arguing back and forth in one thread that what Breivik did was good and justified and would be a boost to the far right in Europe. Niccolo's stance was so extreme that it frightened the other White Nationalists on the board (most of them preferred to argue that Breivik was a Jewish psyop because he made some pro-Israel comments in his manifesto and his victims were mainly Nordic teenagers). The contemporary right-wing already has serious mass shooters vibes, and Niccolo is just another example of that. So that's the kind of person Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova are promoting.

I was also in the groupchat (or "shout box" as they called it) with Thomas777 and others. In addition to the rabid antisemitism you'd expect (he fantasized about murdering Jews) from a fascist, Thomas also had a creepy unironic fascination with necrophilia. He would frequently go into detail about sexual acts he'd like to perform on dead Jewish corpses.

Bronze Age Pervert was also there, but I have to admit he was a minor character. I never got the impression he was Ivy-educated because he seemed only able to discuss Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and Leo Strauss, and not with much depth or sophistication. Funnily, BAP's politics were pretty much those of a Straussian neoconservative and he'd post all the same War on Terror bullshit that was popular among American conservatives at the time. He was an unironic Debbie Schlussel fan.

There were some other characters but I don't think they've resurfaced, like Mladikov, a schizo who was into Orthodox Christianity and would randomly meltdown at someone every goddamn week. I also vaguely remember the Salo feud with MyPostingCareer, but frankly everyone involved in that was a loser. Pretty much all the psychoses you see among the online right these days was already there a decade ago. At the time, it was mildly amusing and confined to an obscure niche, but now it's become very tiresome and it's embarrassing for anyone involved in it.

At this point, I think I might hate Red Scare fans like @credenzaclear2 more than Anna and Dasha themselves. It's their fucking retarded and cowardly fans like Audrey who are addicted to the clout and dopamine rush who keep Anna and Dasha afloat and let them get away with what they do.

No. 1751267

you mentioning the Phora gave me a sudden flashback of being a hapless high schooler winding up on the site and becoming very confused and unsettled, thank you(?)
also i find it rather disconcerting that people's paths down fuckwit rightwing ideology were once a niche and contained phenomenon whereas now they're as commonplace as an ingrown toenail, but i guess the same could be said for any ideology really

No. 1751281

>I also vaguely remember the Salo feud with MyPostingCareer, but frankly everyone involved in that was a loser.
Well yes, that's the whole point lol

But seriously nonna, thanks for the additional insight, I'm one of AYRT and this all jibes with what I remember. I actually lurked MPC a lot more than Salo. Salo just creeped me out, but MPC was endlessly lulzy because of the distance between their self-perception (the serious highbrow forum that's an alternative to Stormfront) and the reality (a bunch of tardraging failmales with junior high school levels of interpersonal drama.) This provided hours of free entertainment, at least until I finally got a job and no longer had all day to waste gawking at online nazis kek

I remember Mladikov, he somehow managed to be one of the few people who was welcome on both forums despite their feud. Pretty sure he got in trouble with the law for grooming an underage girl. BAP also posted on MPC as I recall, so bizarre to see him show up as a "serious" rightwing intellectual a decade later.

No. 1751288

File: 1674541754100.gif (183.83 KB, 220x124, 54AF4FE9-C86E-490F-AD48-53B7AE…)

Thank you lol

No. 1751313

having seen her out a few times it seems like she doesn't typically wear makeup or do her hair or put effort into picking an outfit. tbf not every woman does that stuff every time they leave the house, but given how critical she is of other women's appearance it does strike me as odd how little effort she seems to put into her own

No. 1751325

its probably because she thinks she can pull off the "effortless" look, like she just naturally looks so stunning it doesn't matter what she's wearing or how she's styled her hair, but she has none of the charisma (and probably not the looks) needed for it

No. 1751373

Only relatable thing about her if true

No. 1751384

>no one said that
The post directly above the one you’re replying to literally said 19bmi is supermodel skinny on a tall girl but normal on a short girl which is not how bmi works

No. 1751389

>In addition to being a fanatical Ustaše and Hitler apologist, probably the most memorable thing about Niccolo/@FistedFoucault was his long-winded defense of the Anders Behring Breivik shooting. No, he was not being ironic. He spent days arguing back and forth in one thread that what Breivik did was good and justified and would be a boost to the far right in Europe. Niccolo's stance was so extreme that it frightened the other White Nationalists on the board (most of them preferred to argue that Breivik was a Jewish psyop because he made some pro-Israel comments in his manifesto and his victims were mainly Nordic teenagers). The contemporary right-wing already has serious mass shooters vibes, and Niccolo is just another example of that. So that's the kind of person Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova are promoting.

>I was also in the groupchat (or "shout box" as they called it) with Thomas777 and others. In addition to the rabid antisemitism you'd expect (he fantasized about murdering Jews) from a fascist, Thomas also had a creepy unironic fascination with necrophilia. He would frequently go into detail about sexual acts he'd like to perform on dead Jewish corpses.

Sure would be a shame if the people involved with Dasha's new film got wind of this. Not like there that many Jews who work in NYC and Hollywood or anything like that.

No. 1751423

Sorry for spoonfed request but I feel like I missed why Anna mentions Aella every episode lately. Did they interact somewhere and I missed it? I never heard of Aella until Anna brought her up, cursory Google shows she’s a “sex worker advocate” in the tip-top % of onlyfans earners. Is the pro-sex-work thing why Anna dislikes her (one of Anna’s only good opinions) or is there something else?

No. 1751432

Ok then, respond to that post directly rather than sperging out and claiming everyone here is triggering you by accurately pointing out they’re lying about their heights and not as thin as they claim?

No. 1751433

She’s a cow with her own thread here. I’m guessing Anna hates her because she’s also a brunette pedo pandering pick-me who grifts off manosphere moids more successfully than Anna does. Basically professional competition.

No. 1751508

Dasha's like 5'6 to 5'7 in person. Saw her at a Scary screening back in the day

No. 1751509

samefag but I've never seen Anna in person so not sure how tall she really is

No. 1751550

it must be exhausting convincing your most mentally ill to do mass shootings and then when one happens you have to make lies about the feds doing it. every few months.

No. 1751551

this wasnt directed to the nonna who posted milk specifically, just the collective shes referring to

No. 1751552

Sarah Squirm's on the new TrueAnon talking Real Housewives, best episode in a minute

No. 1751563

File: 1674586429661.jpeg (250.15 KB, 640x959, 5C692AAF-AE58-41FA-9E09-F9198F…)

Roommate Leia's making a movie about teenage youtubers

No. 1751565

Please tell me “bone boy” isn’t the name of the movie

No. 1751567

She’s on Hollywood Handbook this week too

No. 1751568

She's everywhere lately, SNL's clearly trying to prop her and Chloe Fineman up as the new faces of the show now that Cecily's gone. I'm not complaining, she's genuinely the best cast member they got right now.

No. 1751569

thank you sarah squirm street team, very cool

No. 1751570

Between this and the tiktok thing she was on for awhile Leia sure loves those teens

No. 1751571

Has there been any updates on the SPW movie since Jacob Elordi said he was in it?
Hope she's not casting actual 14/15 year olds.

No. 1751574

but is she getting along with meat brick?

No. 1751575

leia is about to wrangle up some cute twinks and we still complain

No. 1751579

File: 1674589099927.png (5.7 MB, 2184x1494, Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 2.33…)

the face: goofy
the sweater: reeks of rent the runway
the hair: honestly 10x better than a year ago, ngl i'm impressed and unironically wondering how she did it. i think she mentioned taking hair vitamins but they didn't do anything. does being a peatard work nonnas?

No. 1751585

I'm pretty sure she got on the show through Sarah

No. 1751596

File: 1674591625901.png (98.89 KB, 210x220, she's literally balding.png)

Chernobyl side effects kicking in

No. 1751598

It’s just extensions nonna her hair looks thicker/better overall but if you look at her hairline and part you can see that she’s still balding

No. 1751602

File: 1674592997228.jpeg (166.91 KB, 516x773, FE290360-AB94-45D2-AF40-42DCBC…)

Her hairline looks the same as before

No. 1751603

Maybe Anna just regretted reminding people that she's old enough to remember the Cold War

No. 1751607

majority was edited over the summer, probably seeking distribution now. SPW has a reputation for being kind of a bum so don’t hold your breath

No. 1751608

Personally I don’t even find her ugly but her skin and hair look pretty unhealthy when she wears them naturally

No. 1751624

There's a scene in Bad Behaviour that's going to be memed to hell and back when it hits streaming: the attendees at the wellness retreat pair up to do an exercise where one pretends to be a mother and the other a baby; Jennifer Connelly and Dasha are paired up and Dasha's fussing over a swaddled up Jennifer and says "did baby do a poop-poop? did baby do a poop-poop?" while holding back laughter

No. 1751631

and then of course when Jennifer yells at Dasha to shut the fuck up and pulls the chair she's sitting on out from under her and beats her with it so cathartic

No. 1751653

Yeah. In boots maybe

No. 1751654

Maybe she did her own makeup because it looks pretty barebones but I don’t buy she did her own hair. If she has extensions all the more unbelievable she did it all on her own

No. 1751656

Artificially inflated confidence from all the drugs she does and her faceless simps online

No. 1751658

Nta, maybe not bmi but it is how weight works. 90-100 pounds and size 0 on a 5 ft woman is normal but the same weight on a taller woman would be rail thin ED territory. Same thing with clothing sizes, a size 0 on a 5 ft woman isn’t underweight, but size 0 on taller woman is

No. 1751660

Samefag and I think Anna knows if she was more attractive to men she might’ve gone down an aella path

No. 1751662

She had nice hair before she went anachan or vegan or whatever she’s doing. I think her diet and undereating is really fucking up her hormones

No. 1751698

all I hear is rattling. It’s gets really tired that there’s always some nasty fucks in here saying the stupidest shit just to make one dig at a cow. Everyone is all on their moral high horse about crypto freaks grooming girls into being anorexic and how you have to speak out against stupidity lest some impressionable youth should see it and take it as fact but the same type of nonnies try to argue 90-100 pounds is the normal weight for an adult woman 5ft tall just to support their theory that the cows are lying about height (but not their weight apparently— the weight numbers are real but not impressive because Anna and Dasha are akchually shorter then they say, which is already a retarded place to start from) now we’re saying short people should be <100 pounds to be normal? Cool, that certainly wouldn’t negatively affect any teenage girls lurking the thread and is a normal thing to say and think, after all it’s supported by the BMI charts which have famously been reasonable and good for short people and women since they were developed by a male mathematician 200 years ago based on average size of men around him at the time reeeeeeee

No. 1751703


Lol, you just wrote a wall of text of nothing new … Jude.

No. 1751711

Nothing I said was an anachan opinion, it’s based in fact. 100 pounds is HEALTHY for a 5 ft tall person, but for someone taller it is not. THIS IS A FACT. Stop writing walls of text and go Google about it retard.

No. 1751742

I’m sorry you’re an obese womanlet and everything triggers you but no one here gives a fuck about your moralfagging essays, thanks for playing

No. 1751744

So basically Chasing Cameron ?

No. 1751747

>MPC was endlessly lulzy because of the distance between their self-perception (the serious highbrow forum that's an alternative to Stormfront) and the reality (a bunch of tardraging failmales with junior high school levels of interpersonal drama.)

LOL I lurked MPC too. Trump's loss truly broke them and it's beautiful. It's still funny to see the mod pivot from defending Christian values to tongue-bathing Weev's balls and back again

No. 1751788

TL;DR, I’m simply too tall and slim to read walls of text from seething fatties kek

No. 1751808

i support you nonna and wish all the seething scarethots itc would get out of our thread but 100 lbs at 5 ft actually is normal

No. 1751812

>At this point, I think I might hate Red Scare fans like @credenzaclear2 more than Anna and Dasha themselves. It's their fucking retarded and cowardly fans like Audrey who are addicted to the clout and dopamine rush who keep Anna and Dasha afloat and let them get away with what they do.

omg same, so tired of all these cowardly scarethots who claim they're done with the pod and yet keep stanning and RTing anna and dasha and the rest of the dime square crowd. either have the courage to drop them completely or fuck off!

No. 1751816

average height woman here and sorry that waif heroin chic style preferred by a+d isnt in trend anymore and having curves, muscle and fat is in, to the point women with your body type pay thousands upon thousands to transfer fat to the right places. enjoy the sunken face as you age from low bmi and then getting shitty fillers to replace it that eventually give you a pillowface. oh and i may not be skinny but i can guarantee with my normal bmi that i have a lower whr than you cause i actually have hips and an ass.

still suspect cows and moids are the ones here talking shit to farmers
get out of our thread, this isnt a scarethot thread for you to find community, women can say their opinions regarding harmful narratives about what their bodies should look like

No. 1751817

File: 1674622119090.jpeg (186.48 KB, 414x554, CBABCDFB-EABA-409A-803F-0FA9B6…)

Yet another Dimes Square feature in the works, directed by the nepo baby son of Julian Schnabel. Hunter Zimny manning the camera, Eli on the score, Sophie Corra editing, Leia involved in some capacity.

No. 1751818

this is that dyke mod who got kicked off the subreddit

No. 1751820

idk if you're talking about me or the people i'm replying to but im not a dyke and was never a reddit mod lol

No. 1751821

is it me or has the Biden presidency broke the brains of American conservatives even more than the Black Guy? the nuttiest Tea Party activist looks mild compared to many "mainstream" Republicans now.

No. 1751826

Absolutely. They lash out more childishly every day, the accelerationism gets more delusional and saying "based" through forced laughter and flop sweat. Love it.

No. 1751827

I wonder how many scarethots like Audrey keep on with their behavior because they're too scared or immature to take a long hard look in the mirror and consider the possibility that getting involved in this scene was a huge mistake from the start.

No. 1751833

File: 1674624507092.png (61.3 KB, 584x440, 5645512417442.png)

Yup. This one's funny because even r/redscarepod users think DeliciousTacos is a creep.

No. 1751836

File: 1674625371777.jpeg (276.84 KB, 1242x660, C4E50712-6763-4390-8CF4-157CDF…)

in the podsurrection episode at around 1:10 anna claimed one of her new years resolutions was not to comment on womens appearance, and here she is failing at that by proxy less than a month into 2023

No. 1751842

This kind of shit is why women with average size breasts (the average in the US is like 34-36DD) are more sexualized and degraded for wearing clothes any woman with small breasts could wear anywhere without anyone, especially other women, thinking twice or that she's a slut for it. Sure they may still get sexualized by some moids, it happens even when covered from neck to toe, but women with small breasts are more likely to be praised for a cute outfit, whereas the opposite are shamed for the exact same one, or can't even wear a tank top. By breaking her resolution, Anna continues to spread misogyny that gets women sexually harassed on a daily basis. It even reminds me of when scrotes on this side of twitter would call a preference for small breasts aristocratic and get called gay for it like this nonnie pointed out about this scrote, >>1749912 it's as if they want you to hate everything maternal in the female body, and could also serve as a troon psyop since they can only grow small amounts of breast tissue with HRT

No. 1751849

her boobs aren't even small…? does she have any actual awareness of her body left or has it all been abstracted away into a befuddling web of lies

No. 1751851

> It even reminds me of when scrotes on this side of twitter would call a preference for small breasts aristocratic
Many Aristocrats engaged in pederasty (sex with literal boys) so this checks out

No. 1751872

>we shouldn’t buy into harmful narratives about women’s bodies
>m-muh body type is trendier than yours
NTA but lmaoooo

No. 1751898

There never was a "vibe shift." It was just a small circle jerk trying to wish it into existence.

No. 1751936

>women with average size breasts are more sexualized and degraded for wearing clothes any woman with small breasts could wear anywhere without anyone, especially other women, thinking twice
>women with small breasts are more likely to be praised for a cute outfit
then, in the same post
>it's as if they want you to hate everything maternal in the female body, and could also serve as a troon psyop since they can only grow small amounts of breast tissue

you retards should learn to think critically about what you're saying for one second before you post. the gall you have to be like 'omg women with big breasts are more oppressed than small boobed women!' only to follow it up with 'big tits are more feminine and attractive than those tranny-looking A-cup excuses for 'females' could ever be!!! men only like flat chests because they want to fuck little boys and trannies!!! anyone being attracted to flat-chested women is a TRANNY PSYOP!!!!'. sincerely you should go smack your head off a doorframe until your brain cells slot back into place. go put your back braces on for your floppy triple D's and pretend your stretched-out t-shirts are a symbol of 'divine femininity' or whatever other fat bitch cope you've got waiting to whip out.

No. 1751967

NTA but can you like calm down the sun is barely up and you're screeching that anons are fat bitches and telling people to smack their head on doorframes lol, it's giving poorly medicated

No. 1751969

This whole stupid debate of fat vs. skinny, tall vs. short, big boobs vs. small boobs is just cows vs. cows. You’re all sperging hypocritically about “harmful body standards” while also trying to claim your personal body type is better and more attractive. You can’t just make a point about how women’s bodies are scrutinized, you have to follow it up with some childish bullshit like
>e-enjoy your big floppy double Ds fatso
>you bony anachans will never be VoLuPtUOuS like me!!1
that gives away how insecure you truly are. The moo is coming from inside the barn you fucking retards, kek

No. 1752017

Wtf is going on lol… It’s like someone fed the first spergout comment into a predictive text AI and generated more of them

No. 1752022

He looks like a tool, but how is he connected to the Dimes Square people?

No. 1752033

Probably just mingles with the scene in NYC, living off his trust fund like everyone else. The entire crew on the movie is Dimes people.

No. 1752069

No one cares about your copes about your body type being superior lmao loser. You’re just as bad as them

No. 1752118

File: 1674668943384.jpeg (370.65 KB, 1179x816, B6532D54-89C4-44C8-B5D5-A6F49A…)

Monica Mommy Milkers basically subtweeted dasha and dasha QT’d to call herself ran through (not really but that’s how I’m reading it lol)

No. 1752121

rare mocha moment of clarity

No. 1752122

They're both right. Women like Dasha realize they're too fucked up & degenerate to be attractive to normal established men, so they gravitate toward lonely desperate men for the attention and validation they crave. It's just NLOGism on crack.

No. 1752136

would imagine its a combination of her constant cycling through diets (according to whatever tao lin and twitter decide will cure autism that week) and her constant nicotine use. i never see her without a vape and you can hear her hitting it every 10 seconds on the pod as well

No. 1752140

why are these millennials perpetually six months behind? it's so exhausting. stop trying to comment on culture when your finger is so far off the pulse

No. 1752181

Isn't car insurance literally cheaper for women because they get into fewer accidents?

No. 1752188

credenza clear/audrey is like 23, she's just a homeschooled shut in obsessed with red scare

No. 1752190

you sound 4'9"

No. 1752201

she's a clusterbee predator and incels are the prey. perfectly balanced

No. 1752210

no she's not lol she's posted age before, she's in her early to mid 30s

No. 1752212

that's even worse lmao

No. 1752218

Maybe because we are anons with different opinions. Looks like you’re the retard. Sexually preferring flat or barely there tits is gay. For example, lot of dasha simps are also into literal boys and trannies. I didn’t make the rules, you want a guy with aristocratic taste then pay the price

No. 1752242

fat cope

No. 1752251

There are thin women with boobs. All the guys who are really sexually interested in flat bitches also want to fuck boys, unless you’re like Paris Hilton and have small breasts but paired with a good HWR. Take it up with nature. Some men will lie to you and say they love small tits, check their computer babe

No. 1752253

Imagine thinking men into Dasha, a no tit, block waisted bitch, are not also into boys. You and her lost the genetic lotto, sorry

No. 1752260

File: 1674680858081.jpeg (316.28 KB, 960x1440, C5290D16-FC19-440D-9C3D-CB13C4…)

Small boobs are only chic if the woman is tall, has a waist and doesn’t have a malformed face and head. Example of chic women with small breasts here

No. 1752282

Oh god, the body sperging copelords are back. Just drop it you tiresome tards, it’s an anonymous image board and no1curr about your height or the size of your boobs. Take your body image issues to a therapist’s office or stfu.

No. 1752287

I have double Ds and still pass the pencil test lol. There's nothing wrong with having small boobs its the people who act like we're trashy for wearing the same outfits you wear. Growing up curvier women were always shamed in favor of skinny ones, now that our body type is suddenly desirable your kind can't help but continue spewing those narratives. Men can prefer small breasts, it's the "aristocratic" shit that's retarded, you lack any semblance of critical thought if you didn't get that. Women still starve themselves to get your body type too, just like the ones putting on weight and transferring fat. The difference is we have BEEN oppressed and continue to be by the same people, and sexualized no matter what we wear, while you're called classy for the same thing. And sorry that you can't imagine having bigger boobs that don't sag or A cups, can't relate.

No. 1752300

The same silicone misogynist who is fine with gross age gaps and the casting couch and alpha husbands cheating thinks some vague tweet attention and reference to incels is the TRULY “predatory” act. please don’t give Monica more credit than she deserves

No. 1752302

Samefag but she turns 29 this year

No. 1752306

the only people ive seen say that aside from anna are the pedophile m#lady nft people and specific proana corners of dissident right twitter the number of moids who think small boobs are aristocratic or anything like that is so small its negligible and most are homoerotic fetishists and pedophiles

No. 1752307

New RS opens with them giggling about “our rapist friend” Cameron Mereno being mad that they tag him on insta. Dasha bitchily says “why, because you think you’re going to do it?” when Anna says she has an idea for an art project. The idea was something with Steve Sailor in a pea coat. Anna talks about the nazi books fat jack gave her. They joke about rebranding as democrats. Dasha almost has a wake up call seeing a girl planning her wedding on the plane while she’s in incel chats but decides the wedding girl is actually not different from her because she was looking at photos of past weddings she’d been to and locations the whole time. Anna claims she’s sticking to not mocking individual women or their looks just women in general.

No. 1752316

Samefag. This “small boobs are chic and refined uwu” implying bigger ones are trashy is all over the place online. It’s obviously just jealousy they don’t get as much attention from men in the same outfit but they’ll never admit that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1752329

i guarantee that if you and a woman with A cups were wearing the same outfit 99% of people would think you look trashier, and they'd be right

No. 1752330

You sound extremely fat right now

No. 1752341

I literally said it’s ok to have small boobs if you have a good HWR. You can have a good HWR and be thin. Sorry you’re built like little boy Dasha, must suck ass

No. 1752344

Saying you’re jealous the bigger boobed one gets more male attention would also be right

No. 1752345

File: 1674689758748.jpeg (797.82 KB, 1200x960, CD4A0656-360B-46B7-972F-6A4EE3…)

Seethe more chestlet

No. 1752371

All of you bitches should be embarrassed. None of you discussing which body types are better are any different from the cows

No. 1752375

The people have already spoken, slim but medium/big boobs is ideal for any woman attracted to men. Unless you’re a dyke then go pursue your chest flattening troon surgery(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1752379

File: 1674691235343.jpeg (143.5 KB, 1280x720, E11EAA3D-8E2C-474B-A670-20A429…)

The more you daft bitches brag about your “aristocratic” titties with ideal WHR or luscious large knockers on an uwu teensy frame, the more I assume you all look like World of Warcraft Cartman blasting absolute ass at his battle station just fyi

No. 1752380

Nice deleted reply. Hope you know that you’re no different than any of the other loser women discussed here

No. 1752428

How is it that a scene which presents itself as "avant-garde" can be so laughably out of touch with actual cultural trends? Seriously this applies to almost all the cows discussed here, even the ones only tangentially connected to Dimes Square. All of their predictions and fingers in the wind turn out wrong wrong wrong. What a gaggle of retards.

No. 1752432

>I remember Mladikov, he somehow managed to be one of the few people who was welcome on both forums despite their feud. Pretty sure he got in trouble with the law for grooming an underage girl. BAP also posted on MPC as I recall, so bizarre to see him show up as a "serious" rightwing intellectual a decade later.

Is there anyone in this scene who isn't less than six degrees of separation from a groomer and/or a Nazi?

No. 1752435

It was a typo bitch lay off

No. 1752469

lol Audrey got mentioned in the latest Crumps blog:

>Michael pulls up. He had just been at Clandestino with Beckett and Kelly, a.k.a. “Audrey Horne” on Twitter, and just before that he and Kelly saw La Traviata at the Met Opera. Kelly is from Oregon and was homeschooled and has a bunch of conservative aesthetic fancies and ideological drives that she satisfies living as close to the bon vivant Dimes Square socialite niche Twitter microcelebrity life as one possibly can from Washington, DC. She seems pretty popular among the New York crowd but some of the hardline Twitter fascists have grown suspicious of her because every now and then she’ll denounce sexist abuse or something and that always gets the freaks howling, which is amusing and makes me more sympathetic to her. I’ve crossed paths with her a few times in New York because she visits the city frequently, but I never met her while I was living in DC. Michael says she is very sweet and that she’s doing well and I say I’m happy to hear that.

https://mcrumps.substack.com/p/dispatch-12523-the-bone-crusher (it's boring as shit like everything else Crumps writes but I'll include it for the curious)

In the same blog Crumps writes:

>It turns out that Patrick somehow knows some of Michael’s childhood friends from the Bay area. Patrick is from Texas and he now lives in Chicago where he’s getting a PhD, but he’s strangely well-connected with the downtown world for someone who hasn’t lived in New York. Some of the connections are from a past life in undergrad at Reed College (unsurprisingly, tons of kids from Reed, Sarah Lawrence, Bennington, and so on, seem to wind up in this little world), some are from working in music industry nightlife stuff, but my connection to him is purely through the internet. Back in the summer he messaged me on Instagram as “Based Henry Kissinger,” saying that he had been reading my Substack and that we should meet up while he was in New York because we have similar ideological and aesthetic goals—namely, defeating the fascist creep that has found a home among the charlatan New York petty bourgeois trendsetters and which had ominously begun to spread throughout the broader culture. We had met up and agreed to wage a campaign of literary-polemical terrorism against angelicism, who seemed a more threatening enemy then than now.

okay fine, but what exactly is Crumps doing besides these lame-o blog posts which often don't even offer any scathing criticisms of the fascists in question?

No. 1752472

he was on the cusp of something substantial with the viral fascist humiliation ritual piece, and ever since he's just popped out these occasional boring blogposts peppered with increasingly irrelevant namedrops yawn

No. 1752492

This is fat tranny logic and cope, adult human females are women no matter their HWR. Sorry the Itty Bitty Titty death squads killed your family or whatever

No. 1752496

No. 1752503

Even by the standards of niche internet microcelebrities he jumped the shark incredibly quickly. For a minute he had me convinced he was a "serious" Marxist-Leninist who genuinely believed he was fighting fascism by writing blogposts, which would at least be entertaining in a "both sides are retarded" way, but at this point every entry is just a list of namedrops.

No. 1752505

Your brain is coomerfied to hell, lay off the porn. The male gaze has skullfucked you. Women don’t need to be curvy to be sexy and there’s a reason why your body shape isn’t the only one genetically in the world at this point. And yeah, you sound fat…

No. 1752515

File: 1674702353237.jpg (29.57 KB, 680x527, FmwVkRdacAEH2dH.jpg)

Looks like Thomas777 got suspended.

No. 1752528

nta but i don't think they're telling you that you need to be curvy to be sexy or that people can't have different preferences it's the big boobs look trashy thing we're arguing against, these moids deciding what is and isn't classy based on something women can't control and most wouldn't change because it's okay to love having boobs. and "you sound fat" is retarded and sounds like jealousy you literally don't need to be skinny to have a low whr lol, i see women with lower whrs at the gym who aren't skinny more often than ones who look like runway models. point being anna and dasha are neither runway model skinny nor big tiny whr with big boobs/ass curvy and despite promising not to speak about womens bodies anna is still doing that. you can celebrate and appreciate having small boobs and being built more like a runway model than a glamour one, that's fine and still celebrated, don't make it about what's high class to prefer and imply women's breasts make their outfits look classless. it's pretty simple

No. 1752530


Yeah, all that talk about the "vibe shift" from this scene last year was the most delusional shit ever

No. 1752534

they do be looking trashy tho

No. 1752537

sounds like more chestlet cope

No. 1752561

will dasha and adam get back together like the sub is speculating? is the prospect interesting or boring?

No. 1752576

lol hes literally just orbiting them, embarrassing

No. 1752579

Nta but there are coomers that like small breasts so not sure what your point is here

No. 1752580

File: 1674711175779.png (80.24 KB, 400x388, 337466D0-8BA9-46A7-A8D2-AA42A8…)

You guys and your body image issues

No. 1752581

It’s not even moids who say it looks trashy though, it’s women and gay men

No. 1752586

it's annoying as fuck go back to "ED Support Forum"

No. 1752596

It's because they're all addicted to Twitter and they're too dumb to realize that Twitter addicts like them are a very very small percentage of the population and not representative of broader cultural trends.

No. 1752612

it’s always been bullshit. this is guy who sent a year trying to get in with kantbot when he was relevant. he only started this angle after christchurch to save face.

No. 1752637

Right? Praying these anons are all teenagers because grown women acting this insecure is just embarrassing

No. 1752690

>She seems pretty popular among the New York crowd but some of the hardline Twitter fascists have grown suspicious of her because every now and then she’ll denounce sexist abuse or something and that always gets the freaks howling, which is amusing and makes me more sympathetic to her.

Crumps is so easily impressed. The occasional mild criticism from one of these scarethots, which is often immediately retracted once the fanbase they've cultivated start attacking them, and Crumps becomes "yaaaasss slay queen, I must stan!"

No. 1752691

File: 1674730388377.jpg (43.91 KB, 395x679, FmulIZoWYAEw-v9.jpg)


lol this is so pathetic, imagine how vapid Audrey's life must have been for Red Scare to have such an influence on her.

No. 1752746

you have to be a very exceptional individual to find RS life-changing lmao

No. 1752795

thank you nonna. I was really hoping that last episode with the closeted homo rightoid would have finally turned them off of the frog statistics talk. was going to check this ep out but hard pass

No. 1752843

he forgets that the reactionaries are reacting to literal popular culture and is like impressed when someone adopts the most widespread ideology of the day

No. 1752848

File: 1674755651332.png (263.28 KB, 433x441, dasha retweeted.png)


No. 1752859

Eyelids look diff she’s usually half lidded

No. 1752960

like jack saying trump is a counter culture figure lol….. comical lack of awareness of bubbles existing

No. 1753018

File: 1674765739389.png (139.68 KB, 1180x678, Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 3.41…)


No. 1753369

File: 1674780487034.png (1022.26 KB, 663x800, pariahapt.png)

Out of curiosity from a flyover, how much does a Brooklyn hovel like this cost?

No. 1753377

The De Vere thing is this weekend. Hopefully there will be some funny pictures of dysgenic slobs who think "the masses" are shit

No. 1753391

File: 1674781673159.png (317.36 KB, 463x743, healey.png)

cow crossover

No. 1753445

Pedocles Abbasi has some of the worst possible vibes and you know he's full of shit because in 2020 he was a BLM superfan who tried to dox people who expressed a little skepticism about the protests. Now he's an "anti-woke" Red Scare orbiter. Also has one of the dirtiest faces I've seen.

No. 1753453

What happened to the nonna who kept us updated on the troon @doll_pariah's antics? I'm too lazy to keep track of it myself (too many cows) but I appreciated the updates on these threads.

No. 1753456

to be honest i've been happy not to have had to bear witness to that hideous mug of his

No. 1753461

definitely among the most embarrassing confessions I've seen from these cows lmao, probably went right back to RTing Dasha and Anna a few days later because they all have no backbone.

No. 1753523

File: 1674791326636.png (49.19 KB, 594x354, 1573345663553244555.png)

Speaking of awful Twitter subcultures, ever since that faggot Elon took over, my TL has gotten deluged with Twitter Blue trash. Among the worst are all the techbro/venture capitalist accounts with ties to the IDW/Dime Square/NRx crowd (which is why I'm posting about them in this thread)…

The @proetrie account in the pic is not the most evil, but he is among the lamest and it seems like almost everyone has been having his pabulum forcefed on their TLs. Most of his posts are recycled "women be shoppin" and "women be datin" jokes which weren't funny when dirtbag leftists made them and are even less funny when made by a general partner of Sequoia Capital. Everyone seems to agree upon discovering him that he's one of the worst accounts on Twitter. That @WillManidis account is another Twitter Blue retard I've had forced on my feed. Same for @eigenreddit. I don't follow any of these freaks but blocking/muting just leads to them being replaced with equally terrible accounts from the same sphere.

I noticed these guys laid low during the Trump years and now all of sudden they're back and trying to make mainstream inroads again like they did with the LessWrong/skeptic crowd circa 2012-2015. At the same time that Yarvin/Moldbug is doing public speaking tours again, Steve Sailer is getting boosted by Red Scare, and eugenicists like Richard Hanania are trying to rebrand as "moderates" so that libs like Matt Yglesias will promote them. It's clearly part of a concerted effort which is being abetted by Elon Musk's takeover.

No. 1753545

>Pedocles Abbasi has some of the worst possible vibes and you know he's full of shit because in 2020 he was a BLM superfan who tried to dox people who expressed a little skepticism about the protests.
Just wondering, you have any receipts on that?

No. 1753548

@Shialabeefsteak was one of Pedocles's targets and he's been reminding people of that lately. His account is locked atm but try to follow him and he can tell you more.

I don't agree with everything they post but Shia and @BCryptofash have surprisingly good critiques of the fake "Dissident" faggotry which gets discussed here.

No. 1753553

You mean Pariah himself?

No. 1753589

File: 1674798362505.jpeg (125.87 KB, 750x369, E9F9EE0B-EF82-433F-B04D-E5EDD9…)

It seems that asukahomo is genuinely feuding with doll pariah.

No. 1753604

File: 1674800748258.jpg (64.64 KB, 774x1024, FmsHnLnXoAAneg4.jpg)

The troon who got Actors banned helped fund its production. It's all one big circlejerk.

No. 1753605

i hope they duke it out with their high heels brazilian tranny style

No. 1753609

$2,500-$3,000, most likely.

No. 1753611

nta but lmfao

No. 1753615

> I don't agree with everything they post but Shia and @BCryptofash have surprisingly good critiques

this is an aimee terese replyfag.

No. 1753617

File: 1674802709592.png (24.44 KB, 552x247, Screenshot (677).png)

>eugenicists like Richard Hanania are trying to rebrand as "moderates" so that libs like Matt Yglesias will promote them

Yglesias is another guy who supported Bernie back when that was trendy and now flirts with a lot of post-left talking points. I'm sure Hanania's rebrand is entirely in good faith as well.

No. 1753621

this is a very accurate summary and why twitter is a cesspool. you cant even engage with basket weaving twitter without a dozen of recommendations including that sniveling rat Elons own tweets

No. 1753773

how do I get into the music scene that blaketheman1000 is in? why do I feel like these people aren't working all day

No. 1753804

she was apparently homeschooled in some weird conservative way which explains a lot. still sad to see that her regurgitated A&D takes, which were lukewarm when A&D shat them out, get tens of thousands of followers

No. 1753810

File: 1674838408402.png (197.13 KB, 1194x746, 64trfgnfr.png)

Anna gloating over a child being sent back into the system and implying the lawyer's a pedo rapist. Typed while hotboxing her screaming toddler with American Spirits and exclusively being friends with open alleged rapists. Yarvin is texting her ski emoji question mark about the Shakespeare "gala".
Audrey is just clout chasing, it's expected. Worse are the picrel holdouts who are in denial about what they're stanning. There's still some cowardly scarethot who only engage with the pop culture and fashion content like most of what Anna and Dasha do online now isn't begging for attention from racist incels.

No. 1753844

"Mommy Milkers" is referring to the egirl-incel group chat that Dasha is taking part in. They talked about it on the most recent pod episode. Dasha said that there is a natural affinity between egirls and incels. She gave one of the incels on the chat $80 because she thought he needed it but half of that was given to her by one of her paypigs. I fully support them talking to incels, maybe it will lead to less incels turning into active shooters lol

No. 1753861

On the latest Chapo, Felix mentions a "romantic partner" he's been watching SVU with. Not "girlfriend," but "romantic partner." Probably nothing, but it's an interesting choice of words regardless.

No. 1753885

File: 1674842518270.jpg (167.24 KB, 1282x893, 54423552455551.jpg)

On the bright side, those techbros / venture capitalists / "rationalists" you mentioned are some of the most unlikeable shitbags in the world. Everyone outside of Elon's circle jerk already hates Twitter Blue subscribers and that @proetrie fag got absolutely bodied twice for the same tweet. Shoving them on everyone's feeds is making people hate Twitter Blue accounts even more, lmao. Just look at those numbers.

No. 1753900

I would love to see the the names and forum posts all these guys made on PUA forums back in the day. Anna and Felix have both made a bunch of weird references to Roosh V for instance.
All this shit is cyclical, see >>1753523, and most of the cows aside RS orbiters are in their mid thirties onwards so they likely were commenting on Chateau Heartiste and the rest. I would literally bet $1000 that at least 2 of Perry, LindyMan, and Fred Nietzky/DialecticsGod were Roosh V forum superstars back in like 2009.

No. 1753922

Wait what?

No. 1753929

Yglesias wrote that book “1 billion Americans”, he’s also some kind of eugenicist freak not just a lib

No. 1753935

The other director donated to the old kickstarter for Actors. This was back when Betsey was a seat at the table pussy hat lib.

No. 1753939

Didn't someone say he was involved with freshhel

No. 1753948

you are absolutely right

maybe the "pussy hats are twansphobic!!" wrecking purity spiral that went on during the women's march set her on her dark path of gender critical lite

No. 1753961

As much as i wanna believe felix took the troonpill, straight lib moids love to refer to their gfs/wives as their partners for no reason

No. 1753988

is Fred Nietzky still around? forgot about that creep. he was friends with Pedocles too.

No. 1753991

Those Pit Viper glasses are a warning you're about to read some really shitty tweets

No. 1754002

Looks like Fred Nietzky aka DialecticsGod aka Ted Metrakas has gone dark for now. He deac'd on twitter and nuked everything but one post from his old blog (https://frednietzky.home.blog/). His podcast hasn't been updated since Summer 2022 either.
From some old posts on here – just Google "site:lolcow.farm nietzky" etc. – it sounded like he got sacked from a bunch of college lecturer positions because he's an alcoholic stalker who tweets about how based Hitler was 50 times a day.
I'm sure that Pedocles Abbasi, Lindyman, and a bunch of other moids from this sphere keep up with him though, birds of a feather and all.

No. 1754065

The genre of incel that has the confidence to talk to a woman in a voice chat isn’t the same as the one that would be doing a shooting. Really they are not helping these guys at all, more just distracting them from working on themselves and advancing in life

No. 1754093

lowkey devastating, I have the biggest crush on Felix

No. 1754152

But he had such a lopsided face and a gay obsession with working out and he’s not even funny on his own show. Wtf nonna? I’m disappointed in you.

No. 1754153

> I fully support them talking to incels, maybe it will lead to less incels turning into active shooters lol
You’re retarded. I was gonna get into the specifics but what’s even the point.

No. 1754196

File: 1674860607939.jpeg (149.64 KB, 640x890, D39F110C-F91A-4628-9892-5588F4…)

Dasha's bf wrote a racist play?

No. 1754197

File: 1674860655213.jpeg (327.02 KB, 640x925, 2AC74FD6-F089-475E-81A5-70D736…)

No. 1754205

trust me nona I’m disappointed in myself

No. 1754224

I'm only just learning about the "rationalist" blogosphere. I had not idea just how much influence it had on what the internet would become. It seems like the Gen X analog to SA/4chan. So many of the worst, most noxious people from Yarvin to Freddie deBoer seem to have started in that orit.

No. 1754241

Wasn't it pretty much a post-"I am euphoric" rebrand of internet atheism?

No. 1754279

File: 1674867807024.png (637.25 KB, 1657x812, 1673860093075.png)


any additional milk on marlbaraLTD on twitter. I've followed this person for a long while now and the facts I've collected about them is honestly kinda staggering, and I wish I could go into more detail but I'll just settle with some bullet points. They're a 30 year old TIF schizo who creates mspaint drawings about schizo delusions and anime.
>frequent posting about wanting to kill cats (picrel)
>admits to having sex with a dog because a "russian lady" groomed them into it (also picrel)
>claims to be intersex
>claims to have "killed" their grandpa by being the one to sign off on having his life support shut off or something as a child
>mother is equally insane, currently lives with her after breaking up with another TIF
>draws loli self harm art frequently
Is anyone else familiar with this person? I feel like they're such a niche cow. These screenshots are from their substack

their art was included in the "I Long For Network Spirituality" show https://archive.org/details/i-long-for-network-spirituality-remilia-collective-booklet

No. 1754340

Was LessWrong associated with Steve Sallier/HBD? I can't remember

No. 1754346

Associated in the sense of "formally connected," no. Associated in the sense of "they all secretly read him," definitely.

No. 1754356

File: 1674874018591.png (937.26 KB, 1184x1920, troons mad.png)

funniest thing jack's ever said and the troons are fuming. too bad he deleted. fuck arca, he's like dylan mulvaney but "alt", an embarrassing and offensive parody of a woman

No. 1754360

File: 1674874259719.png (43.83 KB, 286x413, adambook.png)

Adam's cringe "psychic warfare" book is out.

No. 1754415

I know he’s related to the scene I’m not mad you posted him itt or anything, but every time I see his name I have forgotten who he is and I’m like literally who the hell is this?

No. 1754455

File: 1674886403931.png (1.49 MB, 1122x972, dvb.png)

Doesn't seem like anyone posted this even though it's a few days old, but the Daily Beast wrote an ad for the new De Vere Ball
Some highlights:
>The Daily Beast reached out to Red Scare for comment; the Ion Pack guys confirmed that they were invited, though are unsure whether they’ll be going. (“Why is everyone covering this? I don’t understand what it is,” the Ion Pack DMd over Instagram.)
>And even if you have no interest in the authorship question, the ball serves another purpose: “Something that’s a real feather in my cap from the last ball is that multiple people are still dating who met at the De Vere Ball six months ago,” Nir said. That’s something I’m really proud of, and I think it speaks to the fact that it’s not some sweaty rave, or whatever. It’s its own thing.”

No. 1754457

Former music journalist who got fired from the Quietus for being a racist piece of shit. Constantly trying to start based non-pozzed art crit outlets that immediately flop. Wrote a goofy and cringe piece for Compact arguing that art isn't heterosexual enough these days.

No. 1754460

Art was so much better when it was being made by extreme heterosexuals like Leonardo and Michelangelo

No. 1754466

>The ball, to which she’s invited NYC “dirtbag left” provocateurs like Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova of the Red Scare podcast and downtown film scene podcasters The Ion Pack
>dirtbag left
How out of the loop do you have to be to not only still use this term, but use to it to describe Red Scare (was only ever tangential and now inapplicable in all instances since 2020) or the Ion Pack?? (never related in any sense whatsoever)

No. 1754475

judging by the author's twitter footprint and likes tab, she isn't out of the loop, she's part of the dimes scene herself, which then begs the question, why use that terminology?

No. 1754477

It cracks me up that these trashy liberal media sources are all still trying to make this dead and buried scene happen.

No. 1754570

File: 1674892739767.png (187.56 KB, 628x541, dgwewqwerq.png)

Oh yeah 2010s-era "rationalism" was garbage. I recall SlateStarCodex AKA Scott Alexander taking a very very credulous view towards Steve Sailer and other race "scientists." Strange how all the logical rigor went out the window on that subject. He also invited early NRx dorks like Mike Anissimov for friendly debates which led to that entire sphere infiltrating his blog's comments section. Pretty sure Yarvin was there as well. They're clearly trying to repeat all this now on Elon Twitter and Substack so that they can mainstream race "science," so watch out for them.

Hanania is now replying to almost every fucking Yglesias tweet. It's so annoying.

No. 1754599

File: 1674897020395.jpg (65.8 KB, 1125x1008, Fnhy3f-WIAINrOn.jpg)

I've been seeing more and more comments like this lately about Cumtown/The Adam Friedland Show. Many of their fans think the boys have jumped the shark.

No. 1754650

It’s genuinely a train wreck and they’re making so much money on it<